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M N ESV Nfl' QQLMM J 'nfl C JZ' x,L,f L H x m x .. ,K -. .M C A RN-K Lf Of U V . fxvk f, 5-V C ,. t .. , A , ,L V -V ,. l i C4 . I 1, X J ,X Y, a ML' 14-ly' 1.3 . 5 ll F, I RE, x W' K-X -6 X -- -V , 4 1' . -- 4 . - - X , - ff, S., L . JE Nj ' Q N if f ' -,V A af 5' TV -J' LJ , , sf m , .. . ' W ,X,, 1.5-.f 'XF X, y X 1 In -A.. xy ,uf X, Ax V N' "V -' '5-N 1 N 2 . NL' , , ., x, , X . U ' Q gf-V: ,YV SC., ff rx 'P 'b -' Cx M L1 ' " - ' ' -J . G 3' "-:N L" ,P 7 ,f Q . - '- XV Xy' RJ ' - , ,f . M ,in '- F A Y., ' -PQ , -- A -' x1 J ' -Y' 74 , ,-1 U - ' Q , f -v V g f - L .. fs Vw -J 74, iw w 4, -V -1 pw f ' -' 'F 'f J' -' , "2 X . -f 1 " 4 - ' ' 5 ,M if HX V M' --f 55 X. -J E K , K. . :v Lx, A 1 XCR, in -, , -4--N A ,X K LA V Xi' N if -Af ,Cf YTN R, Xiu! 'N , YM: rj x ip ,3 ' J ,-, V- 'V r-3 if -P' Sf .x AJ! K, 1 ' N , , ,N--' -,J N 7 ' x ' v ,1 fb? , 'J - - , 9' nf' -- f. . -.1 " . '- ' -- 14' Q ' " , A 'N N L x.,, 1 pw: Av' 'J .X xxx, XWL- V sf- I .I yu . ,Y , in LJ CM, yj N, I M ,J X, A x A , .- '1 - Lf ,.1 "Y ' YM- L, - y. -.- L Q3 ,r -N, Q! . rg CN XJ' XL L v J-- Q N.. N' N .bf . 4, N 5 ,J - xi- gh . 16 ' Y, M- -. - 1 W - J a - ,Q X5 A - ,J f .fd N- - w 12' , , Z -5' NV. , --' , -C - .L fi Q-' 1' f,f , ..f-' - f f' --J - ' . ' ' ,' - - P ' . 511- 0 ,- -J PM f - , -J -. X? NM .-- .fjj A A 1 'V -X V -, -IQ C' W -'lf' Q..- ' Q. -. '- fv ll x ' , ' - T' ff " - Y N -X 1 ' . ..- .7 1 555 .N Dv- -,az 1 y if -Y, Q ,X ,, ,gf ,, ' ji 's ' Y ' , "' -,yf ,' X' .I x, ' , -A ,M J- Q . , X -- . 5 '-.,, j g , .X x , -.1 ' -" , , ' "x " .J . , N, - if , .U X N 5 i V ,,. M, Q N . I , U' rv- 3' . Q ' iv f , -f : ,A Q K, ,, ,. ,, , J ,- Xl ,ff L, 4 - vm J x. - -J - V sg ,Lf -' X fi 'L V U 3' gf' , :X , V .- -xg ' 1 .,- - 1 -,,f LA ., in Y 1 f L--I XJ ,1 f' N- V, Aff XJ ' ' 1' si' c A . xl X -'Ni ' Vi, Q' 41-T3 J QV' f. L ,-B "' v ,. , A ,- 1 ,V f .4 Ll- , K .Y-, Z. m ,Q ., FN, , XV' Lf -1- -Q-' L, N' H . , ' MLN' F4 X, 'VE x U' fl 'N V-S -V , ,, Cf , fx I 5 J YQ! ,E,. ' 2 fy- K W- 7-J . LL-' L' N jx, V , M JU V -,, , , , ,-.J X, A -5 ,vu If N ,. ,A Q " ,f " .Ny t-My ,Q 1 ,n -Q: L, K QL XQ 4, -.WY k AV Ky' rv' ,y gy W. f 4 3--' '- H. xi V '6 N - ' " .W ,, I , . , . , - Q, ,.,.-.1 , U XM in - EJ .Q k ,JN , 'ff C' - 1 f xA' fx Cm - 4 C ,V J., 9, W . -O , ., in - I V -X 3 "" if 5-f F, ' , -XL- . ,fx . I 5 .CA ex - ,Q J --SJ Q N - . Ji .JV ,.f'Xj,, f, L' ,I i , ,V , 'V , I ,W . I A , gy, X O- M , x . Q! J 'M f, 1 1 N K V-J ff , A .' , -1 H , xx 'NJ 45, W Q VJ -N 4-JVXA W1 -, TY NJ ,1,. ME , ,.. .4 .Vx ' .V V X K 1 w W -J :Q 2 - , 'Q ' R., Tb- Ql --31 XO,-I , xx' Xf V 44 VXI! IJ, QV ,- L .H " ju A -7 N A, , ,,,"X ' A UQ' ' ' H13 , L, f. ,,. N . I973 INDIAN Anderson High School Anderson Indiana Vdume65 Below: Relaxing in the late fall sun, AHS students enjoy an Indian Summer day. Up- per right: Taking advantage of the last of the warm weather, AHS'ers find time for -1 1. an exhilarating game of football. Lower right: Fall leaves offer the opportunity to recapture their childhood for Sandy Albea and David Farr. 4' . , -A . s a - . ,sf r 4 , A t N-.. , X ' I 'ph X' Rev ,. M. " i .. f ,'Q,tH, "ti-'ei if - - V 4 -V ' . , , '. ' -, , - ' a A .ir-V. or nf if he' if. - ,V ,-.1 'Ez "' . - " 1 iff, '. f qg,j:grHf-'fSf- PE .nf " Q I , , ' 'ga - -A if I x .. 'J 3 511.1-gf 'Jia 'ef' K. K " f .1 1, V . 'TNQ -,, L 5 kv- i vt? v ' ' 43" 'wif EEA-fWi 3, , , ' , Sai wb' ' - .,g?i"ff afalfaf-f' W e g, i fe --Mania, 1 X y 4. ei, V f, :Q I ,, , ff fgf' .E W ee 'gig' -X -. N 2- .nf fl' 1 f. i 1 H',,.'i tj as , , ' y Q x L 1 ,grin lf, , 2, A in i , L t iv MPKJMW 1 . ,nfl 1 .. ' -X 9 ' -'Ibm-fs' ' ' 1-.: if i o ' if I ,, 5 a V , ' Q ,M 4, ' ' 5553! 15 sg?-13:1 f ,qw 1 5 .4 :V ft? .ilfigi ' A354 4 ' + I h ' 15' i EV Y .. W 'wif-.N inf' '- 5' if . ,Jil M ' i L t g , .L .. W? t I Q-at-Adi -9- J 7 , 1 Q ' 1 7 1 . N ' ' 1 , ' ' V If - he ' A 4 H1 - ' 3 '- , . ,ieftf Tfhftxl , nv. 1 'A-' :iff ' ., i ii, f' I E ' ms M E o fi- . ' 0' - " 221.533, x 'fi Q TT' Y " 'x '1 ' '51 Y .wnf 3- af, 5 im? . all 3 gan E. :Tk ,- ff!!- ' 11" .L ' ' "fi?,.93i, 3 ,, Q ,-1 ,. v 'ff 1 44 i - 5137 ' f , 1 we ,, .A ,ei s 94351, , ey. f -il? ' Va? 1 Bright trees Crackly leaves War yellow sun Icy olue wind Downy clouds ' Re ,brown, yellow, blue. green. orange A s cure world Sus!pendecl in the brightness of summer Walling for winter. lVlen are part of nature Anc so, are part of her plan. Between the summer of childhood Ancl the winter of adulthood There is a place In I mbo Where I am now Grown-up but growing All-knowing but ICHYIWIITQ Sin ple but complex This is my place This is my INDIAN SUMMER Indian Summer m .. md v-n f 5' 5..' as ' 1 f ya to lv us- "'f' ' f jill' , . N JF! U ' F K L . 7 1 I 'u P x R 'a M 'P' Y '-,., f ' ravi -7 ' 7 ' 1 Q " 5 . 5 l , 4,:gJ' 2 t S -, . 1 f , :x if . P . ' Fw-1 ,Ai-"T " I . Q ,55,is ? Q H 'v , 'g . 'ful' U ' 555' E. A , W-ua -. u , h I , ci PFI'--? fk, Spf 553 M"- 'Z 1 f .L wi - ' 1 pgs' E F3 1' , K as. Q, ..,,+, . 5 is I 'F 1' Q I ,ri if ,F an f .lf ,lu Q. it L ... v- Left: Mascot Steve Pancol and Maiden Rise Graham relive memories of Indian spirit displayed through the past year by AHS students. Above: David Webb and Robin Marsh carry out the yearly Indian tradition of painting the annual room door, AHS ls many things, But mostly what I think of As "school," That is The academic part of my life From the crisp days of autumn To the gentle days of spring I am involved in "the learning process I absorb what I want And throw the rest out of my mind, This is my last chance To gird myself with academic armor, The last time I will be told ' What to learn And how to learn it V For after this It is my choice, I make my own decisions, I will no longer have the security of INDIAN SUMMER Wig Above: Kandi Baker and David Early enter into the wave of "young" politics sweeping the country by doing some election re- search. Right: Vaughn Lately increases his knowl- edge of current subjects by learning how to operate the new microfilm machines in the research center. Far right: lVlrs. Plummer helps oBarbara Pyzik prepare for a future career by assisting her in Business Law class. 7 401 I live enclosed As in a womb ln my school AHS. I am safeg I am happy. Even though troubles are there, They are not major, For l have not yet been thrown I Into a turbulent outside world. As a sophomore l was confused - A little scared W Yet glad to be a part Of an institution called "high school." Juniors are nice people to be f Finding a niche C' rving a place for myself. S niors appreciate the school heritage S niors are the ultimate T e oldest, the wisest The most frightened - Draft cards, college And job applications Pieces of paper which call me away Away from AHS and INDIAN SUMMER Above: In the Thespian production, "Once Upon A Mattress," Jay Casey, Madeleine Doherty, Sandy Longfand Tom Garner explore their acting abili- ties. Right: Randy Wilburn, at his morning job at the Edgewood Veterinary Clinic, assists Dr. Marvin Lee examine a St. Bernard. Fljxibility ls he word Wl'ich best describes my life style. I dp what I want Wt en I want Unless parental authority obiectsg There is nothing to tie me clovvn e No family No full-time job ff responsibility is easily ifted onto other shoulders. My Sh Th at leaves me time Fo'friendships, Friends I will see all my life, Friends I will never see again But friends, nonetheless Fo' we share the common bond of INDIAN SUMMER Table of Contents Opening ,... .,.. 2 Academics T... i..1O Activities . . . . . A30 Sports I.. I , .76 People ...,, . . .98 Advertising . . , .150 Closing .... . . 180 Index HH186 3 x L3 .N Y Y sf SSW., ' x .4 , 1 I t? 5: .. .,.. ..N.,. , if-als' yu K - Q f E-i 5 32131',2?i2i4,??i5'iiif-51: X? 1, sings., in wwf' P'5V,g26'1J'k xl Ki ,ff -5f1.'i.lX .Zi P2 wiv wfi-,.yya- yghk figfx, , S Q, ?Jx5fiilHXf45f2ii.Q3Lfif3Y?i ..',:w,rfS xsfzi'?6. K -A 1 w wx 3 'H' i X .311 - . 39' . ' 'KY :lil--L, fl , K -V 8 ':-1ff ,T Quinn, 1 . E . f A f' X I xiii if, ' 69' jx , .1 2 W . wx mvfiws-3 QSMQQQESM' Lama! M K Kxckyygpff., PU' 'pm fs , if . 1? . A 2 s, 'E S X x Q .xx x E N. W W Q2 X WN? N, R a X . f Q W ,nn ff, Wwwdr V V if, ww My ,ww W in of GQ 1 ACADEMICS Learning is a never-ending process of Term papers, chemistry labs, Extra-credit projects, essays, Pop quizzes, short stories, Geometry notebooks, special reports, Daily journals, calisthenics, First day driver's ed. jitters, World History projects, PSAT scores, Speed reading machines, book reports, SAT scores, achievement tests, And card catalogues. Yet, these things are only part Of aa bigger education. The education of learning how To give orders and to take orders, To 'follow and to lead, To use our imaginations and To 'follow directions. To get along with people, And to learn useful skills. These are the things l must do To prepare myself to leave lndian Summer. Far left: Mr. Todd adroitly demonstrates how to do a geometry proof correctly. Left: A student finds a convo is the ideal place to catch up on homework. Center: Mr. Dan Rinl-ner, student teacher for Mr. Head, at- tempts to explain a radical problem in his fourth period class. Above center: Library assistant Michele Dunn creates colorful tissue paper flowers for the library bulletin board. Above: Counselor Nat Johnson gives Dwanna Hieney some suggestions in plan- ning her spring semester schedule. 141 Above: Capturing the spirit of Spanish dancing, Janice McCrary uses the map, record player, and pictures to illustrate her humanities project. Upper right: In drama class, students learn costuming, make-up, and scenery painting, as well as acting. Far right: Acting out a five minute play in Spanish are Randy Chapman, Karla Goehring, Terese Johnson, and the Viilian, Roger Hayes. Right: French class members improve their conversations via the head- phones and tape equipment in the Language Laboratory. 12 LANGUAGE ARTS Class variety, extra projects feed imagination For the Language Department, maintaining interest and promoting originality were often accomplished through extra credit, group projects, and class discussions. For extra credit the French classes were en- couraged to combine their knowl- edge and culinary talents into French bread, Napoleons, French cheese, and Petit Fours. The ad- vanced Spanish classes wrote and dramatized their own plays in Spanish. lVliss Bundrick's remedial English class played a large version of "Scrabble" which developed their spelling and vocabulary. Senior com- position classes gave flve minute speeches describing the ideas from their term papers. The Sophomore Honors classes were on the new "packet" system in which each per- son worked individually and pro- gressed at his own rate to meet the number of packets required. LANGUAGE ARTS 13 Election unit stirs political, civic interest "lVlore young people should be- come involved in their government." This was the message that lVlr. Elwood Hillis, Republican Congress- man from the fifth district, tried to relay to the social studies students gathered in the auditorium two weeks before the election. He and his opponent, Democrat lVlrs. Katie Williams, elaborated further on their stands regarding the war in Viet Nam, abortion, amnesty, and mari- juana. Anderson High School invited these two candidates and several local candidates to speak in partial fulfillment of the pre-election unit required by the Indiana Election Law. Class discussions and films helped raise student interest while meeting this law. lVlr. Jack Nicholson traveled with 35 students to Washington, D. C. during spring vacation. They visited Nlount Vernon, the Kennedy Center, the foreign embassies, and the White House. Far right: Mike Pope finds that the physical features of China can be learned through labeling maps. Above: Getting ideas for their World History projects, John Slattery, Bill Short, and Jeff Fletcher examine this miniature guillotine for its authenticity. Right: AHS Republican Club president Sandy Long looks on as Congressman Hillis explains his positions in the political world to students gathered in the auditorium. 14 SOCIAL STUDIES -ww-....,, 51h r,,i iff s SOCIAL STUDIES '15 Above: Vickie Gibbs learns to cut stencils in Typing lll. Right: Using the new dicta- phone in the shorthand lab, Mary Lozar practices taking a letter. 16 BUSINESS , A .lwggsggggf 33 New equipment helps create professional air Preparing students for office jobs was one of the main objectives of the business department. Outside speakers came to talk to classes on the different aspects of office life. All of the advanced business classes learned the art of make-up from Donna Richmond of the Don Robert Powers School. lVlr. Don LaPierre, a lawyer, talked to the business law classes, he told about his profession and the many fields associated with it. A business resource center, con- taining typewriters, calculators and research books, was created in the old student teachers' lounge. The business department bought new equipment - wireless writing machines, electronic calculators, an accounting machine, and new typing tables - totaling over 56,000 in order to keep up with the ever-pro- gressing business world. Upper left: The many pamphlets and mate rials available in the Business Resource Center help lVlr. Hilligoss explain the differ- ences in automobile insurance to Nita Fralick. Lower left: Mr. Don LaPierre and Mrs. Plummer collaborate to answer a bus- iness law student's question. BUSINESS 17 Umm, Science abandons for practical field A new class was added to the Sci- ence Department - Ecology. This class dealt with the inter-relation between living things and their sur- roundings, and it reached into the problems between man and his en- vironment. The Earth Science class went spelunking at Salamandar Cave, seven miles outside of Bloomington. lVlr. Rauner's Chemistry classes visited Western Electric at Indianap- olis, Anderson College, Delco-Remy classrooms ecology studies Plant 18, and Argonne Laboratories at Chicago to see practical chemis- try in action. Learning new geometry terms was the idea behind the Jeopardy and Passwood games played in lVlr. Por- terls class. The three-dimension models, overhead projectors, black- boards, and onels imagination were the tools used to convey the intan- gible ideas set torth in the seven mathematics courses. Top left This three dimensional model helps Tim McNutt Rick lVlcNlahan and Susie Erskine imagine algebraic points in space Top right Combining a solute and a solvent advance chemistry student Jean Laughlin prepares an experiment Left The parts of the human anatomy which link the stomach to the mouth are traced for Ver nice Jackson by Cathy Reese and Mr 'Wor den Above In trigonometry class Mr Porter gives the audience the word be fore giving it to the contestants playing Password SCIENCE - MATH 19 Below: Advance art student Gary Lennis carefully inks his Iinoleum block before printing the design on paper. Right: Thorough rehearsals and individuai practice combine to create a polished sound for the AHS orchestra. Far right: Song bursts forth as Symphonic Choir voices blend into a chorus of "Hey Jude." 'pm wwiwwwt L f '.' 1 Q "' - ., 1, 1 .am ...ann .ff 20 ART AHS orchestra and choruses perform for com A revamped symphonic choir dug into the basic music fundamentals - note values, music symbols, oc- tave and note reading. During Christ- mas time, the Madrigals performed a medley of carols for 25 different audiences in the Anderson and ln- dianapolis area. Orchestra members, representing Anderson High School, played for the PIaymaker's play, the Fine Arts Festival, Choral Club's "Choral munity groups Classic," and the production of "West Side Story." Advanced art students worked independently using silk screens, linoleum blocks, sculptures, and paint. Many of the creations made in the art classes - lettering de- signs, toothpick structures, paint- ings, and drawings - were found in the display cases in the main hall- way for students to see. MUSIC 21 IHSAA rule allows girls in male sports The Indiana High School Athletic Association ruled that starting this year females may participate in ex- tra-curricular non-contact sports formerly open only to males. Girls gained more interest in improving their skills to meet the requirements of the teams. Along with the physical aspects of phys. ed., rules and techniques were also learned with the help of films and student assistants. One of the objectives of Driver's Education was safety. This was emphasized even more with the help of the new safety devices - safety belt buzzers and energy absorbing bumpers -found on the 1973 cars. Above: Before students start to play, Ivlrs. Garrity briefly reviews the basic funda- mentals employed in volleyball. Above left: Action begins with a short blast on Mr. Freeman's whistle. Right: Mr. Osborne ex- plains the importance of always carefully checking the driver's blind spot. 22 DRIVER EDUCATION Left Doug Shields helps Lotheda Schoettmer to start her stalled car durmg slmulator practice Above Eye hand co ordmatuon ns developed In gurl s volleyball PHYSICAL EDUCATION 23 Work program expands: adds variety of jobs Caring for children in day nur- series, assisting in dry cleaning establishments, cooking in restau- rants, working on construction crews, assisting a veterinarian, working as secretaries in offices, helping as nurses' aides and physi- cal therapists in hospitals, learning auto and small engine repair in auto garages, meeting the public as sales persons in stores, and assisting in flower shops were some of the jobs included on this year's work pro- grams. Home Economics Related Oc- cupations was expanded to include all home economics areas. The need for a separate class in the health area brought about the creation of the Cooperative Health Occupations course. Above: Writing up the street cuts is one of Traci HamiIton's responsibilities in the City Engineers Office. Above right: DE stu- dent Becky Haines practices her selling techniques in the shoe department at Weiler's. Right: Learning how to use modern office machines in the COE class helps Janice McCrary and Barb Pyzik to gain jobs through school work programs. 24 WORK PROGRAMS 3 ,-fegmtf MW" m"7W'5?lll1:'- u.,e+w A '-:: H ..,,,., T. , . gig. W,k, ,, Q , ig T 11,1 id si! sz Q r Above left: Referring to the manual while working, Terry Scott, student on the ICT pro- gram, quickly finds the trouble in this tele- vision. Left: Malinda Minniear, HERO student who works half days at Northside Jr. High School cafeteria, is making pudding for to- day's lunch. Above: Janet Wright, working for the Madison County Association for the Re- tarded, leads two children downstairs to their awaiting mothers. WORK PROGRAMS 25 Below: Celia Balsley realizes that putting the zipper in her skirt correctly is necessary for a perfect fit. Bottom: As a foods class project, Kim Mills, Debbie Rodgers, and Nina Ayes make cookies for the National Education Week open house. Five females join industrial ed. This year there were five girls among the 250 students in the industrial edu- cation courses. They were required to accomplish the same projects, but ac- cording to Dept. Head lVIr. Reilly, 'tThey were more efficient and neater in their work." He went on to add that this was good because it challenged the male students to do better. The wise selection of goods, sound child care procedures, and the import- ance of good interpersonal relation- ships in the home were important parts of the home economics curriculum. This year's curriculum was modified in order to work along with the home eco- nomics work program. 26 HOME ECONOMICS gem lu .lwfr W. ee. -:.ame:svs.if:1f+ms:xwaatQnxmlr 1cgl.v.watt'1.1- 1 Y Above: Jerry Quire painstakingly sprays each coat of paint evenly over this car to deliver a high gloss shine. Right: Kurt lVIuI- lins uses the lathe in Product Design to finish his project. Far right: Teresa Alt watches as Don Blockson guides the disc pack into one of the machines found in the data processing class. 28 VOCATIONAL SCHOOL ""'Nnw' WY , .,L,. Left: Practicing on the key punch, Rick Boerner and Jeff Barnes improve their ac- curacy. Below: Looking over the different type styles, Tom Scott decides which is best for his art project. Students gain salable skills Eight hundred students per hour from Nladison, Hancock, and parts of other counties, worked and learned at the Area Vocational- Technical School. Each student spent a half day at his regular high school in academic classes, and a half day at the Vocational-Technical School. These students developed desirable job attitudes as well as skills. Carpenters from the Building Trades class and electricians from the Electricity and Electronics class combined their efforts to build a house. Electricity 8. Electronics, and Heating, Air-Conditioning, 81 Refrig- eration were two classes added to the curriculum. Greater student demand called for an expansion in the Graphic Arts course. VOCATIONAL SCHOOL 29 Q , E :'f.ww,z1f,Qz1,:a:, K'A- .1 1 X , 5 K if QQ U A . ' Vfixkaf- Qi 5:31 wr- W M W. ,szseipfff-,:':eSm5'1e'Mz, - ' 'Q' ,' MSS, Activities Involving myself in school Means Missing dinners, dress rehearsals Baking cookies at 10 p.m., Sewing uniforms, building floats, Marching for State Fair Band Contest In 900 weather, Sitting in icy rain While AHS makes a first down, Losing my voice in a basketball game, Trying out for the lead in a play, Opening night, Selling tickets, and Selling candy. These things only help me To establish relationships with others, Long time friendships, People I will never see again. Through working with my friends, l learn how to deal with people When l am not a part of Indian Summer Left: Joe Calabria lets the referee in on a sideline opinion at the Elkhart Central game. Above center: Under the direction of Mr. Seaver, the Madrigals rehearse their program for the Ball State Music Contest. Center: Student Council members Larry Dunn and Kevin Boston create wall decora- tions for Fall Windup. Lower right: Martha Dowman, X-RAY staff member, delivers newspapers to homerooms. Upper right: Sophomore lndianette Cindy Tucker does a twirling-dance routine to music from "Fiddler on the Roof" during halftime. 31 ! V Far Left: Girls exhibit confidence in the Indians in the sign they carry to Denny Field. Center: Small onlookers observe Indian Gayle Feree of home- room 116 "cooking a cat." Left: Homerooms 222 and 416 combine their efforts to tell how they would deal with the Kokomo Wildcats. Above Left: For the first time in their history, Student Council built afloat on which the three queen candidates are riding to Denny Field. Above: Homecoming Queen, Toni Jackson and her attendents Junior Rita Wil- liams and Sophomore Chris Shively take their respective places in front of the Indian stands. HOMECOMING 33 Students present varied convos, 20 pep sessions Education extended beyond the classroom as Band, Choral Club, and dramatics students entertained the student body. Seven convocations were presented, including a Thanks- giving convo, Christmas convo, and a student talent convo. Programs were planned by a Student Council com- mittee headed by Mr. Beigh. The Pep Sessions Committee worked to produce 20 pep sessions to keep students' spirit high from September football to Nlarch tourna- ment time. The faculty-student committee, with Mr. Hilligoss as chairman, decorated the school for Red and Green Week. Above: A skit by student council shows the student body what the council has planned for the year. Above right: Annual staff members Jean Laughlin and Julie Jones dress up in costumes to represent their positions on the staff at the annual-band convo. Right: Choral Club sings Christmas carols and hymns at the Christmas convo. 34 STUDENT LIFE he H ij' if 'fl ' Above left: Lelon Windham of the group, Compressed Soul, plays a musical selection in the Student Talent convo. Far above: Convocations Committee members Barb Pyzik, Betsy Hirsch, Larry Linamen, Greg Stamper, and Kathy Dickey review plans for a convocation production. Above: PEP SESSIONS COMMITTEE Front row - Sara Dillman, Brenda Horton, Sue Worl, Scott Frendt, Jean Laughlin, and Jeff Jarrett. Row 2 - Greg Stamper, Bill Kinney, Marty Frendt. Left: Postman Bill Cunningham de- livers a message to Mike McCord which tells of Anderson's victory in the Kokomo basketball game. STUDENT LIFE 35 5 E1 5 2 S Above: Ryan Estes is one of the 900 students who takes advantage of the hot lunches served in the cafeteria. Above right: Kathy Kachelein, Keith Erk, Kim LaPierre, and Mary Pavey find time for extra studying and re search in the library. Right: Donna Noethtich and Nancy McPhuI review an assignment for a history class. 36 STUDENT LIFE ' 'WDW' Sd' 20 clubs offer extracurricular opportunities Anderson High School provided many opportunities for students to become involved outside of school. After school, 20 clubs met to plan and form activities which involved more than 900 students. Almost 900 students took advantage of the school's cafeteria while other stu- dents went home or ate in places provided uptown. The Student Resource Center, Library, and Re- search Center were available for stu- dents who wished to study in the hour provided for lunch. Some stu- dents who had free hours and did not wish to have a study hall became assistants to one of the teachers at AHS. After school was dismissed, 25 buses arrived to take the students home. Other students drove to and from school and parked on a newly paved, fenced in, and lighted park- ing lot which offered safer condi- tions for student's parked cars. Left: Mark Hittle returns to his locker to retrieve a forgotten assignment. Above: 3:05 finds AHS students loading buses and heading for home. STUDENT LIFE 37 Three Seniors attain coveted number I spot After competing against each other for three and one half years, the seniors had to wait another month for the outcome of the scholastic rank. The final decision placed three people at the number one spot. Three girls and five boys were chosen by a faculty committee to represent AHS at Girls' and Boys' State. Week long activities included classes in government procedure, mock political conventions, cam- paigns, and election of state offi- cials. Sandy Long had the distinction of receiving the DAR award and the Betty Crocker award. Below: Sandy Long looks over the results of her tests with Mrs. Kitterman. Right: Preparing for Boys' State, Mike Doelling, Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Powell, Chris Jones, and Jim Jarrett review government procedures. 38 STUDENT LIFE Far left: Members of the top ten are Randy Welch, Jeff Jarrett, Jean Macholtz, Anne Hittle, Phil Polus, Sandy Long, Becky Harter, Dee Gentry, Leslie Toles, and Kathy Worden. Left: National Merit Commended Students Leslie Toles, Debra Herr, Jean Macholtz, Sandy Long, Bruce Sago, and Randy Welch take a few minutes to discuss college plans. Above: Ann Gunsenhouser, Sandy Long, and Patty Gibbons recall the activities of Girls' State recorded on a filmstrip. STUDENT LIFE 39 Student Council moves, changes time, sponsors Moving over to the Reynolds Building provided Student Council with their own room, and they began with new sponsors, officers, mem- bers, and ideas. At a convocation, council members informed the stu- dent body of their ideas. A sugges- tion box, Contact Point, was located in the main hall to give all students an opportunity to voice their opin- ions in school affairs. ' Taking an interest in athletics, the group decorated the goal posts be- fore home football games and built a canvas arch through which the basketball team entered before games. "Limousine" played at the Fall Wind-Up Dance, "Stairway to Heaven." The Council earned money for charity through the Christmas Penny Postman, donating S525 to the Mental Health Association and S575 to the Salvation Army. Sophomore representatives joined the Council second semester, helping to form the Kazoo Band for increasing spirit at the pep sessions, Valentine's Day Cupid Carrier, and the Twirp Dance. STUDENT COUNCIL Front row - Mr. Macy, sponsor, Mrs. Pitts, sponsor, M. McNabney, M. Johnson, treas., R. Orbik, read. clerk, B. Kinney, pres., M. Frendt, v.-pres., D. Shively, rec. sec., J. Quinn, corres. sec., L. Dunn, parl., J. Pistole, S. Worl. Row 2 - L. A. Jones, K. Reese, D. Heiney, C. Kachelein, L. Darr, J. Tipton, C. Robinson, J. Clear, A Gregg, J. Bennett, K. Foust, K. Canada, D. Ellis. Row 3 - R. Van Camp, L. A. Reitz, C. Anderson, R. Hughes, D. Faulkner, K. Montgomery, A. Hurley, M. Hittle, R. Johnson, S. Smith, D. Early, R. Hull, K. Eads. Row 4 - B. George, N. Jackson, R. Marsh, J. 40 STUDENT COUNCIL Sokol, J. McCrary, B. Shafer, T. Ward, L. Taylor, J. Casey, D. Skaggs C. Lanane, J. Newberry, B. Burton, S. Smitha. Row 5 - B. Harter C. McCutchen, S. Harris, S. Whitton, D. Sweet, B. Matney, N. Whitton S. Romine, M. Frank, R. Freeman, M. McGuire, J. Woschitz, G. Alm- quist, D. Shields, M. Beaty. Back row - G. Stamper, C. Plummer B. Rector, L. Early, R. Lemond, J. Settlemire, R. Graham, A. Coleman L. Linamen, D. Courtney, T. Chismar, J. Lacy, K. Banks, R. Zankl K. Boston. bQ-A l ,J Above left: Mike McNabney, Sherry Romine, Rhonda Hughes and Jane Sokol decorate the goal posts for a football game. Top: Under the leadership of Jim Bennett and Kurt Foust, the Kazoo Band plays the school song at the Kokomo pep session. Left: Building the gate to heaven for the Fall Wind-Up Dance are Dan Weaver, Jack Settlemire, Terry Scott and Allan Gregg. Above: Council President Bill Kinney leads the discussion on the Madison Heights ex- change program at one of the weekly meetings on Thursday. STUDENT COUNCIL 41 CHORALLETTES Front row - lVI. Malone, S. McKee, C. Sheldon, K. Whitehead, D. Heiney, B. Matheney, T. Harvey, A. Cono- ver, D. Friend, K. Dunbar, Mr. Seaver. Row 2 - L. Lanane, A. Sylvester, R. NlcMahan, J. Morgan, C. Starks, P. Hoppes, S. Hirsch, J. Robinson, J. Burton, M. Kimmerling, B. Floyd. Row 3 - M. Wisner, M. Gooding, S. Farlow, C. Craig, L. Taylor, M. Gilbert, N. Sobel, L. Schoettmer, J. Sparks, J. Carr. Row 4 - R. Ogle, C. Tucker, N. Hutton, P. Groww, L. Larson, A. Williams, D. Win- ford, B. Short, K. Punfis, M. Carlile, S. Knepp, P. Hurst, D. Norris, R. Graham. CHORAL CLUB Front row - C. Lanning, R. Hull, N. Parry, S. Smith, D. Sweet, M. Doherty, M. Polus, J. Grimes, M. Miller, D. Babb, B. lVliIler, D. Ponce, T. King, G. Groff, B. Nlettlen, Y. Etchison, D. Conrad, S. Foster, P. Gibbons, lVlr. Seaver, director. Row 2 - R. Smith M. Russell, T. Hitch, K. Webber, S. lVlelson, L. Swan, S. Farr, vf Johnson, S. Pancol, D. Schier, B. Bales, D. Conover, P. King, C. Lash, L. Anderson, B. Dowling, L. Robinson, B. Hirsch, A. Kopp Row 3 - D. Bowman, A. Kilmer, C. Whitmill, L. Hogue, K. Cochran R. Sowash, D. Temple, K. Hall, J. Slattery, J. McKinnley, G. Jeffers G. Decker, B. Bailey, C. Cotten, S. Romine, M. Fox, L. Starks, T Daugherty, C. Burris, S. Hardesty. Row 4 - S. Donaldson, M. Reild- bach, J. Deakyne, J. Donnelson, L. Olvey, M. Malaguerra, J. Maxstadt D. Fox, J. Powell, F. Ponce, C. Jones, B. Helvering, B. Hazen, J Helvering, T. Leffel, K. Burt, S. King, G. P. Smith, K. Erk, D. Webb J. Williams, K. Worden, P. Wood, J. Macholtz, J. Laughlin, L. Foggs. 42 CHORAL CLUB - CHORALETTES - SWING CYHOIR Madrigals sing for city groups The Madrigal's 60 performances this year included programs for the Exchange Club, Lion's Club, Kiwan- is, and Christmas at Monument Cir- cle. Students who passed an audition given by Mr. Seaver, director, com- posed Swing Choir, a 21 member group. Ladders, tambourines, and flashing lights helped to create special effects. The 85 Choral Club students placed third at State Fair after spending a week at Choral Camp in August. Other performances in- cluded the Choral Classic on Novem- ber 15, Christmas at Monument Circle, and special convos. The final production, the musical "West Side Story," played in the auditorium on March 23, 24, 30, and 31. Choralettes represented the only all-girl choral group at Anderson. Candy sales produced the money needed to buy robes and pay for the buses used to take these groups to out-of-town performances. Above left: SWING CHOIR Front row - Kim Hall, Claire Boone, Sherry Romine, John Kuntz. Row 2 - Renee Hull, Madeline Doherty, Dewayne Johnson, Claudia Lanning, Julie Wil- liams. Row 3 - Tom Leffel, Vickie Coffey, Sue Har- desty, Ann KODD. Dave Webb, Ken Burt. Row 4 - Kathy Worden, John Hel- vering, Lorri Hogue, Bob Hazen. Above: Choral Club warms up third period as Mr. Seaver stresses the importance of the use of the diaphragm in singing. Left: MADRIGALS Front row - Mr. Seaver, Patty Gib- bons, Susie Farr, Peggy Roberts, Jean Macholtz, Mary Young, Robbie Smith. Row 2 - Dave Babb, Jeff Powell, Chris Jones, Frank Ponce, Dave Schier, Ted King. MADRIGAL 43 Right: Riff lChris Jonesl explains to the Jets that they should always be "cool." Above: Maria, llvlary Youngl, pleads with Anita lMadeline Dohertyl to lower the neckline of her dress "just a little bit." Above right: The Jets and the Sharks fight for the right to control the turf. 44 CHORAL PRODUCTIONS S' S ww f , ,, Awe' . LW, 4 ., 4 F. f 11 ,yy ne., ff af E1 :67.f'E'g??' fli2:fL,c-W2 ff u f L1 5 f :if l A wx ff? 7 eg Q LJ f f f . , af ' ' ff 1' ,Ai 1 Band captures sweepstakes at Southport The Nlarching Indians were named champion sweepstakes win- ners at the Indiana School Music Association's competition at South- port High School. The show con- tained a variety of songs. The open- ing was the theme from the "Ring- ling Brother's Circus" and the con- cert number was "Impossible Dream." Pinwheels and company front maneuverings were performed as the band and Indianettes moved into crosses and formations. The Indianettes staged the twirling por- tion of the show, under choreogra- phers Jane Cade and Mary Chandler. The band ranked seventh at the 1972 State Fair contest. The num- bers played were primarily western and the opening was "The William Tell Overture," where the band came charging across the track to execute a series of horn flashes, folk dances, and body movements. Above right: Five band members make up a squad which is respon- sible for producing the performance at each pregame and halftime show. Right: Drum ma- jors Bob Cowles and Chuck McCord, along with majorette Cindy Cooke lead the band in a pregame show at Denny Field. 46 BAND mg .,r is j Q as .f 'F A Y 1 s sg." Y l i 8 x 3 fi A . , X VX: 'sf .-1 V v 1 ' ' ' . N wg A ' ' 'Rs f ' ,. ' 35 fy'-Siftisffd 3 Q5 X' 'Q K' l M P s - lu V mu. ABOVE: The Drum and Bugle Corp go into a marching formation. Right: INDIAN- ETTES Row 1 - C. Cooke, D. Wisner, D. Daugherty, D. Streaty, C. Scott, L. Hinton, V. Sizelove, T. Jackson, Jane Cade, chor- eographer. Row 2 - D. Mumbower, L. Lanane, M. Collings, P. Cox, J. Poe, T. Mul- lins, C. Williams, J. Sparks, C. Lewis, D. Aldridge. Row 3 - M. Brooks, R. Krieg, C. Riggins, C. Miller, T. Reason, C. White- man, C. Tucker, T. Alt, D. Shrake, R. Smith, A. Haney. STAGE BAND Row 1 - A. Jerram, C. Mc- Cord, D. Saucedo, R. Townsend. Row 2 - P. Vance, J. Nelson, V. Gully, R. Taylor, M. Highsmith. Row 3 - M. McCarty, Mr. Ragucci, director, B. Stultz, K. Mitchell, M. Mishler, R. Riggs. Row4-J. Hammons, B. Shepherd, B. Disinger, G. Murphy. 48 BAND Five concerts end band season The production of a record in- cluding the 1972 State Fair show, 1973 State Fair show, 1972-73 Southport show, and football and basketball pregames ended the band's concert season. The band gave five concerts during the sea- son, including the Pops concert March 13, which featured popular music, the spring concert April 12, the band convocation in February, and a contest at Muncie North Side High School. The band also appeared at King's lsland. The Stage Band finished second in the playing contest at Ben Davis in lndianapolisfor the Indiana Music Educator's Association. Left: The lndianettes prepare to march onto the gym floor to perform a Spanish rhythm number with the Drum and Bugle Corp. Below: Don Bruce, Jack West, Jim Clark, and Pat Miller prepare to operate the lighting for a basketball pregame. AHS CONCERT BAND Flutes - S. Wood, C. Kachelein, K. Smith, S. Hardesty, J. Sul- livan, D. Bergman, T. White, S. Hassler, F. Poe, R. House, B. Burkhart, S. Collins, K. Clawson, J. Kilburn, K. Sullivan, D. Dietrich, A. Bryan, R. Odom. Clarinets - T. Hurst, M. Highsmith, L. Robinson, C. Burris, D. Needler, S. Moore, M. St. Clair, T. Buck, P. Simmons, T. House, J. Jones, G. O'Connor, S. McLaughlin, K. Fitzsim- mons, M. Lycan, B. Schriver, J. Lippman, S. Anderson, V. Johnson, C. Stegall, S. Helmic, S. Page, G. Boles, J. Crawford, D. Grille, B. Pearson. Alto Clarinets - R. Mathews, D. Kneblock, C. Stegall. Bass Clarinets - M. Warren, V. Woods, D. VanDalsen, G. Boles. Contrabass Clarinet - K. Streaty. Alto Saxophones - V. Cully, A. Jerran, D. Jackson, J. Edington. Tenor Saxophone - C. Williams, P. Miller, D. Hudson, B. Garner, C. Prince. Baritone Saxophones - W. Brown, C. McCord. Oboes - N. Kitt, L. Hayward, B. VanBaalen. Bas- soons - P. Forkner, T. Fleck, B. Larson. Trumpets - J. Hammons, G. Murphy, R. Patton, M. Smith, D. Dietrich, J. Carlson, B. Shepherd, K. Odom, B. Disinger, S. Pendley, M. Richardson, M. Selby, A. Shields, B. Jackson, D. Hilligoss, R. Gates, M. Shock. French Horns - P. Vance, B. Dietrich, B. Scott, K. Coverdale, R. Crim, W. Goins, D. Newby. Trombones- R. Riggs, B. Stultz, K. Mitchel, R. Van Baalen, T. Gibbons. Baritones - M. Constable, R. Dean, D. McClure, M. Thayer, B. Cowles, P. Williams, D. Hughes, J. Kirehenbauer. Sousaphones - S. Gilmore, J. Johnson, D. Johnson, J. Leaver, M. Billman, C. Eskew, F. Loveall. Percussions - B. Moore, M. Reed, K. Sears, M. McCarty, P. Burke, J. Wilson. Bells - R. Krieg, R. Ogle, l. Mc- Graddy. BAND 49 DECA, HERO make display for mall show Distributive Education Clubs of America competed in the district contest where Gary Clark placed first in mathematics, Susan Alger won first in spelling and Kathy Coulliette took second place in job interview. Gary Clark was also the senior dis- trict vice-president. This position required that he preside over all district meetings and functions. The club met with an advisory board which was made up of business and school officials from the community. DECA members sold scented candles made by mentally retarded children. Home Economics Related Occu- pations functioned as a subdivision of Future Homemakers of America. President Joy Kenner was invited to attend a National Task Force meet- ing November 1-3 in Washington D.C. Joy was the only representative from the midwest attending the meeting. The officers attended a dis- trict leadership training meeting January 20. DECA Front row - T. Hinkle, Mr. Montgom- ery, sponsor, S. Vest, jr. v-pres., J. Bennett, S. Allen, jr. treas., J. Vest, parl. Row 2 - K. Coulliette, J. Wood, K. Webber, D. Cantrell, B. Haines, S. Kelley, R. Krieg. Row 3 - B. Kinney, D. Edwards, B. Fisher, T. Kile, H. Wethington, M. Evans, R. Wills. Back Row - J. Buxton, J. Lanane, R. Van Baalen, J. Russell, M. McClain, J. Kelley, B. Burkhart. 50 DECA Fl W We HERO Front Row - D. Etherington, C. Hyatt, M. Werner, J. Kenner, Mrs. Parker. Row 2 - S. Brown, L. Smith, P. Platt, D. Chamberlin, D. Copeland, V. Wheeler. Back Row - S. Eiler, G. Benefiel, T. McCoy, J. Fischer, B. Bowling, S. Vaughn. Above left: Mr. Montgomery and Royce Miller discuss the success of the DECA display at Mounds Mall. Far left: HERO members Peggy Smith, Pat Spikener, Me- linda Minnear, Katrina Kurtz and Mary Boyd plan the booster button sales cam- paign. Ahove: HERO members learn the techniques of preparing food at King's Food Host. Left: An Indian fan buys a HERO booster button from Betsy Marshall at the semi-state ticket drawing. HERO 51 Right: Vicky Woods, Jo Ellen Ball, Nikki Martin, Debbie Richardson and Barb Pyzik compare awards which they won at an OEA contest. Below: VICA Front row - Mrs. McLaughlin, sponsor, D. Dykes, A. Burnett, M. Warren, L. Schilke. Row 2- L. Hayward, N. Harless, M. Reed, R. Wilburn, R. House, F. Burnell. Row 3 - B. Brown, W. Huston, K. Hoover, P. Roberts, D. Lawson, C. Gibson, M. Ellis. Back Row - J. Pardue, C. Kincaid, J. McLaughlin, M. German, T. Manual, C. Johnson, B. Gregg, K. Banks. 52 VICA INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Bill Sanders, Wes Bicha, Mr. Johnson, Jerry Throesch, Russell Hiles and Mike Donnelly, industrial Arts Club members, work on one of many Wednesday afternoon projects. Office Education Association Club sold calendar towels to earn money for its employer appreciation ban- quet in the spring. Combining with the other work clubs, the girls at- tended a skating party at May's Ice Rink. They also celebrated Hal- loween and Christmas at parties of their own. Participating in the re- gional, state and national office skill contest required much practice from them. ln 1972, Wendy Nelson won first place in duplicating skills at the national contest. Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America sold greenery during the Christmas holidays and candy to earn money. They collected food baskets for needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. To elect officers for 1974, the club attended the State Convention. William Brown ranked as State Parliamentarian for 1973, and the club was elected best all around club in the state. OEA members competeg CHO joins VICA Above: VICA members Terry Scott, Steve Venesky, Marna German, Lelon Windham, Kalen Banks, Dan Dykes and Barbara Gregg examine historical scrapbooks of their contest victories. Left: DEA Front Row - J. E. Ball, rep.-hist., M. Winningham, v- pres., N. Martin, pres., C. Snyder, sec., J. McCrary, treas., D. Richardson, parl. Row 2 - Mr. Macy, sponsor, E. Chambers, D. Nevland, S. Watkins, J. Norris, N. Adams, F. Poe. Back Row - N. Bryan, L. Phillips, B. Tomlinson, M. Dell, P. Isbell, B. Pyzik, V. Woods. OEA 53 'Feet' illustrate sales campaign Paper feet distributed throughout the school symbolized the sales theme "The Indian is Coming." The annual was distinguished from those of previous years by the use of re- verse printing, modular layouts and spot color which carried out the theme of "INDIAN SUMMER." Editor-in-chief Jean Macholtz, Managing Editor Diane Swinehart and Photographer Jack Renforth attended Indiana University for a two-week concentrated study of the yearbook. Each was enrolled in a special course which taught how each aspect of the annual can ef- fectively be done, such as layouts, copy and photography. A new S350 restored darkroom enabled INDIAN photographers Dave Webb and Jack Renforth to develop the annual staff's 1,400 pictures. .V ' HE T 54 ANNUAL Left: Dressed as a little girl, Robin Marsh portrays her position as Underclass editor in the annual-band convo. Above: Senior editor Lesley Corbin, Faculty editor Julia Jones, and Underclass editor Robin Marsh check the spelling and placement of each student and faculty picture. Left: Photo editor Sherry Romine assigns the picture schedule to photographers Dave Webb and Jack Renforth. Far left: Man- aging Editor Diane Swinehart, adviser Mrs. Pitts, Business Manager Patty Gibbons, and Editor-in-Chief Jean Macholtz discuss the pictures for a division page. Below: Busi- ness staffers Robin VanCamp, Nancy Fish- er, Libby Withers, and Jamie Kearns sell bumper stickers to the adult fans who come to the semi-state basketball ticket drawing. ,.,,. Left: Picking up a few layout ideas from previous AHS annuals are Darice Needler, activities editor, Chris Jones, sports editor, Lou Anne Jones, organizations editor, Jean Laughlin, academics editor, and Jeff Clear, sports editor. ANNUAL 55 50 mem ber X-Ray largest in years The 1972-73 50 member X-RAY staff was the largest in 21 years. The majority of the staff were veterans of two and one half to three years. When a student had completed a semester class in newswriting, he was eligible for an X-RAY position. Senior, Homecoming, Valentine, and Sectional issues helped com- prise the twenty-eight issues of THE X-RAY produced this year. The staff sold 335 Christmas messages to produce the red and green Christ- mas issue. The Vocational School did the entire printing of THE X-RAY with a staff led by Mr. Hays and Mr. Mc- Coy. Type was justified and set by a computer run by student Faye Poe. After paste ups and editing, students printed the paper on offset presses. 56 THE X-RAY Above: Page editors Karen Kinerk and Holly Hoke, layout director Stacy Dietzer Rita McKinney, Marty Dowman and Ric Buckles post the week's assignments for the staff Right: Business manager Sue Edwards and assistant Tom Owens, ad staff members David Johnson, Mary Lozar Pam Martin and Barb Pyzik, circulation manager pre pare a campaign to sell three pages of Valentine messages. Above left: Sponsor lVlr. Purs- ley, managing editor John Abel, assistant editor Ann Hit- tle, co-editors-in-chief Nancy Jackson and Carla Scott, and managing editor Dan Russell discuss the structure of THE X-RAY. Far above: Typists Pam Peterson, Becky Baker, Tami Ward, Lisa Roop and Susan Gibbs type the staff members' handwritten copy to prepare it for printing, Above: Copy readers Debbie Keogh and Doug Hall along with layout editors Tim Stires and Dave Webb plan one of THE X-RAY's four pages. Left: Photogra- phers Gary Decker, Don Hickey, and Tony Etchison examine pictures for an X-RAY edition. THE X-RAY 57 Honor Society celebrates 35th The first Honorary Society, formed in 1921 by Student Council to honor students with exceptional grades, graduated 15 students. One half of the student's grades had to average A and not more than one fourth B. Joining the National Honor Society in 1938 and allowing one fourth of the grades to average C, the society graduated 54 members. This year 81 honor students grad- uated with an accumulation average of at least 3.25 for five consecutive semesters. The LITTLE CHIEF added a four page fold-out dedicated to seniors and their philosophies. Quotes and caricatures burst as sun rays out of an Indian head. Students sub- mitted 570 poems, numerous fiction and non-fiction stories and art work, the best being selected by the staff. Color was also featured throughout the magazine, "Indian Outburstf' Quill and Scroll was an Honor Society for outstanding journalism students who rank in the upper third of their class. HONOR SOCIETY Front row - L. Corbin, C. Snyder, V. King, J. Jarrett, pres., J. Jarrett, v.-pres., S. Long, treas., C. Anderson, C. Boone, M. Winningham, L. A. Jones, P. Gibbons, P. Simmons. Row 2 - D. Swinehart, J. Laughlin, A. Kopp. N. Jackson, R. Marsh, A. Gunsenhouser, E. Williams, B. Hofer, B. Hirsch, R. Smith, K. Canada, J. Bennett. Row 3 - B. Pyzik, D. Dietrich, R. Krieg, R. Hughes, J. McCormack, A. Hittle, J. Sokol, D. Shively, J. McCrary, J. Wright, K. Baker, K. Worden, A. Kilmer, E. Chambers. Row 4 - D. McCoy, 58 HONOR SOCIETY D. Brinson, N. Kitt, T. Hitch, H. Frese, R. Hayes, G. Stamper, N Fisher, K. Goehring, C. Balsley, K. Treadway, R. Harter, V. Wheeler Row 5 - J. Jones, L. Withers, D. Richardson, W. Huston, J. Powell D. Gentry, L. Toles, B. Elpers, K. Fowler, L. Linamen, V. Woods N. Martin, J. E. Ball, S. Thompson. Back row - J. Renforth, B Sago, P. Polus, T. King, J. Helvering, B. Hazen, D. Pickens, G. Smith S. Venesky, J. Hammons, T. Sachse, S. Hackler, D. Clark. QUILL AND SCROLL Front row - Mrs. Pitts, sponsor, L. A. Jones, N. Jackson, pres., J. Laughlin, sec., L. Withers, treas., Mrs. Maine, sponsor. Row 2 - D. Swine- hart, L. Corbin, B. Pyzik, S. Long, R. Marsh, V. Wheeler, J. Jones. Row 3 - J. Kearns, A. Hittle, N. Fisher, P. Gibbons, B. Hirsch, R. Van Camp. Back Row - C. Scott, D. Needler, C. Jones, J. Clear, S. Romine, J. Renforth. Above left Honor Society officers Jean Macholtz Jim Jarrett Jeff Jarrett and Sandy Long light the candles on the 35th birthday cake Above Gary Lennis and Larry Dunn art editors complete rllustra tions and photography for the literary magazine as Debbie Sweet Mrs Maine and Barb Pyzlk edit stories turned in by stu dents Left Jean Laughlin layout editor Marti Dowman managing editor Doug Hall business manager and Nancy Jack son editor in chief select the final copy for the Little Chief 'Of M-0-1:05, QUILL AND SCROLL - LITTLE CHIEF 59 Polus presides as National JCL president Presiding as National Junior Classical League President, Phil Polus attended several meetings all over the United States. Debbie Friend served as the State Junior Classical League Corresponding Secretary. Selling initiate slaves to active masters, Latin Club began its activities for the year. They collected coffee for the Mental Health Asso- ciation in New Castle. All members sold candy and Indian booster but- tons to help finance the club. Spanish Club began its activities with a combination initiation and Halloween party at Mounds Park. At their Christmas party, they made Christmas cards for people in the city's nursing homes. They helped organize the annual Language CIub's Skating Party at May's Ice Rink Feb- ruary 13 and the Language Club Olympics in the spring. The club sold candy in order to earn money to fol- low the club's tradition of presenting a senior who plans to go on in Spanish with a scholarship. LATIN CLUB Front row - Miss Durr, sponsor, P. Polus, pres., T. King, parI., D. Friend, treas., R. Orbik, v-pres., J. Bennett, hist., L. Millspaugh, sec., J. Barbre, S. Frendt, S. Romine, S. Porter. Row 2 - S. Upperman, J. Coates, B. Rosencrans, K. Pancol, C. Tucker, L. Lanane, T. Manis, R. Smith, M. Kimmerling, D. Brooks. Row 3 - C. Snyder, D. Hiatt, M. Pavey, J. Gunsen- houser, R. Harter, A. Sylvester, R. Van- Camp, C. Bates, M. Fritsch, W. Huston, T. Niccum. Row4 - E. Schrenker, C. Balsley, N. Weddell, B. Huston, F. Reese, T. Howard, D. Bloom, J. West, J. Greene, D. Shields, T. Woodall. Back Row - M. Rogers, S. Smitha, G. Smith, D. Hall, K. Foust, R. McMahan, R. Armstrong, S. Pan- col, B. Garner, T. Keagy, T. Sachse. 60 LATIN CLUB Far left: Kim Lloyd, Lori Darr, Bruce Bur- nett and Danny Bowen watch Thelma Frazer break open the pinata. Left: Phil Polus and Miss Durr discuss plans for a national Latin Club meeting in California. Below: Julie Burton, foreign exchange student to Brazil, explains to Spanish Club some of the customs which she learned. SPANISH CLUB Front row - Mrs. McHenry, sponsor, J. Tipton, J. Gunsenhouser, C. Robinson, R. McMahan, A. Gunsenhouser, C. Gun- ter, D. McCoy, A. Gregg, parl., J. Burton, sec., C. Jones, pres., B. Kinney, treas., M. McGuire, v-pres.: J. Casey, C. Watson, E. Williams, D. Etherington, K. Smith, J. Jarrett, Mrs. Voorhis, sponsor. Row 2 - M. Frendt, M. Montgomery, K. Goehring, C. Williams, S. Collins, . Darr, V. Boze, E. Jones, L. Haines, S. Sample, M. Polus, D. Norris, . Elijah, S. Worl, B. Ray, D. Fox, T. Rigsby, E. Riplogee, R. Sowash, L S K. Givan, M. Stinson. Row 3 - M. Frank, J. Barrett, D. Shively, J. Morgan, K. Whitehead, J. Bohmeyer, K. Lloyd, B. Hofer, P. Sim- mons, J. McCormack, B. Mettlen, B. Miller, L. Taylor, B. York, K. Busing, R. Freeman, L. Geiger, L. Early, C. Anderson, J. Donnelson. Row 4 - N. Gassett, D. Arbuckle, T. Armstrong, C. Coody, P. Peterson, B. Walker, M. Malaguerra, C. Wardwell, M. Stein, L. Poat, E. Gafford, L. Withers, J. Jones, P. Gibbons, R. Smith, N. Whitton, G. Looper, C. Hendricks, A. Dulin, J. Dixon. Row 5 - J. Sparks, S. Huffman, T. Flaming, L. Brooks, D. Dietrich, S. Nicholls, K. Matthews, C. Stanley, K. Barrigan, S. Foster, C. Burris, D. Whitesel, P. Crouch, D. Sokol, P. Penrod, V. Johnson, B. Helvering, M. Miller, E. Purpus, L. Davis, R. Hoskins. Row 6 - K. Sullivan, A. Bryan, S. McLaughlin, L. Gressman, P. Dickmann, D. Heiney, P. Flatford, D. Cunnningham, T. Eskew, J. Jarrett, D. Pickens, K. McClintock, B. Busing, J. Tread- way, J. Collins, S. Kinerk, L. Cahoon, K. Dollar, S. Hasler, R. Albrecht, S. Pendley. Row 7 - M. Thayer, T. Barnett, B. Vetor, S. Carmony, T. Simmonds, A. Hanna, M. Malone, L. Hayes, P. Gross, J. Bennett, P. Barnett, S. Frendt, J. Pistole, P. King, C. Zook, S. Swallow, S. Staub, O. St. Clair, T. McNutt, R. McDonald, D. Brenson, G. Bair, C. Meyer, G. Almquist. Back Row - R. Hayes, J. Woschitz, J. Peck, J. Robinson, P. Weis, M. Gilbert, T. Madden, L. Larson, L. Toles, T. Johnson, M. Dunn, R. Hughes, J. Horevay, C. Lash, J. Lacey, K. Hornocker, D. McMahan, L. Farlow, L. Rush, S. Whilton, K. Kinerk, R. McKinney, C. Hinton, S. Smith, D. Bowen. SPANISH CLUB 61 Language clubs host OI mpics New members were initiated into French Club by crushing grapes for "wine." At their monthly meetings, the group viewed a movie about Paris, listened to Nancy Jackson's and Beth Shrenker's accounts of their trip to Europe, presented skits spoken in French fortheir own enter- tainment and discussed the busi- ness aspects of their club. At a Christmas party, they went carolling in French and feasted on French food. German Club provided food baskets for two needy families at Thanksgiving. The members made the annual trip to the Heidelberg lnn in Huntington to eat an authentic German meal. With hopes of retain- ing top place in club sports, they began practicing for the Spring Language Club Olympics in February. Forming a band to play German songs, the club attended the State German Club Convention at Indiana University March 31. FRENCH CLUB Front row -- Mrs. Sharma, sponsor- S. Long pres. J. Laughlin, treas., R. Marsh, sec., B. Bonge, v-pres., K. Remley, sergeant-at-arms, S. Shoemaker, J. Oyler, E. McFadden, D. Dennis, C. Kachelein, K. LaPierre. Row 2 - K. Punris, D. Clark, R. Zankl N. Fisher, R. Hughes, B. Rosencrans, N. Jackson, D. Shively, J. Sokol A. Hittle, S. Melson, D. Sweet, P. Hurst. Row 3 - B. Rector, K Baker, T. Ward, H. Hoke, S. Dietzer, M. Manis, A. Stires, D. Granger, D. Conrad, R. Krieg, J. Barbre, N. Parry, G. Welton, K. Eads, C. 62 FRENCH CLUB Shively. Row 4 - T. King, K. George, S. Albea, D. DeSutter, B Schafer, V. Coffey, M. Reidelbach, T. Busby, D. Bowman, S. Westen berger, D. Keogh, C. Watson, M. Collings, S. Snedeker, A. Conover Back Row- S. Catlett, K. Kaiser, S. Richard, M. Gooding, K. Canada B. McMahan, S. Hirsch, C. Peterson, J. Turner, S. Paulus, B. Horton M. Zirklebach, C. Gerard, S. Worden, K. Slater, C. Colvill, J. Shoe- lT'lak9l'. GERMAN CLUB Front row - Mr. Newkirk, sponsor, B. Chambers, treas., T. Hitch, corres. sec., G. Patton, pres., P. Higgin- bottom, v-pres., M. Morris, J. Breeden, D. Early, G. McClure. Row 2 - H. Diedring, B. Elpers, D. Schipp, S. Albea, N. Fralick, L. Winford, D. Winford, G. Robertson, G. Cochran, P. Wood. Row 3 - M. Harney, M. Johnson, T. Baker, R. Jones, NI. McKin- ley, T. Harvey, J. Sullivan, B. Harmsen, D. Royer, R. Gates, R. Crim. Back Row - P. Hale, B. Church, P. Valentine, S. Chamb- less, S. Anderson, M. Selby, R. Dean, J. Carlson, P. Schowe, D. Courtney, T. Etchi- SOD. ...ef-18. Far left above: The German Club basketball team takes advantage of extra time during lunch hour to practice for the Language Club Olympics. Above: Vicky Coffey, Mary Reidelbach and Patty Barnes present a restaurant skit to French Club. Left: David Jones is initiated into French Club by stomping grapes for "wine," GERMAN CLUB 63 Orchestra grows, accompanies Choral Classic The AHS orchestra expanded to 65 members and the String En- semble to 34 members this year. For the first time ever the orchestra participated with the Choral Club in the Choral Classic. Other activities included performing for West Side Story, a concert in April and gradua- tion. String Ensemble performed for the Fine Arts Center in September and Christmas at City Hall. Being the top ten per cent of all French classes and receiving A averages in all their French courses enabled 15 students to charter the first French Honor Society. The so- ciety hosted a Mardi Gras for French Club. Spanish Honor Society members also ranked in the top ten per cent of all Spanish Classes. -..M ...gin ORCHESTRA Front row - D. Schier, A. Kilmer, J. Coates, N. Hutton P. Sleet, R. Ogle, J. Maxstadt, L. Buettner. Row 2 - J. Fox, R Harter, N. Sobel, R. Sommet, P. Hastin, A. Williams, L. Foggs, M Harney, M. Schilke, C. Bates. Row 3 - C. Nicholson, T. Harvey, H. Page, R. Williams, R. Rodgers, L. Gressman, K. Smith, S. Wood 64 ORCHESTRA N. Kitt, L. Hayward, M. Highsmith, T. Hurst, B. Larson, T. Fleck, P. Forkner, A. Wade. Back row - R. Whitmill, Mr. Houser, director, K. Baker, M. McCarty, J. Hammons, G. Murphy, B. Stultz, B. Dietrich. Basses - K. Allbaugh, J. Slattery, J. Nye, G. Jeffers. SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY Front row - Mrs. McHenry, sponsor, P. Simmons, sec.-treas., R. Smith, pres., B. Sago, v- pres., E. Williams, Mrs. Voorhis, sponsor. Row 2 - R. Hughes, C. Anderson, D. Mc- Mahan, K. Hornocker, B. Mettlen, R. Mc- Kinney, K. Kinerk. Row 3 - K. Matthews, B.Busing,D.Dietrich,K.McClintock,S.Swal- low, C. Watson, L. Toles. Back row - B. Ray, P. Flatford, S. Moore, A. Dulin, J. Jarrett, A. Shields, J. Jarrett, C. Lash. Far left: Preparing for a concert at a local tea, string quartet members - David Schier, Ann Kilmer, Renee Olge, and Lanny Buettner - go over a rough spot in their music. FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY Front row - L. Jones, C. Gerard, sec., D. Shively, pres., Mrs. Sharma, sponsor. Row 2 - C. Peter- son, V. Coffey, M. Reidelbach, S. Worden, K. Slater. Back row - M. Beaty, A. Hittle, D. Conrad, S. Long, V. King. STRING ENSEMBLE Front row - DT Schier, A. Kilmer, J. Coates, G. Nicholson, T. Harvey, H. Page, R. Williams, R. Rodgers. Back N. Hutton, P. Sleet, R. Ogle, J. Maxstadt, L. Buettner. Row 2 - row - R. Whitmill, Mr. Hauser, director, K. Baker. Basses - K. J. Fox, R. Harter, N. Sobel, R. Sommet, L. Gressman, P. Hastin, Allbaugh,J. Slattery, J. Nye, G. Jeffers. A. Williams, L. Foggs, M. Harney, M. Schilke, C. Bates. Row 3 FRENCH-SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY 65 N r J A ,f giskg s fs' K ' Q K 'Once Upon A Mattress' gets standing ovation Thespians deviated from their usual dramatic productions to per- form the musical "Once Upon a Mattress." Sandy Long starred as Winnefred in the modern version of "The Princess and the Pea." The show was presented November 9, 10 and 11, receiving a standing ovation all three nights. Aiding the troupe in the production was the AHS orchestra, Pam Cronk, musical di- rector, Tom Zeabart, costume de- signer, Don Davenport, set designer, and Randy Riggs, choreographer. The Play Festival, presented Feb- ruary 17, consisted of four one-act plays. Directed by students, the plays were judged, and awards were given for the best actor, best actress and best play. The plays were "A Private Affair," "What's Zymurgy With You?" "Credo," and t'Flora of the Flower Shop." Members received points accord- ing to the number of hours they put into the production of plays. Ten points signified 100 hours of work and enabled a student to be a member of the National Thespian Society. THESPIANS Front row - Mrs. Bridges, sponsor, S. Long, pres., D. Babb, v.-pres., C. Gunter, sec., E. Williams, treas., B. Rosencrans M. Dowman, J. Quinn, C. Lanning, N. Jackson, J. Williams, L. Jones Row 2 - B. Bonge, S. Smith, R. Hull, C. Williams, M. Malone, M. Russell, D. Webb, R. Flatt, G. Dunbar, M. Rowe, R. Orbik, S Worl. Row 3 - D. Clark, P. Gibbons, P. Roberts, C. Kachelein, B McMahan, J. Lacey, C. Lash, L. Larson, K. Dunbar, K. Pancol, P. Weis, C. Jones, M. Polus. Row 4 - S. Pancol, L. Swan, L. Starks, K. Canada, K. Busing, M. McGuire, P. Valentine, D. Hickey, M. Reed, N. Parry, R. Harter, J. Casey. Back Row - L. Foggs, B. Kinney, T. Dawson, A. Gunsenhouser, R. Marsh, T. King, B. Hirsch, D. Sen- seney, S. Jones, J. Norris, S. McKee, G. Ferree, R. Smith, D. Conover, D. Jones. TH ESPIANS 67 Above: Senior Drama students depict a scene from the class play, Shakespeares "As You Like It." Right: Cheryl Stanley and Sandy Long present a dialogue to the Sen- ior Drama class. 68 SENIOR DRAMA Seniors present 'As You Like It' Speech Club members attended contests at Ball State and New Castle. They competed on original oratory and interpretation of drama, humor and poetry. Marti Dowman and Nladeleine Doherty received an excellent rating in the drama contest at Ball State and were listed in the top ten group in their division. Twenty-two students made up the Senior Dramatics class. They studied all aspects of play produc- tion and the history of drama, per- formed skits and presented dia- logues. With this knowledge and experience, they performed the sen- ior class play. The students them- selves chose the play after a careful study and selection of possibilities. lVlrs. Bridges, sponsor, selected the students from a group who tried out for the class by presenting a short pantomine and a two minute read- ing or oral interpretation. Above left and right: Marti Dowman and Madelein Doherty rehearse dramatic pre sentations in which they received excellent ratings at Ball State. Left: SPEECH CLUB Front Row - lVIrs. Bridges, sponsor, T. King, pres., G. Almquist, v-pres., T. Morgan, treas., Mrs. Huggins, sponsor. Row 2 - D. Norris, C. Jones, P. Polus, D. Jones, K. Eads, G. Yelton, A. Wade. Row 3 - M. Doherty, L. Swan, N. Creek, E. Weisbrod, P. Jackson, D. Taylor, E. Williams. Back Row - C. Burris, G. Cochran, B. Burton, D. Farr, B. Head, B. Byer, J. Collier, C. Vetor. SPEECH CLUB 69 FHA formed: FTA boosts tourney spirit Future Secretaries of America was made up of 22 students from Madison Heights and 19 from Ander- son. All members were juniors and seniors with business majors. Members of National Secretaries assisted the girls and attended their meetings at Decker Hall. They toured the Newspaper Office and hosted a picnic in the spring to inter- est sophomores in the club. Future Teachers of America met monthly to hear teachers and other education officials speak on their profession. Dr. Peter Cacavas, a psychologist from Ball State, and the deans were among the guest speakers. lnitiates were required to take an apple to all of their teachers. Future Homemakers of, America finished their first year as an orga- nized club at AHS. They sold candles and jewelry to boost their treasury. A pizza party in the Home Economics dining room served as an opportunity for the members to get together. FTA Front row - A. Hittle, v-pres.g D. Con- rad, sec., J. McCrary, pres., E. Williams, hist., Mrs. Allen, sponsor. Row2-T. Hinkle, R. Hughes, B. Batie, S. Dietzer, K. White- head, C. Balsley. Row 3 - B. Bonge, V. Coffey, D. Sweet, E. McFadden, A. Stires, R. McKinney, K. Kinerk. Back Row - S. Pendley, B. Hofer, D. Brinson, C. Burris, N. Fisher, M. Kimmerling, R. Zankl. FSA Front Row - B. Pyzik, M. Lozar, Y. Etchison. Row 2 - R. Carter, K. Cochran S. Chamberlin, S. Brown. Back Row - M. Magers, T. Bahler, D. Scheerer, D. Richard- son, M. Matheney. v 70 FSA-FTA Left: President Mary Lozar lights the first candle at the FSA initiation ceremony. Below: Boosting the Indians during the tourney, FTA members Rhonda Hughes and Terri Hinkle sell a bumper sticker to Tim Bell. Bottom: Kristi Watkins, Margaret Braxton, Miss Harrell, Renee Krieg, Step- hanie Brown, Sandra Chamberlain, Debbie Umbrock and Theresa Bahler end an FHA meeting with a pizza party. FHA 71 Right: Bill Callahan, Tab Postlethwait, Mark Bibler and Lanny Buettner compete for the championship of a chess tourna- ment. Below: Greg Boutwell, Ruth Zankl, Tim Howard and Mark Bibler discuss pos- sible destinations for the Social Studies Club trip. Below far right: Aerospace Club members Bill Winkler, Jay Zirkle, Randy Mahoney, Mike Edgecomb, Nestor Gasset, Roger Wheeler, Anthony Woods, Mr. Mock, sponsor, and Gerold Gosser work on the frame for their airplane. CHESS CLUB First row - Mr. East, spon- sor, L. Buettner, sec., B. Callahan, v-pres., C. Jones, pres., K. Remley, R. Hayes, G. Gosser. Row 2 - T. King, G. Smith, P. Fork- ner, D. Naples, H. Beaman, J. Lacey, D. Newby, J. Upperman, M. Henry. Back Row - B. Dietrich, J. Maxstadt, F. Reese, R. Jones, M. Noffsinger, J. Greene, T. Postle- thwait, D. Bohling, M. Bibler, B. Lackey. api? 44. In its second year of organization, Aerospace Club began building a Baby-Ace home built airplane. The club members did the framework, and a professional cut the wings. They visited Dayton Air Museum November 13, and Weiss Airport. lVlr. lVlock and members flew an airplane over the Anderson area during an orientation flight. Four members worked on their pilot's license. Universal Chess fever, ignited by Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky, hit AHS. Forty-five members partici- pated in chess tournaments. Tab Postlethwait won the single elimi- nation tournament, and Bill Calla- han won the Round Robin tourna- ment. The top four players formed a four-man team and attended the Indiana State High School Chess Tournament. A Social Studies Club was also formed to plan and take trips to in- crease student's knowledge and in- terests in social studies. 1 we AEROSPACE CHESS SOCIAL STUDIES 73 74 PROM Jill Barbre iabovel reigned as Prom Queen attended by Juniors Rita Williams iahove right! and Nita Fralick irightl. ar 'A 42554, ik fife- .xx f in Students dance at Fall Windup, Twirp, Prom Anderson High School sponsored three dances - Fall Windup, Twirp, and Prom. The Fall Windup dance theme was "Stairway to Heaven" and Limousine provided the music. 'lfwirp's "Living in the Past" took those attending on a journey into the past through a time tunnel. Color segments on the gym walls marked a progression into the past, and couples used a 1931 car as a back- drop for pictures. Girls asked boys to Twirp, and those girls, who had dates, chose a Twirp King to reign over the dance. The Juniors chose "Moonlight Garden" as the theme for their prom on May 25th which they honored the graduating seniors. Left: David Farr and Carol Lash enter Fall Windup from the "Stairway to Heaven". Below: Debbie Whitesel gives a Mickie McGuire a congratulatory kiss upon his being chosen Twirp King. DANCES 75 4 Q N Y X wr 2 Ns sh ,A VW A 5 Sm ' Q M . Q . ,N ww W 3793" as Q, 3 SN: -dz N44 .figs W Q ,QV 4 'rg Q 'WSW 'M N . wwf f.fXwiSm .,,.., VIEW x x N? Mu W NHS' Q xx M Nw wx NW R N '95, W Q x X 'W www WN ,Si X mN XQN x R sa skiwxkllixgs-EEm,1 XSWFQN, A Yf igmkwgsxik 1 ai R if 1 'w ss S X X 'F N my x A 3 ,X QM if x wx my NX xx, , XE xv W Sports Sportsmanship Signifies Spraining ankles, every night practices 100 push-ups, screaming crowds, Getting an A-Club sweater, Winning a first place ribbon, Breaking school records, Fighting for the N.C.C. championship, Advancing from reserve to varsity, Seeing my name in print, Realizing I have accomplished, And knowing the meaning of teamwork Being a part of sports gives me An outlet for energy and It brings me in contact with The outside world So that I may be able to cope With pressures and competition That I will find When I am released from Indian Summer. Above left: The expressions of Indian fans are mixed as Jeff Jenness tries for two points against East Chicago Washington. Above: Mascot Steve Pancol leads the ln- dians out on Denny Field to capture a vic- tow over the Huntington Vikings. Left: Dewayne Allen receives one of his seven first place markers in a dual meet with Muncie North. Center Left: Gymnast Susie Erskine competes on the uneven bars in AHS's first girls' gymnastics meet. Far left: The Indian Mascot performs the traditional Indian war dance before a basketball game. 77 Spirited groups encourage Tribe Waving their red and green scarves, Cheerblock encouraged the Indians to perform successfully and added color to the Anderson side of the gym. The girls and their sponsor, lVIrs. Funk, sold candy in order to purchase next year's outfits. They also boosted team morale by at- tending away games as well as those in the Wigwam. To refine their skills, the varsity cheerleaders attended a cheer- leading clinic in Converse, Indiana. Along with assisting the cheer- leaders, A-Club passed out programs at basketball games and collected money for the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. Above: After the playing of the National Anthem, cheerblock helps to fire up the Tribe. Right: VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Front - Joni Foster. Back - Claire Boone, Leisa Richardson, Sara Dillman, Nita Fra- lick, Suzie Erskine. 78 CHEERBLOCK-CH EERLEADERS Left: RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Brenda Horton, Mary Gilbert, Janet Shoemaker, Cindy Jackson, Janice Turner. Below: Cheerblock celebrates a basket scored against Richmond. A-CLUB Front Row - J. Calabria, M. Mc- Cord, J. Jenness, Pres., Mr. Scharnowske, Sponsor, C. Jones, C. Rudd, J. Bonner, D. Wood, A. Gregg. Row 2 - S. Myers, D. Jackson, B. Sago, R. Garringer, N. Gasset, S. Hackler, M. Morris, D. Courtney. Row 3 - D. Early, M. McNabney, B. Elpers, D. Skaggs, R. Thompson, Z. Anson, R. Silvers, T. Miller, J. Breeden, C. Lanene. Row 4 - S. Steger, J. Pistole, D. Worster, M. De Wees, M. Frendt, G. McAshlan, S. Douglass, K. Sears, J. Powell, D. Sink, J. Johnson. Row 5 - R. Orbik, E. Wrin, T. Purcitul, M. Mills, B. Witte, S. Smitha, J. Barber, J. Hughel, M. Montgomery, E. Swain, P. King, R. Taylor, H. Stamp. Back row - J. Newberry, J. Frossard, G. Dunbar, J. Short, G. Stamper, J. Caplinger, T. Pershing, R. Smith, B. Cunningham, B. Wilson, P. Schowe, J. Cue. A-CLUB 79 Girls organize athletic teams for competition While the men battled each other on the athletic fields, the squaws at AHS were organizing their own sports aggregations. For the first time at Anderson, girls competed in various sports with other schools. Volleyball came to AHS with a feminine touch as the maidens competed in a nine game schedule. The girls split four outings with Madison Heights and won two against Highland. Mrs. Garrity and Miss Bundrick headed up a group of 25 girls to per- form gymnastics events competi- tively among nearby schools. Susie Erskine and Beth Rector partici- pated on the uneven parallel bars while Betsy Gephart and Cindy Jack- son finished high in floor exercise and balance beam. In its sixth year as an AHS organi- zation, the 140 member GAA group was active in volleyball and track. Above Right: Mrs. Gar- rity, Joni Foster, Chris Shively and Sherry Sample discuss the elec- tion of GAA officers. Right: Rhoda Freeman slams the volleyball over the net in the sectional. 80 GIRLS ATHLETICS ee iw f -QB 3 A g J , g ix .-. , ,. fig' ,SM .,t .. L..-X ,,VAL ,f a g- .K 97 'S ,- .xf 21 2 ' f Qgifk- N " . all 5 S' ii S 'Hifi -if A .,r :ir c . .s Far above: Practicing for a meet against Madison Heights, Beth Rector shows her gymnastic skills. Above: GIRL'S GYMNAS- TICS Front row - M. Gilbert, D. Thompson, C. Boone, C. Plummer, S. Dillman, Row 2 - S. Mitchell, S. Zebedis, V. Roberts, J. Horevay, D. Granger, B. Gephart, C. Jack- son, C. Peterson. Back row - J. Foster, Mrs. Garrity, J. Turner, K. Purvis, T. Davis, S. Paulus, B. Rector, L. Jones, S. Erskine, S. Smith, T. Taylor, Miss Bundrick. Left: VOLLEYBALL Front row - B. George, T. Fleming, R. Freeman, K. Watkins. Row 2 - V. Roberts, J. Horevay, L. Anderson, C. Vetter, J. LaChew, C. Gallamore, Back row - K. Reese, S. Watkins, V. King, D. Dietrich, D. Garner, S. Schmalfeldt, J. Carter, Mrs. Garrity. GIRLS ATHLETICS 81 Passing attack employed as Tribe upsets foes in conference games Aerial feats and upset victories amazed AHS fans as the football team suffered through an exciting but unpredictable season. Producing wins against highly rated NCC rivals Lafayette Jeff and Marion, the Tribe showed definite strength and ability despite losses to weaker teams. The passing combination of MVP Greg Dunbar and John Short proved successful as they teamed up for 450 valuable yards throughout the season. Dunbar started his first var- sity game against Muncie Central and passed for over 100 yards and three touchdowns. Head Coach Moore became aware of Dunbar's talents and started him for the re- mainder of the campaign. Allowing only three interceptions and throw- Above right: In the opener against Hunting- ton, Gene Bales 1347 follows Johnny John- son's i21l interference and pops through the line for five yards. Above: In the waning moments of the Richmond game, quarter- back Greg Dunbar i16l finds he must con- tend with not only the opponent and the officials, but with the clock. Right: A Lafayette field goal attempt never reached the goal posts as Jerry Quire C811 made the block. 82 FOOTBALL ing for nearly 800 yards and seven touchdowns, he became a premier quarterback in AHS football history. Short, being on the other end of Dunbar's tosses, was named to the All County team along with Mike Burkett, Barry Wilson, John Fross- ard, and defensive standout Mike McCord. Marty Frendt and Captain Gene Bales ended their high school football careers with three varsity letters, while versatile halfback Greg Stamper received the Phillips Family Award. The new IHSAA no-tie rule af- fected the Indians twice during their struggle for a winning season. Over- time cost the team a loss to New Castle, but proved favorable in their one point victory over Marion. Reserve F00tb3ll Anderson 7 Madison Heights Anderson 6 Kokomo Haworth Anderson 12 Muncie Central Anderson 20 Marion Anderson 20 Kokomo Anderson 7 Richmond Anderson 7 Lafayette Anderson 7 Madison Heights Won 2 Lost 5 Tied 1 Varsity Football Anderson 12 Huntington Anderson 12 Muncie Southside Anderson 0 Richmond Anderson 27 Muncie Central Anderson 0 New Castle Anderson O Madison Heights Anderson 14 Kokomo Anderson 21 Lafayette Jeff Anderson 14 Logansport Anderson 14 Marion Won 5 Lost 5 RESERVE FOOTBALL Front row - E. White, C. Cotton, D. Miller, T. Horan, D. Shields, Mgr., B. Vetor, K. Givan, R. Kelley, D. Bloom. Row 2 - V. Wells, D. Perkins, S. Alt, R. Young, F. Boaz, R. Gilliam, T. Cop- pock, D. Mimms, M. Miller. Row 3 - Head Coach King, J. Jackson, M. Reed, J. Seal, R. Sowash, L. Withers, J. Lacey, D. Fox, T. Chismar, S. Toye, S. Chambless, Ass't. Coach Sharnowski. Row 4 - S. King, B. Lackey, J. Hill, S. Brown, B. Ballentine, B. Short, S. Wheeler, B. Bales, K. Erk, D. Fisher, B. Garrity, M. Huff. VARSITY FOOTBALL Front row - M. Eckman, M. Brown, G. Coachran, L. Boyd, J. Frossard, M. Beaty, T. Purciful, D. Wood, T. Reithmiller. Row 2 - B. Sago, Mgr., S. Hackler, B. Cunningham, M. McCord, M. Burkette, D. Early, G. Bales, G. Stamper, J. Johnson, M. DeWeese, M. Frendt, S. Myers, Mgr. Row 3 - Ass't. Coach Sullivan, Head Coach Moore, D. Webb, Mgr., T. McNutt, Mgr., M. McNabney, R. Thompson, R. Smith, M. Montgomery, E. Swain, G. Dunbar, C. Watson, T. McCoy, B. Wilson, Trainer Robert Kearns, M. Mills, Mgr., Ass't Coach Sharpe. Row 4 - L. Gordon, D. Worster, Z. Anson, E. German, J. Short, P. King, J. Quire, M. Noffsinger, M. Morris, P. Schowe, D. Courtney, D. Benak. FOOTBALL 83 Cross Country Anderson Kokomo Anderson Muncie Southside Anderson Marion Anderson lndpls. Wash. Anderson Muncie Central Anderson Richmond Anderson Madison Heights Won 6 Lost 1 Anderson second in sectional Anderson twelfth in regional Tennis Anderson Madison Heights Anderson Muncie Northside Anderson Richmond Anderson Muncie Burris Anderson Muncie Central Anderson Kokomo Haworth Anderson Kokomo Anderson Muncie Southside Anderson Marion Anderson Pendleton Heights Anderson Logansport Anderson Lafayette Jeff Anderson New Castle Won 8 Lost 5 Anderson second in sectional Indians prevail in autumn sports Preparing for an added half mile to the course, the Anderson Cross Country team began practice in August and worked twice a day. Last year's Ray Fleenor Award winner, Dewayne Allen, led the team with seven first finishes and a school record time of 12:30. This year's Ray Fleenor Award recipient and three- year varsity man, Ted Persing, fol- lowed close behind Allen in meets throughout the season. Guiding his team to a second place NCC and sectional finish, Johnson was named the conference's Coach of the Year. Taking part for the first time in a summer program at Mays Park, the tennis team improved in skill and conditioning for the upcoming sea- son. Although junior dominated, the Tribe sported a respectable 8-5 record and second place sectional finish, losing to Richmond only in the final match. Anderson's most outstanding player, Steve Macholtz, was presented the Anderson Tennis Club Award. 84 CROSS COUNTRY Left: TENNIS TEAM Front row - John Abel, Scott Frendt, Jay Collins, Mike Smith, Greg Almquist, Dave Thornburg. Row 2 - Kent Remley, Bob Nlacholtz, Steve Macholtz, Richard Johnson, Dave Frazer, Coach New- berry. Row 3 - John Pistole, Jim Breeden, Dan Skaggs, Jim Newberry, Jeff Jenness. Below: CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Front row - David Lane, Ronnie Garringer, Jeff Cap- Iinger, Jim Barber, Richard Drake, Richard Banguenski, Scott Bondurant, Mgr. Row 2 - John Neal, Kurt Floyd, Dewayne Allen, Wally Smith, Mike Rodgers, Ed Roudebush, Ed Wren, John Sokol, Doug Conover, Mgr. Row 3 - Ass't. Coach Jackson, David Welch, Ted Persing, Ronnie Land, Charles Jones, Mike Donnelly, Del Erickson, Tony Etchison, lVlark Hittle, Jim KODPv Head Coach Johnson. at uf' is Left: Junior Kurt Floyd and Senior Ted Persing streak across the Grandview Course in a dual meet with Richmond. Above left: Senior Dewayne Allen, paces the Indians against Richmond. Far left: Jeff Jenness whips a backhand volley across the court during practice. Above: Team members work on strengthening leg muscles. TENNIS 85 Above: Harry Stamp lays one in during the Indians' 101-64 victory over Kokomo. Above right: In the season victory against New Castle Tony Marshall scores despite the efforts of All-State Kent Benson. Right: VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row - Tom Keagy, mgr., Kim Sreaty, John Spikner, Jeff Jenness, Steve Douglass, Mark Mills, mgr., Ass't. Coach Dawkins. Row 2 - Ass't. Coach Mauck, Roy Taylor, Tommie Nunn, Tony Marshall, Dan Skaggs, Harry Stamp, Jerry Quire, John Pistole, Pat King, Coach Estes. Below right: RESERVE BASKETBALL Front row - Joe Woschitz, Rick Brandon, Steve Friend. Brad Vetor, Ryan Estes, Marshall Richardson. Row 2 - Jim Peck, mgr, Ass't Coach Long, Jeff Hill, Steve King, Kevin Brown, Lawrence Withers, Bob Lackey, Bob Helvering, Brian Harmson, Tom Diggs, Coach Mauck, Tom Keagy, mgr. 86 BASKETBALL gi lndians produce best record in 45 years, win Recovering from a losing season last year, the basketball team worked to become one of the state's powers. Coach Estes built a third- ranked team with a group of mostly juniors, who as sophomores, suf- fered 18 losses and only 3 wins. The Tribe began getting state recognition when they won six games in a row and scored a school record high of 111 points in their victory over Kokomo Haworth. Losing to East Chicago Washington in their first defeat of the year, the Indians regained their poise and beat top ranked New Castle in the Holiday Tourney. Outscoring Nladison Heights 15-4 in the last five minutes of the fourth quarter gave Anderson its first victory over the Pirates in four years. Anderson again went over the century mark when the Tribe destroyed the Kokomo Wild- CC crown cats by a 37-point margin. New Castle tested the Indians in an im- portant conference game only to again falter and lose their chance for the NCC crown. Roy Taylor's 30 points against Logansport and Harry Stamp's 26 against Carmel gave the Tribe vic- tories in the closing games of the season. Tony Marshall pulled down many rebounds and averaged over 17 points a game to aid in the lnd- ians' effort. The conference title, still unde- cided in the last game of the regular season, ended in an AHS victory and conference championship. Stamp, Taylor, and Marshall represented Anderson on the All- County team and together scored more than 1050 points for the best season record in 45 years. ' Above left: ln the ln- dians' trouncing of Elk- hart, Roy Taylor ends up on the scoring end of a fast break. Left: Steve Douglass scores two over the outstretched arm of an Elkhart Blue Blazer. BASKETBALL 87 Right: Pat King scrambles for the ball in the sectional against Alexandria. Below right: Despite the efforts of Carmel's Bill Lake, Tony Marshall rips down a crucial a shot in the Tribe's final game of the year against South Bend Adams. Below far right: The Indians celebrate their semi-state vic- tory over Fort Wayne Northop. Far right: Jeff Jenness passes around a South Bend Adams player in the afternoon game of the State. Varsity Basketball Anderson 98 Indianapolis Marshall 74 Anderson 111 Kokomo Haworth Anderson 83 Marion Anderson 86 Alexandria Anderson Lafayette Anderson North Central Anderson East Chicago Washington Anderson 64 Muncie Southside Anderson 69 New Castle Anderson 79 Fort Wayne-Wayne Anderson 78 Muncie Central Anderson 65 Michigan City Anderson 79 Madison Heights Anderson 80 Elkhart Anderson 101 Kokomo Anderson 71 Carmel Anderson 92 Logansport Anderson 82 Muncie Southside Anderson 79 New Castle Anderson 78 Richmond Sectional Anderson 91 Lapel Anderson 113 Madison Heights Anderson 57 Alexandria Regional Anderson 87 Portland Anderson 60 Carmel Semi-state Anderson 96 Plymouth Anderson 93 Fort Wayne Northrop State Anderson 95 South Bend Adams Won 25 Lost 3 Reserve Basketball Anderson 34 Indianapolis Marshall Anderson 58 Kokomo Haworth Anderson 36 Marion Anderson 36 Alexandria Anderson 49 Lafayette Jeff Anderson 42 North Central Anderson 43 East ChicaS0 Washington Anderson 44 Fort Wayne'Wayne Anderson 32 Muncie Central Anderson 47 Michigan City Anderson 26 Madison Heights Anderson 44 Elkhart Anderson 34 Kokomo Anderson 38 Carmel Anderson 43 Logansport Anderson 53 Muncie Southside Anderson 38 New Castle Anderson 48 Richmond Won 9 Lost 11 88 TOU RN EY BASKETBALL South Bend upsets favored Tribe in state tourney at Bloomington When Hoosier Hysteria came to Indiana, the Anderson Indians put on their war paint and began elimi- nating teams on the road to the state finals. The Tribe refused to bow to lVlad- ison Heights, who for the last three years were winners of the Anderson Sectional. The Tribe scored a record high 113 points to erase the previ- ous 111 set against Kokomo Ha- worth. Anderson had six players in double figures who helped in giving the Pirates the worst beating ever in Madison Heights history. The Tribe went on to defeat Alexandria in the final game to capture their first sectional crown since 1969. Roy Taylor's 19 points and Tony lVlarshalI's 18 gave Anderson a vic- tory over Portland and the right to meet Carmel in the championship game of the regional. Despite the efforts of 6-11 Bill Lake, Carmel could not manage to beat the ln- dians as the Tribe had won their 23rd regional title and a trip to Fort Wayne. All-State guard Bruce Grimm for the Plymouth Pilgrims scored 40 of 84 points, but he got little help from his teammates as the Tribe chalked up another victory. Taylor again led the team with 30 points. Marshall drilled in 23 while the AHS bench also did a superb job. Pat King hit four out of five shots and scored ten points. The devastating Indian front line combined for 56 points in the title clash with Fort Wayne Northrop, but the outstanding playmaking of the AHS guard quartet - Jeff Jenness, John Spikner, Tommie Nunn and Steve Douglass - also aided in the victory. The guards ac- counted for 18 assists led by Jenness with eight. The IU Assembly Hall was the next stop for Coach Estes and the Indians. A goal-tending signal stopped the Indians cold in the last seconds of the game with South Bend Adams. Although they lost the state cham- pionship, the Anderson Indians came back from 18 defeats last year to become one of the glorious final four. The combined score of 194 was a record for the state finals. Taylor finished with the AHS single season scoring recordg his 27 points gave him 582 and broke Rod Freeman's old mark of 565. TOURN EY BASKETBALL 89 .:,i . Swimming Anderson 43 Frankfort Anderson 80 Muncie Central Anderson 36 Lafayette Anderson 63 Shelbyville Anderson 49 Muncie North Anderson 80 Kokomo Anderson 72 New Castle Anderson 80 Marion Anderson 80 Richmond Anderson 43 Pike Anderson 52 Lawrence Central Anderson 80 Muncie South Won 7 Lost 3 Anderson second in sectional Anderson fifteenth in state Right: SWIM TEAM TIMERS Front row - K. Fadely, J. Laughlin, captain, D. Swine- hart, L. Corbin, J. Kearns, M. Ellis, R. Marsh, A. Kopp, N. Fisher, Mrs. Jackson, sponsor. Row 2 - J. Tipton, S. Rains, D. Norris, D. McMahan, G. Groff, B. Busing, B. York, T. Wulle, K. Purvis. Row 3 - K. Canada, B. Rector, S. Hirsch, C. Jackson, J. Turner, L. Larson, T. Madden, L. Mettlen, P. Weis. Below: SWIM TEAM Front row - C. Short, B. Carter, R. Drake, D. Jones, R. Crim, T. Owens, D. Barr, B. Burke. Row 2 - C. Collins, K. Elpers, G. Murphy, D. Anson, T. Coppock, manager, K. Dietzer, M. Dinan. Row 3 - Mr. Watson, Ass't. Coach, J. Taylor, P. Williams, B. Czarniecki, D. Hudson, M. Yust, M. Manis, M. Eckman, B. Elpers, S. Thompson, S. Land, J. Laugh- lin. Back Row - Mr. Freeman, coach, K. Sears, J. Hughel, D. Wulf, M. Lennington, A. Gregg, J. Powell, J. Kiely, Mr. Ritten- house, ass't. coach. 'Q 2. if 3 2? if .5 90 SWIMMING Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Wrestling Crawfordsville 41 Marion 26 Richmond 31 Madison Heights 18 Kokomo Haworth 47 New Castle 17 Logansport 41 Ben Davis 25 Shelbyville 32 Won 3 Lost 5 Tied 1 Anderson first in sectional 1 .iv Q Strait' Wrestlers win second straight sectional crown The varsity swimmers were not as impressive as in years past, but in their struggle to retain the excel- lence once known to AHS swimming, many moments of grandeur were evi- dent. Jeff Powell broke school records in the 100, 200, and 400-yard free- style events and represented Ander- son at the state finals in the latter two. After a late start, Doug Jackson broke his own record in the 100-yard breaststroke and placed third in the state with a time of 1:03.549. A 3-6-1 record gave the Indians the title of underdogs going into the wrestling sectional. Early in the year, the Tribe placed fourth in the Madi- son County Tourney, yet despite their losing season, Coach Kanable and his determined men won the sectional and defeated three teams who had outscored them in the County Tourney. John Neale, Bill Cunningham and Paul Schowe were individual winners for Anderson. Far above left: One of the better wrestlers in the lightweight classes, David Lane scores in a dual meet. Above left: Bill Cunningham frustrates a Marion opponent. WRESTLING Front row - C. Prince, 'R. Garringer, D. Lane, R. Orbick, J. Neal, S. Frendt, M. Johnson. Row 2 - D. Webb, mgr., S. Jones, M. Frendt, B. Wilson, B. Cunningham, P. Schowe, M. DeWeese, S. Myers, mgr. Row 3 - D. Hossell, M. Thayer, G. Betz, S. Zebedis, G. Goodwin, J. Casey, T. Horan. Back Row - Coach Kanable, D. Johnson, W. Welles, B. Wire, M. Farmer, B. Bales, D. Fox, S. Wheeler, M. Morris, Ass't. Coach Sharpe. WRESTLING 91 Gymnastics Anderson 100.5 Anderson 89.72 Anderson 121.44 Anderson 95 Anderson 121.44 Anderson 11135 Anderson 106.92 Anderson 121.81 Anderson 109.05 Anderson 115.5 Anderson 115.7 Won 9 Lost 2 North Central lVlad. Hgts. Warren Central Southport Pike Portland Ben Davis lVlad. Hgts. Wabash Blackford Pike Anderson third in sectional Anderson fourth in state 95 85.32 115.76 72 115.76 73.31 101.77 104.42 111.05 92.75 130.7 Above: Ed Wrin prepares to dismount after his performance on the high bar. Above right: Steve Turpen scores well in a meet against North Central. Right: State champ Randy Smith does a handstand on the parallel bars. 92 GYMNASTICS uqunlln Randy Smith winsg Indians fourth in state After eight meets without a loss, it looked as though the gymnastics team would be the only undefeated team at AHS. With only two seniors, Coach Smith and his gymnasts en- joyed the first winning season ever in AHS history. Anderson had six men place higher than tenth in their individual events to give the Tribe a tie for fourth in the state meet. Randy Smith became a state champion on the horizontal bar. Ed Wrin and Brian Witte also placed high in that event. Mike Smith placed seventh on the trampoline, while in free exercise Tom lVIiller was fifth, Rodney Silvers sixth, and Chris Lanane twelfth. Below: GYMNASTICS TEAM Front row - J. Sokol, C. Lanane, T. Miller, J. Shively, E. Williams, S. Turpen, S. Bondurant. Row 2 - Coach Smith, D. Crowthers, B. Witte, R. Smith, J. Leaver, E. Wrin, R. Silvers, lVl. Smith. Left: Tom Miller pulls to a hand- stand in the floor exercise. Juniors carry baseball team in building year Coach Barneh staned eady con- ditioning in order to avenge a frustating sectional defeat to Nladi- son Heights last year. Although the Tribe crushed the Pirates 13-3 in regular season play, they could not manage to win the crucial game. Anderson closed out '72 season play by losing to Muncie South 2-O and falling to Muncie Central 4-3. The last two games of the season were crushing defeats for the Indians' opponents as they shut-out Marlon 10-O and slaughtered Highland 11-4. Dennis Sink hurled a two hit shut- out in the 1973 season opener against Indianapolis Cathedral and against Pendleton Heights he also gave up only two hits. Later, the Tribe shut out Carmel in the first game of a doubleheader but failed to win the second game as the Grey- hounds came up with six runs in the first inning. Right: Shortstop Greg McAshland stabs a pop fly in the infield. Below right: Assistant coach Danforth watches intently as a var- sity game heads into the final innings. Below: Coach Barnett concentrates on a practice session. 94 BASEBALL Left: 1973 RESERVE BASEBALL Front row - T. Barnett, L. Montgomery, R. Branden, B. Veter, J. Evans, R. Thompson, J. Barber. Row 2 - Coach Dawkins, D. Ritenour, B. Helvering, A. Hurley, J. Seal, J. Rich, A. Coleman, B. Mason, Coach Mauck. Below: 1973 BASEBALL Front row - S. Meyer, Mgr., G. McAshIand, D. Courtney, P. Higginbottom, G. Dunbar, Z. Anson, D. Biddle, J. Frossard, J. Newberry, T. Keagy, Mgr. Row 2 - Asst. Coach Dan- forth, D. Voss, M. Noffsinger, B. Hazen, M. Morris, R. Taylor, P. King, R. Thompson, D. Sink, B. Stinson, Coach Barnett. Left: After slugging a double into left field, Marty Morris follows through with his swing. Varsity Baseball Anderson Indianapolis Cathedral O Anderson Kokomo Haworth 3 Anderson Pendleton Heights 0 Anderson Muncie Northside 12 Anderson Madison Heights 6 Anderson Carmel 0 Anderson Carmel 8 BASEBALL 95 l972 champs defend golf title ln the 1972 season, the golfers proved to be the most successful team at AHS. Led by state champion Jim Cue, the Tribe captured its first state championship in 17 years. Anderson closed out last year's campaign by defeating Highland 297-331, Muncie Northside 301- 339, Tipton 275-332, and Green- field 284-309. The Indians then captured the NCC meet with a win- ning score of 311. After 17 straight wins, the Tribe had to settle for second place in the sectional but went on to win the state. Steve Douglass was named Player of the Year and finished with an average of 74.5. This years track team standouts included Mike lVIcCord who set a school record in the shot put, dis- tance specialist Dewayne Allen, and excellent 880 and mile relay teams which turned in times of 1:33 and 3:33 respectively. Above right: 1972 STATE GOLF CHAM- PIONS Front row - Jeff Roberts, -Dick Peck. Row 2 - Coach Sullivan, Steve Douglass, Jim Cue, Scott Steger. Above: Steve Douglass blasts out of a bunker. Right: Eddie German stretches for a high hurdle against Kokomo. 96 GOLF 4: 1 .525 A ., my Q4-mf ,gi Ji? """"i-., ...J.,,., Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Varsity Golf 295 Pendleton Heights 339 306 Carmel 330 316 Lebanon 342 302 Marion 303 288 Muncie Central 365 315 Kokomo Haworth 340 Varsity Track 40 Kokomo Haworth 86 39 Richmond 88 62 Marion 50 62 Muncie Southside 48 80 Madison Heights 47 98 Pendleton Heights 29 Above: Clearing the bar with inches to spare, John Bonner wins the high jump against New Castle. Above left: GOLF Above left: 1973 GOLF Front row - J. Granger, J. Cue, R. Estes, M. Newton, S. Douglass. Row 2 - Coach Sullivan, B. McFarland, S. Steger, D. Skaggs, J. Peck, S. Brown. Left: 1973 TRACK Front row - K. Floyd, D. Allen, B. Cunningham, J. Caplinger, E. German, N. Gassett, C. Jones, G. Stamper, P. Kelly, D. Worster, M. Dow, Mgr. Row 2 - Coach Johnson, Ass't Coach Jackson, J. Bonner, P. Schowe, T. Persing, M. DeWeese, M. Hittle, J. Short, D. Erickson, B. Lacky, T. Shaw, B. Witte, A. Gregg, B. Purvis, M. McCord, R. Land, Ass't Coach Sharnowske, M. Mills, Mgr. GOLF-TRACK 97 f,x..M-a-ms. 'sxw x x People People Are so much a part of me That sometimes it is hard To separate myself from them. Nly geometry teacher, counselor, Principal, best friend, Choral director, arch-rival, The kid who used to sit across From me in history class, The nurse, librarian, dean The crowd l run around with, Class officers, class sponsors. Each of these Will provide Nostalgic thoughts In years to come. Each of these Are important to me Because they were a part of Indian Summer. Far left: Ken Burt finds that lockers, if necessary, can be a convenient place to take a short nap. Upper center left: lndian backers enthusiasm builds as Anderson takes the lead over rival Madison Heights. Lower center left: History instructor Mrs. Bernard checks her mailbox between classes for any recent announcements. Upper left: One of the duties of lVlrs. Abel, high school office secretary, is to type up the weekly announcements. Lower left: Steve King compiles programs to be handed out at the next football game. Below: Class officers, Mike McNabney, Pres., Terry Scott, V.-Pres., Lou Anne Jones, Sec., Larry Linamen, Treas., work on last minute decoration ideas for the Senior Brunch. Right: Mrs. McHenry, senior sponsor, centers the first place homecom- ing float plaque won by the senior class. Below right: ln keeping with his duties as senior class sponsor, Mr. Zerkel posts an advertisement for the homecoming dance. ,eh- rgxdf gf -,-mv 522352 DARLENE ADAMS - General-Student Council. JAY ADAMS - General-FCA, Tennis. NANCY ADAMS - Business-COE. VIRGINIA ALLEMAN - College Prep- aratory-German Club, Honor Society. JAMES ALLENSWORTH - Technical-Soph. H.R. Pres., DECA, FCA, Football, Baseball. CINDY AM- RINE - General-German Club, Cheerblock. CHRISTIE ANDERSON - College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Spanish Club, Prom Comm., Stu- dent Council, Honor Society, Spanish Honor Club. STEVE ANDERSON - General. BOB ASHER - General-Spanish Club. DAVID BABB - General-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Spanish Club, Convo Comm., Res. Baseball, Res. Track, Gymnastics, Madrigals, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Thespians V.- Pres. THERESA BAHLER - General. BARBARA BAILEY - General-OWE. 100 SENIORS SENIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front Row - Larry Linamen, Lou Anne Jones, Mike McNabney. Row 2 - Rick Orbik, Susie Bell, Cheryl Snyder, Patty Gibbons. Row 3 - Cindy Kachelein, Susan Yattaw, Debbie Senseney, Julie Burton. Row 4 - Carla Scott, Jean Laughlin, Anne Hittle, Stephanie Vermillion. Row 5 - Frank Ponce, Marti Dowman, Bill Kinney, Mike McCain. Row 6 - Dave Early, Thom Garner, Bill Riedel, Terry Taylor, Harry Stamp. Indian Summer ends memorably Reaching the final phase of their high school life, seniors found them- selves involved in national politics for the first time with the new eighteen year old vote. College boards, job applications and draft lotteries took on new meaning for seniors planning for their futures. The class, working with sponsors Mrs. McHenry and Mr. Zerkel, claimed top honors for its float "Hang 'Em High" in the Home- coming parade and sponsored the annual Homecoming Dance fol- lowing the football game. All seniors actively took part in choosing white caps and gowns with tassels repre- senting school colors for an early May 29 graduation. Traditional white was changed to mint green for the color of graduation announce- ments. Senior week, with the Talent Show, Dinner Dance, Senior Brunch, Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises brought to a close a memorable life at AHS and an end to Indian Summer. EDDIE BAIR - General. BECKY BAKER - General- German Club, Latin Club, Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Choralettes, Choral Club, X-RAY, Quill and Scroll. KANDI BAKER - General-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Cheerblock, Orches- tra, X-RAY, Honor Society. TOM BAKER - General- German Club. GENE BALES - Pre-Engineering-Soph. H.R. Pres., FCA, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., A-Club, Football, Track, Swimming. J0 ELLEN BALL - Business-Art Club, COE Reporter- Historian, Convo Comm., Cheerblock, Honor Society. CELIA BALSLEY - College Preparatory-Latin Club, FTA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Choralettes, Ex- ploratory Teacher, Honor Society, Sr. Dramatics. CONNIE BATES - Collge Preparatory-Sr. H.R. V.- Pres., French Club, Latin Club, Pep Sessions Comm., Cheerblock, Orchestra Treas., String Ensemble, Stu- dent Council, Honor Society. BECKY BATIE - College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., Spanish Club, GAA, FHA, Cheerblock, Explor- atory Teacher. GEOFF BAXTER - General. BRUCE BECK- General. SUSIE BELL- General-Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., Sr. Executive Council, Spanish Club, Speech Club, Pep Sessions Comm., Honor Society. SENIORS 101 TIM BELL - General-Latin Club, VICA, Student Council. JIM BENNETT - College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Latin Club Historian, Prom Comm., Student Council, Honor Society, Sr. Dramatics. KARL BERKEBILE - General. JOHN BIDDLE - General. KEVIN BILBREY- General. LINDA BOAZ-GeneraI- Cheerblock, Choralettes, X-RAY, Publ. Rep. JIM BOBO - General. JOHN BONNER - General-Soph. Executive Council, Jr. Executive Council, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., A-Club, Basketball, Track, Student Council. CLAIRE BOONE - Business-Spanish Club, Pep Ses- sions Comm., Cheerblock, Var. Cheerleader, Chora- lettes, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Student Council, Honor Society, Prom Queen. BARBARA BOSE - General-HEC Public Relations Chairman. KEVIN BOSTON - General-Art Club V.-Pres., Prom Comm., Student Council. TONI BOWERS - General-French Club, Art Club, GAA, Cheerblock. ROOSEVELT BOYD - General-Art Club, OWE. ROSE- MARY BOYD - General. LOU ANN BRAMWELL - General-HEC. JEFF BREEDEN - College Prepara- tory-Latin Club, Pep Sessions Comm., Gymnastics. DAVID BRIGGS - College Preparatory. DEBBIE BRINSON - College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., Spanish Club, FTA, Explora- tory Teacher, Honor Society. JENEE BRIZENDINE - General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Jr. Executive Council, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Student Council. DAVID BRONKELLA -General-Res. Golf. WILLIAM BROWN - General-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Spanish Club, VICA, Track, Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps. PAM BROWNING - General. NANCY BRYAN - General- Spanish Club, COE, GAA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock. RIC BUCKLES - College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. V.- Pres., Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., French Club, Speech Club, Prom Comm., X-RAY, Quill and Scroll, Publ. Rep. LANNY BUETTNER - College Preparatory-Spanish Club, Orchestra Pres., Honor Society, String Quartet. MICHAEL BURKETT - General-German Club, A- Club, Football. JERRY BURMEISTER - General-Jr. Executive Council, Res. Football, HERO, Student Council. ANITA BURNETT - General-Jr. Executive Council, Spanish Club, VICA Treas., GAA, Band, Drum and Bugle Corps., Publ. Rep. 102 SENIORS KENNETH SAMUEL BURT - General-Soph. H.R. V.- Pres., French Club, Convo Comm., Student Relations Comm., A-Club, Football, Choral Club, Swing Choir, LITTLE CHIEF, Thespians. JULIE BURTON-College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Sr. Executive Council, Spanish Club, Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Student Council, Honor Society, Foreign Exchange Student. JOE CALABRIA - College Prep- aratory-Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Spanish Club, FCA, Pep Sessions Comm., A-Club, Football, Track. BRUCE 'CAMPBELL General Sr H R V Pres S anish - - . . . .- ., p Club, Speech Club, Res. Cross Country, Res. Wrestling. LISA CAMPBELL- Business-Art Club, GAA. MICKEY CAMPBELL - General-Art Club, LITTLE CHIEF. KEVIN CANADA - General-Student Council, Honor Society. MARK CANADAY - General-VICA. DEBBIE CANTRELL - General-Spanish Club, DECA, Speech Club, Choralettes. JEFF CAPLINGER - Gen- eral-FCA, Pep Sessions Comm., A-Club, Track, Cross Country. MELEA JAN CAPLINGER - General- Spanish Club Sec., Cheerblock, Choralettes, Choral Club, Swing Choir. JOYCE CARR - General-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Choralettes. BILL CARSON - General-Spanish Club, Res. Basket- ball, Res. Track, Res. Cross Country. JILL CARTER - General-Spanish Club, VICA, GAA, Volleyball. CARLA CASEY-General-Soph H.R. V.-Pres., Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., French Club, Spanish Club, Art Club, VICA, GAA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, LITTLE CHIEF, Quill and Scroll. DEBBIE CHAMBERLAIN - Home Economics-HEC. ELLEN CHAMBERS - General-French Club, COE, Honor Society. RANDY CHAPMAN - College Preparatory-Spanish Club. DON CHASTAIN - Pre- Engineering. DELILAH CLARK-General. DENNIS CLARK - College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., French Club, Student Council, Honor Society. GARY CLARK - Business-Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., DECA Pres. THOMAS CLAYTON - General-VICA. JEFF CLEAR - General-Soph. Executive Council, Res. Football, Sr. Annual Staff. JAYNE COLLINGS - General-Art Club, Cheerblock. SUSAN COOK - Home Economics. CINDY COOKE - General4French Club, Art Club, GAA, Prom Comm., Swim Team Timers, Drum and Bugle Corps, Ass't. Head lndianette. DEWAYNE COOLEY-General. SENIORS 103 KATHLEEN COPPESS - General-Speech Club Sec., Speech and Debate Club, Cheerblock, Choralettes, Honor Society. TIM COPPOCK - Pre-Engineering-A Club, Swimming, Boy's State, Student Council. LESLEY CORBIN - General-Jr. Executive Council, French Club, FTA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Sr. Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society, Purdue Student Nledia. JAYNE COT- TINGHAM - General-French Club, DECA Treas. KATHLEEN COULLIETTE - Business-DECA, FSA, Future Retailers. BOB COWLES - General-Res. Baseball, Wrestling, Band, Head Drum Major, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps., X-RAY. DAN COX - General. PAUL CRAIB - General. RICHARD CRIM - General-German Club, Swimming, Band. DAVID CROSE - Pre-Engineering-Soph. Ex- ecutive Council, Art Club, Track, Swimming, Tennis. TOM CROUCH - General-VICA. BILL CUNNINGHAM - College Preparatory-A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling. DIANE DAUGHERTY - General-French Club, Art Club, GAA, Prom Comm., Swim Team Timers, Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Indianettes. DIANA DAVIS - General. MELODY DELL - General-COE, Speech Club, Speech and Debate. MIKE DEWEES - Gen- eral-Jr. Executive Council, Spanish Club, A-Club, Football, Baseball, Wrestling, Student Council. KATHLEEN DICKEY - College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., Latin Club Corres. Sec., Gaa, Convo Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Choralettes, Choral Club, Sr. Dramatics. PATTI DICKMANN - College Preparatory-Spanish Club, Cheerblock, Exploratory Teacher. HENRY DIEDRING - General-German Club, Speech Club. DEBBIE DIETRICH - General- Spanish Club, Volleyball, Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Exploratory Teacher, Honor Society. REBECCA DIETRICH - General-Spanish Club, GAA, Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Exploratory Teacher. STACEY DIETZER - General-Jr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., French Club, Art Club, GAA, FTA, Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, X-Ray, LITTLE CHIEF, Explora- tory Teacher. MICHAEL DDELLING - College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Spanish Club, Golf, LITTLE CHIEF, Boy's State. MADELEINE DOHERTY - College Preparatory- French Club, Spanish Club, Art Club, GAA, FTA Speech Club, Speech and Debate Club, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Choralettes, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Publ. Rep., Exploratory Teacher, Thespians. SUSAN DONALDSON - General-Sr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., Spanish Club, GAA, Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Choralettes, Choral Club. LISA DONNELLY - General-French Club, Art Club, VICA, Convo Comm., Cheerblock. JOYCE DONNELSON - College Preparatory-Spanish Club, Choralettes, Choral Club. MARTI DOWMAN - General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Sr. Executive Council, Latin Club, Cheerblock, Band, X-RAY, LITTLE CHIEF Managing Editor, Sr. Dramat- ics, Thespians. GREG DUNBAR - General-Spanish Club, A-Club, Football, Baseball, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians. KAY DUNN - General-Pep Sessions Comm. LARRY D. DUNN - General-Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., Art Club, Prom Comm., X-RAY, LITTLE CHIEF, Student Council Par- Iiamentarian, Thespians. MICHELLE DUNN - Col- Lege Preparatory-Spanish Club, Prom Comm., Cheer' lock. DAN DYKES - General-VICA National Treas. DAVID A. EARLY - General-German Club, Spanish Club, A-Club, Football, Res. Basketball, Res. Track, Stu- dent Council. JACK EDGECOMB - General. JERRY EDINGTON - College Preparatory-Band, Pep Band, Orchestra. DOUG EDWARDS - General-DECA, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm. STEVE EILER - General-HEC. MISSY ELLIS - General-Spanish Club, VICA, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Indian- ettes, Publ. Rep. BRIAN D. ELPERS - Pre-Engi- neering-German Club, A-Club, Swimming Captain, Honor Society. "What next?! We were always jumping from one thing to another. As soon as I finished one job, there was always someone who needed help. I was decorating the gym for the prom, what an experience that was! Everyday for about two weeks, I came home covered with black paint and wondering if the image of 'Neptune's Kingdom' would ever come. I continued to work and with each day the props became more alive. I remember how long it took and how much work was put into that Sunken Ship. Would the ship's hull ever be ready for the Grand Nlarch? Soon the time was up. I don't think I'll ever forget the feeling I had when I first entered the gym that night. I could really appreciate all the work everyone had put into it. A room full of cardboard, nails, paints, brushes, newspapers, and weary, messy kids had turned into a true underwater image of 'Nep- tune's Kingdom.' " -Vicki King Above: In paint splattered jeans and bare feet, Nancy Owings and Larry Dunn rehearse the Grand March. Left: Juniors and Seniors enjoy an evening in "Neptune's Kingdom." SENIORS 105 CHUCK ESKEW - General-An Club, Band, Pep Band. TERESA ETCHISON - General-German Club. DAVID ETHERINGTON - General-Spanish Club, HERO V.-Pres., Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Lighting Crew. GARY EVANS-General-VICA, Wrestling. PEGGY EVANS - General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Art Club, GAA, Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers. BILL EVERETT - General-Jr. Class Pres., Prom Comm., Track, X-Ray Managing Editor, Quill and Scroll, Publ. Rep., Student Council. PAT EVERETT - General- Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., Jr. Executive Council, DECA V.- Pres., Pres., FCA, Prom Comm., Football, Res. Track, LITTLE CHIEF, Student Council. JOAN FARLER - General. SANDY FARMER-General. SUZANNE FARR-Gen- eral-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., French Club, Art Club, Pep Sessions Comm., Cheerblock, Choralettes, Madrigals, Choral Club. JIM FISCHER - College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., German Club, HEC, Res. Wrestling. BRUCE FISHER-General. NANCY FISHER - College Preparatory-French Club, GAA, FTA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Sr. Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society. PIXIE FDRKNER - College Prepara- tory-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Orchestra, Choralettes. TONY FORRER - General. GREG FOWLER - General-OWE. KIM FDWLER - General. SAM FOWLER - General- DECA. RICK FOX - Technical-Baseball, Student Council. CRAIG FRALICK - General-Jr. Executive Council. MARTY FRENDT- General-Soph. Executive Council, Jr. Executive Council, Sr. Executive Council, Spanish Club, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Student Relations Comm., A-Club, Football, Track, Wrestling, Student Council V.-Pres. HOLLY FRESE - General- Band, Stage Band, Pep Band, Dance Band, Orches- tra, Honor Society. MARIAN FRITZ - Business-GAA, Cheerblock. CONNIE GALLAMORE - General-GAA Pres., Cheerblock, Volleyball, Track Captain. THOM GARNER - College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., Sr. Executive Council, German Club, FCA, Cross Country, Swimming, Wrestling, Tennis, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Publ. Rep., Sr. Dramatics, Thes- pians. DEE ANN GENTRY - College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., French Club, Choralettes, LITTLE CHIEF, Honor Society. MARTA GENTRY - Busi- ness-FHA, FSA, FTA, Cheerblock. GARY GEORGE - General-Soph. Executive Council, Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Art Club, Baseball. 106 SENIORS PATTY GIBBONS - General-Sr. Executive Council, Spanish Club, Prom Comm., Swim Team Timers, Band, Choralettes, Nladrigals, Choral Club, Sr. An- nual Staff, Quill and Scroll, Girl's State, Honor So- ciety, Thespians. VICKI GIBBS - Business-COE. CAROLE GIBSON - College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Jr. Executive Council, Latin Club, VICA, GAA, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Publ. Rep., Sr. Dramatics, These pians. STEVE GILMORE -General. JANET GIVENS - General. GARY GLAZER - College Preparatory-Wrestling, Sr. Dramatics. VICKIE GDB- ERVILLE - General. KARLA GOEHRING - General- Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., Spanish Club, GAA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Exploratory Teacher, Honor Society. JOHN GOODMAN - General. RISE GRAHAM - Gen- eral-Soph. Executive Council, Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., French Club, GAA, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Choralettes, Publ. Rep., Student Council, Thespians, Indian Maiden. RITA GRAHAM - Gen- eral-Art Club, DECA, Cheerblock. RANDY GREEN - General. ALAN GREGG - General-Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Spanish Club, FCA, FTA, Speech Club, Prom Comm., A-Club, Track, Swimming, Student Council. PAT GRIFFET - General. ELIZABETH GRIMMETT - General- DECA, OWE. ANN GUNSENHOUSER - College Preparatory-Jr. Executive Council, Spanish Club, GAA, Prom Comm., Swim Team Timers, Girl's State, Honor Society, Thespians. CANDACE KIM GUNTER - General-Soph. H.R. V.- Pres., Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Spanish Club, Art Club, GAA, FTA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Publ.. Rep., Sr. Dramatics, Thespians Sec. STEPHEN HACKLER - College Preparatory-A-Club, Football, Honor Society. CYNTHIA JO HAHN - General-Cheer- block. REBECCA LYNN HAINES - Secretarial-Ger- man Club, DECA, Future Retailers. JANET HALLADAY - General-Sr. H.R. Sec.4Treas., Spanish Club, GAA, Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers. RANDY HAMILTON - Technical. JEFF HAMMONS - General-Sr. Executive Council, German Club Treas., Band Captain, Stage Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Dance Band, Orchestra, Honor Society. PAT HANEY-Technical-Baseball. SUE HARDESTY-General-Spanish Club, Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Orchestra, Choral Club, Swing Choir. NANCY HARLESS - General- Latin Club, VICA, Cheerblock. ANTHONY HARRIS -General. NANCY HARRIS -General. SENIORS 107 PHIL HARRIS - General-Speech Club. REBECCA HARTER - College Preparatory-GAA, Speech Club, LITTLE CHIEF, Exploratory Teacher, Student Coun- cil, Honor Society. JEFF HAWKINS - General. ROGER HAYES - General-Spanish Club, Res. Wrestling, Honor Society. SHIRLEY HAYES - General. LEE ANN HAYWARD - General-Spanish Club, VICA, Band, Orchestra, LITTLE CHIEF, Honor Society. ROBERT HAZEN - College Preparatory-Latin Club, FCA, Football, Base- ball, Res. Basketball, Res. Track, Choral Club V.- Pres., Swing Choir, Honor Society. JOHN HEL- VERING - College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., Spanish Club, Res. Tennis, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Honor Society. DEBBIE HERR - College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., Student Council, Honor Society. JEFF HIATT - General. DON HICKEY - General. MARK HIGH- SMITH - General-Band, Stage Band, Dance Band, Orchestra. TERRII HINKLE - General-DECA, GAA, FTA, Ex- ploratory Teacher. LISA HINTON - General-Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Indianettes. ELIZABETH HIRSCH - General-Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., French Club, GAA, FTA, Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Choralettes, Choral Club Sec.-Treas., Swing Choir, LITTLE CHIEF, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society, Thespians. THERESA HITCH - College Preparatory- German Club Corres. Sec., FTA, Choralettes, Choral Club, Exploratory Teacher, Honor Society. DANA HITCHENS - General-Art Club, Cheerblock, B-Team Cheerleader, Choralettes. ANNE HITTLE - College Preparatory-Jr. Class Treas., Jr. Executive Council, Sr. Executive Council, French Club, GAA, FTA V.-Pres., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, X-RAY Editor-in-Chief, LITTLE CHIEF, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society. BONITA HOFER - College Prepara- tory-Spanish Club, FTA, Honor Society. TERRI HOFER-General. JIM HOFFMAN - College Preparatory-Spanish Club, VICA, Band. MICHAEL HOLLAND - Technical-VICA, DAN HOLLOMAN - General. KATHI HOOVER -Gen- eral-Art Club, VICA, Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Publ. Rep. RHONDA HOUSE - College Preparatory-Spanish Club, VICA, Prom Comm., Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Publ. Rep. JON HUGHEL - College Prepara- tory-Spanish Club, A-Club, Res. Football, Swimming. CHARLES HUGHES - General-X-RAY. RHONDA HUGHES - General-French Club, Spanish Club, Art Club, GAA, FTA, Prom Comm., Student Council, Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society. 108 SENIORS 2 TIM HURST- College Preparatory-Band, Orchestra. WINONA HUSTON - College Preparatory-Latin Club, VICA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Honor Society. CONNIE E. HYATT - General-HEC. LARRY HYATT - General. MARNA IMEL - General. PHYLLIS ISBELL - Busi- ness-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., COE, Cheerblock, Publ. Rep. DOUG JACKSON - College Preparatory-Jr. Class V.-Pres., French Club, FCA, Prom Comm., A- Club, Swimming, Res. Tennis, Student Council. NANCY JACKSON - General-Soph. Executive Coun- cil, Jr. Executive Council, Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., French Club, FTA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, X-RAY Editor-in- Chief, LITTLE CHIEF Editor-in-Chief, Quill and Scroll Pres., Publ. Rep., Student Council, Honor Society, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians. RICHARD JACKSON - General. TONI JACKSON - General-Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., French Club, Spanish Club, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Drum and Bugle Corps, Head lndianette, Student Council, Homecoming Queen. VERNICE JACKSON - College Preparatory-German Club. JEFF JARRETT- College Preparatory-Spanish Club, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Boy's State, Student Council, Honor Society Pres., Spanish Honor Soci- ety. JIM JARRETT - College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. V.- Pres., Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., Spanish Club, Prom Comm., Boy's State, Honor Society V.-Pres., Spanish Honor Society. JOANN JARRETT - College Preparatory. JEFF JENNESS - College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., Latin Club, A-Club Pres., Basketball, Tennis. CHERYL R. JOHNSON - College Preparatory-Soph. Executive Council, Spanish Club, VICA, Pep Sessions Comm., Choralettes, Choral Club. "It was scary at first. There I was in myfirstThespian play, and I wished l had never tried out. I knew that everyone would be looking at me in- stead of at the other actors. I was really positive that l'd lost my voice or forgotten my lines. Awaiting my cue, l noticed the many names and initials carved into the walls back- stage. It was reassuring to realize that others had gone through the same thing and left this record of experience. Slowly, carefully, I took a piece of metal and began to scratch my name on the wall. Sud- denly, everyone was staring at me whispering frantically! I missed my cue! I'm on!" - Sandy Long Sandy Long portrays a naive princess in one of her many roles in Thespian produc- tions. SENIORS 109 DAVID JOHNSON - General-Spanish Club, Res. Tennis, X-RAY. GAYLE JOHNSON - General-Foot ball, Basketball, Track, Cross Country. MARK JOHN- SON - Pre-Engineering-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., German Club, Aerospace, Convo Comm., Student Relations, Baseball, Wrestling, Student Council Treas. TERESE JOHNSON - College Preparatory- Spanish Club, GAA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Ex- ploratory Teacher. CHARLES JONES - General-Track, Cross Country. CHRIS JONES - General-Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., Spanish Club Pres., Speech Club, Res. Football, Madrigals, Choral Club, LITTLE CHIEF, Sr. Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll, Publ. Rep., Boy's State, Thespians. DEBRA JONES - General. JULIA JONES - College Preparatory-Spanish Club, Cheerblock, Sr. Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society. LOU ANNE JONES - College Preparatory-Sr. Class Sec., Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., Jr. Executive Council, French Club, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, LITTLE CHIEF, Sr. Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll, Publ. Rep., Student Council, Honor Society, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians. STEPHEN JONES - General. JANE JORDAN - General-DECA, Future Retailers. CINDY KACHELEIN - General-Sr. Executive Council, Spanish Club, FTA, Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Orchestra, Exploratory Teacher. KATHY J. KASTER - General. JAMIE KEARNS - College Preparatory-GAA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Sr. Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll, Sr. Dramatics, Purdue Student Media. JAN KEARNS - General. PAM KELLY-General. SHEILA KELLY - General-DECA. TINA KESSINGER - College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Spanish Club. LANETTE KESTNER - General-Jr. H.R. V.- Pres., VICA Sec., Honor Society. JOE KETNER - General. ANN KILMER - College Preparatory-French Club, Orchestra, String Ensemble, String Quartet, Choral Club, Honor Society. JOE KIMM - General'Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., X-RAY. TERESA KIMMERLING - Gen- eral. CAROL KINCAID - General-French Club, VICA, Prom Comm. TED KING - College Preparatory-French Club, Latin Club Parl., VICA Treas., FTA Pres., Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Madrigals, Choral Club, Swing Choir, LITTLE CHIEF, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society, Thespians. VICKI KING - College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., French Club, French Honor Society, Prom Comm., Volleyball, Honor So- ciety. BILL KINNEY - General-Soph. Executive Council, Jr. Executive Council, Sr. Executive Council, Spanish Club Treas., DECA, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., Student Rela- tions, Publ. Rep., Student Council Pres., Thespians. RICK KIPER - General-OWE. 110 SENIORS NANCY KITT-General-Latin Club, Band, Pep Band, Orchestra, Choralettes, Choral Club, Honor Society. ANN KDPP - College Preparatory-French Club, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Choralettes, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Honor Soci- ety. JOHN KOVACS - General. RENEE KRIEG - General-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., French Club, FHA Pres., FTA, Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, LITTLE CHIEF, Exploratory Teacher, Honor Society. CANDY KUHN - General. KATRINA KURTZ - Gen- eral. TOBY LAMBERT - General. JEFF LANANE - General-Latin Club, DECA, FCA, Future Retailers, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Res. Football, Res. Track. TOM LAND - General-French Club, Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., Student Relations. CLAUDIA LANNING - General-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., French Club, Art Club, GAA, Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Cheerblock Sec., Swim Team Timers, Choralettes, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Prom Queen At- tendant. SHERRI LAPIERRE - General. JOHN LASWELL - General-Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., Band, Pep Band. DAVE LAUGHLIN - Business-DECA Treas. JEAN LAUGHLIN - College Preparatory-Sr. Executive Council, French Club Treas., GAA, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers Co- Capt., Choral Club, LITTLE CHIEF, Sr. Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll Treas., Student Council, Honor So- ciety. CINDY LAWSON - General. DEBBIE LAWSON - General-French Club, Latin Club, VICA, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Cheerblock. LISA LEAKEY-General-Soph H.R. V.-Pres., Spanish Club, FHA, FSA, FTA, Exploratory Teacher. TOM LEE - General-A-Club, Baseball. TOM LEFFEL - Gen- eral-Latin Club, Aerospace, FTA, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Exploratory Teacher. BETTY LEHMANN - General. MIKE LENNINGTON - College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., Latin Club, FCA, Swimming, Tennis, X-RAY. GARY LENNIS - General-Art Club Pres., Prom Comm., LITTLECHIEF,Sr.AnnuaIStaff. LARRY LINA- MEN - General-Sr. Class Treas., Spanish Club, Convo Comm., Student Council, Honor Society, Sr. Dramatics. SANDRA JEAN LONG - College Prepara- tory-Jr. Class Sec., Jr. Executive Council, Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., French Club V.-Pres., Pres., Art Club, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, LITTLE CHIEF, Quill and Scroll, GirI's State, Exploratory Teacher, Honor So- ciety Treas., Sr. Dramatics, Thespians Pres. TIM LOOSE - College Preparatory. MARY LOZAR - Business-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Jr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., GAA, FSA Pres., Pep Sessions Comm., Cheer- block, X-RAY. KEVIN LUTHER - College Prepara- tory-Soph. Executive Council, Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Latin Club, FCA, Swimming, Tennis, Boy's State, Student Council. JEAN MACHOLTZ - General-Sr. Executive Council, French Club, Choralettes, Madrigals, Choral Club, LITTLE CHIEF, Sr. Annual Staff Editor-in- Chief, Quill and Scroll V.-Pres., Honor Society Sec., Yearbook Queen Attendent, l.U. Journalism Work- shop. SENIORS 111 TERRY MACPHERSON - General-French Club, GAA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock. RICHARD MALDNEY - Pre-Engineering-Latin Club, Aerospace Sec.-Treas. ANN MALAGUERRA - General-Spanish Club, VICA, Student Council, Honor Society. JANET MANLEY - General-French Club, GAA, Cheerblock. TERRY MANUEL - General-Latin Club, Spanish Club, VICA, Res. Basketball. JIM MARSH - General- Baseball. ROBIN MARSH - College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., French Club Sec., GAA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Choral- ettes, Choral Club, Sr. Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll, Publ. Rep., Honor Society, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians. NIKKI MARTIN - General-French Club, COE Pres., Cheerblock, Honor Society. PAM MARTIN - General-Latin Club, Spanish Club, GAA, Cheerblock, X-RAY, Prom Comm. DENISE MAY - General-Soph. Executive Council, Sr. H.R. Sec.- Treas. Spanish Club, Art Club Sec. JIM MAYES - General. GREG McASHLAN - College Preparatory- German Club V.-Pres., A-Club, Baseball, Basketball. MIKE McCAIN - General-Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Sr. H.R. V.-Pres. MIKE McCLAIN - General-Spanish Club, DECA. MIKE MCCDRD - College Preparatory-FCA, Speech Club, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., A-Club, Football, Res. Baseball, Track, Exploratory Teacher. JUDY McCORMACK-General-Spanish Club, GAA, Honor Society. DONNA McCOY - College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., Spanish Club, FTA, Exploratory Teacher, Honor Society. TIM McCOY - General-HEC, Foot- ball, Res. Baseball. JANICE MCGRARY - General- Spanish Club, COE Treas., FTA Pres., Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Publ. Rep., Student Council, Honor Society. MIKE McFADDEN - Business. CONNIE MclNTYRE - Business-DECA. JAY Mc- LAUGHLIN - General-Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Spanish Club, VICA. NEAL McMILLAN - General. MIKE Mc- NABNEY - General-Sr. Class Pres., Soph. Executive Council, Jr. Executive Council, French Club, Speech Club, Speech and Debate Club, A-Club, Football, Res. Basketball, Track, Boy's State, Student Coun- cil TIM McNUTT - College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Spanish Club, Football, Student Coun- cil. NANCY McPHAUL - General. CHARLES Mc- SHANE - General-Spanish Club, Art Club, Prom Comm., Res. Football. FELTA McWILLlAMS - Gen- eral. 112 SENIORS SUSIE MEARS - General-Art Club, Prom Comm., Cheerblock. KEVIN MILES - General-Band. CHARLES MILLER - Pre-Engineering-Jr. Executive Council, Spanish Club, Honor Society. JEFF MILLER - College Preparatory-Spanish Club. MALINDA MINNIEAR - General. H. SHANNON MONAGAHAN - General-Res. Basketball, Res. Gymnastics. DEBBIE MONTGOMERY - General- French Club, Prom Comm., Student Relations, Cheerblock, Student Council Corres. Sec., Soph. Homecoming Queen Attendant. MIKE MONTGOM- ERY - General. BILL S. MOORE - College Preparatory-French Club, Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps. JOHN MORGAN - General. TERRY A. MORGAN - General- Speech Club Sec.-Treas., Speech and Debate Club, Sr. Dramatics. KIRK MULLINS- General. "The three o'clock bell. After that miraculous sound is heard ringing throughout the school, a sense of ex- hiliration mixed with letdown is felt. The quick gathering of books, the rush to the door, the traffic jams to lockers, and the stampede of 2000 students to the buses or cars to home in only five minutes is truly remarkable. Everyone hurries to get home and after five minutes these halls are one of the loneliest spots in the world. Where fifty kids stood five minutes ago talking about school, their girlfriends, or home- work, there is now no one but me to walk those spooky halls." - Anne Hittle Becky Baker awaits a ride home after a long school day. SENIORS 113 MARK MURDOCK - General-Student Council. MILDRED NAVE - General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas. DIANE NEAL - General. DARICE NEEDLER - Col- lege Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., French Club, GAA, Band Treas., Drum and Bugle Corps, Orchestra, Sr. Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll, Publ. Rep., Student Council. DEBBIE NEVLAND-General. DOUG NEWBY-Gen- eral-Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps. ROX- ANNE NEWBY - General-DECA Sec., Cheerblock, Publ. Rep. GARY NICHOLSON - College Prepara- tory-Golf, Orchestra. DONNA NOETHTICH - General-Speech Club, Convo Comm. MARY NOLAND - College Preparatory- French Club, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., Swim Team Timers. JACKIE NORRIS - Secretarial-COE. GARY O'CONNOR-College Prep- aratory-Band. KENT ODOM -- General-Band, Stage Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps. RONNA OGBURN - General. RICK ORBIK - College Preparatory-Jr. Ex- ecutive Council, Sr. Executive Council, Latin Club V.-Pres., Prom Comm., A-Club, Track, Cross Country, Wrestling, Student Council, Sr. Dramatics, Thes- pians. PATTY ORICK - Business. NANCY OWINGS - General-Soph. Executive Coun- cil, Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Spanish Club, Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Honor Soci- ety. DEBBIE PADGETT - General. JEFF PARDUE - General. GARY PATTON - College Preparatory- German Club Pres., FCA. STEVE PENDLEY - General. THEODORE E. PER- SING - Pre-Engineering-German Club, FCA, A-Club, Track, Cross Country, Publ. Rep. MIKE PETRY - General-Prom Comm. LISA PHILLIPS - Business- COE, FSA, Cheerblock. MARK PHILLIPS - General. DONALD EDWARD PICKENS - College Preparatory-Spanish Club, FCA, Res. Football, Res. Track, Honor Society. PAM PLATT - General-Spanish Club, HEC, Cheerblock. FAY POE - General-Spanish Club, COE, Band, Drum and Bugle Corps. 114 SENIORS PHIL POLUS - College Preparatory-Jr. Executive Council, Latin Club Pres., Prom Comm., Honor So- ciety. FRANK PONCE - General-Sr. Executive Council, Latin Club, Speech Club, Speech and De bate, Madrigals, Choral Club Pres., Swing Choir. MlgE POPE - General-German Club. MARK PORTER - enera. JEFF POWELL - College Preparatory-Soph. Execu- tive Council, Spanish Club, Prom Comm., A-Club, Football, Swimming, Madrigals, Choral Club, Boy's State, Student Council, Honor Society. JOYCE PRDUT - Home Economics. BRUCE PURVIS - General-FCA, A-Club Sec.-Treas., Football, Track, Sr. Dramatics. BARB PYZIK - General-Soph. H.R. V.- Pres., Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., French Club, COE, FSA, FTA, Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, X'RAY, LITTLE CHIEF, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, Honor Society. JANE OUINN - General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Jr. H.R. V-Pres., French Club, Art Club Treas., Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., Cheer- block, Swim Team Timers, Student Council Corres. Sec., Thespians. DEBBIE RAILEY-General-Sr. H.R. V.-Pres. TIM REDDY - College Preparatory. MARK REED - General-VICA, Prom Comm., Boy's State, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians. MACK REESE - General-VICA. LOU ANN REITZ - College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., French Club, GAA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Choralettes, Student Council, Honor Society. JACK RENFORTH - General-Sr. Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society, l.U. Journalism Institute. MIKE RICH - General. DEBBIE RICHARDSON - General-COE Parl., FSA Rec. Sec., Publ. Rep., Honor Society. LOIS RICH- ARDSON - General. JOE RICHEY - General. WIL- LIAM RIEDEL - General-Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., French Club, Student Council. JOE RIGGINS - General-Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Orchestra. KENT RISINGER -General- DECA. JEFF RITCHIE - General. MARY ROBBINS - General. PEGGY ROBERTS - General-French Club, VICA, Convo Comm., B-Team Cheerleader, Var. Cheer- leader, Choralettes, Madrigals, Choral Club, Thespians. LESLIE ROBINSON - General-Spanish Club, Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Choralettes Pres., Choral Club. SHERRY ROMINE - General- Latin Club Treas., GAA, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Band, Choralettes, Choral Club, Swing Choir, LITTLE CHIEF, Sr. Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll, Student Council. LISA ROOF -General-Prom Comm., Band, Choralettes, X-RAY. SENIORS 115 BECKY ROSENCRANS - General-Jr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., French Club, Latin Club, DECA, GAA, Cheer- block, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians. DEBBIE ROSS - General. PAM ROSS - General. DAVID ROUSEY - General-Band. CLIFF RUDD - General-FCA, A-Club, Basketball, Track. DAN RUSSELL - College Preparatory-X-RAY. JIM RUSSELL - Business-DECA. TIM SACHSE - College Preparatory-Latin Club, V.-Pres., Honor So- ciety. BRUCE SAGO - College Preparatory-VICA, FCA, A- Club, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society V.-Pres. BILL SANDERS - General. DAVID SCHIER - General-Speech Club, Speech and Debate Club, Orchestra, String Ensem- ble, Nladrigals, Choral Club, Thespians. LARAINE SCHILKE - General-Spanish Club, VICA, Choral- ettes, Honor Society, Thespians. DAVID SCHIPP - College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., German Club, Sr. Dramatics. ELIZABETH SCHRENKER - General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., Latin Club, Prom Comm., Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, lndianettes, Choralettes, LITTLE CHIEF. CARLA SCOTT - Gen- eral-Jr. Executive Council, Sr. Executive Council, French Club, Prom Comm., Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, lndianettes, X-RAY Editor-in-Chief, LITTLE CHIEF, Quill and Scroll, Publ. Rep., Student Council, Honor Society. JACKIE SCOTT - General-VICA, Choralettes. TERRY SCOTT - General-Soph. Executive Council, Jr. Executive Council, Sr. Class V.-Pres., VICA V.- Pres., Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Student Council. DEBBIE SENSENEY - College Preparatory-Sr. Ex- ecutive Council, French Club, FTA, Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Exploratory Teacher, Thespians. JACK SETTLEMIRE - General-Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., Res. Basketball, Res. Track, Res. Cross Country, Stu- dent Council. ERIC SHADLE - College Preparatory- Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Spanish Club, Honor Society. MARTY SHANKLIN - General-Res. Swimming. TERRI SHAW - General. BRYANT SHEPHERD - General-Band, Stage Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps. ALLEN SHIELDS - College Prepara- tory-Spanish Club, Band, Pep Band, Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society. DEBORAH SHIVELY - General-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., French Club, GAA, Prom Comm., Student Council Rec. Sec., Honor Society, French Honor Society Pres. KAREN SHOOK - General-Spanish Club, GAA, Cheerblock. JOHN SHORT - General-Soph. Execu- tive Council, Jr. Executive Council, A-Club, Football, Track. RODNEY SILVERS - Technical-A-Club, Gym- nastics. 116 SENIORS PENNY SIMMONS - General-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Spanish Club, Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society Sec.- Treas. BOBBY SIMUND - General. GARY SIMS - Business. DENNIS SINK - College Preparatory- Spanish Club, A-Club, Football, Baseball. BETH A. SIPES - General. JUDY SIPES - College Preparatory-German Club V.-Pres., Honor Society. VICKI SIZELOVE - Business-Drum and Bugle Corps, lndianettes. MARGARET SLOAN - General-DECA. GARRY SMITH - General-French Club, Speech Club, Choral Club, Honor Society. KEVIN SMITH -College Preparatory-Spanish Club, Lighting Crew. LYNN SMITH - General-H EC. PENNY SMITH - General. RANDY SMITH - College Preparatory-Soph. Execu- tive Council, Art Club, FCA, A-Club, Football, Gym- nastics, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Honor Society, Thespians, Indian mascot. ROBBIE SMITH - Gen- eral-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Spanish Club, Choralettes Sec., Madrigals, Choral Club, Swing Choir, I-lonor Society, Thespians, Spanish Honor Society Pres. RONNIE SMITH - Gen- eral. SHIRLEY SMITH - General. "I have had many fun, not-so-fun, and hilarious experiences through- out my high school career. Since I really have lots of pep and. school spirit, I always went wild at pep ses- sions, basketball games, and foot- ball games. At the Madison Heights- Anderson football game this year, l really got carried away. Everyone there from AHS was screaming and cheering so enthusiastically, that l got over-excited, and, jumping up and down on the bleacher where l had been sitting, I fell down between the seat and the floor, onto the muddy ground. l looked like I was really backing our team because when l got up from the ground, I was as wet and muddy as our foot- ball players on the field!" - Debbie Shively School spirit and enthusiasm build up as Anderson takes the lead in a home basket- ball game. SENIORS 117 TERRY SMITH - General. STEVE SMITHA- College Preparatory-Latin Club, Prom Comm., A-Club, Foot- ball Mgr., Baseball Mgr., Basketball Mgr., LITTLE CHIEF, Student Council, Sr. Dramatics. CHERILYN SNYDER - General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Jr. Ex- ecutive Council, Sr. Executive Council, Latin Club Treas., DECA V.-Pres., COE Sec., Prom Comm., LITTLE CHIEF, Publ. Rep., Student Council, Honor Society. CINDY SNYDER - General-Spanish Club, Cheerblock. JANE SOKOL - College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., French Club, GAA Treas., Prom Comm., Swim Team Timers, Student Council, Honor Society. SAM SOUTHERLAND - General. PAT SPIKNER - Gen- eral-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., HEC Sec. JULIE SPITZ- MESSER - General-German Club, Band, Drum and Bugle Corps. JOHN SPOHNHOLTZ-General. MELVIN SPRADLIN - General-Sr. H.R. V.-Pres. DEBBIE SPRINGER - General-Spanish Club, Art Club, COE, Cheerblock. JANE STAHL-General-Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., Spanish Club, Art Club, Swim Team Timers, X-RAY. GREG STAMPER - College Preparatory-Soph. Ex- ecutive Council, Sr. Executive Council, German Club, Convo Comm., Student Relations, A-Club, Football, Track, Student Council, Honor Society. CARYL STANLEY - College Preparatory-Spanish Club, GAA, FTA, Cheerblock, LITTLE CHIEF. CHERYL STANLEY - General-Spanish Club, Art Club, GAA, Convo Comm., Cheerblock, LITTLE CHIEF. PAM STANLEY - Business-Spanish Club, COE, Publ. Rep. MARY ELLEN ST. CLAIR - General-GAA, FHA, Band Sec., Drum and Bugle Corps, Orchestra, Honor So- ciety. GLORIA ANN STEVENSON - General-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., DECA. TIM STIRES f College Prepara- tory. LYNN STOUT- General. DEBORAH ANN STREATY - General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Jr. Executive Council, VICA V.-Pres., Drum and Bugle Corps, lndianettes, Student Coun- cil. KONRAD STREATY - College Preparatory- Spanish Club, Band, Pep Band. EDITH SWAIN - General-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Cheerblock, Student Council. JAMES SWAIN - General-VICA State Parl. DIANE SWINEHART - General-French Club, FTA, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Sr. Annual Staff Managing Editor, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society, l.U. Journalism Institute. DORIA TAPPLAR - General-HEC. DOUG TAYLOR - Busi- ness. JEFF TAYLOR - General-Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., French Club, Speech Club, Pep Sessions Comm., Convo. Comm., X-RAY. 118 SENIORS JUDITH LYNN TAYLOR - General. RICHARD TAY- LOR - General. TERRY TAYLOR - Technical-VICA Treas., Res. Basketball. JOHN THOMAS - General. EMMETT THOMPSON - General. RANDALL THOMP- SON - General. SANDRA THOMPSON - Business- Honor Society. JEROME TITLEY - General. RICHARD TITLEY - General. LESLIE TOLES - Col- lege Preparatory-Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., Sr. H.R. V.- Pres., Spanish Club, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Honor Society. BETTY TOMLINSON - Business-Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., COE, FSA. KAREN TREADWAY f College Prepara- tory-Honor Society. ELOISE TURNER - General. CATHY TURPEN - General-Cheerblock. TOM TUTEROW - General. JUDITH UPPERMAN - General-German Club, Art Club, Choralettes. RICHARD VAN BAALEN - College Preparatory- DECA, Future Retailers, Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps. ROBIN VAN CAMP - General-Soph. Executive Council, Latin Club, DECA Pres., GAA, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Sr. Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll, Publ. Rep., Student Council. PAUL VAN SLYKE - College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., German Club. SANDRA VAUGHN - College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Spanish Club, HEC, Cheerblock, Honor Society. STEVE VENESKEY - Pre-Engineering-German Club, DECA, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society. JIM WAL- DREP - General. NANCY WALTERS - General-Jr. H.R. V.-Pres. MARILYN WARREN - General. LEN WATKINS - General. DANNY WEAVER - Gen- eral-Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., VICA Pres., DECA, Student Council. DAVE WEBB - General-A- Club, Football, Football Mgr., Wrestling Mgr., Choral Club, Swing Choir, X-RAY, Sr. Annual Staff, Publ. Re ., Exploratory Teacher Thespians, lU. Journal p 1 ' ' ism Institute. KAREN WEBBER - General-DECA, Choralettes, Choral Club. l sENioRs 119 NANCY WEDDELL - College Preparatory-Latin Club, Cheerblock, LITTLE CHIEF, Quill and Scroll. RANDY WELCH - College Preparatory-Spanish Club, FCA, Res. Basketball, Track, Cross Country, LITTLE CHIEF, Honor Society. CAROL WESTMORELAND - General-FHA, Choralettes. VICKI WHEELER - Gen- eral-Spanish Club, DECA, LITTLE CHIEF, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society. TERRI WHITE - General. CAROL WIHEBRINK - General. FRED WILBORN - General. RANDY WIL- BURN-General. GAYLE WILHOITE - General. CLYNDEE WILLIAMS - College Preparatory-Spanish Club, GAA, Swim Team Timers, Band, Pep Band, Orchestra. DEBBIE WILLIAMS - General. ELAINE WILLIAMS - Gen- eral-Spanish Club, Art Club, FTA Hist., Speech Club, Prom Comm., Exploratory Teacher, Honor Society, Sr. Dramatics, Thespian Treas. JULIE WILLIAMS - College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Spanish Club V.-Pres., Choralettes Sec.- Treas., Choral Club, Swing Choir, Honor Society, Thespians. ROBERT WILLS - General-DECA, FCA, Student Relations, Football, Track. BARRY WILSON - General-Jr. Executive Council, A-Club, Football, Wrestling. LELON WINDHAM -General. LATREVA WINFORD - College Preparatory-German Club, Art Club. BILL WINKLER-General. MARY WIN- NINGHAM - General-Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., COE V.- Pres., Prom Comm., Swim Team Timers, Student Council, Honor Society. DEBRA WISNER - General- Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., French Club, Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Indianettes. LIBBY WITHERS - College H.R. Sec.-Treas., Sr. Executive Council, Spanish Club, Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Cheerblock, Sr. Annual Staff, Quill and Scroll, Honor Society. DOUG WOOD - General-Jr. H.R. V.-Pres., FCA, A-Club, Baseball, Basketball, Publ. Rep. JODY WOOD - Business- DECA, Swim Team Timers. KEVIN WOOD - General- Soph. Executive Council, Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Honor Society. PEGGY WOOD - General-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Ger- man Club, Latin Club, Cheerblock, Choralettes, Choral Club. RON WOOD - General-DECA. SUSAN WOOD - General-Latin Club, Art Club, Band, Stage- Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Orchestra. VICKY WOODS - Business-COE, Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Honor Society. 120 SENIORS KATHERINE A. WORDEN - College Preparatory- French Club, GAA, FTA, Convo Comm., Choralettes, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Honor Society. JANET WRIGHT- College Preparatory-French Club, French Honor Society Treas., VICA, Honor Society. PAM WRIGHT-General. SUSAN YATTAW-College Prep- aratory-Sr. Executive Council, Latin Club, Cheer- block Sec. FRED YOUNG - General. MARY YOUNG - General- Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Sr. H.R. V.-Pres., GAA Treas., Gymnastics, Choralettes, Madrigals, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Publ. Rep., Prom Queen Attendant. PHIL YOUNG - General-Soph. H.R. V.-Pres., Foot- ball. MIKE YUST-General-FCA, Swimming. RUTH ZANKL - College Preparatory-French Club, GAA, FTA, Cheerblock, Swim Team Timers, Student Council. SUE ZEBEDIS - General-Jr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., VICA, GAA, Prom Comm., Swim Team Timers, Gymnastics. ERNIE ZINK - General. ELAINE ZIRKLE-General-FSA. "The most outstanding event in my career at Anderson has to be the confusion and misery I suffered as a sophomore. As a class, we were attacked on all sides by inconsid- erate underclassmen and teachers who thought the only good students were those who studied until they were exhausted. By the end of the year, our class had almost been ex- terminated, and today it still suffers from those effects. But those are now the good old days, and l am sure that I will not forget them. CHow could l?J" - Jim Bennett The final realization that their Indian Sum- mer is over comes for the many seniors during the annual AHS graduation. SENIORS 121 'Middlemen' look toward futureg host May Prom John Abel, Mark Abernathy, Greg Actis, Sandy Albea, Susan Alger, Keith Allbaugh, Kurt Allbaugh Shelia Allen, Joe Allensworth, Steve Alt, Teresa Alt, Albert Anderson, John Ander- son, Laurie Anderson Zeke Anson, Russ Armstrong, Beverly Ashley, Janet Baden, Ed Ballard, Kalen Banks, Jim Barber Jil Barbre, Jeff Barnes, Patti Barnes, Patti Barnett, Mike Beaty, Nancy Beeman, David Benak Greg Benefiel, Carol Bennett, Jane Ben- nett, Dan Bertram, Randall Bertram, Greg Betts, Steve Blake Debby Blevins, Don Blockson, Rick Boer- ner, Scott Bondurant, Bev Bonge, Nikke Boone, Shirley Boots Greg Boutwell, Deborah Bowman, Ken Bradley, Margaret Braxton, Jim Breeden, Steve Brinduse, Mary Brinker 122 JUNIORS The 639 students who advanced to "Middlemen" on the AHS ladder began to acquire a sense of belong- ing to the student body. ln October juniors were required to take the Iowa test measuring edu- cational development. Serious thought was given to college choices and college admittance tests were offered, including the April SAT. Money to sponsor Prom in May was the goal of juniors operating the basketball coat check with the help of class sponsors Mrs. Bernard and Mr. Sparks. Additional aid from the sectional concession stand allowed juniors to create Prom, "Moonlight Gardens." Dennis Brooks, Michelle Brooks, Mark Brown, Mike Brown, Stephanie Brown, Steven Brown, Terri Brown Cindy Buck, Brenda Burkhart, Cindy Burris, Beth Burton, Bill Burton, Teresa Busby, Barbara Busing Mary Butler, Bill Byer, Connie Cameron, Candy Campbell, Craig Campbell, Gwen Campbell, Rod Canine Rhonda Cantrell, Rosalind Carter, Mike Case, Machell Chalfant, Sandra Chamber- lain, Bette Chambers, Ted Chismar Stephany Church, Karen Clark, Jeff Clymer, George Cochran, Kathy Cochran, Kim Cochran, Larry Cochran Carol Cockrill, Vicki Coffey, Paula Collins, Connie Collis, Doug Conover, Desma Con- rad, Mark Constable Pam Cooke, Dennis Copeland, Terry Coule Iiette, David Courtney, Carol Cox, Angela Craig, Jeff Craig Above left: Class sponsors Mr. Sparks and Mrs. Bernard deliberate over plans for the Junior Class coat check. Left: Considering plans for the Junior Class float are class officers John Pistole, pres., Giti Morgan, v.-pres., Becky Schafer, sec. and Susan Melson, treas. JUNIORS 123 Doug Crowthers, Jim Cue, Debbie Cunning- ham, Brown Czarniecki, Terry Daugherty, Vickie Davis, Gary Decker Cindy Dennis, Debbie DeSutter, James Dickerson, Kevin Dietzen, Kim Dietzer, Sara Dillman, Joann Dixon Jo Jo Dixon, Doug Dollar, Steve Douglass, Becky Dowling, Annetta Dulin, Mark Dye, Kevin Eads Bob Eastman, Max Eckman, Mike Edge- comb, Douglas Edwards, Sue Edwards, Susie Elijah, David Ellis Susie Erskine, Tony Etchison, Yolanda Etchison, Lita Evans, Marcia Evans, Sharon Farlow, Teresa Farmer David Farr, Cindy Faucett, Brad Faulkner, Teresa Felts, Gail Ferree, Patricia Flatford, Rocky Flatt Above: Doug Conover finds Choral Club an outlet for his talents Right Lacking a car or a license causes Jeanette Key and many others to ride buses to and from school 124 JUNIORS JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front row- Bev Bonge, Anne Stires, Cathy Gerard. Row 2 - Carol Lash, John Abel, Debbie Sweet, Connie Cameron, Mike Reed. Row 3 - Rodney Riggs, Royce Miller, Pat Williams, Scott Frendt, DeWayne Johnson, John Pis- tole. Terri Fleck, Becky Floyd, Lynn Foggs, Joni Foster, Sara Foster, Kurt Foust, Monty Foust Carla Fowler, Jeff Fox, Melody Fox, Nita Fralick, Byron France, Bill Franklin, Shan- non Frazee Chris Frazyer, Scott Frendt, Debbie Friend, Margie Fritsch, John Frossard, Esther Gaf- ford, Anthony Gall Debbie Garner, Ronnie Garringer, Nestor Gasset, Barbara George, Cathy Gerard, Susan Gibbs, Teresa Gibson Sandra Gilbert, Kim Gillespie, Wesley Goins, Larry Goolsby, Larry Gordon, Ann Gore, Albert Goul Diane Granger, Tracey Gray, Gina Groff, Pam Gross, Stephen Gwinnup, Greg Haines, Robert Hains Pat Hale, Doug Hall, Kim Hall, Bruce Hamilton, Sandra Harmon, Michael Harney, Sandra Harris JUNIORS 125 Margie Harruff, Terri Hanley, Joan Hayes, Bill Head, Joyce Heal, Terri Heath, Dwana Heiney Cecily Hendricks, Allen Hennis, Diana Hiatt, Paul Higginbottom, Steve Hill, Steve Hobbs, Theresa Hobbs David Hofer, Holly Hoke, Brenda Hollen- back, David Hoppes, Kim Hornocker, Mar- gie Howard, Tim Howard Dan Hudson, Renee Hull, Pam Hurst, George Hutton, Mark lmler, Jerry Ingram, Gary Jeffers Al Jerram, Clifford Johns, Al Johnson, Bernie Johnson, Dan Johnson, Jim Johnson, Richard Johnson Lori Jones, Rozetta Jones, Sandy Jones, Sheila Jones, Mary Kearns, William Kearns, John Keller Jackie Kelley, Dennis Kelly, Debbi Keogh, Mike Keogh, Jeanette Key, Tedda Kile, Jerry Kimble Marian Kimmerling, Karen Kinerk, Mitchell King, Pat King, Patti King, Sheri Knepp, David Koons Terry Kovacs, Rita Krieg, John Kuntz, Jen- nifer Lacey, Joanne LaChew, Dee Dee Lame, Christopher Lanane Ronnie Land, Steven Lane, Carol Lash, John Leaver, Kevin Lee, Walter Lemons, Floyd Loveall 126 JUNIORS Left: Annex water fountains were not made for Dan Skaggs. Above: Linda Millspaugh draws on past knowledge for the Iowa test. Mark McCarty, Karen McClintock, Greg McClure, Charles McCord, Rick Mc- Cracken, Elaine McFadden, Brian McFar- land Rita McKinney, Debbie McMahan, Ric McMahan, Valerie McPherson, Margaret Magers, Mark Malaguerra, Steve Macholtz Ted Malone, Mike Manis, Tonya Manis, Marsha Matheney, Becky Matney, Karen Matthews, Jim Maxstadt Susan Melson, Bobbi Mettlen, Bob Meyer, Marilyn Miller, Pat Miller, Royce Miller, Thomas Miller Mark Mills, Linda Millspaugh, Kim Mitchell, Ann Moore, Larry Moore, Nancy Moore, Sherri Moore JUNIORS 127 Looking toward a college future, Sara Foster asks Mrs. Gray about taking the SAT test. Giti Morgan, Harry Morgan, Greg Morris, Martin Morris, Susan Morris, Rickie Moss, Randy Mullins Yolanda Mullins, Debbie Mumbower, Lorri Muncy, Greg Murphy, Steve Myers, Terry Myers, Danny Naples Marshall Needler, Kim Nelson, Jim New- berry, Kenneth Newman, Sandy Nicholls, Pam Noethtich, Mark Noffsinger Diana Norris, Kathy Norris, Roxanne Ogle, Linda Olvey, Steve Owens, Thomas Owens, Jane Oyler Steve Pancol, Tina Parkhurst, Nancie Parry, Rick Patton, Rodney Pearson, Carole Peterson, Pam Peterson Joan Pierce, John Pistole, Margaret Polus, Dave Ponce, Brian Poore, Jeanne Poore, Steve Pope Susan Porter, Randy Powers, Carl Prince, Jana Provence, Tim Purciful, Susie Rains, Sandy Raver 128 JUNIORS Becky Ray, Theresa Reason, Dennis .Red- dick, Mark Reed, Mike Reed, Linda Rehmel, Mary Reidelbach Kent Remley, Cathy Rees, Leisa Richard- son, Polly Richardson, Doug Biddle, Tom Riethmiller, Carol Riggins Rodney Riggs, Richard Roberts, Stephanie Roberts, Vicki Roberts, Gwenevere Rogers, Mike Rogers, Ed Roudebush Mike Rowe, Bruce Runyan, Melissa Russell, Becky Schafer, Debbie Scheerer, Steve Schell, Tony Schildmeier Ken Schrader, Kirk Sears, Mike Selby, Debbie Shaw, Tony Shaw, Kathy Shea, Jean Sherman Jeff Shively, David Shoemaker, Sara Shoe- maker, Brenda Short, Dawn Shrake, Terry Simison, Dan Skaggs David Welsh, Kim Watson, Richard John' son, and Terri Ward help operate the bas- ketball coat check to earn money for Prom. JUNIORS 129 Kathie Slater, Brant Smith, Gary Smith Karen Smith, Mark Smith, Rene Smith Susan Smith Debbie Soden, John Sokol, Linda Southers Gaw Sowers, Danny St. Clair, Chris Stage Martha Stamp Susie Staub, Scott Steger, Mary Jo Stein, Debbie Stewart, Bill Stinson, Anne Stires, Martha Stith Sandy Stone, Bob Straley, Bill Stultz, Julie Sullivan, St h ' ' ep ame Swallow, Lon Swan, Debbie Sweet Anna Sylvester, Doug Taylor, Roy Taylor, Dan Temple, Bob Terheide, Rex Thomas, Joe Thompson Oliver Thompson, Rick Thompson, Roger Thompson, John Tjart, Terry Tranbarger, Jamie Treadway, Sharon Upperman 1 v Paul Vance, Darlene VanDalsen, Stephanie Vest, Teresa Waldrep, Brenda Walker, Mike Walker, Tami Ward Terri Ward, Kristi Watkins, Cindy Watson, Kim Watson, Tom Weis, Ed Weisbrod, David Welsh Marsha Werner, Eric Weston, Hilda Wethington, Charlene Whalon, Tom Wheeler, Robin White, Cindy Whiteman Cheryl Whitmill, Terry Whitson, Susie Whit- ton, Tim Wilkinson, Cherrie Williams, Dwight Williams, Pat Williams Goldie Wills, Randy Wimmer, Ben Wire, Brian Witte, Tonia Woodall, Robin Wood' some, Cathy Wardwell Susie Worden, Sue Worl, David Worster, Ed Wrin, Geoff Yelton, Criss Ziegler, Cheryl Zook Far left: The pep session competition yell gives juniors their chance to show Indian spirit and support. Left: Sara Dillman leads the student body in a good luck yell at the Anderson vs. Madison Heights basket- ball game. JUNIORS 131 Tomahawk won by strong unity "Could you direct me to the eleva- tor?" was a typical question heard on the first day of school as AHS was confronted with 719 sopho- mores roaming its halls in search of books, friends, and classes in a seemingly endless maze of rooms. As experience was gained, however, they proved a worthy addition to the student body as they captured the tomahawk during homecoming fes- tivities. Eager to thrust their way into events, 25 newly elected homeroom officers selected class rings. ln No- vember, 25 student council repre- sentatives were chosen which gave sophs a more dominant voice in school affairs. Gwendolyn Adams, Mark Adams, Regina Albrecht, Dee Dee Aldridge, Dave Alex- ander, Tammy Allen, Greg Almquist Norma Anderson, Scott Anderson, Diane Arbuckle, Teresa Armstrong, David Arnson, Angela Ashcraft, Charlotte Auler Leonard Auler, Rick Austin, Richard Bagienski, Bob Bailey, Glen Bair, Beverly Baker, David Baker Jo Baker, Karen Baker, Susan Baker, Brad Ballentine, Bob Bales, Rose Banks, Steve Bannon Tom Barnett, Julie Barrett, Kristi Barrigan, Karen Bass, Charles Baughn, Charles Baxter, Rick Bays Deanna Beeman, Jeff Benjamin, Debbie Bergeman, Brenda Bernard, Mark Bibler, Mark Billman, Joan Blevins 132 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front Third row - K. LaPierre, J. Shoemaker, K row - D. Faulkner, K. Whitehead, P. Kimm, Brown, C. Jackson, L. Taylor, K. Baker, R S. Zebedis. Second row - B. Jackson, T. Freeman. Fourth row - B. Vetor, T. Cop- Hoppes, M. Pavey, L. Early, K. Canada. pock, R. Estes, B. Clute, L. Montgomery. Don Bloom, Lana Bloomer, Frank Boaz, Steve Bock, David Bohling, Jane Bohmeyer, Gilbert Boles Chris Bookout, Nancy Bose, Danny Bowen, Tim Boyd, Vicki Boze, Rick Brandon, Levert Braxton Tom Brewer, Lesley Bricker, William Brinn, Debbie Brooks, Jeff Brooks, Lisa Brooks, Bryce Brown Karen Brown, Kevin Brown, Robert Brown, Don Bruce, Ray Brunson, Anaiise Bryan, Teresa Buck Patty Burke, Bruce Burnett, Roger Burnett, Jane Burton, Regina Burton, Kathy Busing, Elizabeth Cahoon Bill Callahan, Bill Campbell, Dick Camp- bell, Nora Campbell, Theresa Campbell, Kathy Canada, Denny Cantrell John Capella, Marianne Carlile, John Carl- son, Susan Carmony, Doug Carr, Jay Casey, Susie Catlett Steve Chambless, Diana Chapman, Bob Church, David Clark, Diane Clark, Kim Clawson, Preston Clayborn Jack Clem, Cathy Closser, Kent Closser, Bruce Clute, Jennifer Coates, Dale Cohen, Michele Collings Cathy Collins, Jay Collins, Jim Collins, Marion Collins, Sara Collins, Candy Colvill, Carroll Conner SOPHOMORES 133 Amy Conover, Cindy Coody, Sarah Cook- man, Tony Coppock, Tom Corbin, Charles Cotton, Kevin Coverdale Cindy Cox, Pamela Cox, Carol Craig, Pam Cravens, Jenny Crawford, Norma Creek, Scott Cripe Peggy Crouch, Robert Crouse, Lisa Cum- berland, Bob Cummins, Toni Cunningham, Lori Darr, Phil Daugherty Brenda David, Grace Davis, Ralph Davis, Teresa Davis, Mike Day, Rodney Dean, Yona DeLong Diane Dennis, Larry Detienne, Darlene Dietrich, Brenda Dietz, Sue Dillman, Bill Disinger, Kathy Dollar Steve Dollar, Mike Donnelly, Connie Douglas, Richard Drake, Kim Dunbar, Theodore Eaglin, Lori Early Denise Eastman, Dessa Edwards, Glenda Edwards, Donna Ellis, Chena Ellsworth, Darcey Elmore, Del Erickson Mrs. Richwine's Foods 1 class offers Trish Hoppes and Tracey Hamilton along with Mary Graves lrightl the opportunity to improve basic table etiquette as well as primary cooking skills. 134 SOPHOMORES Keith Erk, Tony Eskew, Ryan Estes, Keith Etherington, John Evans, Kim Fadely, Loreli Farlow Barbara Farmer, Mike Farmer, Lori Farran, Debbie Faulkner, Joe Fenwick, Rhonda Feurer, Darla Fisher Doug Fisher, Scott Fisher, Kathy Fitz- simmons, Terri Flaming, Karen Flatford, Randy Flock, Cindi Fowler Penny Fowler, Tim Fowler, Darryl Fox, Jim Fox, Melanie Frank, Debbie Frawly, David Frazer Thelma Frazer, Mike Freeman, Rhoda Free- man, Steve Friend, Bryan Garner, Don Gar- rett, Bil Garrity Brenda Gates, Ron Gates, John Gaunt, Lisa Geiger, Kim George, Betsy Gephart, Tim Gibbons Duane Gibson, Sue Gibson, Mary Gilbert, Roger Gilliam, Keith Given, Mark Glover, Marsha Gooding Gary Goodwin, Jay Granger, Terri Granger, David Grant, Teresa Grant, Kyle Gray, John Greene Doug Gregg, Louanne Gressman, Debbie Grile, John Grimes, Debby Groover, Vincent Gully, Jane Gunsenhouser Bill Haines, Theresa Haines, Lorrie Hains Don Halsell, Cindy Hamel, Kent Hamilton, Tracey Hamilton SOPHOMORES 135 Lunch in the cafeteria gives Greg Almquist, David Wulf, and Marion Collins a break between classes and a chance to discuss the morning happenings. Amy Haney, Ange Hanna, Mike Hannon, Curt Hardacre, Jill Hardwick, Brian Harmeson, Rachel Harter Sheri Hasler, Patsy Haston, Cindy Hayden, Linda Hayes, Lisa Hayes, Cindy Heflin, Sandy Helmic Cindy Helms, Chris Helping, Karla Helping, Bob Helvering, Joe Hennis, Michael Henry, Russell Hiles Anthony Hill, Jeff Hill, Robert Hill, David Hilligoss, Connie Hinton, Sara Hirsch, Mark Hittle Lou Ann Holland, Jackie Holman, Paula Holtzleiter, Trish Hoppes, Terry Horan, Jean Horevay, Brenda Horton Terrie House, Gary Huckeby, Deborah Hudson, Mark Huff, Susan Huffman, Tim Hull, Al Hurley Bill Huston, Nita Hutton, Karla Ice, Roby lrle, Ed Isbell, Bill Jackson, Cindy Jackson 136 SOPHOMORES David Jackson, Marcia Jackson, Philip Jackson, Mike Jayne, Roy Jeffers, Ron Jent, Clint Jetor Danny Johnson, Debbie Johnson, Ron John- son, Sharon Johnson, Teresa Johnson, Victor Johnson, David Jones Elaine Jones, Greg Jones, Jennifer Jones, Patricia Jones, Robert Jones, Thelma Jones, Cathy Kachelein Kim Kaiser, Thomas Keagy, Vivian Kearns, Richard Kelley, Janet Kelley, Elaine Kilburn, Patti Kimm Steve Kinerk, Steve M. King, Steve R. King, John Kirchenbauer, Evangelon Kirtz, Vickie Kizer, Debbie Knoblock James Kopp, Eddie Kuhn, Patty Kunce, Bob Lackey, Jim Lacy, Tim Lamb, Curt Lambert Lana Lahane, Steve Land, Walter Lane, Kim LaPierre, Lorie Larson, Martha Laswell, Michael Lawson Doug Leakey, Jerry Leever, Robert Legg, Randi LeMond, Calvin Lemons, Deborah Limbrock, Judy Lippmann Kim Lloyd, Lee Logan, Guy Looper, Greg Lowe, Cheryl Lowery, Mary Lycan, Melinda McCarty Mike McCarty, Jeff McClain, Mark Mc- Cormack, Patty McCormack, Michele Mc- Fadden, Gina McGee, Mickie McGuire SOPHOMORES 137 Candy Mclntyre, Sarah McKee, James Mc' Kinley, Mary-Lynn McKinley, Susan Mc- Laughlin, Barbie McMahan, Rita McMahan Thomas McMillan, Tim McNally, Evonne McNeese, Bob Macholtz, Teresa Madden, Mary Anne Malone, Bill Marsh Brenda Martin, John Mason, Ronnie Mat- thews, Llnda Maxeiner, John Menke, Lynn Mettlen, John Michael Beth Miller, Dean Miller, Mike Miller, Patty Miller, Kim Mills, Dennis Mimms, Shirley Minton Kathy Montgomery, Larry Montgomery, Marlita Moore, Robert Moore, Julie Mor- gan, Teresa Mullins, Jamie Myers Mildred Nave, Jim Newman, Mike Newton, Tammy Niccum, Jack Norris, Jeff Nye, Mike O'Bryant Rene Odom, Rene Ogle, Anita Owens, John Owens, Phillip Owens, Kathy Pancol, Vicki Parham Sally Paulus, Mary Pavey, Bonnie Pearson, Jim Peck, Betty Pennington, Phil Penrod, Danny Perkins Cathy Phillips, Randy Pickering, Cathy Pierce, Richard Pierce, Julie Pittman, Jeff Pletcher, Cindy Plummer Liz Poat, Jayne Poe, Becky Porter, Mike Porter, Tab Postlethwait, Terry Powers, Tim Price 138 SOPHOMORES Tom Privett, Ellen Purpus, Kim Purvis, David Ray, Beth Rector, Margaret Reed, Fred Reese Eddie Replogle, Richard Reynolds, David Rich, Sue Richard, Marvin Richardson, Dar- rell Riddle, Mike Riddle Patricia Riddle, David Riedel, Tom Rigsby, Danny Ritenour, Jim Rittman, Brian Rob- bins, Juanita Roberts Greg Robertson, Carelyn Robinson, Cathy Robinson, Jenny Robinson, Kathy Rock, Naomi Rodgers, Debbie Rogers Regina Ann Rogers, Sandra Rogers, Don Rose, Becky Ross, Dan Royer, Lanita Rush, Sherri Sample Mike Schildmeier, Martin Schilke, Jeff Schmitt, Lotheda Schoettmer, Betty Schriver, Brenda Scott, Varnell Scott Left: Mickie McGuire and Rita McMahan look over the selection of class rings of- fered by Josten's at Walker Jewelers. Above: The pacer machine helps Bob Lac- key improve his reading skills in a develop- mental reading class. SOPHOMORES 139 John Seal, Rick Shannon, Teresa Shea, Cathie Sheldon, Doug Shields, Murao Shinichi, Chris Shively Debbie Snively, Mike Shock, Janet Shoe- maker, Bill Short, Christina Simmonds, Tina Simpson, Terry Sink Steve Skaggs, John Slattery, Dawn Sloan, Artie Smith, John Smith, Mike Smith, Sherry Smith Wally Smith, Sherry Snedeker, Dennis Sokol, Steve Sokol, Rick Sowash, Joe Spangler, Julie Sparks Steve Spaulding, Georgia Spearman, Lora Stanley, Carol Starks, Celeste Stegall, Dar- rell Stephens, Lance Stevens Mark Stinson, Rick Stuart, Kathy Sullivan, Elena Swan, Carolyn Sykes, Jay Taylor, Karen Taylor Far right: Small, half lockers still provide suf- ficient room for Mike New- ton and Clint Vetor to store class materials. Right: A sophomore French Club candidate discovers initia- tions are not always plea- sant experiences. 140 SOPHOMORES Lisa Taylor, Teena Taylor, Mishel Temple, Mike Thayer, Paul Thompson, Tim Thomp- son, David Thornburg Jerry Throesch, Jodi Tipton, Diana Toppin, Steve Toye, Sue Trice, Roger Trueblood, Cindy Tucker Curt Turner, Harrison Turner, Janice Turner, Brenda Turpen, Steve Turben, Ed Vajner, Phil Valentine Becky VanBaalen, Larry VanBuskirk, Gary Vaughn, Doug Vest, Brad Vetor, Cheryl Vetter, Angela Wade Clarence Waldrep, Teresa Walker, Kim Ward, Barbara Warren, Charles Watkins, Gary Weatherford, Peggy Weis Dallas Wells, William Wells, Sandi Wertz, Jackie West, Roger Wheeler, Steven Wheeler, Mary Whisner Earl White, Glen White, Sharon White, Kelli Whitehead, Debbie Whitesel, Ron Whitmill, Nancy Whitton Sue Wilber, Jim Willey, Arzie Williams, Cathy Williams, Lee Ann Williams, Mark Williams, Steve Williams Linda Willis, Vonell Wilson, Debra Winford, Tommy Wisehart, Lawrence Wither, Anthony Woods, Joe Woschitz David Wulf, Teresa Wulle, Ronna Yeagley, Brenda York, Scott Zebedis, Jay Zirkle, Marylou Zirkelbach SOPHOMORES 141 AHS acquires assistant deans Because of the racial problemsat Madison Heights this year, the black community as well as teachers and administrators at both schools re- quested that the school board dis- cuss the issue of assistant deans. Mrs. Winford and Mr. Williams were hired to fill the positions of as- sistant deans at AHS. Mrs. Winford, who came to Ander- son High in December, stated, "I feel my being here may open some new avenues to communication." Mr. Williams commented, "Everyone that I have come in contact with has cooperated and accepted me." Both assistant deans dealt with white as well as black students and shared responsibilities with the deans. On September 1, 1972, the Sen- ate Enrolled Act 162, passed by the Indiana General Assembly, went into effect. The law stated that any stu- dent that is expelled or excluded for more than five days has a right to a hearing. Above: Mr. Beigh, assistant principal and counselor, compiles SAT scores for schol- arship information. Right: BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES Front row - Mr. Ray Turner, Mrs. Dorothy Jones, Mrs. Evelyn Byrum, Mr. C. DeVar Litten. Back row - Mr. Frank VanSlyke, Mr. Jack Harless, Mr. Zebedee Christian, Sr., Mr. Robert W. Mil- Ier, school attorney, Mr. Maurice G. Robin- son. 142 ADMINISTRATION Far left: Mr. Douglass, principal, looks up NCA records for a faculty member. Left: Mrs. Hurley, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Winford and Mr. Belangee discuss school records. Left: Dr. Enoch Drumm, Superintendent of Secondary Education, and Superintendent G. E. Ebbertt prepare to attend a school board meeting. Above: Mr. Chadbourne watches students board buses. ADMINISTRATION 143 W..- .,., A , .Q , www' W x lbw . Wexf- X .Y ' W Mk , 'Q' zffxww-1 if N, kwfeammw n...4 ka? I W W.. z ' 4 K' 1 in MRS. JUDY ALDRICH - Social Studies - Future Teachers Sponsor, Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MRS. DIANE ALLEN - Social Studies - Future Teachers Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm., Faculty- Student Advisow Council. MR. RICHARD BALSLEY - Business Ed. MR. DONALD BARNETT - Driver's Ed. - Head Baseball Coach. MR. LARRY BARNHART - Social Studies - Interna- tional Student Exchange Chmn., Convo Comm. MR. DAVID B. BARROW - Mathematics Dept. Head - School Treas. MR. ROBERT BELANGEE - Dean of Boys. MRS. ROSALIE BERNARD - Social Studies - Jr. Class Sponsor, Hoosier Boy's-GirI's State Comm. MRS. MAXINE BRIDGES - Language Arts - Thes- pians Sponsor, Speech Club Sponsor, National Foren- sic League Sponsor, Senior Class Play Sponsor. MR. G. ROSS BUCKMAN - Mathematics - Convo Comm., Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MISS LINDA BUNDRICK - Language Arts - Faculty-Student Ad- visory Council, Pep Sessions Comm., Ass't. Girls' Gymnastics Coach. MR. HOWARD BURNETT - Social Studies- Convo Comm. MISS MARILYN CARROLL - Language Arts - LITTLE CHIEF.MR. JAMES CARTER- Driver's Ed. MR. HANK CASE - Art Dept. Head - Christmas Decorations Comm. Chmn., Faculty-Student Advisory Council, Honors Day Comm., Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. GERALDINE CASEY - Language Arts - LITTLE CHIEF, Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. VIRGINIA CHAPMAN - Language Arts - Convo Comm., LITTLE CHIEF. MRS. KAY CLARK- Language Arts - LITTLE CHIEF. MR. PAUL J. CLAY- Industrial Ed. MR. KENDALL COX - Mathematics - Convo Comm. Co-Chmn. MR. HOWARD S. CRONK - Social Studies - Pep Sessions Comm. MR. STEVE CRONK - Language Arts - Convo Comm., LITTLE CHIEF. MR. CHARLES L. CUMMINGS - Physical Ed. Dept. Head - Athletic Director, Homecoming Comm. Chmn. MR. PETE DANFORTH - Social Studies - Ass't. Var. Baseball Coach. MR. PHILIP DAWKINS - Physical Ed. - Ass't. Var. Basketball Coach, Ass't. Res. Baseball Coach. MR. CHARLES DENNY - Social Studies. MR. DON DIETZER - Coop. Voc. Ed. Coordinator - VICA Club Sponsor, Convo Comm., Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MISS NANCY DURR- Language Arts- Latin Club Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. MR. DAVID EAST - Science. MR. RAY ESTES - Physical Ed. - Head Basketball Coach. MR. JOHN FINNEY- Social Studies- Honors Day Comm Chmn. MR. ROBERT FREEMAN - Physical Ed. - Head Swimming Coach. FACULTY 145 Right: The school nurse, Mrs. Castor, checks over her supplies. 146 FACULTY MRS. J0 FUNK - Business - Cheerleader Sponsor, Cheerblock Sponsor, Convo Comm. MRS. FRANCES GARRITY - Physical Ed. - GAA Sponsor, Convo Comm., FacuIty4Student Advisory Council. MRS. SUZANNE GRAHAM - Language Arts - Convo Comm. MRS. EVELYN GRAHAME - Language Arts Dept. Head. MISS HELEN HARRELL- Home Economics- Future Homemakers Sponsor, Convo Comm. MR. .IAMES HEAD - Social Studies - Pep Sessions Comm., Hoosier Boy's-Girl's State Comm. MR. WENDALL HILLIGOSS - Business Dept. Head - Faculty-Student Advisory Council, Pep Sessions Comm. Chairman. MRS. DEBBIE HUDSON - Language Arts - French Club Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. MR. CHARLES HOFFMAN - Music - Ass't. Band Director, Convo Comm. MR. DDNALD HOFFMANN - Music - Band Director, lndianette Sponsor, Stage and Lighting Crew Director. MR. VINCENT HOUSER - Music - Orchestra Director, Convo Comm. MRS. LORNA HOWARD - Language Arts - Counselor, Convo Comm., Faculty-Student Advisory Council, Honors Day Comm., LITTLE CHIEF, Hoosier Boy's- GirI's State Comm. MRS. PAULA HOWE - Business - Pep Sessions Comm., Hoosier Boy's-Girl's State Comm. MRS. PATRICIA HUGGINS - Language Arts - Speech Club Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. VIRGINIA HURLEY - Dean of Girls - Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MR. THOMAS JACKSON - Art - Art Club Sponsor, Convo Comm., LITTLE CHIEF. ii- yn-I is MRS. JUDI JACOBS - Librarian. MR. DANIEL JOHN- SON - Industrial Ed. MR. NATHANIEL JOHNSON - Counselor - Track Coach, Cross-Country Coach, Convo. Comm., YES Sponsor. MR. ROBERT KANABLE - Science - Wrestling Coach, Faculty-Parent Advise ory Council. I MR. ROBERT KEARNS - Counselor - Trainer, Equipment Manager, Faculty-Student Advisory Coun' cil. MR. PATRICK KING - Cooperative Ed. - OWE Coordinator, Reserve Football Coach, Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MRS. MARY KITTERMAN - Coun- selor - Bulletin Board Comm. Chairman, Faculty- Parent Advisory Council. MR. JOSEPH LARMORE - Cooperative Ed. - OWE Coordinator. MISS LOIS LONG -Counseling Dept. Head - Faculty- Parent Advisory Council. MR. JOHN LONGNAKER - Science - Convo. Comm. MR. HARRY McGOON - Language Arts - Honor Society Sponsor, LITTLE CHIEF, Convo. Comm. MRS. MARTHA McHENRY - Language Arts - Sr. Class Sponsor, Spanish Club Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. JANET McLAUGHLIN - Cooperative Ed. - CHO Coordinator, CHO Club Sponsor, Convo. Comm., Fa- culty-Parent Advisory Council. MR. JACK MACY - Cooperative Ed. - COE Coordinator, Student Council Sponsor, COE Club Sponsor. MRS. VIVIAN MAINE - Language Arts - LITTLE CHIEF Sponsor, Quill and Scroll Sponsor, Convo. Comm. MRS. DELORIS MAR- TIN - Home Ec. - Convo. Comm., Faculty Tea Comm. Chairman. MR. WILLIAM MAUCK - Science - A Club Sponsor, Ass't. Basketball Coach, Reserve Basketball Coach, Faculty-Student Advisory Council, Pep Sessions Comm. MR. MICHAEL MEYER - Science. MR. GEORGE MOCK- Industrial Ed., Aero Space Sponsor. MR. DENNIS MONTGOMERY - Cooperative Ed. - DE Coordinator, DECA Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. Left: As Student Council sponsor, Mrs. Pitts helps make table decorations for Fall Wind-up. Far left: The voice of the Indians, Nlr. East, concentrates on announcing a football game from the press box. FACULTY 147 uw I-ACULTY MR. WOODY MOORE - Physical Ed. - Visiting Teacher, Head Football Coach, Faculty-Parent Advis- ory Council MRS. SUSAN MULLARKEY - Language Arts - LITTLE CHIEF. MR. CHARLES NEWBERRY - Counselor - Tennis Coach. MR. DAVID NEWKIRK - ' Language Arts - German Club Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. MR. JACK NICHOLSON - Social Studies Dept. Head - Convo Comm., Faculty-Parent Advisory Council, Honors Day Comm. MR. ROBERT NIERSTE- Science. MR. ISHMAEL OSBORNE - Drivers Ed. Dept. Head - Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MRS. MARY JO PARKER - Cooperative Ed. - HEC Coordinator, HERO Club Sponsor, Convo Comm., Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MR. LARRY PEARSON - Mathematics - Convo Comm. MRS. ELIZABETH PISTOLE - Social Studies - Convo Comm. MRS. BEVERLEY PI1'TS - Language Arts - Student Council Sponsor, Annual Advisor, LITTLE CHIEF. MRS. NORMA PLUMMER - Business - Convo Comm. l MR. JERRY PORTER - Mathematics - Convo Comm. MR. LEE PURSLEY - Language Arts - X-RAY Spon- sor, LITTLE CHIEF. MR. TONY RAGUCCI - Music - Ass't. Band Director. MR. NORMAN RAUNER - Sci- ence - Convo Comm. MR. LUKE REILEY - Industrial Ed. Dept. Head - Convo Comm. MRS. EDNA RHYNEARSON - Home Economics Dept. Head. MRS. MARILYN RICHWINE - Home Economics. MR. LARRY RITTENHOUSE - Social Studies - Ass't. Swimming Coach, Hoosier Boy's-Girl's State Comm. Chmn. MR. PETER RUSSO - Drivers Ed. MR. ROBERT SCHARNOWSKE - Social Studies - A Club Sponsor, Ass't. Res. Football Coach, Res. Track Coach, Ass't. Gymnastics Coach. MR. RICHARD SEAVER - Music - Vocal Music Dept. Head, Choralettes, Choral Club, Madrigals, Swing Choir, Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. CAROLYN SHARMA - Language Arts - French Club Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. MADIEJANE SHAW - Language Arts - Convo Comm., LITTLE CHIEF. MRS. TONI SHOEMAKER - Language Arts - Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. CYNTHIA SMITH - Audio-Visual - Assistant Librarian, Convo Comm. MR. RICHARD SPANGLER - Business Ed. MR. JOSEPH SPARKS- Drivers Ed. - Jr. Class Spon- sor, Convo Comm., Hoosier Boy's-Girl's State Comm. MR. WILLIAM SPEARS - Industrial Ed. MR. PHIL SULLIVAN - Mathematics - Golf Coach, Ass't Foot- ball Coach. MRS. MARGARET SWEET - Language Arts - LITTLE CHIEF. MR. CLIFFORD SWIFT - Social Studies - Bookstore Mgr., Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MR. JAMES TODD - Mathematics. MRS. DEBORAH VOORHIS - Language Arts - Spanish Club Sponsor, Convo Comm. MR. TED WILLIAMS - Ass't. Dean of Boys. MRS. DORIS WINFORD - Ass't. Dean of Girls. MRS. JEANNE WOOLSEY - Business - Future Secretaries Sponsor. MR. RICHARD WORDEN - Science Dept. Head - Convo Comm., Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MR. PAUL ZERKEL - Mathematics - Sr. Class Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. 'Al JM , L I i I A I Auf CAFETERIA STAFF Above: Front row - Mrs. Marge Gal- linger, Mrs. Peg Dunn, Mrs. Jeanette Herb, Manager, Mrs. Madge Hobbs, Mrs. Wilma Gerard, Mrs. Ruth Callender. Row 2 - Mrs. Rowene Rosenbarger, Mrs. Dessie Givens, Mrs, .loan McCrary, Mrs. Grace Miller, Mrs. Betty Hoke, Mrs. Becky Barnes, Mrs, Velma Oliver, Mrs, Mary Jo Hawkins, Back row - Mrs. Carolyn Taliaferro, Mrs. Jean Shaw, Ass't. Managerg Mrs. Jo Anna Baldwin, Mrs. Sally Horan, Mrs, Betty SchildA meier, Mrs. Val Maxwell. CUSTODIANS Right: Mr. Dewey Maples, Mr. Cardell Watson, Mr. John H. Logan, Mr. Loren Holloway, Mr. Spencer Nunn, Mr. Darrell Wallace, Leroy Kel- ler, Mr. James Elliot, Mr. Hank Davis, Mrs. Elsie Keevin. FAC U LTY 149 150 Advertising Anderson is my city I reflect on its heritage I find that 150 years means The tearing down of a courthouse, The building of a new one, New gaslights on Eighth Street, The City building, Red bud trees, A sesquicentennial celebration, East Side Junior High, The Eisenhower Bridge, Picnics at Mounds Park, and Anderson High School. Even in my short lifetime, l have seen changes inconceivable 150 years ago. All of these are a part Of Anderson, Which, in turn, makes them A part of me. Above far left: A citizen's movement is planning to preserve and reconstruct this house, built in 1864, as a Madison County historical museum. Above center left: Gas- lights, which commemorate the gas boom in the late 1880's line Eighth Street from Henry to Jackson Streets. Below far left: The old county courthouse was constructed in 1839 and was torn down in February 1972. Above left: The southeast corner of Meridian and Ninth Streets, where the Anderson Motel now stands, has definitely changed since this 1930 view. Below left: The new county courthouse construction began on May 1, 1972. 151 1 I Above: Mr. Raymond Toles instructs his daughter, Leslie, in the fine art of flower arranging. TOLES FLOWERS, 627 NICHOL AVENUE, has been creating beautiful floral arrangements for AHS and the community for 27 years. Above right: Harry Stamp relies on YANCEY SUPER- MARKET, 1909 WEST 8th STREET, to provide him with top quality meats at af- fordable prices. 152 ADVERTISING Cameramen and professional photographers look to 0DELL'S INC., 1822 MAIN, for the best and most dependable camera equipment available. Cliff Rudd examines the intricate details of a new lens for his camera. Berry donates property for county seat In 1820 when the first settlers began moving into Madison County, they found themselves entering an unbroken wilderness inhabited by the Delaware Indians. As the time came for the departure of the ln- dians, due to the St. Maryls Treaty of 1819, quite a number of men came into the county. Amasa Makepeace from Mas- sachusetts, settled in present-day Chesterfield where he constructed several mills. John Berry came with his family from Clark County and established his domicile where the city of Anderson now stands. When the county was organized, Berry donated sixty acres of his land for county seat purposes. Madison County was formally organized on Monday, November 10, 1823, by John Roberts, Sheriff of Marion County, appointed by the Legislature. Organization was ef- fected at the house of William Mc- Cartney in Pendleton. Several pro- posed sites for the county seat were visited and examined, but a group of commissioners decided to accept the proposition of John Berry on May 21, 1827. Above left: COLLINS TRAVEL SERVICE, 21 WEST 12th STREET, is willing to aid Teresa Busby in planning a memorable and trouble free trip. Collins Travel Service handles everything from ticket reservations to ac- comodations. Left: Two-year-old Robin Waters poses with one of the many plastic parts produced in Anderson by General Motors' GUIDE LAMP DIVISION. Designed for one of the 1973 GM car lines, it is a single piece of reinforced plastic molded to serve three functions: fan shroud, wind- shield washer jar and radiator overflow tank. ADVERTISING 153 Below: Larry Withers and Mark Hittle understand the intricate systems and hard labor behind each Howe fire engine. HOWE FIRE APPARATUS located at 2215 N. MADISON AVENUE has been one of the nation's biggest fire equipment suppliers for 101 years. Right: STRICKLER'S HARD- WARE, 1118 MADISON AVENUE, with a full line of housewares, power tools, paints and personalized senlice, has kept Madison County residents well supplied since 1939. Shirley Boots checks a drill bit for size and durability. Far right: Winona Huston discovers the latest fashions in clothing when shopping at SEARS ROEBUCK 8: CO. Located at 1204 MAIN STREET. Sears Roe- buck has spent 145 years keeping women in style. Above: Jay McLaughlin is entranced with the beauty and elegance of the 1973 Rivi- era. HECKAMAN BUICK, 2721 BROADWAY, deals only with the finest performance cars. Right: Doug Taylor and Kurt Foust discuss the many possibilities that can be created from the building materials at 154 ADVERTISING COOK BLOCK AND BRICK, 2013 MOUNDS ROAD. Far right: Tony Lewellyn is will- ing to put forth every bit of his 41 years of experience and knowledge into making Julie William's senior pictures, ones to be proud of. LEWELLYN'S STUDIO is situated at 11 EAST 10th STREET. S E .Ui l 2 it 1 syn... - 5 of! Central canal brings boom to city growth Anderson's first growth boom came about with the beginning of construction on the "Central Canal" in 1836. The canal, which was to run through Madison County, had the main objective of making trans- portation to market for farmers cheaper and giving them a better chance to compete with the Ohio market prices. Unfortunately, riots between the lrish Catholics and Orangemen that worked on the canal, the revulsion of public sentiment, and the poor financial situation of the state be- cause of the Panic of 1837 caused the canal construction to cease. The "Central Canal" and Ander- son's dreams of prosperity came to a screeching halt. ADVERTISING 155 QQW3' pl ,I C .Img 353, r Above: CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY, 915 JACKSON, convinces Jean Laughlin of the easiness and cleanliness she will en- counter while cooking with gas. Central Indiana Gas Company has furnished area residents with natural gas for 60 years. Above right: COCA-COLA BDTTLING COMPANY of Anderson assures Mary Noland that she will be able to purchase several sizes of bottled and canned Coke. Tab, Sprite, Fanta, and Fresca are other soft drinks bottled by the Coke plant, 3200 EAST 38th STREET. Right: Joe Richey ex- emplifies the fast friendly checkout service that shoppers experience at MATHEWS SUPER MARKETS at 2310 BROADWAY, 3205 COLUMBUS AVE., and 1808 MERI- DIAN. Mathews offers customers three lo- cations and 24-hour shopping. 156 ADVERTISING it nw- 513 25133 if 1 i School system dates to I849 Madison County established its first school system in 1849. County seminaries were established around the state at public expense. Not until twenty years later did such an insti- tution become established in Madi- son County. S5,000.00 was paid to Andrew Jackson and Robert Williams for the land on the Northeast corner of Main and Twelfth Streets where the first school was erected. The two-story brick building served as the county seminary until 1865 when fire destroyed the structure. Another building was erected, but torn down in 1888 when the Main Street School was built. Many of the teachers in these schools were residents of the area and not qualified teachers. 0. P. Stone was the first professional teacher. He taught from 1846 until 1853 at the seminary. Above: David Jones is certain he made the perfect choice in selecting Lawrence-Krehe Studio for his pictures. LAWRENCE-KREHE STUDIO, 21 WEST 5th STREET, is in its 20th year of family, wedding. and all occa' sion photography. Left: Lesley Corbin and Brian Elpers enjoy one of seventeen vari- eties of pizza from ART'S PIZZA "ONLY," OLD EDGEWOOD SHOPPING CENTER. Art's Pizza also serves beef, sausage and submarine sandwiches. ADVERTISING 157 Above: Julia Jones discovers a whole new world of paint and hobby supplies at SMITH-ALSOP PAINT AND CARPET, MOUNDS IVIALL. Smith-Alsop offers a vari- ety of types and colors of paint. Above right: Selecting a card or book, Michelle Dunn knows READMORE, 1035 IVIERIDIAN STREET will satisfy her needs. Readmore has supplied the community with curios and reading materials for 13 years. Right: Larry Dunn plans ahead for summer fun and chooses only the best for his sporting equipment from DEGKERS, 21 WEST 12th STREET, a trusted name in sporiting and office equipment for 67 years. 158 ADVERTISING Citizens gather to look over new 'Iron-horse' Making its way into Anderson for the first time, the Indianapolis Belle- fontaine Railroad train arrived on July 4, 1851, bringing about Ander- son's second boom. Andersonians garnished their town in red, white, and blue, and set up accomodations for those who had traveled miles to catch a glimpse of the iron-horse. From Anderson, the track ex- tended into Cleveland, Ohio, passing into the hands of the Big Four Rail- way. In the second line, Cincinnati and Chicago Air Line passed through IVIadison County. For 23 years Anderson tried un- successfully to construct a third rail- way through Anderson. However, it was not until 1892 that a group of manufacturers and financiers built the Anderson Belt Railway. Above: Even with expert assistance, Vicki King has difficulty in selecting a favorite pose. OLAN MILLS in the HOLIDAY PLAZA, displays fine work and rapid service. Left: Robin VanCamp is thrilled at the prospect of riding in a Triumph Spitfire IV. ANDER- SON IMPORTS, 3114 STATE ROAD NINE NORTH, specializes in excellent imported cars. ADVERTISING 159 Canal, railroad influence growth After two attempts of incorpora- ting Anderson failed, Anderson finally became incorporated August 25, 1865. Population expanded rapidly as the prospects of a canal passing through increased. Anderson became incorporated on January 21, 1839, one month before news that construction on the canal was to cease. Population decreased to 350 and Anderson remained a village for fifteen years. Again on June 23, 1853, the resi- dents of Anderson voted to incor- porate the town. Due to the Indianap- olis Bellefontaine Railroad, a need for town government became ap- parent as business activity in- creased. Anderson's town govern- ment lasted for twelve years. Finally, on August 25, 1865 a permanent city government was adopted by an overwhelming major- ity, 207 to 10 in favor of incorpo- rating Anderson. First city officers elected were: lVlayor, Robert N. Williams, Clerk, C. O. Thompson, and Treasurer, Joseph Fulton. uv- 160 ADVERTISING Left: KIRKMAN'S JEWELRY AND GIFT STORE, 1213 MERIDIAN STREET, helps Sue Edwards and Scott Frendt choose from one of their many elegant place settings. Bottom left: Jean lVlacholtz studies the elegance and beauty of an Accutron watch, one of the many brands sold at Kirkman's, a merchant of Anderson for 50 years. Above left and right: KOMAKAI ACADEMY and CREATIVE TROPHY COMPANY, 2301 MAIN STREET, offers lessons in judo, karate, and Jiu Jitsu to those wishing self defense practices. Trophies for any sport or occasion may be ordered from the huge selection offered at the Creative Trophy Company. Left: Rhonda House examines her freshly laundered and pressed dra- peries, typical of Anderson Launderers. ANDERSON LAUNDERERS AND DRY CLEANERS, 233 SYCAMORE STREET, cleans all types of clothing and also pro- vides a rental service. ADVERTISING 161 Above: Beth Schrenker plans her future security with Marvin Lowe and his well qualified staff at MARVIN W. LOWE CLU., 814 PARK AVENUE. Above right: Terese Johnson understands her money will be in safe hands when opening an account with ANDERSON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, 100 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, the oldest and largest Federal Savings and Loan Association in Madison County. Right: Fred Miller explains to Eric Shadle the complicated and detailed pro- cedures built into every machine at LYNCH, 2300 CRYSTAL STREET. Center: Lunch at BURGER KING, located at 925 STATE ROAD 9, provides leisurely eating for Patty Gibbons and Robin Marsh after a hectic day at school. 162 ADVERTISING AHS graduates all-woman class Although the county school sys- tem was established during the 184O's, not until 1876 was the city of Anderson presented with its first high school graduating class. Anderson High School's first class graduated in the Union Hall on the corner of Eighth and Main Streets, on Thursday, May 23, 1876. The four seniors chose "Eximus Abis Secu- turis" - We go forth, others will fol- low - as the class motto. Jesse F. Meyers recited the val- dictory and the school statistics were read by the treasurer of the school board, Edgar Henderson. Members of the all-women class were Miss Cora E. Bain, Miss Mary l. Grimes, Mrs. Sarah L. Cowgillnee Harriman, and Mrs. Jessie F. Croan nee Meyers. Above left: For freshness and nutrition, Lena Tappler elects Dietzen's Holsum Soft- twist bread as the bread to serve. OIETZEN'S BAKERY, 2401 MAIN, is in its 45th year of producing fresh bread and bakery goods daily. Above: Nancy Fisher poses for Norm Cook. NORM COOK STUDIO, 502 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, is well-known for naturally better portraits and weddings in natural color. ADVERTISING 163 Above: Nancy Weddell and Jeff Jarrett in- spect a couple of mail boxes, just one line of superior merchandise sold at E. G. VER- NON AND SONS, 435 MAIN STREET. Ver- nons' is one of Madison County's largest lighting fixture retailers for 105 years. Above right: Montgomery Ward presents Candy Kuhn with an array of fashionable teen wear. Located in the MOUNDS MALL, MONTGOMERY WARD 81 CO. also markets a large variety of household goods and fur- nishings. Right: For the best in dairy prod- ucts Anne Hittle selects BEST EVER DAIRY, 722 BROADWAY, now celebrating its 50th anniversary. Students delight in the treats served at the Best-Ever fountain. 164 ADVERTISING Left: Fresh produce, pleasant atmosphere, and fast service are qualities Sara Shoe- maker enjoys while marketing at the RANCH SUPERMARKET, INC., 19 WEST CROSS STREET. Bottom left: The convenient and quick service of a walk up window fasci- nates Mike Doelling when he banks at CITI- ZENS BANKING CO., 1101 MERIDIAN. Below: Mark Reed inspects the heavy ma- chinew used by RALPH REED AND SDN, 1930 INDIANA AVENUE, an outstanding name in general contractors. 2 , x et? X. qw- 1 A-town named 'Queen City' With the discovery of natural gas in Nlarch of 1887, Anderson became the "Queen City of the Gas Belt," stretching into Ohio and Pennsyl- vania. Numerous companies and businesses sprang up overnight in the sleepy little farming community to capitalize on Anderson's third Boom. Pipes were erected in yards, on street corners, along highways and in barnyards. Wells burned 24 hours a day, producing unforgettable sights visible for miles. For nearly 23 years the abundant supply of gas provided a source of energy that has never again been equaled in Anderson. ADVERTISING 165 Electric plant, pride of city, creates awe Of the numerous industries, buildings and people which aided in the growth of Anderson's population, none drew as much attention or amazement from outside business- men as did the municipal owned electric plant. Isaac D. Bosworth first founded the Electric Plant in 1885. Then, in 1892, Charles L. Henry purchased the plant and supplied light to the city until 1896 when he offered to sell the plant to the city, accepting notes for 348,000.00 in payment. Instead of being owned and operated by a private enterprise, Anderson's Electric Plant was owned and operated by the city of Ander- son. Because of this, electric rates were lower than those paid by resi- dents of 99 percent of all other Indiana cities and towns. The majority of homes and those two to three miles outside of the city were dependent upon the plant for light for every use and emergency. In 1903 notes to the amount of 560,000.00 were issued for exten- sions of buildings. Valued at several million dollars, Anderson's Electric Plant was the pride of the city. 166 ADVERTISING Above: Mr. Ronald Yeagley invites Cyndee Williams to view his award winning photo- graphs to aid her in deciding on a pose before having her senior picture taken at YEAGLEY PHOTOGRAPHY, 1540 OHIO AVENUE. Right: Sherry Romine delights IU the beauty of the unique floral arrange- ments designed by skilled florists at "FLOWERS BY MARY JANE," located at 2833 MADISON AVENUE. 3 te 53 Left: Mr. Travis L. Tunis, Sr. Vice President of ANDERSON BANKING COMPANY, 931 MERIDIAN, discusses government guaranteed student loans for college with Lori Darr, Bryce Brown, and Susan Melson. Applications for these loans may be made at any ABC office. Anderson Banking Company is one of the few financial institu- tions in the city granting these types of loans for students. Below: KAUFMAN HARDWARE, 15 EAST 5th STREET, offers Polly Richardson a complete line of cook- ware and the best hardware equipment for all workshops. ADVERTISING 167 Governor Durbin ignites politics Andersonians saw the beginnings of an important political career in the 1880's when Winfield T. Durbin moved to the city from Lawrence- burg. Serving as an Indiana delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1893, and 1896, Durbin also pre- sided as Republican National Com- mitteeman. In 1901 Durbin captured the governor's seat. A strong advocate of the state highway system, he initi- ated several improvement programs during his term of office. Durbin also took a steadfast stand on any meas- ure aiding in betterment of Indiana. His business administration was one of soundness, reflecting the conser- vative elements of his party. Defeated for a second term in 1912, Winfield Durbin retired to Anderson, where he died at the age of 81 in 1928. Above: Phil Polus dreams of the day he will own a brand new Pontiac from RUSS REGENOLD PONTIAC, 303 PENDLETON AVENUE. Russ Regenold displays the new 1973 Firebird, Grand Ville, Grand Prix, Le lVlans, and the Grand ANI. Right: Dee Gentry is completely satisfied with the friendly service and free checking account she receives from FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MADISON COUNTY at 735 MAIN STREET. Far left: Dave Worster decides on a fashion- able pair of earrings for his favorite girl. WALKER'S JEWELERS located at 1126 MERIDIAN, is a leading jewelry merchant of Madison County. Left: With employees like Nancy Jackson and Ron Pritchard, ELITE STUDIO, 1037 MERIDIAN, will make sure Bill Kinney is a satisfied customer. Elite Studio specializes in senior pictures and family portraits. Left: Sandy Long experiences the rapid precision speed she attains from typing on a Royal Electric typewriter. MILLER HUG- GINS, 1212 MERIDIAN, carries a complete line of office furniture and supplies for any office. Above: Whether dressing in formal or casual wear, Lou Anne Jones depends on the TOWNE SHOPPE, 1204 MAIN STREET, to keep her in style. The Towne Shoppe outfits women for any occasion. ADVERTISING 169 Six automobile plants operate during I9I0's Automobile industries invaded Anderson between 1900 and 1920 in overwhelming numbers. ln 1909 six different automobile plants were manufacturing the horseless buggy. Nyberg Automobile Works, lo- cated on West First, originally the Rider-Lewis auto company, won na- tion-wide recognition for the run- abouts, heavy trucks and touring cars they produced. The Nyberg Works produced 15,000 wire wheels per day. John Lambert possibly started the first gasoline engine and started an auto industry in Anderson in 1894. Throughout those twenty years the automobile industries were one of Anderson's primary concerns. ,, ., ,X IN MID 79 FUN 49 ICE CREAM 170 ADVERTISING Far left: Teddy Manuel relies on EVERY- BODY'S OIL and MILK BARN to supply him with groceries as well as high performance gasoline. Everybody's Oil and Milk Barn is waiting to serve Andersonians at six loca- tions. Left: Rhoda Freeman discovers the fine craftsmanship put into each of Gen- try's unique cabinets. GENTRY'S CABI- NETS located at 415 MAIN STREET is now in its 38th year of cabinet making. Below: T 8. H SERVICE AND SALES located at 2503 NICHOL AVENUE and 1531 MERID- IAN STREET is in its 19th year of sewing area residents with the finest in RCA and Whirlpool equipment. Ted King tunes in his favorite FM station on this RCA stereo com- ponent system. -we Far left: Mike Yust feels a sunroof on the 1972 Beetle will give him the sporty look he seeks. EBERBACH MOTORS, 3701 STATE ROAD NINE NORTH, invites every- one to stop by and look at a Volkswagen. Left: Mr. Plum, photographer at Reid's studio, shows Leisa Richardson and Margie Harruff how life-like their pictures will ap- pear when developed. REID'S STUDIO, 1205 MERIDIAN devotes much time in perfecting each picture. ADVERTISING 171 Interurban runs track to Marion First realization of plans for a road from Alexandria to Anderson belonged to Charles L. Henry. His plan was to construct a road upon which electric cars would transport passengers. Dreams became reality on September 3, 1897 when the Union Traction Company was in- corporated. January 1, 1898 marked the first interurban run from Anderson to Alexandria. And by the beginning of 1899 the road had extended to Sum- mitville, making a trackage of 17 miles and on to Nlarion, completing a total 34 miles. Anderson merchants and busi- nessmen reached a heyday in the 192O's. General offices and shops in downtown Anderson prospered immensely due to the persons coming into Anderson on the Inter- urban System. Due to the many wrecks of the electric cars the last run of the inter- urban took place January 18, 1941. Above: Marsha Matheney discovers nar- rowing down her picture selection is quite difficult when taken by the photographers at DOUGLAS STUDIO, 509 EAST EIGHTH STREET. Douglas Studio specializes in baby and youth pictures. Right: Larry .lack- son explains to his son, Doug, that the job of a good realtor is to satisfy both the buyer and the seller. LARRY JACKSON REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE CO., is located at 1403 Ol-lIO AVE. 172 ADVERTISING 5 T, in K KW ft., ...I ,..,,s.... . A it g . an Q A , .B K L . .5 , .i -.Wi W' Q' -Q, 'sh' fit . E S b S ! .. was , ,Z 5 1 Far left: lVlr. Lew Moller informs Joanne LaChew of the high nutritional value found in every Emge weiner. EMGE, 2000 WEST EIGHTH STREET, has been packaging fine meats in Madison County for 50 years. Left: Becky Schafer finds no problem when shopping for her home decorating needs. She can always depend on A. L. BREWSTER PLYWODD, 2801 BROADWAY. A. L, Brewster Plywood carries a large variety of panelings and moldings. Bottom left: Lanny Buettner demonstrates one of the various types of wheelchairs on display at MCVEYS, 517 WEST ELEVENTH STREET. lVIcVeys rents and sells all types of hospital supplies. Below: Mr. Painter briefs John Short about the many roads being paved and resurfaced by ACME PAVING, 104 EAST HARTMAN ROAD. Acme Paving has worked on the county roads for 26 years. "N ADVERTISING 173 Below left: Dan Dykes' favorite playground is equipped with safe, durable apparatus supplied by RECREATION EQUIPMENT, located at 724 WEST 8th STREET. Recrea- tion Equipment supplies the sporting equipment for Anderson High School. Right: Deciding on crystal and china can be a difficult job. Sue Trice and Diana Hiatt are guaranteed of getting helpful informa- tion from employees of STAR CHINA, 902 MAIN STREET. .ll flIfi -mls A . .-2' lilifllllllllfl iiilllifiiiiiiiiiii 5 , 174 ADVERTISING Melissa Russell enjoys the easy drivability of a new Chevrolet Impala sold at HUNTER- WEIDNER CHEVROLET, 2603 N. BROAD- WAY. Hunter-Weidner has specialized in used car sales and skilled maintenance service for over half a century. Below: McDONALDS FURNITURE SHOW- ROOMS, 5541 PENDLETON AVENUE, offers Madison County a fine line of top quality home furnishings. Pat Super is in- trigued by the glass top tables, now very much in style. Bottom: Carol Peterson and Jane Oyler enjoy the delicious food they receive from ALIBI RESTAURANT, 1401 JACKSON, whether it's a carry-out for quick service or a leisurely meal in the spacious dining roon. Indians '35, '37 state champs The 30's brought with them a feeling of success for the Anderson High School Indians. A team of strong, able-bodied players practiced long and hard to become state basketball champions in the year of 1935. Again in 1937, with a few survi- vors from the last championship, the Indians took top honors on the state basketball tourney. It was not only a time of triumph for AHS students, but it also meant a week's vacation from school activities. This elation of success was again felt when Coach Charles Cummings shaped up his team of Indians for a 1946 state championship. ADVERTISING 175 World War II victory brings new prosperity With the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the United States plunged into World War ll. And with this declara- tion the Anderson Boom burst open. Anderson industries swung into full scale wartime production. Em- ployment doubled in the city as the home front joined in the massive war effort. Plants converted peacetime machinery into useful tools for war- time output, Victory in World War ll, August 15, 1945, set the stage for the greatest economic resurgence in the country's history. Defense plants reconverted from manufacturing armaments and war goods to prod- ucts of a demanding peacetime public. Andersonians had gone so long without so much they were willing to pay any price for the auto- mobiles, washing machines and the all new television set. 176 ADVERTISING Below: Jeff Clear assists Chris Jones in his selection of a winter coat from RAPP'S 821 MERIDIAN, for the cold months ahead. RAPP'S men's clothes can suit all seasons. Far below: FORKNER'S STUDIO, 817 ME- RIDIAN, is proud to have served Madison County for three generations. Pixie Forkner and Phyllis Isbell can see why people keep coming to Forkner's. A , W I ' A . 4 I , , rr Above left: Jim Barber studies the compli- cated broadcasting equipment at WHBU RADIO STATION, 1240 on the dial. WHBU broadcasts high school sports and "pop" music. Left: PEPSI COLA BOTTLERS, 1831 WEST 18th STREET, find no trouble in con- vincing Eric Weston and Jeff Hill that Pepsi is the soft drink with a lot to give. Dr. Pepper is also bottled by Pepsi Cola Com- pany of Anderson. Obtaining the perfect fragrance in perfume is no problem for Susie Bell, as she has a wide selection to choose from at TOM DEARlNG'S PHARMACY, 702 EAST 8th STREET. ADVERTISING 177 178 ADVERTISING Right: Mr. McGonigle and Elizabeth Withers review future home sites in the Anderson area. MCGONIGLE REALTY 366 ClTlZEN'S BANK BUILDING has been an established realtor in Madison County for two decades. Below: NestarVGassett, Anne Gunsenhouser, and Mike McCord explore one of the fascinating computer systems situated in Plant ll of DELCO-REMY. A continuous program of developing new products and constantly improving existing ones has made Delco-Remy the world's largest producer of automotive electrical equipment. X, Wasil 3 , M.. Community aids social agencies The late 1950's and early 1960's witnessed the birth of an organiza- tion whose primary concern was social awareness. The United Fund started in 1959, and kicked off its first fund raising drive in September of 1960. Money received from employees of stores, businesses, and corpora- tions was dispersed among twenty- seven human service agencies lo- cated throughout Madison County. Nearly three-quarters of a million dollars is raised annually by the United Fund of Madison County. As the 1960's ended volunteer ef- fort increasingly was turned toward the minority groups of the com- munity as the city geared up for equal opportunity in jobs, housing, and education. Top: Mike McNabney and Sara Dillman model a new line of spring fashions at GOEHRING'S VARSITY - PEDDLER, 922 MERIDIAN STREET. Goehring's handles clothing for both young men and women. Above: MADISON COUNTY SCHOOL EM- PLOYEES FEDERAL CREDIT UNION, 621 EAST EIGHTH STREET, insures Mrs. Voorhis of top dividend rates on savings that are earning life insurance dividends for the future. School employees may also borrow from the Credit Union with easy pay- ment arrangements. ADVERTISING 179 M X .Milli me fwlf ,MPG 4'-Y,'11f?4f 1 ' KY 1 , WM, , :,.zsf1W'w i wgzffg 6 5 al if 7, ,,,, WM V L. lndian spirit l am a part of its Tradition. lt involves Making signs for pep sessions, Mr. Red and Miss Green, The indian war dance, Decorating homerooms And halls for Red and Green Week, Cheerblock as A-Club, A-Club as lndianettes, Coach Estes, "Two bits, four bits," "Sweet Georgia Brown," Bumper stickers and beanies, And the N.C.C. champs. All of these will bring back Memories that will remind me of Anderson High School and Indian Summer. Lower far left: A-Club members and the varsity cheerleaders form a pyramid to the cheer "Going to the Top" at the Richmond pep session. Upper far left: The A-Club be- comes the lndianettes in the sectional pep session as they perform the pregame show. Center far left: The indian mascot and maiden dance before the last basketball game. Center left: Mr. Red, Mike McCord, and Miss Green, Jean Laughlin, help build enthusiasm at the regional pep session. Ahove left: The Student Council kazoo band enters the Richmond pep session while playing the school song. Lower left: Mr. Bamhart's homeroom, 412, receives first place for its creativity in the contest for the best homeroom door decorations. 181 I E 1 U E 5 2 a 182 HGMERQQM High school basketball tourneys - Or in other words, Hoosier hysteria - Make me think of Beating Madison Heights by 57 points Breaking our overall point record, Cutting down the sectional nets, Putting the trophy back together, Getting fired up for the regional, Pushing ahead of Portland and Carme Taking down the regional nets, Anticipating a trip to Ft. Wayne, Finally being one of the "Final Four", And most of all, Knowing what it is like To be a winner. Competing and winning will always Bring to mind high school tourneys And lndian Summer. Far left: Roy Taylor sports a big smile as he cuts down his share of the Regional victory net. Upper center: Co-Captains Jeff Jenness and Harry Stamp accept the High- land spirit stick from Highland's drum major. Lower far left: Wearing his spirit, Mr. Quire concentrates on the action in the Semi-state game. Upper left: Home room signs made for the Regional, Semi- state, and State pep sessions are paraded around the gym floor while the band plays "Sweet Georgia Brown." Center left: Charlie Cotton receives the second most applause in the Sweet Sixteen beauty con- test held during the Semi-state pep ses- sion. Left: Armed with the AHS tomahawk, the MHHS spirit stick, and the HHS spirit stick, mascot Steve Pancol roars with the good wishes of the community toward the Semi-state crown. 183 fy 1 if W 3 "' Q , , , ?ffW3Q2'223' fm 4 0 .1 V NW? lb we ' AI, .f The United States Means Progress. The Viet Nam ceasefire, The return of the P.O.W.s, The eighteen-year-old's First presidential election - All are what is 1973. There were also times of trouble, Time of grief. The deaths of Johnson and Truman, The Olympic games, Those soldiers who didn't make it home. But, still, this country Has so much to offer, That it is hard to imagine Life elsewhere. This is the place where lVly future lies When l am only an outsider Of Indian Summer. Upper left: During a break in their bargain- ing session, U.S. Presidential adviser Henry Kissinger, right, talks with North Viet Nam's Le Duc Tho. Lower left: Former P.O.W. Cmdr. John McKamey of Green- castle, Indiana, departs for the U.S. from Clark Air Force base in the Phillipines. Upper center: One of the American P.O.W.s released by the Viet Cong is carried down the ramp at Clark Air Force base. Lower center: President Nixon takes the oath of office from Chief Justice Warren E. Burger for his second term. Lower far left: The body of former President Harry S. Truman is taken to his grave in the courtyard of the Truman Library. Upper far left: The coffin of the U.S.'s 35th President, Lyndon B. Johnson, is carried down the House of Representatives' steps at the Capitol, fol- lowed by members of the family. lPhoto- graphs courtesy of Associated Press Photo.l 185 A Abel, John 56, 85, 122,125 Abernathy, Mark 122 A-Club 79 Actis, Gregory 122 Adams, Darlene 100 Adams, Gwendolyn 132 Adams, Jay 100 Adams, Mark 132 Adams, Nancy 53, 100 Administration 143 Aerospace Club 72 Albea, Sandra 3, 62, 63, 122 Albrecht, Regina 61, 132 Aldrich, Mrs. Judith 145 Aldridge, Deborah 48, 132 Alexander, David 132 Alger, Susan 122 Allbaugh, Keith 122 Allbaugh, Kurt 64, 65, 122 Alleman, Virginia 100 Allen, Dewayne 77, 85 Allen, Mrs. Diane 70, 145 Allen, Sheila 50,122 Allen, Tammy 132 Allensworth, James 100 Allensworth, Joe 122 Almquist, Greg 40, 61, 69, 85, 132, 136 Alt, Steve 83, 122 Alt, Teresa 29, 48, 122 Amrine, Cynthia 100 Anderson. Albert 122 Anderson, Christie 40, 58 61, 65, 100 Anderson, Johnny 122 Anderson, Laurie 42, 81 122 Anderson, Norma 132 Anderson, Scott 63, 132 Anderson, Steve 100 Annual Staff 54 Anson, Zeke 79, 83, 122 Arbuckle, Diane 61, 132 Armstrong, Russell 60, 122 Armstrong, Teresa 61, 132 Arnson, David 132 Art Department 20 Ashcraft, Angela 132 Asher, Bob 100 Ashley, Beverly 122 Auler, Charlotte 132 Auler, Leonard 132 Austin, Mrs. Marjorie 144 Austin, Richard 132 Aynes, Nina 26 B Babb, David ao, 42, 43, 67, 100 Baden, Janet 122 Bagienski, Richard B5, 132 Bahler, Theresa 70, 71, 100 Bailey, Barbara 100 Bailey, Robert 42, 132 Bair, Eddie 101 Bair, Glen 61,132 Baker, Becky 101, 113 Baker, Beverly 132 Baker, David 132 Baker, Jo132 Baker, Kandace 6, 58, 64, 65, 101 Baker, Karen 62, 132 Baker, Rebecca 57 Baker, Susan 132 Baker, Thomas 63, 101 186 INDEX Bales, Gene 83, 101 Bales, Robert 42, 83, 91 132 Ball, Jo Ellen 52, 53, 58 101 Ballard, Ed 122 Ballentine, Brad 132 Ballentine, William 83 Balsley, Celia 26, 58, 60 70, 101 Balsley, Mr. Richard 145 Band 46 Banks, Kalen 40, 52, 53, 122 Banks, Rose 132 Bannon, Steven 132 Barber, James 79, 85, 122 176 Barbre, Jilayne 60, 62, 75, 122 Barnes, Jeffrey 29, 122 Barnes, Patricia 63, 122 Barnett, Mr. Donald 145 Barnett, Patti 61, 122 Barnett, Tom 61, 132 Barnhart, Mr. Larry 145 Barrett, Julie 61, 132 Barrigan, Kristy 61, 132 Barrow, Mr. David 145 Baseball 95 Basketball 86 Bass, Karen 132 Bates, Connie 60, 64, 65, 101 Batie, Becky 70, 101 Baughn, Charles 132 Baxter, Charles 132 Baxter, Geoff 101 Bays, Ricky 132 Beaman, Harry 72 Beaty, Mike 40, 65, 83, 122 Beck, Bruce 101 Beeman, Deanna 132 Beeman, Nancy 122 Beigh, Mr. Max 142 Belangee, Mr. Robert 143, 145 Bell, Susan 101, 177 Bell, Timothy 71, 102 Benak, David 83, 122 Benfiel, Greg 51, 122 Benjamin, Jeff 132 Bennett, Carol 122 Bennett, James 40, 41, 58, 60, 102 Bennett, Jane 50.61, 122 Bergeman, Deborah 132 Berkebile, Karl 102 Bernard, Brenda 132 Bernard, Mrs. Rosalie 98, 122, 145 Bertram, Daniel 122 Bertram, Randall 122 Betts, Gregory 91, 122 Bibler, Mark 72, 132 Bicha, Wes 52 Biddle, John 102 Bilbrey, Kevin 102 Billman, Mark 132 Blake, Stephen 122 Blevins, B. Joan 132 Blevins. Debra 122 Blockson, Donny 29, 122 Bloom, Donald 60, 83, 133 Bloomer, Lana 133 Boaz, Frank 83, 133 Boaz, Linda 102 Bobo, James 102 Bock, Stephen 133 Index Boerner, Rick 29, 122 Bohling, David 72, 133 Bohmeyer, Jane 61, 133 Boles, Gilbert 133 Bondurant, Scott 85, 93, 122 Bonge, Beverly 62, 67, 70, 122, 125 Bonner, John 79, 102 Bookout, Chris 133 Boone, Claire 42, 58, 78, 81, 102 Boone, Nikki 122 Boots, Shirley 122, 155 Bose, Barbara 102 Bose, Nancy 133 Boston, Kevin 30, 40, 102 Boutwell, Gregory 72, 122 Bowen, Danny 60, 61, 133 Bowers, Toni 102 Bowling, Bill 51 Bowman, Deborah 42, 62, 122 Boyd, Larry 83 Boyd, Roosevelt 102 Boyd, Rosemary 50, 102 Boyd, Timothy 133 Boze, Vicki 61, 133 Bradley, Kenneth 122 Bramwell, Louann 102 Brandon, Rick 86, 133 Braxton, Levert 133 Braxton, Margaret 71, 122 Breeden, James 63, 85, 122 Breeden, Jeffrey 79, 102 Brewer, Thomas 133 Bricker, Leslie 133 Bridges, Mrs. Maxine 66, 67, 69, 144, 145 Briggs, David 102 Brinduse, Steve 122 Brinker, Mary 122 Brinn, William 133 Brinson, Deborah 58, 61, 70, 102 Brizendine,Jenee102 Bronkella, David 102 Brooks, Debra 60, 133 Brooks, Dennis 123 Brooks, Jeffrey 133 Brooks, Lisa 61, 133 Brooks, Michelle 48, 123 Brown, Bryce 52, 133, 167 Brown, Karen 132, 133 Brown, Kevin 86,133 Brown, Marcus B3, 123 Brown, Michael 123 Brown, Robert 133 Brown, Stepanie 51, 70, 71, 123 Brown, Steve 83, 123 Brown, Teresa 123 Brown, William 102 Browning, Pam 102 Bruce, Donald 49, 133 Brunson, Ray 133 Bryan, Analise 61, 133 Bryan, Nancy 53, 102 Buck, Cynthia 123 Buck, Teresa 133 Buckles, Ric 56, 102 Buckman, Mr. Ross 145 Buettner, Lanny 64, 65, 72, 102. 173 Bundrick, Miss Linda 81, 145 Burke, Patty 133 Burkett, Michael 83, 102 Burkhart, Brenda 50, 123 Burmeister, Jerry 102 Burnell, Faye 52 Burnett, Anita 52, 102 Burnett, Bruce 60, 133 Burnett, Mr. Howard 145 Burnett, Roger 133 Burris, Cynthia 42, 61, 69, 70, 123 Burt, Ken 42, 98, 103 Burton, Beth 123 Burton, Bill 40, 69, 123 Burton, Jane 42, 133 Burton, Julie 61,101,103 Burton, Regina 133 Busby, Teresa 62, 123, 153 Business Department 16 Busing, Barbara 61, 65, 90, 123 Busing, Kathleen 61, 67, 133 Butler, Mary 123 Buxton, John 50 Byer, Bill 69, 123 C Cahoon, Elizabeth 61, 133 Calabria, Callahan, Cameron, Campbell Campbell Campbell Campbell Campbell Campbell Campbell Campbell Campbell Campbell Joe 30, 79, 103 Bill 72, 133 Connie 123, 125 , Billy 133 , Bruce 103 , Candy 123 , Craig 123 , Dick 133 , Gwendolyn 123 , Lisa 103 , Michael 103 , Nora 133 , Theresa 133 Canada, Katherine 62, 67 90, 132, 133 Canada, Kevin 40, 58, 103 Canaday, Mark 103 Canine, Rod 123 Cantrell, Deborah 50, 103 Cantrell, Dennis 133 Cantrell, Rhonda 123 Capella, John 133 Caplinger, Jeff 79, 85, 103 Caplinger, Melea103 Carlile, Marianne 42, 133 Carlson, John 63, 133 Principal Mr. Douglass relaxes as he supervises a con vocation. Carmony, Susan 61, 133 Carr, Douglas 133 Carr, Joyce 42, 103 Carroll, Miss Marilyn 145 Carson, Bill 103 Carter, Mr. James 145 Carter, Jill 81, 103 Carter, Rosalind 70, 123 Case, Mr. Hank 145 Case, Mike 123 Casey, Carla 103 Casey, Mrs. Geraldine 145 Casey, Jay 8, 40, 61, 66, 67, 91, 133 Catlett, Susie 62, 133 Chadbourne, Mr. Horace 143 Chalfant, Machell 123 Chamberlain, Deborah 51, 103 Chamberlain, Sandra 70, 71, 123 Chambers, Bette 63, 123 Chambers, Ellen 53, 58, 103 Chambless, Steven 63, 83, 133 Chapman, Diana 133 Chapman, Randall 13, 23, 103 Chapman, Mrs. Virginia 145 Chastain, Donald 103 Cheerblock 79 Cheerleaders 79 Chess Club 73 Chismar, Ted 40, 83, 123 Choral Club 42 Choralettes 43 Church, Robert 63, 133 Church, Stephanie 123 Clark, David 67, 133 Clark Delilah 103 Clark Dennis 58, 103 Clark, Diane 62, 133 Clark, Gary 103 Clark, James 49 Clark Karen 123 Clark Mrs. Kay 145 Clawson, Kimberly 133 Clay, Mr. Paul 145 Clayburn, Preston 133 Clayton, Thomas 103 Clear, Jeff 40, 55, 59, 103 177 Clem, Jack 133 Closser, Cathy 133 Closser, Kent 133 Clute, Bruce 132, 133 Clymer, Jeffery 123 Coates, Jennifer 60, 64, 65, 133 Cochran, George 63, 69, 83, 123 Cochran, Kathy 70, 123 Cochran, Kim 42, 123 Cochran, Larry 123 Cockrill, Carol 123 COE 53 Coffey, Vicki 42, 62, 63, 70, 123 Cohen, Dale 133 Coleman, Andre 40 Collings, Jayne 103 Collings, Michele 48, 133 Collins, Cathy 133 Collins, James 133 Collins, Jay 85,133 Collins, Marion 133, 136 Collins, Paula 123 Collins, Sara 61, 133 Collis, Connie 123 Colvill, Candy 62, 133 Concert Band 49 Conner, Carroll 133 Conover, Amy 42, 62, 134 Conover, Douglas 42, 67 85, 123, 124 Conrad, Desma 42, 62, 65 70, 123 Constable, Mark 123 Goody, Cindy 61, 134 Cook, Susan 103 Cooke, Cynthia 46, 48, 103 Cooke, Pamela 123 Cookman, Sarah 134 Cooley, Dewayne103 Copeland, Dennis 51, 123 Coppess, Kathleen 104 Coppock, Anthony 132, 134 Coppock, Timothy 83, 90, 104 Corbin, Lesley 54, 58, 59, 90, 104, 157 Corbin, Thomas 134 Cottingham, Jayne 104 Cotton, Charles 42, 83, 134 Coulliette, Kathleen 50, 104 Coulliette, Terry 123 Courtney, David 40, 63, 79 83, 123 Ccverdale, Kevin 134 Cowles, Bob 46, 104 Cox, Carol 123 Cox, Cindy 134 Cox, Daniel 104 Cox, Mr. Kendall 145 Cox, Pamela 48, 134 Craib, Paul 104 Craig, Angela 123 Craig, Carol 42, 134 Craig, Jeffrey 123 Cravens, Pamela 134 Crawford, Virginia 134 Creek, Norman 69, 134 Crim, Richard 63, 90, 104 Cripe, Scott 134 Cronk, Mr. Howard 145 Cronk, Mr. Stephen 145 Crose, David 104 Cross Country 85 Crouch, Peggy 61, 134 Crouch, Tom 104 Crouse, Robert 134 Crowthers, Douglas 93, 124 Cue, James 79, 124 Cumberland, Lisa 134 Cummings, Mr. Charles 145 Cummins, Robert 134 Cunningham, Bill 35, 79 83, 91, 104 Cunningham, Deborah 61 124 Cunningham, Toni 134 Czarniecki, Brown 90, 124 D Danforth, Mr. George 94 145 Darr, Lori 40, 60, 61, 134 167 Daugherty, Diane 48, 104 Daugherty, Phillip 134 Daugherty, Teresa 42, 124 David, Brenda 134 Davis, Diane 104 Davis, Grace 134 Davis, Laura 61 Davis, Ralph 134 Davis, Teresa 81, 134 Davis, Vickie 124 Dawkins, Mr. Philip 86,145 Dawson, Terry 67 Day, Michael 134 Deakyne, Julia 42 Dean, Rodney 63, 134 DECA 50 Decker, Gary 42, 56, 124 Dell, Melody 53, 104 DeIong,Yona134 Dennis, Cynthia 124 Dennis, Diane 62, 134 Denny, Mr. Charles 145 DeSutter, Debra 62, 124 Detienne, Larry 134 Dewees, Mike 79, 83, 91 104 Dickerson, James 124 Dickey, Kathleen 35, 104 Dickmann, Patti 61, 104 Diedring, Henry 63,104 Dietrich, Darlene 134 Dietrich, Debbie 58, 61, 65 104 Dietrich, Rebecca 64, 72 104 Dietz, Brenda 134 Dietzen, Kevin 124 Dietzen, Kim 124 Dietzer, Mr. Donel 145 Dietzer, Kim 90 Dietzer, Stacey 56, 62, 70, 104 Diggs, Tom 86 Dillman, Sara 35, 78, 81 124, 131, 179 Dillman, Susan 134 Disinger, Bill 48, 134 Dixon, Jo Jo 124 Dixon, Joann 61, 124 Doelling, Michael 104, 165 Doherty, Madeline 8, 42, 69, 104 Dollar, Douglas 124 Dollar, Kathy 61, 134 Dollar, Steven 134 Donaldson, Susan 42, 104 Donnelly, Lisa 104 Donnelly, Michael 52, 85, 134 Donnelson, Joyce 42, 61, 104 Douglas, Connie 134 Douglass, Mr. Noel B. 142 Douglass, Stephen 79, 86 87, 124 Dowling, Becky 42, 124 Dowman, Marti 23, 31, 56, 59, 66, 67, 69, 101, 104 Drake, Richard 85, 90, 134 Driver Education Depart- ment 22 Drum and Bugle Corps 48 DuIin,Annetta61,65,124 Dunbar, Gregory 67, 79, 82, 83, 105 Dunbar, Kim 42, 67, 134 Dunn, Kay 105 Dunn, Larry 30, 40, 59, 105 158 Dunn, Michelle 11, 61, 105 158 Durr, Miss Nancy 60, 145 Dye, Mark 124 Dykes, Dan 52, 53, 105, 174 E Eads, Kevin 40, 62, 69, 124 Eaglin, Theodore 134 Early, David 6, 40, 63, 79, 83, 101, 105 Early, Lori 40, 61, 132, 134 East, Mr. David 72, 145, 147 Eastman, Denise 134 Eastman, Robert 124 Eckman, Max 83, 90, 124 Edgecomb, Jack 105 Edgecomb, Mike 73, 124 1 1 Edington, Jerry 105 Edwards, Dessa 134 Edwards, Douglas 124 Edwards, Douglas 50, 105 Edwards, Glenda 134 Edwards, 160 Eiler, Steven 51, 105 Elijah, Susan 61,124 Ellis, David 40,124 Ellis, Donna 134 Ellis, Missy 52, 90, 105 Ellsworth, Chena134 Elmore, Darcey 134 Elpers, Brian 58, 63, 79, 90, 105. 157 Erickson, Del 85, 134 Erk, Keith 36, 42, 83, 135 Erskine, Susan 18, 76, 78, 81, 124 Eskew, Charlie 106 Eskew, Tony 61, 135 Estes, Mr. Ray 86, 145 Estes, Flyan 36, 86, 132, 135 Etchison, Teresa 63, 106 Etchison, Tony 57, 85, 124 Etchison, Yolanda 42, 70, 124 Etherington, David 51, 61, 106 Etherington, Keith 135 Evans, Gary 106 Evans, John 135 Evans, Lita 124 Evans, Marcia 50, 124 Evans, Peggy 106 Everett, Bill 106 Everett, Patrick 106 F Fadely, Kim 90, 135 Fall Wind-Up 74 Farler, Joan 106 Farlow, Loreli 61, 135 Farlow, Sharon 42, 124 Farmer, Barbara 135 Farmer, Michael 91, 135 Farmer, Sandy 106 Farmer, Teresa 124 Farr, David 3, 69, 75, 124 Farr, R. Suzann 30, 42, 43, 106 Farran, Lori 135 Faucett, Cindy 124 Faulkner, Brad 124 Faulkner, Debbie 40, 132, 135 FCA 79 Felts, Teresa 124 Fenwick, Joe 135 Ferree, Gail 32, 67, 124 Feuer, Rhonda 135 FHA 71 Finney, Mr. John 145 Fischer, James 51. 106 Fisher, Bruce 50, 106 Fisher, DarIa135 Fisher, Douglas 83, 135 Fisher, Nancy 55, 58, 59, 62, 70, 90, 106, 163 Fisher, Scott 135 Fitzsimmons, Kathy 135 Flaming, Terri 61, 81, 135 Flatford, Karen 135 Flatford, Patricia 61, 65, 124 Flatt, Rocky 67, 124 Fleck, Terri 64, 125 Flook, Randy 135 Floyd, Becky 42, 125 Floyd, Kurt 84, 85 Susan 56, 124, Foggs, Lynnette 42, 64, 65, 67, 125 Football 82 Forkner, Pixie 64, 72, 106 177 Forrer, Tony 106 Foster, Joni 78, 80, 81, 125 Foster, 1 28 Foust, Kurt 40, 41, 60, 125, 154 Foust, Monty 125 Fowler, Carla 125 Fowler, Cynthia 135 Fowler, Greg 106 Fowler, Kim 58, 106 Fowler, Penny 135 Fowler, Samuel 106 Fowler, Timmy 135 Fox, Darryl 42, 61, 83, 91 135 Fox Fox Fox James 135 Fox, , Jeffrie 64, 65, 125 , Melody 42, 125 , Richard 106 Fralick, Anita 17, 63, 75, 78 125 Fralick, Craig 106 France, Byron 125 Frank, Melanie 40, 61, 135 Sara 42, 61, 125, v 1 Franklin, Billy 125 Frawly, Debbie 135 Frazee, Shannon 125 Frazer, David 85, 135 Frazer, Thelma 135 Frazier, Christine 125 Freeman, Michael 135 Freeman, Rhoda 40, 61, 80 81,132,135,171 Freeman, Mr. Robert 22, 90 145 French Club 62 Frendt, Marty 35, 40, 61, 79 83, 91, 106 Frendt, Scott 35, 60, 61, 85 91, 125. 160 Frese, Holly 58, 106 Friend, Deborah 42, 60, 125 Friend, Stephen 86, 135 Fritsch, Margaret 60, 125 Fritz, Marian 106 Frossard, John 79, 83, 125 FSA 70 FTA 70 Funk, Mrs. Jo 146 G Gafford, Esther 61, 125 Gall, Anthony 125 Gallamore, Connie 81, 106 Garner, Bryan 60, 135 Garner, Deborah 81, 125 Garner, Thomas 8, 101, 106 Garrett, Donald 135 Garringer, Ronnie 79, 85 91,125 Garrity, Mrs. Frances 22 8O,81,146 Garrity, William 83, 135 Gassett, Nestor 61, 73, 79 125, 178 Gates, Brenda 135 Gates. Ronald 63, 135 Gaunt, John 135 Geiger, Lisa 61,135 Gentry, Dee Ann 58, 106 168 Gentry, Marta 106 George, Barbara 40, 81 125 George, Gary 106 George, Kimberlee 62, 135 Gephart, Betsey 81, 135 INDEX 187 Gerard, Catherine 62, 65, 125 German, Eddie 83 German, Marna 52, 53 Gibbons, Patty 30, 42, 43, 54, 58, 59, 61, 67, 101, 107, 163 Gibbons, Timothy 135 Gibbs, Susan 57, 125 Gibbs, Vicki 16, 107 Gibson, Carole 52, 107 Gibson, Duane 135 Gibson, Susan 135 Gibson, Teresa 125 Gilbert, Marianne 79, 81, 135 Gilbert, Sandra 125 Gillespie, Kim 125 Gilliam, Roger 83, 135 Gilmore, Steve 107 Girls Athletic Association 42, 61, B0 Givan, Keith 61, 83, 135 Givens, Janet 107 Glazer, Gary 107 Glover, Mark 135 Goberville, Vickie 107 Goehring, Karla 13, 23, 58, 61, 107 Goins, Wesley 125 Golf 96 Gooding, Marsha 42, 62, 135 Goodman, John 107 Goodwin, Gary 91, 135 Goolsby, Larry 125 Gordon, Larry 83, 125 Gore, Anne 125 Gosser, Garold 72, 73 Goul, Albert 125 Graham, Rise 4, 40, 107 Graham, Rita 42, 107 Graham, Mrs. Suzanne 146 Grahame, Mrs. Evelyn 146 Granger, Diane 62, 81, 125 Granger, Jay 135 Granger, Terri 135 Grant, David 135 Grant, Teresa 135 Graves, Mary 134 Gray, Kyle 135 Gray, Tracy 125 Green, Randy 107 Greene, Jonathan 60, 72, 135 Gregg, Alan 40, 41, 61, 79, 90, 107 Gregg, Barbara 52, 53 Gregg, Doug 135 Gressman, Louanne 61, 64, 65, 135 Griffet, Patrick 107 Grile, Debra 135 Grimes, John 42, 135 Grimmett, Elizabeth 107 Groff, Gina 42,90,125 Grover, Deborah 135 Gross, Pamela 42, 61, 125 Gully, Vincent 48, 135 Gunsenhouser, Ann 58, 61, 67, 107, 178 Gunsenhouser, Jane 60, 61, 135 Gunter, Candace 61, 67, 107 Gwinnup, Stephen 125 Gymnastics 80 H Hackler, Steven 58, 79, 83, 107 Hahn, Cindy 107 188 INDEX Haines, Billy 135 Haines, Gregory 125 Haines, Rebecca 24, 50 107 Haines, Theresa 135 Hains, Lorraine 61, 135 Haines, Robert 125 Hale, Patrick 63, 125 Hall, Douglas 57, 59, 60 125 Hall, Kim 42,125 Halladay, Janet 107 Halsell, Donald 135 Hamel, Cindy 135 Hamilton, Kent 135 Hamilton, Randy 107 Hamilton, S. Bruce 125 Hamilton, 135 Hammons, Jeff 48, 58, 64, 107 Haney, Amy 48, 136 Haney, Patrick 107 Hanna, M. Angele 61,136 Hannon, Michael 136 Hardacre, Curtis 136 Hardesty, O. Sue 42, 107 Hardwick, Jill 136 Harless, Nancy 52, 107 Harmeson, Brian 63, 86 136 Harmon, Sandra 125 Harney, Michael 63, 64, 65, 125 Harrell, Miss Helen 71, 146 Harris, Anthony 107 Harris, Nancy 107 Harris, Phil 108 Harris, Sandra 40, 125 Harruff, Margie 126, 171 Harter, Rachel 60, 64, 65 67, 136 Harter, Rebecca 40, 58, 108 Harvey, Terri 42, 63, 64, 65 126 Hasler, Sheri 61, 136 Haston, Patricia 64, 65, 136 Hawkins, R. Jeff 108 Hayden, Cinda136 Hayes, Joan 126 Hayes, Linda 136 Hayes, Lisa 61 Hayes, Roger 13, 23, 58, 61 72, 108 Hayes, Shirley 108 Hayward, Lee Ann 52, 64 108 Hazen, Robert 42, 58, 108 Head, Mr. James 146 Head, William 69, 126 Heal, Joyce 126 Heath, Terri 126 Heflin, Cindy 136 Heiney, Dwanna 11, 40, 42 61, 126 Helmic, Sandra 136 Helms, Cynthia 136 Helping, Chris 136 Helping, Karla 136 Helvering, John 42, 58, 108 Helvering, Robert 42, 61 86, 136 Hendricks, Cecily 61,126 Hennis, Allen 126 Hennis, L. Joe 136 Henry, Michael 72, 136 HERO 51 Herr, Debra 108 Hiatt, Diana 60,126,174 Hiatt, Jeffery 108 Hickey, Don 57, 67, 108 Higginbottom, Paul 63, 126 Highsmith, Mark 48, 64, 108 Tracy 24, 134, Hiles, Russell 52, 136 Hill, Anthony 136 Hill, Jeffrey 83,86,136,176 Hill, Robert 136 Hill, Steve 126 Hilligoss, David 136 Hilligoss, Mr. Wendell 17 146 Hinkle, Terri 50, 70, 71, 108 Hinton, Connie 61, 136 Hinton, Lisa 48, 108 Elizabeth 35, 42, 58 Hirsch, 59, 67, 108 Hirsch, Sara 42, 62, 90, 136 Hitch, Theresa 42, 58, 63, 108 Hitchens, Dana 108 Hittle, Anne 56, 58, 59, 62 65,70,101,108,164 Hittle, Mark 37, 40, 85, 136 154 Hobbs, Steve 126 Hobbs, Theresa 126 Hodson, Mrs. Debbie 146 Hofer, Bonita 58, 61, 70 108 Hofer, David 126 Hofer, Terri 108 Hoffman, Mr. Charles 146 Hoffman, James 108 Hoffmann, Mr. Donald 146 Hogue, Lorri 42 Hoke, Holly 56, 62, 126 Holland, Lou Ann 136 Holland, Mike 108 Hollenback, Brenda 126 Holman, Jacquelin 136 Holloman, Danny 108 Holtzleiter, Paula 136 Homecoming 32 Honor Society 59 Hoover, Kathi 52, 108 Hoppes, David 126 Hoopes, Patricia 42, 132, 134, 136 Horan, Terry 83, 91, 136 Horevay, Jean 61,81,136 Hornocker, Kim 61, 65, 126 Horton, Brenda 35, 62, 79, 136 Hoskins, Rita 61 Hossell, Don 91 House, Rhonda 108, 161 House, Terrie 136 Houser, Mr. Vincent 64, 65, 144, 146 Howard, Mrs. Lorna146 Howard, Margie 126 Howard, Tim 60, 72, 126 Howe, Mrs. Paula 146 Huckeby, Brian 27 Huckeby, Gary 136 Hudson, Daniel 90, 126 Hudson, Deborah 136 Huff, Mark 83, 136 Huffman, Susan 61, 136 Huggins, Mrs. Patricia 69 146 Hughel, Jon 79, 90, 108 Hughes, Charles 108 Hughes, Rhonda 40, 58, 61 62,65,70,71,108 Hull, L. Renee 40, 42, 67 126 Hull, Timothy 136 Hurley, Alan 40, 136 Hurley, Mrs. Virginia 143 146 Hurst, Pam 42, 62, 126 Hurst, Timothy 64, 109 Huston, William 60,136 Huston, Winona 52, 58, 60 109, 155 v 1 Hutton, George 126 Hutton, Nita 42, 64, 65, 136 Hyatt, Connie 51,109 Hyatt, Larry 109 Ice, Karla 136 lmel, Marna109 lmler, Mark 126 Indianettes 48 Industrial Arts Department 27 Ingram, Gerald 126 lrle, Roby 136 Isbell, Edward 136 Isbell, Phyllis 53,109,177 J Jackson, Cynthia 79, 81, 90,132,136 Jackson, David 137 Jackson, Douglas 109, 172 Jackson, James 83 Jackson, Marcia 137 Nancy 40 56, 58, C. 79, Jackson, , 59, 62, 67, 109, 169 Jackson, Phillip 69, 137 Jackson, Richard 109 Jackson, Mr. Robert 85 Jackson, Mr. Thomas 146 Jackson, Toni 33, 48, 109 Jackson, Vernice 18, 109 Jackson, William 132, 136 Jacobs, Mrs. Judi 147 Jarrett, James 58, 61, 65, 109 Jarrett, Jeffrey 35, 58, 61, 65, 109, 164 Jarrett, Joann 109 Jayne, Michael 137 Jeffers, Gary 42, 64, 65, 126 Jeffers, Roy 137 Jenness, Jeffrey 76, 79, 84, 85, 86, 109 Jent, Ronald 137 Jerram, Alan 48, 126 Johns, Clifford 126 Johnson, Albert 126 Johnson, Bernard 126 Johnson, Cheryl 52, 109 Johnson, Mr. Daniel W. 52, 126, 147 Johnson, Danny 91, 137 Johnson, David 56, 110 Johnson, Debra 137 Johnson, Dewayne 42, 125 Johnson, Gayle 110 Johnson, James 126 Johnson, Johnny 79,83 Johnson, Mark 40, 63, 91, 110 Johnson, Mr. Nathaniel 11, 147 Johnson, Richard 40, 85, 126, 129 Johnson, Ronald 137 Johnson, Sharon 137 Johnson, Teresa 137 Johnson, Teresa 13, 23, 61, 110, 162 Johnson, Victor 61, 137 Jones, Charles 79, 85, 110 Jones, Christopher 30, 42, 43, 54, 59, 61, 67, 69, 72, 110, 177 Jones, David 63, 67, 69, 90. 137, 157 Jones, Debra 110 Jones, Elaine 61, 137 Jones, Gregory 137 Jones, Jennifer 137 Jones, Julia 34, 54, 58, 59 61, 110, 158 Jones, Lori 81, 126 Jones, Lou Anne 40, 54, 58 59,65,67,100, 101,110 169 Jones, Patricia 137 Jones, Robert 63, 72, 137 Jones, Rozetta 126 Jones, Sandra 67, 126 Jones, Shelia126 Jones, Stephen 91,110 Jones, Thelma 137 Jordan, Jane 110 K Kachelein, Catherine 36, 40,62,67,137 Kachelein, Cynthia 101, 110 Kaiser, Kim 62, 137 Kanable, Mr. Robert 91, 147 Kaster, Kathy 110 Keagy, Thomas 60, 86, 137 Kearns, Jamie 55, 59, 90, 110 Kearns, Jan 110 Kearns, Mary 126 Kearns, Mr. Robert 83, 147 Kearns, Vivian 137 Kearns, William 126 Keller, John 126 Kelley, Jacquelin 50, 126 Kelley, Pam 110 Kelley, Richard 83, 137 Kelley, Shelia 50,110 Kelly, Dennis 126 Kelly, Janet 137 Kenner, Joy 51 Keogh, Deborah 57, 62, 126 Keogh, Michael 126 Kessinger, Teresa 110 Kestner, Lanette 110 Ketner, Joe 110 Key, Jeanette 124, 126 Kiely, John 90 Kilburn, Elaine 137 Kile, Tedda 50,126 Kilmer, Ann 42, 58, 64, 65, 110 Kimble, Jerry 126 Kimm, Joe 110 Kimm, Patricia 132, 137 Kimmerling, Marian 42, 60, 70, 126 Kimmerling, Teresa 110 Kincaid, Carol 52, 110 Kinerk, Karen 56, 61, 65 70, 126 Kinerk, Steve 61, 137 King, Mitchell 126 King, Patricia 42, 126 King, Mr. Patrick 83,147 King, Patrick 61, 79, 83, 86 126 King, Steven M. 42, 83, 86 99 , 137 King, Steven R, 137 King, Ted 30, 42, 43, 58, 60 62, 66, 67, 69, 72, 110 171 King, Vicki 58, 65, 81, 110 159 Kinney, Bill 35, 40, 41, 50 61,67,101,110 Kiper, Rick 110 Kirchenbauer, John 137 Kirtz, Evangelon 137 Kitt, Nancy 58, 64, 111 Kitterman, Mrs. Mary 147 Kizer, Vickie 137 Knepp, Sherry 42, 126 1 1 Knoblock, Deborah 137 Koons, David 126 Kopp, Ann 42,58,90,111 Kopp, James 85, 137 Kovacs, John 111 Kovacs, Theresa 126 Krieg, Renee 50, 58, 62, 71, 111 Krieg, Rita 48, 126 Kuhn, Candy 111, 164 Kuhn, Eddie 137 Kunce, Patricia 137 Kuntz, John 42, 126 Kurtz, Katrina 50,111 L Lacey, Jennifer 61, 67, 126 LaChew, Jo Anne 81, 126 172 Lackey, Robert 72, 83, 86, 137.139 Lacy, Jimmie 40, 72, 83, 137 Lamb, Tim 137 Lambert, Curtis 137 Lambert, Toby 111 Lame, Dee Dee 126 Lanane, Christopher 40, 79 93, 126 Lanane, Jeff 50, 111 Lanane, Lana 42, 48, 60 137 Land, Ronald 85, 126 Land, Steven 90, 126, 137 Land, Thomas 111 Lane, David 85, 91 Lane, Walter137 Lanning, Claudia 42, 67 111 LaPierre, Kim 37, 62, 132 137 LaPierre, Sheree111 Larmore, Mr. Joe 147 Larson, Becky 64 Larson, Lorie 42, 61, 67, 90, 137 Lash, Carol 42, 61, 65, 67, 75, 125, 126 Lashwell. John 111 Lashwell. Martha 137 Lately, Vaughn 6 Latin Club 60 Laughlin, David 111 Laughlin, Jean 18, 24, 34, 35, 42, 55, 58, 59, 62, 90, 101, 111, 156 Lawson, Cynthia 111 Lawson, Debbie 52, 111 Lawson, Michael 137 Leakey, Douglas 137 l isa 111 Leakey, . Leaver, Jerry 137 Leaver, John 93, 126 Lee, Kevin 126 Lee, Tommy 111 Leffel, Thomas 42, 111 Legg, Robert 137 Lehmann, Betty 111 LeMond, Randi 40, 137 Lemons, Calvin 137 Lemons, Walter 126 Lenninglon, Michael 90, 111 Lennis, Gary 20, 59, 111 Lewis, Cindy 48 Limbrock, Deborah 137 Linamen, Larry 35, 40, 58, 100, 101, 111 Lippman, Judy 137 Little Chief 58 Lloyd, Kim 60, 61, 137 Logan, Lee 137 Long, Miss Lois 147 1 1 Long, Sandra 8, 14, 58, 59 62, 65, 67, 68, 109, 111 169 Longnaker, Mr. John 147 Looper, Guy 61, 137 Loose, Timothy 111 Loveall, Floyd 126 Lowe, Greg 137 Lowery, Cheryl 137 Lozar, Mary 16, 56, 70, 71 111 Luther, Kevin 111 Lycan, Mary 137 Mc MacPherson, Teresa 112 McAshIand, Greg 79, 94 112 McCain, Michael 101, 112 McCarty, Mark 127 McCarty, Melinda 137 McCarty, 137 McClain, Jeffrey 137 McClain, Michael 50, 112 McClintock, Karen 61, 65 127 McClure, Gregory 63, 127 McCord, Charles 46, 48 127 McCord, Michael 35, 79, 83 112, 178 McCormack, Judy 58, 61 112 McCormack, Mark 137 McCormack, Patricia 137 McCoy, Donna 58,61,112 McCoy, Tim 51, 83, 112 McCracken, Ricky 127 McCrary, Janice 12, 22, 24 40, 53, 58, 70, 112 McCutchen, Claretta 40 McDonald, Ron 61 McFadden, Elaine 62, 70 127 McFadden, Michael 112 McFadden, Michelle 137 McFarland, Brian 127 McGee, Gina 137 McGoon, Mr. Harry 147 McGuire, Mickie 40, 61, 67 139 McGuire, Steven 137 McHenry, Mrs. Martha 61 65, 100, 147 Mclntyre, Candy 138 Mclntyre, Connie 112 McKee, Sarah 42, 67, 138 McKinley, James 42, 138 McKinley, Mary Lynn 63 138 McKinney, Rita 56, 61, 65 70, 127 McLaughlin, Mrs. Janet 52 147 McLaughlin, Jay 52, 112 154 McLaughlin, Susan 61,138 McMahan, 138 Barbara 62, 67 McMahan, Debra 61, 65, 90 127 McMahan, Richard 18, 60 127 McMahan, Rita 42, 61, 138 139 McMillan, Neal 112 McMillan, Tom 138 McNabney, Mike 40, 79, 83, 100,101,112,179 McNally, Timothy 138 McNeese, Evonne138 McNutt, Timothy 18, 61, 83, 112 McPauI, Nancy 36,112 McPherson, Valerie 127 McShane, Charles 112 McWilliams, Felta112 M Macholtz, Jean 30, 42, 43, 54, 58, 111, 160 Macholtz, Robert 85, 138 Macholtz, Steven 85, 127 M acy, Mr. Jack 40, 53, 147 Madden, Teresa 61, 90, 138 Madrigals 43 Mimms, Dennis 83, 138 Minniear, Melinda 25, 50, 113 Minton, Shirley 138 Mitchell, Kim 48,127 Mitchell, Sandra 81 Mock, Mr. George 73, 147 Monaghan, Shannon 113 Montgomery, Debra 113 Montgomery, Mr. Dennis 50, 51, 147 Montgomery, Kathleen 40, 138 Montgomery, Larry 132, 138 Montgomery, Mike 61, 79, 83. 113 Michael 48, 64, 1 1 1 Magers, Margaret 70, 127 Mahoney, Randy 73, 112 Maine, Mrs. Vivian 59, 147 Malaguerra, Ann 112 Malaguerra, Mark 42, 61, 127 Malone, Mary 42, 61, 67, 138 Malone, Ted 127 Manis, G. Mike 62,90,127 Manis, Tonya 60, 127 Manley, Janet 112 Manuel, Teddy 52,112,170 Marsh, James 112 Marsh, Robin 5, 40, 54, 58, 59, 62, 67, 90, 112, 163 Marsh, William 138 Marshall, Betsy 50 Marshall, Tony 86 Martin, Brenda 138 Martin, Mrs. Deloris147 Martin, Nikki 52, 53, 58, 112 Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morris, Ann 127 Bill 113 Larry 127 Marlita138 Nancy 127 Robert 138 ' Sherilyn 65, 127 Mr. Woody 83, 148 , Giti123, 128 , Harry 128 , John 113 ,Julia 42, 61, 138 , Terry 69, 113 Greg 128 Morris, Martin 63, 79, 83, 91, 95, 128 Morris, Susan 128 Moss, Rickie 128 Mullarkey, Mrs. Susan 148 Mullins, Mullins, Mullins, Mullins, Kirk 28, 113 Randy 128 Teresa 48, 138 Yolanda 128 1 1 Martin ,Pamela 56,112 Mason, John 138 Mathematics Department 18 Matheney, Marsha 70, 172 127, Matney, Rebecca 40, 42, 127 Matthews, Karen 61, 65, 127 Matthews, Ronnie 138 Mauck, Mr. William 86,147 Maxeiner, Linda138 Maxstadt, Jim 42, 64, 65, 72, 127 May, Denise 112 Mayes, Jimmy 112 M ears, Melson, Susan 42, 62, 127, Susie 113 123, 167 Menke, John 138 Mettlen, Bobbi 42, 61, 65, 90, 127 Mettlen, Lynn 90, 138 Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Candace 61 Mr. Michael 147 Robert 127 Michael, John 127, 138 Miles, Miller, Miller, Miller, Kevin 113 Beth 61, 138 Charles 113 Dean 83, 138 Miller, Jeffrey 113 Miller, Miller, 138 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller Marilyn 127 Michael 42, 61, 83, Pat 49, 127 Patricia 138 Robert 42 Royce 51 125,127 Miller, Thomas 79, 93, 127 Mills, Kim 26,138 Mills, Mark 79, 83, 86, 127 Millspaugh,Linda60,127 Mumbower, Debra 48, 128 Muncy, Lorri 128 Murdock, Mark 114 Murphy, Gregory 48, 64, 90, 128 Music Department 44 Myers, Jamie 138 Myers, Steve 79, 83, 91, 128 Myers, Terry 128 N Naples, Danny 72, 128 Nave, Mildred 114, 138 Neal, Diane 114 Neal, John 85,91 Needler, Darice 54, 59, 114 Needler, Marshall 128 Nelson, Marisa 128 Nevland, Debbie 53, 114 Newberry, Mr. Charles 85, 148 Newberry, Jim 40, 79, 85, 128 Newby, Doug 72, 114 Newby, Roxanne 114 Newkirk, Mr. David 63,148 Newman, James 138 Newman, Kenneth 128 Newton, Michael 138, 140 Niccum, Tammy 60, 138 Nicholls, Sandy 61, 128 Nicholson, Gary 64.65, 114 Nicholson, Mr. Jack 148 Nierste, Mr. Robert 148 Noethtich, Donna 36, 114 Noethtich, Pamela 128 Noffsinger, Mark 72, 83, 128 Noland, Mary 114, 156 Norris, Diana 42, 61, 69, 90, 128 Norris, Jack 67, 138 Norris, Jacqueli 53, 114 Norris, Kathy 128 Nunn, Tommie 86 Nye, Jeffrey 64, 65, 138 O O'Bryant, Michael 138 O'Connor, Gary 114 Odom, D. Kent 114 Odom, Rene 138 OEA 53 Ogburn, Ronna114 Ogle, Rene 138 Ogle, Roxanne 64, 65, 128 Olvey, Linda 42, 128 Orbik, Richard 40, 60, 67, 79,91,101,114 Orchestra 64 Orick, Patricia 114 Osborne, Mr. Ishmael 22, 148 Owens, Anita 138 Owens, John 138 Owens, Phillip 138 Owens, Steven 128 Owens, Thomas 56, 128 Owings, Nancy 105, 114 Oyler, Jane 62, 128, 175 P Padgett, Deborah 114 Pancol, Kathleen 60, 67, 138 Pancol, Steve 4, 42, 60, 67, 76, 77, 128 Pardue, Jeffrey 52, 114 Parham, Vicki 138 Parker, Mrs. Mary 51, 148 Parkhurst, Tina 128 Parry, Nancy 42, 62, 67, 128 Patton, Gary 63, 114 Patton, Rick 128 Paulus, Sally 62,81,138 Pavey, Mary 37, 60, 132, 138 Pearson, Bonnie 138 Pearson, Mr. Larry 148 Pearson, Rodney 128 Peck, James 61, 86, 138 Pendley, Steve 61, 70, 114 Pennington, Betty 138 Penrod, Phillip 61,138 Perkins, Danny 83, 138 Persing, Theodore 79, 84, 85, 114 Peterson, Carol 62, 65, 81, 128, 175 Peterson, Pamela 57, 61, 128 Petry, Mike 114 Phillips, Cathleen 138 Phillips, Lisa 53, 114 Phillips, Mark 114 Pickens, Don 58.61, 114 Pickering, Randy 138 Pierce, Cathy 136 Pierce, Joan 128 Pierce, Richard 138 Pistole, Mrs. Elizabeth 148 Pistole, John 40, 61, 79, 85, 86, 123, 125, 128 Pittman, Julie 138 Pitts, Mrs. Beverly 40, 54, 59, 147, 148 Platt, Pamela 51, 114 Fletcher, Jeffrey 14, 138 Plummer, Cindy 40, 138 Plummer, Mrs. Norma J. 7, 17, 148 Poat, Elizabeth 61, 138 Poe, Fay 53, 114 INDEX 189 Reddick, Dennis 129 83, 148 Ross 65, 116 Poe, Jayne 48, 138 Polus, Margaret 42, 61, 67, 128 Polus, Philip 58, 60, 69, 115. 168 Ponce, David 42, 128 Ponce, Frank 30, 42, 43, 101, 115 Poore, Brian 128 Poore, Jeanne 128 Pope, Mike 15, 115 Pope, Steve 128 Porter, Mr. Jerry 19, 148 Porter, Mark 115 Porter, Michael 138 Porter, Rebecca 138 Porter, Susan 60, 128 Postlethwait, Tab 72, 138 Powell, Jeffrey 30, 42, 43, 58, 79, 90, 115 Pyers, Randy 128 Powers, Terry 138 Price, Tim 138 Prince, Carl 91, 128 Pritchard, Ron 169 Privett, Tom 139 Prom 74 Prout, Joyce 115 Provence, Jana 128 Purciful, Tim 83,128 Purpus, Ellen 61,139 Pursley, Mr. Lee 56, 148 Purvis, Bruce 115 Purvis, Kimberly 42, 62, 81, 90, 139 Pyzik, Barbara 7, 24, 35, 53, 56, 58, 59, 70, 115 Q Quill 8- Scroll 58 Quinn, Jane 40, 67, 115 Quire, Jerry 28, 82, 83, 86 R Ragucci, Mr. Tony 48, 148 Railey, Debra 115 Rains, Susan 90, 128 Rauner, Mr. Norman D. 148 Raver, Sandra 128 Ray, David 139 Ray, Rebecca 61, 65, 129 Reason, Theresa 48, 129 Rector, Beth 40, 62, 81, 90, 139 Reddy, Tim 115 Reed, Margaret 139 Fleed, Mark 129, 165 Reed, Mark 52, 115 Reed, Michael 67, 83, 125, 129 Rees, Cathy 18, 129 Reese, Fred 60, 72, 139 Reese, Kathy 40, 81 Reese, Mack 115 Rehmel, Linda 129 Reidelbach, Mary 42, 62, 63, 65, 129 Reiley, Mr. Luke 148 Reithmiller, Tom 83 Reitz, Lou Ann 40. 115 Remley. Kent 62, 72, as, 129 nenfonn, Jack 24, ss, sa. 59, 115 Replogle, Edward 61, 139 Reynolds, Richard 139 Rhynearson, Mrs. Edna 148 Rich, David 139 190 INDEX Rich, Michael 115 Richard, Sue 62, 139 Richardson, Deborah 53, 58,70,115 Richardson, Leisa 78, 129, 171 Richardson, Lois 115 Richardson, Marshall 86 Richardson, Marvin 139 Richardson, Polly 129, 167 Richey, Joe 115, 156 Richwine, Mrs. Marilyn 134, 148 Riddle, Darrell 139 Riddle, Doug 129 Riddle, Michael 139 Riddle, Patricia 139 Riedel, Charles 101, 115 Riedel, David 139 Riethmiller, Thomas 129 Riggins, Carol 48, 129 Riggins, Joe 115 Riggs, Rodney 48, 125, 129 Rigsby, Thomas 61, 139 Risinger, Kent 115 Ritchie, Jeff 115 Ritenour, Dannie139 Rittenhouse. Mr. Larry 90, 148 Rittman, James 139 Robbins, Brian 139 Robbins, Mary 115 Roberts, Juanita 139 Roberts, Pe 30, 43, 52, 995' 67, 115 Roberts, Richard 129 Roberts, Stephani 129 Roberts, Vickie 81, 129 Robertson, Gregory 63, 139 Robinson, Carolyn 40, 61 139 Robinson, Cathy 139 Robinson, Jenny 42, 61, 139 Robinson, Leslie 42, 115 Rock, Kathy 139 Rodgers, Deborah 26, 139 Rodgers, Gwenevere 129 Rodgers, Naomi 139 Rodgers, Sandra 139 Rogers, Michael 60, 85, 129 Rogers, Regina 64, 65, 139 Romine, Cheryl 40, 42, 55, 59,60,115,167 Roop, Lisa 57, 115 Rose, Donald 139 Rosencrans, Becky 60, 62, 67.116 Ross, Ross. Becky 139 Debbie 116 , Pamela 116 Roudebush, Ed 85, 129 Rousey, David 116 Rowe, Michael 67, 129 Royer, Danny 63, 139 Rudd, Clifford 79, 116, 152 Runyan, Bruce 129 Rush, Lanita 61, 139 Russell, Dan 56, 116 Russell, Jim 50, 116 Russell, Melissa 42, 67, 129, 174 Russo, Mr. Peter 148 S Sachse, Timothy 58, 60, 116 Sago, Bruce 58, 65, 79, 83, 116 St. Clair, Danny 61, 130 St. Clair, Mary 118 Sample, Sherri 61, 80, 139 Greg Dunbar, as hero Dudley VanDrano, rescues Sandy Long, as Flora, from the vilIian's clutches at the annual Play Festival and Awards Night. Sanders, William 52, 116 Schafer, Rebecca 40, 62, 123, 129, 173 Scharnowske, Mr. Robert 79, Scheerer, Deborah 70, 129 Schell, Steven 129 Schier, David 30, 42, 43, 64, Schildmeier, Anthony 129 Schildmeier, Michael 139 Schilke, Laraine 52, 116 Schilke, Martin 64, 65, 139 Schipp, David 63, 116 Schmalfeldt, Sylvia 81 Schmitt, Jeffrey 139 Schoettmer, Lotheda 23, 42 139 Schowe, Paul 63, 83, 91 Schrader, Kenneth 129 Schrenker, Elizabeth 60 116, 162 Schriver, Betty 139 Scott, Brenda 139 Scott, Carla 48, 56, 59, 101 116 Scott, Jackie 116 Scott, Terry 25, 41, 53, 100, 116 Scott, Thomas 29 Scott, Varnell 139 Seal, John 83, 140 Sears, Kirk 79, 90, 129 Seaver, Mr, Richard 30, 42, 43, 148 Selby, Michael 63, 129 Senseney, Debbie 67, 101 116 Settlemire, Jack 40, 41, 116 Shadle, Eric 116, 162 Shanklin, Martin116 Shannon, Rick 140 Sharma, Mrs. Carolyn M 62, 65, 148 Sharpe, Mr. Richard 83, 91 Shaw, Debra 129 Shaw, Mrs. Madiejane148 Shaw, Terri 116 Shaw, Tony 129 Shea, Kathy 129 Shea, Teresa 140 Sheldon, Catherine 42, 140 Shepherd, Bryant 48, 116 Sherman, Jean 129 Shields, Allen 65, 116 Shields, Doug 23, 40, 60, 83, 140 Shinichi, Murao140 Shively, Christine 33, 62, B0, 140 Shively, Debbie 40, 58, 62, 65, 116 Shively, Debra 61, 140 Shively, Jeff 93, 129 Shock, Mike 140 Shoemaker, David 129 Shoemaker, Janet 62, 79, 132, 140 Shoemaker, Sara 62, 129, 165 Shoemaker, Mrs. Toni 148 Shook, Karen 116 Short, Brenda 42, 129 Short, John 79, 83, 116,173 Short, William 14, 83, 140 Shrake, Dawn 48, 129 Silvers, Rodney 79, 93, 116 Simison, Terry 129 Simmonds, Christina 140 Simmonds, Tina 61 Simmons, Penny 58, 61, 65, 117 Simon, Bobby 117 Simpson, Tina 140 Sims, Gary 117 Sink, Dennis 79, 117 Sink, Terry 140 Sipes, Beth 117 Sipes, Judy 117 Sizelove, Vicki 48, 117 Skaggs, Dan 40, 79, 85, 86 127, 129 Skaggs, Steve 140 Slater, Kathie 62, 65, 130 Slattery, John 14, 42, 64 65, 140 Rene 60, 130 Susan 64, 120 Swan, Elena 140 Sleet, Sloan, Sloan, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Smith Smith Smith: Smith, Smith, Smith Smith Smith Smith: 117 Smith Smith, Pam 64, 65 Dawn 140 Margaret 117 Artie 140 Brant 130 Mrs. Cynthia 148 ,Garry 42, 72, 117 , Gary 58, 60, 130 Smith, John 140 Karen 64, 130 Kevin 61, 117 Lynn 51, 117 Mark 130 Michael 85 93 iPeg so ' QY Penny 117 Randy 79, 83, 92, 93 Robbie 30 42, 43 58,61,65,67,117 Smith Smith , Ronald 117 ,Sherry 61, 140 Smith, Shirley 117 Smith, Susan 40, 42, 67, 81 130 Smith, Terry 118 Smith, Wallace 85, 140 Smitha, Steven 40, 60, 79, 118 141 Vetor, Clint 69, 137, 140 Snedeker, Sherry 62, 140 Snyder, Cherilyn 53, 58, 60, 101, 118 Snyder, Cindy 118 Sobel, Nolanda 42, 64, 65 Social Studies Club 72 Soden, Debbie 130 Sokol, Dennis 61, 140 Sokol, Jane 40, 58, 62, 93, 118 Sokol, John 85, 130 Sokol, Stephen 140 Sommet, Rachel 64, 65 Southerland, Sam 118 Southers, Linda 130 Sowash, Rick 42, 61, 83, 140 Sowers, Gary 130 Spangler, Joe 140 Spangler, Mr. Richard 148 spanish Club 61 Sparks, Mr. Joseph 122, 148 Sparks, Julie 42, 48, 61 140 Spaulding, Steven 140 Spearman, Georgia 140 Spears, Mr. William J. 148 Speech Club 69 Spikner, John 86 Spikner, Patricia 50, 118 Spitzmesser, Julia 118 Spohnholts, John 118 Spradlin, Melvin 118 Spinger, Debbie 118 Stage, Chris 130 Stahl, Jane 118 Stamp, Harry 79, 86, 101, 152 Stamp, Martha 130 Stamper, Greg 35, 40, 58, 79, 83. 118 Stanley, Caryl 61, 118 Stanley, Cheryl 68, 118 Stanley, Lora 140 Stanley, Pam 118 Starks, Carol 42, 140 Starks, Lynn 42, 67 Staub, Susan 61, 130 Steger, Scott 79, 130 Stegall, Celeste 140 Stine, Mary 61,130 Stephens, Darrell 140 Stevens, Lance 140 Stevenson, Gloria 118 Stewart, Deborah 130 Stinson, Bill 130 Stinson, Mark 61, 140 Stires, Anne 62, 70, 125, 130 Stires, Timothy 57, 118 Stith, Martha 130 Stone, Sandra 130 Stout, Lynn 118 Straley, Robert 130 Streaty, Deborah 48, 118 Streaty, Kim 86 Streaty, Konrad 118 Stuart, Richard 140 Student Council 40 Stultz, William 48, 64, 130 Sullivan, Julia 63, 130 Sullivan, Katherine 61, 140 Sullivan, Mr. Phil 83, 148 Super, Patricia 175 Swain, Edith 118 Swain, Edward 79, 83 Swain, James 118 Swallow, Stephanie 61, 65, 130 Swan, Lori 42, 67, 69, 130 Sweet, Deborah 40, 42, 59 62,70,125,130 Sweet, Mrs. Margaret 148 Swift, Mr. Clifford 149 Swimming 90 Swim Team Timers 90 Swinehart, Diane 54, 58, 59 90, 118 Swing Choir 43 Sykes, Carolyn 140 Sylvester, Anna 42, 60, 130 T Thompson, Thompson, 130 Rendell 119 Ricky 79, 83, Thompson, Roger 130 Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thornburg, Sandra 58, 11 Steve 58, 90 Timothy 141 David 85, 141 9 Throesch, Jerry 52, 141 Tipton, Jo Dean 40, 61, 90, 141 Titley, Jerome 119 Titley, Richard 119 Tjart, John 130 Todd, Mr. James 10, 149 Toles, Leslie 58, 61, 65, 119, 152 Tomlinson, Betty 53, 119 Toppin, Diana 141 Toye, Steven 83, 141 Tranbarger, Teresa 130 Treadway, Jamie 61, 130 Treadway, Karen 58, 119 Trice, Sue 141, 174 Trueblood, Roger 141 Tucker, Cindy 31, 42, 48, 60, 141 Turner, Curtis 141 Turner, Eloise 119 Turner, Harrison 141 Turner, 90, 141 Turpen, Brenda 141 Turpen, Cathy 119 Turpen, Steven 92, 93, 141 luterow, Tom 119 wirp 74 U Janice 62, 79, 81, Walker, Teresa 141 Walters, Nancy 119 Ward, Kim 141 Ward, Tamara 40, 57, 62, 131 Ward, Terri 129, 131 Wardwell, Catherine 61, 131 Warren, Barbara 141 Warren, Marilyn 52, 119 Watkins, Charles 141 Watkins, Kristi 71, 81, 131 Watkins, Len 119 Watkins, Sandi 53, 81 Watson, Cardell 83 Watson, Cynthia 61, 62, 65, 131 Watson, Kim 129, 131 Weatherford, Gary 141 Weaver, Danny 41, 119 Webb, David 5, 42, 55, 57, 67,83,91,119 Webber, Karen 42, 50, 119 Weddell, Nancy 60, 120, 164 Weis, Margaret 61, 67, 90, 141 Weis, Thomas 131 Weisbrod, Edward 69, 131 Welch, Randy 85, 120 Wells, Dallas 141 Wells, William 83,91,141 Welsh, David 129, 131 Welton, Geoff 62 Werner, Marsha 51, 131 Wertz, Sandra 141 West, Jackie 49, 60, 141 Westenberger, Sondra 62 Westmoreland, Carolyn 120 Weston, Eric 131, 176 Wethington, Hilda 50, 131 Williams, Lee Ann 141 Williams, Mark 141 Williams, Pat 90, 125, 131 Williams, Rita 33, 64, 65, 75 Williams, Steven 141 Williams, Mr. Ted 143, 149 Willis, Linda 141 Wills, Goldie 131 Wills, Robert 50, 120 Wilson, Barry 79, 83, 91, 120 Wilson, Vonell 141 Wimmer, Randall 131 Windham, Lelon 35, 53, 120 Winford, Debra 42, 63, 141 Winford, Mrs. Doris 143, 149 Winford, Latreva 63, 120 Winkler, Billy 73,120 Winningham, Mary 53, 58, 120 Wire, Benny 91, 131 Wisehart, Tommy 141 Wisner, Debra 48, 120 Withers, Elizabeth 55, 58 59, 61, 120, 17B Withers, Laurence 83, 86 141, 154 Witte, Brian 79, 93, 131 Wood, Douglas 79, 83, 120 Wood Jody 50, 120 Wood, Kevin 120 Wood, Peggy 42, 63, 120 Wood Ronnie 120 Wood, Tapplar, Doria118 Tapplar, Lena 163 Taylor Taylor Ta lor Doug 69, 130 Douglas 118, 154 Taylor: , Jay 90, 140 , Jeff 118 Y Taylor, Judy 119 Taylor Taylor: 141 Taylor Taylor: Roy 19, se,'s7, iso Karen 140 Lisa 40, 42, 61, 132, Richard 48 119 Taylor, Terry 101, 119 Taylor, Tina 141 Temple, Danny 42, 130 Temple, Mishel 141 Tennis 84 Terheide, Robert 130 Thayer, Michael 61, 91, 141 Thespians, 66, 67 Thomas, John 119 Thomas, Rex 130 Thompson, Emmett 95, 119 Thompson, Joe 130 Thompson, Oliver 130 Thompson, Paul 141 mbrock, Debbie 71 pperman, Judy 72, 119 pperman, Sharon 60, 130 V Vajner, Ed 141 Valentine, Philip 63,67,141 'lan Baalen, Rebecca 141 'IanBaalen, Richard 50, 119 Van Buskirk, Larry 141 'ilanCamp, Robin 40, 55, 59 60, 119, 159 ilance, Paul 48, 131 Van Dalsen, Darlene 131 VanSlyke, Paul 119 Vaughn, Gary 141 Vaughn, Sandra 51,119 Venesky, Steven 53, 58, 119 Vermillion, Stephani 101 Vest, Douglas 141 Vest, John 50 Vest, Stephani 50, 131 Vetor, Brad 61, 83, 86, 132, Vetter, Cheryl 81, 141 VICA 52 Voorhis, Mrs. Deborah 61 65, 149. 179 W Wade, Angela 64, 69, 141 Waldrep, Clarence 141 Waldrep, James 119 Waldrep, Teresa 131 Walker, Brenda 61, 131 Walker, Michael 131 Whalon, Charlene 131 Wheeler, Roger 73, 141 Wheeler, Steven 83, 91, 141 Wheeler, Tom 131 Wheeler, 1 20 Whisner, Vicki 51, 58, 59, Mary 141 White, Earl 83, 141 White, G len 141 White, Robin 131 White, Sharon 141 White, Terri 120 Whitehead, Kelli 42, 61, 70, 132, 141 Whiteman, Cynthia 48, 131 Whitesel, Debra 61, 141 Whitmill, Cheryl 42, 131 Whitmill, Ron 64,65,141 Whitson, Terry 131 Whitton, Nancy 40, 61, 141 Whitton, Sue 40, 61, 131 Wihebrink, Carol 120 Wilber, Sue 141 Wilborn, Fred 120 Wilburn, Randall 8, 52, 120 Wilhoit, Gayle 120 Wilkinson, Tim 131 1 Willey, J mes 141 a Williams, Arzie 42, 64, 65 141 Williams Williams ,Cathy 61,67,141 , Cherrie 131 Williams, Cyndee 48, 120, 166 Williams, Debbie 120 Williams, Dwight 131 Williams, Elaine 58, 61, 65, 67, 69, 70, 120 Williams, Julia 42, 67, 120, 155 Woodall, Tonia 60, 131 Woods, Anthony 73, 141 Woods, Vicki 52, 53, 58 120 Woodsome, Robin 131 Woolsey, Mrs. Jeanne 149 Worden, Kathy 42, 58, 121 Worden, Mr. Richard 18 149 Worden, Susie 62, 65, 131 Worl, Susan 35, 40, 61, 67 131 Worster, David 79, 83, 131 168 Woschitz, Joseph 40, 61 86, 141 Wren, Ed 79, 85, 92, 93, 131 Wrestling 91 Wright, Janet 25, 58, 121 Wright, Pam 121 Wulf, David 90, 136,141 Wulle, Teresa 90,141 X-Y-Z X-Ray Staff 56 Yattaw, Susan 101, 121 Yeagly, Ronna141 Yelton, Geoffrey 69, 131 York, Brenda 61, 90, 141 Young, Fred 121 Young, Mary 30, 43, 121 Young, Phillip 121 Young, Robert 83 Yust, Mike 90, 121, 170 Zankl, Ruth 40, 62, 70, 72 121 Zebedis, Scott 91, 132, 141 Zebedis, Susan 81, 121 Zerkel, Mr. Paul 100, 147 Ziegler, Criss 131 Zink, Ernest 121 Zirkle, Elaine 121 Zirkle, Jay 73,141 Zirkelbach, Marylou 62, 141 Zook, Cheryl 61, 131 INDEX 191 1 v 'Nl'x 'X IM .r I. . 1 And so, as I near The close of my high school days, I visualize Just what is ahead of me, And I find that this is A small portion of my life, That my INDIAN SUMMER is Only the beginning. s..,-...W.M . Acknowledgments 1973 INDIAN STAFF Jean Macholtz ..... Editor-in-Chief Diane Swinehart . .Managing Editor Patty Gibbons . . .Business Manager Jean Laughlin ........ Academics Darice Needler ......... Activities Robin Van Camp ...... Advertising Julia Jones ............. Faculty Lou Anne Jones ..... Organizations Lesley Corbin ........... Senior Chris Jones ..., ..... S ports Jeff Clear ...... ...... S ports Robin Marsh . . . .... Underclass Libby Withers ........ Advertising Manager Nancy Fisher . . . .... Circulation Manager Jamie Kearns ..... Office Manager Sherry Romine ...... Photo Editor Jack Renforth ...... Photographer David Webb ........ Photographer Mrs. Beverley Pitts ....... Advisor COMMERCIAL FIRMS Mr. Frank Woschitz .... Keys Print- ing Co. S. K. Smith Company .,..... Cover Mr. Bill Stookey .,....,.. Feature Photographer Mr. Russ Forkner .,....... Group Photographer Prestige Portraits ..... Underclass The 1973 Indian is printed on 80 pound enamel paper. Headlines are 24 point Lyd- ian. Body copy is set in 10 on 12 point light and bold Megaron, and index and captions are set in 8 point light and bold Megaron. Color borders are pantone gold, pantone green, and pantone orange. 1 1 1 f i 5 I 1 1 J 1 I 1 i 1 1 1 I f 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 . 1 1 ,. 1 1 1 1 1 1

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