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4. 'x S N v 5 'Q 1, '. '.. ,.-1 44-Q ,v' -. H.- -+ ,. , . ,. .. .. . ....,N,..'.f 3 - - ' I g i-?.'- -- ,rg 5414. '. .'-I 2 2' '1 '-SW.-! a3.f iii:-Z.-f'.3'-111,117 i'MZ .'.'7 3f2Q?f?- M' K '-' ' .' - 'P .5 ' f ln- ,Cf T-IH ' !' M-'A' If - '- L f.f - '-ff'-'ez -,' 5-' fi' ly! . I,-I lil: .W -1 :V -Q ylvflr iflllill I A i - A, :I I. J i,rf:,1?-5.1 ,J',A,il.,'.. iyvig ,pw -Al-I-.ff-'ct-MIL-gg .IX aff. -r :.' 1. 1 1 .' ,: .,.,- V., I 1.-.1-.. , . -.. ,,,-- j,,,-.4-.l .' 3.3 ' -xl .4 .3 .. . . . ,fg.f'...,.. .'-..f.ff.....f,.a Q, ...,f..s4.,1..g:r-,f,,..,q.,.1..g.. ti. f ' 1 .. - , , '.',g ,',:-- j.g.:Up,',,1.,, .- -A -If f.,.- -15-1-ugfzfq'-.A 4,5-,xg 3 v V.. YQ.. X, I I- '.-1 jf ..,,.1 Jlfllh ,Q ful 4 ffl f,4?hlf:.Xf'!1xI!-I Y: viz N 5, N .I-u.-I. 4:-2 xg.ig14.iI - -'- ww- '- fe - ' 4, ' W5 'M ,s 2f.'1,,- '-fu' 1' 4. :'-3,.-2'4'1Jq- 1 A 14 1,1115 GN:-if :E 'lx -QM, JJ, VF if VIL.: !l.::lf,Pill:x7u2. 4--gg'-i-g.'Q.i.' :ir 'lil A' Yffalg-Il lf. . 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In-!.'..:-HIJPD,-Mi. ffl ,.'.:,!.-iv: J .1 A I. pl- 'l3li.1'.:jilvli, zlzwgl I 4 - I '- -5- ',Y.' 13 .-gif' 'ff .'E.' -:'.'rf,,'Z fl Qs ,4 .f,g HW- - '25 - '. -rf ,w ff -.-' . -ig ffl 1-C-so .L .- '-H5'-F: - 'L'-' 'F-. 2'f H-' f' -..'fk'.'syf'J-5. -nei-IQ-I,fQfw--,gi Q ,f'3j'7P3-1' .-?5fiffE.j1 5 '-I ,wx ul In-.-, r: . , ..', ,'.-I I-', , 'Q 'p 'mg' ,A V.-:JU H,-:4, '1' A -V .1 -. - f-gi.. 1 -.-rfl.. 1Eqi:-- ll? by -fp ,.-ri.-.-u.f .f-3.22 2 - ,1 'Wk '- - ' . ' . '-'fl-7' ' '1 .' ' 25 :-77':I'f ji. .H . .- Q-.,-.v-.f- Q ' ---Lf 2 .ve-Y.-.Ig i-Jw - . sq- .- .-N - 1 .. --Q - in --..-.95-. -.-ff--Q -.-'ww f 49:31 ,. . :Oct-I ,Q ij.: 1 K- L - .-:A.:-lixg'.nfA+.,-.-X1- ,Yfiy 13? v.y-:Thu f. 'ag-?' 4 ,,',.f.A 1- ':' Q -Q.-'...' xx .-5. - 7 ',I PM .'f7,'x '-'L .'f'1l f'f1'xfpS?L'- .-Q - f ,. . - Q.-., K... f.'w,, -1 .uf jr-.-uf ,5--gf V 1 -Vb - . , --+1 ef 5:-rw.:-ff. --wi:-fi 'S+ f-'-1-. Jr--'ws .- 7 W--2.:1.'Pifi 31.Y..-Zvfiskfx-1-.Y-,..-' 2.1-- g -- -v- -Y 1 -'N-R-yy-5hL'1j'fM'gr'f.Q'745' . 'L' Q .3 -4 .- S5'.5-J . - -' -. fx, ,-. ' 41 2, ...ull W.. 'f...y'v Q' -T33 - F31 .P.Qf-.gX:.:- Q. --IQ? C----jig-.SW,x'N5,::-.px-islzq.' ,f, 7 L3 sg w. igps.-5115-ly 1 .' '. -.5 ',j'.'f.:x'.'A VJ. 4-.xc-K' .K .-,L--. .-:hx HIXQQ -.,-'if '.r'-.. ya. ' N.. ' .1 'Z ' Ax'-,' .'.'3,UL,,-.5-1.3. I. x X' Y -9 N -MXL?-. -:.'-.?-X.:- -Q21-'fi-4'-kfimfl 43 at-SH inf'-3- i'Q3l .P if' : ' '- I - 1 fi .H k , '...'-' 'b'l.f,- ? : - .,f11 3-L'Y.n ,' ii N I '- H'f4l:'r r - -I- J , M -A, , 71 .x'-. ,wil -LW .Z ' . .1 . W .'-..-lx '- 4'1!'X,.. ,'1.' 75: .3 by .',, . :,- -11 3 -- a '- ',.f. -' : ,:. Y- - -.5 Jw' ' ,.'N'. '.N.xX'l- F- in- ,- ':X.'f J ? .' Y- 'Y . ,Z '?,'-Ll 1 f Q.. 1. 3-635--5a-. 'f H- Q G: fx' px-rd' -.Lt 1:3 315-5-1-2-13-fsfsrlvikfi, .-'faftf ' j. 25,3 f g, . 1 M-. Ny. . YN .'-1: 'Y.,. W 'SKI -A' V U XAXYL- 1'Y a S . ill TNQ 'bn' A ' f.? ?35'? !-Q' . we W.. --1 x- 5.1. ,hx 1.1.-gl.. ,,-Xfilggx J- 5 .Hx-n, yay. x .XX-y, :H sq-3, q -J-7. , Jw 4-54,-!.'v2 , ' , 1' ye Vg- -, mu :g .NV ax 'Tu-N ..., fy-.s,-g ,-7 . y .-jj. -,za-1:' 5. v 1' T a- -. f '-2 N -M-- x- :K+ 'J 2-5 ' ':- 'mn' 5 1 ' 331-':. f - f .X '- 3 .i -- :R 'f 'F-WX 1- ' N1 .- A X , If-.1 Nr- 5--Ewa 5 w.-'w'XJ-.i-U .T fvf H1--N5-5' 4: - - A 5 ? . 1+ 1 f: Egg N-.T-Q. 3 5.-,nf..j'w-X-jp?-.g3,2..g!NXg.l-EH S,3.25.31.x.ip.5.'-s.-,.vQf..,- .ifjf-figfi--a5,f52.., - I .f :- ' Aw! i- .l ', -I .IX.N. . -, yi.. six- jx ,li ..l:-v- ,sax ..'s3F,y+ -'-,Xu 1l.X. I qw-XE.-I':k 7' ' 7? 3 Q . - N 2'-3 Hu' 'x-vSN'- '1s?'1-N52 :Ki 1' 'x3N 7Q.- ii5X'!R!--AX 1- PX rm- 'ivffgf' 'lr' ji ' , .1 Nr.-X 1, x:,., xi Q-Mu QM. 1- .la-.'.'-2tPf--rrfff-4-maxi' - -. f' J If F . y U, , . . l ' 1 ..j.1njy,,' . '. . 1- , , ,, N . ,N ws 1 , . -- -'-, .- - , - 'j-..,:t- .1 f . ---. -..' 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V-I-. :sn-rff, 'rl '- ji- .j .-4: --' - - .---1.1 ':' aat'.-'-:-rffi-f - - +- wwf- -. - . p..-...L . - -x .194 .4. ,v.,. ,iilfg 'Hifi f fa- T-- ' mx, J 'NN :'?. X . x-..x,- Q . A -. x.-:..,4.4-fqy'-.' 'f'-1 Q -X---X-'M QQ- - nhl'-3' -, -1' ,650-za, -- -. Qin...- lf fw.:-HQ 3.1-..7f3+: Lf 4-' i 3.-,. :Q - zt'-A.-,-V 5 x , 3 -1- .Ali--...ff .R A nu.. '-1-.4.ALj -V -.ix l -I I-Pav.. ESM, J J- . 1 . 'K' ' -. --. 2 . --'1 ..-.- ,. -11.--N-5 Q . .Ex . X.-xr.. . N. A force for the future 1968 INDIAN Anderson I-Iigh School Anderson, Indiana 20,000 Anderson High School graduates Cradu t is 21 long-awaited and remembered goal. AHS i From 92 graduating classes more than 20,000 men and women l have carried their hopes and dreams from Anderson High, . Until 1957 it was the only public high school in the city, and every student knew that eventually he would have to carve out a career in the familiar red brick building that stood just a few blocks from the center of town. He got an education, a diploma, and an armload of memories of people, places, and events. Each year several hundred names were added to the graduation roles, and this year the total reached 20,000. s a center ol academic learning mvthe community. 2 remember. . 5 , Students have il loyalty and pride in their school that lasts into adlllthood Table of Contents Opening .... . . . 1 Academics . . . . . . . . 14 Activities . . . . . . . 34 Sports... ....68 People ..... .. 86 Advertising . . . 138 ' Mrs. Mzujorie Austin becomes the voice of AHSU via special an- nouncements each school clay. A feeling of permanency The hallway rush remains an unchanged part of school lilk-. 4 Mr. Clillord Swift, Xlr, George Davis, and Mr. Donaild Bowen arc symbolic ol vxporicm-c and dedication in classroom tcacliiug and administration. In 1876 four seniors became the first alumni of AHS from a new high school at Twelfth and Main streets, but since 1910 all graduates have progressed through the present building. Membership in the senior class is new each year, but there is a continuance of custom, tradition, and procedures that gives to the school a feeling of permanency. Seniors are proud of their legacy of 92 years, and they perpetuate it. 5 Dedication to excellence Excellence is a goal of life. Its attainment is fought for in the classroom and clubroom and in extracurricular events. Students and teachers Worked and studied to meet this challenge. At year,s end another graduating class had been prodded, inspired, and prepared for adulthood and in some measure had achieved excellence. Clarolc Pistoli-, Marv l,tlSt'Lll, and Anita Loc rank nt the top in sclnilawtic1-xccllmm-f Rev. Russell Dcitcli inspires students to il religions zlwzirencss at Tlmnksgiving tinn-. The 1967 Indian Stutl, led by Steve Prichard, Nancy Runner, and Lncincln Cilliann, captures All-Anicricnn nntl NIL-dnlist awards. iurwttes' pmcticv and ch-t1-x'l11i11. 'XL1llll'lIliL' slum-cc-M is de-pn-:lah-mut upon thc in xc-tion of 5flIdL'llt :xml hum-In-1'. An awareness of tradition An overpowering awareness of the alndiany' and its unique place in Anderson society is in the makeup of every student. He considered himself an Indian even though he was not a part of an athletic team. The Indian was one involved in school life. He Wore red and green, Walked the halls, lost himself in extracurricular activities. The Indian was the scholar, the Student Council member, the IC. Daddyv Black recipient, or the good citizen. The NVigwam hulcls the traditions and nwinories ofpust events. Student Council members are the if-preseiitgntivcs of 69 lI0ll1PlO0l11S in planning school government. .Ji new U f 1 ,f 4 7' Q 1 , r An evolving of spirit Spirit in the individual continued to grow during his underclass days until it climaxed at sectional time in his senior year. N onnally timid students dressed in crazy red and green, chanted up and down the halls, and backed the teams. Victory seemed so important, losing came hard, but each year spirit was rekindled to live again. A L'lli-'0l'l0iKll'I',S emotions enter into every game. HH:-cl und green week lieiglitm-ns spirits as zany school dress be eonies the clloniinnnt feature in the hu ls. Th 0 toiniiluiwk iiwnrcl lor the best class enthusiasm lmosts spirit lnciizin inns iosc tlicnise-Ives in ii tension-packed, imrd-ibilght ganiiv. NVitty slogans and colorful costumes liven zvuions pep mllics. T110 lndiun maids-n and niuscot are the tmditiomii symbols oi' ani cxiiiibviuuit sc-howl spirit. An expansion of friendships The student made friends the first day he entered school. At first the newcomer found one friend, then another, and finally several. This was not accidentalg AHS offered the perfect setting for friendship, one not based entirely on discipline and authority, but on trust and mutual respect. After lunch, small talk contributes to mutual lll1dI:'l'StlllKllIlg. The solitude ofa busy hallway is 1 scarcity during u busy clay I2 Float building requires long hours and hard work, but it is fun. Conversation over cokes helps to cement friendships for Switzerlanmfs Ursula Wiebel, and Kay Larson, Donna Richardson, and Diane Elmore. 13 'ioi : Academics The student pursued academic programs which were requirements of state and local education authorities. Time was spent in learning fundamentals and in gearing to individual differences and abilities. The graduation ofthe 20,000th student reflected the scope of academic achievement since 1876 and the promise of an ever-expanding future. Interested students go beyond required work through research 'I 5 Students counseled, tested, programmed Supplementing the academic program, varied services assisted Anderson High School students. New IBM com- puters programmed approximately 2,100 schedules and completed grade reports each six Weeks. Through in- dividual study, library facilities, counseling, and testing, students were prepared to further themselves in courses ranging from general to pre-engineering programs. The Youth Employment Service, expanding in services and size during its second year, provided students with part-time job possibilities. Iowa testingi an examfple of a vast testing program, establishes aptitudes an answers, ailures and achievements. Individual research for a project centers in the high school li brary's extensive card catalog. New counseling offices are the nerve centers where futures are planned throng counseling and guidance. 17 ,ma-v up-..s--2 A reaclirag lab machine and its ever-moving beam of light im- pel a stu ent toward reading speed and comprehension. English class enhances communication skills as students gain proficiency in composition. Electronic lab speeds reading, fluency Almost all students took advantage of the twenty Eng- lish and language related subjects. Emphasis was placed on special facilities such as the developmental laboratory which doubled students, reading scores on the average and the foreign language electronic lab which im- proved fluency and comprehension. Other than the required courses, the student was of- fered electives in newswriting, speech, literature, and composition which provided variety as well as a basis for advanced education. Spanish class is enriched by the auditory addition oflanguage laboratory machines. Poise, rhetoric, and reqsoning develop through practice and presentation in public periomiance classes. l l Reporting, editing, and copywriting emerge as ti part of news writing C ass requirements. Math and science geared to Career fields Mathematical concepts ofthe New Mathu challenge the abilities of those enrolled in geometry. Models of the molecular struc- ture of chemicals add interest to the study of chemistry. The vastness of space becomes more meaningful through study of a celestial sphere With increasing emphasis on the career fields entailing sci- entific and mathematical knowledge, AHS met the academic demands of students. Mathematics classes magnified the sig- nificance of number relationships to prepare students for the expanding field of computer programming. The Science Department achieved a balance between basic training and pre-college fundamentals, through contem- porary approaches to study, and up-dated classroom equipment. Mistakes in Algebra III are not always serious ones. 21 Automation motivates business technology Belginninf? typing students, uided by visual instructions, de- ve op con idence and accuracy. Iournuls, ledgcrs, und musses nf figures create 21 scene of confusion us uccounts l'C'fllSG to b2llilllCb'. 22 Practices of the business world and their application to the in- dividual are stressed in business law. Business instruction has changed in recent years to keep step with automation and advancing technology. The department accomplished this transition by adopt- ing new machines and methods. Basic courses built essential foundations in personal skills while ad- vanced sessions motivated the student for the highly competitive world of modern business. Contemporary office machinery such as rotary calculators and electrical typewriters aided in the acquisition of skills for future office use. Stencil cutting is one of many skills employe in the operation of modern o tice machines. A ' f , ' 5 .ff customer relations in Xlgmbel s plum sale of Christmas greens to 1'8.lSPf 1111 ds for DC li. projegte n the Job training mvolves Commumty DECA students prepare posters to advertise their future retailing progr im On-the-job training provides the unique opportunity for direct involvement in the community. Established Diversified Cooperative Education courses acquainted the student with pre-professional employment in the health, trade, and industrial areas, Distributive Edu- cation sent students into retail work and national competition in the D. E. Clubs of America, Food Service classes developed a program in catering, serving, and preparation of food. Full time employment or special- ized education became the goal for many upon com- pletion ofhigh school. Home Economics established values for present and future living. Students studied various phases of the do- mestic arts and applied this knowledge to everyday life. Added experience was gained for the advanced foods classes by operating a catering service for the faculty and student body. To provide for better job opportunities, electives, and required subjects were offered in Industrial Arts. Draft- ing, Machine Shop, Mechanical Drawing, Auto Me- chanics, and Printing Were typical courses preparing students for apprenticeship in industry and place- ment in substantial occupations. Exacting work on the lathe completes a plan tomwed earlier at the drawing board. Food preparation and proper table setting are a part of modern meal p anning. 26 N...-.-- ' an K-if ' fs- ,,,..f i Courses establish values, skills for living Stndions work in drafting helps students prepare for future careers in engineering, xfff we LY, Feminine interest in the new and cliflerent is aroused by Miss Helen Harrell's lhbrics from around the world. Students prepared for a worthwhile life in the commun- ity through participation in socially orientated classes. The Social Studies Department utilized news media, visual aids, student debates, and lectures to present a broader scope for understanding domestic and for- eign problems. Additional community services were provided by Exploratory T caching, a new elective which acquainted prospective teachers with elementary school instruction, and Driver Education classes which gave the student an awareness of responsibility to society. F 1 Defensive driving techniques are practiced in the Driver Ed- ucation classroom. Exploratory Teachinfg introduces the aspiring teacher trainee to situations in local e ementaiy classes. W.- 'Lg 212- 'fi ,A teak PM ,.... Civics classes show concern tor current world affairs. 'Him I AQ fl iV'f', um. 3 7' 'WB' IWW is I W Participation leads to social awareness U EF .iii . pd, ..,.,., ,V ,,,, vi' 'tim www .,.. Concentration on Americzfs past and present enables students to understand future events Muscle and motor skills emphasized Mounting comlpetition and excitement exp odes A in the splash created by defenslve water basketball. Modern dance promotes individual physical expression and development in girls Physieul EKll1C21tiO1l. 30 Physical Education emphasized both muscular co-ordination and motor skills. Through an extensive and complete program of thirteen athletic activities, participants developed physical fitness, an understanding of body mechanics, and a source of added recreation. For the first time in the schoolis history, an outside activity area was made available to gym classes. This new facility allowed for an even more diverse schedule of sports for both boys and girls. The Physical Education Department also stimulated interested girls into re-establishing the Girls, Ath- letic Association, 31 Ropes, rings, mats, and bars lllll d strong bodies while team- work develops sportsmanship. fy, ,ff 1 Student writing is examined by a faculty and student com mittee of the Little Chief Cultural awakenin Creativity Was essential to the well-rounded person. Courses were devoted to training the individual in appreciation of the arts and to developing talents in each of the cultural areas. Through related channels, the imaginative student expressed himself. Personalities were disguised and foreign identities adopted, as the dramatics participant developed poise and released inventiveness. Those musically inclined found an outlet in choral and administrative music. Couises in painting, ceramics, drawing, and crafts ranged from the rudimentary to the advanced. The Little Chief applying a theme entitled Kaleidoscope',, presented literary selections of special merit by both faculty and students. 8 Using form, texture, and color students express in inner self Drama students create characterizations through the skillful ap- plication of makeup and costumes. generates creativity Enthusiastic Madrigal rehearsal reflects the joy of music 0 r E w w I Activities Students identified themselves as scholars, dramatists, athletes, orators, linguists, journalists through membership in extra-curricular school-related clubs. Some of the organizations were long established, and time testedg others were enthusiastically initiated during the 1967-68 school year. Associations developed leadership, furnished much-needed outlets, and stimulated educational interests. Activities arouse complete emotional involvement. 35 Layout Editor Jayne Ferguson Annual publication requires nighttime hours Producing a yearbook was a nighttime job. On school time teachers were interviewed, club pictures taken, names checked, and yearbooks sold, but the real work came after hours. The 1968 Indian staff was stimulated by the threat of deadlines, as most journalists are, and made every one. They were innovators, using color in the academic section for the first time and psychedelic colors on the cover. Tradition, more than deadlines, motivated staff mem- bers and made the long hours pass quickly. The Indian,', a prize-winner for 11 consecutive years, demanded care- ful editing and selection, and the new adviser Mr. Larry Barnhart kept up the standards. Friendship also carried the staff over rough spots. Eighteen students worked their way from junior to senior staff and then formed a bond of loyalty and friendship. Business Manager Rex Richards Yearbook Adviser Mr. Larry Barnhart Editor-in-Chief Pat Hall 'a and dedication to deadlines and tradition i l l Managing Editor Janice Niehaus JUNIOR ANNUAL STAFF-Front Row-Karen Taylor, Ann Barnett, Karen Swinehart, Kathy Chaney, Mary Bronnenberg, Pam Denny. Row 2-Karen Folsom, Bridget Hurley, Mary Ann Weis, Sharon Taylor, Mary Pat Kelly. Row 3-Madeline Beaman, Katie Kopp, Mary Kay Wilder. Row 4-Ralph Wood, Tom Mayer, Nancy Shearer, Dick Ferguson. Photography Editor Ron Prichard SENIOR ANNUAL STAFF-In Front-Bob Trimble, Ron Prichard, Nicki Norton, Jayne Ferguson, Barb Carney, Ann Richardson Rod Jarvis, Pat Hall. In Back-Janice Niehaus, Carol Millspaugh, Pam Shannon, Donna Richardson, Bill Shearer, Jerry VanDyke, Mollie Smith, Dave Sewell, Rex Richards, Nancy Hardwick. 37 Everyone sings, but choirs are serious At times it seemed that almost everyone at AHS was singing-the school song, the popular tunes. But one group was more serious about it, and the several hundred stu- dents in the vocal music department were nearly pro- fessional. The core of the program was Choral Club, which per- formed at school convocations, presented programs of its own and combined with band and dramatics groups in hit shows. Madrigal Singers, the premier singers, and Choralettes, a girls, choir, were joined this year by the Varsity Singers, a relaxed organization singing the new breed of popular folk music. CHORAL CLUB-Front Row-Mr. Richard Seaver, Sponsor, Anita Highwood, Pam Denny, Janine Ramsey, Glenda High- wood, Kathy Cobb, Mike Young, David Ellsworth, Tim Frank, Mark F raundorfer, Jerry Van Dyke, George Pancol, Gary Thurber, Christy Black, Norma Buehler, Nancy Porter, Sherry YVest, Susie Gallamore, Beth Upshaw. Row 2-Jo Rene Dubois, Kay Kiper, Debbie Dudley, Ann Barnett, Jean Ann Stefke, Bev Caldwell, Judy Redick, Karen Allen, Jim Baile , Bruce Whitmill, Dennis Highbaugh, Allen Bingham, Wayne Plilegar, Tom Long, Claudia Carter, Debby VanNess, Beth Newberry, Susie Mitchell, Carla Jackson, Mary Paschal, Janie Bryant. Row 3-Becky Reish, CHORALETTES-Front Row-Pam Wonders, Veronica Smith, Marti Crosley, Jan Williams, Debbie Hobbs, Pam Zearbaugh, Becky Anderson, Marianne Donnelly, Fran Moore, Mr. Richard Seaver, Sponsor. Row 2-Jeanne Blubaugh, Nancy Reichard, Essie Johnson, Taxiea Goehring, Brenda Aynes, Cathy Wheeler, Elizabeth Harter, Leigh Ann Shafer, Terri Taylor, Susan Bilyeu, Claire Richardson, Mike Alexander, Doug Huiterna, Dick Rich- wine, Tom Thomburg, Mike McHenry Tim Paschal, Kevin Idle- wine, Mike Bales, Dave Gamble, Gerald Pearson, Rick Dunkerly, Sandy Roberts, Pam Trantham, Vicki DeBolt, Leatha Taylor Le Ann Thompson, Tam Day. Row 4-Nancy O'Conner, Mlarcia Dadds, Barb Finley, Debbie Keesling, Cheryl Burnett, Tim Gal- braith, Eldon Eutsler, Jim Darnell, Steve Jourdan, Tim Phillips, Dave Wine, Rick Ellsworth, Steve Fisher, Bob Price, Ralph Wood, Rod Anderson, Ron Hellems, Keith Hinton, Tom Horevay, Doug Hudson, Nancy Bright, Teresa Southwick, Kathy Stephens. Linda McBurrows, Sheryl Richardson, Ronda McRoberts, Bec Baker, Carol Buehler. Row 3-Marian Humphrey, Linda Beadii, Debbie Newby, Betsy Garner, Barbara Green, Linda Norris, Matoka Vontress, Cindy Loewen, Jana Hood, Cindy Grieb, Pam Tomlinson, Shelley Lawson. MADRIGALS-Front ROW-Anita Highwoocl, Sally Hillsamer, Melinda White, Jill jackson, Mary Paschal, Mr. Richard Seaver, S onsor. Row 2- Ierr Van Dyke, Mike Adams, Rod Andlerson, Tom Thornburg, Rick Ells- worth, Keith Hinton. VARSITY SINCERS--Front Row-Mike Parks, Iudy Redick, son Beth Newberry, David Gamble. Row 3-Tim Phillips, Barb Ron Hellems, Claudia Carter, Bruce Clear, Susie Mitchell... Finley, Gerald Pearson, Bruce Whitmill, Cheryl Burnett, Becky Row 2-David Wine, Susan Bilyeu, Janie Bryant, Claire Richard- Reish, Mike Bales. Council and faculty form close bonds Controversy was something that students talked about but had little contact with because of the close relation- ship of the Student Council with the administration. Sponsors Mr. jack Nicholson and Mrs. Paula Howe ad- vised, and council members made decisions. The com- bination led to harmony while other Indiana schools were embroiled in conflict. The council alloted one-night hippie status to students at the psychedelic Fall Wind-Up, Bloomin' Atticf, and gave the girls a chance during Twirp Week, when they asked the boys to the dance, i'Midnight on the Majestic. But the main work remained in the area of student representation and government. Representatives from 69 homerooms met Weekly to thrash out problems before they became conHicts and to promote the school to the fullest. Pre-planning by Anita Lee, Reggie George, and Shirley Armstrong sinooths out regular meetings. STUDENT COUNCIL-Front Row-Mr. Jack Nicholson, Spon- sor, Reggie George, Pres., Anita Lee, Rec, Sec., Claire Richard- son, Corr. Sec., Rita Sokol, Parliamentariang Mikc VVoodruff, Reading Clerk, Jackie Guibault, Treas.g Marty Croft V-Pres., Anita Smith, Shirley Armstrong Glenda Highwood, Sally Brann, Debbie Powers, Linda Campbell. Row 2-Brenda Swain, Davema jackson, Meadow Swain, Pam Metz, Sharon Boles Cheryl Chowning, Mary Beth Abel, Renda Shull, Michele Parks, Susan Horevay, Ianet Bledsoe, Julia Baldwin, Ianis Sigler, Row 3-Tom Goodman, Randy Smith, Steve Caudill, Lorri Neale, Tanya Tim- mons, Pam Wonders, Elizabeth Halter, Mary Bronnenberg, Barb Scott, Carol Brattain, jo Ellen Gadberry, Karen Williams, Janine Marling, Rich Hall, Carol Buehler. Row 4-Rod Iarvis, Debbie Welsh, Steve Pakes, Mary Cravens, Kris Mason, Betsy Huffman, Dixie Rauner, Elaine Barker, Cindy Alt, Brenda Long, Gloria Jones Marianne Donnelly, Debbie Crowthers, Mary Ia Osborne, Ursula Weibel, Shirley Graham, Jeanne Davis, Tim Lanane. Row 5-Fred Matthews, Kay Larson, Tom Vanderbur, Mike Turner, Dave Sewell, Kevin Lane, Dave Jarrett, Steve Arnold, Gary Erskine, Bill Snyder, Steve Meek, jim Wheelwright, Scott Ray, Steve Lierman, Mark Fenimore. Actors live, work for audience acceptance Apprentice or veteran actors live and work for audience acceptance, and the applause at every Thespian per- formance during the year made the long nights of re- hearsal easy to take. In the first production of Troupe 736, 'Night of January l6,,' the actors enlisted members of the audience to sit in the jury box and decide the fate of the de- fendent. Students and the elected jurors reached oppo- site verdicts on each night of the presentation. A Valentine's Day Play Festival and Award Night and a childrenis fantasy story delighted both the young and the old of the community. Students acted, directed, built stage scenery, applied greasepaint, and promoted all play productions. This hard work, coupled with en- thusiasm, made this year a successful one for the Thespians. Prosecution and defense attorneys try to intimidate a key witness in Night of January l6.,' THESPIANS-Front Row-Bruce Clear, Pres., Mrs. Maxine Bridges, Sponsor, Betsy McNabney, V-Pres., Donna Richardson, Treas., Melinda White, Sec., Cherie Roudebush, Cindy Bechtel, Kathy Chaney, Susan Bilyeu, Judy Keel, Gloria Geiger, Judy Redick, Pam Black, Debbie Dudley. Row 2-Barb Frossard, Nicki Norton, Leatha Taylor, LeAnn Thompson, Ann Barnett, Becky Courtney, Jean Ann Stefke, Virginia Goss, Claire Richard- son, Terri Rowe, Jerry Van Dyke, Kay Kiper, Ellen Wehrley, Christy Black, Jayne Ferguson. Row 3-Cheryl Chowning, Bev Caldwell, Vicki DeBolt, Bridget Hurley, Jill Jackson, Carole Pistole, Jenifer Dexter, John Crisler, Ruthie Gaither, Mollie Smith, Geoff Gephart, Pam Tomlinson, Keith Hinton, Pam Denny, Sue Todd, Rob Priddy. Row 4-Claudia Carter, Carolyn Madara, Debra Beher, Kathy McHenry, Janice Niehaus, Kathy Loucks Jeanne Davis, Steve Musser, Susie Sokol, David Bell, Gini Brod- erick, Steve Mustin, Janis Sigler, Tom Lane, Leigh Ann Shafer, Ed Whetsel, Ed Billheinier, Mike Reed. Row 5-Fred Matthews, Tim Paschal, Regina Falker, Mike Turner, Marcia Dadds, Rod Anderson, Tim Persing, Kay Larson, Ervin Cox, Don Barnett, Tim Boman, Barb Finley, Jody Walker, Mike Parks, Ursula VVeibel, Tom Thornburg, Wayne Phlegar. Statl members Diane El- more, Susie Mitchell, Karen Folsum, Tom Graddy, Nancy Shearer, Kathy Loucks, Barb Fros- sard, Madeline Beaman, and Paula Maggard re- view future articles as Page and Managing edi' tors of the X-Ray, X-Ray staff Writes 15,000 words a Week Publishing the high school newspaper is one mad rush from a week before school begins until the final senior issue is put to bed in the spring. In between time there is the shorter deadline that results in one of the few high school newspapers printed in a school print shop on a weekly basis. Each week more than 15,000 words had to be Written, and inevitably errors cropped up. The staff set up elab- orate proofing systems, the print shop did the same, and both shrugged oii the criticism-most of it undeserved. At year's end student readers had a complete record of the happenings at school. They could count on the X-Ray for all important announcements from the ad- ministration and student leaders, and a wealth of feature material on little-known areas of AHS life. Copyreaders and typists Bruce Clear, Jeanne Blubaugh, Steve Merritt, Bev Caldwell, and Cay Robbins see their handiwork set into type in the print shop by Bob Cobble. Circulation and Advertising staffers LeAnn Thompson, Janet Q - , - , . V , Roettinger, Mike Reed, Cherie Roudebush, Debra Crowthers, isgniiihkegogglifinbfjigs iggtggiuklrfialegeytoni Kay Larson, VVendy Majors, and Tim Persing meet to boost X-Ray sales. to keep students informed of happenings Story planning for each news beat requires team effort by reporters Karen Taylor, Pat Sample, Linda Carter, Barbara Scott, Brenda Boards, Carol Smith, Jim Wheelwright, jean Barnett, Gail Benak, Diana Rolfs, John Crisler, and Artie Pepelea. Flair, spectacle, showmanship, and musical excellence were the marks of a typical year for the Marching Indians. Football and basketball crowds marveled at the dash and precision of the 168-member group, often for- getting the hours of drill and study that Band Director George F. Vaught prescribed before each of the spec- taculars. Fourteen football and basketball shows, Eve community parades, dozens of school events ranging from pep ses- sions to dramatic plays to the 'cVariety Show of 1962? gave thousands of spectators the chance to see the daz- zle of the band,s versatile presentations. Indians march with Intricate and spectacular lighting is the domain of lighting crew members David Rolfs, David Miller, Bob Smith, Larry James. 44 ' ,fs , i nil' ,..' ' ss T ' N 'Q ' -'fbil fflflqu-: ft 11 -- - Tl'TA'- ' L f Playing while marching is a skill reached by diligent practice. Training behind it, the band steps off at the State Fair. o applause of thousan ds of spectators Organizer and guiding genius of the baud is Mr. George F. Vaught. The Star Spangled Bannerv is spine-t' gl' g h I d b th band in the darkened Wigwam beforeuS3,0gl0 1X0gllC? aye y e 45 ii Variety showas clash and elegance BAND-Front Row-Anita Highwood, Janet Roettinger, Nancy O'C0nnor, Kathy Chaney, Carol Brattain, Jan Anderson, Monica Borges, Charlotte Gray. Row 2- Gail Benak, Sally Brann, Gail Moody, Fran Moore, Fred Collins, Debbie Hobbs, Denise Hinchman, Gordon Kane, Sharon Gibson, Reggie George, Bruce VVhitmill. Row 3-Ron Hellems, Derrick Britt, Debby Lloyd, Sandy Lawson, Linda Pat- ton, Karen Patton, Colleen Brown, Gary Barr, Denise Hinton, Allen Ringham, Don YVells, Tim Phillips, Eric Hoffman, Tom Thornburg, Steve Robinett. Row 4-Don Bastine, Barry Gibbons, Roger Long, Bob Eckman, Bill Garret, Mike Burnett, Dar- rell Grile. Row 5-Mr. Hoffman, Rick Kellams, Roger Shirley, Karen Higgins, Tom Haggard, Dave Helvey, Jack Ire- land, Alvin Renschler, Mark Phelps, Bill Gray, Rod Fletcher, Lloyd Brown. INDIANETTES-Front Row-Chris WVisner, Sharon Zink, Leisa Clark, Lyn VVable, Diane Adams, Polly Stone. Row 2-Ronna Wisner, Terry McKee, Melody Achor, janie Roush Sally Smith, Brenda Reed, Susie Bray. Row 3-Essie Kimmons, Sherry VVest, Cheryl VVatson, Mary Lennartz, Sheila Teague, Row 4-Linda Manship, Diana NVelchel, Cindy Alt, Teresa Carter, Pat Kimmerling, Diane Rolfs, Brenda Long, Emilv Hosek, Linda Carter. A 310,000 Variety Show extravaganza climaxes a successful and effective band year. 46 ,ff raw thousands of admirers 47 BAND-Front Row-Linda Beard, Cathy Phillips, Belinda Broadnax, Brenda Swain, Glenda Highwood, Dixie Rauner, Debbie Newby, Jeanne Blubaugh. Row 2-Den- nis Roberson, Jon Nipple, Jody Walker, Phillip Coale, David Coryn, Bev New- som, David Simpson, Katherine Varda- man, Meadow Swain, Cheryl Palmer. Row 3-Mike Pitcher, Randy Smith, Richard Crain, Mike Bousman, Ted Patterson, Jell Sloan, Ronda Melloberts, Kay Kiper, Ken Craig, Steve Priser, David Chapman, Jim Hailey, Terry Forkner, Jacque Fork- ner. Row 4-Bobby Knotts, Charlie New- som, Tim Galbraith, Louis Garris, Marvin McCloud, Doug Rolfs, Duane VanDalsen, Steve Hardacre, John Borkman, Greg Smith, Scott Balsley, Jim Dageforcle, Dick Etsler, Paula Bingham. Row 5-Gary Phillips, Tom Flory, Tim Hodges, Pete Hudson, David Rose, Mr. George Vaught, Director. DANCE BAND-Front Row-Jeff Sloan, Terry Forkner, Dave Chapman, Jim Railey, Steve Priser. Row 2-Jan Anderson, Steve Robinett. Row 3-Steve Hardacre, Greg Smith, Jim Dageforde, Scott Balsley, Tom Thornburg, Mike Bousman, Eric Hoffman, Reggie George Alfred Johnson, John Ireland, Cassie Borkman. Revamped orchestra holds high ratings Anderson High's orchestra reorganized under a new di- rector, Mrs. Laurie Smith, and held onto its superior contest ratings for the tenth consecutive year. By earning place ratings in the district Solo and En- semble contest, the musicians qualified for further com- petition. By the end of the year the Orchestra had de- veloped into a near-professional organization. It pre- sented the traditional Pornp and Circumstancev at grad- uation With a style and enthusiasm that showed a growing pride among its members. STRING QUARTET-Front Row-Judy Garland, Mary Gilson, Row 2-Mrs. Laurie Smith, Susie Mitchell, Cassie Borkman. STRING ENSEMBLE-Front Row4Susie Mitchell, Norma Buehler, Judy Garland, Kathy Graham, Mary Gilson. Row 2- ORCHESTRA OFFICERS-Alfred johnson, Beth Fox, Susie Mitchell, Doug Hudson, Beth Fox, Rick'Sheets, Carol Land, Cassie Borkman, Alfred Johnson. i A Club members Rod Freeman and Cary Erskine discuss a future club project with Sponsor Mr. David East. A-CLUB-Front Row-Dave Sewell, Bill Shearer, Don Barnett, Treas., Tom Rankin, Pres., Steve Mustin, V-Pres., Arnell Dye, Sgt.-at-arms, Fred Libler, Rex Richards, Marty Grolf, Dan Hogue. Row 2-Gary Thurber, Jim johnson, Dave Davis, Mike Vetor, Reggie George, Doug Graham Lee Franks, Tom Ha.rp, Thom Mayer, Dick Ferguson, Pat Dilts, Steve Herkomer, Steve Voss. Row 3-Birt Hampton, Mark Fraunclorfer, Steve Shipley, Mike 1 5 FX 'Ai Club goals are spirit, loyalty, pride Spirit, loyalty, and pride were the basic goals of A Club during a year of adversity in varsity athletics. The boys boosted school spirit in victory and even more so in defeat, which came more often than usual during the seasons. Sitting in a block at ball games in their red and green jackets and sweaters, the members of A Club were a constant source of enthusiasm. They also served the school and community by col- lecting cans of food for needy families at Christmas, and performing as clowns in the annual Yule parade. The club worked with the Athletic Department in many of its promotions. Members passed out programs at games and sold team pictures before the basketball tourney, with most of the proceeds going to the equip- ment and medical fund. Armstrong, Mike Boone, Mike Woodruff, Dennis Harrington, Mike Melson, Larr Manshi , Rod Jarvis, Dave Fisher, Charlie Soden. Row 4-Rick Richards, Dan Hallenbeck, Phil Bledsoe, Larr Bums, Tim Black, Iack King, Rick Sprague, Kevin Lane, Chuck Peters, Fred Matthews, Otis Blackman, Jim Forehand, Steven Archey, Sam Watkins. . - .1 ,- Door decoration prize goes to room 100. A bonfire kindles students to enthusiastic heights. An enlivened crowd gathers under the Indian insignia to complete a pre- game yelling ses- sion. s,s t ,ss. ,r., , ,g s W .rf .pf ffm., .. J :zz 'P ' wi: .. :+,,fWf,,,,v, 1 . . H H mn , ,ss my i .52 I V Wwe., I rl fV??ii:1L E,i' , .i ,, ,.,- it , 7 fr E469 2 521 L 4-,V i fl? 1' ' A . r ' :offers-'wf' J f - W 23 it f . hai---H ' .fl ,' 1'i': , FH . f ' 'W ' L5 1 N, ,9WQpfiuz A 'A ' ' qw... W., : -,,. WW , .. ..., ,,,, , n..:.:W:,..,...,,.,,,,, ,, v,..,, YJ A , K Q X Q., me .- ..........f M555 ' 3 I-5 ' ,rms Al5.E:s'.g'3-?,f1.'QE -'15 'I all Le , 1 TV- wt '- - ,, ,sr, 50 Colorful dress provides an outlet for Bred-up fans. Faculty members take an active part in sectional hilarities Indian backers show a spirited concern at every game. Students and faculty let off spirited steam Team spirit centers around a cheerblock of over 250 boosters. Athletics were big at AHS, and while winning or losing was important, the real value came in allowing students to let off steam. And in 1968 they let off a lot of it, Faculty members joined in and made the alndianv and the colors red and green an overwhelming part of school life. just at the peak of spirit the basketball team lost and the colorful paraphernalia was packed away for another year. But the spirit-nurtured for more than 75 years by students, teachers, and adults whose only tie to the school anymore is the high school team-still smoldered, ready to break out at the slightest excuse. Student signatures express a faithful backing to team members Cheerleader Ann Barnett RESERVE CHEERLEADERS-Front Row-Terri Taylor, janet Bledsoe, Debbie Dudley, janet Herche. Row 2-Bridget Hurley, Pam Denny, jean Zirkelback, Chris Schilke. Mascot jim Boone and maiden Carla jones pass the peace pipe. Spontaneous spirit Spirit was spontaneous, but it needed the organization and leadership provided by a team of dedicated cheer- leaders. The girls looked peppy, yet casual, in front of crowds of 8,000 personsg but their aplomb came from hours of practice and innovation. Leading a cheerblock of 250 organized girls, they drowned out all opposition at home games and made a significant dent in the op- ponents' spirit away from the Wigwam. Setting the stage for basketball extravaganzas at home were the Indian mascot and maiden who did a war dance to the accompaniment of beating drums and Hash- ing spotlights. Although their dance and the resulting cheerblock screams could not be directly credited for bringing victory, the combined performance certainly has helped the Indians maintain an almost all-winning record in the Wigwam down through the years. Cheerleader Cheryl Chowning Cheerlead drowns out all significant oppo sition Cheerleader Barb FIOSS-211421 Cheerleader Nancy Shearer Homecoming Queen Beverly Caldwell Prom Queen Carla Jones ueens personify All-American style AHS queens personified an All-American attitude, beauty, grace, and popularity among students and fac- ulty. When the pre-election screening of grades and person- ality factors were completed, the student body was as- sured of outstanding candidates. But, as in all competi- tion, only three gained coveted queenships. After a week-long buildup of suspense, Bev Caldwell was crowned Homecoming Queen as more than 5,000 football fans applauded her and her attendants, Becky Courtney and Sue Todd. Eight homerooms that had 100 per cent yearbook sales nominated candidates, and more than 1,800 student subscribers chose Karen Taylor as Yearbook Queen, giv- ing the Taylor family two queenships in a row since sister Leatha had won in 1967. Honored with Queen Karen at the Annual-Band Winter Concert were runners-up Mea- dow Swain, Carmen Lanning, Myra Moore, Mary Beth Abel, Carole Pistole, Barb Finley, and Becky Reichard. The most traditional affair, the Iunior Prom, honored the senior class and Prom Queen Carla jones. Attendants Karen Folsom and Janet Bledsoe added to the beauty of the court. Credit for the beautiful and exciting coronation events went to hundreds of students who built floats at Home- coming, bought yearbooks, and spent hours decorating for an Evening at Taraf the Prom setting. Yearbook Queen Karen Taylor 'Q Members take a last look at the pinata before the big explosion at the Christmas party. Spanish-speaking neighbor scrutinized El Circula Espanolb members concentrated on the United States, Spanish-speaking neighbor, Mexico, dur- ing its program year. They staged a Mexican dinner and Christmas party and studied the customs of the country. The club members got a chance to practice their con- versational Spanish during a fellowship night at Anderson college, meeting and talking with college students from Latin American countries. Wlhile the club and its sponsors, Mrs. Judy Zinszer and Mrs. Martha McHenry, tried to tie Spanish into most of the activities, they took time to drive in the Homecoming parade, sponsor an all-school sock hop, and back the Indians in their pre-tournament festivities. SPANISH CLUB-Front Row-Mrs. Martha McHenry, Sponsor, Teresa Collett, Pam Black, Sec., Monte Ice, V-Pres., Bruce Clear, Pres., Mary Ann Weis, Treas., Gail Moody, Nancy Porter, Mary Kay McMillan, Julie Baldwin, Mrs. Judy Zinszer, Sponsor. Bow 2-Judy Harvey, Norma Buehler, Gary Thurber, Judy Red- ick, Barb Brown, Lorri Neale, Mary Beth Abel, Sandy Slack, Debbie Morgan, Barb Bell, Annettia Brooks. Bow 3-Nancy Bright, Barry Cope, Karen Allen, Carol Buehler, Linda Norris, Debbie Newby, Melodee Layman, Jane Tucker, Shirley Armstrong, Sherry Gregg, Diana Car enter, Linda Lee. Row 4-Sam Johnson, Mark Clem, Tim Frank? Betsy Huffman, Sally Jones, Dennis Highbaugh, Chris Jackson, Bernadette Faith, Marsha Smith, Jeanne Davis, Mary Jane Lippman, Beth Fox, Debra Beher. Row 5-Gail Benak, Marcia Dadds, Phil Coale, Tim Phillips, Mike McHenry, Bob Bloom, Chip Ellis, Mark Fraundorfer, Steve Wil- liams, Jim Wheelwright, Diana Whelchel, Lyn Wable, Jana Hood. Huge Latin Club bustles on projects LATIN CLUB-Front Row-Jim Balsley, Pres., Virgina Goss, Editor, Nancy Hardwick, Corr. Sec., Katie Kopp, V-Pres., Bruce 'Whitmill, Parliamentarian, Iloy Collins, State Trcas., Renda Shull, Historian, Nilena Chamber ain, Treas., Chris Schilke, Pam Black. Row 2-Janice Niehaus, Monte Ice, Betsy McNabney, Cheryl Chowning, Anita Lee, Polly Stone, Liz Wainscott, Melinda Dant, Kathy Hoffman, Donna Richardson. Row 3-Pat Hall, Carol Brattian, Janet Roettinger, Barb Brown. Wendy Magers, Bob Salve discipulif' or hello studentsf' was the greeting that met Latin Club students from their dedicated spon- -sor, Miss Eileen Johnson. In the last decade the club has been the largest and most active voluntary group in the school. Members have held state and national offices in the Junior Classical League, and Miss Johnson has been Indi- ana sponsor. This year the group switched to local service projects, financing them by selling stationery, fruitcakes, calendars, and license plates. The money went in part to providing jars of gift-wrapped instant coffee for men- tal health patients. Club members bustled all year long on the projects and picked up an appreciation for Latin and its relation- ship to modern culture in the process. They attended state meetings and found that Junior Classical Leagues in other schools were just as active, a tribute to the core of dedicated Latin teachers in Indiana. Brandon, Don YVells, Nancy Vores, Melody Achor, Mary Kay McMillan, Linda Hodson. Row 4-Jim Keogh, Mike Marsh, Tim WVoolbert, Paula Ringham, John Crisler, Mary Pat Kelly, Daverna Jackson, Armand McClintock, Bill Shearer, Tim Black. Row 5- Bob Eckman, Rick Adams, WVilson Bienert, Barb Finley, Craig McClure, Jana Hood, Mary Ann Weis, Nancy Hodson, Karen Robinson, Teresa Carter, Brad Burton. LATIN CLUB-Front Row-Suzie Huntley, Cheryl Palmer, Deanna Layer, Teresa Knuckles, Cris Caudill, Sue Keogh, Janice Guibault, Brenda Swain. Row 2-Rick Jarvis, Patty YVihebrink, John Dew, Alan Cobb, Joanna Jones, Steve Fisher, Debby VVise, Rachael Rollins. Row 3-John Gerard, John Rock, Sally Hughes, Mary Kay Wilder, lJim Graham, Rick Hall, Jim Laughlin, Pat Kimmerling, Phyl is Stone. Row 4-John Porter, Scott Ray, Regina F alker, Janet Bryan, Leanne Ellis, Elaine Barker, Becky Anderson, Debbie Hobbs, Debbie Welsh, Cathy Wheeler. Row 5-Dave Gamble, Don Brant, Bruce Purkey, David Hill, Jim George, Gary McKinney, Bob Kiely, Joey Cobb, Doug Hinton. In an era of worsening French-American relations the French Club became a positive force, encouraging an appreciation of things French. Instrumental in develop- ing Gallic interests through guided study of the French language and culture were Miss Virginia Lindstrom and Mrs. Indy Zinszer, co-sponsors. The club worked to de- velop relationships between students and the community in such service projects as contributing food for Thanks- giving baskets and singing Christmas carols at the local hospitals. As students of a foreign language, they in- volved themselves fully in the financial campaign for the foreign student exchange program, hoping that one of their number might be tabbed for the American abroad program and an exciting summer of study and living in France. French Club members promote better understanding of foreign customs through posters and bulletin boards. Positive force encourages French culture FRENCH CLUB-Front Row-Mrs. Iudy Zinszer, Sponsor, Susan Bilyeu, Treas., Bridget Hurley, Sec., Claire Richardson, V-Pres., Nancy Shearer, Pres., Debbie Powers, Tanya Timmons, Debbie Dudley, Iean Zirkelback, Sheila Teague, Beth Upshaw, Michele Zuck, Becky Bray, Anne Baldwin, Pam Tomlinson, Miss Virginia Lindstrom, Sponsor. Row 2-Paula Maggard, Pam Metz, Mary Marvel, Mary Ann Wood, Jackie Cuibault, Chris Wisner, Sally Brann, Janie Bryant, Brenda Eiler, Mary Ann Taylor, jan VanDyke, Kris Mason, Kathy Orick, Mary Beth Abel, Carol Land, Katie Kopp. Row 3-Steve Pakes, Karen Swinehart Toni Clark, Ianis Sigler, Joan Williams, Georgianna McDaniels. Joe Ellen Cadberry, Darla Beeler, Karen Folsom, Jean Ann Stefke, Le Ann Thompson, Geoff Gephart, Barbara Tackett, Ellen Sayers, Sally Smith, Rhonda Fletcher, Renee Dowling. Row 4-Mary Bronnen- berg, Teri Creen, Debbie Rolilfing, Teresa Collett, Shelly Lawson, Margaret Sullivan, Sandy Roberts, Vicki Renforth, Jeni Meikel, Terri Taylor, Betsy Carner, Cindy Alt, Becky Courley, Cheryl Burnett, Elizabeth Harter, Carol Smith, Marianne Donnell , Row 5-Tom Austin, Bruce Brumback, Pat Lanane, jim Darnelll, Clark Jones, jeff Sloan, Tom Vanderbur, Mike Warrum, Fred Matthews, Dick Richwine, Iack Hughes, Becky Reish, Rick Wilburn, Carol Brundage, Ursula YVeibel, Kay Larson, Derrick Britt, Charlie Austin. HONOR SOCIETY-Front Row-Mr. Harry McCoon, Sponsor, Bruce Chaillc, Pres.g Jim Dageforde, V-Pres., Jan Polhemus, Sec., Mary Paschal, Treats., Pam Black, Judy Redick, Betty Johnson, Leatlza Taylor, Jayne Ferguson. Row 2-Anita Smith, Kathy Mc- Cord, Mary- Ann Wood, Monte Ice, Vicki DeBolt, Cindy Bechtel, Anita Highwood, Ann Baldwin, Mary Beth Abel, Chery Chowning. Row 3-Betsy McNabne , Barb Carney, Janice Niehaus, Ruth Crose, Jill Jackson, CarolyBrundage, Chris Stewart, Honor Society oilicers, Mary Paschal and Bruce Chaille, visit the counseling department for guidance in future careers. Jacque,Forkner, Paula Rin ham. Carole Pistole, Beth Newberry, Debbi Cray. Row 4-Pat I-itll, Shirley Armstrong, Linda Chance, Sheldon West, Eric Hoffman, Jerry Pearson, Kathy Loucks, Gloria Jones, Barb Frossard, Yvonne Watkins, Anita Lee. Row 5- Kathy McHenry, Melinda White, Bob Patterson, Randy Lee, Mike Conner, Tom Craddy, Don Durham, Greg Smith, Steve Hard- acre, Kay Larson, Larry Manship, Ron Smith, Mike Ellis. Top scholars enjoy life with discipline Membership in National Honor Society meant sacrific- ing an occasional Tuesday Night at the Movies on T.V. or a mid-week gab session but not many other extra- curricular activities. The 60 students who earned grade averages of at least 92 per cent were also the leaders in clubs, sports, dramatics, and many student groups. An Honor Society member was one who was able to discipline himself when he had to and also enjoy high school life to the hilt. He had a special place at gradua- tion, wearing gold tassels and earning recognition for an outstanding high school career. DEBATE CLUB-Front Row-Mr. Michael Miller, Sponsor, Jim VVheelwright, Pres., Cordon Kane, V-Pres., Shelley Lawson, Pam Tomlinson, Christy Black. Row 2-Jack Foy, -lack Hughes, Victor Phillips, Mike Kelley, Joe Kaiser. I firmly believe . . . Therefore if this plan is not fol- lowed . . . Give me liberty or give . . . The aflirmation rests its case. Such phrases were echoed in schools around the state by members of Speech and Debate Club. The rewards earned through the diligent work and incessant preparation for contests paid great dividends. Members presented the convocation which was held dur- ing American Education Week and prepared a program for the visiting parents during Parent's Night. Others spoke before service clubs and organizations in Ander- son, but the largest sense of achievement was participat- ing in contest sponsored by the National Forensic League. Debate Club, under the direction of Mr. Michael Miller, began slowly but came on strong at the end of the season. With hard, patient work of the sponsors, Mrs. Rebecca Leonard and Mr. Miller, the club attained its high standards in speaking and debating. Lofty phrases echo throughout Indiana SPEECH CLUB-Front Row-Mrs. Rebbeca Leon- ard, Sponsorg Bruce Clear, Pres., ,lim Wheelwright, V- Pres., Nancy Bright, Sec., Mark Fenimore, National Forensic League Sec., Anita Highwood. Row 2-Regena Powell, Marolyn Berry, Mar- sha T rindel, Jacque Forkner, Kay Kiper, Rob Priddy, Tom Lane. Row 3-Claudia Car- ter, Keith Hinton, Mike Reed, Barb Finley, Tim Bo- man, Ervin Cox, David Hill, Rod Jarvis. Organized for the first time in AHS history, the National Quill and Scroll Club enrolled more than 20 students. Membership came from the staffs of the Indian, c'The X-Ray, and The Little Chieff, the school publications. The aim of the organization was to foster a spirit among the three groups to cooperate and work toward better journalistic spirit in school. Another key group in the journalism program was the staff of publication representatives who diligently worked to sell subscriptions and finance the program. .l New club fosters journalistic spirit QUILL AND SCROLL-Front Row-Keith Hinton, Pres., Kay Larson, V-Pres., Mr. Larry Bamhart, Sponsor, Mrs. Vivian Maine, Sponsor, Mr. Lee Pursley, S onsorg Kathy Hoffman, Treas., Pat Hall, Sec. Row 2-Ron Pricllrard, Susie Mitchell, Jan Polhemus, Barb Frossard, Paula Ringham, Barb Carney, Carol PUBLICATIONS REPRESENTATIVES--Front Row-Mr. Larry Barnhart, Slponsorg Pam Childs, Janis Bynum, Debbie Dennis, Norma Bue ler, Janice Parker, Jan Anderson, Kathy Whelchel, Susan Bilyeu, Jane Tucker, Patty Wihebrink, Cris Caudill. Row 2-Janet Breese, Brenda Williams, Beth Newberry, Becky Reish, Mary Marvel, Regina Falker, Elaine Barker, Barbara Tackett, Dixie Rauner, Jayne Ferguson, Rita Sokol, Janet Roettinger. Row Millspaugh, Tom Graddy, Dave Sewell. Row 3-Anne Baldwin, Linda Peyton, Nancy Hardwick, Jayne Ferguson, Donna Richard- son, Gay Robbins, Paula Maggard, Mollie Smith, Janice Niehaus, Janet Roettinger. 3-Ron Hellems, Randy Smith, Dan Hallenbeck, Nancy Shearer, Armand McClintock, Carrie Dixon, Carmen Lanning, Jan Polhe- mus, Pam Tomlinson, Bob Boone, Rick Adams, Bob Eckman. Row 4-Dave Davis, Rick Kellams, Mike Bales, Alan Cobb, Tom Herbst, Tony Demos, Sam Mudd Alvin Renschler, John Crisler, John Dew, George Wulle, Dick Ferguson, Roy Irle, Roger Garrett. DCE CLUB-Front Row-Mr. Don Dietzer, Sponsorg Joyce Hagan, Treus., Sharon Zink, Sec., Ron Davis, Pres. Row 2 -Roger Crouse, Mike McKin- ley, Robert Perry, Russel Mc- Claskey, Jan VP0lhemus, Neil Simpson. Row 3-Tom Flory, Tony Lakus, Mike Woolard, Ed Roemer, Mike Warnell, Charlie Phillips, John Gilson. DCE, CCE clubs draw actlve support DCE CLUB-Front Row-Mr. Don Dietzer, Sponsor, Brenda Boards, Pres.g Pam Vveston, Sec., Butch Whicker, Treas.g Maribeth Callencler, Mary Ann Sokol, Connie Knotts. Row 2- Doris Doerr, Mike Hileman, Joe Kirk, Cynthia Downey, Ruby Thacker, Colleen Brown, Suzi Brandt, Carol Wean. Row 3-Mike Adams, Jim Orick, Chuck Vores, Dennis Willis, Everett Plummer, Gary Hinz, Janet Cummings, Donna Pin- yon, Nancy Carwile, COE CLUB-Front Row-Brenda Hughes Peggy OBrien Betty Kurtz Debbi CNY V1CkY Rlgdfm PHC Quallb Ml' .lack MHCY Johnson, Carla Jackson, Gay Robbins C1r'1 Jones Debble Scott SPUUSOI' Kathy McCord. Row 2-Margaret Peek Vickie Hughes Marti was DEGA CLUB-Front Row-Mrs. Melanie Devitt, Sponsor, Kathy Calabria, Pres., Vivian Hart, Sec., Cathy Murdock, Treas.g Craig Skouden, Reporter, Terry Allen, V-Pres., Steve jones, Historian, Becky Reichard, Coordinator and Chaplain, Nancy Scott, Row 2-Melanie Vermillion, Mark Ake, Dennis McCammon, Gloria Bryan, Ervin Wright, Monica Jones, Debbie Potter Don Parker, Belinda Bryan. Row 3-Jim Flatiord, Allan Delphia, Dennis Maxey, Chris Melson, Gini Broderick, Ruthie Gaither, Doug Blake, Faye Stover, Leah Farmer. Row 4-Dale Jarrett, Bob Davenport, Rick Owens, Ron Smith, Bob Ellis, Tim Woolbert, Rosalie O'Neal, Virginia Johnson, Elnora Weaver, Bonny Finley. Future Retailers impress community Former AHS member of DECA, Mrs. Melanie Devitt, returns to assume the role of club sponsor. Fifty-seven members of Future Retailers promoted both their own organization and the high school at meetings, contests and activities all over the Midwest. The list of activities began with the judging of Harvest Festival store Windows in Anderson, continued through state elections and the national leadership conference, and climaxed with the Employer-Employee Banquet. Future Retailers were in constant contact with business leaders in the community, and their actions added to the prestige of all AHS students. Members gained ex- perience in retail selling, but more important, acquired a feel for business-both practical and theoretical. They spoke before service clubs and promoted National DECA Week on radio and in newspaper stories. In school, Future Retailers pitched in to support all school events, decorating cars for homecoming, and back- ing teams and activities with the same enthusiasm that brought the club success. More than 200 students enlarged on course Work by par- ticipating in four subject-oriented clubs. Most activity began in the classroom through theory and principles and ranged into the community through contacts with business and professional persons. Future secretaries, food service employees, and future teachers met with their adult counterparts and many times took part in actual work situations. The would-be secretaries met with professional secretaries monthly, and the teachers helped to promote American Education Week and Teacher Appreciation Day. Food Service mem- bers performed the ultimate in public relations, hosting their bosses at Employer-Employee Appreciation Night. The fourth subject-oriented organization, German Club, attempted to put its classroom training to use in both club meetings and school activities. FUTURE SECRETARIES-Front Row-Jeanne Blubaugh, Pres., Cathy Murdock, V-Pres., Linda Chance, Rec Sec., Debbie Scott, Corr. Sec., Mrs. Jo Funk, Sponsor. Row 2-Darlene Sutter, Lynn Smith, Melinda Dant, Peggy O,Brien, Shirley Smith, Gay Robbins. Row 3-Carla Jackson, Charlotte Garris, Karen VVilliams, Marsha Trindel, Janet Roettinger, Cheryl Richardson, Karen Wilhoit. Row 4-Virginia Goss, Becky Reichard, Vickie Hughes, Susan Amrine, Diane Rolfs, Marti Kurtz, Sheila Watson, Kathy Snider. More than 200 students enlarge on cours FUTURE TEACHERS-Front Row-Barbara Scott, Pres., Paula Ringham, Treas., Anne Baldwin, V-Pres., Debby Newby, Histo- riang Jeanne Blubaugh, Sec., Anita Smith, Pam Black, Nancy Hardwick, Cheryl Palmer, Miss Helen Harrell, Sponsor. Row 2- Michele Zuck, Jayne Ferguson, Janet Craib, Rhonda Fletcher, Marian Humphrey, Becky Garringer, Lynn Gray, Tim Lanane, Nancy Porter, Linda Dotson. Row 3-Tariea Goehring, Mary Beth Abel, Mary Ann Wood, Michele Parks, Carol Brattain Carol Land, Teresa Collett, Linda Norris, Betsy Huffman Carol Buehler, Debbie Powers. Row 4-Sharon Gibson, Pat Hall, Pam Metz, Betsy Garner, Debbie Welsh, Mary Kay Wilder, Gloria Jones, Virginia Goss, Marolyn Berry, Madeline Beaman, Terri Graham, Stacy Scott, Yvonne Watkins. Row 5--Pat Lanane, Jacque Forkner, Ruth Crose, Carole Pistole, Jana Hood, Pat Sample, Wayne Phlegar, Nancy O'Conner, Cindy Grieb, Carol Smith, Becky Reish, David Hill, David Davis. FOOD SERVICE-Front Row-Belinda Broadnax, Pam Rice, Becky Walters, Darlene Alford, Linda Ray. Row Coleman, Toni McKinsey, Mrs. Lois Utterback, Sponsor, 3-Larry Carr, Randy Hudson, Debbie Davis, Bob Linda Lawson, Judy Riddle, Candy Alberts. Row 2- Trimble, john Bennet. Reva Devaney, june Winningham, Tina Farler, Jody work in subject-oriented organization GERMAN CLUB-Front Row-Mrs. Loretta Richards, Sponsor, Cheryl Chowning, Pres., John Crisler, V-Pres., Tom Graddy, Treas., Beth Newberry, Anita Lee, Anita Smith, Anita Highwood, Jan Anderson. Row 2-Stephen Collins, Jean Barnett, Jeni Meikel, Sharon Boles, Ruby Thacker, Sheila McAtee, Carolyne Coul- liette, Linda Conlon, Bob Brandon, Gary Hiatt. Row 3-Barb Finley, Mark Brinker, Mike Marsh, Mike Kinerk, George Wulle, Albert White, Gerald Pearson, Bob Kimm, john Maier, Gary Boles, Stephen Holtzleiter. Row 4--Gerald Huffman, Bob Reifel, VVilbur Baughn, Mike Turner, Ted Graddy, Bob Bloom, Greg Smith, jim Dageforde, Don Durham, Charles McConnell, Denny Delph, Tom Barnett, Rick Willhoit. Mrs. Maxine Bridges advises students before auditions for The King. and I. Broadway hits appear Thespians capture the villain in the children's play, The Emperor's New Clothesf' Mollie Smith, Jill Jackson, and Bruce Clear, captivate the audience in The King and If' on AHS stage Bits of Broadway made their appearance on the AHS stage during a dramatics season that began in November with a performance of Funny Girl and wound up with The King and I in May. Three groups, vocal musicians, thespians, and senior dramatics students, provided the highlights of the year. The Thespians busied themselves with a one-act play festival and the children's play, The Emperoris New Clothesf' and many participated in the two Broadway productions. Produced on a budget of -S2,000, Choral Club staged Funny Girlf' a hit musical still drawing well on the pro- fessional circuit. Leads Melinda White and Keith Hinton did outstanding jobs in difficult roles. The Hnal production of the year, The King and I, called for a cast of 39 senior dramatists and a number of young children from the community. After a semes- ter of work on acting, costuming, make-up and scenery production, the dramatists put all the skills together in a fitting climax to an outstanding theatrical year. Extensive publicity is essential to financial success. I Senior dramatists spend hours in make-up preparation to carry off an authentic presentation of the senior play. Melinda White stars as Fanny Brice in the Choral Club production of Funny Girl. r l An ancient Siamese gong adds authenticity and originality to the senior class play. Choral members gather at the home of Fanny Brice in their make-believe roles as friends of the family. Sports Upholding the honor, continuing the tradition, and defending the reputation characteristic of Anderson athletics, hundreds of devoted boys represented AHS in ten different sports divisions. The long hours employed in intense preparation proved Well spent when enthusiastic spectators roared support and athletes grew from boys to sportsmen. Oblivious to the crowd, a manager carries out his job. 69 Y ,. , M wk . 1' ff fy, it 'tfya' A 123 Q Everyone identifies with competitive sports Teachers, sewing as timers, forget impartiality and cheer. Athletics took the time and effort of a lot of persons- coaches, players, townspeople, teachers, student fans- and contributed much to the life of the school. Spectators identified with the competitors, and they despaired or exalted as defeats and victories piled up. The man hours involved in athletics ran into the thou- sands, but few would have it any other way as the thrills and excitement far outweighed the work. l A coach stands a lonely vigil as his team competes. lndians send bafanced nine to diamond Dave Sewell, 1967 NCC hitting champ, coordinates hand and eye action in the batting cage. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM -Front Row-Barry Payne, manager, Gary Erskine, Dick Etsler, Mike Woodruff, Monte Sparks, David Davis, Bill Met- zger, Richard Fredericks, man- ager. Row 2-Don Ravage, Doug Graham, Tom Mayer, Charlie Soden, Rod Iarvis, Steve Voss, Bill Iames, Row 3 -Mr. Don Barnett, Coach Dante Phillips, Kevin Lane, Lee Franks, Artie Pepelea, Dave Sewell, Don Barnett, Mr. Don Brandon, Coach. With nine returning lettermen filling every job on the field, and a group of seniors contending for starting positions, Coach Don Barnett quickly molded a well- balanced squad for NCC leadership and state champion contention. All-conference players from last year Don Barnett, Steve Lane, and Dave Sewell, plus pitchers Artie Pepelea and Gary Erskine paced the team in its quest to im- prove on a third place finish in the NCC last year. BASEBALL Won Lost Anderson 7, Nolielsville 4 l 0 Anderson 3, Muncie Central 4 1 1 Anderson 1, Ieff-Lafayette 2 l 2 Anderson 10, Greenfield O 2 2 Anderson 14, Marion 1 3 2 Anderson 14, Shortridge 6 4 2 Anderson 4, Richmond 9 4 3 Anderson 8, Madison Heights 9 4 4 Anderson 13, Wood-Indianapolis 7 5 4 Anderson 2, Logansport 1 6 4 Anderson 10, Madison Heights 1 7 4 RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM-Front Row-Dave Bell, Man- Row 2-Mr. Phil Sullivan, Coach, John Lozar, Mike McHenry, ager, Rick Eads, Tom Barnett, Roy Irle, Mark Fenimore, Barry Dennis Carpenter, Terry Pratt, Tom Feemster, Bmce Purkey, Cope, Steve LaShure. Phil Raymore, Rick Sleet. Dan lefferson. Ion Smith, Willis McNeese, Mr. Pat King, coach. TRACK TEAM-Front Row-Dave Sokol, Tom Aldred, im Burke, Glen Sfone, Frank Willis, Tim Lanane, Dennis Menden- hall, Fred Bouslog, Mike O'Brien, Jim johnson, Tom Zirkelback, Gary Thurber, Pat Lanane, Birt Hampton, Tim Holbert manager, Row 2-jim Balsley, Tim Black, Larry Bums, Mike Riley, Chuck Peters, Darryl Archey, Robert Wynn, Rick Sprague, Peter Buet- Trackmen race for ind tner, George Riley, Joe Ebbert, Larry Reitz, Mike Vetor, Mickey Whiteaker, Bob Dye, james Woods, Mr. Harold Welsh, coach. Row 3-Mr. David East, coach, Bob Price Jim Forehand Rod Freeman, Arnell Dye, ,lack King, Steve F isher, Gene Trueblood, Dave Fisher, Carl Cloud, Rod Fletcher, Dick Richwine, Bob Smith, Tom Simmons, Sam Hanna, LeeRoy Delp, Fred Sweigart. ividual, team glory Finding glory in competitive accomplishment and the satisfaction of achievement is a reward received by mem- bers of the track team. Senior Chuck Peters, high hurdle record breaker, paced the Indians for three consecutive years. He led a group of 25 returning veterans into strong contention in conference and sectional competition against central Indiana teams which normally monopolize the tourna- ment meets. TRACK XVon Lost Anderson 51 Muncie Central 58 0 1 Anderson 41, Richmond 76 0 1 Anderson 41, Muncie Central 36M 1 3 Marion 70W Anderson 6th, Muncie Relays Anderson 40, Madison Heights 78 1 4 Anderson 6th Kokomo Relays Anderson 535, Kokomo 83 1 5 Anderson scvcutll N.C.C. Moot Anderson third in sectional Tim Black displays his fortitude in high jumping. Chuck Peters Crightj challenges Richmond hurdlers. Swimmers compile top winter sports mark SWIMMING TEAM-Front Row-Joe Miller, Tim Ellsworth, Don Bastine. Row 2-Mr. Robert Freeman, coach, Marty Groil, Bill Shearer, Tom Norton, Steve Mustin, Pat Dilts, Jim Laughlin, Tom Harp. Row 3-Dave F redezicks, Stan Bledsoe, Frank Bagien- ski, Dwight Morgan, Cary Barr, Rod Fletcher, John Rock, Bob Smith, David Kleinhenn, Tim Lockwood, Alvin Renschler, Bob Kiely, Cedric Dunkerly. Winter sports best team record was compiled by the Wa- ter-boys co-captained by Bill Shearer and Marty Croft. Groif broke the oldest existing swim record at AHS by swimming the backstroke in l:03.5 minutes in the Madi- son Heights meet. Sophomore jim Laughlin contributed to the season's laurels by establishing a breast-stroke record of 1:07.6 minutes in the three-way meet with Marion and Richmond and breaking the old mark by one second. Individual medley relay squad, composed of Croft, Dave Fredericks, Laughlin, and Steve Mustin set a new team time of l:52.9 minutes. Team effort es- tablished an ll-5 tally, best season in the seven-year-old sport for Coach Bob Freeman. VARSITY SWIMMING Won Lost Anderson 52, Frankfort 43 1 0 Anderson 45, Muncie Central 50 1 1 Anderson 45, Lafayette Jeff 50 I 2 Anderson 62, Franklin 33 2 2 Anderson 16, Lawrence Central 79 2 3 Anderson 36, Speedway 59 2 4 Anderson 68, Carroll 25 3 4 Anderson 74, New Castle 21 4 4 Anderson 59, Muncie Burris 36 5 4 Anderson 55, Pike 40 6 4 Anderson 64, Madison Heights 31 7 4 Anderson 62, Richmond 50, 8 4 Marion 46 9 4 Anderson 53, Kokomo 104 9 5 Longansport 10 I0 5 Anderson Connersville forfeit 11 5 Anderson fourth in sectional Parents, teachers, and coaches took over to help AHS host the North Cen- tral Conference meet. Pat Dilts tops a melee of outstretched arms reaching for a distance lead in the 100-yard freestyle. Jim Wheelright's specialty on the rings requires perfect control. John Dew performs a dirlicult routine on the side horse. ymnastic team finds victory Combination Second time around rewarded Coach Mike Smith's gym- nasts with their Hrst taste of victory and a record of three wins and eleven losses. Improving on last yearis initial competitive season, gymnasts concentrated on perfection of body control and the execution of intricate routines in practices and meets. Anderson placed sixth in sectional competition, qualifying outstanding gymnast award winner Fred Libler for trampoline and Reggie George on the side horse in further state action. VARSITY GYMNASTICS Won Lost Anderson 57, Wabash 92 0 1 Anderson 10654, Pike 445 1 Anderson 68, Portland 86 2 Anderson 58, North Central 96 3 Anderson 5435, Concord 992 4 Anderson 48, Madison Heights 106 5 Anderson 105, Pike 49 5 Anderson 52, Madison Heights 102 6 Anderson 49, Ben Davis 102 7 Anderson 53, Columbus 101 8 Anderson 57, Wabash 92 9 Anderson 73, Warren Central 79 10 Anderson 79, Portland 75 10 Anderson 60, Southport 94 11 Anderson sixth in sectional GYMNASTIC TEAM-Front Row-Barry Payne, Mgr., Jim Wheelwright, Larry Manship, Bob Knotts, Mickey Simmons, Fred Libler, Mr. Mike Smith, coach. Row 2-Dan Hogue, Reggie George, John Dew, Bob Kimm, Gary Adams, Don Lawson, Ed Bilheirner. Row 3-Alan Cobb, Iohn Crisler, George Pancol, Steve Musser, Doug Graham, John Gerald, Dennis Harrington. Team challenged by tennis tradition Racketnien faced a challenge to maintain NCC leader- ship and to further the outstanding record established by retired Coach Dane Pugh whose teams won 204 matches and Eve NCC titleships against only 44 losses. Eight returning players helped to inaugurate the sea- son under the tutelage of Mr. Charles Newberry, new head coach. Accompanied by youthful, talented netmen they laid the ground work for a well-balanced team and a successful season. Rick Richards, David Halsell, and Edpert Keeney were Anderson's best players in early tourney play. From these players will come the team com- peting for state honors in the second IHSAA tourna- ment this fall. Dave Halsell and Mike Austin pair for first state tourney play. TENNIS TEAM-Front Row -Mark Frendt, Danny Halsell, David Lennartz, Edpert Kee- ney, David Mayo, David Ells- worth, Tim Frank, Wayne Renschler. Row 2-Gary Thomason, Randy Railey, Mar Newberry, David Rose, Craig McClure, jim Railey, Mark Fraundorfer, Rick Richards. Row 3-Russell Hays, Denny Delph, Claude Bylinski, Fred Matthews, Mike Austin, Bob Hittle, Rick Ellsworth, Dave Halsell, Mr. Charles Newberry, coach. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson TENNIS Crawsfordsville Shortridge West Lafayette Muncie Burris Madison Heights Kokomo Jeff-Lafayette Warren Central Muncie Central Logansport Pendleton Richmond Lawrence Central Muncie Southside New Castle Won Lost 0 1 1 1 2 l 2 2 3 2 4 2 4 3 5 3 6 3 6 4 7 4 7 5 8 5 9 5 9 6 A net's eye view sizes up Mark Fraundorfer and Rick Richards. Steve Mustin concentrates on addressing the ball smoothly prior to gaining maximum acceleration. Colfers Compete for meet honors Beginning the season's training in spring snow, 19 golfers strived for team honors for Coach Don Granger. Two returning lettermen, Dan Hallenbeck and Steve Mustin were augmented by new squad members Ion Maier, Bruce Chaille, and Steve Anderson to give the team its best potential in ten years. Eleven dual meets, and the North Central Conference competition set the stage for state tournament play. GOLF Won Lost Anderson 1016, Pendleton 4M 1 0 Anderson 216, Richmond 716 1 1 Anderson 416, Carmel lille 1 2 Anderson 6, Marion 9' 1 3 Anderson 8, Muncie Central 7 2 3 Anderson 13, Muncie Southside 2 3 3 Anderson 816, New Castle GW 4 3 Anderson 5Vz, Madison Heights 916 4 4 Anderson 616, New Castle 816 4 5 Anderson 1 N.C.C. Anderson ' 5tl , fourth in sectional GOLF TEAM-Front Row- Y' Y Sam Johnson, Tom Horevay, Robert Boone, john Paul, Robert Kiely, Ion Maier, Steve Anderson, George Pancol, Steve Lierman, Mike Downey. Row 2-Mr. Don Granger, coach, Tim Lockwood, Iim Laughlin, Greg Laughlin, Tony Bamett, Mark Clem, Gary Adams, Bruce Chaille, Tim Boman, Steve Mustin. The driver disappears in the rapid swing of Dan Hallenbeck. Coach Pete Russds squad kicked off the opening game with an impressive 62-0 victory over Anderson Highland. Arnell Dye contributed three touchdowns to the winning cause, while Dave Sewell set a school record by kicking 8 out of 9 extra point attempts. Anderson garnered a rain-soaked game from Muncie Southside for game num- ber two as Dave Davis turned Mudder,' to score two of the India.n's three touchdowns. Another Muncie scalp was collected as the Indians staved off a last minute drive to defeat Muncie Central 20-14. This promising future was cut short by a hard fought battle with Jeff of Lafayette in which last minute efforts were fruitful for the Broncos as they maintained a 27-20 come-from-behind victory. It was not possible for the Indians to regain their winning ways until six games later, and they were unable to score in the next three games, falling to state champion Richmond 0-33, Madison Heights 0-13, and Marion 0-21. The final outing of the season proved to be a walk away for the Indians as they seemingly regained their original luster by trouncing Logansport 32-6. Co-captains Tom Rankin and Horace Davis led the squad to an unpredictable year, tallying a 4-5-1 record for the season's effort. Phil Bledsoe leads an Indian pursuit of an opponent's end run. Football team roars off starting blocks VARSITY FOOTBALL-Front Row-Student Managers Barry Payne, Fred Warner, Steve Herkomer. Row 2-Arnell Dye Ron Ancil, Steve Archey, Larry Cain, Horace Davis, Jim Forehand, Alfred Johnson, Fred Matthews, Mike Boone, Tom Rankin, Sam Watkins, Don Barnett, Otis Blackman, Mike Riley, Dave Sewell. Row 3-Roger Whitehead, trainer, Phil Sullivan, coach, Mike Melson, Doug Graham, Birt Hampton, Dave Davis, Larry Burns, Jim Wheelwright, Steve Knapp, Rod Freeman, Phil Bledsoe, Dale Johnson, Geor e Riley, Frank Milhouse, Pete Russo, coachg Woody Moore, coazii. Row 4-Scott Ray, Norm Goodwin, Jack Winton, Bill James, Jim Curry, John Ellis, John Taylor, Mike Armstrong, Steve Shipley, Tom Mayer Scott Zachary, Tim Black, Murry Hall, Nelson Bledsoe, Ric Dunkerly, Dale Jarret. Don Barnett calls cadence as Muncie Central anticipates the snap. A hopeful block is thrown by Fred Matthews to set Arnell Dye free. A straight arm by Larry Burns fights off a Muncie Bearcat tackler. eserves crash through to unbeaten year VARSITY FOOTBALL Won Lost Anderson 62, Highland 0 1 0 Anderson 20, Muncie Southside 13 2 0 Anderson 20, Muncie Central 14 3 O Anderson 20, Lafayette Jeff. 27 3 1 Anderson 0, Richmond 33 3 2 Anderson 0, Madison Heights 13 3 3 Anderson 0, Marion 21 3 4 Anderson 27, Kokomo 27 3 4 1 Anderson 7, Kennedy, Indpls. 14 3 5 1 Anderson 32, Logansport 6 4 5 1 RESERVE FOOTBALL Won Lost Anderson 14, Lafayette Jeff. 7 1 0 Anderson 12, Madison Heights 7 2 0 Anderson 26, New Castle 0 3 0 Anderson 7, Muncie Central 7 3 0 1 Anderson 34, Muncie Southside 0 4 0 1 Anderson 19, Marion 14 5 0 1 Anderson 7, Kokomo 6 6 0 1 Anderson 19, Richmond 13 7 0 1 Anderson 25, Highland 6 8 0 1 RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM-Front Row-Manaigers Vince Hilliard, Bonnie McCullough. Row 2-Fred Bous oug, Mike Young, Sam Hanna, Tom Martin, Lee Roy Delp, Fred Swinehart, Mike Hilburt, Steve Buck, Bob Kimni, Rick Eads, Joe Ebhert, Don Zachery, Willie German, Bruce Purkey. Row 3-Mr. Don Brandon, coach, Scott Fisher, Jim Graham, Robert Broadnax, jerry Owens, George Pancol, Bob Wean, Ervin Wright, Mike McHenry, Gary McKinney, john Hampton, Tom Maines, Robert Taylor, Mr. Pat King, coach. Row 4-Tom Horevay, Gary Adams, Dennis Carpenter, Micky Whiteaker, Terry May, Steve Fisher, Carl Cloud, Mickey Simmons, Willie McNeese, Tom Feemster Robert Jackson, Bruce Walker, Herb Archey. I-larriers overpower Pirates in final meet CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Front Row-Steve Collins, Gary Thurber, Mike Vetor, Dave Fisher, Dick Richwine, Bob Reifel, Rick Sprague, Denny Delph, Jack King, Steve Voss, Steve Mustin Jimmy Johnson, Denis Mendenhall, Dick Ferguson. Row 2--Rod Jarvis. Frank Bagienski, Iack Cone, Mike Kelly, Bob After dropping seven dual meets Anderson's cross coun- try harriers overpowered cross-town rival Madison Heights in the season's last dual meet by a score of 24-34. Senior jack King, 1968 Ray Fleenor Award recipient, paced the Indians in their attack, finishing second in the individual competition. Steve Mustin, who set the pace for the first mile, finished in fourth position, Steve Voss placed fifth followed by Mike Vetor, Cary Thurber, and Steve Mullins. In the lone tri-meet, Anderson placed second to Indianapolis VVashington with Attucks third. Indian scramblers who placed 8th in the NCC were pi- loted by newly-initiated head coach Mr. Harold Wfelsh and assisted by Mr. David East. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Won Lost Anderson 35, New Castle 22 0 1 Anderson 50, Marion 15 0 2 Anderson 30, Muncie Southside 29 O 3 Anderson 45, Indpls. Washington 19 0 4 Attucks 72 1 4 Anderson 43, Pendleton 17 1 5 Anderson 50, Muncie Central 15 1 6 Anderson 43, Richmond 17 1 7 Anderson 24, Madison Heights 34 2 7 Anderson eighth in N. C. C. Wunn, Tom Aldred, Mike O,Brien, Tom Zirkleback, Tim Lanane, Steve Mullins, Larry Carr, Jim Balsley. Row 3--Mr. Harold Welsh, coach, Bill Cray, Larry McGruder, Doane Brown, Don Durham, Mike Clark, Chuck Peters, Gene Trueblood, Pete Buettner, Robert Simmons, Mr. David East, coach. Runners listen attentively as Coach Harold Welsh gives a pre- meet pep talk. lndians reach heights, depths VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Front Row-Dave Sokol, mgr., Artie Pepelea Larry Burns Cary Erskine, James Wood, Mike VVoodruE, Phil Bledsoe, Don Barnett, mgr., Derlrick Britt mgr: Row 2-Otis Blackmon, Mike Clark, Rod Freeman, Mr. Tom Weirich, asst. coach, Mr. Ray ,Estes coach, Mr. Don Barnett, asst. coach, Larry Cain, Earlie Dixon, Bobby Smith. s Playmaker Mike Woodruff is closely guarded as he breaks for the basket VARSITY BASKETBALL Won Lost Anderson 74, Indianapolis Wood 47 1 0 Anderson 84, Marion 73 2 0 Anderson 76, New Albany 63 3 0 Anderson 55, Lafayette Jeff 62 3 1 Anderson 67, Ft. Wayne South Side 48 4 1 Anderson 64, East Chicago Wash. 73 4 2 Anderson 72, Muncie Southside 62 5 2 Anderson 74, Muncie Central 78 5 3 Anderson 80, Ft. Wayne Central 71 6 3 Anderson 86, Rushville 71 7 3 Anderson 89, Muncie Central 65 8 3 Anderson 72, Madison Heights 75 8 4 Anderson 64, Kokomo 66 8 5 Anderson 84, South Bend Central 95 8 6 Anderson 81, Logansport 66 9 6 Anderson 71, Muncie Southside 81 9 7 Anderson 59, New Castle 65 9 8 Anderson 72, Co1u.mbus 105 9 9 Anderson 67, Richmond 63 10 9 Anderson 73, Shortridge 70 11 9 Sectiona1 Anderson 72, Highland 75 1 1 10 Mfr, f.Wsawrwfmzwfrrcaaisffnsfagx,, r ,,,. f ' f' ' 1 1 , , ,,. ,,1.,n1:m . - 1 Earlie Dixon lights his way through to block out an opponent. f High shooting Rod Freeman crashes past three Highland Laddies. Experiencing highest hopes in the final weekend of the season, the off-and-on Indians vanquished two highly- touted teams only to lose unexpectedly to a fired-up Highland squad in the sectional. The ragged season of ll wins and I0 losses saw Anderson play 5 of the Semi-state teams in regular schedule, winning 3 and losing 2. In addition, Indian de- feat was meted to 2 of the 4 state finalists, Shortridge and Marion, during the season. Andersonis brand of Hoosier Hysteriav was initiated by a three-game victory string-Indianapolis VVood, Marion, and New Albany. State Finalist Marion fell 84- 73 with James Wood firing his season high total of 25 points. Defeat was first tasted at the hands of powerful La- fayette Ieff 55-62, but the Tribe bounced back to mas- sacre Fort Wayne South Side, permitting Rod Freeman his highest game total of 28 points. Second defeat came from East Chicago Washington prior to the Holiday Tourney, but Indians, spirits were not dampened, and the Tribe easily dumped Muncie Southside in their first, tourney game. Later, Muncie Central overpowered the Indians by two field goals 78-74. Triple wins over Fort Wayne Central, Rushville, and Muncie Central were counterbalanced by triple losses to Madison Heights, Kokomo, and South Bend Central. Logansportis loss to the Tribe prefaced another series of three losses to Muncie Southside, New Castle, and Columbus. Two highly rated teams fell before Anderson in the final weekend of regular play. Richmond's Red Devils fell 67-63, and team platooning and near errorless play brought a 73 to 70 victory over Shortridge. Aroused by these two unexpected victories, Indian backers prepared for the trip down the war path to the State Finals, but great expectations ended when Highland, displaying no fear, led the aborigines for three quarters in the first game of the Sectional. A final quarter rally enabled Anderson to tie the score but victory was denied as Woodis I5-footer at the gun was nullified, due to traveling. Floor general James Wood gives birth to a fast break. Basketball reserves add victory record Won Lost Anderson 47, Indianapolis Wood 17 1 O Anderson 47, Marion 35 2 0 Anderson 45, New Albany 56 2 1 Anderson 40, Lafayette-Jeff 50 2 2 Anderson 49, Ft. Wayne Southside 37 3 2 Anderson 45, East Chicago Wash. 49 3 3 Anderson 49, Rushville 41 4 3 Anderson 38, Muncie Central 46 4 4 Anderson 50, Madison Heights 38 5 4 Anderson 65, Kokomo 74 5 5 Anderson 67, South Bend Central 47 6 5 Anderson 58, Logansport 35 7 5 Anderson 51, Muncie Southside 40 8 5 Anderson 39, New Castle 42 8 6 Anderson 58, Columbus 44 9 6 Anderson 38, Richmond 53 9 7 Anderson 39, Shortridge 38 10 7 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM-Front Bow- Tom Simmons, Roy Nunn, Ion Maier, Terry Adams, manager, Barry Cope, Coy Nunn, Steve Voss. Row 2-Mr. Don Barnett, coach, Mike McHenry, Tom Feemster, Robert Taylor, Carl Cloud, Brad Burton, Mr. Tom VVeirich, coach. Artie Pepelea, Larry Burns monopolize the board. Concentration is Larry Cain's objective as he takes a charity toss 84 A referee becomes watchful as Rod Jarvis gains an advantage State-finalist Tom Rankin positions a Muncie Central wrestler over his opponent, mto despair during mat action. WRESTLING TEAM-Front Row-Ricki Jarvis, Danny Jeffer- son, Rick Eads, Steve Herkomer, Monte Sparks, Irving Wright, Robert Swain, Edpert Keeney, Row 2-Birt Hampton, Joe Ebbert, Robert Broadnax, Tom Rankin, Rod Jarvis, Bob Boone, Mike Martin, Tom Mayer, Row 3-Mr. James Parsons, asst. coach, Kevin Lane, Donald Zachary, Jerry Owens, Willie McNeese, Fred Swigart, George Riley, Jim Forehand, Mike Riley, Steve Fisher, Larry Zachary, Mike Armstrong, Mike Hilburt, Robert Hall, Mr. Joe Sparks, coach. Wrestlers lose NCC grip, but not honor Losing the two year grip on the N.C.C. wrestling crown, the matmen nevertheless completed a successful season. Wrestler-of-the-year, Tom Rankin, compiled an honorable twenty win four loss record during regular mat action and was the lone Anderson contender in the IHSAA wrestling state finals, placing fourth in the 165-pound class. Equaling Rankinls record, senior Steve Herkomer established a similar record of twenty wins and four losses in the 120 pound weight division. First place hon- ors in the N.C.C. wrestling tournament held at Muncie Central was won for Anderson by junior, 112 pound grappler, Irving Wright. Plagued by illness and injuries during the year, an outstanding effort by a few grapplers helped the wrestling team to pin down a 5-7 season. VARSITY WRESTLING Won Lost Anderson 16, Indianapolis Ben Davis 34 0 1 Anderson 20, Crawfordsville 28 0 2 Anderson 38, Marion 15 I 2 Anderson 24, Richmond 21 2 2 Anderson 10, Bloomington 43 2 3 Anderson 19, Muncie Central 27 2 4 Anderson 41, Madison Heights 11 3 4 Anderson 19, Franklin Central 33 3 5 Anderson 20, Kokomo 26 3 6 Anderson 25, New Castle 20 4 6 Anderson 14, Logansport 32 4 7 Anderson 25, Lafayette Jeff 19 5 7 Anderson third in F our-Way Tourney Anderson fourth in N.C.C. Meet Anderson fourth in sectional va, i 'gif 4 A 1 1 W 1 1' may f lf,,..Qf 5 -M L f'- 1 Vi ,Mt . 1 4 , , Y , .5 ,M l V 'f ' ,J ' ' , 5' , 3 41 ,, W. qi ww , 4 M 5 'I I Y, 2 .ff js iw, XJ 5 I f 4 '3 ' N4?',f f ' Q f .Q A People Each striving to be separate, distinct, and yet part of the Whole, Anderson High Schoolls 2,000 students and 110 instructors depicted the American society in its complete scope. These diverse faces and personalities blended to give AHS a unique atmosphere one of inquisition, affirmation, and challenging individualism. Homeeoming's ecstatic moment of decision arrives 87 School city budget nears S .5 million Nearly 89.5 million went into the general budget for the Anderson Public Schools this year. The school sys- tem is one of the largest businesses in the city, ranking on a par with most Hrms outside of the General Motors complex. To administer a facility of 31 buildings, more than 900 employees, and 17,080 students scattered over a 36 square mile area brought problems faced by few other industries in the community, Chief administrator Supt. G. E. Ebbertt directed, and a citizen school board made major policy decisions that led to the opening of North Side junior High, a feeder school for Anderson High, and new grade school additions. Still facing the system were problems of financing, further construction, and keeping abreast of innovations in education. Members of the Board of School Trustees are Mr. George A. Harrison, president, Mr. Fred L. Matthews, board member, Mr. De Var Litten, vice-president, Mr. G. E. Ebbertt, superintendentg Vicky Rigdon's secretarial training begins at the top, supervised by Supt. C. E. Ebbertt. Mr. Billie W. C. Schuyler, school attorney, Mrs. Evelyn Byrum, secretaryg Mr. John L. Childes, board member. Administrators set educational pace Across the desk of Principal Noel B. Douglass comes the administrative problems of Anderson High School. Horace Chadbourne, assistant principal, aids Mr. Douglass in directing the complexities of the school. Showplace of the public school system was Anderson High School, a building constructed in 1910, modernized ex- tensively in 1960, and improved in every year since. This year a new suite of counseling offices was com- pleted, driver education classes were shifted to the Rey- nolds building across the street, and equipment was added in most departments. In addition to long-range planning Principal Noel B. Douglass, his assistants, and department heads tackled the problems of scheduling on a split program with stu- dents and teachers beginning school at either 7:30 a.m. or 8:30 a.m. and ending at diHerent hours. A faculty of 110 teachers, with 75 per cent holding masters degrees, was a valuable asset in the successful completion of the school year and a base upon which to build an academic program to meet more extensive fu- ture needs. Key persons plan special events School treasurer David Barrow and school accountant Donald Bowen handle hundreds of financial transactions. ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL-Front Row-Mr. Charles Cum- mings, Mr. Donald Bowen, Mr. 1. L. Dye, Mr. George Davis. Row 2-Mr. David Barrow, Mr. Ishmael Osbome, Mrs. Evelyn Mr. Frank Van Slyke, Dr, Enoch Dmmm and Dr. Harold Gal- lagher serve as assistant superintendents in the school system. Grahame, Mr. George Lee, Mr. Max Beigh. Row 3-Principal Noel B. Douglass, Mrs. Edna Rhynearson, Mrs. Mary McFarland, Assistant Principal Horace Chadboume. Al-lS's 110 faculty members are part of a proud heritage . A hallway meeting brings teachers and students into serious conversa- MR. ROBERT ACKENHUSEN-Science-B.S., M.S., Indiana. MRS. SAUNDRA AMOS-Language Arts-B.A., M.S., Purdue, Indianette Choreographer, Pep Sessions Comm., Little Chief Comm. MRS. MARIORIE C. AUSTIN-Business Ed.-A.B., Ball State, Registrar. MR. WILLIAM BALLENTINE-IAP dustrial Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Pep Sessions Comm., Fisher Body Craftsman Guild Coordinator. MR. RICHARD L. BALSLEY-Business Ed.-B.S., Ball State. MRS. LINDA BARNES-Home Econom- ics-B.S., M.S., Ball Stateg American Education Week Comm. MR. DONALD B. BARNETT- Driver Ed.-B.A., Anderson, M.A., Ball State, Base- ball Coach, Asst. Basketball Coach. MR. LARRY K. BARNHART-Social Studies-B.S., Anderson, M.A., Indiana, Sr. Class Sponsor, Annual Sponsor. MR. DAVID E. BARROW--Mathematics-A.B., Franklin, M.S., Indiana, High School Treasurer, Ad- ministrative Council. MR. MAX E. BEIGH-Di- rector of Counseling-B.S., Manchester, M.S.C., In- diana, Administrative Council, Guidance Comm., Employment Comm., A.F.S. Comm. MR. ROBERT A. BELANGEE-Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Dean of Boys, Administrative Council. MR. DONALD C. BOWEN-Business Ed.-B.S., M.S., Indiana State, Area Supervisor, Administrative Coun- cil, High School Accountant. MR. DON P. BRANDON-Mathematics-B.S. An- derson, M.A., Ball State, Asst. Reserve Football Coach, Asst. Varsity Baseball Coach. MRS. MAXINE BRIDGES-Language Arts-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Thespian Sponsor, Convo. Comm., American Educa- tion Week Comm., Senior Class Play Sponsor. MR. MARK A. BROWNE-Art-B.S., Indiana, Art Club Sponsor, Convo. Comm., Little Chief Comm. MR. HOWARD BURNETT-Social Studies-A.B., Man- chester, M.A., Ball State, High School Publicity Chr. tions. 91 Une that has touched the lives of more than 20,000 seniors MRS. LOIS BYRD-Assistant Librarian-B.S., M.A., Ball State, American Education Week Comm. MISS MARILYN L. CARROLL-Language Arts-B.A., M.A., Ball State, Awards Comm., Senior Speakers Comm., Little Chiefu Comm. MR. JAMES E. CARTER-Driver Ed.-B.S., Purdue, M.A., Ball State. MRS. KAY 1. CLARK-Language Arts-A.A., Compton junior Collegeg B.S., M.A., Ball State. MRS. MARAC-ARET COVHER-Language Arts- B.A., Anderson, Pep Sessions Comm. MR. HOWARD S. CRONK-Social Studies-B.S., University of Illinois, M.A., Ball State. MR. CHARLES L. CUM- MINGS-Physical Ed.-A.B., Ozark NVesleyan Col- legeg M.A., Indiana. MR. CEORCE H. DAVIS- Social Studies-B.A., Ball Stateg M.A., Columbiag Convo Comm., Administrative Council. MR. PHIL DAVIS-Science-B.S., M.S., Purdue, Pep Sessions Comm. MR. CHARLES DENNY- Social Studies-B.A,, A.M., Indiana, Purdue Legis- lature Sponsor. MRS. MELANIE DEVITT-Busi- ness Ed.-B.S., Ball State, Future Retailers Sponsor. MR. DON DIETZER-Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State. MR. JOSEPH L. DYE-Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.S., Purdueg Administrative Council. MR. DAVID H. EAST-Science-B.S., Ball State, Pep Sessions Comm., Asst. Cross Country Coach, Asst. Track Coach. MR. RAY ESTES-Physical Ed.-B.S., South East Missouri State, M.A., George Peabody College, Head Basketball Coach. MR. JOHN C. FINNEY-Social Studies-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Honors Day Comm., Convo Comm. MR. ROBERT L. FREEMAN-Physical Ed.-B.S., Andersong M.A., Ball State, Head Swimming Coach. MRS. Jo FUNK-Business Ed.-Bs., M.A., Ball Stateg Future Secretaries Sponsor, Cheerblock Spon- sor, Pep Sessions Comm., American Education Week Comm. MRS. FRANCES GARRITY-Physical Ed. -B.S., La Crosse, M.A., Ball State, G.A.A. Sponsor. MRS. EVELYN T. GRAHAME-Language Arts- B.S., University of Cincinnati, M.S., Butler, Little Chief Comm., Senior Speakers Comm., American Education Week Comm., Administrative Council, Area Supervisor of Language Arts. Teachers en1oy lunchtime fellowship Sometunes a point must be made. glVl1'1g them knowledge of subject and often a love of life MISS HELEN HARRELL-Home Economics- A.B., Franklin, M.A., Ball State, Future Teachers Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. MR. DONALD L. HAYS-Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.S., Ball State, Di- rector of Printing Services. MR. ROBERT HEARE- Science-B.S., Purdue, M.A., Ball State. MR. BYRON N. HELFRICH-Social Studies-B.S., M.A., Ball State. MISS ALICE C. HIGMAN-Social Studies-A.B., Butler, Convo Comm. MR. WENDELL L. HILLI- GOSS-Business ED.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Mim- eograph Department Head, Pep Sessions Comm., Ad- ministrative Council. MR. DONALD P. HOFFMAN -Music-B.M., M.M., Butler, Director of Bands, Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. LORNA HOWARD-Language Arts-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Cheerleading Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm., Little Chiefn Comm. MRS. PAULA I. HOWE-Business Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Student Council Sponsor. MRS. JUDY HOWELL-Social Studies-A.A., San Antonio, A.B., Anderson, Model U.N. MRS. PATRICIA HUGCINS -Language Arts-B.S., Ball State, Speech Club Co- Sponsor, Convo Comm. MR. JESSE HUNTZINGER -Mathematics-A.B., Ball State, M.S., Butler. MRS. VIRGINIA G. HURLEY-Physical Ed.-B.S., Ball State, M.S., Indiana, Dean of Girls, Adminis- trative Council, Senior Speakers Comm., Social Ac- tivities Comm. MISS EILEEN JOHNSON-Lam guage Arts-A.B., M.A., Indiana State, Latin Club Sponsor. MR. KEITH W. JOHNSON-Language Arts-A.B., Indianag Head Librarian, Audio Visual Coordinator. MR. ALVIN O. JONES-Industrial Ed. -B.S., Indiana State. MR. DENNIS M. KAMAN-Social Studies-B.A., St. Edwards MR. PATRICK KING-Social Studies -B.S., M.S., Ball State, A Club Sponsor, Reserve Football Coach, Reserve Swimming Coach, Reserve Baseball Coach. MRS. MARY KITTERMAN-So- cial Studies-A.B., M.A., Ball State, Awards Comm., Scholarships Comm., Co-Chr. MR. GEORGE H. LEE- Science-A.B., Taylor, M.S., Butler,-Ad- ministrative Council. MR. LOWELL R. LEE-Science-B.S., Indiana Central, M.S., Indiana. MRS. REBECCA LEON- ARD-Language Arts B.A., Purdueg Speech Club Sponsor, Convo Comm., Senior Speakers Comm. MISS VIRGINIA LINDSTROM-Language Arts- B.A., M.A., Indiana, French Club Sponsor, A.F.S. Comm. MISS LOIS LONG-Language Arts-B.A., Ball State, M.A., Northwestern, Convo Comm., Sen- ior Speakers Comm. MR. IOHN LONGNAKER-Science-B.S., Cincin- natig B.S., Ohio State, Convo Comm. MR. HERBERT L. LYON-Business Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Concessions Mgr. MRS. MARY MCFARLAND-Art -B.A.E., Herron, Convo Comm. MR. HARRY E. MCGOON-Language Arts-A.B., DePauw, M.A., Southern Methodist, Honor Society Sponsor, Ameri- can Education Week Comm., Awards Comm., Senior Speakers Comm. 2 wi? L . I 93 The teaching staff lS a veteran team that has experienced MRS. MARTHA MCHENRY-Language Arts-B.S., Indiana, M.A., Ball State, Spanish Club Sponsor. MR. JACK MACY-Business Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Cooperative Office Education Sponsor, Home- coming Parade Chr., Ticket Manager, Pep Sessions Comm., Commencement Comm. MR. THOMAS MADDOX-Math-B.S., Ball State. MRS. VIVIAN MAINE-Language Arts-A.B., M.A., Ball State, Little Chief Sponsor, Quill and Scroll Sponsor, American Education Week Comm., Convo Comm. MRS. DELORES I. MARTIN-Home Economics- B.S., Indiana, Christmas Decorations Comm. MR. DAVID E. MIDDLETON-Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.S., Purdue, Industrial Coordinator. MR. MI- CHAEL MILLER-Language Arts-B.S., Ball State, Debate Club Sponsor. MR. GEORGE M. MOCK- Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State. MRS. SUSAN MULLARKEY-Language Arts- A.B., Hanover, M.A., Ball State, Convo Comm. MR. CHARLES M. NEWRERRY-Lan uage Arts- B.S., Anderson College, M.A., Marsiall, Tennis Coach, Awards Comm., College Guidance Day Chr., American Education Week Sponsor. MR. JACK B. NICHOLSON-Social Studies-B.S., Ball State, M.A., Colorado, Student Council Sponsor, Foreign Student Comm., Clubs Comm. Awards Comm., So- cial Activities Comm. MR. ISHMAEL OSBORNE- Driver Ed.-B.S., Indiana State, M.S., Indiana Uni- versity. MRS. ELIZABETH PISTOLE-Social Studies- A.B., Anderson College, M.A., Ball State, Little Chief Comm., American Education Week Comm. MR. KENT POORE-Math-B.A., Kansas, M.A., Ball State, Pep Sessions Comm. MR. JERRY PORTER-Math-B.A., Wabash, Foreign Exchange Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., American Education Week Comm. MR. DANE PUGH-Industrial Ed.- B.S., M.S., Indiana State. MR. LEE PURSLEY-Language Arts-B.S., M.A., Ball State, X-Ray Sponsor, American Education Week Comm., Little Chief Comm. MR. ROBERT H. REIFEL-Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.S., Ball State. MRS. MARTHA REINHARDT-Language Arts- A.B., Anderson College, Senior Class Sponsor, Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Awards Comm. MRS. EDNA RHYNEARSON-Home Economics-B.S., Oregon State, M.A., Ball State, Administrative Council, Employment Regulations Comm. MRS. LORETTA RICHARD-Language Arts-B.S., Ball State, German Club Sponsor. MRS. MARILYN RICHWINE-Home Economics--B.S., Ball State. MR. ROGER ROUDEBUSH-Social Studies-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Convo Comm., Purdue Leigislative Assembly. MR. PETER RUSSO-Driver E .-B.S., M.S., Indiana, Head Football Coach. MR. RICHARD D. SEAVER--Music-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Vocal Music Director, Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm. MR. VERN SHINN-Indus- trial Ed.-B.S., Ball State, M.S., Butler. MRS. ANITA SINCROFT-Language Arts-B.S., Indiana. MRS. LAURIE SMITH-Music-B.S., Ball State, String Quartet. rsonal satisfaction every time one of its students succeeds MR. WALLACE E. SMITH-Art-B.A., M.A.E., Ball State, Christmas Decorations Comm. MR. RICHARD SPANGLER-Business Ed.-B.S., Ball State. MR. JOSEPH C. SPARKS-Driver Ed.-B.S., M.S., Indiana, Junior Class Sponsor, Head Wrestling Coach. MR. PHILLIP W. SULLIVAN-Industria Ed.-B.S., Ball State, Pep Sessions Comm., Asst. Base- ball Coach, Asst. Football Coach. MRS. MARGARET B. SWEET-Language Arts- B.S., Winona State, M.A., Ball State, Convo Comm., Little Chief Comm. MR. CLIFFORD W. SWIFT- Social Studies-B.S., M.S., Butler, Bookstore Mgr. MR. NORMAN TAYLOR-Counseling-B.S., M.A., Ball State, La Teen Cuisine Sponsor. MRS. LOIS UTTERBACK-Home Economics-B.S., Westem Kentucky, La Teen Cuisine Sponsor. MR. GEORGE F. VAUGHT-Musit-B.P.S.M., Indiana, M.S., Indiana State, Director of Bands, Administrative Council, Convo Comm. MRS. VIR- GINIA VERMILLION-Langua e Arts-A.B., In- diana, M.A., Ball State, Little Ciief, Convo Comm. MR. EDMUND C. VILLARS-Industrial Ed.- B.S., Stout State, MR. HAROLD O. VVELSH, JR.- Industrial Ed.-B.S., Anderson College, M.S., Ball State, Varsity Cross Country Coach. MR. ROGER W. WHITEHEAD-Social Studies- B.S., M.A., Ball State. MR. HORACE B. WILSON- Science-B.S., Purdue. MRS. JEANNE E. WOOL- SEY-Business Education-B.S., Indiana, M.A., Ball State, Convo Comm. MRS. JUDY ZINSZER-Lam guage Arts-B.A., Hanover, French Club Co-Spon- sor, Spanish Club Co-Sponsor, junior Class Co- Sponsor, American Education Week Comm. Individual conferences clarify understanding. Careers are planned through counseling aid i 1 i 95 Service personnel vital to schoo operation Vital to the operation of the high school was a group of service personnel, working in many non-academic areas. A spotless building, thousands of records, a daily school lunch came as a result of the efforts of many cooperating persons. Almost a small business in itself was the school lunch program which provided meals for 1,200 students daily. Finding the best prices for food and making use of government commodities kept the cost of school lunches to a minimum. Repair, cleaning, and new construction were the tasks of 14 custodians and the school system's maintenance department. Record keeping fell to a staff of school secretaries and responsibility for health testing and first aid to the school nurse. CAFETERIA WORKERS-Front Row-Virginia Lemaster, Ber- Hobbs I d S l L. R11 L T K th C l nice Sparks, Marge Gellinger, Ruth.Callender, Velma Oliver, Mildred lNIlI11l2heltlaLo1s0lgucor? yRov?d1dfeeRosJdr?l:-urge: Rliitlialxlllclriliiln Ioan McCrary, Carolyn Henson, Georgina Casset. Row 2-Madge nell Edna Garris Vlasta Maxwell Frances Birkenbine CUSTODIANS--Front Row-Mr. Estle Thompson Mrs. Elsie SECRETARIES-Mrs. Martha Goff, Mrs. Ofaal Wallace Mrs Kejcwiin. Row 2-Mr. Iack Poor, Mr. Calton Grublns, Mr. Ben Mary Abel, Mrs. Barella Gray, Mrs. Helen Knis ey. W' e. Essential school data and records are maintained by an eflicient school city secretarial staff. 97 Senior Class Sponsor Mr. Larry Barnhart aids in planning programs and events for future graduates. Mrs. Martha Reinhardt takes time out from regular classroom duties to sponsor Senior activities. Anxiety, enthusias When Sophomores, members of the present Senior class felt graduation time could not come fast enough. Sud- denly they were aware of being upperclassmen and were caught up in a whirl of activities and responsibilities. Seniors realized the necessity for planning for the future, and they worked hard to achieve success in education, athletics, and leadership. They became young adults, conscious of the problems confronting themselves and their changing world. Senior Week climaxed a long-to-be remembered high school career. It was filled with excitement and tears as final good-byes were said to AHS, and the class of 1968 journeyed forth into the world to make their mark as adults. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS-Rex Richards, Beth Newberry, Bruce Clear, Rodney Jarvis. park seniors during final year . SENIOR EXECUTIVE coUNc1L-From row-Nanci scott, Dagfiforde, Barbara Brown, Carole Pisfole, Mollie Smith, Betsy Cheryl Palmer, Mary Beth Abel, Susan Fite, Donna Ric ardson, MCNabneY, B31'b Ff0SSafd, Chl'iS Melson. - Beckv Barron. Iudv Keel. Row 2-Danny Hozue, Jim Rodney Jarvis Fred Matthews Beverly Caldwell Cheryl Chowning Senior Class President Senior Class Vice-President Senior Class SeCl'CfafY S6I1i0r Class Treasurer 99 The 1968 senior class had historical significance Mary Beth Abel Michael Adams Mark Ake Candace Alberts Michael Alexander Rusty Alexander Darlene Alford Monte Alfrey Terry Allen Susan Amrine Ronald Ancil Terry Ancil Maurice Anderson Patricia Anderson Rodney Anderson Steve Archey Larry Armstrong M arsha Armstrong Shirley Armstrong M ark Baker Sharon Baker Shirley Baker Anne Baldwin Scott Balsley Cheri Barkhimer Don Barnett Rebecca Barron Ioyce Barton Albert Bastine Daniel Bastine Donald Bastine Wilbur Baughn Calvin Bayley Cindy Bechtel Debra Beher 100 EIS OHS member became the 20 000th Anderson l'l1gh graduate Ed Belknap Barbara Bell Deborah Bennett john Bennett Rick Biven Pamela Black Steven Bledsoe Bob Bloom jean Blubaugh Brenda Boards David Boblitt Tim Boicourt Larry Bole john Boles Sharon Boles Teresa Boman Michael Boone Steve Bradley Nancy Bramblett Monna Sue Brandt Carol Brattain Sus an Bray Mark Brinker Belinda Broadnax Virginia Broderick Annettia Brooks Toby Brooks Barbara Brown Colleen Brown Greg Brown Carol Brundage Belinda Bryan Gloria Bryan Dennis Bryant jane Bryant Facing the class were some important choices--college Judy Buckner Mary Burt David Butler Larry Cain Kathleen Calabria r Hu! ill Sandy Callendar Lesley Campbell Ted Campbell Virginia Campbell Barbara Carney gfgieigifg? 521 ' ggiggxsngf r 2 ztlvkk' - .- 'iE+Q:,::,. gakakag -, V -. . M ' Sigh 1 .. f Kathy Carpenter Ianifer Carr Calvin Carter Claudia Carter Doris Carter Nancy Carwile Michael Castor Carolyn Caswell Cris Caudill Mike Caudill Bruce Chaille Hosie Chamberlain Linda Chance David Chapman Sandra Chismar Toni Clark Vernon Clark Bruce Clear Jerry Clem Katherine Cobb Susan Cobb Bob Cobble Allen Cochran Mike Cockman james Cody N 102 work i obs, an approaching marriage, or the ever-present draft . . Nancy Cole Timothy Connelly Michael Conner juliet Cotton Carolyn Coulliete Dennis Cox Mark Crisler Ruth Crose Roger Crouse janet Cummings Kathy Curry Charley Czarniecki Iames Dageford David Davis Debbie Davis Horace Davis Ronald Davis Terry Davis Vicki DeBolt Fred Deiser Rod jawis escorts Senior Queen Bev Caldwell to meet her Homecoming Crown. Senior boys knew the magic age of 18 meant an obligation Students reveal natural beauty N while painting a wordy picture. Denny Delph Reva Devaney Jenifer Dexter jerry Dickerson Richard Dilts Carrie Dixon Sam Dixon Doris Doerr Ron Donham Mike Donovan Cynthia Downey Gary Duckworth Ronald Durden James Durgan Donald Durham Arnell Dye Tim Ebhert Louis Ebner Bob Ellis Michael Ellis Richard Ellsworth Diane Elmore Wilazell Ervin Connie Eskew James Evans to their Country Barbara F arler Jane Farmer Tom Farmer Linda Fawley Steven Fenimore Iayne Ferguson Barbara Finley Susan F ite jerry Flahavin Iames F latford Rhonda Fletcher jo Anne Flynn Debbie Foland Iames Forehand Jacque Forkner Lee Franks Richard Fredericks Barbara Frossard Ruthie Gaither David Gamble Dave Garner Ieff Garretson Rick Geer Gloria Geiger Reginald George Barry Gibbons Larry Gibson Tom Gibson james Gillespie Mary Gilson Caralou Girton Linda Goddard john Gomion Virginia Goss Fred Gouker for at least two years of military service . . 105 Graduates ignored the advice of many marriage counselorf Tom Craddy Kathy Graham Linda Graves Deborah Gray Iorja Gray Cynthia Grieb William Grissom Martin Groff Tom Haggard Patricia Hall joe Hallenbeck David Halsell Joyce Hamel Andrew Hannaford Stephen Hardacre Charles Harden Nancy Hardwick Vivian Hart Larry Hathcoat Bruce Haynes Eric Heflin Mark Henesy Steve Herkomer Cathy Herrington Joyce Hester Daniel Hexamer Phil Hexamer Sherry Hiatt Anita Highwood Mike Hileman Rodney Hilliard Sally Hillsamer Keith Hinton Gary Hinz Linda Hodson lfvho l claim teenage marriages have little chance for success . . Eric Hoffman Kathy Hofhnan Danny Hogue Tim Holbert Iana Hood Susan Horevay Sharon Howard Randall Hudson Brenda Hughes Oris Hughes Vickie Hughes Pam Hulse Larry Humbles Manuel Hunt Jack Hunter Verline Hyatt Monte Ice Mike Imel Thomas Inholt Daverna Jackson jill jackson Ioe lakes Larry joe James Larry James Darlene jeffers The senior class float becomes a rolliigg circus Wagon with Leatha Taylor caged insi e as 1 ferocious cat. Ambitious seniors put careers on the line by taking SAT ' ,',5' ' If I 453-2 -gi ' ' ' 2 , ' 108 Cary jenkins Larry jenkins Mamie jennings Al johnson Betty johnson Brenda johnson Carl johnson Carolyn johnson Gwendolyn johnson jim johnson Mike johnston Riki johnson Gloria jones Keith jones Steve jones judy Keel Sharon Kendal Earl Key Betty King jack King Paula King WVarren Kirksey Margaret Kluesner Steve Knapp Bob Knotts Connie Knotts Teresa Knuckles Danny Kuhn Martha Kurtz Anthony Lakas Tom Lane Lois Larkin Karen Larson Denis Laughlin Paul Lavelle achievement, and john Lavender Beverly Lawson Linda Lawson Shawn Lawson William Lawson Anita Lee Randall Lee Charles LeMay Linda Lemon Fred Lildler Penny Logan Kathy Loucks Paula Luetgenau james Lumbis Shirley Lyons Carolyn Madara Linda Magers Paula Maggard Dan M anis Greg Manderbach Larry Manship Linda Manuel Michael Marsh Mark Marshall Roberta Marshall Uthers moved into the business and industrial world, providing One group of spirited qoliti- cians is the Purdue Legis ative Assembly contin ent of Rex Richards, David ifliller, Bruce Clear, Jody Walker, and Tim Boman. ' f fflillfl- Raymond Mason Clyde Maxwell Larry Maxwell Richard May Steve Meek Chris Melson Donna Melson Steve Merritt Alan Lewis Miles Anita Mills Carol Millspaugh Cary Miracle Susan Mitchell Shelley Montague Bobby Moore Myra Moore Lou Ann Moreland Cora Morgan jack Morrison Marlene Moyer Sherry Mueller Cathy Murdock Steve Mustin Dennis McCammon Kathy McCord of the economlc working force for the commumt Paul McCoy Roseanna McCoy Robert McDaniel Louise McDuffie Pauline McGuinness Kathleen McHenry Mike McKinley Toni McKinsey Donna McKnight Ruby McLaughlin Teresa McNabb Betsy McNabney Larry Neff Beth Newberry Deborah Newby Beverly Newsom jackie Newsom janice N iehaus Steve Noland Linda Norris Angie Norrod N ichola Norton jewelean Nunn Mike O'Banion Peggy O'Brien Connie Oldfield Pamela Oliver Linda O'Neal jim Orick Iohn Orman Karyn Orth Mary Ja Osborne Shirley Owens Cheryl Palmer Don Parker Seniors were still young despite the pressures of the times Senior hippies invade a spirited pep session to spark Indian ans in an enthusiastic rally. i Tim Parkhurst Michael Parks Michele Parks Tom Parks Mary Paschal Ethel Patterson Robert Patterson William Patterson Karen Patton Gerald Pearson John Pearson Becky Peek Margaret Peek Marcia Pence Arthur Pepelea Iohn Perry Mark Perry Robert Perry Timothy Persing Charles Peters Linda Peyton Mark Phelps Charles Phillips Stephen Phillips Tim Phillips and they screamed for the teams and eagerly led activities William Pickett Donna Pinyon Carole Pistole Steven Pitts Everett Plummer Jan Polhemus Connie Porter Debbie Porter Iohn Porter Walter Powell Rick Power Ronald Prichard Robert Priddy Steve Priser Pat Qualls Tom Rankin Donald Ravage Linda Ray Judith Redick Mike Reed Pat Reed Bob Rees Linda Rego Becky Reichard Robert Reifel Becky Reish Mike Reisinger Pat Remley Alice Reynolds Pauline Rhoda Sara Rice Laura Rich Rex Richards Ann Richardson Donna Richardson 113 They sported mini-skirts, but not in school, 114 loved psychedelic Rebecca Richwine Judy Riddle Richard Riffe Vicky Rigdon Mike Riley Paula Ringham Gay Robbins Gregory Robbins Tim Robbs Dennis Roberson Marla Robertson Steve Robinett Karen Robinson Rosanna Robinson Edward Roemer Janet Roettinger David Bolts Diane Rolfs Florence Rollins Barbara Roop Cherie Roudebush jane Roush Derick Rozier Rebecca Sanders Elizabeth Satterwhite Vallia Saul Frank Sawyer Susan Schriver Barbara lean Scott Barbara M. Scott Debra Scott Nancy Scott Stacy Scott Doug Seacat Allie Seleyman olors, d ancecl the boogaloo, and listened to soul music . . . David Sevvall David Sewell Charlette Sexton Pamela Shannon Richard Sharpe William Shearer Tom Sheets Roy Shields Steve Shipley Martha Simmons Annie Simpson David Simpson Neil Simpson Richard Sipes Rita Skaggs Craig skouden Scott Slick Tom Smiley Anita Smith Betty Smith Carol Smith Diana Smith Greg Smith Mollie Smith Richard Smith Students aid each other in ad ministering psychology tests l The tradition of the Anderson lndian was never more important Seniors Tom Graddy and Lee Franks work dili- gently on the Homecoming float as the parade and game approach. Robert Smith Ronald Smith Veta Snider William Snyder Charles Soden Mary Sokol Susan Sokol Carletta Soneff Rick Sprague Jerri Stanesu Carol Stephenson Christina Stewart Dawn Stith Rita Stoker Polly Stone Pam Stoops Twila Stout james Streeter Darlene Sutter Howard Sutton Meadow Swain Dave Swanson john Swingley Gregory Talmage Leatha Taylor I Mike Temple as seniors suddenly felt their high school lives slip away Mary Ann Taylor Tim Taylor Paul Teague jack Tegge Richard Thacker Mike Thoben joe Thomas Diana Tolbert Phil Tooley Linda Trinkle Michael Turner Shirley Turner Duane Van Dalsen Ierry Van Dyke Larry Van Dyke Mary Van Meter Melanie Vermillion Charles Vores john Wade Jo Alice Walker Becky Walters Michael Warrum Cheryl Watson Mary Watson Carol Way Carol Wean Gary Webb Bob Wehfley Ursula Weibel Sheldon West Sherry West Pamela Weston Laura Wheat Vicki Whetsel 'I17 And the important step into the adult world present at last Melinda White john Wilhite Kathy Wilhoite Gregory Williams jay Williams Anita Wilson Evelyn Wilson David Wine Bud Winkler June Winningham Honna Wisner Michael Witsken Mary Ann Wood Terry Wood Mike VVoolard M722 Q?W6?MfN' Tim Woolbert Deborah Wright Gary Young ' I 2 fi . Ray Zink Cheryl Zorabedian Senior Toni Rankin displays Frida- in athletic achic-veinent and is This Senior girl is one of many who aid teachers in their busy roles awarded for his line ability at all Sports Awards Convocation. as school administrators and lliculty advisers. H8 Spirited juniors called l JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Chris Schilke, Treas., Kathy Cha- ney, Sec.g Jim VVheelwright, V-Pres.g and Mike Woodruff, Pres. l 2 'class in motion, Making their presence felt in pep sessions, athletics, and organizations, the junior class exhibited the spirit and enthusiasm that has characterized the rich tradition of being a student at Anderson High School. Knowing that in one short year they Would be the leaders of the school, the Class of 1969 worked to estab- lish itself as a 'iclass in motionf, First was the building of a float for homecoming. Then they managed the coat check during basketball season, operated the candy counter during the second semester, and planned, con- structed, and promoted the prom to wind up the year. LUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS-Mr. Joseph Sparks and Mrs. Judy HISZEI' JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-Front Row-Jim Wheel wright, Kathy ChaneyNCarla Jones, Julie Toombs, Sheila McAfee, Chris Schilke, Mike oodrut, Class Sponsors-Mrs. Jud Zinszer, Mr. Joseph Sparks. Row 2-Ann Barnett, Steve Arnold, Scott Ray, Gary Ferguson, Charles Austin, Ron Hellems, Dou5JGraham, Brad Oliver, Ric Dunkerly. Row 3-Monte Sparks, De ra Crowthers, Mary Ann Weis, Teresa Carter, Brenda eed, Kathy Zerkel, Mary Bronnenberg, Janice Sigler, Tom Mayer. 119 The junior year marked a time of decision fsfiiiri ' ' G ir ,i. . ,. is K r 2 4,1553 Y -' sr rw if A1 '1 YL - I W .,,. I , , . sa . W-5 . ,. Q . 4, A i i ? 'E 5 . i ii i, 'i f ' 'A - . - , -- ,i-. if 1 f 'Bs-Q. ' ' -fi , A , A t r Mg, 2' f 1 .i.i - - F ,- is . ... e , t e ,g A ' '- f iii 1 - gl? t 'Q .. , ,. - ---- V L' .- - , -A ' - , ,. 714 t 7 ' 'iie ' r . A - E, , 5 i , ., , -' - 1, ,-- Er ' -A r . , --,,- W ' Q 1 B ' i,-' is iii f A P L, W i V' 1, ' ' - ' ' '-'r- A AFT! 1 Si f .L ., ,Q ,1 k ,V 5 gs-ea. V Zi ,-3 N, k- gg, '36 - V,. ami: as? eere 'Kgs 5' S' l 'SSH - i'e ' .y A , as i fe '-QQ is A e t 'r , , A ri , t 3 i.,, i r 'E A A i f AAI- . ' ' 53 ,. ' , ' li 'il r ' ' f , r A in r- , reeie , r Q-: Q, xy- xf ' 1 , egg ,M . ,V -v A Wiii S y ,B , f eeei r 1 i t r 120 for most students Melody Achor, Diana Adams, james Adams, Mike Adams, Rick Adams, Steve Adams, Banse Agee, Jana Akers, Bill Aldridge Kathy Alexander, Connie Alfrey, Judy Alfrey, Anna Allen, Curtis Allen, Karen Allen, Ian Anderson, Steve Anderson, jirn Anthony Jo Anne Armstrong, Mike Arm- stronf Steve Arnold Charles Ans- tin, fylike Austin, ,Tom Austin Brenda Aynes, Frank Bagienski, Pam Bagienski Alberta Bailey, Debbie Baird, Pain Baker, Penny Baker, Diane Bald, Julia Baldwin, Bill Bales, Gary Bales, Mike Bales Dann Ball, jim Balsle , Sheila Barkcliill, Ann Barnett, fean Bar- nett, Gary Barr, Doug Barrett, Gary Baugh,-Madeline Beaman Kyle Bean, Inez Beard, Sharon Beckham, Gail Benak, Debbie Bender, Geraldine Benson,VJohn Bernharclt, Marolyn Berry, Y ilson Bienert Betty Bilbre , Susan Bilyeu, Tim Blac , Otis lglackman, Doug Blake, Lanet Bledsoe, Phil Bledsoe, Cliff lossom, Teri Boiling Tim Boman, jim Boone, Richard Boone, Cassie Borkman, Mike Bousman, Dorothy Bo d, Linda goze, Dave Bradley, Rolinert Bran- on Don Brant, Ora Braxton, Becky Bray, janet Breese, Mike Breese, Larry Brewer, Sylvia Bricker, jerry Bridges, Nancy Bright Derrick Britt Ma Bronnenberg, Cheryl Broshar, rlsavid Brooks, Lohn Brooks,' Ronald Brooks, John rown, Judy Brown, Phil Brown Bruce Brumback, Hershel Brum- met, Patty Buck, Robert Buck, Norma Buehler, Geraldine Burli- son, Marlene Burlison, Cheryl Bur- nett, Larry Burns , etermining the eventual course of their high school careers . Brad Burton, Jack Cage, Cliris Calalwria, Jean ,allahan, Marilneth Callencler, Annie Campbell, Linda Campbell, Mike Carpenter, Geral- cline Carr Linda Carter, Teresa Carter, Mike Centers, Nilena Chamberlain, Kathy Cliane f, Debbie Chenna Wetli, Nlarshall Clark, Nlike Clark, Dave Cleaver Pliil Coale, Alan Cobb, Teresa Collett, Leonard Collins, joy Col- lins, Linda Conlon, Kenneth Con- ner, Nancy Cook, Amos Conley -lack Cope, Donna Conch, Becliv Courtney, Xlilic Covinflon. Erviii Cox, Janet Craili, Hicliarcl Crain, Cary Iripv, john Crisler Marti Crosle , Debbie Crowthers, Donna Crull, Becky Crlimes, Cathy Cummings, Shirley Cum- mings, james Currie, janet Dale, Sara 1 Dales Nlelincla Dant, jim Darr, Iini Dar' nell, Fxolncrt Daven wrt, Dave Davis, Doyle Davis, llelen Davis, .lvaiiiio Davis, Lalwlla Davis Mark Davis, Nick Davis, Russell Davis, Steve Davis, Patty Day, Tammy Day, David Delp , Alan Delplna, Tony Demos 1 wi J Sf N w .w i ,, P We ,.. ,gfiiili-ev-V if - i L ggff 51: J' S :His Bw- , X Y y .Q si nf... ws. 'ww-W C vsia , e K E J 1 X C, , ,,,, ii iii ,,,., i K ' 'Q Dx-V' ' 151 fi X i g ps-ig: -,.. . X as f' is 9- :skis t ie, is . . ,AL 'gf ? I s, 5 s ' w s. v .ki i, .i fi Ne tan ' 1 i ws? 'ii Q3 S ' v DllllL'llli,f, talking, and entertainment is enjoyec liy students at the Fall VVind-Up. Many girls experimented with styles--pierced ears, knit hose . h- ' , k .fs . .,.. s i x N' ' i 1 s E ' ,,iit niei r ennee 1 I ' d: ' A ' fr?-Ei K ' ' 11' 'W -f-fgiiizz'-A K F sw f di 'se Y . ' F ,ff Q i A or T t , i K , . fi , z ., ' V. g :amaifa i f Us- . - r - . a ' ' ,1 gr. ki A -'.,. v, F, 35 . , 1 ei , e efti e F ii Q. iei F ' .eiti , t F Q . ' .Q V K.. 5 .Sf ' V 2' i . L - . , i., ' --rs. .- , ,. We , ' ' '- L - A- -. -fel.: .N ' , . V .. eie,e - - .Q ii 'W i .-.- - t K . , 7 A ,, , in ' i i gi w,wsgf ' f ete- fmgsi e e . F 1 ' , . . vi ii .L , -, f-2. ,gf -L t K . e e , Q '-.' 5 -W e ' 'vs fr. We ' ' 'Q' ii, 3 ' fi Nw .- - , g- , . 2- . . gf r so if ti , o is 77 sift., E' ee . 1 Theresa Dennis, Beeky Denny, Pam Denny, Cary DeSutter, Donna DeYVeese, Rick Dietz, Nar- vie Dixon, -IoRene DuBois, Mar- lowe Dllggtfli Dunhuni Eckinan. Corene Edwards, Irene Edwards, Luvonnc Edwards, Nlax Edwards, Tim Edwards jennifer Duncan, Rick Cfedrie Dunkerlv, Paoli 1 Tom Edwards, Brenda Eiler, Bon- nie Eldridge, Yvonne Eldridge, Bob Ellingwood, John Ellis, Glen- da Emerson, Char es English, Gary Erskine Brockle Ervin, Vickie Ervin, Linda Eltchison, Dick Etsler, Nikki Euratte, lane Evans, Sue Everman, Darrelyn- Fair, Melvin Fairchild Becky Farmer, Leah F armer, Mark Fenimore, Dick Ferguson, Cary Ferguson, Carol Ferrell, oyce Files, Bonny Finley, Dave Fis er Cary Fisher, Steve Fisher, Randy Fife, Deborah Fitzsimmons, Rod Fletcher, Tom Floiy, Karen Fol- som, Rick Ford, Patty Fowler Mark Fraunclorler, Rod Freeman, Cheryl French, Larry Friggle, Skip Frye, NVillie Fuller, Vickle Gaines, Susie Gallamore, Bill Garrett Pep sessions encourage the players to victory and express student ingenuitv. gg, mamzszwwmfdc , ,mmgqg-mf f 'sff --lpnnigrm-M-lligm-N-:aww hort boy haircuts--and cherished brand new suede coats Mike Garrett, Charlotte Garris, Dale Gehrke, John George, Prod- ne George, Susan George, Sharon Gibson, Carol Gillespie, Karen Gillespie Kathy Gillespie, John Gilson, Car- olyn Gibson, Walter Girt, Tariea Goehring, Norman Goodman, an- Lce Gorr, Ted Graddy, Doug ra- am Shirley Graham, Bill Gray, Lynn Gray, Sally Green, Teri Green, Margie Griffey, Jackie Guibault, Caro Gwaltney, Joyce Hagan Tim Haines, Barbara Hall, Murray Hall, Dan Hallenbeck, Herbert Hallenbeck, Birt Hampton, James Hampton, Mauri Hannaford, Tom Harp Vermilla Harp, Dennis Harrington, Elizabeth Harter,CJud Harvery, Poll Hathcoat, arolln Hayes, Becky Heath, Roanalcll Hellems, Ange a Hendricks Margaret Herbert, Janet Herehe, Beckie Hersley, Brad Hersberger, Eddie Hervey, Glenda Highwood, Becky Hill, David Hill, Cathy Hinke Ste hen Holtzleiter, Randy Horn- becli, L nda Horne, Emily Hosek, Rosie liloskins, D011 Hudson, erry Huffrnan, Clllgf Hughes, ally Hughes Bridget Hurle , Phil Hurton, Suela Imel, Nlike Ingram, Jack Ireland, Carla Jackson, Louise Jackson, Dale Jarrett, Dave Jarrett Denise arvis, Sharon enkins, Shexyle enkins, Nancy ohann, Claude ohnson, Dale Johnson, Essie Johnson, Rex Johnson, Vir- ginia Johnson Bill Jones, Bill ones, Brad Jones, Brenda Jones, ,arla Jones, Clark ones, Diana Jones, Joanna Jones, ulia Jones Monica Jones Deanne Keeney, Mary Pat Kelly Rick Kell , Jim Keogh, Pat Kiely, enny Igim le, Kay iper, Nikki Kir - ,.,, , 1 X151 ' . 1. M? r ,Jr , I rl as 4 al- 'i ' it ff- 1 - YJA' 6 J ,J ,gd ,,., , , , 'V , ::r f, 'jj ',,', ,l , ,5 f ' .era M , W1 pf' 13? , W5 Q. . f K Q5 Wx ,-. -I V , , , args? , f I ' an ,g g sr Q. ' . fy 9 - V' 21 iw 'VL' -24 A QW' -f ,117 I j T, 3 Y .g f ,gag -:Ee lisa , ,J 6 1' ' , f 'Z' I ei eve ,QZK ,, , , QW' l. an ek '11 ' f ,1 , Q .,,V 1 . , K lilr l 'W , , , ll-M i ri Hp - U ul ra J sri l , .., iff i' M - gif- , ,,i, , ,, r.,, 4 , , Hi,- Hi p , FV ,ga .r I 8 - ga i . Q. ,, at 1 f My ln AQ, HV ef ati? 1 s e f i aff if fr? ... . ,aaa rv We f , ,,,,,i ,,,,g if Elk' ! , ti ,fa J 5 fi if r .A re. f ew J -3 W, 2 Q5 -1 Q3 1 rr' m + ME, ' 25 'flew 1 W' . 1, 4 1 fm f 6-Iva? .f e t ? -V ,Jia ,, 442 2? 1 f . 1 ,, , reg? 1 4, 'I H W' H ' fc ie A . 95 I 11 1 , as ,lil r , A J I 45 M- '?1l',,, f' bf - n -5 rf v' ', ' ll i1,' ' ' illrjifii, 1 1' ' f ,, ,, , is WE, . . , ,z A . ' ' 4' a 1' -Lf. 1 ' 5 4, ' J i s f I J A i Q J f 123 ,M H, r if 2,1 Q4 Af' Y fn 1 i r ' ' . ff 1 I :lll if W. J 4 X V 1 1. rf 'fy 1? WWA lg ,J 8' X ' , ,' I 1 ., ., iv , m . .M f Ser -' .,- re-- . Hawk as . Ee 14 ., , . 1 vw.. 0, 1 B .1.,. 'Qi T 42 f Qlillf , is--We The class claimed We QL' ' ' wwf! I 1 emma '. 1' ,f 'mmf 3 W ' W -1 4' W ' ,,. at Q we f f 9 ff? 4 Y 1' J 'X li A Y .. A if i if . us A 9 5. ,V w Q ,,. ' Q -fi' T' .1 ,Q 5 , Wa ndian mascot and I A- vy A , -. I A , , 3 if ezsif 4 W A i K if W,,, x ff' i , 1 'W E , mf , 3, ' 7 A' 1 , Mi , , , . My , f 1' A ' , 3 ' at ' 42 25:1 'T' i , , ' Jai, S275 ? A M? L ff ' 4 - is if W: 1 K - -f ' A f ' ? 21932 5 . ,, sa .M M A i , , ' , ' 4 Aa i ff- i M .5 lub U F VV I ' , 5 . 77 sw WZQ, ' f-if - - s 1 ' ,V I ff? , ,y - J 'L . A 11 F , , V maiden, Cheerlead Vickie Kirksey, Dave Kleinhenn, Katie Kopp, john Kollros, Tom Kuhn, Susan Lagle, Patrick La- nane, Kevin Lane Dick Lantz, Mary Larry, Patty Lasley, Penny Lasley, Don Law- son, Ralph Lawson, Mary Law' rence, Greg Laughlin Bm Leach, Charles Leasure, ,onna Lee, Lynda Lee, Mike Lemon, Dave Lennurtz, Mary Lermurtz, Ora Lewis Steve Lierman, Mary Lippman, Tim Lockwood, Naomi Long, Rog- er Long, Donna Lowe, Kathy Lowe, Tom Lycam David Lynch, She-lia MuAtee, Linda MC'Burrows, Roger McCay, Russell Mt-Clask , Jordon Mc- Claire, Arinang McClintock, Loretta Mt-Cloud Craig McClure, Janet McClure, Mike McCormick, Ceor ianna Mc- Daniel, jack McGill, Emma Mc- Glothen, Anne McCruder, Dave McQuire llllllll uten Cll1Cl1Cllt? Becky Courtney represents her L-lass in the Homecoming Parade. Float building is frustrating. kia 124 lub presidents, and Steve Mclntyre, ,lim MeKeaiid, Terry McKee, Mar Kay McMil- lan, Deloris McNiKJ, Joyce Mc- Rhaul, Mike McUne, Sue Mains Frank Malone, ,lay Mallernee, Tim Magers, Greg B anuel, Linda Man- ship, Janine Marling, Cindy Mar- tin, Doug Martin Mary Marvel, Edward Massey, Vicky Maxwell, Pete May, Teri Maly, Tom Mayer, Jeni Meikell Mi e Melson Pam Metz, Bill Metzfer, Ester Miles, Marilyn Miles, lbrank Mil- house, Barbara Miller, Mike Mil- ler, Kathy Modlin Dave Moody, Gail Moody, Dwight Mor fan, Lora Morrison, Paul IX 0- to, lseanna Mowrey, Linda Moyer, Sam Mudd Steve Mullins, Tom Mumbower, Steve Musser, Tim Myers, Linda Myriek, Tom Nave, Iaceline Nell, Terry Nevin its share of scholars and athletes . N ,. ,, . , g A I V 'Q My r Y. A H f .gr T Yi! L- R3'5. 'iii f ' s I f i -: 'Ti' Vp. ' t ft 'W f ' . I ia L ' - ' 'll if V f ,',, f s,.- ' r , i, ,,-- 'N' f ' 'kwa VFKAH Vfltlfit' LT fr' i Wilma W ' V 'V ' ' it it V 1 V LT, f ' 'X l T ' V. A l I T ,i rt A T , Q A T T if i 8 A E ' U Hard work and spirit magically turns an ugly duekling into a beautiful stork. 125 Most earned drivers licenses after an earlier course in drive Charles Newsom, Tom Nicholas, Steve Nicholson, Ion Nipple, Susan Noel, Ceatrice Nunn, jewelean Nunn, Bonnie O'Brian, Tandy O'Bryant Nancy O,C0nner, Ioe Ohneiser, Brad Oliver, Frances O'Neal, Kathy Otto, Rick Owens, Steve Eakes, Riley Palmer, Sandra Par- am Iglnice Parker, Julie Parks, Linda atrick, Dennis Pattersoi, Suzette Patterson, Dwa ne Pea , Marcia Pence, Frank Pennington, Mary Perry Binior Pettigrew, Cathly Phillips, an Philli s, Ca Phi ips, Mary Phillips, Slteve llghilli s, Wayne Phlegar, Karen Pitts, Mike Porter Don Pose , Debbie Potter, Audrey Powell, lllob Price, Rick Pringle, Scott Privett, Zerinda Purcell, Terry Pyland, Steve Quinn kinine Ramsey, jirn Railey, Scott ay, Carol n Raytord, Mary Ray- ford, Rose Rayford, john Redfield, jack Redic, Ray Renbarger Alvin Renchler, Bob Reynolds, Debbie Rhule, Rick Richards, Claire Richardson, Connie Rich- ardson, Iulia Richardson, Sheryl Richardson, Lynda Riddle Paul Riddle, Roger Riddle, Brenda Ried, jeff Rigdon, Betty Robb, Ken Robbins, Larry Robbins, Ray Rob- bins, Elizabeth Roberts Susan Robey, Brenda Robinson, iohn Robinson, Ron Robinson, Vynn Rodecap, Rachael Rollins, Diana Ross, Terri Rowe, Greg Rumler Pat Sample, Mona Sargent, Tom Sargent, Chris Schilke, George' Schinnerer, Slennifer Scott, Pam Sears, Steve ellers, Diane Seybert Leigh Ann Shafer, Ron Shaffer, Larry Shaw, Nancy Shearer, Mike Sheets, Linda Shell, gim Shuck, janice Sigler, Veronica iler ducation and gained the right to take the Car to school . . 5 HWmM,,s,,,, wif 'ef ,STM MgW,mMMNM:,.WWWm,f,fM1 f i E , ,,.W, gem, 5 ,,, smwus I Individual attention is given to each underclass picture. Peggy Sin fer, Phil Slatte , li' Sloan, VVnh,da Sloan, Glendii Sllii- ley, Anthony Smith, Bob Smith, Bob Smith, Linda Smith Mark Smith, Marsha Smith, Ove- nia Smith, Rex Smith, Ron Smith, Shirley Smith, Steve Smith, Tom Smith, Tony Smith Kathy Snider, David Sokol, Rita Sokol, Teresa Southwick, David Siwarks, Monte Sparks, Steve St. Caire, Wayne St. Denis, Esther Stamp leanne Stetlce, Deloree Stephens, ilike Stone, Dan Stomrps, joe Stos ver, Ph lis Stowers, Cathy Stults, Pat Stullts, Margaret Sullivan I A Latin Club slave serves his master, Melody Aehor. A '4-'Z ' ' ' 'V . ff W 'li?rM,S, 5 M , X9 , :W ,, A52 fr L ,,,,M.l-gy, ,Swv ts r L. , 4 ,, ' xf? X .if i r S it f ' 4: ,. L A. it S S V 4 .1 X H if 4, wiv.. im V3 SS 6, i 'ri ,S f ,K-fig? 'X 'W ' 1 - S57 ' fiiif 45' , ,,f' Y f f 5,1geiJl-Qmsbffw za' , gain: , fiw v , 'q i' I A ,.,. ' ' .,, ' 1, M ,,,, SSQS 1 SS S, 1 , f S S, i' f is f ' S. X iff A55 Lau rf A H L ' l fr W A - ' f 9, S ws - 5 W A ,,.. S S 1 if S S f ' fb if 9 s' if ' if iii S ' V f , S ,-ff' --W' - S ' 'tr' 'f 'wf rt S 1 1 lf! iff-l '7 l:l'H, ,,.: Z 5 T 'Vg 5, ' Q 127 ln 1968 the Junior class arrived at a point of leadership Muriel Summerville, Floyd Sur- face, Sandra Sutton, Bruce Swan, Karen Swinehart, Pat Sykes, llohn Ifaylor, Kai'en Taylor, Lenora ay- or Paula Ta lor, Ronnie Talylor, Sha- ron Taylor, Terri Tay or, Ruby Thacker, Ga Thomason, Le Ann Thomason, Ein Thornburg, julia Thornlburg h Tom Thornburg, Bill Tierney, Nathan Tiffany, Kathy Tolbert, Edie Toombs, Marsha Trindel, ene Trueblood, Jane Tucker, Brad Turner Fatt Underwood, Barbara Van- Buslzlirk, Tony VanDui'l1er, Frank Vanhleter, Gary Vaufhn, Steven Vess, Lessia Vest, Bcfibert Vogel, Matoka Vontress Nancy Vores, Jianet Wade, Debbie Wages, Liz X ainscott, jim Wal- ker, Wayne Walters, Ronnie Ward, Howard Wardwell, Don Watson Faye VVatson, Sheila Watson, El- nora Weaver, Mary Ann Weis, Don Wells, Cathy Wheeler, jim Wheelwright, Diana Whelchel, Ed Whetsel Albert White, Michael White, Tonya Whitley, Patty Wihebrink, Mary Wilder, Iiianita Wilderson, Karen Wilhoit, ick Wilhoit, Dor- othy Williams Karen Williams, Ken Williams, Porter Williams, Rob Williams, Steve Williams, Dennis William- son Denny Williamson, David Williamson, Penny Williamson Dennis Willis, Dennis Willis, Rolhn VVillis, Liquita Wilson, Iames il- son,CI1:ck Winton, Donna Wirth- len, ris Wisehart, john Wisehart Ed VVood, Ralph Wood, Mike Woodruff, jim Woods, Cheryl Wright, Ervin Wryght, Truddie Wright, George N ulle, Rodger Wyatt Ed Wyatt, Mike Young, Mary Youngb ood, Scott Zachary, Sharon Zink, Bill Zion, Patty Zirkleback, Tom Zirkleback, Michele Zuck For many sophomores the first few weeks of attending AHS was a period of confusion and bewilderment. Cet- ting used to new personalities, different rooms, and a strange schedule were just a few ofthe perplexities soph- omores encountered. As the year slowly progressed, the chaotic group adapted itself to the hectic pace of high school life, and found time in a busy schedule to construct a float for Homecoming, choose class rings, sweaters, and jackets, and to select sponsors and class officers. By the time spring had arrived the sophomores had learned the school song, the rich customs and traditions of AHS, and had taken an integral role in the school. Bewildered sophs adapt to hectic life SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-Front Row-Nancy Hodges, Tom Martin, Mickey VVhiteaker, Dan Halsell, Marcia Reichard, Cind Alt, Linda Beard, Christy Black, Carol Lan , Dad s. Chris Wisner, Sally Jones. Bow 2-Bob Kiely, Steve Voss, Tim Diana Adams, Ga Adams, Ta so , - ' ,af L 1 P Adams, Kay AlbreZl1t,Jim Alexa? . '43 1 Qf'...:: der, Charlene Allen urtis Allen, I if 'AQQIEQQQZ 2 I H I e A s ieesas 5' , if as john Allman, Cindy Alt, Becky Anderson, Carolyn Anderson, Dor- is Anderson, Doug Anderson, Paula Anderson, Sa y Anderson, Selene Anderson 5 .- , .aw . wx. - fs ' 'us - i . W. . .. 13 if ,AED A .Q .fm r - U r s t 'B' lp, Darrell Arche , Herb Arche , ane . W L A Amold, Brad Ashburn, lolvell Aynes, Reah Babb, Dan Bais, if f? Becky Baker, Shannon Bare , gr ,5 ,, Elaine Barker, Tom Barnett, Bett Barrett, joan Barsha, Linda Beardi Vir inia Beard, Pat Beckerman, Degbie Beeman, Cay Beeman 52? ... .. 1 ' w if 129 fb Y 'Q , Q . . , fag. .ag,,..., i Amid confusion and chaos of a new environment, the clas Q- , if B ' 1 B - . 'R n ee , Aie it f:' . Ti?,i, 1-29' f ,'J. -2 f' fi'-2 5. 1 '.-. . ' ' 'it .eeee f 1'- - 1 zs' 3 i i i? - . I ii l H A- e W f.kk, ,YVA Agr. , ..k.. ,i .. 3 ,155 3 , Vhiq, , L . W ..b,A Y ' , -+ , . iw fi-er i ii 5 C i - ---- l . V' ,, 1 F' -V I - L ,, ', , N it ' ' :ii A ,N is .vein U N B' ': , Q we - -4. - Qt., -.-, 1 Xe? '--vs ,wi - - - U it e i - e i 1 - r eeee f' . an A t . -. M X 1, .ea ' . , ' ' - : -1' W , 'f-- s .-- r f , -Q ,r-.QF '-ig, y ,,.,fP-ed - - '-we sr- ' if' i 1 if . '--, iff 2 ,F H ' - - - A '-.' L , Y L . ' .. ' 'S ' B- -1 J 5 - - ' jig V , fe , Y, f I r we , L it ,F fx- df '-1,,,5,,er- X -If , -4- ,,-,,,i,ge:,. 1,-ef - - ,, S i f , - , U , e it B ' gyis. ef f r ee . - its +v e eene 't 1- f 'eee ' e . . i t ae- fr A A ,.,,. , A ' .,.. .. S . Q - ' F , ef , -,, F tr' ' '-fmt' 9'- -' 1 as 'sv --- , -A , K5 -,- -54 f are . -'.' . .SL jr- h Q, 535 ifggui' K qgixfp-W L - SWT. ,Qi A ,Q , rti. . 'F ara Ama: , i ' , ' , , ' h' . ' -W . - , it Sit it if ,:a:'iif 2 f , 745 'QQ sr-, L A' . -ff , i, iff' C k- ,LV rg, E: r K ' 97 fr A N' e ,ff ix if ' Jfrgefi L , - ,,.. w - 7 ' i t - Z '4-:ffl ' 'xiii-Q ig, E - H .ee- '- iii. iii it . fifty Q - 5 Veene 4 . B enee Bt? - r die, ra , ,, ,, . . - , , , fa, ,w . -- - N.. -fi., al ,.e,e-'.,- -r-- .. .t -32, kr- 1-s:3, . x A-5 1 'A ' , ' -1 ,L t in w 4 .Q v- M re V, .s Q K., y f Sw 'WF' . -' f 3, 1 -, , -z e' ' fig ' 5 ii -, 532. V 1 2 L ef ' ee' E '- 1 r ' Mg I C ' ' an ' f- ,- -rfr . - -- ,,A, 2 r - I ' ' ' - ' m e xf p!i .- fr 1 K -K-.- 1 - -. ,i ' yi ig get il? 130 Frank Beeman, David Bell,Jeanie Bentley, Richard Biekel, E Bill- heimer, Karen Biven, Christy Black, Mae Blackman, Nelson Bledsoe Stan Bledsoe, Cathy Blubaugh, Diana Boards, Dan Bobo, Bob Boone, John Borkman, Mary Boul- ware, Fred Bouslog, Tom Bowling ViAnn Bowling, Glenda Boyd, Yvonne Braxton, Fred Brewer, Steve Brewer, Steve Brewer, Mark Brinker, Robert Broadnax, Danny Brown Duane Brown, Hal Brown, Lloyd Brown, Sally Brown, Linda Browning, Neal Brumback, janet Bryan, john Bryan, jeanetta Bryant Kathy Buck, Robert Buck, Steve Buck, Iohn Buckner, Paula Buck- ner, Roy Buckner, Carol Buehler, Pete Buettner, Darla Bulei' WVaynetta Burdine, James Burke, Christy Burkliardt, Mike Burnett, Tonv Burnett, Mark Burton, Steve Butller, janis Bynum, Christi Cain Cindy Campbell, Vivian Campbell, Dennis Carpenter, Diana Car en- ter, Valerie Cartwell, IOBeth lCar- ver, Rick Case, Curt Caudill, Steve Caudill Mike Chambers, Pam Childs, Rita Chinn, Sue Chowning, Debbie Clark, Leisa Clark, Laura Clark, Don Claus, Mark Clem Pauline Clem, Don Clevenger, Carl Cloud, Iogy Cobb, Dennis Cockran, Steve ollens, Fred Col- lins, Chris Condon, Betty Conner Ron Cook, Lenn Cookman, Barry Cope, Cathy Cogeland, Rosetta Cottrell, jim Couc , Pam Cousins, David Couyn, Ken Craig Penny Cram, Mary Cravens, Mary Crawford, Brenda Currie, Rebecca Cunningham, Peggy Curtis, Leila Czarniecki, Marcia Dadds, Steven Darr 1970 took its position as the sehoolis largest group . Claudia Davis, Jeanne Davis, john Davis, udy Davis, Patty Davis, Randy avis, Rickie Davis, Susan Dayton, Aurora Delgado Susana Del ado, Diana Delmolino, Lee Ro Delia, Debbie Dennis, Lynn lgesraffenreid, ohn Dew, N ary Dexter, Sharon ietz, Early Dixon ' Marianne Donnelly, Linda Dotson, Donna Don hert , Robert Doug- las, Renee Dowling, Mike Dow- ney, Anna Drake, Dave Drake, Debbie Dudley Cheryl Duncan, enniter Duncan, Sheryl Dunkin, athy Dunn, Bob Dye, Pat Dyer, Rick Eads, Lynn Eaglin, Johanna Early Oe Ebbert, Jerry Eckstein, Yvonne dwards, Dean Eldridge, LeAnne Ellis, David Ellsworth, Willie English, jeanetta Etichison, Eldon Eutsler Kathy Eutsler, Bernadette Faith, Regina Falker, Karen Farley, Eve- lyn Farmer, Tom Feemster, Ken errell, Dan Finley, Steve Fisher Terry Forkiier, Beth Fox, Dan Fox, ack Foy, Tim Frank, Deon Frank, iii, Xlike Frazee, Nlareia Frazier, DaviLlFrcclericks A r Ti?-a hd 'PAH :as X ii.. X . Tia is age 32391153 Q, +2 if Y amy? 'L , if 4? ws mf ' ,. ,. . ,. . Q r f i ,s H . 1, , .N Q ..,,.. 'QW' X X QW 2 e,,,, E ,,Q' - Q R - esrts ii R ir, , AX . ?, ' 2 M- so R mi , 1 Tiff if ii V i .- J D' ' i..:: r i. . P rs , s -, . F it W e ,K M, me . r ,E , ..,, K, .3 . ,s -15 45, ' w w f ' Es, 1 A fill? f :fl ' E 5 Q ., i . VL . fr .. tj .,.. I i a l 'lm' ' i X M if a'?iii5lii. '5': ff- fwes .- iff N.. 1, , R ' iii llil l miiii 1.411-1 5' it -e ii-Q31 if' in ' Q 'W ' ' ,: , ' : i-ff? M' 511' W ' in R ' a t - . - r ilitii . W .- . iii X Q asf' if 'fs . K i f. -55 K .-I .nr f X' H . ,, V We? Q Y J' w QR 5 sf R , Q N H533 , ,,,, , , ggi! J ,, h Yi' in 'K , X we .Q xi.. ' a 'F' -' ' A soiihomoreis first look at high school is the long me at the new and used book store. They smartened up immediately, plunging into busy schedules 'ee i ' S Q' ' t ' K , he '1if V ' ' i , V ,Wm ,, f 't 1 ' eeey 'f x 2' r ,, f 42 K arf ' i r ' ' ll 1 r A I A Af ei! l i mi ml ,B , A My ,w e ' , ' - , - aff ' - yyee 5 ' - ' , r V ' f 1 K fi- 1, Q? , ,, ,L l :gr - , I, .Ll 15 : ' f ,, ..,,. f , ' A tw ,f M., , jiri-ZZ ' ' 'U - , 3 X ff! i S' fi I 1 K ei ia K 9 ,',., 'Ai ' , i V ' A V , ' ' ' ,,:' ' K K' ' f ' S' , J I 2 f rf in ,, t t eef , K .. - i J S .L - , ,, , ' ,i i 2 ' ' Y ' '- , 1 f Zleliifikf 5 i 1 ' ' AW W . Gil., 4 , vi my ff V a t I IM, H L . eey ' i is wi f-'M V in at ,,t, nf ' ., 5 Q, ,f 11 .- 463' ,,, ,, - fl' ,ai V q, iflaglwz :sw 'ev 'V , 'A '--' V'e' fr 1 K V , . ., . 2 , ' Sue Todd represents the Soghf 1 omore class in its first . . g school activity, Homecoming. Ed Freestone, Susan Fuller, jo Ellen Gadberry, jerry Gain, Tim Galbraith, Ide la Galmore, Judy Garland, Betsy Garner, Mark Gar- Hel' Rogler Garrett, Richard Garretson, Bee y Garringer, Lewis Garris, im George, Geoffrey Gephart, ohn Gerald, Etoshia German, ill German Otera Givens, Nancy Goddard, Tom Goodman, Ma Goodwin, Anna Gore, Beck Glourley, Jim Graham, Terri Graham, jo Grant Charlotte Grzay, Kirk Gray, Paul- ette Grzgy, im Gray, Barbara Green, herr Gre g, Michelle Grieb, Belindla Griigee, Candace Griffee Darrell Grile, Janice Guibault, Mike Culbert, Steve Gutherie, lim Habereh, Charlotte Haian, Gregg Haggard, Pam Hale, Ric Hall Robert Hall, Donn Halsell, Randy Hamilton, John lilamlrflton, Mat- thew Hampton, Karen anelyl, Sam Hanna, john Harden, Keith argis Larry Harris, Patty! Harris, Bertha Harrison, Roger alynes, Russell Ha s, Linda ecks, inda Hedges cralt, David Helvey, Susan Hen- drickson gyndi Herb, Tom Herbst, Doug examer, Ilohn Hexamer, Gary Hiatt, Sheryl Hiatt, Karen Higgins, Dennis Hig baugh, Mike Hilvert 1kaMev NEDEIAF' ff f fu l Q that included 7:30 Vincent Hilliard, Denise Hinch- man, Doug Hinton, Debbie Hobbs, Tim Hodges, Karen Hogan, Georglel Ho and, Vickie Holland, Mike opgood Lorraine Hoppes, Tom Horevay, Barbara Horne, Mary House, Rhoda Howe, Allan Hudson, Mar- tha Hudson, Pete Hudson, Terry Huff Bets Hniiinan, jack Hu hes, Mic- key ll-Iughes, Ronald Hughes, Ruth Hughes, Barbara Hulse, Keith Hummel, Marian Humphrey, Mar- ta Hunter Suzy Huntley, lLoAnna Hutton, Myrtle Hyatt, evin Idlewine, David Imel, Debbie Imel, Roy Irle, Tom Isenhonr, Chris jackson kianita jackson, Robert jackson, ick Jarvis, Dan Jayne, Danny efierson, Cherl johnson, Doris fiohnson, jerry jbhnson, Sam john- son Steve johnson, Cin-la Jones, Cheryl gone-s, Elaine Lones, Linda lone-s, ally wines, S eriy jones, 'ylvia jones, aynejones Daviii jordan, Sharon Joslin, Steve jour an, Nanette jo , er jus- tice, lloe Kaiser, C3',irdbnIyKane, Mike ase,Edpert Keeney Richard Kellams, Debbie Kelley, Lune Kelley, Mike Kelley, Bob emm, Bobby Kennedy, arczltyn Kennedy, Larry Kennedy, ee Kenneth Sue Keo h, Rick Kilgus, Bob Kile , Patgiiimmerling, Steve Kim- merling, Essie Kimmons, Mike Kinerk, Monte King, Penny King Carol Kirksey, Carolyn Kirksey, Anita Kivi, Alan Knuckles, Rus- sella Kouns, Sheila Kruger, ganis LaC5iew, Becky Lambert, arol Lan Carmen Lanriing, Tim Lanane Mary Lantz, Larrie Larkin, Jewei LaRue, Ralf LaRue, Steve La- Shure, jim Laughlin, Jeannie La- velle AM . . classes and long research papers . , - N zf 5' it ' ac.: .H H YQ if . we re 3, li 4 TN x ii i PES . k 'fx Q . - fi f ,Q W ww . 1, kwgii, X Q ,ge i ,, . '. , :ig ,,,, l fff' ,, sf , . ,. fa GSW X 5 .ei zz :- -if as few' N.. K, ig 'Wt 5 as 9 .. .i't N riif, is .. .. '52, ,L on V 'Si . we .1 .Q f2 iff2E?i Q X iq-QV ' x Q 2 W N S x brett '. 1 . I. q L1 gk ! 5 ' . if' ' 1 ' ,q - ,,., ,r,i M P ' ' T: 5 K K' ....... - B iff W sg: ' .st 'iii' -iii we . ' S Q S- 'eccu A in ., .tg Q .Q I : K y , A, I. K , - so , ii 2 . M e .. M ' .willy 45985 ' V 'R 1 agisiiiii i'. 'i .SEXY fl A E i ..,,i - 4 4 ' ri ' f, ' ' K -rv. - . , . - I img' W , lg . Q .. L- M , Q . . c t A Q he , l , ,Bf , :g k . ' . is-' .f, xv- W1 ' tif - ,-ri Q, i A A ' i ii .... , -- . - ---i ' K Ah ,. bi ,. y v 2 ,E r , W at , .iugfm ,k,, A l ' .-Lggf-H1225 ,, ,gb ,IQ ' ,, -iifih f' sz , 'Q fr- r f' P ' 'i 2 .2. ' 'f-if-.-t+ ,,Q X ,.. :f t 5. W Mfg ii i i Q we 1 . r 133 Sophomores elected executive councilmen, F .ui e . i ... .1 im v S is 1f.-, . ,Sf 4 M , rr ..,.. . , ig? e.e ff' X ' - lei' . l Q . 475 4 Q, e . ' K ' 1 . sl: .W M. . . . 1 W 1 , i f A r if.. TQ: t . :- 33-aol: W' , Luigi . 'N it , is i .- ff I . 1 Q ,K in , , . . 5 -1. fi t N--' fl-T 5212 Q rf s ' , f ,srff-3' G- 1 '15 . cfm AIU .1 ' 'L w NF ve J 2 Q Sir' i - s 5 ' . -,',- - - i K C tml. W.. , 5 X . ,... Q - ss Q s I. 'Ia air Q , . 1 ,. r a 'ff N , ff A 13 ,i P P- i r . i 2 2' . .r it ' ' ,ss N k'tf1Ei7!!, l, m. .Elia x', ' g c.. ff'5i,Gf ' ' . ,i N 3 nf ' 'r .1 '--Q N . , , ,sc , . .. g f - g .,.. - .E . 2- . . fr,,Q,f'k. -5' ' if - a it - , k.yk L. 1.35:- k.9 ', , , ' -1.5, X - . e'e . - Q A ., Q a 1 . if J 1 1 . nf if pw ,J ik -, '. . J ,WZ 134 homeroom officers Roy Lawson, Sandy Lawson, Shelly Lawson, Mike Lawyer, Deanna Layer, M elocle Laymen, Phyllis Leath, Judy Ledbetter, Darlene Lennartz Karen Lewell n, Debbie Lloyd, Tony Llo d, andy Loewen, Iohn Logar, Xnnette Loni, Brenda Long, Ollie Long, Tom ong Karen Lott, Louis Lourl, Barbara Lumbis, Kenneth McAttee, How- ard McClain, Marvin McCloud, Charles McConnell, Donna Mcs Cord, Stephanie McCord Bonnie Mcflullou fh, Dave Mc- Cullou fh, Haines Nl-EjfiIlllOlIUl1, Ron Mcilull-inif i, Larry blC?:l'llCl0l', Milam Mcililcnr , Ann Mcllwain, Alice McKay, hlliureen McKay Cary McKinney, Doug McKinsey, Probert McLain, Willie McNeese, Carolyn McQueary, Rhonda Mc- Roberts, Marla McShirley, Dale Maggarcl, Tom Maines Kristy Mallorv, Francis Malone, Danny Mann,'Vince Marsh, Mike Martin, Tom Martin, Kristen Ma- son, Dennis Massey, Anne Maupin Debbie Maxwell, Gregg Maxwell, Linda Maxwell, Tim Maxwell, Mike Maynard, Dennis Menden- hall jon Mier, jo Miller, Rosa Mills Linda Miinins, Fran Moore, Ar- telia Morgan, Debbie Mor an, Eddie Mor an, Pam Mor an, Ciris gloiris, Deibie Muir, hike Mur- oc Jim Nabb, Mike Neal, Larrie i eale, Victor Newsom, Randy Nicholson, Marie Noland, Ernie Norris, Tom Norton, Bertha Nunn Coy Nunn, Henry Nunn, Ray Nunn, Mike O'Brian, Tony Ohn- heiser, Paula Oldham, Brenda Oli- ver, Kathy Orick, jerry Orr Chuck Osborne, john Otting, Ferry Owens, Neal Pai e, Robert a mer, George Pancol, ack Pardue, jack Parham, Cloretta Parks Chose round class rings, and participated in new activity . Sophomores call on the Indians to totem to victoryf, Hours of lim and work go into the building of a float. i Raymond Parks, Cindy Paschal, Tim Paschal, Colette Patterson, Dennis Paterson, Linda Patton, Jean Patton, john Paul Barry Payne, Terry Payne, Ellen Payton, Lar Peak, Mike Pearson, Rick Peek, lgreda Perry, Mary El- len Peterson Larry Pettigrew, Tom Phillips, Ton Phillips, Victor Phillips, Lindh Phip s, Gary Pickens, Con- nie Pickett, Fim Pierce Mike Pine, Mike Pitcher, Nancy Porter, Sim Potter, Regena Powel , Debra owers, Mike rater, Terry Pratt Debbie Prout, Mark Purciful, Bruce Purkey, Kim Quear, Randy Railey, Che le Rambis, Bernice Randolph, Ain Rangham Dixie Rauner, Phil Raymond, Nan' c Reichard, Larry Reitz, Vicki Igenforth, Debbie Reno, Wayne Renschler, Bill Richards in Y' i ,M if R 1 1 , 3 ' ' a . ,. ,. , f' Y-A-M. W.i,1,,fWr?95a . are 733542237692 iq X 'T Q rf ' H3 ,Aw it, Axim' Ka as , A ,. m is if V, ,.,,, , . g W 2 '52, 'Hip ,viii , ,H A xweri. V w - yi rw is im Qi, me in V it ii, s r -1 V1, l Q L.-agar 5.11 3 15 ' , . f,i , ?5'4f 41 f? ' lizf ' , , K W. ,, fi 1 'Z f 5, , s ,fl -'LE' ,,. Pt YQ L' 'I , 'i'1l:giEg'4i, V ,q71 ' 'Sal f Q M' 15 5 'gi,g,gs1 , if , lg ' ,N ol H1 ,. ,J K ll 1 fe Ta' Ni i 9'i fm, , a Q fi I 2 y ,A A 17 , , ,, QQ 3 , , - 1: ' us W' 'ii I ' K , ,, , , , at is t vqgzliv f . -y ' w a M 't x f 'ii we 'tw if t ii vii? it we-w z . sh r' Win, gf V K, 1, , , pp 1:-f',z:v A ,3 X i l 7 ww - 'sr A ' like f' L ' 2 ' -I ' ' 5 'I , H -ti' L if f f?, ,, :ff if HM fer- i- A J' itgifgimigis V A-,Y f Vg. Bggywvi Egfr W, ' f ,Y eh , ' W - i i -' gif , F 'W P , r,,pi?' V I35 W. 1 They developed new friendships, assumed school responsibility ei el L S L L L L 1 fl- ... Q 'L 'S' ' xii L LIL S f s fu ix f W V 4 A LL M ILS gi, im 5 its L l WL,-f Y- I1 ' sf ' 5 L 'lf Lf? , Li- if :fr L 'eei' f r it rt siii S A I A L. , ' I i' ' M W -A 5 ,-fe p - L L sese . L es f ,f'1L if 3 LL , if asia' 'L V 2 i , L L L L L 3' L L.Y A L L -A L f - S QS fry W jf ff? , ,L ,S ' f ry ff , K AQ 31 5 , L- L rs L ' N L- I L' .gf ,Q L' L S LL ' L L 5. - 1 kg: rw S - i - i L, ' , K im: L f en g , L, - 'V 'i ii S i i 5 L A , Less-+63 L QLW rt s ' M A 53 5733 H f ,L L if 'aff M L 5 'L 1 ', ffff ,,, L: F ' A -9 its-t 1' X ri S, L W s'.. R S L' S R 5 A Lf, LVL? L S 'STL' L l,5?-5fr?Lr- ,L m ,f,, L Q L L a s ,L M g L is . -LZL A L 1 L - aL A L L -L ' w'Ls - -.-1 -A 7 L A , A ,s K A L ,L ew KL Lk N jig it In kkkh , is i l A S, siis , L A J A '- L A. S ,L L I 1 i-L' ' , i xii i Eff A ii ii ii in LLLL L L' L Lx A Otis Richards, Nancy Richardson, Dick Richwine, Barbara Ridley, Connie Rigdon, Cary Riley, George Riley, Debbie Rittenberry, Dave Robbs Sandy Roberts, Colin Robinson, Darlene Robinson, glanet Robinson, Kathy Roche, km n Rock, -Eff Rodecap, Vic oemer, Deb ie Rohliing Doug Rolts, David Rose, james Rose, Albert Ross, Pat Russell, Hester Samuella, Ellen Sayers, Vickie Schell, Steve Schlabach Emes Schildneir, john Schmitt, ebbie Scott, Treva Scott, Nancty Sears, Mark Seward, Cindy Sha - ier, Eddie Shannon, David Shaw jean Sherman, Roger Shirley, Ren- da Shull, Cai-letta Siler, r lartha Simmons, Doris Sirnond, Barbara Singleton, Sandy Slack, Rick Sleet Barbara Sloan, Art Smith, Barbara Smith, Barbara Smith, Carolyn Smith, Darlene Smith, Debbie Smith, john Smith, Linda Smith Pegf Smith, Randy Smith, Rocky Smiijii, Sall Smith, Sharon Smith, Veronica Smith, Lynn Smither- man, Mark Soales, Debbie Songer Mike Sparks, Barbara Spratt, Mike Staller, Danny Stanley, Linda Stanley, Carolyn Steans, Anita Ste- phens, Kathy Stephens, Lella Ste- phi-ns The Fall Wind-Up theme, Bloomin Attic, displays the trend toward psychedelic fads and social activities. on honors and awards, and became good little Elbert Stevens, Karen Stewart, Glenn Stone, Phyllis Stone, Frank Strawther, Debbie Street, Saundra Stults, Brenda Swain, Robert Swain Fred Sweiglart, Susan' Sylvester, Barbara Tac ett, Rita Taylor, Rob- ert Taylor, Charles Teaglue, Sheila Teague, Philip Temp e, Vicki Temple Sharon Thacker, Rene Thomas, Tania Thomas, Sherry Thomason, Gary Thurber, Derrell Tibbett, Tanya Timmons, Sue Todd, Pam Tomlinson Marilyn Tooley, Ma Townsend, Pam Trantham, Baiiblara Trotter, Randy Troup, Susan Tucker, Beth Upshaw, Tom Van Dalsen, Jan Van Dyke Frances Van Meter, Debby Van Ness, Kathy Vardaman, i ichael Vaughn, Mike Vetor, Amy Vores, Steve Voss, Lyn Wable, Terry Wade Bruce Walker, Chris Walker, Don Walker, we Walker, john Walker, Darrell allace, Daryl Watkins, Charlene Watson, Faye Watson Bob Wean, Ellen Wehrley, Debbie Welling, Debbie Wels , Neely Welsh, Kathy Whelchel, Ernise Whetsel, Kerry Whigham, Dixie White Micke Whiteaker, Bruce Whit- mill, lglathie Whitson, Naomi Whit- son, Bob Wihbrink, Rick Wilburn, Debbie Wilhoite, Kathy Willhoite, May Willhoite Brenda Williams, joan Williams, Maryann Williams, Nancy Wil- liams, Mary Williamson, Frank Willis, Anita Wills, Sharon Wills, Patricia Wilson Ruth Wilson, Dave Winningham, Debbie Wise, Patty Wise, Chris Wisner, Pam Wonders, Kathy Wood, Arthur Woodall, Dorman Wright wdy Wrin, Robert Wynn, Sharon ysocki, Robert Young, Don Zachary, Larry Zachary, Scott Zachary, Pam Zearbaugh, Jean Zirkelbach A N, r is -F - ' i - . :-' a fs ,Q f Q f. if We e. at . ,Wg ,. P , ' ,, .1 342 Q f ri K .- . -z Q fl 4 1 f K'-as b , . ,ff ,az K ., at ' it lndians . 'ki C - .-::' . .ef 4- 5 . rm ,- iff .r Q, 5 i Q i A i A ., ,N I if ,. 'Qfif xi f . f K ,R , ,R M Q. ., ,3 I , ' ' is ' . ' A . ' if .K N .r gif ' if lg' : Q'w,,g Si ligyflgv gl , 1 . ' :S ' if ' ' fs 2 Ga. , -.4 A ,js ,Q .,V km, Q nw' t ,A 8 K Wk , gl. , ,.i I H 0 M ,Vt . .Q i f .s K, I K Q Q Vi ew. i,ia Z f li QQ -,Q fa. aim, -w 1 - . .,,, 1 Y A , gf 4 1 'ftt sa 2 B Es ! A e. -s-. ,T-., f- S S . ' egg? A '. I , 4' ur, a 4' at , .. ,,.. sassy-,Q ..' , ,M - . . A M. , .5 me ,' LIS :.::1Q'g ' ,. if- f f ' ' X ,,- '.,2 . W rt 1-1 -- 2 1 - sis '- f W ig 'X' ' 1- fr as 1 ww' ,QP gb .hey ,D . ,., 1 . ali ,t .. ., 54 'H -W . . L Q as tl Y N -if bf T ., i , ,, ,, S1 . 'H' Q , , , ef at i. as as , 131- , f i 9 4' ....- X Ma, Bill . ..,i,- 3 ,t i isti .a..r - , . A . ' s'if . . .14 , 'iii' , A ,Z'L 3 i.' 1 Z p f ' - ff ,. 5 If -' . 5 , 'M f i ,,,s ' ' ,A , ta'e , . f ' , 'Q , -. IFS is ifg15,g,f-z'ff5 1,f :fi A l A., W , p , -' K , fi V' ,S w-was A. L,,i X X-' p A - - t.i' . . are .- . ,QT 1 'L . ' i A. i . Lt. -, wk W . K if buba , , ,fp -..,,. ., it .... ,L . f Q , . s ' we ,, ' s z - 1 'gg U ,1 -1 H Q , A 'i'e K a I ,aT'f1i' s r , as it i-is-S? ' a -:: - ff . - K I 'sees-,, 1 -'s- i T - 137 H Advertising The threat of growing competition motivated students to an awareness of the business world. AHS'ers observed certain economic trends and became discerning purchasers. Finding business both interesting and challenging, many graduates chose vocations in the areas of manufacturing, trade, and sales to pursue as life-time goals. A community serves its growing youth. 139 Rex Richards realizes that Anderson Bank is a safe place to keep his valuables. Anderson Banking Company 931 Meridian St.-South Branch-Mounds Mall-900 Iackson Drive-Up-West Branch-Chesterfield-Franlo ton Branch The Anderson Banking Company has provided a variety of friendly and ihnctional banking services for residents of Anderson since opening its doors more than seventy- five years ago. The main downtown bank and its five suburban branches satisfy every facet of the public,s bankinlg needs from checking and saving accounts, to night epository services, and Christmas c ub savings. 140 Monte Ice and Armand McClintock are advised on travel arrangements for a trip abroad. Collins Travel Service 21 W. 12th sf. Happiness can be foreign or do- mestic travel or viewing a spec- tacular show. For arrangements and tickets, individual or escorted tours via air line, Steamship, rail- road, or bus see Collins Travel Agency 'iWhere Happiness Beginsf, Coca-Cola Bottling Company 3200 E. 38th St. The Coca-Cola Bottling Company has provided the ause that refreshesf, to millions of customers since 1586. No competition has quite matched the s arkling zest of Coke. It's the taste you never gpt tirell of' so serve some at your next party because ings go better with Coke. 'HI for Di The large Seca-Sola si g Lawrence-Krehe 21 W. 5th St. Using modern photographic equip- ment and techniques, the Law- rence-Krehe Studio captures the glowing happiness on a youngsteris face, the blush of a new bride, or the triumphant smile of a graduat- ing senior. Friendly service and high quality portraits make it a pleasure to deal with Lawrence- Krehe. As Carol Millspau h poses for her senior picture she is confident 0? a lovely portrait. Lynch Corporation 2300 Crystal st. Since its establishment in 1917 Lynch Corporation has faithfully supplied the seven continents with the best possible machinery for production of glass containers. GRe- search to accelerate the growth of progressv is the primary goal of the corporation. A sample of Lynch's intricate machinery examined by Charley Czarniecki. Kirkmanis Jewelry and Gift Store 1213 Meridian St. Offering the finest quality merchan- dise, Kirkmanis Jewelry and Gift Store has supplied Anderson resi- dents with a complete gift selection of jewelry, watches, silver, and china for nearly half a century. Mary Ann WVeis studies the wide selection of Fine quality silver available ut Kirkmarfs. Choosing an watch that will last gfiiietimc is nol problem for a VVooc Wien shopping Kirgrnanis. Rothis Sczesny's Market 19 W. Cross St. For many years Sczesnyis Super- market has provided the best in grocery products for the discerning ousewi e. The variety at lowest prices plus aiuick and convenient shoppinlg m es Sczesnyis the place for ami y food service. Sczesny's personnel is eager to help customers make desired selections. Mounds Mall and 3312 Nichol Ave., Edgewood Thirty three years of fashion expe- rience in Anderson established Roth,s as an authority. Tasteful suits, dresses, coats, furs, and s ortswear for all occasions can be fblund at Rothis two convenient locations, Mounds Mall and Edge- wood. The world of cosmetics is explored by Janie Roush as she experiments with the latest beauty tools. Star China and Housewares, Inc. 902 Main St. The gleam and sparkle of china and crystal gives the Star China store its name. For all household gifts and necessary and decorative items for kitchen and table, the Star China is unexcelled in Anderson. Cheryl Chowning and Bill Snyder know that Star China is the place to buy beautiful dinner- ware for the home. Dearings East Side Drugs, lnc. 702 E. Sth St., 802 E. 8th St., 1500 North Broadway With branches in three locations, Tom DearingkDrug stores offer a complete stoc of first aid supplies, ma azines, cosmetics, and ouse- hols needs. Registered harmacists are on duty providing fgst and effi- cient prescription filling. Phillips Motors 2311 Broadway Stylish and economic transporta- tion has been offered to Anderson- ians since 1937 by Philli s Motors who specializes in the Salle of Har- ley Davidson, and Yamaha cycles and scooters. Repair service, parts, and riding gear are extra features. The wide selection of Yuinnlms and llurlcy Davidson motorc cles clazzles Alanine Mailing :uid Jerry Vim Dyllle. Rapps 821 Meridian St. Ra s rovides suits, S ort clothes, shclzals, land sweaters fgr men and boys. Women shop the well- stocked shoe de artment for the latest styles in fldotwear. Reason- able prices on leading goods have wide-spread appeal or Anderson shoppers. Experienced clerk john Crisler advises Doug Ro fs and Don Brant in the selection of coats. Ann and Don Barnett have 21 prescription filled at their gl'ilI'lClflltl'18l',S pharmacy 145 Linda Peyton selects a new school Wardrobe at Sears. An derson Laun derers-Cl can ers 233 Sycamore St. The importance of making a good appearance is fully realized by many AHS students. That is Why they patronize the Anderson Laun- derers-Cleaners ' to keep their clothes at their best. Nine conve- nient locations in Anderson provide the very Hnest in dry cleaning and professional laundry service. Sears Roebuck 81 Co. 1204 Main St. From major appliances to school clothes or sporting goods, Sears Roebuck and Company has served the Anderson areafor over three quarters of a century. Offering quality merchandise at reasonable prices, the convenience of parking, and the services of competent and friendly sales personnel, Ander- sonians Shop at Sears and Savef' Gail Benak learns laundry techniques from an experienced employee. Cook Block and Brick Sales Corporation 2013 Mounds Road Whether for basic construction or decorative addition, builders need- ing supplies, patronize the CB8zB Company for fine workmanship and fast service. Cement both func- tional and decorative can be found here, along with expert advice on construction problems. Ron Prichard steps into his grandfathefs studio to view his senior pictures. Tom Mayer demonstrates the ease with which a hefty CB6zB machine moves. Elite Studio 1037 Meridian St. Since 1937, Russ Forkner of Elite Studio has been photographing students for the AHS yearbook. Whether individual portraits, group shots, or action at a ball game, Elite quality is always apparent. Other specialities cause Elite Studio to render real photographic service to Anderson. Russ Regenold Pontiac, lnc. 303 Pendleton Ave. For over twenty years Russ Rege- nold has supplied the Anderson area buyers with the iinest new and used automobiles and parts. Russ Regenold offers the right car for every taste, from sport to luxurious sedan. For economy and beautiful styling shop Pontiac. Surbaugh and Son Real Estate Citizens Bank Building Surbaugh and Son specializes in arranging plans suited to the indi- vidual. Many satisfied customers recommend this agency as the best in Madison County for real estate, personal possessions, home, and life insurance. Super Six Markets Three Anderson Locations The wide choice of beef, pork, and poultry plus the well-stocked shelves of grocery departments, popular prices, fast service, and convenient locations make food buying a pleasure at Super Six Markets. For the best in meats, Kathy Chaney shops Super S1 Markets. McDon aldas Furniture Showrooms, lnc. 81 St, Road 9-South For any type of furniture, Whether it be an Early American dinette set or a modern bedroom suite, Mac- Donaldis Furniture serves the com- munity With pride and convenient service. Expert interior designers willingly give advice on color schemes and home furnishings. W. T. Walker Jewelry 1126 Meridian St. W. T. Walker Jewelry offers An- derson a store with sparkle. Spe- cialties are Hne diamonds and Watches, costume jewelry, silver, and decorative pieces. Personal en- graving can be done on many gift items, increasing their special meaning. Williamson H eating 1016 Fletcher St. Freezing winter Weather or mid- summer heat waves pose no prob- lems to those possessing year- round comfortv control. Williamson Heating provides this comfort as well as eil-icient service and instal- lation. Bob Williamson informs Steve Fenimore on the installation and service of quality heating. l l i v Janice Niehaus and Bob Trimble admire a living room ensemhle. 4, Bridget Hurley pays NV:1lker jewelry a visit for that special jewelry 149 First Savings and Loan Association 33 YV. 10th St. Better-living goals are more easily achieved through the generous earnings on savings at First Savings and Loan Association. This friendly financial institution provides ad- ditional community service offering financial aid. Mary and Tim Paschal know that First Suvingfs excellent advice can help them in their financial aflairs. 1 Frischls 500 Broadway, 901 Meridian St. Adults and teenagers find Frisclfs a place for delicious food, Whether for an after-the-game snack or a complete dinner. Two convenient locations with attractive dining room facilities and carry-out ser- vice help serve the Anderson Area promptly and efficiently. Mike Noland, John Crisler, Greg Laughlin, and Steve Musser enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Frisch's. Guide Lamp Division 2915 Pendelton Ave Shown is an aerial view of Guide Lamp Division of General Motors, worldis largest manufacturer of automotive lighting equipment. Guide also produces rear view mir- rors, headlight controls, automatic light switches, and plastic ports. This large industry covers 45 acres of floor space in Anderson and em- ploys nearly 5,500 men and women. An aerial view of Guide Lamp, Division of Gen- eral Motors. Recreation Equipment Corp. 724 W. 8th St. The finest in park apparatus, pool, and athletic equipment is manufac- tured by the Recreation Equipment Corporation and used in cities throughout the midwest. AHS has chosen REC to supply the pool, athletic equipment, and apparatus for its vast physical education pro- gram. Nancy Hardwick is one of the many AHSers who appreciate the facilities available through Recreation Equipment Corporation. Yanceyns Market 1909 WV. 8th St. Specializing in line meats and a Wide variety of brand name prod- ucts, Yancey,s Market provides An- derson housewives and shoppers with quality foods, popular prices, and convenient locations. john Rosencrans, a former AHSer, examines the l quality of Yancey's fine meats. Apex School of Beauty 225 E. 10th St. As a recognized leader in the teach- ing of Cosmotology, Apex School of Beauty Culture otlers highly reputable classes in hair styling and cosmetic application for those seek- ing a career in beautyr culture. Ann Richardson knows that for the best in hairstyling one goes to Apex. Katie Kopp and Sharon and Karen Taylor enjoy the delicious food available at the Alibi. Alibi Restaurant 1401 Jackson St., State Road 67 81 Columbus Students look to the Alibi for pleas- urable dining. Speedy service and tasty food are important charac- teristics of Anderson,s two Alibi restaurants. Alibi South and Alibi Uptown provide a taste-tempting and economic journey to the land of delicious food. Art's Pizza Palace 1420 Broadway Italian food at its best may be found at any one of Art,s three locations. In a pizzeria atmosphere of Old Italyf, pizza of all varieties is served. Ham, beef, and sausage sandwiches and spaghetti complete the varied menu. Carryout service is an added convenience. Steve Bradley steps out of Art's anxiously await- ing the delicious taste of his pizza. A. L. Brewster Plywood, lnc. 2801 Broadway Shop A. L. Brewster for your re- modeling and decorating needs. Brewsteris specializes in beautifully grained wood paneling and ply- wood for home and office. Addi- tional interior and exterior fixtures can be provided for that extra touchv to your remodeling job. B 81 B Jewelers 900 Meridian St. If exquisite jewelry and quality watches are desired for personal use or for gift giving, BGB Jewelry is an excellent place to shop. This fine jewelry store maintains an out- standing watch repair department for major or minor repair service. Steve McIntyre trusts that his watch from B6zB Jewelry will last a lifetime. Tom Thomburg leads the way to A. L. Brewster Plywood 153 Jayne Ferguson and Rod Jarvis proudly present a new softener. Clair Call 19 W. nth si. Smartly dressed young men of Madison County make Clair Call their favorite clothing store. Dis- cerning salesmen assist in your selection from an excellent variety of suits, coats, hats and accessories. Lee Franks strikes a confident pose in his new sport coat from Clair Call. Norm Cook Studio 502 W. 11th St. Personality captured on film is the key to fine portraits skillfully pro- duced by Norm Cook Studio. The important moment is preserved in natural color, hand painted oil, or in black and white to create por- traits Which are naturally betterf, jennifer Dexter says, I understand you make natural looking portraits like tliislv Culligan Water Conditioning Co. 815 John sf. For over a quarter century Culligan Water Conditioning has offered soft, purified Water for the conve- nience of Anderson residents. Soft- Water has demonstrated its virtues to an increasing number of satisfied customers who readily admit their best decision was to call their Cul- ligan man. D eckeris, lnc. 21 W. llth St. Decker,s Incorporated has been the headquarters for Andersonians for over sixty years. Quality office equipment, books, greeting cards, party favors, and gift items are available here, as well as brand names in durable sport,s equip- ment. Steve Meek and Ronna Wisner are eager to play tennis with their new rackets. D avis D airy W. 38th St. Road Davis Dairy provides wholesome dairy products for the needs of ac- tive people. The population of greater Anderson has long trusted Davis Dairy for convenient and friendly delivery service of dairy products, fresh from the countryf' David Fredericks receives a sample of one of the many nourishing dairy products produced by Davis Dairy. Dietzeifs Bakery 2401 Meridian St. Roman Meal Bread, developed as an aid for weight-watchers, is only one of the many quality-fresh prod- ucts Dietzenis Bakery has produced since 1885. Other long-time favor- ites are cakes, doughnuts, Holsum and Soft-twist bread. Mary Pat Kelley agrees with millions of other satisfied customers that Dietzen's is the bread to buy. Hoyt Wright Co. 911 Meridian St., Mounds Mall Downtown Anderson and the Mounds Mall are enhanced by Hoyt Wright's distinctive stores. Since its beginning in 1923, Hoyt Wright has evolved into a fine store for the entire family. Friendliness and quality merchandise are its main features. lndiana Business College 1223 Meridian St. Using the most progressive meth- ods, lndiana Business College, lo- cated in ten centers throughout Indiana, trains future secretaries and accountants. Refresher courses and special programs are available for all students preparing for a career in the business field. Feeling that preparation for the future is serious business, Pam Denny concentrates on practicing her typing. lohnny's Shakes and Steaks 723 E. 8th St. Located in the center of Park Place, Iohnnyis restaurant is the center for quality food at its best. For lunch, after-school snacks, or a complete dinner ranging from hamburgers to steaks, try Iohnnyis for the finest. Chris Melson is proud to wear and sell Hoyt Wright clothing. Pam Shannon, Dale Gehrke, Chip Ellis, and Penny Baker take time out of a busy day for refreshment. ... ,..t,,. i, , f Fleenofs Auto Supply 230 E. 9th St. Mags, slicks, custom-made steering wheels, and other parts and acces- sories, can be found at the well- stocked Fleenoris Auto Supply. Specializing in tools, paint, and mechanical needs, F leenoris is your automotive supply center. Alfred Johnson carefully inspects the Hue quality merchandise at F leenor's. Employee Pat Adams demonstrates the versatility of an electronic organ. l-leckaman Buick lnc. I 707 jackson St., 34 W. Sth St. Whether looking for a thrilling Wildcat Sport Coupe or a luxurious Electra, the place Where quality, elegance, and service comes first is Heokaman Buick. Here can be found a variety of colors, models, and designs perfect for you. Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick, a Heckaman Buick? For a 'iheck of a deal Mike Turner and Mollie Smith turn to Heckaman Buick. House of Music 1204 Meridian St. The House of Music offers custom- ers a Wide variety of musical instru- ments and sheet musicg and guitars, Hammond organs, and Storey and Clark pianos are featured merchan- dise. Instruction by competent teachers is also available to those desiring music lessons. Melanie Vermillion examines the quality clothing at Penney's. Junior Achievement 701 W. 6th St. Producing articles to sell at a profit, a I. A. company becomes a minia- ture business in which learning of good methods is paramount. Civic leaders and businessmen know the value of sponsoring a learning by doingv J. A. company to insure quality future business leadership. 'K il J. C. Penney Co. 1030 Meridian St. I. C. Penney Company is one in a national network of stores serving the community with a variety of clothing for the entire family. Household furnishings, furniture, appliances, and gifts are reasons for shopping at Penneyis. J. A. students are training for future competition in the business world. Kaufman Hardware 15 E. 5th sr. By providing an enormous selection of quality hardware, toys, sporting goods, and lawn supplies in combi- nation with superior service, Kauf- man Hardward Company is the leading store of its kind in Ander- son. Ask anyone. Theyill tell you, i'Kaufman,s has itfi Steve Butler is guided through Kaufmarfs Acme Paving, Inc. 1315 Alexandria Ave. Providing a sturdy foundation for progress, the Acme Paving Com- pany has specialized in asphalt paving of streets, home and busi- ness drives, and parking lots. Any- where one travels in Anderson, he is traveling on Acme paving. The continuing demand for services in- sures Acme a vital role in Ander- son's progress and prosperity. Hudson Printing Co., lnc. 119 E. 9th St. The Hudson Printing Company celebrates fifty years of service to the Anderson community this year. Having printed the ulndianv between 1957- 1965, the Hudson firm continues a Warm feeling of friendship for the AHS students and staff. The firm also continues to be fully equipped to pro- vide services from the idea to the printed piece. Harry Hudson advises his niece, Mary Bronnenberg, on the tech- , niques of successful printing. If you have an oversized saving job, Acme is best suited for your needs, as testify Barb Carney, Pat Hall, an Bill Shearer. 159 Lewellyn Studio 11 E. 10th St. Portrait hoto raphy at its finest could welll be axe motto of Lewel- lyn Studio. Tony Lewellynis mas- tery is well known in the Anderson area, and his work is recognized as being among the best in capturing that special ook. Receiving individual attention, Karen Folsom poses as t ie master Works. Mathews Market 3205 Columbus Ave. Because 'Sservice is their businessv Mathews Super Market is open twenty-four hours a day to meet a growing Andersonis emand for meats and groceries. Mathews effi- cient personnel make shopping a pleasant task. Marcia Dodds piles her grocery basket with fine products irom Mathews. Central lndiana Gas Co. 748 Main st. Central Indiana Gas Com any of- fers clean economical fuel? for to- dayls modern living. This Anderson firm takes pride in serving the com- munity with the veiiy best in con- tempprary househo d appliances, and eating. K Wld d tl the iiiture as she selects a modern gas range. lvltlfy ily 1 Cl' TCRIIIS 0 i 34:-a.5f ' Towne Shoppe 1033 Main St. Presenting a vast variety ot latest fashions in sport clothes, school dress, or owns for that special oc- casion, tlge Towne Sho pe offers that look of elegance tlglat makes dreams come true for any AHS coed. Cirol Brundage looks fashionable in a lovely Towne Shoppe ensemble. Peachls Pancake Cottage and Steak House 1125 Broadway One of the leading Anderson res- taurants providilig late meal-time entertainment, each's Pancake Cottage and Steak House Vprovides service par excellence. 1' e serve the best is no idle boast as return- ing customers attest. Montgomery W ar d an d C o. Mounds Mall Shopping Center Competent and friendly sales per- sonnel otfer ex ert service and qualiytgly merchandise at Montgom- ery ard and Company. Depend- ability, its Mounds Mall location, and its catolog ordering service makes shopping at Wards a pleas- ure. Ursula Weibel compares American clothes with those of her homeland, Switzerland. ody Walker and Rod Anderson pre ire to en Joy an evening of delicious food an entertain ment. Ponderosa Steak House Edgewood Shopping Center Featuring tremendous steak dinners in a homey, Western atmosphere, Ponderosa Steak House provides Anderson with one of the city,s best restaurants. The cowboy- costumed employees cook and serve steaks of the best quality to discriminating diners. The large sign at the Ponderosa Steak House signifies fine eating enjoyment for Anderson residents. The convenient location of Odell Photographers, Inc. is an added feature of their prompt fast service. 162 Odell Photographers 1822 Main St. Providing excellent quality in portrait photography, speedy film development, and a fine camera and photographic needs department has earned Odell's a reputa- tion for outstanding and friendly service to Anderson and the surrounding com- munity. Miller Huggins, lnc. 1212 Meridian St. With everything for every ol'Hce,', Miller Huggins Oilers the local businessmen and private individuals a wide selection of office supplies and office equipment. A typewriter rental service and a variety of school supplies are provided for Anderson area high school and college students. Fred Matthews and Kevin Lane practice their secretarial tech- niques on a quality typewriter from Miller Huggins Marvin Lowe lnsurance 2103 Meridian St. Miss Lavinia Burton, who completed 44 years of service in Anderson schools in 1967, is the first local recipient of the Tax Sheltered Annuity Retirement check from George H. Reiger of American United Life Insurance Company. The TSA program allows certain money to be set aside for re- tirement with future income 10-1573 higher than most annuity plans. Mrs. Lavinia Burton receives her TSA retirement check. Junior class officers Mike Woodruff, Chris Schilke, and jim Wheelwright learn a few of the techniques of broadcasting. geilers Fashion Board member, Nancy Shearer examines clothing available at The ace. 164 WI-I BU Radio 640 Citizens Bank Building For more than a quarter of a cen- tury, comprehensive on-the-spot coverage of major news and sport- ing events have come from WHBU, 1240 on your radio dial. Affiliated with the Columbia Broadcasting Company System for national pro- gramming and news, WHBU pro- vides widespread coverage chan- neled for local interests also. Weilers 927 Meridian St., 1102 Meridian St. The Place . . . Weilers, distinctive shop that caters to the co-ed. TWO girls from each local high school comprise Weilers Fashion Advisory Board. This board helps to select the styles and trends to be featured in the unique atmosphere of The Place. Christmas decorations at the Delco-Remy Engineering and Research Building add a festive note to the whole community. Delco-Remy Division 2.401 Columbus Ave. Success at Delco-Remy Division depends upon the men and Women of Anderson whose loyalty and interest have helped to produce high quality automotive parts such as batteries, horns, and other electrical mechanisms. Hun- dreds of Anderson High School graduates have gone on to careers at Delco-Remy, and they and the division have profited greatly from this merger of top technology and manpower. 165 Hunter-Weidn er Chevrolet, lnc. 2603 N. Broadway Operating from new Chevrolet headquarters, Hunter-Weidner keeps pace with an expanding An- derson by providing outstanding sales and service for those whose cars bear the distinctive name of Chevrolet. Become a part of the generation on the movev with a fast-moving Chevrolet. Janet Bledsoe and Richard Fredricks select a new Chevy convertible at a new Hunter- Weidner headquarters. Toles Flower Shop 627 Nichol Ave. Bouquets and artistic floral ar- rangements for parties, weddings, and special social functions are the specialties of the staff at Toles Flower Shop. AHS students are de- lighted by Toles, flowers which compliment various social activities throughout the year. Karen Swinehart selects a vase to hold one of Toles' many Horal creations. Emge Packing Co., Inc. 2000 W. 8th St. Approximately 1,000 hogs and up to Hfty head of cattle are slaugh- tered each day by the Emge Pack- ing Company to provide Central Indiana with the finest in meat products. Chief Anderson brand bacon and Emge ham and beef are the finest choices of discriminating housewives. Kathy McHenry and Bruce Chaille experiment in the duties of U.S. Meat Inspectors at Emge Packing Company. East Side Jersey Dairy 722 Broadway When in the mood for excellent quality dairy products or just an ice cream treat, shop East Side Dairy where their first concern is the customeras pleasure. East Side proves their fine quality by only selling products that are the Best Ever. Steve Hardacre anddlack King thrive on the fine products of East Si e jersey Dairy. First National Bank Southdale Shopping Center First National Bank of Madison County combines friendly service with the rotection of well-estab- lished banking. Savings are insured, just as quality is assured, giving the very finest in banking to Anderson and all Madison County. Steve Arnold joins the Christmas Savings Club, one of the many services offered by First Na- tional Bank. DY CBNE5 'Kun F 'Fl-IVDRS wan gf M um :gn Madeline Beeman thinks young , by joining the Pepsi generation . Building contractor Bird Strange displays a modern Anderson home to Artie Pepelea. . ,Q Jerry finest Bird Strange Building Contractor 1918 E. 44th si. Whether building a new home or adding onto your present one, Bird Strange Building Contractor is the place to shop for your materials, where quality and good service are a part of their everyday philosophy. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., lnc. 1831 YV. 18th St. During an exciting game, after a hard day at school, or while just re- laxing, AHSers welcome the cool, refreshing difference of Pepsi. Through the ellorts of the Pepsi- Cola Bottling Company, people everywhere have enjoyed the taste that beats the others coldf, XVyatt,s Television 2431 Broadway For the number one color T.V. its RCA, and Wyatt's is the place where all RCA and Whirlpool ap- pliances can be found. Wyattis sup- plies an experienced staff of sales- men to aid in your selection, as well as prompt, free delivery. Van Dyke depends on Wyatfs for the in the world of color television. Peddler and Varsity Shops 920-922 Meridian St. Fashions by leading designers and manu- facturers of Womenis apparel in a Wide variety of styles from sportwear to special occasion dresses and suits can be chosen amid the rustic decor of the Peddler. For any clothing needs, coeds visit the Peddler first. For the finest quality in women's clothing, Donna Rich- ardson shops the Peddler. For the guy who wants the latest in threads the Varsity Shop presents the most recent in male apparel. From swim trunks to dinner jackets the Varsity staff is there to serve you. No matter what the occasion -go best, go Varsity! Young men like Gary Erskine go Varsity for that unique and different style. Senior Directory MARY BETH ABEL-College Preparatory Honor Society, Future Teachers, French Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, Sr. Exec. Council, Jr. Exec. Council, Foreign Student Comm., H.S. Oilice Asst. MICHAEL ADAMS-General-Choral Club, Madrigals. MARK AKE-Business-DECA. CANDACE ALBERTS-General-La Teen Cuisine. CINQICEHAEL ALEXANDER-General-Choral u . RUSTY ALEXANDER-Technical. DARLENE ALFORD-General. MONTE ALFREY-General-Lighting Crew. TERRY ALLEN-General-DECA, Vice Pres., Reserve Cross Country, Reserve Wrestling, Mgr. SUSAN AMRINE-General-Future Secre- taries. RONALD ANCIL-College Preparatory-Lab in Club, Football. TERRY ANCIL-General. MAURICE ANDERSON-General. PATRICIA ANDERSON-Home Economics- Home Ec. Asst. RODNEY ANDERSON-College Prepara- tory-Choral Club, Madrigals, Caduceus Club, Latin Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespi- ans, Jr. Exec. Council, Soph. Exec. Coun- cil, Little Chief Statl, Publication Rep., Re- serve Cross Country, H.R. Pres., Library Asst. STEVE ARCHEY-General-A-Club, Foot- ball, Monitor. LARRY ARMSTRONG - General-Publica- tions Workshop. MARSHA ARMSTRONG-General. SHIRLEY ARMSTRONG-College Prepara- tory-Jr. Coat Check, Caduceus Club, Span- ish Club, Student Council, Honor Society, Model U.N., H.R. Pres. MARK BAKER-General. SHARON BAKER-General-Art Club, Band, H.R. Sec.-Treas. SHIRLEY BAKER-Business-Future Teach- ers, Cheerblock, Oflice Asst. ANNE BALDWIN-College Preparatory-Fw ture Teachers, French Club, Honor Society, Little Chief Staff, Counselor's Asst., Read- ing Lab. Asst. SCOTT BALSLEY-General-Band, Orches- tra, Latin Club, Student Council, Monitor, Pep Session Comm., Band Asst., Model U.N., Boys State, Dance Band, Pep Band, Jr. Prom Comm. CHERI BARKHIMER - General - German Club, Print Shop Asst., Library Asst. DON BARNETT-General-Caduceus Club, Spanish Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, A- Club, Football, Swimming, Baseball, Deanis Asst., Monitor, H.R. Pres., Pep Session Comm., F.C.A., Prom Comm. REBECCA BARRON-College Preparatory- Band, French Club, Sr. Exec. Council, H.R. Sec., Prom Comm. JOYCE BARTON-Home Economics-Cheer- block, Nutrition Asst. ALBERT BASTINE-General. DANIEL BASTINE-General-Band, Art Club, Art. Asst., Reserve Swim Team. DONALD BASTINE-General-Band, A- Club, Reserve Swimming, Pep Band. WILBUR BAUGHN-General-German Club, Reserve Golf, Monitor. CALVIN BAYLEY-General-Caduceus Club, Spanish Club, Basketball, H.R. Pres., Pep Session Comm., F.C.A., Jr. Prom Comm. CINDY BECHTEL-College Preparatory- B-Team Cheerleader, Indianettes, Future Teachers, Caduceus Club, Latin Club, Thespians, Speech Club, Honor Society, Jr. Coat Check, Model U.N., I.U. Scholarship Conference, Cheerblock. DEBRA BEHER-General-Spanish Club, Thespians, Dean's Asst., Jr. Coat Check, Prom Comm., Cheerblock. ED BELKNAP-College Preparatory-Latin Club, Monitor, Pep Session Comm., Latin Asst. BARBARA BELL-General-Caduceus Club, Spanish Club, Monitor, Spanish Asst., H.S. Oilice Asst., Cheerblock. DEBORAH BENNETT-Business-DECA, Cheerblock. JOHN BENNETT-General-Art Asst., Food Service. RICK BIVEN-Technical. PAMELA BLACK-College Preparatory-Fw ture Teachers, Caduceus Club, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Soph. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Jr. Coat Check, Red Cross Club, H.R. Pres., H.S. Oflice Asst., Cheerblock. STEVEN BLEDSOE-General-Honor So- ciety, Monitor. BOB BLOOM-General-Spanish Club, Ger- man Club, Auclio-Visual Asst. JEANNE BLUBAUGH-General-Band, Choralettes, Orchestra, Future Teachers, Future Secretaries, X-Ray Staff, Athletic Oilice Asst., Counselor's Asst., H.R. Sec. Treas., Jr. Prom Comm. BRENDA BOARDS-Home Economics- DCE Club, Pres, Latin Club, Honor Sc- ciety, X-Ray Staff, Convo. Comm. DAVID BOBLITT-Technical. TIM BOICOURT-General-Band, Choral Club, Publications Representative, Pep Band. LARRY BOLES-General-Baseball. JOHN BOLES-General-Lighting Crew, Re- serve Swimming. SHARON BALES-General-Indianettes, German Club, Student Council, Jr. Exec. Council, Monitor, Convo. Comm. TERESA BOMAN-Business-Cheerblock. MICHAEL BOONE-General-A-Club, Foot- ball, DECA. STEVE BRADLEY-General. NANCY BRAMBLETT-Home Economics. MONNA BRANDT-General-DECA, French Club, Student Council, Library Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas., Cheerblock. CAROL BRATTAIN-College Preparatory- Band, Orchestra, Future Teachers, Latin Club, Student Council, Publication Repre- sentative. SUSAN BRAY-General-Indianettes, Latin Club, Dean's Asst., H.R. Vice Pres., Sec.- Treas., Band Asst. MARK BRINKER-College Preparatory-Gen man Club. 170 BELINDA BROADNAX-College Prepara- tory-Band, French Club, La Teen Cuisine. VIRGINIA BRODERICK-General-DECA, French Club, Thespians, Soph. Class Social Chairman, St. Mary's. ANNETIA BROOKS-College Preparatory- Spanish Club, Counselor's Asst., Cheerblock. TOBY BROOKS-General-Art Club. BARBARA BROWN-General-Caduceus Club, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Sr. Exec. Council, Monitor, Jr. Coat Check, H.R. Vice Pres., Reynolds Bldg. Asst. COLLEEN BROWN-College Preparatory- Band, DCE Club, Latin Club, Little Chief Staff, Cheerblock. GREG BROWN-General-Track, Reserve WVrestling, A-Club. CAROL BRUNDAGE-College Preparatory- French Club, Honor Society, Counselor's Asst., Monitor. BELINDA BRYAN-General-DECA, H.S. Olice Asst. GLORIA BRYAN-General-DECA, Latin Club, Cheerblock. DENNIS BRYANT-General-Band, H.R. Pres., Jr. Prom Comm. JANE BRYANT-General-Choral Club, Swing Choir, Choralettes, French Club, Dean's Asst., Sr. Dramatics Asst. JUDY BUCKNER-Business-Nurse's Asst. MARY BURT-General. DAVID BUTLER-General-Latin Club, Soph. Exec. Council, Reserve Baseball. LARRY CAIN-General-Publication Rep., Football, Basketball, Monitor, F.C.A. KATHLEEN CALABRIA-College Prepara- tory-DECA, Future Retailers, French Club, Jr. Exec. Council, Counseloris Asst., Red Cross Club, Jr. Prom Comm. BEVERLY CALDWELL-General-Home- coming Queen, Choral Club, Choralettes, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Sr. Exec. Council, X-Ray Staff, Counselor's Asst., Jr. Coat Check, H.R. Vice Pres. SANDY CALLENDER-General-Future Secretaries, X-Ray Staff, Dean's Asst., Cheerblock, English Oifice Asst. LESLEY CAMPBELL-General. TED CAMPBELL-General. VIRGINIA CAMPBELL-Business-F u t u r e Secretaries, Cheerblock. BARBARA CARNEY-General-Future Teachers, Honor Society, X-Ray Staff, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr., Annual Staff, Activities Editor, Deanis Asst., Monitor, H.R. Sec.- Treas., Vice Pres., Quill and Scroll Club, Cheerblock, English Office Asst., Jr. Prom Comm., Ball State Publications Workshop. KATHY CARPENTER-Business. JANIFER CARR-Business-Thespians, Gym- nastics, G.A.A., Gym Asst., Red Cross Club. CALVIN CARTER-General. CLAUDIA CARTER-Choral Club, Swing Choir, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Speech Club, Student Council, Counselor's Asst. DORIS CARTER-General. NANCY CARWILE-General-DCE Club, Nurses Asst., Cheerblock, Caduceus Club. MICHAEL CASTOR-General. CAROLYN CASWELL-General. CRIS CAUDILL-General-Latin Club, Art Club, Publication Rep., H.R. Vice Pres., Sec., Monitor. MIKE CAUDILL-Pre-Engineering-Publicw tion Rep., Library Asst., Physics Asst. BRUCE CHAILLE-College Preparatory- Honor Society, Pres., Reserve Cross Country, Reserve Basketball, St. Mary's H.S., Golf, H.R. Pres, Pep Session Comm. HOSIE CHAMBERLAIN-General. LINDA CHANCE-Business-Future Secre- taries, Sec., Honor Society, Cheerblock, Deanis Asst. DAVID CHAPMAN-Technical-Band, Dance Band. SANDRA CHISMAR-Business-Choral Club, Choralettes, Future .Secretaries, Cheerblock. CHERYL CHOWNING-College Prepara- tory-Sr. Class Treas., B-Team Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Caduceus Club, Sec., German Club, Pres., Latin Club, Vice Pres., Thespians, Student Council, Sr. Exec. Council, Soph. Exec. Council, Honor So- ciety, Pep Session Comm., Convocation Comm., H.R. Pres. TONI CLARK-General-Future Secretaries, French Club, Cheerblock Publication Rep. VERNON CLARK-General. BRUCE CLEAR-College Preparatory-Swing Choir, Spanish Club, Debate Club, Sr. Dra- matics, Thespians, Speech Club, Student Council, Jr, Class Pres., Purdue Legislature, X-Ray Staff, Model U.N., Commencement Speaker. JERRY CLEM-General. KATHERINE COBB-College Preparatory- Choral Club, Choralettes, Orchestra, Ger- man Club, Language Lab Asst. SUSAN COBB-General-Deanis Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas. BOB COBBLE-General. ALLEN COCKRAN-General. MIKE COCKMAN-General-Student Coun- cil, Jr. Exec. Council, H.R. Vice Pres. JAMES CODY-General. NANCY COLE-General. TIMOTHY CONNELLY-General. MICHAEL CONNER-College Preparatory- Honor Society, H.R. Pres. JULIET COTTON-General. CAROLYN COULLIETE-General-French Club, German Club. DENNIS COX-General-Sr. Exec. Council, Wrestling, Red Cross Club. MARK CRISLER-General. RUTH CROSE-College Preparatory-Future Teachers, Jr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Monitor, Library Asst. ROGER CROUSE-General-DCE Club. JANET CUMMINGS-General-DCE Club, Publication Rep., Nurses Asst., Cheerblock. KATHY CURRY-General. CHARLEY CZARNIECKI-General-French Club, Latin Club, Speech Club, Reserve Cross Country, Basketball, Reserve Track, Lighting Crew. JAMES DAGEFORDE-College Prepara- tory-Band, Orchestra, German Club, Sr. Exec. Council, Soph. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Model U.N., Pep Session Comm., H.R. Pres., Boys, State. DAVID DAVIS-Business-Future Teachers, X-Ray Staff, Publication Rep., Reserve Swimming, Reserve Golf. DEBBIE DAVIS-General-Food Service, Cheerblock, Nurses Asst., Library Asst. HORACE DAVIS-College Preparatory-A- Club, Football, Basketball, Track, F.C.A., H.R. Vice Pres., Gym Asst., Monitor. RONALD DAVIS-General-DCE Club. TERRY DAVIS-Technical. VICKI DEBOLT-General-B-Team Cheer- leader, Choral Club, Choralettes, Future Teachers, French Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thes- pians, Honor Society, Dean's Asst., H.R. Sec., Vice Pres. FRED DEISER-General. DENNY DELPH-College Preparatory-Ger- man Club, Cross Country, Reserve Track Team. 'l7l REVA DEVANEY-Home Economics-La Teen Cuisine, H.R. Sec.-Treas. JENIFER DEXTER-College Preparatory- Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Student Council, GAA, H.R. Vice Pres. JERRY DICKERSON-College Preparatory- French Club, X-Ray Staff, Publication Rep. RICHARD DILTS-General-A-Club, Swim- ming, Gym Asst. CARRIE DIXON-College Preparatory- French Club, Publication Rep. SAM DIXON-General-Monitor, Pep Session Comm. 139518 DOERR-General-DCE Club, Latin u . RON DONHAM-Business. MIKE DONOVAN-General. CYNTHIA DOWNEY-DCE Club, Latin Club, H.R. Treas., Nurses Asst., Cheerblock. GARY DUCKWORTH-General. RON DURDEN-General. JAMES DURDEN-General. DONALD DURHAM-Pre-Engineering-Ger- man Club, Honor Society, Reserve Wres- tling, Reserve Track, Language Lab Asst., Mo el U.N., F.C.A. ARNELL DYE-General-A-Club, Football, Track, Shop Asst. TIM EBBERT-General-H.R. Pres. LOUIS EBNER-General. BOB ELLIS-General-Future Retailers. MICHAEL ELLIS-College Preparatory- Honor Society. RICHARD ELLSWORTH-General-Choral Club, Madrigals, Sr. Dramatics, Reserve Cross Country, Reserve Baseball. DIANE ELMORE-College Preparatory- Gerrnan Club, Sec., La Teen Cuisine, Pres., Honor Society, Foreign Student Comm., Foreign Exchange Student, Germany, X- Ray Staff. VVILAZELL ERVIN-General-Counselor's Asst. CONNIE ESKEW-General-Cheerblock. JAMES EVANS-General. BARBARA F ARLER-Business. JANE FARMER-General. TOM FARMER-General. LINDA FAWLEY-General-DCE Club. STEVEN FENIMORE-General-Reserve Basketball, Baseball, St. Mar 's H.S.g Lan- guage Lab Asst., Jr. Coat Check. JAYNE FERGUSON-College Preparatory- Future Teachers, Caduceus Club, Spanish Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Student Council, Jr. Annual Staif, Sr. Annual Staff, Layout Editor, Yearbook Asst., Jr. Coat Check, Publications Rep., H.R. Sec.-Treas., Cheerblock, Prom Comm., I.U. Journalism Inst., Ball State Workshop, Quill and Scroll Club, Counselor's Otlice Asst. BARBARA FINLEY-General-Choral Club, Swing Choir, Choralettes, Orchestra, Ger- man Club, Latin Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thes- pians, Speech Club. SUSAN FITE-General-Latin Club, Sr. Exec. Council, Cheerblock, Monitor, H.R. ec. JERRY FLAHAVIN-General-H.R. Pres. JAMES F LATF ORD-Business-DECA. RHONDA FLETCHER-Business Prepara- tory-Future Teachers, French Club, Cheer- block. JO ANNE FLYNN-General-Future Teach- ers, French Club, Gym Asst. DEBBIE FOLAND-General. JAMES FOREHAND'-Technical-Football, A-Club, Track, H.R. Pres., Shop Asst., Wrestling. JACQUE FORKNER-College Preparatory- Band, Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Speech Club, Honor Society, Pep Session Comm., Monitor, LEE FRANKS-College Preparatory-Cadu- ceus Club, Latin Club, Gymnastics, Re- serve Cross Country, Baseball, F .C.A., H.R. Pres. RICHARD FREDERICKS-College Prepara- tory-Caduceus Club, Reserve Cross Coun- try, Reserve Basketball, H.R. Sec.-Treas., Monitor, Deanls Asst. BARBARA FROSSARD-College Prepara- tory-Prom Queen, B-Team Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Sr. Dramatics, Thes- pians, Sr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, X-Ray Stall, Jr. Class Sec., St. Mary's H.S., Pep Session Comm., Convocation Comm., Quill and Scroll Club. RUTHIE GAITHER-General-DECA, Thes- pians, Sr. Exec. Council, H.R. Vice Pres., Sec. DAVID GAMBLE-College Preparatory- Choral Club, Latin Club, Dean's Asst. DAVE GARNER-General-Little Chief Stall, Gym Asst. JEFF GARRETSON-Technical-Shop Asst., H.R. Vice Pres. RICK GEER-General-Reserve Swimming, Reserve Track, Dean's Asst., Monitor, H.R. Vice Pres., Pres. GLORIA GEIGER-General-Thespians. REGINALD GEORGE-College Prepara- tory-Band, Drum Major, Asst., Student Council, Pres., Jr. Exec. Council, A-Club, Gymnastics, Convocation Comm., H.R. Pres., Publication Rep., Student Council Work- shop. BARRY GIBBONS-General-Band, Reserve Swimming, Pep Band. LARRY GIBSON-General-Band, Basket- ball, Mgr., Football, Mgr. TOM GIBSON-Technical. JAMES GILLESPIE-General. MARY GILSON-General-Orchestra, String quartet, String, Ensemble, Chamber Music Payers, Cheer lock, Orchestra Asst. CARALOU GIRTON-General-Nurseis Asst. LINDA GODDARD-General. JOHN GORMON-General. VIRGINIA GOSS-General-Future Teachers, Future Secretaries, Latin Club, Sr. Dramat- ics, Thespians, H.R. Sec.-Treas., Athletic Office Asst., Counselor's Asst., Latin Asst. FRED GOUKER-General. TOM GRADDY-College Preparatory-Ca- duceus Club, German Club, Honor Society, X-Ray Stall, H.R. Vice Pres., Pep Session Comm., Quill and Scroll, Jr. Coat Check. KATHY GRAHAM-General-Orchestra, String Ensemble, Chamber Music Players, Cheer- block, Music Asst. LINDA GRAVES-College Preparatory-Ca- duceus Club, Latin Club, Library Asst., Jr. Coat Check, Jr. Prom Comm., Typing Asst. DEBORAH GRAY-Business-Future Secretar- ies, German Club, Honor Society, H.S. Of- fice Asst. JORJA GRAY-Business-Cheerblock. CYNTHIA GRIEB-General-Choralettes, French Club, Future Teachers, Cheerblock, Counselor's Asst. WILLIAM GRISSOM-General. MARTIN GROFF-College Preparatory- Spanish Club, Student Council, Jr. Exec. Council, A-Club, Swimming. TOM HAGGARD-General-Band, Orchestra, Gymnastics, Track, H.R. Vice Pres., Convo- cation Comm., Band Asst., Pep Band. PATRICIA HALL-College Preparatory-Fm ture Teachers, Caduceus Club, Latin Club, Honor Society, Jr. Annual Stail, Sr. An- nual Staif, Editor-in-Chief, Ball State, I,U. VVorkshops, H.R. Sec.-Treas., Quill and Scroll, Yearbook Asst. JOE HALLENBECK-General. DAVID HALSELL-Technical-Reserve Cross Country, Reserve Tennis, Monitor, Audio Visual Asst. JOYCE HAMEL-General-Choral Club, Choralettes. ANDREW HANNAFORD-General. STEPHEN HARDACRE-College Prepara- tory-Band, Orchestra, Spanish Club, Student Council, Jr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Jr. Coat Check, H.R. Pres., Pep Session Comm., Band Asst., Purdue Legislature, Head Drum Major, Jr. Class Vice Pres., Dance Band, Pep Band. CHARLES HARDEN-General. NANCY HARDWICK-College Preparatory- Future Teachers, Caduceus Club, Latin Club, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Stall, Circulation Mgr., Ball State Workshop, Pub- lication Rep., Jr. Coat Check, Nurse's Asst., Quill and Scroll Club. VIVIAN HART-General-DECA, Future Retailers, Student Council, Counselor's 172 Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas., DECA State Sec. LARRY HATHCOCK-General-Reserve Football. BRUCE HAYNES-Technical. ERIC HEFLIN-General-Caduceus Club, Art Club, Jr. Exec. Council, Soph. Exec. Council, Reserve Cross Country, Reserve Wrestling, Monitor, H.R. Pres. STEVE HERKOMER-General-A-Club, Wrestling. CATHY HERRINGTON-General. JOYCE HESTER-General. DANIEL HEXAMER-General. PHIL HEXAMER-General. SHERRY HIATT-General. ANITA HIGHWOOD-General-Band, Cho- ral Club, Madrigals, German Club, Speech Club, Honor Society, H.R. Treasurer, Band Publicity Director. MIKE HILEMAN-General-DCE Club, Varsity Tennis Team, Varsity Golf Team. RODNEY HILLIARD-General-A-Club, Re- serve Baseball, Varsity Baseball. SALLY HILLSAMER-General-Car Check Queen, Choral Club, Librarian, Madrigals, Latin Club, Jr. Exec. Council, H.R. Presi- dent Pep Session Comm. KEITH HINTON-General-Band, Choral Club, Maclrigals, Mgr., Sr. Dramatics, Thes- pians, Speech Club, Little Chief Staff, Monitor, Quill and Scroll. GARY HINZ-College Preparatory-DCE Club. LINDA HODSON-General-Future Tench- ers, French Club, Latin Club, Monitor, H.R. Sec-Treas, Nurses Asst. ERIC HOFFMAN-Pre-Engineering-Band, Orchestra, Spanish Club, Honor Society, H.R. Vice-Pres., Band Asst., Dance Band, Pep Band. KATHY HOFFMAN-General-French Club, Latin Club, X-Ray Stall, Quill and Scroll, English Asst., Cheerblock. DANNY HOGUE-Pre-Engineering-Sr. Exec. Council, A-Club, Gymnastics Team, Monitor, H.R. Vice Pres. and Pres. TIM HOLBERT-General-A-Club, Reserve Cross Country, Varsity Track Team Mgr. JANA HOOD-General-Choralettes, Treas., Future Teachers, Future Secretaries, Span- ish Club, Latin Club, Deans Asst., Cheer- block. SUSAN HOREVAY-College Preparatory- Band, Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Stu- dent Council, Cheerblock. SHARON HOWARD-General-LA Teen Cuisine. RANDALL HUDSON-General-La Teen Crusine, Publicity Chairman. BRENDA HUGHES-General DCE Club, Athletic Office Asst., Deans Asst., C.O.E. Club, Pres., Cheerblock. ORIS HUGHES-General-Gym Asst., H.R. Vice Pres. VICKIE HUGHES-Business Secretarial- Choralettes, Future Secretaries, Sr. Exec. Council, Athletic OHice Asst., H.R. Vice Pres., Cheerblock, Pres, C.O.E. Club. PAM HULSE-Business-H.R. Sec., Nurse's Asst. LARRY HUMBLES-Technical-Football, H.R. Vice Pres. MANUEL HUNT-General. JACK HUNTER-General-DECA, Future Retailers, Audio Visual Asst. VERLINE HYATT-General-Art Club. MONTE ICE-College Preparatory-Spanish Club, Latin Club, Honor Society, Language Lab. Asst., H.R. Pres., Boys' State Alternate. MIKE IMEL-General. THOMAS INHOLT-General-Reserve Swim- ming, Print Shop Asst. DAVERNA JACKSON-General-Band, Lat- in Club, Student Council, Band Asst. JILL JACKSON-General-Choral Club, Madrigals, Future Teachers, Gemian Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Student Council, Jr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, H.R. Sec., Cheerblock, Prom Comm., Publication Rep., Soph. Exec. Council. JOE JAKES-General. LARRY JOE JAMES-General. LARRY JAMES-General-Band, Monitor, H.R. Pres. RODNEY JARVIS-College Preparatory- Senior Class Pres., Latin Club, Sr. Dramat- ics, Speech Club, Student Council, Sr. Exec. Council, Soph. Exec. Council, Sr. Annual Staff, A-Club, Reserve Cross Country, Wrestling, Baseball, Dean's Asst., H.R. Pres., Convocation Comm., Purdue Legisla- ture, Model U.N., F.C.A., Commencement Speaker. DARLENE JEEFERS-General. GARY JENKINS-College Preparatory. LARRY JENKINS-General-DECA. MAMIE JENNINGS-Business-Future Sec- retaries, Caduceus Club, Publication Rep., Monitor, Cheerblock. AL JOHNSON-General-Band, Orchestra, String Ensemble, Chamber Music Players, X-Ray Staff, A-Club, Football, Publication Rep., Track, Gym Asst., Library Asst., F.C.A. BETTY JOHNSON-Business-Honor Society, C.O.E., Cheerblock. BRENDA JOHNSON-General-Cheerblock. CARL JOHNSON-General. CAROLYN JOHNSON-General-Future Sec- retaries, French Club, H.R. Vice Pres., Dean's Asst. English OiBce Asst. CWENDOLYN JOHNSON-General-Art gluli Little Chief Staff, Dean's Asst. Cheer- oc . JIM JOHNSON-General-A-Club, Cross Country, Track. MIKE JOHNSTON-General-H.R. Vice Pres. RIKI JOHNSON-General-Band, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Dance Band. GLORIA JONES-College Preparatory-Band, Future Teachers, Caduceus Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Honor Society, Monitor. KEITH JONES-General. STEVE JONES-General-DECA, Art Club, Reserve Swimming. JUDY KEEL-General-Jr. Exec. Council, Sr. Exec. Council, Latin Club, Thespians, Sr. Dramatics, H.R. Vice Pres., Publication Rep., DECA, Science Asst. SHARON KENDAL-Home Economics. EARL KEY-General. BETTY KING-General. JACK KING-General-A-Club, Cross Coun- try, Reserve Basketball, Reserve Track, Dean's Asst., H.R. Vice Pres., F.C.A. PAULA KING-General-Future Secretaries, Counselor's Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas. WARREN KIRKSEY-General. MARGARET KLUESNER-General-Cheer block, French Club, Library Asst. STEVE KNAPP-Technical-Football, Re- serve Swimming. BOB KNOTTS-General-Band, Orchestra, A-Club, Gymnastics, Reserve Cross Coun- try, F.C.A., H.R. Vice Pres., Band Asst. CONNIE KNOTTS-General-Cheerblock, DCE Club. TERESA KNUCKLES-General-Latin Club, Cheerblock. DANNY KUHN-General-Art Club, Swim- ming. MARTHA KURTZ-Business-Future Secre- taries, Dean's Asst., H.R. Sec., Pres., C.O.E. Club, Treas., Cheerblock. ANTHONY LAKAS-General-DCE Club, Reserve Cross Country, Reserve Track, Art Asst. TOM LANE-College Preparatory-Latin Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Speech Club, Audio Visual Asst., H.R. Vice Pres. LOIS LARKIN-Business-Future Retailers, Gym Asst., Library Asst. KAREN LARSON-College Preparatory- French Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Student Council, Honor Society, Foreign Student Comm., X-Ray Staff, Co. Editor, Publication Workshop, H.R. Treas., Quill and Scroll, Foreign Exchange Student Host, H.S. Otlice Asst. DENIS LAUGHLIN-General-Spanish Club, Student Council, Reserve Golf, Soph. Class Pres. St. Mary's H.S. PAUL LAVELLE-College Preparatory. JOHN LAVENDER-General. BEVERLY LAWSON-General-Gym Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas. LINDA LAWSON-General. SHAWN LAWSON-Technical. WILLIAM LAWSON-Technical. ANITA LEE-College Preparatory-Caduce- us Club, German Club, Latin Club, Stu- dent Council, Honor Society, Deanis Asst., Model U.N., Girls' State. RANDALL LEE-College Preparatory- Spanish Club, Honor Society, H.R. Vice Pres. CHARLES LEMAY-General-H.A. Vice Pres. LINDA LEMON-General-Student Council, Soph. Exec. Council, Counseling OfRce lgsst., Library Asst., Red Cross Club, H.R. res. 173 FRED LIBLER-Technical-A-Club, Gym- nastics, Lighting Crew. PENNY LOGAN-General-Monitor. KATHY LOUCKS-College Preparatory-Ca- duceus Club, Latin Club, Thespians, Stu- dent Council, Honor Society X-Ray Stall, Publications Workshop, Publications Rep., H.R. Vice Pres., Pep Session Com., Model U.N., Cheerblock. PAULA LUETGENAU-General-Art Club, Deans Asst., at St. Joseph's Academy, House Council, Choral Club. JAMES LUMBIS-General-Library Asst. SHIRLEY LYONS-General. CAROLYN MADARA-College Preparatory- Caduceus Club, Spanish Club, Thespians, Jr. Exec. Council, Language Lab Asst., Li- brary Asst., Jr. Coat Check, H.R. Pres. LINDA MAGERS-General-Future Teach- ers, La Teen Cuisine, Sr. Dramatics, X-Ray Stall, H.R. Vice Pres. PAULA MAGGARD-General-French Club, X-Ray, Assistant Editor in Chief, Quill and Scroll, Newsvvriting Asst. DAN MANIS-General. GREG MANDERBACH-General-Transfer from Highland, Art Club, Football, Reserve Football, Reserve Track Team, Gym Asst., H.R. Vice Pres., Metal Shop Asst. LARRY MANSHIP-General-Band, German Club, Honor Society, Publications Rep., A- Club, Gymnastics Team, Track, Deans Asst., Monitor, Pep Session Comm., Con- vocation Comm., Band Asst., Fellowship Christian Ath., Physics Lab Asst. LINDA MANUEL-General-Library Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas., Cheerblock. MICHAEL MARSH-College Preparatory- German Club, Latin Club, Monitor. MARK MARSHALL-General-A-Club, Foot- ball. ROBERTA MARSHALL-General-Deans Asst., Monitor. RAYMOND MASON-General. FRED MATTHEWS-General-Caduceus Club, French Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thes- pians, Student Council, Sr. Exec. Council, A-Club, F ootball, Tennis, Audio Visual, Jr. Coat Check, H.R. Vice Pres. and Treas., Fellowship Christian Ath., Sr. Class Vice Pres. CLYDE MAXWELL-General-Reserve Foot- ball. LARRY MAXWELL-General. RICHARD MAY-General-Reserve Football. STEVE MEEK-College Preparatory-Stu- dent Council, Reserve Cross Country, Base- ball, Reserve Golf, Reserve Basketball. CHRIS MELSON-General-DECA, Cadu- ceus Club, French Club, Art Club, Sr. Exec. Council, Little Chief Staff, Swimming, Prom Comm., Ball State Art Workshop. DONNA MELSON-General-Cheerblock. STEVE MERRITT-General-X-Ray Staff, Library Asst. ALAN LEWIS MILES-General. ANITA MILLS-General-Future Teachers, Latin Club, Little Chief Staff, Counselor's Asst., Cheerblock. CAROL MILLSPAUCH-Business-Jr. An- nual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Index Editor, Ball State Workshop, Monitor, Library Asst., Quill and Scroll Club. GARY MIRACLE-General-X-Ray Staff. SUSAN MITCHELL-General-Choral Club, Swing Choir, Choralettes, Orchestra, String Quartet, String Ensemble Chamber Music Players, X-Ray Stall, Quill and Scroll, I.U. Performers' Clinic. SHELLEY MONTAGUE-General. BOB MOORE-Technical. MYRA MOORE-General-Monitor, Library Asst., H.R. Vice Pres., Sec. LOU ANN MORELAND-General-DECA, Monitor. CORA MORGAN-General. JACK MORRISON-General. MARLENE MOYER-General. SHERRY MUELLER-General. CATHY MURDOCK-Business-DECA, Fu- ture Retailers, Future Secretaries, Vice Pres., DECA-Treas. STEVE MUSTIN-General-Caduceus Club, Sr. Dramatics, Art Club, Thespians, Soph. Exec Council, A-Club, Vice Pres., Cross Country, Golf, Swimming, Monitor, Jr. Coat Check, H.R. Vice Pres., Pres., F.C.A., Prom Comm. D E N N I S MQCAMMON-General-DECA, Future Retailers, Audio Visual Asst. KATHY McCORD-Business-Honor Society, Dean's Asst., Cheerblock. PAUL MCCOY-General-Football, H.R. Pres., Publication Rep. ROSEANNA M c C O Y-General-Cheerblock, Food Service Asst. ROBERT MCDANIEL-General. LOUISE MCDUFFIE-General. PAULINE MCGUINESS-General-Art Club, Student Council, Soph. Class Sec.-St. Maryys H.S. KATHLEEN MCHENRY-College Prepara- tory-Choral Club, Madrigals, Caduceus Club, Sec., Spanish Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Soph. Exec. Council, Honor So- ciety, Little Chief Staff Dean's Asst., Li- brary Asst., Dance Band Vocalist. MIKE MCKINLEY-Technical-DCE, Student Council, Jr. Exec. Council. TONI McKINSEY-Home Economics-La Teen Cuisine. DONNA MCKNIGHT-General-Dean's Asst., Library Asst. RUBY McLAUGHLIN-General-Cheerblock, Gym Asst. TERESA MCNABB-General-DECA. BETSY MCNABNEY-College Preparatory- Prom Attendant, Homecoming Queen At- tendant, Band, Future Teachers, German Club, Latin Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Sec., Vice Pres., Student Council, Sr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Deanys Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas., Pep Session Comm, Jr. Class Sec., Homecoming Queen. LARRY NEFF-General. BETH NEWBERRY-General-choral Club, Swing Choir, Future Teachers, German Club, Honor Society, Publication Rep., Girls' State, Commencement Speaker. DEBORAH NEWBY-General-Band, Cho- ralettes, Orchestra, Future Teachers, His- torian, Spanish Club, Art Club, Little Chief Staff, Publication Rep., Convocation Comm., Band Asst. BEVERLY NEWSOM-General-Band, French Club, Monitor, H.R. Sec.-Treas., Pep Session Comm., Band Asst. JACKIE N EWSOM-General. JANICE NIEHAUS-College Preparatory- Band, Indianettes, Caduceus Club, Latin Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Student Council, Honor Society, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Managing Editor, Jr. Coat Check, H.R. Pres., Pep Session Comm., Convocation Comm., Quill and Scroll, Prom Queen Attendant, Cheerblock, Prom Comm., Red Cross Club. STEVE NOLAND-General-Band, Future Teachers, Monitor, Language Lab Asst., Jr. Coat Check, H.R. Vice Pres., Sec., Band Asst. LINDA NORRIS-College Preparatory- Choral Club, Choralettes, Sec., Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Little Chief Staff, Counselor's Asst., Cheerblock, ANGIE NORROD-General-DCE Club, Print Shop Asst. NICHOLA NORTON-General-Caduceus Club, Spanish Club, Thespians, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff-Faculty Editor, Ath- letic Oflice Asst. Jr. Coat Check, Red Cross Club, H.R. Pres., Vice Pres., Prom Comm., Swim Meet Asst. JEWELEAN NUNN-General-Cheerblock. MIKE O'BANION-General. PEGGY O'BRIEN-Business-Future Secre- taries, Publication Rep., H.R. Sec.-Treas., C.0.E. Club. CONNIE OLDFIELD-General. PAMELA OLIVER-Home Economics. LINDA O,NEAL-Home Economics. JIM ORICK-General-DCE Club, Audio Visual Asst. JOHN ORMAN-General-Dean's Asst. IXARYN ORTH-General-Art Club, Nurses sst. MARY JA OSBORNE-General-Spanish Club, Student Council, G.A.A., Gym Asst., Jr. Coat Check. SHIRLEY OWENS-General. CHERYL PALMER-General-Band, Orches- tra, Future Teachers, Latin Club, Sr. Exec. Council, Jr. Exec. Council, Little Chief Staff, Jr. Coat Check, H.R. Treas., Band Asst., Band Librarian, Prom Comm. DON PARKER Business-Choral Club, Fu- ture Retailers. TIM PARKHURST-General. MICHAEL PARKS-College Preparatory- Swing Choir, Spanish Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians. MICHELE PARKS-College Preparato - Choralettes, Future Teachers, German Clilb, Latin Club, Student Council. TOM PARKS-General. MARY PASCHAL-College Preparatory- Choral Club, Treas, Madrigals, Choralettes, Vice-Pres., Latin Club, Jr. Exec, Council Honor Society, Treas., H.R. Vice Pres., and Sec.-Treas. ETHEL PATTERSON-General. ROBERT PATTERSON-College Prepara- tory-Honor Society. WILLIAM PATTERSON-General-Band, Monitor, Pep Session Comm., Band Asst., Convocation Comm. KAREN PATTON-General-Band. GERALD PEARSON-College Preparator - Choral Club, Swing Choir, German Club, Honor Society. JOHN PEARSON-General. BECKY PEEK-General. 174 MARGARET PEEK-Business-C.O.E. Club. MARCIA PENCE-General-Latin Club. ARTHUR PEPELEA-General-Sr. Drama- tics, A-Club, F.C.A., Track, Baseball, Bas- ketball. JOHN PERRY-General. MARK PERRY-General. ROBERT PERRY-General-DCE. TIMOTHY PERSING-General-Thespians, Soph. Exec. Council, X-Ray Staff, Publi- cations Workshop, Reserve Cross Country, grack Team, Monitor, Jr. Coat Check, H.R. res. CHARLES PETERS-General-A-Club, Cross Country, Track Team, F .C.A. LINDA PEYTON-College Preparatory-Ca- duceus Club, Latin Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Student Council, Honor Society, X-Ray Staff, Editor in Chief, Jr. Annual Staff, Publications Workshop, G.A.A., Coun- selors Asst., H.R. Pres. and Treas., Model U.N., Quill and Scroll, Journalism Asst., Cheerblock, Prom Comm. MARK PHELPS-College Preparatory-Jr. Coat Check, Band. CHARLES PHILLIPS-General-DCE Club, Monitor, Convocation Comm. STEPHEN PHILLIPS-General. TIM PHILLIPS-College Preparatory-Band, Choral Club, Swing Choir, Orchestra, Span- ish Club. WILLIAM PICKETT-General. DONNA PINYON-General-DCE Club, Deanys Asst., Library Asst. CAROLE PISTOLE-College Preparatory- Future Teachers, Latin Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Student Council, Sr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Foreign Student Comm., Jr. Coat Check, Pep Session Comm. STEVEN PITTS-Technical. EVERETT PLUMMER-General-DCE Club, German Club. JAN POLHEMUS-General-Band, DCE Club, Orchestra, Caduceus Club, French Club, Honor Society, Little Chief Staff, H.S. Oihce Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas., Band Asst. CONNIE PORTER-General-Latin Club. DEBBIE PORTER-General-Latin Club, Dean's Asst. JOHN PORTER-General-Latin Club, Ir. Coat Check, Latin Asst., Prom Corrun. WALTER POWELL-General. RICK POWER-General-Sr. Exec. Council, Golf, Monitor. RONALD PRICHARD-General-X-R? Staff, Ir. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Sta , Photographer, I.U. Publication Workshop. ROBERT PRIDDY-General-Caduceus Club, Spanish Club, Debate Club, Sr. Dra- matics, Thespians, Speech Club, X-Ray Staif, Reserve Swimming, Reserve Tennis. STEVE PRISER-General-Band, Orchestra, Reserve Swimming, Monitor. PAT QUALLS-General-C.O.E. Club, Cheer- block, Nurse's Asst. TOM RANKIN-General-A-Club, Pres., Football, Wrestling, Baseball, F .C.A. DONALD RAVAGE-College Preparatory- Cross Country, Reserve Basketball, Re- serve Baseball, at St. Mary's H.S., H.R. Pres. LINDA RAY-General-La Teen Cuisine, Pres. JUDITH REDICK-College Prelparatory- DECA, Choral Club, Future Teac ers, Ca- duceus Club, Spanish Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Honor Society, Little Chief Staff, G.A.A., H.R. Vice Pres. MIKE REED-General-Future Teachers, Ca- duceus Club, Debate Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Speech Club, X-Ray Stall, Pub- lication Rep., Dean's Asst., H.R. Vice Pres. PAT REED-Business-La Teen Cuisine, X- Ray Staff, Cheerblock. BOB REES-Technical-Audio Visual Asst. LINDA REGO-Business-DECA, Future Teachers, Future Retailers, H.R. Sec., Cheerblock. Reynold Bldg, Asst. BECKY REICHARD-Business-DECA-Vice Pres., Future Teachers, Future Retailers, Future Secretaries, Thespians, Student Council, Pubication Relp., Dearfs Asst., H.R. Vice Pres., Cheerbloc Sec. ROBERT REIFEL-College Preparatory- Gennan Club, Cross Country, Track. BECKY REISH-College Preparatory-Cho- ral Club, Swing Choir, Choralettes Future Teachers, Caduceus Club, French Club, Publication Rep. MIKE REISINGER-General. PAT REMLEY-Business-DECA, Future Secretaries, H.R. Sec., Cheerblock. ALICE REYNOLDS-General-Cheerblock. PAULINE RHODA-Business. SARAH RICE-General-La Teen Cuisine, Cheerblock. lI3.f'XIiRA RICH-General-Library Asst., Cheer- oc . REX RICHARDS-General-Soph. Exec. Council, X-Ray Stalf, Ir. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Business Mgr., Publication Workshop, Ball State, A-Club, Wrestling Football, Reserve Baseball, H.R. Pres., Pur- due Legislature, F.C.A., Commencement Speaker. ANN RICHARDSON-General-Ir. Exec. Council, Ir. Annual Staif, Sr. Annual staff, Underclass Editor, Publication Workshop, Ball State, Prom Comm. DONNA RICHARDSON-General-Latin Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Treas., Sr. Exec. Council, Foreign Student Comm., Foreign Exchange Student, Denmark, X- Ray Staff, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Academic Editor, Copy Editor, Publication Workshop, Ball State, Model U.N., Quill and Scroll, Cheerblock, Jr. Coat Check, Indianettes. REBECCA RICHWINE-General. IUDY RIDDLE-Business-Future Secretar- ies, La Teen Cuisine. RICHARD RIFFE-College Preparator - Cross Country, Reserve Basketball, Baseball, Track. VICKY RIGDON-General-Future Secretar- ies, C.O.E., Library Asst. MIKE RILEY-General-Track, Football, A- Club, Wrestling. PAULA RINGHAM-College Preparatory- Band, Future Teachers, Treas., Latin Club, Honor Society, Little Chief Staff, Gym Asst., H.R., Sec.-Treas., Pep Band National Merit Commended Scholar, Mixed Chorus. GAY ROBBINS-General-Future Secretaries, X-Ray Staff, Publication Representative, Nurses Asst., Quill and Scroll Club, Cheer- block, C.O.E. Club. GREGORY ROBBINS-College Preparatory- gaduceus Club, Latin Club, Reserve Swim eam. TIM ROBBS-College Preparatory. DENNIS ROBERSON-General-Band, Or- chestra, Band Asst., Pep Band. MARLA ROBERTSON-Business-Psychology Asst. STEPHEN ROBINETT-College Prepara- tory-Band, Orchestra, Band Asst., Pep Band, Dance Band Manager. KAREN ROBINSON-General-Latin Club, Art Club, Cheerblock, G.A.A., Latin Asst., Art Asst. ROSANNA ROBINSON-General-Library Asst., Cheerblock, Administration Ofiice Asst. EDWVARD ROEMER-General-DCE Club. IANET ROETTINGER-General-Band, Fu- ture Secretaries, Latin Club, jr, Executive Council, X-Ray Staff, Publication Repre- sentative, Deans Asst., Ir. Coat Check, Con- vocation Comm., Quill and Scroll, Prom Comm. DIANE ROLFS-General-Band, Indianettes, Future Secretaries, Student Council, X-Ray Staff, Band Asst. FLORENCE ROLLINS-College Prepara- tory-Orchestra, Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Debate Club, German Club, Student Council, Girls Athletic Team, Language Lab Asst., H.R. Pres., Model U.N., Cheer- block, Spanish Asst. BARBARA ROOP-College Preparatory- French Club, Oflice Asst., Cheerblock. CHE RIE RO UDEBUSH-General-Future Teachers, Thespians, X-Ray Staff, Business Mgr., H.R. Sec.-Treas., Nurse's Asst., Latin Club. JANE ROUSH-General-Band, Head Indian- ette, Spanish Club, Art Club, Band Asst., Art Asst. DERICK ROZIER-General. REBECCA SANDERS-Business-Future-Sec- retaries, Deans Asst., Library Asst. ELIZABETH SATTERWHITE-Cenerah Orchestra, Latin Club, Library Asst. VALLIA SAUL-General-Art Club. FRANK SAWYER-General. l I 175 SUSAN SCHRIVER-General-Library Asst., Cheerblock. BABARA JEAN SCOTT-General-Cheer block. BARBARA MARIE SCOTT-College Prepara- tory-Future Teachers, French Club, Stu- dent Council, X-Ray Staff, Cheerblock. DEBRA SCOTT-Business-Future Secretar- ies, Cheerblock, H.R. Vice Pres., Pres., C.O.E. Club. NANCY SCOTT-General-D.C.E., Future Retailers, German Club, Sr. Exec. Council, Jr. Exec. Council, Reynolds Bldg. Asst. STACY SCOTT-College Preparatory-Future Teachers, Caduceus Club, Latin Club. DOUG SEACAT-General-Art Club, Little Chief Staff. ALLIE SELEYMAN-General-D.C.E. Club. DAVID SEWALL-General-Publication Rep. DAVID SEWELL-General-Caduceus Club, Sr. Dramatics, Student Council, Soph. Exec. Council, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Advertising Mgr., Publication Workshop, Ball State, A-Club, Football, Reserve Swimming, Baseball, Reserve Golf, H.R. Pres., F.C.A., Quill and Scroll Club. CHARLETTE SEXTON-General. PAMELA SHANNON-General-Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Oftice Mgr., Library Asst., Quill And Scroll Club, French Club. RICHARD SHARPE-College Preparatory- Latin Club. WILLIAM SHEARER-General-Latin Club, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staif, Sports Editor, A-Club, Swimming. TOM SHEETS-Pre-Engineering-Gymnas- tics, Monitor, H.R. Pres. ROY SHIELDS-General. STEVE SHIPLEY-General-Football, A- Club, Track, Dean's Asst., Audio Visual Asst., H.R. Vice Pres., Treas., F.C.A. MARTHA SIMMONS-General. ANNIE SIMPSON-General-Cheerblock. DAVID SIMPSON-College Preparatory- Band, Latin Club. NEIL SIMPSON-General. RICHARD SIPES-General. RITA SKAGGS-General-Dean's Asst., Moni- tor. CRAIG SKOUDEN-General-DECA, Re- corder, La Teen Cuisine. SCOTT SLICK-College Preparatory-Art Club, Jr. Exec. Council, Soph. Exec. Coun- cil, Monitor, H.R. Pres. TOM SMILEY-General. ANITA SMITH-College Preparatory-Future Teachers, German Club, Latin Club, Stu- dent Council, Honor Society, Cheerblock. BETTY SMITH-General. CAROL SMITH-College Preparatory-Fw ture Teachers, French Club, X-Ray Staff, Language Lab. Asst., Red Cross Club, H.R. Sec.-Treas. DIANA SMITH-General-Cheerblock, Fu- ture Secretaries. GREG SMITH-College Preparatory-Band, German Club, Honor Society, H.R. Pres., VicedPres.g Model U.N., Dance Band, Pep Ban . MOLLIE SMITH-General-Future Teachers, Cacluceus Club, French Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Student Council, Sr. Exec. Coun- cil, Soph. Exec. Council, gr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Senior E itor, Publication Workshop, Ball State, H.R. Pres., Vice Pres., Convocation Comm., Quill and Scroll Club, Prom Comm. RICHARD SMITH-College Preparatory. ROBERT SMITH-General. RONALD SMITH-Pre-Engineering-Spam ish Club, Honor Society, Reserve Basket- ball. VETA SNIDER-General-Spanish Club, Publication Rep., Bookstore Asst., Dean's Asst., Gym Asst. Cheerblock. WILLIAM SNYDER-College Preparatory- Student Council. gl-HARLES SODEN-General-A-Club, Base- a . MARY SOKOI..-D.C.E. Club, Latin Club, Prom Comm., Red Cross Club. SUSAN SOKOL-College Preparatory-Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Sr. Exec. Council, Jr. Exec. Council G.A.A., Gym Asst., B-Team Cheerleader Cheerblock, at St. Mary's H.S. CARLETTA SONEFF-General-Future Sec- retaries, Art Club, Little Chief Staff, Li- brary Asst. RICK SPRAGUE-General-S anish Club, A- Club, Cross Country, Baselgall. JERRI STANESU-General-Future Teach- ers, Future Secretaries, Student Council, Jr. Exec. Council, Soph. Exec. Council, Publi- cation Rep., Monitor, H.R. Pres., Cheer- block. CAROL STEPHENSON-General-Future iecretaries, H.R. Sec.-Treas., Mimeograph sst. CHRISTINA STEWART-General-C.O.E., Latin Club, Future Secretaries, Sr. Exec. Council, Honor Society, Dean,s Asst. Cheer- block. DAWN STITH-Business-Student Council, Dean's Asst., Councelor's Asst., Monitor. RITA STOKER-Business-DECA, Councel- or's Asst., Cheerblock. POLLY STONE-General-Indianettes, Latin Club, Latin Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas. PAM STOOPS-Business-Cheerblock. TWILA STOUT-Home Economics. JAMES STREETER-Business. HOWARD SUTTON-General. MEADOW SWAIN-General-Band, Latin Club, Student Council, Band Asst. DAVE SWANSON-General-Football, Base- ball, Monitor. JOHN SWINGLEY-Technical. GREGORY TALMAC-E-General-Reserve Cross Country, Gym Asst., H.R. Treas. LEATHA TAYLOR-College Preparatory- Yearbook Queen, Choral Cub, Choralettes, French Club, Vice Pres., Sr. Dramatics, Thesiiians, Honor Society, Monitor, Jr. Coat Chec , H.R. Pres., H.S. Office Asst., Cheer- block, Prom Comm. MARYANN TAYLOR-General-French Club, Cheerblock. TIM TAYLOR-General. PAUL TEAGUE-Technical-Band, H.R. Vice Pres., Production Design Asst. 176 JACK TEGGE-General-Art Club, Publica- tion Rep., Swimming. MIKE TEMPLE-Business. RICHARD THACKER-Technical-Reserve Swimming. MIKE THOBEN-College Preparatory-Mom itor, H.R. Pres. JOE THOMAS-General-Monitor. DIANA TOLBERT-General. PHIL TOOLEY-General-Gymnastics, A- Club, Audio Visual Asst. LINDA TRINKLE-General-Future Secre- taries, French Club, Library Asst., English Oflice Asst. MICHAEL TURNER-General-Caduceus Club, German Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thes- pians, Student Council, Foreign Student Comm., Jr. Coat Check, H.R. Vice Pres., Pep Session Comm., Prom Comm. SHIRLEY TURNER-General. DUANE VANDALSEN-General-Band. JERRY VANDYKE-General-Choral Club, Vice Pres., Madrigals, Sr. Dramatics, Thes- pians, X-Ray Staff, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. An- nual Staff, Advertising Mgr., Publication Workshop, Ball State, Jr. Coat Check, H.R. Pres., Vice Pres., Quill And Scroll. LARRY VANDYKE-General-Band. MARY VANMETER-General-Latin Club, Library Asst., H.R. Sec., Cheerblock. MELANIE VERMILLION-General-DECA, Future Retailers, Art Club, Library Asst., Model U.N., Cheerblock. CHARLES VORES-General. JOHN WADE-Technical-Audio Visual Asst. IO ALICE WALKER-College Pregaratory- Band Orchestra, French Cub, T espians, fr. Exec. Council, Soph. Exec. Council, Pub- ication Rep., Ir. Coat Check, H.R. Pres., Band Asst., Purdue Legislature, Model U.N., Ir. Class Treas., Prom Comm., Band Pub- licity Director. BECKY WALTERS-General-La Teen Cui- sine. MICHAEL WARRUM-General-French Club, Monitor, Thespians, Concert Choir, at M.H.H.S. CHERYL WATSON-General-Band, Asst. Head Indianette, H.R. Vice Pres., Band Asst., Prom Comm. MARY WATSON-General-Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Art Club, Little Chief Staif, Monitor, Library Asst., Cheerblock. CAROL WAY-General-Future Secretaries, Thespians, Speech Club, Library Asst., Cheerblock. CAROL WEAN-College Preparatory-D.C.E. Club, Choral Club, Choralettes, Caduceus Club, German Club, X-Ray Staff, jr. Coat check. GARY WEBB-General. BOB WEHRLEY-General. URSULA WEIBEL-General-AFS Foreign Exchange Student, Switzerland, Sr. Dramat- ics, Thespians, Student Council, Convoca- tion Comm., French Club. SHELDON WEST-College Preparatory- Honor Society, Caduceus Club. SHERRY WEST-General-Indianettes, Cho- ral Club, Choralettes, Future Teachers, Ca- duceus Club, Debate Club, Latin Club, Thespians, Speech Club, Publication Rep., Model U.N., Band Asst. PAMELA WESTON-General-D.C.E. Club, Sec., Caduceus Club, Student Council, Nurse's Asst. LAURA WHEAT-General. VICKI WHETSEL-General-Art Club. MELINDA WHITE-General-Choral Club, Sec., Madrigals, Caduceus Club, German Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Sec., Honor Society, Ir. Coat Check, H.R. Sec.g Model U.N., Prom Co-Chairman. JOHN WILHITE-General-Arr Club, Little Chief Staif, Gymnastics, Swimming, Tennis, Gym Asst. KATHY WILHOITE-General-D.C.E. Club. GREGORY WILLIAMS-College Prepara- tory-Audio Visual Asst. JAY WILLIAMS-Technical. ANITA WILSON-Business-DECA, Lan- guage Lab Asst. EVELYN WILSON-General. DAVID WINE-General-Band, Choral Club, Pres., Swing Choir, Mgr., X-Ray Staff, Model U.N., Quill And Scroll, Monitor. BUD WINKLER-Technical-Monitor. JUNE WINNINGHAM-General-La Teen Cuisine. RONNA WISNER-General-Indianettes, Lat- in Club, Library Asst., Band Asst. MICHAEL VVITSKEN-General-Monitor. MARY ANN WOOD-College Preparatory- Future Teachers, French Club, Student Council, Honor Society. TERRY WOOD-General. MIKE WOOLARD-General-D.C.E. Club. TIM VVOOLBERT-College Preparatory- Caduceus Club, Latin Club, DECA, Monitor Soph. Exec. Council, H.R. Pres., Vice Pres DEBORAH WRIGHT-General-French Club GARY YOUNG-General. RAY ZINK-General-Reserve Cross Country Reserve Basketball, Monitor, Baseball. CHERYL ZORABEDIAN-College Prepara- tory. 'I77 : A Ackenhusen, Mr. Robert 91 Amos, Mrs. Sandra 91 Austin, Mrs. Marjorie 4, 91 B Ballentine, Mr. VVilliam 91 Balsley, Mr. Richard 91 Barnes, Mrs. Linda 91 Barnett, Mr. Donald 72, 82, 91 Barnhart, Mr. Larry 36, 61, 91, 98 Barrow, Mr. David 91 Beigh, Mr. Max 91 Belangee, Mr. Robert 91 Bowen, Mr. Donald 5, 91 Brandon, Mr. Don 80, 91 Bridges, Mrs. Maxine 41, 66, 91 Browne, Mr. Mark 91 Burnett, Mr. Howard 91 Byrd, Mrs. Lois 92 C Carroll, Miss Marilyn 92 Carter, Mr. James 92 Chadbourne, Mr. Horace 89 Clark, Mrs. Kay 92 Covher, Mrs. Margaret 92 Cronk, Mr. Howard 92 Cummings, Mr. Charles 92 D Davis, Mr. George 5, 92 A Abel, Mary Beth 40, 58, 59, 64, 65, 99, 100 Achor, Melody 46, 57, 120, 127 Adams, Diana 129 Adams, Diane 46, 120 Adams, Gary 75, 76, 80, 129 Adams, James 120 Adams, Mike 39, 62, 100 Adams, Mike 120 Adams, Rick 57, 61, 120 Adams, Steve 120 Adams, Terry 84, 129 A ee, Ranse 120 AEE, Mark 63, 100 Akers, Jana 120 Alberts, Candace 65, 100 Albrecht, Kay 129 Aldred, Tom 73, 81 Aldridge, Bill 120 Alexander, Jim 129 Alexander, Kathy 120 Alexander, Mike 38, 100 Alexander, Rusty 100 Alford, Darlene 65, 100 Alfrey, Connie 120 Alfrey, Judy 120 Alfrey, Monte 100 Allen, Anna 120 Allen, Charlene 129 Allen, Curtis 120 Allen, Curtis 129 Allen, John 129 Allen, Karen 38, 56, 120 Allen, Larry 129 Allen, Terry 63, 100 Allman, John 129 Alt, Cindy 40, 46, 58, 129 Amrine, Susan 64, 100 Ancil, Ronald 78, 100 Ancil, Terry 100 Ancgegson, Becky 38, 57, 1 All-School lndex Davis, Mr. Phil 92 Denny, Mr. Charles 92 Devitt, Mrs. Melanie 63, 92 Dietzer, Mr. Donel 62, 92 Douglass, Mr. Noel 89 Dye, Mr. Joseph 92 E East, Mr. David 49, 73, 81, 92 Estes, Mr. Ray 82, 92 F Finney, Mr. John 92 Freeman, Mr. Robert 74, 92 Funk, Mrs. Jo 64, 92 G Garrity, Mrs. Frances 92 Grahame, Mrs. Evelyn 92 Granger, Mr. Don 76 H Harrell, Miss Helen 27, 64, 93 Hays, Mr. Donald 93 Heare, Mr. Robert 93 Helfrich, Mr. Byron 93 Higman, Miss Alice 93 Hilligoss, Mr. Wendell 93 Hoffman, Mr. Donald 93 Howard, Mrs. Lorna 93 Howe, Mrs. Paula 93 Howell, Mrs. Judy 93 Huggins, Mrs. Patricia 93 Anderson, Carolyn 129 Anderson, Doris 129 Anderson, Doug 129 Anderson, Jan 46, 47, 61, 65, 120 Anderson, Maurice 100 Anderson, Patricia 100 Anderson, Paula 129 Anderson, Rod 38, 39, 41, 100, 161 Anderson, Sally 129 Anderson, Selene 129 Anderson, Steve 76, 120 Anthony, Jim 120 Archey, Darrell 73, 129 Archey, Herb 80, 129 Archey, Steven 49, 78, 100 Armstrong, Joanne 120 Armstrong, Larry 100 Armstrong, Mike 78, 85 Armstrong, Marsha 100 Armstrong, Mike 49, 120 Armstrong, Shirley 40, 56, 59, 100 Arnold, Jane 129 Amold, Steve 40, 119, 120, 167 Ashbum, Brad 129 Austin, Charles 58, 119, 120 Austin, Mike 77, 120 Austin, Tom 58, 120 Aynes, Brenda 38, 120 Aynes, Lowell 129 B Babb, Reah 129 Bagienski, Frank 74, 81, 120 Ba 'enski, Pam 120 BaB-ley, Alberta 120 Baird, Debbie 120 Bais, Dan 129 Baker, Becky 38, 129 Baker, Mark 100 Huntzinger, Mr. Jesse 93 Hurley, Mrs. Virginia 91, 93 I Johnson, Miss Eileen 93, 95 Johnson, Mr. Keith 93 Jones, Mr. Alvin 93 K Kaman, Mr. Dennis 93 King, Mr. Patrick 80, 93 Kitterman, Mrs. Mary 93 L Lee, Mr. George 93 Lee, Mr. Lowell 93 Leonard, Mrs. Rebecca 60, 93 Lindstrom, Miss Virginia 58,93 Long, Miss Lois 93 Longnaker, Mr. John 93 Lyon, Mr. Herbert 93 M McFarland, Mrs. Mary 93 McGoon, Mr. Harry 59, 93 McHenry, Mrs. Martha 56, 94 Macy, Mr. Jack 62, 94 Maddox, Mr. Thomas 94 Maine, Mrs. Vivian 61, 94 Martin, Mrs. Deloris 94 Middleton, Mr. David 94 Miller, Mr. Michael 60, 94 Student Index Baker, Pam 120 Baker, Penny 120, 156 Baker, Sharon 100 Baker, Shirley 100 Bald, Diane 120 Baldwin, Anne 58, 59, 61, 64, 100 Baldwin, Julie 40, 56, 120 Bales, Bill 120 Bales, Gary 65, 120 Bales, Mike 38, 39, 61, 120 Ball, Danny 120 Balsey, Jim 57, 73, 81, 120 Balsey,Scott 46, 47, 100 Barkdull, Shelia 120 Barker, Elaine 40, 57, 61, 129 Barkhimer, Cheri 100 Barnett, Ann 37, 38, -11, 52, 119. 120, 145 Barnett, Don 41, 49, 72, 78, 82, 84, 100, 145 Barnett, Jean 43, 65, 120 Barnett, Tom 65, 129 Barnett, Tony 76 Barr, Gary 46, 74, 120 Barr, Shannon 129 Barrett, Betty 129 Barrett, Doug 120 Barron, Rebbecca 99. 100 Barsha, Joan 129 Barton, Joyce 100 Bastine, Albert 100 Bastine, Daniel 100 Baigge, Donald 46, 74, Baugh, Gary 120 Baughn, Wilbur 65, 100 Bayley, Calvin 100 Beaman, Madeline 37, 42, 64, 120 Bean, Kyle 120 Beard, Inez 120 Beard, Linda 38, 46, 129 Bechtel, Cindy 41, 59, 100 Mock, Mr. George 94 Mullarkey, Mrs. Susann 94 N Newberry, Mr. Charles 77, 94, 95 Nicholson, Mr. Jack 40, 94 O Osborne, Mr. Ishmael 94 P Pistole, Mrs. Elizabeth 94 Poore, Mr. Kent 94 Porter, Mr. Jerry 94 Pugh, Mr. Dane 94 Purjey, Mr. Lee 43, 61, 9 R Reifel, Mr. Robert 94 Reinhardt, Mrs. Martha 94, 98 Rhynearson, Mrs. Edna 94 Riglglard, Mrs. Loretta 65, Richwine, Mrs. Marilyn 94 Roudebush, Mr. Roger 94 Russo, Mr. Peter 78, 94 S Seaver, Mr. Richard 38, 94 Shinn, Mr. Vern 94 Sincroft, Mrs. Anita 94 Smith, Mrs. Laurie 48, 94 Smith, Mr. Mike 75 Beckerman, Pat 129 Beckham, Sharon 120 Beeler, Darla 58 Beeman, Debbie 129 Beeman, Frank 130 Beeman, Gay 129 Beher, Debra 41, 56, 100 Belknap, Ed 101 Bell, Barbara 56, 101 Bell, David 41, iso Benak, Gail 43, 46, 56, 120, 146 Bender, Debbie 120 Bennett, Deborah 101 Bennett, John 65, 101 Benson, Geraldine 120 Bentley,dJeanie 130 Bernhar t, John 120 Berry, Marolyn 60, 64, 120 Bickel, Richard 130 Bienert, Wilson 57, 120 Bilbrey, Betty 120 Bilheimer, Ed 41, 75, 130 Bilyeu, Susan 38, 39, 41, 58, 61, 120 Biven, Karen 130 Biven, Rick 101 Black, Christy 38, 41, 60, 129, 130 Black, Pam 41, 56, 59, 64, 101 Black, Tim 49, 57, 73, 78, 120 Blackmon, Mae 130 Blackmon, Otis 49, 78, 82, 120 Black, Doug 63, 120 Blzicgsgae, Janet 40, 52, 120, Bledsoe, Nelson 78, 130 Bledsoe, Phil 49, 78, 82, 120 Bledsoe, Stan 74, 130 Bledsoe, Steve 101 Bloom, Bob 56, 65, 101 Smith, Mr. Wallace 95 Spangler, Mr. Richard 95 Sparks, Mr. Joseph 85, 95 119 Sullivan, Mr. Phil 72, 78, 95 Sweet, Mrs. Margaret 95 Swift, Mr. Clifford 5, 95 T Taylor, Mr. Norman 95 U Uttgrback, Mrs. Lois 65, -9 V Vagght, Mr. George 45, Vegrgiillion, Mrs. Virginia Villars, Mr. Edmund 95 W Wggh, Mr. Harold 73, 81 Weirich, Mr. Tom 82, 84 Whitehead, Mr. Roger 78, 95 Wilson, Mr. Horace 95 Woolsey, Mrs. Jeanne 95 Z Zinser, Mrs. Judy 56, 58, 95, 119 Blossom, Cliff 120 Blubaugh, Cathy 130 Blubaugh, Jeanne 38, 42, 47, 64, 101 Boards, Brenda 43, 62, 101 Boards, Diana 130 Boblitt, Dave 101 Bobo, Don 130 Boiling, Teri 120 Boicourt, Tim 101 Bole, Larry 101 Boles, John 101 Boles, Sharon 40, 65, 101 Boman, Teresa 101 Boman, Tim 41, 60, 76, 110, 120 Boone, Bob 61, 76, 85, 130 Boone, Jim 52, 120 Boone, Michael 49, 78, 101 Boone, Richard 120 Borges, Monica 46 Borkman, Cassie 46, 48, 120 Borkman, John 47, 130 Boulware, Mary 130 Bouslog, Fred 73, 80, 130 Bousman, Mike 46, 47, 120 Bowling, Thomas 130 Bowling, ViAnn 130 Boyd, Dorothy 120 Boyd, Glenda 130 Boze, Linda 120 Bradley, Dave 120 Bradley, Steve 101, 153 Bramblett, Nancy 101 Brandon, Robert 57, 65, 120 Brandt, Suzi 62, 101 Brann, Sally 40, 46, 58 Brant, Don 57, 120, 145 Brattain, Carol 40, 47, 57, 64, 101 Braxton, Ora 120 D Braxton, Yvonne 130 Bray, Becky 58, 120 Bray, Susan 46, 101 Breese, Janet 61, 120 Breese, Mike 120 Brewer, Larry 120 Brewer, Steve G. 130 Brewer, Steve K. 130 Bricker, Sylvia 120 err 120 Bridges, J y Bright, Nancy 38, 56, 63, 120 Brinker, Mark 101, 65 Brinker, Mike 130 Britt, Derrick 46, 58, 82, 120 Broadnax, Belinda 47, 65, 101 Broadnax, Robert 80, 85, 130 Broderick, Gini 41, 63, 101 Bronnenberg, Mary 37, 40, 58, 119, 120, 159 Brooks, Annettia 56, 101 Brooks, David 120 Brooks, John 120 Brooks, Ronald 120 Brooks, Toby 101 Broshar, Cheryl 120 Brcfwfi, Barbara 56, 57, 99, 0 Brown, Colleen 46, 62, 101 Brown, Danny 81, 130 Brown, Greg 101 Brown, John 120 Brown, Judy 120 Brown, Lloyd 46 Brown, Phil 120 Brown, Sally 130 Brownin , Lynda 130 Brumbari, Bruce 58, 120 Brumback, Neal 130 Brummett, Hershel 120 Brundage, Carol 58, 59, 101, 161 Bryan, Belinda 63, 101 Bryan, Gloria 63, 101 Bryan, Janet 57, 130 Bryan, John 130 Dennis 101 Bryant, Bryant, Janie 38, 39, 58, 101 Bryant, Jeanetta 130 Buck, Kathy 130 Buck, Patty 120 Buck, Robert 120 Buck, Steve 80, 130 Buckner, Judy 102 Buckner, John 130 Buckner, Paula 130 Buckner, Ro 130 Bueler, Caroi!38, 40, 56, 64, 130 Bueler, Norma 38, 48, 56, 61, 120 Buettner, Pete 73, 81, 130 Buler, Darla 130 Burdine, Waynetta 130 Burke, Jim 73, 130 Burkhardt, Christy 130 Burlison, Geraldine 120 Burlison, Marlene 120 Burnett, Cheryl 38, 39, 58, 120 Burnett, Mike 130 Burnett, Tony 130 Burns, Larry 49, 73, 78, 82, 120 Burt, Mary 102 Burton, Brad 57, 84, 121 Burton, Mark 130 Butler, Dave 72, 102 Butler, Steve 130, 158 Bylinski, Claude 77 Bynum, Janis 61, 130 C Cage, Jack 121 Cain, Christie 130 Cain, Larry 78, 82, 84, 102 Calabria, Chris 121 Calabria, Kathleen 63, 102 Caldwell, Bev 38, 41, 42, 54, 99, 103 Callahan, Jean 121 Gallender, Maribeth 62, 21 Callender, Sandy 102 Campbell, Annie 121 Campbell, Cindy 130 Campbell, Lesley 102 Campbell, Linda 40, 121 Campbell, Ted 102 Campbell, Vivian 130 Cantwell, Valerie 130 Carney, Barbara 37, 59, 61, 102 Carpenter, Diana 56, 130 Carpenter, Dennis 80 Carpenter, Kathy 102 Carpenter, Mike 121 Carr, Geraldine 121 Carr, Janifer 102 Carr, Larry 65, 81 Carter, Calvin 102 Carter, Claudia 38, 39, 41, 60, 102 Carter, Doris 102 Carter, Linda 43, 46, 121 Caitzeir, Teresa 46, 57, 119, Carver, Jo Beth 130 Carwile, Nancy 62, 102 Case, Rick 130 Castor, Michael 102 Caswell, Carolyn 102 Caudill, Chris 57, 61, 102 Caudill, Curt 130 Caudill, Mike 102 Caudill, Steve 40 Centers, Mike 121 Chaille, Bruce 59, 76, 102, 167 Chamberlain, Nilena 57, 121 Chamberlain, Hosie 102 Chance, Linda 59, 64, 102 Chaney, Kathy 37, 41, 46, 121, 148 Chapman, David 46, 47, 102 Chenoweth, Debbie 121 Childs, Pamela 61, 130 Chinn, Rita 130 Chismar, Sandra 102 Chowning, Cheryl 40, 41, 53, 57, 59, 65, 99, 102, 144 Chowning, Susan 130 Currie, Brenda 130 Currie Curry, , James 78, 121 Kathy 103 Curtis, Peggy 130 Czarniecki, Charley 103, 142 Czarniecki, Leila 130 Dadds, Marcia 38, 41, 56, 129, 130, 160 Dageforde, James 46, 47, 59, 65, 99, 103 Dale, Janet 121 Dales, Sarah 121 Dant, Melinda 57, 64, 121 Darnell, Jim 38, 58, 121 Darr, Jim 121 Darr, Steven 130 Clark, Debbie 130 Clark, Leisa 46, 130 Clark, Marshall 121 Clark, Mike 81, 82, 121 Clark, Toni 58, 102 Clark, Vernon 102 Claus, Donald 130 Clear, Bruce 39, 41, 42, 60, 98, 102, 110 Cleaver, Dave 121 Clem, Jerry 102 Clem, Mark 56, 76, 130 Clem, Pauline 130 Clevenger, Don 130 Cloud, Carl 73, 80, 84 Coale, Phil 47, 56, 121 Cobb, Alan 57, 61, 75, 121 Cobb, Joey 57, 130 Davenport, Robert 63, 121 Davis, Claudia 131 Davis, Dave 121 Davis, David 49, 61, 64, 72, 78, 103 Davis, Debbie 65, 103 Davis, Doyle 121 Davis, Helen 121 Davis Horace 78 103 Davisi Jeanne 40:41, 56, 121 Davis, Jeanne 131 Davis, John 131 Davis, Judy 131 Davis, LaBella 121 Davis, Mark 121 Davis, Nicky 121 Davis, Patty 131 Cobb, Katherine 38, 102 Cobb, Susan 102 Cobble, Bob 42, 102 Cochran, Allen 102 Cochran, Dennis 130 Cockman, Mike 102 Cody, James 102 Cole, Nancy 103 Coleman, Pam 65 Collett, Teresa 56, 58, 64, 121 Collings, Leonard 121 Collins, Fred 46, 130 Collins, Joy 57, 121 Collins, Steve 65, 81, 130 Condon, Chris 130 Conlon, Linda 65, 121 Conner, Betty 130 Conner, Kenneth 121 Conner, Mike 59, 103 Connelly, Timothy 103 Cook, Nancy 121 Cook, Ronnie 130 Cookman, Lenn 130 Cooley, Amos 121 Cope, Barry 56, 84, 130 Cope, Jack 81, 121 Copeland, Cathy 130 Coryn, David 47, 130 Cotton, Juliet 103 Cottrell, Rosetta 130 Couch, Donna 121 Couch, James 130 Couliette, Carolyne 65, 103 Courtney, Becky 41, 121, 124 Covington, Mike 121 Cox, Dennis 103 Cox, Ervin 41, 60, 121 Craib, Janet 64, 121 Craig, Kenneth 47, 130 Crain, Richard 47, 121 Cram, Penny 130 Cravens, Mary 40, 130 Crawford, Mary 130 Cripe, Gary 121 Crisler, John 41, 43, 57, 61, 65, 75, 121, 145, 150 Crisler, Mark 103 Crose, Ruth 59, 64, 103 Crosley, Marti 38, 121 Crouse, Roger 62, 103 Crowthers, Debbie 40, 43, 119, 121 Crull, Donna 121 Crumes, Becky 121 Cummings, Cathy 121 Cummings, Janet 62, 103 Cumminlgls, Shirley 121 Cunning am, Rebecca 130 Davis, Randy 131 Davis, Rickie 131 Davis, Ronald 62, 103 Davis, Russell 121 Davis, Steve 121 Davis, Terry 103 Day, Patty 121 Day, Tammy 38, 121 Dayton, Susan 131 De Bolt, Vicki 38, 41, 59, 103 Degrafeenreid, Lynn 131 Deiser, Fred 103 Delgado, Aurora 131 Delgado, Susana 131 Delmolino, Diana 131 Delp, Lee Roy 73, 80, 131 Delph, David 121 Defglz, Denny 65, 77, 81, Delphia, Alan 63, 121 Demos, Tony 61, 121 Dennis, Debbie 61, 131 Dennis, Theresa 122 Denny, Becky 122 Denny, Pam 37, 38, 41, 52, 122, 156 De Sutter, Gary 122 Devaney, Reva 65, 104 Dew, John 57, 61, 75, 131 De Weese, Donna 122 Deic5ter, Jenifer 41, 104, 4 Dexter, Mary Beth 131 Dickerson, Jerry 104 Dietz, Rick 122 Dietz, Sharon 131 Dilts, Pat 49, 74, 104 Dixon, Carrie 61, 104 Dixon, Early 82, 131 Dixon, Narvie 122 Dixon, Sam 104 Doerr, Doris 62, 104 Donham, Ron 104 Donnelly, Marianne 38, 40, 58, 131 Donovan, Mike 104 Dotson, Linda 64, 131 Dougherty, Donna 131 Douglas, Robert 131 Dowling, Renee 58, 131 Downey, Cynthia 62, 104 Downey, Mike 76, 131 Drake, Anna 131 Drake, Dave 131 Du Bois, Jo Rene 38, 122 Duckworth, Gary 104 Dudley, Debbie 38, 41, 52, 58, 131 Dugger, Marlowe 122 Durden, Ronald 104 Dur an, James 104 Duriam, Donald 59, 65, 81, 104 Duncan, Cheryl 131 Duncan, Jennifer 122, 131 Dunham, Rick 122 Dunkin, Sheryl 131 Dunn, Cathy 131 Dunkerly, Rick 38, 74, 78, 119, 122 Dye, Arnell 49, 73, 78, 104 Dye, Bobby 73, 131 Dyer, Patrick 131 E Eads, Rick 80. 85, 131 Eaglin, Lynn 131 Early, Johanna 131 Ebbert, Joe 73, 80, 85, 131 Ebbert, Tim 104 Ebner, Louis 104 Ecknian, Bob 57, 61, 122 Eckstein, Jerry 131 Edwards, Corenc 122 Edwards, Irene 122 Edwards, Lavon 122 Edwards, Max 122 Edwards, Tim 122 Tom 122 Edwards, Edwards, Yvonne 131 Eiler, Brenda 58, 122 Eldridge, Bonnie 122 Eldridge, Dean 131 Eldridge, Yvonne 122 Ellingwood, Bob 122 Ellis, Bob 63, 104 Ellis, John 56, 78, 122, 156 Ellis, Le Anne 57, 131 Ellis, Michael 59, 104 Ellsworth, David 38, 77, 131 Ellsworth, Richard 38, 39, 72, 74, 77, 104 Elmore, Diane 13, 42, 104 Emerson, Glenda 122 English, Charlie 122 En lish Willie 131 Ersiine, Gary 40, 49, 72, 82, 122, 169 Ervin, Brockley 122 Ervin, Vickey 122 Ervin, Wilazell 104 Eskew, Connie 104 Etchison, Linda 122 Etchison, Jeanetta 131 Etsler, Dick 47, 72, 122 Euratte, Nikki 122 Eutsler, Eldon 38, 131 Eutsler, Kathy 131 Evans, James 104 Evans, Jane 122 Everman, Sue 122 F Fair, Darrelyn 122 Fairchild, Melvin 122 Faith, Bernadette 56, 131 Falker, Regina 41, 57, 61, 131 Farler, Barbara 65, 105 Farley, Karen 131 Farmer, Becky 122 Farmer, Evelyn 131 Farmer, Jane 105 Farmer, Leah 63, 122 Farmer, Tom 105 Fawley, Linda 105 Feemster, Tom 80, 84, 131 Fenimore, Mark 40, 60, 122 Fenimo re, Steve 105, 149 Ferguson, Dick 37, 49, 61, 81, 122, 141 Ferguson, Gary 119, 122 Ferguson, Jayne 36, 37, 41, 59, 61, 64, 105, 154 Ferrell, Ferrell, Carol 122 Ken 131 Files, Joyce 122 Finley, 57, 6 Finley, Finley, Barbara 38, 39, 41 0, 65, 105 Bonnie 63, 122 Dan 131 Fisher, Dave 49, 73, 81, 122 Fisher, Gary 122 Freestone, Ed 132 Hogan, Karen 133 Fisher, Steve 38, 57, 73, 122 Fisher, Steve 80, 85, 131 Fite, Randy 122 Fite, Susan 99, 105 Fitzsimmons, Deborah 122 Flahavin, Jerry 105 Flatford, James, 63, 105 Fletcgier, Rhonda 58, 64, 10 Fletcher, Rod 46, 73, 74, 122 Flory, Tom 47, 62, 122 Flynn, Jo Anne 105 Foland, Debbie 105 Folsom, Karen 37, 42, 58, 122, 160 Ford, Rick 122 Fogghancl, James 49, 73, Forkner, Jacque 47, 59, 60, p 64, 105 Forkner, Terry 46, 47, 131 Fowler, Patty 122 Fox, Beth 48, 56, 131 Fox, Don 131 Foy, lack 60, 131 Fran , Tim 38, 56, 77, 131 Franklin, Dean 131 Franks, Lee 49, 72, 105 116, 154 Fraundorfer, Mark 38, 49, 56, 77, 122 Frazee, Mike 131 Frazier, Marcia 131 Fredericks, David 74, 131, 155 Fredericks, Richard 105, 166 Freeman, Rod 49, 73, 78, 122 French, Cheryl 122 Frendt, Mark 77 Friggle, Larry 122 Frossard, Barbara 41, 42, 53, 59, 61, 99, 105 Frye, Skip 122 Fuller, Susan 132 Fuller, Willie 122 G Gadberry, Jo Ellen 40, 58, 132 Gain, Jerry 132 Gaines, Vickie 122 Gaither, Ruthie 41, 63, 105 Galbraith, Tim 38, 47, 132 Gallamore, Susie 38, 122 Galmore, Idella 132 Garragle, David 38, 39, 57, 1 Gammon, Greg 102 Garland, Judy 48, 132 Garner, Betsy 38, 58, 64, 132 Garner, Dave 105 Garner, Mark 132 Garrett, Bill 122 Garrett, Mike 123 Garrett, Roger 61, 132 Garretson, Jeff 105 Garretson, Richard 132 Garringer, Becky 64, 132 Garris, Charlotte 64, 123 Garris, Lewis 47, 132 Gecman, Willie 80 Geer, Rick 105 Gillespie, Karen 123 Gillespie, Kathy 123 Gilson, John 62, 123 Gilson, Mary 48, 105 Gipson, Carolyn 123 Girt, Walter 123 Girton, Caralou 105 Givens, Otera 132 Goddard, Linda 105 Goddard, Nancy 132 Goehring, Tariea 38, 64, 123 Goodman, Norman 78, 123 Goodman, Tom 40, 132 Goodwin, Mary 132 Gore, Anna 132 Gorr, Janice 132 Gorman, John 105 Goss, Virginia 41, 57, 64, 105 Gouker, Fred 105 Gourley, Becky 58, 132 Graddy, Ted 65, 123 Graddy, Tom 42, 59, 61, 65, 106, 116 Graham, Doug 49, 72, 75, 78, 119, 123 Graham, Jim 57, 80, 132 Graham, Kathy 48, 106 Graham, Shirley 40, 123 Graham, Terri 64, 132 Grant, Jo 132 Graries, Linda 106 Gray, Bill 46, 81, 123 Gray, Charlotte 46, 132 Gray, Deborah 59, 62, 106 Gray, Jorja 106 Gray, Kirk 132 Gray, Lynn 64, 123 Gray, Paulette 132 Gray, Tim 132 Green, Barbara 38, 132 Green, Sally 123 Green, Teri 58, 123 Gregg, Sherry 56, 132 Gehrke Geiger, , Dale 1213, 156 Gloria 41, 105 Grieb, Cynthia 38, 64, 106 Grieh, Michelle 132 Griffee, Belinda 132 Gritfee, Candace 132 Griffey, Margie 123 Grissom, William 106 Grile, Darrell 46, 132 Groif, Martin 40, 49, 74, 106 Guibault, Jackie 40, 58, 123 Guibault, Janice 57, 132 Gulbert, Mike 132 Guthrie, Steve 132 Gwaltney, Carol 123 H Haberek, Jim 132 Hagan, Charlotte 132 Hagan, Joyce 62, 123 Haggard, Greg 132 Haggard, Tom 46, 106 Haines, Tim 123 Hale, Pam 132 Hall, Barbara 123 Hall, Murray 78, 123 Hall, Patricia 36, 37, 57, 59, 61, 64, 106, 159 Hall, Rick 40, 57, 132 Hall, Robert 85, 132 Hallenbeck, Dan 49, 61, 123 Hallenbeck, Joe 106 Halsell, Danny 77, 129, George, Jim 57, 132 George, John 123 George, Reggie 40, 46, 49, 75, 105 George, Rodney 123 George, Susan 123 Gephart, Geoffrey 41, 58, 132 Gerald, John 57, 75, 132 German, Etoshia 132 German, Will 132 Gibbons, Barry 105 Gibson, Larry 105 Gibson, Sharon 46, 64, 123 Gibson, Tom 105 Gillespie, Carol 123 Gillespie, James 105 132 Halsell, David 77, 106 Hamel, Joyce 106 Hamilton, Randy 132 Hampton, Birt 49, 73, 78, 85, 123 Hampton, James 123 Hampton, John 80, 132 Hampton, Matthew 132 Haney, Karen 132 Hanna, Sam 73, 80, 132 Hannaford, Andy 106 Hannaford, Mauri 123 Hardacre, Steve 9, 46, 47, 59, 106, 167 Harden, Charles 106 Harden, John 132 Hardwick, Nancy 37, 57, 61, 64, 106, 151 Hargis, Keith 132 Harp, Tom 49, 74, 123 Harp, Vermilla 123 Harrington, Dennis 49, 75, 123 Harris, Larry 132 Harris, Patty 132 Harrison, Bertha 132 Hart, Vivian 63, 106 Harter, Elizabeth 38, 40, 58, 123 Harvey, Judy 56, 123 Hathcoat, Larry 106 Hathcoat, Polly 123 Haynes, Bruce 106 Haynes, Carolyn 123 Haynes, Roger 132 Hays, Russell 77, 132 Heath, Becky 123 Hecks, Linda 132 Hedgecraft, Linda 132 Heilin, Rick 106 Hellems, Ronald 38, 39, 46, 61, 119, 123 Helvey, David 46, 132 Hendricks, Angela 123 Hendrickson, Susan 132 Henesy, Mark 106 Herche, Janet 52, 123 Herb, Cyndi 132 Herbert, Margaret 123 Herbst, Tom 61, 132 Herkomer, Steve 49, 78, 85, 106 Hersberger, Brad 123 Herrington, Cathy 106 Hervey, Eddie 123 Hersley, Beckie 123 Hester, Joyce 106 Hexamer, Dan 106 Hexamer, Doug 132 Hexamer, John 132 Hexamer, Phil 106 Hiatt, Gary 65, 132 Hiatt, Sherry 106 Hiatt, Sheryl 132 Higgins, Karen 46, 132 Highbaugh, Dennis 38, 56, 132 Highwood, Anita 38, 39, 46, 59, 60, 65, 106 Highwood, Glenda 38, 40, 47, 123 Hileman, Mike 62, 106 Hill, Becky 123 Hill, David 57, 60, 64, 123 Hilliard, Rodney 72, 106 Hilliard, Vincent 133 Hilburt, Mike 80, 85, 132 Hillsamer, Sally 39, 106 Hinchman, Denise 46, 133 Hinton, Denise 46 Hinton, Doug 57, 133 Hinton, Keith 38, 39, 41, 60, 61, 106 Hinkle, Cathy 123 Hinz, Gary 62, 106 Hittle, Bob 77 Hobbs, Debbie 38, 46, 57, 133 Hodges, Tim 47, 129, 133 Hodson, Linda 57, 106 Hodson, Nancy 57 Hoffman, Eric 46, 59, 107 Hoffman, Kathy 43, 57, 61, 10 Hogue, Danny 49, 75, 99, 107 Holbert, Tim 73, 107 Holland, George 133 Holland, Vickie 133 Hollenback, Herbert 123 Holgzleiter, Stephen 65, 1 3 Hood, Jana 38, 56, 57, 64, 107 Hopgood, Mike 133 Hoppes, Lorrain 133 Horevay, Susan 40, 107 Horevay, Tom 38, 76, 80, 133 Hornbeck, Randy 123 Horne, Barbara 133 Horne, Lynda 123 Hosek, Emily 46, 123 Hoskins, Rosie 123 House, Mary 133 Howard, Sharon 107 Howe, Rhoda 133 Hudson, Allan 133 Jakes, Joe 107 James, Bill 78 James, Larry J. 107 James, Larry P. 44, 107 Jarrett, Dale 63, 123 f, Hudson, Dou 38, 48, 123 Hudson, Martlgia 133 Hudson, Pete 47, 133 Hudson Randall 65, 107 Jarret Dave 40, 123 Jarvis, Denise 123 Jarvis, Rick 57, 85, 133 Jarvis, Rodney 37, 40, 49, Huff, Terry 133 Huffman, Betsy 40, 56, 64, 133 Huffman, Jerry 65, 123 Hughes, Brenda 62, 107 Hughes, Cindy 123 Hughes, Jack 58, 60, 133 Hughes, Mickey 133 Hughes, Orris 107 Hughes, Ronald 133 Hughes, Ruth 133 Hughes, Sally 57, 123 Hughes, Vickie 62, 64, 107 60, 72, 81, 85, 98, 99, 103 Jayne, Dan 133 Jeffers, Darlene 107 Jefferson, Danny 85, 133 Huitema, Doug 38 Hulse, Barbara 133 Hulse, Pam 107 Humbles, Larry 107 Hummel, Keith 133 Humphrey, Marian 38, 64, 133 Hunt, Manuel 107 Hunter, Jack 107 Hunter, Marta 133 Huntley, Suzi 57, 133 Hurley, Bridget 37, 41, 52, 58, 123, 149 Hurton, Phil 123 Hutton, Joanna 133 Hyatt, Myrtle 133 Hyatt, Verline 107 I Ice, Monte 56, 57, 59, 107, 141 Idlewine, Kevin 38, 133 Imel, David 133 Imel, Debbie 133 Imel, Mike 107 Imel, Suella 123 Ingram, Mike 123 Inholt, Thomas 107 Ireland, Jack 46, 123 Isenhour, Tom 133 Jenkins, Gary 108 Jenkins, Larry 108 Jenkins, Sharon 123 Jenkins, Sheryl 123 Jennings, Mamie 108 Johann, Nancy 123 Johnson, Alfred 46, 48, 79, 108, 157 Johnson, Betty 59, 62, 108 J0hnson,,Brenda 108 Johnson Carl 108 Johnson, Carolyn 108 Johnson, Cheryl 133 Johnson, Claude 123 Johnson, Dale 78, 123 Johnson, Doris 133 Johnson Essie 38, 123 Johnsonj Gwen 108 Johnson , Jerry 133 Johnson, Jim 49, 73, 81, 108 Johnson Mike 108 Johnson: Rex 123 Riki 108 Irle, Roy 61, 133 1 Jackson, Carla 38, 62, 64, 123 Jackson, Chris 56, 133 Jackson, Daverna 40, 57, 107 Jackson, Jill 39, 41, 59, 107 Jackson, Juanita 133 Jackson, Louise 123 Jackson, Robert 80, 133 Johnson Johnsonj sam 56, 76, 133 Johnson, Steve 133 Johnson, Virginia 63, 123 Jones Bill 123 Jonesi Brad 123 Jones, Brenda 123 Jones, Carla 54, 119, 123 Jones, Carla 52, 62, 133 Jones, Cheryl 133 Jones, Clark 58, 123 Jones, Diana 123 Jones, Elaine 133 Jones, Gloria 40, 59, 64, 108 Jones, Joanna 57, 123 Jones, Julia 123 Jones, Keith 108 Jones, Linda 133 Jones, Monica 63, 123 Jones, Sally 56, 129, 133 Jones, Sherry 133 Jones Steve 63, 108 Jones, Sylvia 133 Jones, Wayne 133 Jordan, David 133 Joslin, Sharon 133 Jourdan, Steve 38, 133 Lawren Joy, Nanette 133 K Kaiser, Joe 60, 133 Kane, Gordon 46, 60, 133 Kase, Mike 133 Keel, Judy 41, 99, 108 Keeney, Deanne 123 Keeney, Edbert 77, 85, 133 Keesling, Debbie 38 Kellams, Richard 46, 61, 133 Kelley, Debbie 133 Kelley, June 133 Kelley, Mike 60, 81, 133 Kelly, Mary Pat 37, 57, 123, 155 Kelly, Rick 123 Kendal, Sharon 108 Kennedy, Bobby 133 Kennedy, Carolyn 133 Kennedy, Larry 133 Kenneth, Lee 133 Keogh, Jim 57, 123 Keogh, Sue 57, 133 Key, Earl 108 Kiely, Bob 57, 76, 129, 133 Kiely, Pat 123 Kiley, Bob 74, 133 Kilgus, Rick 133 Kimble, Jenny 123 Kimm, Bob 65, 75, 80, 133 Kimmerling, Pat 46, 57, 133 Kimmerling, Steve 133 Kimmons, Essie 46, 133 Kinerk, Mike 65, 133 King, Betty 108 King, Jack 49, 73, 81, 108, 167 King, Monte 133 King, Paula 108 King, Penny 133 Kiper, Kay 38, 41, 47, 60, 123 Kirk, Joe 62 Kirk, Nikki 123 Kirksey, Carol 133 Kirksey, Carolyn 133 Kirksey, Warren 108 Kirksey, Vickie 124 Kivi, Anita 133 Kleinhenn, Dave 74, 124 Klusner, Margaret 108 Knapp, Steve 78, 108 Knotts, Bob 47, 75, 108 Knotts, Connie 62, 108 Knuckles, Alan 133 Knuckles, Teresa 57, 108 Kollros, John 124 Kopp, Katie 37, 57, 58, 124, 152 Kouns, Russella 133 Kruger, Shelia 133 Kuhn, Dan 108 Kuhn, Tom 124 Kurtz, Martha 62, 64, 108 L La Chew, Janis 113 La le, Susan 124 Lalgas, Anthony 62, 108 Lambert, Becky 133 Lanane, Patrick 58, 64, 73, 81, 133 Land, Carol 48, 58, 64, 133 Lane, Kevin, 40, 49, 72, 85, 124, 163 Lane, Tom 41, 60, 108 Lanning, Carmen 61, 133 Lantz, Dick 124 Lantz, Mary 133 Larkin, Larkin, Larrie 133 Lois 108 Larson, Kay 13, 40, 41, 43, 58, 59, 60, 108 LaRue, LaRue, Jewel 133 Rolf 133 Larry, Mary 124 LaShure, Steve 133 Lasley, Patricia 124 Lasle , Penny 124 Laughlin, Denis 108 Laughlin, Greg 124, 150 Laughlin, Jim 57, 74, 76, 133 Lavelle, Jeannie 133 Lavelle, Paul 108 Lavender, John 109 Lawson, Beverly 109 Lawson, Dan 75, 124 Lawson Linda 65, 109 Lawsoni Ralph 124 Lawson, Roy 134 Lawson Lawson , Sandy 46, 134 , Shawn 109 Lawson, Shelly 38, 58, 60, 134 Lawson, William 109 ce, Mary 124 Lawyer, Mike 134 Layer, Deanna 57, 134 Layman, Melodee 56, 134 Leach, Jim 124 Leasure, Charles 124 Leath, Phyllis 134 Ledbetter, Judy 134 Lee, Anita 6, 40, 57, 59, 65, 109 Lee, Donna 124 Lee, Lynda 56, 124 Lee, Randall 59, 109 LeMay, Charles 109 Lemon, Linda 109 Lemon, Mike 124 Lennartz, Darlene 134 Lennartz, David 77, 124 Lennartz, Mary 46, 124 Lewellyn, Basil 106 Lewellyn, Karen 134 Lewis, Ora 124 Libler, Fred 49, 75, 109 Lierman, Steve 40, '76, 124 Lippma n, Mary 56, 124 Lloyd, Debbie 46, 134 Lloyd, Tony 134 Lockwood, Tim 74, 76, 124 Loewen, Cynthia 38, 134 Logan, John 134 Logan, Penny 109 Long, Annette 134 Long, Brenda 40, 46, 134 Long, Naomi 124 Long, Ollie 134 Long, Roger 124 Long, Tom 38, 134 Lott, Karen 134 Loucks, Kathy 41, 42, 59, 109 Lowe, Donna 124 Lowe, Kathy 124 Lowe, Louis 134 Luetlgenau, Paula 109 Lum is, Barbara 134 Lumbis, James 109 Lycan, Tom 124 Lynch, Davis 124 Lyons, Shirley 109 M McAtee, Kenneth 134 MciAtee, Sheila 65, 119, 24 McBurrows, Linda 38, 124 McCammon, Dennis 63, 110 McCay, Rodger 124 McClain, Howard 134 McClaire, Jordon 124 McClasky, Russell 62, 124 McClintock, Armand 57, 61, 124, 141 McCloud, Lorette 124 McCloud, Marvin 47, 134 MiClure, Craig 57, 77, 24 McConnell, Charles 65, 134 McCord, Donna 134 McCord, Kathleen 59, 62, 110 McCord, Stephanie 134 McCormack, Mike 124 McCoy, Paul 111 McCoy, Roseanna 111 McCullough, Bonnie 134 McCullough, David 134 McCullough, James 134 McCullough, Ron 134 McDaniel, Bob 111 Mclginiel, Georgianna 58, 1 McDufFie, Louise 111 McGill, Jack 124 McGlothen, Emma 124 McGruder, Anne 124 McGruder, Larry 81, 134 McGuinness, Pauline 111 McGuire, Dave 124 McHenry, Kathy 41, 59, 111, 167 McHenry, Michael 38, 56, 80, 84, 134 Mclllwain, Ann 134 McIntyre, Stephen 125, 153 McKay, Alice 134 McKay, Maureen 134 McKeand, Jim 125 McKee, Terry 46, 125 McKinley, Mike 62, 111 McKinney, Gary 57, 80, 134 McKinsey, Doug 134 McKinsey, Toni 65, 111 McKnight, Donna 111 McLain, Robert 134 McLaughlin, Ruby 111 McMillan, Mary Kay 56, 57, 125 McNab, Deloris 125 McNabb, Teresa 111 McNabney, Betsy 41, 57, 59, 99, 111 McNeese, Willie 80, 85, 134 McPhaul, Joyce 125 McQueary, Carolyn 134 McRoberts, Rhonda 38, 47, 134 McShirIey, Marla 134 McUne, Mike 125 Madara, Carolyn 41, 109 Magers, Tim 125 Magers, Wendy 43, 57, 109 Maggard, Dale 134 Maggard, Paula 42, 58, 61, 109 Maier, Jon 65, 76, 84 Maines, Tom 134 Maines, Steve 80 Maines, Sue 125 Mallory, Kris 134 Malone, Frances 134 Malone, Frank 125 Mallernee, Jay 125 Manis, Dan 109 Mann, Dan 134 Manderbach, Gred 109 Manship, Larry 49, 59, 75, 109 Manship, Linda 46, 125 Manuel, Greig 125 Manuel, Lin a 102 Marlgig, Janine 40, 125, 14 Marsh, Michael 57, 65, 109 Marsh, Vincent 134 Marshall, Mark 109 Marshall, Roberta 109 Martin, Cynthia 125 Martin, Doug 125 Martin, Mike 85, 134 Martin, Thomas 80, 129, 134 Marvel, Mary 58, 61, 125 Mason, Kris 40, 58, 134 Mason, Raymond 110 Massey, Dennis 134 Massey, Ed 125 Matthews, Fred 40, 41, 49, 58, 77, 78, 99, 163 Maupin, Anne 134 Maxey, Dennis 63 Maxwell, Clyde 110 Maxwell, Debbie 134 Maxwell, Greg 134 Maxwell, Larry 110 Maxwell, Vicky 125 May, Pete 125 May, Richard 110 May, Terry 80, 125 Mayer, Thom 37, 49, 78, 85, 119, 125, 147 Mayhard, Mike 134 Mayo, David 77 Meelg Steve 40, 72, 110, 15 Meikel, Jeni 58, 65, 125 Melson, Chris 63, 99, 110, 156 Melson, Donna 110 Melson, Mike 49, 78, 125 Mendenhall, Dennis 73, 81, 134 Merritt, Steve 42, 110 Metz, Pam 40, 58, 64, 125 Metzger, Bill 125 Miles, Alan 110 Miles, Esther 125 Miles, Marilyn 125 Milhouse, Frank 78, 125 Miller, Barbara 125 Miller, Mike 125 Miller, David 44, 110 Miller, Joe 74, 134 Mills, Anita 110 Mills, Rosa 134 Millspaugh, Carol 37, 61, 110, 142 Mimms, Linda 134 Miracle, Cary 110 Mitchell, Susan 38, 39, 42, 48, 61, 110 Modlin, Katherine 125 Montague, Shelley 110 Moody, David 125 Moody, Gail 46, 56, 125 Moore, Bobby 110 Moore, Frances 38, 46, 134 Moore, Myra 110 Mooreland, Lou Ann 110 Morgan, Artelia 134 Morgan, Cora 110 Morgan, Deborah 56 Morgan, Dwight 74, 125 Morris, Christy 134 Morrison, Jack 110 Morrison, Lora 125 Moto, Paul 125 Mowrey, Deanna 125 Moyer, Linda 125 Moyer, Marlene 110 Mudd, Sam 61, 125 Mueller, Sherry 110 Muir, Debbie 134 Mullins, Stephen 81, 125 Mumbower, Tom 125 Murdock, Cathy 63, 64, 110 Murdock, Mike 134 Musser, Steve 41, 75, 125, 150 Mustin, Steve 41, 49, 74, 76, 81, 110 Myrick, Linda 125 Myers, Tim 125 N Nabb, Jim 134 Nave, Tom 125 Neal, Mike 134 Neale, Larry 134 Neale, Lorri 40, 56 Neff, Joceline 125 Neff, Larry 111 Nevin, Terry 125 Newberry, Beth 38, 39, 59, 61, 65, 98, 111 Newberry, Mark 77 Newby, Debby 38, 47, 56, 64, 111 Newsom, Bev 47, 111 Newsom, Charles 47, 126 Newsom, Jacqueline 111 Newsom, Victor 134 Nicholas, Tom 126 Nicholson, Randy 134 Nicholson, Steve 126 Niehaus, Janice 37, 41, 57, 59, 61, 111, 149 Nipple, Jon 47, 126 Noel, Susan 126 Noland, Marie 134 Noland, Stephen 111, 150 None, Jimmie 111 Norris, Ernie 134 Norris, Linda 38, 56, 64, 111 Norrod, Angie 111 Norton, Nicki 37, 41, 111, 148 Norton, Tom 74, 134 Nunn Nunn Nunn , Bertha 134 , Coy 84, 134 Ceatrice 126 Nunni Henry 134 Nunn, Jewelean 111, 126 Num, Roy 84, 134 O O'Banion, Mike 111 O'Brian, Bonnie 126 O'Brian, Mike 73, 81, 134 O,Brian, Peggy 62, 64, 111 O'Bryant, Tandy 126 O'Connor, Nancy 38, 46, 64, 126 Ohnheiser, Joe 126 Ohnheiser, Tony 134 Oldfield, Connie 111 Oldham, Paula 134 Oliver, Brenda 134 Oliver, Brad 119, 126 Oliver, Pam 111 O'Neal, Frances 126 O'Neal, Linda 111 O'Neal, Rosalie 63 Orick, Jim 62, 111 Orick, Kathy 58, 134 Orman, John 111 Orr, Jerry 134 Orth, Karyn 111 Osborne, Chuck 134 Osborne, Mary Ja 40, 111 Otting, John 134 Otto, Kathy 126 Owens, Jerry 80, 134 Owens, Rick 63, 126 Owens, Shirley 111 P Pakes, Steve 40, 58, 126 Paige, Neal 134 Palmer, Cheryl 47, 57, 64, 99, 111 Palmer, Riley 126 Palmer, Robert 134 Pancol, George 38, 75, 76, 80, 134 Pardue, Jack 134 Parham, Jack 134 Parham, Sandy 126 Parker, Donald 63, 111 Parker, Janice 61, 126 Parkhurst, Tim 112 Parks, Claretta 134 Parks, Julie 126 Parks, Michele 40, 112 Parks, Mike 39, 41, 64, 112 Parks, Raymond 135 Parks, Tom 112 Paschal, Cynthia 135 Paschal, Mary 38, 39, 59, 112, 150 Paschal, Tim 38, 41, 135, 150 Paterson, Dennis 135 Patrick, Linda 126 Patterson, Bob 59, 112 Patterson, Colette 135 Patterson, Dennis 126 Patterson, Ethel 112 Patterson, Suzzette 126 Patterson, William 112 Patton, Jean 135 Patton, Karen 46, 112 Patton, Linda 46, 135 Paul, John 76, 135 Payne, Barry 75, 78, 135 Payne, Terry 135 Payton, Ellen 135 Peak, Larry 135 Pearson, Gerald 38, 39, 59, 65, 112 Pearson, John 112 Pearson, Mike 135 Peek, Becky 112 Peek, Dwayne 126 Peek, Margaret 62, 112 Peek, Rick 135 Pence, Marcia 112, 126 Pennington, Frank 126 Pepelea, Artie 43, 72, 82, 113, 168 Perry, Freda 135 Perry, John 112 Perry, Mark 112 Perry, Mary 126 Perry, Robert 62, 112 Persing, Tim 41, 43, 112 Peters, Charles 49, 73, 81, 112 Peterson, Mary Ellen 135 Pettigrew, Junior 126 Pettigrew, Larry 135 Peyton, Linda 43, 61, 112, 146 Phelps, Mark 46, 112 Phillips, Cathy 47, 126 Phillips, Charles 62, 112 Phillips, Dante 72, 126 Phillips, Gary 47, 126 Phillips, Mary 126 Phillips, Stephen 112 Phillips, Steve 126 Phillips, Tim 38, 39, 46, 56, 112 Phillips, Tom 135 Phillips, Tony 135 Phillips, Victor 60, 135 Phipps, Linda 135 Phlegar, Wayne 38, 41, 126 Pickens, Gary 135 Pickett, Connie 135 Pickett, William 113 Pierce, Jim 135 Pine, Mike 135 Pinyon, Donna 62, 113 Pistole, Carole 6, 41, 59, 64, 99, 113 Pitts, Karen 126 Pitts, Steven 113 Pitcher, Mike 47, 135 Plummer, Everett 62, 113 Pollaeamus, Jan 59, 61, 62, Porter, Connie 113 Porter, Debbie 62, 113 Porter, John 57, 113 Porter, Mike 126 Porter, Nancy 38, 56, 64, 135 Posey, Don 126 Potter, Debbie 63, 126 im 135 Potter, J' Powell, Audrey 126 Powell, Regena 60, 135 Powell, Walter 113 Powers, Debra 40, 58, 64, 135 Power, Rick 113 Prater, Mike 135 Pratt, Terry 135 Price, Bob 38, 73, 126 Pracgird, Ron 37, 61, 113, Priddy, Robert 41, 60, 113 Pringle, Rick 126 Priser, Steve 46, 47, 113 Privett, Scott 126 Prout, Debbie 135 Purcell, Zerinda 126 Purciful, Mark 135 Purkey, Bruce 57, 80, 135 Pyland, Terry 126 Q Qualls, Patricia 62, 113 Queer, Kim 135 Quinn, Steve 126 R Railey, Jim 46, 47, 77, 126 Railey, Randy 77, 135 Rambis, Cheryle 135 Ramsey, Janine 38, 126 Randolph, Bernice 135 Ran ham, Allen 135 Rangin, Tom 49, 72, 78, 85, 113 Rauner, Dixie 40, 47, 61, 135 Ravage, Don 72, 113 Ray, Linda 65, 113 Ray, Scott 40, 57, 78, 119, 126 Rayford, Carolyn 126 Rayford, Mary 126 Rayford, Rose Marie 126 Raymond, Phil 135 RedHeld, John 126 Redic, Jack 126 Redick, Judy 38, 39, 41, 56, 59, 113 Reed, Brenda 46, 119, 126 Reed, Mike 41, 43, 60, 113 Reed, Pat 113 Rees, Bobby 113 Rego, Linda 113 Reiclgard, Becky 63, 64, 1 Reichard, Nancy 38, 129, 135 Reifel, Robert 65, 81, 113 Reish, Becky 38, 39, 58, 61, 64, 113 Reisinger, Mike 113 Reitz, Larry 73, 135 Remley, Pat 113 Renbar er, Ray 126 Renfordi, Vicki 58, 135 Reno, Debbie 135 Renschler, Alvin 46, 61, 126 Renschler, Wayne 74, 77, 135 Reynolds, Alice 113 Reynolds, Bob 126 Rhoda, Pauline 113 Rhule, Debbie 126 Rice, Sarah Jo 65, 113 Rich, Laura 113 Richards, Bill 135 Richards, Otis 136 Richards, Rex 36, 37, 49, 98, 110, 113, 140 Richards, Rick 49, 77, 126 Riilgaardson, Ann 37, 113, Richardson, Claire 38, 39, 40, 41, 58, 126 Richardson, Connie 126 Richardson, Donna 13, 37, 41, 57, 61, 99, 113, 169 Richardson, Julia Ann 126 Richardson, Nancy 136 Richardson, Sheryl 38, 64, 126 Richwine, Becky 114 Richwine, Dick 38, 58, 73, 81, 136 Riddle, Judy 65, 114 Riddle, Lynda 126 Riddle, Paul 126 Riddle, Roger 126 Ridley, Barbara 136 Riffe, Rich 114 Rigdon, Connie 136 Rigdon, Jeff 122 Rigdon, Vicky 62, 88, 114 Riley, Gary 136 Riley, George 73, 78, 85, 136 Riley, Mike 73, 78, 85, 114 Ringham, Allen 38, 46 Ringham, Paula 47, 57, 59, 61, 64, 114 Rittenberry, Debbie 136 Robb, Betty 126 Robbins, Gay 42, 61, 62, 64, 114 Robbins, Gregory 114 Robbins, Kenneth 126 Robbins, Larry 126 Robbins, Ray 126 Robbs, Dave 136 Robbs, Tim 114 Roberson, Dennis 47, 114 Roberts, Elizabeth 126 Roberts, Sandra 38, 58, 136 Robertson, Marla 114 Robey, Susan 126 Robinett, Steve 46, 114 Robinson, Brenda 126 Robinson, Calvin 136 Robinson, Darlene 136 Robinson, Janet 136 Robinson, John 126 Robinson, Karen 57, 114 Robinson, Rosanna 114 Robinson, Ron 126 Roche, Kathy 136 Rock, John 57, 74, 136 Rodecap, Jeff 136 Rodecap, Lynn 126 Roemer, Ed 62, 114 Roemer, Vic 136 Roettinger, Janet 43, 46, 57, 61, 64, 114 Rohlfing, Debbie 58, 136 Rolfs, David 44, 114 Rolfs, Diana 43, 46, 64, 114 Rolfs, Doug 47, 136, 145 Rollins, Florence 114 Rollins, Rachael 57, 126 Roop, Rose, Barbara 114 David 77, 136 Rose, James 136 Ross, Ross, Ross, Albert 136 David 47 Diana 126 Roudebush, Cherie 41, 43, 114 Roush, Janie 46, 114, 144 Rowe, Terri 41, 126 Rozier, Derick 114 Rumler, Greg 126 Russell, Pat 136 S Sample, Pat 43, 64, 126 Samuella, Hester 136 Sanders, Rebecca 114 Sargent, Mona 126 Satterwhite, Elizabeth 114 Saul, Vallia 114 Sawyer, Frank 114 Sayers, Ellen 58, 136 Schell, Vicki 136 Schilke, Chris 52, 57, 119, 126, 164 Schinnerer, George 126 Schlabach, Steve 136 Schildneir, James 136 Schmitt, John 136 Schriver, Susan 114 Scotti Barbara 40, 43, 64, 11 Scott, Barbara J. 114 Scott, Debbie 64, 114 Scott, Debbie 136 Scott, Jennifer 126 Scott, Nancy 63, 99, 114 Scott, Stacy 64, 114 Scott, Treva 136 Seacat, Doug 114 Sears, Nancy 136 Sears, Pam 126 Seleyman, Allie 114 Sellers, Steve 126 Seward, Mark 136 Sewall, David 72, 78, 115 Sewell, Dave 37, 40, 49, 61, 115, 148 Seybert, Diane 126 Sexton, Charlette 115 Shafer, Leigh Ann 38, 41, 126 Shaffer, Cindy 136 Shaffer, Ron 126 Shannon, Eddie 136 Shannon, Pamela 115, 156 Sharpe, Rick 115 Shaw, David 136 Shaw, Larry 126 Shearer, Bill 37, 49, 57, 74, 115, 159 Shearer, Nancy 37, 42, 53, 58, 61, 126, 164 Sheet, Rick 48 Sheets, Mike 126 Sheets, Tom 115 Shell, Linda 126 Sherman, Jean 136 Shields, Roy 115 Shipley, Steve 49, 78, 115 Shirley, Roger 46, 136 Shuck, Jim 126 Shull, Renda 40, 57, 136 Sigler, Janis 40, 41, 58, 119, 126 Siler, Carletta 136 Siler, Veronica 126 Simmons, Martha 115 Simmons, Martha 136 Simmons, Mickey 75, 80 Simmons, Robert 81 Simmons, Tom 73, 84 Simond, Doris 136 Simpson, Annie 115 Simpson, David 47, 115 Simpson, Neil 62, 115 Singer, Peggy 127 Singleton, Barbara 136 Sipes, Richard 115 Skaggs, Rita 115 Skouden, Craig 63, 115 Slack, Sandra 56, 136 Slattery, Phil 127 Sleet, Rick 136 Slick, Scott 115 Sloan, Barbara 136 Sloan, Jeff 46, 47, 58, 127 Sloan, Wanda 127 Smiley, Glenda 127 Smiley, Tom 115 Smith Anita 40, 59, 64, 65, 115 Smith, Art 136 Smith, Barbara 136 Smith, Barbara K. 136 Smith, Betty 115 bn...- Smith, Bob 44, 74 Smitlg, Carol 43, 58, 64, 11 Smith, Carolyn 136 Smith, Darlene 136 Smith, Debbie 136 Smith, Diana 115 Smitlg, Greg 46, 47, 59, 65, 11 Smith, Jon 136 Smith, Linda 136 Smith, Lynn 64 Smith, Marsha 56 Smith, Mollie 37, 41, 61, 99, 115, 157 Smith, Ovenia 126 Smith, Peggy 136 Smith, Randy 40, 47, 61, 136 Smith, Rex 126 Smith, Rick 115 Smith, Robert 73, 82, 116 Smith, Rocky 136 Smith, Ron 59, 63, 116 Smith, Ron 127 Smith Sally 46, 58 Smith, Sharon 136 Smith, Shirley 64, 127 Smith, Steve 127 Smith, Tom 127 Smith, Tony 127 Smith, Veronica 38, 136 Smitherman, Lynn 136 Snider, Kathy 64, 127 Snider, Veta 116 Snowden, Charles 72 Snyder, Bill 40, 116, 144 Soales, Mark 136 Soden, Charles 49, 72, 116 Sokol, David 73, 82, 127 Sokol, Mary Ann 62, 116 Sokol, Rita 40, 61, 127 Sokol, Susie 41, 116 Soneff, Carletta 116 Songer, Debbie 136 Southwick, Teresa 38, 127 Sparks, David 127 Sparks, Mike 136 Sparks, Monte 72, 85, 119, 127 Sprague, Rick 49, 73, 81, 116 Spratt, Barbara 136 St. Clair, Steve 127 St. Denis, Wayne 127 Stamp, Esther 127 Stanesu, Jerri 116 Stanley, Danny 136 Stanley, Linda 136 Steans, Carolyn 136 Stefke, Jean Ann 38, 41, 58, 127 Stephens, Anita 136 Stephens, Delorce 127 ,ff Va A Stephens, Kathy 38, 136 Stephens, Lella 136 Stephenson, Carol 116 Stevens, Elbert 137 Stewart, Christina 59, 116 Stewart, Karen 137 Stith, Dawn 116 Stohler, Mike 136 Stoker, Rita 116 Stone, Stone, Glenn 73, 137 Mike 127 Stone, Phyllis 57, 137 Stone, Polly 46, 57, 116 Stoops, Dan 127 Stoops, Pam 116 Stout, Twila 116 Stover, Faye 63 Stover, Joe 127 Stowers, Phylis 127 Strawther, Frank 137 Street, Debra 137 Streeter, James 116 Stults Cath 127 1 Y Stults, Pat 127 Stults, Saundra 137 Sullivan, Margaret 58, 127 Summerville, Muriel 128 Surface, Floyd 128 Sutter, Darlene 64, 116 Sutton, Howie 116 Sutton, Sandra 128 Swain, Brenda 40, 47, 57, 137 Swain, 1 16 Swain, Swan, Meadow 40, 47, Robert 85, 137 Bruce 128 Swanson, Dave 116 Sweigart, Fred 73, 80, 85, 137 Swinehart, Karen 37, 58, 128, 166 Swingley, John 116 Sykes, Pat 128 Sylvester, Susan 137 T Tackett, Barbara 58, 61, 137 Talmage, Greg 116 Taylor, Taylor, 128, Taylor, 1 07, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Ta lor Y , Taylor, Taylor, Taylor Taylori 1 28 Taylor, John 78, 128 Karen 37, 43, 55, 152 Leatha 38, 41, 59, 116 Lenora 128 Mary Ann 58, 117 Paula 128 Rita 137 Robert 80, 84, 137 Ronnie 128 Sharon 37, 128, 152 Theresa 38, 52, 58, Tim 117 Teague, Charlie 137 Teague, Paul 117 Teague, Sheila 46, 58, 137 Tegge, Jack 117 Temple, Mike 117 Temple, Philip 137 Temple, Viclci 137 Thacker, Rick 117 Thacker, Ruby 62, 65, 128 Thacker, Sharon 137 Thoben, Mike 117 Thomas, Joe 117 Thomas, Rene 137 Thomas, Tania 137 Thomason, Gary 77, 128 Thomason, Sherry 137 58, 61, 137 Tooley, Marilyn 137 Tooley, Phil 117 Toombs, Julie 119, 128 Tounsenel, Mary 137 Trantham, Pam 38, 137 Trirrlible, Robert 37, 65, 1 9 Trindel, Marsha 60, 64, 128 Trinkle, Linda 117 Trotter, Barbara 137 Troup, Randy 137 Truglglood, Gene 73, 81, 1 Tucker, Jane 56, 61, 128 Tucker, Susan 137 Turner, Brad 128 Turner, Mike 40, 41, 65, 117, 157 Turner, Shirley 117 U Underwood, Patty 128 Upshaw, Beth 38, 58, 137 V Van Buskirk, Barbara 128 Van Dalsen, Duane 47, 117 Van Dalsen, Thomas 137 Vanderbur, Tom 40, 58, 128 Van Dyke, Jan 58, 128 Van Dyke, Jerry 37, 38, 39, 41, 117, 145, 168 Van Dyke, Larry 117 Vanslgfleter, Frances 128, 1 Van Meter, Mary 117 Van Ness, Debby 38, 137 Vardaman, Kathern 47, 137 Vaughn, Gary 128 Vaughn, Michael 137 Vermillion, Melanie 63, 117, 158 Vess, Steven 128 Vest, Lessia 128 Vetor, Mike 49, 73, 81, 137 Vogel, Robert 128 Vontress, Matoka 38, 128 Vores, Amy 137 Vores, Charles 62, 117 Vores, Nancy 57, 128 Voss, Steve 49, 72, 81, 84, 129, 137 W Wable, Lyn 46, 56, 137 Wade, Janet 128 Wade, John 117 Wade, Terry 137 Wages, Debbie 128 Waingcott, Elizabeth 57, 12 Walker, Bruce 80, 137 Walker, Christopher 137 Walker, Don 137 Walker, Jim 128 Walker, Jody 41, 47, 110, 117, 161 Walker, Joe 137 Walker, John 137 Walker Wayne 128 Wallace, Darrell 137 Walters, Becky 65, 117 Ward, Ronnie 128 Wardwell, Howard 128 Warnell, Mike 62 Warner, Fred 78 Thompson, LeAnn 38, 41, 43, 53, 58, 128, 148 Thornburg, Jim 128 Thornburg, Julia 128 Thornburg, Tom 38, 39, 41, 46, 128, 153 Thurber, Gary 38, 49, 56, 73, 81, 137 Tibbett, Derrell 137 Tiemey, Bill 128 Tiffany, Nathan 128 Timmons, Tanya 40, 58, 137 Todd, Sue 41, 132, 137 Tolbert, Diana 117 Tolbert, Kathy 128 Tomlinson, Parn 38, 41, Warrum, Watkins, Watkins, Watkins, Watson, Watson, Watson, Watson, Watson, Watson, Way, Ca Mike 58, 117 Daryl 137 Sam 49, 78 Yvonne 59, 64 Charlene 137 Cheryl 46, 117 Donald 128 Faye 128, 137 Mary 117 Sheila 64, 128 rol 117 Wean, Bob 80, 137 Wean, Carol 62, 117 Weaver, Elnora 63, 128 Webb, Gary 117 Wehrley, Bob 117 Wehrley, Ellen 41, 137 Weibel, Ursula 13, 40, 41, 117, 161 Weis, Mary Ann 37, 56, 57, 119, 128, 143 Welling, Debra 137 Wells, Donald 46, 57, 128 Welsh, Deborah 40, 57, 64, 137 Welsh, Neely 137 West, Sheldon 59, 117 West, Sherry 38, 46, 117 Weston, Pam 62, 117 Wheat, Laura 117 Whegler, Cathy 38, 57, 12 Wheelwright, Jim 40, 43, 532160, 75, 78, 119, 128, Whelchel, Diana 46, 56, 128 VVhelchel, Kathy 61, 137 Whetsel, Ed 41, 128 Whetsel, Eunise 137 Whetsel, Vicki 117 Whicker, Butch 62 Whigham, Kerry 137 White, Albert 65, 128 White, Dixie 137 White, Melinda 39, 41, 59, 67, 118 White, Mike 128 Whiteaker, Mickey 73, 80, 129, 137 Whitmill, Bruce 38, 39, 46, 57, 137 Whitley, Tonya 128 Whitson, Katie 137 Whitson, N aomia 137 Wihebrink, Bob 137 Wihebrink, Patty 57, 61, 128 Wilburn, Rick 58, 137 Wilder, Mary Kay 37, 57, 64, 128, 160 Wilkerson, Juanita 128 Wilhite, John 118 Willhoit, Karen 64, 128 Willhoit, Rick 65, 128 Willhoite, Debby 137 Willhoite, Kathy 118, 137 Willhoite, Mary 137 Williams, Bob 28, 149 Williams, Brenda 61, 137 Williams, Dorothy 128 Williams, Gregory 118 Williams, Jay 118 Williams, Joan 38, 58, 137 Williams, Karen 40, 64, 128 Williams, Ken 128 Williams, Mary 137 Williams, Porter 128 Williams, Steve 56, 128 Williamson, David 128 Williamson, Dennis 128 Williamson, Denny 128 Williamson, Mary 137 Williamson, Penny 128 Willis, Dennis 62, 128 Willis, Frank 73, 137 Willis, John 128 Wills, Anita 137 Wills, Sharon 137 Wilson, Anita 118 Wilson, Evelyn 118 Wilson, James 128 Wilson, Liquita 128 Wilson, Patricia 137 Wilson, Ruth 137 Wine, Dave 38, 39, 118 Winkler, Bud 118 Winningham, Dave 137 Winningham, June 65, 118 Winton, Jack 78, 128 Wirthlin, Donna 128 Wise, Debby 57, 137 Wise Patty 137 Wisehart, Chris 128 Wisehart, John 128 Wisner, Chris 46, 58, 129, 137 Wisner, Ronna 46, 118, 155 Witsken, Mike 118 Wonders, Pam 38, 40, 137 Wood, Ed 128 Wood, Kathy 137 Wood, Mary Ann 58, 59, 64, 118 Wood, Ralph 37, 38, 128, 143 Wood, Terry 118 Woodall, Arthur 137 Woodruif, Mike 40, 49, 72, 82, 119, 128, 164 W0odS,dJim 73, 82, 84, 128 Woolar , Mike 62, 118 Woolbert, Tim 57, 63, 118 Wright, Cheryl 128 Wright, Deborah 118 Wriggit, Ervin 63, 80, 85, 12 Wright, Norman 137 Wright, Tniddie 128 Wrin, Judy 137 Wulle, George 61, 65, 128 Wyatt, Eddy 128 Wyatt, Rodger 128 Wynn, Robert 73, 81, 137 Wysocki, Sharon 137 Y Young, Gary 118 Young, Mike 38, 80, 128 Young, Robert 137 Youngblood, Mary 128 Z Zachary, Don 80, 85, 137 Zachary, Larry 85, 128 Zachary, Scott 78, 137 Zearbaugh, Pam 38, 137 Zerkel, Kathy 119 Zink, Ray 118 Zink, Sharon 46, 62, 128 Zion, Bill 128 Zirkelbach, Jean 52, 58, 137 Zirkelback, Patricia 128 Zirlcggback, Tom 73, 81, Zorabedian, Cheryl 118 Zuck, Michele 58, 64, 128 Acknowledgments The 1968 Indian is printed on 100 pound Satina gloss enamel. Headlines are 30 point Weiss Roman and 24 point Weiss Roman in the album and advertising sections. Copy blocks are set in 12 on 14 point Caledonia in the opening section and on division pages, and 10 on 12 point Caledonia in the remainder of the book, Captions and the index are 8 point Caledonia set solid. The returning 18-member staff Indian began its tough role of producing a yearbook at a leisurely, perhaps nonchalant, pace. VVith the first deadline came the reali- zation that producing a yearbook took time and con- centrated effort. The staff first organized into one unit to choose a theme that saluted the 20,000th graduate, and new staff adviser Mr. Larry Barnhart kept the staff at its chosen goal. The work proved to be hard, time- consuming, and frustratingg but the different staff per- sonalities mixed well so that good humor seemed to pre- vail even in the most tense moments. Mr. Frank Woschitz, representative for Paragon Press, was an important key to the production of the bookg he provided that extra push and enthusiasm which enabled the 1968 Indian Staff to provide its readers with an ac- curate and individualized record of the year. 1968 INDIAN STAFF Pat Hall ............ Ron Prichard .... Rex Richards ..... Jayne Ferguson .... Janice Niehaus ..... Nancy Hardwick .... Donna Richardson. . . Bill Shearer ........ Barbara Carney .... Nicki Norton ..... Mollie Smith ...... Ann Richardson .,... Carol Millspaugh ..... Pam Shannon ...... .... Dave Sewell ...... . . . Jerry VanDyke .... .... Rod Jarvis ......... . . Bob Trimble .......... Mr. Larry Barnhart .... 1968 JUNIOR STAFF Madeline Beaman Mary Bronnenberg Kathy Chaney Pam Denny Dick Ferguson Karen Folsom Greg Gammon Bridget Hurley Mary Pat Kelly Katie Kopp Greg Laughlin COMMERCIAL FIRMS . . . . .Editor-in-Chief .Photography Editor . .Business Manager . . . . .Layout Editor . . .Managing Editor Circulation Manager . . .Academic Editor . . . . . .Sports Editor . . .Activities Editor . . . .Faculty Editor . . . . . .Senior Editor . .Underclass Editor . . . . . . . .Index Editor . . . .Oiiice Manager .Advertising Manager Advertising Manager . . .Advertising Staff .Assistant Photographer ...........Adv1ser Thom Mayer Steve Musser Nancy Shearer Karen Swinehart Karen Taylor Sharon Taylor Mary Ann Weis Jim Wheelwright Mary Kay Wilder Ralph Wood Mr. Frank Woschitz ..... ...... P aragon Press S. K. Smith Company. . . Mr. Russ Forkner ...... Mr. William Stookey .... National Studios, Inc.. . . ............Covers . . .Group Photographer . .Feature Photographer Underclass Portraits

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