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X 'R 1: fx LL kS 4 5 it ,CQfJC4. 7' GZK 1 LC E Mm, ,Q dk UMM vu ,-of fw 'Lf Qfiflxfj, 1 ,E flb mmf! 71 ftfq N 4 1 N JK yyfxxuflkx MW X 1 x Y I K W x N x 'N g K X' I X 1 - ' - - - ' 1 l QQ . 1 Q'-'-. fvsg.-,fs Q' l J yMw Q ,X AX :Xe X E X I WX ' . J Xi A ' ' , . HEX V y Xl 'X X inf-J' 'XX ' X X X Y 2 1 f l . , .X f ' n A ' L A 1 f X,,fX ' : Q! X V V , W ' I V ffl gl, , X 3-,qi ul , ., , X ff 3 in ,F XJ P 1X 5 X 1 ,J 'J. X F J 1 N L' 1 l w We J ,A-. ,7 - W 5 QwfffJUlhf . . -4:1 ' fy O ' , ,X VI :U ,X Jill ,L .X I I U Qwlv H fx X , . X, , ,X XJ X V Q - X X 5 X Qi . - X X U K f l ' ' x 1 ' . 1 f I 2, l X 'X ' , x X x5?'r V 1 r-JN X . K x. lv , X XX W X I 'X XV to 'X If i N , X ' f YW Q I gk ' ' will 1 if gl . si fi. Q1 P I WX! . I X X X X X XV, ' ,x Q .11 4x f " X1 k X g?gWXi X XX XX, 'Fi X ' f N- 4 ' 'H X F 5 2 KX f ' Sw L QX w tk1 ,W 1 X x 'yd LX X K X I . XL ' X ,fx ' X . .' 'A F 'J . X XXX I X F X X If f 1 , f7yyf2Q f gy WM , 1 N 5 ,A,. J . I ,i jVL"' P i ,I X ff Uvfu V !,5l!g,v ' an V' 1 MVC 'P fljj ' U I P LQ, Li Q! ff f Yfxbmf ALL ' H 7 f V M , h 1 AML! ff! .Ax f , bw jf I Q ' . ff ,. M141 I vcqigfiq I . , ll 5' ,fy ,I Wifi! ' T 1 ,!,L.y,f" b w L L f ' 4 jJ U Taff' fy 5'-ff, f V ,nf ix 91 3WQ ' ff 9 ! v ,f 1 , ,V 1 KU ,L .M L y f I' ? ,. l fx W fm P Q- N . I W ' ' ' 431 : ' .. 5 ff Q., JV A,-, Y .. L'ff'41' 1 V ,YJ '. 4 ff A gif, V I f':f"Q V,-, ,ffl 1 I Q A q- P 9 1' , K M" ., ' 47 'M " CQ .,. 'f A f' w f' d' ' f-Z4 4 , P' A !' .ffl 'J Q' ' - x J fw Le Ve, 2' ff Af lr . fb! 4ff,"'4"'N,V f1f'?'7lzVK4 s r 7 ,JA fw"6I gif' 4' A ,J 'n fd! . WDM -3 fl u ir' 'AV' I I j J YQ? 'Q LWYC7, Wmbgf - 'J'f'L,JQ 4,, -" . 1 If -P, gx- ,. K' f Y I I C54 nv ...Ni L,.4.L ffxfxgx Q" C1'xMVk- Ajj,-,f-L.. -A: A ,L . L,--K .Q 2153? .I .- Q ' 1 15 -4 Jfxi, .. I 2-Q kk ,x ff' m" "A "" p x, Q, L X . 1 1 .NXK If f M INN? ,TA VYIY 6?4kkL, fx f Yxl, 3 1 ,J -r ixtasrl- LH Ml kg . I J X1 Rf, - X 774 1-Z TLCVO-VV K fy um,-', 3 -X 44,71-! 1-If L N NX - 0, g Y L,z'U11jv,-VMWL1 V ww -Y-3 L - 3 ,.fl, g, H Q, ,ZQJ If-41'-7 , Ck'ixV-'LX 5-4-1 X J H, if A 'DR , 'M ,jg-A xx V' -- ., -1 xx . . " '-J fr - K ,WZ - WW Wfwexfwf WWW WM MQ W CS .,fJ.,QJJu6 Q ' x"5:f uk, ,4j,l ,WL 'W A ':PvJ.JL.u2,. X 5 , 5NQ wyizggfiggji , Wy! Jjnfa' f W if M wxujyic WE? Ui ,QV X J , .2 Q iQw9W5fQf 9, vJj.,, 1 I JL MW i5Qv'SM -My OYW ' - W! , , M VQ, QR Sl cw- if-9'9N7J My fffN2?g'V'9W K W wi' Wu WWE lifh Wx , LN. ffl JM ' , - .pf Q .1 C piJ X My la is , ,C ff JJQQRX OJ UV" Q' QQ' Qbgyi Wi U6 f Ag! fQa af-MWMW 7 L LQ ' X ae Aw! 'af wp X M fgfgidmlw' V A JVZJGQJXKQOK xx . -by px W Vwamw gg? Q wi? U fx Www k W X'- ,yy - 'Y X! 'YQ 'fix X5 . W x Q77 , N' 1 b 5 dau, QSSEQSQ I QU X014 53533 Ffa , 'ul' ,,OKhQ5LdD1Qf M xg X W vw ggviqwqf K Q fl N f G X Ov zk OX! MT X D 4 f de X f w M V Mfjyxiwigffyffylg QHZJW KU' ff 'W QRSON gi? - i AINDIANA ,gif 1 l f 3 vi ! r ,ANDERS , gi! f W1 ' X 9 'x XTR ,Q 'fx ' r V N ., f, X-' ff Cwif W LA' V ,E J", "J , 'X , 4 f , ' N :flf f - ,, fm ,- . ,.,-' ,V fury .1 .gf-5' 4' Up D 1,7 ,ff 5- , . f M. L -fg, y - V M! vvifa La! V 1 1 ' 1-f " ?,n,f, wflf . I, 'J ,J fx, "1 , r f ,M , f , my JN f"-4-V" L.'ffk .ff J 0 ,Af f inf by V R JJ? 'f,gY,,.i-i...wQ" AQQQ'-'1iy""j"J 0 y V7 X ggi ,ff .L,., r I ff , fa ,iw , Qf bA it ' Q., Table of contents it . 'V w""'d'5f"fi7i2aif ,--" -f E J' Opening . 4 Peoplefv ,W ', " jfifff'. . 80 if Activities . . 20 Advertising". . -. . .M :,53f':t.M'- . 130 , , at Q ---A - jiri, I Athletics . 58 Index . ., ' 455. L . . . 160 my,-'2 ff! X fiqgifilfil-f' 507 Z' f!,m,f7 ef f. . f ff ff ,, xwf ,jf J' F Y. Gnu, , rowing M 0,0 ERIN Fl 4 'T ' , l, l v w J if l x u 4 X x J A'-4 Oblivious of the remodeling, impatient audiences enjoy the auditorium. English literature classes travel via globe over the route of the Norman Conquest. 4 l ffl A "L. f . f ,-. - -'77 ,J JL affarfffi -yt fi---'vC"Q""'6i K" L f 'f fs:.'f"lAV-7 ft V LIL, X f' Zyl f 'ir .4 7 ,f A ' ,f . - , " f ' gas., fgZ6,..Zz"2fZ,..L,g5LQ'24,,6fwL.flZ, ,Q C,Z,.efL..-'ffcf ,,.,- nv , 4 .IVA 1, -bafzf .,. ' .Q f i ' ff, fs 4 , .L A K -1 0, ,A , 4 Af",-7?1-fx A,Q4f'E'CfC7fQf4' 1,L"f,,f4g'f4f" 7 X ,jf 'X - . 4 f , ,A .,,, . T7 fi Color abounds in promising artists' impressionistic chalk designs. 1960 brought change. From the seeds of modernization sprang the sprout of a majestic gym and the reblooming of a 50 year old plant-AHS. Awkvvardness characterized the rejuvenating process. The odor of paint, noise of workmen, and inconvenience of detours plagued pupils, but the completed operation left a beautiful, sturdy building. Outside pressures extended a more subtle iniluence on the revamped structureas inhabitants and spurred students to strive for intellectual development equal to the demands of the fast-moving, changing age. X. fffifacffiqgg, lf Kew! wdmm Awami A-.aff-Jfr'-ef J . Lia-,XML W'D7'ff7'w" Www w From formless materials home eco- nomics girls produce colorful fashions. Witliin two years a huge gym vanished, and a 31.9 million replacement was born. This new building will house an enormous pool, an 8,500- seat basketball arena, physical education areas, vocational shops, a cafeteria, and a stage. Upon its completion in 1961 it may boast of being the largest structure of its kind in Indiana. b i 1 - .... 1 1 s sra. n . .ssia .aw+.zfa .d'i ui,- 1 - fm' 7 1 , i 7 J 1 .:f'f',ll:ig'i:.- rr ' if ' - P 'f-- -- - ... ,, -w ud , A ff- ' 2 .,i.' 1 522451 ElW??t?j51lll?li?i'iirz153??5f'5fli5?fi!f5Q. . --f' -..,, . i.' 7 f,fr.are21if-refneififftmfff ggi: 3' wif' ':gs.5'lr3. 5 7 U Mtv .'.. Z' , -"'i'f4s91?,.euwJmf A ?Q5g5w.,e-rf wif: f' ,.- ,,.', . -fffsf-'sas- 'f.... ,. - 'V .. , . Y df is wfiaismg... H rsma .,,. f L. , . .1 A alma' Lv..,.,,gf,l,v .,-1. , - ff 7 . was V-mf ,..W,r fa--mar-.xisimaufml-5Ff"""'5?"c.,' !' i ms, '-,. ---- ,, ns. '... fis'1'Ss?r 'lb.s:::'. ' it , .....,-, ' , , f' ,,,, uf t 1 .- . -'fi' ' imfffi-f Lki' "live .-,. ' ,, -.M- """" "' Lf- I T ., ' Elms 321' 'il-225.1 't'- ' flifiiiiaf il g slk i ::f3 f 'hs ,fieil1:.x.,.'l "'?i?iswl!!iiii2g. l a 5.53, mgjgggag ykpy u g, -1332.-lp' .5 1,555,252 4.55 3257 N, it ' .M .. ww .,.. , -4 ' . 9 . -: - -... . - :.,fw..w . sw :sw W ' uf v.::J-'51,-ik...-gg.. gl- u p-1 f-a egis!-I mf- , 'g g,.,,fi,rrm mf -. H. 1 I '7-', -W ..., . - . .'-- . H I -. -. r.'.-at-,ffl-fs . iwwirkii-if-'.. -rz.-.1 sw 2v7?rll ' w .f f s ,Ef?.-v.,, vawgg. M SM Q Q ,,,., f H ., ,V - ' 1 ' . L p- !,.-.1 ' Qggfi.-.-5f:',.gt:.Eiri . as 1 .aare " ' " 1 1 ' . .n-a' Q 1 it 1 . ' it ' rras g . -fe vs - - 14' . - - Q. . - L' . ' H 5 A." .xr 4--,' fa V ., .. , " , X ,,,. . 1f:73:yg'1:.. - : : : :: : ,i P - f "' - - fiw3flt5!e.- :Su-M . .. ' V , The architect's conception of the new AHS gymnasium. Progress both obliterates, creates Concrete and steel Cleftl forecast the approaching of a of bricks remains. In the place of the bricks, which were tremendous gymnasium. Step by step the Hre-ruined gym sold or carried away as souvenirs, appeared a much- Cabovej crumbles under the power ul wrecking force of needed parking lot. a bulldozer and attached cable until only a battered pile 7 Board Work constitutes an important phase of Mr. David Barrow's "learning laboratoryf, Cleaning, painting, Changing give I i i Titration descends to the plane of understand- ubility when performed in actual experiments. a new look W Remodeling advanced, and gradually a rain- bow of soft yellow, green, blue, and pink colors crept into the dreary rooms to abolish the dark, school-room-greens used in class- rooms from the iirst grade to the twelfth. Enlarged window spaces permitted sunshine to iilter through opaque glass blocks framed by aluminum. Bulletin boards placed over the resurfaced blackboards imparted extra interest. The psychological effect of the replastered walls, hidden pipes, and sound-absorbing ceilings evidenced itself in the attitude of the student body. Faculty and pupils alike appreciated the eye-saving ilourescent lights and tiled floors instead of the hard, foot- tiring concrete surfaces. New tables, desks, and cabinets completed the timely moderni- zation program. Discussion in nutrition class emphasizes the requirements of copper, iron., calcium in the well-balanced diet. Amid construction, classes Continue Gestures underline an important point in speech class. E M5 EB 5 Conversion of the janitors, cubbyhole provides more room for home economics classes. to run the usual hectic schedule Exactly iifty years ago the doors of AHS opened, and feet began to tread over the in- scription "Knowledge is Powerf, Now the original inscription no longer exists, it is reset in more contemporary materials. Witliin that half-century the inlayis composition grew out-moded, but the meaning lasts always. Education bestows the power to use words to their fullest, to comprehend the solution to problems, and to live effectively. Knowledge is a power that is lasting far beyond graduation. Colleges expand knowl- edge, time deepens the river of learning, and application digests it into a practical product. Persons may, with democratic training, ob- tain and apply knowledge as a power to change the world. Personal use typers tensely await the start of a five- minute timed writing. Students reach out for knowledge Study hall occupants cut the quantity of Work to be finished at home. Complex algebraic equations occupy large board space and demand comprehensive thinking. Sports, clubs, convos, and Held trips are worth-while extras, but the orbit of the school program still revolves around a classroom nucleus. As a part of daily in-school Work pupils read texts, compile notebooks, and discuss their ideas. Under the guidance of teachers, students scrutinize theories and conduct experiments to confirm these views. Tests periodically measure accomplishments, and grades record progress. World understanding escapes nations be- cause of barriers of prejudice, but in the classroom every student sits side by side to learn together. Though planned only to give knowledge, the public school system acts as the biggest integrating machine in the "melt- ing potv society of America. Pattern-making boys design various types of projects while also learning a skilled trade. friendships in school experiences In class, dissection of crayHsh opens naturefs secrets of life,s processes. Young historians locate territories of the past. junior weathermen record daily weather Business machines class acquaints girls with office systems and Card cataloging guides researchers in their methods of filing. information quest. - American Observers inform American problems pupils of significant current events. Work, fun, achievement mix into an The work of a teacher cannot be weighed by the number of parts assembled that day, a percentage of goods he sold, or a time clock of the hours on the job. A teacheris success or failure illuminates itself more subtly in minds and lives. In lessons teachers can in- still patriotism, fairness, and logic, While courtesy, dependability, and industriousness seep unnoticed into student behavior. Anderson High School has qualified teachers to make available' more than 80 academic subjects. A total of 78 members make up the ll departments for a student- teacher ratio of 20 to l. Faculty, realizing the strength and importance of their inilu- ence, employ great self-discipline and con- duct their lives under the microscope of the school board, parents, and community. In school, as much as in the home, lifetime- lasting thoughts, ideas, and opinions of youth are formed with the assistance of teachers. Wise and understanding instructors save many juveniles from the path of delinquency, groom scores of youth for vocations, and set hard-to-reach examples for the future genera- tion to measure their lives by. Neat, accurate drawings in drafting develop from patience and practice. intoxicating taste of school life Deviating from the ordinary teaching format, Mr. Leo Sanders lectures his psychol- ogy class. 15 In the pause before the bell students pass on the day's news items. Early-morning crowds congregate before school in the now-Well-lighted halls. Changes heighten the beauty of AI-IS Q ' 1Mww--ff'-vnrvw -wwflfswm--Qsfm we-fs,--W-.f,w1ef- we .5-w:M..,r.f .f15-If-,M -fr ig, ulunnwn- Y , ,. ,Q ..,.. W. .,..,t . ., . M ,. he Glass doors frame a friendly conversation. Monitors police the activities of the hall Walkers. Workmen labor on Weekends and Weekdays to install the theater-type auditorium seats. on the schoo1's 50th The light of modernization transformed every hall or room previously blackened by time, but none changed as much as the audi- torium. Like an ugly caterpillar, it isolated itself from its surroundings and launched an internal metamorphosis. Padded, Indian-red leather doors replaced formerly drab en- Some persons couldift contain their curiosities about the auditorium. anniversary trances, and folding chairs gave Way to pink, theater-type seats. The usable stage area in- creased and accumulated green velvet cur- tains. Lime oak paneling trimmed the pale green assembly spot. Late in the fall the beautifully transformed creation emerged from its cocoon to awe all spectators. mfeahouse of August Moonn books tvvo days of the auditoriuirfs tight schedule. Customary senior cords and skirts dominate the halls on Wednesday, senior day. To students, precious traditions of Behind every action lies a motivating force. In the creation and maintenance of the public schools the force is the individualis search for truth. Desire for achievement is another fac- tor underlying education. At AHS seniors labor to complete their schooling and capture Twin honors shower upon Patty Pearson, salutatorian, and Ion Hunt, valedictorian, who also rank as Merit Scholars in national competition. this needed feeling. Scholarships, contests, and awards also tempt Workers to more dili- gent study. Exhausting as the search for eternal perfection is, without this quest all education, achievement, and progress could not continue. Co-editors Dave DeBolt and Pat McKeand's year of effort on the '59 annual rates all-American and Medalist awards for journalistic excellence. , 1- c.13,y3, 1-. .1 V . . ,..,. , -Q.-i'..1sS 7'??iEf9??i5 ti :lets I at 3 X X ' 3 is A aw 3 w , 2 We at 2' .4 W 4 X 1 4 it u ,'h ai 1fiffff fre z., - Lrfy fiffflf "A ?if7ff:'f1 A , I 7 K " e ,iigiimwif 1 i 1 -. . V. i 'LLL- i i TTL, i H 52 'fifil-512' if i . MTV fs' f- mx ,fur f-f1- 1 1. yyyf . 'i f ' iv AHS Social Studies feflChe1', MT- l0hU Filllley, Writes his Commencement s eakers Ruth Gilmore, sittin , Mar - H b k cz 1, z - - ' - -P ' 1'St 00 , 0 C1 G90g7'l179hy, Wh1Ch WHS publlshed 1n hnda Thomas, Mike Morgan, and Ioe Speece confer in the fall of this Year. the library to polish their speeches. past llve on 111 the present, future For seniors the ultimate achievement of their high school careers comes at graduation. 19 H 4 1 I I l. 1 l X I v T 5HMWwiQ.Wkg DE2Q?iuPQ:3Qf5Sg,1qz?E5v3S G2Z2F2S'1e?Yfft-P1 J fwwv WMS Qs9 , will LX-1-Qfwwxl My X? wgwwm -2 ' , J QNJSQ QOJQQLQKQJ 1b..99lQq'7iKZZE3QQx.NS3.c. Q was W G ' aI1cT4L growiifgfg 'th Mfwveugq' W1 X3 UVQQQL u ii ,QDtI Activities reward members with fun, l 4 Okinawan maidens Ioan Hurley, Nancy Sampley, Carrol Thomas chatter about American GIs in a scene from the senior class play, "Teahouse of the August Moon." Maturity separates into many layers, one of these is social maturity. Clubs and school spon- sored activities draw this level of adultness with- in the grasp of AHS students by giving them chances to form lasting friendships, cope with the task of leadership, assume the position of followers, and release the abundant energy of teen-agers. Common vocational interests, musical inter- ests, and service to others knit some of the organizations together. These groups raise school spirit, set up dances, plan parties, conduct imaginary rivalries, and participate in programs for school and community. They vote for kings and queens, and flavor high school life with an unforgettable taste. Tasks of earning money by selling candy and cards, constructing elaborate Hoats, and persuading classmates to enroll in the ranks falls into the hands of the joiner. Each event in its own way stacks its block on the framework of a complete personality. c'25d, who'll give SOGPH rattles oil auctioneer Mr. Egbert Hood as he "sells" Vicki Cobin at the Latin Club slave sale in room 207. new friends, experience, Inatureness Basketball coaches Don Barnett and Ick Osborne dem- Using excess snow to advantage are'Peggy Deweese, onstrate how it's done at the sectional pep session. Nancy Kellam, Steve Weston, Bonnie Malsom, Max Shively during one of the colder months. Mr. Richard Dennis and the orchestra immediately put the completed auditorium into service. 23 Junior Y-Teens Cleftj go "Beatnik,' in the home-coming parade, and seeking to change the weather for the op- posing team, homeroom 116 Qrightj makes a bid for the winning lloat among more than 20 entries. First afternoon homecoming, dances, Fall NVindup Queen Carol Nahrwold and Attendants Toni Pemberton and Jeannie Steele reign prettily. Activities of the fall varied as much as do the shades and shapes of the leaves. Homecoming showed its full richness of color in the first after- noon parade in the schoolis history. That eve- ningis football game glowed in the splendor of queen joan McGillicuddy's crowning, the an- nouncement of the float winners, and sparkle of the half-time show. Cold and frost descended on the enthusiastic crowds and escorted in the end of the fall sports season with the Fall Windup Dance and its queen Carol Nahrwold. At last the lingering leaves of autumn lost their grip and fell to the ground to give way to inevitable passage of time and change. Over-excited football fans lind laryngitis plagues them. "We will clean up those Giantsf' proclaim the members rides the victory rocket for his homeroom, while of homeroom 118 Cleltj, and Mr. Ray Fleenor Ccenterj homeroom 109 Crightl pleads to baby those Giants. fan's enthusiasm keynote fall events Little Dutch girls eliminate competition by running them through the mill. Smiles radiate from the faces of homecoming queen Ioan McGillicuddy and Attendants Pat Ferguson and Penny Wells. Announcement of her election flabbergasts Queen Ioan and her escort, Mike Morgan. 25 Headlines break the news one spring Friday-Jane Wel- lington, Prom Queen: Attendants, Iudy Iosefek frightj, Toni Pemberton Cleftl. Behind the headlines the story begins. Junior class boys nominate in homerooms for queeng elimination progresses until the candidates are whittled to six. Each girl anxiously Waits as the voting continues the cut to three finalists. Then as the whole school speculates on the results, the final vote is revealed. Queens personify beauty, traditions Yearbook queen candidates, Grace Alexander, Sondra Anderson, Caralee Campbell, Cindy Greene, Diana Miller, Saundra Heard, Coral Janes, Lois Kardatzke, Ian By entertaining in an exotic, tropical setting of Hawaii, juniors wished seniors "Nam Alohav or a 'cbeautiful good-bye" at the junior Prom. As couples danced to the music of the Phi Mu Cru, queen Jane Wellington and attendants Judy josefek and Toni Pemberton led the memorable grand march. Prom night brought lasting mem- ories and fond farewells for seniors. Excited students campaigned throughout the halls and voted for their choice for yearbook queen. All subscribers to the yearbook were allowed to vote, but only homerooms having IOOZ subscriptions nominated a candidate. En- gineered by 'the annual staff, the four-year-old contest has become noted for having more votes cast than in any other queen contest. Queen candidates were chosen for their likeness to the all-American girl. Each received a corsage as a souvenir, and Yearbook Queen Diana Miller accepted the tiara and locket as recognition of her success. Against a regal setting of marble pillars, Diana Miller adjusts her glittering Yearbook Queen tiara. Loudenback, Rosemary Swain, represent AHS beauty and the all-American type girl. Q Junior annual staff recruits learn the mechanics of year- book production. Seated, front row, are Mary Ellen Bridges, Gail Bushong, Cherryl Brummett, Sherri Kern, Carolyn Bell. Second row, Ralph Cray, Randy Shuman, To make the contents tit harmoniously into the dummy requires constant revising by Mr. Frank Woschitz, fac- ulty adviserg Beverley Miller, Ianet Alleman, and Patty Fleece, members of the staffs "Big Threef' Roger Melson, Sharon Carroll, Ian Thornburg, Lillian Duncan, Barbara Deiser. Standing are David Scovel, Charles Howard, Gary Campbell, Judy Alleman, Nikki Morrill, Cheryl Caldwell. Annual staff seeks lane Preston, Sandy Cox, Diana Miller practice for the Annual girls basketball team. Summer institutions, photography experiences, and public relations fused into only one of the pieces of the most unusual educational oppor- tunity offered at AHS-annual staff. No other class Wangled outside jobs for its students as part of their training, required such patience in checking and rechecking for absolute accuracy, or offset its work by out-of-class sidelights as float building, a Christmas party, and a record- ing session. By surviving the pressure of deadlines side- by-side, entering into the extra features of the organization, and Working to produce a good book, the 13 senior staif members discovered that the loyalty and closeness which affected staffs in the past had repeated its magic on them. They knew that it would be their fate to return as did their predecessors to see the 19-member junior staff again unfold the story of the year in the 1961 Indian. . 7 t ..,- Annual staff float "Indians On Topi' compares the award- winning yearbook and soon-to-be victorious football team at the Homecoming Parade. to maintain award-winning record Vicki Learned Cleftj demonstrates to David May the check on the progress of the subscription. drive, and tedious process of identifying underclass pictures while photographers Jim Scovel and Ed McCrockl1n smile ap- Norma Cripe, Joan McGillicuddy, Judy Cron Ccenterl provingly fright? at a newly-developed negative. X-Ra, deadlines, Little Chief give Patty Pearson, editorg Iym Flye, sports editorg Stephen Priest and Phyllis Grant, managing editorsgn Sally Keller. editorg Watch intently as jerry Speece, photographer, describes the func- tions ot his Hasselblad camera. Mr. Lee Pursley, faculty adviser, reminds lean Copy on the Way to the print shop passes through the hands Kinley, john Burris, Jim Talkington, Sandy LaShure, of Sharon Carroll, Jackie O,DoWd, Mary Stolle, Margaret Don Wilson of steps in newspaper production. Ashley, Sandra Brown, Lillian Duncan. 30 passing headaches, final pleasures Reporters, seated, Pat VVright, Pam Case, Karen Neff, Jane Mathews, and, second row, Marty Baldwin, Sandy Sells, Rita Io Butz, Charles Howard, Joyce Blackshear, Deadline, the most significant word in journal- ism, made hearts flutter and feet run as X-Ray members produced a weekly newspaper. Old to some, new to others was the rigid routine of meeting a deadline. To keep a finger on the heartbeat of the school, reporters ran beats and wrote and rewrote copy. Because the editors were striving for perfec- tion, they prodded for more news and better stories. Members soon realized that creative writing and accuracy were essential. Ascension on the ladder to higher positions came through initiative and sustained eiforts. In conjunction with the printshop, staffers produced a paper and the Little Chief, a literary magazine of student compositions. Publication representatives advertised, sold, and distributed the publications in their home rooms as a link in the efficient journalism chain. Mark Morgan, Barbara Snook, Gary Campbell pick out their published stories in the X-Ray. Busily checking the iinancial status of the X-Ray are, seated, Sandy Corre, Janice Perry, Sherry Carter, and Mark Codbey, Bonnie Lloyd, standing. Valuable helpers print, distribute Eddie Davis, Meril Hedrick, Mr. Donald Hays, faculty advisor, Gene Ielfers check a page proof Cleftj of the X-Ray. Working in the print shop to help produce the newspaper, sports programs, tickets, and many other PUBLICATION REPRESENTATIVES-ROW 1-Suzette Batthauer, Anabeth Hodson, Ann Robinson, Trudy Raper, Carolyn Hammond, Karen Moody, Rita Ahrendt, Zella Shelton, Donna Reichard, Anita Ballinger, Cindy Greene. Row 2-Paul Binnion, John Nicholas, Penny Richardson, Marilyn McNeal, Vehrma Nisely, Barbara Trisler, Caralee Campbell, Sherry Carter, Charlotte Eckrote, Wesley Eytchison, Paul Price, Melvin Sylvester. Row 3-Jim school materials frightl are David Ash, Fred Ray, front, Jerry Thomas, Ralph Sparks, Marvin McCorkle, Ray Henson, Milford Craig. Horner, Don Wilson, Carol Kinnaird, Nancy Marshall, Kathy Rush, Shirley Seybert, janet Burns, Steve Land, David May, Kenneth Davis, Dallas Flint. Row 4-Charles Breese, Larry Swain, Milford Craig, David Knisley, john Simpson, jay Campbell, Willie Ford, James Iordan, Bill Graham. Stephen Weston, Bob Shearer, Meril Hedrick, Howard Whitman. Future Retailers began the year with a first place float in the Homecoming Parade and climaxed 1960 with the winning of the 'cClub of the Yearv plaque at the state convention of Distributive Education clubs. Several student projects took first place honors and Kathy McCrocklin was state D.E. aStudent of the Yearf, Formed in 1951 in order to oHer social life to students who hold jobs, the club has grown and now helps End jobs for students interested in the program. Realizing the importance of bettering the community through sound retailing practices, the group learned new, up-to-date, retailing methods and put them to use in local business establishments. WVindow displays, ad layout and composition filled part of their training. Students interested in the club join in their junior year. Main project of this year was DE. In-School Store which carries school spirit items. Through this store they learned the fundamentals of selling and management. President Steve Hart fcenterl shows the trick of design- ing an eye-catching showcase to Deanna Abernathy, recorder, Judy Kimmerling, treasurer, Cathy McCrocklin, secretary, Barbara Jeffries, historian. Retailers sell, display, win awards Santa and Steye Hart team up to entertain children Cleftl Crightj to Glenn Keeney, Boyd Roseberry, Richard at the orphan s home Christmas party. Mr. James Biddle. Arline, Cuba Alford, Ann Robinson, Suzan Spencer, faculty advisor, introduces new retailing information Betty Box, John De Vore. 33 Band marches to third straight win, Blacklight spreads an eerie effect to football fans at the Indianettes Halloween half-time show. Although most people thought it impossible, the Marching Hundred paraded to the strains of Tchaikovsky,s Fourth Symphony, and captured another state championship, an unprecedented third straight. The victors journeyed to Canada in March to exhibit their abilities before the Canadian Na- tional Bandmasters' Convention. Piling into three buses, the band and Indianettes left AHS at day- break and traveled through blizzards to Pontiac, Mich., where they were given a banquet and presented with a plaque and picture of Chief Pontiac. The following day in WVaterloo, Ontario, they presented their concert. After visiting a frosty Niagara Falls, they returned home, some five hours late, a sleepy bunch. A public presentation of their Canadian con- cert under the direction of Mr. George Vaught, including numbers ranging from 'gWest Side Storyi' to alntrada from Second Symphonyf re- placed the Variety Show. Precision drilling at football games, public presentations of the State Championship show, and community parades filled out the remainder of the bandls busy schedule. Only split-second timing enables the band to break parade formation, form a line, and swing into jazz routine before the 3-minute time limit expires. l . travels to Canada despite blizzard Although extreme heat collapsed several Indianettes, the band completed its show ftopl for Labor Day crowds. Civic-minded musicians fbottomj engineered the United Fund Train to a successful campaign. Straight lines and precision of step mark the champion- ship qu ality of the band in every parade. Personalities, Dan Roby, Miss Indiana State Fair, and Superintendent G. E. Ebhertt, heighten the im- pressiveness of the cham- pionship trophy presenta- tion to the school. DANCE BAND-Row 1-Mr. George Vaught, director, Mark Barron, Roger Kellams, Warren Jones, Mr. Gerald Bordner, Max Tatman, David Maine. Row 2-Phil Roby, Wade Shaw, Mr. Milton Blood, John Dilkey, Jim Orr, Stanley Schumacher. Row 3-John Thompson, John Wise, Norman Rauner. Dance band plays at social events, BAND-Row 1-Mark Barron, Ruth Hudson, Judy Jose- fek, Norman Rauner, Row 2-Clarice Christian, Roger Kellams, Patty Pearson, Carol Nahrwold, Larry Hurlbert, Alan Ayers. Row 3-Larry Tegge, Alberta McCoy, Kathy Orr, Sharon Eads, Gary Lewis, John Ravenscroft, Harold Schild, Alan Swinford, Nancy Osborne, Jim Armstrong. Row 4-Stanley Schumacher, Paul Hardacre, Bob Huff- man, Charles Howard, Jeff Gilmore, James Johnson, James Talkington, Joe Ice, Jon Fisher, Wade Shaw, Phil Roby. Row 5-George F. Vaught, director, Bonnie Bowers, Tim Hardy, Charles McKissick, John Thompson, Jim Purkey, David Carmany. INDIANETTES-Row 1- Karen McKay, Phyllis Swain, Pam Waymire, Karel Sue Smith, Deloma Foster, Judy Giddens, Pat- sy Vfood, Judi Sanford. Row :Z-Jill Vaught, Cheryl Caldwell, Toni Pemberton, Becky Hart, Judi WVright, Jeannine Reel, Saundra Heard, Susan Johnson, Shirley S eylo ert, Kathy Rush, Carla Kirk, Pam Hakes, Cheryl Byrum. while Indianettes entertain at games Row 1-Diann Kemp, Ellie Kolbusz, Janet Burns, Jon Hunt. Row 2-David Howe, Midge Stolle, Mike Russell, Jim Hunt, Sandra Berry, Sandy Simpson. Row 3-Larry Graves, Phyllis Harmon, Ronnie Massey, Lloyd Kennard, Max Tatman, Alan Brown, David Maine, Warren Jones, Pat Binkley. Row 4-John Burris, David Edwards, Eddie Himes, Bill Miller, Bob Hart, Randy Shuman, Bill Adams, Vernon Smith, Danny Burchfield, John Dilkey, Jim Orr. Row 5-Doug Harney, James Horner, Lloyd Keirns, Sherman Adams, John Wise, David York, David Doty, Lester Blackwell, Steve Hart, Gerald W. Bordner, assistant director. CHORAL CLUB-Row 1-Janice Perry, Joan McCilli- cuddy, Joyce Norris, Kathy Orr, Julia Norris, Evelyn Matthews, Judi Wilson, Mary Sue McAllister, Velma Nisely, Linda Higdon, Betty WVolverton, Linda Addison, Jane Preston, Dixie Delph, Eleanor Kolbusz, Beverley Miller, Ginger DuBois, Ruthie Gilmore, Esther Patterson, Hazel Carter. Row 2-Jean Kinley, Becky Reardon, Peggy DeWeese, Beth Robinett, Karel Hendricks, Kathy Rush, Shirley Seybert, Jeanne Phillips, Caralee Campbell, Jan Loudenback, Carolyn Dickson, Nanci Newman, Sandy Cox, Jane Wfellington, Lois Howell, Norma Large, Lois Kardatzke, Martha Huber, Barbara Fribley, Carolyn Falls. Row 3-Meril Hedrick, James Johnson, Howard VVhit1nan, Steve Aldred, Jim Bridges, John Crose, Curt Jones, David Maine, Jon Hunt, John Shaw, Eddie Purci- ful, Lanny Crouch, Jim Scovel, Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, sponsor. Row 4-Alan Ayers, Steve Jackson, Lonnie Black- well, Kenneth Keesling, Fred Schrope, Jim Orr, John Kallenberg, Steve Land, Jerry Porter, Claude Cookman, Ronnie Massey, Bill Harper, Jon Shafer, Dwight Barr, Jerry Rouse. Choral club, Madrlgal smg before MADRICAL-Row 1-Curt Jones, Janice Perry, Beth John Kallenberg Miss Mary Ruth Palmer director Robinett, Jan Loudenback, Carol Nahrwold, Ellie Kol- Dwight Barr Jerry Rouse busz, Beverley Miller, Jon Hunt. Row 2-Steve Land, teenage, business club audiences Dawn brought freezing temperatures, gigantic snowflakes, and dedicated Choral Clubbers to wish the band a musical farewell. Buses pulled away for Canada amid the good-byes of the emblem-sporting well-wishers. This, along with parties, basketball, and football games kept Choral Club a closely knit group although the friendly rivalry between the Titantic Tenors and Amalgamated Basses still prevailed. In traditional green robes, Choral Club par- ticipated in the Thanksgiving and Easter convos, Christmas program, the County Musical Festival, and Baccalaureate. Madrigal, the highest achievement in vocal music, traveled to Terre Haute in May to sing for the Indiana State Teacheris College. During the Christmas season Madrigal presented pro- grams for service clubs and organizations throughout the city and also sang at the Christ- mas convocation. Choralettes, Concert Choir, and Boys Chorus participated in the County Musical Festival as they began their careers in the vocal music department. Detail-minded Miss Mary Ruth Palmer repeats a chorus from County Choral Festival selections. CONCERT CHOIR-Row 1-Pam Caldwell, Karen Riggs. Row 3-Donna Latour, Lou True, Marcie Espey, Dunkerly, Susie Miller, Joan Garrett, Sharolyn Watson, Donna Bowers, Janet Hughes, Janet Armstrong, Linda Victoria Lorenz, Aundrea Broadnax. Row 2-Melanie Morris. Row 4-Karen Boss, Pam Coen, Susan Mc- Kinser, Betty Ann McCarty, Sharon Slick, Kathy Helvey, Adams, Nancy Young, Nancy O'Neill, Joy Reichard, Lynda Bright, Darlene Fields, Leanne Spell, Nancy Paula Cramer, Penny Wells, Deena Hanna. CHORALETTES-Bow 1-Margaret Ashley, Rita Kearns, Pam Baker, Sondra Johnson, Linda Bates, Nancy Walkup, Sandra Henderson, Pat Devaney, Marsha Shields, Vicki Jani Hickem. Row 3-Sherrill McAdams, Karen Scott, Gobin, Eloise Robinett, Linda Peterson. Row 2-Pam Pat Browning, Janet Anderson, Sandi Foltz, Nancy Case, Ruby Davis, Nancy Marshall, Elizabeth Toornbs, F1-ibley, Loretta Kimmerling, Lillian Jackson, Betty Jones. 40 BOYS CLEE CLUB-Row 1-Nancy O,Neill, pianist, Willie Townsend, Neil O,Brien, Terry Jones, John Steven Smith, Keith Padgett, Kenny Upshaw, Allen Wiley, Bruce Ress, Carl Caldwell, Jim Limbrock, Deyo, Bill Miller, Larry Hurley, Dave Stookey, Mrs. Phillip Powell, Richard Kallenberg. Elizabeth Van Ness, sponsor. Row 2-Albert Thomas, MMM membership, vocal music career MODERN MUSIC MASTERS-Row 1-Steve Hart, Alan Swinford, Max Tatman, David Maine, vice president, Patty Pearson, historian, Jan Loudenback, secretary, Carol Nahrwold, treasurer, Jon Hunt, president, Clarice Christian, Ruth Hudson, Karel Hendricks. Row 2-Julia Norris, Nancy Osborne, Donna Bowen, Bev Miller, Ellie Kolbusz, Carolyn Falls, Nancy Marshall, Nancy Fribley, Judi Wilson, Nanci Newman, Karen Perkins, Janice Perry. Row 3-Diann Kemp, Jeanne Phillips, Jean Kinley, Lois Howell, Norma Large, Janet Burns, Roger Kellams, Lillian Jackson, Curt Jones, Kathy Orr, Pat Binkley, Alan Brown. Row 4-Allen Deyo, Fred Schrope, Stan Schu- macher, John Kallenberg, Alan Ayers, Mark Barron, Jack Graham, Charles McKissick, Steve Land, Jerry Rouse, Jon Shafer, Eddie Purciful. ORCHESTRA-Row 1-Jeanne Phillips, Suzanne Eilar, Evelyn Matthews, Melva Sylvester, Peggy DeWeese, Clifford Gilmore, Carol Margison, Susan James. Row 2- Beth WVarner, Donna Bowen, Madelyn Taylor, Carolyn Hyatt, Patty Pearson, Jim Hunt, Pat Binkley, David Howe, Janet Tooley, Nancy Osborne, Pattyann Goss, Row 3-Karen Perkins, Nanci Newman, Eloise Robinett, Sondra Brattain, Jim Purkey, John Thompson, Charles Howard, Jim Talkington, Wade Shaw, Charles McKissick, Stanley Schumacher, Dan Burchfield, Jim Orr. Row 4- Nancy Marshall, Carolyn Hammond, Jerry Freeman, Charles Barth. Row 5-Sherman Adams, Mr. Richard Dennis, faculty advisor, John Wise, Karen Burris, Bonnie Eoviers, Dave Carmany, Hal Ryan, Frank Meeker, Jean in ey. Orchestra shows talent at concert Last minute practices build confidence before public performances in the string quartet of Jeanne Phillips, Clifford Gilmore, Suzanne Eilar, Susan James. A successful spring concert by the AHS orchestra was typical of this high-spirited musical group this year. It followed equally good showings in the County Christmas Program at Madison Heights Gym and a special orchestra convoca- tion. While Mr. Thomas Clem, department head, worked with the Tampa, Fla., Symphony during his leave of absence, Mr. Richard Dennis acted in his stead. Mr. Dennis' skills on the violin led him throughout Europe and to a victory over 300 contestants on the Horace Heidt talent show be- fore he came to Anderson to teach. High placement of both orchestra and string quartet in instrumental contests proved practices worth while. Private lessons and daily rehearsals made up just part of the routine preparation of the musically minded students. Practice rooms echoed the sounds of violins, cellos, and basses as members bettered their skills. Troupe acts out Shakespearean play Reviews of Broadway plays, theater parties to Ball State Teachers College, and the study of theater techniques kept Thespian troupe 736 busy while they waited for the completion of the auditorium. Their training included learning the art of stage make-up, staging, scenery production, and costuming as well as acting. To help appren- tices earn points toward becoming a Thespian, the group rehearsed, taped, and presented a series of radio programs. A newly formed girls, speaking chorus gave their rendition of :The Night Before Christmas" for the Christmas Con- vocation. Barely had the auditorium received its new look before the troupe invaded it and started work on a 40-minute adaptation of Shakespeares comedy, "Twelfth Nightf' In Shakespearean cos- tumes, the group presented the play for the public and English classes. THESPIANS-Bow 1-Karen Breese, Jan Thornburg, Norma Large, Sherry F arlow, David Maine, vice pres- ident, Jeanne Steele, secretary, Mary Sue McAllister, president, Phil Blue, treasurer, Donna Bowen, Mrs. Maxine Bridges, sponsor. Bow 2-Lillian Jackson, Sondra Brattain, Gayle Shaw, Shirley Huil, Bev Miller, Lana Irving, Nancy Thornburg, Marylinda Thomas, Nanci Disguised in boyish attire, Jeanne Steele completely baffles court members Donna Bowen, Bill Presley, Steve Weston. Newman, Pam Case, Dixie Delph. Bow 3-Sandy Cox, Teri Misner, Joyce Hearld, Nancy Sampley, Patty Pear- son, Jeanette Jones, Sandy Sells, Paula Cramer, Vicki Cobin, Suzie Steves, Sherri Kern. Row 4-VVillie Ford, Ronnie Massey, Hal Harris, Mark Godby, Ross Boyer, John Thompson, Douglas Mason, Douglas Davis, Steve Weston, Bill Presley, Lanny Crouch. Santa squeals to Carla Ewald from his book of bad deeds about AHS students. Student acts like hamboners Steve Jackson, Steve Aldred, Howard Whitman, Jim Steele Ctopj, barbershop quartet singing by Bill Miller, Randy Shuman, Allen Deyo, Neil O7Brieng Trudy Raper in a tap dancing routine, and Larry Clem as Charlie VVeaver relating a Mount Idy experience to joe Perdue, wowed a convocation audience. Mr. Harold Eide waits to paint a vivid picture of Klon- dike gold rush days in Alaska. Part of the training in Senior Dramatics for Nancy Sampley, Howard VVhitman, Jeanne Steele and Jim Ray is in the use of theatrical make-up. Credit for smooth scenery shifts and technical operations belongs to stage crew Ross Boyer, Bill Osborne, front, Steve Sears, john Thompson, standing. Senior play, oonvo entertain all Transforming students into entertainers and im- porting outside talent, the convocations commit- tee paraded an array of programs that contrib- uted variety, information, and sometimes humor to relieve the educational routine. First show- ground of the season displayed the Choral Club's ability, a Iunior Achievement movie, the DePauw madrigal, and the Christmas presentation. Half-finished though it Was, the auditorium CONVOCATION COMMITTEE-Row 1-Sandy Miller, Iudi Sanford, Carol Nahrwold, Clarice Christian, Frank Meeker. Row 2-Mr. George Davis, Mr. John Carrigus, Mrs. Maxine Bridges, Miss Dorothy Campbell, Miss hosted the Jack Parr student talent show. Cur- tainless, doorless, and bare, the stage shined its spotlight on singers, musicians, and comedians. Onward marched the parade of entertainment oifering a verbal trip to Alaska and panel on better human understanding. Theatrical culture arrived by Way of a Shakespearean comedy and the Senior play. Virginia Lindstrom, Mr. Ralph Boyd. Row 3-Jim Steele, Mark Barron, Miss Helen Harrell, Garland Barron, Curt Jones, Ion Hunt. Timeless enthusiasm, school spirit PEP SESSIONS COMMITTEE-Row 1-Mary Sue Mc- Allister, Beverley Miller, Rita Jo Butz, Janet Anderson, Leslie Toles, David DeBolt, Jim Hunt, Jane Wellington, Bill McCarty, Bill Harper, Townsend Albright, Phyllis All reason was lost, ordinary people say they do not know what happened, that magical thing called school spirit had invaded. Like a smog it crept into class as school first embarked upon another year, through the season of pep sessions it grew thicker, Indian maiden and mascot joined in the conspiracy to spread it everywhere, iinally it became so dense that by Red and Green Week pupils, teachers, and even the principal drowned hopelessly in it. Forces from within by the name of the pep ses- sions committee planned the plot. Cheerleaders, maiden and mascot, and faculty motivated the conquest of the institution. Meetings, practices, morning pep sessions issued the winning battle weapons. Final triumph dictated red and green attire for the captives, demanded loud proclama- tions of loyalty, and sponsored rousing rallies in the halls. No resistance remained in the van- quished, school spirit had conquered all. Larry Bausnian and Coral Janes represent the hopes of AHS in the pregame dance for victory. Holder. Row 2-Mr. Jack Bowers, Mr. Pete Russo, Mrs. Margaret Doles, Miss Alice Higman, Miss Lorna Craigie, Miss Helen Harrell. erwa4mwuavy-fsrazf-:meefnewsrifmawawsmnuunmasssszrssmsfsawsa, ::agrwmmQ 1 s an xw rf.rfs..J.e 'fr .541 '....nw,w:4wsifwssspw - awaken in hall pep sessions, games A panoramic View shows the cheerblock 'SAD backing its Indians. Basketball-clad Judi VVright and Paul Wykoff accept McAllister. Mr. David Adams pulls out red and green Red and Green WVeek awards Cleftj from Mary Sue cap and tee-shirt frightl at the sectional pep session. - , .6 A MM N, , i.,-.-.m WAHM 3555: WwYW5v, vwmQ5i-Q W vnu-,mnmli V v,..wM v... .v.. i 1 ,i 5 ' Contrasting emotions speak out of the faces of cheerblock members. Largest cheerblock ever backs team Cheerleaders f from frontl Judy Alleman, Barbara Deiser, Cherryl Brummett, Jane Preston, Darlene Howell, Carla Ewald, pause before the yell "Victory.,, Exhibiting school spirit through actions, the 150 member cheerblock, largest in AHS history, loaded 100 of its members into buses and trav- eled to Kokomo to back their Indians. When in home territory they often outlined a red block 'cAv against a contrasting background of white sweaters. Headbands, red and green collars and gloves varied the outiits Worn by the loud, en- thusiastic group. Directing, planning, and binding together of the body fell to six energetic cheerleaders who dreamed up new yells, designed diHerent hand motions, and practiced Weekly with and Without the cheerblock. Lack of location failed to deter their spirit as they led a Walking rally through the building, set up quarters in the main hall during Red and Green Week, and temporarily took the old girlis gym as base of operations. "A" club switches awards to jackets A CLUB-Row 1-Jim Steele, Doug Davis, Larry Clem, Doug Barron, treasurerg Jim Sutton, president, Steve Watson, vice president, Steve Lowry, secretary, Larry Vance, Frank Meeker, Jim Rousey, Dave Brogdon. Row 2-Curt Bradley, Bob Barnett, Bob Townsend, David Agnew, Jesse Collier, M. C. Cooley, Ray Guyot, Mike Martin, Rex Ahrendt, jim Ray, Conward Bivens. Row 3- From the beginning practice session of each of the eight sports at AHS, boys begin training and working with the desire to achieve the top in the athletic department and win a coveted letter in sports. Green and white jackets replaced the familiar red sweaters and green 'cA,s.v Boys received cer- tificates of merit after winning their first letter in sports. Displaying exuberance, vim, and vigor of sportsmen, "AD Club members formed their cheer- block and boosted school spirit at basketball games. Selling Anderson High School decals swelled the club's treasury as did the sale of basketball pictures. Using the profits from these sales, the group ventured to a park to hold their annual spring picnic at which the old members initiated the newcomers. joe McCord, Tony Mainord, joe Perdue, Bill Graham, Sherman Scott, John Cunningham, jim Seal, Mickey DeLey, Steve Aldred, David Davidson, Bon Wallace. Row 4-Clark Harrison, Mike O,Brien, George King, Charles Loyd, Allen Scott, Steve Clark, Melvin Sylvester, Tim Duffy, Paschal Sneed, Willie Townsend, john jack- son, Eddie Davis. High pressure salesmen Doug Barron and Jack Graham sell decals to boost the "A" Club treasury. .my , .,V. .A .. N s.rwa.f.--f.- . .I W - f Principal David Adams issues the oath of office to Student Council officers Judi Sanford, Phil Roby, Richard May, jim Campbell, Bill Pitts, Paula Kellams, Kay Thomas at inauguration ceremony. Council distributes ID cards, runs Rita Jo Butz and Jim Cridge usher the Christmas into the halls of AHS. mood s.m.aiiniiiMisammxias,awa.Qn,ms msiwwrw. iswaxaitvwszwawen , . X sfmwmwmwswvwsamwwmsswwwasmuw -:mum With the bang of the gavel another meeting of AHS Student Council was in session and with it came plans for extracurricular activities and school projects. The self-governing body, rep- resenting all of AHS students, constantly tried to better student life and faculty-student relations. The Council sponsored all class elections and ran the used bookstore at the beginning of each semester. At the official beginning of spring, students participated in Council-sponsored TWIRP Week. 'cThe Woman Is Required To Payv became a dreaded thought for girls and heaven for boys. Homecoming, cheerleader elec- tions, Hi-Fi Record Hops, and the Fall Windup Dance completed the agenda of the Council. Another goal of the Council is promoting the idea of self-rule. In this vein was Student Council Week during which members of the Student Council ran for offices, held elections, and took over the administration of the school for one day. Jim Cridge hunts himself Cleftb as Bill Harper and Holder, direct Mrs. Janice Scovel frightj on visitation Jeannette Jones separate, identify, and distribute ID day to the classes of her sons. cards. Bill Gale, Judibeth Reveal, Sally Williams, Phyllis Visitors day, sponsors TWIRP week STUDENT COUNCIL-Row l-Bill Harper, Judi San- ford, Kay Thomas, treasurer, Bill Pitts, president, Richard May, vice president, Jim Campbell, parliamentariang Phil Roby, Paula Kellams, secretary, Sandy Simpson. Row 2- Mr. George Lee, sponsor, Cathy Hervey, Loretta King, Kay Tyler, Charlene Cillaspy, Loretta Hamilton, Juda Boone, Pam Clutch, Mrs. Mary Schultz, sponsor. Row 3-Rita Jo Butz, Sally Keller, Sally Williams, Jeanette Jones, Nancy Levvellyn, Dorothy Muller, Phyllis Holder, Judi Ramsey, Jamalee Crowe. Row 4-Suzette Batthauer, Jim Cridge, Neil Delph, Bill Surbaugh, Gilbert Barron, Bill Cale, Jim Seal, Mike Morgan. Ushers, volunteers serve fans, staff Assistant Kay Metzger checks records and iiles for Mr. Joseph Sparks, Dean of boys. Opening day records grow into an ahnost insurmountable heap to be sorted by Jeanne Steele. Every important or worth-while organization processes many tasks which must be done-not all of them exciting nor interesting but they must be done. Helpful, voluntary assistants at AHS carried out these duties that strengthened the threads which hold the cloth of learning together. Types of chores performed by these helpers run the gamut of labor from filing dean,s cards, to delivering notes, to selling tickets, to typing re- ports, to making morning announcements. Ushers club formed solely for the purpose of assisting others at the basketball games. Generous with their time to both public and school, they arrived early and left late in order to distribute programs to fans, locate seats, and service all the in-town games. Their function pieced an incon- spicuous but valuable chip to the sporting spectacle. Gaining far more than cold facts from these extra school experiences, participating persons accumulate a spirit of helpfulness and attitude of giving by the application of their time and talent. The reward is evident in the maturing of their personal outlook on life. Student announcer, Lois Howell, relays facts about meet- ings and coming events in the morning announcements. FUTURE TEACHERS-Row 1-Mr. john Finney, spon- sor, Miss Lois Long, sponsor, Suzette Batthauer, secre- tary, Phyllis Holder, president, Sandy LaShure, Vice president, Shirley Huff, treasurer, Jeanette Jones, pro- gram chairman. Row 2-Marty Bennett, Linda Addison, Pattyann Goss, Karel Hendricks, Anita Ballinger, Beth Robinett, Sara Maxwell, Particia Irving, Row 3-Eloise Robinett, Karen Dunkerly, Ruth Speece, Bonnie Malsom, Sandra Berry, Ianialee Crowe, Janet Burns, Lorine Ray- ford. Row 4-Judy Heath, Nancy O,Neill, Leanne Spell, Nancy Riggs, Lillian Jackson, Marylinda Thomas, Rita Jo Butz. FTA readies for teaching vocations USHERS CLUB-Row 1-Steve Smith, jerry Earlywine, Leon Turner, jim Herron, Ronald Collingwood, jack Gourley. Row 2-Richard Campbell, Frank Brewer, Jack Binnion, Bruce Ress, Cordell Williaiiis, Kenneth Keesling, Frank Wable. HONOR SOCIETY-Row 1-Mr. Leo Sanders, sponsor, Janet Alleman, Sandy Cox, Bev Miller, Nancy Lee, treas- urer, Mark Barron, presidentg Curt Jones, vice presidentg Karen McKay, secretaryg Janice Perry, Ruth Hudson, Patty Pearson, Mrs. Margaret Doles, sponsor. Row 2- Sandy Hutson, Cathy McCrocklin, Carol Nahrwold, Beth Robinett, Shirley Huff, Marilyn Hancock, Clifford Gil- more, Carla Ewald, Joe Speece, Jack Gray, Roger Kel- lams, Ruthie Gilmore, Sandy LaShure. Row 3-Susie Iveson, Sally Keller, Linda Guss, Susan James, Patty Fleece, Marshann Marsh, Marilyn Alexander, Grace Alexander, Nancy Sampley, Clara Hutton, Mari Lou Brockmeier, Loretta Hamilton, Peggy Foster, Saundra Heard, Judi Sanford. Row 4-Saundra Kelly, Pattyann Goss, Jeanne Phillips, Mike Morgan, Bill Robbins, Rex Ahrendt, Steve Watson, Bill Pitts, Doug Barron, Stan Schumacher, Jon Hunt, Jim Steele, Townsend Albright, Jim Seal. Honor society denotes diligent work Scholars Marilyn Alexander, front, Linda Guss, and Roger Kellams improve on the fine art of studying comfortably. To initiate a stronger desire for learning, the National Honor Society Was established at AHS in 1933. This is the only honorary club in high school in which members are selected for scholas- tic ability. Students striving for this goal soon realize that to achieve and maintain it requires hours of study, perseverance, and initiative. Although the club is concerned with the scholastic side of school life, Honor Society mem- bers are leaders in every facet of school and extra- curricular activities. Etched in the mind of each member is the formal initiation banquet and the candlelight initiation ceremony held each spring. As each member lights the candle of knowledge, initiates take the pledge to uphold their grades, impart knowledge, and bring scholastic recognition to their school. Scientific trends shape new club Because of the growing importance of science and math in the modern, shrinking world, a num- ber of AHS students banded together and revived the abandoned Science Club. They formed to further knowledge of science and its principals through speakers, experiments, and films. Authorities from the various Helds of scientific endeavor lectured and demonstrated the whys of equipment ranging from horns, to a Van De Graaf generator, to an intricate stroboscope. They discovered facts about astrology and space travel, vital to the future generation in the strug- gle for world supremacy. Research scientists, physicists, and engineers revealed the hardships, advantages, and challenges of their vocations. One of the biggest accomplishments of the year centered on a constitution designed to fit the needs of the present club and of future ones. Organizers obtained information about how to have a successful club by writing to similar clubs throughout the state. SCIENCE CLUB-Row 1-John Shaw, Curt Jones, Ion Hunt, Townsend Albright, vice president, jerry Shaffer, Dave Hilligoss, Benny Riedner, Pat Binkley, Ruth Hud- son, Pat Irving, Iim Hunt. Row 2-Mark Barron, Patty Pearson, Mark Codbey, Alan Swinford, Larry Carr, Ioe Use of the stroboscope as explained by Wabash Instru- ment Company representatives fascinates Doug Barron, Patty Pearson, Mike Martin. Speece, Ierry Williams, Phil Taylor, Bill Osborne, Stanley Schumacher, Ricky Bramwell, john Bavenscroft, Mike Morgan, Jack Gray, Jim Campbell, Mr. Jack Bowers, sponsor, Clive Godwin, Doug Barron, president, Mike Martin, secretary-treasurer. LATIN CLUB-Row I-Pattyann Goss, Marilyn McNeal, Bill Gale, parliamentarian, Rita Jo Butz, corresponding secretary, Judy Josefek, recording secretary, Karen Per- kins, historian, Nick Pancol, vice president, Bill Surbaugh, president, Paul Wykoff, treasurer, Steve Jackson, editor, Lois Carr, Anita Ballinger. Row 2-Diana Fox, David Maine, Kay Tyler, Ann Pflasterer, Joyce Hearld, Jean Kinley, Dorothy Muller, Judi Wright, Toni Pemberton, Coral Janes, Vicki Scott, Mary Ellen Bridges, Dianna Thurber. Row 3-Nancy Thornburg, Betty Wolverton, Nancy Riggs, Sally Morrison, Janet Anderson, George- ann Surbaugh, Marsha Shipman, Tim Likens, Steve Smith, Phil Roby, Kay Newberry, Nanci Newman, Bar- bara Snook, Betty Ann McCarty. Row 4-John Burris, Maurice Wright, Mike Parr, Keith Padgett, Claude Cook- man, Jim Evernham, Dennis Courter, Jim Bridges, Allen Deyo, Michael Shaw, Wesley Eytchison, Dick Kallen- berg, Jim Horner, Tom Heard. Latin club ranks largest in school, BIBLE CLUB-Row 1-Mrs. Elsie Mulvihill, sponsor, Karen Breece, Lillian Jackson, Georgia Ward, Nancy Os- borne, Pat Callahan. Row 2-Max Shively, Barbara Lambour, Betty Ann McCarty, Kit Heavilin, Lana Irving, Bruce Bess. LATIN CLUB-Row 1-Madelyn Taylor, Pam Caldwell, Patty Pearson, Donna Reichard, Eleanor Kolbusz, Sandy Simpson, Judy Cron, Lola Patton, Marilyn Kivi, Carol Keesling, Karen Knotts, Barbara Lambour. Row 2-Curt Jones, Janice Perry, Vicki Cobin, Carolyn Hammond, Rose Hamilton, Lillian Jackson, Aundrea Broadnax, Susan Jeffries, Gussie Dixon, Agnes Nave, Lana Irving, Diane Cook, Sandy Cox. Row 3-Brenda Holbert, Alice Cave, Shirley Hollars, Judy Loucks, Linda Remley, Jane Ran- shaw, Nancy Young, Darlene Fields, Margaret Short, Sharon Slick, Phyllis Reger, Vivian Hampton, Jane Gil- more, Barbara Brown, Carolyn Estelle, Norma Cripe. Row 4-Bob Shearer, Hal Ryan, Carl Caldwell, Hal Harris, Vernon Smith, Kenny Upshaw, Howard Whitman, Jim Orr, Don Gray, Roger Reed, Mike Martin, Tim Lamey, James Reed, Bill Presley. Bible, Chess Clubs small but active CHESS CLUB-Row 1-Bill Cale, Doug Mason, Sherman Adams, Fred Schrope. Row 2-Don Gray, Maurice VVright, Robert Stoops, Mr. Jesse Huntzinger, sponsor, Steve Land, Vernon Smith, Joe Speece, Jerry Woods, Larry Carr. 'ill 3 2 - . Q , 23 .Q '- . if K fi Q ' 4 , A V 5 1. Q kk g izg QSEY. fi 5 557 X 333- fi W N , Aw ,, X I iw. 4, y , M Lk .. ar E , 5 .u ' ii 9 if 2 I A -nymg , '74f9QQ 59fff.Q 7x?f7L dfggff flffzfff-4"f' ff jak Wffd 'J fk? Agfyf gdfggff jvfffj MM Wfff wwf fff eff , me f fm 5467 Wfy IAIWF jf V7 C5 7! ,714 Q' A 0 6 Twwfalf G-'frfrlf jfdz' h Q, jffQQrSp'vZfgff7lj5 ?+?'7Zf4f4!CC9f yf ,weft USVXV ?ArJf 56'f Qfgfflj !fUf7I4' lffc-3 2405? fffwfa , MQW? fwffff? ffwfvfff ffmff fb 0057 ,fj24wfQ1f- f7!fyAQ duff f,f,LJ,j, J2QQvvfC0zf6?Ry'Z, Any? -fb? 1EM7LL'1lf? haffff ff0Nf5fJfy gmf' rffff Apff zfdkjfdlfq X QT QQUP fw gf'QyEA'7 ff!! C? ff? he 122,162 Aww? f04f7!fpf rf 05Q7l.!!Hf lfyxy, fjf77?Qk Gfgpff UC ff zWf6cfJ417f Golng JMMX, growfwrgwffffff , f T -f2fZy-Q vvlth Q cap Q Q5 . AA T? 0 F72 SS f fig 1 X4 405, 75 iw V J! gf up jX,'7534f,f, Varsity runners show the drive and determination that builds state champs even as they warm up before a big meet. The runners are Doug Barron, Bob Barnett, Steve Clark, Steve Lowry, David Davidson, Willie Townsend. Cross Country state champs regain Clinching its ninth state championship in the 14 years the meet has been held, the cross country team regained the title of the most feared team in Indiana. The harriers' NCC record of nine wins and one loss was nearly an identical twin of the 1955 record which was Anderson,s last previous state title year. In both seasons the Indians opened their meets with a loss to Marion, and then iinished the conference meets without another scar. Under the coaching of Robert Freeman and Ray F leenor, his assistant, the Braves put in many long miles of practice. As an example, team captain Doug Barron kept a daily record of the distance run each day. At the end of the season his figures showed he had run 300 miles or about the distance from Anderson to Chicago and back, which only proves that practice makes perfect. Not an Indian runner claimed a position in the iirst ten at the state meet, but great team effort gave AHS the victory. In cross country the fin- ishes of the first five members of a team are re- corded to determine a team score. If just one man finishes among the stragglers, the team effort is ruined. Responsible for the title this year were Willie Townsend, Bob Barnett, Barron, David Davidson, and Steve Clark. They, Steve Lowry, Sherman Scott, and Ron Wallace won letters. The state title was the first for Coach Freeman who took over the head coaching job three years ago. The 1959 triumph, attained against the biggest field of teams in history, could be the beginning of another dynasty during which An- derson will dominate the Held again. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Won 9 - Lost 1 35, Marion 22 21, Indianapolis Tech 38 22, Indianapolis Attucks 85 22, Indianapolis Washington 35 Anderson 20, New Castle 44 Anderson 20, Muncie Burris 57 Anderson 17, Richmond 47 Anderson 24, Muncie Central 31 Anderson 22, Indianapolis Shortridge 56 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 22, North Central 52 third in Shortridge Invitational first in North Central Conference first in Sectional first in State The pack slowly thins out as the race progresses at the finished third. Breaking the Hnish line tape, fright picturej Shortridge invitational where Tribe runners Ccenterl Bob Barnett brings another victory for Anderson. I . , t1t1e as I11d1ana s most feared team CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD-Row 1-Sherman Scott, send, Doug Barron, Steve Lowry, David Davidson, Coach David McCord, Larry Huse, Steve Clark, Ronald Wallace Robert Freeman. Bob Barnett. Row 2-Coach Ray F leenor, Willie Town: Football team gears up offense, A midseason scoring spurt which netted 94 points in two games and the Hrst overnight trip for the team highlighted the 1959 football season. The team was sidetracked on its trip to victory lane and ended the season with a four won and six lost record, the first losing season in five years. The Hrst overnight trip in AHS history took the Indians to the "Windy Cityi' of Chicago. They stayed at the famous Conrad Hilton Hotel and ate at two of Chicagois swank restaurants. After being separated into smaller groups, they were given time to tour the downtown area and view the sights. Some rose as early as 5 a.m. the next day to continue their touring. The Indians opened with a 20 to 7 victory over Madison Heights in the first game between the two schools. Andersonis first touchdown was set up when Ray Guyot recovered a fumble on the Pirate 22-yard line. On the first play Bobby Townsend raced around end to the goal line. Other touchdowns climaxed long drives and were scored by Bill Graham and Townsend. Every player carried out his assignment on this three- yard touchdown thrust against Marion. Operating Cl. to LJ for Anderson were Tony Mainord, Steve Watson, Leading ground gainer Steve Watson evades a hopeful Frankfort tackler in a 47 to 6 victory. jim Duffy, jim Seal, Bobby Townsend Cwith ballj, Iohn Cunningham, Curt Bradley, Ed Davis, and Iohn jackson. The perfect play was photographed from the end zone. akes overnight trip to 'Windy City' In their second game the Indians met the strong Archers of Fort Wayne. After a hard fought defensive game with several long drives ending short of the goal, Anderson bowed 6 to 0. Indian fans were raised from their seats on the first offensive play against Richmond. Jim Seal threw a long pass to Townsend who caught it and scampered the rest of the way for an 84-yard score. In the midst of the excitement no one had noticed that a backfield-in-motion penalty had been called and the touchdown nullified. Rich- mond's defense stiffened and its offense drove to a 21 to 0 victory. Andersonls first trip away took the team to Indianapolis Tech. Tech scored once in the first quarter and twice in the fourth quarter for a total of I9 points. The Tribels only touchdown came on Steve Watsonis 7-yard slant off-tackle. Add a 47 to 14 victory over the Marion Giants, the 150th victory in football history, perfect weather, and a great halftime show and the in- gredients for a successful Homecoming were assured. Ioan McCillicuddy, H o m e c o m i n g Queen, and 5,000 other fans saw Townsend score three times, and Watson, jesse Collier, Seal, and Don Jordon once each. Bob Townsend ftopj leaves Madison Heights players in a photographic blur as he speeds around end. Steve Watson Cbottoml lowers the boom on a Richmond back. INDIVIDUAL FOOTBALL STATISTICS RUSHING ATTS YDS AVE TDR Watson V, -YYw-Y,,,,v-,,-,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, , 6 Townsend ,,v,,w,, ...,.,, 9 1 7 Mglingrd M YYYYYY ,,N,..I 4 3 3.8 1 Ier. Collier ,,,,.,,,.,, ......- 1 0 110 11-O 1 Jes. Collier ....,.......... --A--,- QQ 103 l Team T0ta1S -Y,YY,Y,,,,,,,v,,,,, PASSING ATTS COMP YDS AVE INTER J. Seal YY,w,,YwYY,-YY,-,,-,,-,, 9 Vance ,,,w,v,,,,,-,,,,v-,-,,.. 17 5 63 .294 if Team totals .... . ..,. 78 19 332 .245 I5 SCORING Q TDS PAT PATM TP Townsend .........,.. -------A 7 3 I 2 45 Watson I.................- f-A----v- 6 7 3 43 Jes. Collier ...... ............ ,------- Q l -Q -Q Team Totals ....... .....,..ff 2 3 15 3 153 PASS RECEIVING N0 YDS AVE TDP Harrison .ii.ifY..f..f. --,,---- 4 58 12-1 1 Jes. Collier .A,... fvf----- 3 89 29-6 0 Mainord ,AA,AA, -,,,,,., 3 0 Despite unusual losing season, tribe Squad members and Coach Jim Carter's touchdown twin from Purdue, Duane Purvis, suffer with the coach as Anderson falls to Washington, 19 to 6. Jim Seal, with In the next game with Frankfort, Anderson punched out another 47 points, defeating the Hot Dogs, 47 to 6. Two touchdowns came on pass in- terceptions and long returns by Watson and Collier. Clark Harrison and Arthur Miles added their only touchdowns of the year. A blocked punt, a recovered fumble, and penalties at crucial points led to a 32 to 13 defeat by Hammond Noll, but the Tribe bounced back to trip Elwood, 14 to 6, in more of a mud iight blocking from jesse Collier, Qrightj sets himself to fire a long pass against Richmond. than a football game. A fumble deep in Elwood territory set up Andersonis first touchdown, and the second counted on Townsend,s 7-yard run. Only one more six-pointer was marked up on the Indian side in the last two games as the Indians lost 19 to 6 to Indianapolis Washington and 19 to 0 to New Castle. Watson added 49 yards in the last game on running for a record 675 yard total. jun Seal M. C. Cooley Steve Watson Charles Loyd Dave Brogdon delivers fan-pleasing performances FOOTBALL SQUAD-Row 1-R. Smith, I. Jackson, B. McCarty, B. Townsend, T. Seal, C. King, D. Jordan, C. Bradley, L. Vance, T. Mainord, B. Graham, E. Rayford, G. Redding, P. McNear. Row 2-I. Collier, J. McCord, I. Perdue, C. Bivens, D. Brogdon, M. C. Cooley, I. Cunningham, E. Davis, C. Harrison, R. Guyot, S. Watson, C. Loyd, Jes. Collier, I. Duffy, P. Sneed. Row 3-Coach VARSITY FOOTBALL Won 4 - Lost 5 Anderson 20, Madison Heights 7 Anderson 0, Fort Wayne South Side 6 Anderson 0, Richmond 21 Anderson 6, Indianapolis Tech 19 Anderson 47, Marion 14 Anderson 47, Frankfort 6 Anderson 13, Hammond Bishop Noll 32 Anderson 14, Elwood 6 Anderson 6, Washington 19 Anderson 0, New Castle 19 Jim Carter, L. Hoyle, D. Melendez, R. Robbins, P. Price, B. Tallman, J. Newman, A. Scott, G. Krall, T. Seybert, R. Melson, M. Meikel, M. Nowlan, D. Vaughn, L. Bausman, D. Sink, Coach Pete Russo. Row 4-J. Dickey, D. Shirley, I. Woodall, W. Perry, H. Short, T. Gary, T. Skeoch, D. Baker, R. Highwood, M. O'Brien, A. Miles, L. Oliver, W. Cooley, M. Gammon, C. Love, B. Kutcliied, L. Kayzer. RESERVE FOOTBALL Won 4 - Lost 4 - Tied 1 Anderson 7, Indianapolis Broad Ripple 8 Anderson 6, Elwood 14 Anderson 21, Marion 13 Anderson 0, Lafayette 13 Anderson 35, New Castle 0 Anderson 13, Muncie Central 26 Anderson 28, New Castle 0 Anderson 13, Muncie Central 12 Anderson 7, Noblesville 7 Jesse Collier Eddie Davis Clark Harrison Ray Guyot John Cunningham Student spirit powers sports teams Boisterous outdoor pep sessions push the sports season to a start. Fall football Weather moves the gym-less fans, cheer- leaders and banclsmen into the front hall. 66 VVinter nights find the sports followers transferred to the basketball arena. Fans turn out, win, lose, or draw Victory would hold little meaning to a team if no one cared to encourage them when the score reversed, to view the win, and to help celebrate the ultimate triumph. Anderson citizens and stu- dents joined forces to support the Indians and make their victories meaningful. Loyal sup- porters endured bitter cold, biting winds, and freezing rains to attend football games while traffic and parking problems beset the basket- ball spectators. Sport enthusiasts traveled to out-of-town games, witnessed half-time shows, and voiced their support at pep sessions. The role of a fan vibrated, demanding a wide range of emotions but the pay in pleasure ran high. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Row 1-Paul Price, jim Sutton, Bill Graham, Steve Watson, Iim Rousey, Jim Steele, mgr. Row 2-Asst. Coach Robert Freeman, Larry Vance, John Jackson, Clark Harrison, Coach Ick Osborne, Lanny Reger, Tom Gary, jim Seal, Asst. Coach Don Barnett. Anderson takes on Indianafs finest Anderson's Indians met the best teams in the state, held their own with a respectable 11 won and 11 lost record, and rewrote individual and game scoring records in 1959-60. Opening the season with state semi-finalist Rushville, Coach Ick Osborne used all 12 players but couldnit find the right combination as Rush- ville won, 51 to 44. Looking like an all-new team in their second game, the Indians whipped state finalist Fort Wayne Central, 59 to 55. They followed with a 72 to 46 scalping of Connersville, with plenty of support from the A Club and girls, cheerblocks. A 55 to 53 victory followed over the Marion Giants before the Tribe went on a four-game losing streak, dropping games to New Albany, Lafayette, Muncie Central, another state finalist, and Shortridge. In the afternoon game of the North Central Conference Holiday Tourney, Iim Rousey tallied 36 points and a new one-game scoring record. The Indians rolled over Logansport, 71 to 68. In the evening finals upset-minded Anderson was edged out, 61 to 59, by the Kokomo Wildcats. Returning home, the Braves easily defeated Shelbyville, 60 to 41, but ran into powerful In- dianapolis Tech and even stronger Muncie Cen- tral, losing to both teams by substantial margins. Teetering between wins and losses the scrapping Indians again downed Frankfort, 88 to 74, to tie the all-time scoring record, only to be upset, 69 to 55, by Kokomo. South Bendis Golden Bears finished one step behind the Indians, 62 to 61. This put the Tribe's record at six wins and nine losses. Anderson then raised its 17-game scoring total to exactly 1,000 points by beating Logansport, 64 to 52. New Castle fell to the fast-moving tribesmen, 64 to 53. Then Rousey went on another scoring spree, tallying 35 points in a losing effort. Columbus won, 67 to 59, but the 35-point individual total was the second highest in Indian history, both Lanny Reger and guard go sky-high. Scoring on a driving layup in the sectional is Larry Vance. jim Rousey soars high above the lone South Bend Bear to score Wlule Steve VVatson, john jackson, and Tom Cary lend assistance. VARSITY BASKETBALL H oliclay Tourney Sectional Tourney 69 Won 11 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Lost 11 Rushville 51 , Ft. Wayne Central 55 , Connersville 46 , Marion 53 , New Albany 66 , Lafayette 61 Muncie Central 65 , Shortridge 65 , Shelbyville 41 , Indianapolis Tech 71 Muncie Central 66 44 59 72 55 65 50 43, 57 60 48 48 7 Frankfort 74 South Bend Central 61 , Logansport 52 , New Castle 53 , Columbus 67 , Richmond 59 88, 55, Kokomo 69 62 64 , Logansport 68 Kokomo 61 , Markleville 40 , Alexandria 20 r jim Sutton Iirn Seal Clark Harrison Jim Rousey Steve Watson Indian individual, game marks fall A tense crew watches the frantic 1960 Sectional tourney. INDIVIDUAL BASKETBALL STATISTICS PLAYER Bousey ...... ..... . Vance -- Sutton -- Reger -..., jackson ,- Gary ..,.,, VVatson -- Harrison Price ....., Seal ............ ...... Graham ..... Totals TP 423 232 227 129 102 62 26 25 18 13 13 1270 REB 106 161 83 102 113 49 45 46 13 14 17 E15 marked up by the Indian senior this season. Fin- ishing the season at Richmond, the Tribe easily defeated the Red Devils, 64 to 53. Entering sectional tourney play, Anderson played like pro's compared to the Way they played their early season games. They drew a bye in the first round and met Markleville in the evening game for a lopsided 66 to 40 win. In their final game with Alexandria, the In- dians broke into an 8 to 4 lead in the first quar- ter. Playing a very slow and deliberate game, the Tribe scored five more and left the iloor at half-time leading, 13 to 10. Still ahead by three at the end of the third quarter the Indians had the whole gym in pandemonium by continuing to stall the ball. Alex broke loose in the final minutes however, to win the game 20 to 18. Coaches Ick Osborne and Don Barnett pre- sented major basketball letter awards to Tom Gary, Bill Graham, Clark Harrison, John Jackson, Paul Price, Lanny Beger, Jim Rousey, Iim Seal, Jim Sutton, Larry Vance, and Steve Watson. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Won 11 - Lost 9 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson A nderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Rushville 40 Connersville 33 Marion 27 New Albany 40 Lafayette 49 Muncie Central 51 Shortridge 34 Richmond 44 New Castle 29 Shelbyville 45 Indianapolis Tech 40 Muncie Central 38 Madison Heights 33 Frankfort 29 Kokomo 64 South Bend 21 Logansport 42 New Castle 48 Columbus 41 Richmond 43 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Row 1- Tom Davis, ingr., Rex Robbins, Dan Ball, Willie Town- send, Bill McCarty, Roger Melson, joe Perdue, Melvin Sylvester, rngr, Row 2-Trainer Don Kyle, Dennis Baker, Beating a South Bender to the punch is jim Seal who drives for the basket. Don Jordon, Toni Seal, Dan Zachary, Coach Don Barnett, Gene Redding, Andrew Steans, Harold Short, Hal Harris, Asst. Coach Robert Freeman. Wrestling team sacrifices for sport WRESTLING TEAM-Row 1-Marshall Carter, Bob Anderson, Sherman Scott, Mickey DeLey, Iym Carroll, Ierry Carpenter, Terry Mace, Russ Schuyler. Row 2- George King, John Cunningham, Conward Bivens, Ierry Collier, Jim Duffy, David Agnew, Eddie Playford, Willie Lark. Row 3-Richard Campbell, mgr.g Robert Gouker, Varied facial expressions of fans Cleftl display their keen attention to the high school sport, as Mickey DeLey, jerry Wfilson, Gary Estle, Tom Hardwick, Steve Smith, Bob Jones, Harold Schild, Mike Goss, Allen Scott, Coach Don Pyle. Row 4-jim Dickey, Steve Swinford, Dan Davis, Domingo Melendez, Charles Knotts, Paschal Sneed, Bill Tallman, Tim Lamey, Larry Bausman, Rickey Chitwood, Ron Rankin., runner-up in the State Meet, downs his unsuspecting opponent frightl. and produces sta,te's top competitor Wrestling, unlike basketball and football, is an individual sport. Once the match starts the wrestler is on his own and one mistake could mean the loss of the match. But even before the match, the wrestler must display self-discipline and wrestle with himself to stay within his weight class. Nearly every noon before a match a wrestler could be spotted sitting in the corner drooling over all the french fries and ice cream he couldn,t have. Conward Bivens won a State Championship in the 185 pound class, and also the most outstand- ing wrestler trophy in the iinal meet. His only de- feat was in the regional where he qualified for the finals with a second place. Mickey DeLey, state runner-up in the 112 pound class went without a defeat until the iinal match where he lost a decision by one point. Coach Don Pyle awarded letters to David Agnew, Bivens, jerry Collier, John Cunningham, DeLey, Jim Duffy, George King, and Sherman Scott. The wrestling team earned a third place in the conference meet, second in the sectional, second in the regional, and a fifth in the Hnal state meet. VARSITY WRESTLING Won 6 Anderson 18, Anderson 27, Anderson 38, Anderson 20, Anderson 48, Anderson 16, Anderson 14, Anderson 43, Anderson 27, Anderson 24, Anderson 32, -Lost 4-A Tied 1 Crawfordsville 32 Marion 20 Richmond 12 Bloomington 28 Madison Heights 0 Muncie 36 Logansport 30 New Castle 3 Kokomo 19 Lafayette 24 Indianapolis Tech 18 Anderson third in North Central Conference Anderson second in Sectional Anderson second in Regional Anderson fifth in State RESERVE WRESTLING VVon 4 - Lost 2 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 23, Marion 25 8, Richmond 17 32, Madison Heights 16 20, Muncie 12 43, New Castle 11 36, Kokomo 11 Jerry Collier shouts out a war whoop Qleftj as his Muncie prepares to roll a Muncie foe frightj with referee Ioe Central opponent comes to the top, and Indiana's most Sparks watching closely. outstanding wrestler in the state Hnals, Conward Bivens, Underolassmen protect 21-game streak A brand-new Indian baseball team, loaded with underclassmen, opened its 1960 season by pro- tecting the longest baseball winning streak in Anderson history until it reached 21 games. The team had inherited an 18-game string and the resulting terrific pressure from the 1959 con- ference champs. Anderson scored victories over Shortridge, Knightstown, and New Castle before the inevi- table defeat came in the fourth game with Kokomo by a score of 8 to 4. After the first scheduled game was rained out twice, the impatient Braves opened at Short- ridge. The Blue Devils proved to be very little competition, and the Tribe won, 12 to O, behind the pitching of jerry Shafer. Knightstown became Anderson's next victim in a 7 to 4 win which extended the winning streak to 20 games. Jerry Charmolue, the winning pitcher, went all the way, giving up only six hits. Winning their 21st in a row, the Indians barely squeezed by New Castle, 4 to 3. Then came the Kokomo defeat. Steve Cummins, a freshman making his first varsity pitching start, hurled a one-hitter to defeat Noblesville, 6 to 0. The only hit came on a bunt by the first batter in the game. jim Sutton and Tom Seal hit home runs. After a loss to Broad Ripple, 4 to 0, in which the Indians collected only one hit, the team ex- ploded for 24 runs in two games, whipping Marion and Shortridge. Little second baseman Phil Roby clouted a home run and a triple in the Marion contest. The Indians dropped a 4 to 3 thriller to neigh- boring Madison Heights, the first baseball vic- tory for the Pirates over the Tribe, as the season moved into its final stages. VARSITY BASEBALL Anderson 12 Shortridge 0 Anderson 7 Knightstown 4 Anderson 4 New Castle 3 Anderson 4 Kokomo 8 Anderson 6 Noblesville 0 Anderson 0 Broad Ripple 4 Anderson 11 Marion 5 Anderson 13 Shortridge 0 Anderson 3 Madison Heights 4 Anderson 3 Indianapolis Tech 2 RESERVE BASEBALL Anderson 11, Madison Heights 6 Anderson 16, New Castle 1 Anderson 7, Marion 2 Ronnie Smith and Phil Roby demonstrate proper form for a quick Bill Freeman, Ierry Channolue, and Jim double play to Steve Cummins, Rex Robbins, and Tom Seal, all Sutton check a Louisville Slugger, the tool varsity infielders. of many big league greats. compiled by 19 9 baseball ebampions BASEBALL TEAM-Row 1-Steve Cummins, Bill Mc- Carty, Phil Roby, joe Foust, Ron Smith, Rex Robbins, Larry Clem, Jim Sutton, Jerry Shafer, Steve Calloway, Mike Parr. Row 2-Jim Steele, Mgr., jerry Carpenter, Bill Fouse, Doyle Matheney, Dan Cray, Tom Heard, Bob Dunham, Dennis Courter, Dave Gross, Arthur jerry Shafer's high pitching kick frames Coach Don Barnett and Joe F oust in the background. Meikel, Iim Richards, Dick Bondurant, Melvin Sylvester, Mgr. Row 3-Coach Don Barnett, Mike Nolan, Bob Stecher, Bill Freeman, Jerry Charmolue, Tom Seal, Jim Rousey, Joe Perdue, Neil Delph, Irvin Ramsey, Coach Pete Russo. Coach Pete Russo Warns Bill McCarty and Larry Clem against chopping at a pitched ball. TRACK TEAM-Standing, Assistant Coach Ray Fleenor, Coach Bob Freeman. Row I-jim Duffy, Danny Sink, Sam Layton, Eddie Ray, Ricky Kirk, R. C. Fairer, Ron Rogers, WValter Goree. Row 2-Bill Tallman, Bill Graham, Roger Melson, John Cunningham, George King, Charles Armstrong, Garland Barron, Ron Wallace, Dennis Vaughn. Row 3-Steve Watson, Doug Barron, Larry Vance, Dan Ball, Steve Lowry, Tom Watson, David Davidson, Marvin Morgan, Tom Davis, Mgr, Row 4- Willie Townsend, Larry Bausman, Steve Clark, Jim Carman, David McCord, Alan Scott, Chuck Newman, Arthur Miles, Larry Huse, jim Seal, Frank Riddle, Bob Barnett. Track squad regains winning ways Beginning practice long before spring had ar- rived, the Anderson High track team spent each evening jogging around the track where the old "Wigwam', used to be. Dressed only in their thin sweat clothes, they trudged over the snow- covered track in below-freezing temperatures, trying to get in shape for their first meet. After opening dual meet defeats by Muncie Central and Richmond, Indian runners burned up the track in the meet with Tech but fell short in the field events and lost, 55 to 54. At the Muncie Relays the Indians finished fourth. It was at this meet that Doug Barron, one of the stateis top milers, turned in his fastest seasonal time, 4:33.7. Hurdler Dan Ball and sprinter Marvin Morgan, both underclassmen who placed in every early season meet, proved to be very help- ful when the Tribe defeated Madison Heights, 60 to 49, and Marion, 81 to 21. Beginning to show the spark and go of former teams, Anderson downed Kokomo, 59 to 50, and placed fourth in the NCC. Barron won the conference mile run, and the mile relay team of Steve Watson, Barron, Larry Vance, and Morgan also took a first. Anderson qualified in six individual events and the mile relay for the regional track meet while taking a third place in the sectional. Bar- ron won the mile, and Ricky Kirk took first in the pole vault. Other qualifiers were Ball in the high and low hurdles, George King in the shot put, Charles Armstrong in the broad jump, and the mile relay team. The Indians had come a long way since the dismal beginning. The effort was a tribute to the coaching staff and determination of the boys. VARSITY TRACK Dual Meets Anderson 27, Muncie Central 81 Anderson 50264, Richmond 58M1, Anderson 54, Indianapolis Tech 55 Anderson 60, Madison Heights 49 Anderson 81, Marion 21 Anderson 59, Kokomo 50 I noitational Meets Anderson fourth in Muncie Relays Anderson fifth in Kokomo Relays Anderson fifth in North Central Conference Anderson third in Sectional David Davidson, Steve VVatson, and Marvin Morgan set themselves for a quick start. Assistant Coach Ray Fleenor, distance runners Steve Lowry and Doug Barron, and Coach Robert Freeman go over those little pre-race details that bring victory in close races. Mr. Fleenor has been a coach for a quar- ter of a century and Mr. Freeman head coach four years. George King takes pointers on balance and coordination from shot-putter john Cunningham. Tom Watson, Bill Graham Ctop picturel, and Richmond foes barely skim over the hurdles in a neck-and-neck race. Half-milers Cbelowl Roger Melson, Doug Barron, Steve Clark, and Willie Townsend keep pace with the opposition in a grueling race. l TENNIS TEAM-Row I-Larry Glaze, Darryl Richards, Row 3-Steve Comstock, Rex Ahrendt, Hil Harris Bill Crouch, Doug Looper, Jim Thomas, Bob Harrison, Frank Meeker, Steve Aldred, Jim Clark, Coach Dane Vernon Smith. Row 2-Mike Hughes, Ted Frank, Bob Pugh. Foust, Larry Hurlbert, Mike Goodson, Jack Graham. Team captures 100th match for coach Paced by returning lettermen Frank Meeker and Rex Ahrendt, the tennis squad continued its traditionally line record by Winning seven of its first ten matches. Last year the team finished fourth in the NCC with a nine Won and five lost record. The first victory this year was a milestone in Coach Dane Pugh's coaching career. It Was his team's 100th dual meet victory. VARSITY TENNIS Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Connersville I Broad Ripple 2 Crawfordsville 5 Muncie Burris 3 Shortridge 2 Marion 0 Frankfort 2 Indianapolis Tech 7 Kokomo 3 Lafayette 7 Logansport 2 Ready to go are tennis starters Rex Ahrendt, Steve Aldred, Frank Meeker, Steve Comstock, jim Clark of the AHS varsity. , ., , F .,,.,,- . . V, . .. ,..f , .V .amiat.-f.m-aw,izwlsu ,--' swfz:w::.11.U-J.:Itw,f,,r,ws::e:,,w,,Qi-vit:ff,ff1:-1'rw:-1..,,,-was'rf:uvs,,wfi-vswsrfwfmrefwwfwsfwwz:wrfnezue4favws:fe::e1rvza:1w,waswere :tfsx.w4:fMeQffsssgszwmwwiVw- Mike Martin paces young golf team GOLF TEAM-Kneeling-Bob Shearer, Howard WVhit- Mike Martin, Doug Mason, Jerry VVoods, Bill Presley, man, Bob Foster. Standing-Phil Blue, David Hilligoss, Coach Jim Carter. Paul Wykofl, Phil Martin, Phil Taylor, Larry Watson, ,, , r f . HW fir 1" A s ' ' Q fu , A ' qv' ,v'f'6'4...,,, -' .4 dfw 1,1 ,..,. , With only one returning letterman and little experience, AHS golfers found the going rough, losing their first nine matches before whipping Logansport, 10 to 5. Senior Mike Martin, the lone holdover from 1959, shot in the 70,5 and was a consistent indi- vidual winner. Coach jim Carter could not find additional golfers to lift the team up to previous years when AHS won three state titles and tive conference championships in eight years. A cold spring hampered the development of the young golfers, but their improvement in the latter stages of the season led to the tearn's lone .,' victory in the tenth match. VARSITY GOLF Anderson Richmond 935 Anderson Indianapolis Tech 8 Anderson Marion 1125 Anderson Muncie Central 1013 Anderson New Castle 12 Anderson Marion 11 Anderson Madison Heights 11 Anderson Muncie Central 12 Anderson New Castle 12 Anderson Logansport 5 Anderson Indianapolis Tech 3 n CY 1 I Q IL ,H 5 114, Returning letterman Mike Martin lines up a putt as teammates Paul Vfylcoff and Phil Martin lend their encouragement and advice. E S 1 E 2 a 1 s S 5 saw:smeamkmwesnmWmMamssm-w.s.s Nm.s-aw. swwm. sM.s-Mew-MW., M f 'INDI Going and growing with Nerve center of the public school system is the Superintendent's office where Mr. G. E. Ebbertt directs administrative activities with help from staff members and Miss Gertrude Plotner, office director Qleftl. Andersonis School Board tackled two tre- mendous jobs this year-remodeling AHS and building the new Wigwam. The administration had planned the 354751000 remodeling job two years ago, and when the Wigwam burned they under- took a second task. The board visited new Indiana high school gyms to gain ideas for the 81.9 million dollar gym. Final selection was made after a complete study of 293 bids from 31 firms. Anderson's School Board is made up of private citizens who volunteer their time to direct the cityis schools. Carrying out the boardis wishes is Supt. G. E. Ebbertt, who has served as chief administrative oificer for eight years. A typical board meeting beginning at 7:30 p.m. usually ends at midnight. In that time lots of high-powered thinking tran- spires as officials explore the unlimited horizons in the educational Held. School board decisions revamped Ground-breaking ceremonies on the new gym site fleftj Mrs. Knight was the first to sign the historic gym con- climax a year-long project by board members Mrs. tract CSecond picturel as gym architect Arthur Hen- Margaret Knight, Mr. WVilliam Hovermale, Mr. Maurice ning looks on. Cost of the new gymnasium, and industrial Fleece, Mr. Wilbur Roby, and Mr. A. George Harrison. shop area will be 31.9 million. 82 AHS students obtain Work permits from Mrs. Mabel Mr. Willard Sipes and Mr. Ray Reese construct cabinets Hovermale and Mr. Ward Hartzell, attendance oilicer. for classrooms under the direction of Supervisor Joseph The oilice also handles free textbooks and student at- Carney, as part of the repair and improvement pro- tendance report forms. gram in all school buildings. d tional plant and techniques Mr. Harrison, secretary, stamps S900,000 worth of bonds bers, the final signature is made, and members hlce Mr. as the board solves its Financial problems, and after Hovermale, treasurer, and Mr. Roby fright picturej Weeks of studied concentration by President Fleece, relax as construction begins. Target date for completion Attorney Lee Fidler Csecond picturel and other mem- is February, 1961. 83 Assistants janet Burns and John Ravenscroft help Mr. Cliiiord Swift, assistant principal, restock the new book- store shelves. Despite room FACULTY-Row l-Mrs. Marjorie Austin-Business Ed- ucation-Registrar, Awards Comm. Chr.g Mr. I. I. Bailey -Social Studiesg Mr. William Ballentine-Trades and In- dustry-Apprentice School Inst.g Mr. Richard Balsley- Business Education-Ticket Managerg Mr. Donald Barnett -Driver Education-Coach, Baseball, Reserve Basketballg Mr. David Barrow-Mathematics-AHS Treasurer. Bow 2 -Mr. Max Beigh-Business Education-Counseling Dir.g Rita Io Butz brings Mr. David Adams, principal, another shower of cards he received for his birthday. shifts and noises of Mr. James Biddle-Business Education-Ir. Class Sponsor, Future Retailers Sponsorg Mr. Gerald Bordner-Music- Asst. Band Dir.5 Mr. Donald Bowen-Business Education -Dept. Head, AHS Accountantg Mr. Jack Bowers- Science-Science Club Sponsorg Mr. Ralph Boyd- Language Arts-American Education Week Chr., Speech Contest Chr. 'fxwl K ,V et if aikviawjv iirtiii Rik 'X CVS- ' i, Teaching at AHS this year was not an easy task. Faculty members taught through workmenis noises, changed rooms, and packed and un- packed their equipment while the remodeling job was being completed. Teachers found that new arrangements and better rooms aided in their educational program. The faculty is a closely-knit group. They work and socialize together. The entire faculty and student body were deeply grieved when two long-time faculty members, Mr. I. Merrill Coffin and Mr. Clarence Burns, died early in the year. Both men had been serving AHS for many years as outstanding teachers and personalities. Although teachers are busy preparing lessons, sponsoring clubs, and planning activities, they always find time for their students. Discussing problems, careers, or college, teachers try to educate not only in the classroom but in every phase of high school life. Smiling secretaries, Mrs. Iris Tolbert, Mrs. Mary Norris, Mrs. Barella Gray, Mrs. Bonnie Bliss, and Miss Phyllis Hotzel, add their sparkle to the already shining re- modeled office. workmen, teachers did their jobs FACULTY-Row 1-Mrs. Maxine Bridges-Language Arts-Thespian Society Sponsor, Sr. Dramatics Sponsor, Mr. Howard Burnett-Social Studies, Mr. Clarence Burns -Language Arts-Ushers Club Sponsor, Safety Dir., Miss Marietta Cain-Business Education, Miss Dorothy Camp- bell-Language Arts, Mr. James Carter-Driver Educa- tion-Coach, Football, Golf. Row 2-Miss Lorna Craigie- Business Education, Mr. George Davis-Social Studies- Dept. Head, Convo Comm. Chr., Purdue Legislative Chr., Model U.N. Sponsor, Mr. Richard Dennis-Music- Orchestra Dir., Mr. Charles Denny-Social Studies, Mrs. Margaret Doles-Science-Counselor, Pep Sessions Comm. Chr., Scholarship Chr., College Guidance Day Chr., Mr. Joseph Dye-Trades and Industry-Dept. Head, Adult Education Dir. FACULTY-Row 1-Mr. john Finney-Social Studies, Business Education- Future Teachers Sponsor, Mr. Ray Fleenor-Social Studies- Asst. Coach, Cross Country, Track, Mr. Robert Freeman-Driver Education-Coach, Cross Country, Track, Asst. Basketball, Mr. john Garri- gus-Mathematics-Counselor, Mrs. Evelyn Grahame- Language Arts-Dept. Head, Sr. Speaker Chr., Mr. Ray- mond Criffith-Mathematics. Bow 2-Mr. Lee Hale- Trades and Industry, Mrs. Marguerite Hale-Language Arts, Miss Helen Harrell-Home Economics-Ir. Bed Cross Sponsor, jr. Class Sponsor, Mr. Donald Hays- Trades and Industry-X-Ray Printing Adviser, Mr. Byron Helfrich-Social Studies, Miss Alice Higman- Social Studies. Convo planning, club sponsoring, Civic-minded teachers, Mrs. Mary Kitterman and Mrs. First treasurer of the teachers credit union, Mr. I. J. Dorothy Riggs, do their part in the TB seal drive. Student Bailey proudly displays his trademark, the umbrella, and groups also joined in. gifts for 25 years of service. FACULTY-Row 1-Mr. Basil Hosier-Mathematics- Dept. Head, Mr. Jesse Huntzinger-Mathematics-Honor Day Chr., Mrs. Ruthanne Imler-AHS Nurse, Mr. Wil- liam james-Trades and Industry-Apprentice School Supervisor, Miss Eileen Johnson- Language Arts-Latin Club Sponsor, Mr. Keith Johnson-Language Arts-Visual Aids Dir., Librarian. Row 2-Mr. Gordon Julius-Trades and Industry-Camera Club Sponsor, Miss Hazel Kendall -Language Arts, Mrs. Mary Kittennan-Social Studies- Counselorg Mr. George Lee-Science-Dept. Head Science Club Sponsor, Student Council Sponsorg Mr Lowell Lee-Science-Civil Defense Chr., N.E.A. Chr. Miss Virginia Lindstrom-Social Studies, Language Arts charity drives took up extra, time New teacher Mr. Robert Meadows em- Newly-formed scholarship committee members, Mr. Leo Sanders, Mrs. phasizes his point with gestures to his Evelyn Grahame, and Miss Helen Harrell, interview a prospect for the junior English class. teacher,s student scholarship fund. : FACULTY-Row 1-Miss Lois Long-Language Arts- Counselor, Career Day Chr., Future Teachers Sponsor, Mr. Herbert Lyon- Business Education-Candy Stand, Mrs. Vivian Maine-Language Arts. Row 2-Mrs. Deloris Martin-Home Economics-Sr. Class Sponsor, Mr. David Martyn-Language Arts, Mrs. Mary McFarland-Art-Dept. Head, Display Case Chr. o teachers, yeafs end meant only FACULTY-Row 1-Mr. Herbert Miller-Mathematics, Mrs. Elise Mulvihill-Art-Bible Club Sponsor, Christmas Decorations Chr., Mr. Ick Osborne-Driver Education- Dept. Head, Coach, Basketball, Asst. Football, Miss Mary Ruth Palmer-Music-M.M.M. Sponsor, Vocal Music Dir., Mr. Dane Pugh-Trades and Industry-Coach, Tennis, Mr. Lee Pursley-Language Arts-Sr. Class Sponsor, X- Ray Adviser. Row 2-Mr. Donald Pyle-Physical Educa- tion-Coach, Wrestling, Mrs. Lucile Bailsback-Business Education, Mr. Robert Reifel-Trades and Industry- Track Official, Mrs. Edna Rhynearson-Home Economics -Girls Dean, Social Activities Chr., Mrs. Dorothy Riggs- Home Economics-Faculty Tea Chr., Mr. Claud Boney- Mathematics-Counselor, Student Guidance Day Chr. Assistant coach Mr. Peter Russo seems to be mesmerized by football activities. School spirit catches up even math teacher Mr. Basil Hosier as he M.C.'s a football half-time show. new minds to educate next term FACULTY-Row 1-Mr. Peter Russo-Driver Education -Asst. Coach, Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Mr. Leo Sanders-Science-Honor Society Sponsor, Clubs Comm. Chr., Ushers Club Sponsor, Mrs. Mary Schultz-Language Arts-Student Council Sponsor, Asst. Librarian, Mr. Vern Shinn-Trades and lndustry-Apprentice School Instr., Mr. Joseph Sparks-Boys Dean, Mr. O. L. Springer- Social Studies-Safety Dir. Row 2-Miss Rive Todd- Home Economics-Dept. Head, Faculty Flowers and Gifts Chr., Faculty Tea Chr., Mr. George Vaught-Music -Band Director, Mrs. Virginia Vermillion-Language Arts, Mr. Edmund Villars-Trades and Industry, Mr. Horace VVilson-Science, Mr. Frank 'Woschitz-Language Arts-Yearbook Adviser, Public Relations Dir. 6O'ers watched the era of change The class of ,6O's three-year stay at AHS has been filled with many exciting, happy, and sad events. It was the Hrst 'cgreenv sophomore class after the change to the 6-3-3 plan. In the burning of the traditional Wigwam, the remodeling of the school, and the construction of the new gym, they have seen old things pass and new and better ones take their places. Still carrying on the old traditions, they wore senior skirts and blue sweaters. Senior week highlighted the year with its picnic, talent show, and dinner-dance. As in many years past, seniors marched to "Pomp and Circumstancen with mixed emotions at graduation. The class of ,60 has stood through the tidal wave of change which spread around it. Seniors have seen AHS go modern and change from old to new. At the climax of their high school careers, seniors looked back with pride at their accom- plishments, and they looked ahead with assurance that their years at AHS had prepared them for their future. In sports attire the senior class officers, Mike Morgan, Carla Ewald, Jim Seal, and Diana Miller, pack their lunches for the senior week picnic. Faces of the senior executive committee reflect the monetary success of the candy stand receipts. They are, seated, Iudy Cron, Patty Fleece, Ian Loudenback, and Susan James. Standing are Loretta Baum, Loretta Hamil- ton, Mari Lou Brockmeier, Nancy Sampley, and spon- sors Mrs. Deloris Martin and Mr. Lee Pursley. envelop and transform their school Coke seller Doug Renselle contributes his time to earn Mr. Lee Pursley turns tailor to measure Mari Lou Brock- senior Week finances. rneier for her cap and gown. Preceding the basketball game, Judy Ray and Caralee "Smoke 'em outv urges the class of 760 representatives Campbell check the coats of Marshann Marsh, jim Ray, Nancy VVatkins, Loretta Hamilton, and Sandy Hutson and Ioan Hurley. through their Homecoming float. D 91 They awaited the auditoriuirfs completion Row 1: DEANNA ABERNATHY-Business-Y-Teens, Latin Club, H.R. Pres., Future Retailers, Publications Rep., Nurse Asst. LINDA ADDISON-General-Choral ' Club, Sr. Dramatics, Future Teachers, Y-Teens, Moni- tor, Library Asst., Concert Choir, Choralettes, Bible Flub, Little Chief. DAVID AGNEW-General-wresb ing. Row 2: REX AHRENDT-College Preparatory-Honor Society, A Club, Tennis, Hi-Y, Cross Country, Track, A Scholar. TOWNSEND ALBRIGHT- College Pre- paratory-Hi-Y, Honor Society, Science Club, Vice Pres., Student Council, Pep Session Comm., Ir. Exec. Council, Model U.N., Purdue Legis. Assembly. STEVE ALDRED-General-Hi-Y, M.M.M., Choral Club, A Club, Latin Club, Tennis. Row 3: PHYLLIS ALDRICH-General-Monitor. GRACE ALEXANDER-General-Honor Society, Stu- dent Council, X-Ray, Assoc. Ed., Y-Teens. MARILYN ALEXANDER-College Preparatory-Honor Society. Row 4: STEPHEN ALEY-General. CUBA ALFORD- Business-Future Retailers. JANET ALLEMAN-Col- lege Preparatory-Annual Staff, Editor, I.U. journalism Inst., Honor Society, jr. Annual Staff, Publication Rep., Convo Comm., Latin Club. ROW 5: SANDRA ALLEN-General-Latin Club, Y- Teens. LINDA ANDERSON-Business-Y-Teens. ERNEST ARLINE-Business-Future Retailers. Row 6: ALAN AYERS-College Preparatory-M.M.M., Choral Club, Band, Candy Stand. DIANNE BAKER- Business-Y-Teens. SONDRA BAKER-Business-Y- Teens, Choralettes, Dean's Asst. 92 and kept their feet off the new seats ROW I: BETSY BALES-General. ANITA BALLIN- GER-College Preparatory-Latin Club, Student Coun- cil, Exec. Comm., H.R. Vice Pres., Head Monitor, Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Y-Teens, Orchestra, Pub- lication Rep. BOB BARNETT-Pre-Engineering- Track, Cross Country, A Club, Hi-Y, H.R. Pres., Head Monitor. Row 2: DWIGHT BARR-General-H.R., Pres., Choral Club, Madrigal, Pres., All State Chorus, Boys Chorus, Candy Stand. DOUG BARRON-Pre-Engineering-A Club, Treas.g Cross Country, Capt., Basketball, Track, Boy's State, Honor Society, Science Club, Pres., Hi-Y, H.R. Vice Pres., Student Council. MARK BARRON- Pre-Engineering-Band, Capt., Dance Band, Science Club, Hi-Y, Sec., Science Inst., M.M.M., Honor Society, Pres., Boy's State, H.R. Pres., Convo Comm., Visual Aids Asst. Row 3: SUZETTE BATTHAUER-College Prepara- tory-Concert Choir, Counseling Oflice Asst., Monitor, Library Asst., Future Teachers, Sec., Publication Rep., Student Council. LORETTA BAUM-Business-Student Council, H.R. Pres., Sr. Exec. Comm., Y-Teens, Vice Pres., Girls Concert Choir, Monitor, Cheerblock. SAROLD BAUTE-General-H.R. Vice Pres., Ir. Red ross. Row 4: LARRY BEATY-Pre-Apprentice-Monitor. DAVID BEAUCHAMP - Pre-Apprentice - Monitor. TREVA BERKEBILE-General-Y-Teens. ROW 5: PAUL BICKEL-General. PATRICIA BINK- LEY-College Preparatory-Band, Sec., Orchestra, M.M.M., Y-Teens, Latin Club, Science Club, Monitor. LESTER BLACKWELL - Pre-Engineering - Track, Band, Orchestra. Row 6: LONNIE BLACKWELL-General-Boys Glee Club, H.R. Treas., Choral Club, M.M.M., jr. Red Cross. SHIRLEY BONNER - General - Counseling Asst. LARRY BOOKOUT-General. Convos and pep sessions shifted from Row 1: PETER BOELENS-General. CAROLYN BOURKE-General-Nursels Asst. BETTY BOX-Gen- eral-Future Retailers. ROW 2: STEPHEN BOYD-General. ROSS BOYER- Pre-Engineering-Band, Thespians, Sr. Dramatics, Convo Comm., Monitor. JAMES BRADLEY-General. Row 3: TIM BRANDON - Pre-Engineering - H.R. Treas., jr. Red Cross. FRANK BREWER-General- Ushers Club, Cross Country. MARI LOU BROCK- MEIER-General-H.R. Pres., Exec. Comm., National Honor Society, Counseling Asst., Y-Teens. Row 4: DAVID BROGDON-General-Football, Track, H.R. Pres., Treas.g Monitor, Hi-Y, A Club, Jr. Red Cross. DAVID BROUGH - Pre-Apprentice - X-RAY. PATRICIA BROWN-General. Row 5: ROBERT BROWN-Pre-Apprentice. SANDRA BROWN-Business-X-Ray, Typist, Concert Choir, gaudy Stand. DANNY BUCK-General-Publication ep. Row 6: KARLA BURNETT-General-Concert Choir, Monitor. BILL BURT-General-Publication Rep., Ir. Red Cross. HERMA BUTLER-General-Monitor, Y- Teens. church, to hall, to finished auditorium Row 1: CARALEE CAMPBELL-General-Y-Teens, Pres., H.R. Vice Pres., Publication Rep., Ir. Red Cross, Latin Club, Choral Club, Choralettes, Monitor, Exec. Council, Cheerblock, JAMES CAMPBELL-Pre-Engi- neering-H.R. Pres., Student Council Rep., Science Club, Hi-Y, Monitor. RICHARD CAMPBELL-Gen- eral-Ushers, Capt., Wrestling Manager. Row 2: SUSAN CAMPBELL-College Pre aratory- Latin Club, Y-Teens, Library Asst., CII-leerblock. LINDA CAPLAN-College Preparatory-Deanis Asst., Orchestra, Sec., Y-Teens, Future Teachers, Latin Club. DAVID CARMANY-Pre-Engineering-Band, Dance Band, Orchestra. Row 3: LARRY CARR-Pre-Engineering-Chess Club, Science Club, Visual Aids Asst. HAZEL CARTER- Business-Choral Club, Girl's Concert Choir, Chora- Ettes, Monitor. IOHN CARTER-General-Ir. Red ross. Row 4: SHERRY CARTER-General-Sr. Dramatics, Concert Choir, Publication Rep., X-Ray, Exchange Editor, Latin Club, Y-Teens, Cheerblock, H.R. Sec., Monitor. IEFFRY CHAMBERS-General. GEORGE CHAPMAN-Pre-Engineering-Candy Stand. Row 5: JERRY CHARMOLUE-General-Baseball, A Club. LARRY CLEM-General-A Club, Baseball, Football, Manager, Candy Stand, Oiiice Asst., Monitor, H.R. Pres., Cross Country. PAMELA CLUTCH-Busi- nessEStudent Council, Cheerblock, Y-Teens, Candy Stan . Row 6: LARRY COATES-Pre-Engineering-Choral Club, Cross Country, Golf, H. R. Vice Pres. STEVEN COFFMAN-Pre-Engineering. JESSE COLLIER- General-A Club, Football, Basketball. Social events continued to tempt pupils Row 1: BETTY COLLINS-General-Candy Stand, Jr. Red Cross. PATRICK COLLINS-General-Ushers. ROBERT COLVIN-General. Row 2: GORDON COMER-Pre-Engineering. SULLI- VAN COOK-General-Football, Baseball, Track. M1E1L.VIN COOLEY-General-Football, Wrestling, A Cu . Row 3: DAVID CORNELIUS-General. SANDRA CORRE-General-X-Ray, Business Manager, Future Nurses, Y-Teens, Cheerblock, H.R. Sec. JERRY COR- TRECHT-Pre-Apprentice-H.R. Pres., Treas., Jr. Red Cross, Baseball, Cross Country. Row 4: LARRY CORYA-Pre-Apprentice-Dean,s Asst., Track. SANDY COX-General-Thespians, Honor So- ciety, Latin Club, Y-Teens, Chora Club, Concert Choir, Choralettes, H.R. Sec.-Treas., Dean,s Asst., Library Asst., X-Ray, Annual Staff, Activities Editor, Jr. Annual Staff, U. of Mich. Journalism Inst., Candy Stand. JAMES CRIDCE-Pre-Engineering-Student Council, Monitor, H.R. Pres., Treas., Hi-Y. Row 5: NORMA CRIPE-General-Jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Staff, Advertising Manager, X-Ray, Nurses Asst., Cheerblock, Concert Choir, Choralettes, Y-Teens, Latin Club, Jr. Red Cross. JUDY CRON-General-Y- Teens, Jr. Annual StaH, Sr. Annual, Faculty Editor, X-Ray, H.R. Publication Rep., Exec. Council, Cheer- block, Latin Club, Nurses Asst., Sr. Dramatics. CAR- MEN CRONK-General. Row 6: LANNY CROUCH-General-Choral Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Boy's Chorus. DON CROW- LEY-General. JOHN CUNNINGHAM-Pre-Engineer ing-Football, Co-Capt., Wrestling, Track, H.R. Treas., A Club, Jr. Exchangite, Hi-Y. away from studies, books, and knowledge ROW I: JEANETTE DAILEY-Business. LARRY DAVENPORT-General-Wrestling. DOUG DAVIS- College Preparatory-Wrestling, Thespians, Latin Club, A Club. Row 2: EDVVARD DAVIS-General-Football, Ten- nis, Hi-Y, A Club, Candy Stand, Monitor. JERRY DAVIS-General-Visual Aids Dept., Monitor, Parking Lot Cadet. CHESTER DAY-General. ROW 3: LINDA DEARING-General. DAVID DE- BOLT-General-Student Council, H.R. Pres., Vice Pres., Hi-Y, Pep Sessions Comm., Monitor, Tennis. SUE DEISER-General. Row 4: MICKEY DELEY-General-Wrestling, A Club. PHILLIP DEVANEY-General. JOHN DE- VORE-Business-Future Retailers, Indian Mascot, Ushers Club. Row 5: HERMAN DEWITT - Pre-Apprentice. ROBERT DICKEY-General. PETE DODD-General -Boy,s Glee Club, Pres.: Monitor, Usher. Row 6: JANET DOHERTY - General - Y-Teens, Cheerblock, Library Asst. STEPHEN DOUGLAS- General. DAVE DOTY-General-Band, Hi-Y. Meetings, dances, and games consumed Row 1: PATSY DUCKWORTH-Business-Y-Teens, Treas.g X-Ray, Page Editor, Cheerblock, Monitor, Candy Stand. DONNA DURGAN-General-Cheer block, Y-Teens, Library Asst. DAVID DYKES-General. Row 2: GARY EAGLIN-General-Band. SUZANNE EILAR-Business-H.R. Sec.-Treas., H.R. Red Cross Rep., Head Monitor, Orchestra. CHARLENE EUTS- LER-Home Economics. Row 3: IUDITH EUTSLER-Business-Monitor. CARLA EWALD-College Preparatory-Jr. Sz Sr. Class Vice Pres., Cheerleader, Co-Captain, D.A.R. Award, Purdue Legis. Assembly, H.R., Pres., Girl's State, Honor Society, Thespians, jr. Red Cross, Treas.g Exec. Council, Office Asst., Sr. Dramatics, Y-Teens, Candy Stand, X-Ray, Monitor, Pep Sessions Comm., Cheer- block. KAREN FAIRBURN-General-Choralettes, Library Asst., Nurse,s Asst. Row 4: CAROLYN FALLS-College Preparatory- Choral Club, M.M.M., Student Counci , jr. Exec. Coun- cil, All Sate Chorus, Choralettes, Latin Club, Oifice Asst. SHERRY FARLOW-General-Dean's Asst., H.R. Sec.-Treas., Thespians. SHIRLEY FELTS-Business- Choralettes. Row 5: DARRELL F IELDS-Pre-Apprentice-Visual Aids Asst., Orchestra. LARRY FITZGERALD-Gem eral-Monitor, Art Award. PATRICIA FLEECE-Col- lege Preparatory-Sr. Annual Staff, Business Manager, Honor Society, Sr. Exec. Comm., U. of Mich. Journal- ism Inst., Cheerblock, Dean's Asst., Monitor, Student Council, Ir. Annual Staff, Choralettes, Y-Teens. Row 6: DALLAS FLINT-College Preparatory-Pub- lication Rep., Monitor. JAMES FLYE-General-X- Ray, Sports Editor, Monitor, Football. PEGGY FOS- TER-Business-Honor Society, Library Asst., Chor- alettes, Monitor. the limitless, unsurpassed, energy of teens Row 1: ROBERT FOSTER-Pre-Engineering-Drafb ing Award. DONALD FOWLER-Pre-Apprentice- Baseball. STEPHEN FOX-General Row 2: JIM FRAZIER-General. ROBERT FRENCH -Pre-Apprentice-Monitor. BEVERLY FRENDT- Genera . Row 3: DIXIE CAINES-Business-Cheerblock. JEF- FERY GARDNER-General-Football. RONALD GAR- RETT-General-Monitor, Candy Stand, Row 4: SHARON GARRINGER-General-Y-Teens. TERRY CAUSE-General. MAX GENTRY-General. Row 5: CLIFFORD GILMORE-College Preparatory -Orchestra, Honor Society, M.M.M., I.U. Music Clinic, All State Orchestra, Manchester String Clinic, Ball State String Clinic. IEFFRY GILMORE-College Pre- paratory-Band. RUTH GILMORE-College Prepara- tory-Honor Society, Choral Club, M.M.M., Bible Club, Commencement Speaker, Future Teachers, Library Asst., Choralettes, Latin Club. Row 6: DAVID CIVENS-General. MARK GOD- BEY-Ceneral-Thespians, Science Club, Sr. Dramatics, Candy Stand, X-Ray, Advertising Manager. PATTY- ANN GOSS-College Preparatory-Honor Society, Homemaker of Tomorrow Award, Y-Teens Dean's rgfsti, Future Teachers, Orchestra, Latin Club, Cheer- oc . Mr K the steel strike, Ike's visit abroad Row 1: JACK COWEN-Pre-Apprentice-Cross Coun- try, Baseball, H.R. Sec.-Treas. JACK GRAHAM-Col- lege Preparatory-Hi-Y, Golf, Tennis, M.M.M., Moni- tor, Candy Stand, History Club, Boy's Clee Club. PAUL CRANDLINARD - Pre-Apprentice - Monitor, Row 2: JACK CRAY-General-Honor Society, Science Club, Hi-Y, Student Council, H.R. Vice Pres., Pres., Boy,s Chorus, Monitor, Candy Stand. JOHNNIE GRAY -General-Hi-Y, Monitor, HB. Pres., Football, Candy Stand, Basketball. CYNTHIA GREENE-College Pre- paratory-Y-Teens, Monitor, Publication Rep., Cheer- block, Jr. Exec. Council, Choralettes, Deanls Asst., Latin Club, Sr. Draniatics. ROW 3: BONITA GREENWALT-General-Y-Teens, Counseling Asst. JUDY CRINER-General. CLAU- DETTE GRISSOM-General-Library Asst., Dean,s Asst., Y-Teens, Cheerblock. Row 4: DALE CROSS-General-Baseball, A Club. LINDA CUSS-Business-Honor Society, Monitor, Biology Asst., Y-Teens, Cheerblock. RAY GUYOT-Pre- Engineering-Football, Track, A Club, Hi-Y, Wrest- ing. Row 5: JAMES HACKLEMAN-Pre-Apprentice. HEDY JO I-IALE-General. MICHAEL HALE-Gen- eral-Cross Country, Baseball, Hi-Y, Monitor. Bow 6: LORETTA HAMILTON-Business-Student Council, Honor Society, Sr. Exec. Council, Monitor, Y-Teens, Cheerblock, Girl,s Chorus. MARILYN HAN- COCK-General-Honor Society, Jr. Red Cross, Sr. Exec. Council- MICHELE HANCOCK-Business-X- Ray, Associate Editor, Cheerblock, Y-Teens, Cirl's Chorus, Choralettes. became subjects of hallway conversation ROW l: LARRY HANEY-General. DOUGLAS HAR- NEIY-Ceneral-Band. JAMES HARRINCTON-Cen- era . Row 2: CLARK HARRISON-College Preparatory- Boy's State, Basketball, Football, H. R. Vice Pres., Honor Society, A Club, Hi-Y, Treas.g Exec. Council. RAYMOND HART-Pre-Apprentice. STEPHEN HART -College Preparatory-Cross Country, Basketball, Golf, M.M.M., Hi-Y, Future Retailers, Pres., State Retailers, Pres., Band. Row 3: SHARON HASTY-General-Monitor. SAUN- DRA HEARD-College Preparatory-Head Indianette, Ceorgettes, Honor Society, H.R. Sec., X-Ray, Man- aging Editor. MERIL HEDRICK-General-Choral Club, Ushers Club. Row 4: KAREL HENDRICKS - Business - Choral Club, M.M.M., Y-Teens, Choralettes, Girl's Chorus, Future Teachers, Jr. Red Cross. JAMES HERRON- General-Ushers Club, LARRY HERRON-College Preparatory-Ushers Club, Monitor. Row 5: DAVID HILLIGOSS-College Preparatory- Jr. Exchangite, Hi-Y, Latin Club, Science Club, Golf, Visual Aids Asst. JIM HINDERER-Pre-Apprentice. PHYLLIS HOLDER - College Preparatory - Student Council, Future Teachers, Pres., H. R. Pres., Pep Ses- sions Comm., Y-Teens, Latin Club, Cheerblock, Capt., Choralettes. ROW 6: MARGARET HOLLINCSWORTH-Horne Economics-Girls Chorus, Candy Stand. JOSEPH HOPKINS-General. PAULINE HORTON-Business. l l l Beatniks reigned as idols of the young Row 1: SANDRA HOVERMALE-Business-Y-Teens, A Cheerblock, Publication Rep. DARLENE HOWELL- General-Y-Teens, Cheerblock, Cheerleader, Athletic Oflice Asst., Dean's Asst., Pep Session Comm. RUTH HUDSON-College Preparatory-Honor Society, Latin Club, Y-Teens, M.M.M., Cheerblock, Candy Stand, Band, Librarian, Orchestra, Science Club, I.U. Music , Clinic, Science Inst., Ir. Red Cross, Band Asst. A w 4 Row 2: SHIRLEY HUF F -College Preparatory-Y- Teens, Thespians, Honor Society, Latin Club, Future , Teachers, Treas., H.R. Treas., Pres., Counseling Office Asst. LORETTA HULL - Business - Honor Society, Latin Club. LINDA HUMMEL - General - Student Council, Deanls Asst., Counseling Asst., Pep Session Comm., Cheerblock, H.R. Vice Pres., Y-Teens, Sec. Row 3: ION HUNT-General-H.R. Pres., M.M.M., Pres., Band, Drum Major, Choral Club, Madrigal, Orchestra, Honor Society, Boy's Glee Club, Boyis State. JOAN HURLEY-General-Y-Teens, Monitor, Ir. Red Cross, Counseling Asst., Sr. Dramatics, Future Teachers, Cheerblock, DONNA HUTCHENS-Home Economics -Future Teachers, Y-Teens, Monitor. Row 4: SANDRA HUTSON - Business - Y-Teens, Cheerblock, Honor Society, Dean's Asst., Monitor, Prom Queen Attendant, H.R. Vice Pres., Student Council CLARA HUTTON-Business-Honor Society, Coun- seling Oflice Asst., CAROLYN HYATT-Business- Orchestra. Row 5: PAT ISAACS-Pre-Apprentice. SUE IVESON -General-Girl's State, Honor Society, Alt. Cheerleader, Cheerblock, Y-Teens, Monitor, Concert Choir. Latin Club, H.R. Pres., jr. Class Treas., Dean's Asst. SUSAN JAMES-College Preparatory-Y-Teens, Honor Society, Cheerblock, Future Teachers, Choralettes, Orchestra, Pres., Monitor, Dean's Asst., All State Orchestra, Sr. Exec. Council. Row 6: WILLADEAN IANES-General-H.R. Treas., Y-Teens. JURIS JANsoNs-General. GENE JEF- FERS-General. 102 but remained a. plague and foe to parents Row I: BARBARA JEFFRIES-Business-Future Re- tailers, State Historian, Y-Teens, Sr. Exec. Council. JAMES D. JOHNSON-Pre-Engineering. JAMES W. JOHNSON-General-Band, Choral Club, Boy's Chorus, Visual Aids Asst. Row 2: CURTIS JONES-College Preparatory-Latin Club, Pres., Honor Society, Vice Pres., M.M.M., Convo Comm., Boy's Chorus, Pres., Publication Rep., I-I.R. Treas., Vice Pres., Monitor, All State Chorus, Choral Club, Vice Pres., Hi-Y, Science Club, Madrigal, Model U.N. JEANETTE JONES - General - Latin Club, Thespians, Bible Club, Student Council, Exec. Coun- cil, Monitor, Concert Choir, Girl,s State, Cheerblock, Future Teachers. VVALTER KALISZ-General. Row 3: JOHN KALLENBERG-College Preparatory- Madrigal, Choral Club, M.M.M., All State Chorus, Library Asst., Student Council, Monitor, Boy's Glee Club. GLENN KEENEY-General-Golf, Cross Coun- try. ROGER KELLAMS - Pre-Engineering - Band, Dance Band, Honor Society, M.M.M., H.R. Pres., Exec. Council, Monitor. Row 4: SALLY KELLER-Business-X-Ray, Editor-in- Chief, Honor Society, Student Council, Choralettes, Y-Teens, Monitor. SAUNDRA KELLY-Business- Honor Society, M.M.M., Y-Teens, Band, Orchestra, H.R. Sec.-Treas. JUDY KIMMERLING - Business - Dean's Asst., Future Retailers, Treas. Row 5: CHARLES KING-General. KAY KINGS- BURY-Business-Monitor, Student Council, Y-Teens. PATRICIA KIZER-General-Dean,s Asst., Y-Teens. Row 6: ELEANOR KOLBUSZ-General-Band, Choral Club, Madrigal, Sec., Concert Choir, M.M.M., Latin Club, Orchestra, Y-Teens, Cheerblock, All State Chorus. ROSEMARY KRUGER-Business. TIMOTHY LAMEY-General-Latin Club, Boy's State, Wrestling, Hi-Y, H.R. Pres., Monitor. Traditional sweaters and cords appeared Row 1: RONALD LANCING-Pre-Engineering-Foob ball, Track, Monitor. STEVEN LAND-Pre-Engineer ing-Madrigal, Choral Club, Publication Rep., Chess Club, Boy's Glee Club, M.M.M., All State Chorus. SANDRA LASHURE - College Preparatory - X-Ray, Honor Society, Future Teachers, Vice Pres., Cheer- block, Latin Club, Monitor, Concert Choir, Bible Club. Row 2: PHYLLIS LAWVSON-Business-Future Re- tailers, Vice Pres., Y-Teens, Monitor, Choralettes. VICKI LEARNED-Home Economics-Dean's Asst., Annual Staff, Underclass Editor, Future Nurses, Moni- tor, Choralettes. NANCY LEE - Business - Honor Society, Treas.g H.R. Sec.-Treas., Dean's Asst., Orches- tra, Y-Teens, Monitor. Row 3: BILL LEICHT - Pre-Apprentice - H.R. Vice Pres., Baseball, Cross Country, Monitor. OLLIE LEWIS-General. DEANNA LLOYD-Business. Row 4: RONALD LLOYD-General-Ushers Club, X-Ray, Advertising Manager. JANALEE LOUDEN- BACK-Ceneral-Madrigal, Choral Club, Band, Orches- tra, Concert Choir, Sr. Exec. Council, Cheerblock, Monitor, Y-Teens, Vice Pres., Treas.g H.R. Vice Pres.. Sec., Treas., M.M.M., Sec. EDDIE LOUCH-Pre- Engineering-H.R. Pres., Monitor. Row 5: SANDRA LOVELL-Business-Y-Teens, Coun- seling Asst., Monitor. STEPHEN LOWRY-College Preparatory-Cross Country, Track, A Club, Sec., Hi-Y, H.R. Pres., Sec.-Treas., Head Monitor. CALVIN LUNS- F ORD-Ceneral. Row 6: PATTY MADARA-College Preparatory-Y- Teens, Monitor. DAVE MARSH - Pre-Apprentice. MARSHANN MARSH-Business-Honor Society, Y- Teens, H.R. Sec.-Treas., Monitor, Jr. Exec. Council, Cheerblock, Counseling Asst., Ir. Red Cross. 104 as the insignia of an elite senior corps Row I: MIKE MARTIN-College Preparatory-A Club, Hi-Y, Vice Pres., Science Club, Sec.-Treas., Golf, Latin Club. IERRI MATHEWS-Business-Y-Teens, Nurse's Asst. EVELYN MATTHEWS-General-Choral Club, M.M.M., Dean's Asst., Orchestra, Librarian, Treas., Ir. Red Cross, Y-Teens, Choralettes. Row 2: DAVID MAY-Pre-Engineering-H.R. Pres., Sr. Exec. Council, Annual Staff, Sports Editor, Publi- cation Rep., Monitor. SHERRILL McADAMS-Gen- eral. MARY SUE MCALLISTER-College Preparatory -Thespians, Pres., Girls State, Pep Session Comm., Choral Club, Cheerblock, All State Chorus, Publica- tions Rep., Ir. Red Cross, Sr. Dramatics, Concert Choir, X-Ray, Feature Editor, Little Chief, Co-Editor, Ir. Annual Staff, Monitor, Candy Stand. ROW 3: WILLIAM MCCALLISTER-General. GRACE McCOPPIN-General-Librarian Asst. STEVE Mc- CORD-General. Row 4: LARRY McCOY-General. RUTHA MCCUL- LOUGH-Home Economics. EDWARD MCCROCK- LIN-General-jr. Annual Staff, Sr. Annual Stalf, Pho- tographer. ROW 5: CATHARINE McCROCKLIN-BusineSs- Honor Society, Band, Future Retailers, Sec., Latin Club, Y-Teens, Monitor. JOAN MCGILLICUDDY- Business-Homecoming Queen, Y-Teens, Choralettes, Choral Club, M.M.M., Annual Staff, Oflice Mana er, H.R. Sec., Executive Council, Cheerblock, Stufent Council, Candy Stand, All State Chorus, Monitor. KAREN McKAY - College Preparatory - Indianette, Girls State, Honor Society, Sec., Y-Teens, Miss Green, Publication Rep., Monitor, Convo Comm., H.R. Vice Pres., Sec., Latin Club. Row 6: SONDRA MCQUISTON - Business - X-Ray. BEVERLEY MILLER-College Preparatory-Madrigal, Annual Staff, Managing Editor, Ir. Annual Staif, I.U. Journalism Inst., Choral Club, Sec., Choralettes, All State Chorus, Ir. Class Sec., H.R. Vice Pres., Treas., Publication Rep., Monitor, Model U.N., Cheerblock, Thespians, Y-Teens, Honor Society, Latin Club, Candy Stand, M.M.M., Pep Sessions Comm., Ir. Exec. Coun- cil. DIANA MILLER-General-Sr. Class Sec., Year- book Queen, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Annual Staff, Senior Section, Y-Teens, Pres., Candy Stand, Sr. Exec. Council, Monitor, H.R. Pres., Vice Pres., Sec., Cheerblock, Choralettes, Dean,s Asst., Ir. Annual Staff. Senior Week activities place the jewel Row I: DONYA MILLER-Home Economics. EVELYN MILLER-General. SANDRA MILLER-General. Row 2: JOE MINNIEAR-College Preparatory-Hi-Y, Cross Country, Basketball, X-Ray. MICHAEL MOR- GAN-College Preparatory-Sr. Class Treas., Com- mencement Speaker, Boy's State, Honor Society, Stu- dent Council, Monitor, Basketball, Cross Country, Candy Stand, Hi-Y, Latin Club, Golf, Baseball. DARLA MOYER-General. Row 3: THOMAS MULLINS-General. ROBERT MYERS-Pre-Engineering-Monitor. CAROL NAHR- WOLD-General-Fall Wind-up Queen, Choralettes, Choral Club, Maclrigal, Band, Treas.g M.M.M., Treas.g Latin Club, Treas., Monitor, Dean's Asst., Honor Society, Y-Teens, Pres., Convo Comm. Row 4: ROGER NEALIS-Business-Band. ROSE ANN NEEDLER-Business-H.R. Sec., Student Council, Y- Teens, Vice Pres., Cheerblock, Dean's Asst., Chor- alettes. ORA NICCUM-General. Row 5: JOYCE NORRIS - General - Choral Club, Dean's Asst., M.M.M., Y-Teens, Concert Choir, Moni- tor. JULIA NORRIS-General-Choral Club, Deanls Asst., Y-Teens, M.M.M., H.R. Treas., Monitor, Concert Choir. JACKIE O'DOWD-General-X-Ray, Art Edi- tor, Counseling Asst., Concert Choir. ROW 6: SHARON OLDFIELD - General. DENNIS OLIVER - Pre-Apprentice. KATHARINE ORR - Col- lege Preparatory-Band, Choral Club, M.M.M., Y-Teens, gitin Club, Cheerblock, Concert Choir, All State orus. 111 the priceless crown of school years Row 1: WILLIAM OSBORNE-College Preparatory- Monitor, Science Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Candy Stand, Sr. Dramatics. MARY OWENS-General -Candy Stand, Bible Club. LARRY PARKS-Pre-Ap- prentice-Monitor. ROW 2: PAUL PARTON-General. ESTHER PATTER- SON-General-Choral Club, Concert Choir, Chor- alettes, Ir. Red Cross. PATTY PEARSON-College Preparatory-X-Ray, Editor-in-Chief, Little Chief, Co- Editor-in-Chiefg Honor Society, M.M.M., Historian, I.U. Science Inst., Band, Asst. Librarian, Thespian, Science Club, Cheerblock, Latin Club, Y-Teens, Stu- dent Council, Orchestra. ROW 3: JACK PERKINS-General. JANICE PERRY- College Preparatory-X-Ray, Business Manager, Little Chief, Business Manager, Ir. Annual Staff, Choralettes, Choral Club, Madrigal, M.M.M., All State Chorus, Latin Club, Vice Pres., Y-Teens, H.R. Sec.-Treas., Honor Society, Model U.N. FREDERICK PETERSON -Pre-Apprentice. Row 4: IEANNE PHILLIPS-College Preparatory- Choral Club, Orchestra, M.M.M., Ir. Red Cross, Honor Society, Publication Rep., Choralettes, All State Orchestra. BILL PITTS-Pre-Engineering-Student Council, Pres., Honor Society, Head Monitor, Purdue Legis. Assembly, H.R. Pres., Ir. Exec. Council, Ir. Roaarian, Model U.N., Hi-Y. BRUCE POWERS-Gem era . Row 5: JIANE PRESTON - College Preparatory - Cheerlea er, Co-Capt., Choral Club, Choralettes, Mon- itor, H.R. Pres, Vice Pres., M.M.M., Pep Session Comm., Prom Queen Attendant, Homecoming Queen Atten- dant, Sr. Annual Staff, Circulation Manager, Dean's Asst., Y-Teens. EDDIE PURCIFUL - General - Sr. Drarnatics, Choral Club, Boys, Chorus, Latin Club, Monitor, M.M.M. IAMES PURKEY-General-Band, Orchestra. Row 6: GARY RANDOLPH-Pre-Apprentice. TRUDY RAPER-General-Monitor, Y-Teens, Visual Aids Asst., Publication Ren., Student Council. NORMAN RAU- NER-College Preparatory-Band, M.M.M. l 1 Finally recitation, essays, tests passed Row 1: FREDERICK RAY-General-Candy Stand, Ushers Club. IIM RAY-College Preparatory-Jr. Red Cross, Monitor, Cross Country, Baseball Manager, A Club, Candy Stand, H.R. Pres., Treas. IUDITH RAY- Business-Student Council, H.R. Pres., Y-Teens, Sec., Jr. Red Cross, Cheerblock, Monitor. l- L Row 2: LORINE RAYFORD-General-Future Teach- ers, Latin Club, Bible Club, Cheerblock. WAYNE REDDINC-General-Boys' Chorus, Wrestling, Oflice Asst. PATRICIA REDDY-Business-Y-Teens, Moni- tor, Candy Stand. Row 3: DONNA REICHARD-College Preparatory- Latin Club, Y-Teens, Monitor, Publications Rep. DOUGLAS RENSELLE-Pre-Engineering. IUDIBETH REVEAL--College Preparatory-Sr. Dramatics, Stu- dent Council, Bible Club, Latin Club, Monitor. Row 4: BETTY RICHARDS-Home Economics. BERNHARD RIEDNER-College Preparatory-Science Club. WILLIAM ROBBINS-Pre-Engineering-Honor Society. ROW 5: STEPHEN ROBERTS-General. BETH ROB- INETT-College Preparatory-Y-Teens, Future Teach- ers, Honor Society, Cheerblock, Fall Wind-up Queen Attendant, Cirl's State, H.R. Pres., Treas., Orchestra, Choralettes, Choral Club, Madrigal, All State Chorus. ANN ROBINSON-Business-Future Retailers, Pub- lications Rep, Jr. Red Cross, Latin Club. Row 6: DAVID ROGERS-Pre-Apprentice-Tennis, Monitor. KENNETH ROLAND - Pre-Engineering. ELMER ROLLINS-Business. 108 and the date of graduation approached Row 1: JAMES ROOF - Pre-Apprentice. BOYD ROSEBERRY-General-Future Retailers. GERALD ROUSE-College Preparatory-Choral Club, Pres., Bible Club, M.M.M., Monitor, Latin Club. Row 2: IIM ROUSEY-General-Basketball, A Club, H.R. Sec., Baseball, Cross Country, Candy Stand. GLORIA RUSH - General. MICHAEL RUSSELL - General. Row 3: NANCY SAMPLEY-College Preparatory- Honor Society, Sr. Dramatics, Cheerblock, Thespians, Latin Club, Exec. Council, Monitor, Y-Teens. CHARLES SANDERS-Pre-Apprentice-Ushers Club. WILLIAM SANDERS-General-Monitor. Row 4: IUDITH SANFORD-College Preparatory- Indianettes, Prom Queen, Student Council, Corr. Sec., Honor Society, Georgettes, H.R. Pres., Vice Pres.: Convo Comm., Latin Club. STANLEY SCHUMACHER -College Preparatory-Honor Society, Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, M.M.M., Science Club, Monitor. SHER- MAN SCOTT-College Preparatory-Cross Country, Wrestling, Track, A Club. Row 5: JAMES SCOVEL-General-Annual Stall, Photographer, Choral Club, Ir. Annual Staff, I. U. Journalism Inst. JAMES SEAL-Pre-Engineering- Honor Society, Sr. Class Pres., Jr. Rotarian, Sr. Exec. Council, Boys' State, A Club, Hi-Y, Football, Capt.: Basketball, Track. STEPHEN SEARS-College Prepar- atory-Sr. Dramatics, Audio-Visual Aids, Monitor. Row 6: FRED SERVIES-Pre-Apprentice. GERALD SHAFER-Pre-Engineering-Ir. Exchangite, Baseball, Cross Country, Hi-Y, Science Club. ION SHAFER- College Preparatory-Sr. Drarnatics, Choral Club, Boys, Chorus, Latin Club, Monitor, All State Chorus, M.M.M. College, homes, careers composed a future Row 1: GAYLE SHAW-General-Thespians, Chor- alettes, Concert Choir. ZELLA SHELTON-Business- H.R. Publication Rep. RONNIE SHIELDS-Pre-Ap- prentice. ROW 2: CARL SHIPLEY-General. JOHN SIMMONS -College Preparatory-Sr. Dramatics. MARVA SIMP- SON-Business-Head Monitor, Oiiice Asst., Y-Teens, Counseling Asst. Row 3: SANDRA SIMPSON-Home Economics- Student Council, Band, H.R. Sec., Latin Club, Y-Teens, Cheerblock, Deanis Asst., Orchestra. DAVE SPAULD- ING - General. JERRY SPEECE - General - X-Ray, Photographer, Monitor, Track, Cross Country, Basket- ball, H.R. Pres. Row 4: JOSEPH SPEECE-Pre-Engineering-Chess Club, Pres., Honor Society, Commencement Speaker, Monitor. SUZAN SPENCER - Business - Future Re- tailers. MARGARET STANLEY-General. x Row 5: JEANNIE STEELE - College Preparatory - H.R. Pres., Treas., Sec.: Thespians, Sec., Dean's Asst., Cheerblock, Y-Teens, Sec.: Monitor, Sr. Exec. Council, Sr. Dramatics, Fall Wind-Up Queen Attendant, Orches- tra, Jr. Red Cross. JAMES STEELE-College Prepara- tory-A Club, Latin Club, Honor Society, Fooball, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Manager. NANCY STOKES-College Preparatory-Y-Teens, Latin Club, Vice Pres., Dean's Asst., X-Ray, Cheerblock, H.R. Sec., Exec. Comm., Jr. Red Cross. Row 6: BRUCE STONE-General. DAVID STOOKEY - General - Boys, Chorus. JUNE STROUD - Home Economics-Monitor, H.R. Vice Pres., Y-Teens. 110 for these testers of new found adulthood ROW 1: JAMES SUTTON Basketball, Baseball, A Club R. Pres., Vice Pres., Monitorl eral-Indianettes, Ceorgettes, -General-Cross Country, Pres., Hi-Y Chaplain, H. PHYLLIS SWAIN-Gem Y-Teens. ALAN SWIN- FORD-Pre-Engineering-Hi-Y, Band, Dance Band, H.R. Pres., Vice Pres., M.M.M., Ir. Exec. Council, Orchestra. Row 2: MAX TATMAN - Pre-Engineering - Band, Dance Band, Hi-Y, Pres., M.M.M., H.R. Vice Pres. MADELYN TAYLOR-General-Orchestra, Latin Club. PEGGY TAYLOR-College Preparatory-Publication Rep. Row 3: LARRY TEGGE-College Preparatory-Band, Counseling Asst., Hi-Y. IUDITH TEMPLE-General -Y-Teens, Red Cross Rep. WILLIAM THOMAS-Pre- Apprentice. Row 4: CARROL THOMAS-General-Sr. Dramatics. KAY THOMAS-Business-Student Council, Treas.g Cheerblock, Monitor, H.R. Sec.-Treas. LARRY THOMAS-Pre-Apprentice. Row 5: MARYLINDA THOMAS-College Prepara- tory-Commencement Speaker, Future Teachers, Y- Teens, Latin Club, Library Asst., Monitor, Cheerblock. TOM THOMAS-Pre-Apprentice. JOHN THOMPSON -General-Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, Thespians. Row 6: GYKALA TOLBERT-College Preparatory- Indianettes, Dean's Asst. RITA TOLBERT-Business- Indian Maiden, Cheerblock, Deanls Asst., Concert Choir, Choralettes, Nursels Asst., Y-Teens, Cheerblock, Capt., H.R. Treas., Sec., Pep Session Comm. ELIZA- BETH TOOMBS - College Preparatory - Choralettes, Library Asst., Ir. Exec. Council. School left the class of 1960 matured, Row 1: ROGER TUCKER-Pre-Apprentice. LEON TURNER - Pre-Apprentice - Ushers Club. LOIS TUTEROW-Home Economics-Sr. Exec. Council, Ir. Red Cross, Monitor, Candy Stand, Y-Teens, Cheer- leader, Alt., Pep Session Comm., Student Council. Row 2: JERRY VAN DALSEN-General. TOM VAUGHN-Pre-Apprentice. MARY VESS-General- Choralettes, Publications Rep. ROW 3: JOHN WABLE-General. MILDRED WADE -General. LARRY WAGNER-General. Row 4: REBECCA WALKER-General-Choralettes, Concert Choir, Library Asst. NANCY WATKINS- General-Y-Teens, Cheerblock. STEVE WATSON- Pre-Engineering-Football, Basketball, Track, Honor Society, A Club, Vice Pres., Hi-Y. Row 5: PEGGY WAUGH-Business-Y-Teens, Library Asst., Concert Choir, Candy Stand. PENNY WAUGH -General-Y-Teens, Concert Choir. PAMELA WAY- MIRE-General-Indianettes, Y-Teens, H.R. Pres. Row 6: LARRY WEBB-General. SARAH WELCH- College Preparatory. LINDA WELKER-College Pre- paratory-Y-Teens, Monitor, Orchestra, Counseling Asst. prepared, ready to face the world alone. ROW 1: NORA WHITAKER-General. HOWARD WHITMAN -College Preparatory-Hi-Y, Choral Club, M.M.M., Cross Counry, Baseball, Golf, Latin Club, Candy Stand, Publications Rep, Jr. Red Gross, Sr. Dramatics. JOYCE WHITLEY-General-Bible Club, Y-Teens, Science Club, Monitor. Row 2: JERRY WILLIAMS-Pre-Engineering. JUDITH WILSON - College Preparatory - Student Council, Choral Club, Ghoralettes, M.M.M, H.R. Vice Pres., Latin Club, Monitor. YVONNE WOODS-General- Latin Club, Ghoralettes. Row 3: ROBERT WRIGHT-General-Librarian Asst. MAGGIE YOUNG-College Preparatory-Dean,s Asst., Office Asst., Monitor, Future Teachers, Jr. Red Cross, H.R. Sec.-Treas., Y-Teens. JOYCE YOUNGER-Gen- eral-Latin Club, Y-Teens, Cheerblock. SENIORS NOT PICTURED-Clifford Arellano, Josephine Broadnax, Ronald Collingwood, Joanne Desmarais, Walt Ebbert, Linda Elmore, Nancy Fribley, William Geller, Richard Goyette, Joyce Grose, Stephen Hart, Carl Hayes, Laraine Herner, Paul Hull, Lawrence Kayzer, Charles Loyd, Patricia Malone, Ronnie Porter, James Pryor, Margaret Shoemaker, John E. Smith, Robert J. Smith, Dianah Stenski, James Taylor, Mae Turner, Steve Coffman, Bonnie Minniiield, Frank Rayford. One series of changes following another com- poses life. Each day brings something different to replace the decaying past. For seniors a back- ward glance at their changes is the story of their growing years. They remembered with a sad note their step into teenhood at junior high and their anxieties on high school's iirst day. AHS 60'ers realized that they had evolved from in- experienced sophies into mature seniors almost unaware of the transformation. At graduation, another change beset them. Commencement meant the end of childhood. High school training was over, and they went out to use their knowledge and lead their own lives. Many went to seek higher education and college, others jobs or practical training. Accept- ing lifeis changes, they remembered their past high school careers. Building on this foundation they eagerly accepted the new challenge that life held for them. . Juniors planned to be next leaders Junior executive committee examines decorations ideas used in carrying out the theme of the junior class prom. They are, seated, Marty Huber, Barbara Fribley, Linda Brumback, Diane Gunter, Connie Fisher, Barbara Ellis, and Peggy Scroggins. In the second row are Mr. James Biddle, class sponsorg Dave Maine, Nancy Himes, Sandy Miller, Marilyn Kruger, and Miss Helen Harrell, class sponsor. In last row are Larry Vance, Paul Wykoff, Frank Meeker, and Claude Cookman. The old AHS they had known was still standing, but when juniors returned last fall they saw its new face. As they found new classrooms, dis- covered new equipment, and bought new books, juniors learned that they, too, were destined for many new and different activities lying ahead. When each spring rolls around a junioris fancy turns to thoughts of the Prom. The class of ,6l planned, dreamed, and decorated to make their prom one of the most successful proms at AHS. They took over the management of the candy stand after the sectional tourney and be- gan to plan for their next year's senior activities. They showed their school spirit by following their teams at basketball and football games. Experiencing a year of fun and hard work, members of the junior class began to look for- ward to next year when they would Hnally take the reins as seniors. Junior class oflicers, Bill Harper, Ann McLaughlin, Kay Tyler, and Phil Roby, try out the new main entrance doors on Lincoln Street. Jane Adams Phil Adams William Adams Cherylle Ake David Alberts Jim Aldrich Judy Alleman Jim Allen Karen Allex Jerry Alexander Ross Anderson Sondra Anderson Jim Armstrong Nancy Arthur Mary Jane Arwine Dave Ash Margaret Ashley Mark Aynes Emett Baker Nancy Baker Pam Baker Dennis Banta Jirn Barker Gilbert Barron Linda Bates Mollie Beason Vearl Beckham Lenora Beckley Pamela Beeler Carolyn Bell Harold Bell Marty Bennett Sandra Berry Jack Binnion Conward Bivens Stephen Blackaby Larry Blackwell Phil Blue Leonard Boatman Tom Boaz Juda Boone Stephen Bourke Peggy Bousman Donna Bowers Keith Boze Larry Boze Ben Bradley Curt Bradley Sondra Brattain Karen Breece Karen Breese Jim Bridges Mary Ellen Bridges Elizabeth Britton George Broadnax Raymond Broshar Alan Brown Barbara Brown Patty Brown Linda Brtunback Cherryl Brummett Bill Buell Dan Burchfield Diane Burke Judy Burkhart Patti Burkhart Janet Burns John Burris Gail Bushong Rita Jo Butz Bev Cobb Vicki Caldwell John Callahan Pat Callahan Janet Campbell Sharon Campbell Phyllis Carper John Carpenter Roy Carpenter Jim Carman Jim Carlisle Sharon Carroll Pam Case James Cave Donald Chapman Clarice Christian Steve Clark Robert Claypool CLASS OF 1961 .--"""f CLASS OF 'I961 After-game soc hops add another facet to the basketball social season. Bill Coats Donald Cobb David Coburn Paul Combs Steve Comstock Bob Conner Marcia Conwell Ina Cook Claude Cookman Willie Cooley Bill Copeland Sandra Cottingharn Karen Couch Carol Covington Robert Cowden Mary Ann Cox Mary Evelyn Cox Milford Craig Rosalie Craig Dean Croke John Crose Colleen Crouch Jamalee Crowe Bruce Crusan Dennis Darr Marilyn Day Ronald Davenport Judy Davis Ruby Davis Mary Dawson Deanne Dean Jan De-Ford Barbara Deiser Susie DeLey Betty Delph Dixie Delph Neil Delph Linda Denniston Pat Devaney Peggy DeWeese Carolyn Dickson Barry Dillard David Dittlinger Dave Dilts Daree Dixon Roger Dotson Roger Doty Adella Daugherty Evelyn Downey Ginger DuBois Jim Duffy Lillian Duncan Robert Dunhan Sharon Eads Jerry Earlywine Becky Eckert Charlotte Eckrote Paula Edwards Mike Ehle Terena Eldridge Theresa Eldridge Barbara Ellis Bill Ellis Dale Estle Lee Ester Jim Evernham Wesley Eytchison Lynn Fairburn Marilyn Ferguson Arlene Files Connie Fisher Jon Fisher Sandi Foltz Deloma Foster Joe Foust Diana Fox Henry Fox Bill Freeman Jerold Freeman Barbara Fribley Gloria Fuller Mona Fuller Helen Fullington George Fulton Joan Furnish Bill Gale Judy Garner Donna Garton Tom Gary Phillip Gaunt Larry Gaw Diana German Jane Gibson Jim Gibson Linda Gibson Judy Giddens Charlene Gillaspy Sandy Glaze Clive Godwin Janet Goodnight Don Gordon Helen Gordon Eleanor Gourley Bill Graham Phyllis Grant Richard Gray Larry Graves Peggy Green Sherry Griffin Gary Grisson Diane Gunter John Hadley Mike Hadley Pam Hakes Dick Hale Deena Hanna Bill Hannaford Jack Hanshew Paul Hardacre Tim Hardy Bill Harper Diann Harris Sharon Harrison Becky Hart Janet Hathcoat Gary Haynes Fred Heal Joyce Hearld Ken Heavilin Linda Hedges Sandy Henderson Ray Hensley Fay Henson Ray Henson Dave Herbert Cathy Hervey CLASS OF 1961 Jerry Williams, Dave Stookey, Zella Shelton listen to technical explanation of the auditoriurrfs remodeling. 117 CLASS . V3 - f 11 ' wi -If 1 ,Q 3 s X I ff fl if ff i f I gk 'H -E355 9 O F 1961 lrl mai 5, wx an ,, V X.,XUX, iw llfii 4, EX X :Lf bf X if X f E 5 . X . X ,X X re, ,' .' , arena g if 5 V al X s . X glift. , . M N fig X4 I ,v- :e ww . , , XA sig! HX 451 f X 5 ,X K -fly, SRX! fl i n n j :ggi M SX? 1. , i 5 af, U. , f- 4 EXX 1355,-Egg: ,QXQXXX al..Xl,:e X iff ' .gf . , , -,. 11 XX, -ai. -x. ,, ' WF ,Z 'ul , ii! X 531 .. :i2f: "' Sxhfw' fr XXXE - 15,44 K 'X 531 X 5 lf ni? .wX X Q, X S K K 5 S 1 , f5,XX cz, HF ,ig 2 3 ,wi X, qw IH, gain 5. X -- .is Q ' 'X , lX,l,gX.eX 1, gX, wrnw . ,Fi ,. XWX XM 1'S:X51'Eiei:rzXX25t are XXXXFR llflf 3 Q63 , -X ""' .S za-ji s WX X X,Sfg5piigX!5 sfgjxggsgi f Wt? A X f .KXXW 1 X 1 2 ' fs 'rl if XM K J fa 5 ilk when imma Elwgigyg awww X . N541 '1ki'Q"K ewawmaaw -A ig " ":E,, 'iflliyiiyxi f5jg',fX'li 7 R55 iffX3'Jifg'Xif5' if i.XW , ,E?35g55M, gn ws. .,,, ESE-'ki " i iliISj'5l55Siff? 'li-527-'f3ffi'2n , ,A V X , ill? 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X 915312 X- if' ,X or .jf fl iz 5531 5 2 ,M fg wf"lr,eXif?4 We X A , X Adil Mae Hester Jani Hickem Jerry Hiday Linda Higdon Eddie Himes Nancy Himes Robert Hodges Jerris Hogue Sandy Hoke Ernest Holland Geraldine Holland Lorene Holliman Freddy Hollingsworth Gary Hopkins Jim Horner Joy Horner Jim Hostetler Lois Howell Larry Hoyle Marty Huber Betty Huffman Robert Huffman Janet Hughes Nita Hunt 1 Larry Huse Michael Hyland Joe Ice Bill Imel Patricia Irving Karen Isanogle John Jackson Steve Jackson Coral Janes Larry Jaynes Buddy Jenkins Carole Jesse Connie Johnson Linda Johnson Sondra Johnson Susie Johnson Dorothy Jones Margaret Jones Rocky Jones Terry Jones Warren Jones Judy J osefek Mildred Joslin JoAnn Justice Juanita Justice Lois Kardatzke Rita Kearns Susie Kearns Bob Keesling Janice Keesling Kenneth Keesling Nancy Kellam Paula Kellams Diann Kemp Sherri Kern Lloyd Keirns Loretta Kimmerling Loretta King Ralph King Jean Kinley Carolyn Kinniard Carle Kirk John Kirk Richard Kirk Richard Kirley Allan Kluge George Krall Marilyn Krueger Ben Kutscheild Penny Lame Norma Large Willie Lark Jackie Leath David Lehr Nancy Lewellyn Arther Lewis Joan Lewis Julia Lewis Sharon Lindsay Barbara Litten Barbara Loy Marilyn Mabbitt Dave Maine Tony Mainord Jolane Mallernee Nancy Marshall Phil Martin Betty Massey Ronnie Massey Larry Mauck Richard May Bill McCarty David McCord Joe McCord Joe McCorkhil1 Marvin McCorkle Paul McCormick Alberta McCoy David McCullough Jeanette McKay Jackie McKeand Danny McKinley Karen McKinney Charles McKissick Ann McLaughlin Paul McNear Frank Meeker Domingo Melendez Bonnie Malsom Jim Melton Joyce Minnefield William Metcalf Chuck Miller Phillip Miller Ronnie Miller Sandy Miller Teri Misner Carrie Mitchem Nancy Monday Linda Moody Carol Moore Sue Moore Tom Moore Mark Morgan Marvin Morgan Nikki Morrill Jerry Morris Cinda Mowry Carl Mueschen Dorothy Muller Emmett Naselroad Agnes Nave Carol Neilsen Margaret Nelson Kay Newberry Nanci Newman Nikki Newsom Walter Niccum Velma Nisely Christi O'Neal Jim Orr Emmett Owens Lois Owens Nick Pancol Jerry Parks George Pearson Mary Ann Pebernat John Peek Toni Pemberton Joe Perdue Karen Perkins William Perry CLASS OF 1961 Gilbert Barron, Richard May, Shirley Bonner shine up the past glories of AHS. 1 CLASS OF 1961 Students display generosity in time and money for the T.B. Christmas Seal Campaign. 120 l Carolyn Peters Linda Peterson Ann Pnasterer James Pherson Myron Polk Jerry Porter Jerry Porter Leon Porter Phillip Powell Paul Price Stephen Priest Ted Rambo Judi Ramsey Bruce Randol Bob Ray Reggie Ray Eddie Rayford Becky Reardon Nancy Rees Jerry Reed Jeannine Reel Lanny Reger Sharon Reger Jim Remley Bruce Ress Rosalie Retherford Lee Richardson Steve Ritchey Tom Rittenhouse Doug Robinson Phil Roby Ron Rogers Terry Romine Dennis Roof Oren Rork Ron Roudebush Linda Rousey Kathy Rush Mike Russell Kay Sandberg Joan Santos Jlciyce Scales enny Schacker Bill Schattner Ronnie Schildmeier Terry Schlabaugh Fred Schrope Vicky Scott Peggy Scroggins Shirley Seybert Terry Seybert Linda Shannon Jim Shaw John Shaw Wade Shaw Marsha Shields Don Sisson Oran Skinner Pam Slinkard J efirey Smith Jerry Smith Karel Sue Smith Peggy Smith. Steve Smith Paschal Sneed Mary Snider Sharon Snowden Linda Spears Ruth Speece Mary Jennette Stalle Sharon Stanley Tony Stanton Canna Stapleton Ned Stegner Jerry Stephenson Suzie Steves Robert Stoops Patty Stout Bob Street Melva Sylvester Melvin Sylvester Bill Surbaugh Becky Surface Rosemary Swain Jim Talkington Elaine Taylor Rex Taylor Danny Thomas Jerry Thomas Sharon Thomas Dale Thompson Ned Thompson Ray Thompson J an Thornburg Dianna Thurber David Todd Patty Tolle Jerry Toombs Rex Toombs Bobby Townsend Terry Townsend Willie Townsend Don Tremain Frank Tuckerman Kay Tyler Larry Vance Dennis Vaughn Penny Vermillion Allen Wable Carl Wagrer Janet Walker Nancy Walkup Gay Wallace Ronald Wallace Sally Wallace Jack Warren Loule Watson Claudean Webb Judy Welches Jane We111HgtOn Penny Wells Lonn1e Whitehead Marvin Whitehouse John Wiley Patty Wiley Richard Wilhelm Jerry Willlams Sally W1ll1ams Stanley Williams Mildred W1ll1s Carolyn Wilson Don Wilson J HIIICG Wilson Bill Winemiller Judy Wittebort Betty Wolverton Kay Wood J apheus Woodall Jerry Woods Patsy Woods Judi Wright Paul Wykoff Marsha Yahres Dave York Pat Z1rkle Cordell Williams CLASS OF 1961 Former student Fred Kingsbury, after acquiring new skills, returns to photograph underclassmen. Sophomore homeroom presidents fraternize on the steps of AHS. They are, first row, Phil Taylor, Mike Nowlin, David Davidson, Sally Morrison, Marty Bowman, Karen james, and Cheryl Caldwell. Second row, john Bavenscroft, Phyllis VVilliams, Marsie Espey, Iudy Heath, and Beth Warner. Third row, Hal Harris, David Knisley, Ray Shipley, Vernon Smith, and Dennis Baker. Sophomores tasted first AHS li Living through a searching, inquiring semester learning about new life at AHS, sophomores soon stepped into the busy stream of high school activities. They battled bookstore mobs, filled out data cards, learned locker combinations, and fell into the routine life at AHS. They got their first taste of morning announce- ments, study halls, and pep sessions. Choosing class colors and sponsors, selecting class rings, and buying jackets filled the sophomore's busy schedule. Willing to accept their role, they learned the customs and traditions and became a part of AHS. Through its activities, the class of '62 prepared for the next two years as upperclass- men. Sophomore executive committee members assemble on the hall steps. They are, first row top to bottom, Nancy Young, Ioy Reichard, Darlene Fields, Sandy Craig, Pam Coen, Barbara Lucas. Second row, Randy Shuman, Tom Kirk, John Gray, Charles Breese, Larry Bausman, and Nancy Osborne. 122 fe Brenda Adams Sherman Adams Rita Ahrendt Bill Akers Alice Alexander Diana Allen Mary Allen Marsha Amrnerman Janet Anderson Bill Armstrong Charles Armstrong Janet Armstrong Marta Ashbaugh Nancy Atha Nanette Badgley Jeff Bailey Oma Baker Dennis Baker Jim Baker Don Ball Cathie Barber Jack Barker Garland Barron Charles Barth Larry Bausman Linda Bedwell Sharon Beeler Linda Beemer Walter Bell Jerry Beneiiel Nancy Biddle Joyce Blackshear Margaret Blessing Sharon Bloomer Martha Bohlen Dick Bondurant Mike Boone Dennis Bostic Burl Boston Donna Bowen Bonnie Bowers Marty Bowman Janet Boze John Boze Ricky Bramwell Betty Braxton Charles Breese Ronnie Brenner Harold Brewer Lynda Bright Aundrea Broadnax Larry Brown Mary Ann Brown Sandy Brown Pat Browning Diana Bruce Fred Bryant Susan Buell Larry Bullard Kay Burris Richard Buser Cheryl Byrurn Richard Cain Carl Caldwell Cheryl Caldwell Marty Phillips Steve Callaway Gary Campbell Jay Campbell Vicki Campbell Carolyn Carmack Jerry Carpenter Patricia Carpenter Tim Carper Lois Carr Bonnie Carrier Jym Carroll Gladys Carson Rita Carson Alyce Carter Willie Carter Dick Catt Alice Cave David Cave Keith Chapin Mary Chapman Alma Chatman Rickey Chitwood 123 CLASS OF 1962 5 E CLASS OF 1962 5 i 124 2 2 2 I Janice Clem Ray Clem Ralph Clendenin Mickey Coates Steve Coburn Paul Cochran Pamela Coen Jim Coffman Jerry Collier Mike Condon Diane Cook Carole Cortrecht John Corwin Linda Cotton Larry Couch Dennis Courter John Cox Mike Cox Connie Craib Sandy Craig Paul Creason Linda Critchlow Bill Crouch Paula Cramer Bob Dalton David Davidson Carl Davis Carolyn Davis Dan Davis Fred Davis Kenneth Davis Tom Davis Bonnie Day LeRoy Day Shirley Day Jeff DeBolt Allen Deyo Dorothy Dickerson James Dickey John Dilkey Bill Dilts Anna Dixon Gussie Dixon Jim Doles Bryce Downey Juanita Downey Susie Duffer Karen Dunkerly Fred Dunwiddie Mary Durham Vern Dzerve David Edwards Rosemary Eldridge Jim Ellsworth Marcie Espey Carolyn Estelle Carolyn Etchison R. C. Fairer Carolyn Farmer Charles Farmer Patty Fawbush Pat Ferguson Darlene Fields Sam Flatt Willie Ford Fred Foster Bill Fouse Mike Fox Norma Freestone Carolyn Fry Ted Gaines Mike Gammon Kent Gardner Joan Garrett Mike Gaul Susan Gault Judy Gee Kenny German Jane Gihnore Lynne Gilmore Vicki Gobin Linda Goodman Gayla Gordon Walt Goree Jack Gourley Danny Gray Don Gray Jon Gray Nancy Gray Nick Gray Ralph Gray Shirley Grider Pan Grissom J. T. Groce David Gross Patricia Guilkey Karen Guston Mike Hall Rose Hamilton Carolyn Hammond Nancy Hammond Vivian Hampton Gene Hancock Velma Harker Kathleen Harlan Phyllis Harmon Dave Harrington Hal Harris Sally Harrison Robert Hart Don Haskett Rusty Hastings Amelia Hathcoat Pat Hawley Don Haynes Phillip Haynes Tom Heard Judy Heath Kit Heavilin Kathy Helvey Mike Hendrickson Carl Hensley Bill Hexarner David Herkomer Russell Highwood Daniel Hilderbrand Tawanda Hill Anabeth. Hodson Ronald Hofer Keith Hogue Brenda Hulbert Shirley Hollars Sandi Hollis David Hollowell Doug Hooten Eugene Hoppes Larry Hoppes Mike Hoppes George Horine Charles Howard Joyce Howard David Howe Michael Hudson Neller Hudson Tim Hulfman Karen Hughes Terry Hurnerickhouse Barbara Hummel Jim Hunt Larry Hurlbert Larry Hurley Lana Irving Gerald Isbell Melanie Isaacs Gary Isaacs Alzo Jack CLASS OF 1962 ! 1 E Providing manpower for the new book store, Oran Skinner, Larry Clem, Dave DeBolt carry in a shipment. 125 CLASS OF 1962 Ella Jackson Judy Jackson Lillian Jackson Karen James Steve James John Janes Jean J anney Susan Jeffries David Jessup Elmer Jessup Dick Johnson Dick Johnson Jon Johnson Bettye Jones Eleanor Jones Robert Jones Don Jordon J eane Justice Joe Justice Richard Kallenberg Ray Keen Carol Keesling Janice Kelley Ronald Kelley Sharon Kemper Lloyd Kennard Melanie Kenser Robert Kidd Sandy Kimmerling Bill King George King Kay Kirby Tom Kirk Marilyn Kivi Georgeanna Kline Larry Knotts Karen Knotts Sharon Kocher Barbara Lambour Betty Lanphear Donna Latour Dorothy Lawler Larry Lawrence John Lawyer Sam Layton Malinda Leach Larry Ledford Gary Lewis Timothy Likens James Limbrock Keith. Lindzy Bobby Logan Eddie Long Douglas Looper Victoria Lorenz Judy Loucks Barbara Lucas Elinor Maddox Patty Maddox Frances Mainord Kerry Mains Dick Mallernee Charles Mallory Carol Margison Eugenia Martin Doug Mason Doyle Matheney Jane Mathews Sara Maxwell Margaret May Susan McAdams Tom McAtee Ruth McAtee Betty Ann McCarty Sherry McClain Toni McClain Paula McCoppin Nancy McCormick Mary McCullough Judy McDanell Karen McGill Carolyn McIntyre Jerry McKay Mike McKee Danny McKinley Larry McKinney Bill McNabney Marilyn McNeal Mike McNeal Arthur McVey Roger Melson Arthur Meikel Raymond Merritt Kay Metzger Bill Miller Donna Miller John Miller Susie Miller Joan Mills Barbara Misner Karen Moody Richard Moore Dave Montgomery Jack Morehead Terry Morgan Linda Morris Sally Morrison Richard Mourer Karen N ei Duane Newby Chuck Newman Raymond Newsom Jim Nicholas John Nicholas Mike Nowlin Janet Nunn Jim O'Banion George O'Brien Neil O'Brien Darlene Oldfield Larry Oliver Nancy O'Neill Nancy Osborne Jim Owen Lillian Owen Keith Padgett Toni Parker Carole Parker James Parkhurst Mike Parr Benita Patterson Frank Patterson Raymond Patterson Lola Patton Liz Peak Larry Pearson Jim Peeples Joanne Pennington Karen Phillips Pam Caldwell Barbara Phipps Herman Pierce Linda Piret Ronnie Porter Linda Porter Ph.illip Powers Mike Price Sidna Priest Bill Presley Irvin Ramsey Brenda Randall Jane Ranshaw John Ravenscroft Eddie Ray Margie Rector Gene Redding Alberta Redfield Bob Reed James Reed Roger Reed CLASS OF 1962 Even boxing gloves cannot deter Mike Martin from scoring at the Hi-Y game. CLASS OF 1962 Ronnie Reed James Reeves Phyllis Regex' Violet Reger Joy Reichard Bobbie Kay Reinig Linda Remley Bob Remmert Larry Retherford Gene Rich Danny Richards Jim Richards Penny Richardson Wilton Rickman Chuck Riddle Frank Riddle Tom Riddle Nancy Riggs Kay Risley Carolyn Robbins Rex Robbins Brenda Robertson Jim Robertson Eloise Robinett Mary Frances Robinson Eston Rohr Karen Ross Necia Ruffner Chadd Rundquist Anne Russell Hal Ryan Bill Salyers Ronnie Sargent Harry Sayers Frank Schieve Harold Schild Pam Schmidt Cheryl Schumacher Allen Scott Judy Scott Karen Scott David Scovel Patsy Scroggins Tom Seal Sandra Sells Michael Shaw Bob Shearer Lolamae Shetterly Arrnita Shields Ray Shipley Marsha Shipman Martha Shipman Don Shirley Max Shively Marilyn Shock Harold Short Margaret Short Linda Shoultz Randy Shuman John Simpson Danny Sink Tony Skeoch Sharon Slick Judy Smith Rolla Smith Ronnie Smith Vernon Smith Bud Snider Barbara Snook Barbara Sorrell Leanne Spell Carolyn Staggs Bob Stanley Charles Stanley Dan Stanley Jim Stanley Tom Stanley Eddie Steans Bob Stecher Sylvia Steger Robert Stegrniller Terry Stewart Patty Stilwell Linda Stone Susie Stovall Paul Stroud Ervin Summers Kenny Summers Pat Summers Georgeann Surbaugh Larry Swain Bill Sweeney Mike Swinford Steve Swinford Bill Tallman Beri Taylor James Taylor Phil Taylor Ronnie Teague David Terry Jim Thomas Mary Thomas Richard Thomas Nancy Thornburg Terry Timmons Leslie Toles Janet Tooley Melinda Toombs William Townsend Bill Trinkle Barbara Trisler Don Trissel Lou True Betty Tucker Linda Tucker Sandra Ulery Ken Upshaw Carole Vasbinder Sharon Vasey Melvin Vertner James Wable Dennis Ward Georgia Ward Jerry Ward Nancy Ward Beth Warner Henry Warren Larry Watson Sharolyn Watson Tom Watson Joe Welling Stephen Weston Nancy Whetsel David Whisley Betty Whitaker Jack Whitaker Sallie Wicker Jack Wiggins John Wiley Edward Wilhelm Joyce Wilkins Eddie Williams Hershel Williams Phyllis Williams Jim Williamson Jerry Wilson Patty Wilson John Wise Pam Witham Eddie Woods Willard Wools Maurice Wright Pat Wright Pam York Jerry Yost Duane Young Nancy Young Sharon Young CLASS OF 1962 Enjoyment comes in the fonn of singing for Madrigal mernb 129 CIS. W Y f Q IMI " , ,, X nh. W ig. Q ,mf ,.., .N P 2: Y 2 n 4. ' Z N, . , J ' fi . X Q ,J , 'uf . - 1 , g in -1 g , Hi' i, -, n Going and growing with ADVEn TI5l NG need a different creative idea a printing job that stands out from the crowd art work and layouts that sparkle with a fresh approach I g layout from a professional in the publishing Held. you deserve the best and get it from commercial service COIIIPELIIY PRINTERS OF THE 1960 INDIA The .IOHN KELLEY CO. 1 129 Meridian Comfort and Style COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS FURNITURE ' RUGS ' CARPETS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES "This chair is made for re-Iaxingf' thinks pretty Ioan McGi1licuddy. Has Everything for the WeII-Dressed Young Man AND LARGEST SELECTIONS Admiring his choice in coats is Harold Baute. FOR THE BEST IN ENTERTAINMENT TAKE THE WHOLE FAMILY TO ONE OF THESE FRIENDLY ALLIANCE THEATERS PARAMOUNT RIVIERA NORTH DRIVE-IN SOUTH DRIVE-IN Diana Miller anticipates the pleasant entertainment that a theatre ticket brings. 133 EAST SIDE JERSEY D 722 Broadway Dairyman Don Fowler helps Eddie Purciful and Donna Reichard make their selection. AIRY Phone 7781 Be Good to Yourself Drink Milk Shop Sh Melanie Isaacs is convinced McDonald's furniture can't be topped for comfort. dw-if W Suburban and Save Convenient OWI'O0fI1S o EASY PARKING Q COURTEOUS SALESMEN o AIR CONDITIONING McDONALD FURNITURE SHOWROOMS, INC Junction State Roads 9 and 67 134 Clothes with the Teenage Appeal FATH'S CLOTHING STORE 1125 Meridian Street Pam Clutch is helped into a smart leather coat wi trim by 21 helpful saleslady. th fur 'I031 Meridian Street ' Phone 4439 To decide among so many beautiful rings is not easy for Phil Taylor. FAVORITE FLOWER SHOP 2445 Meridian St. Phone Always Appropriate Always Appreciated Always Beautiful Flowers from Favorite David Cannany presents a lovely plant to Pegg Weese, Nanette Badgley, and Millie Turbeville. 4916 y De- 135 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Sharon France is urged to be sociable by Pepsi- toting Steve Watson. Fashionwise Mike Morgan shops at Clair Call. Be Sociable- Have CI Pepsi 'I831 West 18th Street FASHIONABLE MEN PREFER CLOTHES FROM CLAIR CALL'S CM?" CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY 748 Main Street Phone 4494 An Inexpensive Way To Modern Living- NATURAL GAS Finding out for herself about line washing machine performance is Carolyn Bourke. A Good Photographs Are Made Through Experience Lawrence-Krehe Studios 2'I West 5th St. Phone 2-0809 0 Senior Pictures 0 Wedding Albums "Look right this way," Cathy McCrocklin is told. Softness to Rival a Kitten! SOMETHING FOR EVERY NEED N SatiZiaZ?Z?iE1Z2nEZiiv SEARS 'I204 Main Street Anderson, Indiana Judy Heath and her cat enjoy the softness of Sears' plush carpeting. 137 ANDERSON BANKING COMPANY DOWNTOWN - SOUTH BRANCH - EDGEWOOD - FRANKTON - CHESTERFIELD Susie Duffer opens the door to her college education through wise saving. Don't Let the College Door Close on You Save NOW for Your Education Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Flowers Say It Better Toles Flowers Soy It Best T allness and beauty of a Toles' plant astound Steve Fox. 627 Nichol Avenue Phone 4895 138 electrical energy for the needs of motion The experimental Firebird III is a rigorous, critical test for the best new ideas from many General Motors divisions. Delco-Remy contributions? They range from a transistorized voltage regulator to a 110-volt auxiliary a.c. generator which is powerful enough to supply electrical energy for an appliance or, in emer- gencies, even home power systems. Wherever today's Vehicles are set in motion, electri- cal forces-and the precision-engineered systems which create, transform and control them-play an essential role. Out of our consistent research will come even better Delco-Remy electrical systems for the needs of motion tomorrow. Delco -Remy From the highway to the stars DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS, ANDERSON, INDIANA 139 VermiIIion's Jewel Shoppe 1120 Meridian St. Phone 3-6933 VermiIIion's Is Headquarters for the Finest Gifts in the World on the Easiest Credit in Town Jane Prestonis search for a new pen ends at Verrnillion's. We Can't Make ALL the Ice Cream So We Just Make the Best OWENS ICE CREAM and DAIRY BAR 1800 Lincoln St. 2326 Columbus Ave. Phone 2-1466 Phone 9909 Making pleasant use of their spare time are Bill Schat- tner, Joe Foust, and Roger Nealis. FOR THE FIRST IN FASHIONS Shop at THE BANNER STORE 927 Meridian St. WHERE QUALITY AND SERV-ICE ARE NOT EXPENSIVE Lillian Duncan looks longingly at a cute summer blouse. 140 Fashions for the Sophisticated Teen Ready for a cool plunge in a stylish petite Judy Alleman. swim 9 smart apparel , . . 936 meridian U DEPENDABLE PRESCRIPTIONS 0 FIRST SELF-SERV STORE 1119 Meridian Street Phone 8517 Perfume pleases Barbara Lambouris 'aes HAAG'S SELF-SERV DRUG STORE thet 141 It,s what is ins ide that counts with Larry Clem and Doug Barro SOAR INTO THE 6O'S WITH WIDE TRACK PONTIAC RUSS REGENOLD PONTIAC, INC. 303 Pendleton Ave. Phone 4485 FRESHER 142 olsllm FLAVOR ODELL PHOTOGRAPHERS CAMERAS AND SUPPLIES 1822 Main Street Phone 2-4493 or 3-3170 Dlsrmcnvs I SENIOR 'PORTRAITS A landmark of fine photography. Bev Miller, Sandy Cox, and Patty Fleece, all annual staff members, pick up points from the I.U. yearbook. I Represented by a W Richard Brier Indianapolis, Indiana ENGRAVINGS by SPRINGFIELDJLI. 143 DONALD YOUR HAIRDRESSER Cutting Judy Cronis hair, Donal personalized attention. Anderson's Style Setter cl Alleman gives her his 0 HAIRCUTTING 0 STYLING ' COLORING 'I23 West 'I2th St. Phone 5869 Start Today to Save for Tomorrow Gail Bushong starts to save today for her tomorrow. Anderson Federal Savings and Loan Association Jackson at Eleventh Phone 3-3341 144 N Y' 1030 Meridian Street SAVE PENNIES SHOP PENNEY'S Thatis the slipper for me decides Linda Addison. A PERFECT PLACE FOR STUDENT LUNCHES FARRIS CAFETERIA 35 W. 'I2th Street Phone 9853 "May I join you'P,' Bill Pitts inquires of Norma Cripe. RECREATION EQUIPMENT CORP. 724 W. 8th St. Phone 3-5315 MANUFACTURERS OF 0 Playground 0 Diving Boards 0 Swimming Pool Equipment 0 Basketball Backstops "This is fun," agree Sharon Eads and Ianice Keesling. 145 THE BRIGHTEST NAME IN LIGHTS GUIDE-MATIC POWER HEADLIGHT CONTROL AND T-3 SAFETY AIM HEADLAMPS Reliable - Dependable GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORP. ANDERSON, INDIANA Selecting her silver pattern and planning her bright future is Ruth Hudson. I I XII ' LVI LL L V .. I f eeeeee MII ' kiwi 5 I alll- 1213 Meridian Street Phone 8837 For the Precious Things in. Life muses Stephen Weston. 146 Prec1s1on-made cameras make moe graduahon g1fts 51h and Meridian We Have What You Want o HARDWARE SUPPLIES s FREE PARKING A friendly salesman enlightens 'KDO it yourselferi' David M y th y f 3. OI1 CWS 0 ZISHW. PLAN THE FUTURE . . PLAN TO ATTEND . . INDIANA BUSINESS 1233 Meridian Sf. Phone 7514 Charlene Gillaspy p pares herself for her career. KAY-BEE FLOWER SHOP 703 East 21st St. Phone 2-1330 START A BLOOMING FRIENDSHIP Painstaking Horal arranging captivates Pat Kizer. 147 GWINN'S DRUG STORES 7 Good Stores fo Serve You THERE IS A GWINN STORE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD Have Your Doctor Telephone Your Prescription fo Us FREE DELIVERY Acconnnodating David Marsh waits on Dwight Barr in the newest Gwinn's store. VISIT OUR HOME PLANNING CENTER Let Us Build Your New Home We Can Finance If, Too! LUMBER - PAINT MILLWORK - HARDWARE ROOFING - GLASS MADISON COUNTY LUMBER 1421 Jackson Dial 6631 Fonner AHS student jane Hamilton interests Norman Rauner in a modern, formica-topped sink. REDECORATING? See Us for All Your Painting and Wallpaper Needs PAUL GREENE CO. 913 Madison Ave. Phone 7784 Cindy Greene picks her color selection from a wide range of paints. 148 917 Meridian St. Anderson, Ind. The Wright Clofhiers for Men, Women, and Children Benny Riedner assists Ellie Kolbusz down the stair- way. Both are attired in the WVright clothing for a semi-formal affair. Reporting and Recording the News HERALD DAILY BULLETIN 12th and Jackson o Phone 3-5371 Concentrating fully, Eddie McCrocklin reproduces a picture onto an engraving. ANDERSON NEWSPAPERS, INC. 149 ART'S PIZZA Two and a pizza are enough for a party as far as Suzie Steves and David Scovel are concerned. Suppliers' of AHS winner's trophies show their display to Marilyn Mabbitt. Popular Parties Serve Pizzas 23'I E. 'I3tI1 St. 903 E. 23rd St. Phone 2-6303 Phone 2-4469 Supplies For Every Student o OFFICE SUPPLIES o TYPEWRITERS o CLASS SWEATERS o BOOKS o ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 67 Long Steps Off Meridian On 'llth Street DECKER'S INC. one 3-7447 150 mg N. 'Xi 6 Cook Block and Brick Co. 2013 Mounds Rd. Phone 2-0249 Helping to Build the Wigwam BUILDING MATERIALS Decorative blocks compose a beautiful setting for con- versation between Cheryl Calclwell and Randy Shuman. ZENITH GENERAL ELECTRIC MOTOROLA I GEETING LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO., INC. "Everything for the Builder" HOTPOINT APPLIANCES 3601 E. 10th Street Phone 3-6969 HOME OF Keepsake and Sfarlire Diamonds ELGIN, BULOVA WATCHES Join Our Teenage Credit Club Standt's Jewelers 'I009 Meridian St. Iodell Loveless, Miss Indiana Photoflash of 1960, shows Tim Lamey a beautiful ring 151 DAVIS DAIRY FARMS One of Davis Dairy,s fine herd strikes up an acquain- tance with Mary Ellen Bridges. I DAIRY PRODUCTS AT YOUR DOOR OR AT YOUR STORE ' GOVERNORS 0 AUTOMATIC CHOKES 0 OVERSPEED SWITCHES ' GEAR BOXES PIERCE GOVERNOR Ian Thornburg and Carolyn Bell are overwhelmed by huge industrial machinery 152 ELITE STUDIO 1037 Meridian Street Phone 7016 Russ Forkner and his assistant jim Scovel present janet Alleman with her senior portrait. FRAME YOURSELF WITH A BEAUTIFUL PORTRAIT BY RUSS FORKNER EXCLUSIVE DEALER for CORVAIR "The Compact Car" CHEVROLET i "The Nation's Finest" I Cornpactness of the new Corvair impresses Nancy Arthur HUNTER-CHEVROLET 153 ANDERSON SPORTING GOODS, INC. 1206 Meridian Street Phone 5828 nny Reger aims for the best with Anderson Sporting Goods equipment. AHS Indians Lead the Way See Wayne "Doc" Pollard for Your Sporting Goods Save Where Your Savings Are Safe Sui? algirojgziings will be safe, Sharon Carroll opens a THE ANDERSON LOAN ASSOCIATION 33 West 10th Street Ph0l'le 7771 154 CITlZEN'S BANKING CO. Branches to Serve Every Customer 0 DOWNTOWN n EDGEWOOD o MEADOWBROOK o EAST SIDE Margaret Blessing makes an investment in her future Cirfkealraf of jadhiora HAS THE YOUNG AT HEART 813 Meridian Street Outfltted in the latest style, Barbara Deiser sits in a fashion corner of Catesf KEEP YOUR DIAL TUNED TO RADIO STATION WHBU -1240 o LOCAL DJ'S o FULL SPORTS COVERAGE o COMPLETE NEWS Sam Roberts and Bill Hecht broadcast on-the-spot cov- erage of AHS football games. 155 MILLER HUGGINS, INC. Vicki Learned tests a Miller Huggins desk chair and typewriter in solid comfort. COMPLETE OFFICE SUPPLIES o TYPEWRITERS o DESKS "v o LEATHER GOODS o ALL KINDS OF PENS 'I212 Meridian St. Phone 4404 Within W arm's I length LL of f 'I QWIIIISIII MI ,M thirst Making refreshing Cokes is a complicated process con cludes wide-eyed Nikki Morrill. ,mI IM ff e .rQIfMiIIIIlIIQ21, is ,,.w ' HLYIIZ rag' gif 156 THE PROM QUEENS' CHOICE ron MANY YEARS TOWNE SHOPPE 832 Main Street Sherri Kern dresses like a beauty q stunning a Towne Shoppe form . ANDERSON LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANING 233 Sycamore Phone 4405 KEEPING THE AHS INDIANS IN SHINING UNIFORMS Cherryl Brumrnett sees Anderson's only drapery p ess- ing machine in t' . RADER'S STUDIO Dial 3-5863 802 Jackson Sf. EXQUISITE PHOTOGRAPHY We Strive for the Finest Mrs. Meryl Bausrnan demonstrates to Sandy Simpson Rader's slogan, "prepare to be pampered? 157 Dave DeBolt enacts the role of a gentleman as he opens the door for Barbara Fribley. Award-Winning yearbooks serve as a good ice breaker for Doug Renselle and Toni McClain. I Joe Perdue prepares to launch a building project. A DREAM CAR THE TURBINE DRIVE 1960 BUICK HECKAMAN BUICK, INC. 34 W. 81h SI. HUDSON PRINTING CO. 706 W. 6th SI. Phone 8363 Printers of National Prize-Winning AHS Yearbooks 1957, 1958, 1959 DO IT YOURSELF AND SAVE WITH MATTHEW LUMBER 702 W. 81h SI. Phone 6671 158 Order by Elecfronics ALIBI DRIVE-IN 44 Jackson Si. Phone 3-0022 A Pleasant Dining Area ALIBI RESTAURANT 14th and Jackson Phone 3-7154 A familiar pillar of student social life. I' I l We 1355 V' Lzl fs d mi Ll. I ll 5fl2532??fi5?3ff1z Eiill QW. L - ' lsllflilfilfgsolff' gil il wel gi ofa . M,z5bl'i54M'1 .5 1' 5' 5 I 5 x U a lsfsgiil fglm ,giisgf ig 55 lv' El ll ls: f, ' I I 5- I Ella lsf A - lei ffllsglglffam ge - . . - U f '5'5 5lf ?fll?1f " fff iw- ul l' 4 . ' W 31.5 52- 'N ,ll 1 ' ms? 15 , - . 5322 ' 555 Q.!,Q3 Ng 52225 P53555 ggi, fillgfff I ,3, if wil I Ml lgwf ,X l, ly 2 2 1 QU E , - I co RPO RATIO N , gi 54545333iSill2lfiQj1,glgidglgggi2E'g,f N532 , ' Zi fsf3gLzSl'?5gfQ2g l?la25E5gS7l-l' Eff? '23 5' 5 gl 5' 1 gfgleigxfggi lzgaggiigi qfgwgiligil in Qggxf :Muni , J f5gg?a gg,2g,3E,i lg?5g253Qgg5,?gl? E. lj aff? ' ' ANDERSON, INDIANA wffffiwlgg 2' Ii Q fs ,fggfgvgsiifisugissisg iligififiggl. iigf :X 5 -' ,gisegfififlsljeifggfigefkwggfgaflI pf 25 ,I .. , 23fsglalgiaglziislliilgggil 533235 f 3 , 2,5 My jgfmirfgl, lf, gg! Hg Ei - .llilllklxgil I ll? "' SUBSIDIARIES 55531335395 fl. 'li2:?93iQi.+ii3ls?Ei5l Qfiiil 35' lf? ggfjigilggifwlsglggilifgg ,gig ggi? LYNCH-ROBO CORPORATION - WALLINGTON, NEW JERSEY A 252 f 155512532 if xl 5' Ee illfgfgggfggigl5515 Sig If LYNCH-ROBBINS CORPORATION - ELKHART, INDIANA f??lX5,flEQfflf?' all Laffy? fl I f A I 5, ggjfg jf! ,jg Sf 1 LYNCH 'INTERNATIONAL QLIMITED - GREENFORD, ENGLAND Qi?33lD55,f'l ffiix Ll A fwgllicfi X I WEXZSWJ:l1sMg?1fw5fl2f ff sign XF! hw 'rf :W 29:4 ea Ii f me ,. fgolimg IEE? X?Z,ilff.,. it 4' X, wi if 3'-N W g el' 'W .af , N X 3' , X f A+ , :M I iw 'W A 'i e w w Q, ri Hrafwvf sfpiwpfiau EP W S gl gfwiw 1 I ofqgs w H 525155 25,3235 Hgfvffw gs 2 HES? V' 5 i'i2!1S552g2!fji' 2 ' ll ' fi: ,Q ,sl fs fi 555 film if A 1' I ff H2525 5,353 5.5 155 44 I f six? is U N QW w 'X f p .f,, QY1I'2'I I ra w vi wvkffla. , '51 52 sfgmiflswv-,5..,: 2' uf.: lffkfgilf I z!2'2igs,?.S I ? I If A lllyfll' sl I vile ? f. 'I ri' 5 55' S 53955535552 2,1 ' :Iliff lx 56 1 ' slwrlff gi s f 1: ll:s?i,:1l wig? g1x,f2:,S'fE f 5145 P lf SS ff 5 frfg'D5sF5i,' ?"f Q gf: sf? M we 21 If l 5M53m?:,Q2? Q' Vg 24, self? fs QQ? if 3512 2: WJ Ffgvl S-1 PL 512- 95 I if ,milf Sgilfss 'gn fgvfqg M I-59lf1,a,? I- fl Eiga, Q 'Wi Q fl flfeirfgfvif L,li5iikQ?I 5,4 ,few QW M55 2gIiiggl',gsl'lsa?65 w fw llfigififilgflllliilgfg lfsigfg xy, wi .ef we gl gf 'lfgxyii IW 5,241 if 4, ,S W' g his Q I 1 9 .if if ::' Qi gY,i'i'23W 555 .-,g , ',: 5 ,3 I ilji gg, LS 45,2 ,fl QITIQR 15, v Q I I- N' Q IN 5 af ,aj I 5 55523 i llifzvii lsifsfiiillw A fl f,. 9f?i?5" 5f1 l3e 2 I sla lsilllflf 52935 253555 45555 I 5512? all 5143 f H gllilpsf R iga I 5 if fl Q12 f1lQQi'iml I w Qssiffs if l m is I gl i? I I 55: ? gi ' fel: S WE will I il lv 'fmffe I V 'S 5 I IWSIEI V sos 'ff I 152231 5 ?-s gw ff' if fgl l ll ? l5Ll'g fllI?I 5 ffm wwf f, W sf' 5:25 2lfMfi?:fN2 INS? X mf Mix? Q If ml? I' ll I zgfffk 'E Wil gli s S l , Q ,-9-:':' '5l'Y?"95Il3 my Sill sf w wf si 'SEA I 'fif 25 ef YIM , M25 55 'sim-I Wi X l X35 Nl' W ' 'els 2, i' W5 5935 Skill Q WIN? .2 Q1 55565757 'Il' 952' is F ml ' I 5 5 54' I' I 1 . 151 .3 1 55? 'iii I I M: 5 Iiswg Q 5, 'Y If 23 af 5' A Ml 3 ,YP I 1- H 3' Q VII 'I I 5:-' :H :X e'luE5'.-':-. , joel , 5 I 3 l f. 4 Aw l, , I f N. 5 .Q -- f-I sf lf, 5 gm is M was .,., I IQ, M2 2 , , ,sl y U ' -,- Nw if MQ QQ Il, 'f , I -fag IligillzglflM,fell.,i,zllw.',1.fl ml ,iQs!l, Fll,lsl, fs? sgisglgif S53 5 gss lgliiglfiillkfliw 159 1960 A11-School Index Grganizational Index "A" Club 49 Annual Staff 28, 29 Bible Club 57 Boys, Chorus 41 Cheer Block 47 Chess Club 57 Choral Club 38, 39 Choralettes 40 Concert Band 36, 37 Adams, David 47, 50, 84 Austin, Mrs. Marjorie 84 Bailey, J. J. 84, 86 Ballentine, William 84 Balsley, Richard 84 Barnett, Donald 23, 68, 71, 75, 84 Barrow, David 84 Beigh, Max 84 Biddle, James 33, 84, 114 Bliss, Mrs. Bonnie 85 Bordner, Gerald 36, 37, 84 Bowen, Donald 84 Bowers, Jack 46, 55, 84 Boyd, Ralph 45, 84 Bridges, Mrs. Maxine 43, 45, 85 Burnett, Howard 85 Burns, Clarence 85 Cain, Miss Marietta 85 Campbell, Miss Dorothy 45, 85 Carter, James 64, 65, 79, 95 Craigie, Miss Lorna 46, 85 Davis, George 45, 85 Dennis, Richard 23, 42, 85 Denny, Charles 85 Doles, Mrs. Margaret 46, 54, 85 Dye, Joseph 85 Finney, John 18, 53, 86 Fleenor, Ray 25, 61, 76, 77, 86 Freeman, Robert 61, 68, 71, 76, 77, 86 Abernathy, Deanna 33, 92 Adams, Bill 37, 115 Adams, Brenda 123 Adams, Jane 115 Adams, Phil 115 Adams, Sherman 37, 42, 57, 123 Addison, Linda 38, 53, 92, 145 Agnew, David 72, 92 Concert Choir 40 Convo Committee 45 Dance Band 36 Future Retailers 33 Future Teachers 53 Indianettes 37 Honor Society 54 Latin Club 56 Madrigal 38 Modern Music Masters 41 Faculty Index Garrigus, John 45, 86 Grahame, Mrs. Evelyn 86, 87 Gray, Mrs. Barella 85 Griffith, Raymond 86 Hale, Lee 86 Hale, Mrs. Marguerite 86 Harrell, Miss Helen 45, 46, 86, 87, 114 Hays, Donald 32, 86 Helfrich, Byron 86 Higman, Miss Alice 46, 86 Hosier, Basil 87, 89 Hotzel, Miss Phyllis 85 Huntzinger, Jesse 57, 87 Imler, Mrs. Ruthanne 87 James, William 87 Johnson, Miss Eileen 87 Johnson, Keith 87 Julius, Gordon 87 Kendall, Miss Hazel 87 Kitterman, Mrs. Mary 86, 87 Kyle, Don 71 Lee, George 51, 87 Lee, Lowell 87 Lindstrom, Miss Virginia 45, 87 Long, Miss Lois 53, 88 Lyon, Herbert 88 McFarland, Mrs. Mary 88 Maine, Mrs. Vivian 88 Martin, Mrs. Deloris 88, 90 Student Index Ahrendt, Rex 49, 54, 78, 92 Ahrendt, Rita 32, 123 Ake, Cherylle 115 Akers, Bill 123 Alberts, David 115 Albright, Townsend 46, 54, 55, 92 Aldred, Steve 38, 44, 49, 78, 92 Aldrich, Jim 115 160 Orchestra 42 Pep Sessions Committee 46 Print Shop 32 Publication Representatives 32 Science Club 55 Student Council 50, 51 Thespians 43 Ushers Club 53 X-Ray 30, 31 Martyn, David 88 Meadows, Robert 87 Miller, Herbert 88 Mulvihill, Mrs. Elise 57, 88 Norris, Mrs. Mary 85 Osborne, Ick 23, 68, 88 Palmer, Miss Mary Ruth 38, 39 88 Pugh, Dane 78, 88 Pursley, Lee 30, 88, 90, 91 Pyle, Donald 88 Railsback, Mrs. Lucile 88 Reifel, Robert 88 Rhynearson, Mrs. Edna 88 Riggs, Mrs. Dorothy 86, 88 Roney, Claud 88 Russo, Peter 46, 65, 75, 89 Sanders, W. Leo 54, 87, 89 Schultz, Mrs. Mary 51, 89 Shinn, Vern 89 Sparks, Joseph 52, 73, 89 Springer, O. L. 89 Swift, Clifford 84 Todd, Miss Rive 89 Tolbert, Mrs. Iris 85 Vaught, George 36, 89 Vermillion, Mrs. Virginia 89 Villars, Edmund 89 Wilson, Horace 89 Woschitz, Frank 28, 89 Aldrich, Phyllis 92 Alexander, Alice 123 Alexander, Grace 27, 54, 92 Alexander, Jerry 115 Alexander, Marilyn 54, 92 Aley, Stephen 92 Alford, Cuba 33, 92 Alleman, Janet 28, 54, 92, 15 Binnion, Jack 53, 115 Alleman, Judy 28, 48, 115, 141 Allen, Diana 123 Allen, Jim 115 Allen, Mary 123 Allen, Sandra 92 Allex, Karen 115 Ammerman, Marsha 123 Anderson, Janet 40, 46, 56, 123 Anderson, Linda 92 Anderson, Ross 115 Anderson, Sondra 26, 115 Arline, Dick 33, 92 Armstrong, Charles 76, 123 Armstrong, Janet 40, 123 Armstrong, Jim 36, 115 Armstrong, William 123 Arthur, Nancy 115, 153 Arwine, Mary 115 Ash, Dave 32, 115 Ashbaugh, Marta 123 Ashley, Margaret 30, 40, 115 Atha, Nancy 123 Ayers, Alan 36, 38, 41, 92 Aynes, Mark 115 Badgley, Nanette 123, 135 Berkebile, Treva 93 Berry, Sandra 37, 53, 115 Bickel, Paul 93 Biddle, Nancy 123 Binkley, Patricia 37, 41, 42, 55, 93 Binnion, Paul 32 Bivens, Conward 49, 65, 72, 73 Blackaby, Stephen 115 Blackshear, Joyce 31, 123 Blackwell, Larry 115 Blackwell, Lester 37, 93 Blackwell, Lonnie 38, 93 Blessing, Margaret 123, 155 Bloomer, Sharon 123 Blue, Phil 43, 79, 115 Boatman, Leonard 115 Boaz, Tom 115 Boelens, Pete 94 Bohlen, Martha 123 Bondurant, Richard 75, 123 Bonner, Shirley 93, 119 Bookout, Larry 93 , 115 Campbell, Sharon 115 Campbell, Vicki 123 Caplan, Linda 95 Carlisle, James 115 Carmack, Carolyn 123 Cannan, James 76, 115 Carrnany, David 36, 42, 95, 135 Carpenter, Jerry 72, 75, 123 Carpenter, John 115 Carpenter, Patty 123 Carpenter, Roy 115 Carper, Phyllis 115 Carper, Tim 123 Carr, Larry 55, 57, 95 Carr, Lois 56, 123 Bousman, Bailey, Baker, Jeff 123 Dennis 65, 71, 122, 123 Baker, Dianne 92 Baker, Emett 115 Baker, Jim 123 Baker, Nancy 115 Baker, Oma 123 Baker, Pamela 40, 115 Baker, Sondra 92 Boone, Juda 51, 115 Boone, Mike 123 Bostic, Dennis 123 Boston, Burl 123 Bourke, Carolyn 94, 137 Bourke, Stephen 115 Peggy 115 Baldwin, Marty 31 Bales, Betsy 93 Ball, Dan 71, 76, 123 Ballinger, Anita 32, 53, 56, 93 Banta, Dennis 115 Barber, Cathie 123 Barker, Jack 123 Barker, Jim 115 Barnett, Bob 49, 60, 61, 76, 93 Barr, Dwight 38, 93, 148 Barron, Douglas 49, 54, 55, 60, 61, 76, 77, 93, 142 Barron, Garland 45, 76, 123 Barron, Barron, Gilbert 51, 115, 119 Mark 36, 41, 45, 54, 55, 93 Barth, Charles 42, 123 Bates, Linda 40, 115 Batthauer, Suzette 32, 51, 53, 93 Baum, Loretta 90, 93 Bausman, Larry 46, 65, 72, 76, 122, 123 Baute, Harold 93, 133 Beason, Mollie 115 Beaty, Larry 93 Beauchamp, David 93 Beckham, Vearl 115 Beckley, Lenora 115 Bedwell, Linda 123 Beeler, Pamela 115 Beeler, Sharon 123 Beemer, Linda 123 Bell, Carolyn 28, 115, 152 Bell, Harold 115 Bell, Walter 123 Benefiel, Jerry 123 Bennett, Marty 53, 115 Bowen, Donna 41, 42, 43, 123 Browning, Pat 40, 123 Bruce, Diana 123 Brumback, Linda 114, 115 Brummett, Cherryl 28, 48, 115, Bryant, Fred 123 Buck, Danny 94 Buell, Bill 115 Buell, Susan 123 Bullard, Larry 123 Burchfield, Dan 37, 42, 115 Burke, Diane 115 Burkhart, Judy 115 Burkhart, Patti 115 Burnett, Karla 94 Bums, Janet 32, 37, 41, 53, 84, Burris, Kay 42, 123 Burris, John 30, 37, 56, 115 Burt, Bill 94 Buser, Richard 123 Bushong. Gail 28, 115, 144 Butler, Henna 94 157 115 Carrier, Bonnie 123 Carroll, Jym 72, 123 Carroll, Sharon 28, 30, 115, 154 Carson, Gladys 123 Carson, Rita 123 Carter, Alyce 123 Carter, Hazel 38, 95 Carter, John 95 Carter, Sherry 31, 32, 95 Carter, Willie 123 Case, Pamela 31, 40, 43, 115 Catt, Richard 123 Cave, Alice 56, 123 Cave, David 123 Cave, James 115 Chambers, Jeff 95 Chapin, Keith 123 Chapman, Donald 115 Chapman, George 95 Chapman, Mary 123 Charmolue, Jerry 74, 75, 95 Chatman, Ahna 123 Chitwood, Rickey 72, 123 Christian, Clarice 36, 41, 45, 115 Cortrecht, Carole 124 Corwin, John 124 Corya, Larry 96 Cottington, Sandra 116 Cotton, Linda 124 Couch, Karen 116 Couch, Larry 124 Courter, Dennis 56, 75, 124 Covington. Carol 116 Cowden, Robert 116 Butz, Rita Jo 31, 46, 50, 51, 56, 84, 115 Byrum, Cheryl 37, 123 Cain, Richard 123 Caldwell, Carl 41, 56, 123 Caldwell, Cheryl 28, 122, 123, 151 Caldwell, Pamela 40, 56, 127 Cox, John 124 Cox, Cox, Cox, Mary Ann 116 Mary Evelyn 116 Mike 124 Cox, Sandra 28, 38, 43, 54, 56, 143 Craib, Connie 124 craig, Milford 32, 116 Craig, Rosalie 116 Craig, Sandra 122, 124 Cramer, Paula 40, 43, 124 Caldwell, Vicki 115 Callahan, John 115 Callahan, Pat 57, 115 Callaway, Steve 75, 123 Campbell, Caralee 27, 32, 38, 91, 95 Campbell, Gary 28, 31, 123 Campbell, James 50, 51, 55, 95 Campbell, Janet 115 Campbell, Jay 32, 123 Campbell, Richard 53, 72, 95 Campbell, Susan 95 161 Creason, Paul 124 Cridge, James 50, 51, 96 Cripe, Norma 29, 56, 96, 145 Critchlow, Linda 124 Croke, Dean 116 Cron, Judy 29, 56, 90, 96, 144 Cronk, Carmen 96 Crose, John 38, 116 Crouch, Bill 78, 124 Crouch, Colleen 116 Crouch, Lanny, 38, 43, 96 Crowe, Jamalee 51, 53, 54, 116 Crowley, Don 96 Crusan, Bruce 116 Cunningham, John 49, 62, 65, 72, 76, 77, 96 Dailey, Jeanette 97 Dalton, Bob 124 Darr, Dennis 116 Daugherty, Adella 116 Davenport, Larry 97 Davenport, Ronald 116 Davidson, David 49, 60, 61, 76, 77, 122, 124 Davis, Carl 124 Davis, Carolyn, 124 Davis, Dan 72, 124 Davis, Douglas 43, 49, 97 Davis, Eddie 32. 49, 62, 65, 97 Davis, Fredric 124 Davis, Jerry 97 Davis, Judy 116 Davis, Kenneth 32, 124 Davis, Ruby 40, 116 Davis, Torn 71, 76, 124 Dawson, Mary 116 Day, Bonnie 124 Day, Chester 97 Day, LeRoy 124 Day, Marilyn 116 Day, Shirley 124 Dean, Deanne 116 Dearing, Linda 97 DeBolt, David 46, 97, 125, 158 DeBolt, Jett 124 DeFord. Jan 116 Deiser, Barbara 28, 48, 116, 155 Deiser, Susie 97 DeLey, Mickey 49, 72, 97 DeLey, Susie 116 Delph, Betty 116 Delph, Dixie 38, 43, 116 Delph. Neil 51, 75, 116 Denniston, Linda 116 Devaney, Patricia 40, 116 Devaney, Phil 97 DeVore, John 33, 97 DeWeese, Peggy 23, 38, 42, 116, 135 DeWitt, Herman 97 Deyo, Allen 41, 44, 56, 124 Dickey, James 65, 124 Dickey, Robert 97 Dickerson, Dorothy 124 Dickson, Carolyn 38, 116 Dilkey, John 36, 37, 124 Dillard, Barry 116 Dilts, Bill 124 Dilts, David 116 Dittlinger, David 116- Dixon, Anna 124 Dixon, Daree 116 Dixon, Gussie 56, 124 Dodd, Pete 97 Doherty, Janet 97 Doles, James 124 Dotson, Roger 116 Doty, Dave 37, 97 Doty. Roger 116 Douglas, Stephen 97 Downey, Bryce 124 Downey, Evelyn 116 Downey, Juanita 124 DuBois, Ginger 38, 116 Duckworth, Patsy 98 Duffer, Sharon 124, 138 Duffy, Jim, 49, 62, 65, 72, 76, 116 Duncan, Lillian 28, 30, 116, 140 Dunham, Robert 75, 116 Dunkerly, Karen 40, 53, 124 Dunwiddie, Fred 124 Durgan, Donna 98 Durham, Mary 124 Dykes, David 98 Dzerve, Verne 124 Eads, Sharon 36, 116, 145 Eaglin, Gary 98 Earlywine, Jerry 53, 116 Eckert, Becky 116 Eckrote, Charlotte 32, 116 Edwards, David 37, 124 Edwards, Paula 116 Ehle, Michael 116 Eilar, Suzanne 42, 98 Eldridge, Rosemary 124 Eldridge, Terena 116 Eldridge, Theresa 116 Ellis, Barbara 114, 116 Ellis, Bill 116 Ellsworth, Jim 124 Espev, Marcie 40 122, 124 Estelle, Carolyn 56, 124 Ester, Lee 116 Estle, Dale 116 Etchison, Carolyn 124 Eutsler, Charlene 98 Eutsler, Judi 98 Evernham, James 56, 116 Ewald, Carla 44, 48. 54, 90, 98 Eytchison. Wesley 32, 56, 116 Fairburn, Karen 98 Fairburn, Lynn 116 Fairer, R. C. 76, 124 Falls, Carolyn 38, 41, 98 Farlow, Sherry 43, 98 Famier, Carolyn 124 Farmer, Charles 124 Fawbush, Patty 124 Felts, Shirley 98 Ferguson, Marilyn 117 Ferguson, Patricia 25. 124 Fields, Darlene 40, 56, 122, 124 Fields, Darrell 98 Files, Arlene 117 Fisher, Connie 114, 117 Fisher, Jon 36, 117 Fitzgerald, Larry 98 Flatt, Sam 124 Fleece, Patty 28, 54, 90, 98, 143 Flint, Dallas 32, 98 Flye, Jym 29, 98 Foust, Joe 75, 117, 140 Fowler, Don 99, 134 Fox, Dianna 56, 117 Fox, Henry 117 Fox, Michael 124 Fox, Steve 99, 138 France, Sharon 136 Frazier, Jim 99 Freeman, Jerold 42, 117 Freeman, William 74, 75, 117 Freestone, Norma 124 French, Robert 99 Frendt, Beverly 99 Fribley, Barbara 38, 114, 117, 158 Fribley, Nancy 40, 41 Fry, Carolyn 124 Fuller, Gloria 117 Fuller, Mona 117 Fullington, Helen 117 Fulton, George 117 Furnish, Joan 117 Gaines, Dixie 99 Gaines, Ted 124 Gale, William 51, 56, 5 Gammon, Mike 65, 124 Gardner, Kent 124 Gardner, Jeffrey 99 Garner, Judith 117 Garrett, Joan 40, 124 Garrett, Ronnie 99 Garringer, Sharon 99 Garton, Donna 117 Gary, Tom 65, 68, 117 Gaul, Mike 124 Gault, Susan 124 Gaunt, Phillip 117 Gause, Terry 99 Gaw, Larry 117 Gee, Judy 124 Gentry, Max 99 German, Diana 117 German, Kenny 124 Gibson, James 117 Gibson, Jane 117 Gibson, Linda 117 7,1 17 Giddens, Judy 37, 117 Gillaspy, Charlene 51, 117, 147 Gilmore, Clifford 42, 54, 99 Gilmore, Jane 56, 124 Gilmore, Jeff 36, 99 Gilmore, Lynn 124 Gilmore, Ruthie 19, 39, 54, 99 Givens, Dave 99 Glaze, Sandy 117 Gobin, Vicki 22, 40, 43, 56, 124 Godbey, Mark 31, 43, 55, 99 Godwin, Clive 55, 117 Goodman, Linda 124 Goodnight, Janet 117 Gordon, Don 117 Foltz, Sandra 40, 117 Ford, Willie 32, 43, 124 Foster, Deloma 37, 117 Foster, Fred 124 Foster, Peggy 54, 98 Foster, Robert 79, 99 Fouse, Bill 75, 124 162 Gordon, Gayla 124 Gordon, Helen 117 Goree, Walter 76, 124 Goss, Pattyann 42, 53, 54, Gourley, Eleanor 117 Gourley, Jack 53, 124 Cowan, Jack 100 Gustin, Karen 125 Guyot, Ray 49, 65, 100 56, 99 Jordan, Hackleman, Jim 100 Hadley, John 117 Hadley, Mike 117 Hakes, Pamela 37, 117 Hale, Dick 117 Hale, Hedy 100 Hale, Mike 100 Hall, Mike 125 Hamilton, Loretta 51, 54, 90, 91, 100 Hamilton, Rose Marie 56, 125 Hammond, Carolyn 32, 42, 56, 125 Hammond, Nancy 125 Hampton, Vivian 56, 125 Hancock, Gene 125 Hancock, Marilyn 54, 100 Hancock, Michele 100 Hanna, Deena 40, 117 Hannaford, Bill 117 Haney, Larry 101 Hanshew, Jack 117 Hardacre, Paul 36, 117 Hardy, Tim, 36, 117 Harker, Velma 125 Harlan, Kathleen 125 Harmon, Phyllis 37, 125 Harney, Doug 37, 101 Harper, William 38, 46, 51, 114, 117 Harrington, Dave 125 Harrington, James 101 Harris, Diann 117 Harris, Hal 43, 56, 71, 78, 122, 125 Harrison, Clark 49, 65, 68, 70, 101 Harrison, Sally 125 Harrison, Sharon 117 Hart, Becky 37, 117 Hart, Raymond 101 Hart, Robert 37, 125 Hart, Stephen Cooper 33, 37, 41, 101 Haskett, Don 125 Hasty, Sharon 101 Hastings, Rusty 125 Hathcoat, Amelia 125 Hathcoat, Janet 117 Hawley, Patricia 125 Haynes, Don 125 Haynes, Gary 117 Haynes, Phillip 125 Heal, Fred 117 Heard, Saundra 27, 37, 54, 101 Heard, Tom 56, 75, 125 Hearld, Joyce 43, 56, 117 Heath, Judy 53, 122, 125, 137 Heavilin, Kenneth 117 Heavilin, Kit 57, 125 Hedges, Linda 117 Hedrick, Meril 32, 38, 101 Helvey, Kathy 40, 125 Henderson, Sandra 40, 117 Hendricks, Karel 41, 53, 101 Hendrickson, Michael 125 Hensley, Carl 125 Hensley, Ray 117 Henson, Fay 117 Henson, Ray 32, 117 Herbert, Dave 117 Herkomer, David 125 Herron, Jim 53, 101 Herron, Larry 101 Hervey, Cathy 51, 117 Hester, Mae 118 Hexamer, Bill 125 Hickem, Jani 40, 118 Hiday, Jerry 118 Higdon, Linda 38, 118 Highwood, Russell 65, 125 Hilderbrand, Daniel 125 Hill, Tawanda 125 Hilligoss, David 55, 79, 101 Himes, Eddie 37, 118 Himes, Nancy 114, 118 Hinderer, Jim 101 Hodges, Robert 118 Hodson, Anabeth 32, 125 Hofer, Ronald 125 Hogue, Jerris 118 Hogue, Keith 125 Hoke, Sandy 118 Holbert, Brenda 56, 125 Holder, Phyllis 46, 51, 53, 101 Holland, Ernest 118 Holland, Geraldine 118 Hollars, Shirley 56, 125 Holliman, Lorene 118 Hollingsworth, Freddy 118 Hollingsworth, Margaret 101 Hollis, Sandra 125 Hollowell, David 125 Hooten, Douglas 125 Hopkins, Gary 118 Hopkins, Joe 101 Hoppes, Eugene 125 Hoppes, Larry 125 Hoppes, Mike 125 Horine, George 125 Horner, James 32, 37, 56, 118 Horner, Joy 118 Horton, Pauline 101 Hostetler, James 118 Hovermale, Sandra 102 Hutton, Clara 54, 102 Hyatt, Carolyn 42, 102 Hyland, Michael 118 Ice, Joe 36, 118 Imel, William 118 Howard, Charles 28, 31, 36, 42, 125 Howard, Joyce E. 125 Howe, David 37, 42, 125 Howell, Darlene 48, 102 Howell, Lois 38, 41, 52, 118 Hoyle, Larry 65, 118 Huber, Martha 38, 114, 118 Hudson, Michael 125 Hudson, Neller 125 Hudson, Ruth 36, 41, 54, 55, 146 Huff, Shirley 43, 53, 54, 102 Huffman, Betty 118 Huifman, Robert 36, 118 Huffman, Tim 125 Hughes, Janet 40, 118 Hughes, Karen 125 Hull, Loretta 102 Humerickhouse, Terry 125 Hummel, Barbara 125 Hummel, Linda 102 Hunt, Jim 37, 42, 46, 55, 125 Hunt, Jon 18, 37, 38, 41, 42, 55, 102 Hunt, Nita 118 Hurlbert, Larry 36, 78, 125 Hurley, Joan 22, 91, 102 Hurley, Larry 41, 125 Huse, Larry 61, 76, 118 Hutchens, Donna 102 Hutson, Sandra 54, 91, 102 163 102, 45, 54, Irving, Irving, Lana 43, 56, 57, 125 Patricia 53, 55, 118 Isaacs, Gary 125 Isaacs, Melanie 125, 134 Isaacs, Pat 102 Isonogle, Karen 118 Isbell, Gerald 125 Iveson, Jack, A Susie 54, 102 lzo 125 Jackson, Ella 126 Jackson, John 49, 62, 65, 68, 69, 118 Jackson, Judith 126 Jackson, Lillian 40, 41, 43, 53, 56, 57, Jackson 126 Steve 44 56 118 James, Karen 122, 126 James, Steve 126 James, Steve William 126 James, Susan 42, 54, 90, 102 Janes, Coral 27, 46, 56, 118 Janes, John 126 Janes, VVilladean 102 Janney, Jean 126 Jansons, Juris 102 Jaynes, Larry 118 Jeffers, Gene 32, 102 Jeffries, Barbara 33, 103 Jeffries, Jenkins, Susan 56, 126 Buddy 118 Jesse, Carole 118 Jessup, Jessup, Johnson Johnson David 126 Elmer 126 , Connie 118 , Dick 126 Johnson, James 36, 38, 103 Johnson Johnson Johnson , Jim 103 , Jon 126 , Linda 118 Johnson, Richard 126 Johnson, Sondra 40, 118 Johnson, Susie 37, 118 Jones, Betty 40, 126 Jones, Curtis 38, 41, 45, 54, 55, 56, 103 Jones, Dorothy 118 Jones, Eleanor 126 Jones, Jeanette 43, 51, 53, 103 Jones, Margaret 118 Jones, Robert 72, 126 Jones, Rockey 118 Jones, Terry 41, 118 Jones, Warren 36, 37, 118 James 32 Josefek, Judy 26, 36, 56, 118 Joslin, Mildred 118 Justice, Joann 118 Justice, Joe 126 Justice, Juanita 118 Kalisz, Walter 103 Kallenberg, John 38, 41, 103 Kallenberg, Richard 41, 56, 126 Kardatzke, Lois 27, 38, 118 Kayzer, Lawrence 65 Kearns, Rita 40, 118 Kearns, Susie 118 Keen, Ray 126 Keeney, Glenn 33, 103 Keesling, Carol 56, 126 Keesling, Janice 118, 145 Keesling, Kenneth 38, 53, 118 Keesling, Robert 118 Keirns, Lloyd 37, 118 Kellam, Nancy 23, 118 Kellams, Paula 50, 118 Kellams, Roger 36, 41, 54, 103 Keller, Sally 30, 51, 54, 103 Kelly, Janice 126 Kelly, Ronald 126 Kelly, Saundra 54, 103 Kemp, Diann 37, 41, 118 Kemper, Sharon 126 Kennard, Lloyd 37, 126 Kenser, Melanie 126 Kern, Sherri 28, 43, 118, 157 Kidd, Robert 126 Kimmerling, Judy 33, 103 Kimmerling, Loretta 40, 118 Kimmerling, Sandy 126 Leach, Malinda 126 Learned, Vickie 29, 104, 156 Leath, Jacqueline 118 Ledford, Larry 123 Lee, Nancy 54, 104 Lehr, David 1 18 Leicht, Bill 104 Lewellyn, Nancy 51, 118 Lewis, Arthur 118 Lewis, Cary 36, 136 Lewis, Joan 118 Lewis, Julie 118 Lewis, Ollie Mae 104 King, Bill 126 King, Charles 103 King George 49, 65, 72, 76, 77, 126 King, Loretta 51, 118 King, Ralph 118 Kingsbury, Kay 103 Krall, George 65, 118 Kinley, Jean 30, 38, 41, 42, 56, 118 Kinnaird, Carolyn 32, 118 Kinser, Melanie 40 Kirby, Kay 126 Kirby, Richard 118 Kirk, Carla 37, 118 Kirk, John 118 Kirk, Richard 16, 118 Kirk, Tom 122, 126 Kivi, Marilyn 56, 126 Kizer, Pat 103, 147 Kline, Ceorgeanna 126 Kluge, Allan 118 Knisley, David 32, 122 Knotts, Karen 56, 126 Knotts, Larry 126 Kocher, Sharon 126 Kolbusz, Eleanor 37, 38, 41, 56, 103, 149 Krueger, Marilyn 114, 118 Kruger, Rosemary 103 Kutscheild, Ben 65, 118 Lambour, Barbara 56, 57, 126, 141 Lame, Penny 118 Lamey, Tim 56, 72, 103, 151 Lancing, Ronnie 104 Land, Steve 32, 38, 41, 57, 104 Lanphear, Betty 126 Large, Norma 38, 41, 43, 118 Lark, VVillie 72, 118 LaShure, Sandra 30, 53, 54, 104 Latour, Donna 40, 126 Lawler, Dorothy 126 Lawrence, Larry 126 Lawson, Phyllis 104 Lawyer, John 126 Layton, Sam 76, 126 Likens, Timothy 56, 123 Lirnbrock, James 41, 126 Lindsay, Sharon 118 Lindzy, Keith 126 Litten, Barbara 118 Lloyd, Deanna 104 Lloyd, Ronald 31, 104 Logan, Bobby 126 Long, Eddie Mae 126 Looper, Douglas 78, 126 Lorenz, Victoria 40, 126 Loucks, Judy 56, 126 Loudenback, Jan 27, 38, Lough, Edward 104 Love, Charles 65 Lovell, Sandra 104 Lowry, Steve 49, 60, 61, 76, Loy, Barbara 118 Loyd, Charles 49, 64, 65 Lucas, Barbara 122, 126 Lunsford, Calvin 104 41, 90, 104 77, 104 McAtee, Ruth 126 McAtee, Tom 126 McCallister, Bill 105 McCarty, Betty Ann 40, 56, 57, 126 McCarty, Bill 46, 65, 71, 75 , 119 McClain, Sherry 126 McClain, Toni 126, 156 McCoppin, Grace 105 McCoppin, Paula 126 McCord, David 61, 76, 119 McCord, Joe 49, 65, 119 McCord, Steve 105 McCorkhill, Joe 119 McCorkle, Marvin 32, 119 McCormick, Nancy 126 McCormick, Paul 119 McCoy, Alberta 36, 119 McCoy, Larry 105 McCrocklin, Cathy 33, 54, 105, 137 McCrocklin, Edward 29, 105, 149 McCullough, David 119 McCullough, Mae 126 McCullough, Rutha 105 McDanell, Judith 126 McGill, Karen 126 McCillicuddy, Joan 25, 29, 38, 105, 133 McIntyre, Carolyn 126 McKay, Jeanette 119 McKay, Jerry 126 McKay, Karen 37, 54, 105 McKeand, Jackie 119 McKee, Mike 126 McKinley, Danny 119, 126 Mabbitt, Marilyn 118, 150 Madara, Patricia 104 Maddox, Elinor 126 Maddox, Patty 126 Maine, David 36, 37, 38, 41, 43, 56, 114, 118 Mainord, Frances 126 Mainord, Tony 49, 62, 65, 118 Mains, Kerry 126 Mallernee, Dick 126 Mallernee, Jolane 119 Mallory, Charles 126 Malsom, Bonnie 23, 53, 119 Margison, Carol 42, 146 Marsh, David 104, 148 Marsh, Marshann 54, 91, 104 Marshall, Nancy 32, 40, 41, 42, 119 Martin, Eugenia 126 Martin, Mike 49, 55, 56, 79, 105, 127 Martin, Phillip 79, 119 Mason, Douglas 43, 57, 79, 126 Massey, Betty 119 Massey, Ronald 37, 38, 43, 119 McKinney, Karen 119 McKinney, Larry 126 McKissick, Charles 36, McLaughlin, Ann 114, McNabney, Bill 126 McNeal, Marilyn 32, 56, 126 McNeal, Michael 127 McNear, Paul 65, 119 McQuiston, Sondra 105 Meeker, Frank 42, 45, 49, 78, 114, 41, 42, 119 119 119 Meikel, Arthur 75, 127 Mekel, Mike 65 Melendez, Domingo 65, 72, 119 Melson, Roger 28, 65, 71, 76, 77, 127 Melton, James 119 Merrill, Raymond 127 Metcalf, William 119 Metzger, Kaye 52, 127 Miles, Arthur 65, 76 Matheney, Doyle 75, 126 Mathews, Evelyn 38, 42, 105 Mathews, Jane 31, 126 Mathews, Jerri 105 Mauck, Larry 119 Maxwell, Sara 53 126 May, David 29, 50, 105, 147 May, Margaret 126 May, Richard 32, 50, 41, 119 McAdams, Sherril 40, 105 McAdams, Susan 40, 126 McAllister, Mary Sue 38, 43, 46, 47, 105 164 Miller, Beverley 28, 38, 41, 43, 46, 54, 105, 143 Miller Bill 37, 41, 44, 127 Miller Chuck 119 Miller, Diana 27, 28, 90, 105, 133 Miller Donna 127 Miller Donya 106 Miller Evelyn 106 Miller, John 127 Miller, Phil 119 Miller Ronnie 119 Miller Miller s Sandra 45, 106, 114, 119 Susie 40, 127 Mills, Joan 127 MinneHeld, Joyce 119 Minniear, Joe 106 Misner, Misner, Barbara 127 Teri 43, 119 Mitchem, Carrie 119 Monday, Nancy 119 Montgomery, David 124 Moody, Karen 32, 124 Moody, Linda 119 Moore, Carol 119 Moore, Carolyn 119 Moore, Richard 127 Moore, Sue 119 Moore, Thomas 119 Morehead, Jack 127 Morgan, Mark 31, 119 Morgan, Marvin 76, 77, 119 Morgan, Mike 19, 25, 51, 54, 55, 90 106, 136 Morgan, Terry 127 Morrill, Nikki 28, 119, 156 Morris, Jerry 119 Morris, Linda 40, 127 Morrison, Sally 56, 122, 127 Mourer, Richard 127 Mowrey, Cinda 119 Moyer, Darla 106 Mueschen, Carl 119 Muller, Dorothy 51, 56, 119 Mullins, Tom 106 Myers, Robert 106 Nahrwold, Carol 24, 36, 38, 41, 45, 54, 106 Naselroad, Emmitt 119 Nave, Agnes 56, 119 Nealis, Roger 106, 140 Needler, Rose Ann 106 Neff, Karen 31, 127 Neilson, Carol 119 Nelson, Margaret 119 Newberry, Kay, 56, 119 Newby, Duane 127 Osborne, William 45, 55, 107 Owen, Jimmy 127 Owen, Lillian 127 Owens, Emmett 119 Owens, Lois 119 Owens, Mary 107 Padgett, Keith 41, 56, 127 Pancol, Nick 56, 119 Parker, Carole 127 Parker, Toni 127 Parkhurst, James 127 Parks, Jerry 119 Parks, Larry 107 Parr, Mike 56, 75, 127 Parton, Paul 107 Patterson, Benita 127 Patterson, Esther 38, 107 Randall, Brenda 127 Randall, Bruce 120 Randolph, Gary 107 Ranshaw, Jane 56, 127 Raper, Trudy 32, 44, 107 Rawner, Norman 36, 107, 148 Ravenscroft, John 36, 55, 84, 122, 127 Ray, Bob 120 Ray, Eddie 76, 127 Ray, Fred 32, 108 Ray, Jim 45, 49, 91, 108 Ray, Judith 91, 108 Ray, Reggie 120 Rayford, Eddie 65, 72, 120 Rayford, Lorine 53, 108 Reardon, Rebecca 38, 120 Rector, Margie 127 Redding, Gene 65, 71, 127 Patterson Patterson , Frank 127 , Raymond 127 Patton, Lola 56, 127 Peak, Lizabeth 127 Pearson, Pearson, Pearson, 54, George 119 Larry 127 Patty 18, 30, 36, 41, 42, 43, 55, 56, 107 Pebernat, Mary 119 Peek, John 119 Newman, Chuck 65, 76, 127 Newman, Nanci 38, 41, 42, 43, 119 Newsom, Nickki 119 Newson, Ray 127 Niccum, Ora 106 Niccum, Walter 119 Nicholas, James 127 Nicholas, John 32, 127 Peeples, Jim 127 Pemberton, Toni 24, 26, 37, 56, 119 Pennington, Joanne 127 Perdue, Joe 44, 49, 65, 71, 75, 119, 158 Perkins, Jack 107 Perkins, Karen 41, 42, 56, 119 Perry, Janice 31, 38, 41, 54, 56, 107 Perry, William 65, 119 Peters, Carolyn 120 Peterson, Frederick 107 Peterson, Linda 40, 120 Pflasterer, Ann 56, 120 Pherson, James 120 Phillips, Jeanne 38, 41, 42, 54, 107 Phillips, Karen 127 Phillips, Martha 123 Phipps, Barbara 127 Pierce, Herman 127 Piret, Linda 127 Pitts, Bill 50, 51, 54, 107, 145 Polk, Myran 120 Redding, Patricia 108 Redding, VVayne 108 Redfield, Alberta 127 Reed Bob 127 Reed, James 56, 127 Reed, Jerry 120 Reed, Roger 56, 127 Reed Ronnie 128 Reel, Rees, s Jeannine 37, 120 Nancy 120 Reeves, James 128 Reger, Lanny 68, 69, 120, 154 Reger, Phyllis 56, 128 Reger, Sharon 120 Reger, Violet 128 Reichard, Donna 32, 56, 108, 134 Reichard, Joy 40, 122, 128 Preston, Nisely, Velma 32, 38, 119 Norris, Joyce 38, 106 Norris, Julia 38, 41, 106 Nowlin, Mike 65, 75, 122, 127 Nunn, Janet 127 O,Banion, Jim 127 O'Brien, Michael 49, 65, 127 O7Brien, Neil 41, 44, 127 O,Dowd, Jackie 30, 106 Porter, Jerry Dane 38, 120 Porter, Jerry Lee 120 Porter, Leon 120 Porter, Linda 127 Porter, Ronnie 127 Powell, Phillip 41, 120 Powers, Bruce 107 Powers, Phillip 120, 127 Presley, Bill 42, 43, 56, 79, 127 Jane 28, 38, 48, 107, 140 Reinig, Bobbie Kay 128 Remley, Jim 120 Remley, Linda 56, 128 Remmert, Bob 128 Renselle, Doug 91, 108, 158 Ress, Bruce 41, 53, 57, 120 Retherford, Larry 128 Retherford, Rosalie 120 Reveal, Judibeth 51, 108 Rich, Gene 128 Richards, Betty 108 Richards, Danny 128 Richards, Darryl 78 Richards, Jim 75, 128 Richardson, Lee 120 Richardson, Penny 32, 128 Richman, Wilton 128 Riddle, Chuck 128 Riddle, Frank 76, 128 Riddle, Torn 128 Riedner, Bernhard 55, 108, 149 Riggs, Nancy 40, 53, 56, 128 Risley, Kay 128 Ritchey, Stephen 120 Rittenhouse, Tom 120 108 128 Oldfield, Darlene 127 Oldfield, Sharon 106 Oliver, Dennis 106 Oliver, Larry 65, 127 O,Neal, Christi 119 O,Neill, Nancy 40, 41, 53, 127 Orr, Kathy 36, 38, 41, 106 Orr, Jim 36, 37, 38, 42, 56, 119 Osborne, Nancy 36, 41, 42, 57, 122, 127 Price, Mike 127 Price, Paul 32, 65, 68, 120 Priest, Sidna 127 Priest, Stephen 30, 120 Purciful, Eddie 38, 41, 107, 134 Purkey, James 36, 42, 107 Rambo, Ted 120 Ramsey, Irvin 75, 127 Ramsey, Judi 51, 120 165 Robbins, Bill 54, Robbins, Carolyn Robbins, Rex 65, Roberts, Stephen 71, 74, 75, 128 108 Robertson, Brenda 128 Robertson, Jim 128 Robinett, Beth 38, 53, 54, 108 Robinett, Eloise 40, 42, 53, 128 Robinson, Ann 32, 33, 108 Robinson, Douglas 120 Stoops, Robert 57, 121 Sandberg, Kay 120 Robinson, Mary 128 Roby, Phil se, 50, 51, 120 Rogers, Dave 108 Rogers, Ron 76, 120 Rohr, Eston 128 Roland, Kenneth 108 Rollins, Elmer 108 Romine, Terry 120 Roof, Dennis 120 Roof, Jim 109 Rork, Oren 120 Roseberry, Boyd 33, 109 Ross, Karen 40, 128 Roudebush, Ron 120 Rouse, Gerald 38, 41, 109 Rousey, Jim 49, 68, 69, 70, Rousey, Linda 120 Ruffner, Necia 128 Rundquist, Chad 128 Rush, Gloria 109 Rush, Kathy 32, 37, 38, 120 Russell, Anne 128 Russell, Mike 37, 109, 120 Ryan, Hal 42, 56, 128 75, 109 Salyers, William 128 Sampley, Nancy 22, 43, 45, 54, 90, 109 Sanders, Charles 109 Sanders, Jack 109 Sanforrgl, Judith 37, 45, 50, 51, 54, 1 9 Santos, Joan 120 Sargent, Ronald 128 Sayers, Harry 128 Scales, Joyce 120 Schaeker, Kenny 120 Schattner, Bill 120, 140 Schieve, Frank 128 Schild, Harold 36, 72, 128 Schildmeier, Ronnie 120 Schlabaugh, Terry 120 Schmidt, Pam 128 Schrope, Fred 38, 41, 57, 120 Schumacher, Cheryl 128 Schumacher, Stanley 36, 41, 42, 54, 55, 109 Scott, Allan 49, 65, 72, 76, 128 Scott, Judy 128 Scott, Karen 40, 128 scott, Sherman 49, 61, 72, 109 Scott, Vicki 56, 120 Scovel, David 28, 128, 150 Scovel, James 29, 38, 109, 153 Scroggins, Patsy 128 Scroggins, Peggy 114, 120 Seal, Jim 49, 51, 54, 62, 64, 68, 70, 71, 76, 90, 109 Seal, Tom 65, 71, 74, 75, 128 Sears, Steve 45, 109 Sells, Sandra 31, 43, 128 Servies, Fred 109 Seybert, Shirley 32, 37, 38, 120 Seybert, Terry 65, 120 Shafer, Gerald 55, 75, 109 Shafer, Jon 38, 41, 109 Shannon, Linda 120 Shaw, Gayle 43, 110 56, 74, 75, 114, Shaw, James 120 Shaw, Shaw, Shaw, John 38, 55, 120 Michael 56, 128 Wade 36, 42, 120 Shearer, Robert 32, 56, 79, Shelton, Zella 32, 110, 117 Shetterly, Lolamae 128 Shields, Shields, Armita 128 Marsha 40, 120 Shields, Ronnie 110 Shipley, Carl 110 Shipley, Ray 122, 128 Shipman, Marsha 56, 128 Shipman, Martha 128 Shirley, Don 65, 128 Shivley, Max 23, 57, 128 Shock, Marilyn 128 Short, Harold 65, 71, 128 Short, Margaret 56, 128 128 Shuman, Randy 28, 37, 44, 122, 128, 151 Simmons, John 110 Simpson, John 32, 128 Simpson, Marva 110 Simpson, Sandra 37, 51, Sink, Danny 65, 76, 128 Sisson, Don 120 Skeoch, Tony 65, 128 Skinner, Oran 120, 125 Slick, Sharon 40, 56, 128 Slinkard, Pam 120 56, 110, 157 Smith, Jeii 120 Smith, Jerry 120 Smith, Judy 128 Smith, Karel 37, 120 Smith, Peggy 120 Smith, Rolla 128 Smith, Ronnie 65, 74, 75, 128 Smith, Steven 41, 53, 56, 72, 120 Smith, Vernon 37, 56, 57, 78, 122 128 Sneed, Paschal 49, 65, 72, 120 Snider, Mary 120 Snook, Barbara 31, 56, 128 Snowden, Sharon 120 Sorrell, Barbara 128 Sparks, Ralph 32 Spaulding, Dave 110 Spears, Linda 120 Speece, Jerry 30, 110 Speece, Joseph 19, 54, 55, 57, Speece, Ruth 53, 120 Spell, Leanne 40, 53, 128 Spencer, Suzan 33, 110 Staggs, Carolyn 128 Stanley, Charles 128 Stanley, Danny 128 Stanley, Jim 128 Stanley, Margaret 110 Stanley, Robert 128 Stanley, Sharon 120 Stanley, Thomas 128 Stanton, Tony 120 Stapleton, Carma 120 Steans, Eddie 128 Stecher, Robert 75, 128 110 Steele, James 44, 45, 49, 54, 68, 75, 110 Steele, Jeannie 24, 43, 45, 52, 110 166 Stegemiller, Robert 128 Steger, Sylvia 128 Stegner, Ned 121 Stephenson, Jerry 121 Steves, Suzie 43, 121, 150 Stewart, Terry 128 Stilwell, Patricia 128 Stokes, Nancy 110 Stolle, Mary 30, 37, 120 Stone, Bruce 110 Stone, Linda 128 Stookey, David 41, 110, 117 Stout, Pa tricia 121 Stovall, Susie 128 Street, Bob 121 Stroud, J une 110 Stroud, Paul 128 Summers, Ervin 128 Summers, Kenny 128 Summers, Surbaugh, Surbaugh, Pat 129 Bill 51, 56, 121 Georgeann 56, 129 Surface, Becky 121 Sutton, Swain, L Swain, Jim 49, es, 70, 74, 75, 111 arry 32, 129 Phyllis 37, 111 Swain, Rosemary 27, 121 Sweeney, Bill 129 Swinford, Alan 36, 41, 55, 111 Swinford, Michael 129 Swinford, Steve 72, 129 Sylvester, Melva 121 Sylvester, Melvin. 32, 42, 49, 71, 75 121 Talkington, Jim 30, 36, 42, 121 Tallman, Bill 65, 72, 76, 129 Tatman, Max 36, 37, 41, 111 Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Beri 129 Elaine 121 James 129 Madelyn 42, 56, 111 Peggy 111 Phil 55, 79, 122, 129, 135 Taylor, Rex 121 Teague, Ronnie 129 Tegge, Larry 36, 111 Temple, Judy 111 Terry, David 129 Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Albert 41 Bill 111 Carrol 22, 111 Danny 121 Jerry 32, 121 Jim 78, 129 Kay 50, 51, 111 Larry 111 Mary 129 Marylinda 19, 43, 53, 111 Thomas, Richard 129 Thomas, Sharyn 121 Thomas, Thomas 111 Thompson, Dale 121 Thompson, John 36, 42, 43, 45, 111 Thompson, Ned 121 Thompson, Ray 121 Thornburg, Jan 28, 43, 121, 152 Thornburg, Nancy 43, 56, 129 Thurber, Dianna 56, Timmons, Terry 129 Todd, David 121 Tolbert, Gykala 111 Tolbert, Rita 111 121 Patty 129 Toles, Leslie 46, 129 Tolle, Patty 121 Tooley, Janet 42, 129 Toombs, Elizabeth 40, 111 Toombs, Jerry 121 Toombs, Melinda 129 Toombs, Rex 121 Townsend, Bobby 49, 62, 63, 65, 121 Townsend, Terry 121 Townsend, William 49, 60, 61, 71, 76, 77, 129 Townsend, Willie 41, 121 Tremain, Don 121 Trinkle, Bill 129 Trisler, Barbara 32, 129 Trissel, Don 129 True, Lou Ellen 40, 129 Tucker, Betty 129 Tucker, Linda 129 Tucker, Roger 112 Tuckerman, Frank 121 Turner, Leon 53, 112 Tuterow, Lois 112 Tyler, Kay 51, 56, 114, 121 Ulery, Sandra 129 Upshaw, Kenneth 41, 56, 129 Vance, Larry 49, 65, 68, 69, 76, 114, 121 Van Dalsen, Jerry 112 Vasbinder, Carole 129 Vasey, Sharon 129 Vaughn, Dennis 65, 76, 121 Vaughn, Tom 112 Vermillion, Penny 121 Vertner, Melvin 129 Vess, Mary 112 Wable, Allen 121 Wable, James Franklin 53, 129 Wable, John 112 Wade, Mildred 112 4-4, .4 u N is ' KI xi l - Wagner, Earl 121 Wagner, Larry 112 Walker, Becky 112 Walker, Janet 121 Walkup, Nancy 40, 121 Wallace, Gaynelle 121 Wallace, Ronald 49, 61, 76, Wallace, Sally 121 Ward, Dennis 129 Ward, Georgia 57, 129 Ward, Jerry 129 Ward, Nancy 129 Warner, Warren, Beth 42, 122, 129 Henry 129 Warren, Jack 121 Watkins, Nancy 91, 112 Watson, Larry 79, 129 Watson, Louie 121 Watson, Sharolyn 40, 129 Wiley, John W. 121 Wiley, Patty 121 Wilhehn, Edward 129 Wilhelm, Richard 121 Wilkins, Joyce 129 Q. Williams, Cioitdell 53, 121 A Williams, Eddie' 1292? Williams, Hershel'129f Williams, Jerry 55, 121 Williams, ,fJer1fy A. 113, 117 Williams, Phyllis 122, 129 Williams, Sally 51, 121 Williams, Stanley 121 Williamson, Jim 129 Willis, Wilson, Mildred 121 Carolyn 121 Wilson, Donald 30, 32, 121 Wilson, Janice 121 Wilson, Jerry 72, 129 Wilson, Judith 38, 41, 113 Wilson, Watson, Steve 49, 54, 62, 63, 64, 65, 68, 69, 70, 76, 77, 112, 136 Watson, Thomas 76, 77, 129 Waugh, Peggy 112 Waugh, Penny 112 Waymire, Pam 37, 112 NVebb, Claudean 121 Webb, Larry 112 Welch, Sarah 112 Welches, Judy 121 Welker, Linda 112 Welling, Joe 129 Wellington, Jane 26, 38, 46, 121, 132 Wells, Penny 25, 40, 12 1 weston, steve 23, 32, 43, 129, 146 Whetsel, Nancy 129 Whisley, David 129 Whitaker, Betty 129 Whitaker, Jack 129 Whitaker, Nora 113 Whitehead, Lonnie 121 Whitehouse, Marvin 121 Whitley, Joyce 113 Whitman, Howard 32, 3 79, 113 Whittebort, Judith 121 Wicker, Sallie 129 Wiggins, Jack 129 Wiley, John D. 41, 129 8, 44, 45, 56, Winemiller, Bill 121 Wise, John 36, 37, 42, 129 Witham, Pamela 129 Wolverton, Betty 38, 56, 121 Wood, Kay 121 Wood, Patsy 37, 121 Woodall, Japeus 65, 121 Woods, Eddie 129 Woods, Jerry 57, 79, 121 Woods, Yvonne 113 Wools, Willard 129 wright, Judi 37, 47, 56, 121 Wright, Maurice 56, 57, 129 Wright, Patricia 31, 129 Wright, Robert 113 Wykoff, Paul 47, 56, 79, 114, 121 Yahres, Marsha 121 York, David 37, 121 York, Pam 129 Yost, Jerry 129 Young, Duane 129 Young, Maggie 113 Young, Nancy 40, 56, 122, 129 Young, Sharon 129 Younger, Joyce 113 Zirkle, Pat 121 16 1 1 1 , f 'i f 2 Z4 7 A Y fLe'n ' 7 . V' -4 7. ',, C V Qs, 4 4 I 4 H. fl f If W 1, ' - 4" If . , , Q , 1 I 1' ! f J ., 4 ,V 'YQ '4 "lb :L 74 u. ,gm K I, ,Qi gt ff X: J fl A - , X . ily 1 J K' l JW ii llwlyiy U Wig ll All Jll ,dwkpf igmiliw My Finally the last deadline Was surmountedg the book ended, and with it more than a year of planning, working, achieving came to a close. The hours spent on the 1960 Indian paid more than their share of dividends to the staff when e completed book came out in print. Production of a yearbook such as the 1960 ian demands the Work of not only the stall, but of many professional craftsmen. A debt of gratitude goes out to Mr Richard Brier of M7 f I ,C itol Engraving Co., Springfield, Ill., for en- . ,Q , ngs and color photography, to Mr. Russ , Wg f orkner of Elite Studio, Anderson, for group and Z Acknowledgments UNL Wifi .JEQO-. ODS IQ, F -.. 9.5 EMG? ,441 Q-363 QQ'-Qi 0 ifdw JJ J 50' Nbiiflf X Wi lit WM will W fto sports photography, to Mr. Herb Johnson and Mr. Norm Cook for photography, to Mr. Doyle Fox, Delmar Studios, Anderson, for underclass pic- tures, to Mr. Bill Southam for valuable advice and Commercial Service Co., Anderson, for printing and binding, and to Mr. Jack Bundy of the S. K. Smith Co., Chicago, for covers. Thanks also goes to the National Scholastic Press Association and Columbia Scholastic Press Association for their guiding criticisms of the 1959 All-American and Medalist award-winning book. 1960 INDIAN STAFF Janet Alleman . . Beverley Miller . Patty Fleece . . . Editor-in-chief Managing Editor Business Manager Sandy Cox . . . . . Activities David May . . .... Sports Judy Cron . . . . . Faculty Diana Miller . . . . . Seniors Vicki Learned . . Underclass Norma Cripe . . . . Advertising Jane Preston . . . Circulation Joan McGillicuddy . Office Manager Jim Scovel . . . . . Photography Eddie McCrocklin . Photography 1960 JUNIOR STAFF Judy Alleman I Ralph Gray Carolyn Bell Charles Howard Mary Ellen Bridges Sherri Kern Cherryl Brummett Roger Melson Gail Bushong Nikki Morrill Cheryl Caldwell Joe Perdue Gary Campbell David Scovel Sharon Carroll Randy Shuman Barbara Deiser Jan Thornburg Lillian Duncan FACULTY ADVISER Mr. Frank Woschitz . Business and Editorial Qing! JQZKAZZQJM QSQ I. ,--A I 5 X- .4A. ' fn X ff 50? Q I C , ' x V' fn if we V959 CSM MY Smxov-1 ! ' QLXOR UL Q01 it ff 'F WNSQQ wif YN M wc- lm H 3 i Cf' Cd , - l VS X af f X ' JV A L QA? 1452 YWL if JV' L LEW ,L ' 'E' 4, J V ivy! FS? Sf, lyf, va' X "MQ T 5? .MyVM5, 5 Q? 1 '9 N xx REU' V x I .bf I JJ JA , J I AN-fl? H -142 if lbglytifjus Qjpj rjjiwa Q 'vlan .f - H Q QI yy HANK, fr KM! v M af A, ' Mb' X by JV. . Tx if W . fu bf IL- Ly ,, 1-F3 -.x-g., JA! 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