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N S PA ALL National vkkihlaapoxuxlfa y C L, ! .f C, X JC,nO'.3S3uC u'2Q"f?'w 4 RICAIV I ,x n Assocxaf ,o 1- ,QI " ra A41 Jvfl 155 jf'!?T1c-.--V .. 3 Utzivcfaiky oi 5v'F1z'.r,s.:ff2a ' 55-255 Mknnsuoia sf' - 'fr A, xx., ui QW 'Y VKX' ! wo' n ,.. i s , o , H Am 52455 "".r in WH .- ,,s. ,A-,'Q5-T1 o Ju- , 1 ,V 1969 Indion Anderson High School Anderson, Indiono I H ll g If d seconds after the bell rlngs, Q , :FS f w "V I Q Q p , fy: V Qi N i Table of comms I ll Opening l Academics l4 Aclivilies 32 Sports 74 People 90 Closing l82 Index l86 The dare to loe different Set apart from other young people, Students at Anderson High School Spoke their own language, Went to their own places, Cherished their own ideals. Although both spoke critically of an Established society, The criticisms of AHS'ers reflected Intelligent thinking and Mature iudgement. Youth rejected conformity That infringed upon their individuality, Yet, instead of withdrawing from reality, Many offered responsible suggestions. Responding to a challenge, Anderson High School had accepted THE DARE TO BE DlFFERENT. Anderson High School occupies o most important corner on education within the community. Each person is given the opportunity to excell ot Anderson High School, he has only to take the step. 3 I, . K 02551: x . 5 t Y .4 Z , I 'QNX W' . Y 1. 'nh " 'F ,. 1 :5' ',-, ' ig - W., ' " 4 -1- Hi. n A I wwf K ' , M ff-X T g , njfyiqu V ffifl .gg-rg.: H Q N f l TNS 2 1 Ln, M " ,, V f wx, Tj-X, fs Q N .X fp "W A E 1 Q IQ. W K 5 NK I Q 4 me ix W. 1 if , Q gk if X Qixxxx X aipfbas Q9 Q RL :Jff 3- M im, Q m x lg! m A Q sm 'ft ew? buy " Q4 'ML "5 1 Q2 1 -' 1 A: ': X , ,V 4 I gm gg N X- -Q 1 s q it l RQQFX QE .MW 3 g S l Ki 5 fl H, ek u 4 ' 'x Q-:MM fm., S i f' A V ,Q-A-J, 4 r gl inf, I 5 . H 2 -, , i A i 'rl ,J l ,f"f"'!, a..Nx Reflecting a g roove They dared to adopt The corny extremes, The onbelieyeably strange fads, The ideas branded hippy And transform them into Genuine attitudes reflecting Their groove, ln a society whose social concepts Were constantly changing, Theirs was the task of discovering fvledians. Display cases served the purpose of mirrors. Some contemporary styles reflect the romanticism of a former era. 'Wm Sideburns are a prominent feature of boys' holrcuts. 5 Learning To live As the student Developed his Own vibrant personality, He asked the meaning of Maturity. Learning to live With people Demanded an understanding That encompassed The very borders Of man's personal relationships. Alias Mister Doolittle prepares tor My Fair Lady. The rush to avoid the crowds when the bell rings is a tolerated custom at AHS. 6 4 Preparing for the Fall Wind-Up Dance, the Midnight Hour, Council members try their hand at painting. 'ies kg QFAL K' Q X A , Wil rw,-ff xii! if 1, L uw 5 7 ' sa 'WE n Q7 ,u r ,J X .13 ' P ,X , 1. "V - . - W Q ' MT'-f2QQ?L?'g ' g swim fi: J , Z3 V. gf: ,gg K: 3.2 F . P, Ygiigfi V D mf Y Y 4 S ,, A - ' Q K ,- -- ff., Q 1 1. il ,ge X 'I ld? M E I Q, 5 'N 532 3 M6 f ig A i, 5? 3? f gf Z " ir-' . ' 5 X 4.3 1 K 1 . X- Q51 5 251 W, ,H v 'sn Honoring the ilndion' s ,,. i, - 1 .- O sf! w gk ff.. Q A 1 X Q is I gil. 1 A. 'a mc I Student Council members initiate the eighth an- nual Penny Postman drive. 8 Age old customs add sparkle to classrooms. gi .L L f .V , 5, Q. 4 Victory points rise as students fireeup with Indian fever Although some customs passed, Certain traditions endured. Nothing could compare with Anxiety Before the Madison Heights rivalry, the Thrill When class rings were ready, the Pride ln receiving an A Club ioclcet. New words and expressions were sprinkled Into the vocabulary of every student, But none had the impact ot "Indian," -u.....,,,,,,..'- umm., ,io Symbols ot o continuing rivalry ignore eoch other with studied indifference. Selecting class rings is 0 moior decision. Drilled for titteen grueling weeks, the Indion bond rnorclwecl Ott with tourtlw place honors in State com- petition. 9 :gum 1 A student studies ond reflects. Gov. Eclgor Whitcomb on the election trail greets citizens. IO Recognizing community needs, students help make life o little brighter for two cerebral polsey victims. In the AHS gym the lclte Sen. Robert Kennedy speaks for youth. 'L 'Si , 'J l l l """"' l fr-1 .':'-.-r:.'. l rvvn rv: i rv-1 I""I rmrl r'-I i H11-,, FU!-Q rr r Y . F I M 5 an-W ncaa s.. J ff amy! me 1 has un. . saw. Qu W. FWHM? S E 5 El -up.: lar! ifj 1 up 2' i Condy-stripers ond other volunteers eose the burden ot on Anderson hospital. Students demonstrote their interpretation ot "soul" ot the onnuol tolent show. Committing to sociol conscience, involvement .iw one 59 . I JW K, . J, . 1,1 , Lo,4 tWs,,ss,.,t,., . ,iff M 'Rf Library news medic provides wider understdnding tor students concerned with internotionol ottoirs. Students ot AHS developed O sixth sense, A sociol conscience. Desiring involvement concerning roce, Poverty, ond Justice, They questioned Hours of homework When so much needed to be done. They tollowed politicol compdigns Through lectures, debates, Gnd television programs At school. Some octed interested becduse they wonted To get out ot closs, Others were concerned beccuuse they knew They would be voting in the next election. ll While caught up in the search tor Self-identity, Students struggled with the Otten conflicting desires ot Being with friends or Staying alone. To grasp the dignity That belongs to every rnan Was an unending quest For each person. The individual had to discover paths at Personal recognition and Worthwhile accomplishment. Constant reassurance in friends is sought. To be outsidel To be tree! Yet what awaits the educated outside the security ot his school? 12 Friends exchange casual confidences at their locker ,fl 1 g. Xfbg Va-uw 3'xo Actors ond workers focu fee? opening performance A gum-chewing monkey nos the rernorkoble cbxlnfy of brnngmg peopNe together ,Lgi 1.1543 :Hifi Academics Completion of minimum requirements and the understanding of basic principles came first, but students moved far beyond into advanced and honors courses in an attempt to 1earn more. Regardless of Class or course the teacher is the heart of instruction, The classroom is CJ window for those desiring knowledge. M' Tools of The classroom open the woy to problem solving. Auto mechanics classes center on problem engines. Drilling to within a thousanclth of an inch points the accuracy that industry requires. Industrial sk ills honed tor future vocation Whether the student wished to develop a particular skill tor a tuture vocation or for pleasure only, the industrial Arts De- partment provided the necessary train- ing, Instruction in drafting and mechani- cal drawing prepared the student who desired a career in engineering. Machine Shop, Printing, and Auto Mechanics ot- tered training tor students seeking op- prenticeship in industry upon graduation. Learning by doing, the AHS print shop teaches var- ious aspects of the printing trade by supplying printed materials for school use. Feminine interests stimulated in domestic arts Feminine interests in the domestic arts were stimulated through the Home Economics Department. Teaching the student to set a proper table, to prepare a nutritious meal, and to sew her own clothes was a part of the obiectives of this department. ln com- pletely remodeled kitchens with new plumb- ing, stoves, and refrigerators, l-lome Fc stu- dents found cooking a pleasure. ln addition to the courses in Foods, Nutrition, and Cloth- ing, future homemakers were offered a course in l-lome Planning and Decorating. Girls participating in the Food Service program gained experience by working in cafeterias, restaurants, and hospital kitchens, developing skills which would serve them both now and in the future. Basic understanding of Home Nursing and Child Development is furthered by use of visual aids. X Models learn correct stance and pivots to present their creations at classroom style shows, Comparing Early American furniture with text- book examples, students plan the decor of fue Hem placement is a real problem for the contemporary amateur 50031577955- ture homes. 'l7 Vivid imaginations are revealed as Rorschach Tests show the fanciful patterns created by ink blots Human rights, political thought stressed World histo semester proiects are proudly ar- VY ranged in the front hall's display cases. I8 Nineteen AHS teachers met with students in I3 social studies courses to create a better understanding of social relationships. The scope of subiect material was widened by the presidential election with speakers, reports, lectures, and debates en- couraging students to take an interest in politics while voting machine instruction helped them understand the balloting sys- lem. The increased stress upon black America led to emphasis of their role in American history and an elective course in Black American History for 1970. Human behavior was investigated in psy- chology classes and further developed in the exploratory teaching program which in- troduced prospective teachers to daily situa- tions in local elementary teaching. impersonal and detached reports of past civilizations developed appreciation for past and present. Posters from a bygone era bring color and life to an exciting period studied in United States history ri lp g .is X1 JQAM FRN it ii IQ - at 'Q 5, .. 1 A Exploratory teaching permits future 1 instructors to goin experience . through Contact with young pupils. Learning to cast a vote is one of the primary steps in becoming o respon sible adult citizen. ' . T i f I9 i w .NV f s i 1 , 4, rt it ll l 1 , .W L, ,J i Practice, practice, practice leads to musical perfection-if you are lucky. Make-up, lines, costumes, and action highlight the study of dramatics. aa- -1'-5' A f""'5T' ..-fx Art students spend many hours in designing, draw- ing, and creating scenery for school convocations, Talent and learned techniques lead to one method of artistic expression. 20 1-lf' - ,f- Z' ,J my, ,tv- iv' ' if if F J. Fine arts study creates cultural awakening G, la Self-expression and creativity became an integral part of life at AHS. Students found outlets for their cultural awakening through participation in the many facets of the fine arts. Those with outstanding musical abilities selected the best method of developing talent through membership in orchestra, band, or choral groups. Striving to perfect line, form, and color, budding artists spent exciting hours in painting, ceramics, draw- ing, and craft courses. Literary talents in prose and poetry were polished and found inclusion in the school's literary magazine, The Little Chief, while drama students were enamored by the art of interpreting the ideas and attitudes of playwrights with poise and skill. Little Chief entries require merit iudgment A polished performance demands long hours of rehearsal. 21 Science and math provoke Thinking In a curricula designed for progress, stu- dents were able to thoroughly prepare for college or vocational fields. The math department was updated with the addi- tion of thought-provoking Analysis I and ll that included work in calculus. Students and instructors cooperated eagerly with the aid of new teaching devices and visual aids valued at more than 51500. Four new lab units in the Biology class- rooms were added to the science depart- ment's resources. A program ranging from such varied subjects as Alcohol and Narcotics to Engineering Physics offered students courses in general and advanced sciences. t Life of even the smallest type comes under careful scrutiny in the biology classroom and laboratory. iii Nl. .NN Geometry often requires demonstrations in order to explain spacial relationships. intricate equipment can demonstrate the complexities of physics. 22 Chemistry experiments enable inquisitive minds to prove textbook theories. W ...'sU2' Rock samples are integral parts of earth science. Mathematical models help explain geometric problems 23 Modern office equipment become tools to prepore future secretaries for the business world. 24 Errors ore the bone of beginning typists os they leorn correct finger positions ond acquire coordinotion Siudenis geared To cope wiih business Preparing The high school sfudem fo cope with The business world following gradua- Tion, The Business Education Department offered courses in Typing, bookkeeping, shorthand, and business law. Aside from the Traditional courses, instrucTion was given in comtometers, lO-key adding machines and voice wriTing, As parT of the business education pro- gram, Cooperative Office Education pro- vided high school girls with iobs as secre- taries in hospitals, church and city offices, industry, and The school administration office while Distributive EducaTion gave students a chance To work in retailing and sales. The Business DeparTmenT offered the college-bound student a course in per- sonal uset in To hel re are him for YP Q P P P college work and summer iobs. , 151' ,b , . ,T Rapid transcription of shorthand notes is a pre- if requisite to becoming an efficient secretary. ,v 59. x 4 M . " - I is A, ,is age i-s,,wE"i , . rg u 3 A' T Ak: 43' i - J ' A V, .V 2,34 .4 U T . . , . ,J - a . - f, .X '. ,s ,IV 1' 52 - , M'-Q -. , lx' i -N .' - ' 4 , Good salesmanship and business ethics are basics for the selling professions. Students learn practical skills to be Used in fufure occupations. 25 Breaking a pinata for gifts and candy is a Mexican Christmas custom enioyed by members of Spanish classes. To facilitate the learning ot the communi- cation arts, the English and language de- partments offered a program ot over 20 classes, New textbooks introduced a wide selection ot literature, grammar, and language concepts to all classes. Timed essays and the use ot pacer machines in the developmental laboratory improved the English students' reading speed and comprehension ability, while fluency and understanding were increased in foreign language classes by the use of the elec- tronic lab. Among the new classes innovated this year, Honors English classes were exact- ing and challenging because students advanced tar beyond their previous capacities. Other than required courses, students were ottered electives in newswriting, literature, composition, and speech to further advance learning, proving that language was the key to learning. Honors classes, labs motivate learning -AJ' x Joy in keen competition requiring recall and general knowledge is needed by English students involved in practice try-outs for the High School Bowl team, 26 M. i' '.L.fQLi i1 1 f s 2, 1 4' at -is Q , 1517. ,e'fl-Q,"f.,,ffa4q .H igw lgg' 1tw,fjfk3i,45vg I . t tg, v k r if "Q Q 35 Individual attention is sometimes necessary for comprehension ofthe intricacies of composition. A survey of world literature is the basic study sub- iect for first year Honors English classes. Exchange Student, Pascale Rivault, speaks of M her native France interpreting its culture to French classes. Latin classes find that study and concentration are necessary to make an ancient language live. XX xi 27 Last minute instruction stresses courtesy and the responsibility of defensive driving. 28 DI'lVSI"S l6Cll'l'l ClSlSI'lSlVS ITIOVSS Driver education classes taught the stu- dent correct defensive driving measures. Class instructors stressed the responsi- bilities which every driver must accept while on the road. Through 55 hours of classwork and six hours of actual driving, the student gained experience and knowledge ot safe driving techniques. The three driver education cars equipped with dual controls were driven approxi- mately 200 miles a week. In addition, driving simulators were added to driver education equipment this year. Speed control and reaction time are tested in simulator training before actual driving experience. A tractor piston illustrates automotive mechanics for beginning drivers. A desire for fitness is basic in physical education. ' ' ' " Water ballet develops swimming skills and physical fitness Motor skills must parallel mental Training Parallel in importance with the mental training of the classroom was the de- velopment of motor skills in physical edu- cation to produce the well-rounded stu- dent. As physical discipline was devel- oped through participation in a wide variety of games and sports, the individ- ual gained in proficiency and physical fitness. Archery, speedball, handball, and field hockey were activities added to the program this year, taking their place with long established basketball, swimming, bowling, and volleyball. Most physical education classes were largely composed of sophomores, but many juniors and seniors were active class members too. A steady eye and unflinching nerve are charac- teristics ofthe expert archer, 29 A mountain of forms necessary for official data greets every entering student ta AHS. Career guidance is an integral part of counseling. Counselors A six-member counseling staff with each counselor consulting and supervising some 70 persons a week provided AHS students with excellent academic and vocational direction. Besides explaining high school courses and providing indi- vidual counseling, the department ar- ranged the lengthy Iowa tests, PSAT, and the May SAT tests for the Juniors. Seniors participated in the Betty Crocker Homemaker tests, National Merit Scholarship tests, and various achieve- ment tests. ln order to best encourage student participation in scholarship serv- ices, counselors thoroughly reviewed the numerous financial aid programs availa- ble to AHS students. To individuals inter- ested in post-high school vocational trades and iob guidance, counselors rendered excellent aid and direction. Students rely on experienced counselors to aid them in preparing for future studies and careers. Junior class members, deeply involved in Iowa testing, are illustrative of the varied testing programs at the counseling department. l l l' ansulr, supervise, Test, anal advise 'iw h"'s .,,, , MZ ' 45f73b"1- -HN ,Swv-1 The wait in the outer guidance office gives an opportunity for last minute study or gossip. A wide selection ol catalogs is offered tor future education planning, me 9 Activities Mingling students experience unity anticipate activities and live each event to the fullest. Printers generate tourney week enthusiasm fe, f 5 sw A iv A . -we i.,,,,, V1 4-R, fi-f-11q5l 'vm,.,,,. K. me Fifi '13 2, . . 7 ggi ,, an ME lliggd K 'i 1' per fig i ,e J 1-TQ? oiiiiw , W. ,. Q , 1lP""'?'m"' ' in Junior queen condidcife discovers o sell-out crowd will ottend The Homecoming game. VME. Pm N5 rf' A. ab 'G?'?Qxi- 5 Indian ions "fireup" for Red ond Green Week. 33 3 E t 3 1 i if 5 .gt A-K Y? in we as f ,,7 ,,5 E s 2 X ti Prom Queen Debby Wise 34 Prom Queen Attendant Becky Gourley Prom Queen Attendant Lorri Neale Royalty added an enchanting touch of beauty to the scene at AHS representing the students' ideas of grace, charm, and poise. From three finalists selected from junior homeroorns, iunior boys elected Miss Debby Wise to reign as queen of the Junior-Senior Prom. Completing the regal court in the make-believe Munchkin world, The Land ot Oz, were Miss Becky Gourley and Miss Lorri Neale. The Chosen Few provided the much requested "rock" music, deviating trom the regular dance-band music for the traditionally formal affair. The outstanding statt member award was initiated last year to recognize spe- cial service to the yearbook. Winner was Senior Editor Kathy Chaney who merited the award through her persistent editing, search for error, and enthusiasm in every facet ot the annual's production. Z-it - i :-': ' ra in lllliit . 1 'DEAN ,fi fi I969 Outstanding Staff Member Kathy Chaney, Royalty lends enchantment to scene Q7 Y' A RNS, 5 2 .1 ' ' .,. I , s. s N H , K if Q he 5 '4, T? ' i ,, x to j E . 4 fe . .N l,:a,fP Q 'F .,i Q W i H t -,,..iH' X T Q wsu, we .W '-... .i - .. e . i' " li-'tx 'F-:S-'BST-Sw v x,,g'sff,:p. e e r f'f?if .fx .1 ff - ,-..,i9-'..f2wkt ziaizmkn 5'?.'4:i..,:55 501375 iii C- 1 X si Business Manager Steve Musser checks funds with Mr. Dave Barrow, treasurer is--c if Q,-f,.X 3 Q, as 0' .Wi sag, Photographer Ralph Wood Layout Editor Mary Brannenberg 36 To meet the challenge of producing an award-winning yearbook, staffers put forth tireless effort on the i969 Indian. Beginning with the basic yearbook tasks of setting up ladder designs and laying out dummy sheets, members progressed to the writing of finished copy, cropping pictures, and meeting deadlines. Tried and traditional ideals remained, but the important need for change and creativity was also fulfilled. Directed by advisor, Mr. Larry Barnhart, and informed about new techniques in yearbook production by those who attended Indiana Univer- sity's Journalism Institute, staff members carried out their tasks competently. Junior members practiced writing copy, ran errands, and worked with the seniors. As the school year came to a close, each member of the staff experienced a feeling of accomplishment and realized the meanings of cooperation and deter- mination. Editor-inAChief Mary Pat Kelly it 1969 lndion challenges iournolisfic efforts "'v'57"7f'E Senior staffers flee from approaching deadline tensions. Managing Editor Koren Swinehart .-.fy Arm 3 in E S i 1 4 Yearbook Advisor Larry Bornhart Laying the foundation for the future Indian, iuniors "round out" the staff. 37 X-Roy provides outlet for student viewpoint The 45 member newspaper staff worked earnestly under the sponsorship of Mr. Lee Pursley to provide its l,OOO sub- scribers with The X-Ray, the AHS news- paper. Having a prerequisite of one semester of newswriting, iournalism stu- dents fulfilled various positions on the news staff, undertaking specific respon- sibilities required for newspaper produc- tion. Regular beats and reporting of special events kept the reader informed on school affairs and functions as well as entertained with o variety of feature material. Through the paper, students were able to voice their opinions by the use of editorials and letters to the editor, making The X-Ray an outlet for student viewpoint. Cathy Blubaugh, Janis Sigler, Debbie Powers, Geoff Gephart, and Nancy Reichard proof read all X-Ray copy before publication. Page editors Chip Ellis, Janet Craib, Jackie Guibault, Mike Kase, Barbara Tackett, Renda Shull, and Carolyn Anderson pool their talents for a completed newspaper. 38 Q iii ,t,s 2 i . ff' .Z u as l 5 if vfsvug, rs , tw, HM LM Sponsor Mr. Lee Pursley and editors Pat Sample, Jean Barnett, and Jeni Meikel finalize editorial content. V i all A N mzlftgf sir! r K' ,J i ' 'nl Clllll fi l i 1 x I s Ad and Business Managers Debbie Crowthers, Jeanne Davis, Amy Vores, Bob Victor Phillips and Doug Rolfs decide the best angle at f, Il at lf6Oth. Kiely, and Rick Hall spend many hours selling ads and regulating finances. ya M, oomimw Vvlfm' l'heXsRoy 5 s.,,.,..sic ,As AM-A flfff - i N-, ,-,.--f- Managing Editors Nancy Shearer and Mike Kinerk examine the finished product of a week's work. 1 ,fi -1 'mai' axe. 'Tr A Thr .. illllll J QUlLL AND SCROLL-Front Row-Mr. Larry Barnhart, Sponsor, Bridget Hurley, Karen Taylor, Sec.-Treas., John Crisler, V-Pres., Sharon Taylor, Mrs. Vivian Maine, Sponsor, Mr. Lee Pursley, Sponsor. Row 2-Thom Mayer, Karen Folsom, Jeni Meikel, Katie Kopp, LeAnn Thompson, Kathy Chaney, Michele Zuck, Chris Schilke. Row 3-John Bernhardt, Dick Ferguson, Mary Ann Weis, Mary Kay Wilder, Mary Bronnenberg, Madeline Beaman, Pat Sample. K VL .M K K . R . . g g' Q w--- i-- -so -A -1,4-we- -Q '..f'f2t:fs.e-i w'-fl me -2. .V N'-' A s, , - ,. - w.. - 1 Q: z ' f .- y X ,,,, Wil- X - , 4 . . ,al -er sr sv .. i 5 'f .ffl if I , 1 -5 PUBLICATIONS REPRESENTATIVES-Front Row-Mr. Larry Barnhort, Sponsor, Vicki Clark, Jane Tucker, Debra Granger, Linda McEwen, Martha Pearson, Margaret Chaney, Norma Buehler, Susie Gallamore, Mrs. Vivian Maine, Sponsor, Mr. Lee Pursley, Sponsor. Row 2-Susan Dayton, Suzzette Patterson, Betsy Garner, Julia Jones, Rachael Rollins, Carlo Jackson, Nancy Porter, Dixie Rauner, Lisa Renner, Brenda Fletcher, Betty Barrett. Row 3-Janis Bynum, Debbie Lewis, Betty Conner, Barb Crose, Molly Shinness, Debbie Shultz, Maryann Mehling, Ann Ward, Teresa Davis, Jody Norris, Pam Tomlinson, 40 Cindy Loewen, Brenda Williams. Row 4-Rick Adams, Jack Cope, John Crisler, David Toombs, John Stevens, Becky Welling, Cathryn Wheeler, Pat Sample, Bob Eckman, George Pancol, John Dew, Bob Boone. Bob Faucett. Row 5- Dave Hannatord, Rick Kellams, Randy Smith, Cary Adams, Bob Hittle, Bruce Brumback, Dick Ferguson, Tom Harp, Steve Arnold, Mike Scharnowske, Malcolm Cox, Ervin Wright. Row 6-Dave Burris, Doug Hinton, Terry Forkner, Randy Humerickhouse, Robert Davenport, Sam Hanna, Steve Mason, Armand Mc- Clintock, Tim Black, Bill Alt, Bill Metzger. Speakers, debaters, iournalists compete for inter-school honors Susan Robey, seeking self-expression, demon- strates hand gestures vital in speaking. Three outstanding organizations active in school affairs were Speech and Debate, Quill and Scroll, and Publications Repre- sentatives. A willingness to speak and a desire to stimulate intellectual thinking led students at AHS to ioin Speech and Debate Club. Under the direction of Mrs. Maxine Bridges, members participated in local and state contests sponsored by the National Forensic League and brought honors to their school by winning individual and team awards. Through such events students realized that voice control and convincing arguments must be combined and perfected in order to capture the audience's attention, A co- sponsor was Mrs. Patricia Huggins. Quill and Scroll, a national honorary i967 to recognize outstanding students who had shown their potential as jour- nalists on either the annual, Little Chief, or X-Ray staffs. Supporting the journalistic endeavors of fellow high school students, publication representatives distributed X-Rays, col- lected money, wrote receipts, and pushed the yearbook campaign. SPEECH AND DEBATE CLUB-Front Row-Mrs. Maxine Bridges, Sponsor, Pam Phil Schrenker, Bruce Swan, Debbie Rohlfing, Amy Vores. Row 3-Clark .lones Tomlinson, Madonna Rybolt, Nola Lehman, Terry McKee, Kay Kiper, Darlene Jim Hull, Phil Williams, John Crisler, Tom Thornburg, Mark Fraundorfer, Tim Lennartz, Shelley, Lawson, Mrs. Patricia Huggins, Sponsor. Row 2-Mary Harter, Boman, Bill Metzger, Dick Etsler, .lim Russell, David Hill, George Wulle. Shirley Graham, Tom Worster, Doug Hinton, Mike Kelley, Robert Brandon, 41 K 2 ,V -J,-.As I . h 5 si at x' E if c sl F4 , J J M" ,, 'l R mini , 3 ew w Riagg ft '5f.l'i' in r fs-g p s i S l ,l ,. l , lll Persistence in gaining knowledge enables students to explore futures in education. il, ST' An active organization which became My 'J totally involved in school and community G affairs was the Future Teachers Associa- L tion. Aware that others in the community were less fortunate than themselves, club members sewed and hand decorated Christmas stockings for children at the Opportunity School. At sectional time the 45 members boosted school spirit through a money raising prolect by making and selling red and green felt A's. Under the sponsorship of Miss Helen Harrell, the club devoted the first and third Tuesday of every month to meeting, discussing, and promoting interest in the teaching field. J Several AHS teachers spoke about their college studies and early teaching experiences. A guest speaker from Proiect Headstart talked to members about the purpose of the Headstart program and the need for more qualified teachers. Arranging an attractive bulletin board in the tront hall during National Educa- tion Week and holding a ioint meeting with the FTA ot Madison Heights further proved that this organization believed in involvement. Group pledges total communityinvolvement , ,gif l FUTURE TEACHERS-Front Row-Miss Helen Harrell, Sponsor, Mary Kay Wilder, Pres, Michele Zuck, V-Pres., Carol Buehler, Sec., Pat Lanane, Treas., Nancy Porter, Historian, Lynda Lee, Tariea Goehring, Patty Fowler, Deanna Layer. Row 2-Sharon Gibson, Susie Hickey, Mary Jane Lippman, Bernadette Faith, Brenda Williams, Renee Dowling, Joanna Hutton, Tim Lanane, Leanne 42 Ellis, Karen Wilhoit, Sandy Vertz. Row 3-Mary Marvel, Patty James, Carolyn Kennedy, Patty Wihebrink, Debra Scott, Pat Sample, Nancy O'Connor, Betsy Garner, Wilma Harris, Kathy Orick, Sherry Burg. Row 4-Jeni Meikel, Teresa Collett, Mary Ellen Peterson, Janice Rebhorn, Shelley Lawson, Cheryle Rambis, David Hill, Kathy Roche, Tom Vandebur, Pat Kimmerling, Marianne Donnelly. Eighteen seniors and 29 iuniors were active members of Future Retailers, a chapter of Distributive Education Clubs of America. To develop future leaders for marketing and distribution, the organization sent members to the Regional and State Contest Con- ferences to gain basic knowledge vital to their iobs. Members served as judges for Harvest Festival windows and for Christmas parade floats. A get-acquainted picnic, swimming party, skating party and employer-employee banquet added social interest to the club's activities during the school year. Future Retailer meetings are ably directed by President Dale Jarrett. Future Retailers promote leadership qualities I it g we ' V -. n. W.. R 'Tv' w-Q., k ,dp-M, DECA+Front Row-Dale Jarrett, Pres, Pam Travis, Treas., Gary Ferguson, Parliamentarian, Ervin Wright, St. Coor., Linda Shell, Sec., Penny Williamson, Regional V-Pres. Row 2-Mrs. Melanie Devitt, Spon- sor, Linda Conlon, Leah Farmer, Bonnie Finley, Dennis Maxey. Row 3-Tom Burau, Herb Hollenback, Doug Blake, Charles Leasure, DECA-Front Row-Mickey Whitea- ker, Pres., Mrs. Melanie Devitt, Sponsor, Becky Garringer, V-Pres., Susana Delgado, Jane Arnold, Ann Mcllwain, Row 2-Debbie Dennis, Russella Kouns, Belinda Griffee, Charlene Watson, Pam Zearbough, Debbie Maxwell. Row 3-Mike Stohler, Debbie Smith, Sue Chowne ing, Aurora Delgado, Judy Davis, Yvonne Brandenburg, Kirk Gray. Row 4-James Rose, Darrell Grile, Dave Robbs, Eddie Shannon, Randy Railey, Daniel Walker, Ronald Mavis, 43 Mary Youngblood, Barbara Long, Janice Parker, Sue Mains, Penny Lasley FOOD SERVICE-Front Row-Mrs. Lois Utterback, Sponsor, Audrey Powell, Co-Pres, Ed Whetsel, Co-Presp James Adams, Co-Sec.: Barbara VanBuskirk, Co-Sec., Esther Miles, Co-Treas., Riley Palmer, Co-Treas., John Brooks, Co- Publicity Manager, Julie Parks, Co-Publicity Manager. Row 2-Joyce McPhaul, Personal goal To enrich their experiences and under- standing ot the food service industry members ot La Teen Cuisine participated in several activities as they further developed their personal goals. Mrs. Lois Utterback, sponsor, assisted members in obtaining iobs as dieticians, waitresses, and assistant managers in local restau- rants and cafeterias. Students partici- pating in this program received a class credit, a grade, and regular pay. To further increase their knowledge at com- mercial tood service, the 26 members attended an Indiana Restaurant Shaw at the Fairgrounds in Indianapolis early in the year. After working hours members found time to get together for a bowling party and a roller skating party. They also organized an Easter Egg Party at the Madison County Children's Home. An employer-employee banquet in April and a picnic at Shadyside Park con- cluded the year's activites. 44 S Vermila Harp, Loretta McCloud, Rosie Hoskins, Betty Robb. Row 3-Sue Everman Diana Mitchell, Rebecca Denny, Dianna Jones, Ron Hughes, Louise Dabney Penny Cram, Janet Dale, Cathy Cummings, Patty Wihebrink, Cindy Martin, key La Teen Cuisine group wx Y Q. we V? -fs fm" it Y we W . 4, b1"1 H if ,,, 1 'Sf 4-If sf Helpful hints in food preparation are given by adult supervisors. ,qw Paint-ins, interviews occupy interest clubs i its i cf" -an Two organizations at AHS stimulated interest in secretarial and art careers, The Future Secretaries met monthly with professional secretaries to discuss the world of business. Guest speakers from local firms informed the girls about dif- ferent business schools and various types of secretarial work. By attending a 'ix special meeting at a business supply store members became acquainted with necessary office equipment. As a newly-formed organization, Art Club developed in its members a deeper appreciation of fine arts by sponsoring field trips to art galleries and exhibitions. The group also encouraged active partic- ipation in technique sessions and "paint- ins," hoping to further the art ambitions of career-minded art students. FUTURE SECRETARIES-Front Row-Mrs. JO Funk, Sponsor, Melinda Dant, Treas., Linda Allen, Debbie Chenowcth, Debbie Clark. Row 2-Essie Kirnrnons, Nanette Joy, Sheryl Richardson, Charlotte Garris, Becky Crumes, 3Hf?4ii7iw,'4f ' Y - l - ' ART CLUB-Front Row-Sam Mudd, Pres., Susan Sylvester, Treas., Debbie Crowthers, Sec., Bonnie Finley, Debbie Wages, Teresa Carter, Janis Sigler, Julie Thornburg, Cathy Wheeler, Vickie Schell, Row 2-Mike Young, Tom Zirkelbach, Dave McCullough, Kevin ldlewine, Dave Robbs, Steve Butler, Mike Q' I Covington, Norris Edwards, Row 3-Mr. Wallace Smith, Sponsor, Becky Courtney, Linda Davis, Ruth Stroud, Sheila Barkdull, Mary Ellen Peterson, Ellen Payton, Barbara Horne, Trevo Scott, Sally Hughes, Augusta Eaglin, Demo Mullen, Mrs. Mary McFarland, Sponsor. 45 Acquainting students with the business community, the COE and ICT clubs sup- plied their members with basic knowledge vital tor their iobs. By encouraging actual work experience, these organizations promoted appreciation and under- standing tor the responsibilities ot citizen- ship in our tree enterprise system, Designed to give students pre-voca- tional experience, the Special Needs program was directed by Mr. Patrick King, The new program emphasized the development of desirable academic and occupational attitudes which would be used by participating students as they gained part-time employment at a work- training station. SPECIAL NEEDS-Front Row-Bill Alexander, Larry Felts, Bill Cox, David Thompson, Carrie Jordan, Vickie Liston. Row 2-Orvie Malone, Rick Thompson, Ronnie Taylor, Jett Perkins, Fred Hancock, Donnie Buck, Vance Scott, Row 3-Art King, Jon Davis, Terry Wood, Eugene Giles, Harry Parkhurst, Tom Lycan, Mr. Pat King. Row 4-Danny Garretson, Frank Pennington, Dennis Sarvis, Ted l-lollenbock, Charles Smith, Gary Friggle. Row 5-Don Zachary, Randy Davis, John Murdock, Ed Freestone, Bill Spohnholtz, Roger Wyant, Students appreciate tree enterprise system it nc COE-Front Row-Karen Williams, Pres., Carla Jackson, V-Pres., Breese, Mary Perry. Row 3-Marsha Trindel, Debbie Rhule, Betty Carla Jones, Sec., Julie Toombs, Treas., Lynda Horne, Public Blll'JI'eY, Debbie Chenoweth, Sheryl Richardson, Shirley Graham, Relations Chairman, Sally Green. Row 2-Jack Macy, Sponsor, BeCl4Y l'lill,B6CkY Crumes- Suella Imel, Bonnie O'Brien, Melinda Dant, Linda Campbell, Janet 46 Program emphasizes occupalional aT'ri'rude V-P P25 V A.. s l I ICT-Mrk Don Delfleff SPOVTSOVI DON l-OWSOn, Pres., Debbie l'lObl'JS, TVSGSJ Jerry Eckslein, Don Posey, Denny Williamson, Eldon Eulsler, Dean Franklin, Mary Beth Callender, Charlotte Garris. Row 2-Mike Adams, John Redfield, Joe Ohmlswl JOM GMSOH Russell MCCIUSIWH LeeRoy Delp, Tom Flory, William Roberts, William Phillips, John Brown. Row 3- ' , ag ICT-Mr. Don Deitzer, Sponsor, Teresa Southwick, Treas., Jana Akers, Pres, Steve Collins, Roger McCoy, Frank Malone, MaTThew Hampton, Dan Finley Marolyn Berry, Sec., Marilyn Miles. Row 2-Ruby Thacker, Alberta Bailey, Harvey Whicker,Dan Sfoops. Linda Boze, Sheryle Jenkins, Teri Green, Linda McBurrovvs. Row 3ATom Long, 47 "MV2!P"'W'q v,,. , El FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES-Front Row-Kim Wood, Mark Noland, Mr, Ray Estes, Sponsor, Gary Erskine, V-Pres., Thom Mayer, Sec.-Treas., Rod Freeman, Pres., Mike Armstrong, Sgt.-at-Arms, Chip Ellis, Mike Woodruff, Stewart Brown, Mike Scharnowske. Row 2-Monte Sparks, Jon Maier, Steve Anderson, Jim Wheelwright, Steve Musser, Doug Graham, Ric Dunkerly, Mark Fenimore, Tim Black, Jeff Casey, Mark Fraundorfer, Arthur King. Row 3- Mark Frendt, Dee Kinney, Eddie Priest, Robert Broadnax, Robert Swain, Derrick Britt, Rick Eads, Ervin Wright, Gary Thurber, Gary Schuster, Fred Fralick, Randy Clark, Alan Cobb, Bill Metzger. Row 4-Barry Cope, Rod i jl 1 J . if if -L? I I 'li i FIJI it 3. 53 tw' i E! Michael, Mike Everett, Jeff Taylor, Chuck Smitha, Dan Thomas, Cary Floyd, Steve Skaggs, Larry Burns, Brent Matthews, Mark Newberry, Bob Ramirez, Mark Purcell, Steve Voss, Mike Heflin. Row 5-Sam Johnson, Steve Hiatt, Don Degner, Pat Horan, Don Buck, Mike Dunn, Mike Snyder, Otis Blackman, Howdy Nottingham, Terry Britt, Jim Laughlin, Bob Kiely, Tom Horevay, Greg Caplinger, Dick Etsler. Row 6-Pete Faust, Bill Kopp, Bob Hittle, Nick Vores, Robert Taylor, Fred Bouslog, Mike Whalon, Dave Fredericks, Rick Voss, Jeff Barber, Gary Solid, Steve Bowser, Phil Williams, Steve Norris, Rick Jarvis. Athletes form fellowship for Christianity F , s E U-OWS H I CHRISTIAN ATHILETES if' -' - .flsif v is H r .xiii ' r r,ogp,i ,i ' 5 1 'i i-,Ky i .Mfg ff .. .1 V .8 ,lf F 1 lim ,ff 48 i if From the world of sports such famous personalities as Don Lash, olympic track- ' if ster, and Carl Erskine and Bobby Richard- son, baseball stars, appeared in the Al-IS gymnasium to speak to members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. In addition to outstanding speakers, two weekend retreats in the Wigwam created a fresh new interest among the 80 mem- bers of the organization. At the all-night retreats members formed groups to discuss the relationship between Christian at- titudes and sportsmanship, then partici- pated in basketball or swimming, and finally enioyed a pizza party in the early morning hours. The organization, sponsored by Mr. Ray Estes and Mr. Robert Freeman, operated the slush stand at basketball games and used the profits to help finance a summer trip to FCA camp for about 20 of its members. time refreshments. 4. Amidst "Hoosier Hysteria" students pause for game- A newly formed club at Al-lS this year, the Science Club encouraged student interest in the field of science with special focus on the various vocational oppor- tunities in scientific work. As a first step in becoming organized, the club, spon- sored by Mr. John Longnaker, elected officers and drew up an official constitu- tion. The organization then became affiliated with the national society of science clubs and received literature on the activities of students throughout the nation who were involved in scientific work of some kind. Among the activities of this young club were a visit to Rozelle's Funeral Home, a trip to the lab at St. John's Hospital, and a tour of Anderson Colle-ge's Science Department. Mr. Longnaker and club members "bone up" on science. Science Club focuses on vocational fields W il me ,- .. WMM, M A e,.. e,ic, , ,i., . .Wm ,M M, A f 31 k ' es .N Y 1 SCIENCE CLUB-Front Row-Mr. John Longnaker, Sponsor, Dave Jarrett, Pres., Lynda Lee, V-Pres., Judy Harvey, Sec., Lynn Gray, Treas., Deanna Layer, Jan Anderson, Mary Lennartz, Michele Zuck, Teresa Collett, Sally Smith, Ellen Sayers. Row 2-Mary Bronnenberg, Mary Kay Wilder, Shirley Graham, LeAnn Lewis, Barbara Lumbis, Kathy Roche, Pat Sample, Madeline Beaman, Teresa Carter, Robin Clear, Terri Rowe, Pam Tomlinson, Kay Kiper. Row 3-Bob Eckman, Dave Robbs, Vincent Hilliard, Dennis Lennartz, Steve Pakes, David Q 'haf Helvey, John Crisler, Judy Lippman, Brenda Aynes, Elisabeth Harter. Row 4- Kenneth Craig, Jim Habereck, Steve Brewer, John Borkman, Mark Fraundorfer, Gary DeSutter, Steve Williams, Doug Graham, Ric Dunkerly, Steve Anderson, Tim Black, Row 5-Thom Mayer, Dick Etsler, Steve Arnold, Derrick Britt, Jack Cope, Tom Thornburg, Rick Wells, Bob Stultz, Brad Newby, Clark Jones, Rick Adams, George Wulle. . 49 fi if v "Allons enfants de la patrie . . . " began the familiar French National Anthem that rang clear at the beginning of every French Club meeting. The 50-member organization was guided in its study of French culture by Mrs. Judy Zinszer and Miss Virginia Lindstrom. Adding interest to the club meetings this year, Pascale Rivault, AHS foreign exchange student from Paris, provided the other members with a first-hand account of life in France and the customs of her people. Besides having two bake sales in the cafeteria, the members had planned to sing Christ- mas carols at St. John's and Community Hospitals but had to cancel their plans due to the flu epidemic that swept the city. Officers, led by President Nancy Shearer, examine decorations while preparing for club meeting. Exchange student shares French background H LV. . im., K V 'Wifi 'F .. t,.., . ,.., , i ' as ot P, A 1 FRENCH CLUB-Front Row-Miss Virginia Lindstrom, Sponsorp Clark Jones, Sgt.-at-Arms, Claire Richardson, V-Pres., Jackie Guibault, Sec., Susan Bilyeu, Treas., Karen Hervey, Iona Cromer, Karen Baughn, Judy Lippman, Jeanne Lavelle, Jean Ann Stefke, Debbie Dudley, Gini McMillan, Mrs. Judy Zinszer, Sponsor. Row 2-Jill McGrady, Marcia Barnett, Judy Horton, Martha Pearson, Lisa Renner, Sandy Vertz, Kathi Lanane, Carole Wood, Jody Thompson, Terri Taylor, LeAnn Thompson, Debbie Stahl, Mary Ann Tackett, Debbie Gephart, LeAnn Dittlinger, Michele Zuck. Row 3-Beth Upshcw, Vicki Troup, Karen Swinehart, Karen Folsom, Jeni Meikel, Shelley Lawson, Debbie Shell, Joy Blevins, Janis Sigler, Barb Bixler, Margaret Sullivan, Barbara Tackett, Carol Land, Julie Fasone, Patti Sigler, Debbie McMinn. Row 4-Bridget Hurley, Manna 50 llc Gilbert, Tina Huffman, Cindy Loewen, Pam Tomlinson, Mary Marvel, Vicki Renforth, Judy Ledbetter, Elisabeth Harter, Debbie Lewis, Maryann Mehling, Penny Baker, Gail Rhoda, Patty James, Dennise Gregg, Jody Norris, Rachael Rollins. Row 5-Jon Keep, Cheryle Rambis, Jane Lindemuth, Loretta Lowe, Shelley Miller, Malanie Morse, Nadine Thornburg, Linda Throesch, Kathy Swinehart, Lindsay Byer, Ann Shoemaker, Mary Harter, Teresa Collett, Lynn Rodecap, Georgianna McDaniel, Michelle McCarel. Row 6-Debbie Barr, Jim Darnell, Tom Vanderbur, Tom Zirkelbach, Charlie Austin, Derrick Britt, Tom Austin, Greg Laughlin, Pat Lanane, Mike Hadley, Mark Newberry, Tim Lanane, Steve Pakes, Penny Griffith. 1.....,AW.f.,f....,.w ..,...............,-,..,...,,,,,, Populari, Optimus parties vie for Latin offices LATIN CLUB-Front Row-Patty Wihebrink, Mary Doherty, Sue Minton, Jean Starks, Debbie Vest, Kathy Stringer, Renda Shull, Sally Hughes, Nola Lehman, Mary Kay Wulle, Suzy Huntley. Row 2-Cathryn Wheeler, Nancy Vores, Joanne Henry, Denyse Miller, Peggy Call, Pat Kimmerling, Brenda Swain, Diana Adams, Rachael Rollins, Regina Faulker, Teresa Ellis. Row 3-Rick Miller, Tim Salatin, Fred Fralick, Jeff Barber, Richard Roseberry, Kim Wood, John Dew, Joe Myers, John Crisler, Diane Raver. Row 4-Robert Brandon, Don Wells, Dennis Alberts, Bill Kopp, Jim Keogh, Dennis Cook, Bob Kiely, Tom Maines, Steve Norris, Jim Laughlin, Rick Hall. Latin Club, as a member of the Indiana Junior Classical League, encouraged among the students of AHS a genuine , interest in and appreciation of the cul- tural legacies from ancient Greece and Rome. lniecting a bit of politics into the organization, members formed two parties, the Populari and the Optimus, with each party putting up its own slate of candidates for the election of officers. Members of Latin Club promoted a feeling of community spirit by donating gifts to the New Castle Mental Hospital and by adopting a Korean orphan. Necessary funds for these proiects were raised by sponsoring the Slave Sale and by selling booster plates at basketball games. Miss Eileen Johnson worked with members in organizing the trip to the state JCL meeting at indiana University and in hosting Visitor's Night. ,ss, siti f, it " " . 2 QU V J i LATIN CLUB-Front Row-Bill Tierney, Pres., Phil Williams, Sgt.-at-Arms, Elaine Barker, Rec. Sec., Jim Russell, Corr. Sec., Ann Ward, V-Pres., Ann Metzger, Historian, Ann Dobelbower, Treas., Chris Schilke, Editor, Beverly Rady, Sherrie Teeters. Row 2-Teresa Carter, T. J. Huggins, Molly Shinness, Lynne Riley, Susie Nay, Marcia Mitchell, Daphanie Hoppes, Marikay McMillan, Katie Kopp, Janet lmler, Chris Zorabedian, Sherry Leedom. Row 3-Melody Achor, Julie Frossard, Mary Ann Weis, Mary Pat Kelly, Mary Kay Wilder, Mary 3,-.sumti ' Hoffman, Susan Marshall, Becky Welling, Barb Crose, Jeff Deakyne, Jim Payne. Row 4-Bob Eckmon, John Rock, Doug Hinton, Jim Summers, Bill Alt, Jim George, Greg Caplinger, Jim Hull, Rick Pavey, Rick Flatt, Armand McClintock. Row 5-Fred Bouslog, Mike St. Clair, Gary Phillips, Steve Adams, Jeff McClure, Craig McClure, David Hill, Chuck Smitha, Jim Balsley, Tim Black, Dave Jarrett, Bob Hittle. 51 GERMAN CLUB-Front Row-Mrs. Loretta Richards, Sponsor, Gary Hiatt, Pres., Pete Buettner, V-Pres., Madonna Rybolt, Sec., Amos Cooley, Treas., Gary Mc- Kinney, Sgt.-at-Arms, Diana Boards, Linda Mimms, Sheila McAfee, Shirley Stump. Row 2-Jon Maier, Craig Wheasler, Renda Shull, Arlene Brandt, Faye Watson, Ellen Sayers, Denise Foster, Diana Posey, Linda Conlon, Tom Herbst. Row 3-Steve Collins, Ted Graddy, Bob Kimm, John Crisler, Jack Foy, Mike Q ff: isl Eg, l Q.. Hilburt, Joe Miller, Albert White, Tim Black, Doug McGaftic. Row A-Charles McConnell, Mike Kinerk, John Borkman, Steve LaShure, Jim George, Mike Farmer, Darryl Polly, Steve Holtzleiter, Jerry Huffman, Robert Brandon. Row 5- Kenneth Craig, Jim Haberek, Steve Brewer, John l.ozar, Doug McKinsey, Larry Reitz, Jeff Reed, Murray Hall, Chris Brown, Mike Dunn, Jack Harris, Carmin Baker, Wayne Renschler. Germanic culture traced in festive meetings vi l 52 Members of German Club sought to learn more about the history of Germany, its language, its people and their customs through participation in both classroom activities and club meetings. Slides, films, and personal recollections of Ger- many were presented to members of the club by a guest speaker to enhance their understanding and appreciation of Germanic culture. Traditional German Christmas cookies added a festive note to the club's holiday celebration. German club officers change places with their in structor to experiment with "Spreken ze Deutsch." Spanish egg sale leads to scholarship fund J J is i r V C rc CT is ir i s, i I A club of 70 members, "El Circulo Espanol" promoted club growth by of- fering its members a busy year. Students participated in club activities by bringing cookies, cupcakes, and brownies to a bake sale and by enioying an evening of ice-skating at lvlay's Ice Rink. Members also conducted a door-to-door "egg" salefthat is, someone would donate an egg and then the student would take the same egg to the next house and sell it. Proceeds from the sale went to a scholarship fund given to an outstanding student at the end of the year, Regular monthly meetings with interesting Spanish- related programs and a Mexican dinner gave students an insight into the customs and ways of life of Spanish-speaking people around the world. Ringing doorbells, Teresa Collett and Lynda Lee collect and sell eggs as a money-making venture to boost Spanish Club Funds. New QD SPANISH CLUB-Front Row-Mrs. Judy Zinszer, Sponsor, Teresa Callett, Pres., Beth Fox, V-Pres., Mary Pat Kelly, Sec,, Sam Johnson, Treas., DonDeena Johnson, Debra Granger, Nancy Norton, Dori Walker, Becky Worster, Lori Wrin, Lynn Gaunt, Colleen Wagoner. Row 2-Jeanne Davis, Wilma Harris, Diane Whelchel, Jan Collins, Julie Jarrett, Charlene Jones, Anna Cowles, Mauri Piper, Carla Oakes, Susan Chalfant, Becky Maier, Becky Goehring, Julie Baldwin. Row 3-Gail Benak, Janice Rebhorn, Lynda Lee, Mary Jane Lippman, Susan Shepherd, Pat McShane, Cathy McShane, Nikki Euratte, Mary Ann Weis, Amy Vores, Jennifer Seal, Gail Moody, Marcia Brannenberg. Row 4-Jacque Pendley, Jeanetta Etchison, Cathy Hensley, Marsha Olvey, Margo Tanner, Rhoda Blackwelder, Wana Norris, Stephanie Thompson, Christine Bourne, Brenda Oliver, Carolyn Anderson, Nancy Brock, Terrella Etchison. Row 5-Linda Tranbarger, Mike McHenry, Lila Ponce, Karen Stewart, Carol Buehler, Chris Jackson, Wanda Burnett, Leila Czarniecki, Betsy Huffman, Sally Jones, Terri Graham, Becky Gourley, Mike Scharnowske, Steve Arnold, Marcia Dodds. Row 6-Dustin Arnold, Ron Wells, Kent Canada, Steven Cook, Dee Kinney, George Pancol, Tim Frank, Mark Clem, Barry Cope. 53 STaging Three perTormances of The Broad- iriwrr way musical "My Fair Lady" in Novem- ,hy ber and singing To The music accompani- , menT provided by The indianapolis Sym- L phony OrchesTra in The Choral Classic in April highlighted The year's schedule of programs and concerTs Tor The AHS Choral Club. The TalenTed group oT sTu- denT vocalisTs was ably direcTed by Mr. Richard Seaver, As The largesT of The Tour choral groups, Choral Club per- Tormed in The ChrisTmas convo and The Madrigals, a selecTed ensemble oT T2 members, enTerTained by singing aT public TuncTions and in privaTe homes. The more inTormal organizaTion known as Swing Choir and ChoraleTTes, a girl's choir, sang selecTions in The Thanks- giving, ChrisTmas, and High School Bowl sTudenT convocaTions. MADRIGALS-Front Row-Susan Bilyeu, Claire Richardson, Sandy RoberTs, Cheryl Roberls, Cheryl BurneTT, Debbie Keesling, Nancy Brighr. Row 2-Mark Fraundorfer, Ron Hellerns, Tom Thornburg, Tirn Paschal, Bob Price, Mike McHenry, Mr. Richard Seaver, Sponsor. Choral singers sTage scores of concerTs CHORAL CLUB-Front Row-Tam Day, Brenda Aynes, Nancy Porter, BeTh Upshaw, Mike Young, Gary Thurber, Tim Frank, Mark Fraundorfer, George Pancol, Dave EllsworTh, Karen Allen, Janine Romsey, Glenda Highwood, Fran Moore, Debbie Dudley, ElisobeTh Harier, Mr. Richard Seaver, Sponsor. Row 2- Nancy Reichard, Jo Ellen Gadberry, Debbie Van Ness, Marian Humphrey, LeAnn Thompson, Wayne Phlegar, Allen Ringharn, Bruce Whilmill, Dennis Highbaugh, Gary SmiTh, Kevin Idlewine, John Kollros, Mike McHenry, David Toombs, BridgeT Hurley, Jean Ann STeTke, Pam Hale, Clair Richardson, Pam Denny. Row 3-Teresa Southwick, Cindy Loewen, Susie Gallamore, Becky 54 Anderson, Dave Burris, Tom Horevay, Mark Newberry, Eldon EusTler, Tim GalbraiTh, Leonard Collings, Terry Forkner, Steve Fisher, Kay Kiper, Marianne Donnelly, Debbie Keesling, Susan Bilyeu, Ann BorneTT, Terri Taylor, Lorri Neale. Row 4iEssie Johnson, Pam Trantham, Sandy Roberts, Carla Jackson, Pam Zearbaugh, Phil Vaughn, Cedric Dunkerly, Jim Darnell, Dick Richwine, Doug Hudson, Mike Bales, Roger Helbling, Jon Keep, Bob Price, Tom Thornburg, Tim Paschal, Mike McManus, Joe Royer, Ron Hellems, Marcia Dadds, Cheryl Burneti, Leigh Ann Shafer, Nancy OfConnor. CHORALETTES-Front Row-Mr. Richard Seaver, Sponsor, Carolyn Smith, Janet Ness, Lynn Gray, Joy Blevins. Row 3--Carolyn Anderson, Rhoda Blackwelder, lmler, Eleanor Williams, Michelle McCarel, Karen Bright, Vicki Troup, Connie Debbie Schultz, Regina Falker, Debbie Rolling, Denyse Miller, Barb Crose, Gilmore, Cathy Blubough, Pam Wonders. Row 2-Pam Wood, Miranda Cox, Cathy Copeland, Peggy Call,Monna Gilbert, Renda Shull. Jeanette Oyler, Cathy Wheeler, Molly Shinness, Becky Welling, Pam Van SWING CHOIR-Front Row-Elisabeth Harter, Bruce Whitmill, Pam Trantham, Todd, Dennis Highbaugh, Ann Barnett. Row 3-Andy Oldham, Doug Hudson Jo Ellen Gadberry, Leonard Collings, Beth Upshaw, Pete Hudson. Row 2- Debby Church,John Kollros, Teresa Southwick, Steve Fisher, Mark Burton. Mike Bales, Debby Van Ness, Ed Belheimer, Marcia Dodds, Dan Doherty, Sue 55 Approximately IOO hours of practice during the summer was the prerequisite for the outstanding three-minute per- formance of the Marching Indians on State Fair Band Day which resulted in their capturing fourth place and begin- ning another active and successful year. Besides performing at every football and basketball game, the band partici- pated in the Homecoming, Halloween, Veterans', Christmas, and 500 Festival Parades. Popularly known as the Thunderbirds, the AHS Musical Twirling Corps entered the l969 "Dream Contest" sponsored by the United States Twirling Association for music-baton groups at Dayton, Ohio, and on May IO they were hosts for the Indiana State Twirling Association con- test, a part of the Redbud Festival. The Dance Band which played for proms and dances and the lndianettes with their marching skill and colorful costumes added to the versatility and appeal of the band. Providing lighting and sound effects for all band performances and several other school functions was a service ably performed by the five-mem- ber lighting crew. 1 AHS band in concert presents new facet of 'fMarching Indians". Marching Indians parade to fame in state BAND-Front Row-Nancy O'Connor, Kathy Chaney, Sec., Sally Brann, Fran Moore, Madonna Rybolt, Jim Webber, Jan Anderson, Librarian, Leslie Platt, Vivian Crim. Row 2-Debbie Lloyd, Gail Moody, Sandy Lawson, Roxann Dean, Lessa Hague, Debbie Scott, Kathy Forepaugh, Marsha Hensley, Jennifer Seal, Daphanie Hoppes, Sharon Gibson. Row 3-Freddy Collins, Monica Schowe, Linda Patton, Sherry Burg, Marsha Olvey, Pat Straley, Sherry Swan, Brad 56 Newby, Don Wells, Richard Crain, Randy Smith, Asst. Drum Maior, Bob Stultz, David Burris, Doug Hinton, Allen Ringham. Row 4-Bob Eckman, Mike Williams, Roger Long, Tim Bonge, Mike Burnett, Darrell Grile, Bill Garrett, Mr. Donald P. Hoffmann, Asst. Director, Tom Flory, Rick Kellams, Jack Ireland, David Helvey, George Hudson, David Rose, Bill Gray, Tim Galbraith. Months of preparation is climaxed in three minutes. Anxiety and Tension build as band listens to last-minute instruction at State Fair Band Day. air, athletic events, Anderson community BAND-Front Row-Virginia Beard, Cathy Phillips, Glenda Highwood, Brenda Swain, Mauri Piper, DonDeena Johnson, Monica Borges, Treas., Dixie Rauner. Row 2-Bruce Whitmill, Gordon Kane, Jon Nipple, Capt., Derrick Britt, Sally Garringer, Betty Simpson, Kathy Vardaman, Donna Goins, Disco Vermillion, David Coryn, Ron Hellems, Drum Maior. Row 3-Wayne Tuckerman, Mike Bousman, Mike Johnson, Rick Aynes, Bill House, Kenneth Craig, David Horn, Dan Simmonds, Ronda McRoberts, Tony Dunn, Jeff Sloan, Ron Wells, Jacque Pendley, Terry Forkner. Row 4-Rod Fletcher, Pat Finley, Lloyd Brown, Charlie Newsom, Tim Hodges, Karen Higgins, Susan Schilke, Stewart Brown, Mr. George F. Vaught, Director, Ensley Windham, Marvin McCloud, Randy Simmons, John Borkman, Doug Rolfs, Eddie Tucker. 57 Beautifully-costu med Thunderbirds strut with INDIANETTES-Front Row-Mary Lennartz, Asst. Head, Judy Horton, Chris Sally Smith, Diana Boze. Row 3-Terri McDuffee, Diana Whelchel, Jody Norris Wisner, Reah Babb, Leisa Olark, Anna Cowles, Sharon Zink, Head. Row 2- Susie Furge, Cindy Alt, Brenda Long,Pat Kimmerling, Brenda Reed, Linda Carter, Margo Tanner, Essie Kimmons, Sheila Teague, LIGHTING CREW-Jim Keogh, Dan Gilmore, Erich Turner, John Cooper, Dole Maggard. 58 New orchestra Over the years the Orchestra has had its ups and downs. In recent years, there have been more downs, and the Orchesf tra has dwindled in size. ln an effort to reverse this trend, the new director, Mr. David Zumwalt, had initiated a vigorous rebuilding program, results are already being felt, as the Orchestra had increased from six to eleven players since Septem- ber. The high point of this year was a con- cert given in May which featured a 60 piece orchestra composed of players from AHS, and Central, and Northside Junior High Schools. If the past year is any indication, the future of the Orchestra is very bright, with continued growth, expanded activ- ities, and perpetuation of the fine spirit of cooperation that is its hallmark. precision, exciting olosh, crovvol cippeol M 1 X., g L - Q,..,.-. Top-raied Drum and Bugle Corps presents an inspiring routine To appreciative audience. ,4f"'-..'E ...dl .ii iii so if ai - P , "'i' begins vigorous rebuilding progrom ORCHESTRA-Front Row-Carol Buehler Mr David Zumwalt, Judy Garland. Row 2-Norma Buehier, Leann Diffliriger, Marilyn Tooley, Janine Romsey. Row 3-Tom Veneskey, Mickey Simmons Cassie Borkman, Rick Sweet, Rick Schafer, 59 Al'lS's own bonner, designed by Bob McCloin, is unturled tor Student Council's opprovol. Y s 3 ft, ogg v , X 1 i lit! 1, s i .P 1 2 l Q' lmrnense responsibility is placed on President Mike Woodruff. 60 Council cicts os Consisting of 78 members, the Student Council of AHS served os o chonnel for the exchonge ot ideos between the stu- dent body ond the school odministro- tion. Members disployed their civic mind- edness ond leodership obility by con- ducting such drives os the Penny Postrnon which roised money for needy tomilies ond the Student Bond Drive which pro- vided ossistonce tor o foreign exchonge student ot AHS. The Council orronged tor buses to some ot the out-of-town gomes, scheduled impromtu pep sessions in the school porking lot, operoted the used bookstore, ond monoged the home- coming queen elections. ln oddition, Stu- dent Council wos the school's sociol orgonizer. The orgonizotion sponsored two big donces, the Foll Wind-Up ond the lWlRP. 4 W N., X Student Council "Penny Postmenu busily sort Christmas moil tor homeroom delivery. channel for exchange of ideas iw:-me :Mr-c -- ar ' r 2 Q A 5 8 STUDENT COUNCIL-Front Row-Mrs. Paula Howe, Sponsor, Mike Woodruff, Pres., Mark Fenimore, V-Pres, Dave Jarrett, Treas., Gary Erskine, Read. Clerk, Monte Sparks, Parl., Jackie Guibault, Rec. Sec., Debbie Powers, Pascale Rivault, Suzy Huntley, Debbie Dudley, Janet Herche, Mr. Jack Nicholson, Sponsor. Row 2-Terry McKee, Pam Metz, Dixie King, Linda Allen, Vickie Schell, Debbie Smith, Vicky Maxwell, Nancy Reichard, Leisa Clark, Denise Brown, Karen Baughn, Debbie Vest, Jane Murdock, Becky Worster, DonDeena Johnson. Row 3-Betsy Garner, Brenda Reed, Sheila Teague, Beth Fox, Pat Straley, Carol Buehler, Lyn Wable, Debbie Gephart, Pat Sample, Jeni Meikel, Loretta Lowe, Teresa Ellis, Joanne Henry, Patti Sigler, Lisa Renner. Row 4- Pat Lanane, Jim Payne, Roger Long, Malcolm Cox, Tim Lanane, Rick Hall, Jett Casey, Barry Cope, Rick Kellams, Tom Vanderbur, Steve Brewer, Joe Miller, Jon Maier, Clit Blossom, Steve Anderson, Steve Craig. Row 5-Steve Pakes, John Crisler, Mark Frendt, Dave Mier, Tom Tierney, Pat Horan, Pete Hudson, Steve Voss, Ted Graddy, Dante Phillips, Tom Barnett, Tim Boman, Mike Scharnowske, Bob Kiely, Brad Burton, Mike Armstrong, Jim Wheelwright. w,,.,,1 "winnings stat Sticky hands and shaky voice accompany official duties as Veep Mark Fenimore presides at Pledge Service. 61 Honor Society leads academic and extra-curricular activities Candy distribution begins sales campaign aimed to swell Honor Society treasury. HONOR SOCIETY-Front Row-Mr. Harry McG0on, Sponsor, Thom Mayer, Pres., Birt Hampton, V-Pres., Judy Harvey, Sec., Kathy Chaney, Treas., Michele Zuck, Karen Allen, Norma Buehler, Barbara Miller, Julia Richardson, Margaret Sullivan. Row 2-Karen Williams, Mary Bronnenberg, Claire Richardson, Elisa- beth Harter, Pam Denny, Suzzette Patterson, Vickey Maxwell, Mary Marvel, Janis Sigler, Karen Taylor, Jan Anderson, Susan Bilyeu. Row 3-Madeline Bea- man, Nancy Bright, Sheila Barkdull, Jeanne Davis, Karen Swinehart, Bridget--, Boasting at least a 3.l43 cumulative point index with no F's or D's on their records, the 66 members of National Honor Society were recognized leaders at AHS in both academics and extra- curricular activities. To quality for mem- bership in the organization, a person had to attend Anderson High School for three full semesters in addition to achieving at least a B average. Members displayed their energy by peddling decorated bicycles in the 25 block Homecoming Parade. The group undertook the selling ot hard candy at Christmas as a money-making project and succeeded in making a S90 profit. This money was used to purchase a large felt Honor Society banner which would be used at all public meetings ot the Society. This year, members appropriated four awards to be given to members who Honor Society voted as outstanding in the area ot scholarship, leadership, character development, and service to the school. On April 22, Honor Society concluded its otticial year's activities with the annual initiation banquet held at the Anderson College Student Center. Hurley, Mary Ann Weis, Karen Folsom, Jeni Meikel, Sharon Taylor, Katie Kopp, Lynda Horne, Susie Gallamore, Chris Schilke. Row 4-Jon Nipple, Mary Kay Wilder, Teresa Collett, Nancy O'Connor, Pat Sample, Gail Benak, Jim Darnell, Mary Pat Kelly, Mark Fraundorfer, Tom Thornburg, Rodney Freeman, Joy Collins, Julie Baldwin. Row 5-Gary Barr, Charlie Austin, Phil Coale, Dan Hallenbeck, Jim Wheelwright, Mike Armstrong, Ralph Wood, Monte Sparks, Steve Pakes, Wayne Phlegar, Greg Gammon, Cedric Dunkerly, John Crisler. 62 Student director and stage managers re- ceive production di- rection, On A Clear Day dissects split personality One ot the highlights ot the year is the annual spring production of the senior class play. On A Clear Day was chosen as the play tor i969 by the 30-member Senior Dramatics class. Production was directed by Mrs. Maxine Bridges assisted by personnel from the dramatics class. The musical, written and produced by Lerner and Lowe, concerns a girl with a- cute perception who is treated by a psy- chiatrist and tinds she has two person- alities: one comtemporary and one re- siding in the eighteenth century. Upon summoning the latter through hypnosis the doctor falls in love with the girl's counterpart from the l700's. The aims ot the production of the sen- ior class play were to present quality en- tertainment to the public, and to famil- iarize the students involved with all the aspects ot theatre-trom acting and di- recting to the making ot scenery and the collection of props. Jean Stetlce and John Crisler plus eighteenth-century counterparts Terri Rowe and Tim Boman star in the m,-vl,W,v.A.- ,J HFM. A f'lf.f.,- Dm, if piemiius oi vii U ,roar way. 63 v -121 -ssemga it :-.' ,,gg,w-its -f.,--s.fe2.fi5f2samM gwxsssizsii rt - f:ut,w,5g2'se25'ssst- 4 fzssffggestfssragm ft- .'L.: sm, ' " :sztflxg ' .Qi 365315 Z .mt MLW , -.A- I is.. :sf-.aa V jig, .5155 it .. ,, . sq i 4 Ronnie Hellems alias Freddie Hill escorts his lady to the Convent Garden Opera. Elegant x i J i 64 1 w wa-svn-wv"'4f , . "Buy a flower from a poor girl, sir?" was the chant of cockney flower girls. costuming, singing captivate Staging the S2000 musical production of "My Fair Lady" involved much more than what met The eyes of the audience on the nights ot November l5,l6, and l7, Re- hearsals began some three months before when members of Choral Club attended Smith-Walbridge Camp. While the act- ing entailed a great deal ot time and effort, so also did the arrangement for costumes Trom New York, scenery from Michigan, and The orchestra from Ball State University. The production also necessitated having chairmen for pro- grams and tickets, committees tor light- ing and makeup, and many more hard- working assistants. The efforts of all were rewarded as Eliza Doolittle, the cockney flower girl played by Christy Black, Henry Higgins, the arrogant Englishman portrayed by Tom Thornburg, and other outstanding student actors drew capacity crowds two nights and received a stand- ing ovation the tinal night. Actors make final adiustments to elegant costumes before stepping in front at the footlights. Tears, hilarity troop across theatrical stage Whether the role called for the shedding of tears or breaking down into hilarious laughter, National Thespian Society Troupe 736 displayed their skill and talent to the student body and the community on several occasions throughout the year. Membership in this organization offered valuable experience for those students interested in dramatics, Eighty members worked diligently on costumes, scenery, acting, and directing to success- fully produce A Midsummer Night's Dream which enveloped the audience into a world of enchantment as wood sprites and elves danced across the stage in a magical fantasy. Under the compe- tent direction of Mrs. Maxine Bridges, the troupe also staged the Thespian Play Festival and Award Night in March. To further develop their appreciation tor the theater, Thespian members traveled to Chicago to attend a professional play. -.N . A f-t'. wgzamf::,, ,as ,. The magic of the theater unfol THESPIANS-Front Row-David Toombs, Bridget Hurley, Nancy Porter, Pascale Rivault, Susan Bilyeu, Sec., Tom Thornburg, Pres., Mrs, Maxine Bridges, sponsor, Tim Boman, V-Pres., Fritz Fralick, Teresa Davis, Debby Church, Debbie Bennett, Jean Lavelle, Fran Moore. Row 2-Terri Graham, Julie Fosone, Denise Foster, Jim Wheelwright, Wayne Phlegar, Geoff Gephart, Janet Herche, Jeanne Davis, Darlene Lennartz, Renda Shull, Claire Richardson, Leigh Ann Shafer, Dixie Rauner, Leah Farmer, Jody Thompson. Row 3-Joe Gallagher, Leila Czarniecki, Shirley Graham, Mike Kinerk, Dennis Cook, Le Ann Thompson, Nancy Shearer, ds the fantasy of make believe to an imaginative audience. J Terri Rowe, Sue Todd, Pam Tomlinson, Gary Ferguson, Elaine Barker, Michelle McCarel, Kay Kiper, Joy Blevins. Row 4-Terri Toole, Rhoda Blackwelder, Debbie Gephart, Phil Bledsoe, Patti Sigler, Judy Lipprnan, Dennis Lennartz, Debbie Dudley, Claudia Roby, Debbie Schulz, Joanne Henry, Julie Frossard, Becky Goehring, Ann Barnett, Nancy Norton. Row 5-Mary Ann Tackett, Mike Armstrong, Ted Graddy, Marie Noland, Mary Hoffmann, Monte Sparks, Steve Anderson, Steve Musser, John Crisler, Derrick Britt, Teresa Carter, Joe Kaiser, Regina Falker, Mary Harter, Ervin Cox, Tim Paschal. 65 s. P-is F W ag l G.A.A.-Front Row-Beverly Rody, Kathy Stringer, Judy Harvey, Pres., Lynn Gray, Cathy McShane, Michele Zuck, Linda Mimms, Sharlean Jones, Yvonne Braxton, Vicki Troup, Chris Schilke, Bridget Hurley. Row 2-Terri McKee, Mary Marvel, Debra Granger, Connie Hutton, Linda McEwen, Deanna Crowthers, Elisabeth Horter, Carol Gillespie, Susan Schilke, Annette Long, Teresa Gully, Carol Kirk- sey, Gail Rhoda, Row 3-Mrs. Frances Garrity, sponsor, Sharon Gibson, Denise Brown, Sally Jones, Treva Scott, Michelle McCorel, Jody Thompson, Pot McShane, Mary Hottmann, Joanne Henry, Coleen Wilder, Jan Collins, Cheryl Jones. Row 4-Russella Kouns, Ruth Hughes, Pam Tomlinson, Kay Kiper, Julie Thornburg, Robyn Clear, Marsha Farr, Le Ann Thompson, Nancy Shearer, Claudia Roby, Karen Bright, Tricia Krause, Sherry Cox, Susan Dayton, Ann Metzger. Competitive girls succeed in GAA athletics Claudia Roby performs a stunt tar gym team Girls listen attentively to aid swimming skills. tryout. 66 initiated in l9o8, the local chapter ot the National Girls! Athletic Association is a "one ot its kind" club at AHS which is open to any interested girl who wishes to participate in athletic events. A di- versified program ot team sports includ- ing swimming, bowling, ice and roller skating, badminton, volley ball, and track permitted each girl to be on tive teams while titteen members were spe- cially selected lor the gymnastics team. These gymnasts competed in the state meet at Ball State University in March. GAA otticers Judy Harvey, Sharon Gib- son, Sally Jones and Karen Bright worked with sponsor Mrs. Frances Garrity to co- ordinate athletic programs combining hard work, enjoyment, and physical tit- ness to make membership in the club a worthwhile and rewarding experience. l A-CLUB-Front Row-Mr. Robert Kanable, sponsor, Dennis Harrington, Steve Musser, Steve Anderson, Doug Graham, Mark Fraundorfer, Birt Hampton, Thorn Mayer, Mike Armstrong, Monte Sparks, Mr. George Danforth, sponsor. Row 2- Dick Etsler, Bill Metzger, Tom Zirkelbach, David Fisher, Alvin Renscher, M ke Vetor Johr Dew, Bobby Kirnm, Mickey Simmons, Dick Ferguson, Gary Thorrto- 2 4 J A A-Club pride, responsibility bring honors With the honor and recognition of being an A-Club member, comes a feeling of pride and responsibility, Wearing the familiar red and green sweaters or jackets, the boys rendered valuable serv- ices to both the community and their school, Their civic-mindedness was seen at Christmas as they launched the annual A-Club canned-food drive for needy families and collected money for the Jay- cees' aid to the community's poor. The boys also performed as clovvns in the city's Yule parade. Kindling school spirit, the lettermen dis- tributed programs at basketball games, sold basketball team pictures and formed their own cheering section at ballgames. A triumphant team rushes onto the floor through on arch held by A-Club members to begin a pep session. son. Row 3-Steve Voss, .lon Maier, Dallas Broadnox, Gary Barr, Willie Mc- Neese, David Sokol, Derrick Britt, Jack Winton, Alon Cobb, Gary Thurber, Dan Hallenbeck. Row 4-Rodney Freeman, Kevin Lone, Ervin Wright, Gary Erskine, Larry Burns, Mike Melson, Jim Laughlin, Tim Frank, Tom Norton, David Frecl- ericks, Gory Adams, Tom Harp, Phil Bledsoe. Q , N Et 67 Chicken wire creofions honor Homecoming queen, vicfory INUQNS fi . ll f .X-T45 gmovm Y, -V. veg, WL-2 V .f- -..l 25" Q, WP of afri- 4 .1 Jr-'w A Vqrshy cheerleoders LeAnn Thompson, Debbwe The tensmon ond excitemenf of Homecoming is chrnoxed os Jeanne Dows ss Crowned queen durxng holfnme, Dudhey, Bridget Hurley, Ann Bornetf, ond loner Herche personufy AHS, The bonds Yroditxoncn pre-game progrorn odds coior fo Homecomngs pogeonny. we, 6 2.4 'y, fggg . wie as n fo L W' in W I , :mb fffgwzhc 4 e..e A A 7 , , 68 I Her Royal Highness, Jeanne Davis, graces the field during Homecoming festivities First Pflle 'VY The l'l0m9C0ml"l9 Pofode WGS Won bt' Picture many distorted shapes ot colorful tloats made from chicken wire, kleenex, and paper mache and resembling any- thing from a football field to a black baby carriage. Then, envision 30 energetic Honor Society students peddling bicycles 28 blocks in the cold crisp night air. lm- agine a marching band stepping briskly to a beat that sends a tingle of excitement through the crowd which flanked both sides ot the street. These scenes were a part of the l968 AHS Homecoming Parade which traveled through downtown Ander- son to Denny Field where more than 4,200 tons witnessed the 28-l4 Tribal victory and honored the Homecoming court. A dozen red roses and a sparkling tiara were presented to Jeanne Davis, senior, as she was crowned Homecoming queen during halftime. Attendants completing the royal court were iunior Lorri Neale and sophomore Becky Goehring. gags ,Amt X 1,1 it ,, 9 it Cheerleaders form catalyst for spontaneous .Ma ss CHEERBLOCK-Front Row-Robin Smith, Margaret Chaney, Linda McEwen, Christi Barker, Carol Gillespie, Ann Barnett, Janet Herche, Kay Albrecht, Teresa Gully, Regina Falker, Sheryl Hiatt, Teresa Schmink. Row 2-Jan Collins, Cathy Chase, Michele Zuck, Tariea Goehring, Chris Schilke, Le Ann Thompson, Bride get Hurley, Debbie Dudley, Janet Dale, Mary Perry, Kathy Buck, Bernadette Faith, Janet Robinson, Penny King. Row 3-Joanne Henry, Manna Gilbert, lindsay Byer, Peggy Flattord, Anne Holland, Michelle McCarel, Claudia Roby, Pam Tomlinson, Judy Harvey, Mary Marvel, Mary Oemler, Susie Gallamore, Teresa Ellis. Row 4-Patti Wilson, Arlene Brandt, Linda Davis, Cathy Hensley, Karen Bright, Vicki Troup, Jody Thompson, Joy Blevins, Cathy Copeland, Cathy Blubaugh, Sue Keagh, Janice Rebhorn, Patty James, Becky Worster, Renee Zevn Row 5-Peggy Curtis, Becky Burke, Anna Aynes, Rhoda Blackwelder, Christy Bourne, Wanda Burnett, Jean Zirkelbach, linda Dotson, Marilyn Tolley, Glennetta Boyd, Charlotte Harris, Patty Wiliebrink, Marilyn Baker, Sherry Lee- dom, Karen Lott. Row 6-Pauline Clem, Chris Condon, Peggy Call, Marcia Mitchell, Mary Harter, Denise Greg, Julie Frossard, Becky Goehring, Linda Fer- guson, Cindy Travis, Debbie Prout, Joanna Hutton, Patty Sample, Mary Ellen Peterson. Row 7-Lynn Altrey, Wilma Harris, Brenda Fletcher, Vickie Schell, Treva Scott, Jeanetta Etchison, Debbie Shell, Vicki Fisher, Lynn Gray, Jean Patton, Janet Wigiter, Ruth Hughes, Gail Benak, Julie Newman, Russella Kauns. Row 8-Carla Oakes, Susan Shepherd, Gay Beeman, Dona Hicks, Nancy Shearer A cheerleaders enthusiasm tills every yell. Friendly competition is exemplitied by chatting cheerleaders at halftime. .53 :und infectious spirit for cheerblock ond teoms B-TEAM and ALTERNATE YELL-LEADERS-Front Row-Claudio Roby, Lindo Dotson. Row 2-Joy Blevins, Michelle McCcirel, Becky Goehring. Row 3-Jody Thompson, Julie Frossard, Jean Zirkelboch. Student body spirit con be infectious to o teom ond this yeor's cheerleading squod found the right Technique for moking thot spirit spontoneous. Hcill posters ond bon- ners, pep rollies in the porking lot, ond corovons to Denny Field were new ideos used by the girls to get the lndions "fired- up." The vorsity quintet composed of four seniors ond one junior met with reserve ond olternote cheerleoders two nights eoch week to bolonce olreody perfected ocrobotic formotions with new cheers to boost spirit ot oill bosketboll ond footboll gomes. Showing thot they were bocking every lndion sport, the girls olso ottended minor sports events os interested specto- tors. Reenforcing the cheerleoclers with more pep ond energy, the spirited AHS cheer- block under the sponsorship of Mrs. Jo Funk wcis 200 strong. Smortly dressed in red iumpers ond white blouses, the girls voiced their support for the Indicins ot oll home ond o few out-of-town gomes by clever, enthusicistic, sometimes wild cheers. During the bosketboll seoson, the orgonized pep club met twice o month with the cheerleoders to leorn new cheers ond proctice hond motions to be reody for gomes ond pep sessions. After o cordvon of more than o lOO cars, excited students rolly ot Denny Field. 71 Individual touch in activities shapes Warm personality Dance dates, lingering in the hails until seconds before the bell, walking crowded halls, effervescent laughter, heart to heart talks, long lines in the dean's office and the cafeteria, prorn corsages, lndian rnascots, running to and from the cafe- teria, locker talk, cheering at garnes- these are part of the ntany things giving sparkle to AHS. The personal and in- dividual touches each indian left upon gunna- .-.-W his friends, and the diversified enrich- ment of life which is not found in books created the warmth that was the integral ingredient of the complex personality of Anderson High School. The degree of success of social interaction was deter- rnined by each individual as he contrib- uted to and received, according to his ability and need, the ntyriad activities at the high school. 5 T2 " '-'Q W A - ' i I ifvhsa. ls '1'-I-is 'f' ' fini i E s E s l i Club members create unique bulletin boards to add interest to organizations. 72 tvtaiden Carla .lones helps Mascot Jirn Boone prepare his ntalceup for the lndian dance. 5- 1 s N An activity sometimes begins GY Yhe chance meetmg of frwevwds. xx - si, . fzyfezf 'S .2 -ljizcfwm-3 ' iizgv' AM1,.f' . 'J -.,, Foil Wind-Up Dance, f'MidnlghTHour",c1ccems young romance. 9 ., a ' ll" - Sports Excitement ond Tension go hand and nond os exhilorcxfion and competition infoxlcofes p1oyers,CoOcnes,ond spectmors. Oniy through practice is excelNence ochieved The ecstasy of winning overshodows exhaustion in fofol physical invowemenr. ,K f x -1. .wr w ,- ,fn an wi'-A-1 7 -ur .Q K ,Q . in competirion, OfiI'1OiiUI'1Qe ofien disiinguislwes the winner from the loser. P-Q-... -. . .gym -4 -.5 .vi , Oh, V . Vxyk V if W: - Q , Q ' gm. V N 9 Av-,X 'fm 5 - Q M ' ,.,,,4: ata: N I. Football team towers over seven opponents A host of Huntington Qacklers close in to smash Tim Black as the veteran quarterback breaks his ankle, The powerful footballers registered one of their most successful seasons by down- ing seven opponents. In the season opener with Huntington, quarterback Tim Black suffered a broken ankle, but Mike Mc- Henry filled Black's place leading the Tribe to a T4-T4 tie. A powerful offense, coupled with determined defense, vaulted the Indians over Muncie Central i9-I4. With Muncie driving to the AHS goal line in the clos- ing moments, end Phil Bledsoe wrestled the ball from the Bearcat fullback on the 3-yard line to salvage a victory. An aerial attack balanced with the running of James Currie, Larry Burns, and Birt Hampton produced 35 points as the de- fense held Lafayette Jeff to l-4. Defending state champion Richmond cooperated at Homecoming when the Indians outlasted the Red Devils 28-14. Rival Madison Heights felt the sting of the Indians' attack as the Tribe regained the city championship 27-6. Hampton and Currie blasted through holes opened by the veteran line while the stingy de- fense held the Corsairs to 39 yards. VARSITY FOOTBALL-Front Row-Joe Ebbert, Andy Oldham, Dale Johnson, Row 3-Fred Bouslog, Bruce Cage, Murray Hall, Tom Maines, Terry May, Norm Mark Noland, Brent Keesling, Roger Garrett, Fred Sweigart, Willie McNeese, Goodwin, Tom Martin, Mickey Simmons, Fred Simpson, Rick Sleet. Row 4-Man- Sam Hanna, Mike Hilburt, Bruce Walker, Jerry Owens. Row 2-Head Coach ager John Paul, George Riley, Bob Price, Carl Cloud, Steve Fisher, Mickey Pete Russo, Asst. Coach Woody Moore, Jack Winton, Mike Armstrong, Birt Whiteaker, Tom Feemster, Mike McHenry, Ross Scott, Howdy Nottingham, John Hampton, Doug Graham, Rod Freeman, Larry Burns, Thom Mayer, Phil Bledsoe, Wilson, Manager Vincent Hilliard, Manager Barry Payne. James Currie, Tim Black, Asst, Coach Phil Sullivan, Trainer Roger Whitehead. 76 5 --'Fl 19 f "1 3, we rr -.4 at '3"f E? ,gk iv 1 ,Q i -X pn-....... ' fm. rx, . Nw. in . ,fax t, T ,B z' Coach Pete Russo gives last minute strategy to the Indions before they go on the worpath against New Castle in the seasonfs finale, The stage set tor an NCC showdown when the Tribe Traveled to top-ranked Marion, but again, an early iniury to the quarterback hampered the scoring punch. Sophomore Brent Keesling took over the signal-calling and directed a late drive to the T2-yard line. With 20 seconds re- maining, a pass was intercepted, ending the Tribe's hopes ot seizing the state title. An Indian loss to Brebeut erased the Tribe's tenth place rank in the state, but the team returned to winning torm by blasting Kokomo Haworth 35-l9, and New Castle's Trojans on Dad's Night 20-7. Final NCC standings had Anderson and Marion with 4-l marks, but the Dick- inson point scoring system sent the Tribe to second place because the teams that Marion defeated finished higher in the standings than the lndian victims. Fullback Larry Burns tollows the blocking ot Birt Hampton and George Riley to pickup valuable yardage Junior varsity defeats Madison Heights twice 5 K f' an RESERVE FOOTBALL-Row I-Mark Miller, Ted Magers, Dave Hannatord, Bill Downey, Bill Schell, mgr., Phil Schrenker, rngr.g Benny Griner, Fred Roudebush, Ed Priest. Row 2-Mark Frendt, Greg Coplinger, Terry Britt, Jim Springer, Horace Brooks, Greg Maxwell, Fred Neal, Don Buck, Bill Fritz, Sam George, Row 3-Mr. King, Pete Faust, Bill Kopp, Chuck Smith, Darryl Watkins, Henry Harris, Randy Cripe, Willie Watson, Mike Adams, Bob Wisehart, Mr. Kanable. Row 4-Jirn Farr, Nick Vores, Mike McMahon, Bob Hittle, Mike Schar- nowske, Danny Thornas, Dennis Alberts, Mike Whalon, Pat Horan, Mike Snyder. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson VARSITY FCOTBALL Won Lost Tie I4 Huntington I4 O O I 2l Muncie South O I O I I9 Muncie Central I4 2 O I 35 Lafayette Jeff I4 3 O I 28 Richmond I4 4 O I 27 Madison Heights 6 5 O I 7 Marion I3 5 I I 7 Brebeut I3 5 2 I 35 Kokomo Haworth I9 6 2 I 20 New Castle 7 2 I RESERVE FOOTBALL Won Lost 7 Madison Heights O I O I8 Kokomo Haworth O 2 O 7 Muncie Central 20 2 I 27 Muncie South 7 3 I 20 Marion 6 4 I 20 Kokomo 6 5 I I3 Richmond 25 5 2 7 Lafayette Jeff 29 5 3 I9 Madison Heights 6 6 3 Outstanding tackle Mike Arnistrong, who earned All-State honorable rnention, looks with vtvnsity upon the gridiron, End Rod Freeman catches a pass downfield and heads for the goal line. A play such as this won Freeman a starting position on the AlleState team, 78 K... Senior Mark Ffoundg,-fe, pmcgmes his fofm- Jim Thornburg slams the ball in a doubles match with Madison Heights as partner Fraundorfer looks on, Tennis team moves into autumn sports scene Competing for the first time as an autumn sports team, Anderson High School's racketmen, coached by Mr. Charles New- berry, struggled to regain North Central Conference and state leadership. A senior-laden squad, captained by Mark Fraundorfer, roared out on the courts to nail down six of its first seven meets. However, three consecutive losses to NCC foes dampened hopes of a confer- ence title. The same late-season blues struck at sectional time as AHS wound up in third place, failing to send a tribesman to the state. TENNIS Won Lost Anderson 5 Madison Heights 2 I O Anderson 4 Crawfordsville 3 2 O Anderson 3 West Lafayette 4 2 I Anderson 5 Muncie Central 2 3 I Anderson 5 Pendleton 2 4 I Anderson 6 Muncie South I 5 I Anderson 7 Lawrence Central O 6 I Anderson 2 New Castle 5 6 2 Anderson 3 Logonsport 4 6 3 Anderson 3 Richmond 4 6 4 Anderson 7' Kokomo O 7 I 5 Anderson O Lafayette Jeff 7 7 5 Anderson 4 Marion 3 8 5 TENNIS-Front Row-Mgr. Gary Thomason, Mark Fraundorfer, Wayne Renschler, Mike Austin, Jim Thornburg Jeff McClure. Row 2-Danny Halsell, John Smith, Mark Newberry, George Pancol, Dave Ellsworth, Tom Hore vay, Jeff Casey, Tim Frank, Coach Charles Newberry. 79 The Anderson 'fGreen" breaks out of the pack of l75 runners at The start of the sectional meet. Grueling miles build distance runners Starting in mid-August, a small group of dedicated athletes began the grueling Training necessary To Tackle another cross country season. Each runner practiced Twice a day running an approximate dis- tance of fifteen miles and at The height of The season kept in shape by working out Torty miles per week. Personal pride, stamina, and self- accomplishment were The major rewards of The cross country man, but Three victo- ries capped The rebuilding efforts of Coach Harold Welsh and Assistant Coach David East. The varsity was composed of senior Dave Fisher, ably assisted by underclass- men. Outstanding for The Tribe was iunior Steve Voss who ouTran l6O runners To place fifteenth in the sectional, and Mike Vetor who merited The i969 Ray Fleenor Award Tor outstanding work. 80 Worx?-QS? AnderS04.i7 5l1Qrmnd00h-1.- 47 .sissi I1f51iii11-AnderssSkjQ1:44 NQi53,i52Castle 1'1,i I7 "1rii An 37 if 1.9 Anderson 27 Muncie Southside 30 l',il 2 V, AndersQr4,,,33 Washington , 30 , :ULN " wif' Fiivivfff is iiic . T is . ,Cfisafw Anurgligiifi 69 3 24 iii T32 .3 sfciifiy 5 Anderson 48 Muncie Central 15 23 .Andefwi-.36 Richmond -, in Sectional iii ff' T " CROSS COUNTRY-Front Row-Manager Dick Fer- guson, Jeff Kearns, Mike Vetor, Mike Heflin, Gary Thurber, Dick Richwine, Dave Fisher, Steve Voss, Steve Bowser, Manager Jon Maier. Row 2-Coach Harold Welsh, Scott Bookout, Dee Kinney, Rick Voss, Rod Mann, Rod Michael, Tommie Simmons, Jeff Barber, Mike Everett, Robert Lee Wynn, Asst. Coach David East, Swimming team records all-time victory mark The AHS swim team gained prestige from state recognition in its eighth sea- son as the tankmen recorded their finest season, by topping ll opponents in T4 outings. The powerful squadron sent its medley relay team comprised of Gary Barr, Jim Laughlin, Tim Lockwood, and Tom Norton to the state meet. For the second year Laughlin qualified in the state finals in the lOO yard breast stroke and Lockwood qualified in the state finals in the lOO yard butterfly. Frank Bagienski and Tom Harp led the victory- hungry Tribe as captains. Laughlin, Nor- ton, Stanley Bledsoe, Tim Frank, David Fredericks, and Mike Whalon are among the varsity swimmers who will return to Mr. Robert Freeman's coaching next year. Ray Armstrong and Dennis Tittle, sopho- mores, starred from the diving board for the 68-69 season. The climax of the sea- son came in the last meet when the Braves whalloped rival Madison Heights, 65-SO, sweeping all first places. SWIMMING Won Lost Anderson Frankfort 56 O I Anderson Muncie Central 39 l l Anderson Lafayette Jeff 42 2 l Anderson Shelbyville 40 3 i Anderson Speedway 44 4 l Anderson Kokomo Haworth 32 5 I Andersen icqkomo 76 5 2 'ii 'N 'Anderson Marlon 33 6 2 Anderson New Castle 2l 7 2 Anderson Richmond 45 8 2 'Anderson Muncie Burris 39 9 2 Anderson Pike 44 lO 2 Anderson Lawrence Central 62 I0 ' 3 'Anderson Madison Heights 30 ii 3 SWIMMING-Front Row-Steve Skaggs, Tom Howard, Rick Pavey, Cary Floyd, Mark Newberry, Frank Willis, Steve Craig, Dave Regenold, Joe Miller, Mgr. Row 2-Dave Ellsworth, Mgr., Tom Harp, John Rock, Mark Sokol, Gary Barr, Mike McMahon, Dave Mier, Dennis Tittle, Tim Frank, Tom Norton, Mr. George Danforth, Asst. Coach. Row 3-Jeff Kearns, Mgr., Don Gwinnup, i 5 z I H . ' fl 14 ff M A good start be- comes an important factor in winning re- lays. Jim Laughlin overtakes his competitor in N.C.C. action. Ric Dunkerly, Jon Smith, Frank Bagienski, Stan Bledsoe, Fritz Fralick, Mike Heflin, Joe Cobb, Tom George, Alvin Renschler, Mr. Robert Freeman, Coach, Joe Gallagher. Row 4-David Fredericks, Jim Laughlin, Bob Kiely, Tim Lock- wood, Jeff McClure, Rod Fletcher, Mike Wholon, Steve Norris, Ray Armstrong. L 3. X lil i Xl jj Indians bring loack sectional championship lUi 'UI' 'rf W' -qv-qu VARSITY BASKETBALL-Front Row-Derrick Britt, Mgr., Freddie Neal, Mike Whitey Wakenight, Asst. Coach, Mr. Ray Estes, Coach, Bobby Smith, Mike Woodruff, Larry Burns, Gary Erskine, T. H. Simmons, David Sokol, Mgr. Row 2- Scharnowske, Tom Feemster, Roger Murdock, Mr. Roger Whitehead, Trainer. Mr. Don Barnett, Asst. Coach, Steve Voss, Phil Bledsoe, Rod Freeman, Mr. -Eve-,,,,gs3.q,,-rf-+ f Clearing the boards, powerful Phil Bledsoe starts a fast break. Sophomore Mike Scharnowske attempts to block . a Marion shot. 82 with decisive victory over Madison Heights Anderson's basketball team of I969 powered its way to the best season of the past three years. A potent offense coupled with a scrappy defense victimized I7 foes while dropping seven games to opponents. The Indians started the sea- son by losing to two state powers, Short- ridge, 74-70, and Marion, 63-53. The Tribe broke into the win column scalping seven consecutive squads to give AHS an eighth-place rank in both state rating polls. Losses to Muncie Central and Mich- igan City marred the mid-season action, but the Tribesmen got on the winning side by nosing Elkhart 66-65, and massacring the Pirates of Madison Heights in a vicious battle, 88-57. Kokomo sneaked by the Indians 68-67, but AHS revived by beating South Bend Central IO4-83. Logansport handled the Indians, 7l-68, but Anderson finished off three teams, and the season finale gave the Tribe a 70-69 victory over a strong Richmond team. The Indians had little trouble bringing the sectional crown back to AHS for the first time in three years setting an all-time scoring record of 267 in three games. A high- spirited Tribe met the powerful Marion Giants who eliminated Anderson, 78-65, from regional Hoosier hysteria. Mike Woodruff, Gary Erskine, and Larry Burns handled the backcourt ef- fectively in the '69 season. Phil Bledsoe and Bobby Smith added depth to the squad at forward positions, and Rod Freeman's power and scoring ability brought success to the Wigwam many times. Rod scored 565 points, breaking Ken .lohnson's single season record, but fell short of Steve CIevenger's all-time three-year scoring mark of I,298 with I,258 points playing ten less games. us I 4 f ul'- VARSITY BASKETBALL Won Anderson 70 Shortridge 74 O Anderson 53 Marion 63 O Anderson 63 Indianapolis Tech. 56 I Anderson 78 Lafayette 62 2 Anderson 82 Fort Wayne South 58 3 Anderson 69 East Chicago 67 4 Anderson 85 Muncie South 74 5 Anderson 72 Muncie Central 65 6 Anderson 76 Fort Wayne Central 59 7 Anderson 75 Muncie Central 84 7 Anderson 78 Michigan City Bl 7 Anderson 66 Elkhart 65 8 Anderson 88 Madison Heights 57 9 Anderson 67 Kokomo 68 9 Anderson IO4 South Bend Central 83 I0 Anderson 68 Logansport 7l lO Anderson 69 Muncie South 63 ll Anderson 64 New Castle 55 I2 Anderson 83 Columbus 64 I3 Anderson 70 Richmond 69 I4 Anderson 95 Highland 5l I5 Anderson 91 Frankton 64 I6 Anderson 8l Madison Heights 62 I7 Anderson 65 Marion 78 I7 ,ii All H 4 A loose ball a ttracts hustling Gary Erskine. Lost I 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 ..-I as-...Es,J".i.. . Rod Freeman towers over Frankton and lays the ball in. 83 7 ri- Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson RESERVE BASKETBALL Won Shortridge 44 Marion 44 Indianapolis Technical 42 Lafayette 40 Fort Wayne South 43 East Chicago Washington 39 New Castle 33 Muncie South 31 Fort Wayne Central 38 Muncie Central 57 Michigan City 61 Elkhart 41 Madison Heights 50 Kokomo 47 South Bend Central 37 Logansport 50 Muncie South 39 New Castle 52 Columbus 46 Richmond 58 Lost 1-O 2-0 2-1 3-1 3-2 4-2 5-2 6-2 7-2 8-2 8-3 9-3 9-4 10-4 11-4 12-4 13-4 14-4 15-4 15-5 Guard Mike Woodruff fakes before firing a pass to Phil Bledsoe. Basketball reserves coiptu re 15 of 20 contests 4-46' 84 sl, M M Qi x A, 411 T A1 , lug 'unff 113' Y' RESERVE BASKETBALL-Front Row-Kim Wood, Mgr., Jeff Casey, Art King, Gary Schuster, Jeff Taylor, Steve Bowser, Terry Adams, Mgr. Row 2-Ramar Wakenight, Coach, Howdy Nottingham, Stuart Brown, Steve Hiatt, Don Degner, Larry Dailey, Mike Dunn, Mark Noland, Roger Murdock, Soaring into the air, Larry Burns fires ci shot over the op- posing defense. Track team strains Through rebuilding year Battling through a perenially tough schedule, members of the track team strained through a rebuilding year lack- ing depth and composed largely ot un- derclassmen. Senior Larry Burns led the team for the year being one ot the state's finest performers. Burns participated in four events and in his first two meets of competition brought home first place rib- bons in each event. Burns and his team- mates competed in three dual meets, two triangular encounters, as many invita- tional relays, and the NCC and sectional meets. Horace Brooks noses over the high bar. TRACK Won Lost Anderson 51 Kokomo Haworth 67 O l Anderson 26 Muncie Central 75 O 2 O New Castle 47 3 Anderson 32 Richmond 86 0 4 Anderson 20 Marion O 5 Muncie South 60 0 6 Anderson 48 Madison Heights 70 O 7 Anderson 37V2 Kokomo 79V2 0 8 Anderson eighth in NCC Anderson ninth in sectional TRACK-Front Row-Dave Sokol, Mgr., Scott Bookout, X, Mike Everett, Steve Bowser, Mike Heflin, Tom Zirkel- back, Sam George, Steve Fisher, Dick Richwine, James May, Robert Lee Wynn, Gary Thurber. Row 2- Mr. Roger Whitehead, Trainer, John Drumm, Birt Hampton, Larry Burns, Stewart Brown, Mark Noland, Horace Brooks, Tommie Simmons, Benny Griner, Bob Ramirez, Greg Caplinger, Arthur King, Chuck Smitha, Mgr., Mr. Harold Welsh, Coach. Row 3-Mr. Ramar Wokenight, Asst, Coach, Alonzo Siler, Pete Buettner, Stevin Kestner, Fred Bouslog, Rod Mann, Nick Vores, Claude Bylinski, Don Degner, Jeff Kearns, Tom Clark, Steve Shearer, Rod Michael, Pat Horan, Larry Dailey, Mr. Dave East, Asst. Coach. Rod Michael gasps for breath after running the grueling mile. WRESTLINCPFront Row-Tom Butler, Rick Jarvis, Danny Jefferson, Willie McNeese, Tom Clark, Thom Mayer, Sam George, Birt Hampton, Monte Sparks, Joe Ebbert, Dallas Broad' nax, Rick Eads. Row 2-Mr. Robert Kanable, Asst. Coach, Brent Math- ews, Mgr., Rick Senseny, Scott Bookout, Mark Frendt, Dan Thomas, Gary Solid, Bob Ramirez, Nick Vores, Dave Hannaford, Chuck Smitha, Bob Boone, Mike Everett, Fred Roudebush, Randy Clark, Mr. Joseph Sparks, Coach. Wrestlers' season is studded with striking set of decisions Led by Captain Monte Sparks and Wrestler of the Year Birt Hampton, the Tribe grapplers registered a respectable 6-4 dual meet record, finishing fifth in the North Central Conference. The Indians battled through a season studded with impressive victories, but scarred by disappointing losses. Participating in two quadrangular tourneys, the wrestlers finished fourth in Kokomo Invitational and won the Anderson four-way. Hamp- ton was the lone Tribesman to advance to the regional as Anderson placed second in the sectional. Junior Dallas Broadnax and senior Thom Mayer shared honors as top point producers for the indians. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson VAR5lTY WRESTLING 21 Crawtordsville 37 Marion 21 Richmond 37 Madison Hts. i2 Muncie Central 32 New Castle Logansport 24 i9 Ben Davis 25 Lafayette-Jeff 46 Kokomo Haworth Won Lost 30 0 I II I i 24 l 2 I2 2 2 36 2 3 I8 3 3 20 4 3 26 4 4 18 5 4 8 6 4 Thom Mayer takes the advantage on his Ben Davis foe. 86 l Captain Monte Sparks struggles to pin his opponent. Dennis Harrington displays his winning form. Steve Miisser shows agility on his dismount. Doug Graham powers a hand stand. Gymnasts spring to best winning record Coach Mike Smith's gymnasts completed their finest season winning five meets and finishing eighth in the Warren Central Invitational composed of the state's top teams. The Tribe launched the season winning three of its first four meets, but iniuries hampered the efforts for a win- ning season. Captain Dennis Harrington placed first on the parallel bars in all but three meets, and led the team with scoring honors. The Indians' third season of com- petition paved the way for a good showing in the sectional, sending members to the state meet. VARSITY GYMNASTICS Won Lost 39 I O Anderson 99 Wabash Anderson .53 North Central lOl I I Anderson 79 Pike 75 2 I Anderson 79V2 Portland 74V2 3 l Anderson 45V2 Concord IOSVQ 3 2 Anderson 75V2 Pike 79V2 3 3 Anderson 50lf2 Ben Davis lOlV2 3 4 Anderson 78V2 Wabash 58V2 4 4 Anderson 6lV2 Madison Heights 92V2 4 5 Anderson 7l Warren Central 83 4 6 Anderson 8lV2 Portland 7lV2 5 6 Anderson 65 Madison Heights 89 5 7 Anderson 55V2 Southport 95V2 5 8 Anderson 46 North Central IO7 5 9 GYMNASTICS--Front Row-John Dew, Mike Burnett, Ed Billheimer, Eddie Priest, Bob Kimm, Alan Glenn, Jim Wheelwright. Row 2-Mr. Michael Smith, Coach, Gary Adams, Mickey Simmons, Ross Scott, Dennis Harrington, Doug Graham, Barry Payne, Mgr. Row 3-Dee Kinney, Greg Caplinger, Dennis Lennartz, Jim Bonner,JohnVVilson. 87 VARSITY BASEBALL-Front Row-Berry Cope, Dick Etsler, Gary Erskine, Monte Sparks, Mike Woodruff, Dick James, Rick Eads, Fred Neal, Barry Pane, Mgr. Row 2-Mr. Don Barnett, Coach, Bill Metsger, Tom Feemster, Kevin Lone, Steve Voss, Mike McHenry, Terry Pratt, Doug Graham, Mr. George Danforth, Asst. Coach. Baseball Indians battle for NCC leadership was RESERVE BASEBALL-Front Row-Gary Schuster, Rick Voss, Dennis Tittle, Jeff Barber, Tim McAshlan, Joe Royer, Jeff Taylor, Phil Raymore, Row 2-Jon Smith, Ed Priest, Jeff Casey, Mark Miller, Dave Hannaford, Bill Kopp, Dennis Alberts, Bruce Cage. Row 3-Howdy Nottingham, Ross Scott, John Wilson, Bob Hittle, Mike Dunn, Dan Bryon, Gary Robinson, Rick Sleet, Roger Murdock. A Led by a determined and experienced group of seniors, the baseball Indians battled for leadership in the NCC andthe state, striving to better their seven win four loss record of the l968 season. Seven returning lettermen, comple- mented by ten more well-polished vet- erans, sought excellence on the ballfield. Three-year members of the All-Confer- ence team Kevin Lane and Gary Erskine combined their talents with veterans Mike Woodruff and Thom Mayer to lead the Don Barnett coached Tribe in their efforts and drive towards the top. pitch to Kevin Lane ends in the grandstand as Lane's powerful swing connects. BASEBALL Won Lost Anderson 9 Muncie Central l l O Anderson ll Greenfield 3 2 0 Anderson 7 Marion 5 3 O Anderson 6 Noblesville 4 4 0 Anderson 5 Shortridge 2 5 0 Anderson 2 Richmond 3 5 I Anderson 8 Madison Heights 4 6 I Anderson 12 Shelbwille O 7 l Anderson 4 Logansport l 8 I Anderson 3 Kokomo Haworth 2 9 I Anderson 6 Highland 2 IO I Anderson 6 Madison Heights l ll 'l Anderson 6 Kokomo l I2 l Golfers tour Groindview links successfully Under the direction of new cooch Phil Sullivon, the 'l'ribe's golfers completed one of their most successful seosons on the Grondview links. Senior Don Hollen- beck shot o consistently fine gome tor the lndions, ond senior Steve Anderson ond iunior Jon lvioier oclded depth to the teom by firing excellent rounds during the spring contests. Juniors Steve Norris ond George Poncol rounded out the squod ond built o powerful teom chcillenge for the i2 regulor meets, the conference crown, ond honors in the sectionol ond stote meets. sow ' i Wim Lost Aiiiisfson ll' 4V2'Greenfi5id 5 'l'f SV? Ill' 0 it '5 Anderson 7V2 Clmrfrorid ZV2 I 1 Anderson ,514 Agendletgig l 1, Aniiersoni' 9 Tipton l:'f'i'i" 6 i ""i'i ' ' Anderson A i0 Marion 5 4 i Alngierson V7 Muncieyfientroibil 8 A-4 2 Aiitiiersoni -'4 "'Qiurmdl"ff5,e' H 3 Anderson 6112 Kokomoif BVZI4 4 Af1gierson4,k9if2 Mvncieggsoufh 4112 5 4, , ' 4 Aniferson if I3 Kokomo i'i' 8112 7 4 Anderson, 4V2 Marion A l0V2 7 5 Aiiiiiisrsonifii 1i5!iz:disafwHeighfi55, 4 Sn Anderson:307 New Castle 3i5 9 5 Anderson third in NCC I Aniiggrson fsrqurfh imsediuigei 3 'W' 04? - . 1 W 'un1:5Y 'nga' if gl GOLF-Front Row-Rick Rector, Dove Cue, Don Quinup, .lon Moier, Steve Anderson, George Pczncol. Row 2- Mr. Phil Sullivon, Coochf Tom Horvey, Don Dougherty, Bruce Clouser, Steve Norris, Steve Arnold, Tony Barnett, Don Hollenbeck. C Don Hcillenbeck concentrates on the boll. Driving for long distance, Jon Maier tees off. Follow through is important fgr Sieve Andergcn. 89 People People have a remarkable ability in mixing the mood ot the day, a wide assortment of emotions, and a dash of humor to make the batter of life. A school is nothing without her people E l lo ' I fs?-3 "lc fz11il2'lf'fr'I mi- ffmiff ' 014225 wifi-ff"-'L - iw' A-,Af ff,-,.4r... , M1 ,Q ,. 54 f 'gif W S1 All Y p An important part of the school family ls1l'1efaculTy. kxyi W iv' ? of I 1? 1 , M , MM. ,,,.,f vc 5 N-,.. fx fin' ' M. X 1 National and school flags symbolize student palriofism. -c-noni' ii P' --..... Superintendent of Anderson city schools Mr. G.E. Ebbertt heads the administrative staff, Under the competent direction and super- vision ot vvell-trained administrators and taculty, Anderson High School students were provided excellent academic op- portunities. Superintendent O. E. Ebbertt and the school board tormulated maior school policies tor the 29 city schools. The year vvas marked by the announcement ot plans tor a two million dollar voca- tional school. Principal Noel B. Douglass, aided by department heads, channeled students' energies by planning a well-balanced curriculum. Added to the schedule this year was the special needs programs which let some students continue their ed- ucation while working. The highly trained faculty at AHS not only taught in the classroom but also sponsored clubs, served on committees, and backed the Indians in their extra-curricular activities. Administrators formulate major policy l K l l i i l i l BOARD OF SCHOOL Byrum, secretory, Mr, member, Mr. Zebedee 92 'f 'wwf 'Sf AMA TRUSTEES-Front Row-Mr. Charles C, Dearing, vice-president, Mr. DeVar Litten, president, Mrs. Evelyn Robert Miller, school attorney. Row 2-Mr. George A. Harrison, board member, Mr. Billie Schuyler, board Christian, Sr., board member, mf Mr. Horace Chadbourne, assistant principal, con- fers on the Telephone cs c par! of his duiies in aiding Mr. Douglass. Principal Noel B. Douglass works continously in run ning a complex high school. Mr. Frank Van Slyke, Dr. Enoch Drumm, and Dr. Harold Gallagher serve as assistant su perintendenfsg school system, while Mr. Bear? Downey serves as direcfor of elementary curriculum in the Faculty guides student understanding ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL-Front Row-Mr. Max Beigh, Mr, lshmael Osborne, Mr. George Vaught, Mrs. Mary McFarland. Row 2-Mr. Robert Belangee, Mr, David Barrow, Mrs. Evelyn Grahame, Mrs. Mariorie Austin, Mrs, Edna Rhynearson. Row 3-Principal Noel B. Doug- lass, Mrs. Virginia Hurley, Mr. George Lee, Assistant Principal Horace Chadbourne, Mr. George Davis. Mr. David Barrow handles financial transactions as high school treasurer. 94 . - , wxfzgef , , , ,kg its f ' QM, ,f Yew: A .,1.-1: ,,fs,w.. -W-5 f iff ,. , , 1553 - 'tif QQ! V- .s,. . C I. MM Mutual problems of the Deans' Office brings about a conference between Dean ol Gi Mrs. Virginia Hurley and Dean of Boys Mr. Robert Belangee. rls MR. ROBERT ACKENHUSEN-Science-B.S., M.S., Indiana. MRS. SAUNDRA AMOS-Language Arts-BS., Purdue, lndianette Choreographer, Hall Display Comm., Clubs Comm., "Little Chief" Comm., Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. MARJORIE C. AUSTlN-Busi- ness Ed.-A.B., Ball State, Registrar, Administrative Council. MR. WILLIAM BALLENTINE-Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State. MR. RICHARD L. BALSLEY-Business Ed.-B.S., Ball State. MRS. LINDA BARNES-Home Economics-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Faculty Tea Comm. MR. DONALD B. BARNETT-Driver Ed.-B.S., Ander- son, M.A., Ball State, Baseball Coach. MR. LARRY BARNHART- Social StudiesfB.S., Anderson, M.A., Indiana, Annual Sponsor, Quill and Scroll Sponsor, Clubs Comm., Convo Comm., Foreign Student Comm., School Publications Comm. MR. DAVID E. BARROW-Mathematics-A.B., Franklin, M.S., Indi- ana, High School Treasurer, Administrative Council, Annual Board. MR. MAX E. BEIGH-Director of Counseling-B.S., Man- chester, M.C.S,, Indiana, Administrative Council, Guidance Comm., Employment Regulations Comm., Foreign Student Comm. MR. ROBERT A. BELANGEE-Dean of BoysvB.S., M.A., Ball State, Administrative Council, Employment Regulations Comm., Monitors Comm., Senior Awards Comm., Social Activities Comm. MRS. MARCIA BLAIR-Language Arts-B.S., Indiana, "Little Chief" Comm., Bulletin Boards Comm., School Publications Comm. MR. DONALD C. BOWEN-Business Ed.-B.S., M.S., Indiana State, Area Supervisor, Administrative Council, High School Accountant. MRS. MAXINE BRIDGES-Language Arts-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Thespian Sponsor, Speech Club Sponsor, Convo Comm., Ameri- can Education Week Comm., Senior Speakers Comm., Clubs Comm., Senior Class Play Sponsor. MR. ROSS BUCKMAN-Mathe- matics-B.S., Millersville State, M.A., Ball State. MR. HOWARD BURNETT-Social Studies-A,B., Manchester, M.A., Ball State, High School Publicity Chr. Take my hand And heed my words, For truth is there But to be seen, Illuminated by the light I can show You the way, Reveal the path, But You must take The first step. A faculty member guides a student toward under standing. ,If Q 95 'ML V fi ,. t'i was I ' A rf . Seeking, searching, He stumbles And sometimes tolls Until, Reaching out his hand To others He draws strength And plans a guide To days unlived. A student planning for the future seeks advice and direction from his counselor. 'l"ll .L ' ,...., . 1 -,.:: ,mg ki3,A.l 5 . Q 1' 'Su X.. , ,. 57 QQ ' . l 4 . 'Q I R ,J H 'f " , K . Qs, ...,- x K. 7-,371 xl., X i f'-iii., t I fr- ' S sii .fr 96 gli' ."j,,,,, .3 ,, I new C MRS. LOIS BYRD-Librarian-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Hall Display Comm., School Publications Comm. MISS MARILYN CARROLL- Lcnguage Arts-B.A., M.A., Ball State, American Education Week Comm., Christmas Decorations Comm., "Little Chief" Comm., Monitors Comm. MR. JAMES E. CARTER-Driver Ed.-B.S., Pur- due, M.A., Ball State. MRS. GERALDINE CASEY-Language Arts -B.S., M.A., Ball State. MRS. RUTHANNE CASTOR-Nurse-R.N., St. John's Hospital School of Nursing. MRS. KAY J. CLARK-Language Arts-A.A., Cornptin Junior College, B.S., M.A., Ball State. MRS. MARGARET S. COVHER-Language Arts-A.B., Anderson, Pep Sessions Comm., Hall Decorations Comm., Convo Comm. MR. HOWARD S. CRONK -Social Studies-B.S., University of lllinois, M.A., Ball State. MR. CHARLES L. CUMMINGS-Physical Ed.-A.B., Ozark Wesleyan College, M.S., Indiana, Athletic Director. MR. GEORGE DAN- FORTH-Social Studies-B.A., Ball State, "A" Club Sponsor. MR. GEORGE H. DAVIS-Social Studies-B.A., Ball State, M.A., Colum- bia, Model U.N. Sponsor, Administrative Council, Area Super- visor. MR. PHIL L. DAVIS.'Sciencm+B.S., M.S., Purdue, Pep Ses- sions Comm. MR. CHARLES C. DENNY-Social Studies-A.B., A.M., Indiana, Purdue Legislative Sponsor, Class Elections Comm. MRS. MELA ANIE K. DEVITT-Business Ed.-B.S., Ball State, Future Retailers Sponsor, Clubs Comm., Employment Regulations Comm. MR. DONEL E. DIETZER-Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Voca- tional Industrial Club Sponsor. MR. JOSEPH L. DYE-Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.E., M.S., Purdue, Administrative Council, Adult and Industrial Education Director. MR. DAVID H. EAST-Science-B.S., Ball State, Asst. Cross Coun- try Coach, Asst. Track Coach, Clubs Comm., Monitors Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., School Publications Comm. MR. RAY ESTES- Physical Ed.-B.S., South East Missouri State, M.A., George Pea- body College, Head Basketball Coach. MR. JOHN C. FINNEY- Social Studies-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Honors Day Comm., Convo Comm. MR. ROBERT L. FREEMAN-Physical Ed.-B.S., Anderson, M.A., Ball State, Head Swimming Coach. MRS. JO FUNK-Business Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Future Sec- retaries Sponsor, Cheerblock Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm., Christmas Decorations Comm., Clubs Comm., Hall Display Comm. MRS. FRANCES R. GARRITY-Physical Ed.-B.S., Wisconsin State, M.A., Ball State, G.A.A. Sponsor, Clubs Comm., Convo Comm., Faculty Tea Comm., Pep Sessions Comm. MR. RONALD R. GOHEEN-Social Studies-B.S., Ball State, American Education Week Comm. MRS. EVELYN T. GRAHAME-Language Arts- B.S., University ot Cincinnati, M.S., Butler, Administrative Coun- cil, Commencement Comm., School Publications Comm., Area Supervisor. MISS HELEN HARRELL-Home Economics-A.B., Franklin, M.A., Ball State, Future Teachers Sponsor. MRS. JOAN HARRISON- Language Arts-A.B., Indiana, "Little Chief" Comm. MR. DON- ALD L. HAYS-Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.S., Indiana State, Director of Printing Services. MR. JAMES E. HEAD-Social Studies-B.S., Ball State, M.S., Purdue, American Education Week Comm., Pep Sessions Comm. MR. BYRON N. HELFRICH-Social Studies-B.S., M.A., Ball State. MR. WENDELL L. HILLIGOSS-Business Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Mimeograph Department Supervisor, Monitors Comm., Pep Ses- sions Comm., Homecoming Comm. MR. DONALD P. HOFFMANN- Music-B.M., M.M., Butler, Director of Bands, Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. LORNA HOWARD-Language Arts, Counsel- ing-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Cheerleaders Sponsor, Clubs Comm., Honors Day Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., School Publications Comm. MRS. PAULA J. HOWE-Business Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Stu- dent Council Sponsor. MRS. JUDY HOWELL-Social Studies-A.A., San Antonio, A.B., Anderson, Model U.N. Sponsor, Convo Comm. MRS. PATRICIA HUGGINS-Language Arts-B.S,, Ball State, Speech and Debate Club Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., Senior Speakers Comm. MRS. VIRGINIA G. HURLEY- Dean of Girls-B.S., Ball State, M.S., Indiana, Social Activities Comm., Administrative Council, Christmas Decorations Comm., Employment Regulations Comm., Monitors Comm., Senior Awards Comm. MISS EILEEN JOHNSON-Language Arts-A.B., M.A., Indiana, Latin Club Sponsor, Clubs Comm. MR. KEITH W. JOHNSON- Language Arts-A.B., Indiana, Head Librarian, Audio Visual Coordinator. MR. ALVIN O. JONES-Industrial Ed.-B.S., Indiana State. MR. ROBERT K. KANABLE-Science-B.S., Anderson, M.S., Ball STGTB: "A" Club Sponsor, Asst. Reserve Football Coach, Asst. Varsity Wrestling Coach. MR. PATRICK O. KING-Special Needs Program-B.S., M.S., Ball State, Reserve Football Coach, Asst. Baseball Coach, American Education Week Comm., Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. MARY KITTERMAN-Social Studies, Counseling-A.B., M.A., Ball State, American Education Week Comm., Bulletin Boards Comm., Hall Display Comm., Scholarship Chr., School Publica- tions Comm., Senior Awards Comm. MR. GEORGE LEE-Science- A.B., Taylor, M.S., Butler, Area Supervisor, Administrative Coun- cil. MR. LOWELL R. LEE-Science-B.S., Indiana Central, M.S., Indiana. MISS VIRGINIA LINDSTROM-Language Arts-B.A., M.A., Indi- ana, French Club Sponsor, Foreign Student Comm., Clubs Comm., Bulletin Boards Comm. MISS LOIS LONG-Language Arts, Coun- seling-B.A., Ball State, M.A., North Western, American Educa- tions Week Comm., Christmas Decorations Comm., Senior Speak- ers Comm., Faculty Gifts Comm., Career Day Coordinator, Group Testing Coordinator. MR. JOHN W. LONGNAKER-Scienc-B.S., University of Cincinnati, B.S., Ohio State, Science Club Sponsor, Bulletin Boards Comm., Convo Comm., American Education Week Comm. MR. HERBERT L, LYON-Business Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Concessions Mgr. Faculty "' .,. it ,..i..wU' Seq? .1 'E A-Y v -.six-cv' ' ,,zQf1iif-- . td A ,fi 97 . , err Q 'K Hr- I ' ,fvx - 1, ,. A is n me if es.-I' Experience Can often lighten The way Of the fledgling If He will heed The counsel Of those who have Already trod The path 'Y' ff, if E 4-.4 -Q. 4, we H, ,Q ... e A , i,- X ,.-.' h w Q ge 1, ...qw .. eff--5 , Q Q X xy? 5 t 49? . it gf E . , M' it . y wg f Aft f -i--9' ? Q it ffm MRS. MARY K. MCFARLAND-Art-B.A,E., John Herron Art lnstif tute, Art Club Sponsor, Administrative Council, Convo Comm. MR. HARRY E. McGOONw-Language Arts-A.B., DePauw, M.A., Southern Methodist, Honor Society Sponsor, Senior Speakers Comm. MRS. MARTHA MCHENRY-Language Arts-B.S., Indiana, M.A., Ball State, Junior Class Sponsor, Spanish Club Sponsor, Convo Comm., Hall Display Comm., Christmas Decorations Comm., Clubs Comm., Social Activities Comm. MR. JACK MACY-Business Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Cooperative Office Education Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm., Commencement Comm., Homecoming Comm., Ticket Mgr. MR. THOMAS W. MADDOX-Mathematics-B.S., Ball State. MRS. VIVIAN B. MAINEfLanguage Arts-B.A., M.A., Ball State, "Little Chief" Sponsor, Quill and Scroll Sponsor, Faculty Tea Comm., American Education Week Comm., Convo Comm. MRS. DELORIS l. MARTlN-Home Economics-B.S., Indiana State, Hall Display Comm., Faculty Tea Comm., American Education Week Comm. MR, DAVID E. MIDDLETON-Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.S., Purdue. MR. GEORGE M. MOCK-Industrial Ed.-B.S,, M.A., Ball State. MRS. SUSAN MULLARKEY-Language Arts-A.B., Hanover, M.A., Ball State, "Little Chief" Comm., American Education Week Comm., Convo Comm. MR. CHARLES NEWBERRY-Counseling- B.S., Anderson, M.A., Marshall, Tennis Coach, College Guidance Day Chr., Athletic Awards Comm., Foreign Student Comm., School Publications Comm. MR. JACK B. NICHOLSON-Social Studies- B.S., Ball State, M.A., Colorado, Student Council Sponsor, Bulle- tin Boards Comm., Clubs Comm., Homecoming Comm., Foreign Student Comm., Honors Day Comm., Monitors Comm., Senior Awards Comm., Social Activities Comm, MR. ISHMAEL OSBORNE-Driver Ed.AB.S., Indiana State, M.S., lndiana, Area Supervisor, Administrative Council. MRS. ELIZA- BETH PISTOLE-Social Studies-B.S., Anderson, M.A., Ball State, American Education Week Comm., Faculty Tea Comm. MRS. BEVERLEY PITTS-Language Arts-A.B., Anderson, Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comzi., 'fLittle Chief" Comm., School Publications Comm. MR. KEN POORE-Mathematics-B.A., Kansas State, M.A., Ball State, Junior Class Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm., Social Activities Comm. MR. JERRY PORTER4Mathematics-B,A., Wabash, American Edu- cation Week Comm., Senior Speakers Comm., Foreign Student Comm. MR. DANE PUGH-lndustrial Ed.-B.S., M.S., Indiana State. MR. LEE PURSLEY-Language Arts-B.S., M.A., Boll State, X-Ray Sponsor, Quill and Scroll Sponsor, Convo Comm., "Little Chief'f Comm. MR. NORMAN D. RAUNER-Science-B.S., Ball State, Convo Comm. Mr. George Davis briefs Mr. Ronald Goheen and Mr. Goerge Danforth on department policies. 'fmJn1 1 , l.wv,M,.W.W,,.,N. .,...,.,, - wwmmis -... .C - MR. ROBERT H. REIFEL-Industrial Ed.-B.A., M.A., Ball State. MR. LUKE L. REILEY-Industrial Ed.-B.S., Ball State. MRS. EDNA RHYNEARSON-Home Economics-B.S., Oregon, M.A., Ball State, Administrative Council, American Education Week Comm., Fac- ulty Gift Comm., Area Supervisor, Faculty Tea Con-im. MRS. LORETTA RICHARD-Language Arts-B.A., Ball State, German Club Sponsor. MRS. MARILYN RICHWINE-Home Economics-B.S., Ball State. MR. PETER J. RUSSO-Driver Ed.-B.S., M.S., Indiana, Head Foot- ball Coach. MR. RICHARD D. SEAVER-Music-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Vocal Music Director, Convo Comm. MRS. MADIEJANE SHAW-Language Arts-A.B., Butler, Convo Comm. MR. VERN SHINN-Industrial Ed.-B.S., Ball State, M.S., Butler. MRS. ANITA SINCROFT-Social Studies-B.S., Indiana, Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comm. MR. WALLACE E. SMITH-Art-B.S., M.A.E., Ball State, Christmas Decorations Comm. MR. RICHARD SPANGLER-Business Ed.-B.S., Ball State, American Education Week Comm. MR. JOSEPH C. SPARKS-Driver Ed.-B.S., M.S., Indiana, Senior Class Sponsor, Head Wrestling Coach. MR. PHILLIP W. SULLIVAN -Industrial Ed., Mathematics-B.S., Ball State, Athletic Awards Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Asst. Football Coach, Head Golf Coach. MRS. MARGARET B. SWEET-Language Arts-B.S., Winona State, M.A., Ball State, Convo Comm., "Little Chief" Comm., Senior Awards Comm. MR. CLIFFORD W. SWIFT-Social Studies -B.S., M.S., Butler, Bookstore Mgr. MR. NORMAN TAYLOR-Counseling-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Convo Comm., City Schools Vocational Counselor. MR. JACK THURSTON-Special Needs Program-B.S., Ball State. MR. JAMES W. TODD-Mathematics-B.A., University of South Florida, Bulle- tin Boards Comm. MRS. LOIS UTTERBACK-Home Economics-B.S., Western Kentucky, La Teen Cuisine Club Sponsor. MR. GEORGE F. VAUGHT-Music-B.P.S.M., Indiana, M.S., Indi- ana State, Director of Bands, Administrative Council, Commence- ment Comm., Convo Comm. MRS. VIRGINIA VERMlLLlON-Lon- guage Arts-A.B., Indiana, M.A., Ball State, "Little chief" Comm. MR. RAMAR WAKENIGHT-Social Studies-B.S., Illinois Western, Reserve Basketball Coach, Reserve Track Coach. MR. HAROLD O. WELSH, JR.-Industrial Ed.-B.S., Anderson, M.A., Ball State, Head Cross Country Coach, Head Track Coach. MR. ROGER W. WHITEHEAD-Social Studies, Physical Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Athletic Trainer. MRS. JEANNE E. WOOLSEY- Business Ed.-B.S., Indiana, M.A., Ball State, School Publications Comm., Bulletin Boards Comm. MRS. JUDY ZINSZER-Language Arts-B.A., Hanover, Senior Class Sponsor, French Club Sponsor, Spanish Club Sponsor, American Education Week Comm., Social Activities Comm., Senior Speakers Comm., Commencement Comm. MR. DAVID A. ZUMWALT-Music-B.S., University of Illinois, Orchestra Director. Faculty 4 f-:L .T ..,. . . ... .. is "" -. 5 .- W.: -Spit" l 1 4 - . ri Z 1 ' ri i f - v' , -ggi . . at kc y x i f Q w sr , I 4 5, 4 J is fe, H f HN E. Q t .. - , ...fe W.. . 3 as Q J 'ls ii? 3'-5 AA lil X be 99 "M 'rf--vw f--e- ,,.., Y,: 95 'I ,, M - an ."', i., '- ' . suv my f ' - f iv , .QM . my A Z r ,. . K CAFETERIA WORKERS-Front Row-Velma Oliver, Jeanne Mulcahy, Becky Barnes, Marge Gellinger, Virginia Lernasler, Ann McCabe, Bernice Sparks, Georgina Gasser, Ruth Calendar, Wilma Gerard. Row 2-Joan McCrary, Millie Corzine, 'amy J X SSR K CUSTODIANS-Front Row-Mrs. Elsie Keevin, Mr. James Baker. Row 2-Mr. George Grubbs, Mr. Andrew Poor, Thompson 'I00 India Seal, Lois Riley, Rosie Hoskins, Frances Birkinbine, Dessie Givens, Edna Garris, Marge Finley, Madge Hobbs, Nancy Buckner, Vlasra Maxwell. ...W Mr. Ben Wilde, Mr, E519 4 l 5 F f n 3 l 5 2 Service personnel mcikes living comforicible Working in non-ocodernic oreos The serv- ice personnel rnoinfoined o spotless building, served school lunches doily, ond recorded essenTiol school doTo. More Thon l25O sTudenTs per doy Took odvonToge of The lovv cosT nutritious coTe- Terio lunches mode possible by The gov- ernrnenTol cornrnodiTies oT vvholesole prices ond by The 22 hord-working cole- Terio cooks. The upkeep of The school grounds plus Thc1T of The clossroorns, of- fices, corridors, ond sToirwoys wos The Tosk ol The eighT cusiodions ond The school sysTern's rnointenonce deporTmenT who worked 82 hours ci week in repoir, cleoning, ond new consTrucTion, ETficienT ciTy ond school secreTc1ries plcinned progrorns, recorded school doio, ond performed regulor secreToriol duties, The work done by The service personnel who numbered close To 50 vvos o vifol c1specT in The operofion of Anderson High School ond odded To The comTorT ond convenience of school life for sTudenTs l ond ToculTy members. SECRETARIES-From Row-Mrs. Morfho Golf, Mrs. Mory Abel, Mrs. Opol Wollce. Row 2-Mrs. Mary Norris, Mrs. Borello Gray, Mrs. Helen Knisley. ciiicienr ciiy school secreTories moinToin essenTiol school doTo ond records. lOl Seniors bow our in Kelly green cops, gowns ,JC .if'f'!Y,qA' 415 Jim Wheelwright, Pres., Mike Armstrong, V-Pres., JoneT Bledsoe, Sec., Chris Schilke, Treos., serve closs ol 1969. Senior closs sponsor Mr. Joseph Sporks inspecTs inviToTion orders before moiling. Toking Time out Trorn her clossroorn ocTiviTies, Mrs. JudiTh Zinszer sponsors The senior closs, 102 STonding conTidenTly in Their Kelly green cops ond gowns, Seniors recolled enTer- ing AHS os bewildered ond unossured sophomores. Gnly yesTerdoy, They se- lecTed closs rings ond iockeTs. When Juniors, They worked TogeTher on such proiecTs os The cooT check ond condy counTer To sponsor The Junior Prom. Now come The reoliTy of being o Senior. ConsTonTly srriving To ochieve, The Closs oT 1969 Turned ouT scholors, oTh- leTes, cheerleoders, o Homecoming Queen, ond The lndion Moiden ond Mos- coT. As o TirsT in The hisfory of The school, The closs hod more Thon Ten per cenT of iTs members in NoTionol Honor SocieTy. During Their losT cloys oT AHS, The Seniors disployed Their creoTive TolenT by pro- ducing The Senior Closs Ploy show, Pep sessions, Homecoming Prom ond long coTeTerio lines The Seniors hod only The Tun diTionol Senior Week ocTiviTies ond Tolenr TlooTs, The in The posT, of The Tro- To enjoy. SENIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-Front Row-Mrs. Judith Zinszer, Jeanne Davis, Privett, John CrisJer, Mike Woodruff, Monte Sparks, Gary Barr. Row 3-Mike Janine Marling, Janet Bledsoe, Janis Sigler, Bridget Hurley, Janet Wade, Karen Armstrong, Gary Erskine, Kevin Lane, Steve Pakes, Jerry Rich, Craig McClure, Ailen, Kathy Chaney, Mr, Joseph Sparks. Row 2-Rodney Lee Freeman, Scott JimWheelwrigh1, ,,,, QL K , ,S ff ,,y,,,y ,,,,,y , , , . T? ,,,, My 4 . 5 S ,J M J 4 wifi MF? J ' - J I - J wits ifflwwi ""-' Y , if ,J , W i xx., I SJ: Y A K fe ,,, 51 1 A 6? .X A "J S fi 5' ' 4, 1 I ,gn aft ,wie 47 , 'mm Q f J ul S -401 mr- COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS-Derrick Britt, John Crisler, Dick Ferguson, and Jim Wheelwrignt, 103 M, .4 Joy! To draw a smile, A laugh from deep within The heart. Total involvement. . , in one's mind, I-le exists but To make man happy. A clown gives The crowd his soul, And The crowd grows, surrounding him With life, And he is suckled by That life. Interaction .. .clown and crowd, And in The darkness, laughing, laughing .... ii. . ,. SS' T Ir . j ni T: G I ' f, , .-i "-we I I 'Q' .. K.. M 23.535 wi . K - gf, . e p. 2 ,Q ' ' 1,3 T ' .f-Q - t ' f isgij g. 104 .H is S2 Q i"l ,-A Phil Bledsoe anal Mike Armstrong Try their hand at Spaceboll. MELODY LYNNE ACHOR-College Preparatory--'Indianettes, Latin Club, Soph. Exec. Council, Publications Rep., Latin Asst., Band Asst., Monitor, H.R. Pres., V-Pres.: Prom Comm. DIANA ADAMS-Business'-lndianettes, Future Secretaries, Dean Asst., Library Asst., Prom Comm. JAMES ADAMS-General. MICHAEL R. ADAMS-General -AITC, Honor Society. RICK ADAMS-College PreparotoryfScierice Club, Latin Club, Publications Rep., Res, Football, Wrestling, Latin Asst., Monitor, H.R. Sec -Treas., Model UN. STEVEN P. ADAMS-Technicalw Latin Club, Res. Swimming. JANA AKERS-General4Cl"ieerblock, ITC, French Club, Dean Asst. KATHY DIANE ALEXANDER--Busie ness--Lheerbloclc, Publications Rep., GAA, Monitor. CONNIE ALFREY-General-lndianettes, DECA, Future Retailers, Dean Asst., Head Monitor, H.R. V-Pres., Sec.ATreas. JUDY AL- FREY-General--Home Ec. Asst. KAREN ALLEN-College Prepara- tory-Choral Club, Choralettes, Spanish Club, Art Club, Sr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, GAA, I-I.R. Pres. JANICE ANDERSON- College Preparatory-Band, Librarian, Orchestra, German Club, Latin Club, Honor Society, Little Chief, Publications Rep., Band Asst., Language Lab Asst. STEVEN ANDERSON-GeneraIiScience Club, Spanish Club, The-spians, Student Council, A-Club, Reserve Cross Country, Res. Baseball, Golf, Head Monitor, Pep Sessions Comm., Fellowship ot Christian Ath. JIM ANTHONY-Business. JOANN ARM- STRONG-Home Economics-Monitor. MICHAEL A. ARMSTRONG -General-Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Art Club, Student Council, Publications Rep., A-Club, Football, Wrestling, Res. Track, Monie tor, HR. V-Pres., Sr. Class V-Pres., Fellowship at Christian Ath. PHIL M, ARNOLD--General-Cross Country, Baseball. STEVE ARNOLD-College Preparatory-eSpanish Club, Art Club, Student Council, .lr. Exec. Council, Publications Rep., Golt, Spanish Asst., English Asst., Head Monitor, HR. V-Pres., Pres., Prom Comm. CHARLES W. AUSTIN-College Preparatory-French Club, Jr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Dean Asst., Monitor, H.R. Pres., Convo Comm., Prom Comm. MICHAEL AUSTIN-College Prepara- tory-Future Teachers, Student Council, Honor Society, A-Club, Tennis, Monitor. TOM AUSTIN-College Preparatory-French Club. BRENDA AYNES-GeneraIiChoral Club, Choralettes, Science Club, French Club, German Club, Student Council, History Asst., Model U.N, FRANK BAGIENSKI-Pre-Englneering-Swimming, Res. Cross Country, Gym Asst., l'l.R. Pres, PAM BAGIENSKI-General- Cheerblock, H.R. V-Pres. ALBERTA BAILEY-General-Cheerblock, ITC, GAA. PENNY ANN BAKER-General-French Club, Little Chief, Counseling Office Asst. JULIA BALDWIN-College Preparatory-Cheerblock, Spanish Club, Student Council, Honor Society, Little Chief, Moni- tor, Model U.N., Prom Comm. BILL A. BALES-General. MICHAEL A. BALES-GeneralfChoraI Club, Swing Choir, Little Chief, Publications Rep., Prom Comm, JAMES DAVID BALSLEY- College Preparatory4Latin Club, Pres., Cross Country, Track, Latin Asst., Monitor, Fellowship of Christian Ath. SHEILA LYNNE BARKDULL-General-Cheerblock, Spanish Club, Art Club, Honor Society. ANN BARNETT-GeneraI-Cheerblock, Cheerleader, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Choralettes, French Club, Sr. Dra- matics, Thespians, Jr. Exec. Council, Jr. Annual Staff, GAA, Counseling Office Asst., H.R. V-Pres., Pep Sessions, Convo Comm., Prom Comm. JEAN BARNETT-College Preparatory-Cheerblock, German Club, Latin Club, Art Club, Student Council, Honor Society, X-Ray, Editor-in-Chief, Publications Rep., H.R. Sec.-Treas., Quill and Scroll, President. GARY LEE BARR-College Preparatory-Band, Sr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, A-Club, Swimming, Gym Asst., H.R. Pres. DOUG BARRETT-General. GARY BAUGH-General- H.R.V-Pres. MADELINE BEAMAN-College Preparatory-Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Science Club, French Club, Honor Society, X-Ray, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Monitor, Quill and Scroll. KYLE D. BEAN-General. INEZ BEARD-College Preparatory-Cheew block, Future Teachers, GAA. SH ERRON BECKHAM-General. GAIL BENAK-General-Band, Cheerblock, Orchestra, Spanish Club, Honor Society, X-Ray, Language Lab Asst., Prom Comm. DEBBIE BENDER-General-Nurse Asst. JOHN WILLIAM BERN- HARDT-Technical-X-Ray, Quill and Scroll. MAROLYN BERRY- General-Cheerblock, ITC, Future Teachers, Art Club, Speech Club, GAA, Dean Asst. BETTY BILBREY-Secretarial Business-Cheerblock, COE, DECA, Future Retailers, Deon Asst. SUSAN GAIL BILYEU-College Pre- paratory-Cheerblock, Choral Club, Sec., Swing Choir, Madrigals, French Club, Treas., Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Sec., Honor Society, Publications Rep., Dean Asst., Pep Sessions Comm., Girls' State Alternate, Foreign Exchange Student Alt. TIM BLACK -General-Spanish Club, German Club, Latin Club, Publications Rep., A-Club, Sec,-Treas,, Football, Res. Basketball, Track, Moni- tor, H.R. Sec.-Treas., Fellowship of Christian Ath. OTIS BLACK- MON-General-Football, Basketball, Track, Monitor, Fellowship of Christian Ath. is wists 35 ,wwf Seniors .V ,k Lk I05 Seniors IO6 wh.. gl I 9, 5 L. i i --aw 'az' 2' X-J .. .gg 's i--Qi' 4-1 . I -,.f ,isps fi f I' - x Z df. f H. -1 sg., lar., H, 7 . - f cg,g:5,.f'sfggf...f.. If .Mis pil-.., 2' 124.5522 -'M LQ ill! , as gag pi 2 x 4? . ef .W se' DOUG BLAKE-Business. JANET SUEANN BLEDSOE-General- Sr. Class Sec., Prom Queen Attendant, Cheerblock, French Club, Sr. Dramatics, Student Council, Sr. Exec. Council, Foreign Student Comm., Dean Asst. PHIL BLEDSOE-General-Spanish Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Soph. Exec. Council, Honor Society, A-Club, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Gym Asst., H.R. Pres., Fellowship of Christian Ath., Monitor. CLIFFORD BLOSSOM-College Pre- paratory-Latin Club, Student Council. CATHERINE JANE BODENHAFER-General-French Club, Art Club, Nurse's Asst. TIM ALAN BOMAN-General-Spanish Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, V-Pres., Speech Club, Student Council, Res. Golf, Monitor, H.R. Pres., Pep Sessions Comm., Model U.N., Purdue Legislature. JAMES REX BOONE-General-Mascot, Sci- ence Club, Student Council, Res. Baseball, Gym Asst., Monitor, Pep Sessions Comm., Fellowship of Christian Ath. RICHARD LEE BOONE-General. MONICA BORGES-College PreparatoryABand, Treas., Band Asst. CASSIE MARY BORKMAN-College Preparatory-Cheer block, Orchestra, French Club, Counseling Office Asst., Dance Band. MICHAEL RAY BOUSMAN-General-Band. LINDA BOZE- General-ITC, French Club, l'l,R. Sec. ROBERT BRANDON-College Preparatory-Debate Club, German Club, Latin Club, Model U,N. DON BRANT-General-Latin Club, Art Club, Res. Football, Latin Asst. ORA JEAN BRAXTON-Gen- eral-Cheerblock, Future Teachers, German Club, Student Coun- cil, Monitor, GAA. BECKY BRAY-General-X-Ray, Cheerblock, French Club, Counseling Office Asst., Quill and Scroll. JANET BREESE-BusinesseCheerblock, COE, Publications Rep. LARRY BREWER-Technical-Res. Track. SYLVIA SUE BRICKER- General-GAA. JERROLD BRIDGES-General-Debate Club, Pes. Swimming, H.R. V-Pres., Model U.N. NANCY BRIGHT-College Preparatory-Cheerblock, Choral Club, Madrigals, Choralettes, Spanish Club, Speech Club, Sec., Soph. Exec. Council, Little Chief, Publications Rep., Honor Society, H.R. Pres., Model U.N. DERRICK BRITT-College Preparatory-Com- mencement Speaker, Band, Science Club, French Club, Thespians, Sr. Exec. Council, AeClub, Basketball, Mgr,, H.R. Pres., Pep Ses- sions Comm., Conva Comm., Boys' State, Fellowship of Christian Ath., Commended Scholar. MARY FRAN BRONNENBERG-COL lege Preparatory-Honor Society, French Club, Student Council, Jr. Exec. Council, Foreign Student Comm, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, H.R. Sec., Pep Sessions Comm., Quill and Scroll, Science Club, Girls' State Alt., Foreign Student Host, Prom Comm. JOHN BROOKS-General, RONALD L. BROOKS-General. JEFFREY A. BROWN-Generali Res. Cross Country, Res, Track. JOHN BROWN-Business-ITC. BRUCE ALAN BRUMBACK-College Preparatory-French Club, Publications Rep., Monitor. HERSHEL BRUMMETT-General. ROBERT BUCK-Generalelles. Track, Shop Asst., Monitor. NORMA JEAN BUEHLER-College Preparatory-Choral Club, Choralettes, Orchestra, Spanish Club, Art Club, Sec., Honor Society, Publications Rep., H.R. Sec.-Treas. PAMELA ANN BURKE-General, CHERYL ANN BURNETT-General-Choral Club, Madrigals, Choralettes, Swing Choir, French Club, Art Club, Treas., HR. Pres., V-Pres., Monitor, Soph. Exec, Council, LARRY BURNS- General-A'Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Fellowship of Christian Ath. BRAD BURTON-College Preparatory-Latin Club, Speech Club, Student Council, Little Chiet, Res. Basketball, Moni- tor, Fellowship of Christian Ath., Purdue Legislature. LARRY BUSSEL-Technical-Lighting Crew, Monitor, H,R. V-Pres. STEVE BUTLER-GeneralwSponish Club, Art Club. JACK CAGE- General. CHRIS CALABRIA-Technical. JEAN CALLAHAN-Home Economics-Cheerblock, MARY BETH CALLENDAR-General-Cheerblock, ITC, Athletic Office Asst. ANNIE CAMPBELL-General-Future Teachers, Span- ish Club. LINDA CAMPBELL-General-Cheerblock, COE, French Club, Student Council, HR, Treas. MICHAEL CARPENTER-Gem eral. LINDA S. CARTER-Secretarial Business-lnclianettes, Spanish Club, X-Ray, Band, Asst. TERESA CARTER-General-Indianettes, Latin Club, Art Club, Thespians, Jr. Exec. Council, Band Asst,, Counseling Oftice Asst. KATHY CHANEY-College Preparatory- Band, Sec., French Club, Treas., Thespians, Student Council, Honor Society, Treas., Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Jr. Class Sec., H.R. Pres., Quill and Scroll, Pep Sessions Comm., Purdue Legislature, Prom Comm., Orchestra, Band Asst. DEBRA ANN CHENOWETH-General-Cheerblock, COE, Monitor. Five senior boys initiate the International Frisbee Association, We Iiye. We exist. For some purpose. Yet we must escape tar from the pressures Ot living. It one can be happy and remember Fantasies ot childhood . . , We may return to reality with a Smile. To exist with a purpose. Reliving a childhood fantasy provides escape from the pressure ofthe academic lite. ?,, .Di -as 'Gun 'F' Q 'M 's ,.....r iw? YS," 536' : ' X1 '--f - I. .. ,-miiW.-- gf . K- sift.. N fgsigssri A sag- . sit ? 1, t.ffri?is2ff2f . . . p if -it I s ie: I We r,,., 'f t gfggrggigmes ' . 'IL-f M? 552 952 tfifz :-I .. - .ij :,,j:-3, " - fx .5 M. ,s,l I . . . ..,, ev-QM zzfwtt- 3 'H , ,Q .. c. .. .. riffvili s fit iwfhiw, sf:Z:a"r12II' - - - -X. gf , :fl I Y' fi 4 . 3 ' f , H79 ii , ...Qt gf' 4 . W. Q' Q 6 'sl-5 f ,,il ,. ,,:. ,, ,,,,,, M- I V 113592 108 ,-q ff' I .-I 4 'Y rr Alf I if V v ,- f is .. ,R Q 1- E C LINDA CHRISMAN-General-Choral Club, French Club, Spanish Club, I-I.S. Office Asst., Library Asst., Model U.N. MARSHALL E. CLARK-GeneralvX-Ray. SANDY CLARK-General. PHILIP BAILEY COALE-College Preparatory-Band, Spanish Club, Honor Society. ALAN COBB-General-Latin Club, A-Club, Gymnastics, Track. TERESA ANN COLLETT-College Preparatory-Future Teachers, Science Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Honor Society, Little Chiet, Spanish Asst., History Asst., Model U.N., Prom Cornrn, LEONARD COLLINGS-Technicol4Choral Club, Swing Choir. JOY COLLINS-College PreparatoryfI.atin Club, Honor Society, Little Chief, X-Ray, I-l,R, V-Pres, DCE Asst., Foods Asst., I-t.S. Oftice Asst. LINDA CONLON-General-DECA, German Club, Counseling Asst., Jr, Achievement, LYNN CONNELLY-General. KENNETH CONNER-General. NANCY COOK-General-Cheerbloclc, Jr. Achievement. AMOS COOLEY-General-German Club. JACK COPE-GeneroI- Sr. Drarnatics, Publications Rep., Res. Cross Country, Dean Asst., Counseling Asst., Fellowship ot Christian Ath. FREDDIE L. COT- TRELL--College Preparatory-A-Club, Gymnastics, Monitor. DONNA COUCH-GeneraI-Cheerblack, GAA. BECKY COURTNEY-College Preparatory-Cheerblock, Home- coming Queen Attendant, Choral Club, Future Teachers, French Club, Thespians, Publications Rep. MIKE COVlNGTON-General- Art Club, Little Chief. ERVIN COX-Pre-Engineering-Science Club, Spanish Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Speech Club. MALCOLM D. COX-College Preparatory-Student Council, Pub- lications Rep., Monitor, Pep Sessions Comm. JANET CRAIB-General-Future Teachers, X-Ray, Deans' Asst. RICHARD CRAIN-General-Band. PENNY JO CRAM-General- Cheerblock, Art Club. GARY CRIPE-General-Art Club, Little Chief. JOHN CRISLER-College PreparatoryeScience Club, German Club, V-Pres., Latin Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Sr. Exec. Council, Commencement Speaker, Honor Society, X-Ray, Gym- nastics, Res. Cross Country, Res. Track, Monitor, H.R. Pres., Convo Comm., Quill and Scroll, V-Pres. MARTI CROSLEY-Secretarial Business-Cheerblock, Choralettes, X-Ray. DEBBIE CROWTHERS- General-Cheerblock, Latin Club, Art Club, Student Council, Soph., Jr. Exec. Council, X-Ray, Monitor, H.R. Pres., Convo Comm. BECKY CRUMES-Secretarial Business-COE, Monitor, H.R. Sec.- Treas., Pep Sessions Comm. CATHY CUMMINGS-General-Cheerblock, Nurse's Asst., Athletic Ctfice Asst., Home Ec. Asst. SHIRLEY CUMMINGS-General. JAMES CURRIE-General-A-Club, Football, Capt., Track, Fellow- ship of Christian Ath. LOUISE DABNEY-Home EconomicswPub- lications Rep., Cheerbloclc. JANET FAYE DALE-Home Economics-Cheerblock. MELINDA S. DANT-Secretarial Business-Cheerbloclc, COE, Future Secretaries, Latin Club, Latin Asst., Monitor, Jr. Achievement. JAMES D. DARNELL-College Preparatory-Choral Club, French Club, Honor Society, Little Chief. DAVID G. DAVlS-Pre-Engineering- A-Club, Football, Baseball. D. JEANNE DAVIS-General-Homecoming Queen, Cheerblock, Spanish Club, Honor Society, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Student Council, Soph., Sr. Exec. Council, X-Ray Staff, H.R. Pres., Convo Comm. JEAN DAVIS-General. LABELLA DAVIS-General. NICK DAVIS-General. STEPHEN R. DAVIS-Business. PATTY DAY--General. TAMARA DAY-General-Choral Club, Choralettes, French Club. VICKI L. DAYMOND-Business. Seniors -0' --as .J or W 'I 'L'- 109 MELITA DeGRAFFENREID-General. DAVID A. DELPH-General. ALAN DELPHIA-General-DECA, Future Retailers, Speech Club, Track. ANTHONY DEMOS-General-Publications Rep, TERESA DENNIS-General. PAMELA DENNY-College Prepara- tory-B-Team Cheerleader, Cheerblock, Choral Club, Choralettes, Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Art Club, Thespians, Student Council, Jr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Little Chief, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Publications Rep., Dean Asst., H.R. Pres,, Sec.-Treas., V-Pres. REBECCA DENNY-Home Economics-Cheen block, LaTeen Cuisine. GARY DeSUTTER-College Preparatory. WARREN DIXON-General. SARAH C. DOLES-General. JENNI- FER LYNN DUNCAN-Business-French Club, Art Club, Dean Asst., l-l,R, Sec.-Treas., Convo Comm. CEDRIC DUNKERLY-General- Choral Club, Pres., Jr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Football, Swimming, Res. Track, Gym Asst., H,R. Sec.-Treos., V-Pres., Fel- lowship of Christian Ath. DAVID A. DUNN-General. BOB ECKMAN-General-Band, Latin Club, Publications Rep., Drum and Bugle Corps. IRENE EDWARDS-General-Cheerbloclc, Monitor. TIMOTHY EDWARDS- Technical. W. THOMAS EDWARDS-Technical-Monitor. BRENDA LEE EILER -College Preparatory-French Club. JOHN A. ELLIS-General? Spanish Club, Student Council, X-Ray, Football, Res. Baseball, Monitor, Quill and Scroll, Fellowship of Christian Ath. GLENDA EMERSON-Business. GARY ERSKINE-General-Sr. Dramatics, Student Council, Soph., Sr. Exec. Council, A-Club, Res, Cross Country, Basketball, Base- ball, H.R. Pres., Convo Comm., Fellowship of Christian Ath. VICKEY ERVIN-General-Cheerblock. LINDA ETCHISON- Business-Cheerblock. RICHARD ETSLER-General-Band, First Sergeant, Drum and Bugle Corps, Orchestra, Future Teachers, Science Club, Thespians, Publications Rep., A-Club, Baseball, Language Lab Asst., Band Asst., Monitor, H.R. Pres., V-Pres., Fellowship of Christian Ath. NIKKI YVONNE EURATTE-College Preparatory-Spanish Club, Eng, Office Asst. JANIE EVANS-General-Cheerblock, Dean Asst., Nurse's Asst. SUE EVERMAN-General-Art Club, Little Chief, GAA, Library Asst. DARRELYN FAIR-General-Cheerblock, Li- brary Asst. MELVIN FAIRCHILD-General. BECKY FARMER-General. LEAH ANN FARMER-General-DECA, Speech Club. MARK FENIMORE- Pre-Engineering-Sr. Dramatics, Speech Club, Student Council, V-Pres., Reading Clerk, Res. Football, Res. Baseball, Convo Comm., Fellowship of Christian Ath. GARY WAYNE FERGUSON-General-DECA, Future Retailers, Thespians, Speech Club, Jr. Exec. Council. RICHARD RAY FERGU- SON-General-Commencement Speaker, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Publications Rep., A-Club, Res. Cross Country, Cross Country, Mgr., Res. Swimming, Mgr., Track, Mgr., Chemis- try Lab Asst., Monitor, Quill and Scroll, Fellowship of Christian Ath., Purdue Legislature. CAROL FERRELL-General-DECA. JOYCE FILES-Business-Cheerblock. BONNY LEE FINLEY-General-Cheerblock, DECA, Art Club, Little Chief, GAA, Convo Comm. DAVID FISHER-GeneraliSci- ence Club, A-Club, Track, Cross Country, Fellowship of Christian Ath. GARY FISHER-General-Spanish Club. STEVE FISHER- General-Latin Club, X-Ray, Publications Rep., Latin Asst., Moni- tor, H.R. V-Pres. RANDALL EDWARD FlTE-General. RODNEY FLETCHER-College Preparatory-Band, Orchestra, Res. Swimming, Res. Track, Band Asst., Swimming Asst. THOMAS C. FLORY-Technical-Band, ITC. KAREN JEAN FOLSOM-College Preparatory-Prom Queen At- tendant, Cheerblock, French Club, Soph. Exec. Council, Honor Society, X-Ray, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Monitor, Quill and Scroll. diff' Dreams are for tomorrow . . Dreams of grandeur, Recognition and greatness. Dreams are for tomorrow, But may be visualized today, Momentarily, By faking it. Ed Sullivan alias Tim Boman captures "fame" at AHS T539 Kry- Seniors .. SR .H 'W' L if . ,,.., l II2 :wwffft22s2as225e22asaiss119111H1fe.fsefeasszisfgwsfsfs,- -. -V.. W.. .s , es. tt..:.s.f3? ....s,fs5r,s..iswi..f1s. W - - -siszszzlsszlsvsvfsgf ?i5??ES3fi:re1997f!f Ee.s- . s.e.,5.,gwsf N .. . -fs, ,m....,. . ., b..Q . '-Pilxifi-Pfsns ' ivlsilfifiilii , ' ' 525114522 ' ' f' 112.4 ,.... . Y M " lQf7sfb5i.i9iTl an e1iiTi5if?ff9fQf. W V K .. : xiii? Siiifibfiiisifrsg-1 ' " f , fr ,s1..r.,1t,,.tsf1 W . .... .S ... .... s Ws.sssssss,.1s .- 71 .. - ' ,H ' - 5555115533553 'f '- -- --F H:-' -:' : ':- -t..a:':z'sQw:.a..':asvi .v,...::s.::.s.:--...f:- -.J .- RICK FORD-Pre-Engineering. PATRICIA FOWLER-College Pre- paratory-Future Teachers. MARK FRAUNDORFER-College Pre- paratory-Choral Club, Madrigals, Spanish Club, Speech Club, Honor Society, A-Club, Tennis, Monitor, H.R. V-Pres., Fellowship of Christian Ath. RODNEY LEE FREEMAN-College Preparatory- Sr. Dramatics, Sr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, A-Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Dean Asst., H.R. Pres., V. Pres., Pep Sessions Comm., Boys' State. ED FREESTONE-General-Res. Baseball. SKIP FRYE-General- Little Chief, X-Ray. ANITA FULLER-Business. WILLIE LEE FULLER- General. VICKIE GAINES-General-Cheerblock, Counseling Office Asst. JOE GALLAGHER-General-Thespians. SUSIE GALLAMORE- General-Cheerblock, Choral Club, Choralettes, Honor Society, Publications Rep., Library Asst., Prom Comm. GREG GAMMON- College Preparatory-Latin Club, Honor Society, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, H.R. V-Pres. BILL GARRETT-General-Band, Orchestra. CHARLOTTE GARRIS- General-Cheerblock, ITC, Future Secretaries. DALE GEHRKE- College Preparatory. JOHN GEORGE-Pre-Engineering. RODNEY GEORGE-General-X-Ray. SUSAN GEORGE-General. SHARON SUE GIBSON-College Preparatory-Band, Orchestra, Future Teachers, French Club, Student Council, GAA, Athletic Office Asst., Gym Asst., H.R. V-Pres., Sec.-Treas. CAROL GILLES- PIE-Secretarial Business-Cheerblock, X-Ray, GAA, Counseling Office Asst., Quill and Scroll, Prom Comm. KAREN GILLESPIE-Business-Cheerblock, Counseling Office Asst. KATHY GILLESPIE-General-Cheerblock, H.R. V-Pres. JOHN GILSON-General-ITC. CAROLYN GIPSON-GeneralHCheer- block, Dean Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas. WALTER GIRT-Technical. TARIEA JO GOEHRING-College Pre- paratory-Cheerblock, Choralettes, Future Teachers, French Club, GAA, Pep Sessions Comm., Dean Asst., Athletic Office Asst NORM GOODWIN-Technical-A-Club, Football, Gym Asst., Fel- lowship of Christian Ath. MARSHA C. R. GORDON-General. TED GRADDY-College Preparatory-German Club, Sr. Dramatics, X-Ray, Thespians, Student Council, Res. Swimming, Monitor, Quill and Scroll. DOUGLAS GRAHAM-General-Sr. Dramatics, Soph., Jr., Sr. Exec. Council, A-Club, Football, Gymnastics, Baseball, Monitor, Fellowship of Chrisitan Ath. SHIRLEY GRAHAM-General 4Cheerblock, COE, Future Teachers, Future Secretaries, Spanish Club, Debate Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Speech Club, Stu- dent Council, GAA, Model U.N., H.R, V-Pres., Sec. LYNN GRAY- College Preparatory-Cheerblock, Choralettes, Future Teachers, French Club, Art Club, Little Chief, Counseling Office Asst, WILLIAM WAYNE GRAY-Technical-Band, Little Chief, XARay, Cross Country. SALLY GREEN-Secretarial Business4CheerblocIc, COE, English Asst. TERI GREEN-GeneralvCheerblock, ITC, French Club, GAA, Monitor, JACQUELYN GUIBAULT-College Preparatary4CheerbIock, French Club, Sec., Sr. Dramatics, Stu- dent Council, Recording Sec., Foreign Student Comm., X-Ray, Pep Sessions Comm., Foreign Exchange Student. CAROL DENISE GWALTNEY-Secretarial Business-Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Dean Asst., Monitor. JACKIE GWYNN-General. JOYCE HAGAN-General-ITC, Treas, Stu- dent Council, H.R. Treas., DECA. TIMOTHY LEE HAINES-Techni- cal-Art Club. BARBARA HALL-General-Cheerblock, German Club, Little Chief, X-Ray, MURRAY HALL-General-German Club, Football, A-Club, DAN HALLENBECK-General-Spanish Club, Honor Society, Publications Rep., A-Club, Res. Cross Country, Golf. BIRT HAMP- TON-Pre-Engineering-Honor Society, V-Pres., A-Club, V-Pres., Football, Wrestling, Track. MAURICE HANNAFORD-General. THOMAS J. HARP-College Preparatory-Publications Rep., A-Club, Swimming, Swimming Asst., Foreign Exchange Student. VERMILA HARP-General- LaTeen Cuisine, DENNIS LON HARRINGTON-General-A-Club, Gymnastics. A place to yell . . . to laugh . .. And if defeated, a place to be sad. We found relaxation, Friendship: Friendships that will be treasured. Some we may meet again, some gone Forever, But this year, all are important. For Dan Hallenbeclc and Terri Rowe, football games inspire friendship as well as spirit, Knew Q... 'H , -Q. , " v'25L5i2?1i-f'fiSgs9Ts5?L' ,' ' ?SrI,i7i3?3iff?fLgiiLfifi 152: idgiikgr isw sv -siifzj. . V-1 5 ' f2gZsf,si7z2l2.. . " L. -fish' E fzsbiif- . .gimme ,A Ji . . - -,gag ' , QV . A A E TE: 'lil' 5522592395274 ' i A t ': ,335fr:5I13lTiil ' ' 7.S,fll ls, Qfiqit " .,.., fix-t' V-dv 'WJ wi ,r"1s. ,avi ,QF 4+ , ,fly 'ff A K., .. ,i.i.iE.,k: :flL ' ,W-.,.q. ,. rs' A-A-Jf I ' I , I . I I I3 In the darkness, The atmosphere ot holiday, The crowd all stood and stared. The rnass shouted their lite As The game continued, vicious and Demanding. The heat ot the night made each incensed with Rage andthe crowd yelled with bursting Razor-sharp voices: "Victory, victory, victory, victory .... " Football games create wild enthusiasm. ful' 1 'wo' I Q"l ow Q ,-.ig est: wg- ,-:f:1:5A- ' ?".E:'F:Y5Z..' 'N A II4 """5!" PATRICIA HARRIS-General, ELISABETH HARTER-College Pre- paratory-Cheerblock, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Choralettes, French Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Honor Society, Little Chief, GAA, Nurse's Asst., I-I.R. Sec.-Treas. JUDY HARVEY-CoI- lege Preparatory-Cheerblock, Science Club, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Honor Society, Sec., Publications Rep., GAA, I'I.S, Ottice Asst., Science Asst , HR. Pres. PAUL HASKETT-General, CAROLYN P. HAYES-General-Choralettes. BECKY HEATHW Business- Cheerblock, Nurses Asst. ROGER M. HELBLING4Gen- eral-Choral Club. RONALD DEAN HELLEMS-General--Band, Drurn Maior, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Madrigals, Soph., Jr., Sr. Exec. Council, Publications Rep., l-t.R. Pres., Convo Comm., Dance Band, ANGELA HENDRICKS-General. MARGARET HERBERT-Business- Cheerblock, Dean Asst. JANET LEE HERCHEvGeneraI-B-Team Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Stu- dent Council. BRAD HERSBERGER-General. DEBORAH LEE HERVEY-General-Cheerblack, Future Teachers, Future Secretaries, Thespians, Jr. Exec, Council, Publications Rep., Athletic Ottice Asst., Monitor, LINDA HESTER-General. SUSAN ANN HICKEY-General-Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Home Ec. Asst. GLENDA ARLENE HIGHWOOD-General-Band, Publicity Director, Choral Club, Choralettes, Spanish Club, Student Council. REBECCA LYNN HILL-Business-Cheerblock, COE. LINDA HOB- SON-General. NANCY HODSON-General-Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Latin Club, Monitor. HERBERT E. HOLLENBACK-Bush ness-DECA, STEVE HOLTZLEITER-General-Gerrnan Club. LYNDA JO HORNE -Business-Cheerblock, COE, Spanish Club, Honor Society, Li- brary Asst. EMILY ANN HOSEK-General-Indianettes, French Club, English Asst., Bookstore Asst. ROSIE LEE HOSKINS-General -LaTeen Cuisine, Cheerblock. R. BRETT HOUSER-Technical-Monitor. DOUGLAS HUDSON- General-Choral Club, Swing Choir, English Asst. JERRY HUFF- MAN-Pre-Engineering-German Club, Science Lab Asst. RONALD L. HUGH ES-General-LaTeen Cuisine. SALLY HUGHES-General-Latin Club, Art Club, Library Asst., English Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas. BRIDGET HURLEY-College Pre- paratory-B-Team Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Cheerblock, Choral Club, Choralettes, Future Teachers, French Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Jr., Sr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Publications Rep., GAA, Pep Ses- sions Comm., Quill and Scroll, H.R. V-Pres. SUE IMEL-Business- Cheerblock, COE, Spanish Club. MIKE INGRAM-College Pre- paratory. JACK IRELAND-General-Band, Orchestra. CARLA LOUISE JACKSON-Business-COE, Choral Club, Future Secretaries, Publications Rep., Convo Comm. BILL JAMES-GeneralAArt Club, Football, Baseball. PATRICIA L. JAMES-College Preparatory- Cheerblock, Choralettes, Future Teachers, French Club, Counsel- ing Office Asst., Prom Comm. DALE JARRETT-College Preparatory-DECA, Future Retailers, Football. DAVE JARRETT-College Preparatory-French Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Treas., Science Club, Pres., Convo Comm. DENISE ELLEN JARVIS-General-Cheerbloclc, Dean Asst. SHARON JENKINS-General. SHERYLE JENKINS-General-ITC. NANCY JOHANN-General- French Club, Speech Club. CLAUDE JOHNSON-College Pre- paratory. DALE C. JOHNSON-A-Club, Football. ESSIE MAE JOHNSON-General-Choral Club, Chorolettes. BILL JONES-Technical-Res. Football. BRAD JONES-General-Res. Football, Res. Track, Monitor. CARLA V. JONES-General-Prom Queen, Indian Maiden, Cheerblock, COE, French Club, Jr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Monitor, H.R. Sec., Pep Sessions Comm. JUA , .91 Seniors ..... II5 Seniors ,vw gg, l, .22 116 fv- of ,endif CLARK JONES-College Preparatory-French Club, Debate Club, Speech Club, Res. Cross Country, Res. Track, Monitor. DIANA JONES--General-Cheerblack, LaTeen Cuisine. JOANNA GAYLE JONES-General-Future Teachers, Latin Club, Latin Asst., Dean Asst., H.R. Pres. JULIA JONES-General-Cheerblock, Future Secretaries, Publications Rep., English Asst. MONICA JONES-Business-DECA, Psychology Asst. CARRIE JORDAN-Home Economics. DEANNA KEENEY-General-Counseh ing Office Asst., H.R. Sec. DEBBIE KEESLING-General-Choral Club, Maolrigals. LINDA DARLENE KELLY-General-Choral Club. MARY PAT KELLY-College Preparatory-Cheerbloclc, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Soph. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Editor-in-Chief, H.R. Pres., I.U. Journalism Institute. RICK KELLEY-General-Monitor. JAMES JOSEPH KEOGH-CoI- lege Preparatory-Latin Club, Lighting Crew. PAT KIELY-College Preparatory-Spanish Club, Latin Club, Reg, Galt, Biology Asst., Monitor. JENNY KIMBLE-General-Cheen block, French Club, Publications Rep., Dean Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas. KAY KIPER-General-Band, Choral Club, Choralettes, Art Club, Thespians, Speech Club, Jr. Exec, Council, GAA. VICKI DARNELL KIRKSEY-Business-Cheerblock, Food Service Asst. DAVID KLEINHENN-College Preparatory-Band, Res. Swimming, Swimming Asst. JOHN KOLLROS-General-Choral Club, Swing Choir, KATIE KOPP-College Preparatory4Cheerblock, French Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Honor Society, Jr. Annual Statt, Sr. Annual Staff, Dean Asst., H.R. Pres., Sec.-Treas., Quill and Scroll, Prom Comm. THOMAS L. KUHN-General. PATRICK LANANE-College Preparatory-Future Teachers, French Club, Student Council, Res. Track. KEVIN LANE-General-Future Teachers, Student Council, Sr. Exec. Council, X-Ray, A-Club, Wrestling, Mgr., Baseball, Fellowship ot Christian Ath. PATTY LASLEY-Business-Cheerblock, GAA. PENNY LASLEY-General- Cheerblock, LaTeen Cuisine. GREG LAUGHLIN-College Preparatory-French Club, Jr. Annual Statf, Sr. Annual Stott, Res. Golf, Monitor, H.R. V-Pres., Sec,- Treas. MARY JANE LAWRENCE-General-Food Service Asst. DON LAWSON-General-ITC, A-Club, Gymnastics. CHARLES LEASURE-General-Choral Club, Future Retailers, DECA, Moni- tor. ,-rf' Elisabeth Harter and Steve Williams examine literature of the post and present LYNDA LEE-General-Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Science Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, Dean Asst. DAVID LENNARTZ- College Preparatory-Future Teachers, Art Club. MARY BETH LENNARTZ-General-Asst. I-lead Inclianette, French Club, X-Ray. ORA DEE LEWIS-Business. STEVE LIERMAN-General-Spanish Club, Student Council, Res. Football, Golf, Monitor. MARY JANE LIPPMAN-General-Cheen block, Future Teachers, Science Club, Spanish Club, Language Lab Asst. TIM LOCKWOOD-College Preparatory-Swimming, Res. Golf, I'l.R. V+Pres. NAOMI JEAN LONG-General. ROGER M. LONG-College Preparatory-Band, Art Club, Student Council, Swimming, DONNA LOWE-General. THOMAS LYCAN- General. DAVID LYNCH-General-Football. SHEILA DAWN MCATEE-General-Cheerblock, German Club, Jr. Exec, Council, Monitor. GEORGE WILLIAM MCBURROWS, Jr.- Technical-Little Chief, Res. Wrestling. LINDA MCBURROWS- College Preparatory-COE, DECA, Choralettes, French Club, Latin Club, GAA. RUSSELL MCCLASKY-General-ITC. JT 1 f1f""' f as I C' I A "QF . if -491 ful? .Af Spf 1, '-as-rf fit, nn. is-A ARMAND HAL MCCLINTOCK-General, Latin Club, Publications Rep., Latin Asst., History Asst. JAMES T. MCCLINTOCK-Business. LORETTA MCCLOUD-General-Cheerblock. DAVID C. MCCLURE- College Preparatory-Latin Club, Soph., Sr. Exec. Council, X-Ray. JANET E. MCCLURE-Business-Cheerblack, Future Teachers. MIKE MCCORMACK-General. ROGER McCOY-Business. GEORGI- ANNA C. MCDANIEL-College Preparatory-Cheerblock, French Club. EMMA L. MCGLOTHEN-General-Cheerblock, Counseling Office Asst., Gym Asst. STEVE MCINTYRE-General-Visual Aides Asst. TERRY LEA McKEE-General-Inclianettes, Future Teachers, French Club, Speech Club, GAA, Athletic Office Asst. MARIKAY MCMIL- LAN-College Preparatory-Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Latin Club, X-Ray, Publications Rep., Monitor, Quill and Scroll. DELORIS MCNAB-General4Cheerblock. JOYCE McPHAUL- General, MICHAEL TERRY MCUNE-General. JAMES S. MAGERS- General-Latin Club, Latin Asst. SUE MAINS-Home Economics-Cheerblock. JAY MALLERNEE- General-Jr. Exec. Council, Res. Wrestling. EVALEEN MALONE- Home Economics. JANINE MARLING-Secretarial Business-Stir dent Council, Sr. Exec. Council, Typing Asst., H.R. Pres., Sec- Treas., Pep Sessions Comm. Making pastries prepares girls for future homemaking, Comparable to o chocolate cupcake About to be thrust into the oven, We are shoved into a classroom And expected to come out knowing. But oloes a cupcake always come out done? 118 CINDY MARTIN-Business-Cheerblock, Monitor, Food Service. DOUGLAS A. MARTIN-General-Gymnastics. MARY MARVEL- College Preparatory-Honor Society, Little Chief, Cheerblock, Future Teachers, French Club, Publications Rep., English Office Asst., Model U,N. ED MASSEY-General-ITC, DENNIS MAXEY-General-ITC, Visual Aides Asst. GREG MAX- WELL-General. VICKY MAXWELL-General4Cheerblock, Student Council, Honor Society. PETER MAY-General-ITC. TERRY MAY-General-Football, Res. Baseball, Monitor, THOM MAYER-General-Spanish Club, Sr. Dramatics, Soph., Jr., Sr, Exec, Council, Honor Society, Pres., Jr, Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, A-Club, Pres., Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Track, Monitor, H.R. Pres., Fellowship of Christian Ath. JENI L. MEIKEL-College Preparatory-Choralettes, Future Teachers, French Club, German Club, Soph. Exec. Council, Honor Society, X-Ray, Editor-in-Chief, H,R. Pres., Convo Comm., Quill and Scroll, Model U.N., Prom Comm. MICHAEL TERRY MELSON-General-Latin Club, A-Club, Football, Gymnastics, Res. Swimming, Res. Track, Latin Asst., Science Asst., Fellowship of Christian Ath., Model U.N. PAMELA JAN METZ-General-Cheerblock, Future Teachers, French Club, Student Council, Soplm, Jr. Exec. Council, Dean Asst., English Asst., H.R, Pres., V-Pres., Prom Comm. BILL METZ- GER-College Preparatory-Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Speech Club, Publications Rep., A-Club, Baseball, Dean Asst., Fellowship of Christian Ath. ESTHER MILES-General-Cheerblock, LaTeen Cuisine. MARILYN MILES-General-Cheerblock, ITC, Little Chief, BARBARA MILLER-Home Economics-Honor Society, Typing Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas. MIKE MILLER-General. LINDA MIMMS-General. DIANA MITCHELL-General. DAVID MOODY-General. GAIL DENISE MOODY-General- Band, Spanish Club, Band Asst., Prom Comm. ARTILIA MORGAN -General. DWIGHT MORGAN-Technical-Swimming. LORA LEE MORRISON-GeneraI-Cheerblock, Dean Asst. DEANNA L. MOWREY-General-Cheerblock, Bookstore Asst. LINDA JAYNE MOYER-General-Cheerblock, Art Club, Little Chief, Art Asst. SAM MUDD-College Preparatory-Debate Club, Art Club, Little Chief, Publications Rep. Seniors TI9 Jr, Q st' jf AAF if The Senior Executive Council carefully inspects graduation caps before the final selection. STEPHEN MULLINS-Technical-A-Club, Cross Country, Track. TOM MUMBOWER-Technical. STEVEN L. MUSSER-College Preparatory-Sr, Drcimatics, French Club, Thespians, Sr. Exec. Council, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr, Annual Staff, Publications Rep., A- Club, Gymnastics, Res, Swimming, Monitor, H.R. Pres., V-Pres., Fellowship Christian Ath., Model U.N., Science Club, Prom Comm. TOM NAVE-General-H.R. Sec.-Treas. JOCELINE NEFF-Business. CHARLES D. NEWSOM-General- Band, Band Asst. JON NIPPLE-Pre-Engineering-Band, Captain, Soph. Exec, Council, Honor Society, Swimming, H.R. Pres, PEGGY NOBLE-Business, SUSAN NOEL-General-Spanish Club, Art Club, Little Chief. BERTHA NUNN-General. CEATRICE NUNN-Home Economics- Cheerblock. BONNIE JEAN O'BRlEN-Business4COE, Dean Asst. NANCY LYNN O'CONNOR-College Preparatory-Band, Choral Club, Choralettes, Orchestra, Future Teachers, French Club, Honor Society. JOE OHNHEISER-General. ANDY OLDHAM- Swing Choir, Football. BRAD A. OLIVER-College Preparatory- Jr. Exec. Council, Dean Asst. ROSALIE O'NEAL-General-DECA, Future Retailers. RICK OWENS-General-DECA, Future Retailers, Spanish Club. STEVEN PERRY PAKES-College PreparatoryfFrench Club, Stu- dent Council, Sr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Foreign Student Comm., H.R. Pres,, Convo Comm., Science Club. RILEY A. PALMER -GeneralfCheerblock, LaTeen Cuisine, GAA, Convo Comm. JANICE SUE PARKER-General-LaTeen Cuisine. JULIE PARKS- General-LaTeen Cuisine. LINDA PATRICK-Home Economics. SUZZETTE PATTERSON-GeneraIiHonor Society, Publications Rep. DWAYNE PEAK-General-Fellowship of Christian Ath. MARY LOUISE PERRY-Business-COE, ITC. CATHY PHILLIPS-College Preparatory-Band, Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Soph. Exec. Council, Publications Rep., H,R. Pres. DANTE PHILLIPS-College Preparatory-Student Council, Baseball. STEVE PHILLIPS-General. WAYNE R. PHLEGAR-General- Choral Club, Future Teachers, German Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Student Council, Honor Society, Little Chief, English Asst., Model U.N. KAREN PITTS-General. DON POSEY-Gen- eral-ITC, Honor Society. ORLANDO POSEY-General. DEBRA SUE POTTER-DECA. AUDREY POWELL-General. ROBERT PRICE-College Prepara- tory-A-Club, Football, Choral Club, Madrigals. HAROLD SCOTT PRIVETT-General-Jr., Sr. Exec. Council, Res. Football, Res. Wrestling, Dean Asst., H.R. Pres. ZERINDA JOY PURCELL-Secretarial-Foods Asst. TERRY PYLAND-General. STEVEQUINN-General. JIM RAILEY-General-Bond, Choral Club, Orchestra, Publications Rep., H.R. Pres., Tennis, Fellowship of Christian Ath. JANINE RAMSEY-Cheerblock, Choral Club, Choralettes, Orchestra, Stu- dent Council, Monitor, H.R. V-Pres. SCOTT RAY-General-Student Council, Jr. Exec. Council, Res. Football, Football, Res. Wrestling, Model U.N. CAROLYN ANN RAYFORD-General-LaTeen Cuisine. Seniors ,ev-'U' 121 MARY RAYFORD-General. ROSE MARIE RAYFORD-General. JANICE B. REBHORN-College Preparatory-Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Spanish Club. JOHN E. REDFIELD-Technical-ITC, Honor Society. JACK REDIC-General. BRENDA REED-Business-Indianettes, Student Council, Jr. Exec. Council, H.R. V-Pres., Trecis. NEIL REMAKLUS-College Preparatory. ROYCE RENBARGER-General. C. ALVIN RENSCHLER-General-Bcincl, Publications Rep., A-Club, Swimming, Swimming Asst. BOB REYNOLDS-General. DEBBIE RHULE-General-COE, Future Secretaries, Honor Society, GAA. RICK RICHARDS-General-Tennis, A-Club. JULIA RICHARDSON-GenerolflTC, Honor Society, GAA, Shop Asst. LINDA CLAIRE RICHARDSON-General-Choral Club, Swing Choir, Madrigals, French Club, Thespicins, Student Council, Soph. Exec. Council, Honor Society, H.R. Pres., Sec., Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm. SHERYL RICHARDSON-Business-Cheen block, COE, Choralettes, Future Secretaries, Honor Society, H.R. V-Pres., Sec. LINDA RIDDLE-General. PAUL RIDDLE-Pre-Engineering. JEFF RIGDON-Technical. PAS- CALE RIVAULT-College Preparatory-French Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Student Council, Foreign Student Comm. BETTY ROBB -Home Economics-Food Service. KENNETH PAUL ROBBINS-General. LARRY ROBBINS-General, RAYMOND ROBBINS-General. LIZ ROBERTS-Business-Library Asst. SUSAN K. ROBEY-College Preparatory-Latin Club, Speech Club, English Asst., H,R. Sec. JOHN ROBINSON-General-Heocl Moni- tor. MARY LYNN RODECAP-College Preparatory-French Club, Art Club. RACHAEL ROLLINS-General-French Club, Latin Club, Publications Rep., GAA. t V i -Q ,WFS W1 . 4... ' Psychology students receive a touch of bare reality ata state hospital and training center. DIANA ROSS-General. TERRI ROWE-GeneralAB-Team Cheer- leader, Sr. Dramatics, French Club, Cheerblock, Thespians, Counseling Office Asst., Monitor, H.R. Sec., Science Club. GREG RUMLER-General-Res. Swimming, Monitor. PATRICIA SAMPLE- College Preparatory-Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Honor Society, Little Chief, X-Ray, Editor-in-Chief, Publications Rep., Reading Lab Asst., HR, Treas., Quill and Scroll, Model U.N.,Science Club. MONA SARGENT-General-ITC, French Club, Nurse's Asst, TOM SARGENT-General-Sr. Dramatics. CHRISTINE LYNN SCHILKE-College PreparatoryASr. Class Treas., B-Team Cheer- leader, Cheerblack, Choral Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Jr., Sr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Little Chief, X-Ray, Publications Rep., H.R. Sec., Jr. Class Treas., Pep Sessions Comm., Quill and Scroll, Model U,N., Girls' State. GEORGE SCHINNERER-Techni- cal-Swimming. PAMELA SEARS-GeneraleCheerblock. STEVE SELLERS-General -Res. Cross Country, Track, Model U.N., Purdue Legislature. DAVID SEULEAN-College PreparatoryAMonitor, Cross Country, Wrestling, Fellowship of Christian Ath. DIANE SEYBERT-General ALatin Asst. LEIGH ANN SHAFER-College Preparatory-Choral Club, Choral- ettes, Spanish Club, Sr, Dramatics, Thespians, H.S. Office Asst., H,R. V-Pres., Model U.N. NANCY SHEARER--College Prepara- tory-B-Team Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Cheerblock, French Club, Pres., Sr, Dramatics, Thespians, Student Council, Sec., Soph. Exec. Council, Honor Society, X-Ray, Jr. Annual Staff, GAA, l-l,R. Pres., V-Pres., Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., Quill and Scroll, Girls' State, Model U.N. MIKE SHEETS-Technb cal. LINDA DARLENE SHELL-Business-Cheerblock, DECA, Sec., Counseling Office Asst. Af And you may wonder, querie, and ask "What has this to do with me?" Just wander 'long your happy path, It has nothing, nothing to do with thee. The passing crowd-A ship of fools. Yet just to save a human mind, A challenge, a fight, a life to raise. Yet just to save a human mind, And save a part of all mankind. Forever live-A ship of gods. 5? 5. . 'W s 1 ss , I1 ,M ,R sv X Ca lsfgi lzgr 'warm 'Ur fi ff? if ,,'-Ewa: .. , 4 M . i - ..,. . 123 Seniors Pts. T24 JIM ALLEN SHUCK-General, JANIS SIGLER-College Prepara- tory-Cheerblock, Orchestra, French Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thes- pians, Student Council, Jr., Sr, Exec. Council, Honor Society, Foreign Student Comm., X-Ray, I'l.R, Pres., Convo Comm. VERON- ICA SILER-General. WILLIE C. SILER-General-Track, Football. PEGGY ANN SINGER-General-Cheerblock. DANA SISSON- Business-Cheerblock, Student Council. PHIL SLATTERY-General. JEFF SLOAN-College Preparatory-Band, Future Teachers, French Club, Band Asst., Monitor, H.R. V-Pres. WANDA SLOAN-General-Cheerblock, BOB SMlTH-Technicol- Lighting Crew. BOBBY SMITH-Generalilles. Football, Basketball, Track, Monitor. LYNN SMITH-General-Inclianettes, Future Secretaries, German Club, Monitor, H.R. V-Pres. MARK SMITH-Technical. MARSHA SMITH-General-Cheerblock, Spanish Club, Monitor, OVENIA SMITH-Home Economics- Future Secretaries. REX E. SMITH-General. RON SMITH-Business-DECA, Future Retailers. SHIRLEY SMITH- General4Cheerblock, Future Secretaries, Monitor. THOMAS EUGENE SMITH-Technical, DAVID SOKOL-College Preparatory fliasketball, Mgr., Track, Mgr., Monitor. RITA SOKOL-General-Cheerblock, Speech Club, Student Couri- cil, Parliamentarian, Publications Rep., GAA, Library Asst., Moni- tor. TERESA SOUTHWICK-GeneralfCheerblock, ITC, Treas., Choral Club, Swing Choir, French Club, Dean Asst. DAVID SPARKS-General. MONTE SPARKS-General-Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Student Council, Soph., Jr., Sr, Exec. Council, Honor Society, A-Club, Wrestling, Baseball, Monitor, Fellowship of Christian Ath., Boys' State. STEPHEN St. CLAIR-College Preparatory. WAYNE St. DENIS- Gerieral. ESTHER STAMP-General, JEAN ANN STEFKE-General -Cheerblock, Choral Club, French Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, H.R. V-Pres, DAVID KEITH STEVENS-General. MIKE STONE-General-His tory Asst. DAN STOOPS-College Preparatory. FAYE STOVER- General. PAT STOWELL-General-Latin Club. PHYLLIS STOWERS-Gem eral. CATHY STULTS-General. GERALDINE STREETER-General. SHIRLEY STUMP-General-Cheerblock, German Club. MAR- GARET SULLIVAN-College Preparatory-Cheerblock, French Club, Honor Society, Language Lab Asst., Monitor, Model U.N. BUDDY SURFACE-General, SANDRA SUTTON-Home Economics -Cheerblock. BRUCE SWAN-GeneraliSr. Dramatics, Art Club. LES SWAN- Business. KAREN L. SWINEHART-General-Cheerblock, French Club, Sec., Student Council, Honor Society, Jr, Annual Staff, Sr, Annual Staff, Publications Rep., Bookstore Asst., HR. Sec.-Treas, Prom Comm. KAREN TAYLOR-College Preparatory-Yearbook Queen, Cheerblock, Spanish Club, Honor Society, X-Ray, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Monitor, H.R. V-Pres., Sec.-Treas., Quill and Scroll, Sec.-Treas. 4- ,4 . 6. wo- ' "' in I 5.5. ,, , f ' r ' K' w . .-sseisni.-g V, fi I- 4 ttrr 5 ,, , 3? rf' 'li f 422' jpg fv ig gi, - ' f ,stti,?: ' - M ' Z.. f' " Vsfflf, ,, 3... iw i gi y l V WX ' YI C ,,,,' so 2 c J f , W ' :iswli "M 'f i.. ,. 1 .. Bill Tierney escapes the day's pressure in an unortho dox place. Escape monotony on the ledge. Escape the pressures each day can bring. Discorporate, seek individuality. Dare to be ditterent. Dare to be yourself. A s, I 125 , .,i , sri. mi PAULA TAYLOR-General-Future Teachers. RONNIE TAYLOR- General-Res. Football. SHARON TAYLOR-College Preparatory- Cheerblack, Spanish Club, Honor Society, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr, Annual Staff, Language Lab Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas., V-Pres., Quill and Scroll, Prom Comm. THERESA DIANE TAYLOR-General- Homecoming Queen Attendant, B-Team Cheerleader, Cheer- block, Choral Club, Choralettes, French Club, Soph. Exec. Coun- cil, Dean Asst., l-l.R. Pres., Sec.-Treas., Pep Sessions Comm. RUBY JEAN THACKER-General-ITC, German Club. SHARON THOMAS-General. GARY THOMASON-General-Art Club, A- Club, Tennis. LEANN THOMPSON-College Preparatory-B-Team Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Cheerblock, Choral Club, Choralettes, French Club, Sr. Dramatics, Tl-iespians, X-Ray, Math Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas., Pep Sessions Comm., Quill and Scroll. JULIA LYNN THORNBURG-College Preparatory-Latin Club, Art Club, Honor Society, GAA, Latin Asst., Monitor. THOMAS K. THORNBURG-College Preparatory-Band, Choral Club, Madri- gals, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Pres., Honor Society, Conyo Comm., Boys' State Alt. WILLIAM MICHAEL TIERNEY-College Preparatory-Latin Club, Honor Society, Science Asst., H.R. V- Pres. RANDY TOOMBS-General. PAMELA JANE TRAVIS-College Preparatory-DECA. MARSHA LYNN TRINDEL-Business-COE, Future Secretaries, Latin Club, Speech Club, Food Service Asst. GENE TRUEBLOOD-Pre-Engb neering-Cross Country, Track, Monitor. JANE TUCKER-General -Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Sr. Dramatics, Soph. Exec. Council, Publications Rep., H.S. Office Asst., Dean Asst., I-l.R. Pres., Sec. PATTI UNDERWOOD-Home Economics-Counseling Office Asst. BARBARA JEAN VAN BUSKIRK-Home Economics-LaTeen Cuisine. TOM VANDERBUR-General-Future Teachers, French Club, Stu- dent Council, Foreign Student Comm. LESSIA VEST-General. ROBERT I'I. VOGEI.-General-I'I.R. Pres. MATOKA LOUISE VON- TRESS-General-Choralettes. NANCY ANN VORES-GeneraI- Cheerblack, Latin Club, English Asst. JANET LOUISE WADE- General-Choralettes, Art Club, Sr. Exec, Council, I-l,R. Pres., Sec. DEBBIE WAGES-General-Cheerblock, Latin Club, Art Club, H.R. Sec. ELIZABETH WAINSCOTT-College Preparatory-Cheer- bloclc, Latin Club, X-Ray, Nurse's Asst., Counseling Office Asst., H.R. Pres. WAYNE WALKER-General. RIA WALTERS-General. RONNIE WARD-General. JESSE WEAVER-General. SUSIE WEAVER-General. MARY ANN WEIS-College Preparatory- Cheerbloclc, Spanish Club, V-Pres., Latin Club, Soph., Jr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, H.R. Pres., Quill and Scroll, l.U. Journalism Institute, Prom Comm, LINDA WELKER-Home Economics-Athletic Otfice Asst. DONALD ALAN WELLS-College Preparatory-Band, Latin Club. ROSIA ANN WEST-General. CATHRYN J. WHEELER-General-Cheer' block, Choralettes, Future Teachers, Latin Club, Art Club, Publi- cations Rep., Dean Asst. JIM WHEELWRIGHT-College Preparatory-Sr. Class Pres., Corn- rnencernent Speaker, Spanish Club, Debate Club, Sr. Dramatics, Tliespians, Speech Club, Student Council, Jr., Sr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, X-Ray, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Stott, Res. Football, Gymnastics, Jr. Class V-Pres., H.R. Pres., Quill and Scroll, Model U.N. DIANA LYNN WHELCHEL-General-Iridianettes, Spanish Club, Spanish Asst. EDWARD RAYMOND WHETSEL- General-Laieen Cuisine, Thespians, Publications Rep. ALBERT N. WHITE-College Preparatory-German Club, Wrestling. 'xi nm LIU :as 2riai.,f i,.,,fsmf:' 125132115 ,f-ts 16 Solitude enables the mind to expand beyond reality Under the shroud ot unity One meets himself. Accosted, he asks, "Who arn I? Why? Where?" And the wondrous beginning . l-le sees himself In recognition. His shadovv's elusive, Reioining the whole In solitude. 127 Seniors Rememberances ot Things post and attempts to create a goal reflect upon youth. 128 .3 Q: . PATRICIA JO WIHEBRINK-College Preparatory-Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Latin Club, Publications Rep., Latin Asst. MARY KAY WILDER-College Preparatory-Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Pres., Latin Club, Science Club, Honor Society, Jr. Annual Stott, Sr. Annual Staff, Publications Rep., Deon Asst., Head Monitor, Quill and Scroll, Model U.N. BENNY WILHOITE-Technical. KAREN LYNN WILHOIT-Business-Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Future Secretaries, Little Chief, English Office Asst., Model U.N. JUANITA WILKERSON-General-Cheerblock, Gym Asst. KAREN WILLIAMS-Business-eCheerblock, COE, Pres., Future Secretaries, Sec., Student Council, Honor Society, H.R. Sec.-Treas. KENNETH H, WILLIAMS-General. PAT WILLIAMS-General. ROB WILLIAMS-Pre-Engineering. ROBERT E. WILLIAMS-General. STEPHEN E. WILLIAMS-College Preparatory-Spanish Club, H.R. V-Pres. DENNIS WILLIAMSON-General-Future Teachers, Art Club, Res. Football, Res. Track, H.R. V-Pres., Soph. Exec, Council. DENNY WILLIAMSON-General-ITC, Cross Country, Mgr., Res. Track. PENNY WlLLIAMSON-General-Cheerblock, DECA, Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Library Asst, H.R. V-Pres., Sec.- Treas., Convo Comm. JOHN WILLIS-General. JAMES EDWARD WILSON-General, i i ii t l M28 - . .Qs 'Q 'W ' -U 1 - W. - 1 e s- ., ll-it I I I JACK A. WINTON-General-A-Club, Football, Res. Wrestling, Track. DONNA WIRTHLIN-College Preparatory4Cheerblock, German Club, German Asst., Math Asst., Dean Asst. PAMELA G. WOOD-General-Foreign Student Comm. RALPH A. WOOD- College Preparatory4Choral Club, Honor Society, .lr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Monitor, MIKE WOODRUFF-General-Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Student Council, Pres., Soph., Jr., Sr. Exec. Council, X-Ray, A-Club, Basketball, Baseball, H.R. Pres., Jr. Class Pres., Corivo Comm., Fellowship of Christian Ath, JAMES WOODS-General-Basket ball, Fellowship of Christian Ath. ERVIN D. WRIGHT, JR.-Busi- ness-DECA, Future Retailers, Student Council, Publications Rep., A-Club, Wrestling, Res. Track, Gym Asst., Convo Comm., Fellow- ship of Christian Ath. TRUDDIE GAYNELL WRIGHT-General- Cheerblock, Art Club, GEORGE WULLE-General-Debate Club, German Club, Speech Club, Publications Rep., Res. Baseball, Dean Asst., H.S. Office Asst. MIKE R. YOUNG-General-Choral Club, Art Club, Res, Football. MARY ALICE YOUNGBLOOD-General. SCOTT ZACH- ARY-General-DECA, Future Retailers, Publications Rep., Foot- ball, Res. Wrestling. CATHY ZERKEL-Business-DECA, Future Secretaries, Jr. Exec. Council, Dean Asst., Counseling Office Asst., Monitor, H,R. V- Pres. SHARON JOY ZINK-General-I-lead Indianette, ITC, Sec., Band Asst. TOM F. ZIRKELBACH-General-French Club, Art Club, A-Club, Res. Cross Country, Track. MICHELE ZUCK-College Preparatory-Cheerblock, French Club, Future Teachers, V-Pres., Honor Society, Little Chief, X-Ray, GAA, English Asst., Quill and Scroll, Science Club. ...-, Y .......,? Z hi A 951' -.1 -.ff -vu -nr' C? C.,-fr the l Anticipating a bright future, Mary Kay Wilder exits high school stage. Life, a succession of doors, Opening to reveal the future, Closing to hide the past. Advancement is as gradual as time, And is an elevation of position. Graduation is an achievement Filling those with expectation a Of their future opens. s the door 129 , W I 7 21 la E2 l 'i X JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-Front Row-Mr. Kent Poore, sponsor, Marta Cobb, Stan Bledsoe, John Dew, Gary Hiatt. Row 3-Tim Frank, Greg Hag- Hunter, Sheila Teague, Kris Mason, Lorri Neale, Fran Moore, Debbie Dud- gord, Randy Smith, Wayne Renschler, Jim Laughlin, Bob Kiely, Tony Barnett, Iey, Kathy Whelchel, Chris Wisner, Cindy Alt, Mrs. Martha McHenry, span- Rick Kellams, Jon Maier. sor. Row 2-Barry Cope, Roger Shirley, Barry Payne, Mike Burnett, Joe Juniors assume roles in class of distinction Junior class officers do not believe in all work and no play as secretary Fran Moore, treasurer Debbie Dud- ley, president Barry Cope, and vice-president Rick Kellams engage in the popular teenage game, Twister. 130 Aware of their new responsibilities and tasks, the junior class became a hard- working student body as they constructed a homecoming class float, operated the coat check during basketball games, and directed the candy counter second semes- ter. Led by able officers and efficient sponsors, the class produced the prom in honor of the graduating seniors. They continued in their preparation for college by taking the National Merit Scholarship and the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude tests. As they took their place among the athletes and scholars, the juniors bound together and assumed their distinctive role as the class of l97O. ' - ' F , Kareen Abernathy, Diana Adams, Gary fs' X Adams, Tary Adams, Kay Albrecht, Jim Alexander, Charlene Allen, Linda Allen John Allman, Cindy Alt, Becky Anderson, Carolyn Anderson, Darryl Archey, Jane Arnold, Pat Ausley, Mike Aynes Reah Babb, Dan Bair, Becky Baker, Christi Barker, Elaine Barker, Tom Barnett, Tony Barnett, Betty Barrett Joan Barsha, Linda Bough, Linda Beard, Virginia Beard, Darla Beeler, Gay Beeman, David Bell, Beth Benbow Debbie Bennett, Linda Bergeman, Richard Bickel, Ed Billheimer, Karen Biven, Christy Black, Stanley Bledsoe, Cathy Blubaugh Diana Boards, Don Bobo, De'Ann Bonge, Bob Boone, John Borkman, Mary Boulware, Fred Bouslog, Glennetta Boyd Yvonne Brandenburg, Fred Brewer, Steve Brewer, Steve Brewer, Steve Bricker, Robert Broadnax, Danny Brown, Lloyd Brown Lynda Browning, Becky Brunow, Janet Bryan, Bob Buck, Kathy Buck, Steve Buck, Paula Buckner, Carol Buehler Pete Buettner, Jim Burke, Theresa Burkett, Mike Burnett, Mark Burton, Janis Bynum, Christi Cain, Vivian Campbell Valerie Cantwell, Dennis Carpenter, Diana Carpenter, Steve Caudill, Mike Chambers, Pam Childs, Debbie Church, Debra Clark it ,, , fda? Juniors If f.:,.sw1., 1: 11- f ' ,Q 'f ,: My di Q - H ' it Q ,. Q .. FE- , . if T I tif? l Y ll A y 0 ef T' ss fl XXX, " ' t L ,J .iw . , ,, X I, . f : H, -.. ' ,f --A s F x A E .. i . W- . """ 2 , ,, ti 5 gr ,f , yn Ai 2 ,, 25 , A if' f ' T 1 'f' V. -'rr , -ef H 32 Y K ma: as k ff M 1 - " ' A '?:n3'252:s.-'tam l 't K -M I - 1 ,mf gyfggxww. .V VV J r l'r rf- ..-- . it J ' ' T A ' M ,ggi A ,-- Y 1- 1 W , -, AT - 532' ff T 4 2 -f , , . . ' - i :N-4' nib ,N , ' ., W , . ff . -an -X . 11. 1. ls f ' 2' T 5 NWA ' ' ' f ' .f , is Y-fs-V : l f l "'-"ff I il ' - A - I A . T Qi" , 5152 - B 1 V 1, ' A 'A N t:-, , . f ,,,4 5, an ,Q 2 tw a t A A fi' f' in T it- in A '-5351 " . 'ings ln L Lwxgr 1: ,, ' --.itil L A k,"t .M f ffigk, ,A . , A4 f ff ,Haw K 133,- . We 'if ffl ' ,usasww ' ' ' 1 4 i M ' , ' 'll' . , , 'lg - Pt A 1 l Md' ' I ttzar wi-' V ' -' ' Q af lf- '- V ' A to l , ll Y ' A 1, D " I it . Q 3 get mf tgf M25 'E swf We H S 5 V 4 ,, , ., , f , HE K fx 1 'i f A x , A if .,,. A if A 'V -' l wi' 'll' 'ad T ll ge ' All ,J al l ' - ' r .i 3 'pf " " ' V' .V . ffl! TW . V V i V - ll , X ' l - rr- 5 'fii' ' ' ti" ., .. ..--, ' ' H iya ' ' "'i A '-," It "" 5 K 'gf' "l-':"' V , sig 5, if K gr Q A Away ftw +wMttee www? swf - f, .,.., V -f .,:i f 44 A ss.. rf : ...., ft , - W 5, 4. - , 3, i f "' K Wir, Wy- if' T ' gt' 1, 'QW' 1?5QfW'ii ,,ss X ' Q it if 2 B NX rsls f T, it T t , , K , S , , , , 1 , " if T14 V41 my K aw i X' I ,1 't,, k It , at x""' 1 KIT? f r ' . f . ' lsr? 'l t , ' ,V ,V " T . - F VV .37 7 1,s- , H : -k. ' , l V Lv : Ez - Q A ,is A H -:1' i 5 131 Q, , '1 f. tea' Acho i ,xc Who's that? Just someone from before? Gone. The feeling of then, That everything mattered- Where is it now? Where now . . . but in memory. We embraced happiness, Allowing two minds to merge Into one. nge of music relaxes the psychedelic scene. , r ,M -f L el l'i' fp, g .QQ V i ,. 5 A il Q X we- I ' ' . -1 I Q p D Q , it ' , V ,,, A A I v 2 ',-, if V V r,,. W, M I 'F is 2 , 4 1 Y H VW J "Q" g , 1 , 'Ls .- , "H i , -. r' X if K, X fi, -.K 5 , .. r" -- 3 C' nvi. ., "' Q.. , . 'gd' JL - i ww '-:,' M M Q 1 Z . ' -h ' 13, , . M' P r R - V .. .mr vw su , - 5 - ,C l , W : , -9 f , ,sr.', 14 7 3 Q A., ig' 5' ' ' . in " ge - gr M - . .. 15, li, v ,' -1 ,W :::f ' .Q si. ' 'if "'1"'-s . " ,, 'M' , fri .'1:" J ff X hxll ik ii-, ", A W' Y A ,, ' c si, Y Y ' . A A Titifwff A X ny. L E K U fb. i x ' Xa 9 wg? 5 VQT17 ' V " ' fir? g W 4, ' ,..' r TI. g K 'T S 4 s 4'-1 1? r 4 ' ' "iic . H .C :gl -,,,E., fr-"i 2, , I W KXA' W ,S My i an ynmii ' 1 A li I C . 1' Ks . fgglmrl r i A ...KJ l ' its U4 N 'J : E 'Tl , -W f Q ' A ht, E 4' is -N v 'V H A -1, V, J Af' j lt r ' W 4' R i 1 K N ' 1 f ' XX f ' iAf3wfeirL?ili'?i3"lill? gg W: , UA I V.-vw 2 i H ,F 1' is D . G X3 ' ,f 3 M Q, t V 4 r i Q 4, 4, S ' ' r'l:. , ', rf ' 'A if . if .,,ii,i, J ,ii- 2' " A J 1 C X A N. A fl ,'-, Z' E Q ' 132 Laura Clark, Leisa Clark, Mark Clem, Paul- ine Clem, Carl Cloud, Joey Cobb, Dennis Cochran, Fred Collins Steve Collins, Chris Condon, Betty Conner, Dennis Cook, Lenn Cookmon, John Cooper, Barry Cope, Cathy Copeland Bill Cox, Dale Cox, Sherry Cox, Kenneth Craig, Mary Cravens, Steve Crouch, Becky Cunningham, Brenda Currie Peggy Curtis, Leila Czarniecki, Marcia Dadds, John Davis, Judy Davis, Patty Davis, Randy Davis, Susan Dayton Aurora Delgado, Susana Delgado, Diana Delmolina, Leeroy Delp, Debbie Dennis Louie Detienne, John Dew, Sharon Dietz Marianne Donnelly, Paul Donnelson, Linda Dotson, Donna Dougherty, Robert Douglas, Renee Dowling, Mike Downey, Anna Drake Dave Drake, John Drumm, Debbie Dudley, Steve Dugger, Cheryle Duncan, Cathy Dunn, Bobby Dye, Rick Eads Augusta Eaglin, Becky Ealy, Johanna Early, Joe Ebbert, Jim Ecker, Jerry Eck- stein, Yvonne Edwards, Rick Ehrlich Dean Eldridge, Buddy Ellis, Leanne Ellis, David Ellsworth, Jeanetta Etchinson, Eldon Eustler, Bernadette Faith, Regina Falker Karen Farley, Bob Foucett, Rita Fee, Tom Feemster, Linda Ferguson, Keith Fields, Dan Finley, Kent Fisher Steve Fisher, Gary Fitzimmons, Terry Fork- ner, Beth Fox, Jack Fay, Tim Frank, Dean Franklin, Marcia Frazier David Fredericks, Kathy Friend, Jo Ellen Gadberry, Tim Galbraith, ldella Galmore, Judy Garland, Betsy Garner, Gary Garrett Roger Garrett, Lewis Garris, Jim George, Geoff Gephart, John Gerard, Willie Ger- man, Nancy Goddord, Tom Goodman Mary Goodwin, Anna Gore, Becky Gour- ley, Jim Graham, Terri Graham, Charlotte Gray, Kirk Gray, Sherry Gregg Belinda Grittee, Candy Griffee, Janice Guibault, Jim Haberek, Charlotte Hogan, Greg Haggard, Pam Hale, Ric Hall Rick Hall, Dan Halsell, Randy Hamilton, John Hampton, Matthew Hampton, Karen Haney, Sam Hanna, John Harden Susan Haskett, David Helvey, Roger Hay- nes, Gary Hempleman, Susan Hendricks, Cyndi Herb, Tom Herbst, Mike Hester ,,, l. -qi, Juniors 54 Q Q i'rll we" fmf 5 "Q , sf- C if f ,gi ,, , , A N gr 3 , KW K , - it ,Q 'M fl ' ' ' 'Pe ,..:-,, ' P w g: y yggg 5,353 g xy tx tl, . , t ., I . t .-,V a fan ' - ,,. 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I , A , , A .jg 'X L ug l J V gf' - Q :A - J nk tgiffsifs, ms' - 3 S x , A I I-A t we Q s 1, Q., '16 gt, ., - ff, Q , R 'fs l rs ' 9 ' w' ts , ' it haw. N ' S lv 1 5 ts .1 J ' 44, 'Lv ' V: gd' 43, si I- li x z.,l J Q' ""' I "?""K MQ N ' ' -vi 'J 6 A I A , J M offs J ll ' it cj' 4? U R iff .Tx-Q J' ::.. K, IQ, H gg M .D wr' 5- . i' I ' ' Od , F , 5 6 Kig:,g,?:i51e2:fzi1 ffig s lk I -- J C ,, c , , , J, , g " , G ,, -, 1 ' 4 . wif - 'Q' 1 . ' 1 UI i E , 'Q 'Y lj?-,s - ,. ' QT, .L , . tt'-fy A V -1 'S ' 5 . J S a::'1 -"' . Qi . V . Ji ' ' i 1 ' ii is inn.. 'lf ' , J 2-K eq ,M , .- J Q-H J fa ir 'fl fr -N Si- v w S " L dew , , ' "' . 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Minn, Carolyn McQueary, Ronda Mc- Roberts, Marla McShurley, Dave Maggard, Jon Maier Torn Moines, Frances Malone, Danny Mann, Vince Marsh, Mike Martin, Tom Martin, Kris Mason, Annette Massey To sing, to feel, The poet's words ln harmony of song, ls to sense The enchanted awareness Ot music And to heed the soulful pleading Ol a voice. Beth Upshow captivates the audience with contem- porary fol lc music. Mi 3,1 i , 'L ,L ,2 . U' .. y .L 3 ,QV r I 1, , dk , twist ' - ' A fu L T 93" Q A tl qi , f L 4 " fl L L, x , L 9 .. , K ,MV K, E M L T" V V L, ve T V, . gb J .K ,I t' y .'.' ii,. gf fr , my '--. i',,,. ,, y L' L L l L , V if , if . . L .L ,I L, ,fsfi ,L , qi f' " "'t" A - 'i r fill he at , . if ,f rf . -'Qi is it L L, 42' T ' ,L '36 L- T " 'C A' ,L ' - L , 1 77 s- 53 T' H' ssal Q lirif , ii' L, h K 1 ' . .-X35 gig , I banh ' 9' T L, i is w e M5275 if . Q .. L Sq L my Kin? A A , ,tksfyy 1 " A K4 A i , t , , ix yi XX. f E FL. Q :'i'1 fa . ff, 4 g -L M- ,f-N., T ,gg is A iiiujg, re Af"l' 'lg M , L, T -fb L - LL-fe 1 if-if ' X '-uv ill' ,- . L55 4V,V ill? f 1 H I 8 W I L I q v 3 , k we - Qi .L L T Aff We G :J ., i!VM,.N,' ig. I :T I I ! ' 1 wh, Ei. V Y , 'D 'Q' , , t wL rf , R f , wr' f' V on , X K , " Q 'X 'fix 1 w' . L T W was I vi , 'AK "" if 4 I .,'L is 4 1' it I ' x l35 Juniors W era . K E! J Q K ...Q fam V sl,- Q. Jr' R3 ' Q, RW C., 'tr 5, ,...., l I X1 Ms l 1 "P ' 'ff n i s Q X: N-6 K1 3' ' a 1 K ' V . .. 9 t ,,tt, V my A . . -'J is ,ct so , R A , is s offs -N J cl? f .ff dip- ' in 'V' fl uf s, L """' K' P iff 'kiv fi 'fl 'P , - fe- - , ri l J 'if 1, X . , is, , 3 N 1 t S 'X ga my . ., X. , H A I P xg A . .r- " sf 5 fp l ilgshfx ,Q P: -3 ,. J wi if it J i R Qllilf. of P' h kk 1 -1L' ,. it fri' QP e ,. 4- P J i ' waz m'kk . ii . . T' 3 ' , I ' . ,,'k,g ' r V ' -sn i r J E sn . .P P A 1 ,,,,., i N ." R s i i , 5, 5 , 4 , Q 5 A , ff, if nwiitiyrf r'.f,F-3 t h :MX SQ , Y' wr. 5 Q a Q ! six ,ig X pf' , , . is +V . x , K . ' ws . sri, ft' ze, P . f si., is gg1,,.. A K i: I - if J i ' l , rs --. Q r QA A , vb 'r S, Zi gi. is J Y' 4 , Q. f . . .l n ' 4'-s f " , i 5 ' S ,K:i5 5?i7 , 5 A h A I 0 , L, k.,,L E ,f,1,,.., Ak,, ,i,. . , ..,. 3 . s l 1 k.., :'v- I i 1 P, me . x , , , .n ' ' lr f L x 1 1 - T - fr . - A , wa .X W ji. y M A ,Q A? I 'f,.:!, h , : ,s R A R Xi. X 'eq 3 A P A Q ' h . , f 'trawl-sg 1' A: ' I . I kvgwwkuw 136 Dennis Massey, Anne Maupin, Ron Mavis, Debbie Maxwell, Mary Ann Mehling, Con- nie Mettes, Joe Miller, Rosa Mills Linda Mimms, Fran Moore, Joyce Moore, Debbie Morgan, Debbie Muir, Mike Mur- dock, Kathy Murphy, Don Musick Penny Musick, Lorri Neale, Victor Newsom, Marie Noland, Tom Norton, Mike O'Brien, Mary Oemler, Tony Ohnheiser Brenda Oliver, Cathy Orick, Jerry Orr, Jerry Owens, Jeannette Oyler, George Pancol, Penny Pardue, Claretta Parks Tim Paschal, Jean Patton, Linda Patton, Barry Payne, Terry Payne, Ellen Payton, Rick Peek, Mary Ellen Peterson Victor Phillips, Darryl Polly, Nancy Porter, Regina Powell, Debbie Powers, Terry Pratt, Debbie Prout, Mark Purciful Bruce Purkey, Jim Pyzik, Randy Railey, Cheryle Rambis, Dixie Rauner, Phil Ray- more, Nancy Reichard, Larry Reitz Vicki Renforth, Debby Reno, Wayne Ren- schler, Reba Rhodes, Bill Richards, Nancy Richardson, Dick Richwine, Connie Rigdon George Riley, Allen Ringham, Debby Rit- tenberry, David Robbs, Ron Roberts, Sandy Roberts, Colin Robinson, Janet Robinson John Roche, Kathy Roche, John Rock, Nancy Rogers, Debbie Rohlfing, Doug Rolts, James Rose, Ellen Sayers Vickie Schell, Gene Schildmeier, Steve Schlobach, Debbie Scott, Treva Scott, Nancy Sears, Cindy Shaffer, Joddi Shatter Eddie Shannon, David Shaw, Debbie Shell, Phyllis Shreve, Renda Shull, Debbie Shultz, Mickey Simmons, Penny Skaggs Sandy Slack, Rick Sleet, Barbara Sloan, Art Smith, Barbara Smith, Carolyn Smith, Deb- bie Smith, Jon Smith Linda Smith, Peggy Smith, Randy Smith, Rocky Smith, Sally Smith, Sharon Smith, Veronica Smith, Dennis Snelson Debbie Songer, Mike Sparks, Barbara Spratt, Maurice Startzman, Carolyn Steans, Glen Stephens, Lella Stephens, Karen Stew- CVT Melody Stewart, Mike Stohler, Glenn Stone, Phyllis Stone, Saundra Stults, Danny Sulli- van, Vikki Sutton, Brenda Swain Robert Swain, Susan Sylvester, Barbara Tackett, Robert Taylor, Charles Teague, Sheila Teague, Sherry Thomason, Gary Thurber "s . x A-X 736 ,as ' C iw f ,Y vu . I .EL iw -if ,.,,Hne ,M ,A Q., .,, ,Q , 1 ,A ff no . if s '1 " I S -f S of S at lit x x N ,, B 'S Q n 'L ' R of . . , . V-, Ei ,T 'l N X .ytaf -M- '-Q if K . me .. f if S+-if X. if if iso fx. lin I ' ., ' S llli S ss.. , , gy, ze Q, gf i wi, W S f like z . ?!z5! ik. Q- i S Y ? , s -, ,sk .. . ' . -'f Q. I ,l A fl N' Q' if , S if: S it 5 V 0 , es as 32" L ,, A - A .A fl ,E M :Z I 591 l i s t - 1, W Q - .. .flfli M 1 x , f , . , l 't , at 2.2 is T' ' Xnfm 1. , J' , 'N L 34 S V at-S , , . g 2 gs, V .5 . . 'Q me S f K, X , f I Look at me, Lost in fancy, Running through fields of imagination, And beauty. Don't bother me with the world, Not now. . . "Twas the night before Christmas and all through house . . . " 137 5 3 if S ci ar .S ,ref 1 'Y' Juniors Q - J J ' 1 . Y J , g, we ,.,, .. g t '-- A., A fi' ' J T gin: HM J f. ., i 5 it R T ' 'wx .. -if MP' 4 ' W ' I w 5- s "i - gggiis Derrell Tibbeti, Sue Todd, PUYTW T0mllV150V', Marilyn Tooley, Cindy Travis, Barbara Trot- ter, Randy Troup, Susan Tucker Richard Tyler, Beth Upshaw, Jan Van Dyke, Frances Van Meter, Debby Van Ness, Mike Vetor, Amy Vares, Steve Voss Lyn Wable, Terry Wade, Becky Wages, Cathy Walker, John Walker, Darrell Wol- lace, Ann Ward, Daryl Watkins Faye Watson, William Weaver, Dan Webb, John Webb, Ellen Wehrley, Debi Welling, Debbie Welsh, Kathy Whelchel Eunice Whetsel, Noble White, Mickey Whiteaker, Tonya Whitley, Bruce Whitmill, Janet Wigner, Bob Wihebrink, Rick Wil- burn Debbie Willhoite, Pat Wilkinson, Belinda Williams, Brenda Williams, Ken Williams, Nancy Williams, Mary Williamson, Bob Willoughby Patty Wilson, Debbie Wise, Pat Wise, Chris Wisner, Pam Wonders, Kathy Wood, Forrest Wood, Arthur Woodall Julia Wrin, Roger Wyant, Sharon Wysocki, Robert Young, Don Zachary, Larry Zach- ary, Pam Zearbaugh, Jean Zirkelbach 1 Q A li ix Wk . lm J T W "" le M- i T' gf- 450 A 'S H ':. "' , -J ' 4, . 1, Q -Q N A QW r M4 1,: Q ,S - QL' mi 119 .. 3 ,fs . -f D r A far -f 3 A K 'fy' ,, Rfk f y , ,,,,,. f . Q , .F A. . My X 5 l 1 l l ? 25: .Z 1 ffl. ,,, , I yr: Q. . .M y . s c - y Y 4 13 1 -ir 1 rf, "" Ti' J 'T ' l :N X , is sf .. A K' wif -1 I .il ..v . t ' 3 V '- " V' T T is N l 5 Tyla ww' ' ' W 1 " A ig X 4 iv Y rx H A rv- wg , it B . iii J i T i A 'S-111, ' V 1 "', ' I i 9 . V if 225225: Allis! i i . i L:aff:f+:1-. 222122: B sf , , 7'1" . ,, " tri Q-'JF ef ' 'i f . - . 'lf JT' g. ii, 1 fi T V . ff N xi. .X 3 . , X 7 ' g . i 1 1 ii .1 -1 A. ' X ,, .. J 'R , .. J fl ' w ,lf N s qi. , s ' ff-K K if T 38 7 f. KKLA in 2 4 is ' S ' .L 'ss H .i . VV-4 K VL R 'Mb .. W 1 . L i If .V Q " f r Q . , lx Q M Y l ' as , iic, , L. 'J :.r , ss it fgcf- ' P .M T it ftp, .51 g . t ilk? M :li-i 'T , T r Q' X " .,-, . J 1 Y 1:4 J X svn t,,,,k E .. c,,, N T ccf ,cc,,c,,,c . V" . icr . i J? ' 1 - ' r' AM A 'fl' ,. if N : 52. 0 A J 51 J..." . 'li it fr fl- N . 1 i sti W ,i "'l ' si .- . f -I 8' V. J- ,L I 9 Q s. g 13 K Belonging is real. N We gather and live in a spirit Which is ours alone. The voices rise and swell, A wave of feeling crashes us together. We belong to one whole, Always changing, yet Permanent. Paper aerial bombs tie students together with a bond of school spirit. 138 After The first Tew weeks of bewilderment and shyness, The sophomores cast aside their former iunior high school rivalries and took an active part in lite at AHS. Their Tirst maior decision as a class was Choosing class rings. They Then dutifully performed The tasks of selecting sponsors, class officers, colors and iackets. By The end of The year, The class members real- ized that by following traditions and customs and innovating some ideas of Their own, Their high school days could be enjoyed to The fullest, Chance meetings in The hall permit students to ex- change The latest bits of gossip. Sophomores make decisions SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-Front Row-Penny Griffith, Nancy Fasone, Jody Norris, Molly Shinness, Brent Keesling. Row 3-Henry Norton, Jody Thompson, Susan Schilke, Sherry Leedom, Michelle Mc- Harris, Brent Matthews, Tom Venesky, Jeff Casey, Dennis Adams, Stew' Carel, Becky Worster. Row 2-Pat Straley, Ed Priest, Teresa Davis, Julie art Brown. 139 In groups they gather Seeking comfort and close cornpanionships. They live as one: Laughing together, Working together, Exchanging thoughts through unbroken silence. A smile, a glance of an eye Renders speech superfluous. Decorations set the holiday spirit as students prepare to celebrate the Christmas season. K 9 K -. Q- Xl, Q' , F 4, . 1 ,V t s....-' t 1 1 . , 'M' Q . lx' A fx, if f :fag W- 5-A ,fs R -I k,..,., Z ' ik,l -L .. I i ir i y ijigii: l l KA , 1 " gk l- f lst , I L y , W as ,L X it ,Xt ' , , K- f egg 1 - f ri' X llli A ' DQ? 'H' 'L' gf' it 1 L iit , 1 fr rf 'A ss: 1 L N:-. me ,.,, A if I . .', .V ' .L 7 -'fx '. . 1 ' Wi, Q I V 151 , it A Q, .K Y' X 5 ' I , an ' L i ' 4 , - , A fl? M y, . Es Ak ,V kr Q 'G 1 ,I g " , sz- f A L as is h as , :fi g , Ei' X Vigl 1. ,V Q. ,D xy ,A 3 , I fuss f ' Q3 Ai' X ' ' i' it 2 ei ' A ipl A da ,. V, 'li' 'L 219 - i ,.-' Q get t t ' e ,1 me L 1- 'Q if lt,,g Tr' A at tr L L r Q sf yd Tr f'- Y 3 .4 t Tlf ,"Lf Q f, K D av- X51 - V r , ,El f V 1, . .D I kyk, ,H f 'V ,sw X A K ft , , 9 X ' i 45 A .' l 'xi' I . it In ":' V A ' 72 '1'.'r J B '7-: 1 it it at i is i 6. is ,ir f' K ' l 4 ,. X y . A I li P 1 p' 75 1 ff., ' ' Y Afl' My ' ' full f y A A 0 I at A ' y 5:3 1 vigrx' m t Q : ,, 'X ,W , ' 1 Yivy 2 .it -vs A ll., ' " 5 4' A f " 1 ' 't ilk Bk Q 'M , M, ' "Q 4:1 - if fl Qi, 1 , wrwgff fa as it X 140 Beth Adams, Dennis Adams, Mark Adams, Ron Adams, Jeff Ake, Dennis Alberts, Bill Alexander, Lynn Alfrey Dean Alger, Sherry Allman, Bill Alt, Sally Anderson, Kent Apple, Darrell Arms, Ray Armstrong, Dustin Arnold Diane Austin, John Aylward, Anna Aynes, Rick Aynes, Bill Bair, Lori Baker, Marilyn Baker, Tom Baker Jett Barber, Lisa Barker, Cheryl Barnes, Debbie Barnes, Marcia Barnett, Debbie Barr, Tom Batler, Karen Baughn Cheryl Bechtel, Kris Beck, Bill Benefiel, Christina Bennett, Danny Bennett, John Bennett, Paula Berry, Jay Billingsley Jennie Bilska, Rhoda Blackwelder, Sherry Blaylock, Joy Blevins, Dianne Boles, Tim Bonge, Jim Bonner, Scott Bookout Christy Bourne, Steve Bowser, Diana Boze, Paul Braden, Jeri Brandon, Arlene Brandt, Karen Bright, Harold Brinkley Terry Britt, Brad Brizendine, Phil Broadnax, Tom Broderick, Marcia Bronnenberg, Hor- ace Brooks, Chris Brown, Debbie Brown Denise Brown, Ricky Brown, Stewart Brown, Dan Bryan, Rudy Bryan, Ron Bryson, Jerry Buck, Sherry Burg Becky Burke, Victor Burke, Marta Burnett, Wanda Burnett, Dave Burris, Lee Burt, Mary Burton, Tom Butler Lindsay Byer, Claude Bylinski, Kevin Byrne, Bruce Cage, Peggy Call, Jim Campbell, Kent Canada, Brian Canaday Jess Cantrell, Ron Cantrell, Greg Caplinger, Kathy Carder, Mike Case, Jett Casey, Sid Castor, Mary Chatin Susan Chaltont, Margaret Chaney, Monty Chapman, Cathy Chase, Craig Childers, Jenny Christ, Marsha Clark, Randy Clark Tom Clark, Vicki Clark, Tom Clary, Judy Clauve, Robyn Clear, Bruce Clouser, Allen Coats, Jan Collins Sharon Collins, Steven Cook, Gary Cope- land, Rick Corwin, Bobby Cotton, Linda Cowen, Anna Cowles, Miranda Cox Steve Craig, Vivian Crim, Randy Cripe, Barbara Crose, Deanna Crowthers, Iona Cromer, Debbie Crusmire, Dave Cue 5, Sophomores .p., Lf: ,,-A H --N' W f ,'-'f . K T J C tlrl 'B v , is S - C ,C ttrl li .. ,. I I V 5 " 5 , K M , - J Y C . . Q , 3 C ' Q lf C i D 'i mi Zi.. tlr C ' J if 461311 f 1 , tv' 1- fl. B f, it 2 . is t.fs1w.:srf':1 fis L3 A W U S A ' C . f , 0 7 A I I Y ll ll . ts f 'Z as.. w llll 5 . W .gf Cf S . C, , if iil Z f "C HSC, " 5 ' 'J ' 5' , ' Cs C y J' fl ,yyy ,gg in . , g ot ll' 1ii .Cli f ff? renew! 1, V A , -ri-f gg ,, - Ylrt 1 1 C , K z , L ss it S wi' if ,,r,, at , C ' CC ,C - A 'X' 'S...,.f , J Q if ':r' ' Z-1' 2 gr A x K ,,.. . r-fx ' 5 T I C . sc, -CC 'lil' J , ' - C J r j 517' jf o r srls f BCT s s,t . CC, . 4 C, B , vtln S ' C C1 E! WCC, I 4 f J i r if J V A V ' A, fre: S ' A ,tad-Y 1 -CCC i C,-,C , C Cie- -W at Q- .A -1 CC -.,, Lk fs I fx, h ,C - r 3 'M ' '- . xt, ' , C A A A ' . C , f M, S -W 1-.C , ,C ... 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M, L L J-on M -e.e.e 1. . , sF:f1f5?f.-in - Fl X li X as fx 4 David Cunningham, Patricia Cunningham, Larry Dailey, Patrick Dailey, Pam Darr, Dan Daugherty, Belinda Davis Gary Davis, Linda Davis, Linda Davis, Mike Davis, Teresa Davis, Mike Day, Jett Dea- kyne, Roxann Dean Don Degner, Steve Denney, Jett Dietzen, Leann Dittlinger, Beverly Dixon, James Dixon, John Dixon, Anne Dobelbower Debbie Dodson, Mary Doherty, Bill Downey, Mike Dunn, Tony Dunn, Debbie Eiler, John Ellis, Mike Ellis Teresa Ellis, Terrella Etchison, Gordon Far- ley, Mike Farmer, Jim Farr, Marsha Farr, Julie Fasone, Mona Faulds Debbie Fawbush, Danny Fee, Larry Felts, Pat Finley, Vickie Fisher, Susie Fitz, Linda Fitzsimmons, Peggy Flattord Rick Flatt, Bill Fleetwood, Brenda Fletcher, Cary Floyd, Paul Floyd, Curtis Ford, Kathy Forepaugh, Denise Foster Pete Foust, Marilyn Fowler, Mark Fowler, Fred Fralick, Bob Frazier, Mark Frendt, Bill Fritz, Julie Frossard Susan Fuller, Terry Fuller, Diana Fullington, Susie Furge, Pam Garringer, Sally Gar- ringer, Danny Garrison, Lynn Gaunt Sam George, Debbie Gephart, Joe Gibson, Manna Gilbert, Eugene Giles, John Gill, Connie Gilmore, Allen Glenn Becky Glover, Becky Goehring, Danny Gore, Jean Goree, Donna Gowen, Julie Graddy, Don Graffet, Debra Granger Ronnie Gray, Dennise Gregg, Sarah Griffin, Penny Griffith, Benny Griner, Teresa Gully, Melody Gunckel, Don Gwinnup Mike Hadley, Debbie Haines, Carolyn Ham- mock, Fred Hancock, George Haney, Dave Hannaford, Margaret Hanshew, Robert Hardwick Jack Harris, Wilma Harris, Mary Harfer, Beth Hawkins, Josephine Hayes, Mike Hef- lin, Patricia Hendricks, Jane? Hendrickson N dz -1 i 4 - ,,,i 'fl' 5 . vw . .,,,, ,sn in -ca- ' . Wx f an wi' Q , M Q , . 1 r 'N n rv- Y Q ki s Qi M ' i M fs Q w kr ' J f f I g X 4? si A ii an .sr , 6' 5 .Y af ij 5 'i X lf .Q fi ......, V f " ,9 T i If if X J J f L 1 if ' r 'fl A ',", 11 . ,T 2 I J f awp Yr N 2 ,sr V ' , ' J 1 Y , , X SN if Q fl' I N , 1i,,,,,c I ,X i g ie K in 1 A xx Ax il, X Ny X X X' V K W . , can 'Hum ,4- I' inlac nniien ff-sr ni I-i Q 'J mmf- C II oy.-. yaauv .W X. as, vi Vue vii a.: ii, iiiu p vu. Momenis To hold, To cherish, Are shared silently. We find ourselves And laugh, perhaps, In innocence- Moments Thar refresh The soul. .X A picture Gt a melting past: Are we completely changed, Or is there something that remains Fusing past and present? Words seem useless, But we look at ourselves, And it is there: lndescribable, but real. Posing, pausing, and making changes transforms picture-taking into a hectic operation. - ,R wfls, I , ,Q k if . . ,. r u ' vs- .V , in-'X 9125385 if J ri :Emi 9, 5 A W, my E i gg , . is ,. if l ,. - -r, ' ' .G , ,i , . lv , " W -ts' " .. 1 5 W I x Q 'l Allin-J f ,Q-Q Q st xv 5.3 , , ft 1 fr: -if - X -.J , Q 2 tw i R-1 ' 5 ' 1 ' 'Z V I g X ' ' X nl 'W vi ,Q . , . . ,Q F gy J inf , X ,i,, .. 1 r , , is sz., ,y , , 'I-'X - . ' Ev, 11 e -- W: ,-.- , 'ar Xa N' afar J , siils ssii '0 b , K xii' 'N 'L 'J L T. f ' 1 2. is 'T R S . g M 5 ii in , gf, , 1 V , -. f 2, ..,, 1 i gm it ,.,, . V 1 sf ia we ff I g, , 'X J , I, ,, r"' K ,A Q I J msg f lfmg, 3? - ' , 'biz , , , 12,5 , Q! ,Q , it it J iiis iils , .- ' slsi rrst 1 R riittt f J y j I in llffiii :-, 5 3 f ' ,. g A , 'M L . J- V ' " at '51 ff l - H li ,fi ff i W I 6 ' mln if - EQ . X A ,g - ' Q 'i"'k ifffi r-' ' K ,,rkr rj, ' - .. i 'K K K f-- , I ' k..r' kv ..j . , 'I ' , . H "R , R., . - 5 -f , .Mg t A' 52 :5l K . W ' ,, . it , 1- .if if i 1 r, , 144 Joanne Henry, Cathy Hensley, Dorothy Hensley, Marsha Hensley, Karen Hervey, Mike Hester, John Hiatt, Randy Hiatt Steve Hiatt, Steve Hill, Darlene Hilligoss, Vicki Hinshaw, Mace Hitchens, Mike Hitchens, Bob Hittle, Barb Hitz Mike Hoffman, Mary Hoffmann, Lessa Hogue, Anne Holland, Janice Holloway, Larry Hopper, Daphanie Hoppes, Pat Horan Kathy Hornbeck, David Horne, Judy Hor- ton, Bill House, Donna Howard, George Hudson, Tina Huffman, Cindy Hughes Deborah Hughes, DeLeon Hull, Randy Humerickhouse, Danny Hunt, Jackie Hunt, Rhonda Hurst, Connie Hutton, Sharyl Ilieft Mark lmel, Janet lmler, Rick Ireland, Don James, Greg James, Julie Jarrett, Anna Johnson, Bruce Johnson Don Deena Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Mike Johnson, Shirley Johnson, Steve Johnson, Garth Jones, Joanne Jones, Chris Kachelein Linda Keech, Jon Keep, Brent Keesling, Coleen Kelley, Jane Kelley, Vicki Kelley, Rick Kestner, Mark Kimble Bob Kimmerling, Arthur King, Dixie King, Larry King, Pam Kizer, Mike Knotts, Judy Knowles, Marney Kallros Bill Kopp, Becky Kovacs, Tricia Krause, Kathy Lanane, Lindo Landes, Robert La Pierre, Jowanna Lawler, David Lawson Larry Lawson, Sherry Leedom, Pam Leever, Jack Leffel, Linda Leftingwell, Nola Leh- man, Dennis Lennartz, Debbie Lewis Chris Linamen, Marsha Lineberry, Judy Lippman, Vickie Liston, Loretta Lowe, Teresa Lozar, Ted Magers, Becky Maier Ervin Malone, Terry Marsh, Susan Marshall, Patti Martin, Sarah Martin, Steve Mason, Brent Matthews, James May Nancy May, David Mayo, Tim McAshland, Frank McCabe, Michele McCarel, Jett Mc- Clure, Dan McConnell, Celeste McCotry Linda McCoy, Willie McCullough, Terry McDuffee, Linda McEwen, Samara McFad- den, Jill McGrady, Doug McGattic, Dick McKinsey Myrtle McLemare, Mike McMahan, Steve McMahon, Gini McMillan, Cathy McShane, Pat McShane, Dave Mears, Ann Metzger 5. fu- : af , Sophomores 4. T so i 3. ww E T , fu r,, wwl ,w A s -ff L, fc , 3,45 . L ii Q. ,.', L ' K , h Q. ,Q , . ti, ., 9 W-. ' ' 5 fps, W gn, I' L g xy 1 V 5 V I ,' 'Q , A 2 ., f M "'f C. e L A Q31 ,A ' I 1 f aa, ,.. . I . if " 1 15 -.,,. B ' Q , 5 Q Q D i 1 i if ia K es' ,gl L ll L Lyn? ?f,f.iA ,,': le l , . :.' 9 T " lill EW. : 9 V fungi La , J f i- .- 'K an ,, , y f W C xEif' ,yi Q . 'w?Qf n ew W' Y, W ,yii i,,,,, . v i n J mx X F fi 2 lr D 'l f if A 9 w,jf A toy yy: - !' i xx ki, Hz .R rd 1 , We 2 'ls A .vreni i 1, fp 'R duh 1 I -1 7' if N fl it ,. 5, L , A f . 'll' :gf L 'T K Q? i fax- f Ks . , tl- I , v 1 Q, fi' ,gf"' Agqw , A 1 ll .- ill :.' ilk H L W2 ,.. ,iw E ,J - s Q , - 'A - 1 5 M , .J ?'t ' Y 1 if fri - f " w el wt fg 47 ff: ,- 4 J it 1 -U f JL, .3 , Y ' r "sv 7 it 1. wi 3-" T 'ir' Qglrx V,g,5 E513 ,,. rj' Law il'l f FQ?l Zfig is 1 1 sl cfs, i M ,so , ,,,, , ,,, o I ,E . if? 1 3 ' Q ,, - tittt Wi, it ,,st ,lg we , ii W mir ',. su' 5 c pil tics, A fee Q97 liifi l i .Fig NAT iwi ssst 2 gkkwim if W Qwemww r,'l , .. WANT ssrlf i'NT'tif'f , is. as 1 li 'gels New ,.. , li! A 1 I' -z iv r, gk gf ' ie , , -:P A ,,,,V .,-- I ,... 'fn 5 kk . . - prev- , Vi '5"1'f Y Ae' ixnwyx W, . fmt, imvjx -f,': KN -'EMS if T- ,- faire? " we fs, L -'f. i 1 '.,'1, ll il L . .". V it ' of l ii 1 ,ir ..': y y w , iliitlil .fi u:':i li o 145 .A ,, , m.f, gg, I I I I .,.. I if ' :D W4 Q E J ' ll 'E 6. K , M., i 4 , L , ,mi - iff" , J i t , or ,,, I it fl' ' ' J il' - 5 l 'vi its i as J' - P i' Z C: M, 14 ,, , In G ' V, few J i " W if J ., . c vi, J A X i Q- . Q' ' X i Q.. lg ll 'x i it " I aw 'Nw' eil'-' 'I' III , 1 EI Dx I 4 I fl Q r Is I- J' r I :.: W. , J A W P I , Q b, .5 'I , I 'SLI .,,. AI AI lv - I .1-- . 4 e . 5,, IIII r I I , III .I , ,g.1 bihx. if ,,..,Af,gA,k. , ZLA H , III III, i, II I, :El Tri ' Q r A V 9' ll A " r for if ff, ,I , I I , . , 'I . ., i V ,I ,IIA 1 ' IISZI SIL rI I Isl r is I, f A ? ,I I III, -.tri J i J' N X 1 7' f ,9 . ,- r hi I - I '.' I I , J P mf i A". l 3 fi, ' ' 'N' Times may end, Friends may part, But the closeness lasts. Friendships are something solid, immovable. They may seem to end, But they existed And theretore are parts Of torever. Lunchtime brings a feeling of freedom from the p sures of morning classes. 146 FES- Rod Michael, Dave Mier, Roger Miles, Denyse Miller, Mark Miller, Rick Miller, Shelly Miller, Sue Minton Donna Misenheimer, Marcia Mitchell, Randy Mitchell, Michelle Montague, Rhonda Mo- ran, Melanie Morse, Dema Mullen, Beth Muller Jack Mumbower, Jane Murdock, Janice Murdock, John Murdock, Roger Murdock, Joe Myers, Mary Nave, Susie Nay Frederick Neal, Wayne Neal, Kathy Neath- erly, Debbie Nelson, Steven Nesbit, Mark Newberry, Brad Newby, Julie Newman Greg Noland, Mark Noland, Johanna Norris, Steve Norris, Wana Norris, Nancy Norton, Howdy Nottingham, Carla Oakes Marsha Olvey, Debbie Osborne, Harry Parkhurst, Clay Parkison, Cindy Parrish, Marcia Paschal, Rick Pavey, Jim Payne 0 25, 25, ,JR J '-231' Q def N! F I A ,r F if -up V H2 Beverly Pearson, Martha Pearson, Jacque Pendley, Charles Perry, Tom Perry, Sherry Peters, Doug Petry, Pam Phillips John Philpott, Maurie Piper, Leslie Platt, Lila Ponce, Bob Ponsler, Steve Porter, Diana Posey, Cathy Potts Roger Prater, Vicky Price, Eddie Priest, Pauline Prunty, Mark Purcell, Debbie Purci- ful, Susie Purpus, Judy Quinn Beverly Racly, Bob Ramirez, Diane Rover, Charles Raytord, Charles Raytord, Jan Rea- son, Rick Rector, Mark Reece Jeff Reed, Dave Regenold, Robert Reichard, Terri Reicharcl, Linda Reinhardt, Lisa Ren- ner, Luann Rent, Carol Reynolds Gail Rhoda, Lynn Riley, David Ripberger, Janis Roberton, .left Roberts, Steve Robin- ette, Brenda Robinson, Gary Robinson Claudia Roby, Peggy Roland, Roger Rol- land, Richard Roseberry, Cathy Ross, Fred Roudebush, Joe Royer, Betty Runyan Jim Russell, Madonna Rybolt, Tim Salatin, Dennis Sarvis, Morris Savage, Beverly Saxon, Mike Scharnowske, Bill Schell Steve Scherer, Susan Schilke, Mike Schlo- bach, Teresa Schmink, James Schmitt, Monica Schowe, Phil Schrenker, Gary Schuster Bob Scott, Debra Scott, Fred Scott, Ross Scott, Jennifer Seal, Rick Senseney, Andrew Seuleari, Doug Sharp I L I Sophomore-s ,V A r11ii'i'f i "fi 'ff J 7," 4. -r S S S J fi 'lift' ' is i l s 1 it J' ,S ,ffl he A V R V S K L Sw , H M K S ' S i ,QQ 'f Ng il f,'--- M l g it issii, .S srristi 1 S i t at ...fa ' 1--he -Q - 1 Y A J t S-f i ,gq I gg XX X 5 , :,.m , I my il K n ii S? V321 Pi G L S ' S -tt J M l i"' it J , ,-,, i f if ' 1 ' S' 'W' A 1, A 'lri it S 0 ,S r 1 V fs I 4 LF .,,r , I V H as f :V I yt, i I :f y - I .. .T qui K in 'f .VA K, L ,A '. , S ff ,A X P S eskf J f ,S 31 ..,,,,,,, tt- E g ,,,, N 3 J iisifr. rw' - ,, ' t . "iv 'ii , S va E ,,, ,Q 6, g y at W. S ,QS S 4,2 ,iii i,r ' S, A SS if 5, S,,ff4S 3 ',, f ' . , c W J S I , Sgt "S, ' 'lii S if 1- f' K ,,. ,.." LL " ' 1 ,ri A r , , ,. sy: A I , V S3 rrkr 'ill , uw A in . , Y Q, J lf"'g" 1 ,.., i ,fl 5' A :" i rf't S f i ii -A J J X ti S Sr P5 , 5 , .1 I an v,:. Q. ,XS S. b . ' -" ' - ' 5 3 PM hiry , 5,5 S ,fc . i rt 5 :qi ' MRI, l S R - 'J J' S 4 SS ' 2 1 sssi S' S S 5 ,N 'M i'1t ', ,SS i,V, ,SS,,,, SS S, S I 65 W Q sg, ff A i ' S, H M. N , K ,Q V A M if A ll Y 1 mi, I I K ' " S ' ref Q4 X-li I f 2 P W k 147 r - innu- -sv' ..--r""""" X12-2xzXi+Xi2+ V22 2YzY1'l'Y12 , v::,. -2 A - ' L T 5 tulsa If s 5 I A 'vi ., Q, 1 g 5 if 1.2. . ir , yi fl it ' Ei ,,' i ,, A T T: - - 4, , .1 I gg l 9 A . J, Ax 2 M, i 5 I. . L .. fa. ii tx x X 5 A ' xi 'lr 5' S , it i if J 4-ff K iv, Y t M if 1- AA 5 ... as S 1 rig if if l A A sr, K 1 r X i i 5 is . , I A Q Q R - LL. "., - J 9 - J ' Q 5 ,A .. A ,X J E., j is , if, 1 "J A f ' I h ex-If y i it i , i fig - . K Q , l fi if K+' s J 'fi . sl - N: T .Q it ' W ' ' he -1 I wg Q TT ? ' ' p ,ew Tif l 'SWE Q A IABHI 4 , i Q ' lf X K 15, so-H we- it s Y if L V : ig A Q X! ' Q h Y V. I 1 if Q K i t , si ' tri W 'T T S l A f A-' ,,,, , ..., .. H K .,,.. s i, ,,,, , 14, Y M VP . V i QQ I W T.. ..., 'S S Fix ' f is its sf T T i f 'i I ii ., , , ,,g, , 1'., 5 ur' W' lij V ii S nl i -'af "" - in .a 7 V V Qi. T '9' ' " at if- , - W . , Q T , ' j V 'fx L 5 . ' f iv .. ' , "ag, J :gif W. 4? ll, fl Sv Srl? i " ""1 - M VE dy- V, , V A Q . W .ly .SM Z M few - Ns fix j 'A . Tb it .'yE,Jj: 'l I f M 'XM . ki 'x W " St L, baf . 148 Q- Susan Shepherd, Molly Shinness, Walter Shipley, Ann Shoemaker, Kathy Sides, Patti Sigler, Alonzo Siler, Dan Simmonds Randy Simmons, Betty Simpson, Steve Skaggs, Debby Smiley, Gary Smith, Rick Smith, Robin Smith, Sally Smith Chuck Smitha, Myron Snelson, Mike Snyder, Mark Sokol, Gary Solid, Paula Songer, Tim Spaulding, Bill Spohnholtz Jim Springer, Debbie Stahl, Linda Stomm, Randy Stamm, JoAnn Stamp, Jean Starks, Mike St. Clair, Bob Stephenson Phil Stephenson, John Stevens, Diane Stier- well, Gary Stoops, Pat Straley, Kathy Stringer, Ruth Stroud, Bob Stultz Jett Stump, James Sullis, Jim Summers, Sherry Swan, Linda Swinford, Kathy Swine- hart, Barbara Sykes, Bert Tabarez Mary Ann Tackett, Margo Tanner, Jett Taylor, Ronnie Taylor, Sandra Taylor, Sher- rie Teeters, Kay Tellis, Albert Terrell Dan Thomas, David Thompson, Jody Thompson, Stephanie Thompson, Nadine Thornburg, Linda Throesch, Tom Tierney, Denise Tittle -Q.,-f-fr 'K 7'f'.'f ,M 4? X.,-"y ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Dennis Tittle, Butch Tompkins, Dave Toombs, Larry Torrin, Linda Transbarger, Vickie Troup, Eddie Tucker, Wayne Tucker- man Pam Vanness, Barbara Vaughn, Philip Vaughn, Wanda Vaughn, Tom Venesky, Disco Vermillion, Sandy Veriz, Debbie Vest Connie Veior, Nick Vores, Rick Voss, Robert Wachob, Colleen Wagoner, Dory Walker, Nat Walker, Shelly Walker Tom Walker, Terry Wallace, Helen Walter, Rick Watkins, Jim Webber, Becky Welling, Rick Weus, Ron Wells Mike Whalon, Craig Wheasler, Dennis Whitesel, Steve Whitson, Tom Wilkinson, EIeanorWilliams,MikeWilIiams Phil Williams, Vickie Williams, John Wilson, Patil Wilson, Steve Wilson, Ensley Wind- ham, Maxine Winningham, Linda Wise Bob Wiseharf, Carole Wood, Kim Wood, Marci Wood, Dick Worden, Becky Worsver, Tom Worsier, Laurie Wrin Mary Kay Wulle, Mary Wynn, Kenny Young, Renee Zion, Diane Zirkelbach, Donna Zirkelbach, Chester Zirkleback, Chris Zorabedian We work, strive, To accomplish our end. Bui Often, We must Take time- -ig---L -an--n-gi Tirne io forget, io re-si, To escape, -A---1 A force raises its hand And drags us irorn ioii To the prison ol dreams. Sophonmwes 1 A i ly ,,.. 4 T EL- i 4 ,,c ,,, ,I ,,,,, my ,,. 1 vm if , i I -af ,A 'I ' , M Q T xc f 5 5 fs i C gi , i T 2, i rfr K A . , .. zizy 2, ,,,,. ,,,,oo, g ZZ ,,,, ,. - 1 5' 'Ll 'i 1. 'f iii? 4 eisn ,vi si r fy af!! ,, 4 ., i'1 if? fi Wfif Qi? , ' A i ' , T ,.., ""' A .. i ' W . . gl rrir, , kkl,, 5 ,,7, :-.- V u . m , K 5 ,,: 4 ,Q t -7 gy V. ,H -1- -A T , . T 1 , z W i ' T " ' f" T , f Y ,,,r -Q c 'fix -- if ff z ,i-, . ii P' -g., ,, J ':., Q- 1' X f Ay 34 .W K ii'i gf , ,I X f X , , , , , , , 'N ,- M , 5-if if 2, 44? X 3 X 'J X li 1 'z,, ij. , 41 R Ria.. .4 . i sian in '23 2 ici foxy ,,f-T fy sa 2 .V f u se V , T-2 -if W 'Y i'i'1, if- V-1 'file ii, ' , eff :T IPIIF' 149 Advertising A responsive business community demonstrates its foith in youth ond their activities os it supports AHS. An interested young citizen checks progress onthe new city hull, w,er"9"' Students like to buy from Anderson merchants. Downtown Anderson as c center of ircde and commerce CL - Lawrence-Krehe Studio 2l W. 5th St. With the finest photographic equipment and newest techniques, Lawrence-Krehe is ready to till the picture requirements at any family, large or small, For the great events in lite which bring torth hap- piness, Lawrence-Krehe captures portraits and pictures with a special air ot per- sonal involvement. Relaxing as she selects the right trame for her senior picture is Janet Bledsoe. l52 1' , Sea rs Roebuck l204 Main St. When Mr, Sears and Mr. Roebuck began their department stores, they had one goal in mindeto please their customers. Obviously, Sears Roebuck has done this and more. By ottering quality store mer- chandise and speedy catalogue service, Sears Roebuck has met the public de- mand for the newest in products at "old tashionedn prices. Charles McConnell demonstrates the art ol pool as Terry Forkner looks on. I 4.14 f,-ak.. ., ., ..g-gi., ,. , ,Lx .- 1 .f -mf ,h Eberbach Motors 3701 St. Road 9-N. For economic and dependable perform- ance, Volkswagon remains the most prac- tical car for both town and highway driv- ing. Eberbach, the registered Volkswagon dealer in the Anderson area, can ofter you the car of your dreams whether if be convertible, bus, or Karmann Ghia with the best in service plus expert workman- ship. Susan Schilke tells Bill Tierney, "A Volkswagon makes me feel like I am sitting on top of the world!" Anderson Launderers- Cleaners 233 Sycamore St, Looking in the mirror can reveal an ap- pealing, well-groomed person, it the clothing you are wearing appears clean and well-taken care ot. For this look, pro- fessionals are needed, and the protes- sionals at Anderson Launderers-Cleaners serve each ot your cleaning problems with expert individual attention. Michele Zuck entrusts all her clothes To the experts, Anderson Launderers-Cleaners. 153 Vo rsity Shop 922 lvleridion St, The cornpus-occentuoted Vorsity Shop serves the community with striking, so- phisticoted opporel. The friendly otmos- phere ond rustic decor invite cosuol browsing. Note the fine quolity clothing from sweoters to coots. For the student who likes todoy's modern look, visit the Vorsity Shop. Gory Erskine shows Thom Moyer o tie with eye opp ot the Vorsity Shop. 154 ecll Peddler Shop 920 lvleridion St. The Peddler is on up-to-dote clothier geored to the tostes ot Anderson coeds. Notionolly odvertised brond nomes ore recognized omong eye cotching opporel, which includes sportsweo r, school dresses, ond more tormol ottire. For thot smort, unique look, shop the Peoldler. ln the opinion of Becky Goehring ond Terri Rowe, "Clothes may not moke the girl, but they moke her hoppyf wikis has ff . fl 6 " a B' 4 1' 7. !'i -X . it .-...N Toles Flower Shop 627 Nichol Ave. Toles Flower Shop furnishes the Anderson area with an immense selection ot beauti- ful tloral arrangements tor all occasions, Bouquets, corsages, and boutonniers are obtained from Toles to highlight school dances, banquets, and convocations. Toles provides a convenient city-wide delivery service. Kathy Chaney puts her stamp of approval on a dis- tinctive tloral gift from Toles. Hunter-Weidner Chevrolet 2603 N. Broadway From their location on Broadway, Hunter- Weidner Chevrolet goes into its second halt-century of serving the Anderson area. l'lunter's have a wide selection ot both new and used cars from which to choose. So go to Hunter-Weidner Chevro- let where "putting you first keeps us first." The Chevrolets at Hunter-Weidner tempt Chris Schillce and Charlie Austin. 155 Wyott's Television 2431 Broadway The test of time is the key to success, and Wyatt's Television has all the Whirlpool and RCA appliances that have been proven successful year after year. Pro- viding the community with top quality appliances and service, Wyatt's is the place to go. Wyatt's is described as a "Television dreamland" by Frank Bagienski and Judy Harvey. Central Indiana Gas 748 Main St. The Central Indiana Gas Company of Anderson furnishes surrounding areas with gas appliances. Stoves and refrig erators in shades of copper, blue, avo cado, and traditional white garnish their showroom floor. The Central lndiana Gas Company also services every appliance it sells with prompt and professional per sonnel. Central Indiana Gas has Ellen Sayers planning a dream kitchen. .J , Frisch s 500 Broadway, 9Ol Meridian St. For Big Boys and small fries, Frisch's has variety and good taste. Both snacks and meals are enioyed at Frisch's two loca- tions. A fast carry-out service is available for the customer's convenience. lf you want to be where it is happening, go to Frisch's where there is action plus satis- faction. Like all AHS students Greg Gammon and Mary Bron nenberg love Frisch's Big Boy. Kautman Hardware I5 E. 5th St. If you need a hammer or a nail, "Kauf- man's have it." Kautman's Hardware stocks an enormous selection of hard- ware, toys, sporting goods, and lawn supplies. Kaufman's specializes in fine service as well as quality merchandise. Take advantage ot Kaufman's tree de- livery service, Be it equipment for fun or for work Jeff Ake and Clark Jones find that f'Kaufman's have it." Pepsi-Cola 1831 W. l8th St. When it is time for quenching a thirst after an exciting game, dance, or a hard day at school, have a tall, cool glass ot Pepsi-Cola. Buy Pepsi by the carton. For the "taste that beats the others cold," pour it on with Pepsi. In the words of Cathy Blubaugh and Joanna Hutton, "When you are feeling up tight, have a Pepsi." Best Ever Dai ry 722 Broadway Milk, cheese, ice cream, butter, or any other dairy product you desire is avail- able from East Side Jersey Dairy. By buy- ing their products you can be assured ot getting the best. East Side takes the greatest precautions possible in making sure their products are appetizing and germtree. Take it from Pam Metz, "Any way you look at it Best Ever Milk supersedes all other drinks." t 1 ft Q rc u 5 Flowers by Mary Jane 2833 Madison Ave. For solutions to every floral problem, AHS students consult Flowers by Mary Jane. A phone call sends an artistic bouquet to any location with daily de- liveries guaranteeing freshness and beauty. No special event is complete without a lovely and original creation of Flowers by Mary Jane. Barbara Miller admires the exquisite beauty of Flowers by Mary Jane, Emge Packing Co. Are you looking for something different for breakfast? Try Emge's sausage. Do you want something inexpensive yet tasty for an after school snack? Try Emge's luncheon meats. Just say "Gimme Emge's" for the finest selection in top quality meats. Modern methods and old fashioned flavor are combination that make Rod George and Bill Metzger ioin in the happy cry "Gimme Emge's" 158 Hoyt Wright Co. 911 Meridian St., Mounds Mall Put pizazz in your high school wardrobe by shopping Hoyt Wright Company at the downtown Anderson or Mounds Mall location. Hoyt Wright specializes in high fashion clothing for both school wear and special occasions, J A K For the right look in fashions, Julie Thornburg relies On Hoyt Wright?- If A derson Banking Company's friendly service wins the hearts of Mary Pat Kelly and Mary Kay W lde Anderson Banking Company 931 Meridian St., South Branch, Mounds Mall, 900 Jackson Drive-Up, West Branch, Chester- field, Frankton Branch Do you need money? You do. Don't borrow from your friends, you may lose your friends. Borrow from Anderson Banking Company, where in a flash you will have the cash you need. Do you have money to spare? Start a savings account with Anderson Bank, where four and one half percent interest is paid. The Anderson Bank offers complete banking. Insurance and Trust Services are provided for your convenience. For all your banking needs, whether large or small, the Anderson Bank- ing Company is ready to give you the best banking service possible. Strickler's l-lardwa re l l i8 Madison Ave. Strickler's l-lardware has served the An- derson area since I939. At Strickler's you will find a full line ot Black and Decker power tools, General Electric and Sun- beam appliances, sporting goods, gifts, toys, plumbing, and electrical supplies. You will like the friendly atmosphere and convenient parking offered at Strickler's. Strictly speaking it is Strickler's Hardware for Rick Kellams. EW 3.948 I S "Q B 84 B Jewelers 900 Meridian St. Even Father Time would recommend the tine quality of B 81 B Jewelers! A wide selection ot Bulova, Wyler, and Mido watches are available. B 81 B carries an excellent line of fine diamonds and other precious gems. Expert watch repair serv- ice is also available. The correct time for shopping B 81 B Jewelers is no 160 Mathew's Market 2310 Broadway 3205 Columbus Ave. Fine quality foods and low prices are only two of the numerous reasons An- dersonians shop Mathew's. Specializing in tender, lean meats, a friendly atmos- phere, and economically priced foods, Mathew's brings you the best to make any meal a success. Mathew's new location otters shopper con en ence I Towne Shoppe lO33Nlain St. Attention AHS coeds! Make every school day a fashion day by shopping the Towne Shoppe for a wardrobe to suit every taste and occasion. Their high quality assortment of clothes consists of everything from casual sport attire to exquisite gowns. Be it casual or formal wear, Sharon Taylor and W T J Madeline Beaman prefer the Towne Shoppe. l 'mi-.,, X xxxxXN Alibi Restaurant l4Ol Jackson St., State Road 67 SQ Columbus Ave. Around Anderson there are only two acceptable "olibis"-one south on old 67 and the other on the corner of Jackson and l4th Streets. For the best in evening dining or casual carry-out service, the Alibi is the place to go. Colonel Sanders invites you to stop in and try his finger- licking good Fried Chicken. According to Robert Kiely, Becky Worster, Julie Fasone, and Jim Pyzik, "Alibi serves chicken that makes anydinnerSunday dinner." Associated Builders l 638 Fulton St. Builder of North Side Junior l-ligh School, the feeder to Anderson High School, Associated Builders is one of the city's finest commercial and industrial firms. With more than 22 years experience in the field, these contractors have built, remodeled, and added to many of An- derson's schools, churches, business build- ings, and factories. Gary Barr and Mary Ann Weis find that "East side- West side-all around the town" are buildings by Associated Builders. T61 q.,T N. ,,f"""" AQ fmfrt Q rms j' WW . . W xx D ia, I 5. 5-ew 3, I Just a few ofthe many pieces of electrical equipment produced by Delco-Remy are pictured. Delco-Remy Division 240i Columbus Ave. Providing electrical systems to meet the needs of motion has been a Delco-Remy specialty since l896. Now the world's largest manufacturer of automotive electrical systems, Delco- Remy is one of the largest and oldest divisions of General Motors having marked its fittieth anniversary with the corpora- tion in l968. With over 20,000 employees in tive plant cities including Anderson, the division produces nearly 25,000 sets of automotive electrical equipment daily in twelve local manu- facturing plants. These items include generators, regulators, relays, starting motors, ignition coils, distributors, horns, switches, and solenoids. Delco-Remy produces Delco Batteries and Delco Energizers in Muncie, Ind., New Brunswick, N. J., Olath, Kansas, and Anaheim, California. The division supplies some 400 original equipment customers and the replacement market through the national distribution system operated by United Motors Service Division of General Motors. Decker's, Inc. 2l W. llth St. Whether your interests are baseball, foot- ball, tennis, golf, chess, or reading a good book, you can depend on Decker's for top- name equipment. When planning a party, check Decker's for favors, decorations, and invitations. Decker's also carries a wide line of office equipment. Selecting the best in Luggage are Bob Vogel and Tom Nave at Decker's, ToniDeanngs l"l IH D. - Us 702 E. Sth St., 802 E. 8th St., l5OO North Broadway Being well stocked in pharmaceutical sup- plies and cosmetics, Tom Dearing's fills their customers' needs with fast, friendly service supplementing the quality of their products. Six licensed pharmacists are on duty at Tom Dearing's three locations to serve you. Tom Dearing's Drugs has another satisfied customer as Ann Barnett serves Katie Kopp. First National Bank 735 Main St., Southdale Shopping Center, Elwood Put the "new bank" to work for you. The two locations in Anderson and one in El- wood give everyone in Madison County access to First National's full banking serv- ice. First National Bank has .free checking accounts and four and one half per cent interest compounded quarterly. Karen Folsom and Karen Swinehart take advantage of First National Bank's free checking account service. At Junior Achievement 7Ol W. oth St. Junior Achievement trains our future busi- nessmen in leadership and responsibility by actually designing, producing, and market- ing its own product, J.A. prepares these young people for the rough competition in today's business-minded society through their efforts in this worthwhile organization. Junior Achievement gives practical business experi- ence to Karen Williams, Melinda Dant, Beverly Houck, and Gary Clayton. Ranch lvla rket i9 W. Cross St. For grocery needs, shop at Ranch's where quality service and capable personnel await you. The economizing family can find a wide variety of brand name foods and personal necessities at Ranch's North Anderson loca- tion where emphasis is onthe customer. For special occasion quality at everyday prices, Carol Land goes to Ranch's. 164 i lvliller Huggins . ' 1212 Meridian si. Often, many AHS students see the familiar Miller Huggins truck parked beside their H high school. Supplies are delivered to help make the management of AHS easier. Not only high school, but also office and indusf trial operations are made more efficient with the aid of supplies from Miller Huggins. M 4 lkllkyv Y A complete line of office needs from the lowly eraser to complicated business machines are found by Debbie Crowthers at Miller Huggins. H A M 4,954 Heckaman Buick 2721 Broadway Heckaman Buick, serving Anderson for more than fifty years, has moved to its new loca- tion at 2721 Broadway. With its move they have brought the same low deals and fine cars that have made the name "Heckaman" a renowned trademark for a new or used car. Remember Heckaman, by Heck! LeAnn Thompson and Ralph Wood are dwarfed the giant new structure of Heckaman Buick. 1. .' 'vw kj . , ie P95 ,. Fleenor's Auto Parts 230 E. 9th St. Mags, wheels, nuts, and bolts . . . all acces- sories or tools can be found at Fleenor's Auto Parts. Every item is reduced to low prices. With four locations, one in Anderson, Muncie, Kokomo, and Richmond, it is Fleenor's for fine quality and good service. Wholesale prices for everyone in need of auto parts attracts the attention of Sam George and Steve Voss. Peach's Pancake Cottage and Steak House 1125 Broadway Appetites can easily be satisfied when in- dulging in a delicious meal at Peach's Pan- cake Cottage and Steak House. Providing the highlight of delightful entertainment, this leading restaurant retains an elegant at- mosphere and furnishes relaxation with each performance of Peach's musicals. Discriminating gourmets, Janine Ramsey and Phil Bledsoe find dining at Peach's a treat. 165 ..f"""'f' ' , AL E' "" ' EMWNY rH,'1 Q sf emififa 'Z we , gyms K ' QB' ' E , . ? 1 ??.?.5? . B S- Y eyi. it gs it ji , B or .:.. Z A .fja if exec QQ Tfvgwxs K 21 12152 i ' ' was "' . ,Q 4 I mm- +2 ml H 'X ,Exim Q W 9 is ess 2 1- 2 Q f B' Q - M s' sa . ffm is ' t .'f V' -it twigs! 24. W ' 1'-lVVfMT3,NKf,, fi fiyf ,filing . 'lijiw 1 xi"fsgx': 4 g,: i f -fins ffsyvf if'-,fri 't 1 ,J ni 7 A vi':F'9wij i ,rf Coopers Sport Bowl 1921 E. 53rd St. With 32 Brunswick lones, 11 Brunswick bil- Iiord tobles, ond o snock bor, Coopers sot- isfies ony recreotionol desire. Coopers, the foremost sport center in Anderson, provides open bowling on the weekends. When the gong gets together for fun, go to Coopers Sport Bowl. Fun time is Coopers Sport Bowl time for Dixie Rouner Citizens Bonk 1101 Meridion St., Drive-Up 1102 Moin St., 812 Stote Rood 109, 2653 Nichol Ave, 3705 lvioin St. Citizens Bonking Compony, o teenoger's friend, helps people, young or old, with their sovings occounts ond Christmos funds. At Citizens' four convenient lo- cotions, they offer services in reol estote, insuronce, personol loons, ond trusts. Citizens Bonking Compony tells Pom Denny ond Mork Fenimore the odvontoges of o personol checking oc- count Bird Stronge Building Controctor 1918 E. 44th St. For o new modern home or ony oddition to their present home, Andersonions look to Bird Stronge Building Controctor. The finest quolity building moteriols ond pro- fessionol services con olwoys be found ot Bird Stronge Controctors. Dick Ferguson admires one of the mony new homes built by Bird Strange. Hudson Printing ll9 E. 9th St, A half century of service to the Anderson community Testifies to the dedication of The Hudson Printing Company. Filling the bill with fine quality cards, announce- ments and personal documents, They are always ready to transfer The original idea To The printed piece with good taste. Mr, Harry Hudson, Sr. and Marcia Bronnenberg observe the high quality printing of Hudson Printing Company. Phillips Motors 2311 Broadway Phillips Motors offers a variety of quality bikes and cycles by Harley Davidson and Yamaha. Economic and stylish transpor- tation makes it fun to go motoring about the countryside. Superior service, parts, and riding equipment have been an intri- cate feature of Phillips Motors since l937. Dick Etsler, Leigh Ann Shafer, and Ronnie Hellems are im ressed with The vast selection of Yamahas and P Harley Davidsons at Phillips Motors. Montgomery Ward Mounds Mall Shopping Center Fine quality merchandise and expert service create a pleasant atmosphere at Montgomery Ward and Company. An- dersonians appreciate the convenient Mounds Mall location, the speedy catalog service, the ease in shopping, and The wide variety of commodities. "Happiness is a new outfit from Montgomery Ward says Nancy Porter to Susie Keogh. Art's Pizza Palace I42O Broadway If you want to have a touch of the "at- mosphere of Old Italy," get some friends and go to Art's, Anderson's finest pizza palace. In addition to his unlimited va- riety of Italian pizzas, Art is famous for his ham, beef, and sausage sandwiches. Art's Pizza Palace pleases pizza-hungry Pat Lanane, Jim Balsey, and .lim Graham. Indiana Business College l233 Meridian St. With ten locations throughout the Hoosier State, the Indiana Business College pro- vides its students with an exciting, practi- cal education. Accounting, bookkeeping, typing, and many other useful skills are offered by this outstanding business school. Indiana Business College fits in with Bridget l'lurIey's plans for the future. I68 Super Six Markets Four Anderson Locations A Super Six Market, in four different Anderson locations, is the place to go when quality foods are desired at lower prices. Fresh farm produce, nutritious dairy foods, and especially tender, red meats are found at Super Six where the promise of fine quality foods and thoughtful service is a reality. , Tom Herbst examines the quality meats of Super Six .. Markets. .vu -- it - - .. 1 ' . ,fy ' ' - ' , ..,.,isz4g?55fgQi, Cook Block ond Brick Soles 2Ol 3 Mounds Rood For the best in concrete mosonry, turn to Cook Block ond Brick. Whether storting out fresh with o new building or odding to your present building, Cook Block ond Brick hos oll your construction needs. Find out why they hove been serving Anderson residents ond business tirms for severol yeors with greot success. Jim Wheelwright does his own thing ot Cook Block ond Brick. Guide Loimp 2915 Pendleton Ave. Guide Lomp Division of Generol Motors, the world's lorgest producers ot lighting equipment for outomobiles is exponding. The exponsion includes o new woter soni- totion plcint ond shipping plont, eoch creoting more ond better employment opportunities tor future AHS groduotes. derson is proud to be the home of Guide Lornp Division of Generoil Motors, the world's lorgest monu- tocturer of outomotive lights. Q . . 1 A' 5 4 , ' 1 . "Wi V' . 3. 4' I Q mf ' 'V W i A , rss 'J "Him my W .. i V l ' , ' .. f-SQL . 3 I i, 1-.g.i11g..g1i, is, iilifiiiirffr K .. , -1 ' ilk' fl' BP? C71 1,--f ' Vi 1 L -,jis f grt::ff.fgsQsfes.vz .Qt :M4e5,ms1:,iit6Lsiea.misWm:i. ,,.. siismiwis . ifmwmiswif Davis Da i ry W. 38th St. Road In the Anderson area, Davis Dairy is rec- ognized as the home of quality dairy products. Nourishing homogenized milk, fresh orange iuice, creamy cottage cheese, and rich butter are among those commodities utilized and brought into the homes of AHS students daily by the door-to-door delivery service. Ted Graddy knows that the freshest milk comes from Davis Dairy. iii 45 I 170 Apex School of Beauty 225 E. iOth St. Acknowledged as the oldest and largest school of beauty culture in Anderson, Apex is accredited by the National Com- mission for Cosmetology and has a fine reputation for current hair and wig styling. Iviodern facilities and a combina- tion learn-work program attract many AHS graduates to careers in cosmetology. For a special hair style for dances and banquets, Beth Fox depends on Apex. Ra pps 82l Meridian St. With changing styles and fashions, the need to stay in style is easily satisfied by Rapps' large selection and increasing variety of fine clothing. Seeking the best in sweaters, pants, skirts, clothes, and coats, the avant-garde knows that in Anderson, the place to go is Rapps. Helping Clif Blossom select the right suit for his ward- robe is Greg Laughlin. Ya ncey's lvla rket l909 W. 8th St. Preparing good U.S. prime meat, serving the best in American traditional dishes, or presenting the finest in sweets, is a requisite for being a fine cook. In Ander- son, fine cooks know that the place to go for the best in groceries is Yancey's, where the congeniality of a country store is combined with the bargains of the city. Yancey's has another satisfied customer as former AHS student Larry Gibson serves Sally Jones :E -ug F f 2 Rf' .U S23 iii 21.3 -.25 T I if . Inn Norm Cook Studio 502 W. llth St. A year of great events calls for many pic- tures to preserve memories. Professional experience, contemporary techniques, and modern photographic equipment are combined at Norm Cook Studio to provide pictures capturing the most touching or beautiful moments forever. Elisabeth Harter says, "I want a natural looking p trait like this." Or'- JQ, Q.. . .X ' 'fmt' .f 4 ,,,'.-as ff Dietzen's Bakery 2401 Meridian St. For a speedy snack during TV commercial breaks, you can always depend on Diet- zen's for fresh Holsum Soft-twist bread, The American all-time favorite, the sand- wich, can always be served at its best with Dietzen's bread, because Dietzen's is "the bread to buy." Not only do they make good bread, but also a wide variety of delicious bakery products for every occasion. . A Dietzen's employee shows Jeannette Oyler how they keep fresh bread supplied to their customers. 171 l i WHBU Radio 640 Citizens Bank Building The sports minded, musically adapted, active AHS student listens to his radio with the dial set at 1240 tor the right type ot music tor every occasion. Whether studying, eating, or just relaxing, the best in music, news, and sports comes to you from VVHBU, the station combining quantity and quality for the tinest in listening pleasure. And now tor the news, This is Steve Musser with a late bulletin." Wei lers 927 Meridian St., H02 Meridian St. Emphasizing coed and young men's tosh- ions, Weilers is the place vvhere contem- porary style trends tor the youth of the community are introduced. Providing a large selection, Weilers is the tashion center geared to the students vvho take pride in their appearance. Seeking "in" fashions, Nancy Shearer turns to "The Place." Read more T035 Meridian St. Presenting the finest selection of current magazines and paper back books, Read- more has become "headquarters" for Anderson readers. A wide selection of gifts, glassware, greeting cards, and decorations makes Readmore the perfect gift center, too. Shelley Lawson and Cathy Copeland discover that people read more when they see Readmore's wide selection of books, IvlcDona ld's Furniture 8l St. Road 9-South For your needs in furniture-tempting provincial bedroom suits, or casual family room arrangements-go south iust a little and save a lot at lvlcDonald's Furniture. Being one of lndiana's newest anal finest showrooms, McDonalcl's expert interior decorators and wide assortment of brand- name furnishings insure the success in any envisioned arrangements. T and l-l Service 84 Sales l53l Meridian St., 2503 Nichol Ave. "We service what we sell" is the motto of T and H Service 81 Sales Incorporated. The sales are quality RCA Whirlpool ap- pliances, the service is prompt and de- pendable. For purchases or maintenance of both major and minor appliances, T and H Service 8g Sales is the television headquarters "where service comes first." Don Buck and Susie Nay find recording easy on RCA tape recorder. G IIS! UNM -- g we Sill!!! cliffs A Quf x fffff ,jf i sr ft 57 A Ellen Wehrley and Dave Seulean dream of the future as they admire elegant furniture at McDonald's. i-.I ,rj all T73 For fine watches Tim Black depends upon Kirk! man's. Kirkman's Jewelry and Gift Store i213 Meridian St. Incorporating the finest merchandise with the most exacting work- manship, Kirkman's furnishes Anderson with everything from the luxury of elegant silver, crystal, and watches to the practicality of a variety of small appliances, wallets, and decorative pieces. As a reminder of its service to all teens, Kirkman's has presented a gift of a silver spoon to each senior girl graduating from any one of Anderson's high schools for the last i5 years. Planning for the future, Karen Higgins selects her silver pattern at Kirkman's 174 . r pw W, ,'f"5 - " 5 N 'i fvfij f' " k x The fine photography of Elite Studio puts a smile on the face of Karen Taylor. Acme Paving l3 l 5 Alexandria Ave. Asphalt pavings around Anderson are done by Acme with materials meeting the Indiana state highway specifications. Free estimates, expert workmanship, and reasonable prices make Acme the likely place to go for those interested in paving, either commercial or private. Climbing into the driver's seat of an Acme truck is John Borkman. Elite Studio lO37 Meridian St. The carefree laugh of a year-old child or the happy smile of a graduating senior can be a forever precious item. Elite Studio is a specialist in capturing these treasured moments by pictures and por- traits rich in quality and skill. With an in- nate adeptness for photography, Elite is always ready to serve you. I75 A.L. BrewsTer Plywood 280i Broodwoy AT A.L. BrewsTer you con be ossured of finding The righr price ond Type oT ponel- ing To suiT your building needs. l-lis wide vorieTy of Trims, occousricol ceilings, ond soshes, The choice of over 50 prefinished Types of plywood, ond experience ob- Toined from l3 yeors in The plywood business insure your success in ony A.L. BrewsTer deoling. Selecting disTincTive poneling from A.l.. BrewsTer is David Hill. Culligon WoTer CondiTioning 8l5 John ST. SofT-wciTer conditioning hos been corried on in Anderson by Culligon Tor The posT 25 yeors Tor or number of good reosons- iTs ToiThTul service, Tine quoliTy equipmenT, ond mony plons geored To liT your budg- eT. Coll your Culligon mon ond orronge o sysTem To elirninore your hord wofer problems. Joe Gallagher leorns The odvonToges of using o Culli- gon wcxTer softener. l76 AT .l.C. Penney Moundslvloll Providing Anderson wiTh iTs newesT de- porTmenT sTore, J.C. Penney offers o wide voriefy of cloThing, household furnishings, ond opplionces To Anderson. WiTh The convenienT shopping oTmosphere, The compeTenT personnel, ond The Tome of o noTionolly recognized choin, .l.C. Penney sTonds reody To meeT your every house- hold need. J.C. Penney Debbie Lloyd feels assured ThciT she is buying o quoliTy sTereo. .g g. EHSWHUR L 'if ,SN X 5. . S ' t xr. !iBE,.,: .gl ki 1 WL.. J .54 1 'Es . xt T T ss 2 -'X g as l W. 523 W, . .rv Wi, ,JN Q um, n.,, Marvin Lowe Insurance 8I4 Park Ave. In a modern society, insurance becomes a primary necessity. For the security and happiness of knowing you are safely in- sured contact Marvin Lowe Insurance. Life insurance is his specialty, but brokage services, estate planning, group insurance, and annuity planning are also highly rated services.'Genuine concern is shown for each of your individual problems. "Good afternoon, Marvin Lowe Insurance " says Carla Jackson, Recreation Equipment 724 W. 8th St. The equation, Anderson Indians I higher scores, is incomplete without athletic ap- paratus supplied by Recreation Equip- ment Corporation. These devices promote and determine the success of the Tribe through the use of sturdy, efficient facili- ties manufactured by Recreation Equip- ment Corporation. Bill Fritz examines the sturdy equipment produced by Recreation Equipment. I77 I '5t 3,3351 N U4 Komakai Academy of Judo and Karate 2301 Main St. The art of self-defense, an ability increas- ingly useful in the modern world, is avail- able to men and women, regardless of strength or size at Komakai Academy of Judo and Karate. Experienced instruc- tors, the lure of the oriental atmosphere, and the reasonable prices are reasons for enrolling in classes soon. The Komakai Academy of Judo and Karate demon strates its intricate moves in o half-time show at AHS, Y if' . ' T ? : X .. 1 1-QQ., 1 l K K -f-f.s,., 1 ,,.,., f ' , rv . J K V, , i s . g q ' 3 T78 ea is Collins Travel Service 21 W. 12th St. Whether planning a trip to the provoca- tive Orient, sensuous French Riviera, placid islands of the Caribbean, or a trip here at home, contact Collins Travel Serv- ice for all necessary information. By pro- viding rates, pamphlets, and brochures on the different air, ship, bus, and rail lines, Collins is sure to offer a plan suited to the individual or family. Collins helps Patty Sample and Vicki Renforth plan a dream vacation. if J I 4, ,,,,. -..J is 4 t L f 'fi ' i Bill hat Clair Call i9W. llth St. The well dressed high school boy knows for appearance sake he must go to the men's fashion center, Clair Call. With its helpful salesmen and stylish selections, it is always first in the minds of those de- manding the best in all things. For a change to the finest in clothing come to Clair Call. Kopp prepares for rainy weather with a coat and frorn Clair Call. Russ Regenold Pontiac 303 Pendleton Ave. Russ Regenold Pontiac is the certified dealer in Anderson for "wide tracking." With a friendly atmosphere, skilled sales- men, and models ranging from the wild Firebird to the elegant Grand Prix, Russ Regenold is capable of fulfilling all auto- motive wishes, large or small, with a deal tailored to your needs. Dave Regenold shows Nikki Eurotte an all-new wide track Pontiac at Russ Regenold Pontiac. W. T. Walker Jewelry H26 Meridian St. Offering the finest in watches, iewelry, silver, and decorative pieces, WaIker's stands out as the jeweler in Anderson who combines a large selection with a special friendliness to produce satisfaction in each customer's mind. From the majestic grandfather clock to the petite ladies watch, your various needs can be ful- filled. Mike Chambers finds choosing iewelry for Debbie Powers fun at W. T. Walker Jewelry, Photographers Coca-Cola 3200 E. 38th St. Since l886 Coke has been serving the Anderson area with fine quality refresh- ments that millions have enjoyed. As the city expanded so did Coke, from 7th and Meridian to their present location east on 38th Street. Coke and youth are syn- onymous. Remember at all school func- tions that "things go better with Coke." "Thtngs go better with Coke," says Jon Col Qdell l822 Main St. Supplying Anderson with outstanding portrait photography and an outlet for precision equipment, Odell's offers the ideal shop for the photography enthusiast wanting friendly, dependable service. With film processing a specialty, Odell's provides expert pictures and a special 24 hour delivery service. Odell Studio offers professional photography to res dents of Anderson. 180 FnstSaWngs and Loan Assn. 33 W. lOth St. First Savings is geared to help young people make a successful start in life. First Savings has enabled families to fi- nance new homes and college educa- tions and to provide extra money in time of need. For the modern, forward-looking graduate, security can start with a safe and profitable savings account at First Savings. Receiving personalized service at First Savings and Loan is Gail Benak and Tim Lanane Ins Lynch 2300 Crystal si. The Lynch Corporation has supplied the glass industry both in the Anderson area and in the nation with the finest in glass making machinery. Since its origin in l9l7, its reliable service, dedication, and versatility have mode Lynch one of our largest and best local industries. pecting the intricate machinery at Lynch are Tim Paschal and Burt Hampton. Closing The mind of the student Is like a sieve- lt retains only what the student feels Is of importance. Friendship was important, So was second period class and Standing in the lunch line. Sharing significance with these aspects of AHS Was forming an image and Living up to a dare. In the Spring a young man's fancy. 182 ,,,, .-v'-'lan '-??" -frm if A Hi w 4 eff , ..,,..e 2 , we as ve.. gy 3' 761-?:.,'t"s wi- 'lk A , -4 -, W c, 3 i .sf Um . ,W Q' vs Z it l' "' 1 T :MEN .5 3 I 5 -S M' .. j ,f-.1 5 . l , ir E 1 ' I l .2 X, 1 Quiet moments of study stabilize the effervescence of school lite. A young girl's hopes con rise so high, yet topple in despoir. Though directions ore given, the octions of youth ore truly their own. 183 A dare is a challengev Something that can never be Totally fulfilled Though a student body may try Throughout the duration of a year, It demands acceptance with each new day. A class has graduated And a year has been completed, Yet, A pinnacle of individualism Remains, THE DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. in LS it l 2. A student helps with the responsibilities of administration. O I Fulfi lling a challenge if Every generation has musicg ours is called "soul." Surrounded by thousands of interesting books, why must this one be boring? 184 jg.-sf i fx. i 7,3'J ,f Youth looks To experience for advice. If seems impossible for incinirnofe buildings To hold such vibronce, personality, ond chollenge. Every hour in every room students ieorn Ackenhusen, Mr. Robert 95 Index of faculty, students, and activities A Abernathy, Kareen 131 A-Club 67 Achor, Melody 51,104 Adams, Beth 140 Adams, Dennis 139,140 Adams, Diana K. 104 Adams, Diana S. 51,131 Adams, Gary 40,67,87,131 Adams, James 44,104 Adams, Mark 89,140 Adams, Michael R. 47,78,104 Adams, Rick 40,49,104 Adams, Ron 140 Adams, Steve 51,104 Adams, Tary B4,85,131 Admini stration 92 Ake, Jeff 140,157 Bales, Bill 105 Bales, Mike 54,55,105 Ballentine, Mr. William 95 Balsley, Jim 51,105,168 Balsley, Mr. Richard 95 Band 56 Barber, Jeff 48,51,80,140 Barkdull, Sheila 45,105 Barker, Christi 70,131 Barker, Elaine 51,65,13l Barker, Lisa 140 Barnes, Cheryl 140 Barnes, Debbie 140 Barnes, Mrs. Linda 95 Barnett Ann 54,55,65,68,70, 105,163 Barnett, Mr. Donald 82,88,95 Barnett, Jean 38,105 Barnett, Marcia 50,140 Barnett, Tom 61,131 Akers, Jana 47,104 Alberts, Dennis 51,78,140 Albrecht, Kay 70,131 Alexander, Bill 140 Alexander, Jim 131 Alexander, Kathy 104 Allrey, Connie 104 Altrey, Judy 104 Alfrey, Lynn 70,140 Alger, Dean 140 Allen, Charlene 131 Allen, Karen 54,62,103,104 Allen, Linda 45,61,131 Allman, John 131 Allman, Sherry 140 Alt, Bill 4O,51,140 Alf, candy 58,130,131 Amos, Mrs. Sandra 95 Anderson, Becky 54,131 Anderson, Bill 140 Anderson, Carolyn 38,53,55, 131 Anderson, Jan 49,56,62,104 Anderson, Steve 48,49,61,65, 67,89,104 Annual Staff 36 Anthony, Jim 104 Apple, Kent 140 Archey, Darryl 131 Arms, Darrell 140 Armstrong, Joann 104 Armstrong, Mike 48,61,62,65, 67,76,78,102,103,104 Armstrong, Ray 81,140 Arnold, Dustin 53,140 Arnold, Jane 43,131 Barnett, Tony 89,130,131 Barnhart, Mr. Larry 37,40,95 Barr, Debbie 50,140 Barr, Gary 62,67,81,103,105, 161 Barrett, Betty 40,131 Barrow, Mr. David 36,94,95 Barsha,Joan131 Baseball 88 Basketball B2 Batler, Tom 140 Baugh, Gary 105 Baugh, Linda 131 Baughn, Karen 50,61,140 Beama n, Madeline 40,49,105, 161 Bean, Kyle 105 Beard, Inez 105 Beard, Linda 131 Beard, Virginia 57,131 Bechtel, Cheryl 140 Beck, Kris 140 Beckham, Sherron 105 Beeler, Darla 131 Beeman, Gay 70,131 Beigh, Mr. Max 94,95 Boards, Diana 52,131 Bobo, Don 131 Bodenhafer, Cathy 106 Boles,Dianne140 Boman, Tim 41,61,65,106,111 Bonge, De'Ann 56,131 Bonge, Tim 140 Bonner, Jim 87,140 Bookout, Scott 80,85,86,140 Boone, Bob 40,86,131 Boone, Jim 72,106 Boone, Richard 106 Borges, Monica 57,106 Borkman, Cassie 57,106 Borkman, John 49,52,57,131, 175 Boulware, Mary 131 Bourne, Christy 53,70,141 Bouslog, Fred 48,51,76,85,131 Bousman, Mike 57,106 Bowen, Mr. Donald 95 Bowser, Steve 48,80,84,141 Boyd, Glennetta 70,131 Boze, Diana 58,141 Boze, Linda 47,106 Braden, Paul 141 Brandenburg, Yvonne 43,131 Brandon, Jeri 141 Brandon, Robert 41,51,52,106 Buehler, Carol 42,53,57,61,62, 131 Buehler, Norma 40,57,107 Buettner, Pete 52,85,131 Burau, Tom 43 Burg, Sherry 42,56,141 Burke, Becky 70,141 Burke, Jim 131 Burke, Pam 107 Burke, Victor 141 Burkett, Theresa 131 Burnett, Cheryl 54,107 Burnett, Mr. Howard 95 Burnett, Marta 141 Burnett, Mike 56,87,130, 1 31 Burnett, Wanda 53,70,141 Burns, Larry 48,67,76,85,88, 107 Burris, Dave 40,54,56,141 Burt, Lee 141 Brandt, Arlene 52,70,141 Brann, Sally 56 Brant, Don 106 Braxton, Ora 106 Braxton, Yvonne 66 Bray, Becky 106 Breese, Janet 46,106 Brewer, Fred 131 Brewer, Larry 106 Brewer, Steve G. 49,52,61,131 Brewer, Steve K. 131 Bricker, Steve 131 Bricker, Sylvia 106 Bridges, Mrs. Maxine 41,65,95 Bridges, Jerry 106 Bright, Karen 55,66,70,141 Belangee, Mr. Robert 94,95 Bell, David 131 Benak, Gail 53,62,70,105,181 Benbow, Beth 131 Bender, Debbie 105 Benefiel, Bill 140 Bennett, Christina 140 Bennett, Danny 140 Bennett, Debbie 65,131 Bennett, John 140 Arnold, Phil 104 Arnold Steve 40,49,53,89,104 Art Clulb 45 Ausley, Pat 131 Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin, Charles 50,62,104,155 Diane 140 Mrs. Marjorie 94,95 Mike 79,104,151 Tom 50,105 Aylward, John 140 Aynes, Anna 70,140 Aynes, Brenda 49,54,105 Aynes, Ayn es, Mike 131 Rick 57,140 B Babb, Reah 58,131 Bagienski, Frank 81,105,156 Bagienski, Pam 105 Bailey, Bair, Bi Alberta 47,105 ll 140 Bair, Dan131 Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Becky 54,131 Carmin 52 Lori 140 Marilyn 70,140 Penny 50,105 Tom 140 Baldwin, Julie 53,62,105 186 Bergeman, Linda 131 Bernhardt, John 40,105 Berry, Marolyn 47,105 Berry, Paula 140 Bickel, Richard 131 Bilbrey, Betty 46,105 Billheimer, Ed 55,87,131 Billingsley, Jay 140 Bilska, Jennie 140 Bilyeu, Susan 50,54,62,65,105 Biven, Karen 131 Bixler, Barb 50 Black, Christy 131 Black, Tim 40,48,49,51,52,76, 105,174 Blackmon, Otis 48,105 Blackwelder, Rhoda 53,55,65, 70,140 Blair, Mrs. Marcia 95 Blake, Doug 43,106 Blaylock, Sherry 140 Bledsoe, Janet 102,103,106, 152 Bledsoe, Phil 65,67,76,82,104, 106,165 Bledsoe, Stan 81,130,131 Blevins, Joy 50,55,65,70,71, 140 Blossom, Clif 61,106,170 Blubaugh, Cathy 38,55,70, 131,157 Bright, Nancy 54,106,151 Brinkley, Harold 141 Britt, Derrick 48,49,50,57,65, 67,82,103,106 Britt, Terry 48,70,141 Brizendine, Brad 141 Broadnax, Phil 141 Broadnax, Robert 48,67,86,131 Broderick, Tom 141 Bronnenberg, Marcia 53,141, 167 Bronnenberg, Mary 36,40,49, 62,106,156 Brooks, Horace 78,85,141 Brooks, John 44,106 Brooks, Ronald 106 Brown, Chris 52,141 Brown, Danny 131 Brown, Debbie 141 Brown, Denise 61,66,141 Brown, Jeff 106 Brown, John 47,106 Brown, Lloyd 57,131 Brown, Ricky 141 Brown, Stewart 48,57,84,85, 139,141 Browning, Lynda 131 Brumback, Bruce 40,106 Brummett, Hershel 107 Brunow, Becky 131 Bryan, Dan 141 Bryan, Janet 131 Bryan, Rudy 141 Bryson, Ron 141 Buck, Bob 131 Buck, Don 48,173 Buck, Jerry 141 Buck, Kathy 70,131 Buck, Robert 107 Buck, Steve 131 Buckman, Mr, Ross 95 Buckner, Paula 131 Burton, Bradley 61,107 Burton, Mark 55,131 Burton, Mary 141 Bussell, Larry 107 Butler, Steve 45,107 Butler, Tom 86,141 Byer, Lindsay 50,70,141 Bylinski, Claude 85,141 Bynum, Janis 40,131 Byrd, Mrs. Lois 96 Byrne, Kevin 141 C Cage, Bruce 76,141 Cage, Jack 107 Cain, Christi 131 Calabria, Chris 107 Call, Peggy 51,55,70,141 Callahan, Jean 107 Callendar, Mary Beth 47,107 Campbell, Annie 107 Campbell, Jim 141 Campbell, Linda 46,107 Campbell, Vivian 131 Canada, Kent 53,141 Canaday, Brian 141 Cantrell, Jess 141 Cantrell, Ron 141 Cantwell, Valerie 131 Caplinger, Greg 48,51,70,85, 87,141 Carder, Kathy 141 Carpenter, Dennis 131 Carpenter, Diana 131 Carpenter, Mike 107 Carroll, Miss Marilyn 96 Carter, Mr. James 96 Carter, Linda 58,107 Carter, Teresa 45,49,51,65,107 Case, Mike 141 Casey, Mrs. Geraldine 96 Casey, Jeff 48,61,79,84,139, 141 Castor, Mrs. Ruth Anne 96 Castor, Sid 141 Caudill, Steve 131 Chadbourne, Mr. Horace 93, 94 Chafin, Mary 141 Chaltant, Susan 53,141 Learning to work with people is a lesson in living. Franklin, Dean 47,133 Wonder what the Dean wants? Chambers, Mike 131,179 Chaney, Kathy 40,56,62,103, 107,155 Chaney, Margaret 40,70,141 Chapman, Monty 141 Chase, Cathy 70,141 Cheerblock 70 Cheerleaders 71 Chenoweth, Debbie 45,46,107 Childers, Craig 141 Childs, Pam 131 Choral Club 54 Choral Club Play 64 Choralettes 65 Chowning, Sue 43 Chrisman, Linda 108 Christ, Jenny 141 Church, Debbie 45,55,65,131 Clark, Debra 131 Clark, Mrs. Kay 96 Clark, Laura 132 Clark, Leisa 58,61,132 Clark, Marsha 141 Clark, Marshall 108 Clark, Randy 48,141 Clark, Sandy 108 Clark, Tom 86,141 Clark, Vicki 40,141 Clary, Tom 141 Clauve, Judy 141 Clear, Robyn 49,66,141 Clem, Mark 53,132 Clem, Pauline 70,132 Cloud, Carl 76,132 Clouser, Bruce 89,141 Coale, Philip 62,108 Coats, Allen 141 Cobb, Alan 48,67,1OB Cobb, Joey 81,130,132 Cochran, Dennis 132 COE 46 Collett, Teresa 42,49,50,53,62, 108 Collings, Leonard 54,55,108 Collins, Fred 56,132 Collins, Jan 53,66,70,141,180 Collins, Joy 62,108 Collins, Sharon 141 Collins, Steve 47,52,132 Condon, Chris 70,132 Conlon, Linda 43,52,108 Connelly, Lynn 108 Conner, Betty 40,132 Conner, Kenneth 108 Craven s, Mary 132 Crim, Vivian 56,141 Cripe, Gary 109 Cripe, Randy 78,141 Crisler, John 4O,41,49,51,52, 61,62,65,103,109 Cromer, Iona 50,141 Cron k, Crose, Mr. Howard 96 Barbara 40,51,55,141 Crosley, Marti 109 Cross Country 80 Crouch, Steve 132 Crowth ers, Deanna 66,141 Crowthers, Debbie 39,45, 109, 164 Crumes, Becky 45,46,109 Crusmire, Debbie 141 Cue, Dave 141 Cummings, Cathy 44,109 Cummings, Shirley 109 Cummings, Mr. Charles 96 Cunnin Cunnin Cunnin Currie, Currie, Curtis, gham, Becky 132 gham, David 142 gham, Patricia 142 Brenda 132 James 76,109 Peggy 70,132 Czarniecki, Leila 53,65,132 D Dabney, Louise 44,109 Dadds, Marica 53,54,55,132 Dailey, Larry 84,142 Dailey, Patrick 142 Dale,J anet 44,70,109 Danforth, Mr. George 67,81, 88,96,98 Dant, Melinda 45,46,109, 164 Darnel i, Jam 50,54,62,109 Darr, Pam 142 Daugh erty, Dan 55,142 Davenport, Robert 40 Davis, Belinda 142 Davis, David 109 Davis, Gary 142 Davis, Mr, George 94,96,98 Davis, Jean 109 Davis, Jeanne 39,53,62,65,68, 69,103,109 Davis, John 132 Davis, Judy 43,132 Davis, Labella 109 Davis, Linda D.142 Davis, Linda S, 70,142 Davis, Mike 142 Davis, Nick 109 Davis, Patty 132 Davis, Mr. Phil 96 Davis, Randy 132 Cook, Dennis51,65,132 Cook, Nancy 108 Cook, Steven 53,141 Cookm an,Lenn132 Cooley, Amos 52,108 Coope r, John 58,132 Cope, Barry 48,53,61,130,132 Cope, Jack 40,49,108 Copeland, Cathy 55,70,132, 173 Copeland, Gary 141 Corwin, Rick 141 Coryn, David 57 Cotton, Bobby 141 Cottrel Couch, Courtn 1, Freddie 108 Donna 108 ey, Becky 45,109 Covher, Mrs. Margaret 96 Covington, Mike 45,109 Cowen, Linda 141 Cowles, Anna 53,58,141 Cox, Bi Cox, D 11132 ale 132 Cox, Ervin 65,109 Cox, Malcolm 40,61,109 Cox, Miranda 55,141 Cox, Sherry 66,132 Craib, Janet 38,109 Craig, Kenneth 49,57,132 Craig, Steve61,81,141 Crain Richard 56,109 Cro mr Penny 44,109 Davis, Steve 109 Davis, Teresa 4O,65,139,142 Day, Mike 142 Day, Patty 109 Day, Tamara 54,109 Daymond, Vicki 109 Dayton, Susan 40,66,132 Deakyne, Jett 51,142 Dean, Roxann 56,142 DECA 43 Degner, Don 48,84,142 DeGrattenreid, Melita 110 Delgado, Aurora 43,132 Delgado, Susanna 43,132 Delmolino, Diana 132 Delp, Leeroy 47,132 Delph, David 110 Delphia, Alan110 Demos, Tony 110 Denney, Steve 142 Dennis, Debbie 43,132 Dennis, Teresa 110 Denny, Mr. Charles 96 Denny, Pam 54,62,110,166 Denny, Rebecca 44,1 10 DeSutter, Gary 49,1 10 Detienne, Louie 132 Devitt, Mrs. Melanie 43,96 Dew, John 40,51,67,87,130, 132 Dietz, Sharon 132 Dietzen, Jett 132 Dietzer, Mr. Don 47,96 Dittlinger, Leann 50,57,142 Dixon, Beverly 142 Dixon, James 142 Dixon, John 142 Dixon, Warren 110 Dobelbower, Anne 51,142 Dodson, Debbie 142 Doherty, Mary 51,142 Doles, Sarah 110 Donnelly, Marianne 42,513,132 Donnelson, Paul 132 Dotson, Linda 70,71,132 Dougherty, Donna 132 Douglas, Robert 132 Douglass, Mr, Noel 93,94 Dowling, Renee 42,132 Downey, Bill 78,142 Downey, Mike 132 Drake, Anno 132 Drake, Dave 132 Drumm, John 85,132 Dudley, Debbie 50,54,61,65, 68,70,130,132 Dugger, Steve 132 Duncan, Cheryle 132 Duncan, Jennifer 110 Dunkerly, Cedric 48,49,54,62, 81,110 Dunn, Cathy 132 Dunn, David 110 Dunn, Mike 48,52,84,142 Dunn, Tony 57,142 Dye, Bobby 132 Dye, Mr. Joseph 96 E Eads, Rick 48,845,132 Eaglin, Augusta 45,133 Ealy, Becky 133 Early, Johanna 133 East, Mr. David 80,96 Ebbert, Joe 76,86,133 Ecker, .lim 133 Eckman, Bob 40,49,51,56,110 Eckstein, Jerry 47,133 Edwards, Irene 110 Edwards, Norris 45 Edwards, Tim 110 Edwards, Torn 110 Edwards, Yvonne 133 Ehrlich, Rick 133 Eiler, Brenda 110 Eiler, Debbie 142 Eldridge, Dean 133 Ellis, Buddy 133 Ellis, John A. 38,48,1 10 Ellis, John S. 142 Ellis, Leanne 42,133 Ellis, Mike 142 Ellis, Teresa 51,61,70,142 Ellsworth, David 54,79,81,133 Emerson, Glenda 110 Erskine, Gary 48,61,67,82,88, 103,110,154 Ervin, Vickey 110 Estes, Mr. Ray 48,82,96 Etchison, Jeanetta 53,70,133 Etchison, Linda 110 Etchison, Terrella 53,142 Etsler, Dick 41,48,49,67,88, 110,167 Euratte, Nikki 53,110,179 Eustler, Eldon 47,54,133 Evans, Janie 1 10 Everett, Mike 48,80,85,86 Everman, Sue 44,110 F Fair, Darrelyn 110 Fairchild, Melvin 111 Faith, Bernadette 42,70,133 Falker, Regina 51,55,65,70, 133 Farley, Gordon 142 Farley, Karen 133 Farmer, Becky 111 Farmer, Leah 43,65,111 Farmer, Mike 52,142 Farr, Jim 78,142 Farr, Marsha 66,142 Fasone, Julie 50,65,139,142, 161 Faucett, Bob 40,133 Faulds, Mona 142 Fawbush, Debbie 142 Fee, Danny 142 Fee, Rita 133 Feemster, Tom 67,76,82,133 Fellowship of Christian Ath. 48 Felts, Larry 142 Fenimore, Mark 48,61,111,166 Ferguson, Gary 43,65,111 Ferguson, Linda 70,133 Ferguson, Richard 40,67,80, 103,111,166 Ferrell, Carol 111 Fields, Keith 133 Files, Joyce 111 Finley, Bonny 43,45,111 Finley, Dan 47,133 Finley, Pat 57,142 Finney, Mr. John 96 Fisher, David 67,80,111 Fisher, Gary 111 Fisher, Knet 133 Fisher, Steve 111 Fisher, Steve 54,55,76,85,133 Fisher, Vickie 70,142 Fite, Randy 111 Fitz, Susie 142 Fitzsimmons, Gary 133 Fitzsimmons, Linda 142 Flottard, Peggy 70,142 Flatt, Rick 51,142 Fleetwood, Bill 142 Fletcher, Brenda 40,70,142 Fletcher, Rod 57,8l,1 11 Flory, Torn 47,56,111 Floyd, Cary 48,81,142 Floyd, Paul 142 Folsom, Karen 40,50,62,111, 163 Food Service 44 Football 76 Ford, Curtis 142 Ford, Rick 112 Forepaugh, Kathy 56,142 Forkner, Terry 4O,54,57,133, 152 Foster, Denise 52,65,142 Faust, Pete 48,723,142 Fowler, Marilyn 142 Fowler, Patty 42,112 Fox, Beth 53,61,133, 170 Foy, Jack 52,133 Fralick, Fred 48,51,65,81,142 Frank, Tim 53,54,67,79,81,130, 133 Fraundorter, Mark 41,48,49 54,62,67,79,112 Frazier, Bob 142 Frazier, Marcia 133 Fredericks, David 48,67,81,133 Freeman, Mr. Robert 81,96 Freeman, Rodney 48,62,67, 76,78,82,103,112 Freestone, Ed 112 French Club 50 Frendt, Mark 48,61,7O,86,142 Friend, Kathy 133 Fritz, Bill 78,142,177 Frossard, Julie 51,65,70,71, 142 Frye, Skip 112 Fuller, Anita 112 Fuller, Susan 142 Fuller, Terry 142 Fuller, Willie 112 Fullington, Diane 142 Funk, Mrs. Jo 45,97 Furge, Susie 58,142 Future Secretaries 45 Future Teachers 42 G GAA 66 Gadberry, Jo Ellen 54,55,133 187 Gaines, Vickie 112 Galbraith, rim 54,545,133 Gallagher, Joe 65,81,1 12,176 Gallamore, Susie 40,54,62,70, 112 Galrnore,ldella133 Gammon, Greg 62,112,156 Garland, Judy 57,133 Garner, Betsy 40,42,61,133 Garrett, Bill 56,1 12 Garrett, Gary 133 Garrett, Roger 76,133 Garringer, Becky 43 Garringer, Pom 142 Garringer, Sally 57,142 Ga rris, Charlotte 45,47,70,112 Gorris, Lewis 133 Garrison, Danny 142 Garrity, Mrs. Frances 66,97 Gaunt, Lynn 53,142 Gehrke, Dale 112 George, Jim 51,52,133 George, John 112 George, Rod 112,158 George, Sam 78,85,86,142,165 George, Susan 112 George, Tom 81,142 Gephart, Debbie 50,61,65, 1 42 Gephart, Geoff 38,65,133 Gerard, John 133 German Club 52 German, Willie 133 Gibson, Joe 142 Gibson, Sharon 42,56,66, 112 Gilbert, Manna 5O,55,7O,142 Giles, Eugene 142 Gill, John 142 Gillespie, Carol 66,7O,1 12 Gillespie, Karen 112 Gillespie, Kathy 112 Gilmore, Connie 55,142 Gilmore, Dan 58 Gilson, John 47,112 Gipson, Carolyn 112 Girt, Walter 112 Glenn, Allen 87,142 Glover, Becky 143 Goddard, Nancy 133 Goehring, Becky 65,70,71, 143,154 Goehring, Tariea 42,70,112 Goheen, Mr. Ronald 97,98 Goins, Donna 57,143 Golf 89 Goodman, Tom 133 Goodwin, Mary 133 Goodwin, Norm 76,112 Gordon, Marsha 112 Gore, Anna133 Gore, Danny143 Goree, Jean 143 Gourley, Becky 34,53,133 Graddy, Julie 143 Graddy,1ed 52,61,65,1 13,170 Graffet, Don 143 Graham, Doug 48,49,67,76, 87,638,113 Graham, Jim 133,168 Graham, Shirley 41,46,49,65, 113 Graham, Terri 53,65,133 Grahame, Mrs. Evelyn 94,97 Granger, Debra 4O,53,66,143 Gray, Bill 56,1 13 Gray, Charlotte 133 Gray, Kirk 43,133 Gray, Lynn 49,55,66,70,113 Gray, Ronnie 143 Green, Sally 46,113 Green, Teri 47,1 13 Gregg, Dennise 50,70,143 Gregg, Sherry 133 Griffee, Belinda 43,133 Griffee, Candy 133 Griffin, Sarah 143 Victory is happiness! 188 Happiness is a victory! Griffith, Penny 50,139,143 Grile, Darrell 43,56 Griner, Benny 78,135,143 Guibault, Jackie 38,5O,61,l13 Guibault, Janice 133 Gully, Teresa 66,70,143 Gunckel, Melody 143 Gwaltney, Carol 113 Gwinnup, Don 81,143 Gwynn, Jackie 113 Gymnastics 87 H Haberek, Jim 49,52,133 Hedley, Mike 50,143 Hagan, Charlotte 133 Hagan, Joyce 113 Haggard, Greg 130,133 Haines, Debbie 143 Haines, Tim 113 Hale, Pom 54,133 Hall, Barb 113 Hall, Murray 52,76,113 Hall, Ric 133 Hall, Rick 39,51,61,133 Hallenbeck, Dan 62,67,89,113 Halsell, Dan 79,133 Hamilton, Randy 133 Hammock, Carolyn 143 Hampton, Birt 62,67,76,86,113, 181 Hampton, John 133 Hampton, Matthew 47,133 Hancock, Fred 143 Haney, George 143 Haney, Karen 133 Hanna, Som 40,76,85,133 Hannoford, Dave 40,78,86,143 Hannaford, Maurice 113 Hanshew, Margaret 143 Harden, John 133 Hardwick, Robert 143 Harp, Tom 4O,67,81,113 Harp, Vermila 44,113 Harrell, Miss Helen 42,97 Harrington, Dennis 67,87,113 Harris, Henry 78,139 Harris, Jack 52,143 Harris, Patricia 114 Harris, Wilma 42,53,70,143 Harrison, Mrs. Joan 97 Harter, Elisabeth 49,50,54,55, 62,66,114,117,171 Harter, Mary 41,50,65,70,143 Harvey, Judy 49,62,66,70, 114,156 Haskett, Paul 114 Haskett, Susan 133 Hawkins, Beth 143 Hayes, Carolyn 114 Hayes, Josephine 143 Haynes, Roger 133 Hays, Mr. Donald 97 Head, Mr. James 97 Heath, Becky 114 Heflin, Mike 48,8O,81,85,l43 Helbling, Roger 54,114 Helfrich, Mr. Byron 97 Hellems, Ron 54,57,114,167 Helvey, Dave 49,515,133 Hempleman, Gary 133 Hendricks, Angelo114 Hendricks, Patricia 143 Hendricks, Susan 133 Hendrickson, Janet 143 Henry, Joanne 51,61,65,66,70, 144 Hensley, Cathy 53,7O,144 Hensley, Dorothy 144 Hensley, Marsha 56,144 Herb, Cyndi 133 Herbert, Margaret 144 Herbst, Tom 52,133,168 Herche, Janet 61,65,68,70,1 14 Hershberger, Brad 114 Hervey, Deborah 114 Hervey, Karen 50,144 Hester, Linda 114 Hester, Mike 133 Hester, Mike 144 Hexamer, Doug 134 Hexomer, John 134 Hiatt, Gary 52,130,134 Hiott, John 144 Hiatt, Randy 144 Hiatt, Sheryl 70,134 Hiatt , Steve 48,811,144 Hickey, Susan 42,114 Hicks, Donna 70,134 Higgins, Karen 57,134,174 Highbaugh, Dennis 54,55,134 Highwood, Glenda 54,57,114 Hilburt, Mike 52,76,134 Hill, Becky 46,1 14 Hill, David 41,42,51,134,176 Hill, Steve 144 Hilliard, Vincent 49,76,134 Hilligoss, Darlene 144 Hilligoss, Mr. Wendell 97 Hirichmon, Denise 134 Hinshaw, Marsha 144 Hinshaw, Vickie 144 Hinton, Doug 40,41,51,56,134 Hitchens, Mace 144 Hitchens, Mike 144 Hittle, Bob 4O,48,51,78,144 Hitz, Barb 144 Hobbs, Debbie 47,134 Hobson, Linda 114 Hodges, Tirn 57 Hodson, Nancy 114 Hoffman, Mike 144 Hoffmann, Mr. Donald 56,97 Hoffmann, Mary 51,65,66,144 Hogan, Karen 134 Hog ue, Lessa 56,144 Holland, Anne 70,144 Holland, George 134 Holland, Vicki 134 Hollenback, Herbert 43,114 Holloway, Janice 144 Holtzleiter, Steve 52,115 Homecoming 68 Honor Society 62 Hopgood, Mike 134 Hopper, Larry 144 Hopper, Lorraine 134 Hoppes, Daphanie 51,56,144 Horan, Pat 48,61,78,85,144 Horevay, Tom 48,54,79,89,134 Horn, David 57,144 Hornbeck, Kathy 144 Horne, Barbara 45,134 Horne, Lynda 62,115,146 Horton, Judy 50,58,144 Hosek, Emily 115 Hoskins, Rosie 44,115 House, Bill 57,144 Houser, Brett 115 Howard, Donna 144 Howard, Mrs. Lorna 97 Howard, Rosie 134 Howard, Tom 81 Howe, Mrs. Paula 61,97 Howell, Mrs. Judy 97 Hudson, Allan 134 Hudson, Doug 54,55,l15 Hudson, George 56,144 Hudson, Martha 134 Hudson, Pete 55,61 Huffman, Betsy 53,134 Huffman, Jerry 52,115 Huffman, Tina 50,144 Huggins, Mrs. Patricia 41,97 Huggins, T. J. 51 Hughes, Cindy 144 Hughes, Deborah 144 Hughes, Jack 134 Hughes, Mickey 134 Hughes, Ron 44,115 Hughes, Ruth 66,70,134 Hughes, Sally 45,51,115 Huitemo, Doug 134 Hull, DeLeon 144 Hull, Jim 41,51,134 Hulse, Barbara 134 Humerickhouse, Randy 40,144 Humphrey, Marian 54,134 Hunnicut, Carolyn 134 Hunt, Danny144 Hunt, Jackie 144 Hunter, Marta 130,134 Huntley, Suzy 51,6l,134 Hurley, Bridget 40,50,54,62, 65,66,68,70,103,1 15,168 Hurley, Mrs. Virginia 97 Hurst, Rhonda 144 Hutton, Connie 66,144 Hutton, Joanna 42,70,134,157 Hyatt, Myrtle 134 Idlewine, Kevin 45,54,134 Ilief, Sheryl 144 lmel, Debbie 134 Imel, Mark 144 lmel, Suella 46,115 lmler, Janet 51,55,144 lndianettes 56 Ingram, Ireland, Ireland, lrle, Roy ITC 47 Jackson, 177 Jackson, Mike 115 Jack 56,115 Rick 56,144 134 J Carla 4O,46,54,115, Chris 53,134 Jackson, Juanita 134 James, Bill 115 James, Don 58,144 James, Greg 89,144 James, Patty 42,50,70,1 15 Jarrett, Dale 43,115 Jarrett, Dave 49,51,61,115 Jarrett, Julie 53,144 Jarvis, Denise 115 Jarvis, Rick 48,86,134 Jefferson, Dan 86 Jenkins, Sharon 115 Jenkins, Sheryle 47,115 Jordan, Carrie 116 Jourdan, Steve 134 Joy, Nanette 45,134 K Kachelein, Chris 145 Kaiser, Joe 65,134 Kanable, Mr, Robert 67,78,86, 97 Kane, Gordon 57,134 Kase, Mike 38,134 Kearns, Jett 80,81,85 Keech, Linda 145 Keeney, Deanna 116 Keeney, Ed 134 Keep, Jon 50,54,145 Keesling, Brent 76,139,145 Keesling, Debbie 54,116 Kellams, Rick 40,56,61,130, 134,160 Kelley, Coleen 145 Kelley, Debbie 134 Kelley, Jane 145 Kelley, June 134 Kelley, Mike 41,134 Kelley, Rick 116 Kelley, Vicki 145 Kelly, Linda 116 Kelly, Mary Pat 36,51,53,62, 1 16,159 Kennedy, Carolyn 42,134 Keogh, Jim 5l,58,116 Keogh, Sue 70,134,167 Kestner, Rick 145 Kestner, Steve 85,134 Kie1y,Pat 116 Kiely, Robert 39,48,51,61,81, 130,134,161 Kilgus, Rick 134 Kimble, Jenny 116 Kimble, Mark 145 Kimm, Bob 52,67,87,134 Kimmerling, Bob 145 Kimmerling, Pat 42,51,58,134 Kimmerling, Steve 134 Kimmons, Essie 45,58,134 Kinerk, Mike 39,52,65,134 King, Arthur 48,84,85,145 Latin Club 51 Laughlin, Greg 50,116,170 Laughlin, Jim 48,51,67,81,130, 135 Lavelle, Jean 50,135 Lawler, Jowanna 145 Lawrence, Mary 116 Lawson, David 145 Lawson, Don 47,116 Lawson, Glenn 135 Lawson, Larry 145 Lawson, Sandy 56,135 Lawson, Shelley 41,42,5O,135, 173 Lawyer, Mike 135 Layer, Deanna 42,49,135 Layman, Melody 135 Leasure, Charles 43,116 Ledbetter, Judy 50,135 Lee, Mr, George 94,97 Lee, Mr, Lowell 97 Lee, Lynda 42,49,53,117 Leedom, Sherry 51,70,139,145 Leever, Pam 145 Leftel, Jack 145 Leftingwell, Linda 145 Lehman, Nola 41,51,145 Lennartz, Darlene 41 ,65,135 Lennartz, David 117 Lennartz, Dennis 49,65,87, I 45 Lennartz, Mary 49,58,117 Leons, Vicki 135 Lewis, Debbie 40,145 Lewis, Ora 117 Lierman, Steve 117 Linamen, Chris 145 Lindemuth, Jane 50,135 Lindstrom, Miss Virginia 50,97 Lineberry, Marsha 145 Lippman, Judy 49,50,65,145 Lippman, Mary Jane 42,523,117 Lippman, Theresa 135 Liston, Vickie 145 Lloyd, Debbie 56,135,176 Lloyd, Tony 135 Lockwood, Tim 81,117 Loewen, Cindy 4O,50,5-4,135 Long, Annette 66,135 Long, Barbara 44 Lang, Brenda 58,135 King, King, King, King, Dixie 61,145 Larry 145 Mr. Patrick 78,88,97 Penny 70,134 Long, Chris 135 Lang, Miss Lois 97 Long, Naomi 117 Long, Ollie 135 Johann, Johnson, Nancy 115 Anna 144 Johnson, Bruce 144 Johnson, Claude 115 Johnson, Dale 76,115 Johnson, DonDeena 53,57,61, 145 Johnson, Doris 134 Johnson, Miss Eileen 97 Johnson, Essie 54,115 Johnson, Mr. Keith 97 Johnson, Lisa 145 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Mike 57,145 Sam 48,53,134 Shirley 145 Johnson, Steve 134 Johnson, Steve 145 Jones, Bill 115 Jones, Brad 115 Jones, Carla 134 Jones, Carla V. 46,72,115 Jones, Charlean 53,66,134 Kinney, Dee 48,53,80,87,134 Kiper, Kay 41,49,54,65,66,1 16 Kirksey, Carol 66, 134 Kirksey, Carolyn 134 Kirksey, Vicki 116 Kitterman, Mrs. Mary 97 Kizer, Pam 145 Kleinhenn, Dave116 Knotts, Mike 145 Knowles, Judy 145 Knuckles, Alan 134 Kollros, John 54,55,116 Kollros, Marney 145 Kopp, Bill 48,51,70,145,179 Kopp, Katie 40,51 ,62,1 16,163 Long, Roger 56,61,117 Long, Steven 135 Long, Tom 47,135 Long Lott, naker, Mr. John 49,97 Karen 70,135 Love, Louis 135 Kormash, Rick 134 Kouns, Russella 43,66,7O,134 Kovacs, Becky 145 Krause, Tricia 66,145 Kruger, Bill 134 Kruger, Sheila 134 Kuhn, Tom 116 L Lachew, Janis 135 Jones, Cheryl 66,134 Jones, Clark 41,49,50,116,157 Jones, Diana 44,116 Jones, Elaine 134 Jones, Garth 145 Jones, Joanna 116 Jones, Joanne 145 Jones,Ju1ia 40,116 Jones, Monica 116 Janes, Sally 53,66,134,171 Jones, Sherry 134 Lambert, Becky 135 Lanane, Kathy 50,145 Lanane,Pat42,50,61,116,168 Lanane, Tim 42,50,61,135,181 Land, Carol 50,135,164 Landes, Linda 145 Lane, Kevin 67,88,103,116 Lanning, Carmen 135 La Pierre, Robert 56,145 La Shure, Steve 52,135 Lasley, Patty 1 16 Lasley, Penny 44,116 Lowe, Donna 117 Lowe, Loretta 5O,6l,145 Lozar, Hony 135 Lozar, Teresa 145 Lumbis, Barbara 49 Lycan, Tom 117 Lynch, David 117 Lyon, Mr. Herbert 97 M McAshland, Tim 145 McAtee, Kenny 135 MCAtee, Sheila 52,117 McBurrows, George 117 McBurrows, Linda 47,117 McCabe, Frank 145 McCarel, Michelle 50,55,65, 66,70,71,l45 McClasky, Russell 47,117 McClintock, Armand 40,51,118 McClintock, James 118 McCloud, Loretta 44,118 McCloud, Marvin 57,135 McClure, Craig 51,103,118 McClure, Janet 118 McClure, Jeff 5l,79,81,l45 McConnell, Charles 52,135,152 McConnell, Dan 145 McCormack, Mike 118 McCotry, Celeste 145 McCoy, Linda 145 McCoy, Roger 47,1 18 McCullough, Dave 45,135 McCullough, Willie 145 McDaniel, Georgianna 50,118 McDuttee, Terri 58,145 McEwen, Linda 40,66,70,145 McFadden, Samara 145 McFarland, Mrs. Mary 94,97 McGattic, Doug 52,145 McGlothen, Emma 118 McGoon, Mr. Harry 62,98 McGrady, Jill 50,145 McGruder, Charlotte 135 McGruder, Larry 135 McHenry, Mrs. Martha 98,130 McHenry, Mike 53,54,76,135 Mcllwain, Ann 43,135 Mclntyre, Steve 1 18 McKee, Terry 41 ,61,66,1 18 McKinney, Gary 52,135 McKinsey, Dick 145 McKinsey, Doug 52,135 McLain, Robert 60,135 McLemore, Myrtle 145 McMahon, Mike 78,81,85,145 McMahon, Steve 145 McManus, Mike 54,135 McMillan, Gini 50,145 McMillan, Marikay 51,118 McMinn, Debbi 50,135 McNab, Deloris 118 McNeese, Willie 67,76,86 McPhaul, Joyce 44,118 McQueary, Carolyn 135 McRoberts, Ronda 57,135 McShane, Cathy 53,66,145 MCSl1ane, Pat 53,456,145 McShurley, Marla 135 McUne, Mike 118 Macy, Mr. Jack 46,98 Maddox, Mr. Thomas 98 Madrigals 54 Magers, Jim 118 Magers, Ted 78,145 Maggard, Dave 135 Maier, Becky 53,145 Maier, Jon 48,52,61,67,80,89, 130,135 Maine, Mrs. Vivian 40,98 Maines, Tom 51,76,135 Mains, Sue 44,118 Malernee, Jay 118 Malone, Ervin 145 Malone, Evaleen 118 Malone, Frances 135 Malone, Frank 47 Mann, Danny135 Mann, Rod 80,85 Marling, Janine 103,118 Marsh, Terry 145 Marsh, Vince 135 Marshall, Susan 51,145 Martin, Cindy 44,119 Martin, Mrs. Deloris 98 Martin, Doug 119 Martin, Mike 135 Martin, Patti 145 Martin, Sarah 145 Martin, Tom 76,135 Marvel, Mary 42,50,62,66,70, 1 19 Mason, Kris 130,135 Mason, Steve 40,145 Massey, Annette 135 Massey, Dennis 136 Massey, Ed 119 Matthews, Brent 48,86,139,145 Maupin, Anne 136 Mavis, Ron 43,136 Maxey, Dennis 43,119 Maxwell, Debbie 43,136 Maxwell, Greg 78,119 Maxwell, Vicky 61,62,119 May, James 85,145 May, Nancy 145 May, Pete 1 19 May, Terry 76,119 Mayer, Thom 4O,48,49,62,67, 76,86,88,119,154 Mayo, David 56,145 Hopes and fears clinch a lonely fan as Tribe stumbles under foe. 189 Quill and Scroll 40 Roche, J Pavey, And Beowult what? Mears, Dave 145 Mehling, Mary Ann 40,50, 1 36 Meikel, Jeni 38,40,42,50,61, 62,119 Molson, Miko 67,119 Mettes, Connie 136 Metz, Pam 61,119,157 Metzger, Ann 51,615,145 Metzger, Bill 40,41,48,67,88, 119,158 Michael, Rod 48,80,85,l46 Middleton, Mr. David 98 Mier, Dave 61,81,146 Miles, Esther 44,119 Miles, Marilyn 47,119 Miles, Roger 146 Miller, Barbara 62,119,158 Miller, Denyse 51,55,146 Miller, Joe 52,61,81,136 Miller, Mark 78,146 rvi111er,1vi1kQ119 Miller, Rick 51,146 Miller, Shelly 50,146 Mills, Rosa 136 Mimms, Linda 119,136 Minton, Sue 51,146 Misenheimer, Donna 146 Mitchell, Diana 44,119 Mitchell, Marcia 51,70,146 Mitchell, Randy 146 Mock, Mr. George 98 Montague, Michelle 146 Moody, David 119 Moody, Gail 53,56,l 19 Moore, Fran 54,56,65,130,136 Moore, Joyce 136 Moore, Mf. Woody 76 Moron, Rhonda 146 Morgan, Artelia 119 Morgan, Debbie 136 Morgan, Dwight 119 Morrison, Lora 119 Morse, Melanie 50,146 Mowrey, Deanna 119 190 Moyer, Linda 119 Mudd, Sam 45,119 Muir, Debb1e136 Mullarkey, Mrs. Susan 98 Mullen, Derna 45,146 Muller, Beth 146 Mullins, Steve 120 Murnbower, Jack 146 Mumbower, Tom 120 Noland, Greg 146 Noland, Marie 65,136 Noland, Mark 48,76,84,85,146 Norris, Jody 40,50,58,139,146 Norris, Steve 48,51,81,89,146 Norris, Wana 53,146 Norton, Nancy 53,65,139,146 Norton, Tom 67,181,136 Nottingham, Howdy 48,76,84, 88,146 Nunn, Bertha 120 Nunn, Ceatrice 120 O Oakes, Carla 53,70,146 O'Brien, Bonnie 46,120 O'Brien, Mike 136 O'Connor, Nancy 42,54,56, 62,120 Oemler, Mary 70,136 Ohnheiser, Joe 47,120 Ohnheiser, Tony 136 Oldham, Andy 55,76,120 Oliver, Brad 120 Oliver, Brenda 53,136 O'Neal, Rosalie 121 Olvey, Marsha 53,56,146 Orchestra 57 Orick, Cathy 42,136 Orr, Jerry 136 Osborne, Debbie 146 Osborne, Mr, Ishmael 94,98 Owens, Jerry 76,136 Owens, Rick 121 Oyler, Jeannette 55,136,171 P Pakes, Steve 49,50,61,62,103, 121 Palmer, Riley 44,121 Pancol, George 4O,53,54,79, 89,136 Pardue, Penny 136 Parker, Janice 44,121 Parkhurst, Harry 146 Parkison, Clay 146 Parks, Claretta 136 Parks, Julie 44,121 Parrish, Cindy 146 Paschal, Marcia 146 Paschal, Tim 54,65,136,181 Patrick, Linda 121 Porter Nancy 4O,42,54,65,136 167 Porter, Steve 147 Posey, Diana 52,147 Posey, Don 47,121 Posey, Orlando 121 Potter, Debbie 121 Potts, Cathy 147 Powell, Audrey 44,121 Powell, Regina 136 Powers, Debbie 38,61,136,179 Prater, Roger 147 Pratt, Terry 136 Price, Bob 54,76,121 Price, Vicky 147 Richardson, Julia 62,122 Richardson, Nancy 136 Richardson, Sheryl 45,46,122 Richwine, Dick 54,80,85,136 Richwine, Mrs. Marilyn 99 Riddle, Linda 122 Riddle, Paul 122 Rigdon, Connie 136 Rigdon, Jeff 122 Riley, George 76,136 Riley, Lynn 51,147 Ringham, Allen 54,562,136 Ripberger, David 147 Rittenberry, Debby 136 Rivau1t,Posca1e 61,615,122 Patterson, Suzzette 4O,62,121 Patton, Patton, Jean 70,136 Linda 56,136 Paul, John 76 Rick51,81,146 Murdock, Jane 61,146 Murdock Janice 146 Murdock John 146 Murdock Mike 136 Murdoc k, Roger 82,134,146 Murphy, Kathy 136 Musick, Don 136 Musick, Penny 136 Musser, Steve 36,48,65,67,120 172 Myers, Joe 51,146 N Nave, Mary 146 Nave, Tom 120,163 Payne, Barry 76,87,88,130,136 Payne, Jim 51,61,146 Payne, Terry 136 Payton, Ellen 45,136 Peak, Dwayne 121 Pearson, Beverly 147 Pearson, Martha 40,50,147 Peek, Rick 136 Pendley, Jacque 53,57,147 Perry, Charles 147 Perry, Mary 46,70,121 Perry Tom 147 Peters, Sherry 147 Peterson, Mary Ellen 42,45,70, 136 Petry Doug 147 Nay, Susie 51,146,173 Neal, Fred 82,146 Neal, Wayne 146 Neal, Lorri 34,54,130,136 Neatherly, Kathy 146 Nett, Joceline 120 Nelson, Debbie 146 Nesbit, Steven 146 Newberry, Mr. Charles 79,98 Newberry, Mark 48,50,54,79, 81,146 Newby, Brad 49,56,146 Newman, Julie 70,146 Newsom, Charles 57,120 Newsom, Victor 136 Nicholson, Mr. Jack 61,98 Nipple, Jon 57,62,120 Noble, Peggy 120 Noel, Susan 120 Phillips,Cathy 57,121 Phillips, Dante 61,121 Phillips, Gary 51 Phillips, Pam147 Phillips, Steve 121 Phillips,Victor 39,136 Phillips, William 47 Phi1po1t,Johril47 Phlegar, Wayne 54, 62,65,121 Piper, Mauri 53,57,147 Pistole, Mrs. Elizabeth 98 Pitts, Mrs. Beverley 98 Pitts, Karen 121 Platt, Leslie 56,147 Polly, Darryl 52,136 Ponce, Lila 53,147 Ponsler, Bob 147 Poore, Mr. Kent 98,130 Porter, Mr. Jerry 98 Priest, Eddie 48,7O,87,139,147 Privett, Scott 103,121 Prom Queen 34 Prout, Debbie 70,136 Prunty, Paulene147 Publications Representatives 41 Pugh, Mr. Dane 98 Purcell, Mark 48,147 Purcell, Zerinda121 Purcitul, Debbie 147 Purcitul, Mark 136 Purkey, Bruce 136 Purpus, Susie 147 Pursley, Mr. Lee 38,40,98 Pyland, Terry 121 Pyzik, Jim 136,161 Q Quinn, Judy 147 Quinn, Steve 121 R Rody, Beverly 51,66,147 Railey, Jim 121 Railey, Randy 43,136 Rambis, Cheryle 42,5O,136 Ramirez, Bob 48,85,86,147 Ramsey, Janine 54,57,121,165 Rauner, Dixie 4O,57,65,136, 166 Rauner, Mr. Norman 98 Rover, Diane 51,147 Ray, Scott 121 Rayford, Carolyn 121 Raytord, Charles 147 Rayford, Charles 147 Raytord, Mary 122 Raytord, Rose 122 Raymore, Phil 136 Reason, Jan 147 Rebhorn, Janice 42,53,7O,122 Rector, Rick 147 Redfield, John 47,122 Redic,Jack122 Reece, Mark 147 Reed, Brenda 58,6l,122 Reed, Jett 52,147 Regenold, Dave 81,147,179 Reichard, Nancy 38,54,61,136 Reichard, Robert 147 Reichard, Terri 147 Reitel, Mr, Robert 99 Reiley, Mr. Luke 99 Reinhardt, Linda 147 Reitz, Larry 52,136 Remaklus, Neil 122 Renbarger, Royce 122 Rentorth, Vicki 50,136,178 Renner, Lisa 40,5O,61,147 Reno, Debby 136 Renschler, Alvin 67,81,122 Renschler, Wayne 52,79,130, 136 Rent, Luanne 147 Reynolds, Bob 122 Reynolds, Carol 147 Rhoda, Gail50,66,147 Rhodes, Reba 136 Rhule, Debbie 46,122 Rhynearson, Mrs. Edna 94,98 Rich, Jerry 103 Richard, Mrs. Loretta 52,99 Richards, Bill 136 Richards, Rick 122 Richardson, Claire 50,54,62, 65,122 Robb, Betty 44,122 Robbs, David 43,45,49,136 Robbins, Kenneth 122 Robbins, Larry 122 Robbins, Raymond 122 Roberton, Janis 147 Roberts, Jeff 147 Roberts, Liz 122 Roberts, Ron 136 Roberts, Sandy 54,136 Roberts, William 47 Robey, Susan 122 Robinette, Steve 147 Robinson, Brenda 147 Robinson, Colin 136 Robinson, Gary 85,147 Robinson, Janet 70,136 Robinson, John 122 Roby, Claudia 65,66,7O,71,147 ohn136 Roche, Kathy 42,49,136 Rock, John 51,531,136 Rodecap, Lynn 50,122 Rogers, Nancy 136 Rohlfing, Debbie 41,55,136 Roland, Peggy 147 Rolfs, Doug 39,57,136 Rolland, Roger 147 Rollins, Rachael 5O,51,122 Rose, James 43,136 Roseberry, Richard 51,147 Ross, Cathy 147 Ross, Diana 123 Raudebush, Fred 78,147 Rowe, Terri 49,65,1 13,123,154 Royer, Joe 54,147 Rumler, Greg 123 Runyan, Betty 147 Russell, Jim 41,51 ,147 Russo, Mr. Peter 76,99 Rybolt, Madonna 41,52,56,147 S Salatin, Tim 51,147 Sample, Pat 38,40,42,49,61, 62,70,123,178 Sargent, Tom 123 Sarvis, Dennis 147 Savage, Morris 147 Saxon, Beverly 147 Sayers, Ellen 49,52,136,156 Schafer, Rick 57 Scharnowske, Mike 40,48,53, 61,78,82,85,147 Schell, Bill 78,147 Schell, Vickie 45,61 ,70,137 Scherer, Steve 85,147 Schildmeier, Gene 137 Schilke, Chris 40,51,62,66,70, 102,123,155 Schilke, Susan 57,66,139,147, 153 Schinnerer, George 123 Schlabach, Mike 147 Schlabach, Steve 137 Schmink, Teresa 70,147 Schmitt, James 147 Schowe, Monica 56,147 Schrenker, Phil 41,78,147 Schuster, Gary 48,84,88,147 Science Club 49 Scott, Bob 147 Scott, Debbie 56,137 Scott, Debra 42,147 Scott, Ross 76,87,147 Scott, Treva 45,66,7U,137 Seal, Jennifer 53,536,147 Sears, Nancy 137 Walker Bruce 76 Sigler, Patti 50,61 ,65,148 Whalon, Sears, Pam 123 Seaver, Mr. Richard 54,55,99 Sellers, Steve 123 Senior Class Play 63 Sensensey, Rick 147 Seulean, Andrew 147 Seulean, David 123,173 Seybert, Diana 123 Shafer, Leigh Ann 54,65,123, 167 Shatter, Cindy 137 Shaffer, Joddi 137 Shannon, Eddie 43,137 Sharp, Doug 147 Shaw, David 137 Shaw, Mrs. Madieiane 99 Shearer, Nancy 39,65,66,70, 123,172 Sheets, Mike 123 Shell, Debbie 50,70,137 Shell, Linda 43,123 Shepherd, Susan 53,70,148 Shinn, Mr. Vern 99 Shinness, Molly 40,51,55,139, 148 Shipley, Walter 148 Shirley, Roger 130 Shoemaker, Ann 50,148 Shreve, Phyllis 137 Shuck, Jim 124 Shull, Renda 38,51,52,55,65, 137 Shultz, Debbie 4O,55,65,137 Sides, Kathy 148 Sigler, Janis 38,45,50,62,103, 124 Siler, Alonza 85,148 Siler, Veronica 124 Siler, Willie 124 Simmonds, Dan 57,148 Simmons, Mickey 57,67,76,87, 137 Simmons, Randy 57,148 Simmons, Tommie 8O,82,85 Simpson, Betty 57,148 Simpson, Fred 76 Sincrott, Mrs. Anita 99 Singer, Peggy 124 Sisson, Dana 124 Skaggs, Penny 137 Skaggs, Steve 48,81,148 Slack, Sandy 137 Slattery, Phil 124 Sleet, Rick 57,745,137 Sloan, Barbara 137 Sloan, Jett 57,124 Sloan, Wanda 124 Smiley, Debby 148 Sokol, Rita 124 Solid, Gary 48,86,148 Sanger, Debbie 137 Songer, Paula 148 Southwick, Teresa 47,54,55, 124 Spangler, Mr. Richard 99 Spanish Club 53 Sparks, David 124 Sparks, Mr. Joseph 86,99,102, 103 Sparks, Mike 137 Sparks, Monte 48,61,62,65,67, 86,88,103,124 Spaulding, Tim 148 Spohnholtz, Bill 148 Spratt, Barbara 137 Springer, Jim 78,148 St. Clair, Mike 51,148 St. Clair, Steve 124 St. Denis, Wayne 124 Stahl, Debbie 50,148 Taylor, Ronnie E. 126 Taylor, Ronnie 148 Taylor, Sandra 148 Taylor, Sharon 40,62,126,161 Taylor, Terri 5O,54,126 Teague, Charles 137 Teague, Sheila 58,61,130,137 Teeters, Sherrie 51,148 Tellis, Kay 148 Tennis 79 Terrell, Albert 148 Thacker, Ruby 47,126 Thespians, 65 Thomas, Dan 48,78,86,148 Thomas, Sharon 126 Thomason, Gary 67,79,126 Thomason, Sherry 137 Thompson, David 148 Thompson, Jody 50,65,66,70, Stamm, Linda 148 Stamm, Randy 148 Stamp, Esther 124 Stamp, JoAnn 148 Starks, Jean 51,148 71,139,148 Thompson, LeAnn 40,50,54,65, 66,68,7O,126,165 Thompson, Stephanie 53,148 Vogel, Bob 126,163 Vontress, Matoka 126 Vores, Amy 39,41,53,138 Vores, Nancy 51,126 Vores, Nick 48,78,85,86,149 Voss, Rick 48,80,149 Voss, Steve 48,61 ,67,80,82,88, 138,165 W Wable, Lyn 61,138 Wachob, Robert 149 Wade, Janet 103,126 Wade, Terry 138 Wages, Becky 138 Wages, Debbie 45,126 Wagoner, Colleen 53,66,149 Wainscott, Liz 126 Wakenight, Mr. Ramar 82,84, 99 Walker, Cathy 138 Walker, Danny 43 Walker, Dory 53,149 Walker, John 138 Walker, Nat 149 Williams, Ken 128 Williams, Ken 138 Williams, Mike 56,149 Williams, Nancy 138 Williams, Pat 128 Williams, Phil 41,48,51,149 Williams, Rob 128 Williams, Robert 128 Williams, Steve 49,117,128 Williams, Vickie 149 Williamson, Dennis 128 Williamson, Denny 47,128 Williamson, Mary 138 Williamson, Penny 43,128 Willis, Frank 81 Willis, John 128 Willoughby, Bob 138 Wilson, Danny 85 Wilson, James 128 Wilson ,John 76,87,88,149 Wilson, Patti 70,149 Wilson, Patty 138 Smith, Art 137 Smith Barbara 137 Smith Bob 124 Smith Bobbye235J24 Smith, Carolyn 55,137 Smith Debbie 43,61,137 Smith Gary 54,148 Smith Jon 79,81,85,137 Smith Linda 137 Smith Lynn 124 Smith Mark 124 Smith Marsha 124 Smith Mr. Mike 87 Smith Ovenia 124 Smith Peggy 137 Smith Randy 4O,56,130,137 Smith Rex 124 Smith, Rick 148 Smith, Robin 70,148 Smith, Rocky 137 Smith, Ron 124 Smith, Sally 49,58,137 Smith, Sally 148 Smith, Sharon 137 Smith, Shirley 124 Smith, Tom 124 Smith Veronica 137 Smith Mr. Wallace 45,99 Smitha, Chuck 48,51,78,85, 86,148 Startzman, Maurice 137 Steans, Carolyn 137 Stefke, Jean Ann 50,54,124 Stephens, Glen 137 Stephens, Lella 137 Stephenson, Bob 148 Stephenson, Phil 148 Stevens, David 125 Stevens, John 40,148 Stewart, Karen 53,137 Stewart, Melody 137 Stierwell, Diane 148 Stohler, Mike 43,137 Stone, Glenn 137 Stone, Mike 125 Stone, Phyllis 137 Stoops, Dan 47,125 Stoops, Gary 148 Stover, Faye 125 Stowell, Pat 125 Stowers, Phyllis 125 Straley, Pat 56,61,139,148 Streeter, Geraldine 125 Stringer, Kathy 51,616,148 Stroud, Ruth 45,148 Student Council 60 Stults, Cathy 125 Stults, Saundra 137 Stultz, Bob 49,545,148 Stump, Jeff 148 Stump, Shirley 52,125 Sullis, James 148 Sullivan, Danny137 Sullivan, Margaret 5O,62,125 Sullivan, Mr. Phillip 76,99 Summers, Jim 51 Surface, Buddy 125 Sutton, Sandra 125 Sutton, Vikki 137 Swain, Brenda 51,57,137 Swain, Robert 48,137 Swan, Bruce 41,125 Swan, Les 125 Swan, Sherry 56,148 Sweigart, Fred 76 Sweet, Mrs. Margaret 99 Swift, Mr. Clifford 99 Swimming 81 Swinehart, Karen 37,50,62, 125,163 Swinehart, Kathy 50,148 Swinford, Linda 148 Swing Choir 55 Sykes, Barbara 148 Sylvester, Susan 45,137 T Tabarez, Bert 148 Tackett, Barbara 38,50,137 Tackett, Mary Ann 50,65,148 Snelson, Dennis 137 Snelson, Myron 148 Snyder, Mike 48,78,85,148 Sokol, David 67,82,124 Sokol, Mark 81,148 Tanner, Margo 53,58,148 Taylor, Jett 48,84,148 Taylor, Karen 40,62,125,175 Taylor, Mr. Norman 99 Taylor, Paula 126 Taylor, Robert 48,137 Thornburg, Jim 79 Thornburg, Julia 45,66,126, 158 Thornburg, Nadine 50,148 Thornburg, Tom 41,49,54,62, 65,126 Throesch, Linda 50,148 Thurber, Gary 48,54,67,80,85, 137 Thurston, Mr. Jack 99 Tierney, Bill 51 ,125,126,153 Tierney, Tom 61,148 Tittle, Denise 148 Tittle, Dennis 81,149 Tibbett, Derrell 138 Todd, Mr. James 99 Todd, Sue 55,65,138 Tomlinson, Pam 40,41,49,50, 65,66,7O,138 Tompkins, Butch 149 Toole, Terri 65 Toombs, Dave 40,54,65,149 Toombs, Julie 46 Toombs, Randy 126 Torrin, Larry 149 Track 85 Trantham, Pam 54,55 Transbarger, Linda 53,149 Travis, Cindy 70,138 Travis, Pam 43,126 Trindel, Marsha 46,126 Trotter, Barbara 138 Troup, Randy 138 Troup, Vicki 50,55,66,70,149 Trueblood, Gene 126 Tucker, Eddie 56,149 Tucker, Jane 40,126 Tucker, Susan 138 Tuckerman, Wayne 57,149 Turner, Erich 58 Tyler, Richard 138 U Underwood, Patti 126 Upshaw, Beth 5O,54,55,135, 138 Utterback, Mrs. Lois 44,99 V VanBuskirk, Barbara 44,126 Vanderbur, Tom 42,50,61,126 Van Dyke, Jan 138 Van Meter, Frances 138 Van Ness, Debby 54,55,138 Van Ness, Pam 55,149 Vardaman, Kathy 57 Vaughn, Barbara 149 Vaughn, Philip 54,56,149 Vaughn, Wanda 149 Vaught, Mr. George 57,94,99 Venesky, Tom 57,139,149 Vermillion, Disco 57,149 Vermillion, Mrs. Virginia 99 Vertz, Sandy 42,50,149 Vest, Debbie 51,61,149 Vest, Lessia 126 Vetor, Connie 149 Vetor, Mike 67,8O,85,138 VICA 47 Walker, Shelly 149 Walker, Tom 149 Walker, Wayne 126 Wallace, Wallace, Walters, Darrell 138 Terry 149 Helen 149 Wilson, Steve 149 Windham, Ensley 56,149 Winningham, Maxine 149 Winton, Jack 67,76,l29 Wirthlin, Donna 129 Wise, Debbie 34,138 Wise, Linda 149 Wise, Pat 138 Wisehart, Bob 78,149 Wisner, Chris 58,13O, 138 Wonders, Pam 55,138 Walters, Ria 126 Ward, Ann 40,51,138 Ward, Ronnie 127 Watkins, Daryl 78,138 Wood, Carole 50,149 Wood, Forrest 138 Wood, Kim 48,51,84,149 Wood, Kathy 138 Watkins, Watson, Watson, Watson, Weaver, Weaver, Weaver, Webb, D Webber, Rick 149 Charlene 43 Faye 52,138 Willie 78 Jesse 127 Susie 127 William 138 an 138 Jim 56,149 Wehrley, Ellen 138,173 Weis, Mary Ann 40,51,53,62, 127,161 Welker, Welling, Welling, Undal27 Becky 4o,5i,s5,149 oebiisa Wells, Don 51,56,127 Wells, Ri ck 49,149 Wells, Ron 53,57,149 4 Welsh, Debbie 138 Welsh, Mr. Harold 80,99 West, Rosia 127 Mike 48,78,81,149 Wheasler, Craig 52,149 Wheeler, Cathy 40,45,51,55, 127 Wheelwright, Jim 48,61,62,65, 87,102,103,127,169 Whelchel, Diana 53,58,127 Whelchel, Kathy 130,138 Whetsel, Ed 44,127 Whetsel, Eunice 138 Whicker, Harvey Lee 47 White, Albert 52,127 White, Noble 138 Whiteaker, Mickey 43,76,138 Whitehead, Mr. Roger 76,82,99 Whitesel, Dennis 149 Whitley, Tonya 138 Whitmill, Bruce 54,55,57,l38 Whitson, Steve 149 Wigner, Janet 70,138 Wihebrink, Bob 138 Wihebrink, Patty 42,44,51,70, 128 Wilburn, Rick 138 Wilder, Mary Kay 4O,42,49, 51,62,128,129,159 Wilhoite, Benny 128 Wilhoite, Karen 42,128 Wilkerson, Juanita 128 Wilkins, Pat 138 Wilkinson, Tom 149 Willhoit, Debbie 138 Williams, Belinda 138 Williams, Berda 40,42,138 Williams, Eleanor 55,149 Williams, Karen 46,62,128,164 Wood, Marci 149 Wood, Pam 55,129 Wood, Ralph 36,62,129,165 Woodall, Arthur 138 Woodruff, Mike 48,6O,61,82, 88,103,129 Woods, James 129 Woolsey, Mrs. Jeanne 99 Worden, Dick 149 Worster, Becky 53,61,70,139, 149,161 Worster, Tam 41,149 Wrestling 86 Wright, Ervin 40,43,48,67,129 Wright, Truddie 129 Wrin, Julia 138 Wrin, Laurie 53,149 Wulle, George 41,49,129 Wulle, Mary Kay 51,149 Wyant, Roger 138 Wynn, Mary 149 Wynn, Robert 80,85 Wysocki, Sharon 138 X X-Ray Staff 38 Y Young, Kenny 149 Young, Mike 45,54,129 Young, Robert 138 Youngblood, Mary 44,129 Z Zachary, Don 138 Zachary, Larry 138 Zachary, Scott 129 Zearbough, Pam 43,511,138 Zerkle, Cathy 129 Zink, Sharon 58,129 Zinszer, Mrs. Judy 50,53,99, 103 Zion, Renee 70,149 Zirkelbach, Diane 149 Zirkelbach, Donna 149 Zirkelbach, Jean 70,71,138 Zirkelbach, Tom 45,50,67,85, 129 Zirkelback, Chester 149 Zorabedian, Chris 51,149 Zuck, Michele 4O,42,49,50,62, 66,129 Zumwalt, Mr. David 57,99 191 Acknowledgments T969 llXlDlAN STAFF Mary PatKelly ..... ,.,, E ditor-in-Chiet Karen Svvinehart .,... Managing Erlitor Mary Bronnenberg .... Layout Editor' Katie Kopp ........., Layout Assistant Steve Musser ...... Business Manager Ralph Wood ........... Photographer Dick Ferguson ... Photography Assistant Mary Ann Weis ....,...,. Copy Editor Madeline Beaman Kathy Chaney .... Pam Denny ,.. Karen Folsom ... Greg Gammon .... Bridget l-lurley ..... Greg Laughlin .... Thom Mayer .. Karen Taylor .. Bill Tierny ...... ..... Faculty Editor ... Senior Editor .. Gttice Manager .. Academics Editor Advertising Assistant . Activities Assistant Circulation Manager ... Sports Assistant .. Underclass Editor .... Copy Writer Jim Wheelvvright ....... Sports Editor Mary Kay Wilder Mr, Larry Barnhart i969 JUNlOR STAFF Cindy Alt Ed Billheimer Cathy Blubaugh John Borkman Danny Brovvn Mike Chambers Cathy Copeland Renee Dovvling Johanna Early David l-lill Joanna l-lutton ... Advertising Editor Adviser ChrisJackson Carolyn Kennedy Suzanne Keogh Carol Land Shelley Lavvson Charles McConnel Nancy Porter Cheryle Rambis Dixie Rauner Vicki Renlorth Ellen Sayers COMMERCIAL FIRMS Mr. Frank Woschitz ..... Paragon Press S.K. Smith Company ........... Cover Mr. Russ Forkner .. Group Photographer Mr. William Stookey Feature Photographer National Studios, Inc. Underclass Portraits The i969 indian is printed on 80 pound Calais dull enamel. Headlines are 36 point Spartan Lite and 30 point Spartan in the editorial sections, and 24 point Spartan Lite in the advertizing section. Copy blocks are set in lO on i2 point Spartan Lite with Medium. Captions and the index are 8 point Spartan Lite set solid vvrth Medium. T92 or The i968 Indian editors leave an award-winning book ancl a challenging legacy Mr, Stookey focuses on some interesting coach expressions Always willing to give his experienced Opinion is Mr. Woschitz.

Suggestions in the Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) collection:

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