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 - Class of 1959

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1959 volume:

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I I . 3 V 1' .gy I 1 III , A Q' .1117 -. f ' n-1' 'x' 1 ' I..I:I,35i.K 4 ,. I,,I-. s., II ilu 7' v v -- I..III x 7-II. 'vm , uf, , If-"IPI . I :aiu I I I . r I I IIII . .- X V IR.-sr '., 'F 25232 1'-V ' -- ff ' ,:' ' 5 -4 4. -3 , , ' " '5-, " . .1 '?.'-,.- ' ' . 11, ,V -.WI ,I-, I ' I :f'III:z!f gg.. , -.Q '49, , .'.I 4 g If Ix , up 1 4' ff. fi' - ' W' .f 3 4, I ' ' 1 - I. rx' -, ' I ,- J f I tin' ' ,. ---nf . .x W' , ' J? ' ' EW:-5'-,' i " - fi- -if 'QLi'a'pFf , gg- g:b-1'+33f-'- A , f, I -' ,A - ' v' -. III I,II,.I,:I-r- a . , . I , WI,I -- 3 . 1 .. , , i' -' , ' 1F ' it 'IQ xv! If., . 1 -vm., - AI!!! ,, v ,l ,. TREA URE CHEST Published by TI-IE SENIOR CLASS of 1959 N! S D I J X s X214 I Q T ,' .1 ,-,L ANDERSON HIGH SCHOOL Route 3 Burlington, North Carolina LINDA SIMMONS .... ............. E ditor RONALD MOORE ..... a . . . Business Manager MR. E. O. LITTELL .... ..... S enior Advisor MRS MAE ANDREWS SIDNEY P. BRADSHER MRS ELI-A E University of N. C., TAYLOR A. B. HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY M. Q. PLUMBLEE Principal UniversiLy of N. C. Mars Hill College A. B. and A. M. .J"""' A... EMIL O LITTELL SHEFFIELD H ABELL RALPH W HOLMES MIIAS I. GREEN B S Central Normal Elon College, A.B. A.B and A M Mars H1llCollegg COUL QL University of N.C. , University of N C Agrieulturu Edueauon M S Butler Univ M A N C State College ,w FANNIE T. LITTELL LILLIAN BOSWELL INEZ W. WALKER Carver School of Elon, A. B. Missions and Social Work, B. R. E. Butler University University of N. C. ELEME TARY BILLY OAKLEY University of N. C. Elon College, B. S. JESSIE H. MCCULLOCH ELIZABETH F. WHITE Lenoir Rhyme College, Elon College, A.B. A. B. Guilford College University of N. C. , A.B. FACULTY MRS. FAYE LYNAM Wake Forest College, B. A. ' ' sw gv w 'gi Wg "4 flap i t M K lla fi 34 R .i Lgv"j'Lti'l"1'?,1.,fffgiff X 1 . rl K ,Q DEDICATIQ We, the Senior Class, in the year nineteen hundred and fifty-nine dedicate this annual to our school and to all who have strived to support it. We leave to our faculty members our sincere thanks for the patience, kindness, and knowledge they have bestowed upon us. To Mrs. Miles and Mr. Minnis who started us toward our goal. To our sponsor, Mr. Littell, who guided us during our senior year. To our faithful and long-suffering principal, Mr. Plumblee, who gave us helpand co-operationwhile guiding us toward our goal: We are grateful to our parents who have stood by us during this long journey. Their faith in us has brought us through. To all the students, we leave our best wishes for continued success in their studies. We hope that their edu- cation will be a tool in climbing the ladder of life. We are grateful also for the school sports and extra-curricular activities which have brought out qualitites of leadership in all of us. - We dedicate this TREASURE CHEST to Anderson High School. E IOR Senior Class Officers A LINDA OLIVER. RONNIE BOoNE.......... . ................... . . . SONIA SWIFT. . GENEVA COBB. CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS ... ...,rt.-. XL' -V .......X..... 6 . CLASS MOTTO The Coward Never Started The Weak Died on the Way Only the Strong ,Came Throu ............SecretaryW President! Vice -President w ...... 'Treasurer, .,,- V ..........RedRoseN Red and White V N gh. W ANGILEA BOONE F. H. A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. Club Recreation Leader 2,4-H Club 1, 2, Class Secretary 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Annual Staff 4. RONALD BOONE 4-HClub 1, 4-HCIub Recreation Leadcr1,Science C lub 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club Treasurer 3, Clee Club 1, 2, 3,Bus Driver 3, 4, Class Vice-President 1, Class President 3,4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Chief Marshal 3, Student Council President 4. CHRISTINE BRYANT F,H,A, Club 1, 2, 3,-1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3. EUGENE CHEEK 4-H Club 1, 2, 3,4, F. F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4, Bus Driver 3,4. ..- IEANETTE ALDRIDC-E 4-HClub 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. Club Treasurer 4, Class Treasurer 1, 2. JIMMY ALLRED C lass President 1, Class Vice-President 2, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club Song Leader 2, 4-H ClubPresident 3,F.F.A. Club 1, 2, F.F.A. Club Secretary 2, Science Club 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Bus Driver 3, 4, Clee Club 1,2, 3, Annual Staff 4. MELVIN ALLRED F.F.A. Club 1,2,3, 4-l-I Club 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 3, Basketball 1,2, 3,4, Bus Driver 3, 4. EILEEN BARRY Transferred Lo Anderson from Altamahaw Ossippee in Senior Year, Office Secretary 4. K .V ,Z E ff. is GENEVA COBB F. H.A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. Club Secretary 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Class Historian 1, 25 Class Treasurer 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4,4-H Club Rec- reation Leader 3, 4, 4-H County Winner 1, 2, 3, Library Club 3, 4, Library C lub President 3, Annual Staff 4. JERRY COOK 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F.A. 1, 2, 4, Science Club 33 Glee Club 2. BETSY LANDRUM GWYNN T ran s fe rr e d to Anderson in Senior Year from Flushing High School, Flushing, New York. GEORGE JOYCE F. F. A. Club 1, 2, 3,Baseball 2, 3,45 Basketball 1, 2. e BW BOBBY LOFTIS Science Club 1, 2, 35 Baseball 3, 4. PERCILLA MASSEY 4-HClub 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H.A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. Club Recreation Leader 4, Basketball 3, 4, Annual Staff4. WALLACE MASSEY Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H Club 1, 2. BILLY MCKINNEY Bus Driver 2, 3, 4, F. F.A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 4-I-I Club 1, 2, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, l7'.H.A. Clu WESLEY PAIGE 4 II Club 1,2,3,.1, F.If.A. c1111. 1,2,4, F.F.A Club Vice-President 4, Science Club 3. CLYDE PASCHAL Science Club 1,2, 3, 4. SANDRA ROSCOE 4 l-l Clllll 1, 2, 3, 4, r.II.A. ciub 1, 2, 3,4, BGS- lxetball 1, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4. GREY RICE bl, 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, LibraryClub Treasurer 3, Library Club Secretary 4, Annual Staff 4. JIM MINOR Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club Reporter 1, 1-II cum 1, 2, 3,4, cm ciub 1, 2, 3. LA RRY MINOR Science Club 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3,-1. RONALD MOORE Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club President 4, Baske tball 1, 2, 3, 4, Marshal 3, Annual Staff 4. LINDA OLIVER Science Club 1, Science Club Treasurer 1517. H. A. Club 2, 3, 4, F.l-LA. Clubl-listorian 4, 4-I-l Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3,-1, Class Historian 3, Class Secretary 4, Clee Club 3, Piano 1, 2, 3,43 Bus Driver 3, Miss Anderson 3, Student Council Representative 4, Annual Staff 4. AU DREY SIMMONS 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H.A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council Representative 4, Basketball 3, 4, Annual Staff 4. LINDA SIMMONS Class Secretary 1, President 2, Vice-President 3, Editor 4, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-I-I Club Recreation Leader 2, 4-I-I Club Report- er 3, 4, 4-I-I County Winner 1, 2, 3, 4-H County Council Vice-President 2, Secretary 3, F.I-LA. 1,2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 1, F. I-LA. President 4, Library Club 3, 4, Basketball Scorekeeper 2, 3, 4, Miss Anderson 1. GLORIA SOMERS F.H.A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F.l'l.A. Club Reporter 4 4-I-I Club 3, 4, Clee Club 3, Annual Staff 4. JAMES STANLEY Science Club 1, 2, 3, Marshal 3. M ,135 1-5 . . , 'WN ALLEN SWIFT 4-I-I Club 1, 4,G1ee Club 1, 2, 3, Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club Secretary 1, Baseball 3, 4, Basketball 4, Annual Staff 4. SONJA SWIFT F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, F.l-I.A. Historian 3, F.H.A. Vice-President 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4-I-I Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-I-I Club Reporter 2, 4-H Club Secretary 2, 4, 4-I-l County Winner 1, 2, 3, 4-H County Council Reporter 3, Class Vice-President 4, Bus Driver 3, 4. MARION TATE F. F.A. Club 1, 2, 3, F. F.A. President 3, Annual Staff 4. NORMA TROXLER Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4-H Club 1, 2, F.H.A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F.l-LA. C lub Parliamentarian 3, Li- brary Club 3, 4, Library Club Treasurer 4, Marshal 3, Class Historian 4, Student Council Chaplain 4, Annual Staff 4. SENIOR SUPERL TIVE i . ' 4 ,H , ,T i , I , , MOST INTELLECTUAL WITTIEST CUTEST Geneva Cobb and Gloria Somers BGKSY LUITCITUYU Gwynn Cllld Linda Gliver und Allen Swift Jimmy Allred I i .9 C, MOST ATHLETIC MosT LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sonja Swift and Melviii Allred Grey Rice cmd Marion Tate i , QUIETEST MOST Cl-IEERFUL FRIENDLIEST Eileen Barry and Wc1l1C1C0 Massey Sandro Roscoe and George Joyce Angileci Boone and james Stanley I we img . 5' SENIOR SUPERL TIVES SKU awww? M2335 -W 'W NW 994 umefgg -my Q ge T QM .Sammi ww www WWW www MOST POPULAR Jeanette Aldridge and Larry Minor NEATEST Norma Troxler and Ronald Moore BEST ALL ROUND BEST SPORTS Linda Simmons and Ronald Boone Percillu Massey and Bobby Loftns ' M- , .""" A "'.. ,K My' . V , .,. MOST POLITE Billy McKinney and Clyde Paschal BIGGEST FLIRTS MOST MUSICAL MOST UNPREDICTABLE Audrey Simmons and Jim Minor Christine Bryant and jerry Cook Wesley Page and Eugene Cheek CLASS HI TORY In the fall of '55, a group of excited students entered high school. We had a large group of fifty-five, which was guided by Mr. Minnis and Mrs. Miles. An important event for us then was the election of our class officers. They were the following: President, Jimmy Allred, Vice-President, Ronald Boone, Sec- retary, Linda Simmons, and Treasurer, Jeanette Aldridge. The year of '55 was not all work for us. We had several parties to brighten up our everyday routine. The next year we again entered high school, but this time more excited than ever. We were very proud indeed to be called Sophomores. Mr. Minnis was our homeroom teacher. Our class officers w ere: President, Linda Simmons, Vice-President, Jimmy Allred, Secretary, Percilla Massey, and Treasurer, Jeanette Aldridge. Our activities were not so numerous this year, we had only one party. Our junior year was an exciting year, and a great experience for all of us. Our most happy moments were spent ordering our class rings and eagerly waiting for them to arrive. The preparations for our junior- Senior Banquet which was held at the Plantation Supper Club were also exciting. Again Mr. Minnis gave us his complete confidence and saw us through a happy year, indeed. Those who served as our class of- ficers were: President, Ronald Boone, Vice-President, Linda Simmons, Secretary, Angilea Boone, and Treasurer, Geneva Cobb. Then came the eventful September of '58 and we, at last, were dignified Seniors. The class officers elected to guide us through were: President, Ronald Boone, Vice-President, Sonja Swift, Secretary, Linda Oliver,and Treasurer, Geneva Cobb. Under Mr. Littell's guidance we get bravely forth to nieet the many tasks as they came our way. Among them were the publication of our annual, the presentation of our Senior Play, our trip to Washington, and the graduation preparations. Next came the junior-Senior Banquet which was greatly appreciated. An now. . .we the Senior Class of '59 can hardly believe we are about to end our high school days. They have passed too quickly, and we find we must prepare ourselves for the future. In bidding farewell to the students, faculty, and to dear old Anderson High, we are truly grateful fortheir patience, guidance, and encouragement to us in facing 1ife's way more securely. NORMA TROXLER Historian J CLASS PROPHECY It must be the gypsy in me-I don't know any other reason for choosing me to foretell the class prophecy. Iwill now gaze into the crystal ball to see what the future holds for the grand class of 1959. Turn Onward, Turn Onward Oh time in your flight Let me see the graduates of '59 Ten years from tonight. BOBBY IDFTIS has been looking around for an office in which to hang his shingle. You know he is a dentist, I suppose. I always did wonder why he worked so hard to build up his muscles. "Hold on to the chair patients, please. " My, that new filling station that CLYDE PASCHAL is building is really swell. Some people wonder why he does so well, but I would like to know if his conscience hurts him when he sells three quarts of gas for a gallon. SANDRA RASCOE has decided to build a service station and hire a certain boy from Burlington to manage it. JIM MINOR owns a corset factory in Reidsville. His best customer is himself. BETSY GWYNN, who married before graduation, is very happy with her husband and five wonderful children. Who is this fellow I see going up and down Main Street in Page town? It is none other than BILLY MCKINNEY, and no wonder he and his old girl friend have made up. RONNIE BOONE is the owner of the largest garage in Burlington. He got all of his experience from working on his '39 Dodge and keeping it in running shape. JEANETTE ALDRIDGE is happily married and clerking at Brintle's Grocery Store. MELVIN ALLRED and EUGENE CHEEK are the two most successful farmers in Caswell County, as you can see by their large homes and farmes Wow! Here comes LINDA OLIVER in a 1970 Chevrolet. I hear that she wore her '55 Chevrolet out going to Burlington on Sunday afternoons. GREY RICE, as you know, attended W. C. She liked it so well that she is now on the faculty there. April's issue of "Charm" really disappeared from the newsstand, but its no wonder. Our own NORMA TROXLER's face smiled prettily on the cover wearing a new Easter Bonnet. She really is a lovely model. SONJA SWIFT won the most blue ribbons at the fair this year. She is a wonderful housekeeper. No wonder her husband, Jimmy, is putting on weight with her doing the cooking. Say, who is that smiling nurse coming out of room 108 in Duke Hospital? GENEVA COBB, of course. Who wouldn't get sick just to get her to hold their hand? JIMMY ALLRED has finally made a successful career in Hollywood. He plays opposite Marilyn Monroe in "My Son, Jimmy." Lets look in on RONALD MOORE. He has become the owner of the largest meat packing plant in North Carolina. Naturally, he needs an efficient secretary, and who else is it but Beatrice. JERRY COOK, who always asked so many questions, now has a job as the Master of Ceremonies of "The 564, OOO Question." Christine is his cute little helper. "Take a letter, please, Miss LINDA SIMMONS." She is secretary to the president of the largest bank in Burlington, who happens to be Marcell. GLORIA SOMERS, after years of knocking other people's cars out of the way, has finally learned how to drive without hitting other people's cars. MARION TATE has bought a tent and is camping out at Cobb Memorial. ALLEN SWIFT is replacing Elvis Presley in Hollywood and I hear he is doing great. JAMES STANLEY, who always had SO many girl fl'ie11dS, hClS decided to leave them all alone and take up wrestling. WESLEY PAGE has bought a farm in the Prospect Hill Community and married Juanita. LARRY MINOR has just finished writing his newest book, Sweet which promises to be an in- teresting one. This is the fifth one he has written. After he gained enough experience in the grocery business, GEORGE JOYCE opened a large food store, and now his business has expanded to several other cities. There is another television program in progress. Isee ANGILEA BOONE, who stars on the mystery show, "Lights Out!" CHRISTINE BRYANT, who always had so many boy friends, has decided on one now. She says Jerry is for keeps. WALLACE MASSEY is now happily married and living beside Cherry Grove School. PERCILIA MASSEY after dating so many boys from E. M. Holt has decided to quit them all and start teaching school down there. EILEEN BARRY, who has always been so sweet- natured, has decided to take up wrestling. AUDREY SIMMONS Prophetess SENIGR SNAP HOT 309 s ' ' . f. . x 15 si 1 ff -aw Ra 1 4 R ,u 4 X f,. XA! 3 K -viii 1 'W umm -.,, - ,, ,, ., ANNU L STAFF Sitting, Lett to Right: Geneva Cohh, Treasurer, Patricia Gregory, Ir. Editor, Linda Simmons, Editor, Allen Swift, Assist- ant Editor, liinda Oliver, Secretary, Ronnie Moore, Business Editor. Standing: Pereilla Massey, Arts and Pictures, Jeanette Aldridge, Assistant Treastirer, Norma Troxler, Historian, Grey Rice, Arts and Pictures, Marion Tate, Assistant Business Editor, E. O. Littell, Sponsor, Melvin Allred, Sports Editor, jimmy Allred and Angilea Boone, Limerieks, Sandra Raseoe, Sports Editor, Audrey Simmons, Prophecy, Gloria Somers, Testatrix. S UDE T CQUNCIL Sitting, Lett to Right: Mrs. Andrews, Advisor, Sarah Rainey, Secretary, Ronnie Boone, President, Beatrice Roherts, Viee- President, larry B5 rd, Treasurer, Norma Troxler, Chaplain. Standing: Carol Baker, Sophomore Representative,judy Smith, Freshman Representative, Barbara Laws, Freshman Representative, Audrey Simmons, Sr. Representative, Cecil Page and Mitzy Combs, jr. Representative, Linda Oliver, Sr. Representative, Betty Troxler, Sophomore Representative. uv f -if i ii lm I LA T WILL A D TE TAME T We, the graduating class of 1959, realizing that we have arrived at the closing of our school days, being ready to depart from good old Anderson High, and being mindful of those we leave behind us declare this our last will and testament. To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To Billy Smith, JIM MINOR wills his ability toaggravate girls, provided he doesn't mind getting slapped Patricia Gregory, NORMA TROXLER wills her neatness. Iantha Coley, BETSY GWYNN wills her happy moments of being married. Buddy Cox, JAMES STANLEY wills his good times spent going to Reidsville. Beatrice Roberts, JEANETTE ALDRIDGE wills her happy times spent being engaged Patricia King, SANDRA RASCOE wills her mischievousness and love of sports. Billy Yeatts, PERCILLA MASSEY w' ls her witty ways. Pricilla Buckner, SONJA SWIFT w' , her position on the basketball team. J. B. Johnson, ALLEN SWIFT wi s is good times flirting with girls in Burlington Mac Wilson, GEORGE JOYCE 'his job of working in town during his senior year Wilma Page, CHRISTINE BR wills her front seat in every class. Henry Boone, MARION TAT ' wills his good times going with girls from Cobb School Maynard Smith, RONNIE 00 l wills his position as president of the Student Council Judy Wyrick, GLORIA SOM RS wills her good times spent dating boys from Reidsville and Burlington Cecil Page, LINDA OLIV 'Wills her popularity, provided he will be as popularwith the girls as Linda Carolyn Aldridge, GEN y' COBB wills her ability to succeed in school work. Myrtie Keatts, WALIA : , ASSEY wills his quietness. Clem Hooper, ANGIL - HID wills her friendliness. Marie Apple, AUDR -1 MONS wills her good times spent dating boys from E. M Holt David Cale, EILEEN qlyi- if wins her odd jobs. Mitzy combs, -X ' MONS wills her Qbniry to sew. is with the boys. Marcell Oakley, Oli' ' D MOORE wills his happy moments of going steady. J. I. Smith, M 1 ' il wills his bu and the ability to drive it. Patricia Rudd J ' I OO wills his abili ' to ask a lot of questions. W. M. Ki ro an Ju en Ric , WESLEY PAG wills his weakness for good-looking women Sarah Rai ey, 'EI RICE w lls her position o the annual staff, provided she is willing to work hard Wilbert P schal I DE PAS HAL wills his go d times selling ads. Donald oope ' ENE CH EK wills his abili to sell magazines. Lawre ce I f-if' BOBBY OFTIS wills his su erlative, "Best Sport." J. W. Smi Y MINO wills his joy of ta ing about girls from Reidsville lar and BILLY 4 CKINNEY leaves is ex-girl friend in Page Town. Larry and Irvin can de d L wants her n Saturday night a d which one wants her on Sunday night I ll Lona Rainey, B ills 1 bility to dance. I v RLA SOMERS UN IOR ' Juniqsp Class Officers IARRYBYRDU.. ....... ...... .Y...........Treasurer WILBERT PASCHAI.........f... ... . f3.....ViC6-President CLEM HOOPER:...... ....K............President MARCELL OAKEEX ' '.... .'.2A.. ....Secretary CAROLYN ALDRIDGE MARIE APPLE HENRY BOONE PRICILIA BUCKNER IRVIN BYRD LARRY BYRD DAVID CALE MITZY COMBS IANTHA COLEY BUDDY COX LAWRENCE DUNEVANT PATRICIA CREOORY CLEM HOOPER DONALD HOOPER J. E. JOHNSON MYRTIE KEATTS W. M. KIMBRO PATRICLA KING MARCELL OAKLEY CECIL PAGE WILMA PAGE WILBERT PASCHAL LONA RAINEY SARAH RAINEY GLENN RICE BEATRICE ROBERTS PATRICIA RUDD BILLY SMITH J. I. SMITH J. W. SMITH MAYNARD SMITH JUDY WYRICK BILLY YEATTS MAC WILSON 1 1 soPHo oREs Sophognore Class CDffic:ersM MARIE TUCKER ..... fi ................................. Vice-President MELVIN BUTLER ..... ......... A ........ . . . a .V ........ President ' BETTY TROX LER .............. Q ............ ..... ........ T reasurer MARGARET MINOR ......... fNot Pictured! ...... ............. S ecretary Q 1 T Y ' 0 l 5 xl YU I f I . Jw: or A "' MK- f 'C' Wi 1 N 4214 I '-IW I IX I I- !" vx' . ik! -ff xv' EVONNE ALDRIDGE CAROL BAKER JOHNNY BOONE MELVIN BUTLER JIMMY CAMPBELL BOBBY FAIN LINDA GARRISON MAYNARD GREGORY CAROLYN HALL MARY KING VICTORIA LOFTIS RICHARD MASSEY BARBARA MONTGOMERY BARBARA PAGE LINDA PAGE ROSIE PASCHAI. GARY PRATHER ELLA RAINEY NORMAN SCOTT CAROLYN SOMERS CHARLES SOMERS CAROL SMITH CECIL SMITH MARENDA SMITH JIMMY TEAGUE BETTY TROXLER MARIE TUCKER FAYE WALKER DONNIE WILSON Not Pictured: ANN CAMPBELL REBECCA GWYNN ANNIE MCKINNEY MARGARET MINOR FRESHME ' 'Freshman Class AOff1CCfS MARGARET GWYNNQ ......... .............................. s ecretary JOEY ROBERTS. .5 ..... .......... P resident RAYMOND BRADLEY .... ..... V ice-President DELO IS DYSON. .... . . . . . . . . . . . Treasurer Hr ix 'ET' 1 ,.,. 'x K- I Y.?',! is iv wmv' sf A L lk DANIEL ALBRICHT LINDA ALDRIDGE ELAINE ALDRIDGE BRENDA ALDRIDCE JANICE ALDRIDGE CLAU DIE ALLRED PRESTON BAILY PATSY BARRY RAYMOND BRADLEY MARY ANN BRAFFORD CAROLINE BRYANT ROBERT BUCKNER BETTY CLARK GRACE COMPTON DELOIS DYSON CHARLES GWYNN MARGARET GWYNN MARION GWYNN NANCY GWYNN PATRICIA I-IYLER MARNIN JONES ROBERT JOYCE BARBARA KEATTS MAXINE IAWBERT BARBARA LAWS MARY ANN MASSEY N. L. OLIVER MARY ANN RICE WEEDEN RASCOE HERMAN ROBERTS JOSEPH ROBERTS ROBERT SAUNDERS PATRICIA SIMMONS JIMMY SIMMONS JUDY SMITH CORNELIA TATUM RONNIE VINSON Not Pictured: EVERETTE I-IARDIN ROY I-IICKS ROY MAI-IALY ALTON MILES CLIFTON SIMMONS BARNEY WARD fx ELEMENTARY GRADES 'v J- N ,, ! Psg MR. OAKLEY'S ROOM l B lf l Cl nda Massa LortttaBoswell Fannie Jeffries Linda First Row, I.eI't to Right: Wayne Gregory, Alvis King, Shir ey ra orc, 1 e "y, ' , ., Yeatts, Rtthy Meliinney, Henry Brannoel-t. Second Row: Peggy Byrd, Dcrusha Hooper, Peggy Ward, Larry Goolx, Martha l'lttt'1iines, O lxl ll wll Rudd, Delbert Reagan, Elizabeth Massey, Fay e Cheelt, linda Gregory, Glenda Kay Wall-ger. Third Row: Richard a' ey, 'are t Joyce Stainlvaclt, Hazel Rudd, Sue Montgomery, Barbara Gregory. MRS. LYNAM'S ROOM First Row, Lett to Right: Katie Scott, Sue illdllllii, Sandra Gregory, jane Webster, Brenda Buelyner, Eddie Byrd, Elmer Byrd, Sammy Butler. Second Row: Elnora Arnold, Dot Malialey, Barbara Stanficld, Margie jones, Marlene Oakley, Wayne King, Glen Wilson, Karen Roscoe, Tommy Strange. Third Row: Margie Travis, Roger Bailey, Coy jean Hamlet, Sarah Mahaley, jimmy Underwood, Ernie Fuller, Kenneth Smith, Dennis Oliver, jimmy Lipscomb, Charles Gregory. - x 1 gl!, Q-fs ,.,. l " ' 'B' xg 1 'fi-if hx to I Kr,,,i v 1 MRS. WHlTE'S RO0M First Row, Left to Right: Leonard Tatum, jr., Barry Clayton, james McKinny, Cecil Butler, Reba Hardin, D. C. Wilson, Jerry Oakley, Annie Roberts, Brenda Smith. Second Row: Treva Gregory, J. T. Webster, Peggy Herndon, Betty Montgomery, Donna Massey, Martha Trollinger, Sandra Massey, Sharon Kimbro, Tommie Gregory, Jerry Foushee. Third Row: Peggy Stanfield, Susan Oakley, Sally Lipscomb, Rachel Keatts, Brenda Stanfield, Barbara King, Gilbert Simmons, Frank Brannock, Gordon Plumblee, Linda Stainback, jimmy Rascoe. MRS. MCCULLOCH'S ROOM First Row, Left to Right: Judy Simmons, lfivern Campbell, Rhonda Stainback, Brenda Brafford, Devonah Hooper, Neal Page, Remona Gregory, Peggy Rice, Betty Stanfield, Deborah Hooper. Second Row: Mrs. McCulloch, C. H. Wilson, Dianne Barts, Barbara King, janet Arnold, Patricia Hicks, james Aldridge, Ronnie Walker, Henry Farrell, Brenda Fuqua, Charles Anne Byrd. Third Row: Homer Saunders, Deborah Underwood, Oylen Parrott, Judy Boswell, james Brannock, Tom Farrell, Kenneth Aldridge, Michael Cross, Wayne Ayers, Linda Ayers, Renee Miles. E- Fi J I ' l 9 ', . . f""' MRS. WALKER' S ROOM lfirst Raw, letl ta Rigilil: Ritlyey Clayton, fannie l'lL1ll'ines, jr., Danna Baller, Janire Roberts, Faye CYCSIOIT. Ellkllwlll Hlllillci Sylvia llamlett, Cale Vane, Dianne Camplwell, juan Biielaier. Second Row: Mrs. Wallter, jaeli Yealts, jr., lla! Byrd, Wesley Mt'Kinney, Sandra Vnqua, Pally Aldridge, lillen Wilson, Patricia Stanfield, Doris jones. lliird Row: Donnie Brannaeli, llerlwert Campbell, Leon Oakley, jane lfarrell, Anita Gale Rudd, Mary Tate, Paul jones, 'Terry lrellinaer. i.....a I MRS. BOSWELL S ROOM lfirst Raw, Lelt te Rigllit: lelmny Gammon, liddie Ayers, Carolyn Daniels, lingene Gregory, Sliaron Miles, Brenda Herndon William Wilsan, Billy Aldridtli-, Ira lNleRi1nn-y, Dt-lmas Cliandler, Carry Stainlwaeli. Second Row: David Malone, lXlieliae Creqory, Donnie lklvliiimey, Dale llaaaad, Relveeeali Byrd, Wilma Cross, Merry Aldridge, Candyiee Aldridge, Linda lliel.s Bennie lla r re lsun, Gail Welvster. 'lliird Row: Mrs. Boswell, Mieliael Wall4ei', Donald Byrd, jimmy Kimlwre, Dwight Geek, Kenneth Travis, Ray Daniels, Rex Terrell, Delbert Bailey . ,.,. ,...... -. ,T MRS. LIlTELL'S ROOM First Raw, l.eil to Riqlit: Mrs. Littell, Vielicy Priddy, Karen 'l'errell, Joyce Grtibbs, Donnie Camplvell, Clifton llagoed, june lintler, lJel'acn'ali ,llI'UX'lfC, Wanda Cliandler, Dianne Stainldaelx. Second Row: Kenneth Sinimtms, Donnie Day, lris Raseoe, -lamt'S Yealts, Olivia Dale- Miles, Sandra Daniels, Dean Rice, Sammy Clayton, Carol Kina. Tliird Raw: Paul Buell. n e r, Dexter Creqory, 'lleny Oal-gley, Douglas Byrd, lady Kimlwra, Eddie Wilson, William Ferrell, Walter Ferrell, Mody lferrcll. i s 3 I f l 7 A DERSON WOLFPACKS CHEERLEADER First Row, Left to Right: Margaret Minor fChiefj, Beatrice Roberts fCo-Chiefj. Second Row: Lona Rainey, Betty Troxler, Linda Garrison. Third Row: Carolyn Hall. ,3aEE5iEFF:g.,, 1 1 'V 52655, g g. .- RE: Oh Anderson School's the school we all adore and every day we love her more and more. She's got the rep that always wins her game. Her fighting team has always helped to win her fame. Oh Anderson School is high in everything and to her all our praises now we sing. She's got the rep, the pep, and everything and everything so Rah! Rah! Rah-ah-ah! ' 4 1 xx K-X bfijsff, I First Row, Left to Right: Percilla Massey, Patricia Gregory, Audrey Simmons, Sonja Swift, Sandra Roscoe, Linda Oliver, Myrtie Keatts. Second Row: Sarah Rainey, Priscilla Buckner, Patricia King, Carol Smith, Mrs. Andrews Kloachi, Patricia Rudd, Linda Aldridge, Iantha Webster Coley, Barbara Keatts. ' EFS suv f 04 if r-- 05950 Sonja Swift POS: f ,fi Forward 1 1 N, i, Pat Gregory I P i 3 Audrey Simmons Q I Guard A E 'f' Guard V Q 2 va-uk : 1 5, . .X xiii r A fy I, P, 1 . X A ,. U i' i .. 37" if P wwf Riff X Linda Oliver ' " li Forward X Sandra Rascoc Forward Percilla Massey t. Guard Af 9 gurus: ge, L. 4:4 First Row, Left to Right: Charles Somers, Marcell Oakley, Clem Hooper, Ronnie Moore, Melvin Allred. Second Row: ,f'j"j5 Amen swift, Jimmy Campbell, Biuy Smith, Jimmy Allred, Cecil Page, E. O. Litte11fCoac:hJ. ' 5 , .I ' wfiwv . fm' C le- "hs Clem HQOPSI' Charles Somers Guard Forward X S PM I C ,ff N s is Y V Xiififiim of ' 'W Ks-.ff .. Melvin Allred 'V Forward s , N ""' '54 'T 1 , - X hx 55:3 ,als 5 f Q 5 ' Ronnie Moore If i Ai Marce11Oak1ey , Center A 1 Guard C fs f 'W ft .1--png , X MISS ANDERSON AND ESCORT First Row, Loft to Righlz Brcmiu Smith, Dormic Musscy, Peggy Herndon, Dorothy Muhczlcy, Tommy Gregory, Cordon Plumhluc, Rcnec Miles, Charles Annu Byrd, Elizabeth Hurdle, Hal Byrd. Second Row: Mrs. Bovemlcrr fMusic lnsuuctorj, Linda Ycaus, Linda SlCllIlDClCl4, Lorcltcr Boswull, Brenda Stcmlicld, Barbara Stcurficld, Linda Simmons, Linda Oliver, Surah lNlQllCllL'y, Dennis Oliver, jimmy Roscoe. --qi -W . s ' ' N.. r 1 ACT IVITIE BETTY TROX LER LINDA SIMMONS Library Club President F. I-l.A. Club President . Q' . 3 ' RONALD BQQNE RONALD MOORE Student Council President 5Cie1'1C9 Club President CECIL PAGE DELBERT REAGANS F.F.A. Club President Ir. 4-H Club President Sr. 4-H Club President 'Uv' P25 8' 1 J in K SN N? .. T E . 1 1 . www , ' Vf E15 .I I Qiglrw f ' QV' K J 1 - 'N- ' f ' H52 ' ,f-- . X 'fy A 1 " 1 1" . M " , ls ...4Q ' 4 S 2. R S NIOR 4-H Siuing, Left to Right: Beatrice Roberts fSong Leaderj, Linda Simmons fReporterj, Sonja Swift fSecretaryj, Cecil Page fPresidentj, larry Byrd fVice-Presidcntj. Standing, First Row: Barbara Keatts, We-eden Rascoe, Mary Rice, Patricia Simmons, Grace Compton, Linda Aldridge, Mary Brafford, Betty Troxlcr, Mimry Combs, Geneva Cobb, Sandra Raseoe, Linda Oliver, Pereilla Massey, Gloria Somers, Jeanette Aldridge, Charles Gwynn, Linda Garrison, Claude Allred, Everette Hardin. Second Row: Sarah Rainey, Patricia Gregory, Martell Oakley, Melvin Butler, J. I. Smith, Audrey Simmons, Marie Apple, Donnie Wilson, Carolyn Aldridge, Carol Baker, Patricia King, Janice Aldridge. Third Row: jim Minor, Allen Swift, jimmy Allred, Melvin Allred, N. L. Oliver, W. M. Kimbro, Eugene Cheek, Wesley Page, Mary King. Fourth Row: Carolyn Hall, Margaret Minot, jerry Cook, Joey Roberts, Marie Tucker, Ella Rainey, Evonne Aldridge. First Row, Left to Right: Wayne Ayers, Kenneth Smith, Ernie Fuller, Dennis Oliver, Tommy Gregory Wayne King Sammy Builer Charles Creamy liidie Bfri i 1 - v f ' . v 3 K 1 C. H. Wilson, Cecil Butler, Barry Clayton, j. T. Webster. Second Row: Martha Trollinger, Peggy Smnfield, Susan Oakley, Treva Gregory, Barbara King, Rachel Keaus, Sharon Kimbro, Kathy Scott, Brenda Buckner. Third Row: Brenda Fuquay, Donnie Massey, Annie Ruth Roberts, Brenda Smith, Reba Hardin, Loretta Boswell, Fannie Iefiryes, Glenda Massey, Margia jones, Linda Stainback, Barbara Stanfield, Patricia Hicks, Betty Stanfield. Fourth Row: Sally Liyscornb, Linda Yeatts fViee- Presidentj, Brenda Stanfield, Karen Rascoe, Marlene Oakley, Delbert Reagan flbresidentj, Betty Montgomery, Coy jean Hamlet, Dot Mahaley, Elnora Arnold, Sandra Gregory, Brenda Terrel1fSong Leaderj, Sandra Massey, Ruby McKinney Deborah Underwood Sl 'rlf B ff d Cl l , , 11 ey ra or , lar es Anna Byrd, Devona Hooper, Renee Miles, Deborah Hooper. Fifth Row: jane Webster, Sarah Mahalcy, Richard Oakley, larry Cook, Peggy Ward, Barbara Gregory, Hazel Rudd, Faye Cheek, Derusha Hooper fSecrclary and Trea.siu'ei'j, Peggy Byrd, Martha Huffincs fReporterj, Elizabeth Massey, Joyce Stainbaok, Linda Gregory, Glenda Walker, Harold Rudd, Wayne Gregory, JUiii Ilf1H n-rf , K 4 K Q i 9 . f n l 1 V34 r I C i Qs I! U .. 3 4.1, If-1:1 I T' I wo. aff TS- . ' z 'Trleigjll f ..,, S B ' . I UWHWDF NW- B' A ' JV' lv' ,viva SCIENCE CLUB Siuimi, l,4-ll in Iiiglit: llnrlwnrcx l'ugu, Patricia Cn-gory, Betty 'lroxln-r, Myrliu Kc-urls, Marie Apple, Carolyn Aldridgc, Lindu Pugu, Vickie luilis. Second Row, Sland- ing: Mun-Andrews llhlvisorj, Allcn Swift, joey Roberts, AltonMilL-s, l-lcrmcin Roberts, Sarah Rainey llieportcrj, Larry Byrd lViccAPrc-sillcntl, Ronald IvluoreQPrcsidcnt.j, lk-ulrirc llulu-H5QSL'fx'uln1yl, Milly Cmnhs flrccisurn-rj, Cluudic Allrcd, llohcrt Joyce, RuymondBrc1dlcy, Charlie Gwynn. 'llliird Row: David Culc, Mc1rcul1Odlrley, Willvcrl lkicvliril, j. l. Smith, Billy Smith, Melvin Butler, jim Minor, Ronnie Boonc, Clyde Pciscliul, jimmy Allred, Wallace Massey, R. W. Holmes lArlvisorj. Sllllllfl, lfvfl lv Rlflllli S. l'l. Almll flhlvisorj, Norma Troxlcr ffrcusiirurj, Linda Aldridge fVice-Prcsidenlj, Belly Ti-oxlcrfPresidcnij, Grey Ric.: fSccruu.nyj S P - .. -. - , . , - ,- . . I 1 ' ' Bmdsliu flxLlVl5Ol'J. Slgoml Row. Pqtxniu Hylur, Guncvci Cobb, Linda Simmons, Palsy Barry, Carol Smith, Billy Smilli, Carolyn Hull, Liiirlgi Cqrrigrwii, Tylgry Kinq, Donnie Wilson, Carol Baker, Judy Smith. C LIBRARY CLUB lifl M L' .1 .....-. .. . 'W---Q--9' 3-.TI-.-. ffm-www., 'l ul- 11-rv:-whirl, iw A nz-if-'waxy Wwww ,-,- WH . - V- W , r- . W .. ,N E . w X K-Y ...,.......'z:-i Left to Ri ht: I g rvin Byrd, Beatrice Rob f tfi -W Nw - - ,w S . F4 'Q-' . P P , 4 Q X by L X 3 A79 .. - K X ' ,Q 1 -19 if ' Q Q TNR T V X x E x Ilia? WMS Au nr i wi, f' f"' W f 4.'. V al' sl- ' - T' gi f ' - 1' gi f f , w. rifx f I , K . V 'T . ' vig fir ar? .V L. QA r .NJ W, 1 I "-V ' 3 T - 32 , .R ,f nf, . . V' thx f Q Q if: :Tig Q ar IT W 3 XX t -an S 8 Y 3:1531 if x is '?"'h " i ' If M I MASCOTS KATHY SIMMONS KEITH SWIFT MARSHAL erts, Cecil Page fChiefj P ' ' , atrrcia Gregory, Wilbert Paschal s . . hx: HQ M VJ hx .xxx Aw ning, Q14 wr ki' 21: 2 ' fig'-xx 7 i 52 Vi , . X A , 'P 1 z A T S 71 1 1 ,-L A an ' 53,1 'Z 1- fs. si- SEA ,V 3 r-gl' Cl ,P..,wgj rw!-MN T E gg A , 4 Q M- A r M if - . 4. rv K KW X V. , ga :QQ , Q. rx K . ,fs . ' v V, wif - ws' P3 ""' . g Law ' I K V I 4' 'AL .4 ' . , F :S ' ' , 1 .W f 1 -,, . M- P P N r T J, K iww ' , Ag. ,,,,, I i6lf"fKS-:ri ' 9? "" . Sli ' --1? .--1. F X PUB i, comm F 0 29 i ,lk ' '-us, 'mir-1 Li ,Eff il US DRIVERS Sitting, Left to Right: Billy Ycatls, Eugene Check, Billy McKinney, jimmy Campbell, Marcell Oakley, jimmy Teague. Standing: Bcatricc Roberts, Patricia Gregory, Sonjf Swift, jimmy Allred, Ronnie Boone, Melvin Allred, Larry Bryd. Sitting, Il-ft to Right: Mrs. Margaret King fSupcrvisorj, Lucille Ycllock Kfookj. Standing: Pricilla Buckner, Patricia Gregory, Patricia Ki Ella Mac Raincy, Marie Tucker, Evonne Aldridac. LUNQHRGQM STAFF ..-o 5 if 1 'W r ,H S x. ,m:mA3mwxw1zimm2amaw, ,wiv 'ev ng, Barbara Montgomery, f ,Lg V ' , ,Aw rralwissi COMPLIMENTS SECURITY BARBER SHOP Burlington, North Carolina RHODES FURNITURE CO. Burlington, North Corolincl COBB'S SIGN CO. Burlington, North Ccrolincu B Bl G APPLIANCE 81 FURNITURE Burlington, North Carolina F. H. WOOLWORTH'S Burlington, North Carolina BIGGERSTAFF 8 BRANNON Burlington, North Carolina JAMES WOODY'S ESSO Burlington, North Carolina OXYFORD EQUIPMENT CO. Burlington, North Carolina O. T. BAILEY BUILDERS Burlington, North Carolina FOSTER TIRE CO. Reiclsville, North Carolina CARLTON BROWN Phone 3872 Reidsville, N .C. REIDSVI LLE CAMERA SHOP Reiclsville, North Carolina UNDERWOOD RADIO AND T.V. Reiclsville, North Carolina WAGONER ELECTRIC 8x RADIO CO Reidsville, North Carolina HASTINGS FURNITURE COMPANY Reiclsville, North Carolina HARRIS PRODUCE COMPANY Reiclsville, North Carolina RIED'S SERVICE STATION O. W. BRINTLE, SERVICE STATION Burlington, North Carolina LOY AND LYNN PLUMBING CO. Burlington, North Carolina PAUL'S SERVICE STATION Burlington, North Carolina STOP SHOP SUPER MARKET Burlington, North Carolina GLIDDEN PAINTS Burlington, North Carolina PATE PUBLISHING CO. Burlington, North Ccrolinc R.F.D. 52, Elon College, N.C. THE VILLAGE STORE Mebcne, North Corol ina ESTATES DRUG COMPANY How River, North Carolina CASWELL FURNITURE CO. Yonceyville, North Carolina McMULLAN'S JEWELRY Ycnceyville, North Carolina T. V. 8K RADIO CLINIC Reiclsville, North Carolina GRAHAM TRACTOR CO. Graham, North Ccrolino Hotel-A place where you pay dollars for quarters WOODRGW HGOPER S SERVICE STATION Gas and Oil Feed and Seeds General Merchandise Route 53, Burlington, North Carolina C. M. MANN COMPANY Wholesale Since l92l Drugs - Candies - Special School Supplies 5l4 Tucker Street Burlington, North Carolina Diploma-The man who Fixes the pipes. Smile-A thing with immense face value. CGBLE DAIRY PRODUCTS, INC ST. H ' CHOICE f 51" Com QUALITY Mllk MILK ,u COB'-fl. -Q , ffwfifsffffil Q' .,.-1-ff4ft- ICE CREAM 'PYIKQZJ '- ' Slay l nam rnonucn :ID "1"1"'YV4jf Phone CA 6-4252 Burlington, North Carolina PETE'S FRGZEN CUSTARD Banana Splits - Milk Shakes - Frozen Custard Ice Cream - Sunclaes PETE'S NO. 1 I Corner of Trade and Lindsey A' PEII5's No. 2 cm ,-ig South Church Street Q7 I x Burlington, North Carolina S fxt X I' 5 sqx .l 'I Acoustic-Something you shoot pool with. Work-The yeast that raises the dough. COBLE TOBACCO WAREHOUSE No. 18f No. 2 N. C. Newman - R. W. Rainey W. Curry King - L. D. Winsteacl, Jr. None Better - Few as Good Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of 1 ll PRODUCERS WAREHOUSE Best Service - Best Prices Danville, Virginia Erosion-A nine-year-old washing his hands. Wisecracker-A smart cookie . TWIN - STATES WAREHOUSE "We Appreciate Your Business and We Give You Tops in Money and Service." Owners and Operators Robert Morgan Roy L. Smith Bud Rummage Burch Keck Telephone LO 3-796i Meloane, North Carolina G. H. KIRKPATRICK 81 SON FOODS SAVINGS Farmers Seed Service GRADUATE TO GREATER Quality Seed Specializing ln Seed Cleaning And Treating , General Crop Spraying Ai Your Friendly Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer Contractor Complete Yard Service Aerifiering - Reseeding Top-Dressing - Tree and Yard Spraying LOcust 3-4l82 Mebane, North Carolina Hit Song-A song that stops being popular by the time you learn the words. Commentator An ordinary spud . MCCLURE FUNERAL SERVICE Completely Equipped To Serve You From Either Location II-4 S. Main Street Graham, North Carolina or 605 Webb Avenue Burlington, North Carolina Phone CA 27I I-Graham CA 7-7488-Burlington "Prompt Ambulance Service" ALAMANCE COUNTY NEW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION Members: Alamance Motors, Inc. Atwater Motors Co. American Discount Co. Bick Long Motors Bill Price Buick, Inc. Cole Motors, Inc. County Finance Co. Ewing Motors, Inc. Graham Motors, Inc. Home Finance Co. Lilen and Lee, Inc. Mebane Motor Co. Security National Bank Wachovia Bank 8 Trust Co. Your Patronage Will Be Appreciated PAYNE on COMPAQYX 0 lo . I ll ips iii K e rcs e n e V :.,,: gigiiiiifbst Fuel Oil X ' Gasoline Phone CAnal 7435 Graham-Haw River Road At Underpass "A Home Means More With A Carpet On The FIoor" KAY-DAY TILE AND CARPET CO. Rubber Tile Asphalt Tile Inlaid Linoleum Broadloom Carpet Telephone CA 6-0257 8I8-820 S. Church Street Burlington, North Carolina Cartoon-What you hear when you turn on a car radio. Tee Hee -A male golfer. A ,DEA CONGRATULATIONS 5 Let Reddy Kilowatt 2 help you to live better-electrically. DUKE PowER Q COMPANY Serving the Piedmont Carolinas THE DAILY TIMES-NEWS Burlington, North Carolina The Daily Times-Newsis a complete newspaper featuring Local, State, National, and International cover- age of the news day-by-day-six days a week. Plus leading comic strips and panels, editorial and pro- fessional analyses, social events of community interest, subiects on re- ligion, education,compIete sports reports-information, entertaining. READ THE DAILY TIMES-NEWS Newsroom CAnaI 6-44I7 Circulation CAnal 6-44I6 HOLT CONSTRUCTION CONIPANY, INC. General Contractors Graham, North Carolina Compliments of Xgl:-fgglh E Qs BANK OF HAW RIVER Haw River, North Carolina Compliments of POOLE'S FROZEN FOODS Durham, North Carolina Compliments of FRANK'S JEWELRY Graham, North Carolina Baby porcupine fsquintin g at a cactusiz Is that you, Mama? Musclebouncl-Heading For the town of Muscle. Compliments of APPAREL, INC. Manufacturer of Peach ancl Cream Dresses Mebane, North Carolina CAROLINA REXALL DRUGS "Rendering a Broader Health Service To Three Counties For 26 Years" Dial LOcust 3-6000 Mebane, North Carolina Compliments of DURHAM BANK 8. TRUST COMPANY xl xt X, f, ry da , ,iq- I "Complete Banking Services Mebane, North Carolina PIEDMONT WAREHCUSE Joe W. Di I lard-Owner "Not the Biggest, But The Best' Meloane, North Carolina Square-A guy who looks both ways before crossing a one-way street Locomotive-A ridiculous reason for doing something. Compliments of CHASE BAG COMPANY -F1 Compliments of BIG BILL BOTTLING Reidsville, North Carolina K Reidsville, North Carolina iv GRAHAM SODA SHOP For the Best in Film Developing 24-Hour Service-24 IOO North Main Street Court Square Graham, North Carolina Compliments of PLEASANT GROVE SERVICE STATION Gas-Oil General Merchandise Route ff 2 Burlington, North Carol ina Satellite-A light cowboys attach to their saddles for night riding. Money may talk but today's dollar doesn't have cents enough to say very much. BANK OF YANCEYVILLE "For Better Banking ancl Quicker Service" Bring Your Money ln To Us S.M. Boson-Owner Yanceyville, North Carolina CASWELL INSURANCE SQ REALTY CO. "Protection that Protects" S.M. Bason-Mgr. Agents: E.J. Smith-W. C. Jackson Yanceyville, North Carolina PLANTER'S WAREHOUSE "Sell Your Tobacco Here" George R. Carter-Haile Motley Frank Murphy-C.M. Murphy Lema Oakley Industrial Avenue Danville, Virginia STEED LUMBER COMPANY Buyers of Lumber-Logs Standing Timber Dial 2l88 Highway 86 Character: To have the same a to mention it. ilment the other person is describing and not An optimist: A man who marries his secretary thinking he'II continue to be able to dictate to her. ACREE'S 81 cAswELL DAIRY HOLLAND? The Best Place in Town to Eat Milk Shakes - Ice Cream Hot Dogs - Sandwiches The Finest Sold is Meadow Gold Yanceyville, North Carolina WAREHOUSE For Courteous Service and High Prices, Sell with Us. Managers: Coon N unn -Harvey Dunn-Leonard Acree's - Phone SW 2-502I HolIand's - Phone SW 3-4037 Danville, Virginia Nu I1 FARMER'S SEED SERVICE Nutrena Feeds Tested Seed of AII Kinds Seed Cleaning and Treated Field and Crop Spraying Arcadian Liquid Nitrogen-Solution II5 Ruffin Street Mebane, North Carolina Service Beyond The Sale HOME APPLIANCE STORE "Better Products for Happier Livin Cecil E. Moser Entrance Court Square West Elm Street Graham, North Carolina gil Sad Facts of life-Square meals make round people. Sign on taxidermist's window at lunchtime-OUT TO STUFF Congratulations to the Class of "59" Compliments of D. O. CHANDLER, JR. WARREN'S WAREHOUSE Danville, Virginia RED 81 WHITE SUPER MARKET A complete Iine of Groceries Yanceyville, North Carolina Buick Authorized Sales and Service When Better Automobiles Are Built Buick Will Build Them. "Where to buy it." DOILEY BUICK CO. 660 South Scales Reidsville Compliments of SANDY CROSS SERVICE STATION Highway 49 Haw River, North Carolina u IQ X Compliments of ti GRUBBS FISH Housf I Graham-Hopedale Road ' "Best Fish in town" ' Compliments of EAGLE STORIVI WINDOWS Burlington, North Carolina Entertaining? Buy Pepsi By The Case PEEmslIIE3fLA BOTTLING COMPANY eefeeehee Durham-Burlington, North Carolina without filling T423 North Church Street Burlington, N. C. Dog Fight-A sport where participants shake tails and come out biting. College bred-A Four year loaf with father's dough. WESTERN AUTO Davis Tires-Wizard Batteries Seat Covers-Accessories Truetone Radios Western Flyer Bicycles Dial OW 4-2551 Yanceyville, North Carolina WILLOW TREE ESSO STATION Charlie H . Mul I is-owner Tires, Tubes and Accessories Road Service Phone CA 8-l84l Haw River, North Carolina GUNN APPLIANCE 8: FURNITURE CO. Furniture-The Better Kind General Electric Appliances Yanceyville, North Carolina Compliments of RUDD TRACTOR COMPANY Case Tractors and Farm Equipment C.M. Rudd-Manager Yanceyville, North Carolina WALTI NGTON'S SU PPLY STORE Clothing Hardware Sports Equipment Yanceyville, North Carolina SAUNDER'S SERVICE STATION Amoco Gas and oil General Merchandise Route li I Reidsville, North Carolina GUNN TRACTOR gc EQUIPMENT CO. Phone OW 4-294i Yanceyville, North Carolina Backseat Driver-The only motorist who never seems to run out of gas. Cactus-An overgrown pin cushion. Compliments of . B. ELLIS MUSIC COMPANY "Everything Musical" Burlington, North Carolina P I EDMONT CLEANERS "Pick-up and Delivery" Carl H. Sutton, Jr., Owner Dial CA 6-8293 I407 W. Webb Avenue Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of ALANIANCE FCX Feed and Seed Telephone CA 6-4467 234 Market Street Burlington, North Carolina THOMAS PAINT 8: PAPER CO. Painting and Decorating Brush and Spray Dial CA 6-5509 537 N. Church Street Burlington, North Carolina ALAMANCE DRUG COMPANY Patent Medicines-Cameras and Supplies Prescription Specialists Sundries Dial CA 7-42l6 223 Maple Avenue Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of COLONIAL FURNITURE COMPANY "Everything in Furniture" Dial CA 7-4213 236 East Front Street Burlington, North Carolina COLEMAN'S MEN SHOP "Quality for the Men and Boys" Telephone CA 7-3283 437 South Spring Street Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of MAPLE AVENUE BARBER SHOP 2OI Maple Avenue Burlington, North Carolina Sound sleepers-People who snore. Gold-digger A human gimme pig. BLALOCK'S Tuxedo Sales and Rentals Burlington, North Carolina HARRY L. LYNCH Wholesale Dealer Esso Products Kerosene-Fuel Oil Gasoline Day CA 8-8311 Night CA 7-2828 W. Front Street Burlington, North Carolina REGAL CLEANERS Pick-up and Delivery Service Dial CA 6-3742 16035 Church Street Burlington, North Carolina NIOOREF I ELD FLOR I ST East Front Street Burlington, North Carolina ROXIE'S FLORIST "Anything in Flowers" 1733 N. Church Street Burlington, North Carolina Near Western Electric Between The Two Hospitals Compliments of NEWTON'S FURNITURE COMPANY "The Big Footed Newton Boys" Burlington, North Carolina SUNBEAM The bread you need For energy BANIBY BAKERY Burlington, North Carolina O'FERRELL INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE State Farm-Auto-Fire-Life Clyde O'FerreII Burlington, North Carolina Walkie-Talkie-Two women out for a stroll. Bedbug-An undercover agent HAM'S USED CARS "The Best In Used Cars" M.E. Ham -.I.M. Ham - Owners Phone CAnal 49I3 Highway 70 East Burlington, North Carolina T Kr R SERVICE STATION 505 Rauhut Street Burlington, North Carolina Burlington Owned SELLARS DEPARTMENT STORE Burlington Managed Burlington, North Carolina FLEETVIIOOD MOTEL 8: RESTAURANT "Next to Home lt's Best" Telephone CA 7-2003 Highways 70 - 49 Burlington, North Carolina BLANCHARD TELEVISION Sales and Service on Televison and Appliance Dial CA 8-8292 I408 Harden Street Burlington, North Carolina WALKER 8: HARRELSON Feed - Fertilizer - Hay , Telephone CA 6-5963 321 Fonrel Street Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of HOLT HOSIERY MILL Ladies' Full Fashion and Seamless Glen Raven, North Carolina GLEN RAVEN FABRIC SHOP Dress and Decorative Fabrics Phone JU 4-732I Glen Raven, North Carolina A lady traveling with a friend on an airplane said to the pilot: "Now don't go faster than sound-we want to talk." Bill: "Did Ed: "No you take a bath?" is one missing?" BYRD'S FOOD CENTER S 1625 South Church Street 808 East Davis Street 399 West Harden Street Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of SMITH TRACTOR COMPANY Your Ferguson Dealer Telephone CA 6-4566 247 College Graham-Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of SUMNER GROCERY STORE Telephone CA 8-9201 Hopedale Road Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of JAMES WOODY ESSO Telephone CA 6-3089 Union Ridge Road Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of LAMM'S CLOTHING COMPANY Telephone CA 6-3038 314 South Main Street Burlington, North Carolina BIG POLE BARBER SHOP East Webb Avenue Burlington, North Carolina ' Part of all you earn is yours to save COMMUNITY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of G. W. APPLE 8: SONS 107 Williams Street Reidsville, North Carolina Unbreakable toy-What a child uses to break everything else he can reach with it. Infantry-A young tree. LEON GILLIANI'S FEED 8: SEED STORE Feed, Seed, and Fertilizers Irrigation Equipment Tobacco Curers Dial CA 6-9086 229 West Davis Street Burlington, North Carolina Courtesy of BELK BECK CONIPANY Burlington, North Carolina KOU RY' S is "Where Smart Women Shop" 443 South Main Street Burlington, North Carolina RICH 8: THOMPSON FUNERAL HONIE Ambulance Service Dial CAnaI 6-I622 Burlington, North Carolina EDDlE'S TYPEINRITER SERVICE Eddie H. Bunton-owner Royal Typewriters Sales-Service, Rental Supplies Phone 7-2465 I27 North Main Street Burlington, North Carolina C. C. JOHNSTON Distributor of ESSO Products Phone Day CA 6-9371 Night CA 6-3469 I6II W. Webb Avenue Burlington, North Carolina CAROLINA WAREHOUSE "Home Of High Prices And A Square Deal To All" Bill Davis-Bob Tickle-Owners Phone CA 8-T560 Burlington, North Carolina PATE DAWSON CONIPANT "Fresh Fruits and Vegetables" Burlington, North Carolina You can always tell an eight-year-old, but you usually have to tell him twice Hamburgular- Pig thief. CASWELL MOTOR COMPANY Real "Ford" Values Ford - Mercury Phone OW 233I Yanceyville, North Carolina CASWELL FUNERAL HOME "A Service Every Family Can Afford Telephone OW 4-252I Yanceyville, North Carolina Compliments of THE CASWELL MESSENGER Yanceyville, North Carolina H. R. THOMPSON NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Friendly Insurance Service Telephone OW 4-2054 Yanceyville, North Carolina COLE CHEVROLET CO. Oldsmobile - Chevrolet Clyde C. Cole, Manager Yanceyville, North Carolina MURPHY OIL COMPANY Wholesale and Retail Dealer Yanceyville, North Carolina "We Need Your Head in Our Business" RICHARDSON BARBER SHOP Yanceyville, North Carolina Compliments of RICHMOND GUANO COMPANY W. C. Jackson, Representative Yanceyville, North Carolina Customer: "And this I suppose is another example of that hideous modern art." Art Dealer: "No, it's iust a mirror." Cold War-Snowball fight. "For Quality and Service In Gas And Oil" SEE Groceries, Hardware, Drugs ..I. Notions, 5 8 IOC Store Route if 2 Burlington, North Carolina Burlington, North Carolina ROY L. SMITH SERVICE STATION Union Ridge Road Compliments of MINUTE GRILL "Where Good Food Is Served" Burlington, North Carolina SUMNER'S AUTOMOTIVE, INC. "Complete Line of Accessories Auto Parts And Equipment 507 South Church Street Burlington, North Carolina BURLINGTON T. V. COMPANY I76I West Webb Street Burlington, North Carolina HUEY'S BAR-B-0 Pit Cooked Bar-B-Q "Best In The Land" Burlington, North Carolina McGregor and Manhattan CURRIN and HAY Men's and Boy's Wear Burlington, North Carolina Bostonian Shoes Dobbs Hats If you're looking for a helping hand, you'II find one on the end of your arm. Typing's not so bad after you get the hangk ofe iti . Compliments of BURLINGTON BUSINESS COLLEGE Burlington, North Carolina JAKE'S BARBECUE 1375 South Church Street Burlington, North Carolina Compliments of T. N. BOONE "Featuring Stylish Made-to- order Clothes For Students" "Dinner Jackets For Rent" Burlington, North Carol ina BYRD TRACTOR 8r EQUIPMENT CO. John Deere Sales and Service Homelite Chain Saws Phone CAnaI 7-3I28 Burlington, North Carolina ROSE'S 5-10-251 STORES BEST WISHES Burlingronk Most Popular Store Burlington, North Carolina CASTLE'S BARBER SHOP "Your appearance means a lot to you South Main and Morehead Street Burlington, North Carol ina ALANIANCE WIENER SHOP "For Good Hot Dogs, See Us" 200 West Front Street Burlington, North Carolina HUNTER'S GRILL Pit Cooked Bar-B-Q Brunswick Stew, Sandwiches Of All Kinds. Fountain Service Curb Service Highway 70-A Haw River, North Carolina Mother- "Who gave you that black-eye?" Qs Junior- "No one, I had to fight for it." O Sausage- A ground hog . TYSON-NIALONE HARDWARE CO. , INC. Telephone LOcust 3-9131 Mebane, North Carolina GENERAL MOTOR CO. , INC Desoto-Plymouth Telephone LOcust 3-3981 Third and Clay Streets Mebane, North Carolina NIEBANE LUMBER CO. , INC. "Everything to Build Anything" Mi I lwork-Hardware-Pai nts Roofing-Gypsum Products Dial LOcust 3-9271 Mebane, North Carolina A 8: IVIGRILL Pit Cooked Bar-B-Que Sliced or Chopped Phone LOcust 3-5022 Mebane, North Carolina IVIELVILLE CHEVROLET CO. INC. us- -. Q , CHEVROLET 'I fgllw--7 Dial LOcust 3-2851 Mebane, North Carolina THE EAGLE OIL CONIPANY Since 1921 Texaco Kerosene and Fuel Oil For Home Heating Dial LOcust 3-9751 Mebane, North Carolina IVIEBANE FLOUR 8: FEED MILLS "Pure Made FIour" Duncan Southern Phone LOcust 4574 Mebane, North Carolina NIEBANE HARDWARE CO. Dealers In Dutch Boy Paint Shelf Hardware Bill Abernathy-Owner 130 W. Clay St.--Phone LO 3-6353 Mebane, North Carolina Freddie: Maw, I told you not to make me take a bath. See how plain that hole in my sock shows now. Autobiography The life story of a car. C. A. CHILTON'S STORE ESSO Gas and Oil Spend your money where money is needed. SANDY CROSS SERVICE STATION E.L. Hughes - D.H. Rice Telephone CA 7-2562 Highway 49 MAS SEY GROCERY Your Friendly Phillips 66 DeaIer" Route ff 2 Elon College, North Carolina O. L. UNDERWOOD BARBER SHOP T.V. Service Route ft I Elon College, North Carolina BAYNE' S STORE Country produce Star Brand Shoes Route ff 3 Burlington, North Carolina W. A. ALDRIDGE Gas and Oil General Merchandise Hi-way 62 - I2 miles South of Yanceyville, North Carolina Compliments of N. L. OLIVER Route ff I Yanceyville, North Carolina E.S. BUTLER'S STORE Gas-Oil Groceries-General Merchandise Reidsville, North Carolina Sign on a drinking fountain-"Old FacefuI!" George: What should I wear with my purple socks? Mike: Hip-boots! Compliments of THE NATIONAL BANK OF ALAMANCE G raham, North Carol ina DAVIS GRILL 900 West Harden Street Graham, North Carolina Compliments of CENTRAL MOTOR COMPANY Desoto-Plymouth Telephone LOcust 3-398i Third and Clay Streets Mebane, North Carolina MEBANE SERVICE Feed-Seed-Fertilizer-Farm Supplies Custom Mill Service Bulk Lime and Fertilizer Spreading. Liquid Nitrogen "We Market Grain" Phone Mebane LO 3-963I TRENT'S RECORD CENTER 45 R. P.M. Records Across from Big Apple 708 North Scales Street Reidsville, North Carolina WALKER'S GARAGE Allis-Chalmers Sales and Service Telephone Dickens 9-5696 Reidsville, North Carolina M. 8: K. FURNITURE "Home of Better Buys" 300 West Front Street Burlington, North Carolina DICK'S FISH HOUSE East 70 Haw River Road Burlington, North Carolina Flirt: A woman who believes it's every man for herself. Conceit-A form of "l" strain. HOME FURNITURE COMPANY "We Furnish The Home Complete" Phone 4378 ii2 South Scales Street Reidsville, North Carolina STADLER ALDRIDGE COMPANY Sales and Service Dial Di 9-7058 Reidsville, North Carolina Compliments of LElNWAND'S DEPT. STORE Air-Conditioned Reidsvi l le, North Carol ina WILLIANS-TRULL COMPANY Irrigation Equipment Phone DI 9-6245 Reidsville, North Carolina Compliments to All Students and Teachers of Anderson High THE REIDSVILLE REVIEW Published Daily Reidsville, North Carolina APPLE'S FEED 81 SEED Big Apple's Food Stores Quality Seed Reidsville, North Carolina BOB SHERVE AUTO SUPPLY CO. Motor Overhauling Brake Service-Motor Tuning Telephone DI 8Oi5 425 South Scales Street Reidsville, North Carolina G. B. GREEN READY-MIX Ready Mixed Concrete Telephone: Reidsville, N.C. Dlcken 9-5235 Spray, N.C. MA in 3-2650 Madison, N.C. 759 "We Cover Rockingham County" Nail-A long round object with a flat head, used to aim at while you hityour thumb Modern Art-Oodles of doodles. R Compliments of EIDSVILLE FINANCE CO. , INC. Financing and Re-Financing Is Our Business Phone DI 9-703I-223 W. Morehead Reidsville, North Carolina LINK BROS. PHARMACY Reidsville, North Carolina LOVE TRACTOR SALES Ford Tractors Akron Irrigation Mall Remington "Chain Saws" Reidsvi Ile, North Carolina Compliments of HOOD SYSTEM INDUSTRIAL BANK Reidsville, North Carolina HOOPER-IVIOORE Clothes For Men and Boys Reidsville, North Carolina WILKERSON FUNERAL HONIE "24 Hour Ambulance Service" Telephone DI 4341 Reidsville, North Carolina DABBS FLORIST Flowers That Please Telephone DI 9-4356 Reidsville, North Carolina NIACES JEWELRY AND GIFTS Where the bride selects herp Silver, China, Crystal Registered Jeweler Reidsville, North Carolina Psychiatrist-A mind sweeper. Bathing beauty-A girl worth wading tor. C ITTY FUNERAL HOME Modern Chapel Dial DI 9-336i Reidsville, North Carolina SHORT SUGARS Pit Cooked Bar-B-Q Curb Service Reidsvi Ile, North Carol ina RELIABLE INSURANCE NICKI NNEY-HOLDERBY JEWELRY 8: REALTY CO. "Rely on ReIiable" Mac A. DeLancy, Mana er Elgin Watches-Costume Jewelry g Sheatfer Pens Ph ne DI 9-4348 Reidsville, North Carolina Monumental Square- o Reidsville, North Carolina NICKI NNEY GROCERY Groceries and Meats Dial DI 5624 5I4 Lawsonville Avenue Reidsville, North Carolina HUDSON'LESTER HARDWAR 8: BUILDING SUPPLY CO. Devoe Paints-Hardware Building Material GE Appliances Reidsville, North Carolina E Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF RIEIDSVILLE W, X X ,ff 1? Reidsville, North Carolina STRADER'S SHOE STORE "Shoes for all the family" I38 S. Scales Street Reidsville, North Carolina Auction-Where you get something for nodding. AUTOGRAPHS n -l'er CDIPAIV CIM INDIANA AVENUE VIINSTON-SALEM, N.C. 5 .1 vt. ..Q - . wr. .4--Y-, '. 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Suggestions in the Anderson High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Burlington, NC) collection:

Anderson High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Burlington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 70

1959, pg 70

Anderson High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Burlington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 61

1959, pg 61

Anderson High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Burlington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 52

1959, pg 52

Anderson High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Burlington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 64

1959, pg 64

Anderson High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Burlington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 43

1959, pg 43

Anderson High School - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Burlington, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 71

1959, pg 71

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