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1 - aw J1 ' "N-rvvof' "- 5-v. .v,,.-Y. Q' V f i 3 V 31 'fpfpgigirj f A if H - W 1 ,V - Z 'cz' 'K " ' "W f,ju2ffzffJ if ' fi -'4jj'j 1 , N, f 1: i f. I2 'f' , f V ' f,',,fy7f,j4,.Y4l cf ,M fl A qAf C'fb 4 fam ,hpfifcifz ?f4f6ff,C4 If f ,. I ffwwf ff, 712140 qw. fb' b E T' 2 Z ghd exif, gk111 g-Y 3? fi LA 3130 ymzvi Q: , ' 6161, l , A is :FL QF? , NX fi? 'H- hfmuw-xx AF xx XIX' nw K- t ,X ND uf! gf V IN YW 'Tex ,7 54 XXI' J' :NBX Q V' , QUIN XIJ X A N Qi ILM ,X 'fn 4 ' V, X1 qw 'Af ' 4 VXJJ ' W xp X h , II! I I x60 I 1 ' CL Q W A Mjffw V I QJ . fy' F X f 1 ,X MWA . Q . 'X N i K EW ffvfj' !J" W' 4, q M V 1 1' -X .4 m ff xl , 1+ ff Wfmy. V .M 5 ,Xi X ,t Mx 1 I V YJ f xfx X 5 A A All-'fl LJ A ' X ' I K. 4: x . fy A l 'mils :X Q- J ,Y '42 4 F ff -J Jjfwi JL J 7 if ' 1 PQ SQ 1' A .Ji 1 is , ,LJ5 If fi ' '. J fi Tl' 'i ' fir Q'f' z ' M +3 ,Q N 'fi J' f S64 f f W if l X - fi, '11 3 VCV, W ,797 qxpb - f llsiaax-A l 232212111-5 -l F MM QZ C1905 Way lm ef Oo 3 fl WNV iii? WW N Sfke, QM G bbQwQWQW' 49 pm WMWO 232125 lx Zi 'A NJ A ge, U 8 N0 CWLQ ff? CJ J? ... gcazafi, my jc- lw 07fA!- 7 ' H, --4 4164 ' f gLvL Cf jiwiqo A617 - x ' 76 - Y JSXQS A-56 Q I CSP' V my ffmkwak' VV WM Mm' CL ,x by C, V, J f, eq v' I VP! 2 jw' Y GJ. 'WF' A ham, ,D Wgibgkf 'I Mfvwzuvv l " M4 'J if . X 'AQQXR6' V bi Nfl cv gyda X2 tgbf W QL AE Q Q L. AW! r iqwf I Q ' nk, QP V' if C! X? "-A A I ..-- I w 'N , lf' W 'Q 1 ' K QQ fmlj J V' N ' I 0, V sql NKQJJ 'U S E53 Niuggx V M XNQXQ W WMS 1 Xi m 999 009 19 raw? WMEJOAG aww N . -144 '7x Oo 9? QQ? atb .yy dmoloocq V Q +55 O N50 ,U , D09 . ,AM 84,66 4 L, L f f 3 D 31 Q SX W W CZQP9 9 Q mp Fm W JQUQIWJYQQ I V' mfffiwf J 2, ff' f f fp QMWWW wf X Avfjfpfiqf WMM fy yo fJ'Xkf5UjZdm' A Ni X My ff' ' C n r ' 1 X . ,gf W i i 4f' 9 ..' 7 ifbti b K 4-A 1 x 0 l ydf! ooo !, W N ' X x 5 W ' A+ 14, AXX t X XL Q Q we 4 YGXOQ mil ,X . 02 I9 K XQ0' sk W WO' 4 EWG l do WL Nffa JM . .. ,ww Q Vu X wkj U55 Q 5 ' pf Mxfjxx ' Y 'x " . X ' JW mW wT iw? mv Q ' X g ., N53 iQ L -4 5 N ml , ia HQ X1 E J RL 5 , 35' WL 5955193655 '? f V 3 V f- ": iffg V x . -N ' ' Vg VJ XQJ - , ,H Q f X A425 ,ffa .1 AU. J i f Q .431 W Qu, 1 ggi- - f ? W ,, gl, ls 4, Aqlbqwufdz WM fi V I , I .,. La, , - 171.1 - 5, 'S' it Q - , " F' 1 Q . "X - ' n lv ill, X ,, f ' 14 VI-Wa- , X J g QU Il N ' ' ' I Iv -W Z W 3 Vg X fn 11' ' v Jo ' L f ' " - If ,ii A n f L.L,L.,x..g,Lbb xi ,any 1, d . -N I lff A fl Q ' O , ' 1'1 erson Hlgh C O 7 IVIJ Ll V1 LQ L, q I Q. r ufa U new U U V - - H ' - -Q- lf-'19-I 1 ' 1 , - W ,,-3.1 2 f"N T -JETS U20 . Cty L52 5 A .1g?2?4' C11 .u N 6,4 I Vw 4 sfr4r J ' "' PQ7f f V 4?f f A j 1 32229 Xghzays A7127 '?' K - 2' 2 A211 E ' u W. ,U w . , J Eff fix K WQQk,,L M Ov ,QM Q? -xr w 'K 'R-. f . 11, X5 lik. 1 fe if-W-I---me 'av' 62 ' Petjple 5 Plage 84 ' Advertising -4 Page 134 'P Index - Page 161 'ww mc-:rican l The Freedom Shrine in the front hall and "Old Glory" symbolize American education as it is taught at AHS. QW Mitkc Nlyiiygky star in goll: l Aj Fl stan- ivy Lai-fm? i is ll H ft ' reel good 164, Swell qu? f l . X . ' Nice yo- eh Education at its Best iq Sparky Ubi ap H' Sh 'GV' p Sufuied, G00 LUCK K' gwffflfialq, If ' 60" True knowledge stems from a vast array of horizons. 'u - . ' v a century An- derson High School has stood as a monument to good American education. Learning at AHS is centered around new discoveries, new ideals, and new developments. Mass production in education is a vital part in the American system of today, and AHS stresses the importance of an educated people. The school encourages its students to better themselves men- tally, physically, social- ly, and spiritually. The Anderson Way is truly Qrepresentative of the educated A m e r i c a n Way, with great stress upon intellectual stam- nina, social vitality, and physical maturity. Keen minds are stimulated in all AHS classrooms. 5 2 1 X 0, 'V 'W 1 li fi AMM- wi ji fi I U Xi Was! A! 7 'J df' fiiiififjdffii W ff r We W we L XN ULLQJJAQ W, MK? ,jf QA' yr!! ' A..u,,,.,M, K-1.6 A creative discu A World of Great Exploration ssion in Senior English Composition class forces students to think. ., Begins for Students on thc First Day in School . Learning by the big "A" involves a world of great explorations. These investigations cover scientific research, the liberal arts, mechanical skills, and courses in special talent areas. Inscribed in the front entrance of this school are the words "Knowledge Is Power," and the Anderson Way encourages the quest for greater knowledge. AHS places much importance in the training of future American leaders and followers, and the Anderson Way is noted for its democratic ideals, mental development, and respectful attitude toward good American education. Students rush to get supplies for the new semester. Colorful book covers appeal to AHS readers. It takes a lot of forms to. start. school, and many explanations by teachers like Miss Hazel Kendall. ,GN The lowly angle worm is the basis of intensive study in biology class. The curriculum at Anderson High School is an extensive one. Among its contents are courses which cover massive fields of educa- tion. However, the individual interest of each student is the mo-st important in the pursuit of knowledge. Faculty committees work to- gether every year in planning and revising the curriculum to meet the desire of every student. Within past decades teaching techniques have become modernized. Students not only receive subject matter instruction in the classroom, but gain other worthwhile skills. They are taught to think for themselves, work with others. and develop plans of action. Anderson High School will always stand as a "powerhouse of knowledge, wisdom, and learning." Paths Start from thc Central Vantage Point, thc Students learn that matter has weight and that physics is a weighty subject. Sometimes it takes more than one to work out a difficult problem. llt... ents are caught digging up reseaich work and cramming fol at odd moments in the day. . e Into Varied Courses of Study, Each Designed Auto mechanics students absorb theories and then cut through the grime to prove them. Puzzled expressions are wiped away after Work at the board. The big "A" is concerned With training its students in the importance of expressing themselves in an intelligent manner. It t e a c h e s every person that Words and languages are tools of thought. Words possess mysterious qualities and descriptions. They sometimes show softness, rigidness, colorfulness, drabness, and vitality. Languages are keys to power. They allow their users to express themselves freely. They create an under-standing throughout the world. Although Anderson High School believes in a strong scientific background for most students, it still contends that there is a need for an educated English-speaking America. Debates, classroom discussions, and daily recitations all promo-te an expressive corps of Americans. Operating a complex machine requires mechanical "know-how." To Prepare One for the Future . Future secretaries begin in AHS business classes. In Latin class even the calendars are written in the ancient language. Art students rarely come up with the same interpretation of a masterpiece. . WHNWQHV Q In Home Economics classes sewing the new flag is a major project. Students take the role of teachers in American Problems classes. A Future That is Brightened Through Development Every year students are plagued with the desire to make excellent grades. Good marks in academic subjects do not result from little work. Instead, they are attained through hard labor and study. The highest scholastic honor an Anderson High School student can receive is that of being valedictorian of his senior class. Within recent years the number of these students has increased. They all have a desire to do a great amount of research work, extra reports, and possess a profound interest in learning. The gateway to knowledge is an enormous one, and a high school education is only one facet in the process of intellectual inquiry. The raised hand is the symbol of knowledge. 5 X l T 5 n ,..gfrr? ,ix 'rx .'v. 2331g ff, qw ,' 'Pitt' ,V - If J!fA5Ar? . ,yi zgfyyjg, 'TY 1 FLW' P '-Q ng xrjtihsvjgkflv' V! F Af? A - .Sn ' 4 in 3- :, --s -4.3 I 'A-'Ti' x sp 1 '69, J A , fy. "SN 5 v .xl4cV,?"f-lflz I 4 .?"" "".ff,, . J li M- , , Q, lv ,I my , ri , : ,x . 1 W W, lv. X . 'X Q- if .-Q-. ,. , - -a X' ' A qv ,A -q"" , 51, K Studen Student Assistants Perform e visual aids program in every classroom. W 1 Ia A iff! a Multitudc of Tasks, Each of Them Important . Working for the big "A" gives every student an opportunity to perform a variety of tasks. These duties include assisting teach- ers, supervising student activities, and participating in class projects. Monitors, office workers, ushers, and librarians are only a few of the helpers who play an impressive role in the daily cycle of the school's activities. A good assistant must have the initiative to perform his duties Without being to-ld. He must also be courteous and co-operative, and must be willing to accept certain responsibilities. Every assistant at AHS takes pride in working for his school, and admires the Anderson Way as industrious, impressive, and important. School public ielations gets a needed boost from student PR assistants Study hall aides are all business while checking roll each day Their Service Brings Them Self tion Ushers, headed by faculty sponsor Mr. Clarence Burns, are an ever-present sight at all ball games. Painting scenery for the senior play is a learning project for amateur brush wielders. The literary-minded are aided by helpful student librarians. 16 nd a Regard for the School Service for one's high school strengthens the individual's interest in the institution and creates a desire for self-satisfaction. An assistant's position also promotes a spirit for helping others. AHS helpers are industrious, responsible, and capable. They establish themselves as leaders and are recognized for their honesty and initiative. Many of these Workers are chosen because of their scholarship and personality. They are selected because of their ambition to aid others. As they leave AHS, they depart with the understanding and the ability to face any uprising situation which they might en- counter. But even greater, they go away with a regard for the operation of their school. Thousands of basketball tickets need special care. Focal point of basement social life is the student- operated Candy Stand. 17 O Band assistants work hard but enjoy it, too. STUDENT COUNCIL-Row 1-Lois Tuterow, Dave DeBolt, Linda Hiatt, Dan Roby, Janice Fisher, Cindy Wright, Bob Jackson, Bev Parks. Row 2-Mr. George Lee, sponsor, Judi Wilson, Loretta Baum, Judy Reveal, Linda Lewis, Helen Raekes, Sally Keller, Mrs. Virginia Vermillion, sponsor. Row 3- Judy Sanford, Rose Ann Needler, Sheila Buck, Kay McGraw, Patty Fleece, Phyllis Holder, Otis Cox, Jim Campbell. Row 4-Dan Keeney, Jack Gray, Steve Richardson, Dave Layton, Jim Steele, Joe Speece, Townsend Albright, Pam Clutch. Their Leadership Laboratory is a Self-Governin Student Council officers are members of an enthusiastic team. To add more interest to the daily routine of school, Student Council plans many extra- curricular projects, and promotes student- faculty relations. This year the council added two new projects to its agenda, the Hi-Fi Club and Twirp Week, bo-th brand new social series. The Hi-Fi Club sponsored soc-hops through- out the year, while Twirp Week forced AHS girls to phone, transport, and pay for all dates. Conducting class elections, handling book sales, and distributing identification cards were other tasks performed by the governing body this year. In a democracy it is essential that its peo-ple learn the responsibilities of freedom, the patience for compromise, and the ideals of self-rule. Thus, the Student Council's greatest aim is promoting such efforts for self-government. I "The woman is required to pay" was the theme of the Student Council sponsored Twirp Week, and all the boys t o o k the motto seriously. ouncil of Ambitious Students . A young visitor is tagged for identifi- Student Council's float traditionally heads the Hornecomin cation by a Council member. Parade in the fall. 19 Significant Events in 1958-59 D d t destruction, the Wigwam blazed one bright November day. N -V' A--1-W'-M-Auf -fkf WV' ' ' fMW-W-'--- A-A-MH MH- ' J H1 alma Lfmmj f . re Dwarfcd by the Burning of the Gymnasium . Firemennpour thousands of gallons of water into the gym trying to put out the flames. At the big "A" anything can happen. Class parties, dances, and typical gatherings in the school are examples of AHS activity. Each adventure creates an avid interest among par- ticipants Who work, plan, and meet together. November 7, 1958, will be a date long- remembered by every Anderson High School studentg for on this day a fire in the tradi- tional Wigwam resulted in total destruction. Thousands of spectators gathered to see the gymnasium go up in smoke. The disaster called for quick thinking on the part of every stout Indian fan, with activities, convocations, and ball games needing rescheduling. However, the ever-important spirit of the school stood firm as the Anderson Way became recognized as unique, understanding, unsurp-assed. A convo just a few hours before the fire forecast no signs of the forthcoming tragedy. -gm az, mt'f 5 . N.. ,fwwgy- , 4 ,ww war, IMQQA 4455 mfg , uv f ,ww ff! ff' +21 4-. ...- ,.-- sun-1 -Q... nw mf., ..3,.es,. .un -.. 4T4f.-: .WN lux Mc, K ' Ag.-wxri .-.A , f QM, fwuwQ:wS5- - . fb 'a In gs imigr 3. g. Nxomwx A. A W ml J ,, ,. New Plans to Park up the School Materialize Mr. G. E. Julius plans a modern replacement for his burned-out shop. New lighting brightens drab AHS Walls. As Students, Oblivious of Remodeling Programs, Classrooms, offices, and halls make up the average modern high schoolg but the vigorous group of people who attend them are actually the backbone of the entire school. The hustle and bustle in the front hall has always seemed to perk up the most un- pleasant winter morning. Informal get- togethers outside school before afternoon classes give each individual an opportunity to meet many new friends. Remodeling the school troubles AHS girls with blocked doorways, and broken pathways. 24 Nothing can top this friendly atmosphere at AHS, with students and teachers greeting their neighbors with a hearty hello. Without this feeling of friendliness, school life at AHS would be less meaningful. A pretty AHS coed puts in a few minutes of study during a busy lunch hour. Socialize in Customar Ways Gatherings outside the school kindle new friendships. It only took a few days for students to ignore the tall scaffolding and climbing' workmen. The old auditorium bal- cony, scheduled for remod- eling next year, provides a choice spot for listening or resting. 25 Indian Maiden Rita Tolbert, cheerleaders Janice Indian Mascot, spark the corps of girls who made Fisher, Linda Hiatt, Linda Elmore, Jane Preston, up the AHS cheerblock. Kay McGraw, and Carla Ewald, and John Devore, Athletics Serve as a Springboard to Tremendou Girls dress in outlandish costumes for Red and Green Week Terry Seybert and Barbara Deiser reign as festivities. Mr. Red and Miss Green. Gaily-decorated Homecoming floats parade through the city before the "big game." Projections of Student Spirit . . . AHS students are among the most spirited sports enthusiasts in the state. They follow each athletic team throughout the season and stimulate an interest within the community. 1959 saw an even greater spirit kindling in the hearts of all AHS'ers. Even though the fire in the gymnasium left the Indians "without a home," interest of students remained undampened. Six eager cheer- leaders, the traditional Indian Maiden and Mascot, and an all-girl cheerblock led the way. Without the tremendous sports enthusiasm produced by every student of Anderson High School, the athletic program would not be such a success. However, as long as AHS exists. the true Indian spirit will endure with it. Indian Mascots carry years of tradition with them And the Mounting Tension of ueen Selections Many AHS girls envy pretty Homecoming Queen Dinah Tyler Qcenterj, and her attendants, Jane Preston and Jane Wellington. Typical AHS beauties are Fall-Windup Attendant Beth Robinett, Queen Bev Benko, and Attendant Kay McGraw. Adds Icing to the Cake AHS possesses its share of pretty coeds who reign as queens over parties, dances, and other school festivities. Factors used in determining typical queens are friendliness, beauty, and popularity. Brains, school activ- ities, and personality are also necessary for any honored beauty. Thirteen girls nominated by 10021 home- rooms dominated this year's Yearbook Queen event. Linda Hiatt, the 1959 Yearbook Queen, was chosen in an election involving 1,300 eligible voters. To be honored as such a queen calls for a typical all-American girl. Students also gave similar support to the Homecoming and Fall Windup Queens. Dinah Tyler was crowned Homecoming Queen before a capacity crowd of 5,000 at the football stadium, and Bev Benko, Fall Windup Queen, earned her queenship at the annual dance honoring football and cross country athletes. Yearbook Queen Linda Hiatt possesses the qualities essential for an all-American girl. Competing for Yearbook Queen were Louise Smith, Dinah Tvler, Kay McGraw, Linda Hiatt, Janice Fisher, Kay Thomas, Bev Miller, Judi Sanford, Sandy Crosthwaite, Phyllis Holder, Helen Raekes, Pam Waymire, and Connie Fisher. J Prom Queen Judi Sanford and Attendants Jane Preston and Sandra Hutson reign at the yea1"s top social event. 30 Months of Anxiety End with Dates to the Prom Coral reefs, exotic fish, and seaweed carried out the theme of the 1959 Junior- Senior Prom, an "Undersea Fantasy." Dancing to the tunes of the Purdue Variety Band at the South Side Junior High, all prom-goers experienced the romantic feeling of the mysterious sea. Decorations of sea nets and shells covered every corner of the mammoth hall. Neptune's Cave was the scene of the crowning of the queen, Judi Sanford, and her attendants, Sandra Hutson and Jane Preston. The girls were selected by the junior boys at AHS. In Winning such an honor, each girl realized her "dream come true." Every AHS Prom Queen is admired for her pleasing personality in school and out. She is respected for her scholastic grades and her extra-curricular activities. H o W e v e r , beauty is still the primary necessity for any AHS Prom Queen. AHS Prom queens are usually talented in the classroom, too. t yres Q The three lovely girls always attract a group of admiring boys. And Students Let Off More Steam as They Take The Band Variety Show provides entertainment and spectacle for thousands of theater goers. Seniors work a whole semester in preparation for the excitement and glamor of opening night of the Senior Class Play, "Nuts In May.' 32 he Center of the Stage The big "A" prides itself as being an institution for scholastic excellence. How- ever, Aria also stresses the development of its students in the areas of musical and dramatic talent. Programs such as the Thespian play, the Band Variety Show, the senior class play, and many convoc-ations provide all AHS students with an opportunity to improve their skills. Convocations, besides being an incubator for bettering talents, also served as educators to every student. Programs on science, music, and world and community affairs highlighted a year of educational challenges. Even without the use of the gymnasium in presenting t h e s e convocations, students ventured into many new horizons as they poured into the auditorium for the first time in years. Although most programs called for two performances of each production, because of limited seating capacity, the auditorium brought the excitement, the action, and the atmosphere of the theater to its highest Karel Ann Smith, tense and excited, awaits her point in years. entrance. The Neumans, Eddie Van Ness, Tom Williams, Entertaining a laughing audience proves lan .easy task Jim Osborne, and Dave Kimball, create humor for dramatist Jan Thornburg, whose act highlighted the and gaiety at the Student Talent Convo. Talent Show. ' Enthusiastic Spirit Inspires creaming crowd exemplifies traditional AHS spirit. 5 1 1 F i Q i r i 4 5 s National Merit Scholars, Pine Talent to Success . Every AHS student strives for excellence in certain fields Whether it be in scholastic or extra-curricular achievement. Students accepted many competitive challenges and came away with an impressive record of faculty and student achievements. Three national merit scholars, several oratorical contest winners, and national and state offices held by certain faculty members gave AHS more honors. Competition tends to bring out the best a student has to offer, and every student gains more prestige and honor for himself and Anderson High School as he undertakes each new project with the des-ire to do his best. Lana Achor, John Melson, and Ruth McAllister reach academic heights as National Merit Scholars. +-in Intelligence is at its peak as students take scholar- ship tests. Xffti Linda Stires and Dan Motto, '58 co-editors, take pride in their nationally-recognized yearbook, the Indian. The high-stepping band performs at its best before watchful judges. And the Proud Marchiiig Band Parades to an Band director George F. Vaught gets a boost from happy band members. In defending its state championship for the second straight year, the Anderson High School Marching Band accomplished a feat unsurpassed by any other Indiana band. Judging the event, which is held annually at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis, were out-of-state musical experts. In using this plain for the first time in the history of t h e competition, championship officials avoided the prevalence of any partisan opinions. Hours of preparation were in store for all band members as they began their search for a second championship. Band camp at Syracuse, Indiana, provided part of their training as Well as an opportunity to practice the routine that Would be used in the com- petition. As the band stepped on to victory, the big "A" gained new prestige as a "builder of champions." 36 An enormous trophy adds the final touch to winning a state championship. lnprcccdcntcd Second State Championship Enthusiastic band members need no help in celebrating their tremendous feat. J V 95 wmv 1 5, , K sm, 5, Z 95572 ., "in ' yi, bk f 3? I i gb 'F ifa -..- 'UMM flee Az? and Activities Educational training cannot stop in the classroom. Instead, it must be carried out in every phase of high school training. Activities at AHS provides Worthwhile enter- tainment to every interested student. The maze of the year's social events, though greatly affected by the burning of the gymnasium, kept pace with the rapid growth of the school. Students quickly found new places for meetings, dances, and parties. And the Anderson Way be- came activating, accommodating, ad- venturous. A beautiful day and an energetic car wash group help fill a club treasury. People on the move characterize typical AHS activity. Admiring the new addition to the darkroom, the enlarger, are Pat McKeand, Mr. Frank Woschitz, faculty adviser, Dave DeBolt, and Steve Givens. Annual Staff Tackles Busy advertising for yearbooks are Mary Jean Trennepohl, Connie Gustin, Sheron Whiteman, and Nancy Hartzell. Problems of Theme, Layout, Tackling th-e problems that confront all yearbook staffs involves a year-long drive of dreaming up new ideas for pictures, themes, and layouts, organizing each section into a complete finished product, and ham- mering away on the typewriter with each stroke creating just one more part in the making of a successful yearbook. 1959 carved new challenges for the year- book staff as spectacular events paraded the scene at AHS. The burning of the Wigwam dwarfed all others, and the annual pho-tog- rapher captured many historic scenes. Conventions at Indiana University, Frank- lin Colle-ge, and Ball State furnislied several different outlooks on producing a yearbook. This year's staff also enjoyed the luxurv of the new annual darkroom. which permitted the appearance of pictures only a few hours after they had been taken. Stimulated to uphold the rating of "Medal- ist" given the '58 Indian by the Columbia Scholastic Press Associaton, the 17-member staff, along with 10 iunior staffers, pooled their efforts in publishing a book the student body would treasure always. Jane Hamilton, Barbara Diedring, Van Hudson, and Gail Bedford ftop Dictureb are wrapped up in very serious business. The yearbook dummy forecasts another top annual for Larry Contos, Donna Grant, Janice Byrum, and Thelma Manuel fbottom picturel. 4 1 a 5 2 E 99 , M 5 fic HONOR SOCIETY-Row 1-Janice Byrum, Ruth McAllister, Brenda Abbott, Mary Jane Cronk, Vilnis Grencions, Max Pickel, Tom Miller, Judy Shoemaker, Sandy Gordon, Bev Benko, Pam Butterfield, Melanie Dalton, Jim Baker. Row 2-Mrs. Margaret Doles, sponsor, Pat McKeand, Ann Harris, Diana Taylor, Janice Fisher, Cindy Wight, Dinah Tyler, Janet Wynn, Judy Dilts, Cindy Chasey, Thelma Manuel, Nancy Brinduse, Mr. Leo Sanders, sponsor. Row 3 Membership in Honor 42 -Kay McGraw, Myrl Nisely, David O'Brien, John Melson, Bob Rozelle, Kenny Cook, Mike Cummings, Dan Roby, Connie Gustin, Bonnie Shank, Sandra Phillippe, Larry Sells, Stephen Givens. Row 4- Janet Barron, Lana Achor, Fred Sprague, Phil Hempleman, Otis Cox, Jay Newbern, Tom Williams, Pat Lee, Eddie Van Ness, Randy Gordon, Joe Swift, Tom Tappan, David Baker, Larry Contos. Society is Goal of Man Striving for the honor of being a member of the National Honor Society is the dream of many juniors and seniors of Anderson High School. These students find that it takes more than dreaming to achieve this recognition. Only those with a keen desire to Work, a Well-rounded personality and character, and high grades may enioy the prestige of being a member of the society. This year the club initiated new qualifica- tions because of the change in the school system. The advanced members voted to accept students on the basis of grade averages instead of the former point system. Sponsored by Mrs. Margaret Doles and Mr. Leo Sanders. the members of the organiza- tion enjoyed many eve-nts throughout the school year. Vilnis Grencions, treasurer: Max Pickel, vice president. and Judv Shoemaker, secretary, sympa- thize with Tom Miller, president, as for once he tries on the "dunce cap." Committees Stage Pep and Educational Convos CONVOCATION COMMITTEE-Row 1-Mrs. Mary McFarland, Mrs. Marguerite Hale, Miss Dorothy Campbell, Miss Virginia Lindstrom, Mrs. Evelyn Grahame, Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, Miss Helen Harrell. Row 2-Janice Byrum, Mary Paul Mason, Pam Butterfield, Jannie Alleman, Martha Huber, PEP SESSION COMMITTEE-Row 1-Mrs. Mar- garet Doles, Miss Helen Harrell, Judi Bingaman, Judy Alleman, Mary Sue McAllister, Lois Tuterow, Nancy Graves, Linda Hummell, Betty Wolverton. Row 2-Linda Lewis, Ann Harris, Mike Rowe, Jim Steele, Mr. Pete Russo. Nanci Newman, Nancy Brinduse. Row 3-Dave Layton, Pat Lee, Mr. Max Beigh, Mr. John Garrigus, Mr. Ralph Boyd, Mr. Harry McGoon, Mr. George Davis. Row 4-Tom Miller, Dave O'Brien, Jon Hunt, David Maine, Zebedee Christian, Larry Sells. To present a program that would meet the interest of every perso-n is a difficult task, but it was one of the goals strived for by both C o n v or c a t i o n and Pep Session Committees. Pep Sessions Committee spent many hours planning entertainment that would arouse the school spirit and interest of all AHS students with both students and faculty participating actively. To give information to students, to cele- brate major holidays, and to bring the students up to date on world affairs are the main purposes of convocations. "Civiertnia -Trumpet," "World Understanding," "Sci- ence, Fun, and Facts," and many other convocations provided entertainment during the year, thus putting more interest in such subjects that would normally seem dull to many students. IUIURE TEACHERS Row 1 Mrss Lors Long sponsor Crndy Scott Phyllls Holder Beth Robrnett Lana. Achor vrce president Mary Jane Cronk secretary Joyce Shelton treasurer Kay McGraw presrdent Anrta Ballrnger Susan James Mr' John Frnnev sponsor Row 2 Nancy Hartzell Joan Hurley Sandra LaShure Lrnda Knotts Judy Drlts Drana Taylor Rrta Jo Butz Karen Shoemaker Judy losefel Marrlyn Krueger Beckv Hart Pattyann Goss Row 3 Garl Bedford Karen Kelly Marlene Tuterow Pamela Baker Marty Bennett Nancy Baker Lrnda Bates Karel Hendrrcks Janrce Fer guson Sue Herrtage Jeannette Jones Shlrley Huff Row 4 Suzette Batthauer Judy Lennrs Sue Merser Vrckr Scott Conn1e Gustrn Karen Srmpson Nancy Skrnner Sandra Berry Lrnda Addrson Ruthre Grlmore Pat Irvrng Maryllnda Thomas Phyllrs Grant Brble Club, Future Teachers Typrfy AHS Clubs BIBIE CLUB Row 1 Jeannette Jones Nancy Kellam Pat Callahan Jeanne Phrllrps Sandra Phrllrppe Bob Jones Claude Cookman Sharon Rrggs Vrckr Sheets Donna Brrkhead Row 2 Jerold Freeman Jerry Hobbs Sandra LaShure Sharon Reger Lrnda Bates Mrs Elrse Mulvrhrll sponsor Joyce Whrtley Rutlne Grlmore Carole McAll1ster Lrnda Rousey Row 3 Roger Atkrnson James Scovel Ronald Davenport Larry Conner Lrnda Addrson Arlene Frles Lrnda Shannon Janrce Folsom Betty Wolverton Judy Reveal 91 fr'-2? I . AR? . 4.s.' , - ' ,, A I , I- , , vp I II X I.. ., .Q 'PI I 4 .. I J a I 7 rw . . I . I ' ' s ' 1 s 5 r I y I y y :I r I :I . . . .I . . 5 . . I I .I I . . , .- I I I I I I . . .9 . I . I . I I . I I ' , , , I 1 1 1 v , 1 1, 4 - , . -Y ' I 9 r I v I 1 I Ia I V I r y 9 I lv I ' :I 1 I vI 1 'f ' 9 ' v x - I I. L . . . I , I .Y . I s n 1' f - - . . -r - -.1 . r 1 . I I r J 5 'f 1 - 1 1 ,1 1 , 4 , ' 1 1 , 1 I, 1 , J r - '- 1 1 1 1 s s 1 x - 7 I ' 7 , . , Y 1' f Senior Y-Teens Promotes Freedom and Fellowship A stand for freedom, a growth in the knowledge and love or God, a building of Iellowship-these high ideals represent the worldwide YWCA group known as the Y-Teens. In this 40th year of existence, Y-Teens have helped to promote the erecting of a new YWCA building which is to be completed by the end of 1959. No true Y-Teen will forget the crowded hayrides, the cold nights selling potato chips, the Hanging of the Greens, or the hours of planning and decorating for the annual Silver Bell Dance. Neither will the seniors forget sponsoring the Spring Fling Dance, that last dance of the year for underclassmen. To the seniors who have come through the ranks of Y-Teens from their first experience with it at the seventh grade recognition ceremony to the last year of fun, Y-Teens means a little mo-re than the usual run of clubs with which many are so familiar. SENIOR Y-TEENS-ROW 1-M. Trennepohl, A. Harris, C. Chasey, T. Montague, J. Fisher, L. Knotts, J. Ferguson, B. Benko, S. Stokes, P. Butterfield, B. Harrison, L. Achor, C. Scott, P. Jackson, S. Heri- tage, B. Diedring, J. Hamilton. Row 2-J. Byrum, A. Gellinger, J. Barron, J. Shoemaker, D. Taylor, A. Knotts, J. Dilts, C. Gustin, K. McGraw, K. Smith, J. Shelton, S. Patterson, L. Harris, E. Hyland, S. Anderson, S. Henderson, M. Quallo, Mrs. H. Ashley, sponsor. Row 3-N. Hartzell, B. Ebbertt, S. Crosth- Sporting big smiles are Sally Stokes, treasurer, Pam Butterfield, vice president, Barbara Harrison, president, and Bev Benko, secretary. Waite, J. Webster, J. Sloan, J. Wynn, D. Grant, S. Wyatt, L. Hiatt, N. Graves, L. Lewis, M. Cronk, K. Simpson, D. Cheatham, J. Branch, L. Wools, P. Wools, F. McCormick, N. Brinduse, D. Tyler. Row 4 -C. Bloom, J. Lee, J. Knick, B. Abbott, N. Moore, W. Pritchard, J. Robinson, D. Birkhead, A. Dunlap, P. Knotts, M. Huffer, M. Mason, N. Skinner, G. Shively, B. Shank, K. Kelly, M. Tuterow, M. Neff, J. McGivern, P. Hennigar, S. Gordon. Sophomore and Iunior Girls Activate Y-Teens JUNIOR Y-TEENS-Row 1-P. Holder, P. Pearson, P. Binkley, L. Hummel, A. Ballinger, R. Hudson L. Baum, vice president, C. Nahrwold, president J. Loudenback, treasurer, J. Steele, secretary, M Thomas, N. Cripe, J. Phillips, B. Miller, J. Doherty Row 2-Mrs. D. Alleman, sponsor, P. Waymire, P Duckworth, J. Alleman, S. Simpson, S. Cox, C Greene, J. Perry, D. Miller, J. McGillicuddy M Marsh, S. Carter, L. Caplan, C. Campbell, K. Kings- bury, J. Preston, Mrs. M. Fleece, sponsor. Row 3-L D Hamilton, G. Alexander, L. Addison, L. Welker, L Lavery, P. Swain, S. Campbell, D. Abernathy, B Jeffries, S. Iveson, R. Needler, P. Goss, P. Clutch S. James, P. Fleece, R. Tolbert, B. Greenwalt, B Robinett. Row 4-M. Hancock, D. Baker, K. Hen- dricks, S. Lovell, L. Anderson, S. Keller, S. Huff C. McCrocklin, J. Ray, J. Hurley, K. McKay, J. Cron D. Reichard, M. Brockmeier, D. Howell, N. Lee P. Reddy, S. Baker, S. Allen, H. Butler. SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS-Row 1-G. Bushong, K. Perkins, A. Files, C. Hervey, N. Large, S. Kern, S. Wallace, J. Furnish, J. Welches, B. Eckert, T. Misner, T. Pemberton, K. Smith, D. Kemp, M. Krueger. Row 2-Mrs. P. Kellams, sponsor, P. Burkhart, P. Baker, C. Ake, N. Newman, V. Scott, C. Janes, B Deiser, president, B. Hart, vice president, P. Kel- lams, secretary, J. Thornburg, treasurer, G. Cowden, J. Burkhart, P. Grant, J. Lewis, C. Fisher, Mrs. H Gilmore. Row 3-B. Wolverton, K. Tyler, D. Fox, J. Wilson, C. Bell, B. Massey, M. Joslin, C. Coving- ton, A. McLaughlin, L. Richardson, J. Horner, P. Hakes, S. Ward, J. Richey, P. Slinkard, S. Henderson, S. Glaze, J. McKeand, T. Eldridge, L. Peterson, D. Foster, D. Thurber, L. Rousey. Row 4-B. Malsom, N. Kellam, M. Bridges, J. Alle- man, C. Brummett, J. Justice, M. Conwell, A. Pflas- terer, N. Baker, S. Anderson, B. Surface, M. Ashley, I. Cook, J. Boone, M. Bennett, P. Wood, J. Ramsey, K. Sandberg, C. Eckrote, N. Monday, P. Brown, L. Hedges, S. Cottingham, M. Sylvester, S. Hoke. Row 5-J. McKay, L. Johnson, L. King, P. Wells, R. Butz, K. Shoemaker, J. Reel, C. Kirk, J. Giddens, S. Seybert, K. Rush, J. Josefek, R. Davis, J. Crowe, J. Kinley, D. Muller, S. Johnson, P. Lame, S. Steves, M. Stolle, N. Marshall, P. Devaney, J. Wellington, M. Ferguson, V. Marshall, J. Hearld. 1 Believing that the theater is still the best entertainment, 40 members of Thespians tried to prove this in their production of "Cheaper By The Dozen." Students enjoy working in the play and gain experience as well as confidence in their endeavor. All that stands between being a Thes-pian apprentice and a full-fledged 'l'hesp+ian is a hundred houirs of hard work. This year two initiations were needed-one in mid-winter to initiate those who had earned their points working in the play, and the other in the spring for those using their own initiative to produce a series of one-act plays. Highlighting their year was a trip to Indianapolis to see the we-ll-known play, "Sun- rise 'at Campobellof' In addition to regular activities, the troupe celebrated the National Organization's 30th birthday and the local chapter's 10th birthday. Behind Thcspian Play Lic THESPIANS-Row 1-Mary Paul Mason, Pam Butterfield, John Hurley, Doris Hall, Ronnie Carper, Barbara Harrison, Larry Conner, Bev Miller, Kay McGraw. Row 2-Nancy Skinner, Patty Pearson, Sondra Brattain, Nanci Newman, Sandy Cox, Shirley Huff, Mary Sue McAllister, Jeannette Jones, Mr. Harry McGoon, sponsor. Row 3-Brenda Ebbertt, "There's always room for one more," Larry Conner, president, and officers Barbara Harrison, Ronnie Carper, and Ruth Scharnowske find. Hours of Hard Work Judy Knick, Sandy Gordon, Ross Boyer, Doug Davis, Dave O'Brien, Torn Miller, Dave Maine, Carla Ewald, Jeannie Steele. Row 4-Ronnie Massey, Lee Burke, Mark Godbey, Jerry Hobbs, John Thompson, Ronnie Wells, Phil Blue, Tom Newman, Mike Dunn, Bill Presser, Randy Gordon. Print Shop and Largest X-Ray Staff Combine Mr. Lee Pursley, adviser, and Editors Pam Butter- field and Sandy Gordon discuss current events with Bob Jackson, first boy editor in 9 years fleft pic- turej. Page editors fupper rightb Sally Keller, Saundra Heard, Sue Mullinax fsittingj, Patty Pearson, Michele Hancock, Grace Alexander, and Janice Fisher cracks the "whip" as she assigns stories to staff members Tom Newman, Ann Harris, Wilma Pritchard, Judy Shoemaker, Marylinda Thomas, Joe Minniear, Judy Cron, Sandy Cox, Lana Achor Cstandingj receive expert advice from Mr. Don Hays, printing adviser. Jerry Speece, X-Ray photographer, gives a lesson Cbottom rightj on taking good pictures to Janice Perry, Ronnie Lloyd, Sandy Corre, and Fred Eastes. Sherry Carter, Sondra McQuiston, Norma Qripe, Patsy Duckworth, Carla Ewald, Mary Sue McAllister, and Phyllis Grant. o Top Previous Output With a 50 per cent increase in the sub- scription sales and the largest staff ever, the X-Ray, sponsored by Mr. Lee Pursley, made it possible for the students of AHS to keep up with the latest news of the day. Putting out a weekly paper calls for a strict routine and absolute attention to dead- lines. For example, the reporter gathers the news and writes the story. He hands it to page editors, who edit and write headlines. The page editors give it to the typist and then channel the typed copy to the print shop. Printshop, taught by Mr. Donald Hays, is responsible for no-t only printing the X-Ray, but also such things as signs, special bul- letins, and tickets. Students set type, make up the paper, and do the presswork. From the printshop the paper is distributed to homerooms by publication representatives appointed by homeroom teachers. Repre- sentatives also sell annuals, the Little Chief, and distribute underclass pictures. Many of the journalistic veterans of the staff spend two to three years working up from lowly reporter to important edito-rial positions. To some, the newspaper is the most impo-rtant part of their high school 1 e. PUBLICATIONS REPRESENTATIVES-Row lg Pat McKeand, Howard Whitman, Mary Vess, Mary Sue McAllister, Bev Miller, Mary Paul Mason, Diana Taylor, Bev Parks, Sharon Henderson, Judy Cron. Row 2 Nancy Stol es Velma Nisely Joyce Morgan Sulette Batthauei Donna Relchaid Janet Burns Sheiiy Caitei Jeanne Phillips Cindy Greene Kathy L. Printing items at speeds ranging up to 5,000 an hour fabovej are Bob Mason, Bob Schattner, and Jim Owens. Tom Borders, Ronnie Turner, and Meril Hedrich Qbelowj make up pages of The X-Ray. Rush, Shirley Seybert. Row 3-Jim Aldrick,ADavid Dykes, David Chambers, Bill Graham, Jack Blnnion, Ann Robinson, Paula Edwards, Deanna Abernathy, Jackie McKeand, Don Tremaine. Row 4-Chuck Miller Jim Hostetlei Judy Knick Carolyn Kmnaud David Goen Kenny Cook Don Wilson Laiiy Tobey Danny Buck Steve Land Phil Rmkei Q Latin Club Attraets Largest Group Membership t 9 LATIN CLUB-Row l-Miss Eileen Johnson, spon- song Joy Horner, Kay Tyler, Ginger DuBois, Joyce Hearld, Dianna Thurber, Charlene Gillaspy, Janice Anderson, Cathy Hervey, Lois Howell, Ann Pflasterer, Ann McLaughlin, Peggy Scroggins, Chris O'Neal, Arlene Files. Row 2-Warren Jones, Wesley Eytchison, Judy Welches, Nancy Himes, Diana Fox, Carolyn Kinnaird, Sondra Anderson, Nancy Baker, Kay Newberry, Clarice Christian, Barbara Brown, Marilyn Krueger, Judy J-osefek, Betty Wolverton, Janice Folsom, Sally Wallace. Row 3-Jim Bridges, LATIN CLUB-Row l-Judi Wilson, Sandy Simpson, Pat Binkley, Saundra Heard, historiang Judi Sanford, secretary, Susie Iveson, corresponding secretary, Curt Jones, presidentg Carol Nahrwold, treasurer, Janice Perry, vice president, Ruth Hud- son, Norma Cripe, Jack Graham. Row 2-Joyce Phillips, Yvonne Woods, Susan Campbell, Caralee Campbell, Sandra Allen, Shirley Huff, Karen McKay, Cindy Greene, Pattyann Goss, Pam Butterfield, Ann Harris, Sandy Gordon, Anita Ballinger, Phyllis Bill Gale, Rita Jo Butz, Nanci Newman, Dorothy Muller, Karen Perkins, Coral Janes, Phil Roby, Dave Maine, Nick Pancol, Vicki Scott, Mary Ellen Bridges, Toni Pemberton, Janice Wilson, Jeannine Reel, Sandy Miller, Becky Reardon. Row 4-Bill Whitinger, Bill Metcalf, Jim Horner, Terry Gause, Reggie Ray, Dennis Roof, Jean Kinley, Alan Brown, Karen Shoemaker Suzie Steves, Steve Jackson, Bill Hill, Paul Wykoff, Milford Craig, Bill Surbaugh, John Burris, Jim Orr. Holder, Cathy McCrocklin. Row 3-Donna Reichard, Kay Wood, Sandra LaShure, Ruthie Gilmore, Judi- beth Reveal, Madelyn Taylor, Patty Pearson, Linda Caplan, Kathy Orr, Judy Cron, Marylinda Thomas, Jeanette Jones, Bill Osborne. Row 4-Tim Lamey, Jay Newbern, Brian Hardy, Dan Roby, Mike Rowe, Dwight Aldred, Dave Chambers, Mike Morgan, Jim Steele, Steve Aldred, Howard Whitman, Jon Shafer, Eddie Purciful, John Hensler, Mike Martin. f X S can :ummm Buddy Patterson, Bill Phillips, Karen Hancock, and Jim McVey, Judy Gunkel, and Carol Nugent DeAnna Tibbetts learn that the cash register is the key set up front. hall showcase displays as part to merchandizing. of their retailing program. Retailers Train for Careers in Selling Field State Convention is the highlight of the year for Sue Jordon, treasurer, Mr. James Biddle, advisor, Sherry Baker, secretaryg Darrell Martin, president, and Sandra Phillippe, vice president. MSN Preparation for a career in the competitive world of merchandising is one of the goals of the Future Retailers Club. Members compete in state and national contests, matching their Work in advertising manuals, copy Writing, Window display and public speaking against other top students. With Santa Claus as a main attraction, Future Retailers also gave a Christmas party for the orphan children. To raise money to make such an event possible, the Retailers held a skating party and staged a day-long car wash. Students learn the importance of retailing, how to make good consumer choices, and better ways to serve an employer through such projects as educational movies, guest speakers from the business World, and mer- chandizing exercises. Establishing respect and successful leader- ship in retailing is one of the main goals of Future Retailers. Hi-Y Club Sponsors Party, Promotes Attendance "Attention all Hi-Y boys" alerted club members to weekly announcements by Tom Tallman, treasurerg Jim Osborne, vice president, Fred Kingsbury, presi- dent, and Jay Newbern, secretary. HI-Y-Row 1-A. Swinford, D. Doty, S. Hart, H. Taylor, J. Swift, M. Martin, J. Graham, L. Huse, M. Tatman, A. Silver, M. Barron, W. Brown, J. Condon. Row 2-S. Graddy, B. Hardy, J. McClin- tock, D. Kimball, J. Morris, P. Lee, F. Kingsbury, J. Osborne, J. Newbern, G. Skeoch, J. Sutton, T. Tallman, B. Graham, M. Shipley, T. Hardy, M. Morgan. Row 3-J. Alleman, B. Cridge, G. Ralston, J. Johnson, K. Schacker, B. Phillips, W. Jones, A. Brown, B. Hill, M. Sylvester, S. Jackson, S. Aldred, H. Whitman, S. Richardson, L. Contos, V. Hudson, Sponsoring a Christmas Party for 600 children ot lvladison County was Just one of the many activities tackled by members of the 1-li-X this year. The members or this club also sponsored the Hardwick Hop at which a Senior Man or the Year was elected. By helping the American Legion with Christmas tree sales, the boys earned money to put in the treasury for Iuture activities. Hi-Y also made it possible Ior many AHS students to go to out-of-town games by spon- soring bus trips to various schools where the indians were playing. Many Hi-Y members spoke at civic club meetings and at Sunday church services. They also participated as speakers on two radio broadcasts. Hi-Y has 93 members in its organization this year, and each member must have a "C" average and a personality rating of "3" or better. Hi-Y was originally organized as a club in Anderson High School in 1922. J. Cridge, D. Barron, M. Rowe, T. Albright. Row 4-S. Lowry, J. Perdue, E. Davis, J. Goodnight, B. Lang, D. Layton, J. DeFord, L. Milam, J. Melson, J. Hensler, D. DeBolt, D. Hilligoss, O. Cox, D. Roby, B. Adams, J. Orr, P. Roby, N. Delph, R. Ray. Row 5 -C. Harrison, T. Williams, S. Watson, J. Cunning- ham, D. Aldred, B. Kanable, S. Davis, D. Chambers, B. Hardacre, S. Taylor, T. Newman, P. McNear, L. Sutton, J. Hobbs, E. Van Ness, B. Collins, L. Vance, K. Cook, B. Rozelle, J. DeFord, D. Combs. I A CLUB-Row 1--Tom Tallman, Fred Kingsbury, Matias Melendez, Doug Davis, Bob Kanable, Larry Milam, Jim Osborne, Pete Danforth, John Teague, Voss E. Purkey, Richard Patterson, Dave Carpenter, Kenny Cook. Row 2-Larry Massey, Larry Taylor, Larry Sutton, Jim Steele, Don Glazebrooks, Jim Goodknight, Jack Morris, Bob James, Ron Pickett, Bob Jackson, Larry Clem, Mike Martin, Jim Sutton. Row 3-Jim Seal, Steve Watson, Richard Wiley, Bill Lang, Harry Taylor, Dwight Aldred, Bill Collins, Larry Deitz, John Hensler, Dave Layton, Max Pickel, Jim Morgan. Row 4-Steve Lowry, Doug Barron, Bob Barnett, Jim Ray, Bob Brown, John Holbert, John Cunningham, Dave Brogdon, David Beher, Jesse Collier, Tom Williams, Larry Vance, Max Benson, Mike Cummings. Bright Red "A" Sweaters Dominate Sports Scene Sporting bright red sweaters with green letters, members of "A" Club made an im- pressive sight at many of the basketball games. "A" Club's cheer block could be heard shouting and roaring the teams of AHS to victory above the din of the crowd. With sportsmanship, scholarship and fel- lowship as the aim for boys participating in soorts, "A" Club was originally organized in 1933. Members of "A" Club elect one outstanding athlete who receives a special trophv with his name engraved on it. This trophy, as well as other awards earned by fellow mem- bers of the organization, are presented to them during the annual Athletic Convocation during the spring. "A" Club sold more than 250 cushions carrying an "A" emblem and sold basketball pictures to raise monev to finance a spring nfcgic for the members and sponsors of the c u . lt is a proud group whose unselfish aim is to promote the high school athletic mn- gram, already one of the finest in the s-tate. Preparing for a big sell-out of A-Club cushions are Jim Osborne, vice president, John Teague, presidentg Tom Linville, secretary, and Pete Danforth, ser- geant-at-arms. CONCERT BAND-Row 1-Mark Barron, Ruth Hudson, Judy Josefek, Norman Rauner, Dianne Kemp. Row 2-David Maine, Clarice Christian, Alberta McCoy, Roger Kellams, Patty Pearson, Alan Swinford, Terry Montague, Jim Armstrong. Row 3-Carol Nahrwold, Alan Ayers, Larry Tegge, Janice Ferguson, Jeff DeB-olt, Sharon Eads, Phil Roby, Jerry Hobbs, Wade Shaw, Jim Talkington, Band Parades for Football Heading the well-organized band are Terry Monta- gue, treasurerg Judy Webster, secretaryg Lynne Clements, head majoretteg Bob Jones, captaing Jay Newbern, drum major. John Melson, Mike Shipley, Jon McClintock. Row 4-Dave Goen, Martha Phillips, Mike Russell, Stan- ley Schumacher, Paul Hardacre, Robert Huffman, Jeff Gilmore, Charles Howard, Steve Lindsey. Row 5-George F. Vaught, director, Steve Hart, Jeannine Reel, John Thompson, Dave Carmany, Jim Purkey, Doug Harney. To the tune of "Hungarian Rhapsody Number Two," the 108 members of the Anderson High School Marching Band paraded to victory to become the only band in Indiana to Win the State Fair Marching Band Contest twice. Behind this triumph were many hours of long practice under the leadership of Mr. George Vaught, director, and Mrs. William Hardacre, choreographer. Despite the burning of the gym, "the show must go on," and so it did at the Paramount Theater for the fourth annual Variety Show. Elaborate lighting, sparkling costumes, and varied musioal arrangements highlighted the production. Expenses for this. the band sweaters, and many other exploits of the band were helped by the annual sale of band candy. Ensemble and solo contests at Ball State and Indianapolis were entered by nearly half of the band, and the entire band was called upon for many community events. , Community Events, CONCERT BAND-Row 1-Sandy Simpson, Eleanor Kolbusz, Janet Burns, Sandy Kelly, Jon Hunt, Judy Webster. Row 2-Eddie Himes, Larry Graves, Nancy Osborne, Warren Jones, Pat Binkley, Jan Loudenback, Cathy McCrocklin. Row 3-Mike Rowe, John Fisher, Joe Ice, John Burris, LaMar Vincent, Alan Brown, Aaron Silvers, Max Tatman, Gary Eaglin, Bill Hill, Dave Carpenter, Wendell Brown. Row 4-Bill Adams, Randy Shuman, John Dilkey, Danny Burchfield, Jim Orr, Bob Jones. Row 5-Charles McKissick, Ronnie Massey, Jim Horner, Tim Hardy, James Baker, Dave Doty, Lester Blackwell, Jay Newbern, Gerald Bordner, assistant director. ariety Show Plays Three Nights to Full House Kicking high at halftime are Indianettes, Deloma Benko, Lynne Clements, Pam Hakes, Phyllis Swain, Foster, Kathy Rush, Karel Ann Smith, Joanne Sloan, Gykala Tolbert, Saundra Heard, Patsy Wood, and Toni Pemberton, Karen McKay, Melanie Dalton, Pam Waymire. Shirley Seybert, Judi Sanford, Carla Kirk, Bev Orchestra Forms First Marching Group in State Orchestra officers, Linda Caplan, secretary, Mike Dunn, treasurer, Beth Robinett, president, Buddy Gilmore, libraiiang Evelyn Matthews, assistant librarian, and John Hurley, vice president, strive for musical excellence. ORCHESTRA-Row 1-Mike Dunn, Jeanne Phillips, Lynne Clements, John Hurley, Evelyn Matthews, Sharon Wools, Jimmie Bridges, Buddy Gilmore, Pattyann,Goss, Susan James, Beth Robinett. Row 2-Melanie Dalton, Suzanne Eilar, Linda Higdon, Charlotte Willis, Karen Perkins, Joyce Minnefield, Madelyn Taylor, Carolyn Hyatt, Elizabeth Hyland, Darrell Fields, Jerry Freeman, Peggy DeWeese, Betty Massey, Alan Brown, Row 3-Nanci New- Color and variety were added to the Home- coming Parade this year with the introduc- tion of the new Marching Orchestra to the school scene. Despite the heavy concert instruments, the orchestra marched nearly two miles in the parade. The Marching Orchestra, first in Indiana, was pictured in several well known maga- zines such as the "Musiccators," that goes to all of the Indiana teachers and the "Lyons' Band Instrument News" that is sent to music teachers across the continent. The difficult concert music required of a top-flight orchestra was not neglected. ho-w- ever, and the group won first place in the Indiana Orchestra Competition. With the beginning of the Marching Orchestra came a need for a uniform which included orchestra sweaters proudly worn by the members. man, Linda Caplan, Sandra Brattain, Melva Syl- vester, Nancy M a 1' s h all , Suzie Steves, Jan Loudenback, Pat Binkley, Warren Jones, Jon Hunt, Ruth Hudson, Patty Pearson, Mike Russell, Jerry Hobbs, Jim Orr, Stanley Schumacher. Row 4-Mr. Thomas Clem, director: Brian Hardy, Dave Carmany, Charles McKissick, John Thompson, Frank Meeker, Jean Kinley, Steve Taylor, Alan Swinford. DANCE BAND-Row 1-Mark Barron, Max Tat- Orr, Bill Adams, Stanley Schumacher. Row 3- man, Wendell Brown, Warren J-ones, Norman John Thompson, Jim Baker, Dave Doty, Jay New Rauner. Row 2-Phil Roby, Mike Rowe, Alan Swin- bern, Dave Carmany. ford, John Melson, Mike Shipley, John Dilkey, Jim Musical Offshoots Add Variety to School Events Distinguished by being the first organization of its kind in Indiana, the March- ing Orchestra adds color and gay music to the AHS scene. 57 Madrigal, Choral Club, Director Receive Hon Madrigal Singers performed throupjhout the holidays in school, churches, and homes. F1-om bottom to top of the stairs are Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, directorg Jim Baker, Joanna Gough, Myrl Nisely, Ann Harris, Robert Rozelle, Mary Beth Phelps, Tom llhlimr, Brenda Abbott, David O'Brien, Mary Jane Cronk, David Crandall, and Ruth c ister. f'Q 58 rom Music Associations To promote an understanding of music and to provide educational entertainment are the main objectives of the vocal music de- partment of Anderson High School. Madrigal, the ultimate achievement for vocal students, received high honors When it was asked to sing for the Music Educators National Convention in Chicago. The group earned its Way by presenting "Kismet" and an old-fashioned vaudeville show. Both Choral Club and Madrigal were hon- ored When Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, director, was cho-sen for "First Chair In American Music," a yearbook of the top people in the musical education field. Several of the Choral Club programs in- cluded the Thanksgiving and Christmas pro- grams. the Countv Music Festival, and the annual Tee Pee Capers. In order to insure continued success, the tvvo top music groups recruit talent from such training organizations as Choralettes, Concert Choir, and Boys Glee Club. A windy crossing did not prevent Choral Club from making its annual visit to the junior high building to sing Christmas carols and give season's greetings. 59 CHORAL CLUB-Row 1-Joanna Gough, Anita Littrell, Joyce Norris, Joan McGillicuddy, Janice Perry, Carol Ann Ratzlaff, Judi Wilson, Mary Sue McAllister, Carol Nahrwold, Evelyn Matthews, Julia Norris, Jane Preston, Eleanor Kolbusz, Beverly Miller, Karel Ann Smith, Nancy Graves. Row 2- Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, sponsor, Joyce Shelton, Yvonne DeVashir, Kathy Orr, Sandy DuBois, Jan Loudenback, Caralee Campbell, Ann Harris, Jeanne Phillips, Ruthie Gilmore, Karen Simpson, Mary Paul Mason, Mary Beth Phelps, Carla Rogers, Mary -Jane Cronk. Row 3-Ruth McAllister, Beth Robinett, Pat Loser, Pam Butterfield, Dan Roby, Jim Baker, Alan Ayers, Curt Jones, Steve Richardson, Paul Fairburn, Eddie Purciful, Jon Hunt, John Melson, Dave O'Brien, Tom Miller, Mike Dunn, Nancy Skinner, Carolyn Falls, Brenda Abbott. Row .4- Mike Cummings, Myil Nisely, Tom Newman, Dwight Barr, Larry Coates, James Johnson, John Kallen- berg, James Goodknight, Steve Land, David Layton, Dave Crandall, Robert Rozelle, Van Hudson, Bob Jones, Jon Shafer, Don Beatty, Darrell Martin, Gerald Rouse. c'Waiting in the Wings', for Calls to AHS Starclom 3 CONCERT CHOIR-Row 1-Fredy B. Hollings- worth, Cherryl Brummett, Susie Kearns, Helen Ful- lington, Connie Johnson, Lynda Sowers, Linda Johnson, Linda Peterson. Row 2-Carrie Mitchem, Sondra Johnson, Marsha Shields, Norma Hill, Vicki Marshall, Ginger DuBois, Lois Howell, Donna Bowers, Mary Snider, Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, MODERN MUSIC MASTERS-Row 1-G. Ross, R. lVlcAllister, R. Hudson, P. Binkley, W. Brown, his- toriang M. Phelps, treasurer, D. O'Brien, president, J. Loudenback, secretary, J. Baker, vice president, M. Dalton, B. Miller, J. Preston, C. Christian, P. Pearson. Row 2-D. Crandall, J. McGillicuddy, J. Wilson, S. Kelly, C. McCrocklin, J. Shelton, C. Jones, J. Pe1'ry, B. Street, C. Miller, G. Boaz, L. Marshall, L. Blackwell, N. Newman, L. Higdon, C. Hendricks, J. Gough, Mrs. P. Lawson, sponsor. Row 3-B. J 9 sponsor. Row 3-Sandra Foltz, Janie Hickem, Rita Kearns, Sharon Lindsay, Lois Kardatzke, Ruby Davis, Janice Wilson, Terena Eldridge, Jane Welling- ton. Row 4-Kay Newberry, Dorothy Jones, Betty Massey, Betty Huffman, Pam Slinkard, Shirley Seybert, Kathy Rush, Lillie Lavery, Elizabeth Toombs, Sandra Sargent. Jones, A. Littrell, J. Norris, J. Norris, J. Goodnight, E. Kolbusz, C. Nahrwold, P. Butterfield, B. Abbott, lVI. Cronk, M. Mason, N. Skinner, J. Phillips, A. Harris, J. Webster, K. Simpson, Y. DeVashir, C. Ratzlaff, K. Smith, J. Burns. Row 4-M. Nisely, T. Miller, D. Roby, D. Beatty, D. Martin, S. Land, S. Hart, M. Tatman, M. Barron, A. Swinford, J. Melson, D. Swager, T. Newman, J. Graham, J. Kallenberg, A. Ayers, L. Coates, M. Dunn, D. Maine, J. Kinley, C. Falls. Vocalists Working in Training Organizations - -, , 1-w ,asfgizv . , K A ' ' 7 -,gin ,.,. .L . .91 CHORALETTES-Row 1-Linda Moody, Shirley Felts, Hazel Carter, Linda Higdon, Rita Tolbert, Linda Addison, Norma Cripe, Diane Gunter, Karen Adamson, Margaret Hollingsworth. Row 2-Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, sponsor, Karen Fairburn, Karel Hendricks, Sandy Cox, Norma Large, Peggy De- Weese, Dixie Delph, Marty Huber, Martha Frazier, Gayle Shaw. Row 3-Velma Nisely, Betty Wolver- BOYS GLEE CLUB-Row 1-Jean Kinley, pianist, John Shaw, John Crose, Jim Toombs, Lanny Crouch, Larry Marshall, Jack Hanshew, Bill Winemiller, David Todd, Mrs. Paula Lawson, sponsor. Row 2- Ronnie Miller, Steve Jackson, Dave Anthony, Gene Boaz, Steve Huston, Bob Street, Willie Townsend, 2. ton, Sally Williams, Penny Wells, Janet Hathcoat, Wanda Strickland, Nancy Marshall, Phyllis Aldrich, Susan Campbell, Sondra Baker. Row 4-Carla Ash- baugh, Pam Baker, Jane Adams, Yvonne Woods, Becky Walker, Sherrill McAdams, Phyllis Vickery, Sandra Henderson, Janet Goodnight, Sandra B1'own, Karen Beason. Jerry Hiday, Jack Emerson, Chuck Miller. Row 3- Kenneth Keesling, Roger Atkinson, David Walker, Pete Dodd, Jack Binnion, Lonnie Blackwell, Don Ball, Dave Swager, Jim Carlisle, Jerry Porter, Terry Jones, Don Wilson. ' . , A sele - A . 'gli-fglfg, il ,QV .,,2 ill 1 ill f QQ Y i,i'i,fl,l.:iEi, . A,-, ' 5 we A f fi elrr Q V, , - fi, ,,,, , an ig A f ' f r if 43-212 , . .. gf ' -2 s 1 ' ' , 1 S fi , f . ,: 'QE W X ., , r all 5 In l T ll' , lr -in , V ,,. K al up X 7 ' , 5 V A k V ' f .nd f 61 If 5 f 'ff P2 S -'R I 1 YL.. 1 L l 1 1 , fke ' r and Athletics Athletics at Anderson High School plays a very prominent role in the lives of all students. Various sports events create school loyalty, promote better sportsman- ship, and allovv their participants to plays on the team, assists with the equipment, or backs the group, athletics is very important in the present Amer- ican educational system. Even though the famed AHS Wigwam Went up in flames, sports enthusiasm reached the hearts of every spirited fan. And with it all, the Anderson Way still remained spirited, sportsmanlike, spectacular. The school, the team, and the community pool their efforts to make varsity athletics a giant spectacle. develop their talents. Whether the student The gym as un is a ghost rem der of past Indian glo y Cross Country Team Runs Second in State Meet Bob Brown, Anderson's record breaking runner, crosses the finish line first to rack up another victory. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY Anderson , Marion 46 Anderson , Indianapolis Tech 50 Anderson , Indianapolis Attucks 31 Anderson , Muncie Burris 50 Anderson , Richmond 47 17 15 25 Anderson 22, Indianapolis Washington 88 18 Anderson 25, Indianapolis Shortridgc 44 Wi-th the close of the 1958 cross country season, Anderson, under the directio-n of Head Coach Robert Freeman and "old stand-by" Ray Fleenor, bettered season records of the last five years. Anderson also occupied second place spots in the North Central Conference meet, the Sectional and State meets, and fourth p-lace in the Sihortridge Invitational. Anderson Off Fast Anderson got off to a fast start, winning eight straight matches over Marion, Indian- apolis Tech, Indianapolis Attucks, Indian- apolis Washington, Muncie Burris, Richmond, Indianapolis Shortridge and North Central. Then in their last regular season meet, the Braves fell to perennial rival Muncie Central. Through the season, Anderson and Muncie were matched against each other three times before the conclusion. All eyes were focused upon Bob Brown and Bob Patterson of Muncie. Brown proved to be the better man Won 8 - Lost 1 Anderson 25, North Central 60 Anderson 28, Muncie Central 27 Anderson second in North Central Conference Anderson fourth in Shortridge Invitational Anderson second in Sectional Anderson second in State Larry Massey and Bob Jackson set the pace for the field as other Anderson runners battle for position against the Tech Greenclads as the Tribe harriers score a perfect win, 15 to 50. "Scramble" is the word as some 150 runners start the grueling' two mile run in the sectional cross country meet at Edgewood Country Club. in the first two meets before losing to the Mun-cie harrier in the sectional. Brown Cracks Records Brown broke three records, and John Holbert cracked one during the course of the season. One of Brown's new marks topped a performance by Don Lash, who later be- came one of Americafs great distance runners. At State meet time, the Indians were look- ing for the ninth Anderson cross country title CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD-Row 1-Paul Price, Ronald Wallace, Howard Whitman, Bob Stoops, Ricky Kirk, Howard Brown, David McCord, Larry Coates. Row 2-Ray Hensley, Bob Jackson, Bob Brown, John Holbert, Steve Lowry, Doug Barron, Larry Massey, Bob Barnett, Sherman Scott. Row 3 in the 13-year history of the event. As the Indian harrielrs crossed the two-mile marker in the State, Anderson's top three men were Brown who placed 4th, Ho-lbert who finished number 27 and Bob Jackson, running in the 35th spot. Seven runners qualified for their cross country letters. They were Brown, Holbert, Jackson, Steve Lowry, Robert Barnett, Doug Barron and Larry Massey. Brown received the honor of being elected team captain. -Tom Linville, Pete Danforth, Larry Clem, Jim Sutton, Jim Rousey, Jerry Shafer, Larry Huse, Phil Roby, Fred Schrope. Row 4-Coach Robert Free- man, Bob Dunham, Phil Gaunt, Richard Patterson, Max Benson, Tom Gary, Mike Morgan, Fred Ridgley, Jim Ray, manager, Coach Ray Fleenor. 'iw Football Team Claims Third Place in NC For the fourth straight year the Anderson Indians had a successful football season. The Braves finished with a respectable six won and three lost record. The initial game of the 1958 campaign found the Fort Wayne South Side Archers, of basketball fame, on the Indian gridiron. John Teague took the opening kickoff and nine plays and ninety yards later scored the first touchdown and extra point of the year. Teague and Bill Graham added touchdowns in the second half to up the score to 20-6 when the final gun sounded. Anderson opened North Central Conference play against the Richmond Red Devils, who were still smarting from the 40-7 shellacking handed them by the Indians last season. The Indians and Devils played on even terms throughout the game, but R ic h m o n d squeaked by 21-19 on two missed Anderson conversions. Teague took the NCC scoring lead with two touchdowns. Indians Whip Tech Indianapolis Tech, who handed the Indians their only conference setback in '57, was the next challenge for the Tribe. After fumbling New plays, team spirit, game strategy, and previous mistakes were all subjects of daily "bull sessions" held by Coach Jim Carter. Calisthenics loosens stiff muscles and conditions players for practice. Handing' out "clean whites" was a weekly chore faced by student managers Bill Collins and Larry Sutton. he mt Drives to Fourth Consecutive Winning Season inside the Tech 20-yard line the Indians started to move. Teague scored a pair of six pointers before leaving with a knee injury, and John H-ensler gallloped 69 yards to score, giving the Indians a 20-7 win. The victory was a costly one for Anderson. Not only did the Tribe lose Teague, who was leading the NCC in scoring, for the remainder of the season, but first string quarterback Jim Seal received a broken collar bone and was out for the rest of the season. .The Ande-rfson-Marion battle was a defen- sive struggle through the first quarter, but Trainer Don Kyle was kept busy applying adhesive tape and elastic bandages to aches and pains. Sophomore quarterback Larry Vance got the indians rolling early ln the second quarter, and the Tribe cracked the Giant defense for a score. lvlarion moved the ball all the way to the Anderson two-yard line before los-ing it on downs. This was as close as the Giants came to scoring, but Dave Carpenter added an insurance touchdown in the second half to give the Indians a 12-0 victory. Berries Triumph The Indians traveled to Logansport to battle the highly-rated Berries. bumibling seemed to be the only thing Anderson could do right, for they lost the pigskin four times in the Iirst half, twice inside the Logan 20 yard line, and three times in the second half. The indians never got started, but speedy fullback Mike Maples put on a show Ior Logansport with long run after long run and climaxed the night's work with a 97 yard touchdown run. When the game ended the Indians were on the short end of a 31-0 score. In the annual Homecoming game the Tribe me-t the Kokomo Wildcats in hopes of aveng- ing previous defeats at the hands of the 'Cats Anderson drew first blood on Steve Watson's five yard plunge. Kokomo evened the score at six all at half time. The third quarter was a complete stalemate as was the firs-t half of the final quarter. It looked for awhile as if Anderson would have to settle for a tie, but with one and a half minutes to go in the game, Jim Goodnight climaxed fContinued on Page 685 With injuries taken care of and uniforms in top shape, the players got down to heavy work on the line sled, urged on by Coach Pete Russo. With practice behind them and last minute Larry Vance regains his balance after crushing through the 1YlSt1'LlCt1OI1S ln mind the Indians take the Tech line for valuable a1da'e. l ' Y ' 8 field for another grid battle. a long Indian drive with an eight yard touch- down run which gave the game a real story- book ending and the Tribe a hard-earned 13-6 win. Schedule Toughens Rugged Hammond Noll, a newcomer to the Anderson schedule, invaded the South Ander- son Field to battle the Indians. The Tribe took an early 13-0 lead, but the Hammond offensive machine began rolling in the second quarter. On short power plays the beefy line and hard-charging Noll backfield pierced the Anderson line twice in the first half to even the score at 13-13. After that Hammond was almost invincible as they rolled to a 32-13 win. The Dad's Day contest pitted the Elwood Dave Carpenter Bill Lang Tom Tallman Panthers against the Indians, who lost a fumble-riddled game to the Panthers last year. 'l'he game was a standstill until late in the last quarter when the Tribe started a last ditch effort to score. A series of passes was climaxed by Steve Watson's five yard plunge. The game ended with Anderson on top 7-0. In the last game of the year Anderson battled arch-rival Muncie Central for third place in the NCC. Stopping speedy Jim Nettles was Anderson's main problem, and the Bearcat halfback broke loose only once to score. In the meantime Steve Watson had scored three times and Jim Goodnight once to give Anderson a 27-6 victory over basket- ball enemy Muncie and third place in the North Central Conference. John Teague Jim Goodnight Tribe Scores Victories over Rival Muncie, Tech Individual Football Statistics Rushing Hensler --- Watson --- Carpenter -- Teague ..... Goodnight --- Totals .... Scoring Teague --- Watson --- Hensler --- Carpenter -- Goodnight --- Graham .... Totals -- Passing Vance -- Seal -- Totals -- Punts Watson ..... Pass Receiving Carpenter ..... Brogdon ..... Totals ........ Kickoff Returns Carpenter ..... Totals ...... Punt Returns Carpenter .... Bob Kanable ATTS YDS AVE TDR 76 547 7 2 3 --- 86 500 5.9 5 --- 84 483 5.3 3 --- 47 332 7.1 6 --- 22 151 0.9 2 -JH 2102 FE Z TDS PAT PATM TP --- 0 4 2 40 --- 5 5 1 35 --- 3 1 1 19 --- 3 1 3 19 --- 2 0 1 12 --- 1 0 1 0 ----20 11 3 15 ATTS co1v1P YDS PCT. --- 49 11 204 .224 --- 11 4 94 .364 --- E3 1? :E .250 NO YDS AVE LONG. --- 25 375 35.0 55 NO YDS AVE. --- 4 123 30.8 --- 3 48 16.0 -----17 324 19.1 N YD 2. un 18 185 A559 Leading scorer John Teague slips away from Tech invader to tally one of six touchdowns he scored last season. ---- 21 311 14.8 NO YDS AVE. 12 124 ---- 10.3 Gary Baker Larry Milam Jim Osborne Harry Taylor 69 9 .A W 'ww sf, X I I 3 S , M ? ii ,, :I ,vl K k gfkmg 2. A. S Q it ,N W Q? -fp E f It .gf --1255 'V j ,iiz s V -2 4, vi. ,. My my 5 J il. :mi wp. If Tribe Plays First "Homeless" Season in 34 Years Anderson's Indians, playing their first "homeless" season in 34 years, finished a hot and cold basketball season with fourteen wins and nine losses. The burning of the Wigwam in e-arly November forced the rescheduling of all home games to the Madison Heights gymnasium and forced Coach Ick Osborne to put his charges through practice at South Side Junior High. With less than three weeks practice, the Indians opened the season with five straight wins and moved as high as second in the weekly newspaper polls. Included in the string were victories over Rushville, 66-58, Ft. Wayne Central, 69-595 Connersville, 55-46, New Albany, 72-533 and Mario-n, 64-59. In their second venture into North Central Conference play, the Tribe's string was broken by Lafayette's Bronco's, 59-55. Bearcats Edge Indians Anderson played host to arch-rival Muncie Central, rated number one in the state. for the first of two season meetings. The Tribe played possibly its best ball game against the talented Bearcats, never letting them get too far ahead. In the final quarter Anderson led by as much as eight points, but Muncie's height and scoring punch proved too much for the Indians as they dropped a 53-50 decision. Shortridge's fast breaking Blue Devils then outran the Indians and came out on top 57-41. During the holidays Anderson played in the newly-formed North Central Conference Tourney at Richmond. The Indians soueaked by the Hot Dogs of Frankfort, 61-59. only to be dumped bv Richmond in the finals, 46-44 in an overtime. In their next contest. the sagging Indians absorbed their fifth loss at the hands of Shelbyville. 62-60. but then whipped Indian- apolis Tech, 62-55. In the second meeting between Muncie and Anderson it was evident that the Bearcats improvement was much greater as thev tromned the Tndi ans 85-71. Anderson traveled to Frankfort for a second meeting with the Hot Dogs. The Indians found the going a little easier than it had been in the NCC tour-nev. but the Tribe had to come from behind to down the Hot Dogs, 58-52. Rayl Sinks Tribe Kokomo's 'Wildcats invaded the Madison Heights gym to battle the Indians. A 41- point effort by Kokomo's dead-eye guard Jimmy Rayl proved too much for Anderson as the Wildcats took a 76-67 decision. Anderson surprised the state with an easy 9 U win over South Bend Central, 56-39, and avenged a beating in football with a 67-63 win over the Logansport Berries. New Castle's Trojans, bidding for a share of the NCC crown, with guard Ray Pavy leading the way, downed the Indians 76-67. Anderson then won over non-conference foe Columbus, 70-60, and in the last home game of the season got partial revenge by beating Richmond, 64-61. Tourney On Enemy Floor For the first time in 26 years the Madison County Sectional was played outside the Anderson High School Gym. With the luck of the draw in their favor, the Indians drew Lapel. Anderson had little trouble in down- ing the Bulldogs, 59-41. In the feature game of the sectional Anderson rolled over host school Madison Heights, 50-25, and advanced to the finals. In the finale the Indians met the Alexandria Tigers. The Tigers' claws were sharp while the Indians seemed listlesis. Trailing all the way. Anderson couldn't cope with the tight Alex zone defense or the control the Tigers played on offense. With a last ditch effort falling short, Anderson was dethroned as slectional champion by the fired-up Tigers. 7-38. 'Tom Linville slips through Richmonfl's defense to scorn a needed basket as the Indians edged the Red Devils, 64-61. ,, .4 v 4 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Row 1-Jim Steele, Larry Sutton, student managers. Row 2- Jim Seal, Jim Sutton, John Teague, Richard Patter- son, Jim Rousey, Pete Danforth. Row 3-Coach Individual Basketball Statistics G FG FT Player TP REB Teague ............. 23 116 117 349 228 Patterson -- .... 23 127 84 338 208 Benson --- .... 23 73 35 181 144 Linville -- .... 23 57 46 160 124 Osborne -- .... 21 57 46 160 51 Rousey --- .... 17 70 19 67 44 Danforth --- .... 21 26 10 62 24 Williams --- .... 16 7 5 19 28 Gary ...... -- 6 3 4 10 9 Sutton .... .... 9 2 4 8 8 Watson --- .... 11 2 3 7. 6 Seal .... .... 1 0 2 0 4 8 Collier -- -- 2 0 1 1 1 Totals .............. 23 496 374 1366 883 Tom Williams Jim Osborne l I i i Bob Freeman, Max Benson, Tom Williams, Jim Osborne, Coach Ick Osborne, Steve Watson, Tom Linville, Tom Gary, Coach Don Barnett. VARSITY BASKETBALL Won 14 - Lost 9 Anderson 66, Rushville 58 Anderson 69, Ft. Wayne Central 59 Anderson 55, Connersville 46 Anderson 72, New Albany 53 Anderson 64, Marion 59 Anderson 55, Lafayette 59 Anderson 50, Muncie Central 53 Anderson 41, Shortridge 57 Big Four Tourney Anderson 61 Frankfort 59 Anderson 44 Richmond 46 Kovertimel Anderson 60 Shelbyville 62 Anderson 62 Indianapolis Tech 55 Anderson 71 Muncie Central 85 Anderson 58 Frankfort 52 Anderson 67 Kokomo 76 Anderson 56 South Bend Central 39 Anderson 67 Logansport 63 Anderson 67 New Castle 76 Anderson 70 Columbus 60 Anderson 64 Richmond 61 Sectional Tourney Anderson 59 Lapel 41 Anderson 50 Madison Heights 25 Anderson 38 Alexandria 47 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Row 1 -Pete Rayford, Bob Townsend, Tony Mainord, Jim Steele, student managerg Bill Graham, Paul Price, Bill McCarty. Row 2-William Wilkerson, Paul JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Won 15 - Lost 5 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Rushville 1 1 Ft. Wayne Central 42 Connersville 39 New Albany 34 Marion 26 Anderson Lafayette 42 Anderson Muncie Central 43 Anderson Shortridge 22 Anderson Shelbyville 24 Wycoff, Joe Perdue, Jesse Collier. Row 3-Coach Don Barnett, Mike Morgan, John Jackson, Robert Dunham, Lanny Reger, Clark Harrison, Larry Vance, Coach Robert Freemen. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Indianapolis Tech 27 Muncie Central 34 Frankfort 45 Kokomo 35 South Bend 39 Logansport 47 New Castle 38 Columbus 24 Richmond 28 Reserve Tourney Muncie Central 24 New Castle 25 Danforth Richard Patterson Tom Linville John Teague Max Benson Wrestlers Win Eight, Send Seven to Regional Under head coach Don Pyle, Anderson High School's varsity wrestling team tallied eight wins, three losses and one tie. The Indian matmen opened the season with an eight-match winning streak before they were downed by former state champion, Indianapolis Manual, 30-26. Included in the string of wins were decisions over 1957 co-state champions Rich- mond and Indianapolis Broad Ripple. An- other high point of the season was the 48-8 victory over Madison Heights. The Indians' outstanding Wrestlers for the season were Conward Bivens, a third place finisher in the state and a second place winner in the NCC meetg Mickey DeLey, second place in NCC meet and fourth in state, and Bob Kanable and Don Glazebrooks who placed first in the conference meet. With the ending of the regular season, the matmen tuned up for the coming tourney meets. The Tribe finished fourth in the North Central Conference: second in the sectional meet, fourth in the regional meet and eighteenth in the state meet. Wrestling letters were awarded to David Agnew, M. C. Cooley, John Cunningham, Larry Dietz, Conward Bivens, Mickey DeLey, Bob Kanable, Don Glazebrooks, Dan Keeney, Harry McVey and Sherman Scott. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson VARSITY WRESTLING Won 8 - Lost 3 - Tied 1 28, Lafayette Jeff 21 33, Indianapolis Broad Ripple 20 43, New Castle 11 31, Muncie Central 21 48, Madison Heights 8 30, Indianapolis Tech 21 25, Richmond 17 33, Marion 18 26, Indianapolis Manual 30 18, Crawfordsville 26 17, Kokomo 28 22, Bloomington 22 fourth in North Central Conference second in Sectional fourth in Regional 18th in State RESERVE WRESTLING Won 5 - Lost 2 33, Crawfordsville 5 27, Marion 6 24, Madison Heights 5 22, New Castle 9 17, Manual 23 21, Kokomo 22 Climaxing a season-long drive were seven boys who qualified for the regional. Meeting with Coach Don Pyle are qualifiers, front row, Conward Bivens, Bob Kanable, John Cunning- ham, Mickey DeLey, and in back, Dan Keeney, David Agnew, Don Glaze- brooks. WRESTLING TEAM-Row 1-Jim Carroll, Mickey Marvin McCorkle, Steve Huston, M. C. Cooley, Larry DeLey, Dick Mallernee, Raymond Patterson, Doug Deitz, Coach Pete Russo. Row 4-Joe McCord, Tim Davis, Steve- Ricketts. Row 2-Ricky Kirk, Dan Lamey, Don Tremaine, George King, Roger Atkis- Keeney, Davicl Agnew, Bob James, Sherman Scott, son, Rogers Clark, John Cunningham, Bob Kanable, Don Sisson, Jim Duffy. Row 3-Coach Don Pyle, Conward Bivens. Larry Davenport, Jerry Collier, Don Glazebrooks, Larry Dietz applies the pressure to a leg Don Glazebrooks prepares to pin his Madison Heights opponent lock in hopes of getting submission from the as referee Joe Sparks keeps a keen eye on the mat. Madison Heights challenger. 77 AHS Baseball Team, Sparked by Veteran Crew DeFord Mike Hale Joe Foust, Phil Roby, Ronnie Smith Don Fowler Emmett Naselroad. Row 2- BASEBALL TEAM-Row 1-Jerry Cortrecht, Jan e Jerry Shafer, Jim Johnson, Jim Sutton, Pete Danforth, Larry Cl m, Dale Gross, Jack Morris, Matias Melendez, Larry Taylor, Ronnie Pickett. Row 3-Jim Ray, student manager, Joe Perdue, A baseball team, loaded with lettermen at every positio-n, lived up to pre-season expecta- tions by roaring unbeaten through its first ten games, and making a strong bid for a North Central Conference title. Last year the Indians, under Coach Don Barnett, tied for second in the conference and won it in 1956 by capturing 13 out of 14 games. Anderson showed its strength with early- season wins over rugged Shortridge and Broad Ripple as pitchers Dale Gross and Jerry Charmolue rang up their first victories. Pitchers Shine In their first NCC venture the Indians shut out New Castle as Gross threw a bril- liant two-hitter. Dave Beher got into the victory column with a three-hit victory over Hartford City. Anderson whipped Koko-mo and Muncie Central and took a tighter grip on first place in the NCC as Gross shut out Lafayette's defending conference champs, 7-0, and Beher subdued Marion, 10-1. The Tribe reversed last season's score as they downed Shortridge again, 17-2, in a Roger Dotson, Neil Delph, Bob Dunham, Tom Seal, Sullivan Cook, Bill McCarty, Jay DeFord, John Dilkey, Jim Steele, student manager. Row 4-Coach Pete Russo, Arthur Lewis, Dave Beher, Phil Free- man, Jerry Charmolue, Tom Linville, John Teague, John Jackson, Bill Whitinger, Head Coach Don Barnett. f night encounter. In another game under the lights the Indians dropped Madison Heights, 13-5. Hitters Rap Ball Anderson's keys to victory Were the stout pitching of Gross, who had won four straight, and Charmolue and Beher with three vic- tories each, and powerful hitting by Jo-hn Teague, Tom Linville, Jim Sutton, Larry Taylor, Pete Danforth, and Larry Clem, who were hitting .300 or better. The pitchers struck out 100 batters in the first ten games, and the hitters racked up 121 base hits, 20 of which were for extra bases. The Brave-s stole 38 bases. , Fielding-wise the Tribe held down the opponents' run average with a respectable .934 fielding percentage. Coach Pete Russo's reserve team enjoyed a successful season winning four of its first five games. Jerry Shafer won all four and lost the other by one run. With the fine showing in early conference play, the Tribe was assured of a high finish in the final standings and stood to gain va.luable points in the all-sports trophy race. anks as Top Threat to Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson VARSITY BASEBALL 3 9 3 9 9 4 '7 10 17i 13, Indianapolis Shortridge 1 Indianapolis Broad Ripple, 6 New Castle 0 Hartford City 1 Kokomo 1 Muncie Central 1 Lafayette Jeff 0 Marion 1 Indianapolis Shortridge 2 Madison Heights 5 I Conference Nines Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson RESERVE BASEBALL , St. Mary's 4 , Knightstown 1 , Lafayette Jeff 2 , Marion 4 , Madison Heights 0 Pitchers Dave Beher and Jerry Charmolue talk over Batting technique is the subject of discussion be pre-game strategy with catcher Pete Danforth. tween John Teague, Matias Melendez and Tom Linville. AHS lettermen charge onto the field ready for Larry Taylor, Larry Clem, Jack Morris, Ron Plckett victo1'y. They are Qleft to rightj Coach Pete Russ-0, Jim Sutton and Coach Don Barnett. 79 Rebuilding Track Squad Looks to Future Glor Ln., .. Doug Barron romps home to victory against Muncie Central in the 880-yard run. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson VARSITY TRACK Dual Meets 3716, Muncie Central 7OVg 39, Richmond 70 36M, Indianapolis Tech 72Mg 90, Marion 19 40, Kokomo 69 Invitational Meets sixth in Muncie Relays. ninth in Kokomo Relays. Anderson's track team gained enthusiasm and added skill through the efforts of hard- working Coach Bob Fre-eman, and climaxed t.he season with a third place in the Sectional. If energetic promotion can bring Anderson back to track heights, several large steps have been taken. Outstanding races were broadcast over local radio stations, and a get-together of former track greats was called to add impetus to the high school's track future. The Indians came a long way themselves after being humbled in three early season meets. They outraced Marion, 90 to 19, and sent five boys on to state competition. Qualifying for the regionals we-re Bo-b Brown, who held the state's fastest 440-yard dash time for awhile, Dave Carpente-r, who vaulted nearly 12 feet in the pole vault, and a mile relay team, of Tom Tallman, Larry Vance, Steve Watson, and Brown. RESERVE TRACK Anderson 38, Muncie Central 71 Anderson 3935, Richmond 69M Anderson 32, Indianapolis Tech 77 'i seventh in North Central Conference. Anderson 63W, Ma1'i0I1 3916 ' third in Sectional. Anderson 48, Kokomo 61 ,Q 9 :H 9 Bob Brown clears the bar by inches to place first Hurdlers Jim Seal and Bill Graham keep pace with in the high jump event. a Muncie speedster. Coaches Bob Freeman and Ray Fleenor give last minute briefings and encouragement to lettermen Fred Kingsbury, Bob Jackson, Steve Lowry, Tom TRACK TEAM-Row 1-Dennis Vaughn, Eddie Rayford, Bob Stoops, John Hensler, Jim Duffy, Bob Barnett, Sherman Scott, Richard Kirk. Row 2 -Coach Ray Fleenor, Tom Tallman, Jim Morgan, Steve Lowry, Steve Watson, Fred Kingsbury, Bob Jackson, Bob Brown, Trainer Don Kyle, Head Coach Bob Freeman. Row 3--Max Pickel, student man- ager, Bob Townsend, John Hadley, Ronald Wallace, Tallman, Steve Watson, Bob Brown, and Jim Morgan before an important meet. Steve Clark, John Cunningham, David McCord, Paul McNear, Larry Huse, Bill Graham, Larry Vance, Walt Ebbert, Larry Sutton, student manager. Row 4-Roger Atkisson, William Wilkerson, Arthur Hendricks, Phillip Gaunt, Harry Taylor, Doug Barron, Jim Seal, Curt Bradley, Jim Goodnight, Joe McCord, Marvin Morgan, Paul McCormick, Leonard Boatman. I Pugh Aims for 100th Victory as Tennis Coach Lettermen Dwight Aldred, Voss Purkey and Frank Meeker prepare for action. TENNIS TEAM-Row 1-David Rogers, Steve Jackson, Jack Graham, Bob Huffman, Steve Comstock, Bill Harper, David L. DeBolt, Paul Price. Another successful season seemed to be in store for Coach Dane Pugh's tennis team as it breezed through seven of its first ten matches With decisive wins. A respectable 10-4 record last year, how- ever, gave the Indian netmen only a fourth place finish in the North Central Conference, their lowest spot since a fifth place in 1957. With three early season conference Wins under their belts, the racketmen hope to bring a fourth tennis championship to AHS. Coach Pugh's teams have won 90 matches and dropped 23 in nine previous seasons, fin- ishing in the league's top three seven times. VARSITY TENNIS Anderson 6, Connersville 1 Anderson 7, Indianapolis Broad Ripple 0 Anderson 5, Indianapolis North Central 2 Anderson 5, Indianapolis Shortridge 2 Anderson 0, Muncie Burris 7 Anderson 4, Marion 3 Anderson 4, Indianapolis Tech 1 Anderson 5, Kokomo 2 Anderson 1, Lafayette Jeff G Anderson 3, Muncie Central 4 Row 2-Lanny Reger, Voss Purkey, Frank Meeker, Dwight Aldred, Jim Osborne, Rex Ahrendt, Steve Aldred, Coach Dane Pugh. c I , f , , V L . V, 4 Mi ff-T, GQLF TEAM-Row 1-Buel Boston, Neil O'Brien, Phil Martin, Mike Martin, Bill Ellis, Tom Miller, Cook, Mike Cummings, Tom Williams, Mike Morgan, Tom Newman, Paul Wykoff, Phil Blue, Coach Jim Steve Hart, Phil Taylor, Jerry Stephenson. Row 2- Carter. Rex Upshaw, John Wiley, Dave Hilligoss, Kenny Golfers Add to AHS Athletic Trophy Cases Mike Cummings, Mike Martin and Kenny Cook, all golf lettermen, line up an all-important putt. With three lettermen, a rough schedule and past tradition in mind, Coach Jim Carter's golf team embarked on the 1959 season with hopes of regaining the state title lost three years ago. The Indians' defeat in sectional play by one stroke last year had even greater sting as city-rival Madison Heights went on to win top honors in the state meet. Starters were lettermen Mike Cummings, Kenny Cook, Mike Martin, and newcomers Tom Newman and Tom Williams. They re- gained top form after a slow start by tying for first in the highly-competitive Fort Wayne Invitational. VARSITY GOLF Anderson 6, Richmond 9 Anderson 1215, Indianapolis Tech 215 Anderson 7, Marion 8 Anderson 2, Muncie Central 13 Anderson 215, New Castle IZV2 Anderson 8, Marion 7 Anderson 13, Indianapolis Shortridge 2 Anderson 315, Madison Heights 1115 Anderson 715, Muncie Central 715 ftiej Anderson lk, New Castle 135 Anderson tied for first in Fort Wayne meet X Q as gg' " ' I:-L iivwgfwix my 5' A gimiyaw S XQCJKQ v at okwoggglwgaoweb M3319 l 314-Q5,QO,VfSboo 52JMooQQ2,c3NNQ, XSLNJABR QQAQC 'l U6 55 emwam . Lx . f - ,Q oazifw c-Q-,cow Q, , flee dig and People Faced With the challenges for an even greater educational system as critics de- manded more excellence in specialized fields, AHS students and faculty Worked to- gether to tackle the needs of modern times. As the year progressed, the usual barrier between the students and the teachers seemed to disappear, as the individuals became closer friends. Loyalty, honor, and respect dominated the hearts of all AHS'ers, and the community praised the Anderson Way as respectful, re- freshing, rewarding. School spirit has many ways of showing itself at AHS, all of them forceful. AHS students carry years of tradition with them erywhere they go. Administrators Work Together in Making Plan Superintendent G. E. Ebbertt takes time out from a busy schedule for an interview with X-Ray reporter Lana Achor. Principal David L. Adams pauses for a brief chat with office assistant Maggie Young. Problems facing the administration and the Board of School Trustees were innumer- able, as they are every year. These problems started with the number of students to each class room, adequate teaching facilities, and maintenance. They ended with public opinion of the school, curriculum, athletic programs, and one burning gymnasium. Superintendent G. E. Ebbertt, a veteran of more than seven years in his job here. had plenty of opportunity to put his experi- ence to use to keep up with the ever- increasing problems. At the other end of the scale, Mr. David Adams, principal, and Mr. Clifford Swift, assistant principal, were both in their freshman year at their jobs. Both of these capable men had to face tasks that were new and challenging. These administrators had the responsibil- ities of keeping the school's high standards, and they met them well. Assistant Principal Clifford Swift also guides ath- letes like Kenny Cook in his role as athletic director. for Better School Facilities, New Gymnasium . .,....m School building projects, finances, and new ideas call for many informal meetings of School Board members Mr. Lee Fidler, school city attorney, Mr. Syd Williams, secretaryg Mrs. Margaret Knight, New buildings, like the Hiawatha Elementary School in North Anderson, flourished as a result of work by the School Board. board memberg Mr. Wilbur Roby, presidentg Mr. William Hovermale, board member, Mr. Maurice Fleece, treasurer, Mr. G. E. Ebbertt, superintendent, and Miss Gertrude Plotner, clerk of the board. An architect's drawing will soon become a reality as the School Board proceeds with planning of a new gymnasium. Z X W g..n H- 1, jx, , h M, ' f.,er i' -A -f-- 1 ,,,f hile the AHS Faculty Keeps Busy Teaching, Involved in a pleasant conversation are Mr. Glee Ann Leaver discovers that Mrs. Edna Rhynearson, Joseph Sparks, dean of boys, and Linda Hiatt, dean of girls, is willing to answer almost any question. his assistant. FACULTY-Row l-Mrs. Marjorie Austin, Business Education, A. B.g Mr. J. J. Bailey, Social Studies, A. B., A. M., Mr. William Ballentine, Trades and lndustry, B S., M. S., Mr. Richard Balsley, Business Education, B. S., Mr. Donald Barnett, Driver Education, B. S., M. A. Ed., Mr. David Barrow, Director of Counseling, B. S., M. C. S., Mr. James Biddle, Coordinator of Distributive Education, B. S.: Mr. Donald Bowen, Head of Business Education, B. S., M. S., Mr. Jack Bowers, Science, B. A., Mr. Ralph Boyd, Language Arts, A. B., Mr Clarence Burns, Language Arts, A. B. Mathematics, A. B., M. S. Row 2-Mr. Max Beigh, J . S80 5.9 ff' B . -N KJ, ci-7? mgxlv om, Sponsoring Clubs, Counseling, Making Friends . AHS teachers have tradition behind them that makes their jobs more meaningful and gives them an objective toward which to work. People who think that a teacher works only during the school day are mistaken. Teachers do homework, too, in preparation for the next dayls lesson. This takes some doing, as the class period must not be wasted. It must be interesting, and must present to the student a desire to learn, brought out by a variety of approaches to the subject. Teachers sponsor clubs and act as advisors for student activities. They work as coun- selors and go over programs with each student, discussing possible subjects, college plans, and sometimes even knotty personal problems. Teachers must be able to under- stand students as human beings and to realize their problems, whether they be in regard to school work or to personal matters. FACULTY-Row 1-Miss Marietta Cain, Business Education, B. S.g Miss Dorothy Campbell, Language Arts, B. S., M. S., Mr. James Carter, Driver Educa- tion, B. P. Ed.. M. A.g Mr. Thomas Clem, Head of Music, M. S., B. S., Mr. J. Merrill Coffin, Social Studies, A. B.g Mr. George Davis, Head of Social Studies, A. B., A. M. Row 2-Mr. Charles Denny, Mrs. Mary Norris, Mrs. Barella Gray, and Mrs. Bonnie Bliss Qtop picturel drop their roles of hard- working' secretaries for only a moment. Secretaries Miss Phyllis Hotzel and Mrs. Iris Tolbert flower picturej pause to find out the latest news. Social Studies, A. B., M. A., Mrs. Margaret Doles, Science, A. B., Mr. Joseph Dye, Director of Adult and Industrial Education, B. S., M. S., Mr. John Finney, Social Studies, B. S., M. A., Mr. Ray Fleenor, Social Studies, A. B.. A. M., Mr. Robert Freeman, Driver Education, B. S. DDHDD 7 FACULTY-Row 1-Mr. John Garrigus, Science, B. S., M. S., Mrs. Evelyn Grahame, Head of Language Arts, B. S., M. S., Mr. Raymond Griffith, Science, A. B., M. S., Mr. Lee Hale, Trades and Industry, B. S., Mrs. Marguerite Hale, Language Arts, A. B., M. A., Miss Helen Harrell, Home Economics, A. B., M. A. Row 2-Mr. Donald Hays, Trades and lndustry, B. S., Miss Alice Higman, Language Arts, A. B.g Mr. Basil Hosier, Head of Mathematics, B. S., M. S., Mr. Jesse Huntzinger, Mathematics, A. B., M. S., Mrs. Ruthanne Imler, Nurse, Mr. William James, Industrial Coordinator, B. S., M. S. Through Long Service in Communit Projects Faculty men find excuses for informal gatherings throughout Principal David Adams calms a young guest the year. on Visitors' Day. FACULTY-Row l-Miss Eileen Johnson, Language Arts, B. A., M. A., Mr. Keith Johnson, Visual Aids, Librarian, A. B.3 Mr. Gordon Julius, Trades and Industry, B. S., M. S., Miss Hazel M. Kendall, Language Arts, B. A., Mrs. Mary Kitterman, Social Studies, B. A., M. A., Mr. George Lee, Head of Science, A. B., M. S. Row 2-Mr. Lowell Lee, Science, B. S., M. S., Miss Virginia Lindstroin, Social Studies, A. B., M. A., Miss Lois Long, Language Arts, B. A., M. A., Mr. Herbert Lyon, Business Education, B. S., M. A., Mrs. Mary K. McFarland, Head of Art, B. A. E., Mr. Harry McGoon, Language Arts, A. B., M. A. and a Pledge of Support When Called Upon . A laboratory lunch is the usual fare for science teachers Mr. Leo Sanders and Mrs. Margaret Doles. .u Miss Lois Long, Mrs. Evelyn Grahame, and Miss Alice Higman prove that teachers do homework, too. X . .905 ,A-,sg,':v 'KYB 095 e SY VKX 9,0 QRS qv . von: mu AY- Q1 t:llN0lIhXTlf Mr. Robert Freeman lends Connie Fisher finds a loyal backer in Miss Working overtime is nothing a word of advice. Eileen Johnson. new to Mr. L. R. Lee. Students Respect Their Corps of Educators FACULTY-Row 1-Mrs, Vivian Maine, Language Arts, A. B., Mrs. Deloris Martin, Home Economics, B. S.: Mr. David Martyn, Language Arts, B. S.: Mr. Herbert Miller, Mathematics, A. B., Mrs. Elise Mulvihill, Art, B. S., M. A., Mr. Ick Osborne, Head of Driver Education, B. S., M. S. Row 2- Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, Music, A. B., M. S.g Mr. Dane Pugh, Trades and Industry, B. S., M. S., Mr. Lee Pursley, Language Arts, B. S., Mrs. Lucile Railsback, Business Education, B. S., Mr. Robert Reifel, Trades and Industry, B. S., M. S., Mrs. Dorothy Riggs, Home Economics, A. B. 1 92 Teachers spend at least eight hours a day serving the community by educating its youth, and then, fortified by a good supper and a short rest, often traipse off to further service activities. Their names dot the lists of boards of directors and officer slates in almost every charitable organization. They are active in politics, as leaders in civic clubs, as speakers, and as key persons in a Whole host of Anderson activities. In the summer they go out into the community to Work in business, industry, or to further their education in graduate study. There are less than 80 of them, but their energy, influence, and experience is felt many times over in the community. All teachers pledge themselves as servants of their community, and in Anderson they are living up to that pledge. Working to keep AHS in good order are custodians Mrs. Elsie Keevin, Mr. Javan Rovvlett, Mr. Harry Mier, Mr. Bill Haygood, Mr. James Baker, head custodian, and Mr. Lester Frazier. as the Energetic Force Behind School Success FACULTY-Row 1-Mr. Claud Roney, Mathematics, A. B., M. A., Mr. Peter Russo, Driver Education, B. S., M. S., Mr. Leo Sanders, Science, A. B., M. S., Mrs. Mary Schultz, Asst. Librarian, Language Arts, B. S.g Mr. Vern Shinn, Trades and Industry, B. S., M. S., Mr. O. L. Springer, S-ocial Studies, A. B., M. A. Row 2-Miss Rive Todd, Head of Home Economics, B. S., M. A.g Mr. George Vaught, Music, B. P. S. M.g Mrs. Virginia Vermillion, Language Arts, A. B., M. S., Mr. Edmund C. Villars, Trades and Industry, B. S., Mr. Horace Wilson, Science, B. S.5 Mr. Frank Woschitz, Director of Public Relations, Language Arts, A. B. '59ers Began Planning for the Future Before Preparing for the Senior Talent Show are class officers Dave' Layton, president, Ann Harris, treasurerg Dave O'Br1en, vice presidentg and Kay McGraw, secretary. Mrs. Vivian Maine and Mr. William Ballentine, class sponsors, had a wealth of ideas, all of them good. Ready to take one of the biggest steps which confront an individual, the typical senior seemed willing and able to go out and face the problems of the world. Experiencing one of the most inspirational four-year periods in AHS history, seniors climaxed their high school careers with a graduation exercise that was held away from Anderson High School for the first time in many decades. With the loss of the Wigwam, the spirited '59ers marched on, holding their traditional class meetings, dances, parties, and assem- blies in new places. Bla-ck sweaters and white cords created more color as seniors continued to parade throughout the AHS halls. Highlighting the m ultit ude of senior activities were the Senior Week events con- ducted at the close of the year. A talent show, picnic, and a dance marked the departure of the last four-year class. From the first challenge in their freshman year to the memorable commencement exer- cises ending their senior year, these '59ers carved a solid path in AHS history. Donna Chism, Pat Cox, and Ernie Shields build up the finances for the senior class at the coat check project. the Ink on Their Diplomas Was Barely Dry . . Last minute plans for the traditional Senior Week Ronnie McClain, Nancy Graves, Jon McClintock, are tlie topics of conversation for senior executive Dave Kimball, John Melson, Nancy Wmemiller, and committee members Jim Goodnight, Terry Montague, Judy Dilts. A p ri Z e winning Homecoming fl o a t results from hours of hard work and preparation by seniors. They Looked upon 96 Graduatron as a Farewell Row 1 BRENDA ABBOTT College Preparatory Madrrgal Choral Club Grrls Chorus All State Chorus Honor Socrety Latm Club Hrstory Club Y Teens Monrtor Cheer Block Class Exec Comm LANA MARTIN ACHOR College Preparatory Thespran App Latrn Club Sec J C L XRay Feature Edrtor YTeens Hrstory Club Honor Socrety Monrtor Student Councrl Jr Red Cross Rep F T A Vrce Pres Cheer Block Model U N Deans Asst DWIGHT ALDRED General Ten nrs Football Cross Country H1Y Latrn Club J C L A Club Cheer Block Row 2 TERRY CHARLES ALEXANDER Gen eral J Red Cross Rep JAMES HARRY ALLEMAN Pre Engrneerrng Vrs Ards Asst H1 Y H R Sec Treas SANDRA JO ANDERSON College Preparatory Student Councrl Gnls Glee Club Hrstory Club Latrn Club YTeens Monrtor Cheer Block M1Xed Chorus Choralettes Row 3 DAVE ANTHONY General Boys Glee Club CARLA JEAN ASHBAUGH General Nurses Asst G R A Counsellng Off Asst Grrls Chorus Choralettes GARRY JOSEPH BAILEY General Boys Glee Club Pres Vrce Pres Publrcatron Rep Head MOHlt0l Honor Socrety ERVIN K BAKER General GARY EARL BAKER College Preparatory Foot ball Basketball A Club H1 Y Cheer Block Latrn Club J C L H R Pres Vlce Pres Row 5 JAMES HENRY BAKER General Band Orchestra Choral Club Madrrgal H R Pres H1Y Latrn Club Vrce Pres Chess Club Dance Band Honor Socrety Model U N M M M Vrce Pres Hrstory Club SHERRY ANNETTE BAKER Busrness Educatron YTeens Future Retarlers Sec Nurses Asst JILL TERESA BARONI Busrness Educatron Nurses Asst ROW 6 JANET LEE BARRON Buslness Educa tron YTeens Honor Socrety Ir Hrgh Off Asst Athletrc Off Asst H R Sec Treas Mrxed Chorus Grrls Glee Club KARON JO BEASON Busrness Educatlon Concert Chou Choralettes M M M DON BEATTY Busmess Educatron H R Pres M M M Choral Club Boys Glee Club Mrxed ghorlus All State Chorus Monrtor H1Y Football rac a 1' Y 1 I 1 I' I1 1 1 I' 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 m1 1 1 1 . I -1 ' 1 I ' - '1 ' 1 I . I .3 - , I . I . 1 I1 1 1 ., . . ., ' ' , . ' 1 .. - . 1 - 1 t 1 1 .' 1 l 1 nn 11 . , . . ., , . '1 T. ' . 1- - ' ' -- . ., - , . . .- ' . ni . 1 I -. , ' . 1 1 I 1 1 ' 1 I1 Q 1 1 ' ' , . T . -1 ., . . ., . ., 1 - " Row 4 DAVID JOE BAKER-General- H. R. ' '1 I ' 11 '1 u 11 1 ' , -1 ' - 1 1 1 I " 1 1 , . . ., . . ' ., ' . : . T ' Z . ' t I ' 1 I1 1 . ' 1 - 1 '1 ' 1 I, .Q 1 I , I , . ., . . ., .Q . . i - I I . I I . 4 7 .I, I . I 1 ' TI " 1 N ' 1 ' M- . ' I - -1 I . ., . . .- ' ., I , 1 ' I ' ', I , . . . '- T . . I' ., - - -1 1 I I 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 .. o Pour Years of Unforgettable Achievement Row 1: GAIL ADAIR BEDFORD-Home Econ- omics-Counseling' Off. Asst., X-Ray, Annual Staff, Art Editor, Jr. High Off. Asst., F. T. A. DAVID RONALD BEHER-General-Baseball, "A" Club. BEVERLY JEAN BENKO-College Preparatory- Girls State, Model U. N., Y-Teens, Sec., Latin Club, Sec., Class Exec. Comm., History Club, Jr. Red Cross, Indianettes, Latin Club Queen, Safety Queen, Fall Wind-Up Queen, Honor Society, Biology Asst., Head Monitor, H. R. Vice Pres., Sec.-Treas. Row 2: MAX LEE BENSON-General-Cross Country, Basketball, "A" Club, H. R. Pres., Football. JULIA BERKEBILE-General. JUDI BINGAMAN -General-Publication Rep., Latin Club, J. C. L., Girls Glee Club, Y-Teens, History Club, Fall Wind- Up Att., Model U. N., Student Council, Vice Pres., Treas.g Cheer Block, Co-Captain, Sr. Dramatics, Pep Sessions Comm., Head Monitor, Dean's Asst., Thes- pian App. Row 3: DONNA SUE BIRKHEAD-General- Bible Club, Latin Club, J. C. L., G. R. A., Student Council, H. R. Sec., Future Nurses, Y-Teens. BONNIE LOUISE BLACKSHEAR-General-H. R. Vice Pres., Monitor, Y-Teens, Cheer Block. HOLLIS BLAIR-General. Row 4: CYNDA LOU BLOOM-General-Jr. Red Cross Council, Pres., Cheer Block, Monitor, Y-Teens, Bible Club, Library Asst., Candy Stand. TONY BOWMAN-General. JANICE ANN BRANCH- General-X-Ray, Annual Staff, Underclass Editorg I. H. S. P. A., Jr. Annual Staff. Row 5: JOHN DEAN BREECK-General-Ushers, Monitor. NANCY MAE BRINDUSE-Home Econ- omics-Honor Society, Cheer Block, Y-Teens, Convo Comm., Asst. Head Monitor, G. R. A. JOHN EARNEST BRITTON-Pre-Apprentice. Row 6: BRENDA BROWN-Home Economics- H. R. Vice Pres., G. R. A. CAROL BROWN- Business Education. JAMES LARRY BROWN- College Preparatory-Baseball, Football, Monitor, H R. Pres., Vice Pres. Therr Final Year Started on a Dreary Note Row 1: SAUNDRA RISE BROWN-Business Edu- cation-G. R. A., Monitor, Jr. Red Cross Rep. LAURENCE WENDELL BROWN-College Pre- paratory-Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, Hi-Y, M. M. M. JAMES EDWARD BRUCE-Pre- Engineering. Row 2: SHEILA ANN BUCK-General-Girls Chorus, Choralettes, Student Council, Monitor, H. R. Vice Pres. LEE JOSEPH BURKE-College Pre- paratory Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Latin Club, J. C. L., Candy Stand. LOGAN EUGENE BUTLER General. R-ow 3: PAMELA JO BUTTERFIELD-College Preparatory-Honor Society, Thespians, Latin Club, History Club, Y-Teens, Vice Pres., Cheer Block, M. M. M., Choral Club, X-Ray, Editor-in-Chiefg Pep Sessions Comm., Student Council, Little Chief, Co-Editor, Concert Choir, Model U. N. JANICE LOUISE BYRUM-College Preparatory-Honor Society, Y-Teens, Sec., Student Council, History Club, Convo Comm., Dean's Asst., Monitor, Annual Staff, Activities Editor, Latin Club, J. C. L., X-Ray, Cheer Block, Jr. Red Cross, Model U. N., Thespian App. BARBARA CADE-General-Asst. Head Monitor, Nursels Asst. Row 4: LARRY CAMPBELL-Prqf-Apprentice- Ushers. DAVID DALE CARPENTER--College Preparatory-Football, Track, Band. H. R. Pres., "A" Club, Cheer Block, Hi-Y. RONALD GORDON CARPER - College Preparatory - L a t i n Club, J. C. L., History Club, Thespians, Treas., Class Exec. Comm., Sr. Dramatics, Dean's Asst. Row 5: MARY FRANCES CARRAWAY-College Preparatory-Y-Teens, Indianettes, Soph. Class Sec.. H. R. Pres., Student Council, Treas. PATRICIA SUE CATES-Business Education-Y-Teens, Girls Glee Club, X-Ray Asst., Athletic Off. Asst. DAVID CLARISON CHAMBERS-General-Cross Country, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Track, J. C. L.. Publica- tion Rep., Hi-Y. Row 6: CHARLES PAUL CHASE-General- Football. CYNTHIA ANN CHASEY-College Pre- paratory-Cheer Block, Y-Teens, Sec.: Monitor, H. R. Sec.-Treas., Honor Society, Dean's Asst. DeANNA CAROL CHEATHAM-Business Educa- tion-Y-Teens, Nurse's Asst. S Summer Floods Threatened the Commumt Row 1: DONNA CHISM-General-Girls Chorus. ZEBEDEE CHRISTIAN-College Preparatory- Convo Comm., Publication Rep., H. R. Pres., Monitor, Track. JAMES ROGERS CLARK-College Pre- paratory-Vis. Aids Asst., Track, Wrestling, Foot- ball, History Club, Candy Stand, Boys Glee Club. Row 2: LYNNE CLEMENTS-College Preparatory -Latin Club, J. C. L., H. R. Vice Pres., Sec., Treas., Orchestra, Head Majorette, Class Exec. Comm., Band Asst. GARRY LEON COBB-General-Bible Club. FRANCES ELAINE COE - General- Girls Glee Club, Latin Club, Bible Club, Choralettes, Coun- seling Off. Asst. Row 3: BILL C. COLLINS-General-"A" Club, Hi-Y, Cross Country, Track, Football, Manager, Boys Chorus, Cheer Block, Wrestling, Candy Stand. DONALD DEE COLVIN-Pre-Apprentice. DAVID JOSEPH COMBS-Pre-Engineering-Hi-Y. Row 4: JOHN CONDON-General-Hi-Y, Boys Chorus, Cross Country. LARRY GENE CONNER- General-Thespians, Pres., Publication Rep., Mon- itor, Bible Club, Honor Society, Candy Stand, Sr. Dramatics. LARRY D. CONTOS-College Prepara- tory-H. R. Pres., Vice Pres., Monitor, Hi-Y, Honor Society, Annual Staff, Ad Manager, X-Ray, Latin Club, J. C. L., Model U. N. Row 5: KENNETH COOK-College Preparatory- Publication Rep., Boys Chorus, "A" Club, Hi-Y, Honor Society, Golf, History Club, Monitor, Cheer Block, Model U. N., Parking Lot Cadet. LARRY JOE COTTINGHAM -Pre-Apprentice. HOWARD KEITH COX-Pre-Apprentice-Monito1'. Row 6: LINDA SUE COX-College Preparatory -Latin Club, Y-Teens, Monitor, H. R. Sec.-Treas., Girls Glee Club, History Club. OTIS EDWARD COX - Pre-Engineering'- Honor Society, Hi+Y, Monitor, Model U. N., Student Council, Jr. Red Cross. PATRICIA JOAN COX-Business Educa- tion-Model U. N., Counseling Off. Asst., Candy Stand. W1th thc Opcmng of School, Homecoming Sent Row 1: DAVID NEAL CRANDALL-College Preparatory-Choral Club, Madrigal, M. M. M., Pres., Head Monitor, Orchestra, Wrestling, Tennis, Boys Glee Club, Publication Rep., H. R. Treas. ROBERT V. CRIDGE-College Preparatory-Hi-Y, History Club, Monitor. MARY JANE CRONK- College Preparatory-Girls Chorus, Mixed Choir, Choralettes, Choral Club, Madrigal, Orchestra, M. M. M., Latin Club, J. C. L., Honor Society, F. T. A., Y-Teens, Cheer Block, Model U. N., All State Chorus. Row 2: SANDY CROSTHWAITE-Business Edu- cation-Student Council, Class Exec. Comm., Y- Teens, H. R. Sec.-Treas., Athletic Asst., Cheer Block, H. S. Off. Asst. CHARLES MICHAEL CUMMINGS-College Preparatory-Football, Bas- ketball, Golf, Cross Country, "A" Club, Honor Society, Latin Club, J. C. L., Choral Club, History Club, Cheer Block, H. R. Pres., Model U. N., Boys State, Head Monitor, Jr. Red Cross, Parking Lot Cadet, Jr. Rotarian. MELANIE K. DALTON- College Preparatory-Y-Teens, F. T. A., H. R. Vice Pres., Sec.-Treas.g Honor Society, Orchestra, Model U. N., Indianettes, H. S. Off. Asst., M. M. M., Dance Band. Row 3: GEORGE DANFORTH-College Prepara- tory-Baseball, Basketball, Football, Cross Coun- try, H. R. Pres., "A" Club, Sgt. at Arms: Candy Stand, Hi-Y, Publication Rep. ROBERT EUGENE DAVIS - Pre-Apprentice - History Club. WILFRED STEPHEN DAVIS-Pre-Engineering- Student Council, Track, Cross Country, Hi-Y, Mon- itor, Dean's Asst. Row 4: JUDITH ANN DAYTON-Home Econ- omics-Gu R. A. DAVID A. DeBOLT-Annual Staff, Co-Editor-in-Chief, X-Ray, Sports Editor: Model U. N., Class Exec. Comm., Ushers, Golf, Jr. Annual Staff, I. H. S. P. A., Publicity Dept. Asst., Candy Stand, I. U. Journalism Inst. ALLAN DEFENDERFER-General. Row 5: LARRY WAYNE DEITZ-General- Wrestling, Cross Country, Track, Tennis. YVONNE DeVASHIR-Business Education-Vari- ety Show, Choral Club, M. M. M., Mixed Chorus, Girls Chorus, Monitor, Music Dept. Asst. BARBARA LOUISE DIEDRING-Business Edu- cation-Annual Staff, Underclass Editorg Jr. Annual Staff, Y-Teens, Concert Choir, Cheer Block, Publicity Dept. Asst. Row 6: JUDITH ANNE DILTS-College Pre- paratory-Y-Teens, History Club, Jr. Red Cross, F. T. A., Library Asst., Student Council, Class Exec. Comm., Monitor, Music Dept. Asst., Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Model U. N., H. R. Sec., Honor Society, Cheer Block. LARRY RICHARD DOHERTY - Pre-Apprentice - Ushers. SANDY RuBOIS-Choral Club, Indian Maiden, Library sst. Seniors Back on the High School Social Track Row 1: OMAR L. DUFFER-College Prepara- tory. ADDIE DUNLAP-Business Education- Y-Teens. G. R. A., Vice Pres., Student Council, Athletic Off. Asst., Dean's Asst., H. R. Pres., Vice Pres.g Monitor, Candy Stand, Cheer Block, Girls Chorus. MICHAEL JOHN DUNN-General -Orchestra, Treas.g Choral Club, I. U. Music Clinic, Thespians, M. M. M., Orchestra, Student Directory Commencement Speaker. Row 2: FRED WAYNE EASTES-General- X-Ray, Student Council, Latin Club. BRENDA LOU EBBERTT-General-Thespians, Sr. Dra- matics, Monitor, Y-Teens, H. R. Sec., H. S. Off. Asst., Dean's Asst., Girls Chorus. THOMAS W. EVERNHAM-Pre-Engineering-H. R. Pres., Vis. Aids Asst., Class Exec. Comm., Convo Comm. Row 3: PAUL DAVID FAIRBURN-General-- Choral Club, Vis. Aids Asst., M. M. M., Monitor, Boys Chorus. JANICE LEE FERGUSON-Cob lege Preparatory-Y-Teens, F. T. A., Latin Club, J. C. L., History Club, Monitor, M. M. M., Nurse's Asst., Band. JAMES WILLIAM FERRELL-Pre- Apprentice. Row 4: RONALD FERRELL-General. DENNIS MICHAEL FISHER-General. JANICE ANN FISHER - General- Y-Teens, Student Council, Treas.g Athletic Off. Asst., Monitor, Honor Society, X-Ray, Managing Editor, Cheerleader, Pep Ses- sions Comm., H. R. Sec.-Treas., Mixed Choir, Class Exec. Comm. Row 5: ARTHUR DALE FITE-Pre-Engineering' -Thespians, Boys Glee Club. LARRY RONALD FLETCHER - College Preparatory - Latin Club, Candy Stand. MELVIN DOUGLAS FOWLER- gre-Agiprentice-Cross Country, Track, Baseball, ootba . Row 6: SHERRY LEE FRANKLIN-Home Econ- omics.. MARTHA FRAZIER-'College Prepara- tory-Library Asst., Y-Teens, Jr. Red Cross, Cheer Block, Choralettes, Girls Chorus. TERRY LEE GARDNER-General-Vis. Aids Asst. They Walked Halls, Begged Candy Stand Clerks Row 1: DIANA MAE GARRINGER-General-- H. R. Vice Pres., Monitor, Y-Teens, Concert Choir. ANN GELLINGER-General-Y-Teens, Pep Ses- sions Comm., Indian Maiden, Monitor, Counseling Off. Asst., H. R. Sec.-Treas., Cheer Block. JAMES MICHAEL GILLASPY-College Preparatory- Football, Baseball, Student Council, H. R. Pres. Row 2: MARCIA KAY GILLIAM-Business Edu- cation-Y-Teens, Girls Chorus, Dean's Asst., Coun- seling Off. Asst., Monitor. STEPHEN BRUCE GIVENS-College Preparatory-Jr. Red Cross Rep., Football, Camera Club, Chess Club, Sec.- Treas.: Honor Society, Monitor, Annual Staff, Photographer: I. U. Journalism Inst., Jr. Annual Staff, I. H. S. P. A., Model U. N., Publicity Dept. Asst. DONNIE ALLEN GLAZEBROOKS-- General-Vis. Aids Asst., Football, Wrestling, Track, "A" Club, Monitor. Row 3: JANET BERNITA GLAZEBROOKS- General. MARY GODBEY - General- Y-Teens. DAVID LOWELL GOEN-General-H. R. Pres., Vice Pres., Publication Rep., Class Exec. Comm., Band. Row 4: DENNIS EARL GOODING-General. CLAUDINE GOODMAN-General-Y-Teens, H. R. Sec.-Treas.g Candy Stand, Monitor. JAMES E. GOODNIGHT-General-Hi-Y, M. M. M., Choral Club, Boys Glee Club, "A" Club, Football, Track, Publication Rep.. Cheer Block, Tennis. Row 5: RANDY GORDON-College Preparatory -Honor Society, Thespians, Monitor, History Club, Pres.: Jr. Red Cross Rep., Sr. Dramatics, Cheer Block, Tennis, Model U. N. SANDRA KAY GORDON-College Preparatory-Model U. N., Student Council, History Club, Sec.: Y-Teens, Vice Pres., Latin Club, Treas.g X-Ray, Editor-in-Chiefg Monitor, Class Exec. Comm., H. R. Vice Pres., Honor Society, Dean's Asst., Thespians, Cheer Block, Eng. Off. Asst. MARGARET JOANNA GOUGH-College Preparatory-Choral Club, Mad- rigal, M. M. M., Dean's Asst., H. R. Vice Pres., Sec.-Treas.g Girls Chorus, Concert Choir. Row 6: STEVE K. GRADDY-Pre-Engineering- H. R. Pres., Vice Pres., Hi-Y, Monitor. DON GRAHAM - General. JAMES RAYMOND GRAHAM-General. Wore Traditional Senior Cords and Sweaters Row 1: DONNA JANE GRANT-General- Y-Teens, Indianettes, Monitor, Annual Staff, Senior Editor: Jr. Annual Staff, Publicity Dept. Asst., Dean's Asst., Girls Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, H. R. Sec.-Treas. NORMAN ERROL GRANT-College Preparatory-Head Monitor, History Club, Model U. N. NANCY GRAVES-College Preparatory- Fresh. Class Vice Pres., Y-Teens, Latin Club, His- tory Club, Pep Sessions Comm., Class Exec. Comm., Prom Queen, Choral Club, Dean's Asst., H. R. Sec.- Treas., Fall Wind-Up Queen Att., Cheer Block. Row 2: LILLIAN GRAY-General-G. R. A. PATRICIA ANNE GRAY-Home Economics- Y-Teens, Girls Glee Club. VILNIS GIRTS GRENCIONS - Pre-Engineering - Honor Society, Treas.g Model U. N., Boys State, Chess Club, Mon- ito1', Candy Stand. Row 3: MICHAEL F. GRIMES-General-H. R. Vice Pres., Publication Rep., Hi-Y, X-Ray, Ad Manager: Monitor, Band, Student Council, X-Ray Asst., Orchestra, F. T. A. JUDITH KAREN GUNKEL-General-Future Retailers, Girls Glee Club, Mixed Choir. CONNIE GUSTIN-College Preparatory-F. T. A., Honor Society, Student Council, Counseling Off. Asst., H. R. Sec.-Treas.g Y-Teens, Annual Staff, Faculty and Education: Cheer Block, Jr. Annual Staff, I. H. S. P. A., Monitor. Row 4: JOSEPH LEE GWYNN-General. DORIS HALL-General-Mixed Chorus, Bible Club, Thespians, Sr. Dramatics, Band. SARALEE HALL-General-Athletic Off. Asst., Monitor. Row 5: NILA JANE HAMILTON-General- Y-Teens, Jr. Annual Staff, Annual Staff, Circula- tion Manager: Jr. Red Cross, Student Council, Cheer Block. KAREN JO HANCOCK-General- Future Retailers. BRIAN HARDY-College Pre- paratory-Orchestra, Publication Rep., H. R. Pres., Hi-Y, Monitor, Latin Club, Band, Dance Band. Row 6: DAVID PAUL HARP-College Prepara- tory-Latin Club Phys. Ed. Asst. JAMES NELSON HARRINGTON - General. ANN MARIE HARRIS-College Preparatory-Madrigal, Choral Club, Y-Teens, Treas.g Honor Society, Latin Club, J. C. L., Class Treas., Class Exec. Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Cheer Block, Co-Captain, Cheerleader, Orchestra, M. M. M., Little Chief, Co-Editor, X-Ray, Feature Editor, Girls State, Model U. N., F. T. A., History Club, Vice Pres.: Candy Stand, All State Chorus, Dean's Asst., Band. And Turned Thoughts to Research and Study Row 1: LINDA JOYCE HARRIS-College Pre- paratory-Y-Teens, Jr. Red Cross, Sec., Monitor, BARBARA SUE HARRISON-College Prepara- tory-Y-Teens, Pres.: Thespians, Vice Pres., Silver Belle Att., Cheer Block, Latin Club, J. C. L., Mixed Chorus, H. S. Off. Asst., Girls Chorus, Head Mon- itor, H. R. Vice Pres., Jr. Red Cross, Class Exec. Comm., Model U. N., History Club. DAVID LEE HARdRISON - Pre-Apprentice - Usher, Candy Stan . Row 2: ROLLAND D. HARTLEY-College Pre- paratory-Track, Mgr., C1'oss Country, Mgr., Bas- ketball, Mgr.: History Club, "A" Club, H. R. Vice Pres., Candy Stand. LARRY LEE HARTZELL- Pre-Apprentice. NANCY .IO HARTZELL-Busi- ness Education-Y-Teens, Choralettes, Monitor, Girls Glee Club, H. S. Off. Asst., Annual Staff, Office Manager, Cheer Block, Mixed Choir, X-Ray, Candy Stand, F. T. A. Row 3: SANDRA KAY HARTZELL-Business Education-Y-Teens, Nurse's Asst., Monitor, H. R. Sec., Candy Stand. HAROLD EUGENE HATFIELD--General. DENNIS HAYNES- genegal-Dean's Asst., Phys. Ed. Asst., Candy tan . Row 4: PHIL HEMPLEMAN-General-Honor Society, X-Ray, Baseball, Wrestling. SHARON KAY HENDERSON-Business Education-Y-Teens, Choralettes, Publication Rep., Monitor, Mixed Chorus, Girls Chorus, Counseling Off. Asst. MAFRGARET LOUISE HENNIGAR-General- Y- eens. Row 5: JOHN EARLE HENSLER-College Pre- paratory-History Club, Latin Club, J. C. L., Hi-Y, "A" Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Golf, H. R. Pres., Monitor, Cheer Block. SUE ANN HERITAGE -College Preparatory-F. T. A., History Club, Y-Teens, Cheer Block, Choralettes, Monitor, Library Asst., Girls Chorus. WILLIAM HESTER-General -Boys Chorus. Row 6: LINDA KAY HIATT-College Preparatory -Latin Club, J. C. L., History Club, Rec. Sec.: Student Council, Corres. Sec.: Class Exec. Comm., H. R. Vice Pres., Jr. Red Cross Rep., Y-Teens, Monitor, Cheer Block, Cheerleader, Pep Sessions Comm., Dean's Asst. STEVEN MASON HILDERBRAND-Pre-Engineering-Candy Stand. ROBERT WAYNE HIMES-Pre-Engineering'-Bas- ketball, Track, Cross Country, Chess Club. as Critics Demanded More SCICIICC and Math Row 1: DAVID JERRY HOBBS-General-Thes- pians, Hi-Y, Sr. Dramatics, Candy Stand. DARRELL RICHARD HOFER-General. ROBERT VAN HUDSON-General-Monitor, Vis. Aids Asst., Choral Club, Orchestra, Hi-Y, Torch Club, H. R. Sec.-Treas. Row 2: WAYNE ARLIN HUFF-Pre-Apprentice- Track, Monitor. MARCIA KAY HUFFER-Busi- ness Education-Y-Teens, Monitor, Candy Stand, G. R. A., Library Asst., Student Council, Girls Chorus. JOHN PHILLIP HURLEY-General- Thespians, Orchestra, Vice Pres. Row 3: MICHAEL LEWIS HURLEY-College Preparatory-Monitor, Dean's Asst., Thespians, Vis. Aids Asst., Boys Glee Club, Candy Stand, History Club. ELIZABETH ANN HYLAND-Business Education-Jr. Red Cross Rep., Monitor, Orchestra, G. R. Pi., Y-Teens. HARRY THOMAS HYLAND- Genera . Row 4: JUDITH KAY IMEL-General--Y-Teens, Monitor, Dean's Asst., Music Dept. Asst., Girls Chorus. IRMA LEE IRVING-Business Education -Monitor, Girls Chorus, Mixed Choir, G. R. A., Sec., All State Chorus, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Biology Asst., Y-Teens. LESLIE JACKSON-General-Track. Row 5: PAT JACKSON-Lapel H. S., Cheer Block, Y-Teens, Jr. Red Cross, Monitor. ROBERT T. JACKSON-General-Monitor, Class Exec. Comm., Student Council, Parliamentariang "A" Club, Cross Country, Track, X-Ray, Editor-in-Chief. THOMAS F. JACKSON-Pre-Apprentice-Model U. N., Ush- ers, Pres., Vis. Aids Asst. Row 6: JACK LEE JEFFRIES-Pre-Apprentice. ROBERT JAMES-General-Football, Wrestling, "A" Club. CHARLES GARY JOHNSON-Pre- Apprentice-Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Tennis. A Sl50,000 Building 106 Face-Lifting Project Gav Row 1: JACK JOHNSON-General-Baseball Mgr. VERA JOHNSON-General. ETHEL REA JONES -Home Economics-Phys. Ed. Asst. Row 2: JACQUELINE KAY JONES-Business Education-Y-Teens, H. R. Pres., Sec., Concert Choir, Eng. Off. Asst., Monitor, Girls Chorus, Music Dept. Asst., Library Asst. ROBERT C. JONES- College Preparatory-Bible Club, Vice Pres., Choral Club, M. M. M., Latin Club, J. C. L., Wrestling, Cross Country, Orchestra, Band, Captain, Band Asst. CAROLYN SUE JORDAN-Business Education- Y-Teens, Future Retailers, Treas.3 H. R. Pres., Vice lgres., Sec.-Treas.g X-Ray, Monitor, Publicity Dept. sst. Row 3: ROBERT KARL KANABLE-General- Football, Wrestling, "A" Club, Hi-Y, Cheer Block, Monitor, Track, Phys. Ed. Asst. DAN KEENEY- General. KAREN SUE KELLEY-Business Educa- tion-History Club, F. T. A., Y-Teens, Cheer Block, Jr. Red Cross, H. R. Sec.-Treas., Library Asst., Candy Stand, Monitor. Row 4: JERRY DeWAYNE KENDALL-General -Library Asst. DAVID LAURENCE KIMBALL- Pre-Engineering-Hi-Y, Pres.: Class Exec. Comm., H. R. Vice Pres., Dean's Asst., Head Monitor, Model U. N. WILLIAM LEE KIMMERLING-Pre- Apprentice-Vis. Aids Asst. Row 5: CARL LEE KING-General-D. E. C .A., Future Retailers. GEORGIA KING-Home Econ- omics-G. R. A. FRED KINGSBURY-General- "A" Club, Hi-Y, Pres.: H. R. Pres., Track, Football, Cross Country, Cheer Block. Row 6: MICHAEL GLEN KIRKPATRICK-Col- lege Preparatory-Monitor, Library Asst., Candy Stand. JUDITH ANNETTE KNICK--Business Education-Y-Teens, Publication Rep., Thespians, Sr. Dramatics, X-Ray, Monitor. ANNE KNOTTS- Business Education-Latin Club, J. C. L., History Club, Y-Teens, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Monitor, Dean's Asst., Cheer Block, G. R. A. Seniors a New Pride in the Home oi the Indians Row 1: LINDA LOU KNOTTS-General-Y-Teens, History Club, F. T. A., Cheer Block, Jr. Red Cross, Library Asst., Dean's Asst., Monitor. PATTY ANN KNOTTS-General-Monitor, G. R. A., Candy Stand, Girls Chorus, Phys. Ed. Asst. RONALD FLOYD KNOTTS-General-Football. Row 2: BILL LANG-General-Hi-Y, "A" Club, Football. LARRY KENT LARGE - General. PAUL ALLEN LARSON-General. Row 3: JAMES ALVIN LAVENDER-General- Student Council. VERNAL DAVID LAYTON-Col- lege Preparatory-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Convo Comm., Football, Track, Cross Country, Basketball, "A" Club, Jr. Rotarian, Class Pres., Choral Club, Student Council, Class Exec. Comm., History Club, Cheer Block, Boys Glee Club, Model U. N., Candy Stand, All State Chorus, Purdue Legis. Assembly. FRANCIS MARION LAYTON-Pre-Engineering. Row 4: WILLIAM NEWTON LAYTON-General -Baseball. GLEE ANN LEAVER-Business Edu- cation-Library Asst., Monitor, Dean's Asst., Jr. Red Cross. JUDITH ANN LEE-Business Education- Y-Teens, G. R. A., Treas.g Cheer Block, Girls Chorus. Row 5: PATRICK ALBERT LEE-Pre-Engineer ing-H. R. Pres., Convo Comm., Head Monitor, Honor Society, Hi-Y, Model U. N., Sec.-Gen.: Dean's Asst., Valedictorian. DORIS JEANETTE LEFFEL- Home Economics-Latin Club, Y-Teens, Library Asst., Mixed Chorus. JUDITH ARLENE LEISURE -General-H. R. Sec., Y-Teens, Spring Fling Queen, Library Asst., Monitor. Row 6: JUDITH ANN LENNIS-Business Educa- tion-F. T. A., Y-Teens. JERRY WAYNE LEWIS -College Preparatory-Basketball, Cross Country, Monitor. LINDA JOYCE LEWIS-College Pre- paratory-Y-Teens, Latin Club, J. C. L., History Club, Student Council, Dean's Asst., Cheer Block, Pep Sessions Comm., Sr. Dramatics. But Again Disaster Struck When the Wigwa Row 1: PATTI LEWIS-Home Economics-H. R. Vice Pres., Sec., Latin Club, Jr. Red Cross, Candy Stand. STEPHEN DALE LINDSEY-General- Band, Candy Stand, Latin Club. TOM LINVILLE -Pre-Engineering-H. R. Vice Pres., Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball, "A" Club, Monitor. Row 2: ANITA CARROL LITTRELL--Home Economics-Y-Teens, Choral Club, M. M. M., Library Asst., Monitor. MICHAEL ROGER LORTZ-Col- lege Preparatory-Latin Club, Monitor, Jr. Red Cross. PATRICIA ANN LOSER-General-Choral Club, Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Mixed Chorus, klonitor, Y-Teens, Eng. Off. Asst., Athletic Off. sst. Row 3: CAROLE McALLISTER-General-Girls Chorus, Choralettes, Bible Club. RUTH LOUISE McALLISTER-College Preparatory-Choral Club, Madrigal, Sec., Honor Society, M. M. M., Treas.g H. R. Vice Pres., Sec.-Treas.g Dean's Asst., Cheer Block, Girls State, Y-Teens, I. U. Music Clinic, Model U. N., Latin Club, Valedictorian. JERRY McCLINTICK-General. Row 4: JON McCLINTOCK-College Preparatory -Band, Monitor, Class Exec. Comm., H. R. Vice Pres., Latin Club, Hi-Y. LORA FRANCES McCORMICK-Business Education-Dean's Asst., Candy Stand, Y-Teens, Library Asst. CHARLES McDANELL-General. Row 5: GARY LOREN McDONALD-College Pre- paratory-Monitor, Latin Club, J. C. L. JANICE K. McGIVERN - General - Y-Teens. KAY McGRAW-College Preparatory-Cheerleader, Cap- tain, F. T. A., Y-Teens, Pres., Latin Club, Parlia- mentariang J. C. L., Student Council, H. R. Vice Pres., Sec., Candy Stand, Class Sec., Model U. N., Dean's Asst., Honor Society, History Club, Orchestra, Fall Wind-Up Att., Pep Sessions Comm., Sr. Dra- matics, Thespians. Row 6: MARTHA GAYLE McGUFFEY-Business Education-Eng. Off. Asst., Y-Teens, Candy Stand, M. M. M., Choralettes, Girls Glee Club. GEORGE EDWARD McKEAND - Pre-Apprentice - Candy Stand. PATRICK JOSEPH McKEAND-College Preparatory-Annual Staff, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Jr. Annual Staff, Publicity Dept. Asst., I. U. Journalism Inst., I. H. S. P. A., Valedictorian, X-Ray, Feature Editor, Publication Rep., Candy Stand, Class Exec. Comm., Student Council, Latin Club, J. C. L., Model U. N., Monitor, Honor Society, Cheer Block. 111 Burned and Onl a Blackened Shell Remamed Row 1: EARL BROOKS McKINNEY-Genera1- Candy Stand, Wrestling. PATRICIA E. McLAUGHLIN-College Preparatory-Cheer Block, G. R. A., Latin Club, J. C. L., Phys. Ed. Asst. HARRY DANIEL McVEY - Pre-Apprentice -- Wrestling, Vis. Aids Asst. Row 2: JAMES R. McVEY-Business Education- Future Retailers, Vis. Aids Asst. LINDA MAHON -General-Girls Glee Club, Choralettes, M. M. M., Future Nurses. ANITA KAY MANIS-Home Economics-Nurse's Asst., Monitor. Row 3: THELMA JEAN MANUEL-Business Education-Library Asst., Annual Staff, Faculty and Education, Jr. Annual Staff, Honor Society. DARRELL ALLEN MARTIN-Business Education -Boys Glee Club, Mixed Choir, Choral Club, M. M. M., Future Retailers, All State Chorus. MARY PAULINE MASON-College Preparatory- Cheer Block, Candy Stand, Dean's Asst.. Monitor, Y-Teens, Jr. Red Cross, Treas.g Thespians, Publica- tion Rep., Girls Chorus, Mixed Choir, Choral Club, M. M. M., F. T. A., Convo Comm., Latin Club, Model U. N., J. C L., History Club. Row 4: R O B E R T WAYNE MASON -- Pre- A p p r e n t i c e. LARRY BRUCE MASSEY-Pre- Apprentice-"A" Club, Cross Country, Track, Mon- itor, Cheer Block. BILLY JOE MAXWELL-Pre- Apprentice. Row 5: SUE ANN MEISER-General-Y-Teens, Homecoming Queen Att., Thespians, H. R. Vice Pres.. H. S. Off. Asst., X-Ray, Jr. Annual Staff, Dean's Asst., F. T. A., Monitor. MATIAS MELENDEZ- College Preparatory-Baseball, Monitor, Wrestling, "A" Club, Cheer Block. JOHN A. MELSON-Col- lege Preparatory-Choral Club, Band, Dance Band, Dean's Asst., H. R. Pres., Class Exec. Comm., M. M. M., Latin Club, J. C. L., Honor Society, Model U. N., Orchestra. Row 6: JON MELZER-General. LARRY LEE MILAM-Pre-Engineering-Football, Captain: Hi-Y, "A" Club. DAVID MILLER-General-Basketball, Track, Cross Country. Id' nut? Still High School Enthusiasm Hit New Peaks Row 1: THOMAS ANDREW MILLER-College Preparatory-Golf, H. R. Sec., Latin Club, J. C. L., Thespian App., M. M. M., Convo Comm., Boys Chorus, All State Chorus, Orchestra, Model U. N., Choral Club, Madrigal, Pres., Honor Society, Pres., Jr. Rotarian. TERRY LOU MONTAGUE-General -Band, Treas., Y-Teens, Class Exec. Comm., H. R. Pres., Jr. Red Cross, Sec., Cheer Block, Homecoming Queen, Prom Queen Att. NANCY LEE MOORE- Business Education-Y-Teens, Publication Rep. Row 2: PHYLLIS ANN MORELAND-General- Latin Asst. JOYCE MARIE MORGAN-Business Education-H. R. Pres., Treas., Publication Rep., G. R. A., Eng. Off. Asst., Monitor. JACK MORRIS -College Preparatory-H. R. Pres., Student Council, Class Exec. Comm., Hi-Y, Sec., "A" Club, Baseball, Wrestling, Cheer Block, Head Monitor, Latin Club, Jr. Red Cross. Row 3: MARCIA ELLEN NEFF-Business Educa- tion-Y-Teens, Cheer Block, History Club, Jr. Red Cross, Dean's Asst. DANNY ROSS NELSON- General. JAY D. NEWBERN-College Preparatory -Band, Head Drum Major, Dance Band, Hi-Y, Sec., Latin Club, J. C. L., Torch Club, Dean's Asst., Mon- itor, Publication Rep., H. R. Sec., Honor Society, Model U. N. Row 4: THOMAS NEWMAN-College Preparatory -Choral Club, Mixed Chorus, Boys Chorus, Thes- pians, M. M. M., Monitor, Golf, Hi-Y, X-Ray, Sports Editor, Latin Club, J. C. L., Model U. N. MYRL A. NISELY-Pre-Engineering-H. R. Vice Pres., Pub- lication Rep., Monitor, Boys Chorus, Choral Club, Madrigal, All State Chorus, M. M. M., Honor Society. .gMb LEE NORRICK-Pre-Apprentice-Boys Glee u . Row 5: CAROL NUGENT-General-Future Re- tailers. DAVID MICHAEL O'BRIEN-College Pre- paratory-Boys Glee Club, Mixed Choir, Choral Club, Vice Pres., Madrigal, M. M. M., Pres., Thespian App., Honor Society, Class Vice Pres.. H. R. Pres., Vice Pres., Class Exec. Comm., Commencement Speaker, Golf, Convo Comm., Model U. N. CHARLES BARRY OGLE-Pre-Engineering-Base gall, Hi-Y, H. R. Pres., Vice Pres., Treas., Jr. Red ross. Row 6: JAY OHLER-General. JIM ROLAND OSBORNE-College Preparatory-"A" Club, Sec., Football, Captain, Basketball, Tennis, Dean's Asst., Asst. Head Monitor, Hi-Y, Vice Pres., H. R. Pres., Vice Pres., Latin Club, J. C. L. JIM OTTO- General. 110 s the Long-Neglected Aud1t0r1um Was Found Row 1: JAMES OWENS-General-Ushers. BEVERLY JO PARKS-Business Education-Stu- dent Council, Publication Rep., Counseling Off. Asst., Library Asst., Y-Teens, H. R. Sec., G. R. A. IQIRARTHA SUE PATE-General-Y-Teens, Mixed orus. Row 2: BUDDY PATTERSON-General-Cross Country, H. R. Pres., Vice Pres., Sec.-Treas.g Hi-Y, Sgt. at Arms, Future Retailers. LUCIENNE OTHELIA PATTERSON - Home Economics - G. R. A., Jr. Red Cross, Girls Chorus, Monitor. SUSIE PATTERSON -- General- Y-Teens, Latin glub, History Club, Girls Chorus, Choralettes, Future urses. Row 3: WANDAVEE PAYTON-General. LARRY EUGENE PETERS - Pre-Apprentice. MARY BETH PHELPS-General-Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Choral Club, Sec.: Madrigal, Student Council, M. M. M., Music Dept. Asst., Counseling Off. Asst., H. R. Pres, Sec.-Treas.g Cheer Block, Monitor. Row 4: PATRICK EARL PHERSON-General- Ushers, Wrestling, Parking' Lot Cadet. SANDRA K. PHILLIPPE-General-G. R. A., Pres., Treas.g Y-Teens, Girls Chorus, Bible Club, Pres.: Student Council, Honor Society, F. T. A., Future Retailers, Vice Pres. BILL T. PHILLIPS-General-Hi-Y, Future Retailers, Cross Country, Candy Stand. Row 5: CARROLL PHILLIPS - General. THEODORE MAX PICKEL - Pre-Engineering - Honor Society, Vice Pres.g "A" Club, H. R. Pres., Vice Pres., Sec., Dean's Asst., Monitor, Cross Coun- try, Mgr., Track, Mgr., Model U. N. RONALD EI-EERMAN PICKETT-General-"A" Club, Base- a . Row 6: WILLIAM H. PRESSER-General-Thes- pians, H. R. Vice Pres. WILMA LINDOLA PRITCHARD-Business Education-Y-Teens, Mon- itor, Girls Chorus, Mixed Chorus, X-Ray, Asst.: Cheer Block, Counseling Off. Asst. JON NICHOLAS PRYOR-General. And Student Committees Produced More Homey Row 1: VOSS EDWARD PURKEY-General- Track, Tennis, Hi-Y, "A" Club. MARY LOUISE PUTERBAUGH - General. HELEN MARIE QUALLO-General-Monitor, Y-Teens, Latin Club, Athletic Off. Asst., Music Dept. Asst., Mixed Chorus, Choralettes, Future Nurses. Row 2: GEORGE RAYMOND RALSTON-Pre- Engineering--H. R. Pres., Vice Pres., Student Coun- cil, History Club, Hi-Y, Class Exec. Comm., Torch Club. WILLIAM EDWARD RANSHAW-Pre- Engineering-Track, Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball, H. R. Pres., Sec., Monitor, Torch Club, Hi-Y, Candy Stand. CAROL ANN RATZLAFF- College Preparatory-Choral Club, Concert Choir, Mixed Chorus, M. M. M., H. R. Pres., Monitor, Music Dept. Asst., Cheer Block. Row 3: NORVAL LEW RECTOR-Pre-Apprentice. BILL REES-General-Track, Baseball, Monitor. MARY ANNE RICHARDSON-General. Row 4: STEPHEN WILLIAM RICHARDSON- , Pre-Engineering-Choral Club, Orchestra, Student Council, Vice Pres., Class Exec. Comm., Hi-Y, Mon- itor. EARL RICHMAN-General-H. R. Pres., Mixed Chorus. SHARON KAY RIGGS-College Preparatory-Monitor, Biology Asst., History Club, Latin Club, Girls Chorus, Choralettes, Y-Teens, Honor Society, Future Nurses, Bible Club. Row 5: PHIL RINKER-College Preparatory- Latin Club, Monitor, History Club, Treas., H. R. Vice Pres., Treas., Publication Rep., Cheer Block. PAT ROBBINS - College Preparatory - History Club, Ushers, Monitor. JANICE SUE ROBINSON XBusiness Education-Y-Teens, Monitor, Eng. Off. sst. Row 6: DAN ROBY-College Preparatory-Class President, Student Council, Pres., Latin Club, Choral Club, Pres., Hi-Y, M. M. M., H. R. Pres., Monitor, All State Chorus, Purdue Legis. Assembly, Model U. N., Boys State, Jr. Rotarian, Commencement Speaker, Honor Society, J. C. L., Nat. Parlia- mentarian. CARLA LOUISE ROGERS-Business Education-Monitor, Choralettes, G. R. A., Girls i Chorus, Choral Club. SHARON RAE ROHR-Home Economics-G. R. A.,.Cheer Block, Phys. Ed. Asst. 112 and Spirited Pep Sessions, Row 1: ELEN LEA RORK-College Preparatory- Columbus H. S., Monitor. MICHAEL B. ROWE-- General-Band, Dance Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y, Thespians, Latin Club, H. R. Treas., Pep Sessions Comm., Model U. N. ROBERT GERALD ROZELLE -General-Hi-Y, X-Ray, Dean's Asst., Madrigal, Choral Club, Honor Society, Publication Rep., Boys Chorus, Mixed Chorus. Row 2: RUTH ANN SCHARNOWSKE-General- Thespians, Sec., Y-Teens, Monitor, Dean's Asst., Choralettes, Counseling Off. Asst., Cheer Block, Sr. Dramatics. ROBERT GENE SCHATTNER-Gen- eral. REBECCA LEE SCHERER - Publication Rep., Jr. Red Cross, Y-Teens, Nurse's Asst., Coun- seling Off. Asst. Row 3: CAROLYN SUE SCHILDMEIER-Busi- ness Education-Monitor, Y-Teens, Eng. Off. Asst. LUCINDA HARRIETT SCOTT-College Prepara- tory-Model U. N., Monitor, Y-Teens, History Club, Treas.g Dean's Asst., Latin Club, J. C. L. LARRY FRANCIS SELLS-College Preparatory--Class Vice Pres., Purdue Legis. Assembly, Model U. N., Convo Comm., Honor Society, Candy Stand, Boys State. Row 4: BONNIE JO SHANK-Business Education -Girls Glee Club, Latin Club, Honor Society, Y-Teens, H. R. Vice Pres., Sec.-Treas.g H. S. Off. Asst., Valedictorian. JUDY ANN SHEETS-Gem eral. JOYCE LYNN SHELTON-College Prepara- tory-Girls Chorus, Concert Choir, Choral Club, F. T. A., Y-Teens, M. M. M., Monitor, Orchestra, All State Chorus. Row 5: JIM SHEPHERD-General. ERNEST GENE SHIELDS-General. MIKE SHIPLEY- General-Hi-Y, Band, Dance Band, Orchestra, Foot- ball, M. H. H. S. Band Capt. Row 6: GRETCHEN SHIVELY-General- Y-Teens, Phys. Ed. Asst. JUDITH ANN Sl-IOEMAKER - College Preparatory - Y-Teens, Treas.g History Club, Vice Pres., H. R. Pres., Vice Pres., F. T. A., Honor Society, Sec., H. S. Off. Asst., Girls State, X-Ray, Managing Editorg Class Exec. Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Cheer Block, Model U. N. KAREN DEE SIMPSON-General- Choral Club, F. T. A., M. M. M., Cheer Block, H. R. Pres., Publication Rep., Monitor, Y-Teens, Girls ghci-rusAChora1ettes, All State Chorus, Candy Stand, Convos, Dances 113 A Year Long Plan of Action Bore Fruit in un Row 1: GRAYDON DANIELS SKEOCH-Pre- Engineering-Hi-Y, Dean's Asst., Student Council, Publication Rep. NANCY ELIZABETH SKINNER -College Preparatory-Y-Teens, Choral Club, Sr. Dramatics, Thespians, Bible Club, G. R. A., Sec., Girls Chorus, Concert Choir, M. M. M., F. T. A., Counseling Off Asst., H. R. Vice Pres., Publication Rep. STEVE A. SKINNER-Business Education. Row 2: THOMAS SLINKARD-College Prepara- tory-Student Council, Class Exec. Comm., Monitor. JOANNE SLOAN - General - Indianettes, Music Dept. Asst., Monitor, Y-Teens. C H A R L E N E SMIEH-Business Education-Jr. Red Cross, Candy tan . Row 3: DELORES EVELYN SMITH - Business Education-G. R. A., Counseling Off. Asst. KAREL ANN SMITH - College Preparatory - Latin Club, Corres. Sec., J. C. L., History Club, Indianettes, M. M. M., Choral Club, Y-Teens, Vice Pres., Student Council, Dean's Asst., H. R. Vice Pres., Girls Glee Club. LOUISE SMITH-H o m e E c o n o m i c s- Y-Teens, Homecoming Queen Att., H. R. Pres., Girls Chorus, Choralettes. Row 4: MICHAEL DALE SMITH-College Pre- paratory-Latin Club, Golf. RALPH SMITH- General-Monitor, Boys Chorus. SHIRLEY SMITH -Home Economics. Row 5: KAY DIAN SNIDER-Business Education -Cheer Block, Phys. Ed. Asst., Dean's Asst., G. R. A., H. R. Sec.-Treas. EDDIE LEE SNODGRASS-General-Indian Dancer. DARLENE SORRELL-General-Girls Glee Club. Row 6: MARGARET MAE SPARKS-General. ROBERT EDGAR SPEEDY - General. REX SPELL-Pre-Engineering-Monitor. When Activities Blossomed for Senior Week Row 1: FRED SPRAGUE-Pre-Engineering- Honor Society, Head Monitor. LILLIAN GINGER STANKEY-General-Library Asst. BETTY LOU STEPHENS-Business Education-Y-Teens, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Publication Rep., Library Asst. Row 2: JACQUELINE LEE STEWART-General -G. R. A., Jr. Red Cross Rep., Monitor. SALLY ANN STOKES-Home Economics-Y-Teens, Treas.g History Club, Dean's Asst., H. R. Sec.-Treas., Sr. Dramatics, Monitor, Cheer Block. SUE CAROL STREATY-General-G. R. A. Row 3: LARRY G. SUTTON-Pre-Engineering- Hi-Y, Treas., "A" Club, Monitor, Football Mgr., Basketball Mgr., Track Mgr. ARTHUR JOE SWIFT -Pre-Engineering-Hi-Y, Honor Society, Boys State, Chess Club, Candy Stand. TOM TALLMAN -General-Football, Track, Basketball, "A" Club, Hi-Y, Treas. Row 4: TOM L. TAPPAN-General-Honor Soci- ety, Choral Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Pep Sessions Comm., Class Exec. Comm., H. R. Pres., Boys Glee Club. DIANA KAY TAYLOR-College Preparatory-Honor Society, Model U. N., F. T. A., Publication Rep., Y-Teens, History Club, Cheer Block, Mixed Chorus, Choralettes, Monitor, Library Asst., X-Ray, Associate Editor, Jr. Annual Staff. HARRY THOMAS TAYLOR-College Preparatory -Hi-Y, "A" Club, Football, Track, Latin Club, J. C. L., Student Council, Cheer Block. Row 5: LARRY RUSSELL TAYLOR-General- Baseball, "A" Club. STEVEN ROBERT TAYLOR - College Preparatory - Hi-Y, Orchestra, Track, Cross Country, Mixed Chorus. JOHN T. TEAGUE -General-Football, Basketball, Baseball, "A" Club. Row 6: JAY C. THOMPSON--College Preparatory -Student Council, Class Exec. Comm., Monitor, Hi-Y, H. R. Vice Pres., Treas. DeANNA SUE TIBBETTS-Business Education, Future Retailers. LOUIE TOWNSEND-General-Jr. Red Cross, Boys Glee Club, Track, Football. But Graduation, Caps, Gowns, and Specche R-ow 1: DARYL LEE TRAVIS-Pre-Apprentice. MARY JEAN TRENNEPOHL-Business Education -Y-Teens, Annual Staff, Activities Editor: Jr. An- iaual Stfaff, Eng. Off. Asst. BETTY JO TURNER- enera . Row 2: RONNIE LEE TURNER-Pre-Apprentice. ROSALIE KAY TURNER-Home Economics-Latin Club. MARLENE KAY TUTEROW-General-- Y-Teens, History Club, F. T. A. Row 3: JOAN TWIGG-Home Economics. DINAH LEE TYLER-College Preparatory-Latin Club, State J. C. L. Rec. Sec.: Y-Teens, Honor Society, Class Exec. Comm., H. R. Vice Pres., Student Coun- cil, Rec. Sec.: D. A. R. Award, Homecoming Queen, Convo Comm., Model U. N., Girls State, Head Mon- iiiolrat DONALD REX UPSHAW-General-Golf, - ay. Row 4: EDDIE VAN NESS-Pre-Engineering- Honor Society, Monitor, Hi-Y, Football, Track, Model U. N. THELMA ELIZABETH WADE-General- Girls Glee Club, G. R. A. ROBERT WALBRIDGE -General-History Club. Row 5: DAVID LEE WALKER-General-Boys Glee Club. JOYCE ANN WATSON - General. JUDITH JO ANN WEBSTER-General-Y-Teens, History Club, Band, Sec.: M. M. M., Boys Chorus Accompanist, Sr. Dramatics, H. R. Sec.-Treas., Pub- lication Rep., Monitor, Cheer Block. Row 6: JAMES H. WELCH - General - Ushers. MICHAEL GENE WELCH-General. RONNIE gELLS-General-Thespians, Class Exec. Comm., onitor. 116 roclaimccl the End of a H1gh School Era Row 1: BARBARA ELLEN WHELAN-General- Latin Club, Monitor, Nurse's Asst., Class Exec. Comm. JANICE WHITEAKER - General. SHERON KAYE WI-IITEMAN-General-Jr. An- nual Staff, Annual Staff, Senior Editor, Y-Teens, Library Asst., Future Nurses, Choralettes, Girls Glee Club, Publication Rep., Latin Club, J. C. L., History Club, M. M. M., Publicity Dept. Asst. Row 2: BILL E. WICKER - Pre-Apprentice. G E R A L D I N E WICKER -- Home Economics. DIANNE KAY WILEY - Home Economics - Y- Teens. Row 3: RICHARD ALLEN WILEY - Pre- Apprentice-"A" Club, Cross Country, Hi-Y, Cheer Block, H. R. Vice Pres., Publication Rep. BARBARA LEE WILLIAMS - General. PAUL DAVID WILLIAMS-General-Track. Row 4: STEVE ALBERT WILLIAMS-Business Education. TOM W. WILLIAMS-Pre-Engineering' -Football, Basketball, Track, Golf, "A" Club, Hi-Y, Honor Society, H. R. Pres., Vice Pres., Class Exec. Comm., Student Council. CHARLOTTE JAYN WILLIS-General-Orchestra, M. M. M., Counseling Off. Asst., Music Dept. Asst., G. R. A., Girls Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Candy Stand, Girls State, Dean's Asst. Row 5: CONNIE JEAN WILSON - General - Nurse's Asst., Journalism Asst., Library Asst., Latin Club, J. C. L., X-Ray, Exchange Editor, Typistg Monitor. NANCY KAY WINEMILLER-Home Economics-Y-Teens, Class Exec. Comm. LINDA KAY WOOLS-General-Y-Teens, Class Exec. Comm. Row 6: PEGGY SUE WOOLS-Business Education -Y-Teens, Nurse's Asst., Library Asst., Counseling Off. Asst. SHARON KAY WOOLS-General- Orchestra. CYNTHIA ANN WRIGHT-College Preparatory-Class Vice Pres., Publication Rep., Honor Society, Dean's Asst., Monitor, Model U. N., Convo Comm., Student Council, Rec. Sec., Sr. Dra- matics, Latin Club, J. C. L., Cheer Block, Y-Teens, Girls Glee Club. Yes, 1959 Was a Marvelous, Momentous Year. Row 1: SALLY LEA WYATT-Business Education -Y-Teens. JANET KAY WYNN-General-Honor Society, Y-Teens, Jr. Red Cross, Vice Pres.: Future Nurses, Cheer Block, Monitor. MARY CATHERINE YOST-General. The class of 1959 will always be remembered as an adventurous, ambitious, all-American class. The graduating members left AHS with memories of four enthusiastic, stimulating years of unforge-ttable experiences-some happy and a few sad. Within four years, however, many changes took place. Some included the changing of the school system which left the 59ers the last four-year class in AHS history, the decreasing numbers of students which was caused by the building of a new high school, and perhaps the most heartbreaking-the burning of the traditional Wigwam. This tragic incident left the '59 grads without a home for commencement exercises and many other senior activities. Nevertheless, this year's graduating class upheld the traditions of every other passing class. The vigorous, versatile, venturesome class of '59 will be a prominent milestone in AHS history. SENIORS NOT PICTURED-Gary Adams, Harry Armstrong, Reuben Atkins, Harold Boggs, Bob Breese, Robert Brown, Frances Burkhart, Earl Carper, Roosevelt Carter, Lola Cave, Larry Cookman, L. C. Cooley, Philip Freeman, Charles Fulton, John Holbert, Herman L. Jennings, Wayne Joslin, James Laswell, David Lennis, Ronnie McClain, Gary Malson, Anna Millhouse, Jimmy Morgan, Richard Patterson, Jack Rensel, Jim Rolland, Pete Sczesny, Ray D. Smith, Penny Snideman, Norman Van Voorhis, Lovell Wilkerson, Glenda Wilkinson, Willie Williams, Junius Winfrey, John W. Woodall. 118 uniors Inspired, Intrigued by Events of Year Members of the junior class combined their efforts, abilities, and talents to make 1959 an interesting, inspiring, intriguing year. An entry in the Homecoming Parade, plans for the best Prom ever, and other typical class projects were only a few of the many events sponsored by the class of '60 this ye-ar. In preparing for the Prom, every junior assisted with the arrangements in one way or ano-ther. Plans were made for the election of the Prom Queen, the place where the dance would take place, and the band that would provide the entertainment. Other hard- working class members helped finance the dance by working at the candy stand. Familiar juniors could be seen going to football and basketball games, working in various club activities, and walking the halls as other classes had traditionally done. In showing such an avid interest for Anderson High School, these students experienced many new and exciting situations. At the close of the year the junior class began to make wav for a stimulating senior year. The class of '60 members soon made lans with hi h ho es of to in all other i ,Senior Clas-Se.Sg p pp gi Leaders of the junior class are Mr. Lee Pursley, ' sponsor, James Steele, presidentg Carla Ewald, vice president, Beverly Miller, secretaryg Susie Iveson, treasurer, and Mrs. Deloris Martin, sponsor. Taking over the duties of Candy Stand are junior .I I ' , executive committee members Cindy Greene, Barbara Individual junior homerooms, like H. 120, Jeffries, Anita Ballinger, Joan McGillicuddy. Marshann compete for prizes by entering floats in the Marsh, and Nancy Sampley. Homecoming Parade. LICK 'EM ,.,......-----'M-j' CLASS OF 1960 Deanna Abernathy Karen Adamson Linda Addison David Agnew Rex Ahrendt Townsend Albright Steve Aldred Phyllis Aldrich Grace Alexander Marilyn Alexander Steve Aley Cuba Alford Jannie Alleman Carolynne Allen Sandra Allen Sandy Ancil Linda Anderson David Antrobus Raymond Arline Richard Arline Phyllis Arnold Jim Ashby Alan Ayers Joe Bailey Dianne Baker Nancy Baker Sondra Baker Betsy Bales Don Ball Anita Ballinger Bob Barnett Dwight Barr Doug Barron Mark Barron Suzette Batthauer Loretta Baum Harold Baute Larry Beaty David Beauchamp Judy Beeman Barbara Bell Treva Berkebile Paul Bickel Ronald Bilyeu Pat Binkley Lester Blackwell Lonnie Blackwell Gene Boaz Joe Boerner Shirley Bonner Tom Borders Carolyn Bourke Betty Box Steve Boyd Ross Bover James Bradley Tim Brandon Frank Brewer Dave Brogdon Dave Brough Bob Brown Pat Brown Sandra Brown Danny Buck Karla Burnett Bill Burt Herma Butler Caralee Campbell Jim Campbell Richard Campbell Susan Campbell Linda Caplan Dave Carmany Larry Carr Hazel Carter John Carter Sherry Carter Roosevelt Cash Jeff Chambers George Chapman Jerry Charmolue Larry Clem Pam Clutch Larry Coates Steve Coffman Jesse Collier Ronnie Collingwood Betty Collins Pat Collins Robert Colvin Gordon Comer Sullivan Cook M. C. Cooley Dave Cornelius Sandra Corre Jerry Cortrecht Larry Corya Sandy Cox Jim Cridge Norma Jean Cripe Judy Cron Carmen Cronk Lanny Crouch Don Crowley John Cunningham Jeanette Dailey Larry Davenport Doug Davis Eddie Davis Jerry Davis Chester Day Linda Dearing David L. DeB0lt Susie Deiser Mickey DeLey John Devore Herman DeWitt Barry Dillard Pete Dodd Janet Doherty Dave Doty Steve Douglas Jim Ducheteau Patsy Duckworth Donna Durgan David Dykes Gary Eaglin Walter Ebbert Suzanne Eilar Linda Elmore Charlene Eutsler Judi Eutsler Carla Ewald Karen Fairburn Carolyn Falls Sherry Farlow Shirley Felts Barbara Ferrell Darrell Fields Larry Fitzgerald Patty Fleece Dallas Flint Jim Flye Bob Foster Peggy Foster Don Fowler Steve Fox Jim Frazier Robert French Dixie Gaines Jeff Gardner Ronald Garrett Sharon Garringer Terry Gause William Geller Max Gentry Buddy Gilmore Jeff Gilmore CLASS OF 1960 Sandra Corre is one of 1,100 to pose for an annual picture. 121 CLASS OF 1960 Ruthie Gilmore David Givens Mark Godbey Pauline Goins Sharon Good Pattyann Goss Jack Gowen Jack Graham Paul Granlinard Jack Gray Johnnie Gray Cindy Greene Bonnie Greenwalt Bette Grim Judy Griner Claudette Grisson Linda Guss Ray Guyot Jim Hackleman Hedy Hale Mike Hale Loretta Hamilton Michele Hancock Marilyn Hancock Larry Haney Doug Harney Steve Hart Stephen Hart Raymond Hart Clark Harrison Sharon Hasty Terry Hayden Saundra Heard Kenneth Heavilin Meril Hedrick Karel Hendricks Jim Herron Larry Herron Ruthann Highwoocl Donna Hill David Hilligoss Jim Hinderer Phyllis Holder Margaret Hollingsworth Joe Honkins Jane Hoppes Pauline Horton Sandra Hover-male Darlene Howell Ruth Hudson Shirley Huff Loretta Hull Paul Hull Linda Hummel Jon Hunt, Joan Hurley Donna Hutchens Sandra Hutson Clara Hutton Pat Isaacs Susie Iveson Susan James Willadean Janes Juris Jansons Gene Jeffers Barbara Jeffries Jo Ann Jennings Beverly Jessup i James Johnson Janet Johnson Four sophomores, Janet Hathcoat, Mona Fuller, Velma Nlsely, and Judy Wlttebort, engage in a favorite pastime. 122 Jim Johnson Curt Jones Jeanette Jones Vance Justice John Kallenberg' Glenn Kenney Mike Keesling Roger Kellams Rally Keller Saundra Kelly Judy Kimmerlinli' Tom Kin!! Kay Kingsbury Patty Kirchenbauer Pat Kizer Eleanor Kolbusz Tim Lamey Ronnie Lansing Steve Land Sandra LaShure Lillie Lavery Phyllis Lawson Eleanor Lazenby Vicki Learned Julia Leath Nancy Lee Bill Leicht Ollie Lewis Deanna Lloyd Ronald Lloyd Jan Loudenback Eddie Loui-Zh Sandra Lovell Charles Lowe Charles Loyd Calvin Lunsford Steve Lowry Patty Madara Johnny Malone David Marsh Marshann Marsh Larry Marshall Mike Martin Sandra Matheny Jerry Mathews Evelyn Matthews David May Sherrill McAdams Mary Sue McAllister Bill McCallister Grace McCoppin Steve McCord Howard McCoy Larry McCoy Cathy McCrocklin Eddie Mc-Crocklin Ruth McCullough Joan McGillicuddy Boh McGuire Karen McKaV Sondra McQuiston Beverley Miller Diana Miller Donya Miller Ronnie Miller Joe Minniear Bonny Minniefield Pat Minton Miko Morgan Sue Mullanix Bob Myers Carol Nahrwold CLASS OF 1960 Annual staffers sport colorful sandwich boards to help promote yearbook sales. CLASS OF 1960 Rose Ann Needler Roger Newsom Ora Niccum Joyce Norris Julia Norris Jackie O'DoWd Rex Ogburn Sharon Oldfield Dennis Oliver Kathy Orr Ozzie Osborne Mary Sue Owens Larry Parks Paul Parton Esther Patterson Patty Pearson Jack Perkins Janice Perry Fred Peterson Jeanne Phillips Joyce Phillips Bill Pitts Leon Porter Ronnie Potter Jane Preston Gordon Pritchard Nancy Prout James Pryor Eddie Purciful James Purkey Helen Raekes Judy Ramsey Gary Randolph Trudy Raper Norman Rauner Bob Ray Fred Ray Jim Ray Judith Ray Frank Rayford Lorine Rayford Wayne Redding Patricia Reddy Donna Reichard Doug Renselle Bruce Ress Judibeth Reveal Betty Richards Fred Ridgley Nondas Ridgway Benny Riedner Bill Robbins Stephen Roberts Beth Robinett Ann Robinson David Rogers Kenny Roland Rock Rollins Jim Roof Boyd Roseberry Gay Ross Jerry Rouse Gloria Rush Mike Russell Nancy Sampley Bob Sanders Charles Sanders Jack Sanders Judi Sanford Billie Lou Schmitt Stan Schumacher Harold Schuyler Kathleen Schwieger Sherman Scott James Scovel Jim Seal Steve Sears Jerry Shafer Jon Shafer Gayle Shaw Vickie Sheets Zella Shelton! Ronnie Shields Carl Shinley Aaron Silver John Simmons Marva Simpson Sandy Simpson Larry Sisson Bob Smith Diane Smith Myrna Snodzrass Jerry Speece Joe Speece Suzan Spencer Margaret Stanley Jeannie Steele Jim Steele Dinah Stenski Paul Stickradt Robert Stith Nancy Stokes Bruce Stone Dave Stookey June Stroud Jim Sutton Phyllis Swain Jerry Sweigart Alan Swinford Max Tatman Jim Taylor Madelyn Taylor Peggy Taylor Larry Tenge Bill Thomas Carrol Thomas Kay Thomas Larry Thomas Marylinda Thomas Tom Thomas John Thompson Gykala Tolbert Rita Tolbert Elizabeth Toombs Jim Toombs Roger Tucker Leon Turner Lois Tuterow Jerry Van Dalsen Mary Jane Vasey Tom Vaufrh Mary Vess Phyllis Vickery John Wahle Larry Wagner Becky Walker Nancy Watkins Steve Watson Peggy Waugh Penny Waugh Pam Waymire Larry Webb Linda Welker Nora Whitaker Joyce Whitley Howard Whitman Jerry Williams Judi Wilson Kay Wood Yvonne Woocls Robert Lee Wright Carolyn Hyatt Dave York Maggie Young Joyce Younger CLASS OF 1960 ' W gg 'HIM"7lt'Ei?fi?iS? lr F xg Q Zi, ,. ,. is ,Ee 1 , Z Max Tatman, Charles Loyd, and Carol Ann Ratzlaff add a musical touch to morning announcements. 125 Sophomorcs Tackle Complexitics of School Life Frightened with the idea of meeting many new experiences that accompany life at Anderson High school, this year's sophomore class proved to other classes and teachers that tney could overcome the situation with little difficulty. Once they learned about the customs and habits of the upperclassmen, these inexperienced Sophies began to make plans for an exciting, energetic, enthusiastic year. Among the many activities sponsored by the new class were the choosing of class colors and sponsors, selecting class rings, and ordering class jackets and sweaters. These underclassmen also played active parts in clubs, pep sessions, convos, and athletic events. Sophomores also entered a float in the Homecoming Parade, and selected class offi- cers for next ye-ar. Determined to be one of the best classes in AHS history, the sophomore class started to plan for the remaining two years of its high school career. New confidence and unforgettable memories will help this class to enjoy a most prosperous and vigorous future. Homeroom presidents Bill Harper, John Peek, Judi Wright, Jan Thornburg, Roy Carpenter, and Bill McCarty look for new horizons as they enter the massive AHS doors. Principal David Adams passes on helpful hints to John Shaw, Melva Sylvester, Marty Bennett, and Lanny Reger, homeroom presidents. Peeking in the grade book are homeroom presidents Qrow ll Judy Josefek, Barbara Deiser, Coral Janes, and Jane Wellingtong Krow 25 David Maine, Ray Hensley, Phil Blue, and Jim Duffy. Bill Adams Jane Adams Phil Adams Cherylle Ake David Alberts Jim Aldrich Jerry Alexander Judy Alleman Jim Allen Betty Amos Janice Anderson Roscoe Anderson Sondra Anderson Jim Armstrong Nancy Arthur Mary Jane Arwine David Ash Margaret Ashley Roger Atkisson Mark Aynes Nancy Baker Pamela Baker Dennis Banta Gilbert Barron Linda Bates Mollie Beason Vearl Beckham Pam Beeler Frances Begley Carolyn Bell Harold Bell Martha Bennett Sandra Berry Jack Binnion Conward Bivens Stephen Blackaby Larry Blackwell Phil Blue Leonard Boatman Tom Boaz Larry Bookout Juda Boone Stephen Bourke Peggy Bousman Donna Bowers David Boys Larry Boze Ben Bradley Curtis Bradley Sharon Brattain Sondra Brattain Karen Breece Karen Breese Jim Bridges Mary Ellen Bridges Elizabeth Britton George Broadnax Mary Lou Brockmeier Alan Brown Barbara Brown Michael Brown Patty Brown Perry Bruce Linda Brumback Cherryl Brummett Bill Buell Dan Burchfield Judy Burkhart Patti Burkhart Janet Burns John Burris Anita Bush Gail Bushong Rita Jo Butz John Callahan Pat Callahan Sharon Campbell Carol Caplinger Jim Carlisle Jim Carman John Carpenter Roy Carpenter Phyllis Carper Sharon Carroll Janet Carter Pam Case James Cave Donald Chapman it- ,:,, JJ EW we Q.. 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Huffman Janet Hughes Larry Huse Steve Huston Michael Hyland Joe Ice Bill Imel Patricia Irving Gary Isaacs Karen Isanogle John Jackson Steve Jackson Barbara James Coral Janes John Jaynes Larry Jaynes Connie Johnson Linda Johnson Patsy Johnson Sondra Johnson Susan Johnson Dorothy Jones Joyce Jones Margaret Jones Rocky Jones Terry Jones Warren Jones Judy Josefek Mildred Joslin Joann Justice Juanita Justice Lois Kardatzke Arlious Kearns Rita Kearns Susie Kearns Frank Keeney Bob Keesling Janice Keesling Kenneth Keesling Lloyd Keirns Nancy Kellam Paula Kellams Dave Kelly Diann Kemp Sherry Kern Loretta Kimmerlin Joan Carol King Loretta King Ralph King E Jean Kinley Carolyn Kinnaird Richard Kirby Carla Kirk Ricky Kirk George Krall Marilyn Krueger Ben Kutscheid Penny Lame Norma Large Willie Lark Dean Leach Jackie Leath David Lehr Sam Leslie Nancy Lewellyn Arthur Lewis Joan Lewis Julie Lewis Mattie Lewis Lois Lightfoot Sharon Lindsay Keith Lindzy Barbara Litten Barbara Loy Marilyn Mabbitt Tony Mainard David Maine Jolane Mallernee Bonnie Malsom Nila Marsh Nancy Marshall Vicki Marshall Phil Martin Betty Massey Ronnie Massey Larry Mauck Richard May Tom McAtee Bill McCarty Sharon McCoppin David McCord Joe McCord Marvin McCorkle Paul McCormick Alberta McCoy David McCullough Jeanette McKay Jackie McKeand Dan McKinley Karen McKinney Charles McKissick Ann McLaughlin Paul McNeal' Frank Meeker Tommy Mendenhall Judy Merritt William Metcalf Dan Michael Chuck Miller Donna Miller Phillip Miller Sandy Miller Joyce Minnefield Anna May Minton Teri Misner Jackie Mitchell Carrie Mitchem Nancy Monday Linda Moody Caroline Moore Tom Moore Carolyn Moreland Mark Morgan Nikki Morrill Gerald Morris Cinda Lou Mowrey Dorothy Muller Tom Mullins Yvonne Murphy Emmett Naselroad Agnes Nave Carol Neilsen Margret Nelson Kay Newberry Bill Newland Nanci Newman Nikki Newsom VValter Niccum Velma Nisely Craig Oakes Roy Ogburn Chris O'Neal Jim Orr Jimmy Owen Jerry Parks Jvdy Paschal George Pearson Mary Ann Pebernat John Peek Toni Pemberton Joe Perdue Karen Perkins William Perry Linda Peterson CLASS OF 1961 Remodeling not only improves the looks of the school, but provides entertainment for students. CLASS OF l96l 5 . 2,6 ,, lii?25llf - ,VM ' X 1 H , 2 if-xx gg l,,f1fi5'i-5 -35V ' , 2 Q V V SV- - few 1:-g 4-, X B .- f , ,J f ii i e klivii V1 sv- ' ,, :M .. "' o .V ' W :V 23 L . A a - . I -"" . at ' j . - W V' .V ' ,5:j. '-313 K -. f ., , .-ff? A 1 i - f' 1 f w f X A has 195222-.2 Qi Q X JAX l 4 of V - V ' ' 2-Zfiifwff-!'ll'ii li A lillliiiliil lu A V.Mg-- ,WV,515..g ,ui - - H, 1 ,V Q . f,-,VW iws f of .59 .Vw-gV lm. . is XV . -fir V1 , .V .. V mi, i . 'VW :im isa -is V. . - Fill vel - zlzmzi xzfsxww 4 ilu. 'V7:-,FF Tltw -if . wir .-,-1 ,- N? -.V - rn i -VrVVi,fV ff -.1,fV1fV,v - K-Vi-K 1 V- wi-VA V 1, we ji ., , gs, V, -me-. 4 . iii 1V--V,-,, K-2 V, . z A W, ,xl V ir, fri K , . . i 5S.3f1r . A , , 4-V -K- 1. 1 V .MV ,V, , . hs, X VVi,,, ,, . , . , my A , , ., it -"- ,- -- ww . Q" M Sigh it fl---1-:i:if,2i2: ' v A - -,Q -3 Vfi if. V515 . " . YV-W - me -wi'-5 Sh" W1 N' ""'7" H'i,'ftll , Ly. H , is QW 7 ' -r ,,- fr-u H ,wg-gif-1 1' - , . --if-if , -Q. ', --iw -on Q21 ' ,. 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' fi, ' - 132 Ann Piiasterer James Pherson Roy Phillips Deloris Phipps Gloria Polk Myron Polk Jerry Porter Jerry Lee Porter Phillip Powell Paul Price Stephen Priest Janice Qualls Jerry Rager Deloris Rainer Ted Rambo Judy Ramsey Reggie Ray Eddie Rayford Becky Reardon Jerry Reed Jeannine Reel Nancy Rees Sharon Reger Jim Remley Rosalie Retherford Lee Richardson Janice Richey Stephen Ricketts Steve Ritchey Tom Rittenhouse Doug Robinson Phil Roby Terry Romine Dennie Roof Oren Rork Ron Roudebush Linda Rousey Kathy Rush Mike Russell Kay Sandberg Joan Santos Sandra Sargent Joyce Scales Kenny Schocker Bill Schattner Ronnie Schildmeier Terry Schlabaugh Fred Schrope Vicki Scott Wanda Scott Peggy Scroggins Shirley Seybert Terry Seybert Linda Shannon John Shaw Wade Shaw Marsha Shields Wanda Shirley Karen Shoemaker Don Sisson Oran Skinner Pam Slinkard Jeffrey Smith Karel Sue Smith Larry Smith Peggy Smith Steven Smith Mary Snider Sharon Snowden Lynda Sowers Jim Spears Linda Spears Ruth Speece Sharon Stanley Jerry Stephenson Susie Steves Mary Jennette Stoll Robert Stoops Patty Stout Bob Street Wanda Strickland Ervin Summers Bill Surbaugh Becky Surface David Swager Rosemary Swain Yvonne Swanson Melva Sylvester 6 Melvin Sylvester Jim Talkington Gilbert Taylor Patricia Taylor Rex Taylor Albert Thomas Danny Thomas Jerry Thomas Sharon Thomas Dale Thompson Ned Thompson Ray Thompson Jan Thornburg Dianna Thurber David Todd Patty Tolle Jerry Toombs Rex Toombs Terry Townsend Willie Townsend Don Tremaine Kay Tyler Larry Vance Dennis Vaughn Penny Vermillion Allen Wable Ronald Wallace Sally Wallace Carl Wagner Kenny Wagner Janet Walker Sharon Ward Jack Warren Sharon Warrum Louis Watson Clsudean Webb Judy Welches Jane Wellington Branson Wellons Penny Wells Roy Whiteaker Lonnie Whitehead Marvin Whitehouse Bill Whitinlzer John Wiley Patty Wilev Richard Wilhelm William Wilkerson Hamlet Wilkins Dorothy Williams Jerry Williams Sally Williams Stanley Williams Mildred Willis Harriett Wills Don Wilson Janice Wilson Ronnie Wilson Bill Winemiller Beth Winter Garry Wise Judy Wittebort Dave Wright Judi Wright Betty Wolverton Patsy Wood Japheus Woodall Jerry Woods Paul VVykoff Pat Zirkle ffl' lligllf in-81 1 o'x GPA Skin r s CLASS OF 1961 A is JY si Ywr A f xNfv7""' -f.""-0... Q' M1 N Y.: 'dike . J -if ' f 7-iifix "Y,-f ' ,Q-'I i , ' gy ., . K-wjrma. -Q it ,Q j 1' -qv ,fe "1 , be :fr --Nfl., . 'k ' f' M ' 53,5 W.. A .4-s - ., H. X Winter adds outdoor labor for custodians Jim Baker, and Fred Price. 133 Lester Frazier, swnx to 1 H A Q g 2 " f Q Q - as 1V,A , gg Vg!! .QW Wit flee Zig High school students are perhaps the life of the community. They are among the most loyal citizens in the town, supporting new ideas and creating many d1f ferent fads. Living up to past traditions, AHS students offered the community new challenges in 1959. The community, likewise, set up high goals for its young- er citizens. The two are individuals within themselves, but together they cannot be parted. The Anderson Way continued to be captivating, challeng- ing, comforting. Despite heavy snow, Indianettes and the Band prance down Meridian Street in the annual Christ- mas parade. The community is one of the school's most Valua classrooms. and the Community KAY BEE FLOWER SHOP 103 East 21st St Phone 2 1330 For The Best In Flowers For Any Occclslon Coll Kay Bee Sandla B1own and Robe1t French enjoy the lovely fragrance of flowers THECAR BUICK 59 WITHIN REACH OF TWO OUT OF THREE NEW CAR BUYERS HECKAMAN BUICK INC 34 West sth st Eleanol Kolbusz and Jlm Goodmght catch an earful from Wlll1S Hackleman about the 59 Bulck THE JOHN KELLEY CO 1 129 Merldlan Street Offering Andersonlans Fme Furniture Since I895 Mary Paul Mason and Thelma Manuel get a look at the latest carpetmg t1ends Q , . 136 H ELITE STUDIO Russ Forkner continues to serve students and grads with: SENIOR PICTURES WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY CHILD PHOTOGRAPHY ADULT PORTRAITS Russ Forkner, school photographer, works hard at recording many cherished memories. THE BRIGHTEST S P OT TO S H O P Joe Bailey prefers boy lions. Anderson Camera and Gift Shop I200 Meridian Street Phone 2-3316 137 For Complete Floral Service 627 Nichol Avenue Phone 4895 TOLES FLOWERS l Flowers l l Soy lt Better TOLES Flowers say lt BEST Admiring decorative plants are Jane Hamilton and Pattyann Goss. Nancy Hartzell makes plans for an enjoyable summer. 9 smart apparel . . . 936 meridian IF IT'S IN STYLE IT'S AT ROTH'S 138 Pat McKeand admire the first picture printed in the annual darkroom. Co-editors Dave Deliolt and ENGRAVINGS BY CAPITOL ENGRAVING COMPANY SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS Represented by Richard Brier, Indianapolis, Indiana 139 FARRIS CAFETERIA 35 Weet 12th Street Phone 9853 DeIIcIous Food Served In Farrls BEGUIIEUI lhlng Room Catermg Prlvate Partles Open 7 Days A Week II us sghsfam hdJanceBa ch awrence Krehe StudIos 1294 Merldlan Street Phone 2 0809 SENIOR PICTURES WEDDING PICTURES FINE STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY F n SIZLIKIIO poltralts Imp e s C nme Gustm HI FI RECORD SHOP The Hou e Of Sou d TOPS IN POPS JAZZ CLASSICAL FINE HIFI AND STEREO EQUIPMENT 25 Weet 12th Street Phone 3 9482 Across from YMCA Sa dy Ande s and Lan y R ger cat h p n latest t e . , . D. . . . . . I "De 'cio ," i' is e i 1' n . First In This Aiea With Live Natural Color i e ' ' ' ' 1' s 0 ' ' . s n 0 O o , , . . n 1' on n e ' c u 0 the un s. 140 Commercial Service Company Offset and Letterpress Printers izoo East 5th Jon McClintock. Rosie Turner, and Ann Gellinger marvel at the speed and accuracy of the complex printing press. A complete printing service including the creative designing of annuals, catalogs, advertising brochures, periodicals, technical manuals and annual reports. 141 -,,- ,. ,-.--..-.- ..----,.'....- .... -..-. . - , MCDONALD FURNITURE SHOWROOMS, INC. State Roads 9 81 67 SHOP SUBURBAN 0 AND SAVE NO PARKING WORRIES O 0 0 20,000 square feet of modern and period furniture Air conditioned for shopping comfort Nationally advertised brands Competent, courteous salesmen "Comfie, isn't it?" remarks Lois Tuter to Sally Stokes. CHEVROLET FO SLIMLINE DES Bob Jones, Carol Ann Ratzlaff, and Ma y Beth Phelps make their way in the 59 Chevy. New Form! New Grace! New Feel! New Space! R '59 IGN Hunter Chevrolet 603 Meridian Street 142 'Jim IQMM of Quang Assuring You Satisfaction- ln Our 52nd Year Sandra Lovell and Jane Adams take a look at an assortment of pens. OWENS ICE CREAM and DAIRY BAR Two Locations 1800 Lincoln 2326 Columbus Phone 2-1466 Phone 9909 We Can't Make All The Ice Cream So We Make Just The Best "Two can live cheaper than one," exclaim Jane Preston and Lonnie Blackwell. FAVORITE FLOWER SHOP 2445 Meridian Street Phone 4916 Always Appropriate Always Appreciated Always Beautiful Flowers From Favorite Clerk Millie Turbeville notes a gleam in Dennis Haynes' eyes as he makes his floral selection. 143 Rught on Merrdlan at 1212 Typewrrters or Rent For Sale Rent Towards Purchase Prlce lb t lgl iyp fr Y Anytrme Is A Good Trme For The Good Taste Of Coke Served Where The High School Crowd Gathers 144 ' O I F Apply 3 Months 3 Sys J. dAeraMCy t' f' 11 - . "Ady ppl. q t' V Hd . 2 . I NORBURY REALTY Inc. 25 West 10th Street Phone 8331 THE REALTOR WHO BUILDS FOR THE YOUNG COUPLE LOOKING TO THE FUTURE Diana Miller dreams of a future home. Exif? SEARS shop SEARS Anderson's Most Complete Department Store 1204 Main "A beautiful piece of furniture," agree Bev Miller and Jim Scovel. FATH'S CLOTH I NG STORE 1125 Meridian Street Outfitting the Entire Family With Fine Quality Clothes Judy Cron selects a m t p rts outfit 145 Only PAY LESS Gives You All Of These Customer Services: 2919 Moin Larry Contos is "up in the airj' but he knows that prices are lowest at his favorite supermarket. e ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTER o OPEN 24 HOURS EVERY DAY o PLENTY OF FREE PARKING o CHECKS CASHED FREE e PAY ALL UTILITIES o ISSUE MONEY ORDERS 0 PICK UP STATION 0 LOWEST EVERYDAY PRICES 0 HUNTING AND FISHING LICENSE The Wright Store for Young Men 81 Women Complete Outfitters To Young People For Over I 37 Years D John Melson and Bev Benko get an early start in selecting clothes for college. oyt Wright Co. 9ll Meridian Street 146 .IoI1n Marshall I.iIe Insurance Co Home Office Anderson, Indiana Jim Vanderbur and Charles Sigler, agents, plan Miss Joanna Gough's insurance program. Between Your First And Last Pay Check I You'II Earn A Fortune Let Life 'Insurance Add "Living" To Your Years AN AN DERSON INSTITUTION 147 CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY 748 Main Street Phone 4494 NATURAL GAS FOR MODERN LIVING Ruth Gilmore and Marilyn Krueger approve of a "good bargain." BOB DYER PHOTOGRAPHY 1611 Nelle Street Phone 2-9265 RECORDING YOUR LIFE IN PORTRAITS 0 Child Photography 0 Senior Pictures 0 Adult Portraits A future high school student poses for another cherished memory. auztnan ' COMPLETE HARDWARE SUPPLIES AN D FREE CUSTOMER PARKING Jim Baker and Joan Hurley are sold on the benefits of outdoor living. 148 Anderson Newspapers, Inc. THE HERALD THE DAILY BULLETIN I2th 81 Jackson Phone 3-5371 Steve Givens discovers "the story behind the story" from Photographer Ron Partain. Reporting And Recording The News, National, State, And Local Every Day Of Your Lite SAVE TIME: Drive In Windows Walk Up Windows After Hour Depositories 0 Checking Accounts 0 Savings Accounts 0 Safety Deposit Boxes 0 Christmas Club O Loan Services 0 General Insurance Q Trust Services Mary Katherine Yost and Kay Snider take advantage of new banking facilities. Anderson Banlcing Company Downtown - South Branch - Edgewood - Frankton - Chesterfield Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 149 INDIAN TRADING POST Across From High School COMPLETE SCHOOL SUPPLIES, SANDWICHES, SOFT DRINKS AND CANDY Larry Milam tries to sell Bob Kanable an intellectual novel. INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE 1233 Meridian Street Phone 7514 Offering Business Training For Over Half A Century Former AHS students, Alice Howard and Kay Cappel, further their secretarial skills. B' 's 1002 Meridian Street Phone 4916 The Store For Young Men's Styles From Hclt To Shoes Steve Graddy finds little difficulty in selecting the latest clothing styles. 150 Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company 1831 west 18th Keep Up To Date Have A Pepsi! SHOP WHERE YOUR MONEY BUYS THE MOST Office Supplies 0 Typewriters Class Sweaters v Sportswear Books o Athletic Equipment DECKEITS Mary Jean Trennepohl and Sheron Whiteman prepare for an after-school refresher. Are Steve Richardson and Mike Grimes interested in the "rackets"'? 67 Long Steps off Meridian on 11th Street 21 West 11th Street Phone 3-7447 I RECREATION EQUIPMENT CORP. I 724 West Sth Street Phone 3-515 I YOU CAN'T MISS . WITH I PRECISION EQUIPMENT Capable of standing bombardments like this are backboards from Recreation Equipment. HUDSON PRINTING CO. 701 West 6th Street Phone 8363 Printers Of National Prize-Winning AHS Yearbooks Since I957 Co-editors Pat McKeand and Dave DeBolt take pride in their cover selection for the '59 Indian. ODELL PHOTOGRAPHERS CAMERAS G SUPPLIES 1822 Main Street Phone 2-4493, 3-3170 Photographers . . . Industry and Portraiture Sales and Service for All Major Cameras and Photo Equipment A landmark of fine photography. 152 ll Anderson Sporting Goods, Inc. I206 Meridian Street Phone 5828 Anderson's Indians, dressed in uniforms from Anderson Sporting Goods, score again. FOR ANY SPORTS EQUIPMENT NEED See Wayne "Doc" Pollard At ANDERSON SPORTING GOODS YOUR SAVINGS EARN MORE AT THE ANDERSON LOAN ASSOCIATION A Hometown Institution Mary Snider is amazed at the care taken to insure accurate and efficient service. Anderson I.oan Association 33 West Tenth Street Phone 777I 153 Donna Grant ponders over her silver collection. For The Life-Long Gift You Have Always Treasured ,I U ' , f ' I , J 3 ,1 5 - :N ' A gn!" 11:35:24 S1 'i?,'2-. 5 Isis- .24 5 - lg :E 'B L if fl ' 'F 'I it ' Fr' -S-W 4? 1: ii FI " f .fl geidgr 3 5,1 4 P921 ,fr 153552 625 221: -is J SP4 I. TT.. To all .jkzf '1- 1 I3 M ERIDIAN 'IT "It tells time, too!" confirm Janice Byrum and Sandy Gordon. THE BRIGHTEST NAME IN LIGHTS The Home of the Automatic Headlight Control AUTRONIC EYE and T-3 SAFETY AIM HEADLAMPS Guide Lamp Division General Motors Corp. Anderson, Indiana 154 Citizens Banking Company Four Convenient Locations To Serve You: I Downtown 0 Edgewood Branch 0 Meadowbrook Branch 0 East Side Branch, 109 By Pass 'LA penny saved is a penny earned?" wonders Sandy Cox. Haag's Self-Serv Drug Store 1119 Meridian Phone 8517 0 Anderson's First Self-Serv Drug Store o Dependable Prescription Service at Lowest Prices Cindy Chasey and Terry Montague portray the role of "last minute shoppers." FOR THE FIRST IN FASHIONS Shop At THE BAN N ER STORE - 927 Meridian Street - Connie Fisher receives the approval of Jerry Hobbs in her selection of clothing. 155 M'S FIREBIRD III LEADS THE 1 WAY, STARTING wml nttco-REMV Now inquiring minds have turned space-age tools-electronics, transistors, computers-to ground-level motoring. From tapering mouth to towering dorsal fin, the experimental Firebird lll is imagination in motion, bristling with new ideas from many General Motors divisions. The vital "heart"-the electrical system-of this new concept in transportation for the future was designed and built by Delco-Remy engineers. From the compact, transistorized voltage regulator to the 110-volt auxiliary a.c. generator- powerful enough to operate home power systems in emergencies, or run appliances on camping trips-Delco-Remy's contributions to Firebird lll engineering point out the shape of things to come in the automotive electrical equipment industry. Experimental? Yes. Exceptional? No-for working to develop improvements in the field of automotive electrical systems is a permanent task here. Rather than wait for the future, we like to step forward and meet it. f rf: ei At F 4 Q1 DELCO-REMY n DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS 1 ANDERSON, INDIANA WHBU RADIO BEST TEEN LISTENING ' Jive At 5-0-5 0 Coca-Cola Hi-Fi Club ' Cook's Tour - Nite-Watch Day and Night - WHBU - 1240 Jay Newbern, Jim Ray, and Dan Roby relate the latest music and news to Anders0n's teenagers. SHOP PENNEY'S! You'II Live Better ..... . . . . . . You'II Save! 9 1030 MERIDIAN Larry Gaw helps Judibeth Reveal in preparing for that special occasion. Russ Regenold Pontiac, Inc. 303 Pendleton Avenue Phone 4485 The Dazzling '59 Pontiac With Exclusive Wide Track Roadability Carla Ewald and Jannie Alleman thrill at the beauty of a '59 Pontiac. 157 Biclcel's Cycle ancl Key Shop 9th 81 Jackson Streets Phone 2-7036 A model plane catches the attention of Steve Com- stock and Dave Goen. 0 Crafts 0 Hobbies 0 Keys o Toys o Bicycles SCHWINN BICYCLES " iekelif 1 V ICYCLK E KIY SHOE 7 For HeaIth's Sake DRINK AT LEAST THREE GLASSES OF MILK A DAY 0 Milk is essential in the daily diet according to Karen Isanogle and Sara Hiday. East Sicie Jersey Dairy 722 Broadway E Phone 7781 158 ALWAYS REACH FOR HOLSUM For The Latest Fashions Shop Cathedral of Fashion Half a Century in Anderson 813 Meridian Street Gail Bedford awaits for that certain someone. VermiIlion's Jewel Shoppe 1120 Meridian Street Phone 3-6933 Headquarters For All Nationally Famous Watches On the Easiest Credit in Town ALTON ELGIN BENRUS ARMAND DUVAL BULOVA LONGIN ES "The perfect gift," exclaims Norma Jean Cripe 159 Anderson Federal Savings 8: Loan Association Jackson At Eleventh "It beats the piggy bank," says Ba Phone 3-3341 rbara Dxedrlng. Tom Newman, all three of him, 1 the latest style suit. YOUR SAVINGS ARE SAFE With ANDERSON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION You'll Always See THE LATEST STYLE In YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHES At "The Man's Store" ks his best in Clair Call I9 West Ilth Street - 160 79 9 ,4!LSi-lm! Jaffa "A" Club 53 Annual Staff 40, 41 Bible Club 44 Boys' Chorus 61 Cheer Block 26 Choral Club 58, 59 Choralettes 61 Concert Band 54, 55 Concert Choir 60 Convo Committee 43 Dance Band 57 Adams, David 86, 90, 126 Austin, Mrs. Marjorie 88 Bailey, J. J. 88 Baker, James 93, 133 Ballentine, William 88, 94 Balsley, Richard 88 Barnggst, Donald 72, 74, 75, 78, 79, Barrow, David 88 Beigh, Max 43, 88 Biddle, James 51, 88 Bliss, Mrs. Bonnie 89 Bordner, Gerald 55 Bowen, Donald 88 Bowers, Jack 88 Boyd, Ralph 43, 88 Burns, Clarence 16, 88 Cain, Miss Marietta 89 Campbell, Miss Dorothy 43, 89 Carter, James 66, 70, 83, 89 Clem, Thomas 56, 89 Coffin, J. Merrill 89 Davis, George 43, 89 Denny, Charles 89 Doles. Mrs. Margaret 42, 43, 89, 91 Dye, Joseph 89 Ebbertt, G. E. 86, 87 Fidler, Lee 87 Finney, John 44, 89 Fleece, Maurice 87 Fleenor, Ray 65, 81, 89 Frazier, Lester 93. 133 Freegan, Robert 65, 74, 75, 81, 89, Abbott, Brenda 42, 45, 58, 59, 60, 96 Abernathy, Deanna 46, 49, 120 Achor, Lana 35, 42, 44, 45, 48, 86, 96 Adams, Bill 52, 55, 57, 127 Adams, Jane 61, 127, 143 Adams, Phil 127 Adamson, Karen 61, 120 Addison, Linda 44, 46, 61, 120 Agnew, David 76, 77, 120 Ahrendt, Rex 82, 120 Ake, Cherylle 46, 127 Alberts, David 127 Albright, Townsend 18, 52, 120 96 Aldred, Dwight 50, 52, 53, 82, Organizational Index Future Retailers 51 Future Teachers 44 Indianettes 55 Hi-Y 52 Honor Society 42 Junior Officers 119 Junior Y-Teens 46 Latin Club 50 Madrigal 58 Modern Music Masters 60 Orchestra 56, 57 Faculty Index Garrigus, John 43, 90 Grahame, Mrs. Evelyn 43, 90, 91 Gray, Mrs. Barella 89 Griffith, Raymond 90 Hale, Lee 90 Hale, Mrs. Marguerite 43, 90 Harrell, Miss Helen 43, 90 Haygood, Bill 93 Hays, Donald 48, 90 Higman, Miss Alice 90, 91 Hosier, Basil 90 Hotzel, Miss Phyllis 89 Hovermale, William 87 Huntzinger, Jesse 90 Imler, Mrs. Ruthanne 90 James, William 90 Johnson, Miss Eileen 50, 91, 92 Johnson, Keith 91 Julius, Gordon 23, 91 Keevin, Mrs. Elsie 93 Kendall, Miss Hazel 7, 91 Kitterman, Mrs. Mary 91 Knight, Mrs. Margaret 87 Kyle, Don 67, 81 Lawson, Paula 60, 61 Lee, George 18, 91 Lee, Lowell 91, 92 Lindstrom, Miss Virginia 43, 91 Long, Miss Lois 44, 91 Lyon, Herbert 91 McFarland. Mrs. Mary K. 43, 91 McGoon, Harry 43, 47, 91 Maine, Mrs. Vivian 92, 94 Martin, Mrs. Deloris 92, 119 Martyn, David 92 Student Index Aldred, Steve 50, 52, 82, 120 Aldrich, Jim 49, 127 Aldrich, Phyllis 61, 120 Alexander, Grace 46, 48, 120 Alexander, Jerry 127 Alexander, Marilyn 120 Alexander, Terry 96 Aley, Stephen 120 Alford, Cuba 120 Alleman, Jannie 41, 43, 46, 120, 157 Alleman, Jim 52, 96 Alleman, Judy 43, 46, 127 Allen, Carolynne 120 Allen, Jim 127 Allen, Sandra 46, 50, 120 161 Pep Sessions Committee 43 Print Shop 49 Publications Representatives 49 School Board 87 Senior Officers 94 Senior Y-Teens 45 Sophomore Executive Committee 126 Sophomore Y-Teens 46 Student Council 18, 19 Thespians 47 X-Ray 48 Mier, Harry 93 Miller, Herbert 92 Mulvihill, Mrs. Elise 44, 92 Norris, Mrs. Mary 89 Osborne, Ick 72, 74, 92 Palmer, Miss Mary Ruth 43, 58, 60, 61, 92 Plotner, Miss Gertrude 87 Price, Fred 133 Pugh, Dane 82, 92 Pursley, Lee 48, 92, 119 Pyle, Don 76, 77 Railsback, Mrs. Lucile 92 Reifel, Robert 92 Rhynearson, Mrs. Edna 88 Riggs, Mrs. Dorothy 92 Roby, Wilbur 87 Roney, Claud 93 Rowlett, Javan 93 Russo, Pete 43, 67, 70, 77, 78, 79, 93 Sanders, Leo 42, 91, 93 Schultz, Mrs. Mary 93 Shinn, Vern 93 Sparks, Joseph 77, 88 Springer, O. L. 93 Swift, Clifford 86 Todd, Miss Rive 93 Tolbert, Mrs. Iris 89 Vaught, George 36, 54, 93 Vermillion, Mrs. Virginia 18, 93 Villars, Edmund C. 93 Williams, Syd 87 Wilson, Horace 93 Woschitz, Frank 40, 93 Amos, Betty 127 Ancil, Sandra 120 Anderson, Janice 50, 127 Anderson, Linda 46, 120 Anderson, Roscoe 127 Anderson, Sandy Jo 45, 96, 140 Anderson, Sondra 46, 50, 127 Anthony, Dave 61, 96 Antrobus, David 120 Arline, Dick 120 Arline, Raymond 120 Armstrong, James 54, 127 Arnold, Phyllis 120 Arthur, Nancy 127 Arwine, Mary Jane 127 Ash, David 127 Ashbaugh, Carla 61, 96 Ashby, Jim 120 Ashley, Margaret 46, 127 Barron , Doug 52, 55, 65, so, 81, 120 Atkisson, Roger 44, 61, 77, 81, 127 Ayers, Alan 54, 59, 60, 120 Aynes, Mark 127 Bailey, Garry Joe 96, 137 Bailey, Joe Eugene 120 Baker, David 42, 96 Baker, Dianne 46, 120 Baker, Baker, Ervin K. 96 Gary 69, 70, 96 Baker, Jim 42, 55, 57, 58, 59, 60, 96, 148 Baker, Nancy Louise 120 Baker, Nancy Sue 44, 46, 50, 127 Baker Pamela 44, 46, 61, 127 Bakeri Baker Sherry 51, 96 Sondra 46 61 12 7 i ! 0 Bales, Betsy 120 Ball, Don 61, 120 Ballinger, Anita 44, 46, 50, 119, 120 Banta, Dennis 127 Barnett, Robert 53, 65, 81, 120 Baroni, Jill 96 Barr, Dwight 59, 120 Barron Barron , Gilbert 127 , Janet 42, 45, 96 Barron, Mark 52, 54, 57, 60, 120 Bates, Linda 44, 127 Batthauer, Suzette 44, 49, 120 Baum, Loretta 18, 46, 120 Baute, Harold Lee 120 Beason, Karon 61, 96 Beason, Mollie 127 Bourke, Carolyn 120 Bourke, Stephen 127 Bousman, Peggy 127 Bowers, Donna 60, 127 Bowman, Tony 97 Box, Betty 120 Boyd, Stephen 120 Boyer, Ross 47, 120 Boys, David 127 Boze, Larry 127 Bradley, Ben 127 Bradley, Curtis 70, 81, 127 Bradley, James 120 Branch, Janice 45, 97, 140 Brandon, Tim 120 Brattain, Sharon 127 Brattain, Sondra 47, 56, 127 Breece, Karen 127 Breeck, John 97 Breese, Karen 127 Brewer, Frank 120 Bridges, James 50, 56, 127 Bridges, Mary Ellen 46, 50, 127 Brinduse, Nancy 42, 43, 45, 97 Britton, Elizabeth 127 Britton, John 97 Broadnax, George 127 Brockmeier, Mary 46, 127 Brogdon, David 53, 120, 70 Beatty, Don 59, 60, 96 Beaty, Larry 120 Beauchamp, David 120 Beckham, Vearl 127 Bedford, Gail 40, 44, 97, 159 Beeler, Pamela 127 Beeman, Judy 120 Begley, Frances 127 Beher, David 53, 78, 79, 97 Bell, Barbara 120 Bell, Carolyn 46, 127 Bell, Harold 127 Benlqof6Beverly 28, 42, 45, 55, 97, Bennett, Martha 44, 46, 126, 127 Benson, Max 53, 65, 72, 74, 75, 97 Berkebile, Julia 97 Berkebile, Treva 120 Berry, Sandra 44, 127 Bickel, Paul 120 Bilyeu, Ronald 120 Bingaman, Judi 43, 97 Binkley, Patricia 46, 50, 55, 56, 60, 120 Binnion, Jack 49, 61, 127 Birkhead, Donna 44, 45, 97 Bivens, Conward 70, 76, 77, 127 Blackaby, Stephen 127 Blackshear, Bonnie 97 Blackwell, Larry 127 Blackwell, Lester 55, 120 Blackwell, Lonnie 60, 61, 120, 143 Blair, Hollis 97 Bloom, Cynda 45, 97 Blue, Philip 47, 83, 126, 127 Boatman, Leonard 70, 81, 127 Boaz, David 60, 61, 127 Boaz, Gene 120 Boerner, Joseph 120 Bonner, Shirley 120 Bookout, Larry 127 Boone, Juda 46, 127 Borders, Tom 49, 120 Brough, David 120 Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Alan 50, 52, 55, 56, 127 Barbara 50, 127 Brenda 97 Carol 97 Howard 65 J . Larry 97 Michael 127 l Patricia Ann 127 Brown Patty 46, 120 Brown, Robert 120 Brown, Robert Jackson 53, 64, 65, 80 81 Brown Sandra 61, 120, 136 Brown Saundra 98 Brown, Wendell 52, 55, 57, 60, 98 Bruce, Jim 98 Bruce Perr 127 y Y Brumback, Linda 127 Brummett, Cherryl 46, 60, 127 Buck, Danny 49, 120 Buck, Sheila 18, 98 Buell, Bill 127 Burchfield, Dan 55, 127 Burke, Lee 47, 98 Burkhart, Judy 46, 127 Burkhart, Patti 46, 127 Burnett, Karla 120 Burns, Janet 49, 55, 60, 127 Burris, John 50, 55, 127 Burt, Bill 120 Bush, Anita 127 Bushong, Gail 46, 127 Butler, Herma 46, 120 Butler, Logan 98 Butterfield, Pamela 42, 43, 45, 47, 48, 50, 59, 60, 98 Butz, Rita 44, 46, 50, 127 Byrung, Janice 40, 42, 43, 45, 98, 1 4 Cade, Barbara 98 Callahan, John 127 Callahan, Pat 44, 127 Campbell, Caralee 46, 50, 59, 120 Campbell, James 18, 120 Campbell, Larry 98 Campbell, Richard 120 Campbell, Sharon 127 Campbell, Susan 46, 50, 61, 120 Caplan, Linda 46, 50, 56, 120 Caplinger, Carol 127 162 Carlisle, Jim 61, 127 Carman, Jim 127 Carmany, David 54, 56, 57, 120 Carpenter, Dave 53, 55, 68, 70, 98 Carpenter, John 127 Carpenter, Roy 126, 127 Carper, Phyllis 127 Carper, Ronnie 47, 98 Carr, Larry 120 Carraway, Mary 98 Carroll, Sharon 127 Carter, Hazel 61, 120 Carter, Janet 127 Carter, John 120 Carter, Sherry 46, 48, 49, 120 Case, Pamela 127 Cash, Roosevelt 120 Cates, Pat 98 Cave, James 127 Chambers, Dave 49, 50, 52, 98 Chambers, Jeff 120 Chapman, Donald 127 Chapman, George 120 Charmolue, Jerry 78, 79, 120 Chase, Charles 70, 98 Chasey, Cindy 42, 45, 98, 155 Cheatham, DeAnna 45, 98 Chism, Donna 94, 99 Christian, Clarice 50, 54, 60, 128 Christian, Zebedee 43, 99 Clark, James 99 Clark, Rogers 77 Clark, Steve 81, 128 Claypool, Robert 128 Clem, Larry 53, 65, 78, 79, 120 Clem, Ray 128 Clements, Lynne 54, 55, 56, 99 Clutch, Pamela 18, 46, 120 Coates, Larry 59, 60, 65, 120 Coats, William 128 Cobb, Donald 128 Cobb, Gary 99 Coburn, David 128 Coe, Elaine 99 Coffman, Jim 128 Coffman, Steve 120 Collier, Jesse 53, 70, 75, 120 Collingwood, Ronald 120 Collins, Betty 120 Collins, Bill 52, 53, 66, 99 Collins, Pat 121 Colvin, Donald 99 Colvin, Robert 121 Combs, David 52, 99 Combs, Paul 128 Comer, Gordon 121 Comstock, Steve 82, 128, 158 Condon, John 52, 99 Conner, Bob 128 Conner, Larry 44, 47, 99 Contos, Larry 40, 42, 52, 99, 146 Conwell, Marcia 46, 128 Cook, Ina Ray 46, 128 Cook, Kenneth 42, 49, 52, 53, 83, 86, 99 Cook, Sullivan 78, 121 Cookman, Claude 44, 128 Cooley, M. C. 70, 77, 121 1 Cooley, Willie 128 Cornelius, Dave 121 Corre, Sandra 48, 121 Cortrecht, Jerry 78, 121 Corya, Larry 121 Cottingham, Larry 99 Cottingham, Sandra 46, 128 Couch, Karen 128 Couch, Larry 128 Covington, Carol Ann 46, 128 Cowden, Glenda 46, 128 Cowden, Robert 128 Cox, Howard 99 Cox, Linda 99 Cox, Mary Ann 128 Cox, Otis 18, 42, 52, 99 Cox, Patricia 94, 99 Cox,1Egndra 41, 46, 47, 48, 61, 121, Craig, Milford 50, 128 Craig, Rosalie 128 Crandall, Dave 58, 59, 60, 100 Cridge, Bob 52, 100 Cridge, Jim 52, 121 CripehNorma 41, 46, 48, 50, 61, 121, 1 9 Cron, Judy 41, 46, 48, 49, 50, 121, 145 Cronk, Carmen 121 Cronk, Mary Jane 42, 44, 45, 58, 59, 60, 100 Crose, John 61, 128 Crosson, Phyllis 128 Crosthwaite, Sandy 29, 45, 100 Crouch, Lanny 61, 121 Crowe, Jamalee 46, 128 Crowley, Don 121 Crull, Thomas 128 Cuminyings, Michael 42, 53, 59, 83, Cunningham, John 52, 53, 70, 76, 77, 81, 121 Dailey, Jeanette 121 Dalton, Melanie 42, 55, 56, 60, 100 Danforth, George 53, 65, 78, 79, 100 Darr, Dennis 128 Daugherty, Adella 128 Davenport, Ronald 44, 128 Davenport, Larry 77, 121 Bob 100 74, 75, Davis, Davis, Douglas 47, 53, 77, 121 Davis, Eddie 52, 70, 121 Davis Jerry 121 Davis John 128 Davis, Ruby 46, 60, 128 Davis, Sandy 128 Davis, Steve 52, 100 Dawson, Mary 128 Day, Chester 121 Day, Marilyn 128 Day, Shirley 128 Dayton, Judith 100 Dearing, Linda 121 DeBolt, Dave 40, 100, 139, 152 DeBolt, David L. 18, 52, 82, 121 Defenderfer, Allan 70 DeFord, Jan 52, 70, 78, 128 DeFord, Jay 52, 70, 78, 128 Deiser, Barbara 26, 46, 126, 128 Deiser, Susie 121 Deitz, Larry 53, 77, 100 DeLey, Mickey 76, 77, 121 DeLey, Susie 128 Delph, Betty 128 Delph, Dixie 61, 128 Delph, Neil 52, 70, 78, 128 Denniston, Linda 128 Devaney, Patricia 46, 128 DeVashir, Yvonne 59, 60, 100 Devore, John 26, 121 DeWeese, Peggy 56, 61, 128 DeWitt, Herman 121 Dickerson, Johnny 128 Diedring, Barbara 40, 45, 100, 160 Dillard, Barry 121 Dilts, David 128 Dilts, Judith 42, 44, 45, 95, 100 Dittlinger, David 128 Dixon, Daree 128 Dodd, Pete 61, 121 Doherty, Janet 46, 121 Doherty, Larry 100 Dotson, Roger 78, 128 Doty, Dave 52, 55, 57, 121 Doty, Roger 128 Douglas, Stephen 121 Downey, Evelyn 128 Downey, Mike 128 DuBois, Ginger 50, 60, 128 DuBois, Sandy 59, 100 Ducheteau, Jim 121 Duckworth, Patsy 46, 48, 121 Duffer, Omar 101 Duffy, Jim 70, 77, 81, 126, 128 Duncan, Lillian 128 Dunham, Robert 65, 75, 78, 128 Dunlap, Addie 45, 101 Dunribj-Michael 13, 47, 56, 59, 60, Durgan, Donna 121 Dykes, David 49, 121 Eads, Sharon 54, 128 Eaglin, Gary 55, 121 Earlywine, Jerry 128 Eastes, Fred 48, 101 Ebbert, Walt 81, 121 Ebbertt, Brenda 45, 47, 101 Eckert, Becky 46, 128 Eckrote, Charlotte 46, 128 Edwards, Paula 49, 128 Ehle, Michael 128 Eilar, Suzanne 56, 121 Eldridge, Elaine 128 Eldridge, Terena 46, 60 Ellis, Barbara 128 Ellis, Bill 83, 128 Elmore, Linda 26, 121 Emerson, Jack 61 Enyeart, Danny 128 Ester, Lee 128 Estle, Dale 128 Eutsler, Charlene 121 Eutsler, Judi 121 Evans, Paul 128 Evernham, Jim 128 Evernham, Tom 101 Ewald, Carla 26, 47, 119, 121, 157 Eytchison, Wesley 50, 128 Fadely, John 128 Fairburn, Karen 61, 121 Fairburn, Lynn 128 Fairburn, Paul 59, 101 Falls, Carolyn 59, 60, 121 Farlow, Sherry 121 Felts, Shirley 61, 121 Ferguson, Janice 44, 45, 54, 101 Ferguson, Marilynn 46, 128 Ferrell, Barbara 121 Ferrell, James 101 Ferrell, Ronald 101 Fields, Darrell 56, 121 Files, Arlene 44, 46, 50, 128 Fisher, Connie 29, 46, 92, 128, 155 Fisher, Dennis 101 Fisher, Janice 18, 26, 29, 42, 45, 48, 101 Fisher, Jon 55, 128 Fite, Arthur 101 Fitzgerald, Larry 121 Fleece, Patty 18, 41, 46, 121 Fletcher, Larry 101 Flint, Dallas 121 Flye, Jim 121 Folsom. Janice 44, 50, 128 Foltz, Sandra 60 Foster, Deloma 46, 55, 128 Foster, Peggy 121 Foster, Robert 121 Foust, Joe 70, 78, 128 Don 70, 78, 121 Fowler, Fowler, Douglas 101 163 Fox, Diana 46, 50, 128 Fox, Henry 128 Fox, Steve 121 Franklin, Sherry 101 Frazier, Jim 121 Frazier, Martha 61, 101 Freeman, Jerold 44, 56, 128 Freeman, Phillip 78 Freeman, Bill 128 French, Robert 121, 136 Fuller, Gloria 128 Fuller, Mona 122, 129 Fullington, Helen 60, 129 Fulton, George 129 Furnish, Joan 46, 129 Gaines, Dixie 121 Gale, Bill 50, 129 Gardner, Jeff 70, 121 Gardner, Terry 101 Garner, Judith 129 Garrett, Ronald 121 Garringer, Diana 102 Garringer, Sharon 121 Gary, Tom 65, 74, 129 Gaunt, Phillip 65, 81, 129 Gause, Terry 50, 121 Gaw, Larry 129, 157 Geller, William 121 Gellinger, Ann 45, 102, 141 Gentry, Max 121 German, Diana 129 Gibson, James 129 Gibson, Jane 129 Gibson, Linda 129 Giddens, Judy 46, 129 Gillaspy, Charlene 50, 129 Gillaspy, Jim 102 Gilliam, Marcia 102 Gilmore, Gilmore, Clifford 55, 121 Jeff 54, 121 Gilmore, Ruthie 44, 50, 59, 122, 148 Givens, David 122 Givens, Stephen 40, 42, 102, 149 Glaze, Sandy 46, 129 Glazebrooks, Don 53, 70, 76, 77, 102 Glazebrooks, Janet 102 Godbey, Mark 47, 122 Godbey, Mary 102 Godwin, Clive 129 Goen, David 49, 54, 102, 158 Goins, Pauline 122 Good, Sharon 122 Gooding, Dennis 102 Goodman, Claudine 102 Goodnight, Janet 61, 129 Goodnight, Jim 52, 53, 59, 60, 68, 70, 81, 95, 102, 136 Gordon, Don 129 Gordon, Randy 42, 47, 102 Gordon, Sandy 42, 45, 47, 48, 50, 102, 154 Goss, Pattyann 44, 46, 50, 56, 122, 138 Gough, Joanna 58, 59, 60, 102, 147 Gourley, Eleanor 129 Gowen, Jack 122 Graddy, Steve 52, 102, 150 Graham, Bill 49, 52, 70, 75, 80, 81, 129 Graham, Donald 102 Graham, Jack 50, 51, 60, 82, 122 Graham, James 102 Grandlinard, Paul 122 Grant, Donna 40, 45, 103, 154 Grant, Errol 103 Grant, Phyllis 44, 46, 48, 129 Graves, Larry 55, 129 Graves, Nancy 43, 45, 59, 95, 103 Gray, Dick 129 Gray, Jack 18, 122 Gray, Johnnie 122 Gray, Lillian 103 Gray, Pat 103 Green, Peggy 129 Greene, Cynthia 46, 49, 50, 119, 122 Greenwalt, Bonnie 46, 122 Grencions, Vilnis 42, 103 Griffin, Sharon 129 Grim, Bette 122 Grimes, Mike 103, 151 Griner, Judith 122 Griss on, Claudette 122 Gross, Dale 78 Gunkel, Judy 51, 103 Gunter, Diane 61, 129 Guss, Linda 122 Gustin, Connie 40, 42, 44, 45, 103, 140 Guyot, Ray 70, 122 Gwynn, Joe 103 Hackleman, Jim 122 Hodges, Robert 129 Hadley, John 81, 129 Hadle Mike 129 Y, s, Pamela 46, 55, 129 Hake Hale, Dick 129 Hale, Hedy 122 Hale, Mike 78, 122 Hall, Doris 47, 103 Hall, Saralee 103 Hamilton, Jane 40, 45, 103, 138 Hamilton, Loretta 46, 122 Hanc Hanc ock, Karen 51, 103 ock, Marilyn 122 Hancock, Michele 46, 48, 122 Haney, Larry 122 Hanna, Deena 129 Hannaford, William 129 Hanshew, Jack 61, 129 Hanson, Larry 129 Hardacre, Paul 52, 54, 129 Hardy, Brian 50, 52, 56, 103 Hardy, Tim 52, 55, 129 Harney, Doug 54, 122 Harp, Dave 103 Harper, William 82, 126, 129 Harrington, James 103 Harris, Ann 42, 43, 45, 48, 50, 58, 59, 60, 94, 103 Harris, Diann 129 Harris, Linda 45, 104 Harrison, Barbara 45, 47, 104 Harrison, Clark 52, 70, 75, 122 Harrison, David 104 Harrison, Sharon 129 Hart, Becky 44, 46, 129 Hart, Raymond 122 Hart, Stephen 83, 122 Hart, Steve 52, 54, 60, 122 Hartley, Rolland 104 Hartzell, Larry 104 Hartzell, Nancy 40, 44, 45, 104, 138 Hartzell, Sandra 104 Haskett, Roy 129 Hasty, Sharon 122 Hatfield, Harold 104 Hathcoat, Janet 61, 129 Hayden, Terry 122 Haynes, Dennis 104, 143 Haynes, Gary 129 Heal, Fred 129 Heard, Saundra 48, 50, 55, 122 Hearld, Joyce 46, 50, 129 Heavilin, Kenneth 41, 122 Hedges, Linda 46, 129 Hedrick, Meril 49, 122 Hempleman, Phil 42, 104 Henderson, Sandra 46, 61, 129 Henderson, Sharon 45, 49, 104 Hendricks, Arthur 81, 129 Hendricks, Bud 129 Hendricks, Karel 44, 46, 60, 61, 122 Hennigar, Peggy 45, 104 Hensler, John 50, 52, 53, 70, 81, 104 Hensley, Ray 65, 126, 129 Henson, Ronald 129 Herbert, David 129 Heritage, Sue 44, 45, 104 Herkomer, Bill 129 Herron, Jim 122 Herron, Larry 122 Hervey, Cathy 46, 50, 129 Hester, Mae 129 Hester, William 104 Hiatt, Linda 18, 26, 29, 45, 88, 104 Hickem, Janie 60, 129 Hiday, Jerry 61, 70, 129 Hiday, Sarah 129, 158 Higdon, Linda 56, 60, 61, 129 Highwood, Ruthann 122 Hilderbrand, Steven 104 Hill, Donna 122 Hill, Norma 60, 129 Hill, William 50, 52, 55, 129 Hilligoss, David 52, 83, 122 Himes, Eddie 55, 129 Himes, Nancy 50, 129 Himes, Robert 104 Hinderer, Jim 122 Hobbs, Jerry 44, 47, 52, 54, 56, 105, 155 Hofer, Darrell 105 Hogue, Jerris 129 Hoke, Sandy 46, 129 Holbert, John 53, 65 Holder, Phyllis 18, 29, 44, 46, 50, 122 Holland, Ernest 129 Holland, Geraldine 129 Holliman, Lorene 129 Hollingsworth, Fredy 60, 129 Hollingsworth, Margaret 61, 122 Holsapple, Janet 129 Hong, Lee 129 Hopkins, Joe 122 Hoppes, Jane 122 Horner, James 50, 55, 130 Horner, Joy 46, 50, 130 Horton, Pauline 122 Hostetler, James 49, 130 Hovermale, Sandra 122 Howell, Darlene 46, 122 Howell, Lois 50, 60, 130 Hoyle, Larry 130 Huber, Martha 43, 61, 130 Hudson, Ruth 46, 50, 54, 56, 60, 122 Hudson, Van 40, 52, 59, 105, 144 Huff, Shirley 44, 46, 47, 50, 122 Huff, Wayne 105 Huffer, Marcia 45, 105 Huffman, Betty 60, 130 Huffman, Robert 54, 82, 130 Hughes, Janet 130 Hull, Loretta 122 Hull, Ronald 122 Hummel, Linda 43, 46, 122 Hunt, Jon 43, 55, 56, 59, 122 Hurley, Joan 44, 46, 122, 148 Hurley, John 47, 56, 105 Hurley, Michael 105 Huse, Larry 52, 65, 81, 130 Huston, Steve 61, 77, 130 Hutchens, Donna 122 Hutson, Sandra 30, 122 164 Hutton, Clara 122 Hyatt, Carolyn 56, 125 Hyland, Elizabeth 45, 56, 105 Hyland, Harry 105 Hyland, Michael 130 Ice, Joe 55, 130 Imel, Judi 105 Imel, William 130 Irving, Irma 105 Irving, Patricia 44, 130 Isaacs, Gary 130 Isaacs, Pat 122 Isanogle, Karen 130, 158 Iveson, Susie 46, 50, 119, 122 Jackson, Bob 18, 48, 53, 64, 65, 81, 105 Jackson, John 70, 75, 78, 130 Jackson, Leslie 105 Jackson, Pat 45, 105 Jackson, Steve 50, 52, 61, 82, 130 Jackson Thomas 105 1 James, Barbara 130 James, Bob 53, 77, 105 James, Susan 44, 46, 56, 122, 144 Janes, Coral 50, 126, 130 Janes, Willadean 122 Jansons, Juris 122 Jaynes, John 130 Jaynes, Larry 130 Jeffers, Gene 122 Jeffries, Barbara 46, 119, 122 Jeffries, Jack 105 Jennings, Jo Ann 122 Jessup, Beverly 122 Johnson, Connie 60, 130 Johnson, Gary 105 Johnson, Jack 52, 106 Johnson, James 59, 122 Johnson, Janet 122 Johnson, Jim 78, 123 Johnson, Linda 46, 60, 130 Johnson 7 Johnson, Patsy 130 Sondra 60, 130 Johnson, Susan 46, 130 Johnson, Vera 106 Jones, Curt 50, 59, 60, 123 Jones, Dorothy 60, 130 Jones, Ethel 106 Jones, Jackie 106 Jones, Jeannette 44, 47, 50, 123 Jones, Joyce 130 Jones Margaret 130 Jonesf Robert 44, 54, 55, 59, so, 106, 142 Jones, Rocky 130 Jones, Terry 61, 130 Jones, Warren 50, 52, 55, 56, 57, 130 Jordan, Sue 51, 106 Josefek, Judy 44, 46, 50, 54, 126, 130 Joslin, Mildred 46, 130 Justice, Joann 46, 130 Justice, Juanita 130 Justice, Vance 123 Kallenberg, John 59, 60, 123 Kanable, Bob 52, 53, 69, 70, 76, 77, 106, 150 Kardatzke, Lois 60, 130 Kearns, Kearns, Kearns, Arlious 130 Rita 60, 130 Susie 60, 130 Keeney, Dan 18, 76, 77, 106 Keeney, Frank 70, 130 Keeney, Glenn 123 123 McCrocklin, Edward 41, 123 Keesling, Janice 130 Keesling, Kenneth 61, 130 Keesling, Mike 123 Keesling, Robert 130 Keirns, Lloyd 70, 130 Kellam, Nancy 44, 46, 130 Kellams, Paula 46, 130 Kellams, Roger 54, 123 Keller, Sally 18, 46, 48, 123 Kelly, Karen 44, 45, 106 Kelly, Dave 130 Kelly, Saundra 55, 60, 123 Kemp, Diann 46, 54, 130 Lewellyn, Nancy 130 Lewis, Arthur 70, 78, 130 Lewis, Jerry 107 Lewis, Joan 130 Lewis, Julie 46, 1310 Lewis, Linda 18, 43, 45, 107 Lewis, Mattie 130 Lewis, Ollie 123 Lewis, Patti 108 Lightfoot, Lois 130 Lindsay, Sharon 60, 130 Lindsey, Steve 54, 108 Lindzy, Keith 130 Kendall, Jerry 106 Kern, Sherry 46, 130 Kimball, Dave 33, 52, 95, 106 Kimmerling, Bill 106 Kimmerling, Judy 123 Kimmerling, Loretta 130 King, Carl 106 King, Georgia 77, 106 King, Joan 130 King, Loretta 46, 130 King, Ralph 130 King, Tom 123 Kingsbury, Fred 52, 53, 70, 81, 106 Kingsbury, Kay 46, 123 Kinley, Jean 46, 50, 56, 60, 61, 130 Kinnaird, Carolyn 49, 50, 130 Kirby, Richard 130 Kirchenbauer, Patty 123 Kirk, Carla 46, 55, 130 Kirk, Richard 65, 77, 81, 130 Kirkpatrick, Michael 106 Kizer, Pat 123 Knick, Judith 45, 47, 49, 106 Knot Knot Knot Knot ts, Anne 45, 106 ts, Linda 44, 45, 107 ts, Patty 45, 107 Linville, Tom 53, 65, 73, 74, 75, 78, 79, 108 Litten, Barbara 130 Littrell, Anita 59, 60, 108 Lloyd, Deanna 123 Lloyd, Ronald 48, 123 Lortz, Mike 108 Loser, Patricia 59, 108 Loudenback, Jan 46, 55, 56, 59, 60, 123 Lough, Edward 123 Lovell, Sandra 46, 123, 143 Lowe, Charles 123 Lowry, Steve 52, 53, 65, 81, 123 Loy, Barbara 130 Loyd, Charles 123, 125 Lunsford, Calvin 123 Mabbit, Marilyn 130 Madara, Patty 123 Mahon, Linda 109 Mainard, Tony 70, 75, 130 Maine, David 43, 47, 510, 54, 60, A 126, 130 Mallernee, Jolane 130 Malone, John 123 ts, Ronald 70, 107 Kolbusz, Eleanor 55, 59, 60, 123, 136 Krall, George 70, 130 Krueger, Marilyn 44, 46, 50, 130, 148 Kutscheid, Ben 130 Lame, Penny 46, 130 Lamey, Tim 50, 77, 123 Lancing, Ronnie 123 Land, Steve 49, 59, 60, 123 Lang, Bill 52, 53, 68, 70, 107 Large, Larry 107 Large, Norma Jean 46, 61, 130 Lark, Willie 130 Larson, Paul 107 LaShure, Sandra 44, 50, 123 Lavender, Jim 107 Lavery, Lillie 46, 60, 123 Lawson, Phyllis 123 Layton, Dave 18, 43, 52, 53, 59, 70, 94, 107 Layton, Francis 107 Layton, Wiliam 107 Lazenby, Eleanor 123 Leach, Dean 130 Leath, Jacqueline 130' Leath, Julia 123 Leaver, Glee Ann 88, 107 Lee, Judith 45, 107 Lee, Nancy 46, 123 Lee, Pat 13, 42, 43, 52, 107 Leffel, Doris 107 Lehr, David 130 Leicht, Bill 123 Leisure, Judy 107 Lennis, Judith 44, 107 Leslie, Sam 130 Malsom, Bonnie 46, 130 Manis, Kay 109 Manuel, Thelma 40, 42, 109, 136 Marsh, David 123, 129 Marsh, Marshann 46, 119, 123 Marsh, Nila 130 Marshall, Larry 60, 61, 123 Marshall, Nancy 46, 56, 61, 130 Marshall, Vicki 46, 60, 131 McCoppin, Sharon 131 McCord, David 65, 81, 131 McCord, Joe 70, 77, 81, 131 McCord, Steve 123 McCorkle, Marvin 77, 131 McCormick, Frances 45, 108 McCormick, Paul 70, 81, 131 McCoy, Alberta 54, 131, 144 McCoy, Howard 123 McCoy, Larry 123, 129 McCrocklin, Cathy 46, 50, 55, 60, McCullough, David 131 McCullough, Rutha 123 McDonald, Gary 108 McDanell, Charles 108 McGillicuddy, Joan 46, 59, 60, 119, 123 McGivern, Janice 45, 108 McGraw, Kay 18, 26, 28, 29, 42, 44, 45, 47, 94, 108 McGuffey, Gayle 108 McGuire, Bob 123 McKay, Jeanette 46, 131 McKay, Karen 46, 50, 55, 123 McKeand, George 108 McKeand, Jackie 46, 49, 131 McKeand, Pat 13, 40, 42, 49, 108, 139, 152 McKinley, Danny 131 McKinney, Brooks 109 McKinney, Karen 131 McKissick, Charles 55, 56, 131 McLaughlin, Ann 46, 50, 131 McLaughlin, Pat 109 McNear, Paul 52, 70, 81, 131 McQuiston, Sondra Kay 48, 123 McVey, Harry 109 McVey, James 51, 109 Meeker, Frank 56, 82, 131 Meiser, Sue 44, 109 Melendez, Matias 53, 78, 79, 109 Melson, John 35, 42, 52, 54, 57, 59, 60, 95, 109, 146 Melzer, Jon 109 Mendenhall, Tommy 131 Merritt, Judith 131 Metcalf, William 50, 131 Michael, Daniel 131 Milam, Larry 52, 53, 68, 70, 109, Martin, Darrell 51, 59, 60, 109 Martin, Mike 50, 52, 53, 83, 123 Martin, Phillip 70, 83, 131 Mason, Mary Paul 43, 45, 47, 49, 59, 60, 109, 136 Mason, Robert 49, 109 Massey, Betty 46, 56, 60, 131 Massey, Larry 53, 64, 65, 109 Massey, Ronnie 47, 55, 131 Matheny, Sandra 123 Mathews, Jerry 123 Matthews, Evelyn 56, 59, 123 Mauck, Larry 131 Maxwell, Bill 109 May, David 123 May, Richard 131 McAdams, Sherrill 61, 123 McAllister, Carole 44, 108 McAllister, Mary Sue 43, 47, 48, 49, 59, 123 McAllister, Ruth 13, 35, 42, 58, 59, 150 Miller, Beverley 29, 41, 46, 47, 49, 59, 60, 119, 123, 145 Miller, Charles 49, 60, 61, 131 Miller, David 109 Miller, Diana 41, 46, 123, 145 Miller, Donna 131 Miller, Donya 123 Miller, Phil 131 Miller, Ronnie 61, 123 Miller, Sandra 50, 131 Miller, Tom 42, 43, 47, 58, 59, 60 83, 110 Minnefield, Joyce 56, 131 Minniear, Joe 48, 123 Minnifield, Bonita 123 Minton, Anna May 131 Minton, Patricia 123 60, 108 McAtee, Tom 131 McCallister, Bill 123 McCa5iiy, William 70, 75, 78, 126, McClain, Ronnie 95 McClintick, Jerry 108 McClintock, Jon 52, 54, 95, 108, 141 McCoppin, Grace 123 165 Misner, Teri 46, 131 Mitchell, Jacqueline 131 Mitchem, Carrie 60, 131 Monday, Nancy 46, 131 Montague, Terry 45, 54, 95, 110, 155 Moody, Linda 61, 131 Moore, Carolyn 131 Moore, Nancy 45, 110 Moore, Thomas 131 Moreland, Carolyn 131 Moreland, Phyllis 110 Morgan, Jimmy 53, 81 ' Morgan, Joyce 49, 110 Morgan, Mark 70, 1317! Morgan, Marvin 81 Morgan, Mike 50, 52, 65, 75, any 123 Morrill, Nikki 131 , D Morris, Jack 52, 53, 78, 79, 110 X Riedner, Benny 124 Morris, Jerry 131 Mowrey, Cinda 131 Mullanix, Sue 48, 123 Muller, Dorothy 46, 50, 131 Mullins, Tom 131 Murphy, Yvonne 131 Myers, Robert 123 Nahrwald, Carol 46, 50, 54, 59, 60, 123 Naselroad, Emmett 78, 131 Nave, Agnes 131 Needler, Rose Ann , 46, 124 Neff, Marcia 45, 1 Neilsen, C l Ann 31 Nelson, Dan 11 Payton, Wandavee 111 Rector, Norval 112 Pearson, George L ' Redding, Wayne 124 Pearson, Patt 7, , 5 , , ,R y, Patricia 46, 124 56, 60, , 1' , Jerry 13 , Pe ary Afn 1 Reel, J a ' 46, 50, 54, 132 ,Jo 16 Re,fi 12 1 Pemb r ni 46f5 , 131 s, Nancy , .. , oe 52 30,' , 8, L ., 0, 75, 82, 126, 1,40 . erkin , 1 4 ' , , Sha n 44, 132 1 ' , agen 46 31 Weichard, wma 46,49,50,124 rry Ja i e 4 , 0,15 Q12 Remley James 132 Perr 1 iam 70, 3 R n , Doug 124 Pe rs, L r we s, ruce 124 Q, U ' Peterso , e 124 0 Q! Rethe ord,,,R 32 Peters n, i a 4 ' 131' , Reveal, 1 et 18, 44, 50, 124, 157 Pflaste , 0, 132 ' 1 ' rds, Betty 1 4 ff yu' Phelps, ar Beth 58, 59, 0 1 mhaqdson, L M137 142 . Ric a y Anne 2 1 Pherson, Ja - 7' ,I j on, Steve 18, 52, 59, 112, Pherson, Pat 111 . - ' 151 , . - Phillippe, Sandra 42 , 111' ce 46, 132 Phillips, Bill 51, 5 . 1 i man, Ea 112 Phillips, Carroll 1 1 Ricketts, Ste en 70,.77, 132 Phillips, Jeanne 44, 49, 56, 59, 60, Ridgley, Fred 65, 124 124 Ridgeway, Nondas 124 Phillips, Joyce 46, 50, 124 Phillips Roy 132 e land il 57, 11 157 fri Judith 46, 124 Ray, Nelson, Ma ar Newbern, y 42, 50, 52, 54, 55, Newberry, ay 0, 131 ewma , 47, , 5 , 59, 60, 83, 1 , 160 , Ni ki 13 ' m, a Ni m, lte Ni y, rl 42, 5 , , 60, 110 's y, lma 49, 61, 122, 131 r' Jim 110 rris oyce 59, 60, 124 . rris, ia 59, 60, 124 ugen ol 51, 110 'l 1 WSJ Nan 43, 46, 47, 50, 56, Oakes, Craig 131 -1 O'Brien, David 13, 42, 43, 47, 58, 59. 60, 94. 110 -- 1 O'Dowd, Jackie 124 Ogrburn. Roy 124, 131 OQ'le, Barry 110 Ohler. Jay 110 Oldfield. Sharon 124 Oliver. Dennis 124 O'Neal, Chris 50. 131 Orr, .Tames 50. 52. 55. 56, 57, 131 Orr. Kathv 50. 59. 124 Osborne. Jim 33, 52, 53,, 69, 70, 72, 74, 82. 110 Osborne, William 50, 124 Otto, Jim 110 Owen, Jimmy 131 - Owens, Jim 49, 111 Owens, Mary Sue 124 Pancol. Nick 50 Parks, Beverly 18, 49, 111 Parks, .Terry 131 Parks, Larrv 124 Parton. Paul 124 Paschal. Judv 131 Pate, Susie 111. Phipps, Deloris 132 Pickel. Max 42, 53, 81, 111 Pickett, Ron 53, 78, 79, 111 Pitts, Bill 124 Polk, Gloria 132 Polk, Myron 132 Porter, Jerry 61, 132 Porter, Jerry Lee 132 Porter, Leon 124 Potter, Ronnie 124 Powell, Phillip 132 Presser, William 47, 111 Preston, Jane 26, 28, 30, 46, 59, 60, 124, 143 Price, Paul 65, 75, 82, 132 Priest, Stephen 132 Pritchard, Gordon 124 Pritchard, Wilma 45, 48, 111 Prout, Nancy 124 Pryor, James 124 Pryor, Jon 111 Purciful, Eddie 50, 59, 124 Purkey, James 54, 124 Purkey, Voss 53, 82, 112 Puterbaugh, Mary 112 Oualls, Janice 132 ' Quallo, Marie 45, 112 Raekes, Helen 18. 29, 124 Raqer, Jerry 132 Rainer, Deloris 132 Ralston, George 52, 112 Ramsey, Judith Ann 46, 132 Ramsey, Judy Lynn 124 Rambo, Ted 70, 132 Randolph, Gary 124 Ranshaw, Bill 112 Rauer, Tudy 1-24 A 7 ' Ratzlaff, Carol Ann '59, 60, ,112, Riggs, Sharon 44, 112 Rinker, Phil 49, 112 Ritchey, .Stephen 13-2, Rittenhouse, Tom 132 Robbins, Pat 112 1 Robbins, Roberts, Robinett, 124 Robinson Robinson William 124 Stephen 124 1 Beth 28, 44, 46, 56, 59, Ann 49, 124 1 Robinson, , Douglas 132 - - , Janice 45, 112 Roby, Dan 13, 18, 42, 50, 52, 59, 60, 112. 157 Roby, Phil 50, 52, 54, 57, 65, 78, 132 Rogers, Carla 59, 112 A Roqers. Dave 82, 124 - . - Rohr, Sharon 112. Patterson, Buddy 51. 111 Patterson, Esther 124 Patterson, Lnoienne 111 Patterson, Richard 53. 65, '74, 75 - Patterson, Susie 45, 111 125, 142 Rauner, Norman 54, 57, 124 Ray, Bob 124 Ray Fred 124 Ray, James 53, 65, 78, 124, 157 Ray, Reggie 50, 52, 70, 132 - Rayford, Eddie 70, 81, 132 Rayford, Frank 124 Rayford, Lorine 124 Reardon, Becky 50, 1132 166 Roland, Kenneth 124 Rollins, Elmer 124 Romine, Terry 132 Roof. Dennis 50, 132 - Roof, Jim 124 . Rork, Elen 113 Rork. Oren 132 1 -z' Roseberry, Boyd 124. Ross, Gay 60, 124' Rousey, Jim 65. 72. -74 1 Rousey. Linda 44, 46. 132 Rowe. Mike 43. 50. 52. 55. 57, 113 Rozelle. Bob.42."52, 58, 59, 113 I Rush, Gloria 124 . 1. Rush, Kathv 46. 49. 55, 60, 132 1 Russell, Mike 54, 56, 132 -V Russell, Mike W. 124 I Samnley, Nancy 119, 124 Sandberg, Kay 46, 132 Sanders, Charles 124 Sanders, Jack 124 ' Sanders, Robert 124 Sandford, Judith 18, 29, -30, -50, 55, 124 Santos, Joan 132 ' 1 Sargent, Sandra 60, 132 Scales, Joyce 52, 132 Scharnowske, Ruth 47, 113 Schattner, Bill 132 Schattner, Robert 49,5113 Scherer, Rebecca 113- V 1 Schildmeier, Carolyn 113 - V Schildmeier, Ronnie 132 A l i Smith, Karel Sue 46, 59, 132 Schlabaugh, Terry 132 Schmitt, Billie 124 Schrope, Fred 65, 132 Schumacher, Stan 54, 56, 57, 124 Schuyler, Harold 124 Schwieger, Kathleen 124 Scott, Lucinda 44, 45, 113 Scott, Sherman 65, 77, 81, 124 Scott, Vicki 44, 46, 50, 132 Scott, Wanda 132 Scovel, James 41, 44, 124, 145 Scroggins, Peggy 50, 132 Seal, Jim 53, 70, 74, 80, 81, 124 Sears, Steve 124 Sells, Larry 13, 42, 43, 113 Seybert, Shirley 46, 49, 55, 60, 132 Seybert, Terry 26, 70, 132 Shafer, Jerry 65, 78, 124 ' Shafer, Jon 50, 59, 124 Shank, Bonnie 13, 42, 45, 113 Shannon, Linda 44, 132 Shaw, Gayle 61, 124 Shaw, John 61, 126, 132 Shaw, Wade 54, 132 Sheets, Judy 113 Sheets, Vicki 44, 124 Shelton, Joyce 44, 45, 59, 60, 113 Shelton, Zella 124 Shepherd, Jim 113 Shields, Ernest 94, 113 Shields, Marsha 60, 132 Shields, Ronnie 124 Shipley, Carl 124 Shipley, Mike 52, 54, 57, 113 Shirley, Wanda 132 Shively, Gretchen 45, 113 Shoemaker, Judy 42, 45, 48, 113 Shoemaker, Karen 44, 46, 50, 132 Silver, Aaron 52, 55, 124 Simmons, John 124 Simpson, Karen 44, 45, 59, 60, 113 Simpson, Marva 124 Simpson, Sandra 46, 50, 55, 124 Sisson, Don 77, 132 Sisson, Larry 125 Skeoch, Graydon 52, 114 Skinner, Nancy 44, 45, 47, 59, 60, 114 Skinner, Oran 132 Skinner, Stephen 114 Slinkard, Pam 46, 60, 132 Slinkard, Tom 114 Sloan, Joanne 45, 55, 114 Smith, Bob 125 Smith, Charlene 114 Smith, Delores 114 Smith, Diane 125 Smith, Jeffrey 132 smith, Karel Ann sa, 45, 55, so, 114 Speece, Jerry 48, 125 Speece, Joseph 18, 125 Speece, Ruth Ann' 132 Speedy, Robert 114 Spell, Rex 114 Spencer, Suzan 125 Sprague, Fred 42, 115 Stankey, Lillian 115 Stanley, Margaret 125 Stanley, Sharon 132 Steele, James 18, 43, 50, 53, 74, 75, 78, 119, 125 Steele, Jeannie 46, 47, 125 Stenski, Dinah 125 Stephens, Betty 115 Stephenson, Jerry 83, 132 Steves, Suzie 46, 50, 56, 132 Stewart, Jacqeline 115 Stickradt, Paul 125 Stith, Robert 125 Stokes, Nancy 45, 125 Stokes, Sally 45', 142 Stolle, Mary 46, 132 Stone, Bruce 125 Stookey, David 125 Stoops, Robert 65, 81, 132 Stout, Patty 132 Streaty, Sue 115 Street, Robert 61, 132 Strickland, Wanda 61, 132 Stroud, June 125 Summers, Ervin 132 Surbaugh, Bill 50, 132 Surface, Becky 46, 132 Sutton, Jim 52, 53, 65, 66, 74, 78, 79, 125 Sutton, Larry 52, 53, 74, 81, 115 Swager, David 60, 61, 132 Swain, Phyllis 46, 55, 125 Swain, Rosemary 132 Swanson, Yvonne 132 Sweigart, Jerry 125 Swift, Joe 42, 52, 115 Swinford, Alan 52, 54, 56, 57, 60, 125 Sylvester, Melva 46, 56, 126, 132 Sylvester, Melvin 52, 133 Talkington, Jim 54, 133 Tallman, Tom 52, 53, 68, 70, 81, 115 Tappan, Tom 42, 115 Tatman, Max 52, 55, 57, 60, 125 Thompson, Jay 115 ' Thompson, John 47, 54, 56, 57, 125 Thompson Ned 133 Thompson Ray 133 Thornburg, Jan 33, 46, 126, 133 Thurber, Dianna 46, 50, 133 Tibbetts, DeAnna 51, 115 Todd, David 61, 133 Tolbert, Gykala 55, 125 Tolbert, Rita 26, 46, 61, 125 Tolle, Patty 133 ' Toombs, Elizabeth 60, 125 Toombs, Jerry 133 Toombs, Jimmy 61, 125 Toombs, Rex 133 , Danny 133 Smith, Larry 132 Smith, Louise 29, 114 Smith, Michael 114 Smith, Peggy 132 Smith, Smith, Smith, Snider, Snider, Ralph 114 Shirley 114 Steven 132 Kay 114, 149 Mary 60, 132, 153 Snodgrass, Eddie 114 Snodgrass, Myrna 125 Snowden, Sharon 132 Sorrell, Darlene 114 Sowers, Lynda 60, 132 Sparks, Margaret 114 Spears, James 132 Spears, Linda 132 Taylor, Diana 42, 44, 45, 49, 115 Taylor, Gilbert 70, 133 Taylor, Harry 52, 53, 69, 70, 81, 115 Taylor, James 125 Taylor, Larry 53, 79, 115 Taylor, Madelyn 50, 56, 125 Taylor, Patricia 133 Taylor, Peggy 125 Taylor, Rex 133 Taylor, Steven 52, 56, 115 Teague, John 53, 68, 69, 70, 72, 74, 75, 78, 79, 115 Tegge, Larry 54, 125 Thomas, Albert 133 Thomas, Bill 125 Thomas, Carrol 125 Thomas Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, 125 Jerry 133 Kay 29, 125 Larry 125 Marylinda 44, 46, 48, 50, Thomas, Sharon 133 Thomas, Tom 125 Thomps on, Dale 133 167 Townsend, Bob 70, 75, 81 Townsend, Louie 115 Townsend, Terry 133 Townsend, Willie 61, 133 Travis, Daryl 116 Tremaine, Don 49, 77, 133 Trennepohl, Mary Jean 40, 45, 116, 151 Tucker, Roger 125 Turner, Leon 125 Turner, Ronnie 49, 116 Turner, Rosalie 116, 141 Tuterow, Lois 18, 43, 125, 142 Tuterow, Marlene 44, 45, 116 Twigg, Joan 116 Tyler, Dinah 28, 29, 42, 45, 116 Tyler, Kay 46, 50, 133 Upshaw, Rex 83, 116 Vance, Larry 52, 53, 68, 70, 75, 81, 133 Van Dalsen, Jerry 125 Van Ness, Eddie 33, 42, 52, 116 Vasey, Mary Jane 125 Vaughn, Dennis 70, 81, 133 Vaughn, Tom 125 Vermillion, Penny 133 Vess, Mary 49, 125 Vickery, Phyllis 61, 125 Wable, Allen 133 Wable, John 125 Wade, Thelma 116 Wagner, Carl 133 Wagner, Kenny 133 Wagner, Larry 125 Walbridge, Bob 116 Walker, Becky 61, 125 Walker, David 61, 116 Walker, Janet 133 Wallace, Ronald 65, 81, 133 Wallace, Sally 46, 50, 133 Ward, Sharon 46, 133 Warren, Jack 70, 133 Warrum, Sharon 133 Watkins, Nancy 125 Watson, Joyce 116 Watson, Louie 133 Watson, Steve 52, 53, 70, 74, 81, 125 Waugh, Peggy 125 Waugh, Penny 125 Waymire, Pamela 29, 46, 55, 125 Webb, Claudean 133 Webb, Larry 125 Webster, Judy 45, 54, 55, 60, 116 Welch, James 116 Welch, Mike 116 Welches, Judy 46, 50, 133 Welker, Linda 46, 125 Wellington, Jane 28, 46, 60, 126, 133 Wellons, Branson 133 'Whiteaker ,Roy 133 Wools, .f 1 .0 Y' , ,if ' , , , Wells, Penny 46,- 61, 133 Wells, Ronnie 47, 116 Whelan, ,Barbara 117 Whitaker, Nora 125 Whiteaker, Janice 117 Whiueheadfronnie 1334 Whitehouse, Marvin, 133 Whiteman,' Sheron 410, 117,j?.51'i Whitinger, Wiirfam 50,,52, 73, 133 - WhitleY,!Joyce 44, 125 Whitman, Howard 49, 50, 65, 1258, A' f Wicker, Bill 1175" ., 'Wicker,'1G,era'lHi,ne 117' Wiley, ianneAf117 Wiley, John 83, A133 Wiley, Patty 133 Wiley, RicgardH53, 117 Wilhelm? fichard 133 xvilkersrm, William 70, 75, 81, 133 Wilkins, Hamlet 133 Williams, Barbara 117 Williams, Dorothy 133 Williams, Jerry A. 125 I s 1 4 ff 1 M' Williams, Jerry 133 Wood, Patsy 46, 55, 133 Williams Paul 117 Woodall, Japheus 133 Williams Sally Ann 61, 133 Woods, Jerry 133 Williams Stanley 133 Woods, Yvonne 50, 61, 125 Williams Steve Wools Linda Williams, Tom 33, 42, 52, 53, 70, W 1 ' P 45 117 ,f ,,f 74, 33, 117 005' eggy 1 , ,. Wil1is7Charlotte 56, 117 Willis, Mildred 133 r !Wills, Harriett 133 ., 1' U Wilson, Connie 117 Wilson, Donald 49, 61, 133 Wilson, Janice 50, 60, 133 1 Wilson, Judith 18, 46, 50, 59, 60 A 125 Wilson, Ronald 133 Winemiller, Bill 61, 133 Winemiller, Nancy 95, 117 Winter, Etna Elizabeth 133 Wise, Garry 133 Wittebort, Judith Ann 122, 133 Wolverton, Betty 43, 44, 46, 50, 61 133 Wood, Kay 50, 125 Sharon 56, 117 Wright, Cynthia 18, 42, 117 Wright, David 133 Wright, Judi 126, 133 Wright, Robert 125 Wyatt, Sally 45, 118 Wykoff, Paul 50, 70, 75, 83, 133 Wynn, Janet 42, 45, 118 York, Dave 125 Yost, Mary Catherine 118, 149 Young, Maggie 86, 125 Youngblood, Epolian 70 Younger, Joyce 125 Zirkle, Patricia Ann 133 4 Free Education is the Key to Our Story Producing a yearbook such as the 1959 Indian involves keen imaginations, unlimited planning, and hard work. However, staff members, in using the big "A" as their theme, discovered that putting out the '59 edition of the annual gave them a chance to express their opinions of the present AHS system of education, a syste-m that the staff felt is paving the way for future Anderson citizens. 'A hearty thanks goes out to the profes- sional craftsmen who helped to produce the annual. Engravings and color photography were done by Mr. Richard Brier, Capitol Engraving Co., Springfield, Ill., group pho- tography by Mr. Russ Forkner, Elite Studio, Anderson, underclass pictures by Mr. Doyle Fox, Delmar Studios, Andersong printing by Hudson Printing Co., Andersong covers by S. K. Smith Co., Chicago, and binding by the Commercial Service Co., Anderson. The 1958 rating of "Medalist" by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association in- spired the 1959 staff in putting out the 51st editio-n of the Indian. The year is over now, and another deadline has been met. The 1959 Indian S-taff takes great pride in working on such a book, and hopes that every reader will receive the best Patty Fleece James Scovel of enjoyment from its contents. U N 1959 INDIAN STAFF 'I U Dave DeBolt .....,............ Co-Editor-in-chief , Pat McKeand ................ Co-Editor-in-c ' ' ' F U 1 Janice Byrum ............. ......... A ctivit xv' Q ' K! Xllplarylgegn Trennepohl .... ....... A ctgvitie - an u son ............ .... p Orts 1 U 1 Li! Connie Gusrin ......... --- Faciilfi- X U MO!! Thelma Manuel --- ..... Facultyep CJ Donna Grant ........ ....... S eniors ' ' r , Sheron Whiteman .... ......... S eniors Q KN- 1 I Q U X Janice Branch ....... .... U nderclasses A ' 1 0 garfaal1gad?iegring .... .... U nderclasies ai e or ...... .......... r t OV W , Larry Contos .... ..... A dvertising 9, 1 if Jane Hamilton --- --s .... Circulation ' Jr X . Nancy Hartzell ...,.........,.... Office Manager V V Steve Givens ..................,... Photography U ' K1 1959 JUNIOR STAFF Janet Alleman Kenneth Heavilin A - Q sandi cox Eddie McCrocklin 'l Norma Jean Cripe Beverley Miller - Judy Cron Diana Miller FACULTY ADVISER Mr. Frank Woschitz ....... Business and Editorial 168 ' - 'Z 1' I 1 N x ff, KAQXQXTXQZM OIUUZLP ! QL Q f ff? .QW 5 1+ W if jf N, A X Qaygjf J! ,Wai X M55 f ff, Z ? XX N, U JU lbjtahfi M xy ,J ff f - 'A ' ,f If 'I Ni 3, YL, 4 Ujyjd fgdgaw' 31 X3 f,qiC mW 4f0U "pLg Q X, ,, . Q s l A , K Q, . Q Q Q w AW' y if Q4 X X b ' -"U RX- U, 'N : Q no . ' ' Own. 'AQ -4 3 N N lg MQW L -RQX V, ,,n... . - N , .. -- f Q x V 2 , , , I "' Q ' N9 '22-E1 ix ,X gb . I , ,,i, ,., Y M W fww UL Jf 1 ' ,. ZWWQW ll, W flEf'NW'b L' Milf ww gg W ,-wi 65? S QYQQSSQFXEQQ ia if is MQ, SS? Mwlf M QQYJWJ ik f QMWQHAL? Awyx wpfvwmf Mjfw QQW MRM T352 wi' ifsfvbpgf , QQ 'A.r f , , YK csigmy gif 64,44 ..-.. ,.., ,, ...,... -.. ...,.. --.. 1 -ff .1 -- - ,,,- ...ii i .,,-.7 - Q-1------' ---0' Y ' '- f 1 ' fr 1 .0 'V X' ' ' , , . I C41 X 4 Q 1, fu 'V ' -fx LRC , N M JG, QW, Aw F CQUZ. Q49 J 144 .f . , f - T57 QQ, +A WMJ f fi Q 4 fr ' ' Y F cxfa. , 'CN My Y, ifjbe, Nj V ff 'AIA L ff! rl L " , ow f J A A X i fx f 1 V, My A W :ff L 1,4 1, L.. g 'I ff? Q flcjgfi 4 4-,T ' " 70-N ' -j,l.f Us W t 3 , - . ' Pudf, . AZLLN fl f, ,I fl , 1 K LQ, K Lf . '. W M xx ANU BVWQAAVB Qewgvb IWW - f'7ff1f2f ' U . X W 7, I Iliff! 'fflzf' ff MW fl , f f f WW Ki X4 PA? iffdii Cff. si. 'J A kekqigb C Q 11 U 4. Lk f fl! kc k ' 41 ff fc, Si? H S lc ffl Bmw JL Ng L' 11 EN 3 5 f f"'fi'f114yw Q Q 1 v .. QI X QW N2-wfml. 1-1,-,L ,W 3 5 fv.A.- xx wg 5 GX , -:Lfeji A X1

Suggestions in the Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) collection:

Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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