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Stu MMV dent We Sports ..,.. Xe.. Peop Xubs ond 4 C. Gosses Ads . . . Q6 Anderson High School 1301 Lincoln Street Anderson, lndiono 46016 Volume Number: 78 Enrollment: 1506 The lndian stotuette which sits atop the Section A en- trance looks across the gym for battle. r . P -1-.M Q Trying to get out of the park- ing lots after school can be a frustrating experience if you are in a hurry! ew mg tiff gy They're cheezln'! Focusing on upperclossmen, photog- raphers are rorely able to catch an unwise crowd. Jamie James and Jay Ather- ton enjoy sharing each oth- er's company at the Home- coming bonfire. Q ct! Q ome, see VQ We've Got The Look We were many in number, 1,506 of us to be exact, and we all had something specific in common . . . we were lNDlANS! There was something inside us which we absolutely couldn't hold back . . . our lndian PRIDE. lt was something which other schools knew little about. We were in the limelight. There were many factors which set us apart from the others. Our Marching lndians captured first place at the state fair, a feat which hadn't been accomplished since 1959. Anderson High School recognized students for their scholastic talents. Any student achieving a 3.7 or higher grade point average was eligible for an academic excellence sweater. The new 373,000 gymnasium floor reemphasized that our Wigwam was incomparable. The image for which we were known backed us up . . . we truly had a look all our own. 'T ,iii I nosric o " 9 f -f ' ' W. 1 ' 5 comin . 9 9 -f ' 1. r Rob Gilliam shows his gym- Wendol Crumes and .f"" 5 -we T ly a distinct l k tive watch over the indian keeps a the Wig We've got the look -- they'lI never ome forget See u b n We wanna be noticed - but they haven't seen anything yet Now the time is right - a star on our door Taking us places that we've never Been before Appearing in the spotlight - that's where we look best We're all Indians - standing Ccont. pg. 63 S Junior Debbie Fish pauses during preparation for the Homecoming parade in which the Span ish Club surprised retiring Mrs Wilson with a if A ,A 'P Ml? Juniors Morsie Young, Corey Cox ond Toine Wotkins cheer their fellow powder- puff teommotes on to o big Wim it ' "'zrrw,. X' l'WA4'M Senior Debbie Broderick ond Lynn Byers woit in line be- hind .lonice Bontroger to re- ceive their ocodemic sweot- ers. Senior, Brion Smith hustles bock to the sidelines be- tween ploys to encourage the rest of the teom. The lunchroom is o popular place to discuss the lotest news and have fun just be- ing with your friends. Mpc l .J 5 Operwimg im 4 ,M 95234 52'-gm Wim We Nr' Mr. Chadbourne speaks very proudly of our hanar- students. Seventy-nine received academic 41 Indians proudiy ata pre-game perfor- A OOGVWWQ These fresh faces donate their look to the dis- cerning eye of the camera. what 0 look .ln w Making time obsolete. these Swofches Cthe latest fad! serve mostly os decoratwe accessories. wmmagr l IW X N: fzfww :yi Vswfwsmfge wemzmlfwf :gx wig, we M 1 K Sy. ri MT. 1' xii' 5 wi .. r + Fr: f'J'."" we . 6 itil.: -.W Ar, 1 . Wir 'gill if 'ii A 3 Y wi Ili L 4-,r i Vw 'li' ii I X Vi,, 1 Student Life Gme, SSG There are more activities than you might think. Summer, bonfire, homecoming, mascotfmaiden war dance, aca- demic sweaters, pep sessions, spirit, Whew! and there was more to this list. Some of these activities were the same as other schools, but Ander- y son High School was different. S Afterall, who else had a war dance performed before every home basketball game? Who else had our great tradition? Anderson's student life expressed the excitement of being an involved Indian. There were some pretty un- usual things about Anderson which proved . . . that we had a LOCK all our own. Seniors Denise McCroklin and Brian Smith review the weekend as they gear up for Monday morning classes. ol THE GLORY DAYS OF . -nf 'fy ,M Making woves ond cruising worer woys as Mike MiiIer's wdy of spending his summer doys dr r e ,x'.,' f 'N VV ioiae . A V 1.5. Kjf""F f' s f' ,A V s f - Qs in L f' fab. 5 . . " , Y F X' , Q ' - M 17, 'Kiwi' g e , . Q in - Q' ii :N S' " O - ' A x . X 0 ' :Gif -nary, K-Y, ,xx I' 2 I x . I , .1 ar' , .e ,x,1,,, ' X While working or Jeods Hollmdris Store Srephdnie Snyder sons our rhe voruery of cords, one of her mosi imporrdmr jobs, W ith the big srrerch Sreven Birr poiishes off ' , Jusrome of rhe hundreds of Cora rhor come rhrouglw me AHS bond Cdr wash. SUVTWVTTSF '1 Fl .GMA 'Qs Alarm clocks take breok Whot did the glory doys of freedom meon lost summer? As in Springsteen's song, they possed by so quiclsly "in the winls of o young girl's eye." But while summer wos here students monoged to molse the most of its Just putting owoy the boolss ond forget' ting the long hord school yeor wos o treot in itself. Shutting off the olorm cloclss for three months vvos excellent! Mony stu- dents hod to cotch up on some shut-eye. The pools were invoded by girls in slsimpy bikinis which turned the heods of mony guys. Overworleed students left boolss behind ond turned out for porties, The doy after the Bruce Springsteen concert, Robin Broyles tells everyone obout "The Glory Summer Doys of Summer". picnics ond concerts . . . Oh vvhot o blostl For mony students it meont summer jobs. Thor extro money helped with the fun octivities. Jobs ronged from dipping ice creom ond worlsing fost food joints to mowing lowns. It mottered not the job, it wos the poy checls thot counted. By the end of the summer, most stu- dents vvere excited to get bocls into the groove of mingling ond closses, not for the solse of hitting the boolss, but just to com- pore the owesome summer stories with their friends. Shout!! Shout it oll our . . . Cynthio Spencer, Jenny Sloon, ond Holly Myers drum up business to molse the AHS bond cor wosh o success. "Where's the beef?" is whot Rhondo Aulser oslss while she is woiting to complete onother one of Wendy's J'Old Fashioned" homburgers. SUfTTfTWE'l' Buck stops here As rhe nighr of homecoming op- prooched, spirirs soored, our enfhusiosm hod hir o new high. The bonfire OT Denny Field Thursdoy nighr wormed rhe spirirs of mony AHS fons. The wor colls from oround rhe bonfire were loud enough ro bring roin ond puf o domper on rhings if we lef fhem, buf nothing wos oble ro bring down our spirirs. The fun begon on Thursdoy wifh rhe bonfire ond powderepuff foorboll gomes. The juniors were morched up ogoinsf rhe seniors ond fhe freshmen were poired wirh rhe sophomores The juniors, for rhe rhird consecurive yeor coprured rhe big The freshmen defeored rhe sophof mores. Ar rhe rrodirionol homecoming porode, groups! clubs enrered rhe conresrr The po! rode of floors ronging from single mopeds ro foncied-up piclsups, circled rhe frocls be- Adding ro rhe rhrill of Homecoming nighr, rhe foor' boll reom lives up ro rhe rheme "The Bucls Srops Here" by defeoiing rhe Lofoyerre Jeff Broncos, 341 14 'ionnecomng fore rhe Isicls-off. Ar holf rime, rhe suspense wos immense. As rensions mounred, rhe winner wos finolly onnounced. The junior closs floor wos oworded rhe firsr ploce prize . . . "Bronco Buclsin' Bessie" prevoiledr By holf-rime, rhe homecoming fesriviries highlighred rhe exciremenr olreody builr up by rhe foofboll feom's performonce on rhe field. As rhe excifemenf mounred even higher, Srephonie Lewis become gueen of rhe fesriviries. Crowned by losf yeor's queen, Beclsi Hohn, Srephonie reigned over rhe remoining fesriviries, including rhe Senior-sponsored donce in rhe Commons Areo. Of course, rhe besr porr of rhe evening wos rhe foorboll reoms' vicrory over rhe Lofoyerre Jeff Broncos. Alumni ond srue denrs olilse ogreed rhor Homecoming '86 wos, once ogoin, o huge success. Junior Robin Broyles ond Eloine Speormon shour for ioy offer defeoring rhe Seniors during rhe powder puff foorboll gome Queen Srephonie Lewis ond escorr Milse Hodley son Chrisry Hovermole Ross Ayers Mory Tierney pose regolly wirh rhe Homecoming courr Eric Sreve McSherry Esrher Poyne Anrhony Tuclser Diehm, Courrney lsendoll, Angel Collins, loson Hud KM BONF IRE SPARKS SPIRI -'Q IE "sal" f N Stephonie Lewis proudly cccepfs Cofwdg Ucwm from former QLJCQVW me 1085 Home Declan Hoiwm '51 'F""' ll Juniors copture first oioce with Buclw Be-sae" fioci ecwwec c'rer M We r Milromco ar' NCME 'FUCK VTCDV'AQCOf'Wi'7Q Sworn in by Morie Riggs in ine moyor's office, Fronls Owens pledges ro serve os o responsible l-lumon lkignrs boord member. Mayor Thomas McMahon congrorulores Senior Fronls Owens in being selected me youngesr mem- ber ever ro serve on me Humon Psignrs Commission for me city of Anderson, is Reoding lengthy reports, invesrigoring reporred discriminorory ocrions by employers ond sirring in on neorings on job discriminorion ore o few of me responsibiliries Frnols ogrees ro upnold by signing his nome. loolsing good AL igtt Y 3 Looking ridiculous hos ro oe rne mosr fun lools Todd Howord, Roo Gilliom, ond Ross Ayers ossume os cneerleoders or ine powder puff foorboll gome. Rising or 4:00 AM ro Compere or srore four gives Tiffony Jonov ond Kim lsreegor rnor exnousred look. .QXQAA We 'look marvelous' Fons of Sorurdoy Mghr Live lsnow rnof Ulf is oerfer TO look good rnon TO feel good" oecouse o deoonoir Fernondo, ployed oy Billy Crysrol, sold so. Fernondo olso sold, "You lools morvelousf' Now wos if jusf coinidence rnof Senior Fronl-Q Owens could imirore rnor Fernondo voice so well, or wos if oecouse Fronls wos porr of me lndion rribe rnof reolly Hloolsed morvelousln? And, speol-Qing of morvelous, now obouf fne focf fnof Fronls wos fne youngest person ever oppoinfed TO fne On the less serious side, lndions disployed o voriery of woys of loolsin' good Wnerner we downed oround, worlsed, procficed or srudied, we reolly did lools "marvelous," Looking ton ond oeouriful, Missy Groybiel sirs drop ner Iifeguord -:noir or Edgewood Counrry Club, ever mindful of me swimmers' lives sne's guording. l-lumon Relofions Commission for fne Ciry of Anderson, Yes, follss fl'1of's reol ciry govern- menr business. As onyone who offended o pep session in fne 'lmorvelous" Wigwom neord, "We feel good! on we feel so goodl" We loolsed good ond we felf good becouse we nod o lool-2 oll our own, No one could mofcn us ond we loved if. lr wos oerfer fo lool-2 good fnon ro feel good, but we did both! ma?" 1 W -T' loolsing good No time for boredom l I if 744 llAw, gee, fhere's foo much TO do," declored AHS sfudenrs who found no fime ro be bored. Being involved in Young Life, Moyor's Ciry Yourh Commission CMCYCD, ond Sfudenrs Agoinsf Driving Drunls CSADDD ISGDT sfudenfs busy ond gove fhem rhe opporruniry TO leorn, grow, confribufe ond iusf hove some fun. Nine members ond fwo olrernores from eoch high school served on MCYC ro 'len- honce communicofion" omong rhe schools ond give srudenrs fhe opporfuniry ro leorn oboui cify governmenr, occording fo Senior Fronls Owens Job shodowing, sroging o donce for rhe Germon Exchonge srudenrs ond exchonging ploces of school for o doy odded inreresr ro being on MCYC, Some of fhe some siudenfs belonged ro fhe opproximorely 100-member SADD group, Worning feens rhor drinlsing ond driving don'i mix, SADD members olso held lip sync conresrs, pizzo porries, ond monrhly meefings involving oll rhree high schools USADD gives lsids on olrernorivef' srored sponsor Miss Kirr. Now, on iop of oll rhese ocriviries, mony of rhe some people regulorly offended Young Life club on Mondoy nighr or one of rhe Young Lifer's homes Welcoming ony high school siudenf, Young Life livened J soddfmcycfyoung life rhings up wirh crozy songs, slsirs ond o messoge ro help molse o posirive impocf on rhe srudenrs' lives. A nondenomino- rionol Chrisfion oufreoch progrom, Young Life offered exciting weelsend rrips ro Choriwell lodge in Brown Counry ond weels-long summer rrips ro Fronrier Bonch in Colorodo ond Windy Gop in Norrh Coroli- no, 'Besides oll rhe rerrific, fun, new rhings we did in Colorodo, l olso leorned fhor God wos fhe mosr imporfonr person in my life," srored Junior Amy Boeglin, So, who hos iime io be bored? MCYC - FRONT ROW: Pom Nyberg, Denise Sher- rie, Chrisrin Curren, Heidi Correr, Michelle Kinder, BACK ROW: Amy Schneider, JJ Johongren, Mrs. Howe, Mrs Plummer, Domon Boiley, Chrisry Hover' mole, Jenny Lowhon TOP: Fronls Owens. SADD Row 1: Sieve Hosl-sins, Fronls Owens, Pom Nyberg, Mimsy Bowmon, Morio Hirch, Miss Kiii, iricio Hosrerler, Biro Jones, Bebecco Jones Row 2: Brion Shonohon, Jonie Bolser, Shoron Jo: seph, Louro Busby, Jenny Smiih, Shelly Hensley, An gie Ferguson, Berh O'Bryoni, Bochel Boiley, Kenyo Homm, Jill Borledull, Shelly Ford, Korhy Moffei, Row 3: Brion Hosrings, Missy Sorgenr, Michelle Kinder, Nichelle Turner, Koren Rogers, Heidi Correr, Michelle Miller, Denise Correr, Lori Morgon, Biclsy Smirh, Evererr Plummer, Row 4: Lily Cloy, Kim Fenner, Eugeno Fuller, Veroni: co Fields, Eloine Speormon, Culenn Thomos, Cindy Burns, Misiy Srewerr. Row 5: Rochelle McCord, Courrney Conios, Berh Schell, Viclsi Clevenger, Krisri Sidwell, Nilslsi Williomson, Troci Chomberloin, Borb Corpenrer, Row 6: Kelli Miller, Jennifer Leech, Busro Hudson, Missy Clowson, Angie Arnold, Srephonie Snyder, Ni- lsol McCuill, Beth Koenig Bock Row: Bob Brown, Jimmy Simms, Phillip Simms, Andy Wochob, Kevin Brown, Chris Knuclsles, Jenny Arleins, Lorry Friggle, YOUNG LIFE MCYC, SADD Zi-. Ken Knipp's song - Ieoding ooiliry Coboveb inspires Doug Cosror ond Rod Miils Cie-frb ro rise ro rhe occof sion, During o hilarious Young Life sisir, Joy Arnerron eslsirno kisses, he rniniqs, o giri who Iorer rurns our ro be 0 guy. Andy Miiler, Ron Sronler, Mike Ice, ond Todd Hovvord enjoy serring Joy up. i J rr Christy Hovermole smiles oroudly os 1986 queen while surrounded by the court, Heother l-lollidoy ond Amy Behrens, Christy Hovermole not only "Cherishes the Night" but olso cherishes the memory of 1986 prom Queen, prom 15 1, PROM COMMITTEE - Front Row: Leonord Potter- son, Christy i-loyermole, Lori Records, Corey Cox, Morsie Young. Row 2: Joon Bybee, Rondo Lycon, Liso King, Autumn Corr, Cyndi Webb, Amy Doeglin, Cossee Cunninghom, Angie Sonford, Liso lhnot, Lou: ro Miller, Liso I-lordocre, Angie Ferguson. Row 3: Debbie Fish, Koren Cox, Louro Busby, Christin Curten, Dee Verhulst, Dovito Anderson, J.J. Johontgen, Pouf Io Piyden, Kris Cottrell, Robin Mortin. Row 4: Robin Broyles, Amy Schneider, Soto Wrin, Pshondo Brood- nox, Kris Lone, Suson l-lilligoss, Michelle Kinder, l-leother Hollidoy, Row 5: Joy Atherton, Tim Green- lee, Lori Morgon, Connie Fox, Jennifer Lowhon, Liso Perry, l-leother Aubrey, Heidi Cotter, Jenny Smith, Jenny Seol, Pot Powers. Row 6: Dovid Ehle, Shoyne Shioley, Mott Hohn, Jeff Suter. Bock Row: Milse Forrer, Tim Powers, Rob Gilliom, Ross Ayers, Greg Wood, Pot Gibson -JlJNIORS,:i , , ' -I sENioRs - ENJOY FIRST , - PARTY- AFTER- - MIKE S L Amy Behrens reigns proudly os orrendonr. 'Cherish the Night' Spring wos in the oir, if vvos even in fhe gym. Asjuniors ond seniors ond rheir dores enrered "Cherish fhe Nighr", rhey were greefed by o gosflighf porh Ieoding TO o bridge over flower-sfrevvn vvofer. Upon enrering o Cinderello-like gore, prom goers srepped info on enchonfed evening com- plere wirh srors ond cm gazebo. Srrolling hond in hond or doncing cheels ro Cheek, Couples enjoyed fhe music of o DJ. ond video screen which preserved, on film, memories of rhe very speciol nighf ro be used lofer of reunions. l-lighlighring rhe evening or rhe srrolse of ren, Sfephonie Levvis, losf yeor's queen, Heather Hollidoy reigns proudly os orrendonr. "C'mom mom not so right," soys Rob Pensic os his mom odjusrs his rie for rhe big nighr. crowned Chrisry l-lovermole queen ond honored Heorher Hollidoy ond Amy Beh- rens os orrendonrs. Prom wos o speciol occosion for oll. 'Dressing up ond going our for Q foncy dinner", soid Libby Ginley, "wos o very speciol port." Afrer rhe jiffers flew owoy ond couples donced rhe losr donce, Anderson's firsr on- nuol Posf-Prom porfy begon. Mr. Chod- bourne ond Mr. Diclserson flipped pon- colses unfil 4100 om offer which couples fled home, only TO goin o few hours sleep before flying YO rhe odvenrures of l4ing's lslond ond rhe resf of rhe memoroble vveel-xend. Prep' time for Prom Time . . . hoving o monicure odds rhe finishing rouches for Poulo llydeen os she prepores for her speciol dore. QVOWW Kelly Smith and JJ Jbnanfgen buf fneir heads rogerher for ideas of upcoming eyenfs Sora Wrin, Heather Aubrey, and Karie Wanrz false Corre-Ci fneasurennenfs for fne fall wind up dance STUDENT COUNCIL, 5 TAKE STUDENT COUNOL A Front Row: Mr Jade Mocy, Trenr Rowe, Kelly Snwirh, Mary l-lochsrefler, Leonard Parrerson, Chrisry l-loyerrnale, Jerilyn Johanrgen, Mrs Paulo l-lowe, Row 2: Anny Miller, Scorr Balser, Lynn Byers, Srebnanie Lewis, Angie Allen, Sfeye McSherry, Susan Briles, Missy Sorgenr, Joan Bybee, Jennifer Judd, Bryan McClendon, Anrhony Tuclser, Malcolm Burgess, Sara Wrin, Row 3: Missy Clawson, Bern Schell, Jennifer Leech, Rusro Hudson, Wardell 2 srudenr councl Pride, Nichelle Naye, Kafie Wanrz, Kelly Degroffenf reid, Gina Johansen, Jay Arnerran, Rob Gilliam, Todd Eisele, Kyle l-lobbs, Tim Powers, Angie Sanford Bock Row: Karhy Graham, Kinn Srapleron, Eric Diehrn, Chrisrian Albrechr, Jason l-ludson, Franls Owens, Ke' yin Naye, Todd Howard, Bobby Easres, Bon Sfohler, Miclsey Clorls, John Bochfnan, Boss Ayers, Marsie Young, l-learner Aubrey Jennifer Leech tidies up and adiusrs cenrer pieces before rhe fall dance Srudenrs leoo' rhe wo y Who did rhe srudenr body rely on for pep sessions, convos ond o ploce ro go wirh rhor speciol someone when they finol- ly oslsed rhem our? Srudenr Council, of course! The council speni mony long, gruelling hours plonning ocriviries such os pep sessions, convos, ond donces. Along wirh orgonizing rhemes ond ideos, rhe council held responsibiliries in molsing rhe donces o success. The council wos chosen by rhe srudenr body, who felr rhese leoders could hondle rhejob. Whor exocrly is JA? This wos one of rhe mony ouesrions oslsed by rhe srudenr body. Junior Achievemenr is o Modison Counry orgonizorion ro reoch high school srudenrs obour reol-life business ond rhe responsibiliries rhor go wirh ir. Porriciporion, producing, ond morlsering o producr eoch compony chose, exempli- fied rhe reol business world. Some of rhe vorious componies creored included, Prodio Broodcosring, Bonlring, ond Soles. Eoch compony shored rheir profir, yer were responsible for finding buy- ers, sponsors, dividing profirs ond orgoniz- ing soles. Angie Elliorr, o member of rhe rodir compony, srored "The compony helped me in mony woys. I mer o lor of imporronr conrocrs ond hod on-rhe-oir experience. I hod o lor of fun, even rhough ir wos hord work." Senior Todd McCord reviews rhe weelss' soles ond monerory inrolse wirh his JA odvisor before rhe weelsly meering begins. I Ugh. paperwork. Budgeting ond poying solories ond poyroll ore iusr o porr of rhe poperworls done by JA officers, JUNIOR ACI-IIEVEMENT -Front Row: Kris Kelly, Kim Cochron, Todd McCord, Chrisrion Albrechr, Scorr Ver- million, Jeff Lone, Louis Burgess. Row 2: Liso Ihnor, Jenny Sronley, Nilsol McGill, Berh Koenig, Andreo Miller, Roy Weller, Judy Briclser, Shelly Moiors, Missy Lowson, Liz Srephensoni Dock Row: Cormiro Wilson, Amy Kelly, Becky Jones, Wendell Crumes, Gwen Thurmon, Poul Dierzen, Poul Forr, Milse Hoover, Doe vid Sherrill, Joe Porrish. iunior ochievemenr g E, Qs 1 l I-N-D-I-A-N-S, spell rne male cheerleaders as rney scalrer across rne flaar. FRESHMAN CllEEllLEADEl1S - Courrenay Kendall, Dawn Collins, Rachel laclssan, Anne Boleyn, Lana Mullins, Cnnsrlne Sanders cneerleaaers 4 COMBINE f CHEERLEADERS ,Q I a Leaders lift AHS pride As rhe lndians defeared rheir foe and rhaf old familiar "We've gor youl" boomed rhrough rhe Wigwam, rhe cheer- leaders relaxed and reflecfed on a well donejob. The perfecrion achieved fhrough many long hours of pracfice succeeded in rousing borh rhe young and old fans, who spurred rhe ream on ro vicrory or accepr- ed rheir defear gracefully. Michelle Kinder summed up rhe feelings of rhe cheerleaders wifh rhese words, "Cheering means fhe world ro me. I love ro represenr my school and promore school spirirf' Afrer surviving rhe exrremely srressful rryours, rhey made worfhy repre- senrarives, roo. Their sponsor Mrs. Jo Funls subjecred rhem ro rigorous pracrice where rhey learned new cheers and perfecred rhe old ones. Wirh all of rheir fire and dererminarion, rhe cheerleaders led rhe devofed crowds ro super spirir levels. ln addirion TO rhe perfectly drilled female cheerleaders, AHS sporred a few experrly- drilled male cheerleaders. These guys were all members of rhe A-Club wirh lively personaliries and lofs of spirir. Affer being chosen by rhe varsiry cheerleaders, rhe guys supporred rhem physically and vocal- ly during rhe games. They were also re- sponsible for rhe zany srunrs, such as spell- ing Indians on rhe floor wirh rheir bodies and doing rhe "surfer," The male cheer- leaders had a grear rime and conveyed rhar fun info rhe audience. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS - Front Row: Missy Claw- son, lselly Miller, Vicl-:ie Clevenger. Back Row: Jenni- fer Leech, Courrney Conros, Nicolerre Johnson. ff? Yi fel E' if ,' f- -vs. - , , 5 -fi -- .3a?:'?" gf -ffl Q O ,,. ,W JV!-A ,.. "---4..,s MMM 'i"-1- Senior male cheerleaders Milse Hadley and lohn Bachman assisr varsiry cheerleaders Srephanie Lewis and Mary Tierney during one of rheir time our cheers MALE CHEERLEADERS f Front Row: Miclsey Clarls, Todd Eisele Row 2: Par McCollum, Brion Smirh, Jeff Allen, Back Row: Milse Hadley, Sieve Chadbourne, John Dachman, Greg Jaclsson, Rob Gilliam, male cheerleaders 3 lflf 1' r1'S .5P- 52 What did that big 'A' on all those sweat- ers stand for? Yes, it was a special group of students open to anyone who had let- tered in at least one varsity sport. A-Club sponsored worthwhile activities throughout the school year including holding the ropes at home baslsetball games and cheering the Indians to victory. Not only did A-Club provide activities for the school, but also for the community. These activities included ringing bells at Christmastime for the Salva- tion Army and sponsoring a food drive. Sponsored by Mrs. Hadley, A-Club served also to malse students proud of their school and themselves "I thinls it's a good exper- ience to be in A-Club because it's Isinda neat being out and doing things for oth- ers," stated Junior Mil-ze Farrer. .WTB Q2 A very well-lsnown tradition in our school was our awe-inspiring Indian wor dance. This years Mascot, Senior Jeff Lane, and Moiden, Senior Michelle McCoy, proc- ticed many long hours to perfect the dance performed to the beat of Jeff Mor- gan's tom-tom. l'It gave me lots of confi- dence to get up in front of other people," stated Michelle McCoy. Add up all these A-Club members and Mascot and Maiden and what do you get? . . . that unbeatable Indian spirit. Junior, Vance Wessar, A-Club member, rings a bell for the Salvation Army during the Christmas holiday season despite the bitterly cold temperatures. A-CLUB - Front Row: Shayne Shipley, Milse Farrer, Vance Wessar, Michelle McCoy, Pam Miller, Erin Tierney. Row 2: John Baclsmon, Ricls Crouse, Jamie Davis, Amanda Miller, Missy Graybiel, Julie Ward. Row 3: Tim Powers, Ross Ayers, Trent Rowe, Pam Nyberg, Kelly Watson, Mindy Layman. Row 4: Milse Cunningham, Cory Welch, Kelly Smith, Laura Toole, Jill Miller. Row 5: Anthony Kelley, Rod Mills, Kevin Wohlford, Anthony Tuclser, Matt Hahn, Doug Castor, Miclsey Clarla, Todd Eisele, Christy Collier, Jenny For- a club rest, Robin Martin, Brigid Cunningham, Jennifer Holy- cross, Row 6: Bryan Smith, Tim Berryman, Tom LaMacchio, Kyle Hobbs, Milse Ice, Milse Proctor, Jeff Allen, Rob Gilliam, Milse Hadley, David Farzinger, Joel Eddy, Libby Ginley, Angel Kollins, Pam McCarty, Caren Stoll, Greg Wood, Pat McCollum, JJ, Johant- gen, Robin Broyles. Row 7: Dana Wilkerson, Ricls Campbell, Jenny Smith, Regie Symons, Ashley Tap- pan, Michelle Holycross, Beth O'Bryant. Row 8: The- resa Jackson, John Heiden, Pat Gibson, Jo Ann Emer- son, Mary Tierney, Jennifer Humphrey. Row 9: Dan Combs, Tim Greenlee, Jamie James, Ingrid Snyder, Eric Diehm, Viclsie Clevenger, Kim Fenner, Kathy Graham, Valorie Turner, Shannon Crosley, Lisa Hard- acre, Kris Graham, Amy Boeglin, Angie Sanford. Row 10: Greg Jaclsson, Davita Anderson, David Hough, Lisa Ihnat. Bock Row: Kevin Smith, Todd Griner, David Ehle, Shonnie Wilson, Steve Chad- bourne, Jeff Moore, Spencer Flora, Norm Torrey, Joe Gorton. STILL SHINES THIROUGH M -gi all 6,5 Ns-evv"" 'OK On the war pain again, Mascar Jeff Lane dances circles around Maiden Michelle McCoy 'Se T3 'K 'oe 1' fn-"-a'.'-"""""'9'i fine lndian maiden, Michelle McCoy and mascar Jeff Lane lead ine rnird quarter pep rally for ine Indians. qi Jeff Lane and Michelle McCoy false a break and R M pause a nwomenr ra refleci upon rneir year as R at mascar and maiden iw A if Milli-.:f" I , i i ix , V N-215 X M , X T4 N , t .1 :'x'...KsT ' xv., s 5 gtzq rnascor and maiden hp. N Junior Eldred Alexander gives it her best "shot" as she sends it flying in her third attempt. ssss Wai 'UO As proof, the scoreboard shows who's 3551 .. . Indian power! As the saying goes "one . . . two . . , three strikes you're out in the ole' bail game" Mr. "M's" face says it all. f wig-5 f ii' .3 fu X Sports Omer See There to sports hink. tennis, softball, there were a total of seventeen varsity sports to participate in or watch. Some sports were played as a team and others, although part of a team, were individual sports. After all, it took nine people to make up a baseball roster where it took only one person to wrestle. Long hard hours of practice, A y rx g sacrificing "things l'd rather do," lilllflll' M il' willingness to push that extra step Ceven in painJ, and dedication were just a few qualifications that AHS athletes possessed. Indians all enjoyed watching the games but only a few, the athletes, knew the tough demands and pain that went behind the successes of the teams and individuals. Tough Ano Rough All Over Footboll Teom Hits Twice o doy, everyooy, the lndion foorooll reom vvorlseo rhis surnrner. lf ir vvos heor or roin rhey would sriil hove o vvorlsour, even if ir snowed in July rhey were vvorlxing our. Ir finoiiy poio off or rhe end of rhe seoson vvirh o nice 5 vvon C3 loss seoson ond o chonce for o secrionol chomf Hord For A Winning pionship. This vvos only rhe sec- ond rinne rhor Cooch Morgon hoo hoo rhor opporruniry. Bur unforrunorely rhe reom hoo sriff cgomperirion ond oion'r rise ro rhe occosion os rhe Inoi' on foorboli reorn hoo VTWOUG ir ro onorher ployoff our come our on rhe shorr eno rhis rime. Cooch Morgon summed up Seoson his hoppy seoson by soying, "The Kids hoo o lor of pride ond heorr ro go ond busr rheir ourrs every gornef' Juniors Steve Mills ond Anrhony Kei' ly vvoir porienriy on rhe sidelines for rhis ourconne of o oose gonwe. Sophomore Willie Johnson srops o cruool rhiro down drive vvirh o bone crushing roclsle foorpoil Y fi nv f ,Wy Varsry Foo'oar - Front Row: Mgr Sfarr Verrrallrof, Mar Larry Marrory, Darroa Mdfey, Jeff Moa, Tm Derry rrrea Doug Caaror, Kenra EoHer, Pool COEVFG11, Mogorr Dargezs Raadle Wood: Roady Horrre' Mar Jorwa Her ace Mgr R04 Crzpoze Row 2: A5sr Comer Drroa Deorerwa, Agar Coaca Jock Srwarwieirrj Troraor Sho Meyers, Iworow Torrey Jeff Srareey, Rao Srryaer Mr key MC14erizre, Aarrworwy Rdley Terry FUHN, Trrrr Jordon, Srdaey Nexofa, Dru aa Srwaro Doog Wrwrre, Pool Roaorag, Aasr Coach M1 Decker, Head Coach P T Margaf Row 3: Toad Ezle Tomy Jor1rwx:vrw Wefcoi Crxxrra, Trofgy Do 1, 5, Wlire Joraasoo Trorrr Rowe War Ceil Prrce, Jeff Moore Drrrzrw Srmra 1: Saorr Rue' Horry Rooemorr Doo' oy Terry Dock Row: Trra Groealee, Rad Mrfls, Aarrwoay lorooa, Jorma Tora er, Crraa Dorryaaoa, Terry Corroa, Mrlee MrCawa'r Danna Icio, Iiovra Nam, rvrke Wie Droa r'xf1zgearw, Sore M115 D11 y Maarooawerv Kciwrw Worw 'ora Cry Wocrw Dzgrz Trnraor Dro'w Wr arm V -rl ,yw .W 'L . , V, I H ,VM W My +1 ' ,, w.. ' -frv M r-f, " AD Z "" '-ff S ,, , TT , ,ii ,ro,r '.'r' N iffy- ff ,W ,, ,-.':'f?'11'f52 , ima , W Q NW ' o":' q ' 'or' 'o"r rr,.A , rw , 1 1' ' ' A , 4' 1141, I f K ini- 'g -V'k" ' ,QA W I K' krr, 1, 5 k,V, :ly Vgkrf ill. ' rf, :M jg' . M 3 A 'Q A S E, A , M 5, Y gh f 4 I ' A iblgf 4 A" ' N524-A . - I "" .XM fm.: 21.1 'L Sm at A 'QQ X, R I - - - 1 Q I I Vorsrry Foorborl ANDERSON 21 Modrsoa Hrs 8 I ANDERSON 415 Muacre Cerwrrol 7 Aadersoa 12 RVCHMOND 30 I A Aadersoa 18 NEW CASTLE 141 Anderson 12 KOKOMO 35 ANDERSON Q8 Marion 141 ANDERSON 85 Lafoyerre 14 B. ANDERSON 23 Logoasporr 14 Starting Ii ing ro Qer rrgrr aaa goes ,Q , M ,, ,.,QW. , ww, WV, 4 N. Z' rpm, ,,,f,,, rf . :W ., Ag VN. W l breorher oad some wafer while vvoir- ' nemon Jeff Moore rolses o g bocls an rhe game, XXV Senior toilbock Paul Reooag sweoa rr- Jaroocaed 'or aa orrwer ladoa raorrwoowa 29 Workin Their Way Up 9 Frosh. fr Reserve Football Prepare For "l'n't proud of the way they son came when it won it's last Future Varsity Play team and to correctly execute f . ff f Zjw W f is was it " 'l .4 rr,rr mms l T l m ? progressed and the way they improved," stressed freshman football Coach Rick Muir. "They grew to be srnart football play- ers and very team oriented." The season began with a win squeezed between two ties. lt was on odd start but the team came on strong in the two garnes in shut-outs. "lt was a fun season and the players should be ready for varsity next year", commented Muir. The reserve started out their season with a pair of new coaches and a new attitude. Coaches Brian Behrens and Bob Windlan's goals at the start the plays. The team did all of this and more ending up with a 4-1-1 record. "I am proud ofthe way the tearn came together and ended up playing heads up football. lt's a privilege to coach at AHS," stated Coach Behrens. were to leorn to play as a end. The highlight of the sea- freshman X reserve football Freshmen Larry Hyatt breaks into the clear on o lsiclsoff against Muncie South. A 1 A hwy, we A ,Q A ' 'Zi' Q 1.31.1 A -- . gm 1 wvlwwr UUWV' .4 www MTM 'Wi iir , A M , ji L W"""'m I A4 ,M Mr, H f' ,Vg W WU W " 'ZW gfxaifztfdw A "What o cotch!" i-iooerr Wright poiig in onorher boiier frorn qoorreroocie Eric Coorrer RESERVE FOOTBALL ' ANDERSON W Anderson L Anderson T ANDERSON ANDERSON W ANDERSON Pendleton L MADISON HEIGHTS W Kokomo T W Muncie Centro! L Muncie South L W Morion L 5 .in Freshrnon Foorooii - Front Row: Ciin ton Toyior, Lorry Jerferie5, Morcos Foiier, Morry Swinford, Troy Poige, Joon Miiier, Rex I-ioiidoy, JR. Records, Eric Courrer, Doyid Lynch, Mgr Jinn Drown Row 2: Jo5on Arnwes, Mike Kiddie, Lorry i-iior, Keyin Chonnoeriin, Eric Anderson, Ciinr i-ionrer, Erfc Speors, Don Peorson, Sreve Coffee, Sreye Wii bor, Eddie Fish, Row 3: Cooch Dicia ilo5sier, Eric Keiiy, Wiiiie English, Geoff Piornier, Chocisie Losorer, Brion Gii nwore, Wiiiie Terry, Sreye Brown, Ho berr Wrighr, Tim Lonney, Brion Coien, ',.' ' , , c Ne Cooch ilicis Muir Freshmen Brion Gilmore corries o defender on his back, on the woy ro 0 big goin. FRESHMEN FOOTBALL Anderson o Anderson 8 Anderson 12 ANDERSON 22 Anderson O ANDERSON o ANDERSON 16 PENDLETON HEIGHTS 14 Kokomo 8 Modison Heighrs 6 New Cosrie 22 CARMEL CLAY 21 Morion O Muncie Cenrroi O fresnrncn fociocii I A Smashing Season Boys' Tennis 6 Girls' Golf Both Advance ln Post-Season Play The 1985 bays' rennis feam had anofher winning our incon- sisfenr season finishing wifh a respecfable 8 o record, Greg Wood was again fhe oaclsoane of fhe ream OT num- ber one singles. Wood also Won fhe Norfh Cenfral Confer- ence singles champlonship for fhe second srraighf year. ul rhaughf Greg would have a greaf season and he didn'f disf appoinf nge," said Coach Rage er Whifehead. Alrhough rhe record didn'f show ir, rhe ream had a good year according TO Coach Whifehead. "Winning secfional and placing second Ol N.C.C. were definlrely fhe highs of rhe season." Led hy four seniors, rhe girls' golf rearn rolled fo a o-5 seal son. The ream leader was sene ior Drigid Cunningharn who placed fourfh individually in rhe NCC, 'Brigid is an excellenf golfer and has a yasf lsnowl- edge af rhe game. Thar made her a sparls for fhis year's lndian affaclsf' carnmenred Coach Phil Sullivan. The nnosf successful perfor- mance was in rhe Secfional where fhe rearn placed an irn- pressive second place. The girls rolled on TO place fiffh in NCC., fhird in fhe Regional, and finally enrered rhe rap 10 in rhe srare wifh an eighrh place in fhe Sfafe. Ulf was rruly an excellenf season," said Sullivan. I. ,- I? ss fy ,ss . li rf A, gr wi' ::- .3 ,Q - . .ef Tl ' gk S? si si s 6 if -1 if ,, . -f -. s r, sf f or er cs rv Ross Ayers gers ra rhe nerlusr lO rinne ra finesse a drop Shar Winner Boys' Tennis ANDERSON S Alexandria 2 Anderson Q NODLESVILLE ANDERSON 5 Pendleron Hrs ANDERSON 8 Madison I-lrs Anderson 1 RICHMOND ANDERSON A Muncie Burris ANDERSON 3 Muncie Cenrral Anderson O NORTH CENTRAL Anderson 2 HIGHLAND ANDERSON 3 Kokomo Anderson 1 MARlON ANDERSON 3 Munice Norrh Anderson 2 NEW CASTLE ANDERSON A Yorlsrown Richmond Doubles Arh NCC Arh Secfronal kr Junior Jamie Davis smashes a back- ppxgm QQW Dm Qombsr R055 Ayergv Crlmmqmm Miko procioy mme DO .....z.,.,.,-fr . , A . hand winner against a lesser Rich- Tom r0mQCm,O, greg WOOG BAQIQ we MGH Hqlsm ' mond opponenr. 32 Cay s 'erx ROWL Coach Roger Whirehead, Milse A determined look ond o feroooos forenond nelo Cureo Wood desrroy o New Cosfle nellor Angel Kolins chips oo close for on eosy por QL www ,. ,, S Gnrls Golf Anderson 195 NORTH CENTRAL 172 ANDERSON 179 Munci Norrln 207 ANDERSON 169 Yorktown 195 ANDERSON 200 Morion 195 ANDERSON 182 Mod Hrs 238 Anderson 181 CARMEL 175 Lofoyerre, Invlr orlw ANDERSON 176 Ben Dovis 238 ANDERSON Soo Highland 395 Anderson 187 NODLESVlLl.E 170 Anderson 192 MUNCIE CENT 191 ANDERSON 183 Greenfield 194 NCC Srh Secrionol 2nd Reglonol Grd Srore Brn GIRL'S GOLF TEAM - FRONT ROW ro Toole, Jenny Forreal, Jolle Word, senior Brigid Cunningham limes up Porn lvllller, Drlold Connlngnom, Kelly Louro Mlller on impormm pun on Gmndviewg Srnlln, Anool Rollnz BACK ROW: Loo number mme. Q - - I 1 1 I Just onother roiny I 1 l I IO, An VN, , -,MI -41 ' J UI uIr,r,M:1re3Qn1e!Ivwr. rr "wr, r rcr frrl I Q drn rrrII.n,,rIffII of 0 ore ddr-we pon rnrlc Sophomore Shelly Hensley wr, :Iwo bor In Incl sprlee lfF4IlTll ev W r rlllowlngg n Mmrnrnf ' rre' IO 'r"C ruse' vo fvnry JIG ,nw ppfw we GTB' Vorslry Volleyooll Anderson 11,4 FRANKTON 15,15 ANDERSON 15,15 Elwood 13,2 Anderson 2,0 LAFAYETTE 15,15 ANDERSON 15,2,1o Mod. Gronr 12,1514 Anderson 3,6 NODLESVILLE 15,15 Anderson 11,153 LAPEL 158,15 ANDERSON 0,1515 Fronlsron 15,11,12 Anderson 5,8 HIGHLAND 15,15 Anderson 1o,5,5 LAPEL 14,1515 Anderson 5,6 HIGHLAND 15,15 Anderson 11,8 NEW CASTLE 15,15 Anderson 10,0 MADISON HTS 15,15 Anderson 7,2 MUNCIE SOUTH 15,15 Anderson 12,15,1O MUNCIE C 15,1515 Anderson 7,5 RICHMOND 15,15 Anderson 2,0 TIPTON 15,15 Anderson 1,15,15 YORIQTOWN 159,15 Anderson 3,10 ALEXANDRIA 15,15 Anderson 6,1511 MUNCIE N 15,12,15 Anderson 7,1 PENDLETON HTS 15,15 Anderson 7,0 MARION 15,15 MC W vfxnsrry vollrvmrl A FRONT ROW: Cum AI :mar Jdlre Key, RQ ROW: Syoul Rooerrs, Bern O'I3ryonr, Cnel Holley, Llso Innor, Sreononre Goo Sybil Roberts backs up Jenny Srnirns Mlcnello Holycross, Cdren Sroll, Jennrrer drrds, Jenny Srnlrn, Porn Nyoero bump rg SQVQ Q 59,149 frgm mg Qppog- llOlyCrO35, AVNQIG FGVQLJSOO, BACK ing reom 34l , gi ,sf fr is C "Sys WE Spikers Full Of Intensity Varsity Suffers Setback Season While Reserve Improves The girls' varsity vo1leyball team had another competitive but losing season, The team combined Tots of hard work and hustle to lseep the outlooR positive at a1l times. The team ended vvith d 818 record and were beaten in the first round of the sectional to end their season, Offenswely the team was led by Rey spilsers Pam Nyberg and Beth O'l3ryant. The main servers were Stephanie Goof dricls and Sybil Roberts Defen- sively the standout b1oclsers vvere Pam Nyberg and Julie Rey. "Although the record is a Titf t1e vveals, vve played some very good games, We brought out the best in all the other teams," said Coach Al lhnat. The reserves were led by new Coach Lori Dall The team improved greatly and ended vvith a oA12 record, The h1ghA Defense! Hands up! Thais the vvay the Indian spilsers blocls nnnther oppo OQITIH stvilse light of the season vvas han dling Pendleton Heights its only loss of the season l'They vvon five more games than last year and that's very encouraging," stated Coach lhnat "We had Tots of hard vvorlsers on the team!" Jennifer Holycross displays great slsill nnd dbtorrnihatior' by setting the ball tu thu front Reserve Volleyball I Anderson 11,2 FRANKTON 15,15 Anderson 514 ELWOOD 15,1o Anderson 14,7 LAFAYETTE 10,15 ANDERSON 1515 Mad Grant 11,12 Anderson 10,8 NODLESVILLE 15,15 Anderson 15,88 LAPEL 7,1515 ANDERSON 7,1515 Highland 158,10 Anderson 11,o NEW CASTLE 15,15 Anderson 0,1518 ELWOOD 15520 Anderson 10,155 MAD. HTS 151O,15 Anderson O9 MUNCIE SOUTH 15,15 ANDERSON 15,15 Muncie Central 12,8 Anderson 5,12 RICHMOND 15,15 ANDERSON 11,1515 Tipton 15,109 ANDERSON 15,15 Yorlstovvn 0,10 Anderson 1,6 ALEX 15,15 Anderson 152,10 MUNCIE N 8,1515 ANDERSON 1515 Pendleton 12,12 Anderson o,8 MARION 15,15 txbtrzvt VOLLEYDALI, L mont lsattty tit 71 it Amy Odty, sitxtty liens mga?Oti??d'ZEgF3y,hi1fj5eg,3 fi erm typ, .U y. , ,-,mil Safe by o rnilel Senior base rnief Cnris Solsol sparlss rne reorn ro onorner lore' inning rally Senior Kenny Davis srrolses o single UQ rne nniddle in an offensive snow' down wirn Snenandoan l If s , K M ., -e A X Y VARSITY BASEBALL f Front Row: Mgr Milse McCarry, Doyld Hough, Dare ren Codrrer, Chris Solsol, Por McCollum, Sidney Newsonn, Ronny Davis, Miclsey Claris, Mgr Darren McVey Dock yorsiry ooseooll Row: Coocn Dennis Monrgornery, Jeff Moore, Rod Mills, Brian Srnirh, Spencer Floro, Greg Snnirn, Scorr McNarnara, Scorr Verrnillion, Roger Marshall, Assr Coacn Dayid Wood VARSITY BASEBALL ANDERSON 6 Greenfield 5 ANDERSON 11 Elwood 3 Anderson 8 ELWOOD 10 ANDERSON 8 sneieyviiie 7 ANDERSON 7 Ben Dovis 5 Anderson 10 MADISON HTS 11 Anderson 4 CARMEL 10 Anderson 2 CARMEL 13 1 ANDERSON 16 Highland 1 l ANDERSON 11 Noblesville 5 ANDERSON 4 Tipron 1 Anderson 8 PENDELTON 12 Anderson Q PENDELTON 10 Anderson 15 SHENANDOAH 18 Anderson 4 MARION 7 :Q f A ll,, Q:k : ANDERSON e New cdsrie 4 i I Anderson 1 Kokomo 11 "i' C y s J ANDERSON 6 Fronlsron 5 jf 'g 7! i' E l SS , Anderson o MuNciE NORTH 7 Anderson 12 LAFAYETTE JEFF is Anderson 0 LOGANSPORT 8 M BEBS We 1S if eerl Anderson 5 MUNClE SOUTH 6 F Q SQ E ii' Anderson O MUNCIE CENTRAL 5 A A ' S S ANDERSON 6 Richmond 4 L l l 1 g i 3 Qs t Reserve Baseball: Putting On The Squeeze Indian Sluggers Choke Up Their Opponents Baseball Montgomery style meant another season of thrills, Unrelenting determination and good coaching helped the Indie ans to a femi-final finish in secf tional, "Even though the Tribe ended the season with an 845 record, we were fundamental- ly a strong ball club," stated Montgomery. Coach Montgomery com- mented, "We were technically a strong team, but we just got a few bad breaks," He was right. Senior and team captain Darren Courter was chosen to represent the organization as catcherfdh for the All North Central Conference, Greg Smith was the dominant hitter on the squad with a .407 batting avere age. Montgomery later stated, l'Our seniors really came through for us when it was needed," Head Coach Jacls Shanlslin with Ken Webb coached the reserve team to a C3-7 season. Freshman, Jason Hudson, served as a Rey factor to their success, is S ew as 14' ffss' S vt sr gk ,S :- C .. 5 L er if ' ' X P .5 ,mg " ..,. scs f we . ' we I-L R -,ss F Close but no cigar! Outfielder Sidney Newsom dives in des- peration trying to handle a line drive. - RESERVE BASEBALL Anderson L MUNCIE NORTH W Anderson L MADISON HTS W Anderson L MARION W ANDERSON W Franlston L Anderson L NEW CASTLE W ANDERSON W Alexandria L Anderson L MADISON HTS W Anderson L MUNCIE SOUTH W ANDERSON W Highland L Anderson L NOBLESVILLE W RESERVE BASEBALL - Front Row: Mgr Jeff Starl-aey, Milse Mclntyre, Jay Vincent, Paul Dietzen, Robert Murf docle ROW Q Roclsy Cotsoyiles, Jason Hudson, Larry Mallory, Steve Mills Above: Rod Mills comes through with something extra that allows him to throw srrilses past batters Back Row: Coach Shanlslin, John Mantor, Robbie linuclsles, Hugh Cher ry, Jeff Sylvester, Aaron Flora, Coach Ken Webb eser e oasebrl 7 Eyeing the track is whai Lindo Clay does as she gers a guide siari our of rhe blocls for rhe hand off in ihe f100m relay Finally a break! Ryo Hobbs earns a well needed res' aiier anoiher grueling 800m race I... -...... L, Anderson 58 ANDERSON QA Anderson 50 Anderson 41 Ciry Meer Kolromo Relays Nobles Reiay individuals' NCC 2nd Sectional Regional BOYS TRACK New Casrle 29 MUNClE CENTRAL 61 Richmond 62 Marion 56 MUNCIE SOUTH 53 KOKOMO O8 lsr 5rh Srh Craig Goodwin - 1sr Law Hurdles Scorry Floyd - lsr 100m Riclsy Williams - lsr 200m A00 Relay lsr 4Floyd, Williams, Jordan, Horne? Craig Goodwin lsr High Hurdles Scorry Floyd lsr 100m 400 Relay Team - lsr Louis Fox - 2nd High lump Craig Goodwin - isr High Hurdles 400m Relay Team -- lsr Scorry Floyd -- 2nd iO0m Piece of cake! Louis Fox destroys all conference foes in a hard-earned vicrory in the 100m high hurdles. Foursome Flies To State Indian Track Teams Hurdle To Winning Seasons The boys' season was led by Ricl-s Williams who accumulared rhe mosr poinrs in rhe season. Ricls was also a member of rhe 400rn relay ream, which ser a school record and was iusr shy of going ro srare by a drop of rhe baron ar rhe srare rrials. Craig Goodwin ser school ree cords in rhe low and high hurf dles and placed seventh in rhe srare finals in rhe high hurdles, VOC 1 Scorr Floyd added ro rhe lisi of srare aualifers by placing eighrh ai sraie in The lOOm. The girls' side was led by senior Alissa Henning who reached one of her milesrones by running a sub-five minure mile for rhe firsr rime in her career. Alissa placed fourrh in ihe mile and rhird in rhe 800m run as she wenr ro rhe srare meer for her fourrh consecu- rive year. Alissa also pulled ihe mile relay ieam ro second place in rhe secrional, bur rhey failed ro ger our of regional. Dana Willserson also placed second in regional in ihe iOOm and advanced ro srare. Survival of the firresrl Thar's how Scorr Floyd and Riclsy Williams view ihe end of every i2 vicrory finish, wwe ANDERSON 35 Anderson 45 ANDERSON 58 ANDERSON AD ANDERSON A1 Anderson 28 37 64 Muncie Sourn Reloys Grd NCC Secrionol ...--if Saving her kick for rhe finish, Lynn Donohue prepores ro srride over onorner hurdle. FRONT ROW: Por Jones, Lynn Donof noe, Jonine Wnire, Alisso Henning, Lin' do Cloy, Micnelle McCoy, Lilly Cloy, Heidi Correr ROW 21 Ingrid Snyder, Doyiono Sowyer, Jerilin lononrgen, Dono Willserson, Lori Dienrn, Tino Worner, Jolie Jones, Eldred Alexonder .s-2. ROW 3 Kirn Fenner, Angel Kolins, M Dovls, Snonnon Hoble, Cnerise Gibbs, Kelly Miller, Doyiro Anderson, Srocy To' lsocs BACK ROW: Tiffony Jonoy, Tro cy Roberson, Asnley Toooon, Corolyn McCowon, Poolo Coole, Donno Tilford, Jenny Sndirn, Tereso Cooley FRONT ROW: Kyle Hobbs, Roger Wil lserson, Doug Cosror, Tim Jordon, Mol colrn Burgess, Rodney King, Ride Conwpbell, ROW 21 Assr, Coocn Kevin Donlser, Vonce Wessor, lirn Jordon, T D Srnirn, Scorry Floyd, Rob Gilliorn, Mgr Jonn Riely, Coocn Nor lonnson BACK ROW Assr. Coocn Gorry Coorrer, Milse lce, Jeff Sorrer, Dondon Boiley, Louis Fox, Anrnony Jordon, Milfe Mciowon, Assr Coocn lim Docls er Boy Golfers Ploce! Girls' Tennis Teom Scores Another Winning Seoson. Procfice, deferrninoiion ond o winning offifude were ogoin rhe key ingredienfs TO onoiher successful boys' golf ieonn. Cooched by Phil Sullivon, ihey finished fhe seoson wifh o ici-Q record, To end rhe fonfosfic seoson, fhey odded o fourfh ploce finish of fhe srofe The feorn vvos led by senior ond copioin Jerry Cunninghonn. 'iierry reolly come on srrong or fhe end of rhe seoson, He hod on excellenr sfofe rourney ond proved TO be o very good leoderf' Rounding our fhe vore sify were John Bochnnon, Mike Forrer, Mike Procror, Mor Hohn, ond Chris Doousi. 'lThe highlighf of rhe seoson wosn'f only rnoking if TO rhe srofe finols, our reoching fhe second doy where fhe rop nine feorhs ployed," srofed Cooch Sullivon. The AHS girls' fennis TGOVTT ended rheir 1985 seoson wifh on 8-4 record ond o firsr ploce finish or secfionol. They odded o 5rh ploce finish of NCC, while GIRLS' TENNlS Anderson 1 MARION 4 ANDERSON C3 Yorkrown 2 ANDERSON C3 Pendleton Q ANDERSON 5 Modison Gronf 0 ANDERSON 4 Muncie Cenrrol 1 ANDERSON B Noblesville 2 Anderson 2 MADISON HTS 3 ANDERSON 3 Richmond 2 Anderson 2 HIGHLAND 3 ANDERSON B New Cosrle 2 ANDERSON 5 Muncie North ANDERSON 5 Muncie Burris 0 ANDERSON 8 Muncie Norrh 2 ANDERSON 3 Modison Hrs 2 ANDERSON 3 Yorkrown 2 ANDERSON 3 Pendleton 2 NCC Srh Secrionol 'lsr Showing great determination ond concenrrorion Junior John Bochmon proves rhof procricing is os irnporronr os ici in A FRONT ROW: Chdrlie Srniih, Mike Cunninghorn, Derek Andy Bdnning, Mike Roudebush, Forrer BACK ROW John Bochnwon, Mike Procior, iinnnny Brown, Jerry Cunninghonn, Mori l-lohn, Cooch Phil Sullivon FRONT ROW: Jenny Riggs, Brigid Cun' ninghorn. ROW 2 Mikie Leips, An'iy Boeglin, Erin Tierney, Vicki Clevenger, BACK ROW Kelly Srnirh, Cooch More rho Wilson, Tereso lsone 40 boys' golf senior sfondouf Mikie Leips won her drh consecurive NCC indie viduol chonnpionship. She wos rhe only girl in NCC hisrory ro hove occomplished fhis, 'il wos proud ro cooch Mikie ihese posi four yeors. Her conference chonnpionships showed whof o sreody ployer she wosl" The close of fhe fennis seo, son oroughr TO on end Cooch Morrho WiIson's ii-yeor reign os heod cooch. Her oursfonding record of 84-BQ speoks for irself in showing whor fype of dedi- cofed cooch she wos. "I ene ioyed every seoson wifh fhe girls ond wos exfrenfiely lucky ro hove rhe fremendous ploye ers ond excellenf poreni supe porr rhrough rhe yeorsf' yum AND AND AND AND AND AND And AND AND AND AND AND AND And BOYS GOLF 14-2 155 828 5th 157 826 2nd 155 155 147 306 312 200 10th 157 Muncie Central Highland Z: Mad. l-lts. 320 Anderson Open Greenfieid Marion Noblesville lnv. YORKTOWN Monroe Central Muncie South 6 Madison Hts. Muncie North Lapel Homestead lnv. RICHMOND 172 175 343 153 161 Alex. 168 388 345 354 150 NCC C5 Sectional 2 Regional 2 State 4 Sophomore Mike Farrer follows through on another perfect drive Edgewoods first ree. Junior Brigid Cunningham puts away another forenand winner againsr another unsuccessful oppa nent. Oi' Team Captain and leader Brigid Cun' ningnarn prepares ra strolse anotner service ace in ner single rnatcn. girls' tennis Harriers Have What If Takes. Boys Take Ranking In State While Girls Go Undefeafed Beginning rhe season slowly wirh a seasoned ream, rhe Indie an ooys' cross counrry ream caught fire and piclsed up many rifles. They earned a secf ond place in The Norrh Cenirol Conference, a firsr in secrional, and a second in regional. This qualified rhem for semi-srare and earned rhem an eighrh place. The ream was led oy cap' rains Vance Wessar and Kyle Hooos, Wessar was NCC indiyid' ual champion. Rounding our rhe sauad were John Bach- man, rhe only senior, Roo Gil- liam, Shayne Shipley, Psicls Campbell, Tim Powers, Freddie Sreyens, and Rod Michael. Uwe really came rogerher ar rhe end of rhe season and ran well. The season srarrs ar conference and rhar's when rhings srarred falling in place. They did a super job and I'm really proud of rhem," srared Coach Garry Courier. "I also wanr ro rhanls Assr. Coach Mr. Johnson, wirhour him I don'r lsnow how we wouId've done!" Who said rhere wouldn'r be life afrer Alissa? The girls proved rhar wrong by running our ro a perfecr I7-O season. The ream was guided oy Caprain Mi- chelle McCoy and sophomore srandour Jill Miller. Coach Garry Counrer said, l'The girls ran well all year and did a grear ioo. They really surprised me." Jill Miller ran so well rhar she auali- fied for rhe Srare meer for rhe firsr rime. Shayne Shipley expresses rhe pain ir ralses ro oe a good cross counrry runner. No Shayne, no gain! Girls Cross Country - Assr Coach Michelle McCoy, Jill Miller, Head Coach Noi Johnson, Jamie James, J J Johanr- Garry Courier gen Shannon Huoole, Ingrid Snider, CVOSS COLVilVy Coach Courter changes music while rhe girls srrerch ro some of rheir favor ire runes Girls' Cross Caunrry ANDERSON 17 Madison HTS 55 I Highland 40 ANDERSON 22 Kokomo 85 ANDERSON 20 Marian 85 ANDERSON 26 Richmond 29 Fr, Wayne Snider lnvir. orh Anderson lnvir. lsr Carmel lnvir. arh Yorlsrown lnvir, 'lsr Fr, Wayne Harding lnvir, Qrh Lafayerre lnvir. 5rh NCC 2nd Secrional Arh Regional 11rh Stare-Individual Jill Miller 32nd Sophomore Jill Miller unleashes her final lsicla and picks up rwa places be- fore rhe finish. Y ff , Varsiry Cross Counrry ANDERSON C59 MADISON HTS 81 Highland C2 ANDERSON 27 Kokomo 29 ANDERSON 17 Marion 44 ANDERSON 15 Delia 48 ANDERSON 28 Richmond 33 ANDERSON 17 Muncie Cenrral 44 Fr. Wayne Snider lnvir, Arh Anderson lnvir, Grd Carmel Invir. orh Yarlrrown 2nd Fr, Wayne Harding lnvir, 5rh Laiayerre lnvir, 2nd NCC 2nd Secrional 1sr Regional 2nd Semi-Srare 8rh Coach Nat Johnson is caughr wirh a rare smile or boys' cross counrry semi- srare while wairing ro hear rhe final resulrs of rhe hard run race. is Y M Mi rg, A L, ,r yd:- ii J X H ' 'Q 14.- , A f ,,,, i,' 5 I my EOM' xx lr' Conference champ Vance Wessar Junior Rob Gilliam ialses deep passes rwo runners while lseepina a orearhf, and concenirares on form dar careful eye on ihe lead pacle ina his final ieicls io rhe finish line Dead or Alivel? Senior John Bach man collapses ai conference afrer eighrh place overall finish. E cfm Boys' Crass Cooniry f Front Row: Assr Coach Nor Johnson, Jim Fools, Tim Powers, lsris Rice, Aaron Masiers, David O'Dryanr, Gary I-lensley, Mar John Reily, Head Coach Garry l Courier Back Row - Roh Gilliam, Rod Michael, Vance Wessar, Rolo Seal, Fred Sieyens, Shayne Shipley, Kyle Hoops, John Dachman, Ricls Campbell, 43 iff? Lf 7! Continued Success For Tonkers Proved By NCC 6: Sectionol Crowns Plus Another Trip To Store Phenomenoll This is rhe only word fhor correcrly described rhe '85 girls' swim ieom. The feom consisfed of only fiffeen members, rhis odding o new pressure neyer felr before. ln spife of rhis your lNDlANS bounced boclsl The ieom flew info fhe seo- son wlrh gools of repeoring srore ond NCC chompionships. They were led by swimmer JoAnn Emerson ond diver Mory Tierney. Ofher lsey swime mers included Kelly Worson, Jo- nef Alexonder, Chrisry Collier ond Mindy Loymon, For fhe firsr rime in yeors, The reom wos defeored in o duol meer. They finished wirh on 8- 8 record, The smoll number of swimmers ployed o lorge foce for in fheir defeors. They hod ro worls horder ond pur more ine rensify info fheir procrices ro molse up for fhis. The hord worls poid off in fhe end os rhe feoms won borh rhe NCC ond Secrionol, Ar Srore oll fhe girls come ihrough lilse chompions wirh o rhird ploce finish, lndiyiduol chompi- ons were rhe 200 m individuol medley, which consisfed of JoAnn Emerson, loner Alexf onder, Mindy Loymon, ond lselly Worson. GlRl.S' SWlMMlNC5 - Front Row: Mory Tierney, lsorhy Grohom, Pom McCorry, Regi Simmons, Chrisry Collier Row 2 - Cooch Jim Alexonder, loner Alexonder, Mgr liris Grohom, lselly Woison, Cooch Ron Wofson, Bock Row: JoAnn Emerson, Erin Tierney, Mindy Loymon, Jennifer Humphrey, Shonno Crosley Girls' Swimming ANDERSON O3 Worren Cenrrol 7o ANDERSON 65 KOKOMO 87 ANDERSON 112 New Cosrle oO I ANDERSON 115 Pendleron Heighrs A9 Anderson o7 CARMEL 184 """' ANDERSON 88 Ben Dovis 83 ANDERSON 108 Muncie Norrh 52 Columbus Reloys Arh ANDERSON 111 Muncie Cenrrol So -n ANDERSON 104 Yorlsrown O6 NCC lsr ANDERSON O8 Greenfield 70 , Anderson 84 NORTH CENTRAL 87 I Secrionol 1sr Srore Srd Mary Tierney displays groce ond beoury by execuring onorher perfect dive. Disguised by her cop ond goggles, Cnris Collier helps ihe reloy ro onorher miciory Senior JoAnn Emerson drsoloys per fecr rechmooe whale Neoomno We moon woool rnedey reloy Tension mounts os Kovny Grononw womrs wrnoorvenny ro explode info we Worer. swwrnmers Yoke onorlner secrlonol me QW' 5 5W'm"'m Tankers Take NCC 6 Sectional Advancing To State And Earning A Second Place Finish Long and tiring practice paid oft when the boys placed run- ner up in the state. This honor was Hicing on the cake" of a fantastic season. The dedicated and determined athletes cap- tured many honors North Cen- tral Conference, Sectional, and individual state championships. The swimmers started out strong and never let up till the end. They demolished all oppo' sition in the season with an ex' ception of one But they came on strong to beat arch-rival Ko- Isomo at NCC and State. "Our strengths were that we were a complete team and team oriented. Our num- Free style relay members huddle ro' gether while talking strategy for the next race Team captain Mike Hadley shows off the runnerfup trophy while his teammates Iool-2 on. 46 boys' swimming ber one swimmer in each event could compete with anyone in the state. Although we weren't strong in numbers we were strong in overall team spirit and enthusiasm. Oustanding swimmers in- cluded state champions Todd Griner, David Ehle, Joel Eddy, Kevin Smith, and David Fat- zinger. Other Isey members were Kevin Roclshill, Milse Had- ley, Joey Cuatton, and John Schnieder. The majority of this team returns so we can expect more great things in the future. "l thinls our team was so good because we Isept our en- thusiasm up all year long and that brought out the best in Coach Alexander. We finally convinced him that we want- ed it as much as he does," commented Freshmen John Schnieder. Summoning up the year, Sophomore David Fat- zinger says "We were awe- some. Plain and simple." Well said, Congratulations guys. Junior Kevin Rockhill soars gracefully downward in an inward dive in the pilse position at the last meet of the season, a victory for the Indians, BOYS SWIMMING --ff FRONT ROW: David Earzinger, David Enle, Kevin Rodenill, Milee Ilodley, Todd Griener, Joey Gorion ROW 2: Coocn Ron Waison, Joel Eddy, Eric Diehnn, Jirn Pours Maris llugel, lleroie Moniooni .r,.,, ery, Ionn Scnnieder, Sieve Cnod oourne, Mgr Darren McVey BACK ROW: Mar Scoii Leecn, Roo Gilliarn, Kevin Sfnirii, IQri5 Rice, Brion Sullivan, Don Poore, Eric Gillearn, Coacli Jinn Alexander VARSITY SWIMMING ANDERSON 119 Pendleton 52 ANDERSON 116 Richmond Q2 ANDERSON 116 Marion 68 ANDERSON 115 Muncie Norrn 54 ANDERSON 117 Yorlsrown 49 ANDERSON 123 Muncie Central 41 ANDERSON 129 Lawrence Cenrral 36 Anderson 76 KOKOMO Oo ANDERSON 88 Norrh Cenrral 80 ANDERSON 87 Norrnwesrern 82 ANDERSON 100 New Casrle C7 2nd Worren Central Invire 1sr NCC 1sr Secrional 2nd Srare Eric Gilliam waits nervously ro near his evenr called ro srarr vvorming up, fe - - Q WR e z K K N LL K I ' - - , I .. S SAS' T QM A S :KN X, -N i-- .c - - :. :im if ' R Grosping for o orenili of frown oir Mark Hugel sirolee5 ilnrougn nis oesr eyeni, 100m oreosrsrrolse, wiin nooes of a firsr place Before going to 'rw i Cofxcli Aiexoncer gweg, oncrwy 4 no ' fi' o acw ce 'o L'GS"VT'Q' lon' S ""'infiOr Varsity wrestlers psyche our rneIr oooonenrs vvirh rneir versIon of 'IVI' sion Qaesrf' James Home shows one and aII vvhar Anderson vvresrIIng Is aII abour, RESERVE WRESTLING "Oh my stomach!" Jay Arherron cries as he rries ro recover from a sromach crarnp, vvresmng ANDERSGN Muncie North 26 Anderson MARION 50 Andergon RICHMOND 60 Anderson MADISON HTS. 42 W""" Anderson MUNCIE CENTRAL 42 Anderson NEW CASTLE 39 ANDERON Pendleron 30 ANDERSON Lagansporr QC ANDERSON Highland 1'2 ANDERSON Shenandoah 6 RESERVE WRESTLING Front Row: Toby Goen, Kevin Chann- berIain, Shawn Groson, Jlnn Brovvn, Ja rnre Crawford, Dean Renninaron Back Row: Manager, I4evIn Srinson Assr. Coach Jrrn Becker, Maris ReaaIn, Jay Arnerron, Sreve Brown, Tracy Da' vIs, Todd Greenlee, Coach AI Ihnar, Manager Joe Mahia, Assr Coach Eric I4rieoeI. if 5 , 5 t Wrestlers Destroy Opponents By Toking City, County, And Sectionol Teom Titles 'IThis yeor, we hod the de- sire ond dedicotion it tolses to be good wrestlers. Thot reolly showed when we won the City, County ond Sectionol," stoted Cooch Al Ihnot. The Indi- ons did prove to be not only good, but owesomel The teom returned o greot deol of depth including teom coptoins Jomes Horne, Norm Torrey, ond Steve Mills, These three proved to be the steodi- est ond toughest by recording the best records ond highest pin counts. But these three didn't do it oll. Tim Brown, Pot Gibson, Ron Shohler, ond Jeff Sylvester were olso vitol contri- buters to the teoms' 10 win, 2 loss, 1 tie seoson, UThis yeor we reolly hod the tolent. We stoyed fired up the whole yeor ond thot corried us over the few low points," com- mentedjunior Ron Stohler. Vor- sity 182-pounder Pot Gibson, hod this to soy, "It wos o greot yeor. Motivotion wos o Isey ond Cooch Kriebel kept us up oll the time." Next yeor promises to bejust greot with oll but two vorsity Tim Brown strives to pin his oppof nent to the mot during the Logonsport wrestling motch. VARSITY WRESTLING Front Row: Mon- oger, Joe Mohlo, Monoger, Kevin Stin- son. Row 2: Pot Gibson, Rob Miller, Jomes Horne, Shoyne Shipley, Tim Brown, Scott Bryon, Bock Row: Asst. Cooch Jim Beclser, Jett Suter, Ron Stohler, Norm Torrey, Steve Mills, Tim Greenlee, Jett Sylvester, Asst. Cooch Eric Kriebel, Cooch Al lhnot. 'WSW ., nk wrestlers coming bocls. Nine ju- niors heod the list of returning Iettermen. The reserves olso hod on up yeor. They were cooched by Jim Beclser ond Eric Kriebel. They were led by teom cop- toins Joy Atherton, Morls Reo- gin ond Shown Gibson. l'I'm excited obout our new wres- tlers. Our progrom is bocls to where it should be," soid Cooch lhnot. Joy Atherton offers congrotulotions to fellow teommote Pot Gibson ofter his win while left Suter worms up for his motch in the boclsground. 1985 VARSITY WRESTLING 1986 ANDERSON 412 Muncie North 21 Anderson 28 MARION SO ANDERSON 46 Richmond 24 ANDERSON 541 Modison Heights 21 ANDERSON 42 Kokomo 38 ANDERSON 46 Toylor 28 ANDERSON as cdlumisus Edst so Anderson 21 MUNCIE CENTRAL 48 ANDERSON 32 New Costle 22 ANDERSON 341 Pendleton I-leights 25 ANDERSON 89 Logonsport 31 ANDERSON A8 Highlond 15 ANDERSON 60 Shenondooh 12 TOURNEY STATS Modison County lsr Joy County Oth NCC Oth Sectionol TSI Regionol 7lli - Eric Kriebel, ossistont cooch, is dressed for success or o wrestling motch held ot the Wigwom, wrestling Cogers Hove Rocky Sfort But Bounce Bock To Win 16 Sfroighf And Moke it To Secfionol Finols The Lody Tribe hos orrivedl The femole lndions ogoin proved rhor rhe boys oren'r rhe only supersror boslserboll ployers or Anderson High School. The reom srorred slow wirh rwo losses our piclsed up speed ro win rheir nexr fifreen our of sixreen gomes. The seoson ended in heorrhreols wirh o firsr round Secrionol loss ro rivol Al- exondrio, lncluded in these wins were NCC, rhe Lofoyerre lnvirorionol ond o rop ren ronlse ing in rhe finol srore pool. An experienced line-up heoded by five junior srorrers Repr rhe reom running ond re' bounding oll yeor long. These srorrers were Dono Willserson, Doviro Anderson, lonine Miles, Tereso Joclsson, ond Shonnie Wilson. Willserson wos olso nomed ro rhe second oll-sror reom. l'We were srrong in our run- ning ond rebounding porrs of Cooch Keorns takes rime our ro re loy o new srroregy ro his vorsiry girls. VARSITY BASKETBALL Anderson 47 MT. VERNON 61 Anderson 57 NOBLESVILLE 75 ANDERSON 78 Muncie Norrh 41 ANDERSON 88 Wopohoni 50 ANDERSON 70 Modison Hrs. 41 ANDERSON 62 Morion 60 ANDERSON 61 Muncie Cenrrol 47 ANDERSON 58 Highlond 49 ANDERSON 72 Pendleron Hrs. C57 Anderson 76 ALEXANDRIA 82 ANDERSON 72 Richmond 70 ANDERSON 64 New Cosrle 38 Lofoyerre lnvir. ANDERSON 64 McCurcheon 44 ANDERSON 75 Lofoyerre Jeff 55 ANDERSON 62 Tipron C36 NCC ANDERSON 84 New Cosrle 41 ANDERSON 76 Morion 61 ANDERSON 73 Lofoyerre Jeff 62 ANDERSON 112 Muncie Sourh 41 Secrionol Anderson 40 ALEXANDRIA 65 The Indians psyche themselves up for onorher rough game. girls boslserldoil our gome. Our good orrirude corried over rhose eorly losses," srored guord Doviro Anderson, 'lWe've olso ployed rogerher since middle school. We lsnow eoch orhers rolenrs ond rhor reolly helps," odded Dono Willserson. Wirh rhese greor orrirudes rhe much wonred srore chom- pionship should be jusr oround the corner. Good job, lodiesl Dovito Anderson gets rhis poss off lusr in rime ro elude her predoror GlRLS' RESERVE BASKETBALL - Cooch Poore, Longo Floyd, Adrion Whire, Bob Reorns, lsorie Bish, Trocy Roper' Roe Leigh Beeson, Cooch Lovelle Wil son, Jennifer l-lolycross, Corniro Wilson, Rerson Wendy Jones, Amy Oory, Rorhy 4' - Qzgsvgif y is 4? 'Y 13.Qf' 'Mir' L92 3' .. R ,IK Lg: ', IYIQIMQ' '12 , 0' gi Eg! 4w L4 BAN' 5 ,IX fp-lv' 'R 1 ff' .f 3 fx V ,f I gusasfsfi Boys Enjoy Finol Success While They Struggled Through Their Worst Stott ln Lost 5 Yeors The Anderson lndions Vorsity Boslsetboll Teom wos ogoin the closs oct in boys' boslsetboll this yeor, They tools on 11-9 record into tournoment oction ond come out of nowhere to reoch the finol gome of the store chompionship ogoinst Morion. An inexperienced group of ployers ond o sholsy storting line-up were the couses of the un-lndion-like 2-7 stort in the eorly seoson. But with the plocement of Eric Hothcocls ond Tim Westerfield into the storting Todd Barrett powers the poll up one woy or onother os his teommotes wotch ond woit, Senior Anthony Tucker holds the runner-up trophy ond gome boil while IHSAA. otficiols distribute the silver medols. vorsity boslsetboll line-up, the teom mode o 180 degree turn oround. Led by stor Anthony Kelley ond point guord Anthony Tucker, they won their net nine out of eleven gomes ond de- stroyed oll foes in the tourney until being upended by Motion in the finols. 'll never dreomed we would get this for. lt shows whot heort ond fontostic otti- rude this teom hos," soid Cooch Norm l-leld, 'lAt the stort of the seoson, we hod problems with our chemistry ond finding five con- sistont storters. But Cooch Held found the five ond things turned oround. We just decid- ed we weren't going to lose ony more," stores teom cop- toin Anthony Tuclser. This yeor proves the old soy- ing true: lt's not over till the for lody sings. Morcus Townsend stops o driving opponent with omozing speed ond quick honds. --if VARSITY DASIQEIDALL - Front Row: I4yIe Hooos, Doug Cosror, Errc Horh- cocIs Row 2: Anrhony I4eIIey, Sroney Nevvsorrw, Anrhony Tucker, Cooch Dicls Moynoro, Im Derryrhon, Morcus Townsend, Cooch Norr'n HQIG Bock Row: Todd Dorrerr, Loors Fox, Irrh We-srerfreld, Troy Goode, VARSITY BASKETBALL ANDERSON 66 JeffersonvIIIe 60 ANDERSON 66 MorshoII 65 Anderson ss new mms 70 fr Anclerson 45 MARION 58 Anderson 64 ALEXANDRIA 70 Anderson 63 LAFAYETTE JEFFERSON 50 Anderson 57 SHENANDOAH 58 Anderson 50 HIGHLAND OS Anderson 65 EC WASH ANDERSON 68 F W Wayne 45 ANDERSON 50 Dlodrford 63 Anderson 39 MUNCIE CENTRAL 40 ANDERSON 72 Muncre Norrh 52 ANDERSON OO Mcdrscn Hrs 56 ANDERSON 57 Kokomo 50 ANDERSON 74 COrrneI ANDERSON 70 Logonsporr 55 ANDERSON 71 New Cosrle Anderson 65 RICHMOND 68 ANDERSON 70 North Cenrroi SecrronoI ANDERSON BQ Alexondrro ANDERSON 83 HIghIond ANDERSON 51 Pendieron Herghrs Regronol ANDERSON 69 Kokomo ANDERSON 57 NobIesvIIIe 55 SernrSrore ANDERSON 06 Lofoyerre Jeff ANDERSON 72 Gory WoIIoce Srore ANDERSON 70 Shelbyville Anderson 56 MARION No Way! Louis Fox pins onorher Ioy up ond shows he is rhe king of the poinrs Shorpshoofer Eric Hothcock Iers one fIy during rhe crocIoI Vnomenrs of rhe- second ooorrer ogornsr Mormon A preoccupied Norm II-e-Id woIIss sIowIy ro rhe scorers oench ro ooes rron o coII ursy some Reserves Dominote Court While Freshmen Strive To Corry On Winning Trodition The Freshmen ond Reserve ooslsetooll teoms both hod one Common gool: Vorsity. But pe- fore molaing vorsity, eoch ploy- er hod to vvorls, svveot, hustle ond Ieorn the ploys of fresh- men ond reserve oefore going on to vorsity. The vvoit ond the deep dedicotion in these levels of the gome were vvhot gove our vorsity ployers the pride it tools to oe reol Anderson Indi- ons. Don Skeoch reoches in to groo the poll ond o sure tvvo points from this The reserves this yeor vvere cooched oy nevv Cooch Dicle Moynord, He tools over in Jon- uory ond guided the teom to o 12 win ond 8 loss seoson, They were led oy Eric Yeslsie, Kevin Kerns, ond Rico Morgon in the scoring deportment. Rebound- ing ond defensively they were led by Don Slseoch, Chod Ber- rymon, ond Troy Goode, Hlt vvos difficult in the stort oecouse I tools over in Jonuory ond oe- These freshmen bosketboll ployers concentrote intensly on the oction ot Scot erve oosisethpil hond I RESERVE BASKETBALL ANDERSON 55 Jeffersonville ANDERSON 48 lndpls, Morsholl ANDERSON 51 Ben Dovis Anderson 56 MARION Anderson 60 ALEXANDRIA Anderson 56 LAFF. JEFF ANDERSON 67 Shenondooh ANDERSON 51 Highlond Anderson 41 EC. WASHINGTON Anderson 46 WAYNE ANDERSON 60 Dloclsford ANDERSON 59 Muncie Centrol ANDERSON 65 Muncie North Anderson 57 MADISON I-ITS. ANDERSON 36 Kolsomo Anderson 38 CARMEL ANDERSON 53 Logonsporr Anderson 48 NEW CASTLE ANDERSON 59 Richmond ANDERSON 52 North Centrol Craig Perry ond Chod Derrymon pull o "squeeze" ploy on their Highlond opponent. couse the mix of freshmen ond juniors vvith the regulor re- serves. Dut vve pulled through ond mode pig jumps in im- provement ot the end of the yeor. We hit our prime ot the end of the yeorf' The freshmen were guided by new heod Cooch Steve Dougloss. ul reolly enjoyed oe- ing port of the ooslsetooll pro- grom ogoin ot Anderson." The teom vvos led oy point guor Artie Pepelo, Don Slseoch, Chucls Losoty ond Croig Perry. They finished their seoson with o respectoole 18-4 record. RESERVE BASKETBALL - Cooch Steve pelo CNot pictured Joson Silvey, Don Dougloss, Cooch Did-Q Moynord, Chod Slseoh, Rico Morgon, Kevin Kerns, Eric Detrymon, Keith Fuller, Curtis Perry, Yesleieb Croig Perry, Dorren Morgen, Artie Pe- mam A-,ELM w ... .mag 4' X 5 5h ff 'im' L R 2 1 h , ,,. 135323 A N W R Fw X -QR X, i 3-msgs mf 5 . Q if Sv--qgx Who are those masked bandits, you ask? Why they're juniors Paul Connell and Anthony Kelly. s if ,Q 1 1 5 """Mxmnin,m Y 5 Vs . . , ., i i W if V Q 'me , if , nf' f A Q K .VV' I -' , , i vzu I ..., ,,,,5M? I ,.., W 3 H yysy b S . 4? yy H 3 , W, , , "To dum' dum," Mr. Macy does 0 little dance as he passes examples around. Junior Audie Holloman takes o break from the books os he touch- es up his professional manicure. People ome, see - Theres more to people than you might think. Studious, friendly, carefree, fun-loving . . . these were just a few adjectives which could be used to describe the students of AHS. The uncommon tradition and spirit of Anderson needed one common thing to make it work: people. Some 1500 people, teachers, students, cooks, custodians, administrators, and aides made up AHS. Having the number of students we had meant a vast variety of folks peopled the halls. What each Indian had in common was pride in being an Indian. Like the many Indians who had roamed the halls through the years, we had a tradition to uphold and we did. People on our campus were as different as night and day, but they proved that we Indians truly had o look all our own. Years before rhe eldesr srudenr or A.H.S. was even born, Mrs. Marrha Wilson brighr- ened rhe halls and walls of our school, along wirh rhe srudenrs. Afrer 20 years of reaching here, she exired our building bur nor our hearrs, for rhe lasr rime. During her rwo decades here, Mrs. Wil- son assumed rhe leadership of Spanish Club and Spanish l-lonor Sociery and sponsored rhe classes of 1970, 1978, 1978, and 1985. She also devoted her rime ro coaching friendship among the faculry," borh of which she would miss rerribly. She and her husband planned ro rravel rhe counrry and visir rheir children after her reriremenr. The srudenrs and faculry said a final "ADlOS" ro a grear reacher and friend who will be sorely missed, Juan Ortiz of Columbia relies on Mrs. Wilson ro be borh a teacher and inrerperaror for him and his classmares Ca job she acceprs with easel girls' rennis for 11 years. While or AHS., she enjoyed the "stu- denrs and rhe feeling of closeness and Diane Allen - Social Srudies, Honors day, Pep Sessions, Senior Awards. Wil- liam Beauchamp - Science, Pep Ses- sions. Karl Benkeser - Language Arrs. Barbara Bergdoll - Special Ed, Ameri- can Educarion Week Comm., Senior Awards, Sophomore Goss Sponsor. Rosa- lee Bernard - Social Srucles, Pep Ses- sions, Commencemenr Speaker, Boys' and Girk' Srare. Kay Berfl - L.D, Faculry - Srudenr Ad- visory Council. Janet Brandon - Home Ec. Head Curriculum Comm., Faculry Tea, Faculry Hower and Gifr Clubs, FHA. Max- ine Bridges - Language Arrs Head Sen- ior Awards, Curriculum, Enricnmenr, Thes- pians, Sr. Drama, Academic Comperirion. G. Ross Buckman - Morh Head Curricu- lum, Senior A wards and Scholorshps, Pep Sessions, Compurer Club. Fran Carrico - Science, Senior Awards. Hank Case - Arr Head Elemenrary Arr Sup., Curriculum, Cammencemenr, Hon- ors Day. Gerry Casey - Language Arrs, Pep Sessions, Honors Day. Ruthanne Cas- ror - Nurse. Evelyn Cadbourne - Counselor. Kay S. Clark - Language Arrs, American Educarion Week, Porenr- Faculry advisory Comm., Lirrle Chief faculry w Paul Clay - lndusrnalArrs, Head Curricu- lum Comm. Kendall Cox - Marn, Canvo Comm., Morh Team Advisor. Pete Dan- forth -- Social Srudes, vf' Nancy Kitt - Marh, Pep Sessions, SADD sponson Skill Bowl. John Longnaker - Science, Head Enrichmenr ream. Sandra Lowry - Larin Canvo, Larin Guo. Bill Deal - Band. Don DeSalle - Scil ence. Barbara Dietrich - Phys. Ed., Pep Sessions, Arhleric Avvards, Girk' Track and Held Donel Dietzer - Coopflfoc. Ed, Head, Curriculum, FaculryfAdvisory Comm., lCF Area Coordinaror Coopflfoc Ed. Marilyn Dobrik - Language Aris, Con vos, Lirrle Chief Rick Eads - Phys. Ed. Robert Freeman - Drivers Ed., Reserve Baskerball Coach. Jo Funk - Business Ed, Pep Sessions, Cheerleaders. Nancy Gosling - Emo- rionally Handcapped Jackie Grubb - Special Ed Penny Hadley - Marh, Girls' and Boys' Srare, A Club, Helen Harrell - Home Ec. Norm Held - Phys. Ed, Varsiry Basker- ball Coach. Wendell Hilligoss - Business Ed., Head Curriculum Baccalaureare and Commencemenr, Commencemenr Speaker, Emergency Drill and Safery, Homecoming, Senior Goss Sponsoh Mos- cor and Maiden Sponsor. Debbie Hodson - Foreign Language, Pep Session, Red and Green Week, French Club, French Honor Sociery, Skilk Bovvl. Don Hoffman - Band Faculry-Srudenr Advisory Council Color Guard Paula Howe - Business Ed, Srudenr Council Co- Sponsor. Howard Hutton - Science, Canvo Comm. Al Ihnat - Co-Opflnd Ed., American Educarlon Week, Pep Ses- sions, OWE Sophomore Class Sponson Girk' Volleyball, Wresrlng. Thomas Jack- son - Arr, Lirrle Chiei Commencemenr Speaker, Honors Day. Judy Jacobs - Mecfa Specialsr. Dixie Johnson - Special Ed Nathaniel John- son - Counselng, Head Boys' Track Coach, Assr. Coach Cross Counfry. Robert Kearns - Counseling Head Girk' Baskerf ball Patrick King - Drivers Ed., Science. Faculty 9 Secretaries - Front: Rhoda Miller, Helen Knisley, Always the funnyman, Mr. Cox demonsrrares to Janice Wheeler Back: Kathy lvlucl-zenhirn, Kay his Honors Calculus class rhar his brand new clocls still Wehner. Thanls You for your loyal service. rings or the some old rirne. Pamela McWithey - Special Ed Jack Macy - Co-op Ed, Honors Day, Convo- carion, Commencemenr, Oflice of Ed. Assr. Srudenr Council Sponsor, Dclser Mgr, Richard Maynard - Science, Harold Miller - Phys. Ed George Mock - ln- dusrrial Technology, FaculryfSrudeni advi- sory, Social Acriyiries. Dennis Montgomery - Co-op Ed, Facul- ry Advisory Comm., Pep Sessions, DECA. P.T. Morgan - Healrh and Phys. Ed, Parenr-Foculry Advisory Comm., Head Fooroall Coach. Susan Mullorkey - Lan- guage Arrs, Senior Avvards Comm., Na- rional Honor Sociery, Charles Newberry - Counselor. Helen Nicholson - Social Srudles, Commencemenr Speaker, Senior Awards Comm., 50001 Srudies Club. Dr. Jack Nicholson - Social Srudes, Head Honors Comm., Curnculum, l-'acule ryeAdvisory Comm., social Srudes Club, Oose-Up. Larry Pearson - Main, Convo. Norma Plummer - Business Ed, Pep Ses- sions, MC YC 60 faculty Jan Slattery -- Language Arts, Cam- mencemenf, Speech Team, Debare Team, NFL Sponsor, Senior Oass Sponsor. .lack Smith - Science, Senior Awards, Comrnencemenf, Student-Faculty Advisoe ry, Phil Sullivan - Moth, Boys' and GWB' Golf Coach. Barbara Porter - Language Arts, Days' and Garb' Srore, French Guo .lerry Porter - Math, Lee Pursley - Language Arts, X-Ray Advisor Larry Rittenhouse - So' cial Sruoies Doyle Roysden - Meda 5Decraisr, Boys' and Grrlsf Srare, Peter Russo - Drivers Ed. Richard Seaver - Music Depr, Head Honors Day, Chora! Ciuo, Charalerres, Madrfgab, Sfhgers Unfrrnrted Cathy .Senseney - Phys. Ed., Junior Goss Sponsor, Barbara Seybert - Language Arrs, Pep Sessions. Toni Shoemaker - Language Arfs, Pep Sessions, Lfrrfe Chief N, as Mr. lhnat prays for divine intervention as his volley- ball team is spiked at by an offensive monster during the sectional game. Mrs. Bertl, Mrs. Funk, Mrs. Howe, and Mrs. Plum- mer enjay meeting each day in the teachers lounge for lunch, Tf?ff-ww-e.-Wwwffw-efivvffwfffx faculty Mr. DeSolle just loves his toysl l-le hos over 3,000 toy cors ond severol reol ones, plus he builds doll- houses ond collects onriques, My-, wi-,U Mrs. Bridges is senrimentol obout her motchboolss becouse they help her recoll porticulor people ond ploces from her trips Our teochers were considered fonotics obout schoolworls, but did you ever thinls they were outside of school? Neorly every teocher ot Anderson turned out to be o compulsive collector. Whether they wont- ed to remember certoin events through their collections or to just occupy their lei- sure time, these teochers were obsolutely mod obout their collections. The different sets ronged from minioture dolls to life size cors. The mild-monnered moniocs, such os Mrs. Hodley, Mrs. Lowry, ond Mrs. Plough, omossed sets of chorms, thimbles, dolls, ond onimol figurines. Mr. Longnolser ond Mrs, Wright collected the troditionol coin ond stomp boolss, while Mrs. Slottery enjoyed her boole ond butter- fly collections. A new orrivol ot A.l-l.S., Mr. Vermillion occumuloted Chicogo Cub's me- morobolio, politicol buttons, pipes, ond chess sets, These teochers reloxed ofter o hectic doy with their fovorite postime, col- foculty Mrs. Dietrick spends her spore time knitting of- ghons ond blonl-sets which olso reflect her lndion pride. Iecting, For mony of the foculty members, their collections reflected their lives. The Nichol- son household wos filled with momentoes from their exotic trips. Mrs. Bridges olso gothered okgects to commemorote their trips. Mr. DeSolle wos by for the most com- pulsive of them oll. He owned over 3,060 toy cors, which he sold oll over Americo, olong with severol reol ones. ln some coses, these moniocol teochers' lives re- volved oround their collections. After o modcop doy ot the A.l-l.S, zoo, our foculty relished the opportunity to re- lox ond erjoy their collections, Both the mild-monnered ond the moniocol collec- tors shored o deep love for their fovorite postime. Dr. ond Mrs. Nicholson collect orr from oll over the world ond proudly disploy o few pieces of their Chinese ond lndion orts. rf! 41,1-. 'Ng' -anus I S i 5 if Paul Zerkel - Main, Boys' and C-Sirk' Srare, Mr. Case shows off his good rasre in wines. With racks of old and new, domestic and imported, red and white, you can rolse your pick. 4 1 f ! , , f :Il , xiii: S Karon Teeters - language Arrs, Social Acriviiies. William Thomas - Ind, Ed. Doug Vermillion - Social 5fUCf9S, Social Sruches Club, Slfilb Bowl Team, Varsity Baseball Coacn, Debbie Voorhis - Lan- guage Arrs, Faculfy Srudenr Advisory Council. Ron Watson - Phys, Ed., Scie ence, Girb' Swimming, Assr, Boys' Swim- ming coach, Jack Wiley - Moth Mary .lo Williams - Language Arrs, Siuaenr Foculry Advi! sary Comm, Junior Goss Sponsor, Year- bools Martha Wilson - Language Arrs, Oubs, Honor Day, Pep Sessions, Spanish Club, Spanish Honor Sociery, Deborah Wishard - Career Resource Cenfer. Verla Wright - Learning Disobiliies, Gubs, Social Acriviiies, faculty 3 SCNOVS S x06 xi eo b Senior Executive Council - Keiiy DeGroffenrefo', Lon Booivns, Cyrnfno Spencer, Down qa Wwe Mory Hosreri'0r, Nadine Leifef Row 2 - Kefiy Snwn, Denise Moffen, Pom Mffier, Cnrwsrf Cofier, Angie Goyfe, Jenifer Looilfn, Rocneffe Terry, Row 3 - Trenr Rowe, Spencer Foro, Qoenrfn Porrerson, Donwn Boifey, Frank Owens, Lfso Mornororn I 1 I Seniors doss sponsors Jon Sforrery ono Wenoeff' Hfflfie Qoss srwffes ono oreornes o sign of fG!'fQf os groou orfon Grows neor dia Us x 1 Closs officers Keily Srnfrn, Rocnefie Terry, Quenrfn Porrerson ond Angie Goyie prepore for groouorfon CARMEN ABSTON - Generol, Sponlsh Club CAMERON ALBEA - Generol, Arr, French Club, Bono 1, Q CHRISTIAN ALBRECHT - College Prep ANGELA ALLEN - College Prep, Srudenr Councll, Loran, Sponlsh Clubs, Frosh, Ex Councll GREGORY D. ALLEN - College Prep JEFF ALLEN - College Prep , V. Foorboll, French Club, French Norronol Honor Soc , A Club TAMI ALLEN - Generol, Sponlsh Club, COE. SCOTT D. ANDERSON - College Prep, Connpurer Club STEVE ARMSTRONG - Generol, Wres rllng, Foorboll, WENDY ASCHE - Generol, Gerrnon Club 1, COE Sec RHONDA AUKER - College Prep, Yeor boole Phorogropher, Thesplons, Whos Who, Norlonol Honor Soc JOHN BACHMAN - College Prep, Boslser boll, Cross Counrry, Golf, Mole Cheer leooer DAMON BAILEY - Pre Enguneerlng, R, V Trocls, MCYC, Lorln Club, A'Club, S Ex Councll SCOTT BAKER - College Prep, Boslserboll 1, Sruoenr councll 3, 41, Sponlsh Club, Bono 1, Q, Fr Ex Councll, DON BALL LISA BALSER - College Prep, Sponl5h Club Norlonol Honor Soc, Indronerres NANCY BANTA - Geneol, Arr Club TRACY BARBER - College Prep, V Trocls, Arr Club, Soclol Sruoles Club, Lorln Club, Sbonlsh Club DAVID BARGO - Generol, Wresrllng 1 MICHAEL BARRETT - College Prep, Fr, R, V Boslserboll 1, 2, 3, 41, Jr Ex Councll STEVE BARTLETT - Prefnglneerlng, Sponrsh Club, Bond, Norlonol Honor Soc KAREN BAUGH - College Prep, Mor Mold, French Club 1, 2, Ex Councrl 1, Q ETHAN BEARD - College Prep, Sponlsh Club, French Club, Soclol Srudles Club KELLY JO BECK - Generol, COOP, Ger rnon Club, Bond C 'MOM KIMBERLY BEHRENS College Prep, ROBERT BENSON College Prep, Speech Team Spanish Club German KIMBERLY BLAIR College Prep, French Club German Club lndianerres, Choral LORI ANN BODKINS College Prep, l-lead lndianerre German Club, Social JAN BONTRAGER College Prep, Thes- pians German Club French Club, Social Srudies Club Singers Llnlimired Narional MIMSY BOWMAN College Prep, Larin Club Arr Club Social Srudies Club, SADD PATTY BOZE General Tracie Mgr in TIM BERRYMAN Cueneral V Tracie, V. '--v' l. lim 'Z A Glance Back l One Lasr rrip across rhe shining indian. A lasf glance or fhe smiling faces vve have lived vvirh for more rhan four years. The day has arrived, June 2, 1986, Graduarion. SATS, finals, government. From day one af AHS we all looleed forvvard ro fhe day vve finally became SENIORSI Along vvirh all fhe privileges, srudenis found rhai becom- ing a senior meanf a greaf deal of vvorls. Papervvorlx, governmenr projecfs, and jobs. They all consumed a large percenf of seniors' fime. Busy or nor, Seniors found enferfain- menf in many forms Lerring loose and rhe all rime favorife - fhose memorable sen! ior Parfies. As rhe year came ro a close, friends bid fond farevvells, shed o few rears and bee gan worrying vvhar TO do nexf, NANCY BRAMBLETT DEBORAH BRODERICK - College Prep, Volleyboll Q, 3, French Club, Arr Club DAVID BROWN - Generol Wresrllng. DEBBIE BROWN LORI BURNS - College Prep, Sociol Sruo' res Club, Germon Club, Y Teens LYNN BYERS - College Prep, Srudenr Counol, R Cneerleoder, Frencn Club, Ger nnon Club, Sopn Ex. Counol, Whos Wno, Norlonol Honor Soc ALISHA CAGE - College Prep, Sr. Ex Council, TONY CAMPBELL - College Prep, Arr Club, Sponlsn Club. DOUG CASTOR - College Prep, V Trocls, V Foorboll, V. Boslserboll, Sponusn Club, A-Club STEVE CHADBOURNE - College Prep, V Swlrnnnlng, Loran Club, Cnorol Club, Sxngers Unwlrrnired SEAN CHAPPELL MICKEY CLARK - College Prep, V Bose boll, V Foorboll, Frosb Boslaerboll, Loran Club, Frencb Club, Sruoenr Counol LILLIE CLAY - Generol, Trocls, Bosleerboll Mgr DAVID COBURN - Generol, Llgnrrng Crew JAMIE COLES - Generol, JA CHRISTINE COLLIER - College Prep, V Swlrnrnlng, French Club, Slngers Unlrnnlreo, Ex Counol 3, A, Honor Sooery, Wnos WING SANDRA COOK - Generol, Volleyboll 1, Q, C5 CHERYL COPELAND - College Prep, Sponlsb Club, Sponrsb Honor Soc CARMEN COTTRELL - College Prep, Honor Soclery, Tbesplons, Cborol Club CASSI CRANE JEFFREY CRAWFORD - College Prep, ITC, Sponlsb Club CARYL CREECH - VOCorlonol STACIA CRICK - College Prep, Pror'n Cornmrrree, Frencn Club, Sruoenr Counol THOMAS MICHAEL CRISLER - Vocorlon ol, ICT I flfl 67 W 'cf W Ll ew - mf XM 9 iw' A Ar- .J , aN'w Y, W 5. M fv'Zs. -GI KELLY GUNTER - Vocorlonol MICHAEL D. HADLEY - College Prep, V, Swlrnnnlng, Mole Cheerleooer, A-Club, Thesplons, French Club, Norronol Honor Soc., Chorol Club, Srngers Unlirnlred, Moorl- gols. JOHN HAGUE - College Prep, Arr Club KENYA HAMM - College Prep, Loran Club, French Club, Norionol Honor Soc. ELENA HAMMONS RANDY HARNEY LEE ANN HARRIS - College Prep, Lorln Club. Arr Club, Chorol Club. TROY HART LINDA HARTLEY BRIAN HEDGECRAFT - Generol. JOHN HEIDEN - College Prep, V, Boslserf boll Mgr., V. Foorboll Mgr LISA HELTON - College Prep, R. Volley- boll, lncluonerres, JA DEBORAH HILLIGOSS TEERI HILLIGOSS - College Prep, Sponish Club, MARY ANN HINES - College Prep, French Club, Sociol Srudles Club, JA, Mor Mold, APRIL HINNERS MARIA HITCH - College Prep, Thesplons, Loran Club, SADD, Arr Club, Yeorbools MARY HOCHSTETLER - College Prep, Sruclenr Council, Sponish Club Sec , Sponlsh Honor Soc, Honor Soclery, Bond. SUZANNE MICHELLE HOLYCROSS - R. Volleyboll 1, 2, V. Volleyboll 3, rl, R. Trock 2 MICHAEL HOOVER - General, Sociol Srudies Club. JAMES HORNE STEVE HOSKIN - College Prep, X-Roy, Sponlsh Club, Compurer Club, SADD, Bond, T-Birds PATRICIA HOSTETLER - College Prep, SADD Sec., French Club, Thesplons. DAVID HOUGH - College Prep, Boseboll 2, 8, 4. Foorboll, 70 SGOIOVS D 'll ,lf Shrnrng Brrght A foce shlnlng brlghr Afrer four yeors of dedlconon hord worls ond o lor of sweor Senlor l.orl Bodlslns reigned os l-leod lndlon erre As o freshmen Lorl rrled our ond begon her dumb up rhe lodder Afrer llsrenlng ro other offlcers ond TOISIOQ o bode seor ro rhe upperdossmen Lorl lool-zed forword ro her As her lunlor yeor rolled oround Lora onxlously owoxred vorlng from orher bond members ro decide who would be Heod lndlonerre As 7 OO p m rolled oround ond rhe bond bonouer orrlved Lorl wos on nounced l-leod lndlonerre for rhe 1985 1986 yeor Afrer o long summer Lorl helped rhe bond ro ploce flrsr I0 rhe lndlono Srore Four doys os on upperclossmen. Chief, CHRISTINA HUBBLE - X-Roy Edlrorfln SUSAN HULSE - College Prep, Trocl-Q, V Swimmlng 1, 2. NATALIE HURLEY - Generol, Bond. 93 MARK HUTCHINS - Generol, Germon Club, Arr Club, Singers Unlnmlred 4 Cnulror lsr. ' CHARLOTTE INGRAM - College Prep, ll Trocls, V. Trocls, Colour Ciuord, Norlonol Honor Soc, Sponish I-lonor Soc. MATT ISBELL MELISSA JACK - College Prep, R. Trocle Bond, DECA RONDA JEFFRIES - College Prep, Glrls Srore, MCYC, Speech Teom, SADD, Sociol Srudles Club Pres., Ex Coundl 1, 2, 3, l-lisro ry Doy Wlnner, Whos Who, JA, Germon Honor Soc. SGOIOVS JENNIFER JENNINGS MARK JENSEN - Cuenerol GINA JOHANSON OLEATHA JOHNSON TONY JOHNSON - Generol, Foorboll, Doslserboll, Boseboll, Sponish Club, Speech Teom. ALAN JONES - College Prep, Tennis, Trocls, MCYC, Sponish Club, Thespions, Singers Unlimited, Moorigols DAVID JONES - Pre Engineering, French Club, Sociol Sruclies Club JULIE JONES - College Prep, V Trocl-2, Sruoenr Council, Sponish Club, Arr Club, RANDY JONES BECKY JONES - College Prep, Norionol Honor Soc, Sponish l-lonor Soc., Speech Teom Tres., Sponish Club, Sociol Sruclies Club, SADD, Whos Who, Girls Srore, RITA JONES - College Prep, SADD, Lorin Club, Thespions, Singers Unlimited, Modri gols 3, -41 SONYA JONES .W 'U' X.. ,rx 1 ,E .1 I Remembering . Groduorion Dore - June 5, 1986. o sie XKSESGXQDSS b Our closs sponsors Mrs. 'b g Slottery ond Mr. Hilligoss. y Our closs colors blue ond 72 SQVNOV gold. Junior prom theme "Im- oges of Stordom" Closs officers - President - Quentin Potterson, V- Pres. - Angie Goyle, Secretory - Rochelle Ter- ry, Treosurer - Kelly Smith. 1986 - The first closs to wolk ocross the shining new lndion. 3 LISA KAMARATH - College Prep, Gerf man Club, Lario Ciub JULIE KEY - Genera, Boslferboll, Volley ball NANCY KIMM RODNEY KING - General, V , T1 Track, ll Foorboll TIM LAMACCHIO - College Prep JEFFREY LANE - College Prep, Mascor, JA, Band Copr, Singers Unlinnired, Boys Srore CHRISTINA LAYMAN - College Prep, So' cial Srudies Club, French Club, TfBirds, Band SCOTT LEECH - College Prep, French Club, A-Club NADINE LEFFEL - College Prep, National Honor Soc , Larin Club, Social Srudies Club, Band STEPHANIE LEWIS - College Prep, Cheerf leader, Srudenr Council, l-lonor Sociery, French Club, Ex Council i, Prom Queen, Homecoming Queen TODD LONG - General DENISE LYNN LOVE - College Prep, Prom Committee, Yearbook 0, Narional Honor Soc , Larin Club, Social Studies Club. The 10,000 crystals we strung for the prom cen- ter piece. The hours spent on the winning class float three consecutive years. Senior week and the par- ties that went with it. Mrs. Slattery and Mr. Hilli- goss' patience which we appreciated. Working coat check for prom and missing the game. The homecoming dances we went to as frosh and hate to look back upon. The final count down to senior week and the dumb things that went with it. Thanks to all the teachers, parents, friends, and rel- atives who had to en- dure the long hours of antics and restlessness that go along with being a senior. SGOIOFS Colle-ge D031-s 7 f 5 3' 'W Y Al ,R Q I ,,g:gg,gg, gf IRI -3 XX X ff , ww Q T984 85 FUIDUE UNIVERSIYY BUILETIN .Iwi . .guf W' cf 'X f " PLE' .M w I lfiw TWA X M IHTIOGUCI I0 0, EXPN '1 JENNIFER LUALLIN - College Prep, Thes- pions, Pres, Singers Unlinnired, Modrigols, Closs Officer 2, Ex Council A, Honor Soci- ery. LAURA LUPTON - College Prep, Honor Sociery, French Club, French Honor Soc JEFFREY MAISH - College Prep, ICT, French Club, Sociol Srudles Club, Thespions 1, Bond I, 2. SUZIE MARION - Generol CJ MARTIN - Vocorionol, Foorboll 1, Arr Club. BRIAN MASON - Generol, Foorboll. MARK MASON - Cuenerol, Bond. PAT MCCOLLUM - College Prep, V. Foorboll, V, Boseboll, Exp Council 3, TODD MCCORD - College Prep, Wresf fling, Sociol Srudies Club. MICHELLE MCCOY - College Prep, V. Cross Counrry, V Trocle, Ps. Boslserboll Bond, A-Club, French Club, lndion Moiden, VAUGHN MCCOY - College Prep, Pl, Boseboll. DENISE MCCROCKLIN - College Prep, R. Volleyboll, Prom Cofnmirfee, Thespions, Sponlsh Club, Chorol Club, Ex. Council 8, 4, Sponish Honor Soc i 74 SGVTIOVS cf l.U,, Purdue, Our of srofeP Mony Seniors foced srress concerning nor only their closses, bur whor ro do wifh rhe resr of their lives. Afrer rhe rosls of rolsing rhe SAT wos complere, srudenrs owoired rhe orrivol of brochures rhor would help rhern decide which college would open rhe door for rhem. Posr fhe iniriol shocls of fhe cosr, sfudenrs begon rhe seorch for funds Scholorships, sovings ond porenrs become on imporronr osser for oll of rhe college bound srudenrs, As seniors begon rheir seorch for o lools oll rheir own, rhey worried, srudied, ond odded o dosh of fun, 1 if? .X if rg .1 Ms. QU' 34 WIA be 0 I 3 MISSY MCCURRY - Coheoe Prep, Mor Moo, Sponrsh CIuo, Sponrsn I-Ionor Soc MARSHA MCFADDEN - GeneroI, Inoron erres PATRICK MCKINNEY - Corege P'eo, Love Geo Ixovoeo Honor Soc V-Pres STEVE MCSHERRY - Correge Prep, GoIf I, Q, Boskerooh 1, Ex Coonor I JANA MELANDER - CorIeQe Prep, Spon sn Goo, CoIoor Gooro I, Q, I-Ionor Sociery CAROL MICHAEL - VocorronoI LARRY MICHAEL - Genercr, Bond JERRY MILES - Genero. AMANDA MILLER - CoIIe-ge Prep, V Trade, V Swrnwrnrng, Prorn Cornpnvree, Lorrn Goo, APCIQQ, Arr CIoo SoooI Srooaes Cop AMY MILLER - Codege Prep, Srooenr Coonol, Prorn Conwnwrrree, Yeorooore, Gerrnon CIuo, Frencn Goo PAMELA MILLER - CoIIege Prep, V. GoIf, Pronn Cornrnrrree, Frencn CIop, CnoroI Crop, I-Ionor Sooery, Sngers Unlrrnlreo, Ex Coono 3, 4 JOY MILLIRON - Generoi CARLA MILNER - GeneroI, X-Roy, The-5 prong, Speedo Tecnn MIKE MINER - CoIiege Prep TODD MINER - Frencn Cop, Sponrsn Goo, Speecn Teorn JOHN MOFFETT - CoIIege Prep. THERESA MONAGHAN - Ge-neroI, Arr Cloo, Coroor Gooro JEFF MOORE - CoIIege Prep, V FoorooII, V DoseoorI, Honor Sooery Sec., Sponrsn Goo, Sponrgn I-Ionor Soc WILLIAM MOORE - GeneroI, JEFFREY MORGAN - Gene-roi, Frosn Fooroo2I, Bond MISTY MORGAN - VOCOTIOOOI, DENISE MULLEN - CoIIeQe Prep, X-Roy Pnorogropner, Frencn CIoo, French I-Ionor Soc , CoIour Goord TERESA MULLINS - GeneroI, Thesprons, Syrnpnonic Cnoir, CHRISTOPHER NAVE - CoIIeQe Prep, Sro oenr Coonoi, Loran CIob, Sponnsn CIoo 6 75 DAVID NICELY - Generol DAMIAN NUNN - College Prep, Frosn Foorboll, ICT, Frosn Trocls, Conwpurer Club, Boncl PAMELA NYBERG - College Prep, V Volleyboll, Culrls Srore, SADD, Lorln Club, Norlonol Honor Soc , Whos Wno JAMES OHLER FRANK OWENS - College Prep, Boys Srore, Frencn Club, Soclol Srudles Club, Honor Sociery, Srudenr Council, MCYC, Ex Councrl 2, 3, A JANICE OWENS - Vocorronol APRIL PARKE - Generol, ICT. QUENTIN PATTERSON - College Prep, Srudenr Counol, MCYC, COE, Honor Soo' ery Tres., Closs Pres TRENT PATTERSON ESTHER PAYNE ANTHONY PERRY - Vocorionol WILLIE PERRY ANN PIKE - Generol, SADD, Bond MELISSA PITTS - Cuenerol, ICT DAVID PLUMMER - College Prep, Corn purer Club, Bono, Slngers Unlumired KAREN POOLE - College Prep, JA, Spon :sn Club, Soool Srudles Club, Honor Soclery TRACY PUGH JAMES PURKEY - Vocorlonol, ICT ERIC RAMSEY - College Prep, SADD KIM RAMSEY MIKE REASONER - Cmenerol. PAUL REDDING - College Prep, V. Foot' boll, R. Doslserboll, V, Trocl-4, Sponisn Club, A-Club. TRACY REHMEL - General, Frencn Club. KEVIN REMINGTON - Generol. 76 SQHIOVS l lllllllnuq LARENDA RICHARDSON TINA RICHEY - General, Colour Guard l 2 HARRY ROBERSON - College Prep, V Foorball, Frosh Baslserball, V. Track, Af Club, Spanlsh Club SYBIL ROBERTS - General, R , V Volley- ball, Nanonal I-lonor Soc JOLENE ROBINSON - College Prep, Cheerleader 1, Ex Councll l, 2, 3. TRENT ROWE - College Prep, V. Foor ball, Sruaenr Counal, Sr Ex Councll, Sru' aenr Counal ROOISIQ of rhe Year GAYLORD TRAVIS SAYERS - College Prep, V. Foorball l, Q, 3, Basl-zerball 1, R. Tracls. MARGARET SCALES GREG SCOTT - College Prep, Wresrllng, XfRay, Spanlsh Club, Arr Club. BRIAN SHANAHAN - General, Larln Club, Spanlsh Club TERRY SIGLER TERRY SILVEY - General BRIAN SIMPSON - General, Foorbali BRIAN SKEHAN KARMA SKINNER - General, ANN M. SMITH - College Prep, V Vol' leyboll, Prom Connmlrree, Spanish Club, A' Club BRYAN SMITH - College Prep, V Foorf ball, V, Baseball, Spanlsh Club, A-Club Honor Sociery, Spanlsh I-lonor Soc, DAWN SMITH KELLY SMITH - College Prep, V. Tennls V Golf, French Club, Social Sruaies Club, A- Club, Ex, Councll l, Q, 3, 41, Sr, Class Tres. Glrls Srare, Prom Conwnnlrree ROOSEVELT SMITH TIMOTHY SMITH - General, Soclal Sruo' les Club, Bono TRICIA SNODGRASS ERIC SNYDER - General, Frosh Football Lighrlng Crew, INGRID SNYDER - College Prep, V Tracls, Cross Counrry, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, French Club, Soclal Sruales Club, A-Club SGOIOVS 7 7 STEPHANIE SNYDER - CoIIeQe Prep, SADD, SoeecH Teonn, Honor Sooery, Lorrn Club, Whos Woo CYNTHIA SPENCER - Coiege Prep, Caer mon Goo, Bond Mojor MATTHEW SPITZER - GeneroI, Lrgrwrrng Crew TOD SPRADLIN - GeneroI, SADD APRIL STEPHENS - Gene-ro! COE JIM STOCKS - Generd, Lrgpvno Crew CAREN STOLL - CoIIege Prep, V VoIIey DQII, Frencn CIULD, Gerrnon CIop, SoooI Sroores Opp, Whos Wno SEAN STROUD - CoIIe-oe Prep, Erosn EoorooII, Cross Coonrry, Wre5rIrng, DECA MICHELLE SUCHOCKI - CoIIeQe Prep, Hog Cop' , DECA, Yeorpook, Prorn Corn nnrrree, Colour Gooro 1, 2, 3, 41 SEAN SWANSON - GeneroI, Gerrnon Cob, Bono Ocfcer TIM TAPPAN - CoIIeQe Prep, R Trooe, Soonrsn Cop Bono, Soo' sp Honor Soc DARRELL TAYLOR - Pre Engneenng Comouer Ceo, Bono, Snoers Unwfnrrec NICKOLYN TEAGUE - CueneroI, R, V BosIferpoII, ACIpo ROCHELLE TERRY ERIN TIERNEY - CoI'eQe Preo V Tennrs, V Swnnnn ng, Soowsn Cop, Honor Soc- e'y CHoroI Cop Svoers Un'-rrvec, Moon ops MARY TIERNEY - CoIIeQe PreO, V DIV ang, CHeerIeoder I, Q, 3, 41, Erencn Cop, Honor Sooery, Ex CoonoI Q, 3, Jr Goss Sec OATHER TOMLINSON NORMAN TORREY - CofIe-oe Prep, V Eoo"ooII, V Wresrwwg, Soonrsn Cop DARRIN TOWNSEND - CoIIege Prep, Trocls, Cross Coonrry, JA, French Cloo MARCUS TOWNSEND - CoIIeQe Prep, V I3osIserooII, Erosrw EoorooII REGINALD TRAVIS - VoCorronoI ANGELA TRINKLE - GeneroI JAMES ANTHONY TUCKER - CoIIege Prep, V I3osIserboII, Sponisrr Clop, Ex Counol 4, Srodenr Cooncrl, VALORIE TURNER - PrefEngrneerrng, IA, Lorrn Goo, Sponrsn CIoo, Crweerleoder I, 2, 4, Ex CounoI I 78 SGVTIOV ln :Si 78 rf. in Qu ' x aff' ,fi-wxw SCOTT VERMILLION - Pre Engheeriog FOOibo Bosiseboii, Boseooii, Thespions, Wdos Who KATIE WANTZ - Coiiege Prep, Srudenr Councii, Socioi Srudies Ciuo, Honor Sociery, French Ciuo French Honor Soc, Giris Srore JULIE WARD - Pre Engineering, V Goif, V Tennis, Morh Teom, French Ciuo, Ldrin Ciuo, Socioi Srudies Ciup, Honor Sociery, French Honor Soc , Ex Councii 2, CS, Giris Srore. TINA WARNER - Generoi, Bosiserpoli, Voiieyooii, Trocis Socioi Srudies Ciup, Arr Ciub, Bono TONYA WEBB KELLY WELCH - Coiege Prep, Voiiey poii, Mor Moids, French Ciuo DAVID WELKER - Pre-Engineering, Speech Teom, Sponish Ciup DAWN WHITE - Coiiege Prep, Trocie, French Ciup, Bond, Homecoming Princess ooii KEVIN WHITE Soonish Ciup coi Svc es Cico A New Foce - I Y A r ff' ' I 4:7 New Kid on rhe Blocls? No, new ro rhe counrryl Chrisrion Alorechr come ro Ander- son from Oidenourg, Germony. Living wirh Senior, Todd McCord ond his fomily, Chris- rion found Iife in Americo nor roo for ferched from rhof in Germony, Chrisrions socioi life inciuded loud music ond his 'gong' Wirh Seniors Todd McCord, Morls Hurchins, Milse Hoover, ond Tony Comppell, he found enrerroinmenr in move ies, cruising, ond music. Chrisrion decided much of our music wos differenr, preferring rhe music of his norive counrry. Alfhough he preferred Germon groups ro Americon, he Iilsed fhe one ond only sounds of our own Bruce 'IBorn in rhe USA." Springsreen. Q79 DOUG WHITE - Coiiege Prep, V Foor ROBERT WILKEN - Coiiege Prep, Bond RAYMOND WILKINS - Coiiege Prep So RICHARD WILLIAMS STEVE WILSON LISA WOOD - Gene-'CI Co our Gvcc LAURA YOUNG - Gemez III 80 Cooch Anthony Tucker Cremprs ro expom we rex' :icy 'O RUNIHQDQCIQ Imgmc Snyder OLJTIFQ we HOMQCQFFQ Chowder pd' fo0rOo.I gore SGVNIOVS ,L ,, Gaining Experience State politics at Anderson l-ligh? Not ex- actly, yet eight seniors got a taste of how government actually works this past sum- mer at Indiana Universityr From June lo to the 23rd, the eight chosen were separated into Nationalists and Federalisrs and were able to exper- ience an entire campaign season within a week A pep rally was held between the two parties. Each developed their own plat- forms, specific campaigns, made buttons, and wrote speeches, After reinactments of House and Senate proceedings, a four hour session of speech- es was held to hear the candidates. After elections were concluded, the elected officials took their 'offices' and pro- ceeded with business as normal. Business inclulded such things as issuing paychecks, court proceedings and fictional crimes, With counselors on watch, Reps kept their noses to the grind, occasionally finding time for such antics as sneaking off to find ice cream and other fast food, With all the hard work, antics and learn- ing, paticipants found time to get to know kids from around the state "The best thing was meeting all the different people and seeing how our gov- ernment works," said John Wooten, BOYS' STATE - Frank Owens, Spencer Flora, John Wooten, Mike l-ladley, Jeff Lane. GIRLS' STATE - katie Wantz, Pam Nyberg, Kelly Smith, Ronda Jeffries. SGPHOTS www CLASS I QF Q Adams, Ginger AIexander, Eidred Anderson, Davira Asnron, Tom Arnerron, Jay Aubrey, I-learner Auker, David xii Ayers Ross Bailey, Rachel Baker Janie Baker MicneIe Darkduil JIII Barnes Derek Bearry, Kim are A ia: as JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL - Front Row: Joan Byaee. Row 2: Leonard Parrerson, Lori Morgan. Row 3: Marsie Young, Cnrisry I-Ioyermale, Heidi Carver, Row 4: Lisa Innar, Lisa Hardacre. Row 5: Dee Vernuisr, David Wykoffback Row: Rob Gillam, Jeff Safer. gaze egg iiij Eggggszgz Eb 'SMWF w0w5?SW'5'Z?SSZ5ZSSsiiiiiikiisiksiiiiiiski 12552 523522 'W KM som ww Q mm 'isissswswgsww 02,10Wsmsm-zwsdqswwsm ss-SFRA 253333325 'fi ES' ZSSBEQSSBSSSMLZSQESEES Eiaiiiiyiwaisiiiiii 5233555 as si ,i 4gm5g,,m,s sw sis sg ,W s Q Q 2 Qwgiisgggiigmgimzsiiigzsgsaiiszgggaziggi 3 Eszggagisiagiiii 2 3 w s Q i,Q..,w E 5 'A szassvzzezezmwwwmmwsmfrfsssfzwfsssqssssiiwissmw Darren Mcvey bit me on fine ear wirh his brorhers' fake dracuia feern and I had ro ger o rernus snot jusr ro be safe, 82 juniorsfi couid have died when . , . I hir a homerun or a base, bali game. I rhoughr I was cooi and men I feii over second base and sprained my ankie, asm.: gg gggwysw ss 9 Q viggwsg :ws 555: gggggg is swag mmmims W 0mmszvwmiwsssmw, , ,W 33,511 WWWW ,, sswqzsi S Iisiszszsw 5 ? Swvfawsszssszsfgszgggwi g 55Poisfszisggjgggsgwfisgfiggggggggg swmw.iaN2:4U,,gmW,s.W,,,s, ,zwaswwwwmm mmwia Qmssmfzssz I gor in me shower during gym class and I slipped and fell on a bar of soap and broke 'my Ieg in four piaces. My morn reacher was fry- ing ro kiII a bee on the window and ir came fo- ward me and srung me on the back of my neck. c L 'TN ,, ,, ik , , 5. A W' ,S s Www ,rf MQsebgssweeswssswvfkggsar1 V srssgsggiiif , sfwgwglgfili, QNTEESWQ5fsfwifmgiiiiififlff igrwirrsgiiis , : 2525555525521-is:fwiZs:riis:f:f:1?f-SSSQSKQMSSSQQQ ,. M kept rrying ro open my ncker and ir would nor ipen. Then I realized rhar was ar someone elses ncker. 4-.1 . -1-7 N fggggggrkyggggggggwsvzigifgirggemggg sgmgoiwzgiimifziiifzz:LM-ifimmwwsswsmgfg ,W zz - gf mwelefivf 5 51 Y sessm25ssMrfimu,s,,, mowssiewyssswwsww- -mmm, I wenr nurs ar a Pacer game because l rhoughr l won a VCR, buf when I went ro ger ir, I had rhe wrong number, Blevins, Scorr Bodey, Craig Boeglin, Amy Booker, Mary F riff Borron, Robin Bowers, Tim Boyle, Chris Brarroin, Mga Brown, Bob Brown, Tim Brown, Tony Bruce, Brian Burns, Cindy x , .va . 3 - J . --Wwwm-weakens vvvv-vv-,h,LL I ,,M,,4z'--wmwrm im ..Ii,Ii.,rrr , ., ssenuaawsa ' ' Zsiizifw 'm:ss:M,,,, is . I was riding my bike and was looking at something more exciring and I ran info a parked car and denred ir up and nothing happened ro my bike. Busby, Laura Bush, Terry Bybee, Joan W, Canrrell, Barr Carl, Turner Carlson, Lisa Carmin, Dan Carrel, Drew Carrer, Heidi 1. 5? Cherry, I-lugh Clark, Larry Coale, Paula Coburn, Kelly Connell, Paul Beauchamp, Carla Behrens, Amy Bennerr, Bunny Boyd, Wendy Broadnax, Rhonda Brogdon, Barb Broyles, Bobin Burron, Boberr Campbell, David Campbell, Rick Campfield, Bruce Carr, Aurumn Carrer, Crysralina Collins, Wendy Cook, Zac S2'F'Hfff2i" f:ifm55Z35?3s'i2???25,? LS fifiiziihiigxiiffgiiisi 35555253353 t W2 , , ,, l was ar the movies and l wenr ro grab my boy- friend's hand and I grabbed someone I didn'r even know. iuniorsfi could have died when . . . Daughhetee, Eric Dickerson, Stacey Ferguson, Angie Flowers, Michele Gotewood, Paul German, Lorondio Cooper, Ty Coats, Melissa Cotton, Terry Cottrell, kristen Cox, Carey Cox, karen Creamer, Roy Crouse, Rick Curren, Christin Davis, Jamie Davisson, Pat Dray, Tina Eaker, Tabarha Ehle, David Eldon, Deborah Farrer, Mike Figge, Paul Fish, Debbie fl' Fisher, Melissa Fisk, Michael Fisk, Suzette Fletcher, Dave Fauts, William Fox, Constance Fridley, Patricia Fuller, keith Fuller, Rhonda Fuller, Shannon Garrison, John Gavin, Malea Gibbs, Cherise Gibson, John Gibson, Par Gilliam, Rob Gourley, Tina Graham, Kris "" M '- V W f - , i if J M iz yi W my W7 Mir fi we .-,, M I, ,,,,, if fn 'mi Y BH E5?b2 iEE223 W M, ww5'QmM"iFZ,?fi?W3fd3,?5wSi's5gezWef.w5Afw5 -i V X .. is.fd.YtbM' WW, tt " its WY JH new We it , '. f Vis' L ,VV ' .:..::'-:- -5.2: ---- 2 ' ., :.-:i s2:2.'::-:Q .-.- 2 .feef ffytf he :sei 2em:.r:,S5-"WW-f3V5fTgLs ,, 2:3 'g 2 te. we W, ' if e 5 ei ' ti an ss fir 2 if fggrenl Hfe ewfeso,,,c,,s::feMme? r""' m esses? Mme' 2 fi fe it if if 'ii A ie its 1335 tt ff? it .... Q ---- , , ., During my fomiiy living dass we were having o test and the CUTQST guy in the class kept whispering something to me. I thought he was giving me the answers to the TGSY, but he was really saying, "XYZPDQ." F iuniorsfi could have died when . . . The administrator for the junior class walked by when l was getting books out of my locker and saw a pioygiri picture hanging inside. He gave me o Sat- urday for it. On the first day of my freshman year E went to my English class for 25 minutes, ond, when they passed , out books, I feit like o first grader. G Someone on the other team after the lost foot? bali game threw o mud ball and hit me in the mouth and chipped my tooth. . Groy, Tony Griffey, Alan Hahn, Marr Hall, Kevin Horbron, Paul Harris, kenny Harhcock, Eric Heiney, Mike A? Henry, Ryan 419 ig,-I5 X Hilligoss, Susan Hilligoss, Toni Hobbs, kyle Hoover, Brian Horron, Terry xy Hughel, Mike Huirr, Sheri Hyarr, Ricky Ice, Mike Ihnar, Lisa Jackson, Greg Granger, Brenda Greenlee, Tim Griffirh, Melissa Hancock, Glen Honey, Chuck Hardacre, Lisa Harrer, Edward Hensley, Sherry Hensley, Sreohanie Herron, Dawn Hexamer, Rachel Himes, Lynerre Hoffman, Melissa Holland, Timmy Holliday, Hearher Hollingsworrh, Sora Holloman, Audie Hovermale, Christy Howard, Todd Jackson, Teresa Johanrgen, Jerilyn Johnson, Dawn .-.-.- li' ----- , -'-" :wr rQ--- f A, WWW. ' "" N10 rc mmwfewff briefs - -'-' - -----2 ---- Q ""' 'sgsmje M r ' "" W, fr mr, ,,,.,, r " l wore my new Hollow- een cosrume over ro my friend l4elly's house ro show her how ir looked and when l knocked on rhe door I realized l was or rhe wrong house. l went our ro ear ar McDonalds and l ordered o Whopper wirh cheese and the man looked of me and gave me rhe dir- riesr look l uncrossed my legs from under a desk in German and l gor gum stuck all over my new pants and E had ro wear rhem around all day. l was posing on srage for a modeling show ar the mall and the heel of my shoe broke off and l fell down. luniorsfi could have died when . . . Johnson, Leonord Johnson, Quintones Johnson, Sherry Jones, Andrew Jones, Cormen Jordon, Delbert Jordon, Timothy Joseph, Shoron Kose, Michelle Kotes, Monty Kelley, Anthony Kelley, Michelle Kelly, Jennifer Kern, Kevin Kimm, Jomie Kinder, Michelle King, Liso Knuckles, Rob LoMocchio, Tom Lone, Kris Loster, Corey Lovvhon, Jennifer Lowson, Missy Lovvson, llondy Lovvson, Tim LeAnno, Liso Lee, Andy Lycon, Rondo Mojors, Shelly Mollernee, llichord Monworing, Scott Mortin, Greg Mortin, Robin Morvell, Beth Mossey, Moryo Mosters, Aoron McCreory, Milxe McDoniel, Bryon McKee, Jomes McKenzie, Miclsey McNolly, Terry McVey, Dorren 1 "J gxv, gym 'llxlxriix hx WW fri-2:2:E'E2'Ii:IE2 :iii :iL: -If-1:-2if'f-'f-2 .g:.5:is::... :I..I:Ia2:QE , ,,,.,,, , , i We Wxxiw x'2?m"mm" A 'T,.iI ' W -iii:-i irE::f:i':Ei2Es2aQ5:2s-2:-Iwifsiffiffi,TTSM -'-- .ifiw " ' " ir 'W , 'Q' iii? WM Mm' W it 3 ti e W c sg -- We ---- we ff Wt'Q:.,-,mmwi .mmsmme W m: ,5asiai msss1rEvi?m3w Qesww wfwei?W iQii? Ewmxwcwms-2 mf- ...WM v' m as mmm 5 I wos sitting in chemistry closs first hour ond l thought I wos going to be clever by cheating off o test but when I turned oround my reocher was storing or me, iuniorsfi could have died when . . . l wos running ocross the footboll field to welcome the other teom ond l fell on my foce in front of oll those people. I went out on o dote ond while sitting in the booth in the restouront, l drib- bled ice-creom oll over my new shirt ond he hod ro tell me l vvos driving in the drive ed. cor during closs ond vvos very slicls out cino was hit from behind or yield sign, 'XJ 'XR Not straining the oroin our srroining rhe eyes insreod seems ro oe rhe issue os John llichordson mes ro copy off of his neighbor Morsie Young during on in-closs ossignmenr in chemisrry 'N W, W5inigwgesssmswiissssfzmeW I 2 ::5?E5S2?s2m:5w:rQMMSS fs' Sw E :firms IHmesiesswsissqsqsssgwwg wsssgggggqmsszgagzsg Em-rzgzgggggg -gmgwleigzsgggggh mimzimziwws gvgmmiigggggwg yibigtfzi I. sv s S Mwmmx Uniewwwim H lmmqwsw P1 me efv"2P1gwsw,,1-img qwiqw 3 Zwmm. :Q55evWppswpsmgemsms. ,I-mm, mmm mr wwwmm simm -- 2 2 MMM M mamma www, H ,iv Www, , ,xmvmmg I wmggszfss? ff fggmgmweszzfzfggf :.s:f::f:sls:gQ,2:::::a:gggg,r:3.I Qgwwsirzs I.,M.fsz'2:s:f:,r:s1wwfazismisew r22fzswsawimssssafwvsfszsrNs. 5 al I wos sirring in closs on o choir ond Ieoned bocls- word ond fell over onro I wos rollslng ro my boy- friend on the phone our os rhe Conversorion gor more involved I reolized thot lr wos nor my boy- friend I wos rollsing ro our his brorher, rhe floor ond broke my orm ond chipped my foorh. I I J X ,. 'mf I Q QL mm Y, . f -,,,,,, M W5 I 1 WW' ,x ,,,,,I . vw WSI Meese, Gory Mercer, Joelle MGVVIVV, Shown Miles, Jonine Miller, Louro Miller, Mllse Miller, Michelle Miller, Rob Mills, Rod Mills, Sreve Moberly, Berh Moore, Andreo Moore, Buford Morgon, Lori Morgon, Rico Mullins, Angelo Murdocls, Roberr Myers, Dovid Nove, Kevin Nove, Nichelle Newsom, Sidney Niccum, Clinr ,fH""""""' ,...As---A--' Milf?E21Mmiigfiiggrrrirsfrswsarif Silfinlfiiyiif rWgS2455'55gj5w:2ss2ii3fisiisiii313llmlliaiwESQSESSWQSQFSSSS EWR we rmmesswgvfiggwm5 II WWWSSSSQSNS ies? H I ala 339 gfgigsi grwifigifiifgi Qwzfrgx- Rwgaig 'swiss gg pmegkimigalgggxi. 51525352 Q gg ,I H1555 gi ik -fli--:fl-5-1r'f1-rrrr 3532355555555 , 9 2 2 M SQ-sm E5 385553 Q3 SM we K 925255 s Ml. QI mg? Emi? ri Wg? S Eg? I E5 egg W KS ' Qislgmswrssssff wg Wlwsggsgm:ssss:s.iis:w5w Q gf W, aww? sri? fgismwm wS.Q?2SGws:seHgagmS5 V Q +.::'.:5 if us1wu:z:s:m2::v?H::Ssl :: E'Ei V gm mf-iw mf? 3 we Nwsxszisiivfgwif w 'kwin 131aM3'R?5P123zQs:g?NMfHQSg5l??5sJ:2'rwgmZigimifxwissfhgwfgfim? Sir' - ' - fl we mfizrisswmiw-YQ W 2:2--gr-fr me siiizfziggiiwisa ' ' X Im YS ?435E??is:5?m:1::s22QS5SsEE:?iEe Ezilieesiiaisfwrrrswlirgiie f 7' ,wwfif I wos frying to rhrow o piece of food ond hir someone in rhe heod buf insreod he ducked ond I hir o reocher in the eye. I dove info rhe pool or rhe counrry club ond my swim suit come unried ond sonls ro rhe borrom of rhe pool ond l had ro hove rhe lifeguard ger ir for me. juniorsfi could have died when I . . 1 Norman, Frank O'l3ryanr, Beth Odell, Jerry Pardue, Stacy Parrish, Joe Parrerson, Brian Parrerson, Leonard Peek, Maurice Pensec, Rob Perry, Lisa Phillips, Cheryl Plough, Jon Plummer, Bill Plummer, Everetr i i w 1 Poor, Chrisry Powers, Par Powers, Tim Pratt, Lance Pritchard, Angie Proctor, Mike Reagin, Mark Reasoner, Nikki Records, Lori Ress, Rob Reynolds, Lisa Richardson, John Richwine, Joe Riddle, Lisa Riggs, Julie Roberts, Kieth Robinert, Mary Rockhill, Kevin Roudebush, Derek Rubendall, Teresa Ryden, Paula Sache, Joe Sailers, Greg Salisbury, Robbie Sanford, Angie Sawyer, Patricia Schneider, Amy f! Q Sherrill, David ,,,,, , . W .. .,.,, W -.'.2?Zff5?7'i'1:i:ii:sz.':"s:'v-f,.1',-'i'J.-'FE-f'f5Zr-'E-Z2fir-','1:1'l.21EF': '-azz" si -552' '25- , f Z E 22: IE' Q as W ., , H 5 i M 1, S 4 4 4 -iZEr35'Z."ff12.2Ea:'2:iEivzszr,-'Vf':i:-':'5:"z,.i'Er'f2'51-.Zi.':"f.:.':,zf1f"i'i:,,:f. "s.::'f.:f2:s.Z1:, is-:'f:'t L5rZg::..3- . if ..,,.g.i:i1'52 2.5.5 2 W5 P 4 sw 9 -'-- gg,-v,.-V .,,. .g , I .. 55,5:.5,:,,,.::i:5El-Q,is ,:,..,5.-,-'EL .. gr . . ss M W l was on lunch and l was sitting in the cafeteria and l went to throw milk in rhe trash and l almost hit Mrs. Hodson in the head. iuniorsfi could have died when . . . 2 mi ggksgiggxvs as grfggg Mig' ,-,,-, " : ,., ,,.. " 'fer .r-:age Roger Wilkerson came to school all dressed up but when he pulled his panrs legs up he had on differ- ent color socks. My white football jersey was untucked at the Mar- ion game and it looked like my pants fell down to my knees. l was eating lunch with my sister or McDonalds and my nose started to bleed real bad and it was all over the floor. a X Shields, Jennifer Shipley, Shayne Sigler, Terry Siler, Greg Simms, James Smirh, Charlie Smirh, Dana Smirh, James Smirh, Jenny Smirh, Lindi Smirh, Tloberr Sparks, Dale Sranley, Aurhur Sranley, Tracey Srewarr, Misry Srinson, Kevin Srirh, Monica Srohler, Ron Srour, Todd .M-Y Srover, Henry Srreer, Rachel Srrood, Brion Surer, Jeff Svendesn, Mike Sylvesrer, Jeff Takacs, Sracy Tappen, Ashley Taylor, Teresa Taylor, Sam Taylor, Tina Thomas, Glenn Thomas, James Tilford, Donna Tracy, Porrick Truex, Rebecca Turner, Rick Ursler, Carrie Thompson, Charl Simmons, Monica Spearman, Elaine ie Throgmorron, Darryl Valenrine, Dawn . "M M - .,.. , -V""Qs,,,, 'W' QW -- 4 ..:.:.:s WffP35?s"V5 . ,M -:-we- -:il ....,..., - ----- "'-" wa s -,-. .-... f -.-. . . - -.-. -.-- : . x9?1,v,,s33?w3'-wobss ---- ----.- -..-: Malfgflf .... , f " Sgfsvfsswigfsbgs '-'- 3 'WEEE rm' S 'U Q .--i-.-.... .,., ,- ------ - H. -.-. l ..... i .ix ,- ..,... .,..,, 33 Ham. ez N, Jw T .. ..... .523 any vw, M-433 .-si.: k .-.... ---.-.-. , UM-A '-'-'-" -'--- ----- H - l dressed up for spirit week during semi-srafe and when l came ro school looking like a nerd and as l was walking down rhe hall everyone else was wearing red and green, l asked some guy TO sign my yearbook for me and he jusr sar rhere for awhile. l asked him whar was rhe marrer and he couldn'r remember my name. l came ro school wirh my shirr on backward and rhe rag was hanging our rhe fronr of rhe shirr and l didn'r find our unril rhird hour. l was driving around wirh some girl on a dare and we were on our way ro rhe movies when we ran our of gas on rhe high- way. laniorsfi could have diec when Vanfvlerer, Debbie Wachob, Andy Wallace, Dennis Ward, Suzanne Warl-sins, Melanie Warson, Dennis Wessar, Vance Wheeler, Dayna Whipple, Eddie Willsersan, Dana Williams, Tammy Williams, Wanda Wilson, Shonnie Windham, Pearl Wohlford, l4evin Worley, Suzanne Verhulsr, Dee Wable, John Wade, Cheryl Wallser, Brian Warner, Eric Warlsins, Taine Webb, Cyndi Welch, Cory Werner, Ernie Wirhers, Jaclsie Wirzlse, Dana Wood, Greg Woods, Gloria Wrin, Sara Wlsyoff, David Yeslsie, Branr Young, Marsie Terry, Dabby Arwell, Tami Goodner, Dill McGuire, Brian Miller, Eric 'Sb' I KW 'Sm R ,F E 5 gg 52? is 5 rf -.-.: Q MSM. Q 53 emo U M wi Y g a 42 Ir Q. W WW Q I tripped over the srep ourside rhe school and my mini-skirt ripped oll the way up the fronr and I didn'r have any shorrs an underneafh. iuniorsfi could have died when . . . I was walking along rhe road and saw what ap- peared ro be a stick, but when I srepped an if and slid 8 fee-r l realized if was dag MQ if? I gor srung by o bee on rhe lip during lunch and my lip swelled 34rimes rhe size of normal and I had ro ger my picrure taken. I was gerring our of the cor or a band conresr and I stepped in o mud puddle rhar was knee deep ond I had on my uniform for performance. io 7Wjt4 :w wf M' I I ef '11 0, as " 1 XE7' lqix .if n Ea" ' I ,MA J "" E h , 1 ' " J Q5 0 -F1 I if 45319- graphs 9 1 Abram, Nicole Adams, David Agnew, Phillip Alexander, laner Alexander, Jennifer Allen, Srefanie Amsden, Bill Arms, Milse Arnold, Angie Asche, Kirry Ashby, Aaron Aulser, Kennerh Ausrin, Kelly Auxier, Shawn Bailey, Linda Balser, Tracey Ballinger, Phillip Banning, Andy Barclay, Traci Beeson, Rae Leigh Behrens, Melinda Berry, Nilslsi Berryman, Chad Beyelhimer, Kim Blackman, Krisrina Blades, Miclsi Blaylocls, Ginger Bloyd, Sreve Boggs, Shannon Bonham, Angela Bonrrager, Karen Boze, Milse Breil, Berhany Briclser, Judy Briles, Susan Brool-Qs, James Brooks, Leveda Brown, James Brumbacls, Roberr Buclsner, Andrea Burgess, Malcolm Burlss, Candance Burnerr, Lisa Burnerr, Boberr Burran, Angie Busby, Andrea Campbell, Corey Canrrell, Rhonda Cardwell, Dayid Carrel, Berh Carrer, Donnie Carrer, Michelle Chapin, Tracy Chenowerh, Marnie Claris, Chris Clarls, Melissa execuriye council X sophomores v i egg, B B isesifbas al Xr , fi. NN is R 7 S 'Lk N , X N 'Y' X SQ 0 . nr -as 5 is CLASS GF SS xl, I NNN'- SOPHOMOIIE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL - Front Row: Row 3: Lorry Molory, Berlw Schell, Dock Row: Cor- Josom Srreery, Troy Goode, Corris Perry, Michelle mllo Wilson, Poul Dlerzem, Correr Row 2: George Peorsom, Rusro Hudson Close, Andy Clowsom, Melisso Cloy, Dorrem Clem, Lelomyo Cleyeoger, Vlclsle Coclwrom, Klm Coclsmom, Sleye Collier, Corlo Combs, Don Comros, Courmey Cooley, Tlwereso Cooper, Klm Corsovlles, Roclsy Corrrell, Billy execorlye coomcllfsoplwomoreg Puff, Puff Whisper, Whisper, Talk, Puff, Flu h KJ 1 How Many Times Daily Do You Use The Bathroom 150 125 100 75 50 25 one two three ' ' ' had , Q n,' ge- --Jlllll FGSTFOOVTWS 'lExcuse me, teacher, may I go to the bathroom?" Did you ever wonder what really went on in the bathrooms of AHS? Many students opted to not use the school's facilities and wait instead until they got home. There were others, though, who used the restroom as 0 social meeting place, yet others who used the restroom to freshen up. Much ofthe gossip originated in our restrooms. Subjects ranging from the latest dating updates to party-tolls could be heard, Smokers found the restrooms a convenient place to 'light-up' during school hours since the "no smolsing on school grounds" rule tools effect. With all these possibilities, one thing remains unknown . . . why do they call it a restroom? 'N 'N . i 1 , Q "" , si 5' O ' 1 What o You Do ln 0 ' he Bathroom Q y 150 g Q 1 ,if - 100 . f i it il i i 3 1 1 1 lvl' Kit it , 1 g Ili X Q , H I , if , I lr li 1 ' lli. ill ll- .il ,Nag wash comb put on smolse l hands hair ' molseup ,Q rv. N i , ' l JF fNf' W Q Z YW 2 X D., aw 'li E ,l , Cox, Angie Cox, Jeff Cripe, Rachel Crose, Jackie Crumes, Wendell Cunningham, Mike Dalian, Penny Donner, David Daousr, Chris Daughheree, Jamey Davidson, Dawn Davidson, Lesley Davis, Morirra Davis, Shelly Davis, Srocy Davis, Tracy Davis, Walrer Dickey, Ryan Diehm, Eric Dierzen, Paul Dierzer, John Dixon, Ollie Drevvs, Shannon DuBois, Jason Dugger, Robbie Duncan, Camille Ebberr, Michele Edwards, Jeffery Ellis, Joe Everman, Mandy Faris, lsarie Farzinger, David Fenner, Kim Fenvvicl-2, Tara Fields, Veronica Finney, Jody Finney, Srachia Flora, Aaron Farr, Paul Foss, Kevin Fowler, Marion Fraley, Eddie Frazier, Eddie Friggle, Larry Fuller, Eugenio Fuller, lseirh Fuller, Troy Furnish, Karrie Furnish, Kellie Gairher, lsarherine Gavin, Louonna Gibson, Shovvn Gilley, Milxe Giovenco, lsrisrin Goode, Troy Graham, lsarhy VG5lVOCfTWS,' SOQVNOVTROVE Gray, Wade Greene, Michele Griner, Todd Hahn, JJ Haines, Chris Hall, Boo Hanwilron, Roo Hamm, Torn Hardy, Laorenda Harrison, lsennerh Hasrings, Brian Hedgecrafi, Rodney Hennfninger, Jay Hensley, Shelly Hilernan, Milse Hilliaass, Scorr Hinners, Scorr Hobson, Charles Holcomb, Angelia Holycross, Jennifer Hopper, Michelle Horairis, Thea House, Jae Howard, Tami Huoole, Shannon Hudson, Jason Hudson, llusra Ice, David Jade, Danielle Jonoy, Tiffany Jaryis, Brian Johnson, Iiennerh Johnson, Nicolerre Johnson, Terri Johnson, Willie Jones, Dennis Jones, Travis Jordon, Anrhony Judd, Jennifer Keeney, Glenna lseifer, Srephanie Kelly, Andy lslingler, James lsolins, Angel lsreegar, lsirri Lamb, Carla Larnoerr, Wendy Larney, Paul Laughlin, Jeffery Lawerence, Jeannie Layman, Mindy Layron, Todd Leavell, Nanerre Ledford, Nlilse Lee, Sieve Leech, Jennifer loclsers X sophomores Stuffing It In Filling It p To The Brim Slam Lockers, os ony high school srudenr well knew, were o definire necessiry. Alrhough rhe oppeoronce on rhe ourside moy hove been idenricol ro rows of orher lockers rhroughour rhe school, rhe lockers inside reflecred rhe owner's personoliry, Decororing lockers wos o choice mode by mony srudenrs C2 our of every CD, if broke rhe monorony while odding o rouch of closs. Decororions ronged from very simple ro bizorre ro elobo- rore. Collecrions of moldy pepsi cons, Budweiser wropping poper plosrered obouf rhe inside, ond reen rock idols were jusr o few woys sfudenrs decorored. One sophomore commenred, "This guy's locker, o couple down from mine, wos crude . . . he covered rhe inside wirh picrures of nude women." , Some srudenrs preferred poiring up wirh friends ond shoring lockers. There were rhose who even rripled ond quodrupled up ro be wirh friends. Whorever rhe decision wos, one rhing srood cerroin . . . eoch locker hod o look oll irs own. l Ugh, jeoshg what o mess! As is ploin ro see, eoch locker is eosily i individuolized ro suir the lifefsryle ond reflecr rhe personoliry of the srudenr. lockers X sophomores Lehr, Bred Lemon, Misry Ley, Leslie Lisonoy, Chris Luollin, Angelo Moboirr, Moriorie Monror, Johnny Morrin, Kim Moson, Bridgerre Maupin, Pool McBride, Andy Mcllroom, Scorr McConn, Morl-z McCorry, Pom McCord, Rochelle McCowon, Corolyn McCowon, Michoel McDonough, Scorr McGill, Nilsol Mclniyre, Milse McKinney, Don McMillen, Don McWillioms, Chris Miller, Jenny Miller, Kelly Miller, Liso Miller, lhereso Milron, Sorino Miner, Kevin Mirchell, Boniro Monrgomery, Bill Monrgomery, Kelly Moore, Psodney Moore, Williom Morgon, Alon Morgon, Chucls Morgon, Doren Morgon, Koren Morgon, Porricls Moro, Kcirhy Movyrey, Lorry Mowrey, Psocheol Mumbovyer, Jim Myers, Holly Norris, l-leorher Norton, Eric Oliver, Siller Poncol, Lee Pordoe, Sommer Porlse, Dorrell Peorson, George Peirson, Shovynrel Perry, Currls Perry, Sieve Pierce, Pshondo Pollord, Shelley bubble gomfsoohomores What Blows Up Must Always Pop!! If fools rhe popping of one bubble TO ruin rhe whole day. What began as rhe sweefesr, chewiesf sensarion af rhe rouch of a finger could furn info a sficlsy rnonsrer which clung fo eyebrows and Cughb hair. If didn'f VTNOTTGV what brand of gum was chewed, if always fulfilled irs purpose, wherher if was ro relieve boredom, freshen orearh or fo jusf drive a feacher crazy. 'll chewed gum every day OT lunch because I was always on a dief, and gurn had less calories rhan a real lunch," said Michelle Suchocl-xi, senior. Michelle wasn'r alone in rhe crowd. Forfy percent of fhe sfudenrs surveyed rared rheir inralse level as 'addict' Coverall Q pieces per weelsb. The orher 4O'Z,, chose 'casual' CO-55, wifh remaining 202 'inrense' Co-103, if Jr Junior Stacy Takacs pracrices her experrise bubble' blowing aoilifies while she raises a mornenr our of her rirne-consuming srudies. 4 bubble gufnfsophomores Poor, Donald Powers, Kenny Powless, John Powless, Annaliza Prarcher, Jimmy Pride, Wardell Poclserr, Jimmy Reeves, Jim Philoerr, Amy Rice, Kris Richardson, Shelia Richey, Darrell Ricleerrs, Milse Riggins, Mandy Riley, John Riley, Randa Robo, Chrisry Robo, Lisa Roberson, Tracey Rooerrsan, Angel Roby, Blaise Rogers, Karen Rose, Roberr Ross, Sherine Sanders, Greg Sanderson, Krisrie Sargenr, Mrssy Sasser, Alex Schell, Berh Schweirzer, Jeff Scorr, Candi Scorr, Celesre Scorr, Jeff Scorr, Theron Seaborn, Tool Shapiro, Alec Shapiro, Annerre Sharp, Bryan Sherrie, Denise Shryocls, Brian Sigler, Mil-se Silyey, Jason Simpson, Michael Sipes, Todd Slsaggs, Renae Slsirha, Dirls Slicls, Mandy Sloan, Jenny Smirh, Chris Smirh, Coorrney Smirh, Korhy Smirh, Kevin Smirh, Krysral Smirh, Riclsy Snyder, Rob Soerenga, Perer sophomores V. . ,- to 1 Sparks, Julie Spencer, Greg Sranley, Candy Srapleron, l4im Srarlsey, Jef Sreohens, Jimmy Sreohenson, Liz Srevens, Srewarr, Fred Chris Sroll, Chrisrine Srone, Melissa Srone, Tony Srreary, Suchocls Jaysen i, Janice Swanson, Heidi Talsacs, Talsacs, Robin Tora Taylor, Eyyerre Thurman, Gwen Tim, Newsom Tomlison, Dororhy Turner, Boo Turner, John Turner, Yoda Vaughn, Joey Wade, Chrisry Wallace, Leigh Anne -ar-y 1-- Warner, Dion Warner, Jay Jay Warner, Leon Warson, Kelly Warson, Nilslsi Wehner, Roo Weiler, Play Wellser, Andy Wellser, Jay Wheeler, Sharon Whire, Karen Whire, Milse Whire, Sharon Whitehouse, Jay Wiley, John Willsey, Debra Willeins, Dawnerra Willhoire, Aaron Wilson, Carniro Windham, Srarla Woods, Randy Woods, Ray Woodward, Brad Wooron, Roman Wrighr, Dion Wrighr, Jerry Yeslsie Eric Young, Tammy Zimmerman, Troy sophomores Airharr, Sean Alexander, Belinda Anderson, Eric Apple, Yolanda Armingron, Tim Arms, Jason Ashron, Parry Arlsinson, Jennifer Aulser, Carrie Aulser, Jeff Ausrin, Amy Ausrin, Scorr Bailey, Jason Bailey, Mason Bailey, Sarah Baker, Nancy Ball, David Barnes, Darian Bass, Vonrella Beard, Eric Beary, Jill Birr, Sreye Bish, lsarie Blizzard, Melinda Boleyn, Anne Bonrrager, Carhy Boze, Brandi Boze, lselly Bragg, l4eyin Brandm, Sreve Broolss, Chrisrina Brown, Dana Brown, Jim Brown, Johnny Brown, Kevin Brown, Sreye Brown, Tim Bryan, SCOTT Bryson, Sreve Buck, Carey Burgess, Zuleilsa Cage, Milse Carmacla, Debbie Carmin, llurh Carney, Jae Carpenrer, Barb Carpenrer, Darren Carr, Teresa Carrer, Bob Casrer, Charles Chamberlain, lieyin Chamberlin, Traci Claris, Donna Claris, Marrhew Clarls, Shannon Clarls, Sheila 10 freshmen Q.-7 fy? rl' .,:,r W -: 1' ' . A 1 I... E. Q ., , S Q S 0' f J K ev ,fiigri ' 'C .IVLW f 11 .5 . A HW C ,gi 54 Cloy, Clworles Cllfrom, Todd Coffey, Sreve Colwem, Brion Colesorw, Beclsy Colllms, Alon Collins, Down Colley, Amsso Cooper, Beverly Cooper, Corrle Cooper, Jeff Courrer, Erlcls Cox, JoAnn Cox, Krlsrl Crowford, Jomle Croyyford, Shown Cro5ley, Slworwno Croclw, Morclo Crurrwes, Morle Dprr, Slworwrworl Dorsr, Clwrlsry Doyls, Mollpdo Degirz, Kofi Demrwy, lim Devyeese, Nloryorwrw DICISGY, Corey Duclsey, lomes Dlley, Amy fresh mer Dixon, Tomlo Downey, Jeff Ehle, Moria Emmons, Chris English, Willie Eyrchison, Tommy Forringron, Elizoberh Flonders, loe Feliz, Sondy Fielding, Berh Fish, Eddie Fisher, Tisho Fisher, Tobi Fleming, Mil-ze Floyd, Longo Floyd, Poul Follmor, Allison Ford, Eric Pours, Jim Fowler, Melonie Froley, Eddie Frowley, lomes Freer, Heidi Fuller, lviorcus Gorringer, Jomo Gorzo, Doyino Geiger, Dorrin Gilliom, Eric Gilmore, Brion Goen, Toby Gooding, Andreo Goree, Michelle Goree, Terronce Green, Scorr Greenlee, Todd Gregory, Jeff Gosrin, ilondy Gurierrez, Yolondo Hoclslemon, Joel Hodley, Poul Holi, Jomes Holi, Joson Hollgorrh, Todd Hompron, Shirley Honcocls, John Horgrove, Kevin Horris, Hershol Horrod, Dovid Houlrmon, Todd Helbling, Angie Hendriclss, Anno Hendriclss, Eric Hendridsson, Corhy Hensley, Gory Hensley, Tommy Herron, Wendy 1 0 freshmen ,u-.,...,,. AH- ssms I. - Nw Q ' 5- x i -:gs . 0 S , ' QS Q r 'r' , ' --:- i 'm,.,Sdi,,i gfgffubar if Dar A3 Lu!-,LY "' ' -.-. Decisions, Decisions, is whar goes rhrough rhe decide whar sryle of ring and color of srone rhey resr of rheir lives. Choosing a class ring is imporranr ro anxiously vvairing freshmen minds as rhey rry ro rhinls is suirable for rhem ro wear and cherish for rhe freshmen as picrures or graduarion is ro a Senior. Q-.Yr Hill, Aaron Hinron, Ranny Halland, Michelle Holland, Shannon Holliday, Rex Hoover, Wendy Horn, Derels Hubbard, Elonda Hughel, Marla Hughes, Donovan Hughes, Jon New Humphrey, Jennifer I-iunrer, Ciinron Hurchins, Amy Hyarr, Larry Jack, Linda Jackson, Rachel Jackson, Ronda Jalees, Jennifer James, Jamie Jeffries, Larry Johns, Dan Johnson, Allison Johnson, Craig Johnson, Darby Johnson, Karla Jones, Andrea Jones, John freshmen Jones, Mrlee lanes, Wendy Jones, Yancey Jordan, Carlos Kayzer, Larry lseeslrng, Jarme Isellams, Melissa lselley, Colleen Kelley, Errc Kelly, lsrlsrlne lsenaall, Coarrenay lirncara, Beara Islng, Cammle l4lrne, Brad Klasmeyer, Alrsa Isnaclsles, Cnrls lsoenlg, lull lsreps, Scorr Lacleey, Leanne Lamey, Tlm Lawson, Rlcls Lease, loner Lesrer, Roger Levyrs, Cnrlsropner Leyyls, Crwrlsry Logan, Angle Lyncn, Dayld Maaran, Greg Manla, Joseon Malone, Corrls Manror, Tony Marlon, Dana Mason, Amy Mason, Jeff Mason, Traa McAyoy, Drone McCIaln, Grera MCClees, Jeremy McCloud, Gerell McCore, Emmerr McCord, Aaron McDonough, lielly McGnee, Angel McGuire, Par Mclslnney, Dayra McNally, Traci Merrrll, Trrfany Mrcnael, Psooerr Mlcnael, Roo Mrller, Andrea Miller, Jason Muller, Joan Maller, Peggy Mlner, Lacey Mrrchell, Snerla Mofferr, Isarny 1 0 freshmen Ybfrff Mofforr, Robby Monoghon, Joe Moneyhun, Sherry Monrgomery, Herberr Morris, Renee Mullins, Lono Mullins, Michel Mumbower, Jennifer Mundy, Scorr Myers, Hope Myers, Jeff Myers, Tony Needler, Chonrel Neff, Bobbi Nelson, Julie Nicely, Deonno Nicholson, Wendy Nipper, Kenny Normon, Corol Nunn, Jodo Nyoerg, Cynrhio Oory, Amie O'Bryonr, Dovid Odell, Beloy Ogburn, Kevin Orriz, luon Owens, Mox Poige, Troy Poige, Yolondo Pordue, Bryon Porlser, John Porrish, Amy Porrerson, Corlos Porron, Kim Poul, Kelly Pepeleo, Arrie Perry, Doyid Perry, Kroig Perers, Donold Perrigrew, Koro Perrigrew, Sherrie Pholdro, Neol Phillips, Angie Poor, Korhy Porrer, Doyid Powell, Drod Procror, Greg Romsey, Down Ronson, Dono Royford, Noncy Royford, Srocy Records, lik Piecror, Lonce Redfield, Tomoro Reed, Doniro lleisinger, Wendy freshmen Psemingron, Deon Richwine, Eric Riddle, Milee llooinerre, Tom Robinson, Donny Rooerrson, Poolo lkocls, Srocey Rollins, Srocey llomler, Geoff Soilers, Broo Sonders, Chrisrine Soylor, Nlorr Scoife, Chorlie Schneider, John Schorr, Tony Seol, Angelo Seol, Robb Seyoerr, Joson Sheorer, Tom Shell, Jude Sidwell, lsrisrol Siler, Logoy Silyey, lsrisro Simmons, Deyiro Simmons, Morr Simms, Phillip Sipe, lleoecco Slseoch, Don Smirh, Corlo Smirh, Dovid Smirh, Mori Smirh, Scorr Smlrh, Sheri Sneoelser, Morgie Songer, Jowonno Soorlss, lodo Soorlss, Missy Speors, Eric Sronley, Alerho Sronley, Fronoe Sreinorunner, Sreyen Sreyens, Crissy Sreworr, Chrisry Sreworr, Toboy Sriop, John Solliyon, Brion Srowell, Kelli Srreory, Eric Sreory, Sreyen Surphin, Michelle Swollows, Dole Swinford, Jerry Swinforo, Morre Symonds, Psegi Syyerson, Becky Toylor, Angelo 1 freshmen A186 Xb... S vw ......, fs sri 'v:s'r9 Q ...N ,f fn" ff,"- Zi' wif-N,,,,.f-f-f, , fm 4-,fy-fv....,.-,,,"""'., , Y Toylor, Clinron Teboe, Andreo Tegge, Morio Terrell, Andreo Terry, Willie Thompson, Jeremy Thompson, Srephonie Thornburg, Robbie Tiller, Andreo Toole, Louro Turner, Beclsy Turrle, Shannon Vondiver, Ellen Voughn, Poris Verrer, Amy Woble, Jomes Weidner, Kristi Weller, Sreve Wellser, Melisso Wellser, Monico Wesr, Heidi Wesrerfield, Tim Whipple, Jeff Whipple, Tim Whire, Adrienne Whire, Tiffony Wilsle, Dole Wilbur, Sreve Willioms, Chod Willioms, Doris Willioms, Michelle Willioms, Tereso Williomson, Nicole Wilson, Angelo Wise, Richord Woods, Jenny Woods, Milse Wrighr, Huberr Young, Chorlono Youngblood, lsrisro Zinszer, Monico freshmen 1 Looking Around Gosoline dropped below the dollor morls for the first time in yeors. AIDS victim Psyon White bottled the school boord in his ortempr to re- turn to school, Entertainment Rock Hudson, veteron film stor died following his long bout with AIDS. Sylvesrer Srollone oppeored in hir movies "Rocky lV" ond 'Tlombog Firsr Blood Port Two." L.. . loolsing oroond Tylenol discontinued molsing cop Spoce Shuttle Chollenger corrying rhe sules following o cyonide poison firsr teocher in spoce exploded dueto ing. o problem in the rr solid rocker boost I- International Presidenr Ronald Reagan elecred Presidenr Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Corazon Aquino succeeded Presidenr Ferdinand Marcos. peace os rop prioriry Gorbachev mer in peace. Ms, Turu Jr. spoke of peace. Q 7? Prince and Princess of Wales visired Senaror Richard Lugar aided in rhe rhe Unired Srares. Philippine Presideniiol elecrions, Ten Chicago Bears plus Bears presie denr Dicle Meyer made "Super bowl Shuffle" popular upon being in rhe Superbowl. William "rhe refrigeraror" Perry helped rnove rhe Bears one srep closer ro rheir Superbowl vicroryr Chicago Bears' auarrerbacls Jim McMahon perfecrs his sryle during a Superbowl pracrice. Cincinnari Reds' Pere Rose ried Ty Cobb's old hirring record. looming 'Jr cr b End of deans brings choos? The 1985-86 school yeor brought o lot of importont chonges to Al-l.S. The reign of rerror instituted by the infomous deons wos ended by the school boord. While oll of Modison County shuffled odministrotors, we monoged to shuffle in three new vice- principols to reploce the troditionol offices of the deons. Those who were tordy for their first doy of school found themselves wondering ws. sa Em ' where to go for help. Mrs. Dorlene Wester- field, former principol ot Robinson Elemen- rory, wos in chorge of oll the Juniors ond' the Seniors whose nomes were between G 6 M when problems orose. Lilsewise, Mr. Piichord Worden, former Science Dept. heod, got the Sophomores ond Seniors N-Z, ond Mr. Richord Dickerson received the Freshmon ond Seniors A-F. The vice-princi pols concenrroted on ottendonce, obsen- tees, ond disciplinory problems with the students. ln the meontime, up in the "big office" Mr. Horoce Chodbourne's duties continued os usuol, He supervised the new system expertly ond kept the foculty in line. He mode sure the tronsition come eosily ond efficiently. s ii Jes: is ss 5 Q Q. is is f gs fi is Q89 -:fb ff' 1 odminisrrotion '-new A-with wqh-1 Mr. Chodbourne pauses from his very imporronr work to gleem for the comeros. Port of his duties include signing officiol reports ond popers. As part of ner new daries as Assisranr principal, Mrs. Darkene We-srerfield checks In srudenfs who are rar- dy. limi 3,-::.i.M as M.- '.,,,..--W .,,,,f,7' 'Ls n ...1, , zz ff! Mr. Dickerson poses in franr of a handsome wood carving af an Indian, a producr of his noaby of carving figures "This new job is a neck of a Oar more canfasang rnan gaad old science," rninks Mr. Worden as he exarnrnes a pass adfnrnesrrarxan Superintendent Dr. Thomas Neat Assistant Superintendent Dr. O'Neal. Assistant Superintendent Mr. Brooks x A U is 'M' C A , Q V 1 T as 5 , X 1 S' X v , Leaders supervise changes With all the hectic changes in the admin- istrative stati this year, the school leaders got a helping hand from the Anderson Community School System Administration. T The ACS was led by the two year veteran Superintendent Dr. Thomas Neat. His assis- tants Dr. William O'Neal and Mr. Robert Brooks Cformerly personnel and transporta- tion directorb dealt vvith secondary educa- tion and elementary education. Together, the trio handled all the problems that arose within the school system. The School Board met once a month to discuss and vote on important issues, such as school curriculum. The entire board dealt with the past schedule changes and the more recent interschool administrative changes. SCHOOL BOARD First Row: Pat Sites, Roy Winlsler, Holly Miller Back Row: Dr, William Kopp, Tom Harvey, Roy Claris, and Bob Davis, 1 administration Mr. Chodbourne admires o picrure of Mr Dons forrh's doughrer from his mohy fold woller Mr. Russo, Mr. De-Selle, ond Mrs, Wesrerfield raise Q break from luhch ro discuss De-SoIIe's fovorire subjecr A Corsi . 1. If "s' "N-Q... 1 .- .--JG.. .. Q - . .. ..:,,,gE, . SR: ., ,fs me -. Q Q X K is SZ? vain pg. ,3..:qI:r ,5fIilTEi1"i ':" :S5 zigfv Athletic Office Secretory Berry Delohgee Athletic Director Robert Beiohgee odmihisrroriorw Workers earn thanks The students at Anderson High many times took for granted the jobs of our cooks and custodians. They didn't notice the shining floors and hot meals. These loyal workers anxiously awaited recogni- tion, and this was it. The custodians had a dirty job, "but somebody had to do it." They swept and cleaned the floors after each mad-capped day, polished the desks and lockers, changed lightbulbs to brighten our days, and emptied the trash Ca chore hated by teenagers everywhereb. Cleaning up after 1500 plus kids wasn't an easy task, but when did that fact ever affect the appear- ance of the school? Everyone had heard the old jokes about 'lthe deadly cafeteria food", but our mag- nificent cooks took them in stride. They reported for work every morning by 7180 to serve breakfast to those who didn't eat at home. By 11:08 lunch was steaming and awaiting the greedy mouths ofthe student body. The ever-popular taco salad and the always delicious spaghetti were favorites of most, The next time you heard cafetes ria jokes, you tried to remember no one had ever really died from eating the school's food, The long awaited "thank you" they deserved was always implied but never spoken, today it was spoken - THANK YOU! Who says smoking is bad for your health? Chief Holloway and his owner Loren don't believe the surgeon general knows all. These wonderfully spirited cooks show their loyal- ty to the "old red and green" on l'Netd Day" by donning the classic polyester and raped glasses. cooks X custodians Part of Luella Hayes job as custodian is to sweep the floors after the students finish cleaning our their lockers. Vol Maxwell scrapes our me fryer where me famous french fries are creared. Buckner sells ine famous ciiocolare chip cookies loved by all, 54, ,ryrrrrrr rrrr , , A Custodions - Front Row: Luyenia Warson, Mary Danes, Luella Hayes, Loren and Chief Holloway. Row 2: Harold Maddox, Jr, Culen Lawson, Paul Slwowalrer, Wanda Ander5on, Bock Row: David Bur' ler Cooks - Front Row: Naomi Buckner, Mary lonn- son, Belinda Kinder, Donnie Bailey, Val Maxwell, Bock Row: Sherry Conner, Juanira Baynes, Peggy Ramsey, Hazel Dean, Emma Dunham, Dollena Crosf ley, Cindy Porrer, Linda Gibson, Pam Smirh, Senior Micky Clark hands Juniors Ron Sfohler and Lori Records the lost support board as they prepare for the dance. F-U-N-d raising! Damon Bailey is the victim of this water fight os his fellow band members attack him with water. Directly in the spotlight, waves our flag as the Wigwam is overcome by the bonds playing of the "Star Spangled Bonner". 5 Wax rain-lagiw Q32 il iii MEM ggggggsf we wggg ggbygggaassggggiiqgggfg 3 rgggg 3555- lgggggggggpsiyggiaifggggrm- Mirliw wrwgwwwlwifjigwgaWirfgwgfgir wgwgiwigvgaiw wfww rsmzieQ222if22EQfrrrE52ii5352552ii2isSss2iQf3SXimmS2?QgEmd2rarisrrif-Ezrarfwr mrs 1 clubs ond classes dwrsron Clubs and Classes ome, see I There are more ra clubs and classes rhan you rhinls, ath English what did these roups all have in common? They each ere an official clublorganization here Q t AHS They held regular meetings and ctivities throughout the year. Activities such as the unmentionable S INITIATIONS of some clubs were an T French, German, Latin, Social Studies, A , ' . . . ' 1 .. ' : . v 1 . ' 1 g annual event. Other typical ' S S events were pizza parties, Christmas parties, and even Extracurricular activities were hat clubs were all about Easing ensions and acting crazy helped tudents let ga and forget Cor try to nywaylb about school for just a little hile. Since no two clubs were like the ext they each boasted the idea weve or cr look all our Own. an occasional field trip. N . ' T a J . ' N w 9 Honoring "Little Chiefs" Notionol Honor Society begon its 1985- 86 school yeor with forty-tvvo members ond o lot of enthusiosm. Honor Society's rother lorge undertolsing for this yeor be- gon with on ideo from Assistont Principol Richord Dickerson ond the initiotive tolsen by sponsor Suson Mullorlsey. This prqect vvos the sponsorship of o school-vvide in- centive progrom for students who roised their grode point overoges from the first six weeks of the second semester to the secf ond six vveelss by ony omount ond did not foil ony closses. These students were invit- ed to on in-school porty during the ofter- noon on Moy 21. The porty roclsed from the music of o disc jockey in oddition to o lot of pizzo, pop, door prizes, ond other surprises. Honor 5ociety's gool to help the student body ond the school wos ochieved by President Kotie Wontz, Vice President Pot McKinney, ond Secretory JoAnn Emer- son. Little Chief storted off with o boom this yeor. Advisor ond incentive giver Toni LITTLE CHIEF f Front Row - Mory Hochstetler, Jenny Forrest, Steve Bortlet, Christy Hubble, Christy Loymon, Angie Elliot, Alon Jones, Morio Hitch. Bock Row - Mrs, Shoemolaer, Mory Tierney, Missy Groyf beil, Julie Jones, Jenny Smith. English the eosy vvoyl?? While in Honors English Students Mory Tierney ond Mory Hochstetler portroy the ogonizing ond jilted MEDEA. An Anderson trodition continues. Doting os for bocls os 1940, LITTLE CHIEF hos been produced by students 3 for the students. little chief Shoemolser heoded the stoff, with Angie Elliott serving os dedicoted Editor-in-chief. Little Chief, the literory mogozine, vvos composed by students. Any student could enter vvritings, but they hod to poss through the editoriol boord before they were published. Little Chief consisted of poems, essoys, short stories ond illustrotions by students in Mrs. ShoemoI4er's fifth hour Creotive Writ- ing Closs. 'V L HONOR SOCIETY - Front Row - Mrsr Mollorlsey, Mory Hocbsrerler, JoAnn Emerson, Korie Wonrz, Por McKinney, Row 2: Sreve Borrler, Fronls Owens, Kelly DeGrofi'enreicl, Srepbonie Lewis, Lynn Byers, Sre onenie Snyder, Rnonclo Aulser, Chrisry Collier, Julie Word, Row 3: Milse Hooley, Ouenrin Porrerson, Liso Bolser, Jono Molender, Nodine Leffel, Jennifer Luollin, Ponn Miller, Lynn Love, Row 4: Sreye Cnodbourne, Mory Tierney, Kelly Smirn, Louro Luoron, Beclsy Jones, Sybil Roberr, Cnorlorre lngrom, Cornnen Cor- rrell, Dock Row: John Wooren, Spencer Eloro, Joey Gorron, Cnrisry Hubble, Jeff Allen, Bryon Smirh, Jon Bonrroger, Kenyo Homrn. 3-. " 'G B- R , , ,. Editor-in-Chief, Angie Elliorr onolizes ond srudies o poem submirred by o srudenr for considerorion for LITTLE CHIEF nonor sooery lr ls Your Business Office worls was the second lorgest em- ployment oreo in Americo. To help meet this demond, the Business Educotion De- portment, under the direction of Mr Wenf dell Hilligoss, tought students the vitol secre- toriol ond business slsills needed to become efficient instruments in the modern worls force. To goin boclsground ond initiol insight into todoy's economic environment ond oreos of low, Generol Business ond Busif ness Low were recommended. Business ond English ocguointed students with effec- tive writing ond mechonicol skills, while Business Moth fomiliorized them with eve ery moth computotions. Knowledge of the Liso Miller tries to count up oil the errors she mode otter 0 timed writing in her typing closs so she con estimote her improvement. ,, ff M""'Ww. Make no mistakes! Amy Behrens rolses odvontoge of correction poper which seems to be o typist's best friend, Harry Roberson tries his best to convict Angie Trin- lsle in ci stoged triol in their Business Low closs, 1 business entire boolslseeping process wos provided in Accounting. These closses furnished the Uobilities needed to be prepored, educot- ed, ond reody to move forword," Mr. l-lilligoss commented, Such closses os lseyboording, Shorthond, Clericol Office Proctice, ond Record Keep-e ing, prepored students to move into the mony secretoriol positions ovoiloble. They olso served to promote good orgonizotion, neotness, ond occurocy in the students' vvorls. Jeff Cox ond Kerrie Furnish set their eyes on the copy, woiting for the timer to begin ond striving for o 45 vvordeper minute ,WW Mrs. Plummer sets rrme mme Iimir for her keyboard- ing closs Timed wrurimgs ore 0 mejor porr of rrwe rypung class A, S, D, F . . . Learning the Iseyboord is rhe firsr ossigrwmerwr of I-:eybordurwg sruderwrs. Lorer rhey will corwcenrrore on nor worchlrwg rhe lseys. Marnie Chenoweth quickly correcrs on error on 'wer Ioresr ossigrwmerwrg me fewer misrolses, rhe berrer rhe grode. business Let's do it ogoinl Mrs. Hodley orremprs ro coyer rhe nexr doy's homeworls for her Algebro I closs, Kevin Smith ond Don Combs punch owoy on rhe Iseys in rhe compurer lob during rheir geomerry closs morhfcompurer flfiorh Srudenrs C ompure The quesrion hod been oslsed o million fimes before - 'lWhor is your foyorire closs"? Psorely hod rhe onswer l'morh" been urrered in response. Mosr srudenrs dreoded rolsing Algebro, Cueomerry, Colcu- lus ond rhe mony, mony orher morh courses offered ro rhem, buf, os everyone lenew, or leosr 2 mofh credirs were ref quired ro groduore from Anderson, The reochers fried ro ochieye o reloxed ormo- sphere in rheir rooms by giving oneeon-one ossisronce ro rhose who needed ir, or jusr croclsing o joke ro eose rhe mood. One of rhe more populor morh courses wos rhe Compurer closs. The srudenrs Ieorned honds on rroining fhor would help rhem in rhejob world, The vorious ossignf menrs olso gove rhem rhe opporruniry TO express fheir individuol progroms. As o resulr of rhe wide inreresr in com- purers or AHS., rhe Compurer Club wos formed. Members roured rhe Police Com? purer Cenrer ond Anderson College leorn- ing obour rhese mochines, The club mer monrhly ro discuss fund roising projecrs, such os Computer Club cords, Volenfine cords, ond compurer doring, omong orher things, MATH TEAM f Front to Bock: Por McKinney, Korie Wonrz, Porn Miller, Srephonie Lewis, Julie Word, Jennifer Smirh, David Ehle, Mr. Cox. Dovid Jones offers his Compurer slsills ro Denise Mullins os she rries ro finish her computer progrofn. "'w-...SSM COMPUTER CLUB - Front Row: Kevin Brown, Kelly Degroffenreid, Dorrell Toylor. Bock Row: Mr. Buds- mon, Joy Milliron, Jon Bonrroger, Chris Knuckles, JJ. l-lohn, nworhfcorhporer 125 Rhonda Lycon carefully malses sure she gets all craclss and crevices on her art prqect, o decorated baseball Mr. Case shows a student a creative idea for his prqect. ,som 126 art ,JW W fl! if ff Artists Brush Up' Decor The many art classes offered at Al-l,S. provided o variety of opportunities for stue dents to develop their creative abilities. Decorating the Driver's Ed. hallway was a major project for the Advanced Art classes. Under the supervision of Mr. Jackson, color' ful scenes from the "Bloom County" comic strip magically appeared on the blanls walls. Unfortunately, these lively characters were stashed behind the new wood pane eling. Students, undefeated, revived these paintings in other ports of the building, l Drawing and Design students perfected their slsills through constant use. They were basically free to choose their subject matter on all of their drawings. The class taught them the use of a variety of drawing uten- sils, such as inls, paint, or slsetching pencils, The students also learned of the career opportunities in the art world. Advertising, interior design, and architece ture were a few of the jobs where artists were in demand or they could become professional artists. Nightmare at A.H.S. This nightmare, painted on the dungeon door near the art classes, was pointed by Bobby Eastes M . if 1 E . 5 E .rf 5 . l Amondo Miller puts rhe frrwnsrwrmg roucrwes on her project Broom Conwy" orw rhe- rhrrd froor me-or Mrs Spoorrwolsers room Mr. Jackson proudly drsploys has collocrrorw of wood- en ood rrrw cord boxes Joe Richwine ond Boppy Eosres Grow rrwrs prcwro of orwo of rrrozr fovorrre rode groups OU Editor-in-chief, Liso lhnor ponders through one of the conrocr rolls of color in seorch of o bonfire picture, Foculty editor, Stocy Toisocs finds rhor typing posses quiciser or home when listening ro 'Songs From The Big Choir," Teors for Feors' new releose. yeorboois M Photographer Rondo Auker core-fully inspecrs eoch execurive councii frome with o rnognifier ro be sure only rhe besr pictures ore used. lndon Sroff Does lr For You Advisor Mory Jo Willioms found herself foced with on olmost entirely new ond inexperienced lndion stoff ot the onset of the yeor. With the help of the returning four stoff members, everyone soon fell into the routine, hoping to ochieve their gools for the yeor, 'lWe try eoch yeor to produce o guolity history ond memory bools for Anderson High students, foculty ond stoff," sold Mrs. Willioms. One mojor prqect thot deolt with the community wos the onnuol od blitz. Eoch stoff member wos given o quoto of ods to sell to finonce color ond other speciol feo- tures to molse the '86 lndion better thon ever ond offordoble for oll students. ln oddition to od soles, eoch stoff mem- ber wos responsible for getting good pic- tures, interviewing people for copy ond coption informotion, writing copy ond cop- tions, drowing loyouts. Wl-IEW! Whot ojobl Tim Powers summed up the responsibil- ities of the yeorbools stoff by soying, "Al- though we do hove fun sometimes we do hove o lot of hord worls to do. lt's not holf ds eosy os people thinls it is." YEARBOOIQ STAFF - Front Row: Ms, Willioms, Mo- leo Govin, Amy Boeglin, Angie Sonford, Amy Miller, Jomes Thomos. Row 2: Missy Clorl-2, Cheryl Phillips, Michelle Suchoclsi, Liso lhnot, Morio Hitch, Rondo Aulser, Dock Row: Stocy Tolsocs, Llso Perry, Poul Figge, Vonce Wessor, Chorlie Smith, Tim Powers, Milse Miller, For their upcoming deadline, sports editors Tim Powers ond Vonce Wessor worls on colloboroting their ideos for the golf spreod. .A 73 if ,.!"' '35 A i 5' W yeorboolg A Cnonge For The Better ,E CW When on lndion sold "We get our X- Pioys todoy," he didn't meon he'd been to the doctor. Covering Anderson High School exclusively, the X-Roy, published tri-month- ly, wos on top of news, sports, editoriols, ond feotures. With the chonge to o new tobloid form, ond on excellent stotf, the X-Roy proved to behind the scenes. The stoff of neorly twenty-three, led by Editor-in-Chief Christi Hubble, met their deodlines by keeping to o strict schedule. 'lWe hod the best first issue thot l've seen in the 85 yeors thot I've been here," Advisor Lee Pursley ex- pressed his impression of this productive yeor. top even itself. The pctper become even more specific thon ever by odding new sections such os "Guess Who" ond on opin- ion column. The other reoson for the X- Ptoy's greot success wos whot hoppened Two heads ore better thon one, but in this cose, try three. Robin Dorton, Melisso Hotfrnon, ond Jennie Kelley colloborote their ideos, Whot's this? A little rest ond reloxotion? No, Christi Hubble isjust getting comfortoble while her creotive inspirations roke over. X-l'Oy wr, ly - f if , 1, , V "', K 2 ww C , " ff' f E 2 iv . ' , r 'Tift ' t ,AW lf ' ' ' "if 5 ' , yg.1 , M ll,cs H -,'r "V,", f , "-- " " r r ' ' . , ,Wifi , ff WW . ,,,,L ., 1 2 3 E X r Q' , A 'Q M ff- if iw f Where do all those greot pictures in the X-Roy To guarantee everyone receives their X-Roy on come from? Photographer Jon Gibson knows ond tirne, ine Xrlloy stoft lines up ond stoples, sroclss, ond it's no secret. Jusr osls nirnl stuffs tne newspopers for distribution X-RAY STAFF - Front Row: Advisor, Lee Pursley, Scott Monworing. Row 2: Rob Seol, Missy Sorgent, Beth Briel, Liso Burnerr, Andreo Miller, Nilsol McGill. Row 3: Steve Hoslsin, Jennie Kelly, llobin Borron, Melisso l-loffrnon, Prob Knuckles. Row 4: Stocy Por' due, Debbie Eldon, Cneryle Wode, Jon Gibson. Last Row: Corlo Milner, Misty Srewort, Christi Hubble, Toro Toleocs, Doug Cosror. x-roy 1 31 E nglsh Teaches Technfaue Every sfudenr was reauired by low ro have OT leasr rhree years of English. To relieve rhe drudgery, our English Deparr- menf prided irself on offering fun and cre' arive classes, as well as rhe srraighr English courses. From freshmen ro senior, Basic ro Hone ors, English raughr rhe fundamenrals of reading and wrifing. Grammar was srressed in freshmen English, our from rhen on liferarure was rhe ropic of inreresf, Stu- denrs were educafed in American, English, and World Lirerafure rhrough rhe many stories, novels, and poems of prolific wrirers of rhe various ages. To develop rheir wriring aoilifies, many srudenrs chose ro false such classes as Jr. and Sr. Composirion and Crearive Wriring. There rhey learned and reviewed rhe viral slsills necessary ro wrire efficienfly and ef- fecrively. Some delved even deeper info wriring oy sfudying rhe origin and forma- fion of words in Erymology. These courses served TO build creafive aoilifies, oerrer vof cabularies, and a new comprehension of rhe English Language. 1 3 english William Shakespeare himself visirs AHS ro help us celeorare rhe anniversary of his deafh in lolo, SPEECH TEAM - Top to Bottom: David Perry, Krlsri Cox, Deonne Nicely, Jeff Gregory, Nichollerfe John- son, Jennifer Aflsins, Perer Soerenga, Denise Sherrie, Scarf Manwaring, Ronda Jeffries, Lee Granger, lsarhy Moffef, Julie Nelson, Beclsy Jones, Mrs. Slorf rery, lsorie Degifz, Andrea Miller, Chrisry Darsr, Neal Phalora, ,, Wi "I T Mrs. Bridges disploys me orojecrs of ner Soonor more Honors dosses mor commemorore rne posslng of HoHey's Comer rnrs yeor. w-and This is 0 fomiluor scene on rne English floor. Wnerher ir's Erymology or World Llrerorure, me closses inf volve o Nor of srodying Mrs. Dobrik shows ner mode! of rne Globe Tneorer onnuolly ro ner Fresnmen Englisn dosses ro ennonce rneir srody of Snolfespeore. enginsn 1 O Thank You for shopping or rhe French K-Morr come bocl-2 soon. French club members Jenny Smirh, Poulo Piyden, Denise Mullins ond Joon Bybee perform rheir l4Morr slsir in French clossc The look on Peorl Windhom's foce rells ir oll . . . French Club iniriorion isn'r jusr good 'cleon' funl FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY - Front Row: Michelle Kose, Sidney Newsom, Row 2: Cyndi Webb, Denise Mullen, Tommy Willioms, Poulo Ryden. Row 3: Ko- rie Wonrz, Joon Bybee, Dono Wilkerson. Bock Row: Julie Word, Jenny Smirh, Kenyo Homm, Joelle Mer- cer, Rhondo Broodnox. 13 french , 1. 'L KR' 55.4 A Feosr on French Culrure French wos one of rhe more populor longuoges foughr or AHS, lr offered sfuf denfs fhe opporruniry TO srudy rhe French people ond fheir culrure, os well os fheir longuoge. Severol srudenrs even rroveled ro Fronce during rhe summer ro goin firsf- hond Knowledge of rhe counrry. Jerilin Jo- honrgen summerized rhe course by soy- ing, "ln French you leorn so much more rhon o longuoge, you leorn on enrire cul- rure." Mrs. Debbie Hodson ond Mrs. Dorboro Porrer fried TO molse fhe longuoge on infer- esring endeovor for fhose who chose ro rolse if. As o reword for moinroining superif or grodes rhroughour rhe course, srudenrs were odmifred TO rhe French Honor Socif ery. On rhe orher hond, French Club infe- grored fun ocrivifies ond excifemenf info fhe progrom for fhose who survived rhe dreoded iniriofion. The members dined on- nuolly or Lo Tours where rhey sompled some of rhe fomous French cuisine. The frodirionol Chrisfmos porry wos onorher fo- vorife ocriviry. These ocriviries helped TO enrich fhe leorning experience of rhe French srudenfs. irr r' , R i n n n n n n n n g. Dinner time! French Club members gorher oround rhe food ond begin some pling rhe speciolifies of fhe French cuisine. FRENCH CLUD - First Row: Tommy Willioms, Heidi Correr, Michelle Kose, Korhy Moffer, Cyndi Webb, Joon Dybee, Sidney Newsom, Denise Mullen, Kevin Roclshill, Dee Verhulsr, Amy Kelly, Kim Cochron, Gwen Thurmon, Row 2: Krisfin Grovenco, Monico Zinzer, Korie Forris, Missy Sorgenr, Kim Sropleron, Korie Wonrz, Jenny Smirh, Julie Word, Pom Miller, Jennifer Luollin, Troy Fuller, Comille Duncon Row 3: Dione McAvoy, John Schneider, Courfenoy Kendoll, Krisro Youngblood, Yolondo Apple, Veronico Fields, Nichelle Turner, Missy Clorlx, Lelonyo Clem, Rhondo Droodnox, Por Dovisson, Lindo Jocls, Jennifer Hum- phrey. Row 4: Dono Willserson, Delindo Alexonder, ' i.. f " ww Jenny Wood, Neol Pholoro, Jon Hughes, Robb Seol, Ericls Courrer, Kevin Drown, Lorry Jeffries, Julie Nel- son, Liso Reynolds, Korherine Goifher, Joelle Mercer, Milse Hughel. Row 5: Donielle Jocls, Celesre Scorr, Jim Denny, Srorlo Windhom, Chrisfy Lewis, LeAnne Loclsey, Down Collins, Jodo Sporlss, Seon Airhorr, Aoron Willhoire, Brion Sullivon, Curfis Molone, Scorf Dryon, Andreo Gooding, Porfy Ashron, Wendy Hoof ver. Row 6: Jonine Miles, Joe Monoghon, Moria McConn, Andreo Ferrell, Poris Voughn, Adrienne Whire, Tiffony Whire, Willie Terry, Melonie Fowler, Locey Miner, Amy Moson, Krissie Sidwell, Troci McNolly, Aliso Klusmeyer, Kris Kelly, Angelo Seol Bock Row: Eyverfe Toylor, Liso Miller, Kenyo Homm, Heorher Norris, Brion Hosrings, Mondy Ever' mon, Poulo Ryden, Lori Records, Drondi Doze, Angel Roberrson, Michelle Mullins, Korie Degirzc french Don is Siesta . . Hesrol Following the leod of their teochers Mrs. Mortho Wilson ond Mrs. Debbie Voorhis, these students studying the United Stotes' llsecond longuoge" were busy, busy, busy throughout the yeor. Storting with the ever-fomous Sponish Club initicition which every club member must go through eventuolly. Club members then moved on to the Christmos seoson where they celebroted with o Christmos porty feoturing tocos, mu- sic, plfioro breolsing, ond the food donotion for the needy. ln oddition, the fourth yeor students presented 0 ploy representing the trodition of Los Posodos in Mexico ond mode food from Hisponic recipes. New this yeor wos the selling of t-shirts. To promote these, severol students posed os live monequins during their lunch hours. Rounding out the yeor wos the club's Spring Bonguer onnuolly held ot Chi-Chi's. For Sponish Club, this yeor definitely wos not o slesto. In her 20th yeor or AHS, Mrs. Mortho Wilson guides first yeor Sponish students rhrough everything from uno to chez, SPANISH CLUB - Front Row: Mortho Wilson - Sponsor, Amy Porrish, Monico Wollser, Rochelle Mowrey, Melisso Wellser, Koren Poole, Sec, - Liso Hordocre, Pres, - Angie Ferguson, Treos, - Jenni- fer Kelly, Robin Borron, Godell Gibbs, Moriro Dovis, Von Boss, Stocy Dovis. Row 2: Regi Symonds, Joson Hudson, Kelly Worson, Suson Briles, Jono Melonder, Angie Sonford, Shonnie Wilson, Robin Mortin, Debbie Fish, Shoron Joseph, Korrie Furnish, Down Johnson, Suzcinne Worley, Suzy Fisk. Row 3: Anisso Cooley, Dorrin Geiger, Jill Koenig, Shonnon Dorr, Andreo Fuller, Rob Knuckles, Yolondo Gutierrez, Liso Perry, Aaron Floro, Phil Bollinger, Morion Fowler, Kris Rice, Blolse Roby, Beth Feilding, John Gibson. Row 4 sponish club Greto McCloin, Jomie Jomes, Tobi Fisher, Lono Mul- lins, Anne Boleyn, Christine Sonders, Louro Toole, Shonnon Drews, Tomi Atwell, Heidi Freer, Kelly Boze, Milse Riclsetts, Courtney Smith, Heother Auf brey, Bryon Smith, Tom LoMocchio. Row 5: Angie Holcomb, Allison Follmor, Greg Procter, Eric Ford, Greg Sonders, Herb Montgomery, Morio Tegge, Cheryl Copelond, Brion Shonohon, Rochel Boiley, Nichelle Turner, Eugenio Fuller, Melindo Behrens, Jen- ny Sloon, Stefonie Allen, Terri Hilligos. Bock Row: Pot Trocy, Chris Boyle, Unlsnown, Dovid Adoms, Pot McKinney, Brod Woodword, Jomie Crowford, Jude Schell, Jim Brown, Joe Porrish, Kristo Silvey, Tomlo Dixon, Noncy Royford. Freshmen Steve Birt ond Greg Procter ploy 'loir bond" to their l'tovorite" group, Bert ond Ernie, ot Sponish Club initiotion. Sir H. if IQ S VW is SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY - Front Row: Kelly Wor- Ferguson Row 3: Bryon Srnirh, Eloine SpeOrfTiOVi, son, Morrlwo WiIson,Sponsor, CberylCopeIond,Sl'won' Debbie Fish, Robin Morrin, Dock Row: Rob Ford. non Drews, Cborlorre lngrom, Row 2: Kris Grobom, Milse Miller, Terri HillOQOSS. Trocy Roberson, Dovid Elrile, Jennifer Kelly, Angeliro 'ar .I 1 Wil' Seimoro Mortho Wilson, wno is reriring rnis yeor ro rrovel, figures up every reocber's nignrrnore, the grades!!! Dovid Wykoff ond Hugh Cnerry Qer into on Espanol rnood wirh Mrs, Wilsons sombreros, hoping ir will shed o Iirrle liglwr on rne subjecr. sponisb ci ob 137 Lotln Arrrocrs The E lre Under the direction of first-yeor Lotin teocher Sondro Lowry, Lotln students strove to resurrect the so-colled "deod" longuoge. Lotln broodened their ovvore- ness of the oncient Romon ond Greek societies ond gove them o foundotion for understonding the English Longuoge ond the Romonce Longuoges. This closs enf honced the verbol obilities of the 'lelite" students who chose to tolse it. Meonvvhile, Lotln Club gove them o chonce to enhonce their selling obilities with button ond Life-Sover Lolli-pop soles. The proceeds went to poy for the onnuol pizzo porties. Psoising over S400 on suclser soles olone, you con bet there vvos plenty of pizzo to go oround. The club olso spon- sered o floot in the Homecoming Porode ond Togo Doy. Both the closs, ond the club offered o fun vvoy to eorn involuoble re- vvords. The title First Yeor Lotln is o bit deceiving becouse it is octuolly used for Lotln l through Lotln IV. Mrs. Lowry patiently helps her second yeor Lotln closs struggle through their sentence tronslotions. 1 lotin Jeff Downey conscientously delivers his interpreto- tion of o puzzling Lotln problem. First yeor Lotin students Bobbi Neff ond Jill Beoty ore boffled by the difference between their bools ond their pooers. Mrs. Lowry and o few of her Nellie" students model their togos on the club-sponsored Togo Doy Front Row: Rusto Hudson, Mrs. Lowry, Jennifer Leech, Kris Cottrell, Bock Row: Ashley Toppen, Jeff Loughlin, Denise Shettle, Jeff Storlsey. f-IW-if 'i:..f,f: ,, - , f ln ,W c ' '1 1 y i 1 L LATIN CLUB 5 Front Row: Milse Forrer, President, Jennifer Leech, Secretory, Piusto Hudson, Treosurer, Ashley Toppon, Vice President. Row 2: Kelli Stowell, Kotie Dish, llochel Joclsson, Bobbie Neff, Julie Word, Borb Corpenter, Sheri Smith, Christy Dorst. Row 3: Jill Miller, Joel Eddy, Cindy Nyberg, Trocy Chombetlin, Domon Boiley, Eric Streoty, Joson Streoty, Kris Cot- trell, Jennifer Lowhon, Rochelle McCord, Condy Durlss, Rod Michoel, Dorrell Richey. Row 4: Mrs, Lowry, Sponsor, Steve Chodbourne, Pot McKinney, Joson Seybert, Jeff Downey, Milse Fleming, Jeff Loughlin, Denise Shettle, Sotiry Cotsoyilles, Jeff Suter, Dono Ransom, Jeff Gregory, Deonno Nicely, Toby Goen. Bock Row: Jeff Storlsey, Chorlie Smith. lotin German Club Spreads Mngs German Club, busy with it's numberable activities throughout the year, attacked the job of the sponsorship of GAPP. CGer- man American Partners Programb. This program allowed German exchange stu- dents to spend time in Anderson and for Anderson High students to spend one month in Germany. Fundraisers were planned for GAPP including a car wash and candy sales. GAPP wasn't German Clubs only ven- ture by far. Starting off with an initiation and Halloween party, they led on to a Christmas party, spring get-togethers and of course, fundraisers. ln addition to all German Club's activities, the German classes carried their equally interesting torches. Studying a foreign lan- guage meant learning about different cul- tures and lifestyles. Besides learning to speak German, students gained a greater understanding of the language, culture, and lifestyle. Sophomore Jeff Schweitzer seeks the expertise of Herr B., otherwise known as Mr. Benkeser, in hopes of comprehending his secondfyear German class more adequately. GERMAN CLUB - Front Row: Karen Stoll, Jennifer Holycross, Michelle Ebbert, Bob Benson, Sean Swanf son, Heidi Swanson, Robin Takacs, Libby Ginley, Christy Hovermale, Missy Clawson, Andy Lee, John Richardson, Mr. Benkeser, Row 2: Jennifer Mum- bower, Andrea Teboe, Paul Harbron, Lance Pratt, Jamie Daughttee, Bill Plumber, Kevin Wohlford, Shel-- ly Pollard, Tim Greenlee, Vicki Clevenger, Kelly Mill- er, Chris Haynes, Joe Ellis, Row 6: Johnny Dierzer, Kara Pettegrew, Amy Hutchins, Kelly McDonough, Nicole McGill, Beth Koenig, Joe Sachse, Jennifer Judd, Tara Fenwick, Wardell Pride, Beth Schell, Courtney Contos, Eric Diehm, Linda Bailey, Kathy Graham, Row 4: Alex Sasser, Karen Bontrager, Ronda Jef- german fries, Mandy Slick, Angie Luallin, Jan Bontrager, Lisa Kamrath, Larry Friggley, Kevin Foss, J.J. Hahn, Tony Brown, Angel Kolins, Karla Milner, Kim Bevelhimer, Row 5: Cathy Bontrager, Christy Cox, Chantel Needler, Lisa Robb, Leigh Anne Wallace, Christine Stoll, Pam McCarty, Amy Miller, Sara Wrin, Mimsy Bowman, Jenny Forrest, Jenny Miller, Beth Carrel, Tim Smith. Bock Row: Kevin Smith, Mark Garner, Andrea Crose, Jeff Schweitzer, Mark Hutchins, Char- lie Thompson, David Fatzinger, Mike Brady, Robbie Thornbird, Chris Lewis, Steve Andis, JR. Records, Jim Fouts, Stacy Richardson, Cynthia Spencer, Holly Myers. l. Tracy Chopin inspects his shoes for candy on Stu Nicholastag, December oth. This German custom is very similar to Christmas stockings. f SQ-pf' N A H-As' A-x 1, P' A N T9-. I iv v ' of ' Lx: 1 !4w. ,NK ,SQ Two Heods ore oerrer rnon one' Jonn Ricnordson ond Joe EIMS coltoborore on rneur secondryeor Ger nnon osswgnmenr. Either St. Nicholas rs on vocorion or Mr Dickerson is rnoonlighring on nis off hours, He falls Germon sro denrs' snoes wirn condy for Sr. Nicnolosrog gefnwcr Do you get it? Mr Donforrh gers his irnoorronr ooinr ncross os he discusses rho gold rush wirh his hisrory srodonrs Dr. Nicholson performs his oncienr Orienrol reo ceremony os he reoches his hisrory closs oboor Chi nese Colrure efE'9f' i. SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB Front Row: Mr, Vermillion, Angie Elliorr, Korie Wonrz, Jennifer Luollin, Fronl-2 Owens, Jolie Dobbins, Kelly Smith, Mrs. Nicholson Row 2: Rochel Jocl-xson, Piegi Syrnonos, Theo Horoie ris, Morgie Snedelser, Cheryl Phillips, Joon Dybee, Debbie Fish, Lynn Love, Kelly DeGrof'fenreid Row 3: Cindy Nyberg, Louro Toole, Angie Cox, Nichelle Turner, Srocy Tolsocs, Kris Corrrell, Jeff Surer, Scorr Bryon, Robin Morrin, JJ Johonrgen. Row 4: Chrisry Dorsr, Jenny Arliinson, Angie Holcomb, Jeff Gregory, Chris Knuckles, Kevin Brown, Aoron McCord, Lorry Jeffries, Phil Bollinger, Arnondo Miller, Bock Row: Jolie Nelson, Eloine Soeornnon, Julie Word, Jenny Srnirh, Dovid Jones, Rondo Jeffries, Monoy Slicls, Mif chelle Kinder, Chriri l-lobble, Jenny Forresf, Declsy Jones, Porn Nyberg sociol srooies ' N 2- .X xxhff Hoosiers Sruo' y '7-lsrorfo" The Anderson High School sociol studies club tools mony entertoining ond educo- tionol trips oround lndiono ond the mid- west, The club octivities ronged from o Christmos porty ot the Gruenwold Home to o trip to Chicogo, Illinois for the end of the yeor bonouet. Club members hod chonces to visit vorious museums such os the An- derson College Bible museum, Museum of Art in lndionopolis, ond o visit to the Roll- rood Museum The Sociol Studies club wos led by Kotie Wontz - president, Jennifer Loullin - vice president, Angie Elliot - secretory ond Fronl-Q Owens - treosurer, The Sociol Studies club wos designed to educote members olong with showing them o good time. Mrs, Nicholson, Mr. Vermillion, ond the club officers got together to pro- vide members with mony field trips ond porties. Trips to court, leorning stotes ond copi- tols, ond molsing mops ond grophs were o few ossignments sociol studies students tools port in this yeor. AHS. offered mony different Sociol Studies closses. World Civil- izotion, Appied Economics, ond three lev- els of government were o few exomples of closses. Honors Government students got honds-on educotion in the mony os- pects of our government while Govern- ment A students leorned the construction ond mony woys our government wos run. Anderson's greot voriety of closses ond octivities prepored informed students to contribute to society. Steve Brown watches os Rob Thornburg recites from his notes in o World Civilizotion study group, Phillip McCord ond Stephonie Snyder study oncient Chinese crofts ond Ieorn informotion obout the ori- gon of the Orient, sociol studies Freshmen Steve Coffey, Troy Rooroson ood Toby Goen ser Wear poces oormg mrs timed exerose for Oth Qrooe ohysmcol edocotmoo Freshman heolth student Dom Slseoch rotses his hood mm on ortempt to get the reocher'5 ortemmom when M5 tem omswer doesnt owe morch the reodw er'5 key 1 weotrto 'phywzccu eoL,f,r1w,m I I ,,,:,,3.,,,,,1m..,.b, K 1 " www- Qg.t,.f , Q, .sewn ,Q me W, .H-mi,,,,,u f, 4+v,,M,,,,,,. ,, , What form!!!! Steve Srreory rokes o few mumues to show everyone how ir'5 dome dormg his freshmoo gym Gloss Breolfing The flflonoron y Ar cerroin rimes every yeor, mony weory sophomores could be seen rrudg- ing io Closs srroighr from rhe pool, while freshmen were rold horror srories ooour rhe fomous CPR dummies. This Wos oll porr of rhe wonderful world of Heolrh ond Phys- icol Educorion or AHS. Heolrh closses insrrucred srudenrs in rhe oosic fundomenrols for o heolrhy exis- rence, including hygiene, oehovior, ond firsr-oid. The reochers, Mr. Eods, Mr. Mor- gon ond Mrs. Senseney, srrove ro molse rhe closses inreresring ond fun for the sru- denrs, Physicol Educorion closses provided o Mrs. Senseney ond freshmon heolrh srudenr Amy Diley discuss o guesrion over rhe new homevvorl-2 ossignmenr. Senior Michelle McCoy gives her muscles on ex- rensive vvorlsour on rhe pecls deds, which vvorlss on the pecrorol group of muscles breols from the ooolss ond on opporruniry ro hove fun vvirh friends. Some sopho- mores were relucronr ro swim for six weelss, our once rhey hir rhe vvorer, ir proved ro oe on enioyoble experience. Meonwhile, up in rhe gym, rhe srudenrs enjoyed ploying volleyboll, wiffle boll, ood- mirron, ond rhe oll rime fovorire, boslser- ooll. The vigorous vvorlsours refreshed rhe srudenrs so rhey could corry on vvirh their schoolworls. By rhe end of rhe yeor, rhe undercloss- men odmirred hoving o greor rime in rhese rwo closses, ond rhe upperclossmen missed rhe breols in rourine. heolrhfphysicol educorion 4 Mrs. Wishord tries her hordest ro find jobs for stu' dents during ond offer they groduote from school. EGRHI PE .ONCE CUTE! What does one find ot the end of o roinbow? A pot of gold? Almost. The onswer is the Coreer Resource Center, of course, guorded by Gorfield, COVEGF VGSOLJVSE CQVWTQV Gpen R ooo' Toworo' Furure The Home Economics Deportment proved to be onother bridge to the future for the lndions, boys ond girls olilse. Closses, fought by Mrs. Brondon ond Miss I-lorrell included Child Development, Fomily Living, Consumer Monogement ond, of course, the troditionol closses of foods ond clothing. To odd to the intense leorning, o device new to the deportment this yeor wos o video comero used for filming demonstro- tions such os child observorions, for future reference. When oslsed, Mrs. Brondon, Def portmenr Heod, mentioned thot home economic closses prepored students for life in o woy few orher closses could. The door to the Coreer Resource Center wosn'tjust o wolls woy to room one-hun- dred, but on opening to the future for mony students here ot Anderson High. With the help of Mrs. Debbie Wishord, Coordinotor of the Center, students hod occess ond were encouroged to explore moteriols concerning numerous colleges, vocotionol ond technicol schools, different jobs, ond informotion on olmost every- one's coreer interests. Seniors enrolled in o progrom new to the Coreer Center hod o speciol opportuni- ty ot the job morlseti Their nomes were given to on employment ogency, listed on o computer ond sent out to vorious busin- esses. fc,,,v AMW' :M My, UNTIL 1' ,.., gr -rv Causes Lios Ihnot, taking odvontoge of one of the mony resources in the Coreer Resource Center, 'flips' through different ideos for her future. ff., ,, W , 'nil' M-,,f if-new Gathering up thot lost ounce of energy, Henry Stover shows this monster-mochine xwho's boss in this here weight room'. humon development KX "Str r e e e e e t t c h . . Autumn Corr breolss "Don't forget your seorbeltf' Sophomore Suson into 0 sweot whiie she works her muscies ro their Briies reminds her ciossmores os she prepares to top pertormonce. dozzie the worid with her dynomic driving obilities. X A Driving De velopmenr Three doys o vveels, Humon Develop- menr srudenrs chonged inro shorrs ond svveors ro hold courr in rhe vveighr room. Rick Eods, rhe mon responsible for srorring rhis progrom four yeors ogo, fought rhese juniors ond seniors ro be ovvore of rheir bodies ond ro core for rhem properly. Afrer leorning obour rhe onoromy ond muscles of rhe body, physicol rroining ond nurririon, rhese srudenrs could see o chonge in rhemselves, vvherher ir vvos o loss of vveighr or on increose in srrengrh. ln oddirion ro oll rhe fun, ond o lirrle poin, rhese srudenrs grosped imporronr informo- rion rhor rhey'll use for rhe resr of rheir lives. Almosr everyone hos soid or leosr once in rheir life, 'l con'r vvoir unril l'm sixreen, rhen I con drive," As mosr reenooers' sixe reenrh birrhdoys rolled oround, so did Dri- ver's Educorioni For one semesrer, srudenrs spenr rhree doys in rhe clossroom srudying rhe menrol side of driving They physicolly prepored for rhe rood by driving olong vvirh o simulof rion film. Only offer rhor did srudenrs or rempr 'rhe reol rhing'i They were roughr ond resred over such slsills os rurning, bocls- ing up ond everyone's fovorire, porollel porlsing. Finolly, rhese srudenrs, hoving wovers, were on rheir vvoy ro becoming odulrs. 4+ K' A is Practice makes perfect! Chorles Hobson brushes up on his sl-zills behind rhe wheel vvirh rhe help of o simuloror in his Driver's Educorion Closs. Such unbelievable intensity, os Senior Mickey Clorls demonsrrores, is nor unusuol ond often found in rhe vvelghr room during Humon Developmenr closses. drivers educorionfhumon developmenr Preparing For The Furure Both Industrial Education classes and the Industrial Cooperative Training program helped prepare students for their future careers. Drafting, Woods, Metals, and Plas- tics classes developed the individual's cre- ative ability through many different pro- jects, while Small Engine Repairs class learned the parts and maintenance in- volved in fixing those engines. Aerospace, a course which only was offered at AHS, devoted studying to aircrafts, rockets, and power systems, ICT classes took learning one step further by moving it to the real vvorld of on thejob training. Students were given information on acquiring and holding a job and on its responsibilities. After half a day of school vvork, they shuffled out to their variousiobs to learn and earn. Through the classroom portion of lCT, students were instructed with technical information which related to the occupation of the students. Some of what this study included was personal traits, management, of money and taxes and social security. ICT - Front Row: Mr. Dietzer, Jeff Crawford, Jay Gentry, Raymond Wilkins, Melvin Jones, Jamie Coles, Tony Drown, Robert Smith. Row 2: Teresa Monaghan, April Parks, Cindy Burns, Sherry Johnson, Steve Goodrick, Brian Walker, Ricky Williams, Bruce Compfield. Row 3: David Fletcher, Jeff Maish, Joe Hadley, Randy Purkey, Craig Hughes, Rusry Mar' row, Mike Bender, Terry Graves. Back Row: Carrie industrial educarionfict' Utsler, Roy Dix, Johnny Chapman, Missy Fletcher, Heath Reason, Shane Ooten, Tony Dolinger, Scott Blevins, David Fuller, Kevin Remingron, Joe Perrish, Susan Hulse. Marlin Braxton strives for smootheness and perfec' tion during the final stages of his keychain project. l L. xx i st Jfifk - . 5 'Q 'iQ ' 9 K- Y? 'Wswisf fsswssggwfswwxsx , i f K e is seg ii XS 5 4 se A 5 , Roger Wilkerson cind Poul Cohheil sorr rype ih rheir i i Coliforhio job cose for rheir Graphic Arrs closs, i i l Melvin Jones works herd ro locls these lerrers into the chose before using the primrer ro corhpiere his prqecr Roy Wood carefully rhohipulores rhe plosrics in his hohcls ro irohsform ir into GO occeproble projecr for his Plosrics Closs. ihdusirioi educoiiohficr DECA - Front Row: Mr, Monrgomery, Sponsor, Kim Roymore, Julie Dobbins, Seon Srroud, V. Pres, Koren Dough, Sec,.Tino Richey, Pres, Koren Adf dison, Jill Borl-:dull Row 2: Doyid Flercher, Morcus Townsend, Bobby Eosres, Alisho Coge, Kelly Beck, Eric Romsey, Kirls Rogers, Brion McClendon, Lewis Grey. Bock Row: Piicls Crouse, Chris Noye, Down Whire, Brion l-ledgecrofr, Milse Edwords, Bill Goodner, Kormo Skinner, Suzie Morion, Tereso Mule lins, Liso LeAnno, Quirones Johnson, OWE - Front Row: April Eorl, Jomes Horne, Williom Moore, Kenny l-linron, Woymon Newsom, Dole Sporlss. Row 2: Sreve Mills, Chris Young, Eric Snyder, Milse Bernord, Lorry Clorls, Rondy Purlsey. Bock Row: Al lhnor, Sponsor. COE Y Front Row: Jocls Mocy - Coordinoror, Denise McCrocIslin, Rochelle Terry - Pres, Fronls Owens - V. Pres., Wendy Asche - Sec., Quenrin Porrerson - Tres. Row 2: Corey Cox, Greg Allen, Esrher Poyne, Srephonie Goodriclf, Louro Lupron, Volorie Turner, Derh Doiley, Ann Smirh. Bock Row: Porricls Fuller, Trocy Pugh, Morls Gorner, Dovid Plumber, Melisso McCurry, Tomi Allen, Kim Bloir, Jonie Bolser, April Srephens. deco X owe X coe C O- QP Prepares For Furure The Cooperative Vocational Education Program CCO-OP? let students approach learning in a setting where they could mix with the elements in a job and the com- munity. Students interested in office-oriented jobs, such as secretaries, file clerlss, steno- tions, business management, and orientaf tion of office vvorls and money vvere some of the suqects taught in the classroom. Planning on-thejob training was just as important as the job itself. The Distributive Education Class CDECAD introduced students to slsills needed in the field of marketing grahers, and accountants became in- volved in the Cooperative Office of Educa- tion CCOED. Communications, human relo- Frank Owens, an expert at the copy machine and filing, pulls a file for one of his fellow-vvorlsers in Dr. Copeland's office. and distribution. For those students who were set for the working world after graduation, orjust un- certain of their employment future, Occuf potion Worls Experience COWED was their answer. Students learned job slsills, and the responsibility of having a job. Senior Kim Blair carries out one of the many duties of heriob at Blair-Hollis Contracting. Kim is enrolled in OWE. Senior Laura Lupton learns the ins and outs of the pharmaceutical business at St. Johns Hospital vvhile still in high school. decafowefcoe N s Senior Alon Jones sroncls our from ine crowd os he shows eyeryone wirnin eorsnor wnor singing is reolly obour, 1 singers V , MADPXIGALS - Front Row: Riro Jones, Kelly DeGrof- Rob Knucgleles, fenreid, Jennifer Luollin, Jolene Robinson, Angie Flor- Elwle. forcl, Erin Tierney. Bock Row: Joel Eddy, Alon Jones, UWQW Morls Pieogin, Scorr Vermillion, Doyid Junior Robin Martin "sfrurs her sruff' as she sings and dances during Singers winning performance of 'iHafs." Somerhin' To Sing Abour Singers Unlimired and Madrigals were exrremely busy vvirh many high-standard performances rhroughour rhe '86 year, ln rhe Fall, Singers had "Somerhin' ro Sing Abour" by "Purrin' on fhe Rifz" for their 'lfriends" ar fhe 75fh Annual Dluffron Srreer Fair. They ripped rheir 'THars" ro rhe judges and srrolled home vvirh rhe firsr place rrophy. The Chrisrmas Season proved ro auife Chris Collier, Jon Donrrager, Jennifer Luallin, Erin Tierney, and Rira lanes, of Singers Unlimired belr our a few good nares while pracricing for rheir show, an evenf for bofh fhe Singers and Madri- gals, Tvvenryefive concerrs for rhe commu- niry were performed during Chrisfmas inf cluding rhe annual madrigal dinner, The dinner was held OT rhe Triniry Episcopal Church in an Old English serring complere vvirh irumper fanfares and a boor's head. The Singers and Madrigals rounded our fhe year vvirh rhe Bishop Luer's conresf, rhe Anderson High sponsored Encore '86 and a rerurn rrip ro Nashville where borh groups fools second in rhe Shovv Choir Divi- sion, SINGERS UNLIMITED e Front Row: Ricls Seaver, Di recior. Row 2: Gina-Mererhe Johansen. Row 3: Kelly DeGraffenreid, Pam Miller, Angie Flafford, len' nifer Luallin, Brian Hasrings, Erin Tierney, llira Jones, Jolene Robinson, Jan Donrrager Dock Row: Chrisry Collier, Debbie Fish, Karen Cox, Kevin Smirh, Dan Combs, Peier Soeienga, Rob Knuckles, Scorr Vermilf lion, David Ehle, David Farzinger, Alan Jones, Paul Farr, Maris Reagin, Terry Dush, Robin Mariin, Laura Miller, Carye Cox, madrigals 5 Jazzln ' Choral Club, made up of around 60 talented singers, established ubetter singing habits with technical exercises," according to Choral Director Mr. Richard Seaver. For some, Choral Club was a training ground for the preparation of singers and Madri- gals, but others vvere involved in all three. School convos, "Encore '8o", dancing, solos, skits and acts featured the Choral Club in their traditional green robes with red trim. Choralettes were Anderson High's exclu sive all-girl choir. They, like Choral Club, per- lr Up! formed many school and non-school func- tions. During class, Choral Clubs' and Chora- lettes' main objectives were to improve their singing, and master music theory which involved the reading of music. Audi- tions and voice tests also made up a big part of Choral Club's year. Whether for Choral Club or Choralettes, the Auditorium hall was alive with the sound of music. Under the expert direction of director Mr. Seaver, members of Singers Unlimited "warm up" their voices and have a little fun before performing. CHORAL CLUB - Front Row: Missy Clark, Laura Miller, Jennifer Luallin, Pam Miller, Kelly DeGraffen- reid, Christy Collier, Robin Barton, Jennie Kelly, Jan Bontrager, Jolene Robinson, Robin Martin, Rachel Bailey, Dana Smith, Rick Seaver, Director. Row 2: Karen Cox, Shelly Davis, Holly Myers, Susan Briles, Katie Faris, Gwen Thurman, Nanette Leavell, Denise Carter, Nita Deaver, Angie Flatford, Erin Tierney, Kelly Watson, Carey Cox, Debbie Eldon. Row 3: Debbie Fish, Angie Luallin, Rita Jones, Gina Johan- sen, Toni Hilligoss, Joelle Mercer, Mindy Layman, Lisa Hardacre, Robin Broyles, Carmen Cotrell, Kim Beh- rens, Lisa Riddle, Angie Cox, Row 4: Peter Soef tenga, Rob Knuckles, Mike Robertson, Mark Ehle, Chris Knuckles, Maurice Peak, Kevin Scott, James Smith, Paul Floyd. Back Row: David Fatzinger, Paul Fort, Steve Chadbourne, Alan Jones, David Ehle, Brian Hastings, Scort Vermillion, Mark Reagin, Joel Eddy, Kevin Smith, Dan Combs. ls thot o Rockette? No it's Senior Kelly DeGraffenreid kicking up her heels to "Somethin' to Sing About" during her performance. choral club Sophomore Kelly Watson and Junior Rachel Bailey practice their duet with Dan Combs before their performance at the Christmas Concert, -nw W is i"?54"'2 J I V Q '-W-an 'VET I Thespions . . . 7363? These numbers moy nor meon much ro fhe common person, yer TO Thes- pion Troupe, 736, rhey meon o greor deol. Sponsor Mrs, Adkins, olong wirh Presi- denf Jennifer Luollin, Vice Presidenf Kofie Wonrz, Secrefory I4oren Cox, ond Treosur- Kothy Moffett, Amy Jones ond Heidi Freer run rhrough rheir lines one losr rime before oudirioning for rhe ploy fesrivol Lighrs, Comerg A crion! er Angie Florford, foughr new members oppreciofion for rhe fheorer ond perform- ing orfs, lndividuols obfoined membership by performonce, The oudirion performonce fook ploce in fronr of Mrs Adkins ond Thes- pion officers. Members come from ony grode level, Afrer performonce, selecfion wos mode from rorings from officers ond rhe sponsor, The club kepr orgonized by holding meerings ond reheorsols in rhe oudirorium offer school. Mrs, Adkins responded ro fhe volue of rhe Thespion experience, by soy- ing "l-Uorriciporion in rhe rheorer is on excel- lenf woy ro goin insighrs info one's own life. The opporruniry ro know srudenfs on o differenr level is one of fhe besf ospecrs of being Thespion sponsor. One con wofch rhem develop fhrough fheir high school coreer in their rolenfs, poise, ond responsi- biliryf' 1 5 rhespions The Importance of Being Eornesr coiled for com: mond performance by Rob Knuclsles ond Brion Hos- rings in rhe Thesoions' firsr ploy of the year. THESPIANS - ROW 1: Boniro Reed, Porio Shell, Chrisri Darsr, Sheri Smirh, Vqrello Boss, Marso Young, Heidi Correr, Michelle Kinder, Jolene Robison, Scorr Bryan ROW 2: Susan Briles, Heidi Freer, Robin Mar- rin, Karen Cox CSecreroryD, Angi Flaiford CTreasurerD, Korie Wonrz CVPD, Jeni Luallin Cpresidenrb, Maxine Adlsins CSoonsorD, Christine Sroll, Holly Myers, Joan Bybee, Aaron McCord. ROW 3: Mandy Slide, Krisri Cox, Deonno Nicely, Kim Cochron, Comille Ducan, Gwen Thurman, Julie Nelson, Krisro Youngblood, Jenny Kelly, Por McKinney, Amy Kelly, Lisa Har: docre, Deb Fish. ROW 4: Anige Ellior, Parry Ashron, Peggie Miller, Jennifer Judd, Tiffany Merill, Korhy Mofferr, Karie Farris, Rhonda Aulser. BACK ROW: Brian Hastings, Jeff Gregory, Milse Hadley, Dove Ehle, Alan Jones, Scorr Vermillion, Prob Knuclsles, Kely DeGroffenreid, Phil Dorsey, Todd McCord, Pere Soerenga, Mrs. Maxine Adkins, just before beginning audi- rions from her rhespion rroupe 736, pauses ro reflecr on rhe characrers needed for the ploy. "Gimme a break!" Thar may nor be Morls Reo- gin's line, buf Rob Pensec Checlss rhe scriprjusr ro be sure rhere weren'r ony changes, FOGSCMOVWS Just A Little Hank y Pank y Made of musicians, Indianettes, and col- our guard the Anderson Band was the most active club at AHS. Marching season began on July first, and during this time, the Indians competed in the Winchester Old Timers' Fair, the Jay Country Fair, Bands on Parade at Athletic Park, and the Indiana State Fair Band Day Competition where they took home the first place tro- DDY- The major time consumers weren't the contests themselves, but the practices. Whether rain or shine, the Marching Indi- ans could be found six to seven hours a day perfecting their show that consisted of Ceremonial War Dance, lndan Love Coll South Rampart, Old Black Magic, Mtch- craft, The Lady B a Tramp, Sweet Georgia Brown, and the exit, Toro Loca. The summer wasn't all work and no fun, A good example of this was band camp where the Indians picked up the art of "Hanky Panky" Ca new type of march- ing styleb. On the night of November 27th the Indians left for Detroit, Michigan, to march in the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade. They toured Detroit and Windsor, Canada, and visited the Ford Museum and the Pse- naissance Centre. To pay for all these activities the Indians became involved in many fundraisers. ln- LIGHTING CREW - Front Row: John Powlers, Marie Peak, Steve Bloyd, David Coburn, Back Row: Roy Dix, Corey Campbell, Eric Snyder, Todd Fisher, Scott Hiners, Frank Edison. While everyone else is still dragging themselves out of their bunks, Heidi Carter is up with the sun and ready to work at band camp, 160 bond cluded were car washes, the Ice cream social, a dunk tank, a can drive, a chicken barbeque, a chili supper, and the selling of magazines, cheese and sausage, M E: M's, and raffle tickets. In addition to all this the band performed at the traditional football and basketball games, not to mention pep sessions. Band members found out that being in band meant more than givingjust their time but a piece of themselves as well, ls Mr. Deal actually smihhg, someone asks as he sets down his megaphone and lets down his guard during one of those few, short breaks at band camp. I, , MW wt- I - W sw J ' ,--' f fx Jr Nikki Reosoner practices for the half-time show at the home basketball games during her 4th period class. MABCHING lNBlANS 1 Front Row: Cnonrel Needler, Liso Robb, lselly Boze, Amy Benrens, JJ Worner, Angie Ellior, Liso Bolser, Morsno McFodden, Srepn- onie Nlurroy, Adrienne Wnire, Bern Doiley, Liso l-lelf ron, Cynrnio Spencer f Drum Molor, Lori Bodlsins - Heod lndionerre, Michele Ebberr, Angie Logon, Tiifo' ny Merrill, Burn Cormin, Trocy Roberson, lsrisri Son' derson, Bocnel Hexomer, Kornerine Goirner, Toro Fenwicls, Bern Correl, Micnelle Kose Row 2: Cnrisri I-lubble, Bill Plummer, Todd Loyron, Doyid Perry, Burcn Plummer, Eric Dougnneree, Tim Toopon, Clinr Niccum, Nlonry lsores, Jomie Dougnneree, Jeffrey Morgon, Brew Correl, Snown Gibson, Holly Myers, Jenny Sloon, Cnorles Hobson, Bern Moberly, Srocy Toclsos, Morion Fowler, Cnrisrine Sroll, Angi Mullins, Jim Sroclss, Sondy Felrs Row 0: Corrie Aulser, Bono Brown, Jill Beory, Rebecco Truex, Tobi Seoburn, Nodine Leffel, Beclsy Coleson, Amy Moson, Snounrel Peirson, Lelonyo Clem, Trocy Mclxlolly, Leign Anne Wolloce, Donno Tilford, Morirro Boyis, Donielle Jocls, Nonerre Leoyell, Veronico Fields, Zuleil-so Burgess, Corrie Cooper, Jennifer Alexonder, Lind: Smirn, Ann Pilse Row 4: Williom Deol - Assr. Direcror, Joe Corney, Roy Weller, Bob Wennor, Jeremy Tnomof son, Joson Seyberr, Trocy Borcloy, Sreye Weller, Cnris Loymen, Lizord Srepnenson, Poul Horbon, Anf dreo Terrell, Heidi Correr, Cnrisri Weidner, Beoro Kin, coid, Jennifer Arlsinson, Bon l-lorfmon - Direcror. Row 5: Bebecco Sipe, Croig Jonnson, Cnris Smirn, Louis Burgess, Sreye Birr, Sreve Sreory, Milse Miller, lsris Bice, lvlorr Smirn, Jeff Lone, Domon Boily, Bob Ford, Moria Moson, Pnilip Bollenger, Colleen lselly, JoAnn Cox, Brod Powell, lorry lseiser Row 6: Lorry lvlicneol, Sreye Hoslain, Jill lseonig, Courrney Smirn, Corey Bucls, Sreve Borrlerr, Molindo Doyis, Dovid Plummer, Cnrisren Curren, Cnorlie Tnombson, Asnley Toooon, Borrell Toylor, Jomes Woble, Brod Leir, Cneryl Phillips, Curris fvlolone, Joe Socnse, Nlornew Clorls, Jim Puclser, Todd Greenlee, lvlilse Wnire. Bock Row: Scorr Ausrin, Micnele Sucnoclsi, Nilslsi Reosoner, Comille Buncon, Corniro Wilson, Corolyn McCowon, Snelly Pollord, Bridgerre Moson, Celesre Scorr, Norolie Hurley, Tim Smirn, Tirrony Jonoy, liirri lsreeger, Missy Griffirn, Melindo Benrens, Beclsy Syyerson, Louonno Caoyin, Godell Gibbs, Roe Wilson, Seon Swonson. QE rxyvfw Mir , , r V 'J' .af f M , , . ., J J M542 ,,,, ,,,V V , ,,,,, ,,!VV ,,,, W , ' "f I i M-.wwfiw ,gg 'f MN J ,fb , W " , l"f W H ' 24 W .,., MQW Mfr W 1 . ,,,, , wi Ham ,, we 3254 V I in ,L , ,,,, MM , - ,, M H ff W, .fr . ,rr .. ff W 1 A ,-f , ,V ,..,. rw 'wk , 'A Me ""'- 1 :fl -V if J' 4 ' f wav My ggi ,, 5, 1 W ,A ,, J ,fs 'ex ft W Ifw-':' i 2ri,.gw A Bill "Weebil" Plummer gers inro nis ocr os ne The lost morning or como, o weels ond o nolf bongs owoy on nis bose drum ro wnor rne drumline before Srore Foir, rne exir comes rogerner only ofrer refers ro os 'lbox luncn" nours of orocrice Q XMC161 vox.. 2 X! I :ff . ix 'Q , --as f - f ff I , b fa llw' fag, in 1 'B Naomi M 3 3 Y 'hump 'naar 1 1 D5 5 ,,,- 'We Won Store Foirl' "Bond ore you reody?" "Yes Sir "One, two, three, four, "Ugh!" "Nooo, " o ltrle mon otop on Anderson Marching lndons troiler screoms through o megophone. Horns, Hogs, ond poms silent- ly return to position, ond get reody for the horn snop yer ogoin. Scenes lilse these continued throughout the summer for whotever the bond wos worlsing on, whether it wos the fonfore ot the beginning of the entronce or the solute ot the end of the exit. With this determino- tlon, the win. Eorly August 20th, before the sun wos up, the lndions looded onto buses bound for the Stote Foirgrounds. The first bond to by the time Store Foir rolled ground Morching lndions were prepored to Jeremy Thompson, Rob Wehner, Joson Seyberr, ond Poul l-lorbon, of the oltoesox section, worm up for o winning show. "I just con't believe itl" Morsho McFodden cries hoppily on o friends' shoulder ofter Anderson is onnounced Store Foir chomps. orrive, they storted worming up for the morning show with colisthenics. After morching, the lndions retired to o neorby church where they ote lunch, rested for the ofternoon ond ron through the show severol times on the church porlsing lot before leoving for the foirgounds to morch the night show. After putting forth o voliont effort in the night show, the lndions impotiently woited for the verdict ot the reoding of the results. Through onnouncements of fourteen bonds they stood holding onto eoch other for deor life until the Morching Potriots were oworded second ploce ond the Indi- ons lsnew they were in. Victory hod never been so sweet or so well-deserved. What lungs! Senior Seon Swonson tolses o deep breoth ond gives it oll he's got for thot greot low bross sound. Sophomore Rob Wehner, lilse mony of the Morchf ing lndions, is definitely not shy obout telling every- one which bond is number one. "I'm so nervous!" Well, it sure doesn'r show on Kotherine Goither os she holds her heod high ond prepores to morch, bondfsrore four John Wooten takes his rime os he mixes his chemi' cols, meosuring them perfecrly, in his Chemisrry lobof rorory. Dovid Jones tries ro ger o lirrle closer ro his experif menr in his Chemisrry loo ro resr rhe reocrion of differenr chemicol elemenrs oeing mixed. 4 SOCOCC Scfen ce E nrfches Minds Ar rhe beginning of rhe school yeor, Anderson High srudenrs ser our ro find ex- ocrly how rhings worlsed, from living ore gonisms ro the onoromy of o pig, Closses offered or Al-l.S. ronged from Biology ro Physics ond Chemisrry. Biology, required for freshmen, roughr obour the scienrific wonders of plonrs ond onimols ond rhe woy rhey rhrive ond sure yive, Differenr i'bio" ossignmenrs included rhe choprer review guesrions, Iobs, ond mol-:ing fossils. Chemisrry srudenrs fools porr in mony different lobs. Mrs. Corrico's closs mode condy in fheir Chrisfmos Iobs, ond builr simf ple molecules wirh moleculor 'lrinlser roys", jusr ro nome o few. Orher closses such os Zoology hod loos bisecring frogs, shorles ond squids. They srudied the orgons ond rhe orrongemenr inside rhese onimols. By rhe end of the school yeor science srudenrs leorned mony oeneficiol exom- ples of orgonisms ond how rhey worked. Mr. Smith gives his Phy5ics class an example of how a wheel rolls downward and upward on a slope. Srodenrs learn rhe lows of araviry and force on the wheel by Mr Snnirh's experimenr, Jeff Allen and Karen Poole mix rheir chemicals ioaerher in rheir lab exoerirnenr rryina ro perfecr rhe mixrure ro be graded Kevin Nave and Jeff Lane our rheir exoerrise ro' gerher as rhey hurry anxiously ro finish rheir Chemis- rry exoerimenr before rhe bell rings. SGGVXCS Ad' A fu .W 4 Behrens Paint Spot is one of many businesses which yearly sponsors the lndan, 'awww , SPOT Signs by Bailey proudly displays one of his many products he hos painted. Junior Paul Figge is aided by Meis salesclerk Suzie Marian in march- ing Q shirt to the pants. acer dverti ing 0 e, see There's more businesses helping high school journals ism. Banking Anderson Anderson Music Center Aunt Grace's Avon Bailey's Paint Spot Anderson Boosters Behren's Paint Spot Belle Ever Bicycle World Book Shelf Bridal Carbide Grinding Company Chrismar's Citizens Banking Company Class of '86 Collin's Sons Jewelers Command lnc. Community Pharmacy Connie's Shoes Cook's Block and Brick Corvairs Auto Parts Dodd's House of Flowers East Side Drugs Edgewood Beauty Salon Emge Packing Company First National Bank Fisher, DDS Flowers by Mary Jane Fred's Garage Freeman Realty Goald Plumbing Hair Unlimited Holiday lnn Hollons Pharmacy Home Video Hoosier Motor Club Hughes Chiropractic Charles Jones, DDS Junior Class K's Blossom Shop Craig Light DDS Life Touch Madisons of Park Place Malers Supermarket Main Event Marantha Hair Salon McLaughlin DDS Meis Miller Huggins Model Home Stores Maneyhuns Mr. Penguin Noble Romans Odell Photo O.C. Clark Odyssey One Peck and Wood Personal Reflections Phillipee Water Pizza King Plaza Barber Shop Roby's Plumbing SADD Sa- Hair-A Salon Garry L. Smith. D.D.S. Softrak Software Kevin Starkey Stich-N-Corner Strock Brothers Hardware Payless Supermarket Surbaugh and Sons Robert Taylor Tales Flowers Towne Shoppe Uncle Denny's Carwash Wessar and Teeple WLHNIWHUT P QTEZEZLE :lessee X x : Mg: 3 a f , -Mu -'M :M - ::fi4f3a:'j, H1422 1.2.4533 1424: 33:3331:7L-w:f::ig:is15fI::3:3g:ftgfZ'J:f:71: ff- :,.:::,g:::n:f:12gi:f3::eM::::f:f U A H,-51:33 .,.,, W .3:::.:: ,,v, .1 54: Q, m .mio A U 7' .,izg: UM: li:i?iZ 311333333 Lwfwfrx 3522225 ::::1i::zE3::: 2555933 iifiguz :iiiiif izizixi Hiiggsg miZZif?f3f srggau? 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'Q ii fi if is QR it y 3 ii 5 'E 35 'fs if 52 5 if if EQ vi if 15 s if 21 55 M A 3 5? 15 22 zz 5 5 55 W 52 1: 55 i :Q 5 Z5 52 2 Q E as Q se W ws ss is Ft E ii 2 5 595 as ii Sf ii E fi 33 41 3 E 9 or E J Q ,Z vs 2 W We Pay Less Super Markets, Inc 200 index live nderson WGSOTTTG Abram, Nicole C105 92 Abston Carmen C125 65 i A-Club 24 Adams, David C105 92, 136 Adams, Ginger C115 82 Addison, Karen C125 65, 152 Administration 112, 115 Ads 168-197 Ads Division 166, 167 Agnew, Philip C105 92 Aguila, Airhart, Paul C95 Sean C95 102, 135 Albea, Cammie C125 65 Alberts, Michael C105 92 Albrecht, Christian C125 20, 65 Albright, Darin C95 Alexander, Belinda C95 102, 135 Alexander, Eldred C115 39, 82 Alexander, Janet C105 44, 92 Alexander, Jennifer C105 92, 161 Allen, Angela C125 20, 65 Allen Diane CF5 58 Allen, Gregory C125 65, 152 Allen, Jeff C125 24, 29, 65, 121, 165 Allen, Keith C95 Allen, Stephanie C125 65 Allen, Stephanie C105 92, 136 Allen, Tamara C125 65, 152 Amsdem, Billy C105 92 Anderson, Brett C105 Anderson, Davita C115 18, 24, 39, 50, 51, 82 Anderson, Eric C95 31, 102 Anderson, Scott C115 65 Apple, Yolanda C95 102, 135, 157 Armes, Micheal C105 92 Armington, Tim C95 55, 102 Arms, Jason C95 31, 102 Armstrong, David C95 Armstrong, Stephen C125 65 Arnold, Angie C105 92 Art 126, 127 Asche, Kitty C105 92 Asche, Wendy C125 65, 152 Ashby, Aaron C105 92 Ashley, Zran C95 Ashton, Patricia C95 102, 135, 147 Ashton, Tom C115 82 Atchison, Dawn C95 Atherton, James C115 2, 16, 18, 20, 48, 82 Atkins, Maxine CF5 58, 159 Atkinson, Jennifer C95 102, 142, 161 Auker, Carrie C95 102, 161 Auker, Auker, Auker, Auker, David C115 82 Jeff C95 102 Kenneth C105 92 Rhonda C125 65, 121, 128, 129, 159 Aubrey, Heather C115 20, 82, 136 Austin, Austin, Amy C125 102 April C95 e r,s Austin, Scott C95 102 Austin, Kelly C105 92 Auxier, Shawn C105 92 Ayers, Ross C115 12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 32, 82 ad ogus onzai Bachman, John C125 20, 24, 40, 43, 65 Bailey, Damon C125 16, 39, 64, 65, 118, 139, 161 Bailey, Jason C95 102 Bailey, Linda C105 92, 140 Bailey, Mason C95 102 Bailey, Rachel C115 34, 35, 82, 136, 156 Bailey, Sarah C95 35, 102, 157 Baker, Michelle C115 82 Baker, Nancy C95 102 Baker, Scott C125 20, 65 Baker, Tracy C105 92 Baldwin, John C95 Baldwin, Suzanne C95 Ball, David C95 102 Ball, Don C125 65 Ballinger, Philip C105 92, 142 Balser, Lisa C125 65, 121 Band 162, 163 Banning, Andy C105 40, 92 Banata, Nacy C125 65 Barclay, Traci C105 92, 161 Bargo, Clarence C105 Bargo, David C125 65 Barkdull, Jill C115 82, 152 Barnes, Derek C115 82 Barnes, Dorian C95 102 Barrett, Todd C125 52, 65 Bartlett, Steven C125 65, 120, 121 Bass, Vontella C95 102 Baugh, Karen C125 65, 152 Beard, Eric C95 102 Beard, Ethen C125 65 Beaty, Jill C95 102, 161 Beaty, Kimberly C115 82 Beauchamp, Carla C115 83 Beauchamp, William CF5 58 Beck, Kelly C125 65, 152 Becker, James CF5 29 Beckerman, Jerri C105 Beebe, Kevin C125 Beeman, Tamara C115 Beeson, Rae Leigh C105 51, 92 Behrens, Amy C115 83, 122, 161 Behrens, Kimberly C125 66, 156 Behrens, Melinda C105 92, 136, 161 Bender, Micheal C125 66, 150 Benkeser, Karl CF5 58, 140 Bennett, Berna C115 83 Benson, Robert C125 66, 140 Bergdoll, Barbara CF5 58 Bernard, Rosalee CF5 58 Bernard, Michael C115 152 Berry, Niki C105 92 Berryman, Chad C105 29, 92, 54 Berryman, Chris C125 Berryman, Tim C125 24, 29, 66 Bertl, Kay CF5 58 Bevelhimer, Kimberly C105 92, 140 Birt, Steven C95 102, 161 Bish, Katie C95 51, 102 Blackman, Kristina C105 92 Blades, Mona C105 92 Blair, Kim C125 66, 152, 153 Bland, Mark C95 Blaylock, Ginger C105 92 Blevins, Scott C115 83, 150 Blizzard, Melinda C95 102 Bloyd, Steven C105 92, 160 Bodey, Craig C115 83 Bodkins, Lori C125 18, 64, 66, 162 Boeglin, Amy C115 18, 24, 40, 83, 129, 206 Boles, Amy C95 Boleyn, Ann C95 22, 102, 136 Bolinger, Tony C125 66, 150 Bonham, Angie C105 92 Bonner, Joseph C125 Borton, Robin C115 83, 131, 136, 156 Bontrager, Catherine C95 102, 140 Bontrager, Janice C125 66, 121, 124, 140, 155, 156 Bontrager, Karen C105 92 Booker, Troy C95 Boozer, Michelle C105 Bowens, Timothy C115 83 Bowman, Matthew C105 Bowman, Mimsy C125 66, 140 Boyd, Wendy C115 83 Boys Cross Country 43 Boys Golf 41 Boys Swimming 46, 47 Boys Tennis 33 Boys Track 39 Boyle, Chris C115 83 Boze, Brandi C95 102, 135 Boze, Kelley C95 102, 103, 161 Boze, Michael C105 92 Boze, Patricia C125 66 Bragg, Kevin C95 102 Bramblert, Nancy C125 67 Brandon, Janel CF5 58 Branum, Stephen C95 102 Brartain, Mya C115 83 Braxton, Marlin C95 150, 151 Breil, Bethany C105 92, 131 Bricker, Judy C105 21, 92 Briggs, Diane CF5 Briles, Susan C105 20, 92, 136, 148, 156 Broadnax, Rhonda C115 83, 134, 135 Broderick, Debbie C125 5, 67 Brown, James A. C105 Brown, Jim C95 40, 102, 136 Brown, Johnny C95 102 Brown, John W. C95 Brown, Kevin C95 102, 124, 135, 192 Brown, Robert C115 83 Brown, Steven M. C95 31, 102 Brown, Tim C95 102 Brown, Timothy C115 49, 83 Brown Tony C115 83, 140, 150 Browning, Matthew C125 67 Broyles, Robin C115 12, 24, 83, 18 156 Bruns, Tina C115 Bryan, Scott C95 102, 135, 140 Bryson, Steve C95 102 Buck, Carey C95 102, 161 Buckman, Ross CF5 124 Buckner, Andrew C105 92 Burgess, Louis C125 21, 161 Burgess, Malcolm C105 20, 29, 39, 92 Burgess, Zuleika C95 102, 161 Burks, Candance C105 92, 139 Burnett, Lisa C105 92, 131 Burnett, Robert C105 92, 147 Burns, Lori C125 67 Burton, Angela C105 92 Burton, Robert C115 Busby, Andrew C105 92 Busby, Laura C105 83 Bush, Terry C115 83, 155 Business 122, 123 Buss, Larry C95 Bybee, Joan C115 20, 82, 83, 134 135, 142, 159, 18 Byers, Lynn C125 5, 20, 67, 121 lassy lashing osby show Cage, Alisha C125 67, 152 Cage, Micheal C95 102 Cakley, Cornelius C105 Campbell, Campbell, Anthony C125 67 Corey C105 92, 160 Campbell, David C115 Campbell, Hallie C95 Campbell, John C95 Campbell, John C105 Campbell, Rick C115 24, 39, 43, 83 Campfield, Bruce C115 83, 150 Cantrell, Bart C115 83 Cantrell, Rhonda C105 92 Career Resource Center 149 Carl, James C115 83 Brogdon, Barbara C115 83 Brooks, Christina C95 102 Brooks, James C105 92 Brooks, Roberta C95 Brown, Bryan C125 Brown, Dana C95 102 Brown, David C125 67 Brown, Deborah C125 67 Brown, Debbie C125 67 Carlson, Lisa C115 83 Carmack, Debra C95 102 Carmin, Dan C115 83 Carmin, Ruthanna C95 102 Carney, Joe C95 102, 161 Carpenter, Angela C95 Carpenter, Barbara C95 102, 139 Carpenter, Darren C95 102 Carr, Autumn C115 83, 148, 18 Carr, Teresa C9D 102 Carrel, Drew C11D 88, 161 Carrel, Elizabeth C1OD 92, 140, 161 Carrico, Fran CFD 58 Carter, Crysralina C11D 88 Carter, Heidi C11D 6, 16, 18, 89, 82, 88, 185, 159, 160 Carter, Michelle C10D 92, 98 Carter, Robert C9D 102 Case, Hank CFD 58, 126 Casey, Gerry CFD 58 Caster, Charles C9D 102 Castor, Douglas C12D 6, 17, 24, 29, 89, 67, 181 Castor, Ruthanne CFD 58 Chadbourne, Horace CFD 112, 115 Chadbourne, Steve C12D 24, 47, 67, 121, 189, 156 Chadwick, Mickey C9D Chamberlain, Kevin C9D 81, 102 Chamberlain, Tracy C9D 102, 189 Chandler, Toby C9D Chapin, Jeff C11D Chapin, Tracy C10D 92, 140 Chappell, Sean C12D 67 Chearem, Karietta C9D Cheerleaders 22, 28 Chenoweth, Marnie C10D 92, 128 Cherry, Hugh C11D 87, 88, 187 Choral Club 156, 157 Chrispell, Jill C11D 121, 155, 156 Collins, Alan C9D 108 Collins, Dawn C9D 22, 108, 185, 157 Collons, Wendy C11D 88 Color Guard 160, 161 Combs, Daniel C1OD 24, 98, 155, 156 Conn, Angel C1OD Connell, William C11D 24, 88, 151 Contos, Courtney C1OD 98, 140 Cooks 117 Cook, Kelly C9D Cook, Zacharias C11D 88 Cooley, Anissa C9D 108, 186 Cooley, Theresia C12D 67 Cooley, Theresa C1OD 98 Cook, Sandra C12D 67 Cooper, Beverly C9D 108 Cooper, Carrie C9D 161 Cooper, Jeff C9D Cooper, Kim C10D 85, 98 Coors, Melissa C11D 84 Copeland, Cheryl C12D 67 Cotsaviles, Sotiry C10D 87, 98, 189 Cotton, Terrence C11D 24, 29, 84 Cottrell, Billy C1OD 98, 142 Cottrell, Carmen C12D 67, 121 Cottrell, Kristen C11D 84, 189 Courter, Erick C9D 81, 108, 185 Covington, Matt C11D Dalton, Penny C1OD 95 Danner, David C10D 95 Danforrh George CFD 142 Daousr, Christopher C10D 95 Darr, Shannon C9D 108, 186 Darst, Christy C9D 108, 189, 142, 159 Dashier, Robin C12D 68 Daughhetee, Eric C11D 84, 161 Daughhetee, Jamey C10D 95, 140, 161 Davidson, Dawn C1OD 95 Davidson, Lesley C1OD 95 Davidson, Scott C1OD Davis, Davis, Davis Davis, Davis, Jamie C11D 24, 82, 84, 112 Malinda C9D 108, 161 Mark C11D Moritta C9D 89, 95, 161 Stacy C10D 95, 186 Davis Tracey C1OD 29, 95 Davis, Juanita C1OD Davis, Walter C10D 95 Davissan, Patrick C11D 84, 185 Clark , Christine C10D 92 ark, Kay CFD 58 A rk, Donna C9D 102 Clark, Hayley C9D Clark, Larry C11D 88 152 Clark, Matthew C9D 102, 161 Clark, Melissa C10D 92, 129, 185, 156, 206 Clark, Mickey C12D 20, 24, 86, 67, 118, 49 Glark, Ronnie C9D Cox, Amy C1OD 95 Cox, Anjanette C1OD 95, 142, 156 Cox, Carey C11D 5, 18, 84, 152, 155, 156 Cox Ken CFD 125 Cox, Jeff C10D 95, 122 Cox JoAnn C9D 105, 161 Cox Karen C11D 18, 84, 155, 156, 159 Cox, Kristi C9D 108, 140, 157, 159 Cox Melissa C12D Crane, Carri C12D 67 Deal, William CFD 59, 161, 162 Deaver, Juanita C12D 68 Deco Owe Coe 152, 158 Degitz, Kati C9D 108, 185 Degraffenreid, Kelly C12D 20, 64, 68, 121, 124, 142, 154, 155, 156, 159 Dellinger, Todd C11D Denny, James C9D 108, 185 Derrickson, Robert C12D 68 DeSalle, Don CFD 59, 115 Deweese, Mary Ann C9D 108 Dick, Elissa C11D Dickerson, Rich CFD 118 Dickey, Corey C9D 108 Dickey, James C9D 108 Dickey, Ryan C10D 95 Diehm, Eric C10D 12, 20, 24, 95, 140 Dietz, Cathy C9D Clark, Shannon C9D 102 Clark, Sheila C9D 102 Clase, Andrew C10D 98 Clawson, Cameron C11D Clawson, Melissa C1OD 20, 98, 140 Clay, Charles C9D 108 Clay, Darren C1OD 98 Clay, James C9D Clay, Paul CFD 58 Clay, Lillie C12D 67 Clem, Lelayna C10D 98, 185 Clemons, 'John C12D Clevenger, Victoria C10D 24, 40, 98, 140 Clifton, Todd C9D 108 Closing 206-208 Closser, Jennifer C9D Clubs and Classes 118, 119 Coale, Jonrhan C1OD Coale, Paula C11D 84, 89, 88 Coburn, David C12D 64, 160 Coburn, Marie C11D 88 Cochran, Kimberly C10D 21, 98, 185, 159 Cockman, Steven C1OD 98 Coffey, Clayton C11D Coffey, Sreven C9D 81, 108, 144 Cohen, Brian C9D 81, 108 Coles, Jamie C12D 67, 150 Coleson, Rebecca C9D 108 Collier, Carla C1OD 98 Collier, Chris C12D 24, 44, 64, 67, Crawford, Jamie C9D 108 Crawford, Jeff C12D 67, 150 Crawford, Shawn C9D 108 Creamer, Ray C11D 84 Creech, Caryl C12D 67 Crick, Stacia C12D 67 Cripe, Rachel C10D 95 Crislar, Thomas C12D 67 Crose, Andrea C11D 140 Crose, Jacqueline C10D 95 Crosley, Shanna C9D 24, 44, 108 Crouch, Marcia C9D 108 Crouse, Richard C11D 24, 84, 152 Crumes, Marie C9D 108 Crumes, Wendell C10D 8, 21, 24, 95 Cunningham, Brigid C12D 24, 88, 40, 41, 68 Cunningham, Cassee C11D 18 Cunningham, Micheal C10D 24, 40, 95 Curren, Christin C11D 16, 18, 84, 161 Custodions CFD 116 Cyman, Richard C12D 68 isaster izzy ull Dailey, Bethanne C12D 68, 152 Dailey, Steve C11D Dietrich, Barbara CFD 59 Dietzen, Fred C12D 68 Dierzer, Donel CFD 59 Dietzer, John C1OD 95, 140 Dietzen, Paul C1OD Diley, Amy C1OD 21, 87, 98, 95, 157 Dix, Roy C12D 68, 150, 160 Dixon, Ollie C1OD 95 152 Ebbert, Michele C1OD 95, 140 Eddy, Joel C12D 24, 47, 68, 189, 156 Edison, Frank C12D 68, 160 Edmundson, Thomas C9D Edwards, Brian C9D Edwards, Eddie C9D Edwards, James C12D 68 Edwards, Jeffrey C10D 95 Ehle, David C11D 18, 24, 47, 84, 124, 187, 155, 156 Ehle, Mark C9D 104, 156 Eisele, Todd C12D 20, 24, 29, 68 Eldon, Debbie C11D 84, 181 Ell, Anthony C11D Ellis, Joe C10D 95, 140, 141 Ellsworth, Brian C12D 68 Elliot, Angie C12D 21, 68, 120, 142, 161 Ellsworth, JD. C9D Emerson, JoAnn C12D 24, 44, 45, 68, 120 Emmons, Chris C9D 104 English 182, 188 English, Willie C9D 81, 104 Etchison, Tracy C11D Everman, Mandy C1OD 95, 185, 157 Eytchison, Lawerence C10D Eytchison, Tamara C9D 104 un ashion boots ootball Faculty 58, 68 Falander, Joe C9D 104 Faris, Katie C1OD 95, 185, 56, 159 Farner, Mark C12D 69, 189, 140, 152 Farrer, Michael C11D 24, 40, 41, 84 Farrington, Elizabeth C9D 104 Fatzinger, Charles C1OD 24, 95, 140, 155 Feits, Sandra C9D 104 Fenner, Kimberly C1OD 24, 89, 95 Fenwick, Tara C1OD 95, 140, 161 Ferguson, Angie C11D 18, 84, 186 Dixon, Tamla C9D 104 Dobbins, Julie C12D 68, 142, 152 Dobrik, Marilyn Carrol CFD 59 Dorsey, Phillips C12D 68 Dowell, Danny C9D 104 Downey, Jeffrey C9D 104 Dray, Tina C11D 84 Drews, Shannon C10D 95, 187 Drivers Education 147 Dubois, Jason C10D 95 Dugger, Robbie C10D 95 Duncan, Camille C10D 95, 185 Dunlap, Wanda C9D asy thiopia ddie Murphy Eads, Rick CFD 59, 149 Eaker, Tabatha C11D 84 Earl, April C12D 68, 152 Easres, Robert C12D 20, 68, 127, Fielding, Beth C9D 104, 186, 187 Fielding, Brian C9D Fields, Kevin C10D Fields, Veronica C10D 95, 185, 161 Figge, Paul C11D 84, 129, 206 Fike, Tina C12D 68 Finney, Jody C1OD 95 Finney, Stachia C1OD 95 Finney, Steve C11D Fippen, Allen C11D Fish, Debra C11D 84, 142, 155, 156 159 Fish, Edward C9D 81, 104 Fisher, Linda C12D 68 Fisher, Melissa C11D 84, 150 Fisher, Tisha C9D 104 Fisher, Tobi C9D 104, 186 Fisher Todd C12D 68, 160 Fisk, Michael C11D 84 Fisk, Suzette C11D 84, 186 Flatford, Anglia C12D 69, 154, 155, 156, 159 Flatford, Beverly C1OD Fleming, Mike C9D 104, 189 index 0 1 1 Hunter, Clinton C95 31, 105 index Fletcher, David C115 84, 150, 152 Flora, Aaron C105 37, 95 Flora, Spencer C125 24, 36, 64, oQ, 81, 121 Flory, Kelly C125 oo Floyd, Longa C95 51, 104 Floyd, Paul C95 104, 156 Foard, Shellie C125 69 Follmar, Allison C95 104, 136 Ford, Eric C95 104, 136 Ford, Robert C125 69, 137, 161 Ford, Vina C95 Forrest, Jenny C125 24, 33, 69, 120, 140, 142 Fort, Mike C125 69 Fort, Paul C105 21, 95, 155, 156 Foss, Kevin C105 95, 140 Foster, Angenetta C125 69 Fouts, James C95 42, 47, 104, 140 Fouts, William C115 84 Fowler, Marian C105 95, 161 Fowler, Melanie C95 104, 135 Fox, Constance C115 84, 118 Fox, Louis C125 38, 39, 52 Frawley, James C95 104 Froley, Johnny C105 Frazier, Eddie C105 95 Freer, Heidi C95 104,' 136, 157, 158, 159 Freeman, Robert CF5 59 French 134, 135 Freshmen 102-111 Freshmen Football 31 Fridley, Patricia C115 84 Friggle, Larry C105 95, 140 Foller Fuller Fuller Fuller Fuller Fuller Fuller, Fuller, Fuller Fuller Funk, David C125 69, 150 Eugenia C105 95, 136 Keith C115 29, 84 Keith C105 95 Marcus C95 31, 104, 136 Pat C125 69, 152 Rhonda C115 84 Shannon C115 29, 84 Terrance C115 29 Troy C105 95, 135 'Jo co 59 Furnish, Karrie C105 95, 122, 136 Furnish, Kellie C105 95 ucci ossip raffitti Gaither, Katherine C105 95, 135, 161, 163 Gammon, Jill CF5 59 Garr, Kimberly C95 Garringer, Jama C95 104 Garrison, John C115 84 Garza, Divina C95 104 Gatewood, Paul C115 84 Gatton, Joe C125 24, 47, 69, 121 Gavin, Louonno C105 95, 161 Gavin, Malea C115 101, 129, 206 Gow, Tony C125 69 Gayle, Angie C125 64, 69 Geiger, Darrin C95 136 Gentry, Jay C125 69, 150 German 140, 141 German Club 140, 141 German, Latondia C115 84 Gibbs, Gadell C115 39, 84, 136, 161 Gibson, John C115 84, 121, 136 Gibson, Patrick C115 18, 24, 84 Gibson, Shawn C105 95, 161 Gilley, Michael C105 95 Gilliam, Eric C95 104, 47 Gilliam, Robert C115 3, 15, 18, 20, 24, 39, 43, 82, 84 Gilmore, Drian C95 31, 104 Ginder, John C125 Ginley, Libby C125 24, 69, 140 Giovenco, Kristin C105 95 Girls Basketball 50, 51 Girls Cross Country 42 Girls Golf 32 Girls Swimming 44, 45 Girls Tennis 40 Girls Track 38 Gochett, Shelitha C95 Goen, Toby C95 103, 104, 139, 144 Goblay, Terry C95 Golish, Mike C115 Gooding, Andrea C95 104, 135 Goode, Troy C105 93, 95 Gooding, Stephanie C125 69 Goodmen, William C115 152 Goodrick, Stephanie C125 34, 69, 152 Goodrick, Stephen C125 69, 158 Goree, Michelle C95 104 Goree, Terrence C95 104 Gosha, Angie C115 Gosling, Ann CF5 59 Gourley, Tina C115 84 Garggs, Tina C115 Graham, Kathleen C105 20, 24, 44, 45, 95, 140, 137 Graham, Kristine C115 24, 44, 84 Granger, Brenda C115 84 Graves, Terry C125 69, 150 Gray, Lewis C125 69, 152 Gray, Talema C95 Gray, Tony C115 84 Gray, Wade C105 96 Graybiel, Melissa C125 15, 24, 69, 120 Greene, Eric C95 104 Greene, Michele C105 96 Greenlee, Tim C115 18, 24, 29, 85, 140 Greenlee, Todd C95 104, 161 Greenwood, Myron C125 69 Gregg, David C125 Gregory, Jeff C95 104, 142, 159, 139 Griffey, William C115 85 Griffith, Melissa C115 85, 161 Griner, Todd C105 24, 47, 96 Grubb, Jackie CF5 59 Gunter, Kelly C125 70 Gustin, Randy C95 104 Gutierrez, Yolanda C95 104, 136 erb omecoming acky Sack Hackleman, Joel C95 104 Hadley, Joseph C125 150 Hadley, Michael C125 12, 24, 47, 70, 81, 121, 159 Hadley, Paul C95 104 Hadley, Penny CF5 59 Hague, John C125 70 Hann, J.J. C105 96, 124, 140 Hahn, Matthew C115 24, 40, 85 Haines, Christopher C105 96 Hall, Bob C105 96 Hall, James C95 104 Hall, Jason C95 104 Hall, Kevin C115 85 Hallgartn, Todd C95 104 Hamilton, Allonzo C95 Hamilton, Robby C105 96 Hamm, Kenya C125 70, 121, 134, 135 Hamm, Tom C105 96 Hampton, James C125 Hancock, Glen C115 85 Hampton, Shirley C95 104 Hancock, John C95 104 Haney, Ronald C115 85 Harbron, Paul C115 85, 140, 161, 163 Hatdacre, Lisa C115 18, 22, 24, 82, 85, 136, 156, 159 Harder, Anita C95 Harder, Anita C105 Hardy, Labrenda C105 96 Hargrove, Kevin C95 104 Harney, Randy C125 29, 70 Harrell, Helen CF5 59 Harris, Anthony C95 Harris, Hershel C95 104 Harris, Kenneth C115 85 Harrison, Kenneth C105 96 Harris, Lee Ann C125 70 Harrod, David C95 104 Hart, Troy C125 70 Hartley, Lindo C125 70 Hastings, Brian C105 96, 135, 155, 156, 159 Hatter, Eddie C115 85 Hathcock, Eric C115 85 Haultonan, Todd C95 104 Health 144 Hedgecraft, Brian C125 70, 152 Hedgecraft, Rodney C105 96 Heiden, John C125 24, 29, 70 Heiney, Michael C115 85 Helbling, Angela C95 104 Held, Norm CF5 59 Helton, Lisa C125 70, 161 Hemminger, Jayson C105 96 Hendricks, Anna C95 104 206 Hobbs, Heather C95 Hobbs, Kyle C115 20, 24, 38, 39, 43, 85 Hobson, Charles C105 96, 149 Hobson, Nathan C95 Hochstetler, Mary C125 64, 70, 120 Hodson, Debbie CF5 59 Home Economics 148 Hoffmann, Donald CF5 59 Hoffman, Melissa C115 85, 131 Holcomb, Angelia C105 96, 142 Holland, Michelle C95 105 Holland, Shannon C95 105 Holland, Tim C115 85 Holliday, Heather C115 85 Holliday, Rex C95 31, 105 Hollingsworth, Sara C115 85 Holloman, Audie C115 85, 118 Holycross, Jennifer C105 24, 34, 35, 51, 96, 140 Holycross, Michelle C125 24, 70 Hooten, Warren C125 Hoover, Drian C115 85 Hoover, Michael C125 21, 70 Hoover, Wendy C95 105, 134, 135 Homecoming 12, 13 Honor Society 121 Hopgood, Eric C105 Hopper, Michelle C105 96 Horoitis, Thea C105 96, 142 Horn, Derek C95 105 Horne, James C125 70, 152 Horton, Terry C115 85 Hoskins, Steven C125 70, 131, 161 Hochsterler, Mary C125 20, 121 Hostetler, Patricia C125 70 Hough, David C125 24, 36, 70 House, Joe C105 96 Howard, Tami C105 96 Howard, Todd C115 15, 16, 20, 85 Hovermale, Christy C115 12, 18, 16, 20, 82, 85, 140 Howe, Paula CF5 16, 59 Hubbard, Elonda C95 105 Hubbard, Tim C125 Hubble, Christina C125 71, 120, 121, 131, 142, 161 Hendricks, Eric C95 104 Hendrickson, Catherine C95 104 Henry, Ryan C115 85 Hensley Hensley, , Tammy C95 104 Gary C95 104 Hensley, Shelly C105 34, 35, 96 Hensley, Sherry C115 85 Hensley, Stephanie C115 85 Herron, Dawn C115 85 Herron, Wendy C95 104 Haxamer, Rachel C115 85, 161 Hileman, Michael C105 96 Hill, Aaron C95 105 Hill, John C95 Hilligoss, Curtis C95 Hilligoss, Scott C105 96 Hilligoss, Susan C115 18, 85 Hilligoss, Terri C125 70, 137, 156 Hilligoss, Wendell CF5 59, 64 Hiners, Mike C105 160 Hines, Mary Ann C125 70 Hinkle, Tara C95 Hinners, April C125 70 Hinton, Kenneth C125 152 Hinton, Ronny C95 105 Hitch, Maria C125 70, 120, 129, Hubble, Shannon C105 39, 42, 96 Hudson, Jason C105 12, 20, 37, 96, 136 Hudson, Rusra C105 20, 93, 96, 139 Hughel, Mark C95 47, 105 Hughel, Mike C115 85, 135 Hughes, Craig C115 150 Hughes, Hughes, Donovan C95 105 Jon Micheal C95 105, 135 Huitt, Sheri C115 85 Hulse, Susan C125 71, 150 Human Development 146 Humphrey, Jennifer C95 24, 44, 105, 135 Hurley, Natalie C125 71, 161 Hutchins, Amy C95 105, 140 Hutchins, Mark C115 71, 140 Hutton, Howard CF5 59 Hyatt, Larry C95 31, 105 Hyatt, Ricky C115 85 - Rocz ndians n-Grown Toenails Ice, David C105 29, 96 lce, Mike C115 6, 16, 24, 29, 89, 85 ICT 151 lhnat, Al CF5 84, 85, 49, 59, 152 Ihnat, Lisa C115 18, 21, 24, 84, 82, 85, 128, 129, 206 lngram, Charlotte C125 71, 121 obs okes ordan Jack, Danielle C105 96, 185, 161 Jack, Linda C95 105, 185 Jones, Deanna C95 Jones, Dennis C105 96 Jones, Eric C105 Jones, Julie C125 89, 72, 120 Jones, John C95 05 Jones, Melvin C115 150, 151 Jones, Micheal C95 81, 106 Jones, Nancy C95 106 Jones, Randy C125 72 Jones, Rebecca C125 21, 72, 121, 142 Jones, Rita C125 72, 154, 155, 156 Jones, Travis C105 96 Jones, Wendy C95 106 Jordan, Anthony C105 29, 89, 96 Jordan, Carlos C95 106 Jordan, Delbert C115 86 Jordan, Kevin C105 96 Jordan, Timothy C115 29, 89, 86 Joseph Sharon C115 86 Jack, Melissa C125 71 Jackson, Jackson, Teresa C115 24, 51, 85 Gregory C115 24, 85 Jackson, Joel C115 85 Jackson, Kevin C95 Jackson, Marcy C95 Jackson, Rachel C95 22, 108, 105 189, 142 Jackson, Rhonda C95 105 Jackson, Thomas CF5 59, 127 Jackson, Wade C125 Jacobs, Judi CF5 59 Jakes, Jennifer C95 105 James, Jamie C95 2, 24, 42, 105, 186 Janov, Tiffany C105 15, 89, 96, 161 Jarvis, Brian C105 96 Jeffries, Larry C95 81, 105, 185, 142 Jeffries, Rhonda C125 71, 81, 140, 142 Jennings, Jennifer C125 72 Jensen, Mark C125 72 Jernigan, Rita C95 Jernigan, Sharmon C105 Johansen, Gina C125 20, 72, 155 Johantgen, Jerilin C115 16, 20, 24, 89, 85, 142 Johns, Daniel C95 105 Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Alison C95 105 Angela C95 Craig C95 105 Darby C95 105 Dawn C115 85 Dixie CF5 59 Johnson Karla C95 105 Johnson, Kenny C105 96 Johnson Leonard C115 85 Johnson Nathaniel CF5 42, 59 Johnson, Johnson Nicolerte C105 96 Oletha C125 72 Johnson, Quitones C115 85, 152 Johnson, Sherry C115 86, 150 Johnson Terri C105 96 Johnson, Tony C125 29, 72 Johnson, Willie C105 28, 29, 96 Jones, Alan C125 72, 120, 154, 155, 156 Jones, Andrea C95 105 Jones, Andrew C115 86 Jones, Carmen C115 86 Jones, David C125 72, 124, 142, 164 Judd, ikmifer 4109 20, oo, 140, 159 Junior Achievement 21 Juniors 82-91 arma iss -Mart Kamrath, Lisa C125 64, 78, 140 Kose, Michelle C115 86, 184, 185, 161 Kates, Monty C115 86, 161 Kayzer, Lawrence C95 106 Kearns, Kevin C115 86 Kearns, Robert CF5 50, 59, 51 Keesling, James C95 106 Kellams, Melissa C95 106 Kelly, Amy C105 21, 96, 185, 159 Kelley, Anthony C115 28, 29, 86, 118 Kelley, Colleen C95 106, 189, 161 Kelley, Eric C95 81, 106, 155 Kelly, Jennifer C115 86, 181, 186, 159, 187, 156 Kelly, Kristine C95 106, 185 Kelley, Michelle C115 86 Kendall, Courtney C95 12, 22, 106, 185 Kenney, Glenna C105 96 Kerr, Jamie C105 Kerr, Patricia C125 Key, Julia C125 84, 78 Kiefer, Stephanie C105 96 Kimbrell, Kenneth C95 Kimm, James C115 86 Kincaid, Beata C95 106, 161 Kinder, Kamela C115 16, 86, 118, 142, 159 King, Cammie C95 106 King, Lisa C115 86, 118 King, Patrick CF5 59 King, Rodney C125 89, 78 Kirksey, Diane C95 Kitt, Nancy CF5 59 Kline, Brad C95 106 Klingler, James C105 96 Klusmeyer, Alisa C95 106, 185, 157 Krisley, Helen CF5 60 Knuckles, Christopher C95 106, 124, 142, 156 Knuckles, Robert C115 87, 86, 181, 186, 155, 156, 159 Koening, Elizabeth C105 21, 140 Koenig, Jill C95 106, 186, 161 Kolins, Angel C105 12, 24, 88, 89, 96, 140 Konschak, Chris C105 Kramer, Christina C125 Kreegar, Kitty C105 15, 96, 161 Kreps, Scott C95 106 ined Hair ove oud Lackey, Leanne C95 106, 184, 185 Lamacchio, Thomas C115 24, 86, 186 Lamacchio, Tim C125 78 Lamb, Carla C105 96 Lambert, Wendy C105 96 Lamey, Paul C105 96 Lamey, Timorhy C95 81, 106 Lane, Jeffry C125 21, 25, 78, 81, 161, 162, 165 Lasley, Otis C115 Laster, Charles C95 81 Laster, Corey C115 Latin 188, 189 Laughlin, Jeffrey C105 96, 189 Lawhon, Jennifer C115 16, 18, 86, 189 Lawrence, Jeannie C105 96 Lawrence, Tommy C125 Lawson, Melissa C115 21, 86 Lawson, Randy C115 86 Lawson, Ricky C95 106 Lawson, Timothy C115 86 Layman, Christina C125 78, 120, 161 Layman, Mindy C105 24, 44, 96, 156 Layton, Todd C105 96, 161 LeAnna, Lisa C115 86, 152 Lease, Janet C95 106 Leavell, Nanette C105 96, 156, 161 Ledford, Michael C105 96 Lee, Andrew C115 86, 140 Lee, Stephen C105 96 Leach, Jennifer C105 20, 96, 189 Leech, Scott C125 47, 78 Leffel, Nadine C125 64, 78, 121, 161 Lehn, Brad C105 98, 161 Lemon, Misty C105 98 Lester, Roger C95 106 Lewis, Christopher C95 55, 106 Lewis, Christy C95 106, 185, 140 Lewis, Stephanie C125 12, 18, 20, 21, 78, 121, 124 Ley, Leslie C105 98 Lisanby, Christopher C105 98 Little Chief 120 Logan, Angela C95 106, 161 Long, Todd C125 78 Longnaker, John CF5 59 Lookin Good 14, 15 Lowry, Sandy CF5 59 Louden, Kathy C95 Love, Denise C125 78, 121, 142 Love, Wayne C. C115 Lualllin, Angela C105 98, 140, 156 Luallin, Jennifer C125 64, 74, 121, 185, 142, 154, 155, 156, 159 Lunsford, Travis C95 Lupton, Laura C125 74, 121, 152, 158 Lycan, Ronda C115 18, 86, 126 Lynch, David C95 81, 106 iami Vice cDLT TV McAvoy, Diane C95 106, 185 McBride, Andy C105 98 McDroom, Scott C105 98 McCann, Mark C105 98, 185 McCarty, Pamela C105 24, 44, 98, 140 McClain, Greta C95 106, 186 McClees, Jeremy C95 106 McCl-endon, Bryan C125 20, 152 McClintock, Scott C95 McCloud, Gerell C95 106 McClure, Emmett C95 106 McCollum, Patrick C125 24, 74 McCord, Aaron C95 106, 142, 159 McCord, Philip C125 148 McCord, Rochelle C105 98 McCord, Todd C125 21, 159 McCowan, Carolyn C105 89, 98 McCowan, Michael C105 29, 89, 98 McCoy, Michelle C125 24, 25, 89, 42, 74 McCoy, Vaughn C125 74 McCreary, Michael C115 86 McCrocklin, Denise C125 9, 74, 152 McCullom, Pat C125 86 McCurry, Melissa C125 75, 152 McDaniel, Bryan C115 86 McDonough, Kelly C95 106, 140 McDonough, Scott C105 98 McElnoe, Melissa C115 McFadden, Marsha C125 75, 161, 168 McFarland, Shannon C115 McGhee, Angel C95 106 McGill, Nikol C105 21, 98, 181, 140 McGinnis, McGuire, McGuire, McGuire, Mclntyre, Charles C95 Brian C115 90 Pat C95 106 Thomas C95 Michael C105 87, 98 McKee, James C115 86 McKenzie , Mickey cm QQ, so McKinney, Dan C105 98 McKinney, David C95 106 McKinney, Donald C105 McKinney, Jerome C95 McKinney, Pat C125 75, 121, 124, 189, 159 McNally, Terry C115 86 McNally, Traci C95 106, 185, 161 McQueary, James C115 McSherry, Steve C125 12, 20, 75 McVey, Darren C115 29, 86, 47, 86 McVey, Milo C95 McWilliams, Christopher C105 98 McWithey, Pamela Jo CF5 60 Macy, Jack 20, 118, 152 Madron, Gregory C95 106 Mahla, Joseph C95 106 Mainord, Tasha C105 Maish, Jeff C125 74, 150 Majors, Michelle C115 21, 86 Malone, Curtis C95 106, 185 Mallernee, Richard C115 86 Mallory, Larry C105 87 index versized shirts Max C93 index Mantor, Anthony C93 106 Mantor, Jonathan C103 87, 98 Manwaring, Scott C113 86, 181 Marion, Dana C93 106 Marion, Susan C123 74, 152 Martin, Marlin, Clerence C123 74 Greg C113 86 Monaghan, Joseph C93 107, 185 Monaghan, Theresa C123 75, 105 Moneyhun, Sherry Lynn C93 107 Monte, Vincent C113 Montgomery, Dennis C603 CF3 Montgomery, Herbert C93 47, Martin, Kimberly C103 98 Martin, Robin C113 24, 86, 187, 142, 155, 159 Marvell, Beth C113 86 Mascot Maiden 25 107, 186 Montgomery, Kelli E. C103 98, 161 Montgomery, William C103 8, 98, 29 Moody, Leon C93 Mooneyhan, Tara C103 Mason, Amy C93 106, 185, 161 Mason, Brian C123 29, 74 Mason, Bridgette C103 98 Mason, Jeffrey C93 106 Mason, Mark C123 74 Mason, Traci C93 106 Masters, Aaron C113 48, 86 Math 124, 125 Maupin, Paul C103 98 Maynard, Dick CF3 60 MCYC 16 Messe, Gary C113 87 Melander, Jana C123 75, 121, 186 Moore, Andrea C113 87 Moore, Buford C103 Moore, Jeffrey C123 24, 29, 86, 75 Moore, Rodney C103 98 Moore, William C123 75, 152 Morgan, Alan C103 98 Morgan, Anngel C103 Morgan, Charles C103 98 Morgan , Daren C103 98 Morgan, Fred C113 Morgan, Jeffrey C123 75, 161 Morgan, Karen C103 98 Nicely, David C123 76 Nicely, Deanna C93 107, 159 Nicely, Deanna C93 107, 159 Nicholson, Helen CF3 60, 142 Nicholson, Jack CF3 60, 142 Nicholson, Wendy C93 107 Nipper, Kenny C93 107 Norman, Carol C93 107 Norris, Heather C103 98, 185 Norman, Carol C103 Norton, Eric C103 98 Nunn, Damon C123 76 Nunn, Jada C93 107 Nunn, Terrell C103 Nyberg, Cynthia C93 107 Nyberg, Pamela C123 16, 24, 84, 76, 81, 142 Peirson, Pensec, Shawntel C103 98, 161 Robert C113 19, 88, 159 Pepelea, Arthur C93 55, 107 Perry, Curtis C103 98, 98 People Division 56, 57 Perry, David C93 107 Perry, Kevin C123 Perry, Kraig C93 80, 81, 54, 55, 107 Perry, Lisa C113 18, 88, 129, 186, 206 Perry, Willie C123 76 OVGVCOOTS ver the hill Oary, Amie C93 85, 107, 51 Peters, Donald C93 107 Pettigrew, Kari C93 107, 140 Pettigrew, Sherri C93 107 Phaldra, Neal C93 107, 185 Philbert, Amy C103 Phillips, Angela C93 107 Phillips, Cheryl C113 88, 129, 206 Philpst, Roseanne C113 Physical Education 145 Pierce, Rhonda C103 98 Pike, Ann C123 76, 161 Pitts, Melissa C123 76 Plough, Jon C113 88 Mercer, Joelle C113 87, 184, 185, 156 Merrill, Tiffany C93 106, 159, 161 Merritt, Shawn C113 87 Morgan, Lori C113 18, 82, 87 Morgan, Misty C123 75 Morgan, Patrick C103 98 Meyer, Robert C103 Micheal, Carol C123 75 Morgan, PT. CF3 60, 29 O'Bryant, Elizabeth C113 24, 84, 51, 88 O'Bryant, David C93 48, 107 Odell, Befay C93 107 Ogburn, Kevin C93 107 Plummer, David C123 76, 152 Plummer, Everett C113 88 Plummer, Norma CF3 128, 60, 16 Plummer, William C113 140, 88 Micheal, Larry C123 75, 161 Morris, Renee C93 107 Morrow, Russell C123 Moto Kathrym C103 98 Ohler, James C123 76 Pollard, Shelley C103 98, 140, 161 Ponsler, Dianne C93 Oliver, Siller C103 98 Oritz, Juan C93 107 Poole, Karen C123 76, 165 Micheal, Robert C93 106 Micheal, Rodney C93 48, 106 Mowrey, Larry C103 29, 98, 98 Miles, Janine C113 51, 87, 185 Miles, Jerry C123 75 Miles, Scott C93 Miller, Amanda C123 75, 127, 142 Miller, Amy C123 16, 20, 75, 129, 140, 206 Miller, Andrea C93 21, 106, 181 Miller, Anthony Miller, Eric C113 90 Miller, Harold CF3 60 Miller, Jason C93 106 Miller, Jenny C103 98, 140 Miller, Jill C103 24, 42, 189 Miller, Juan C93 81, 106 Miller, Kelly C103 28, 24 Miller, Laura C113 88, 87, 155, 156 Miller, Michele C113 87, 161 Miller, Pamela C123 24, 88, 64, 75, 121, 124, 185, 155, 156 Miller, Peggy C93 106, 159 Miller, Rhoda CF3 60 Miller, Robert C113 87 Miller, Theresa C103 98 Milliron, Joy C123 75, 124 Mills, Rod C113 16, 24, 29, 86, 87, 87 Mills, Steve C113 28, 29, 87, 87, 152 Milner, Carla C123 75, 181, 140 Miner, Lacey C93 106, 185 Miner, Micheal C123 75 Miner, Todd C123 75 Milton, Sorina C103 98 Miner, Kevin C103 98 Mitchell, Shelia C93 106 Moberly, Beth C113 87, 161 Mock, George CF3 60 Moffett, John C123 75 Moffatt, Robert C93 107 Moffett, Katherine C93 106, 185, 158 Muckennirn, Kathy CF3 60 Mullarkey, Susan CF3 60, 121 Mullen, Denise C123 64, 75, 125, 185, 184 Owens, Owens, 64, 76, Owens, Owens I Frank C123 14, 16, 20, 81, 121, 152, 158 Janice C123 76 Max C93 107 Poor, Christy C113 88 Poor, Donald C103 100 Poor, Kathy C93 85, 51, 107 Porter, Barbara CF3 61 Porter, David C93 107 Mullins, Angela C113 87 Mullins, Lana C93 22, 108, 107, 186 Mullins, Michel C93 107, 185, 157 Mullins, Teresa C123 75, 152 Mumbower, James C103 98 Mumbower, Jennifer C93 107, 140, 157 Mundy, Scott C93 107 Murdock, Robert C113 87, 87 Myers, Anthony C93 Myers, David C113 87 Myers, Holly C103 98, 140, 156 Myers, Robert C103 Myers, Hope C93 107, 157, 159 Myers, Jeff C93 107 Myers, Tony C93 107 erds o Problem ew Year's Nave, Christopher C123 75, 152 Nave, Kevin C113 20, 29, 87, 165 Nave, Michelle C113 20, 87 Needler, Bobbie C93 Needler, Chantel C93 107, 140, 161 Nell, Bobbi C93 107 Nelson, Julie C93 107, 185 Newberry, Charles CF3 60 Newsom, Delmar C93 Newsom, Sidney C113 29, 86, 87, 87, 184, 185 Newsom, Tim C103 Newsom, Wayman C113 152 Niccum, Clint C113 87 aul Stanley arties alice Page, Albert C103 Paige, Troy C93 81, 55, 107 Paige, Yolanda C93 107 Painter, Richard C123 Pancol, Lee C103 98 Pardue, Bryan C93 107 Pardue, Stacy C113 88, 181 Parduer, Summer C103 98 Parham, Michelle C93 Parke, April C123 76, 150 Parke, Darrell C103 98 Parke, David C123 Parker, John C93 107 Parks, Misty C113 Parrish, Amy C93 107, 186 Parrish, Joe C113 21, 88 Patterson, Brian C113 88 Patterson, Carlus C93 107 Patterson, Leonard C113 20, 82, 88 Patterson, Quentin C123 64, 76, 121, 152 Patton, Kimberly C93 107 Paul, Kelly C93 107 Payne, Esther C123 12, 76, 152 Peak, Franklin C113 Peak, Maria C103 160 Porter, Jerry CF3 61 Powell, Brad C93 107 Powell, William C123 Powers, Kenneth C103 100 Powers, Patrick C113 88, 18 Powers, Timothy C113 20, 24, 48 88, 129, 206 Powless, Annaliza C103 100 Powless, John C103 100, 160 Pratcher, Jimi C103 100 Pratt, James C113 88, 140 Pride, Wardell C103 20, 29, 100, 140 Pritchard, Angela C113 88 Proctor, Greg C93 107, 186 Proter, Mike C113 24, 40, 88, 186 Prom 18, 19 Pearson, Don C93 81 Pearson, George C103 98, 98 Pearson Larry CF3 60 Pearson, Mary C93 Puckett, James C103 100 Pugh, Tracy C123 76, 152 Purkey, James C123 76 Purkey, Randy C113 150, 152 Pursley, Lee CF3 61, 181 95 Bert uest For Fire Quinn, Tresa C93 Ramsey, Ramsey, ocky IV eeboks eagan Down on 107 Eric C121 76, 152 Jennifer C113 18, 24, 04, Smith Ramsey, Kim C123 76 Ranson, Dana C93 107, 157 Rayford, Nancy C93 107 Rayford, Stacy C93 51, 107 Raymore, Kim C123 152 Reagan, Larry C103 Reagin, Mark C113 88, 156 Reason, Heath C123 150 Reasoner, Nikki C113 88, 160, 161 Records, James C93 01, 107, 140 Records, Lori C113 18, 88, 118, 105 Rector, Lance C93 107 Redding, Paul C123 29, 76 Redfield, Lachelle C123 Redfield, Tamara C93 100, 107 Reed, Bonita C93 107 Reeves, James C103 100 Rehmel, Tracy C123 76 Reisinger, Wendy C93 107 Remington, Dean C93 108 Remington, Kevin C123 76, 150 Resendez, Leslie C103 Reserve Basketball 54, 55 Reserve Baseball 07 Reserve Football 00 Reserve Volleyball 05 Ress, Robert C113 88 Reynolds, Lisa C113 88, 105 Rhoton, Kevin C93 Rhoton, Michelle C93 Rice, Kris C 103 40, 47, 100, 109, 161 Rich, Randall C103 Rich, Shellie C93 Richardson, John C113 88, 140, 191 Richardson, Sheila C103 100 Richey, Darrell C103 100 Richey, Tina C123 77, 152 Richwine, Andrew C113 88, 127 Richwine, Eric C93 108 Ricketts, Michael C103 100 Riddle, Lisa C113 88, 156 Riddle, Mike C93 01, 108 Riggins, Amanda C103 100 Riggs, Julie C113 88 Riley, John C103 09, 100 Riley, Ronda C103 100 Rittenhouse, Larry CF3 61 Robb, Christina C103 100 Robb, Lisa C103 100, 140, 161 Roberson, Harry C123 29, 77, 122 Roberson, Tracey C103 09, 51, 100, 161 Roberts, Keith C113 88 Roberts, Sybil C123 04, 77, 121 Robertson, Angel C103 100, 105 Robertson, Michael C113 156 Robertson, Paula C93 108 Robeton, Stacy C103 Robinett, Mary C113 88 Robinett, Thomas C93 Robinson, Danny C93 108 Robinson, Jolene C123 77, 154, 155, 156, 159 Roby, Blake C103 100 Rock, Stacy C93 108 Rockhill, Kevin C113 46, 47, 88, 105 Rogers, Karen C103 100 Rogers, Kirk C113 152 Rollins, Stacey C93 Romine, Anthony C123 Rose, Robert C103 100 Ross, Shetiene C103 100 Roudebush, Derek C113 40, 88 Rowe, Trent C123 20, 24, 29, 64, 77 Doyle, Roysdon CF3 61 Rubendall, Teresa C113 88 Rumler, Geoffrey C93 01, 108 Russo, Pete CF3 61, 115 Rutter, Robert C93 Ryden, Paula C113 18, 88, 104, 105 tirrups uper Bowl Shuffle watches Sachse, Anthony C113 88, 140, 161 SADD 16 Safford, Laura C103 Sailers, Bradley C93 108 Salisbury, Robie C113 88 Sandefur, Paul C93 Sanders, Christine C93 22, 108, 106 Sanders, Gregg C103 100 Sanderson, Kristi C103 100, 161 Sanford, Angela C113 18, 20, 24, 88, 129, 206 Sargent, Melissa C103 20, 100, 101, 107 Sasser, Alex C103 100, 140 Sawyer, Patricia C113 88 Sayers, Gaylord C123 77 Saylor, Matthew C93 108 Scaife, Charlie C93 108 Scales, Margaret C123 77 Schell, Beth C103 100, 140 Schneider, Amy C113 16, 88 Schneider, John C93 108, 105 Schott, Tony C93 108 Schweitzer, Jeffrey C103 100, 140 Shoemaker, Toni CF3 61, 120 Shop 150 Shryock, Brian C103 100 Sidwell, Kristal C93 108, 105 Siler, Gregory C113 89 Siler, Lagay C93 108 Silvey, Jason C103 100 Silvey, Krista C93 108, 106 Silvey, Terry C123 77 Simmons, Devira C93 108 Simmons, Jerry C93 Simmons, Matthew C93 108 Simms, James C113 89 Simms, Phillip C93 108 Simpson, Brian C123 77 Simpson, Michael C103 100 SingersfMadrigaIs 154, 155 Sipe, Rebecca C93 108, 161 Skaggs, Renae C103 100, 161 Skehan, Brian C123 77 Skeoch, Daniel C93 54, 108, 144 Skinner, Carma C123 77, 152 Skirha, Dirk C103 100 Slattery, Jon CF3 61, 64 Slick, Amanda C103 100, 140, 142, 159 , Sloan, Jenny C103 100, 161, 106 Smith, Ann C123 77, 152 Smith, Bryan C123 59, 24, 29, 06, 77, 121, 106, 107 Smith, Carla C93 108, 157 Smith, Charles C113 40, 89, 129, 109, 206 Smith, Christopher C103 100, 161 Smith, Courtney C103 100, 161, 106 Sparks, Jada C93 108, 105 Sparks, Julia C103 Sparks, Melissa C93 108 Spearman, Elaine C113 12, 107, 142 Spears, Eric C93 01, 108 Spencer, Cynthia C123 64, 78, 140, 161 Spencer, Greg C103 Spitzer, Matt C123 78 Sports Division 26, 27 Spradlin, Stomper, Tod C123 78 Richard C93 Stanley, Arthur C113 89 Stanley, Angela C93 108 Stanley, Candy C103 Stanley, Francie C93 108 Stanley, Jennifer C103 21 Staley, Michelle C93 108, 157 Stanley, Tracey C113 89 Stapleton, Kimberly C103 20, 105 Stapleton, Marcy C93 Starkey, Jeffrey C103 29, 07, 109 Steinbirenner, Steve C93 108 Stephens, April C123 78, 152 Stephens, Jimmy C103 Stephenson, Elizabeth C103 21 Stevens, Christina C93 108 Stevens, Frederick C103 40 Stewart, Christopher C103 Stewart, Christy C93 108, 147 Stewart, Floyd C103 Stewart, Misty C113 89, 101 Stewart, Tabatha C93 108 Stinson, Kevin C113 89 Stipps, John C93 108 Smith , Dana C113 89, 156 Smith, David C93 108 Smith Dawn C123 77 Smith, Jack CF3 61, 165 Smith, James C113 89, 156 Smith, Science 164, 165 , Celeste C103 100, 105, 161 Scott, Candi C103 100 Scott Scott Greg C123 77 Scott Kevin C113 156 Scott Mary C93 Scott Theron C103 100 Seaburn, Tobi C103 100, 161 Seal, Angela C93 108, 105 09, 89, 120, 124, 104, 105, 142 Smith, Kathy C103 100 Smith, Keith C93 Smith, Kelly C123 20, 24, 00, 40, 64, 81, 77, 121, 142 Smith, Kevin C103 24, 47, 100, 140, 155, 156 Smith, Krystal C103 100 Smith, Lindiaire C113 89, 161 Seal, Jennifer C113 Seal, Robert C93 40, 108, 101, 107 Seaver, Richard CF3 61, 155, 154, 156 Seniors 64-81 Senseney, Cathy CF3 61 Seybert, Bee Jee CF3 61 Seybert, Jason C93 108, 161, 160 Shanahan, Brian C123 77 Shearer, Thomas C93 108 Shapiro, Alex C103 100 Shapiro, Annette C103 100 Shaw, Madiqane CF3 Sheets, Thomas C103 Shell, Jude C93 108, 106 Sharp, Bryan C103 29, 100 Shell, Patio C113 159 Sherrill, David C113 21, 88 Shettle, Denise C103 16, 100, 109 Shields, Annette C113 Shields, Jennifer C113 89 Shipley, Shane C113 24, 42, 40, 89, 18 Shockency, William C93 Shoecraft, Tara C93 Smith, Lisa C103 Smith, Mathew C93 108 Smith, Ricky C103 100 Smith Robert C113 89, 150 Smith, Roosevelt C123 77 Smith Scott C93 108 Smith Shawn C103 Smith, Sherie C93 108 Tammy C93 Stikh, Monica C113 89 Stocks, James C123 78 Stohler, Ronald C113 16, 20, 89, 118 Stoll, Caren C123 24, 78, 140 Stoll, Christine C103 04, 159, 161, 90 Stone, Leonard C103 Stone, Melissa C103 Stone, Tony C103 Stout, Todd C113 89 Stover, Henery C113 89, 148 Stowell, Kelli C93 108, 157 Streaty, Eric C93 108, 55 Streaty, Jason C103 90, 106 Streaty, Steven C93 108, 144, 106 Street, Rachel C113 89 Stroud, Brian C113 89 Stroud, Sean C123 78, 152 Student Council 20 Student Life Division 89 Suchocki, Janice C103 Suckocki, Michelle C123 78, 129, 206 Smith, Timothy C123 77, 140, 161 Snedeker, Margie C93 108, 142 Snodgrass, Tricia C123 77 Snyder, Eric C123 77, 152, 160 Snyder, lingrid C123 24, 09, 42, 77 Snyer, Robert C103 29, 100 Snyder, Stephanie C123 121 Snyder, Stephanie C123 78, 140 Social Studies 142, 140 Soetenga, Peter C103 100, 155, 156, 159 Sanger, Jowanna C90 108 Sophomores 92-101 Spangler, Richard CF3 Spanish 106, 107 Sparks, Dale C113 89, 152 Sullivan, Brian C93 108, 105 Sullivan, Phil CF3 61, 40 Summer 10, 11 Suter, Jeffrey C113 09, 82, 89, 142, 109 Sutphin, Michelle C93 108 Svendsen, Mike C113 89, 161 Swain, Shannon C123 Swallows, Dale C93 108 Swanson, Heidi C103 05, 140, 161 Swanson, Sean C123 28, 140, 161, 160 Swinfotd, Jerry C93 108 Swinfotd, Marte C93 01, 108 Sylvester, Jeff C113 07, 49, 89 Symonds, Regina C93 24, 44, 108 index Welker, 142 Syuerson, Rebecca C97 108 ests ylenol anning Beds Takacs, Robin C107 140 Takacs, Stacy C117 89, 128, 129, 142, 161, 206 Takacs, Tara C107 181 Tappan, Ashley C117 24, 89, 89, 189, 161 Tappan, Timothy C127 78, 161 Tappler, Betty C97 Wrin, Sara C117 20, 90, 140 Taylor Taylor, Taylor, Taylor Taylor Taylor, Taylor Taylor Taylor t I 1 t Angela C97 108 Clinton C97 81, 108 Darrell C127 78, 124 Eyvette C107 185 Janeda C97 Sam C117 89 Tammy C97 Teresa C117 89 Tina C117 89 Teague, Lise C127 Teague, Nikki C127 78 Turner, Tamika C127 Turner, Valorie C127 22, 24, 78, 152 Turner, Yoda C107 Tuttle, Shannon C97 109 SA For Africa ltimote nicorns Utsler, Carrie C117 89, 150 ictories CR idea Valentine, Dawn C117 89 Vandiver, Ellen C97 109 VanDuyn, Kevin C117 Vantlan, Robert C107 VanMeter, Debbie C117 90 Watson, Ron CF7 44, 45, 47 Webb, Cyndi C117 22, 90, 184, 185, 18 Webb, Greg C97 Webb, Tonya C127 79 Wehner, Kay CF7 60 Wehner, Robert C107 Weidner, Kristina C97 19 Weiler, Weiler Roy C107 21 Steve C97 109 Welch: Cory C117 24, 29 Welch, James C107 Welch, Kelly C127 79 Welker, Andrew C107 Welker, David C127 79 Welker, Jason C107 Melissa C97 109 VanMeter, Jeff C127 Varsity Baseball 86 Varsity Basketball 52, 58 Welker, Monica C97 109, 186 Welker, Tim C117 Werner, Ernie C117 90 Wessar, Vanee C117 24, 89, 48, 90, 129 West, Heidi C97 109 Westerfield, Darlene CF7 118, 115 Westerfield, Tim C97 109 Withers, Jackie C117 90 Witzke, Dana C117 90 Wohlford, Kevin C117 24, 29, 90, 140 Wood, Gregory C117 18, 24, 88, 90 V Wood, Jennifer C97 109, 185 Wood, Lisa C127 80 Woods, Gloria C117 90 Woods, Micheal C97 109 Woods, Randall C107 29 Woods, Raymond C107 151 Woodward, David C107 Woolsey, Jan CF7 Wooten, John C127 81, 164 Wooten, Roman C107 Worden, Dick CF7 Worley, Suzanne C117 90, 186 Wrestling 48, 49 Wright, Buffi C117 Wright, Dion C107 29 Wright Hubert C9781 109 147 Wright, Jerry C117 I I Wright, Verla CF7 68 Teboe, Andrea C97 109, 140 Teeters, Karen CF7 68 Tegge, Maria C97 109, 186 Terrell, Andrea C97 109 Terry, Bobby C117 29, 90 Terry, Rochelle C127 64, 78, 152 Terry, Willie C97 81, 108, 109, 185 Thespians 158, 159 Thomas, Bill C107 68 Thomas, Glenn C117 89 Thomas, James C117 89, 129, 206 Thompson, Charles C117 89, 140 Thompson, Jeremy C97 109 Thompson Ricky C97 109 Thompson, Stephanie C97 109 Thompson Teresa C127 Thompson, William C117 Thornburg, Robert C97 108, 109, 104, 148 Throgmorton, Darryl C117 89 Thurman, Gwenddyn C107 21, 156 Tierney, Erin C127 24, 40, 44, 78, 155, 154, 155 Tierney, Mary C127 12, 22, 24, 44, 78, 120, 121 Tilford, Danna C117 89, 89 Tiller, Andrea C97 109 Tomlison, Dorothy C107 Tomlinson, Jack C107 Tomlinson, Oather C127 78 Toole, Laura C97 24, 88, 108, 109, 142, 186 Torrey, Norman C127 24, 29, 78 Townsend, Darrin C127 78 Townsend, Marcus C127 52, 78, 152 Tracey, Patrick C117 89 Travis, Reggie C127 78 Trinkle, Angela C127 78, 122 Trux, Rebecca C117 89, 161 Varsity Football 28, 29 Varsity Volleyball 84 Vaughn, Joey C107 Vaughn, Paris C97 109, 185 Verhulst, Andrea C117 82, 90, 185, 18 Vermillion, Doug CF7 68, 142 Vermillion, Scott C127 21, 29, 86, 55, 79, 155, 156, 159 Vetter, Amy C97 109 Vincent, Jay 87 Voorhis, Debbie CF7 C687 eekends illiam Perry restling Wable, James C97 109 Wable, John C117 90 Wachob, Andy C117 90 Wade, Cheryle C117 90, 181 Wheeler, Dayna C117 90 Wheeler, Sharon C107 Whipple, Eddie C117 90 Whipple, Jeff C97 109 Whipple, Timothy C97 109 White, Adrienne C97 51, 109, 185 White, Dawn C127 64, 79, 152 White, Doug C127 29, 79 White, Karen C107 White, Kevin C127 79 White, Michael C107 161 White, Tiffany C97 109, 185 Whitehouse, Jay C107 Wykoff, David C117 82, 90, 187 Whitiside, Denard C107 Whitiside, Leonard C107 Wikle, Dole C97 109 Wilbur, Steven C97 81, 109 Wiley, Jack CF7 68 Wilken, Robert C127 79 Wilkerson, Dana C117 24, 89, 51, 90, 184 Wilkerson, Reginald C127 Wilkerson, Roger C117 89, 151 , John C97 29 Tucker, 78, 80 Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner index James C127 12, 20, 24, , John V. C107 , Nichele C107 185, 142, 186 Rebecca C97 109 Rick C117 89 Robert C107 29 Wade, Christy C107 Wagner, Scott C127 Walden, Tonya C117 Walker, Brian C117 90, 150 Walker, Kevin C117 Wallace, Dennis C117 90 Wallace, Leigh C107 140 Wantz, Katherine C127 20, 79, 81, 124, 184, 185, 159 Ward, Julie C127 24, 88, 79, 121, 124, 184, 185, 189, 142 Ward, Suzanne C117 90 Warner, Dion C107 Warner, Jennifer C107 161 Warner, Lee C97 Warner, Leon C107 Warner, Tamela C127 79 Warner, Tina C127 79 Warren, George C127 Watkins, Melanie C117 90 Watkins, Taime' C117 5 90 Watson, Dennis C117 90 Watson, Kelly C107 24, 86, 44, 187, 156 Watson, Nikki C107 Wilkey, Deborah C107 Wilkins, Dawnetta C107 Wilkins, Raymond C127 79, 150 Wilkinson, Trevin C127 Willhoite, Aaron C107 184, 187 Willhoit, Brion C97 Williams, Chad C97 108, 109 Williams, Doris C97 109 Williams, Mary Jo CF7 68, 129, 206 Williams Williams , Michelle C97 109 Richard C117 88 150 Williams, tommy C117 Oo, 185 Williams, Teresa C97 109 Williams Wilson, Wilson, on, Nicole C97 85, 109 Angela C97 109 Carnita C107 21, 98, 161 Wilson, Martha CF7 40, 68, 186, 187 Wilson, Raesheal C107 161 Wilson, Shonnie C117 24, 51, 90, 186 Wilson Steve C127 80 X-Ray -ray -rated -tra 180, 181 oung Life ol o Mama Yearbook 128, 129 Yeskie, Brant C117 90 Yeskie, Eric C107 55 Young, Young Young, Young Young, 90, 159 Charlana C97 109 Christopher C127 152 Laura C127 80 Life 17 Morsa C117 5, 18, 20, 82 Windham, Pearl C117 90 Windham, Starla C107 185 Wise, Richard C97 109 Wishard, Deborah CF7 68, 147 Young, Tammy C107 Youngblood, Krista C97 109, 184, 185, 157 oo ippers ygate Zerkel, Paul CF7 68 Zimmerman, Troy C107 Zinser, Monica C97 109, 185 Layout Editor ..... N. Editorfln-Chief ............ Lisa lhnat Advisor ....... Ms, Mary Jo Williams . . . . .Paul Figge Business Manager Photographers . . . 1st Semester . . . Student Life Editor . Sports Editors .... lst Semester . . . Clubs G Class Editors Underclass Editor . . Ads Editor .... Administration . Faculty ..... Seniors . . . Typist .... Assistant .. lndex . . . .Missy Clarls . . . . . .Lisa Perry James Thomas . . .Rhonda Aulser . . . .Malea Gavin . . . .Tim Powers . . .Vance Wessar . . .Cheryl Phillips Charlie Smith .Michelle Suchoclsi . . . . .Milse Miller . . .Stacy Talsacs . . .Stacy Talsacs . . . . .Lisa lhnat Maria Hitch . . .Amy Miller . . . .Missy Clarls . . .Amy Boeglin Angie Sanford Jostens Printing and Publishing Division of Clariss- ville, Tennessee printed 1,200 copies of the 1986 lndan lsim Ash, local representative, and Chrys Brummal, in plant consultant, aided in the publication process of the Q08 page bools Although most ot the copy vvas written in ilpt Serif Gothic, the opening copy was vvritten in 14pt, bold Serif Gothic. Captions vvere written in Opt. Serif Gothic, Sports special copy was written in 8pt, Serif Gothic Division copy was vvritten in 1-Qpt, Serif Gothic The features throughout the Junior section vvere 12pt. Serit Gothic The features throughout the sophomore section had xarious pt sizes Folios vvere a combination of 8pt. Iovver case, and ldpt bold All copy vvas three column, except for sports, vvhich was tour. The staff used several headline styles Student Life used -4l2pt Sentence Style Serif Gothic and oOpt Lydian Cursive. Sports used 42pt Serif Gothic vvith idpt Serif Gothic lsiclsers People used a variety of types 6 sizes headlines, Clubs and Classes used Sopt. Italic Serif Gothic headlines Advertising headlines var' ied according to individual ads G their sizes The bools was printed in 8Olb gloss paper Silver inls and silver foil were applied to the deep red laauered cover Special Thanks To: W Matt, lo Wil aaws tor malsing the out ot school time vve spent correcting spreads fun and for the munchies, which lsept me tlisal goingl Kim Ash, our lostens representative, vvho vvas an extreme help and who also bailed us out of trouble Lite Touch Photographers and Steve Paul, sales respresentative, The Anderson Heraldand Bulletin for the use of their pictures, especially for the pictures on pages 110 and ill AN ENCDPXMCDUS THANKS TO Stacy Talsacs tor vvrtting all the extra heaps ot copy piled on herl Thanx Stacll Paul Figge for getting the layouts done then helping the rest of us vvith vvhatever we aslsed Amy Miller tor getting done the staclss ot things vve piled an her desls and even if it meant talsing them home Missy Clarls for pitching in and doing all the Jobs nobody else vvould do, All my teachers who didn't say anything to me when I was doing yearbools vvorls instead of classvvorls I was supposed to be doing' Cond tor letting me out of class to worls on the deadlines? colophon A Lo Ck All O Ur O W D Qxoox secioocxozok 06416 6803? x 6'XXe41QsOqQaeQeSeLMO2 COA Q03 fogoovosa-261 6100 Q 'k-Se-X 006 XXGWOCR 50456 'bat' O 89,25 Q5 aes egxdogz 2069 dx QQ Sxdxooxbeasj QOQwff+O4Q 90 VX Q ,ww Cs oo 66? Z Y 3 x X . AA kg be x 05 9250 Z dyweefiva ORG K X N000 X use Kxz Qzb c'90O"O 05,5 A906400 2 08 Q0 . Ing cw,-1. -. ,., .1

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