Anderson High School - Redbird Yearbook (Anderson, MO)

 - Class of 1963

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Anderson High School - Redbird Yearbook (Anderson, MO) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 102 of the 1963 volume:

5,1 1,51 . 1 A, 17- 1 A I ' 1 .. , 9 -.U -' A 7 7?fQ Q41 2? 92? QM 762 C764 We fa f -1229604 222 QV Easiiaix, Gyigf sfgzm We . M Z4 Z. f Q03-ii Qv,fQ1fL,Co A AQqRif.cNS:zQ,2'3ij, QP Bib' fafliqoe . QL Z J Elm. Q if mf, wif JW QR wo. f 'U-V37 , I Kjkefn-m,fw,6u,frfLE,f 42414, , , Zia , fwmg iwjmtfjww' Wa FQ 'vf,fCZjv?4Q ' QW WW, ww ' My W WWW ,E mf .Z ,W 0956! 0, M W ,W 4 W ,EIU I V , 1 r 1 :X , , fx x 4 , 4, QM? W W W K ,V UV Q 1 f 1 61 MQW L 7' ' vpn C' MW fb IQQN Q H S WIP nv GVUVKV DLL ' W Q luv ' JI ? ws S Y' Qs 'f W- u Q 2 MM, R1 Q , fs 3 fy 5 L sig f 5 ll i ANDERSON 'Si ,, Szssffii-fp: k ., gmazgqg 551' 'ffif' ' ' , W 5 H5 '- F F' Jw Q K' 1 r'? FP y rnnifi 3 r,,,,,a an WV REDBIRD Years of Progress O 0 0 Administration - - Faculty ----- Seniors - - Juniors - - Sophomores - - Freshmen - - Favorites - - Ir. High - - - Elementary - - Activities - - Sports - - - Advertising - - Foreword This year was basically the same as any high school yearg we studied - had fun, experienced sad moments of trial and error. There were games and dancesg voices were hoarse from Pep Club rooting and singing. There were brief moments of glory for some of us in sports, musicaland dramatic produc- tions. All shared the hopeless reality of examinations and deadlines, the se- mester grades, the noontime cafeteria rush. These impressions are only a few that were packed into this full year. Credit for theproduction ofthis book goes to the loyal Redbird Staff. The Staff, however, has furnished only the outlines of the story that we find when we turn these pages filled with warm smiles of friendship and many happy rec- ollections. The rest is up to the individual. Underclassmen who return to AHS in the fall will continue to keep up the high standards of the school and strive for -improvement. Graduates will go their separate ways using the knowl- edge they have gained here to reach their successes. It is not today that you will appreciate the REDBIRD. Tomorrow, when it is not so easy to think back on 1963, we will treasure the memories this book has stored for us. The following statement will always hold true: 'Tis pleasant, sure, to see one's name in print Redb' d Sf ff MR. HOLLIS PROPST, Sponsor SHARON SPENCER, Editor wr-mul, 4, WLT S . K , .A in I w 4 1 1 1 Q Board of Education JACK CUNNINGHA M President C. I. SHERMAN Treasurer JIM TATUM L. A. GALYEN MONROE MARTLN CLYDE BRADY ::., Cfg,'k-,Q- +C, YQ.. Faculty MR. PIERCE LONG Elementary Principal MR. ION EDWARDS Ir. High Principal Social Studies MRS. MARILYN NOBLE Foreign Language MRS. MARIE KILGORE Science English MRS. BESSIE LINK Commercial Arts MRS. MAY VANSANDT Library Physical Education MR. CHARLES EDMONDS Industrial Arts Sixth Grade MR. HOLLIS PROPST Band Choir MR. MICKY HEATHERLY Football Physical Education Mathematics MR. JACK NOBLE Basketball Social Studies MRS. INA ELLLFF Special Education MRS . BERTHA STREET English MRS. LORITA MORRIS Home Economics MRS. LUCILLE RATAZAK English Speech Drama MR. MAX LAMPO Agriculture Guidance Counselor MR. DORWIN KILGORE Science MR. LAWRENCE MILLS Mathematics MRS. AUDA COPE Special Education MRS. PAULINE MITCHELL First Grade MISS EDITH CROODY First Grade MRS. LAVERNE WOOLARD First Grade MRS. FLORENE GIDEON Second Grade MRS. CHARLOTTE EDMONDS Third Grade MRS. WINFORD JONES Third Grade MRS. LOUISE STATZ Fourth Grade MRS. MARY LOU EDMONDS Fourth Grade MRS. GAIL LONG Fifth Grade MRS. GLADYS GREER Fifth Grade MRS. ERVIE MEARES Sixth Grade MRS . MARGARET ROARK Kindergarten MRS . PHYLLIS YOCUM Kindergarten .gfgg-we .U ,.,,L,.y L L ,, W MM1WwWm iff, ,gf::z4w1.:gf+' ffiiiflwiw f-7247 Elm- f A-ff. -1 ,, , V A Mfkfr, . M , , , iigwmfq1.g,1egfg1,bzg- ffwixirv wg 5, fhhgfigj-L.',z5w4sff.t'f 2, -ia:-.fagxgf , 'X' 'M A W 1 ,V wi- Q V, ,f ,+- .Um Qysgq Q: 55521 iff- ,:5:w2s:.f:1, , ,'zgg5syf,'f :Sigh-Q51:'g5f?Qiag,3:sW-Qffrsigwz-Q,3',5Qqgg524q,71529i3g?6L:,,J V l m Q fzlesnw LAW: 221' ,nf igyiidie , S Hfjvfgg 7: ' jjj gvjif .,fl'QAl9!lf'9:W i k4k,52fP57f,5f 553 353517 1' .- L-fjiiiQ3S'.2g'kffak7i55'i?QgQ1fg.,ff'f55-'CG'VQQv'. W ,lififgfwlf 2023 111 'z2f5llZ'73-,2wi?yjGUfpifH'l.55fl ,71ff.Lf5Q L14 ,A Hg-' Qf ,L 'A LQ?-Lfgnmf -X 43: iff V ,HY JA' U 3555 If 7? ffm ?fL5,,f5M'--572, ,li . g , ., , ffl, ' . H ' Jgigegif, .wi H3iQ:z,, , Y ,L H .,,::1ma,4 fe 1 eniors 1 Qs iz. Q .ja Winrww was Senior Officers June Olson - President Bill Pratt - Sergeant at Arms Larry Morris - Vice-President Kathy Chamberlain - Treasurer Debbie Chandler - Secretary Seniors COLOR MOTTO FLOWER Lavender Honor Lies Orchid alld 111 White Honest Toil SUSAN BRACE Christian Council 4 yearsg F. H. A. 4 yearsg F.T.A. 1 yearg Choir 4 yearsg Pep Club 3 yearsg Speech-Drama Club 2 yearsg Band 3 yearsg Annual Staff 1 year PATSY BESHEARS Christian Council 1 yearg F. H.A. 4 yearsg Band 2 yearsg Choir 2 yearsg Twirler 2 yearsg Librarian 1 year PATSY BISHOP Football Queen Candidate '63g Annual Queen Candidate '62g F. H. A. Parliamentar- ian '63g Senior Class Reporterg Annual and Paper Staff 1 year HILLARY BOOTH Basketball 1 yearg F.F.A.g Christian Council 3 yearsg F.F.A. President '62-'63, F.F.A. Chaplain '61-'62, State Field Crops Judging Team '61, F.F.A. Basketball Team SPONSORS Mrs. Bess Link Mr. Charles Edmonds FLOYD COOK F.F.A. 2 yearsg Basketball 2 yearsg Base- ball 2 yearsg Industrial Arts Club 3 yearsg Track 1 yearg Choir l year BRENDA LEE CROSBY F. H.A. 4 yearsg Pep Club 4 years, President '63g Choir 3 years, President '63g Librarian 1 yearg F.H.A. Miss Merry Christmas Candidate '63 JANET CROSBY Christian Council 4 yearsg F. H. A. 4 years, Secretary '63g Speech and Drama Club 2 yearsg Choir 3 yearsg Junior-Senior Play '62, '63 TERRY JOE CUNNLNGHAM Annual King Candidate '63g Industrial Arts 4 yearsg Basketball 1 yearg Choir 1 year ED CAMP Choir 2 years, officer 1 yearg State Contest Vocal Solo '62g Boy's Quartet, Madrigal Groupg Christian Council 1 yearg Football '63 KATHY CHAMBERLAIN Salutatoriang Choir 2 yearsg Christian Council 2 yearsg Paper Staff Co-Editor '63g F.T.A. 2 yearsg F. H.A. 2 yearsg Pep Club 2 years JANE COBLE Paper Staff 1 yearg Christian Council 4 years DEBORAH CHANDLER F. H.A. 4 yearsg Choir 4 yearsg Christian Council 3 yearsg Pep Club 3 yearsg Paper Staff l yearg Class Secretary '63g F.F.A. Barn-warming Attendand '63g F. H.A. Holiday Festival Queen Attendant '61 JANET DORTHY Pep Club 3 yearsg Christian Council 4 yearsg F.H.A. 2 yearsg F. T.A. 1 yearg Choir 4 yearsg Speech Club 1 yearg G.A. A. 3 years NANCY DALTON Choir 2 yearsg F. H.A. 4 yearsg Christian Council 4 yearsg Basketball Queen '62g G.A. 4 years MARY GUTHRIE F. H.A. 4 yearsg Christian Council 4 yearsg Paper and Annual Staff 1 yearg Choir 3 yearsg Pep Club 4 yearsg G. A. A. 4 years, officer 2 years EARLINE HARP F. H. A. 3 yearsg Christian Council 4 yearsg Paper Staff 1 yearg G.A.A. 4 yearsg Choir 4 years HM HAYES Basketball 4 yearsg Football 1 yearg Indus- trial Arts 4 years LARRY GALYEN Basketball 4 yearsg Baseball 2 yearsg Student Council '60-'61g Sophomore Pilgrimage '60-'61g Vice-President F. T.A. '63 EARLENE HOLLOWAY Christian Council 4 yearsg G. A. A. 4 yearsg Paper sraff 1 year JACK HOWARD Basketball 2 yearsg Student Council 1 yearg Track 1 yearg Paper Staff 1 year SANDY MOONEY F.H.A. 1 year, Christian Council 1 year, Cheerleader 1 year, Choir 4 years, Pres- ident '63, Yearbook Queen Candidate '63, G.A.A. 1 year, Captain JOHN LARRY MORRIS Senior Vice-President, Football 2 years, Basketball 3 years, Industrial Arts Club .TUNE OLSON F. H. A. 4 years, State First Vice-President '63, Homecoming Queen '60-'61, Annual Attendant '60-f61, Class President '62, '63, Vice-President '61, Cheerleader 3 years, Captain, Paper Staff 1 year MONNA RAE PLOTNER F.H.A. 4 years, G.A.A. 4 years, F,T.A, 2 years, Christian Council 4 years, Pep Club 3 years, Paper Staff 1 year LARRY .TOE KEELING Choir 4 years, Speech and Drama Club 1 year, Annual Staff 1 year, Basketball Manager '63, Boy's Quartet 2 years, Choir Officer '62 DONNA RUTH LINK F.H.A. 2 years, Choir 4 years, Paper Staff 1 year, Girl's Glee Club JUDITH MARTIN F.H.A. 4 years, Christian Council 3 years, reporter '63, Paper Staff 1 year, Choir 3 years, G.A.A. 4 years, Captain '63, Li- brarian '63, Junior Class Treasurer, Girl's Glee Club VLRGINIA MILLS Christian Council 3 years, G.A. A. 4 years, Choir 2 years, Paper Staff 1 year, Pep Club 2 years BILLY ROSS PRATT Paper Staff 1 year, Choir 2 years, Athletics 4 years, Class Vice-President '61, Annual King Candidate '62, F.H.A. Holiday King '61, Industrial Arts Club 2 years GARY DALE SCHULER F.F.A 4 years, Chairman of Co-operative Activities Christian Council 2 years, F. H. A, Beau Candidate '62 TERRY IESPERSEN Basketball 4 years, Student Council 2, Pres- ident '63, Class Officer 4 years, Valedictorian SHARON SPENCER F. H.A. , Historian '62, President '63, Christian Council Treasurer '61, Annual Staff 4 years, Editor '63, Paper Staff 1 year, Co-Editor '63, Student Council 4 years, F. F.A. Barnwarming Attendant '60, Miss Merry Christmas '61, Homecoming Queen Attendant '63 aj' WFS OLETA KAY THOMPSON G.A. A. 4 years, Choir 2 years HELEN YATES Christian Council 3 years, G. A.A. 4 years Choir 1X2 year DOROTHY WYLLE Christian Council 3 years, Choir 1 year, G.A.A. 3 years, President '63, F. H.A. 3 years, Song Leader '63 JACKIE ALLEN WILLIAMS Entered second semester '63 Senior Baby Pictures g v,.y, gg' iv '35 9 W gi Juniors M 1 ff , jx-- .4-,' '55, 5 ,, 5 Q1 A E Q 4 4 5 Q Q K an 5 ilvf q i msiirg ' --vi zgfaw -f 1:-4 1 , L gd ,g,,,,.. .,A,,M.1,.M Y 'M fri , Lf'1Qg1i3Y'-Ui. ,, , , ff , . ,Hs ' W' V A 52233 AMT if K '53 X , vi W X -, N ,fr 52 be R 'K - if ' ' if Nm N 2 5 Q Q S 5 :GYM 'wig , VS Q 23512 3 ' Y ' ' fN...:jjf-:1Qfg E, I , ,,:, ,H gm x 5. N. 42 , Q Wg? . fg -2-i s f . . :gi f ., , Q 2 Hg K 3? 2.25 . L,, , . , Q 'E+ George Arnett Wilma Bond Larry Buckley Lilly Burr Pam Clark Donna Cossey Lloyd Cox Jerry Dalrymple Linda Davidson Nancy Devine Wade Dorothy Pearl Earl Candy Fitton Sharon Galyen Dennis Howard Barbara Harris Rex Hudgens Gene Holloway Bill Hutchison Nelma Io Link Larry McGuire Connie Morris Shirley Mitchell Mike Mason 1 N Junior Class ,WM..., , . , . . , .,,.s,..,. i, ,W .W Junior Class 121' Dick Michaels Marney Nowland John Nolan Judy Planchon Bruce Poindexter Wayne Ridenour Lester Robbins Jim Stansill Sharon Sutton Darrel Stout Margaret Stout Harold Shields Dannette Sullivan Rodney Schumate Dean Thompson Paulette Thrasher Lester Thurman Bill Tosh Gary Wallain Dale Wallis Ilona Wallis Mary Wasson Billy Williams Charlene Williams Junior Class 15535341 f ff:lZ.f5.g,f- ,K , 15 ,gf , f - :K A .V fi V ,I liege if . V : g W ,YVW :,L , 'Q 'W I .1-fr 4 1: A' ' 2'c Sophomores P 4 35 X Q K 3 .Q X '. : 'Mm R W A 52:35 x . ,- 1. -542 r 41-ffff 4 1 lik-Q 'Wa ' ., 1 Sm 1- V sigggfi 32? Donna Christerson Joel Clark Bob Chaffin Patsy Coble Sherryl Coles Sharon Cooper Mary June Crosby Barbara Cornell Kay Cunningham Bob Cox Jerry Franciso Paul Hill James Aten Eva Arnett Charles Bachman Teddy Beshears Jon Ann Bieker Sue Hobbs Sally Hatzfeld Clara Ann Jones Gloria Jordon Ann Langley Gay Leader Eugene Lynn Jane Mitchell Kay O'Neal Everett Payton Wayne Paul Velma Reynolds Scott Roark Ronnie Rogers Chuck Schuler Paul Schuler Steve Sharp Claudia Stick Wayne Taylor Dickie Thomas Lois Thrasher Judy Tosh Ronnie Tosh Wayne Tyson Robert Wistrand Patsy Wescott Otho Williams Max Wallain Mike Wylie Lana Sherman Billie Slagle Sammy Spencer David Sprague Rick Sprague In Memoriam ALFRED CHAMBERLAIN .uw- xsy X Q15 1. Xa . .Q ,Q .f.,-'A i,.MN.-qu 'nfl , , x ,bm s. x. A N '-Q , ,' xl. -X ., 57, y Y. -5, '4 . .. ,Q fmt , y5,g,. XA, N -. Y X Q x x. lv M 1. wmfwwwwww WWMWL, ,mx .,..mW . gi in fx 5 -Ma, 5 12 M 5. .gm Freshman Cfficers Tommy Planchon - President Jonny Moneymaker - Sergeant at Arms Larry Barnes - Vice-President Suzanne Davidson - Reporter Judy Newby - Secretary Diane Martin - Treasurer In i ae y is , . EA 3. ,fr -,I A A N4 tin y Judy Adams Perry Allison Larry Barnes Gary Blevins Janis Booth Elaine Bowers Hazel Callaway T ommy C ar lton Freshmen 3 Terry Carman Nellie Cash Rex Clark Mary Lou Clark Ronald Coble Jimmie Cook Diane Davidson Suzanne Davidson Perry Dorothy Susan Edmonds Sue Eppard Anna Forcum Timmy Giberti Earnest Gilion Bobby Harp Rerta Harryman Freshmen Carol Hawkins Claudine Hilderbrand Ann Hill Harvey Hodson Gracie Leuellen Velma Link Diane Martin Vera Mills Ronald Mitchell Johnny Moneymaker Judy Newby Raymond Nolan Bobbie Nowland Larry O'Neal Diane Painter Steve Parnell Freshmen Beverly Penn Tommy Planchon Dale Pridemore Martha Riley Helen Rowe Nancy Sharp Mary Lou Shields John Shurnate li . rr fa W... -,figs .9 1259 PHOTO No-fAvaifoHd Anita Sims Eldon Smith Vernon Smith Frances Sowash Peggy Sprague Joe Stephens Bobby Stout Jerry Talley Freshmen Susan Tatum Donna Taylor Wayne Ticer Io Ann Ticer Carolyn Vaughn Linda Woolard Charles Yates Mildred Robison 'B its . ' lk Xs f lf? . 1 i v A PHOTO Absonf will No! Avculabh wsu made 9? ,,,,fw R+ Af: S x 4!,f 4 pi' 2 Favorites VW , i 5 HI 5, rr 1,-. Dannette Sullivan - Wade Dorthy Junior Attendants Sandy Mooney - Terry Cunningham Senior Attendants Mary June Crosby - Joel Clark Sophomore Attendants Wk, SUZANNE DAVIDSON Football Queen Patsy Bishop Senior Attend ant Mary June Crosby Sophomore Attendant Ei 5 T IUDY PLALQICHON ,A BaskeibaIl Queen Mi W.. Donna Wallis Sophomore Attendant Sharon Spencer S enior Attend ant Linda Woolard Freshman Attendant f '-Q... FFA SWEETHEART Sharon Galyeu FHA BEAU Paul Hill 'V fl. J , vm, ,L wiki R wg A MISS MERRY CHRISTMAS Reita May I-Iarryman MR. MERRY CHRISTMAS Wayne Paul MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Kathy Chamberlain Bill Hutchison MOST POPULAR Bill Pratt June Olson MOST STUDIOUS Kathy Chamberlain Bill Hutchison MOST TALENTED Wade Dorthy Linda Davidson FRIENDLIEST Jim Stansill June Olson BEST GROOMED Bill Pratt Sandy Mooney BEST PERSONALITY Wayne Paul June Olson MOST ATHLETIC Jim Stansil Sharon Galyen BEST ALL AROUND PERSON Terry Iesperson June Olson PRETTIEST and MOST HANDSOND June Olson Bill Pratt 'f 4?-ff' new f 3 we Nix 2 b lf - -ff:i f' '- f4,- 92,-isa :. '-,- ,Q-1 z' -ESQ' E' Y vi X ,, ,.... , A ,AL,A . 3, L 2 S 4 sf? s-lf at 1 X MQ' ,fi M-Q gm, 4,4 Q f f ' 1 - iflfsiiks 1 if -',f- M-fwwmmw.1.,,W,H.,.WWm..,,,1,.,,,,M-Www,UMMNM,W..-,.,.k-Wmwfn L,,- V..,Wmv.,,h.x,N-wgmwMH-wxwvww W--L-M-mmfwu Eighth Grade Sandra Adams Connie Anderson Carolyn Armstrong Kay Armstrong Darrell Bonebrake Yogi Bowers Linda Boyd Judy Brace Jane Brady Robert Clark Richard Cornell Darrell Cossey Gordon Cunningham Pam Dalrymple Donna Davenport Tommy Dicky Charlette Durham Maryln Epperson Jimmy Evans Dianne Haibon Steven Harper Donald Hilterbran Billy Hobbs Dennis Holloway Nila Johnson Nola Johnson Phyllis Kissire Kay Nowels Kathy Land Judith Lansaw Judy Luellen Danny Ludiker Doren Mitchell Linda Mitchell Jimmy Moffet Kathy Moneymaker David Morris Linda Parker Pete Planchon R. C. Qualls Betty Riley Gary Sanny Larry Spencer Gary Stalker Doris Stevens Ricky Stevens Gary Stewart Jimmy Taum Lynn VanHorn Ruth Vaughn Jeanette Wescot Geary Williams Brenda Wilson John Beshears Bobby Bond Larry Boyd Jeannie Callaway Eddie Cash Mike Chamberlain Glenda Christerson Sarah Clark Dixie Cook Linda Crosby Karen Drummond Steve Forcum Vicki Francisco Johnny Frost Mary Etta Grissom Jackie Harp Steve Henker John Hobbs Ronald Hollums Sharon Hurley Wayne Kissire Mary Lett Dan McCombs Genny Lou Mangini Norman Moffett Jimmy Nash Patty Nolan Pam Parker Kathy Paul Gary Penn Joey Pogue Diana Powell Janet Powell Keith Roark Dan Rickett Ethel Robeson Johnny Rogers Jimmie Schwarf Kathy Sowash Tarry Spears Edith Talley Larry Taylor Danny Thomas Irma Thompson Wayne Thrasher Sherry Tosh Freda Wellesley .Toe Williams Mike Williams Pat Wylie Linda Yates Seventh Grade WEN' . 1 Q 7l'A f'fa.,g,,4,' ly ,,L,:.,,, M.,V,,lg,,-5.,MV -, xx ,yy 4, 5 I W, y A N., , I K 5 if ,L,,,. ,X .Ski YLVVI ZL. i L' A Xin W, 4 X KWWMWW W'-M-M LYW' MM A'W x ..,-1' I tary Sandra Armstrong Deborah Aten Ann Barnes David Beshears Doris Ann Bonebrake Delbert Booth Johnny Clark Pamela Coble Debra Davenport David Dickey Christina Forcum Robert Galyen Ruby Harp Greg Hawkins Christina Holloway Linda Knowles Phyllis Mitchell Rose Mullin Sheryl Noble Sharon Nunley Mary Ann Parnell Dennis Peck Joyce Penn Becky Phelps Danny Powell Colleen Riley Johnny Mike Roark Eva Robeson Pam Roy Louella Sharp William Sherman Martha Shields Kervyn Smith Ted Spears June Spencer Mary Jean Statz David Stephens Loren Stephens Stanley Stewart Carolyn Stout David Sullivan Terry Switzer Robert Taylor Merlyn Walcher Billy Wescott Patti Wistrand Janice Woolard Carol Wright Roberta Wright Sixth Grade Mary Yarbrough Fifth Grade Billy Walcher Lee Wander Sharon Wilson Robert Wright Toni Alexander Lois Alexander Reta Bachman Nancy Barnes David Blevins Marvin Bond Beverly Booth George Brace Bradley Brobisky Jackie Darity Johnnie Darity Retha Drake Darla Frost Linda Grissom Mary Ann Harper Bobby I-lilterbrand Karen Hobbs Larry Hodson Paula Larkin Eddie Lett Darrell Lowe Gary Michael Debra Morris Randy Morris Tommy Nash Edward Nolan Sandra O'Brien Christopher Ostrowski Stella Paris Charles Parker Dale Penn Bobby Powell Kevin Roark Mark Roark Tim Roark John Sellers Connie Sherman Billy Stair Jimmy Thrasher Arthur Ticer Stanley Townsend Shirley Vaughn Tommy Alexander Donna Armstrong Leah jean Blunk Larry Booth Loretta Booth Jeff Brady Marol Brobisky Cynthia Childers Alice Clark Charles Clark Sandra Clark Randy Coles Marty Crosby Larry Forcum Bill Francisco Douglas Geeding Stephen Grissom Geraldine Hilterbrand Allen Hively Timmy Hobbs Gary Hutchison Susan Langley Paul Lansaw Connie Lowe Beth McCracken John Meares Matt Mitchell John Mullin Mary Ann Mullin Carol O'Brien Harold Painter Rebecca Palmer Douglas Paul Phyllis Penn John Henry Pogue Carolyn Reardon Ann Roark Paula Rowe Randy Roy Cynthia Royce Patsy Slagle Terri Slagle Sharyl Smith Paul Spears Sandra Stewart Bobby Joe Stockton Linda Stout Cathy S witzer Betty Talley Richard Taylor Tommy Van Horn Charyl Wallis Pam Williams Linda Youngblood Fourth Grade Third Grade Pamelia Beshears Bobbi Bonebrake Frieda Booth Deborah Coberley David Cornell Lester Cossey Valerie Cox Barbara Cunningham Mable Darity Ray Davis Retha Deaver Roger Deaver Roger Dickey Rick Drummond Floyd Frost Dianne Graham Bart Hall Ailene Hilderbrand Patricia Hobbs Sharon Hollums Debra Land Gayle Leader Glenda Leuellen Mike McCoy William Mosby Sandra Nunley Laura O'Brien Penny Price Dale Rideout Carl Riley Leslie Roark Connie Robbins Johnnie Rowe Debra Schwar Rhonda Selvey Johnnie Sharp Elaine Shumate Harold Spears Kerry Spears Susan Sprague julia Stewart Linda Sullivan Kathy Tatum Sandra Thomas Veldia Thomas Thurman Ticer Teddy Tomlinson Barbara Walcher Jeanie Wander Romona Wescott Bobby Williams Hazel Wright Teresa Wylie Sue Yarbrough Peggy Adams Ruth Ann Alexander Iohn Barnes Alan Beaver Laura Branstetter Teresa Brock Timothy Cannon Toni Childers David Chaffin Mark Durham Diana Ford Donald Francisco Linda Hobbs Tommy Hobbs David Kilgore Karen Larkin Debra Leuellen William Martin Cheryl Mosby Barbi McCracken Donald Mitchell Ronald Mitchell David Mitchell Rena Miller Arlene Powell Garland Sanny Danny Sherman Teresa Sullivan Rickey Steele Carolyn Thrasher Second Grade Gordon Wilfong Debra Rae Williams First Grade David Vaughn Allen Wander Carol Wilfong Robert Adams Jacqualine Alexander Roberta Alexander James Aten Larry Bachman Kenneth Booth Timmy Ray Booth Pamela Clark Thomas Coble Ronald Cooper Jean Cornell Kimberly Cummings Davie Daniels Jerry Daniels Dane Dickey Linda Kay Dickey David Donahew Mark Allen Edmonds Rebecca Kay Evans Dennis Ford Curtis Geeding Janice Sue Hall Nina Hall Ginger Hampton Barbara Hobbs Sheila Hodson Ronald Hogan Sara Hollums Johnny Hutcheson Hoyt James Donald Kernell Dale Kimmel Dwayne Largent David Lett Gale Lynn McCoy Bryan Michael Jerry Miller Grant D. Mitchell Stephanie Mooney Janet Morris Phil Noble Irene Ostrowski Ricky Gene Peck Vickye Ann Penn Darlene Powell Melinda Ann Roark Michael Kent Roark David Schwarz Diane Sharp Peggy Lee Smith James Steele Shirley Talley Kaydena Taylor Steven Thomas Michael Ticer Mark Leon Tosh Kristi Blotter Lonnie Ray Booth Gary Douglas Boyd Kim Steven Brock Sanders Chandler David Cunningham David Joe Cooper Jerry Don Cooper Rex Eugene Diggs Joni Lou Dotson Gregory Eads Joanna Edmonds Robert Edwards Vicki Gibson Cheryl Haddock Steven Ray Harp Steven Hutcheson John Rae Kernell Randy Eugene Land Cathy Leigh Latty David Lewellen Jamie Lee Martin Diana Terese Mills Drbra LaRee Mitchell Dianna Mitchell Cecil Ray O'Brien Sue Ellen Roark Michael Dean Rogers Danial Dean Royce Roger Wayne Selvey Sally Jo S1 Christo he Cecelia A Luanne I K? in .f'q mm 'X 'WN 1 wwfmxfw-mmm A 1. my F.H.A. Left to Right: Pat Bishop, Parliamentariang Mrs. Morris, Sponsor, Kathy Chamberlain, De- votional Leader, Janet Crosby, Secretary, Sharon Spencer, President, Shirley Mitchell, His- toriang Margaret Stout, Reporter, Judy Planchon, Vice-President, Sharon Cooper, Treasurer Dorothy Wylie, Song Leader f 3 s Q 5 E S Q ,Q w s 1 5 5 K b 'E K 2 Q 1 an Q l 2 3 F.F.A. ERS 'Q-PM o F F D THE NATIONAL ' fi sruovmc vocAnoNAL oRGANlzAnoN Fon sovs AGRICULTURE ' OFFICERS ar, E di S ponsor, Max Lampo President, Hillary Booth Vice-President, Gary Wallain Secretary, Gene Holloway Treasurer, Ronnie Rodgers Reporter, Max Wallain Sentinel, Bill Tosh Chaplain, James Aten Parliamentarian, Ricky Sprague F.F.A. Snapshots if ,pr M 1 mill' xi -itil' dwg .QF aw, 8 ? wi All as Qi ! - ' W . .AUf' , '1,1.1' ' .yung -K ' ' View 4,,n,. W. J f-153 JV 34 a -' 1- f g ,-f , 1 X? 1 X 3 5 BEGINNING BAND JUNIOR HIGH BAND il nxlluw ' xluxnt Aiiwl , 1 ,,,,v'.: fy mu Qll 'Y' , H Q A151895 -A Q5 If - mv ' 4 1 . -Lf , - f .ww -U ,, 725 Q' a 5355.1 H . , 5. 923 ffl . rm. M -ww-an Wi, M nasty, mwmmmfsrwax w l H w, , ,, .. , 1 4 'Afvf if 55553 1-rw , f JF -'V fa , 4,5 ,f , W ,MQ ,..,.. WM, ww-mf: +V ' .4 .W , W, 'bf , 15 ,fy s- fi M-f . LMS' 5 22, iw, -Q , As43Y?Sa3wf5f2 Lvfskifwpzjfiw W we we T. , .MWA 5528? ws,-1 fmwW,W diff 'nw w S w , ,,mm..m, 23.1 f l Q... W1 mf is Q fx Wm MQ, T.. M xl 2 M35 9 F Q , 2 we Q, nn W , ,,.... W . .. .Q . ,.. k .. .asfahh . ,. iv -s--- X53 g 5 W N gg f f my , f 5 bg B iw- P' U QQ 1 ff! 9- aww .Er . H Q f , Q , A Q- is A Jr. High Pep Club sf' , Jr. High Cheerleaders wg an 'G' 'Sn -.1 W3 's..v gy 59 air' ,ww ,Q f' A 1-.Q Am 4? im Mi' Q,EAzf.ff?e f? Cooks Cusfodians Bus Drivers An. I Athletics nam, B fi wal K,,.f--w..,N , ,ML : - If .. V,.,.:v,,,:, . vi 24, f Wk. we 1 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 13 Carl Junction O Seneca O Sarcoxie 21 Pierce City 6 Seneca 14 Neosho 13 Carl Junction 12 Pierce City L. Galyen Man. I. Dalrymple D Mrcheals I Aten I Clark W. Paul R- Shllmaie Rogers G Wallain S Roark B. Williams S- Parnell R. Wisrrand T, Cal-11011 L. Schuler P. Dorothy E. Payton J. Shumate P. Allison I. Moneymaker C. Schuler S. Sharp Wg? fw -gg, f ,-',. gg: ' 912 y 3 1 f in k,h,, A L7 . ,, , L, Gglyeu T. Iespersen W, Dorthy I. Stansil B. Pratt Varsity MA!! Team HEAD COACH ASSISTANT COACH Jack Noble Micky Heatherly H. Booth D. Michaels J. Dalrymple W. Paul B. Poindexter M. Wylie MN--gg., mi' ff my, ,fp A uv Ill. Team Freshmen Jr. High Advertisers GEORGE TATUM MERCANTILE COMPANY for 70 Years Has Specialized in What the People Want. Hardware - Furniture - Appliances - Plumbing - Shoes Groceries - Dry Goods - Clothing - Ready-to -Wear - Giftware TATUM MOTOR COMPANY ANDERSON STATE BANK Member F, D. I, C, Savings Accounts Night Depository Christmas Club Anderson, Missouri Box SID ROARK LUMBER AND SUPPLY Anderson, Missouri 6 VI 5- Everything you need to build a remodel. 3315 Pinevi In the Ozarks - Since I ' us , S97 N U, if G l l 'i ' 3 s L2.'f.Z2 ?- -1 : .:a:.l:,'a 3 ua Cjunanvon f V M i Te le phone THE McDONALD COUNTY BANK lle , Missouri 8 Capital and Su pl SlO0,000 I BRING HOME TI-IE COKE! -QI W .ffl MI R I r egu a DRI All ll Q U I JOPLIN COCA-COLA COMPANY MCDONALD-COUNTY TELEPHONE CO. VICTOR L. RHINE ANDERSON HARDWARE 81 LUMBER CO. Phone VI 5-3561 Anderson, Missouri A Complete Line of Building Materials Sherwin-Williams Paint Ruberoid Roofing - Wallpaper E le ctr ical Supplie s Everyday Low Prices Pius Gold Bond Stamps for Wonderful Free Premiums HARL'S IGA FOODLINER Your Rexaii Store BELL-DRUG-STORE Telephone: VI 5-3345 Anderson, Missouri Phone Vlctor 5 -3364 Rx Q 00011 X I f ' CHEESE COMPANY P,O, Box 77 Anderson, Missouri Flameless electric heat Flameless electric heat is absolutely great! It's clean - no soot or smoke to settle on walls and furnishings. For cozy winter comfort, install modern electric heating in your home! it's Y great , ,Y 0 Q see 0.99 Qosstsm 5 , 5 W azgxsunaoxafunilm BRADY'S JEWELRY Watches and Diamonds Anderson., Missouri HARRY WILLIAMS DISTRIBUTING CO. Joplin, Mo. Distributor of: Tom's Toasted Peanuts Tom's Peanut Butter Sandwich Torn's Fine Candies JOPLIN JANITOR SUPPLY CO. 12 1 Main Street Phone MA 4-5440 Joplin, Missouri ROPER'S BUTANE GAS COMPANY Phone VI 5-3324 Anderson, Missouri STARK AND SON WHOLESALE CO. Serving you is our pleasure. OWENS SPORTING GOODS 112 West 5th :lf Joplin, Phone MA 4-6684 Mo. BEATRICE FOODS COMPANY Meadow Gold Joplin, Mo. KILMER BROS. GROCERY Congratulation to O S Cl A ur enior ass o nderson, Missour f '63 , N Of, XJ NXYSK-,Compliments of the M fb 9' ye, Qdw , SV ff f N ANDERSON CLUB BowL Open and League Bowling ,118 Open 7-Days-A-Week TRI-STATE GReenwood 5-2112 Phone GReenwood 5-2122 Noel, Missour TAYLOR PUBLISHING CQm FANY . - A X Q x N XjM ,1Qx ,Cl if X n X N. ,-x, yo KL fx Q NJ ,' LY- . ', rj? N , xv. N x Q X X L K my 5 V0 Xxx V K xg Y I xj Cro K X K' 'W W 4 1

Suggestions in the Anderson High School - Redbird Yearbook (Anderson, MO) collection:

Anderson High School - Redbird Yearbook (Anderson, MO) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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1963, pg 69

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