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Table of Contents Opening..........................2 Academics.......................10 Activities......................34 Sports .........................76 People.........................100 Advertising ...................152 Closing .......................180 Index..........................186 1974 INDIAN ★ Anderson High School Anderson, Indiana 46016 Volume 66 This Must Be The Place IAbo t: Pointing the way to the second floor annea. a giant hand shews Greg Actis and Marion Kimmerlmg the way to their neat class. Right Keeping an eye on the activities ot Mr. Beiangee. the a eman warns visitors of the consequences they may suffer. ■¥  . L Everyone wants to get an education. AHS offered 1,932 Indians an education in many forms. Seven work programs helped some Indians to learn business trades while making money. The AAVTS gave other Indians the chance to learn a vocation so that college training was not needed. Counselors helped those remaining Indians in preparing for college or for a future occupation by offering 177 subjects in 13 fields. Another form of education came through activities. By planning and completing 35 annual activities, the Indian learned how to transform ideas into successful events. Athletics taught the Indian sportsmanship and respect. Athletes were taught the fine line between agressive-ness and fighting, and learned that team unity and respect was vital for victory. The Indian constantly looked for an education. He did not have to look far, for he soon realized that he could find classrooms, fun, and competition and still get an education right here at AHS. He knew that THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. This Must Be The Place Lett: Waiting for an elevator which Will never come. Man Eckman impatiently poshes the (Sown button while Anne Stircs looks on Above A pamterJ moose seems to be waiting until it's safe to roam the halls betore leaving his hole on the third floor stairs.---------------------E------------------------ Everyone wants proven success. Tradition furnished security for the Indian. Each day the Indian reversed the time and repeated actions that may date back to the twenties. He occupied a building which was 64 years old and had 85 classrooms captured within it. New activities came, but the school spirit of AHS lingered on. Since 1922. the name Indians had illustrated the students of AHS. and since 1940. the Indian mascot had been the symbol of For decades, the deflated feeling of The Place For Tradition opening day. the stimulation of the first pep session, and the curiosity of the k classroom have united to fabricate the Indian's environment. It consisted of 31 flights of stairs. 104 teachers, and three separate buildings. The students, faculty, and community reenacted their ordeals at AHS and recalled the traditional ingredients. If the Indian wondered where it all started, he must confess that THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. l«»t Utrng the desks to their fullest learning potential. Mr. Porter's trigonometry class form tangent curves with desks to illustrate graph problems. Above-. Adding their own spirit to the homecoming pep session, mascot and maiden Scott Frendt and Cheryl Vetter conclude the traditional victory dance AboveThe former Anderson High School, recently Central Junior High, awaits its razing to make way for the AH$ student park. Above right: While preparing foe a girls' gymnastics meet. Vicki Roberts perfects her straddle vault brer the side horse 6 4 Everyone wants changes that keep up with today's pace. The Indian initiated new ideas concerning new places and new people. A new principal, Mr. Horace Chadbourne. led changes to the Indian. One idea was hall supergraphics which added color and perspective to AHS. Although it was a new concept in this area, the supergraphics had an over-whelming popularity. Students invaded what was formerly the teacher's parking lot. Only those with a 3.00 or better grade average TUp Dl.pp |?,vr fhnmn could acquire passes to park there. HI I let TUI V ll«tlllJL Honor roll students were also able to use library facilities during school with- out presenting authorized passes. The increase to four girl sports and the addition of three new courses gave the Indian a variety of changes. The destruction of Central Junior High made possible the construction of a student park. When he desired the new, the different, he discovered that THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. Lett Trees rarely seen before sprout into open sight as the Central J. H. S. building gradually falls. Above Due to the student's invasion of the faculty parking lot. Mr. Chadbourne and Mr. Sparks abandon their daily chores in favor of Stenciling numbers on parking places. Abore Adding colot and variety to AMS. advanced art student Joanne LaChew creates the image of a friendly lion on the stairway land-ng Right: Hand and body motions emphasize a Swing Choir production number. Rhythm of Life. . -----------------------------Vz 4— Every Indian needs a place to live — not just to eat and sleep, but to really live. AHS gave this kind of home to the Indian by surrounding him with an atmosphere of freedom, excitement, and competition. There were few dull days at AHS. A convo, pep session, speaker, or some special event was always going on or approaching and took away from the PI-ww l?Ar ¥ monotony of the normal school day. ¥ Hi. I IdLL TUI L11C Ninety minutes were available each day to be used in any manner in which a k the Indian felt best for him. Some used this time to study, others to rest, others to catch up on the latest gossip. The Indian did not have to look far for a place to really live, because as he spent his time at AHS. he saw that THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. left During the Logansport football game pep session, Allan Jerram accompanies the student body in a round of Football Jones Above Responding to the challenge of the students. Mr. 8eiangee scratches together homemade pumpkin pies in the home economics room.»Learning is a fundamental in everyone's life. Whether it be how to bake bread or to derive a formula, learning is inescapable. The Indian was given a place to learn at AHS. A high school library of 14.000 books and periodicals gave the Indian a source of learning. The required Developmental Reading classes taught the Indian how to learn through special techniques in reading. The teachers hit the students with quizzes and tests to make the facts stick. 8ul, the Indian's main reason for attending a high school was to learn, and when he saw the degree of education he received at AHS. he realized that THIS MUST 8E THE PLACE. Above: Capturing the beauty and elegance of antique buildings. Robin Woodsome uses a felt tip pen to draw a display of graphic designs. Right: Librarian Mrs. Jacobs and Bob Kelly discuss a book in front of the library while a friendly pamted squirrel seems to be passing by. 11'TJcea Bridges changes teaching styles, English courses The Language Arts Department saw many changes under the supervision of Mrs. Bridges, the new department head. Short stories, poetry, and other types of writings were produced by the 20 students in the new creative writing class taught by Mrs. Maine. Many of the articles were contributed to the Little Chief, the literary magazine printed by the class. For the first time at AHS. team teaching became active on a larger scale. Mr. McGoon's honors classes formed small groups with Mrs. Pitts' composition classes to work on research booklets concerning the occult, psychology, philosophy, ecology, medicine. and family life. Oral presentations. given in the auditorium, demonstrated different aspects of each of these topics. Mrs. McHenry's advanced Spanish class combined with Mrs, Mullarke s World Literature class to sec filmstrips and hear lectures from both the Spanish and literary aspects of Don Quixote. Remedial English students Joe Thompson. Eddie Lindsey. Terry Price, and Jim Stewart paint a desk in the reading lab as part of a class research project. 12 Language ArtsFar Led Larry Scoit dramatizes The Raven toe oral intcrprctatioo in speech. Lett: Sarah McKee adds finishing touches to a bulletin board which she changes every week for six weeks as an extra credit project in Junior Honors English. Belov. A researched presentation of the occult gives English students John Kiely, Margie Harrulf. Doug Concrrer. Bill Stinson, Dan Johnson, standing. Mike Rowe. Kim Dietzer. and Steve Thompson a chance to delve into the world of mystery. Language Arts 13Above: Trying to lind ideal tor their world hutory projects, Mike Burke. Jett Cantwell. Cheryl Devil, Jamie Griswold, and Nancy 0|tM inspect projects ot past world hutory students Right: Contributing study hall time, Terry Morris, Mark Muttenlocker, Vaughn Lately, and Jett Clymer paint the basement ot the gym which will be used tor World Studies and American Studies, far right: Taking advantage ot the comfortable furniture m the resource center, Polly Richardson and Ed Roudebush discuss their Indiana government assignment. 14 Social StudiesThe Social Studies Department, in conjunction with the Language Arts Department, offered two new types of humanities classes. Classes in American Literature and U. S. History combined to become American Studies and enrolled 94 students. World Literature combined with World Civilizations to form another humanities class. World Studies, which enrolled 15 students. While meeting in the basement of the gymnasium, which had been completely remodeled for the courses, students investigated literature. music, food, clothing, and historical background of countries they studied. Hearing Mrs. Kyhnell from the Family Planning Agency speak about birth control was one of the activities of the sociology classes. Sociology and economics classes listened to Mr. Stansberry from the welfare office tell about welfare recipients in Madison County. 109 enroll in American, World Studies classes Social Studies 15Above A fetal pig is the object of Rhoda Gcrnantfs monon during a dissection in zoology. Right: In order to calculate hit horsepower in physics class. Jim Hentrerry sprints up the northwest ramp of the gym. 16 Science 8® (Pat Male) argues a point with de-se attorney, Sure-log Ohms (Jim Cue) in trig play. 'The Ambiguous Case. written math terms by Mr. Porter. The court ' (Ron Land) and prosecuting ley (Greg Betts) watch witness Patty e (Vary Reideibach) testify. A calculator, which was purchased by the Math Department, gave Analysis students help m solving quadratic equations. The calculator was able to handle numbers with up to 99 digits. Even though math classes became more adept at solving equations, the majority ol the questions still began, “But I don't understand ... A second semester calculus class gave students a general background of calculus. The class concentrated on practical problems rather than proofs. At the state math contest at Franklin College. Carol Lash and Steve Brinduse. representing the top five percent of math students in Indiana high schools, finished 10th and 13th. Two classes in girls' physics were initiated and enrolled 44 girls. The classes were designed so that girls could be at ease without feeling “ignorant because they were not as mechanically-minded as boys. Physics classes traveled to Ball State to tour the Planetarium. Math department buys calculator as learning aid Below. Working on their analysis home-wort. Rodd Riggs and Carole Peterson use the calculator to solve quadratic equations Below left John Johnson receives help from Mr. Co in working a proof in geometry class. Math 17Right: Using the r knowledge of recording and filing. Kristy Dehonty and Jackie 8lueher work on a practice set in bookkeeping Below: On the accounting machine in the business office. Gina Groff learns how to post bills. £ 18 Business X City prosecutor William Lawler and Judge Donald Phillippc spoke to the Business Law class about the legal responsibilities involved in running a business, the stock market, and laws in general. The class also learned about insurance and taxes in the one-semester course. According to Mr. Hilligoss. the department head. Business English was the most practical of all English classes offered at AHS. Proper English usage and improved written communication were stressed in the class. The second semester Business English class practiced what they learned by acting as pen pals to students in similar classes in other schools. Timed writings, mock research papers, and proper margin settings became the concerns of students enrolled in the typing classes. Students were able to take up to four semesters of typing to increase speed and accuracy. Correcting its own mistakes was just one of the abilities of the new IBM typewriter acquired by the business office. Typewriters, shorthand machines. and calculators were made available for student use. Judge Phillippc. Lawler speak in Business law A Above left Mr . Plummer help Bill Carter vet hiv margins on the first day of typmg class left Mr. Balsley explains the importance of investing money to earn interest to Susie Quinn and Patricia Carver. Above Sue Trice works on her note-taking speed in shorthand Class Business 19Above Mark Bi liman and Tony Smith show Minnie Harris where the dip-stick is »id how to check the oil as part ot drivers' ed. requirements. Right: Mr. Alexander explains the necessity ot proper breathing techniques to the advanced group in girls' swimming. 20 Physical EducationLdt- A careful eye and quick retlones are two tools Evangelcn Kiri employs while driving on a simulator. Below: To develop Skill and endurance m the elementary backstroke, a girls' P. E. class practices by swimming the width ot the pool Horrors of the first try at parallel parking haunted many of the students enrolled in the driver education classes. With the use of simulators, classroom discussion and films, students received additional help in learning how to be safe and defensive drivers. Upon completion of the one semester course, students were allowed to take a test at the county license branch in order to obtain their operator's license. On their last day of in-class driving, students gained confidence by driving on Interstate 69. With 6 weeks of swimming required in both boys' and girls' physical education classes, beginning, intermediate and advanced swimmers learned everything from the jelly fish float to intricate dives. Girls' classes in P.E. under the supervision of Mrs. Garrity learned Skills in gymnastics, badminton, volleyball and tennis. Mr. Estes and Mr. Dawkins trained boys' P.E. classes in basketball, football and volleyball. Safe, defensive driving object of driver's ed. Driver Education 21% Right: Mr . toll Peggy Moore how to ct the proper timing a ihe pot a cane-role m the microwave oven to bake. Below: David Pope uses the ejection mold or m plastics class to make golt too . Right Learning how to make a hospital bed properly is the lesson that Juanita Roberts and Shirley Minton act out in home nursing and child development class. X 22 Home Economics 1With the dawning of Women's Lib. guys found that cooking was not necessarily just for the girls. 8esides a mini cooking course for boys, the Home Ec. Department offered minicourses in crafts and sewing to students in study halls. Mrs. Brandon, the new department head, initiated this program for students who were otherwise unable to take the regular semester-long courses. Wise selection and uses of goods and services were stressed in home cc. classes because of the energy crisis and consumer shortages. Girls also crossed the line by enrolling in engine and small appliance repair classes. Students in these classes brought in their own broken appliances to work on. As they progressed. students began working on car engines, doing tune-ups and minor repair jobs. The school got sheet metal equipment from the recently demolished Central Junior High for use in Metals I and II. Home ee. offers mini-courses to studv halls V Above Drafting plans tor an eight-sided bo are being completed by Bob 8aitcy. Industrial Education 23OEA — Front Row: Mr . Hooo. iponior; Sutie St ub. pre .; Sherry Moore, v. pre ; Dee Dee Lame, see.; Rita Hoskin. treat.; Cindy White-man. rep -hist.; Mr. Macy. iponsor. Row 2. Becky Oowlmg, Tcrne House. Joann Oixon. Oobbi© Cunningham. Debbie Schecrcr. Either Gafford. Sylvia Schmalleldt. Row 3: Jeanette Key. Polly Richardson. Deborah Hudson. Cindy Cox. Karen Taylor. Teresa Shea. Linda Maxeiner. Susie Elijah Back Row Teresa Mullins. Kathy Cochran. Lyneite Brooks. Melinda McCarty. Gina McGee. Susie Rains. Terry Myers, Tami Rutelskamp. Sandy Nichols. Margaret Magers. Students learn as they obtain work experience Adapting to the working world after graduation is one of the toughest things to do. but HERO students were the best prepared for this drastic change. Career and work experiences such as helping in day nurseries, food service, florist work, and interior design prepared HERO students for the world of work. Income taxes and job applications, two unavoidable parts of today's world, were discussed in the HERO classes. An employers' banquet in May was the result of the many money-making projects of HERO. The Clubs Fair and Sesquicentennial celebration provided markets for selling calendar towels and Sesquicentennial coins. HERO helped the community by aiding in the March of Dimes drive and collecting food near Thanksgiving for needy families. The Future Secretaries of America were absorbed into OEA. which previously had consisted of only students on work programs. With Mrs. Howe as their new sponsor. OEA treated their employers to dinner after raising money by selling calendars. Christmas cards, and candles. 24 Work Programs Lett HERO students Marcia Jackson. Kris Watkins. Lena Tapplar. Dennis Copeland. Debbie Garner and Jamie Myers help with the March ol Dimes community project. Far left To raise money tor OEA. Sherry Moore. Rita Moskin. and Susie Staub get Christmas Cards and calendar towels ready to sell HERO - Front row: Sandy Stone, hist.; Lita Evans. Joanne LaChew. sec . Tern Brown, pres.; Stephanie Broom, treas Row 2 Pam Cravens. Nancy Bose. Teresa Waldrep. Carl King, Patty Burke. Back row DarlaFisher. Roy Jeffers. Mary Craves. Shirley Boots. Jeff Schmitt, v. pres; Mrs Parker, sponsor. Left During the Sesquicentennial celebration. Above Cindy Whiteman. Polly Roy Jeffers and Lori Murdock sell coins and Susie Eli ah and Cathy Aldridge help at the calendars to a parade watcher. COE car wash. Work Programs 25VICA president elected State Parliamentarian After joining the Cooperative Health occupations, many students were forced to revise their night life in order to accommodate early work hours. Unlike other programs. CHO students work mornings and attend school in the afternoon. Since their common interest was in the field of medicine, students worked m such places as hospitals, nursing homes and medical offices. Girls performed as nurses aids, laboratory assistants, ward clerks, and physical and occupational therapists. Lab work and orderly duties were the jobs found by the boys. Grades were given by both employers and classroom instructors. AHS VICA Co-President Tim Wilkinson was elected State Parliamentarian in the annual State VICA elections. He attended the Leadership Conference in Washington O.C. during September and joined other members in competing in the State Competition. Food and clothing obtained by VICA members was contributed to the Turtle Creek Nursing Home during the Christmas season. Money raised from selling candy and Christmas greenery helped to pay for the employers appreciation banquet. 26 Work Programs Marna G m3n' C r ? : MICA — Front Ro» ,n Prfrcc. COV« ; sszt £-■£: ?3Tm.5?r 3 o iisTcSS: B-rS -r1,5 At o. - Working as Of. Kepner's assistant. Jamie Treadway weighs a young patient as part ol a routine check-up VICA — Front Ron Tim Wilkinson. CO-pres ; Ted Chismac. CO v. pres ; Tracy Hamilton, co-sec.; Tom Weis, corep.; RoOcrt Hams, co-treas Row 2- Tom Wheeler. Mike Riddle. Margaret Braxton. Cecity Hendr»cks. Rita Williams. Mr, Dietzer. sponsor. Row i Steve Toye. Artie Smith. Gail Ferrce. Oon Bloom. Richard Kelley. Kalen Banks. Row 4 Carol Riggins. Janet Baden. Margie Fntsch. Jil Bartxc. Becky Floyd. Jamie Treadway. Dwana Hemey. Mark Brown Back Row- Patt. Barnes. Sherry Knepp. Ed Padgett. Mike Shock. Doug Leaky. Steve Hunt. Mike Rogers. Mike Lawson. Terry Suntson. Work Procram ' 'V Students make manual of best shopping areas After tallying the ballots, the Mounds Mall was proclaimed the favorite shopping area of Anderson citizens. As a class project, distributive education students produced a manual, based on a survey of 700 shoppers, showing why the mall is more popular than downtown. Assets of the mall included the number of stores, store hours, and free parking facilities. The major criticism of downtown shopping areas was the lack of free parking. DECA members attempted to win their way to the state contest by competing in district contests at Logans-port. Some of the tasks required were displays of advertising layouts, window displays and projects showing their sales Skills. Many of the same skills were practiced in evening jobs. DECA members attended school mornings, but worked afternoons and some evenings for local retailers. DECA members practiced their sales techniques at AHS by selling ribbons for the football games. Keeping with the spirit at AHS. the girl members of DECA played the COE members in a basketball game. Above OECA — Front row: Susan Alger, pres.; Dawn Shrake. v. pres . Rita Kneg. sec.; Marcia Evans, treas.; Terry Tranbarger. part.; Jane Bennett. rcC- Row 2: Mary Kearns. Ronna Yeagley. Pam Cooke. Debbie Soden. Greg Jones. Mr Montgomery, sponsor Row 3 Bob Moore. Lorn Muncy, lisa Hayes. Jeff McClain. Sandra Chamberlain. Ann Moore. Amy Haney. Back row David Bohling. Robert Straley. Bob Burns. Royce Miller. Lon Jones. Jack Hawkins. Paula Holtzleiter. Ronnie Matthews. Right David Bohling mnes paints at a local pamt store as part of his work experience through distributive education. 28 Work ProgramsLeft: Susan Alger. RitaKrieg and Marcia Evans poll a shopper at the mall lot a survey ot stoppers' prelerences. Below: Stocking shoes along with selling them is Jack Hawk in’s iot at El Bee Shoes. Sandy Nichotls and Chuck Baden enjoy an inter city work club skating party at May’s Park Work Programs 29Below Karla Helping enters grades at the keypunch machine in data processing class. Right Using a comple» grinder. Randy Flook and Chris Helplmg make parallels to be used in vises in the product design class. AAVTS gives students ehanee to polish skills AHS sent 170 students daily to the Anderson Area Vocational-Technical School to get an education which would prepare them to earn a living. The vocational school enrolled students from 14 area schools, including AHS. Fourteen different courses gave students a chance to earn three credits m addition to learning a trade. The vocational school offered two sessions, morning and afternoon. Students from AHS rode buses to the vocational school and back in time to catch regular buses home at 3:00. Auto Body Repair led to the possibility of restoring a complete car to its original condition by the use of matching paints, gas and arc welding, and alignment work on doors, hoods and fenders. A special two-year course in small engines and appliances let students repair their own lawn mowers, motorcycles. dishwashers, ranges and dryers in order to ready them for becoming repairmen. Above: Kim Dietzcr loads the Umvac compute in order to run the program for grading ■ has devised. ------ 30 Vocational SchoolVocational School 31V ' ’ Right: Choral Club idwanti selections from the gospel musical. Godspell. for the Thanksgiving convo. 8cio ' Our mg a vigorous band practice. Terry Fleck harmonizes to Somewhere on her bassoon. Right: Using a poll mar base. Renee Hull applies a hard edge on her painting for Advanced Art. Far right: Individual protects such as geometric designs and wood sculp lures are the objectives of visual design students Jon • Foster. Leslie Bncker. Charlotte Auler. and Curtis Turner. 32 MusicHalls of AHS donned urban art as advanced art students painted various scenes and caricatures on the walls. A wizard, lion, bookworm, musical staff, and arms pointing the way to the annex led students to their proper classrooms. Students in Visual Design created a model super park that included a train, movies, animals, and an underground parking garage. Paper mache insects, wire sculptures, posters for the Purina Company, ceramics, and painting were other art projects. Sitting in the halls and drawing lockers and doorways helped Art I students learn the correct way to draw m perspective. For their grade every six weeks, members of Choral Club were required to present a solo in front of the entire group. In order to raise funds for the sheet music that they used, members of the music groups sold candy bars. Classes in music theory and music appreciation aided students in writing their own original pieces. Animals, images become fixtures on walls of AHS Art 33Right: Alter the Homecoming Queen ctfd -dates and their escorts have been announced and seated in front of the student body. Co £ Moore gives a fe inspiring words fer « upcoming game Upper right: Choral Ctu gives Eric Taylor a chance to improve hd singing skills.Fun is a noun which stands for something everyone looks for. AHS offered fun to every Indian. Three school-sponsored dances gave guys a chance to date girls and girls a chance to date guys. Convos were for many purposes, such as sports awards, holidays, musical groups, talent shows, and special speakers. Fun surrounded the Indian at pep sessions as everyone was given the chance to support the Indian team in every sport. Clubs let the Indian have fun while he was achieving useful and successful results. Homecoming floats, field trips, bake sales, and special programs were organized solely by Indians. These events provided fun as well as learning for the Indian. If the Indian had a need for fun. the place he was looking for was not far. In fact, he realized while he stood at AHS that THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. 35Below: Several Honor Society members stick with the parade to complete their lap before the grandstand. Right: Craig Campbell. Susie Smith, and Tony Smith stand atop the winning result of Art Club's hours of planning and creating. Far right: Chris Shively (center) reacts to the announcement naming her as Homecoming queen, as Jim Newberry, Gina Groff. Kirk Sears. Fred Reese. Margie Christ, and Greg Almquist look on. !u 7$ Mammmm ■m■ - 36 HomecomingLeft: Htxnwommg queen Chris Shively and •rtcoit Fred Reese join students m a Go-F.ght-Avm cheer after an Indian touchdown. Above. FAnderson Mascot Scott Frendt and Maiden Cheryl Vetter raise tomahawk and fists to Symbolic Indian power to fans. Blow 'em up” was Art Club's Homecoming float slogan, and that's exactly what the Indians did. The Trojans from New Castle succumbed to the Indians for a 22-7 AHS victory Sept. 13. Junior Chris Shively was crowned Homecoming Queen by Student Council President Jim Newberry and Lisa Taylor. It was the first time in six years that a Junior candidate had won. Gina Groff, senior, and Margie Christ, sophomore, made up the Queen's Court. Art Club won first place in the float competition, with Homeroom 801 taking second. The Senior Class entered a casket saying. Indians run 'em down; We'll put ’em underground!” to win third place. Honorable Mention was awarded to the Junior Class float. French Club's marching toys. and Honor Society's bicycle caravan. C. 0. E. won the car competition, and Honorable Mention was given to Homerooms 611 and 700. The Homecoming dance, sponsored by the Senior Class, was attended by 350 AHS students and alumni following the game. Albatross.'’ a local music group, provided the music in the cornstalk and pumpkin decorated gym. Indians blast Trojans; seize homecoming win Homecoming 37Right: Santa Claus (Kim Streaty) throw candy to the seniors in a Student Council skit to publicize Penny Postman. Far right: Johnny Johnson sings his version of Basketball Jones while Bill 8urton. Craig Campbell, the football team, and the cheerleaders help out. Below: The 8all Stale Singers put a lively finish on If They Could See Me Now during their convo. Above Regeneration captures the spirit of the Marine Hymn before the Student body. Right: In a tribute to their mothers. John Seal and Larry Gordon introduce Mrs. Seal (Steve Thompson) and Mrs. Gordon (Ron Land) in the Logansport pep session. 38 Student LifeV y Boogie Woogic Bugle Boy,” Oh Happy Day. and Listen to the Music” were some ot the songs featured in a lively 70-minute program presented by the Ball State Singers. They appeared in a convo October 19 complete with 1972 alumnus Madeleine Doherty. Regeneration, a ten-member collegiate group from Tennessee, also entertained the student body in a convo October 26. Sponsored by the Anderson Exchange Club, they followed a patriotic format. Spirits ran high at pep sessions aided by the spirit team of Bill 8urton and Craig Campbell. V hile wearing their white idiot suits,” the two seniors urged the students to support their teams and show their spirit. Red and Green Week officially began on February 25. although many students came to school on the Saturday before armed with paint, crepe paper, signs, and enthusiasm. By the end of the day. AHS halls were decorated with lots of Indian spirit. Spirit team and singing groups add to convos Student Life 39Above: French Club members use their time constructively while raising moocy tor the Club by selling French books, food and flags m frent of the Fine Arts Center during the Center's annual Festival. Above right: The toeatren of Quinta in relation to the Earth within the Milky Way Galaxy is explained by Mr. East. 40 Student Life« ». V • C4 tV P Where's Quinta? Mr. East is from another planet? These and many other questions were raised when AHS Physics teacher David East presented students with a story about his background to test their powers of logical thinking. “Quinta” is a planet whose society is approximately 200 years more advanced than Earth’s. As a “Quintin, Mr. East claimed to have come to the Earth in 1950, being raised by a consenting foster family in Indiana. Mr. East said that he and the nearly 10,000 Quintins on Earth had no hostile intentions whatsoever — they were here only to observe Earthlings. Two visitors from a little closer to home were Foreign Exchange Students Kari Seppala from Jyvaskyla. Finland, and Janett Zepata from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Kan and Janett agreed that sports were very big at AHS, and they compared AHS to their own schools. Kari said that in Finland, There is very much sports, but nobody goes to look. Janett said. I like basketball, but your football is strange! We play 'football,' but it is what you call soccer! Quintin visitor discovered in physics class Lett: Foreign Exchange Students Kan Seppala and Janett Zapata lodge the distance from their homelands to Indiana Above Former AMS graduate Ken Knipp pauses while addressing the student body in the Thanksgiving convo. Student Life 41Hillis sponsors energy crisis essay contest Dimmed halls, cooler classrooms and senoos conversations illustrated administration and student concern over the energy crisis. Dcsma Conrad was flown to Washington D.C. as the winner of an Energy Crisis Essay Contest sponsored by Congressman Elwood H. Hillis m November. Dcsma and two other Indiana winners read their essays to two Congressional Committees studying the energy crisis. She discussed the shortage with five classes of AHS students, and took a survey to be sent to Hillis. The results showed that 51 per cent of the 117 students polled felt that major oil companies were holding back fuel supplies, and 24 per cent did not believe they were. 79 per cent thought there was an energy crisis, and only 11 per cent said there wasn't. 45 per cent of the students said they thought an Energy Day would make the public more aware of the problem. Although students were aware of the crisis, when asked if they wanted Congress to make stipulations. 27 per cent said yes. but 51 per cent responded no. Some students formed car pools or rode bikes to do their part to save fuel. Mr. McCoon helps D vn.» Conrad prepare a discussion or the energy cusis lor several classes after her trip to Washing -, Mike Ro»e. Mike Manis, Mark Noffsmgw. Kirk Sears. Greg Murphy. Kathy Nt-ms. Becky Schalcr. and Desma Conrad compare their experiences at Boys' State, at Indiana State, and Girls' State, at Indiana Unr.ervty. 42 Student LifeCONVO COMM, front ro« - Mr. Co . Chrmn. Kalhy R«w. Sarah McKee. Mary nne MaXxn. Margie Poat. Dana Kane. ju ,e Shar. bach ro« Naom. Rodgers. Carol Watkins. Jenny Robinson. Peggy Weiss. Gina LaChe Bcton The large selection ol college materials in the counselling oMice help National Mcnt Commended Students Stephanie Shallow. Gary Smith. Mary ReidolDach. Becky Schaler. Kathy Slater, and Carole Peterson choose their colleges. •ft. PEP SESSIONS COMM. Fiont ton -txtyi Vetter, Karen Rock, Sown Gephardt, teg Murphy. Janet Shoemaker, OonEtta hompwn. back ton Jay Catey. Danny Tan-et. Rhoda Freeman. Bruce OoeUmg. 'ackett. Julie Banett. bw Taylor. Student Lite 4'S3 R-ghi: Chalk is smudged by Feed Reese. Bob Bailey, and Kan Seppala to give the back drop lor Fall Wind-Up a realistic look Below: With the new county government center providing a modern-day background. Student Council members Carolyn Robinson and Richard Johnson wash the windows o a 19th Century auto while campaigning lor United Way during the Madison County Scsqurccntonmal 44 Student Council  Papers left for downtown car owners let them know that the AHS Student Council had washed their windows in hopes that they would ‘‘see their way clear to give the United Way.” Student Council members, led by President Jim Newberry and Vice-President Greg Almquist. teamed up to wash car windows on September 22 and 29. The Colgate-Palmolive Project, a school-wide fund raising campaign, ran for five weeks in November and December. To stimulate student interest. a Faculty-Student Council basketball game was played for an admission price of three labels. An all-expense paid ice-skating party was given to the class that brought in the most labels. Skits were presented in the Student Council Convo September 21 to give a preview of what was planned for the year. Penny Postman. Bicycle Week, and the Clubs Fair were among the activities explained by the skits. The Clubs Fair was to help clubs gain members. and to acquaint new students with what the clubs offered. “Rocky Mountain Way was the Fall Wind-Up theme. 400 people attended the semi-open dance. Student Council presents skits; aids United Way Above left: Vicki Lewis and Sob Crease pause on the stairs before entering Fall Wind-Up. Left Mark Noffsinger. Met Frank. Dave Worster. and Jay Casey finish painting the juniors' label box for the Colgate-Palmolive Project Above-. Before following the “Rocky Mountain Wa ' to Fall Wind-Up. Laura Chee.-cr. Kevin Coverdale. Mike Newton. Pam Roesch. Roger Wheeler. and Teresa Mullins check m at the registration desk Student Council 45) AHS band sweeps Southport; goes ahead to state Sweepstakes and a Division I rating went to the Marching Indians in October when they entered the Southport Band Competition. The winning performance advanced them to the finals a week later where they placed fourth in the group of eight semi-finalists. Senior Dewayne Johnson, band captain. commented on the band's day at Southport, It rained the whole time of the contest, but in the end it paid off. Cindy Burris said, The mud was six inches deep, the rain poured, and it was so wet you slipped when you marched! The 110 band members polished their routine for the State Fair Competition at Smith Walbridge camp in early August. The results of their circus theme act, complete with tent and dancing animals, brought them twelfth place. Other competitions included the Concert 8and Contest at Ball State April 20. and the Indianettes State USTA Twirling Contest in March. Above LIGHTING CREW Jim Kinley. Oan Nottingham. Charlie Presley. Pat Miller. Bob Burns, William Todd. Scott Meyers. Right and above right: Anderson's Marching Indians celebrate the Madison County Scsqui. Right: CONCERT 8AN0 Front row - Cindy Burns. Teresa Buck. Kathy Fitisimmons. Ocbbic Knoblock, Sara Collins. Linda Lawson. Cindy Colville. Oebbie Nicholson. Lisa Schia-bach. Donna Cam. Carol Gophart. Analisc Bryan. Paity Webster. Kim Clawson. Oebbie Bergcman. Shco Hasler. Kathy Sullivan. 8re«da Burkhart. Row 2 — Sue McLaughlin. Louann Gaw. Jennifer Jones. Celeste Stegall. Pam Johnson. Iris Foggs. Paity Banks. Rick Townsend. Sandy Holmic. Debbie Grile. Tern House. Kevin Coverdaic. Rusty Constable. Wesley Goms. Brenda Scott. Oavid Jackson. Vincent Gully. Allan Jcrram. Bryan Garner, Jenny Pendley. Becky Van Baalen. Darlene Dietrich. Elaine Kilburn. Row 3 — Becky Schrivor. Ann 8abb. Bobbi White. Bonnie Pearson, Jenny Crawford. Cathy Maneiner. Chris McAtee. 46 Band wz | ffc Sj, Z § trsrs 233r5sl£ JiSfli f!si 1 'll!Below. Fuming lire batons demand more cautious twirling by Rita Krieg in a pre-game show at Denny Field. Right: Mr. Hoffmann realizes that attention to every detail makes a winning band a4 he fixes the collar ot Cindy Burris' uniform. Far right: Eric Taylor improvises on a Stage Band solo. Right: Dancing elephants and clowns )orned the Marching Indians' state fair circus routine. Far right: Crowds of spectators watch as the AHS Band and Indianettes work to present their best efforts before the ludges' stand at the state fair. 48 BandStrains of “Jingle Bell Rhapsody. Sussex Mummer's Carol.” and many more unusual as well as traditional songs filled the auditorium in the Band's Christmas Concert December 11. The Pops Concert. March 11. and the Spring Concert in April also brought music to the ears of the public. In addition to concerts, the band marched in pregame and halftime shows for all home football games and most home basketball games. The Stage Band drew crowds of listeners at the Anderson Fine Arts Festival with a program which included Uptight, Monitors Theme. and Theme from Ironside on September 15. September 15 was also the first day of the band's Candy Drive. Through the sale of turtles and mints, $3,854 was raised for bus fares, next year's state fair and other band expenses. In the spring, the Band and Indian-ettes visited Kings Island and the Indianapolis 500 Parade. Three concerts, halftime shows keep band busy 8and 49CHORALCTTCS Front ion - Carman layman, c-na LaChew. Ange Hanna. Barbara Allgood. Julie Shan. Marilyn Allen. Sherry Whitson. Julie Jacobs. Carol Gephart. Missy Marcum. 8ecky Richey. Beth Provence. Judy Doty. Dick Saucedo. acc Ron 2 — Jodi Smitherman. Nancy Donnellson. Dons FleiSChauer. lesly Davisson. Polly Kit . Marsha Needier. Joy Williams. Beth Brown, Kathy Sullivan. Ailie Barton, Patti Blockson. Pam Williams Ron 3 — Mr. Searer. dir.; Jenny Pendley. Patti McCaan, Knsti Barrogan, Nancy Toombes. Joyce Haten. Janet Russell. Susie Venesky. Toni Tumulty. Judy Perechmsky. lynette Brooks. Judy Trick. Susan Fooler. Lorraine Purdy. Back ron — Rosie Veagley. Cheryl Jackson. Daria Miller. Barb Farmer. Chena Ellsnorth. Dana Derucki. Debbie Buiand. Susan Kiety. Susan Huffman. Carol Plummer. Gma McGee. Ins Foggs. Michelle Papar. Delores Boyd. Arlene Rogers CHORAL CLUB Front ro r — Kelly Whitehead. Dwana Hemey. Marsha Matheney. Sarah Hirsch. Julie Morgan, Susan Smith. Renee Hull. Carol Starks. Tnsh Hoppes, Margaret Polus. Mike Miller. John Grimes. Steve Pancoi. vice pres.; Dave Ponce. John Maistadt. Tim Beck. Kathy Pancoi. Kim Dunbar, Connie Hinton. Terry Oaughtery. Ocbbie Friend. Mr Sea ver. dir. Row 2 — Cheryl Whitmill. Lon Farlow. Debbie Bowman. Marsha Gooding. Lana lanane. Sara McKee. Argie Williams. Debbie Winford. Esther Galford. Linda Olvey. Eric Taylor. Glen Ba-r. Rick Sonash. John Kunu. Terry Dawson. Dxig Conover. Carol Lash, treas . Lotheda Schoettmer. Oesma Conrad. Iibr.. Vicki Coffey. Mary Reidelbxh. pres.; Patti King. Cindy Burns Row 3 — Oebbie Sweet. Gail Ferree. Sharon Farlow. Mehssa Russell. Nita Hutton. Terry Harvey. Cindy Tucker. Tom Foust. John Wise. John Johnson. Scott Perlman. Jim Newberry. Steve letfel. Reed Remiey. Mark Glorer. Tim Gibbons. Jim McKenley. Nolanda Sokel. Mary Whisner. Kim Purvis. Melody Fo . Cathy Gerard. 0 ana Nor-ns Back row — Sara Shoemaker. Julie Dcakyne. Susan Melson. Kathryn Sheldon. Rita McMahan. Beth Miller. Mary Gilbert. Lone Larson. Kim Hall. Darryl For. John Slattery. Bob Helvering, William Wells. Steve King, Ma Simonson. Jay laughlm. Gary Decker. Gary Jeffers. Oewayn Johnson. 8ob Bales. Sherry Knepp, Pam Hurst. Sara Foster. Lynette Foggs. Rene Ogle. Julie sparks. Right SWING CHOIR Front row Oesma Conrad. Terry Oaughtery. Row 2 — Darryl Fox. Renee Hull. DeWayne Johnson. V«ki Coffey. John Kunt Row 3 — Mehssa Russell. John Grimes. Melody Fox. Sara Shoemaker. John Wise. Cathy Gerard. Susan Smith Back row — Jim McKinley. Tim Beck. Julie DeaKyne. Mike Miller. Steve Pancoi. William Wells. Mark Glover. 50 Choral Groups ViBelow Finding out h« wasn't forgotten on his birthday. Mr. Seaver receives a gilt certificate at a surprise party presented by Chuck Pugh. Susan Smith. Dave Ponce. Carol Lash, and Mary Reidet bach “The Messiah.” by George Frederick Handel, was the seventh annual Choral Classic presented by the AHS Choral Club. The program was at the Park Place Church of God. December 9. Among several of the performances given by Choral Club was the sacred concert at the New Hope Methodist Church in February and a Christmas concert on Monument Circle. The Madrigals provided welcome entertainment at the Marion County Veterans’ Hospital September 23. and they also sang in a benefit for the Veterans' Hospital in Indianapolis October 16. They were given certificates of merit for both of these performances. At Christmas, the Madrigals sang for several Anderson groups, including the Elks Club, the Exchange Club, a meeting of Ball State professors at Anderson College and the Fine Arts Center. In May. the 12 Madrigals took a pleasure trip to Kings’ Island for a weekend. Swing Choir sang at the Knightstown Children’s Home in January. Northside and Eastside junior highs in February and Wolcott High School near Lafayette in November. They also sang at AHS's Open House during American Education Week. Club’s annual Choral Classic 'The Messiah’ Choral Groups 51Right; Carol Plummer. Nita Hutton. Diana Norn . Melody Fox and Carol Lash watch the tenors win 30-28 over the basses in a football game at the Choral Club picnic. ORCHESTRA Front row - Jell Fo . Concert-master. Anna Sylvester. Norma Creek. Toni Webb. Patsy Maston. Tim 8cc . Debbie Silvers. Nancy Dyfces Row 2 Nita Hutton. Terri Harvey. Helene Page. Kathy Bmssese. Shri Vonne Clayton. Aryin Williams. Diana Townsend, Michael Harney. Delores Boyd. Arlene Rogers Row 3 — Rachael Hatter, Ron Whit-mill. Barbara Johnson. Fred 8ec iham. Rene Ogle. Delores StarUman. louanne Grevsman. Angela Wade. Back row Mr. Coomor. dir.; John Slattery. Jeff Hard-n. Gary Jellers STRING QUARTET Front row Jell Fo- Anna Sylvester. Tim Beck. Nancy Dykes 52 Orchestra JThe popular Broadway musical and successful screen play ••Oklahoma was staged by the AHS Choral Club March 29 and 30. and April 4 and 5. The story concerned two young people. Laurie and Curly, on the Oklahoma prairie around the turn of the century. Much of the scenery and backdrops used were rented from a New York company, and the rest of the scenery and props were made by members of Choral Club Performers auditioned February 16 and attended twenty-nine rehearsals before presenting the final show. The Orchestra played for Choral Club's presentation of The Messiah.” and several members also played for Oklahoma” and the Thespians production of Guys and Dolls.” At the Indiana State Music Association Contest February 2. the quartet received a first division rating and seven orchestra members played solos. In May, the Orchestra gave a spring concert which was open to the public. AHS Choral Club stages Broadway show 'Oklahoma' Fjr Jbcr.c Choral Club members present a 1C MIC from Oklahoma Above: Steve Pane 01 studies his lines as Ah Halun lor Oklahoma during a rehearsal break Choral Production 53K3 S| - w- - • ;52 55? „• S • t S UMlli ihik; s«i ,Ii II III IS I MI ItlfPi! ,2 2 “ ? 5 Si ®lfc“:ffq a figsS1 a? iailill i I i s •? £ ? § “S|x = 'z = i|Iffiat $ v SS3 a J.'s IH :S» - Ifiillfi iilillll £ 4S| £ M il i!ii -|l|s! i?:i! 52 U°2t ” “ O® • ! - lilrf l |isfli!iif| CC5£ t £ .? V S  A Bnde Comes to Yellow Sky. Four Little Words. So Nice Not to See You.” and Antic Spring were the four comedies presented in the annual Play Festival on February 16 by the Thespians. A panel of three Anderson citizens judged the plays, and on their decisions trophies were awarded to Mary Anne Malone as Best Director. Sarah McKee as Best Actress, and Ronnie Land as Best Actor. The 84 members of Thespian Troupe 736 also gave matinee performances of The Prince and the Pauper on January 19. 20. 21. and 27 for Anderson area elementary students. Children's plays had been presented in the past, and the custom was renewed this season. A full auditorium enjoyed the major fall production, the Broadway musical “Guys and Dolls.” The story was of a religious New York mission and a traveling gambling game. Leads were played by Lori Swan. John Wise. Renee Hull, and John Kuntz. McKee, Land, Malone trophy award winners ltd Ronmc Ritchart grow instantly older to suit his role as Sarah McKee and Miss Ooie whiten his hair and Ime his face Above Scratchy (Mickey McGuire) meets the Sheriff (Mike Rowel and his wife (Kathy Pancoll m “A Bnde Comes to Yellow Sky. Thespians 55Right Before a play. John Kunt and Elaine McFadden decide where to set prop on a model stage At ore Senior dramatics students depict a scene from “The Me Nobody Knows. a folk rock musical presented May 9. 10. and 11. The show was a hit oil Broadway in 1970 and moved to Broadway the following season The basis for the script is a collection of writings gathered by Stephen M, Joseph from teenage students in the New York ghetto. 56 Senior Dramatics y Seniors with dramatic and oratory ambitions tried out for Senior Dramatics. a class designed to prepare students for the presentation of the Senior Class play. The 17 class members were chosen from auditions and learned aspects of the theater such as characterization. stage movement, scenery, costuming, and make-up. This knowledge was put to use when they gave dramatic readings from the works of Stephan Vincent Benet during the February 15 convocation. Students without rides to important away basketball games made it there through the aid of Speech Club. Three student fan buses were sponsored which went to the Kokomo. New Castle, and Lafayette games. Over $30 was made on the project. This money was used to help send members to various speech and debate contests at North Central High School in Indianapolis and Butler and Ball State Universities. Members practiced debating in class. Dramatics class (jives readings, has class play Above left In preparation for a convo, Renee Hull. Ronnie land. Skip Myers. John Collier, and Debke Friend rehearse staging for a dramatic reading of Stephan Vincent Benet Above Students file onto the fan bus sponsored by Speech Club before heading for the New Castle game left SPEECH CLUB Front ro — Mrs. Chapman, sponsor. Brad Ballcn-tine, pres; Janet Shoemaker, vpres.. Becky Ro«w. sec.: Mrs Huggins. Sponsor; Debbie Menifee. Ro 2 — Susanna Harter. Ion Far-low. Kathy Fitzsimmons. Delores Boyd. Cheryl Wills. Regme Rogers. Naorm Rodgers. Schnei-da Burgess. Row 3 - Guy keeper, Carol Starks. Carol Plummer. Sharon Bostic. Arlene Rogers, Debbie Burand. Kristi Barrigan. Snn-Vonn Clayton. Back roft — Don Bloom. Kevin Eads Jill HardaiCk. Greg Almquist. Kim Wright. Angie Hanna. Ben Wire. Suzann Szumilas. Cathy Williams. Speech Club 57Honor Society ups standards; 3.5 new ratio The AHS Honor Society raised its standards from a grade point average of 3.25 to 3.5. This change, which will come into effect in 1975. gave the society the distinction of having the highest grade average in the nation. Bicycles, mini-bikes, and motorcycles were ridden as a bike brigade in the Homecoming Parade. Sparked by an interest in the community. Student Council joined Social Studies Club in a city wide paper drive to renovate the Gruenwald Home for a Madison County Museum. The Student Council joined the councils of Madison Heights and Highland to form an Intercity Council in January. The purpose of the council was to bring the youth of Anderson together. One hundred dollars of Penny Postman profits was given to the First Step Developmental Center. Social Studies Club followed their interests by touring the Museum of Natural History m Chicago, the Anderson College Bible Museum, and the New Government Center. Guest speakers helped members of the Future Teachers of America find the meaning of the word teacher. STUOCNT COUNCIL Front row Mrs Pitt . sponsor; Greg Almquist. »p v. Newberry. pres.; Chn Lanane. part. 8eth Rector. co»r. sec.; Rnoda Freeman. read clerk, Keith Erk. trees ; Chris Shively, rec. sec . Lon Darr. Carolyn Robinson. Nancy Whitton. Mr Macy. sponsor Row 2 — Jod Tipton. Kathie Slater. 8ecky Schafer. Mel Frank. Lisa Taylor. Kathy Pancol. Tom Hackney. Ann Moore. Martha tanning. Laura Gwtnnup. OonEtta Thompson. Cindy Belt . Cheryl VYhitrmil Row 3 — Jim Nelson. Bob Bailey. Carole Peterson, Kan Scppaia. Greg Murphy. John Abel. Brenda Horton, Kent Remley. Scott Bondurant. Steve Brown. Becky Richey. Carol Watkins. Debbie Burand. Lynette Foggs. Row 4 - Robert Lackey. Andre Coleman. Gail Feree. Marsha Matheny. Pegs, Moore. Andre Mellams. Brian Horton. 8ill Burton. Darrell Fo». Nwxy Jones. Susan Gephart. Chris Early. Dana Kane. Carol Poore. Angela Beeler Row 5 — Fred Reese. Roy Taylor. Mark Nottsmger. Pat Hale. Jerry Leever. Jim Johnson. Kevin Eads. Lon Early. Rita McMahon. Tan-r y Niccum. Patti Kimm. Elame Jones. Lome Haines. Jay Casey. Back row — Richard Johnson. Brad Ballentine. Ted Chismar. David Courtney. Rick Thompson. Robbie Burkett, David Donaldson. Randy Smith. Enc Williams. Chris Plummer. Joe Woschit . Rick Schuster. Gary Streaty. Mike Cooper. Rocky Flatt. Karla Helpling 58 Student Council — Honor SocietyLeft Mr. Dick Peck. reserve member 0 the 1946 championship basketball team supports the 1974 Indians by buying a button from Mike Harney and Marcia Jackson at the joint Social Studies and HERO club booth, far above SOCIAL STUOIES CLUB front row - Linda McClain. Tim Howard, pres; Michael Harney. Candy Coivill. Back row - Mr. Barnhart, spon sor; Connie Movermale. Larry Miles. Greg Bout well. Michele Collings, Sarah Cookman Above fTA front row — Desma Conrad pres . Elaine Mcfadden. v-prev; Anne Stires. sec.; Marian Kimmerlmg, treas. Bev 8onge. hist.: Row 2 -Sara foster. Vicki Coffey. Susan Meison. Debbie Sweet. Mrs. Aldrich, sponsor: Mrs Allen, sponsor. Back row — Anne Sylvester. Angela Beeler. Gma LaChew. Karen Kmetk. Rita McKinney. Esther Gafford. Connie Hinton Left: Student Council member Lon Haines shows Barbara fitrsimmons. an occupational therapist at First Step, the refrigerator donated by the council HONOR SOCIETY front row — Karen McClintock, Barbara Busing. Becky Schafer, treas,; Debbie McMahan, sec.: Carol Lash, v pres.; Greg Murphy, pres.; Mr. McGoon. sponsor. Margaret Magers. Sherry Moore. Jane Oyler. Row 2 — Kathie Slater. Melissa Russell. Ocbbie Keogh. Melody Fox. Terry Daugherty. Diana Norris. Susan Mclson. Giti Morgan. Pam Hurst. Esther Gafford. Imda Olvcy Row 3 -Anna Sylvester. Carole Peterson. Path Fiatford. Rita McKinney. Karen Kinork. Becky Ray. Jarmc Treadway. Mary Jo Stein. Susie Staub. Sandy Nicholls. Sue Worl. Oiane Granger. Row 4 — Debbie 8owman. Patti Barnes. Geoffrey Yelton. Vickie Coffey. Mary Reidelbach. Susie Worden. Bev Bonge. Royce Miller. Stephanie Swallow. Debbie Friend. Anne Stires. Barbara Gregg. Cathy Gerard. Tim Wilkinson, Row 5 — Brenda Burkhart. Kathy Norns. David Farr. Pam Gross. Oavid worstev. Mark Noffsinger. Steve Thompson. Mike Mams. Doug Conover. Mike Rowe. Doug Hall. Doug Taylor. Bran McFarland Back row — Brian Witte, Store 8rmduse. John fhstole. Kevm Eads, Desma Conrad. Kent Remtey. Store Brown. Marty Morns. Gary Smith. Richie Roberts. Mark 8rown, Sandy Raver. Susan Porter. 8iii Head Social Studies — FTA 59French club has 'bouquinistc; tour de France’ At the Anderson Art Festival in the fall. French Club set up a booth to sell French breads and cookies made by the members. Besides the baked goods, the club sold used books in imitation of a French bouquineric earning the Club over 60 dollars. In keeping with the French culture that the club was formed to promote, members had a miniature tour de France.” a famous bicycle race in France. The club had their race on tricycles in the spring. Members also visited “Chez Jacques. a French restaurant in Indianapolis. Students who excelled in French and were in the top ten percent of the French classes joined French Honor Society. A grade average of 3.5 was also a requirement. Six seniors in German Club gained admission to Delta Epsilon Phi. an honorary German society. The members had to maintain a 3.6 grade average over three semesters in German. During Thanksgiving members of the club collected food for two food baskets which went to needy families. In April members visited the Cafe Heidel-burg to taste various German foods. The members attended their annual picnic in May. FRENCH CLUB Front row Mr Gentry, sponsor. Mrs Hod son. sponsor. Mary Reidelbach. pres: 8arbie McMahan, v-pres ; Elaine McFadden. trees , Bev Bonge. Cathy Gerard, sec.; Judy Perechmsky. Kent Rernlcy. Kristy Oehonty. LcAnn Prather. Laura Gwmnup, Lmda Baker. Megan Austin Ron 2 — Debbie Bowman. Bill Clark. Joy Williams. Vicki Coffey. Sara H.rsch. Susie Worden. Susan Melson. Debbie Sweet. Joyce Harcn, Tina ftsinger. Susie Magers. Connie Hovermaic, Teresa Busby Row 3 — Sherry Snedeker. Nancy Farr, Holly Hoke. Cindy Dennis. Kim CXmbar. Julie Shaw. Patti Block son. Karen Rock. Michelle Hutton, Oons Fieis-chauer. Angela Beeler. Nancy Forse. Kim Hurley. Nancy Frosvard. Carole Peterson Row — Oebb-e Burand. Jessica Vayiec. Susan Hittle. Kathy Canada. Kim Purvis. Teresa V ulle. Janet Shoemaker. Sarah McKee. Michele Colimgs. Nua Hutton, Carol Gephart. Kathy Hodson. Marsha Gooding. Connie Wade. Brenda Horton Row S — Cathy Manemer. Tammie Kumkoski. Mary Rigsby. Rich Stuart. Carol Slater. Susan Kiely. Oonetta Thompson. Gina LaChcw, Martha Lanning. Kent Jones, Rick Stow, Karen Brown. Beth Rector. Cathy Kachclcm. Larry Miles Row 6 - Raidy Smith. Dend Reed. Mike Manis. Kris Short. Betsy Gephart. Kelly Smith. Janice Turner. Sue Richard. Mary Whisner. Amy Conover. Theresa Stires, Marsha Needier. Nancy Toombs, Sarah Cookman. Anne Bosscmeyee. Row 7 — Jell Laughlin, Sherree Vickers. Diane Granger. Susie Catlett. Lynn Bell. Kathy Rock. Carol Plummer. Brad Ballenline. Oavid Fraier, Tim Gibbons. Julie Greenwalt. Karen Whalon. Claudia 8ates. Barb, All-good. Jim Kmley. Back row — Celeste Stegall. Chris Plummer. Micki Shannon. Janet Dyson. John Seal. Karen Williams. Kelly Harvey, Pego Owens. Beth Provence. Candy Colvill. Lmda McCarty. Barbara Farmer. Scott Perlman, Becky Schaler, Kathie Slater. Ron Ritchharl 60 French ClubF;u left At the French Club Christmas party. Vickie Colic rediscovers her childhood by silting on Santa Claus's D»nd Ponce) lap. lelt To prepare (or the French Club tour de France race in the Spring. Kim Purvis relearns to ride her tricycle Below At the Madison Heights pep session. French Club members demonstrate their spirit by dancing the can can to the cheer Indians, Indians, who are they! GERMAN CLUB Front row Mr. Newkirk, sponsor; Roger Wheeler, sec -treas.; Cathie Sheldon, vpres.; Mary McKinley, pres ; Pam Roesch. Jim Breeden. Ron 2 — Tom Keagy. 8rian Harmsen. Michael Harney. Robert Jones. Greg Robertson. Rod Dean Roe 3 -Jerry Leever. Tony Coppock. Jen Andrews. Rick Schuster. Tim St Clan. Eric Roseberry. KriSti Barngan. 8ack row — Dan Barr. Ron Gates. Rennie Land. Ron Throesch. Steve Lehmann. Lorraine Schmalleldl. Cheryl Vetter. Karen Baker. FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY Front row - Mr Gentry, sponsor; Mrs. Modson. sponsor; Susie Worden, sec . Kim Purvis, pres.. Kathy Canada. treas Row 2 - Carole Peterson. Mary Rcidelbach. Vickie Colley. Debbie Bowman. Teresa Wulle. Cathy Gerard. Janet Shoemaker. Back row - Pam Hurst. Desma Conrad. Kathie Slater. Cindy Dennis. David Frazer. Phil Daugherty. Mike Beaty. German Club 61Right: An assembly line consisting ot water. Hour, and tabasco sauce is set up lor the traditional initiation ol new Spanish Club members. Far right Initiate Jay Phillips shows the typical result of this ritual. Below Don Bloom prepares a lire into which each Latin Club member tosses apple seeds. The act ol tossing the seeds symbolizes rctxrth and growth ol knowledge and interest m the classics. SPANISH CLUB Front row - Jack. Hollis. Christ. Holladay. Scott F.sher. Jeame Horevay. Jom Foster. Mark Malaguerra. Sara Foster. Nestor Gas sett. Mary Anne Malone, hist; Carol Lash, sec treas ; Barbara Busing, pres.. Mark Stinson, v-pres.; Rita McMahan. Sherri Sample. Lome Hams. Kelli Whitehead. Jod. Tipton. Mrs Vochis. sponsor; Mrs McHenry, sponsor. Row 2 — Kathy Busing. Mary Gilbert. L«sa Geiger. Rhoda Freeman. Julie Morgan. Orana Norris. Rita McKinney. Karen Kmerfc. Becky Ray. Sherry Moore. Lor. Larson. Peggy We s. Teresa Madden. Julie Barrett. Lor. Oarr. Carolyn Robinson. Carol Weed, Mary Boots. Eddie RepJoglo. Row 3 - Brian Campbell. Melanie Frank. Jenny Robmson. Lisa Taylor. Karen McChntock. Jill Hardwick. Darla Miller. Dana Kane. Carol Poore. Janice Johnson. Kate Dobos. Kellie W.cker. Joanie Johnson, Margie Poat. Carol Watkins. Kathy Bruzzese. Tern Silco . Debbie White-sel, Bruce Doellmg Row 4 — Dawn Chapman. Kelly Momoeker. Christy Snyder. Patti Fiatford. Dwana Moinoy. Jamie Treadway. Ellen Purpus. Leslie Oa-vidson. Angc Hanna. Phil Penrod. Bob Edwards. Mickey McGuire. Julie Jacobs. Carmen Layman. Nancy Donnclson. Laura Cheever. Kris Conrad. Susie Barmen, Carlin Thomas. Jell Stevens Row S — Nikki Flaming. 62 Spanish Club Cathy Howard. Linda Hoffman. Teresa Fiatford. Julia Remakters. ROjCe Miller. Stephanie Swallow. Cheryl Zook. Debbie Sweet. Naomi Rodgers. Lynettc Brooks. Lorraine Purdy. Patti Reason. Renee Robertson. Cecily Hendricks. Annotta Dulm. Joann Dixon. Sandy Marsh. Jane Handley. Brenda York Row 6 — Peggy Crouch. L'Z Poat. Liz Cahoon. Brian Burnett. Bill Carter. Karen Edwards. Chris Blake. C ndy Snedeker. Marla 8nggs. Bob Amos. Steve Freeman. Brad Actis. Jay Armstrong. Brett Roby. Teresa Russell. Rhonda Gernand. Diana Townsend. Susan Gephardt. Jay Phillips. Row 7 Luannc Gressman, Connie Hinton, Susan Huttman, Pam Gross. Gina Grotf. Debbie McMahan. Mike Millspaugh. Tamic Ritterskamp. Marilyn Allen. Terry Armstrong. Carol Craig. Cathy Williams. Leanne Stout. Debbie Shively. Linda Maxemer. Sherry Smith. Steve Kinerk. Koth Givan, Chena Ellsworth. Back row — Richard Gross. Kristi Bamgan. Cindy Coody. Guy Looper. Nancy Whitton. Terri Flaming, Mike Broun, Kim Ward. Terry Dawson. Mike Miller. Larry Miles. Mike Johnson, Brian Morton, Greg Almquist. Tom Rigsby. Dave WuH. Susan McLaughlin, Jenni Pcndlcy. Kathic Sullivan. Bill Dailey. Julie Sparks. Students transferred knowledge from the classroom to practical use and just plain fun through language clubs. Latin Club helped to boost AH$ spirit by selling over 200 red and green Anderson Indian sweaters and introducing the fight yell Pugna, Pugna. Pugna” at the Madison Heights pep session. The sweater project brought over $200 for the club. Members also sold Indian license plates and candles. The money was used to send Latin Club members to a state convention at I.U. Latin Christmas carols added a Roman influence to the yuletide season, along with Christmas cards written m Latin verse. Members of the club also kept track of Roman holidays on their self-made Latin calendars. A scholarship was awarded to a Spanish Club senior. The amount of $100 was raised by dues. Stephanie Swallow gained admission to the Who's Who m Spanish and Portuguese Students in Indiana. Initiation of new members of Spanish Club was at a Halloween party at Davis Park. The top ten percent of Spanish students were eligible to join Spanish Honor Society. AHS enthusiasm receives boost from Latin Club LATIN CLUB Front row Marion Kimmerlmg. Mary Pavey. Jane Gunsenhouser. hut.; Tammy Niccum. treas. Kathy Pancol. sec.; Debbie Friend, v-pres.; Oon 8loom. pres.; David Donaldson. Shen Fisher. MiSS Durr, sponsor Row 2 — Lynette Foggs. Susie Fowler. Missy Mar Com. 8eth Brown. Jil Barbre. Margie FntSCh. Susanne Harter. Susan Porter. Marsha Williamson. Robin Edmonson. Karla Marsh Row 3 — Bob Falge. Eric Taylor. Sharon Bostic. Becky Ross, ins Foggs. Fred Reese. Ricky Townsend. Sandi Upperman. Kathy Filer. John Menke Row 4 — Mike Day. Kevin Romtree. Kim Wright. Jenny Clifford. James Gnsword. Jim Wilkinson. Tony Lmdecker. Mark Imler. John Maxstadt. Pam Johnson. Nancy Jones. William Daws. Back row — Bryce Brown. Tom Keagy. Ron Ross. Mike Powers. Jett Baidauf. Rusty Constable. Brenda Scott. Chris Miller. Tim Howard. Kevin Eipers. Rick Austin. James Dickerson SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY Front row Patricia Fiatford. Dwana Hemey. Debbie McMahan. v pres ; Stephanie Swallow, pres ; Barbara Busing, sec.-treas ; Sherry Moore. Sherri Sample. Mrs. VoorhiS. sponsor; Mrs McHenry, sponsor. Row 2 — Jamie Treadway. Karen Kmerk. Becky Ray. Lisa Hayes. Diana Norris. Mary Jo Stem. Carol Lash. Lon Larson, Teresa Madden Row 3 — Karen McClmtock. Ellen Purpus. Tern Armstrong. Cindy Coody- Peggy Crouch. Louannc Gressman. Shen Haster. Mike Milter. Scott Fisher. Back row — Rita McKinley. Royce Miller. Ange Hanna, Greg Lowe. Cheryl Zook. Mark Maiaguerra. Annelta Dulm. Phil Penrod. Greg Almquist. Latm Club 63Right: Mfj Marne. Mhistr; 0«tit»c Sweet, editor-in-chief; and Susie Melson. managing editor. proofread a poem selected for the Little Chief. Below Little Chief editors Bill Burton. Mary Jo Stem, (standing) Melissa Russell. John Seal. Greg Boutwell. and Sarah Hirsh work on the magazine during creative writing clads. Creative talents combined in art and composition The nucleus for the staff of the Little Chief was formed by the new creative writing class. One of the course requirements was to submit at least one original piece for the magazine. The Little Chief was divided into four sections under the theme Campfires of Creativity. These were titled “Kindling. Spark. Fire and Embers.” These related to beginnings, growing times, peaks in life, and endings. Three opportunities were offered to AH$ students and faculty to exhibit their talents by Art Club. A music recital took place m March for selected teachers and students. The participants played on guitars and other related instruments. The faculty also had a chance to display their art works in an art show complied by Art Club members. A sale of art works in the cafeteria gave art students a chance to show the works they have created to the student body. Over $60 was made on the project. In a city high school contest, art club members Melissa Russell. Dwight Williams, and Robin Woodsome took the top three places. In the spring. Future Homemakers of America sponsored a style show. 64 Little Chief — Art Club AART CLUB Front row — Becky Floyd. Joanne La Chew. Gary Jeffers, pres . Craig Campbell, v pres.; Jeanette Key. sec,; Stcphan.e Swallow. treas.; Robert Stratey. Susie Worden. Susie Smith. Renee Hull Row 2 John Grimes. Ierne House. Patsy Hasten. Patty Miller. Melissa Russell. Cheryl Zook. Anita Keeney. Regina Rogers, Rod Canine. Sharon Rich. Cathy Reese. Joni Foster. Row 3 — Valerie McPherson. Tim Cooke. Kathy Montgomery. Becky Larson. Shannon Frazcc. Charlotte Aulcr. Tcdd McKinney. Patty McCann. Leann Garmon. Teresa Peterson. Bill Marsh. Tim McNally. Teresa Walker. 8ack row — Mr. Shultz, sponsor; William Wells. Tom Weis. David Riedel. Leslie Sucker. Tony Eske«. Brenda Allman, Berme Johnson. Cheryl Jack-son. Dwight Williams. Robin Woodson. David Ponce. Mr. Jackson, sponsor. QUILL AND SCROLL Front row - Mrs Pitts, sponsor; Karen Kinerk. pres.; Dave Farr, v-pres.; Susan Melscn. sec.-treas; Mr. Pursier, sponsor; Mrs Maine, sponsor. Row 2 — Carole Peterson. Barbara Busing. Mehssa Russell. Oebbie Sweet. Mary Jo Stem, Jean Sherman. Rita McKinney. Debbi Keogh. Row 3 — Greg Murphy. Kathie Slater. Linda Millspaugh. Doug Hall. Geoff Yclton. Esther Gafford, Stephanie Swallow. Margie Harruff. 8ack row — Becky Schafer. Karen McClmlock. Terry Whitson. Bill 8urton. John Abel. Greg BootweU. Kevin Eads. Holly Hoke. Gary Occkcr. It Mr Piuhar explains fo Mehssa Russell w he made the leather lnd-an shirt which entered in the leather division of the achff AH Show Above FHA Front row irbara Johnson, vpfes Peggy Moore, pres leryl Groff. Nancy Hodson. sec -treas Row - Tnsh Hoppes. Teresa « ««• leets. Pam Hobart. 8ack row - Miss Harrell, onsor Roben Pepelfa. Norma Dietz. Joanna landler. Mrs. 8randon, sponsor. Quill and Scroll — FHA 65Below Office Manager Kaihic Slater helps AiJs Manager Leisa Richardson. Circulation Manager Karen McClintock and Business Manager D»..d Farr alphabetize sales receipts Right: Section editors Linda Mill-spaugh. Ooug Taylor. 8arb Busing. Lori Jones. Carole Peterson and Becky Schafer look over the ladder to see what pages arc duo on the ne t deadline. Panda Bears aid, say 'Cuddle up with an Indian' Paper Teddy Bears Suggesting that students “Cuddle Up With An Indian publicized the annual's sales campaign in October. Editor-m Chief Greg Murphy. Managing Editor Terry Whitson and Photographer Gary Decker attended the Indiana University Journalism Institute in July, and studied ideas and techniques helpful in planning the book. Annual staffers raised Over $200 through the sale of Sesquicentennial books during the celebration. They also sold Sequi-stock and basketball team pictures. Following the theme This Must Be The Place. arrows on division pages and around copy blocks were used in the Indian to direct attention to AHS. Staffers decided to use color headlines for the first time and to spread the color pictures throughout the book. Students interested in being on the staff took a publications course in their junior year to learn the basics of layout, copy writing and other aspects of yearbook work. In the spring they applied for specific positions by sending their letters of application to the yearbook sponsor. Mrs. Pitts. 66 AnnualBelow Photo editor Holly Moke. Mrs. Pitts, sponsor. Photographer Gary Dcoker arid Ad-, editor Marsha Mathcny check ads pictures. AborC: Mrs. Wheat, student teacher, works on opening section pages with Managing editor Terry Whitson and Editor-in-chief Greg Murphy. Lett: As part ot their initiation by lormer Staff members. Terry Whitson plays Elvis Presley and Linda Millspaugh is his adoring fan, Annual 67 Below Photographers Scott Campbell. Kyle Gray, and Wally Smith enter the X-Ray room to receive their picture assignment tor the week Right: Staff writers Greg McClure and Norma Creek, copyreaders Doug Hall and Debbie Whitesal. and typist Debby Hudson discuss their work before sending it to the printer. Center right. Taking care ol sales and ads is the responsibility of business stall members Mike Hannon. Mary Lou Znkelbxh. Susan Edwards. Sandy Jones. Sara Mirsch. and Kim George. Above Layout editors Gieg Boutwell. Tom Owens, Mike Reed, and director Susan Mr I son plan a nc Iront page format Right Page editors Mark Glover. Jim Kopp. Jill Hardwick. Richard Drake, and Lon Craig check possible stones collected. 68 X-Ray r Reporting on all that occurs within AHS can be quite a job, but the 44 member X-Ray staff accomplished the task for the eightieth year. Feature stones on such topics as women's lib and the energy crisis, as well as editorials. accounts of athletic events, club activities. Classroom projects, and news briefs were found in the paper. The X-Ray was published weekly and del ivered to students during Tuesday homeroom periods. The paper drive was continued for its second year to help finance the publication. The newspapers brought in by students were sold for $10 a ton. and close to S100 was made on the project. Fall semester Editor-in-Chief John Abel attended the Ball State University Journalism Institute in the summer where he took courses in editorial management, and page editing A favorite of students were the five special six-page editions printed for Homecoming. Christmas. Valentine's Day. Sectional and Graduation. Over three hundred special ten-word messages were sent by students in each of these editions for thirty-five cents each. X-Ray reports news, features for 80th year Above Holly Hoke. Managing editor. John Abel, (all Editor-in-Chief. and Rita McKinney. Spring Editor-in-Chief work with Mary Ann Malone. Managing editor: Mr. Parsley. Sponsor; and Karen Kinerk. Spring Editor-in-Chief; planning staff assignments. X-Ray 69Below: Foreign exchange students Maria Mocoveira and Maria Borba from Brazil. Janett Zapata from Ecuador (seated). Karl Sepalla from Finland, and Darnel Andacht and Eduardo Oppenhcimer from Uruguay (standing) check out AHS activities in the X-Ray. Right: OAR award winner Oesina Conrad (right) explains the Significance of the Northwest Doctrine in the Freedom Shrine to Betty Crocker award winner Mary Reidelbaclt. Right Top ten members Mary Reidelbach. Caro) Lash. Susie Worden. Debbie Friend (Seated). Ooug Hall. John Wise. Cathy Gerard. Desma Conrad. Greg Murphy, and Gary Smith pose m front of the main hall teepee during the sectional celebration. 70 HonorsRecognition is sought by everyone. It is recognition that keeps the athlete training and the student studying. Recognition tell mainly on the seniors, tor whom this was the last year at Anderson High School. Athletics provided a place tor senior recognition through letter awards. Seniors accounted for the distribution of 62 A-sweaters and 17 A-jackets. Thirty-three scholarships gave seniors a chance to be recognized by offering monetary and honorary awards to those who deserved them. Twenty-seven organizations, including sororities and men's clubs, gave their annual awards to seniors at the Honors Oay program on May 23. The J. C. “Daddy Black. Basil Hosier, departmental, and other significant awards and honors were presented to seniors on this day. The senior Indian was given more chances than ever before to be recognized. and those that made use of those chances looked for a bright future. Seniors receive honors, awards at May 23 convo Above: Julie James. Mickie Christ. Jodi Tipton. Fred Reese. Bev Bonge. and Craig Campbell stand before the student body before the announcement of Mr. Red and Miss Green. Winners Craig and Julie «e»e given miniature basketballs and badges for their spirit awards. Honors 71Right As members of the Aerospace Club. Daniel Andacht and Bob Moore learned about the structure Ot aircraft by constructing delicate wooden models of airplanes. Below: Ocop concentration is needed for Chess Club member Tim Beck to defeat his opponent in this practice game. Right Tab Rostlethwait confronts Ricky Townsend with a bold move of his queen m an after school chess match. z 72 Chess AEROSPACE CLUB front row — Kt-.n Banker, Baker, Ed WciSbrod. Bob Crouie. Mr. Mock, vponvor; 8ack row Terry Prince. Oennis Mimms, Mike frcie. 8ob Kelley, Mm Me Campbell, EARTH SCIENCE CLU8 fronl row Mr Nierste. sponsor. Jodi Tipton, Mike Walker. Cmdy 8altJ. Pam Gross, Rboda Freeman, treas.; Brad Ballcntme, pres . Debbie Friend, sec . Mary Parey. v pres . Mr. Plohar. sponsor. Row 2 — Carolyn Robinson. Tammy N com. Tony Coppock. Lone Larson. Teresa Madden, Peggy We s. Karen Brown. Brenda Scott. Cindy Jackson. Mark NoHsmger. Charles Conning ham Row 3 — Jane Gonsenhcuser. Kathy Dollar. Ellen Purpus. LiSJ 8rooks. Mary Me Kmiey. Cathie Shetdon. Rod Oean. Robert Jones. Carole Peterson. Kim Hall. Jim Kopp. Dennis Sokol Row 4 — $te»e Kinerk, Erie Roseberry. Brian Sehamowske. Tim Gibbons. Oavid Frayer. Ronnie Land. Carol Plummer. George Cochran. Dennis Mimms. Jerry Ingram. Doog Edwards, Oave A nson. Dane Granger Back row — Jack Hatley, Jett Baldaot. Jay Zirkle. Tom Keagy. Danny 8ow n. Stese Sokol. Phil Penrod. Doug Shields. Mark Imter. Dan Perkins. Greg Actis. Bill Head. Bran McFarland. Tim McMillan. An interest in the world they live in inspired students and faculty to form the Earth and Sky Science Club. To present new experiences in science and explore the interests of the student was the mam objective of the club according to president Brad Ballentine. Mr. Pluhar and Mr. Nierste led members through narrow caverns and ice-cold streams in caves in Bloomington. A search for proof of the past was made by hunts for fossils and Indian artifacts. and by visiting the Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Trips to Indianapolis and Dayton. Ohio were taken by Aerospace Club members as they visited Weir Cook Airport and the USAF Museum in those cities. The club visited John Marshall and Noblesville high schools to learn more in the Aerospace field. They also took an orientation airplane ride, preparing them for a flight. Cities such as Indianapolis were the sites of stiff competition for Chess Club members. After the inter-club playoff. Tab Postlethwait. Bill Callahan Mark Bibler. and Tony Boles were sent to the state championship m May at Bloomington. Caves, fossils spark interest in forming club Earth Science — Aerospace 73Chris, Shively was chow by junior boys to roitfn over Prom attended by Betti Rector latjore right) and Melanie Frank (right). 74 Prom :VListening and dancing to music, a favorite pastime of students, was offered at several dances throughout the year. February 23 was the date set for a free soc-hop sponsored by Student Council. Costs of refreshments and WNAP disc jockey, Buster Bodine. were paid from the proceeds of the Student Council-Faculty basketball game. The soc-hop ushered in Red and Green Week prior to the sectional. Poker chips, dice, and roulette wheels were part of the decor used to expand the Twirp theme of Night in Vegas. The turnabout dance, sponsored by Student Council, was on April 20. The Land of Make-Believe was the theme chosen by the Junior class for the Junior-Senior Prom on May 24. After hours of planning, painting, and building, the decorated gym gave an illusion of dreamland. Decorations centered on a fairyland type of castle and a colorful rainbow with a pot of gold at its end. Students attend Prom, soc-hop, Wight in Vegas’ Above let! John Kunt and Sarah McKee relive earlier t-mes at the sectional soc-hop. Lett Juniors finish building the garebo and garden setting for the 1973 Prom Above Rhoda Freeman crowns her date Dave Courtney Twirp King in front of the royal flush that carries out the Twirp theme Oances 75Being an Indian athlete requires determination, skill, and patience. Less than 20% of the 65 boys who tried out for the varsity basketball team actually made it. Even if the Indian had the determination and skill to be chosen, he was forced to exert himself to his highest capabilities in order to keep his position. Fighting off competition and maintaining passing grades were two of the demands essential to the Indian athlete. Time became a major element to the AHS football player. Practice obligated him for 70 hours in comparison with the 20 hours he spent in actual contests. Traveling to and from the meets took seven hours, pre-game warmups took seven and one-half hours, bringing the total time spent on varsity football to 104 and one-half hours. Time was just one of the elements involved in the athletic program. It took 15 sports and 400 students to fulfill the program at AHS. After reminiscing through the past year, those Indians in search of victory find that THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. 77Students show zealous spirit as lively fans V Above RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Susan Gepnavdt. Robin Gwynn. Om Early. Kim Hurly. Jan el OySon. Right VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Cindy Jackson, jom Fosier. Susie Erskme. Le sa Richardson. Nila Fialick. Sara Oil I man Far right Jom Foster takes advantage ol a time out to lead students in Give Me An I. 78 Cheerleaders The dynamic Indian spirit that rocked the Wigwam was the combination ot enthusiastic students and loyal adult fans, all of which were led in yells by the two cheerleading squads at AHS. Varsity and reserve cheerleaders devoted hours of practice a week to improve their gymnastic skills and compose new chants. Varsity cheerleaders were elected in the spring by the student body and reserves were chosen in the fall by the sophomore class. The popular “Silent Cheer was contributed by the Beta Sigma Club. The organization was primarily composed of senior boys. Each member wore a special red shirt with the slogan “In Chad We Trust” printed around an Indian on the front. Cheerblock's membership of 201 girls sold Heath bars and boxes of M M's to help pay for their uniforms. The uniforms were made specially for AHS by Montgomery Ward Co.8ETA SIGMA CLUB f rom row - Steve Thompson. Doug Conover. Craig Campbell. Mr. MeGooo. sponsor; Bill Burton. Mike Rowe. John Kioly. Row 2 — Bran McFarland. Doug Mall. Man Eckman, Jim Johnson. Richie Roberts. Dan Johnson Row 3 - Ben Wire, John Seals. Keith Erk. Steve Schell. Dave Hoppes. Scott Philips. Reeky Platt Row 4 — Kent Remley. Mark Reed. David Farr. Kirk Sears. Jack Sch.ldmerer, George Cochran Row 5 — Steve 8rown. Jim Newberry. John Abel. Jim 8reeden, David Welsh. Rich Johnson. Back row — Ken Schrader. Greg Murphy. Jim Barber. Bill Bycr. Mark Noftsmger. Richie Stuari. Tom Weiss. David Reidel Above A close finish at the Madison Heights game brings anuous expressions to the faces of cheerblock and A-Club members. Chcerbtock Beta Sigma 79Above Pat King 151 and Zefco Anion (86) ngnal an Indian touchdown under the mam-re pile-up in the victory over Height! 200 Right fullback Darryl Fo (31) out-scramblcs a Logamport player (or a 7-yard gam in the 26-14 victory, far abcrre Robert Johnson (88) and Larry Gordon (73) (ace an awesome Loganiport line m quest of a loose ball on the wet turt 80 Football 9-1 season wins city title? six V honored by UPI Anderson produced its most successful season since 1961 with a 9-1 record. The Indians regained the city championship by shutting out crosstown rival Madison Heights 20-0. Anderson finished second in the North Central Conference losing only to Richmond. Ed Swam caught a 49-yard Steve King touchdown pass to salvage a score in the defeat. MVP Johnny Johnson, who became one of the leading rushers in AHS history, ran for 941 yards during the season. The senior halfback also rushed for a Single game high of 147 yards at Homecoming against New Castle. Offensive center Marty Morris was chosen for the UPI Coaches' All-State team even though he played part of the season with a broken hand. Offensive guard Tom Reithmiller. quarterback Pat King. J. Johnson. -------------------- defensive end Robert Johnson cornerback John Frossard were second team on the All-State Tackles Dave Benak and Larry J. Johnson. Morris. Reithmiller R Johnson, and Frossard were on the All-Conference team Zeke Anson and safety Dave received Honorable Mention. Thompson. Anson, Benak. King. J. Johnson. Reithmiller. R. Johrv son. Frossard. Gordon, and Courtney received recognition on the All-County team. Mark Noffsinger won the Family Award, and Coach Moore was chosen the Coach of the Year with a 6-1 mark. Anderson tied with Indpls. to play in the 3A Division of the first Indiana High School Football Playoffs, but Cathedral was chosen because its opponents had better records.Va«sity football HflSlTY FOOTBALL Front Row - Oavc Worstcr. Richard Kelley. rry 8oyd, Mike Beatty. Keith Givan. Roster Gasset I. Roger GHham. eerge Cochran. John Frossard. Mike Miller. Row 2 - Mark Mills. '■: Frank Boa?. Oarryl Fox. James Jackson. Oenn.s Mimms. Kim heaty. Ed Swam. 8ob Bales. Tony Coppock. W.lham Wells. 2eKe nson. Dave Bcnak. Steve Mycf. mgr. Row 3 Mr. Moore, coacn. fS. •» Erk Jell Hitl. Pat mg. Mark Noffsmger. ik-,ii fit Anderson 14 Manon 6 Anderson 27 Huntington 12 Anderson 20 Muncie Southside 6 Anderson 7 Richmond 21 Anderson 13 Muncie Central 6 Anderson 22 New Castle 7 Anderson 20 Madison Heights 0 Anderson 6 Kokomo 0 Anderson 21 Lafayette Jeff 8 Anderson 26 Logansport 14 Won 9 Lost 1 Anderson 2nd in NCC Loft In the Madison Heights game, haltback Johnny Johnson (21) hurdles Over lineman Mike Beatty (24) tor a 5-yard gam Below: During a rainy Loganspcrt game. Coach Moore calls an offensive ptsy to his quarterback while assistant Coaches Sharpe and Sullivan watch the defense hold the lineCross country runs at Hueston; reserves win six To prepare for the 1973 season, the cross country team began practice at a camp the first two weeks of August at Hueston Woods State Park in Ohio. After returning home, the Indians worked out twice a day and ran from 6 to 10 miles daily until the season started. Anderson beat Richmond for the first time since 1965 and finished fourth m the conference meet. Team Captain Ronnie Land and Ray Fleenor Award Winner Kurt Floyd became members of Coach Johnson's personal 1200 Club.” To qualify, they had to run 2Vi miles under 13:00'. Land had a ninth place sectional finish and Floyd placed fifth in the conference meet. With only 29 players Coach Pat King and the reserve football team finished the season with 6-2 mark including a 12-8 decision over Madison Heights. Coach King also felt the play of the team was very exciting as five of the games were decided by seven points or less. CROSS COUNTRY Front Row John man. mgr.; Kurt Floyd. Eric Williams. Tony Martin. Richard Bagienski. Oay»d Layne. Scott Bondurant Row 2 — Stan Whitney. Ed Wnn. David Welsh, Ronnie Land. Jim Barber. Richard Orake. Ben Wire Back row — Mr Jackson, ass t coach. Steve LeUel. Kevin Montgomery. Eugene Johnson. Steve Wheeler. Chris Plummer. Eric Floyd. Don Smith. Steve Rarer, Mr Johnson, coach RESERVE FOOTBALL Front Row Kevin Banker. Jesse Graves. John Humes. Tommy Page. Mike Etherington Row 2 — Brian Carter. Kent Wackier. Ma Simison. John Watson. Kip Wile. Rick Schuster. Mike Cooper, Tim St. Clair Row 3 — Mr. King, coach. Jett Cantwell, mgr.; Mike Turner. Rooty 8urkett. Gary Streaty. Alan McCullough. John Johnson. Mark Chandler. Brad Turns, mgr.; Mr Lind, coach Back Ron Jeff King. Ton- Singleton. Greg Duncan. Reed Rcmley. Steve Snow. Craig Sawyer. Kevin Etpers. Dand Sink. Steve Cunningham. Jeff Porter. 82 Football • Cross Country Reserve Football Anderson 19 Lafayette Jeff 0 Anderson 12 Madison Heights 8 Anderson 15 Kokomo Haworth 18 Anderson 33 Muncie Central 26 Anderson 36 Muncie Southside 12 Anderson 14 Marion 8 Anderson 18 Kokcmo 16 Anderson 7 Richmond 20 Won 6 Lost 2 Left: Jim Barber paces himself to keep ahead ol the Muncie South runner in the dual meet victory on the Grandview Golf Course. Lett A cold drink of Gatorade quenches Dave Bcnak's thirst On the sideline alter a fourth do«n defensive stand in the New Castle game. Above: Terry Prince. Eugene Johnson and Kevin Montgomery cool Oil alter a hard twomile practice run Cross Country Anderson 25 Madison Heights 32 Highland 38 Anderson 37 Kokcmo 22 Anderson 21 Muncie Southside 35 Anderson 33 New Casttc 30 Pendleton Heights 61 Andersen 23 Marion 41 Anderson 20 Indpis. WashmgtonAO Anderson 28 Muncie Central 27 Anderson 26 Richmond 29 Won 5 Lost 3 Anderson 4th in sectional Anderson 12th in regional Anderson 4th in N.C.C. Football • Cross Country 83Indian squaws show enthusiasm in new qolf team Anderson High School's first golf team began in 1973 and the maidens sported a 5-1 record. The enthusiasm shown and the progress made throughout the season pleased Coach Kay Clark. The young team of eight consisted of two seniors. Sophomore Beth Brown tied for second medalist in the sectional and proved to be the Indians' top golfer. After winning their first four out of five outings, the volleyball team finished the regular season with a 6 1 record but fell victim to Yorktown in the sectional. Seven girls earned vari-sity letters. In the meet agamst Tipton. Senior Laurie Anderson scored all 15 points m one game. With a nine meet schedule, twenty-three girls participated in gymnastics under the direction of Coaches Garrity and Bundrick. The Indians proved competitive m the beginning and intermediate groups but were weak in the optional competition. I Volleyball Anderson 15.8.5 New Castle 7.15.15 Anderson 15.15 Munoe Central 12.12 Anderson 13.15.15 Tipton 15.3.10 Anderson 15.16 Nobiesville 5.14 Anderson 15.15 Pendleton He-ghts 9.13 Anderson 11.8 Marion 15.15 Anderson 11.10 Madison Grant 15.15 Anderson 0.7 Madison Heights 15.15 Anderson 15.15 Highland 5.12 Andersen beat Munoe Southsde by lorleit. Sectional Anderson 5.10 Won 6 Lost 5 Yorktown 10.15 Golf Anderson 155 Highland 202 Anderson 195 Carmel 197 Anderson 209 Carmel 191 Ben DaviS 266 Anderson 198 Highland 249 Anderson 195 Blue River 240 Anderson 211 Greenfield 227 Won 5 Lost 1 Anderson 5th in sectional Far above Sophomore Beth Brown sinks a 25 toot putt m the meet against Carmel Above V0LLEY8ALL Front row — Cheryl Vetter. Jeannic Horevay. Jo Anne LaChew. Donetta Thompson. Row 2 — Barbara George. Laurie Anderson. Vickie Roberts. Oebb e Garner, jit Barbre. Kathy Reese Back row — Claudia Bates. Carmen Laymen. Nikki Flaming. Rhoda Freeman. Tern Flaming. Gina LaChew. Miss Ourr. coach Right GOLF Front row — Betsy Morse. Laura Gwmnup. Mrs. Clark, coach Row 2 — Bette Chambers. Laurie Andcr-son, Jeannie Horevay. Back row — Rhoda Freeman, Kathy Hod son. 8cth Brown. 84 volleyball GolfGymnastics Begin. Inter, Opt Anderson 56,35. 36.80. 5.30 Anderson 60.15.44 80. 3.85 Anderson 66.70.65 10.11 25 Anderson 63.15.60 95. 6 80 Anderson 70.45. 66.60. 9.25 Anderson 58.90. 55.85. 9.80 Anderson 67.25. 70.65. 16 30 Anderson 2nd in three way meet at Madison-Grant WcS'OcI 8lue River Madison Heights Highland Munoe Southside Madison-Grant Marion Pendleton Heights Anderson 8egm inter. Opt 57,10.37.05. 2.90 60 20. 54 95. 45 85 62 40.59.15. 30 00 61 20. 57 30. 35 95 18 30 58 95.18 05. 5 55 59 20. 53 40. 18 60 58 80. 58 15 62 90. 59 05. 56 60 Anderson 2nd in three way meet at Elwood Left GYMNASTICS front Roa - Carole Peterson. Jeanmc Horcvay. Vikki Roberts. Karen Baker. Teresa Davis. Beth Rector. C-ndy Jackson. Betsy Gephart. Oiane Granger. Row 2 — Kathy Montgomery. Carol Poore, Lynn Bell. Rohm Gwynn. Sylvia Schmaifeldt. Nita fralick. Mary Gilbert. Mary LOu Zukleback Back Row — Mrs. Garnty. coach; DonEtta Thompson, lisa Taylor. Joni foster. Brenda Horton, Susie Erskinc. Kim Hurley. Janice Turner. Miss Bundnck. coach Above lett Against Madison Heights, Kim Hurley scores well on the balance beam Above Nita Fralick prepares to go around the parallel bar (or her dismount in the three way meet agamst New Castle and Muncie North Lett laune Anderson (21) sets up j volley (or Carmen Laymen (50) to slam over the net to Nikki Flaming (54) in volleyball practice. Gymnastics 85w V3 Girls advance, form A-Club, new track team More students, especially girls, became involved with the AHS sports program. Girls lettering in a sport lormed their own A-Club. and another sport, track, was added to their program under the IHSAA. The Boys’ A-Club collected 200 pounds of canned goods in a city-wide canvas for the Salvation Army in November. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes sold towels to raise money for scholarships to summer camp and for monthly breakfasts. They also received part of the proceeds from a basketball game between the Marion Kay-Peppcrs and a team composed of Anderson area sportscasters and writers. Miss Durr played on the Marion Kay-Peppers team at the game February 17. in the Wigwam. With the leadership of Mrs. Garrily, the Girls Athletic Association formed a tennis team. The group of nearly sixty members enjoyed a bowling and pizza night.” splash parties.” and played basketball. Above right Lon Darr rolls her second ball for a spare at the GAA bowling party FCA Front row Pat King, pres; John Seal, prog Chinn ; Steve King v pres John Johnson, treas . 8rad Ballcntme. sec Row 2 — Ronnie Land. Oave worster, Tom Fo . Steve Brown. Jay Phillips. Kent Macklcr Row 3 — George Cochran. Ben Wire. Kevin Elpers. MikcCoopee. Mike ManiS. Jett Laughlm Back row — Richard Gross. Nestor Gasset. Mark No»sin-ger. Greg AJmquist. Bob Helvering. William Wells. 1974 TRACK Front Row Sherry Smith. LaNita Rush. Chns Shrrley. Debbie Brooks Lynnette Brooks Dana Derucki. Lmda Maiemer. Lome Mams Megan Austin. Nancy Farr. Carol Plummer. Barbie McMahan Back Row — Mrs Garnty. coach. Mary Whisner. Teresa Muilms. Cheryl Groff. Susan Kiely, Vivian Johnson. Cathy Ma«-emer. Cathie Sheldon, mgf.. Lynn Mettlcn. Martha Lanmng. Kathy Reese. Debbie Garner. Brenda Gates ----—Ns 86 FCA- Track6 CLUB Front row Kurt Floyd. James Jack-son. Kirk Sears, sec. treat.; Ronnie Land. v-pees ; Mark NoHsmger. pres . Marty Morns. Row 2 — Doug Fisher. Steve Douglass. Darcey Elmore. Chris Lanane. Scott Frcndt. Oan Hudson. Oarryl Fo«. John Frossard. Mr Maock. sponsor. Row 3 — Enc Williams. Jim Breeden. Roy Taylor. David Courtney. Pat King. Mark Mills. Bran McFarland. Mike Beaty. Mr Alexander. sponsor. Row 4 — George Cochran. Keith Erk, John Seal. Zefce Anson. Steve Brown. Rick Thompson. Scott Steger. Ryan Estes. John Abel. Tom Riethmiller Row 5 — Nester Gassett. Tony Martin. Paul Higgmbot-torn. Jim Newberry. John Pistole. Mark Smith. John Sokol. Oennis Mimms. Scott Bcndurant Back Row — Skip Myers. Jim Barber. Larry Gordon. David Benak. Tony Marshall, Bob Bales. Mike Smith. Bob Machoit . Steve King. David Welsh A CLUB Front row — Beth Rector. Beth Brown. Kathy Modson. Syvia Schmalteldl. Vicki Roberts Row 2 — Barbara George. Betsy Gephart. Mary Gilbert. Bette Chambers. Cindy Jackson Back row — Nikki Flaming, Carman Layman. Jeanie Horevay. Joni Foster. Diane Granger. Susie Erskme. Rhoda Freeman CAA Front row — Cheryl Vetter. Joni Foster. Jeanie Horevay. Laune Anderson. Bette Chambers, pres.; Kim Purvis, v pres ; Cmdy Jackson, treat.; Joanne LaChew. Janice Turner. Lisa Taylor. Jenny Robinson. Mrs Garnty, sponsor Row 2 — Vicki Roberts. Rhoda Freeman. Betsy Gephart, Mary Gilbert. Kathy Modson. 8eth 8rown, Kathy Filer. Carol Watkins. Mary Boots. Kristy Dehonty. Susanna Harter. Kathy Rock. Janet Shoemaker Row 3 — Jodi Tipton. Lome Haines. Susie Fowler. Sandy Upperman. Brenda York. Kelly Whitehead. Carolyn Robinson. Lon Darr. Rita McMahan, Susan Baker. Julie 8arrett. Karla Ice. Linda Maiemer. Debbie Friend, Sherry Snedeker Row 4 — Shem Sample. Kathy Reese, Babara George, Laura Gwmnup, Gma LaChew, Becky George. Karla Helpling. Kim Hurley. Barbie McMahan. Carol Slater. Nikki Flxnmg. Rita McKinney. Shem Smith. Tina S mmonds Bxk row — DcmEtta Thompson. Kelly Homocker. Carmen Layman. Debbie Brooks. Nancy Whit ton. Mary WhiSner. Kelhe Wicker. Nancy Frossard. Karen Rock. Michelle Hutton. Claudia Bates. Susan Hittle. Knsti Bat- gan. Barbara Farmer. Cathy Howard. Rachel Harter A-Club-GAA 87 v— 20-0! ▲ With a perfect 20-0 regular season record, the 1973-74 Anderson Indians established themselves as the first undefeated team in the school’s history. Both the AP and UPI ratings as well as almost every other pollster in the state voted Anderson the number one team all season. The Tribe also powered to its second straight North Central Conference title, another first for an Indian team. Six of the seven other conference teams were rated sometime during the season and Anderson won tough road tests at Lafayette. Kokomo. New Castle and Richmond. There were six returning lettermen from the 1973 state finalist team. Teamwork was evident as over 55% of the Indians’ baskets from the field came after assists. Seniors Tony Marshall and Roy Taylor led the Indians all season. Marshall averaged 22.2 points per game and Taylor averaged 21.7. The pair also finished second and third in confer- ence scoring as Marshall averaged 24.3 and Taylor 22.1. Each hit 55 percent of their shots from the floor and Taylor canned 85 percent from the free throw line. Averaging 15 rebounds per game, Marshall set a school record with 28 rebounds against Ft. Wayne-Wayne. Senior guard playmaker Steve Douglass broke the single season assist record with 141 assists. In the Ft. Wayne-Wayne game, Taylor became only the fourth player to pass the 1,000 career point mark. The next game against Muncie Central pushed him into third place in the all-time A,v derson career scoring list. The 17th consecutive win of the year against Logansport set a school record victory string to open the season. For Marshall, his season high 34 points made him the fifth Anderson player to go over 1.000 career points and the game against Muncie Southside pushed him into fourth place in all-time career scoring at Anderson. Abo.r- VARSITY BASKET8AU Front Row Tom Keagy. mgr; Jim P«k. mgr Row 2 — Tom D-ggS. Too, Marshall. Dan Skaggs Tommy Taylor. Pat King, Roy Taylor Back Row — Mi Mauck. ass t coach. Mr Estes, coach. Marshall Richard son. Tommie Nunn. Steve Douglass. Bobby Johnson. Mr Dawkins, asst COACh Far right Steve Douglass (Ml looks on as Rcry Taylor (43) gets up abo.e his logansport opponent tor an easy lay in Right Tomnne Nunn (13) is looted by the Muncie Central player as he tries to put up a shot 88 BasketballAbove Steve Oouglass (11) drives toward the bosket ot Kokomo as Pot King (41) waits (or a possible rebound led in the Richmond game. Pat King (41) holds up on defense as Roy Taylor tries to take the ball away Below left: Tony Marshall leaps high to tip the ball to the Indians in the 17th win o( the season against Logansport. Varsity 8askctball Anderson 102 Indianapolis Marshall 84 Anderson 101 Kokomo Haworth 63 Anderson 77 Marion 6 Anderson 74 Alexandria 68 Anderson 68 Lafayette Jeff bJ Anderson 88 North Central 80 Anderson 83 Muncie Central 4t Anderson 88 New Castle 68 Anderson 103 Ft Wayne Wa,tie 60 Anderson 8 Cast Chicago Washington 66 86 .Muncie Central 60 Anderson 99 Michigan City Clston 60 Anderson 71 Madison Heights 68 88 Clkh3rt Central 41 Anderson 67 Kokomo 62 Anderson 90 Carmel 66 Anderson 101 Logansport 77 Munoe Soulhside 76 Anderson 63 New Castle 60 Anderson 74 Richmond 63 Won 20 LostO Anderson 1st in N.C.C. Basketball 89Po er. Brian He.«£7£R f M lw S'rr j' SSSar- r skit c ssssess «tt. CSa,5f2 eJliiiX «£L r!ri ‘° Woe 1 ,h« Marion Reserve Basketball Anderson 58 Indianapolis Marshall 44 Andersen 38 Kokomo Mae.Ofth 29 Anderson a; Manon 39 An 1 erven Alexandria 40 Andersen 46 Lafayette Jeff 47 Anderson 44 North Central 40 Anderson 59 Muncie SoothsnJe 49 Anderson •S3 New Castle 33 Anderson 35 Ft Wayne-Wayne s« Anderson 39 East Chicago Washington 44 Anderson 05 Muncie Central 45 Anderson 53 Michigan City Elston 38 Andersen 33 Madison Heights 41 Anderson 00 Elkhart Central 42 Anderson 51 Kokomo 02 Andersen 56 Carmel 4 7 Andersen 56 logansport 28 78 Mancie Southside 52 Anderson 5-1 New Castle 46 Anderson 39 Richmond 40 Won 13 Lost 7 90 Basketball Number one ranked Anderson scored over the century mark four times during the regular season including the first two games against Indianapolis Marshall and Kokomo Haworth. A sellout crowd of over 8.100 filled the Wigwam for the battle with city-rival Madison Heights. Anderson scored eight points in a 40 second period just before the first half ended and the Indians went on to win 71-68. In the victory over Marion, sophomore Bobby Johnson connected on a 50 foot shot at the end of the third quarter. The Indians' last three regular season games were played on the road. Anderson had to go into overtime to slip by Muncie Southsidc and won a close one at New Castle. After starting with four straight wins. Coach Bill MBuck’s reserve team compiled a 13-7 record The Indians lost five of the games by a total of 12 points. Anderson scored a season high 78 points against Muncie Southside. The reserves also won the holiday tourney. Indians ranked first all year, reserves win 13 Lett Sophomore Bobby Johnson (IS) finds an open lane and pots in two points at Richmond Above lett: During pre-game warm-ups. Tony Marshall and Marshall Richardson d vcuss the upcoming battle against Kokomo. Above Alter a missed shot in the Carmel game. Marshall Richardson (23) quickly brings the ball down-court for a fast break with teammates Tommie Nunn (13). Tom Oiggs (31) and Tommy Taylor Basketball 91assess a555ii 88S| f I S . . . i in? §1 5 555S 5 5 92 TrackSenior DeWayne Allen represented the 1973 track team in the two-mile run at the state meet. Allen, winner of the Carl Bonge Award, also set a school record of 9:26 in the sectional. Finishing the season with a 4-2 mark, the Indians failed in the sectional where two other school records were broken. 8rian Witte set the record in the pole vault with a distance of 13.1 and Mike McCord broke the shot put record with a mark of 52.10. Starting in January, the track team began practice three days a week and ran both inside and outside. In March, the Indians participated in the Muncie Indoor Invitational and the Boilermaker Invitational. Alter a season record of 14-2. the 1973 golf team finished second in the sectional and regional, but placed fifth in the state meet. Anderson also was the runnerup in the Laporte Invitational to State Champion South Bend Adams. Jim Cue led the Tribe with a season average of 75.5 while Steve Douglass finished second with a 76 average. There were six lettermen that returned in 1974 and five were seniors. Ryan Estes was the only junior. Below left In the meet against Shelbyville. Ryan Estes teessiff on the 18th hole Left Steve Brown carefully eyes the ball fo a possible brfdie putt Bclo 1974 GOLF Front row — Tony Smith, Jay Granger. Jn Peck. Mike Newton. Ryan Estes. Pan Brown Back Row — Mr Sullivan, coach; Brian McFarland. Steve Brown. Jim Coe. Steve Douglass Golfers fifth in state, track runs in winter Golf 93Below. Clean-up Don Vo cym the pilch and pto take a big cut at the ball- Right: 1374 VARSITY BASEBALL Front row — Tom Keagy. mgr.. Mr Montgomery, asst coach; Joe WWChitt. Doug Biddle. Paul Higgmbot-tom. Tom Barnett. Curtii Pearvyi. Rick Bran don. John Evan . John Frossard. 0are Courtney. Steve Myet. mgr Back Row - Mr. Dan (Orth, att't. coach. 2ekc Anson. Don Vo , Pat King. Marty Morris. Mark NoffSinger. Al Hurley. David Rich. Jim Newberry. Mr Barnett, coach. Indians capture regional, nine letterinen hack Anderson captured its second regional title before bowing to Lafayette Jeff in the 1973 baseball semi-state. It marked the first regional championship after a string of five consecutive sectional titles. Rick Thompson had three hits including an inside the park home run and pitcher Roy Taylor gave up no earned runs in the final game of the regional against Noblesville. After slipping by Lafayette 3-2 in the regular season, the Indians couldn’t get past the Bronchos m the semi-state. Senior pitcher Dennis Sink, winner of the Carl Erskine Award, lost his first decision of the season but ended the year with a record of 11-1. With nine returning lettermen, the 1974 baseball team began workouts to prepare for the season. s 94 8aseball1973 8asebali V Anderson 2 indianapohs Cathedral 0 Anderson 1 Kokomo Haworth 3 Anderson 5 Pendleton Heights 0 Anderson 18 Muncie Korthside 12 Anderson 9 Mad'ion Heights 6 Anderson 7 Carmel 0 Anderson 0 Carmel 8 Anderson 12 Marien 0 Anderson 9 New Castle 3 Anderson 11 Highland 9 Anderson 2 Kokomo 1 Andersen 2 Richmond 7 Anderson 3 Laf3ycttc Jeff 2 Anderson 3 Logansport 11 Anderson 2 Nobiesviiie 0 Anderson 3 Muncie Southside 1 Anderson 3 Muncie Central 1 Sectional Anderson 7 El wood 3 Anderson 11 Frankton 2 Anderson 12 Alev an dna 2 Regional Anderson 10 Blackford 6 Anderson 4 Nobiesviiie 1 Anderson 2 Lafayette Jeff Woo 18 Lost 6 Anderson 2nd in N.C.C. t$74 RESERVE 8ASEBALL Front Row - Jim Teague, Mike Ethermgton, Chris Plummer. Rick Schuster. John Humes. Danny Tanner. Row 2 - Jesse Graves. Mike Tackett, Jay Phillips. T,m SI Clair. Arthur Gassetl. Scott Osborne Sack Row- Mr. Oankins. ass t, coach; Steve King. Greg Price. David Sink. Bob Mel-venng. John Seal. Steve Snow. Craig Sawyer. Brad Tunis, mgr.; Mr. Maock. coach. Left Marty Morns 391 tries to avoid getting hit by a wild throw as he scrambles into third base against Lafayette. Far abo.e Pat King has the throw just m time lor the third out against Lafayette m the semi-state. Baseball 953 5JS v .S3;5:-2i;1'? = if??? i?p I IS 3S2 «:ai Xrc5-8ep«l5.. IffJfUiflliHlO = o-=£ ici ? ? P ‘ 5 n'jgmmifrrs; ■ rr S'; rr »■ —— C© Coro - — t O — uj O’ vj co vj fPIfrifiifirr SI?isf £3f r1 - - Z = •» f 3 S - o r S 5 fl ? = £$ Sfc tf»002 u» oc o — WWO'JW-WO- m“CC'JAnderson finished second in the sectional and nine swimmers qualified for the state meet as the Indians compiled an H-3 record under first year coach Jim Alexander. Paul Rhoda placed second in the sectional in both the 100 and 200 yard relays. The 200 yard relay team also finished second. Sophomore Kevin Elpers broke the school record in the 100 yard back-stroke against Pike with a time of 1:00.7. Senior Kirk Sears was out of action part of the season with a broken arm. To keep physically prepared. Coach Alexander said each swimmer Swam about 325,000 yards during the course of the season. Anderson's wrestling team suffered through a losing season for first year coach Scott Sparks. The young team of three seniors included four juniors and six sophomores who earned varsity letters. Senior Scott Frendt won the sectional in the 138 pound weight class and finished the season with a 16-7 individual record. Senior Carl Prince and juniors Bob Bales and Wally Smith advanced to the sectional finals. Frendt and Prince also won their weight class in the county tourney where the Indians placed third. Teams get new coaches, nine swim at state ,bov - Wrestling Front row Scott Frendt. :arl Prince. Tom Page. Steve Freeman. John longe. Ron Throesh. Kevin Rountree. Row 2 0 w Johnson. Mike Thayer. 8rad Actis. 8ill turray. Greg Young. Wally Smith. Dwight loolshy. Mike Cooper. Back row - Mr. Sparks, oach; Jim Lacey. Scott Mullarkey. Ben Wire. ;nry Streaty. Steve Wheeler. Be Bales. John ohnson. Max S.m.son. Mr. Lmd. coach. Abore ett In the meet agamst Logansport. John longe struggles to get control of his opponent ett Lightweight wrestler Carl Pnncc eyes his tuncie Central challenger 3S he plans his trjteev. Wrestling 97 S'-low TENNIS Front Row - (X vid Thornburg, Mikr Tackett. JayColhivs. Randy Litchfield. Bruce Odelling. Jeff Stevens. Dan Glazcr. Sack row — Doug Conover, mgr.. John Abel. Bob Macholtz. Jim Newberry. Jim Breeden. Mike Smith. Mr. Newberry, coach. Right: In a game jgamst Lafayette Jeff. Jim Newberry reaches high to return a shot with a slam Below right: Jim Breeden stretches in to Slap back a low volley against his New Castle opponent. Miller places first, tennis has best year After losing their first meet, the gymnastics team came back strong to finish the regular season with an 11-3 record. Anderson placed second in the sectional and six gymnasts advanced to the state meet where the Indians finished Sixth. Senior Tom Miller captured the state championship in the free exercise. Miller had 16 victories in 17 meets during the season. Chris Lananc placed sixth in the free exercise and Brian Witte finished fourth on the horizontal bars. Jeff Shively took fifth in the all-around event, sixth on the parallel bars and ninth on the horizontal bars. Hard work paid off as the tennis team produced its best record ever of 10-4, in which two matches were lost by only one point. The practices were pretty vigorous and rough in the hot sun. commented Coach Newberry about the early August tennis practices held two and one-half hours in both the mornings and afternoons in preparation for the regular season. John Pistole. Anderson's top player and winner of the Sportsmanship Award, was sidelined early in the year due to an auto accident. Senior Jim Newberry won the Anderson Tennis Club Award. 98 Tennis 2 SisS X - 5 ms i r c ; iHiiii 7I IPI II 1 c 85| .3 fi ; - Sf sJf£ 8. VU 5 3 ..o® . idls»i —•JO NOOMOa3('J a) o o v o « o ssssss-sissssss , 2 I fl 8- - 5 lull mb |Ilfl3!llll3 « CO sj »rv p »r» j oo oo y« « »r S£ 5 Lffl ill : 4! £ -o s5S -2 § £ HMS| J Is s51?tv‘!eFi!tuSi niiliiHliJill •- o!m5 Jltn5S2i-- Gymnastics 99Everyone wants friends. Friendship bonded the Tribe, a necessary part of functioning at AHS. Whether it was to execute a complicated band formation or to back a team, friendship was always a vital part of the Indian’s life. All over the AHS campus, small gatherings gave the Indian a chance to meet new friends. Nine hundred trips to his locker in a year's time forced the Indian to cross the path of hundreds of people every day. Each of the Indian’s 33 classes surrounded him with different people with different ideas — some with whom he made friends. Convos. pep sessions, dances, sports and clubs served to bring Indians together to form friendships. Some people had to look far for friendship, but the Indian could feel secure. When he looked for friends and saw the vast number at AHS, he knew that THIS MUST 8E THE PLACE. Left: Teamwork is display after school m the John Street parking lot as Dave Farr takes aim at an unsuspecting victim Above: Mr. Bill Maock scores against four Student Council members in the Faculty-Student Council basketball game. 101Special courses conclude year for 577 seniors The bell rang ushering m the last year for 577 seniors, and new academic doors opened through courses enrolling only seniors such as Psychology. Senior Honors English. Senior Dramatics. Home Planning, and Annual Staff. As juniors, the class of 1974 saw eight members of their class lead the 1973 Basketball team to the State Finals. Also as juniors they hosted prom m the atmosphere of Moonlight Garden. As seniors, the executive council members elected from senior homerooms picked out red caps and gowns and antiqued style announcements for graduation. There would be no more bells and no more term papers but instead a world of work, college, and politics. Looking back these seniors would know they are ready because for three years of their lives this was the place. Senior Class Sponsor Mrs Bernard I an-- » moment to rest while taking tickets (or the homecoming game. ——V 102 SeniorsSENIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front1 Cathy Cochran. Cecily Hendricks.Becky Schafer. Mark Noffsmger. Ro-w 2 — Roomc Land. Stephanie Swallow. Scott Stege . Sandy on«. Dan Johnson. John Abel. Row 3 — Mark Reed. Dare Farr. Bill 8urton. G na Groff. J l Barbre. Debbie McMahan Back Row — Kevin Eads. John Pistole. Gary Sn th. Marty Morns. Deyna Conrad. Melody Fox. Leisa Richardson. Below Senior Class officers Mark Noffsmger Pres ; Mike Rowe-Trcas.; K.rk SearvV.P.; and Becky Schafer. Sec.; bid farewell to Central Junior High in anticipation of the park that will re-nlx-e it in the sorma. JOHN ABEL — College Prep . Soph. HR V.P.. Jr. HR Pres. Sr HR Pres . A-Club. Tennis. X-Ray. Quill-Scroll. Boy's State. Alt.; Student Council. Thespians. MARK ABERNATHY — General GREG ACTIS — General. Jr. HR V P . Sr. HR V.P.. Deans Ass’l SANDY AL8EA General. Soph HR Pres.. French Club. German Club. GAA. Sec.; Prom Comm . Cheerbtock. CATHY ALORICH - Buvness SUSAN ALGER - General. Soph HR Sec.-Treat.. Sr. HR Sec.-Treat.. DECA. Gymnas I.CS. KEITH AlLBAUGH General. KURT AlLBAUGH — General. SHELIA EvyONNE Allen - Generai.OECA. Sec.. FHA. FSA. Future Retailers. Sec.. Chcerblock. JOSEPH ALLENSWORTH — General. Art Club. OECA. OWE. Res Baseball. Wrestling JUDY ALLMAN — General. STEVE ALT — Technical. VICA. Res. Football. Seniors 103TERESA Al T General. OrumBugtc Corps. Ind-anettcs. OEA. JOHNNY ANDERSON - General. OWE. Wrestling. LAURIE ANDERSON General. Soph. HR Soc.-Treas.. Jr. HR See. Treas , Spanish Club. VICA. GAA. Tennis. Golf, Choral Club. ZEKE ANSON - General. A-Club. Football. Baseball. Res. Basketball. RUSS ARMSTRONG General. SUt ARNOLD - General. Art Club. Cheer block. HERO. BEVERLY ASHLEY — General. JANET BADEN General. VICA. GAA. Track, CINDY BALTZ — College Prep. GAA. Cheerblock, Gymnastics. Student Council. KALEN BANKS - College Prep. Latm Club. Pep Sessions Comm,. Convo Comm,. Cheer-block. Choralcttcs. Student Council. Honor Society. Human Relations Comm , VICA. V.P. JIM 8ARBER — College Prep. Soph. HR V.P,. Jr. HR V.P,. Sr. HR V.P.. Prom Comm. A-Club. Res. Baseball. Res. Basketball. Track. Cross Country. JILAYNE BAR8RE College Prep.. Soph. HR V.P.. Sr HR Pres., French Club. Latin Club. GAA. Swim Team Timers. Honor Society. Prom Queen. Hemecoming Attendant. CATHY BARNARD - Business. French Club. GAA. Honor Society. JEFF BARNES General. Latin Club. Aerospace Club. OEA. V.P. PATTI BARNES College Prep. French Club. VICA. CheerNock. Honor Society. PATTI BARNETT — College Prep. Spanish Club. GAA. Choralcttcs. JIM 8ARR — General. MIKE BEATY — College Prep. Soph. HR Pres.. Jr. HR V.P.. French Club, Pep Sessions Comm.. A-Club. Football, Student Council. Honor Society. NANCY 8EEMAN — General. DAVID 8ENAK - General. A-Club. Football. MIKE BENJAMIN - General. CAROL BENNETT - General. French Club. JANE 8ENNETT — General. Sr. HR V P.. Spanish Club. DECA. GAA. Prom Comm . X-Ray. GREG BETTS — College Prep. Res. Wrestling. COUG BIDOLE - General. Soph. HR Sec.-Trcas.. Jr. HR Sec.-Treas., Sr. HR Sec.-Trcas.. A-Club. Baseball. KATHY BIDDLE - General. Latin Club. DON BLOCKSON Gen oral. OEA. 8EV 80NGE — College Prep. Jr. HR Pres., French Club. V.P.; GAA. FTA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock. Honor Society. Sr. Dramatics. Thespians. Pres. X 104 SeniorsRICK 80ERNER General- SCOTT BONDURANT Pre-Engineering. AClub. Cross Country. Gymnastics. Student Council. SHIRLEY BOOTS - General. Art Club. MEC. FHA. Speech Debate Club. Counseling Ass t. DEBORAH ANN BOWMAN — College Prep. French Club. Cheerblock. Honor Society. Choralettes. Choral Club. French Honor Society. GREG BOllTWEll — College Prep.. X-Ray. Little Chief. Social Studies Club. Pres. LARRY BOYD — General. HERO. A-Club. Football. Track. MARGARET BRAXTON — General. VICA. FHA. Sec Cheer block. X Ray JIM BREEOEN College Prep. Jr. HR V.P.. German Club. AClub. Res. Baseball. Tennis. STEVE BRINDUSE — Pre-Engineering. German Club. Honor Society MARY A. BRINKER — General. VICA. CHO. DENNIS 8ROOKS - General. MICHELLE BROOKS -General. Jr. HR Sec.-Treas. Spanish Club. Band. Drum-Bugle Corps. Indianettes. Ass t Head. MARCUS BROWN — General. VICA. Football. Honor Society. MIKE BROWN — Buvness. OEA. STEPHANIE BROWN — Business. HEC. Sec ; FHA. FSA STEVE BROWN - Gen eral. STEVEN BROWN College Prep . FCA. Speech Oebate Club. A-Club. Smmming. Golf. Exploratory Teacher. Student Council. Honor Society. TERI BROWN — General. HERO. CINDY BUCK - General. Cheerblock SCHNEIDA DiAN BURGESS — College Prep . Speech-Oebate Club. 8REN0A BURKHART — General. French Club. DECA. GAA, Band. Sec.; Pep Band. Drum-Bugle Corps. Orchestra. Honor Society. CINDY BURRIS — College Prep.. Spanish Club. GAA. FT A. Speech-Debate Club. Band, Pep Band. Drum-Bugle Corps. Orchestra. Choralettes. Madrigals. Choral Club. Honor Society. BETH BURTON — General 8ILL BURTON - College Prep . Soph. HR Pres . Jr. HR Pres . Sr. MR Pres.. Latin Club. Prom Comm.. Pep Sessions Comm.. Student Council. JANE 8URT0N — General. Pep Sessions Comm Cheer-block. Choralettes. Gymnastics. Exploratory Teacher. TERESA 8USBY - College Prep.. Soph. HR V.P.. French Club. FT A. Cheerblock. Exploratory Teacher. Honor Society. BARBARA BUSING — College Prep. German Club. Spanish Club. Pres.; GAA. Prom Comm . Cheerblock. Sum Team Timers. Annual Staff. Quill-Scroll. Honor Society. Spanish Honor Society. Sec.-Treas 8ILL ByER — General. Prom Comm.. Como Comm . Res Football Seniors 105 CRAIG CAMPBELL - Jr. HR V.P., Sr. HR V.P.. Spanish Club. Art Club. V.P.; Speech-Debate Club. GWEN CAMP8ELL — General. VICA ROD CANINE — General. Art Club RHONDA CANTRELL - General. PATRICIA ANN CARTER General. Jr. HR Sec. Treav. DECA. See.: Cheerbtock. Student Council. Dean's Ass't. ROSALIND CARTER - General, GAA. ESA. Cheerblock. MIKE CASE — Technical. VICA. MACHELL CHALFANT -General. VICA. CHO. SANDRA R CHAMBERLAIN - 8usmess. DECA. FHA. FSA. Cheerblock. BETTE CHAMBERS - College Prep..$oph. HR Pres.. French Club. German Club. Trcas.: GAA. Pres.; Cheerblock. Swim Team Timers. Track. Gymnastics. Coif. TEOCHISMAR - General. Spanish Club. VICA. BOB CLARK — General. JIM CLARK General. KAREN CLARK - General. Sr. HR Sec -Treas. MARK CLEVENGER — General. JEFF CLYMER — General. Res. Wrestling. A traditional beginning to the school year for seniors Marsha Matheney and Lori Jones is pamting the first Suporgraphic for AHS. the Indian door. The door has been painted in an original design by annual stalls for the past 16 years. A school year begins again and. as all seniors know, the PA tells the story of it all.... May I have your attention please? The book store will be open until 4:00 today for students to pick up new books. 106 SeniorsCOCHRAN — Pre-Engineering. German Club. FCA. SpeechOebate Club. A-Club. Football, KATHY COCHRAN Business. Sr. HR Pres.. FSA Cheerblock. Orchestra. Thespians. LARRY COCHRAN General. CAROL COCKRILI — General. Cheerblock. r IK 9?fFEV Col, p,«p- Sr- HR Sec.-Treas.. French Club. ha. Cheerblock. Choralettes. Choral Club. Swing Choir. Exploratory Teacher. Honor Society. French Honor Society. DIANE COLEMAN General. FHA OEBORAH COLES — General. VICA FHA Speech-Debate Club JOHN COtLIER - General, CONNIE COLDS - General. DOUG VONOVER - Prc-Engineering. Sr, HR V.P.. A-Club. Cross Country Mgr,. Gymnastics Mgr.. Tennis Mgr.. Madrigals. Choral Club. Swing Choir. Bcr s State. Honor Society. Thespians DESMA CONRAD - College Prep.. Soph HR V.P.. Jr. HR V.P. Sr. HR Pres.. French Club. FTA. Pres ; Cheerblock. Choralettes. Choral Club. Swing Choir. Gir's State. Exploratory Teacher. Honor Society. MARK CONSTA8LE — General, German Club. Band. Pep Band. Drum and Bogle Corps. PAMELA COOKE - General. DECA. Cheerblock PAULA COOK — College Prep,. French Club. German Club. Cheer-block. Honor Society TERENCE COULDETTE - General. VICA. CHO. RENE COYrt.ES - General. Soph. HR Sec.-Trcas.. Jr. HR Sec.-Treas.. Latin Club. Pep Sessions Comm,, Band. Pep 8and. Drum and Bugle Corps. Indian-cttes. JIM CUE - General. A Club. Goil. Dean s Ass t OEBORAH CUNNINGHAM - General. Spanish Club. COE OAVID COURTNEY — College Prep.. German Club. FCA. A-Club, Football. Baseball. Res. Wrestling. Student Council. CAROL COX — General. Jr. HR Sec.-Treas.. Spanish Club. GAA. Cheerblock. JEFF CRAIG - General. OECA. Pari. DOUG CROWTHERS - General. FCA. ACIub. Gymnastics BROWN CZARNElCKI - Business. Swimming. A-Club. Spanish Club. TERRY OAUGHERTY - College Prep.. Soph. HR Pres.. Jr. HR Pres.. French Club. GAA. FTA Cheerblock. Choralettes. Choral Club. Swing Choir. Exploratory Teacher. Honor Society. ENDA OAVIS — General. JOE OAVIS — General. LAURA MS — General. Spanish Club. GAA. Speech-Debate General. Seniors 107X r JULIA A. OEAKYNE — College Prep.. Swim Team Timers. Choralettes. Choral Club. Swing Choir. GARY DECKER -General. Choral Club. X-Ray. Annual Staff. Quill-Scroll. I.U. Journalism Institute. CINDY DENNIS — College Prep.. Jr HR French Club. GAA. Cheerblock, Euptor-atory Teacher. French Honor Society DE8BIE DE SUTTER — College Prep.. Soph . HR Sec.-Treas.. Jr. HR V.P.. Sr. HR V.P.. French Club. Cheerblock. JAMES DICKERSON - General. Rev Baseball. Res. Wrestling. KEVIN DIETZEN General. Track. KIM DIETZER — General. Spanish Club. Art Club. A-Club. Swimming. SARA DILLMAN — College Prep.. Soph . HR V.P.. Jr. HR Pres.. Sr HR Sec.-Treas,. 8-Team Cheerleader. Varsity Cheerleader. Gymnasticv JOANN DIXON — Business. Spanish Club. Cheerblock. COE DOUG DOLLAR General. STEVE DOUGLASS -General, Soph. HR Pres . A-Club. Basketball. Golf. Student Council. CHARLES J. DOWELL - Technical. VICA. BECKY ANN DOWLING - General. COE, GAA. Tennis. Orchestra. Choralettes. Choral Club ANNETTA DOLIN — General. Spanish Club. Spanish Honor Society. MARK OYE - General. Spanish Club. Art Club. X-Ray. KEVIN EADS — General. Sr. HR Pres.. French Club. Speech-Debate Club. Pep Sessions Comm Student Council. Honor Society. BOB EASTMAN — Technical. Wrestling. MAX ECKMAN — General. A-Club, Football. Swimming MIKE EDGECOMB — General. Aerospace. VICA. CHO. Track, Cross Country. DOUGLAS EDWARDS - General SUSAN EDWARDS - College Prep . Soph HR Sec -Treas.. French Club. GAA. Prom Comm. Convo Comm., X-Ray. Quill-Scroll. Dean's Asst. SUSIE ELIJAH - Bus-ness. Soph. HR Sec.-Treas.. Spanish Club. COE. GAA. Pep Sessions Comm. Convo Comm. Cheerblock. Gymnastics. OAVE ELLIS - General. Soph HR Pres, Jr. HR Pres.. Sr. HR V.P . German Club. Prom Comm . Student Council. SUSIE ERSKINE — General. Soph. HR Sec -Treas.. French Club. GAA. Pep Sessions Comm.. Cheerblock, B-Team Cheerleader. Varsity Cheerleader. Gymnastics. Ecploratory Teacher. TONY ETCHISON General. Sr. HR Sec.-Trcav. Spanish Club. Speech-Debate Club. Track. Cross Country. X-Ray. Little Chief. Annual Staff. Quill-Scroll. YOLANDA ETCHISON 8usmess. Soph. HR V P.. Jr. HR Sec.-Treas.. Spanish Club. GAA F$A. Choralettes, Choral Club, Honor Society. LITA EVANS - General. MFC MARCIA EVANS — General. Spanish Club. DECA. Treas 108 SeniorsBRIAN FADElY — Business. SHARON FARlOW — General. Ch0,ale,,«i Choral Club’ mtKfcSA FARMER — General. French Club. OAVIO FARR 7. „'S86 P'CP - F'ef'ch Club. Speech Debate Club. Annual Stall. Quill-Scroll. V.P.; Honor Society. CINDY FAUCET! - General BRAD FAULKNER - Voca lional. THERESA FELTS - General GAIL FERREE -General. French Club. VICA. DECA. Sec.. GAA. FTA Prom Comm . Cheerblock. Choralettes. Choral Club. Swimming. Gymnastics. Student Council. Sr. Dramatics. Thespians RANDY FERREE General. OWE ROCKY FLAT! - Vocational. Student Council. Thespians. PATRICIA FlATFORD College Prep., Spanish Club. Honor Society. Spanish Honor Society. TERRI FLECK — College Prep . Band. Pep Band. Orchestra. Honor Society. BECKY FLOYD - General. Spanish Club. VICA. Prom Comm.. Swim Team Timers. Choralettes. Choral Club. Thespians. DAVID FIFER — General. French Club. German Club. Prom Comm . Choral Club LYNETTE FOGGS - College Prep.. Latin Club. Speech Debate Club. Pep Sessions Comm.. Convo Comm.. Cheerblock. Orchestra. V.P.; Choralettes. Madrigals. Choral Club. Student Council. Thespians. JONI FOSTER — General. Spanish Club. Ait Club. GAA. Pep Sessions Comm.. Cheerblock. Varsity Cheerleader. Swim Team Timers. Gymnastics. Student Council. SARA FOSTER - College Prep. Spanish Club. GAA. FTA. Choralettes. Choral Club. E»ploratory Teacher. Counseling Ass’t KURT FOUST — General. Soph HR Pres . Latin Club. Prom Comm.. Convo Comm,. Res. Football, Student Council. MONTY FOUST - Cotlcgc Prep. Spanish Club CARLA FOWLER - General. Art Club. JEFF FOX - General. Orchestra. V.P . Concertmaster. String Ensemble MELOOY FOX - College Prep . Sr HR Pres . Spanish Club. GAA. FTA. Choralettes. Choral Club. Swing Choir. Honor Society. NITA FRALICK - General. German Club. Art Club. GAA. Pep Sessions Comm . Como Comm.. Cheerblock. B-Team Cheerleader. Varsity Cheerleader. Swim Team Timers. Gymnastics. Prom Queen Att BILL FRANKLIN — General. .HANNON FRA2EE — General. Art Club, Little Chiet. HRIS FRAZIER - General. SCOTT FRENDT — General, •oph HR V.P . Jr. HR Pres . Sr. HR Sec Treas . Latm ;iub Spanish Club. Prom Comm. Pep Sessions Comm., ionvo Comm , A-Club. Wrestling. Res Tennis. tascot. DE8BIE FRIEND College Prep.. Jr. MR Sec.• reas . Latin Club. Treas . VP. GAA. Prcm Comm . Cheer-jock. Swim Team Timers. Track. Gymnastics. Choralettes. horai Club. Honor Society. Sr. Dramatics. Yearbook lueen Att. Seniors 109 a MARGIE FRITSCH — General. Latin Club. VICA. GAA. Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers JOHN FROSSARD — Pre-Engmccring. Jr. HR V.P , Sr. HR V.P. French Club. A-Ctub, Football. Baseball. USA FULLER General. ESTHER GAFFORO - General. Spanish Club. FSA. FTA. Madrigals, Choral Club. Honor Society. ANTHONY GALL - Pre-Engineering. DEBBIE GARNER — General, GAA. HERO. Cheerblock, Gymnastics. Volleyball. RONNIE GARRINGER General. FCA. A-Club. Res. Track. Res. Cross Country. Wrestling. NESTOR GASSETT -General, Spanish Club. Aerospace. Pres.: FCA. V.P. A CIub. Football. Track. BARBARA GEORGE - College Prep.. Soph. HR Sec Treas . Cheerblock. Tennis. Volleyball, Student Council. CATHY GERARD — College Prep.. Jr. HR Pres.. French Club. Sec ; GAA. Prom Comm.. Cheerblock. Choralettes. Choral Club. Swing Choir. Honor Society. French Honrx Society. Sec. VARNA LA SHAWN GERMAN - College Prep.. Spanish Club. VICA. Cheerblock SUSAN GI8BS - General. viCA. X-Ray. THERESA GIBSON - General. French Club. FTA. E»plora-lcry Teacher. SANDY GILBERT - Business JEFF GILLE-LAND - Genera!. OEA KIM GILLESPIE - General. HERO. Treas.: Soph HR Pres.. Cheerblock WESLEY GOINS - General. Band. Stage Band. Pep Band. Drum-Bugle Corps. Lighting Crew. LARRY GOROON — General. Speech-Debate Club. A-Club. Football ANN GORE - General SUSAN GOSSER - General. DIANE GRANGER - College Prep.. Sr. HR V.P, French Club. GAA. FTA. Cheerblock, Gymnastics. Honor Society. St Oramatics. TRACEY GRAY — General, Latin Club. A t BARBARA GREGG - General. Spanish Club. VICA. Pres.; Cheerblock. Honor Society. GINA GROFF — General, Sr. HR Pres.. Spanish Club. GAA. Pep Sessions Comm.. Cheerblock. S« m Team Timers. Choralettes. Choral Club. Student Council. Honor Society. Homecoming Queen Att. pam GROSS — College Prep.. Sr. HR Sec.-Treas.. Spanish Club. GAA. FTA. Cheerblock. Gymnastics, Choralettes. Honor Society. STEVE GWINNUP General GREG HAINES General. Aerospace. Art. ROBERT HAiNS -General. Soph,. HR Sec.-Trcas.. Jr. HR Sec.-Treas.. Aerospace. VICA. Treas 110 SeniorsX A-Club will meet in the auditorium at 9:55. Members must show their cards to homeroom teachers to be dismissed. ••Toilet paper is not to be thrown at pep sessions. Lett: Indian Mascot Scott Frendt watches over his Tribe seeing them on to a victory in the Homecoming game Below: With a Trojan m a casket, seniors place third in the float competition in the Homecoming parade. PAT MALE — General. German Club. Res. Golf. Student Council. DOUG HALL - College Prep.. Latin Club. X-Ray. Little Chief. Quill-Scroll. Honor Society. KIM HALL — General. Sr. HR Pres.. Madrigals. Choral Club. Swing Choir. BRUCE HAMILTON College Prep.. Sr. HR V P . Latin Club MICHAEL HARNEY — General. German Club. Social Studies Club. Orchestra. String Ensemble SANDRA HARRIS - Business. Soph HR Pres. Jr. MR Pres.. Cheer-block. Student Council- TINA HARRIS — General. JEANETTE HARRISON - General. RGIE HARRUFF - General. French Club. FTA. Cheer-ck Lillie Chief. Sr. Dramatics TERRI HARVEY — Col-e Prep . German Club. Cheetbfock. Orchestra. Sec. mg Ensemble. Choralettes. Choral Club BILL HE AO Pre-Engineering. German Club. Speech-Oebate Club, w Society JOYCE HEAL - General. Seniors 111TERRI HEATH - General. CECILY HENDRICKS . College Prep.. Soph. HR Pres.. Jr. HR Pres.. Sr. HR Pres.. French Club. Spanish Club. Aerospace. VICA. V.P.: GAA. Speech-Debate Club. Prom Comm,. Pep Sessions Comm,. Cheer-block, Track. Student Council. Thespians OWANA HEINEY College Prep.. Jr. HR V.P., Spanish Club. VICA. Cheer-block. Choralettes. Choral Club. Student Council. Spanish Honor Society. DIANA HIATT - College Prep , Latin Club. VICA, GAA. CHO. Honor Society. TAMI HIATT — General. TERESA HICKS — General. Latin Club. VICA. X-Ray. CHO. PAUL HIGGINBOTTOM General. Soph. HR V P.. Jr. HR V.P. German Club. V.P.; A-Club. Baseball. Student Council. STEVE HILL - Technical. VICA DAVID HOFER - General. VICA. Pres HOLLY HOKE -General. French Club. FTA. Chcerblock. X-Ray. Annual Staff, Quill-Scroll. Exploratory Teacher. Honor Society. Counseling Ass't. OEBBIE HOLLAND Business. COE OAVE HOPPES - General. Football. KENNETH HORNBACK General. KIM HORNOCKER -General, Spanish Club. FTA. Cheerblock. Choralettes. Choral Club. Honor Society. Spanish Honor Society. RITA ANN HOSKINS — Business. Sr. HR V.P . Spanish Club. COE. Treas.; GAA. FSA. Cheerblock MARGIE HOWARD — General. OEA. TIM HOWARD — General. Latin Club, Football. Mgr.: Social Studies Club. Pres.. V.P. DAN HUDSON - General. Soph. HR V.P.. Jr. HR V.P.. A-Club. Swimming. RENEE HULL — General. Soph. HR See Treas.. Sr. HR Sec.-Trcas.. Spanish Club. Art Club. GAA. Cheerblock. Choralettes. Choral Club. Swing Choir. Student Council, Sr. Dramatics. Thespians PAM HURST — General. Jr HR Sec.-Treas.. French Club. Choralettes. Choral Club. Student Council. Honor Society. French Honor Society. MARK HUTTENLOCKER - College Prep. GEORGE HUTTON — General. VICA MARK IMLEft - College Prep , Latin Club. JERRY INGRAM - Pre-Engineering JOYCE JACKSON General. Sr. HR Sec-Treas.. OWE GARY JEFFERS — General, Art Club. Pres ; Orchestra, V.P.; String Ensemble. Choral Club. ALAN JERRAM - General. Band, Stage Band. Pep 8and. Drum-Bugle Corps. Orchestra ALBERT JOHNSON — General. Z5 112 SeniorsBERNARD JOHNSON. JR. — General. DAN JOHNSON — College Prep.. Soph. HR Prey. Sr, HR Prey. Rty Football. Wrestling. Student Council. DEWAYNE THOMAS JOHNSON r Genws'- ,r Hft p»«- Sr. HR V.P.. Prom Comm , 8and. Captain; Stage 8arx). Pep Band. Choral Club. Swing Choir. JAMES 0. JOHNSON — General. French Club. Band Stage Band. Pop Band. JOHNNY JOHNSON - Sr. HR V.P.. A-Club. Football. Track. MIKE JOHNSON — General RICHARD L. JOHNSON -General. Jr, HR Sec.-Treas.. Res. Wrestling. Res. Tennis. Student Council. LORI JONES General. Cheerblock. Gymnastics. Annual Stall. Counseling Ass't. ROZETTA JONES - General. HERO. SANDY JONES - College Prep.. Soph. HR Sec.-Treas, Jr HR v.P. Sr. HR Pres.. French Club. Cheerblock. X-Ray. Thespians. SHELIA JONES - General. MARY ANN KEARNS - Business. Sr. HR Sec.-Treas. DECA WILLIAM KEARNS - General. OWE. JOHN KELLER Business. Speech-Debate Club. JACKIE KELLEY - Gen eral. DENNIS KELLY - Technical 0E88I KEOGH - College Prep.. French Club. X-Ray. Little Chief. Quill-Scroll. Honor Society. MIKE KEOGH Tech meal JEANETTE KEY - General. $r. HR Sec.-Treas.. Art Club. Sec.; COE. Tennis. JOHN T KlELY - College Prep . Jr. HR Pres.. Prom Cemm,. A-Club. Swimming. Honor Society. EDOA J. KILE - General. Art Club. VICA. OEC . LIZABETH KIMMEL - College Prep.. French Club. 'ARIAN KIMMERLING - College Prep . Latin Club. FT A. teas.; Cheerblock. Choraicttes. Exploratory Teacher. AREN KINERK - college Prep.. Spanishi Club FTA. X-ay Quill-Scroll. Pres.; Honor Society. Spanish Honor CHELL KING - Genera. PAT KING - 6WMJ-S0£ vP Sr HR v.P.. Spanish Club. FCA. Pres. Pep Ses A-Club. Football, Baseball. Basketbaii. Siu. I Council. PATRICIA KING - General Jr. HR V.P . nch Club. Cheerblock. Choraicttes. Choral Club. • RRY KNEPP — General. VICA. Choraicttes. Choral Seniors 113DAVID KOONS - Technical. RITA KRIEG - General. Jr. HR Sec.-Treas.. OECA. Indiancttes. JOHN KUNTZ — Col-IW P'cp.. Spanish Club. Speech-Ocbatc Club. Choral Club, Swing Cnoir. Pros; Sr. Dramatics. Thespians. JENNIFER LACEY — College Prep.. Spanish Club. VICA. GAA. V.P.; Chcerblock. Honor Society. Thespians. JOANNE IACMEW - General. Soph. MR Scc.-Treas. Art Club. GAA. Prom Comm.. Chcerblock. Swim Team Timers, Gymnastics. Volleyball. HERO. Sec. DEE DEE LAME -General. Spanish Club. Art Club. COE. Sec RONALD LAND — General, Soph. HR V.P.. Sr HR Pres.. German Club. Aerospace. FCA, Convo Comm , A Club. Track. Cross Country. Thespians. STEVEN M. LANE — General. Soph HR Pres.. Jr. HR Pres.. Sr. HR Prey, Prom Comm.. Res. Football. CHRIS LANANE - College Prep.. French Club. FCA. Speech-Debate Club. Convo Comm., A-Ctub. Gymnastics. Student Council BECKY LARSON - College Prep.. Art Club. Band, Pep Band. Orchestra CAROL LASH College Prco.. Soph. HR Pres.. Sr. HR Sec.-Trcas.. Spanish Club. Sec.-Treas.; Prom Comm.. Convo Comm.. Chcerblock. Choraiettes. Madrigals. Choral Club. Sec.-Treas.; Little Chief. Honor Society. V.P.; Thespians. JOHN M. LEAVER — Business. A-Ciub. Gymnastics. Band. Pep Band. Drum-Bugle Corps. OEA. KEVIN LEE — General. Spanish Club. Speech-Debate Club. Res Swimming. MARGARET MAGERS — Business. COE. FSA. Honor Society MARK MALAGUERRA General. Spanish Club. Social Studies Club. Choral Club. Spanish Honor Society. MIKE MANIS - General. French Club. FCA. Swimming. Boy's State. Honor Society. TONYA MANIS - General. Latin Club. Checrblock. MARSHA MATHENEY — Business. Soph. HR Sec.-Treas.. Sr. MR v.P., FSA. Checrblock. Choraiettes. Choral Club. Annual Staff. Student Council. Councilmg Ass't. REBECCA MATNEY General. Sr. HR Sec.-Treas.. Checrblock. X-Ray. Student Council MARK A McCARTY — General. Latin Club. VICA. KAREN McCLINTOCK General. Spanish Club. GAA, Checrblock. Annual Staff. Quill-Scroll. Honor Society. Spanish Honor Society. MAURICE McCLINTOCK - College Prep GREG McCLURE — College Prep.. German Club. Band. Pep Band. Drum Bugle Corps. X-Ray. CHUCK McCORD — General RICK McCRACKEN - College Prep. BARBARA McCULLOGM - General CLAREITA McCUTCHEN - Gen oral. COE. Checrblock. Student Council ELAINE McFADOEN College Prep.. French Club, Tteas.; FTA. V P.. Cheerblock. Exploratory Teacher. Sr. Oramatics. Thespians. 114 Seniors Seniors 115 DE8RA KAYE MENIFEE - Business. Soph HR Sec.-Treas. Speech Debate Club. Cheerbtock ROBERT MEYER - Col. logo Prop MARILYN MILLER - General. SpeechOebate Club. PAT MILLER — General. Aeroipace. Band. Pep Band. Orum-Bugle Corps. Lighting Crew ROYCE MILLER — General. OECA. Honor Society. THOMAS MILLER - General. ACIub. Gymnastics MARK MILLS -General. Sr. HR Sec.Trcas.. FCA. ACIub. Football. Mgr,. Track. Mgr,; Basketball. Mgr . Exploratory Teacher, LINDA MILLSPAUGH - College Prep.. Latin Club. Cheerbtock. Annual Stall. Quill-Scroll. Far lelt Bev Bonge pantomimes her morning beauty rituals lor her tryout lor Senior Dramatics Lelt 8rensJa Short casts her sole lor senior class olliccrs m the all day election in May conducted by Student Council. Students will report to homeroom when the bell rings at 9:45 to pick up report cards. Third period will begin at 10:00.'’ Please disregard the bell.” We now have a student announcement. BRAN MCFARLAND - General. Sr HR V.P . ACIub. Goll. Honor Society. KIMBERLY McFARLAND - General. VlCA. CHO IRENE McGRAOY — General. FTA. Pep Sessions Comm,, Convo Comm.. Band. Pep Band. Exploratory Teacher. RITA McKINNEY - General. Spanish Club. GAA. FTA. X-Ray. Quill-Scroll. Exploratory Teacher. Honor Society. Spanish Honor Society. OE8BIE McMahan - College Prep. Jr HR Sec. Trcas.. Sr. HR Pres.. Spanish Club. GAA. Prom Comm.. Cheer-block, S«im Team Timers. Exploratory Teacher. Honor Socieiy, Sec.; Spanish Honor Society. V.P VALERIE MCPHERSON - Home Economics. Art Club. GAA. Chcer-blOCk. RANDY McNEIl - Business. SUSAN MELSON College Prep.. Jr Class Treas. French Club. GAA. Prom Comm.. Cheerbtock. Swim Team Timers. Choralettes. Choral Club. X-Ray. Little Chid. Quill-Scroll. Sec. Trcas.; Honor Society. J KIM MITCHELL — Business, 8and. Quartermaster; Stage 8.ind. Pep Band, Drum-Bugte Corps. Orchestra. KATHY MONTGOMERY General. Sr. HR Sec.-Treas.. Spanish Club. Ait Club. Cheerblocfc, Swim Team Timers, Gymnastics. Student Council. ANN MOORE - General. Gymnastics. Student Council. MONA MOORE - General. NANCY MOORE — Business. SHERILYN MOORE — Business. Spanish Club. COE. V.P.; Band. Pep Band. Honor Society GITI MORGAN - College Prep.. Jr. Class V.P.. German Chib. Prom Comm , Choralettcs. Student Council. Honor Society. MARTIN MORRIS — College Prep. Soph. HR V.P.. Jr. HR V.P.. Sr. HR Pres.. German Club. FCA. AClub. Football. Var. Captain. Baseball, Wrestling, Honor Society. SUSAN MORRIS General. Spanish Club. VICA. Cheer-block. CHO. TERRY MORRIS — General. RICK MOSS — General. RANDY MULLINS - Technical. YOLANDA MULLINS General. DEBBIE MUM BOWER General. Jr. HR V.P.. Pep Band. Orum-Bugle Corps. In-dianettes. LORIE MUNCY - General. GREG MURPHY -General. Prcm Comm , Pep Sessions Comm,. Swimming. Mgr.; 8and. Stage Band. Pep Band. Drum-Bugle Corps. Orchestra. Annual Stall. Editor-m-Chiel; Quill and Scroll. Boy's Slate. Student Council. Honor Society. Pres.; I.U. Journalism Institute. STEPMEN MYERS - General. FCA. A-Club. Football. Mgr.; Baseball. Mgr.; Track. Mgr.; Wrestling. Mgr.; Bo S Slate. Exploratory Teacher. TERRY MYERS — 8usmess. COE. CheeiWock. OAN NAPLES — General. Chess Club. OEA MARSHALL NEEOLER College Prep. Spanish Honor Society. MARISA KIM NELSON Business. Spanish Club. Student Council. Honor Society JIM NEWBERRY — General. Spanish Club. FCA. Pep Sessions Ccmrn.. Convo Comm.. AClub. Baseball. Tennis. Captain; Student Council. Pres.; Student Leadership Institute SANDY NICHOLLS — General. Spanish Club. COE. Honor Sooety. OUice Ass't. PAMELA NOETHTICH - General. MARK NOFFSINGER College Prep.. Soph HR Pres. Jr HR Pres.. Sr. HR VP,. Sr. Class Pres.. FCA. Prom Comm,, AClub. Football, Baseball. Basketball. Boy's Slate. Student Council. Honor Society. Human Relations Comm DIANA NORRIS — College Prep.. Spanish Club. An Club, GAA. Speech-Debale Club. Prcm Comm.. Convo Comm . Swim Team Timers. Choralettcs. Choral Club. Girl's State Alt.. Honor Society. Spanish Honor Society, Democratic Club. Social Studies Club. KATHY NORRIS - College Prep . Soph HR Sec -Treas.. Latin Club. Girl's Stale. Honor Society. LINOA OLVEY - General. Soph HR Sec.-Treas.. Jr HR Sec.-Treas. Sr. HR V.P.. Choralettcs. Madrigals. Choral Club. Honor Society. 116 Seniors  THOMAS OWENS - General. Speech-Debate Club. X-Ray. Quill and Scroll. JANE OYLER - College Prep.. Soph. HR Pres.. Sr. HR Sec.-Treas .French Club. Choralettcs. Honor Society. HELENE PAGE - College Prep,. GAA. Speech Club. Orchestra. String Ensemble. Choralettev. STEVE PANCOl — General. Latin Club. Speech-Debate Club. Pep Sessions Comm.. Madrigals. Choral Club. V.P.: Swing Choir, Thcsptans, Mascot. DWIGHT PATTON General RICK PATTON - College Prep.. Sr. HR V.P.. Sand. Stage Band. Mgr,; Pep 8nnd. Drum-Bugle Corps. Orchestra. ROONEY PEARSON — General. CAROLE PETERSON — College Prep . French Club. Gymnastics. Annual Stall. Quill and Scroll. Student Council, Horn Society. PAM PETERSON General. Spanish Club. Specch-Ocbatc Club. X-Ray. RON PHERSON - General. Speech Club SCOTT PHILLIPS - General. Res. Cross Country. TIM PHILLIPS—General. JOAN ELLEN PIERCE - College Prep . French Club. VICA Sec.: Prom Comm.. CHO. JOHN PISTOLE - General. Jr. Class Pres.. Sr. HR Pres ,Spanish Club. FCA. Prom Comm.. A-Club. Basketball. Res. Cross Country. Tennis. Student Council. Honor Society. ROBIN PITSER — General. MARGARET POLUS — General. Soph HR Sec.-Treas.. Jr. HR Pres.. Spanish Club. Prom Comm . Chccrblock. Choralcltcs. Madrigals. Choral Club. Thespians. BRIAN POORE - General. JEANNE POORE - General. OECA. SUSAN KAY PORTER — College Prep. Latin Club. VICA. Chccrblock. Honor Scoety. CHO. DAVE PRIODY -General. Jr. HR Sec.-Treas.. Band. CARL EOWARD PRINCE — College Prep.. Wrestling. 8and. Pep Band EARNESTINE PRINCE General. OWE. Chccrblock. JANA PROVENCE — General. Art Club. SUSAN RAINS General. Soph. HR Sec.-Treas.. Sr. HR V.P.. French Club. COE, GAA. Prom Comm. Pep Sessions Comm.. Chccrblock. Swim Team Timers. SANDRA RAVER — College Prep. French Club. GAA Cheerblock. Little Chief. Honor Society 8ECKY RAY General, Soph. HR V.P.. Jr. HR V.P.. Spanish Club. Honor Society. THERESA REASON — General, Spanish Club. GAA. Drum Bugle Corps. Indianettes. Little Chief. DENNIS REODICK-General. Seniors 117 Will all Senior basketball season ticket holders report to the auditorium now to purchase sectional tickets?” Gee. Betty Lou. I wish I had a date for the hop. Ask me. Tommy. Don't miss Fall-Windup. November 9” Below: Varsity cheerleaders lead the students in Go Indians in the basketball opener against Indianapolis Marshall. Right: Student Council member Anne Moore paints a Rocky Mountain Moon lor the Fall-Windup dance. LEANOER REOFlElO - General. MARK REEO - College Prep.. German Club. Convo Comm.. 8and. Pep Band. Drum-Bugle Corps, Orchestra. MICHAEL REEO — General. Jr. HR Pres.. Prom Cemm.. Res Football. Swimming, X-Ray. Thespians. CATHY REES — General. German Club, Art Club. Prcm Coovn.. Chcerblock. Office Ass'l KATHY REESE — General. GAA. Convo Comm., CheerWock. Track. X-Ray. Student Council. Volleyball. LINDA REHMEL — Business. Cneerblock. MARY RElOELBACH — College Prep.. French Club. Pres; Convo Ccmm.. Checrblock. Choraiettes, Choral Club. Prev; Honor Society. Office Ass t KENT REMLEY — College Prep . French Club. Sgl. at Arms. Res. Tennis. Chess Club. Student Council. Honor Society. LEISA RICHARDSON - General. Sr. HR Pres.. GAA. Pep Sessions Comm .Convo Comm.. 8-Team Cheerleader. Var. Cheerleader, Annual Staff. POLLY RICHAROSON Business. COE. ChcerblOCk. THOMAS RIETHMILLER — College Prep.. Jr. HR V.P., FCA. A Club. Football. Res. Wrestling CAROL RIGGINS General. Soph. HR Sec. Treas.. Jr. HR Sec.-Treas.. Sr. HR Sec. Treas . Spanish Club. VICA. FTA. Treas.; 8and. Pep Band. Drum-Bugle Corps. Indian-ettes. Head; CKO. ROONEY RIGGS —College Prep.. Jr. HR Pres.. Band. Stage 8and. Pep Band. Drum-Bugle Corps, Honor Society. RICHARD ROBERTS - College Prep.. Res. Swimming. Honor Society. STEPHANIE ROBERTS - General. Art Club. HERO. VIKKI R08ERTS - College Prep. GAA. Cheerblock. Track. Gymnastics. Tenms. Volleyball. 118 Seniors  MICHAEL ROGERS - General, Latm Club. VlCA. Rev Track. Rev. Crow Country. EO ROUDEBUSH - General. Prom Comm.. Track. Rev Crow Country. MIKE ROWE — College Prep . Sr. Claw Treas.. French Club, Rev 8aseball. Bo v State. Student Council. Honor Society. Sr. Dramatics. Thevp-anv. BRUCE RUNYAN — General. Lighting Cterr. MELISSA RUSSELL — General. Art Club. Prom Comm, Choraieitev. Choral Club. Swing Choir. Little Chief. Quill and Scroll. Honor Society. Thespians. OAVID SAYRE — General. VlCA BECKY SCHAFER - College Prep., Jr. Claw Sec.. Sr. Claw Sec.. French Club. Prom Comm.. Cheer-block. Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll. Gul v State. Student Council. Honor Society. Treav. DEBBIE SCHEERER — Business. COE. GAA. FSA. OWE. Cheerblock. Swim Team Timers. X-Ray. STEVE SCHELL - General. Soph HR Pres. Aerospace. Prom Comm. TONY SCMILDMElER - Technical. VlCA. SYLVIA SUSAN SCHMALFELDT - Business. Soph HR V P.. Sr. HR V.P.. German Club. Sec.; COE. GAA, Gymnastics. Volleyball. KENNETH SCHRADER - General. KIRK SEARS - College Prep.. Sr. Class V.P.. Soph. HR Prev. Jr. HR V.P.. FCA. Prom Comm.. A-Club. Swimming. Band. Stage Band. Pep Band. Drum 8ugle Corps. 8o s State. Student Council. MIKE SELBY - College Prep.. St HR V P.. German Club. Latm Club. Band. Pep Band. Drum-Bugle Corps. Orchestra DEBBIE SHAW — General. Latm Club. Choralcttev TONY SHAW - General. Spanish Club. FCA. Res. Basketball. Track. Res. Wrestling. JEAN SHERMAN - General. Little Chief. JEFF SHIVELY - General. German Club. FCA. A-Club. Gymnastics. DAWN SHRAKE — General. Jr. HR Sec.-Treas.. Spanish Club. DECA. V.P ; Band. Drum-Bugle Corps. Ind-anettes. SARA SHOEMAKER - College Prep.. Soph. HR Sec.-Treas.. French Club. Cheerblock. Tennis. Choralettcs. Choral Club. Swing Choir. Little Chief. Exploratory Teacher. BRENDA SHORT - Business. Art Club. FTA. Cheerblock. Choralettev Choral Club. Exploratory Teacher. TERRY SiMlSON - General. VlCA. DAN SKAGGS — General. Jr. HR V P.. A-Club. Basketball. Golf. Student Council. Dean's Ass't. KATHIE SLATER — General. French Club. Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers. Annual Staff. Quill and Scroll. Student Council. Honor Society. French Honor Society. Exploratory Teacher. PAMELA SLEET - College Prep . Sr. HR Sec.-Treas.. VlCA. Pep Sessions Comm.. Orchestra. BELINOA SMITH — Business. FHA. Cheerblock. BRANT SMITH - General. Res. Crow Country. GARY SMITH - General. Jr. HR V.P.. Sr HR Pres. Latm Club. Convo Comm.. Res. Swimming, Honor Society. Seniors 119KAREN SMITH - General. Band. Trcas.; Pep Band. Drum. Bugle Corps. Orchestra. Exploratory Teacher. MARK SMITH - Business. Soph. HR V.P.. A-Club. Res. Track. Gymnastics. Band. Pep Band. Drum-Buglc Corps. Orchestra. OEA. SUSAN SMITH - General. Sr. HR Sec -Treas.. Art Club. GAA, Chccrblock. Gymnastics. Choralettes. Choral Club. Swing Choir. Exploratory Teacher. Student Council. Sr. Oramatics. Thespians. WILLIE SMITH - Technical. DE8BIE SODEN — General, Art Club. DECA. FHA. JOHN SOKOL — College Prep.. French Club. FCA. A-Club. Res. Track. Res. Cross Country. Gymnastics. GARY SOWERS - General. CHRIS STAGE - General. DECA. V.P. LYNN STARKS General. Soph. HR Pres.. Jr. HR Pres.. Spanish Club. GAA. Speech-Debate Club. Gymnastics. Choralettes. Choral Club. X-Ray. Little Chiel. Student Council. Thespians. SUSIE STAUB — Business. Soph. HR Sec -Treat.. Jr. HR V.P . Sr HR V.P , Spanish Club. COE Pres.; Honor Society. OANNY ST. CLAIR - General. Spanish Club. Aerospace. FCA. Speech-Debate Club. Football. SCOTT STEGER - General. Sr. HR Pres. A Club. Go4f. MARY JO STEIN — College Prep.. Spanish Club. GAA. Prom Ccmm,. Chccrblock. X-Ray. Little Chiet. Honor Society. OEBORAH STEWART - General. FHA. BILL STINSON General, Baseball. ANNE STIRES — College Prep . Jr HR Pres.. French Club. FT A. Sec.. Prom Comm.. Cheerblock. Choralettes. Exploratory Teacher. Honor So Ciety. Above Steve Lane and Ed Roudebush create a 12-toot paper butterfly for the -Moonlight Garden ot prom. Right: Bronn Crarnicchi and Gina Groff dance to the music of Heaven at the Junior sponsored prom This is a reminder that only juniors who worked in the coat check will be allowed to work on prom. Sign up with class sponsors soon.” 120 Seniors XMARVA STITH — Business. Chccrblock. SANDY STONE — General. HEC. Pep Sessions Comm CHERYL STOOPS - General. Chccrblock. ROBERT STRAlEY - General. An Club. DECA KIM STREATY General. FCA. A-Club. Basketball. Track. Student Council BILL STULTZ General. Ban-J. Stage Band. Pep Band. Drum Bugle Corps. JULIE SULLIVAN -General. German Club. Band. Pep Band. STEPHANIE SWALLOW — General. Sr. HR Pres.. Spanish Club. Art Club. Little Chiet. Honor Society. Spanish Honor Society. Pres. LORI SWAN — General, dr. HR v.P.. Speech-Debate Club. Choralettes. Choral Club. Swing Chou. Sr. Dramatics. Thespians. Counseling Ass t. DEBORAH SWEET — General. JR. HR Pres.. French Club. Spanish Club. FTA, Prom Comm., Chccrblock. Choralettes. Choral Club. Little Chiet. Quill-Scroll. Exploratory Teacher. Student Council. ANNA SYLVESTER — College Prep.. Latin Club. FTA. Chccrblock. Orchestra Sec.. Pres.; String Ensemble. Choralettes. Choral Club. Exploratory Teacher. Honor Society. String Quartet. DOUG TAYLOR - College Prep.. French Club. Speech-Debate Club, Little Chief. Annual Staff. Quill-Scroll. Student Council, Honor Society. ROY TAYLOR - General. Sr. HR V.P.. A-Club. Baseball. Basketball. Student Council. DAN TEMPLE - College Prep.. French Club. Art Club. Choral Club. CHO. R03ERT TERHEIDE - General. REX THOMAS - General. Art Club. DECA. JOEY THOMPSON — General. KAREN THOMPSON Gen-eral. Soph. HR V.P.. Spanish Club, Honor Society. OLIVER THOMPSON - College Prep. RICK THOMPSON - General. Soph. HR Pres . A-Club. Football. Baseball. Student Council. STEVE THOMPSON — College Prep.. Swimming. Honor Society. JOHN TJART — General. Orchestra. Honor Society. TERRY TRANBARGER - General, OECA. Sec.; Cheer-block. JAMIE TREADWAY — College Prep.. Spanish Club. VICA Honor Society. Spanish Honor Society. SHARON UPPERMAN - College Prep.. Latin Club. VICA. Speech-Oebate Club. Orum Bugle Corps. Indianettes. Honor Society. PAUL VANCE - General. Band. Stage 8and. Pep 8aod, Drum-Bugle Corps. Orchestra. OARLENE VAN OALSEN - General. Latin Club. VICA, Band. Honor Society. STEPHANIE VEST — General. DECA. V.P.; Cheer-block. Student Council. Seniors 121TERESA WALDREP — Bupnoss. HEC. BRENDA LEE WALKER — General. Spanish Club. Choralettes. Spanish Honor Society. MICHAEL WALKER - College Prep.. Soph. HR Pres. Jr. HR Pres.. Prom Comm,. Res. Football. Res. Wrestling. TERESA WALKER - General. Art Club. TERRI WARD — Business. Soph. HR Sec.Trcas.. Jr. HR V P . Sr. HR V.P.. Spanish Club. GAA. Cheerblock CATHY WARDWELL — General. Sr. HR Sec. Trcas.. Spanish Club. GAA. Prcm Comm.. Cheerblock. KRISTI WATKINS -Home-Ec.. HEC. GAA. FHA. FTA. Volleyball. KIM WATSON — General DEBBIE WEINERT - Business. TOM WEIS - General. Art Club, VICA. Swimming. Boy's State EDWARD WEISBROD — Pre-Engineering. Speech-Debate Club. Honor Society. DAVID WELSH - General. Soph. MR V.P.. A-Club. Track. Cross Country. MARSHA WERNER — General. ERIC WESTON — General. Soph HR VP. Jr. HR Pres.. Baseball. Mgr,: Basketball. Mgr.; HILDA WETHINGTON - General. DECA. CHARLENE WHALON - General. Soph HR Sec.-Treav. Jr. HR Sec.-Treas.. Sr. HR V.P.. Spanish Club. PEGGY WHEELER - General. TOM WHEELER — Technical. Sooh hr v p Cynthia Whiteman — Business. Sr. MR Pres., COE. Band, Drum-8ugle Corps. Indianettes. CHERYL WHITMILL - General. Sr. HR Sec. Trcas . DECA. Speech-Debate Club. Choralettes. Choral Club. Student Council. TERRY WHITSOfl - College Prep.. Annual Staff. Quill-Scroll. Chess Club. I.U Journalism Institute. SUSIE WHITTON — General. Spanish Club. VICA. Treas.; GAA TIM WILKINSON - Techntcal. Soph HR Pres.. VICA. Pres.; Prom Comm . Honor Society. Oemocrat Club. Industrial Arts Club. OWIGHT WILLIAMS - General. Art Club. DECA. Prom Comm.. Little Chief. PAT WILLIAMS - College Prep.. Soph. HR Pres.. Jr. HR Pres.. Sr. HR Pres.. FCA. Sw.mmmg. Band. Drum-Bu-gle Corps. Pep Band RITA WILLIAMS —General. Sr. HR Sec.-Treas. VICA. Cheerblock, Orchestra. Choralettes. Choral Club. Homecoming Attendent. Prom Queen Attendent CHERYL WILLS - General. GAA, SpeechOebate Club! Cheerblock RANOY WIMMER - General. VICA. Track. Swimming. 122 Seniors -- Sittirg patiently in their seats, seniors know •«v : Commencement will be the last school activity for them. All seniors will report to third period class tomorrow. They will be dismissed at 11:00 for lunch and should report to the gym at 12:45 for marching practice. BEN WIRE — College Prep., German Club, FCA Speech-Ocbate Club. A-Club. Track. Cross Country. Wrestling. JOHN WISE — College Prep.. Orchestra. Choral Club. Swing Choir. Quill-Scroll. Boy's State. Sr. Oramatics, Thespians. Honor Society. GEORGE WiSNER Technical. BRIAN WITTE - Technical. VICA. Sec . A-Club. Track. Gymnastics. Moncc Society. SUSAN WOROEN — College Prep.. Sr. HR V.P.. French Club. Art Club. Prom Comm . Cheerblock. Honor Society. French'Honor Society. SUSAN WORE - College Prep.. Soph HR Sec.-Trcas.. Jr HR V.P., Spanish Club. GAA. Pep Sessions Comm.. Cheerblock. B Team Cheerleader. Swim Team Timers. Eiploratory Teacher, Student Council. Honor Society. Thespians. JOHN WORSHAM General. DAVID WORSTER - General. Soph. HR V.P., Jr. HR Sec -Treas.. Spanish Club. FCA. Prcm Comm.. Pep Sessions Comm.. Convo Comm.. A-Club. Football, Track. Student Council, Honor Society. ED WRIN - General. GEOFFREY YELTON - College Prep . French Club. Speech-Debate Club. Social Studies Club. V.P. 8ELEN0A YOUNG - General. CHERYL ZOOK - General. Spanish Club. Art Club. Seniors 1231 Juniors display Indian spirit with float, prom The Red and Green Machine. theme of the homecoming float created by members of the Junior Class, produced an award of honorable mention. The Junior Class further displayed their support and spirit by capturing the tomahawk at the first pep session of the basketball season. In October juniors took the required IOWA tests which were used to measure a student's educational development m various subjects. In April SAT tests were given. Students taking the SAT tests were then eligible to apply for honorary and monetary awards offered by the Indiana State Scholarship Commission. According to statistics. boys scored higher on the math than girls, while girls received higher verbal scores than the boys Juniors began to give serious consideration concerning possible college choices and future plans. To prepare for the prom the class, aided by the Junior Class sponsors. Mr. Montgomery and Mrs. Allen, operated the coat check during the basketball season. Mark Adamv OeeDec Aldridge. Dave Alexander. Greg AlmquiSt, tarry Ambrose. Lee Ann Anderson. Norma Anderson Scot I Anderson. Diane ArbucMe, Terri Armstrong. DJvid A nson, Ann Athens. Charlotte Auler. Rich Austin Richard Bagienski. Bob Bailey. David Bahe». Jo Baher. Karen Baser. Susan Baker. Bob Bales Brad Ballentine. Rose Banks. Steve Banncn, Tom 8arnett. Julie Barrett. Kristi Barngan. Charles Baughn Rick Bays. Jett Benjamin. Deborah Bergeman. Brenda Bernard. Mark Bibler. Mark Billman. Joan Blevins 124 JuniorsDonald Bloom. Frank Boar. Stephen Bock. David Bohl mg. Jane Bohmeyer. Gilbert Boles. Christopher Book out Nancy Bose. Danny Bowen. Timothy Boyd. Tern Bradford. Rick Brandon. J 8 Bra ton. Lesley Bricker William Bnnn. Debbie Brooks. Jeff Brooks. Lisa Brooks. Bryce Brown. Karen 8ro n. Don 8»oce Robert Brunson. Analise Bryan Tevesa Buck. Patty Burke. Joann Burnett. Bob 8urns. Kathy Busing CwnT T7 '- •aoa. Marianne Carliie. John Carlson. Susan Carmony row, i an Bob Church. Dave Clark Michelle Coiimgs. Cathy Coll,ns' toonTs 7oTZk JUNIOR JJ= r S - K1'0'00' c.rKf,n.?r- ' £2 jssS i Juniors, the list of all Dr0m committees is on ,k1 . S-WfiffS Juniors 125Juniors too learn of daily life at AHS through the P.A. . . . All program changes must be made through the office. No changes after Friday. Right JUNIOR CUSS OFFICERS: Mary Anne Malone. Treas.; Kim laPierre. Sec . Oarryt Fok. V. P.. Fred Reese. Pres. Jay Collins. Marion Collins. Sara Codings. Candy Colv.ll, Amy Conover. Cindy Coody. Sarah Cookman Tony Coppock. Tom Corfrn. Cmdy Co . Pamela Co . Carol Craig. Pamela Cravens. Norma Creek Peggy Crouch. Lisa Cumberland. Bob Cummins, ion Darr. Phil Daugherty. Grace Oavis, William Davis Rodney Dean. Kim Oeardrult. Vona Delong. Oiane Oenms. Dana Oerucki. Larry Detienne. Oarlene Dietrich Bill Oismger. Kathy Ooliar. Mike Donnelly. Jude Ooty. Judy Ooty. Richard Drake. Kim Dunbar Lori Early. Denise Eastman. Glenda Edwards. Donna Ellis. Chena Ellsworth. Darccy Elmore. Del Erickson Keith Erk. Tony Eskew. Ryan Estes. Keith Etherington. John Evans. Kim Faddy. Loreli Far low 126 JuniorsBarbara farmer. Mike Farmer. Leri Farran. Debbie Faulkner. Douglas Fisher. Scott Fisher. Kathy Fitz-Simmons Tern Flaming. Randy Flook. Cindi Fowler. Penney Fowler. Darryl fox. James Fox. Melanie Frank David Frazer. Thelma Frazer. Mike Freeman. Rhoda Freeman. Stephen Friend. Bryan Garner. Brenda Gates Ron Gates. John Gaunt. Lisa Ge.ger. Kinney Gentry. Kim George. Betsy Gcphart. Duane Gibson Mary Gilbert. Vickie Gill. Roger Gilliam. Keith Given. Marsha Gooding. Gary Goodwin. Jay Granger David Grant. Teresa Grant. Kyle Gray. Jonathan Greene. Ooug Gregg. Louanne Gressman. David Griffin Lett: Utilizing a sense ot design. Sara Hirsch puts the finishing touches on a wall mural which she created for a world Literature project Abo. : Janet Shoemaker employs the use of the pacer machine in an effort to improve her reading skills in Developmental Reading. Juniors 127Debbie Grile. John Grimes. Vincent Gully. Jane Gunsenhouscr. Lome Hains. Don Halsell. Cindy Hamel Kent Hamilton. Tracey Hamilton. Amy Haney. Angc Hanna. Jill Hardwick. Brian Harmsen. Rachel Harter Sheri Haslet. Patsy Has ton. Jack Hanfcms. Lisa Hayes. Sandy Helmic. Chris Helpling, Karla Helpling Bob Helvering. Joe Hennis. Russell Hites. Anthony Hill. Jett Hill. Robert Hill. Oavid Hilligoss Sata Hirsch. Mark Hittic. Jackie Holman. Paula Holtrieiter. Trish Hoppes. Jeanie Horevay. 8rcnda Horton Tetrie House. Jerry Howard, Debbie Hudson. Mark Huff. Susan Huffman. Tim Hull. Bill Huston Nita Hutton. Karla Ice. Roby I He. Ed Isbell. 8ill Jackson. C ndy Jackson, Dand Jackson Marcia Jacksoo, Phil Jackson, Mike Jayne. Roy Jeffers. Ronnie Jcnt. Debbie Johnson, Robert Johnson Terry Johnson. David Jones. Elame Jones. Greg Jones. Jennifer Jones. Pat Jones. Robert Jones Cathy Kachclcin. Kim Kaiser. Thomas Keagy. Vivian Kearns. Janet Kelly. Elame Kilborn. Patti Kimm ------ 128 JuniorsWith more electives opening up for juniors. Palt Burke chooses a program that allows her to work m a floral shop and Debbie Knob lock perfects her saioptonc skills in band Steve M. King. Steve R. King. Steve Kmerk. JchnKirchenbauer. Evangclon Kirt , Vicki Kiier. Dcbby Knoblock Jim Kopp. Harry Kuhns. Patricia Kunce. Bob Lackey. Jim Lacy. Curt Lambert. Lana Lananc Steve Land. Kim LaPierre. David Larson. Lone Larson. Doug Leakey. Jerry Leevcr. Robert Lcgg Randi LeMond. Cathy Lewis. Deborah Limbrock. Kim Lloyd. Mary Logan. Guy LOOpCf. Greg Lone Cheryl Lowery. Melinda McCarty. Mike McCarty. Jell McClain. Jim McCombc, Mark McCormack, Patty McCormack Michele McFadden. Gina McGee. Mickic McGuire. Candy McIntyre. Sara McKee. James McKinley. Tedd McKinney Juniors 129 Juniors report to the gym immediately. Be sure to bring two number two pencils and sit in your assigned seats. After a full day of IOWA testing. Mrs. Pitt ' homeroom students finish up the science section before the slotted time is up. Mary McKinley. Susan McLaughlin. Barbie McMahan, Rita McMahan. Tom McMillan. Tim McNally. Evonne McNeese Bob Macholt . Teresa Madden. Ricky Mahcrney. Mary Anno Malone. Kevin Marshall. John Mason. Ronnie Matthews Linda Maie nee. Richard May, John Menke. Lynn Mettten. John Michael. Beth Milter. Oean Miller Mike Miller. Patty Miller. Shirley Minton. Larry Montgomery. Bob Moore. Manila Moore. Robert Moore Julie Morgan. Teresa Mullins. Jamie Myers. Jim Newman. Mike Newton. Tammy Niccum. Jack Norris Jeff Nye. Rene Odom. Rene Ogle. John Owens. Phil Owens. Kathy Pan-cof. Mary Pavey Jim Peck. Phil Penrod. Dan Perkms. Randy Pickering. Cathy Pierce. Julie Pittman. Jeffry Pietcher Bs. 130 JuniorsCindy Plumnver. Ua Poat. Jayne Poe. Mike Porter. Rebecca Porter. lab Postlcthrrait. Terry Poners T m Price. Tom Privctt. Ellen Purpus. Kim Purvis. David Ray. Beth Rector. Fred Reese Eddie Reptogie. David Rich, Sharon Rich. Sue Richard. Marshall Richardson. Marvin Richardson. Mike Riddle Tricia Riddle. David Riedel. Tom Rigsby. Steve Ritchhart. Dannie Ritenour. Brian Robbms. Juanita Roberts Dreg Robertson. Carolyn Robinson. Cathy Rob-nson, Jenny Robinson. Kathy Rock. Regma Rogers. Sandy Rogers Donnie Rose. Becky Ross. Dan Ro er. Lanita Rush. Kathy Russell. Sherri Sample. Mike Schildmeier Martin Schilke. lotheda Schoettmer. Betty Schrn-cr. Brenda Scott. John Seal. Kan Seppaia. Teresa Shea Sherri Sample and Sue Trice assist m the operation of the basketball coat Chech to earn money for prom. Juniors 131 Cathie Sheldon. Ooug Shields. Chris Shively. Oebbie Shively. Michael Shock.. Janet Shoemaker. William Short Tina Simmonds. Tina Simpson, Terry Sink. Steve Skaggs. John Slattery, Oann Sloan. Artie Smith Mike Smith. Sherry Smith. Wally Smith. Jodi Smitherman. Sherry Snedeker. Noianda Sobei. Oenms Sokol Steve Sokol. Rick Sowash. Julie Sparks. Steve Spaulding. Lora Stanley. Celeste Stegall. Darrell Stephens Mark Stinson. Richard Stuart, Kathie Sullivan. Carolyn Sykes. Janice Taylor. Jay Taylor. Karen Taylor Lisa Taylor. Tina Taylor. Mishel Temple. Mike Thayer. Tim Thompson. Jerry Throesch. Jodi Tipton Above Kirn Purvis explains the procedures of a club initiation to Da.-c Riedel and William Wells. Right: Mary McKinley learns about the activities ol German Club from German Club member Catiue Sheldon at the Clubs fair 132 Juniors All girls who plan to attend Twirp must register their dates who do not attend Anderson High School in the Deans' offices before 3:00. Left Phil Valentine has a song dedicated to him by a member of the Ball State University Singers when they performed at a school convocation, one of many extracurricular activities of the year. Steve Tore. Sue Trice. Cindy Tucker. Curt Turner. Harrison Turner, Janice Turner. Brenda Turpen Steve Turpen. Phil Valentine. Rebecca VanBaalon, Larry VanBuskirk. Brad Vetor. Clint Vetor. Cheryl Vetter Clarence Waidrep. Barbara Warren. Charlie Watkins. Gary Weatherford. Patricia Webster. Jack Wells. Sandi Wert? Jack west. Roger Wheeler. Steve Wheeler. Mary Whisner. Earl White, Glen White. Kelli Whitehead Oebbie Whitcsel. Ron Whrtmill. Nancy Whitton. Jim Willey. Arhe Williams. Cathy Williams, Steve Williams Waiter williams. Marsha Williamson. Debra Winford. Tony Wisehart. Lawrence Withers. Joe Woschitz. David Wulf Teresa Wulle. Ronna Yeagley. Brenda York. Scott Zebedis. Marylou Zirkelbach. Susie Zirkolback, Jay Zirktc Juniors 133730 sophomores face term papers, leam to drive Unaware of the soon-to-be-encoun-tcred torrent of term papers, world history maps, geometry proofs and driver's ed jitters, the 730-member sophomore class entered AHS filled with expectations and hopes for the coming year. Their first day provided a chance for sophomores to reunite with old friends, form new friendships and become acquainted with the dean of boys. Mr. Beiangee. who illustrated the list of do's and don'ts at their first-day meeting. Their first major task as a unified group was to elect the 27 members of the Sophomore Executive Council who represented them in the selection of class rings. Each homeroom elected one member. The sophomores took an active part in extracurricular activities such as reserve team sports, clubs and organiza-tions associated with school. Sophomores were involved in classes which included English, physical education and developmental reading which are requirements for graduation. Own Abbott. 8rad AcliS. Doug Alger. Marilyn Allen. Mike Allen. Barbara Aiigood. Rose Ambrose Robert Amos. Jon Andrews, Jay Armstrong. Susan Armstrong. Kevin Arter. David Austin. Vegan Austin Anne Babb. Vickie 8acher. Barry Baker. Karen Baker. Linda Baker. Jeff Bauldauf. Kevin Banker Patricia 8anks. David Bannister. Susie Bannon. Brett Barbee. Dan Barr. Claudia Bates. Tina Beaty Tim Beck. Fred Beckham. Angela Beeler. Elizabeth Beeman. Lynn Bell. Pat 8enetiel, Yvonne Benetiel 134 SophomoresLori Bennett. Chris Blake. Alberta Bledsoe, Patti Biockson. Jacqulyn Btueher. Chuck Boerncr, John Benge Mary Boots. Anne Bossemeyer, Sharon Bostic. Barbara Bowen, Martha Boyd, Bill Brandt. Marla 8riggs Joe Britton. Rosie Broderick. Lynnette Brooks. Beth Brown. Oan Brown. Mike 8town. Ronald Brown Kathy Bruzzcse. Debbie Burand. Blain Burke. Michael Burke. Brian Burnett. Elizabeth Burns. Donna Cain Brian Campbell. Rickey Campbell. Ruth Campbell. Scott Campbell. Doug Campfield. Eric Canaday. Jeff Cantwell Laura Carey. Shawn Carnes. Becky Carpenter. 81II Carter. Patricia Carver. Annamana Case. Pauline Cast Joanna Chandler. Mike Chandler. Dawn Chapman. Laura Cheever. Margie Chnst. Mickey Christ. Barbara Clark Above left Tom Webb, a student m Mrs. Mullarkcy's sophomore English class, gives his oral presentation on Greek gods. Left: SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front row Keith Stokes. Vanessa Smith. Jeff Laughlm. Tim Cooke. Scott Perlrnsn. Bnan Burnett. Row 2 — Darrell M-cCutchen. Bob Amos. Greg Pnce. Mike Tackett, Oan Barr. Row 3 — Michelle Mutton. Nancy Oonneison. Gi na LaChew. Betsy Morse. Jessica Vajncr. Laura Gwinnup. B3Ck row — Dan Brown. Jerry Young. Becky Ritchie. Susan Gephardt. Kelley Harvey. Sophomores too get their introduction to the style of life at AHS through the P.A. . . . Sophomores 1358.11 Clark. Jenny Clifford. Debby Ctosser. C.ndy Colvill. Beth Connelly. Brad Conrad. Kr.s Conrad Rusty Constable. Tim Cooke. David Cooper. Michael Cooper. Tamra Coppock. Barbara Coryn. Gay T.m Crammer. Charles Cunningham. Stephen Cunningham, William Dailey. Cheryl Daws. Jell Oasis. Julie Davis Leslie Davisson. Julie Oay. Rick Oay. Knsty Dehonty. Paul Ocnms. Naomi Ocnny. John Dickmann Tma Dismger. Kate Dobos. Bruce Ooeiling. David Donaldson. Nancy Oonnetson, Brian Dowling. Gregory Ouncan Nancy Dykes. Janet Dyson. Tec Eaglin. Chris Early. 8rett Eckhardt. Pat Edgecomb. Robin Edmonson Bob Edwards. Karen Edwards. Kevin Eipers. Dcnita Eskew. Mike Ethermg-ton. Bob Falge. Christina Farlow Nancy Farr. Angie Faucett. Kim Fetty. Kathy Filer. Sheri Fisher. Nikki Flaming. Teresa Flatlord Doris FlciSChauer. Eric Floyd. Nancy Forse. Tom Foust. Susan Fowler. Tom Fo». Lori FraliCk Ralph Franklin, Steve Freeman. Frese. Mary Fridley. Ann Fnschkorn. Karen Frischkorn. Nancy Frossard 136 Sophomores The unauthorized long-distance calls on school phones are not toll-free and will be charged to those parties responsible.” Mr. Sparks explains the proper way to fill out the carps to sophomores and juniors on picture day. Claudia Pulp. Meredith Gafford. Andy Gall. Leann Garmon. Luann Ga«. Becky George. Carol Gephart Susan Gephardt. Rhonda Gernand. Keith Gibbs. Tommy Gibbs. John Gilbert, Joey Cinder. Dennis Glare-brook Oaniel Glazer. Mark Glover, 8ruce Goberville. Tony Gooding, Julie Greenwalt, Steve Gregg, Lynda Griffith James Griswold. Cheryl Groff. Daryl Groff. Richard Gross. John Gunter. Laura Gwinnup. Robin Gwynn Kent Hackle . Tom Hackney. Kevin Hajney. Lee Hale. James Hamilton. Tim Hamilton. Maggie Hampton Jane Handley. Jeff Hardin. Joy Harney. Minnie Harris. David Hart. Susanna Harter. Julie Harvey N Sophomores 137Kelly Harvey. Joyce Haaen. Andre Hellcms. 8renda Hennis. RicK Henry. Brian Hensley. Brian Hersbcrgcr George Hester. Boo Hiatt. Roy Hiatt. Michael Hill. Michelle Hill. Marvin Hills. Laura Hmton Susan Hittle. Kathy Hodson. Nancy Hodscn. Bill Holer. Linda Hoffman. David Hogue. Scott Holanda Christi Holliday. JdCki Hollis. Cheryl Holloway. David Holtaleiter. Barry Mornbeck. Kelly Hornocker. Brian Horton Connie Ho.ermatc, Cathy Howard, John Humes. Kim Hurley. Michelle Hutton. Cheryl Jackson. David Jackson Julie Jacobs. Jutie James. Karen Jeffers. Jim Jenness, Barbara Johnson. Carl Johnson, Carol Johnson Carol L. Johnson. Janice Johnson. Joanie Johnson. John Johnson, Mike Johnson. Pamela Johnson. Scott Johnson Right: Emerging from the fog. sophomores yell out t«vo bits m pep session competition for the tomahawk “Please disregard all rumors concerning the Elton John concert. This is a hoax. 138 Sophomores Contrary to rumors, school will be in session tomorrow unless there is further notice. In preparation tor the day they receive then driver's license, these sophomores take advantage of the car-like conditions of the simulators. Kent Jones, Haney Jones. Randy Jones. Ted Jones. Jody Kaiior. Oana Kane. Kathi Kearns Anita Keeney. Susi Keller. Chris Keogh. Leslie Kestner. John Key. Susan Kiel . Melinda Kimmerling Jeff King. Jim Kinley. Polly Kitt. Zeyad Kudsi. Tammie Kumkoski. Gina LeChew. Tammy lagic Penny Lakey. Srct Lane. Martha Lan-ning. Jeff Laufihtin. Linda Lawson. Danny Lawyer. Carmen Layman Sever ly Lee. Cindy Lee. Jean Leffei. Steven Leffei. Steve Lehmann. Tony Leideckcr. Cecelia Lester Eddie Lmdsey. Randy L tCh1io!d. Jan Lowe. Tericia Lycan, Chris Me A tee. Patty McCann. Linda McClan Darrell McCutchen. Janet McFadden. Steven Me Guinness. John Mcilwain. Rusty McKeand. John McNeal. Susie Wagers Sophomores 139 -r Regina Mahorney. Greg Manis. Patrick Manshlp. Terri Maples. Missy Marcum. Karta Marsh. Sandy Marsh Tony Martin. Cathy Maxcincr, John Maxstadt. Jack May. Janie Menifee. Jack Meyer. Larry Miles Darla Miller. Michael Millspaugh. Konnie Mimms. Mark Mishlcr. Lyncttc Mitchell. Susan Mitchell. Norm Montgomery Jett Moore. Peggy Moore. Barbara Morris. Betsy Morse. Scott Mullar-kcy. Rita Mullins. Bruce Murphy Scott Myers. Danny Neal. Jane Nccb. Darrell Needier. Jenae Needier. Marsha Needier. Mike Michelle Newsom, Debbie Nicholson. Don Nicholson. Lolita Noethtich. John Norris, Dan Nottingham. Mark Oemter Right Karen Whalon. j0dy Perechin-sky and Mike Burke compare sires and colors ot their newly acquired 76 Class Rings. Those sophomores with last names beginning with letters H-M may now come to the au-ditorum to pick up their class rings. 140 SophomoresScott Osborne, Peggy Owens. Tim Owens. Michele Papai, Carolyn Parker. Mary Paifchurst. Bill Parrish Jenny Paulus. Jcnni Pcndlcy. Roben Pepeiea. Judy Perechmsky. Scott Perlman. Karen Perry. Teresa Peterson £ J Pherson. Cindy Phillips. Jay Phillips. Tom Pierce. Carol Plummer. Chris Plummer. Margie Poat Card Poore. David Pope. Jett Porter. Jett Porter. Mike Powers. LeeAnn Prather. Charlie Presley Greg Price. 8eth Provence. Charles Pugh. Lorraine Purdy. Craig Ramey. Steve Rarer. Patti Reason Ivy Redmon. Brenda Reed. David Reed. Julia Remaklus. Reed Remley. Mmdy Reveal. Becky Richey William Riddle. Mary Rigsby. Toni Ring. Ron Ritchhart. Becky Ritchie. Tami Ritterskamp. Charles Roberts Joetta Roberts. Norma Roberts. Renee Robertson. Carolyn Robinson. Brett Roby. Karen Rock. Pamela Roesch Arlene Rogers. Eric Roscbcrry. Ronnie Ross. Kevin Rouintree. Dan Runyan. Janet Russell. Teresa Russell Dick Saucedo. Cra.g Sawyer. Bnen Scharnowske. Nancy Schell. Lisa Schlab3ch. Lorraine Schmalteldt, Richard Schuster Sophomores 141 The pink slips necessary lor Driver's Ed permits may be picked up at the high school office.” Right Sandy Marsh carefully proofreads her term paper for Sophomore English. James Scott. Larry Scott. Paul Shabowski. Micki Shannon. Julie Shaw. Robert Shaw. Tonya Sheets Pamela Shepard. Carl Short. Kris Short. Tern Silcox. Debbie Silvers. Max Siouvon. Tony Singleton D»«d Smk. Sharon Slack. Carol Slater. Don Smith. Don South. Kelly Smith. Randy Smith Ron Smith. Tony Smith. Vanessa Smith. Cindy Snedeker. Steve Snow. Christy Snyder. Jim Soden Kevm Sprague. Harry Stahl. Susan Stahura. Lisa Staley. Jeff Stevens. Marcia Stevens. Delons Stewart Theresa Stires. Lynn Stith. LeeAnne Stout. Rick Stow. Donna Streaty. Millie Strickiett. Karen Strunk Debbie Sykes. Tim Sylvester. Suzanne Szum.ias. Tackett. Danny Tanner. Eric Taylor. Linda Taylor 142 Sophomores Thomas Taylor. Jim Teague. Carlin Thomas, faith Thomas. Oonclta Thompson. Ron Throesch. Joy Tjart Nancy Toombs. Diana Townsend. Ricky Townsend. Jim Treadway. Jody Tnck. Tom Trick. Oebtue Troesken Cindy Tucker. Toni Tumulty. Brad Turns. Vicky Turpen, Sandi Upper-man. Jessica Vaji»er. Pete VanDalsen Gary Vaughn. Susie Veneskey. Monica Vest. Sheer Vickers. Angela wade. Conme wade. Terry walker Mary Beth Ward. Richard Ward. Keith Warner. Rochelle Warner. Carol Watkins. Catbi Watkms. Tom Webb Mark Webber. Carol Weed. Kim Weinert. John Welborn, Barbara Welch, Mike Welsh. Karen Whalon Steve Wheeler. Tim Wheeler. Phyhss White. Tina White. Stan Whitney. Kellie Wicker. janaWikie Kip Wile. Valene Wiihoit. James Wiikerson. Tammy Wilkinson. Eric Williams. JeM Williams. Joy Williams Karen Williams. Pam Williams. Ooug Wilson. Don Winnmgham, Brenda Witte. Dave Wood. John Wood David Woodruff. Debbie Wright. Kim Wright. Rosie Yeagley. Greg Young. Jerry Young, Darrell Zion Sophomores 143X ‘Time' reports head lice cause of early vacation All Anderson schools were dismissed on the recommendation of the Board of Health three days before Christmas vacation to avoid the spreading of a head lice epidemic. The problem received national attention including coverage in Time magazine and The New York Times. The epidemic was under control by January, and students returned to school on schedule. Urging student involvement and enthusiasm. Mr. Chadbourne became principal after Mr. Douglass' move to the administration building. The office of assistant principal was filled by Mr. Sparks. Mr. Stanley joined the faculty in January as the AHS police liaison officer, part of a city-wide program. The purpose of the program, as explained by Mr. Chadbourne. was to try to build better rapport between students and the police department. A successful new link between AHS events and people, with the parents of all students was the newsletter Smoke Signals. Compiled by a faculty group, it relayed information concerning student achievements, important dates and school functions. Above Mrs. Austin tills out a student's transcript to be sent with his college application. Right Mr. Sparks, assistant principal, reads the mommg announcements to students and faculty. 144 Administration VI fa if' Loll: Principal Horace Chadbourne welcomes Officer Skip Stanley to AHS 8eto« Superintendent G. E. Ebbertt and Superintendent of Secondary Education Noel 8. Douglass examine the new Cablevision camera used to broadcast the school board meeting to the public. SCHOOL BOARD Front row — Evelyn sec.: Dorothy L. Jones. Robert F. Ray Turner, pres. Row 2 — Terry clerk-. David Gotshall. attorney; Miller. Zebedec Christian. Maurice v. pres. Administration 145MRS. JUOITM ALDRICH - Social Studies. Future Teachers Sponsor. Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. International Student Exchange MR JIM ALEXANDER - Physical Ed.. Head Swimming Coach. MRS. DIANE ALLEN - Social Studies. Future Teachers Sponsor. Faculty-Student Advisory Council. Pep Sessions Comm. MR. OONALO BARNETT — Drivers' Ed.. Head Baseball Coach. MR. LARRY 8ARNHART — Social Studies. Social Studies Club Sponsor. Convo Comm.. International Student Exchange. MR. DAVID BARROW — Mathematics Dept. Head. Senior Award Comm,. High School Treasurer. MR MAX 8EIGH — Assistant to the Principal. Oirector of Guidance Services. Convo Comm Co-Chm MR. ROBERT BELANGEE — Dean of Boys. Senior Awards Comm MRS. ROSALIE 8ERNARD - Social Studies. Senior Class Sponsor. Social Studies Club Sponsor. Commencement Speaker Comm.. Convo Comm.. Hoosier BoyS'-Girls' State. Pep Sessions Comm , Senior Award Comm MRS. JANET BRANDON — Home Ec. Dept. Head. Senior Award Comm. MRS. MAXINE BRIDGES - Language Arts Dept. Head. Thespian Sponsor. National Forensic League. Clubs Comm.. Commencement Speakers Chm . Convo Comm.. Senior Award Comm MR. ROSS 8UCKMAN - Mathematics. Convo Comm . Faculty-Student Advisory Council. Senior Awards Comm. MISS LINOA 8UNORICK — Language Arts. Ass t. Girls Gymnastics Coach. Faculty-Student Advisory Council. Football Homecommg Comm.. Pep Sessions Comm. MR HOWARD BURNETT - Social Studies. Convo Comm . AHS Publicity. MISS MARILYN CARROLL - Language Arts. Little Chief. MR. JAMES CARTER - Drivers' Ed. MR HANK CASE - Art Dept. Head. Faculty-student Advisory Council. Honor Day Comm. MRS. GERALOINE CASEY — Language Arts. Little Chief. Faculty-Student AdnSOry Council. Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. RUTHANNE CASTOR School Nurse. MRS. VIRGINIA CHAPMAN -Language Arts. Little Chief. Speech Club Sponsor. Commencement Speaker Comm.. Convo Comm.  •‘Teachers; please send a student to the office for white and yellow attendance cards. You must know the exact number of boys and girls. Mrs. Kitterman's study hall will meet in room 321 instead of the cafeteria, because of bad weather today. Lelt Wearing their custom made hats. Becky Ray and Kent Remlcy watch as Mrs. Pistole distributes the rest ot the hats she knitted for each of her homeroom students. Below left A song fest and ole-time costumes help Mrs. Shan, Mrs Maine. Mr. Macy. Mr. Pluhar. Mr. Johnson, Mr. Rciley. Miss Buodrick and Mr. Nicholson get into the Sesquicentenma. spirit. MRS. KAY CLARK - Language Arts. Head Girls' Golf Coach. Little Chief. Convo Comm,. Football Homecoming Comm. MR. PAUL CLAY — Industrial Ed. MR KENDALL COX — Mathematics. Commencement Speaker Comm.. Como Comm. CoGhm. MR. R08ERT COOMER — Orchestra. MR HOWARD CRONK - Social Studies. International Student Exchange. Pep Sessions Comm. MR. CHARLES CUMMINGS - Physical Ed. Oept. Head. Director of Athletics. Football Homecoming Comm Chm. MR, PETE DANFORTH Social Studies. Ass t Var Baseball Coach MR PHILIP DAWKINS — Social Studies. Asst. Var 8asketbail Coach. Ass t. Res Baseball Coach MR CHARLES DENNY - Social Studies. Purdue Legislature. International Student Exchange MR OON OIETZER — Coop. Voc Ed. Dept Head. VICA Club Sponsor. Clubs Comm,. Convo Comm . Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MISS JILL DOLE — Language Arts. Thespian Sponsor. MISS NANCY DURR - Language Arts. Latin Club Sponsor. Head Voile,ball Coach. International Student Exchange. Pep Sessions Comm. MR DAVID EAST - Science. Chess Club Sponsor. Pep Sessions Comm. MR RAY ESTES - Physical Ed . Head Basketball Coach. MR JOHN FINNEY - Social Honors Day Chm. MR GEORGE FRAMPTON - Social Studies MR ROBERT FREEMAN - Divers- Ed.. Football Homecoming Comm.. Hoosier 8oys--Girls' State MRS. JO FUNK — Business Ed.. Cheerbiock Sponsor. Cheerleader Sponsor. Football Homecoming Comm. MRS FRANCES GARRITY — Physical Ed.. GAA Sponsor. Girls' Gymnastics Coach, Fxulty-Student Advisory Council. Football Homecoming Comm MR MICHAEL GENTRY - Language Arts. French Club Sponsor. Faculty 147Right: School secretaries Mrs. Gray. Mrs Noland. Mrs. Knistey. Mrs Wallace and Mrs. Abel cheek in students’ IBM cards on the first day of school. V MISS HELEN HARRELL - Home Ec.. Future Homemakers Sponsor. Convo Comm. MRS. JOAN HARRISON — Language Arts. Little Chief. Commencement Speakers Comm.. Convo Comm, MR. WENOALl HILLIGOSS -Business Ed.. Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. Football Homecoming Comm.. Pep Sessions Comm. Chm. MRS. DEBBIE HODSON — Language A tS. French Club Sponsor. French Honor Society Sponsor. International Student Exchange. Pep Sessions Comm. MR. CHARLES HOFFMAN - Music. MR. DONALD HOFFMANN — Music. Band Director. Indianette Sponsor. Stage and Lighting Crew Director. Convo Comm.. Football Homecoming Comm. MRS. LORNA HOWARD - Counseling. Little Chief. Convo Comm.. Faculty-Student Adnsory Council. Honor Oay Comm.. Hoover 8oys’-Girls’ State. Senior Award Comm. MRS. PAULA HOWE - Business Ed,. OEA Sponsor. Hoosier Boys-Girls' State. Pep Sessions Comm., Senior Awards Comm. MRS. PATRICIA HUGGINS - Language Arts. Speech and Debate Club Sponsor. Clubs Comm.. Commencement Speakers Comm.. Pep Sessions Comm MRS VIRGINIA HURLEY — Dean of Girls. Clubs Comm . Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MR. THOMAS JACKSON - Art, Art Club Sponsor. Little Chief. Convo Comm,. Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MRS JUDY JACOBS — Librarian, MR DANIEL JOHNSON - Industrial Ed. MR. NAT JOHN-SON — Counseling. Head Track Coach. Convo Comm . Faculty-Student Advisory Council. Hoosier Boys’-Girls' State MR. ROBERT KEARNS - Counseling. Faculty-Parent Advisory Comm,, Athletic Trainer. MR PATRICK king — Cooperative Ed.. OWE Coordinator. Reserve Football Coach. Faculty-Student Advisory Council. Football Homecoming Comm. MRS. MARY KITTERMAN — Counseling. Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. Senior Awards Ccmm. MR. JOE LARMORE - Cooperative Ed MR ALAN LIND - Sooal Studies. Ass’t Wrestling Coach. Reserve Football Ass’t. A-Ciub Sponsor. Football Homecoming Comm. MR JOHN LONGNAKER Science. Convo Comm MR HARRY McGOON — Language Arts. Little Chief. Honor Society Sponsor. Convo Comm.. Senior Awards Comm MRS. MARTHA McHENRY — Language Arts. Spanish Club Sponsor. Clubs Comm.. International Student Exchange Pep Sessions Comm MRS. JANET McLAUGHLIN -Cooperative Ed . CHO Club Sponsor. Convo Comm. Faculty-Parent Advisory Council MR. JACK MACY — Cooperative Ed COE Sponsor. Student Council Sponsor. Athletic Ticket Sales Ass’t.. Clubs Comm.. Faculty-Parent Advisory Council Chm. Football Homecoming Comm., Senior Awards Comm. 148 Faculty -----------VMRS. VIVIAN MAINE Language AMs. Lillie Chief Sponsor Quill and Scroll Sponsor. Clubs Comm.. Como Comm., International Student Exchange MRS. OELORIS MARTIN - Home Ec.. Convo Comm MR WILLIAM MAUCK - Science. A-Club Sponsor. Ass't. Basketball Coach. Head Reserve Basketball Coach. Convo Comm . Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MR. GEORGE MOCK - Industrial Ed.. Clubs Comm. MR DENNIS MONTGOMERY Business Ed.. DECA Club Sponsor. Junior Class Sponsor. Football Homecoming Comm.. Pep Sessions Comm MR. WOODY MOORE - Visiting Teacher. Head Football Coach. Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MRS. SUSAN MULIARKEY - Language Arts, Little Chief. Commencement Speakers Comm. MR. CHARLES NEWBERRY - Counseling Dept Head. Head Tennis Coach. Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MR. OAVIO NEWKIRK - Language Arts. German Club Sponsor. International Student Exchange. Pep Sessions Comm MR. JACK NICHOLSON - Social Studies Dept Head. Convo Comm.. Faculty-Parent Adnsory Council. International Student Exchange. Senior Awards Comm MR. ROBERT NIERSTE — Science. Earth And Sky Science Club Sponsor. MR. ISHMAEL OSBORNE - Orivers' Ed. Ocpt Head. Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MRS. MARY PARKER - Cooperative Ed.. HERO Club Sponsor. Convo Comm.. Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MR. LARRY PEARSON Mathematics, Convo Comm. MRS. ELIZABETH PISTOLE - Social Studies. Clubs Comm,. International Student Exchange. Senior Awards Comm. MRS. BEVERLEY PITTS - Language Arts, Yearbook Sponsor. Student Council Sponsor. Little Chief. Football Homecoming Comm.. Quill and Scroll Sponsor. International Student Exchange. Senior Awards Comm. MR. CHARLES PLUHAR - Science. Earth and Sky Science Club Sponsor. MRS. NORMA PLUMMER - Business Ed.. Clubs Comm.. Convo Comm.. Pep Sessions Comm MR. JERRY PORTER — Mathematics. Convo Comm. MR. LEE PURSLEY — Language Arts. X-Ray Sponsor. Little Chief. Quill and Scroll Sponsor. MR TONY RAGUCCI MuSiC. Asst 8and Director. MR. LUKE REILEY — Industrial Ed Dept Head. Convo Comm.. Senior Awards Comm. MRS. MARILYN RICHWINE - Home Ec MR. LARRY RITTENHOUSE Social Studies. Asst Swimming Coach, Hoosier Boys'-Giris' State Chm.. Football Homecoming Comm. MR. RICHARD SEAVER Music, vocal Music Dept. He3d, Choralcttcs. Choral Club. Madrigals. Swing Choir. Football Homecoming Comm.. Senior Awards Comm. MRS. MADIEJANE SHAW - Language A ts. Little Chief. Convo Comm. MRS. TOM SHOEMAKER - Language Arts. Clubs Comm . Pep Sessions Comm MRS. CYNTHIA SMITH -Ass't Librarian. Audio-Visual. MR. RICHARD SPANGLER - Business Ed. MR. JOSEPH SPARKS - Ass't Principal. Senior Class Sponsor. Clubs Comm Chm MR. SCOTT SPARKS - Sc-cncc. Head Wrestling Coach. Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. Football Homecoming Comm. MR. WILLIAM SPEARS — Industrial Ed. Faculty 149 ✓ “Teachers please keep your students in the classroom during homeroom. Club cards must be presented before students may leave to attend meetings. Attendance forms are due in the office after school; only students in your classroom are to be counted present. Right: Chaperones Mr. and Mrt. Zcrkd and Mr. and Mr . Moore relai and talk at prom Below. CAFETERIA STAFF Front row - Wary JO Hankins, Madge Hobbs. Vlasta Maxwell. Grace Miller. Wilma Gerard. Rowcnc Rosen-barger. Back row - Ins Trcmps. Patricia Jessup. Ruby Morris. Dessie Givens. Jean Shaw, Betty Schildmeier. Below right: CUSTODIANS Elsie Kccvin. Jim Elliot. Robert Gibbons. David Hughes. Dewey Maples. Spencer Nunn. Leroy Keller. Head Custodian. MR. PHIL SULLIVAN - Mathematics. Head Golf Coach, varsity Football Ass't. MRS. MARGARET SWEET -Language Arts. Little Chief. Como Comm., international Student £ .change MR CLIFFORD SWIFT-Social Studies. Bookstore Manager. Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MRS. KARON TEETERS- Language Arts. MR WOLFGANG VON 8UCHLER - Social Studies. Clubs Comm.. Commencement Speakers Comm. Hoos«er Boys’ - Girls- State. Senior Awards Comm. MRS DE80RAH VOORHlS - Language Arts. International Student Exchange. MR. JACK WILEY Mathematics. MR TED WILLIAMS - Counseling. Ass t Dean of Boys. Pep Sessions MRS. OORIS WINFORO — Counseling. Ass'l. Dean of Girls Pep Sessions Comm. MRS JEANNE WOOlSEY-Business Ed.. Clubs Comm MR RICHARD WORDEN - Science Dept. Head. Convo Comm.. Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MR. PAUL ZERKEL — Mathematics. Commencement Speakers Comm.. Pep Sessions Comm. ------------rx 150 FacultyTraveling, art collecting, wine-tasting, farming and acting are a few of the interests pursued by AHS faculty members outside the classroom. Mr. Nicholson, social studies department head, has nearly covered the world in his traveling experience, either guiding tours, or traveling with his wife. He visited the mountainous country of Haiti in the fall, and toured China, Japan and Korea in the summer. Mr. Nicholson also collected many beautiful art objects from around the world. Geeting Civic Theater benefited from the involvement of five AHS teachers. Mrs. Bernard and Mrs. Bridges served on the board of directors. Mrs. 8ridges has been chairman of the board for the past sixteen years. Mrs. Funk acted in a production and also worked as the ticket reservationist. A past treasurer of the organization. Mrs. Howard helped with several shows and Mrs. Shoemaker directed a play. Mr. Macy attended the American Vocational Convention in Oecember in Atlanta. Georgia. There delegates discussed cooperative education programs. Travel, theatre faculty members' outside hobbies Above Seated on her Yamaha, Miss Ourr is ready to nde home Lett Mr . Pitts attempts to climb atop Miss Bundnck and Mrs Allen while they balance on Mrs Bernard. Mrs. Shaw and Mrs funk (behind Mrs. Huggins) as the faculty cheerleaders do their best to copy the student cheerieadmg squad Above left: Alter collecting tickets at the gate. Mrs Plummer becomes engrossed m an Indian battle at Denny Field Faculty 151Lett An «enal shot ot downtown Anderson depicts the growth and development ot the business community. Below As a part ot Anderson's renovation program, supcrgra-phics make downtown shopping more pleasant and enjoyable In celebration of Madison County's 150th anniversary, a 138 unit parade marched through downtown Anderson September 22. Dale Robertson, star of many TV westerns, served as grand marshal for the largest parade in ’•'adison County’s history. Hundreds of citizens cooperated with the Sesqui-centennial by dressing in 1823 fa-shorts, growing beards and buying momentos of the Sesquicentenmal. The parade was supported entirely on wluntary donations of businesses and « 4vidualS within the community. Concluding the day was the formal dedication of the Madison County Government Center by House Minority Leader Gerald Ford, who two months liter became the 40th Vice President of the United States. After graduation, the Indian finds that Anderson offers a wide variety of Opportunities. The 70.787 citizens of Anderson have no less than 850 businesses to choose a career from. If technology and quality is considered, the dents seeking 3 good place of residence find that THIS MUST BE THE EACE. —Whether Shopping at the MOUNOS MALI LOCATION Of by catalog. Debbie Shively can get a wide variety ol quality merchan Oise lor her whole at MONTGOMERY WAR OS. Clothes, appliances, hardware, yard goods, furniture, toys, and carpeting are easily obtained through Wards charge. Janet Shoemaker receives a loaf of Molsum Sot-Twist Bread from one ot the friendly salesmen at OIETZENS BAKERY. 2401 MERIDIAN STREET. OIETZEN S also supplies many local merchants and consumers | with their other high quality baked goods. 154 Advertising◄------------------------------------------ Mr. Robert L. Wells, assistant vice-president at ANOERSON BANKING COMPANY. 931 MERIDIAN STREET, tells Susie Catlett and Phil Penrod the advantages ot securing a student loan and checking account. Eight convenient ottices serve Anderson. Elwood. Chesterfield. and Frankton residents with their banking necessities. Mickey McGuire tries out his typing ability on one o the many electric typewriters that can be purchased at MILLER HOGGINS. 1212 MERIDIAN STREET Me realises that he will be getting the very best in supplies when shopping at MILLER MUGGINS, which is the place to Imd a large and varied selection ot ottice and school materials.-------------------------------------► Examining the (me quality of basketballs found at DECKER'S INC.. Mark Noffsinger pots one to the test. In addition to selling athletic equipment. DECKER’S. 21 WEST 11TH STREET, supplies the public with a wide assortment of school supplies, books, cards, and trophies. Carl Erskme shows his daughter. Susie, ho easy it is to get a student loan at FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MAOISON COUNTY. 735 MAIN STREET. They also serve their customers with free checking accounts, savings accounts, and Christmas plans. FIRST NATIONAL'S successful reputation is due to its 8 a m. to 8 p.m. ▼ People Hours lor the workers' convenience. W.T. WALKER JEWELRY. 1126 MERIDIAN STREET, olfers the finest selection of jewelry items, silver, and decoration pieces. Lon Jones is given advice on ho to purchase quality jewelry intelligently. WALKER JEWELRY can give a personal touch to all gilts by engraving special messages ------------------------------------------► 156 Advertising RAIPH REEO SONS. 1930 INDIANA AVENUE. reaches the community's demands 6y specializing in paving Streets, roads, and laying sidewalks. Mark Reed inspects a widc-load truck used at RALPH REED SONS to assure prompt service. Betty Jo Bol. office manager at ACME j k PAVING. 1CW EAST HARTMAN Robert Johnson information about the rca-sociable prices for their private and commercial workmanship in asphalt paving. ACME PAVING gives a tree estimate before Starting any kind of construction |0b. Tim Gibbons and Scott Zebedis discuss how owning a cordless shrub trimmer found at KAUFMAN S HARDWARE. 15 EAST FIFTH STREET, can make life easier. Hardware, housewares, lawn supplies, sporting goods, free delivery, and parking are Ihe reasons KAUFMAN'S HAROWARE is a leader m its field. ◄------------------------------------ Advertising 157▲ Kovm Eads approves of the sleek new 197-1 El Dorado Cadillac frem WEATHERLY'S AUTO SALES. 300 PENDLETON AVENUE. WEATHERLY'S has a full selection of new-or used automobiles along with friendly personnel to assist customers in making decisions about buying an automobile to suit them personally. 158 AdvertisingHour Hcfce scoops up 3 delicious ice cream cone from BEST EVER OAIRY. 722 BROADWAY. BEST EVER OAIRY serves local schools. area merchants. and customers with line dairy products which have passed strict regulations and deserve to cany the name Best Ever.” Examining parts of a lire engine man ufactured at HOWE FIRE APPARATUS COMPANY. 2215 NORTH MADISON AV ENUE. leisa Richardson. David Farr, and Greg Murphy understand why HOWE FIRE APPARATUS COMPANY has served Mad ISOn County . nd surrounding areas lor more than 100 years. Shopping for a new TV. Tony Eskew and Jana Providence lake lull advantage of the selection at SEARS ROEBUCK ANO CO.. 120-J MAIN STREET SEARS ROEBUCK S reputation lor Quality merchandise a! reasonable prices has made it the place to go lor family shopping The speedy catalog service and two free customer parking lots make shopping convenient for everyone ◄---------------------------------- Advertising 159------------------------------► Sue Trice and Joe Woschitz watch as Pat Williams prepares MCOON AID'S most famous and hearty hamburger, the Big Vac. Change back from a dollar goes along with the fast, efficient service MCOONAIO'S RESTAURANT. 1324 JACKSON STREET, gives customers. Their menu also consists of golden french fries and thick rich shakes. Doug Taylor finds it hard to select the best candy from the huge assortments at REAOMORE. 1035 MERIOlAN STREET Vonme Scott keeps the REAOMORE tradition of friendly customer service by helping Ooug make a choice REAOMORE is also first in gifts, bocks, stationery, educational ▼ aids. ieweiry. and all occasion cards The TOWN SHOPPE. 1033 MAIN STREET. Offers Shirley Boots a wide selection of clothing tor everyday and special occasions. The TOWN SHOPPE has a reputation for stocking high quality apparel that tits everyone's needs In addilion to formals and sportswear, the TOWN SHOPPE carries bridal gowns and accessories tor the bride. --------------------------------------► 160 Advertising ' ' Ron Plum of REIO'S PRESTIGE STUOIO, 1205 MAIN STREET, official yearbook photographer for the Class of 1974. displays Susie Whitton's senior pictures to Angela Beeler to demonstrate the effectiveness of natural color REID'S PRES TIGE STUOIO offers superior quality In oil portraits, black and ntute prints, and family portraits. Keith V. Tollman, director of data processing. explains the use of computers in designing the intricate pattern that is molded m a tail lamp to Carole Peterson and 8ccky Schafer at GUIOE LAMP. 2915 P£NC .E-TON AVENUE GUIDE LAMP is one of the world's largest manufacturers of light fixtures for General Motors' automobiles. ◄------------------------------------ Advertising 161 i k. iohn R Akinson. station manager at WH8U shows Sam} Jones ho a program log is made up and the importance It has in making a good radio Matron Located in the CITIZEN'S BANK euiLOIHG. WHBU otters current local and national news. and rrodem music. and it helps Anderson (ans by covering out o! town games ▲ Mike Vaught, car dealer at PARK PLACE AUTO SALES. 602 EAST EIGHTH STREET, lets Roy Taylor test drive a 197-t El Camino. Park Place Auto features new and used cars with the cotor. style, and model to meet the needs of today's driver. PARK PLACE AUTO SALES guarantees to its customers a satisfactory deal. 162 Advertising X Foreign exchange student. Kan Scppala. examine) a suit at IP MUMPERDlNK'S With the help of Doug EOwards. Kan get) an idea of the latest fashions in American menswear I.P. MUMPERDlNK'S. 1W0 MERIDIAN STREET, carries an array of stylish Clothing for today's young men 4---------------------------------- Barbara 8using feels the tenure of a ▲ decoopage featured at OOUGLAS STUOIO. 509 EAST EIGHTH STREET Oecoupage is a new technique used by DOUGLAS STUOlO to provide then customers with a wider range of portrait ideas Wedding, anniversary and family poses are Still very much a pait of DOUGLAS STUDIO S line craftsmanship 4----------------------------------- Jack Meyers climbs on one of the COOK BLOCK trucks to look over an eiample of then fine building material-. COOK 810CK ANO BRICK COMPANY. 2013 MOUNDS ROAD, not only supplies concrete masonry, but steel doors, aluminum windows, mortar, and bnck lor home improvement protects Advertising 163 --------------------------------------► 8ob Oecker drives off in an EMGE truck to Supply stores throughout Indiana with EMGE meat EMGE PACKING COMPANY. 2000 WEST EIGHTH STREET, is known for fine quality and selection of meats. For the best in meats, say Gimme Emge. Karen McCiintock is shown the fine points of a stereo System. T H SERVICE AND SALES. 1531 MERIDIAN and 2503 NICHOl AVENUE, has served Andersonians for 19 years With RCA appliances, radios, and stereos T H motto. We service what we sell. explains the great success they have had in selling household appliances. NEWBERRY BROTHERS TENNIS SHOP. 1401 EAST 7th STREET, has everything in tennis eouipmcnt and accessories. While Gene Newberry restrings a tennis racket for Leslie Kestnec. jim Newberry erplains to her the different parts of a tennis racket and how to take care Of them properly. -----------------------------------------► 164 Advertising◄------------------------------------- For friendly service, expert interior decorating advice, and a wide assortment of brand name furnishes for every room of her home. Kathic Slater goes to MCOONALO'S FURNITURE. STATE ROAD9 SOUTH, to select her living room furniture. MCDONALD'S FURNITURE has items with price tags to meet everyone's budget. Tina Simpson and Kirk Sears know when planning a summer trip that COLLINS TRAVEL AGENCY. 21 West 12TH STREET, provides pamphlets and brochures about the rates to any corner of the earth by plane, ship. bus. or tram. They have come to depend on COLLINS for all travel plans. AcK'ertising 165▲ Mr. Vern Petry and Kalen Banks look on as Barbara Gregg tries her skill as drafting a ne« automobile pollution device at DElCO REMY OIVISION, 2401 CohimbuS Ave. The world's largest manufacturer of automobile and electrical equipment. Delco Remy is the oldest division of General Motors and employs 20.000 Andcrsonians. 166 Advertising◄------------------------------------- E. G. VERNON SONS. 43S Mam. has a spacious showroom which includes Madison County's largest light displays with everything from outside lights to chandeliers A salesman shows Gary Decker a line of interior futures lor homes of all styles. Nita fralick and Pat King dream of owning A a new Opel from HECKAMAN BUICK. 2721 Broadway Meckaman Buick has a wide range of new Buicks as well as quality used cars m many different styles and colors Customers receive a heck of a deal at Meckaman Buick, ohn Gnmes views a fine e»ample of quality ry cleaning at ANDERSON LAUNOERERS INO CLEANERS. 233 Sycamore Street line locations provide area customers with rpert cleaning results A LAC also sponsors semi-professional basketball team which nished first in the AAU midwest regionals Advertising 167Debbie McMahan and Gina Groff examine the floral knick-knacks at TOLES FLOWERS. 627 Nichol Avenue, while waiting for their dates boutonnieres. Tolcs Flowers is known for their attractive floral arrangements for all occasions including bouquets, corsages, and speedy FTO delivery service Keith Erk prepares for a special evening by coordinating his formal wear at MR PENGUIN. 1031 Meridian Street. Mr. Penguin rents and sells formal attire for school dances Mr. Penguin also carries official Playboy accessories including ▼ sweatshirts, t-shirts and jigsaw puizles. Through the experience of 50 years of service. HUNTER WEIONER CHEVROLET. 2603 Broadway, acknowledges the fact that potting you first keeps us first. Lon Swan and Oanny Temple like the 1974 Corvette with its skyroof that fits right into their life style. ------------------------------------► 168 Advertising◄------------------------------------- Bob Lackey inspects an intricate piece of machinery at LYNCH CORPORATION. 2300 Crystal Street. Since its establishment in 1917. Lyisch Corporation has supplied machinery to make glass containers for countries on seven continents. Research to accelerate growth of progress is Lynch's major goal Whenever Debbie KnoblOCk and David Frazier see the 8ig Boy statue they recognize the quality food and friendly and fast service that they have come to e»pect at FRISCH'S 901 Meridian and 501 Jackson Frisch's, having two convenient locations, makes it easy to stop in and enjoy a Big Boy. Lmda Millspaugh discovers that many appliances are offered at CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY. 915 Jackson Street. “Gas makes the big difference explains why Anderson residents go to Central Indiana Gas Company for their fuel needs. Gas is the economical fuel ◄--------------------------------------- 2= Advertising 169 -----------------------------► Kelly Whitehead purchases a camera from Tom VVertJ at ODELL PHOTOGRAPHERS. 1822 Mam Street. Odell's provides quality in portrait photography, speedy film development and a fine selection of camera and photography needs Odell's has earned a reputation for outstanding service in the Anderson community. Terry Whitson and Karen Smith see the advantages of buying a 197-1 Grand Am from RUSS RECENOLO PONTIAC. 303 Pendleton Are. Russ Rcgeootd Pontiac sells an models of cars from the elegant Grand Prix to the Sporty Firebird. Excellent service and a friendly atmosphere explain Russ Regenold Pontiac's success m the ▼ automobile business Quality service, name brand meats and fresh truits and vegetables are the reasons Marsha Matheney shops at RANCH SUPER MARKET. 19 West Cross. A new location. 1909 West Eighth Street, better senes their price conscious customers. 170 Advertising ◄--------------------------------------- Rod Riggs advises Mike Day on the latest fashions in winter coats found at RAPP'S. 821 Meridian Street Rapp's has provided the Anderson community with a fine selection o! quality men's wear, their chief speciality for many years. PHILLIPS MOTORS. 2311 Broadway, is the A place to go when looking for a stylish economic wayof transportation Rick Thompson checks out one of the Harley Oavidson cycles earned at Phillips Motors. Yamaha scooters and cycles are also featured there. Phillips Motors is known for expert repair service and additional riding gear. Lee Paugh explains to Gail Ferree the advantages of being a member of the multiple listing service LEE PAUGH AGENCY. 1401 Nichot Ave . has served the surrounding area for 15 years. Lee Paugh is a member of the Anderson Board of Realtors and the women's Council of the National Association of Realtors and is currently taking a three-year course at the Graduate Realtor Institute. ◄------------------------------------- Advertising 171-------------------------------------► W 0 Curry. owner-operator of ART'S EOGEWOOO PIZZA. J627 Nichol Avenue, treats Kyle Gray and Wally Smith to a mouth watering combination pizza Ham, sausage and beet sandwiches round out the menu at Art's, A carry out service is |ust another convenience that Art's otters. ;csse Johnson explains to William Wells the ottice procedures involved in handling a real estate transaction. JESSE JOHNSON REALTY INSURANCE. 1226 Madison Avenue, builds, trades and sells homes tor a complete real estate business insurance is also available tor ▼ all types ot protection PLACE ALL OROERS AT COUNTER Tami Niccum, an AHS student and employee at HALLMARK'S MOUNDS CINEMA. Mounds Mall, sells refreshments to one of the concession stand's customers Mounds Cinema shows nationally syndicated movies for various tastes in entertainment- Monday's dollar night, midnight speciats and Saturday matinees are featured at Mounds Cinema ------------------------------------► 172 Advertising◄-------------------------------------- Carol Slate .arranges one ol the many beautiful bouquets that can be found at FLOWERS BY VERA. 2504 Brown Street Vera is known not only tor her beautiful flowers for all occasions, but also for her large selection of vases and knick-knacks. Flowers for special days such as weddings and birthdays ate also specialties at Vera's 8eth Miller and Tom Barnett rela at . . DEARINGS EASTSIOE PHARMACY Over a Coke at the fountain. Qualified pharmacists are ready to serve the surrounding community at both of their locations. 702 East Eighth Street and 1500 Broadway Oeanng's Pharmacies not only have prescriptions, but cosmetics, first aid supplies and friendly, efficient service Melody Fox and Terry Daugherty take full advantage of the fine products found m the Mathews Supermarket produce department MATHEWS SUPERMARKET. 1808 MeruJ-an Street, has three convenient locations and 24 hour service to meet the demands of area shoppers. “Total Shopping saves money at Mathews ◄------------------------------- Advertising 173----------------------------------► Bob Bales feels the texture of a piece of wood paneling at A. I. BREWSTER PLYWOOD, INC.. 2801 Broadway. A. I. Brewster is noted for different styles of beautifully grained wood panelling. After 18 years of service, A L. Brewster has built up a reputation for submitting quality plywood for the community's decorative needs. David Jones is only one of the many stu dents at Anderson High School who appreciate the facilities manufactured at RECREATION EQUIPMENT. 724 West Eighth Street Recreation Equipment supplies the finest m park, pool and athletic apparatus for cities throughout the midwest and supplies the equipment for the AMS athletic programs. Making the perfect day “perfect is the ma n goal of THE I 00 SHOPPE. 5217 Columbus Avenue. Becky Matncy and Melissa Russell examine the tme quality of material used for wedding and bridesmaid dresses. The I Do Shoppe goes a step further by providing catering service, wedding invitations and tuxedo rentals. ----------------------------------► 174 Advertising Lori Craig completes 3 deposit Slip to make an addition to her savings account at AN-OERSON FEOERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. 100 West Eleventh Street The oldest and largest federal loan association in Madiscn County, established in 1925. Anderson Federal offers checking accounts and student loans at their four convenient locations. in an oriental atmosphere. KOMAKI ACADEMY AND CREATIVE TROPHY COM PANY. 2301 Mam Street, makes available to both senes e pert training in karate and judo lor enjoyment and sell-defense. Sports trophies may be ordered from a wide selection at the Creative Trophy Company. ◄---------------------------------------- Advertising 175----------------------------------------► Looking over the silver patterns. Debtnc Sweet selects the pattern which suits her personality. KIRKMAN'S JEWELRY AND GIFT SHOP. 1213 Meridian Street, carries a full line of quality silver and china for future brides. Mr. Kirkman shows Susan Melson a gold bracelet watch which is one of the many styles of men's and women's watches available at Kirkman's. Kirkman's Carnes jewelry of all kinds in their ▼ gift A-- TV 176 AdvertisingJKkscn note the importance of keep-valuable documents in one of the safety deposit boxes at BANKING COMPANY. 1101 Insurance as well as real and educational loans arc available Citizen's man office and four branch for their customers. ANDERSON IMPORTS. 3134 State Road 9 North, serves Anderson residents and sur. rounding areas with outstanding models of imported automobiles such as Fiats. Subaru-., and Triumphs. Debra Winford prepares to take a test drive in a 1974 Alfa Romeo. a swift new sporty way o transportation Betsy Marshall exemplifies the Southern hospitality found at the ALIBI RESTAURANT. 1401 Jack sen street Whether utilizing their banquet facilities, dmmg room, or their convenient carry out service which Sara Foster uses. Kentucky Fried chicken, plam or extra crispy, is alnayS finger licking good •«CTf Advertising 177 ▲ Sandra Harris eramines the outstanding craftmarvsh.p displayed at SOPHISTICATED LADY. 1405 Dewey Street. Verda M. Cochran IS the owner of the little shop wilh the big purpose. Sophisticated Lady offers a wide selection of boutique items and gifts for special occasions. Mrs. Cochran decorates for social in the An derson community- a k C. E. CABLEVISION. 633 Jackson Street, brings the Anderson community 24 hours of news and weather, all night movies, and local sports events. A cameraman points out to Pat Manship the secrets of the various techniques in camera procedures. Anderson Today. a morning talk show brings community leaders and outstanding personalities into direct contact with the Cablevision viewers. X 178 Advertising ◄----------------------------------------- From -For Sale to Sold . . . ;ust like that. It's not magic — iust the method that LARRY JACKSON'S GALLERY OF HOMES. 1403 Ohio Avenue, employs to market their homes professionally. Mr. Jackson shows his daughter. Cindy, the Gallery mark, sign of excellent homes and real estate. COCA-COLA 80TTLINC COMPANY. 3200 East 38th Street, has served the Anderson area with fine quality refreshments since 1886. Kristy Ochonty and Mary 8cots real-ire that foi a quick p ck-me-up alter a sports event or school Coke has a fresh lively taste. Coke's the real thing. Coca-Cola offers vending and various services for special events. Things go better with Coke BOTTLING COMPANY j Mr. Dick Pock shows Sarah Hirsch the advantages of investing in PLPO auto insurance '.it DICK PECK AGENCY. INC.. 304 Anderson 8ank Build'ng. Member of the Independent Insurance Agents Association Of Indiana. Dick Peck Agency offers complete insurance service such as fire, general liability, and workmen's compensations. Orck Peck has served Anderson for 19 years. Advertising 179Right: With the aid of an interpreter. U S. Secretary of State Henry Kissmger and Saudi Arabia's King Faisal discuss the Arab Israeli conflict and the Arab oil embargo Below: Former Presidential assistant John 0 Ehrlich-man testifies before the Senate Watergate Committee. (Photos courtesy of the Associated Press) Above Three months after dedicating the new l adison County Government Center. Congressman Gerald Ford became the Vice-Prcsi dent of the U S. after Spiro Agnew resigned Right On a rainy night in Atlanta. Hans. Aaron hits hemerun number 715 to break Babe Ruth's record of 714. (Aaron photo courtesy of Associated Press! 180Being an American means to the Indian that he can enjoy luxuries no other nation can provide. Throughout the year, the Indian found many of these luxuries hard to obtain. Many gasoline stations in Anderson were forced to close down, limit gasoline sales or shorten hours due to the world wide energy crisis. Store shelves frequently were bare since shortages due to lack of fuel caused transportation of goods to be almost impossible. In order to prevent gasoline rationing. Indiana initiated PRIDE, an energy saving program urging citizens to slow down and dial down. For the first time since 1867. Congress seriously considered impeaching the President. Former secretaries, directors, advisors and other political figures were indicted on charges stemming from the Watergate break-in and cover up and the Vice-President resigned after admitting to income tax evasion. The Indian lives in the most powerful and influential country in the world. Even Indiana. Anderson and Anderson High are allowed to govern themselves. If the Indian desires a land of freedom, then THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. The Place for Events Lett: Due to the vtorltfmde energy crisis, many Stations in Anderson and other communities mere forced to close or limit gasoline Above Senator Sam Ervin, chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee, conducts inquiry into unfair campaign practices. ■ Above The Spotlight Shines on (he Starting live of Roy Taylor. Tony Marshall. Pat King. Tomrme Nunn, and Steve Douglass once agam at their introduction. Here . are the Indians! Right: A severely sprained ankle keeps Steve Douglass from climbing the ladder, but not from cutting the sectional championship nets as Tony Marshall raises him up to a more convenient level. A 182 Closing4 Everyone likes to be fired up, and Indians had more than their share of reasons to be so. Great football and basketball teams made all Indians yell and scream their teams to victory. Even at girls' gymnastics meets, where complete silence is necessary for a good job. spectators were mentally boosting those Indian participants. School spirit is an untangiblc part of high school life, yet everybody knows when it’s there. The inner excitement The Place for Spirit expressed only by a girl's hopeful ex- ▲ pressions, or the officiating advice thrown out by front row A-Club members add to bring school spirit to its peak. Some schools have more so-called Spirit than others, but it a person searches for the one that has the most school spirit, he comes to realize that THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. Above. Cheerbtock members go wild as Tony Marshall’s successful lump shot with six seconds letl breaks the tie with Madison Heights tor good in the second sectional game Lett All time county scoring leader Mark Barnhizer congratulates Roy Taylor, fourth on the all time county scoring, alter Lapel was defeated by Anderson in the final of the sectional. Roy was named co-Mr. Basketball with Steve Collier sharing the honor.  R'fiht. In the final game ol the regional. Tony Marshall (45) and Roy Taylor (hidden behind the Kokomo player) are lied up in a three nay rebounding battle as Pat King (41) looks on Far above This Overhead shot, which was taken in the Wigwam by a camera fastened to the catwalk 40 feet above the playing floor, is the same picture as the one below Roy Taylor (left) comes away with the rebound. Above Captain Roy Taylor holds the sectional trophy high as Co captains Steve Douglass and Tony Marshall receive congratulations from AMS Principal Mr Chadbourne 184 Closing4 T Nothing affects student life any more than Hoosier high school basketball. At AHS. Hysteria was a weekly affair for 16 weeks as the Indians won all 20 regular season games, the sectional, and the regional before they were stopped by Fort Wayne Northrop in the championship game of the semi-state, to finish 26-1. Anderson's three sectional opponents came into the sectional with a combined 50-11 record. The Indians outmanned Highland and Lapel but Madison Heights took Anderson right to the final gun as Tony Marshall connected on a 20-foot jumper with six seconds left to clinch a 73-71 viictory. Steve Douglass suffered a severe ankle-sprain in the second quarter and missed two games. After an easy win over Blackford, the Tribe exhausted conference rival Kokomo to take the regional championship. in the semi-state. Anderson handled Elkhart Memorial for their 26th victim. Fort Wayne Northrop, out to get the Indians from a 1973 semi-state loss, handed Anderson its first defeat. Marshall's 16 points gave him 587 points for the year and put him ahead of Taylor's 1973 single season scoring record of 581 points. The Indian duo of Marshall and Taylor were voted starters on the Indiana All-Star Team after breaking two school career records. The all-time mark of 971 rebounds was shattered by Marshall who pulled down 1.002 rebounds. The ten year old school career scoring record of 1.298 points was topped by Taylor who scored 1.374 points in 75 VinfArV varsity games. Douglass also set a I Of I IvlOlj school career record with 273 assists. . Largely due to the basketball tourna- i k ment. school schedules were altered many times to make room for ticket drawings and pep sessions. By the end of the season. AHS became the center of state attention. Roy Taylor was named Mr. Basketball; for Indians in 1974, THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. Anderson 73 Sectional Highland 57 Anderson 73 Madison Heights Anderson 81 Lapel $8 Anderson 68 Regional Blacktord 47 Anderson 78 Kokomo 66 Anderson 66 Semi state Elkhart Memorial 56 Anderson S3 Ft Wayne NorthfOP 67 Won 26 lost - 1 Above Tommie Nunn (13) goes to his knee to giab a loose ball in the sectional gainst Madison Heights as Steve Douglass (11) runs dovmcoort (Of a last bieak Far lett Against Elkhart Memorial m th semi state. Tony Marshall moves in high to the basket lor an easy two points.IK Coo . Cndy 62. 63. IK Coo . P»Je 10? Coc «. PMatla 78. 10) Cooke, Tm 136.136 Coe . Sor 59. 60. IK Coomr .Mr Sieve 57. 147 Cox . Dm) 136 Co . M-chatl 68. 8?. 86.97.136 Coorfan). Oxwi 36 Coctwt, l»™ 136 Coccock. Tony 61. 73. 80. IK Ccbn. Ttomat IK Ce y 8 rtur 136 CotFWtte, Tt iy 107 Coutrey. Omd 68. 80. 87.107 CiwM. 46,46 N4n.8«47. 107 Co . Carol 107 Co..C- ?4, IK Co . Mr Xyndjtl 43. 147 Co .P «G 47. IK Crag c r« 6?. IK 0 6 Coy IK 0 6 Jrttrey 107 0 6 Loo 68 Cr rv t. T.-Noth, IK Garni. P mH n. IK 0 1 110. Jenny 46 Ot«k. Norm 57.68. IK Crook. U. Hon a 147 Oou Country 8) DouCb. Peg 67. 63. IK Croat . 8o646. 73 CrOnthe l. Douflat 99. 107 Cuf.Janrt 17. 107 Cuntertarrl. Lim IK Cumempt. Ur Charlei M? Cyum. Rot I IK Cynnfam. Oyrki 73. IK Cuvmgbam. Otbord 74. 107 Comngham. Sir 87. IK Oarrxki. 8ro r 107. IK 0 O 0r,«7. IK DellOrth.Mr Gtorpt 147 Or.. lor. 68.67.87. IK. IK D u e.t,.Ph.iip6l. IK 0 bt ty. Torn 60. 58. 107. 173 Dm Brenda 107 Dm. Chtiyl 14. 136 Om.Gi« IK Dm. J H IK Dun. Tot 107 Dm.JukalK Duo. laare 107 Dm. Ton 84 Dm. Vxk 107 0m. Woltom 63. IK Omion. led-e 47. 50. 67. IK 0rM m. Mr PbJip 88. 147 Omk . Terry 50. 66. 67 0 y. A IK 0r .Mk'63 Dry. Rrcbard IK. 171 Cakine.Jytre 60. 108 Our , RrxWy 47. 61. 73. IK 0n uH. Km IK Decker. Bo Wry 164 Dnkrr. G ty 50. 66. 66. 108. 167 Dehonty. Krnty 18. 07. IK Delong 't'oru IK DmM. C.ody 60. 61. 108 0 nnn. Dene IK Omn. Paul IK Oenny. Mr Our In 147 Oenny. Njomi IK Onock.. O o 50. IK OeSullte. Defeb e 108 Otlyont, L rry IK Dcltrun. Jamet 63. 103 Drckmann. John 55. 87. IK Dietnch. Oar ten 46. IK Dr ! . Norm 64 Otel en. Kerin 100 Or ! .. M. Dooct 27. 147 Del e . Km 13. 30. 96. 108 Dg v. Tom 90. 91 OrOrruo. s r 108 D-unger. 8 n47. IK . T.rv 47. 60. IK D..00. 0 00 74. 108 Dobov Kate 67. IK Bruce 43. 67.98. IK Dot . 41 147 0o« r. Ooupai 108 Ooilw.KMhy 73. 176 Oomldion. Dw4 68. 63. IK Donnelly. V n i 176 D»m ion. Nancy 60. 67, 135. IK Ooty. Jude77. IK Ooly. Judy 50. IK Ooopau. Stephen 77. 87. 88.89. 108 Oowrti. Ch lei 108 0ou «. W -r i 77 OowUnj. Bn v 74. 108 Ooulrn). Br. n IK Dr , ftourd 68.87. 96. IK Orner E ducal »n 71 Oulro. Annetl 67. 63. 108 0uo«M . Kim 60. 55. 60.-1K Duncan. Gregor ,87. IK Durr. IMi Nancy 63. 84. 147. 151 Dr U .k 108 Dyk«. Hn, 14. 57. 56. IK Dyioo. 3 oti 60. IK I Cadi. Kmo 58. 65. 103. 100, 15« Ea .n. Trd IK C rtr.Chn 58. IK £a ty. lot. 58. 125. 176 1 16 Some CM 70 CM. Mr Oar'd 41. 147 Entm o. D orv IK Eattman. Rob ! 100 Eclk . 0r ti IK Eckm o. V . 3. 108 Edgecomb. MAe 27. 108 Edgecomb. P tr k IK Ednoreton. Rolen 63 1» Cdnardt. Dot at 73, 108. 163 £d v di. K r«o67. IK (dwardi. liod IK Edwurdi. Rob rl 67. IK Edwardi. Sumo 68. 108 tlgah. Sumo 74. 76. 108 Elln. Oand 108 Illn.Oooo IK llhworth. Om SO. 67. I IK Elmo . 0 c y 87. IK Etpeu. Krro 63. 87. 86. 96. IK Indion. D IK (ik. Keith 58. 80. 87. IK. 168 Citkmr. Sum. 81. 87. 108.156 lAe r, Oorwi.4 7. IK Etkerr. Tony IK. 159 Cilet. Mr Ray 7 7.88 90, 147 Eiin. Ryan 87. 175. IK Etchuon. Tooy 108 Euhrvoo. Voitndt 108 Ethcrutgeon. Keith IK Etheeington. M ch e 87. IK £» ». John IK t.m. M .,. 78. 79. 108 r E dMy. Bruo 109 Faddy. K m IK fs f. Rob .I 47. 63. IK FaM Wrr-d Up 85 Failure. Owotro IK F « », Lo «1 55. 136 Fartoee. Sharer 50. 109 F rm r, B rtu . 50. 60. 87. 177 E m r, Mxhaet 177 F tm '. T«i»m 109 F ir. Dar.d 58. 66. 66. 101. 103. 109. 159 F rr, Nmcy 60. IK F .. , Lor. 50. 177 F uC«l1. Aogrt IK F uc lt. Cody 109 F«ulko . 8r J 109 Ftulko . DtM e 177 F Rowd rp ol Cb o A M in 86 F ln. T«rr% 109 F r prior . John 90 Fer.n, G .l 77. 50. 55. 58. 109. 171 F .' . R ody 109 Folly, K.m IK F 1« . 0 96. 109 Frier. K»thryn 63. 87. IK Fmy.Ur Tobn 147 F .!» . 0 rU » FiiMr. Oou9 80. 87, 177 F.ibn. Scon 62. 63. 177 Ftiber, ST 63. IK Fitn mm)m. Ktttr 46. 56. 177 Filiummom. 6»rt r 58 Flmi M k. 67.84.87. IK Fl m.nt Tnr. 67.84. 177 Fi ilord. P 1r » 58. 67. 63. 109 Fl 1lo d. Tnr 67. IK Fun. Rocky 58. 109 FUck.U Myro 64 Fleck. Tnr. 37. 47. 108 FlmcNruer. Dorn 50. 60. IK Fiook. Rmdr 30, 127 Flo-rd. Beck, 77. 55. 109 Fiord. Cr 87. IK Floyd. (Cun 87. 87 fop . I'rt 46. 50 foppi. Lynelie 50. 58. 63. 109 footbofl 80 Forte. N r y 60. IK Foil , kr 33, 67. 84. 87. 109 Fonn. Sn 50. 59. 67. 109. 177 Foutl, Kiri 109 Foul . My 109 Foul . Tom 50. IK Foutn.Cnt 109 Forder, Cytnb 177 FutfrVt. Penny 177 Fcmrtn. Suu 50. 63. 87. IK For. Drrryl 50. 58. 80. 81.87. IK. 177 For, 3tm i 177 For. Jr Hr 52, 109 For. Mdody 50. 58. 100. 109. 173 Fo . Them 86 99. IK Fr lKk. Art.i» 84. 109. 167 Fr l. ». ton IK Frjmplcr . M G o p 147 FrrnA. McUnu 46. 58. 67. 74. 177 Fijnklir . BJI 109 FtrUIn . R Ipb IK Fr . Sb nr on 109 Ft «, Dmd 60. 61. 73. 177. 169 Fr n. Tbelm 177 Fi n. Oviunt 109 Fr m r . Mrcbn 177 Fr« m r . Rbpd 43. 58. 67. 73, Fr« m r . Mr Robnl 147 Fri m n. Si 67. 97. IK Frrncb Club CO Frmcb Mono So «ty 60 Frendl. Scon 4. 5. 37.87. 97.109. Ill Fine, lAke 73. IK FfdUr. M y IK fitnd. 0 6o b 50. 58. 63. 71.87, 109 Fn d, Sfe m 177 FmcMom. Ann IK Ftncbkprn. K n IK Ft.itcb. M rp ret 77. 63. 110 Frownd. John 80.87. 110 Fround. N ncv 60. 87. IK Fuller. Lim 10 Fulp. Cl ud 137 Funk. Mn Jo 147.151 Future T cb n 59 Future Ho 65 G G Uo d. Enbe 74. 50. 58.59.65. 110 C llo d. Mntd-ib 137 G»n. Andrew 137 0 l. Anthony 110 G rmon. Lentn 137 Gnner. 8ry n 46. 177 G r t. Defcoob 75. 84. 110 Gwnnpt . Ronnu 110 Cnnly. Un Ft r cer 84. 87. 147 Geueii. NnMf 67. 80.86, 87. 110 G iet. fi'tnd 127 G lei, Ronald 47, 61. 177 Gaunt. John 177 G a r. Lim 67. 177 Gentry. Km r 177 Gentry. M, M e 60 61. 147 Georg . Berber 84. 87. no G orp». Kt 6 rlt 68. 177 Georp . 0Kky 87. 137 GeW ndi. Sum 4 3. 58. 67. I». 137 Gt(p ri. B iv y 60. 84. 87. 177 G pe rt. 0 4 46. 50. CO. 137 G rnd. C lh .n 50. 58. 60.61. 71. 110 G rm r Club6l Crrrruri. U m 77. 110 G rn r d. Rbond 67, 16. 137 Gibbon . Tmjtfrr 50. 60. 73. 157 6Ur.. Kent 137 Ott,.. Su-.n 77. 110 Cbtn. Tommy 137 Grfnon. Duane 177 Grtnon. Trrrvi 110 Gdbert, J(Pu 137 Grib !. M ry 67.84 Grlb t. s n» no G.II. V k 177 ClWIand. J »lrey 110 Gllepe. Km 110 Gdl m. Rug 31.80. 177 Gmdt . Joey 47, 137 C h- AthMtx AlMCMbon 87 GmH' Sport 84 Gry n. Krrtn 67. 80. 99. 127 Glintym , Oennn 47. 137 Glare . Oarwt 98. 137 Glow . M .k 50. 56. 68. 137 GoUtnlk, 8 ute 47, 137 Gom. Wedty 46. 110 God 97 Goodn M .p » 50. W 177 Goodnp Tony 137 Goodmn Gary 177 Goobtry. Omgbi 97 Gordon Lwr, 38 80. 81. 87. 110 Got . Ann 110 Gone . Sum 110 G e p . Dune 58. 60. 73, 84.87. 110 G- npr . J y 177 G nt. David 177 G m«, T«r M 177 G re . Jeue 87 Gr ret. Mar, K Grey. Kyt 68. 127. 17? G y. Tracy 110 Gre n . Jonathan 127 Grcenn lf. AJie 60. 137 Grepp Be to K. 77, 58. 110. 166 G «gp Ooup 127 G ep) s eren 137 6 mm n. Lou 57. 67.63. 177 Gr.ttrn. Dfnd 127 Gnllrd . Lynd 137 Gnle. Drtr 6. 96. 1» Gnmm. John 50. IK. 1» Grnnoid. J met 14. 47. 63. 137 Groll. Cbt yt 64. 137 Coll. Daryl 137 Coll. Gin 18. 37. 67. 103. 110. IK. 168 Co«. P m u 58, 67. 73. 110 Con. R h rd 67. 86. 137 G 44y. Vmcent 46. 47. 177 GununbouM . J r e 63. 73. 177 Gont , John 137 Index 187Gwmnup. l«« 45. 48. 00.84.8;. 13V u; Sl«hm ' 10 G«V«. Robn W. 137 Grmuiii» 98 H N«ti«. Kwl 87. 80, 13; Hactnry. Tom 98. 13; Him. (f o t 110 Mjmi. TwmW Kimt. l«r»« 48. 67.87. 96. 178 Mum. Robnl 77. MO Hiimy, Kmo 137 M l«. Im 137 M l«. Ra nc 17. 48. 111 Hill. Ooutfat 48. 64. 68. 71. Ill Mi . Kun 40. 73. 103. Ill MalvHI. Oonald 1?8 MjmM. Cindy 178 Hamilton. BauC 111 Hamilton. Tamm 4 7. 137 HiflHlIon. Kfnl 178 Hamilton. T-mothy 137 Hamilton. T'acy 77. 178 Hampton. M »»- 137 Mmdkv. Jan, 67. 137 H«,. Am, 78 4 7. 177 Hnu. An®, 10, 46. 67. 63.177 I9W. U h 77. 68 Kxikc't. Gurm 77 Mudm. J H 67. 137 HarOmc . Jill 67. 68. 177 Hiimun. Bnan 61. 90. 178 h»-«. • i3» Harnry. M«haM 67. 49. 61. Ill Ma i««. Ubu M l n 64. 148 Ha m. Umv 137 HKfn. Sand a 111 M«m. Im III J an«tl» 111 MKinon. M » J»a« 148 Kamil . Mo , 13. 61. Ill Mail. Oand 137 Man . RkW-i 67. 44. 87. 178 Mo i,r. Suuanna 64. 63. 87. 137 M»m. Jih 137 Mow,. Katlry 60. 134. 138 Mo«v. I»m 60. 67. Ill M M».. Sh . 46. 63. 178 Hallion. Rat'iCU 67. 16. 178 Matlyy. 3m 73 Ha .m. Jk 78. 79. 178 Kwrr In. 78 63 178 M «o. Joyc, 40. 60. 138 Me d. 18. Ill M» l. Tore, 111 Maatn. T« « 11? M m,r. 0»oi 77.10. 67. 63. n? Melkmi. And., 48. 138 MabncSanAaTG. 178 M'lpU'q. Own 30. 174. 178 M.lphn® Kail 30. 48. 87. 178 Mrtmm Rob i 10. 86. 90. 178 M ndr«»'. Oc.l, 71. 67. 103. 11? Mown.. Biandi 138 M nmi. 3m 178 Hm., ft hKd 138 Mnml«. 8 .o 138 HnMx.9,'. 8 un 90. 138 M i!«t, Groifr 138 Moil. Bob 138 Hull. Diana 77, II? Mull. Roy 138 Mull. Ton. 11? Hkkt. Tcma 77. 11? M nloHcm. Roil 87. 11? Kin, Ru tl 178 Mil. Amhony 178 Ma. JaNray 80. 178 M.P. Mi chart 138 Mill. M. lw l, 138 Hill, Robot 178 Mil. Slow 11? MillAW. Oaud47. 178 Mll m. U. Wmdrtl 148 •Ml. Mkvm 138 Mm on. Com 40. 44. 49. 6? Minton, loo 47. 138 Mnch. So. 60. 64. 60. 66.68.177, 178 Mill . Mart 178 Kill,. Suvan 60. 87. 138 MofeHt. Ron 64 Kofcon. M.I DiMw CO. 61. 148 Modion. 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Gma 43. 50. 59. 188 Index ;5 j, „• =-:2 5 5 r,- 2«s r s' s 3 8 =R 3 8 =5 8 S | 5- g- 9 Sg 5=- ; 55ij 1 ! 5 = :=i - Illj| 1« iBi « Wll«siiswwiiin a a a: a: «£ oc aec cc a a et ec a a a a a a a a xxecc a — - -j •» ■ S .5 ! s H - .sg ;=- S -“.si 5 t S- R -S' • S-S s .. U.!,i; UM Lil! ii LfJIJU!! !.l!!Ilf s' s' s' 3 5-? 5 ! .5srsgsf S' i Sli||li|j i 5jj]-j5iai!]f!j]s! fiiiiJzJiii!J!!!=ij3JJ!iiIJiijjjsJil iE s5 I? j'5 i i i ij li S „8 190 IndexI n J 5 za «Acknowledgments 1974 Indian Staff Greg Murphy Editor-in-chief Terry Whitson Managing editor David Farr Business manager Barbara Busing . Academics Becky Schafer Activities. Faculty Carole Peterson Organizations Doug Taylor Faculty Sports Lon Jones ... Senior Linda Millspaugh Underclass Marsha Matheney Advertising Karen McClintock Circulation mgr. Leisa Richardson Advertising mgr. Kathie Slater Office manager Holly Hoke Photo editor Gary Decker Photographer Kyle Gray Photographer Wally Smith Photographer | Mrs Beverley Pitts .... Advisor Photographers . Mr. Joe Bay Mr. Dayton Furi Prestige Portraits Seniors. Undercba Wall supcrgraphics used throughout the book were done by Mr. Jack son's advanced art classes. The Indian head on the cover was original1 designed by former AHS studwt Larry Dunn. Thanks to the Andersen Newspapers for sports pictures The 1974 Indian is printed on S) pound matte paper. Headlines are 24 point Toms Roman. Bod cop is set in 10 point Trade Gothic. Into and captions are set in 8 point Trad Gothic. Color borders are rubine tec. pantone purple, and pan tone blue. 1600 copies were sold. At the corner of 13th and Lincoln, stands Anderson High School, the home of the Indian. Like the yo-yo and hula-hoop craze of the 1950's. 1974 had its own series of fads and crazes. The most talked about event was a new sport called streaking. Although streaking didn't require much m fashions, the Indian look of 1974 was much like that of the 1950'S The return of baggy pants topped off with wire rimmed glasses and platform shoes made up the dress fashions even though worn jeans and baseball shirts still remained the most popular dress. AHS is a place of many ideas, styles, and fashions. Whether it was basketball victories, classroom plays, or musical contests the Indian tradition is one of greatness. After only three years at AHS. the Indian will always remember that THIS WAS THE PLACE. Above Even though it ha undergone many changes. Ih«r $200,000 mam buildmg still houses the majority ot AMS' classrooms Above loll: In dian mascot Scott Frendt instigates spun before a home basketball game 192 Acknowledgments --------------—------V ------

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