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 - Class of 1962

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Anderson High School - Redbird Yearbook (Anderson, MO) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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, ,AF V x r! T .. . 41' Ni 1 4 Of' XXPQ! '53 Q LLCSJP " N6 Ogg LEPCIMNN I If P Q. cap Z Gu ,P C f, J ' C 4 . ,J f J Q QSC ez fy xr' Spb ' ill! .V,V I f,77l . H NC NJ x ' A O N945-'XQ9 , XXV f- CPQJ K Q f J Q 7? K dbx, CF' I Y J l .ii Q . ' L X 40549 cf' XD ,NQQA gff "J I flu ,IN VJ' CXXS-C7 XXV sb 71, UCH6- C QA r ,, Q, 4 C 1 I C uf- XVN6 , T LQ Us ' xfx if 1, - X 1 qi ,, , . 4 H ,ZS .X V1-Lf., in ,HWY X IC. .I -L A.A,L R A awnq, .X L fl 4, Ig, 'V "rK 1,4 1 ,X 2 H , . Q, I, in i lx xi Qqlrcffb' Q 'if I l NUT Lf If 1 PAL, I Ar ' If C4 X A V AQ , 6" I V A .1411 .WL , 1 TJVL 3 K 3 Qx A QA 4 1 X y,4l',A1 :1 1.: N K L 'uf 'L b - 33 , A uf , N fx 'fl -qv 1,1 K rvxf' JI! I tj V L fx nh N J ' -147 ,'. :L ,MCI 'fly 5 .V , Q, X , N if ' X N '1 Q . KP 1 N - 1 QQ 1 I ,r 4 , ' V ftljcgylwffi KG? ,641-fam JS- ' QQ , Q i 9 ' 4 I I kg ,FQ j'6Vf,f -ff J'f12',,i,f Tv . . P 'C744-"V W 4 A-if ' fvff-'-1 :fis'5ffvf'Q! Xb' 4 iggfi'-f! MQ Af' A 1 Y 'J W 6 7J b A' ' 4-f ' -f if f'7'Z,C-'M-f'7".! 1 C7?.f7?.1ff6J ,M,ULj,Q j 6414! SN-2 Ai gif!! f ,.Lj,,7f2,,l 5 41 f,fQQg, , " may. J ' J Q f' , 4 - , is to jc' O59 U7 Q3 " QA" '- "-' :hifi-A-hn....L.. ..z.-, A-04.1. ,..-L .,.. -..W A , Mfg, A. an Mink ,W N D- 2 -f - -11:1 M., ,,,4,.k.,...,K., K, , M , RAM, if P 011,11 QXJLVYYAJYHL J f fb X 3 Ap: , 5 1 . Lvifglvel luilb Q MQ50' A5 Q5f2ffPb' QS I SU X 1 E ' - ML' NMS' W ! N s- , Q Q 2 :L . e X r X 1 F x. E 4 1 A as QQ' if N QQ , 1' ix aj .f X .. ,z N wx, 9 A C fs! ff 1' 91' S QQ if J Bi y if -WCP E9 N 'W ff? 5 QQ P S' O G Q- Q W Hx Q 59 I u I w E ' IU l 1 a L, A E ' , N 4 2 F uf ' V A ,fi-Y E S V Xb Y fig? fl ' ,OV QW L37 V l X s X L Ap, , f YU K- - ES? Vx t CX ix 51 33 -4 . LSL" X . y f Q Jvc x ,Nj Q, 6 J Omg ' X9 W ., s M : N K 4 LP! E 4 Q. bjtujf ' - P w if V ii i . wf AA' aft' ,M V a E . X adj 1 VL? I S 1 2 Q! Cy JV ff 1 A L,f iff .9 , w l H ' XL J fo , OJ L ,f , ,hll f L Ci- R' X I lx,fAL,1' It QD. fkful J "7 s fi . is 1 EN' WL W 901 ,v'Ju i' vj' H all 'L ' A V jf L w , f ax, 5 Q W M , , E Q El ' ,S Z 'L' gf V ,gf df , -f V 32580 .- 52. J Q' NL J W V' ' - . N N' XL +L f P x' 'il cgi C Q fy Y Lili' ' A X LLN Q: Q fi W' , V V Q2 -5 -23 4 -WL! fy, 'I AN 1 as ,ww--......,m 'ou Q 0 . M 3 if? wal 1 ,W , n --M, wk W.. , . be gwgKgpgEgEQiS L-.-ww. .,,. M, X W-can hh K I nn 4 as W w .R z . Q I r 4- - HM 3 u Si 'hu Q : E: 25, ww ' 1 f, W ' 3 . vm 0 -- -- :H ...., , XV , .- ,J J Amtmiuta Foreword As the year draws to a close we look back with pleasure upon the events that have filled our cup of memories to overflowing. We have attempted to capture the best and most outstanding of these memories between the cover of the 1962 Redbird. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have an advisor as capable as Mr. Hollis Propst to help us over the rough spots, and for the fine job of photography he has done. We hope that we have succeeded in our endeavor to present a good annual to you, the Studenw of Anderson. With the sincere wish that each of you will find among these pages something special, something you will remember a long - long time - we give you The 1962 REDBIRD. Annual Staff Bonnie Bird, Editor HSNIEM s XB A? Wa s I Table of Contents Seniors Classes Elementary A SP ivities MISS BERT HA STREET During our high school years there have been many times when we have needed help and guidance. It was during these times that we found we could always depend on Miss Street and Mrs. Rataczak. Whenever we have needed advice these women could always be counted on to give us wise counsel and the answers to our questions. They have taught us good citizenship, respect, and honor in addition to helping us gain unity in class. To you, Miss Bertha Street and Mrs. Lucille Rataczak, we, the Annual Staff of1962, dedicate the REDBIRD, in return for the priceless gifts of knowledge and inspiration you have bestowed upon us. We deeply express our gratitude for the guidance and support you both have so unselfishly given us. Dedication MRS. LUCILLE RATACZAK mmf' ADMINISTRATION A"'- I 1 fi 3 :,. 2 s , 3 515 ,I - Q 5 Q 3, is E 2 fi Q mg I x , Ya.: 3 5 fx w 29? 4 Z, 1 K ,Wy In 1- I' 33 ,V -wi? R52 365 I ' is 965 fsY3mv1" ici ,QLeg,.fy4f," 1 ik 1, 1 .I in L , W if BASIL KISSIRE ' Superintendent of Anderson Reorgaruzed D1str1ct Number 1 if xxx, W V2 if L., 7 n 5 ! ny P 1 yy if if gs!! VELLA PLANCHON Board of Education .TACK CUNNINGHAM MONROE MARTIN L, A, GALYEN, President CLYDE BRADY, Treasurer C, I, SHERMAN JIMMY TATUM 1 l 1.5 lp. RUSSELL P. DAVIDSON - B.S., M.S. Elem. Principal Guidance MR. JOE BRADLEY - B.S., M.S. Jr. High Principal Science ' x Faculty 1 MRS. CAROLYN SCARAMUZZA MRS. MAY VANSANDT - B.S. MR, MAX LAMPO - B.S., M,S Voc. Home Economics FHA Librarian and Girls PE Voc. Agriculture FFA MRS, BESSIE LINK - B.S. Commerce MR. CHARLES EDMONDS - B.S. Social Studies Industrial Arts MISS BERTHA STREET - B.S., M.S English MRS. LUCILLE RATACZAK - B.S. English - Dramatics MR. I. C. HIGHFILL - B. Foreign Languages A. MR. JOHN EDWARDS - B,S. Social Studies MR. JACK CLARK - B.S. Social Studies - Coach MR, HOLLIS PROPST - B.S. Vocal and Instrumental Music MR. LAWRENCE MILLS - Math MR. RAY PEARCY - B.S Boys' Physical Education Science MRS. INA ELLIFF - B.S. Special Education MRS. AUDA COPE - B.S. Special Education B MISS EDITH CRODDY - B.S. . First Grade MRS. PAULINE MITCHELL - B.S. First Grade MRS, FLORENE GIDEON - B.S. Second Grade MRS. LAVERNE WOOLARD - B.S. Second Grade M,S, MRS. WINFORD .TONES - B.S. Third Grade MRS. CHARLOTTE EDMONDS - B.S Third Grade MRS. LOUISE STATZ - B.S. Fourth Grade MRS. MARY LOU EDMONDS - B.S. Fourth Grade MRS. GAIL LONG - B.S. Fifth Grade MRS. GLADYS GREER - B.S. Fifth Grade MR, PIERCE LONG - B.S., M,S, Sixth Grade MRS. ERVIE MEARES - B.S, Sixth Grade Y Y , rre141fe.,Se42zr:::f.-my Student Council Mary Adams Bonnie Bird Margaret Stout Shirley Mitchell Beverly Sarlls Sharon Spencer . :A J ,M ,kwmwm H 5,f33,ZVk gf-wffw - SENIORS J 1 mn, 15- 1 - ,-mg, Mmm W, - ' EA T51 5' f . T2 -an ng ,.:: ,., if QA SMR 5 V1.f1i,L, ' 1, 3' W, , ,M M M, W -'MM ' swwfuagmrga' '1' fmt' mf lvl: WW A., MW.,-w gpg 5 , A 3 um an avg, xg 3 NW. ,, Q K K M15 ff!-Q :sw Tyan-r M W W4- njfl? AWK wk may f -f Q afffffff MQ.. "M 4 V-. J' ACK GILION President T ONI BUS H Reporter EU GENE HALL Vice President NED SLOAN Sergeant at Arms BEVERLY SARLLS Secretary CAROLYN HAT ZFELD Student Council MA RGY ROA RK Treasurer EDWARD HALL Student Council JACK CLARK BONNIE BIRD F. H.A. 4g Christian Council 4, Vice President, Pep Club 4, Vice Presidentg Annual staff 3, Editor, Choir 4, Presi- dent: Drama lg Band 7, Vice President, Top Ten. GAYLE COLES Entered 1961-62. Pep Club 1. TONI BUSH F.H,A, 4, Parliamentariang Pep Club 3, Presidentg Christian Council 4, Speech-Drama 23 Class Reporterg Student Councilg Band lg Oratorica1Awardg Top Ten. LA RRY COOK F.F.A. 2g Rod-Gun Clubg Star Green Hand Awardg Industrial Arts Club. SPONSORS MRS. BESSIE LINK JIMMIE DALE COOPER Class Presidentg Class Vice Presidentg Baseball 3g Basketball 4g Annual King Candidate. CAROLYN COSSEY F.H.A. 2g Christian Council 3g Pep Club lg G.A.A. 3, Secretaryg Librarian 1. SHARON CROSBY F.H.A. 3g Christian Council 3g Pep Club 33 G,A,A, 35 Speech lg Librarian l. ELIZABETH DEVINE F,H,A. 3g Christian Council 3g G.A.A. 4g Librarian 2. L , DAVID DURHAM Basketball lg Baseball lg Rod-Gun Club lg Christian Council 2. ARLETTA EPPARD F,H,A, 2: G.A.A. 3g Christian Council 3. PAYE FORCUM F.H,A. 3g Christian Council 4g Pep Club lg G,A,A, lg Choirg Top Ten, JACK GILION Class President 3g Class Sergeant at Armsg Christian Council lg Student Councilg Annual Staff lg Rod-Gun Club 2g Annual King Candidateg Speech- Drama 1. BILL HARMON Basketball 45 Baseball 35 Track 35 Rod- Gun Club 1. LARRY HARRIS CAROLYN I-IATZFELD F,H,A, 45 Christian Council 25 Student Council 25 Paper Staffg G,A,A, 15 Pep Club 15 Typing Awardg Shorthand Award5 Top Ten. BOB HOLLOWAY F,F.A. 45 F.F,A. Treasurerg Speech Club 1. MIKE GREER Christian Council 25 Rod -Gun 25 Speech- Drama 15 Track lg Basketball 25 Base- ball 2. LONNIE GUTHRIE Choir 25 Rod-Gun Club 15 Christian Council 2. EDWARD HALL F.F.A, 3, Secretary 25 Rod-Gun lg Student Council 25 Baseball5 Basketballg Christian Council5 Annual King Candi- date5 Top Ten. EUGENE HALL F.F.A. 3, Reporterg Rod-Gun 15 Class Reporterg Class Vice President5 Christian Council 2. CHARLOTTE HURLEY Christian Council 4, F.H.A. 3, G,A.A. 4. LINDA MARTIN F.H.A. 4, Christian Council 4, G,A.A. 4, Librarian 1, Paper Staff, Choir 1, Pep Club 1, Typing Award, Bookkeeping Award. MARION MITCHELL F.F.A, 4, Treasurer, Vice President, President, Speech-Drama 2, Vice Presi- dent, President, Class Treasurer, Class Vice president, Annual King Candidate, Speech Award, Top Ten. MARTIN NOLAN JOHNNY PACE Class Vice President, Class Secretary- Treasurer, Basketball 4, Baseball 2, Typing Award. VELMA PARSONS Christian Council 2, F.H.A, 1. .TERRY ROARK Christian Council 4, Basketball 2, Student Manager, Speech Club 1, Stu- dent Council. MARGY ROARK Christian Council 4, President, Pep Club 2, Treasurer, Cheerleader, F.H,A. 4, Vice President, President, Speech- Drama 2, President, Secretary, Treasur er, Class Reporter, Class Treasurer, Paper Editor, G.A.A. 3, Top Ten. WYLIE SIMS F.F.A. 4, Sentinel, Parliamentariang F.A.A. Sub-District Officerg Student Council. Top Ten. NED SLOAN Class Sergeant at Arms, Rod-Gun Club 2, Choir 2g Band 65 Industrial Arts Club 1. LESLIE SMITH F.F. A. 3g Christian Cotmcil 2. DARLENE STATZ F.H,A, 1gF.T.A., Vice Presidentg G.A,A, lg Presidentg French Club, 4-H 6, Rainbow Girls: Pep Club, Vice Presidentg Empire District Honor Student Conference, Salutarorian. WESLEY ROBBINS F.F.A. 4, Sentinel, Baseball 1. BEVERLY SARLLS Valedictoriang Class Secretary, Student Council, Secretary, French Vice Presi- dentg F.H.A. 4, Historian, Parliamen- tariang Annual Staff 3, Business Manager, Speech, Vice President: Homecoming Queen Candidateg Sophomore Pilgrimage Christian Council, Pep Club Sec. DAVID SCHULER Choir lg Bcx ing 4, Second Place Jop- lin Golden Gloves 1961. HOWARD SHEARWOOD F.F.A, 4, Vice President, Sentinel, Parliamentariang Speech, Christian Council 2, Treasurer. EDWARD STOUT F.F.A. 4, Reporter, TreasurergChoir 1. DONALD THOMAS Basketball 4g Baseball 35 Track 2, Track Award. WILMA TOMLINSON Class Vice Presidentg Pep Club 33 Christian Council 2g F.H,A. 49 Choir lg Drama lg Paper Staffg G,A.A, 4, Secretary. WINDELL THOMPSON Choir 2g Basketballg Trackg Baseball. IIMMIE WASSON F.F.A. 3g Rod-Gun Club 1. CLYDE WEBER F.F.A. 3g Christian Council 1. ALICE YATES Christian Council 3g G.A.A. 3. BENNY SOWASH Drama 1g Baseballg Basketballg Rod-Gun Club. WCW ,Z 3 E ..Q w:.w' ' ?" MW " -2 S ku-I Junior Class of '63 MRS. VANSAND and MR. EDMONDS Sponsors ,TUNE OLSON TERRY IESPERSEN MYRNA WATKINS President Vice President Secretary JUDY MARTIN LARRY KEELING HM HUDGENS Treasurer Rep0rI61' Sergeant at Arms Mary Adams Phil Armstrong Pat Berryhlll Patsy Beshears Pat Bishop Hillary Booth Susan Brace Eddie Camp Kathy Chamberlain Jane Coble Floyd Cook Brenda Crosby Janet Crosby Terry Cunningham Nancy Dalton Earlene Holloway Jackie Howard Iirn Hudgens Curtis Hurley Terry Jespersen Larry Johnson Larry Keeling Donna Link Judy Martin Janet Dorothy Larry Galyen Nicky Giberti Mary Guthrie Earline Harp Jim Hayes Ronald Michael Virginia Mills Larry Morris 1'5" June Olson Mona Rae Plotner Bill Pratt ...ff ' ' s lgx ',xQ'n ,f f " A ,ith Oleta Thompson Myrna Watkins Charles Williams Dorothy Wylie Helen Yates Deborah Chandler Gary Schuler David Spencer Sharon Spencer Sophomore A of '64 Class MR. HOLLIS PROPST Sponsor P ,,.. WADE DOROTHY LARRY MCGUIRE PYCSidCI1l Vice President BARBARA HARRIS LINDA DAVIDSON LARRY BUCKLEY Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Sergeant at Arms L Jerry Dalrymple Linda Davidson Nancy Divine Wade Dorothy Candy Fitton Sharon Galyen Judy Gerster Billie Gorman Alice Hall Jimmy Haibon Barbara Harris Charles Hatfield George Arnett Wilma Bond Larry Buckley Lilly Burr Pam Clarke Donna Cossey ,fr 3 N0 SW! H TVA . V Absent PMOYO NOT AVAILABLE Gene Hollaway Dennis Howard Virgil Hottinger Rex Hudgens Bill Hutchison Nelma Link Larry McGuire Mike Mason Shirly Mitchell Connie Morris John Nolan Marney Nowland Judy Planchon Bruce Poindexter Elmer Rice Tommy Roark Lester Robbins Harold Shields Dean Thompson Paulette Thrasher Lester Thorman Bill Tosh Gary Wallain Dale Wallis Llona Wallis Mary Wasson Roger Watkins Billy Williams Charlene Williams Otho Williams Raymond Smith Iimmey Stansil Darrel Stout Maragret Stout Sharon Sutton Linda Thole l lt ' - is l: 5 hm , I, :Jil l.., V Q X s M 1. 2 in Q 1 sr Freshman of '65 Class MR. JOE BRADLEY Sponsor WAYNE TAYLOR WAYNE PAUL President Vice President w V SHARON COOPER CLARA ANN JONES ANN LANGLEY Secretary Reporter Treasurer 'U' Kay Cunningham Jerry Francisco Sally Hatzfeld Eva Arnett Charles Bachman Teddy Beshears Ion Ann Bieker Donna Christerson Robert Chaffin Alfred Chamberlain Joel Clark Patricia Coble Sherrel Coles Sharon Cooper Barbara Cornell Tommy Kilmer Ann Langley Thomas Lansaw Gay Leader Eugene Lynn Jane Mitchell Kay O'Neal Wayne Paul Everett Payton James Ratzloff Velma Reynolds Scott Roark Ronald Rogers Charles Schuler Paul Schuler Steve Sharp Lana Sherman . Max Wallain Donna Wallis Mike Wylie Patricia Wescott Robert Wistrand Steve Yates Billie Ann Slagle Sammy Spencer David Sprague Ricky Sprague Bill Sullivan Wayne Taylor Richard Thomas Lois Thrasher Judy Tosh Ronnie Tosh James Ticer Wayne Tyson FAVORITES 4 ,wy- Q y Q . ' 5, file-iii? L ., V ss, 3 wk: 1. V, X 234 'uN5f,.'u?5fA-1 5, , 21 s5wvf9?:'?siQ? ! Annual -' ff 4? Seniors - MARGY ROARK - EDWARD HALL '15, ' 251' Az ,f juniors - PATSY BISHOP - BILL PRATT Attenda nts Sophomores - MARGARET STOUT - MARNEY NOLAN PAT BERRYHILL Miss Merry Xmas v y' 5, TONI BUSH FFA Sweefhea rt i iv TMR: Ind? , Q5 ez A is' ,. Q4 ,rfr L, V ' :' 1'U-1333 3 . - , .wx " z ,...L , . .,,. .:.. .. QM HOMECOMING QUEEN NANCY DA LT ON X .r b o v . v - ,f .rf if BEVERLY SARLLS, Senior Homecoming , Kim tag? SHARON COOPER, Freshman BARBARA HARRIS, Sophomore Attendants Homecoming Snapshots Senior Most Likely to Succeed BEVERLY SARLLS MARION MITCHELL Favorites Best Groomed Most Talented BILL HARMON JERRY RCARK TONI BUSH BONNIE BIRD Friendliest and Most Polite M051 Studious MARGY ROARK BEVERLY SARLLS MARION MITCHELL WYLIE SIMS Frjendljegt Prettiest and Most Handsome Best Personality MARION MITCHELL .TUNE OLSON GENE HALL MARGY ROARK BILL HARMON MARGY ROARK School Favorites Most Athletic Most Smdious BILL HUTCHISON DARLENE sTATz ,K BILL HARMON qw X Q BEVERLY SARLLS I QI MSWX Best 'groomed Most Talented Best All Around Person TONI BUSH LARRY KEELING JUNE OLSEN BILL HARMON BONNIE BIRD MARION MITCHELL img. 535153 -f ww.- A ,rm , ,B-. .3222 Aww mm, QE? f mx as i Q, E 9252 fm, E .::,-. ELEMENTARY Judy Adams, Perry Allison, Larry Barnes, Gary Blevins, Janis Booth, Elaine Bowers, Hazel Calloway, Tommy Carlton. Nellie Ann Cash, Rex Clark, Mary Lou Clark Ronald Coble, Philip Cummings, Dianne Davidson, Jimmy Cook Suzanne Davidson. Perry Dorothy, Susan Edmonds, Anna Forcum David Gerster, Timmy Gilberti, Ernest Gilion, Paula Green, Diane Haibon. Bobby Harp, Renta Harryman, Carol Hawkins, Claudine Hilderbrand, Harvey Hodson, Velma Link, Diane Martin, Vera Mills. Ronald Mitchel, Johnny Moneymaker, Judy Nemby, Raymond Nolan, Bobbie Nowland, Larry O'Neal, Steve Parnell, Diana Painter, Beverly Penn Tommy Planchon, Dale Pridemore, Martha Riley, Glen Roark, Mildred Robison, Helen Row, Donna Sampson. Nancy Sharp, Mary Lou Shields, Eldon Smith, Frances Sowash, Peggy Sprague Linda Stansill, Donald Stephens, Bobby Stout. Jerry Talley, Susan Tatum, Donna Taylor, Mike Thole, Jo Anne Ticer, Linda Woolard, Edna Wright, Carolyn Vaughn. G uv-,551 --ar. fi ' f-X, ai- 'df lr nab " Eighth Grade A -s Qi r Jai 5 ,lr Charles Ya tes Gracie Leuellen Sandra Adams' Connie Anderson Darryl Bonebrake Yogi Bowers Linda Boyd Judy Brace Robert Clark- Richard Cornell Gordon Cunningham Pam Dalrymple Donna Davenport Tommy Dickey Charlotte Durham! Marilyn Epperson Jimmy Evans Stephan Harper Donald Hilterbran Billy Hobbs Dennis Holloway Nila Johnson Nola Johnson Phyllis Kissire Kathy Land Judith Lansaw Judy Luellan Danny Ludiker Doran Mitchell Linda Mitchell Jimmey Moffett Kathy Moneymaker David Norris Linda Parker Linda Pearcy Pete Planchon Janet Powell R. C. Qualls Betty Riley Gary Sanny Larry Spencer Gale Spragins Gary Stalker Doris Stephens Ricky Stephen Gary Stewart Jimmy Tatum Irma Thompson Lynn Van Horn Ruthie Vaughn 7 th Grade GW T'W af' 1 If E.- Hx ,q , , Marilyn Wallis Jeanette Wescott Geary Willaims Brenda Wilson 1. 'VF W' 'M' T ynnnr J I ' an 1 16 i .4 - .ti -"" ' 5 ,..,, J if all A A 4 Wife' C? 6 John Beshears Bobby Bond Larry Boyd Jane Brady Jeannie Calloway Eddie Cash Mike Chamberlain Glenda Christerson Sarah Clark Dixie Cook Karen Drummond Stephen Forcum Vicki Francisco Mary Etta Grissom Jackie Harp Steven Henker John Hobbs Sharon Hurley Wayne Kissire Mary Ruth Lett Danny McCombs Eugene Moffett Jimmy Nash Patty Nolen Pamela Parker Kathy Paul Judy Pearcy Gary Penn Joey Pogue Diana Powell Gayland Ratzloff Steven Renner Danny Rickett Keith Roark Ethel Roberson Dan Pat th Grade Johnny Rogers Jimmy Schwarz Kathy Sowash Tersy Spears Jeannie Sullivan Edith Talley Larry Taylor Tommy Thole ny Thomas Wayne Thrasher Sherry Tosh Freda Wellesley Freddie Williams Mike Williams Elizabeth Wisell Frances Wisell Wylie Linda Yates Fifth Grade Ann Bames David Beshears Doris Bonebrake Delbert Booth Johnny Clark Parnelia Coble Debra Davenport Earl Davidson David Dickey Christina Forcum Robert Galyen Sandra Gerster Terry Haddock Ruby Harp Greg Hawkins Christina Holloway Eddie Lett Phyllis Mitchell Sharon Nunley Mary Ann Parnell Dennis Peck Joyce Penn Rebecca Phelps Danny Powell Colleen Riley Johnny Mike Roark Eva Robeson Pam Roy Louella Sharp William Sherman Martha Shields Kervyn Smith Ted Spears June Spencer Mary Jean Statz David Stephens Loren Stephens Stanley Stewart Carolyn Stout Terrie Switzer Bobby Taylor Merlyn Walcher Billy Wescott Reeta Wisell Patti Wistrand Janice Woolard Carol Wright Roberta Wright Mary Yarbrough Vickie Johnson Fourth Grade WAS, Q iw . 123 ,53-rn, 5. - ,L I' ,. f.. Arthur Ticer Sharon Wilson Robert Wright Lois Alexander Toni Alexander Reta Bachman Nancy Barnes David Lee Blevins Marvin Bond Beverly Booth George Brace I oe Bradley Brad Brobisky Dick Clark Jackie Darity Johnnie Darity Retha Drake Darrell Gerster Linda Grissom Mary Ann Harper Bobby Hilterbrand Karen Hobbs Larry Hodson Jerry Kelly Paula Larkin Chester Launius Darrell Lowe Debra Morris Randy Morris Tommy Nash Edward Lee Nolan Chris Ostrowski Sandra O' Brien Charles Parker David Pearcy Dale Penn Bobby Powell Kevin Roark Mark Roark Tim Roark John Sellers Connie Sherman Billy Stair Bobby Sullivan Robert Thole Jimmy Thrasher Shirley Vaughn Tommy Alexander Leah Blunk Larry Booth Loretta Booth Jeffery Brady Cynthia Childers Charles Clark Sandra Clark Randy Coles Charles Collins Marty Crosby Larry Forcum Bill Francisco Stephen Grissom Ray Haddock Geraldine Hilderbrand Timmy Hobbs Gary Hutchinson Rochelle Kapla Tommy Kapla Barbara Kelly Susan Langley Paul Lansaw Connie Lowe Bethany McCracken John Mears Matt Mitchell Carol O'Brien Harold Painter Rebecca Palmer Douglas Paul Phyllis Penn Lois Poe John Henry Pogue Carolyn Reardon Ann Roark Paula Rowe Randy Roy Cynthia Royce Patsy Slagle Terri Slagle Sharyl Smith Paul Spears Billy Spraggins Sandra Stewart Linda Stout Cathy Switzer Betty Talley Richard Taylor Tommy Van Horn Charyl Wallis Pamela Williams Stanley Wo Leslie Barnes Pamela Beshears f Bobbie Bonebrake Deborah Bonham Freida Booth Denise Boyd David Carnell Lester Cossey Barbara Cunningham Ray Davis Mable Darity Retha Deaver Roger Deaver Rick Drummond John Gaston, Jr. Norman Gideon Dianne Graham Bart Hall Kenny Hatfield Linda Kay Henderso Ailene Hilderbrand Patricia Hobbs Janice Howard Joey Rae Klindworth Debra Land Karen Launius Gail Leader Glenda Leuellan Debra McCaugh William Mosby Sandra Nunley Laura O' Brien Anthony Posey Billy Pearcy Diana Poe Penny Price Carl Riley Connie Robbins Johnny Rowe Debra Jean Schwarz Rhonda Selvey Johnny Sharp Harold Spears Kerry Spears Susan Sprague Julie Stewart Cynthia Sullivan Kathy Tatum Sandra Thomas Veldia Thomas Teddy Thomlinson Thurman Ticer Ramona Wescott Bobby Williams Hazel Wright Sue Yarbrough Second Grade Barbi McCracken David Mitchell Donald Mitchell Ronald Mitchell Cheryl Mosby Linda Poe Susan Poe Arlene Powell Darlene Powell Jeanie Ratzloff Garland Sanny Danny Sherman Jeffery St. Clair Shirley Talley Carolyn Thrasher Gordon Wilfong Debra Williams Violet Wisell Tommy Hobbs Terry Holler Esther Klindworrh First Grade Karen Larkin Debra Leuellen Bill Martin Peggy Adams Ruth Anne Alexander Larry Bachman John Barnes Alan Beaver Laura Lee Banstetrer Teresa Brock Timothy Cannon David Chaffin Toni Childers Ronald Cooper Margie Durham Mark Durham Diana Ford Donald Francisco Sheryl Haddock Jean Ann Henderson Linda Lee Hobbs Kindergarten Roberta Alexander Bobby Bacon Stanley Bradley Kathy Han Randy Land Grant Mitchell Irene OSU-Owgki Mike Rom MRS, MARGARET ROARK Mindy mark ACTIVITIES -. . , 'W' , :Qf Iii , GY Affffifs ggi HDMEM AMEr'izcA l...,M..., .,A. ,MMD F.H.A SEATED: President, MARGY ROARK Vice President, ,TUNE OLSON STANDING, L to R: Reporter, LINDA DAVIDSON Historian, SHARON SPENCER Songleader, BONNIE BIRD Parliamentarian, BEVERLY SARLLS Treasurer, MARY ADAMS Secretary, MARGARET STOUT TO COMPETE IN ALL-ELECTRIC HOME. MEI Miss Toni Buslywul rome Anderson high school in Empire District lE1ectI'ic C pa.ny's 9th annual All-Elle. Home Economics Defmronstra contest for high school ,stude 1.1255 Bush is a nmrrkbieir of Senior class and is the dang? of Dr..a.rnd Mrs, S. S., Bush, ' neside at Anderson, Miss: Miss Bush will compeixe 'in district meet to be held Thursday, imarnh 1, 1962, Seneca, Mo. Slhe will be C pyetmg with .representatives the schools in the 10th dist The wirmer of the district best will win for her scholl General ZEISG1'-l'ic nnador aapplizy and trophyg for herself, a. L--- I able radio mlnd a. ohemlce to com- pete in the semi-final in her division Y three tcp contestants in! qaqil of the two Demi-final GOIN-. HOMECONIING- GRAND PARADE From hilarious snake-dance an. oarty Thursday might, mrough .z. stunning parade Friday aftwr- UOCII1 to the trziumpnhalnt fend os. the basketball game with th-- Midway Bears, the Anderson nigh school homecoming Feb. lt Lfras a. great succfiss, Right .on tim-e 'at 2:00 aupanaidt Df which the school :amd bows could be proud proc-S-dei throngu me business district, wfiti!'1Nelttcy Da,1ton,,ju,nior, on the Uhronn of honor as Homecorziing Qwicn Included were two local scxhool bands, eadh giving fa, fancy par- iformance, and Va. string of finely liL9.Cl'Led f10a11s. 'ketball game was ia rn Association 53411113 PLANS HASBIDL slow A y and the Red- Plans for The Vogue fashion show and silver Bea were 100111- pl-etled and committees were H-P pointed -as follows: Tame: Mrs- ed Inightier th-am: th! DEFEAT NOEL1fying their nnnnnn. ii Monday night: .A-ndema . with a 61-59 triumph. DS ,mm tea-m denaafed Noel by A758 enough to be ex' win in use srnnnl Wm. Hall l3i!1'd'Lii'S. Jimmie Rn- l,,,,,,.e of 3, 1 he way, but Anner ill Joplin. .llBS0ll.l'i,i ark: Food: Mrs. Max R033-kg Bari-awyma .-.n..,x.,f,.1r:i3 QB 15, 1953- 1' M1-s..C1yde Brady will contact the 'lpmim ' 955 5109? music and dramatic departments For 1 :belive H Smlifyevi 9911018-r-,Q of mgn snhno1'for'asnism.ucegan,J,,m, 'SMP 'P 5G!" 1m5VU'5iFY4 wv-l prograrn. All v.f0men's civic or-Qpam ' MSS-J giamizatioms, all' parents sndi Am Plane wvtnmrv iwiullfriends me cordially invited to dem, Q, thgvrzrgam annum-ship iview -this showing of clothing of 27 IU' liflijfefflllbff :flW11ld- made and modelled by -each en- mm - 913 UQ, Q Dew. Thai u-wt miie. 0Qntest March 14. ,paul fm' :gm ::o'f::,lvELMA ,PARSONS IN A.H.s: .,rF'0f1' Us tuadml- 5 "., db' f -': - , ,wWhi A Yqdty iuonnai V HOMEMAKER CONTEST! 'fu' gmmmlw Velma, Parsons, 13, senior in the ., ,, ,. A ,Mnnden lib, h hm b' ,, W an lg-Le-I SOB SG 001, '33 sell., .' ' E' 1 ' hui st,,,,!,na.mna as the Winner in the 1962, A A 1 Getty Crocker Search for the A-Q 'tuition 5855: and the tw- niericaql Homenmalk-er of Tonnorlllfgl contestants Will y POW- She adh-ievedf the Mme-sti A jx'Qgg1,Ye,a, S50 savings inddmofn, a soo savings bond wq 'be awarded to me contestant iharvtxg the begin menu and recipe! I, J 'Qing recipient of yamaird, need not be Bl ' district' a. winner butznuptbe 303055 . , v ,V 4, ,Nxgbgnl-gil-nn, Aan!-:Anal . score in the examination un' BAx'..,g-....-, ,...... smwa' vein? 'Wien nomemaking knowledge ond nifni, The mmm Parent md I s stif,1LdB.S taken by H113 Semlvofl' gi.1s ,lsanq-lm-t, which will be on Fri-, 'OF Peoelilml' 501- She b000mf2S any. Fen-ma.ry 2a,,m being plan-Il A cm- alctm fmglble MW along with Wlfmsfslned by the Anne:-non F.F.A.levnd by me snn, A .11 m other state .high ,schools f,o,1'!fm,q,te,-I A mxmber of special engine and a -fcrazy, the title of State Homemaker orwoommiwees have been appointed con' a gyrroscop Tomorrow. The girl -Hameflfto take care of arrangements. lfew of the exciting pau HOI119II12.ke1' of TOII1'01"I'lOWlfiTjhey are as fdnowsvz,Ln0ving' 40Jn1-Lnu Vilded IBA 51500 Ed Cham-nugt-mv Show. lfml Mills- SPCMC-1' of theigrood committee, Gary Wa.1lain,, staged to dnnnatize State -Wfmff-wp chan-mon: Decorating committee, key T018 in industriaa few' a 5500 S0h0U1'Sh1P- Howard Shearwood, under Americas fnee Um, me SWB Home- and Invitation nnrnnnutee, mn- Previews off Progress and school 8adViSEr4',qj,e Rpgerg' Ajlvxpaz-1 ln fW'1f-IIQUUUHP State Win-1 ents are condlally invited to at- ? expesme-gain! ethmationalf tend ,the banquet' UNM' WR t'ifY, Wa-Fil' i ADM-her event coming up soon: D- C.. land CQIQFXH-1 Wil-. in which the Andaman FFA? Wff""' ' ' ' ' 'vch-Rpt-er is Psaafiicipating, is Na-Q il 1'-We fhusmr of Mr. tional F.F.A. week, mmm is rn. LLC, Parsons of Amed- lrebmary 17t.h4 dllvllgl me 24th.! A35-'S-.CBfl01yn Scammuzzla Prhe Anderson Cmapsber is mam. V0G84t10l!I"I!bme 4 A ining on putting up posters ati l ' 4.-n An-A.aM.n.nos S0nHsch:o01 students pn sented .by ,Ron Theizs Osmemn of the G-einen Public Relaitioins Staff. Mr. 'I'-heb also Oni help Of How'a:l'd SIIG!- demolnstmbe the unusu: ties of aa. gnospope Wi hidden in za. suitcase. 9. semslor at Anderson h it 'lmpoadble to move, E As X f 3 ,E sy , ,3, 3? E' E A '31 -3 gk i'.t6 5: Qvlwl ,Kg ,Wx ,Wg , ,M wwf K W f - A..v,A if M., ' CIN' 'Q , A A- . gg 3 ,S is Ai Rf lg, Q 5' 3 Inga Q , , , gg Y QQ as W W 5 , Q 3 W W ' Y , I iz, K .A my f XXX UM F.F.A. Summer Camp Projects 'J 33 ' Barnwarming w X X x i gA Band f' W1 'M J ,f I Nur his Officers kLL', 1 V .- . f , Lx, 1 fm,-S1 f W 1 A . . 4? EEE, ff? ?w'ff,L:5Rgw 2 MQ f y fb 'Sai .W 1208? H ' figs A gig' 'Y if 4 5,5 Pep Club ROW 5, L. to R.: L. Burr, C. Fitton, S. Crosby, D. Wilie, S. Cooper, P. Wescott, D. Chandler. ROW 4: E. Divine, L. Sherman, I. Gerster, M. R. Plotner, N. Divine, C. Morris, F. Forcum, G. Jordon, D. Christerson. ROW 3: L. Davidson, K. Cunningham, S. Mitchell, M. Wasson, E. Harp, M. Guthrie, K. Chamberlain, S. Hatzfeld, B. Sarlls, C. Hatzfeld. ROW 2: P. Bishop, A. Langley C. A. Jones, B. Bird, B. Crosby, D. Wallis, E. Arnett, I. Wallis, T. Beashears, B. Cornell. ROW 1: S. Galyen, P. Clarke, I. Olsen, M.'Roark, P. Berryhill, QB. Harris, absentj. I OFFICERS ' BONNIE BIRD Vice President BRENDA CROSBY President BEVERLY SARLLS Secretary X MARY GUTHRIE Reporter Z Sharon Galyen Margy Roark June Olsen fCapt.j Parn Clark Pat Berryhill Barbara Harris fabsentj Cheerleaders THIRD ROW, L. to R.: L, Keeling, M. Greer, Mrs. Rataczak, M. Mitchell, B. Sowash. SECOND ROW, L. to R.: M. Watkins, I. Olson, M. Roark, T. Bush. FIRST ROW: S. Brace, B, Bird, S. Spencer, P. Berryhill. , ,u lg, 1 PXNSUSW Drama Club ROW 4, L. to R.: M. Nowland, S. Cooper, D. Statz, S. Crosby. ROW 3, L. B. Hutchison, T. Bush, I. Bleker, I. Gerster. ROW 2, L. to R.: Mr. Highfill fsponsorj, K. Cunningham, D. Wallis, J, Tosh. ROW 1, L. to R.: B. Sarlls, Galyen, D. Cornell, P. Berryhill. French Club OFFICERS to R.: S. wdtifws President: L. THOLE Reporter: B. HARRIS Secretary: P. BERRYHILL Vice President: B. SARLLS F.T.A. ...B President: I. GILION ROW 4: T. Roark, M. Noland, J. Gilion, E. Hail, B. Hutchinson. ROW 3: J. Reporter: B, HARRIS Planchon, J. Gerster, M. Guthrie, C. Fitton, D. Starz, P. Clark, M. Roark. ROW Vice president: D. STATZ 2: Miss Bertha Street fsponsorj, M. Watkins, B. Bird, L. Davidson, I. Mitchell, M. Secretary: K, CHAMBERLIN Plotter, K. Chamberlain. ROW 1: S. Brace, P. Bishop, A. Langley, D. Wallis, S. Gaiyen, C. A. Jones. ROW 5: C. Weber, G. Schuler, H. Booth, G. Hall, L. Smith, H. Shields, W. Dorothy, J. Hudgens, I. Gilion, H. Shearwood, E. Hall, I. Roark, D. Durham, L. Guthrie. ROW 4: Mr. Charles Edmonds, Mr. Max Lampo, Qsponsorsj, G. Holloway, D. Stout, C. Schuler, E. Rice, Wylie, D. Chandler, P. Clarke, M. Roark, P. Coble, P. I. Haibon, T. Roark, J. Planchen, S, Crosby, C. Fitton, K. Chamberlain, B. Crosby, M. Guthrie, M. R. Plotner, L. McGuire, L. Keeling, D. Schuler, S. Cooper, D. Wescott, S. Sutton, L. Martin. ROW 3: B. Holloway, T. Bush, N. Divine, L. Burr, A. Hall, I. Gerster, S. Hatzfeld, J. A. Bieker, R. Rogers. ROW 2: M. Watkins, L. Davidson, J. Olson, M. Stout, K. Cunningham, D. Wallis, B. Bird, I. Mitchell, L. Sherman, E. Devine, F. Forcum, S. Mitchell, B. Sarlls, E. Holloway, H. Yates, P. Berryhill, J. Martin. ROW lg S. Brace, P. Bishop, A. Langley, S. Spencer, S. Galyen, C. A. Jones, C. Hatzfield, K. O'Neal, I. Tosh, M. Wasson, T. Beshars, V. Mills, B. Cornell, 1. Wallis. CHRISTIAN COUNCIL STANDING, L. to R.: L. Davidson, Songleaderg M. Watkins, Pianist, B. Crosby, Reporter, H. Shearwood, Treasurer. SEATED, L, to R.: M. Roark, President, B. Bird, Vice Presi dent, L. Burr, Secretary. Librarians STANDING, L. to Edward Stout Gayle Coles Linda Martain Arleta Eppard Alice Yates Sue Hatzfeld SITTING, L. to R.: Margy Roark Editor Wilma Tomlinson Faye Forcum Paper Staff BACK ROW, L. to R.: C. Cossey, D. Statz, S. Gros by, T. Bush, I. Mitchell. FRONT ROW, L. to R.: E. Harp, E. Divine, P. Besh- ears, C. Jones, B. Bird. S -psig'-" A wwf" F? 'islam Wisfis -- H Jr. High Pep Club Jr. High Cheerleaders ATHLETICS A Team l 'Q ii A. 'Q 2 l STANDING, L, to R.: J. Roark, L. Galyen, E. Hall, I. Hayes, I. Cooper, T. Iespersen, B. Harmon, Coach Clark. KNEELING, L. to R.: D. Thomas, L. Buckley, F. Cook, B. Pratt, J. Pace, B Team l l STANDING, L. to R.: T. Cunningham, G. Wallain, I. Stansil, B. Poindexter, W. Dorothy, L. McGuire, J. Dalrymple, Coach Clark. l KNEELING, L, to R.: T. Roark, I. Howard, B. Pratt, F. Cook, L. Buckley, D. Wallis. 1 M . W qi A QI if ik. 53 3 A K, i If -ml-uw1 E pw 1 'gf COOKS Cooks, Bus Drivers, Custodian E H., 1- .Z ' , , ff' WJ BUS DRIVERS Grace Iohrfsori Nellie Wilson Vesta Wright CUSTODIAN Mr. Stalker 'vfesflweif ADVERTISERS q, 132535151 . ,, ,Z y gmswwi K, 21519 fffifiFfS?f f,-v.vm:1f1:gfz5ei Wm--:am AS . i:2a,,52f, W,.x Q :f,, fa, . ,..-,, Lkh, Z ,,.,iyWgwg,1 V .N,:.M,- NALW , - f -mm Lv ,A , J, E w.wM.3, ami, ,,M-me W- 'A W ,Q izzinmw aiazgfwzgfi' Mwsasgsm , ww k M GEORGE TATUM MERCANTILE COMPANY for 69 Years Has Specialized in "What the People Want. " Hardware - Furniture - Appliances - Plumbing - Shoes Groceries - Dry Goods - Clothing - Ready-to-Wear - Giftware TATUM MOTOR COMPANY MCDONALD COUNTY TELEPHONE CO. VICTOR L. RHINE Your Rexall Store BELL-DRUG-STORE Telephone: VI 5-3345 Anderson, Missouri Phone Vlctor 5-3364 I f f f K X N wma I f ' CHEESE COMPANY O. Box 77 Anderson, Missouri JEDDIE GREER K B T N WESTERN AUTO COMMUNITY SERVICE RADIO ASSOC. STORE 1420 on the Dial Listen to Anderson, Missouri GENE HALL - BONNIE BIRD ANDERSON STATE BANK Member F. D. I. C. Savings Accounts Night Depository Christmas Club Anderson, Missouri KILMER BROS. GROCERY Congratulations to Our Senior Class of '62 Anderson, Mis souri Plus for Everyday Low Prices Gold Bond Stamps Wonderful Free Prerniunos HARL'S IGA FOODLINER ANDERSON HARDWARE Sz LUMBER CO. Phone VI 5-3561 Anderson, Missouri A Complete Line of Building Materials She rwin- William Rliberoid Roofing - Electrical Supplie s s Paint Wallpaper jjfw Slmgqgalfzfg ganl fior- N -2 ' "wx il ,ek .,.,,....,.,fS v f Q yagnsea f TELEPHONE 8 CAPITAL and In all sizes ,'H!liE,,ig,g KN-vgf Botti JOPLIN C aocooooooooo o tif hr' fer ll!! 4-all . " fl ' N Lil lf!! V' ll ' .4 f I 311,-' Aff 'Q H.v,,,aN 'f 9,61 s UOIOUCOI "con" as A nm-sv: o bring home the Coke' Q1 A f n DRINK LE new ne ocon ' .oooooooooc ICD TIADE MARK d under authority of The Coda-Colo Company by .ZZ .... ....... 0 'S xl ...r...r..4, Wm 3, . CA-COLA BOTTLING CO. C., , , Joplin Eat Tom's Toasted Peanuts Torr1's Peanut Butter Sandwiches and TOTDIS Fine Candies Distributed by HARRY WILLIAMS DISTRIBUTING CO. Missour i 'ff fx Z ' i 'X 6' GJ C.LaAN 7 Y iq, Q E..4+aR+AiN- 4 gala 3-5' MEN! K L-P a g Pho-un-56752 f - 25 f I 5 fx? in , " 'nl ,-. A9 -boffswif QS af'-'U'-1f1'1-N? , 1 f " ,. F ,QJz3, J5,Jf:.fxQ,43L,fJw J if KJ ,Q,f1Jmd-u.f,..J C1 4032 U ,T ,, Jw: file Jie Qf,-'xifvxijl-.-. JU-f'-WR -f '-J1?lQ,,iQ .fix-K " 1 Ax .,'- 'I ' ',,lk,,L,J".: . T' if V, , . 1 ,J N4 .J ww YQJX Lkgf gf vb fu, 'I-AJ.: 42 Lis f 'VL-' -X113 Qf':"v fi ,ff A 'i-1 Y N N14 ' --f ---J X- -' s., X ' - -' X -Q f 1 fx 1 JQ f 'w J 4 ,W 1' f xi-3'f9'Lf'4 Cfyfllf 1 fx-Q 47' 'fx xJ.Jk.CJv4U 0 , C !zj1.,0,f'N..CjXJ' i- 5,fp.U-, -VVCSPT N ! :A 49+-1 J ., - -ffyr i V my .Ja f59f'v3A.Jf ,LOJXJ ,W M Cufuujcwxlf UQ. ww W D -, J MWMW dw WHfff aw ww W NZM 0L4Qf5W4gief,ffj,,f?7-ZQL? D f Wy . L , R ,Lb cf 6: if X 5- av? www V Wa EA 9 ,5 1 K 974 n UN Aff . " . v MN . f . 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M .V QJL WA L . 3, ' 1 , V , . h w. 6 Q' ,V ,., I n I .X I W , I , A , A gg N E' E - v A x 5 Qfjbffifj w df K4 wyaiwjij gy why 55Q,ZQ5fQg2Q'fy'LfZ5J f Qgjugvgyfijgmgqwwd M MMM QQ WCW I ' ffwyffyyqx U5 ,M XM WG? mf' fy W A W NW W Wywkfy bww TVNVXKJDAJ? vwnf 5 Q! w,x . ffl. ,. X . W I , ii i. , 4 Pnl x Q' K c O N? ? .83 ogxxgcx QOXOQ, ASQ' UFCXXX y i P 02 New 4 QfQQ ELJMff'f', 1' ,f ' lg , 'L .6 I X701 cad! , iilhy-Y, , ' , wjaf, 'I gf f"' 1 W N W W l! 7fw, J Wj'!uL7Miff,r't,Q' 4 Of 57 440 AZJTLM ' - , , KWMWZM M5 ,ZLL M M ' i,,,,4ii77Q k 'V . Jia, '. iffff 71 , , f S' mfipfi V MJ ,fyffifffff Q I 5 I I px-fl! ! nflffff Qwoff qjjkdf WM A? ' ' ' 4QqL6QLQfJ'?f -- B 3 f. ' JJ 2 , fb g gf n NO! N0 . A -W-2,01 ' X056 5, Q W egg Q . A955 :WX of O ,D A , , qx 5 NC F X909 Q9 C 5 Eg X359 XMJULX Xb 3 WQCOOJLJXQCP Q90 QOCQ W QX U 'X Qgmgafxgv C5 yy Pj ' 5 ky V GX ' 9 09 GQ! NX +0 5 NJ f' Q! bfjxx +C + YJ X5-J sb ejf 0 L , l E u i Xjbxo NRONINO .. 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