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EITIUE JIEIDJHIN ...lFl'?E...HNINUUHTJUE 4 k 5 i 3 E 1972 INDIAN Anderson High School Anderson, Indiana Volume 64 TABLE OF CONTENTS School Life .. Activities Academics . . Sports .... People ...... Advertising .. Closing fiusmflw- if ni Pete Goehring and Diane Handley ffar Ieftl, reflect on their activities of the day. Returning from a cafeteria study hall fleftj, students display the differing dress allowed by the dress code. When the final bell rings, students fbelowl continue with home work, jobs and extra-curricular activities. NN l llxlllllflllxi IHTE We come together from diverse backgrounds and are transformed into Indians. We bring with us cherished fragments that have shaped our lives, and, in turn, shape AHS. We are welded into one body, a mass of 1900 students, because of our common goal, edu- cation. As we continue to grow, we take color- ing from our surroundings - from friends and teachers, and from our participation in life. And through living, we express ourselves in unique and creative ways - ways that show the world we are INNOVATIVE. 3 ,mn Taking time out from his lunch hour, Mark Imler lrightl relaxes upon the side steps. Tim McNutt and Lelon Windham express their oneness by way of contrasting clothes Qbelowl. IHIVI I have screamed and cried out to the world to accept my ideas for what they are. And now, I'm overwhelmed with the responsibility that has finally been placed on my shouldersg and yet, I still crave the acceptance of socie- ty, for I know I can achieve. Sometimes, though, I just want to give up and say, "You were right. I am a failure," but in those mo- ments, I draw on the resources of past stu- dents who have made it, and know that I can succeed -I can make it too. 4 Jenee Brizendine lleftl gives her test paper a final inspection before handing it in. A teacher-student talk fbelowl permits stu- dents to encounter a differing view from their own. Each individual in the class re- acts differently to a lecture in the library. 5 ,"-i, Leaving from band practice after school, Jim Johnson and Connie Brown fabovel add instruments to their homework load. An old milktruck iabove righti provides a place where friends can gather and relate upon the day's experiences. A crowded Iunchroom frightj gives friends the opportunities to share with one another. As I explore my world, l discover that amid the noise, the smokestacks and the sky- scrapers of a progressing country, there still remain infinite beauties for me to enjoy. The simple things, like shuffling my feet through a pile of fall leaves, or blowing my breath into the cold air of a winter morning, thrill me. The excitement of a snowball fight, a pep session, or a basketball game tied with thirty seconds to go, provides me with opportuni- ties to release pent-up emotions. The joy of sharing a little part of myself with a friend is an experience that cannot be equaled. Small daily events convince me that the struggle to be myself is worthwhile. 7 X I Q In the solitude of this moment I sit and reflect on my life. Where do I fit in? What do I be- lieve? Who am I? Questions flood my mind in spite of my efforts to restrain them. I am forced to look for answers or to become bogged down under the weight of my doubts. Sometimes I think I have finally discovered the solutions, but in almost the same instant everything has changed, and I am uncertain once again. Will I ever fully understand life? HV HN Je: . ,,. A V. Mr. Rittenhouse trightl assists students in the tech- niques of voting. A quiet street fbelowl provides a cou- ple with a few private moments with one another during lunch hour on a warm spring day. l've always learned that I am free because of the country in which I live. But, l've dis- covered that freedom involves more than just my right to be independent. I recognize it as being able to express my emotions at a movie in laughter or in tears. lt's being able to de- cide for myself what I believe. lt's being able to let go and yell or scream when I feel dis- couraged. Freedom is the privilege to decide what direction my life will take by accepting or rejecting the educational opportunities AHS offers. And, because I am free, I can live, I can love, and I can be me! 10 gs. Dt' ar at dw, has --r. Hurrying to a class, some students stretch the time between classes to its full five minutes iabovel. Beyond Good and Evil, by Nietzche, provides David Highsmith a means of experiencing a new philosophy labove rightl. Using the new franchise granted to 18 year olds, Karen Collins frightl registers at the county courthouse. of ,J K 2i:11i We collected pennies, nickles and dimes from anyone who would contribute to raise the funds for our homecoming floats. The ul- timate question became, the Logansport What? We began constructing our "first place" entries only to discover that the pa- rade through the downtown area had been cancelled. Because of our overwhelming spir- it which was responsible for 75 entries, the decision was reversed. With our floats ready to go, some of us were faced with the prob- lem of finding something to pull them. Finally, however, we participated, either as specta- tors or on floats, in one of the largest home- INIHU HTJUE Indian Maiden Rise Graham and Mascot Randy Smith tabovel boost enthusiasm in their traditional dance during the homecoming pep session. While the band plays the national anthem at the start of the game, the lndianettes irightl salute. 12 Nl ,fm-'qi We continued to Denny Field to urge the team, a part of ourselves, on to victory. At half-time we watched as Bill Kennedy, our student council president, crowned senior Lynn Redick homecoming queen, and as the 1951 homecoming queen, Mrs. Carolyn Dementi, presented roses to our queen and her court, junior Claudia Lanning and soph- omore Jill Barbre. When our indians returned to the field we "made those berries whine," 39-13. To celebrate our victory, 300 of us attended a dance featuring the 'tSplit Stone" spon- sored by Senior Executive Council in the gym balcony after the game. X8 .Y FS." .4 Lf"-.-" 4,454 . If-"""" .If-lf' , ' 3 x R -4 ' L F' W' , 4 5 Y A , A I, Qtr J, 4 U 5.514 A Y' 4 if am ,. L E . mul' 34, 'fi' 5 'Mg-F? fp "- sw 'ir xx : - 'Kerr 'sf 12 Q Wi New council adds mem bers-at-large Headed by sponsors Mrs. Howe and Mr. Nicholson and President Bill Kennedy, Stu- dent Council was involved in school-related activities as well as in out-of-school projects. At Thanksgiving, 63 members collected food for a Thanksgiving Basket. Penny Postman, the annual Christmas card delivery service, earned more than S200 to buy food for needy families. during the Christmas season. "Colour My World" was the theme of the November 19 Fall Wind-Up Dance in the bal- cony of the gym. A drawing of a world splat- tered with paint symbolized the feeling of the evening. Student Council also sponsored the traditional Twirp Dance in the spring. The council was composed of homeroom representatives, class officers, and five mem- bers-at-large. Any student was eligible to seek a position as a member-at-large by submitting a petition with 50 signatures to the student body. 'ilu K ft mv? QQ il . , ,.. y Y fy 2.1, ,fQ.g --, 'ifjpg if I 'H 4' 9 'f'gn,,j5' 'Q-'15 ,.zm:tw1.'1'f ::ff,'!4 5n'v3"6",:1fH' 'W fn, ,san wg. 611' wa .4 ,ta Q, if fu.-gf 1 H7 ,R , ,.L,: i'!'e1w, 435-'ii 1' if is .4,":s1f.." . :arm-Rye Qiizgr if ,jf,1E'2,:gfJ"1 ries. .ir limi-gl f all J. 42?-J 'gif :gf dQ"x.f'5 Q 'm:,::n.f.e1,.g-3.1: -R . mr-A ,ir ,4 w V 'V .bye Vt, in 3, th .ggi-N. ,.,f5'35,',:Qgf W sh Q ' 5 Q -f' 1 ,L 'cis-"5fQ'v:'g ir'x' Wing' Qiflgf ffyg K y 'dawg rig?- f4?if?f .fg"fia,?fv2?ft?',gZfi'f fe me 34.4. it "'1.fezz4fl T .555 ww .A Hx' 'A-f.,Q'9if' M' '1f".1fi,..'!:'. fix F. .... ,T-.. 2 14 4. 3 1 '1 1 414' W i tp ,lu-iff 'YQ 5131 'Mkt-'l2Fl,?l'iMiQwk H,,,,,,,tlrQ53wW xlljqgg'-SLN' mist "ull, L, i F at-Ja W 4' fv- er C-1" rr ,,., Student Council members fabove Ieftl help collect food for a state-wide food project. Foreign exchange stu- dents lfar leftl Irene Kitsara from Greece, Francoise Duboscard from France, Christiane Brandin from Germany and Fernando Landgraf from Brazil discuss their travel experiences with Anderson exchange stu- dents Cindy Lash lsecond from leftl and Paul Johnson. During seventh period, members of Student Council labovel paint last minute details on the background scenery for Fall Wind-Up. A white carnation corsage is Jeff Roberts' Fall Wind-Up gift to Claire Boone Ueftl. 15 Wearing their camp apparel, members of the brass sec- tion fabovel practice their routine once more before their appearance in Indianapolis. Giving marching in- structions to freshman French horn player Brenda Scott is drum maior Tom Hinton labove rightl. Assistant-Head Indianette Debbie Pancol frightl contemplates on the upcoming State Fair during a parade rest. During their morning performance at State Fair, the band ffar rightl, marching to "Something's Coming," passes a crowd of eager spectators. 'W 'ff ' f! 'K , flififilfizif Hoffmann directs marching Indians to top rating The traditional blended with the new and unique to paint a successful fall season for the Marching Indians. With the appointment of Mr. Vaught to area supervisor in music education, Mr. Hoffmann assumed the re- sponsibilities of head band director and was assisted by Mr. Ragucci. The band wound up its month of practice at Smith-Walbridge Camp and in the school parking lot with a fifth place finish at State Fair. Their contest routine included selections from "West Side Story." Climaxing the football season, the 165 marchers, wearing new overlays on their uni- forms, won a superior rating at the State Foot- ball Half-time Show Contest for the second straight year. Football marching season con- tinued through November 3 with the band practicing eight hours a week for their six half-time shows. Band Parents sponsored money-making projects throughout the year. Included among these were a homecoming night fish fry and candy, coupon, sticker and concession sales. gin: sw. v ww- , ,ir 35:7 WI mw1u: ' r Band collects glass to recycle The 1971 Red and Green Bands joined to- gether to create the concert band, which was directed by Mr. Hoffman. Members collected glass for recycling to earn money to pay for uniforms and trips. Marching band partici- pated in the Indianapolis 500 Parade through downtown Indianapolis in May for the sixth consecutive year. The band performed at the Spring Concert in March and the Indiana Band Contest at Ball State in April. Stage band placed first in the Group l di- vision in the Indiana Music Educators' Asso- ciation at Ben Davis High School in Indianap- olis. Stage band, composed of 21 concert band members, also performed at the school band convo on Febrary 18, at North Side Jun- ior High School and King's lnn. STAGE BAND Front Row - Mark Highsmith, Chuck McCord, Alan Jerram, David Jackson. Row 2 - Pat Murphy, Gary Bolderson, Greg Murphy, Kent Odom, Holly Frese, Raul Sanchez. Row 3 - Jeff Hammons, Mr. Ragucci, John Gilmore, Ron Riggs, Steve Gilmore, Bill Stultz, Steve Anderson, Paul Vance, Marilyn Mcll- wain, Dewayne Johnson, Mary Simpson. Standing - Rod Mail, Ron James. R? " f E 15 BAND Front Row - Nancy Nye, Tim Hurst, Mark Highsmith, Darice Needler, Mary St. Clair, Brenda Burkhart, Rhonda House, Fay Poe, Anita Burnett, Julie Sullivan, Sue Hardesty, Cindy Kachelein, Joan Hauck, Terri White, Karen Smith, Patty Gibbons, Susan Wood, Marilyn Mcllwain. Row 2 - Sherry Moore, Marilyn Warren, Marcy Gephart, Cindy Burris, Kathy Castor, Leslie Robinson, Julie Spitzmesser, Penny Simmons, Doug Newby, Paul Vance, Richie Crim, David Decker, Cindy 18 Lewis, Becky Dietrich, Mary Simpson, LeeAnn Hayward, Nancy Kitt, Joyce White, Carol Gibson, Lisa Roop, Konrad Streaty, Darlene Van- Dalsen, Louise Falker, Rhonda Patterson. Row 3 - Gary O'Connor, Melissa Bailey, Sherrie Page, Steve Anderson, Vicky Woods, Bryant Shepherd, Mark Smith, Ken Amos, Debbie Dietrich, Kent Odom, Mike Selby, Gary Bolderson, Jeff Hammons, Jim Kershner, Pat Murphy, Greg Murphy, Allen Shields, Jeff Dyer, Wesley Goins, Rick Patton, lndianette Paula Miller ffar leftl concentrates on kicking high. Lighting crew members Tim Bailey, Bruce Runyan, Jay Zanki fkneelingl, Pat Miller and Jim Kershner fstandingj set up microphones before each band performance fleftj. INDIANETTES Front Row - Diane Daugherty, Donna Smith, Lynn Carter, Sherri Young, Cindy Whiteman, Patty McKinley iFreshman counselorj, Peggy Chambers fHead India- ettel, Debbie Pancoi tAss't. Head lndianettel, Toni Jackson, Carla Scott, Debbie Bastine, Candy Miller, Cindy Cooke, Debbie Streaty. Row 2 on stairs - Carol Riggins, Debbie Wisner, Missy Ellis, Lisa Hinton, Vicki Size- love. Row 3 on stairs - Debbie Mumbower, Rene Smith, Dawn Shrake, Sharon Upperman, Michelle Brooks, Theresa Reason, Rita Krieg, Teresa Alt. Steve Pendley, Randy Powers, Carl Prince, Cyndee Williams, Holly Frese, Jerry Edington, Connie Brown, Alan Jerram, Chuck McCord, William Brown, Pixie Forkner. Back Row - Raul Sanchez, Bob Cowles, Mark Constable, Richard Hughes, Mike Lawler, Mr. Hoffmann, director, RoxAnne Ogle, Irene McGrady, Mark Reed, Joey Riggins, John Wilson, Kirk Sears, Ted Forepaugh, Dennis Allen, Tim Suther- land, John Leaver, James Johnson, Mike Stephens, Steve Filmore, DeWayne Johnson, Gary Garner, Chuck Eskew, Floyd Loveall, Mark Koebbe, Richelle Ogle, Renee Krieg, Debbie Newby, Mr. Ragucci, ass't. director, Mr. Washburn, ass't. director, John Gilmore, Kim Mitchell, Jack Mail, Rick VanBaalen, Bill Stultz, Tom Hinton, Ron Riggs, Ron James. 19 3 .,. CHORALETTES Front Row - Sara Foster, Renee Hull, Susan Smith, Nancy Parry, Margaret Polus, Carolyn Westmoreland, Desma Conrad, Terry Daugherty, Carol Lash, Bobbi Mettlen, Gina Groff, Grace Kin- ney, Debbie Friend, Mary Reidelbach, Patti Barnett. Row 2 - Helene Page, Cheryl Whitmill, Kathy Coppess, Anna Sylvester, Mel Russell, Yolanda Etchison, Deborah Bowman, Patty King, Candy Campbell, Becky Dowling, Cathy Gerard, Rita Williams, Joyce Carr, Becky MADRIGALS Row 1 - Mr. Seav- er, director, Beth Paugh, Gaye Leavell, Susie Reddick, Kris Crane, Terry McHenry, Cindy Lash. Row 2 - Tom Hinton, Dave Schier, Frank Ponce, Brad Prunty, Jeff Savage, Jeff Roberts. As Goldie in the Choral Club musical "Fiddler on the Roof," Mary Babb adds the final touch to director Mr. Seaver labovel. 20 Floyd. Row 3 - Gail Ferree, Teresa Hitch, Dee Ann Gentry, Lynn Starks, Jane Oyler, Debbie Sweet, Sandy Parish, Laurie Anderson, Diana Norris, Melody Fox, Dana Hitchens, LouAnne Reitze, Vicki Coffee. Back Row - Linda Olvey, Julie Deakyne, Lori Swan, Debbie Rich, Cindy Burris, Ann Stires, Sara Shoemaker, Susan Melson, Linda Boaz, Lynette Foggs, Kalen Banks, Cathy Dickey, Susan Donaldson, Rise Graham, Pam Hurst. CHORAL CLUB Front Row - Sarah Reish, Teri Foust, Becky Baker, Beth Paugh, Mary Babb, Karen Webber, Robin Marsh, David Ponce, Steve Pancol, Bob Miller, Doug Conover, Cindy Worl, Carol Bilyeu, Anne Kopp, Gaye Leavell, Marilyn Mcllwain, Carlene Kimmerling, Mr. Seaver, director. Row 2 - Susie Farr, Mary Young, Claire Boone, Claudia Lanning, Sue Hardesty, Betsy Hirsch, Lois Thornburg, Thom Garner, Paul Gillaspy, Terry West, Dave Babb, Gary Garner, Ted King, Tom Hinton, Dawn Vetor, Nika Dunbar, Amy McKee, Vanessa Overshiner, Patty Gibbons, Nancy Kitt. Row 3 -Melanie Daughtee, Joyce Donnelson, Ann Kilmer, Lorie Hogue, Octa Williams, Danny Temple, Jeff Roberts, John Kuntz, Bob Hampton, Greg Whitson, John Myer, Gary Jef- fers, Gary Decker, Garry Smith, Mark Malaguerra, Kathy Worden, Peggy Wood, Tanna Huffman, Susie Burau, Madeline Doherty, Leslie Robinson, Jean Macholtz, Sherry Romine. Back Row - Ann Hawk- ins, Robbie Smith, Nancy Griffith, Kris Crane, Susie Reddick, Judy Gray, Dave Ferris, Kim Hall, Jeff Powell, Frank Ponce, Chris Jones, Brad Prunty, Jeff Savage, Mark Reynolds, Bob Hazen, John Helvering, David Schier, Tom Leffel, Ken Burt, Dave Webb, Jean Laughlin, Cindy Lash, Peggy Roberts, Terry McHenry, Anne Kiely, Cheryl Johnson, Julie Wil- liams. Madrigals stage musical comedy The musical comedy "Charlie Brown" be- came the first full stage production for Mad- rigals. The group also sang at 20 Christmas programs for service clubs, organizations and schools. Singing on the steps of Monu- ment Circle in Indianapolis climaxed these Christmas programs. Eighty choral club members placed fifth in the Indiana State Fair Choral Contest and sang in the Indiana State Choral Contest. Candy sales earned money to pay for choir robes and the musical "Fiddler on the Roof." Using drum, guitars, and trumpets, Swing Choir sang contemporary songs such as "Chicago," "Day By Day," "Love Look at the Two of Us," and the Coke Song. Choralettes sang at city hall and AHS con- vos. The group constituted the only all-girl chorus at AHS. SWING CHOIR Front Row - Dan Gates, John Myer, Paul Gillaspy. Row 2 - Mary Young, Robbie Smith, Mary Babb. Row 3 - Mark Koebbe, Charlene Campbell, David Babb. Row 4 - Kathy Worden, Anne Kiely, Dave Ferris. Row 5 - Bob Hampton, Betsy Hirsch. Row 6 - Octa Williams, Judy Gray, Ken Burt. Back Row -Marke Robinson, Frank Ponce, Bob Hazen. 21 As Tevye in l'Fiddler on the Roof," Mark Reynolds labovel appeals to God, "I know we are the chosen people, but why do you always choose me?" In a makeshift dressing room, using greasepaint, Nika Dunbar and Amy McKee qrightj trade their AHS identi- ties for those of theatrical performers. 22 n H Choral groups present Fiddler, Charlie Brown Madrigals in the musical, "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown," fabove leftj are Qfront rowl Jeff Savage, Snoopy, Beth Paugh, Patty, Cindy Lash, Gaye Leavell, Kris Crane, chorus, Terry McHenry, Lucy, Jeff Roberts, Charlie Brown, fback rowl Dave Schier, chorus, Brad Prun- ty, Linus, Susie Reddick and Tom Hinton, chorus. Innkeeper Chris Jones re- bukes a rebellious Flussian student fabovel. Tevye questions his wife Mary Babb and daughters Teri Foust, Amy McKee, Lois Thornburg and Susie Red- dick about student Jeff Savage Ueftl. 23 ' l E if 5 Page Editors Mike Cox and Nancy Jackson review as- signed stories in The X-Ray lleftl. Layout and copy staff members Jeff Dyer, Dawn Vetor, Mary O'Brien, Tony Etchison lfrontj, Melinda Ellis, Karen Hatch, Teresa Hicks, David Webb and Carla Wulle lbackl de- sign an X-Ray page. . as ,le E l , K., Ei- -5, Ig 24 -,iw 'T':lvf ANN XM Editors Mark Pavey, Cheryl Kinerk, Sponsor Mr. Purs- ley, Jim Willis, Cindy Worl and Julie Michael check over headlines for The X-Ray. X-Ray initiates offset printing To report the growing number of events concerning AHS students, The X-Ray ex- panded to become a six page paper. Stu- dents at the Area Vocational School printed the 30 weekly issues. Offset printing replaced the letterpress method of printing, and color appeared more frequently on The X-Ray pages. The Christmas issue displayed a red and green Christmas tree on the front page. The 40-member X-Ray staff moved to a larger, renovated special education room. Newswriting classes in this room taught journalism fundamentals to prospective staff members. The larger X-Ray enabled the staff to go into in-depth study of student problems. Full page feature articles on shoplifting, married students, dress codes and high school pres- sures presented varied viewpoints on the controversial issues to readers. Reporters Doug Hall, Karen Kinerk, John Abel, and Rita McKinney fseatedl receive assignments from Page Ed- itors Anne Hittle, Gary Aldridge and Cheryl Johnson fabovel. Business staff members fleftb Karen Givan, Vicki Williams, Randi Woodruff ffrontj, Pam Peterson, Carla Scott, and Linda Boaz fbackj prepare to visit X-Ray advertising sponsors. Vocational School students look over The X-Ray before final printing flefti. 25 Section Editors Qbelowl Debbie Dyson, Sally Surbaugh, Jerry Lippmann and Katie Weis and staff member Chuck Baden examine former Indians for style and ideas. Student and Faculty Editors Tammy Dowling, Susie Timmons and Carol Hinz Qrightl continue the annual staff tradition of decorating the door to the Indian room. Photo Editor Charlene Campbell assigns picture coverage to photographers Stuart Parsons, Flon Connor and Paul Johnson qfar belowl. his 1115.1 Annual Sta?-F Roovwi 3 S4-J .Ns are it" -Q. sffilwisi,1s24tkl1,iliLi"fi?f ,. ' Indian portrays total individual Building on the Indian tradition of 16 con- secutive top national ratings, Indian staff members worked to produce a yearbook that would continue this tradition. Sponsor Mrs. Pitts and 19 staff members initiated the theme "Innovative Indian" and emphasized the complete individual and his role in high school and community life. Computer typing, clustered captions, decked heads and color banners, along with many color pictures in several sections, modernized the 1972 Indian. Former AHS student Kevin ldlewine, designer of the '70 Indian cover, designed the modernistic '72 Indian cover. Editors Cheryl Johnson and David Pistole attended the Indiana University Journalism Institute in August and the Indiana High School Press Association Fiftieth Anniversary Convention in October. "The Indian Wants You" was the theme for the Indian sales campaign in November. Managing Editor Cheryl Johnson, Advisor Mrs. Pitts, Business Manager Becky Rock and Editor-in-Chief David Pistole fabovei design opening section layouts for the '72 Indian. Business staff members Debbie Jones, Nancy Russell, Gary Timmons, Tanna Huffmann and Sue Armstrong fleftl display posters advertising the '72 Indian. 27 German students sweep intra-club sports contest German Club assisted the community for the third consecutive year by distributing food baskets to needy families at Thanksgiv- ing. ln January, the group traveled to the Heidelburg Inn in Huntington, where they took part in an authentic German meal. Ger- man Club members captured first place in the Language Club Sports Contest in De- cember at the AHS gym. lnitiations in the AHS auditorium began the school year for the 100 members of the French Club. Foreign Exchange Students Christiane Brandin, Francoise Dubosclard, and Cindy Lash told of their experiences abroad at the monthly meetings. An unex- pected visit from "Santa Claus" surprised the group at the annual Christmas party. Club members also took part in the Foreign Lan- guage skating party and sports contest in January. Cecilia Condon and Bill Harmeson fabovel concen- trate on their techniques in the finals of the ping-pong competition at the sports contest. German Club pres- ident Alan Johnson fbelow rightj presents the first place sports contest trophy to Mr. Newkirk while Paul Van Slyke, Greg McAshlan and Gary Patton look on. 28 French Club Front Row-S. Parrish, S. Albea, D. Pere- chinsky, sgt.-at-arms, C. Bilyeu, treas.g M. Babb, sec., S. Long, v-pres., A. McKee, pres., Mrs. Hodson sponsor, Mrs. Sharma, sponsor. Row 2 - A. Stires, S. Dietzer, S. Edwards, M. Doherty, D. Montgomery L. A. Jones, T. MacPherson, D. Senseney, J. Quinn S. Rains. .Row 3 - C. Gerard, T. Ward, H. Hoke, C Bennet, D. DeSutter, D. Shively, J. Sokol, C. Brandin D. Needler, B. Rosencrans, J. Manley, B. Hirsch Row 4 - D. Smith, P. Wurst, T. Heath, T. Farmer R. Marsh, N. Fisher, M. O'Brien, A. Hittle, D. Furlong C. Brown, S. Raver, D. Keogh. Row 5 - J. Maxstadt G. Yelton, K. Remley, K. Eads, D. Taylor, Dee Gentry y K. Worden, N. Russell, P. Roberts, R. Graham, B Pyzik, J. Laughlin. Row 6 -C. Barnard, D. Bowman C. Peterson, B. Schafer, M. Reidelbach, S. Melson D. Rich, Patti King, V. Coffey, P. Barnes, E. McFad- den, L. Corbin, D. Swinehart, C. Bates. Row 7 - D Conrad, D. Granger, Brenda Burkhart, T. Felts, G Ferree, T. Busby, S. Erskine, N. McMillan, T. Daugh- erty, M. Horan, D. Clark, J. Cochran, J. Cochran, D Johnson, V. King. Back Row - Nancy Parry, C Kimmerling, L. Brown, D. Vetor, T. Huffman, C. Con- don, J. Oyler, B. Bonge, E. Catlett, D. Hovermale P. Austin, B. Kearns, B. Hunt, K. Amos, M. Noland, S Worden. GERMAN CLUB Front Row - Mr. Newkirk, sponsor, Lois Thornburg, sec., Alan Johnson, pres., Judy Sipes, v.-pres., Sue Burau, cor. sec., Jackie Hardacre. Row 2 - Cindy Amrine, Mark Reed, Rick Chaille, Brian Elpers, Margie Ehle, Sylvia Schmalfeldt. Row 3 - Marty Morris, Mark Constable, Virginia Allman, Theresa Hitch, Paula Cook, Debbie Haugan, Kitty Kilgore. Row 4 - Jeff Finley, Mike Pope, Peggy Wood, Cathy Rees, Terry Anderson, Julie Spitzmesser, Julie Sullivan. Row 5 - Paul Van Slyke, Ted Persing, Larry Moore, Ritchie Crim, Dan Bertram, Donna Schildmeier, Marcy Gephart, Terry Etchison. Flow 6 - David Early, Karen Collins, Dale Lycan, Dave Patulski, Thom Garner, Jim Fisher, Tim Kane. Back Row - Vernice Jack- son, Steve Venesky, Mark Johnson, Greg Stamper, Greg McAshlan, Bill Harmsen, Mike Lozar, Tom Baker, Jim Breeden. 29 Latin Club hosts slave auction, area conference The AHS Latin Club hosted nine area clubs at the regional classical conference on Feb- ruary 5. "The purpose was to encourage the growth of the classics and to offer sugges- tions of ways to accomplish growth," related President Mike Cox. The first activity of the year was the traditional slave sale. initiates to the club were auctioned off to old members and ordered to serve their masters for one week. AHS was represented at the annual state convention by 25 members of the Club. One of the largest clubs at AHS, the 150 member Spanish Club, initiated its new members into the group at the Halloween party at Mounds Park. Students caroled and participated in the entertainment at the Christmas party at the YWCA. The group traveled to the Old San Antonio Restaurant in Strawtown for the spring banquet, and took part in the all-foreign language club skating party and sports contest. LATIN CLUB Front Row - Mrs. Maddox, sponsorg K. Castor, rec. sec.g K. Dickey, cor. sec.g S. Romine, treas.g M. Cox, pres., C. Snyder, ass't. treas.g L. Hillspaugh, hist.g D. Chismar, ed., T. Sachse, v.-res. Row 2 - E. Schrenker, C. Balsey, M. Baily, N. Weddell, N. Harless, W. Huston, R. Van Camp, B. Baker, S. Wood, C. Gibson. Row 3 - T. Hicks, D. Lawson, K. Norris, D. Shaw, D. Hiatt, K. Banks, L. Foggs, P. Dayton, C. Blassarras, C. Bates, S. Weed. Row 4 - K. Koebbe, S. Upperman, D. Van Dalsen, M. Kimmerling, R. Smith, K. Cochran, D. Fried, R. Orbick, P. Polus, S. Smitha, L. Hill, T. Ward. Row 5 - M. Selby, D. Hale, B. Burton, R. McMahan, J. Breeden, V. Smith, M. Rogers, D. Scheerer, J. Bennett, J. Orbik, S. Pancol. Back Row - K. Stein, R. Mahoney, T. Howard, B. Gordan, K. Foust, L. Anderson, R. Armstrong, T. Hart, T. King T. Leffel, F. Williams, C. Baden. Ric Orbik, Mike Cox, Phil Pollus and Debbie Friend tfar abovel rehearse a scene from the play "Julius Caesar," to be presented at the regional conference. Members of the Spanish and Latin Club basketball teams trightl vie for the ball at the opening tip-off. Spanish Club committee members tabove rightj meet during homeroom to discuss plans for the spring ban- quet in Strawtown. 30 5, 'rl eww,-dfV 7 at ,435 ' Ht fe? M253 .2 'PS"Lsv'Z 45, .P ,, , Q 5 W f r., SPANISH CLUB Front Row - Mrs. Wilkin, sponsor, A. Malaguerra, S. Donaldson, J. Brizendine, Fl. Hayes, T. Foust, J. Williams T. Ward, Y. Etchison, J. McCrary, Fl. Hughes, Mrs. McHenry, sponsor. Row 2 -- D. Perechinsky, A. McKee, C. Steckler, C. Jones, B. Malone, T. West J. Hoffmann, L. Anderson, M. Fox, K. Nelson, C. Burris, D. Norris, S Worl. Row 3 - B. Dietrich, N. Presley, Fi. McKinney, S. Whitton, P Flatford, D. Heiney, B. Seacat, T. Anderson, A. Hawkins, V. Noland, D Brinson, D. Springer, B. Ray, K. Matthews. Row 4 - P. Barnett, C Whalon, C. Lash, D. McMahan, S. Elijah, M. Polus, B. Hofer, C. Kinerk V. Williams, S. Staub, D. D. Lane, C. Watson, C. Zook, K. Kinerk Row 5 - L. Shilke, T. Kessinger, C. Koebbe, A. Gunsenhouser, D McCoy, P. Dickman, K. Godhring, M. Dunn, P. Gibbons, D. Farlow, L Harless, M. Jo. Stein, C. Wardwell, S. Moore, C. Casey. Row 6 - T Purciful, D. Worster, S. Reish, B. Czarniecki, G. Groff, J. Jones, P Super, Ft. House, T. Johnson, D. St. Clair, M. Foust, C. Gunter, V. Gober- ville, C. Cox, T. Reason. Row 7 - J. Newberry, P. Simmons, D Shrake, Fl. Miller, S. Pendley, M. Frendt, J. Calabria, D. Etherington A. Gregg, W. Brown, S. Frendt, D. Handley, J. Denny, M. Doherty, T McHenry, J. Donelson, J. Gray. Back Row - J. Helvering, J. Pistole P. Schowe, C. Stanley, S. Swallow, C. Stanley, D. Dyson, C. Johnson D. Dietrich, K. McClintock, S. Hardesty, L. A. Hayward, B. Floyd, C Kachelein, R. Hull, G. Dunbar, R. Russell. 31 Students stress Fine Arts with group music, art AHS'ers found many outlets for their tal- ents and interests in organizations. Under the new direction of Mr. Houser, the AHS orchestra expanded from 9 members to 60 members. The string section formed a separate group with 23 members. The 50-member Art Club sponsored the third annual student-teacher art contest. Art teachers judged the original works submitted by teachers and students and awarded tro- phies to the winners. Art Club also won first place in the decorated car division as a result of their homecoming efforts. Students interested in studying aviation joined the Aerospace Club, a new group at AHS. Members constructed small scale models of planes for studying purposes. The 30-member group, under the leadership of Mr. Mock, planned several field trips to local airports. AEROSPACE CLUB fabovej Front Row - Nestor Gassett, pres., David Decker, v-pres. Row 2 - Randy Mahoney, Wes Bicha. Back Row - Jay Tibbetts, Jeff Barnes. VOCATIONAL SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL Jim Jenks, Joe Richie, Jim Stout, Bill Knap, Lani Czar- niecki, Debbie Cox, Bill Alexander. VOCATIONAL SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL Afternoon - Mark Brown- ing, Randy Hamilton, Tom Tuterow, Robin Kelly, Mark Porter, Tim Vaughn, Rick Stewart, Peggy Bessett, Paula Smith, Monty Russell, Renee Biddle. 32 ORCHESTRA Front Row - David Schier, concertmaster, Ann Kilmer, Jeff Fox, Anna Sylvester, Tim Beck, Rene Ogle, Carol Bil- yeu, Lanny Buettner. Row 2 - Gary Nich- olson, John Tjart, Terri Harvey, Norma Creek, Susan Wood, Marilyn Mcllwaln, LeeAnn Hayward, Nancy Kitt. Pixie Fork- ner, Chuck McCord, Mary Sinclair, Michael Harney, Jim Maxstadt, Connie Bates. Row 3 - Gaye Leavell, Tammy Dowling, Dan Bertram, Paula Burkhart, Tim Hurst, Nancy Nye, Greg Bolderson, Greg Murphy, Jeff Hammons, John Gilmore, Jack Mail, Mary Simpson, Cindy Lewis, Becky Dietrich, David Decker, Jerry Edington, Alan Jerram, Holly Freese. Back Row - Rachel Harter, Nita Hutton, Vincent Houser, director, Mark Reed, Tim Sutherland, Jeff Nye, Kevin Smith, Jeff Hardin, Gary Jeffers, Jim John- son, Becky St. John. STRING ENSEMBLE Front Row - David Schier, concertmaster, Ann Kilmer, Jeff Fox, Terri Harvey, Carol Bilyeu, Lanny Buettner, Connie Bates. Row 2 - Gary Nicholson, John Tjart, Becky St. John, Gaye Leavell, Tammy Dowling, Anna Sylvester, Paula Burkhart, Dan Bertram, Michael Harney, Jim Maxstadt. Back Row - Vincent Houser, director, Gary Jeffers. ART CLUB Front Row - Jane Quinn, rec. sec., Gary Lennis, pres., Mark Reynolds, v-pres., Patti McKinley, sec., Linda Ehrlich, pub., Carlton Smith, treas. Row 2 - Paula Burkhart, Jayne Collings, Jane Stahl, Candi Gunter, Donna Smith, Debbie Pancol, Jeanne Hackney. Row 3 - Richard Gilles- pie, Bill Jones, Mike McShane, Gary Jef- fers, Judy Upperman, Lisa Campbell, Me- lissa Russell. Row 4 - Denise May, Dana Hitchens, Joanne LaChew, Tim Monaghan, Bob Straley, Brenda Whitson, Cheryl Stan- Iey, Mark Dye. Row 5 - Larry Dunn, Larry Hyatt, Mark Drake, Kevin Boston, John Dykes, Gary Chamberlain, Genie Griffith, David Crose. Back Row - Mr. Jackson, sponsor, Jerry Pettit, Beth Pierce, Bill Ma- lone, Rhonda Hughes, Rita Graham, Janet Raver, Susan Bemish, Charlie McShane, Susan Smith. 33 VICA, DECA, CCE HEC compete in state contests VICA, DECA, COE and HEC, the four work programs at AHS, combined to sponsor an inter-club social at May's lce Rink in January. Proceeds from a candy sale and a fresh greenery sale added to VlCA's treasury. The group also entertained children at the Turtle Creek Convalescent Center at Christmas time. Members of the DECA Club sold key- chains to help finance the banquet held in April. COE members sold calendar towels and stationery to help with the cost of their banquet. The Home Economics Co-op Club was active in the community as well as the school. Food drives, clothing drives and a Christmas party for the needy were all proj- ects of the HEC Club. At school, the group held bake sales, candy sales, and several other money-making projects. Dan Dykes, Vicki Williams, and Dan Weston, fabove leftj VICA state officers, discuss their trip to Washing- ton to compete in the nationals. VICA tfar abovej Front Flow - Ted Forepaugh, pres., Debbie McClintock, co- sec., Jan Williams, co-v-pres. Row 2 - Peggy O'Neill, Dan Dykes, Teresa Hart. Flow 3 - Ron Conner, Mark Canaday, Leah Temple. Row 4 - Carol Zirkelbach, John Thomas, Kathy Whitson. Back Flow - Barbie Lantz, Paul Dodson, Tim Bell. HEC tabove rightl Julia Withers, v-pres., LeeAnn Barnett, pres., Rita Jeffers, hist., Mrs. Brandon, sponsor. Row 2 - Rick Hughes, Debbie Smith, Rhonda Etherington, Shirlene McGruder. Row 3 - Karen Parker, Rodelle Riechenbacher, Patty Layne, Terri Moore. Back Row - Ralph Sipes, Sarah Fteish, Christy Pearson, Patricia Menifee, Janice Burns. Warsl Q92 VICA Front Row - Mr. Dietzer, sponsor, Tim Thurber, co-treas., Dan Weston, pres., Cheryl Clark, sec., Vicki Williams, v-pres., Becky Pavey. Row 2 - Bruce Sago, Terry Taylor, Mike McShane, Ted King, Lanette Kestner, Denise Furlong, Carol Kin- caid. Row 3 - David Thomason, Teddy Manuel, Richelle Ogle, Ed Boze, John Jones, Bill Kurtz, Jeff Pardue. Row 4 - Pete Thomas, Raymond Chanley, Sam Montgomery, Gary King, Danny Weaver, Mike Hol- land, Tony Key, William Brown. Back Row - Chris Whitehurst, Tom Tucker, Lelon Windham, Roosevelt Boyd, Thomas Clayton, Dave Huff, Ron Russell, Mark McMahan, Mack Reese. l DECA Front Row - Mr. Montgomery, sponsor, Simone DeWitt, dist. rep., Sandy Cantrell, sec., Gary Garner, pres., Paula Miller, v-pres., Mary McCord, treas. Row 2 - Gary Clark, jr. hist., Terrii Hinkle, jr. co-sec., Karen Webber, co-v-pres., Pat Ever- ett, jr. co-pres., Gloria Stevenson, jr. co-sec., Jayne Cottingham, co-treas. Row 3 - Sam Fowler, Ron Wood, Cherilyn Snyder, co-v-pres., Robin Van Camp, co-v-pres., David Laugh- lin, co-treas., Doria Tapplar, Mary Boyd. Row 4 - Wendell Thompson, Bob Miller, Roxanne Newby, Carla Campbell, Becky Rosencrans, Becky Hornbeck, John Buxton, Paula Burk- hart. Row 5 - Becky Haines, Rita Graham, Denise Smith, Lonny Bow- en, Debbie Cantrell, Margaret Sloan, Kathleen Coulliette, Rick Van Baal- en. Row 6 - Elaine Cokely, Karen Collins, Pam Ross, Irene Nunn, James Allensworth, Robert Willis, Greg Gilbert, Jim Russell. Back Row - Terry Smith, Cindy Sylvester, Patty McKinley, Brent Worley, Cathy Stage, Kent Risinger, Doug Edwards, Bruce Dollar, Jeff Lanane, Gary Chamberlain. COE Front Row - Rhonda Patterson, hist., Becky Rehmel, treas., Wendy Nelson, pres., Lydia Scott, v- pres., Susie Brunow, sec. Row 2 - Paula Gray, Leanna Hodson, Bev Bricker, Sheila Coverdale, Susie Tolle. Row 3 - Celena Bostic, Vicki Hoskins, Janet Pruett, Peggy Chambers, Nancy Collier, Barbara Richardson. Back Row - Jeanetta Bryant, Debbie Newby, Toni Geiger, Letettia Ross, Kathy Taylor, Mindy Wellman, Mr. Macy, sponsor. HEC topposite pagel Front Row - Charlene Garner, Jennette Rayford, sec-treas., Kathy McCotry, v-pres. Row 2 - Penny Brandon, Marceil Bannister, Vicki Davis. Back Row - Becky Cummings, hist., Jenny Foster, pub., Richard Lucas. 35 Cheerblock sells candy, boosts CHEERBLOCK Front Row - Lois Thornburg, Rhea Davis, Claire Boone, Nika Dunbar, Peggy Gray. Row 2 - Carol Brown, Debbie Dyson, Joan Bur- ton, Janet Hoffmann, Anne Kiely, Julie Michael, Diane Handley, Patti Forse. Row 3 - Nancy Russell, Leslie Corbin, Rhonda Whalon, Margie Ehle, Linda Brown, Cecilia Condon, Becky Rock, Debbie Perechinsky, Candy Steckler. Row 4 - Diane Swinehart, Linda Ehrlich, Sue Burau, Sally Surbaugh, Mary O'Brien, Cindy Amrine, Kathy Coppess, Nancy Collier, Debbie McClin- tock, Teri Foust. Row 5 - Marian Kim- merling, Lou Ann Bramwell, Betsy Mar- shall, Roberta Day, Janet Manley. Sandy Vaughn, Phyllis Isbell, Penny Brandon, Dawn Vetor, Debbie Smith. Row 6 - Debbie Friend, Linda Rehmel, Sue Arnold, Nikki Martin, Pam Platt, Cindy Snyder, Kathi Hoover, Debbie Springer, Ann Hittle, Paula Gray. Row 7 - Beth Ann Stires, Rodelle Reichenbacher, Becky Rehmel, Stephanie Vest, Joanne LaChew, Jennie Lacey, Dwanna Heiney, Susan Melson, Bette Chambers, Debbie Garner, Sharon Farlow. Row 8 - Susan Smith, Robin Marsh, Jean Laughlin, Debbie Lawson, Mary Lozar, Pam Mar- tin, Jill Denny, Jenee Brizendine, Terri MacPherson, Debbie Senseney, Dena Miller, Carol Cockrill. Front Row - Susie Erskine, Nita Fra- lick, Kitty Kilgore, Sue Worl, Sara Dill- man, Leisa Richardson. Row 2 - Stacey Dietzer, Janet Halladay, Lou Ann Reitz, Susie Donaldson, Cathy Keobbe, Roxanne Newby, Connie Gallamore, Becky Baker, Cathy Turpen. Row 3 - Becky Shafer, Mary Reidelback, Ann Hawkins, Karen Hatch, Laura Harless, Bonnie Smith, Nancy McPhaul, Angela Nance, Gaye Leavell. Row 4 - Patti Barnes, Vicki Coffey, Teresa Busby, Kim Gillespie, Theresa Bahler, Toni Bowers, Margaret Lawson, Maribeth Collett, Tammy Dowling, Donna Schildmeier, Row 5 - Debbie Bowman, Joyce Por- ter, Paula Evans, Paula Collins, Sue Coppess, Debbie Watson, Jeanine Wigner, Paula Dollar, Ginger Wisehart, Cindy Buck. Row 6 - Christiane Bran- din, Kevin Wood, Debbie Montgomery, Lou Ann Jones, Brenda Short, Lori Jones, Marsha Matheney, Terri Harvey, Polly Richardson, Pam Cooke, Vicki Roberts. Row 7 - Edna Goolsby, Michelle Pulliam, Kathy Reese, Susan Porter, Debbie Scheerer, Desma Con- rad, Sara Shoemaker, Pam Gross, Susie Rains, Sandy Jones, Sandy Albea, Bar- bara George. 36 school spirit Cheerblock cheered at nine home basket- ball games and the sectional. Members sold candy to pay for cheerblock outfits and sales prizes went to Cheryl Stanley, Michelle Pul- liam, Edna Goolsby and Elizabeth Marshall. The varsity cheerleaders competed in the Indian State Fair Cheerleader Contest in Au- gust. They promoted spirit at all sports events and decorated the school. Represented by two juniors, the Mascot and Maiden performed the traditional Indian dance at all home basketball games and pep sessions. rr., Vyxf Athletic clubs assist community, boost Indians A new group at AHS, the girls' swim team timers, assisted Mr. Freeman at the home swim meets. The girls helped judge, time and keep records. Many of the girls traveled to the away meets to back the team. Under the leadership of Mrs. Garrity, the Girls Athletic Association organized a gym- nastics, track and swim team. The girls com- peted against Munster, Madison-Grant, Blue River and Fountain City in these events. Members also participated in bowling, skat- ing, tennis and volleyball. A-Club, the lettermen's club at AHS, made its presence known throughout the basketball season. Besides backing the Indians, mem- bers collected money at halftime to donate to the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. The group also collected food to distribute to needy families at Christmas. GAA Front Row - B. Bonge, K. Kilgore, S. Rains, S. Edwards, S Albea, J. Lacey, v-pres.g C. Gallamore, pres.g M. Young, treas.q S. Dill- man, S. Worl, Mrs. Garrity, sponsor. Row 2 - L. Starks, B. Chambers, J. LaChew, V. Goberville, D. Norris, S. Elijah, J. Kearns, S. Zebedis, C. Stanley, B. Busing, C. Sokol, A. Burnett. Row 3 -- M. Lozar, D Garner, N. MacMillan, D. Perechinsky, B. Rock, N. Russell, P. Gray J. A. Moreland, D. Miller, L. Harless, K. Hatch, N. Presley. Row 4 - J. Carter, M. Fritsch, D. Granger, D. Dyson, S. Burau, J. Hoffmann, J Denny, M. Doherty, P. Forse, B. Hirsch, J. Laughlin, N. Fisher, S. Er- skine, N. Fralick. Row 5 - C. Hendricks, V. Noland, M. J. Stein, C Gerrard, D. Needler, B. Rosencrans, C. Stanley, S. Shoemaker, B George, V. Roberts, C. Williams, G. Ferree, Y. Etchison, D. Friend Row 6 - L. Davis, J. Foster, P. Barnett, J. Bennett, R. Marsh, S. Wat- kins, R. Zankl, R. Hughes, D. Scheerer, C. Barnard, T. Felts, S. Whit- ton, K. McClintock, R. McKinney, D. Handley. Back Row - J. Manley J. Sokol, L. Richardson, B. Dietrich, C. S. Miller, H. Page, R. Graham K. Dickey, C. Gunter, L. A. Reitz, S. Donaldson, A. Gunsenhouser, S Schmalfeldt, R. Hull, S. Smith, C. Meyer, K. Cochran. A-Club officer Larry Clark ffar leftl shares his front row seat with Lance Johnson at the Madison Heights basketball game. GAA girls Ueftl compete against each other in an in- SWIM TEAM TIMERS Front Row - Joan Burton, Hirsch, Jean Laughlin, Ann Kopp, Jamie Kearns, Hoover, Anne Kiely. Flow 2 - Debbie Dyson liams. tra-squad swim meet at AHS. Betsy Kathi Jane Stacy Carol Sokol, Missy Ellis, Carla Casey, Estelle Schowe, Dietzer, Jeanne Hackney. Flow 3 - Anne Hittle, Brown, Sue Burau, Denise Furlong, Julie Deakyne, Sherry Romine, Kathy Dickey. Back Flow - Gina Groff, Bobbi Mettlen, Kevin Wood, Debbie Senseney, Jan Wil- Q l 5 l all 1 fr., , Q 1 A-CLUB Front Flow - S. Bowers, B. Albea, pres., L. Clark, v-pres., K. Alexander, sec.-treas.g J. Foster, Mr. Scharnowske, sponsor, Mr. Rittenhouse, sponsor, Mr. Mauck, sponsor. Flow 2 -D. Lennartz, M. Speedy, P. Goehring, R. Woodruff, G. Aldridge, B. Kennedy, M. McCord, J. Orbik, D. Fuller, J. Powell. Flow 3 - L. Glenn, J. Savage, J. Floberts, D. Peck, C. Jones, K. Floyd, S. Gephardt, B. Majors, J. Willis, K. Stein. Row 4 - D. Cunningham, G. Freeman, D. Smith, D. Hover- male, J. Caplinger, D. Scheerer, B. Elpers, Fl. Silvers, J. Short, G. Stamper, D. Courtney. Flow 5 - K. Burt, D. Early, M. Lozar, L. Hill, S. Smitha, B. Cunningham, B. Smith, M. Burkett, S. Hackler, J. Slaven. Flow 6 - B. Purvis, R. Land, D. Renz, J. Newberry, R. Orbik, A. Gregg, S. Macholtz, J. Calabria, D. Jackson, J. Bonner, B. Kearns, J. Johnson. Back F-low - D. Pistole, S. Banks, C. Rudd, P. Johnson, M. Frendt, G. Bales, T. Persing, M. Horan, M. Evans, B. Pepelea, B. Wilson. 39 lnitiates Gail Ferree and Vanessa Overshiner are in- ducted into FTA in a candlelight ceremony. FCA Front Row - Mike Speedy, treas.g Don Courtney, pres., Greg Freeman, v- pres., Bob Kearns, sec., Denny Fuller. Row 2 - Pat King, Ronnie Land, Mike Horan, Steve Gephardt, Jim Orbik. Row 3 - David Courtney, Paul Schowe, Dave Ferris, Ted Persing, Mike McCord, Mike Lennington. Row 4 - Mike Manis, Steve Myers, Jim Newberry, Mark Noffsinger, Larry Hill, Bruce Land. Back Row - Mike Walker, Jeff Caplinger, Charles Jones, Bruce Purvis, Alan Gregg, Pat Everett, Don Hovermale. FSA Front Row - Celena Bostic, Michelle Pulliam, Mary Lozar, Karen Buck, Nancy Collier, Mindy Wellman, Kath- Ieen Couliette. Row 2 - Lisa Phillips, Betty Tomlinson, Kathy Taylor, Debbie Richard- son, Elaine Zirkle, Mrs. Wool- sey, sponsor. Standing - Edna Goolsby, Rhonda Pat- terson, Jeanetta Bryant. 40 iitflii Members of FCA sold "Wigwam" towels and concessions during each home basket- ball game in order to earn money to send several members to camp in the summer where pro athletes spoke for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The monthly meetings of the Future Teach- ers' Association featured guest speakers, films and educational programs. The group sold red A's which were pinned on clothing to help boost school spirit. Several members of the group visited King's Island in May. Under the leadership of Mrs. Woolsey and president Celena Bostic, members of the Fu- ture Secretaries Association toured the Indi- ana Bell Telephone Company andthe Central Indiana Gas Company. The girls organized a fashion show to help finance the annual banquet. -Link Future teachers tour, sight-see at King's Island FTA Front Row - Dawn Vetor, sec.g Tanna Huffman, trees., Charlene Camp- bell, pres.g Maribeth Collett, v-pres., Bill Malone, hist.g Mr. Jochum, sponsor. Row 2 - Carlene Kimmerling, Desma Conrad, Diane Granger, Anne Stires, Linda Brown, Cecilia Condon, Mrs. Al- drich, sponsor. Row 3 - Judy Gray, Anne Hittle, Rhonda Hughes, Janice McCrary, Steve Pendley, Melissa Bailey, Kathy Castor, Kathy Worden. Row 4 - Gaye Leavell, Debbie Dyson, Becky Rock, Leslie Corbin, Betsy Hirsch, Ann Hawkins, Nancy Fisher, Ruth Zankl. Row 5 - Shirlene McGrady, Kim Hornocker, Jeanne Hackney, Kathie Treadway, Janet Raver, Rita McKinney, Karen Kinerk, David Ferris. Back Row - Theresa Hitch, Carol Riggins, Ken Amos, Bob Sample, Nancy Russell, Debbie Perechinsky, Gail Ferree, Cheryl Kinerk. Ed Catlett purchases a "Wigwam" towel from FCA member Bob Kearns to help send members to camp. 41 Yearbook Queen Rhonda Whalon lseated rightj and attendants Cindy Lash and Debbie Friend are honored at the Senior Talent Convo. At the Spring Twirp Dance, Cheriiyn Snyder crowns Don Courtney Twirp King. fa af 'K Boone crowned queen of prom, Whalon honored 42 ggi-v 'vii' The spring season ushered in the tradi- tional Junior-Senior Prom and the Student Council-sponsored Twirp Dance. Twirp Week followed the theme "The woman is required to pay," and the selection of the Twirp King by AHS girls climaxed the Twirp Dance, Imagine. For the second straight year, the student body selected Yearbook Queen from the top ten academically ranked girls in the sopho- more, junior and senior classes. Finalists Debbie Friend, Cindy Lash and Rhonda Whalon were selected from sophomores Bobbi Mettland, Carol Lash, juniors Jean Macholtz, Sandy Long, Betsy Hirsch, and senior Amy McKee. yr Q3 - ww- E ,,,. . br we , GN A S Qi , x Q .1 is x .r EW we : 5 e SM sw e S3 1? X,.g5,5:ggRi51. fabovel and attendants Prom Queen Claire Boone ' Ueftj Claudia Lannlng fa reign over the Junior-Senior Prom. bove Ieftj and Mary Young 43 A convincing Scrooge, ifar rightj Thespian Dan Gates is best AHS actor, Mary Babb, director of the best play and Sandy Long, best actress. Claudia Lanning irightl issues a stern warning to Steve Pan- col in a scene from "Up the Down Staircase." Disruptive Mark Reynolds tbelowj turns an orderly classroom into a group of startled, quarreling students. X55 S sskw is" E , . E E a 1 Thespian Troupe produces comedy 4 Festival plays Thespians' first production of the year was the annual Play Festival and Awards Night in December. Professionals judged the four one-act plays, "Cupid ls A Bum ls A Bum," "By The Waters of The Babylon," "Of Poems, Youth, and Spring," and "The Christmas Carol" for best actress, best actor, and best over-all play. ln addition to the play festival, Thespian Troupe 736 presented the light comedy "Up the Down Staircase" in February with Claudia Lanning cast as the lead. Twenty members of the organization traveled to New York in the spring to view a professional play, a ballet and a production of "Julius Caesar." THESPIANS Front Row - Renee Hull, Lois Thornburg, Mark Reynolds, Mrs. Bridges, sponsor, Dan Gates, pres., Mary Babb, v.-pres.g Nika Dun- bar, sec.g Beth Paugh, treas. Brenda Trantham, Becky Rosencrans. Row 2-Susan Smith, David Ferris, Chris Jones, Terry West, Bill Malone, Steve Pancol, Peggy Roberts, Don Hickey, Sandy Long, Betsy Hirsch, Jody Phillips. Row 3 - Robin Marsh, Mark Reed, Gail Ferree, Rise Graham, Jane Quinn, Lou Anne Jones, David Schier, Joan Burton, Kris Crane, Amy McKee, Ted King, Teri Foust, Julie Michael. Row 4 - Nancy Griffith, Terry McHenry, Jim Hunter, Cindy Lash, Terry Smith, Joy Moore, Bev Bonge, Jenny Lacey, Mary O'Brien, Anne Kiely, Phil Austin. Row 5 - Jean Pavlica, Debbie Smith, Nancy Russell, Mike Reed, Francoise Dubosclard, Ric Orbik, Jill Denny, Lynn Starks, Tom Hart, Claudia Lanning, Sue Worl, Debbie Senseney, Lynn Redick. Back Row - Ran- dy Smith, Laraine Schilke, Julie Williams, Judy Gray, Bonnie Smith, Sue Burau, Kenny Burt, Madeleine Doherty, Candi Gunter, Sandy Jones, Jim Orbik, Steve Gephardt, David Babb, Larry Dunn. 45 Senior Dramatics students Larry Clark, Butch Albea, Joan Burton, Phil Austin and Carol Brown tbelow righti rehearse a skit to be presented in front of the class. Mike Cox, American Legion Contest winner, and Jeff Cochran, fifth place sectional winner, frightj prepare a discussion for Speech Club. Senior Drama- tics ffar rightj presents a scene from "Zorba." SPEECH CLUB Front Row Mrs Bridges sponsor Shlrlene Cris Blassaras Back Row Mike McNabney Mike Cox Tom McGrady, v-pres., Jeff Cochran pres Bill Malone treas Kathy Owens Helen Ebner Doretha Watson David Highsmlth John Coppess, sec., Mrs. Huggins sponsor Flow 2 Larry Gordon Keller Paul Campbell Frank Ponce, Steve Pancol, Bill Kennedy Terry West David Schler 46 Seniors present "Zorba the Greek" The Senior Class Play, presented in the spring, was the direct result of the senior dramatics class. The 45 selected students, who tried out by presenting a skit and a short reading, worked on scenery, publicity and the perfection of the play during classtime. Pro- ceeds from the play went to the Senior Class. The AHS Speech Club consisted of stu- dents interested in furthering their abilities in speech and debate. Members of the club participated in the American Legion Speech Contest and the sectional, competing against other area schools. Mike Cox placed first in the American Legion Contest, while Jeff Cochran placed fifth in sectional competition. 47 i Honor Society officers Amy McKee and Rod Mail trightl donate their spare time at a bake sale during the lunch ' , hours. LITTLE CHIEF student and faculty editors Ifar rightl Patti Forse, Mrs. Maine, Mr. Cronk, Carol Brown, and Mrs. Sweet check the files for possible materials. Section editors Dawn Vetor, Amy McKee, Carol Bilyeu Don Hovermale, Cheryl Kinerk, and Rhea Davis tbelow far rightl examine past LITTLE CHIEF issues for lay-out and art work techniques. QUILL AND SCROLL Front Row - Mrs. Pitts, sponsorg Becky Rock, pres., Sally Surbaugh, v- pres., Tanna Huffman, sec., Cheryl Johnson, treas.g Mrs. Maine, sponsor. Row 2 - Carol Hinz, Julie Michael, Cindy Worl, Katie Weis, Anne Kiely, Debbie Dyson, Mary O'Brien, Amy McKee. Row 3 - Charlene Campbell, Sue Armstrong, Cecilia Condon, Debbie Jones, Marianne Kiely, Jenny Blueher, Beth Pierce, David Pistole. Back Row - Bob Sample, Carol Bilyeu, Dawn Vetor, Jerry Lippmann, Cheryl Kinerk, Patti Forse, Don Hovermale, Jim Willis. 48 STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row - S. Banks, parl.g D. Montgomery, cor. sec., D. Courtney, treas.q B. Ken- nedy, pres.g M. Frendt, v.-pres., B. Kinney, read clerk, G. Leavell, rec. sec., Mrs. Howe, sponsor, Mr Nicholson, sponsor. Row 2 - K. Horton, D. Shively C. Snyder, C. Bates, J. Laughlin, R. Van Camp, C Steckler, D. Perechinsky, S. McGrady, T. McNutt, K Banks. Row 3 - T. Jackson, M. Winningham, D Gates, D. Jackson, T. Smith, D. Herr, R. Hughes, D Streaty, J. Rayford P. Gray. Row 4 - M. Combs, B Everett, S. Gephardt, J. Orbik, D. Needler, L. Harless, D. Farlow, B. Matney, S. Whitton, C. McCutchen. Row 5 - D. Clark, D. Burnett, M. Lozar, R. Chaille, J. Denny, F. Dubosclard, J. Brizendine, G. Stamper, J. Michael, T. Scott, M. Warren. Row 6 -S. Doug- lass, P. King, J. Foster, G. Goff, N. Parry, D. Worster, K. Sears, J. Quinn, R. Graham, L. Starks, J. Pavlica. Row 7 - R. Johnson, P. Higginbottom, D. Taylor, B. Sample, S. Vest, J. Newberry, D. Biddle, M. Rowe, B. Burton, G. Morgan. Back Row - D. Johnson, J. Clymer, J. Jarrett, P. Johnson, B. Albea, B. Riedel, J. Burmeister, J. Bonner, L. Dunn, L. Linamen, T. West. Students, faculty raise GPA to 3.25 for Honor Society Students at AHS who achieved a 3.143 av- erage for at least one year were inducted into National Honor Society during the annual spring banquet in April. During the 1972-73 school year, the point average will be raised to 3.25. Honor Society members volunteered to assist with the testing of the Junior Class. The LITTLE CHIEF staff worked throughout the year under the leadership of Mrs. Maine to create a literary magazine for the thirty- second consecutive year for AHS students. Student contributions in the areas of fiction, non-fiction and poetry combined to produce the theme "Spears of Inspiration." Veteran members of Quill and Scroll, an honorary journalism organization, were hon- ored at the annual spring banquet. New members, LITTLE CHIEF, INDIAN, or X-RAY staffers in the upper third of their class, were initiated into the group HONOR SOCIETY Front Row - K. Taylor, M. Lozar, Mr McGoon, sponsor, R. Mail, pres., T. West, v-pres., A McKee, sec., L. Redick, treas.g R. Whalon, B. Paugh Row 2 - B. Rock, M. Speedy, C. Campbell, B. Kearns B. Hunt, D. Hovermale, S. Reddick, L. Brown, T. Huff- man, C. Condon, D. Vetor. Row 3 - K. Castor, M. Bailey, S. Friend, M. Gephart, S. Reish V. Williams, C. Bilyeu P. Forse, J. Denny, L. Enriicnfc. Kinerk, A. Hawkins. Row 4 - C. Johnson, S. Tolle, M. Lawson, B. Bricker, T. Anderson, S. Armstrong, C. Hinz, R. Ogle, K. Hatch J. Orbik, S. Gephardt, K. Stein, M. Ehle. Row 5 - S. Surbaugh, C. Lash, J. Moore, J. Burton, S. Bowers, R. Chaille, M. O'Brien, J. Michael, C. Worl, J. Hoffmann, N. Dunbar, J. Mail, M. Babb, T. Foust. Row 6- B. Magers, M. Robinson, M. Pavey, D. Burnett, D. Fleischhauer, J. Cochran, J. Lippmann, M. Schipp, J. Donnelson, T. Mc- Henry, J. Gray, M. Kiely, A. Kiely, K. Crane. Back Row- D. Pistole, D. Fuller, R. James, M. Henry, D. Scheerer, A. Johnson, S. Smith, V. Noland, M. Simpson, K. Tread- way, M. Hittle, J. Raver, D. Courtney. Seniors compete for top awards AHS students excelled in many areas in and out of school. A faculty committee se- lected a senior girl to receive the DAR award based on academic achievement and citizen- ship. Girls interested in home economics competed for the Betty Crocker award. A committee of social studies and English teachers selected candidates to attend Boys' State and Girls' State based on citizenship and interest in government proceedings. Sponsored by Explorer Scouts and Ford Motor Company, the Road Rally tested eleven seniors' abilities to drive safely and intelli- gently. Seniors ffrom leftl Jack Mail, Cindy Lash, Marke Robinson, Vicki Noland, Mike Henry, Dan Scheerer, Amy McKee, Steve Gephardt, Bill Stewart and Scott Bowers fcenterl share the top ten positions in the 1972 graduating class fabovej. Steve Gephardt, Rick Chaille, Ken Amos, Jim Willis fseatedl, Don Courtney and Kevin Stein frightl review government of- fices they practiced at Indiana Boys' State. Katie Weis, Julie Michael and Anne Kiely fbe- lowl discuss American govern- ment policies they learned at Indiana Girls' State. 50 Q Mis tl. ,X A Q 'F X, . K 5 5 : . ,, K K 5' ,M ., xy ' time xl . t l . Qs Q' fl 1... -sgtsfi it at 2 1 it we W wk' . 5- f ig? We - fits K ,Q t- -fsttf-wg: :Sify . - - -A A K - tw as , LVVL N . A I ' a 'N' .V V' .N':,:' +7 ., F . N is sf E Q' X gN xfflEflE'ONAL X ROABORINC ,wwf f-- 4 ff 1 I w P 4 W r ri xii X is in ' F f , sf 5 if t A S . . L I it wt tt s Betty Crocker award winner Cindy Lash displays her homemaking abilities while checking the length of a skirt she has made labove leftl. Understanding the Freedom Shrine documents is a way to express one's citizenship as DAR winner Amy McKee discovers fleftl. Bill Stewart, Dan Scheerer and Alan Johnson labovej check roads and directions before the start of the Road Rally finals in Detroit, Michigan. "To teach the world to sing in perfect harmony," is the wish expressed by Mary Babb and Swing Choir frightj in the Thanksgiving convo. "Little boy" Mike McNabney ffar rightl contemplates on his reasons for being thankful. Congressman Elwood fBudJ Hillis addresses AHS stu- dents on the importance of voting iabovel. At the stu- dent talent convo Ken Burt frightl finds an opportunity for individual expression in the song, "You've Got a Friend." A supporting cast for Emma McGruder's rendi- tion of "Clean Up Woman" ffar rightj depicts a well known female task --- cleaning. 52 Convos reflect varied attitudes of student body Children's poems and stories carried out the theme "Being Thankful" at the Thanks- giving convo. "Miracle of the Bells" exhibited Christmas spirit at the Christmas convo. Seven music groups and one individual dance performance entertained at the stu- dent talent show, "Love, American Style." Senator Birch Bayh answered pertinent questions the student body presented when he visited the school. The Student Council convo, the Honor Society convo and the Foreign Exchange Students convo enabled new members to these groups to be intro- duced to the student body. MM 53 During a discussion in government, Kevin Stein trighti expresses his opinions about Nixon's visit to Red China. Pam Martin ffar rightl uses a few minutes before the class period begins to skim the chapter in preparation for a quiz. Physiology students Lisa Swafford, Gary Wigner and Jay Zankle fbelowj answer review questions from a chapter on ana- tomy. JININUUHTJ Study, learn, rememberg STUDY, LEARN, REMEMBER, faster, faster, more, more . . . I become a machine being programed for the final trial, examination day. Cram, cram, cram . . . "To go to college you must . . or "To get a job you must . . I enter the classroom, a bona fide IBM computer, full of names, dates and places. I sit down, pick up pencil, get ready and GO! What's the matter? I can't find my 'on' switch. What do I do? Worry, worry, worryg time is running out. Stop, time, please let me catch up. The sound of the bell. "Turn in all papers." I wonder if the guarantee is still good on my computer. Discussing with Mrs. Kitterman col- lege plans for the coming fall are National Merit finalists Dan Scheerer and Vicki Noland Qleftl. Rick Reich- enbacher and Leander Redfield fabovel learn in an industrial edu- cation class the technique of making letter heads for a school publication, the Little Chief. 55 AAVS students experiment with projects, school Students interested in obtaining job entry level skills for employment found that they could secure this kind of education at the new Anderson Area Vocational-Technical school. Laboratory classes, a new concept in educa- tion, allowed students to learn by doing, using modern equipment and the most up-to-date facilities. AHS students composed 30 per cent of the total enrollment of 480 and were active in the four occupational areas of trade and industry, business, home economics and health. Classes engaged in unique projects including the construction of a play school for Central Avenue elementary school by the special oc- cupations class. The commercial foods class also experimented with the creation of an in- school restaurant called "The Zodiac." A normal day at the vocational school con- sisted ofa morning session, lasting from 8:00 to 10:55, and an afternoon session, with classes conducted from 11:40 to 2:25. ' . Ms-.,1 56 ,, ! W, it if g ' ' NN I 4 K ,, A Nw c Ms. it x'-,...,n-anu-- David Barnard ffar lower leftl, attempts to repair a gear exchange for a lathe in the small engine and appliance repair class. Joane Neal ffar upper leftj, spends minutes of concentrated work at the sewing machine while making al- terations in a coat for special occupa- tions class. Vocational counselor Mr. Norm Taylor gives individual counseling to David Brown lcenterj in the selection of a course of study. Mr. McNatt ex- plains to product design students fabovel the concept of isometrics be- fore drafting it on final drawing paper. A few deft strokes from Barbara Bailey lleftl puts finishing touches on a land- scape oil painting. 57 AHS vocational students obtain job entry skills Preparing to print The X-Ray, Dale Tranbarger tabovel sets the type with a linotype machine in graphic arts class. Thomas Scott engages in several projects in his special occupations class tabove rightl including cabinet and furniture making. Mr. Blackwell trightb shows Danny Kase the techniques used in operating a key punch machine as a part of his training in data processing class. 58 if ii Y gif, sz W ,.....,W iw' samw Preparing part of the daily menu for the school cafeteria, Cindy Hahn flower leftl receives valuable exper- ience for her commercial foods training. John Morgan and Dale Tranbarger lleftl work with the offset press in graphic arts class as a final procedure in the production of The X-Ray. Mr. Dix fbelowl explains the intricacies of the transmission sys- tem to auto mechanic students, Mack lvlaloy and Mark Gillespie. l 59 Williams, Dykes serve as state VICA officers Two industrial cooperative trainees achieved state-wide honors in indianapolis this fall. Vicki Williams, state VICA secretary, and Dan Dykes, state VlCA treasurer, ap- peared before a screening committee in the state capitol building. The candidates pre- sented a three to five minute campaign speech and won an all-expense paid trip to Washington,D.C.Thisgavetheofficersand an- other AHS student, Dan Weston, national vice- president for District ll, the opportunity to view national VICA in action. Thirty-one senior girls enrolled in HEC, an expansion of the former Le Teen Cuisine, re- ceived job training in fields such as food service, hospital aids, dental assistants and child care. While in class, students in related job areas studied manuals about their specif- ic fields of work. These and other work study programs, including COE, DE and OWE, of- fered students the opportunity to receive high school credits while acquiring working skill in the community. ,.---K' As a part of the COE program, Susan Tolle fabovel quickly learns the correct way to set heads for different ublications usin a Varit e Headliner at the adminis P Q YD - tration building. Brent Worley frightl stocks merchan- dise for Hoyt Wright's men's department as part of histraining. 60 Working in the physical therapy ward at Community Hospital llower leftl Jan Williams, under the VICA program, learns the im- portance of the whirlpool for treatment of burns, post fractures and sprains. Leann Barnett fbelowl gains experience in food service by working half day at McDonalds through the HEC program. OWE trainee, Alan Alexander labove leftl finds that sacking groceries for customers is among the many responsibilities in his work at Fischers Market. 61 Business class creates working office conditions Members of Mr. Macy's accounting class worked under simulated office conditions through several office prog rams and projects, including keeping books for a simulated bus- iness. A novelty in the business department was the creation of a two year course in typ- ing and shorthand instead of the previous one year course. The department also offered a business English class which filled the nec- essary requirements for graduation. Electronic calculators, adding machines which gave the answer in lighted figures in- stead of on paper and a primary typewriter gave students the opportunity to learn busi- ness skills on the most up-to-date equipment. Secretarial students also utilized new voice writing equipment which the department purchased. Although it was based entirely on an elec- tive program, the department proved to be the third largest in the school. The depart- ment also awarded a S100 scholarship to a student who planned to further his business education in college. Mr. Balsley Qabovej in- structs Debbie Scheerer in how to use the adding ma- chine to figure accounts for her simulated business. Cathy Barnard Qrightl pre- pares to take a quiz on proportions in business math class. . .ff. .. .'v..' 62 M-f""""' I k ' X up-ana VU' is elm.. Typing a manuscript for the first time in Typing I involves a lot of erasing as Karen Matthews Cabovej soon realizes. Tom Pettit, Mike Saunders and Mark Johnson Ueftj work together on a paper for Business Law dealing with court procedures. 63 64 Chemistry adds honors course During an informal experiment conducted in the honors chemistry class, several stu- dents transmitted an electrical shock to one another as they stood hand in hand. Qualita- tive lab work such as this composed one- fourth of the advanced chemistry class which became an honors course this year. In a field trip to the Argon Laboratories in Chicago, members of the class watched a robot handle radioactive samples. Mathematics students had the opportuni- ties to express themselves through group study and special reports in all the math courses. New kits purchased by the depart- ment allowed calculus students to perform experiments in probabilities and statistics. A two-track algebra program initiated for those wishing to take algebra at a slower pace let students complete the requirements for al- gebra l and ll over a two-year period. -KL l i l i A was W Ji AWWYW. MJ ,N gmwimlilxf 'i' ' Dan Gates lleftl knows the value of a slide rule for finding accurate answers to his chemistry problems. Demonstrating with three dimensional objects lfar lefty, Mr. Cox helps geometry students tackle problems of an isosceles triangle. James Swain and Nancy Weddell labovel assemble molecules to form a complex atom during a chemistry experiment. Advanced chemistry students fleftl Fernando Landgraf, Bill Stewart and Brad Hunt find that directions help them in learning how to safely mix an acid and a base. is 'i'veW,., V K X unit Drivers' ed tries testing devices Working toward their one-credit require- ment in PE, sophomore girls learned the skills of field hockey, soccer and badminton. The boys' gym classes, directed by Mr. Estes, en- joyed such active sports as flag football, swimming and basketball. Drivers' education students checked their reflexes and field vision by using psycholog- ical testing devices. Students obtained oper- ators' licenses without being required to take driving tests by passing the semester course. By the use of the master control system ffar lefty, Mr. Osborne is able to detect when a driver has forgotten to remove his simulated parking brake. Becky Dietrich fbe- low leftj learns in the simulators the im- portance of looking in both directions be- fore turning a corner. Grace, skill and perfection are the points which gym stu- dents strive for on the high balance beam fleftl. Using a rope as a safety device, Mrs. Garrity teaches a gym student how to perform a hand stand. Mr. Estes coaches the boys' PE class fbelowl on the funda- mentals of basketball. 67 The new social studies resource center fabovel offers students a valuable place to gather additional information on the Revolutionary War. Mr. Finney and the en- vironmental studies class lrightj discuss the problems and causes of water pollution. 68 On a psychology field trip, Anne Kiely visits the Shel- tered Workshop fleftl which is sponsored by the Mental Health Association. Kim Barnett receives help from Mr. Barnhart fbelow lefty in understanding the tactics of the battle of Gettysburg. Mr. Scharnowske answers a question fbelowl posed by a sociology student on the problem of teenage marriages. ui:-A -' I Resource center benefits students A noted change in the social studies de- partment was the creation of a resource cen- ter in room 500. Designed to carry out a pro- fessional social studies program for students and faculty, the resource center provided a centralized location for some 2000 books, magazines, and periodicals collected by de- partment teachers over the past three years. The center was equipped with round tables and studycarrels,to accommodatelarge group instruction, committees and independent study. Touring the Pendleton Fieformatory helped members of the Current Problems class bet- ter understand the problems of crime and juvenile delinquency. Pacific Relations, another new course of- fered for citizenship requirements, dealt with the study of Asiatic people. Students studied independently three days a week using in- structional packages to introduce the various units. 69 Ceramic students experiment with Indian tradition Pottery, fired in an open pit built near the rear of the teachers' parking lot, was a unique project undertaken by ceramics students during Teachers' Institute. Under the super- vision of senior Mary Speck, the students heated the pottery in the primitive Indian fashion for three hours. By throwing the clay models into sawdust, the pottery was given its coloring and waterproof finish. Students interested in the music fields were offered courses in band, orchestra, vocal music and music theory. Under the supervision of new director Nlr. Houser, orchestra increased its size by 16 members and collaborated with Choral Club for the first time to produce the musical "Fiddler On The Roof? 70 ,5L",. Gary Lennis fupper lefty knows that he must watch carefully for any flaws while his pot- tery is on the potters' wheel. David Decker and other members of the French horn section ffar lefty practice in the band room for the band's Christmas program at City Hall. Miss Schieb, student teacher, dem- onstrates the techniques involved in pro- ducing a linoleum block print tabove lefty. A peak through a closed door fabovel, re- veals an ambitious art student busy with an array of art projects. Madrigals rehearse for their Old English style dinner at Christ- mas flefti. 71 Mrs. Jacobs assists Roberta Day iabovej in showing a film- strip on the new micro film periodical reader. Playing the game of "travel" iabove rightl is a helpful way in which Alan Phillips learns the days of the week and months of the year in Spanish. Mrs. Chapman gives Steve Banks advice on the correct form to use for footnotes in his term paper irightl. 72 man-Ili . f ,miata ,A swf 'gr , ,,,, t Y' Room 205, formerly the X-Ray room, was the scene of improvements for the English department and the library. As a resource center, it contained periodicals as well as equipment for viewing slides and filmstrips. Additions to the teaching staff included three new foreign language teachers. Mrs. Hodson taught French l and ll while Mrs. Sharma instructed the advanced French class. Mrs. Graham supervised beginning Spanish pupils and also helped students develop reading skills in developmental read- ing. New stage equipment purchased by the department included a dimmer switch used for lighting effects and a metal screen box to house all lighting switches. Speech, drama utilize audio visual tapes Amy McKee, Dan Scheerer, Joan Burton, Ann Hawkins, Jim Hunter and Cindy Lash lleftl act out a scene from "The Jar" as a part of their German humanities project for honors English. Yolanda Etchison learns that com- prehension is an important ingredient in developing reading skills labovel. 73 HEOC expands food services With the expansion of its Food Service program, the Home Economics department offered nursing, child care and dental hy- giene to occupational education students. Class members received two credits a se- mester in the work study program. Learning how to bake creme pies was the subject of a six weeks study in the catering service class. Students later sold the nine inch pies to faculty members for 70 cents. industrial Arts widened its scope with the addition of two new courses, aero space and welding. The principles of flight and how men first flew were the main interests of aero space. Welding, formerly a part of other courses, became a separate class. -s KV tes.. .mm 74 Dennis Kelly and Mike Keogh are tapping a piece of metal as Mr. Reiley explains the procedure to Leander Redfield. A novice artisan fabovel soon realizes that many coats of varnish are required for a smooth wood finish. Cindy Buck refers to her directions frightl before applying a complex neck zipper. KW K,wfQw, 4 wwf .ko ,,,5m,wH m,waM,W W' V532 , 'H 5 f yi r is Q3 w5mEQH fgnwweuaamua-Q vnfrqfhwawuw , JiWgp" ',v,f,, mwgkqyp 1: 2' A " ' it 3' LMA. If ,f ft ' wave- eff"W Mu nu n dl ,, . , q Q A t r Sharon Jackson, Sandra Harris and Debbie Hol- land find their favorite cookie recipe and begin their Christmas cooking fleftl. Gloria Stevenson learns that a finished garment requires careful pressing of all seams fbelowl. 75 JININUUHTJUE rw EU TJT Run, move it, stretch it out. C'mon you guys. Running sprints, working out-football and cross country players running, tennis players playing matches. All summer we worked for the big day-Aug. 15 when prac- tice started. We pushed ourselves to our limit in practice and just when we thought we wouIdn't make it, a good word from the coach gave us the extra incentive we needed to go on. Practice, practice, twice a day out in the hotsun, running,hitting,scrimmaging,thenthe big week when we put it all together for a game. Everyone is giving 10005 and more, everyone is working together as one. We strive to better our opponent and just as quick as the game starts, it is over, and we are shouting and screaming in the showers. 76 new L The lndian Bench ffar leftl and Indian mascot Flandy Smith pull for John Johnson lleftl as he gains 10 yards against rival Muncie Central. Cheerleaders Claire Boone, Rhea Davis, and Lois Thornburg tbelow leftl are jubilant when tackle Mike McCord 1723 stops a Marion Giant at the line of scrimage. Don Courtney winces after an ankle injury sidelines him during the Madison Heights game. 77 Indians masters on home field Head Coach Woody Moore was not totally unfamiliar to the Indian football tactics, serv- ing under two previous head coaches. Open- ing practice in early August, the Indians first tasted victory against Crispus Attucks when Keith Alexander took an intercepted pass for a touchdown, the only score of the game. Af- ter two road losses, the Indians upset the Bearcats when Paul Johnson scored three touchdowns. The Indians came from behind with three second-half touchdowns by John- son to defeat New Castle. He scored a record four touchdowns against Logansport, and in the last game of the season Marion feltthe Indians sting for the first time in six years. The lndian's MVP Paul Johnson earned for his efforts honors on the All-State, and All- NCC teams. Butch Albea and Larry Clark were named to the All-State team, and also the All-NCC team along with David Cunning- ham and Jim Willis, who received the PhilIip's Family Award. 78 RESERVE FOOTBALL Anderson Opponents W L 6 Madison Heights 0 1 O 6 Kokomo Hayworth 14 1 1 12 Muncie Central 8 2 1 28 Muncie South 0 3 1 15 Marion 20 3 2 20 Kokomo 6 4 2 18 Lafayette Jeff 0 5 2 19 Richmond 6 6 2 6 Madison Heights 12 6 3 VARSITY FOOTBALL Anderson Opponents W L 7 Crispus Attucks 0 1 0 14 Muncie South 20 1 1 6 Richmond 42 1 2 25 Muncie Central 0 2 2 35 New Castle 20 3 2 7 Madison Heights 3 4 2 16 Kokomo 24 4 3 0 Lafayette Jeff 7 4 4 39 Logansport 13 5 4 14 Marion 7 6 4 RESERVE FOOTBALL Front Row-Dave Hoppes, Rick Hirsch, Rick Thompson, Bill Byer, Steve Lane, Tim Purciful, Steve Thompson, David Worster, Dan St. Clair. Row 2-John Frossard, David Court- ney, Paul Schowe, Max Eckman, Mike Beaty, Mark Brown, Nester Gasset, Dan Johnson, George Cochran. Row 3-Head Coach Pat King, Mark Mills, Mgr. Larry Boyd, Tom Reithmiller, Larry Gordan, Phil Young, Cardell Watson, Ed German, Leander Redfield, Steve Alt, Elbert Davidson, Donald Buckley, Steve Myers, Ass't. Coach Bob Scharnowske. Back Row-Eddie Swain, Doug Biddle, Ted Chismar, Kurt Foust, Mark'Noffsinger, Pat King, Marty Morris, Zeke Anson, Robin White. VARSITY FOOTBALL Front Row-Mike Speedy, Head Mgr., Joe Cala- bria, Mike Deweese, James Allensworth, Tim McNutt, Don Courtney, Greg Stamper, Kevin Stein, John Foster, Jim Willis, Steve Smitha, Mgr. Row 2-John Johnson, Bill Cunningham, Bill Pepeler, Larry Clark, Gary Aldridge, Gene Bales, Bob Kearns, Ken Burt, Barry Wilson, Mike McNabney, Marty Frendt, David Webb. Row 3-Head Coach Woody Moore, Ass't Coach Rick Sharpe, Mike Horan, John Short, Mike Mont- gomery, Bruce Purvis, Mike Burkett, Jeff Powell, Butch Albea, Bruce Beck, Bill Kennedy, David Early, Keith Alexander, Jim Barcus, Paul Johnson, Ass't Coach Phil Sullivan, Trainer Robert Kearns. Back Row- Steve Hackler, Dave Huff, Lindell Glenn, David Cunningham, Greg Freeman, Denny Fuller, Pat Everett, Mike McCord, Bob Hazen. 79 Dick Smith frightl dives forward to re- turn a shallow hit. The Indian Tennis Team leaves AHS for a match against Pendleton Heights tbelowl. Indian Cross Country runners tfar rightl Dewayne Allen, Ted Persing, and Mike Evans display the style that brought the runners five vic- tories. David Pistole flower rightl leaps to make the return as partner Dick Smith backs him up while they team to take second place in the Tennis Sectional. anal qui' .nun TENNIS TEAM Front Row-Jim Newberry, Steve Gephart, Dick Smith, David Pistole, Steve Macholtz. Row 2-Kevin Luther, Brad Wright, Kent Ftemley, John Abel. Row 3-Flon Conner, Mgr.g John Helvering, Jeff Jenness, Neal McMillan, Mike Lennington, David Johnson, Coach Charles Newberry. 80 .. .,,,,,,..---""""""'MM M-""' A ..... Ti VARSITY TENNIS Anderson Opponents Muncie Burris Crawfordsville Madison Heights Muncie North Richmond Muncie Central Logansport Kokomo Haworth Kokomo Muncie South Marion New Castle Pendleton Heights Lafayette Jeff Cross Country prominent in NCC Some Anderson High School athletes go on to college, some to become teachers, some to become coaches. This was the case with new Head Cross Country Coach Nat Johnson. A former AHS and Anderson Col- lege track record holder, he shaped the run- ners, mostly underclassmen led by Seniors Bill Magers and Mike Evans, into a second place finish at the sectional. Junior DeWayne Allen, who finished individually third in the NCC and fifth in the sectional, received the Ray Fleenor Award. The Varsity Tennis team compiled a season record of 7-7 and the doubles team of Dick Smith-David Pistole led the team to a second place finish in the sectional. Anderson's number one player Dick Smith was presented the Anderson Tennis Club Award. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Front Row-Rick Orbik, Charles Jones, Mike Evans, Bill Magers, Ron Land, Curt Floyd, John Neal, Tom Vornd- ran, Ron Garringer, Bruce Campbell, Jeff Caplinger, Jack Settlemire, Brian Courter, Ted Persing, De-Wayne Allen, James Swain. Row 2-Head Coach Nat Johnson, Ed Wrin, Ed Roudebush, Mike Rogers, Scott Phillips, John Pistole, David Pritty, Bart Thompson, John Barber, Don Voss, Ass't Coach Bob Jackson. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Anderson Opponents W L 25 Muncie South 32 1 0 30 Pendleton Heights 25 1 1 30 New Castle 33 2 1 41 Marion 18 2 2 30 Muncie Central 26 2 3 23 Ind. Washington 38 3 3 23 Muncie North 28 4 3 34 Richmond 23 4 4 20 Madison Heights 41 5 4 4th in NCC 2nd in Sectional 81 "Spirit of '46" encourages Tribe during sectional "Spirit of '46" sparked school spirit during Red and Green Week. Mr. Cummings, coach of the 1946 AHS basketball team, related to the student body the experiences of his team which won the Indiana State Basketball Tourney following a season record of 14-6. The Indian teepee in the main hall, with the decorated halls and rooms, contributed to the traditional sectional week excitement. First place in the door decorations contest went to Mrs. McHenry's senior homeroom 319. Miss Carroll's senior homeroom 222, Mrs. Pitts' senior homeroom 2, and Mr. McGoon's sophomore homeroom 211 re- ceived honorable mention. A girl and boy exhibiting outstanding spirit received Miss Green and Mr. Red awards. C a I f- l e n g t h s ki rt s, I, , b o b b y s o x, s a d d l e 1- shoes and pleated pants exemplify the "Spirit of '46" as students dance to the Golden Oldies at the sectional pep session Qrightj. www. 82 GU' .Q QM . " - : eg i t rrtixgti 4- :ENN C ,. :ggi-, .-. S Cheerleader Claire Boone teams up with A Club member Larry Clark to jive to the sounds of '46 iopposite abovel. Miss Green Cecilia Condon and Mr. Red Butch Albea labove leftl admire Mrs. McHenry's win- ning homeroom door decoration. Nika Dunbar labovel represents a 1946 AHS cheerleader boosting her team to the state championship. Senior girls lleftl demon- strate their enthusiasm at the pep session with the song, "Mississippi Mud". 83 lndians suffer in difficult season Despite only three victories during the season, the indians moved into sectional play as a definite threat after meeting 12 of the state's 20 top teams. Even a 59 to 58 loss to Alexandria in the tournament did not keep Indian fans from feeling that a basket or two in key situations would have changed the outcome of several games. The season was a struggle for returning Coach Estes, used to winning big in eight previous years in Anderson prior to two years at Vanderbilt University. A typical Anderson performance came in the Madison Heights game. The two teams battled on even terms from a 32-32 score at halftime to 59-59 with 4 minutes to play. A couple of missed shots in key situations were enough for the Pirates to eak out a 69-65 vic- tory. individuals improved all season with sophomore Roy Taylor averaging 22 points a game for the final six games, and another soph, Tony Marshall, cleaning the back- boards game after game. Roy Taylor 1231 and Mark Johnson 1433 tabovej leap to block the shot of a New Castle opponent. Rick Townsend tabove rightl fires to score two points over his Marion opposition. Senior Steve Banks ffar rightj overruns his Columbus opponent to lay in two points. 4.-v""""' 'SH ,ummm ' VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row-Howard Hudson, mgr., Steve Smitha, mgr. Row 2-Jerry Quire, Zeke Anson, Jeff Jenness, Steve Douglass, Roy Taylor. Back Row-Ass't. Coach Bill Mauck, Pat King, Dan Skaggs, Greg Freeman, Tony Marshall, Harry Stamp, Head Coach Ray Estes, Ass't. Coach Phil Dawkins. VARSITY BASKETBALL Anderson Opponents W L 48 Shortridge 58 0 1 48 Marion 56 0 2 58 Indpls. Tech 67 0 3 71 Lafayette Jeff 85 0 4 57 Ft. Wayne South 52 1 4 57 E. C. Washington 79 1 5 55 Muncie South 63 1 6 56 New Castle 79 1 7 59 Ft. Wayne 78 1 8 61 Muncie Central 68 1 9 60 Michigan City 76 1 10 65 Madison Heights 69 1 11 56 Elkhart 79 1 12 63 Kokomo 82 1 13 50 South Bend 61 1 14 78 Logansport 60 2 14 67 Muncie South 72 2 15 73 New Castle 83 2 16 78 Columbus 69 3 16 58 Richmond 69 3 17 Sectional 57 Alexandria 58 3 18 RESERVE BASKETBALL Anderson Opponents W L 48 Shortridge 37 1 O 64 Marion 57 2 0 56 Indpls. Tech. 52 3 0 54 LaFayette Jett 53 4 0 54 Ft. Wayne South 46 5 0 46 E. C. Washington 50 5 1 52 Muncie South 43 6 1 71 New Castle 38 7 1 64 Ft. Wayne 42 8 1 56 Muncie Central 40 9 1 60 Michigan City 40 10 1 66 Madison Heights 50 11 1 54 Elkart 46 12 1 48 Kokomo 57 12 2 38 South Bend 40 12 3 49 Logansport 42 12 3 50 Muncie South 41 14 3 43 New Castle 56 14 4 74 Columbus 35 15 4 49 Richmond 60 15 5 RESERVE BASKETBALL Front Row - John Pistole, Zeke Anson, Jerry Quire, Mark Noffsinger, Tim Purciful, Jim Barber. Row 2 - Coach Bill Mauck, Eric Weston, mgr., Robin White, Dan Skaggs, Pat King, Kim Streaty, Steve Douglass, Mark Mills, mgr., Coach Phil Dawkins. 85 Gymnasts rebuild, send 4 to state At the outset of the 1971-72 season, Coach Smith had little experience to work with, but with improvement from sophomores, the gymnasts finished with a 4-7 record against statewide competition. Led by senior captain Dick Smith, the indians place 11th in the Warren Central Invitational and fourth in the sectional, sending four gymnasts, Dick Smith, Mark Smith, Jeff Shivley and Rod Silvers to the state meet. An accident on the trampoline midway through the season proved fatal to junior 4-laik, if gi-- f 5 L is' is 'www Qs-t. Doug Lennartz, who died Feb. 19, 1972. -china-it N.. -'J 7 - "5 R .' Y K- . - - s 7 r se . GYMNASTICS Front Row - Scott Bondurant, mgr., Ed Wrin, Chris Lannane, Jeff Shivley, Tom Miller, Rod Silvers, Doug Crowthers. Row 2 - Head Coach Mike Smith, John 86 Sokol, Mark Smith, Dick Smith, Brian Wytte, Randy Leaver, Flandy Smith, Mike Lozar, mgr., Ass't. Coach Bob Sharnowske. VARSITY SWIMMING Anderson Opponents 71 Frankfort 24 82 Muncie Central 13 49 Lafayette Jeff 46 72 Shelbyville 23 73 Muncie North 22 81 Kokomo Hayworth 14 82 Muncie South 13 55 Newcastle 40 92 Marion 25 Richmond 51 77 Muncie Burris 17 71 Pike 24 69 Lawrence Central 26 86 Madison Heights 9 1st in NCC 1st in Sectional 4th in State , Mark Smith ffar lefty and Randy Leaver flefty display their ability on the free exercise and side horse. Doug Crowthers ffar belowy performs on the vaulting horse, a new event this year. WL 1 O 20 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 O 0 O VARSITY GYMNASTICS Anderson Opponents 96.31 North Central 116.68 85.35 Madison Heights 92.62 66.05 Warren Central 78.29 87.97 Southport 63.38 92.64 Pike 113.90 80.30 Portland 61.31 97.50 Ben-Davis 111.32 111.31 Madison Heights 119.87 96.41 Blackford 63.91 Wabash 89.14 86.91 Pike 102.55 4th in Wabash sectional 11th in Warren Central invitational VARSITY SWIMMING Front Row - Kevin Luther, Mike Yust, Steve Gephardt, Dan Gates, Richie Roberts, John Kiely, Steve Thompson, Kim Dietzer. Row 2 - Richard Crim, Pat Williams, Max Eckman, Rick McMahan, Mike Manis, Mike Montgomery, Brown Czarnicki, Jim Willis. Row 3 - Asst. coach, Ronnie Watson: mgr., Larry Hillg mgr., Tim Coppock, Gary Smith, David Crose, Mike Lennington, Jackson. Kirk Sears, Tom Weis, Brian Elpers, Mike Reed, Asst. Coach Larry Rittenhouse. Back Row - Head Coach Robert Freeman Tom Wheeler, Alan Gregg, Jon Hughel, David Cunningham, Mike Sulll van, Scott Bowers, Jeff Powell, Dan Scheerer, Dave Renz, Doug Anderson swimmers Qbelowl prepare to leave the start- ing blocks against a host of Madison Heights swim- mers. Mike Sullivan trightj and Jim Willis fcenterl dis- play the form that earned them places in the state and NCC meets. Thom Shearer fbelow rightl anchors the Freestyle relay team to a fourth place finish in the state meet. .qs .... . " .."i t '.f- .js i , .... 1 . 88 Eiga' L3'f:5- ' .: - ' :Assam Wi ' Q 1? V 5 zgfff w, L t , iv, ..., , . . He,!'9f4E?Sfff5E,'?3fi3' ruff 1, :sri --ff ,fa :v 9 Qr'x5V1vgQ1,.w 252552 ve1f,,,sfmzs,ww lsr.: m,e,,'s vf-,, ,,,s,f.,ftm,,M. we --rf ,,s,,...,,,,,,f,.f',f A,,:,, 1 5 W Afi??f5'7i f2ffY?75V ' , Qfggffj lg? gif 1 fx ,,,., ,t 7fa?12?e'1i? t f 1, 1 an 2 1 Swimmers produce perfect season Ability + Determination 2 Success-this has been Coach Freeman's philosophy for eleven years. His work, work, work formula brought results this season as the swimmers dominated every season meet with depth in most events: Dan Scheerer and Mike Sullivan in butterfly, Thom Shearer and Steve Gephardt in freestyle sprintsg Jeff Powell and Brian Elpers in distance freestyle events, and Scott Bowers, John Kiely and Doug Jackson, who kept the Indians undefeated in breast stroke competition. With the NCC Championship up for grabs, the swimmers won their first conference championship. To do so, they first broke a record in the 200 yd. medley relay, with Dave Flenz, John Hughel, Sullivan, and Jackson going the distance in 1:45.6. After first place finishes by Gephardt in 50 and 100 yd. free- style races and Sullivan in 100 yd. butterfly, Jackson broke his own NCC record in the 100 yd. breaststroke with a time of 1:04.7. The Indians finished the meet by breaking an- other record, the 400 yd. freestyle relay. At the sectional meet, the Indians kept a three-year winning streak and sent 8 swim- mers to the state meet. The medley team of Ftenz, Sullivan, Jackson and Shearer led off and placed second behind meet winner Bloomington. Three state placers were Gephardt, fourth in 50 and fifth in 100 yd. freestyle racesg Sullivan, fourth in the 100 yd. butterfly, and Jackson, second in the 100 yd. breaststroke. The 400 freestyle relay team of Hughel, Powell, Gephardt and Shearer fin- ished fourth, resulting in a fourth place finish for the Indians. Nine lettermen give baseballers experienced team ?f1r"...'54..,-at-vw-ff-3-if i A A f y.. , INS, 'Q fgggi-X If is . .wa .Islip- tfas ,if-5sgsg' Q 'k" ' , A group of Greenfield players fabovel follow Lindall Glenn's home run ball over the fence, and Dennis Sink is batted in. Coach Barnett frightj gazes attentively at the fortunes and misfortunes of his team. Mike Speedy ffar rightl eyes a loose ball, but not in time to keep his opponent from reaching base safely. VARSITY BASEBALL Anderson Opponents W L 16 Greenfield 10 1 0 8 Shortridge 7 2 0 1 Noblesville 13 2 1 8 Shelbyville 7 3 1 3 Ben Davis 5 3 2 13 Madison Heights 3 4 2 2 Kokomo Hayworth 1 5 2 8 Pend. Heights 1 6 2 5 Muncie North 4 7 2 4 Carmel 5 7 3 15 Highland 5 8 3 5 New Castle 8 8 4 0 Kokomo 2 8 5 4 Richmond 1 9 5 1 Laffayette Jeff 2 9 6 3 Logansport 1 10 6 Finishing the 1971 season third in the NCC conference, runner-up in the sectional and ending with a 7-11-2 record, Coach Barnett started the 1972 season with nine returning lettermen. Larry Clark, Jim Willis, Randi Woodruff, Lindall Glenn, Bob Kearns, Jeff Savage, Butch Albea, Mike Speedy and Bill Pepelea gave the Indians experience and depth at all of the positions. Although the baseball season did not open officially until April 13, practice to condition the team began in late February. Because of bad spring weather the boys were often forced to work out and practice in the gymnasium. In the first game of 1972, the Indians over- powered Greenfield 16-10. The baseballers were sparked by the pitching of Bill Pepelea and Jeff Savage and a home run by Glenn. VARSITY BASEBALL Front Flow-Larry Hill, 2- Coach Barnett, Mike DeWeese, Greg mgr., Tom Lee, Don Hovermale, Mike Speedy, McAshland, Butch Albea, Jeff Savage, Lindell Bill Pepelea, Doug Wood, Jim Marsh, Bob Glenn, Dennis Sink, Larry Clark, Ass't. Coach Kearns, Jim Willis, Steve Smitha, mgr. Flow Danforth. ge Qi x SWF 1 5 Fe.,-....a.a, Q E H--+w-w--w-N.........,,,,,,, attsisuw-Newest M. tw. -m,,,eL..c.,s.....,,s..,t,...,,,,.,,...,,,,, 1m.stesems,.,m'w-awww Bricker first in state, wrestlers win NCC, crown . - ,I 3 fs In the 1971-72 wrestling season, Coach Kanables's men worked to compile a 95 season record and finished highly in tourney matches. With only five wrestlers, Dave Bricker, Brad Smith, Rick Orbik, Mark Book out, and Barry Wilson, returning with varsity experience, the Indians fared well with a group of largely inexperienced wrestlers In the Columbus Invitational, Brad Smith Tom Schoettmer and John Neal scored wins and the rest of the Indians demonstrated enough depth to place second behind host Columbus. In the NCC meet, two individual I winners were from Anderson, underclassmen WRESTLING Front Row - Carl Prince, Ron Garringer, Brad Smith, Mark Bookout, Tom Schoettmer, John Neal, Rod Mail, Mike Walker. Row 2 - Rick Orbik, Dave Bricker, Dave Ferris, Marty Frendt, Barry Wilson, Bill Cunningham, Butch Albea, Mike DeWeese, Steve Jones. Back Row - Ass't. Coach Rich Sharpe, Dave Courtney, Tom Fteithmiller, Richard Johnson, Bob Eastman, Mike Speedy, mgr., Scott Frendt, Skip Myers, mgr., Rick Rickenbacher, Teddy Forpaugh, mgr., Paul Schowe, Benny Wire, Mark Johnson, Marty Morris, Gary Glazer, Head Coach Bob Kanable. Ron Garringer and Marty Frendt, and again depth put the Indians in the championship Mark Bookout, Ron Garringer, Dave Bricker and Marty Frendt won their Sectional matches, and all four went to the regional meet. Marty Frendt and Dave Bricker ad vanced to the state finals, where Bricker won his match and gained enough points to place Anderson ninth in state competition. Rod Mail fupper Ieftl struggles to obtain an advantage over his Madison Heights opponent. A referee tbelow leftl signals a pin for Dave Ferris over his Muncie Central foe. Dave Bricker tleftl and Marty Frendt who both competed in the state tournament, admire the NCC championship trophy. VARSITY WRESTLING Anderson ODPOVISUTS 28 Crawfordsville 26 34 Marion 13 21 Richmond 24 36 Madison Heights 12 37 Lafayette 3 31 Muncie Central 15 26 Kokomo Hayworth 17 28 Loganspo rt 19 63 New Castle 0 21 Ben Davis 20 1st in County Tourney 2nd in Columbus Invitational 1st in NCC 1st in Sectional 9th in State Veteran trackmen take new coach ln his first year as head coach, Nat Johnson opened the spring sports season on March 7th, where the Indians finished 6th in the Muncie Invitational. The Indians were led to victory over previously unbeaten Kokomo Hayworth by Paul Johnson in the sprints and Bill Magers and DeWayne Allen in distance events. The Indians rolled over New Castle and Muncie Central in a three way meet, where first place ribbons were won by Paul Johnson in the 100 yd. dash, Steve Banks in the 200 yd. dash, John Johnson in the high jump, and both the mile and half-mile relay teams. The golf team experienced difficulty in early season practice, with snow on the Edge- wood Country Club course in April. Returning lettermen Dick Peck and Jeff Roberts were aided by sophomores Jim Cue and Steve Douglass when the team opened its season against Pendleton Heights on April 11. VARSITY TRACK Front Row-Tim Purci- ful, Jeff Caplinger, Nester Gassett, Bill Magers, Ed German, Larry Boyd, John Johnson, Kurt Floyd. Row 2-Greg Bene- field, Brian Witte, Charles Jones, Ron Land, Bill Kennedy, Paul Johnson, Cliff Rudd, Dwight Thompson, Skip Myers, Back Row-Ed Swain, Steve Banks, Jack Settlemire, Don Courtney, DeWayne Al- len, Coach Bob Scharnowske, Coach Bob Jackson, Head Coach Nat Johnson. a ass.-f Rx QQ , John Johnson, springs to clear the high jump, making a height of 5'8", and j earning a blue ribbon. Brian Witte pre- to A pares to land in the board jump pit if X . after a leap of 17' trightj. Ed Roudebush of ,B pf! , 1 , tfar rightj breaks the tape in the re- "mojo R., serve half-mile, followed closely by Da- . E N ,N vid Schipp. my Y i .S QL' an .1 'il ---M 7 " i'f"N"s"t"' 94 twigs 'strik- S 4' L, TIN . AE.. X , 'S ff WMQ'-W "'N'wo-u..,, Three Anderson golfers approach the green where they have hit their balls within putting dis- tance of the hole ffar leftl. Dan Skaggs watches his drive as it falls near the center of the fairway fleftl. VARSITY TRACK Anderson Opponents 60 Kokomo Hayworth 63 Muncie Central New Castle 52 Richmond 65 Muncie South Marion 74 Madison Heights 68 Pend. Heights 64 Kokomo 6th in NCC 1st in Sectional VARSITY GOLF Anderson Opponents W L 316 Pend. Heights 296 0 1 314 Pend. Heights 324 1 0 367 Carmel 381 2 0 311 Richmond 326 3 0 411 Marion 432 4 O 367 Muncie Central 385 5 0 345 Kokomo Hayworth 367 6 0 312 New Castle 350 7 0 378 Muncie South 418 8 0 Kokomo 422 398 Marion 427 9 O 355 Madison Heights 378 10 0 403 New Castle 417 11 0 377 Highland 419 12 0 95 We are alike, alive, but somehow, were different, dormant, before. . . We traveled parallel paths that crossed only once, but for an instant. In that moment I recognized concern and eagerly grasped a warm hand, and it strengthened my cold, frightened one. My senses were livened by your presence, and I threw off my bodyguard and came out of my dormancy. I am glad to share with you for I feel the sunlight of the day, and I grow. Together we walk toward the future that has already arrived. I am amazed, for it seemed as though I could always be secure in the knowledge that college or jobs were years off. But, they are already tomorrow. We are. . . today. IEIIEIUUHTIU ,....-,-1l'f EHSUNFILITIEE People, each individuals with unique traits, attitudes and actions, together creat AHS' distinctive personality frightl. Etching portraits fills Steve Daugherty's spare moments during school tabovel. 96 tw Common experiences often serve as links between teachers and students. Mrs. Sweet strays from her lec- ture on romanticism to have class member Carol Lash autograph her cast fabovel. Taking time out from his duties at the Logansport basketball game, a young fan fwfr 'WY - ....... carefully scrutinizes the Indian defense tactics from the sidelines. Two sophomores Qrightl discover that aside from studies, there is time in a school day for conversation between friends. Changes offer seniors a break from tradition "Creative" became the key word describ- ing the activities of the class of '72, In aca- demics, some seniors participated in sociol- ogy, current problems or Pacific Relations, instead of the originally required economics. At back-to-back graduation exercises sen- iors donned caps and gowns with tassels displaying the school colors. Instead of the traditional Sunday and Thursday ceremonies, Baccalaureate was on June 4 and Com- mencement on June 5. Other changes gave seniors a first look at the yearbook during the Senior Brunch, al- lowing time for autographing and reminisc- ing about the past three years. fc" f""" Mrs. Pitts and Mr. Case labove rightj carry out their roles as senior class sponsors by fitting Susan Bemish for a graduation cap. Senior class officers fabovel Paul Johnson, pres.g Joan Burton, sec.g Mary Babb, treas.g and Dan Gates, v-pres., combine their ideas to plan decora- tions for a successful Stu- dent-Faculty Dinner Dance. SENIOR EXECUTIVE COUN- ClL Front Row - P. Johnson, D. Gates, J. Burton, M. Babb, Mrs. Pitts, Mr. Case. Row 2 - C. Coppess, D. Fuller, P. Goehring, Ft. Woodruff, L. Clark, M. Drake. Ftow 3: A. McKee, D. Burnett, K. Amos, M. McMahan, D. Peck, B. Hunt, C. Bilyeu. Back Row - M. Reynolds, D. Smith, D. Jones, J. Gray, T. McHenry, B. Trantham, A. Kiely, T. Washburn. 98 SENIORS LUANA ABERNATHY-Business. DIANE ABROM-Gener- al Cheerblock. JOHN ADAMS-General. VIVIAN ADAMS- General-Honor Society. SHARON AKERS-General-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Dean Ass't., Prom Comm., French Club, GAA. BUTCH ALBEA- College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Pres., Var.-Res. Football, Var.-Res. Basketball, Var.-Res. Baseball, Sr. Dramatics, Teacher Ass't., A-Club Pres., FCA, Latin Club, German Club, Student Council. GARY ALDRIDGE-General-Soph. H.R. V-Pres., Var.-Res. Football, Res. Basketball, Var. Track, X-Ray, Teacher Ass't., Latin Club, German Club, FCA, A-Club. KEITH ALEXANDER-General-Var. Football, Res. Basketball, Var.-Res. Track, A-Club Sec.-Treas. STEPHANIE ALEXANDER-Home Economics-Dean Ass't., OWE, Cheerblock. DENNIS ALLEN-General-Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band. VENICE ALLENS- WORTH-General. KEN AMOS-College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Pres., Boys State, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, French Club, FTA. 4 gf Q, lfil'4ff2 fv: fs', ' ii-fI:iif?' 3127 2. LARRY ANDERSON-General-Latin Club. TERRY AN- DERSON-College Preparatory-Exploratory Teacher, Honor Society, FTA, Spanish Club, German Club. JANE ANTHONY-General. SUSAN ARMSTRONG-General- Soph. H.R. Pres., Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Honor Society, Library Ass't., Quill and Scroll, Spanish Club. Student Council. GARY ARNSON-College Preparatory. TERESA ASHLEY- General-Sr. H.R. V-Pres. PHILLIP AUSTIN-College Prep- aratory-Sr. Dramatics, Dean Ass't., Prom Comm., French Club, Thespians. GLENDA AYNES-General- Teacher Ass't., OWE. MARY BABB-General-Sr. Class Treas., Sr. Dramatics, Teacher Ass't., Counseling Ass't., Honor Society, LIT- TLE CHIEF, Swing Choir, Choral Club, Choralettes, Prom Comm., Convo Comm., French Club Sec., Art Club, Speech and Debate, FTA, GAA Sec., Cheerblock, Thes- pians. CHUCK BADEN-Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Exploratory Teacher, X-RAY, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, LITTLE CHIEF, Latin Club, FTA. STEVE BAHLER-Busi- ness-Fles. Swimming, Teacher Assit., LITTLE CHIEF, FCA. MELISSA BAILEY-General-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Teacher Ass't., Exploratory Teacher, Honor Society, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, Latin Club, FTA. TIM BAILEY-General-Band, Lighting Crew. DEWEY BAIR-General-Teacher Ass't., Publ. Rep., German Club. JOHN BAIR-General-Var. Football, A-Club. JOAN BALD- WIN-College Preparatory-Library Ass't., Spanish Club, FTA, Cheerblock. SENIORS 99 DEBRA BALSLEY-General-Cheerblock. STEVE BANKS- General-Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Var.-Res. Basketball, Var. Track, Teacher Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, A-Club, Student Council. MARCEIL BANNISTER-General-HEC. JAMES BARCUS- General-Var. Football, Var. Baseball, Sr. Dramatics, Teacher Ass't., Boys State, A-Club. LE'ANN BARNETT-General-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., al. LYNNE BASTIN-General-Teacher Ass't. DEBBIE BASTINE-General-Teacher Ass't., Indianettes, Drum and Bugle Corps, Prom Comm., French Club. DENICE BEAL-General-Teacher Ass't., LITTLE CHIEF, Spanish Club.SUSAN BEMISH-General-Art Club. CINDY BENJAMIN-General-Jr. H.R. Pres., Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, Prom Comm., Spanish Club, VICA Treas., GAA. BARB BICKEL-General-Teacher Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff. CAROL BILYEU-College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Pres., Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Orchestra, Swing Choir, Choral Club, Choralettes, Quill and Scroll, French Club, Cheerblock. BILL BIRCH-General-Soph. H.R. V-Pres., German Club. SANDY BITNER-General-HEC, GAA. CRIST BLASSARAS-General-Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't., Dean Ass't., Latin Club. JENNIFER BLUEHER- General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Sr. Dramatics, X-RAY, Nurse Ass't., Art Club, French Club, Quill and Scroll, Student Council. GARY BOLDERSON-College Prepara- tory-Honor Society, Pep Band, Dance Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, Orchestra, German Club. MARK BOOKOUT-General-Var.-Res. Wrestling, A-Club. DANIEL BOONE-General. CELENA BOSTIC-Business- Teacher Ass't., Counseling Ass't., Var. Cheerleader, Pep Sessions Comm., Student Relations Comm., COE, FSA Sec., Latin Club, Cheerblock. STEVE BOSTON-General- Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Res. Gymnastics, Teacher Ass't., Spanish Club. SCOTT BOWERS-College Preparatory-Var. Swimming, Teacher Ass't., Honor So- ciety, LITTLE CHIEF, A-Club, Latin Club. EDWARD BOZE-General-Res. Football, Res. Baseball, Publ. Rep., VICA. MELVIN BRADEN-General. RANDY BRAMWELL-Technical-Res. Track. PENNY BRANDON- General-HEC, GAA, Cheerblock. 100 SENIORS Teacher Ass't., HEC Pres., GAA. DEBBIE BARRETT- General-Teacher Ass't., HEC. JOHN BASICKER-Gener- DEBBIE BREWER-General. JIM BREWER-Technical. ANITA BRICKER-Home Economics. BEVERLY BRICK- ER-Business-XRay, Honor Society, Prom Comm., COE Cheerblock. DAVID BRICKER-Technical-Var. Wrestling, A-Club. NEVA BROOKS-Business-Teacher Ass't., FSA, GAA, Cheerblock. CAROL BROWN-College Preparatory-Ex- ploratory Teacher, Dean Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Honor Society, Prom Comm., GAA, FTA, French Club, Cheer- block. CONNIE BROWN-General-Band Ass't., Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, FTA, Spanish Club. GARRY BROWN-Technical. LINDA BROWN-College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Exploratory Teacher, Honor Society, FTA, GAA, French Club, Cheerblock. MIKE BROWN-General. SUSIE BRUNOW-Business- Teacher Ass't., Library Ass't., Prom Comm., COE Sec. Cheerblock. ' JEANETTA BRYANT-Business-GAA, FSA, COE. KAREN BUCK-Business-HEC, GAA, FSA, Spanish Club, Cheer, block. JOHN BUCKLEY-General. SUSAN BURAU-Col- lege Preparatory-Soph. H.R. V-Pres., Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Exploratory Teacher, Counseling Ass't., Choral Club, Prom Comm., Thespians, GAA V-Pres., FTA, German Club, Cheerblock, Student Council. PATRICIA BURKETT-College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., Dean Ass't., GAA, German Club, Cheerblock. KENT BURKHARDT-Technical-Res. Golf, Teacher Ass't. DAN BURNETT-General-Sr. H.R. Pres., Exploratory Teacher, Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, Student Coun- cil. JANICE BURNS-General-COE, Cheerblock. JOAN BURTON-College Preparatory-Sr. Class Sec., Jr. H.R. Pres., Soph. H.R. Pres. Sr. Dramatics, Counseling Ass't., Homecoming Queen Attendant, Prom Queen At- tendant, LITTLE CHIEF, Honor Society, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., Thespians, French Club Pres., Cheerblock, Student Council. TERRY BUT- LER-Technical. LOIS BUTTS-General-Teacher Ass't., Dean Ass't., Prom Comm., Spanish Club, Cheerblock. JOHN BYNUM-General. FRANK CALDWELL-General-Teacher Ass't. CARLA CAMPBELL-General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., DECA V- Pres., Future Retailers, Cheerblock. CHARLENE CAMP- BELL-College Preparatory-Teacher Ass't., Exploratory Teacher, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Honor So- ciety, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Choralettes, Quill and Scroll, FTA Pres., Cheerblock. SANDY CANTRELL- General-DECA, Future Retailers. SENIORS 101 DAVE CARMONY-College Preparatory. LYNN CARTER- General-Soph. H.R. V-Pres., Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Teacher Ass't., lndianettes, Drum and Bugle Corps, Art Club, Latin Club. KARLA CARVER-General-Teacher Ass't. KATHY CASTOR-College Preparatory-Exploratory Teacher, Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, Band, FTA, Latin Club. EDWARD CATLETT-College Preparatory. RICK CHAIL- LE-College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. V-Fires., Sr. H.R. V- Pres., Res. Golf, Boys State, Honor Society, German Club, Student Council. GARY CHAMBERLAIN-General- Teacher Ass't., DECA, Art Club, Spanish Club. JEFF CHAMBERS-General-Publ. Rep., Speech and Debate. PEGGY CHAMBERS-General-Soph. H.R. V-Pres., Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Head lndianette, Drum and Bugle Corps, COE. ALLEN CHAPMAN-Technical. DARWIN CHISMAR-College Preparatory-Honor Society, Latin Club. CHERYL CLARK-General-Prom Comm., DECA, VICA Sec. LARRY CLARK-General-Soph. H.R. Pres., Jr. H.R. Pres., Sr. H.R. Pres., Var. Football, Var. Wrestling, Var. Base- ball, Teacher Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Pep Sessions Comm., A-Club, FCA. MIKE CLARK-Technical. ROBERT ' CLOSSER-General. JEFF COCHRAN-College Prepara- tory-Exploratory Teacher, Honor Society, Purdue Legis- lature, FTA, Speech and Debate Club Pres., French Club. . AN ..-. A . igge - .'l" ELAINE COKLEY-Business-DECA, Future Retailers, H ' - r ' S' Cheerblock. CAROL COLE-General-Teacher Ass't., ' .,,, , ' , Counseling Asst. MARIBETH COLLETT-College Prepa- 1 .e,l A ratory-Exploratory Teacher, Teacher Ass't., Prom L 5 Comm., FTA V-Pres., GAA, Spanish club, cneerblock. I ., I i, ' f A p.,li , NANCY COLLIER-General-Prom Comm., OEA, COE, 7 FSA, Cheerblock. KAREN COLLINS-General-Teacher Ass't., DECA, Ger- man Club, Spanish Club, CECILIA CONDON-College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Pres., Jr. H.R. Pres., Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Prom Comm., GAA, FTA, Quill and Scroll, French Club, Cheerblock. RON CONNER-General-Var.-Res. Tennis, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, VICA, A-Club. CLIFF COOKMAN-General. JOHN COOLEY-General. DAVE COPELAND-General- Res. Gymnastics, Teacher Ass't., Publ. Rep. RICK COPELAND-Genral-Spanish Club. CHARLIE COPPESS- General-Sr. H.R. Pres., Teacher Ass't. 102 SENIORS Away from academic studies, Dan Gates, senior vice president, finds a few quiet minutes during seventh period to sort Penny Postman Christmas cards before the final day of deliveries. DON COURTNEY-College Preparatory-Var.-Res. Foot- ball, Var.-Res. Track, Res. Wrestling, Honor Society, Boys State, FCA, A-Club, Student Council Treas. SHEIl LA COVERDALE-Business-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Li- brary Ass't., COE. DUANE COX-General-Teacher Ass't. MIKE COX-General-Res. Track, Teacher Ass't., Publ. Rep., X-RAY, Indiana Junior Classical League Pres., Speech and Debate, Latin Club V-Pres., Pres. SCOTT CRAIB-General-Res. Basketball. KRISTI CRANE-College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Teacher Ass't., Nurse Ass't., Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Choral Club, Choralettes, Madrigals, Swing Choir, Prom Comm., Thespians, FTA, GAA, French Club, Cheerblock. ALLAN CREAMER-General-Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Res. Swimming, Res. Track, Res. Cross Country. BECKY CUMMINGS-General-Jr. Annual Staff, HEC. DAVID CUNNINGHAM-College Preparatory-Var. Foot- ball, Var. Swimming, Teacher Ass't., A-Club, Spanish Club. LANI CZARNIECKI-Technical-Sr. H.R. Treas., Var. Swimming, Teacher Ass't., Thespians. CHRIS DADDS- General. DENNIS DAFFRON-College Preparatory-HEC, French Club. TONY DAILEY-General-A.V. Ass't. KENT DAUBEN- SPECK-College Preparatory-Res. Swimming, Teacher Ass't., Latin Club. STEVE DAUGHERTY-College Prepa- ratory-Teacher Ass't., Dance Band, Prom Comm. MEL- ANIE DAUGHHETEE-General-Library Ass't., Choral Club, Choralettes V-Pres. SENIOFIS 103 PAUL DODSON-General-VICA. BRUCE DOLLAR-Busi- ness-Swimming Mgr., Teacher Ass't., Spanish Club, DECA, Future Retailers. JANICE DONNELSON-General- Honor Society, Choral Club, Choralettes, Prom Comm., Spanish Club, Cheerblock. JEFF DOUGLAS-Generab Publ. Rep. TAMARA DOWLING-General-Exploratory Teacher, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Orchestra, Choral Club, Choralettes, Quill and Scroll, FTA Treas., Cheerblock. MARK DRAKE-General-Sr. H.R. Pres., Teacher Ass't., Dean Ass't., Prom Comm., Art Club. FRANCOISE DU- BOSCLARD-General-French Club, Thespians. DEARL DUNBAFI-College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Pres., Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Res. Tennis, Var. Swimming, Teacher Ass't., Prom Comm., Latin Club V-Pres., Parl., FCA, A- Club, Student Council. NIKA DUNBAR-General-Soph. H.R. Pres., Jr. H.R. V- Pres., Sr. Dramatics, Prom Queen, Var. Cheerleader, Girls' State Altn., Honor Society, Choral Club, Choral- ettes, Prom Comm., French Club, GAA, Cheerblock, Thespians. JEFF DYER-College Preparatory-Jr. H.Ft. V- Pres., X-RAY, Jr. Annual Staff, LITTLE CHIEF, Head Drum Major, Pep Band, Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Dance Band. JOHN DYKES-General-Teacher Ass't., Art Club. DEBBIE DYSON-General-Teacher Ass't., Jr. An- nual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Exploratory Teacher, Honor Society, Publ. Flep., Prom Comm., Spanish Club, French Club, Quill and Scroll, Art Club, GAA, Cheerblock. DAN EASTMAN-Technical. HELEN EBNER-General. TOM ECKER-General-Dean Ass't., Art Club Sgt. at Arms. ARLENE EDWARDS-General. 104 SENIORS RHEA DAVIS-General-Soph. H.Fl. V-Pres., Jr. H.R. Sec., Var. Cheerleader, Teacher Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, LIT- TLE CHIEF Bus. Mgr., Publ. Rep., Prom Comm., Cheer- block, GAA, French Club, Student Council. VICKIE DAVIS-General-HEC. ROBERTA DAY-Business-Coum seling Ass't., Teacher Ass't., Cheerblock. PEGGY DAY- TON-General-Band, Latin Club. DAVID DECKER-General-Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Pep Band. JILL DENNY-General-Soph. H.R. Sec., Ex- ploratory Teacher, Jr. Annual Statf, Dean Ass't., Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Art Club Co-ord., Prom Comm., Spanish Club, Sr. Dramatics, Latin Club, Art Club, Speech and Debate, FTA, GAA, Thespians, Cheerblock, Student Council. TIM DENNY-Pre-Engineering. SIMONE DeWITT-General-DECA. PAT DICKEY-General-Sr. H.R. Pres. KYLE DIETZEN- College Preparatory-Publ. Rep., Teacher Ass't., Jr. An- nual Staff, Spanish Club. ANNE DISHMON-General. PAUL DOBOS-General. t ..... .... x MARGIE EHLE-General-Jr. H.R. Pres., Sr. H.R. Pres., Exploratory Teacher, Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, Latin Club, German Club, Cheerblock. LINDA EHRLICH- General-Jr. H.R. Treas., Teacher Ass't., Library Ass't., Honor Society, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, Spanish Club, Art Club, Publ. Rep. MELINDA ELLIS-General- Thespians, Student Council. CONNIE ELMORE-Home Economics-Publ. Rep., Cheerblock. DEBBIE ESKEW-General-Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't. RHONDA ETHERINGTON-General-Nurse Asstt., COE, Cheerblock. JONI EUSTLER-General-Teacher Ass't., Latin Club, GAA, Cheerblock. MIKE EVANS-Tech- nical-Var. Cross Country, Res. Wrestling, Var. Track, FCA, A-Club. PAULA EVANS-Business-Sr. H.R. Sec., Teacher Ass't., Library Ass't., GAA, Cheerblock. BILL FAITH-General. DAWN FARLOW-General-Dean Ass't., Honor Society, Spanish Club, FTA, Cheerblock, Student Council. PHIL FARMER-General. wiki. f,,,,,.-gy ff' 1 CRYSTAL FEE-General-Cheerblock. DAVID FERRIS- College Preparatory-Var.-Res. Wrestling, Var.-Res. Track, Exploratory Teacher, Teacher Ass't., LITTLE CHIEF, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Spanish Club, FCA, Thespians. JEFFREY FINLEY-General-German Club. HAROLD FLATFORD-General. DEAN FLEISCHHAUER-Business-Teacher Ass't., Honor Society. BRENDA FLETCHER-General. CATHY FLOYD- College Preparatory-French Club, DECA, Cheerblock. PATTI FORSE-General-Jr. H.R. Sec., Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't., Exploratory Teacher, Jr. Annual Staff, Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Man. Ed., Prom Comm., French Club, Quill and Scroll, Art Club, FTA, GAA, Cheerblock. JENNIFER FOSTER-General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Teacher Ass't., HEC Publ. Chairman. JOHN FOSTER-General-Var.-Res. Football, Res. Track, A.V. Ass't., FCA, A-Club. TERIANN FOUST-General-Sr. H.R. Sec., Sr. Dramatics, lndianettes, Honor Society, Choral Club, Convo Comm., Student-Faculty Adv. Comm., Spanish Club Sec., GAA. Cheerblock, Thespi- ans. SUE ELLEN FRAZEE-Home Economics-Teacher Ass't., HEC. GREG FREEMAN-College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Var.-Res. Football, Var.-Res. Basketball, Res. Track, Dean Ass't., Prom Comm., FCA, A-Club. SHARON FRIEND-College Preparatory-Teacher Ass't., Honor So- ciety, LITTLE CHIEF, Publ. Rep., Latin Club Sec., Stu- dent Council. DENNY FULLER-College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Pres., Var.-Res. Football, Var.-Res. Basketball, Var.-Res. Track, Exploratory Teacher, Boys State, Honor Society, Latin Club, FCA, A-Club. DENISE FURLONG- College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Sec., Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Sr. Dramatics, French Club, Art Club, GAA, Cheerblock, Thespians, Student Council. SENIORS 105 J ' A A Z 3 ...A-K, 5 J T ' 4-. . . -, , 1. , , r A V 1: , 'ft F ci W t, E 3 Y ig. i X t A ,F- . .g k g i f if ! 'A 'WP' iw' 1 41" Through work programs and courses high school provides opportunities for seniors to study possible careers. Work- ing as a blood drawer at Community Hospital, Vicki Wil- liams irightl prepares a lab test on a new hospital em- ployee. Vicki's day, which includes a job and classes during school hours, is typical of many seniors on short schedules. Rod Miller labovel concentrates on finishing touches for a ceramics project. 106 SENIORS CHARLENE GARNER-General-HEC. GARY GARNER- General-Choral Club, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, Art Club, DECA. DAN GATES-General-Sr. Class V-Pres., Var.-Res. Swimming, Teacher Ass't., Sr. Dra- matics, X-RAY, LITTLE CHIEF, Swing Choir, Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Art Club V-Pres., FCA, A-Club, Thespians Pres., V-Pres., Student Council. TONI GEI- GER-Business-COE, Spanish Club. STEVE GENTRY-Business, STEVE GEPHARDT-College Preparatory-Jr. Class V-Pres., Soph. H.R. Pres., Jr. H.R. Pres., Var.-Res. Tennis, Var. Swimming, Teacher Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Boys State, Honor Society, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., FCA, A-Club, Thes- pians, Student Council. MARTHA GEPHART-General- Honor Society, Band, German Club. WILLIAM GERARD- Technical. THERESA GERMAN-General. GREG GILBERT-General- DECA. PAUL GILLASPY-General-Soph. H.R. V-Pres., Jr. H.R. Pres., Teacher Ass't., Choral Club, Swing Choir, Prom Comm. MARK GILLESPIE-General-A.V. Ass't. RICHARD GILLESPIE-College Preparatory-Latin Club, Art Club. RUSS GILLESPIE-College Preparatory- Teacher Ass't., Spanish Club. JOHN GlLMORE-General- Band Ass't., Exploratory Teacher, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps., Dance Band, FTA. JANET GIRT-Secretari- al-Teacher Ass't., Prom Comm., Cheerblock. KAREN GIVAN-General-Dean Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, X-RAY, LITTLE CHIEF, Publ. Rep., Latin Club, GAA. DEBBIE GLOUGIE-Pre-engineering-Counseling Ass't., GAA. PETE GOEHRING-General-Sr. H.R. Pres., Var.- Res. Basketball, Var. Golf, Dean Ass't., Prom Comm., FCA, A-Club, Student Council. EDNA GOOLSBY-Gen- eral-German Club, FSA, Cheerblock. TOM GRAHAM-General. JUDY GRAY-College Prepara- tory-Soph. H.R. V-Pres., Jr. H.R. Pres., Sr. H.R. Pres., Sr. Dramatics, Honor Society, Swing Choir, Choral Club, Choralettes, Prom Comm., Spanish Club, FTA, GAA Pres., Thespians, Cheerblock. PAULA GRAY-Busi- ness-COE, GAA, Girls Gymnastics, Cheerblock. PEGGY GRAY-General-Jr. H.R. Treas., Teacher Ass't., Counsel- ing Ass't., Var. Cheerleader, Pep Sessions Comm., GAA, Girls' Gymnastics, Cheerblock, Student Council. eff- .f .... -is ffm. ...fu-3 ,. . it .muh P, ,. .C Sisifibfh t SQ I fb, e I Rx ,E :P " W Bulk ef 1... . is fr .N . F . 55, ,, ri. l'fKl I 2' " tiff .ilisial Y GENIE GRIFFITH-General-Band Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Drum and Bugle Corps., Band, French Club, Art Club, Speech and Debate, Thespians. NANCY GRIFFITH- General-Soph. H.R. V-Pres., Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Sr. H.R. Pres., Nurse Ass't., Choral Club, Swing Choir, Choral- ettes, Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Spanish Club, Thespians, Cheerblock. PAM GRITZMACHER-General-Art Club, GAA, Student Coun- cil. BRUCE GWINNUP-College Preparatory-Var. Swim- ming, Teacher Ass't., Convo Comm., Spanish Club, German Club, FCA, A-Club, Thespians, Student Council. RITA HAHN-General-Teacher Ass't. BILL HAINES-Tech- nical. DON HAMILTON-General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Res. Swimming, Latin Club. JAMES HAMILTON-Gener- al. BOB HAMPTON-General-Teacher Ass't., Choral Club, Swing Choir Mgr. DIANE HANDLEY-General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Sr. Dramatics, Counseling Ass't., Teacher Ass't., Prom Comm., Spanish Club, German Club, Art Club, GAA, Cheerblock. TIM HANEY-General. JACKIE HARDACRE-General-German Club, GAA, Cheerblock. CORA HARDIN-OWE-Cheerblock. LAURA HARLESS- College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Pres., Jr. H.R. Pres., Honor Society, Spanish Club, GAA, Cheerblock, Student Council. BILL HARMSEN-Pre-engineering-Res. Basket- ball, German Club, Mr. Red. BARBARA HARRINGTON- General-Teacher Ass't., Cheerblock. SENIORS 107 LARRY HILL-College Preparatory-Var.-Res. Swimming, Var.-Res. Baseball, Teacher Ass't., Latin Club, FCA, A- Club. MARY BETH HILL-General-Nurse Ass't., Explora- tory Teacher, French Club, FTA, GAA, Cheerblock, Thes- pians. JOAN HINDERER-Business-FSA, German Club. TOM HINTON-General-Publ. Rep., Drum and Bugle Corps., Pep Band, Ass't. Head Drum Major, Choral Club Pres., Madrigals, Speech and Debate. CAROL HINZ-General-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Library Ass't., Honor Society, Cheerblock, French Club, Quill and Scroll. MARY HIT- TLE-General-Library Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Honor So- ciety, Prom Comm., Cheerblock, French Club, FTA. LEANNA HODSON-General-Teacher Ass't., COE, GAA. JANET HOFFMAN-College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. V- Pres., Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't., Exploratory Teacher, Honor Society, Prom Comm., Spanish Club, GAA, Cheerblock, Student Council. TONY HOLLADAY-General-Band Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, Band, Lighting Crew. DEBBIE HOLLENBACK-General- Food Service Chairman, Spanish Club. MIKE HORAN- College Preparatory-Var.-Res. Football, Res. Track, Teacher Ass't., French Club, FCA, A-Club, Student Council. KENNY HORTON-College Preparatory-Teacher Ass't., Student Council. CAROLYN HOSKINS-General-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Teacher Ass't., Dean Ass't., GAA, Cheerblock. VICKIE HOSKINS-General-Teacher Ass't., COE. DON HOVER- MALE-College Preparatory-Var.-Res. Football, Res. Baseball, Teacher Ass't., Office Ass't., LITTLE CHIEF, Honor Society, Prom Comm., French Club, Quill and Scroll, FCA, A-Club. HOWARD HUDSON-General-Bas- ketball Mgr., Track Mgr., Teacher Asslt., Dean Ass't. 108 SENIORS TERESA HART-General-Prom Comm., ICT, VICA, Cheer- block. SHARI HARTMAN-General-Honor Society, Speech and Debate, Cheerblock. KAREN HATCH-Gen- eral-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Band, French Club, GAA, Cheerblock. JOAN HAUCK-General-Band Ass't., Band. ANN HAWKINS-College Preparatory-Library Ass't., Honor Society, Orchestra, Choral Club Libr., Choral- ettes, Prom Comm., Spanish Club, FTA, GAA, Cheer- block. LANCE HELVEY-Technical. TERRY HENDER- SON-Technical. KIM HENDRICKS-General-Teacher Ass't., DECA, GAA, French Club, Cheerblock. MIKE HENRY-College Preparatory-Dean Ass't., Honor Society, Boys State. TIM HERB-General. JERRY HIATT- General-DECA. JIM HIATT-General. STEVE HUDSON-General-Res. Football, Teacher Ass't., Exploratory Teacher, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Spanish Club. DAVE HUFF-Technical-Soph. H.R. V-Pres., Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Var. Football, Var. Wrestling, Var. Swimming, A-Club. STEVE HUFF-Technical. GREG HUFFMAN-CoI- In lege Preparatory. TANNA HUFFMAN-College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't., Counseling Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Exploratory Teacher, Sr. Dramatics, Honor Society, Choral Club, Choralettes, Prom Comm., French Club, Quill and Scroll Sec., FTA Treas., GAA, Cheerblock. ROBIN HUMPHREY- General-Soph. H.R. V-Pres., Exploratory Teacher, French Club, FTA, Student Council. BRAD HUNT-Pre- engineering-Sr. H.R. Pres., Teacher Ass't., X-RAY, Honor Society, French Club. DENNIS HUNT-General. JIM HUNTER-General-Res. Cross Country, Track Mgr., Teacher Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Publ. Rep., French Club, FCA, Thespians, Student Council. LARRY HURD-Gen- eral-OWE. NEIL HUTTON-General. TIM IFERT-General- Soph. H.R. Pres., Res. Cross Country, Res. Track. tie. f iv . . 1,3 , an Q, . Y' I 13935 I l 'sg MABLE JACKSON-General. RON JAMES-General- Soph., H.R. Pres., Band Ass't., Honor Society, Publ. Rep., Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Dance Band Mgr., Band, Spanish Club. RITA JEFFERS-General-Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't., HEC, GAA, Cheerblock. JAMES JENKS-Technical-Var.-Res. Golf. ALLAN JOHNSON-General-Teacher Ass't., Honor So- ciety, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, German Club Pres. CHERYL JOHNSON-College Preparatory- Soph. H.R. Pres., Teacher Ass't., X-RAY, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Spanish Club, Quill and Scroll Treas. EMMA JOHNSON-General. MARK JOHNSON-General-Var.-Res. Basketball, A-Club. PAUL JOHNSON-General-Sr. Class President., Var. Football, Var.-Res. Basketball, Var.-Res. Track, Teacher Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Foreign Ex- change Student, Spanish Club, A-Club, Student Council. BILL JONES-General-Art Club, Spanish Club. CINDY JONES-General. DEBRA LYNN JONES-General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Sr. H.R. Pres., Counseling Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Prom Comm., French Club, Quill and Scroll, Art Club, FTA, GAA. JOHN JONES-General-X-RAY, VICA. MONTY JONES- Business. TOM JONES-General. ANN JUSTICE-General. SENIOHS 109 Before leaving to represent the school in the Purdue Legisla- ture on December 10 and 11, Congressmen Vicki Noland, Terry West, Joy Kenner lfront rowl and Jeff Cochran and Senator Amy McKee lback rowl discuss proposals for legisla- tion on pollution with sponsors Mrs. Aldrich and Mr. Denny. TIM KANE-General-Res. Wrestling, German Club. DAN KASE-Business-Latin Club. BOB KEARNS-College Prep- aratory-Var.-Fles. Football, Var.-Res. Baseball, Teacher Ass't., Exploratory Teacher, Honor Society, French Club, FCA, A-Club. DEBBIE KEARNS-General. JOHNNIE KEARNS-General-A.V. Ass't. BILL KENNEDY- College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Pres., Var.-Res. Football, Var.-Res. Track, Pep Sessions Comm., German Club Pres., Speech and Debate Pres., FCA, A-Club, Student Council Pres. JAMES KERSHNER-General-Band Ass't., Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Dance Band, Band, Lighting Crew. TONY KEY-General. ANNE KIELY-College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Sr. H.R. Pres., Teacher Ass't., Counseling Ass't., Sr. Dra- matics, Publ. Rep., Girls' State, Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Choral Club Robe Mistress, Choralettes, Swing Choir, Prom Comm., Convo Comm., French Club, Quill and Scroll, FTA, GAA, Thespians, Cheerblock. MARI- ANNE KIELY-General-Soph. H.Fl. Treas., Dean Ass't., X-RAY, Honor Society, Prom Comm., Spanish Club, Quill and Scroll, Art Club, GAA, CARLENE KIMMERLING- College Preparatory-Teacher Ass't., Exploratory Teach- er, Publ. Flep., Choral Club, Choralettes, Prom Comm., French Club, FTA, GAA, Cheerblock. CHERYL KINERK- College Preparatory-Teacher Ass't., X-RAY Editor in Chief, Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF Editor in Chief, Spanish Club, Quill and Scroll, FTA. GARY KING-General-Choral Club, Swing Choir, VICA. GRACE KINNEY-General-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Nurse Ass't., Choralettes, Prom Comm., GAA, Cheerblock. MARK KOEBBE-General-Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Band Ass't., Orchestra, Swing Choir, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Dance Band, Band. BETH KOERTS-General-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Counseling Ass't., Exploratory Teach- er, FTA, Cheerblock. 110 SENIORS 'Q :.5',4'.,Q, 'L VT t. lm., .5 12 ri ,i 15123-f its ., . . 'lt ':.'.v.' w: Lt t tt :Oi .gf 5... 4. -,..,x.f.., . A HQ . ME.. .L un.. t .., L at . , V' ..- t .wi W V ...- -...Q 1 i ,V i l PETE KOLLROS-General. WILLIAM KURTZ-General- VICA. GARY LAKEY-General-Band Ass't., Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band. BRUCE LAND-College Preparatory-Var.-Res. Cross Country, Var.-Res. Track, Teacher Ass't., A.V. Ass't., Latin Club, FCA. BARBARA LANTZ-College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Pres., Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, Prom Comm. Chairman, Latin Club, VICA, Cheerblock. ROSIE LARK-General. CINDY LASH-College Preparatory-Jr. H.Ft. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Foreign Exchange Student, Choral Club, Choralettes, Madrigals, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Spanish Club, Thes- pians, Cheerblock, Student Council. MICHAEL LAW- LER-General-Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band. MARGARET LAWSON-General-Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, Cheerblock. PATTY LAYNE-General-Choral- ettes, Cheerblock. TERESA LEAP-General-Food Service Club. DEAN LEAVELL-General-Var. Track, Teacher Ass't. 'W I 'lure' auf" ""'nn -so--' 17, "W ti GAYE MARETTA LEAVELL-General-Girls' State Altn., Student Leadership Institute, Orchestra Pres., Choral Club, Choralettes, Madrigals, FTA, Cheerblock, Thespi- ans, Student Relations Comm., Student Council Sec. ROBIN LEMOND-General-Dean Ass't., Prom Comm., Cheerblock. CYNTHIA KAY LENNIS-General-Teacher Ass't., Prom Comm., Cheerblock. CINDY LENNIS-Gen- eral-Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band. JERRY LIPPMANN-Pre-engineering-Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Var.-Fles. Swimming, Swimming Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Honor Society, Prom Comm., French Club, Quill and Scroll, FCA. RAY LONG-General. SANDY LOOPER-General-HEC. JIM LOOSE-College Prepara- tory. MIKE LOZAR-College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Gymnastics Mgr., Honor Society, German Club Treas., A-Club. CHARLES LUYET-Technical. ROBERT MACK- ENSIE-General. BILL MAGERS-Pre-engineering-Var. Cross Country, Var. Track, Honor Society, Publ. Rep., A-Club. JACK MAIL-College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Var.- Res. Wrestling, Honor Society, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Dance Band, Band. ROD MAIL-College Preparatory-Res. Wrestling, Teacher Ass't., Sr. Dramat- ics, Honor Society Pres., Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band. BILL MALONE-General-Teacher Ass't., Exploratory Teacher, Sr. Dramatics, Prom Comm., Spanish Club, Art Club, Speech and Debate, FTA Hist., Thespians. FREDDIE MALONE-General-OWE, DECA, German Club, Speech and Debate. SENIORS 111 . -I-,I-It ,.'....,-IW,-...,t.. st2e,,5t-psf , ,, I K BRUCE MclNTlRE-General-VICA. AMY McKEE-College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Pres., Sr. H.R. Pres., Teacher Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Honor Society Sec., LITTLE CHIEF, Yearbook Queen Attendant, Foreign Exchange Student Altr., Orchestra, Choral Club, Prom Comm. Chairman, Spanish Club, French Club Pres., Quill and Scroll, Cheerblock, Thespians. PATTY McKlNLEY-Gen- eral-Soph. H.R. Sec., Band Ass't., lndianettes, Drum and Bugle Corps, Art Club Sec., DECA Sec. MARK McMAHAN-General-Band Ass't., Pep Band, Band. MARK McMAHAN-College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Sec., Sr. H.R. Pres., Res. Golf, Teacher Ass't., X-RAY, Sr. Dramatics, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Spanish Club, FCA. MIKE McSHANE-General-Sr. Dramatics, Publ. Rep., Spanish Club, Art Club, Student Council. PATRICIA MENIFEE-General-GAA, Cheerblock. JULIE MICHAEL-College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Nurse Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Girls' State, Honor Society, Prom Comm., Convo Comm., X-RAY, French Club, Quill and Scroll, GAA, Cheerblock, Thespians, Student Coun- cil DENA MILLER-General-Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Dean Ass't., Spanish Club, GAA, Cheerblock. DON MILLER- General. PAM MILLER-General. PAULA MILLER-Busi- ness-Soph. H.R. Pres., Band Ass't., lndianettes, Honor Society, Drum and Bugle Corps, Art Club, Girls' Gym- nastics, DECA, GAA. RODNEY MILLER-General-Var. Gymnastics, Choral Club, Art Club. GARY MILLS-General. TIM MONAGHAN- General-Latin Club, Art Club. SAM MONTGOMERY- General-Band Ass't., Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, VICA. 112 SENIORS ,.t?.1i'.,:.,r- 215. ...,, ,, ,, W.. , 2, V, , , 1, . wsu tv W rm 5 1 li Q Ee 'it 1? 4 f J, . gtk? ' xi GARY MANDRELL-General-VICA. MARJORIE MAY-Gen- eral-OWE. DEBBIE MCCLINTOCK-General-Prom Comm., ICT, FTA, VICA, Latin Club, Cheerblock. RUTH McCON- NEL-General-Teacher Ass't., Cheerblock. MARY McCORD-General-Soph. H.R. Treas., Teacher Ass't., Publ. Rep., DECA. KATHY McCOTRY-General- FSA, HEC V-Pres., Cheerblock. LURLENE McGRADY- Business-Teacher Ass't., Publ. Rep., Latin Club. SHIR- LENE McGRADY-General-Teacher Ass't., Counseling Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, German Club, Speech and Debate, FTA, GAA, Student Council. EMMA MCGRUDER-General-Counseling Ass't. SHIR- LENE McGRUDER-General-HEC. TERRY McHENRY- General-Sr. H.R. Pres., Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Jr. Class Sec., Spanish Club Sec., Honor Society, Thespians, Teacher Ass't., Pep Sessions Comm., Cheerblock Sec., Mad- rigals, Choralettes, Choral Club, Swing Choir, GAA, Student Council. MARILYN McILWAlN-General-Soph. H.R. Pres., Exploratory Teacher, Band Ass't., Honor Society, Orchestra, Choral Club, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Dance Band, Band, Spanish Club. ' I 'lt' 'I V ... - 15' z J. fm,-1,,.vs f.,,- . fu "",2-'S ,Jig iff'-'if 5 rf? 4 2 , r . ' , -- 1. .. . JOYCEANN MORELAND-General-Teacher Ass't., GAA, Cheerblock. JOY MOORE-College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Pres., Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't., Exploratory Teacher, Honor Society, Prom Comm., FTA, Cheerblock, Thespians, Student Council. TERESA MOORE-General. PAT MURPHY-General-Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Band Ass't., Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Dance Band, Band, Prom Comm. JOHN MYER-General-Soph. H.R. Treas., Teacher Ass't., Publ. Rep., Choral Club, Swing Choir, Pep Sessions Comm., Spanish Club. ANGELA NANCE-General-Cheer- block. JOANE NEAL-College Preparatory-OWE. RICK NEALIS-General-Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't., Dance Band, Latin Club. WENDY NELSON-General-COE Pres., Student Council. DEBBIE NEWBY-General-Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, COE, GAA, Cheerblock. DEBBIE NICCUM-General. OLGA NICHOLSON-GeneraI-Cheerblock. 3 I M WST , J '... , ,, W .Q . I . I r at i ' . - :fi I - . 1,:?FJ?'?W 50 'lass - N, .,,,,e-a,,- ',5,.'?wt, "Mx:-.' ill ,,.1, . 5 ,'t' L VICKI NOLAND-College Preparatory-Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, Publ. Rep., LITTLE CHIEF, Prom Comm., Spanish Club, FTA, GAA, Cheerblock. IRENE NUNN- General. NANCY NYE-General-Teacher Ass't., Choral Club, Choralettes Pres., Band Sec., Swing Choir, Latin Club. MARY O'BRIEN-College Preparatory-Sr. Dramat- ics, X-RAY, Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Prom Comm., French Club, Quill and Scroll, GAA, Cheerblock, Thes- plans. RICHELLE OGLE-General-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Jr. H.R. Pres., Band Ass't., Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, French Club, VICA. DICK OLDHAM-General-Res. Cross Country, Res. Track, FCA. CAROL OLVEY-General-French Club. PEGGY 0'NEILL- General-Dean Ass't., Honor Society, VICA, Cheerblock. JIM ORBIK-College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Pres., Res. Cross Country, Var.-Res. Wrestling, Res. Track, Sr. Dramatics, Honor Society, Prom Comm., Latin Club, FCA, A-Club, Thespians, Student Council. RALPH OS- BORN-General. ROBERT OSBORN-College Preparatory- Soph. H.R. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't., Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Student Council. VAN- ESSA OVERSHINER-General-Counseling Ass't., Choral Club, Choralettes, Spanish Club, FTA, GAA, Cheerblock. ENOD PAIGE-General-Dean Ass't., OWE. DEBBIE PANCOL-General-Band Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, Ass't. Head lndianette, LITTLE CHIEF, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, Spanish Club, Art Club, FTA. GARY PARKER- General. KAREN PARKER-General. SENIORS 113 r ,k. ,. Z5 . I, Wy: FQ Kap rs Q, tr fm- K3 . fi -vw Lf ,Q ,Q 7- ,dr , W T 4 M , - r n rikiggil .g- 'lmi I 3 r fd' -,k-'fk-,. ' . ititi :'. i . s VV,,f , . iiirtsllsc -iii . t ., . X iii .rri Senior electives such as exploratory teaching and psy- chology provide opportunities for experimentation in new areas of study. As an exploratory teacher, Judy Gray Crightl assists two of her first grade students in locating Sidney, Australia on the globe. During sixth period four days a week, Judy reverses roles and be- comes a teacher at Seventh Street School. In a psychol- ogy experiment, Mr. Bill Frazier proves to Nika Dunbar that by hypnotism he can influence her to extend her arm for any length of time. 114 SENIOFIS STUART PARSONS-Pre-engineering-Teacher Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Honor Society, X-RAY. ANNIE PATTERSON-General-OWE. CALVIN PATTER- SON-General-Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Convo Comm., Pep Ses- sions Comm. RHONDA PATTERSON-Business-Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, Publ. Rep., COE Hist., Choralettes, FSA, GAA. BETH PAUGH-College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Pres., Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't., Library Ass't., Honor Soci- ety, Choral Club, Madrigals, Choralettes, Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Spanish Club, Thespians Treas. BECKY PAVEY-General-Publ. Rep., VICA. MARK PAVEY-Pre- engineering-Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, X-RAY, German Club. CHRISTY PEARSON-General-OWE. DICK PECK-College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Pres., Res. Basketball, Var.-Res. Golf, Dean Ass't., Honor Society, Prom Comm., Spanish Club, A-Club. BILL PEPELEA- General-Soph. H.R. Pres., Var.-Res. Baseball, Var.-Res. Football, Var.-Res. Basketball, FCA, A-Club, Student Council. DEBBIE PERECHINSKY-General-Exploratory Teacher, Nurse Ass't., Prom Comm., Spanish Club, French Club, FTA, GAA, Cheerblock, Student Council. MELVIN PERRY-Technical. KENNY PETERSON-College Preparatory-Res. Wrestling, Res. Baseball, Honor Society, French Club. JERRY PET- TIT-General-Teacher Ass't., Spanish Club, Art Club. TOM PETTIT-General. ALLEN PHILLIPS-General-Varf Res. Track, FCA, A-Club. JODY PHILLIPS-General-Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Nurse Ass't., Teacher Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Jr. Annual Staff, LITTLE CHIEF, Publ. Rep., Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., French Club Treas., Art Club, GAA, Cheerblock, Student Council. BETH PIERCE-General- Sr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Teacher Ass't., Counseling Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Dramatics, LITTLE CHIEF, Spanish Club, Quill and Scroll, Art Club, FTA, Cheerblock. DAVID PISTOLE-College Preparatory-Res. Football, Var. Ten- nis, Res. Wrestling, Teacher Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff Editor in Chief, l.U. Journalism Insti- tute, Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Prom Comm., French Club, Quill and Scroll, FCA, A-Club. BOB PLUM- MER-General-DECA. JOYCE PORTER-General-Cheerblock. JAMES POWELL- General. JACK POWERS-General. JANET PRUITT-Gen- eral-Teacher Ass't., COE, Spanish Club, Cheerblock. it O l 7. is AW. if-V' I I ga 63 . .ai , ' . - ,, at kt a 4 si . if BRAD PRUNTY-General-Teacher Ass't., Choral Club, Swing Choir, Madrigals, Spanish Club. MICHELLE PULLIAM-General. DENISE RAMSEY-General-Jr. H.R. V- Pres., Nurse Ass't., Art Club Sec., French Club, VICA, Student Council. JANET RAVER-College Preparatory- Teacher Ass't., Library Ass't., Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Prom Comm., Spanish Club, French Club, Speech and Debate, FTA, GAA, Cheerblock, Art Club. JEANETTE RAYFORD-Business-HEC Sec.-Treas., French Club, FSA, Cheerblock. SUSIE REDDICK-College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Pres. Jr. H.R. Pres., Jr. Class Treas., Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, Choral Club, Choralettes, Madrigals, Swing Choir, Spanish Club. LYNN REDICK-College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. V-Pres., Dean Ass't., Honor Society, Homecoming Queen, Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., French Club, GAA, Cheer- block, Thespians, Student Council. BECKY REHMEL- Business-Pep Sessions Comm., COE Treas., FSA, GAA, Cheerblock. SARAH REISH-College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Sec.- Treas., Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Honor Society, Choral Club, Choralettes, La Teen Cuisine, Spanish Club. DEBBIE REICHART-General-HEC. RODELLE REICHENBACHER- General-Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., HEC, GAA, Cheerblock. DAVID RENZ-General-Var.-Res. Swimming, Teacher Ass't., A-Club, DECA. MARK REYNOLDS-General-Sr. H.R. Pres., Teacher Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Prom Comm., Art Club V-Pres., Thespians. BARBARA RICH- ARDSON-General-Teacher Ass't., COE. ROBERT RICH- ARDSON-General. MARVIN RIDDLE-Technical. SENIORS 115 n my 7 ':-' 5 4 Bw ig ? -3.5" - 5f5f,,"E 'E 2. yt s?EfEl59g--Qilieii -t.- .2 -:- ,,, My-. . , 11 1i5,55lzl.f-fi ' 3 S 2 5 2 ...WA., .3,,,.,, A,., ,, S :U i rf Nl was N 32.32 6 2 M 3 Q 352 QS, , 9' N 'ei fs4aw,,.t..tts,' - - -t 1: is ,L . .. Qt vfsfl2:s,wff,--tafff, . ::.,. fgigisstaytfciis.s15,t,,, ut:-H fw2?,,,'2g?ts was-:f ggggysigaggsttssfffx' iiilev-,f"'3sv?+5,S?V' C' rifvggezsl Gtgiwl swf ms, we STEVE RUSHTON-General-Band Ass't., Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Dance Band, Band, German Club, VICA. BETH RUSSELL-General-Nurse Ass't., Honor So- ciety, FTA. NANCY RUSSELL-General-Soph. H.R. Sec., Nurse Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Sr. Dramatics, LITTLE CHIEF, Publ. Rep., Prom Comm. Chairman, Pep Sessions Comm., French Club, Art Club, Speech and Debate, FTA, GAA, Cheerblock, Thespians. RON RUSSELL-Pre-engineering-Res. Cross Country, Spanish Club, Speech and Debate, FCA, VICA. ROBERT SAMPLE-College Preparatory-X-RAY, Explora- tory Teacher, LITTLE CHIEF, Pep Sessions Comm., Spanish Club, Quill and Scroll, FTA, Student Council. RAUL SANCHEZ-General-Teacher Ass't., Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Dance Band, Band. MIKE SAUN- DERS-General. JEFF SAVAGE-College Preparatory-Var.- Res. Baseball, Teacher Ass't., Choral Club, Madrigals, A-Club. RICK SAVAGE-General. SARA SCALES-General-Span- ish Club, Art Club, GAA, Student Council. DAN SHEERER-College Preparatory-Var. Swimming, Honor Society, Latin Club, A-Club. DONNA SCHIELDMEIER- General-Library Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, German Club, GAA, Cheerblock. BECKY SCHMITT-General-Soph. H.R. Pres., VICA. GREG SCHOETTMER-General-Var. Tennis. THOMAS SCHOETTMER-General-Var.-Res. Wrestling, A-Club. LYDIA DENISE SCOTT-Business-Jr. H.R. V-Pres., COE Pres., FSA Sec. 116 SENIORS E f... mil' . 2 p ee' , ftwaf, , . t mf:s.s,ft,tm, M -: f f m -' V tmsss,tt,,.fQ, V, .1 'Q' 1 ss? aa' N.. PAT RIFFE-General-Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Res. Cross Country, Prom Comm., Spanish Club, Speech and Debate. PATTY RILEY-General. TONY RITCHIE-Technical. JEANNIE ROBERTS-Home Economics. JEFF ROBERTS-College Preparatory-Var. Golf, Res. Basketball, Dean Ass't., Honor Society, Choral Club, Madrigals, Convo Comm., A-Club. BETH ROBEY-College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, Art Club, GAA, Cheerblock. MARK ROBINETTE-General. MARK ROBINSON-College Preparatory-Res. Basket- ball, Honor Society, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Pep Ses- sions Comm., Student Council. REBECCA ROCK-College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Pres., Exploratory Teacher, Nurse Ass't., Teacher Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Quill and Scroll Pres., Prom Comm., Chairman, French Club, FTA, GAA, Cheerblock, Girls Gymnastics. CHRISTY ROSS-General. RUDOLPH ROSS-General- Soph. H.R. Pres. DEBBIE ROSSEN-General. gf 5 , 5,11 I V ,gz , ' ' Ai, ---f if . 'wc 'W Q '- 'f,, M y W t -5:5 QQ, gf"f-V K, w , , P 3kfE7ii'1571f?2fEQ,1 lifflti? ik . THOM SHEARER-College Preparatory-Var. Swimming, A-Club. MIKE SCHIPP-Pre-engineering-Res. Cross Coun- try, Res. Track, Honor Society. DONNA SHIELDS-Gen- eral-Teacher Ass't., Dean Ass't., FTA, Student Council. GAYTH EL SHOECRAFT-Business. MACK SIMOND-General. MARY SIMPSON-College Preparatory-Honor Society, Orchestra, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Dance Band, Band Treas., French Club. CONNIE SKIDMORE-General-Teacher Ass't., JOE SLAVEN-General-Var -Ftes. Wrestling. CYNTHIA DIANE SLEET-General-Dean Ass't., Orches- tra, Spanish Club, FTA, Cheerblock. BONNIE SMITH- College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Pres., Teacher Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Choral Club, Choralettes, Prom Comm., Spanish Club, French Club, Art Club, FTA, GAA, Thes- pians. BRAD SMITH-College Preparatory-Var. Wrestling, A-Club. CARLTON SMITH-General-Teacher Ass't., Art Club Treas. ... .H 1 ya E,., , tt, . vmii., ..... .. ..... . fu.. 1 if-3 1-1 3 Wt. tam.w..Q..t ,.. ,,.-f, . f- V. ,,,,,,,W. .. .......... . 2 ...... UE? 3. S 2 Wife? 5525526251 .11 - , wwf. . . .em .W Emazzawezez :- smmw..f .tazmww aww - S may - ww 5,2355 s-my . v441,,.f ' gf- . ' -':'- . , ,QTTQ - ., - F .f.. .,. Sli. . ,... U ,fe-fs.:-.., ,f 3 -W Q .. -. ,.,, ,.:w. . , is 155.-vw. 5 Gil. mei" " x 7 -f?:fff.SEissz. ,sw ft- at te'-l....f N -H rffsf.:::-:ww . . .M -V .ts s . ..., .,ff f M' f .. if. W 1 . .- 1- .if -:vis af 11 L5 SV? Q? ,iii-XY MW DAVID SMITH-General. DEBBIE ANN SMITH-General- Counseling Ass't., HEC, Cheerblock. DEBBIE SMITH- College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Pres., Sr. Dramatics, LIT- TLE CHIEF, Honor Society, Orchestra, Prom Comm., French Club, Thespians, Cheerblock. DICK SMITH-Gen- eral-Var. Tennis, Var. Gymnastics, Honor Society, A- Club. DONNA SMITH-College Preparatory-Band Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, Indianettes, Drum and Bugle Corps, Prom Comm., French Club, Art Club, GAA. PAULA SMITH- General. RICK SMITH-General-Band Ass't., Pep Band, Dance Band, Band. STEVE SMITH-Pre-enginnering- Honor Society, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band. TERRANCE SMITH-College Preparatory-Res. Basket- ball, Dean Ass't., Prom Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., FCA, DECA, Thespians, Student Council. MARK SNY- DER-General-Res. Swimming, Spanish Club, FCA. CAROL SOKOL-College Preparatory-Sr. H.R. Sec.- Treas., Teacher Ass't., GAA, Girls Gymnastics, Team, Cheerblock. DAN SPALL-General-Sr. H.R. V-Pres. MARY SPECK-Genral-Teacher Ass't., LITTLE CHIEF, Convo Comm., Latin Club, Art Club, GAA, Cheerblock. MICHAEL SPEEDY-College Preparatory-Football Mgr., Wrestling Mgr., Var.-Res. Baseball, Counseling Ass't., Honor Society, Boys State Altr., FCA Treas., A-Club. CATHY STAGE-General-Jr. H.R. Pres., Counseling Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, LITTLE CHIEF, Publ. Rep., Prom Comm., Art Club, FTA, Cheerblock. EMILY STANLEY- General-Art Club. SENIORS 117 TIM SUTHERLAND-General-Band Ass't., Orchestra, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band. DEBBIE SUT- TON-General-Art Club. JENNIFER SYKES-General. CINTHIA SYLVESTER-General-Teacher Ass't., Spanish Club, DECA Parl., Cheerblock. KATHY TAYLOR-Business-Honor Society, COE, FSA. TERESA TAYLOR-General-Jr. Annual Staff, Nurse Ass't., LITTLE CHIEF, lndianettes, Drum and Bugle Corps, Choralettes, French Club, Student Council. ED- WARD LEON TEDROW-General-Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Teacher Ass't., LEAH TEMPLE-College Preparatory-Jr. Annual Staff, Choral Club, Choralettes, VICA, French Club, FTA. DAVID THOMASON-General-FootbalI Mgr., Basketball Mgr., Teacher Ass't., VICA, FCA. CHARLES THOMP- SON-Technical. STEVE THOMPSON-General. KAREN THROESCH-General-Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't., Cheerblock. TIM THURBER-General-VICA Co-Treas. JAY TIBBETTS- College Preparatory-Jr. H.R. Pres., Lighting Crew, Stu- dent Council. GARY TIMMONS-General-Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Library Ass't., Publ. Rep. SUSIE TIMMONS-General-Soph. H.R. Pres., Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Honor Society, VICA, GAA, Quill and Scroll. 118 SENIORS TIM STANLEY-General-OWE. CANDY STECKLER-Col- lege Preparatory-Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't., Dean Ass't., Spanish Club, Cheerblock, Student Council. KEVIN STEIN-College Preparatory-Jr. Class Pres., Soph. H.R. Pres., Var.-Res. Football, Var.-Res. Track, Var.-Res. Wrestling, Sr. Dramatics, Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, Boys State, Student Leadership Insti- tute, Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Latin Club FCA, A- Club, Student Council. MIKE STEPHENS-General-Pep Band, Band. BILL STEWART-College Preparatory-Basketball Mgr., Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, FCA, Student Council. PAT STEWART-General-Library Ass't. VICKI STINSON- General. TOM STIRES-Pre-engineering. ROBERT STITH-General. BECKY ST. JOHN-General- Honor Society, Orchestra. MIKE SULLIVAN-College Preparatory-Var. Swimming, Teacher Ass't., A-Club. SALLY SURBAUGH-College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Pres., Jr. H.R. Sec., Sr. H.R. Sec., Dean Ass't., Jr. An- nual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Honor Society, LITTLE CHIEF, Publ. Rep., French Club, Quill and Scroll, V- Pres., Speech and Debate, GAA V-Pres., Cheerblock, Student Council. It J .W ' ' " N f Iii? sfI.Qms 's ,L ,z lfei lkras .,wesfmst - assume - ,, I ,geese sesame sasswn Iseeew smnegp an II ,It II fig., mg I fs- W- -M... EYQ ., I is 1 I W E, mg, ,ggH5 wiiiigiw' it -5- ' I IIIQ a Q W 5 2 ge EI I Ns Ia, I sawgg I I W My-5 ,a I Q e I I I . S If I xy' ze., - ,I 4, V-.SX .Q X if ' ' I 5 ,QI S Q I 9 I tel as I , A is:-fififfi' 1 1:11 . I1 ,Ii ':1Itf'El f i7 '." "vn....,.,.-I' .16:f"f I I I fx M ,I me K S 1' "" I it I 4 + 4 ' naar. E I an-' -: - .. .K ji. -A -lgiaveww , it Te-I My!" rxggtg , it xt 5 , .5 an ' f lx Us i . W ft t , 9, :az 'VF' i . if? . 'Q 1325 ,Q-1' .or 'Sf -ff .rsyi,.... .. I ., .. 1- A 5 ,fs M me we Eli, of 1 .HQ A X M KS LAL It gs, it 6 I 'li E s as IF' 1? .. 0-Qi il' ws- ,-ill' l I After tryouts for Senior Dramatics, a course which studies current produc- tions and performs the Senior Class Play, Mrs. Bridges, sponsor, illustrattes the history of drama on a model stage for new class members Julie Michael, Butch Albea and Shirlene McGrady. JOHN TITLEY-General. LEE TITLEY-General-OWE. SUSIE TOOLE-Business-Dean Ass't., Honor Society, COE, Cheerblock. RICK TOWNSEND-General-Var.-Res. Basketball, FCA, A-Club. DALE TRANBARGER-General. BRENDA TRANTHAM- General-Sr. H.R. Pres., Teacher Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Jr. Annual Staff, Choralettes, Choral Club, Pep Sessions Comm., Spanish Club, Thespians, Cheerblock. DEBBIE TRAVIS-Business-Sr. H.Ft. Sec., Band Ass't., Drum and Bugle Corps, Band, COE. KATHIE TREADWAY-College Preparatory-Library Ass't., Honor Society, FTA. TOM TUCKER-General-Teacher Ass't., Publ. Rep., VICA, Latin Club. CHARLES TURNER-General-Res. Baseball. LARRY TURNER-College Preparatory-Var.-Res. Foot- ball, Teacher Ass't., FCA, A-Club. BARBARA UNDER- WOOD-General-VICA. DAWN VETOR-College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Pres., Jr. H.R. Sec., Exploratory Teacher, X-RAY, Library Ass't., Counseling Ass't., Choral Club, Choralettes, Honor So- ciety, LITTLE CHIEF, Prom Comm., French Club, Quill and Scroll, FTA, GAA, Cheerblock. JEFF WADE-Techni- cal. BEVERLY WALDREP-General-Counseling Ass't., Choral Club, FTA, Spanish Club. TIM WALTERS- General-Var. Football, Var. Wrestling, A-Club. SENIORS 119 LINDA WETHINGTON-General-Teacher Ass't. RHONDA WHALON-College Preparatory-Office Ass't., Teacher Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Homecoming Queen Att'd., Year- book Queen, Honor Society, Pep Sessions Comm., French Club, GAA, Cheerblock. BILL WHEAT-College Preparatory-Res. Wrestling, Res. Baseball, Honor So- ciety. MARLIN WHITE-General-OWE. DEBORAH WHITMILL-General-Teacher Ass't., Publ. Rep., GAA. BRENDA WHITSON-General. KATHY WHIT- SON-General-Teacher Ass't., VICA, Cheerblock. GARY WIGNER-General. JEANINE WIGNER-General-Counseling Ass't., Cheer- block. BARBARA WIHEBRINK-General-Dean Ass't., Honor Society, Choralettes, Choral Club, French Club, Speech and Debate, GAA. FRANK WILLIAMS-General- Teacher Ass't., Latin Club. JANA WILLIAMS-General- Counseling Ass't., Jr. Annual Staff, Choral Club, Choral- ettes, French Club V-Pres., Art Club, FTA, VICA V-Pres., GAA, Cheerblock, Thespians, Student Council. MARY ANN WILLIAMS-General-Dean Ass't., Library Ass't., French Club, GAA, Cheerblock. OCTA WILLIAMS- College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Teacher Ass't., Orchestra Sec.-Treas., Choral Club, Swing Choir, Cheerblock, Choralettes. VICKI WILLIAMS-General-Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Teacher Ass't., X-RAY, Honor Society, Spanish Club, Latin Club Sec., Quill and Scroll, VICA V-Pres., VICA State Sec., Cheerblock. JIM WILLIS-Col- lege Preparatory-Var. Football, Var. Swimming, Var. Baseball, Teacher Ass't., X-RAY, Boys State, Quill and Scroll, FCA, A-Club. 120 SENIORS TOM WARD-General-Latin Club. TIM WASHBURN-Col- lege Preparatory-Jr., Sr. H.R. Pres., Var.-Res. Baseball, Exploratory Teacher. BARBARA WATKINS-General- Teacher Ass't., HEC, German Club. DEBBIE WATSON- General-Cheerblock. DORETHA WATSON-General-Library Ass't., GAA, DECA Hist. JIM WEBB-General-Teacher Ass't., STAN WEED- General-Sr. H.R. Sec., Res. Tennis, Teacher Ass't., FCA, Latin Club. KATIE WEIS-General-Soph. H.R. Sec.- Treas., Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Nurse Ass't., Teacher Ass't., Exploratory Teacher, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Honor Society, Girls State, French Club, Quill and Scroll, FTA, Cheerblock. SANDY WELCH-General-HEC Sec.-Treas., Cheerblock. MELINDA WELLMAN-Business-Office Ass't., Band, Pep Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Prom Comm., FSA, COE, Cheerblock. TERRY WEST-General-Football Mgr., Bas- ketball Mgr., Teacher Ass't., Sr. Dramatics, Honor So- ciety V-Pres., LITTLE CHIEF, Choral Club, Prom Comm., Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Spanish Club, Speech and Debate, Thespians, Student Council. DAN WESTON-General-VICA Co-Pres., VICA Nat. Region V- Pres. JULIE WITHERS-General-Teacher Ass't., Honor Society, Spanish Club, Art Club, HEC Pres., Cheerblock. JANA WITHROW-College Preparatory-Soph. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Jr. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Sr. H.R. V-Pres., Honor Society, Prom Comm., Spanish Club, French Club, Art Club, FTA, GAA, Cheerblock, Thespians. JERRY WOLLAM-General- Res. Wrestling, Spanish Club, FCA. RANDI WOODRUFF- General-Soph. H.R. Pres., Jr. H.R. Pres., Sr. H.R. Pres., Res. Football, Var.-Res. Baseball, Teacher Ass't., X-RAY, Honor Society, Latin Club, FCA, A-Club. CINDY WORL-College Preparatory-X-RAY, Dean Ass't., Honor Society, Publ. Rep., Choral Club, Choralettes, French Club, Quill and Scroll, GAA, Cheerblock. BRENT WORLEY-General-Res. Football, Teacher Ass't., Prom Comm., DECA. PAM WRIGHT-General-Sr. H.R., Pres., Jr. Annual Staff, Teacher Ass't., Counseling Ass't., Prom Comm., Spanish Club, FTA, GAA, Cheerblock, Student Council. CARLA WULLE-General-X-RAY, Dean Ass't., Honor Society, COE, Cheerblock. MARY WYNN-General. SHERRI YOUNG-General-Soph. H.R. V-Pres., Jr. H.R. V-Pres., Sr. H.R. Sec.-Trees., Counseling Ass't., lndianettes, Prom Comm., French Club, Art Club, GAA. JAY ZANKL-General-Band Ass't., Pep Band, Band, Lighting Crew. CAROL ZIRKLEBACH- General-Teacher Ass't., VICA, Spanish Club. :UMW ,gs HQ "wr- v-'-7' ,rand my sf' - A :A Agni- A ga' SZ gk 57: ' Q is- -w .X xiibisx Q3 . bf A 1- ,MQ I, Q O est 'yu 0 , I ,.,,.-L, 4, . 0' , ' ,. 0- ,iff "A, 4Q1fA. 'z if M :.gQ . - gfgifxktf, Two steps in planning a memorable graduation is the selection of caps, gowns and announcements by Senior Executive Council. Debbie Jones fabovej assists the Josten representative in displaying the iridescent green choice of the Council. Kenny Horton llefti places his order with Senior Class sponsor Mrs. Pitts for gradua- tion announcements and name cards. SENIORS 121 Junior class runs coat oheok, plans for prom Jay Adams, Nancy Adams, Bill Alexander, ' j Virginia Alleman, Betty Allender, James jr 'Q 1 fait Allensworth, Cindy Amrine Christie Anderson, Paul Anderson, Pam Ashcraft, Bob Asher, David Babb, Theresa Bahler, Eddie Bair Barbara Baily, Becky Baker, Kandi Baker, Tim Baker, Gene Bales, Jo Ellen Ball, Celia Balsley Ron Banks, David Barnard, Kim Barnett, Connie Bates, Geoff Baxter, Susie Bell, Tim Bell ,M wx 3-gals Tim Bennet, Karl Berkibile, Virginia Bever- ly, Wesly Bicha, John Biddle, Linda Boaz, Hg ' James Bobo -f 5' , 2 , ff'- John Bonner, Claire Boone, Kevin Boston Lonnie Bowen, Toni Bowers, Bill Bowling Louanne Bramwell Christiane Brandon, Jeff Breeden, Debbie Brinson, Jenee Brizendine, Neva Brooks Ed Brown, William Brown 122 JUNIORS " . .',-: ,, it 3 jiri .ri it 'E fi if ia tt. rf till i Displaying the "Spirit of '73," the junior class, assisted by sponsors Mrs. McHenry and Mr. Zirkle, participated in the home- coming parade with a float entitled "Fire Up and Burn Them Down," to illustrate their support of the football team. ln preparation for the junior-senior prom, "Neptune'sKingdom,"theclassraised approx- imately 30 dollars an evening by the operation of a coat check at the home basketball games. All juniors, to qualify for any prom committee, were required to work in the coat check. Money made from refreshments during the sectional was donated to the junior class for prom. College-bound juniors were involved with PSAT and National Merit tests in November to ready themselves for the SAT tests of April. ,j . maxim in , 2 -. av Q 'e- ,V , ,,. ...M rg Rf 2 W Rs 35320 r Q si, 3 Q, ti X. at , C '- 41- 5 ,,, 1- AX .9-as t y fa., f x 7? sg-fewest: . if-.TK . x ,X E , rff. J Q 5 fl., x. - , ri WL IV! ... ,,, M.. WS'9 ,W rr A, b 1 ,i' 5 -2 I R.-. i W- 'i W -rw Y, 1 ev ,A it US . . . i 1-Q 73" 'l if it -fissagfifgsiiwfl if 1 ,elf 325' if lil xx Ss l SJ z. .1 -- . :.'---wiv ,... ggi... . t JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front Row - Bill Everett, Doug Jackson, Sandy Long, Anne Hittle. Row 2 - Phil Polus, Ric Orbik, Kim Barnett, Mrs. McHenry. Row 3 - Lou Anne Jones, Janee Brizendine, Leslie Corbin, Mike Montgomery. Back row - Craig Fralick, Pat Everett, Randy Wilburn, Carla Scott, Cherilyn Snyder. Nancy Brian, Ric Buckles, Lanny Buettner, Mike Burkett, Jerry Burmelster, Paula Burkhart, Faye Burnell Anita Burnett, Joe Calabria, Bruce Camp- bell, Lisa Campbell, Mickey Campbell, Walter Campbell, Jeff Caplinger Kevin Canada, Mark Canaday, Debbie Cantrell, Joyce Carr, Bill Carson, Jill Car- ter, Carla Casey Deborah Chamberlain, Ellen Chambers, Randy Chapman, Don Chastain, Delilah Clark, Dennis Clark, Gary Clark Jeff Clear, Larry Cochran, Kathy Cochran, Jayne Collins, Dorinda Cook, Susan Cook, Cindy Cooke Kathy Coppess, Tim Coppock, Leslie Cor- bin, Jayne Cottingham, Kathleen Coulliette, Brian Courtier, Bob Cowles , ' ' 1 ,li ': 1,5 K 3 ' s Q. H ' President Bill Everett, Secretary Sandy Long, Treasurer ' Anne Hittle and Vice President Doug Jackson look over the gym in preparation for Prom plans. JUNIOFIS 123 Junior sponsors Mr. Zirkle and Mrs. Mc- Henry look over decoration ideas for the Junior Class Prom. Daniel Cox, Greg Creamer, Richie Crim, David Crose, Jeff Crusmire, Bill Cunning- ham, Terry Cunningham Diana Daugherty, Dianna Davis, Ronnie Day, Mike DeWees, Kathy Dickey, Patti Dickman, Henry Diedring Debbie Dietrich, Rebecca Dietrich, Stacey Dietzer, Mike Doelling, Madeline Doherty, Susie Donaldson, Lisa Donnely Greg Dunbar, Larry Dunn, Michelle Dunn, Mark Dye, Dan Dykes, David Early, Melea Ebbert Jack Edgecomb, Mike Edgecomb, Jerry Edington, Doug Edwards, Missy Ellis, Brian Elpers, Chuck Eskew Terry Etchison, David Etherington, Gary Evans, Peggy Evans, Bill Everett, Sandy Farmer, Teresa Farmer Susie Farr, Nancy Fisher, Pixie Forkner, Tony Forrer, Greg Fowler, Kim Fowler, Samuel Fowler 124 JUNIORS ,,i. f ,.,, f Af' Q' Z ,,,. f' ff' A 5, if -1' jg., m . . .ig W Q A - '-'i . ' s A ..sw.::.. Y" , A 1 M' " 6 foxy, -- - .-N11 . ,1 it , I- K. T, A kr - . 1 W Jr fl' , K' , '2 1, " 1 ge,- ,. - ir "--, 4 A' ,ff lags sf, sa -485' , I- V .- ' - 'L ' . I -:wi - .... z, 2' ff Q. 'K 5 5' 5 - Q ' ,if-:mark ' 5 ' N, ,,-,Sir if :ST-227: ' ' : ' ' ,,,- , ,iff 1' ' 2 X f g, g, N 'X I ' A' 5 ' 5? 41v..Qf'f ' 1 Q' , E 3 1 :L 5 " V. . ..-:?Zl'if5!T'5:19'5' fr " f 5 51' 1 '? .' f fgg Y ,'- , - Q,j,v,, 2' '1 if . ' if Ewa? wif 1 - Fil 5iiiT'waifa4: 'H X if 'K 1 5 'Mahan' 4 mf-A SMP wwf si? Q RTW 5 14524 S?-9 ik - . QW zisiv? Wien s' Y ' 9 rf 1' -5 ai' SN 3 his ff wgvg ax, as fi ,. , . V 4 aw T WU' Rick Fox, Craig Fralick, Holly Frese, Marty Frendt, Margie Fritsch, Marian Fritz, Con- nie Gallamore Thom Garner, Dee Gentry, Marta Gentry, Gary George, Patti Gibbons, Vicki Gibbs, Carole Gibson Steve Gilmore, Janet Givens, Gary Glazer, Lindall Glenn, Vickie Goberville, Karla Goehring, John Goodman Tom Goodson, Rise Graham, Rita Graham, Randy Green, Alan Gregg, Patrick Griffet, Elizabeth Grimmett Ann Gunsenhouser, Candi Gunter, Steve Hackler, Cindy Hahn, Becky Haines, Robert Hall, Janet Halladay Randy Hamilton, Jeff Hammons, Pat Haney, Sue Hardesty, Nancy Harless, Phil Harris, Teresa Haugan Jeff Hawkins, Roger Hayes, Lee Ann Hay- ward, Bob Hazen, John Helvering, Debbie Herr, Jeff Hiatt Lunch hour also serves as a time to meet new friends for foreign exchange students Francoise Dubosclard and Christiane Brandin JUNIORS 125 Don Hickey, Mark Highsmith, Terri Hinkle, Lisa Hinton, Betsy Hirsch, Theresa Hitch, Dana Hitchens Anne Hittle, Bonita Hofer, David Hofer, Greg Hoffman, Jim Hoffman, Lori Hogue, Mike Holland Danny Holloman, Kathi Hoover, Rhonda House, Charles Hughes, Rhonda Hughes, Tim Hurst, Winona Huston Larry Hyatt, Marna Imel, Phyllis Isbell, Doug Jackson, Nancy Jackson, Toni Jackson, Vernice Jackson Jeff Jarrett, Jim Jarrett, Jeff Jenness, Alan Jerram, Cheryl Johnson, Darrell Johnson, David Johnson Mark Johnson, Terese Johnson, Chris Jones, Debra Jones, Donna Jones, Julia Jones, LouAnne Jones Jane Jordan, Cindy Kachelein, Jim Kaster, Kathy Kaster, Jamie Kearns, Sheila Kelley, Tina Kessinger Ann Kilmer, Joe Kimm, Teresa Kimmerling, Carol Kincaid, Ted King, Vicki King, Bill Kinney Katrina Kintz, Nancy Kitt, Cathy Koebbe, Ann Kopp, Renee Krieg, Candy Kuhn, Toby Lambert Jeff Lanane, Tom Land, Claudia Lanning, John Laswell, Jean Laughlin, Debbie Law- son, Lisa Leakey 126 JUNIORS 5' fl ,L WN , - Q, 33 33 .. H P 41 . 3. ff iw if 1, l.. 'af 2f , H Xe .1 i 35 .wh 11 'P X Q X. Q ff ,vi if 5 -Y' 5220? .y x aaa? an 22 it 3 ya aw 1, U... st Qaryag at x -aa t fs?" fu i ,- .-.. 4 .35 ""' 'ii is 3, i 5?1't33?'37f'kf'AV . - ?iLi13S?i',,ij5a?R: ,. ZF :V 'i?WSi75if5?i.:ii-5132552355131'fAi'x5iiT 4 1 'WY' . lA,. ,V'V K at L., -. . S " 4 4- - at QW an . 4 ,5 X 5, . -,..,,,,,,,,W, msg t TP' ,xx if , 5""'l2f5 4'-- -' '- L, ,. 1 Q I 2 -, . . ' in ' W I ' :' T ' , fi ,xv 'f' f 1 , 2 " ' ., . . Y 1 i : V H w. , :L asm VV V 'J E . L . 5 , , J . tw L .V -1:, , ' . , ,J M Q ' '- '1 .. 'RU S 'V ' . "9 Y Ev' V .IL 239333 , ,iltgtygp . , ' T is- ' . iifffiii' -F3 ii' .f- ij -f M I sh: J --:H 'fag . gg? , ,fW,a,iX,,m, . 35 15-13-Weeretsmfsgfe if - f Iiv fv siwfeszmezssvsaf Sw 2,1i2Zk J is. , L:hA if' X, W Y , yew 235555915 wk M IW- 55? if , -we . t ' -i esta 't artist ir are . .J , imma wgzftw' w vi 31 S1 S WEP Q I-s st if wi .Mft 441' .v-if ,'L, : 'M 5 52? l?2fZS?iZi?Q2ii3?F f ,- Q w12efQiaw "7 " .,,, Q 1 we 2 Z1 xarga P is 3 --W if L-'. - ' J ii' ' qgyfi Wm :xt - 11' ' 'Ang ' v s Q wt-, w ft.. ,- M. A ' Senior Becky Rock volunteers her time to help administer eye tests to the Junior Class. Tom Lee, Tom Leffel, Doug Lennartz, Mike Lennington, Larry Linamen, Sandy Long, Floyd Loveall Mary Lozar, Eva Lucas, Kevin Luther, Robert Mabbitt, Jean Macholtz, Terry MacPhearson, Richard Mahoney Ann Malaguerra, Janet Manley, Teddy Manuel, Jim Marsh, Robin Marsh, Eliza- beth Marshall, Nikki Martin Denise May, Mike Mays, Mike McCain, Mike McClain, Judy McCormick, Donna McCoy, Tim McCoy Janice McCrary, Mike McFadden, Richard McFalI, Connie Mclntyre, Jay McLaughlin, Randy McManus, Lucky McMillan Mike McNabney, Tim McNutt, Nancy McPaul, Charles McShane, Susie Mears, Kevin Miles, Charles Miller Jeff Miller, Robert Miller, Terry Mills, Bob Misner, Debbie Montgomery, Mike Mont- gomery, Terry Morgan JUNIORS 127 Beth Morris, Kirk Mullins, Johnny Neal, Darice Needler, Debbie Nevland, Doug Newby, Roxanne Newby Gary Nicholson, Mary Noland, Jackie Nor- ris, Kathy Norris, Gary O'Conner, Kent Odom, Ronna Ogburn Ric Orbick, Patty Orbick, Pam Osborne, Nancy Owings, Debbie Padgett, Sherrie Page, Jeff Pardue Lance Patterson, Sue Patterson, Gary Pat- ton, Steve Pendley, Ted Persing, Mike Petry, Lisa Phillips Don Pickens, Charles Pierce, Pam Platt, Fay Poe, Phil Polus, Frank Ponce, Mike Pope Jeff Powell, Joyce Prout, Gayle Purcell, Bruce Purvis, Barb Pyzik, Jane Quinn, Jerry Quire Debbie Railey, Tim Reddy, Mark Reed, LouAnn Reitz, Jack Renforth, Mike Rich, Debbie Richardson Sue Arnold demon- strates the tech- nique of sewing a blind stitch to Kim Barnett during a first period clothing class. Charles Jones and Jeff Caplinger ffar leftl combine their thoughts to create original poetry for Mrs. Shoemaker's Junior English class. 128 JUNIORS . L 9 ,.V,y, , if my at 4 we QQ i by f Chit ,I , fa X we ,,,. Q , Q 2 "-' - Rafi, l'?'J,fv5lf'5:X Jffax ., t W tw...-2' To get a better understanding of the Space Program, Claudia Lanning examines a moon globe to locate the Sea of Tranquility. Mike Richardson, Joe Richey, Donnie Riddle, Bill Riedel, Joe Riggins, Jeff Ritchie, Mary Robbins Peggy Roberts, Leslie Robinson, Sherry Romine, Lisa Roop, Becky Rosencrans, Pamela Ross, David Rousey Dan Russell, Tim Sachse, Bruce Sago, Bill Sanders, David Schier, Kim Schildmeier, Larine Schilke Dave Schipp, Carla Scott, Jackie Scott, Terry Scott, Estelle Schowe, Elizabeth Schrenker, Debbie Seals Debbie Senseney, Jack Settlemire, Sherry Seybert, Marty Shanklin, Teresa Shaw, Bryant Shepard, Bill Sheppard Allen Shields, Debbie Shively, Karen Shook, Brenda Short, John Short, Rodney Silvers, Penny Simmons Bobby Simone, Nancy Simpson, Gary Sims, Dennis Sink, Judy Sipes, Vicki Sizelove, Denise Smith JUNIORS 129 Garry Smith, Kevin Smith, Penny Smith, Randy Smith, Robbie Smith, Ronnie Smith, Steve Smitha Cheryl Snyder, Cindy Snyder, Jane Sokol, Julie Spitzmesser, Melvin Spradlin, Debbie Springer, Mary St. Clair Jane Stahl, Greg Stamper, Caryl Stanley, Cheryl Stanley, Pam Stanley, Terry Stev- ens, Gloria Stevenson Darel Stewart, Tim Stires, Risa Stoops, Lynn Stout, Debbie Streaty, Konrad Streaty, Frank Stuller Pat Super, Edith Swain, James Swain, Brad Swank, Diane Swinehart, David Tanner, Doug Taylor Jeff Taylor, Judy Taylor, Terry Taylor, John Thomas, Randall Thompson, Sandra Thompson, Lee Titly Jerome Titly, Leslie Toles, Brad Toye, Jamie Treadway, Cathy Turpan, Tom Tuterow, Sandra Vaughn Rick VanBaalen, Robin VanCamp, Paul VanSlyke, Steve Veneskey, Stef Vermillion, John Vest, Tom Vorndran Mrs. Howard frightl advises David Etherington on the various history classes offered to seniors. Jody Wood fabove rightl uses the last few minutes of the class period to read a history assignment, while Joe Calabria rechecks a chemistry problem at his locker before going to class. 130 JUNIORS awww? Richard Wable, Gary Wages, James Wald- rop, Yvonne Ward, Marilyn Warren, Len Watkins, Sandi Watkins Cardell Watson, Danny Weaver, Dave Webb, Karen Webber, Nancy Weddell, Randy Welch, Sandy Welker Carol Westmorland, Mike Wheadon, Vickie Wheeler, Joyce White, Greg Whitson, Terry Whitson Randy Wilburn, Cindy Williams, Debbie Williams, Elaine Williams, Julie Williams, Barry Wilson, Lelon Windham Mary Winningham, Thelma Winningham, Debra Wisner, Libby Withers, Brad Wright, Janet Wright, Doug Wood Jody Wood, Kevin Wood, Peggy Wood, Ronnie Wood, Sue Wood, Vicky Woods, Tonia Woodall Kathy Worden, Mary Young, Mike Yust, Ruth Zankl, Sue Zebedis, Ernie Zinc, Elaine Zirkle JUNIORS 131 Sophs emerge as enthusiastic, spirited Indians On September 8, 1971, the halls of Anderson High School were crowded with confused rabble that eventually helped to make up the sophomore class of 1974. Grad- ually they became accustomed to their sur- roundings, to the annex, to the Reynolds Building, to the smell of the biology sharks, and they began to function in the school's academic and social system. Their first major achievement was the elec- tion of the Sophomore Executive Council. The Council's first offical duty was selecting class rings. For the third consecutive year the Coun- cil awarded Josten's jewelry company the ring contract. Early in the second semester sophomores became full-fledged Indians John Abel, Mark Abernathy, Greg Actis, Sandy Albea, Susan Alger, Joseph Al- lensworth, Steve Alt Teresa Alt, Albert Anderson, Lori Ander- son, Zeke Anson, Russ Armstrong, Sue Arnold, Beverly Ashley Becky Bacher, Janet Baden, Missy Bales, Karen Banks, Jim Barber, Jill Barbre, Cathy Barnard with their induction into student council. ,,. . ,. Jeff Barnes, Pattie Barnes, Patty Barnett, Mike Beaty, Dave Benak, Greg Benefield, Carol Benett Mike Benjamin, Jane Bennett, Daniel Bert- ram, Randall Bertram, Greg Betts, Doug Biddle, Bryan Blais Debbie Blevins, Don Blockson, Scott Bon- durant, Bev Bonge, Nikki Boone, Shirley Boots, Greg Boutwell Debbie Bowman, Mary Boyd, Tim Bragg, Jim Breeden, Steve Brinduse, Mary Brick- er, Dennis Brooks 132 SOPHOIVIORES , fif-if - 2 QA Q e x Q M z . is My 1 523'- fi 5 l 11 M ..., I Michelle Brooks, Marcus Brown, Marcus Brown, Martha Brown, Mike Brown, Steph- anie Brown, Stephanie Brown Steven Brown, Terri Brown, Cindy Buck, Brenda Burkhart, Emma Buckley, Cindy Burris, Bill Burton Teresa Busby, Barbara Busing, Mary But- ler, Bill Byer, Candi Campbell, Craig Campbell, Rod Canine Rhonda Cantrell, Patricia Carter, Mike Case, Machell Chalfant, Bette Chambers, Dixie Chambers, Ted Chismar Bob Clark, Karen Clark, Jeff Clymer, George Cochran, Kim Cochran, Carol Cockrill, Vicki Coffey Diane Coleman, Deborah Coles, Paula Collins, Connie Collis, Michael Combs, Doug Conover, Desma Conrad Mark Constable, Paula Cook, Pam Cooke, Dennis Copeland, Sue Coppess, David Courtney, Carol Cox SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front row - Brad Everett, Bill Burton, Mike Walker, Mark Noffsinger, Steve Douglas, Tim Purciful. Ftow 2 - Jane Oyler, Carol Lash, Terri Gil- lispe, Bette Chambers, Sandy Albea, Kitty Kil- gore, Mike Miller. Back row - Lynn Starks, Bill Schell, Kirt Foust, Steve Lance, Pat Wil- liams, Dan Johnson, Tim Wilkinson. SOPHOIVIORES 133 Jeff Craig, Doug Crothers, Jim Cue, Debo- rah Cunningham, Brown Czarniecki, Terri Daugherty, Elbert Davidson Dianne Davis, Laura Davis, Julie Deakyne, Gary Decker, Cindy Dennis, Debra Desut- ter, Kevin Dietzen Kim Dietzer, Sara Dillman, Joann Dixon, Nancy Doddridge, Steve Douglass, Becky Dowling, Annetta Dulin Kevin Eads, Bob Eastman, Max Eckman, Douglas Edwards, Susan Edwards, Steve Eiler, Susie Elijah David Ellis, Susie Erskine, Tony Etchison, Yolanda Etchison, Lita Evans, Marcia Evans, Brad Everett Sharon Farlow, David Farr, Gail Ferree, Randy Ferree, Teresa Felts, Bruce Fisher, Jim Fischer Patricia Flatford, Rocky Flatt, Becky Floyd, Lynette Foggs, Joni Foster, Sara Foster, Kurt Foust Monty Foust, Carla Fowler, Jeff Fox, Mel- ody Fox, Chris Fraizer, Bryon France, Bill Franklin Nita Fralick, Shannon Frazee, Scott Frendt, Debbie Friend, Margie Fritsch, John Fros- sard, Lisa Fuller ff ra, if it 4. t 5 Z Q X ze .FEE ,Mg , W., ,J gg Sealife! , .,,.. ,ilfff i -fat, 11 f - an M .. l fx Q sw . 3,3 A w gap Y 2 ,K 5 fs ,tn 5- 4 ls EH Stix nv we s- 5, fuss f' ,W ,.,,1.,. bit v w 5' if 'M iv 4 gf T gi -aug 'V . .. Hz? 44 5 1 5 -.592 .A K, s, 7 eat?-fx x :Legg 5 Q e aaa f f' we 52595 : ,' few, , s- , 'Q 'y t-75,35 Yi, ' Eva fi l 'P . 4 f,,. ,, Q f-ff, b X c ,, 40-All We fm ,- f J .t,- ,,. E ' atla J lslls lsltsslssl is Ronnie Garinger, Debbie Garner, Nestor A Gasset, Barbara George, Cathy Gerard, fag, J .12 - . Pam Gibbons, susan Gibbs , , , ww-Y' if ,'-.1 , ,'A, 134 SOPHOMORES 5, a:,:,,-5 ,l ,,.:,,,,.L,l: .S Z wi,-. 5 1" 1' 'E Vg, VV,,k , , . , J., by ff: if '54 dn f, gg:f,y,i-WL? wx' - - - :wig-fQ:,?f1-Q,gf'1rz ,-'f 1 f,-f-f- ,. ,, tg, -...Q :-2 . l?5'zl3lf? " H, 'A ' H . K 1, -' Zfifgftifl in ff yi? I., mf, 1: 'mam' B .C -If 'Y .. ., " x Zn EN' 1 A wa T t a 31 mg , 'f.1':'fzf' X f M 5 ' H Kip...- - Sy i T 1 'Q 5 ,al , x i ly 525 .,Q e1:5', l will M Q get Q The front hall serves as a display case for Josten's class rings chosen by the Sopho- more Executive Council for the class of '74. Sandra Gilbert, Jeff Gilleland, Kim Gil- lespie, Wesley Goins, Diane Granger, Vera Graves, Tracy Gray Barbara Gregg, Gina Groff, Pam Gross, Susan Grosser, Steve Gwinnup, Jeanne Hackney, Robert Hains Pat Hale, Doug Hall, Kim Hall, Bruce Ham- ilton, Sadi Harmon, Michael Harney, Mar- gie Harrif Sandra Harris, Rebecca Harter, Tina Hook, Terri Harvey, Debbie Haugan, Shirley Hayes, Joan Hayes Bill Head, Joyce Heal, Terri Heath, Dwana Heiney, Cecily Hendricks, Allen Hannis, Diana Hiatt Teresa Hicks, Paul Higgensbottom, Steve Hill, Steve Hobbs, Theresa Hobbs, Holly Hoke, Debbie Holland Sandra Hollenback, David Hoppes, Kim Hornocker, Rita Hoskins, Tim Howard, Dan Hudson, Richard Hughes SOPHOIVIORES 135 fBeIowl Mr. Cox explains the measurements of a tri- angular sphere. Sophomore Executive members lrightj view styles of class rings before choosing the ring for '74. fOpposite pagel David Hoppes receives a hear- ing test in the library. lBeIow righti Melody Fox partici- pates in her first homecoming queen election. 4 at J. - i f . as K Renne Hull, Pam Hurst, George Hutton, H ts-. 'E 1. ' Q, "W . - , - , ,H -at - we - ,: ,M Connie Hutton, Mark Imler, Jerry Ingram, AA ' ' ' W. 1 .M Gary Jeffers at W , , I 7, 6 ,rg L..k ig' : -Lf 3 Q I - ' S ' we-'ff ffsg. ..,' i4,ff2i'3f'f 'K" A ' ij M22 X - tr W, .,.. itsll ltr, " Q. K .gf H y ,b M: 'yt it 3, K T Albert Johnson, Danny Johnson, Janet 1 , , M atttr' 2- I as g t- , . 3 Johnson, Jim Johnson, Johnny Johns, 3 ,3 t g .,,. 3 cs- , . gg Ftiohard Johnson, Faye Jones gf ti? ' if f t ' Q S :,: , .'., . L. krkk K W A! 5 X 1 be 251 ' J , ' ,fiyltw H z Lori Jones, Sandy Jones, Debbie Kates, J M . . . , 4, 'A ., W f, Q, . fs ' Mary Kearns, William Kearns, John Keller, r ew. 1 - . 1' Lf, f trips" ,' -- Dennis Kelly ff,--.t exams.,-wftlfvf ,. ..., .. .,.. N, . . ya- Jackie Kelly, Debbi Keogh, Mike Keogh, it Jeanette Key, Tedda Kile, Kitty Kilgore, Jerry Kimble , ' ' s " ,.:' J Mary Kimmerling, Karen Kinerk, Mitchell M M King, Pat King, Patricia King, Gene King- '55 H. ery, David Kivi 3, V QQ, ,,,,. Q X, ?i4f'Qx iikt' 'L I J rgSYk5ti?52g,?ZF2'ff5TiY21 tfi-'FV' " -' K Sheri Knepp, John Koons, Terry Kouacs, Ftita Kreig, John Kuntz, Joanne LaChew, Jeanie Lacy sw-....,. ,iflfw at.. - , :turf 'l 'txt f - f --: ..'5...:',-eff -i If' :,- 5 -' -' isfwa - , . , i t, E me to K... . V t M , A? . M,,,,? t S Q S .1 bg.. Q , fi ? it 3 136 SOPHONIORES f S -f 9 " tate-vslw-f V- , f-.,. . .. Q. -t,:.,,. ., - 2 .J Simi S i FZ L X Y at ,,, ny 2 2 M A Fm K ef it tfeesaelffjfflifgtbfwx " .rwf2:2,'f1mig-Jfpzs .' 1i,57g,.w.:,t, ff, -,w t . Q 2 E5 1 f t W ,ge W, ia e gg Q, 1 X 1? 3 J. I Q ft 3 X it NF, ,I ,, , H t Mm,,gl,!!,'5f!5,,?,5 XY wr Q ,, ,,,., , Y . t x 'QF t N W aft' . 2, - we . ' w a Q 'IF' XR s S te . . , .. i its Q ,-',. .,.k, E 5' :Ht 1 5 , ' ' , ,A ., .W . W f : S - N' , - -N ' 3 I t.,kVk SY m gfsg .g frt. - at t ,..,. 'tg 3 if 4 'X' at-,a-W, .t qw 421. , f . if ,E xif-QXJT if .x we ,S K., s 3, .-are .3 --. 2 it , -secsh- ' , , f X , M t- X - an S AN we -' w hen-1-.--it , ,n,, at K , , Dee Lame, Chris Lanane, Ronald Land, Steve Lane, Steve Lane, Carol Lash, John Leaver Kevin Lee, Walter Lemons, John Logan, Dale Lykin, Steve Macholtz, Margaret Magers, Mark Malaguerra Mike Manis, Tonya Manis, Rickie Moss, Marcia Matheney, Becky Matney, Karen Mathews, James Mastadt Mark McCarty, Vickie McCIendon, Karen McClintock, Chuck McCord, Rick McCrac- ken, Robert McCullough, Claretta Mc- Cutchen Brian McFarland, Raymond McGlothIin, Rita McKinny, Debbie McMahan, Rick McMahan, Nancy McMilIin, Mick McPher- son Susan Melson, Bobbi Mettlen, Bob Meyer, Candy Meyer, Margie Meyer, Marilyn Mil- ler, Pat Miller Royce Miller, Tom Miller, Mark Mills, Linda Millspaugh, Tim Mitchell, Ann Moore, Larry Moore Mona Moore, Nancy Moore, Sherrie Moore, Giti Morgan, Chris Moreland, Greg Morris, Martin Morris Terry Morris, Randy Mullins, Yolonda Mul- lins, Debbie Mumbower, Lori Muncy, Greg Murphy, Steve Myers Terry Myers, Mildred Nave, Marshal Need- Ier, Kim Nelson, Jim Newberry, Tom New- man, Sandy Nicholls Misty Noreen, Mark Noffsinger, Dianna Norris, Roxanne Ogle, Jame Olyr, Linda Olvey, Steven Owens Tom Owens, Ed Padgett, Helene Page, Steve Pancol, Tina Parkhurst, Sandy Par- rish, Nancy Perry Carole Peterson, Pam Peterson, Ronald Pherson, Scott Phillips, Joan Pierce, John Pistole, Margaret Polos David Ponce, Brian Poore, Jeanne Poore, Steve Pope, Marcia Porter, Susan Porter, Nancy Presley David Priddy, Tim Purciful, Susan Rains, Sandi Raver, Becky Ry, Theresa Reason, Mark Reed Mike Reed, Cathy Rees, Dennis Reddick, Linda Rehmel, Mary Reidelbach, Kint Rem- ley, Debbie Rich 138 SOPHOMORES , A H . , 3553951 t , 2 f . , f' Q L X tif? 3 if V 2 Aa, sm 291 ' .- c A Q " Leisa Richardson, Polly Richardson, Tom Riethmiller, Carol Riggins, Rodney Riggs, Richy Roberts, Stephanie Roberts Vickie Roberts, Mike Rogers, Debeie Ross, Ed Roudebush, Mike Rowe, Cliff Rudd, Melisa Russell Becky Schafer, Debbie Scheere, Steve Schell, Ton Schilmeier, Sylvia Schmalfeldt, Paul Schowe, Ken Schrader Bev Seacat, Kirk Sears, Mike Selby, Eric Shadle, Debbie Shaw, Kathy Shea, Jeff Shively Sara Shoemaker, Dawn Shrake, Terry Sim- ison, Dan Skaggs, Carl Skidmore, Kathy Slater, Charlie Smith Dennis Smith, Gary Smith, Gary Smith, Karen Smith, Lynn Smith, Mark Smith, Renne Smith Steve Smith, Susie Smith, Victor Smith, Judy Snelson, Debbie Soden, Linda Southers, Gary Sowers -as .ff Debbie McMahan and Karen Matthews ffar leftl answer re- view questions for Mr. Nichol- son's world history class. Greg Patterson fleftl stops for a drink of water on his way to the coun- selor to make his spring sched- ule. SOPHOMORES 139 Chris Stage, Lynn Starks, Susan Staub, Danny St. Clair, Scott Steger, Mary Jo Stein, Brian Stepp Debbi Stewart, Bill Stinson, Anne Stires, Marva Stith, Sandy Stone, Cheryl Stoops, Deb Strader Robert Straley, Bill Stultz, Julie Sullivan, Lisa Swafford, Edith Swain, Stephanie Swallow, Lori Swan Debbie Sweet, Anna Sylvester, Lela Tap- pler, Doug Taylor, Danny Temple, Robert Terheide, Pete Thomas Barth Thompson, Flex Thomas, Joey Thomp- son, Rick Thompson, Roger Thompson, Steve Thompson, Terry Tranbarger Paul Vance, Kim VanDarlsen, Stephanie Vest, Steve Vorndran, Don Voss, Teresa Waldrep, Brenda Walker Students practice basketball during Coach Estes' physical education class lrightl. lAbove leftl Cherylnn Snyder instructs a fellow student on the high beam. Mrs. Graham labove rightl illu- strates the use of a pacer machine to a developmental reading student. 140 SOPHOMORES .. f 6 , , dv-APM? . ff, 'il V ,, ,KE ,, K A ' , i q ' . has , V I, I ,,' E A Q 1 A . V wtf ' ' 5' ' ' 5, 'T' ' ' ,fn A In ilk : , ,,.. .,-,. I. ,.,. , y in T y j T 1 4. ix ' .ff ' t fly A . . A S ,. tt S 1 . ,A M ' fisilgf f 3 X, x W' 5 ' 'Q S K, I X' I tl ..,., A' ' AAIA A E A ,M - ff ' r. -D H - V . 1 A. H a - -,., I -ii? 1 kai' T ,t 1 4 t f. ' gt3w,:111x , Q E :JJ , ' Wig ' 5 ggtaemtegft :.,... -Y-fi " 7" , elf' ggi kiwi, 4 wt Q . 3' Y 'Fr W l Qi 22? ,ff 52- is ' is? N' 'gtgwts ...ff ww, sf 1, wil? 4 K 2 , , rf 9 v if 32 ft 5 Q an f in ' 4. V any, V ...ay l N .. iz: 1.- ,. , . is wi, Q Q E3 ff g, 4- 'U' ...ififf M 5 7' ' i x 1 Q ex 'cg' Qt K R 5 x' x ' ,L Rf ws 'xc' a . f- Q '55 I i W' s 1 , , Mike Walker, Tami Ward, Terri Ward, Cathy Wardwell, Kristi Watkins, Cindy Watson, Kim Watson Charlene Whalon, Edward Weisbrod, Tom Weis, David Welsh, Marsha Werner, Sandy Wertz, Sue Westenberger Eric Weston, Hilda Wethington, Tom Wheeler, Cindy Whiteman, Debra White, Cheryl Whitmill, Tim Wilkinson Charles Williams, Dwight Williams, Pat Williams, Cheryl Wills, Randy Wimmer, Ben Wire, Roger Wise Brian Witte, Susie Witton, Robin Wood- some, Candi Wools, Kendra Wools, Susie Worden, Sue Worl Dave Worster, Ed Wrin, Greg Yelton, Be- lenda Young, Phil Young, Chris Ziegler, Cheryl Zook SOPHOMORES 141 School system reorganization creates ACS As a result of the 1959 State Legislature Reorganization Act, the Anderson Community Schools were established. Under this act, all schools in Indiana were to be reorganized into larger school districts. The Anderson Community Schools, which began operation on July 1, 1971, was com- prised of the Anderson Public Schools and the schools in Richland and Union Townships and included three high schools, five junior highs, and twenty-seven elementary schools. The official enrollment on September 17, 1971 was 20,139 students, with 971 certified teachers and administrators. The expanded second phase of the Ander- son Area Vocational-Technical School began in the fall. New courses added included elec- tronics, auto body and an Adult Basic Educa- tion Laboratory. Seven AHS faculty members transferred to teaching duties at the voca- tional school. The faculty at Anderson High School consisted of 109 members with six teen of them experiencing their first year at AHS. Assistant Principal Horace Chadbourne trightl adjusts the main clock which controls the bells and the other clocks in the school. BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES Front row - Mrs. Dorothy Jones, Mr. C. DeVar Litten Mrs. Evelyn Byrum, Mr. Ray Turner. Back row Robert W. Miller, school attorney, Mr. Jack Harless Mr. Zebedee Christian, Sr., Mr. Maurice G. Robinson , 142 l QQ lv- ll Q V .l - .2 . ATA 6 5 Superintendent G. E. Ebbertt and Dr. Enoch Drumm, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education fleftj, review plans for the 1972 school year. Assistant Prin- cipal Max Beigh lbelowl demonstrates the operation of a computer scheduling to Larry Anderson. Principal Noel B. Douglass lfar belowl observes AHS students assembling for a convo. 143 fi., Registrar Mrs. Austin fabovel and secretaries Mrs. Knisley, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Wallace, and Mrs. Abel frightj take care of the AHS office duties. 144 FACULTY MRS. JUDITH ALDRICH - Social Studies-Future Teachers Sponsor, Convo. Comm., Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MR. RICHARD BALSLEY - Business Ed. MR. DONALD BARNETT - Driver Ed.- Head Baseball Coach. MR. LARRY BARNHART - Social Studies- lnternational Student Exchange Comm. Chairman, Convo. Comm. MR. DAVID BARROW-Mathematics Dept. Head-High School Treasur- er, Senior Awards Comm. MR. MAX BEIGH-Asslt. Principal-Convo. Comm. Chairman, Faculty-Parent Advisory Council Chairman. MR. ROBERT BELANGEE-DeanofBoys-SeniorAwardsComm.MRS. ROSA- LIE BERNARD-Social Studies-Convo. Comm., Hoosier Boys'-Girls' State Comm. MRS. JANET BRANDON - Home Ec.-La Teen Cuisine Sponsor, Convo. Comm., Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MRS. MAXINE BRIDGES - Language Arts-Thespian Sponsor, Dramatics Club Sponsor, Speech Club Sponsor, Senior Class Play Sponsor, Na- tional Forensic League Sponsor, Commencement Speakers Comm., Convo. Comm., Senior Awards Comm. MR. ROSS BUCKMAN - Mathematics-Convo. Comm., Senior Awards Comm. MISS LINDA BUNDRICK - Language Arts-Pep Sessions Comm. MFI. HOWARD BURNETT - Social Studies-High School Publicity Chairman, Convo. Comm. MISS MARILYN CARROLL - Language Arts - Little Chief. MR. JAMES CARTER - Driver Ed. MR. HANK CASE - Art Dept. Head-Senior Class Sponsor, Christmas Decora- tions Comm. Chairman, Commencement Speakers Comm., Faculty- Student Advisory Council, Honor Day Comm., Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. GERALDINE CASEY - Language Arts-Little Chief, Pep Ses- sions Comm. MRS. RUTHANNE CASTOR - Nurse. MR. HORACE CHADBOURNE - Ass't. Principal. MRS. VIRGINIA CHAPMAN - Language Arts-Little Chief, Commencement Speakers Comm., Convo. Comm. MRS. KAY CLARK - Language Arts-Convo. Comm. MR. PAUL CLAY - Industrial Ed. MR. KENDALL COX - Mathematics-Commence- ment Speakers Comm., Convo. Comm. MR. HOWARD CRONK - Social Studies-Pep Sessions Comm. MR. STEPHEN CRONK - Language Arts-Little Chief, Commence- ment Speakers Comm., Convo. Comm. MR. CHARLES CUMMINGS - Physical Ed. Dept. Head-Director of Athletics, Football Home- coming Chairman. MR. GEORGE DANFORTH - Social Studies- Ass't. Baseball Coach. MR. PHILIP DAWKINS - Physical Ed.-Ass't. Basketball Coach, Reserve Track Coach. MR. CHARLES DENNY - Social Studies. MR. DONEL DIETZER - Industrial Ed.-ICT Sponsor, Convo. Comm. MR. DAVID EAST - Science-Faculty-Parent Advisory Council, Senior Awards Comm. MR. RAY ESTES - Physical Ed.-Varsity Basketball Coach. MRS. MARGARET EVERSOLE - Librian-Audio Visual Dept. Head, Little Chief, Convo. Comm. MR. JOHN FINNEY - Social Studies- Honor Day Program Chairman. MR. ROBERT FREEMAN - Physical Ed.-Head Swimming Coach. MRS. JO FUNK - Business Ed.-Cheer- block Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. In sociology class lfar leftl students debate the popula- tion explosion as Mr. Head listens. Mrs. Hodson, one of the new teachers at AHS this year, prepares her first year French students for a test by answering questions during review time. FACULTY 145 Mrs. Casey Ibelowl suggests possible topics for a term paper to one of her English students. Dean of Girls Mrs. Hurley reads the excuse of a girl who has been absent the previous day. 146 FACULTY MRS. FRANCES GARRITY- Physical Ed.-Cheerleader Sponsor, Girls Athletic Association Sponsor, Faculty-Student Advisory Council, Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. SUZANNE GRAHAM -g Language Arts- -Convo. Comm. MRS. EVELYN GRAHAME - Language Arts Dept. Head. MISS HELEN HARRELL - Home Ec-Convo. Comm. MR. JAMES HEAD - Social Studies-Commencement Speakers Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Senior Awards Comm., Hoosier Boys- Girls State Comm. MR. WENDELL HILLIGOSS -Business Ed. Dept. Head-Pep Sessions Comm. Chairman, Faculty-Student Advis- ory Council. MRS. DEBBIE HODSON - Language Arts-French Club Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. MR. DONALD HOFFMANN - Music- Director of Bands, Convo. Comm. MR. VINCENT HOUSER - Music-Orchestra Director, Convo. Comm. MRS. LORNA HOWARD - Counseling-Little Chief, Convo. Comm., Faculty-Student Advisory Council, Honor Day Comm., Hoosier Boys- Girls State Comm., Senior Awards. MRS. PAULA HOWE - Business Ed.-Student Council Sponsor, Faculty-Student Advisory Council, Senior Awards Comm. MRS. PATRICIA HUGGINS - Language Arts- Speech Club Sponsor, Commencement Speakers Comm., Pep Ses- sions Comm. MRS. VIRGINIA HURLEY - Dean of Girls. MR. THOMAS JACKSON Art-Art Club Sponsor, Little Chief, Convo. Comm. MRS. JUDI JACOBS - Librarian-Little Chief, Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MR. STANLEY JOCHUM - Social Studies-Future Teachers Sponsor, Convo. Comm. MR. DANIEL JOHNSON - Industrial Ed. MR. NATHANIEL JOHN- SON - Counseling-Head Cross Country Coach, Head Track Coach, Convo. Comm., Faculty-Student Advisory Council, Hoosier Boys- Girls State Comm., Senior Awards Comm. MR. ROBERT KANABLE - Physical Ed.-Head Wrestling Coach. MR. ROBERT KEARNS - Counseling-Athletic Trainer, Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MR. PATRICK KING - Industrial Ed.-Reserve Football Coach, Re- serve Baseball Coach, OWE Coordinator, Pep Sessions Comm., Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MRS. MARY KITTERMAN - Counseling-Bulletin Boards Comm. Chairman, Faculty-Parent Ad- visory Council, Senior Awards Comm. MR. JOE LARMORE - ln- dustrial Ed. MISS LOIS LONG - Counseling Dept. Head-Com- mencement Speakers Comm., Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MR. JOHN LONGNAKER - Science-Convo. Comm. MR. HARRY McGOON - Language Arts-National Honor Society Sponsor, Little Chief, Convo. Comm., Senior Awards Comm. MRS. MARTHA McHENRY - Language Arts-Junior Class Sponsor, Spanish Club Sponsor, Hossier Boys-Girls State Comm., Pep Sessions Comm. MR. JACK MACY - Business Ed.-Ass't. Ticket Sales Mgr., COE Sponsor, Faculty-Parent Advisory Council, Senior Awards Comm. MRS. VICKIE MADDOX - Language Arts-Latin Club Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. VIVIAN MAINE - Language Arts-Little Chief Sponsor, Quill and Scroll Sponsor, Convo. Comm. MRS. DELORIS MARTIN - Home Ec.-Convo. Comm., Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MR. WILLIAM MAUCK - Science-Ass't. Basketball Coach, Ass't Reserve Baseball Coach, A-Club Sponsor, Faculty-Student Advisory Council, Pep Sessions Comm. MR. MICHAEL MEYER - Science. MR. GEORGE MOCK - lndus- trial Ed. MR. DENNIS MONTGOMERY - Business Ed.-DECA Club Sponsor. MR. WOODY MOORE - Physical Ed.-Head Football Coach, Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MRS. SUSAN MULLARKEY - Language Arts-Little Chief, Com- mencement Speakers Comm. MRS. CHARLES NEWBERRY - Counseling-Head Tennis Coach. MR. DAVID NEWKIRK - Language Arts-German Club Sponsor, Pep Session Comm. MR. JACK NICHOL- SON - Social Studies Dept. Head Student Council Sponsor, Faculty-Parent Advisory Council, Honor Day Comm. Senior Awards Comm. 'R' 'sf me 5,-6, Mrs. Aldrich and Dan Burnett discuss the Big Brother Program, a program in which high school students are given the chance to provide outside help to children who are under psychological counsel. FACULTY 147 Wrestling coach Mr. Kanable studies the work of one of his grapplers during a match with Logans- port. Mrs. Bernard ffar rightl prepares her world history class for a quiz cov- ering the Medieval Period in history. 1 48 FACU LTY MR. ROBERT NIERSTE - Science. MR. ISHMAEL OSBORNE - Driver Ed. Dept. Head-Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MR. LARRY PEARSON - Mathematics-Convo. Comm. MRS. ELIZABETH PIS- TOLE - Social Studies-Convo. Comm., Senior Awards Comm. MRS. BEVERLEY PITTS - Language Arts-Senior Class Sponsor, Yearbook Sponsor, Little Chief, Commencement Speakers Comm., Quill and Scroll Sponsor, Senior Awards Comm. MRS. NORMA PLUMMER - Business Ed.-Pep Sessions Comm. MR. JERRY POR- TER - Mathematics-Convo. Comm. MR. LEE PURSLEY - Lan- guage Arts-X-Ray Sponsor, Little Chief, Quill and Scroll Sponsor. MR. TONY RAGUCCI - Music-Ass't. Director of Bands. MR. NOR- MAN RAUNER - Science-Convo. Comm. MR. LUKE REILEY - Industrial Ed. Dept. Head-Convo. Comm,, Senior Awards Comm. MRS. EDNA RHYNEARSON - Home Ec. Dept. Head-Senior Awards Comm. MRS. MARILYN RICHWINE - Home Ec. MR. LARRY RITTENHOUSE - Social Studies-Hoosier Boys-Girls State Comm. Chairman, Fac- ulty-Parent Advisory Council. MR. PETER RUSSO - Driver Ed. MR. ROBERT SCHARNOWSKE - Social Studies-Ass't. Reserve Football Coach, A-Club Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. MR. RICHARD SEAVER - Music Dept. Head-Vocal Music Director, Convo. Comm., Senior Awards Comm. MRS. CAROLYN SHARMA - Language Arts-French Club Sponsor, Faculty-Student Advisory Council, Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. MADIEJANE SHAW - Lan- guage Arts-Little Chief, Convo. Comm. MRS. TONI SHOEMAKER - Language Arts-Convo. Comm. MR. RICHARD SPANGLER - Business Ed. MR. JOSEPH SPARKS - Driver Ed.-Convo. Comm., Faculty-Student Advisory Council. MR. WILLIAM SPEARS - Industrial Ed.-Pep Sessions Comm. MR. PHIL SULLIVAN - Mathematics-Head Golf Coach, Ass-t. Football Coach. MRS. MARGARET SWEET - Language Arts-Little Chief, Convo. Comm. MR. CLIFFORD SWIFT - Social Studies-Bookstore Mgr., Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MR. JAMES TODD - Mathematics. MR. GARY WASHBURN - Music-Associate Director of Bands. MRS. DEBORAH WILKIN - Language Arts-Spanish Club Sponsor, Convo. Comm. MRS. JEANNE WOOLSEY - Business Ed.-Future Secretaries Club Sponsor. MR. RICHARD WORDEN - Science Dept. Head-Convo. Comm., Faculty-Parent Advisory Council. MR. PAUL ZERKEL - Mathematics-Junior Class Sponsor, Hoosier Boys- Girls State Comm., Pep Sessions Comm. CAFETERIA WORKERS Front row - Edna Garris, Velma Oliver, Becky Barnes, Wilma Gerard, Ruth Callender, Ber- nice Sparks. Flow 2 - Virginia Lemaster, Joan McCrary, Val Maxwell, Grace Miller, Carolyn Taliaferra, Ruthan Sparks, Betty Hoke, Barbara Lewellyn, Assistant Manager. Flow 3 - Madge Hoebs, Jo Anna Bald- win, Rowene Flosenbarger, Betty Schildmeier, Sally Hor- an, Mary Hawkins, Dessie Givens, Lois Myers. CUSTODIANS Darrell Wallace, Loren Holloway, Le Roy Keller, Head Custodian, George Grubbs, Dewey Maples, Elsie Keeven. FACU LTY 149 STORE 1213 MERDIAN gives Lou Anne Jones tbelowl and Mary McCord courteous serv Ice while they shop for every thing from pierced earrings to fine china KlRKMAN'S JEWELRY 84 GilFT .ITIDUFITIUE V., M FITISEH I am a paradox for I lead three contrasting lives. From 7:45 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., I play the role of a student, continually questioning and searching for the ultimate happiness, find- ing and learning. At other times, there are people who see me only as an employee, striving to compete in the business world. Sometimes, however, I find it difficult to be both student and employ- ee-both roles demand my complete concen- tration and dedication. For others in the community, I must be a consumer, buying and spending, for my exis- tence represents their livelihood. And so I am, three in one, struggling within myself, my school and my community for iden- tity as a unique individual in a complex society. 150 -4 fi f,,,,,,,, , E t ,,, an . .W ' 5 'Gill at 4 ri .1 'ft I is 'E pn-3 I ' -ik V A , zz.. ak, sw M ' 4 I4 "s"'w",f,, 4 369' ,.!"' Carol Cox learns the techniques of radio broadcasting in WHBU's studio. As an avid fan of good music and AHS sports, Carol knows she can turn to WHBU, 1240 RADIO, for satisfaction. Toni Bowers enjoys the convenience of shopping at one of three of MATHEWS' SUPER MARKETS at 2310 BROADWAY, 3205 COLUMBUS AVE., and 1808 MERID- IAN. Total shopping saves at IVIathew's. Gary Aldridge admires a 1972 Opel GT at HUNTER WEIDNER CHEVROLET, 2603 N. BROADWAY, as he looks over their new and used cars. Gary knows he can depend on Hunter Weidner for full service. Cindy Hahn practices her secretarial skills on a typewriter found at MILLER HUGGINS, 1212 MERIDIAN. Miller Huggins has a com- plete line of supplies for home and office 152 if ti, ,,f My it , 7 T, 3 'f .ie yi t I n R-Q-slits! . , 1 H , lrsgw ' ix" f, ' ' K , fry L ""wq.,amR? ,XI all sy , I ",.?XjiQQ. A A A If f W , if V if X' f iw aib aah ' A . sw SQA! ,Q kg 45 7 Ab, l 'qs A .xgvi b N 6, X , ' M 7 K . F4 '- X K it 5,7 X IA rs: .1 1' 9 La. E . Gates MC's show TV comes to city Television broadcasting came to Anderson in January when General Electric opened a branch of its cable television service at Seventh and Jackson. It brought with it four separate operating stations, one exclusively used as an educational channel of the Ander- son school system. The three other stations operated for weather and time, instant local news and shows of local origin. The stations delivered by this service were 4, 6, 8, 13, and 20 in Indianapolis, and 49 in Muncie. Future hopes are for broadcasting from stations in Chicago. Dan Gates assumed the responsibilities of master of cermonies for t'Ftap 71 a television talk show during the school year, replacing M.C. Dan Thomas who left for the military service. The program, broadcast on station WURD, Channel 40, from Noblesville, aired on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 7:30. Gates chose the guests and selected subjects for discussion during the show. With such a variety of all occasion cards, it is not an easy task for Susie Alger to select the right one from the huge selection at READMORE, 1035 MERIDIAN. Anyone can have the satisfaction N QVSF 59 ,uwgaavw 5, as-w-"W" of learning self - protection tech- niques by taking Judo or Karate lessons from KOMAKAI ACADE- MY, 2301 MAIN. This expert training could save a life. 'z 153 YES program locates jobs for area students YES, orYouth Employment Service, a branch of the Indiana Employment Service, worked through the school counseling department to help youth find jobs in their community. YES enabled employers to find employees quickly and aided students in the transition from school to work in the community. lt also helped create an interest in community serv- ices such as the indiana Employment Service. Students obtained jobs as department store clerks, baby sitters, sack boys, gas station at- tendants, and ticket takers at theaters. Hoyt Wright, Weilers, Carnegie Library, and St. John's Hospital have provided jobs for AHS students. The employers contacted the schools when they had job openings. Then the counselors contacted the students who indicated an inter- est in that type of work. to tt. ,, ,, fs , , r 4. in 4,5 QLCS f 3- is . tr'-ft., "... "-' 7' ' "'. S' Qww..',' 9' i V' I I 4 if fl.. sr 'K l I H.. Becky Rock always enjoys the courteous and thoughtful service she receives ,at the ANDERSON BANKING COMPANY, 931 MERIDIAN. The Anderson Banking Company has five drive-up banks for your banking con- venience throughout the city. - 1s- ' , i""',..-Q A unique feature of the 1972 Buick Sky Lark is the sun roof that Rhonda Whalon admires while looking over the 72s at HECKAMAN ,Iv BUICK, 2721 BROADWAY -fl 5 - X i Many Andersonians including Leslie Corbin know that ASSOCIATED BUILDERS, INC., 1638 FULTON, plays an important role in the growth of our city. Making travel safer for everyone requires much work which Jack Flenforth and Ken Burt learn while they observe a road being resurlaced. The ACME PAVING COMPANY, INC., 1315 ALEXANDRIA PIKE, provides private as well as commercial service. A tour through the Pepsi plant proves to be a unique experience for Katie Weis and Carol Brown. Located at 1831 WEST 18TH STREET, the PEPSI COLA BOT- TLING COMPANY serves over 211,000 people. M -3. . if 15 JA companies . create, display products at fair With the appointment of new director, Mr. Doug King, 354 high school students engaged in the business activities of Madison County Junior Achievement. Achievers improved their business skills by producing and selling love- lights, yard stick holders and ties at the JA trade fair at Mounds Mall in January. Nlr. King stated that the organization can be beneficial in securing jobs because, "busi- nessmen Iook favorably upon experience gained from Junior Achievement." The organization continued its operations at Sixth and John Streets carrying on business on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. An added dimension to the JA program was the opening of a branch office in Alexandria. David Pistole discovers that great stereo sounds come from Airline equipment found at MONTGOMERY WARD in the MOUNDS MALL. Great stereos are a small part of the huge selection of merchandise available. Stuart Parsons, as a photographer, is aware that the essential requirement for good photography is to have the best equipment. He shops for his total photographi- cal needs at good prices at ODELL'S, INC., 1822 MAIN. Greg Dunbar, Jackie Hardacre, Dave Huff and Debbie Eskew enjoy the carry-out services at the ALIBI RES- TAURANT, 1401 JACKSON. The Alibi also has a spa- cious dining room with cafeteria style service. 1 N I A' if? in .. I i t L. -Mx , I E 24, ff M3-Q K? f . . :. ,w, . ,L .Q ,. 3 SEQ Ly - I f 5? A E if 4 ,S . Elt l t a llse ttr . . A y ny-- ' it 1 .,- , f fffl""'W""'v . .13 , I . ,j . xt . r f. -t Qi ...f In it V: . .3 . v . . f 3 . . .xl .L I A 1,-in ' ' E. g mi t , 5 V , , V t fi-'VCX'-3'3355f37"" - J at T 1- , . . ix - - .. - " nw ff A 7 V K ,. . . . k'5'25TQM'S:g75 !5i'.5 . . 1 I 9 if ,gf ,, tg, U.. r eg! I ki.- Tanna Huffman finds that a stein is the perfect gift she needs. WALKERS JEWELRY, 1126 MERIDIAN spe- ga M cializes in the unusual as well as every day jewelry. s They will have the right gift for you. Susie Timmons models a beautiful, floor length wedding gown and a chapel length, lace-edged Mantilla from the TOWNE SHOPPE, 1033 MAIN. The Towne Shoppe carries a complete line of women's clothing for the perfect wedding. 157 Contact Help telephone service aids community AHS students Jody Phillips, Claire Boone, Craig Fralick and Jack Settlemire enjoy shopping for their school and dress clothes at the PEDDLER AND VARSITY SHOPS, 920-922 MERIDIAN. Stop by and enjoy shop- ping in a friendly and courteous atmosphere. 158 Christian laymen from 35 local churches organized a Contact Help Center in Anderson. 165 volunteers worked a monthly four to six hour shift to provide a 24 hour a day telephone service to people of the area. A 50 hourtraining program taught telephone workersprinciplesofcounseling,knowledgeof specific problem areas and procedures for helping the caller. Trouble teams, consisting of two people, went to callers' homes during emergencies. Teens, thethird largest group ofcallers each month, talked over problems of dating, drugs, home and school life. The center, located in the Citizens Bank Building, also served as a counseling center on Saturday mornings. 3 Tony Lewellyn, an award-winning photographer, adds a personal touch to all his pictures. Diane Granger knows that LEWELLYN'S STUDIO, 11 EAST 10TH STREET is the right place to have her senior pictures taken without any worries. Anderson Federal Savings 8t Loan helps Nancy Russell to plan just the right savings program to suit her needs. Start saving for the future at ANDERSON FEDERAL, 100 WEST 11TH STREET. 1 A Monty Jones admires a 1972 Grand Prix in the showroom at RUSS REGENOLD PONTIAC INC., 303 PENDLETON ,v"' AVE. Stop by and look at their complete line of new and used cars. . H JZ ,tx 159 Officials register 1285 new votersg youth emerges As a result of the 26th Amendment, fall elec- tions brought the dawn of the 18 year old vote to Anderson, increasing registration by 1285 people. On the national level, teens were active in local politics. In two cities, Newcomerstown, Ohio and Ayrshire, Iowa, 19 year olds histori- cally became the youngest mayors in America. Following a national trend of interest, Ander- son teens took polls, handed out literature and collected returns on election night. Young DemocratsandYoung Republicansacquainted voters with facts and information regarding candidates and election day procedures. The Young Republicans sponsored a Las Vegas night, and the Young Democrats organized a spaghetti dinner to aid their parties with cam- paign expenses. Jerry Lippmann finds it hard to select a suitable frame from the large selection of gold filled white or yellow gold frames from the ANDERSON OPTICAL CO. INC., in the CITIZENS BANK BUILDING. gi ,. . 1 . wp? It takes little convincing because Sue Armstrong knows how delicious Holsum Soft Twist Bread is. Breads, cakes and donuts are all baked fresh daily at DIETZEN'S BAKERY, 2401 MEFIIDIAN. A look at this unique plywood tells Sherri Young why '55- L in ty, 51, . In S . e vt i v 3 A. L. BREWSTER PLYWOOD, 2801 BROADWAY, is E ,Q leader in the plywood business. A. L. Brewster always has the right selections for home decorating plans. 160 G M It, x I it ll' 9' is 'E ul A 5 an SURBAUGH 8. SON, ROOM 201 in the CITIZENS BANK BUILDING, are the personal service people when it comes to matters of real estate. Christiane Brandin and Sally Sur- baugh learn that they can also get adequate home and car insurance that will fit their personal means and services from Surbaugh 81 Son. Charlene Whalon chooses the RANCH SUPERMARKET, INC., 19 WEST CROSS STREET, to do some shopping for her mom. She knows she can depend on the Ranch for all her shopping needs. at 1 ' K' -. K?.e.,,... I it S' vi ng I ni' 7 lf if 46' Leslie Toles convinces Cyndi Williams that a potted plant from the green house of TOLES FLOWERS, 625 NICHOL AVE., is the perfect gift for any occasion. ,...p-f- mf ?"'?"' ms! if-M. 161 GMI offers co-op program to AHS students General Motors Institute, at Flint, Michigan, became the destination of two Anderson area boys after their graduation from high school. Interested boys first had to be sponsored by a division of General Motors. Upon this ac- ceptance, the student was scheduled to at- tend school in Flint for six weeks. He returned home for six weeks on-the-job training pro- gram in a local General Motors plant. Be- cause a student receives pay during the work- ing period, he is able to finance his own schooling. By alternating study and work a GMI student receives four years of practical as well as academic knowledge of his chosen career. Students get increased learning from the combination of theory and practice, also val- uable training in human relations from the wide ranging contacts with people. dt .,,,, Amy McKee inspects some unusual furniture available to order from McDonalds. McDONALDS FURNITURE SHOWROOMS, 5541 PENDLETON AVENUE, has a large variety of home furniture economical for anyone's budget. GMI initiates Bill Magers and Jerry Lippman see .an intricate part of a computer at DELCO REMV, a division of General Motors. 5 X K, ' 1" . Y, f-. .t at 2 . 4 mi, . .www Et!" - A it ef A x Dan Spall Ueftl enjoys the fast and friendly service of EV- ERYBODY'S OIL serving An- derson with six locations. Their Milk Barns sell dairy and gro- cery products. An employ- ee of the STAR CHINA, 902 MAIN STREET, shows Debbie Jones fbelowj a beautiful place setting of Noritake china. 599955 f 1 , 5 A -3 z' 'll .. A W Fm f 'fi ' K John Abel inspects a circular saw from KAUFMAN HARDWARE, 15 EAST th STREET. Kaufman specializes in housewares and lawn equipment. W fi- :J Q' R if 1 A -lL'ig: M39 A ii 163 YMCA directors initiate plans for expansion After three years of planning, the YMCA's Board of Directors announced in late De- cember plans for a new addition which would occupy the land north and adjacent to the present YMCA building. The purpose of the addition was to house a larger and more modern swimming pool than the present one, two new handball courts and a new youth lounge. The initiation of a fund raising program for the needed S800,000 spread through Ander- son during the winter and spring months of 1972. Employees of Guide Lamp and Delco Remy pledged S250,000, while Y officials worked to obtain the remaining amount from other citizens. lf funds permitted, Y officials planned a total rejuvenation of the present building which has for 54 years served Andersonians with the largest center in the city. Cheryl Kinerk enjoys cooking with gas. The CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY, 915 JACKSON, serves An- derson area residents conveniently and economically. 164 H y .V l z- E ' i Karen Hatch knows that happiness is a midi coat from SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY, 1204 MAIN STREET. Sears provides an assortment of clothes, home furn- ishings and hobby supplies. 'K i 'M I .. , t I 1 N' ti '55 'WW Jeff Cochran lfar leftj learns principles of budgeting with First National's free checking service. FIRST NA- TIONAL BANK of Madison County at 735 MAIN STREET and in the Southdale Plaza provides free checking for young adults age 16 to 22. Cathy and Chris Stage admire the mix and match Junior House fashions at the TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOP, 3635 NICHOL AVE- NUE. Town and Country provides the best in women's apparel. Robin Vancamp and Linda Boaz listen to the sound of a new RCA 4-channel stereo at T 81 H SERVICE AND SALES with two locations at 2503 NICHOL AV- ENUE and 1531 MERIDIAN. T 8t H sells and serves only RCA equipment. Becky Baker plans to have her senior picture taken at Norm Cook Studio. NORM COOK, 502 WEST 11th STREET, specializes in senior portraits, family group- ings and wedding photos. Greater Center offers recreation Renamed last October, the James W. Geater Center, formerly the West Side Com- munity Center, provided Anderson blacks with an organization which served the pub- lic educationally, and recreationally. A nine member staff, employed by the city, orga- nized the center's activities. Open daily, the center supplied blacks with complete recreational facilities including a gym, pool room, tennis courts and a swim- ming pool. The basketball team competed with other community centers and won a state championship. On weekends, the center organized dances, educational classes and variety shows. A division of the center, the Beautillion Club, organized to promote scholarship, raise 553,000 at the "Beautillion Militairef' Schol- arships went to high school seniors showing financial need and scholastic achievement. Lori Jones selects a beautiful vase from one of the many gifts in Mary Jane's variety. Whatever the occa- sion, FLOWERS BY MARY JANE, 2833 MADISON AV- ENUE, will provide lovely arrangements and excellent service. Pat Hale learns how LYNCH, 2300 CRYSTAL STREET, has supplied the Anderson area and the nation with fine glass making machinery. 166 John Frossard selects an excellent guitar from one of many in stock. ANDERSON MUSIC CENTER, 1325 MERIDIAN STREET, sells instruments, records, and sheet music and provides private lessons. ' ' l Sealed beam headlight units burn continuously in a controlled life test at General Motors' GUIDE LAMP DIVISION in Anderson. The hermetically sealed units contain a mixture of argon and oxygen for longer life and better performance of the tungsten filaments. , I I . Joan Burton ttop rightl inspects one of the many products from CULLI- GAN, 815 JOHN STREET. Culligan economically conditions water for of- fice, home or business. Candi Gunter fabovel in- spects a coat from one of the many in Rapp's large selection. Located at821MERIDIAN,RAPP'S has served the communi- ty since 1921. 167 Jeff Roberts finds a cuddly friend in Penney's toy de- partment. J. C. PENNEY 8K COMPANY, located in the ' Mounds Mall, serves Anderson as one of the largest V department stores. Former AHS student Robin Smith fbelowj gives Cheryl Johnson a manicure at APEX SCHOOL OF BEAUTY, 225 EAST TENTH STREET. Janet Halladay fbottoml illustrates the roominess of the 1972 Volkswagen four door coupe. EBERBACH MOTORS, 3701 STATE ROAD NINE NORTH, sales and services Volkswagens. Y . ,, wig.- J. ,,,.J1fK .9 Ai X W an 'Ks 'I .H- ,E Z .5 H: ,- fxs ifllfi B888 af' 1?-- ,e Qltxf - f-,-, ' K ' V , Looking up at this big bulldozer, Mark Reed can un- derstand why RALPH REED AND SON, 1930 INDIANA AVNUE, can do the quickest and best job in the entire Anderson area. As general contractors, Ralph Reed and Son has come to be the most trusted name around. 5-' ISPA initiates government free postal delivery Early in July, Andersonians opened their front doors to find white plastic bags hanging on the doorknobs containing advertisements. This was the first delivery of the Independent Postal System of America, 36 West Eighth, a government free mail carrier. This organi- zation began carrying only business adver- tisements but later included everything but first class mail because of a government regulation. This new system differed from the regular postal delivery in that the carriers were re- quired to buy their routes for an investment of a thousand dollars, which paid for a fran- chise of 400 deliveries. Each carrier received his pay according to the number of pieces of mail he delivered. In the beginning, only businessmen supported the system with their advertisements and third class mail. With public acceptance, the system expanded and began to deliver parcel packages, fourth class mail, magazines, and second class mail. i s 1 i t i R 5 I Janet Hoffmann ftopi finds that E. G. VERNON 81 SON, 435 MAIN STREET, has the largest supply of lighting and home fixtures of anyone in Madison County. Tam- my Dowling fabovej looks over some important papers stored in a safety deposit box at CITIZENS BANKING COMPANY. Citizens is the full service bank with five branches. Students. adults play basketball Hoosier mania provided many students and adults the incentive to find recreational plea- sure in basketball. Church basketball was the biggest outlet with a total of 25 teams. These teams broke into three major divisions ac- cording to age: Junior, 14V2 and below: ln- termediates, 14V2 to 183 and Seniors, 18 and above. Park Place, Riley and North Anderson grade schools opened their gyms for church competition on Monday, Tuesday and Thurs- day nights. The Young Men's Christian Association formed a nine team basketball league from 75 high school students. The players formed each team themselves when competition started in December and competed against the other eight teams. The teams played games on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday morn- ings from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. Dick Peck and Debbie Dyson enjoy a delicious pizza from Art's. ART'S PIZZA, 1420 BROADWAY, offers a large variety of pizza for the pizza lover. 170 Jane Quinn and Rise Graham know they can depend on Russ Forkner of ELITE STUDIO, 1037 MERIDIAN STREET, for expressive senior portraits. Cliff Rudd and David Webb fleftj survey the brickyard at COOK BLOCK, 2013 MOUNDS ROAD. Cook's has long been a major sup- plier ol building blocks throughout Central Indiana. F nv W E " lac: K... Debbie Senseney and Teresa MacPherson look over the name brand cosmetics sold at the two convenient locations of TOM DEARINGS PHAR- MACIES, 702 EAST EIGHTH STREET and 1500 NORTH BROADWAY. ,V ...JA 75 'uf gt ' if E Y ' Roasting wieners over an open fire is a fun way to end a skating party. Vicki Goberville ffar leftl, Connie Gallamore and John Worthington frightj enjoy wieners from EMGE PACKING COMPANY, 2000 WEST EIGHTH STREET serving all Anderson. ' 'sl 1 Marianne Kiely observes the fine handicraft of a sweater sold in Deckers sporting goods department. DECKERS, located at 21 WEST TWELFTH STREET, sells books, office supplies and luggage. 171 Anderson library adds AV office During the past two years the Anderson Public Library has added new dimensions to help better serve the Anderson community. One such feature was the addition of an au- dio-visual department. With this service, An- dersonians discovered they could check out such items as movies, slidespfilmstrips and art productions. For a five dollar deposit they also found that they could borrow three rec- ords at a time for home listening pleasure. Another new aspect of its services was the three portable bookmobiles which regularly visited all the neighborhoods in Anderson. This service provided everything in literature from pre-school reading material to adult fic- tion. People with overdue books could also return them without any fine to the bookmo- biles or to the library. A new night deposit box was an added convenience which the li- brary offered. After witnessing the excel- lent work and fast, friendly service of REID'S STUDIO, 1205 MAIN STREET, Sue Patterson cannot see let- ting her senior pictures be taken by anyone but Fteid's. el .-v"""""g,-8 tim, Y my it if 172 - tt- ..-.rfe E751 . is -V'-h Uiuaiww' t'i" we 'si 1. 3 if ,S 2 James Collins fleftl explains the advantages of youth fares to Chuck Baden. COLLINS TRAVEL SERVICE, 21 WEST 12th STREET arranges everything for a trouble- free trip. W' -L . A GLEM lS.LCli EY WHS! . 6 J 4 I W- me A , , 1 A 9 GLM l mcmi 3 an l ' ,,,,,..f---Y sl John Adams and John Cooley explore the interior of a newly assembled Howe fire truck. HOWE FIRE AP- PARATUS, 2215 N. MADISON, is the major supplier ot fire departments all over the state and nation. in "i' -. GENTRY'S, 415 MAIN, can always solve many of your redecorating problems. Gary Lakey checks out a new kitchen cabinet with a wine rack for the perfect finish to a new or old kitchen. Debbie Friend takes advantage of the pool apparatus supplied by RECREATION EQUIPMENT, 724 WEST 8th STREET. Ft.E.C. supplies all the equipment used in the physical education department at AHS. Fine Arts Center awards seniors Speck and Smith Two Anderson High School seniors, Mary Speck and Carlton Smith, won first and sec- ond place art awards this year at the Ander- son Fine Arts Center. Other AHS students al- so helped hang art shows and worked as re- ceptionists and tour guides at the Center. The Fine Arts Center was established Jan- uary 15, 1967, to encourage the arts by work- ing with cultural groups in the Anderson area. Built in 1879, the building and property were donated by Mrs. Forrest Hill. Many per- sons helped keep the art center operating through contributions, gifts and bequests. Citizens purchased memberships which en- titled them to attend activities at the center. Diane Handley approves of a beautiful 1972 Alpha- Romero at ANDERSON IMPORTS, 3114 STATE ROAD 9NORTH. Looking through a class book for quality photographs, Yolanda Etchison fabove rightj decides on FORKNER'S STUDIO, 817 MERIDIAN, for her senior portrait. .V J Z - YL ag. fi 251221:- ti 5 Q3 X' 3 . .rs -: f n ,WL ,. V, 3 Tony Marshall knows milk is the perfect refresher. BESTEVER DAIRY, 722 BROADWAY has the best in dairy products, including delicious ice cream. rw fA7P we ' as-""" Sherri LaPierre Iaboveb always chooses PIZZA HUT for an after-the- SAVINGS AND LOAN, of Madison County, 1011 JACKSON STREET, game refresher and for snack times. Pizza Hut serves the Anderson to help her save for the future. First Savings has complete banking area from three convenient locations. Cindy Cooke selects FIRST 175 Service clubs help city youth with projects Aside from other responsibilities,Anderson businessmen took time to be active in service clubs in the area which sought to help youth. Members of the Optimist Club planned a speech contest for young men 13 to 16 years old. Contestants shared a common topic and the winner then competed in the zone con- test. From there the winner moved to a state contest. The Exchange Club each month chose a Boy and Girl of the Month. Each week the couple ate lunch with club members and presented a speech expressing their views about America, school or current events to the club. In February the club sponsored a Law Enforcement Week. ln June the Ex- change Club organized the Miss Anderson Pageant where 1971 staffer Becky Goehring won the honor. The Rotary Club brought foreign exchange student Irene Kitsara from Patras, Greece, to Anderson for one year. Two club members hosted Irene in their homes during the year. Julie Jones ftopi shops at YANCEY'S SUPERMARKET, 1909 WEST 8th STREET, for convenience. Yancey's is the finest name in meats. Charlene Campbell frightl beams as she views the final result of her senior picture. LAWRENCE-KREHE STUDIO specializes each photograph and is located at 21 WEST Sth STREET. 176 M i if ECU-IRM 3 A Chris Jones and Carole Gibson observe how Coca-Cola is 1 dispersed from its central warehouse. cocA-coLA aor- ' A TLING COMPANY of ANDER- A- SON is located at 3200 EAST 38th STREET. V ix f. V, 'sf Gary Timmons realizes that he is safely insured by Marvin Lowe's coverage policies. MARVIN LOWE is lo- cated at 814 PARK AVENUE. In case of accident or illness, Mary Babb knows that she can depend on McVEY'S, 517 WEST 11th STREET, for the best in hospital and sickroom supplies. 177 PONDEROSA STEAK HOUSE, 2507 NICHOL AV- ENUE proves to be an excellent but inexpensive place for a noon time date as Bob Sample takes Debbie Perchinsky to lunch. For perfect cleaning and repleating of draperies, Rick Townsend and Steve Banks can look to AN- DERSON LAUNDERERS AND DRY CLEANERS, 233 SYCAMORE STREET. ' .Ai 178 Stephanie Vest and Becky Floyd take advantage of Friscn's fast and friendly carry-out service. FRlSCH'S BIG BOY is located at 500 NORTH BROADWAY and 901 MERIDIAN STREET. t A 1 AHS students play active role in Ecology Week AHS students played an active part in Mayor Ftock's "Ecology Week" program dur- ing the spring months. Four students, Terry West, Mary Winnlngham, Don Courtney and Jill Denny, assumed roles in such community boards as the Citizen's Advisory Committee, the Safety Board, the Air and Water Pollution Control Board and the Park Board, respec- tively. These students attended regular meetings of the committees and helped plan activities for the week. Committees were formed to clean up park areas around the city. The Air Pollution and Water Control Plant conducted tours of the plant to help familiarize area res- idents with pollution control methods. Carol Hinz tupper leftl investigates the variety of saws at STRICKLEFVS HARD- WARE, 1118 MADISON AVENUE. Strick- ler's has all your needs from plumbing to gardening. The staff at PLAYLAND DOUG- LAS STUDIO, 509 EAST 8TH STREET is ready and able to accomodate David Ether- ington tabovel with the perfect senior por- trait. Playland Douglas specializes in baby and youth portraits. IE x. . tt, 179 We-2' Senioritis catches Ken Amos by surprise in a moment of frustration in the auditorium iabovel. Commence- ment speakers Jill Denny, Kevin Stein, Celena Bostic and Terry West tabove rightl quickly review their ad- dresses at a rehearsal before graduation exercises. Physics student Jim Webb frightl rechecks his science fair entry before the official judging begins. After the final job is completed, Student Council member Kenny Horton ffar rightj autographs the backdrop which he painted for Twirp. 180 Mi Victory! - it's such a competitive - sounding statement. Whenever I hear it, I immediately associate it with athletic events. And yet, vic- tories of this kind are rare in comparison to the simple, everyday triumphs of life. The moments of compansionship with another individual are special victories, for in friend- ships I gain self-confidence and I mature. The completion of a term paper after weeks of research is the kind of success that lifts my spirits and allows me to carry on. Even such an ordinary task like completing some school days is often a major victory in itself. The def- initions of victory own no boundaries. To ex- perience triumph -this is the only important thing. Victory - it comes through living. I must continue . .. IHIVI IE IJ IUUS 181 :QS- k 1- President Nixon tlettl views the Great Wall of China on his historic, policy-changing visit to Red China. tAssociated Press pho- tot During a winter convocation, Senator Bayh voices his opinions about marijuana, Lt. Calley and the youth vote to the student body. Fl NIJ LU I peer into the "big" world outside my every- day world of green lockers and classrooms. In it I see encouraging signals beckoning my involvement. I am reassured by the work of "Ping Pong Diplomacy," and inspired when I hear two countries admit blame for years of mistakes. It is exciting to hear a Chinese band play the "Star-Spangled Banner" and the Chinese national anthem side-by-side. A winter day brings Senator Bayh, champion of the 18-year old vote, and a mock presidential primary where Edward Kennedy is triumphant over his top contenders, Nixon and Muskie. I note the phrases "Jesus Freaks" and "amnesty?" and wonder about their relevan- cy . . . And the signals continue, sometimes louder and brighter, sometimes so faintly that I often miss them. But still I follow, for it is my world, and I am its being, I must discover its meaning for my life. 183 F-IEHULI As I think of the seemingly endless years of my education, I recall the infinite hours of study and preparation that have spanned the days and months of this period in my life. lt seems that now l've finally reached the peak, but as I take those final, momentous steps, I discover that the distance behind me is not comparable with the miles I must still travel forward. And, as I stand on the thresh- old of my new journey, I am frightened. How can I be certain of the path I will follow? I hesitate, then slowly embark. I must not waiver from my destination, for I have so much to do! The time is right, and I must now step from these sheltered corridors into the world that is eagerly awaiting my commit- ment. And so, I reach out. . . 184 For seniors Charlene Campbell, Linda Brown and Dick Smith, a tour of a college campus is helpful in de- termining their college choices tfar leftl. Members of pep band gather in downtown Anderson to help boost spirit for cross-town rival Madison Heights as their basketball team leaves for the semi-state games in Fort Wayne tfar abovej. Anticipation and excitement give way to a mo- ment of anxiety and personal con- templation for cheerleader Celena Bostic during the opening night of the sectional lleftj. Community pro- fessionals tbelowl demonstrate new techniques for hairstyling to inter- ested students during Vocations Day, March 10. 185 ik Allensworth, Joe 132 , Mrs. Maxine 45 A Abel, John 25, 80, 132, 163 Abernathy, Luana 99 Abernathy, Mark 132 Abrom, Diane 99 A-Club 38 Actis, Greg 132 Adams, Jay 122 Adams, John 99, 173 Adams, Nancy 122 Adams, Vivian 99 Administration 142 Aerospace Club 32 Akers, Sharon 99 Albea, Butch 38, 48, 79, 83, 93, 99, 119 Albea, Sandy 28, 36, 38, 132, 133 Aldrich, Mrs. Judith 41, 110, 144, 147 Aldridge, Gary 25, 38, 79, 99, 152 Alexander, Allen 61 Alexander, Bill 122 Alexander, Keith 38, 79, 99 Alexander, Stephanie 99 Alger, Susie 132, 153 Alleman, Virginia 29, 122 Allen, Dennis 18, 99 Allen, Dewayne 81, 95 Allender, Betty 122 Allensworth, James 35, 79, 122 Allensworth, Veniece 99 Alt, Steve 79, 132 Alt, Teresa 18, 132 Amos, Ken 18, 28, 41, 50, 98, 99. 180 Amrine, Cindy 28,122 Anderson, Anderson, Albert 132 Christie 122 Anderson, Larry 30, 99, 143 Anderson, Laurie 20, 31, 132 Anderson, Paul 122 Anderson, Steve 18 Anderson, Terry 29, 31, 48, 99 Annual Staff 26 Courter, Brian 81, 123 165 Bobo, Jim 122 Anson, Zeke 79, 85, 91, 132 Anthony, Jane 99 Armine, Cindy 36 Armstrong, Russell 30, 132 Armstrong, Susan 27, 48, 99, 160 Arnold, Sue 36, 128, 132 Arnson, Gary 99 Art Club 33 Art Department 71 Ashcraft, Pat 122 Asher, Bob 122 Ashley, Beverly 132 Ashley, Teresa 99 Austin, Mrs. Marjorie 144 Austin, Phil 28, 45, 99 Aynes, Glenda 99 B Babb, David 21, 45, 122 Babb, Mary 20, 21, 23, 28, 45, 48, 52, 98, 99, 177 Bacher, Becky 132 Baden, Chuck 26, 30, 99 172 Baden, Janet 132 Bahler, Steve 99 Bahler, Theresa 36, 122 Bailey, Barbara 57, 122 Bailey, Melissa 18, 30, 41, 48, 99 Bailey, Tim 19, 99 Bair, Dewey 99 Bair, Eddie 122 Bair, John 99 Baker, Becky 21, 30, 36 122, 165 186 1 Baker, Kandi 122 Baker, Tom 29, 122 Baldwin, Joan 99 Bales, Gene 38, 79, 122 Bales, Missy 132 Ball, JoElIen 122 Balsley, Celia 30, 122 Balsley, Debbie 100 Balsley, Mr. Richard 62 144 Band 16 Banks, Kalen 20, 30, 48 132 Banks, Ron 122 Banks, Steve 38, 48, 72, 91 95, 100, 178 Bannister, Marceil 34, 100 Barber, Jim 81,85 Barbre, Jill 132 Barcus, Jim 79, 100 Barnard, Cathy 28, 38, 62 132 Barnard, David 56, 122 Barnes, Jeff 32, 132 Barnes, Patti 28, 36, 132 Barnett, Mr. Donald 144 Barnett, Kim 69, 122, 123 128 Barnett Le'Ann 34, 61, 100 Barnett, Patti 20, 31, 132 138 Barnhart, Mr. Larry 69, 144 Barrett, Debbie 100 Barrow, Mr. David 144 Baseball 90 Basicker, John 100 Basketball 84 Bastin, Lynne 100 Bastine, Debbie 18, 100 Bates, Coni 28, 30, 33, 48, 122 Baxter, Geoff 122 Beal, Denice100 Beaty, Mike 79, 132 Beck, Bruce 79 Beck, Tim 33 Beigh, Mr. Max 143, 144 Belangee, Mr. Robert 144 Bell, Susie 122 Bell, Tim 34,122 Bemish, Susan 33, 98, 100 Benak, David 132 Benefiel, Greg 132 Benjamin, Cindy 100 Benjamin, Mike 132 Bennett, Carol 28, 132 Bennett, Jane 38, 132 Bennett, Jim 30, 122 Berkebile, Karl 122 Bernard, Mrs. Rosalie 144, 148 Bertram, Dan 29, 33, 132 Bertram, Randy 132 Betts, Greg 132 Beverly, Virginia 122 Bicha, Wes 32, 122 Bickel, Barb 100 Biddle, Doug 48, 79, 132 Biddle, John 122 Bilyeu, Carol 21, 28, 33, 48 98, 100 Birch, Bill 100 Bitner, Sandy 100 Blais, Bryan 132 Blassaras, Crist 30, 46, 100 Blevins, Debbie 132 Blockson, Don 132 Blueher, Jenny 48, 100 Boaz, Linda 20, 25, 122 Bolderson, Gary 18, 33, 100 Bondurant, Scott 86, 132 Bonge, Bev 28, 38, 45, 132 Bonner, John 38, 48, 122 195 Bookout, Mark 93, 100 Boone, Claire 15, 21, 36, 37, 42, 76, 82, 122, 158 1 Index Boone, Daniel 100 Boone, Nikki 132 Boots, Shirley 132 Bostic, Celena 35, 37, 40, 100, 180, 185 Boston, Kevin 33, 122 Boston, Steve 100 Boutwell, Greg 132 Bowen, Lonny 35, 122 Bowers, Scott 38, 48, 50, 87, 100 Bowers, Toni 36, 122, 151 Bowling, Bill 122 Bowman, Debbie 20, 28, 36, 132 Boyd, Larry 79 Boyd, Mary 35, 132 Boyd, Roosevelt 35 Boze, Ed 35, 100 Braden, Melvin 100 Bragg, Tim 132 Bramwell, LouAnn 36, 122 Bramwell, Randy 100 Brandin, Christiane 14, 28, 36,122,125,161 Brandon, Mrs. Janet 34, 144 1 Brandon, Penny 34, 36, 100 Breeden, Jeff 30, 122 Breeden, Jim 29, 132 Brewer, Deborah 101 Brewer, Jim 101 Bricker, Anita 101 Bricker, Bev 35, 48, 101 Bricker, David 93, 101 Bridges, 46, 119, 144 Brinduse, Steve 132 Brinker, Mary 132 Brinson, Debbie 31,122 Brizendine, Jenee 5, 31, 36, 48, 122, 123 Brooks, Dennis 132 Brooks, Michelle 18, 133 Brooks, Neva 101, 122 Brown, Carol 28, 36, 39, 101, 156 Brown, Connie 6,18, 101 Brown, David 56 Brown, Ed 122 Brown, Garry 101 Brown, Linda 28, 36, 41, 48, 101, 185 Brown, Marcus 133 Brown, Mark 79, 133 Brown, Martha 133 Brown, Mike D.133 Brown, Mike F. 101 Brown, Stephanie 133 Brown, Steve 133 Brown, Terri 133 Brown, William 18, 31, 35, 122 v Brunow, Susie 35, 101 Bryan, Nancy 123 Bryant, Jeanetta 35, 40, 101 Buck, Cindy 36, 75, 133 Buck, Karen 40, 101 Buckles, Ric123 Buckley, Donald 79 Buckley, Emma 133 Buckley, John 101 Buckman, Mr. Ross 144 Buettner, Lanny 33, 123 Bundrick, Miss Linda 144 Burau, Susie 21, 29, 36, 38, 39, 45, 101 Burkett, Mike 38, 79, 123 Burkett, Patti 101 Burkhardt, Kent 94, 101 Burkhart, Brenda 18, 28, 133 Burkhart, Paula 33, 35, 123 Burmeister, Jerry 48, 123 Burnell, Faye 123 Burnett, Anita 18, 38, 123 Burnett, Dan 48, 98, 101, 147 Burnett, Mr. Howard 144 Burns, Janice 34, 101 Burris, Cindy 18, 20, 31, 133 Burt, Ken 21, 38, 45, 52, 79, 155 Burton, Bill 30, 48, 133 Burton, Joan 36, 39, 45, 48, 73, 98, 101, 167 Busby, Teresa 28, 36, 133 Business Department 62 Busing, Barbara 38, 133 Butler, Mary 133 Butler, Terry 101 Butts, Lois 101 Buxton, John 35 Byer, Bill 79, 133 C Calabria, Joe 31, 38, 79, 95, 123, 130 Caldwell, Frank 101 Campbell, Bruce 81,123 Campbell, Candi 20, 133 Campbell, Carla 35, 101 Campbell, Charlene 21, 26, 41,48, 101,176,185 Campbell, Craig 133 Campbell, Lisa 33, 123 Campbell, Mickey 123 Campbell, Paul 46 Campbell, Walter123 Canada, Kevin 123 Canaday, Mark 34, 123 Canine, Rod 133 Cantrell, Debbie 35, 123 Cantrell, Rhonda 133 Cantrell, Sandy 35, 101 Caplinger, Jeff 38, 40, 81, 95, 123, 128 Carmony, Dave 102 Carr, Joyce 20, 123 Carroll, Miss Marilyn 144 Carson, Bill 123 Carter, Mr. James 144 Carter, Jill 38, 123 Carter, Lynn 18, 102 Carter, Patricia 133 Carver, Karla 102 Case, Mr. Hank 98,144 Case, Mike 133 Casey, Carla 31, 39, 123 Casey, Mrs. Geraldine 145, 146 Castor, Kathy 18, 30, 41, 48, 102 Castor, Mrs. Ruthanne 145 Catlett, Ed 28, 102 Chadbourne, Mr. Horace 142, 145 Chaille, Rick 29, 48, 50, 102 Chaltant, Machell 133 Chamberlain, Deborah 123 Chamberlain, Gary 33, 35, 102 Chamberes, Bette 36, 38, 133 Chambers, Dixie 133 Chambers, Ellen 123 Chambers, Jeff 102 Chambers, 102 Peggy 18, 35, Chanley, Raymond 35 Chapman, Allan 102 Chapman, Randy 123 Chapman, Mrs. Virginia 72, 145 Chastain, Don 123 Cheerblock 36 Cheerleaders 37 Chismar, Darwin 30, 102 Chismar, Ted 79, 133 Choral Club 21 Choral Club Play 22 Choralettes 20 Clark, Bob 133 Clark, Cheryl 35, 102 Clark, Delilah 123 Clark, Dennis 28, 48, 123 Clark, Gary 35, 123 Clark, Karen 133 Clark, Mrs. Kay 145 Clark, Larry 38, 79, 82, 98 102 Clark, Mike 102 Clay, Mr. Paul 145 Clayton, Thomas 35 Clear, Jeff 123 Closser, Bob 102 Clymer, Jeff 48, 133 Cochran, George 79, 133 Cochran, Jeff 28, 46, 48 102, 110, 164 Cochran, Kathy 123 Cochran, Kim 30, 38, 133 Cochran, Larry 123 Cockrill, Carol 36, 133 COE 60 Coffey, Vicki 20, 28, 36, 133 Cokley, Elaine 35, 102 Cole, Carl 102 Coleman, Diane 133 Coles, Debbie 133 Collett, Maribeth 36, 41 102 Collier, Nancy 35, 36, 40 102 Collins, Jayne 123 Collings, Karen 11, 29, 35 102 Collins, Paula 36,133 Collis, Connie 133 Combs, Mike 48, 133 Condon, Cecilia 28, 36, 41 48, 83, 102 Conner, Ron 26, 34, 80, 102 Conover, Doug 21, 133 Conrad, Desma 20, 28, 36 41, 133 Constable, Mark 18, 29, 133 Cook, Dorinda 123 Cook, Paula 29, 133 Cook, Susie 123 Cooke, Cindy 18, 123, 175 Cooke, Pan 36, 133 Cookman, Cliff 102 Cooley, John 102, 173 Copeland, David 102 Copeland, Dennis 133 Copeland, Rick 102 1 Coppess, Charlie 98, 102 Coppess, Kathy 20, 36, 46 123 Coppess, Sue 36, 133 Coppock, Tim 87, 123 Corbin, Lesley 28, 36, 41 123, 155 Cottingham, Jayne 35, 123 Coulliette, Kathy 35, 40 123 Courtney, David 40, 79, 93 133 Courtney, Don 38, 40, 48 50, 77, 79, 95, 103, 182 Coverdale, Sheila 35, 103 Cowles, Bob 18, 123 Cox, Carol 31, 133, 151 Cox, Daniel 124 Cox, Duane 103 Cox, Mr. Kendal 64, 136 145 Cox, Michael 24, 30, 46 103 Craib, Scott 103 Craig, Jeff 134 Crane, Kris 20, 21, 23, 45 48, 103 Creamer, Allan 103 Creamer, Greg 124 v Creek, Norma 33 Crim, Richard 18, 29, 87 124 Cronk, Mr. Howard 145 Cronk, Mr. Stephen 145 Crose, David 33, 87, 124 Cross Country 81 Crowthers, Doug 86, 134 a Crusmire, Jeff 124 Cue, Jim 94, 134 Cummings, Becky 34, 103 Cummings, Mr. Charles 145 Cunningham, Bill 38, 79 93, 95, 124 Cunningham, David 38, 79 87, 103 Cunningham, Debbie 134 Czarniecki, Brown 31, 87 134 Czarniecki, Lani 103 D Dadds, Cris 103 Daffron, Dennis 103 Dailey, Tony 103 Danforth, Mr. George 145 Daubenspeck, Kent 103 Daugherty, Diane 18, 124 Daugherty, Steve 96, 103 Daugherty, Terry 20, 28 134 Daughhetee, Melanie 21 103 Davidson, Elbert 79, 134 Davis, Diana 124 Davis, Dianne 134 Davis, Laura 38, 134 Davis, Rhea 36, 37, 76, 104 Davis, Vicki 34, 104 Dawkins, Mr. Philip 85, 91 145 Day, Roberta 36, 72, 104 Day, Ronnie 124 Dayton, Peggy 30, 104 Deakyne, Julie 20, 39, 134 DECA 35 Decker, David 18, 32, 33 70, 104 Decker, Gary 21, 134 Dennis, Cindy 134 Denny, Mr. Charles 110, 145 Denny, Jill 31, 36, 38, 45, 48, 104, 180, 182 Denny, Tim 104 Desutter, Debbie 28, 134 DeWees, Mike 79, 93, 124 DeWitt, Simone 35, 104 Dickey, Kathy 20, 30, 38, 39, 124 Dickey, Pat 104 Dickmann, Patti 124 Diedrlng, Henry 124 Dietrich, Bechy 18, 31, 33, 38, 66, 124 Dietrich, Debbie 18, 31, 124 Dietzen, Kevin 134 Dietzen, Kyle 104 Dietzer, Mr. Donel 35, 145 Deitzer, Kim 87, 134 Dietzer, Stacey 28, 36, 39 124 Dillman, Sara 36, 37, 38 134 Dishmon, Anne 104 Dixon, Joann 134 Dobos, Paul 104 Doddridge, Nancy 134 Dodson, Paul 34, 104 Doelling, Mike 124 Doherty, Madleine 21, 28 31,38,45,124 Dollar, Bruce 35, 104 Dollar, Paula 36 Donaldson, Susie 20, 31 36, 38, 124 Donnelly, Lisa 124 Donnelson, Janice 31, 48 104 Donnelson, Joyce 21 Douglas, Jeff 104 Douglass, Mr. Noel 143 Douglass, Steve 48, 85, 91 94, 133, 134 Dowling, Becky 20, 134 Dowling, Tammy 26, 33, 36 104, 169 Drake, Mark 33, 98, 104 Driver Education Depart- ment 67 Dubosclard, Francoise 14, 45, 48, 104, 125 Dulin,Annetta134 Dunbar, Dearl 104 Dunbar, Greg 31,124,157 Dunbar, Nika 21, 22, 36, 37, 45, 48, 83, 104, 114 Dunn, Larry 33, 45, 48, 124 Dunn, Michelle 124 Dye, Mark 33, 124 Dyer, Jeff 18, 24, 104 Dykes, Dan 34, 124 Dykes, John 33, 104 Dyson, Debbie 26, 31, 36, 38, 39, 41, 48, 104, 170 E Eads, Kevin 28, 134 Early, David 29, 38, 79, 124 East, Mr. David 145 Eastman, Bob 93, 134 Eastman, Dan 104 Ebbert, Maleah 124 Ebner, Helen 46, 104 Ecker, Tom 104 Eckman, Mac 79, 87, 134 Edgecomb, Jack 124 Edgecomb, Mike 124 Edington, Jerry 18, 33, 124 Edwards, Arlene 104 Edwards, Doug 35, 124 Edwards, Doug 134 Edwards, Susan 28, 38, 134 Ehle, Margie 29, 36, 48, 105 Ehrlich, Linda 33, 36, 48, 105 Eiler, Steve 134 Elijah, Susie 31,38,134 Ellis, Dave 134 Ellis, Melinda 24,105 Ellis, Missy 18, 39, 124 Elmore, Connie 105 Elpers, Brian 29, 38, 87, 124 Erskine, Susie 28, 36, 37, 38, 134 Eskew, Chuck 18, 124 Eskew, Debbie 105, 157 Estes, Mr. Ray 67, 91, 145 Etchison, Terry 29, 124 Etchison, Tony 24, 134 Etchison, Yolanda 20, 31, 38, 73, 134, 174 Etherington, David 31, 124, 130, 179 Etherington, Rhonda 34, 105 Eutsler, Joni 105 Evans, Gary 124 Evans, Lita 134 Evans, Marcia 134 Evans, Mike 38, 81, 95, 105 Evans, Paula 36, 105 Evans, Peggy 124 Everett, Bill 48, 123, 124 Everett, Brad 133, 134 Everett, Pat 35, 40, 79, 123 Eversole, Mrs. Margaret 145 F Faith, Bill 105 Falker, Louise 18 Fall Wind-Up 14 Farlow, Dawn 31, 48, 105 Farlow, Sharon 36, 134 Farmer, Phil 105 Farmer, Sandy 124 Farmer, Teresa 28, 124 Farr, David 134 Farr, Susie 21, 124 Fee, Crystal 105 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 40 Felts, Teresa 28, 38, 134 Feree, Randy 134 Ferree, Gail 20, 28, 38, 41, 45. 134 Ferris, David 21, 40, 41, 45, 93, 105 Finley, Jeff 29, 105 Connie Brown, Mark Koebbe and Marilyn Mclllwain usher in the start of the basketball season with the background rhythm for the traditional Indian Maiden and Mascot dance. Finney, Mr. John 68, 145 Finy, Gary 35 Fischer, Jim 29, 134 Fisher, Bruce 134 Fisher, Nancy 28, 38, 41, 124 Flatford, Harold 105 Flatford, Patricia 31, 134 Flatt, Rocky 134 Fleischhauer, Dean 48, 105 Fletcher, Brenda 105 Floyd, Becky 20, 31, 134, 179 Floyd, Cathy 105 Floyd, Kurt 38, 81, 95 Foggs, Lynn 20, 30, 134 Football 77 Forepaugh, Ted 18, 34, 93 Forkner, Pixie 18, 33, 124 Forrer, Tony 124 Forse, Patti 36, 38, 48, 105 Foster, Jennifer 34, 105 Foster, John 38, 79, 105 Foster, Joni 38, 48, 134 Foster, Sara 20, 134 Foust, Kurt 30, 79, 133, 134 Foust, Monty 31, 134 Foust, Teri 21, 23, 31, 36, 45, 48, 105 Fowler, Carla 134 Fowler, Greg 124 Fowler, Kim 124 Fowler, Sam 35, 124 Fox, Jeff 33, 134 Fox, Melody 20, 31, 134 136 Fox, Rick 125 Fralick, Craig 123, 125, 158 Fralick, Nita 36, 37, 38, 134 France, Byron 134 Franklin, Bill 134 Frazee, Shannon 134 Frazee, Sue 105 Frazier, Chris 134 Freeman, Greg 38, 40, 79 91, 105 Freeman, Mr. Robert 87 145 French Club 28 Frendt, Marty 31, 48, 79 125 Frendt, Scott 31, 93, 134 Frese, Holly 18, 33, 125 Friend, Debbie 20, 30, 36 38, 43, 134, 173 Friend, Sharon 48, 105 Fritsch, Margie 38, 125, 134 Fritz, Marian 125 Frossard, John 79, 134, 166 Fuller, Denny 38, 40, 48, 79, 98, 105 Fuller, Liza 134 Funk, Mrs. Jo 145 Furlong, Denise 28, 35, 39, 105 Future Secretaries 40 Future Teachers 41 G Gallamore, Connie 36, 38, 125, 171 Garner, Charlene 34, 106 Garner, Debbie 36, 38, 134 Garner, Gary 18, 21, 35, 106 Garner, Thom 21, 29, 125 Garringer, Ron 81,913,134 Garrity, Mrs. Frances 38, 67, 146 Gasset, Nestor 32, 79, 95, 134 Gates, Dan 21, 45, 48, 64, 87, 98, 103, 106 Geiger, Toni 35, 106 Gentry, DeeAnn 20, 28, 125 Gentry, Marta 125 Gentry, Steve 106 George, Barbara 36, 38, 134 George, Gary 125 Gephardt, Steve 38, 40, 45, 48, 50, 80, 87, 106 Gephart, Martha 18, 29, 48, 106 Gerard, Cathy 20, 28, 38, 134 Gerard, William 106 German Club 29 German, German, Gibbons, Gibbons, 125 Ed 79 Theresa 106 Pan 134 Patty 18, 21, 31, Gibbs, Susan 134 Gibbs, Vi ckie 125 Gibson, Carole 18, 30, 125, 177 Gilbert, Greg 35,106 Gilbert, Sandy 135 Gillaspy, Paul 21, 106 Gilleland, Jeff 135 Gillespie Gillespie Gillespie Kim 36,135 I Mark 59, 106 , Richard aa, 107 Gillespie, Russ 107 Gillispe, Terri 133 Gilmore, John 18, 33, 107 Gilmore, Steve 18, 125 Girls Athletic Association 38 Girt, Janet 107 Givan, Karen 25, 107 Givens, Janet 125 Glazer, Gary 93, 125 Glenn, Lindall 38, 79, 125 Glougie, Debbie 107 Goberville, Vickie 125, 171 Goehring, Karla 125 Goehring, Pete 2, 38, 94 98, 107 Goins, Wesley 18, 135 Golf 94 Goodman, John 125 Goodson, Tom 125 Goolsby, Edna 36, 40, 107 Gordon, Bill 30 Gordon, Larry 46, 79 Rise 12, 20, 28 31, 38 Graham, 37, 38, 45, 48, 125, 170 Graham, Rita 33, 35, 125 Graham, Mrs. Suzanne 140 146 Graham, Tom 107 Grahame, Mrs. Evelyn 146 Granger, Diane 28, 38, 41 135, 159 Graves, Vera 135 Gray, Judy 21, 31, 41, 45 48,98,107,114 Gray, Paula 35, 36, 107 Gray, Peggy 36, 37, 38, 48 107 Gray, Tracey 135 Green, Randy 125 Gregg, Alan 31, 38, 40, 87 95, 125 Gregg, Barbara 135 Griffet, Patrick 125 Griffith, Genie 33, 107 Griffith, Nancy 21, 45, 107 Grimmett, Elizabeth 125 Gritzmacher, Pam 107 Groff, Gina 20, 31, 39, 48 135 Gross, Pam 36, 135 Grosser, Susan 135 Gunsenhouser, Ann 31, 38 125 Gunter, Candi 31, 38, 45 125, 167 Gwinnup, Bruce 107 Gwinnup, Steve 135 Gymnastics 86 H Hackler, Steve 38, 79, 125 Hackney, Jeanne 33, 39, 41 135 187 1 YYY- . Hahn, Cindy 59,125,152 Hahn, Rita 107 Haines, Becky 35, 125 Haines, Bill 107 Hains, Robert 135 Hale, Pat 135, 166 Hall, Doug 25,30,135 Hall, Kim 21,135 Hall, Robert 125 108 Hill, Mary Beth 108 Halladay, Janet 36, 125 168 Hamilton, Bruce 135 Hamilton, Don 107 Hamilton, Jim 107 Hamilton, Randy 125 lfert, Tim 109 125 Hardin, Jeff 33 48, 108, 109 Hammons, Jeff 18, 33, 125 Hampton, Bob 21, 107 Handley, Diane 2, 31, 36 38, 107, 174 Haney, Pat 125 Haney, Tim 107 Hardacre, Jackie 28, 107 157 Harden, Cora 107 Hardesty, Sue 18, 21, 31 Harless, Laura 31, 36, 38 48, 107 Harless, Nancy 30, 125 Harmon, Sandra 135 Harmsen, Bill 29, 107 Harney, Mike 33 Harrell, Miss Helen 146 136 Johnson King, Mr. Patrick 79, 147 146 Harrington, Barbara 107 Harris, Phil 125 Harris, Sandra 75 Hart, Teresa 34, 108 Hart, Tom 30,45 Harter, Rebecca 33, 135 Hartman, Shari 108 Harvey, Terri 33, 36, 135 Hatch, Karen 24, 36, 38, 48 108, 164 Hauck, Joan 18, 108 Haugan, Debbie 29, 135 Haugan, Theresa 125 Hawkins, Ann 21, 31, 36 41, 48, 73, 108 Hawkins, Jeff 125 Hayes, Joann 135 Hayes, Roger 31,125 Hayes, Shirley 135 Hayward, LeeAnn 18, 31 125 Hazen, Bob 21,79,125 Head, Bill 135 Head, Mr. James 145, 146 Heal, Joyce 135 Heath, Terri 28, 135 HEC 61 Heiney, Dwane 31, 36, 135 Helvering, John 21, 31, 80, 125 Helvie, Lance 108 Hendricks, Cecily 38, 135 Hendricks, Kim 108 Hennis,Allen135 if 147 Kivi, David 136 In a local shop, David Etherington mistrusts the reality of his distorted identity. 188 Henry, Mike 48,50,108 Herb, Tim 108 Herr, Debbie 48, 125 Hiatt, Diana 30, 135 Hiatt, Jeff 125 Hiatt, Jerry 108 Hiatt, Jim 108 Hickey, Don 9, 45, 126 Hicks, Terri 24, 30, 135 Higginbotton, Paul 48, 135 Highsmith, David 11,46 Highsmith, Mark 18, 126 Hill, Larry 30, 38, 40, 87, Hill, Steve 135 Hilligoss, Mr. Wendell 146 Hinderer, Joan 108 Hinkle, Terri 35, 126 Hinton, Lisa 18, 126 Hinton, Tom 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, 108 Hinz, Carol 26, 48, 108, 179 Hirsch, Betsy 21, 28, 38, 39, 41, 45, 126 Hirsch, Dick 79 Hitch, Theresa 20, 29, 41, 126 Hitchens, Dana 20, 33, 126 Hittle, Anne 25, 28, 36, 39, 41, 123, 126 Hittle, Mary 48, 108 Hobbs, Steve 135 Hobbs, Terry 135 Hodson, Mrs. Debbie 28, 145, 146 Hodson, Leanna 35, 108 Hofer, Bonita 31, 126 Hofer, David 126 Hoffman, Greg 126 Hoffman, Jim 126 Hoffmann, Mr. Donald 18, 146 Hoffmann, Janet 31, 36, 38, Hogue, Lorri 21, 126 Hoke, Holly 28,135 Holladay, Tony 108 Holland, Debbie 75, 135 Holland, Mike 35,126 Hollenback, Debbie 108 Hollenback, Sandra 135 Holloman, Dan 126 Homecomin 12 9 Home Economics Depart- ment 74 Honor Society 48 Hook, Tina 135 Hoover, Kathi 36, 39, 126 Hoppes, Dave 79, 135, 136 Horan, Mike 28, 38, 40, 79 108 Hornbeck, Becky 35 Hornocker, Kim 41,135 Horton, Kenny 48, 108, 121 180 Hoskins, Carol 108 Hoskins, Rita 135 Hoskins, Vicki 35, 108 House, Rhonda 18, 31, 126 Houser, Mr. Vincent 33, 146 Hovermale, Don 28, 38, 40, 48, 108 Howard, Mrs. Lorna 130, Howard, Tim 30, 135 Howe, Mrs. Paula 48, 146 Hudson, Dan 135 Hudson, Howard 108 Hudson, Steve 109 Huff, Dave 35, 79, 109, 157 Huff, Steve 109 Huffman, Greg 109 Huffman, Tanna 9, 21, 27, 28,41,48,109,157 Huggins, Mrs. Patricia 46, 146 Hughel, Jon 87 Hughes, Charles 126 Hughes, Rhonda 31, 33, 38, 41, 48, 126 Hughes, Rick 34 Hughes, Richard 18, 135 Hull, Renee 20, 31, 38, 45, 136 Humphrey, Robin 109 Hunt, Brad 28, 48, 65, 98, 109 Hunt, Dennis 109 Hunter, Jim 45,73,109 Hurd, Larry 109 Hurley, Mrs. Virginia 146 Hurst, Pam 20, 136 Hurst, Tim 18, 33, 126 Huston, Winona 30,126 Hutton, George 136 Hutton, Neil 109 Hutton, Nita 33 Hyatt, Connie 136 Hyatt, Lary 33, 126 I lmel, Marna126 lmler, Mark 4,136 Indianettes 18 Industrial Arts Department 75 Ingram, Jerry 136 Isbell, Phyllis 36,126 Jones, Monty 109, 159 Jones, Sandy 36, 45, 136 Jones, Steve 93 Jones, Tom 109 Justice, Ann 109 K Kachelein, Cindy 18, 31 126 Kanable, Mr. Robert 93 146, 148 Kane, Tim 29,110 Kase, Dan 58, 110 Kaster, Jim 126 Kaster, Kathy 126 Kates, Debbie 136 Kearns, Bob 28, 38, 40, 48 79, 110 Kearns, Debbie 110 Kearns, Jamie 38, 39, 126 Kearns, John 110 Kearns, Mary 136 Kearns, Mr. Robert 79, 146 Kearns, William 136 Keller, John 46,136 J Jackson, Doug 38, 48, 87, 123, 126 Jackson, Mable 109 Jackson, Nancy 24, 126 Jackson, Sharon 75 Jackson, Mr. Thomas 33, 146 Jackson, Toni 9, 18, 48, 126 Jackson, Vernice 29, 126 Jacobs, Mrs. Judi 72, 146 James, Ron 18, 48, 109 Jarrett, Jeff 48, 126 Jarrett, Jim 126 Jeffers, Gary 21, 33, 136 Jeffers, Rita 34, 109 Jenks, Jim 94,109 Jenness, Jeff 80, 91, 126 Jerram, Alan 18, 33, 126 Jochum, Mr. Stanley 41, 146 Johnson Alan 29, 48, 51, 109 Johnson, Albert 136 Johnson, Cheryl A. 9, 25, 27, 31, 48, 109, 168 Johnson, Cheryl R. 21, 126 Johnson, Mr. Daniel 146 Johnson, Danny 28, 48, 79, 133, 136 Johnson Darrell 126 Johnson David 80, 126 Johnson DeWayne 18 Johnson, Emma 109 Johnson, Janet 136 Johnson, Jim 6,18,33,136 John 38, 77, 79, Kelley, Jackie 136 Kelley, Sheila 126 Kelly, Dennis 74, 136 Kennedy, Bill 38, 46, 48, 79, 95, 110 Kenner, Joy 110 Keogh, Debbie 28, 136 Keogh, Mike 74,136 Kershner, Jim 18, 19, 110 Kessinger, Tina 31,126 Kestner, Lanette 35 Key, Jeannette 136 Key, Tony 35, 110 Kiely, Anne 21, 36, 39, 45, 48, 50, 69, 98, 110 Kiely, John 87 Kiely, Marianne 48, 110 171 Kile, Tedda136 Kilgore, Kitty 29, 36, 37, 38 133, 136 Kilmer, Ann 21,133,126 Kimble, Jerry 136 Kimm, Joe 126 Kimmerling, Carlene 21, 28 41, 110 Kimmerling, Marian 30, 36 136 Kimmerling, Teresa 126 Kincaid, Carol 35, 126 Kinerk, Cheryl 24, 31, 41 48, 110, 164 Kinerk, Karen 25, 31, 41 136 King, Gary 110 King, Mitchell 136 King, Pat 40, 48, 79, 85, 91 1 v v y 95, 136 Johnson, Mark 63, 109 Johnson, Mark 29, 126 Johnson, Mr. Nathaniel 81 95, 146 Johnson, Paul 14, 26, 38 48, 79, 95, 98, 109 Johnson, Richard 48, 93 136 Johnson, Terese 31, 126 Jones, Bill 33, 109 Jones, Charles 38, 40, 81 95, 128 1 I King, Patti 20, 28, 136 King, Ted 21, 30, 35, 126 King, Vicki 28, 126 Kingery, Gene 136 Kinney, Bill 48, 126 Kinney, Grace 20,110 Kintz, Katrina 126 Kitsara, Irene 14 45 Jones, Chris 21, 23, 31, 126, 177 Jones, Cindy 109 Jones, Debbie 126 Jones, Debra 27, 48, 109, 121, 163 Jones, Donna 126 Jones, Faye 136 Jones, John 35, 109 Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, 123, Julia 31, 126 Julie 176 Lori 36, 136,166 Lou Anne 28, 36, 126,150 Kitt, Nancy 18, 21, 33, 126 Kitterman, Mrs. Mary 55 Knepp, Sheri 136 Koebbe, Cathy 30, 31, 36 126 Koebbe, Mark 18, 21, 110 Koerts, Beth 110 Kollros, Pete 111 Koons, John 136 Kopp, Ann 21,239,126 Kovacs, Terry 136 Krieg, Renee 18, 126 Krieg, Rita 18, 136 Kuhn, Candy 126 Kuntz, John 21,136 Kurtz, Bill 35, 111 Newkirk, Mr, David 29, 147 A government book and a quiet corner provides the neces e55 691 I ,mgtfa gut. N0 ' ,JD lg If . -0- E' : ,' : L - I fffff F -1 - A math teacher's philoso- phy is reflected in a poster above his classroom door. L Lacey, Jennie 36, 38, 45, 136 Lachew, Joanne 33, 36, 38, 136 Lakey, Gary 111, 173 Lambert, Toby 126 Lame, Dee 31, 137 Lanane, Chris 86, 137 Lanane, Jeff 35, 126 Lance, Steve 133 Land, Bruce 40, 111 Land, Ron 38, 40, 81, 95, 137 Land, Tom 126 Landgraf, Fernando 14, 65 Lane, Steve M. 79, 137 Lane, Steve T. 137 Language Arts Department 72 Lanning, Claudia 21, 42, 45, 126, 129 Lantz, Barbee 34, 111 LaPierre, Sherri 175 Laramore, Mr. Joe 147 Lark, Rosie 111 Lash, Carol 20, 31, 97, 133, 137 Lash, Cindy 14, 20, 21, 23, 43, 45, 48, 50, 51, 73, 111 Laswell, John 126 Latin Club 30 Laughlin, David 35 Laughlin, Jean 21, 28, 36, 38, 39, 48, 126 Lawfer, Michael 111 Lawler, Mike 18, 111 Lawson, Debbie 30, 36, 126 Lawson, Margaret 36, 48, 111 Layne, Patty 34, 111 Leakey, Lisa 126 Leap, Teresa 111 Leavell, Dean 111 Leavell, Gaye 20, 21, 23, 33, 36, 41, 48, 111 Leaver, John 18, 137 Lee, Kevin 137 Lee, Tom 127 Leever, Randy 86 Leffel, Tom 21, 30, 127 LeMond, Robin 111 Lemons, Walter 137 Lennartz, Doug 38, 127 Lennington, Mike 40, 80, 87, 127 Lennis, Cindy 111 Lennis, Gary 33, 70 Lewis, Cindy 18, 33, 111 Linamen, Larry 48, 127 Lippman, Jerry 26, 48, 111, 160, 162 Little Chief 49 Logan, John H. 137 Logan, John L. 137 Long, Miss Lois 147 Long, Ray 111 Long, Sandy 28, 45, 123, 127 Longnaker, Mr. John 147 Looper, Sandy 111 Loose, James 111 Loveall, Floyd 18, 127 Lozar, Mary 36, 38, 40, 127 Lozar, Mike 29, 38, 48, 86, 111 Lucas, Eva 127 Lucas, Richard 34 Luther, Kevin 80, 87, 127 Luyet, Chuck 111 Lycan, Dale 29, 137 M Mabbitt, Bob 127 McAshlan, Greg 29 McCain, Mike 127 McCarty, Mark 137 McClain, Mike 127 McClendon, Vickie 137 McClintock, Debbie 34, 36 112 McClintock, Karen 31, 38 137 McConnell, Ruth 112 McCord, Chuck 18, 33, 137 McCord, Mary 35, 112, 150 McCord, Mike 38, 40, 77 79 McCormack, Judy 127 McCotry, Kathy 34, 112 McCoy, Donna 31, 127 McCoy, Tim 127 McCracken, Rick 137 McCrary, Janice 31, 41, 127 McCullough, Robert 137 McCutchen, Loretta 48, 137 McFadden, Elaine 28 McFadden, Mike 127 McFalI, Rickie 127 McFarland, Brian 137 McGlothIin, Raymond 137 McGoon, Mr. Harry 48, 147 McGrady, Irene 18 McGrady, Lurlene112 McGrady, Shirlene 41, 46 48, 112, 119 McGruder, Emma 33, 112 McGruder, Shirlene 34, 112 McHenry, Mrs. Martha 31 123, 124, 147 McHenry, Terry 20, 21, 23 31,45,48,98,112 Macholtz, Jean 21,127 Macholtz, Steve 38, 80, 137 Mcllwain, 33, 112 Mclntyre, Bruce 112 Mclntyre, Connie 127 McKee, Amy 21, 22, 23, 28, 31, 45, 48, 50, 51, 73, 98, 110, 112, 162 Mackenzie, Robert 111 Magers, Bill 38, 48, 81, 95, 111,162 Magers, Margaret 137 Mahoney, Randy 30, 32, 127 Mail, Jack 18, 33, 48, 50, 111 Mail, Rod 48,93,111 Maine, Mrs. Vivian 48, 147 Malaguerra, Ann 31, 127 Malaguerra, Mark 21, 137 Malone, Bill 31, 33, 41, 45, 46, 111 Malone, Freddie 111 Maloy, Mac 59 Mandrell, Gary 112 Manis, Mike 4O,87,137 Manis, Tonya 137 Manley, Janet 28, 36, 38, 127 Manuel, Teddy 35,127 Marsh, Jim 127 Marsh, Robin 21, 28, 36, 38, 45, 127 Marshall, Elizabeth 36, 127 Marshall, Tony 91, 174 Martin, Mrs. Deloris147 Martin, Nikki 36, 127 Martin, Pam 36, 54 Mascots 37 Matheney, Marsha 36, 137 Mathematics Department 64 Matney, Becky 48, 137 Matthews, Karen 31, 63, 137, 139 Mauck, Mr. William 38, 85, 91, 147 Maxstadt, Jim 28, 33, 137 May, Denise 33, 127 May, Margie 112 Mays, Mike 127 Mears, Susie 127 Melson, Susan 20, 28, 36, 137 Menifee, Patricia 34, 112 Mettlen, Bobbi 20, 39, 137 Marilyn 18, 21, Meyer, Meyer, Bob 137 Candy 38, 137 Meyer, Marjie137 Meyer, Mr. Michael 147 Michael, Julie 24, 36, 45, 48,50,112,119 Miles, Kevin 127 Miller, Bob 21,135,127 Miller, Candy 18, 38 Miller, Charles 127 Miller, Dena 36, 38, 112 Miller, Don 112 Miller, Jeff 127 Miller, Marilyn 137 Miller, Mike 133 Miller, Pam 112 Miller, Pat 19, 137 Miller, Paula 35,112 Miller, Rodney 106, 112 Miller Royce 31,138 McKinley, 112 Patty 18, 33, 35 McKinney, Rita 25, 31, 38 41, 137 McLaughlin, Jay 127 McMahan, Debbie 31, 137 139 McMahan, Mark E. 35, 112 McMahan, Mark R. 98, 112 McMahan, Rick 30, 87, 137 McManus, Randy 127 McMillan, Nancy 28, 38 137 McMillan, Neal 80, 127 Miller, Tom 86, 138 Mills, Gary 112 Mills, Mark 79,138 Mills, Terry 127 Millspaugh, Linda 30,138 Misner, Bob 127 Mitchell, Kim 18, 138 Mock, Mr. George 147 Monaghan, Tim 8, 33, 112 Montgomery, Debbie 28, 36, McNabney, Mike 46, 53, 79 127 McNutt, Tim 4, 48, 79, 127 McPhaul, Nancy 36, 127 McPherson, Mich 137 MacPherson, Terry 28, 36 127, 171 McShane, Charlie 33, 127 McShane, Mike 33, 35, 112 Macy, Mr. Jack 35,147 Maddox, Mrs. Vickie 30, 147 48, 127 Montgomery, Mr. Dennis 35, 147 Montgomery, Mike 79, 87, 123, 127 Montgomery, Sam 35, 112 Moore, Ann 138 Moore, Joy 45, 48, 113 Moore Moore , Larry 29, 138 Mona 138 Moore: Nancy 138 Moore,Sherr 18 31 138 Moore Moore Y I . ,Teresa 34, 113 Mr. Woody 79, 147 Mooreiand, Chris 138 Madrigals 20 Moreland, JoyceAnn 38, 113 Morgan, Giti 48, 138 Morgan, John 59 Morgan, Terry 127 Morris, Beth 128 Morris, Diane 20 Morris, Greg 138 Morris, Marty 29, 79, 93, 138 Morris, Terry 138 Moss, Rick 137 Mullarkey, Mrs. Susan 147 Mullins, Kirk 128 Mullins, Randy 138 Mullins, Yolanda 138 Mumbower, Debbie 18, 138 Muncy, Lorri 138 Murphy, Greg 18, 33, 138 Murphy, Pat 18, 113 Music Department 70 Myer, John 21,113 Myers, Steve 40, 79, 93, 138 Myers, Terry 138 N Nance, Angela 36, 113 Nave, Mildred 138 Neal, Joane 56, 113 Neal, John 81,93,128 Nealis, Rick 113 Needler, Darice 18, 28, 38 48, 128 Needler, Marshall 138 Nelson, Kim 31,138 Nelson, Wendy 35,113 Nevland, Debbie 128 Newberry, Mr. Charles 80 147 Newberry, Jim 31, 38, 40 48, 80, 138 Newby, Debbie 18, 35, 113 Newby, Doug 18, 128 Newby, Roxanne 35, 36 128 Newman, Tom 138 Niccum, Debbie 113 Nichelson, Olga 113 Nicholls, Sandy 138 Nicholson, Gary 33, 128 Nicholson, Mr. Jack 48, 147 Nierste, Mr. Robert 148 Noftsinger, Mark 40, 79, 85 133, 138 Noland, Mary 28, 128 Noland, Vicki 31, 38, 48, 50, 55,110,113 Noreen, Misty 138 Norris, Diana 31, 38, 138 Norris, Jackie 128 Norris, Kathy 30, 128 Nunn, Irene 35,113 Nye, Jeff 33 Nye, Nancy 18, 33, 113 O O'Brien, Mary 24, 28, 36 45, 48, 113 O'Connor, Gary 18, 128 Odom, Kent 18, 128 Ogburn, Ronna128 Ogle, Ftichelle 18, 35, 48 113 Ogle, Roxanne 18, 33, 138 Oldham, Dick 113 Olvey, Carol 113 Olvey, Linda 20, 138 O'NeiIl, Peggy 34,113 Orbik, Jim 30, 38, 40, 45 48, 113 Orbik, Patty128 Orbik, Rick 30, 38, 45, 81 93, 123, 128 Orchestra 33 Osborn, Ralph 113 Osborne, Bob 113 Osborne, Mr. Ishmael 66 148 Osborne, Pam 128 Overshiner, Vanessa 21 113 Owens, Steve 138 Owens, Tom 46, 138 Owings, Nancy 128 Oyler, Jane 20, 28, 133, 138 P Padgett, Debbie 128 Padgett, Ed 138 Page, Helene 20, 38, 138 Page, Sherrie 18, 128 Paige, Enod 113 Pancol, Debbie 16, 18, 33 113 Pancol, Steve 21, 30, 45 46, 138 Pardue, Jeff 35, 128 Parker, Gary 113 Parker, Karen 34, 113 Parkhurst, Tina 138 Parrish, Sandi 20, 28, 138 Parry, Nancie 20, 28, 48 Parsons, Stuart 26, 114 157 sary tools for a few minutes of individual study. 189 Patterson Patterson Patterson Annie 114 Calvin 114 Patterson, Patterson, , Greg 139 , Lance 128 Rhonda 18, 40, 114 Patterson, Sue 128, 172 Patton, Gary 128 Patton, Rick 18 Patulski, Dave 29 Paugh, Beth 20, 21, 23, 45 48, 114 Paulica, Jeannie 45, 48 Pavey, Becky 35, 114 Pavey, Mark 24, 48, 114 Pearson, Christy 34, 114 Pearson, Mr. Larry 148 Peck, Dick 38, 94, 98, 114, 170 Pendley, Steve 18, 31, 41 128 Pepelea, Bill 38, 79, 114 Perechinsky, Debbie 28, 31 36, 38, 41, 48, 114, 178 Perry, Melvin 114 Perry, Nancy 138 Pearsing, Ted 29, 38, 40 81, 95, 128 Peterson, Carole 28, 138 Peterson, Kenneth 115 128 Remley, Kent 28, 80, 138 Peterson, Pam 25, 138 Petry, Mike 128 Pettit, Jerry 33, 115 Pettit, Tom 63, 115 Pherson, Ron 138 Phillips, Allan 72,115 Phillips, Jody 45,115,158 Phillips, Lisa 40, 128 Phillips, Scott 81, 138 Physical Education De- partment 66 Pickens, Don 128 Pierce, Beth 33, 48, 115 Pierce, Chuck 128 Pierce, Joan 138 Pistole, David 27, 38, 48 129 Scott, Jackie 129 80,81, 115,156 Pistole, Mrs. Elizabeth 148 Pistole, John 31, 81, 85 138 Pitts, Mrs. Beverley 27, 48 98, 121, 148 Platt, Pam 36, 128 Plummer, Mrs. Norma 148 Plummer, Robert 115 Poe, Fay 18, 128 Polus, Margaret 20, 31, 138 Polus, Phil 30, 123, 128 Ponce, David 21, 138 Ponce, Frank 20, 21, 46 128 Poore, Brian 138 Poore, Jeanne 138 Pope, Mike 29, 128 Pope, Steve 138 Porter, Mr. Jerry 148 Porter, Joyce 36, 115 Porter, Marcia 138 Porter, Susan 36, 138 Powell, James 115 Powell, Jeff 21, 38, 79, 87, 128 Powers, Jack 115 Powers, Randy 18 Presley, Nancy 31, 38, 138 Priddy, David 81, 138 Prince, Carl 18, 93 Prom 42 Prout, Joyce 128 Pruett, Janet 35, 115 Prunty, Brad 20, 21, 23, 115 Pulliam, Michelle 36, 40, 115 Purcell, Gayle 128 Purciful, Tim 31, 79, 85, 133, 138 Pursley, Mr. Lee 24, 148 Purvis, Bruce 38, 40, 79, 95, 128 Pyzik, Barb 28,127 Q ouin a. Scroll 48 190 Quinn, Jane 28, 33, 45, 48 128, 170 Quire, Jerry 85,91,128 R Ragucci, Mr. Tony 18, 148 Railey, Debbi 128 Rains, Susie 28, 36, 38, 138 Ramsey, Denise 115 Rauner, Mr. Norman 148 Raver, Janet 33, 41, 48, 115 Raver, Sandy 28, 138 Ray, Becky 31, 138 Rayford, Jeannette 34, 48, 115 Reason, Theresa 18, 31 138 Red 8. Green Week 82 Reddick, Dennis 138 Reddick, Susan 20, 21, 23 48, 115 Reddy, Tim 128 Redfield, Leander 55, 74 79 Redick, Lynn 13, 45, 48 115 Reed, Mark 33, 45, 128, 169 Reed, Mark 18, 29, 138 Reed, Mike 45, 87, 138 Reese, Mack 35 Rehmel, Becky 35, 36, 115 Rehmel, Linda 36, 138 Reichart, Debbie 115 Reichenbacher, Richard 55 93 Reichenbacher, Rodelle 34 36,115 Reidelbach, Mary 20, 28 36,138 Reiley, Mr. Luke 74, 148 Reish, Sarah 21, 31, 34, 48 115 Reithmiller, Tom 79, 93 Reitz, LouAnn 20, 36, 38 Renforth, Jack 128, 155 Renz, Dave 38, 87, 115 Reynolds, Mark 21, 22, 33 45, 98, 115 Rhynearson, Mrs. Edna 148 Rich, Debbie 20, 28, 138 Rich, Mike 128 Ri, iardson, Barb 35, 115 Richardson, Bob 115 Richardson, Debbie 40, 128 Richardson, Leisa 36, 37 38, 139 Richardson, Mike 129 Richardson, Polly 36, 139 Richey, Joe 129 Richwine, Mrs. Marilyn 148 Riddle, Donnie 129 Riddle, Marvin 115 Reidel, Bill 48, 129 Reithmiller, Tom 139 Riffe, Patrick 116 Riggins, Carol 18, 41, 139 Riggins, Joe 18, 129 Riggs, Rodney 18, 139 Riley, Patty116 Risinger, Kent 35 Ritchie, Jeff 129 Ritchie, Tony 116 Rittenhouse, Mr. Larry 10 38, 87, 148 Robbins, Mary 129 Roberts, Jeannie 116 Roberts, Jeff 15, 20, 21, 23 38,94,116,168 Roberts, Peggy 21, 28, 37 45, 129 Roberts, Ritchie 87, 139 Roberts, Stephanie 139 Roberts, Vicki 36, 38, 139 Robey, Beth 116 Robinette, Mark 116 Robinson, Leslie 18, 21 129 Robinson, Marke 21, 48, 50 116 Rock, Becky 27, 36, 38, 41 48,116, 127,154 1 v 1 1 Rogers, Mike 30, 81, 139 Romine, Sherri 21, 30, 39, 129 Roop, Lisa 18, 129 Rosencrans, Becky 28, 35, 38, 45, 129 Ross, Christie 116 Ross, Debbie 139 Ross, LeeAnn 35 Ross, Pam 35, 129 Ross, Rudy 116 Rossen, Debbie 116 Roudebush, Ed 81, 139 Rousey, David 129 Rowe, Mike 48, 139 Rudd, Cliff 38, 95, 139, 170 Runyan, Bruce 19 Rushton, Steve 116 Russell, Beth 116 Russell, Dan 129 Russell, Jim 35 Russell, Melissa 20, 33, 139 Russell, Nancy 27, 28, 36, 38,41,45,116, 159 Russell, Ron 31, 35, 116 Russo, Mr. Peter 148 S Sachse, Tim 30, 129 Sago, Bruce 35, 129 St. Clair, Dan 31, 79, 140 St. Clair, Mary 18, 130 St. John, Becky 33, 118 Sample, 178 Bob 41, 48, 116, Sanchez, Raul 18, 116 Sanders, Bill 129 Saunders, Mike 63, 116 Savage, Jeff 20, 21, 23, 38, 116 Savage, Rick 116 Scales, Sara 116 Schafer, Becky 28, 139 Scharnowske, Mr. Robert 38, 69, 79, 86, 148 Scheerer, Dan 30, 38, 48, 50, 51, 55, 73, 87, 116 Scheerer, Debbie 36, 38, 62, 139 Schell, Bill 133 Schell, Steve 139 Schier, David 20, 21, 23, 33, 45, 46, 129 Schildmeier, Donna 29, 36, 116 Schildmeier, Kim 129 Schildmeier, Tony 139 Schilke, Laraine 31, 45, 129 Schipp, Dave 129 Schipp, Mike 48, 117 Schmalfeldt, Sylvia 29, 38, 138 Schmitt, Becky 116 Schoettmer, Greg 116 Schoettmer, Tom 93, 116 Schowe, Estelle 39, 129 Schowe, Paul 31, 40, 79, 93, 95, 139 Schrader, Ken 139 Schrenker, Elizabeth'30, 129 Science Department 65 Scott, Brenda 16 Scott, Carla 18, 25, 123, Scott, Lydia 35, 116 Scott, Terry 48, 129 Scott, Tom 58 Seacat, Bev 31, 139 Seals, Debbie 129 Sears, Kirk 18, 48, 87, 139 Seaver, Mr. Richard 20, 21, 148 Selby, Mike 18, 30, 139 Senseney, Debbie 28, 36, 39, 45, 129, 171 Settlemire, Jack 81, 129, 158 Seybert, Sherry 129 Shadle, Eric 139 Shafer, Becky 36 Shanklin, Marty 129 Sharma, Mrs. Carolyn 28, 148 Sharpe, Rick 79, 93 Shaw, Debbie 30, 139 Shaw, Mrs. Madiejane 148 Shaw, Terri 129 Shea, Kathy 139 Shearer, Thom 117 Shepherd, Bryant 18, 129 Sheppard, Bill 129 Shields, Allen 18, 129 Shields, Donna 117 Shievely, Debbie 28, 48, 129 Shively, Jeff 28, 48, 129 Shively, Jeff 86, 139 Shoecratt, Gaythel 117 Shoemaker, Sara 20, 36, 38, 139 Shoemaker, Mrs. Toni 148 Shook, Karen 129 Short, Brenda 36, 129 Short, John 38, 79, 139 Shrake, Dawn 18, 31, 139 Silvers, Rodney 38, 86, 129 Simison, Terry 139 Simmons, Penny 18, 31, 129 Simond, Bob 129 Simond, Mack 117 Simpson, Mary 18, 33, 48, 117 Simpson, Nancy 129 Sims, Gary 129 Sinclair, Mary 33 Sink, Dennis 129 Sipes, Judy 29, 129 Sipes, Ralph 34 Sizelove, Vicki 18, 129 Skaggs, Dan 85, 91, 139 Skidmore, Carl 139 Skidmore, Connie 117 Slater, Kathie 139 Slaven, Joe 38, 117 Sleet, Cindy 117 Sloan, Margaret 35 Smith Bonnie K. 36, 45, 117 ,Brad 38,93,117 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Carlton 33, 117 Charlie 139 David 117 Smith, Debbie A. 34, 117 Smith, Debbie S. 28, 36, 45, 98, 117 Smith, Denise 35, 129 Smith, Dennis 139 Smith, Dick 38, 80, 81, 86, 117, 185 Smith, Donna 18, 33, 117 Smith, Garry 21, 130 Smith, Gary 87, 139 Smith, Karen 18, 139 Smith, Kevin 33, 130 Smith Lynn 139 Smith Mark 18, 86, 139 Smith Paula 117 Smith Penny 130 Smith, Randy 12, 37, 45, 76, 86, 95, 130 Smith Rene 18, 30, 139 Smith, Rick 117 Smith, Robbie 21,130 Smith Ron 130 Smith, Steve K. 139 Smith, Steve R. 48, 117 Smith, Susan 20, 33, 36, 38, 45, 139 Smith, Terry A. 35, 45, 117 Smith, Victor 30, 139 Smitha, Steve 30, 38, 79, 91, 130 Snelson, Judy 139 Snyder, Cherilyn 30, 35, 48, 123, 130, 140 Snyder, Cindy 36, 130 Snyder, Mark 117 Social Studies Department 68 Soden, Debbie 139 Sokol, Carol 38, 117 Sokol, Jane 28,38,39,13O Sokol, John 86 Southers, Linda 139 Sowers, Gary 139 Spall, Dan 117, 163 Spangler, Mr. Richard 149 Spanish Club 31 Sparks, Mr. Joseph 149 Spears, Mr. William 149 Speck, Mary 117 Speech 81 Debate 46 Speedy, Mike 38, 40, 48 79, 93, 117 Spitzmesser, Julie 18, 29 130 Spradlin, Melvin 130 Springer, Debbie 31, 36 130 Stage, Cathy 35, 117, 165 Stage, Chris 140, 165 Stahl, Jane 130 Stamp, Harry 91 Stamper, Greg 29, 38, 48 79, 95, 130 Stanley, Caryl 31, 38, 130 Stanley, Cheryl 31, 33, 38 130 Stanley. Emily 117 Stanley, Pam 130 Stanley, Tim 118 Starks, Lynn 20, 38, 45, 48 133, 140 Staub, Susie 31, 140 Steckler, Candy 31, 36, 48, 118 Steger, Scott 140 Stein, Kevin 30, 38, 48, 50, 54,79,118, 180 Stein, Mary Jo 31,38,140 Stephens, Mike 18, 118 Stepp, Brian 140 Stevens, Terry 130 Stevenson, Gloria 35, 75, 130 Stewart, Bill 50, 51, 65, 118 Stewart, Darrell 130 Stewart, Deborah 140 Stewart, Patricia 118 Stinson, Bill 140 Stinson, Vicki 118 Stires, Anne 20, 28, 36, 41, 140 Stires, Tim 130 Stires, Tom 118 Stith, Marva140 Stith, Robert 118 Stone, Sandy 140 Stoops, Cheryl 140 Stoops, Resa 130 Stout, Lynn 130 Strader, Debi 140 Staley, Bob 33, 140 Streaty, Debbie 18, 48, 130 Streaty, Konrad 18, 130 Student Council 14 Stuller, Frank 130 Stultz, Bill 18, 140 Sullivan, Julia 18, 29, 140 Sullivan, Mike 87,118 Sullivan, Mr. Phil 79, 94, 149 Super, Pat 31, 130 Surbaugh, Sally 26, 36, 48, 118, 161 Sutherland, Tim 18, 33, 118 Sutton, Debra 118 Swafford, Lisa 54, 140 Swain, Ed 79 Swain, Edith 130, 140 Swain, James 65, 81, 130 Swallow, Stephanie 31, 140 Swan, Lori 20, 140 Swank, Brad 130 Sweet, Debbie 20, 140 Sweet, Mrs. Margaret 97, 149 Swift, Mr. Clifford 149 Swimming 87 Swinehart, Diane 28, 36, 130 Swing Choir 21 Sykes, Jennifer 118 Sylvester, Anna 20, 33, 140 Sylvester, Cindy 35, 118 a 119 Tanner, David 130 Tranbarger, Terry 140 T Tappeor, Doris 35 Tapplas, Lena 140 Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Doug 130 Doug 28, 48, 140 , Jeff 130 , Judy 130 Kathy 35, 40, 48, Taylor, 118 Taylor Roy 91 Taylor, Teresa 118 Taylor, Terry 35, 130 Tedrow, Ed 118 Temple, Danny 21, 140 Temple, Leah 34, 118 Tennis 80 Terheide, Robert 140 Thespian Play 45 Thespians 45 Thomas, John 34, 130 Thomas, Pete 35, 140 Thomas, Rex 140 X-Ray sian 24 Thomason David 35, 118 Thompson, Barth 81, 140 Thompson, Charles 118 Thompson, Joe 140 Thompson, Rany 130 Thompson Rick 79, 140 Thompson, Roger 140 Thompson, Sandra 130 Thompson, Steve 118 Thompson Steve 79, 87, 140 Thompson, Wendell 35 Thornburg, Lois 21, 23, 29, 36, 37, 45, 76 Throesh, Karen 118 Thurber, Tim 35, 118 Tibbetts Ja 32 118 , Y , Timmons, Gary 27, 118, 177 Timmons, Susie 26, 118, 153' Titteyg Jerome 130 Tittey, John 119 Titley, Lee 130 Titley,-.Richard 119 Tjart, John 33 Todd, Mr. James 149 Toles, Leslie 130, 161 Tolle,'Susie 35, 48, 60, 119 Tomlinson, Betty 40 Townsend, Rick 119, 178 Toye, Brad 130 Track 95 Tranbarger, Dale 58, 59, Trantham, Brenda 45, 98, 119 Travis, Debby 119 Treadway, Jamie 130 Treadway, Kathie 41, 48, 119 Tucker, Tom 35, 119 Turner, Charles 119 Turner, Larry 119 Turpen, Cathy 36, 130 Tuterow, Tom 130 Twirp U Underwood, Barbara 119 Upperman, Judy 33 Upperman, Sharon 18, 30 V VanBaalen, Rick 18, 35, 130 VanCamp, Robin 30, 35, 48, 130, 165 Vance, Paul 18, 140 VanDalsen, Darlene 18, 30 VanDarlsen, Kim 140 VanSlyke, Paul 29, 130 Vaughn, Sandy 36, 130 Veneskey, Steve 29, 130 Vermillion, Stephanie 130 Vest, John 130 Vest, Stephanie 36, 48, 140, 179 Vetor, Dawn 21, 24, 28, 36, 41, 48, 119 VICA 61 Vocational School 56 Vocational School Student Council 32 Vorndran, Steve 140 Vorndran, Tom 81,130 Voss, Don 81, 140 W Wable, Richard 131 Wade, Jeff 119 Wages, Gary 131 Waldrep, Bev 119 Waldrep, James 131 Waldrep, Theresa 140 Walker, Brenda 140 Walker, Mike 40, 93, 133, 141 Walters, Tim 119 Ward, Tami 28, 141 Ward, Terri 31, 141 Ward, Tom 30, 120 Ward, Yvonne 131 Wardwell, Cathy 31, 141 Warren, Marilyn 18, 48, 131 Washburn, Mr. Gary 18, 149 Washburn, Tim 98, 120 White, Joyce 18, 131 White, Marlin 120 White, Robin 79 Witton, Susie 31, 38, 48 141 Wollam, Jerry 121 White, Terri 18, 131 Whitehurst, Chris 35 Whiteman, Cindy 18, 141 Whitmill, Cheryl 20, 141 Whitmill, Debbie 120 Whitson, Brenda 33, 120 Whitson, Greg 21,131 Wood, Doug 131 Wood, Jody 130, 131 Wood Kevin 36 39 131 Woodi Peggy 21,, 29, 131 Wood, Wood, Ron 35, 131 Sue 18, 30, 33, 131 Woodall,Tonia131 Whitson, Kathy S. 34, 120 Woodruff, Randi 25, 38, 98 Watkins, Barbara 120 Watkins, Kris 141 Watkins, Len 131 Watkins, Sandi 38, 131 Watson, Cardell 79, 131 Watson, Cynthia 31, 141 Watson, Debbie 36, 120 Watson, Doretha 46, 120 Watson, Kim 141 Weaver, Danny 35, 131 Whitson, Terry 131 Wigner, Gary 54, 120 Wigner, Jeanine 36, 120 Wihebrink, Barbara 120 Wilburn, Randy 123, 131 Wilkin, Mrs. Deborah 31 149 Wilkinson, Tim 133, 141 Williams, Charles 141 Williams, Cyndee 18, 38 131, 161 Webb, Dave 21, 24, 79, 131 170 Webb, Jim 120, 180 Webber, Karen 21, 35, 131 Weddell, Nancy 30, 65, 131 Weed, Stan 30, 120 Weis, Katie 26, 48, 50, 120, 156 Weis, Tom 87, 141 Weisbrod, Ed 141 Welch, Randy 131 Welch, Sandy 120 Welker, Sandy 131 Wellman, Mindy 35, 40, 120 Welsh, David 141 Werner, Marsha 141 Wertz, Sandi 141 West, Terry 21, 31, 45, 46 48, 110,12O,180, 182 Westenberger, Sandra 141 Westmorland, Carol 20, 131 Weston, Dan 35, 120 Weston, Eric 141 Wethington, Hilda 141 Wethington, Linda 120 Wlqagon, Charlene 31, 141 1 Whalon, Rhonda 36, 43, 48, 120, 155 Wheaden, Mike 131 Wheat, Bill 120 Wheeler, Tom 87, 141 Wheeler, Vicki 131 White, Debra 141 In Memoriam Williams Williams Williams , Williams, , Debbie 131 Dwight 141 Elaine 131 Frank 30, 120 121 Woods, Vicky 18, 131 Woodsome, Robin 141 Wools, Kandy141 Wools, Kendra 141 Woolsey, Mrs. Jeanne 40 149 Worden, Kathy 21, 28, 41 131 Worden, Mr. Richard 149 Worden, Susie 141 Worl, Cindy 21,24,48,121 Worl, Sue 31, 36, 37, 38 45, 141 Worley, Brent 35, 60, 121 Worster, Dave 31, 48, 79 141 Worthington, John 171 Wrestling 92 Wright, Brad 80, 131 Wright, Janet 131 Wright, Pam 121 Wrin, Ed 81,86,141 Wulle, Carla 24, 121 Wurst, Pam 28 nw 'l'!"....,"'3' Anderson High School suffered a distressing loss when, on February 19, Junior Douglas M. Lennartz, 16, died of injuries sustained February 11 in an accident on the trampoline. Doug, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Len- nartz of 1103 Victory Court, was a member of the St. Mary's Catholic Church, the CYO of his church, A Club and was formerly a Boy Scout. Upon special request he was buried in his A Sweater. ln his memory the Doug Lennartz Memorial Award will be presented to the best gymnast each year. Each gymnast will be awarded a medal and his name will be engraved on a permanent trophy in mem- ory of Doug. Williams, Jan 34, 39, 61 120 Williams, Julie 21, 31, 45 131 Williams, Mary Ann 120 Williams, Octa 21,120 Williams, Pat 87, 133, 141 Williams, Rita 20 Williams, Vicki 25, 31, 35 48, 106, 120 Willis, Jim 24, 38, 48, 50, 79, 87, 120 Willis, Robert 35 Wills, Cheryl 141 Wilson, Barry 38, 79, 93 131 Wilson, John 18 Wimmer, Randall 141 Windham, Lelon 4, 35, 131 Winningham, Mary 48, 131 182 Winningham, Thelma 131 Wire, Ben 93, 141 Wise, John 141 Wisehart, Ginger 36 Wisner, Debbie 18, 131 Withers, Julie 34, 121 Withers, Libby 131 Withrow, Jana 121 Witte, Brian 141 Wynn, Mary 121 X-Y-Z Yelton, Geoff 28, 141 Young, Belenda141 Young, Mary 21,38,42,131 Young, Phil 79, 141 Young, Sherri 18, 121, 160 Yust, Mike 87, 131 Zankl, Jay 19, 54, 121 Zankl, Ruth 38,41,131 Zebedis, Sue 38, 131 Zerkel, Mr. Paul 124,149 Ziegler, Chris 141 Zink, Earl 131 Zirkelback, Carol 34, 121 Zirkle, Elaine 40, 131 Zook, Cheryl 31, 141 191 The brown days of winter have blossomed into the cool, greenness of this spring day. In excitement I shed my heavy winter Coat, and with it go my sluggishness, my wor- ries, my indifference. I breathe deeply and I rejoice for I feel so alive, so free. I remember that IAM. . . 1972 INDIAN STAFF David Pistole . Cheryl Johnson Becky Rock . . Katie Weis ... Sally Surbaugh Debbie Jones Carol Hinz ... Debbie Dyson Tammy Dowling Jerry Lippmann Susie Timmons Nancy Russell Gary Timmons Tanna Huffman Sue Armstrong Charlene Campbell .., Ron Conner ....... Paul Johnson ,.,. Stuart Parsons Mrs. Beverley Pitts . . 192 Acknowledgments . . .. Editor-in-Chief ... Managing Editor ,. .... Business Manager ....... Academics .... Activities .... Advertising Faculty ... Organizations Senior Sports ........ Underclass Advertising Manager Advertising Manager Circulation Manager .... Office Manager ,....Photo Editor . . . Photographer . . . Photographer . . . Photographer Advisor COMMERCIAL FIRMS Mr. Frank Woschitz . Keys Printing Company S. K. Smith Company .............. Cover Mr. William Stookey . Feature Photographer Mr. Russ Forkner ..... Group Photographer Prestige Portraits ....,..... Underclass, Faculty Portraits The staff also wishes to thank Mr. Case, Jeff Dyer and Gunvids Jansons for their assist- ance in photography and Kevin ldlewine for his cover design. The 1972 Indian is printed on 80 pound Saxony paper. Headlines are 24 point Megaron. Body copy is set in 10 on 12 point light and bold Helvetica, and index and captions are set in 8 point light and bold Helvetica. Color bars are pantone green, pantone red and process blue. HNIHUUHTIUE JINDJHIN... PTFE .. .JININEH me Jmnmm...1.fwa...ammuuHTauE

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