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, A Wf Q35 Q1 W g Y Amin "QU tw" W fwxfxw 4 W 6 Xbfbiixkgisxyxqtfgsf 53 TM Km WMM as wb X' W Nm 'Y5owvv:-TLQNXOVQBVQMS 3442 ' V49 SQ?-Di JF' 'hwy my Wlkwwwab ow, Z o"".g2'5 of wfvffv Wofv if bqvggixifvyxwss ?g3k?uXM af fwviiojim, Sfgxwy Miuqify v WWW PL 319 MWQXMQYKXW S VXMW M if My Q WQW 62 P N ,V JJ! .9 w E Qi gk M W - QE gp,4,,,,,,,,,,..z70f5A9mfff4f,a4f415-fvf?5'fjf""4'W?M-x V Q Q3 X5 Lhxmfwmmmfpp ig 5 -f-aim mm- ffm my fwwfw MJEQZLMWNM HS K X E, A ,fa 1 ji W Nw f f wig!! gf W,, JGQWWJP Qfjyfw ' yffwfwi Q 9 M W Wffvfpgfj gfwfwofmmzlw i W ,mb '35 ,ZpL aw W 5 0 -ISWW Q F X IN- 60.Ma:w+r9fWZQfff,L,Q,4V'ffp fe ew! 2 Jekchtpm Ticjgygxlifwv 45 -lr 6,:fLLl,VTWQ7jM,1W'9 Aufcifwfg 4m fp A 5 Q fr f Rb ma -9 335 'UW M Awe' ,I 5 y E X , ,. X -hue. 'V nfias cingjl L, ,X x H I I ' A 44, O - ' Q. Y V g06J Lublc pei 7 Guwfvj Aqzff 'Le' 1joLfL for k, !Q'cq,e-V19 ' ' . S ,Q S ok. , so f 69,6 0 Leyens 4 fs 'QQ X an QE M FQ ff S rv 4 H 3523 Ev f k Q A f- fiyf. gblwdjiw zifflflifiggx ji?3i5Ef2li1f? iii W gQ2j03ggQ?ii72?Q?2g41g? -u f ip U! NVQ 5 Uffw X I wf'QWfQ?f Q 6wf ZA 'fab 66, 'il-L 0 SXQ-' JA 1 51x Q Q5 feqegbqg ffnlck X X Vook SVWWZQMV vga , xii 6eQe3A3, Q? 724, XD bf W5 ' Xp 'QQCEUSFWQJF '27-Q fy, 1' 05' Gy N W gf f5 fo 73: '5 U sr 'Za - UMW X04 Q XJR QQ O66,! fdqyyfeh? 'aww A XWXIXV U50 uh Q, ca ,554 I 3 QQQQQQ Q5 . 9 'X G 'Q H f , w vV if 4106043 -QQQI. CD XX JQCQ- gibf cge 72 we 'Yfcq aff? I B O 23 . fpoffk 7'-5 ' - 0 Nr ' FN W Q1 as si me 'W' Q US f 'DQ J Q766, f H MMVI Qgwgf CJ QD 0' ,man WW MWIW MQ M ' U 1 I I 1961 V ' ANDE 7 SON, HIGH SCHOOL ' NDERSON, INDIANA J -'2 35111 Q flip I QIJYQ fig? U Q72 I Fllfw ,agua Al 2, in ' " f mm fm A IZIPIJ gf!! IA?-lb: V' If . 1 ,f f' DHA, ,- 'Lw , 2 5 I fx, 5 , V 1 J- , 3' if ' S ' W .A .., . ., . f-351 555 , ,. ...,.- ,.... ,. .,.... . , . , .. . NORWOOD m.Ace f' Cf Noawooo wav- ? if ' E xv 'ep QODBYNE DR, Asp . 91, WATER TAMARACK EN CT' 4 . , , mace- Rasmus new Q enum RD F' f fa: . swung wig 1 L.. I ii u O , ,.., , ja WCKOHY LA, XJFORESRT HILLS amwemz wmv wg if SCHUDL esfzmgw LANE 'jja ' 'KS Qmfwcbom sm QW X W hi IX 1.4 F 1 1 ,ff I I -BELLY GOLF BRICK D! aw gmaw .Egg xg. V51 NK X 3 1 1 I Qx a 1 x ...+--M4 56555 Z og ...z.a. Q s L.: tis. Q- ,Vw nu EERKELEY , ' F mx GREAT COMMQSSSGN W ANSI W. 25 TH ST. SCHOOL fi C 2 0 , 5 2 gr Lu E3 5 92 -. 4 . RQADW150 5. X, E l Q KZ Xl ig szm.1.EvzEw PL. G. w, 34754-'51 M 1 5,15 9oAp,goo 51 A-i Y sam L ETL Z Qin: X KX LAWYERS H Pc x .X SQ. X wha-N .W W Xb' ffl lv 271m HJ 2 D .J 3... 4- .xnam Growth, accelerating educational program stimulate teen-agers 'IQX7 7 I , -' 4, ,fi f7'W? ff' W, 'WM 5 WA fx jviigxlv ,Mn J, Q Paw we F Way' 'Qin L4 fV74iZ'L!4,46ff"',if !w,fQ4-ol!! fifwfjl ' vflfff Jw v X17 LL!! I if M lflytl ' ff ' ff 1 ff' V 'bf' . 1 ,f 15 7 Friends often pause in hallways during class breaks to discu Anderson High School, the key school in a system now incorporating 16,500 students, followed the trends of a growing community. Special expansion programs, coupled with an interaction between city and school in civic and student projects, accelerated the school's overall educational program. The AHS student grew aware of the increasingly wide scope of opportunities presented to him through Ander- son High as he studied hard and participated in the high school's diversified extra-curricular activ- ity program. His year is described in these sections: Opening ................................ 2 Activities .. .. 28 Sports ....... .. 60 Personalities . . . . . 76 Advertisements .. .... 122 Index ....... .... 1 54 ss the latest. The counsel of a congenial faculty member is welcome the give and take of an average day. 4 Anderson High is a way of life for 1,800 teen-agers as it serves as a meeting place of friends as Well as an educational institution. 5 Times are friendly and students relaxed in corridors of AHS Despite the rapid expansion of the environment and responsibil- ities of an AHS student, the high school remained a friendly place. An atmosphere where teen-agers could relax and discuss personal problems Was an important part of life at Anderson High. During passing periods and the lunch hours many students min- gled in the halls and cafeteria searching for their groups. If a teen-ager wanted to hang out with a big crowd, to find just the right person to take out, or simply to withdraw to himself, Anderson High gave him the opportunity. The candy stand and gym corridor provide students with an opportunity to meet new people and mingle in a big crowd at lunch houi N, Homework ,nf Many students choose to study in solitude at during: their spare moments. is easier with the aid of lunch hour companions. A deserted hall silhouettes a girl and boy as the school day draws to a close. odd places 7 Special activity groups and school symbols arouse spirit, ideals The maturing and expanding scope of interests of teen- agers naturally resulted in their identifying intangible ideals in concrete objects and special school groups. Obviously, mascots and cheerleaders symbolized school spirit. The Indian mosaic represented tradition. The stu- dent body turned to the class officers and student coun- cil for leadership While student events symbolized to teen-agers themselves their own generationls potential. Cheerleaders lead thc student body in school spirit at the football games. Featuring' the World famous Dancing Waters, the opening Indianette War dance sets the tempo for thc band's first variety show in four years. 8 V 2 s Life at AHS continues usual under the ever-present, watch ful eye of the traditional Indian. Civic pride is symbolized by the planting' of red bud trees on school grounds by Student Council lcarlers. Thespians play to 4. The big event leads to tight ties with eit From fall Homecoming activities to commencement exercises in spring, a continual schedule of big events landmarked the school year and noted the growing interaction between school and community. High school students busily or- ganized, planned, and staged spe- cial presentations for both the school and city. In turn, special convocations presented to the stu- dent body vvere sponsored by com- munity organizations to keep An- derson High teen-agers abreast of issues in the adult vvorld. X packed houses. 'edu A National Aeronautics and size of U.S. space vehicles in an all-school convocation. 10 Everyone digs out of the big snow. --1. Space Administration official demonstrates the increasing r- '. isglgx' QQ' , ii fir? 4 e- q44?" 1 3. 3 l -fl- ,. v . 5 1 QV'-ullrvxunas.-.Q i' A ff ',,,Xx 5 Q 1 'iv ' L1sQa 2ag,g!i '10, 51 4 3 ,K 9,'r!W' 9 'fgff 55 I imswg sg K V. uf 9 ,A - - , -as .f. , as , p if Q I ,iff ,Ny rr :.1+sQL,fuL ,fl "0 , . ,YL 2 .czrhgf 5 . if 1-'1 ff? M ' v F' W ' Q 5' sw 1 1800 students fill days with classes, study, hard Work Six hours every Week-day for nine months 1,800 students Were hard at Work in their primary activ- ity at Anderson High School-that of studying and attending classes. A broadly comprehensive school, AHS offered subjects incorporating everything from the Writings of the Renaissance to the political poli- cies of nevvly formed nations. Individual students naturally had different interests and vocational ob- jectives, so almost any topic of possible interest- vvhether the analysis of the student's blood type or the physical fitness of the individual himself-was covered in an AHS classroom. Everyone specialized in one of the school's six basic fields of study, but a broad academic program including credits from each of the six basic fields Was required for eventual graduation. Each AHS student developed a special academic schedule suit- ing his individual needs While still providing a com- prehensive, overall education. ad . Selection of fabrics is important in home making Students enjoy researching in the school's library V'-ern kiqgififijg mfretmrii Physical fitness is a concern to all students regardless of vocational objectives. P4 z -.. .24 v '5 5 r D 1, Km' Quai' E 1-- W 1 Minizxture Elizubm-than dolls set thc- mood for Miss Dorothy Cz1mpbe1l's Shakespezlre lectures. X Expcrixnunts loud vhemistry students to KNSCOVQI' scientifin' principles for themselves. ' vvvsygg , 504 0 59991 , N4 I 1. l f , 'C 1' V , 9, "-x. f f Jas' i I ' ' , . 3 + - 1' 'bi if 'if Q ,Li N3 QE '5' fl ,g xx J Wf i '?'W rs if LV 4 E , 'W ,uf I we -4 , 'O A S!! 'gm I I :QI UIIE., Year-long education prevails in broad schedule for summer An ambitious generation was not content to work only nine months a year. Rather, students and fac- ulty members continued educational and eXtra-cur- ricular activities on a year-round basis. During the three month vacation 869 students earned a total of 1,081 credits in the largest summer school pro- gram in school history while several faculty mem- bers not involved in the vast summer school travelled throughout the nation and world. School activities did not come to a halt With the coming of summer as many extra-curricular activity groups prepared for their busy Winter schedules. Ni-.. ci Faculty member Mr. John Finney tames a bucking bronc at a pavilion in the New York World's Fair. Hint Learning swimming' techniques through a physical education New bandsmen cope with the hot sun, asphalt, and direc- summer-school class is a pleasant activity for AHS coeds. tions during summer marching practices. 31536 .4 pai' Students seeking: their first driver's license in a hurry enroll in the accelciatefl summer driver education program. ff wt, Hymn., Mr. Kenneth Barnes, Marine Major trightb, spends the summer in rugged train- ing at a reserve officers base. 15 Hollyw0od's Art Linkletter congratulates Mr. Robert Freeman on winning' a new Pontiac convertible. gd' -,,:E' gulls-g During summer months the print shop prepares the thousands of forms required by the school system. Community activity expands classroom, spreads resources Just as education was not limited to nine months but Was a year-round project, learning was not re- stricted to the high school building. For many AHS students the community incorporating 36 square miles and 70,000 citizens served as a classroom. Civic duties were often performed by students and organizations of the high school. Numerous stu- dent council projects aided community causes, and Choral Club's joint appearance With the Indianap- olis Symphony brought recognition to both school and community. Gaining valuable experience, many accumulated on-the-j ob experience in the free enter- prise system with school-coordinated programs. 1 7, An assembly line for salad dressing tabovej or rock jewelry business Cbelowb teach Junior Achievers about business. The marching band with dash and color parades through downtown Anderson. programs qw - Heavy load challenges college-bound Preparation for four more years of education after high school remained the objectives of pre- engineering and college prepara- tory students at AHS. For these serious-minded teen-agers a rigid academic schedule included at least five solid subjects each se- mester as educators utilized elab- orate equipment as learning aids. Many of the school's leaders came from this groupg but, de- spite the students' extra programs and activities, they studied hard, realizing that a sound high school education Was the basic essential for college success. Foreign language students quiz themselves in an electronic laboratory Studying thermal expansion progresses more easily with Mr. Jack Bowers' suggestions. 18 W' ,4- 1 ,.s,1,aL.: N 'ill wr fig? 5s-.... ta1vi'9' W, mHigh school artists prepare pottery for the kiln, if , Eg. . , b - il lt if ' iff' Board work is essential for easy proof of theorems. Solving for the imaginary roots of an equation, advanced math students graph the problem. Automotive engines are thoroughly analyzed and rebuilt in automechanics classes. Majority of students link graduation with entrance to adult life Two out of three Anderson High School students have planned not to attend college after receiving their high school diplomas. Wanting to enter the adult World quickly, these teen-agers studied to pre- pare themselves for a job or marriage immediately after graduation. They realized specialized train- ing and abilities Were prerequisites for success in a career and Worked earnestly on their courses in home economics, business training, or industrial education to ready themselves for the future. Teen-agers preparing for the business World could choose from 23 courses utilizing over 100 bus- iness training machines. Industrial education ma- jors employed the technical machinery filling the Reynold's Building and gym classrooms, and 500 girls enrolled on the home economics course Where they learned techniques and procedures to ease the task of home making. Typing is basic for those entering the business world A row of lathes is in continual use by machine shop students. E' Computation proceeds instantaneously with business machines. Biscuits prepared by home economics majors come out perfectly. Expansion creates need for facilities, teaching innovations In the broadly comprehensive educational program of Anderson High School, new techniques and teach- ing innovations coupled with expanding programs were necessary to accommodate the growing school population and to maintain the school's tradition of excellence in education. The overall school program was expanded in al- most every imaginable aspect. Physical expansion was marked by the use of the Reynold's Building for vocational classes, the vast reorganization of the city's school system, and Project "A," which en- compassed most of the grounds surrounding AHS. The increase in school population became evident as 586 seniors represented the largest graduating class in history. Teaching itself was renovated by the use of sophisticated educational aids and new classroom techniques as additional activities widened the over- all extra-curricular program. Students accelerate tremendously in speed reading lab Space vacated by the shop classes' move to the Reynold's Building is quickly occupied by Mr. James Biddle's Distributive education classes. 1 8 V .A ik 2.1 zu , , Ei-' my-...,,, qwln' A national election brings out differing political views. Through classroom, eXtra-curric- ular activity, and personal ex- periences each student became familiar With the many facets of citizenship. Civics classes ac- quainted teen-agers with the workings of democracy both on national and local levels. Inter- national problems became more personal as tvvo foreign exchange students attended AHS. Respon- sibility vvas assigned students Working as assistants or in activ- ities as the school's students grevv avvare of the fact that becoming a good citizen Was an integral part of their high school education. AI-IS stresses an awareness of citizenship Students help run the bookstore, handling large amounts of money and long lists of books in an efficient manner. I Government classes observe a session of the Madison County Court. 24 Foreign exchange students Virginia Ferrando and Bulent Altinkok get a first hand look at American voting procedures. Discussions of current events keep students abreast of the latest world happenings. 25 Al 5,5 Each passing year and each new facility give Anderson High the look of a campus school. .-- Old buildings fall as Campus plans for future growth Daily Anderson High students Watched as old houses came tumbling down under the sharp blades of bulldozers, and tall brick Walls that had blocked the West view of the school for years fell beneath the blows of huge cranes. This Was progress and the lirst step in a program of future growth. Under Project "Av the high school soon Will have large parking lots and space for more educational facilities. A comprehensive survey made by the fac- ulty and an Ohio State survey team at year's end pointed out the needs and set the stage for upgrad- ing and innovation next year. Mr. Ed Villars' general shop moves to spacious quarters in the newly acquired Reynold's Building. 26 wf5N0ff?:U75i??Z??,39m 71PE.5'P1Ag5'5'!!V65 Ifilfil 0PMI6'f af A-vdsfvac Surveying new Mays Park tennis cou1'ts are Park Supt. Russ Students trespass on Project UA," an area soon to be turned Welch, Mr. Carl D. Cleaver, and Supt. G, E. Ebbertt. into parking and other facilities for AHS. Cranes, bulldozers, trucks make the AHS scene almost daily as rubble is cleared away. J RO D 200 " . ROW 300 N cszoss sr, .. -I , . . ...... . ., .., K nonwoven k i mace Q M E m NORWOOD www o :H , oooams, mah Q! www i TMAMCK Aspire cv. 4 PLACE- RMNTREE mmf-' wAsHsNGToN STI BRFAR Rox. ,- - SPFUCE wg Mm. ST4 ' ROAD 15045. H s GOLF 'BUCK N S. PARK WAY V-1 5' G 'X XJ v E Q as ' SERKELEY GERBQN 5-ST NE CKORY WDM S L WEST 55500 ...--1 RDS Q........... 961.5 EDGEWOOD SCHOOL. I CC 1-3 an , FQREST HNLLS ff SCHOOL 'I H34 bu 4 9 I s 1 I I I I 0 O s E OAK Www .6 1 -- BEECH: V.,-iv-Q' TH Ssvggav 1 Ream :cms GREAT comssssmn 5 I . ,H M f M -a-n-mar : W 25TH ST 5 45' - - fi mm - 501001. 2 Q 0 2 E 5 3 cz E Q 0 I IK . . ' Lu I Sl I il v Roma 1505. g 5 2 ' ' W 7 CZ cj IX phi E EKLLEVSEW PL 11 ws. 34 TH-511 . Mg' cn G 49,5 A M 1 ,W I ROAL00 5, , sau, M . P cn w 35 55 ig 6 'D 'E Students portray a classroom of 50 years ago in a convocation climaxing American Education Week. Convooations Capture fun, serious mood Comparing Roman togas, Latin Club members partake of modern small talk before settling' down to a Roman-style banquet. 30 aders and student body join forces in backing the football team. Humor is the same in any language emcee Shari Siefer learns from a State Department exchange team of Austrian folk singers who cavorted in the gym. 31 Students and visitors Star on gym stage All-school "get-togethers" kept mem- bers of the Convocations and Pep Sessions Committees busy preparing a range of programs to be presented to the student body. Those who rose to cheer for the Indians at the many enthusiastic pep sessions also sat in serious thought as they Watched the Student Council ceremonies or listen- ed to a speaker from India. AHS'ers themselves often pro- vided the program, as in the Student Talent or the American Education Week convocations. At other times, visitors from places such as Vienna, Austria, brought their cultures to meet ours. A highlight of the year was the American Field Service con- vocation where foreign students at- tending Madison Heights and High- land, as well as Anderson, told about their homes. The Workmen work out at the Student Talent Convocation. -77fL rfimtqaag 1 6 Qggij 4, ,,,La,W,,QL4,A7Za,,6! zcwfcffzf Jawa ,ZLff4.Az,cj ll.1,JnA!. i fb 17. X fJ,,A,! A ,4,,,i, .f1l7fn',4,4ri4r7j7,-T X411 ,f,,f1xf'L4Z2'Zj Varsity cheerleaders Linda Mabrey, Nanette lfViley, Linda Taylor, Kathy Reardon, Bar- bara Ballard, Linda Bledsoe, and Anne Deeley support all AHS athletic competitors. The appearance of the junior class float in the Homecoming Puidc fbottomb was made possible by many hours of hard, tedious work Qtopl. You expect Mons . . P , , ileomi-it SNSTNANS ahve 111 65 wa... Year's theme is 'seal 'em Before the doors of the school opened last September, AHS students were already showing their high spirits when they broke loose with "Thun- derationn at all the home football games. Homecoming with its clever floats and lovely queen marked the first outstanding eventg however, this was only the beginning of an exciting year. Basketball soon made its way into the Wigwam, which was often filled with the enthusiasm of all the In- dians, including "Granny" and her motorcycle, celebrating a victorious year. The thrill of tourney time dur- ing Red and Green Week brought door decorations, hall marches, the election of Miss Green and Mr. Red, and the theme "Scalp 'Em Alive in '65" to AHS halls, while cheerlead- ers, mascots, Cheerbloek, and "A" Club helped to magnify school spirit. Linda and Brenda Dudley inspect the door decorations which Doug Givens practices his mimicking' of a Madison brought Honieroom 309 first prize in Red and Green Week. Heights Pirate before appearing' at a pep session. Mascot and Mr. Red Jim Alexander shows his spi1'it and strength to admiring' Miss Green, Laura Halwickg Nancy Butz, Indian Maideng Melissa McCarel, Donna York, Teresa Suth- erland, and Pam Phelps, reserve cheerleaders. 33 Senior honors reflect credit on high school King Arthur and Queen Guinevere welcome Sir Lancelot to Camelot as the lords and ladies of their court celebrate the "Merry Month of May" on stage at the senior play. During their last year at Anderson High School, the seniors brought honor to themselves and their school by attaining civic recognition, high scholastic achieve- ments, and outstanding high school records. They learned much from their high school careers both in and out of the classroom. Realizing that their future was beginning, they worked hard and began making plans for the years after graduation when they would be on their own and be the leaders of the community. As May and June approached, most seniors had made the decision of what college they would attend, what type of work they would go into, or what they would do to build their lives. Even as they made these important decisions, all was not work. Plans for the senior class play and for the senior week activities were taking place. Hard work and lots of fun were fulfillment received by the cast of "Camelot," the senior class play, as it was beautifully performed be- fore a large audience. The year came to a close with the oriental theme of "Sayonara" for senior week activities. Seniors enjoyed their last week at AHS with a picnic, the senior talent show, the dinner-dance, and party. The end came with graduation where they received diplo- mas earned by hard work and determination. The seniors departed a little older and much wiser, believ- ing that the future of the world would rest on them. Sorrowful members of Arthur's court grieve over the death of Sir Lionel after a fatal blow given him by Lancelot during the jousting contests. , - .-if, ., , Clmcliizitiiig classes always conclude their careers in front of proud parents and friends in the crowdecl Wigwam. Top Ten scholars are Bob Deaton, Nancy Vilebb, Steve Carter, Jo Andrews. Rusty Patterson. Gordon Beeman, Jan Josefek, Gana Taggart, Cheryl Liechty, and Janet Swango. Hours of research are spent by commencement speakers Linda Thornburg, Jack Roettinger, Jo Andrews, Drew Helvey. 1 if.. A1n-..w --111.1 Beauty, poise abound among girls named. as honored queens Lovely girls are numerous around the halls of Ander- son High School as was evident each time a queen was selected. The decision of whom to vote for was difficult, for all of the candidates would have made lovely and representative queens. Shortly after school began in the fall, candidates were chosen for a queen who would reign over the Homecoming activities. Senior Laura Halwick was selected, crowned, and presented with red roses dur- ing the halftime ceremonies. Fall sports came to a close with the crowning of Fall Wind-Up king and queen at the annual Fall Wind-Up Dance. Seniors Nina Wiley and David Garrett were crowned. The coveted title of "All-American Girl" was bestowed upon Linda Taylor, a junior, at the annual Band Winter Concert where she was named Yearbook Queen. Ending the year, lovely Bonnie Baker reigned over the aquatic atmosphere of the "Stairway to the Sea," the J unior-Senior Prom. Bob Milam and Rich Frank tug at the top hat presented to the twin 'tDukes' at the Twirp Week Dance. Homecoming Queen Laura Halwick and he-r attendants, Nancy Ellingwood and Janet Beemer, bask in crowning ceremony. N... TT? 4 lg Nina Wiley and Dave Garrett reign as Queen and King at the Fall Wind-Up Dance. 36 K Blond and pretty Bonnie Baker reigns as Queen of the 1965 Attendants Anne Deeley and Sandy Barrett are striking addl tions to the theme of the prom, "Stairway to the Sea." Backstage male workers Crowd around the newly-crowned yearbook queen. Proudly displaying her locket and tiara, Yearbook Queen Linda Taylor is AHS's All-American girl. an-.. ...... ' A STUDENT COUNCIL-Front Row-Mr. George Lee, sponsorg Virginia Fcrrando, Steve Carter, Dan Dickey, Nanette Wiley, Cheryl Breece, Joyce Ayers, Linda Thornburg, Edna Buckley, Bulent Altinkok, Eddie Espey, Mrs. Jean Smith, sponsor. Row 2--Sandy Perkins, Diana Snider, Bobbie Huntley, Beverly Morris, Gary McKane, Dennis Decker, Bruce Hoover, Steve Slick, DeVVayne Deck, Larry Arms, Carol Richardson, Don Conner, Pam Shuster. Row 3wCathy Heiden, Millie Graham, Debbie Taylor, Lumelia Baxter, Margaret Sherman, Liz Pcck, Rosalee Wilmoth, deJoly LaBrier, Sharon Jones, Sandy Mc- Mahon, John Blevins, Alan Fishback, Karen Zion, Julie Farmer, Marie Hall. Row 4-Patricia Gray, Jeanne Miller, Nancy McCarroll, Christy Hoppes, Karen Skaggs, Beverly Stokes, Becky Rhynearson, Christine Carney, Le Ann Good- man, Marsha Friermood, Sharon Teague, Lana VVardwell, Jean Hanna, Bonnie Baker, Sharon Chesterfield. Row 5-Susan Lockwood, Jo Ann Neff, Bev Owens, Rusty Patterson, Lois Beeman, Ronnie P1'essnall, Dave Wood, Jim Callahan, Doug Givens, George Keris, Joe Lewis, Bill Boman, Richard Hosier, Daryl Smith, Phil Atteberry, Janet Beemer. Student Council sends A.F.S. drive over top Student Council was again the center of leadership in school functions When, through tremendous fund- raising efforts, members sold bonds for the American Field Service program and contributed a total of 33,000 A touch of the old-fashioned was brought forth in the theme of the Fall Wind-Up Dance, and TWIRP Week, accenting turnabout, added the flavor of fun to the year's activities. The Hpenny postman" service was at the height of efficiency as the service deliv- ered thousands of greeting cards to students each day during the busy Christmas season. These were just three of the many contributions to student life throughout the memorable year by the council. Fun and entertainment, provided by the council when it sponsored a basketball game between the WIFE t'Good Guys" and the AHS faculty, also led to a service project - buying bicycles for the county children's home. In another double-duty project the council gathered up used books, sold them, gave a fair return to student book contributors, and used the remaining money to buy food for several needy families. The momentous activities of the year were climaxed by the annual Student Council Banquet. -QJ Stamping Christmas cards for the penny postman are Bill Boman, vice-presidentg Nanette Wiley, recording secretary, Steve Carter, president, and standing, Joyce Ayers, corre- sponding secretaryg Edna Buckley, reading clerk, Linda Thornburg, parliamentarian, and Cheryl Breece, treasurer. Grassroot politics touch each student in daily homerooms Student life started with and centered around 62 homerooms. Here sophomores received their first tastes of classes and clubs at Anderson, and the begin- ning of each semester found all students busy enroll- ing in new courses and filling out countless data cards for every department from the counseling office to the nurse. Grassroot student government began in the home- rooms where officers organized projects, and Student Council representatives explained new rules. There also were extra officers, such as representatives for class executive councils and all school publications. On Monday someone was needed to collect money for the week's lunch tickets, and Tuesdays Were set aside for the school bulletin. Most school business was handled during this period from 8:05 to 8:30 A.lVI. Like many other, Don Seal and Frances Hall confer before deciding to vote in an election. Mr, Joseph Sparks performs the regular task of reading' the Weekly bulletin every Tuesday moining to his homeroom students. John LaBrier wonders if he Will ever finish the cards. 39 Deadlines set staff's pace on '6 Indian With the threat of cutlines, head- lines, and deadlines lurking at reg- ular intervals, the 1965 Indian staff sought to produce a yearbook that would surpass the tradition of eight previous All-American and Medalist books. Throughout many tedious hours of writing, checking, re-Writing, and re-checking, members of the staff aimed toward the-ir goalg a product to provide hours of enjoyment for 2,000 student subscribers, a valuable public relations medium for the An- derson community, and an accurate record of school life. l i r Nancy Butz and Georganna Taggart assist Editor Gordon Beeman in preparing a new layout for the activities section of the yearbook. ANNUAL STAFF-Front-Linda Stickler, Gordon Beeman, Janet Swango. Left side-left to right-Mike Yattaw, Nancy Butz, Ann Houser, Ann Gill, Barbara Mathews, Virginia Ver- million, Gana Taggart, Mr. Frank Woschitz, adviserg Tom Williams, John Chaney. Right side-left to right-Aaron Par- sons, Anne Deeley, Linda Taylor, Vicki Hughes, Shari Siefer, Nancy Thompson, Jody Neff, Julie Farmer, Karen Robertson. Row 2-Bob Stickler, Randy VanDyke, Judy Bonham, Diane Folsom, Paulette Sheets. 514 afar k The picnic provides laughter for both the initiated and initiato1's. Making final checks are Diana Bush, Ann Gill, Janet Swango, and Mike' Yattaw. Congeniality key to annual Work or pla In order to Work together as a team, it was important for the staff mem- bers to form a congenial relationship. This was accomplished after many hours of fellowship highlighted by the spring initiation. After going through several maneuvers, such as eating without utensils or hands, the junior staff was rendered ready for its task and received the reins of the yearbook from the outgoing seniors. The High School Journalism Insti- tute at Indiana University, NSPA Convention in Chicago, and a Wide variety of meetings were popular with staffers, as they provided not only fellowship but also information about improving yearbooks. st I 921 o -an .-of The room is a busy place last hour for Barbara Mathews, John Chaney instructs Linda Stickler and Tom Williams in the Virginia Vermillion, and Ann Houser. technical aspects of enlarging prints. 41 Student sales force, print shop service school publications Teamwork was the key note in the successful print- ing and distribution of all publications. Therefore, the print shop stepped in where The X-Ray staffers left off. Printers turned 448 inches of white space into a four-page weekly school paper that the editors had planned. The publication representatives carried on from there, as they delivered the paper to the homeroom subscribers. They promoted sales cam- paigns for The X-Ray, Indian, and the Little Chief. The print shop also produced the Little Chief, a literary magazine, and items for the school system. Top brass Cheryl Breece, Ann Gill, Mary Lou Glass, and Larry Sparks work out an X-Ray front page. PUBLICATIONS REPRESENTATIVES-Front Row-Shan ilyn Dickson, Janice Strohl, Nancy Thompson, Linda Broder- ick, Carolyn Street, Rachel Trueblood, Jan Josefek, Jeanie Dunn, Richard Davidson, Cindy White. Row 2-Karen Rob- inson, Belita Renner, Lucinda Gilliam, Nelda LaRue, Mary Rogers, Donna Smith, Diana Bush, Pepper Kellum, Susi VVoolard, Brenda Garringer. Row 3gGlee Kern, Lee Ann Bell, Jane Cook, Linda Hunt, Paulette Hellems, Janice Jerram, Jo Andrews, Janie Kirkman, Jim Slattery, Pat Bilbrey, Lynn Robinson. Row 4-Melissa McCarel, Chris Carney, Barbara Ballard, Sherri Nicholson, Mary Kivi, Nancy German, Leslie Montague, Carol Hodges, Barbara Collier, Kathy Bailey, Deb- bie Shuster, Jeanne Miller. Row 5-John Bray, Dave Wood, Ronn Files, Dave Wright, Keith Harris, Steve Akers, Larry Brown, Kathy Reardon, Dick Greenland, Dennis Decker, Tim Currens. Bruce Miller, Warren Clark, Gib Hall, Dan Vorndran, Alfoncer Watson, and Doug Hagan check the press before- they begin the printing of The X-Ray. it K Eh Staff members Pam Brownc, Charles Pearson, Diane O'Brien, and standing, Dale Brown, Chris Myers, Marta Coe, Peggy Niccum, and Barbara Smith listen as adviser Mr. Lee Pursley reviews the latest issue of the newspaper. Friday D-da for vveekl X-Ray issue The deadline is a challenge facing members of any journalistic group. The staff of the school paper, The X-Ray, was ever-mindful of this as its members brought interesting news and human interest stories to the Anderson High School students and faculty every Friday morning. The editors-in-chief, managing and page editors, typists, reporters, copy- readers, and business and circulation managers joined forces to make this publication possible. Through their talents, effort, and ability, readers enjoyed varieties of informative writings on all school events. i 1 egg l Staffers Jim Alexander, Doug Vermillion, Angie Shehane, and Diana Dearing checks assignments with other page editors printer Wayne Corrigan make last minute checks at the printing Al Darst, seated, Tony Cummings, Pat Moore, Diane Fol- stone as the page form is made up. som, and Linda Sampson. 43 D.C.E. CLUBiFront RoWiMarilyn Chambless, Donna Butler, Nancy Trueblood, Martha Gerard, Nancy Cram, Steve Law- yer, Bessie Ferrell, Caroline Jacobs. Row 2eJane Kretchmer, Brenda Gaw, John Earlywine, Carol Coney, Dorie Brissenden, D. C.E. developing diverse opportunit to learn and Work The Diversified Cooperative Education Club offered the high school student a chance to gain valuable experience While attending school. Many jobs after high school require personnel who have experience, thus, D.C.E. provided a key to the future for many AHS students. D.C.E. exemplified the nature of the club as the participants held a variety of jobs, such as floral designers, nurses, aids, or dental assistants. These fields have openings for the right people in the future, but only by trial and error can students decide which is the one that will bring them the most satisfaction for their adult lives in the hurried and ever-changing World of today. It took a lot of Work on the part of D.C.E. co- ordinator Mr. David Middleton to contact prospective employers, Work out significant learning situations, and fit the right student for the job. The goal of the club, now completing its third year, was to emphasize the dignity of work. Cora Tate, Nila Franklin, Teresa Weston, Mr. David Middle- ton, sponsor. Row 3eKenny Stockdale, Dick Dunn, Robert McBroom, Don Williams, John Modlin, Eahrmel Warner, Bill Ellis, Chuck Sullivan, Larry Streaty. Diversified Cooperative Education officers Nancy Cram, sec- retary-treasurerg Nancy Trueblood, reporter, and Martha Gerard, president, review the organization's contest scrap "ook for state competition. .V f . e QE-- FUTURE RETAILERS--Front Row4Judy Smith, Barbara Ferrell, Cheryl Fisher, John Abbott, Sharon McCord, Jim King, Leon Chapman, Larry Sparks, Mr. James Biddle, sponsor. Row 2-Richard Davidson, Sharon Chesterfield, Billie Gordon, Barbara Gritter, Virginia Kiper, Beverly Robinson, Pepper Kellum, Bonnie White, Darlene Wilson, Kenny Barth. Row 3-Jim Woods, Sarah Perry, Elizabeth Porter, Linda Kirch- Officers Cheryl Fisher, parliamentariang Barbara Ferrell, treasurer, Sharon McCord, vice-president, Leon Chapman, historiang Judy Smith, secretary, and Jim King, preside-nt, discuss D.E.C.A.'s many retailing projects. enbauer, Barbara Brooks, Betty Henson, Irene Hartzell, Susan Mosier, Willie Simmons, Sandra Posey, Janie Veach, Russell Huff. Row 4-Gail Layman, Bill Scott, Ronnie Pressnall, Sherry Mauck, Connie Stanley, Linda Roseberry, Pauline Wable, Lar1'y Hoover, Jerry Massey, Eric Nance, Rick Boyle, Asa Bennett. Retailers socialize, Win major awards during 'banner year Futuie Retailers, designed to develop future leaders in marketing and distribution, provided social activities for those who had part-time jobs and no other oppor- tunity to participate in school functions. Throughout the school year the club sponsored various fund-raising drives, such as selling calendar towels and candy. Part of the proceeds from these projects made possible a Christmas party at the Madison County orphanage. Anderson D. E. students Won awards in the regional contest at Ball State in the fields of ad layout, copy- writing, Window display judging, sales demonstration, and public speaking. To be a candidate in the contest, members were required to show a desire to work in the retailing or marketing field. Winners of the regional contest Went to Indiana University for the state contest and finally the three- day national conference in Chicago. The annual Employer-Employee Banquet in April climaxed another successful year. ' F. T. A., German Club Future Teachers Club provided an opportunity to explore the field of teaching as a potential career. Projects throughout the year included traveling to Kokomo for an area meeting, making stockings for mentally-retarded children at Christmas, and attend- ing the state convention in Indianapolis. The year was climaxed by the spring banquet where senior mem- bers were honored and new officers installed. GERMAN CLUB-Front Row-Mary Lou Reifel, Gana Tag- gart, Don Seal, Jo And1'ews, Patricia Gray, Marty Wean, Paula Ashton, Kathy Reardon, Mrs. Mary Schultz, sponsor. Row 2-Jay Polhemus, Mark Kane, Brad Garrett, Marsha Friermood, Mary Ewing, Jill Forkner, Leslie Rariden, Eleanor explore new fields German Club centered its meetings around an at- tempt to bring the members into an awareness of the German language and customs. Speakers described Germany through slides, films, and personal recollec- tions. A highlight of the year was the Christmas meeting where the members enjoyed German holiday cookies and listened to the German band, which also performed at the talent convocation. Woodall, Doug Givens, Mark Skaggs. Row 3-Dave Garrett, Claude Hudson, Bob Deaton, Tom Danner, Mike Trogdlen, Greg Bright, Dick Byrum, Phil Atteberry, Dave Ballinger, Tom R. Moore. 5 f 1 FUTURE TEACHERS-Front Row-Linda Stickler, Anne Deeley, Barbara Smith, Edna Buckley, Wanda Phillips, Cathy Heiden, Nina Wiley, Barbara Mathews, Miss Helen Harrell, sponsor, Kathy Bailey. Row 2-Jody Ne-ff, Mary Ewing, Janice Jerram, Virginia Kiper, Katie Barr, Jill Forkner, Donna Lib- ler, Fred Ulery, Sarah Fribley, Diana Davis, Mary Jackson. Row 3kJoyce Ayers, Joyce Highwood, Norma Rector, Karen Holder, Christy Hoppes, Debbie Smith, Karen Hunter, Carolyn Berry, Vickie Kisker, Beth Hocutt, Vickie Foust, Nancy Bar- ber. Row 4-Sharon Jones, Joyce Kidder, Mary Herkomer, Jane Johnson, Nanette Wiley, Linda Sampson, Beckie King, Karen Bledsoe-, Lucinda Gilliam, Jane Cook, Pam Simmons, Nancy Modlin, Diane O'Brien. Piesident Nancy Thompson translates "Domniquel' for Leah Boze, secrctaryg Bonnie Baker, treasurer, Virginia Voight, vice president, and KlMarie Stefke, roll call clerk. French Club sends membership ranks to all-time record French Club carried out Anderson High School's idea of expansion this year with 21 new members being initiated, raising the total membership to 63. The monthly meetings, planned to help the mem- bers further understand France and the French people, always begin with the singing of the t'Mar- seillaisej' the French national anthem, and the saluting of the flag. The "Fleur de Lis," or the "Kingdom of France," was the familiar symbol of the club. France occupies an increasingly important position as a world power, and her ideas on nuclear issues, our interests in other parts of the world, and the shift of world leaders, brought about some interesting dis- cussions between members. The goals of French Club this year were to try to understand these issues and to better the language program at Anderson High School. Members were able to accomplish these lofty educational goals while also having many good times. . Q .,. A I 1-Fx, A :Ni H91 Mk. Wm If we T Y - Q .. 7, gk 1 if .SRX 3 g FRENCH CLUB-Front Row-Ellen Benefiel, Debbie Taylor, Bonnie Baker, Sharon Teague, K'Marie Stefke, Virginia Voight, Leah Boze, Barbara Smith, Patsy Kappeler, Diana Binnion, Cheryl Gaskill. Row 2 - Charlene Dixon, Karen Skaggs, Joyce Franklin, Peggy Fawbush, Paulette Hellems, Susan Lockwood, Becky Miller, Nancy Rauner, Diana Hobbs, Brenda Lemon, Carol Richardson, Miss Virginia Lindstrom, sponsor. Row 3-Linda Sampson, Janet Swango, Janet Dyer, Margaret Sherman, Diana Dearing, Lenora Dilts, Vicki Moo1'e, Carolyn Berry, Janis Trimble, Connie Cripe, Don Conner, Dwight Ramsey. Row 44Rita Richwine, Melanie Watson, Debbie Smith, Cindy Moore, Teresa Wilkinson, Kathy Buck, Enola Knisley, David York, Mike Ott, Tom Owen, Julia Ehr- hart, Charles Kollros, Wayne Grim. Row 5-Nancy Thompson, Daryl Smith, Janice Jerram, Gunta Grencions, Nancy Barber, Patricia Holbert, Jerry W1'ight, Diane Folsom, Teresa Eaker, John R. Rambis, Vickie Hughes, Joyce Ayers, Tom Bailey, John Blubaugh, Roman slave sale, banquet accelerate Latin Club's tempo LATIN CLUB-Front Row-Virginia Vermillion, Rebecca Kel- lum, Pam Lockwood, Candy Tyler, Laura Segner, Barbara Ballard, Brenda Garringer, Mary Rogers, Belita Renner, Lucinda Gilliam, Carol Hodges. Row 2-Ruth Ann Bowman, Vickie Riley, Elaine Vs7illiams, Debbie Rockhill, Bobbie Hunt- ley, Beverly Morris, Arlene Johnson, Paula Johnson, Sharilyn Dickson, Sharon Jones, Sandy McMahon, Debbie Shuster. Row 3-Connie Nipple, Cindy Carter, Pam Jones, Richard Donnelly, Larry Brattain, Louis Jones, Rick Fenwick, Susie The largest club within the school, Latin Club kicked off the year with its traditional slave sale, followed by a county-wide Latin meeting, and a Roman banquet. The group switched to a service project, preparing individual containers of coffee for each patient at a New Castle mental hospital. The club sold stationery, booster plates, and sponsored a record hop. Last summer Miss Eileen Johnson and three stu- dents ventured to the National Junior Classical League convention in Denver, and 40 members attended the state meeting at Clowes Hall in Indianapolis. Jones, Debbie Bowser, Pam Shuster, Sandy Shaw, Randy Gray, Doris Morgan. Row 4-Connie Wright, Stephanie Ehle, Kathy Bailey, Dave Gillaspy, Sally Cochran. Linda Smith, Jim Atwell, Tom Bailey, Jim McMahon, Bill Snyder, Lynne- Baker, Pam Phelps, Hazel Swain, Virginia Turner. Row 5- Richard Snelson, Susan Hillsamer, Marilyn Tegge, Diana Davis, Debbie Richardson, Bruce E. Jones, Nanette Wiley, Linda Sampson, Vince Houser, Jim Forcum, Patricia Hol- bert, Tom O. Moore, Brenda Schinnerer, Jeff Wihebrink. LAT1N CLUB4Fr0nt Row-Eddie Espey, Linda Stickler, Phil Harris, Charles Adcox, Tom Frank, Nina Wiley, Edna Buck- ley, Beth Hocutt, Vicki Kisker, Donna Libler, Bev K. Jones, McCarroll, Avo Morton, Tom Bailey. Row 2-John Nancy Marvel, Mary Lou Hickem, Dan Everman, Susan Griffet, Arthur Wayne Wayne Felts, Marlene Archey, Sandy Scott, Mike Schrenke-r, Brattain, Jane Brann, Steve Gehrke, Anne Deeley, Ramsey, Jim Atwell. Row 3-Larry Gipson, Dick Banning, Craig Trees, Debbie Sipes, Elizabeth Feemster, Nancy Barber, Margaret Sherman, Carol Johann, Nanette Carr, Jody Neff, Ann Gill, Cheryl Kruger, Bonnie Baker, O J Marilyn Myrick, Gary Stephens. Row 4-Ron Diedring, Di- anna Maxey, Mike Yattaw, Jean Mathews, John Forcum, Nancy Wiley, Carol Richardson, Pam Lierman, Lisa Decker, Connie Crane, Dorothea Blackwelder, Mozell Hendricks, Mae Jones, Linda Warbington, Pam Browne, Linda Nicholas, Garry Courter. Row 5-Pam Sprague, Sally Pike, Vicki Burks, Wayne Townsend, Vivian Heckman, Sally Stegner, Kay Allen, Cathy Daughhetee, Bonnie Metz, Beata Golau, George Keris, Dick Greenland, Jerry Fite, Steve Barnett, Phil Sizelove, Steve Maines, Jack Roettinger, Tim Currens. Honor Society stresses role of scholar X Officers of Honor Society Jan Josefek, vice-presidentg Frank Shekell, treasurer, Alan Fishback, president, and Cindy White, secretary, check averages of members. The privilege of becoming a member of the National Honor Society is a goal that is set by numerous Anderson High School students each year. Higher education-especially a college degree-is a must for almost any occupation a person chooses to enter. Everyday, more and more stress is being placed upon the acquiring and maintaining of high grades and top personality ratings. Monthly society meetings em- phasized the importance of upholding these academic and character requirements. Students excelling in scholarship, leadership, citizen- ship, and service within the school and throughout the community were rightfully recognized by the An- derson High School chapter of the National Honor Society at its annual spring initiation banquet. The members took an active part in school affairs by sponsoring a record hop following a basketball game and promoting a fund-raising campaign in order to award a scholarship to a deserving AHS student. Following a year of distinction and fun, special rec- ognition was awarded to Honor Society members at commencement exercises-the honor of wearing the cherished gold tassels. HONOR SOCIETY-Front Row-Virginia Vermillion, Kathy Reardon, Gana Taggart, Alan Fishback, Jan Josefek, Frank Shekell, Cindy White, Leo Sanders, sponsorg Jo Andrews, Janet Swango, Linda Thornburg. Row 24Linda Bodkin, Don Fatzinger, Gordon Beeman, Drew Helvey, Wayne Ramsey, Allen Upshaw, Don Cunningham, Ann Houser, Cheryl Breece, Margaret Sherman, Nancy Webb. Row 3-Pam Lierman, Nina Wiley, Cheryl Liechty, Daryl Smith, Nancy Barber, Mike Smith, Cathy Daughhetee, Bill Carney, Joyce Horton, Carol Johann, Linda Love, Janet Gibson. Row 4gBrenda Garringer, Steve Carter, Dixie Contos, Joyce Kidder, Betty Jourdan, Donna Smith, Dave Browning, Pat Richardson, Wanda Phillips, Sally Pike, Susan Priddy, Janet Dyer, Cathy Heiden. Row 5- Donna Libler, Charlotte Little, Sharon Jones, Rusty Patterson, Bob Deaton, Charles Parker, Pam Sprague, Charles Adcox, Judy Phillips, Jay Polhemus, Jim Forcum, John LaBrier, Jeff Pearson, Dick Greenland. .3 tml ig. i..a..,...,M.. .Ms ,-- V-, :ir me Keeping in pcrfect time, the band The band started its 1964-65 season with the annual football jamboree in September. The following morn- ing, the marching Indians finished in fourth place at the state fair with a splendid performance. Fall activ- ities were highlighted by the United Fund Kick-off and the Homecoming parades. Playing and perform- ing for almost every home football and basketball game, the band became an important part of this year's extra-curricular activities. Band members displayed their fine musical abil- ities at the Winter Pops Concert and again at the popular AHS Variety Show of 1965, featuring the world renowned Dancing Waters-an apparatus of 4,000 jets of water which seemed to dance to the music of the concert band. It was the first time Danc- ing Waters, a Rockefeller Music Hall fixture, was displayed in a high school show, The AHS Band also joined forces with the other city bands to present the annual Band-E-Rama. Through an event-packed year the band worked many long and hard hours for perfection. Adding to the year's success were the Dance Band, which accented the Band-E-Fit and variety show, and the Indianettes, who sparkled in their white leather Indian costumes and brilliant headdresses. After receiving the state championship crown last summer, the Indianettes held the distinction of finish- ing second in the National Twirling Contest in Phila- delphia by the narrowest of margins. marches past 10,000 people at the- state fair. 50 The Winter Pops Concert provides a chance for the band to display its concert artistry and to serve as a glamorous set- ting for the crowning of the Yearbook Queen. Marching band lends glamour, big sound to top school events Banrlsinen add life and humor with their Gernian band. gi Z, ,-" - ' D v,,,,,,.r - ,. , ,-f --4' 4. , W W Af 1. 1 A 4 'rr M, W '-In-iff? .gimp V, ' ' 'V in -Hsu ,Jul-' Think, blow, stop are the orders of the day at the state- fair. Nu one leaves at half time as the Inclianettes strut. Pre-gzune Indianette pei'forn1z1nc'e gives 8,003 fans 21 chance to honor the flag. Band shines in 'Variety Show of 196 ' DANCE BAND-Front Row -Bob French, Dave Dageforde, Helvey, Phil Atteberry, Doug Featherston, Bob Smith, Steve Dan Eutsler, Dick Byrum, Mike Robertson, Charles Adcox, Chapman, Greg Boicourt, Jack Roettinger, Ted Nottingham, Bob Morris, Allen Upshaw, Steve Gehrke. Row 2-Drew Phil Olvey. BAND-Front Row-Jan Josefek, Jody Neff, Gordon Adams, Sherry Orr, Sheila Kennard, Janet Burris, Linda Warbington, Mary Broadnax, Karen Keys, Virginia Cooper, Steve Clawson. Row 2-Wayne Brattain, Mary Jackson, Katie Barr, Karen Stone, Connie Cripe, Diana Hart, Jean Broadnax, Jody Walker, Gary Burnes, Terry Klusmeier, Pam McKee, Jim Snelson, Greg Casto, Loretta Davidson, Brad Garrett. Row 3-David Dage- forde, Timmi Sprague, Phil Reed, Belinda Elliott, Naomi Redding, Anita Highwood, Janet Roettinger, Dave Chapman, Eric Hoffman, Larry VanDyke, Dennis Decker, Tim Phillips, Steve Gehrke, Richard Shull, Bob Morris, Charles Adcox, Mike Walker, Allen Upshaw. Row 4-Ted Nottingham, Greg Bright, Nadine Kelly, Chuck Murdock, Don Bastine, Barry Gibbons, Tim Boicourt, Doug Vermillion. Standing-Mr. Don Hoffmann, assistant director, Shirley Huitema, Steve Hellems, Rusty Patterson, Larry Brown, Steve Carter, Steve Priddy, lgick Clifton, Albert Kiper, Tim Phelps, John Keeney, Dan astine. INDIANETTES4Kneeling-Donna Libler, Diana Hobbs, Vicki Moore, Susie Boone. Row 2-Vickie Kisker, Cindy Wright, Karen Caylor, Cindy Lantz, Asst. Head Indianetteg Rachel Trueblood, Becky Rowe, Judy Carpenter. Row 3 - Linda Scherer, Karen Carter, Bev Owens, Cindy Carter, Cheryl Liechty, Head lndianette, Lynn Cain, Candy Cox, Beth Hocutt, Barbara Haley. S BAND - Front Row - Virginia Kiper, Kathy Bailey, Carol Hodges, Janet Dyer, Jay Polhemus, Yvonne Phile, Linda Allen, Wanda Phillips, Mike Robertson, Dan Eutsler. Row 2-Daverna Jackson, Ted Patterson, Keith Hinton, Judy Ets- ler, Larry Brattain, Joyce Horton, Richard Byrum, Cheryl Palmer, Bernus Phillips, Chris Tomlinson, Drew Helvey. Row 3-Steve Robinette, Bill Holliday, Bob Douglass, John Blubaugh, Richard Snelson, David VVine, Paul Teague, Reggie George, Bob Gibbons, Steve Priser, Bob French, Donna Adams, Roberta Newman, Pat Richardson, Jill Forkner. Row -leliarry Manship, Jim Dageforde, Rick Long, Charles Pearson, Bob Deaton, Phil Olvey, Steve Hardacre, Jack Roettinger, Greg Boicourt, Steve Chapman. Standing - Dick Bernhardt. Bob Knotts, Roger McCormack, Steve Saunders, Cliff Brumback. Claude Hudson, Ross Stanley, Mr. George Vaught, director. ORCHESTRA - Front Row - Vincent Houser, Ann Bauer, Michael Keech, Cindy Wright, Paulette Hellems, Nancy Rauner, Jeff Warner, Rebecca Courtney, Jo Ellen Gadberry, Judy Garland. Row 2-Sharon Mitchell, Thomas Robertson, June Craig, Norma Buehler, Michele Parks, Valerie Seipel, Jay Polhemus, Carol Hodges, Kathy Bailey, Steve Clawson, Wayne Brattain, Janet Burris. Row 3-Connie Nipple, Mar- ilyn Tegge-, Marcia Dodds, Carol Buehler, Stephen Jourdan, Rickey Sleet, Brad Garrett, Loretta Davidson, Greg Casto, James Snelson, Charles Adcox, Robert Morris, Bill Holliday, Mike Robertson, Phillip Reed. Row 4-Ross Stanley, Robert Patterson, Steve Priddy, Greg Boicourt, Ted Nottingham, Bob Deaton, Phillip Olvey, Mr. Robert M. Griffey, director. Busy season programmed by orchestra Under the direction of Mr. Robert Griffey, the orchestra performed throughout the year at school con- vocations. During the Christmas sea- son, members worked hard recording Christmas music for a half-hour radio program for the holiday sea- son. The string section appeared on the pre-Easter convocation before highlighting the spring concert with "Sounds in Music". The year was ended with the playing of "Pomp and Circumstancen for Commence- ment exercises. Orchestra members received awards and recognition in music contests: in the all-state contest Rick Fenwick received a first place award, Vincent Houser, a second place, and the string quartet a first award. MADRIGAL SINGERSQFr0nt Row-Kathy Reardon, Sarah Fribley, Wanda Phil- lips, Jeannie Wilson. Row 2-Drew Helvey, Terry Jones, Claude Hudson, Cindy White, Charles Adcox, Dan Rinker, Ken Bucy. ORCHESTRA-Front RowHJanis Sigler, Alex Satterwhite, Ginny Rozelle, Rick Fenwick. Row 2-Gordon Adams, Dan Eutsler, Roberta Newman, Patricia Richardson, Cassie Bork- man, Sheryl Richardson. Row 3-Judy Etsler, Joyce Horton, Tom Danner, Mickey Simmons, Carol Land, Row 4-Roger McCormack, Pam Trantham, Elizabeth Satterwhite, Steve Fox, Carol Downey, Debbie Shuster. Choral Club officers Sandy Burnett, treasurerg Cindy White, secretaryg Jeannie Wilson, librarian, Yvonne Phile, robe mistressg Terry Jones, vice-president, and Claude Hudson, president, sing at the drop of a note. CHORAL CLUB-Front Row-Joyce Aye1's, Joyce Highwood, Melanie Watson, Peggy Niccum, Gana Taggart, Jeannie Wil- son, Cindy White, Kathy Robbs, Marsha Friermood, Carol Richardson, Karen Perkins, Lynn Baker, Julia Erhart, Nancy VVebb, Mr. Rick Seaver, director. Row 2-Sarah Fribley, VVanda Phillips, Kathy Heiden, Carol Breaker, Darra Simpson, Becky Miller, Ruth Phillips, Kathy Buck, Sandy Burnett, Kathy Reardon, Sarah Kinley, Nila Franklin, Virginia Voight, K'Marie Stefke, Leah Boze, Jo Ellen Andrews. Row 3-Joel Students, syrnphon present inspirational Choral Club Classic The Choral Club highlighted a season of concerts and special performances with its second Choral Clas- sic. This year's classic featured the 70-member group accompanied by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and special guest soloists. The "Song of Democracy" and "Stabat Mater," two selections seldom performed by high school groups, climaxed the program. Another high point was the Christmas Concert, featuring many holiday specials as Well as the lengthy Latin number "Gloria" by Antonio Valdi. The club appeared at the Madison County Choral Festival, and joined efforts with other vocal groups from Madison Heights and Highland in the recording of "Anderson the Beautiful." At the Ball State Choir Day, Choral Club competed jointly with some of the finest high school vocal groups in central Indiana. Late in the school year, the group presented a spe- cial musical convocation to the entire student body before bringing the year to a close by singing at both Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises. Madrigal Singers, the vocal music departments exclusive group of twelve matched singers, entertained at dozens of civic events and traveled hundreds of miles to perform before student bodies of other schools and to participate in contests. TW" Ebbertt, John Shoults, Ronnie James, Phil Olvey, Linda Tay- lor, Pam Phelps, Yvonne Phile, Linda Armstrong, Leslie Rariden, Ken Bucy, Claude Hudson, Todd Clear, Mike Smith, Dick McCabe, Mark Skaggs. Row 4-Terry Aynes, Larry Brumback, DeWayne Deck, Jay Polhemus, Dan Rinker, Charles Adcox, Terry Jones, Phil Harris, Clifford Brumback, Dwight Ramsey, Carl Grissom, Randy VanDyke, Richard Hosier, Mark VanVoorhis, Gordon Beeman, Daryl Smith. THESPIANS-Front ROW-John Blevins, Brenda Garringer, Jo Andrews, Janet Swango, Linda Thornburg, Dick Greenland, Mrs. Maxine Bridges, sponsor, Ronn Dexter, Alan Fishback. Row 2eJanet Dye-r, Susan Griffet, Billie Gordon, Cindy Green, Norma Rector, Gana Taggart, Pepper Kellum, Barbara Bal- lard, Marty Wean, Lois Beeman. Row 3-Laura Halwick, Bev Stokes, Laura Segner, Anne Deeley, Shirley Bourne, Dave Thespians' 'Mousej 'Dirty Work' delight I-IS theater goers Troupe 736 of the National Thespian Society com- pleted another active and successful year. Under the direction of Mrs. Maxine Bridges, the Thespians learned not only how to perform on stage, but also how to design stage settings and scenery, use effective lighting techniques, and apply make-up. The club's first major project was the production of the delightful satire on government organization, "The Mouse That Roaredf' Some active members performed for civic clubs in the area, and many par- ticipated and placed in local, regional, and state speech contests. In March, the audiences applauded the brave hero, hissed the vile villain, and laughed at the rude hired hand in the presentation of the old-fashioned melodrama, "Dirty Work at the Crossroads." In the spring Thespians journeyed to Chicago to see a pop- ular Broadway musical. Browning, Bev Sokol, Sue Crane, Jim Heath, Joyce Ayers, Terry Cook. Row 4-John Abbott, Phil Atteberry, Barbara Smith, Patsy Kappeler, Chris Lunsford, Bill Boman, Doug Givens, Pam Lierman, Drew Helvey, Lee Anne Bell, Rich Frank. Row 5-Tim Currens, Bonnie Baker, Janie Kirkman, Jill Forkner, Cindy White, Wayne Ramsey, Sarah Fribley, Eddie Espey, Susan Hillsametr, Pam Giles. 1 No tasks are too menial for thespians Alan Fishback, treas- urerg Linda Thornburg, secretary, Dick Greenland, vice- president, and Ronn Dexter, president. T555 ggi v Q s r , fs, I Lighting Crew members Chester Porter, Doug Featherston, Steve Slick, Ken Nottingham, and John Aldridge work behind the scenes for perfection. For the first time in several years, Anderson High formed a Speech and Debate Club, providing an outlet for the talents of high school orators. The club mem- bers spent long hours researching this year's debate topic, "Resolved-Nuclear Weapons Should Be Con- trolled by a World Organization," while competing against other high school students from central Indi- With the aid of the Band Lighting Crew, many school events became more effective and meaningful. This group of nine boys threw light on every subject from pre-game ceremonies at athletic events to all-school convocations. Many community activities also bene- fitted from the crew, which was in charge of running and taking care of the spotlights and microphones. Functioning as an integral part of the band, these members assisted with planning routines, helping new members learn them, and setting up chairs and risers for each band performance. Lighting crevv aids activities, debaters organize new club ana. Under the supervision of Mrs. Jean Smith and Mr. Steve Orrell, the teams practiced debate procedures and discussed new material each Wednesday. The debaters attended several meets and proved to be good competition at New Castle where one team placed as a regional alternate. SPEECH AND DEBATE-Front Row-Janet Swango, Linda Thornburg, Drew Helvey, Jeff Galbraith, Mrs. Jean Smith, Advisorg Jan Josefek, Virginia Vermillion. Row 2-Susan Hillsamer, Sandy Arnold, Chris Lunsford, Jack Roettinger, Robert Patterson, Bill Boman. Row 3fSherry Neeley, Donna Butler, Mike Pitts, Tom Williamson, Mike Smith, Bob Deaton, Jay Polhemus, Steve Chapman, Bonnie Baker. 'A' Club promotes code of sportsmanship "AH CLUB-Front Row-Don Seal, Richard Davidson, Terry VViley, Bill Carney, Jim Tallman, Dave Garrett, Dick James. Roger Ashburn, Bennie Price. Row 2-Greg Walters, Scott Sparks, Dave Maxwell, Larry Hovermale, Jim Atwell, David Bastine, Mark Hoover, Phil Harris, Bob Scharnowske. Row 3-Rick Cyman, Rodney Jones, John Chismar, Doug Shekell, Dan Walker, Tom Foland, Jim Alexander, John Doyle, Dale Each year Anderson High School's junior and senior athletes join with Mr. Joe Vargo to form the "A" Club, a civic-minded organization interested in the advancement of both the community and varsity let- termen at Anderson. During the year members participated in many fund-raising drives, such as the Christmas drive for the needy of the city and the Junior Chamber of Commerce fund drive for the orphans. During the Richmond basketball game, they collected more than S850 for Randy Stigleman, a Richmond football player seriously paralyzed early in the season and in the need of expensive treatment. At the end of the year, a banquet was held for the faculty and the members to honor the seniors and extend thanks to the members of the faculty who helped to make the sports year a success. "A" Club sets a code of high standards, stressing increased scholastic ratings and better mental atti- tudes for AHS athletes. Honor and sportsmanship are the keys to the HA" Club code. During sporting events, voices of "A" Club mem- bers boosting school spirit may be heard over all. Collins, Jim McMahon, Rick Corbin. Row 44Bob French, Duane Cornelius, Alan Fishback, Bob Milam, John Grubb, Jerry Fite, Steve Barnett, Dave Browning, Tim Mustin, John Maxwell, Jack Keesling, Steve Huntley. Row 5-John Wal- lace, Dan Erskine, John Mathewman, Tim East, Steven Biddle, Don Fatzinger, Larry Reveal, Norman Robinson, Harold Steans, Fred Weatherly, Roger Mullins, Steve Maines. "An CLUB-Front Row-Dick McCabe, Jeff Nash, Gar Hoover, Terry King, Larry Gholston. Row 2 - Bob Porter, Julius Streaty, Dave Clutch, Ken Johnson, Doug White. , -f A , I f . 1 'V' , , s f ,Vi llluu- : E., ku Y A . I rr . r at f I .Y -at . . ., i ts 5 ' ' . A ' av' V I ag " P G 43 Q 6 4' i ar. ., is s .A-. 2 - ..,' 1 . A t s v w p -f . .. 4 CHEERBLOCK-Front Row-P. Lockwood, L. Robinson, R. Kellum, P. Browne, L. Stickler, V. Vermillion, B. Mathews, N. Modlin, K. Zion, P. Zearbaugh, D. Nance, J. Shock, B. Dudley, S. Earl, C. Street. Row 2-G. Taggart, S. Stegner, S. Pike, J. Ehrhart, J. Ayers, C. Heiden, R. Martin, S. Lennartz, Sh. Jones, J. Kidder, R. Jackman, J. Burks, D. Shannon, K. Clif- ford, L. Peek, C. Williams. Row 3-C, Devaney, J. Miller, S. Arnold, B. Lynch, C. Daughhetee, L. Baker, P. Sprague, L. Nicholas, S. McMahon, M. Sherman, P. Gray, Na. Wiley, R. VVilmoth, S. Hillsamer, C. Breece, P. Lierman, Ni. VViley. Row -liJa. Simmons, L. Dudley, M. Wilkins, I. Neal, M. Gerard, A. Bray, G. Whctsel, L. Sampson, B. Whitehead, J. Kirkman, M. Sayre, L. Broderick, D. Contos, C. Richardson, N. Barber, D. O'Brien. M. Herkomer. E. Richwine. Row 5-S. O'Neal, Je. Simmons, T. VVilkinson, V. Chatman, R. Brown, M. Nunn, B. Council, G. Richardson. V. Foust, L. Priser, S. Priddy, J. Asher, Ju. Simmons, J. Holloway, K. Richardson, E. Feemster, S. Whitman, C. Heavenridge, R. Rozelle. Row GfS. Griffet, Backing the Indians, cheerblock girls live or die with every turn of fortune. I'- .Q , ,Q i . Lal -f Q S. Smith, L. Gourley, A. Garretson, D. Dearing, A. Gill, M. Myrick, B. Combs, L. Harless, S. Lockwood, C. Tyler, L. Montague, G. Pepelea, B. Barnett, P. Niccum, M. Schmidt, J. Johnson, D. Smith, B. Metz, L. McIlrath. Row 7-D. Stev- ens, R. Brewer, N. McCarroll, C. Hoppes, K. Holder, D. Lucas, M. Baker, B. Robinson, J. Coffman, C. Dixon, C, Gorman, K. Hunter, P. Sheets, J. Trimble, B. Gritter, B. King, K. Bled- soe, S. Teague, K. Harris, B. Robinson, L. Rinker. Row 8-D. Snider, D. McElfresh, K. Lawson, D, Folsom, C. Kruger, P. Moore, B. Graham, C. Eytchison, C. Reed, M. VVean. B. Baker, D. Taylor, K. Bright, D. Bowser, K. Stefke. E. Knisley, V. Voight, D. Smith, C. Seal, D. Gholston, D. Bilbrey. Row 9- Su. Jones, K. Robinson, J. Rariden, T. Leath, J. Smith, S. Perkins, L. James, P. Sparks, P. Shuster, R. Farmer, L. VVade, M. Hall. S. Davis, T, Davis, I.. Hoppes, N. LaRue, B. Hen- dricks, E. Alexander, A. Vaughn, M. Allen, S. Patterson, L. Prout, S. Peel. Girls, 200 strong, Wear red, green, cheer school team Two hundred enthusiastic Indian fans comprised this year's cheerblock, which was twice as large as most of the preceding ones. The girls cheered at every home game and through the sectional and regional. Members were recognized by their red dickeys, white blouses, red skirts, red feathers, and green headbands. The girls used flash cards and perfected new yells and words to popular songs-all exemplifying their fiery school spirit. i ROAD 20 N. ROSS ST A H NORWOLDD l ' ROAD 150 N E PLACE, ff? E ' N-:mwooo ws-wil 73:1 '20 aaa X oooame DR. 4' 'Zi WATER 4 TAuAnAcx Aspw CT' -5 K5 W mace rmmvszfe 057.4 ,A an as no w- -4 WASHINGTON S3 Y Q SFRUCE ug - LM I Mu.L ST. ag 5 , . Q E ANCIEREON 5311 do HlC'KOi?Y LA, IJQTQREST yqgumg 2 I BRMBLE wmf mg If SCHOGL 5 I swxcw LANE Hg' z ' ' ur 4 0 id a-xwsoo im Q nc NJ K an a BELLY QOLF 511356 cz if 4 ...- cf? XJ... SNSCK . MELROSE """"" 1 3 Mali? II E31 Svw PARKWA N. PARK WAY'- S. .AMW L ROADAIOOS JGREAT CDMNHSSEQN ,V VM 3 5 weave sv. 3 ww 2 swoon.. M -ff E3 E E5 5 . f! www 50 ROA E R I i I I E J ' Q 1, Rfzngg 150 5. an 6 tl tr: 5 aax.L-Ev1Ew Pa. fl w. 54 vw-sm I . M, E . +4 540 W M IW amp zm 5, I Y 35-m sr I1 U iw 5 'W-my 'W-.J ,VLANE LANTERN E NOBLE 1 K J Qs, as mm 5 .M 5 -..Emi ,EACKSCJN MEQIOYAN EM: ST, ALEGE an-.4 o 3 DOD HORNEWOOD DER. P051 so. I- IAR 'ima ia' RA LAK i E. 150 ROAD SCHOOL, 1 Q n I f e 1 I Q!- S10 .ff- .4-""' DAL MOUNDS MALL .NST ,-.,.. .... --... mMQ....-..,.i:C M--1 Nmnsuu nuns v Q3 22 4 E3 2 31 ga off' Y rf' 4 MQUND r -an--Q Fc Ns 2 S7 - C J 37-rn ST. C1 O! LE A AVE. YL URCH UR. 15+-+ RD ELNE NG RA Panorama of football in daytime reduces sting of losing year Early season mistakes coupled with mid-season injur- ies and dismissals hampered the potentially explosive Anderson football squad as the Indians recorded a season mark of 2 victories, 7 losses, and 1 tie. When the Indians traveled to Lebanon in the open- ing game, they wasted no time in getting their offense rolling, scoring twice in the first half, but the Tigers stiffened their defense and held the Tribe to only one more score in the contest. In their home schedule debut, the Indians met young Muncie Southside. Miscues repeatedly cost Anderson possession of the ball deep in Rebel territory-a fourth down incomplete pass and a fumble on the one yard line halted scoring threats. After an 18 hour rain delay, the Indians took on Elwood on Saturday afternoon. The Panthers captured a two point half-time margin which held up through the third quarter, but a key touchdown interception with 1:03 left clinched Anderson's second consecutive loss. The Tribe opened its North Central Conference schedule by tying Lafayette Jeff. The game was li ...s smiili marked by a tight Indian defense and a sluggish offense which frequently faltered deep in Bronco territory. The Indians then faced their perennial foe, the Red Devils of Richmond. Rushing leader Richard Youngblood injured his leg on a one yard plunge early in the first quarter, putting him out for the remainder of the season and seriously restricting An- derson's scoring punch. Two points-after-touchdown were the difference as Anderson edged the Devils 14 to 12 for the first time in the last seven years. Disappointment struck a sellout crowd as Anderson tangled with cross-town rival Madison Heights. The first half turned out to be a defensive battle, but the tide changed in the second half. The Pirates capital- ized on a fumble inside the 30 yard marker and an 83 yard touchdown interception. Madison Heights ended a series of seven consecutive losses to the In- dians in football competition by smashing the Tribe, 32 to 0. The tumbling Anderson squad traveled to Marion in its first regularly scheduled afternoon game of the season. The Giants dominated the contest, win- ning 42 to 7. Only 1:05 remained in the game when quarterback Steve- Maines connected with Norm Rob- inson for an 86 yard scoring duet. The Indians scored on a 43 yard run by John Doyle to take an early lead the following week, but the Frankfort Hot Dogs were never headed again as they controlled the ball for the complete third quarter. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM - Front Row - Don Taylor, Steve Raper, Larry Gholston, Larry Hovermale, John Doyle, Tony Oexman, Percy Davis, John Bostic. Row 2-Richard Youngblood, Dave Garrett, Michael Carter, Duane Cornelius, Mike Taylor, Roger Mullins, Bob Milam, Charles Walker, Don Seal, Jim Tallman. Row 3-Coach Jim Carter, Rick Cyman, 'Frank Taylor, Charles Parker, Norman Robinson, John Lang, Duke Horton, Larry Hoover, Rod Hershberger, Trainer Woody Moore, Asst. Coach Pete Russo. Row 4- John Chismar, Dave Bastine, John Maxwell, Don Crawford, Steve Maines, Ken Johnson, Phil Harris, Larry Reveal, Greg Walters, Tim Ellis, Dave Maxwell, Willie Rollings. Deflecting a pass ftop pictureb, John Bostic 4415 saves a Marion touchdown as John Doyle 1221 backs him up. A gang of Anderson tacklers tbottom pictureb demonstrate the value of wholesale pursuit in football. Two Anderson touchdowns were nullified by a penalty and an intercepted pass in the end zone. Frankfort ended a 14 year Anderson dominance of the series by handing the Tribe its fifth loss. A small Dad's Night crowd watched a determined Fort Wayne Catholic squad hold the Indians score- less on only 63 yards rushing until late in the fourth quarter when the Tribe exploded for two fruitless tallies. In the Indians' last contest, New Castle scored twice on a 13 yard pass play and a 26 yard run, but hard hitting halfback Larry Hoover brought the Tribe back into the game by scoring twice in less than ten min- utes. After scoring on the first play of the fourth stanza, the Trojans held Anderson twice deep in Indian territory and dropped the Tribe to a seventh place fin- ish in the conference. Lettermen were Seniors Dave Bastine, Duane Cor- nelius, Rick Cyman, Dave Garrett, Larry Hovermale, John Maxwell, Bob Milam, Roger Mullins, Norman Robinson, Don Seal, Jim Tallman, Mike Taylor, Fred Weatherly, Juniors John Bostic, John Chismar, Percy Davis, John Doyle, Phil Harris, Larry Hoover, Ken Johnson, Steve Maines, Dave Maxwell, Larry Reveal, Don Taylor, Frank Taylor, Greg Walters, Paul Wil- kins, Sophomores Tim East, Dan Erskine, Jim Mc- Mahon, Bob Sharnowske, Doug White. VARSITY FOOTBALL Won 2-Lost 7-Tied 1 Anderson 20 Lebanon 7 Anderson 0, Muncie South 14 Anderson 7 Elwood 15 Anderson 13 Lafayette Jeff 13 Anderson 14 Richmond 12 Anderson 0 Madison Heights 32 Anderson 7 Marion 42 Anderson 6 Frankfort 14 Anderson 13 Fort Wayne Catholic 21 Anderson 13 New Castle 19 Panoramic scenes like this were seen by fans as afternoon football was initiated. , . W , ' ,.' -L . ,' 14 Won 6- Lost 2 0 5 ::2, 1 5 :::V I H 1 r ys 2 Kb . ,. .E E ,X JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM-Front Row-Bob Scharnowske, Mickey Janes, Jerry Mathis, Tim East, Douglas White, David Jones, Mark Marshall, Dave Wright. Row 21 Jim McMahon, Don Hooper, Tom Williams, Randy McVey, John Williams Rick Muir Harr Robertson Tom Steans Phil 7 7 y I 7 Sheets, Alan Clark. ROW 3-Coach Vic Roos, Calvin N Football reserves Win 6 of 8 games in testing for future INDIVIDUAL FOOTBALL STATISTICS Rushing Atts. Yds. Ave. Doyle ..,......... .... 5 9 361 6.1 Walker ........,.. .... 6 7 344 5.1 Youngblood .... 33 195 5.9 Carter .......... .... 4 5 191 4.2 Hoover .......... .... 3 2 162 5.1 Robinson ...... .... 3 4 132 3.9 White ......... .... 2 6 97 3.7 Davis ..... .... 2 8 97 3.5 Bostic .................,...,...... .... 8 79 9.9 Garrett .............,........................ 23 76 3.3 Team Totals ............ 390 1,705 4.4 Scoring Tds. Pat. Patm. Doyle .... 4 1 1 Walker ................,........ 3 4 3 Hoover ....,..........,....,........ 2 2 2 Team Totals ............ 14 14 9 Passing Atts. Comp. Yds. Pct Int Cyman .......... 20 10 112 .500 3 Garrett ........ 33 15 257 .455 2 Maines .......... 25 10 266 .400 4 Totals .... 127 41 722 .323 16 Pass Receiving No. Yds. Ave. Robinson ..............., .... 6 ' 164 27.3 Johnson ............... 7 133 19.0 Doyle ..... .... 8 122 15.3 unn, Tdr. 3 2 1 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 9 Tp 25 21 93 Tdp 0 2 2 5 Tdp 1 1 1 Dan Erskine, Bill Shirley, James Conner, William Vander- grift, Mac Davis, Larry Rudolf, Kenny I-Ierkomer, Norman Shirley, Asst. Coach Pat King, Row 4-Dana Vangets, James Bivens, John Forcum, Michael Smith, Larry Thomas, Bill Montgomery, Dave Orr, Dave Zook, Harold Townsend, Johnnie Johnson, Dave Lunsford. Aided by blocking from guard Jim Tallman 1635, Mike Carter i245 rounds the end against Richmond, RESERVE FOOTBALL Anderson Anderson Lafayette Jeff 13 Madison Heights 14 Anderson New Castle 14 Anderson Muncie South 19 Anderson Marion 13 Anderson Kokomo 0 Anderson Richmond 14 Anderson Noblesville 7 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM--Front Row-Tom Foland, Jim Clem, Bruce Williams, Richard Davidson, Dale Collins, Julius Streaty, Steve Biddle, John Mathewman, Terry King, Bill Carney, Tim Mustin. Row 2-Coach Kenneth Barnes, Garry VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Won 4-Lost 2 Anderson 22, Marion 37 Anderson 29, Indianapolis Washington 27, -" Crispus Attucks 118 4 Anderson 24, New Castle 31 Anderson 36, Richmond 17 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 24, Madison Heights 34 22, Muncie- South 33 seventh in Shortridge Invitational seventh in Southport Invitational first in North Central Conference second in Sectional third in Regional sixth in State High finishes by Steve Biddle and Julius Streaty guided the hill-and-dalers to second place in the sectional. Courter, Tom Frank, Dan Keesling, Gary Barrow, Jeff Wihe- brink, Terry Wiley, Ron Smiley, Vic Rhoda, John Russell, Asst. Coach Ray Fleenor, Pete Carmichael, Mgr. Cross country crew repeats as champion of competitive N.C.C. Under the able coaching of Mr. Kenneth Barnes and Mr. Ray Fleenor, the cross country squad repeated as the North Central Conference champion. The hill- and-dalers placed second in the sectional and regional and sixth in the state competition after racking up a 4 won and 2 lost season mark. The harriers captured seventh place honors in both the Southport and Short- ridge invitationals. The squad began the season by smashing New Castle, Marion and Muncie South Side by lopsided scores. The Tribe's only two defeats came in a dual meet with Richmond and in a three-way meet with Washington and Crispus Attucks as the Indians missed first place by two points. The team wound up the season by trouncing a strong Madison Heights squad. Runners placing continuously in scoring positions for the team were Steve Biddle, Terry King, Bill Carney, Tim Mustin, Tom Foland, and Captain Julius Streaty. The junior varsity also turned in an excellent rec- ord of 4 wins and 2 losses. Ken Johnson 1435 and John Grubb 4115 leap high for a rebound in spacious Butler Field- house during a tense moment in the regional against Cascade. Tribe gains acclaim throughout Indiana during banner year Driving Dave Browning C311 sweeps around a New Castle guard in Holiday Tourney action. With only one member of last year's starting five returning, the Anderson basketball team was forced to depend on teamwork. Rated number one in the state three consecutive weeks, the Tribe was picked by many sportswriters to win Anderson's fourth state championship. The Indians did not reach the top, losing to the eventual Indianapolis Washington state champions by four pointsg but they ended the season with another impressive 22 victories in 26 starts and won their first North Central Conference title in 16 years. The Indians started a successful year by opening with an 87 to 69 victory over Shortridge before a large home crowd. The following night the Indians entertained young, determined Muncie Southsideg but the final score had Anderson on top 13 points. The Indians went on the road for the first time to meet a veteran Marion team that could not stop the big wheel as the Tribe rolled to its third straight win and first conference victory. Next the Indians hosted de- fending state champion Lafayette by blasting the Broncos 89 to 63. The Tribe took its fifth straight contest from the Archers of Fort Wayne South by scalping them 72 to 56. The Indians were prepared for a third quarter East Chicago Washington rally as the Tribe rolled to a 73 to 63 win. In the afternoon session of the Holiday Tourney held in Anderson, the Tribe defeated a highly regarded Kokomo team to qualify for the championship round. In the evening contest the Indians held off a rally staged by New Castle to earn the championship trophy 80 to 70. Starting guards Dave Browning and Steve Barnett accept the Holiday Tourney trophy from Principal Noel B. Douglass. Center Ken Johnson C411 is surrounded by opponents as their attempts to capture the rebound are in vain. After the holiday layoff, the Tribe resumed a de- manding schedule by downing Fort Wayne Central and Rushville on consecutive nights to take its ninth and tenth victories without a setback. Next, the top ranked Indians took on traditional rival Muncie Central. The Bearcats could not stop the Indian attack as the Tribe triumphed 72 to 60. After a paralyzing snowstorm, the state's top team traveled to Butler Fieldhouse to meet Crispus Attucks. Out-scoring the Tigers 30 to 18 in the first quarter, the Indians cooled off quickly and could not get mov- ing again as they suffered their initial loss of the season 85 to 73 and began their Saturday night jinx. The Indians came back to defeat Frankfort's stalling Hot Dogs 56 to 48. The Saturday j inx continued as the Tribe returned to play a fired-up band of Pirates from Madison Heights. Hot outside shooting by the oppo- nents and costly fouls by the Indians edged the Tribe 64 to 61, marking the first defeat suffered by Ander- son to Madison Heights in the history of the series. Shaking off two straight Saturday night defeats, the Tribe again faced Kokomo. Remembering their lesson from the Holiday Tourney, the Indians rolled over the Wildcats by a 70 to 47 margin and made the sight of a N.C.C. crown look brighter. South Bend was the next stop for the Indians as they took on the Central Bears. The Tribe jumped off to an early lead but could only stay ahead until the fourth quarter as it suffered its final loss by a 73 to 71 margin. The fighting Indians dropped the Logansport Ber- ries before clinching the N.C.C. crown by blasting the New Castle Trojans 76 to 63. On returning home, the Indians were greeted by a capacity crowd to watch them handily run away from the Columbus Bulldogs. In the final home game of the season the Tribe counted their seventeenth victory as it rapped the Richmond Red Devils. In the first game of the sectional, the number three team in the state, Anderson, was matched against the number ten, Elwood. Led by John Grubb's 23 point output and Johnson's 17, the Tribe knocked the Pan- thers out of the sectional pairings. Next in line for the sportswriters' pick for the state championship was Alexandria. The Tigers bowed out of the tourney with an assist from Steve Barnett's 21 points. A chance to avenge an earlier defeat then presented it- self to the Tribe as it faced Madison Heights. Bal- anced scoring was the key to success as the Indians dumped the Pirates 73 to 61. Again even scoring paid off as the Indians defeated Markleville to capture their thirty-second sectional title. At the regional, Anderson drew the consolidated school Cascade. The Cadets put up an exciting battle, but could not hold the Indian rally. In the championship round the Indians stayed with Indianapolis Washington during the opening minutes, but the Continentals open- ed an eight point margin by the end of the first period. The Tribe tried many comeback attempts but none could overcome the quick Continentals as Anderson brought to a close the 1965 basketball season. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Front Row-J. D. Nunn, Larry Reveal, Dave Browning, John Wallace, Dave Ballinger, Terry King, Steve Barnett, Jim Woods. Row 2-Asst. Coach Don Barnett, Asst. Coach Bill Stewart, Head Coach Ray Anderson captures .C.C. championship after 16-year chase VARSITY BASKETBALL Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Won 22-Lost 4 Shortridge 69 I Muncie South 48 I i J i Marion 52 Lafayette Jeff 63 Fort Wayne South Side 56 East Chicago Washington 63 j Kokomo 66 7 56 7 1 7 7 7 J 70 J J 1 76, 1 J J 68 73 72 v 7 3 58 9 J New Castle 70 Fort Wayne Central 48 Rushville 61 Muncie Central 60 Crispus Attucks 85 Frankfort 48 Madison Heights 64 Kokomo 47 South Bend Central 73 Logansport 48 New Castle 63 Columbus 68 Richmond 62 Sectional Elwood 66 Alexandria 58 Madison Heights 61 Markleville 46 Regional Cascade 49 Indianapolis Washington 75 Estes, John Grubb, Duane Cornelius, Ken Johnson, Terry Wiley, Don Fatzinger, Mgr.g Frank Taylor, Mgr.3 Mark Hoover, Mgr. K: is i r iii Driving hard against a charging opponent, Steve Barnett 1305 leads a typical Anderson fast break. i 4 'q Soaring' high into the air, Terry 1Niley H455 shoots over Madi- son Heightsys Don McShirley 1405. INDIVIDUAL Players G. Grubb ,,.,r. 26 Johnson ..,.,...,.,... 26 Browning' ..,I..,.,. 26 Wiley ....,,,, ,.,,,, 2 3 Barnett ,,.. ,,,,,, 2 6 Wallace .,.. ..,.... 2 6 King' .,,,. .,.... 2 6 Wood ..,...,, ,.i,,, 1 3 Cornelius ..,,,,,.,, 22 Ballinger .i,...,...,. 14 Davis ,,,,i,,,,,. 5 Nunn ..r....,ir.,.,.... 7 Total .,,.,. 26 BASKETBALL STATISTICS Fen Ft. Tp. Ave. Reb 140 57 337 13.0 165 118 89 325 12.5 319 126 67 319 12.3 83 105 73 283 12.3 195 92 91 275 10.6 153 55 25 135 5.2 57 41 19 101 3.9 42 25 8 58 4.5 26 5 8 18 0.8 10 1 5 7 0.5 6 2 2 6 1.3 5 0 0 0 0.0 6 710 444 1,864 71.7 1,067 RESERVE BASKETBALL Anderson 43, Anderson 60, Anderson 52, Anderson 51, Anderson 54, Anderson 42, Anderson 53, Anderson 38, Anderson 61, Anderson 51, Anderson 55, Anderson 37, Anderson 45, Anderson 54, Anderson 52, Anderson 44, Anderson 39, Anderson 39, Anderson 61, Anderson 47, Won 14-Lost 6 Shortridge 32 Muncie South 57 Marion 53 Lafayette Jeff 39 Fort Wayne South 31 East Chicago Wzxshingt Muncie South 42 New Castle 36 Fort Wayne Central 45 Rushville 43 Muncie Central 40 Crispus Attucks 35 Frankfort 41 Madison Heights 33 Kokomo 51 South Bend Central 57 Logansport 44 New Castle 47 Columbus 63 Richmond 51 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Front Row-Eddie Nunn, Dan Erskine, Jeff Wihebrink,'Alan Clark, Larry Embree, Dana Vangets, J. D. Nunn, Row 2-Steve Lane, .Steve Surbaugh, Dave Ballinger, Larry Reveal, Richard Bernhardt, Rick Thompson, Bob Scharnowske, Jim Woods, Coach Bill Stewart. xx Nj ' ft? so l H Q Iliiif H -. on 19 Asst 40 35 134 78 101 45 22 29 9 1 1 0 495 WRESTLING TEAM - Front Row - Jim Tallman, Robert Simmons. Scottie Sparks, Dick James, Floyd Lawler, Roger Ashburn, Row 2 - Dick McCabe, John Keeney, Norm Rob- inson, Marcus Harvey, Ben Price, Mickey Janes, John La- Brier. Row 3 - Coach Joe Sparks, Steve Closser, Tim East, Pair of state champs, third iri final meet cap Wrestling year Two individual state titles and a third place finish in the state meet capped a wrestling season that gained momentum as the team picked up experience. Anderson's season mark was 4 victories, 6 losses, and a tie as injuries handicapped the team. A fourth place finish in the conference meet set the stage for high places in the end-of-the year tournaments. Senior Dick James with a 21 won and 1 lost sea- son record and sophomore Mickey Janes, who took 18 of 22 matches, captured state titles in the 112 and 145 pound weight classes respectively. Jim Tall- man and Benny Price were chosen co-captains by their teammates. Other lettermen were Norm Robinson, John La- Brier, Roger Ashburn, Scottie Sparks, Dick McCabe, Robert Simmons, and Floyd Lawler. Guiding the grap- plers through a successful season was new coach Mr. Joseph Sparks, returning as head mentor after an absence of ten years. James Bivens, John Johnson, Larry Rudolf, Stephen Fen- ner, Dave Maxwell, Asst. Coach Joe Vargo. Row 4 - Phil Reed, Joe Rayford, Rex Garringer, Jim Clem, Dan Oshier, Jerry Mathis, Jack Keesling, John Chismar, Rick Muir, Eddie Espey, Art Farris, Dave Bastine, Mgr. VARSITY WRESTLING Won 3-Lost 6-Tied 1 Anderson 34, Crawfordsville 17 Anderson 19, Marion 29 Anderson 13, Richmond 35 Anderson 21, Bloomington 28 Anderson 20, Madison Heights 28 Anderson 22, New Castle 22 Anderson 22, Logansport 28 Anderson 25, Ben Davis 19 Anderson 29, Lafayette Jeff 10 Anderson 17, Muncie Central 26 Anderson first in Four Way Meet Anderson fourth in N.C.C. Anderson second in Sectional Anderson second in Regional Anderson third in State Ben Price prepares to pin his Muncie South attacker as he drops the Rebel to the mat. SWIMMING TEAM-Front Row-Bill Shearer, Steve Hard- acre, Martin Groff. Row 2-Larry Hughes, Dan Walker, Doug Shekell, Ronnie James, John Blubaugh, Bob Gibbons, Jim Slattery, Gregg Kincaid, Mike Thomason, Todd Clear, Carl Grissom. Row 3-Coach Bob Freeman, Jack Tegge, Alan Fish- back, Dan Beaman, Rick Corbin, Dave Clutch, Tom O. Moore, VARSITY SWIMMING Won 3 --Lost 9 Anderson 38, Frankfort 57 Anderson 33, Southport 63 Anderson 28, Lafayette Jeff 66 Anderson 72, Franklin 23 Anderson 22, Columbus 79 Anderson 43, Speedway 53 Anderson 34, Muncie Central 61 Anderson 23, Kokomo 72 Anderson 48, Muncie Burris 47 Anderson 36, Lawrence Central 59 Anderson 39, Muncie Central 56 Anderson 66, Carroll 27 Anderson fifth in NCC Meet Anderson third in Muncie Burris Invitational Jim Alexander execute-s a difficult dive in the North Central Conference meet held in the Anderson pool. Rodney Jones, Dan Bastine-, Larry VanDyke, Bob Porter, Asst. Coach Fred Jones. Row 4-Danny Kuhn, Chris Melson, Barry Gibbons, Jim McMahon, Scott Clear, Mgr., John Atkin- son, Mgr., Gar Hoover, Mgr., Charles Jones, Ken Musser, John Wilhite, Pat Dilts. Swimmers attempt to move up ladder of athletic success Coach Bob Freeman and his young swimming squad finished their fourth season with 3 victories and 9 losses. For an athletic team still in relative infancy, the Tribe placed fifth in the North Central Confer- ence, third in the Muncie Burris Invitational, and seventh in the sectional. Anderson's three victories came over Franklin, Mun- cie Burris, and Carroll. AHS hosted the first N. C. C. meet ever to be held in a conference school's pool. High point of the year was diver Jim AleXander's performance in the sectional where he set a diving record of 304.6 points and qualified for the state meet. Lettermen-led by Dave Clutch, chosen as captain of the squad -- were Bob Porter, Alan Fishback, Rod- ney Jones, Dan Walker, Rick Corbin, Jim Alexander, Greg Kincaid, Charlie Jones, Tom Moore, Doug Shekell. mrwma.. fm Y .-U-gym. GOLF TEAM-Front Row--Mike Rinker, John Keeney, Randy beck, Steve Surbaugh, Tim Mustin, Jim Heath, Rick Corbin, Dollens, Gary Clem, Larry Hughes, John Bray, Steve Mustin, Tom Moore, Don Fatzinger, Eddie Crouse, Coach Don Granger. Tony Wilson. Row 2-Bob Delph, Dave Sewell, Dave Hallen- Golf team matures VARSITY GOLF Won 4-Lost 7 ninth in LaPorte Invitational Anderson 3, Richmond 12 0 v 0 Anderson 1015, Pendleton 45 111 Com pet1t1Ve meet Anderson Sa M Anderson 45, Carmel 1015 . , Anderson 6, Muncie Central 9 agalnst State S best Anderson 2, Muncie snntn 13 Anderson 13, New Castle 2 Anderson 315, Marion 11M Anderson 215, Madison Heights 1215 Anderson 15, St. Mary's 0 Anderson GW, New Castle 815 Anderson's golf team matured suddenly in one of the ingerson h d S 1 n erson t ir in ectiona state's most competitive meets, the LaPorte Invita- tional, where Indian golfers turned in their best scores of the season. The team finished ninth in the meet against most of the state's outstanding teams, but Rick Corbin and Tim Mustin shot 79's, and Jim Heath an 81, all considerably below their season-long averages of about 82 strokes per round. Steve Surbaugh added an 86 to give the Tribe a score of 325. The team met with just average success during the early part of the season, winning one and then losing the next as Coach Don Granger attempted to find a consistent unit. Outstanding efforts came in confer- ence victories over Marion and New Castle. Just in time the Indian golfers jelled to finish third in the sectional with a fine 300 team score. , swf'-5 ,gy Lettermen Tim Mustin, Jim Heath, and Rick Corbin show their form on the tenth tee at Grandview. Steve Barnett takes a lusty cut Ctopj, and Dave Wood dives back to first base ahead of a pick-off throw in the 4 to 1 victory over the Marion Giants fbelowb. VARSITY BASEBALL Won 10- Lost 4 Anderson 7, Muncie South 6 Anderson 4, Greenfield 6 Anderson 2, New Castle 4 Anderson 5, Noblesville 3 Anderson 5. Muncie Central 4 Anderson 4, Marion 1 Anderson 20, Shortridge 5 Anderson 7, Kokomo 6 Anderson 2, Richmond 5 Anderson 18, Madison Heights 7 Anderson 8, Indianapolis Wood 1 Anderson 13, Ben Davis 7 Anderson 10, Logansport 13 Anderson 10, Frankfort 4 BASEBALL TEAM-Front Row-Phil Sizelove, Mgr., Danny Erskine, Kenny Swanson, Jack Roettinger, Larry Hovermale, Mike York, Dave Wood, Scottie Sparks, Gordon Robbins, Jerry Fite, Mgr. Row 2-Asst. Coach Bob Belangee, Dave Brown- Baseball club ends 10th year in rovv as N.G.C. contender For the tenth consecutive year the Anderson Indian baseball team turned in a winning season. During five of the years under Head Coach Don Barnett the Tribe has captured the North Central Conference titleg and during the other five springs the squad fin- ished high in the standings, always challenging the leaders. The baseball team was led in pitching by Larry Hovermale, Larry Reveal, and Danny Erskine while catcher Dave Browning and third baseman Dave Ballinger added long ball power to many close games. High point of the season was an 18 to 7 rout of cross town rival Madison Heights. Ballinger smashed two home runs and counted eight runs batted in. A week earlier, Erskine hurled a one hit victory over conference contender Marion. Anderson fans saw a barrage of home runs this season as the team moved from spacious Memorial Park to the cozy confines of the Babe Ruth diamond to make way for the Babe Ruth World Series. ing, Larry Reveal, Steve Maines, Tom Moore, Steve Barnett, Ron Diedring, Dave Ballinger, Phil Olvey, Head Coach Don Barnett. TENNIS TEAM-Front Row-Dick Bernhardt, Don Neal, Larry Brattain, Bruce Privett, Mickey Janes, John Forcum, Ken Musser, Bill Shearer. Row 2-Jim Forcum, Tim East, Rebuilt tennis team compiles six-meet, string of victories Coach Dane Pugh's tennis team, enjoying a rebuilding year, shut out its first two opponents and six of the first thirteen season foes. The racketmen had their winning string broken at six when troublesome Indian- apolis Broad Ripple edged the Tribe, 4 to 3. This string included victories over Connersville, Crawfords- ville, Shortridge, Muncie Burris, Frankfort, and a re- serve team triumph over Elwood's varsity. The squad dropped its first North Central Conference match since 1960 to the Lafayette Jefferson Broncos by a score of 5 to 2. Junior Steve Huntley, the only returning letterman, gave experience to the young team in both the singles and doubles competition. Joining Huntley on the five- man varsity squad were Tim East, Jack Keesling, Jack Looper, and Mike Thomason. Jack Keesling, Steve Huntley, Jack Looper, John Coffin, Mike Thomason, Coach Dane Pugh. VARSITY TENNIS Won 13-Lost 2 Anderson 7, Connersville 0 Anderson 7, Crawfordsville 0 Anderson 6, Shortridge 1 Anderson 4, Elwood 3 Anderson 7, Muncie Burris 0 Anderson 5, Frankfort 2 Anderson 3, Broad Ripple 4 Anderson 6, Kokomo 1 Anderson 5, Marion 1 Anderson 2, Lafayette 5 Anderson 7, Warren Central O Anderson 6, Muncie Central 0 Anderson 7, Richmond O Anderson 5, Frankfort 2 Anderson 7, Lawrence Central Central 0 Anderson fourth in Indiana State Invitational Anderson first in Muncie Burris Invitational Jack Looper, Steve Huntley, Jack Keesling compete in doubles. Milers Tom Foland and John Johnson battle Madison Heights ace Don Weathers ftopb. The top mile relay team includes Terry Wiley, Terry King, Harold Steans, John Doyle Qbelowb. TRACK TEAM-Front Row-Asst. Coach Nat Johnson, John Wallace, John Doyle, Larry Gholston, Tom Foland, Jim Kirk, John Johnson, John Bostic, Tony Oexman, Ken Johnson, Asst. Coach Woody Moore. Row 2-Head Coach Ken Barnes, Robert French, Mgr., Terry Wiley, Jeff Wihebrink, Dave Wright, Russ Campbell, Mike Taylor, Dale Collins, Larry Embree, Track Squad Wins th straight sectional, all '7 dual matches Anderson's power-laden track team rolled through seven dual meets undefeated, captured its fifth straight sectional title, and turned in some of the state's out- standing individual performances. Terry Wiley who excelled in the 100 yard dash, the 440, the high jump, and the mile relay was named outstanding track man in the Seymour Relays which Anderson Won. Willie Rollings leaped 23 feet, LQ, inches to top all performances in the sectional broad jump. Both mile and half mile relay teams set some of the state's best times and compiled firsts in almost every meet during the season. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson VARSITY TRACK Won 7-Lost 0 69, North Central 40 76, Muncie Central 33 67, New Castle 42 73, Richmond 36 86, Muncie South 23 85, Madison Heights 24 60, Kokomo 49 third in North Central Conference Anderson first in Seymour Relays Anderson Anderson first in Sectional Anderson first in Regional Greg VValters, Julius Streaty, Fred Ulery, Mgr.g Asst. Coach Ray Fleenor. Row 3-Max Frazee, Willie Rollings, Percy Davis, Larry Hoover, J. D. Nunn, Norm Robinson, Harold Steans, Terry King, Jeff Nash, John Mathewman, Steve Biddle, Robert White. Q N- Ai, W 1 i f X... l 1-'ll HWY"-'Y2'U,'ii 1- NORWOOD PLACE fl NORWOOD wav-f TAHAHACK ' PLACE BRIAR Ros.. 1 ' OODBWE DR ASPEN CT RMNTREE DR 1:5 o .np--ana -ccunnmu do ma N h-53 '13 Dm: GREEN +f+"'J"' Ld .1 93? Ki. ii I BELLEVQEW PLM W, 34 TH-ST. 4 wljf sr LANTERN LANE i X K N ' ssuusmc ST GEORGE I ' I 1 P' K V 2 . -, 1 : I 2.3 3 P i dm J QM Ln LL. Il uneven AMRA LA, EI ROAD 150 BLVD. WSLSON rv MP!- KE . U 'f V. 2 an -4 S 11 5 Er' X 3 If ca 3 . C S, pl' . NNE' YL V4 Nl :' I :T fr -v LENA AVE. RCN DR. 37-rn RO 200 5 sl' 'IG IOTH eff RAL In the summer before school opened last fall a com- paratively small group of educators and citizenschool board members were faced with a big operation that had suddenly grown bigger. On July 1, 1964, the Anderson Public Schools annexed more than 5,000 stu- dents, 200 teachers, and 9 school buildings. Administrators and schooliboardimembers, oriented toward Anderson High School, had to change their thinking to include another high school and to con- sider the problems of a school system that had in- creased to 36 square miles in area with 16,500 pupils. The budget rose from S4 million to 37.4 million, and classrooms, overcrowded in the former township schools, jumped to peak capacity everywhere. The school board immediately implemented a system-wide survey of curriculum and building needs and made plans for four new elementary buildings, a junior high school, and expansion of high schools. The board promised equal educational facilities for all students and made good on the promise, providing kindergartens, health services, libraries, free text- books, and special education. Every move was carried out with a minimum of confusion, and the town- ship schools merged with the city system as though they had always been there. A On a high school inspection are school board members Supt. G. E. Ebbertt, President A. George Harrison, Secretary Fred Handling huge payrolls, pupil records, purchasing and bookkeeping 'are central office secretaries, important persons in one of Anderson's biggest businesses. 78 A fleet of 50 buses transport several thousand students daily to outlying' school buildings. Matthews, Attorney VVilliam Byer, Mr. Carl D. Cleaver, Treasurer Mrs. M. Fern Canterbury, and Mr. John Childes. Mr. VVard Hartzell, Mr. Hal Wood, Mr. Harold Gallagher, Mr. Russell Davis, Miss Lavinia Burton tackle school survey. C T45 w :xv .5 'I f, 1 'i ff if-xl' asgbfogiffiik f'iffa?s I If 41fi1Q?.ldwff.g.,..fif1'is .V f . ff . Mr. Joseph Carney and Business Man- ager James Wellinger scrutinize plans. AHS'ers Nancy Butz and Linda Broderick assist Public Rela- tions Director Frank Woschitz with news of Madison Heights. Equality of education for all stood as goal of board of trustees X-Ray reporter Linda Sampson gets her news story from Superintendent G. E. Ebbertt and his secretary, former AHSer Miss Janet Burns. Anderson traditions moved forward with life's changing needs E John Chaney finds two important men at their usual posts High school secretaries Mrs. Martha Goff, Mrs. Opal Wallace, in the bookstore, School Accountant Mr. Donald Bowen and Mrs. Vivian McGranahan, Mrs. Barella Gray, Mrs. Helen Treasurer Mr. David Barrow. Knisley bear office burdens cheerily. 80 Anderson High School is big and old, but it is not standing still. The philosophy of the school reads, Hour school must change its curriculum so that it may meet the needs as well as affect the elevation of society." To carry out this goal was a veteran staff of teachers and administrators, highly trained and experienced. Rather than accept only time-honored traditions, the school moved forward this year in academic and extra-curricular areas. Students provided the man- power and talent, and the faculty assisted with wisdom and supervision. Students had a voice in the operation of their school through homerooms, student council, class councils, and through representatives on joint student and faculty committees. Their work was important, because Anderson High was a school apart from the average. It was constantly in the public eye. The new Wigwam provided a center for com- munity activity, and the students delivered countless public performances for the entertainment and enlight- enment of Andersonians. People like the high school, but also demand a great deal of it. This is a true-to- life relationship that AHS students will encounter again and again as they take on the pressures ot' life. Assistant Principal Cliff Swift and Principal Noel B. Doug- lass run a smooth and pleasant high school. Regulu meetings of the 3ClDllYllSt11t1V8 countil bling tolethu Lee. Miss Rive Todd, Mrs. Marjorie Austin, Mr. George 1 Noel Dougl iss inc , thy iowsl NI1 Hoi ut Ch ldhouint, Yaught, Mrs. Evelyn Grahame, Mr. Donald Bowen, Mr. George s ni xneuson s Il t ll int ttoi c llavis. Mr, Basil llosier, Mr. Joseph Dye. Mr, Max Beigh. Behind every successful student accomplishment sto MRS. MARJORIE AUSTIN-Business Ed.- B.A., Ball State, Registrar, Awards Comm. Chr. MR. J. J. BAILEY-Social Studies-A.B., A.M., Butler. MR. WILLIAM E. BALLEN- TINE-Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Pep Sessions Comm. Chr., Apprentice School Instr., Fisher Body Craftsman Guild Coordi- nator. MR. RICHARD BALSLEY-Business Ed.-B.S., Ball State. MR. KENNETH BARNES-Social Studies- B.S., M.S., Indiana, Cross Country, Track Coach, Career Day Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Athletic Awards Comm., Counseling. MR, DONALD BARNETT-Driver Ed.-B.S., Anderson, M.A., Ball State, Baseball Coach, Asst. Basketball Coach. MR. DAVID BAR- ROW - Mathematics - A.B., Franklin, M.S., Indiana, AHS Treasurer. MR. DONALD BAX- TER-Science-A.B., M.A.T., Indiana, N.E.A. Comm. MR. MAX E. BEIGH-Director of Counseling Se-rvices-B.S., Manchester, M.C.S., Indiana, College Scholarships Comm., Faculty Advisory Comm., Foreign Student Comm., Guidance Day Comm. MR. ROBERT A. BELANGEE-In- dustrial Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Asst. Varsity Baseball Coach, Clubs Comm., Ath- letic Awards Program Comm., Counseling. MR. JAMES W. BIDDLE-Business Ed.- B.S., Indiana, D.E. Coordinator, D.E.C.A. Sponsor. MR. DONALD C. BOWEN-Busi- ness Ed.-B.S., M.S., Indiana State, Athletic and High School Accountant, Dept. Head. MR. JACK D. BOWERS-Science-B.A., But- ler, M.A. Ball State, Counseling, Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. MAXINE BRIDGES-Language Arts-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Thespian Spon- sor, Senior Class Sponsor, Convo Comm., Social Activities Comm., Senior Speaker Comm., Speech Club Sponsor. MR. HOWARD BURNETT - Social Studies - A.B., Man- chester, M.A., Ball State, Student Guidance Day Chairman, Vocational Rehabilitation Chr., Model U.N. Comm., Counse-ling. MISS DOR- OTHY CAMPBELL - Language Arts - B.S., M.S., Indiana, Foreign Student Comm. Chr., Americans Abroad Comm., Scholarship Comm., Little Chief Comm. MISS MARILYN L. CARROLL - Language Arts - B.A., Ball State, Social Activities Comm., Convo Comm., Awards Comm., Junior Class Sponsor. MR. JAMES E. CARTER- Driver Ed.-B.S., Purdue, M.A., Ball State, Football Coach. MRS. JOAN CASH-Lan- guage Arts-A.B., Ball State, American Edu- cation Week Comm. MR. HORACE CHAD- BOURNE-Dean of Boys-B.S., M.A., Ball State. MR. CHARLES L. CUMMINGS-Physical Ed. -B.S., Ozark Wesleyan, M.S. Indiana, Dept. Head, Athletic Director. MR. GEORGE H. DAVIS - Social Studies - A.B., Ball State, M.A., Columbia, Dept. Head, Convo Comm. Chr. MR. CHARLES C. DENNY - Social Studies - A.B., A.M., Indiana, Model U. N. Comm. MRS. BETTY DIETZER-Language Arts-B.S., Ball State, Asst. Librarian, Amer. Education Week Comm. MR. DONEL DIETZER - Industrial Arts - B.S., M.A., Ball State, Fisher Body Crafts- man Guild. MR. NOEL B. DOUGLASS-Prin- cipal-B.S., Canterbury, M.S., Purdue. MR. JOSEPH L. DYE-Industrial Ed.-B.S.M.E., M.S., Purdue, Dept. Head, Adult Education Dir. MR. RAY ESTES-B.S., Southeast Mis- souri State, M.A., George Peabody, Basketball Coach, A-Club Sponsor. ri interested, enthusiastic, and energetic faculty MR. JOHN FINNEY-Social Studies-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Honor Day Comm. Chr. MR. EDGAR FLEENOR - Industrial Ed. - B.S., M.A., indiana State, Industrial Coordinator. MR. RAY FLEENOR-Social Studies-A.B., Indiana State, lVI.A., Indiana, Asst. Track, Asst. Cross Country Coach, American Legion Oratorical Comm. MR. ROBERT FREEMAN -Physical Ed.-B.S., Anderson, M.A., Ball State, Swimming Coach. MRS. BETTY JO FUNK-Business Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Clubs Comm. MRS. EVE- LYN GRAHAME - Language Arts - B.S., Cincinnati, IVI.b., Butler, American Education Week Comm., Senior Speakers Comm. Chr., Dept. I-lead. MR. 1-coB11zR'r GRIFFEY-Music -B.A., Hanover, lVI.M., B.M., Butler, Orches- tra Dir. MR. RAYMOND GRIFFlTH-Indus- trial Ed.-A.B., Indiana State, M.S., Indiana, Evening School Instr., Apprentice School Instr. MR. CHARLES GWALTNEY-Science-A.B., indiana, Christmas Decorations Comm. MRS. lVIA.RIiUERI'l'E HALE - Language Arts - A.B., Dekauw, M.A., indiana, Convo Comm., Christmas Decoration Comm., Bulletin Board Comm. MISS HELEN HARRELL - Home Economics-A.B., Franklin, M.A. Ball State, Future Teachers Sponsor, Jr. Red Cross Spon- sor, ljep Sessions Comm. MR. DONALD HAYS -Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.S., Indiana State, X-Ray krinting Advisor, Little Chief Comm., Dir, of Printing Services. MR. BYRON HELFRICH-Social Studies- B.S., Ball State, American Legion Oratorical Comm., Faculty Tea Comm. MISS ALICE HIGMAN - Social Studies - A.B., Butler, Convo Comm., Honor Day Comm. lVlR. WEN- DELL HILLIGOSS-Business Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Mimeographing Dept. Supervisor. IVIR. BASIL HOSIER - Mathematics - B.S., Ball State, M.S., Indiana, Dept. Head, Awards Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Display Case Comm. MRS. LORNA HOWARD-Language Arts- B.S., M.A., Ball State, Pep Sessions Comm., Cheerblock Sponsor. MRS. PAULA HOWE- Business Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Cheer- block Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. MR. JESSE HUNTZINGER-Mathematics-A.B., Ball State, M.S., Butler, Honor Day Comm. MRS. VIRGINIA HURLEY-Physical Ed.- B.S., Ball State, M.S., Indiana, Cheerleaders Sponsor, Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. RUTHANNE IMLER-School Nurse- R.N., St. John's School of Nursing. MISS EILEEN JOHNSON - Language Arts-A.B., M.A., Indiana State, Latin Club Sponsor, American Education Week Comm. MR. KEITH JOHNSON -Language Arts-A.B., Indiana, Head Librarian, Audio Visual Aids Coordi- nator. MR. GORDON JULIUS - Industrial Ed. - B.S., Ball State, M.S., Purdue, died November 15, 1964, after 44 years at AHS. MRS. MARY KITTERMAN-Social Studies- A.B., M.A., Ball State, American Legion Ora- torical Chr., Scholarship Comm. Co-Chr., Bulletin Boards Comm, Chr., Counseling. MR. GEORGE H. LEE - Science - A.B., Taylor, M.A., Butler, Dept. Head, Social Activities Comm., Student Council Sponsor, Awards Comm., Clubs Comm., Foreign Student Comm. MR. LOWELL R. LEE-Science-B.S., Indi- ana Central, M.S., Indiana, NEA Membership Comm., Safety Comm. Chr. MISS VIRGINIA LINDSTROM - Language Arts - B.A., M.A., Indiana, French Club Sponsor, Clubs Comm., Foreign Student Comm. 83 Teachers whose days did not end with the dismissal be , . . if grief 1615? flag Q f' ii -ai M rpg fi? ,sagf.ef2212fQ12sg13?2l!- 1 I .aiiiQ1v1wzi'g3w? wi . ' L M1,:,,,g.w511 bifbifirffeafia zfaiwsasai . .al ...,., . ?' if G , ' . . ,K Q , m ix g iii I 84 , ,xim raet,ag:,1 ss f,.: MISS LOIS LONG - Language Arts - A.B., Ball State, M.A., Northwestern, Career Day Comm. Chr., Faculty Flower Comm., Little Chief Comm., Counseling. MR. JOHN LONG- NAKER - Science - B.S., Cincinnati, M.S., Ohio State, Radio Club Sponsor. MR. HERB- ERT L. LYON-Business Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Concessions Mgr. MR. JACK MACY- Business Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State, Ticket Mgr., Pep Sessions Comm. MRS. VIVIAN MAINE - Language Arts - A.B., M.A., Ball State, Little Chief Comm. Chr., Convo Comm., Christmas Decorations Comm., American Education Week Comm. MRS. DELORIS MARTIN-Home Economics -B.S., Indiana State, Faculty Tea Comm. MRS. MARY K. MCFARLAND-Art-B.A., John Herron, Dept. Head, Convo Comm., Dis- play Case Comm. MR. HARRY E. lVIcGOON -Language Arts-A.B., DePauw, M.A. South- ern Methodist, Convo Comm., Little Chief Comm., Commencement Speaker Comm. MR. DAVID MIDDLETON-Industrial Ed.- B.S., M.S., Purdue, D. C. E. Club Sponsor, Coordinator. MR. HERBERT MILLER - Mathematics - A.B., DePauw. MR. GEORGE MOCK-Industrial Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State. MR. CHARLES NEWBERRY - Language Arts4B.S., Anderson, M.A., Marshall, College Guidance Day Chr., Little Chief Comm., Col- lege Admissions and Scholarship Counselor, Counseling. A MR. JACK B. NICHOLSON-Social Studies! B.S., Ball State, M.A., Colorado, Senior Class Sponsor, American Education Week Comm. Cnr., Awards Comm., Baccalaureate and Com- mencement Comm., NEA Comm., Senior Speaker Comm., Tribal Tribute Comm., For- eign Student Comm., Trips Sponsor, Counsel- ing. MR. STEPHEN ORRELL - Language Arts-B.A., Indiana, Debate Club Sponsor, Convo Comm., Speech Club Sponsor. MR. ISH- MAEL OSBORNE-Driver Ed.EB.S., Indiana State, M.S., Indiana, Dept. Head. MRS. BETSY PECK-Home Economics-B.S., Kan- sas State. MR. KENT POORE - Mathematics - B.S., Kansas State, M.A., Ball State, Pep Sessions Comm., Faculty Scholarship Fund Pres., Men's Faculty Club Pres. MR. DANE PUGH-Indus- trial Ed.-B.S., M.S., Indiana State, Tennis Coach. MR. LEE PURSLEY-Language Arts -B.S., M.A., Ball State, X-Ray Sponsor. MR. ROBERT REIFEL - Industrial Ed. - B.S., M.A., Ball State. lpiliiviw iv MRS. GOLDIA REPETTO - B.S., Purdue, M.S., Butler, Teacher Hillcrest School. MRS. EDNA RHYNEARSON - Home Economics - B.S., Oregon State, M.A., Ball State, Dean of Girls, Social Activities Comm. Chr., Monitors Comm., Awards Comm. MRS. DOROTHY RIGGS - Home Economics - A.B., Indiana, Safety Comm., Faculty Tea Comm. Chr., Col- lege Guidance Day Coffee Comm. MR. PETER RUSSO - Driver Ed. - B.S., M.S., Indiana, Asst. Football Coach, Pep Sessions Comm. MR. LEO SANDERS-Science-A.B. Frank- lin, M.S., Butler, Awards Comm., Clubs Comm. Chr., Honor Society Sponsor. MRS. MARY SCHULTZ - Language Arts - B.S., Indiana, German Club Sponsor. MISS LEANDRA SCOTT - Language Arts - B.A., M.A., Ball State, Pep Sessions Comm. MR. RICHARD SEAVER - Music Q B.S., M.S., Ball State, Vocal Music Dir. ut continued as long as students' needs demanded them MR. VERN SHINN-Industrial Ed.-B.S., Ball State, M.S., Apprentice School Instr. MRS. JEAN SMITH-Lan- Arts-A.B., Indiana, Student Council Sponsor, Debate Foreign Student Comm., Commencement Speaker Butler, guage Coach, Comm. Co-Chr., Awards Comm., Clubs Comm., Homecoming Comm., Monitors Comm., Social Activities Comm. MR, WAL- SMITH-Art-B.S., Ball Stateg Little Chief Comm., LACE Christmas Decorations Comm. Chr. MR. JOSEPH SPARKS- Driver Ed. - B.S., M.A., Indiana, Junior Class Sponsor, Wrestling Coach, Radio Club Sponsor. MR. O. L. SPRINGER -Social Studies-qA.B., M.A., Ball State, Fire Drill Comm. Chr. MR. CLIFFORD SWIFT-+Asst. Principal-B.S., M.S., Butler. MISS RIVE TODD-Home Economics-B.S., Indiana, M.A., Columbiag Dept. Head, Flower Comm. Chr., Faculty Tea Comm. Co-Chr. ..,cl I . .J a f 1, Tel 242- Yi L- x . X 5 41 eaaig' ,ft sm- V. ., . . ,, ,,...., M . . . , gs L .-.S-51,1 5155 .2 V . fi, 1-i1.fig1,e,,g .. - gl. , L am' sf E 1... . . E. as as VR ,,. fd Q ,v'w'S3?:LL w E .- 5 gsm: ' ,- I Iss. at-31... , f.'..HM1521.3 , A ,.i2f?iE5l.aig4 - .5- - .,gg .f,sw:' .-1 MR. GEORGE F. VAUGHT--Music-B.S., Indiana, M.S., In- diana Stateg Dept. Head, AHS Band Dir., Convo Comm., NCA Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Baccalaureate and Commence- ment Comm. MRS. VIRGINIA VERMILLION - Language Arts- A.B., Indiana, M.A., Ball State, Convo Comm., Little Chief Comm. MR. EDMUND VILLARS-Industrial Ed.-B.S., Stout State. MR. RAY S. WARD-Business Ed.-B.S., M.A., Ball State: NEA Membership Comm. MR, HORACE B. WIL- SON-Sciencee-B.S., Purdue. MR. FRANK WOSCHITZ- Language ArtsiA.B., M.A., Indiana, Annual Staff Adviser, Public Relations Dir. MR. JAMES A. YUTZY-Mathematics -B.S., M.S., Toledo. CAFETERIA WORKERS - Front Row -- Mrs. Bernice Sparks, Mrs. Ruth Callender, Barbara Wright, Mrs. Vlasta Maxwell, Nondas Reed, Mrs. Frances Fisher, Mildred Mitchell. Row 2-Mrs. Betty Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Finley, Mrs. Virginia Roze-lle, Mrs. Mar- guerite Wiley, Mrs. Emma Hosek, Mrs. Goldia Nahrwold, Mrs. India Seal, Mrs. Edna Garris. 2 MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL - Front Row - Mr. Loren Holloway, Mrs. Elsie Keevin, Mr. James Baker, Head, Mr. Fred Hollingsworth, Mrs. Ben Wilde. Row 2-Mr. George Grubb, Mr. Bernard fChickJ Lott, Mr. Charles Morano, Mr. William Moore, Mr. Fred Price. 85 Largest senior class deserved its niche in sohoo1's history A total of 586 students combined talent, effort, and spirit to form the largest graduating class in the his- tory of AHS. Spirit reigned as senior class members were awarded Homecoming Queen, Fall Wind-up King and Queen, and Mr. Red and Miss Green. Effort was rewarded as more than 10 per cent of the class met the rigid requirements necessary for Honor Society membership. Seniors displayed talent in the class play and talent show. A final event, Senior Week, provided the last chance for the class to be together, before graduation brought a close to school life and an intro- duction to the future. SENIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-Front Row-Gordon Bee- man, Larry Gholston, Jim Tallman, Robert McBroom, Dick Greenland, Wayne Ramsey. Row 2-Barbara Mathews, Linda Stickler, Sandy Burnett, Dixie Contos, Cindy Wright, Kris JOHN MORRISON BLEVINS-General-Sr. Class Pres., Jr. Rotarian, H. R. Pres., Purdue Legislative Assembly, Sr. Exec. Council, Sr. Dramatics, Pep Sessions Comm., Thespians, Band, Swimming, Hi-Y, Student Council, Elks' Youth Leadership Award, LaSertoma Citizenship Award. TIMOTHY MARTIN CATT-General-Sr. Class Vice-Pres., Sr, Exec. Council, H. R. Vice-Pres., French Club, Hi-Y, Wres- tling, Track, X-Ray Staff, Reporter, Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comm. Van Winkle, Barbara Ballard. Row 3-Mr. Jack Nicholson, class sponsor, Millie Graham, Jean Wilson, Wanda Phillips, Mike Smith, Jim Forcum, Nina Wiley, Mrs. Maxine Bridges, class, sponsor. LINDA ROSE THORNBURG-College Preparatory-Sr. Class Sec., Commencement Speaker, Jr. Class Sec., Girls' State, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Sec., Student Council, Parliamentariang Soph., Jr., Sr. Exec. Council, Purdue Legislative Assembly, Convo Comm., French Club, Sec., Cheerblock, Debate Club, Parliamentariang Speech and Forensics, Honor Society, Elks' Youth Leadership Award, , JANET LAVERNE SWANGO-College Preparatory-Sr. Class Treas., Sr. Annual Staff, Business Manager-g Girls, State, I. U. Journalism Institute, Sr. Exec. Council, Sr. Dra- matics, Honor Society, A. F. S. Student Comm., Little Chief Comm., Student Council, Thespians, Debate Club, Speech and Forensics, French Club, Model U. N., Cheerblock, Annual Club, Jr. Annual Staff, Publications Asst., Publications Rep. S6 Just being a high school senior was a d1st1nct1on JOHN ABBOTT-General-Legion Oratorical Contest, D. E. C. A., Concession Asst. HELEN RAE ABEL-General-Choral Club, Choral- ettes, Spanish Club, Tri-M. CARY ABROM- General. JOHN ABSHIRE-General. DONNA ADAMS-General-Band, Librarian, Band Asst., H. R. Sec., Orchestra. GORDON LANCE ADAMS - College Preparatory - Band, Drum Major, Band Asst., H. R. Pres., Dance Band, Orchestra. LINDA ADAMS- General - Cheerblock. MARY ADAMS - Business. CHARLES ROBERT ADCOX-College Pre- paratory-Honor Society, Indiana J. C. L. Pres., Choral Club, Madrigal, Band, Tri-M, Dance Band, Orchestra, Convo Comm., All- State Chorus. JAMES ALLEN ALEXANDER - General - Swimming, A-Club, Football, Indian Mascot, Pep Sessions Comm., H. R. Vice Pres., Hi-Y, Sgt.-at-Arms, X-Ray Staff, Gym Asst. RICK ALFORD-General. LINDA KAY ALLEN - College Preparatory - Band, Choralettes, Latin Club, Tri-M, H. R. Sec.- Treas., Publications Rep. BULENT ALTINKOK - College Preparatory -Foreign Exchange Student, A. F. S. Student Comm., Latin Club, H. R. Vice-Pres., Student Council. CAROLYN ANDERSON - General. JO ELLEN ANDREWS-Gene-ral-Madrigal, Sec.-Treas.g Commencement Speaker, Choral Club, Honor Society, German Club, Sec., Thes- nians, Sr. Dramatics, Dance Band, Tri-M, Vice-Pres., Speech and Debate Club, Girls' State, A. Y. F. Scholarship, I. U. Music Clinic Scholarship, H. R. Vice-Pres., Convo Comm., All-State Chorus, Publications Rep. MARY ANTHONY-Home Economics. DICK ARNOLD -- General. SANDRA JEAN ARNOLD-Business-Sr, Dramatics, Student Council, Red Cross Rep., Cheerblock, Dean's Asst., Jr. Achievement. LEONARD ASH- BAUGH - Technical -- Library Asst. ROGER ASHBURN-College Preparatory-Wrestling, A-Club, Office Asst. JUDY ASHER - General - Y-Teens, Sec., Cheerblock, Tri-Hi-Y. DAVID ROBERT ASH- LEY--General-Baseball, Sr. Dramatics, D. C. E. Club, Vice-Pres., Monitor. JIM ATWELL - College Preparatory - A-Club, Football Mgr., Latin Club. JOYCE ANN AYERS- College Preparatory-Student Council, Corr. Sec., Choral Club, Model U, N., Thespians, Choralettes, Tri-M, French Club, Chee-rblock, Future Teachers. JAMES H. BACKOUS-Technical. THOMAS F. BAILEY JR.-College Preparatory-Jr. Exec. Council, H. R. Pres., Anderson Art League Scholarship, Art Asst., Latin Club, French Club. LYNNE MARIE BAKER-Gen- eral-Choralettes, Choral Club, Latin Club, Cheerblock, Monitor, Library Asst. BARBARA BALLARD - General - B-Team Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Sessions Comm., Sr. Exec. Council, Thespians, Sr. Dramatics, Latin Club, Tri-Hi-Y, English Office Asst., D. C. E. Office Asst. Senior status proved that one had Whipped the dropou ,Q PAMELA LEE BANKS-General-Y-Teens, Gym Asst. NANCY ANN BARBER-College Preparatory -- Honor Society, French Club, Future Teachers, Latin Club, Cheerblock. GREGORY LELAND BARKER - General. STEVE BARNETT - General - Basketball, Baseball, Football, Cross Country, A-Club, Latin Club, Hi-Y, Parliamentariang D. E. C. A., Boys' State. KENNY BARTH - Business W D. E. C. A. DAVID ALFRED BASTINE - College Pre- paratory-A-Club. Football, Wrestling, Mgr. ILUMELIA BAXTER-General-Soph. Exec. Council, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y. Cheer- block, Monitor, Dean's Asst. JIM BEASON-M College Preparatory-Cross Country, Track, Latin Club, H. R. Vice-Pres. GORDON LESTER BEEMAN-Pre-Eng'ineer- ing-Sr. Annual Staff, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editorg Choral Club, Honor Societv, Jr., Sr. Exec. Council, Publications Asst., Jr. Annual Staff, All-State Chorus, H. R. Pres., Vice-Pres., Publications Ren.. N. S. P. A. Convention. ASA L. BENNETT-General. LINDA BEN- NETT-Business-Print Shop Asst. MIKE BENNETT-General. EARL M. BERKEBILE-General-Swimming, Track, Football. STEVEN KEITH BIDDLE- College Preparatory-Cross Country, Track, A-Club, Latin Club. PATRICIA L. BILBREY -Business-Y-Teens, H. R. Sec.-Treas., Pub- lications Rep. JAMES BIVENS-General. LINDA BLEDSOE-General-Spanish Club, B-Team Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Sessions Comm., Tri-Hi-Y, Physics Asst., Dean's Asst. SANDY BLOOM - General -- French Club. LINDA JEAN BODKIN-Col- lege Preparatory - Honor Society, Future Teachers, Monitor. Physics Asst. PAM BOERNER-General. MICHAEL CHRIS BOFFING-Pre-Engineer ing. GREG BOICOURT - General - Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, Tri-M, Hi-Y, Band Asst., Physics Asst., Jr. Achievement. MICH- EAL EUGENE BONDURANT-Technical - H. R. Vice-Pres. JIM BOURKE - College Preparatory. RICHARD BOYLE-General-D. E. C. A. JANICE BRADEN-General. ANNA BRAY- General-Library Asst., Cheerblock. GEORGE WILLARD BRAY-General. moblem and had taken the flrst step toward adulthood CHERYL LEE BREECE - Business - Honor Society, X-Ray, Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editorg Student Council, Treas.g Model U. N., Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-Pres., Treas., Pep Sessions Comm., Y-Teens, Cheerblock, DUNCAN BRINDUSE - General. DORIE ANN BRIS- SENDEN -- General - D. C. E.. Y-Teens. DOROTHY M. BRITTON - General- Cheer- block. LINDA ANN BRODERICK - General - Publications Rep., Public Relations Asst. BRENDA GALE BROWN--General-H. R. Treas., Y-Teens. Vice-Pres., Red Cross Rep. LARRY WAYNE BROWN-General-Band, Band Asst., Pep Sessions Comm., Convo Comm., Publications Rep. LINDA BROWN- Business-Girls' Chorus, Y-Teens. R. FRANK BROWN-General-Print Shop Asst. PAMELA BROWNE-General-X-Ray Staff, Reporter, Copyreaderg Jr. Annual Staff, Latin Club, Cheerblock, English Asst., Model U. N., Journalism Asst. DAVE BROWNING- General-Honor Society, Basketball, Baseball, Thespians, Sr. Dramatics, Jr. Exec. Council, H. R. Pres., Vice-Pres., Hi-Y. A-Club, German Club, Pep Sessions Comm. DEBBRA BRUM- BACK-General. JOYCE LOUISE BUCKNER - Business - Latin Club, Language Arts Asst., Counseling Office Asst., History Asst. KENNETH R. BUCY - College Preparatory - Madrigal, Choral Club, Sr. Dramatics, Band. All-State Chorus, H. R. Pres. JAMES W. BURGESS-- General-Cross Country, Track. JENNIFER KAY BURKS-General-H. R. Sec.-Treas.g X-Ray Staff, Typist, Reporter, English Office Asst., Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Pres., Treas.g Cheerblock, Aquanymphs. SANDY BURNETT -- College Preparatory - Sr. Exec. Council. Sr. Dramatics, Choral Club, Treas.g Student Council, Tri-M, Model U. N., Head Monitor, Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., All-State Chorus, H. R. Sec. BOBBIE JEAN BURRIS-Home Economics-Monitor. Dean's Asst., Y-Teens, French Club. EILEEN J, BUSBY-General-Y-Teens. Nurse's Asst., Library Asst. ELAINE J. BUSBY - Home Economics - Red Cross Rep., Nurse's Asst., Y-Teens. DONNA JEAN BUTLER - General - Thes- nians, Sr. Dramatics, D. C. E. Club, Latin Club, Y-Teens, Red Cross Ren.. Cheerbloclc. SID BUTLER-General. NANCY LOU BUTZ -General-Indian Maiden, Sr. Annual Staff. Faculty Editor: Jr. Annual Staff, Car Check Oueen. Tri-Hi-Y. Sec.: Girls' State Alt.. H. R Sec., Treas., X-Ray Staff. Renorter, Tyoistg Pen Sessions Comm., Public Relations Asst., Gvm Asst.. Model U. N., Afiuanymnhs, Pres. JOE K. CAGE-General-H. R. Pres., Vice- Pres.g Hi-Y. JAMES P. CALLAHAN-Pre-EnQineering- Student Council, Wrestlinq. WILLIAM C. CAMPBELL - General. GARY CARLE - General. JAMES DOWE CARMACK - Technical. Things were serious and casual as seniors jockeyed fc BILL CARNEY-College Preparatory-Cross Country, Track, Ray Fleenor Award, A-Club, Sec.-Treas.g Honor Society, Hi-Y, Sec., Pep Sessions Comm., H. R. Pres. RICHARD CARPENTER - General - German Club. NANETTE CARR-General-Latin Club, Tri- Hi-Y, French Club, Athletic Office Asst., Library Asst., H. R. Sec., Publications Rep., Cheerblock, Latin Asst. KAREN ESTHER CARTER-Business-Indianettes, Band Asst., High School Office Asst., Red Cross Rep. STEPHEN ALAN CARTER-General-Band, Captain, Student Council, Vice-Pres., Pres., Honor Society, Soph., Jr. Exec. Council, Convo Comm., A. F. S. Student Comm., Band Asst. KAREN CAYLOR - General - Band, Asst., Indianettes, Tri-Hi-Y, Future Teachers, Span- ish Club. MARILYN CHAMBLESS-General Q -D. C. E. Club, Y-Teens, Dramatics Asst., I Red Cross Rep. JOHN RICHARD CHANEY- General - Sr. Annual Staff, Photographer, 1 I, U. Journalism Institute, Jr. Annual Staff, Publications Asst., Annual Club, Baseball, Football, Mgr., A-Club, X-Ray Staff, Report- er, N.S.P.A. Convention. LEON REX CHAPMAN-General-D. E. C. A., Historian, Jr. Annual Staff. NANCY CHAPMAN-General. STEPHEN D. CHAP- MAN - General - Band, Student Director, Dance Band, Mgr., Debate Club, Debate Team. Pep Band, Orchestra, Band Asst. ALAN CHASTAIN-General. VICTOR P. CHRISTOFF-Technical. JAMES C. CLARK-Generah. RANDY CLARK-Gen- eral. WARREN R. CLARK-General. RONALD CLENDENIN-General. KATHIE CLIFFORD - College Preparatory -- Cheer- block. GARY CLIFTON-General-Thespians, Sr. Dramatics, Wrestling, Football, Choral Club, Tennis, Boys' Chorus. DAVID CLUTCH - College Preparatory - A-Club, Swimming, Baseball, H. R. Vice-Pres. P CECIL COCHRAN-General. SALLY JANET , A ..,,n - COCHRAN - Gene-ral - Orchestra, Y-Teens, 7 , Latin Club. BRENT D. COEN-General-HL ,417 Y, Pep Sessions Comm., Baseball, Reading V f Lab Asst., Library Asst., H. R. Pres., Monitor. WILLIAM W. COLES-General. DALE C. COLLINS-General-A-Club, Cross Country, Track. CAROL J. CONEY-College Preparatory-D. C. E. DIXIE LEE CONTOS - General - Honor Society, Jr. Class Vice- Pres., Prom Queen Attend., Jr., Sr. Exec. Council, Homecoming Queen Attend., Student Council, Indianettes, Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-Pres., Pres., Sr. Dramatics, Pep Sessions Comm., Cheerblock, Publications Rep., Dean's Asst., French Club. RICK CORBIN - General - Swimming, Golf, A-Club, Tri-Hi-Y. 90 lass rankings but also took up a Wlde var1ety of fads DUANE L. CORNELIUS-College Prepara- tory - A-Club, Hi-Y, Basketball, Football, Track, Baseball. JANE CORWIN-General- Latin Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Cheerblock, H. R. Sec., Dean's Asst., Library Asst. LINDA COX- General. PAMELA COX-General. RONNIE COX-Technical. NANCY CRAM- General-Student Council, D. C. E. Club, Sec.- Treas., Dean's Asst. SUSAN CRANE-Gen- eral-Red Cross Rep., H. R. Sec., Thespians, Choralettes, Sr. Dramatics, Spanish Club, Counseling Asst. CLARENCE C. CRAVENS- Technical. TONY CUMMINGS - College Preparatory - X-Ray Staff, Sports Editor. DONALD CUN- NINGHAM - Pre-Engineering - Jr. Class Pres., Student Council, Honor Society, H. R. Pres., Soph. Exec. Council, Hi-Y, Dean's Asst. WILLIAM D. CUNNINGHAM-College Pre- paratory. TIMOTHY C. CURRENS-ColleQe Preparatory-Latin Club, Vice-Pres., Hi-Y, Thespians, Basketball, Golf, Dean's Asst. RICHARD L. CYMAN - General- Football, A-Club, Hi-Y. ALBERT DARST - General. MONTE R. DAUGHERTY-General. CATHY DAUGHHETEE-General-Latin Club, Honor Society, Cheerblock, Biology Asst. CHRISTINE ANN DAVENPORT-General. LORETTA M. DAVIDSON-General-Band, Orchestra, Spanish Club, Band Asst., Choral- ettes. DIANA KAYE DAVIS-College Pre- paratory-French Club, Latin Club, Future Teachers, Gym Asst., H. R. Sec.-Treas, Y- Teens, Sec., Bookstore Asst. ELISSA DAVIS - Business - Cheerblock, Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, Y-Teens, Treas.g Future Teachers. FRANK DAVIS - General. RICHARD L. DAVIS-General-Audio Visual Asst., Library Asst. STEPHANIE DAVIS--Business. STEVE DAVIS-General-H. R. Vice-Pres, VERN ELLA DAVIS - Home Economics - Red Cross Rep., Cheerblock, ORRIN DWIGHT DAVISON - General - Choral Club, Boys' Chorus. KENNY DEARING-General-D. C. E. Club. ROBERT J. DEATON-College Pre- paratory - Debate Team, German Club, Band, Convo Comm., Pep Band, Honor Society, Chess Club, Orchestra, German Band. They danced the jerk, frug, monkey, and robot by rooting ' SHERRY ANN DEGRAFFENREIDeCoIlege Preparatory-Latin Club, D, C. E. Club, Li- , brary Asst., Y-Teens, Cheerblock. HAROLD i D. DELPH-General. CAROLYN SUE DE- VANEY - Horne Economics - Cheerblock, Y- Teens. RONN N. DEXTERiCollege Prenara- tory-Thespians, Pres., Sr. Drarnatics, Hi-Y, , Dean's Asst. SHARILYN DICKSON-General-Latin Club, Latin Asst., Library Asst., Student Council, H. R. Treas.. Publications Ren.. Red Cross Rep. RONALD BRUCE DIEDRING-College Preparatory-H. R. Vice-Pres., Latin Club, Baseball, Hi-Y, Sr. Drarnatics. LOIS DILTS- Business - Cheerblock. Y-Tee-ns, Monitor. Dean's Asst.. English Office Asst. THOMAS DALE DOWNEY-General. CAROLYN DOWNHAM-General-Y-Teens. PHYLLIS ANN DRISKELL - General --- Cheerblock, Y-Teens. JUDITH ANN DUKES - General. SUSIE LUCILLE DURGAN -- General-French Club. JANET SUE DYER-College Preparatory- Soph., Jr. Exec. Councilg Band Asst., Band, Sec.g Tri-M, Sec., French Club, Yearbook Oueen, Thespians, Convo Comm.. Orchestra. ' N Honor Society, Girls' State. MARILYN LEE EARHART - General - Honor Society, Latin Club, Gym Asst. DAVE EARLYWINEvTech- , nical. JOHN EARLYWINE - General - D. C. E. Club, H. R. Vice-Pres., Sec. R ,J-as JULIA ANN EHRHART - General - Choral Club, Choralettes, Cheerblock, Tri-M. French Club. Thespians. JERRY ELIJAH-General. MARY ELLIS-Business-Red Cross Rep. l DONNA BETH ENGEL-General--Y-Teens, Latin Club. GLORIA EVANS-General-Y-Teens, Library Asst.. Chee-rblock. LAURA EVANSfGeneral. JAMES EWALD-General. ANITA MARIE FARLEY-General. JOHN FARMER - Technical. DONALD L. FATZINGER - General - H. R. Sec., Vice- Pres., Pres., Hi-Y, Honor Society, A-Club, Football Mgr., Basketball Mgr., Golf, Sr. Drarnatics, High School Office Asst. DOUG- LAS FEATHERSTON+Genera1-H. R. Pres., Dance Band. Band Lighting' Crew, Band, Equipment Mgr. RICK D. FELTS - Pre- Engineering. 92 hemselves to a portion of the floor and quivering VIRGINIA FERRANDO - General - Foreign Exchange Student, Student Council, French Club, BARBARA FERRELL-Business-Fw ture Retailers, Treas., Sec. JODIE MARLENE I"ERRELL-General--Library Asst. TAMARA ANN FILES - General - X-Ray Staff, Re- porter, Managing Editor, Counseling' Office Asst. DUANE A. FILLMORE-Technical. ALAN C. FISHBACK-College Preparatory-Honor Society, Pres., Thespians, Treas.g Swimming, A-Club, Nat. Ath. Scholarship Soc., Convo Comm., Student Council, Red Cross Rep., Sr. Dramatics. CHERYL A. FISHER-Business-- D. E, C. A., Pres., Parliamentariang Library Asst. JERRY L. FITEfCollege Preparatory -A-Club, Baseball, Latin Club, Red Cross Rep. HATTIE MAE FLOYD-General. JAMES S. FORCUM-College Preparatory-Honor So- ciety, Sr. Exec. Council, Latin Club, Tennis, Swimming. BEVERLY J. FOREE - College Preparatory-Y-Teens. JOE STEPHEN FOS- NOT-General. SHIRLEY FOUST-General. JAMES RICH- ARD FRANK-College Preparatory-Thes- pians, Hi-Y, Track, H. R. Sec., Treas.g French Club. NILA K. FRANKLIN - Business -- Cheerblock, Girls' Chorus, Choral Club, D. C. E. Club. MAX FRAZEE--Technical-Track, Soph. Exec. Council, H. R. Pres. ROBERT K. FRENCH-College Preparatory -A-Club, Hi-Y, French Club, Band, Dance Band, Orchestra, T1'ack. SARAH ANN FRIB- LEY - College Preparatory -- Madrigal, Thespians, Sr. Dramatics, Choral Club, Future Teachers, Tri-M, Spanish Club, Choralettes, Orchestra, H. R. Treas., Aquanymphs. SHER- RIE FULLER - General. RODERICK E. GAITHER-General. JOHNNY P. GARNER-General. LARRY E. GARNER-General. ANITA L. GARRETSON --Business-Y-Teens, Cheerblock, Bible Club. DAVID C. GARRETT - General - Football, Basketball, A-Club, Vice-Pres., German Club, H. R. Pres. BRENDA K. GARRINGER-College Prepar- atory - Student Council, Corr. Sec., Honor Society, Latin Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Band, Publica- tion Rep., Y-Teens, Monitor, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, German Club, Model U. N. RICH- ARD LEE GARY - General - Hi-Y. SUSIE GAUL-General-English Office Asst. DAN L. GAUNT-General. These near-adults listened to and learned fun songs lik BRENDA JOICE GAW - General - Publica- tions Rep., Latin Club, French Club, D. C. E. Club. GORIS GEER-General. PHIL GEORGE -College Preparatory. MARTHA E. GERARD -General-D. C. E. Club, Pres., Cheerblock, Jr. Achievement, Latin Club, Library Asst., Dean's Asst., Lab. Asst. LARRY ALLEN GHOLSTON - General - A-Club, Football, Wrestling, Track, Jr., Sr. Exec. Council. DAVID GILBERT-Technical. TOMMY GILLIAM - General. JEAN IRIS GIRT-General-Mixed Chorus. JERRY GLASS - Technical. MARY LOU GLASS-General-X-Ray Staff, Page Editor, Biology Asst., English Asst., Model U. N., Library Asst., Y-Teens. JERRY GOEHRING- General. BILLIE JEAN GORDON-General- Future Retailers, Thespians, Sr. Dramatics, Latin Club, Cheerblock, Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Office Asst. RALPH GORDON-General. SANDY GOREE - General. EDDIE GOUKER - Technical - Wrestling. LORETTA MAE GOURLEY - Business - Jr. Achievement, Audio Visual Asst., Cheerblock, Y-Teens, English Office Asst. DANIEL GRAHAM-General. JERRY GRA- HAM-General. LESLIE GRAHAM-General. MILDRED CARLENE GRAHAM-General- itudent Council, Sr. Exec. Council, Library sst. PATRICIA LOUISE GRAY - General - Stu- dent Council, German Club, Vice-Pres.g Latin Club, Y-Teens, H. R. Pres., Chee-rblock. CINDY GREEN-General-Thespians, Sr. Dramatics. RICHARD GREENLAND - College Prepar- atory-Honor Society, Sr. Exec. Council, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Treas., Vice-Pres., Hi- Y, Publications Rep., Latin Club, Historian, Pres., Model U. N., H. R. Pres., Wrestling, Physics Asst. BECKIE GREENLEE-General -Cheerblock, Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens. PHYLLIS GREINER-Colle-ge Preparatory- Spanish Club. JOHN A. GRUBB-General- A-Club, Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country, Football, Track. NANCY ELLEN GWALT- NEY-General-Jr. Annual Staff, Latin Club, X-Ray Staff, Cheerblock, Tri-Hi-Y, H. R. Vice- Pres., D. C. E. Asst. FRANCES HALL - Home Economics-Dean's Asst., H. R. Pres., Vice-Pres., French Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Athletic Office Asst. olly Green Giant' and 'Leader of the Laundromat' MARY ELOISE HALL - Home Economics. MICHAEL HALL-General-Soph., Jr. Exec. Council, Golf, Hi-Y. LINDA CAROL HAL- SELL - Business - History Asst., Monitor. LAURA HALWICK-Business-Homecoming Queen, Car Check Queen, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Che-erblock, H. R, Sec., Treas.g Tri- Hi-Y, Chaplain, Y-Teens, Nurse's Asst., Coun- seling Office Asst., Mixed Chorus. DAVID LEE HAMEL - Technical - Baseball. STANTON HANNA - General. LAWANDA ANN HARP-Business. CHARLES HART- General-Spanish Club. DENNIS HARTZELL - Technical. LAW- RENCE E, HARVEY - Pre-Engineering. SHARON HATHCOAT - General - Athletic Office Asst. SUSAN HATHCOAT - Home Economics-French Club, Publications Rep., Tri-Hi-Y, Deanls Asst. DAVID LEE HEAGY - Pre-Engineering. JAMES L. HEATH-General-A-Club, Thes- pians, Hi-Y, Dean's Asst., Sr. Dramatics. KAREN HEAVILIN-General-Jr. Achieve- ment. DONNA KAY HECK-General-Tri- Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Cheerblock. JAMES E. HEFFELFINGER - General - Spanish Club. CATHY HEIDEN-General- Honor Society, Choral Club, Student Council, Future Teachers, Vice-Pres.g Cheerblock, Chor- alettes, Tri-M, Spanish Club, Tri-H-Y, H. R. Pres., History Asst., A. F. S. Comm. DREW HELVEY-Pre-Engineering--Honor Society, Commencement Speaker, Band, Drum Majorg Madrigal, Mgr., Choral Club, Pep Band, Dance Band, Hi-Y, Thespians, Tri-M, H. R. Pres., Purdue Legislative Assembly, Boys' State, Convo Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Track, Swimming, Monitor. FARA ROBERTA HENS- LEY-General-Soph. Exec. Council, Girls' Chorus. BETTY SUE HENSON-General-D. E. C. A. MARY E. HERKOMER-College Preparatory -Future Teachers, Cheerblock, Spanish Club, Library Asst., Y-Teens, MIKE HERRON - General. MIKE HEXAMER-General. JOHNNY HILL - General. SUSAN JOAN HILLSAMER - College Preparatory - Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Latin Club, Cheerblock, H. R. Vice-Pres., Counseling Office Asst., Gym Asst., Red Cross Rep. PATSY RUTH HOARD -Business. RITA JANE HOBBS-General- Cheerblock, Nurse's Asst., English Office Asst., Tri-Hi-Y, Sgt.-at-Arms, Y-Teens. l Madras shirts, blouses, skirts that 'bled' were favorite 'favs M...-f' DON HOLLAND-General. BRUCE R. HOL- LARS - General - Swimming. ROBERT D. HOLLARS-General. JACQUELIN D. HOL- LOWAY-Business-Cheerblock, Y-Teens, Tri- Hi-Y, H. R. Sec.-Treas., Red Cross Rep., . Nurse's Asst. GAR HOOVER - Technical - A-Club, Swim- ming, Mgr. MARK W. HOOVER - College Preparatory-Sr. Exec. Council, X-Ray Starf, Basketball, Mgr., Baseball, Mgr., A-Club, Latin Club. JOYCE ARLENE HORTON - Business - Honor Society, Band, Orchestra, Counseling Asst., Library Asst., Y-Teens, Jr. Achievement, Student Council. RICHARD D. HOSIER-General-Student Council, Soph., ' Jr. Exec. Council, Hi-Y, Chaplain, Choral Club, Tri-M, Mixed Chorus, Tennis. MARGARET ANN HOUSER - General - Sr. Annual Staff, Office Mgr., Jr. Annual Staff, Honor Society, H. R. Vice-Pres., Pres., Stu- dent Council, Dean's Asst., Cheerblock, LAR- RY JOE HUVERMALE - Pre-Engineering l - Baseball, Basketball, Football, A-Club, Hi- Y, H. R. Pres., Vice-Pres. CLAUDE EARL 9 HUDSON - General - Choral Club, Pres., l Band, Counselor, Speech and Debate, Pres., Debate Team, Madrigal, Boys' State, Model 1 U. N., H. R. Pres., German Club, Tri-M, Ger- man Band, Orchestra. RUSSELL HUFF -- 1 Business-D. E. C. A. l DOROTHY A, HUGHES-General-Y-Teens. AIDA JO HUNTZINGER - Business. WAL- LACE W. HUNT - General. JOAN IMEL - Business. l l l STEVEN R. IMLER-General-Tennis. BON- NIE INGLE-Business. RHONDA JACKMAN -General-Latin Club, Cheerblock, Publica- tions Rep. TERRILL EUGENE JACKSON- ' General-Science Club, Industrial Arts Club. CAROLINE SUE JACOBS-College Prepara- tory-D. C. E. Club. DICK JAMES-General -Cross Country, Track, Wrestling, A-Club, Hi-Y, Gym Asst. MARIAN R. JEFFERS- General-Biology Asst., Library Asst. CAROL L. JOHANN - College Preparatory - Prom Queen, Honor Society, Latin Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Cheerblock, H, R. Rec., Soph., Exec. Council, Dean's Asst., Counseling' Asst., Library Asst. MARCELLA JOHNSON-General-Y-Teens, French Club. ANN D. JONES-General- Li- brary Asst. MARGARET JONES Q College Preparatory. RODNEY JONES - Pre-Engin- eering-Swimming, A-Club, Hi-Y. steady couples who seemed to fade away together SHARON K. JONES-College Preparatory- Honor Society, Student Council, Cheerblock, H. R. Sec., Treas.g Latin Club, Future Teach- ers, Library Asst. TERRY DEAN JONES- General - Madrigal, Choral Club, Vice-Pres., H. R. Sec., Treas.g All-State Chorus, Hi-Y. WILLIAM D. JONES-General. REX MICH- AEL JORDAN - General - Soph. Exec. Council. JAN K. JOSEFEK-Colle e Pre arator 8' P Y-- D. A. R. Award, Honor Society, Vice-Pres.g Band, Treas.g Tri-M, Treas.g Girls' State, Publications Rep., Debate Club, Latin Club, Convo Comm., Band Asst. BETTY J. JOUR- DAN-Business-Honor Society, Cheerblock, Mimeo. Office Asst. SPENCER JUDD-Gen- eral - C. B. Radio Club. MARK KANE - General-German Club, Hi-Y, Track, Cross Country, H. R. Vice-Pres., Head Monitor. KENT A. KEENEY - Pre-Engineering - Student Council, Wrestling, PEPPER KEL- LUM - General- Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, Thespians, Dean's Asst., Publications Rep., D. E. C. A., Sr. Dramatics, Red Cross Rep., Gym Asst. REBECCA C. KELLUM - General - Cheerblock, Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Central Counseling Office Asst. SHEILA KENNARD - General - Band, Latin Club, French Club, Nurse's Asst., H. R. Vice-Pres. DAVID KEYS-General. JOYCE RUTH KID- DER - General - Honor Society, Art Asst., Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Spanish Club. EARL L. KIMMERLING-General. PHILLIP LEE KIMMERLING-General. CAMILLE KINCAID-General-H, R. Vice- Pres., Sec.-Treas.g Future Teachers, Y-Teens. BARRY S. KING-Pre-Engineering. JAMES KING - Business - Future Retailers, Pres. MARILYN SUE KING-General. RONDA KING - Business - Industrial Arts Asst. LINDA KIRCHENBAUER-Business- D. E. C. A. JANE ANNE KIRKMAN-Ge-n- eral-Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Choral Club, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, H. R. Pres., Jr. Exec. Council, Red Cross Rep., Cheerblock, French Club, Publications Rep. CHRISTY KIVI -- general - Y-Teens, Student Council, Cheer- ock. x JAMES L. KIZER - College Preparatory - Student Council. DAVID E. KLINEFELTER -College Preparatory-Latin Club. LINDA KNOTTS-General-D. C, E. Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Sec., Treas.g Y-Teens, Cheerblock. JANE KRETCHMER-General. The girls also adopted knee sox, patterned hosiery, ary .fi 'N . It if ,S :. . .. 'EE . s Q , as rfr EWR! . I . JOHN LaBRIER-College Preparatory-Hom or Society, Wrestling, H. R. Pres. JOHN T. LANG-General-Football, Wrestling, Tennis. A-Club, H. R. Vice-Pres. CYNTHIA JANE LANTZ - General - Band, Indianettes, Asst. Head, USTA, Dean's Asst., Future Teachers, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y. STEVEN LAW- YER-General-D. C. E. Club, Vice-Pres., H. R. Sec. DANNY L. LAYTON - General. TERRY A. LEMMONS-General-Tri-Hi-Y. FRED LEN- NARTZ - Technical - Print Shop. SUE A. LENNARTZ-General-Y-Teens, Cheerblock, Red Cross Rep. DEBORAH LEWIS-Business-H. R. Pres., Soph. Exec. Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Treas.g Y- Teens, Cheer-block, Nursefs Asst, THOMAS EUGENE LEWIS - General - French Club, Hi-Y, Cross Country, H. R. Treas. DONNA J. LIBLER-General-Honor Society, Band, Indianettes, USTA, Latin Club, Rec. Sec., State Hist.g I. U. Latin Workshop, JCL State Publicity Chr., Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Future Teachers, Little Chief Staff, Jr. Annual Staff, Model U. N., H. R. Vice-Pres., English Asst., Red Cross Rep. CHERYL LIECHTY-College Preparatory-Band, Indianettes, Headg Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, Future Teach- ers, H. R. Pres., Y-Teens, USTA. PAM LIERMAN-College PreparatoryfHon- or Society, Head Monitor, Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Cheerblock, Thespians, Monitor. BOB LIGHTFOOT - General. CHARLOTTE L. LITTLE-Business-Honor Society, Monitor, Gym Asst., Student Council, Red Cross Rep. TERRY D. LOCKRIDGE - General. PAM LOCKWOOD - General - Cheerblock, Songleader, Pres., Latin Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Eng- lish Office Asst. DON LOTT-General. GARY LOUDERBACK - Pre-Engineering' - H. R. Pres., Art Asst., Visual Aids Asst. LINDA LOVE-General-Honor Society, Athletic Of- fice Asst., Publications Rep. EDWARD LYNCH-General. LINDA MARIE MABREY - General - Soph. Exec. Council, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, B-Team Cheer- leader, Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Sessions Comm. MARY MAHONEY-General. JACK MAINS-General, MARTHA ANN MARGISON - Business - Y-Teens. ROSANNA MARGO-General. RO- GEANIA DEE MARTIN-General-Y-Teens, Cheerblock. WILMA MARTIN-Business. :ng hair, kept straight through ironing sessions . JERRY WAYNE MASSEY - Business - Future Retailers. BARBARA JEAN MATH- EWS-General-Sr. Annual Staff, Advertis- ing Mgr., H. R. Pres., Future Teachers, Sec., Jr., Sr. Exec. Council, Cheerblock, French Club, Mixed Chorus, Gym Asst., Library Asst., Speech and Debate Club, Aquanymphs, Annual Club, Jr, Annual Staff. JUDY A. MAT- THEWS - General - H. R. Vice-Pres., Sec.- Treas.g Dean's Asst., Thespians, Home Eco- nomics Asst. SHERRY LEE MAUCK- Busi- ness-Future Retailers. JOHN L. MAXWELL-College Preparatory- A-Club, Football. JOHN E. MAYER-General -German Club. JAMES LAWRENCE McAL- HANEY-College Preparatory-Choral Club, Radio Club, Vice-Pres., Debate Club, Debate Team, Boys' Chorus, Pep Sessions Comm. ROBERT L. McBROOM-General-D. C. E. Club, Sr. Exec. Council, Audio Visual Asst. SHARON L. McCORD-General-D. E. C. A., Vice-Pres., H. R. Sec.-Treas. ROGER AN- DREW MCCORMACK - Busine-ss - Band, Orchestra. EULA C. McCULLOUGH-General -Cheerblock, Y-Teens. DAVE MCELRAVY- General. JUDITH LYNN MCILRATH-General. SUE McKINNEY-General-Spanish Club, Publica- tions Rep., Red Cross Rep., Counseling Office Asst. GEORGE McLAIN - General. SANDY McMAHON - College Preparatory - Student Council, Jr. Exec. Council, Cheerblock, Latin Club, Head Monitor, H. R. Vice-Pres., Coun- seling Office Asst. CAL EDWARD MERRITT-Pre-Engineering -Radio Club. ROBERT L. MILAM-General -Football, Wrestling, A-Club, Hi-Y, H. R. Pres., Vice-Pres. BETTYE J. MILES-General - Cheerblock, Mixed Chorus. JOHNNIE MILES-General. 7 A. JEANNE MILLER - Business - Student Council, Publications Rep., Cheerblock, Y- Teens. BRUCE JAMES MILLER-Technical- Baseball, Hi-Y, Print Shop. DAVID C. MIT- CHELL-General. LARRY WALTER MIT- CHELL - College Preparatory - Radio Club, Pres., Spanish Club. WANDA FAY MOORE-General. CHARLES EDWARD MORGAN-Business-Cross Coun- try, Track, Tennis. AVO MARIE MORTON- General - Y-Teens, Publications Rep., Latin Club. SUSAN J. MOSIER-Business-H. R. Treas., Future Retailers, Y-Teens, Pres. if 3' . vi 3 9' fu! ""' y. ui , f Boys envied the Honda and GTO drivers and thought .-g-""'?' 9 'NM 55255355-,sfziiflf , 'K'tfiiif.i'?Q1:i',',fig1vief ,.q.s,g: '- , ,f .. sb., ""fg1,jgg,' 'iv 'v 5 .9 N .- ,fs . .fs 1, 'HV 'G1""'7 lm PAUL MUELLER-Technical. ROGER MUL- LINS-General-Football, A-Club, H. R. Vice- Pres., Pres., Sec.-Treas. MARY NAVE-Busi- ness. SHERRY DELENE NEELEY-General. PEGGY SUE NELSON-General-Cheerblock, Y-Teens, Jr. Achievement, Publications Rep., Gym Asst. DAN NEWBY-General. DONALD NICHOLASMGeneral-Radio Club. LINDA ANN NICHOLAS - College Preparatory - Honor Society, Deanls Asst., Latin Asst., Latin Club, Cheerblock, Head Monitor. CAROL NOEL - General - Y-Teens. TED NOTTINGHAM -- Pre-Engineering - Band, Dance Band, Pep Band, Orchestra. DIANE KATHLEEN O'BRIEN-College Preparatory -X-Ray Staff, Circulation Mgr., Cheerblock, Jr. Annual Staff, Future Teachers, Girls' Chorus. ALICE O'NEAL-Business-D. E. C. A., Library Asst. SHERRY O'NEAL - Business - Cheerblock. MARK OSSELAER-General. CHARLES R. PARKER-Pre-EngineeringhHonor' Society, H. R, Pres., Soph. Exec. Council. DAVID PAR- SON-College Preparatory. DONALD PATTERSON - General. ROBERT A. PATTERSON - General - Honor Society, Student Council, Forensic League, Band, Or- chestra, Convo Comm. CHARLES PEARSON -General. JEFF PEARSON-College Prepar- atory-Honor Society, Spanish Club, H. R. Pres., Vice-Pres. ELIZABETH PEEK - Business - Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, H. R. Sec.-Treas.g Latin Club, Cheerblock. PAMELA SUE PERRY - Business. WILLIAM JESSE PHERSON - Technical. YVONNE N. PHILEfGeneral- Band, Choralettes, Choral Club, Robe Mis- tressg Tri-M, French Club, Red Cross Rep., Orchestra. CHERYL PHILLIPS H Home Economics - D. C. E. Club. JIMMIE PHILLIPS-General. JUDY KAY PHILLIPS-Business-Honor S0- ciety, Counseling Asst. WANDA LEE PHIL- LIPS-College Preparatory-Madrigal, Choral Club, Band, Future Teachers, Treas., Pres., Honor Society, Choralettes, Sr. Exec. Council, Aquanymphs. ght was complete only after a. rlde through FI1SCh s BILL PIERCE-General-Hi-Y, Publications Rep. GLENDA PIERCE - Business. SALLY PIKE-College Preparatory - Honor Society, Latin Club, Cheerblock, Jr. Annual Staff. X- Ray Staff, Reporter, Typist, H. R. Vice-Pres. JAY POLHEMUS - College Preparatory - Honor Society, Band, Orchestra, German Club, Debate Club, Choral Club, Pep Sessions Comm., H. R. Pres., Chess Club, Pep Band, Little Chief Staff, Model U. N., Debate Team. DENNIS POLING-General. BOB PORTER- General. JAMES A. POSEY-Pre-Engineer- ing. SANDRA POSEY-Business-Future Re- tailers, Student Council. SHERYL ANN POTTER - General - Mixed Chorus. BENNIE PRICE-Technical-A-Club, H. R. Pres., Wrestling, Cross Country. SUSAN PRIDDY-Business-Honor Society, Soph., Jr. Exec. Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Cheerblock. LINDA PRISER - Business - Cheerblock, Swimming Asst., Counseling Asst. JANICE DIAN PUCKETT - Home Econom- ics - Cheerblock, Jr. Achievement. JANIS ELAINE PURKEY - General - H. R. Vice- Pres., Monitor, Cheerblock, Jr. Achievement. WAYNE RAMSEY - College Preparatory - Honor Society, Sr. Exec. Council, Thespian, Latin Club, Historian, H. R. Pres., Hi-Y, Treas.g Model U. N., Sr. Dramatics, Dean's Asst.. Golf, Cross Country, Wrestling. LESLIE CAROL RARIDEN-General-German Club, Choral Club, Tri-Hi-Y, All-State Chorus, Ger- man Asst., H. R. Sec.-Treas. KATHY REARDON E General - B-Team Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Prom Queen Attend., Madrigal, Choral Club, Honor Society, Sr. Dramatics, German Club, French Club, Pep Sessions Comm., Publications Rep.. Tri-M. H. R. Vice-Pres., German Asst. ANN REED- General. LYNDA REES - Business - Gym Asst., Red Cross Rep., Monitor, Cheerblock. PAULA SUE REGER-General. MARY LOU REIFEL - College Preparatory -German Club, Industrial Arts Asst., Student Council. REBECCA A. RHYNEARSON-Gen- eral-Indianettes, Band, Student Council, H. R. Sec., Treas.g Tri-Hi-Y, Dean's Asst., Aqua- nymphs. CAROL LYNN RICHARDSON - Business-Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Cheerblock, Monitor, Counseling Office Asst., Gym Asst. PAT RICHARDSON-College Prenaratory- Honor Society, Band, Orchestra, Red Cross Rep., Latin Club, Future Teachers, Tri-M. ELENOR JEAN RICHWINE - Business - Cheerblock. RICHARD TERRY RICHWINE-- General. JENNY ROBERTS - Business - Indianettes. LYNN ROBINSON - General - Publications Rep., Dean's Asst., Cheerblock, Red Cross Rep. The class had its quiet moments, realizing that Vietna ---1--1 - -....., -m,.,.,....m,,,.,.,wwf:..W, ig 1, .1 K Y .A A 5 nf Q K sg Z f. t I ,. F 4 1 if f if . . . ..., -4 ' ' . , , 'di W ,Z . . arf. Bi? an S 9 F ag K I2 .1 A 2 ff L .,,,...f 'Q Vg Wy? 2 f I 22' W gg, , .gg .. A.. .f-..--s-m-.w..Q---- A- . . .- - jj: vgg rgggg - :: :: ' 6 f ,ww - a ff ax 333' we W Fw. 25.5 I. . af Savers Q, I . , ,gg me f wi. L . M, .. .. , .g7G....,.g3p,.,. 553551 fig! ' gg :st my Ke . Q , .graft Q f ,aa .. MARGARET ROBINSON - General. NOR- MAN ROBINSON-General-Football, Wrestl- ing, Track, A-Club, Convo Comm. JACK A. ROETTINGER - College Preparatory - Com- mencement Speaker, Honor Society, H. R. Pres., Hi-Y, Sgt.-at-Arms, Latin Club, Band, Pep Band, Dance Band, Baseball, Band Asst. LINDA ROSEBERRY-Business-D. E. C. A. REBECCA JO ROWE-College Preparatory- Band, Indianettes, Tri-Hi-Y, H. R. Vice-Pres., Sec., French Club. LINDA KAY SAMPSON-- College Preparatory - French Club, X-Ray Staff, Reporter, Page Editor, Dean's Asst., Latin Club, Future Teachers, Cheerblock, Tri- Hi-Y, Y-Teens. DAN SARGENT-Technical. MARCIA L. SAYRE - General- Cheerblock, Tri-Hi-Y, Library Asst., Typing Asst., Y- Teens. BRENDA SCHINNERER - Business - Latin Club, Library Asst. JERRY LEWIS SCHMITT - General. BILL SCOTT - General - Future Retailers, DONALD SEAL-General-Honor Society, A-Club, German Club, Pres.g Hi-Y, Pres.g Soph. Exec. Council, Football, Basket- ball, Baseball, Tennis, Sr. Dramatics, H. R. Pres. CHRIS SEARS-General. LAURA MAY SEG- NER-General-X-Ray Staff, Honor Society, Jr. Annual Staff, Thespians, Latin Club, Latin Asst., Cheerblock, Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, H. R. Sec.-Treas. CONNIE DUANE SEWELL - General-Hist. Asst., Library Asst. DIANNA SUE SHANNON-General-Y-Teens, Treas.g Cheerblock. BILLIE SHEETS-General. LINDA SHEETS -Home Economics. FRANK SHEKELL-Col- lege Preparatory - Honor Society, Treas.g Student Council, Soph. Exec. Council, Hi-Y, Latin Club, H. R. Pres., Vice-Pres. MARGA- RET SHERMAN - College Preparatorv - Honor Society, Student Council, Jr. Exec. Council, French Club, Latin Club, Treas.: Y- Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Model U. N., Cheerblock. RON SHETTERLY - General. CHARLES SCHIELD--General. LINDA SUE SHIPLEY -General. STEPHEN MICHAEL SHIPLEY- General. WALTER SHORT-General. DAVID SHUCK -General. RICK SHULL-College Prepara- tory-Band, Pep Band, Latin Club, Latin Asst. JUDY SIMMONS - Business - H. R. Vice- Pres., Y-Teens, Cheerblock. 102 l -vas close when grads turned up on the casualty lists SHARON SUE SIMMONS-Home Economics - Cheerblock, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y. WILLIE SIMMONS - Business - D. E. C. A. PHIL SIZELOVEYGeneral-A-Club, Latin Club, Hi- Y, Baseball. DANNIE SMITH -- Technical - Baseball. DARYL RICHARD SMITH-College Prepar- atory-Honor Society, Student Council, Choral Club, French Club, All-State Chorus. DONNA D. SMITH-General-Honor Society, Student Council, Publications Rep., Future Teachers, Counseling Office Asst. J. MICHAEL SMITH -College Preparatory-Honor Society, Thes- pians, Debate Team, Track, Cross Country, Sr. Dramatics, Alt. Commencement Speaker, Sr. Exec. Council. JUDY SMITH-Business4Li- brary Asst., D. E. C. A., Sec. LINDA JEAN SMITH-General-Latin Club, X-Ray Staff, Mixed Chorus. MICHAEL J. SMITH M General. POLLY SUE SMITH - Business. BOB SMITHfGeneral-H. R. Pres., Soph. Exec. Council, Band, Dance Band, Pep Band, Band Asst., Band Counselor. SHARON M. SMITH-General-H. R. Sec., Treas.g D. E. C. A., Library Asst., Cheerblock. SUSI SMITH-Business-Dean's Asst. WAL- TER SMITH-Technical. JAMES V. SNEL- SON-College Preparatory-Band, Orchestra, Pep Band. STEVE SNODDY-General. LINDA SNOW- DEN-General. LARRY L. SPARKS-General -X-Ray Staff, Editor-in-Chief, Band Lighting Crew, Band Asst., D. E. C. A., Reporterg Monitor. THOM H. SPENCER - General - Monitor, Audio Visual Asst. THOMAS CHARLES SPOHNHOLTZ - Col- lege Preparatory. PAMELA B. SPRAGUE- College Preparatory - Honor Society, Latin Club, Cheerblock, H. R. Sec., Jr. Exec. Council. ROBERT L. STAFFORD-Technical. HAR- OLD STEANS - General - Monitor, Track, Cross Country, A-Club. SALLY STEGNER - General - H. R. Vice- Pres., Choralettes, Pres., Treas.g Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Latin Club, Latin Asst., D. C. E. Asst., Tri-M, Girls' Chorus. GARY L. STEPHENS - General - Latin Club, Zoology Asst., Psychology Asst. LESLIE GAYLE STEWART-General-Latin Club, Latin Asst., Mixed Chorus, Student Council, Red Cross Rep. LINDA K. STICKLER-College Prepar- atory-Annual Staff, Managing' Editor, Un- derclass Editor, Jr. Annual Staff, I. U. Jour- nalism Institute, Honor Society, Future Teach- ers, Latin Club, Sr. Exec. Council, H. R. Vice- Pres., X-Ray Staff, Reporterg Cheerblock, Y- Teens, Annual Club, Publication Asst., N. S. P, A. Convention. X, X V 1 fv-'T J' '.f -v .sam Y q K., ,. ff- - U - .,?i,SZ'f" 11154 41 ... fwzft-vw :M W.. 1 ., . , sms, , .aw gm., . - df. ,lim-r.. . ' ,4t'1Lfff77l" W" if-fzrfqwif Q ,, .. . .t f v ii 49215 . .,::n.5:,,:,,:"v.La?.7Z,""' 'f-' uw-v,.:r Y 'lr . L.,f.5?.....4 - Y V 9? I 5 N t K .4 ii I r 'gi 127 Y' 5 ae ff 440' -wgfwff' 2 'va-M.--' They took time to pay homage to the man of the oenturi W5 14 r""'P I RUSSELL DARRELL STILWELL - General Band, Visual Aids Asst., Print Shop, Publica- tion Rep. JERRY STIRES-General-Hi-Y, Wrestling, Shop Asst., H. R. Treas. BEVERLY DEE STOKES-General-Sr. Dramatics, Stu- dent Council, H. R. Pres., Thespians. JANET STOOPS-Ge-neral. ROY F. STOWE - General - Language Lab Asst. SHIRLEY STOWERS-General. JUL- IUS EDWARD STREATY, JR.-Business-- A-Club, Cross Country, Captain, Track, D. E. C. A., Basketball, Monitor. LARRY STREATY -General-D. C. E. Club, Thespians, Boys' Chorus. JANICE KAY STROHL-Business-Tri-Hi-Y, Publications Rep., H. R. Pres., Sec.-Treas.g Y-Teens, Industrial Arts Asst. DAVID AL- LEN STULTS-General. CHARLES E. SUL- LIVAN-College Preparatory-D. C. E. Club. LAJUANA JO SULLIVAN-Home Economics. KENNY SURBER-General. HAZEL SWAIN -General. GEORGANA TAGGART-College Preparatory - Sr. Annual Staff, Activities Editor, I. U. Journalism Institute, Jr. Annual Staff, Choralettes, Choral Club, State Geome- trv Contest, Thespians, German Club, Cheer- block, Tri-M, H. R. Treas., Honor Society, N. S. P. A. Convention. JIM DUEA TALLMAN- General-A-Club, Pres., Wrestling, Football, Co-Captain, Hi-Y, Vice-Pres., Track, Dean's Asst.. Gym Asst., Sr. Exec. Council, H. R. Vice-Pres. CORA LEE TATE-Business-D. C. E. Club, State Reporter, Thespians, H. R. Sec.-Treas., Student Council, Dean's Asst., Cheerblock, French Club. CLARK TAYLOR-Technical- Football, Jr. Exec. Council. MARK HAMPTON TAYLOR-General-Monitor, Cross Country. MIKE DENNIS TAYLOR-College Prenara- tory-Football, Track, Basketball, A-Club. ROBERT BERNARD TAYLOR--General-X- Ray Staff. DENNIS CARL THOMAS-Tech- nical. SHARON LEE THOMAS-General- Nurse's Asst., Y-Teens, Red Cross Rep. CHRYSTAL L. TOMLINSON - General - Band, Orchestra. MICHAEL W. TROGDLEN-Pre-Engineering -Band, Lighting Crew, Headg German Club. NANCY ANN TRUEBLOOD-General-D. C. E. Club, Reporter, Cheerblock, Y-Teens, Tri- Hi-Y. MARVIN L. TUDOR-General. BOOK- ER TURNER-General-Football, Track. 'Vinston Churchill, and Amerioafs Gemini heroes KENT E. TUTEROW - Technical. FRED ULERY - College Preparatory - Swimming, Jr. Achievement, Track, Mgr., Library Asst., Future Teachers, Jr. Annual Staff. ALLEN UPSHAW - General - Band, Choral Club, Boys' Chorus, Honor Society, German Club, Model U. N., Band Asst., H. R. Pres. JUDY VANDERHOOF--General-Cheerblock, SUSIE VAN DUYN-General-Jr. Achieve- ment, Y-Teens. KRISTINE VAN WINKLEA General-Future Teachers, Sr. Exec. Council, Dean's Asst., Typing Asst., Monitor. VIR- GINIA VERMILLION-General-Honor Soci- ety, Latin Club, Parliamentarian, Debate Club, Thespians, Cheerblock, Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Senior Editorg H. R. Treas., Future Teache-rs, Model U. N., Dean's Asst., Publications Asst. LINDA PAULINE WABLE -Business-D. E. C. A. JOYCE WAGNER -- General. DAN GENE WALKER-College Preparatory-Cross Coun- try, Swimming, A-Club. MIKE E. WALKER- General-Band. DONALD J. WALLACEfCol- lege Preparatory. JOHN WALLACE - Business - A-Club, Bas- ketball, Track, Cross Country. TOM WAL- LACE-General-Track, French Club, Mixed Cho1'us. RONALD C. WALSER - General. EAHRMEL WAYNE WARNER-General- D. C. E. Club, Wrestling, Football. JIMMY WATSON-General. FRED WEATH- ERLY-General-A-Club, Football, Wrestling. NANCY JARRELL WEBB-General-Honor Society, Choral Club, H. R. Pres., French Club. PAUL A. WELKER-Colle-ge Preparatory. CYNTHIA WHEAT - General. GLENDA M. WHETSEL-General-Cheerblock. CYNTHIA A. WHITE-College Preparatory-Honor So- ciety, Sec.g Madrigal, Choral Club, Sec., Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Convo Comm., Model U. N., Publications Rep., H. R. Pres., Tri-M, Historian, Soph. Exec. Council, Choralettes, Cheerblock, Latin Club, All-State Chorus. BRENDA J. WHITEHEAD-Business-H. R. Vice-Pres., Sec.-Treas.g Dean's Asst., T1'i-Hi-Y, Red Cross Rep., Cheerblock. RALPH WHITEHOUSE - General - H. R. Vice-Pres., Red Cross Rep., Monitor. VICKI LYNN WHITMYRE - General - Tri-Hi-Y, Counseling' Office Asst., Publications Rep., Y-Teens, Cheerblock. DAVID L. WHITNEY-- Business-Jr. Achievement. NANCY WILEY - General - Latin Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Treas.g Cheerblock, Miss Green, Homecoming Queen Attend., Athletic Office Asst. I' 5 x , N . '-:nf A ' "J X N.-1 .pf 41' Sees!! ' ' HS. fe-5.5. Sits? Hg? . 'Rf And for most the 3 years at AHS passed all too quickly NANETTE CAROL WILEY-General-Van sity Cheerleader, B-Team Cheerleader, Student Council, Recording' Sec., Student Council Work- shop I. U., Future Teachers, Latin Club, Tri- Hi-Y, Pep Sessions Comm., H. R. Sec.-Treas. NINA MAE WILEY-GeneraliHonor Soci- ety, Fall Wind Up Queen, Jr., Sr. Exec. Coun- cil, Latin Club, Historian, Future Teachers, Treas.g Cheerblock, Tri-Hi-Y, Counseling' Of- fice Asst.. H. R. Vice-Pres., Head Monitor. TERRY WILEY - General -- Basketball, Track, Capt., Cross Country, Football, A-Club, Sgt.-at-Arms: Carl M. Bonge Award, H. R. P1'6S. SCHEERINE WILHOITE-General. MARY L. WILKINS - General V- Cheerblock. RAYMOND EDWARD WILKINSfGeneral- Wrestling, Monitor, French Club. CAROLYN JEANETTE WILLIAMS - Business - Typ- ing' Asst.. Cheerblock, Red Cross Rep. CINDI WILLIAMS-General. l i I """ 1 '-'t 1 ":::f :': . ' ' ' f "-- il P Q ..r, . ,.i. , 1 p , j 2,9 DON E. W1LL1AMsaGenerra1-D. C. E. Club, " 'five' - Q -": ,T 5- Latin Asst., Audio Visual Asst. KATHY WIL- : ff.-,ef ' ,. - ' LIAMS4General-- Library Asst. THOMAS V A zvv 1, " WILLIAMS--General-Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Swim' ' z Annual Staff, Sports Editorg Debate Club. I TERESA WILLIAMSON-General. Z. zifzflfl .',. : 5 ' ROSALEE WILMOTH-College Preparatory -Jr. Exec. Council, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Cheerblock, French Club, H. R. Pres., Mimeo. Asst. CECIL WILSON - General. NORMA JEAN WILSON-General-Madripgal, Choral Club, Sr. Exec. Council. ROY WINKLER4 General-Audio Visual Asst. MARGARET WINTER - General. RONALD WOLVERTON 4 Pre-Engineering - Swim- ming. JOHN WOOD-College Preparatory-- X-Ray Staff. SUSAN EILEEN WOOLARD- General - Library Asst., Publications Rep., Aquanymphs, Red Cross Rep., Counseling: Off. Asst. .,- .5 , CINDY WRIGHT - General - Jr. Class ff -'K '1", "'i' Treas., Student Council, Band, Indianettes, , "' ' V ' Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplaing Soph., Sr. Exec. Council, , , - , . Dean's Asst., French Club, Y-Teens, Vice-Pres. " , L Q A " MIKE YATTAW - College Preparatory 4 Sr. I ' Q i',' Y' Annual Staff, Circulation Mgr.g Latin Club, I A f ' , X-Ray Staff, Sports Columnist, Jr. Annual L ' I ,. Y Staff, H. R. Vice-Pres., Publications Asst. I .2 LEON YORK - Technical. CATHERINE 1... ' V YOUNG-General-Student Council, Dean's : mb, xpjg-A -tw Asst., Tri-Hi-Y. 1 -' . N X PHYLLIS YOUNG-Home Economics. KAY YOUNGER-General. CAROLYN ZACHARY -Home Economics. BILL ZERKEL4General. lU6 1 ag, if " ,lb if A ml, r Winning class officer posts were Doug Givens, vice president, Janet Beemer, secretary, Ed Espey, treasurer, and Phil Atte- berry, president. Juniors contributed energy and activity to their high school JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-Front Row-Debbie Tay- Phelps. Row 2 A Linda Taylor, Debbie Rodecap, Virginia lor, Joyce Jarvis, Kathy Buck, Joyce Franklin, Charlene Dixon, Voight, Tom O. Moore, Phil Harris, Bill Boman, Tom Frank Darlene Wilson, Joyce Highwood, Sharon Chesterfield, Pam Miss Marilyn Carroll, sponsor. Paul Abbott, Ray Abbott, Sandy Adams, Arlene Alberts, Bob Alberts, Peggy Alberts, Dave Alger, Robert Allen, David Armstrong Linda Armstrong, Brad Arnold, Sharon Arnold, Paula Ashton, Phil Atteberry, Rita Bagienski, Kathy Bailey, Bonnie Baker, Larry Baker Martha Baker, Tom Baker, Dave Ballinger, Barbara Barnett, Katie Barr, Dianna Barrett, Sandy Barrett, Barbara Ba1'ton, Larry Baugh Jerry Baysinger, Janet Beemer, Dan Bell, Ellen Benefiel, Larry Bigham, Junior Bilbrey, Sandy Binnion, Barbara Blaylock, Kar- en Bledsoe Don Boblitt, Bruce Boerner, Bill Boman, Penny Bondurant, Judy Bonham, Terry Boots, John Bos- tic, Shirley Bourne, Phil Boyd WINE? P J ,4 ii- 1 .',- . .. J Z :Km ME it 4 Q-, a if f x 5-2- .J , 1. ,W ,, f, -V. ' ..1, '-" I R 5 x afar ,L " 5 3 AW 4 GW. 'xi' 7.1 ,. , ,gi-, , i k If ii v i 1 ,,-i . J - ,.., V . J. , ,Q 'lt M, M Il . ., , 2 K 1 p piE f J? 7. ,fi 35,4 Ji.,-:.:-3 1, fJ fax ,wr .I ,.-, - ' 1 A V I .JJ J , ,,h- i fi. ' '. :. V 1+ f , . HT. J. ye , ' ,,.', 1' ,.,. - Q, .J .E JJ .. - it-.QA . 1,, L -3' -I . f ' it f z ,.',- Q ' t '2',-.. ,,,..f 'lfe ...A - 'C e of L. Xml ie- if W J' A ,,- L , g, at a , f' f 5' V KWQJ J' L. KM L - ,J W' X. A it M if gig ef it , Nw. ,PL is 1:95151 f,:- Q K V ff-fi' .J ft Q , ,,,,, J .J 25 3 at , "', . f., .t22f.J1 , 6 I " ,' - K A ZW I -A K In tr, . J gg i , zz ,,.,v.v.A, V J - "J, Y "i,'r .1 fi J, I nr ' Q . . g. J J -- r-X A ,. , f 2 , H' H' ,sf it ,J if Y- V M '-" Q . ,'.,,. Q - C Q',', 3. A r' .J ' ri-' f M 1 ,.,: . J ,.,. 1J ' ww -' "J -.,t. 1+ - 7f..'- 4, ,f S :J-, efsfeeswf' 'f- A :zJseQzJ1', il? " .V,V J ,,,,,,pVV V A iiiff J r J P r J rrri.J. . 107 . Elf 3 at In three short summer months juniors became mature . I .. . . K. . tnt . , i g y r ,., W. .5 .. , .. , .. . .. -,-, N.. , , . ,f . .. .. A f A . .- .- A' "t' A :E a .. " .. -, " ' i l "AfAi2Tfi', Ji , ' , A P- 2' '62 r'r.t .X ' . 1 '- M- -- gl- X A 'Af lzlgggl F - ,, . 12 'W in , 1 A A V t - . , . A A ' A ' ' 'tt' A A by - , is . . ,, ,. . 1 . . - . -f V '- ' MAN' GTF ' . 5, 1 I ex. 5 f we . X ,. L -, .. ., T e '-" . -.M Q W -f f. :M f fer. A w . .site me 1 f , 5 . . i n , xr' -2. , ' . L,,. 951,06 gg, 1 . . A ew - A . t'. 'A 1 , . - A Fe ' 'fi z f Q Q:..',a i A' ANY A ' ' iff? get-1115" itiiif' .aiiiiflkfli f fee - -, ., rf ' if1Ff'-- : -'em' get , 'A f I .,,. " 'A al f a i , ' 22 51? -- A L ' A .QQ K . J rj J I I Qvgl,-bf vas eree , ,.. . A AA f 12 -. 'P-Q, - 'ak 'ii ' , XL V - H ' - lf" 7 . . 'Aix H ,,f' . 5 ' Z X X k ' k - ' ,m leiae Q 'V' -- L i Q ' A . vit' ' TQ. '. in V. ' krkr if K 3 I, 'g,"S1.w 55 .. A? "' - Q ' 1,55 f ', " ' ' .. K , 2 -, J , A 'FT-,A A A ' y t,-. A- W any 4' I 4. V is .. , .. . . . 'aw 1- . gs I . V. W if, ! Y' 'Q I rf? J Z- .fr "'- , K 71, ' E ,.,- ml I' ec' Q..,,. A - A ' -A. fi? 5 .W lg iii fs S i.,.4-7. ' 'ct 1 . I za' ' ff. A . - A7 l im A'f2e1lkiXvAAf ' ' ' INF! Sz W. ' I I . .. LW .... 1, ,- ,Elie . lx . tg? it .. 3, fx . A - KY ,Z , W-I if I , . K I V ' .1-Y' ww I ,gif s . 1 V... , 3 -2 A . . .WA Ha . ' . . - . 5 A-"- sil k! 2 g , .. Q " v i i... -.L --V H I' . ' if - L 51 .5 mv. 2 ' -LFS.. - . f full, -1' in " " ,'j5e'7f:gA fr , . ,,, .f I . Q 'IA '- ': '. A":AA?g llsi' " . Asif: " " A 1. f 'rin',L-1'--:E',"-E TT- 9 .9555 c '-.'l":. " fi 5555" Tr K M 't-r i z he , . AA ' - 1, A' N 1 A 'A HK ' -M Z.. ga .:f2 ff - W ' . , A in ' 'E' A ' ' L, z,,,.,,,,, fAA, " LE Y ' A . 1.1i1':1A.'Ai'A fafikiiata ww f-f'-f'A"A' lite .i.i.3z' rr 'A ,.7. " 2 A Y 2 ' i ". . 7 ' A S w? -"' , -V 32 fill 'ff :Af 5 ' f - , " . ."- . 'iv-4 5' Ig fa 'Biff . 'F' , A' -'A' 1 - I ' 3 . XM f , ., if . ,, ,A ,sa 1 if ,,,,,N,, ,W A X K , E K' A. R i, Mix . ,. iakwp.. at I ,yi V . aff 91 1 fi sf me 2 . ' Sai - ' , . fi . -I . - ' - ., 1 . " '3' ' r ' x' ..a 'wget .. it ...J- , AA Y t m,,HQ,? K A ' 'tA' ' i . . " ' .5 ',.,, .V ., I " L L ,V 4 .I 3 5 .K,V I ik ' fl' ii " ffafiffiiw HLWH 1,-J Af-wig 'M At'A ' A " ,, 'A 'V P A' . sw We -' . 1 " A few: - 'f . s it J li-9'-ll! lllaief 'N A gl T X - -41 ,Ts 108 Leah Boze, Linda Bradberry, Bill Brandt, Kathy Brant, Jane Brann, David Brattain, Wayne Brattain, Mable Braxton, John Bray Cheryl Breckenridge, Patti Brewer, Janice Bridges, Greg Bright, Karen Bright, Jon Broadnax, Barbara Brooks, Lin- da Brough, Rosemary Brown Steve Brown, Steven Brown, Vickey Browning, Cliff Brum- back, Steve Brunner, Dennis Bryant, Kathy Buck, Steve Buck, Edna Buckley Raymond Bullard, Jim Burnett, Janet Burris. Mike Burrous, Dick Byrum, Lynn Cain, Louis Callender, Ora Campbell, Russ Campbell Curtis Caplinger, Pat Capshaw, Carlene Carey, Sherry Carle, Gary Carpente1', Joyce Carr, Linda Carson, Mike Carter, Ruth Anne Carter Greg' Casto, Linda Catt, Sharon Chesterfield, John Chismar, Dan Clark, Steve Clawson, Scott Clear, Gary Clem, Jean Clem Veronica Clemons, Jane Clen- denin, David Cobble, Doug Cochran, James Cochran, Steven Cochran, Judy Coffman, David Coale, Barbara Collier Georgia Collins, Keith Collins, Betty Combs, Billie Condra, An- nette Cook, Becky Cook, Joe Cooley, Virgzginia Cooper, Sid Copeland Wayne Corrigan, Bonnie Coun- cil, Diana Covington, Linda Covington, Candy Cox, Paul Cox, Don Crawford, Connie Cripe, Eddie Crouse Judy Custer, David Daggeforde, Phil Daily, Tom Danner, Char- lene Darr, Richard Davidson, Bert Davis, Meredith Davis, Percy Davis Diana Dearing, Rick Dearingr, Lisa Decker, Anne Deeley, Sandy Dehority, Dan Dickey, Lenora Dilts, Charlene Dixon, Ruby Dixon Dennis Dobbins, Bob Dodson, Carol Downey, Linda Dudley, Jeannie Dunn, Teresa Eaker, Bob Eastes, Marilyn Eaton, Joel Ebbertt lmost forgetting their trials as newcomers to AHS Jim Eckstein, Dan Edwards, Dave Edwards, Janet Eldridge, Ron Elliott, Tim Ellis, Eddie Espey, Judy Etsler, Morris Eurick Joy Eutsler, Mary Ewing, Carol Eytchison, Pat Farley, Catherine Farmer, Julie Farmer, Peggy Fawbush, Stephen Fenner, Bes- sie F6l'1'6ll Ron Files, Bill Finley, Carol Fite, Diane Folsom, Jean Ford, Jill Forkner, Marcia Foster, Vickie Foust, Janice Fox Tom Frank, Joyce Franklin, Marsha Friermood, Jackie Full- er, Lanny Gaines, Rene Gaither, Linda Garber, Brad Garrett, Becky Gaw Steve Gehrke, Rex Gentry, Deb- bie Gholston, Pam Giles, Ann Gill, Dave Gillaspy, Doug Giv- ens, Joe Glispie, Barbara Goins Beata Golau, Shelia Gooding, Terri Goodwin, Cheryl Gorman, Brenda Graham, Mark Graham, Joe Gray, Tom Gray, Sharon Green Wayne G1'im, Carl Grissom, Bar- bara Gritter, Doug' Hagan, Ronnie Hale, Gib Hall, Marie Hall, Sue Anne Hall, Dave Hallenbeck Janice Hamel, Sandra Hanna, Dan Hannaford, Teri Hanna- ford, Linda Harless, Shirley Harless, Diana Harney, Gary Hariington, Phil Harrington Phil Harris, Barbara Hastings, Jackie Hawley Garnett Hayes, Jane Heffel- finger, Paulette Hellems Mozell Hendricks, Rod Hers- berger, Cleophus Hester Cathy Heavenridge, Mary Lou Hickem, Nancy Highbaugh ,ie , a fi is fr 5 S if ,rf it are fz- ,,'2..i: "" " ""f--- 2'rf a , I S an . FE 2 :'r ::,, 2 get 2 , ti if , J it , 1. -358555-inf! i f Q 1' 4' 6 ' 'S 'QS fi- Q 355 . Z , I 5, ft!! A V ,5 x A Q i it p-,Q-tear,-5, - . A ' 1. 1 v ' ma , e ' ' fi A . ' - ' i 5 . . in 6 i " f ' - b Q. ',t 'ff ' e , irrrr s 4 , e ay fa., y it 41 sm 7 . ,.. ,... .. tl . ie PK H N it if , fi ' f f :UD-il M V V V li, ' ' V - V . i S' 6 .- 5 3, , if . , ' ,Eu may L , L .iw , 'iii ' -f . ' fl-iz' fu- . ' , ' X- Q ,Em 1,5 iy, ta. I ,wk ... , W ' .. , ,A Lai W F' 3 M 5 ii . , .5- , M, J- ax ,. I A -, 'N ' 5. 5 - ' 6 Q. .: A+' , x I A., ' I -. Y 3 7 lf' X . x X ' 4 ' . 5 ' it . A o if ,Q v ' L - , -fl j, :A tix 4 t S 4. in 1 1 ,xx it ' ii eff V S 'X 7 ,, v Y Xl t -Lt! Q ,gg . X ,, , 1 4: - '- k 4 rtt" J if at i ,A , ,,.. gray JLX we ,, c f,g1g',z': , c J J X ' 4 'ily f ii' Wx Elf. I ik' it 'S M. - . ,,,,. f fx The cafeteria is an impromptu study hall at noon. 109 A new olass of sophomores began Hi 12, f f . ' U ' .::,: Z be ee e .,- I Zil . w-W, A , . I I ' A . . as X, ., V , .h Max ,., -ggi? W y,, ,P. -fm. A - ' -A is e - if is ' C fa we L, A wx fy ff if .11" r eeeee s , ., ,ff nv , QW . ia . , o , K, , , Lrg! f Q lk ,fn A as f - a 1 if a ,V . wx- . : V 1 ,ALAQ 'L' "" - ,alt pr D .K M miie, , hw' Qgxurvxi K K , K ln- Q? a 4 if A " " K',f.'1f'Y+,T .' wf:F2i,, A X 5 g.1!y5?7Z3f b gn 'Q - of A , 4 ,, A ' . Q' :he A 5 J A ' if .. " 'V - is ' A s,,-iff ' i cq' I N ' T b . QDVQ , be - 2" . ee - xi V .. A A -- b r ' - 1 K I N A Qi A S 1 fi rf -'." 'L ' ., :V . E , .f"'l A , Tllf L 'Q f 6. K I I1 ' in . . -' ,... " 1 ., to t at if ,Q X 4' V , , ...Q V ' M V Lac- M K s kk ., , ,Vim K f .gtk Q I Q X ' 'X K , 5 'S X 'X' 1 In '94 4... T t ' " - , -t '23 ' tri, .A 5 T . ' , XV' Sesame .i 1 x s S 1 . ii 1,352 . 3-.b A k -. ' A I 'wb , g,. V, ,, ki Q isuri? oe e " H- L i ff eoeo .gf e e ' ' i . ' A V .,,' i .V .V -: J . '--'--' ,.., - ami. . -, xg, - W ' -" - A x .. ' X 'X L'Q', ' ttqi A Yi 5 f sl. Q "' A ,'-' ' A ' ' ' A'A' X sl W m.-w f :.: .g- . ' 2 Crisp autumn evenings bring students together at games. ii V : S L' is oiie - -at ' tiki iiii A A Y Ai 'ffl wav' ,A- ,igk . . , , A- Q, . ,., iw ,, , x niei f e n ii i 110 to Wonder if the5 Joyce Hobbs, Beth Hocutt, Frank Hogue, Helen Holbert, Patty Holbert, Karen Holder, Larry Hoover, Dale Hopkins Highwood, Jennifer Christy Hoppes, Linda Hoppes, Duke Horton, Steve Hoskins, Vince Houser, Greta Howe, An- nie Hudson, Truman Hudson, Wendell Huff Janice Huffman, Larry Hughes, Vicki Hughes, Karen Hunter, Steve Huntley, Nancy Hunter, Patty Huston, Norma Hutson, Kathy Ingle Linda Isbell, Vera Isbell, Bob Isenhour, Harrison Jackson, Mary Jackson, Sharon Jackson, Ronnie James, Joyce Jarvis, Jan- ice Jerram Arlene Johnson, David Johnson, Jane Johnson, Ken Johnson, Laura Johnson, Paula Johnson, Martha Johnston, Bev Jones, Bruce Jones Charles Jones, Marilyn Jones, Paula Jones, Bob Jordan, Patty Jordan, Toby Judd, Patsy Kap- peler, Steve Kase, Mike Keech Margie Keeney, Jack Keesling, Joyce Kelley, Bobbie Jean Kern, Dan Kern, Glee Kern, Connie Killian, Beckie King, Terry King Sarah Kinley, George Keris, Vir- ginia Kiper, Caroline Kirby, Jim Kirk, Vickie Kisker, Mary Kivi, Mike Kivi, Enola Knisley Jim Knotts, Charles Kollros, Jim Koons, Cheryl Krugyer, Charles Kuhn, Sherrie Lagel, Fletcher Lamkin, Charles Lanning, Gail Layman Barry Lawson, Karen Lawson, Robert Lawson Arnett Leavell, Ronnie Ledford, Nancy Leonard Allan Lewis, Joe Lewis, Susan Lockwood 'ould get used to the rush and change -- they soon did . Phyllis Logan, Annie Ruth Long, Mary Long, Tim Long, Jack Looper, Max Loudenback, Edna Love, Bob Lowe, Darleen Lucas Chris Lunsford, Mark Lupton, Brenda Lynch, Don Madren, Steve Maines, Richard Mains, John Marvel, Carolyn Mata, Jean Mathews John Matthews, Dianna Maxey, Dave Maxwell, John Mclntosh, Dick McCabe, Nancy McCarroll, Becky McClain, Bonnie McClain, Steve McClelland Sharon McCoy, Steve Michael, Jerry Miles, Becky Miller, Jim Miller, Tom Miller, Dennis Mills, Eileen Misenheimer, Pat Mitchell Pete Mitchell, Leslie Montague, Cindy Moore, Jennifer Moore, Patricia Moore, Toni O. Moore, Tom R. Moore, Doris Morgan, Toni Morrill Robert Morris, Judy Moyer, Steve- Moyer, Gary Murdock, Linda Murdock, Mike Musgrave, Tim Mustin, Chuck Mye1's, Mar- ilyn Myrick Eric Nance, Jeff Nash, Ed Nave, Ivory Neal, Jody Neff, Barbara Nelson, Stan Newman, Greg Newsom, Dennis Niccum Peggy Niccum, Sherri Nichol- son, Trent Norris, Marie Nunn Bill O'Brien, Tony Oexman, Kenneth Olvey, Phil Olvey Ritsuko Oota, Carmen Osbon, Marilyn Osting, Bev Owens Norm Owens, Susie Owings, Vicki Pake, Patty Parks Aaron Parsons, Bob Paschal, Terry Patterson, Danny Payne . ' i ' M R '- - ' " " ali: A+' .se Ji .ff , its Ci P- L X N t A '-:. f ,. V e "',. 4 fte 22 -if- , ' ag .. A222 ,M Q , M fo A l ffffililt' A 1' -W , f e? ' fl K P, -a at 'fi-al t .s ir ,est r t 1 fl, X' -J wma A ' f..f It " x i"- lislitl t'-' X' . if , J . . S nv ' 31' .io J Q. ' W ' . . - x , 't K K 7 -.Q P J ali' J ,, , - ki, 1 Q .5 J x , . I . P X Q X ix 5 K V K f K , M t La.-1 ,x ,t 3' 1' ,Sr ,, 5,5 I r 4 ,. M A, K I V. . V :., ,IH I K K 3 I f ..,fK . ymz y L 93:35, A .xi J A i il l .sq if ' 5-. N 59 its :if , S f W.:-we - ': 54. ,. ,,,, via if " ,, 13" V P ' f . . 1: P . .Q ' " .A .5 Q P J ,V .N .t , Q- fs ' SGW f l M , v- 1 , . . fl 1 -.L 1 b A -- . h L- 7, ji Q " - M 'jf 2' ' ,EEKQ-P Q . K 1 gg, fs is ' ' ' .xl I f I hi, . ,JM -' f f' 1 "' n .hiv , M., , B y t x, ' ...Q A .e -:. --. .veiayt z., A. ' n- we ,AXE x vi, k x K X di. V' h ,QM N wi. ' 'V Q 'tf,Q r we L, ' li "'r,, iii Q 28454 i Smiles and shutters punctuate picture taking. 111 v - Mike Payne, Gwen Pepelea, Karen Perkins, Dale Perry, Sarah Perry, Pam Phelps, Betty Phillips, Mike Pitts, David Plummer Mike Pollock, Karen Ponsler, Elizabeth Porter, Paul Pratt, Ronnie Pressnall, Steve Priddy, Jerry Pullin, Barbara Qualls, Cindy Ramsey . . In a year of eleotioneering, students east mock ballo :ae -easa. iiiaie. ggii iisfe Q ,.-Q e-Q ieir i ll' '1'.:Q , :'1 f P-1 P irsss ri K7,L . , Lr ., A . , ' ..,-- P- i'l ,i,i M' ig . P., tarrr P : :::: A I he X , :.,: f ,b,,,P P ff fx leie ':": J P f e"- A !X - ,ly 5 2 PP 'tle . . 'Q . -Qi. iaey J. P -::: .. ff f iieaasei. F51 f f, ,, f. 'W' ' " f K fe I v P . ,. , , g ' is .. . We-, W, , - , My ., ,Z , -.t R .VM . H .5 L . P . "" J ' Q S ' f P '29 e P K ., 5-.. , .- ,L - . f .' "M 2' . . P s H' , 2 vi 'Q my 1. 't N A 2 .Pg-, 'ms 'X I P? .al ', I 4 . gg J eetei af" P ,V L , J- K V F VL .,- X .. . . ji H eeer ,..: A J . P ' 1 1 PM , 2 'i T . Pi P t .. M'1'?7i' gk w ig ,P P P" 'fi ' ' ii. , is A . .rhy , F i. an H Q , ' .X N A, 1. A-2 P' . 5 ,QS , , ' P ' S x Q 1 if--. MTN' ilk M 1 ' W i ' P Y' ' ,- 522551 Pt' X A ' ' A ' 7 Pg' P' few , 4 K RX 'Sgr P V' ' P , , P " ' 5 'L il X 5 ,, Y ,fm . W V A M "If , . .F li is ' Q14fPz ,ff i .ia f f 1 it :Q 152-Q11fiiil4f"r in f qr A , 'jfs siilfi' fz i v Q. ,M 4 V 27 I :5Q3.,,,..,5f- ,Q t V' ,V Q, i , I I - , f ' ' Q 'NJ' P is A 1 f , P Ti if , , i,, ., ,ig ' ',ff ' V f 1 J , 3' 75" ' 3 A .:' , ' " 1 :sg'Q,Q5f4 7 ' K P , ' X. " ' , we X. , D , ',.- L, , in - P "' , .. ..,: P ii., ,. . 5 i l 1: J , ,. ,, at ., , if . .... 1 -5 - -M , f 1, , -Effie P B . ' , - , P as LP -f N agy, P P .. ,ff PP PP 3 Q , . f . E , . X I mg? , ., I- L M H K , ,J E N it , ffii-fi., P P , at P P K ' Y' .. ,F , P -P PPPP' Q 1 , 'P ' P P ' . - ,., Q, - J , -' N A L Paige ' ' ,P V '- - Q P PPPP ' L P . ' e P :ff,.f2:..: 1 warg: P1 'ffizgais-l"f ,. f P ..:--1.f-.,, We -"P' - ., . ' ' '-115 it - Ptgfigl w sggsgfyfi 511- . ,Q sg. .ri is 1' ,n,: ,g,N.:, P' ,P M5.Nf,,.y 5 - '. . 'A nf. ... ia 'P -- fis t 5,13 T ,Sai 5 " ., PP , , 4 W A ef a , qiy, , , .. C a . . we . - ., - TQ, ,fr . 5, , ,ly fx , M I 5 ,11 X , 1 Milly . v,M,f' s 2 A - l P x 112 Steve Raper, Bob Ray, Diane Ray, Robbie Rayford, Robert Reardon, Norma Rector, Cyn- thia Reed, Penny Reichard, Marsha Remley Larry Reveal, Linda Smith, Ruth Reynolds, Nathan Rhodes, Ed Richardson, Glenda Richard- son, Mary Richardson, Rita Richey, Jim Riddle Jim Riley, Dan Rinker, Debbie Rodecap, Kathy Robbs, Mary Roberts, Warren Roberts, Jerry Robertson, Karen Robertson, Robert Roddy Beverly D. Robinson, Beverly L. Robinson, Willie Rolling, Doug Romine, Bob Rosencrans, Byron Ross, Gloria Rousey, Ginny Rozelle, Patricia Rucker Jerry .Sample, Bill Sanders, Mark Scales, Darlene Schild, Barbara Schinnerer, Mary Schmidt, Mike Schrenker, Jackie Scott, Sandra Scott Barry Seacat, Diana Sears, Bill Segner, Gloria Setzer, Patsy Shaw, Jerry Sheets, Paulette Sheets, Angie Shehane, James Shekell Earlen Shell, Dennis Short, John Shoults, Debbie Shuster, Shari Siefer, Ronnie Siefert, Darra Simpson, Debbie Sipes, Karen Skaggs Mark Skaggs, Barbara Smith, Carol Smith, Carolyn Smith, Connie Smith, Debbie Smith, Greg Smith, Mike Smith, Roger Smith Sharon Smith, Bob Smitherman, Susie Snyder, Scottie Sparks, Candy Spaulding, Anrita Staf- ford, Connie Stanley, Ross Stan- ley, Randi Staggs Marilyn Steans, K'Marie Stefke, Ernie Stephens, Bob Stickler, Ronnie Stinson, Jill Stires, Allan Stith, Sharon Stith, Kenny Stockdale or president and argued about school reorganization . Linda Stohler 3 Kenny Swanson, Sharon Tabata, Don Taylor, Linda Taylor Sharon Teague, Christi Temple Karen Stone, Doug Swinford, Debbie Taylor, Frank Taylor, Ronald Tegge, Carol Thomp- son, Nancy Thyompson, Sharon Tompkins, Ruth Toombs, Wayne Townsend, Janis Trimble Robert Troup, Mike Trueblood, Calvin Turner, Connie Turner, Virginia Turner, Debbie Turner, Candy Tyler, Mary Vanderhoof, Janice Vanderluit Randy Van Dyke, Mark Van Voorhis, Sam Vardaman, Joe Vaughn, Janie Veach, Doug Ver- million, Jeff Vermillion, Ginny Voight, Pat Walker Pam Wallace, Pam Walters, Lana Wardwell, Betsy Warnell, Saundra Watkins, Richard Wat- son, Sam Watson, Marty Wean, Barbara Webb Richard Welker, Teresa Weston, Terri Whicker, Bonnie White, Ed Whited, Faun Whitson, Sharon Whitman, Bob Wicker- sham, Ralph Wilcox Doug Williams, Jerry Williams, Pam Williams, Stuart Williams, Melanie Williamson, Pam Wil- liamson, Tom Williamson, Paul Wilkins, Darlene Wilson Patsy Wilson, Tony Wilson, Dianna Wisner, David Wood, Eleanor Woodall, Jim Woods, Joyce Woolsey, Darrell Wright, Dave Wright Eddie Wright, Jerry VVright Vicki Wright, Steve Wysocki Jean Yahn, Mike York Steve Young, Cathy Zirkleback i:1Waif,g,, . , , . K K .,,.c, ,,,, ,,.,. , ,, , ,W 1 "' 5 sf" ,Y ' ,F ., 1 f 5 ' . .ga-' i -:-- ra :.' 1 I f i ii A if i iili V I . ' ' f W in f i . VS Ti: C, X ,J V X V , . .x k A A X o i ,V 5 J ,ft A . , Q ile- i , '- c f 'W A A :.., Ls, .f .,,, , il' 11 Ziaaafii. iQf '. ,":"' H ' or is-' rg J .. ,- .2 s S 9 S T3 ,:-,, A ' F3 links J iii c 54 l any J, " A , 1 in .5 av U c fi: ii :Fi 1, 5 f e . -'-i V ii .., i '--' 1 A . , A it K p f ,.,. 'F " ' 5' or- 'H has 1 ii ii -Q .. .,. f J 1, e -4 :ff - if ' it if - ' ew . 's if e Iii ' ' w i el'l E2 . ii . ff i O.: ', I f' - L .. K i in 'iii 'nl ' 5 . ' , . , 'Kylix ' of -5 i it f ' if Q25 M - 7 ,, 3125- , S N Q' .ir , f J ,ff ' f- 1 8 ' t Q 2 ' hi X l , t ' , -if , , f ,v fp" vI'k In ffl, 'ic' lg- A 7' gf: xy 1, fir- K' iv W 5' I ' W A jx' 55. fs 5 I . , ia , f , A f, L YN K ff 1 f e - ii? W 1 124 5436 2 ....., , kk j Q., .. -4 . p 'fx V 2 , ,wg " ' fi G ,ik '55 5 1 portable graveyard cruises down Meridian St. during Homecoming 113 Sophornores joined olulos and acquired many new friends Underclassmen contributed to their school and en- hanced its role in a growing Anderson. They studied, worked at after school jobs, and played hard in an al- most desperate drive to make every minute of their high school days significant. But all was not work as underclassmen joined new clubs, made new friends, and looked forward to another year and a move up the class ladder. SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-Front Row-Jane Gordon Robbins, Steve Roe, Richard Donnelly, Rick Muir, Cook, Diana Hobbs, Lois Kleinhenn, Paulette Bennett, Diane Danny Thacker. Snider, Mary Dudley, Pam Shuster. Row 2 - Dave York, i 4 ,L . is HW as so ' is .i 5' ss., 1 l fn-X: 5, ,W .,,. , , , M . W, - A sn- , :-, ,. - in -i, . i .ie -safiise W -- ' fees-rises. - ' Ls ' if rcyr 4 A we Q i s .,, S35 g i yi 9 ' i 'Q as ix ... s. si. x :ji xiii! 5' , M 4 -. ,i . fs! is , Ki, fatter. I ' - . as 5' gg is fn,-,. ,V 'F - Jai' o ,S i we si A 42:5 f ii 4, e , , 31 A r J " :ass 9' , .. .W Q g Q , ,f il' er if ,i 5 I ! .Sw 5 12' 6 .J , Q A ggwg Pattie Abshire, Terry Adams, T ' AHN' ' ' , ,I.A' ' Vickie Adams, Wilma Agnew, y Steve Akei-s, Edith Alexander, ' 4' ,,,.f A Karon Alford, John Alldredge, ,fy A Brenda Allen , - - E -::,f A 'V gvu H Molly Allen, Terry Ancil, Kay ATQSQQ i,,- is Seif A f ' AnderSi0r1, Marlene Archey, Lar- .,.: s fx. 'A :': ' ry Arms, Bruce Arnold, Mary ff e'e' "'v , l':"-: Q ' gshbauih, Darlene Ashburn, .. . A X, M Y! ,Xl A ,X Lxy fkfi 3I'I'y sher , .. - X s A eitf 4-:" "- Q ':: li klriil if -H - '. T . ., "i: i i,, ifr A John Atkinson, Dnntny Austin, T, ,.,' 1 zi Pam Austin, Steve Aynes, Terry ff" Aynes, Glen Bailey, Willie Bai- X ,., . ley, Dave Baker, Gary Baker X . Q I x x i f "',' K . , .,.e ,- I L iiee .A ,. it M Pat Baker, Carole Ball, Eve-rtt -"' ',,.. " - F Ball, Joan Ball, Dick Banning, .. .Q Richard Barker, Gary Barron, f-aims -V Qian- ' .s'- f:, , zii, - ev 'ii f I . . , . an Ann Bauer, Cheryl Bauer g, Dan Beaman, Tom Beck, Lois fi' ri- Beeman, Lee Anne Bell, Tom "if 1 ,i , , " ,i', Benak, George Bennett, Paul- ir. ette Bennett, Dick Bernhardt, 2 '- 'C i iii- -A Q Carolyn Berry 114 Tournament time swept all else into obscurity . Roger Biddle, Dianne Bilbrey, Diana Binnion, Cathy Bitner, Janice Black, Dottie Black- welder, Paul Blair, John Blake- ly, Harry Blowers John Blubaugh, Tim Boerner, Bill Boles, Kenneth Boles, Susan Boone, Ruth Bowman, Debby Bowser, Charles Braden, Curtis Bradley Steve Bradley, Larry Brattain, Ca1'ol Breaker, Rita Brewer, Jean Broadnax, Mary Broadnax, Jim Bronkella, Dale Brown, Lyn- ette Brown Mike Brown, Larry Brumback, Cheryl Brumley, Eugene Brum- mett, Mark Brunner, Susan Bryan, Shirley Bryant, George Buck, Jim Buck Brenda Burke, Vicki Burks, Gary Burnes, Ola Burris, Greg! Busby, Eddie Bush, Nancy Byrd, Marsha Cage, Ann Calabria Martha Campbell, Ronnie Carey, John Carmack, Pete Carmichael, Chris Carney, Jean Carpenter, Judy Carpenter, Sharon Carpen- ter, Cindy Carter Cherry Carver, Judy Casto, Kenny Chambers, Mattie Cham- bers, Gloria Chatman, Clyde Chenoweth, Linda Chesser, Don Childers, Alan Clark Bill Clark, Brenda Clark, Elaine Clark, Vernoise Clark, Mike Clary, Todd Clear, Jim Clem, Paul Clem, Dick Clevenger Richard Clifton, Selinda Closser, Steve- Closser, Paula Coale, Marta Coe, John Coffin, Donna Coleman, Ronnie Collins, Bob Colvill Don Conner, James Conner, Joe Conner, Rory Conner, Ed Cook, Janie Cook, Terry Cook, Hugh Cookman, Larry Cooley John Coulliette, Gary Courter, Leon Cox, David Crabtree, June Craig, Connie Crane, Art Craw- ford, Jerry Crawford, Earl Crouse Alan Cummings, Jim Cummings, Cora Cunningham, Esther Cur- ry, Louise Dabney, Mac Davis, Robert Davis, Sheryl Davis, Teresa Davis e f E """' x of f -"' . ' w , ' R ' ' W - ,r 5 . ,assi g ,J ., fag, ,,,,. pw , ' , 1 g 1 H er r. gg, .3,,r:,, -I -' r, s M , Q if .1 aka!-62 V L H - . , I . E.. I- F61 , A - , ,, ., .--. ,Q 25.333 . 11.35 . N 1 -, .V-. H -.V - ,Q A41 , V , N N -- 1 Qi' iillllt ikxi JY ' '1'::' ' Y 1' 3 ' ' ', f t rl - ' K f 1" r , 5 J L ' M ' r we . ,,,,, , E , -, A B ,J t w R - -,, . . 2 4 Q 4 . S I X I . , 432.51 4 V7 ,,.,,.. 2, ,gtl 5 ' ' 'N NJ ? - , li 'rr ' 7 z , J z. , aes is we ,-,fx ,kir 5 we 1 , E 4: ,yr 5 A f . -- - L I at -K , if- ' - "" " - - 4 4 - v- fn 1 3 ' r .. xv, "W I t 5 ,.i. 4 I 9' ., ----- 'QQ i." if r ,. sl pi- .G -.M x at B X x is I I - 5' , . 1 . A w r . . X wt Se. 4? W V MQW i-RIN. r r . ,.,.' :lk"hf ', ' Q, 1 W' os" .3 t ' f, if as gr, Y :-, ' , ' X1 5 ' H Yi A ' -'up , 1 " Q- Q? ti, ,Q . . Z V S , A, ,A ,. , , . M 1 . 1' ' 1 ' 4' "fry Q ' ,gg , ' r 'Q iffy x".liEf"il9i ' 5' --2 f- 1 'Y ' Q -r if I 'L J' ' ,Q r , raa ' il x l , if n r -,F U 'V -'vi ' B J ' s 'tt' 11 .4 .4 W M , lg m y ' r YQ' A AL "' J i i-', J ' I ..kL . . I IX Y . r I l V,', V gil, " V. I - X GSP' Ds l i ' A as .J - . Ji I . U :V " ' . , ,. . sf .C ,G , M A ' '- i I srsr -V Z - if ,V , H . ,. Jw , , , , W , M , ' - 'Q' an ,A K tv, Q.. K :gf X I .3 . 3,5 M K' . . 4 A.. 5.23 l G5 My-E Q 1 , ,.,. :A ,w i .,,V , V- , , ., kV.V . fr , - ., i ,iq r V i ., 1' i ' 9. U1 li H Y at V , i -isis, -,rl ' .- r ag. - 4 1 ,. 1 -. - -3 - if ' ,, , I K, . K, , MS E . ,Z-Z, N g ee fm? f 'l" -J - ' ' A -:I '. " 52" ' -' "?sg1fgg: N ' fy'-'X f ' , 'V . ' -: 1- . I I , , W in A 15 1 0 lv if V fl V r toi J J l a V We 'tlt E ,y , 115 ,Ai rkrk Vt. 19 ,,,.. t -, e f ' - Qfiif l .- r :fy Q 1 u -jc' 1 -su H6 6 '14-,' ' A .E . 'W 5 in I iiil 3' if 'PSF Y ,x - an x But neither rain, nor snow, nor--Well, the Weather almo: , I.. ,... , ,-,.'- . ---.. -:.,- fe- ,:,-,, 4 ,,:-.. 11 ,-:, M: . we 2 4 ' y illrs 2 i s , . A all ,sv L 5 R is is -iz ',,, f , ,.:, ,k', , ' f" "'-:' .Hs , ' Q 1 , if l f -, A, L 5 if . 4' ,,,l,,, J 1 'A A , ,g., M -f-'f 1 p , . 1: ",, ' f 'n i I " .. 1 -- , z rf' f 'N 23 . ag R A f.h'- ' , I. -':k , -- ' - ar In -' ffa"',:'f.::f::.2ff.2 . ' f Y " 41,157 mi' if ,H-i' , A -P" if is K , fi ' I l f' F ' V ' i V is ",','1 r ,, f - 1 A , , at s s , ., Y .. s . rs' f ,-we x'-elfgfiif sf- ' r m,KLk . l s - af' g ua f wL,i-f . , ,.., r s s 4 J i I ,g y L A , i gg , , f 7 ,',. ' va 5- ' ls sg 1 X s' 'Wi f l my - Q siren if K K vf N! I jr lA,5,LjY my , , . , ggi 4.. . W f I i ' if g. f J if ,I J s . Vg 2379- ftp- W M x E ' ,nk , N W A , , A h i ,mxismsf I . , 7 r il r , G . - K ,f " ,vs f i A 1 ' V W D Q , F ,Qi sy , stil' -, 1 it 5 3 A V ' ,xg 4 . a A N WN V V , l .. , -Q V, . 'S 5 ilk Q. 7" V121 " 1 2 '- L E' ,J at ir l T, ssss F 1- , la w. K-'1fn?3f"j'2l W ' ll ! i 3 A .-1 f , 'H if jig Ii .. Homecoming floats urge a Tribe grid victory. 116 of I r-,- V 1 'X' 1' 4 2' 1 if ' ,as X , 1 'fb , " YW "ro 33313, 1 Marcia Day, DeWayne Deck, Dennis Decker, Natalie DeGraf- fenreid, Jerry DeWitt, Richard Dickson, Ollie Dixon, Ozell Dix- on, Randy Dollens Richard Donnelly, Robert Doug- lass, John Doyle, Brenda Dud- ley, Mary Jane Dudley, Minetta Dulin, Mike Dunn, Sharon Earl, Tim East Dan Edwards, Jim Edwards, John Edwards, Stephanie Ehle, Nancy Ellingwood, Belinda El- liott, Larry Embree, Robert England, Dan Erskine Dan Eutsler, Marilyn Eutsler, Dan Everman, Jim Fairchild, Rozanne Farmer, Arthur Far- ris, Elizabeth Feemstcr, Arthur Felts, Rick Fenwick Jerry Flahavin, Janie Flatt, Tom Foland, Mina Foley, John Forcum, Steve Fox, Mike Frank- lin, David Free, Eugene Fuller Pat Fuller, Jeff Galbraith, Di- ane Gale, Jim Galmore, Joe Galmore, Gail Garner, Linda Garner, David Garretson, Rex Garringer Cheryl Gaskill, Charles Gault, Nancy German, Bob Gibbons, Lucinda Gilliam, Laura Gilmore, Sharon Ginder, Larry Gipson, Linda Godwin LeAnn Goodman, Betty Gordon, Connie Gourley, James Graham, Jane Graham, Anita Grandlin- ard, Randy Gray, Deglorous Green, Elmer Green Susan Green, Gunta Grencions, Dianna Greiner Cora Griffe-e, Susan Griffet, Charles Gunn Cathy Gustin, Larry Gwaltney, Barbara Haley Lorena Hall, Mildred Hall, Pa- tricia Halsell ever--kept underolassmen from attending classes . . Rennell Hamilton, Jeanne Han- na, Linda Harp, Jean Herring- ton, Clarence Harris, Kay Harris, Keith Ha1'ris, Diana Hart, Marie Hartzell Marcus Harvey, Robert Haskett, Bob Hastings, Kathy Hastings, Barbara Hayes, Vivian Heck- man, David Hedgtecraft, Susie Hedgecraft, Debbie Heiden Ed Heiney, Steve Hellems, Cliff Henderson, Becky Hendricks, Moses Hendricks, Dave Henesy, King' Herkomer, James Hern- don, Eddie Hester Steve Hiatt, Jack Highbaugh, Becky Hiles, Pat Hill, Steve Hilligoss, Diana Hobbs, Gail Hobbs, Carol Hodges, Sybil Hodges Vivian Hodges, Mike Hogan, Jim Hagen, Danny Holland, Sarah Holland, Pat Hollenbergr- er, Bill Holliday, Sherry Hook, Don Hooper Bruce Hoover, Larry Hornbeck, Mike Hosier, Melita Hudson, Ora Hudson, Danny Huff, Mary Huffman, Roy Huffman, David Hughes Don Hughes, Jerry Hughes, Shirley Huitema. Bruce Hum- phrcy, Linda Hunt, Bobbie Huntley, Carolyn Hurt, Peggy Hutson, Debbie Hyatt Patricia Hyatt, Ruth Isbell, Cary Jakes, Joe Jakes, Jim Jalace, Linda James, Mickey Janes, Sherry Janes, Bill Jarvis Don Johnson, James Johnson, Johnnie Johnson Norma Johnson, Susan Johnson Dave Jones Louis Jones, Mae Jones, Pam Jones Ron Jones, Steve Jones, Susie Jones e 1 l .J J a 7 roirf Q' -' if f 14' S - it ' -K ev ' KK, K " . gi., ,J :J Q, K f K K ,J r It 1 '- X:-" - X Kfqka 1. 'Q K. v A ff K. X - , ma ke -1 is s is J X ' 5- K, 1 Jw . - V -- in 0 '--- ,- J a, - 1- " J J J .,.: iff . -,, J K K. ,TJ K KK, KKTK J K KKKKK lf J" eear ,JJ r J . J Q Je rife r QT KKK 4 K. . 7. -.L ,. .,:- K K JK KKK Kg ily ,N 'X , jg . , J ' J. if J ' J ff sf 'J . 5 - J L-1 , t ' 2 J K "' W K, ' .J K7 J K il A - K Ku " Q frre J if Lf-fy J' rffrr J f., 3 , - J ,.?.., -K r r if , J nw , J in J, .,., 1,1 ..,-, , KK K K K K K K K KK . iq K K K 25. K K . K - .2 C. I,,- Aa K K I -z. . K 2, 'X ,'q,I,.,: .ru , K K h .AS K iK K ll . K K . W JJ ff? J f KJ J f ff-at sf Ja J tr. if - J J K J- M3 KK' K K , K Ja ,J JJ J L., 's w J J J 1+ -- .J 1 JJJJJJJ A' i' K1 K :, 3 K J gy l ,- J ,. . f.. Q. J 55 J J . " K y D Ji". o Y J f ,sp bi QQQQQ: ,J I J: J " Q, gl Ill 117 Indianettes thrill audiences with precise routines. f They breezed through a spring .4 N,- of big events as AH 4.. X , ., ..,,,t.:1f 3 if I , -..,. VE VI It fa, jx., Vi' WL ' 'f I ,"' '- kV :' , iff WST it :KW ' H , .,,.,,.. H ' V, .V 'I' f r ' "ith Q: i , J ,Lk K f ,Q-VV , V , -' Q. ,, Higgs' f' .::vv .32?i WE, , . : . .J . MS? , . ' - VV v,.v, ,, , I ts, , '- - if Le' V V if l4LN ,, i. J, ,. ,J X X , is . ii W i 'A f fa .4 ' 1 . ' 'J Y . - 2: 3 V - "" I ' V .5 V. -' 5 V W F' " V . V W' ' if' 1 , , , fV my , i , ff' L , v,-f 1 ",' .1 T ' - ii , - . ff q , V ,V 'A Q L , i. X 7' I . ,K., A T A ,M ,. ii . 3,2 K 'gg A I -"- et, ,' ' j ' V T s i .r V r .., V - V ' -M V- ,,.. . 'Qs' V. --h. it - . V -Hi. H , V . ' 122 . - ' ' V f iff'2'5i? .V i- V: ahh X W4 , f , . I V gig'-i . Agni .V . ,, . ' . ' I Y V1 , . .3 N, an ,... J ,Q V 'H ,A , -,,, ,, . ,,, I . 4-' ' , ' ,,.,- .V QW ,. K i k,,V gg Q.: .Q " ' V ,' W- ff' V ' ii'ii1!'Vi1f: W" " ' . ' ' i , 'evkf' " M 'Y 1 V, -i'i5'Vfz5!,' 1 ' 7 ig fk" 'QS B J S t ,- x 5 , i , ,sr .. , , , . , . F 1 K ' J . N ,V . .L , . M , , 9, ., .L . gag . , 1 r . .Vkk. V ,K . H -,,, ji. U 5 -2. -' ' A ,uh -on 'P , , . 57 " A Y' ' N . , 2 B it Q y ., M J , ig., ,. . W! Y ri FX 'H ' l i X X H z ,vvQ'.'.i. X 'W . X ' 1 . , . ,V ,, ' ' ff! V 5 A , i-V55 . I t,-,V V V , uma, . Q.: V R K M f . ,,. Vg, " vintage-' f'ij"f'fS32 X . X ha X sf, L ' - . Q.. 4' ses .V- , , '.-' - E - 5 - , , X , . ' V r V - V, V V " 1 .. , w , ,, . . :gm ya.-Viags ' .., . V ' ..-ye' . - Q. ,fb -V ages -, 1. V " i fl' 'L ii '- ' - A' V - ,V - Q . 2:zV six? ' A 'Vi V e--' A - - y A A- .Vf Q "LQ - .- 'Q .," - AQ., f QQ, .x sg if Y, 7, 3 K , tv, If K . ,E e 2 -s..-Q' ,au Vi, A - 1 ,. .. is , if ' E", it 1 fn X . - 1 fi J Vf , Q. -,ea 1 - A. r i t , " s.2f5,,,,.- E , ,r Vg I Zig, Toga-clad Latin students hold a Roman-style banquet. 118 Pam Jordan, Ethel Joslin, John Joy, Marybeth Judd. John Keen- ey, Dan Keesling, Dennis Kees- ling, Kathy Keith, Nadine Kelley Jo Ann Kennedy, John Kennedy, Karen Keys, Mike Kidder, Lin- da Kimbrell, Connie Kimmer- ling, Gregg Kincaid, Bill King, Teresa King Tim King, Elizabeth Kinser, Mike Kinser, Albert Kiner, Lois Kleinhenn, Tere-sa Klusmeier, deJoly LaBrier, Steve Lane, Bob Lark Nell LaRue, Floyd Lawler, Lot- tie Lawler, Twila Lawrence, Glenn Lawson, Judy Lawson, David Layman, Bertha Lee, Brenda Lemon Dick Lewis, Dorothy Lewis, John Lewis, Rick Long, Mike Loucks, Joe Lowe, Janie Lucas, Dave Lunsford, Larry Luntsford Delois Lynch, Richard Maddox, Patricia Mahoney, Betty Ma- lone, Bill Malone, Joann Mann, Mark Marshall, Donna Martin, Jeff Martin Judy Martin, Pam Martin, San- dra Martin, John Massey, Jan- na Matheny, John Mathewman, Jerry Mathis, Virginia May, Kathy McCabe Melissa McCarel, Ann McCord, David McCorkhill, Tommie Mc- Cullough, Dorothy McElfresh, Leigh Anne Mcllrath, Beverly Mclntyre, Gary McKain, Mike- McKeand Pam McKee, Jim McMahon, JoAnn McNab, Mike McNabb, Susan McNutt, Randy McVey, Bonnie Metz, Melanie Michael, Denise Miller Jean Ann Miller, Joyce Mimms Sharon Mitchell, Georgia Modlin Nancy Modlin, Bill Montgomery iroduoed show after show of professional proportion .. Paul Moody, Tom Moore, Vicki Moore, Alice Moreland, Alorna Morgan, Jim Morgan, Lana Morgan, Lucille Morgan, Bev- erly Morris John Morton, Larry Mowrey, Rick Muir, Gary Mullins, Jim Mumbower, Kenneth Musser, Christi Myers, Debbie Nance, Dorothy Nash Lorene Nave. Bob Nav. Dan Naylor, Donald Neal, William Neale, Roberta Newman, Paul Nicholson, Connie Nipple, Veril- la Norrick Ken Nottingham, Calvin Nunn, J. D. Nunn, Dennis Oakes, Kathy O'Banion, Dave Orr, Cheryl Orr, Dan Oshier, Mike Ott Tom Owen, Larry Painter, Lin- da Pardue, Shervl Patterson, Bob Pavey, Starr Peel, Joe Peel- er, Sandra Perkins, Bernus Phillips Roger Phillips, Ruth Phillips, Terry Phillips, Jeffery Pierce, Janis Poling, Kathy Polk, Mary Pope, Chester Porter, David Porter Diana Porter, Gerald Porter, Patricia Porter, George Posey, Ruth Poulson, Linda Prater, Rosemary Prine, Bruce Privett, Linda Prout Sandy Quesinberry, Don Quire, Pat Raison, Robert Rambis Dwight Ramsey, Julia Rariden, Nancy Rauner, Joe Rayford Larry Rector, Naomi Redding, Katrina Reed, Patty Reed Phil Reed, Vickie Reed, Belita Renner, Larry Reynolds Vic Rhoda, Nathan Rhodes, Ed- die Rice, Carol Richardson A P ,Q r.,. V V Q In V- pV.' in ,,-- P- , - ,, 1 M- 5 - is . , is - J " -. 1-,. .. 5 " , 9 - ,V 'V r 7 f' . V ,,:-f V Q "" ' 2 " A " ' -. V W I K , y-, ':: , 5 V V V tkl- ,,z- - . e . 2 V V, .. V -v, , W v E , Q, , A ,, , P ,ipi , T A V o ' in I n z ,ggi 5 R ,"i Y L f- I ' 'P .il iiii J "lii ' ii' as "' K -:,b . , ,V A Ev P ' a f fi , A " , V' K- rim M I,.,I if ' ', A , J ,i at , . K f .W W5 4 K 41 rin, M 4 3 ef' In J N f-fi, V c L., ' 'Z -f -'ff we io, Z . FQ 5 p, , S in 3 p , , , .,,,,, txt , I i Q , .gli fan- it AX f. ' J 7 a wi' P ' 'li 4 t ' , QQ fa N ... sf- . W Q 72' l if 1. PM if so 1. .s , ,.-,.,- t f is A 'H ' of? --Ip 'Hr ' V m1 , c if L ro . fi, S ."lk" A , I ic 5 if P its J , ,,,,,, ,X - ,z 1 J ,tr .Zi 3 ,ig pt, V,'f h- nv .4 ,L Wg' 2. V I A. H.. . N fi ,iii it- W X 1' p,-'Wif'r- AS., K I , - Yi X 119 Decorated doors foster Christmas spirit. With early summer came final exams, schedule plan ,- ' ies:-,-tel lin' 3 a 2 W H s Se, Q i seg K 7 . -in lr, , ,iv F? , sl xl 5 5? 1 ,K 2 2 . - K ,ff ww ., i.. igf1,aisS 1 'f 3' i ii 'iw az' 1, , 'ii fe' 'P R file? 5-ifii' " ' ff f - it s S H X if ,E -QW ,sv I-5: A 5' ag? V , , .:.. - , -.:- S I ',:: ,lA-fl.,,-',. f A-3,3731 . .:,, 5 7 N S 7 llaal , rb. - Y f E "'- H K ' , :., s , - aaaa '--' r , , , , ,.,. - , ,, i ,. ', , V A-,. 3 .,' I ii l l in ,. azz, , '::'l' J' H in T1 -If I 5 AIAL , M ' Q ' gg 'I 'fix 'X S. elf r " all is , ' 'zqaa so S f ff , ? ' all lalf J ga, S J ll llla ,- , ... 1 D 1 Y 1'-Q, ,li e , l 1 " ' 4 sf -K K My ,, , ..,. S,-. 1 . -, X. , .- Z - L in , 2' ,- ,gi N, b. , 5 , wif C I I ., lj A li' ,, ass- , i ,.,. ,. .i i .,.f : . X , S .-A 2 " i W .. I if K .55 if m f 5. A ' i l' in Nix 1 , ':. A ,L ' L 1 3 'Y' ala ,Q J , V , gf X' llll , 'tx - '. . gifs be t . ' 6 5 - J 4 A: e -,, . V- Z l A - , i 'Ee 1. T M ,S W -,Ke f. , ,, V i, , K Q A lx . l ,X at : f ki-. ' W, I r , ,S .x l pJilw,l xv, A . S ' Q x S ' 'l,'a J a La" z t 'sis - . . 'dl li in J. 35" . l 't s 'A S - ,.. , f ,1 -f. ' 4' ' Z1 .' sf ' fbi, fa 'f' JE h is iff? , t at-ll e ' i W' l Vi ' ' V 'K+ ra ,, l,' - . I ' is l ., 'W -- - Cheerblock supports the top-ranked basketball team. . , k.,. . as ' , ,x if Emu, am' ' , , .Ss ,gf-,J X'-X 1 '5- 99 12 - , ff? ..,,-',. -" '., vwfs i--sf gk' 2 --HL 4 ,, w Jugs- ,,, ,I fs - -: "ill, ' i KIA A "" 45,5'iw'," ?!x .,3f-533131 wg? x ' : 'vutisilii i ,,,ff,, .. , . ' 2155? E' '-1 ir .. 1 ,il . V.-,x ' N it Jim Richardson, Kate Richard- son, Nora Richardson, Rita Richwine, David Riddle, Joe Riddle, Vickie Riley, Linda Rink- er, Mike Rinker Lois Rittenberry, Loretta Robb, Aretta Robbins, Gordon Rob- bins, Harry Robertson, Mike Robertson, Ste-ve Robertson, Thomas Robertson, Nancy Robeton Bobbie Robinson, Dave Robin- son, Karen Robinson, Lillie Rob- inson, Debbie Rockhill, Clema- tine Roddy, Becky Rodecap, Steve Roe, Keith Rogers Mary Rogers, John Rosencrans, Lorreta Ross, Becky Roush, Rosemary Rozelle. Larry Ru- dolf, Eddie Russell, John Rus- sell, Tina Sachse Alex Satterwhite, Steven Saun- ders, Terry Saylor, Butch Schal- ler, Bob Scharnowske, Linda Scherer, Tari Leath, Cheryl Schmitt, Loretta Schoettmer Mildred Scott, Chris Seal, Dru- silla Sears, Sandy Seybert, Phil Sheets, Doris Schild, Bill Shir- ley, Judy Shock, Eddie Shoe- maker Pam Shuster, Jane Simmons, Jean Simmons, Pat Simmons, Robert Simmons, Wesley Sim- mons, Irene Simpson, May Simpson, James Slattery Ruby Slaughter, Steve Slick, Terry Slusser, Ron Smiley, De-anna Smith, Gerry Smith, Jeanne Smith, Mike Smith, Rod- erick Smith Sharon Smith, Barbara Snelson Richard Snelson, Diane Snider Jean Snider, Bob Snow Bill Snyder, Bev Sokol or the fall term, farevvells to seniors, and vacation . . . Pam Sparks, Danny Speelman, Bob Spohnholtz, Carolyn Sprad- lin, Timmi Sprague, Ronnie Spurlin, Jan Stailey, Nanci Staley, Tom Steans Stotmy Steen, Barry Steger, Sandi Stephenson, Dottie Stev- ens, Deborah Stith, Edward Stoops, Bruce Strangeway, Te- resa Straub, Carolyn Street Angie Summerville, Steve Sur- baugh, Teresa Sutherland, Rick Tate, Marilyn Tegge, Becky Temple, Danny Thacker, Ann Thomas, Larry Thomas Rhonda Thomas, Tim Thom- as, Mike Thomason, Marilyn Thompson, Rick Thompson, Steve Todd, Richard Tompkins, Harold Townsend, Rachel True- blood Linda VanBuskirk, Dana Van- gets, Fred VanHorn, Anita Vaughn, Charles Vaughn, Cheryl Vetor, Linda Wade, Susie Wal- lace, Lynda Warbington Jeff Warner, Melanie Watson, Minnie Watson, Don Wehrley, James Welch, Mary Welker, Douglas White, Barbara Whit- son, Jeff Wihebrink Ginger Wilhoite, Rose Wilkins, Teresa Wilkinson, Bob Williams, Bruce Williams, Charles Wil- liams, Elaine Williams, Johnny Williams, Pat Williams Tom Williams, Rex Williamson, Roger Willis, Al Wilson, Lloria Wilson, Paul Wilson, Edgar Woodall, Jim VVoods, Bill Work- man Alton Wright, Connie Wright, Cynthia Wright D a v i d Wright, Roosevelt Wright, Theada Wright Dave York, Donna York, Lou- ella Young Paula Zearbaugh, Karen Zion, Dave Zook an - ,.. . .,. V ""' R 1 :-k. I W-'f if at e g X i. :Stew - " ug H i ' Rt x R I i R f H W R ' "" ' S .. , V, R Q J S Y S r nv' S ' K M S ww A L l S 5 ' '1 ,1 51 7 :mix ' ' ' ag: .3 6 , S :S 1 f R' 5 e ya' .- I . , .S,, S A W --.SQ-:fi 52,513 im Wi Y S it N L t R + S- R fi. i 3 5 f ' , ' 4 Y 3 , 5 ' Q f , kS,S S S,S, . ' 2 R S .5 R Y S. 4 13 R 1-il! f A - .W Y T flffl SS, in My 5 "" , 0 .. , 4 ,gg S Q, L. S sf- ,Z ' t ,,S, I FI.. 4 , . .V x ' R"' S S , v R as p S- -R R R- R aa S 4- at wg. +1 T 5- , gy S ' 1 . if I SQ ,' ,- ., -R .- 1 'R is -A - R ' A-.T gg, E 7 Q Kim i A fij S S If R 't , - t tx - x 4 k K 2 O -ESV it , L i S ' in I? H -. R D , ' J ' I., :Zi E S S - J ,Ra R f., e .JR 1 J A , "" ' tn' A u i , Q WV Sf ' , 5, YS i A., S- my X Ea . a X iw' 4 N E' K ff! Y R Q S S :S 121 As the year ends the annual staff distributes yearbooks. ROAD X513 N . 3 1514 Q:- fx '31 . , QL WATER wnsnmcwrom S MILL. ST, ANDERSON ST ' fffrfwx LLY CLF RICK 0 WAY '-M PARK ld E 2 'Eli .M,,,,v-'W' la 5,5 P- 6 A NORWUGD PLACE NDRWQOD WAY- ' 3 TAMARACK 'Q' ' PLACE RAINTHEE DR. BRSAR GDM. BRAMELL WAY SHADE' LANE OAKWGOD DR us J 61 3 cr ,gnunnnmnsm M3 oe. '33 P1 20 I ,,. :"f CHEFERY LA. SPPUCE LA NDALE 52' REOWGC' AVE. in .1 -an f' 1 1 sc:-som, I 1 DR. 'g Wa dnaacxonvi LA, ,FOREST HILLS 2 ll - ST GREE Gps h was? on -QLNQFTTS-QW GR. if cn Sym! Y on w og mmf? ,ff E 0 ls c ,DUSQN ...--.i.- .,.... .t.-....,.. nn- .I K1 3. P Q3 Us EERKELEY s.. TH STREET ROAD mos GREAT COMMQSSNJN M 5: S W, 25 TH ST. 2 27TH Q2 san-som. N 2 3 5 , o 1 9 rr asm Q 'Iwi-my L I G O O 1 5 1 ' oc In 3 H 1 in ROAD use s. EE ' M i as K! hi S, eupavssw Pa. A P w, 54 :H-sr. CE Mg I Q ' 4 5 0: M. .A 3 RQAD zoo gh, V t asm ST, Q -F .. . .,......,.,.,.,.,,,.....,..... - ........ ..., ..,., , ...,. . .. URT LANE v xT. -.- El: MOBLE I JACKS IBEHSON YARDS 16. KR ST, 271m CHOOL TER5 -s ,..- MQUNDS MAL COLUMB F087 RD EWOOD DR. NAR ANNA J.. LAK M o D 4 O if s DAL K u fxk .iF ' CQ Q ff' I AX? 51 L -.-f-.- - - ? P C +N R I Paw sf N Sylvi L..- 37vn A AVE L R BLVD. lm rl ON 5 WSLS RCN OR ag L.NE RU "x Hudson Printing Co., Ino. 119 E. 9th St. For eight consecutive years Anderson High School yearbooks have earned All-American and Medalist national journalism avvards. Partners and share- holders in the honors are tvvo professional firms, Hudson Printing Co., of Anderson, and Associates Engraving Co., of Springfield, Ill. Both service large numbers of professional printing and engraving accounts, but they also have intense pride in producing a fine Hlndianl' each year. Associates Engraving Co., Ino. Springfield, Illinois Making preparations for the production of the yearbook are Mr. Larry Wells, yearbook consultantg Gordon Beeman, editorg and Mr. Harry Hudson, printer. -A ---Ql mmlfflfw xclmw flmml Wmfk .,,mw,,,! emu' JU Q . , . Donna Libler, Steve Carter, Rusty Patterson, and David Dageforde know that Pepsi-Cola and Pepsi products make any time fun time. Pepsi- Cola Bottling Co. 1831 W. 18th St. "Come alive! You're in the Pepsi generation," is a slogan that almost everyone in Madison County is heeding, because Pepsi-Cola is the number one seller in this area. It offers a quick pickup after a long day at school or at the end of an evening. The Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company also has Mountain Dew for those who Want something new, Diet Pepsi for those on a diet, and Crush fiavors, Mason Root Beer, Squirt, and Teem for those with different tastes. The perfect Way to liven up a party at home is to serve Pepsi-Cola. 125 X Aaron Parsons, Scottie Sparks, and John Chaney survey the growth of Delco-Remy plants in Anderson. Delco - Remy Division of General Motors, Anderson, Indiana Delco-Remy is a firm dedicated to looking into the unknown for answers that can improve its products. The new Engineering and Research facility in Anderson provides Delco-Remy's problem-probing team with the most completely equipped center of its kind in the world-including an electron microscope that can magnify samples up to 200,000 diameters and a specto- graph that enables research men to analyze materials for their metallic ele- ments to an accuracy of one part in a million. The challenge is great but so are the rewards and accomplishments. Delco-Remy is looking for young men who feel at home in Indiana and who like a dynamic, scientific atmosphere. 126 Anderson Banking Co. Downtown-South Branch-Mounds Mall-9th and Jackson Drive-up- West Branch-Chesterfield Madison County's largest bank is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. The Anderson Banking Company, founded in 1890, has been a community financial institution through the prosperity of the gas boom, the roaring 1920's, the depressing 1930,s, two World wars, and iinally the soaring prosperity ofthe 1960's. Today the Anderson bank is in the midst of an expansion program in the main bank downtown, and in suburban branches. In its role as friendly financial adviser to men and women, young and old, it has consistently upheld a reputation for sound banking policies. Steve Chapman shows Ted Nottingham which plan best suits his needs for the future. T, TTT 127 For a wide selection Sarah Klnley and Steve Maines shop at H. P. Wasson in the Mounds Mall. H. P. Wasson Sz, Co. Mounds Mall Shopping Center The smart young AHS student knows Where the newest styles and latest fash- ions are now available in a wide selection. H. P. Wasson, long established as a line Indianapolis department store, has moved to the new Mounds Mall in Anderson. A walk through Wass0n's is like a stroll past a series of smart shops, the Varsity, the Petite, the Village, the Junior Shop, and departments for the accessories that make an outfit complete. All are geared to serve the particular tastes of any teenager. Style and fashion reign supreme at a price that AHS students can aford. 128 Elite Studio 1037 Meridian St. In 1937 Russ Forkner at Elite Studio took his first pictures for an Anderson High School yearbook, and 29 years later in 1965 he is photo- graphing another generation. Today he is just as eager to please and as friendly as in that fateful year when the combination of Elite Studio and Anderson High School began. Russ and his wife, Nell, have been picturing thousands of students in school activities, and in graduation picturesg then following up with wedding pictures and the portraits of new youngsters. Now they are serving another generation of customers-and friends. Little Janet Woschitz and seniors-to-be Susan Lockwood and Bill Boman take advantage of Elite's generation of photography service. 129 -.-......g.,., Guide Lamp Division of General Motors, Anderson, Indiana Guide Lamp Division of General Motors is one of Anderson's leading industries, and is still expanding. World's largest manufacturer of automotive lighting equipment, Guide Lamp occupies more than 2 million square feet of Hoor space and employs approximately 6,000 men and Women. Products include auto seat separator consoles for sports cars, twilight sentinals, auto- matic light switches, automotive lamps, mirrors, turn signal con- trols, T-3 Seal Beam Units, marine lighting, stamping, castings, and other products. Guide Lamp is expanding to meet the needs of a growing economy. Radio Station WHBU 1240 On The Dial On Coach's Corner are Coach Jim Carter, Don Neal, winner of yearbook circulation contest, and Mr. Sam Roberts. Radio Station WHBU, "Anderson's only station for sports," averages a major sporting event every day of the year. Over its Wave length Andersonians can follow professional baseball, college basketball and football, and the Anderson Indians. Its sports director, Sam Roberts, has broadcast play-by-play more than 800 sports events in the last ten years. 130 I I MW Mr. John Kirkman and Terry Jones admire a quality watch at Kirkman's. Kirkmaifs Jewelry and Gift Store 1213 Meridian St. Incorporating the finest quality merchandise and exacting workmanship, Kirkman's Jew- elry and Gift Store supplies the Anderson area With everything from elegant silver serv- ice and the finest of Watches to a variety of small appliances. In business for nearly a half century, Kirkman's serves Anderson stu- dents With school rings and school charms. As a reminder of its continual service to all teen- agers, Kirkman's presents each senior girl with a silver spoon as a graduation gift. A special budget service has been initiated, mak- ing available to all area citizens the finest in jewelry as Well as everyday appliance needs. After much looking, Gana Taggart decides on her complimentary sterling silver spoon as a graduation gift from Kirkman's. 131 Joyce House of Casuals 21 W. 12th St. Joyce House of Casuals has a reputation among teen-agers for the iinest in quality styles for the up-to-date woman. Long known for top fashions in sportswear and clothes with the casual look, House of Casuals is the place that AHS coeds can go with complete confidence that the clothes they purchase are the ones that everyone loves to wear. I ! Virginia Vermillion explains to Nancy Butz that all she Phil Atteberry assists Dick Greenland in choosing one of many needs to complet-e her outfit is matching slacks. stylish sports coats. Varsity Shop 922 Meridian St. Now young men get the red carpet treatment at the Varsity Shop, the store that for 15 years has offered tapered and tailored clothing for men of all ages. The new Red Carpet Room, designed by Mr. John Goehring, is geared to the young career and college students who like todayts modern look. 132 Mathews Regal Market Carrying only the finest meats and groceries in Anderson, Mathews Regal Market capitalizes on its slogan "Serv- ice is our business." From the corner grocery to a super market Mathews still continues the best service yet. When the freezer is low, Mathews can fill it quickly with fine meat cuts to suit every family. Serving the customer with inexpensive, high- quality meats at Mathews Market are Pleas, Doug, and Barbara Mathews. Haag Drug Stores constantly change and modernize to give everyone the best quality merchandise at lower prices. They have been meeting and resting places for many teen-agers who want a quick Coke or a hamburger. Haag Stores also stress competence in their registered pharmacists and qual- ity in all drug products. Janet Gibson appreciates the wide selection of beauty needs she finds at one of the many Anderson Haag Drug Stores. 3205 Columbus Ave Haag Drug Co 1119 Meridian St.-37 27 Main St.-Southdale Plaza 133 Anderson Sporting Goods 1206 Meridian St. Clair Call 19 W. 11th St. 134 It pays to play, and those who partici- pate in recreational activities may choose from the best equipment made at the Anderson Sporting Goods. There is equipment for the duffer, the sandlot ballplayer, or the aspiring iig- ure skater. Any goods manufactured for fun and sport are available at this unique sports store. In search of quality equipment, Nancy Thomp- son shops at Anderson Sporting Goods. Fashionable young men of Anderson know they can turn to the complete selection and discerning salesmen of Clair Call for any clothing need. Spe- cializing exclusively in men's Wear, Clair Call can outfit the stylish young men for any occasion by supplying the latest fashions in topcoats, suits, shirts, slacks, and all accessories. Tom Williams is sure to find a sports coat to suit his taste from Clair Call. East Side Jersey Dairy Having expanded its plant facilities to twice the previous size, the East Side Jersey Dairy plant of Anderson provides the finest in dairy products for the Anderson area. For quality products, varying from the homog- enized milk served in the school cafeteria to a taste-tempting party dip or delicious ice creams and sherbets, Best Ever is the place Andersonians patronize. Dave York learns "Best Ever" products are delicious and economical. Montgomery Ward's faith in the progress and prosperity of the greater Anderson area has accounted for the new spacious store in the Mounds Mall Shopping Center. The store is interested in teen-agers, backing the local Junior Achievement program, and keying much of its merchandise to youthful tastes, and AHS students are joining "the thou- sands switching to Ward's." After scanning the new location of Montgomery Ward, Linda Stickler pauses to rest. 722 Broadway Montgomery Ward St Co Mounds Mall Shopping Center 135 Deeker's Inc. 21 W. 11th St. With stores in both Anderson and Lafayette, Decker's Inc. has efliciently served the central Indiana area for sixty years. Located in the heart of downtown Anderson, Decker's is the headquarters for school supplies, athletic equipment, trophies, all-occasion cards, party decorations, and a vast selection of modern and classical books. Randy VanDyke is caught in a dilemma trying to decide Knowing the importance of a good reputation in hairstyling, what school to support. Linda Armstrong visits Donald's Beauty School. Do11a1d's Beauty Center 123 W. 12th St.-205 W. 12th St. Fulfilling the hair styling demands of today's society is a task that is accomplished by skilled personnel at Donald's Beauty Center. Profes- sional training that will develop these skills and provide a sound career also is available at Donald's Beauty School, Where many AHS coeds Will study this summer. 136 Toles Flowers Toles Flower Shop specializes in floral ar- rangements for all occasions. Having the largest designing staff in Madison County, Toles provides iiowers for many school dances, convocations and banquets, as well as for weddings, parties and other social affairs. Flowers sent to that special someone have special meaning when they come from Toles Flower Shop. Shari Siefer selects just the floral arrangement that she needs at Toles Flowers. Both adults and teenagers with a taste for fine food frequent Frischls Big Boy restau- rants. Oifering dining room, drive-in, and speedy carry-out service, Frisch's two loca- tions in Anderson provide area residents with delicious food and a delightful at- mosphere for numerous social activities. Whether for a quick Coke or a complete din- ner, Frisch's is the place to go. Janet Swango and John Blevins like the friendly atmosphere and quick service at Frisch's, 627 Nichol Ave tip X Frisolffs Big Boy 500 Broadway-901 Mei 1d1an St 137 Greeting Lumber Sz, Supply 3601 E. 10th St. Road "Quality, Choice, and Price" is the motto of the Geeting Lumber and Supply Company of Anderson. The firm features a full floor display of the latest in appliances from Curtis-Mathes, Emerson, and Dumont, in- cluding Iine stereo systems, black and white and color television sets. With every pur- chase comes Geetings' guarantee of service by competent representatives. Leah Boze prefers the selection of stereo equipment that Geeting Lumber and Supply carries. Lawrence-Krehe Studio combines purpose and care in an effort to capture that look one never wants to forget-the radiant beam on a bride's face, the shy grin glowing on a two-year-old's lips, lingering smiles of Mom and Dad before they celebrate their silver wedding anniversary, or the twinkle found only in a senior's eye as graduation nears. Friendliness is always a service. Debbie Taylor and Bonnie Baker trust Lawrence Krehe for the finest in portrait photography. Lawrence -Krehe Studio 21 W. 5th St. 138 A11b1 and Jumbo Drive - In 1401 Jackson St 44 Jackson St. Many AHS students are familiar with the fine service received by all the patrons of the Alibi and Jumbo restau- rants. The downtown location, which specializes in Col. Sanders' fried chicken, is convenient for those who do not eat lunch at school, while the drive-in on Jackson is a favorite gath- ering place after school. Anderson students frequent the Alibi during lunch hours and after school functions. Apex School of Beauty Culture gives girls the opportunity to learn while they work. Affiliated with Comer and Doran Schools of Hollywood, Apex is recognized as one of the leading beauty schools, not only in Indiana, but in the Mid-West. It offers scholarships and career opportunity to interested high school graduates. Susie Smith awaits the finish of her new hair style from Apex. Apex School of Beauty Culture John Marshall Life 1010 Jackson St. John Marshall Life, With home offices in Anderson, is the company that has created a new concept of energy. It is interested in the needs of young Andersonians, both to prepare them for complete insurance programs and to offer outstanding young men career opportunities in a dynamic company Which is expanding at a rapid and sound pace. Mr. Bob Green, Mr. Robert Love, and Mr. Jim Vanderbur Decorating a life guard's chair, constructed by Recreation help Julie Farmer map her future. Equipment, is pretty Janet Dyer. Recreation Equipment 724 W. Sth St. Within the span of the athletic facilities provided daily at AHS, Recreation Equipment Corporation has augmented the gym with a variety of accessories from diving boards to basketball goals. Since 1933, the firm has been a decisive factor in providing Indian teams with outstanding equipment that naturally leads to top records. 140 aww . mz. The new bottling plant assures students that 'tthings go better with Coke." Coca,-Cola, Bottling Co. 3200 E. 38th St. The year Coca-Cola was founded, 1886, only 25 gallons of syrup were sold. Now Coca-Cola in An- derson maintains a S'p750,000 building with the most modern conveniences in the world. The "refreshing new feeling of a Coke" is welcome at an af'ter-the- game party or an evening meal. Nationally both teens and adults know "the good taste of Coke? Miller Huggins, Inc. 1212 Meridian St. Miller Huggins offers the best in a complete line of school supplies and ofiice equipment. Founded in 1935 by Miller J. Huggins, the store offers free delivery and "everything for every office." Most students have learned that homework can be done faster and easier with a typewriter and other supplies from Miller Huggins. Office and school supplies are the specialty of Miller Huggins. Davis Dairy Farms West 38th St. Road If it is at a party or at home, every- one needs nutritious milk products for their on-the-go activities, and Davis Dairy provides an array of dairy prod- ucts to satisfy young and old alike. Whether it is cottage cheese topping a luscious pineapple slice or Whipping cream for a special pie, Davis Dairy has it "fresh from the country." Susan Hillsamer pets one of Davis Dairy Farm's prize show cows. The AHS teen-ager knows that the place to go to get excellent care and the cleanest clothes for the lowest prices is Anderson Launderers and Cleaners. Nine convenient locations With a new coin operated laundry, located at Nichol and Raible, bring to Anderson the very finest in dry clean- ing and professional service. Diane Folsom does her laundry in the pleasant surroundings of Anderson Laundry. Anderson Launderers - Cleaners 233 Sycamore St. 142 Hoyt Wright Co 911 Meridian St.-Mounds Mall Shopping Centei After 43 years Hoyt Wright now consists of two fine stores-Downtown and Mounds Mall. It is a home-owned, home-grown, and home-operated establishment, as much a part of the community as Anderson High School. The new store brings a distinctive local character and a friendly face to Mounds Mall with the same Hoyt Wright function-to clothe the entire family. Searching for fashion, Linda Thornburg and Bulent Altinkok shop at the new Hoyt Wright. More than 8,500,000 Hoosiers agree that "It pays to belong" to Hoosier Motor Club, a branch of the American Automobile Asso- ciation. For 65 years the club has specialized in motor club memberships and insurance. It offers free trip planning, bond service, tow-in coverage, and emergency road serv- ice. In the Anderson area, Mr. Jerry Banker, ex-AHS athlete, is the representative. Jerry Banker talks about AAA to another set of triplets-Nina, Nancy, and Nanette Wiley. Hoosier Motor Club 2512 W. Sth St 143 Anderson Loan Association 10th at Jackson St.-Downtown and Colonial Drive-ups The Anderson Loan Association is geared to help young people make a successful start in life. The Loan has enabled families to finance new homes, college educations, new auto- mobiles, or to provide extra security in times of need. It all should start with a safe and profitable savings account for any modern, forward-looking graduate. -1. The branch offices of the Anderson Loan make saving Joyce Aye-rs and Cathy Heiden discover the latest in fashion more convenient, and provide a handy timepiece. needs at Rothls Edgewood store. Roth's 936 Meridian St.-Mounds Mall-Edgewood Roth's, long established in downtown Anderson and in Edgewood, has added another chic and fashionable store in the new Mounds Mall. The firm has poured 31 years of experience into its stores, and An- derson women are sure of a complete and tasteful selection of knits, coats, dresses, suits, furs, and sportswear for every season. 144 Hunter Chevrolet 603 Meridian St. The best things come in the smallest pack- ages, and this is true of the Corvette Sting Ray for 1965. Outside of being the real American sports car, the Sting Ray is the only car manufactured in the United States which offers fuel injection as an option. Hunter Chevrolet offers this and many other Chevrolet models from which to pick, as Well as a good selection of used cars. Brent Coen experiments with a sporty convertible from Hunter Chevrolet. V Heli eef?r:f Y :MTS sae, fQw,.,Q'f,f '1!4:f"'N'S Acme Paving supplies the roots Which pro- vide a sturdy foundation for a prosperous and progressive Anderson. It is impossible to cross Anderson Without either Walking on or driving over pavement Which has been in- stalled by Acme Paving. The firm constructs private drives for homes, business drives, and parking lots Which hold the cars for an ever-expanding Anderson. 'ff Jim Callahan and Gary Clem investigate one of the many heavy machines used by Acme Paving. Acme Paving Co. 1315 Alexandria Pike 145 Kaufman Hardware Co. 15 E. 5th St. From Kaufman's huge selection of hardware, sporting goods, and toys, has grown the familiar slogan "Kaufman's have it" known by all AHS students. For nearly a century, Kaufman's ever-increasing selection, coupled with ample parking space and a central location has made it the place for any hardware need. Central Indiana Gas Co. 748 Main St. More than 26,000 residents of the Anderson area agree that "there is big magic in the live gas flame." In keeping with a growing community, Central Indiana Gas has opened a new building and parts department for better service and intro- duced the new gas light, adding beauty to many areas. Toni Morrill thinks that Kaufman s Mark lan Voorhis is amazed by the Greg Boicourt and Cindy Lantz enjoy the products are worth fighting for many features on new appliances. movies at the many Alliance theaters. With five theaters-the North and South Drive-Ins, Para- mount, State, and Riviera-Alliance Amusements of An- derson provides area residents with the very finest in motion picture entertainment. For an enjoyable date Anderson teen-agers turn to the line Alliance theaters. Alliance Amusements North Drive-In-Paramount-State-Riviera-South Drive-In 146 J. C. Penney Co. 1030 Meridian St. First quality always will be the goal of J. C. Penney, the store with the tradition of meeting family needs. From furniture to fashions the Penney store in Anderson has served the community for more than 45 years. Now the store has developed a new line of clothes for the teen-ager, "Gentryl' for the young man and "Tween" for the coed. Preparing for spring, Linda Love compares an array of coordinates and mix-and-match outfits at J. C. Penney. Indiana Business College 1233 Meridian St. For the high school graduate who seeks further vocational training without earning a college degree, Indiana Business College of Anderson is the perfect educational facility. One of ten such schools located throughout the Hoosier state, the Anderson school offers programs in such fields as ac- counting, bookkeeping, and business typing. By developing typing skills, bookkeeping, and business English, Karen Robertson advances her education. Owen Ice Cream Sz, Dairy 1800 Lincoln St.-2326 Columbus Ave. Since they cannot make all the ice cream, Bert T. Owen's ice cream stores just make the best. At Owen's there is an ice cream or sherbet sure to please everyone. For an after- school shake-stop or for a special treat for a party, smart people stop at one of Anderson's two conveniently located Owen's ice cream stores. Jerry Stires serves Ann Gill and Diana Bush delicious ice cream cones made the Owen way. 147 ENZNFU Lynch Corporation 2304 Crystal St. Lynch Corporation engineers began working ten years ago to manufacture a machine that would meet the stringent require- ments of makers of glass containers. After 2133.5 million in re- search the new "Lynch 44" has solidified the claim that "around the world, leaders look to Lynch." Cook Block 85 Brick 2013 Mounds Road "Better concrete masonry" is the slogan which draws people in this area to use masonry materials manufactured by the Cook Block and Brick Company of Anderson. Supplying functional and decorative material and friendly, timely service always has been the company's goal. Sarah Fribley, Mr. Robert Morris, Steve Raper and Bob Stickler are over- Barb Smith listens to Mr. Read Canaday Ken Bucy view Lynch machinery. towered by the blocks from Cook Block. describe the company operation. Food Marketing Corp. Fort Wayne, Indiana Food Marketing Corporation, a state-Wide food distribution firm, is now servicing the area formerly covered by Read Canaday. The company serves the corner grocery or super- market and does it with the same integrity and attention to detail that characterized the Read Canaday firm. 148 Collins Travel Service 1109 Main St. Paris, Rome, Washington, D.C., the southwest, Mexico are as close to Andersonians as the telephone or a short walk to Collins Travel Service. Air, rail, steamship, bus connec- tions magically coordinate when left in the hands of the local firm. Anderson High students iind that Collins tours are unforgettable and pleasant experiences. Carl Grissom, Bev Stokes, and George Keris discuss plans for their trip to Europe arranged by Collin's Travel Service. Fred Welker Ford 516 Meridian St. Featuring the Thunderbird, Galaxie, Fairlane, Falcon, and the fabulous new Mustang, Fred Welker Ford is Anderson's only dealer for the "quieter models of 1965." Fred Welker, the friendly Ford dealer, extends an invitation to come in to see and test drive the full line of new and used Ford automobiles and trucks. Ronnie James favors the sleek style and easy handling of the 1965 Ford Mustang from Fred Welker. Gates Store 813 Meridian St. Realizing the importance of details, Gates has accessories that are necessary for a girl who wants her outfit to be complete and fashionable in every way. Anderson's smartest women are outfitted with top clothing lines at Gates. Since 1904, Gates has been a must for fashionable women. Gates is truly the "cathedral of fashion" in Anderson. Kathy Reardon and Ellen Benefiel shop at Gates for all fashions from sportswear to shoes. 149 Pay Less Super Market 31st and Main Sts. Pay Less has a complete line of groceries and hardware for the economizing family, offering the best in shopping facilities around the clock at the lowest possible prices. Pay Less also gives job opportunities to teen-agers and contributes to the civic activities necessary for a city to progress. Towne Shoppe 832 Main St. "Where fashions are born" is the Towne Shoppe. All types of women's clothes are available in all sizes. The Towne Shoppe offers a bridal department and a variety of formals. The local store guarantees that "every girl is a queen in her formal from the Towne Shoppe." . if Wgeoeer Gil wg M 4s,, Dixie Contos examines bargains at Ann Houser selects a beautiful formal Anne Deeley concludes Sears will have the record counter at Pay Less. for the Prom. what she wants, even a motor scooter. Sears and Roebuck in Anderson has recently remodeled its entire store, making it one of the most beautiful in the downtown area. To meet the demands of its growing bus- iness, Sears has also built a new warehouse on Raible Avenue. Teenagers, like adults, "Shop at Sears and Save." Sears, Roebuck and Co. 1204 Main St. 150 Dietzerfs Bakery 2401 Meridian St. Oldest and largest independent bakery in the midwest, Dietzen's Bakery has been owned by one family since 1885. Customers know that they can depend upon the local bakery for such fine products as Soft-twist bread, with the flavor and freshness twisted in, and Holsum, advertised as "the bread to buyfl High quality is a first concern at Dietzen's. The managers at Dietzen's extend full service with fresh baked goods distributed daily to local grocers. I-Ieekaman Buick, Inef 516 Meridian St. The 1965 Buicks feature luxurious and spacious interiors, which are complemented by a full choice of attractive colors and durable fabrics. This, coupled with a full range of engines varying from a V6 to a 425 cubic inch V8 that can move with the hottest, makes a Heckaman Buick the car to buy in 1965. Richard Hosier admires all of the luxurious features in the 1965 Buick at Heckaman. Odell Camera Shop 108 E. 19th St. For 21 years, Odell has provided "photography for every occasion." Specializing in everything from cameras and supplies to formal portraits, Odell has been a major photog- rapher of Anderson High seniors. In the last year new equipment for making direct color portraits has been added to the camera department. Odell Camera is ready to serve its customers with fine photographs, precision cameras, and photographic supplies. 151 Favorite Flower Shop 2445 Meridian St. The oldest floral 'establishment in the Madison County area, the Favorite Flower Shop of Anderson, can skillfully pro- vide a Horal arrangement for every special event from the Fall Wind-Up to the Prom. This prominent shop further serves its many customers by providing free delivery service to any home in Madison County. Kathy Bailey' reasons that the Favorite Flower Shop can create the special floral arrangement that she needs. Fath's Clothing Store 1125 Meridian St. Since 1946 Fath's, the store that is not only fashion-minded but also budget-minded, has been furnishing the residents of Anderson with fine clothes. Many satisfied customers have been shopping at Fath's continuously for 19 years be- cause they flnd excellent service and reasonable prices. Fath's specializes in free alterations. Paulette Sheets admires a new fur-trimmed coat that is perfect for that special date she has in mind. Russ Regeriold Pontiac 303 Pendleton Ave. A deep-throated something roars by in the still of the night. It's gone in a sudden rumble of thunder. This is the quick Wide-Track 1965 model that is available at Russ Regenold Pontiac in Anderson. These Pontiac tigers range from the mild Tempest, the quick Catalina 2+2, the powerful G.T.O., to the Wild "421". Mike Yattaw inspects the flashy engine he finds under the hood of a new Pontiac at Russ Regenold, Pontiac headquarters. 152 Citizens Banking Co. Downtown-Edgewood-Meadowbrook-East Side Citizens Banking Company is one of Anderson's finest full service banks, catering to the needs of the teenager through savings accounts and educational loans. This complete one stop bank boasts a new drive-up window downtown at 11th and Main streets along with four other convenient locations offering real estate, insurance, and trust services. Planning ahead for his future education, Larry Rector deposits money in his account at the Citizens Bank. Banner Store 927 Meridian St. "The Placev belongs to the Anderson High School coed. It is a shop created especially for the high school and college group, and its merchandise is purchased with a strong eye and ear to their needs. The Banner Store buyers search the fashion markets from New York to California and Texas for the clothes that the chic young women are wearing. Fashion board members SL s'1n Mosicr -ind Kate Youn ' scfirch for the 1.. . . g chic fashions for the smart school girl. Culligan Water Conditioning 815 John St. "Hey, Culligan lVlan!,' is the phrase used by over 5,000,000 people throughout the world who enjoy soft water the Cul- ligan way. For 25 years people of Anderson have been letting Culligan purify their water. Since its recent ex- pansions, Culligan has provided the community with new services with the water softening plan. Don Conner listens intently as lVIr. Joe Gallagher extolls the virtues of soft water by Culligan. 153 A Austin, Mrs. Marjorie 81, 82 B Bailey, Mr. J. J. 82 Ballentine, Mr. William 82 Balsley, Mr. Richard 82 Barnes, Mr. Kenneth 15, 65, 75, 82 Barnett, Mr. Donald 68, 73, 82 Barrow, Mr. David 80, 82 Baxter, Mr. Donald 82 Beigh, Mr. Max 81, 82 Belangee, Mr. Robert 73, 82 Biddle, Mr. James 22, 45, 82 Bowen, Mr, Donald 80, 81, 82 Bowers, Mr. Jack 18, 82 Bridges, Mrs. Maxine 56, 82, 86 Burnett, Mr. Howard 82 C Campbell, Miss Dorothy 13, 82 :f Carroll, Miss Marilyn 82, 107 Carter, Mr. James 62, 82 Cash, Mrs. Joan 82 Chadhourne, Mr. Horace 81, 82 Cummings, Mr. Charles 82 D Davis, Mr. George 81, 82 Denny, Mr. Charles 82 Dietzer, Mrs. Betty 82 Faculty index Dietzer, Mr. Donel 82 Douglass, Mr. Noel 67, 81, 82 Dye, Mr. Joseph 81, 82 E Ebbertt, Mr. G. E. 27, 78, 80 Estes, Mr. Ray 68, 82 F Finney, Mr. John 14, 83 Fleenor, Mr. Edgar 83 Fleenor, Mr. Ray 65, 75, 83 Freeman, Mr. Robert 15, 71, 83 Funk, Mrs. Betty 83 G Grahame, Mrs. Evelyn 81, 83 Griffey, Mr. Robert 54, 83 Griffith, Mr. Raymond 83 Gwaltney, Mr. Charles 83 H Hale, Mrs. Marguerite 83 Harrell, Miss Helen 46, 83 Hays, Mr. Donald 83 Helfrich, Mr. Byron 83 Higman, Miss Alice 83 Hilligoss, Mr. Wendell 83 Hosier, Mr. Basil 81, 83 Howard, Mrs. Lorna 83 Howe, Mrs. Paula 83 Huntzinger, Mr. Jesse 83 Hurley, Mrs. Virginia 83 I Imler, Mrs. Ruthanne 83 A Abbott, John 45, 56, 87 Abbott, Paul 107 Abbott, Ray 107 Abel, Helen 87 Abrom, Cary 87 Abshire, John 87 Abshire, Pattie 114 Arnold, Bruce 114 Arnold, Dick 87 Arnold, Sandra 57, 59, 87 Arnold, Sharon 107 Ashbaugh, Leonard 87 Ashbaugh, Mary 114 Ashburn, Darlene 114 Ashburn, Roger 58, 70, 87 Asher, Judith 59, 87 Asher, Larry 114 Ashley, David 87 Ashton, Paula 46, 107 Atkinson, John 71, 114 Atteberry, Phil 38, 46, 52, Adams, Donna 53, 87 Adams, Gordon 52, 55, 87 Adams, Linda 87 Adams, Mary 87 Adams, Sandy 107 Adams, Terry 114 Adams, Vickie 114 Adcox, Charles 48, 49, 52, 54, 55, 87 Agnew, Wilma 114 Akers, Steve 42, 114 Alberts, Arlene 107 Alberts, Bob 107 Alberts, Peggy 107 Alexander, E. D. 59, 114 Alexander, James 33, 43, 58, 87 Alford, Karon 114 Alford, Rick 87 Alger, David 107 Alldredge, John 57, 114 Allen, Brenda 114 Allen, Linda Kay 48, 53, 87 Allen, Molly 59, 114 Allen. Robert 107 Altinkok, Bulent 25, 38, 87, 143 Ancil, Terry 114 Anderson, Carolyn 87 Anderson, Kay 114 Andrews. Jo Ellen 35, 42, 46, 49, 55. 56, 87 Anthony, Mary 87 Archey, Marlene 48, 114 Arms, Larry 38, 114 Armstrong, Dave 107 Armstrong, Linda 55, 107, 136 Arnold, Brad 107 56, 107, 132 Atwell, James 48, 58, 87 Austin, Dorthy 114 Austin, Pamela 114 Ayers, Joyce 38, 46, 47, 55, 56, 59, 87, 144 Aynes, Steve 114 Aynes, Terry 55, 114 B Backous, James 87 Bagienski, Rita 107 Bailey, Bailey, Glenn 114 Kathy 42, 46, 48, 53, 54, 107, 152 Bailey, Thomas 47, 48, 87 Bailey, Willie 114 Baker, Bonnie 37, 38, 47, 48, 56, 57, 59, 107, 138 Baker, David 114 Baker, Gary 114 Baker, Larry 107 Baker, Lynne 48, 55, 59, 87 Baker, Martha 59, 107 Baker, Pat 114 Baker, Tom 107 J Johnson, Miss Eileen 83 Johnson, Mr. Keith 83 Julius, Mr. Gordon 83 K Kitterman, Mrs. Mary 83 L Lee, Mr. George 38, 81, 83 Lee, Mr. Lowell 83 Lindstrom, Miss Virginia 47, 83 Long, Miss Lois 84 Longnaker, Mr. John 84 Lyon, Mr. Herbert 84 M Macy, Mr. Jack 84 Maine, Mrs. Vivian 84 Martin, Mrs. Deloris 84 McFarland, Mrs. Mary 81, 84 McGoon, Mr. Harry 84 Middleton, Mr. David 44, 84 Miller, Mr. Herbert 84 Mock, Mr. George 84 N Newberry, Mr. Charles 84 Nicholson, Mr. Jack 84, 86 O Orrell, Mr. Stephen 84 Osborne, Mr. Ishmael 84 P Peck, Mrs. Betsy 84 Poore, Mr. Kent 84 Pugh, Mr. Dane 74, 84 Student index Banning, Richard 48, 114 Barber, Nancy 46, 47, 48, 49, 59, 88 Barker, Gregory 88 Barker, Richard 114 Barnett, Barbara 59, 107 Barnett, Stephen 48, 58, 67, 68. 73, 88 Barr, Katie 46, 52, 107 Barrett, Dianna 107 Barrett, Sandy 37, 107 Barron, Gary 114 Barrow, Gary 65 Barth, Kenneth 45. 88 Barton, Barbara 107 Bastine, David 58, 62, 70, 88 Bauer, Ann 54, 114 Bauer, Cheryl 114 Baugh, Larry 107 Baxter, Lumelia 38, 88 Baysinger. Jerry 107 Beaman, Dan 71, 114 Beason. Jim 88 Beck, Tom 114 Beeman, Gordon 35, 40, 49, 55, 86, 88. 124 Beeman, Lois 38, 56, 114 Beemer, Janet 36, 38, 107 Rell, Dan 107 Bell, Lee Anne 42, 56, 114 Benak. Thomas 114 Pursley, Mr. Lee 43, 84 R Reifel, Mr. Robert 84 Repetto, Mrs. Goldia 84 Rhynearson, Mrs. Edna 81, 84 Riggs, Mrs. Dorothy 84 Russo, Mr. Peter 62, 84 S Sanders, Mr. Leo 49, 84 Schultz, Mrs. Mary 46, 84 Scott, Miss Leandra 84 Seaver, Mr. Richard 55, 84 Shinn, Mr. Vern 85 Smith, Mrs. Jean 38, 57, 85 Smith, Mr. Wallace 85 Sparks, Mr. Joseph 39, 85 Springer, Mr. O. L. 85 Swift, Mr. Clifford 70, 81, 85 T Todd, Mrs. Rave 81, 85 Vaught, Mr. George 53, 81, 85 Vermillion, Mrs. Virginia 85 Villars, Mr. Edmund 26, 85 W Ward, Mr. Ray 85 Wilson, Mr. Horace 85 Woschitz, Mr. Frank 40, 79, 85 Y Yutzy, Mr. James 85 Binnion, Diana 47, 115 Binnion, Sandy 107 Bitner, Cathy 115 Bivens, James 64, 70, 88 Black, Janice 115 Blackwelder, Dorothea 48, 115 Blair, Paul 115 Blakely, John 115 Blaylock, Barbara 107 Bledsoe, Karen 46, 59, 107 Bledsoe, Linda 32, 88 Blevins, John 38, 56, 86, 137 Bloom, Sandy 88 Blowers, Harry 115 Blubaugh, John 47, 53, 71, 115 Boblitt, Don 107 Bodkin, Linda 49, 88 Boerner, Bruce 107 Boerner, Pamela 88 Boerner, Tim 115 Boffing, Michael 88 Boicourt, Greg 52, 53, 54, 88, 146 Benefiel, Ellen 47. 107, 149 Bennett, Asa 45, 88 Bennett, George 114 Bennett, Linda 88 Bennett, Mike 88 Ball, Carole 114 Ball, Everett 114 Ball, Joan 114 Ballard, Barbara 32, 42, 48, Bennett. Paulette 114 Berkebile, Earl 88 Bernhardt, Dick 53, 69, 74, 114 Berry, Carolyn 46, 47, 114 Biddle, Roger 115 Biddle, Steven 58, 65, 75, 88 56, 86, 87 Ballinger, Dave 46, 68, 69, 73, 107 Banks, Pamela 88 Bigham, Bilbrey, Bilbrey, Bilbrey, Larry 107 Dianne 59, 115 Junior 107 Patricia 42, 88 Boles, Bill 115 Boles, Kenny 115 Boman, Bill 38, 56, 57, 107, 129 Bondurant, Michael 88 Bondurant. Penny 107 Bonham. Judy 40, 107 Boone, Susan 53. 115 Boots, Terry 107 Bostic, John 62, 63, 75, 107 Bourke, Jim 88 Bourne, Shirley 56, 107 Bowman, Ruth 48. 115 Bowser. Debbv 48, 59, 115 Boyd, Phil 107 Boyle, Richard 45. 88 Boze. Leah 47, 55, 108, 138 Bradberry. Linda 108 Braden, Charles 115 Braden, Janice 88 Bradley, Curtis 115 Bradley, Steve 115 Brandt, Bill 108 Brann, Jane 48, 108 Brant, Kathy 108 Brattain, John 108 Brattain, 115 Larry 48, 53. 74, Calabria, Ann 115 Callahan, Jim 38, 89, 145 Callender, Louis 108 Campbell, Martha 115 Campbell, Ora 108 Campbell, Russ 75, 108 Coe, Marta 43, 115 Coen, Brent 90, 145 Coffin, John 74, 115 Coffman, Judy 59, 108 Coleman, Donna 115 Coles, William 90 Davis Robert 115 Davis Sheryl 59, 115 Davis, Stephanie 91 Davis, Steve 91 Davis, Teresa 59, 115 Davis, Vern 91 Brattain, Wayne- 48, 52, 54, 108 Braxton, Mable 108 Bray, Anna 59, 88 Bray, George 88 Bray, John 42, 72, 108 Breaker, Carol 55, 115 Breckenridge, Cheryl 108- Breece, Cheryl 38. 42, 49, 59, 89 Brewer, Patti 108 116 Conner Decker, Lisa 48, 108 Brewer, Rita 59, 115 Bridges, Janice 108 Bright, Gregory 46, 52, 108 Bright, Karen 59, 108 Brinduse, Duncan 89 Brissenden, Dorie 44, 89 Britton, Dorothy 89 Broadnax, Jean 52, 115 Broadnax, Jon 108 Broadnax, Mary 52, 115 Broderick, Linda 42, 59, 79, 89 Bronkella, Jim 115 Brooks, Barbara 45, 108 Campbell, William 89 Caplinger, Curtis 108 Capshaw, Pat 108 Carey, Carlene 108 Carey, Ronnie 115 Carle, Gary 89 Carle, Sherry 108 Carmack, James 89 Carmack, John 115 Carmichael, Pete 65, 115 Carney, Bill 49, 58, 65, 90 Carney, Chris 38, 42, 115 Collier, Collins, Barbara 42, 108 Dale 58, 65, '75, 90 Collins, Georgia 108 Collins, Keith 108 Collins, Ronnie 115 Colvill, Bob 115 Combs, Betty 59, 108 Condra, Billie 108 Coney, Carol 44, 90 Conner, Don 38, 47, 115, 153 Conner, James 64, 115 Joe 115 Carpenter, Gary 108 Carpenter, Jean 115 Carpenter, Judy 53, 115 Carpenter, Richard 90 Carpenter, Sharon 115 Carr, Joyce 108 Carr, Nanette 48, 90 Carson, Linda 108 Carter, Cindy 48, 53, 115 Carter, Karen 53, 90 Carter, Michael 62, 64, 10 Carter, Ruth 108 Carter, Stephen 35, 38, 49, 52 Carve , 90, 125 r Cherry 115 Casto,'Greg 52, 54, 108 8 Brough, Linda 108 Brown, Brenda 89 Brown, Dale 43, 115 Brown, Larry 42, 52, 89 Brown, Linda 89 Brown, Lynette 115 Brown, Michael 115 Brown, R. Frank 89 Brown, Rosemary 59, 108 Brown, Steve 108 Brown Steven 108 Browne, Pamella 43, 48, 59, 89 Browning, Dave 49, 56, 58, 66, 67, 68, 73. 89 Christoff, Victor 90 125 Daily, Phil 108 Brumback, Cliff 53, 55, 108 Brumback, Debbra 89 Brumback, Larry 55, 115 Brumley, Cheryl 115 Brummett, Eugene 115 Brunner, Steve 108 Brunner, Mark 115 Bryan, Susan 115 Bryant, Dennis 108 Bryant. Shirley 115 Buck, George 115 Buck, Jim 115 Buck, Kathy 47. 55, 107, 108 Buck, Stephen 108 Buckley, Edna 38. 46, 48, 108 Buckner, Joyce 89 Bucy, Ken 54, 55. 89. 148 Bullard, Raymond 108 Burgess. James 89 Burke, Brenda 115 Burks, Jennifer 59. 89 Burks, Vicki 48. 115 Burnes, Gary 52, 115 Burnett, Jim 108 Burnett, Sandra 55, 86, 89 Burris, Bobbie 89 Burris, Janet 52, 54, 108 Burris, Ola 115 Burrous, Mike 108 Busby, Eileen 89 Busby, Elaine 89 Busby, Greg 115 Bush, Diana 41. 42, 147 Bush, Eddie 115 Butle-r, Donna 44, 57, 89 Butler, Sid 89 Butz, Nancy 33, 40, 79, 89, 132 Byrd, Nancy 115 Byrum, Richard 46, 52, 53, 108 C Cage, Joe 89 Cage, Marsha 115 Cain, Lynn 53, 108 Casto, Judy 115 Catt, Linda 108 Catt, Tim 86 Caylor, Karen 53, 90 Chambers, Kenneth 115 Chambers, Mattie 115 Chambless, Marilyn 44. 90 Chaney, John 40, 41, 80, 90, 126 Chapman, Leon 45, 90 Chapman, Nancy 90 Chapman. Stephen 52, 53, 57, 90, 127 Chastain, Alan 90 Chatman, Gloria 115 Chatman, V. 59 Chenoweth, Clyde 115 Chesser, Linda 115 Chesterfield, Sharon 38, 45, 107, 108 Childers, Don 115 Chismar, John 58, 62, 70, 108 Connerz Rory 115 Contos, Dixie 49, 59, 86, 90, 150 Cook, Annette 108 Cook, Becky 108 Cook, Ed 115 Cook, Jane 42, 46, 114, 115 Cook, Terry 56, 115 Cookman, Hugh 115 Cooley, Joseph 108 Cooley, Larry 115 Cooper, Virginia 52, 108 Copeland. Sid 108 Corbin, Rick 58, 71, 72, 90 Cornelius, Duane 58, 62, 68, 91 Corrigan, Wayne 43, 108 Corwin, Jane 91 Coulliette. John 115 Council, Bonnie 59, 108 Courter, Garry 48, 65, 115 Covington, Diana 108 Covington, Linda 108 Cox, Candy 53, 108 Cox, Leon 115 Cox, Linda 91 Cox Pamela 91 CQXI Paul 108 Cox, Ronnie 91 Clark, Alan 64, 69, 115 Clark, Bill 115 Clark, Brenda 115 Clark, Dan 108 Clark, Elaine 115 Clark, James 90 Clark, Randy 90 Clark, Vernoise 115 Clark, Warren 42, 90 Clary, Mike 115 Clawson, Steve 52, 54, 108 Clear, Scott 71, 108 Clear, Todd 55, 71, 115 Clem, Gary 72, 108, 145 Clem, Jean 108 Clem, Jim 65, 70, 115 Clem, Paul 115 Clemons, Veronica 108 Clendenin, Janie 108 Clendenin, Ronald 90 Clevenger, Dick 115 Crabtree, David 115 Craig, June 54, 115 Cram, Nancy 44, 91 Crane, Connie 48, 115 Crane, Susan 56, 91 Cravens, Clarence 91 Crawford, Artty 115 Crawford, Don 62, 108 Cripe, Connie 47, 52, 108 Crouse, Earl 115 Crouse, Eddie 72, 108 Cummings, Alan 115 Cummings, Jim 115 Cummings, Tony 43, 91 Cunningham, Cora 115 Cunningham, Donald 49, 91 Cunningham, William 91 Currens, Timothy 42, 48, 56, 91 Curry, Esther 115 Custer, Judy 108 Cyman, Richard 58, 62, 91 D Dabney, Louise 115 Dageforde, David 52, 108, Danner, Tom 46, 55, 108 Darr, Charlene 108 Darst, Albert 43, 91 Daugherty, Monte 91 Davison, Orrin 91 Day, Marcia 116 Dearing, Diana 43, 47, 59, 108 Dearing, Kenny 91 Dearing, Rick 108 Deaton, Robert 35, 46, 49, 53, 54, 57, 91 Deck, DeWayne 38, 55, 116 Decker, Dennis 38, 42, 52, Deele-y, Anne 32. 37, 40, 46, 48, 56, 108, 150 DeGraffenreid, Natalie 116 DeGraffenreid, Sherry 92 Dehority, Sandy 108 Delph, Harold 92 Devaney, Carolyn 59, 92 Dewitt, Jerry 116 Dexter, Ronn 56, 92 Dickey, Dan 38, 108 Dickson, Richard 116 Dickson, Sharilyn 42, 48, 92 Diedring, Ronald 48, 73, 92 Dilts, Lenora 47, 108 Dilts, Lois 92 Dixon, Charlene 47, 59, 107, 108 Dixon, Ollie 116 Dixon, Ozell 116 Dixon, Ruby 108 Dobbins, Dennis 108 Dodson, Bob 108 Dollens, Randy 72, 116 Donnelly, Richard 48, 114, 116 Douglass, Bob 53, 116 Downey, Carol 108 Downey, Thomas 92 Downham, Carolyn 92 Doyle, John 58, 62, 63, 75, 116 Driskell, Phyllis 92 Dudley, Brenda 33, 59, 116 Dudley, Linda 33, 59, 108 Dudley, Mary 114, 116 Dukes, Judith 92 Dulin, Minetta 116 Dunn, Dick 44 Dunn, Jeannie 42, 108 Dunn, Mike 116 Durgan, Susie 92 Dyer, Janet 47, 49, 53, 56, 92, 140 E Eaker, Teresa 47, 108 Earhart, Marilyn 92 Earl, Sharon 59, 116 Earlywine, Dave 92 Earlywine, John 44, 92 East, Tim 58, 64, 70, 74, 116 Eastes, Bob 108 Eaton, Marilyn 108 Ebbertt, Joel 55, 108 Eckstein, Jim 109 Edwards, Dan 116 Edwards Dan L. 109 Edwards, Dave 109 Edwards, Jimmy 116 Edwards John 116 Ehie, stephanie 48, 116 Ehrhart, Julia 47, 55, 59, 92 Clifford, Kathie 59, 90 Clifton, Clifton, Closser, Closser, Clutch, Gary 90 Richard 52, 115 Selinda 115 Steve 70, 115 David 58, 71, 90 Coale, Dave 108 Coale, Paula 115 Cobble, Dave 108 Cochran, Cecil 90 Cochran, Doug 108 Cochran, James 108 Cochran Sally 48, 90 Cochran: Steven 108 Daughhetee, Cathy 48, 49, 59, 91 Davenport, Christine 91 Davidson, Loretta 52, 54. 91 Davidson, Richard 42, 44, 58, 65, 108 Davis, Bert 108 Davis, Diana 46, 48, 91 Davis, Elissa 91 Davis, Frank 91 Davis, Mac 64, 115 Davis, Meredith 108 Davis, Percy 62, 75, 108 Davis, Richard 91 Eldridge, Janet 109 Elijah, Jerry 92 Ellingwood. Nancy 36. 116 Elliott, Belinda 52, 116 Elliott, Ron 109 Ellis, Bill 44 Ellis, Mary 92 Ellis, Tim 62, 109 Embree, Larry 69, 75, 116 Engel, Donna 92 England, Robert 116 Erskine, Dan 58, 64, 69, 73, 116 Espey, Ed 38, 48, 56, 70, 107, 109 Etsler, Judy 53, 55, 109 Eurick, Morris 109 Eutsler, Daniel 52, 53, 55, 116 Eutsler, Joy 109 Eutsler, Marilyn 116 Evans, Gloria 92 Evans, Laura 92 Everman, Dan 48, 116 Ewald, James 92 Ewing, Mary 46, 109 Eytchison, Carol 59, 109 F Fairchild, Jim 116 Farley, Anita 92 Farley, Patricia 109 Farmer, Esther 109 Farmer, John 92 Farmer, Julie 38, 40, 109, 140 Farmer, Rozanne 59, 116 Farris, Arthur 70, 116 Fatzinger. Donald 49, 58, 68, 72, 92 ' Fawbush, Peggy 47, 109 Featherston, Douglas 52, 57. 92 Feemster, Elizabeth 48, 59, 116 Felts, Arthur 48, 116 Felts, Rick 92 Fenner, Stenhen 70. 109 Fenwick, Rick 48. 55. 116 Ferrando. Virginia 25. 38, 93 Ferrell, Barbara 45, 93 Ferrell, Bessie 44 Ferrell. Jodie 93 Files, Ron '42. 109 Files, Tarriara 93 Fillmore. Duane 93 Finley. Bill 109 Fishback. Alan 38. 49. 56, 58. 71, 93 Fisher. Cheryl 45, 93 Fite, Carol 109 Fite. Jerry 48. 58. 73. 93 Flahavin. .Terry 116 Flatt, .Tania 116 Floyd. Hattie 93 Folanfl. Thornas 58. 65. 75, 116 iralav. Mim, 11g Folsom. Diane 40, 43. 47. 59, 109, 142 Forcuvn. James 48. 49. 64. 74, 86, 93 Forcum. John 48, 74, 116 Ford, Jean 109 Foree, Beverly 93 Forkner, Jill 46, 53, 56, 109 Fosnot, .Toe 93 Foster, Marcia 109 Foust, Shirley 93 Foust. Vickie-Lynn 46. 59, 109 Ffuc. Janice 109 WHY. Steve 55. 116 Frank. Fich RR. 56. 92 Frank. Tom 48, R5 107. 109 Franklin, George 116 Franklin, ,Tnvne 117, 107, Franklin. Nila AA 55. 93 FH-azee. Max '75, 93 Free. Dave 116 French, Robert 52. 53. 58, 75. 93 Friblev, Sarah 46, 54. 55. 56. 93, 148 Frierwmod. Marsha 46. 55. 109. 138 Fuller. Eugene 116 Fuller, Jackie 109 Fuller, Pat 116 Fuller, Sherrie 93 G Gaines, Lanny 109 Gaither, Rene 109 Gaither, Roderick 93 Galbraith, Jeff 57, 116 Gale, Diane- 1 16 Galmore , Jimmy 116 Galmore, Joe 116 Garber, Garner, Garner, Garner, Garner, Garretso Garretso Linda 109 Gail 116 Johnny 93 Larry 93 Linda 116 n, Anita 59, 93 n, David 116 Grissom, Carl 55, 71, 109, 149 Gritter, Barbara 45, 59, 109 Grubb, John 58, 66, 68, 94 Gunn, Charles 116 Gustin, Cathy 116 Gwaltney, Larry 116 Gwaltney, Nancy 94 H Hagan, Doug 42, 109 Hagan, James 117 Hester, Cleophus 109 Hester, Eddie 117 Hexamer, Michael 95 Hiatt, Steven 117 Hickem, Mary 48, 109 Highbaugh, Jack 117 Highbaugh, Nancy 109 Highwood, Joyce 46, 55, 107, 110 Hiles, Becky 117 Garrett, Brad 46, 52, 54, 109 Garrett, Dave 36, 46, 58, 62, 93 ' , Garringer, Brenda 42, 48, 49, 56, 93 Garringer,. Rex 70, 116 Gary, Richard 93 Gaskill, Cheryl 47, 116 Gaul, Susie 93 Gault, Charles 116 Gaunt, Daniel 93 Gaw, Becky 109 Gaw, Brenda 44, 94 Geer, Goris 94 Gehrke, Steve 48, 52, 109 Gentry, Rex 109 George, Phill 94 Gerard, Martha 44, 59. 94 German, Nancy 42. 116 Gholston, Debbie 59, 109 Gholston, Larry 58, 62, 75, 86, 91 Gibbons, Bob 53, 71. 116 Gibson, Janet 49. 133 Gilbert. David 94 Giles, Pam 56, 109 Gill, Ann 40, 41, 42, 48, 59, 109, 147 Gillaspy, David 48. 109 Gilliam, Lucinda 42, 46, 48, 116 Gilmore, Laura 116 Ginde-r, Sharon 116 Gipson, Larry 48, 116 Girt, Jeane 94 Hale, Ronnie 109 Haley, Barbara 53, 116 Hall , Frances 39, 94 Hall, Gib 42, 109 Hall Lorena 116 Hall: Marie 38, 59, 109 Hall, Mary 95 Hall, Michael 95 Hall Mildred 116 Hall: sue Anne 109 Hall enbeck, Dave 72, 109 Halsell, Linda 95 Halsell. Patricia 116 Halwick. Laura 33, 36, 56, 95 Hamel. David 95 Hamel, Janice 109 Hamilton, Rennell 117 Hanna, Jeanne 38. 117 Hanna, Sandrea 109 Hanna. Stanton 95 Hannaford, Daniel 109 Hannaford. Teri 109 Harless, Linda 59. 109 Harless. Shirley 109 Harney. Diana 109 Harp, Lawanda 95 Harp. Linda 117 Harrington, Gary 109 Harrington, Phil 109 Harris, Clarence 117 Harris, Kay 59. 1l'7 Harris. Keith 42. 117 Harris. Phil 48, 55, 58, 62. 107. 109 Hart. Charles 95 Hill, Johnny 95 Hill, Pat 117 Hilligoss, Ste-ve 117 Hillsamer, Susan 48, 56, 57, 59, 95, 142 Hoard, Patsy 95 Hobbs, Diana 47, 53, 114, 117 Hobbs, Gail 117 Hobbs, Jennifer 110 Hobbs, Rita 95 Hocutt, Beth 46. 48. 53. 110 Hodges. Carol 42, 48, 53, 54, 117 Hodges, Sybil 117 Hodges, Vivian 117 Hogan, Mike 117 Hogue, Frank 110 Holbert Helen 110 Holbert, Patty 47, 48, 110 Holder. Karen 46. 59, 110 Holland, Danny 117 Holland, Don 96 Holland, Sarah 117 Hollars Hollars , Bruce 96 , Robert 96 Hollenbergev, Patty 117 Holliday, Bill 53. 54. 1,17 Holloway. Jacouelin 59, 96 Hook, Sherry 117 Hoover, Don 64. 117 Hoover, Bruce 38. 117 Hoover, Gar 58. 71. 96 -I-TQOVQYV T 'mv-v-v 115, 62, '75, 110 Hoover. Mark 58 68. 96 Honkins. Dale 110 Givens. Doug 33, 38, 46, 107. 109 Glass, Jerry 94 Glass. Mary Lou 42, 94 Glispie, Joe 109 Godwin, Lynda 1 16 Goehrin g, Jerry 94 Goins, B arbara 109 Golan, Beata 48. 109 Gooding, Shelia 109 Goodman, LeAnn 38, 116 Goodwin. Terri 109 Gordon, Gordon, Gordon, Goree, S Betty 116 Billie 45. 56, 94 Ralnh 94 andy 94 Gorman, Cheryl 59, 109 Gouker, Edward 94 Gourley, Connie 116 Gourley, Loretta 59, 94 Graham, Graham, Graham Brenda 59, 109 Daniel 94 James 116 Graham: Jane 116 Graham, Graham, Graham, Graham, Grandlin Jerry 94 Leslie 94 Mark 109 Mildred 38. 86, ard. Anita 116 Gray, Joe 109 Gray, Patricia 38. 46, 59, Gray, Randy 48, 116 Gray, Tom 109 Green, Cynthia 56. 94 Green, Deglorous 116 Gree-n, Elmer 116 Green, Sharon 109 ' 56, 94 94 Hart, Diana 52. 117 Hartzell. Dennis 95 Hartzell. Marie 117 Hartzell. Irene 45 Harvey, Lawrence 95 Harvey. Marcus 70. 117 Haskett, Robert 117 Hastings, Barbara 109 Hastings, Bob 117 Hastings. Kathy 117 Hathcoat. Sharon 95 Hathcoat. Susan 95 Hawley. Jackie 109 Hayes, Barbara 117 Hayes, Garnett 109 Heagy, David 95 Heath, James 56. 72, 95 Heavenridge, Cathy 59, 109 Heavilin, Karen 95 Heck, Donna 95 Heckman, Vivian 48. 117 Hedgecraft, David 117 Hedgecraft, Susie 117 Heffelfinger, James 95 Heffelfinger. Jane 109 Heiden, Cathy 38, 46, 49, 55, 59, 95, 144 Heiden, Deborah 117 Heiney, Edward 117 Hellems, Paulette 42, 47, 54, 109 Hellems, Steve 52, 117 Helvey, Drew 35. 49, 52, 53, 54, 56, 57. 95 Henderson, Clifforrl 117 Hendricks, Becky 59. 117 Hendricks, Moses 117 Honnes. Christy 38. 46. 59. 110 Honneg, T,inrla 59, 110 T-Tr-,v-nbeclz Tqvrv 117 norton- wiim ga, 1111 Unrtonl ,Tl-wr-cm A04 Fig, 55. OR Unmiov. llffilrfx 117 Hgginr. Richard 38. 55, 96. 151 Hoskins, Steve 110 Houser. Ann 40, 41. 49, 96. 150 Houser, Vincent 48. 54. llfl Hovermale, Larry 58. 62. 73. 96 Howe, Greta 110 Hudson, Annie 110 Hudson. Claude 46, 53, 54, 55, 96 Hudson, Henry 110 Hudson, Melita 117 Hudson. Ora 117 Huff. Dan 117 Huff, Russell 45. 96 Huff. Wendell 110 Huffman, Janice 110 Huffman, Mary 117 Huffman. Roy 117 Dave 117 Hughes, Hughes, Don 117 Hughes, Dorothy 96 Hughes, Jerry 117 Hughes, T.a,rrV 71, 72, 119 Hughes, Vicki 40. 47. 110 Huitema, Shirley 52. 117 Humphrey. Bruce 117 Hunt, Linda 42, 117 Green. Susan 116 Greenland. Richard 42. 48, 49. 56. 86. 94. 132 Greenlee, Becki 94 Greiner, Dianna 116 Greiner, Phyllis 94 Grencions. Gunfa 47, 116 Griffee, Cora 116 Griffet, Susan 48, 56. 59, 116 Grim, Wayne 47, 109 Hendricks. Mozell 48, 109 Henesy, Dave 117 Hensley, Fara 95 Henson, Betty 45. 95 Herkomer, King 64, 117 Herkomer, Mary 46. 59, 95 Herndon, James 117 Herrington. Jean 117 Herron, Michael 95 Hersberger, Rod 62, 109 Hunter, Karen 46. 59, 110 Hunter, Nancy 110 Huntley, Bobbie 38. 48. 117 Huntley, Steve 58. 74, 110 Huntzinger. Aida 96 Hurt, Carolyn 117 T-Turt, Wallace 96 Huston, Patty 110 Hutson, Norma .Te-an 110 Hutson, Peggy 117 Hyatt, Debbie 117 . Hyatt, Pat 117 Kelley, Joyce 110 Kelley, Nadine 52, 118 Kellum, Pepper 42, 45, 56, 97 Kellum, Rebecca 48, 59, 97 Kennard, Sheila 52, 97 I Imel, Joan 96 lmler, Steven 96 lngle, Bonnie 96 lngle, Thelma 110 lsoell, Linda 110 lsbell, Ruth 117 lsbell, Vera 110 lsenhour, Bob 110 J King, Jackman, Rhonda 59, 96 Jackson, Harry 110 Jackson, Mary 46, 52, 110 Jackson, Sharon 110 Jackson, Terrill 96 Jacobs, Caroline 44, 96 Jakes, Cary 117 Jakes, Joe 117 Jalace, James 117 James, Dick 58, 70, 96 James, Linda 59, 117 James, Ronnie, 55, 71, 110, 149 Janes, Mickey 64, 70, 74, 117 Janes, Sherry 117 Jarvis, Bill 117 Jarvis, Joyce 107, 110 Jeffers, Marian 96 Kennedy, JoAnn 118 Kennedy, John 118 Keris, George 38, 48, 110, 149 Kern, Bobbie 110 Kern, Daniel 110 Kern, Glee 42, 110 Keys, David 97 Keys, Karen 52, 118 Kidder, Joyce 46, 49, 59, 97 Kidder, Mike 118 Killian, Connie 110 Kimbrell, Linda 118 Kimmerling, Connle 118 Kimmerling, Earl 97 Kimmerling, Phillip 97 Kincaid, Camille 97 Kincaid, Gregg 71, 118 King, King, Barry 97 Beckie 46, 59, 110 King, Bill 118 King, Jim 45, 97 King, Marilyn 97 King, Ronda 97 'A King, Terri 118 King, Terry 58, 65, 68, 75, 110 ,J 'rim 118 ' lu Lewis, Dorothy 118 Lewis, Joe 38, 110 Lewis, John 118 Lewis, Thomas 98 Libler, Donna 46, 48, 49, 53, 98, 125 Liechty, Cheryl 35, 49, 53, 98 Lie-rman, Pam 48, 49, 56, 59, 98 Lightfoot, Robert 98 Little, Charlotte 49, 98 Lockridge, Terry 98 Jerram, Janice 42, 46, 47, 110 Johann, Carol 48, 49. 96 Johnson, Arlene 48, 110 Johnson, David 110 Johnson, Don 117 Johnson James 117 Johnson Jane 46, 59, 110 Johnson Johnnie 64, 70, 75, 117 Johnson, Kenneth 58, 62, 66, 67, 68, 75, 110 Johnson, Laura 110 Johnson, Marcella 96 Johnson, Norma 117 Johnson, Paula 48, 110 Johnson, Susan 117 Johnston, Martha 110 Jones Ann 96 Jones Beverly 48, 110 Jones Jones Bruce 48, 110 Charles 71, 110 Kinley, Sarah 55, 110, 128 Kinser, Elizabeth 118 Kinser, Michael 118 Kiper, Al 52, 118 Kiper, Ginny 45, 46, 53, 110 Kirby, Caroline 110 Kirk, Jim 75, 110 Kirkchenbauer, Linda 45, 97 Kirkman, Jane 42, 56, 59, 97 Kisker, Vickie 46, 48, 53, 110 Kivi, Christy 97 Kivi, Mary 42, 110 Kivi, Mike 110 Kizer, James 97 Kleinhenn, Lois 114, 118 Klinefelter, David 97 lllusmeier, Terry 52, 118 Knisley, Enola 47, 59, 110 Knotts, Jim 110 Knotts, Linda 97 Kollros, Charles 47, 110 Koons, Jim 110 Kretchmer, Jane 44, 97 Lockwood, Pamela 48, 59, 98 Lockwood, Susan 38, 47, 59, 110, 129 Logan, Phyllis 111 Long, Annie '111 Long, Mary 111 Long, Richard 118 Long, Tim"111,"- Looper, Jack 74, 111 Lott, Don 98 Loucks, Michael 118 Loudenback, Max 111 Louderback, Gary 98 Love, Edna 111 Love, Linda 49, 98, 147 Lowe, Bob 111 Lowe, Joseph 118 Lucas, Darleen 59, 111 Lucas, Janie 118 Lunsford, Chris 56, 57, 111 Lunsford, David 64, 118 Luntsford, Larry 118 Lupton, Mark 111 Lynch, Brenda 59, 111 Lynch, Delois 118 Lynch, Edward 98 M Mabrey, Linda 32, 98 Maddox, Richard 118 Madren, Don 111 Mahoney, Mary 98 Mahoney Patricia 118 Maines, Steve 48, 58, 62, 73, 111, 128 Mains, Jack 98 Mains, Richard 111 McCord, Ann 118 McCord, Sharon 45, 99 McCorkhill, Dave 118 McCormack, Roger 53, 55, 99 McCoy, Sharon 111 McCullough, Eula 99 McCullough, Tommie 118 McElfresh, Dorothy 59, 118 McElravy, David 99 Mcllrath, Judith 99 Mcllrath, Leigh Anne 59, 118 McIntosh, John 111 McIntyre, Beverly 118 McKain, Gary 38, 118 McKeand, Mike 118 McKee, Pam 52, 118 McKinney, Susan 99 McLain, George 99 McMahon, James 48, 58, 64, 71, 118 McMahon, Sandra 38, 48, 59, 99 McNab, Jo Ann 118 lVlcNabb, Mike 118 McNutt, Susan 118 McVey, Joseph Randall 64, 118 Merritt, Cal 99 Metz, Bonnie 48, 59, 118 Michael, Melanie 118 Michael, Steven 111,, Milam, Robert 36, 58, 62, 99 Miles, Bettye 99 Miles, Jerry 111 Miles, Johnnie 99 Miller, 99 A. Jeanne 38, 52, 59, Miller, Becky 47, 55, 111 Miller, Bruce 42, 99 Miller, Denise 118 Miller, Jean 118 Miller, Jim 111 Miller, Tom 111 Mills, Dennis 111 Mimms, Joyce 118 Misenheimer, Eileen 111 Mitchell, David 99 Jones David 64, 117 Jones Louis 48, 117 Jones, Mae 48, 117 Jones Margaret 96 Jones, Marilyn 110 Jones Pamela 48, 117 Jones Paula 110 Jones, Rodney 58, 71, 96 Jones Ron 117 Jones, Sharon 38, 46, 48, 49, 59, 97 Jones Steve 117 Jones Susan 48, 59, 117 Jones, Terry 54, 55, 97, 131 Jones, William 97 Jordan, Bobby 110 Jordan, Pamela 118 Jordan, Patty 110 Jordan, Rex 97 J osefek, Jan 35, 42, 49, 52, 57, 97 Joslin, Ethel 118 Jourdan, Betty 49, 97 Joy, John 118 Judd, Marybeth 118 Judd, Spencer 97 Kruger, Cheryl 48, 59, 110 Kuhn, Charles 110 L LaBrier, deJoly 38, 118 LaBrier, John 39, 49, 70, 98 Lagle, Sharon 110 Lamkin, Fletcher 110 Lane, Steve 69, 118 Lang, John 62, 98 Lanning, Charles 110 Lantz, Cynthia 53, 98, 146 Malone, Betty 118 lVlalone, William 118 lvlann, Joann 118 Marglson, Martha 98 Margo, Rose Anna 98 M ll, Mark 64, 118 arsha Martin, Donna 118 Martin, Jeff 118 lVlartin, Judy 118 Martin, Pamela 118 Martin, Rogeania 59, 98 Martin, Sandy 118 Martin, Wilma 98 Marvel, John 48, 111 Massey, Jerry 45, 99 Massey, John 118 Mata, Carolyn 111 Matheny, Janna 118 Mitchell, Larry 99 Mitche-ll, Patricia 111 Mitchell, Pete 111 Mitchell, Sharon 54, 118 Modlin, Georgia 118 Modlin, Nancy 46, 59, 118 Modlin, John 44 Montague, Leslie 42, 59, 111 Montgomery, Bill 64, 118 Moody, Paul 119 Moore, Cindy 47, 111 Moore, Jennifer 111 Moore, Patricia 43, 59, 111 Moore, Tommy 119 Moore, Tom O. 46, 48, 71, 73, 107. 111 Moore, Tom R. 72, 111 Moore, Vicki 47, 53, 119 Lark, Bob 118 Larue, Nelda 42, 59, 118 Lawler, Floyd 70, 118 Lawler, Lottie 118 Lawrence, Twila 118 Lawson, Barry 110 Lawson, Glenn 118 Lawson, Judy 113 Lawson, Karen 59, 110 Lawson, Robert 110 Lawyer, Steven 44, 98 Layman, David 118 Judd, Toby 110 K Kane, Mark 46, 97 Kappeler, Patsy 47, 56, 110 Kase. Steve 110 Keech, Michael 54, 110 Keeney, John 52, 70, 72, 118 Keeney, Kent 97 Keeney, Margie 110 Keesling, Dan 65, 118 Keesling, Dennis 118 Keesling, Jack 58, 70, 74, 110 Keith, Kathy 118 Layman Layton, , Gail 45, 110 Danny 98 Leath, Tari 59, 120 Leavell, Arnett 110 Ledford, Ronnie 110 Lee, Bertha 118 Lemmons, Terry 98 Lemon, Brenda 47, 118 Lennartz, Fred 98 Lennartz, Sue 59, 98 Leonard, Nancy 110 Lewis, Allan 110 Lewis, Deborah 98 Lewis, Dick 118 Mathewman, John 58, 65, 75, 118 Mathe-ws, Barbara 40, 41, 46, 59, 86, 99, 133 Mathews, Jean 48, 111 Mathis, Jerry 64, 70, 118 Matthews, John 111 Matthews, Judy 99 Mauck, Sherry 45, 99 Maxey, Dianna 48, 111 Maxwell, Dave 58, 62, 70, 111 Maxwell, John 58, 62, 99 May, Virginia 118 Mayer, John 99 McAlhaney, James 23, 99 McBroom, Robert 44, 86, 99 McCabe, Kathy 118 McCabe, Richard 55, 58, 70, 111 McCarel, Melissa 33, 42, 118 McCarroll, Nancy 38, 48, 59, 111 McClain, Becky 111 McClain, Bonnie 111 McClelland, Steven 111 Moore, Wanda 99 Moreland, Alice 119 Morgan, Aloma 119 Morgan, Charles 99 Morgan, Doris 48, 111 Morgan, Jimmy 119 Morgan, Lana 119 Morgan, Lucille 119 Morrill, Morris, Morris, Toni 111, 146 Beverly 38, 48, 119 Robert 52, 54, 111 Morton, Avo 48, 99 Morton, John 119 Mosier, John 119 Mosier, Susan 45, 99, 153 Mowrey, Larry 119 Moyer, James Steve 111 Moyer, Judy 111 Mueller, Paul 100 Muir, Rick 64, 70, 114, 119 Mullins, Gary 119 Mullins, Roger 58, 62, 100 Mumbower, Jim 119 Murdock, Gary 111 Murdock, Linda 111 Musgrave, Mike 111 Musser, Ken, 71, 74, 119 A Mustin, Tim' 58, 65, 72, 111 M ers Christi 43 119 Y , , Myers, Chuck 111 Myrick, Marilyn 48, 59, 111 N Nance, Debbie 59, 119 Nance, Eric 45, 111 Peel, Starr 59, 119 Peeler, Joe 119 Pepelea, Gwen 59, 112 Perkins, Karen 55, 112 Perkins, Sandra 38, 59, 119 Perry, Dale 112 Perry, Pamela 100 Perry, Sarah 45, 112 Phelps, Pam 33, 48, 55, 107, 112 Pherson, Bill 100 Phile, Yvonne 53, 55, 100 Phillips, Bernus 53, 119 Reed, Vickie 119 Rees, Lynda 101 Re-ger, Paula 101 Reichard, Penny 112 Reifel, Mary Lou 46, Remley, Marsha 1 12 Pierce, Glenda 101 Nash, Dorothy 119 Nash, Jeff 58, 75, 111 Nave, Edward 111 Nave, Lorene 119 Nave, Mary 100 Nay, Bob 119 Naylor, Danny 119 Neal, Donald 74, 119, 130' Neal, Ivory 59, 111 Neale, William 119 Neeley, Sherry 57, 100 Neff, Jody 38, 40, 46, 48, 52, 111 Nelson, Barbara 111 Nelson, Peggy 100 Newby, Dan 100 Newman, Roberta 53, 55, 119 Newman, Stan 111 Newsom, Greg 111 Niccum, Dennis 111 Niccum, Peggy 43, 55, 59, 111 Nicholas, Donald 100 Nicholas, Linda 48, 59, 100 Nicholson, Paul 119 Nicholson, Sherri 42, 111 Nipple, Connie 48, 54, 119 Noel, Carol 100 Norrick, Verilla 119 Norris, Robert 111 Nottingham, Ken 57, 119 Nottingham, Ted 52, 54, 100, 127 Nunn, Calvin 64, 119 Nunn, Eddie 69 Nunn, J. D. 68, 69, 75, 119 Nunn, Marie 59, 111 O Oakes, Dennis 119 O'Banion, Kathy 119 O'Brien, Diane 43, 46, 59, 100 O'Brien, William 111 Oexman, Tony 62, 75, 111 Olvey, Kenneth 111 Olvey, Phillip 52, 53, 54, 55, 73, 111 O'Neal, Alice 100 O'Neal, Sherry 59, 100 Oota, Ritsuko 111 Orr, Cheryl 52, 119 Orr, David 64, 119 Osbon, Carmen 111 Oshier, Dan 70, 119 Osselaer, John 100 Osting, Marilyn 111 Phillips, Betty 112 Phillips, Cheryl 100 Phillips, Jimmy 100 Phillips, Judy 49, 100 Phillips, Roger 119 Phillips, Ruth 55, 119 Phillips, Terry 119 Phillips, Wanda 46, 49, 53, 54, 55, 86, 100 Pierce, Bill 101 Pierce, Jeff 119 Pike, Sally 48, 49, 59, 101 Pitts, Mike 57, 112 Plummer, Dave 112 Polhemus, Jay 46, 49, 53, 54, 55, 57, 101 Poling, Dennis 101 Poling, Janis 119 Polk, Kathy 119 Pollock, Mike 112 Ponsle Pope, r, Karen 112 Mary 119 Porter, Chester 57, 119 Porter, David 119 Porter, Diana 119 Porter, Elizabeth 45, 112 Porter, Patricia 119 Porter, Gerald 119 Porter, Robert 58, 71, 101 Posey, George 119 Posey, James 101 Posey, Sandra 45, 101 101 S Sachse, Tina 120 Sample, Jerry 112 Sampson, Linda 43, 47, 48 59, 80, 102 Sanders, William 112 Sargent, Dan 102 Satterwhite, Alex 55, 120 Saunders, Steve 53, 120 Saylor, Terry 120 Sayre, Marcia 59, 102 Scales, Mark 112 Schaller, Butch 120 Scharnowske, Robert 58, 64 69, 120 Scherer, Linda 53, 120 1 Schild, Darlene 112 Schinnerer, Barbara 112 Schinnerer, Brenda 48, 102 Schmidt, Mary 59, 112 Schmitt, Cheryl 120 Schmitt, Jerry 102 Schoettmer, Loretta 120 Schrenker, Mike 48, 112 1 1 Renner, Belita 42, 48, 119 Reveal, Larry 58, 62, 68, 69, 73. 112 Reynolds, Larry 119 Reynolds, Ruth 112 Rhoda, Vic 65, 119 Rhodes, Nathan 112, 119 Rhynearson, Rebecca 38, 101 Rice, Edward 119 Richardson, Carol 48, 59, 101 Richardson, Carol 38, 47, 55, 119 Richardson, Charles 112 Richardson, Glenda 59, 112 Richardson, Jim 120 Richardson, Kate 48, 59, 120 Richardson, Mary 112 Richardson, Nora 120 Richardson, Patricia 49, 53, 55, 101 Richey, Rita 112 Richwine, Elenor 59, 101 Richwine, Richard Terry 101 Richwine, Rita 47, 120 Riddle, David 120 Riddle, Jim 112 Riddle, Joe 120 Riley, Jim 112 Riley, Victoria 48, 120 Rinker, Dan 54, 55, 112 Rinker, Linda 59, 120 Rinker, Mike 72, 120 Rittenberry, Lois 120 Robb, Loretta 120 Robbins, Areitta 120 Robbins, Gordon 73, 114, 120 Robbs, Kathy 55, 112 Roberts, Jenny 101 Roberts, Mary 112 Roberts, Warren 112 Scott, Bill 45, 102 Scott, Ja Scott, Mi ckie 112 ldred 120 Scott, Sandy 48, 112 Seacat, Barry 112 Schild, Doris 120 Se-al, Chr Seal, Donald 39, 46, 58 102 is 59, 120 Sears, Christine 102 Sears, Di ana 112 Sears, Drusilla 120 Segner, Laura 48, 56, 102 Segner, William 112 Setzer, G Sewell, C loria 112 onnie 102 Seybert, Sandy 120 Shannon, Dianna 59, 102 Shaw, Patsy 112 Shaw, Sa Sheets, B ndy 48 illie 102 3 627 Ott, Mike 47, 119 Owe-n, Tom 47, 119 Owens, Beverly 38, 53, 111 Owens, Norm 111 Owings, Susan 111 P Painter, Larry 119 Pake, Vicki 111 Pardue, Linda 119 . Parker, Charles 49, 62, 100 Parks, Patty 111 ' Parson, David 100 .- Parsons, Aaron 40, 111, 126 Paschal, Bob 111 Patterson, Donald 100 Patterson, Robert 35, 38, 49, 52, 54, 57, 100, 125 Patterson, Sheryl 59, 119 Patterson, Terry 111 - Pavey, Bob 119 Payne, Danny 111 Payne, Mike 112 Pearson, Charles 43, 53, 100 Pearson, Jeff 49, 100 Peek, Liz 38, 59, 100 Potter, Sheryl 101 Poulson, Ruth 119 Prater, Linda 119 Pratt, Paul 112 Pressnall, Ronnie 38, 45, 112 Price, Bennie 58, 70, 101 Priddy, Steve 52, 54, 112 Priddy, Susan 49, 59, 101 Pring, Rosemary 119 Priser, Linda 59, 101 Privett, Bruce 74, 119 Prout, Linda 59, 119 Puckett, Janice 101 Pullin, Jerry 112 Purkey, Janis 101 Q Qualls, Barbara 112 Quesinberry, Sandra 119 Quire, Don 119 R Raison, Patricia 119 Rambis, John 47, 119 Ramsey, Cynthia 112 Ramsey, Dwight 47, 55, 119 Ramsey, Wayne 48, 49, 56, 86, 101 Raper, Steven 62, 112, 148 Rariden, Julie 59, 119 Rariden, Leslie 55, 101 Rauner, Nancy 47, 54, 119 Ray, Diane 112 Ray, Robert 112 Rayford, Joe 70, 119 Rayford, Robin 112 Reardon, Kathy 32, 42, 46, 49, 54, 55, 101, 149 Reardon, Robert 112 Rector, Larry 119, 153 Rector, Norma 46, 56, 112 Redding, Naomi 52, 119 Robertson, Harry 64, 120 Robertson, Jerry 112 Robertson, Karen 40, 112, 147 Robertson, Mike 52, 53, 54, 120 Robertson, Steve 120 Robertson, Thomas 54, 120 Robeton, Nancy 120 Robinson, Beverley 59, 112 Robinson, Beverly 45, 59, 112 Robinson, Bobbie 120 Robinson, Dave 120 Robinson, Karen 42, 59, 120 Robinson Lillie 120 Robinson, Lynn 59, 101 Robinson, Margaret 102 Robinson, Norman 58, 62, 70, 75, 102 Rockhill, Debbie- 48, 120 Roddy, Clematine 120 Roddy, Robert 112 Rodecap, Becky 120 Rodecap, Debbie 107, 112 Roe, Steve 114, 120 Roettinger, Jack 35, 48, 52, 53, 57, 73, 102 Rogers, Keith 120 Rogers, Mary 42, 48, 120 Rolling, Willie 62, 75, 112 Romine, Douglas 112 Roseberry, Linda 45, 102 Rosencrans, Bob 112 Rosencrans, John 120 Ross, Byron 112 Ross, Loretta 120 Rousey, Gloria 112 Roush, Becky 120 Rowe, Rebecca 53, 102 Rozelle, Ginny 55, 112 Sheets, Jerry 112 Sheets, Linda 102 Sheets, Paulette 40, 59, 112, 152 Sheets, Phil 64, 120 Shehane, Angie 43, 112 Shekell, Doug 58, 71, 112 Shekell, Frank 49, 102 Shell, Earlen 112 Sherman, Margaret 38, 47, 48, 49, 59, 102 She-tterly, Ron 102 Shields, Charles 102 Shipley, Linda 102 Shipley, Stephen 102 Shirley, Bill 64, 120 Shock, Judith 59, 120 Shoemaker, Eddie 120 Short, Dennis 112 Short, Walter 102 Shoults, John 55, 112 Shuck, David 102 Shull, Rick 52, 102 Shuster, Deborah 42, 48, 55, 112 Shuster, Pam 38, 48, 59, 114, 120 Siefer, Shari 31, 40, 112, 137 Siefert, Ronnie 112 Simmons, Bob 70, 120 Simmons, Jane 59, 120 Simmons, Jean 59, 120 Simmons, Judy 59, 102 Simmons, Pam 46, 120 Simmons, Sharon 103 Simmons, Wesley 120 Simmons, Willie 45, 103 Simpson, Darra 55, 112 Simpson, Irene 120 Simpson, May 120 Sipes, Debbie 48, 112 Reed, Reed, Reed, Reed, Reed, Ann 101 Cynthia 59, 112 Katrina 119 Patty 119 Phillip 52, 54, 70, 119 Rozelle Rosemary 59, 120 Rucker, Patricia 112 Rudolf, Larry 64, 70, 120 Russell, Eddie 120 Russe-ll, John 65, 120 Sizelove, Phillip 48, 73, 103 Skaggs, Karen 38, 47, 112 Skaggs, Mark 46, 55, 112 Slattery, Jim 42, 71, 120 Slaughter, Ruby 120 Willis, Roger 121 ' Slick, Steven 38, 57, 120 Slusser, Terry 120 Smiley, Ron 65, 120 Smith, Barbara 43, 46, 47, 56, 112, 148 Smith, Bob 52, 103 Smith, Carol 112 Smith, Carolyn 112 Smith, Smith, Smith, Connie 112 Dan 103 Daryl 38, 47, 49, 55, 103 Smith Deanna 59, 120 Smith, Debbie 46, 47, 59, 112 Smith, Donna 42, 49, 103 Smith, Gerry 120 Smith, Gregory 112 Smith, James Michael 49, 55, 57, 86, 103 Smith, Jeanni 59, 120 Smith, Judy 45, 103 Smith, Linda 48, 103 Smith, Linda 112 Smith, Michael 64, 120 Smith, Michael 112 Smith, Mike 23, 103 Smith, Polly 103 Smith, Roderick 120 Smith, Roger 112 Smith, Sharon 59, 112 Smith, Sharon 103 Smith, Sharon Sue 120 Smith, Susi 102, 139 Smith Walter 103 Wean, Marty 46, 56, 59, 113 Smitherman, Bob 112 Snelson, Barbara 120 Snelson, James 52, 53, 103 Snelson, Richard 48, 53, 120 Snider, Diane 38, 59, 114, 120 Snider, Jean 120 Snoddy, Steve 103 Snow, Bob 120 Snowden, Linda 103 Snyder, Susie 112 Snyder, William 48, 120 Sokol, Bev 56, 120 Sparks, Larry 42, 44, 103 Sparks, Pam 59, 121 Sparks, Scott 58, 70, 73, 112, 126 Spaulding, Candis 112 Speelman, Danny 121 Spence-r, Thom 103 Spohnholtz, Robert 121 Spohnholtz, Thomas 103 Spradlin, Carolyn 121 Sprague, Pamela 48, 49, 59, 103 Sprague, Timmi 52, 121 Spurlin, Ronnie 121 Stafford, Anrita 112 Stafford, Robert 103 Staggs, Randi 112 Stailey, Jan 121 Staley, Nanci 121 Stanley, Connie 45, 112 Stanley, Ross 53, 54, 112 Steans, Harold 58, 75, 103 Steans, Marilyn 112 Steans, Tommy 64, 121 Steen, Stotmy 121 Stefke, K'Marie 47, 55, 59, 112 Stegner, Barry 121 Stegner, Sally 48, 59, 103 Stephens, Ernest 112 Stephens, Gary 48, 103 Stephenson, Sandi 121 Stevens, Dottie 59, 121 Stewart, Leslie 103 Stickler, Linda 40, 41, 46, 48, 59, 86, 103, 135 Stickler, Robert 40, 112, 148 Stilwell, Russ 104 Stinson, Ronnie- 112 Stires, Jerry 104, 147 Stires. Jill 112 Stith, Allan 112 Stith, Deborah 121 Stith, Sharon 112 Stockdale, Kenny 44, 112 Stohler, Linda 113 Stokes, Beverly 38, 56, 104, 149 Stone, Karen 52, 113 Stoops, Edward 121 Stoops, Janet 104 Stowe, Roy 104 Stowers, Shirley 104 Strangeway, Bruce 121 Straub, Teresa 121 Streaty, Julius 58, 65, 75, 104 Streaty, Larry 44, 104 Street, Carolyn 42, 59, 121 Strohl, Janice 42, 104 Stults, David 104 Sullivan, Charles 44, 104 Sullivan, Lajuana 104 Summerville, Angela 121 Surbaugh, Steve 69, 72, 121 Surber, Kenneth 104 Sutherland, Teresa 33, 121 Swain, Hazel 48, 104 Swango, Janet 35, 40, 41, 47, 49, 56, 57, 86, 137 Swanson, Kenny 73, 113 Swinford, Doug 113 T Tabata, Sharon 113 Taggart, Gana 35, 40, 45, 49, 55, 56, 59, 104, 131 Tallman, James 58, 62, 64, 70, 86, 104 Tate, Cora 44, 104 Tate, Richard 121 Taylor, Clark 104 Taylor, Debbie 38, 47, 59, 107, 113, 138 Taylor, Don 62, 113 Taylor, Frank 62, 68, 113 Taylor, Linda 32, 37, 40, 55, 107, 113 Taylor, Mark 104 Taylor, Mike 62, 75, 104 Taylor, Robert 104 Teague, Sharon 38, 47, 59, 113 Tegge, Marilyn 48, 54, 121 Tegge, Ronald 71, 113 Temple, Becky 121 Temple, Christi 113 V Van Buskirk, Linda 121 Vanderhoof, Judy 105 Vanderhoof, Mary 113 Vanderluit, Janice 113 Van Duyn, Susie 105 VanDyke, Randy 40, 55, 113, 136 Vangets, Dana 64, 69, 121 VanHorn, Fred 121 Van Voorhis, Mark 55, 113, 146 VanWinkle, Kristine 86, 105 Vardaman, Samuel 113 Vaughn, Anita 59, 121 Vaughn, Charles 121 Vaughn, Joseph 113 Veach, Betty 45, 113 Vermillion, Douglas 43, 52, 113 Vermillion, Jeffery 113 Vermillion, Virginia 40, 41, 48, 49, 57, 59, 105, 132 Vetor, Cheryl 121 Voight, Virginia 47, 55, 59, 107, 113 Vorndran, Dan 42 W Wable, Linda 45, 105 Wade, Linda 59, 121 Wiley, Nina 36, 46, 48, 49, 59, 86, 106, 143 Wiley, Terry 58, 65, 68, 69, 75, 106 Wilhoite, Ginger 121 Wilhoite, Scheerine 106 Wilkins, Mary 59, 106 Wilkins, Paul 113 Wilkins, Raymond 106 Wilkins, Rose 121 Wilkinson, Teresa 47, 59, 121 Williams, Bob 121 Williams, Bruce 65, 121 Williams, Carolyn 59, 106 Williams, Charles 121 Williams, Cindy 106 Williams, Donald 44, 106 Williams, Douglas 113 Williams Elaine 48, 121 Williams, Jerry 113 Williams, Johnny 64, 121 Williams Kathy 106 Williams Pam 113 Williams Pat 121 Williams Stuart 113 Thacker, Danny 114, 120 Thomas, Ann 121 'lnomas, Dennis 104 Thomas, Larry 64, 121 Thomas, Rhonda 121 Thomas, Sharon 104 Thomas, Tim 121 Wagner, Joyce 105 Walker, Charles 62 Walker, Dan 58, 71, 105 Walker, Mike 52, 105 Walker, Pat 113 Wallace, Donald 105 Wallace, John 58, 68, 75, 105 Wallace, Pam 113 Wallace, Susie 121 Wallace, Tom 105 Walser, Ron 105 Walters, Gregory 58, 62, 75 Walters Pam 113 Warbington, Lynda 48, 52, 121 Wardwell, Lana 38, 113 Warnell, Betsy 113 Warner, Eahrmel 44, 105 Warner, Jeffrey 54, 121 Watkins, Saundra 113 Watson, Alfoncer 42 Watson, Jimmy 105 Watson, Melanie 47, 55, 121 Watson, Minnie 121 Watson, Richard 113 Watson, Sam 113 Williams: Thomas 64, 121 Williams, Thomas R. 40, 41, 106, 134 Williamson, Melanie 113 Williamson, Pam 113 Williamson, Rex 121 Williamson Teresa 106 Williamson Tom 57 113 Wilmoth, Rosalee 38, 59, 106 Wilson, Al 121 Wilson, Cecil 106 Wilson, Darlene 45, 107, 113 Wilson, Wilson, Lloria 121 Norma Jean 54, 55, 86, 106 Wilson, Patsy 113 Wilson, Paul 121 Wilson Tony 72, 113 Winkler, Roy 106 Winter, Margaret 106 Wisner, Dianna 113 Wolve-rton, Ronald 106 Wood, Dave 38, 42, 73, 113 Wood, John 106 Woodall, Edgar 121 Woodall, Eleanor 46, 113 Woods, Jim 45, 113 Woods, Jim 68, 69, 121 Woolard, Susan 42, 106 Woolsey, Joyce 113 Workman, William 121 Thomason, Mike 71, 74, 121 Thompson, Carol 113 Thompson, Marilyn 121 Thompson, Nancy 40, 42, 47, 113, 134 Thompson, Rick 69, 121 Thornburg, Linda 35, 38, 49, 56, 57, 86, 143 Todd, Steve 121 Tomlinson, Chris 53, 104 Weatherly, Fred 58, 105 Webb, Barbara 113 Webb, Nancy 35, 49, 55, 105 Wehrley, Don 121 Welch, James 121 Welker, Mary 121 Welker, Paul 105 Welker, Richard 113 Weston, Teresa 44, 113 Wheat, Cynthia 105 Wright, Alton 121 Wright, Connie 48, 121 Wright, Cyndi 121 Wright, Cynthia 53, 54, 106 Wright Darrell 1 13 Tompkins, Richard 121 Tompkins, Sharon 113 Toombs, Ruth 113 Townsend, Harold 64, 121 Townsend, Wayne 48, 113 Trees, Craig 48 Trimble, Janis 47, 59, 113 Trogdlen, Michael 46, 104 Troup, Robert 113 Trueblood, Michael 113 Trueblood, Nancy 44, 104 Trueblood, Rachel 42, 53, 121 Tudor, Marvin 104 Turner, Booker 104 Turner, Calvin 113 Turner, Connie 113 Turner, Debby 113 Turner Virginia 48, 113 Tuterow, Kent 105 Tyler, Candy 48, 59, 113 U Ulery, Frederick 46, 75, 105 Upshaw, Allen 49, 52, 105 Whetsel, Glenda 59, 105 Whicker, Terri 113 White, Bonnie 45, 113 White, Cynthia 42, 49, 54, 55, 56, 86, 105 White, Douglas 58, 64, 121 White, Robert 75 Whited, Ed 113 Whitehead, Bre-nda 59, 105 Whitehouse, Vern 105 Whitman, Sharon 59, 113 Whitmyre, Vicki 105 Whitney, David 105 Whitson, Barbara 121 Whitson, Faun 113 Wickersham, Robert 113 Wihebrink, Jeff 48, 56, 65, 75, 121 Wilcox, Ralph 113 Wiley, Nancy 48, 59, 105, 143 Wiley, Nanette 32, 38, 46, 48, 106, 143 Wright, Dave 42, 64, 75, 121 Wright, David 113 Wright, Eddie 113 Wright, Jerry 47, 113 Wright, Roosevelt 121 Wright, Theada 121 Wright, Vicki 113 Wysocki, Steve 113 Y Yahn, Jean 113 Yattaw, Mike 40, 41, 48, 106, 152 York, Dave 121 York, David 47, 114, 135 York, Donna 33, 121 York, Leon 106 York, Mike 73, 113 Young, Young, Catherine 106, 153 Louella 121 Young, Phyllis 106 Young, Steven 113 Youngblood, Richard 62 Z Zachary, Carolyn 106 Zearbaugh, Paula 59, 121 Zerkel, Bill 106 Zion, Karen 38, 59, 121 Zirkleback, Cathy 113 Zook, Dave 64, 121 . 77' -f , 6 , . KU A ,pig gt,5,f5.7 of Q V,fzI'..4,.54 , flddfh. I idfe Iii V f - , 4 f ,. , , , W' 4.g.c-L42 U! M y of C fl! LJ IWC C ,, i , 1 5 , XC, sci Acziaf X cf 9 - K . X 4 4' -"' 71' f ZQLXQ ffafaj Q'-f' ei :df ft tl' ff UPL! V, - 4, Q, ,rf , X Lk i ft If I LefwfQ.fa..ef f 5 5fLf""4' ff' 'LM Q5 ff rf 7 V' , , , rr jf f, CgI'1,4cf1g2 ,K 4-C696 14 fc' KX! 1 5Zc-9 ..ff7Zf C. L' C f- 'C 4 7 Lf' f x , f f ' Medio! fd 4115 MJZX4' Cf. iffy 4142616 ,gay-fffff-ffd 6424 , D, " .7 J fr X, L f - I. . -717 .C I xlg?4L.7ffL,.C'L,Li,. V if-Lt. cl if., cc L, X, ..f M! WW' . . . . 1 , , . kg. ,Raj ,fzfzx .cz if car L 'C ivrffg UT' ,f C a fafef "Lift J 7 fic X: if , , . Q K X7 I Vlfbdffdlzf atff ,Z C, , Acknowledgments aaa! tfjgzfifa wif Producing the 1965 "Indian" with the ever-mindful goal of making it the best high school yearbook ever published required unending hours of tedious labor by the annual staff. Yearbook Workers began their colossal task by preparing the frameworks of the annual during the summer months. As the start of school approached, the project shifted into high gear. Working throughout many evenings and Weekends to meet successfully monthly deadlines, the publica, tions staff became more and more confident that the finished product could be the realization of its goal. For staffers, the end of a long year brought with 'it the satisfaction of knowing they had published a year- book of which AHS could truly be proud. N w A deep credit is due from both school and "Indian" staffers to the yearbook advisor Mr. Frank Woschitz. Mr. Woschitz will be leaving Anderson High next year, but during his 12 year stay at the high school he has raised the yearbook to All-American and Medalist status. While leaving an indelible- mark on his stu- dents, Mr Woschitz has brought high honors to both the yearbook publication and the school. 1965 INDIAN STAFF Gordon Beeman ........ Editor-in-chief . . Managing Editor . Business Manager Linda Stickler . Janet Swango . . Gana Taggart . . . . ,. Activities Editor John Chaney . . . . Photography Editor Aaron Parsons . . Assistant Photographer Tom Williams . . ..... Sports Editor Nancy Butz .... Virginia Vermillion . . . Faculty Editor . . . Senior Editor Barbara lVIatheWs . . Advertising Manager Mike Yattaw . . . Circulation Manager . Underclass Editor . Underclass Editor . Office Manager Diana Bush . Ann Gill . . . Ann Houser .... - ! Mr. Frank Woschitz . . . Advisor N M30 jamfjiwv p 1965 JU 1oR STAFF M Diane Folsom Bob Stickler M EWU aj Vickie Hughes Linda Taylor 1 Y Jody Neff Nancy Thompson , my Karen Robertson Randy Van Dyke ' ' Paulette Sheets Mark Van Voorhis Shari Siefer Doug Vermillion Ma COMMERCIAL FIRMS Wi Q ' , A Hudson Printing Co ......... Printing W' ' Associates Engraving Co. ..... Engravings The S. K. Smith Co. ........ Covers Mr. William Stookey . . Feature Photographer Mr. Russ Forkner . . . . Group Photographer Delmar Studios .... Underclass Photographer

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