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1? X :cv , H 41,-, zijfl yvyr' If 'Q 0' JL MQW? f "ics-5QWVyfJ" f?j7'W Q fi, . i QQJEQ Q X V 'P fu QAM' Nyfgwx-00 7 W if xf5 Qgygpggfiwyb E EO P on Jfwfkgfbx XQW B? MW E? FHM MU if W2 'J WXMW J , : 'S Q-,3A NSS? QSQX Q N 'if E as wi is si QQQ earm :FCE UM' , ,UU , iii, Hfgw GEQQSM ,X -L, X Q Qfyyyyijgg ix ff app , f 1 yd' gui" I ,' 3 Lp' if ,D , ' f wi , L L, fy , .- VIVLLLIV 1 fm ' V 7 WA'fm f7L?iZ4 F K 1 bv 0 1 ' V 11 f' ' gf, f Aj ' U ,ML , ' w L .I , fmt? 7 1 'CMJ 'Mflw ' V M Q1 0 L K , 4' V3 ,X , ff Q X CE: ll L QQ , O .X .',,wg,,rj-'JQA3-1' ,-.' .i.'-4-f . . ',.w- , Q ,W-', ,.4'r1'f!1.-'MT'-n,fwfoifa-f+."rL'-2.L,f-1 n.lcqHi4'!1'Q'?r3 :M g.,34yVk,Q1 ,,!1Lfj.g,r 5,145,562.hB',:W,,-,,1j, 113.4 . H- ' 7-52f1,g3'QS'g+w fxff X . 4, ,V ,. 4,V+-.51-yffg-my fn an V, , 'mf ae, 16'r?f'1+f:4'sN3'-.ff ,A wflgrzyg fm: . rg , 5 51ee5:.4f2fy:,fN-'mat .,-...1-4 ,Muon V .Ltigy-,.-V,-WJ, ., 41. . b,1J..,,.1, A-1,415 pq., -4' f 1. , -V541 . 1, ,..-4 ',- mn-' vis'-Hf'?1f'3' f'JT'i7w....f'nwf. Aiaieff. :C54L!6Jv1H"35v"1.7""'V"' A-Q, 1-'w 51-.afgm-55,..J,A n...3fM5!,iT7Lf41?q'gL,v3-..qgQ3i1,5,a5,3-.::fgy:,fm','2k . ,, V. N. Q. ,. -I,-f,, ,nk 2k:.,'i35,m::,X ,l,lw:dF24't Q, 9::.1,t,.v,,,. ,app ,. .,Q.fLxw.'wfEft5J'f2fw.,21'.4,Q11+rLx-f.','4i,,'-5'.'-,fnfigri ',' 21 ff: Q:- :-zc-,a1:flf?"Cvf-LTI7,-'f-k3Z1'Q3LAfJfL5fVL?Jf5"'..f K-'Z' " "'3l'i 'ET5 7' ' "':,f1:-Q -'zimi1fgW'Q-- ,uv-:ggeiaf-'zgi fl .-Q1 0 1,1 ,ifff-iief-1f?','f,ff- -MQF' S+" is W ,. Q- ' ''if7ff5wv"ffF?f - " ., , , dvr , V ,N Y , . . -' 'fl ,-'gg J' + 4:54.04 rmfl-rk. -r-fr'-.."-"'lj .,' ,1 . ' ' W vi .,,4f.,f1-,garmin .f-Ilgfsyk '"QM-1-x.fff.'i35 Q1 ,Q , it 11534rlixwyf-?fislji'ii.i'f?'?Q'!5'25ff+Qlf23f1i1f3S,'ij,Q. "' ff my some 1-halezean, Vwlckmca 4, 5. fi. 9 1 .M s, .31 2 w -Q R, if 1 'Y wf ,,, A if I ,, ' Y 6'-r .4 'if Q "Q'5 wr 1 1' " yr 5 V. ,f , , . rg ,Q v Q v! 1 Eli. r V fi. f 'A' K fi, L L 4 X , Wm WW x KA: my W W MW l 3 Q 3 ., , 7 My L XS YN fgf11eff54f-J HW kpfdgk awww -S M, Y seffwwus ',.- -3' A . 5' 4' I -, E 1 , 1 'Fm iw , 6 5' J ' tem S 4 1' ' .Q x ' 1' A' , . ., A if s W 1.1 ,g"' -We si I A ,NH 3 'V -fiwff ' lv ii ' if s AML , -H' L.,, f ', ' ' A 'Y' a 35 AH . ' A " Vgiif Q W MH , . M lui 401' 1, Q' M ' 1' A vw: :KL y I f ,, Q -Q fjifb t , ' - 55 'Ho gf , ' A - A 5' ' ' .. -g 1 A ,,1- A W .-E :M ,'.. K , -M.. 1, 34 5' 'K' it ,j ', N School Life .,A ,.,.. Activities ,..g,,.., Athletics ,.g,, Students ..g,,.,,,. Advertising ,,s, ,s,,. - All-School Index Acknowledgments ff Jgefgn al . 1-1 , ass' at hella . 3 was - . -sms, 251,125 as vm ., 1-1 f -News W A- V,-M1,ffW - -- ,Q . A..-fy. . pages pages pages pages pages pages page ., ,M : 1 YR le xl JSE, 75 9 ' 1 to 40 to 70 to 94 to 134 to 162 to 168 "iii i l 9 'OD 7? A few of the lndian's Iifty years of growth and progress. . - .,, 1' ",, ff.'.":r nw',cg-7, 4 - 1 T4 .J ,l.,,-,, l, . ,Ji,b,,, .-41.9, ,r.,,g7,1 Rfgflr. ,, ,J,.-Q,Qy3'.'if1f,- I ,. H ffl' 2" ' ,wafer t1f'ff1:'f'i ' ,1Km:3P" lf' ' -- 3w,a.'5fi?4,5YffZiF2a-'mf M' .4-f 'i1l"":' i 1 7 eff 'ff'li",,vf2f' ' ' g" '?ii4" 1' Vfff ' , .f431if?f3fs1affQf?slf:.., f" Y . I ',, ' ,Xl 1. le,-,ily -A-ffm 'A .QQ-, ggi, 4'-lffffi fig ilk 5 V' ,. . 5 Jn- iff, 'l . , ,,.,i , fp' I' 'flTf:i:g,gq1:',?,5E.7'5?,1' If-my rgffjfegf.-Qfffll ," 4 5-f2ffa'1ff.f',ff"" f A'l4"f21-fn.-fff-,. rojf. fi' ' ' 'ra' I,Rf5'gf,rf ' 3' -J", " " .s..,3,41.1' '. - 'N - ' ' ' " ' "Dear I't'41i!U!'S, we greet you with fog, one and ull, .lmif hop' ffm! rfoizi' cotzmemznces itil! mr! ltlll. lVe here give you lhe 41171711611 for tc'f'3r'r-.12 LL'U.L'e tuorlzed so, .limi pmif Zhu! in ltzrn you will give Us your doughf' Fifty years ago, in 1908, a group of students got together and decided they needed a written memory of their high school years. These am- bitious seniors talked to their principal and finally secured his not-too-willing permission to compile such a book. Hlt was then and there decided unanimously to support the Annual and to do or die," the records show. ln June of 1908, after a year of research. writing, taking pictures and selling ads, an azure blue and black book was passed to the students. This was the birth of the annual. Discovery of two 1908 yearbooks sent to the school by an elderly man in California who was on the faculty in 1908 led to the disclosure that this was the first yearbook published. On this 50th anniversary the annual staff has recorded the events of 1958 and will show through direct quotes from the '08 book printed in color the changes and similarities in life at AHS, then and now. Co-editors-in-chief, Linda Stires and Dan Motto, examine the 1908 yearbook, only link between today's students and those of yesteryear. Qin KJ 43,151 'nw 35. 41.59, X' ""!l We Q, ..-'V au.. N-. B 3453: , 'V 1' S, flux, ' .,,.-, You Oblivious of the mounting tension and din Norman Dtlph prtpirts to sink tht two winning free throws in the final game of the Regional Igiinst Crispus Attucks f?557-- af heaemeal The 50th anniversary of the yearbook was a year of great achievement for the high school. lndividual- ly, by organizations and en masse students and teach- ers brought recognition to the school. A national organization president, state oflicers, recognized orators, an all-American yearbook, state championship band, a victorious basketball team, and outstanding educational awards brought honors to the school. Teachers also added to the recognition through service in state and national educational associations, and the school held unrestricted membership in the North Central Association of accredited schools, AHS has always strived to belong to the best of everything. The AHS Marching Band sweeps by h Stitt lair Grandstand carrying with it the state marching honors 6 Norma Souihers. Peggy Davis. pride in being members of lhe Best D. E. C. A. Club in lndiana. A + Q Ig.. .wi I 153 f' . 98 lg! fl 3 1 . ik 'iii s 'Q l ji if .liz 'iw Q' Their goal reached. Ronnie Campbell and liran XVagner, Co-editors, proudly hold the V757 "All-American" lndian. -auf' 1.22.3 '- 'iiiimawaf .MA , Ruth McAllister gives Ronnie Aclaor. a state essay contest winner, a sample of the music that won her the regional piano contest. Top Purdue legislators. Jack Atwell. Phil l.armore and Dan Roby. have many more achievements. Jack is National D. lj. C. A. president. and Dan is J. C. L. national parliamentarian. yi. L . 4 ,mag , . L V KW A .L 'Y' f g ,fp X yn 4 F1 mm, - - Lk -A,,,, 'if A I 9 . , M f A 1 ,-. , 4 7 , ,f 4 "W ' 'z -14 'M' , x ,v by . 0 M , ' ,.,- ... , , i 'E A K , . Lfwf. ,W f., g., -, KW -..M . ,wg .swf H. ix Ll. A beautiful opening day inspires .mn enthusiastic outdoor pep session. V 0g ' dag maxima Kadima mad 8 V we ff Principal .Iohn Paul Huffman orientates the first "green" sophomore class. Student workers shuttle hack and forth filling the orders for new books, Conversation makes time pass quickly while the book lines dwindle. AHS opened its doors as it had on 47 other opening days since the building was completed in l9lO. The students were not the Very same but the routine was similar as they entered bubbling with news of summer happenings, settled down to the daily school pattern, and adapted to each other and new schedules. ef' 4 aa Q so , 'W ,4s,," m 1 L V Q as A Y x A i' I' - Juniors dCIT1OI'1SlI'.llC how AHS makes hcr champions on thc HFSI prim winning IiOI'HCCOI1liIlf,1 float. and 'afmmedzfa ' Queen candidates join the crowd in cheers. 10 Since 1951 AHS students and past graduates have joined tof gether to yell for their school and alma mater at the annual Homecoming football game and celebration. As is tradition. a flock of gaily decorated floats paraded before the game. At halfftime judges selected floats of the kj-unior class, senior class, and annual staff as the top three, and students named Terry Monta- gue as Homecoming Queen. Homecoming is a time when each person goes all out in the effort of school spirit to welcome in the sports program at AHS. Student Council leads the parade with the theme float, "AHS Builders of Cflianipionsf' fa ' far: eczmQ 5 ' Q Hi-Y adds more ol' the unequaled AHS spirit. "'l'hei' wont get our goatf' claim members of Room SOI. I I t X . I l An ever-present ngure. Larry Gibson. the annual photographer, gets little attention at the Thanksgiving Convo. Janet Alleman and Mary Sue McAllis- The "Rhythmettes." XVanda Pursley, ter portray A'Men on the Street" in the lt's not Ick, but Gary McClain Nancy Ussery, Linda Crim and Carole Student Talent Convo. perched on the patched basketball. Ussery. add a bit of harmony, 12 Za dee Z caaaacczlfiaaa, , , A deviation from regular school routine is provided for by the many and varied convof cations put on each year. Convocations have been present under differ- ent titles as far back as 1908 when the school held morning Uassembliesn at which lecturers and judges often spoke. Their purpose is to provide interesting and educational entertainment for the student body that could not be achieved through ordinary classroom work. This year's convos brought AHS students an hour or two of insight into subjects such as religion combined with athletics. negro spiritual music, and science and electronics. Students also made their own entertainmeni through student talent. holiday and special event convos. Mlihe lilying Parson." Rev. Bob Richards. captix itts Some oi the iiscinitini, thiriclcristies ol tltclritiix ire dtnionf the audience with dramatic glimpses of Olympic stritcd in the Up ind Atom Como Champions, 13 Gaining some potent information from "Old Hatchet Face" arc Mr. Red, Gary McClain, and Miss Green, Karen N1cKay. 14 J an Podhaski 195 8 Yearbook Candidates Janet Bohlen Mary Carraway Judy Duncan Judy Harris Stephanie Hoppers Peppy Schlacks Q 116811 Zag azz6Maazz4mazaga,,. The way AHS has chosen to honor the pretty and popular coed students is to elect them to reign over dances and activities. The first queen chosen by the student body was the Prom Queen. Most recent addition was that of yearbook queen. While beauty is a necessity for an AHS queen, brains, an active extra-curricular career, and pleasant personality also count. 'figfiifggg 77' il? :".:' i- f il a ,ff J Q e l f :W ee I .text 1 . V253 "3" QL KP ,ka 4: W Ag? ,ig is ,ft iasj 453 is M is f lj, me L K fb, V , tilffll' "hw-V H 7 " :hfiwi-. . ..,., is I.. wa.. if. ., ip, nf H Mc, H .tr 7.2, Silver Belle Queen, Arlene f H Z' . .gm leg giawaas: Gigi . 4:31-' iimilziii. 9 Q-an-aff, .i:nwi'?'1 f . Springer, typines the career-minded AHS coed. Homecoming Queen Terry Montague and attendants Jan Podhaski and Diana Miller take a trip to the scene of their 'ES- triumph, the football stadium. Attendants Nancy Graves and Judi Bingaman help lfall-XVindup Queen Becky Smith build a snowman Q, if .K K sr on the schools front lawn. 15 VI jhiaeiit v 1 1 , J A I , - U 'img' ' x-!Ct,frL',f' , .fr u',-if-g,4.??"f J' , 4 ,ff ., .mmf ,' .,',-', ar ' -G,1','f- ,,,., . - ,,.,,' . -ri v Q' . ' . 3 ji: ,411 , 5 ,' ,-HY? V ,QV I Q' If n az!! fir? 1 fl P". 'UH -e 1' 'f't.-zsfgfxfmfi,-471 wif' . , fflef f f K+? ,aff ff M .lv I, lf? ,J I 5, n A5 ,pu ul' I 5 yi, M I , ,,,, 5. ,' ' V -Ar ' .Q -' , i., , .', ,g,...- . . - e -.f ' -Gfxaiy-g?Ai,J'f a'5kf:f:f.f:f1et'fw e?.'45fi?19,L'f2fmf'1"'ftfafasafgfmlq 'ff.:,1:eJfe1w2-f gfl,?,f4g.g2T?f'f""' Terry Montague, Prom Attendant Hflfter a few delightful hours, they found themselves searching for words with which to express their appreciation of the eve- ningg they departed with many kind wishes for the future success of the Junior class." Just 50 years ago in 1908 the first prom at AHS was held. "On the twenty-second day of May a comparatively new affair was introduced among the already numerous social events prior to the high school graduation, namely the A'Senior-Junior Promenade" given by the Sen- iors to the Juniors at the Country Club," the '08 book stated. This year's prom-goers took a trip "Around the World in 80 Days," and the procedure was exactly reversed with the juniors feting the graduating seniors. South Side Junior High was the scene of the spectacular extravaganza on May 29. Keith Sylvester's band played as the couples Waltzed and twirled in an evening of enchantment. Junior boys elected Prom Queen Nancy Graves and her attendants Terry Montague and Ann Gellinger to reign over prom festivities. Ann Gellinger, Prom Attendant Shirley Seybert, Joanne Sloane, l.ynne Clements and Melanie Dalton recreate the minstrel show period. cczfcm aim The school is an outlet for the talents of its students and also provides a social life for them. Today, in 1958, students enjoyed the Band Variety Show, Choral Club Operetta, A'The Prince of Pilsenf' and the Senior Class Play, "Dear Ruth." The entertaining elements in 1908 were much the same. Students then were enter- tained by a choral sing, and a class play and for a dime could go to the "Crystal Theatre- Home of Amusement," a vaudeville threatre, or for slightly more to a production at the Grand Hotel Opera House. AHS operettas, plays, and variety shows have become such an important part of school life that they are certain to stand the test of another 50 years. Beauty was very prominent in the Variety Show as evidenced in the production numbers, ttop picturej Straight from Fantasy l.and are Saundra Heard, Nora Sylvester and Karel Ann Smith. thottom picturej 1 664m "How will she answer?" wonder Jerry Coon, Mona Theatrical emotions run rampant during an argument in the Clem, Pat May. and a pair of stage hands as leads senior play between Georgia Truesdel, Ronnie Clark.Carol1nn Dale Copeland and Norma Southers develop the plot Hoppes .ind Roger Adcock. of the senior play. The lualconv offers this birds-eye View of 'llhe Prince ol' Pilsenn Opereila chorus. .3 Q 1- , A W I :fl Ai X ir'f amxkst. H ,af ,aff ,AL th. KV- Nil AHS students make use of the modern and handy, newly-constructed Charles E, Wilson Memorial Library at Anderson College, J , A burning Cadillac as school lets out creates .1 diversion for homeward-bound students. 20 ,lvwjq mi' ,-A ,r-,..,,i,u..f , 1i.,- Q ,,,,, ,f -my l 5 , f .1 A ,--, r, 'N M., V , ,z ,- P afw:'.,-,fj".4" V .. .Q ., 'nav f Q , .- ,. en: 5 1, .l.. . ftMffvflifedffifff. Customs and events of 1958 affected young embryo adults of AHS as never before. First students caught or imagined they caught Asian Flu. Russia's Sputnik topped even this, and students breathed freely only after Explorer was launched. On the local front hundreds of families had visions of winning a dream home, and Wound up the year struggling to maintain their incomes in an economic recession. Fifty years ago students concerned them- selves with leap year and "Women's suf- fragefl But today students must Widen their horizons to keep up with the fastest changing world in history. 'iw 1 , Sputnik takes enough time from ite orbiting to win first Nurse Ruthtxnne Imier teams with .1 group of students prize during Red .md Cireen XX'eek for .'Xnit.t Ballinger .ind ftop picture! to track the pesky Asian fflu gerrri, Ninth Uegnnn rXlvern.ithv'Q homeroom, graders Sandrii Hollis And Shirlev Suvheri admire the trophy of i-Xndersonk National Sonp Box Derhy Cihnm- pion, Terry iownsend, ' 6 ' ' N567 Like many Anderson High Students D.tVe Deholt joins his Inniilv in writing .1 Golden Milestone I etter for the General Motork I'iftieth Anniversary Contest, I I I 7acc ma - Meeting in the midst of shopping. Ruthann lVlurphy. Priscilla Slxouden. Annette Shipman and Pat Johnson share in the cvcryday affairs of the communiiy. Expressing the sheer joy of triumph Ann Hiirris suis to plant .1 hug on Norman Delph after winning the Indianapolis regional, - Likils-Kiwi" '-'k gig-gs , zcmkedm cz After spending a day pushing pencils and working their brains, students want to relax and enjoy themselves in their leisure. Finding something to do has never been a problem for AHS students as long as there is more than one of them available. Teens like all types of fun from planned dances to spur-of-the-moment record gather- ings. A half century ago teens were engaged in taffy pulls, bobsled rides, class meetings, and slumber parties. Now students have such interests as ice skating, swimming, basketball games, picnics and hayrides. A prime requisite teens require is to be with other teens. They stick together, go places with each other and constantly circulate in a teen-age social world. lxrt of :i journey for Pete 5694 9446--Zoot, , , Jerry Coon. Jan Podhaski. l.inda Stanley and Dale Copeland take time out from their ice skating to warm their hands over 1 welcome bonfire. As does a chat with 'llrudy Raper hnforth and Nancy Gabel A drink postpones the parting and l.arry Vfatson But the end is ll'l4.X1I3blC M. 23 Reproducing an actual courtroom trial in Debate class. Gary Gilmore, bailiff. administers the oath to plaintiff, Gary Moore. .ludge Richard Hughes and recorder Mary Paul Nlason keep a watchful eye on the proceedings. 'neddecwtaf acdaok.. LANGUAGE ARTS-Row l-Mr. Ralph Boyd, Chairman American Education XVeek, Debate Team Sponsor: Mr. Clar- ence Burns: Mrs. Evelyn Grahame. Dept. Head, Curriculum Study Committee. Chairman Senior Speakers Comm.: Mrs. Marguerite Hale: Miss Alice Higman, Sponsor Senior Class Play. Sponsor National 'Lhespian Society: Miss Eileen Johnson, Sponsor Latin Club. Row Z-Mr. Keith Johnson, Librarian: Miss Hazel Kendall: Miss Lois Long, Chairman Career Day: Mrs. Vivian Maine, Junior Class Sponsor, Curriculum Study Committee. Co-chairman Basketball Celebration Day: Mr. David Martyn: Mr. Lee Pursley, Sponsor X-Ray and Little Chief. Z4 Initiating Kay Roberson. Betty Grim. Tim Lamey. and Sherry Dennis are Latin Club officers Bev Benko, .lohn Melson. Janice Byrum. and Jim Baker. The actual heart of school life lies in the classroom. Some five hours daily are spent by each student in the various classes of his cur- riculum. AHS makes it possible for the student to choose from six courses, each designed to pre- pare him for some specific future, whether it is college or a job. These courses make available l99 varied and different subjects. which are either required by the school or are chosen as electives. K lfxchange teacher, Mrs, Stella Stryclek. of london lfnglantl. instructs students in sophomore English class. l.ANCiUfXCilf AR'l'S--'Row lffVlrs. Nlary Jane Schultz. Asst. Librarian. Senior Class Sponsor: Mrs. Stella Stryczek. lixchange Teacher: Mrs. Virginia Vermillion. Sponsor Student Council: Mr. Frank XVoschit1, Yearbook Advisor. Publicity Director, Sponsor Hi-Y. Situ A'What keeps it up there?" Mr. L. R. Lee explains the satellite mystery to Physics students Charlie McDaniel. Linda Harris, and Harold Hatlield. v V. ,Ia-3. a 1' .'.'f5."- . 91" ' Ta-'fm ' 0 1' ,f y 95,11 "":'gJJi if. :Z 4 - I 1 1 nw -'aw-U1 f H.,-.wi 1 sfH52v.fffn'fQQfffffeqf.. . +r.eaffxf.Asfffff-.ff SCIENCE-Row l-+Mrs. Mar- garet Doles, Sponsor Honor Society, Chairman Scholarship Comm.. Chairman College Guidance Day: Mr, John Garrigus: Mr. Raymond Grilith, Mr. George Lee, Dept. Head, Curriculum Study Council. Senior Class Sponsor. Row 2qMr. Lowell Lee, Chairman N. E. A. Membership Comm.: Mr. W, Leo Sanders, Chairman Clubs Comm.. Sponsor Honor Society: Mr. Robert Shaffer, Sponsor Ushers Club: Mr, Horace B. Wilson. Bill Burt and Mike Russell measure a triangle as Mr. Jesse Huntzinger checks for accuracy. AHS teachers not only teach and instruct: but they also are the activating force behind life in the school. Teaching and counseling students. sponsoring clubs, and serving the community make up a vital part of their lives. Nlany teach- er-hours are occupied with committees. organiz- ations. meetings, and extra-curricular activities. In addition to these, teachers are constantly in- structing, urging, and prodding students to the highest possible peak of perfection. Squeamish .lan loudenback holds .i frog no closer than arms length io the amusement of Biology class student Ronnie livans. MATHEMATICS-Row l7lVlr. David Barrow. Treasurer. Treasurer AHS Athletic Assoc.: Mr. Basil R. Hosier. Dept. Head: Mr. .lesse Huntzinger. Chairman Honor Days Comm., Sponsor Chess Club: Mr. Hzrbert Miller: Mr. Claud Roney. Curriculum Study Council. Chairman Student Guidance Day: Mr. Ray Sherman. Z7 ima ' I'om Wilson shows relief over a passing test grade as Mr, RAY lilwnor lmnds out Papers m Cwlcs dwg' "Britisher" Dan Roby moves that the Delegation of Model U. N. pause for a spot of ten. SOCIAI. STUDIESQROW l7IVIr. J. J. Bailey, Sponsor Washington Trip. Sponsor Purdue Legislative Assembly Delegationg Mr. J. Mere rill Collin: Mr. George Davis, Dept. Head. Chairman Convocations Comm., Curriculum Study Council, Sponsor American Legion Oratorical Contest, Model U. N, Assembly. Rotary Speech Contest: Mr. Charles Denny. Row Z-Mr. Ray Iileenor. Asst, Track, Cross Country Coach: Miss Virginia Lindstrom, Sponsor History Club: Mr. O. I.. Springer, Mr. Clifford Swift, Vy'ork Co-or- dinator, Chairman Basketball Day. ' ea Zz Students are the life blood of the school. Without students running, talking, laughing, studying, and learning there would be no school at all. The school exists for the purpose of providing an education for those who attend, but it also allows the student to make friends, gain conndence, participate in activities, join organizations. and learn what the world is about. Within the four walls of AHS, students are given the opportunity to learn and work and grow. 'V""H:s- K ' l 'srmfsa ...M 9 A M a Mr. Gerald Bordner. Asst. Director. is unaware of the deception as David L. DeBolt absorbs mathematics with his music. Nlyriad shapes and forms make up the mobiles hung by Crafts class students l.eon Campbell, l,arry Stanley, and l.arry Carpenter. MUSIC AND ART-Row l7Mr. Thomas Clem. Sponsor Modern Music Masters. Music Dept. Head: Mrs, Paula l,awson. Chairman Pep Sessions Comm.. Sponsor Nlodern Mtlsic Masters: Miss Mary Ruth Palmer. Sponsor Choral Club. Madrigal, Modern Nlusic Masters: Mr. George Vaughl. Sponsor Modern Music Masters. Director of Bands and lndianettes: Mrs. Mary Mcliarland. Art Dept. Head. Chairman Display Cases and Bulletin Boards, Chairman Convo Decorations: Mrs. lflise Mulvihill. Sponsor Bible Club. Chairman Christmas Decorations Comm. 29 Carole McAllister. Madelyn Taylor, Donna Hutchens and Linda Fawbush look admiringly as Bob Page serves them eggs, sunnyside up, with a smile. Marlene Tuterow and Toby Small operate a day nurser' for small visitors on Visitation Da '. 5 Books, books, books! Every student is plagued with the problem of keeping track of his many books for all classes. Some 10,000 books pass through the hands of AHS students every year, followed by an odd assortment of workbooks, notebooks, and pamphlets. There are also file cards, test tubes, typewriter erasers, compasses, and various other articles which must be boarded and produced at the proper moment. Lockers are crammed, books are filled, notebooks are jumbled and pockets are stuffed, but 'AGO to class with the proper equipment" is the motto of the AHS student. HOME ECONOMICS-Row l-Miss Helen Harrell, Sponsor Junior Red Cross: Mrs. Deloris Martin: Mrs. Dorothy Riggs, Co-chairman Faculty Tea: Miss Rive Todd, Dept. Head. Curriculum Study Council. Chairman liaculty Flowers and Gifts Comm., Co-chairman Faculty Tea. 30 Students like Beverly Parks and Linda Crim get Mary Beth Phelps erases fearfully as the watchful eye of Mr. Herb to practice on expensive machinery in business I.yon is directed the opposite Way. practice class. Za Ze BUSINESS llDUCA'l'lONfRow l-Mr, Richard Balsley, Ticket Manager: Mr. Donald Bowen, Dept. Head. High School. Athletic Funds Accountant: Miss Marietta Cain. Row l-Mr. John Finney, Distributive Education Co-ordinator. Mr. Herbert Lyon, Manager Candy Stand, High School Con- cessions: Mrs. Lucille Railsback. 31 Mr. Vern Shinn demonstrates how to check measurements as Mark Godbey, Larry XVelab and Richard Smith observe closely. TRADES AND INDUSTRYYROW l-Mr, NVilliam Ballentine. Apprentice School Instructor, Junior Class Sponsor, Sponsor Highlanders: Mr. Joseph Dye. Dept. Head, Director Adult Education: Mr. Lee I-Ialeg Mr. Donald Hays, Printing Advisor: Mr. Vvlilliam James, Industrial Co-ordinator. Row 2-Mr. G. E. Julius, Sponsor Camera Club: Mr. R, XV, Julius: Mr. Dane Pugh, Tennis Coach: Mr, Vern Shinn, Apprentice School Instructor: Mr. Edmund Villars. 32 WW 9 4654 54 Carefully checking patterns before cutting metal are shop class students Earlie Remson. Bob Zachary. Paul Abshire. and Bill Price. Wluen the first AHS yearbook was produced in l908, only three courses were offered in the school-Latin, German, and Scientific. Require- ments were four years of foreign language on the Latin and German courses and four years of +C' 5 i I X A H I 1 . ' I D I I 5 unch on thk SCMHUEC Courst In addltlon ti Betty Grim wonders how she can keep calm when a slight other Subjgctsy QD 3, limited curriculum, Stud- slip will flash the penalty light in front of tester. Jerry . NX'illiams, and the whole Driver Education class. ents were allowed only two electives for each course, and few extra-curricular activities were offered. DRIVER EDUCATION-Row l-Mr. Donald Barnett, Asst. Basketball. lfootball Coach, Head Baseball Coach: Nlr. James Carter. Head Golf. liootball Coach. Director lntra-mural Athletics: Mr. Robert Freeman, Track, Cross Country Coach, Asst, Basketball Coach: Mr. Howard Lindsey, Dept. Head, Visual Aids Director, Ch. Safety Comm., Ch. Fire Drill Comm.: Mr, lck Osborne. Head Basketball Coach. Asst. liootball Coach. Parking Lot Superviser: Mr. Peter Russo, Asst, lfootball, Vllrestling, Baseball Coach, Sponsor Hi-Y. 33 Taking time out from his many duties, Superintendent of Schools Mr. G. E. Ebbertt chats with valedietorian Joan Gilbert. Discussing current problems, the School Board meets with high school department heads. They are Mr, James Allen, business manager: Mr. liidler. school attorney: Miss Gertrude Plotner. clerk ofthe board: Mr, G. E. Ebbertt. superintendent: hoard members, Mr. Gordon France: Mr. XVilbur Roby, treasurer: Mrs. Margaret Knight, president: Mr. XVilliam Hover- male: Mr. Syd Vililliams, secretary: and AHS department heads, Mr, Donald Bowen: Mr. George Davis: Mr. Joseph Dye: and Mr. George Lee. 34 5,665 . .. Outsiders, noting the headaches, fatigue, and hard Work which are included in the jobs of school ad- ministrators, sometimes overlook the respect, admiration, and friendship which accompany the teaching pro- fession. Handling the multitude of executive duties requires the services of a large staff of workers including principal, assistant principal, depart- ment heads, registrar, office staffs, and deans. The administration must find time to be counselor, organizer, judge, comforter, confidant, and prosecutor to accomplish the efficient operation of the school. l,ot Mr gawled deaamee, . , They like to laugh too. Principal .lohn Paul llllllrlililll pauses in a busy schedule to laugh with Registrar Nlrs, Nlarjorie Austin. . David I,. Adams. assistant principal. 35 s of AHS girls envy Mrs. Martha Goflus position as secretary to genial .' f - .f 4., ,,,,f.',r,,- ,, f.,-va, J .-,121 H 'Sf 1 ff--f' f'f,i.x4',:' 'fr' R-'J--'ygfa'jf,,ff5,",f'j' 'ry 'IJ -11 - rffv ' 'f..r,1 if' 'g,gf'apQ..i-1 1 1- A jr!-7 11' 1 'iff' ,' 1 r , f Huff I "' il.syfjJf'if5,fdfg,' PV'h'fQ'tP !?,f' 5531? ,,l7f'i"Qf'?ija -it 5.:','i'f.Q-"if X 7 ' y .- 1 a , -- 'max ' - 1,1 f . f ' V , ' ,' -I ' ,, " -' V V., Vw ,i 'y r , .. . , Y , e , 1 u ., . -f, ri A , , T , , - ,ffm f - .gf f, , ., , f ,-., ., - .ffm h , , ugh, h., . 1 . H 4 . -if , ., 1 ,-,, '-fn, iff. ,'.f,j..',3..-73N ---fhfifm-5.3-fql,,'f',515'1'1.l ,l?f-...QTL-1,'1'.g-' ,afffj',1,r1.i:1ff1fr5',1,Hj,sf--,':gf4531, , " fx'-'2.-.m5.","f't 'fn' ' i 1-',n7.qff.fQ1.,:'jn--C?f,- r-"ff 1'1- , - V - - . 5' .. 1 - ' How many are absent today?" Checking the Asiatic flu lists are Mrs. Ruthann Imler, school nurse: Mr. Joseph Sparks, dean of boys: Mrs. Mona Higginbotham, attendance clerk, and Mrs, Edna Rhynearson, dean of girls. Mr. Max Beigh, director of counseling services, frightj enjoys the "pause that refreshes" at the end of a trying day with school secretaries Miss Novalyn Morrison, Mrs. Mary Norris. and Mrs, Barella Gray, The underlying reason behind school exist- ence is education, and no education can be acquired without preparation and study, Assign- ments, tests, and notebooks all require some study Whether it is inside of school or out. The advantages of preparation are undeniable, but students seem to study in some different. remarkable, and sometimes questionable environ- ments. The time-honored picture of the small boy, surrounded by books, Working at a desk by the light of a single lamp has been replaced. The modern student does his schoolwork with an odd assortment of interruptions and situations to the accompaniment of radio, record player, or television. Overcoming the difficulties of his manner of studying, today's student still manages to turn out enviable work and results. "Willian1 Tell really shot an apple off his son's head," custodian archery hobbyists Harry Mier, Bill Haygood. Fred Vklelsh. Jim Baker, Head Custodian: Lester Frazier and Javan Rowlett tell Mrs. Elsie Keevin. ,MQ 'rf-, ', '+. I , f, ,f','l1"'v.',-u,p' '-'Qu V112 V ,-ju. 511: ' ,-j:i'j,..1,j, 'W -93:74 -I-Qin.,-fir," -.-Q, ff - rf .Af ..-..x.rf .',r:f'f H f' ',.-."': ', f... ," J , 0 A-' J.dH'.,'1,,',,f 'I-V"f'w-'f,!,v , 15.-'i1..,Affr. 1 ' .nu ' . V. '-'f "-U . i 1 nfl' V . -',-,n,i1:ff.1.".' , , 1, , f 'f' w ' " 'V ' ' I ' ""' 4l,'f1'i:1-i?W.5,L" L An oddity occurs in room 306feveryone is sludying. Lounging comfortably from chair to floor makes it easier for Barry Atkinson to study American Problems. 37 i Surrounded by the noise and confusion of the lndian Room. Maggie Young takes time to concentrate on her lessons, QNX ' Y rv H ..-NK Oblivious ol' the noon hour rush, Bill Robbins snalrhes that last minute look before n resl, Z i :sei Q I I I ' O pacezlcng Za adm listening to Baccalaureate speeches, seniors reflect four years of development into maturity. Seniors ponder as the last moments of their high school careers clwindle out. ,, 38 In 1908 a change was made in graduation arrangements. For the first time, seniors Were chosen to deliver the commencement addresses and both the January and June classes united in June exercises. The Prom was the first event of Senior Week: Commencement, the final one, in both 1908 and 1958. During the festivities seniors had mixed feelings. They were happy to he seniors, to he sharing the close companionship of their classmates, but sorry to be graduating to face a more difficult World which might not include their high school friends. Commencement was then as it is novv-a time of sadness and joy, of hope and anxiety. All through high school, students look forward to graduating but when the final step is upon them, they wish they were just beginning again. tie avian Practice nmlws pcrfccl and commcncemcnt spcnlwrs .ludy Seniors lmvc been painting cords for years and Diannc Duncan. Dick Vwlilliams. Ann Adams and Phil lnrmorc Connolly. Barluara Bowers, Rogcr Amlcofk .md .ludy uw ll In lhcur .1dv.1nIagc. Coburn are rnntinuing ilu- lmdililm. Scniurx file down llmc .mislu past thu proud faces of parents and rclnlivcs. l -rf'-3 30 ad!- Students pool .ill their energy and talents to produce top-rated events, ,Mew -ceatwzq of asian! ' ln the history of AHS there has never been a dull moment as lar as activities go. A halffcentury ago students spent their time going to a multitude of club meetings, hayrides, bobsled parties and picnics. Today the pace is still as strong with clubs, dances. hayrides and parties. 4 l mmm! camfbdlea 50135 ' My edition Gab sessions were common in the annual ofhce. Editors l.arry In an effort to sell l5OO annuals 1 running total of Gibson, Dixie Martin. Ann Adams. Mona Clem. Marilyn Hill and sales vms kept in the front hall by Ray Ashley Becky Smith launch a good one. Carolyn lVlcCroclxl1n Mtrilyn Chopson and Nltrilyn Hi Junior Annual Staffers get an earful from Mr, lfrank Viloschitz. advisor. They are taround table? Barbara Diedring, Connie Gustin, Sheron Whiteman, Janice Branch, Kenneth Heavilin, Carolyn Ray. Janice Byrum, Diana Taylor. Mary Jean Trennepohl. Seated, Steve Givens and Donna Grant. and standing, Jane Hamilton. Nancy Hartzell. Pat lVlcKeand and Dave Ueliolt. Kacldc new zoom, wma Qfamecammq page in 79587 Out to win nrst but happy with third in the Homecoming Parade were Mona Clem, Carolyn Ray. Barbara Ross, Dixie Martin and Alice Maynard. ln 1958, fifty years after the first yearbook, the annual staff decided to compile an annivers- arv edition of the first book and was faced with a task of producing one that would maintain the All-American rating bestowed on the 1957 book. Staff members attended institutes, conven- tions, and workshops to acquire journalistic training and knowledge that would enable them to produce a book worthy of the Golden Anni- versary. From cluttered ruins in the sub-basement behind the Driver Education domain, the annual staffers carved a new pink and brown modern- istic headquarters and were inspired to genius. For a semester the geniuses sufered with one light and were in a state of euphoria when more lights and a darkroom made an appearance toward the vear's end. 4 Among the tourist in Chicago in August during A four-day journalism convention were six staff members. Sharon lVlcl.aughlin, Linda Stires, Mr. Frank XVoschitz. Roni McKibban. George .lntkson and Dan Motto, Annual stallers Marilyn Cliopson, Alice Nl.lYIl.ll'tl. Slmron lVlcl.aughlin and Becky Smith apply their artistic abilities on the Homecoming float. Wecaep ea ee ,eacfldeddmy eqeie exe! weed The XfRay, following the tradition of the last 55 years, has kept up its aim of presenting the highest class of literary work which AHS talent can produce. Students see the finished product each Friday, but down in Room 19 the day merely marks the beginning of another publishing cycle. Reporters Work hard to get their information on paper. Then editors see to it that stories make their way to the print shop where the print shop boys set up the galley proofs. Page make up and printing complete the cycle in time for the next Friday deadline. This has been going on for years and the readers are able to "see through life at AHS." Starting the publishing cycle on the X-Ray in a policy meeting are Nancy Gabel, l.ittle Chief Editor: Nancy Pearson and Stephanie Hoppes both X-Ray ljditors-in-Chief: and Mr. Fursley. sponsor. PUBLICATION REPRESENTATIVES-Row l-Cindy Green, Helen Raekes, Joyce Morgan, Georgia Truesdel, Becky Scherer. Carolyn Ray, Bev Parks. Sandra Hovermale, Sharon Henderson. Karen Simpson. Row Z7Su7ette Batthauer. Mary Vess, Ron Clark. Mark Barnett. Jerry Shaffer, Cindy Scott, Mary Paul Mason, Diana Taylor. Mary Jeffers, Sheron Vi'hite- man, Judy Knick, Row 3-Peggy Taylor, Judy Hawkins, Jannie Alleman, David Dykes. Floyd Vv'ilhoite, Curt Jones, John Chambers. Nancy England. Francis Layton. Dave Chambers. Row 4+Sherry Franklin. Howard XVhitman, Joe Swift, Chuck Davis. Steve Coffman. Bruce Ress. Fat Mclieancl, Bill Burt. Carole Schrope. Kenny Cook. John McCord. 44 Make-up of the paper is handled by page editors. Sue Meiser. assistant news: David DeBolt. sports: Pat MC- lxeand, feature: Dan Motto, columnistg Larry Contos, news. 'lihe nnished product is set in type and locked in a chase by print shop students Robert Mason and Dave Brough. Typist Kay Dean. Business Manager Kay Claxonz Associate Editor Floyd NX'hitehouse combine to handle publishing details, if as a. . w f Stories are assigned to reporters by managing editors l,inda Stanley and her associate Jan Podhaski tstand- ing on the rightj. Reporters are lclockwise around table! George Jackson. photographer: Gail Bed- lord, Nancy Hartzell, Marylinda Thomas. Judy Shoemaker, Fred Eastes. Ann Harris, and standing, Tom Tappan, photographer. After a press run of several hundred. the X-Ray is now a completed product admired by George Jackson, Mr. Don Hayes. print shop instructor: and Bob Schattner. 45 076464054 Zfmcea Zdatafzq Zack Za Zum af oemfwzg President Tom Breitweiser demonstrates the technique used in directing to oflicers Lynne Clements, Ann Harris, Bud Morgan, Buddy Gilmore, Michael Dunn, Nancy Preston anal Evelyn Matthews. A small group of musically-inclined students combined to form the AHS Orchestra in l9OO to gain added knowledge about playing and learning their desired instruments. The number has grown to the present membership of 48. No Screeching goes on with this group of musicians. Jeanne Phillips, Suzanne Eilar, Buddy Gilmore and Susan James are members of the All-State Orchestra. As a reward for the extra rehearsal for the Operetta, the orchestra traveled to Cincinnati for a day of leisure. While there they visited the Cinerama and a Symphony Orchestra. ORCHESTRA-Row l-Tom Breitweiser, Michael Dunn. Suzanne Eilar. Jeannie Steele, Lynne Clements, John Hurley, Evelyn Matthews. Sharon XX'ools, Buddy Gilmore, Susan James, Beth Robinett. Row 2-Jeanne Phillips, Linda Welker, Linda Caplan, Charlotte XVillis, Elizabeth Hyland, Madelyn Taylor, Carolyn Hyatt, Ann Harris, Anita Ballinger, Pattyann Goss. Row 3iStanley Schumacher. Dorothy Hill. Nancy Preston. Ruth Hudson, Mary Jane Cronk. Martha Vasbinder, Bud Morgan, Vifendell Brown. Jan Loudenback, Van Hudson, Jane Preston. Row 4-Melanie Dalton. David Carniany, Nancy Lee, Tom Miller. John Thompson, Mr. Thomas Clem, Director. 46 A 4 s is H t c, T ':" . ffl 'y" . I S af ,-,S 1 'FH I N at so at INDlANli'liTES-f-Row l7Sharon l.ynam, Sharon Seybert, Nancy Gahel, Nlary Vfysockey, Becky Smith. Judy Reed. Nora Sylvester. Row Z-Karen McKay, Joyce Howard, Melanie Dalton. Donna Grant. Bev Benlfco. Karel Smith, Row 34 Gykala ilolbert, Lynne Clements, Saundra Heard, JoAnne Sloane, Judy Sanford. Pam XX'aymire. Wzcldanelied Zend 'gcuwl to 'ng glow Twenty-two strutting lndianettes led the band to marching glory at the Indiana State Fair, adding glamour. legs. and batons to the precisioned band. From the moment the troupe begins its per- formance, each girl leaves her ordinary way of life and enters a World of fantasy, whether she becomes one of the symbolic notes in the "Lets Dance" routine, or portrays a Disneyland char- acter in the Variety Show. Behind the lovely fantasy are many hours of tiring practice. This does not include the time taken for lessons. Each girl feels that these demands are re- warded when she performs with the group as an lndtanette. lilashing half-time shows ltop picturel were a special attraction as lndianettes performed many precision step routines at football games this fall. lraveling in litrqttriotts strata-cruisers. the AHS hand dazzled out of-town hosts with their top quality perform- ances at foothall games. 47 VARSITY BAND Row l 'Vlirk Birron Norman Rauner. Martlla Vasbinder, Ruth Hudson. Eleanor liolbusz. Row 2- Judy Josefek Judy lohnson Duid Mime Jinice ltrguson, Roger Kellams, David DeBolt. Carol Nahrwold. Cathy Ort, Pitty leirson R xi 3 Don Hollidn Nlikt Ron e, Gary Moore. Sharon Melaughlin. John Nlelson, Jerry Hobbs. James Johnson Dorothy Hill lerry lVlont1g,uc Jim Armstrong, Eddie Himes. Row -l-Tom Sloane. llhil Hosier, Jon lVlcClinf lock Due Couirt Stmley Schumicher PiulH'ird1crt, Robert Huffman, Jeffery Gilmore. Row 5--Mr. Cieorge li. Vaught, Director Brian Hardy Ruthinn Murphy Jim Biker, John Thompson. Jim Purkey. gmdd ,colazieza " lwlore than 100 musicians, including 74 bandsmen, 22 dancers, and several soloists, combined their talent to pro- duce the third annual Band Variety Show. "You and the Night and the Music" was the theme of the show. It included six numbers from Broadway musicals. In l956 the AHS Band presented its first musical spec- tacular with 4,090 in attendance. By popular demand a repeat performance was staged. Last year 7,000 persons saw the brilliantly-staged production during the two-night run, a number exceeded this year. Blacklight, a new lighting effect, was used to create a mysterious phosphorescent atmosphere. Augmenting this new blacklight were exclusive costume creations from top New York and Chicago theatrical houses. The pride and joy of the new AHS band room is this nrst place trophy won at the Indiana State liair. Mr. George ll. Vaught, Director, smiles fondly at the prize. 48 VARSITY BAND-A-Row lv'-Sandra Simpson, Janei Burns. Sandra Kelly, Jon lllllll. Ji1dyNX'elis1er. Row Z -Alan Aieix ,arrv Tcgge. Jeff DCBOII. Clarice Christian. Dave Chien, lucy Xlvers. Nanci' llrcsion. Jan l,ounlenliacle. Calhx' Xlcffro 1 Row 3--Alan Swinford, Bill Hill, Aaron Silver. Max -I-JIl'I'IAI'l, Clary liaglin. Bud Nlurgan. Unix' Carpenxer, XK'endell lfwioixn Pal Hinkley. Row -l-fllancly Shuman, Danny Burchhelcl, Jim Grr. lioh Jones. John Dillxey. 'Ibm Joyce. Row 5 Doll Renselle. Doug Harney. Jay Newlvern. David Daly. Steve llart, l ester lilackwell. Wmdetq dow fax audience mane than 7,000 DANCE BANI1 --Row l7Mark Barron. Max Taliiian. Vx'endell Brown, Noi-nian Rauner. Row 1 floin Sloane. Phil llosier, Jon McClintock. Tom Joyce. Jim Orr. John Dilkey. Row 'S-W Melanie Dalton, John lliimipsmi. Dave Cow- arl. ,mil L. 49 i' .- 2 rf K -is ' ' e 3 wg. S A L? J ,ik i .4 4- 'if , , all-iw .ah S gx A E3 .... C e - i 0 , ca! , An operetta, thirty special programs, Tee Pee Capers and three convocations provided the showcase for the talent of 250 vocal music students this year. Seven singing groups complete the vocal music curriculum with Madrigal being the desired goal of every songbird. The l2-mem- ber matched voice group, which presented upwards of 20 Christmas programs, is modeled after the old English caroleers. Madrigal was founded in 1943. Almost twice as old is Choral Club, formed in l930. This year the group was more active than ever, presenting many special pro- grams, the operetta, "The Prince of Pilsenf' and major presentations at the Thanksgiving and Christmas convocations. and Tee Pee Capers. Choralettes, Concert Choir. Girls Chorus, Vocal Ensemble and Boys Chorus are ad- vanced singing groups. The latter boasts more tradition than any other, having been in full operation in l908, 50 years ago. ee ee ZGIZGZJ "XVateh Ze Birdie" says Tirench Photographer Tim as he photographs opereita performers Dave Layton. Tom Joyce. Steve Shaw, Randy Davis, Mike Dunn. Dan Roby, Jerry Coon. and .loan Gilbert, ...--qv 50 l E CHORAI. CIl.UB-Row l---Ann Harris. .loyce Shelton. l.inda Crim. Darlene Carey. Joanna Gough. Nancy Ussery. Stephanie lloppes. Sharon Seybert, Betty Riggs. .lanis Council. Beveriy llorine. Norma l5urnish, Carol Ussery. Sandra DuBois. Carol Cirav. l.ynn Perry. .loan Gilbert, Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, Director. Row Z-- Naney Skinner, Ruth McAllister. Pam Butlerneld. Sylvia Verguson. Suzanne llardin. Ann Brady. Carole Presser, Marilyn Bryant. Yvonne DeVashir. Adelia Drake. Sally Vfessar, Vw'anda Pursley. Susan Jones. Carolann lloppes. Paula Heiden. Brenda Ahlott. Mary Jane Cronk, Mary Beth Phelps. lfllen XX'igner. Pat Howard. Row 3-Dan Motto, Myrl Nisely. Brooks Townsend. Jerry Sale, Ronald Mchlabney. Paul liairburn. Jim Baker. Gary McClain. Dan Roby. Torn Newman. John Molson. Toni iliappan. Toni Miller, Michael Dunn, Robert Rozelle. Darrell Martin. Rowe -lfrldom Joyce, Randy Davis, Tom XYil5on. Tim David l.ayton, David Crandall. Philip l.armore. David O'Brien. .lcrry Coon, Phillip Hosier. Phil Sullivan, Steve Shaw. Richard Wlilliams, Don Beatty. David Cowart. Van Hudson. Gary Moore. ,bfzouide fm 250 aaca! manic dludenfc Gay dancing scenes on the l5reneh Riviera featured the Choral Club Operetta. ln the east llelit to rightl are Dave Crandall, Nancy Ussery. Gary Moore. Suzanne Hardin. l.ucy Myers. Stephanie lloppes. Nancy Skinner. Jerry Sale tthe tvaiterj, Ann Brady. .loyce Shelton, and Brenda Abbott. ' dngefw umm ,aa of . .1 zf. c . MADRIGAI. Y Row l Paula Heiden, Susan Jones. Betty Riggs, Joan Gilbert, Adelia Drake, Marilyn Bryant, Row Z7Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, Director. Row 3-Dick Vwlilliams. Gary Moore, Phil Sulli- van. Jerry Coon, Steve Shaw, Jerry Sale. WM, Q..- 2 MODERN MUSIC MASTERS-Row 1-Ann Harris, Martha Vaslainder, Patty Binkley, Susan Jones, Betty Riggs, Beverly Horine. Stephanie Hoppes. Sharon Seybert, Norma Furnish, Yvonne DeVashir. Jan Loudenback. Joan Gilbert. Row Z7Miss Mary Ruth Palmer. Sponsor: Ruth Hudson, Ann Adams. Suzanne Hardin. Janis Council. Ruth McAllister. Dave Crandall, Marilyn Bryant, Jerry Sale, NVanda Pursley, Aclelia Drake, Patty Pearson, Evelyn Mathews, Mrs. Paula Lawson, Sponsor. Row 37Mr. Thomas Clem, Sponsor: Carolyn McCrocklin. Cathy McCt-ocklin, Pam Butterfield. David Carmany, John Melson, Jon Hunt, Jim Baker, Mary Jane Cronk, Brenda Abbott. Pat Howard. Sylvia Ferguson. Mary Beth Phelps, Jeanne Phillips. Jane Preston, Mr. George P. Vaught, Sponsor. Row -l-Melanie Dalton. Nancy Preston, Dorothy Hill, Dave Layton, Tom Miller, Tom Newman, Don Beatty, Darrell Martin, Tom Tappan, Alan Ayers, Jack Graham, Carole Presser. Carolann Hoppes. Lynn Petry, Paula Heiden, Nancy Skinner. Donna Hill. Row 5-Paul liairburn, XVendell Brown. Mark Barron, Max Cattron. Bud Morgan. Boh Jones, Dan Motto. Jerry Coon, Tom XVilson, Tim Lee, Dave Cowart, Dave O'Brien, Phil Hosier, Dan Roby, Dick Vv'illiams, Clifford Gilmore, Michael Dunn, Gary Moore, Michael Rowe. e 6 x Q " in - x 1 '- it .a 4' at wi , Q s i 2 4- . 'sw ' H ii 3 f in .ff 2 it 'S' 3 J 1 .3 my K 9 ff'- it 4, qv- N is t it fn 1 .4 -i. If? ts r ru 1 ,ei ' Q t Y 3 E ,yy V ,,M,...., '- cf wasrfaa f , re- M . 71" - we-,. .. J as ' 4if1a'sf,..?' 'f5s54?'l",J ' 604664 ,defzfazmew in ' J Lb N . ,,, tt N - , ' . . 1, F f'N' . 1' Q '. .L . . Q, t KKK e fi r - fa J -- la 'I tl J ' H1 3 1 ' , J as .Q 3 1 S " . W 2 ei 515' A . 5 5 ' YL"L . A- M" I 'M Y ' y , 3' , 1 f V z . iw . .:., I . I . I N 'Vi K I ,ii ,SQ I W ,J fy? it .fy N -. .. w W4 -' ,1 y t,. A J A.,. an ' l ' ' H L L J 'L f A il.. 5 i, Q I . I if .3 A ii - . J J I Q K ,y .s :zgugl ? an ,, 1 ., - i f Q 2 " , J A A - ii il' air li si-Qt ii , Q 3 1 We ' .D . -Q1 Y .. :,: ... .,, 5 .,,..,,,. A gg? X. 'liwv-dl Q 4 Z ,. is 'V M ' - A. M? N ., . 4 J 'P .. S' JL in r 1- L e qw if if .. ., ,fy t N a!x36:i 5. fi, -1' , ..,--2:-A-.. ,--v-saws tar- , f 7 ff- 'iffy' f Q N rf f A , , -1 s f-fi fe -. :,-: 1 - H 3 . -as f -5 . 'fr,g?s, if ' y-. . 4 as f , - as ,, ,if . s .L kkr - K . sa A . 'J . f . - - . M 5 . V GIRLS COMBINED CHORUS--Row 17Jackie Jones, Sharon Henderson, Caralee Campbell, Susie Iveson, Mary Sue Mc- Allister. Jan Loudenhack. Carol Ann Ratzlaff. Molly Jo Tucker, Hazel Carter, Karen Simpson. Row 2-Rose Ann Needler. Karol Hendricks. Loretta Baum, Cathy Orr, Louise Smith, Carla Rogers, Vera Johnson, Bonnie Greenwalt, Betsy Bales. Joyce Norris, Julia Norris. Sandra Brown, Anita Littrell, Jane Preston. Row 3+Carole McAllister, Sandra Phillippe. Janice Perry. Shirley lifelts. Bev Miller. Gayle Shaw, Sherry Carter, Phyllis Lawson. Judy Kiminerling, llsther Patterson, Carla Burnett. Linda Addison. Suzette Batthauer, Mary Bess, Rita Tolhert, Dianna Miller. Joan McCiillictiddy', Nancy Stokes, Myrna Richman. Shirley Crouse. Row 4----Evelyn Mathews. Karen Adamson, Susan James, llliyabeth Toombs. Judy Dilts, Penny XVaugh. Peggy lfoster. Beth Robinett. Phyillis Vickey, Norma Cripe, Ruthie Gilmore, Carol Nahrwold. lfleanor Kolhusz, Peggy Vvlaugh. Sheila Hornbeck, Carol Brown. NVilma Pritchard, Dianna Garringer. Row 5- l.inda Douglas. Patty lileece. Donna Hill. Ioretta Hamilton, Michele Hancock, Jackie Odowd, Jeanne Phillips, JoAnne VUehb, Linda Dearing, Joyce Howard, Becky XValker, Carolyn Falls. Phyllis Holder, Ruth Hudson, Judi Pickering, Laquita Marsh, Glenda Collier, Sherill Vincent, .loyce XVatson, Jannie Alleman. BOYS GLUE CLUB+Row l- -Mrs. Paula Lawson, Director: Larry Herron. Roosevelt Cash, Pete Dodd, Harold Miicheni. Jack Graham, Judy Vw'elvster. Accompanist. Reiv ZYJim Toombs, Eddie Purciful, Jon Shafer. Bill Thomas, Don Yanik, Jerry Rouse, Jon Hunt, Curt Jones. Row jzftlack Grey, Dwight Baer, Lonnie Blackwell. klfilliani Hester, XVillie XVilliams. Eugene Miller, Don Ball, James Johnson. Row -l-1 Jim Goodnight. Dave Antrohus, Meril Hedrick, Bruce Nivens, Steve l,and, Pat Collins, John Kallen- herg, Ron Yanik. John Condon. Amana Www :mu deazmf 52 Scanning the play books for the Open House present- ation are Thespian officers Ronnie Clark, treasurer: Mona Clem, secretary: Miss Alice Higman, sponsor: Dick XVilliams, president: and Carolann Hoppes. vice president. Originating from the Literary Club, which was founded in 1906, the National Thespian Organization, Troupe 736, was formed in 1952. Dramatics Club was another name for Thespians from 1912 until 1952. The club purpose is to further education in dramatic arts. Every two years a National Thespian Convention is held to which Troupe 736 sends delegates. This year it was held at Purdue University. The most important activity this year was the annual spring open house, at which a series of one-act plays were produced. A Thespian is a peculiar type. He is unhappy unless performing under a thick coat of makeup, and he craves the pressure of opening night. His only reward is a good performance and an appreciative audience. THESPIANS--Row 1-Doris Hall, Shirley Huff, Darlene Carey. Dick Vwlilliams, Carolann Hoppes. Mona Clem, Ron Clark, Dick Rosenbaum. Row 2-Ruth Scharnowske, Camille Roby, Kay McGraw, Ruth Ann McKay, Norma Southers. Bev Miller, Mary Sue McAllister, Carla Ewald, Miss Alice Higman, Sponsor. Row 'S-Tom Newman, John Hurley, Mike Dunn. Doug Davis, Mike Hurley. Barbara Harrison, Mary Paul Mason, Ronnie Carper. Row 44Dee Scheller, Tom Miller, David O'Brien, Roger Adcock, Randy Davis, Jerry Hobbs, Mike Rowe, Gary Reese, Nancy Skinner. HISTORY Cl.UBfRow l+Kay McGraw, Sandy Gordon, Barbara Harrison, Cindy Scott. John Hensler, Randy Gordon. Judy Shoemaker. Bob Dyson, Row Z-Ronnie Carper. Diana Taylor. Judy Dilts. Sue Heritage. Linda Lewis. Karel Ann Smith, Sally Stokes. Nancy Graves. Karen Kelley, Miss Virginia l,indstrom. Sponsor. Row S5gMary Paul Mason. Marcia Neff, linda Cox. Sharon Gibbs, Janice lferguson. Pam Butterneld. Judi Bingaman. Cindy NVright. Bev Benko. linda Knotts. Row -liJanice Byrum. Lana Achor. larry Carr. Joseph Speece. llhil Rinker. lirrol Grant, Dave l,ayton, Michael Cummings, Ron Clark, Ann Harris. Marlene! Tuterow. F l f O f Z I Zivmcfale Qfdfdfly 66445 This was the year of 'iSputniks" and the "Explorer", and the History Club stood by, ready to observe these history-making events. History Club was first organized as a club in l9-16, but it was discontinued in 1952. The present club was formed in l956. Sponsored by Miss Virginia Lindstrom, this group has enjoyed such activities as movies, slides, guest speakers, and a trip to Chicago. During a year when many outstanding his- torical events took place, History Club played an important part at Anderson High School. It is striving to prove that the social sciences are still important to a democracy, because, though science puts the manfmade moons in the strato- sphere, it remains for the social scientists to see that they are used to promote peace and progress. "Is it Sputnik or the Explorer?" ask moon-watching History Club officers, Sandy Gordon, secretary: Judy Shoemaker. vice president: Randy Gordon. president: and Cindy Scott. treasurer. M Bl k h H Phl ll 'I' "A" CLUB7Row lfDoug Davis. Gary McClain, Larry assey. oo Glazelzroo s, Jo n ensler. i Su ivan, om Vifilson. Jim Stringer. Dallas Young. Jerry Smith, Jerry Coon, Melvin Mimms, Ste IC Lowry. Mr. David Adams, Sponsor. Row 2fDon Roudebush. Bob Brown, Donald Johnson, Jerry Carpenter, Cecil Young. Earlie Remson, Richard Patter- son, Jim Minnefield, Pete Danforth, Jerry Pickel, Bill McFarland, Larry Ballinger, Jim Seal. Row 3-Gene Deitz, Marvin XVhitaker, Dave Luck, Bob Kanable, Ray Guyot. John McGuire. Larry Milam. Fred Kingsbury, Bob Jackson, Tom rfgllmgn, DJVQ Bghgr, CI'0m Ivinvillqy Rcyngld MCVQEY, RQW 4--Larry SLIIIOII. COllll'lS, Roosevelt vy7lllilI'SOIl, Lang, Mike Cummings, Dwight Aldred, Tom Davis, Carlos Corzine, Cecil Robinson, Larry Gellinger, Gary Baker, Norman Dclph, Randy Davis, Jim Morgan. John Teague. '14 ' 66:15 memlme mm maze Mew 700 cmwwla Active in displays of school spirit are A Club officers, Dallas Young, sergeant-at-arms: Tom Vwlilson, vice-pres- ident: Phil Sullivan, president: and Jim Stringer, secretary- IFCJSLIISI. 56 Each year more than 100 awards are given to athletes of AHS. A boy becomes a member of A Club when he receives his To win a letter a boy must Hrst serve a year on the junior varsity and then move up to the varsity level. Participating in athletics means many sacri- fices, Some of the privileges he must give up are sweet foods, soft drinks and late dates. Prac- tice sessions and conditioning drills are endless, but there is no greater thrill for a high school boy than to step out on the gridiron or court with the cheers and hopes of thousands follow- ing him. Purposes of A Club are to promote athletics and to maintain a high regard for awards by encouraging scholarship and sportsmanship. Despite some criticisms and pressures, athletes continue to compete because the reward is in fellowship, not so much in glory or material reward. qfamvz ' '74 one of naldovia ' Anderson's Honor Society was one of the nation's first, when it was organized in 1921 by the Student Council. It became associated with the National Honor Society in 1938. Its mem- bership of 15 has been increased to the 45 seniors plus the juniors, who are initiated in the spring. Honor Society's bi-monthly meetings have included spelling matches, book reports, panel discussions, outside speakers, picnics, and a formal candlelight initiation. National Honor Society recognizes those stud- ents who excel in scholarship, leadership, and a desire for higher learning. Membership in the AHS Honor Society is not primarily made up of the so-called Mintellectual eggheadf' Rather the members are some of the most active, and talented students in the school. Knowledge is power-and a big stack of books accord- ing to Honor Society oflicers Joan Gilbert. secretary: Susan Jones, publicity chairman: Dick NVilliams. president: Phil Iarmore, vice president and Nancy Barron, treasurer. HONOR SOCIETY-Row lfAnn Brady. Marilyn Bryant. Janis Council, Susan Jones, Phil l.armore, Dick XVilliams, Joan Gilbert, Nancy Barron, Camille Roby, Carolyn Sargent, Nancy Pearson. Row 2-Paula Heiden. Sharon l.ynam, .lanet Mc- Daniel. Ann Adams. Mona Clem. Anita Glaze. Allene Hart. Judy XVoods, Ann Blue, Judy Canaday, Janice Bradley, Pat Harl, Mrs. Margaret Doles, Sponsor. Row '57Priscilla Skouden, Marilyn Chopson, Nancy Gabel, Suzanne Myers, Ellen XVigner. Sandy Taylor. Dorothy Hill, Laquita Marsh, .ludy Reed, l.inda Stanley, Carol Schrope. Row -1-Norma Purnisli, Alice Shannon, Carolyn McCrocklin, Dixie Martin, Sharon Mcl.aughlin, Dick Rosenbaum, Tim Don Ramsey, Jerry Pickel, Barry Atkinson, Bill Price, Paul Eisele. l 57 SENIOR YeTEENS-Row lfMarilyn Chopson. Pat May. Janet Bohlen. Virginia Gary, Carolann Hoppes, Georgia Trues- del. Allene Hart, Betty Riggs, Camille Roby. Dixie Martin, Carolyn Sargent. Nancy Pearson, Mona Clem. Row Z7Mrs. Elvin Schrope. Sponsor: Carolyn McCrocklin, Sue Jordon. Nancy Sargent. Anita Glaze. Carolyn Carr. Annette Shipman. Kay Cappel. Patty Johnson, Nancy Cornelius. l.aquita Marsh. Paula Heiden. Kay Harris, .loan Gilbert, .ludy Hawkins. Row 37Arlene Springer. Suzanne Myers. Alice Maynard, Martha Livingston, Judy Abernathy. Deanna Brubaker. Gail Jones, Linda Crim, Dixie Harlan, Sherron Quinn. Marilyn Cole. l.inda Stanley. Jan Podhaski. Marilyn Bryant, Priscilla Skouden. Row 4fJudy XVoods. Sherry Dennis. Aretta Dowden. Mary Dawn Boyd, Carol Schrope, Nancy Barron, Pat Howard. Carole Presser. Nancy Englund. Diane Connolly, Sally XVessar. Vxlanda Pursley. Sharon l.ynam. .ludy Reed. Ruth Ann McKay, - eeee Za maae Za new gacvztew de 40:4 gem In l9l9, the first Y-Teen group met. lt was called the Girl Reserves until l947 and is one of the oldest continuous organizations in high school. The Y-Teens have been meeting in the same YWCA for 39 years. They hope this 40th year will be the last because the clubs have outgrown the little YWCA. Last summer a group of Y-Teens helped to do something about it, collecting money for a new building, which is to be erected this summer. Each year the Y-Teens sponsor the annual Silver Bell Dance, a turn-about dance to which the girls ask the boys. More than 600 persons from city high schools attended. The Blue Triangle Room was the scene of record-hops. parties, public speakers, and discussions on teen- age problems. Fellowship has always been the keynote of Y-Teens. Pretty as the Christmas decorations are Senior Y-Teen officers Nancy Pearson. inter-club member: Camille Roby. vice-president: Dixie Martin. president: Carolyn Sargent. intereclub member. Row 2-Pat May, secretary: and Mona Clem, treasurer, 58 ...yi QQ JUNIOR Y-TlflfNS-Row lfli-onnie Shank. Ann Harris. Karen Simpson. Barbara Diedring. Sue Pate. Sharon Henderson. Cindy Vylright. Judi Bingaman, Cindy Chasey, Becky Scherer, Sharon Riggs, Dinah Tyler, Barbara Ross. Row ln-Elizabeth Hyland. Kay McGraw, Pam Butterfield. Joyce Shelton, Janice Byrum. Judy Shoemaker. Barbara Harrison. Sandy Gordon. Diana Taylor. l.ana Achor. l.inda l.ewis. l.inda Hiatt. Nancy Graves. Row 37Mrs. John McGiyern. Sponsor: l.ola Cave. Pat Jackson. Jane Hamilton. Sharon Armstrong, Marcia Neff. Martha Frazier. Mary Jane Cronk. Karel Ann Smith. Sally Stokes, Bev Benko, Judy Vllebster. Sandra Anderson, Janice Ferguson. Row 4+Janet Vfynn. Anita l.ittrell. Sue Heritage. Ann Gellinger, Judy Dilts. Donna Grant. Nancy Hartlell. Terry Montague. Joanne Sloan. Sheron XVhiteman. XVilma Pritch- ard. Anne Knotts. Nancy Brincluse. Karen Kelley. l.ouise Smith. Row '57Claudine Goodman. Janice l'isher. Janet Barron. Cyndy Bloom. Sandy Hartzell. Patty Knotts. Sharon Smith. Marcia Huffer. Nancy Skinner. Addie Dunlap, Judy lee. Peggy Hennigar. Janice McGiyern. Mary Paul Mason. Cindy Scott, Brenda Abbott, Marlene Tuterow, l.inda Knotts, SOPHOMOE YYVEENSYROW I4Maggie Young, Linda VVelker, Patty Pearson. Jannie Alleman. Carla liwald, Deanna Abernathy. Saundra Heard, Linda Douglas. l.inda Addison. Donna Reichard. Judith Ray, Sandra Corre. Row Z-Jan loudenback, Ruth Hudson. Janice Perry. Joan McGillicuddy, Diana Miller. Karen McKay. Susie lveson. Sandra Hutson, l,inda Hummel, Ann Robinson, Mary Del.awter. Sandy Cox. Norma Cripe. Phyllis Vickery. Row 'S7Mrs. Donald Alle- man, Sponsor: Dee Scheller, Judy Temple, Linda Elmore, Karel Hendricks. Phyllis Holder. Carol Nahrwold, Anita Ball- inger. Beth Rohinett. Sue Hummer. Sally Keller. l.oretta Baum, Sherry Carter. Pam Clutch. Marsha Ann Marsh. Mrs. M. VU. lfleece. Sponsor. Row -l4Joan Hurley. Patsy Duckworth. Sandy Kelly. Cathy McCrocklin. Nlarylinda Thomas. Betty Grim. Joyce Phillips. Rita Tolbert. Cindy Greene, Joyce Howard. Susan James. June Stroud. l,ois Tuterow. Rose Ann Needler. Kay Kingsbury. Jane Preston. Row 5--Vicky Kabrich. Michele Hancock. Judy Cron. Margaret Baker, Donna Hutchens. Nancy Stokes. Pattyann Goss, Patty Fleece. Marva Simpson. Bev Miller, Donna Hill. Grace Alexander, Dianne Baker, Sandra Allen. Herma Butler, Bonnie Greenwalt. Susan Campbell. S9 didn eaten 5440494 16544454 "Speak, O spirit. Tell us who you are," This phrase was heard at the formal initi- ation of green Latin Club members into the Junior Classical League. the national organiz- ation of Latin students. Here an unusual ritual of lighted candles and sacrince to the spirit of achievement takes place. Each member contributes his services to the many service projects that Latin Club, founded in 1922, undertakes. Club activities included a slave sale, where neophytes were sold to upperclassmen for a week of "menial" tasks, and the money was given to charity. Members also dressed up in togas and tunics, ancient Roman dress, to attend a "Roman Banquet" this Spring, Latin Club is one of the largest organiz- ations with more than lOO members on the rolls. Beauty abounds in Latin Club where seven coeds vied for state l,atin Queen honors, They are Dee Scheller. Beverly Miller, Dinah Tyler, Janet Alleman, Sandy Simpson, Deanna Abernathy, and Beverly Benko, the AHS Hnalist. LATIN CLUBiRow l-Jay Newbern, Jon McClintock, Tim Kutscheid, Wendell Brown, Jon Shaffer, John Simmons, Tim l,amey, John Flanagan. Sherman Scott, Bill Osborne, Jim Steele, Mike Morgan, Don Crowley. Bob McGuire, Mike Rowe. Row 2fl.orine Rayford, Janice lierguson, Donna Birkhead, Cathy Orr, Deanna Abernathy, Jim Baker, vice- president: Janice Byrum, historian: Barbara Ross, treasurer: John Melson, president, Bev Benko, secretary: Dan Roby parliamentarian, Dinah Tyler, state JCL secretary: Karel Ann Smith, corresponding secretary, Norma Cripe, Ruth Hudson, Phyllis Holder, Nancy Stokes, Karen McKay, Cindy Greene. Row 'S-Doug Davis, Patty Pearson, Judy Reveal, Susie lveson, Pat Binkley, Cindy XVright, Pam Buttertield, Barbara Harrison, Dee Scheller, Ann Robinson, Shirley Huff. Dick Rosenbaum, John Hensler. Sandy Cox, Sandra Simpson, Tom Tappan, Kay McGraw. Jannie Alleman, Judy Cron, Caralee Campbell. Jerry Rouse, Dave Layton, Row -l7Yvonne NVoods, Alice Maynard, Eleanor Kolbusz, Ann Harris. Bonnie Shank, Sherry Dennis, Pattyann Goss, Janice Perry, Linda Caplan, Sandra Allen, Ann Adams. Susan Jones, Linda Lewis, Sandy Gordon, Saundra Heard, Phyllis Swain, Joyce Phillips, Kay Vvlood. Judi NVilson, Madelyn Taylor, Loretta Hull, Curt Jones. Jim Toombs, Row 5-Sherry Carter, Carol Nahrwold, Carolyn McCrocklin. Mary Jane Cronk, Linda Hiatt, Nancy Graves. Cathy McCrocklin, Judy Sanford, Betty Grim, Carolyn Falls, Susan Campbell. Kay Roberson, Randy Davis. Bob Dyson, Dwight Aldred, Ruthie Gilmore, Ruth McAllister, Mary Paul Mason, Cindy Scott, Nancy Sampley, Judi Pick- ering, Jo Anne Webb, Donna Reichard, Joyce Younger, Bev Miller, Gary Baker, Eddie Purciful, G06 Tracing the steps in advertising layout are Sherron Quinn, Sue "Aloyisius." the mannequin, gels a dressing up Hudson. Barbara Schildmeier, Barbara Gibson, and Priscilla from Retailers Barbara Malsom. Gail Jones. Janice Skouden. Bradley, and Peggy Davis. fedadow 'Wwlckma ZZal-of een' Twice in the eight years of its existence, the high school's Future Retailers Club won the Indiana Club-of-the-Year Award. Latest top rating came in March. just two years after the nrst such award. The local club began its statewide activity in l954 when the State Convention was held here. A year later the Retailers won their first state club award, and for the past two years. Jack Vwfebber and Jack Atwell have held the State presidency of the Distributive Education Clubs of Indiana. Atwell also was elected National president of the D.E.C.A. at a huge convention in Columbus, Qhio, late in the spring. D. E. students study academics in the morn- ing and train onftheajob in the afternoon. Spreading joy at the liuture Retailers Christmas Party at the orphans home were Mr. and Mrs, Santa Claus and club members Norma Southers and .lack Atwell. 6-Z 'a ' e game Zeatpop denim Billiards is a popular pastime at the "Y" and a meeting place for Hi-Y officers Larry Sutton, treasurer: Ralph Worley, vice president: Dave Kimball, president, Dale Copeland, chaplin: Jack Morris, secretary, With the playing of the popular song "The Stroll," the so-called Anderson Indians came "strolling in" at one end of the gym while at the other end stood several "hoods" clad in levis and leather jackets. This was the setting for the Hi-Y basketball pep session earlier this year. After a hard-fought battle the Indians won out, 26-2. Each year the Hi-Y also sponsors such service activities as the annual Christmas Party for underprivileged children of the community, now in its 19th year. More than 300 youngsters attend. Another is the Sun- rise Service, attracting several hundred Easter Sunday church goers to ceremonies planned and carried out by club members. Hi-Y heard speakers, saw movies, went on field trips, and sponsored two basketball teams in the YMCA league. HI-Y-Row l+Don Roudebush, John McGuire, Bob Kanable. Fred Kingsbury, Dave Kimball, Jack Morris, Norman Delph, Larry Sutton, Ralph Vw'orley, Tim Lee, Gary Baker, Randy Davis, Mr. Pete Russo, Sponsor. Row 2-Roni Mc- Kibban, John Hensler, Jay Newburn, Howard Vvlhitman, Steve Aldred, Mike Martin, Dick Rosenbaum, Ifrank Durham, Bob Dyson, Larry Ballinger. Larry Gibson, Ron Clark. Ron McVey. Mr, Frank Woschitz, Sponsor. Row 3-Townsend Albright, Joe Minnear, Tim Kutscheid, Steve Graddy, Joe Swift, Jerry Hobbs, Jerry Carpenter. Larry Gellinger, Pete Danforth, Don Ramsey, Dallas Young. Tom Tallman, Bill Smith. Row 4-Clark Harrison, Jim Sutton, Pat Lee, Jim Goodnight, Tom Vtfilliams, Jim Osborne, Dan Motto, Phil Larmore, Tom Wilson, Dale Copeland, Jerry Coon, Tom Davis, Graydon Skeoch, Dwight Aldred. 62 HIGHLANDERS-Row l+Phyllis Holder, Marilyn Hill, Sue Meiser, Linda Elmore, Judy Temple. Dee Scheller. Joan Mc- Gillicuddy. Sherry Carter, Carol Nahrwold, Georgia Truesdel, Nancy Brinduse. Marva Simpson, Carla Ewald, Jane Preston. Row Z-Janice Perry. Linda Stanley, Stephanie Hoppes, Nancy Pearson, Judi Bingaman. Kay McGraw, Phil l,armore. Ralph XVorley, Dale Copeland, Jerry Coon. Roni Mcliibban, John McCord. Don Roudebush, Norman Delph, Jack Morris. Graydon Skeoch. Row 3 - Susie Iveson. Cindy Greene. Barbara Ross, Pat Gary. Gail Bedford. Jannie i-Xlleman, Nancy Hart7ell. Sandy Crosthwaite, Barbara Harrison, Pam Butterneld. Dave l,ayton, Jane Hamilton. Patty May. Diana Taylor, Sandy Gordon. Judy Dilts, Sheron XVhiteman, Pam XVaymire, Maggie Young, Mr. XVilliam Ballentine, Sponsor. Row -l-Anita Ballinger. Nlona Clem. Judi Xvilson, l.inda Dearing, Deanna Abernathy. Sherron Quinn. Diane Connolly. Sally XX'essar, Camille Roby, Jan Podhaski, Dick Rosenbaum. Rose Ann Needler, Pam Clutch, Judy l.ennis, Marsha Ann Marsh, Jim Cridge, Bob Davis. l.inda Hummel, Dave Kimball, Mike Rowe. Jim Alleman. Row 57l.oretta liaum, Dave Bausman, Harold Baute. Jerry l.ewis. Dan Motto, Tom Davis. Tom XVilson. Tim, Don Ramsey, Ron Clark. .lerry Hobbs. lirrol Grant. Randy Gordon, Mary Paul Mason. Cindy Scott, l.ana Achor, Cindy Chasey, Ann Harris, Janice McGiyern, Dan Keeney, Cathy McCrocklin, Judy Knick. v a mm- ,defiant-wp Highlanders. one of the most active clubs in school with nearly 100 members, has the dis- tinction of being the Hrst coed high school club in the state. Three years ago a group of students met at the YMCA to form a mixed Hi-Y club. This was the beginning of Highlanders. ln February, the club sponsored a dance celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Indian Room, Highlanders' meeting place. Other activ- ities-throughout the year included swimming parties. movies, and discussions on teen-age dating and teen-age responsibilities. At Christmas, more serious projects were undertaken. The members donated enough canned food for two Anderson families. High- landers also promotes inter-school fellowship since two nearby high schools take part. The other side of the card is a secret to everyone except Highlander officers Phil Larmore. president: and Jerry Coon. chaplin. Mk , ?az!me eczcdew e aatdadtdee 5- . BIBLE CLUBYROW l -l.ucy Myers, Nancy Preston, Nancy Barron, Jack Atwell, Sandra Phillippe, Donna Birk- head. Row Z Y Mrs. lllise Mulvihill, Sponsor, Ruthann McKay, Alice Howard, Elaine Crouch, Carol Bergdahl, Carolf ann Hoppes, Doris Hall. Row 3 - Ruthie Gile- more, Judy Reveal, Carolyn Ray, Carole Schrope, Pat May. Ann- ette Shipman. Emma Posey. Row 4--Don Yanik. Jerry Rouse. Larry Conner, Vicki Sheets, Dorothy Hill. Mary Owens, Jeanne Phillips. Jeanette Jones, Carole McAllister, l'U'l'URl1 'l'ljACHlfRS7Row l-A-Nancy Barron, Marilyn Bryant, lNlelanie Dalton. Georgia lruestlel, Kay lNlcGraw. Dixie Martin, Sherill Vincent. Judy Johnson, Diana Taylor. Row Z-Mr. Max Beigh, Sponsor, Sharon Smith, Joyce Shelton, Beth Robinett, Ruth Gilmore, Phyllis Holder, Karel Hendricks, Janice lferguson, Myrna Richman. Row 3fMary Morrison, Junice Branch. Nancy Englund, Anita Glaze. Marilyn Hill, Sandra Phillippe. Maggie Young, Suzette Batthauer, Sue Heritage, Judy Shoemaker. Row -lffwlary Jane Cronk, Connie Gustin, Alice Maynard, Ann Harris, Jeanette Jones, Sherron Quinn, Judith Lennis, Nancy Skinner, Glenda Collier, Carolann Hoppes, Ruth Ann McKay. 64 S is S 5 Learning the rules of the game is an important part of lhe agonies of a lcg lowering contest ire lclt by Chirint badminton as Sharon- Smith. Mrs. Maxine Barcus, Pcttigrcu Cherry Hall ind Chcr5lCobblt Timingthcm ire Sponsor: Patty Knotts and Nancy Skinner discover. Ku Snider Pat 'Vlcl aughlin and Sharon Rohr 64 npson Dtinna Iibbttts intl Ii kit Stcxmtt af operate ' ge Since 1936. the Girls Recreation Association has been stressing good sportsmanship as a key trait. This was not the first year girls appeared in the sports picture. As far back as l903, Anderson High had a girls' basketball team. Originally called the Girls Athletic Associ- ation, the group changed its name last year to Girls Recreation Association. Activities, sponsored by Mrs. Maxine Barcus. included bowling, hiking, a car wash to raise funds for club activities, ice skating and tumb- ling. At Christmas they made a food basket and gave it to a needy family as a community project. They also entertained underprivileged children at Easter with an Easter egg roll. STUDENT COUNCIl,fRow l-Judi Bingaman, Nancy Pearson, Stephanie Hoppes, Dan Roby. Phil l.armore, Ralph Worley. Dale Copeland, Graydon Skeoch, Brooks Townsend, Janis Council, Donna Carron. Row 27Mr. John Paul Huffman. Sponsor: Janice Fisher, Cindy Vvlright. Linda Hiatt, Linda Lewis. Sandy Crosthwaite, Beverly Parks, Pam Butter- held, Dave Layton, Judy Reed, Donna Birkhead, Dinah Tyler, Mrs. Virginia Vermillion, Sponsor. Row 3-Virginia Gary, Barbara Whelan, Sharon Smith, XVilma XVright, Barbara Bowers, Patty May, Nancy Barron, Carol Schrope, Janet Bohlen. Jane Hamilton, Ron McNabney, Ann Adams, Carol Ussery, Judy Dilts. Row 4aOtis Cox, Randy Cordon, Don Roude- bush, Larry Jones, Janice Byrum, Sherry Dennis, Tim Kutscheid, John Simmons, Sandy Gordon, George Ralston, Jim Gillaspy, Harry Taylor, Steve Richardson, Pat McKeand. lczldae gmfewzdnq council and 444' A serious mood overcomes members of Student Council when Mr. John Paul Huffman, principal, swears them in during the Student Council Convocation. Working as a combined group of represent- atives from each homeroom since 1920, Student Council has been a governing group in high school. ' Activities in which the council took part included the Homecoming Parade, the Fall Wind-Up Dance, the annual March of Dimes drive, several soc-hops, and the yearly parents' visitation day. The Council secured voting machines for class elections, got a backdrop for the gymnasium, promoted Student Coun- cil Week and sent food to needy families. Also promoting a spirit for helping others are other student-powered groups like the hall monitors, parking lot cadets, visual aids assist- ants, and Usher's Club. They all Work to- gether to control Hconfusionl' in the high school. 66 Students and f:culty know walking on the gym floor is prohibited, yet, if it were not for ushers like Richard XVilkinson and Harry Ray preventing them. the Hoo: would suffer trampling by those who know better. cz6d6nac4oo6'4m:z"" Closely examining a diagram of the parking lot are Marvin XVhitaker. Carlos Corzine and l.arry Gellinger, parking lot cadets. The great numher of unclaimed articles amuse and amaze head monitors Janet McDaniel, Duane Pickard and Ronald Templeton, Sally Page. visual aids typist. decides she will stick to typing after her first lesson on the operation of a movie projector by Lynn Thomas, projectionist. 'areal ga-Ma mm ' adm lemma ,aaaezama uxlxlllal is the next yell?" Cheerleaders Linda Hiatt. alf ternate: Janice Iiisher, Camille Roby, I.inda Stanley, .Ian lfodhaski. Ann Harris. Kay McGraw. and Pam Butterf held. alternate: huddle tof gether to make the decision Oneahall' the Indian Mascot team was disabled half way through the year when Anne Gellinger, Indian Maiden, broke her leg in a skating accident. Nevertheless Anne appeared at every pep session and ball game in full dress to help energetic Jim Nowlin, Indian Brave, kindle spirit and enthusiasm. Energy, spirit and enthusiasm go to- gether to make a good cheerleader. This year AHS had six of the best in the state. It is hard to believe that only fifteen years ago the first girl cheerleader was elected. Since that time, the number has been changed from four to six and now only girls take part in cheerleading. This year the cheerleaders organized a cheerblock composed of IIO students in- cluding members of "A" Club. They also composed many new yells. The maseots also helped to boost the team to victory. Only since l94O has there been an Indian Mascot. Ten years later the Indian Maiden was added. 68 fmddea, cdeefzdfock, ccmaaaafdane :wld cafafz For more than twenty years students and faculty committees have worked to present inter- esting programs to the student body. Cheerleaders and pep sessions committee mem- bers organized a cheerblock. One hundred and ten strong, they performed card demonstrations at the ballgames and added enthusiasm and color to the pep sessions. During Red and Green Week the committee sponsored the morning pep sessions and helped create a festive spirit among the student body. At this time, the unusual was usual, the normal was abnormal as the front halls and students were bedecked in regal color. Pep sessions and convos were the result of intensive work and planning by students and faculty committee members and provided inter- esting deviations from school routine, l'liP SESSION COlVllVll'l"l'EE7ln front-Camille Roby. Row lfpam Butterfield. .Janice liisher. Ann Adams. l.inda Hiatt. Row 2-Ann Harris. l.inda Stanley, .lan ljodhaski. Ann Ciellinger. Kay McGraw. Row ?7lVlr. Pete Russo, Mr, lclt Osborne. Mrs. Helen Harrell. Mrs. Paula l.awson. CONVO COMMl'li'l'l2lf7Roxy l7Mrs. Mary Mcliarland. Mrs. Stella Strycvels. Mrs. lfyelyn Cirahame. Miss .-alice lligman, Mrs. Marguerite Hale. Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, Miss Virginia l.indstrom. Row lf-.lanet McDaniel. Anita Glaze. Cindy Vv'right. Dinah Tyler, Steve Shaw, lom lfyerham. Ross Boyer, Mona Clem. Row 3-Mr. John Garrigus. Mr. George Davis. Mr. Max Beigh. l.arry Sells. Gary Moore. Dale Copeland, lVlr. Richard Balsley. Mr. Thomas Clem. Q 60 Q i 2 . f V 54665564 Students Sense victory in the lndian hiitldle and yell even louder. maybe wk da Zaye af alcwleal lady The sports program has never failed to find its Way into a major part of the students life. Whetller he participates or sits on the sidelines cheering the team on, he shares in the traditionally great school spirit. ln their common effort both Hnd unity in a goal to be fought for as one body. 7l ,475 Udldlzy jaatdczil fzecafw! 64 Keel! in if geafzc Anderson High School's football Indians won seven games and lost two, the best record since l940. This was the third straight winning season for the Tribe, and the Indians were second in the North Central Conference. During Coach Jim Carter's term at Anderson High School the Indian teams have won 32, lost 32 and tied one. His teams had winning seasons in I952, I955, I956 and l957. In the four years previous to Coach Carter's coming to l Phil Sullivan leads the play for Carlos Corzine as the Indians snap Richmonds I6 game winning streak, 40 to 7. Anderson, the Tribe won only six and lost 32. Football was first played at Anderson High in l903. Since that time Indian squads have won 142, lost 167 and tied l8. The game was played until l909 when Anderson defeated Frankton 70 to 6 in the season's opener. All other games were cancelled by the opponents because Anderson was too tough. Football was then discontinued until 1923. It has been played every season since. Indians Win Opener. The Tribe opened the 1957 campaign by walloping South Side of Fort Wayne by a count of 38 to 0. The first touchdown of the year was scored by John Teague from 35 yards out. This was the first of three touchdown runs of more than thirty yards for Teague. After the Indians bested Richmond's Red Devils during the I955 season, the team from eastern Indiana went on to win I6 in a row before the Indians unleashed everything they had and emerged with a 40 to 7 victory on the South Anderson gridiron. On the rain-soaked field at Indianapolis, the Tribe lost the first game of the season to Tech's Greenclads. The turning point of the game came early when the Indians fumbled the ball on the Tech one yard line. With the rain and accompanying butter fingers the Tribe was shut out for the only time in the season, 20 to 0. Anderson Fights Back. Anderson 27-Marion 20. For the second season in a row the Indians had to fight back from being down in the game. lVlarion's big Giants picked up a fumble and went all the way for a touchdown. Then the Tribe had their work cut out for them. They went to work on the Giant defense and stared four touchdowns. one each by Phil Sullivan, Jerry Carpenter, Carlos Corzine and Bob Glazebrooks. Still smarting from defeats in basketball, the Redskins laid low the Tigers from Crispus Attucks High School with a crushing 34-21 scalping. With Asiatic flu going around both schools and the teams partially in bed and the rest with runny noses, the two schools agreed to change the game from Friday to Monday. Sullivan, fleet-footed quarterback of the Tribe, Capt. Carlos Corzine Capt. Jim Stringer Fullback Guard Head Coach Jim Carter gives final instructions to the attentive squad at the half time of the Marion game. brought back the good old days by drop kicking two points after touchdown and narrowly miss- ing a third. Grads Cheer Victors. In the annual Homecoming game the Indians rolled up a score of 20-13 over New Castle as nearly 4,000 old grads screamed with delight. The Redskins started the game right by scoring a touchdown on the second play from scrim- mage. Scatback Cilazebrooks ran the ball 57 yards on a hand-off from Sullivan and powered his way right up the middle for a score. Cilaze- brooks then picked up the ball after New Castle's Trojans punted and brought the pig- skin to the Indian 33 yard line. Sullivan handed the ball to Teague who went 67 yards around QContinued on Page 749 Gary Baker .Iohn Teague VARSITY VOOTBAII. XVon 7 -H l,osi Z Anderson Ft. NVayne South Anderson Richmond Anderson Indianapolis Tech Z0 An.'erson Marion 20 Anclezson Crispus Attucks Zl Anderson New Castle l 3 Anglerson Shelbyville Anderson ljlwoofl ll? Anderson Lafayette .leff Fleet-footed Bob Glalebrooks totes the pigskin for a touchdown against Crispus Attucks. The Indians won 3-I to Zl. Randi' Davis Roosevelt Vwlilkerson Do n Roudcbush Center Halfback End tina End 2 I 4 ,. If - . V , ,,--' y ' ' I ..-' . . - i 'WW' 'l up M -. M Q, A . my r y A '-5 - I f Us U ..,-,.. W ' ' - W - - iam... - e ' K 1 Q. Wlsiirllag . t 1 P ' - ---- .r -- . 7' - M -M . . ,, . 2 ...r .I I-M122 i f x 'H S +P 2 -- Wx , r,. we ' K 1' A. L.. 5 sQL.,ji.- i gr2X.:i2il,gf.fSit W K .4915 . ,L W .i,A Q Qxa.,l?i7Zyr,V , 73 end for Anderson's second touchdown on the third time the Tribe carried the ball from scrimmage. After making the long trip to Shelbyville, the Tribe did all but bring back the goal posts after clobbering the Golden Bears, 47 to O, for the highest scoring mark of the season. Glazebrooks opened with three six-pointers in a row before Carpenter scored the Tribe's fourth touchdown. Sullivan then tried his unusual feat of drop kicking which not only amazed lndian fans but Shelbyville's as well. The Golden Bears were most surprised when Sullivan dropped back to punt and then ran the ball 30 yards, a trick employed by Shelbyville several times during the season. Fumbles Costly. Playing their worst game of the season, the Cartermen lost their second and final game of the year to an experienced Elwood Panther team. The Tribe was anything but impressive as Elwood rolled all over the Indians defense, and the offense could not hold onto the ball in the near zero weather. The Tribe fumbled twice in their end zone, and Elwood recovered for touchdowns. Anderson's first score came on a 65-yard run by Teague as he swivel-hipped his way through the Elwood defense. The other came on a plunge by fullback John Hensler. Einal score was Anderson l3-Elwood 19. This was Elwood's first victory over And- erson in six years. With the marching band along for support, "Football players have to be fierce," say coaches Pete Russo fgrimacingj and Jim Carter. the Braves played their final game in Lafayette against Jefferson's Bronchos. The game, destined to be close from the start, was a hard fought battle. Glazebrooks opened up scoring in the late first quarter by running the ball into pay dirt from five yards out. The action stayed near mid field until the final seconds of the third quarter when Jeff broke a man into the open to CContinued on Page 765 Cecil Robinson Tom Davis Bill Lang Gary McClain Larry Gellinger Center Guard Guard Guard End FOOTBALL SQUADQROW l-Larry Cookman, Rocky Rollins, Tom Tallman, Don Glazebrooks. Bob Page, Cecil Young, Dave Carpenter. Larry Milam. John Hensler. Pete Danforth. Bob Kanable. XVillie Vx'illiams. Ronnie Lancing. Row Z-Jim Flye. Dave Layton. Clark Harrison. Jerry Carpenteg Gene Deitz. Randy Davis. Cecil Robinson. Carlos Corzine, Tom Davis, Larry Gellinger, Tom Wilson. Ronnie Knotts. Steve Givens. Row 3-Coach Pete Russo, Jesse Collier, Larry Brown. Bob Glazebrooks. Marvin Vv'hitaker, Jim Stringer. Phil Sullivan, Roosevelt Wilkerson. Jerry Coon, Don Roudebush. Gary McClain. Sullivan Cook. Larry Clem. Coach Jim Carter. Row 4fDave Brogden, Steve Vfatson, Steve Boyd, Jim Osborne, Earlie Remson, Tom Vwfilliams, John Teague. Gary Baker. Jim Goodnight, Bill Lang. Jim Seal. John Cunningham, Eddie Davis. Ray Guyot. anim amafltq team zeoafwl of V67 RESERVE ITOOTBALI. XX'on 6 -- Lost l - Tied l Anderson Broad Ripple 0 Anderson Anderson Elwood I3 Anderson Anderson Indianapolis Tech 6 Anderson AnilerSOI1 New Castle iTiel O Anderson Ron McVey Marvin Whitaker Bob Kanable Tackle Tackle Tackle I Muncie Central Lafayette Jeff Muncie Central Noblesville Jerry Coon Tackle 0 7 I3 7 Ray Guyot Guard 75 John Teague sets up a touchdown with one of his patented The Jaycee Banner and loyal Indian fans withstood the long punt returns in the Z7-20 victory over Marion. tie the score at six all. As the fourth quarter opened, Teague walked a tight rope down the Anderson sidelines for '59 yards to put the Braves out in front. The game ended on the Anderson goal line with the Bronchos threaten- ing to tie the game as the fans from both schools went Wild. Players Earn Trophies. In an all school convocation, Mr. Carl Corzine presented trophies to the outstanding players of the Indian squad. Scoring champion Gene Deitz Jerry Carpenter Tom Vylilson cold Weather to support the football Indians. b Bob Glazebroolcs was presented the best of- fensive back award. Others went to Carlos Corzine, defensive lineman: Larry Ciellinger. defensive back: and Jim Stringer, offensive line- man. Even though Coach Carter had the best record since he came to Anderson High, he and his coaching staff of Pete Russo, Ick Osborne and Don Barnett will start in early August with another team and with an eye on the l957 record. Cecil Young John I-Iensler Halfbatls I ullback I in I .A ai f ', ".. . rr .t ,, i'1 iii I ii fI'ii A W MWA if fi . I ' ' Tum, :HJ . - .rrtf . U W ' , ' 4 .... gffi ' f .,-Lf ,fI"fZ+4i-'I' , . . . .g.. . r .A . V, ' . tw. Mc M .hi .. 3: '- . ,WV , V ,fi ..,,. . .. ,. . . .... .V .. . i... ... V . W. -.,m...,, . -. 5., f y V. . ,VV V - I ' S A ..,', 5L'7i5jf52'f5 ' 'W iii . . .... ,,-t.a . .. .... ..,,f tgte I eg.. V c . -.1 V "t af' I'-Y -'T "V Wt V. .. ev Ma. f .iseaataegfaits 'Q V V.L,,.,M , V V. Va WW vi Vx H' xi VV ,. V. 1 I. ag Guard I-Ialfback End . ' 5 If . at ess. -,, 1 r 'Z' 'f ' -. " ' ' ii'-. I 'L u Q, .SIX A I ,Q ' i , 'F W L . R - I '15 I at ,Q 5- I 5 si 2 Q Q ' WE 5? 1 'Fr A Q A X te I 'K ' ' Va? 5: i M E a 1. t A H at ale , If -r 1 , 5? I , 3 X t ' A 4' tl , Eat 'tt' 4 5 X 2 1 'I' we ' 'If a 4 L r 2 55 1 A k L are ,Q sl 4 v ,, ' -b I 3 .1 I SQ! A , he are . as r jj , A as J t 3' ' uf' 'H aura? 1.9 Vt! I 'Q lttifift A it as 4. L 42' A 1 ft 5 ,H ea qt, '52 Q 4 K H. ,Qi H mg 2 ,K at 4 5? 5' 5' f 'X me if Q f ffm . N - .. H f ' .s . V8 5 .' fins? M -1. ' 1 we . ff , egg, V. fe e . V 5 -,safe Q- ,H-.V-v . ,-fa... , Q.. . ..: V IP Q.. hi J mLkY..n3.f 3253 Mai . . .1 9 .t sa or" ' 3 1 ' ' wzwazameag mm FINA1. STATISTICS - ANDERSON INDIANS L9 GAMESD Rushing ATTS YDS AVE TDR 1.AtCralS NO YDS AVIS Cvlazebrooks 60 609 8.8 11 Glazebrooks 2 9 4.5 Co1zine 94 606 6.4 3 D. Carpenter l 8 8.0 Teague 60 406 8.3 7 - - - J. Carpenter 51 354 6.9 3 Totals 3 17 5.7 Sullivan 55 262 4.8 4 X oung l 9 1 78 9 .4 2 3 , i h Hfnsicf 15 5 0 3.7 1 I MPS N0 I DS AW Goovlnight 3 Z0 6.7 0 Sullivan 16 532 33.3 D. Carpenter 4 16 4.0 0 P331 9 9'0 0 Punt Returns NO YDS AVli 'TT T -T T-T . .3 Totals 371 2,506 6.8 31 Glmbmoks Z 72 10 Teague - 60 30.0 Scoring TDS PTA PAT1v1 TP 2 2 Glazebrooks 11 0 0 66 Cgrpemcr 2 13 6'7 Teague 7 6 0 48 Dfew I 5 550 Carpenter 4 7 3 31 A -' ' Suinvan -1 5 10 zo Gelhngcf l 0 00 Corzine 3 2 0 20 Young 1, 0 0 18 Totals 23 211 9.1 Hensler 1 l 1 7 Wilson l O 0 6 Kickoff Returns NO YDS AVIi Gcllmger 1 0 0 6 oimbmoks 4 se 21.5 4 - 1 -1 Corzine 3 48 16.0 Totals 35 21 14 231 Young 3 32 10,7 Teagu 1 20 20.0 Passing ATTS COMP YDS PCT Hgnglgi' 1 20 20.0 Sullivan 71 22 584 .309 Tallman 3 14 4,7 P-lee 5 1 8 -200 Gellinger 3 12 4.0 4 M- - 1 R. Davis 1 8 3.0 Totals 76 23 592 .302 Vvhimkcf 1 5 5,0 l.. n 2 4 2.0 Pass Receiving NO YDS AVE TDP I g P.. .-. l Glazebrooks 4 167 42.3 0 Tgmlg 22 249 11,3 Gellinger 4 86 21.5 1 XVilson 4 75 18.8 1 Teague 4 66 14,5 0 Infmeprit-ms NO YDS AVE TDR Youn 3 121 40,3 1 Carpenter 3 36 12.0 1 ' g . Hensler 2 5 2.5 0 Gellinger 2 5 2.5 0 Car enter 1 36 36.0 0 Baker 1 6 6.0 0 P Corzine 1 18 18.0 0 Tallman 1 0 0.0 0 Totals 23 574 24.9 3 Totals 7 47 6.7 1 Bob Cwlazebrooks Phil Sullivan Jim Seal Larry Milam Earlie Remson Halfback Quarterback Quarterback Guard 1-lalfback h l ' K 2 I ' . A N ft in I I i i M T ' , ig ..., I 5 Il ' T is I V, I I 4 F 5 F1 .iiggg Ml :IM .li I: A w 4, F : E IU 7 A ,, U. - I , ,S . P- ' if Q trr r W . fl I " ' .- ":" L 1 '- . I ,A h QQ Iii' 15 A - V M 1. 1 H .... , ,- at 0 . . f , A I 1 f -riti . . I . 1 1 I.' ' ' "-"': "" I' ' Q We 1 - P? . . 1 3 W ' ...1'. , 2 - - Q , Y I . Q 1- '- .4 . . .. 1 . . 77 zeeman mammcm Zmddtdwfml aww caumifzq mme Letlermen Jim Minnifield, Larry Massey, Bill McFarland, Bob Brown and Steve Lowry talk over sectional strategy by the whirlpool, one of the athletes' favorite hangouts. Coach Bob Freeman, in his first year as head cross country coach, led the Indians to fourth place in the state meet, and second in both the North Central Conference and sectional meets, The team ended the season with a commendable record of four wins and three losses. Under the direction of the late Mr. Carl Bonge, Anderson won eight state champion- ships, was second in the state twice and lost once in the sectional. This record coupled with that of Coach Freeman gives Anderson l l high rank- ing state nnishes in the 12 years that the event has been held. With the help of Coach Freeman and long- time assistant Mr. Ray "Reverend" Fleenor, the Indians made their way over the grueling two mile course at the Edgewood Country Club, making up for early season inexperience with much desire. ln an all-school convocation, Mr. Freeman and Mr. Fleenor presented major awards to Paul Abshire, Bob Brown, Bob Jackson, Steve Lowry, Larry Massey, Bill McFarland and Jim Minnifield. The team elected Abshire as captain. Coach Ray Fleenor emphasizes rules to Anderson, lndianapolis-Vsfashington and Crispus Attucks runners by slam- min his favorite brown hat to the rround. 21 is . A X 1 .it 78 CROSS COUNTRY SQUADfRow l-Jack Gowen, Frank Bower, Mike Hale. Joe Minniear, Mike Martin. Howard McCoy. Bob Barnett. Rex Ahrendt. Row 2-Coach Robert Freeman. Dave Miller. Bob Jackson, John Holbert. l.arry Massey. Barry Atkinson, Paul Abshire, Bill Mclrarland, Coach Ray Fleenor. Row 37SteVe l.owry. Max Piclxel. Steve Hart. Michael Morgan. Bill Pitts. Larry Deitz, Howard Vw'hitman, Sherman Scott. Fred Kingsbury. Row -4+Jimmy Morgan. Jim Rousey. John Smith, Douglas Barron, John Flanagan. manager: Max Benson. Norm Delph, Bob Himes. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson A nderson Anderson VARSITY CROSS COUN' l'RY XX'on 4 - l.ost 3 33 Marion 32 Indianapolis Tech Z0 Indianapolis XVashington 29 Crispus Attucks Z5 Richmond 38 Muncie Central l5 Muncie Burris second in North Central Conference second in Shortridge Invitational second in Sectional fourth in State Coach Bob lfreenian asks Paul Abshire and Bob Jackson if they can beat one Muncie runner on the road to a state title. hang 'agteam cz ' ', Coach Don Py1e's varsity Wrestling squad had the most successful season in history. The Indians had matches with 1 1 teams that iinished among the top 15 teams in the state meet last year, winning 9, losing five and tying one, The Tribe Won many outstanding matches from tough teams. One of the victories was against last year's champs, Bloomington, 29 to 18. Two of the losses this year were to the 1958 co-state champions, Broad Ripple and Richmond. Jerry Carpenter, senior, won ten and lost three in his first year of Wrestling. In an all- school convocation, he was named the most valuable Wrestler of the Indian squad. Jerry was Anderson's only representative to the state, finishing third and giving AHS four points for 22nd place in the state. Other outstanding wrestlers were Mickey Delsey, Bob James, Jerry Joe Smith, Dan Keeney, Jim Stringer and Bob Kanable. All qualined for the regional meet. At the end of the season Jim Stringer was elected captain by his teammates. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Sportsmanship is a valu- able part of any athletic event. Here the Ander- son and Tech wrestlers line up to meet their opponents before a match. VARSITY XVRESTLING XVon 97Lost 5 26 17 15 9 31 16 29 40 30 17 42 26 ZZ 22 44 4Tied 1 Decatur Central 18 Crawfordsville 25 Manuel 29 Indianapolis Tech 33 Marion 13 Richmond 32 Bloomington 18 Madison Heights 8 Muncie 20 Broad Ripple 28 New Castle 8 Kokomo 19 Southport 20 Lafayette 22 Madison Heights 13 third in North Central Conference second in Sectional Meet sixth in Regional Meet 22nd in State Meet 706014 mae, feng fa to ante flank Jerry Joe Smith takes down his opponent from Tech to Heavyweight Bob Kanable applies the pressure to his gain valuable points. Bloomington opponent as referee Joe Sparks looks on. XVRliS'l'l.lNG SQUAD7Row Ifliob Jones. Sherman Scott, Melvin Mimms, Harry MeVey. David Agnew. lnrry Daven- port. Mickey Del.ey, Billy Poole. Doug Davis, Bob James, .lim Bodey. Row Z7Briane Davis. Dan Keeney, M. C. Cooley, Tom Vi'illiams. Jerry Joe Smith. l,arry Deitz. Albert Couch. XVayne Redding. Dave Carpenter, Larry Ballinger. Row 3-Coach Pete Russo, Gene Deitz. Jon Pryor. Richard Arnold, Randy Davis, Rogers Clark, Bob Kanable, Don Glazebrooks, Jerry Carpenter. Jim Stringer. Reggie Ray, Coach Don Pyle. 2641 544055465 6:4 ' 4 14 lligh-flying John Teague drives in for a layup in the 64 to 51 victory over New Castle. 82 Anderson High Schools sharp-shooting Indians, piloted by Coach Ick Osborne and led by master shotmaker Norman Delph, compiled the best record of any Indian squad in a decade, The Tribe won 20 games and lost only 8. The Indians beat Elwood, 67 to 57, to win the Sectional, romped past little Amo, skinned by a Crispus Attucks team for the first time to win the Regional, and trounced lVladison's Cubs by 20 points before losing to Muncie Central, 53 to 52, in a Semi-state game that went right down to the wire. Pacemaker Delph broke every existing And- erson Indian single season scoring record. His point total of 553 was well over 100 points more than such all-time Anderson scoring greats as Jumpin' Johnny Wilson, Del Sanders, Jim Leverette, Lucius Teague, Bob Rousey and the rest. Delph also was selected as the number 8 man on the Indiana All-Stars. Tribe Season Tops. The Tribe had its best season since 1950 when the team won 20 and lost 5, The most victories scored by an Indian team in a single year was 31 against 3 defeats in 1920. The fewest games lost in a season by the Indians was in 1928 when they won 26 and lost only one. Since the start of basketball at Anderson High in 1904, the teams have won 814 games and lost 343 for a .702 percentage. Included in the victories were state titles in 1935, 1937 and 1946. The Indians had little trouble disposing of Summitvilles Goblins in their first game of the 1958 Sectional. Pendleton's spirited Irish then came to Indian Town with an idea of knocking the Tribe out of the tourney. After being behind all the way, Anderson finished fast for a 58 to 57 squeaker victory. A sound trouncing of Lapel, 62 to 50, was all the Redskins needed to key them up for the big game with the Elwood Panthers. Still smarting from defeats in last year's Sectional and in football this year, the Indians took control from the beginning as they crawled all over Darrell lVIcQuitty and his Panther's, 67 to 57, to give the Tribe the right to go HOn to the Regional." Indians Romp Over Amo. Amo's small town Aces provided the first bit of competition for the Tribe at the Butler Field- lQContinued on Page 85j dlfecmlzdam auefzg , i455 Sectional, Norm Delph Gres .1 ,jump shot Against Amo as Dick Patterson hits the floor and Cecil Robinson rebounds. The Indians won 65 to 54. Calm before the storm . . Tourney pressure mounts . . All the way. Indians .... I'he emi ol the 83 Jim Osboine his eyes as big as saucers as he goes in for A layup in the 64 to 59 victory over SllI'I1I11llYliiQ in tht Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 1 Anderson Anderson A n derso n Dick Patterson lays the ball in for valuable points in the 64 to 51 victory over New Castle in the Big Four Tourney. D Anderson VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES XVON 20 - LOST 8 '4 555 ,eadmfa cet cz!!-time canning 19 5 8 ITIELD PLAYER Ci. FGA Delph L-. . ,,,, . ,,,YY W 28 560 Patterson ,,,..,,,,d,, 28 305 Teague --a. .,,,,,,,,YY 28 210 Sullivan ,,,.,,,, .. ,,,, 27 171 Benson ,,,.- .,,.,,. MY- 27 119 Robinson fffssfffffff 27 123 Osborne 2. .- .,,,,s,Y, -. 20 60 Danforth ,,... ,,..Vf 12 12 Linville ,,,,,.A,,s., - K 19 13 Page ,,,,,,,, -. .zzz . Y 8 4 Totals ,,,,,,O,,,, -2 28 1577 INDIVIDUAL BASKETBALL STATISTICS GOALS FREE TI-IROXVS FG PCT. FT FTM PCT. 224 .400 105 41 .719 125 409 91 45 .679 82 390 103 66 .609 88 515 51 21 .708 53 445 32 16 .666 39 317 19 29 .422 20 333 14 17 .452 3 250 2 3 .400 2 154 2 7 .222 0 000 2 0 1.000 636 403 421 242 .635 Field Goals LEG END4G .-Games Played 3 FGA- FTMfFree Attempted: FG-Field Goals Scored: Throws Missed: PCT.-Free Throw Percentage: FT4Free Throws Scoredl Personal Fouls: TP-Total Points Scored: AVE.-Average Points Per DEF-Defensive Rehoundsg TOT-Total Reboundsg 72 Rushville 66 60 Ft. Wayne Central 71 68 Terre Haute XViley 38 52 Marion 56 73 New Albany 66 43 Lafayette Jefferson 53 42 Muncie Central 41 58 Shortridge 59 BIG FOUR TOURNEY 64 New Castle 51 59 Hartford City 40 54 Shelbyville 49 66 Indianapolis Tech 64 58 Muncie Central 60 70 Columbus 58 57 Frankfort 47 56 Kokomo 58 49 South Bend Central 47 51 Logansport 55 66 New Castle 56 88 Richmond 81 SECTIONAL 64 Summitville 59 58 Pendleton 57 62 Lapel 50 67 Elwood 57 REGIONAL 65 Amo 54 51 Crispus Attucks 50 SEMI STATE 68 Madison 48 52 Muncie Central 53 TOTAL POINTS REBOUNDS PF 84 553 19.8 55 102 157 5.6 94 341 12.2 78 120 198 7.1 78 267 9.5 86 198 284 10.1 75 227 8.4 20 28 48 1.8 58 138 5.1 40 95 135 5.0 69 97 3.6 50 108 158 5.9 TP AVE. OFF. DEF. TOT. AVE. 20 54 2.7 10 11 21 1.1 5 8 0.7 1 7 8 0.7 7 6 0.3 5 15 20 1.1 2 2 0.3 2 2 4 0.5 492 1693 60.5 347 686 1033 36.9 PCT.vField Goal Shooting Game 3 Rebounds-OFF-Offensive Rebounds 2 AVE-Average Rebounds Per Game. 84 Shooting Percentage 1 PF- house. Amos Z l fZ record meant nothing to the Redskins as they romped to a 65 to 5-I victory to set the stage for the night game with Crispus Attucks. Vwfith less than a minute to go, and Attucks leading 50 to 49, Delph was fouled. 9,500 fans rose to their feet, and the Iiieldhouse became as still as a tomb. Delph deadlocked the score with his first free throw, and then clinched the game by sinking the bonus shot to give Anderson's lighting Indians a thrilling 5l to 50 victory over the Tigers in the Hnal game of the Indianapolis Regional. Forward Delph's game- clinching free throw was his 2-lth point and gave Anderson its nrst Regional crown since lfH8. Entering the Semi-state for the first time in a decade. the Tribe walloped the down-state Madison Cubs by 20 points to earn the right to play Muncie Central in the evening encounter. The fracas was close for the whole '52 minutes of play, though the Indians fell to the Bearcats, 53 to 52. This was the third meeting of the two teams with Muncie winning two and the Indians the other. Two games were decided by one point and the other by two. Team Wins Opener. The team opened the season with a 72 to 66 win over Rushville. The Tribe split the nrst tffontinued on Page 861 Phil Sullivan outspeeds rXttuck's lnvern Benson lu scc TWU points in .i 5l to 50 triumph, Norm Delph Capt. Phil Sullivan Cecil Robinson .lohn Teague Iforward Guard Center Ciuard V'- 55 1 sg, MM gf fix .-fwf,r-- 51.11 . .,.. " 5-1 7 e .f .,..- A..-l i . 15 'iii' ig' f c Q 5 ig iiie, g ...g xv A clever Indian floor maneuver causes gallant I.avern Benson to commit his Gfth personal foul and Aituck's hopes to fade. eight games of the season defeating Rushville, Terre Haute Wiley, New Albany and Muncie Central. Defeats came at the hands of Fort Wayne Central, Marion, Lafayette Jefferson and Shortridge. In the New Albany game Delph Dick Patterson Tom I.inville Forward Guard scored 33 points which was one point short of a school single game scoring total. The Indians were victorious in the Big Pour Tourney for the l lth time since the tournament was begun in 1929, The Redskins romped past New Castle, 64 to 5l, and solidly trounced Hartford City, 59 to 40, in the nightcap. In the ten games following the tourney, the Indians won 7 and lost 3. The victories were over Shelbyville, Tech, Columbus, Frankfort, South Bend Central, New Castle and Rich- mond. The Tribe upset South Bend's defend- ing state champs in a game that went right down to the wire. Center Dick Patterson tipped in a basket with less than five seconds remaining to give the Indians a 49 to 47 victory. One Point Decides Games. The 1957-58 team played eight games which resulted in victory or defeat by only one or two points. Victories by close margins came over Muncie Central, Tech, South Bend Central, Pendleton and Crispus Attucks. Losses were to Kokomo and twice to Muncie Central. In an all school convocation Coach Osborne presented varsity letters to Phil Sullivan, Norm Delph, Cecil Robinson, Dick Patterson, John Teague, Tom Linville, Jim Osborne, Max Benson, and Pete Danforth. Sullivan was elected captain. Jim Osborne Max Benson Guard Forward JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Row l-Jim Steele, student manager: Steve Hart, Jesse Collier, Larry Clem, Jim Sutton. Joe Minniear. Row 2-Coach Don Barnett. Steve NVatson, Cecil Young, Bob Page, Jim Rousey. Doug Barron. Coach Bob Freeman. Row 3?Jim Seal, Dave Miller, Tom Vw'illiams, Jerry Speece, Clark Harrison, Mike Morgan, Gary Johnson. min Wczfz4c'Zg ' one 'Wzclicm caan! claw Pete Danforth Bob Page Forward Forward JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES WON 14 -LOST 9 Anderson 38 Rushville 29 Anderson 32 Ft. Wayne Central 40 Anderson 38 Terre Haute Wiley 35 Anderson 33 Madison Heights 40 Anderson 5l Marion 25 Anderson 4l New Albany 37 Anderson 3 l Highland 27 Anderson 40 Lafayette Jefferson 38 Anderson 25 Muncie Central 45 Anderson 42 Shortridge 32 Anderson 28 Muncie Central 26 Anderson 3 3 Richmond 34 Anderson 49 Shelbyville 31 Anderson 38 Indianapolis Tech 5l Anderson 34 Muncie Central 28 Anderson 3l Columbus 47 Anderson 41 Madison Heights 50 Anderson 5 2 Ifrankfort 4l Anderson 35 Kokomo 44 Anderson 29 South Bend Central 36 Anderson 44 Logansport 26 Anderson 31 New Castle 30 Anderson 47 Richmond 27 87 gaqmwm' Xmgamag gem One year out of the money was enough for Coach Jim Carter's golf team which Went through its first 8 matches undefeated this year. ln 1957 the team was eliminated from state tourney play for the first time in 6 years. This season the Tribe looked to be back in form after whipping 6 conference teams and Indianapolis Shortridge, the defending state champion. Starters were John McGuire, Larry Ballinger, Mike Cummings, Mike Martin, and Ken Cook, Lettermen l,arry Ballinger, John McGuire and Mike Cum- mings practice their drives on the hrst tee at Grandview. VARSITY GOLF SCORES Anderson 10 Richmond 5 Anderson I5 Marion O Anderson l-llg Muncie Central Anderson l 4 Marion l Anderson l 3 ' j Tech l LQ Anderson 1313 New Castle l 1 i Anderson l O' 3 Madison Heights rl-l, Ai Anderson I 0 Short ridge 5 GOLF TEAM-Row l-Mike Martin, Phil Martin, Robert McGuire, John McGuire, Larry Ballinger, John Hensler, Tom Newman, Steve Hart. Row Z-Mark Barnett, Jack Graham, Roni Mcliibban, Tom Miller, l.arry Coates, David O'Brien, Gene Hovermale. Rex Upshaw. Row 3-Dick Rosenbaum. Kenny Cook, Dale Copeland, Mike Smith, Mike Cummings, Tom VJilliams. Phil Hempleman, Coach Jim Carter. ii F 88 eww mm to A return to the North Central Conferences upper tennis echelon marked the 1958 spring campaign. Nil' The Indians won 8 of their first 9 matches to assure a better mark than the 8 victories and I4 losses compiled by the I957 racquetmen. The team was tied for Hrst in the N.C.C. at press time with 3 wins in 4 starts. Starters were Jim Minnifield, Jerry Coon. Dwight Aldred, Voss Purkey, and Frank Meeker. Coach Dane Pu h's teams have won 80 matches and lost just I9 since 1950. VARSITY TENNIS SCORES Connersville North Central Broad Ripple Crawfordsville Shortridge Muncie Burris Marion lfrankfort Indianapolis Tech 0 l.ettermen Jim Nlinnifield, Jerry Coon and Dwight Aldred 2 talk over tennis strategy on the Riley Courts. Z I Z 3 I I 5 Anderson 7 Anderson 5 Anderson 5 Anderson 6 Anderson 5 Anderson 4 A nderson 6 Anderson 6 Anderson 2 TENNIS T Harrison. Do Dwight Ald Row Ahrendt, Lonnie Blackwell. Doug Davis, Randy Gordon, Clark Z-Steve Aldred. Eddie Davis. Jim Osborne. Jerry Coon. Jim Minnifield. Bob Jones, Coach Dane Pugh. 89 luv ' - Q A L Q K .1 A TRACK SQUAD-Row l-Jerry Pickel, Cecil Young. Bob Brown. Marv Whitaker. Dave Carpenter. Phil Sullivan, Jim Stringer. Bob Page, Row 2+Max Pitkel. student manager: Doug Barron, Bob Barnett, Tom Borders, Vwlalt Ebbert, Steve Taylor, Eddie Van Ness, Dave Brogdon, Jim Nowlin, student manager. Row 3-Jim Seal, John Cunningham, John Smith, Steve Lowry, Fred Kingsbury, Tom Tallnian, Jim Goodnight, Bill Collins. Lester Jackson. Jerry Speece. Row 4-Coach Bob Freeman, Trainer Don Kyle, Steve XVatson. Jim Morgan, Bob Jackson. Dick Patterson. Barry Atkinson, Cecil Robinson. Tom VVilson, Larry Sutton. student manager: Coach Ray lileenor. Vwlme wwe :mm amaa in gm: dwama deoydrlte It takes a lot of manpower to compete in the strong North Central Conference track meets, and Coach Bob Freeman found himself without that vital item this season. Even the admittedly thin squad was able to finish near the middle of every invitational track meet, to whip Marion, and stay close to Indi- anapolis Tech and Richmond in dual meets. In both of the latter the lack of good relay teams was the deciding factor. Outstanding individuals were hurler Tom Wilson, pole vaulter Phil Sullivan, high jumper Bob Page, and quarter-miler Bob Brown. Team spirit was high, however, as the Sectional loomed up at press time. 'eau Jim Stringer and Cecil Robinson stand back as Marv Whitaker trys to put the shot over forty feet. Bob Brown watches Jim Morgan as he sizes up the high Jump, 00 VARSITY TRACK SCORE DUAL MliliTS S Anderson 40 Indianapolis Tech 69 Anderson 3 7 My Kokomo 7126 Anderson 70 Marion 30 Anilersoit -+0 Richmond 60 INVITATIONAI. MICISTS Hoosier Relays. no team scores. Muncie Relays, Anderson fourth. lolj Kokomo Relays. Anderson sixth, l7l3 North Central Conference. Anderson fifth. Z-l I TOP INDIVIDUAL l7liRl:ORMANCES -I Tom Vw'ilson lZ0-yard High Hurdles l5 sec F Phil Sullivan llole Vault l2' 4" I Bob Brown Quarter Mile 52.3 sec. Bob Page High Jump 6' Zcwkof ' can Coach Ray Fleenor waits for the pole to drop after flying Phil Sullivan clears the bar at the pole vault. Showing perfect form, hurdler Tom Bob Jackson. Fred Kingsbury and Tom Tallman burst out of the starting I Wilson skims over the high hurdles. positions as Coach Bob Freeman pulls the trigger to start a race. 91 Eaaelalezwnmmyadaaaiagge-M14 Anderson's Indians opened the baseball sea- son with two crushing victories over Highland and Madison Heights as the sun shone with mid-July intensity. When the weather turned cold and rainy, the Indians did likewise dropping two of the next three games before opening the N.C.C, campaign with three straight victories and a loss to Lafayette Jeff. At press time Anderson was tied for Iirst place. The position was typical of Don Barnett-coached teams. His first, two years ago, won the title, and his 1957 aggregation won 5 and lost 4, including heartbreaking defeats to the league's top teams. Usual Indian starting lineup included catcher Don Roudebush, infielders Dave Luck, John Teague, Tom Linville, and Larry Ciellinger, outfielders Pete Danforth, Jim Sutton, Ron Pickett, and pitchers Norm Delph and Ray Ashley, who pitched a late-season no-hitter over Hartford City. VARSITY BASEBALL SCORES Anderson I9 Anderson 12 Anderson 6 Anderson 7 Anderson 5 Anderson 4 Anderson 7 Anderson 7 Anderson 0 TOP INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCES C9 GAMESD BATTER Pete Danforth Norm Delph Jim Sutton Tom Linville John Teague PITCHER Norm Delph Ray Ashley Dave Beher Highland 4 Madison Heights 4 Shortridge 7 Broad Ripple I0 Hartford City 3 Kokomo 2 Muncie Central 0 New Castle I Lafayette Jeff 9 AB R H RBI AVE 28 6 I0 4 35 7 29 9 I0 l I 345 29 8 I0 3 345 33 I I I I 7 3 3 3 33 8 I I 7 3 3 3 WON LOST PCT, 4 l .800 I l .500 l l .500 BASEBALL TEAM-Row 1-Bill Layton, Don Roudebush, Dave Luck, John Teague, Jack Morris, Pete Danforth, Tom Linville, Larry Taylor. Row 2-Jim Gillaspy, Jack Gowen, Jim Sutton, Ray Ashley, Norm Delph, Larry Gellinger, Ronnie Pickett, Jerry Charmalue, Larry Clem, Row 3--Jerry Shafer, Phil Roby, Howard Whitman, Mike Hale, Bill Leicht, Jim Johnson, Larry Brown, Matias Melendez, Bill Freeman. Row 44-Coach Don Barnett, Jim Steele. student manager, Dennis Roof, Don Fowler, Sullivan Cook, Mike Morgan, Doug Fowler, Neal Delph, Jim Ray, student manager: Coach Pete Russo. in ai hiv .wise Mi Larry Gellinger demonstrates Tom Linville. ,wffffewfwmfwmwffdwffe 1 2 5 3 E the proper way to bunt to The heavy stickmen on the team are Dave Luck, Pete Danforth and John Teague, and they are carrying an armload of bats to prove it. Norm Delph. high on the pitcher's mound. towers over catcher Don Roudebush while conferring with Conch Don Barnett. Pitcher Ray Ashley wonders if the newfangled pitching machine into which Coach Pete Russo is putting base balls will ever replace a good throwing arm. nf I ef Styles are one of the few things about students that have really changed. , ,nzvlr H 4, . , A, .. . -,, ,... ,., w . .. n iffy gg f- 1:-" Q,-f g 4 ','1.'f" -J 1'-f','S,'f"' ,f ' .sg ' wa:-f:ff'fr:f.-v,a ' c," a ryifsw fr ff .A 1:1-ef. A ' ' YA H, , . , Q M' J' -- 1. ,-'rv K- " ,',, ' 'f f ' - V. .:1- 5 -g,r .5-' 1- ga '45 .J 'Aj 'lf .Fff,'4lf7Z'l .iullfli gfglilguffifrva-'ff' A H 2- :,.Q,j5, -A ,, wh -glfff' .JV .rf - Jr I-ff,f:.'A' ab'-".f lf"-' 7' . , I ,-. ' ' - ' I . 'V 'Y 1 fri-f. " ' -', , ' ' I . ' ,' '. ,i ,- 'fy' ry 231.751 ,- , . ,fag J a J A. A , if 'T' jf? - , I 1' , -' .ol ' ff' 1'g'.'f4,,i.. .wfj ,1 Q .Jn fag - Vswf 'gy 1-my vig' ,- , "J, 2, up A,gjN,.,- Ap H- f - Schools are people. The cheery classrooms would be dull and lifeless Without the many and varied students, faculty and administrators who make use of their facilities. Throughout the years of AHS's growth and progress it has never lacked the many people needed to make it great. 95 'ide Elma 52 cczfzaecl aaa! cz colin! Proving the salesmanship of seniors. Vice-President Dan Molto and Pres- ident Brooks Townsend aided other seniors in selling ice cream in the middle of Winter at basketball games, Counting their blessings in the form of candy stand receipts are Secretary Nlarilyn Bryant and Treasurer Adelia Drake. clecybdzfe can game af change mm! Polishing the J. C. '4Daddy" Black Trophy for their out- standing seniors are class sponsors, Mrs. Nlary .lane Schultz and Mr. Cieorge Circumstances change with the passing of time, but the characteristics of the senior class remain steadfast. Vyfhile the seniors of a half-century ago remember the development of the automobile, this year's class had a glimpse of satellites and space. Styles, buildings and textbooks have passed into oblivion yet the senior is still the same. The class of '58 followed the senior classes before them-teasing underclassmen. cram- ming for tests, rushing to meetings and join- ing the crowd in the maze of social activities. The year is one big rush, but it ends too soon. Unless they change their minds. Sherry Dennis. Ruthann Murphy, Carolyn Sargent. Judy Duncan. Cam- ille Roby and Jan Podhaski have chosen senior announcements. Dick Hughes finds fayor in eyes of Sherill Vincent. Ann Brady, Nancy Cornelius and Paul Heiden as they choose Senior XVeelx Committees. 97 ,-45 can 654 zecwldnq 46554 ROW ONE: JUDITH ABERNATHY-Home Economics -Y-Teens, G.R.A. PAUL ABSHIRE-Pre-Apprentice -"A" Club, Track, Basketball, Cross Country, Capt. RONALD ACHOR-Pre-Engineering-Monitor, Library Asst., Hi-Y, Sr. Dramatics. ANN ADAMS-College Preparatory-Y-Teens, Latin Club, Mixed Chorus. Choral Club, Honor Society, M.M.M., Pep Sessions Comm., H. S. Off. Asst., Monitor, Annual Staff, Faculty Editor: Commencement Speaker, D.A.R. Award, Year- book Queen, Homecoming Queen, Prom Queen Attend., Girls State, I. U. Journalism Institute, J.C.L., Cheerleader, Cheer Block, I-I.R. Vice Pres., Sec.-Treas.: Exec. Comm., All State Chorus, Operetta, Thespians, Jr. Class Treasurer. MARTHA ADAMS-General. ROGER ADCOCK- General-Thespians, Sr. Dramatics, Monitor, H.R. Treas., Cheer Block. . ROW TWO: CURTIS AGNEW - General - Band. MELVA ALEXANDER - General - Bible Club. THOMAS ALLEX-General. LARRY ANDERSON- Gcneral-Monitor. JAMES ASHBY-General. BARRY ATKINSON-PreEngineerz'ng1Cross Country, Track, Basketball, Publication Rep., Honor Society, Monitor. ROW THREE: JACK ATWELL-General-Wrestling, Torch Club, H.R. Pres., Cross Country, Bible Club, Future Retailers, Boys State, Monitor, Purdue Legis. Assembly. PAUL BACKOUS - General. PAUL BADGER-General. CAROLYN BAILEY-Business Education-Y-Teens, Exec. Comm., H.R. Sec.-Treas.: Mixed Choir, Choralettes, Girls Glee Club. MONTE BAKER+General-Monitor, H.R. Vice Pres. TERRY BAKER-General. cmaltdeerahyzfedtaacieaoe " 'e l . .... ROW ONE: LARRY BALLINGER-College Preparatory -Track, Football, Cross Country, Golf, NVrestlir1g. Hi-Y, "A" Club. Cheer Block. MARK BARNETT- Pre-Engineering-H.R. Pres., Vice Pres., Monitor, Pub- lications Rep. NANCY BARRON-College Preparatory -Girls State, Honor Society, Treas.: Student Council, Exec. Comm., Bible Club, Vice Pres.: Future Teachers, Y-Teens, Deans Asst., Monitor, I-LR. Vice Pres. DAVID BAUSMAN -4 Pre-Apprentice - Highlanders, Track. BLANCHE BEASON+Home Economics. JESSE BELL -Genera!-Track, Publication Rep., Monitor. ROW 'I'WO: YVONNA BELL+GeneraI-Y-Teens, Girls Glee Club, Exec. Comm. CAROL BERGDAHL-Home E t'tn11 om rit' s-Bible Club. JEANNE BIENERT-General -Y-Teens, Off. Monitor, Nurses Asst. ANN BLACK- XVELL-Business Education-Columbus H.S., Counsel- ing Off. Asst. HOXVARD BLEDSOE-Pre-Apprentice. ANN BLUE-College Preparatory-Honor Society. ROW 'I'HREE:DAVID BOARDMANQGeneraI. JAMES BODEY -- General - Wrestling. JANET BOHLEN 1 Home Economics-Y-Teens, Pres.: Highlanders, Student Council. Girls Glee Club, Camera Club, Cheer Block, Concert Choir. EARLE BOONE-Pre-Eng1'r1eer1'ng-- Track, Dean's Asst. NANCY BOONE EL-General. RICHARD BOURKE+Pre-Apprenlice. ROW ONE:BARBARA BOWERS-Busz'ness Education- Y-Teens, G.R.A., Exec. Comm., English Off. Asst., Student Council, Corres.-Sec.: H.R. Sec.-Treas. MARY DAXVN BOYD-General-Y-Teens, Bible Club, Coun- seling OE. Asst., Mixed Choir, Girls Glee Club, Thespian App., Latin Club, J.C.l.. JANICE BRADLEY-Busll ness Edt 1i'f 1 lion-H.R. Sec.-Treas., Exec. Comm., Future Retailers, Honor Society, Monitor, Jr. Red Cross Rep. ANNE BRADY-College Preparatory-Y-Teens, Honor Society, Highlanders, Latin Club, Mixed Choir, Choral Club, Operetta, Student Council, Dean's Asst., Monitor, Exec. Comm., Cheer Block, Girls State. LOIS BRAM- XVELL-Business Education-Choralettes, Y-Teens. Girls Chorus, Counseling Off. Asst. RONALD BREECK-- GeneraIfUshers Club, Parking Lot Cadet. "'mlfa,6fzaaeZ54L' ROW TWO: THOMAS BRIETWEISER-GeneraI- Tennis, Orchestra, Pres. SANDRA BREXVER-College Preparatory-Y-Teens. SUSAN BREVw7STERfGeneraI. XVILLIAM BROVVN7GeneraI-Chess Club. DEANNA BRUBAKER-Generul?Y-Teens, Library Asst., Coun- seling Off. Asst. DARLENE BRUCE-General. ROW THREE: IRENE BRUCE-WGeneraI. MARILYN BRYANT4CoIlege Preparalory--Jr., Sr. Class Sec., Exec. Comm., Choral Club, Madrigal, Operetta, Vice Pres., Honor Society, Future Teachers, Y-Teens. Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir. MAX BURTON- General. DAVID BUSHONG - General. DAVID CALLAHAN - General -H Football, Baseball. l.EON CAMPBELL-General. mniedddyddamageaf ' ROW ONE: JUDITH CANADAY-College Preparatory- Monitor. Honor Society. KAY CAPPEL-Home Eco- nomics-Mixed Choir. Concert Choir, Monitor, Choral- ettes, Y-Teens. DARLENE CAREY-General-Latin Club. Thespians, Choral Club, Monitor, Operetta, Sr. Dramatics, Library Asst., Mixed Choir, Concert Choir, H.R, Sec.-Treas., Biology Asst., Art Award. JERALD CARPENTER-General-''A" Club, Hi-Y, Track, Football. Basketball, Torch Club, Wrestling, Cheer Block. Boys Glec Club, Mixed Chorus. EARL CARPER-Pre- Apprentice - Baseball. Torch Club. NICHOLAS CARPIER--Folleae Preparamrzf. ROW TWO: CAROLYN CARR-College Preparatory- Camera Club, Y-Teens, Latin Club. J.C.L,, Monitor, Cheer Block. DONNA CARRON-Home Economics- Student Council, Dean's Asst., Monitor. H.R. Sec.-Treas. JAMES CARTER-General-Monitor, Tennis, Exec. Comm. ROOSEVELT CARTER - General. MAX CATTRON - Pre-Apprentice. JOHN CHAMBERS- Generul-Visual Aids. Publication Rep., H.R. Vice Pres., Monitor. ROW THREE: MARILYN CHOPSON-College Prepara- tory-Y-Teens, Honor Society, Future Nurses, X-Ray. Reporter: Jr. Annual Staff. Annual Staff, Education Editor: Nurse's Off, Asst., Library Typist, Monitor, Cheer Block, LH,S.P.A, RONALD CLARK-General-Manm tee County H. S., Sr. Dramatics, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Publication Rep., Hi-Y, Highlanders, Thespians, Treas.: History Club, Visual Aids Asst., Monitor, Cheer Block. KAY CLAXON-Business Education-Y-Teens, Mon- itor, Publication Rep., X-Ray, Business Manager. MONA CLEM-Business Education-Honor Society, Sr. Dra- matics., Thespians. Sec.: Jr. Annual Staff, Annual Staff, Business Manager: Latin Club, J.C.L., H.S. Off. Asst., Y-Teens. Monitor, Cheer Block, Girls State. Convo Comm, Chr, JUDITH COBURN-Business Education -Future Retailers. MICHAEL COEN-Pre-Apprentice -Football, Monitor, Torch Club, Highlanders, Student Council, l-LR, Pres. awzlodew came no in Zone-- ROW ONE: MARILYN COLE-College Prepuralory- Y-Teens, Library Asst., Music Asst. GLENDA COLLIER-General-Music Asst., Future Teachers. RICHARD COLLINS-General. DIANE CONNOLLY -College Preparulory-Y-Teens, Highlanders, Future Nurse's. Treasq Monitor, Girls Glee Club, Cheer Block, Jr. Red Cross Rep. DALE COOK-General. GAYLE COOK-Home Economics. ROW TWO1 JERRY COON--General--Football, Basket- ball, Tennis, Operetta, Choral Club, Madrigal, H.R. Pres., Vice Pres.: Hi-Y, Highlanders, Torch Club, All State Chorus, Sr. Dramatics, Monitor, Boys Glee Club, Mixed Choir, I. U. Music Clinic, "A" Club, Parking Lot Cadet, History Club, Cheer Block. DALE COPE- LAND-College Preparatory-Torch Club, Vice Pres.: Golf, Boys State, Purdue Legis. Assembly, Student Coun- cil. Parlimentarian: Head Monitor, Sr. Dramatics. Latin Club, DECA Cards Ball King, H.S. Off. Asst., Hi-Y, Chaplain: Highlanders, Pres.: Soph. Class Pres, Exec. Comm., Convo Comm., Cheer Block. NANCY COR- NEl,lUS-litzsiness EdLlt'lIl1'OI'lfYJISQQHS, Student Coun- cil. Exec. Comm., Cheer Block. Counseling Off. Asst., Athletic Off. Asst., Monitor, Girls Glee Club. CARLOS CORZINE-ProApprenliceflrootball, Basketball, HA" Club, Monitor, Parking Lot Cadet. .IANIS COUNCIL- College Preparatory-Student Council, Deans Asst., Library Asst., M.M.M.. Honor Society, Euture Retailers, Euture Nurses, Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Choral Club, Operetta, H.R. Treas. DAVID COWART- Genera!--Band, Choral Club, M.M,M, ROW THREE: REX COWART-GeneraI7Head Monitor. KENNETH CRANEfGeneral-Visual Aids. LINDA CRIMiBusiness Education-M.M.M., Y-Teens. Choral Club, Choralettes, Concert Choir, Girls Glee Club, Coun- seling Off. Asst., Operetta. ELAINE CROUCH-College Preparutortfilsatin Club, Bible Club, Sec.: Monitor, Visual Aids Asst. BRIANE DAVIS-General-Cross Country, Wrestling. Eootball. PEGGY DAVISfBusiness EducalionfExec. Comm.. Girls Glee Club. Choralettes, Mixed Choir. tieqweze ' Ziepcztiofs 66 ROW ONIE: THOMAS DAVlS7C"oIleqt' 171't'pc1r'ulo1'y--N Band, liootball. Basketball, Track, "A" Club, H.R. Pres., Vice Pres., Sec.: Publications Rep., Pep Sessions Comm., Cheer Block, Hi-Y, Highlanders. Boys State. RANDOLPH DAVIS - College Preparatory - Football, YVrestling. Track. "A" Club. Hgihlanders, Hi-Y. Thespians, I.atin Club. Choral Club. Sr. Dramatics. H.R. Vice Pres., Publications Rep., Cheer Block. Operetta, Band Variety show, Boys Glee Club. CONNIE DAY-General. KAY DEAN-General-Noblesville H. S., Counseling Off. Asst.. X-Ray Asst. GENE DEITZ4GeneraI-"A" Club, Iiootball, Wrestling, Cheer Block, Track, Baseball. NORMAN DELPH-General-H.R. Pres., "A" Club, HifY, Sgt. at Arms: Highlanders, Basketball, Football. Baseball. Cross Country. ROW TWO: SHERRY DENNIS 7 General - Y-Teens. Exec. Comm.. Student Council. Future Nurse's Pres.: I.atin Club, .I.C.I.., I.atin Asst. ARETTA DOVw7DEN- Iiuslness Education-YY-Teens. Monitor. Counseling Off. Asst.. Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club. Choralettes. ADEl,IA DRAKE-College Preparatory-Y-Teens. Latin Club, Highlanders. H.R. Vice Pres., Sr. Class Treas., Exec. Comm.. Concert Choir, Choral Club, Sec.: Madrigal, l,ilmr.iry Asst.. Prom Queen Attend., Student Council, Reading Clerk: Homecoming Queen Attend., Cheer Block. PATRICIA DUDI-EY-General-X-Ray, Columnist, Publications Rep. MARY DUKES-General-Art. Asst. .IUDITH DUNCAN-General-Y-Teens, Pres.: Frosh., Soph. Class Vice Pres., Jr. Red Cross Rep., Thespians, Dean's Asst., Cheerleader, Silver Bell Queen Attend., High- landers, Exec. Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Miss Green, Nurse's Asst., Convo Comm., Yearbook Queen Candidate, Cheer Block, Capt., Commencement Speaker. ROW THREE: RICHARD DUNVJIDDIE - General. FRANKLIN DURHAM-Pre-Engineering-Hi-Y, Torch Club, Monitor, Visual Aids Asst. ROBERT DYSON- College Preparatory-I.atin Club, History Club, Hi-Y, Torch Club. Publications Rep., Student Council, Monitor, H.R. Vice Pres. PAUI. EISELE-GeneraI4H.R. Pres., Student Council, I.atin Club, Honor Society, Monitor. JERRY EI-I.ISON-GeneraIfBible Club. MARABETH EMERSONfGeneraI-Y-Teens, H.R. Sec.-Treas., Mon- itor, Nurse's Asst., I.ibrary Asst. axe maine, atomic pawez, Wcweez, ROW ONI2: NANCY ENGLUND-College Preparatory- Y-Teens. Future Teachers, Publications Rep. PENNY lfARI,OVw'-General. LINDA I3AXVBUSH+Generul- Y-Teens, Library Asst,, Latin Club. SYLVIA FERGU- SON-Business Education-Choral Club, M.M.M.. Y-Teens. Monitor, English Off. Asst., Operetta. SHIRLEY FEUSTONvGeneraI-Nurse's Asst., Visual Aids Asst.. Y-Teens, G.R.A. JOHN FICKLE+Pre- Apprentice. ROW TWO: GRACE IflTZSlMMONSfGeneral. JUDITH IfRYE+General. NORMA FURNISH7Gener11I-Girls Glee Club, Choralettes, Choral Club, M.M.M., Future Teachers. All-State Chorus, Operetta, Future Nurse's. NANCY GABEL-Business Education-Indianette, Stud- ent Council, Y-Teens. Monitor, Nurse's Asst., Honor Society, X-Ray, Co-Editor Little Chief, Band Variety Show, CAROLE GAMMON-General-Dean's Asst, MARTHA GARNER-General. Row TIIREF: CAROL GARRETSON-General. VIR- GINIA GARY-Btrsiness Educulr'on+Y-Teens, Future Teachers. Cheer Block. Monitor. Publications Rep., Stud- ent Council. Girls Glee Club, Choralettes, H.R. Vice Pres., Deans Asst. LARRY GELLINGER+Pre-Apprenticei Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, "A" Club, Hi-Y. Sgt. at Arms: H.R, Pres,, Cheer Block, Parking Lot Cadet, Monitor. BARBARA GIBSON-Business Educat 1'cJ n- HR. Vice Pres., Sec.: Future Retailers, LARRY GIBSON -College Preparalortf-H.R. Vice Pres,. Publications Rep., Latin Club, J.C,I... Hi-Y, Publicity Dept. Asst., Visual Aifs Asst., Annual Staff, Photographer: I.H.S.P.A.. Camera Club, Track. Cross Country. JOAN GILBERT -General-Y-Teens, Honor Society, Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir. Choral Club. Madrigal. Exec. Comm,, M.M.M,, H.R. Sec.-Treas,, Operetta, Delco Remy Science Essay Award. H. S. Off. Asst., X-Ray, Reporter: l.H.S.P.A,, Future Teachers. Valedictorian. femme 4 topdca ROW ONI2: GARY GILMORE-General-Publications Rep.. H.R. Vice Pres., Treas.3 Exec. Comm., Jr. Red Cross Rep., Vwlrestling. JANET GILSON-Home Eco- nomics. ANITA GLAZE-College PreparatoryfGirls State. Euture Teachers, Y-Teens, Honor Society, Convo Comm., Sr. Dramatics, Cheer Block, Dean's Asst., Art Contest Award. ROBERT GLAZEBROOKS-General? Eootball. Track, "A" Club, Monitor. ROSEMARY GOI.ISHfGeneraI7Monitor, Foreign Language Dept. Asst. CAROL GRAY7General7X-Ray, Business Man- ager, Music Asst., Choral Club, Y-Teens. ROW TWO: THOMAS GRAY-Genert1liConvo Comm., Spring Eling King, H.R. Sec.-Treas. JESSE GREEN- Geneml. MARY BETH GRIMES-General-Dean's Asst.. Library Asst.. Athletic Off. Asst., Euture Teachers, Student Council, Concert Choir. Girls Glee Club. ALICE cavwmecwdan GRISSOMfHome Economics-Library Asst., Sr. Dra- matics. BARRY HANNA 4 General. SUZANNE HARDIN-College Preptrratorqfpetersburgh H. S., Ela.3 Choral Club, Cheer Block, Operetta, Music Asst., Monitor. Row 'l'11REii: PATRICIA HARI.-College Preptrrtuory- Latin Club. Thespians. Bible Club, Honor Society, Mon- itor, H. S. Off. Asst., Y-Teens. DIXIE HARI.AN- CIeneraI4Girls Glee Club. Y-Teens. Visual Aids Asst. .IUDITH HARRIS -- Genera! 1 Indianette, Y-Teens, Dean's Asst., H.R. Pres., History Club, Yearbook Queen Candidate, Girls Glee Club, Mixed Choir, Concert Choir. KAY HARRIS-General-Phys. Ed. Asst., Indianette, YATeens, H.R. Sec.-Treas., Monitor, Exec. Comm. l,ARRY HARRISfColIege Prepara1orygStudent Coun- cil. NORMA HARSHMANfBu.s1' Edrzratfon. ROW ON!! Al.l.l2Nll llART7Gi'm-ral-Ilonor Society, Y-Teens, Bible Club, History Club, H. S. Off. Asst., Monitor, Library Asst. JUDITH HAWKINS-College Preparatory-Student Council, Girls Glee Club, Choral- ettes, Y-Teens, Cheer Block, Publications Rep., Library Asst., Mixed Choir. RICHARD HEDRICKfGeneral. SARAH HEDRICK-College Preparatory-Girls Glee Club, Y-Tccns. PAULA HEIDEN-General-Y-Teens, Concert Choir, Choralettes, Choral Club, Madrigal, M.M.M., Exec, Comm., Honor Society, Music Asst., Fut- ure Nurse's Sec.: Operetta, LINDA HIGGENBOTHAM +General-Concert Choir, Girls Glee Club, Publications Rep., H.R. Vice Pres., Sec,-Treas.: Student Council, Mon- itor, English Off. Asst.. Counseling Off. Asst., Jr. Red Cross, Asst,, Head Monitor, Latin Asst. ROW TWO: DOROTHY HILL-College Preparatory- Band, Librarian, Orchestra, Bible Club, Honor Society, All-State Orchestra, Thespian App., G.R.A.. Future Teachers. History Club, Pep Sessions Comm., H.R. Sec,, Band OIT. Asst. MARILYN HILL+College Prenaralory-Y-Teens. Treas,: Concert Choir. Orchestra, Latin Club, .I.C.L.. Exec. Comm., Future Teachers, High- l'n'lers, Mixed Choir, Head Monitor, X-Ray, Reporter: Jr. Annual Staff, Annual Staff. Sr. Editor: English Off. Asst., H.R. Vice Pres.. Sec,-Treas.: I. U. Music Clinic. Publicity Dept. Asst., Fall Wind-Up Queen Candidate. DONALD HOLLIDAY7GeneraI7H.R. Treas.. Hi-Y, 106 Band. M.M.M. CAROLANN IIOPPIYS-Iiusiness Illu- calion-Thespians, Vice Pres.: M.M.M., Publications Rep., Monitor. Choralettes, Concert Choir, Girls Glee Club, Choral Club, Operetta, Y-Teens, Bible Club, Future Teachers, X-Ray, Reporter: Sr. Dramatics, Music Asst., Biology Asst. STEPHANIE HOPPES-College Pre- paru1oryqGirls Glee Club, Concert Choir. Choral Club, M.M.M., Operetta, Student Council, X-Ray, Ed-in-Chief: Sr. Dramatics, Highlanders, Monitor, Cheer Block, Y-Teens, Vice Pres.: Fresh. Class Sec.. Exec. Comm., Counseling Off. Asst.. Publications Rep.. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Honor Society. BEVERLY HORINE - General - Y-Teens, Student Council, Monitor, Thespians, Music Asst., Highlanders, Publications Rep., Choral Club, Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Dean's Asst., Dance Band, Vocalist. ROW THREE: SHEILA HORNBECK-General--Girls Glee Club, Mixed Choir, Choralettes. PHILLIP HOSIER -General-Basketball, Baseball, Choral Club, Band, M.M.M.. Dance Band, Operetta. AVIS HOVERMALE-- Business Education. ALICE HOWARD-General-Music Asst., Concert Choir, Girls Glee Club. H.R. Vice Pres., Sec.: Monitor, Bible Club, Dean's Asst., Sr. Dramatics. PATRICIA HOVJARD-General-M.M.M., Choralettes, Concert Choir. Choral Club, Operetta, Girls Glee Club. Monitor, Y-Teens, Mixed Choir, Sr. Dramatics. SHIRLEY HUDSON-General. cmaltienomuealawnwdlfiiami' ' mecwlee ROW ONV: SUIQ IIUDSON--liusm .'.x.s Iftl mrlX4: tion--Ifulure Retailers. D.E.C.A. National Convention. TONY HUEY -College Preparu!oryfMonitor, Dean's Asst. RICHARD HUGHES - Pre-Engineering f Exec. Comm., Student Council, Publications Rep., Jr. Red Cross Rep., Track, Torch Club. Chess Club, H.R. Vice Pres. LARRY HUMERICKHOUSE-PrefApprentice. GEORGE JACK- SONYGenerul-Track, Annual Staff, Photographer: X-Ray. Photographer: Publications Rep., Monitor. H.R. Treas. I.OWEl.l. JACKSON-General?History Club. Boys Cwlee Club. Chess Club. Visual Aids Asst., Monitor. Cheer Block. ROW TWO: JESSE JANESfCoIIeqe Preparutorif-I.atin Club. MARY JEI3I:ERS-GenerulfX'Ray. Typist: Y-Teens. WIl,l.IAM JOHNSONfGem'raI. DONAI.D JOHNSON i l,I't'-lIl7fJl'L'l7lI-It' 7 l5oollmll, Manager. J ERISE JOHNSON-Business Education-Publications Asst., G.R.A., X-Ray, Exchange Ed. JOYCE JOHN- SON7Buxiness EtfLlt't1I1'Ol7?Ijlll7llC3lIOHS Asst., G.R.A. ROW TIIRIEIE: JUDITH JOHNSON-GeneraI7H.R. Pres.. YATeens, Band, Indian Maiden, Monitor, Silver Bell Queen. Euture Teachers. Sec.-Treas. PATRICIA JOHNSON-Business Educat z'cm n-Concert Choir, Music Asst.. Cheer Block, Y-Teens. RUTH JOHNSONfHome Economics. GAII. JONESTGL'U6F!II-Y'TCCHS, Future Retailers, Mixed Choir. I.ARRY JONES1CoIIege Pre- paratory-I,atin Club. Torch Club. Exec. Comm.. Base- ball, H.R. Vice Pres., Monitor. SUSAN JONES- Colleqe Preparatory-Choralettes. Choral Club, Operetta. M.M.M.. Madrigal, Honor Society. l.atin Club, .I.C.I.., Student Council, Monitor. 14715 'mc 'amd and talked dgdfhf ?7eqZm 77Zm:e ROW ONE: THOMAS JOYCE-College Preparalory- H.R. Vice Pres., Band, First Sgt.: Choral Club. Dance Band, Band Asst., Operetta. Boys Chorus. SALLY KEESLING-General-Latin Club, J.C.L.: Library Asst., Monitor. EARL KEITH-General. CAROLYN KELLY-General. FRANCIS KIMM-Pre-Apprentz'ce- Ushers Club, History Club, H.R. Vice Pres. DONALD KRUEGER+CoIIege Preparufory-Monitor, Tennis, ROW TWO: PHILIP LARMORE-College Prepafuloru? Commencement Speaker, Purdue Legis. Assembly. Boys State, Honor Society. Vice Pres.: Jr. Rolarixn. Highland- ers, Pres.: Cheer Block, Choral Club, Student Council, Parliamentarian: H.R. Pres.. Monitor, Dean's Asst.. Mixed Chorus, Thespian App., Tennis, Operetta, Torch Club, Hi-Y, Latin Club. J.C.l..: All-State Chorus. TIMOTHY LEE-College Preparatory+Choral Club, Hi-Y. Highlanders. Honor Society. Head Monitor, Cheer Block. Operetta. Sr. Dramarics. Convo Comm.. HR. Pres. NANCY LEMON - General - Y-Teens, G.R.A. EVERETT LITTEN-General. MARTHA LIVINGS- TON-General--Y-Teens, G.R.A., Phys. Ed. Asst., Dean's Asst., Nurse's Asst. BEVERLY LUSTER- General-Girls Glee Club. ROW THREE: SHARON LYNAM-College Preparatory- Honor Society, Y-Teens, Indianette. Monitor, Latin Club, HR. Pres., Jr. High Counseling Off. Asst., Band Asst. BARBARA MALSOM+GeneraI-Future Retailers, Vice Pres.: Bible Club. History Club, Library Asst. LAQUITA MARSH-Home EconomicsfY-Teens, Honor Society, Latin Club, Future Nurses, Girl's Glee Club, Choralettes. Mixed Choir, Music Asst., Monitor. DIXIE MARTIN- Colleqe Prepuratorg-Y-Teens, Pres., Inter Club, Sec.: H.R. Vice Pres., I7.T.A.. Vice Pres.: Honor Society, Latin Club. J.C.L., Head Monitor. Counseling Off, Asst., Exec. Council. Publicity Dept. Asst., Annual Staff, Activities Editor: Cheer Block. JAMES MARTIN-College Pre- pnruforgf. DIANA MASTERS-Home Economics. S" ' wmauealez!aQ'7,7eeae ROW ONIE: MIKE MATHEVJS-College Preparatory- Monitor. CARl.MAUPIN1Gem-ral. PATRICIA MAY --Business ElIl1t'tll1iOf7fBiblC Club, Y-Teens, Sec., Girls Glee Club, Highlanders, Sr, Dramatics. ALICE MAY- NARD-College Preparatory-I.atin Club, Y-Teens, Iinture Teachers, G.R.A., Girls Glee Club, X-Ray, Re- porter: Jr. Annual Staff, Annual Staff, Activities Editor. MARILYN McATEE4General. GARY McCLAIN- Pre-Engrm-erz'ng4Football, XVrestling, Choral Club, Chess Club, Boys Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, All-State Chorus, Cheer Block, Operetta, "A" Club. ROW TWO: GENE McCLAIN-General. JOHN McCORD -Pre-Engineering-Monitor. H.R. Vice Pres., Public- ations Rep., Highlanders, History Club, Torch Club, Honor Society. CAROLYN MCCROCKLIN-College Pre- paraIory1M.M.M., J.C.L., Honor Society, Y-Teens, Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, All-State Orchestra, X-Ray, Asst. News Editor: Annual Staff, Underclass Editor: Publicity Dept. Asst., Latin Club. XVARREN McCULLUM -College Preparatory-Torch Club, Latin Club, Track. JANET McDANIEL + College Preparatory-Y-Teens, Latin Club. Student Council, Convo. Comm., Head Mon- itor, Highlanders, Jr. High Counseling Asst., Future Teachers. H.R. Pres., Mimeo. Asst. Latin Asst. JOHN Mc- GUIRIffljre-Engineering-Publications Rep., H.R. Vice Pres.. Torch Club. Hi-Y. Monitor, Highlanders, Parking l,ot Cadet, History Club. Cheer Block, Tennis, "A" Club, Golf. now IHREL: RUTH ANN McKAY-General-Y-Teens. Bible Club. History Club. Biology Asst., Sr. Dramatics. Thespians. Iiuture Teachers. G.R.A. RONALD McKIB- BAN-General-Hi-Y, Highlanders, Publicity Dept. Asst.. Annual Staff, Business Manager: Thespians, History Club, Sr. Dramatics, Torch Club, Boys Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, N.S.P.A. Convention. SHARON McLAUGH- l.IN?ColIege Preparulory4Band, Orchestra, G.R.A.. Publicity Dept. Asst., N.S.P.A. Convention, Annual Staff. Sports Editor: Bible Club. Honor Society. Latin Club, Phys. Ed. Asst. RONALD McNABNEY-Pre-Engineen my-Choral Club, Basketball. Football. Baseball, Cheer Block, H.R. Pres., Student Council, Highlanders. Hi-Y. Torch Club. Operetta. RONALD MCVEY-Pre-Apprerr life-"A" Club. DOUGLAS MEEKERN-Pre-Apprentice -Tennis, "A" Club. r 1 1 it es I T J, K . pf -' 1112.5 gage and wed ' ROW ONE: JAMES MELSON-General-Hi-Y, H.R. Sec.-Trcas., Torch Club, Football Mgr., Basketball Mgr.. Parking Lot Cadet, Monitor, Latin Club. JAMES MINNEEIELD - College Preparatory - Tennis, Cross Country. Basketball, Club, Monitor. BESSIE MITCHELL-General-Euture Retailers, Sec. PENNY MITCHELL-General-Monitor. GARY MOORE- College Preparatory-Band, Drum Major, Equip. Mgr.: Choral Club, Vice Pres.g Madrigal, H.R. Pres., Public- ations Rep., M.M.M., Historiang Operetta, Orchestra, All- State Chorus, Boys Glee Club, Band Asst., Dance Band, Jr. Exchangite, Convo Comm., EEA., Pep Sessions Comm. BUD MORGAN - General - Dance Band, Orchestra, Band Asst., Orchestra Asst. ROW TWO: MARY MORRISON - General - History Club, Future Teachers, Y-Teens, Mixed Chorus, Choral- ettes, Girls Cilee Club, H,R. Vice Pres., Sec.-Treas. DANIEL MOTTO-General-Annual Staff, Co-Editor- In Chiefg Jr., Sr. Class Vice Pres.: X-Ray, Columnist: Choral Club, Operetta, Latin Club, J.C.L., Pres.: Hi-Y, Highlanders, Cheer Block, I.H.S.P.A., Dean's Asst., N.S.P,A. Convention, Monitor, Jr. Rotar- ian, Jr. Annual Staif., I. U. Journalism Institute. RUTH- ANN MURPHY-College Preparatory-Y-Teens, Latin Club, Band, Exec. Comm., H.S. Off. Asst. LUCY MYERS-Business Education-Band, Orchestra, Choral Club, Concert Choir, Thespian App., Bible Club, Y-Teens, Athletic Dept. Asst. SUZANNE MYERS- Business Education-Lebbey H. S., Toledo, Ohio: Y-Teens, Honor Society, Dean's Asst., Mimeo. Asst. LARRY NASELROAD-Pre-Apprentice. ROW THREE: BILL NICHOLSON-General. JAMES NOWI,IN-General-Indian Mascot, Parking Lot Cadet, Band, Boys Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. DAN OBER- MEYER-College Preparatory-Latin Club, Publications Rep., Chess Club, Sr. Dramatics. PATRICIA OLDEN- General-G.R.A., Latin Club, Orchestra, Student Council, Monitor. IILORENE OLIVE-College Preparatory- Library Asst. LORENE OLIVE-College Preparatory- Library Asst. magma!! mfmedemm ROW ONE: SALLY PAGE-Business Educalion-Mon- itor, Visual Aids Asst. BEVERLY PARKER4GeneraI- Girls Glee Club, C1.R.A., Choralettes, Monitor, H.R. Vice Pres., Sec.: Publications Rep., Library Asst. XVILLIAM PARKER-Pre-Engineering-Monitor, Hi-Y, Highland- ers. NANCY PEARSONfCollege Preparatory-Student Council, Y-Teens, lnter Club: Latin Club, Sec,: J.C.L., Highlanders, Monitor, Jr. Annual Staff, Dean's Asst., Honor Society, H.R. Sec,-Treas., Exec. Comm., Cheer Block, Girls State, X-Ray, Editor-ln-Chief, Little Chief Editor: Publicity Dept. Asst. LYNNE PETRY-Home Erononzics-Bible Club, Y-Teens, Choralettes, Concert Choir, Mixed Chorus, Choral Club, Operetta. DUANE PICKARD-Generalfliootball, Basketball. Track. Head Monitor. ROW TWO: JERRY PICKELW-College Preparatory- Honor Society, Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball, Track, "A" Club, H.R. Vice Pres, JAN PODHASKI1 General-YfTeens, Treas.: Latin Club, Exec. Comm., Student Council. Cheerleader, Pep Session Comm.. Year- book Queen, Monitor, Nurses Asst., Jr. Annual Staff, X-Ray, Asst. Managing Editor: Girls State, Highlanders. SHARON POORE-Business Education-Library Asst. CAROLE PRESSER-College Preparatory +Y-Teens. M.M.M., Choral Club, Mixed Chorus, Concert Choir, Deans Asst., Girls Glee Club, Cheer Block, Latin Club. J.C.L., History Club, Operetta. NANCY PRESTON- College Pre-paralory4Band, Orchestra, Bible Club, M.M.M. XVILLIAM PRlCE-PrevApprentice-Honor Society. H.R. Vice Pres., Publications Rep. ROW THREE: WANDA PURSLEY-Business Education fM.M.M.. Sec.: Girls Glee Club, Y-Teens. Cheer Block. Operetta. SHERRON QUINN-Business Education- H.R. Pres., liuture Retailers, Future Teachers, Highlanders, Y-Teens. Cheer Block, Off. Monitor. DONALD RAMSEY-College Preparatory-H.R. Pres., Vice Pres: Head Monitor, Hi-Y, Highlanders, Latin Club, J.C.L., Honor Society, Sr. Dramatics, Tennis. HARRY RAY- General-Ushers Club, Monitor. CAROLYN REEDL General-Bible Club, Camera Club, Jr. Red Cross Rep. JUDITH ANNETTE REED-GeneruI4H.R. Pres.. Vice Pres., Publications Rep., Student Council, Y-Teens. Indianette. Monitor, Honor Society, Girls Glee Club. Smxaea me ROW ONE: JUDITH ARLENE REED - General - Y-Teens, Athletic Office Asst.. Girls Glee Club. EARLIE REMSON-ProApprenlice-Iiootball. MA" Club, H.R. Pres.. Sec.-Treas. SANDRA RICHEY - General,-- BETTY RIGGS+Generul-Y-Teens. Highlanders, Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Choral Club, Madrigal. All- State Chorus. Library Asst.. Student Council. Thespian App., Operetta, M.M.M., H.R. Sec.-Treas. JOHN ROBBINS-College PrepuratoryfMonitor. KAY ROB- ERSON-General-Latin Club. Euture Retailers, .l.C.I.. ROW TWO: CECIL ROBINSON-General-"A" Club, Basketball, Track, Football. CAMILLE ROBY-College Preparatory-Latin Club, .l.C.I-., Honor Society, High- landers. Y-Teens, Vice Pres.: Monitor, Dean's Asst., Exec. Comm,, Pep Sessions Comm., Cheerleader, Girls State. RICHARD ROSENBAUM-College Preparatory-Hi-Y, Highlanders. Latin Club, J.C.L., Honor Society, Thes- pians, Golf. Cheer Block. Monitor, Visual Aids Asst. DONALD ROUDEBUSH - General Q Football, Basket- ball. Baseball, Wrestling, H.R. Pres., Student Council, noaedriae fan thee "A" Club, Hi-Y, Highlanders, Monitor, Cheer Block, Ath. Scholarship Society. JERRY SALEL'PI'L'-EUg1.U68f- ing-Choral Club, Hi-Y, Madrigal, Iiootball. Operetta, All-State Chorus, I.U. Music Clinic, Historian, Band Lighting Crew, Jr. Red Cross Rep.. Cheer Block. CCAROLYN SARGENT-Business Education-Y-Teens, Inter Club Council, Athletic Off. Asst., H.S. Off. Asst., Monitor, Cheer Block, H.R. Sec., Honor Society. ROW THREE: NANCY SARGENT-Business Educulion -Y-Teens, Counseling OIT. Asst., Bible Club, Monitor, Cheer Block, H.R. Sec, BARBARA SCHILDMEIER- Business Educalicm-Euture Retailers. CAROL SCHROPE -College Preparatory-Y-Teens, Honor Society, Bible Club. Highlanders, Chemistry Asst., Monitor, Student Council, Publications Rep., Cheer Block. VJILLIAM SEAL-General. REX SEIPEL-Pre-Apprent1'ceYMon- itor, Physics Asst. SHARON SEYBERT-GeneraI- Indianette. Choral Club, Operetta, Mixed Chorus, Concert Choir, Y-Teens, Highlanders, Monitor, Dean's Asst., Jr. Red Cross Rep. w46Zez'4e7nd6mwwenZ'0az!az!4e mae' ROW UNE: JOHN SHAFIIER f G 4'r14' ful f Monitor. ALICE SHANNON-General-I.ibrary Asst., Monitor, Honor Society, Mimco. Off. Asst., Bible Club. JERRY SHAUl.vGcneruI. STEVE SHAXV-College Preparuf lory-Choral Club, Madrigal, Lighting Mgr.. Convo Comm. RICHARD I.. SHIRLEY-I're-Appren1r'ce- Ifootball. ANNETTE SHIPMAN-Home Econoniics? Y-Teens, Latin Club, H.R. Trcas.. Chemistry Asst., Bible Club, Cheer Block. ROW TWO: ROBERT SINK - General. PRISCIIIA SKOUDEN-Business Educul1'on+Y-Teens, Honor Socif ety. Student Council, Iiuture Retailers, Treas.: History Club. Monitor. D.E.C.A. National Convention. THOMAS SLOANE - Pre-Engineering - Hi-Y, Band, Captain: lighting Crew. Dance Band. TOBY SMAI.l.-General. JANICE SMI'l'HfGt-neral. JIM SMITHfGum'ral4 H.R. Pres. ROW 'I'HR1ili: JOYCE SMITH-Home liconom z't' s- l.atin Club, Monitor. MARGERY SMITH7Home Eco- nom 1'r' s-Bible Club. REBECCA SMITH1ColIege Pre- paratory-Indianette, Jr. Annual Staff, Annual Staff, Senior Editor: XfRay. Reporter: Y-Teens, Bible Club, l.atin Club, Publicity Dept. Asst., Thespian App., Fall XVind-Up Queen, Band Variety Show, I.H.S.P.A., I. U. Journalism Institute. VJILLIAM SMITH-Pre-Apprem I z't- e-Visual Aids Asst., Hi-Y. RICHARD SNYDER- College Preparatory-Monitor. NORMA SOUTHERS- General-Y-Teens, Indianette, Future Retailers, Sec.: Tbespian App., Sr. Dramatics, Dean's Asst., Cheer Block, Band Asst.. D.E.C.A. Convention. Zebleobzewtaaelcmaxaa endow ROW ONE: DAVE SPAULDING-General-Torch Club, Highlanders. ARLENE SPRINGER-Business Education -H.R. Pres., Girls Glec Club, Choralettes, Concert Choir. Monitor, H.S. Off. Asst., Thespian App., Highlanders, Y-Teens, Sec.: Athletic Off. Asst., Silver Belle Queen, Cheer Block. EERN STANLEY-Business Education- Athletic Off, Asst., Y-Teens. LARRY STANLEY- General. LINDA STANLEY-General-Y-Teens, Pres., Inter Club, Pres., Highlanders, Latin Club, Honor Society. Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Monitor, X-Ray. Manag- ing Editor: Prom Queen, Pall Wind-Up Queen, Publicity Dept. Asst., Jr. Annual Staff, Pep Sessions Comm., Cheer- leader, Captain: H.R. Pres.. Sec.-Treas.1 Girls State. Mixed Chorus. DONALD STANSON-General. ROW TWO: LARRY STEXVART-PrevApprentice. ROY STICKRADT-General. LINDA STIRES-College Pre- paratory-Annual Staff, Co-Editor-In-Chief: X-Ray, Reporter: I. U. Journalism Institute, Jr. Annual Staff, N.S.P.A. Convention, Publicity Dept. Asst., Y-Teens. Athletic Off. Asst., Thespian App., Bible Club, Cheer Block. I.H.S.P.A., Michigan Journalism NVorkshop. JERRY STOHI.ER-Pre-Apprentice. JOYCE STOKES -General. SUSAN STRAUB-Business Education- Y-Teens, Exec. Council, H.R. Vice Pres., Sec.: Student Council, Nurses Asst. ROW THREE: JAMES STRINGER-College Preparatory -Football, Wrestling, Track, Dean's Asst., "A" Club, Sec.: H.R. Vice Pres., Pres.: Student Council. KENNETH STREATY - General - Baseball, Cross Country. PHILLIP SULLIVAN-General-Basseball, Basketball, Track, Publication Rep., H.R. Vice Pres., Pres.: Choral Club, Madrigal, "A" Club, Pres.: Operetta, All-State Chorus. ANTHONY SWINEORD-General-Wrestling, Football. NORA SYI-VESTER-Business Education- Indianettes, Y-Teens, H.R. Vice Pres., Monitor, Choral Club Asst. HARRIETTE TALBERT-General. Row oN15: FRIED TAYLOR - Gem-1-ul. SANDRA TAYLOR-Ge 12e-1' ul-Y-Teens, Monitor, Honor Society. CAROLYN TEAGUE+General. RONALD TEMPLE- TON7CoIlege I'reparuIory4Student Council. Head Mon- itor. Dean's Asst. LYNN THOMAS-H Lrsz ' ness Educaiion 7Publications Rep. Visual Aids Asst. CHARLES TIPTONfPre-Apprentice. ROW TWO: GEORGIA TRUESDEL-College Prepara- tory-SY-Teens, Highlanders, Future Teachers, Library Asst., Student Council. Publications Rep., Monitor, Cheer Block, Sr. Dramatics. H.R. Vice Pres., Athletic Off. Asst. MILLIE TURBEVILLEYIS Lzsz V ness Education-Y-Teens. LARRY TURNERfGeneruI-Latin Club, Visual Aids Asst., Band. BROCKS TONVNSliNDfPre-Engineering fliresh.. Jr., Sr. Class Pres., Student Council, Pres., Treas.: Exec. Comm., Convo Comm., HR. Pres., Sec.- Treas.g Purdue Legis. Assembly, Boys State, Jr. Rotarian. Monitor, Choral Club. DEAN TVVAYfGenerul, CAROLE USSERY-General-M.M.M., Choral Club, Latin Club, Y-Teens, Exec. Council, Operetta, Library Asst., Concert Choir. ROW THREE: NANCY USSERYvGeneraI-Choral Club, Y-Teens, M.M.M., Future Retailers, Operetta, Concert Choir. VUILLIAM VAN DUYN-General. CARMEN VAN METER - General 4 Camera Club. MARTHA VASBINDER-Business Educat z'rn n--Band, Orchestra, M.M.M., Girls Glee Club, Operetta. JAMES VAUGHN -Pre-Apprentice. SHERILL VINCENT-College Pre- pa r't1 lory--Bible Club, Sec.: Future Teachers. Sec.: Exec. Comm., Student Council. 1-fm amanda of 55' , ROW ONE: SHIRLEY XVELLONS - General - Latin Club, Monitor. SALLY NVESSAR-College Preparalory +Y-Teens, Latin Club, Girls Glee Club, Choralettes, Choral Club, Exec. Comm., Highlanders. GERALD XVHITEAKER-Gen zf1'i1 I. ITLOYD NVHITEHOUSE- College Preparatory-Dean's Asst., Jr. Red Crosss Rep., X-Ray, Associate Editor. ELLEN XVIGNER-Business Educrztion-Choral Club, Honor Society, H,S. Off. Asst., Music Asst., Concert Choir, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Club. JOSEPHINE NVILKINS-General. ROW TWO: WILLY WILKINS-General. FLOYD XVIL- HOITE - General - Publications Rep. RICHARD WILKINSON -Q General - Ushers Club. NONDAS WILLIAMS - General - Band. DICK VJILLIAMS - General-Commencement Speaker, Honor Society, Pres.: Thespians, Pres.: Choral Club, Pres.: Madrigal, Student Council, Exec. Comm., M.M.M., Head Monitor, H.R. Pres., Vice Pres.: All-Slate Chorus, Operetta. THOMAS XVILLIAMS-General-Ifootball, Track, XVrestling. ROW THREE: VIVIAN XVILLIAMS-General-Future Retailers. VJILLARD VwlILLIAMS+Home Economics- Drama Club, G.R.A. DOROTHY XVILLIS-Home Ecor1omics+G.R.A., Girls Chorus, THOMAS WILSON General+H.R. Vice Pres., Pres,1 "AU Club, Vice Pres: Publications Rep., Hi-Y, Highlanders, Track, Football, Choral Club, Boys Glee Club, Operetta, Cheer Block, Deans Asst., All-State Chorus. STANLEY VVOLFRAM -College Preparatory. .IUDIE NVOODS-General- H.R. Vice Pres., Y-Teens. ROW ONE: JUDITH WOODS-General-Honor Society, History Club, Y-Teens, Thespian App., Monitor, Library Asst., Dean's Asst., English Off. Asst. RALPH WORLEY -Pre-Engineering-Hi-Y, Vice Pres.: Torch Club. Highlanders, H.R. Treas., Student Council, Exec. Comm., Monitor, Cheer Block, MARTHA WRIGHT-GeneraI- Y-Teens. Nurses Asst. VVILMA XVRIGHT-Business Education-Y-Teens, Monitor, Scholastic Art Award, G.R.A. MARY WYSOCKEY - General -- Indianette, Head Drum Majorette: Latin Club, Y-Teens, Band Asst. PAUL YANIK-General-Monitor, ROW TWO: DALLAS YOUNG-College Preparatory- Football, Baseball, "A" Club, Sergeant-at-Arms: High- landers, Torch Club, Latin Club, Monitor, Cheer Block. Captain: H.S. Off, Asst.. Vvfrestling, Dean's Asst. HAZEL YOUNG-Home Economics-Girls State. RONALD ZANDER-General. SENIORS NOT PICTURED-Raymond Ashley, Larry Carpenter, Michael Carpenter, Janet Crim, Janice Dearing, Allen Doty, Douglas Dronberger, William Eitelman, Walter Fox, Evelyn Kinman, Robert Knick, Robie Levitt, David Luck, Max Pine, William Poole, Emma Posey, Gerald Rees, Myron Reichart, William Remley, Ellane Smith, Gary Smith, Richard Smith, Carolyn Smithers, Richard Swinford, Linda Tice, Esther Turner, Gerald VanMeter, James Vardaman, Judith Wachob, Larry Watson, Roosevelt Wilkerson, Marvin Whitaker, Larry Woods, Larry Woosnam, Dale York, Robert Zachary. i itil' , .7 Striving to stay within the budget are .lunior Vice-President l..1rry Sells: Treasurer Ann Harris: Secretary Kay McGraw. and llresiclent Dave Payton. "But of course '59," Mr, Bill Ballentine and Mrs. Vivian Maine. junior class sponsors, give their opinions ot' the best class. cmdafw A 4 :railed vzackzfdom af 7?0X Fifty years ago the junior class of 1908 was participating in many activities such as does the present junior class. "A more spirited and enthusiastic class was never a part of AHS," the 1908 yearbook read. Hayrides, picnics, bobsled rides and class meetings consumed the time of the 74 juniors in 1908. The 1959 class had to cope with the problem Chief Anderson pins. sold by juniors, helped swell school spirit. Aiding in the sale were Bev Benko, Ronnie Carper, Terry Montague and Dave Kimball. junior executive committee members. of putting on a prom, selecting class officers, and preparing for life as the school leaders. The junior class is but one rung from the desired goalfbeing seniors. As the '08ers said. A'By labor and perseverance they will reach the top, which is to know and know that they knowf' Executive committee members are charged with develop- ing prom theme and decorations ideas. They are Brenda Abbott, Sandra Crosthwaite, Ronnie Xvclls. Dave DeBo1t and Dave OBrien. Q Brenda Abbott Lana Achor Gary Adams Dwight Aldred Terry Alexander Jim Alleman Gloria Amos Sandra Anderson Dave Anthony Dave Antrobus Harry Armstrong Sharon Armstrong Richard Arnold Carla Ashbaugh Reuben Atkins Eugene Auker Joe Bailey David Baker Ervin Baker llary Baker James Baker Sherry Baker Gilda Baroni Janet Barron Karon Beason Don Beatty Connie Jo Berkham Gail Bedford David Beher Beverly Benko Max Benson Judi Binsraman Donna Birkhead Bonnie Blackshear Hollis Blair Cynda Bloom Russell Bookout Tony Bowman Janice Branch Junice Branch John Breeck Bob Breese Nancy Brinduse John Britton Bob Brown Carol Brown Larry Brown Mary Brown Wendell Brown Sheila Buck Lee Burke Frances Burkhart Donna Burton Pam Butterfield Janice Byrum Barbara Cade Dave Carpenter Ronnie Carper Mary Carraway Phyllis Carter Roosevelt Carter Pat Cates Lola Cave Dave Chambers Charles Chase Cindy Chasey Deanna Cheatham Donna Chism Rogers Clark Lynne Clements Garry Cobb Elaine Coe Steve Coffman Martha Cole Nelson Collier Bill Collins David Combs John Condon Larry Conner Larry Contos Kenny Cook Larry Cookman L. C. Cooley Larry Cottingham Gail Couch Howard Cox Linda Cox Otis Cox Class of 1959 0 Class of 1959 Miss Eileen Johnson and Jiminy Cricket supervise as Carol Ann Ratzlzxff donates to Ihe United Fund. Pat Cox Dave Crandall liob Cridge Mary Jane Crunk Sandra Crosthvvaite Shirley Crouse Michael Cummings Melanie Dalton Pete Danforth Bob Davis Chuck Davis Stephen Davis Judy Dayton Dave DeBult Allan Defenderfer Yvonne DeVashir Barbara Diedring Clarence Deitz Larry Deitz Judy Dilts Jim Doherty Larry Doherty David Doty Sandy DuBois Omar DUH'9l' Addie Dunlap Tom Dunlap Michael Dunn Fred Eastes Brenda Ebbertt Kathv Enrzland Reuben Ervin John Estelle Tom Evernham Paul Fairburn Janice Ferguson James Ferrell Ronnie Ferrell Dennis Fisher Janice Fisher Arthur Fite Larry Fletcher Douglas Fowler Sherry Franklin Martha Frazier J. 'l'. Freeman Phil Free"nan Norma Fusxate Charles Fulton Te-rry Gardner Diana Garringer Anne Gellinger Jim Gillasny Marcia Gilliam Stephen Givens Janet Glazebrooks Don Glazebrooks David Goen Dennis Gooding Claudine Goodman Ji'n Goodniilht Randy Gordon Sandy Gordon Joanna Gough Steve Graddy James Graham Don Grahame Donna Grant Errol Granl, Nancy Graves Lillian Gray Pat Gray Vilnis Grencions Linda. Griffin Mike Grimes Judy Gunkel Connie Gustin Carl Hall Joyce Hall Saralee Hall Jane Hamilton Karen Hancock lirian Hardy Dave Harp Ann Harris Linda Harris Barbara Harrison David Harrison Rolland Hartley Larry Hartzell Nancy Hartzell Sandra Hartzell Harold Hatfield Dennis Haynes Phil Hempleman Sharon Henderson .lohn Hensler Peggy Hennigar Sue Heritage Linda Hiatt Steven Hilderbrand Robert Himes Jerry Hobbs Darrell Hofer Rual Hogue John Holbert Steve Hoover Van Hudson Wayne Huff Marcia HuH'er John Hurley Mike Hurley Elizabeth Hyland Tom Hyland Judi lrnel Irma Irvin! Bob Jackson Leslie Jackson Put Jackson Tom Jackson Bob James Jack Jeffries Peggy Johnson Vera Johnson Bob Jones Jackie Jones Larry Jones Ruth Jordan Sue Jordan Wayne Joslin Bob Kanable Dan Keeney Mike Kee-sling Karen Kelley Jerry Kendall Dave Kimball Bill Kimmerling Karl King' Georgia Kimz Fred Kingsbury Mike Kirkpatrick Judy Knick Ann Knotts Linda Knotts Class of 1959 'aw Q1 ,. r'-f J 'V' Aa-M5 if -IRE, .. 6 x M l2I dev' .lim Goodnight laughs with Sally Vvlessar ,xml Hollis Blair about his misfortune, Class of 1959 Patti Knotts Ronald Knotts Tim Kutscheid Bill Lang Larry Large James Laswell Jim Lavender Dave Layton William Layton Eleanor Lazenby Glee Ann Leaver Judy Lee Pat Lee Doris Lelfel Judy Leisure Judy Lennis Charles Leonard Jim Leonard Jerry Lewis Linda Lewis Patti Lewis liob Lightfoot Steve Lindsey Tom Linville Anita Littrell Mike Lortz Pat Loser Linda Mahon Kay Manis Thelma Manuel Bob Marsh Darrell Martin Mary Paul Mason Robert Mason Larry Massey Bill Maxwell Phyllis Maxwell Sherrill McAdams Ruth McAllister Ronnie McClain Jerry McClintock Jon McClintock Frances McCormick Gary McDonald Janice Mcilivern Kay McGraw Gayle McGuH'y George McKeand Pat McKeand Brooks McKinney Pat McLaughlin Harry McVey Jim McVey Sue Meiser Matias Melendez John Melson Jon Melzer Larry Milam Dave Miller Tom Miller Wayne Miller Ann Millhouse Melvin Mimms Harold Mitrhem Terry Montague Nancy Moore Phyllis Moreland Jim Morgan Jack Morris John Mudd Barbara Naselroad Marcia Neff Dan Nelson Jay Newbern Tom Newman Myrl Nisely Jim Norrick Carol Nugent David O'Brien Barry Ogle Jay Ohler Jim Osborne Jim Otto Jim Owens Beverly Parks Larry Parks Larry Parks Randall Paschal Class of 1959 Susie Pate Lucienne Patterson Richard Patterson Susie Patterson , Wandavee Payton Larry Peters Mary lieth Phelps Pat Pherson Hill Phillips Carroll Phillips Sandra Phillippe Max Pickel Ron Pickett Emma Posey Bill Presser Wilma Pritchard James Pryor Voss Purkey Mary Puterbaugh Marie Quallo George Ralston liill Runshaw Carol Ratzlatl' Carolyn Ray Norval Rector Jack Rensel Dan Rhoads Mary Anne Richardson Steve Richardson Earl Richman Sharon Rillfzs .lane-ll Riiey Alice Rinker Phillip Rinker Cora Robbins Pat Robbins Richard Robinson Dan Roby Carla Rogers Sharon Rohr .lim Rolland Elen Rork Barbara Ross Rob Rozelle Ruth Scharnowske Rob Schattner Carolyn Schildmeier Sandra Schock Cindy Scott Pete Sczesny Larry Sells Ronnie Shank Rebecca Sherer Edward Shell Ronnie Shell Joyce Shelton Jim Shepherd ' Ernie Shields 1 Judy Shoemaker Craydon Skeoch Nancy Skinner Stephen Skinner Eleanor Slack Tom Slinkard Joanne Sloan Delores Smith Jerry Joe Smith Julia Smith Karel Ann Smith Louise Smith Michuel Smith Ralph Smith Sharon Smith .lunior Red Cross representatives distribute promolion IT1.1lt'fl.ll for thc revived AHS group I 77m P 1 Class of 1959 m -0 si.. Q li -1 S- 3 if W'-iff :AE F 2 it Ei , fi J Wh' J .,,: Principal John Paul Huffman fought zx losing battle against the snow with the rest nf us. I Q4 Shirley Smith Sue Smith Kay Snider Eddie Snodgrass Derre Jo Southworth Margaret Sparks Bob Speedy Rex Spell Fred Sprague Jean Springer James Staggs Lillian Stankey Nancy Stanley Betty Stephens Jackie Stewart Sally Stokes Kenneth Streaty Sue Carol Streaty Judy Summers Larry Sutton Joe Swift Tom Tallman Tom Tappan Diana Taylor Harry Taylor Larry Taylor Steve Taylor John Teague Jay Thompson Deanna Tihbetts Louie Townsend Daryl Travis Mary Trennepohl Betty Turner Ronnie Turner Rosie Turner Marlene Tuterow Dinah Tyler Rex Upshaw Eddie Van Ness Thelma Wade Bob Walbridge Dave Walker Judy Webster James Welch Mike Welch Ronnie Wells Barbara Whelan Janice Whiteaker Sheron Whiteman Bill Wicker Geraldine Wicker Dianne Wiley Richard Wiley llarbara Williams Paul Williams Tom Williams Charlotte Willis Connie Wilson Mattie Wilson Junior Winfrey Jerilyn Wise Linda Wisehart John Woodall Linda Wools Peggy Wools Sharon Wools Cindy Wright Sally Wyatt Janet Wynn Mary Yost Peggy Zachary Principal John Paul Huffman explains high school life to sophomore homeroom presidents. Row l-Jim Ray. linda lflmore. Jim Steele, Steve Lowry, Jane Preston, Jerry Cortrechl, and John Gray. Row lfllive Brogdon, David Deliolt, Joyce Morgan, Pam XVaymire. Roger Kellams, John Hart and Saundra Heard. ' ace wpzfa z We Anderson High School had not known a green sophomore class until this year. The l96O class had been supreme in the junior highs for three years. But life in high school is different, the present sophomores have found out as did the l908 first year man who Ustruts around with an air of ownership until suddenly he bumps up against a Senior and learns there are such things as Aupperclassmenf' At first the sophs were awed by the vast educational institution known as AHS but after battling the bookstore lines, learning how to get to classes, and what high school life is like. they settled down to wait until they can take the reins as upperclassmen. Soplioniores got spirit early. building a colorful Home- coming lfloat. They are Bill McFarland. l.inda ljlmore. Joan McGillicuddy, Jim Ray and Jim Rousey. 125 Class of l960 Deanna Abernathy Claude Adams Linda Addison David Agnew Rex Ahrendt Townsend Albright Steve Aldred Phyllis Aldrich Grace Alexander Marilyn Alexander Steve Aley Cuba Alford Janet Alleman Carolynne Allen Sandra Allen Jim Allman Sandra Ancil Linda Anderson Dick Arline Phyllis Arnold Alan Ayers Joe Bailey Dianne Baker Emmett Baker Margaret Baker Nancy Baker Sondra Baker Betsy Bales Don Ball Anita Ballinger Bob Barnett Dwight Barr Douglas Barron Mark Barron Judy Basey Suzette Batthauer Loretta Baum Harold Baute Arthur Beason Wendell Beason Larry Beaty David Beauchamp llenora Beckley Judy Beeman Barbara. Bell Doyce Bell Paul Bickel Mike Bickley Ronald Bilyer Pat Binkley Lester Blackwell Lonnie Blackwell Gene Boaz Joe Boerner Jim Bolds Shirley Bonner Tom Borders Jo Ann Boswell Carolyn Bourke Betty Box Stephen Boyd Ross Boyer James Bradley Tim Brandon Frank Brewer Tom Brinduse David Brogdon David Brough Bob Brown Brenda Brown Pat Brown Sandra Brown Sandra Brown Sue Brown Linda Brummett Danny Buck Karla Burnett Bill Burt Herma Butler Logan Butler Lee Byrne Byron Cade Caralee Campbell James Campbell Susan Campbell Linda Caplan Sandra Carmack David Carmany liurnis Carr Larrv Carr Tom Carroll Hazel Carter John Carter She-rry Carter Roosevelt Cash Jclfry Chambers iieorxzv Chapman Jerry Charmuluo Z1-ln-dee Christian Barry Clark Larry Clem Robe-rt Clendvnin Sandra Clifford Pam Clutch Larry Coates Jesse Collier Ronnie Collinlzwood Betty Collins Patrick Collins Hobart Colvin Gordon Comer Sullivan Cook James Cooley Mr C. Coolvy Hill Copeland David Cornelius Sandy Corre Jerry Cortrvcht Larry Corya David Covington Sandra Cox Jim Cridge- Norma Cripe Judy Cron Carmon Cronk Phyllis Crosson Lanny Crouch Jeannette- Crousr- Don Crowley John Cunningham .lm-anetto Dailey l.arry Davennorl Doug Davis Eddie Davis Jerry Davis John Davis Emma Dayton Linda Dearinll' David Dr-Bolt Susie Dt-iscr Doug DeHorily Mary DeLawtcr Tom Del.:-xwter Mic-key Deli-y Phillip Devany John Devore Herman DeWitt Pete Dodd Janet Doherty Linda Douxzlas Linda, Drigzgers Jim Duehcteau Patsy Duckworth Donna Durizan David Dykes Gary Eaglen Class of l960 Ronnie Clark and Ralph Smith exercise control as Carolyn Sargent ignores everything but the phone. Class of 1960 -I' 'V wg , ' :lynx 'L-' . x "Is it worth it?" wonders Phil Hosicr as he con- templates the idea of purchasing AHS. Walt Ebbert Suzanne Eilar Linda Elmore Jack Emerson Janet Etchison Charlene Eutsler Judy Eutsler Carla Ewald Karen Fairburn Carolyn Falls Sherry Farlow Shirley Felts Richard Fenner Mike Ferguson Barbara Ferrell Darrell Fields Larry Fitzgerald John Flanagan Patty Fleece Dallas Flint Jim Flye Steve Fossmeyer Peggy Foster Don Fowler Steve Fox Robert French Linda Fry Phyllis Fugate Beverly Furnish Dixie Gaines Ronald Garrett Sharon Garringer Terry Gause William Geller Max Gentry Sherry Gibbs Clifford Gilmore Jeff Gilmore Ruth Gilmore David Givens Kc-nl Guhlr- Hill Godbey Larry Golday Sharon Good Patty Ann Goss Jack Gowen Jack Graham Paul Grandlinard Jack Gray Johnnie Gray Cindy Greene Bonnie Greenwalt Betty Grim Judy Griner Claudette Grissom Linda Guss Ray Guyot Jim Hackleman Hedy Hale Michael Hale Bob Hall Elaine Hall Richard Hamer Loretta Hamilton Marilyn Hancock Michelle Hancock Larry Haney Jim I-Ianshew Sharon Harless Dom! Harney Clark Harrison Harry Harron Raymond Hart. Stephen Hart Steve Hart Sharon Hasty Carl Hayes Iona Healey Saundra Heard Kenneth Heavilin Meril Hedrick Sharron Heffner Clifford Hendricks Karel Hendricks Bill Herkomer Jim Herron William Hester Ruthann Highwood Charlotte Hill Donna Hill Jim Hinderer Phyllis Holder Margaret Hollingsworth Sandra Hovermale Frank Hopkins Gary Hopkins Joe Hopkins Jane Hoppes Pauline Horton Joyce Howard Ruth Hudson Shirley Huff Loretta Hull Paul Hull Linda Hummel Sue Hummer Jon Hunt Joan Hurley Donna Hutchens Sandra Hutson Clara Hutton Carolyn Hyatt VVanda Hymer Pat Isaacs Richard Isom Susie Iveson Susan James Willadean Janes Juris Jansons Gene Jeffers Barbara Jeffries Beverly Jessup Gary Johnson James Johnson Janet Johnson Jim Johnson Sharlan Johnson Curt Jones Doris Jones Ethel Jones Fred Jones Jeanette Jones Vance Justice Vicky Kabrick John Kallenberg Glenn Keeney Class of 1960 ,lf "l'll huy yours if youll Dennis. lo Sharon Scybcrl organizations' project. 3 hug' mine." says Sherry , as they both push their Class of l960 l l 1 l l i Junior annual staff members do their part in creating Cl third prize winning iloat. 130 Roger Kellanis Sally Keller Saundra Kelly Jay Kennedy Judy Kimmerling Thomas Kim: Kay Kingsbury Patty Kirchenbauci Pai Kizer Eleanor Kolluusz Tim Lamey Ronnie Laneinlr Steven Land Sandra LaShiru Josicann Lawson Phyllis Lawson Ifrancis Layton Julia Lcath Nancy Leo Bill Leicht David Lennis Ollie Lewis Jan Loudcnhack Eddie Louxrh Sandra Lovell Charles Lowe Steve Lowry Jill Macy Jim Macy Patty Madara Victor Mallernee Charles Mallory Johnny Malone David Marsh Marshann Marsh Larry Marshall Diana Martin Mike Martin Sandra Matheny Evelyn Matthews Jerry Matthews David May Carole McAllister Mary Sue McAllister Mildred McAshland Bill McCallister Grace McComiin Steve McCord Howard McCoy Larry McCoy Cathy McCrocklin Eddie McCrocklin Ruth McCullou5Ih Melvin McDaniel Bill McFarland Joan Mcflillieuddy Bob McGuire Karon McKay Sondra McQuiston Beverly Miller Diana Miller Donya Miller Ronnie Miller Mike Miner Bonnie Minniefield Joe Minniar Pat Minton Jim Moore Joyce Morgan Mike Morgan Sandra Mortur Darla Moyer Tom Mullins Sue Mullinax Shirley Mundy Robert Myers Tom Myers Carol Nahrwold Rose Ann Needler Roger Newsom Walter Niccum Bruce Nivens Arthur Norris Joyce Norris Julia Norris liob Nuster Jackie 0'Dowd Rex Ogburn Sharon Oldfield Dennis Oliver Kathy Orr Bill Osborne Mary Sue Owens Robert Page Teddie Pardue Paul Parton Carla Paschal Esther Patterson Fred Patterson Patty Pearson Jack Perkins Janice Perry Larry Pettigrew Charlene Phillips Jeanne Phillips Joyce Phillips Judy Pickering Bonnie Pickett Bill Pitts Edward Pitts Gloria Polk Leon Porter Ronnie Potter Jane Preston Gordon Pritchard Lillie Ann Pritchett Nancy Prout Linda Pruett James Pryor Eddie Purciful Jim Pnrkey Helen Raekcs Lula Mae Raimey Sandra Raison Judy Ramsey Gary Randolph Trudy Raper Norman Rauner liob Ray Fred Ray Jim Ray Judith Ray Lorine Rayford Darrell Raymorc Wayne Redding Patricia Reddy Jeff Rees Judy Rees Donna Reichard Bernard Reidner Doug Renselle Bruce Ress Judibeth Reveal Nondie Rich Betty Richards Myrna Richman Frances Riddle Fred Ridgley Nondas Ridgeway liill Robbins Joe Roberts Stephen Roberts lieth Robinett Ann Robinson David Rogers Kenny Roland Rocky Rollins Jim Roof r Q 1 rn, .A Class of 1960 I Class of l960 This pert and pcppy crowd helped to defeat South Bend Central. 132 Gerald Rouse Mike Rowe Jim Rousey Gloria Jean Rush Jo Ann Russell Mike Russell Nancy Sampley Bob Sanders Charles Sanders Lorna Sanders William Sanders Judy Sandford Larry Scantland Delores Scheller Gretchen Shively Penny Schlacks Billie Lou Schmitt Stanley Schumacher Sherman Scott Terry Scott Jim Seal Steve Sears Jerry Seybert Jerry Shafer Jon Shaffer Gayle Shae Judy Sheets Judy K. Sheets Vickie Sheets Zella Shelton Jim Shepherd Linda Shields Ronnie Shields Carl Shipley Pat Shipley Reba Short Aaron Silver John Simmons Karen Simpson Marva Simpson Sandra Simpson Wayne Simpson Margaret Sims Larry Sisson Hob Smith Bob Smith Charlene Smith Diana Smith John Smith Myrna Snodgrass Jim Sorter Jerry Sneece Joseph Speece Suzan Spencer Carolyn Stanley Margaret Stanley James Steele Jeannie Steele Dinah Stenski Paul Stickradt Na.ncy Stokes Bruce Stone Charlotte Strickland June Stroud Michelle Summit Jim Sutton Phyllis Swain Alan Swinford Max Tatman Madelyn Taylor Peggy Taylor Kay Teaford Larry Tegge Judy Temple Myram Terrill Hill Thomas Kay Thomas Larry Thomas Marylinda Thomas Tom Thomas John Thompson Glenda Throgmorton Richard Thurman Gykala Tolbert Rita Tolbert Elizabeth Toombs Jimmy Toombs Molly Jo Tucker Roger Tucker Leon Turner Stanley Turney Sylvester Turner Lois Tuterow Joan Twigp: Nancy Van Matre Jean Van Osdel Phillip Vanover Tommy Vaughn Mary Vess Phillis Vickery John Wable Rebecca Walker Sharon Walker Linda Walters Eddie Wasson Bob Watson Joyce Watson Steve Watson Peggy Waugh Penny Waugh Pam Waymire Jo Ann Webb Larry Webb Linda Welker Nora Whitaker Andy White Joyce Whitley Howard Whitman Calvin Williams Jerry Williams Willie William Don Wilmoth Barbara Wilson Ada Bell Wilson Jim Wilson Judi Wilson Nancy Winemiller Jerry Wisehart Judy Wolzamott Kay Wood Albert Woods Yvonne Woods Robert Wright Don Yanik Ron Yanik Dave York Cecil Young Mailirie Young Joyce Younger Sharon Zirkelback Class of 1960 9' 4 'hr K ,, 1 wx t , 1 if . 3 Ann Harris, Nancy Cirnvcs, and Shclia Burk .iclcl lwnuly lo an .xulumn lmckgrmlnd. IU Wwqamalfe Zami 0 I Q' ' A .ff . 3 ' 0 . Q Q . . . q:1.j '..,.,.. - K wmk Z' .,,-4 Q 0 Q I ' - X X 0 0 . . ' . h"k 9 A A 5 0 W' Q ga 'UC Q ii . f I.. 5 2 I ' - - .-gf 'fn ..qb?Q' ,.,,,.,,,c.'wj? Z1 -I n . - , K. ,. - N W , i ' W l, P 'A ' Hkid l I ?!wf 'Egi i if 3. i ,ss M , , KA . v . J 'S -...,,L - X e-w,N.,-Q,.:.- f ., . , .-:M Q, ,, HECKAMAN BUICK, INC. 34 W. 8th St. Phone 2-0242 You Can't Miss With Buick's Smooth, Economical Ride Barbara Diedring and Connie Gustin admire the '58 Buick. Saaahfzwnpwmwd oadaowfzrofzeylaaf' Be Modern Live Modern Shop Modern "Cutting the rug" at Sears are Jesse Bell and Helen Raekes. KAY-BEE FLOWER SHOP 103 E.21stSt. Phone2-1330 The way to a girl's heart is through Flowers. Try it! S "They're lovelyf' Mona Clem and Marilyn Hill exclaim over flowers from Kay-Bee. V56 67 Short Steps Off Meridian on llth Street l .l' l Dave Spaulding checks the latest "lVy l.c.1guc" suits at C Call. Complete your wardrobe With the latest fashions From Ivy League to formal evening wear JI 'The Doorway to A Man's World' , . QAM You Will Always Be First With Sports Equipment From WAYNE 'DOC' POLLARD Who Is Most Active On The Local Sports Scene. "l dreamed I won the race in my Anderson Sporting Good uniform," says Larry Massey. And he did. Anderson Sporting Goods, lnc. 1028 Main Street Phone 5828 117 INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE 1233 Meridian St. Phone 7514 WHERE BUSINESS TRAINING HAS BEEN OFFERED FOR MORE THAN HALF A CENTURY Accurate typing is the goal of Indinna Business College students. Ann liorst and Margaret Vx'illiamson, CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY 748 Main St. Phone 4494 For the Gas Range that can produce a midnight snack or a 7-course dinner Xxlllh vision l p Zn pie, Hollis Blair insp gg range. Hop In your Little Red Wagon And Come To aufman' 5th 26 Meridian Phone 4491 Alice Howard and Jerry Shaul test ril one of K.iufman's hesl little red wagons, V58 A at W Alibi Drive ln 44 Jackson Street Phone 3-0022 H nger ravages the girls as they crowd the Alibi Drive In after hard morning at AHS. A Popular Student p p S523 lil? A K :ki A kzill. - g W e 'iii Gathermg Place At Noon p . v w Or r A . R Q: KVKK -iyi iff 91 as-1' S i iaiiiligwmiema , 11 0 I A as ...- Complete Dining Service Available at the ALIBI RESTAURANT 14th '35 Jackson Streets Shop Where Your Money Buys The Most Office Supplies 0 Typewriters Class Sweaters I Sportswear Books I Athletic Equipment DECKER'S Tom Davis lines up a masterful putt between the aisles. 67 Long Steps off Meridian on llth Street 2l W. llth St. Phone 3-7447 H0 You will be as 'Pretty as a Picture' in apparel from -. Cathedral of Fashion 7411 4 Guhugb rfadoua 813 Meridian St. Phone 6656 A huge picture frame emphasizes Carolyn Sargent's new spring outfit. INDIAN TRADING POST Across from High School For that quick snack and Everything in School Supplies 1314 Lincoln St. Phone 6565 Alice Grissom trams while waiting for cust 'Weddings are made in Heaven' But Engagements are made 3C VERMILLION'S JEWEL SHOPPE ll2O Meridian Phone 3-6933 "What makes it tick?" asks Jane Hamilton and Mary Jean Trennepohl. H0 John Marshall Life lnsurance Co. 'AN ANDERSON INSTITUTION' General agent Jim Vanderbur. member of the 1946 State Basketball Champion Indians, shows Deanna Abernathy her John Marshall life insuran p licy. THE BEST LIFE INSURANCE MONEY CAN BUY Anderson Federal Loan Building Phone 3-6618 141 Norbury Realty Company 'Builders of TomorroW's Home Today' Nlr, larry Jackson gives Nancy Sargcni and Arlene Springer tour of the Norbury Homes at Chesterfield Bluifs. THE REALTOR WHO BUILDS FOR THE YOUNG COUPLE LOOKING TO THE FUTURE 25 W. 10th St. Phone 8331 aa.-nu-nnulIl?"P'f-if f "1" , , ,, ,MA FOR HEALTH'S SAKE DRINK AT LEAST THREE GLASSES OF MILK A DAY Roy Stickradt displays that satisfied smile over his malt from Best-Ever. East Side .lersey Dairy 722 Broadway Phone 7781 142 OWENS ICE CREAM and DAIRY BAR Two Locations 1800 Lincoln 2326 Columbus Phone 2-1466 Phone 9909 We can't make all the ice cream So we make just the best. l1n.1oylng rich. delicious chocolate malts are Nancy Lemon, Joyce XX'atson. Jim Lavender, and Doug DeHority. RECREATION EQUIPMENT coRPoRAT1oN 724 W. 8th St. Phone 3-5315 YOU CAN'T MISS WITH PRECISION EQUIPMENT lirancis Kimm Ends it easier to shoot a basket in a goal made by Recreation ISCILIIPITICHI. THE JOHN KELLEY CO. ll29 Meridian St. Phone 7759 QUALITY FURNITURE SINCE 1895 lhe soil, furry luttenish rug attracts the admiration of Sheron XVhiten1ari and Nancy Hartzell, i 143 I 'VVA ly Y 1 Radio Station W H B U 1240 on the Dial Serving you during all your waking hours "Jive at lfive-O-Live" features Dan Roby. Ron Clark and Dick Rosenbaum. f Q . 5 . C . H 1002 Nleridian St. Phone 5812 Established in 1880 An Advertiser in the 1908 Indian A Booster today - 50 Years Later "Ah the perfect hat," says Pat Mclieand. FAVGRITE FLOWER SHOP 2445 Meridian St. Phone 4916 She Will Feel Like A Queen With Flowers From Favorite A Favorite flower crown. worn h Yearbook ueen, an 1 Y Q J Podhaski. is admired by .Ian Bohlen. Stephanie Hoppcs, Judy Harris, Judy Duncan, Peppy Schlacks and Mary Carraway. 144 Dronhergefs Pink Horse Featuring our own 'Dron-Burger' Betty Riggs and Sue Jones select ii song to enjoy with their IN A COMFORTABLE DINING 5 Mffis rum ROOM OR IN YOUR CAR. We Specialize In Dinners to go- On a divided platter 1236 Broadway Phone 9074 IT HAS TO BE A 1958 FORD 0 Style 0 Comfort 0 Economy "Bon voyage" waves Dixie Martin as she cruis y h new Ford. Fred Welker Ford Agency 516 Meridian Street Phone 2-0275 145 HUDSON PRINTING CO. 701 W. 6th sr. Phone 8363 PRINTERS OE TI-IE 1957 ALL-AMERICAN AND 1958 INDIANS Comparing the Indians and liking both are annual editors, Dan Motto and Linda Stires, FATH'S CLOTHING STORE 1125 Meridian St. Phone 3-3216 Outfitting the Entire Family With Eine Quality Clothes Dee Scheller is being fitted for that special occasi The Yearbook Engraver - 2 x 3 I A '43 throughout 1 fnannvme Elicrraorvnlllfi uf 'fs 50 years 541-549 E.MA12KET St To INDlSINlCIPOLIS,IND. T his advertisement appeared in the 1908 Yearbook. QE Q svfcinnizfnmwwn :Nu mm f '. smvm run mascot su s 1 s N. --. 146 Hunter Chevrolet 603 Meridian St. Phone 6618 Mr. Howard Lindsey instructs Sherry Dennis, Harold Hattield, and Judy Iirye in .1 driver education car donated hy Hunter. Your Key to a Chevrolet Is the Key To Smooth Driving DON'T HIDE YOUR MONEY IN A COOKIE JAR OR UNDER THE MATTRESS Save Where Your i Savings Mean More "It's all mine," Tom Sloane wishes wistfully. Anderson Federal Savings 8: Loan Association 11th 25 Jackson Streets Phone 3-3341 i 147 Anderson Newspapers, lnc. D na Garringer walches as a picture of Elizabeth Taylor mes over the wire photo machine. S THE DAILY BULLETIN THE HERALD 12th '26 Jackson Phone 3-5371 RECORDING THE NEWS OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE 1' ickelb LE2 ggTpj CRAFTS o HOBBIES 0 KEYS I TOYS O BICYCLES You Name Itg I Wonder how it will fly?" says Ray Ashley as he examines modelaifplm- We Have It Biclcel's Cycle ancl Key Shop 9th 25 Jackson Streets Phone 2-7036 148 IN lv W"" 'X OD WHERE T0 NOW, GRADUATE? Today a high school diploma is as important as everdbut it is ONLY the beginning for young people who wish to make a better way of life for them- selves and their future families. That's Why Delco-Remy Division of General Motors in Anderson, Indiana, urges every high school graduate to continue his or her education. There are two ways to do it: Either earn a college degree or take some type of specialized training. To help high school graduates who sincerely want to meet the ever-growing competition for better jobs, Delco-Remy offers five avenues of approach for a brighter tomorrow: College Scholarship Program Delco-Remy through General Motors every fall helps provide scholarships, each ranging from 3200 to 32,000 per school year, to young men and women high school graduates entering colleges of their choice. College Co-operative Programs Delco-Remy every fall offers a number of male high school graduates the opportunity to earn college engineering degrees from either General Motors Institute of Flint, Michigan, or Purdue University. The students alternate their time between jobs at Delco-Remy and the college classroom. Engineering Design and Apprenticeship Programs Delco-Remy regularly employs male high school graduates who are as- signed to either an engineering design program or to a skilled trades apprenticeship program. Eventually they become draftsmen, toolmakers, electricians, machine repairmen, tinsmiths and patternmakers. College Graduate Training Program Delco-Remy continually hires college graduates, with a variety of different degrees, who spend six months learning various phases of the business. At the end of the program they are given an assignment which embarks them on their career in industry. Specialized Office Job Program Delco-Remy is ever alert for high school graduates who, on their own, furthered their education through business colleges or specialized training schools that equip them for better office jobs. Delco f Rem General Motors Corporation, Anderson, Indiana KN ll f from lhe PROGRESS of the PAST KSC" the PROMISE of the FUTURE yi 5? V will 1 4 9 l Roger's Jewelry, lnc. 1008 Meridian Street PhO1'19 3-2755 Diamonds are a gurl s best friend, Carolyn Ray tells Dave DeBolt, Nationally Known For Eine Quality Jewelry '25 Silverware HOME OE THE KEEPSAKE DIAMOND RING Flowers Say It Better Than Words Toles Flowers 'ADO Bowers say it better than words?" wonders gagged Randy Davis as he communicates with Geraldine Wicker. FUR COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE 627 Nichol Ave. Phone 4895 150 J. C. PENNEY CO. 1030 Meridian St, Phone 3-3389 PENNEY'S Will Save You 'Penneys from Heaven' Carol Nugent Ends pennies from heaven hard to believe. 711.9 !GqMWSof Qwlaig Ols Ebdllll ir l03l Meridian Phone 4439 NOW IN OUR SECOND 50 YEARS IN ANDERSON Dixie Harlan and l.arry Gibson reenact scene that most people go through once in a lifetime. ODELL PHOTOGRAPHERS l8Z2 Main St. Phone 3-3170 Portraits I Adults - Children Industrial O Exterior - Catalogue Weddings 0 Candid - Formal SENIOR PICTURES A SPECIALTY A photograph hy Odell captures the charm of his modern studio. l5l Elite Studio 1037 Meridian Street Phone 7016 R ss liorkner, photographer, assures himself that everyone i atching the birdie" as he takes pictures for the annual. Genial Russ Forkner, your school photographer, will continue to W serve you through high school, mar- 551 riage, parenthood, and life with memorable photographs. SHCP SUBURBAN And SAVE No Parking Worries 0 20,000 feet of modern and period furniture 0 Air conditioned for shopping comfort 6 0 Nationally advertised brands XX lma Wright and Pat Gray examine an early American h dstead at McDonnld's Furniture. 0 Competent, courteous salesmen McDonald Furniture Showrooms, lnc. State Roads 9 25 67 Phone 3-6971 152 You're always in' the 'Spotlight' with clothing from THE BANNER STORE 927 Meridian St. Phone 6675 Toby Small and Carolyn Bailey shop for sharp blouses at the Banner Store. LAWRENCE - KREHE STUDIOS 1324 Meridian St. Phone 2-0809 FOR PICTURES THAT WILL PLEASE 0 Senior Pictures 0 Wedding Pictures 0 Fine Studio Photography A good subject for fine photography is Ann Adams. MADISON COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP 1520 Main St. Phone 3-6637 Complete Farm Supplies and Services Anderson Elwood Alexandria Pendleton ou ow 'our urrow and I ll plox' mine, says Ocorgc Y pl 3 f Jackson to Diana Taylor. 153 JV bk Walker's Jewelry 1126 Meridian Street Phone 2-9660 opping for silver finery occupies the time of Judy Duncan d Adelia Drake. 'The Store Known For Fine Jewelry' EOR PERFECT GIFTS FOR GRADUATION AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS Bank At A Hometown Institution Where Your SAVINGS EARN MORE! ce Shelton and Steve Givens wonder what's behind the counter at the Anderson Loan. Anderson Loan Association 10th 26 Jackson Streets Phone 7771 154 ANDERSON BOASTS ONE OF THE NATION'S FINEST PRECISION BINDERIES Commercial Service Company 1200 E. 5th Street Phone 8084 Beautiful book jackets serve as an attractive background for Pat Howard. THE ONLY BINDERS OF ANDERSON HIGH SCHOOL'S YEARBOOK 155 9 smart apparel . . . 936 meridian EEATURING EXCLUSIVE STYLES IN SPORTSWEAR, EORMALS, AND SMART APPAREL The Ladies Store With Men's Tastes In Mind l Striking a sophisticated pose and wearing a cape I and gown from Roth's is model aspirant Donna Grant. Traditionally, seniors like Stephanie Hoppes and Georgia Truesdel choose silverware patterns. For The Life-Long Gift You Have Always Treasured 1 ' ' '- sei i ' 'il S ' 11. I . Lf- -'r . as -, .A - . wg.: - ,fu-J' 'S I -' fT'i - 2 ' 'E la 1-.f SEAM - ' L 5 - ' , I '- - '- 'bfiff' fc Tl r. 'I ' Q .1 fd f 1 5- - ' T T- 12,23-f 334 4 fi s . , . S .9524 5 'i ' , ' r 'J-732 s..V 9 3' 7 wg fi. "E T'Ei"i 12122 iii. " - Y AP 5-yi tg. n L, J T rf. 'IE : lf Ei, . , 4 - .J lvl R D AN 'IZ A watch is the perfect gift for the graduate, Connie Wilson firmly believes. 156 The BRIGI-ITEST NAME IN LIGHTS LA,, L L. , ,LLL The I-Iome of the Automatic Headlight ControI AUTRONIC-EYE and T-3 SAFETY AIM I-IEADLIGIITS GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORP. ANDERSON, INDIANA Nancy walk-up Anderson Camera and Gift Shop IZOO Meridian Street Phone 2-3316 Floyd Whitehouse steps from behind the counter to buy some photographic equipment for his own use. Brmduse finds its easy to save when you use the d 'Everything for Good Photography' Nationally Authorized Dealers BELL E5 HOWELL 0 KODAK ARGUS 0 ANSCO 0 REVERE The Extra Special Gift For An Extra-Special Person SAVE TIME: Drive In Windows Walk Up- Windows After Hour Depositorys Checking Accounts Savings Accounts O C Safety Deposit Boxes Christmas Club service win ow. 0 Loan Services Anderson Banlcing Company Downtown - South Branch -- Edgewood - Erankton - Chesterfield 158 vi? W6 5 ,vii 11 Alibi Restaurant 1401 Jackson Street Phone 3-7154 Good companv and good food prevail when Dan Roby, Ph1 A Rinker, Judy Shoemaker and Ann Harris get together. SUPPER GATHERING PLACE EOR AHS STUDENTS ALSO A '25 W ALIBI DRIVE IN 44 Jackson St. Phone 3-0022 For a quick snack at the end of a date Anytime Is A Good Time For the Good Taste of Coke 'on er i the attraction is Coke or Sharon Walker. Served Where the High School Crowd Gathers Sales - 1415 Fairview Bottling - 700 Meridian Phone 3-7445 I-3110119 3833 159 -fm- X . g 0 I Right on Meridian at l2l2 Phone 4404 I all necessary when you want to be A good secretary, .I nice Branch and Janice Byrum learn. Grades soar and term papers practically do themselves with office machines from Anderson's Oflice Supply Center For A Perfect Photograph COMMERCIAL WORK PORTRAITS Y5 WEDDINGS COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY SENIOR PICTURES Check First With B b Dyer, your friendly photographer, poses with the camera h uses in taking those Dyer pictures. Bob Dyer . . Photography l6ll Nelle Street Phone 2-9265 160 I ri I Chopson can't make up her mind as to 'VI lyn I her she should buy the skirt or play outfit. t 0 l 911 Meridian St. A Community Institution For 36 Years Styles to suit Both the Young And Old One of the Largest Family Stores in Central Indiana WRIGHT C ol, calm. and collected describes Roni McKibban his ensemble from Hoyt Wright. 161 Abernathy, Judy 58, 98 Brown' Bob 90' 126 Brown, Abbott, Brenda 51, 52, 59, 118, 119 Abernathy, Deanna 21, 59, 60, 63, 126, 141 Abshire, Paul 33, 79, 98 Achor, Lana 55, 59, 63, 119 Achor, Ron 7, 98 Adams, Gary 119 Adams, Ann 39, 42, 52, 57, 60, 66, 69, 98, 153 Adams, Claude 126 Adams, Martha 98 Adamson, Karen 53 Adcock, Roger 19. 39, 54, 98 Addison, Linda 53, 59, 126 Agnew, Curtis 98 Agnew, David 81, 126 Ahrendt, Rex 79, 89, 126 Albright, Townsend 62, 126 Aldred, Dwight 56, 60. 62. 89, 119 Aldred, Steve 62, 89, 126 Aldrich, Phyllis 126 Alexander, Grace 59, 126 Alexander, Marilyn 126 Alexander, Melva 98 Alexander, Terry 119 Aley, Stephen 126 Allex, Tom 98 Allord, Cuba 126 Alleman, Jannie 7. 44, 53, 59, 60, 126 Alleman, Jim 63, 119 Allen, Carolynne 126 Allen, Sandra 59, 60, 126 Allman, Jim 126 Amos, Gloria 119 Ancil, Sandra 126 Anderson, Larry 98 Anderson, Linda 126 Anderson, Sandra 59, 119 Anthony, Dave 119 Antrobus, Dave 53, 119 Arline, Dick 126 Armstrong, Harry 119 Armstrong, Jim 48 Armstrong, Sharon 59, 119 Arnold, Phyllis 126 Arnold, Richard 81, 119 Ashbaugh, Carla 119 Ashby, Jim 98 Ashley, Ray 42, 92, 93, 148 Atkins, Reuben 119 Atkinson, Barry 37, 57, 79, 90, 98 Atwell, Jack 7, 61, 64, 98 Auker, Eugene 119 Ayers, Alan 49, 52, 126 Backous, Paul 98 Badger, Paul 98 Barron, Douglas 79, 87, 90, 126 Barron Barron Barron ,Janet 59, 119 , Mark 48, 49, 52, 126 , Nancy 57, 58, 64, 66, 99 Me wa af ,425 at 1952 Britton, John 119 Brogdon, David 75, 90, 125, 126 Brough, David 45, 126 Basey, Judy 126 Batthauer, Suzette 44, 53, 64, 126 Baum, Loretta 53, 59, 63, 126 Bausman, Dave 63, 99 Brown, B renda l 2 6 Brown, Carol 53, 119 Brown, Larry 75, 92, 119 Brown, Mary Alice 119 Harold 63, 126 Baute. Beason, Arthur 126 Beason, Blanche 99 Beason, Karen 119 Beason Beatty. Beatty, , Wendell 126 Don 51, 52, 119 Larry 126 Brown, Patricia 126 Brown, Robert 56, 78, 90, 119 Brown, Sandra 53, 126 Brown, Saundra 126 Brown, Sue 126 Brown, Wendell 46, 49, 52, 60, 119 William 100 Bailey, Carolyn Sue 98, 153 Bailey, Joe 119, 126 Baker, David 119 Baker, Dianne 59, 126 Baker, Emmett 126 Baker, Ervin 119 Baker, Gary 56, 60, 62, 73, 75, 119 Baker, Jim 25, 48, 51, 52, 60, 119 Baker, Margaret 59, 126 Baker, Monte 98 Baker, Nancy 126 Baker, Sherry 119 Baker, Sondra 126 Baker, Terry 98 Bales, Betsy 53, 126 Ball, Don 53, 126 Ballinger, Anita 21, 46, 59, 63, 126 Ballinger, Larry 56, 62, 81, 88, 99 Barnett, Mark 44, 88, 99 Barnett, Robert 79, 90, 126 Baroni, Gilda 119 Barr, Dwight 53, 126 Beauchamp, David 126 Beckham, Connie 119 Beckley, Lenora 126 Bedford, Gail 45, 63, 119 Beeman, Judy 126 Beher, David 56. 119 Bell, Barbara 126 Bell. Doyce 126 Bell. Jesse 99, 136 Bell. Yvonne 99 Benko. Beverly 25, 47. 55. 59, 60, 1 19 Benson, Max 79, 86, 119 Bergdahl, Carol 64, 99 Bickel, Paul 126 Bickley, Mike 126 Bienert, Jean 99 Bilyeu, Ronald 126 Bingaman, Judy 15, 55, 59, 63, 66, 119 Binkley, Patricia 49, 52, 60, 126 Birkhead, Donna 60, 64. 66, 119 Blackshear, Bonnie 119 Blackwell, Ann 99 Blackwell, Lester 49, 126 Blackwell, Lonnie 53, 89, 126 Blair, Hollis 119, 121, 138 Bledsoe, Howard 99 Bloom, Cynda 59, 119 Blue, Ann 57, 99 Boardman. Dave 99 Boaz, Gene 126 Bodey, James 81, 99 Boerner, Joe 126 Bohlen, Jan 58, 66, 99, 144 Bolds, Jim 126 Bonner, Shirley 126 Bookout, Russell 119 Boone, Earle 99 Boone El, Nancy Jean 99 Borders, Tom 90. 126 Boswell, Jo Ann 126 Bourke, Carolyn 126 Bourke. Richard 99 Bower, Frank 79 Bowers, Barbara 39, 66, 100 Bowman, Tony 119 Box, Betty 126 Boyd, Mary Dawn 58, 100 Boyd, Stephen 75, 126 Boyer, Ross 126 Bradley, James 126 Bradley, Janice 57, 61, 100 Brady, Anne 51, 57, 97, 100 Bramwell, Lois 100 Branch, Janice 42, 119, 160 Branch, Junice 64, 119 Brandon, Jim 126 Breeck, John 119 Breeck, Ron 100 Breese, Bob 119 Breitweiser, Tom 46, 100 Brewer, Frank 126 Brewer, Sandra 100 Brewster, Susan 100 Brinduse, Nancy 59, 63, 119, 158 Brinduse, Tom 12 6 Brubaker, Deanna 58, 100 Bruce, Darlene 100 Bruce, Irene 100 Bryant, Marilyn 51, 52, 57, 58, 64, 88, 96, 100 Brummett. Linda 126 Buck, Danny 126 Buck, Sheila 119, 133 Burke, Lee 119 Burchfield, Dan 49 Burkhart, Frances 119 Burt, Bill 27, 44, 126 Burnett, Karla 53, 126 Burns, Janet 49 Burton, Donna 119 Burton, Max 100 Bushong. Dave 100 Butler, Herma 59, 126 Butler, Logan 126 Butterfield. Pamela 51, 52, 55, 59, 60, 63. 66.68,69,119 Byrne, Lee 126 Byrum, Janice 25, 42, 55, 59, 60, 66, 119, 160 Cade, Barbara 119 Cade, Byron 126 Callahan, Dave 100 Campbell, Caralee 53, 60, 126 Campbell, James 126 Campbell, Leon 29, 100 Campbell, Susan 59, 60, 126 Canaday, Judy 57, 101 Caplan, Linda 46, 60, 126 Cappel, Kay 58, 101 Carey, Darlene 51. 54, 101 Carmack, Sandra 126 Carmany, David 46, 52, 126 Carpenter, Dave 49, 75, 81, 90, 119 Carpenter, Jerry 56, 62, 75, 76, 81, 101 Carpenter, Larry 29 Carper, Earl 101 Carper, Nick 101 Carper, Ronald 54, 55, 118, 119 Carr, Burnis 127 Carr, Carolyn 58, 101 Carr, Larry 55, 127 Carraway, Mary 119, 144 Carroll, Thomas 127 Carton, Donna 66, 101 Carter, Hazel 53, 127 Carter, James 101 Carter, John 127 Carter, Phyllis 119 Carter, Roosevelt 101, 119 Carter, Sherry 53, 59. 60, 63, 127 Cash, Roosevelt 53, 127 Cates, Patty 119 Cattron, Max 52, 101 Cave, Lola 59, 119 Chambers, Dave 44, 119 Chambers, Jeff 127 Chambers, John 44, 101 hapman, George 127 Charmolue, Jerry 92, 127 Chase, Charles 119 Chasey, Cindy 59, 63. 119 Cheatham, Deanna 119 Chism, Donna 119 Chopson, Marilyn 42, 43, 57, 58, 101, 161 Christian, Clarice 49 Christian, Zebedee 127 Clark, Barry 127 Clark, Rogers 81, 119 Clark, Ron 19, 44, 54, 55, 62, 63, 101, 144 Claxon, Kay 45, 101 Clem, Larry 75, 87, 92, 127 Clem, Mona 19, 42, 43, 54, 57, 58, 63, 69, 101. 136 Clements. Lynne 18, 46, 47, 119 Clendenin. Robert 127 Clifford. Sandra 127 Clutch, Pamela 59, 63, 127 Coates, Larry 88. 127 Cobb, Garry 119 Cobble, Cheryl 65 Coburn, Judy 39, 101 Coe, Elaine 119 Coen, Mike 101 Coffman, Steven 44, 119 Crosson, Phyllis 127 Crosthwaite, Sandra 63, 66. 118, 120 Crouch, Elaine 64, 102 Crouch, Lanny 127 Crouse, Jeannette 127 Crouse, Shirley 53, 120 Crowely, Don 60, 127 Cummings, Michael 55, 56, 88, 120 Cunningham, John 75. 90, 127 Dailey, Jeannette 127 Dalton, Melanie 18, 46, 47.49, 52 120 Danfo rth, George 23, 56, 62, 75, 87 92, 93, 120 Daven Davis. port, Larry 81, 127 Bob 56.63, 120 Davis, Briane 81. 102 Davis, Charles 44. 120 Davis, Douglas 54. 56. 60. 81. 89, 127 Davis, Eddie 75. 89, 127 Davis, Jerry 127 Davis, John 127 Davis, Peggy 7. 61. 102 Davis, Randy 50. 51. 54, 56. 60. 62. 73.75, 81, 103, 150 Cole, Marilyn 58, 102 Cole, Martha 119 Collier, Glenda 53, 64, 102 Collier, Jesse 75, 87, 127 Collier, Nelson 119 Collingwood. Ronald 127 Collins, Betty 127 Collins, Pat 127 Collins. Richard 102 Collins William 56, 90, 119 Coivinf Robert 127 Combs David 1 19 Comeri Gordon 127 Condon, John 53. 119 Conner, Larry 64, 119 Connolly, Diane 39, 58, 63, 102 Davis, Stephen 120 Davis, Tom 62. 63.74, 75, 103, 139 Day, Connie 103 Dayton, Emma 127 Dayton, Judith 120 Dean, Kay 45, 103 Dearing, Linda 53, 63, 127 DeBolt, David A. 21, 42, 45, 118, 120, 150 DeBolt, David L, 29, 48, 89, 127 DeBolt, Jeff 49 Defenderfer, Allen 120 Del-lority, Doug 127. 143 Deiser, Susie 127 Deitz, Clarence 120 Deitz, Gene 56, 75, 76. 81. 103 Contos, Larry 45, 119 Cook, Dale 102 Cook, Gayl 102 Cook, Kenneth 44, 88. 119 Cook, Sullivan 75. 92, 127 Cookman, Larry 75. 119 Cooley, James 127 Cooley, L. C, 119 Cooley, Melvin 81, 127 Coon, Jerry 19, 23. 50, 51, 52, 56, 62, 63, 75.89. 102 Copeland, Bill 127 Copeland. Dale 19, 23, 62, 63, 66, 69, 88. 102 Cornelius, Dave 127 Cornelius, Nancy 58, 97, 102 Corre, Sandra 59, 127 Cortrecht, Jerry 125, 127 Corya, Larry 127 Corzine, Carlos 56, 67, 72, 75, 102 Cottingham, Larry 119 Couch, Albert 81 Couch, Gail 119 Council, Janis 51, 52, 57, 66, 102 Covington, Dave 127 Cowart, David 48.49, 51, 52, 102 Deitz, Larry 79, 81. 120 DeLawter, Mary 59, 127 DeLawter, Tom 127 DeLey, Mickey 81, 127 Delph, Neal 92 Delph, Norm 6, 22, 56, 62. 63, 79. 83, 85, 92, 93, 103 Dennis, Sherry 25. 58. 60. 66. 97, 103 129, 147 DeVaney, Phillip 127 DeVashir. Yvonne 51, 52. 120 Devore, John 127 DeWitt, Herman 127 Diedri ng, Barbara 42. 59, 120, 136 Dilkey, John 4 9 Dilts. Dodd, Judith 53, 55, 59, 63, 66, 120 Peter 53, 127 Cowart, Rex 102 Cox, Howard 119 Cox, Linda 55, 119 Cox, Otis 66, 119 Cox, Patricia 120 Cox, Sandra 59 60 Doherty, James 120 Doherty, Janet 127 Doherty, Larry 120 Doty, Dave 49, 120 Douglas, Linda 53, 59, 127 Dowden, Aretta 58, 103 Drake, Adelia 51, 52, 96. 103. 154 Driggers, Linda 127 DuBois, Sandra 51, 120 Ducheteau, James 127 Duckworth, Patsy 59, 127 Dudley, Patricia 103 Dulfer, Omar 120 Dukes, Mary 103 . . 127 Crandall, Dave 51, 52, 120 Dunla Crane, Kenneth 102 Cridge, James 63, 127 Cridge, Robert 120 Crim, Linda 12. 25, 31, 51, 58,102 Cripe, Norma 53, 59, 60, 127 Cron, Judy 59, 60, 127 Cronk, Carmen 127 Cronk, Mary Jane 46, 51, 52, 59, 60, 64, 120 Duncan, Judy 39, 97, 103, 144, 154 p, Addie 59, 65, 120 Dunlap, Tom 120 Dunn, Michael 46. 50, 51. 52, 54, 120 Dunwiddie. Dick 103 Durgan. Donna 127 Durham. Frank 62. 103 Dykes, David 44, 127 Dyson, Bob 55, 60. 62, 103 Eaglin, Gary 49, 127 Eastes, Fred 45, 120 Ebbert, Walt 90, 128 Ebbertt, Brenda 120 Eilar, Suzanne 46, 128 Eisele, Paul 57, 103 Ellison, Jerry 103 Elmore, Linda 59, 63, 125, 128 Emerson, Jack 128 Emerson, Marabeth 103 England, Kathy 120 Englund, Nancy 44, 58, 64, 104 Ervin, Ruben 120 - Estelle, John 120 Etchison, Janet 128 Eutsler, Charlene 128 Eutsler, Judi 128 Evans, Ronnie Z7 Everham. Tom 69. 120 Ewald, Carla 54, 59. 63. 128 Fairburn, Karen 128 Fairburn, Paul 51, 52. 120 Falls, Carolyn 53. 60, 128 Farlow. Penny 104 Farlow, Sherry 128 Fawbush, Linda 30, 104 Felts, Shirley 53, 128 Fenner, Richard 128 Ferguson, Janice 48, 55. 59, 60, 64 Ferguson, Mike 128 Ferguson, Sylvia 51, 52, 104 Ferrell, Barbara 128 Ferrell, James 120 Ferrell, Ronald 120 Feuston, Shirley 104 Fickel, John 104 Fields, Darrell 128 Fisher, Dennis 120 Fisher, Janice 59, 66, 68, 69, 120 Fite, Arthur 120 Fitzgerald, Larry 128 Fitzsimmons, Grace 104 Flanagan, John 60, 79, 128 Fleece, Patty 53, 59, 128 Fletcher, Larry 120 Flint, Dallas 128 Flye, Jim 75, 128 Fossmeyer. Steve 128 Foster, Peggy 53, 128 Fowler, Don 92, 128 Fowler. Doug 92, 120 Fox. Steve 128 Franklin. Sherry 44. 120 Frazier, Martha 59, 120 Freeman. Bill 92 Freeman, J. T. 120 Freeman, Philip 120 French, Robert 128 Frost, Ann 137 Frye, Judith 104, 147 Fry, Linda 128 Fugate, Norma 120 Fugate, Phyllis 128 Fulton, Charles 120 Furnish. Beverly 128 Furnish, Norma 51, 52, 57, 104 Gabel, Nancy 23, 44. 47, 57, 104 Gaines. Dixie 128 Gammon, Carole 104 Gardner, Terry 120 Garner. Martha 104 Garretson, Carol 104 Garrett, Ronald 128 Garringer, Diana 53, 120, 148 Garringer, Sharon 128 Gary, Virginia 58, 66, 104 Gause. Terry 128 Geller. William 128 Gellinger, Ann 17, 59, 68, 69, 120 Gellinger, Larry 56. 62, 67, 75 93, 104 Gentry, Max 128 . Gibbs, Sharon 55, 128 Gibson, Gibson, barbara 61, 104 Larry 12, 42, 62, 104, 151 Gilbert, Joan 34, 50, 51, 52, 57, 58, 104 Gillaspy, Jim 66, 92, 120 Gillmor Gilliam, e, Bud 46 Marcia 120 Gilmore, Gary 24, 105 Gilmore, Clilford 52, 128 Gilmore, Jeff 48, 128 Hardy, Brian 48, 121 Harl, Pat 57, 105 Harlan, Dixie 58, 105, 151 Harless, Sharon 129 Harney, Doug 49, 89, 129 Dave 121 Harp, Harris. Ann 22, 45, 46, 47, 51, 52, 59, 60, 63, 64, 68, 69, 118, 121, Gilmore, Ruthie 53, 60, 64, 128 Gilson, Janet 105 Givens, David 128 Givens, Steven 42, 75, 120, 154 Glaze, Anita 57, 58, 64, 69, 105 Glazebrooks, Bob 56, 73, 75, 77, 105 Glazebrooks, Don 75, 81, 120 Janet 120 128 Glazebrooks, Goble, Kent Godbey, Mark 32, 128 Goen, Dave 49, 120 Golday, Larry 128 Golish. Rosemary 105 Good, Sharon 128 Gooding. Dennis 120 Goodman, Claudine 59. 120 133, 159 Harris, Judy 105, 144 Harris, Kay 58, 105 Harris, Larry 105 Harris, Linda 26, 121 Harris on, Barbara 54, 55, 59, 60, 63, 121 Harrison, Clark 62, 75, 87, 89, 129 Harrison, David 121 Harron, Harry 129 Harshman, Norma 105 Hart, Hart, Hart. Hart, Hartle Allene 57, 58, 106 Raymond 129 Stephen 129 Steve 49, 79, 87, 88, 129 y, Rolland 121 Hartzell, Larry 121 Horton, Pauline 129 Hosier, Phil 48, 49, 51, 52, 106 Hovermale, Avis 106 Hovermale, Gene 88 Hovermale, Sandra 44, 129 Howard, Alice 64, 106, 138 Howard, Joyce 47, 53, 59, 129 Howard, Pat 51, 52, 58, 106, 129 Hudson, Ruth 46, 48, 52, 53, 59 129 Hudson, Shirley 106 Hudson, Sue 61, 107 Hudson, Van 46, 51, 121 Huey, Tony 107 Hulf, Shirley 54, 60, 129 Hull, Wayne 121 Hulfer, Marcia 59, 121 Huffman, Robert 48 Hughes, Richard 24, 97, 107 Hull, Loretta 60, 129 Hull, Paul 129 Humerickhouse, Larry 107 Hummel, Linda 59, 63, 129 Hummer, Sue 59. 129 Hunt, Jon 49, 52, 53, 125, 129 Goodnight, Jim 53. 62. 75, 90, 121 Gordon. Randy 55, 63, 66. 89, 120 Gordon, Sandra 55, 59, 60, 63, 66, Goss, Gough, Gowe Pattyann 46, 59, 60, 128 Joanna 51, 120 n, Jack 79, 92, 128 Graddy, Steve 62, 120 Graham, Jack 52, 53, 88, 128 Graham, James 120 Grahame, Don 120 Grandlinard, Paul 128 Grant, Donna 59, 120, 156 Grant, Errol 55, 63. 120 Graves, Nancy 15, 16, 55, 59, 60, 1 133 Gray, Carol 51. 105 Gray, Jack 53, 128 Gray Johnnie 125 128 Gray: Lillian 120 ' Gray, Gray, Green, Patricia 63, 120, 152 Tom 105 Jesse 105 120, Greene, Cynthia 44, 59, 60, 63, 128 Greenwalt, Bonnie 53, 59, 128 Grencions, Vilnis 121 Griffin, Linda 121 Grim, Betty 25, 33, 59, 60, 128 Grimes, Mary Beth 105 Grimes, Mike 121 Griner, Judy 128 Grissom. Alice 105, 140 Grissom, Claudette 128 Gunkel, Judy 121 Guss, Linda 128 Gustin. Connie 42, 64, 121, 136 Guyot, Ray 56, 75, 128 Hackleman, Jim 128 Hartzell, Nancy 42. 45. 47. 59, 63, 121, 143 Hartzell, Sandy 59. 121 Hasty, Sharon 129 Hatfield, Harold 26, 121, 147 Hawkins, Judy 44, 58, 106 Hayes, Carl 129 Haynes, Dennis 121 Healey, Iona 129 Heard, Saundra 18, 47, 59, 60, Heavilin, Kenneth 42, 129 Hedrich. Meril 53, 129 Hedrick, Richard 106 Hedrick, Sarah 106 Heffner, Sharon 129 Heiden, Paula 51, 52. 57, 58, 97. Hempleman, Phil 88, 121 Henderson, Sharon 44, 53, 59, 121 Hendricks, Clifford 129 Hendricks, Karel 53, 59, 64, 129 Hennigar, Peggy 59, 121 Hensler, John 55, 56, 60, 62, 75, 76, 88, 121 Heritage, Sue 55, 59, 64, 121 Herkomer, Bill 129 Herron, Jim 129 Herron, Larry 53 Hester, William 53, 129 Hiatt, Linda 59. 60, 66, 68, 69, 121 Higginbotham, Linda 106 Highwood, Ruth Ann 129 Hilderbrand, Steven 121 125,129 106 Hill, Bill 49 Hill, Charlotte 129 Hill Donna 52 53 59 129 Hilli Dorothy 46, 48, si, 57, 64, los Hill, Marilyn 42, 63, 64, 106, 136 Him Him es, Edward 48 es, Robert 79. 121 Hale, Hedy 128 Hale, Michael 79, 92, 128 Hall, Bob 128 Hall, Carl 121 Hall, Cherry 65 Hall, Doris 54, 64 Hall, Elaine 128 Hall, Joyce 121 Hall, Saralee 121 Hame r, Richard 12 8 21 140 Hamilton, Jane 42.59, 63, 66, 1 , Hamilton, Loretta 53, 128 Hancock, Karen 121 Hancock, Marilyn 128 Hancock, Michele 53, 59, 128 Haney, Larry 128 Hanna, Barry 105 Hanshew, Jim 128 Hardacre, Paul 48 Hardin, Suzanne 51, 52, 105 Hinderer, Jim 129 Hobbs, Jerry 48, 54, 62, 63, 121 Hofer, Darrell 121 Hogue, Rual 121 Holbert, John 79, 121 Holder, Phyllis 53, 59, 60, 63, 64, 129 Holliday, Don 48, 106 Hollingsworth, Margaret 129 Hollis, Sandra 21 Hoover, Steve 121 Hopkins, Frank 129 Hopkins, Gary 129 Hopkins, Joe 129 Hoppes, Carolann 19, 51, 52, 54, 58, 64, 106 Hoppes, Jane 129 Hoppes, Stephanie 44. 51, 52, 63, 106, 144, 156 Horine, Beverly 51, 52, 106 Hombeck, Sheila 53, 106 Hurley, Joan 59, 129 Hurley, John 46, 54, 121 Hurley, Michael 54, 121 Hutchens, Donna 30, 59, 129 Hutson, Sandra 59, 129 Hutton, Clara 129 Hyatt, Carolyn 46, 129 Hyland, Elizabeth 46, 59, 121 Hyland, Tom 121 Hymer, Wanda 129 Imel, Judi 121 Irving, Irma 121 Isaacs, P Isom, Ri at 129 chard 129 Iveson, Susie 53, 59, 60, 63, 129 Jackson, Bob 56, 79, 90. 91, 121 Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson George 43, 45, 107, 153 Leslie 90, 121 Lowell 107 Pat 59, 121 Thomas 121 James, Bob sl, 121 James, S Janes, J usan 46, 53, 59, 129 esse 107 Janes, Willadean 129 J ansons, Juris 129 Jeffers, Gene 129 Jeffers, Mary 44, 107 Jeffries, Barbara 129 J elf ries, Jack 121 Jessup, Beverly 129 Johnson, Bill 107 Johnson, Donald 56, 107 Johnson, Gary 87, 129 Johnson, James 48, 53, 129 Johnson, Janet 129 Johnson, Jim 92, 129 Johnson, Jerice 107 Johnson, Joyce 107 Johnson, Judith 48, 64, 107 Johnson, Pat 22, 107 Johnson, Patty 58 Johnson, Peggy 1 21 Johnson, Ruth 107 Johnson, Johnson Jones, Jones Sharlan 129 Vera 53, 121 cfufris 44, 53, 60, 129 Doris 129 Jonesf Ethel 129 Jones, Jones, Fred 129 Gail 58, 61, 107 Jones, Jackie 53, 121 Jones, Jeanette 64, 129 Jones, Larry D. 107 Jones, L arry 66, 121 Jones, Robert 49, 52, 81, 89,,121 Jones, Susan 51, 52, 57. 60, 4107, 145 JOI'dau, Ruth 121 Jordan, Sue 58, 121 Josefek, Judy 48 Joslin, Wayne 121 Joyce, Thomas 49, 50, 51, 108 Justice, Vance 129 Kabrich, Vicky 59, 129 Kallenberg, John 129 Kanable, Bob 56, 62, 75, 81, 121 Keeney, Dan 63, 81, 121 Keeney, Glenn 129 Keesling, Mike 121 Keesling, Sally 108 Keith, Earl 108 Kellams, Roger 48, 125, 130 Keller, Sally 59, 130 Kelley, Carolyn 108 Kelley, Karen 55, 59, 121 Kelly, Saundra 49, 59, 130 Kendall, Jerry 121 Kennedy, Jay 130 Kimball. Dave 62, 63, 118, 121 Kimm, Francis 108, 143 Kimmerling, Judy 53, 130 Kimmerling, William 121 King, Carl 121 1 King, Georgia 121 ' Kin Thomas 130 , g' 1 Kingsbury, Fred 56, 62. 79, Kingsbury, Kay 59, 130 Kirkpatrick. Mike 121 1 1 Kirchenbauer, Patty 130 Kizer, Pat 130 1 Knick, Bob 121 1 Knick, Judith 44, 63 1 Knotts, Anne 59. 121 1 Knotts, Linda 55, 59, 121 Knotts, Patty 59, 65, 122 Knotts, Ronald 75, 122 90, 91, 121 Kolbusz, Eleanor 48, 53, 60, 130 Krueger. Don 108 Kutscheid, Tim 59, 60, 62, 66, 122 Lamey, Tim 25, 59, 60, 130 Lancing, Ronald 75, 130 Land, Steve 53, 130 Lang, Bill 56, 74, 75, 122 Large, Larry 122 Larmore, Philip 7, 34, 51, 57, 62, 63, 1 66, 108 LaShire, Sandra 130 1 Laswell, James 122 1 Lavender, James 122. 143 Lawson, Lawson, Josieann 130 Phyllis 53, 130 Livingston, Martha 58, 108 Loser, Patricia 122 Loudenback, Jan 27, 46, 49, 52, 53, 59, 130 Lough, Edward 130 Lovell, Sandra 130 Lortz, Mike 122 Lowe, Charles 130 Lowry, Steve 56, 78, 79, 90, 125, 130 Luck, David 56, 92, 93 Luster, Beverly 108 Lynam, Sharon 47, 57, 58, 108 Macy, Jill 130 Macy, Jim 130 Madera, Patty 130 Mahon, Linda 122 Maine, David 48 Mallernee, Victor 139 Mallory, Charles 130 Malone, Johnny 130 Malsom, Barbara 61, 108 Manis, Anita 122 Manual, Thelma 122 Marsh, Bob 122 Marsh, David 130 Marsh, Marshann 59, 63, 130 Marsh, Laquita 53, 57, 58, 108 Marshall, Larry 130 Martin, Darrell 51, 52, 122 Martin, Diana 130 Martin, Dixie 42, 43, 57, 58, 64, 145 Martin, Jim 108 Martin, Mike 62, 79, 88, 130 Martin, Phil 88 Mason, Mary Paul 24, 44, 54, 55, 59, 60, 63, 122 Mason, Robert 45, 122 Massey, Larry 56, 78, 79, 122, 137 Masters, Diana 108, 130 Matheny, Sandra 130 Mathews, Mike 109 Mathews, Jerry 130 Matthews, Evelyn 46, 52, 53, 130 Maupin, Carl 109 Maxwell, Bill 122 Maxwell, Phyllis 122 May, David 130 May, Patricia 19, 58, 63, 64, 66, 109 Maynard, Alice 43, 58, 60, 64, 109 Meeker, Douglas 109 Meeker, Frank 89 Meiser, Sue 45, 63, 122 Melendez, Matias 92, 122 Morgan, Jimmy 79. 90, 122 Morgan, Joyce 44, 125, 130 Morgan, Mike 60, 79, 87, 92, 130 Morgan, Robert 46 Morris, Jack 62, 63, 92, 122 Morrison. Mary 64, 110 Morter, Sandra 131 Motto, Daniel 4, 43, 45, 51, 52, 62, 63. 96, 110, 146 Moyer, Darla 131 Mudd, John 122 Mullinax, Sandra 131 Mullins, Tom 131 Mundy, Shirley 131 Murphy, Ruthann 22, 48. 97, 110 Myers, Lucy 49, 51, 64, 110 Myers, Robert 131 Myers, Myers Suzanne 57, 58, 110 Tom 131 McAdams, shammi 122 108, Miner, Layton. Dave 50, 51, 52, 55, 60, 66.75, 118,122 Layton, Francis 44, 130 Layton. Lazenby, Eleanor 122 Leath, Julia 130 Leaver, Glee Ann 122 Lee, Judy 59, 65, 122 Lee Nancy 46. 130 Lee, Pat 62, 122 Lee, Tim 50, 51, 52, 57, 62, 63,108 Leffel, Doris 122 Leicht, Bill 92, 130 William 92. 122 63, Melson, Jim 110 Melson, John 25, 48, 51, 52, 60, 122 Melzer, Jon 122 Milam, Larry 56, 75, 77, 122 Miller, Beverly 53, 54, 59, 60, 130 Miller, David 79, 87, 122 Miller, Dianna 15. 53, 59, 130 Miller, Donya 130 Miller, Eugene 53 Miller, Ronnie 130 Miller, Tom 46, 51, 52, 54, 88, 122 Miller, Wayne 12 2 Millhouse, Anna 122 Mimms, Melvin 56, 81, 122 Mike 130 Moore, Jim 130 Leisure, Judith 122 Lemon, Nancy 108, 143 Lennis, Lennis, David 130 Judith 63, 64. 122 Leonard, Charles 122 Leonard, Jim 122 Lewis, Jerry 63, 122 Lewis, Linda 55, 59, 60, 66, 122 Lewis, Ollie 129 Lewis, Patti 122 Minniar, Joe 62, 78, 79, 84, 130 Minnieiield, Bonnie 130 Minniiield, James 56, 78, 89, 110 Minton, Patricia 130 Mitchell, Bessie 110 Mitchell, Penny 110 Mitchem, Harold 53, 122 Montague, Terry 15, 17, 48, 59, 118, 122 Lightfoot, Bob 122 Lindsey, Steve 122 Linville, Tom 56, 86, 92, 93, 122 Litten, Everett 108 Littrell, Anita 53, 59, 122 Moore, Nancy 1 2 2 Moore, Gary 24, 48, 51, 52, 69, 110 Moreland, Phyllis 122 Morgan, Bud 46, 49, 52, 110 McAllister, Carole 30, 53. 64, 130 McAllister, Mary Sue 12. 53, 54, 130 McAllister. Ruth 7, 51. 52, 60, 122 McAshland, Mildred 130 McAtee, Marilyn 109 McCallister. Bill 130 McClain, Gary 12, 14, 51. 56, 74, 75. 109 McClain, Gene 109 McClain. Ronnie 122 McClintick, Jerry 122 McClintock, Jon 48, 49, 60, McCoppin. Grace 130 McCord, John 44. 63, 109 McCord, Steve 130 McCormick, Frances 122 McCoy, Howard 79, 130 McCoy, Larry 130 McCrocklin, Carolyn 42, 52, 57, 58, 60. 109 122 McCrocklin, Cathy 49. 52. 59. 60, 63. 130 McCrocklin, Eddie 130 McCullough. Ruth 130 McCullum. Warren 109 McDane1l, Charles 26 McDaniel, Melvin 130 McDaniel. Janet 57, 67, 69, 109 McDonald, Gary 122 McFarland, Bill 56, 78, 79, 125. 130 McGillicuddy, Joan 53,59,63,125,130 McGivern, Janice 59. 63. 122 McGuffey, Gayle 122 McGraw, Kay 54, 55, 59, 60, 63, 64, 68, 69. 118, 122 McGuire, Bob 60, 88, 130 McGuire. John 56, 62, 88, 109 McKay, Karen 14, 47. 59, 60, 130 McKay. Ruth 47, 54. 58. 64, 109 McKeand, George 122 McKeand, Pat 42, 44, 45, 66, 122, 144 McKibban, Roni 43, 62, 63, 88, 109, 161 McKinney, Brooks 122 McLaughlin, Pat 65, 122 McLaughlin, Sharon 43. 48. 57. 109 McNabney, Ronald 51, 66, 109 McQuiston, Sondra 130 McVey, Harry 81, 122 McVey, Jim 122 McVey, Ron 56, 62, 75, 109 Nahrwold. Carol 48, 53, 59, 60, 63, 131 Naselroad, Barbara 122 Naselroad, Larry 110 Needler. Rose Ann 53, 59.63, 131 Neff, Marcia 55, 59, 122 Nelson, Danny 122 Newbern, Jay 49, 60. 62, 122 Newman, Tom 51, 52, 54, 88, 122 Newsom, Roger 131 Niccum, Walter 131 Nicholson, Bill 110 Obermeyer, Dan 110 Nisely, Myrl 51, 122 Nivens, Bruce 53, 131 Norrick, Jim 122 Norris, Arthur 131 Norris, Joyce 53, 131 Norris, Julia 53, 131 Noster, Bob 131 Nowlin, James 68, 90, 110 Nugent, Carol 122, 151 O'Brien, David 51, 52, 54, 88, 118, O'Dowd, Jacquelyn 53, 131 Ogburn, Rex 131 Ogle, Barry 122 Ohler, Jay 122 Olden, Pat 110 Oldfield. Sharon 131 Olive, Florene 110 Olive, Lorene 110 Oliver, Dennis 131 Orr, Jim 49 Orr, Kathy 48.53, 60, 131 Osborne, Jim 62, 75, 83, 86, 89, 122 Osborne, William 60, 131 Otto, Jim 122 Owens, Jim 122 Owens, Mary 64, 131 Page, Robert 30, 75, 87, 90, 131 Page, Sally 67, 111 Pardue, Teddie 131 Parks, Beverly 31, 44, 66. 122 Parker, Beverly 11 1 Parker, Bill 111 Parton, Paul 131 Paschal, Carla 131 Paschal, Randall 122 Pritchard, Gordon 131 Pritchard, Wilma 53, 59, 123 Pritchett, Lillie Ann 131 Prout, Nancy 131 Pruett, Linda 131 Pryor, James 123, 131 Pryor, Jon 81 Purciful, Eddie 53, 60, 131 Purkey, James 48, 131 Purkey, Voss 89, 123 Pursley, Wanda 12, 51, 52, 58, 111 Puterbaugh, Mary 123 Quallo, Marie 123 Quinn, Sharon 58, 61, 63, 64, 111 Raekes, Helen 44, 131, 136 Raimey, Lula May 131 Raison, Sandra 131 Ralston, George 66, 123 Ramsey, Don 62,63,1l1, 157 Ramsey, Judy 131 Randolph, Gary 131 Ranshaw, Bill 123 Raper, Trudy 23, 131 Ratzlaff, Carol Ann 53, 120, 123 Rauner, Norman 48, 49, 131 Ray, Bob 131 Ray, Carolyn 42, 43, 44, 64, 123, 150 Ray, Fred 131 Ray, Harry 67, 111 Ray, James 92, 125, 131 Ray, Judith 59, 131 Ray, Reggie 81 Rayford, Lorine 60, 131 Raymore. Darrell 131 Rector, Norval 123 Redding, Wayne 81, 131 Reddy, Patricia 131 Pearson, Pate, Susie 59, 123 Patterson, Esther 53. 131 Patterson, Fred 131 Patterson, Lucienne 123 Patterson, Richard 56, 83, 84, 86, 90, 123 Patterson. Susie 123 Payton, Wandavee 123 Patty 48, 52, 59. 60. 131 Reed Carolyn 111 Reed, Judith Annette 47, 57, 58, 66, Reed Judy Arlene 112 Rees, Bruce 44 Rees, Gary 54 Rees. Judy 131 Reichard, Donna 59, 60, 131 Reidner, Bernhard 131 Rensel, Jack 123 Pearson, Nancy 44, 57, 58, 63, 66, Perkins, Jack 131 Perry, Janice 53, 59, 60, 63, 131 Peters, Larry 123 Petry. Lynne 51. 52, 111 Pettigrew, Charme 65 Pettigrew, Larry 131 Phelps, Mary Beth 31, 51, 52, 123 Pherson, Pat 123 Phillipe, Sandra 53. 64, 123 Phillips, Bill 123 Phillips, Carroll 123 Phillips, Charlene 123 Phillips, Jeanne 46.52, 53, 64, 131 Phillips, Joyce 59, 60, 131 Pickard. Duane 67, 111 Pickering, Judi 53, 60, 131 Pickel, Jerry 56, 57, 90, 111 Pickel, Max 79, 90, 123 Pickett, Bonnie 131 Pickett, Ron 92, 123 Pitts, Bill 79, 131 Pitts, Edward 131 Podhaski, Jan 14, 15, 23, 45, 58, 63, 68, 69, 97,111,144 Polk, Gloria 131 Poole, Billy 81 Poore, Sharon 111 Posey, Emma 64, 123 Porter, Leon 131 Potter, Ronnie 131 Presser, Carole 51, 52, 58, 111 Presser, William 123 Preston, Jane 46, 52, 53, 59, 63, 125, 131 Preston. Nancy 46, 49, 52, 64, 111 Price, William 33, 57, 111 Renselle, Doug 49, 131 Remson, Earlie 33, 56, 75, 77, 112 Ress, Bruce 44, 131 Ress. Jeff 131 Reveal, Judibeth 60, 64, 131 Rhoads. Dan 123 Rich, Nondie 131 Richards, Betty 131 Richardson, Mary Ann 123 Richardson. Steve 66, 123 Richey, Saundra 112 Richman Earl 123 Richman, Myrna 53, 64, 131 Riddle, Francis 131 Ridgley, Fred 131 Ridgway, Nondas 131 Riggs, Betty 51, 52, 58, 112, 145 Riggs, Sharon 59, 123 Riley, Janell 123 Rinker, Alice 123 Rinker, Paul 55 Rinker, Phil 123, 159 Robbins, Bill 37, 131 Robbins, Cora 123 Robbins, John 112 Robbins, Pat 123 Robbins, William 37 Roberson, Kay 25, 60, 112 Roberts, Joe 131 Roberts, Stephen 131 Robinett, Beth Ann 46, 53, 59 Robinson, Ann 59, 60, 131 Robinson, Cecil 56, 74, 75, 83, 85, 1 1 2 Robinson, Richard 123 Roby, Camille 54, 57, 58, 63, 68, 69, 97, 112 ,64-,131 Roby, Dan 7, 28. 50, 51, 52, 60, 66, 123, 144, 159 Roby, Phil 92 Rogers, Carla 23, 123 Rogers. Dave 89, 131 Rohr, Sharon 65, 123 Roland, Kenneth 131 Rolland, Jim 123 Rollins, Elmer 75 Rollins. Rocky 75, 131 Roof, Dennis 92 Roof, Jim 131 Rork, Elen 123 Rosenbaum, Dick 54, 57, 60, 62, 63, 88, 112, 114 Ross, Barbara 43, 59, 60, 63, 123 Roudebush, Don 56, 62, 63, 66, 73, 75, 92. 93, 112 Rouse, Gerald 53, 60. 64, 132 Rousey, Jim 79, 87, 125, 132 Rowe, Michael 48, 52, 54, 60, 63, 132, 154 Rozelle, Bob 51, 123 Rush, Gloria 132 Russell, Jo Ann 132 Russell, Mike 132 Sale, Jerry 51, 52, 112 Sampley, Nancy 60, 132 Sanders, Charles 132 Sanders, Lorna 132 Sanders, Robert 132 Sanders, William 132 Sanford, Judith 47. 60, 132 Sargent. Carolyn 57, 58, 97, 112, 140 Sargent, Nancy 58, 112, 142 Scantland, Larry 132 Scharnowske. Ruth 54, 123 Schattner, Robert 45, 123 Scheller, Delores 54, 59, 60, 63, 132, 146 Scherer. Rebecca 44, 59, 123 Schildmeier, Barbara 61. 112 Schildmeier, Carolyn 123 Schlacks, Peppy 132, 144 Schmitt, Billie 132 Schock, Sandra 123 Schrope, Carol 44, 57. 58, 64, 66, 112 Schumacher, Stanley 46. 48, 132 Scott, Cindy 44, 55, 59, 60, 63, 123 Scott, Sherman 60, 79, 81, 132 Scott, Terry 132 Sczesny, Pete 123 Seal, Jim 56, 75, 77, 87, 90, 132 Seal, William 112 Sears, Steve 132 Seipel, Rex 112 Sells, Larry 69, 118, 123 Seybert, Jerry 132 Seybert, Sharon 47, 51, 52, 112, 129 Seybert, Shirley 18, 21 Shafer, Gerald 44, 92, 132 Shaffer, Jon 53, 60, 132 Shaffer, John 113 Shank, Bonnie 59, 60, 123 Shannon, Alice 57, 113 Shaul, Jerry 113, 138 Shaw, Gayle 53, 132 Shaw, Steve 50, 51, 52, 69, 113 Sheets, Judy 132 Sheets, Judy Kay 132 Sheets, Vicki 64, 132 Shell, Eddie 123 Shell, Ronnie 123 Shelton, Joyce 51, 59, 64, 123, 154 Shelton, Zella 132 Shepherd, Jim 123, 132 Schields, Earnest 123 Shields, Linda 132 Shields, Ronnie 132 Shipley, Carl 132 Shipley, Pat 132 Shipman. Annette 22, 58, 64, 113 Shirley, Richard 113 Shively, Gretchen 13 2 Shoemaker, Judy 45, 55, 59, 64, 123, 159 Short, Reba 132 Shuman, Randy 49 Silver, Aaron 49, 132 Simmons, John 60, 66, 132 Simpson, Karen 44, 53, 59, 65, 132 Simpson, Marva 59, 63, 132 Simpson, Sandra 49, 60, 132 Simpson, Wayne 132 Sims, Margaret 132 Sink, Robert 113 Sisson, Larry 132 Skeoch, Graydon, 62, 63. 66, 123 Skinner, Nancy 51, 52, 54. 59, 64, 65, 123 Skinner, Stephen 123 Stohler, Stokes, Jerry 114 Joyce 114 Stokes, Nancy 53, 59, 60, 132 Stokes, Sally 55, 59, 124 Stone, Bruce 132 Straub, Sue 114 Streaty, Kenneth 23, 114, 124 Streaty, Sue 124 Strickland, Charlotte 132 Stringer, James 56, 72, 75, 81, 90, 114 Stroud, June 54, 132 Sullivan, Phillip 51, 52, 56, 72, 75, 77. 85 91 114 ,90, , Summers, Judy 124 Ussery, Nancy 12, 51, 115 Van Duyn, William 115 Van Meter, Carmen 115 Van Metre, Nancy 133 Van Ness, Eddie 90, 124 Van Osdel, Jean 133 Vanover, Phillip 133 Vasbinder, Martha 46. 48, 52, 115 Vaughn, James 115 Vaughn, Tom 133 Vess, Mary 44, 53, 133 Vickery, Phyllis 53, 59, 133 Vincent, Sherrill 53, 54, 97, 115 ,Lynn 67, 115 Thomas 143 Skouden, Priscilla 22, 57, 58, 61, 113 Slack, Eleanor 123 Slinkard, Tom 123 Sloane, Sloane. Joanne 18, 47, 59, 123 Tom 48,49, 113,147 Small, Toby 30, 113, 153 Smith, Bill 62, 132 Smith, Bob 132 Smith, Charlene 132 Smith, Delores 123 Smith, Diane 132 Smith, Janice 113 Smith, Jerry Jo 56, 81, 123 Smith, Jim 113 I Smith, John 79, 90, 132 Smith, Joyce 113 Smith. Julia 123 Smith, Karel Ann 18, 47, 55 123 Smith, Louise 53, 54, 123 Smith. Margery 113 Summitt, Michele 132 Sutton, Jim 62, 87, 90, 92, 132 Sutton, Larry 56, 62, 90, 124 Swain, Phyllis 60, 132 Swift, Joe 44, 62, 124 Swinford, Allen 44, 132 Swinford, Anthony 114 Sylvester, Nora 18, 47, 114 Talbert, Harriette 64, 114 Tallman, Tom 56, 62, 75, 90, 91, 124 Tappan, Tom 15, 51, 52, 60, 124, 132 Tatman, Max 49, 132 Taylor, Diana 42, 44, 55, 59, 63, 64, Wable, John 133 Wade, Thelma 124 Walbridge, Bob 124 Walker, David 124 Walker, Rebecca 53, 133 Walker, Sharon 133, 159 Walters Linda 133 Wasson, Eddie 133 Watson Bob 133 Watson Joyce 53, 133, 143 Watson Larry 23 Watson Waugh, Steve 75,87,90,133 Peggy 53,133 Waugh, Penny 53, 133 124, 153 Taylor, Fred 115 Taylor, Harry 66, 124 Taylor, Larry 92, 124 Taylor, Madelyn 30, 46, 60, 132 Taylor, Peggy 44, 133 Taylor Sandra 57, 115 Taylor, Steve 90, 124 Teaford, Kay 133 Teague, Carolyn 115 Teague, John 56, 73, 75, 76, 82, 92, 93, 124 Tegge, Larry 49, 133 Temple, Judy 59, 63, 133 Templeton, Ronald 67, 115 Smith, Michael 88, 123 Smith, Ralph 123 Smith, Rebecca 15, 42, 43, 47, 113 Smith, Richard 32 Smith, Sharon 59, 64, 65, 66, 123 Smith, Shirley 124 Smith, Sue 124 Smith, William 113 Snider, Kay 124 Twigg, Snodgrass, Eddie 124 Snodgrass, Myrna 132 Snyder, Kay 65 Snyder, Richard 113 Sorter, Jim 132 Southers, Norma 7, 19, 54, 61, 113 Southworth, Derre Jo 124 Sparks, Margaret 124 Spaulding, Dave 114, 137 Speece, Jerry 87. 90, 132 Speece, Joseph 55, 132 Speedy, Robert 124 Spell, Rex 124 Spencer, Suzan 132 Sprague, Fred 124 Springer, Arlene 15, 58, 114, 142 Springer, Jean 124 Staggs, James 124 Stankey, Lillian 124 Stanley, Carolyn 132 Stanley, Fern 114 Stanley, Larry 29, 114 Stanley, Linda 23, 45, 57, 58, 63 69, 114 Stanley, Margaret 132 Stanley, Nancy 124 Stanson, Donald 114 Steele, James 60, 87, 92, 125, 132 Steele, Jeannie 46, 132 Stenski, Dinah 132 Stephens, Betty 124 Stewart, Jackie 65, 124 Terrill. Myrann 133 Thomas Thomas ,Bill 53, 133 ,Kay 133 Thomas, Larry 133 Thomas Marylinda 45, 59, 133 Waymire, Pamela 47, 63, 125, 133 Webb, Jo Anne 53, 60, 133 Webb, Larry 32, 133 Webster, Judy 49, 53, 59, 124 Welch, James 124 Vifelch, Mike 124 Welker, Linda 46, 59, 133 Wellons, Shirley 116 Wells, Ronnie 118, 124 Wessar, Sally 51, 58, 63,116,121 Whelan, Barbara 66, 124 Whitaker, Marvin 56, 67, 75, 90 Whitaker, Nora 133 White, Andrew 133 Whiteaker, Gerald 116 Whiteaker, Janice 124 VJhitehouse, Floyd 45, 116, 158 Whiteman, Sheron 42, 44, 59, 63, 124 Whitley, Joyce 133 Thomas, Tom 133 Thompson, Jay 124 Thompson, John 46, 48, 49, 133 Throgmorton, Glenda 133 Thurman. Richard 133 Tibbetts. Deanna 65, 124 Tipton, Charles 115 Tolbert, Gykala 47, 133 Tolbert, Rita 53, 59, 133 Toombs, Elizabeth 53, 133 Toombs, Jimmey 53, 60, 133 Townsend, Brooks 51, 66, 96, 115 Townsend, Louie 124 Townsend, Terry 21 Trennepohl, Mary Jean 42, 124, 140 Truesdel, Georgia 19, 44, 58, 63, 115, 156 Tucker, Molly Jo 53, 133 Tucker, Roger 133 Turbeville, Millie 115 Whitman, Howard 44, 62, 79, 92, Wicker, Bill 124 Vvficker, Geraldine 124, 150 Wigner, Ellen 51, 57, 116 Wiley, Dianne 124 Wiley, Richard 124 XVilhoite, Floyd 44, 45, 116 Wilkerson, Roosevelt 56, 73, 75 Wilkins, Josephine 116 Wilkins, Willy 116 Wilkinson, Richard 67, 116 Turner, Betty 124 Turner, Ronnie 124 Turner, Rosalie 124 Turner, Larry 115 Turner, Leon 133 Turner, Sylvester 133 Turney, Stanley 133 Tutero Lois 59 133 W, , Tuterow, Marlene 30, 55, 59, 124 Tway, Dean 115 Joan 133 Stewart, Larry 114 Stickradt, Paul 132 Stickradt, Roy 114, 142 Stires, Linda 4, 43, 114, 146 Tyler, Dinah 59, 60, 66, 69, 124 Upshaw, Rex 88, 124 Williams, Barbara 124 Williams, Calvin 133 Williams, Jerry 33, 133 Williams, Nondas 116 Williams, Paul 124 Williams, Richard 39, 51, 52 54, 57, 1 16 Williams, Thomas 116 Williams, Tom 62, 75, 81, 87 88, 124 Williams, Vivian 116 Williams, Willard 116 Williams, Willie 53, 75, 133 Williamson, Margaret 13 7 Willis, Charlotte 46, 124 Willis, Dorothy 116 Wilmoth, Don 133 Wilson, Ada Mae 133 Wilson, Barbara 133 Wilson, Connie 124, 156 Wilson, Jim 133 Wilson, Judith 60, 63, 133 Wilson, Mattie 124 Wilson, Tom 28, 51, 52, 56, 62, 63, Ussery, Carole 12, 51, 66, 115 75, 76, 90, 91, 116 Winemiller, Nancy 133 Winfrey, Junior 124 Wise, Jerilyn 12, 124 Vvlisehart, Jerry 133 XVisehart, Linda 124 Wolfram, Stanley 116 . XVolgamott, Judy 133 Vifood, Kay 60, 133 Woodall, John 124 Barcus, Mrs. Maxine 65 Barnett, Donald 33, 87, 92, 93 Barrow, David 27 Beigh, Max 36, 64, 69 Bordner, Gerald 29 Bowen, Donald 31, 34 Boyd, Ralph 24 Burns, Clarence 24 Cain, Miss Marietta 31 Kyle, Don 90 Lawson, Mrs. Paula 29, 52, 53, 69 Lee, George 26, 34, 97 Lee, Lowell R. 26, 97 Lindsey, Howard 33, 147 Lindstrom, Miss Virginia 28, 55, 69 Long, Miss Lois 24 Lyon, Herbert 31 McFarland, Mrs. Mary 29, 69 Vwloods, Albert 133 XVoods. Judie 116 Woods, Judith 57, 58, 117 Woods, Yvonne 60, 133 Wools, Linda 124 XX'ools. Peggy 124 Wools, Sharon 46,1124 Worley, Ralph 62, 63, 66, 117 Wright, Cynthia 55 59, 60, 66, 69, 124 Wright, Martha uf, Wright, Robert 133 Wright, Wilma 66, 117, 152 Vkfyatt, Sally 124 ' Wynn, Janet 59, 124 , ls Wysockey, Mary 47, 1179" Carter, James 33, 73, 74, 75, 88 Clem, Thomas 29, 46, 52, 69 Coffin, J. Merrill 28 Davis, George 28, -34, 69 Denny, Charles 28 Doles, Mrs. Margaret 26, 57 Dye, Joseph 32, 34 Ebbertt, G. E. 34 Fidler, Lee 34 Finney, John 31 Fleenor, Ray 28, 78, 79, 90, 91 Frazier, Lester 36 France, Gordon 34 Freeman, Robert 33, 79, 87, 90, 91 Garrigus, John 26, 69 Goff, Mrs. Martha 35 Maine. Mrs. Vivian 24, 118 Martin, Mrs. Deloris 30 Martyn, David 24 Mier, Harry 36 Miller, Herbert 27 Morrison, Miss Novalyn 36 Mulvihill, Mrs. Elise 29, 64 Norris, Mrs, Mary 36 Osborne, Ick 33, 69. 83 Palmer, Miss Mary Ruth 29, 51, 52, 69 Plotner, Miss Gertrude 34 Pugh. Dane 32, 89 Pursley. Lee 24, 44 Pyle, Don 81 Railsback, Mrs. Lucille 31 Yanik. Donald 53, 64, 133 Yanik, Paul 117 Yanik, Ron 53, 133 York, Dave 133 Yost, Mary 124 Young, Cecil 56, 75, 76, 87, 90, 133 Young, Dallas 56, 62, 117 Young, Hazel 117 Young, Maggie 37, 59, 63, 64, 133 Younger, Joyce 60, 133 Zachary, Bob 33 Zachary, Peggy 124 Zander, Ronald 117 Zirkelback, Sharon 133 Vudez Adams, David 35, 56 Allen, James 34 Austin, Mrs. Marjorie 35 Bailey, J, J. 28 Baker, James 36 Ballentine, William 32, 63, 118 Balsley, Richard 31, 69 Grahame, Mrs. Evelyn 24, 69 Gray, Mrs. Barella 36 Griffith, Raymond 26 Hale, Lee 32 Hale, Mrs. Marguerite 24, 69 Harrell, Miss Helen 30, 69 Haygood, NVilliam 36 Hays, Donald 32, 45 Higginbotham, Mrs. Mona 36 Higman, Miss Alice 24, 54, 69 Hosier, Basil 27 Hovermale, William 34 Huffman, John Paul 9, 35, 66, Huntzinger. Jesse 27 lmler, Mrs. Ruthanne 21, 36 James, William 32 Johnson, Miss Eileen 24, 120 Johnson, Keith 24 Julius, G. E. 32 Julius, Wysong 32 Keevin, Mrs. Elsie 36 Kendall, Miss Hazel 24 Knight, Mrs. Margaret 34 124,125 Rhynearson, Mrs. Edna 36 Riggs, Mrs. Dorothy 30 Roby, Wilbur 34 Roney, Claud 27 Rowlett. Javan 36 Russo, Peter 33, 62, 69, 74, 75, 81, 92, 93 Sanders, W. Leo 26 Schultz, Mrs. Mary Jane 25, 97 Shaffer, Robert 26 Sherman, Ray 27 Shinn. Vern 32 Sparks, Joseph 36, 81 Springer, O. I.. 28 Stryczek, Mrs. Stella 25, 69 Swift. Clifford 28 Todd, Miss Rive 30 Vaught. George F. 29, 48, 52 Vermillion. Mrs. Virginia 25, 66 Villars, Edmund 32 Welsh, Fred 36 Vvfilliams. Syd 34 XVilson. Horace 26 Woschitz, Frank 25, 42, 43, 62 74405402 A year ago the 1958 Indian was an image, a dream, a plan and now all the pictures have been taken, all the headlines and copy blocks written, and the book completed. It is finished, ended, the grand finale of more than a year of planning and work on this 50th anniversary edition, a book that required a little more research, a little more glam- our, and a little more effort on the part of those who worked on it. Five professional photographers took pictures for the edition. They were Mr. Richard Brier, of Indianapolis: Mr. Russ Forkner, of Elite Studio, Anderson: Mr. Doyle Fox, of Delmar Studios, Anderson: Mr. Herb Johnson and Mr. Ron Partain, of Anderson Newspapers Inc. A student photographer, Larry Gibson, took more than 150 pictures that were published. Engravings in the book were done by the Indi- anapolis Engraving Company, and printing by the Hudson Printing Company, of Anderson. S. K. Smith Company, of Chicago, produced the cover for the edition, and Commercial Service Company, of Anderson, bound the printed contents to the cover, Much credit goes to the National Scholastic Press Association and Columbia Scholastic Press Associ- ation who bestowed honors of "All-American" and "Medalist," respectively, upon the 1957 LM ' mel-will ded! Indian, inspiring the '58 staff and supplying valu- able critiques. The dream is now a reality, the plan is complete, the book is printed and another deadline in a history of 50 years is met. I I 1958 INDIAN STAFF Linda Stires z,,,.2 -...2,,,....,,.. C o-Editor-in-chief Dan Motto .,,,...,,,,,.,,.L,,,, ., Co-Editor-in-chief Marilyn Chopson ..,,.,LL,,,,,, Faculty and Education Ann Adams ..,,,,2,,,L,,,,.,,, Faculty and Education Becky Smith ,,,,,,Yw,,,,,,2,,,,,,,,,,,,., Seniors Marilyn Hill ,,,W,..,,..,,..L...,.,,,,,,,A Seniors Carolyn McCrock1in Dixie Martin ,,- ,,,,Y,-LL-,,,,,-,,,, Underclasses -,,,,,,--,,-,--,-,-, NLE- Acttuzties Alice Maynard ,,L,,,z...,L,,,,Y,...., aa-, Activities Sharon McLaughlin ,,,,.,zz.,,,,,2Wv.2....z, Sports Ray Ashley .,,,,,,..,,,L,,,,,,,,,,z,,,,rL ., Sports Mona Clem ,,,,,,,2,,,,.,,,YL..,,.,,,.,.. Business Roni McKibban ....,,,,z,Lz,.,z,,,,z ., W Advertising Larry Gibson .z,A,,....z,..,,,,,,,z,, Photography George Jackson ,.,,,...,,,,., L ,,,,.,,, Photography 1958 JUNIOR STAFF Janice Branch Nancy Hartzell Janice Byrum Kenneth Heavilin David DeBo1t Thelma Manuel Barbara Diedring Pat McKeand Steve Givens Carolyn Ray Donna Grant Mary Jean Trennepohl Connie Gustin Sheron Whiteman Jane Hamilton FACULTY ADVISER Mr. Frank Woschitz --. .,........ Business and Editorial X., '12, sf , tzk Fi: - Tia gf .:j" fl, .52-, .:' 5 'ji - V 7 45, - 1. . L ':, M., j 'la f Q, -51' ,433 ' 24 E2 Q1T'?g"' Qi . is Qv .am -ff Y x if Ig 'Pi M ,J 'V Aurfpfqin' 5448+ M ef, ' f' , 1 W A x Hifi? fu ff Ac' X ,. kg. x, V- 252 , 'f , . 4 1 'X T 1 -a f 1 1 X 4 Y , 4 .3 .e 5 -. 171 A 1- 'f 4 y 1 bl 5. + .- J ' an is .1 -1 c K f , we 1 4 X ww. Q N f H , + x x W L M' 'av 5 3' A 4. 'Y X. 4 ' . '- X .- 4 'J

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