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M , , --""""T""Y WM , . --- ' ' V- K vw Mgxpvg N ifgiinjgfw G W www W ffjgiiiifiijh if W rf . Q17 .Wi likyk. WWW gk' wfwfffw jf Q if W5f f 02250 W w 65i"N'M ' ?f s A N W ff ' 'Vl V A Q My f 'F 2, vip 5 uf ff' , f M litjfy gf M J7 Q: 'L' V if if? I P Y jfjllfidffffl J A A M J Cbjgycfy fi JV ., 4 1 I Xl, b if YU! j Q , ! ,yA M1 iyff U6pXv,'3 Af I I 'UW ,ff 'A x ,W 'Aj 1 . l , MVWX fd ' W A W M V MV 5 x Q' if wk? -R 1 f WX 'iq ilazgia X MW . . . 'Nwlyfgwblj A vlboQ1gffQ?:f W n ! . a ' , ' -G Bjvfnxgfvg ' 9 WMV p tb is,-2,ei5x?8i5 EW A Ip! yy. m ILQWI1, Q fB5fifQM3f0 W f Q47 p ,Q I , X Y X 1 ,X Y 5 N, ,, P XP' T px 'V ,R , E il h , 5 ,Q qw Q .X , R x x I 331,,fEff ' I mx ., f- f an my . 111 1 -v 1-my E. fl f I he 19 7 K we -mt ' ' AL ,Q HW 'H ,, Q, f wk mg k ' xsfs' ifidg , J.. 'Qmfsw X g?4dL'A! 1 7 I -ff 1 1 1 1 v, a . L 1 .f Q? .fgn 1 ,' v ,, AJ, fr fa I f I I , ' mf I x f I L ' in ,' M6 2-'Inf' x H4 , I Q xi 'W 5, , W I f f 1 I 'V V 0 7 I fi 'NN M ,f XM al N 42 '+ .- f ' ggi ': -Q If A F U 5, 'A W4 J, Q 1 G ff 4-. 15 3 : .W Anderson Ifigh School Anderson, Indiana ff Mr. Claude fDocj Barner, age 64, AHS printing In Remembrance 0 l They, were two of a kind. Both were small in stature, but possessed of untiring energy. One produced all-American yearbooks: the other outstanding athletes: both can lay claim to de- veloping all-American boys, Mr. Carl Bonge and Mr. Claude Barner will always occupy a special niche in Anderson's Hall of Fame in the place where duty and service to youth is uppermost. ,das .e T. 1 ' va, Q.. . f T, c. .yy 'v instructor, who died October 22, 1956. Doc Barner loved his work and especially his cantankerous flat-bed press on which he printed the yearbook for more than 30 years. I -: 1 1,3 - . sig Table of Contents J 4 ' f Omg Section P Pages 1 25 L- C 3,08 .. , onalities ,,,. Pages 26 -, ... K ' C, N4 ... I c' C.,,,. Pages 82 f I letics e..a,,. Pages 110 Adve ' ' g ..fee Pages 136 g nior I e -- Pages 158 f i Ac e gments Page 160 fag 529 QP X 5- s 1 Q1 , . , 'l 45 Mug O ' , N - tpc--f K misd,Qf QM-Zffm, ,. ,X , ,.-0 -sf N ,,f lf 1:2 ,J 5 , . ' M519 A... '7 Two Fine Educators .A AJ A if Mr. Bonge's trademarks were a bat- tered hat, a stopwatch, and a hlack fqfwps I fl KQQSJYQM , QJ r, h0f9h0Ok' which held UOYCS On CVCYY Mr. Carl Bongo. nge 56, athletic director and coach at boy who ever ran for AHS. Aus, who died mlmmfy zo, 1957. -xg, The quiet winter snow nuffled the sounds of ac- fivity in the halls of AHS. -qu!" Q5 1 f E. 111600. . . With lfll1o1l'Rn01 n Un Opening Day Something Was Missing . . . Volunteers in the new bookstore like Mona Clem, Dallas Young, and Judy Coon. still have their hands full as students exchange summer paychecks for winter text- books. The familiar Lincoln Street entrance. with only a scatter- ing of students, was one of the nrst signs of the decrease in population. ln the depths of the sub-basement at least four girls. Sandra Fisher. Barbara Diedring, Glenda Cheatham, and Barbara Ross. enjoy shopping for a bargain in the used book store. manned by Tom Tappan on opening day. 1200 of the 2600 tudents 0 Last Year Although there is nothing like a summer vacation, one usually looks forward to that Hrst day of school when everyone is back in the same boat again. But this time, it seemed that either the school was larger or there were a lot fewer people. The case was the latter, but once aboard, the chatter seemed to be just as loud, and the cheerful greetings were just as exciting. Because of the new Madison Heights Town- ship High School and the newly adopted 62323 system, 1200 of the original gang of 2600 were gone. But even though they were missed at first, there were certainly advantages! So much less time was spent buying books, classes were started on time, and best of all-elbow room! An early bird, Mike Maine, is alone in the long corridors of AHS ' just 30 minutes before the school day begins and the 1400 students pour into the building. Although AHS has six entrances, the 13th Street door is still the traditional main passageway at morning, noon, E3 0 ...... -, QQ:gjg, ll I2 'I "S C? fkf' J.. ..i. xuilllfll f S 4 J f 2 l 9 3 1,1 ! xl NZ 'UN 1 WH Classes and Places of Stud Uccupied rl fig? Ag 'C' W' "Study or TVFH asks Joy Giddens, Students fought this battle many times and usually settled for a combin- ation of both. AHS's famous concert band strikes up traditional melodies in their new ultra-modern band room. 8 'ra we .qw eu' LOCaii0n.s W H As AHS students' walked through -the doors into the school for the first time this year, there w,ere manyxchanges, but probe ably the moist notableiiwas the many new room locations. Classes were switched as part ofa plan to concentrate all high school departments. i7 2 Study hall, once a supposedly quiet place, now buzzes with the clicks of type- writers and the scratching of shorthand pencils. The business department was transfered to the entire third floor of the annex. The vocal music department pushed the instrumentalists out of the old annex into a new, roomy, soundproof practice room. Equipped with the latest conveniences, the room provides an excellent atmosphere for instrumentalists to play at their best. The once-was English room is now showered with greenery as the agriculture boys moved in. The publications staffs have room to breath in their spacious new quarters. Biology rooms have more space for displaying specimans, and that dusty Old Skglctgn finally Came Out Of its C1053 Keith Hamilton. Ruth Bender, and Andy Goodson have disf to be ugcd full-time in the psychology covered thal the shatle of the old maple tree on the front lawn roorn is the ideal spot to prepare Iomorrow's homework, The X-Ray editors now have room to breathe in Room 19 as they hustle to meet the next deadline. ...,.., pi' gf! ' . .e-" f A T ii ll? rlr,. .,e,,e L A I ----.....,,,,...,, , 9 l s l 5 ' . . Black clouds hover over AHS as the school anchors itself for another mid-winter snow storm. Students Adapted to a Year 0' Change Bob Stoner and Dee Anderson try broad jumping to avoid Wet feet on a spring day. One might think that since the student body was cut practically to one-half its original size, the traffic would decrease. However, the muff- lers, horns, and restless Wheels rumble loudly at noon hour and after school is dismissed. The parking lot fills and empties as always, Observing generally, one would smile at the carefree teen-agers, but individually, they, like the weather and traffic, remain unpredictable. M333 r if-lfiit-5,55 E "' i'1 Ql 97" A 'f.5,-av? E? if -zf N re wx : Q0. " ' L. , , E' , i Cb 5 .Smi ling 9 'Yi f2x'i:ls Tall stories have their beginnings at gatherings like these during the short wait before the lunch hour ends, Despite Un oreseen Weather, Traffic, Moods Daydreamers and those in love are well protected by the ever-present traffic policeman on llth Street. Seeking shelter under their umbrellas from n sudden spring shower as they wait for the noon bell to ring are Nancy Skinner. Sharon Poore, Sheila Hornbeck, and Sherry Baker. ,, ,f .Ki ll -fn. ' u ff 2' ' 1. 'QQ -vmmwqma, .K '-08' ,r - 5, I . , Q .-.X ,nt-:.sfmts,ffl.if X - 1. tfemfv V.-4. ..,,. if Q is The traditional meeting place for cokes and conversmion is the candy stand where .hurl Crim struggles under the counter while serving Marlene 'VUICYOXV and Karen Kelley. ---- l ...'..f XY "fo , ,g 'll K P u lla? 'I 5 XXX is X, Q I - l s:?ilXgXXSix5 x....a :E ib "f iff f fl! if Ll ffm in W mai Q Meetirzg Places Were Many and UIIIILSIIIZI A dance floor meeting of John Results in the choice of 'lthcirw And the ccmenting of A friendship McGuire and Bonnie Blackshear. . . song. . . via rock 'n roll. 12 The balcony of the girls' gym has become a favorite hangout' of the lunch time crowd. Dorothy Hitch. Judy Harris, and Carole McC1ivern have iust hit on the joke of the day as they relax at the Indian Room ai the end of a strenuous day of schoolwork. With Good Cornpfzny All That fllatterecl Chess master concentration by Tom lgnores social noises and chit- As the boys maneuver pawns, Callender and Tom Carpenter. . . chat, . . knights, and bishops. ""-M-...,,q,. Kay McCir.iw. Miss Green. and Bob Porter. Mr. Red. lleft picture! led clieerleatlers .lucly Coon. Ann Harris. l,onnie lveson. Melanie Martin, Linda Stanley, and Karen Venzey in .1 yell for victory during Red and Green XVeelt. Hoping to worm its way through the sectional fright pictttrel was the prize-winning caterpillar built by Homertiom 205 .intl pro- pelled hy Dick Pugh. Bob MCNAII, lirtinlt Martin. .lerry Metz. Rick Vs'illitims. Melanie Nlartin, Bob Porter .intl Tom Smith. Education leaped Through, Sugar- Coated 'llie "l5twt11' .l.igtttit'sM, Marilyn llryant. iieetmipanist. Mike Maine. llive Clem. .lim Btirbre. .intl lfmnlt lliomp- Mtirtliwtii. master til extra-sensory perception. lms Don son, harinonive during the Christmas Convocation. Bennett niystihed as to the secret Ot the rings. V--M-ng ' t 14 Mike Johnson chalks up two points in a hilari- ous comic game in which the Hi-Y Club did their share in pushing school spirit to a peak. Other contestants were Ronnie Achor, Jerry Sale, Rick Williams, Jerry Hale, and Pat Lee. Ur Utherufise The breaks from routine that were always anticipated were the pep sessions and convos. The first convo of the year came as quite a shock-once everyone had taken his seat--for it was then that the fact that 1000 students were gone was fully realized. No longer were there people packed clear to the rafters on all four sides of the gym! Instead, only two sides were filled-and even then, there were empty seats and a few empty rows. The convos this year provided a variety of interest and entertainment for the students. For example, Dr. Glenn Cunningham, a former record-breaking mile runner, spoke: a demon- stration of Extra Sensory Perception was given: and several other speakers high-lighted the con- vocations. When football season began, pep-sessions got underway. Students poured into the gym as the band's music promoted spirit. It seemed that l400 students could yell louder than 2600! The pep-sessions were of exciting variety, and each one spurred the spirit onward-to back the Indians and cheer them on to victory. . 4 v wr Vi , ,,s I s 'f A .4 4 - H 3 , , I 4 fXnderson's-lflvis Presley! Brooks Townsend. vibrates for the crowd at the Student Talent Convo. Homecoming Night Brought cz Popular ueen A beautiful queen, a parade to rival that of the Rose Bowl, and a sensational victory on the gridiron all went into the ingredients for this year's Homecoming. The giant parade which wound through the entire downtown area was one of the most elaborate of the past few years. Competition was high among the many club and class floats, and individually decorated cars added much color to the event. The crowning of Judy Hancock as Home- coming Queen of l957 was the highlight of the activities at Denny Field. The queen and her attendants were entertained at half time by a show Ht for royalty put on by the famous AHS marching band. AHS's thrilling 34 to 7 victory over the Howe Hornets was the climax to the night's events. ln a General Motors town. what could be more appro- priate than a Cadillac-load of classy cheerleaders leading the Homecoming parade to Denny liield? l5ootball colcaptains receive victory inspiration from Homecoming Queen, Judy Hancock. and attendants at a before' game visit to the gridiron. l.eft to right are Keith Hamilton, Louise Smith, Adelia Drake, Judy Hancock, and Perry Hill. 16 The float built by the class of '57 ranked first in the "l.itk those Hornetsf' was the slogan of the second homecoming parade. This senior float svmbolived an place winner. Latin Clulv. In a candv-land setting. the adding machine. totaling up the points seored by the lndians showed how they were going to 4'liek" the lndians, Howe Hornets. Bursting with happiness over being selected as Homecoming queen is .ludy Hancock. representing the senior class. Others pictured are l,ouise Smith. .Xdelia Drake. Diane Childers - last years queen - - and Jarrett lfairman. the master of eeremonies. 17 AH Talent Gained the ThQflfIlPfll poillglzi Oni: of the highlights of thc IQ57 Band Variety Show was .1 clever interpre- tation of the lrish Jig. donc in celebration of St. Patriclfs Dny. hy thc majorcttcs. liront row girls Arc Judy Recd, Judy Harris. Nornm Southcrs. and Marjorie lfllis. Shown in the second row .irc .loycc Brown, Dorothy Hitch, and Nora Sylvester. Thr cast of the Thcspian play. "St'vcn Sistcrsf gathers In thc lixtng, room tn ltmi t ol tht sucn sisters Sttu ing are Bill Rowland. Jane Ann l5ord. l.ucy Mvcrs. Ronnie Cltrk Paoli l rinct Join XXIl'lClll'l Ann Cthrlxc Doug Dron bcrgcr. Vlichacl Dunn. and Roger Adcoclx. Seated .trc Carolmn Hoppts xlOI'l1 C ltm Pit Harl Ind 'Vliri lixingston Xt. we lior the hrst time since Miss Alice lligman has directed the senior class play. the setting is out-offdoors. Menibers of the cast studying the patio ltop leltl of the palatial l,ong Island home are Dee Anderson. Veronica Trees. Bob lirance. Sherry Page. and Ann Patton. Dorothy Hitch and Nlary Livingston try to distract Dave Bennett. Toni Henricks. and Ruth Barr ttop rightl as they run through one of the outstanding scenes of the play. Chuck Shaffer. BillRow1antl. and Chuck Lowe flower leftl examine Barbara l'lufl'man's leg. hurt in a make-believe bad fall. The four had leads in the play. Members of the stage crew llower righll. Bob Stoner. .lulian Hudson. l.eRoy Shields, and Bill Neff take time out for a theatrical joke above the stage. Each year the talent of AHS shines forth as the many organizations of the school present outstanding entertainment g for the community. These performances 'f W bring to light the abilities and talents de- eqwlill veloped in our on classrooms. The first of the l956-57 entertainment egxf season was the Thespian play "Seven Sisters." Early in the spring came the spectacular band variety show, an hour and a half of Hollywood-like extravag- anza. This year the show played to an audience of more than 5,000 people. The last theater billing of the year was the traditional senior class play. a comedy "Sabrina Fair." The play was again not merely a performance, but a link in perm- anent high school institution. The drama of the Thespian play was heightened hy the flamboyant costumes worn for a masquerade party. ln one scene Bill Rowland. Ronnie Clark. Bob lfrance, and l.ucv Myers emote. l9 The l'.ill NVindup Dancc, himoring the cross-coiinlrv and fooilmll ic.ims. was thc .inniml opening of the Social wawn. l.ind.i Smnlcv. sulcflril .is qiicun. is surruiindccl hi' licilh Hamilton. fimtlmll cufcnpiain: Mcliinic Marlin. altcnd .init Ann lwrcl, .illcndani .incl .lorry llJFLli1fl'k'. :rms cuiinirv u.ipi.iin UGCIIS lJl?I'5UIli ief Yiypicul High School Coed Um' wt thc l1lLlllllx1lJlS nl 'An l'YL'l1ll1Q in l'.uis." llcli piuiiircl .1 :lance givcn Im' thi' lWI1x'lll ol cripplcil cliildrcn and llllI1l1.1Fl.lI1 rvlicl unix ihi' cruwiiiiig -il Ihr igiicvn, Sur fXclwi'iii.iii hx' fXl.ii'iwr Ralph lfcrgiiwn, Allk'l1ilAT1IY wcrn' llwth Snmplc' .mil Xlarilvii llill liidy li-lmwn pruiiilli' .iiuiipw the tlmwicil imwii which was prcwnlccl to hvr hx' Virginia Pmlcs .il thc Silvcr ljcll ? s 2-2 'S x i " 15? il 20 ANN ADAMS Yearbook Queen Candidates . . Ann Blackwell Pal Blume Virginia Gary Kay Custin Judy Hancock Carole Nlcfiivern Faye Sargent Beverly Van Voorhis jeff: i .. .Fil A Smiling with pride is Ann Adams. Anderson Highs first yearbook queen as she is being crowned bv co-editors ol the annual, Ronnie Campbell and Fran XVagner. '60 A s A 1 if 4 4 -WY, 4' M L Q ,,V , ya ' Q10 l L if if E.. For the Hrst time in history. the students at AHS elected a queen of the yearbook. Modeled after the Purdue and lndiana yearbook queens, the AHS queen personined the typical high school girl. This year's queen, Ann Adams, was selected from a group of nine candidates nominated by homerooms with 100 per cent yearbook sales. The queen, who was crowned at an all-school convoca- tion, was one of the very few queens to be elected by students from all classes in the high school. fur-I 3 ' R ' -' 5?S?33'ii'f LE-5123, i .wif "1-:Af i Qs? L' .1 W , ,ik Qi, Prom Goers Reliever! Grandeur of Old South Adelia Drake. Attendant t f ii 'K ' YQ ,fffg X'-wh l 1- t 'll 9 ii iii i Q -Said Il i l If N ,ry L ' . ,X JQWQQ I.inda Stanley, Prom Queen The great confederacy of the South rose and then declined all in the one evening of June 7, 1957-the night of the Junior-Senior Prom. Bringing to light the plantation days of a cen- tury ago, the juniors presented a "Grande Cotillionf' modeled after those of the pre-Civil War days. Just as the southern belles of the era waltzed on the verandas among the magnolias and col- onades, the belles of AHS danced with their gentlemen in the southern garden scene setting. All the chivalry and grandeur of the South were relived in the one evening. Highlighting the ball was the crowning of the Cotillion queen, Linda Stanley, Followed by her attendants, Ann Adams and Adelia Drake, the queen and her escort led the grand march of southern ladies, colonels, and gentlemen. Ann Adams, Attendant H-...e.,., 3.0 Nu I istening intently to the commencement speech are the parents and friends of the graduates at the traditional COmf mencement ceremonies. It is .il this time the seniors feel closer lo each other than ever before. Gl'IldllflIfi0ll Brought Tears, an nd to Cords, Graduation is a time of fond memories and mixed emotions at Anderson High School. Even the most hard-boiled of the seniors has a tear to offer to the Week that begins with Baccalaureate and ends with Commencement. For the graduating seniors, the Baccalaureate and Commencement are not only looked upon as the end of high school, but as the beginning of a life that will soon unfold before them. At this time of mixed emotions, graduates reminisce over the occasions which led up to the night of June 13, 1957. "An apple a deny" keeps the speaking voices of these four seniors in top shape. Selected to act as this yenr's commencement speakers are Mike Maine, Ann Davis, Dave Clem, and .ludv Coon. i g,-5 ,S Nqt " Diana Vfatson and Jim Barbre model their caps and gowns Thursday was the most popular day for wear- lur the senior class sponsors. Mr, .lohn lfinney and Miss l.ois Long. ing senior cords and skirts. Leaving the gym are seniors l inda Vfilson, .lean Anne leush rfronl l, Dave Clem. Chuck lnwe. and lfranlx lhompson. Realizing that this may be the last time they Will see their fellow classmates, the graduates of the class of '56 sing their farewell song at the senior talent show. 'lihey have been gone a year, but are not forgotten, 25 f .Q A XM ,,,,l H WW, M Q k 2 3 W-waf 9' ,MMKAQQWW Y 9 Q Mmhivnvn ,W 1-1' H?" W .1 3 'L f VL F ' A C V.,-av-25' gay ' w 3 3' ' 1. - -3 V wigaihgg 5 ' '3 5 - --', va , , , " fd 1 Q K, P J., 25,3-,,,,'5v H f , Ngw ' ,,QQ-WW N 'f" 'A AVZZ M ,V ,,.-r -ff l 2' is- .. TW! Aff will ,i fi 1 k tu g at ji T L x l, Il l Personalities Whetlier from the faculty to the student, or from the student to faculty, a small-but comf- plex-government is organized. Regardless of size, the system remains an important one- both to the administration and the student. This year l20O students left the school through grad- uation or transfer, but the l-400 remaining ones still keep the faculty busy. Teachers had time, however, to get to know students better. The responsibilities of both groups are great, and their closer relationship becomes invaluable. Beginning with the student body, which seeks comradeship and instruction. proceeding to the homeroom teacher, class instructor, on through the principal, superintendent, and board of trustees, our high school government is the threshold of the future. Study hall, the incubator of "A" students. l,oi'e isn't the only thing that makes the world go 'round .is is shown hy Mr. .lohn Garrigus to .lohn Clmnihers, .lerry Cfrirpenler. .ind Phil Shearer in physicnl science cl.iss .is .i rlemonsir-.mon ot .i planeinrium progresses A Modern High Choo! In.spire.s Sludents "The madreporite is right .... here." l.Jrry Burton is point- ing Olll tl stnrIish's different structures. Trying to .ilvsorb as much "Oh, those Bunsen lvurnersf' Nnney Barron and as possible from Zoology are Roger Roudehush. Mr. XV. l.eo Carolyn Carr experiment with metric scales, test Sanders, Shirley Wellons. and David Miller. tubes, and basic formulae in physics class. 28 Within the next fifty years, the World will see the most drastic changes in the scientific field that has ever been known by man. Work will be plenti- ful, and highly-trained technicians will be needed for the better-paying jobs. High school is the starting point. Technical studies are the tools of tomorrow's mathematicians and scientists. Even today, there is a great need for skilled people to work with the pioneers on the research plane. Engineers, chemists, physicists, and many other specialists are the products of the present high school curriculum. Perhaps one of Al-lS's students will find a cure for heart disease: maybe someone will construct a rocket that will travel to distant planets. The World of tomorrow is a world of opportunities. mm M.. li' A'Anyone for a squid in formaldehyde?" Janice Byrum and Sandy Crosthwaite have their minds on one in biology class. To Tackle the Complexities of the Sciences This algebra class hour is filled with negatives and positives as is shown by various students' Work on the blackboard. 29 Its Cultural Pursuits Point the Wa to Li e '-'--...- "Eaui" XVith faces screwed up in incomprehensible expressions, the students in Mr. David Martyns class run through the lirench alphabet. livery study hall merits a pretty girl- Zl8 has Betsey Barnes. "Teacher left the room-'A The misdeed is done. 30 n Cl High Plane ln 957 A.D., the basis of everyday life was music and art. Today, ten centuries later, it is still true. And at AHS many courses are offered to stress the knowledge of the Hne arts. Al- though Anderson High may not produce a Grandma Moses, Rockwell, or Gershwin, it will graduate people who already have a foot-hold in the art world. Language, being a communicative cousin of art, is the connecting rod between nations. AHS has one ancient and two modern languages- and all are important in literature and other related subjects. The arts are often thought of as being en- tirely "long hair," but even a well-rounded high school student needs the artful knowledge gained in the classrooms at AHS. Mrs. Paula l.awson, Shirley Beaver, David Luck. and Bill Raymore romp through the classics as part of the study in music appreciation class. The l.ouvre may not be the main objective in these young artists' lives ttop pictured. but their constant study on art assists in their success. "Back straight, stomach in. chest out!" This isn't the army, but Stephanie Hoppes flower pictureil gets posture practice by using a book atop her head in speech class, Ralph Worley and Anita Glaze also strive for improvements under the direction of Miss Alice Higman. A check insures that a neighbors A pencil sharpens the wits. answers are correct. A chapter closed .... forever? With emocrac as the Hope of Tomorrow Melanie Nlartin and Alice liishback, representatives of the Future Teachers. use off-beat laboratory worklthe laboratory being the Hrst grade at Shadeland School. "Vt'ould you like to buy ..., " Bessie Mitchell and Mike Goldsmith demonstrate to Mr. NVarren Park, Miss Barbara Penry, and Mr. R. C. Beebe, Distributive Edu- cation advisors, their knowledge of the technique of selling. Even with their studies and extra-curricular activ- ities, high school students find time to assist in the moral and structural progress of the community. They may do so by supporting the local and national charity drives, This year some of AI-lS's students helped to mail March of Dimes folders. Other students raised funds for Christmas dinners for needy families. The Heart Fund, the Cancer Crusade, and many other drives received enthusiastic support. The motivating beat of Anderson is its factories, and some teens secured jobs at the various industries on a night shift. This extra job helped defray their expenses, gave them employment experience, and helped to dispell the growing attitudes that juveniles are naturally delinquent. lf the teenager learns the importance of community living, he not only benefits, but the community bene- fits as well. Mr. John Scott and Mary Beth Grimes take in the hall scenes at AHS on Parents Visitation Day. 3,2 AH Concentrates on Promoting Citizonshzp Vvlith eyes looking to graduation and to the life afterwards, the students at AHS study the various phases of government and politics. They look behind the visible workings of civil gov- ernment into the complex innards. Taking such subjects as civics, American problems, and US. history, the student learns the differences be- tween the beliefs of the totalitarian and demo- cratic governments. Behind the dark green curtain of the recently acquired voting machine, social studies students cast their votes for national candidates. Here, the individual does not have to be Zl to be able to vote for his favorite nominee. The election was an instrument of expression for the high , school st u d e n t . T msSw' 21 A The voting machine, along with current documentary films, textbooks, and classroom discussion, aids in the future citizenship of today S tccnager tomorrow S VOWIA' Rocks. rocks, and more rocks take up the concentration power of Mr, John liinnev. lfarrell Riley. and Toni Smith in the conservation class. Mr. J. tl. Bailey demonstrates to his Civics class students the technique of using the voting machine. l 3 3 Mrs. Vv'ilbur DuBois leaves her child in the care of Ardella l.arue as she visits AHS classes on Visitation Day. The Home Economics department conducted a school nursery for the younger children on this day. Labor, according to the dictionary, is "bodily toil for the sake of gain or economic produc- tion." The Home Economics, Business Educa- tion, and Trades and lndustry courses train people for the white and blue collar jobs that are so necessary for the maintenance of the nations democracy. The T. 8 l. classes prepare boys for producf tion and engineering jobs in factories that build the foundation for our country's economic status. The Business Education classes include such subjects as shorthand, typing. and retail- ing, The retailing course gives the students opportunities to Work in Andersons stores and factories. The girls in Home Economics classes gain a good start toward several life Vocations by learning the duties of the kitchen and sewing room. With the assistance of the knowledge gained in these courses, the lives of future adult American citizens will be built upon a sturdy foundation. Classes Seek to Mrzld Walid Wage Earners Greek. perhaps? No. Dixie Harlan is shorthanding for a perfect 80 words per minute. Mrs. l.ucile Railsback checks the accuracy progress of one of her students in Hrst-year typing class. .., st f t ,ft t .f l V. F! i r i Diane Gaskill. Mr. Pete Russo. and Donna Carron try George Jackson, amidst photo-engraving equipment in to manipulate an intricate "turn" while following a the print shop. mounts a picture to go into the X-Ray. magnetic traffic chart in Driver lfducation class. From Young, Learning High ohool Products With a 4-H pencil in one hand and a UT" square in Ihe constant drone of the lathes doesnt seem to bother the other, students in a drafting class learn the techniques these 'ishopu boys as they learn machine techniques. of the master draftsmen, 3 5 N Mr. G. lf. lfbhertt. Superinf chief executive of the Anderson Public School System, -...un 'Q l 1 0 Choo! Board of Communzt Leaders and ANDERSON BOARD Oli SCHOOL 'l'RUS'l'lQllS4Seated---Nlr. Vs'ilhur Roby. treasurer: Miss Gertrude Plotner, clerk ol' the boardi Mrs. Margaret Knight, secretary: Mr, Gordon lfmnce, board member, Standing7Mr. James Allen, business manager: Mr. Lee lfidler. school city attorney: Mr. XX'illiam Hovermale, president: Mr. Sydney Vvlilliams, board member: Nlr, G. li. lfbbertt. superintendent of schools. .34 G umm 36 tendent of Public Schools. is the Behind the smoothly-running school schedule lies a system of gears and wheels-the principal, assistant principal, superintendent, and board of school trustees. These combined forces make decisions to comply with requirements, neces- sities, and Wants of the school as a body and of the students individually, With 1,000 less students in the high school, these officials have much closer contact with each student. This closer contact enables teachers to guide their students more completely in making out class schedules. The choice of subjects helps the students to decide further education, Vocaf tion, and preparation for marriage. Each branch of administration is important in keeping the present and future Anderson High School system in working order. A Mr. 'John Paul Huffnuiax-Enrincipalg and Pat Blume casually chat in the high school office about the problems confronting students, Administrators Make Far-Reaching Decisions Sandra Heflin takes down in newly-acquired shorthand skills the correspondence dictated by Mr. David Adams, assistant principal. Backed by a Teaching Staff with Experience Four officials, the boys' dean, the girls' dean, registrar, and head counselor, all assist the principal and assistant principal by keeping the records of individual students scholastic growth and absenteeism. Each official has one or more student assist- ants to relieve the load for him. dl.. "Vv'ho's absent today," Mr. Joseph Sparks. Dean of Boys: seems to be saying as he and John Osborne, his assistant, check the absentee list. Mr. Max Beigh, as head of the Counseling Office. attempts to help inquiring Shirley Wilmoth choose a future college. 4 ,li .sz The counselors advise the students as to furf ther education, grades, and new classes: the registrar makes out all class schedules, and the deans keep close contact with each student and his advancement. All of these people, Working together, are important to AHS and to its students. Judy Bingaman is just one of the girls who helps Mrs. lidna Rhynearson Dean of Girls: at her very busy job. The hardest part of the job for Mrs. Marjorie Austin. Registrar: and Mrs. Martha Goff is the scheduling of students' programs. In Counseling, Instructing, and Living. . . Mr. Ray Fleenor peers curiously as Mr. David Adams, Mr. Carol Helvey, Mr. Pete Russo, Mr. Joe Sparks, and Mr. Jim Carter await the opening of a mysterious package at the faculty men's Christmas party. With the coming of the holiday seasons and the ending of grading periods, the teachers cement the year's friendships by having many and varied parties. Behind the cool, calm face of Mr. Ray Sherman lies a brain that discovers diabolical schemes for gatherings. His "victims"-the male faculty of AHS, Every autumn the men teachers go to Sherman's orchard for an outdoor party, and while they are there collect the year's supply of apples. This year Mr. Sherman's theme was quite undiabolical-he held a restaurant dinner party. The Yuletide brings with it more gala affairs for the male members. The men are feted at a Christmas party and each man is presented with an "appropriate" gift. In the springtime, the Home Economics de- partment has a tea for the faculty. The servers are the girls taking the Home Ec subjects. Quite contrary to popular belief, teachers are human-and their parties show it. FACULTY-Row 1-Mr. J. J. Bailey, Social Studies, A.B,, A.M., Butler: Mr. William Ballentine, Trades and Industry, B.S., Ball Statep Mr. Richard Balsley, Business Education, B.S., Ball State: Mr. Donald Barnett, Physical Education, B.S., Anderson: Mr. David Barrow, Mathematics, A.B., Franklin, M.S., Indiana U.: Mr. Carl Bonge, Director of Physical Education, B.S., U. of Illinois, M.A. Butler. Row 2-Mr. Donald C. Bowen, Head of Business Education. B.S., M.S., Indiana State: Mr. Ralph Boyd, English, A.B., DePauw, M.A., Butler: Mr. Clarence Burns, English, A.B.. Franklin, M.S., Butler: Miss Marietta Cain, Business Education, B.S., Central Normal, M,S., U. of Cincinnati: Miss Dorothy Campbell, English, B.S., M.S., Indiana U.: Mr. James Carter, Driver Education, B.P.Ed., Purdue. 39 Teachers Who Have Accumulated Knowledge FACULTY-Row 1-Mr. Thomas Clem, Head of Music, B.M., Jordan Conservatory, M.S., Butler: Mr. J. Merrill Colin, Social Studies, A.B., Earlham, M.A., U. of Wisconsin: Mr. George Davis, Head of Social Studies, A.B., Ball State, A.M., Columbia: Mr. Charles Denny, Social Studies, A.B., M.A., Indiana U.: Mrs. Margaret Doles, Science, A.B., Franklin: Mr. Joseph Dye, Head of Trades and Industry, B.S., M,S., Purdue. Row 2-Mr. John Finney, Social Studies, BS., M.A., Ball State: Mr. Ray Fleenor, Social Studies, A.B., Indiana State, A.M., Indiana U.: Mrs, Lova Garriott, Home Economics, A,B., Butler: Mrs. Evelyn Grahame, Head of English, BS., U. of Cincinnati, M.S., Butler: Mr. Raymond Griffith, Science, A.B., Indiana State, M.S., Indiana U.: Mr. Lee Hale, Trades and Industry, B.S., Ball State. Row 3fMrs. Marguerite Hale, English, A.B., DePauw, M.A., Indiana U.: Mr. Donald Hays, Trades and Industry, B.S., Indiana State: Mr. Carol Helvey, Head of Foreign Language, A.B., Anderson: Miss Alice Higman, English, A.B., Butler: Mr. Billy Hobbs, Mathematics, BS., M.A., Ball State: Mr. Basil R, Hosier, Head of Mathematics, B.S., Ball State, M.S., Indiana U. Row 4-Mr. Jesse Huntzinger, Mathematics, A.B,, Ball State, M.S., Butler: Mrs, Ruthanne Imler, Nurse, St. John's School of Nursing: Mr. William James, Industrial Coordinator, B.S., Ball State, M.S., Purdue: Miss Eileen Johnson, Foreign Language, B.A., M.A., Indiana State: Mr. Keith Johnson, Librarian, A,B., Indiana U.: Mr. G. E. Julius, Trades and Industry, B.S., Ball State, M.S., Purdue. 40 T hrough Long Years 0 Community Service . . . FACULTY-Row l--Mr. R, W. Julius, Trades and Industry, B.S., Ball State, M.S., Purdue: Miss Hazel Kendall, English. B. A.. U. of Iowa: Mrs. Paula Lawson, Music, B.S., Illinois State Normal: Mr. George Lee, Head of Science, A.B.. Taylor, M.S.. Butler: Mr. Lowell Lee, Science, B.S., Indiana Central, M.S,, Indiana U.: Mr. Howard Lindsey, Head of Driver Education, BS., Ball State, M.S., Butler. Row Z-Miss Virginia Lindstrom, Social Studies, A,B,, M.A., Indiana U.: Miss Lois Long, English, B,A., Ball State, M.A. Northwestern: Mr. Herbert Lyon, Business Eduf cation, B,S., M.A., Ball Slate: Mrs. Vivian Maine, English, A.B., Ball State: Mrs. Deloris Martin, Home Economics, B.S., Indiana State: Mr. David Martyn, Foreign Language, B.A.. Anderson. Row 3--Mrs. Mary McFarland, Head of Art. B.A.E., John Herron: Mr. Herbert Miller. Mathematics. A. B,, DePauw: Miss Elise Mulvihill, Art, B.S., Ball State, M. A., Ohio State: Mr. Ick Osborne, Science. B.S., Indiana State, M. S., Indiana U.: Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, Music, AB., Hanover, M.S., Indiana U.: Mr, Gilbert Peart, Business Education, A.B., Ball State, M.A., Columbia. Row 4-Mr. Dane Pugh, Trades and Industry, B.S., M.S., Indiana State: Mr. Lee Pursley, English, B.S., Ball State: Mrs. l.ucile Rails- back, Business Education, B.S., Indiana U.: Mrs. Dorothy Riggs, Home Economics. AB., Indiana U.: Mr. Claud Roney, Mathematics, A.B,, Butler, M.A., Indiana State: Mr. Peter Russo, Driver Education, B.S., Indiana U. 41 Mrs. Evelyn Grahame discusses with Mrs. Dorothy Riggs, Miss Eileen Johnson, and Miss Virginia l.indstrom a phase of curriculum study as teachers go back to school to help revise the school's curriculum. Teachers with Heart When 3:30 comes around and the students race to see who can beat whom outside, the school does not completely empty. As one wanders through the halls, he hears the rattling of papers and the sighs of a teacher ready to go home for the day, Instruction isn't the only activity of an AHS teacher. He participates in civic affairs, charity Work, and improves his own knowledge of teaching. He also attends club meetings, speaks before other service groups, sponsors school clubs, and attends special curriculum classes for the improvement of classes now held at AHS. Teachers are, indeed, busy people. FACULTY-Row l-Mr. Robert Shaffer, Science, B.S., Ball State: Mr. W. Leo Sanders, Science. AB., Franklin, MS., Butler: Mrs. Mary Jane Schultz, English, B.S., Indiana U.: Mr. Ray Sherman, Trades and Industry, BS., Ball State, M,A., Indiana U.: Mr, Vern Shinn, Trades and Industry, B.S., Ball State. M.S,, Butler. Row 2-Mr. O. I-. Springer, Social Studies, A.B., M.A., Ball State: Mr. Clifford Swift, Social Studies, BS., M.S.. Butler: Miss Rive Todd, Head of Home Economics, B,S., Indiana U,, M.A.. Columbia: Mr, George Vaught, Music, B.S., Indiana U., M.S., Indiana State: Mrs. Virginia Vermillion, AB., Indiana U., M.S., Ball State. Row 3-Mr. Edmund Villars, Trades and Industry, B.S.. Stout College: Mr. Horace B. Wilson, Head of Vocational Agri- culture, B.S., Purdue: Mr. Frank Woschitz, English, AB., Indiana U. Teachers not pictured- Miss Pauline Day, Mr. John Garrigus, Mrs. Ella Goss. Seniors Speed Through Adventurous Years SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Seated. Beth Swinford. secretary: Diana Vtiitson, treasurer. Standing, .lim Barbre vice-president: .lack Webber, president. Puzzling locker combinations, skirmishes in the crowded halls, and confused room numbers did not stop us as We sped through four of the most adventurous years of our lives. Our freshman year brought the diflicult task of electing class officers and learning the sayings of Jackie Gleason. The selection of class colors, rings, jackets and pins confronted us as sopho- mores. As a class of 700, We gave the Hrst sophomore all-class party ever to be given at Al-IS. During our junior year, we became Elvis Presley fans and entered an atmosphere of in- cense and wierd surroundings in our biggest accomplishment, the Prom with its theme, "An Oriental Fantasy." When long-awaited Senior Week Hnally arrived, there were just over 400 seniors left. We came to our senses and realized that we had made it. We were the "big shots," filled with hope and confidence as we went out into a bigger world. SljNlOR ILXILCUTIVE COMlVll'l'TffEfRow If-Mary Slickradl, Mary Kay Gibson. Gfsorgianna Thomas, Toni Henricks, .lane Ann Ford. Kay Ross. Row Z7lVliss l.ois Long. sponsor: Chuck l.oWe, Penny Mcllaniels. Richard Williams. Don Dudderar, Fred Brown, Mr. John Finney, sponsor. T I 1957 Was the Year ROW ONE: DONALD ABERNATHY-General. SUE ANN ACKERMAN - College Preparatory - Y-Teens, Pres., Sec.: Honor Society, Latin Club, Girls Glee Club, Highlanders, Monitor, Student Council Alt., Prom Dec. Comm., H.R. Vice Pres., Sec.-Treas.: Co-Chr. Sr. Fac. Dinner. MARY ANN ALEXANDER-Home Economics. JOHN ALVIN ALLISON-General. DELORES RAE ANDERSON--General--Pub. Rep., H.R. Pres., Concert Choir, Mixed Choir, Choral Club, Thespian App., Candy Stand. Student Council, Honor Society, M. M, M., Prom Dec. Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Latin Club, Co-Chr. Sr. Eac. Dance Band Comm. SHIRLEY JEAN ARLINE-General--Nurse's Asst. ROW TWO: RHEA ARNOLD-College Preparatory- Y-Teens, Latin Club, Band, Dance Band, Orchestra. Treas.3 Choral Club, M. M. M., Sr. Talent Show Comm. ROBERT ARNOLD-Pre-Engineering. MARJORIE FRANCES ASHCRAET-General-Latin Club, Dean's Asst., Y-Teens. WYATTE ATKINS-General-Track, Put. Retailers, H.R. Sec.-Treas. CAROLANN BAILEY- General-Bible Club, Choralettes, Girls Glee Club, Mixed Choir. DAVID LEE BAILEY-General-Candy Stand, Torch Club, Wrestling. Class of 1957 a Man rom Tennessee ROW THREE: JAMES HENRY BAILEY-College Pre- paratory--Band,f'Bible Club. WARREN BAILEY- General--Band, Orchestra, H.R. Pres., Boy's State, Pur- due Legis, embly, Convo Comm., Commencement Speaker . . m Regis. Comm., Co-Chr. Sr. Regis. Comm. ARBER-General--Y-Teens, Put. Re- tailers, Highlanders, Thespians. JAMES EMMETT BARBRE-General-Madrigal, Choral Club, Vice Pres.: All State Chorus, Operetta, Class Vice Pres., Exec. Comm. H.R. Pres., Sec-Treas., Purdue Legis. Assembly, M. M. M., Pres.: Orchestra, Prom Comm., Dance Band, Sr. Fac. Dance Place Comm., Mixed Choir. BETSEY ANN BARNES-College Preparatory-H.R. Pres., Sec.-Treas.: Student Council, Exec. Coun.: M. M. M. App., Choral Club, Sec.: Girls Glee Club, Choralettes, Highlanders, Y-Teens, Treas.: Honor Society, Latin Club, Monitor. Prom Gifts Comm.. Co-Chr. Sr. Pac. Dance. RUTH ELLEN BARR-College Preparatory-Latin Club, Y-Teens, Concert Choir, Madrigal, Choral Club, Operetta Sr. Dramatics, Convo Comm., Girl's State, Thespians, M. M. M., Monitor, Honor Society, H.R. Sec., Pres.: Chr. Prom Ticket Comm., Sr. Pac. Dance Refresh. Comm. In Need of a Haircut In ROW ONE: CONNIE ANN BARRETT7General- Y-Teens. MARY LOU BARTH-General-Girls Glee Club. ELEANOR SUE BAYSvGeneraI-Girls Glee Club, Choralettes, Choral Club, Y-Teens, M. M. M., H.R. Sec., Vice Pres.: Operetta. EDITH BEASON- Home Economics. SHIRLEY MARIE BEAUCHAMP- General-Candy Stand. SHIRLEY ANN BEAVER- General. ROW TWO: JEAN ANN BEHRENS-General-Y-Teens, Latin Club. H.R. Vice Pres., Sec.-Treas., Pres.: Honor Society. Monitor. Girls Glee Club. Mixed Choir, Choral- ettes. Exec. Comm. LARRY JOE BEl.l.7Pre-Eng1'neer- ing-Football, Honor Society. Head Monitor. Student Council. Sr. Picnic Comm. RUTH MARIE BENDER- College Preparatory4Y-Teens. li. T. A.. Prom Dec. Comm., Monitor, Highlanders, Thespians. Honor Society. Co-Chr. Sr. Eac. Dinner Publicity Comm. DAVID KNEALE BENNETT f General -- Choral Club, Sr. Dramatics, Orchestra. Monitor. Operetta. Boys Glee Club, Mixed Choir. DONALD J. BENNETT-General-Sr. 45 lueneed Style . . . Pac. Dance Dec. Comm. JUDY JOAN BICKEI.-Gem eral-Y-Teens. ROW THREE: LOIS ANN BLEDSOE-College Prepara- tory-Bible Club, Monitor. Lib. Asst. PATRICIA JANE BLUME-+College Preparatory-Y-Teens. Highlanders. Thespian App., Concert Choir, Girls Glee Club. M. M. M. App., Off. Asst.. Pub. Rep.. Prom Place Comm., Home- coming Float Comm.. F. T. A.. Choralettes. Sr. Talent Show Comm. SANDRA BORKMAN-GeneruI- Monitor, Student Council Alt. JUDITH ELLEN BOTT-College Preparatory-Orchestra, Vice Pres.: Latin Club. F. T. A., M. M. M., Student Council Alt., Y-Teens. Monitor. All State Orchestra, Prom Place Comm. MARY BREITWEISER-Ccmllege Preparatory- M. M. M.. Sec.: Orchestra, Pres.: Mixed Choir. Choral- ettes. Choral Club. H.R. Pres., Sec.: Girl's State, All State Orchestra, Honor Society. Monitor. Dean's Asst. NANCY ANN BREWSTER-GeneraI1Y-Teens, Head Monitor. Dean's Asst.. H.R. Sec.-Treas., Bible Club. Class of 1957 Class of l957 ROW ONE1 SARAH JEANNE BROCK-General-Girls Glee Club, Mixed Choir, Y-Teens, Concert Choir, Choral- ettes. FRED BROWN-General-Football, Baseball, Hi-Y, Monitor, Exec. Comm., Sr. Picnic Comm., Student Council Alt. FREDDIE MAE BROWN-GeneraI- Girls Culee Club. LEAH JOYCE BUELL-General- Girls Glee Club, Choralettes, Candy Stand. EDWARD CHARLES BURKE-General--Hi-Y, Torch Club, Boys Glee Club, Mixed Choir, Monitor, Latin Club, Dean's Asst., Prom Comm., F. T. A. SYLVIA MAE BURN- ETTE-General. ROW TWO: LARRY LEE BURTON-College Prepara- tory-Prom Invitations-Chaperones Comm., Co-Chr. Sr. Brunch Comm. JERRY DAVID BYARD-GeneraI- Boys Glee Club, Mixed Choir, Choral Club. THOMAS CALLENDAR -- General - Sr. Brunch Place Comm. BETTY EILEEN CAMPBELL - Home Economics. RONALD JACK CAMPBELL-College Preparatory- St. Mary's H.S., Annual Staff, Co-Editor-In-Chief: Choral Club, Boys Glee Club, Mixed Choir, Operetta, Prom Publicity Comm., Latin Club, Honor Society, Hi-Y. M, M. M.. Sr. Talent Show Comm.. I. U. Journalism Inst., I.H.S.P.A. Conv. MARIKAY CANADAY4CoI- lege Preparatory-H.R. Pres., Y-Teens, Exec. Comm., Student Council Alt. ROW THREE: JIM CANTERBURY-General-Camera Club, Vice Pres.: Boy's State. CAROL JO CAPLAN- Business Education-Ciirls Glee Club, Y-Teens, Monitor. PAUL CARLSON-Pre-Apprentice. JUDY ROSE CASTOR-College Preparatory--Lew Wallace H. S. Student Council Alt., History Club, Treas.: Latin Club. Candy Stand, Counseling Off. Asst., Honor Society. SHANNON CHAMBERS-College Preparatory-Torch Club, Latin Club, Vice Pres.: H.R. Pres., Treas., Hi-Y, Golf. LARRY WARREN CHASE-General. And Made a Hound Do and Long Sideburns ROW ONE: GLENDA CHEATHAM-Business Educa- tion-Monitor, H.R. Vice Pres.. Y-Teens. ELAINE CHESTERFIELD-General-Band, Sec.: G.A.A., Sec., Vice-Pres.: Bible Club, Choralettes. LORETTA GAIL CHRISMAN--Home Economics-Mixed Choir, Latin Club, Nurse's Asst., Pub. Rep., Monitor. SONDRA CLANIN-General-Y-Teens, H.R. Sec., Treas.: Lib. Asst., Sr. Brunch Dec. Comm. THOMAS DAVID CLEM - Pre-Engineering - Commencement Speaker, Madrigal, Chr. Convo. Comm., Jr. Rotarian, Honor So- ciety, Choral Club, Pres.: Soph.-Jr. Class Pres., Student Council, Exec. Council, Purdue Legis. Assembly, Operetta, Monitor, Band, Torch Club, H. R. Pres., Co-Chr. Sr. Gifts Comm. GLENICE CLICK-General ROW TWO: WAYNE CLORE - General. MILTON LOUIS COCKERHAM - General. CARSON EARL COCKRUM-General-Football, Baseball, Track. Basket- ball, Hi-Y. NANCY COLVILI.-General-H.R. Vice Pres., Sec.: X-Ray, Man. Editor: Girls Glee Club, Con- cert Choir, Choral Club, Honor Society, Y-Teens, Prom Class of l957 Dec. Comm.. Homecoming Float Comm.. Girl's State Alt., Student Council Alt., Sr, Theater Comm. RICHARD LEE COLVIN-Generalw-Ushers Club. DWAYNE WII,I-IAM COMBS-College Preparatory. ROW THREE: SAMUEL COOKMAN-General-Camera Club. JUDITH JEWEL COON-General-Cheerleader, Capt.: Y-Teens, Highlanders. Thespian App., X-Ray, Editor: Head Monitor, H.S. Off. Asst., Commencement Speaker, H.R. Vice-Pres., Jr. Class Treas,, Prom Dec. Comm., Pep Sessions Comm.. Exec. Comm., Girl's State, I.H.S.P.A., Honor Society, Purdue Legis. Assembly Alt.. Student Council, Ex. Coun.: Reg.. State Algebra Contest: Valedictorian, Sr. Eac. Dance Dec. Comm. PHILLIP EUGENE COUCH-Pre-Engineering--Bible Club, Cross Country. BARBARA LOU COX-Business Education- Y-Teens, Band, Girls Glee Club, Choralettes, Prom Dec. Comm., Homecoming Float Comm.. Sr. Regis. Comm. ANNE KATHLEEN CRIDGE - General - Y-Teens, Monitor. I7.T.A.. Sr. Regis, Comm. JANET SUE CRIMYHome Economics-Lib. Asst., Candy Stand. A Thing of Beaut and a ,lo Forever AHS Seniors Heard Another Tennessean ROW ONE: ROBERT LENVIS CRON-General. ANN KAY DAVIS-College Preparatory--Highlanders, Thesp- ian App., Commencement Speaker, Girl's State. Monitor, H.R. Sec., Treas., Ii. T. A., Sec., Latin Club, H.S. Off. Asst., M. M. M., Orchestra, Honor Society, Lib. Club, Annual Staff, Activities Co-Editor: Prom Queen's Throne Comm., Y-Teens, Sr. Fac. Dance Refresh. Comm. LARRY MYRON DAVIS-General. CORWIN REID DAY- General-Pub. Rep., Football. NELDA GAIL DAY- Horne Economics-Candy Stand, Sr. Regis. Comm. VIRGINIA DAY-General--Student Council Alt. ROW TWO: LOYCE ANN DEVORE-General-Band, Y-Teens, M. M. M., Candy Stand. ROBERT EDWARD DILLMAN - Business Education - Put. Retailers. MARSHA ANN DILTS-Business Education-Monitor, Y-Teens, Prom Gifts Comm. LARRY CRAIG DODD- General-MA" Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Class of 1957 Monitor. THYRA JOY DOUGLAS-General-Bible Club, Girls Glee Club, G. A. A., Concert Choir. Choral- ettes, Sr. Eac. Dinner Dec. Comm. DONNA KAY DOWNEY-General-Girls Glee Club. ROW THREE: MAURICE DOUGLAS DRONBERGERf General-Torch Club, Latin Club, Bible Club, Thespian App., Pub. Rep. DON LEWIS DUDDERAR-Preh Engineering-Exec. Comm.. Highlanders, Visual Aid Off. Asst.. Chr. Prom Picture Comm.. Sr. Gifts Comm. DAVID JOHN DUNHAM - General. .IUDITH JACQUELIN DUNKERLY-College Preparatory-Bible Club, Latin Club, Y-Teens, Nurses Asst., Monitor, Choralcttes, Mixed Choir, Choral Club, Honor Society, Dean's Asst., Prom Publicity Comm. WILBUR DEE DURANT - Vocational Agriculture 4 E. E A., Sec. WII.I.IS LEE DURANT - Vocational Agriculture - F. E. A. In a Coonskin Cap Talk Politics Here . . . ROW ONE: HARRIS KEITH EARHART - General. PHILLIP LYNN EIKENBERRY--Business Education- Highlanders. Monitor, H.R. Sec.-Treas., Sr. Gifts Comm. LAQUIETA JOY EILER-Business Education. NEIL ELSEA-Pre-Engineering-Highlanders. JOHN EISELE -General-H.R. Pres., Baseball, Football, Purdue Legis. Assembly Alt. MARJORIE ELIZABETH ELLIS- General-Majorette, Y-Teens, Prom Dec. Comm., Mona lfO1'. ROW TWO: TOM DOUGLAS EPPLY-General-Foob ball, Track, Exec. Comm., Monitor, Prom Band Comm., H.R. Vice Pres. ROBERT WALTER ERLANDSONM- General-Mixed Choir, Torch Club, Baseball, Football, Boys Glee Club, Madrigal, Choral Club, "A" Club, Oper- etta, H.R. Pres., Sr. Talent Show Comm. JOHN ERVIN-Pre-Engineering-LOUANNA JANE EUTS- LER-General. NANCY ANN EVANS-General? Student Council, Honor Society, H.R. Pres., Vice Pres.: Monitor, Pub. Rep. JARRETT FAIRMAN-College Preparalory-Student Council, Pres.: Torch Club, Honor Society, Boy's State, Monitor, Prom Place Comm., Hi-Y, Co-Chr. Sr. Picnic. ROW THREE: NORMA FAULK-General. JERRY L. FELTS-Pre-Apprentice. ALICE JANE EISHBACK- College Preparatory-Honor Society, H.R. Pres., F.T.A., Pres.: Prom Dec. Comm., Valedictorian, Girl's State, Dean's Asst., Y-Teens, Head Monitor, Exec. Comm.. D.A.R. Award, Nat. French Contest Award, Sr. Talent Show Comm. BILL E. FISHER-Vocational Agricul- ture-Student Council. CLYDE B. FISHER-Pref Apprentice-Pub. Rep. SANDRA JEAN FISHER- General-Monitor, H.R. Sec.-Treas., Scholastic Art Award, Sr. Pac. Dinner Dec. Comm. Class of 1957 Class of l957 ROW ONE: ELLA GRACE EITZSIMMONS-General. ALVIN ELBERT EOLSOM - Pre-Apprentice - Torch Club, Ushers Club, Cross Country. CALVIN EVERT EOLSOM--Pre-Apprentice. JANE ANN FORD--Cob lege Preparatory4Latin Club, Thespian App., Sr. Exec. Comm., Prom Gift Comm., Dean's Asst., H.R. Vice Pres., Convo Comm., Y-Teens, Highlanders, Eall Windup Attend., Girl's State Alt., Co-Chr. Sr. Eac. Dance Invita- tions-Chaperones Comm. WILLIAM DAVID EOX- Vocational Agriculture - EP. A., Pres.: Monitor. ROBERT ERANCE-Pre-Engineering-Football, Thesp- ian App., Sr. Dramatics, Hi-Y, Torch Club, Band, I-I.R. Vice Pres., Head Monitor, Sr. Inter-Class Activities Comm. ROW TWO: JULIETTE EROMHOLZ-4Busz'ness Edu- cation. DONALD REUBEN EURNISH-General- Latin Club, Baseball, Basketball, Football, H.R. Pres. Treas.: Pub. Rep., Hi-Y, Torch Club, Cross Country. Monitor, Locker Off. Asst., "A" Club. JANE EURNISH -Business Education-Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Student Council, Y-Teens, Dean's Asst. PHILIP DUANE GAAR--College Preparatory-Torch Club, Pres.: Hi-Y, Pres.: Student Council, H.R. Pres., Chr. Prom Band-Date Comm., Cross Country, Baseball, Honor Society, Co-Chr. Sr. Theater Comm. C. DUANE GARNER-General. SAM KENNETH GARRETT - General - Football. Wrestling, Track, E.E.A. ROW THREE: DIANE GASKILL-College Preparatory- Latin Club, Y-Teens, Band, F.T.A., H.R. Sec. LARRY GASKILL -General-Monitor, Basketball. RETHIA JULENE GAW-Home Economics-Orchestra, Bible Club, Put. Nurse's Club. ANN GEHRKE--College Pre- paratory-Thespians, Y-Teens, Highlanders, E.T.A.. Monitor, Dean's Asst., Exec. Comm., H.R. Vice Pres., Prom Eavors Comm., Chr. Sr. Pac. Dinner Menu Comm. DONALD GEORGE-General-Baseball, Torch Club. Hi-Y, X-Ray, Ad. Mgr., Bus. Mgr.: Prom Place Comm. MARY LAVAUGHN GEORGE - General -- Greenfield H.S., Band, E.T.A. And Watched the National Election nfold ROW ONE: MARY KAY GIBSON-Business Education- Y-Teens, Highlanders, E.T.A., Pub. Rep., Exec. Comm., X-Ray, H.R. Sec., Monitor, Prom Chaperones-Invitations Comm.. Sr. Fac. Dinner Menu Comm. JUDITH KAY GILCHRIST-College Preparatory-Girls Glee Club. Choralettes, Bible Club, Y-Teens. WILLIAM WALTER GILLESPIE-General-Hi-Y, Torch Club, Student Council, Monitor. DARROLEPE JOY CiIDDENS-- College Preparatory-Morgan H.S., Highlanders, Y-Teens. Monitor. WILLIE PERRY GLENN-General-Track. Cross Country, "A" Club. ELAINE GOEN-College Preparatory-Band, Honor Society. H.R. Pres., Student Council, Y-Teens, Prom Queen's Throne Comm. ROW TWO: MARTHA ANN GOFF-General-F.T.A.. Y-Teens. Thespian App., Prom Queen's Throne Comm., Sr. Brunch Place Comm. MARTHA LYNN GOINS- General--Frankton H.S., Head Monitor, Y-Teens, High- landers, F.T.A., Student Council, Dean's Asst., Girl's State Alt. DIANE GOODMAN-General--Y-Teens. Monitor, Highlanders, Prom Dec. Comm., Homecoming Float Comm., Sr. Regis. Comm. DONALD ANDREW GOODSON - Pre-Engineering - Torch Club, Football, Class of 1957 Highlanders, Hi-Y, Treas.: Exec. Comm., Chr. Prom Dec. Comm., Monitor, Dean's Asst. SANDRA KAY GOUL- General-Y-Teens, Pub. Rep., Monitor, H.R. Pres.. Treas.: Sr. Talent Show Comm. JOYCE ARLENE GRADDY-Business Education-Cwirls Glee Club, Con- cert Choir, Put. Retailers. ROW THREE: KATHRYN GUSTIN-College Prepara- tory-Y-Teens, Latin Club, Head Monitor, H.R. Vice Pres., Sec.-Treas.: Exec. Comm., F.T.A., Honor Society, Treas.: Band, Sr. Eac. Dinner Dec. Comm. MIKE ROSS GOLDSMITH-General-History Club, Put. Retailers, Vice Pres. JERRY RAY HALE-Pre-Engineer1'ng- Football, Baseball, Torch Club, Hi-Y, Student Council, Prom Dec. Comm., "A" Club, Highlanders, H.R. Pres., Co-Chr. Sr. Pac. Dinner Dec. Comm. JOYCE ANN HAMMOND-Business Education-G.R.A., Honor Soci- ety, Counseling OH. Asst., Sr. Regis. Comm. DAVID GORDON HAMILTON - General - Cross Country, Track. Dean's Asst. KEITH MARTIN HAMILTON- Pre-Apprentice-Football, Wrestling, Track, Tennis, Hi-Y, "A" Club, Vice Pres.: Sr. Fac. Dance Band Comm. Be ore Their E es on Television ereens. . . While Jet Planes Broke the Sound Barrier ROW ONE: DAVID EDWARD HANCOCK-Pre Engin- eering-Ushers Club, Pres.: Student Council, Pep Sessions Comm. JOHN CARLESTON HANCOCK-Pre-Apprem tice-H.R. Pres., Vice Pres. JUDITH ANN HANCOCK --Business Education-Student Council, H.R. Sec., Prom Flowers Comm., Y-Teens, Exec. Comm., Nurses Asst., Homecoming Queen, Sr. Pac. Dance Invitations-Chaper- ones Comm. MARY KAY HANDY-College Prepara- tory-Student Council, Exec. Comm., H.R. Sec., Thesp- ians, X-Ray, Choralettes, Annual Staff, Sr. Co-Editor: Prom Gifts Comm., I.H.S.P.A., Honor Society, Girl's State, M. M. M., Y-Teens, Girls Glee Club, Choral Club, Madrigal, All State Chorus, Operetta, Sr. Pac. Dance Dec. Comm. JERRY LEE HARDACRE-General-Cross Country, Thespian App., Prom Refresh. Comm., Mixed Choir, Boys Glee Club, Choral Club, Bible Club, Sr. Picnic Comm. JOHN KYLE HARDIN-Pre-Engineerz'ng- H.R. Pres., Dean's Asst. Row TWO: MICHAEL JOHN HARLAN-General. NED Class of 1957 LEON HARLESS - Pre--Apprentice - Ushers Club, PATSY LOU HARPER-General. ADRIENE ELAINE HARRIS--Home Economics-Monitor, Y-Teens, Prom Refresh. Comm., Visual Aid Asst., Orchestra, Bible Club. JOHN HART-College Preparatory-Band, Dance Band. Orchestra. NOLAND EUGENE HARTZELL -- Pre- Apprentice. ROW THREE: J A CK L E E HARVEY - General. CYNTHIA ANN HASTY-Business Education-H.R. Vice Pres., Sec., Treas.: Student Council, Exec. Coun.: Prom Entertainment Comm., Pep Sessions Comm., Honor Society, Y-Teens, Bible Club. RICHARD ALLEN HATCH-College Preparatory-Band, Orchestra, X-Ray, Sports Editor. MARY ANNE HAZEL-General--Leo anon H. S., Frankfort H. S., Candy Stand. SANDRA SUE HEELIN-General-Y-Teens, H.R. Vice Pres. VICKY JO HEIDEN-Home Economics-Latin Club, Y-Teens, Put. Nurse's Club, Highlanders, Monitor, Sr. Regis. Comm. The Seniors Failed to Make It to Class. . . ROW ONE: ANTOINETTE ELAINE HENRICKS--Cob lege Preparatory-H.R. Pres., Highlanders, Y-Teens, Sec., Pres.: Thespians, Sec.: Honor Society, Monitor, X-Ray, News Editor: Prom Dec. Comm., Exec. Comm., Sr. Dramatics, Girl's State, Co-Chr. Sr. Talent Show. JANET KAY HENRY-General-Girls Glee Club. Mixed Choir, Pub. Rep., Sr. Brunch Menu Comm. VAUGHN HENRY - Home Economics - H.R. Vice Pres., Bible Club, Visual Aid Asst., Y-Teens. JUNE HENSON-Home Economics-Monitor, I.ib. Asst., Lib. Club. SANDRA HILBOLT-General-Girls Glee Club. Student Council Alt. THOMAS WAYNE HIRD-Gem eral-Honor Society. ROW TWO: DORCYTHY HITCH-General-Monitor, Prom Publicity Comm., Drum Majorette, Highlanders, Pub. Rep., H.R. Vice Pres., Sr. Talent Show Comm. HAROLD HITCHCOCK--General-Locker Off. Asst., Visual Aid Asst. MARGARET HOLLARS-College Preparatory-Latin Club, Student Council Alt. JOY ROCHELLE HOOTEN-College Preparatory-H.R. Sec., Latin Club, Monitor, Y-Teens, Homecoming Float Comm., Bible Club, Sr. Talent Show Comm. MARVIN HORTON-PreApprentice-Indian Mascot, Cross Coun- try, Track, Wrestling. Pep Sessions Comm., "A" Club. PHYLLIS HOTZEL-Business Education--Lib. Asst., Lib. Club, Y-Teens, Honor Society, Counseling Off. Asst.. Sr. Regis. Comm. ROW THREE: SUE HOUCHINS-General-G. R. A. JULIAN HUDSON-General--Choral Club, Madrigal, EEA., Operetta, Orchestra, Sr. Pac. Dance Dec. Comm. BARBARA HUFFMAN - College Preparatory - H.R. Sec., Pub. Rep., Y-Teens, Monitor, Thespians, Choral Club, Annual Staff, Underclass Co-Editor: Honor Society, Girl's State, Prom Dec. Comm., Girls Glee Club, Choral- ettes, M. M. M., Latin Club, Highlanders, Sr. Talent Show Comm. SANDRA HUEEMAN-Business Educa- tion-Y-Teens, Prom Dec. Comm., Lib. Asst., M. M. M., Highlanders, Choralettes, Sr. Theater Comm. JEAN ANN HUGHES-General-Y-Teens, Highlanders, F.T.A., H.R. Sec., Nurse's Asst., Convo Comm., Thespians, Sr. Picnic Comm. LOUISE HUMERICKHOUSE-General -Y-Teens. Class of 1957 Class of 1957 ROW ONE: JANET HULL-Business Education--Sarm sota, Florida, H.S. SUSIE HUNTZINGER-College Preparatory-Latin Club, Sec.: Honor Society. Highland- ers, Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Choral Club, Madri- gal, Monitor, X-Ray, Annual Staff, Sr. Co-Editor: Thespian App., Y-Teens, Treas.: Student Council, Exec, Comm., I.H.S.P.A., Operetta, Prom Coatroom Comm., M. M. M., Sr. Pac. Dance Dec. Comm. LOIS HURST- General. SAUNDRA ISOM-General. HOWARD WIL- LIAM IMEL-Pre-Apprentice-Ushers Club. LONNIE IVESON-Business Education-H.R. Pres., Vice Pres.z Student Council, Cheerleader, Prom Queen Attend., X-Ray, Y-Teens, Treas.: Prom Place Comm., Monitor, Counseling Off. Asst., Concert Choir, Girls Glee Club, Honor Society, Sr, Talent Show Comm. ROW TWO: ANDREW JANSONS-General. DEANNA JAQUESS-Home Economics-Y-Teens, Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Choralettes, Thespian App., Exec. Comm.. Highlanders, Prom Dec. Comm,, H.R, Sec.-Treas. JAMES RUSSELL JOHNSON f General. LINDA JOHNSON-College Preparatory-Y-Teens, Honor So- ciety, Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Latin Club, Prom Queen's Throne Comm., Monitor, Sr. Inter-Class Activ- ities Comm, MICHAEL A. JOHNSON-Pre-Engineev ing-Cross Country, Basketball, Track, H.R. Vice Pres., Pub. Rep., Hi-Y, Prom Dec. Comm., Band, "A" Club. Co-Chr. Sr. Inter-Class Activities Comm. NATHANIEL JOHNSON - General - "A" Club, Basketball, Track, Football, Monitor. ROW THREE: DORIS JONES-General-Concert Choir, Mixed Choir. JEAN JONES-General-Y-Teens, Mon- itor, H.R. Pres. LOREN NEAL JONES-General-Put. Retailers, Vice Pres.: H.R. Pres., Prom Comm., Sr. Regis. Comm. MARJORIE JONES--Business Education--Off. Asst, WANDA JONES-General. DAVID JUDD- Pre-Apprentice-Camera Club, Bible Club, Cross Coun- try, Sr. Theater Comm. With just Three Minutes Between Periods ROW ONE: JUDITH KANABLE-Business Educationf Choralettes, Mixed Choir, Y-Teens, Girls Glee Club. PHYLLIS KARDATZKE-General-Choralettes, Mixed Choir, Student Council, Bible Club, Monitor, Choral Club, Dean's Asst., G.R.A., Sr. Eac. Dinner Publicity Comm. NANCY KAUEEMAN-General-Lib. Asst., Counseling Off. Asst., Prom Regis. Comm., Sr. Talent Show Comm. ANNA MAE KEENEY - General - Thespians, Bible Club, E.T.A., Prom Publicity Comm.. Monitor. BRENDA KELLER - General - Y-Teens, Prom Entertainment Comm., Annual Staff, Education Editor: I.H.S.P.A., Monitor. PATRICIA KELLETT- College Preparatory-Sikeston, Mo. H.S., Pub. Rep., Student Council Alt., Annual Staff, Business Co-Mgr.: Sr. Brunch Dec. Comm. ROW TWO: CONRAD KELLEY-General, KEITH ED- Cluss of 1957 WARD KLINE-General-I-I.R. Pres., Sr. Picnic Comm. BETTY KNOTTS-General. JOAN KUNCE-Buszl ness Educarz'on4M. M. M., Band, Pub. Rep., Student Council Alt., Y-Teens. Sr. Pac. Dinner Menu Comm. ROBERT DEAN I-ANDES-PmApprentz'ce?Locker Off. Asst., Baseball, Student Council. .IANICE LAN- NING-General-fProm Coatroom Comm. ROW THREE: MARGARET LARISON-Business Edu- cation-Eng. Off. Asst., Prom Coatroom Comm. WIL- LIAM LASWELL-Pre-Apprentice. FRANK S. LAW- RENCE-Pre-Apprentice-Torch Club, I-I.R. Pres., Base.- ball. ERNEST K. LAYTON-General-Baseball, Bas- ketball. MARCIA LEE-College Preparatory-I-I,R. Sec., Pub. Rep., Monitor, Co-Chr. Sr. Eac. Dinner Dec. Comm. ROBERT JERALD LEEFEL-GeneraI4 Wrestling, Band, Prom Art Comm. V ' Intra- urals Were Their Only Salvation . . . . 4995 '71 When Friends Left for New High ehools, ROW ONE: GORDON THOMAS LEWIS-College Pre- paratory-Latin Club, M. M. M., F.T.A., Boys Glee Club, Orchestra, Student Council Alt., Prom Favors Comm., Sr. Brunch Entertainment Comm, JACQUE- LINE SUE LEWIS-General. MICHAEL LINDSEY- General. LINDA CAROL LINVILLE - General - Y-Teens, Monitor, Prom Ticket Comm. MARY LIV- INGSTON - College Preparatory - Y-Teens, Student Council, Honor Society, Monitor, Thespian App., Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Sr. Dramatics, Candy Stand. CARLIS LOOPER-General. ROW TWO: THOMAS E. LOVELL-Business Education -History Club, Highlanders. CHARLES DAVIS LOWE-College Preparatory-H.R. Pres., Exec. Comm., Choral Club, Operetta, Torch Club, Hi-Y, "A" Club, Prom Dec. Comm., Latin Club, Boy's State, Cross Coun- try, Tennis, Mixed Choir, Sr. Dramatics, All State Chorus, Dean's Asst. JAMES EDWARD LYST-Pre-Apprentice -Monitor, Highlanders, Torch Club, Cross Country, H.R. Vice Pres. PHYLLIS MacPHEARSON-General- Y-Teens, Prom Gift Comm., H.R. Sec., Vice Pres. MICHAEL ROLAND MAINE-College Preparatory- Fr. Class Pres., Torch Club, Hi-Y, Thespians, Pres.: Student Council, Exec. Coun.: Treas.: Choral Club, Class of 1957 Madrigal, All State Chorus, Operetta. Exec. Comm., H.R. Pres., Purdue Legis, Assembly, M. M. M., Latin Club, Pres.: Commencement Speaker, Chr. Prom Place Comm., Head Monitor, Co-Chr. Sr. Talent Show Comm. WIL- LIAM CRAIG MAINES-Pre-Engineering-Hi-Y High- landers, H.R. Pres.. Prom Place Comm. ROW THREE: RODNEY EUGENE MALSOM-Pre-Em glneering-Hi-Y, Visual Aids Asst., Monitor. BILLY JOE MANIS-General-Torch Club, Prom Chaperones- Invitations Comm. CAROLYN SUE MANIS-Home Economics-Girls Glee Club, Choralettes, Student Council, H.R. Vice Pres., Lib. Asst,, Sr, Brunch Dec. Comm. MARTHA BELLE MARSH-College Preparatory- Y-Teens, Class Vice Pres., Latin Club. Exec. Comm.. Choral Club, Choralettes, M. M. M., Thespians, High- landers, Treas.: F.T.A., Monitor, Honor Society, H.R. Sec., Treas.: Prom Chaperones-Invitations Comm., Sr. Brunch Entertainment Comm. MARY ANNA MARSH -College Preparatory-Pub. Rep., Class Sec., Exec. Comm., Latin Club, Y-Teens, Thespian App., M, M. M., Choralettes, Choral Club, Highlanders, Orchestra, Sec.: Operetta, All State Orchestra, E.T.A., Honor Society, Prom Place Comm., Monitor, Sr. Gifts Comm. FRANK MICHAEL MARTIN-General. It Was Sad, bat, Oh, What Room Halls. .. ROW ONE: MELANIE ANN MARTIN-College Prepara- tory-Y-Teens. Student Council, Sec.: Exec. Council, Sec.: H.R. Vice Pres., Pres.: Latin Club, Monitor, Prom Band Comm., Highlanders, Cheerleader, Girls Glee Club, Sr. Talent Show Comm. CARROLL CHENEY MC- CARROLL-General-Orchestra, Football, Baseball, Op- eretta, H.R. Vice Pres. LLOYD MCCLINTICK-Gem eral--Torch Club, Hi-Y, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Cross Country, Wrestling, "A" Club, Monitor, 'Ushers Club. MARJORIE MCDANIELS-General-Y-Teens, Thespian App., Student Council, Exec. Council: Counsel- ing Off. Asst., Pub. Rep., Sr. Brunch Entertainment Comm. PENNY DIANE MCDANIELS-General- Y-Teens, Bible Club, Monitor. Lib. Asst., Annual Staff. Underclass Co-Editor: Exec. Comm., Highlanders, Sr, Fac. Dance Dec. Comm. CAROLE JOANNE MCGIV- ERN - General - Y-Teens, Highlanders, Latin Club, Choralettes, Concert Choir, Monitor, Prom Entertainment Comm., Girls Glee Club, ROW TWO: CAROLYN SUE MCKEAND-General- Girls Glee Club, Mixed Choir. BARBARA JO MCMAN- IGELL-General--Galion, Ohio H.S.: Girls Glee Club. Off. Asst., Homecoming Float Comm. CAROLYN SUE MCMILLAN-General-Nurse's Asst., Monitor, Home- coming Float Comm. ROBERT MCNATT-General. JAMES LELAND MASSEY-Business Education-Fut. Retailers, Boys Glee Club. LARRY JAMES MECHEM- General-Dance Band, Band. ROW THREE: LARRY I.. MERRILI--Pre-Apprentice- Football, Track, Basketball, Prom Dec. Comm., Sr. Fac. Dance Invitations-Chaperones Comm. JERRY ROGER METZ-General-Highlanders, Fut, Retailers, Prom Dec. Comm., History Club, Orchestra, Boys Glee Club, Thesp- ian App., Sr. Fac. Dance Dec. Comm. LINDA MILLS- General-Y-Teens, Choralettes, Girls Glee Club. PAUL FREDERICK MILLS - Pre-Engineering - Highland- ers, Candy Stand, GLORIA JEAN MINNIFIELD- General-Choralettes, Sr. Fac. Dinner Publicity Comm. FREDA M1TCHE1-L-General. Class of 1957 E Class of 1957 ROW ONE: GUSSIE T. MITCHELL-General--"A" Club. HARRY MITCHELL-General-Eootball, Track, Hi-Y, Pub. Rep. SI-IERRILL LEE MODLIN-College Preparatory-I-Ionor Society, Pres.: Hi-Y, Sec.: H.R. Pres., Exec. Boy's State, Co-Chr. Sr. -General. Comm., Monitor, Dean's Asst., Torch Club, Co-Chr. Prom Tickets Comm., Mr. Red, Fac. Dinner. RALPH KIMBERLIN MOORE VIRGINIA ANN MOREORD-General- Girls Glee Club, Choralettes, Concert Choir, Bible Club. ROBERT LEROY MORGAN-General-Football, Bas- ketball, Track, "A" Club, Sr. Inter-Class Activities Comm. ROW TWO: DONALD LEE MORRISON-General? Track, Boys Glee Club, Mixed Choir, Monitor. DONALD EARL MULLER-General-Band, Boys Glee Club, Mixed Choir, Choral Club, M. M. M., All State Chorus. BETTY MUI.I.INS7Home Economics. MARK MUL- LINS-College Preparatory-Locker Off. Asst. MYRNA KAY MUNSEI.I.fGeneraI4G.R.A., Treas., Vice Pres.: Prom Picture Comm. EVERETT DEAN MUTERS- PAUGI-l7CoIIeye Preparatory-Highlanders, Fut. Retail- ers, Sr, Theater Comm. ROW THREE: BECKY SUE MYERS-General-Latin Club, Bible Club, Sr. Brunch Menu Comm. DAVID ROY MYERS-General-I-Ii-Y, Boys Glee Club, Band. Mixed Choir, Monitor, Pub. Rep., Bible Club, Co-Chr. Sr. Pac. Dance Refresh. Comm. FRANKLIN T. MYERS iGeneral-Band. MARCIA SUE MYERS-Business Education--Y-Teens, Majorette, Pub. Rep., Sr. Pac. Din- ner Banzi Comm. XVILLIAM NEFF-Vocational Agri- culture-EEA., Nyrestling, Capt. LINDA SUE NIC- CUM7GeneraI. Our Class Was Distinctive, Adopting Cords ROW ONE: JOSEPH B. NIECE-Pre-Engineering-Golf, H,R. Vice Pres., Treas. SHARON KAY NIGHBERT- Business Education-Girls Glee Club, Choralettes, Concert Choir, Choral Club, Madrigal, Dance Band, Y-Teens, M. M. M., Prom Regis. Comm.. All State Chorus, Operetta, Student Council, Monitor, Thespian App., Counseling Off. Asst., Sr. Fac. Dance Band Comm. KENNETH ROYCE OLIVE - General. WILLIAM MARKLY O'NEAL-General-Sr. Brunch Dec. Comm. JOHN WILLIAM OSBORNE-College Preparatory-Honor So- ciety, Vice Pres.: Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Tennis, Football, Hi-Y, H.R. Sec., Latin Club, Dean's Asst,, Monitor. CHARLES RICHARD OTTO--General. ROW TWO: DON EUGENE OWENS-Pre-Apprentz'ce- Sr. Brunch Entertainment Comm. RUSSELL FRANK- LIN OWENS-General-Football, Baseball, Dance Band, Band. SHERRY LEE PAGE--College Preparatory- Thespian App., Y-Teens, Bible Club, Latin Club, Prom Dec. Comm., Sr. Dramatics, Monitor, JOE ALLEN PARKER-Business Education-Visual Aids Asst., Ush- Class of 1957 ers Club, Camera Club. WILLOW JEAN PARKER- Business Education-Y-Teens, Eng. Off. Asst,. Choral- ettes, Concert Choir, Girls Glee Club, Counseling OH. Asst., H.R. Sec. PATSY LEE ANN PATTON-Gem eral-Y-Teens, Sr. Dramatics, Thespian App., Choral- ettes, Girls Glee Club, Sr. Picnic Comm., Monitor. Row THREE: CAROL ANN PIERCE-General-Bible Club. AURELIA PLAXCO-General-Y-Teens, Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Choralettes, Choral Club, Stud- ent Council, Latin Club, Chr. Prom Flower Comm.. Monitor, H.R. Vice Pres., Exec. Comm., Sr. Gifts Comm. ROBERT ARNOLD PORTER-General-Boys Glee Club, Mixed Choir, Hi-Y, Ushers Club, Annual Staff, Sports Editor: Candy Stand, H.R. Vice Pres., I.H.S.P.A. RICHARD L. PUGH-Pre-Engineering-Visual Aids Asst., Highlanders, Student Council Alt., Prom Queen Comm., Hi-Y, Monitor, Sr. Fac. Dance Refresh. Comm. MARY FRANCES PURSLEY-General-Fut. Retailers, Nurse's Asst. JOYCE ANN PUTERBAUGH-General. And kirts That Were White for Awhile. .. X-35 -40" if 'C' 5 9 l The Student Council Instituted the N0-ACS, ROW ONE: CAROL ROSE RANKEL-General-Lib. Asst., Prom Reis. Comm., Y-Teens. BETTY LOU RAY-Business Education, ROBERT L. REDDING- General-Prom Entertainment Comm., Candy Stand, Dance Band, Choral Club, Orchestra, Band, Track, Mixed Choir, Cross Country. DANIEL LEO REEVES-Gem eral. GILBERT RAY REEVES-Pre-Apprentice. JOHN THOMPSON REHM-General-Band, Dance Band, Or- chestra, Choral Club, Operetta, M, M. M., Treas.: H.R., Pres., Hi-Y, Latin Club. ROW TWO: OTTO RHODES-General-Monitor, Lib. Asst., Wrestling, Cross Country, SHARILYN SUE RICE -General-Y-Teens. KENNETH DALE RICHARD- SON-Pre-Apprentice. GERALD EDGAR RICKER- Pre-Apprentice. PATSY SUE RlDGWAY-General- Girls Glee Club, Lib. Asst., H.R. Vice Pres., Sec.-Treas. Class of 1957 Prom Registration Comm., Student Council Alt.. Sr. Tal- ent Show Comm. FARRELL RAYMOND RILEY- General, ROW THREE: MARCIA ANNE RILEY-Business Edu- cation-Camera Club. PAUL RICHARD RINEARSON --General--Lib. Club, "A" Club, Honor Society, Track, Mgr.: Football, Basketball, Pub. Rep. JOYCE ANN RITTENHOUSE-College Preparatory-Latin Club, Bible Club, H.R. Pres., Treas., Sec.: Y-Teens, Prom Dec. Comm., Monitor. RICHARD LEE ROBERTS-Preh Apprentice. BEVERLY ANN ROSS-College Prepara- tory-Student Council Alt., H.R. Sec., Pub. Rep., Eut. Retailers, Y-Teens, Sec.: Annual Staff, Business Co-Mgr.: Off. Asst., Prom Ticket Comm., Girls Glee Club, Choral- ettes. I.H.S.P.A., Sr. Pac. Dance Dec. Comm. JACQUE- LINE ROWENA ROSS-Home Economics. ' Making Safe a Walk in the Parking Lot . . . ROW ONE: LINDA KAY ROSS-College Preparatory- Y-Teens, Latin Club, Student Council, Highlanders, Mon- itor, Exec. Comm., Girls Glee Club, Prom Dec. Comm., Sr. Fac. Dance Dec. Comm. ROGER ELLIS ROUDE- BUSH-College Preparatory-Honor Society, Torch Club, Student Council. Head Monitor, Boy's State, Convo Comm., H.R. Vice Pres., Chr. Prom Refresh. Comm., Exec. Comm., Co-Chr. Sr. Fac. Dance Invitations-Chap- erones Comm. ELAINE ANN ROUSE-General-Band. Choralettes, Concert Choir, Choral Club, Bible Club, Co- Chr. Sr. Gifts Comm. WILLIAM CHARLES ROW- LAND-General--H.R. Treas., Vice Pres.: Exec. Comm., Student Council, Thespians, Sr. Dramatics, Convo Comm., Prom Refresh. Comm., Hi-Y, Torch Club, Sr. Talent Show Comm. CAROLE JUNE RUSH-College Prepara- tory-Y-Teens, Student Council, Thespian App., Choral- ettes, Choral Club, Latin Club., Bible-Club, M. M. M., Highlanders, Monitor, Dean's Asst., Prom Refresh. Comm., Honor Society, Valedictorian. THOMAS RICH- ARD RYDMAN-Vocational Agriculture-E.F.A., Vice Pres.: Dance Band, Band. ROW TWO: BETH ANNE SAMPLE-College Prepara- tory-Y-Teens, Honor Society, H.R. Pres., Vice Pres.: Latin Club, Student Council, Prom Band Comm., Co- Chr. Sr. Picnic. MARTHA PAYE SARGENT--Business Education-Pub. Rep., Bible Club., Y-Teens, Eng. Off. Asst., Counseling Off. Asst., Honor Society, Sr. Pac. Din- ner Publicity Comm. WILLIAM JOSEPH SEIBOLD- College Preparatory-Latin Club, B0y's Glee Club, X-Ray, Sports Editor: Candy Stand. CHARLES LEROY SHAFFER-General-Latin Club, Highlanders, Wrest- ling. H.R. Vice Pres., Pres.: Exec. Comm., "A" Club. Student Council, Tennis, Pub. Rep., Cross Country, Prom Dec. Comm., Homecoming Float Comm. JAMES DALE SHAFFER-General. LAURA LEE SHAUL-Business Education-Monitor, Eng. Off. Asst. ROW THREE: THOMAS C. SHEETS--Pre-Apprentice- Ushers Club, Track. Cross Country. MARTHA ELIZA- BETH SILCOX--General-Y-Teens. Lib. Asst., Lib. Club. LARRY LEE SILVER-General. GEORGIA I.EANNE SIMMONDS - General - Y-Teens. CAROL LOUISE SIMPSON - General - Latin Club, Monitor, Y-Teens. FRED WYATT SIMPSON-General-Poop ball. Basketball, Baseball, "A" Club. H.R. Vice Pres., Pres. Class of 1957 Class of 1957 ROW ONE: BARBARA A. SKAGGS-General-Y-Teens. H.R. Vice Pres., Student Council Alt., Sr. Brunch Menu Comm. ALBERT GEORGE SKINNER-Pre-Engineer ing-H.R. Pres., Torch Club, Honor Society, Hi-Y. Football, Track, Dean's Asst. JAMES HAROLD SMITH. -General-Torch Club, Monitor, Co-Chr. Sr. Fac. Dinner Publicity Comm. JOAN ELIZABETH SMITH -Home Economics. JUDITH ANN SMITH-Business Education--Y-Teens, Bible Club. MARYANN SMITH -College Preparatory-Owosso, Mich., H.S.: Bible Club. ROW TWO: THOMAS WARREN SMITH-GeneraI- Track, Visual Aid Asst., Cross Country, Sr. Theater Comm. CAROLYN S. SMITHER-General-G.R.A.. Lib. Asst., H.R. Sec., Vice Pres., Pres. DANIEL FLOYD SNELLENBARGER-General-Band, Monitor. CARO- LYN MARLENE SNIDER-General-Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Mixed Choir, Choralettes, Prom Flower Comm. THOMAS REX SOWASH-Pre-Apprentice. MILDRED MARIE SPEEDY-General. ROW THREE: ROBERT BRADFORD SPENCER-Cob lege Preparatory-Latin Club, Treas.: Orchestra, X-Ray, Feature Editor: I.H.S.P.A., Prom Regis. Comm. MARI- LYN LOUISE SPRINGER -- Business Education -- Y-Teens, Latin Club, Thespian App.,-Highlanders, Girls Glee Club, Choralettes, Monitor, Lib. Asst., Honor Soci- ety, Prom Flowers Comm., Sr. Gifts Comm. JOE KEITH STANLEY--Pre-Apprentice-Ushers Club. PAUL W. STEPHENS-Pre-Apprentice-Torch Club, Hi-Y, Foot- ball, Exec. Comm., Monitor. HELEN GAY STEVES- General. ROLLAND EUGENE STEWART-General- Wrestling, Boys Glee Club, Mixed Choir. The Atom Bomb Was just a Gentle Breeze ROW ONE: MARY MARGARET STICKRADT-Gem eral-Student Council, Exec. Council: H.R. Pres., Y-Teens. DOROTHY SARAH STINES-Home Eco- nomics-Majorette. BRADLEY ALLEN STINSON- General-Boys Glee Club, Choral Club, Torch Club. Highlanders, Operetta, Football, Pub. Rep., H.R. Pres., Prom Dec. Comma Student Council, Monitor, Latin Club, Sr. Talent Show Comm. JOE STINSON-General -Boys Glee Club. BEVERLY ANN STOKER-General --Y-Teens, Monitor, Prom Gifts Comm.. Co-Chr. Sr. Theater Party. ROBERT G. STONER--GeneraI- Torch Club, Sec.: Hi-Y, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Choral Club, Prom Dec. Comm., Mixed Choir, Highland- ers, Boys Glee Club, "A" Club, Sr. Dramatics, Co-Chr. Sr. Fac. Dance Band Comm. ROW TWO: ROBERT LEE STOW-College Preparatory -Dean's Asst. JANET SHARON STRADER-General -Girls Glee Club, Concert Choir, Choral Club, Student Council, H.R. Treas., Monitor, Operetta. LEANNA SU SWART-College Preparatory-Girls Glee Club, Mixed Choir, Eng. Off. Asst., Monitor. MARY ELIZABETH SWINFORD-College Preparatory-Y-Teens, Lib. Asst., Dean's Asst., Homecoming Queen Attend., H.R. Vice Pres., Latin Club, Exec. Comm., Class Vice Pres., Treas.: Chr. I Class of 1957 Prom Publicity Comm., Honor Society, Student Council, Exec. Council: X-Ray, Editor: I.H.S.P.A., Candy Stand, Commencement Speaker Alt., Sr. Fac. Dance Place Comm. DOUGLAS TALLEY - College Preparatory - Torch Club, Football, Basketball, Baseball. CAROLYN SUE TAYLOR-Business Education. ROW THREE: CHARLEEN RUTH TAYLOR-General -Ben Davis H.S., G.R.A. LUCIUS TEAGUE-Gem eral--Baseball, "A" Club, Football, Basketball. JEAN ANNE TEUSH-College Preparatory--H.R. Pres., Sec.: Pub. Rep., Y-Teens, Latin Club, Concert Choir, Girls Glee Club, Mixed Choir, Choral Club. Exec. Comm., Monitor, Honor Society, Dean's Asst., Highlanders, Prom Chaperones-Invitations Comm., Sr. Fac. Dance Dec. Comm. GEORGIANNA THOMAS-College Preparatory-Pub. Rep., H.R. Treas., Sec.: Latin Club, Y-Teens, Student Council, Exec. Coun.: Prom Dec. Comm., Monitor, Exec. Comm.. Co-Chr. Sr. Fac. Dance Refresh. Comm. FRANK THOMPSON-General-Madrigal, Choral Club, All State Chorus, Operetta, H.R. Pres., Mixed Choir, Boys Glee Club, M. M. M., Chr. Prom Entertainment Comm.. Dance Band, Sr. Talent Show Comm. ROBERT ALLEN THURMAN-General-Winslow H.S., Hi-Y. ompared to ome enior Week Blasts . . . f'v' a,,'I1"'.,.,. ,arf .sneak ci This Was the Year the Enslaved Revolted ROW ONE: MARGARET ANN TOWLER-Home Eco- nomics-Y-Teens, Lib. Club, Monitor. REBECCA TOWNSEND-Home Economics. SALLEY ELAINE TOWNSLEY -- Business Education - G.R.A., Monitor. VERONICA ANN TREES-General-E.T.A., Y-Teens, Honor Society, Prom Dec. Comm., Student Council Alt.. Sr. Dramatics. RUTH ANNE TYLER-General- Y-Teens, Monitor. ISABEL URBAN--College Prepara- tory-Y-Teens. H.R. Sec.-Treas., E.T.A., Prom Place Comm., Thespian App., Lib. Asst., Co-Chr. Sr. Inter- Class Activities Comm. ROW TWO: BEVERLY VAN VOORHIS-General- Y-Teens, Latin Club, Nurse's Asst,, Fut. Nurses Club. KAREN KAY VEAZEY - College Preparatory - Y-Teens, Latin Club, X-Ray, Typist: E.T.A., Treas.Z Honor Society, Prom Flowers Comm., Girl's State, Cheer- leader, Monitor, Pep Sessions Comm., Band, Sr. Eac. Dance Dec, Comm. DOUGLAS W. VORNDRAN-Prem Apprentice. FRANCES LOUISE WAGNER-College Preparalory-Pub. Rep., Thespians, Concert Choir, An- Cluss of l957 nual Staff, Co-Editor: Convo Comm., Prom Dec. Comm., Exec. Comm., I.H.S.P.A., Honor Society, M. M. M., Highlanders. Latin Club, Treas., Y-Teens, Monitor, Choral Club, Girls Glee Club, Madrigal, Operetta, Co-Chr. Sr. Fac. Dance Dec. Comm. WILLIAM CHARLES WAG- NER-General-Sr. Brunch Place Comm. JAMES EUGENE WALKER-General. ROW THREE: JOSEPH PAUL WALKER-Pre-Apprerr tice-Baseball, Prom Place Comm., Highlanders, Sr. Regis. Comm. BARBARA VVALLACE-General. GEORGIA WALTON--General-Band, Treas.g Orchestra, M. M. M., H.R. Sec., Co-Chr. Sr. Regis. Comm. SUE ANNE WARD-General-Fur. Retailers, Y-Teens. DIANA KAY WATSONfCollege Preparatory-Class Treas., Sec., Y-Teens, Vice Pres.: Latin Club, Concert Choir. Highlanders, Nurse's Asst., H.R. Sec., Exec. Comm., X-Ray, Annual Staff, Monitor, Sr. Pac. Dinner Menu Comm. PHILLIP HENRY WATiSON1Pf9-EHgl-U88f- ing-Band, Torch Club, Pub. Rep., Baseball, Prom Band Comm., Monitor, H.R. Treas, 6 4 I 'til' eff M61 v-we And eniors T hanked God for America . . . ROW ONE: WILBUR WATSON-General. JACK LEE XVEBBER-Business Education-Sr. Class Pres., Student Council. Exec. Coun.: Eut. Retailers. Pres.: Honor So- ciety. Hi-Y. H.R. Pres., Monitor. Dean's Asst., Highland- ers, Jr. Rotarian, Co-Chr. Sr. Fac. Dance Place Comm. MARLA JEAN VJEBSTER - Business Education. NANCY ELLEN XVEED-College Preparatory-M. M. M., Choralettes, Girls Glee Club. Choral Club. Band. Orchestra. Thespian App., Y-Teens. Monitor. All State Orchestra, Operetta. Latin Club. Prom Refresh. Comm.. H.R. Sec.. Jr. Red Cross. Honor Society. Sr. Talent Show Comm. DALE VJELLING-General-Band, Orchestra. Prom Band Comm., Sr. Talent Show Comm. TOD DRURY WELI.INGTON+College PreparaIory-Stud- ent Council, Hi-Y, Honor Society. Mr. Red, Monitor, Sr. Picnic Comm. ROW TWO: JAMES L. WESSAR-Cfcullege Preparatory- Eootball. Hi-Y, Torch Club. Baseball. Monitor, Deans Asst. JOAN LOUISE XVHELAN - General - Choral Club. M. M. M.. Thespians, Honor Society, Exec. Comm., Prom Entertainment Comm., Operetta. Concert Choir, Sr. Talent Show Comm. CARLIS RAY VJHITE-General. SUE ANN WHITTINGTON-General-Student Coun- cil. Vice Pres.: Exec. Coun.: Y-Teens. Monitor, Honor Society, Counseling Off. Asst., Prom Eavor Comm., Sr. Talent Show Comm., H.R. Vice Pres., Sec.-Treas. MADONNA LEE WIDDIFIELD-General+Iiut. Re- tailers, Sr. Regis. Comm. JAMES LEE XVILEY-Gem eral-Eut. Retailers, Hi-Y, Baseball. ROW THREE: DONNA WILHEI.M-College Preparatory -Honor Society, Bible Club, Thespian App., Homecom- ing Eloat Comm., Candy Stand, Monitor, Exec. Comm., Prom Dec. Comm., Student Council Alt.. H.R. Vice Pres., Y-Teens. History Club, Vice Pres.: Latin Club, Lib. Club. Lib. Asst.. Ci.R.A., Co-Chr. Sr. Brunch, Valedic- torian. JAMES HODSON VVILHITE-College Prepara- tory-Latin Club, Ifut. Retailers, Off. Asst., Hi-Y, Park- ing Cadet. AARON VJILLIAMS-Pre-Engineering- Cross Country, Band, Track. Candy Stand. RICHARD R. WILLIAMS-I9re-Engineering-State Algebra Con- test. Torch Club. Hi-Y, Vice Pres.: Exec. Comm.. Honor Society, Dean's Asst.. Monitor. Prom Dec. Comm., Jr. Rotarian, H.R. Sec.-Treas.. Co-Chr. Sr. Eac. Dinner. SHIRLEY ANNE WII.MOTH-Collegtf Preparaloryi Latin Club,Y-Teens. Bible Club, Thespian App.. Lib. Asst., Counseling Off. Asst.. Monitor. Prom Dec. Comm., History Club. Sr. Brunch Place Comm. LINDA JANE VUILSON-College Preparatory-Choral Club, Madrigal, Operetta, Band. Choralettes, Crirls Glee Club, Y-Teens. Honor Society. M. M. M., Treas.: Student Council, Exec. Coun.: Monitor, Pub. Rep., H.R. Vice Pres.. Sec.-Treas.: E.T.A., Co-Chr. Prom Refresh, Comm., Highlanders, All State Chorus, Convo Comm., Sr. Talent Show Comm. Class of l957 Class of 1957 ROW ONE: ROBERT DAVID WOLFF-Pre-Engineer ing-Student Council, Torch Club, Hi-Y, Highlanders. Vice Pres., Treas.: H.R. Vice Pres., Baseball, Prom Dec. Comm., Football, Head Monitor, Sr. Talent Show Comm. WILLIAM EDVVARD WOODS - General - Monitor, Torch Club, Track, Latin Club, H.R. Vice Pres. RONALD D. WOOLDRIDGE-General. RUTHANN WORLEY-General-Prom Flowers Comm., Y-Teens, Candy Stand, Girls Glee Club. WILLIAM LEE WRIGHT-Pre-Apprentice. MARY LOUISE WYANT -General--Y-Teens. ROW TWO: DARREL LEE YOUNG-College Prepara- tory-Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country, Latin Club, Hi-Y, Prom Band Comm., "A" Club, H.R. Vice Pres. ROBERT D. YOUNG-General. WILLIAM FRANK- LIN ZEHRING-Pre-Engineering-Sr. Picnic Comm. WAUNETA ALENE ZIMMERMAN-General-Bible Club, Monitor, Concert Choir. Yes, 1957 Was Trying, Typical, Tremendous. GRADUATING SENIORS NOT PICTURED-William Antrobus, Carolyn Sue Bailey, Darrell Bailey, Shirley Baker, Patricia Cook, Nancy Lou Cox, James Louis Denny, David Dowell, Gerald Leroy Estle, Darrell Lee Goldsmith, David Alan Gwaltney, Mildred Hartley, Richard Hazel, Perry Hill, Meredith' Hughes, Sandra Joan Keesling, Carl King, Bill Klauer, William Kotoki, William McCreary, Jerry Mahoney, Margaret Louise Olsen, Alfred Poole, James Pyle, John Ridgeway, Kenneth Fulton Rodgers, David Russell, Laura Shaul, Tom Sheahan, LeRoy Shields, Gary Wayne Shockney. Joyce Thomas, Melvyn James Tipton, John Dee Wilkerson. Juniors Relish Taste of Wlaen the junior class started to school this year, they knew it was going to be diH'erent. The halls weren't so crowded, the classes not so big, and the confusion and noise not so great. Many friends had gone to the township school and the class was smaller. Each junior had to accept more responsibility in order for the class to be successful. Working to put on the best Prom ever gave the class many unforgettable experiences. Last minute changes in plans, decorations falling down, and not enough refreshments all added to the excitement. As the end of school rolled around, the juniors looked back on the year with pride and the feeling that they had accomplished many things. They got a taste of being upperclassmen and are ready to assume the roles of leaders next year. Upperelass Roles JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Ann Adams, treasurer Brooks Townsend, president: Marilyn Bryant, secretary Dan Motto, vice-president. JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-Row lfAnn Brady. Peggy Davis, Linda Garrett. Carolyn Bailey, Janice Bradley. Dixie Martin. Row ZfMr. George Sponsor: Larry Jones. Sally Vvfessar, Carolyn Sargent, Carole Ussery, Sue Straub, Linda Higginbotham, Mrs. Mary Jane Schultz, Sponsor. 67 Class of l958 Fishing for Hying saucers are .lim Wilhilc, Bill Neff, and Mr. David Adams. 68 Judy Abernathy Paul Aluhirc Ronnie Achor Ann Adams Roger Adcoclt Curtis Agnew Melva Alexander Dean Allbauglx Turn Allex Larry Anderson jim Ashby Ray Ashley Barry Atkinson -lack Atwell Carolyn Bailey Monte Baker Terry Baker larry Ballinger Mark Barnett Karen Barrett Nancy Barron David Bausman Blanche Besson Robert Bedwell lone Bell Yvonna Bell Carol Bergdahl jeanne Biencr: Ann Blackwell Howard Bledsoe Ann Blue Dave Boardman ,lim Bodcy janet Bohlcn Earl Boone Nancy Boone El Richard Bourke Mary Davin Boyd Anne Brady janicc Bradley Ron Brceck Tom Breitweiscr Sandra Brewer Sufan Brewster l.oiw Bramwcll jerry Brown joyce Brown XY'illiam Brown Deanna Bruhaltcr Marilyn Bryant Shirley Huis Max Burton David Bushong Date Callahan Leon Campbell Judy Canaday Kay Cappcl jerry Carpenter Larry Carpenter Mike Carpenter Tom Carpenter Earl Carper Carolyn Carr Donna Carron jim Cartcr Max Cazzrnn john Chambers Marilyn Chopson Ronnie Clark Kay Claxon Mona Clem ,ludy Coburn Virginia Cocltrum Mike Coen Marilyn Cole Diane Connolly Dale Cook Gayl Cook I.. C. Cooley Jerry Coon mic c:.,pe1.mJ Nancy Cornelius Carlos Corzine Janis Council David Cowart Rex Clowart David Crandall Kenneth Crane Linda firim Elaine Crouch Briane Davis Peggy Davis Randy Davis Tom Davis Connie Day Kay Dean Marcia Del.ev Norman Delph Sherry Dennis Gene Dieu Janis Ilissezre Allen Duty Arena Dowden Adelia Drake Par Dudley Mary Dukes Richard Dunwiddie Frank Durham Bob Dyson John Earhart Paul Eisele Bill Eilelman Jerry Ellison Maralzeth Emerson Nancy England Linda liawbush Sylvia Ferguson Shirley l-'euston John Ficklc Bill Fisher Jimmie liitvimmons Judy Fox Richard Fox Tonya lfox Wal! Fox Sue Franklin Judy lirye Norma Furnish Nancy Gabel Carole Gammon Martha Garner Linda Garret! Virginia Gary Dianne Gaskill Larry Gellinger Bwrbara Gibson Larry Gibson Joan Gilbert Anita Glave Robert Glazebrooks Rosemary Golish Roherr Graham Tom Gray Anderson Green Jesse Green Nancy Greene Tom Grecnwalt Mary Beth Grimes Mike Grimes Alice Grissom Gary Grote Barry Hanna Pas Harl Dixie Harlan Judy Harris Kay Harris Larry Harris Norma llarshman Judy Hawkins Richard Hedrick Paula Heiden 69 -.. Class of 1958 X N Ti . ,J iill L ar Qi U i ,J- il. If if Y. gm it , or -il 7 fi. 'Z , era. . gf fa s- '90 is Iii 3, , 9 ,H J i Class of 1958 "Which is the phony?" qsksI.:ivina1Gunst of intra- mural bearers Floyd Wllltehousc, Prank Durhdmf Tony Huey. 7 0 lluil llululrlclu linda Hxgiginlmxlmnl lliiriirliy llill Xl-nlyn llill cgi' Wi- liaiiiii-.U DJ-x llulllslny l5'1lv.u.1 llulllc 4 .uriil.xnn Ploppcs Sri-plmiiie Huppi-N ls.-i.-fl, Hiirini- Shi-il,i llurnln-ull l'hil Hmier Aliw llmuzuil l'3K lliwullml Slurlrv lliiilwn 8.1: lliiilwn 'Ilnny llury Rinlmrd Huglwx I,.irvy Hunn-riulilumw lic -cm lwhull Georg: tlayliwn Luwi-ll lniluinu kli-wc limo MMV klcffcrs l'xuv ,lolmiim Iiill uliilimon n.i.i..1d ,li,h.ii...i ,li-me ,liiriiwii .1 ,iw .1.,h.iii... ,ludxzh -lulmmn I-.ii k101i..,.,.i kiiili qluliiiwn riiil klunu nl.-.i.. ,y.,.i.'. 1 .ii-fy .luncx siiiin ,Jimi-X 'mm Aloyu' Rm' .1...,k,-.-if.-ld Nmux lixlwrlcli billi rx.-L-.lam l.url keith K mulyn Ki-llvy liimm lieuy King Do-1 l'in-uugi-r Ibm-I IM..-gi' Phil Inurmim- klmrrx l.1u-ndcr l,li-.miir lwuunluy Nmm.m l,u.1rnvil Tim lee Nmcv li-'nun luillrh li-unix 'lirri l.i-wil lldlx I,iglnf'imr l-lu-:vu I.i!ten M 'rly I ixingxmn llnid Luck lk-wrly Imufr Sharon l.yn1m cz.-fy Mi-c l-in Gwu Md l,uin Llvriilyn Muflrockliu Whirn-n McCullum ,lim-i Mcmnicl .lulm M.-csiiaw mi nicrcmii Ro-ui McKllvb.1n Ylmrun NlC1..xughlin Ronnie NlLN.xlmuv Rwmhl MQYQ' llcnnn Mmllurncu li.irh,ira Milwm Laquita Marsh Dixie Martin jim Martin David Massey Nancy Massey Mike Mathews Pat May Alice Maynard Jim Melson Mary Merrill Dave Miller james Minneiield Bess Mitchell Penny Mitchell Gary Moore Bud Morgan Mary Morrison Dan Morro Ruthann Murphy Lucy Myers Suzanne Myers Larry Naselroad Phil Nicpon Wild: Nodine Bill Norris jim Norris jim Nowlin Mike Nuvum Dan Obermeyer Arthur Oille Sally Page Bill Parker Mary Paschal Buddy Patterson Nancy Pearson Lynne Perry jim Pettigrew Duane Picltarcl Jerry Pickel Jan Pudhaski Sharon Poore Barbara Potter Carole Presser Nancy Preston Bill Price Wanda Pursley Sherron Quinn Don Ramsey Karen Ramsey Harry Ray Judith Recd Judy Reed Norman Reeves Earlie Remson Saundra Richey Berry Riggs Dave Ritenour John Robbins Kay Roberson Cecil Robinson Camille Roby Richard Rosenbaum Don Roudebush Jerry Sale Esther Sarah Carolyn Sargent Nancy Sargent Carol Schrope Bill Seal Rex Seipel Fred Servies Sharon Seybert john Shaffer Alice Shannon jerry Shaul Steve Shaw Mary Shipley Annette Shipman Richard Shirley Larry Silver Bob Sink Priscilla Sltoudcn Tom Sloane Toby Small Bill Smith Gary Smith Janice Smith Joyce Smith Class of 1958 i l l 1 Class of 1958 Sporting sharp senior skirts are Nancy Brewster, Kay Ross, Betsey Barnes, Judy Coon. 72 Margery Smith Rebecca Smith Richard Smith Norma Southcrx Wlilliam Spencer Arlene Springer john Stalnakcr Fern Stanley larry Stanley linda Stanley Donald Stanson Larry Stewart Roy Stickrad! Linda Stirew jerry Stuhlcr Marilyn Stokes Suu Straub Ilnn Stroud Phil Sullivan Tony Swinford Nora Sylvester Dick Talbert Harrictta Talbcrt Sandra Taylor Ronald Templeton l,ynn Thomas Charles Tipton Brooks Townsend Georgia Trucsdal Millie Turbevillc Esther Turner Larry Turner Dean Tway K arole Ussery Nancy Ussery Bill Van Duyn Carmen Van Meter Martha Vasbintlcr James Vaughn Jack W'arrum Howard NY'atson larry NVatson Nancy Watson Shirley W'cllons Sally W'essar Marvin Xvhitaker Floyd W'hi!ehous Ellen Wigncr Richard Wiley .lone Wilkins Marilyn Wilkinson Richard W'ilkinson lloyd Willlwirt- Dick Williams Nonclas Xvilliams Tom W'illiams Vivian Williams Tum W'ils0n Stanley Wolfram Larry Wood Judie W'oods rludy Woods Larry Woosman Ralph Worley Martha Wright W'ilma Nvright Mary Wysockey Paul Yanik Dallas Young Havcl Young Bob Zachary Ronald Zander c oplzomeres Take Place of Departed Actives Coming through the doors of AHS last fall, the sophomore class was a little different from most sophomore classes. There was no air of superiority in their manner. They were happy and anticipated the year ahead: yet. they had what seemed to them a major disappointment. They were still the youngest class. As the year progressed they soon realized that their class was a very important part of the school. Determined not to be outdone by the upper classes, the sophomores made many conf tributions to the school. Many clubs threw open their doors to the sophomores for the first time. A live-wire class, it was now able to take part in more activities than ever before. By solving their problems and trying new ideas through the year, they gained confidence and pride and look forward to next year know- ing they have what it takes! SOPHOMORE CLASS OEFlCERSfAnn Harris, treas urer: Cynthia Wright, vice-president: Dan Roby, presi dent: Mary Carraway. secretary. SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-Row l-Mr. XVilliam Ballentine, Sponsor: Beverly Parker, Judy Shoemaker. Phyllis Kellett, Lucretia Carroll. Barbara Vv'helan, Gail Couch, Sandra Cordon, Mrs, Vivian Maine, Sponsor. Row 2vMike Long, Paul Eairburn. Larry Sells, Pat McKeand, John Melson, Dave Kimball, Tom Tappan, Don Colvin, David DeBolt, George Bowen. 7' Class of 1959 'N Brenda Abbot! Achor Dwight Aldred Ronald Alexander Terry Alexander Jim Alleman Carolyn Allison Jimmy Allman Sandra Anderson lhvid Anthony David Antrobus Raymond Arline Harry Armstrong Sharon Armstrong Richard Arnold Carla Aihhaugh Ruben Atkins Eugene Auker Paul Bacltous Mike Bagienslti joe Bailey Ervin Baker Gary Baker jim Baker Slicrrv Baker Becky Baker David Baker Emett Baker Gilda Baroni Shirley Barrett Janet Barron Karon Beason Waiidell Beason Don Beatty Connie Beckham Gail Bedford Divid Beher Beverly Benltu Max Benson julia Berltebile Carol Bessel! Luleman Bilbrey kludy Bingaman l,eVaughn Binkley Donna Birlthead Bonnie Blacltshear Bill Blades Hollis Blair j.imt-s Blake Cyndy Bloom Gene Boaz Harold Boggs George Bowen Barbara Bowers Tony Bowman Larry Bore .Iunice Branch Janice Branch john Breelt Bob Breese Nancy Brinduse john Britton Bob Brown Brenda Brown Ci.irol Brown Larry Brown Saundra Brown Wendell Brown Darlene Bruce Irene Bruce Sheila Buck Frances Burkhart Donna Burton Logan Butler Janice Byrum Barbara Cade Dun Calabria Larry Campbell Richard Campbell Lola Cane Darlene Carey .lim Carmaclt Carolyn Carpenter Dave Carpenter Ronnie Carper Mary Carraway Lucretia Carroll John Carter Phyllis Carter David Chambers Charles Chase Cindy Chasey Mary Chatman Carol Cheatham Judy Childers Donna Chism Rogers Clark Lynne Clements Garry Cobb Elaine Coe Sreve Coffman Martha Cole Bill Collins Donald Colvin David Combs John Condon Larry Conner Larry Conros Kenny Cook Larry Coolxman Larry Coltingham Gale Couch Howard Cox Linda Cox Patricia Cox Roherr Cridge Mary Jane Cronlt Sandra Crosthwaite Jeanette Crouse Shirley Crouse Tom Crull Juldenc Cummings Michael Cummings John Cunningham Jeanerte Dailey Melanie Dalton George Danforth Bob Davis Chuck Davis Wilfred Davis Edwin Day Judy Dayton David DeBolt Allan Defenderfer Doug DeH0rity Larry Dcitz Gerald DeLawter Tom DeLawter Yvonne DeVashir Barbara Diedring Clarence Diet: Judy Dilrs James Doherty Larry Doherty Sandy DuBois Jerry Duell Omar Dulfer Pernod Duffey Louie Duncan Addie Dunlap Michael Dunn Fred Eastes Branda Ebbertt Robert Edgeman Burch Eliot: Mae Ellison sue Engima Judith Estle Ronnie Evans Tom Evcrham gm- 15:4 YA 32 , Class of l959 Convomiiong offer a good cxcusc ing classes. for miss C lass of 1959 of Q ff.-.,. if 2 N.. kiv 1-1 Vvlhat strange meanderings are going on in the mind of monitor Pat Howard? 76 Paul Fairburn Ronnie Ferrell Richard Fenner Janice Ferguson james Fcrrel Glenda Finlay Dennis Fisher Janice Fisher Arrhur Fire Larry Fletcher Dallas Flin! Wanda Foster Douglas Fowler William Fox Sherry Franklin J. T. lirceman Philip Freeman Charles Fulton Terry Gardner Carol Garretson Diana Garringer Anne Gellinger jim Gillaspy Marcia Gilliam Gary Gilmore janet Gilson Stephen Givens Don Glavebrooln Dave Goen Dennis Gooding Claudine Goodman Jim Goodnight Randall Gordon Sandy Gordon Berry George joanna Gough Steve Graddy Donald Graham james Graham Donna Grant Errol Granr Lillian Gray Pat Gray Vilnis Grencions Donald Grimmett Linda Griiirh Judy Gunkel Lavina Guns! Connie Guerin Robert Guerin Saralce Hall jane Hamilton Wanda Hammond Karen Hancock Larry Hanev Jim Hanshew Brien Hardv Sharon Harlan Sharon Harless David Harp Melvin Harper Ann Harris Barbara Harrison David Harrison Allene Hart .Indy Harring Rulland Hartlev Larry Harwell Nancy Haruell Sandra Hartzell Harold Hatfield Terry Hayden Dennis Haynes Phil Hempleman Sharon Henderson Peggy Hennigar john Hensler Carl Hensley Sue Herixagc jim Herron William Hester Linda Hint! Steven Hildcrbrand jim Hinderer jerry Hobbs Darrell Hofcr Rual Hoguc Steve Hoover Avis I-lovermalc Sandra Hovcrmalc Van Hudson Nvaync Huff Marcia Hulfer john Hurley Mike Hurley Don Hurst lilizabezh Hyland Thomas Hyland Judi lmel lrmn Irving Billy Jackson Bob jackson Leslie jackson Pat jackson Tom jackson jack Jeffries Gary johnson Jack johnson Larry johnson Peggy johnson Vera johnson Barbara jones Bob jones Donn.: jones Doris Jones lizlicl jones lred jones jackie jones Larry Jones Ruth jordan Sue jordan Wiayne jnslin Bob Kanalvlc, Dan Keeney Mike Keesling Phyllis Kellcu Karen Kcllcv Jay Kennedy Dave Kimball Bill Kimmerling Carl King Georgia King l'red Kingslwerri livelvn Kinman Mike Kirkpatrick Bob Knick kludy Knick Ann Knotts Lind.: Knott' Pauy Knotts Ronald Knotts Timothy Kuncheid Bill Lang Larry Large Class of 1959 Phil Gaar and lorry Vsfalson prove lo Nlarcia Dilts and .lunc Henson thu chivalry is not dead! Class of 1959 'Bi Adding names to posterity are Jerry Hobbs, Arthur Fire, Mike Hurley, Anna Keeney, Roni McKibban. 78 Ardella LaRue James Laswell Jim Lavender David Layton Francis Layton William Layton Glec Ann Leaver Judy Lee Pat Lee Doris Leffcl Bill Leicht Judy Leisure David Lennis Richard Lcnnis Jim Leonard Linda Lewis Patti Lewis Carolyn Lightfoot Steve Lindsey Tom Linvillc Anita Littrell Mary Ellen Long Michael Long Milt: Lortz Pat Loser Ginger Lucas Dick Lyons Sherrill McAdams Carole McAllister Ruth McAllister Ronnie McClain Jerry McClinlick Jon McClinrock John McCord France: McCormick Larry McCoy Gary McDonald Barbara Mclilravy Doris McFarland Janice McGivern Kay McGraw Gayle McGu!fey Tom McGuffey Ruth Ann McKay George McKcand Brooks McKinney Pat McLaughlin Jerri McNelly Harry McVey James McVev Linda Mahon Vicwr Mallernee Sammy Malone Kay Manis Thelma Manuel Bill Marling Bob Marsh Darrell Martin Mary Paul Mason Robert Mason Larry Massey Diana Masters Carl Maupin Bill Maxwell Phyllis Maxwell Sue Meiser Matin Melcndel John Melson Jon Melzer Fred Merrill Tom Merrill Larry Milam Tom Miller Tony Miller Wayne Miller Melvin Mimms Terry Montague Nancy Moore Phyllis Moreland Joyce Morgan jaclt Morris Tom Mullins Barbara Naselroad Marcia Neff Danny Nelson jay Newbern Tom Newman Bill Niclholson ' Myrl Nisely Carol Nugent David O'Brien Barry Ogle John Ogle jay Ohler Gloria Olden Florence Olive Lorene Olive Lodema Orr jim Osborne Otis Cox Jim Otto Tom Overlin john Owen jim Owens Robert Page Teddie jo Parduc Beverly Parker Beverly Parks Larry Parlts Susie Pate Lucienne Patterson Richard Patterson Susie Patterson Dave Payton Wfandavee Payton Rex Pcberbat Mary Beth Phelps Pat Pherson Sandra Phillippc Bill Phillips Carroll Phillips Charlene Phillips Max Picltel Ronald Pickett Billy Poole Emma Posey Ronnie Potter Susie Poulson Bill Presser Lilly Pritchett Wlilma Pritchard john Pryor Voss Purltey Mary Puterbaugh Marie Quallo Shelby Qualls Lula May Raimcy , Dick Rains , George Ralston 453 Bill Ranshaw Carol Ann Ratzlaff Carolyn Ray Franklin Rayford Norval Rector Gary Rees ,- Class of 1959 Q! . X L X, ' 1 ii 9 lx- ? if T' 1 Sikh 'Wie gf? 1 P my 5. is ,L , ,. . 1 ECW y I Wlwsiiwilifl? Q Lf Parking lot Robin Hoods, Mike Johnson and Leon Vsfecdman, lest the bows of Mr. George Welch and 79 Mr. Jim Baker. Class of 1959 W' ze 1 .f N. - I, 5 ' W 5 if A tribal meeting convencs in the Wigwam. 80 Dan Rhoades um Rhynearson mary Anne Richardson Steve Richardson Larl Richman Snaron Riggs Phil Rinker Cora Robbins Paz Robbins Renee Robert ,loc Roberts Dan Roby Carla Rogers Sharon Rohr Barbara Ross Bob Rozelle Rila Russell Larry Scanrland Ruth Ann Scharnowske Bob Schartner Rebecca Scherer Barbara Schildmeicr Carolyn Schildmeier Cindy Scott Marjorie Seorr Sandy Semggins Pere Seresny Larry Sells Bonnie Shank Philip Shearer Judy Sheets Edward Shcll Joyce Shelton jim Shepherd Ernie Shields Gretchen Shivcly Sandra Shock Judy Shoemaker Donald Simpson Karen Simpson Wayne Simpson Graydon Skeoch Nancy Skinner Srephcn Skinner Eleanor Slack Tom Slinkard jnannc Sloane Bob Smith Charlene Smith Delores Smith jerry Smith jim Smith Karel Smith Louise Smith Michael Smirh Ralph Smith Ray Smith Roy Smith Sharon Smith Shirley Smith Rav Snider Eddie Snodgrass Darlene Sorrell Derre Southworrh Margarrr Sparks Bob Speedy Rex Spell Fred Sprague jean Frances Springer james Suggs Lillian Stankey Berry Stephens jacqueline Stewart Sally Stokes Kenncrh Streary Sue Strcaty l.arry Sutton Alot Swift Tom Tallman T0m Tappan llaana Taylor lired Taylor Harry Taylor james Taylor l.arry Taylor Stephen Taylor Carolyn Tcaguc john Teague ,lay Tl'1ornpmn DeAnn:1 lilzlnetu Daryl 'rmar Mary ,lean Trenneprslal neu 'my Carolyn True Betty Turner Julius Turner Ronnic Turner ' Rosalie Turner A Marlene Turcrow ' . ' " Joan Twigg f. - Dinah Tyler Mi' l,orecna Upthaw Y V- , Rex Up-shguv xf, A ' it Eddie Van Ness 89 'K yt l Amin, l fix Bob W'all1ridge g g? i' i T Janet Xvalkcr in f Eddie Wfxsson i Roh Vfatson . joyce Watsian Judy Weimar T llllev S Leon wwcdnm 6 Q James Xvclch Q awf ul it f x f Mike Welch . Ronnie Wells - Barbara W'helan Janice Xfhitcaltcr ' Shcron W'hitcman ,yuytc Whirlcy Bill W'iclsUr Geraldine Wviclter l'hil W'ieltl:- Dianne Vfiley Francis Wiley W'illy Walkin: Paul Vfilliams Tom V'illiamv Charlotte W'illis Connie W'ilson Nancy Winer-niller .lunior Vfinfrev Jcrilyn V'isc Linda W'isehart Mike Wolgamort Gene Vfood John Vfoodall Linda W'ools Pefzsy Whole Sharon Wnnlr cgamiy Vfright t ' A lnvaa W'right f , Sally Vfyatr .1 .lancr Wynn fgwa f' Mary Carlwcrinc Yost Cecil Young Peggy Zachary Vi ' Class of 1959 Wm ii K Bill Rowland, Carolyn Carr, Janet Bohlen, Don Dudderar apply devious ways to get acquainted. nge-f,f...,v , r- . ,I . y.,,,W,f,f Ak ' I 0 R. mx'-f. nv XX 'P if-my 4 , in ' ,, 5 K 3 . k , ,f,f, 1 -f S 3 L1 K f 5' 2 'ear Qi -an h Q sh X f et 4 km 5 f '- if g , A I f - Q Q-Q ,H , 2 5 Ll 5 gz, X f Q xff 'Q , 1 5 Q 5 '74 - i .fb x gf "'QV QQ? 3 i 4 if R is 4' , 1 Y vw iii iw? N", N , A 'Tis 'ah ,Q ig : ' f ,E V T Q K My ' 0 V . 54 m . - n X-is W sf ' lfh lf LX 14 - B ygeggfjnn X Q X Activities Highly organized clubs and extra-curricular activities have continued to move at their steady pace this year, despite the fact that they suffered a great drop in membership. Since several of last year's leaders are gone, new personalities have stepped up to take their places. Helping the students to learn to get along with their neighbors and become better citizens in later life are two of the purposes of most of ihese clubs. Many organizations are formed chiefly to give religious. civic, and social aid to the community. Anderson holds great pride in the various types of work done for others by AHS students. Choral Club puts its collective heart into dramatizing .1 song. x 83 ' 7 Annual First To Be Printed Commercial! fi,"'a YEARBOOK EDITORS4Ronald Campbell. Co-Editor- in-Chief: Mr. Frank XVoschitz. Editorial and Business Adviser: Larry Gibson, Head Photographer: Fran XV.igner, Co-liditor-in-Chief. O AMW, Bi. 'T if IHQEQSAY HA Ni ii- naman NDR' Q53 51465 X-1 l'.tI W CINIIHV' QSM-3300 Cf H1515 -rwi..i-ef' Just X . A S1550-i f Ure 295-M' fo ,, formula By now you have thumbed your way through 83 pages of an 'AIndian" which thir- teen senior staff members labored 2600 class and after-school hours to produce. Staff members with their instruments of glue, carbon paper, contracts, razor blades, flash bulbs, printer's ink, file cards, and proportion rules, met a new and challenging task of producing Anderson High School's first commercially printed year- book. Travel was the keynote of this '57 staff. Nine attended such conventions as the High School Journalism Institute at Indiana Univers- ity and national and state conferences at the University of Michigan, Franklin College, and Ball State. They brought back experiences, new ideas, improvements, and friends for the "Indian" For the first time in several years, thirteen junior staff members shared the responsibilities of publishing the annual. Working closely with the senior staff, they learned from first- hand experience the work and satisfaction con- nected with putting out a yearbook for AHS. Hs JUNIOR STAFFfRow 1- K ig UR! George Jackson. Marilyn Chop- ff' fs euvvoui t son. Alice Maynard, Becky 9 I Smith. Marilyn Hill, Mona I Clem. Row 2-Dan Motto, 'LW I N Carolyn McCrocklin, Linda - 4 Stires. Jan Podhaski, Nancy Pearson. Linda Stanley, Ann 5 HOW! Adams. if ,i,' I C' iam EC 4,5 ANNUAL STAFF INITIA- TION-Partaking of "printers blood" and other tortures pre- pared by members of the 1956 Annual are l957 Indian staff members. The ceremony was the staffs introduction to yearbook work last summer. Row lfFran Wagner, Bob Porter, Ronald Campbell, Larry Gibson, Fat Kellett. Row 2- Craig Campbell, Bill Paramore, both graduates of 1956: Karen Norbury, Mary Kay Handy, Ann Davis, Barbara Huffman, Diana Vifatson, Penny Mc- Daniels. Brenda Keller, Susie Huntzinger. SENIOR EDITORS-Seated-Barbara Huffman, SENIOR EDITORSPfSeated-Bob Porter. Sports: Pat Kellett. Underclass. Standing-Diana Vvhtson. Activities: Business Manager, Standing-Mary Kay Handy. Seniors: Susie Ann Davis, Activities: Beverly Ross, Business Huntzinger, Seniorsg Brenda Keller, Education, Manager: Penny McDaniels, Underclass, I tudents Produce Nezlzspaper, School Printing PRINT SHOP7Row l-Dean Tway, Harry Mitchell. Doug Vorndran, Ifranklin Lawrence. Row 2-Joe Hedges. Harry Ray, Jerry Byard, Bob Landis. Ned I-Iarless. Row 3+lVlr. Jack Harless. Printing Adviser: Mr. Donald Ilayes Printing Adviser: George Jackson. 85 X - R11 Tops 50- Year Wlarlf For more than 53 years, students in AHS have come to expect their weekly X-Ray on Friday morning. No matter if the presses broke down or Water mains burst, X-Rays were ready on Friday. When Mr. Claude Barner died, the presses were silent and the printshop doors closed. He had printed the paper and more than a million other items annually for 33 years. After a lapse ol' six issues, Mr. Donald Hays became printing instructor, and the X-Ray once again Went to press. From then on the paper, printed on slick white stock for the first time, came out bif weekly until the end of school. X-RAY EDITORS-Bill Seibold, Sports Editor: Nancy Pearson, Feature Editor: H Carolyn fVlcCrocklin. Assistant News llditor: Brad Spencer, Feature liditori Nancy Gabel, Assistant News lfditor: Dick Hatch. Sports liditor. X-RAY lilJl'l'ORSfSeated--'l'oni Hen- ricks. News lfditor: .Indy Coon. Spring V 'y lfditor-in-Chief: Beth Swinford. Fall liditor-in-Chief and l.ittle Chief liditorz Nancy Colvill, Managing Editor. Stand- ing7Mr. l,ee Fursley. Adviser: Don Cieorge. Advertising Manager: Stephanie Hoppes. News Editor. X-RAY RFIJORTERS-Seatedfelack Atwell. Becky Smith, l.inda Stires, Carol Gray. Business Manager: Alice Maynard, Marilyn Hill, .loan Gilbert. Standing-John Britton, Photographer: Floyd Vilhitehouse, Sue Jordan. Marilyn Chopson. Pat Dudley. Mary Kay Gibson. l.onnie lveson. Karen Veazey, Jan Podhaski, l.inda Stanley. s i' A fa' . 4. 1 i . . t . si . , .gs 5 in 85 'S . , New 'QW Z 4 it it-is A prize-winning trio of Rhea Arnold at the piano. Mary Breitweiser at the violin and Mary Marsh at the cello practices under the guidance of Mr, Thomas Clem in one of the private rooms of the new music annex. Music Experiences Ki ng- Sized Grozvth From regular to king-size went the Music Department and with it the music annex. While the band and orchestra grew, causing a bulge in the thirty-year old annex, a new music room was completed in early December. Individual practice used to consist of sitting in a corner that was usually occupied and hear- ing everyone but oneself. Now students may use three practice rooms. They can browse in a new library and store instruments in supply rooms equipped with shelves and folding doors. In the basement, lndianettes practice their routines in a room lined with wall-to-wall mirrors. The bright colors of the new annex, flame, yellow, and pale green, have stimulated students to make more effective sounds, but there is no need to worry for the Walls of the building are soundproof. I Feature .of the l3and's halftime football shows were the high-stepping Indianettes, who may have drawn as many spectators as the football team. AHS's Band played an important part in community affairs as this scene from a Guide l.amp Division picnic attests. Proudly forming a traditional Indian teepee is the AHS Marching Band in its performance in Butler Bowl last Fall. lNDIANETTES-Center--Dorothy Hitch. Standing in Semicirclc7Nora Sylvester, Karel Ann Smith, Mary Carraway, Sandra Heard. Lynne Clements. Phyllis Swain, Mary Vx'ysockey. Melanie Dalton, Sharon Lynam. Norma Southers, Joanne Sloan, Joyce Brown, Marjorie Ellis, Beverly Benko, Marcia Myers, Becky Smith, Judy Reed, Nancy Gabel, Judy Harris. Donna Grant, Sharon Seybert. The Band Plays n Take 22 dazzling majorettes, a proud drum major, a high-stepping 78-piece band, add florescent lighting, the strains of "You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog", and you have th: picture of what went on at half-time at home football and basketball games. The band was the first high school group to present a complete half-time football show at a major college when it performed at the Butler Bowl. Out of 92 bands participating at the Indiana State Fair, the AHS Band took second place, just three points short of a perfect 300. A'Say It With Music" was the theme of the Variety Show, the highlight of the band's seaf son. Through the whole year, it's rush and prac- tice, a show to do, and more rushing and practice, but still "the band plays on," VARSITY BANDM+Row l-Martha Vasbinder. Elaine Goen, Curtis Agnew, Tom Davis. Norman Rauner. Mark Barron. Richard Hatch. Mike Johnson, Row 2-Judy Johnson, Ann Devore, Ruth Hudson, Alan Ayers, Jerry Vklilliams. Janice Ferguson, Nancy Preston. l.ucy Myers. Dave Goen. Row 3-l,arry Mechem. Tom Rydman. Jon McClintock. Gary Moore. Phil VVatson, Phil Hosier, Dan Snellenbarger. Don Holiday, Sharon McLaughlin, John Melson. Row 4-- Bob Redding, Tom Joyce, Jim Bailey, Aaron Vylilliams, John Hart, Bob Jones, Russell Owens, Mike Grimes. Row 5- David York, Warren Bailey, Mr. George Vaught, Director: Rhea Arnold, Ruthann Murphy, Don Muller, Bob France. 88 .- -. x'.' A DANCE BAND--Row l+Carolyn McCrocklin. Bud Morgan, Vvlendell Brown, Max Tatman. Mark Barron, Joan Kunce. Row Zlfom Rydman, Tom Sloane, Gary Moore, Kenny Rodgers. Bob Redding, John Hart. Tom Joyce. Row 3-Rhea Arnold, Brian Hardy. Mr. George Vaught. Director: Mike Nuzum, Jim Barbre. Dance Band, Indianeites Put Zip in Events VARSITY BAND-Row l-Carolyn McCrocklin, Cathy McCrocklin. Nancy Vw'eed, Kay Gustin, lflaine Chesterfield, Judy Vwfebsler. Sandra Kelly. Franklin Myers, Row 2 JLlClYXX'OlQ.ZJI'I1Oll. Wendell Brown. Joan Kunce, Bud Morgan. Dave Carpenter, Max Tatman. Stanley Shoemaker, Dianne Gaskill. Betty George. Row 3+Torn Sloane, Bonnie George, Mike Vvlolgamott. Terry Montague, Bob Leffel, Kenny Rodgers, Georgia XValton. Dorothy Hill, John Rehm, Steve Lindsey. Row 4-John Thompson, Jim Purkey. Jim Baker, Brian Hardy, David Doty, Mike Nuzum, Jay Newbcrn. 89 CHORAI. CLUB---Row l-.lacl-tie llunlterly, i-Xdelia Drake. Ann Adams, Sue Jones. Stephanie Hoppes. Betty Riggs, Dee Anderson. Beverly Horine. Martha Marsh. Sue Bays. Norma lfuinish. Atlrelia Piaxco. Nancy Vfeed, Rhea Arnold. Betsey Barnes, Phyllis Kardatvlse. l.ynne Petry. Sharon Nighbert, .lean AnneTeush. Row l7lVlarilyn Bryant, Elaine Rouse, Carole Rush. Ruth McAllister, Sally Vylessar. l.inda Wlilson. Susie Hunlxinger. Mary Kay Handy, .' :an Vvlhelan, Paula lleiden. Nancy Colyill. .Ioan Gilbert. Mary Breitweiser, Mary Marsh, Barbara Huffman. liran Vvlagner. Ruth Barr, Janet Slrader, .lanis Dissette, Carol Gray. Row 37Don Muller. Jerry Sale, Mike Maine. Gary lVlcClain, David O'Brien, Chuck lowe. Bob Stoner, Tom Tappan. Nlil-te lfclsert. Bob Erlandson, Phil Hosier, .lim Barbre. .lerry Coon, Frank Thompson, Mike Dunn, Miss Marv Ruth Palmer, Director. Row -l- Tom Vfilson, .lulian Hudson. Ronnie Campbell. Dick XVilliams Bob Redding, Brad Stinson. Steve Shaw. Dave l,ayton. .lohn Rehm. Gary Moore, Dave Bennett. Dave Crandall Phil Sullivan. Robert Rofelle. Van Hudson, .lerrv Bvard. Annex lfclws to Clwml Clu I1 Voices A fain CHORAL Cl.UB Ol5l5lCllRS-f-Dave Clem. President: Betsey Barnes. Secretary-Treasurer: Jim Barbre. Vice President. Andersons largest choir, Choral Club, can now be found in its original location, the music A annex. Because of the overcrowded conditions of the school several years ago, Choral Club was moved from the music annex to a room across the street in the Lincoln Building. Now that more room is available, the 70-member choral group has returned to its original home. Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, director, keeps her students pretty busy, preparing them for their various programs of the year. This year Choral Club gave approximately Hfteen programs, in- cluding one at the English Session of the State Teachers' Association in Indianapolis. Choral Club also is proud of its spirit of comradship which showed itself in such activ- ities as a picnic in the fall where the "Titanic Tenors" and Amalgamated Basses" clashed in their annual football game, a Christmas party. and a spring picnic which brought a return match between the Tenors and the Basses on l the baseball field. 90 t l Madrigal Singers, wrapped in mufflers and hcavy coats. add to the effect of a Vlfinter Wcanderland at the Music Departments annual Christmas Convocation in the gym. Madri al Remembers Holiday Season Rush Rushing through snow, rain. or slush with just a few minutes until the program starts are memories the Madrigal Club will never forget. Six girls in aqua formals adjusted ties for six boys in White dinner jackets, got final Words of approval on their outnts, and led the Way on stage. Finally seated and singing their best, the Madrigal singers amazed most audiences with their varied repertoire. Besides singing as a group, three quartets, consisting of the boys', girls', and mixed quar- tets, and individual members singing solos pre- sented special numbers. Madrigal singers get their name from the old English carolers who used to roam the cities and countryside during the holidays. The club presented thirty programs during the 1956 holiday season for the local civic organizations, various church groups, and different clubs in Anderson. MADRIGAI. SINGERS-Seated-Linda Vllilson. Susie Huntzinger, Mary Kay Handy. Ruth Barr. Sharon Nighbert, lfran Vvlagner. Standing-Dave Clem, Mike Maine, Julian Hudson. Miss Mary Ruth Palmer. Director: Frank Thomp- son. .lim Barbre, Bob Erlandson. MlXlfD CHOIR Row l---l.inda Stanley. Bonnie Shank. Anita l,ittrell. Sharon Henderson. ,laniee lfisher. Loclema Orr. Shirley Crouse, Sharon Sevlvert. Marilvn Hill, Darlene Carey, l.ueretia Carroll. Row l-f-Yvonne DeVashir. Ann llarris. Susie Pate. Doris leflel. Mary Morrison. Charlotte XX'illis. Susan Brewster. Doris Jones. Nanev llartzell. Sandra Antlerson. Row 3--Barbara Harrison. .lutly Citinkel, Pat l.oser. Donna Cirant. l.aQuita Marsh. Brenda Abbott, Diana 'lavlor. .lanet llarron. Carole Presser. Peggy Davis. Carolyn Bailey. .lutly Hawkins. Row 47Rutli Mc,-Xllister. Phil l.a rm ore, Gene Stewart. .lerrv llarelacre. lfretl iliaylor. .lim Nowlin. Dave xlntrohus. Don l'meattV. Darrell Martin, loin Newman, .less Clreen. Pat lloward, Miss Mary Ruth Palmer. Director. Pops 7 F1'om Presley to Platters, Classics CONClfll'li Cllillli-V--Roii' l linda Crim. Janet Crini. Ciail .lones l uev Mvers. Carole Usserv. Nanci' Usserv. Row l- Patty Johnson, June Branch, .lanis Council, Deanna llruhaker. Arlene Springer. Paarliara Dieilrine. Row if--V 'Nlari' .lane Cronlx. Dinah lyler. lillen XVigner. Mary Beth Phelps. ljlaine Rouse. Kai' Cappel, Miss Nlari' Ruth Palmer. Director. 1 or ' W w e 9 . . 2 .. ,, ' ' 5, , 5 I ... 2 . , f ' Q g 1 z - f . . . , , - Q 1 - . 5 3 I g ' . . .Y i L -V - .- f f 3 ll, lo 'ltllfill il fl 3 4. l if Q2 1 if Q: MODERN MUSIC MASTERSYROW l--Vwlanda Pursley. Mary Marsh. Rhea Arnold. Martha Marsh. Joan Gilbert. Nancy Vw'eed. Judy Bott, Dee Anderson. l,inda Mahon, Gayle McCuffey. Betsey Barnes. Sharon Nighbert. l.inda Crim. Janet Crim. Mrs. Paula l.aWson. Sponsor. Row 2-Mr. Thomas Clem. Sponsor: Joan Vw'helan. Carole Ussery. Carolann Hoppes. Susie Huntzinger. Susie Patterson. Norma lfurnish. Sheron XVhiteman. Sandra Huffman. Carole Rush. l.inda Vklilson. Barbara Huffman. Mary Kay Handy. Sue Bays. Janis Council. Miss Mary Ruth Palmer. Sponsor. Row 37Mary Breitweiser, Fran Vxligner, Marilyn Bryant. Paula Helden. Carole Presser. Mary Jane Cronk. Karon Beason. Dorothy Hill, Joan Kunce. Georgia XValton. Nancy Preston. Carolyn McCrocklin. Martha Vasbinder, Nancy Ussery, Ruth Barr. Row 4-iMr. George Vaught. Sponsor: Dave Crandall. Ronald Campbell. Gary Moore. Darell Martin, Bud Morgan. Jerry Sale. Tom l.ewis. John Rehm, John Hart, Don Miller. Michael Dunn. Bob Redding. Mike Maine. Frank Thomp- son. Jim Barbre. Ruth McAllister. rl. the Tschtzikozrslay Vein Jung by Wacrzlists CHOR1Xl.lf'l"l'l'fS--Row l--Carolann Hoppes. Beverly Parker. Joyce Shelton. Sue Heritage. Jerilyn XVise. Gloria Minniiield. Sandra DuBois. Carolyn Ray. Sandra Huffman. Row Zflivelyn Kinman. Karen Simpson. Gayle Mcliuffey. Janet Crim. Sharon Riggs, Susie Patterson. Shelia Buck. Miss Mary Ruth Palmer. Director. Row 71-Mary Jane Cronk. Nancy Skinner. Ruth Scharnowske. Carol Ann Bailey. Sheron Vv'hiteman. Aretta Dowclen, Linda Mahon. Karon Beason. , 5. . A M . 93 ORCHESTRA+Row l-Mary Breitweiser, Judy Bott, Lynne Clements. Julene Gaw. Kay McGraw. John Hurley. Van Hudson. Mary Marsh. Row Z-Tom Breitweiser, Mike Dunn. Charlotte VVillis. Sharon Vxlools. Sharon Harless. Elizabeth Hyland. Mae Ellison. Ann Harris. Nancy NVeed, Brad Spencer. Dave Bennett. Melanie Dalton. .lim Barbre. Row 3--Dave Crandall. Cheney McCarroll. Marilyn Hill. Bob Redding. John Hart. Sharon Nlcl.aughlin. John Nlelson. Georgia Vshtllon. Dorothy Hill. Martha Vasbinder, Mary Jane Cronlx. Dick Hatch. Bud Morgan. Nancy Preston. Row 47Rhea Arnold. Mr. Thomas Clem, Director: VJarren Bailey. Tom Miller. Tom l.ewis. Jim Baker. ORCHIQSTRA Ol3l5lCliRS--Row l7Judy Bott. Vice President: Rhea Arnold. Treasurer: Mary Marsh. Secre- tary. Row Z-Nancy Preston, Librarian: John Hart. Production: Tom Breitweiser. Production: Mary Breit- weiser, President. l Urehestm Developes Huge Feeder System Screeching of violins, toots of horns, and beating of drums are all familiar sounds during the fifth period in the new home of the orches- tra, the modern music annex. Tuning up in this manner, the 48-member group proudly played at Purdue University and Manchester College this year. Ten students also played with the All-State Orchestra in Indianapolis last October. Directed by Mr. Thomas Clem, the orchestra is the hub of a huge feeder system which begins instrumental training in elementary and junior high schools. The system brought a first place in a state contest last year and the promise of better things in the future. The orchestra also adds background music to the rabbits and Santa Claus in the annual Easter and Christmas programs sponsored by the Music Department, and to the yearly Commencement exercises. Iferzlit Disappears In Thespian. Wkrld Behind-lhefscenes Thespians were key members of the cast of "Seven Sisters " They are. seated. Toni Henricks. Barbara Harrison. Ruth Bender. Standing. Sherry Page. Mary Kay Handy. Ruth McKay. Barbara Huflman. l.arry Conner, Ann Davis. Richard Rosenbaum. Mike Hurley. The house light dim. A hush falls over the audience as the curtain rises. Reality disappears and the World of make-believe takes its place. Then it is over. As the last curtain falls and the enthusiastic clapping of the audience begins. the Thespian Club can congratulate itself on having presented another successful production. A member of Thesoians not only has a chance to act in dramatic productions. but may also gain experience in other fields such as light- ing, costumes. makeup. and stage work. The warfh Bob limnqq plan! A tm on ,logins hgnd main dramatic project this year was the comedy. "Seven Sisitersf' The lhespian play. "Seven Sislersfi gave chivalry a boost as Bill Rowland. .lane Ann liord. and .loan XVhelan THESPIANS-Row l-Y-Sherry Page. Mary Marsh. Martha Marsh. Mike Maine, Donna Vs'ilhelm. Toni Henricks. Dick Vfilliams, Carolann Hoppes. Mona Clem. l.ucy Myers. Row Zgrknn Davis. Pat Harl. Mary Kay Handy. Barbara Huffman. Ruth Bender. Barbara Harrison. Mary Paul Mason. Joan VVhelan. Ruth Barr. Miss Alice Higman. Sponsor. Row '5+Jane Ann Ford. Ann Ciehrke. Doug Dronberger. Mike Hurley. Anna Keeney. l.arry Conner. Ruth Ann McKay. Shirley Vdilmoth. liran Vdagner. Row 4LMary Livingston. Jerry Hobbs. Roger Adcoek. Roni McKibbon. Arthur Fire. Bob France. Bill Rowland. Michael Dunn. Dick Rosenbaum, Ronnie Clark. . ' Z ' E i STUDENT CUUNCII.--Row l7Aurelia Plaxco, Sandra Anderson. Janice Fisher. Georgia Truesdel, Beth Swinford. Cindy XVright, Tired Iiasles, l.inda Hiatt. Priscilla Skouden. Dinah Tyler, Susan Jones. Margie McDanicls, Melanie Martin. Row Z-Mary Kay Handy. Adelia Drake. Jan Podhaski, Judy Bingaman, Linda Lewis, Nancy Cornelius. Mary Beth Cirimes. Nancy Gabel. Addie Dunlap. Georgianna Thomas. Betsey Barnes, Sue Whittington. Row 71-Roger Roudebush. Dick NVilliams. Bill Rowland. Jack Morris. Tom Tappan. Sherry Dennis. Dan Roby, Steve Richardson. Jarrett Iiairman. Barbara Bowers. Elaine Coen. Mary Carraway, Mrs. Virginia Vermillion, Sponsor. Row 4-Phil I,armore, .lohn Cunningham. Cary Rees. .Iames Stringer, Brooks Townsend, Bob Wolff, Jack Webber. Graydon Skeoch, Paul liisele. Mary Livingston. Mr. Clifford Swift, Sponsor: Larry Bell. Meetings in 306 Challenge Student Council STUDENT COUNCII, OFFICERS - Row I 1Adelia Drake. Reading Clerk: Sue Vxlhittinglon. Vice President: .Iarreit Fairman. President. Row l4Georgianna Thomas, Corresponding Secretary: Melanie Martin. Recording Sec- retary: Mary Carraway. Treasurer. Row 3fPhil l.armore. Parliamentarian, That long trudge up to 306 becomes quite important when you are on your way to Student Council every Thursday. It may be a long walk, but it gives you a chance to think about the outcome of last week's filibuster ses- sion, which dress you will wear tomorrow night, and, oh, those aching feet. A student is chosen in each homeroom to represent his classmates in Student Council throughout the year. The sponsors this year, IVIrs. Virginia Vermillion and Mr. Clifford Swift, had quite a job for it was a new experi- ence for both of them. Student Council held its Fall Wind-Up Dance and was in charge of the Homecoming Parade and the crowning of the Homecoming Queen. Its biggest project this year was the No-Acs program to encourage safe student driv- ing. They also conducted the annual parents' visitation day, adopting ideas from question- aires the council received from other schools. At Christmas time, Student Council provided food for two needy families. Leadership, Character Important to eholars HONOR SOCIETY OEEICERSfJohn Osborne, Vice President: Kay Gustin, Treasurer: Alice lfishback, Secre- tary: Sherrill Nlodlin, President. The present chapter of National Honor Society, one of the oldest clubs in the school, has been chartered since l938. Before that it was known as the Anderson High Honorary Society. Students belonging to National Honor So- ciety not only have maintained their scholastic marks, but have been active in school clubs and outside activities as well. This club strives to render service, promote leadership, and encour- age development of character in students. There- fore leadership, service and character are con- sidered along with scholarship in choosing members for the club. Membership is based upon a point system. A student receives 3 points for a final 2 points for a and l point for a with a minimum of 36 points required at the beginning of the junior year. A "D" or HE" average disqualifies a student. A candlelight ceremony formally initiated the new members and they climaxed their year with a banquet which was attended by all present members. HONOR SOCIETY'--Row IWMrs. Margaret Doles. Sponsor: l.onnie lveson. Mary Marsh. Martha Marsh, Judy Coon, Marilyn Springer. Jean Anne Teush. Dee Anderson. Sue NVhittington. Donna Vklilhelm. Beth Sample. Toni Henricks, Nancy Evans. Beth Swinford, Row Zfrloan NVhelan. Betsey Barnes. Kay Gustin. liran Vifagner, Sue Ackerman. Susie Huntzinger. Karen Veazey. Elaine Goen, Jackie Dunkerly. Ann Davis. Linda Wilson. Ruth Bender, Dorothy Hitch. Row '5APhyllis Hotzel. l.inda Johnson. Ruth Barr, Roger Roudebush. Mike Maine. Jarrett Eairman. Alice Eishhack. Veronica Trees. Carole Rush. Nancy Colvill. Mary Kay Handy. Barbara Huffman. Mary Breitweiser. Row 44 Dick Rhynearson. Tod VVellington, Albert Skinner. Sherrill Modlin, Phil Gaar. Paul Eisele, Larry Bell, Tom Hird, Ronnie Campbell. John Osborne. Jack Vvlebber. Rick VVilliams, Mary Livingston. Latin Club Tlaves Volunteer to Aid eed Latin Club initiates like Dinah Tyler and John Melson are auctioned lo the highest bidder by "slave auctioneeri' Richard Rosenbaum for a weeks servitude under old members. AHS's auditorium resembled an old Roman slave market again this year when prospective Latin Club members were sold to the highest bidder for a weeks service. The club used the slave sale as a method of raising money for charity. The club also sold Christmas cards as a money making project. lt also took third place in competition for the best float in the Home- coming Parade. Serious events such as the formal candlelight initiation and the annual banquet, along with social events at the state convention at Ball State, will linger in their memories for a long time. A joint meeting held with Highland and St. Mary's highlighted the year for the parents of the members. Skits and slides about Rome also entertained the club members at some ol their meetings. Members, who have studied Latin in class. find participation in the club makes for better understanding of the language. people, and customs. LATIN CLUB4Row lYSheron Vv'hiteman, Alice May'n'rd, Carolyn Ray. Barbara Harrison. Cindy XVrighl. Brian Hardy. Dan Roby, Tom Newman. Sandra Anderson, Carolyn Lightfoot, Diana Masters. lired Eastes. Janice lierguson, Marie Qualls. Ronnie Carper. Dinah Tyler. Barbara Ross. Row Zflffvrenda Abbott, Becky Baker. Sharon Lynam. Sandy Gordon. Janice Byrum. Ann Harris. Barbara Whelan, Pat McLaughlin, Kay McGraw. Bev Benko. Karel Ann Smith, Elaine Coe. Jimmie liitlsimmons. Linda Cox, Linda Hiatt. Bonnie Shank. Susan Jones. Miss lfileen Johnson. Sponsor. Row 'v---John Melson. Gary McDonald. Tim Kutscheid. Lynne Clements. Lana Achor. Cindy Scott. Mary Jane Cronk, Ruth McAllister, Linda Lewis. Sherrill McAdams. Phil Rinker, Jim Osborne. Tom Miller. .lay Newbern. Jon Mc- Clintock, Paul llisele. Judy Canaday. Connie Wilson. Row 47Jim Baker. Bob Jones. Larry l7letcher. Randy Davis. Chuck Staffer. Don liurnish. Michael Cummings, David Chambers. Dan Motto. Dave Layton. Clary Baker. Larry Contos. Bob Dyson. Dick Rosenbaum. Steve Lindsey. Harry Taylor. Tony Miller. XVendell Brown. Mike Lortz. lired Taylor. 9 BIBLE CLUBYROW l7Donna XVilhelm. Shirley Vy'ilmoth. Sherry Page. .lulcne Ciaw. Marjorie Smith. Carol Bergclahl. Carolyn True. Elaine Coe, Mary Beth Phelps. Carol Ratylaff. Bill McCreary. Row 2+Carol Pierce, l.ucy Myers. lflaine Crouch. Sandra Phillippe. Carole McAllister. .lanis Dissettc. Phyllis Karclatzke. Nancy Preston. .lack Atwell. lflaine Rouse. Row lffxllcne Hart. Ruth Ann McKay. Donna Birkhcad, Sancly DuBois. Nancy Barron. Nancy Skinner. Paoli Jones. Tom Miller. l.ynne Perry. Mrs, lilise Mulvihill. Sponsor. Row -lfffarolyn Ray. l.ois Pnletlxoe. Phillip Couch. .lim Bailey. Steve lindsey. .lerry lfllison. Dave .lucld. Joyce Rittenhouse. Carol Ann Bailey l'U'l'URl' 'l'EfXC.lllfRS- Roxy l- Kay Mcliraw. Dixie Martin. Anita Glaze, Veronica l'rees. Dianne Ciaslyill. Virginia Clary. Marty Goff. Karen Veany. Norma lfurnish. Melanie Dalton. Row Z7Mr. Carol llelyey. Sponsor: Dorothy llill. Ann Davis. Alice Vishhacla. Mary Kay Gibson. l.inda XVilson. Kay Gustin, Tom l.ewis. Row 3 --Ann Ciehrlxe. .lanet McDaniel. Marty Goins Marilyn Hill. Ruth Bender. l.incla Garrett. Mary Marsh. Martha Marsh. .loan Ciillucrt. lsalvel Urban. H-4 99 l JUNIOR Y-TEENS!-Row l7Nancy Pearson, Jan Podhaski. l.inda Stanley. Mona Clem, Camille Roby. Pat Harl, Janet Bohlen. Millie Turheville. Sandra Brewer. Sharon Seyhert. Betty Riggs. Stephanie Hoppes. Judy Johnson. Ruthann Murphy. Priscilla Skouden. Row l7Carolyn Carr. Marilyn Chopson. Carolann Hoppes. Dixie Martin. Karen Ramsey. Marabeth Emerson. Annette Shipman. Ann Adams. Adelia Drake, Ann Brady. Janet McDaniel. Marilyn Hill. Wanda Pursley. Carole Ussery, Mrs. Ralph T. Clem. Sponsor. Row 3iMary Dawn Boyd. Marilyn Bryant. Betty King. Georgia Truesdel. Sue Jordan, Nancy Ussery, l.inda Stires. Nancy Gahel. Susan Jones. Vvlilma Vylright. Arlene Springer, Kay Harris, Nancy Cornelius. Judy Abernathy. Judy Woods. Row 4-Paula Heiden. l.aquita Marsh. Patty Johnson. Nancy Barron, Anita Glaze. Pay Nlay. Diane Connolly. Tonya liox. Pat Howard. Sylvia lierguson. Becky Smith. Hariette Talbert. Carol Schrope. Sherry Dennis. Carole Presser. funiors, Soplwlnores Swell Y-Teen Ranks SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS-Row l+Sandra Anderson. l,odema Drr. Marie Qualls. Sharon Henderson. Janice Fisher. Nancy Vyfinemiller. Doris Leffel. Kay McGraw. l.inda Knotts. Ann Harris. Judy Shoemaker, Cindy Chasey. Janice Ferguson. Susie Pate, Nancy Hartzell. Judy Bingaman. Row Z---Mrs. Thomas Robertson. Sponsor: Mary Jane Cronk. Barbara Ross. Dinah Tyler. Bonnie Shank. Karel Ann Smith. Barbara Diedring. Bev Benko, Patty Knotts. Sue Heritage. Susie Patterson. Becky Baker. Marcia Neff, Janet Barron. Mrs. John McGivern. Sponsor. Row 'SM- Lucrctia Carroll. l.inda l.cwis. Cynthia Wright. l.inda Hiatt. Sandy Crosthwaite. Sue Meiser, Janice McGivern, Brenda Ebbcrtt. Mary Carraway. Melanie Dalton. Betty Stephens. June Branch. Shirley lieuston. Joanne Sloan. Claudine Goodman. Donna Grant. Row 4---'Diana Taylor. Sandy Gordon. Barbara Harrison. Barbara Bowers. Ann Knotts. Judy Vylehster. l.ana Achor. Mary Paul Mason. Cindy Scott. Brenda Abbott. Janice Byrum. Sally Stokes. Connie Gustin. Judy Dilts. Cynda Bloom. 100 World Fellozvship Is Purpose of Y-Teens "To build a fellowship of women and girls and create a spirit of world fellowship among Y-Teen members" is the true purpose of the Y-Teen clubs. Y-Teen clubs, sponsored by the YWCA, are open to all girls from l2 to l8 years old. The clubs planned hay-rides, banquets, dances: and parties for handicapped children were the main service projects this year. The Inter-Club Council, governing body of the clubs, sponsored the World Fellowship Tea for Anderson College foreign students along with the annual Silver Belle Dance and the Hanging of the Greens at Christmas. Seniors, juniors, and sophomores in Al-IS make up most of the membership in the three high-school Y-Teen clubs. They work together on many projects and social events, but also reserve special events just for members of their class. The number of girls active in and loyal to Y-Teens is far greater than that of any other high school club. SENIOR Y-TEENS OFFICERS-Diana Vwlatson. Vice President: Sue Ackerman, Secretary: Toni Henricks, Presi- dent. SENIOR Y-TEENS-Row l7Margie McDaniels. Nancy Vyleed, Betsey Barnes. Judy Coon. Pat Blume. Susie Hunt- zinger, Kay Ross. Connie Barrett. Karen Veazey. Georgianna Thomas, Marty Goff. Beth Sample. Row Z-Mrs. Sally Ross, Sponsor: Diana Watson, Brenda Keller, Diane Goodman. Sue Bays, l.inda Vv'ilson,Carole Rush. Alice lfishbaclt, Mary Kay Gibson. .lane Ann Ford, Nancy Brewster, l.onnie lveson. Miss Alice Vwlhite. Sponsor, Row 3-Ann Davis. Sue Ackerman. Barbara Huffman. Mary Kay Handy, Marilyn Springer, Nancy Colvill, Linda Johnson. Carol Caplan, Ruthann Vwlorley, Beth Swinford, Toni Henricks. Shirley Wilmoth. Row 4--Sandra Huffman, Mary Marsh, Joy Giddens, Marty Goins. Carole McGivern. Veronica Trees, Ann Gehrke, Barbara Cox. Rochelle Hooten. Joyce Ritten- house. Elaine Harris. Sharilyn Rice. Bev Ross. lfran Vklagner. Hi-Y Adds Easter Service to Dimes Drive IVE TO HI'Y LINES OF C u' HI-Y Ol3FlCl2RS1Mr. Ciene Bell, Sponsor: Andy Goodson, Treasurer: Phil Gaar, President: John Osborne, Chaplain: Rick Vwlilliams, Vice President, Conducting the Easter Sunrise Service for the first time, Hi-Y Club enjoyed sponsoring the program which proved to be the most important project they encountered this year. The service was enjoyed by many Andersonians. Not only did the members officiate the Sunv rise Service at Shadyside, but they again held their annual "Line of Dimes" drive and gave a Christmas party for 756 children. No, Hi-Y isn't a girls' club: it merely had a few of the boys dressed as girls in a hilarious ballgame at a pep session. The girl team played the short boy team, which represented the And- erson lndians. The Indians won, 6 to 2. The club also sponsored a bus load of students to the Anderson-Logansport game as part of their year-long drive to improve school spirit. Members heard speakers, took field trips, and participated on two l-li-Y teams in the intra- mural basketball league as part of their weekly program of activities. For the first time in the Hi-Y's history, the club, formerly an upperclass group exclusively, was open to sophomores. HI-YfRow l-Jack Vwlebber, Phil Caar. Jarrett Fairman. Mike Maine. John McQuire. Donnie Ramsey. Ronnie Achor. l,loyd McClintick. Dave Kimball. Jack Morris, John Melson, Jim Baker, Bob Thurman. Row Z7Tom Sloane, Mike Grimes, Dallas Young. Jerry Hale, Bill Maines, Andy Goodson, Dale Copeland, Bill Rowland, Sherrill Modlin, Fred Brown. lfrank Durham. Jim NVilhite, Row 3-Ronnie Campbell, Tod Vvlellington. Albert Skinner. Jerry Sale. Jim Vx'essar. Bob Stoner, l.arry Sutton. Jay Newbern, Barry Ogle. Bill Gillespie. Bob lirance, Keith Hamilton, Jim Melson. Row -l1Mr. lirank Vwloschitl. Sponsor: Rick Vi'illiams. Jim Vwliley. John Osborne, Bob Dyson, Bob Wolff, John Rehm. Darrel Young. Graydon Skeoch, Rod Malsom, Pat Mike Johnson. Bob Porter. 102 eg HIGHLANDERS-Row l-Diana Vvlalson. Barbara Vy'helan. Judi lmel, Rosalie Turner, Judy Shoemaker. Mary Marsh. Pat Blume, Mary Kay Gibson, Sharon Seybert, Melanie Martin. Jean Anne Teush, Diane Connolly, Janet Bohlen, Vicky Heiden, Marilyn Springer, Diane Goodman. Jane Ann Ford Gail Bedford, Pat Gray, Donna Grant. Row Z-Carole Rush, Barbara Huffman, l.inda NVilson, Cindy Chasey. Janice McGivern. lfran XVagner. Susie Huntzinger. Sue Ackerman. Betty Riggs, Stephanie Hoppes. Judy Coon, Betsey, Barnes, June Branch, Marilyn Hill, Ann Brady, Nancy Harwell. Arlene Springer. Sandra Hartzell, Bev Benko, Sandra Huffman, Jerry Ward. Row 3-Marty Goins, Ann Gehrke. Ruth Bender. Judy Knick. Barbara Harrison. l-ana Achor, Carole McGivern, Joy Giddens, Ann Davis, Martha Marsh. Kay Ross, Adelia Drake, Janet McDaniel. Sue Meiser, Anne Cridge. Bob Cridge. Bob VValbridge. Neil Elsea, Paul Mills. Bob Davis, Tom Lovell, John McCord. Row 4+Joe VJalker, Andy Goodson. Mike Grimes. Dale Copeland. Tim, Brad Stinson, Bob Stoner, Jerry Coon, Donnie Ramsey. Chuck Shaffer, Randy Davis, John McGuire, Bob Vvlolff, Jerry Hale, Don Dudderar, Bill Nlaines. Barry Ogle. Graydon Skeoch, Jerry Lewis. Charles Chase, Allan Defenderfer. Mr. William Ballentine, Sponsor. Highlanders Get on oap Box for Charit "Soap! Soap! Soap for sale." was the sales pitch used by Highlanders in order to raise money for the World Service Program. The sale was in the form of a contest. Members were divided into teams and the team that sold the most boxes of soap Won a trip to Cincinnati to see i'Cinerama Holiday." The person who sold the most boxes received a clock radio. When the drive was completed, the club turned over S200 to World Service projects. Highlanders is the Hrst coeducational club in Indiana and is sponsored by the YMCA. lt started in Indiana in the fall of l954, but originated in California. It was one of the first clubs to include members from all of the schools in the Anderson district. The major purpose of Highlanders is to create, maintain, and extend a high standard of Christian character. This young club, which is developing more each year, has had some interesting programs. Just a few of them were the World Service Program, a coke party, and a ventriloquist. HIGHLANDERS OliT7lCERS-gMarIha Marsh. Secretary: Dale Copeland. President: Ann Davis, Vforship Chairman. 103 -Hi - "A" CLUBYROW l-Don Roudebush, Tom Vv'illiams. Marvin Horton. Jerry Carpenter. l,arry Massey. Robert Glazebrooks, Bobby Brown, Joe Niece, Jerry Vw'illiams. Nat Johnson, Marvin Vwthitaker. Row Zrljerry llill. Jerry Hale, Jim Stringer. l.eVaughn Binkley. Vfillie Glenn, Alfred Poole. Gus Mitchell. Chuck l.owe, Aaron Vvlilliams. Bill Neff. Bill lung. Row 3-Keith Hamilton. Bob Erlandson. Jerry Hardacre. Doug ilialley. Paul Abshire. Jerry Coon, Bob Stoner. Dick Rinearson, Donald Johnson. Carlos Corzine. Rolland Hartley. lired Simpson, Row -l'7Mike Johnson. Lucius Teague. l.arry Dodd, John league. l.eroy Morgan, Cecil Robinson, Chuck Shaffer, Norman Delph, Ronnie Alexander, l.arry Cellinger, Ciene Deitz. James Minnefield. Athletes Wear Red and Green with Pride "A" CLUB OFFICERSfSeated-Perry Hill. Vice Presi- dent. Standing-Keith Hamilton. Secretary-Treasurer: Larry Dodd, President: Mr. Carl Bonge, Sponsor, Red and green are the colors of Anderson High School, and also those of the "A" Club, a group of boys who have won a letter in one of the eight major sports. The club is one of the largest in school and its members can easily be spotted by their red sweaters with the green letter "A" on the front. Every year there are about 100 varsity awards earned in all sports. Leading the list is always football with from 20 to 25 awards, next is track with 20, then wrestling l2, basketball and baseball with ten each, cross country with seven, and golf and tennis with tive ea:h. Earning a letter at AHS involves serving a year's apprenticeship on the freshman squad and possibly a season on the junior varsity. Varsity athletes have to sacrifice in order to stay in con- dition ancl are subject to praise and criticism de- pending on the fortunes of their teams. But still they compete because the rewards in fellowship and in competition far outweigh any disadvant- ages. Revived Club tudies Histor -Making Events Reorganizing this year, the Anderson High School History Club hopes to stimulate interest among its members by planning historical re- search, historical programs, and visits to sites of historical interest. ln October, 1946, a group of more than 80 interested students, sponsored by Miss Virginia Lindstrom and Mr. Byron Helfrich, asked to be made an officially recognized AHS club. Miss Lindstrom was the sponsor as the club reorgan- ized this year. History Clubs in the past ten years have journeyed to such historical spots as the nrst ter- ritorial capital in Vincennes, the home of Wil- liam Henry Harrison, only President elected from Indiana, and the spot, near Bardstown, where Steven Foster wrote his famous song, "My Old Kentucky Home." At a time when far-reaching and permanent Changes are belllgmade Wnsfamly In the hlstofl' H1sToRY CLUB OVVICERS-Mike Cummings. via of the World, It 15 3 Credlt ,IO that there 15 President: Phil Nicpon. President: George Ralston. Roll a club whose sole purpose is to investigate these Clerk: Phil Rinker. Treasurer: Kay McGraw, Secretary. changes and become better informed citizens as a result. HISTORY CLUB-Row l-Phil Rinker, Michael Cummings, Kay McGraw, Lana Achor. Judy Bingaman, Phil Nicpon, Miss Virginia Lindstrom, Sponsor. Row 24Sandra Anderson, Cindy Wright, Linda Hiatt, Karel Ann Smith, Linda Knotts. Phyllis Moreland. Allene Hart, Susie Patterson, Marcia Neff, Sally Stokes, Mary Paul Mason, Linda Lewis, Row 34Sheron Vifhiteman. Ann Harris. Barbara Harrison. Brenda Abbott. Diana Taylor. Sandy Gordon. Becky Baker, Ann Knotts, Judy Harris. Sylvia Ferguson, Judy XVoods. Row -l-Rolland Hartley. Kenny Cook. Dave Boardman, Mike Ggldgmilh, Bob NVJILH-idge, Bob Cridgg, John McGuire. Lowell Jackson. Bob Davis. Barbara Malsom, Cindy Scott. Row 5-Pat Robbins, James Clark. Charles CTIISC. TOIT1 5lOJf16' JCYVY Meri. John MCCOYJ -lJCk Warrum, Tom Lovell, George Ralston, Francis Kimm, Mary Morrison, JJIUC9 BYFUYU- lO5 4, X .wa -Q- ws, FUTURE FARMERS Oli AMERlCA4Bill Neff, Philip lireeman. Clarence Dietz, David liox, Bob Bedwell. lirancis Vwliley, Tom Rydman. Vvlillis Durant. Bill Eisher. Mr. Horace Wilson. Sponsor: George Hinderer. Vvlilbur Durant. Better Farming Methrzds Scrutinized by FF YUTURE FARMERS OFl7lCl2RSf-David liox. Presi- dent: Vw'illis Durant, Tom Rydman. Vice President: Mr. Horace Wilscmn, Sponsor: Vwlilbur Durant, Secretary: Bill Neff, Treasurer. l06 For 22 years, the Future Earmers of America Club has been rated as one of the top clubs in AHS. Open to all agricultural students, this club aims toward better farming methods and farming cooperation. boys have the unique distinction of promotes These being the only club working with outdoor occu- pations. studying Their time is spent on Held trips, soils and crops, preparing stock for exhibition at the State Eair, and visiting stock shows. They Work mainly with grains, dairy products, general livestock, and poultry. Euture Earmers compete and win their share of state farming contests of all kinds. The A,W.H. Hardy Cup is given each year to the outstanding boy, and scholarships are presented to the winners in various judging contests, Members of EEA often begin friendships that last a lifetime because each member is interested in the same goal, a career in agriculture. Many farms in the Anderson area owe their prosperity to the early training these owners received in EEA. Retailers Attend tate, With suitcases in one hand and tickets in the other, members of the Future Retailers Club attended educational conventions of Indiana Distributive Education Clubs at Indiana Uni- versity and the national convention in April in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Two of the national D.Ii.C.A.'s important ofhcers were local boys. They were Jack Macv, class of '56, national treasurer: and Jack Wftbber, Indiana state president. These future businessmen and women also promote orojerrs to henent both school and community. The children at the cotmtv ornhans' home were guests at the club's fifth annual Christmas party. Members treated their emolovers, whom they work for half of the school day. at a banctuet. Each week students arranqe merchandise from downtown Anderson in the front hall. Students see the latest stvles, and DE. members gain advertising experience at the same time. ntionat Conventions Q FUTURE Rli'l'AIl.liRS OITICIQRS-Sue NVard. Histor- ian: Bessie Mitchell. Secretary: Bob Dillman. Treasurer: Mike Goldsmith. Vice President: .lack NVebber. President. l5UTURIi RlfTAII.ERS Oli AMISRICA--Row l--Geneva Isbell. Norma Ilarshman. Bessie Mitchell. .lanice Bradley, Sue Hudson. Barbara Schildmeier. Priscilla Skouden. Janis Council. Gail Jones. Sue Vvard. Row lfliherron Quinn. .lttdy Coburn. Nancy Ussery. Carole Ussery. Barbara Gibson. Ann Barber. Madonna XViddil'ield. Mr. Gilbert Pearl. Sponsor. Row 3-- Norma Sottthers. Barbara Malsom. Joyce Graddy, Peggy Davis. Kay Roberson. Vivian XVilliams. Jerry Metz. lfverett Mttlerspattgh. Row 4- lfarl Keith. Jim Vv'iley. .lack Atwell. Mike Goldsmith. Prob Dillman. .lack Vx'ebber. Neal Jones. Gary Shockney. i x Assemblies Planned Working together to produce programs for assemblies, the pep session and convocation com- mittees present different kinds of entertainment throughout the year. Highlighting the convocations were mental my-stery performers, Mardoni and Louise: the Manchester Choir, and UN specialist, James Eldridge. The pep sessions committee carried on the traditional Red and Green week, Homecoming. and basketball celebration day as the guiding force of AHS school spirit, l08 CONVOCATIONS COMMITTEE-Row l--Gary Moore. VVarren Bailey. Dave Clem. Tim l,ee. Brooks Townsend. Row 27Miss Mary Ruth Palmer. Mrs. Mary Mcliarland. Jane Ann lford. Linda Wilson, Jean Ann Hughes. Pat Harl. Ruth Barr. Fran Wagner, Miss Alice Higman, Row 'S-Mr. John Gar- rigus. Mr. Ralph Boyd, Mr. Richard Balsley. Mr, Thomas Clem, Mr. Max Beigh. Mrs. Marguerite Hale. Mrs. Evelyne Grahame, Miss Virginia Lindstrom, Miss Dorothy Campbell. Mr. George Vaught, At microphonefMr. George Davis, Chairman. PEP SESSIONS COMMlTTEE4ln front Al.onnie lveson, Karen Veazey. Row 1- Marvin Horton, Tom Davis. Tom Tappan. Mrs. Paula l,awson, Mrs. l,ova Garriott. Ann Adams. Judy Shoemaker. Dorothy Hill, Sandra DuBois. Row Z-Dick Rinearson. Melanie Martin, Ann Harris, Judy Coon. l.inda Stanley. Row 3fMr. lck Osborne, Mr. Jim Carter. Mr. Pete Russo. FIRST SEMESTER HEAD MONlTORSfRow l- Nancy Brewster. Marty Goins. Judy Coon. Row Z-Bob Wolff, Mike Maine. Roger Roudebush. W. V fi i V fag The monitors serving in the halls can be of great assistance to any students. Not only do they check for violators, but these teen-agers spend much of their time trying to find persons wanted on the telephone, taking new students to class, and telling the high school story to any visitors. They hold a position of trust and have always conducted themselves accordingly. SECOND SEMESTER HEAD MONITORS-Mary Breitweiser. Dave Crandall. Ann Davis, Bob lirance, Ann Gehrke, Janet McDaniel, Nancy Brewster. Dogs or Crowds Beware 0 Ushers, Cadets Ever need help? Ushers Club and Parking Lot Cadets are both at your service. These two groups of boys prove to be of the greatest help during convos when dogs or basketball crowds attempt to dash onto the gym floor, when the PARKING LOT CADETS--Row l+John McGuire, Jim Nowlin. Max Cattron, Bill Neff. Row 2-Mr. lck Osborne, Sponsor: Jim Melson, Pat Pherson, Jim Wilhite. Mr. James Carter, Sponsor. car motor won't start, and when that flat tire needs changing. Giving up a great deal of their spare time, these boys devote much energy to making every- one's day move more smoothly. USHERS CLUB-Row l--Phil Freeman. Jim Herron. John Britton, Vice President: Dale Cook, President: Bill Collins. Mr. Carol Helvey. Sponsor. Row 2-Lloyd McClintick. Jim Rolland. Victor Mallernee. Dave Harri- son. Jim Welch, Nurmi Jones. Row 3-Pat Pherson, Eddie Wasson, Larry Doherty, Tom Jackson, Harry Ray, David DeBolt. F' Y K . f W4-a0cl.,' . fr www 5 A. n ' 3 P 1 'ER wif? - al l wif tl f 2 t Athletics The character and spirit that have grown through the years became especially noticeable as the A'new" Anderson High School pushed on in its competitive sports. Although the student body was greatly decreased this year, few seats were left vacant, for the traditional enthusiasm still backed the teams. Some familiar voices were gone. and a few of the members of the teams were missing. but new students replaced them to help spur the lndians on to Victory. "Scalp 'em Red" will resound through the ages as the lndians plunge into sports each year. The faithful grads join with the students to cheer each team towards a winning season. Spirit ol' the lndians is personified bv Indian Mascots Marvin Horton and Sanclra Dtillmis. lll 33 764-T-114 Q- if 6 -fe- VARSITY FOOTBALL-Row 1--Gary Baker, Jim Osborne, Pete Danforth, Jim Goodnight, John Teague, Ronnie Alexander, Jim Gillaspy. Bob Glazebrooks. Marvin Whitaker, John Hensler. Row 2-Tom Williams, Larry Dodd, Keith Hamilton, Brad Stinson. Bob Stoner, Bob Erlandson, Perry Hill, Nat Johnson, Jerry Hale, Harry Mitchell, Roosevelt Wilkerson, Tom Tallman. Row 3-Coach Jim Carter, Ron McNabney, Alfred Poole, Fred Simpson, Tom Wilson, Lucius Teague, Carlos Corzine, Larry Gellinger, Tom Davis, Jim Stringer, Gary McClain, Assistant Coach Pete Russo. Row 4-Tony Swinford, Don Roudebush, Jerry Carpenter, Gene Deitz, Allan Defenderfer, Randy Davis, Phil Nicpon, Jerry Shaul, Jerry Coon, Phil Sullivan. Indians Romp to Victorious Football Season Coach Jim Carter's Redskins had their second consecutive winning season for the first time since 1937 and 1938. The Tribe, encountering one of the toughest schedules in the state, com- piled a record of five victories and four losses. The attendance at the home games was very high, considering the loss of 1,000 township students. A combination of fine offensive foot- ball, as taught by Coach Carter, an All- American halfback in his own right at Purdue, and the highly entertaining half-time shows under the direction of Mr. George Vaught, at- tracted a very attentive crowd. Tribe Whips Shelbyville. The Tribe opened its season against Shelby- ville with an amazing show of defense. Phil Sullivan, the wing-footed quarterback, com- pleted his first pass of the season to Larry Dodd for a 28 yard touchdown, the first touchdown of the season. Ending the battle at half-time on even terms, the Indians roared out on the field to conquer the Golden Bears in the second half, 27 to 14. Suffering from costly penalties, the Tribe trailed Richmond, 13 to 0, in the first half of the second game, The energetic Redskins, not knowing the taste of defeat, kicked off to open the second half, but to no avail. Behind only 26-13, and looking stronger .in the third quarter, Anderson made a fatal mistake. The Indians failed to cover a punt, allowing Richmond Quarterback Dave Chapman, an All-American high school selection, to pick up the loose ball and race 69 yards to the Anderson 6 yard line. The resulting touchdown clinched the game, 32 to 13. Muscular Nat Johnson romped over the field for a gain of 132 yards along the ground, but defensive mistakes decided the game's out- come. Sophomore Fullback Stars. In the third game of the season, Anderson succumbed to the Indianapolis Tech Greenclads, 33 to 12. Agile John Teague, a 157-pound sophomore fullback, followed some mighty pre- cise blocking for 112 yards in 17 carries in the first game of his varsity career. Remarkably, the CCont. P. 1133 Record Set in 54 to 7 Defeat of Frankfort Tribe made twice as many first downs as the Cireenclads. Fumbles and long punt returns set up several Tech touchdowns in the spectac- ular victory. Anderson 39-Marion 21. One of the most courageous showings of the season came after Marion had returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown. Johnson then took the initiative by scoring the first of his three touchdowns. The Braves pranced off the field at half-time leading, 20 to 14. Accepting the half-time kick- off, Carter's Redskins rocked, socked, and rolled over the Giants as the Tribe's speedy Halfback Fred Simpson ran up a total of 146 yards and completed a touchdown pass of 54 yards to left end Dodd to set up another touchdown. Kokomo Scores Early. Anderson's third loss came as a result of three quick touchdowns in the first quarter by the beefy Kokomo Wildcats. Earning only nine first downs in the entire game, the Tribe couldn't find a hole in the Wildcat's heavy forward wall. Nimble-footed Jim Eades, of Kokomo, was at his peak, Hlling the air with lateral passes and using the quarterback keep. Plagued with but- teringered receivers, Quarterback Sullivan con- nected only one of six passes as the Tribe ac- cepted defeat, 32 to 14. Suffering its fourth and worst defeat, Ander- son lost to Muncie Central, 39 to 13. Touch- downs scored by Lucius Teague and Simpson apparently were not enough to stop the sticky- Bob Cilazebrooks Jerry Coon Halfback Tackle Perry Hill Lucius Teague fingered Muncie defensive unit which intercepted three passes, scoring on two and setting up an- other touchdown. 4,000 Watch Victory. With almost 4,000 spectators witnessing this year's Homecoming game with Indianapolis Howe, the Tribe reacted to colorful slogans on Homecoming floats and an enthusiastic crowd to begin a winning streak that was to carry right through the rest of the season. In the dismal, rain-soaked field, the teams sloshed back and forth as Carlos Corzine carried the muddy pig- skin for 109 yards and two touchdowns. The Tribe's forward wall of Dodd, Larry Cwellinger, Keith Hamilton, Lucius Teague, and Jerry Hale played more like champions than at any time this season. Limberlegs Simpson swept outside for a 41 yard touchdown, and Lucius Teague caught the ball twice for 67 yards. The rain- soaked fans gurgled happily as the Redskins bat- tled their way to a convincing 34 to 7 victory over the Hornets. Defeating their old rival, the Elwood Panth- ers, for the Hfth straight time was the ambition of every Indian. The score remained tied at 7 to 7, ending the first quarter. The Brave's quarter- back, Sullivan, connected on three of four passes and scored a touchdown for an outstanding per- formance. Assisting in the scoring department, Simpson gained 90 yards and scored one touch- qcom. P. 1155 Center End 113 Jerry Carpenter Jim Stringer Guard Q L M 1 l RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM-Row 1-Jesse Green, Dave Chambers, John Hensler. Eddie Van Ness, Tom Williams, Dave Carpenter, Larry Milam, Dan Keeney, Gary McClain. Row Z-Coach Ick Osborne, Harry Taylor, Randy Davis, Tom Davis. Gary Baker, Tom Wilson, Richard Patterson. Rosevelt Wilkerson. Assistant Coach Don Barnett. Row 3-Steve Givens, Pete Danforth, Jim Osborne, Earlie Remson, Jim Goodnight, Ron McVey, Paul liairburn, David Cowart, Jim Gillaspy. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES RESERVE FOOTBALL SCORES 27 Shelbyville 14 Anderson 14 Broad Ripple 13 13 Richmond 3 2 Anderson 3 5 Elwood 13 12 Indianapolis Tech 3 3 Anderson 13 Tech 12 39 Marion 21 Anderson 27 Muncie Central 2 14 Kokomo 32 Anderson 13 New Castle 12 13 Muncie Central 39 Anderson 7 Lafayette 0 34 Howe 7 Anderson 0 Muncie Central 18 33 Elwood 20 Anderson 7 New Castle 12 54 Frankfort 7 Anderson 12 Noblesville 21 Jerry Hale Bob Erlandson Marvin XVhitaker Don Roudebush Tackle Tackle Tackle End 9-S 114 HUG Indians End Season On Victorious Note down while Johnson helped to rip up the sod, carrying the pigskin for 90 yards and two touchdowns. Dad's Day proved to be very suc- cessful. as the Tribe took charge to chalk up another victory, 33 to 20, over the Panthers. Records Set At Frankfort. AHS entered its final game of the season with the Frankfort Hot Dogs to determine the out- come of the season. Allowing only one touch- down, the Tribe performed the way it was capable of playing by running up a total of 505 yards. With only seven attempts, Johnson car- ried the ball for ll2 yards for an average of l6 yards per carry. Elongated Lucius Teague, who specializes in long passes, caught one for a specf tacular score. Witih only ten seconds remaining, the Indians got the ball and Bob Stoner, reserve quarterback. passed to Larry Gellinger to score a touchdown in just live seconds. The touchdown made the final score, 54 to 7. A pair of flashy senior halfbacks, Simpson and Johnson. captured the lion's share of the individual honors as they paced the Indians to one of their highest scoring seasons in ihistory. Johnson led the team in yards gained with 589 with Simpson a close second with 575. The two reversed positions in the scoring race with Simpson counting 7 touchdowns and 23 extra points and Johnson l0 touchdowns. QCont. P. ll6l Lucius Teague romps to a touchdown on the first pass he caught this season, a toss of 42 yards from Fred Simpson as the Indians whipped Indianapolis Howe, 34 to 7. John Teague Ronnie Alexander Alfred Poole Keith Hamilton Nat Johnson Fullback Halfback Ilnd Guard Hilfbgfk ? ,YES 2,5 ', ,' hz gyisifg,-ff. My I we swgggf, . 5 fig? .M .. - . A asfgfm I iff' i ' . , Bt., 1 fs- sie, f irry Dodd Ijerched high atop the scaffold ai Denny liield, Coach Jim Carter is watching for opponents' weaknesses and relaying the information to Assistant Coach Pete Russo by telephone. The Indians missed by a Whisker of becoming the highest-scoring team coached by Mr. Carter. They scored 239 points in nine games, a 26.6 average. In 1953 Carter's Indians racked up 267 points in ten games for a 26.7 average. Indian backs paraded over the opposition goal lines '56 times or an average of four times a game. In the season's finale against Frankfort the Tribe set several records. The 54 points was the highest ever registered by a Carter-coached Indian team. It was also the biggest score ever run up against a North Central Conference team. Several other players shared in the offensive honors for the season. Quarterback Sullivan gained 323 yards on 19 completed passes. Top pass catcher was Dodd who picked off 8 for 202 yards. Dodd also did all of the team's punting, averaging 35,7 yards on I9 kicks. Sophomore John Teague returned ll kickoffs for l88 yards, and Simpson returned 9 punts for a total of l3O yards to lead those departments. Parents Present Trophies. Mr. Lloyd Stoner, president of the Football Parents Boosters Club. presented trophies to Dodd, the best offensive lineman: Simpson, best blocking back: I-Iamilton. best defensive line- man and Jerry Carpenter, best defensive back. The Tribe chose I-Iamilton and Perry I-Iill as co- captains of the squad. The record of Coach Carter's football team in I956 may not be spectacular, but it was a great step toward a new era. as it ended in a season rich in victories and in sophomores for the 1957 Anderson football team. l.arry Gellinger Bob Stoner I7red Simpson Phil Sullivan End Quarterback Halfback Quarterback f 6 . ig I S Ty 9. I , J I ga. , ,N K Q 'A' W W ' I V V 3 ,... my szq'gi1l"ia H I .5 ! Offense Near Peak FINAL STATISTICS-ANDERSON INDIANS Vv'ith beautiful blocking by Gene Deitz 1761. on a "47" reverse play, Nat Johnson 1321, sweeps for a touchdown against Marion. as the Tribe triumphed, 30 10 GAMES1 Rushing ATTS YDS AVE TDR Johnson. RH 115 589 5.1 10 Simpson, LH 116 575 5.0 6 Corzine, 17B 65 314 4.8 5 J. Teague. 17B 40 244 6.1 3 Alexander. LH 15 72 4.8 1 Sullivan, QB 41 64 1.6 3 Dodd. LE 3 3 3 1 1.0 0 Carpenter. LH 6 25 4.2 0 Glazebrooks. RH 6 21 3.3 0 Defenderfer, FB 3 1 1 3.7 0 Stoner. QB 4 0 0.0 1 Totals 414 1948 4.7 29 Passing ATTS COMP YDS TDP INT POT . Sullivan, QB 59 19 323 2 6 .322 Simpson. RH 15 4 138 2 2 .267 Stoner. QB 1 1 ll 1 0 1.000 21 . Totals 75 24 472 5 8 .320 'O SCOring TDS PAT PATM TP Simpson, RH 7 23 13 65 J. Teague. FB Johnson, RH 10 0 0 60 Johnson, RH Corzine. FB 5 0 0 30 Simpson. LH Sullivan, QB 4 0 0 24 Corzine, FB J. Teague. FB 3 0 0 18 Alexander, 1.H L. Teague, RE 3 0 0 18 Gellinger, LE 1 0 0 6 Totals Dodd. LE 1 0 0 6 Stoner, QB 1 0 0 6 Alexander, LH 1 o 0 6 Punts , Dodd. LE Totals 36 23 13 239 punt Returns Receiving COMP vos AVE TDP glmffon' ,LEE Dodd, LE 8 202 25.5 1 'I mgu' Gellinger, RE 7 101 14.4 1 K1Ck0ff Returns L. Teague, RE 3 81 27.0 23 J. Teague. TTB Sullivan. QB 1 22 22.0 1 Simpson. LH Gene Deitz Carlos Corzine Cecil Robinson Guard Fullback Tackle . A .MMG ' 'g if Vg fa. My Kem , we in 5 vw 1 20 1 16 1 16 1 8 1 6 24 472 NO YDS 10 679 NO. YDS 0 130 -1 61 NO. 1 1 8 Bill Lang Guard 20.0 16.0 16.0 8.0 6.0 19.7 AVE 35.7 AVE 14.4 15.3 YDS 188 157 0 0 0 0 0 5 LONG 5 2 TDR 1 0 AVE 17.1 19.6 . X r -WY Y Perennial Champs Second in Cross Country Failing in a bid for the State Cross Country title for only the third time in the history of the event, the Anderson lndians settled, however, for nothing less than second place in the state meet, The lndians had a good season of four victories and two losses. Starting the season with two setbacks to Marion and Tech was discouraging at first, but after continuous evenings of hard work and strenuous running, the Braves regained their stride. Winning remaining meets over Muncie Burris, Richmond, Muncie Central, and Short- ridge pleased Coach Carl Bonge very much as the boys demonstrated that with stiff doses of conditioning drills and a win-at-any-cost atti- tude, they could reach championship. LeVaughn Binkley was the Tribe's outstand- ing runner and placed fourth in the state meet. The Tribe honored hard-working Jerry Hard- acre by selecting him captain of the squad at the end of the season. Lettermen were Hardacre, Marvin Horton, Aaron Williams, Paul Abshire. Binkley, Robert Brown, and Larry Massey. A place in the state meet was quite an accom- plishment for a team that entered the season with only three returning lettermen. l-lorton, Williams, and Hardacre. Coach Bonge, a molder of champions, was equal to the task and Anderson held onto its place as the top Cross Country School in the state, year in and year out. With an experienced group returning next year, plus capable reserve squad members, the Tribe should be among the top teams again. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Row l-Fred Kingsbury, Larry Massey, LeVaughn Binkley, Robert Brown. Aaron Williams, Marvin Horton. Row 2--Assistant Coach Ray Fleenor, Rolland Hartley, Bob Peavler, Managers: Barry Atkinson, Jerry Pickel, Paul Abshire. James Minnefield. Bob Jackson. Jerry Hardacre, Coach Carl Bonge. P5 i ff K '-415 mul?" ., Q P' RESERVE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM--Row l-Rav Smith. Max Pickel, Bill Ranshaw, Don Rhoades, Tom Linville, Larry Deitz. Row 2-Lloyd McClintick. Bob Zachary, Phil Gaar, Phil Couch. Norman Delph, Darrel Young, Bill Collins. Row 3-Coach Carl Bonge, Jim Leonard, Dave Layton, Max Benson, Dwight Aldred, Mike Cummings. Duane Pickard, Assistant Coach Ray Fleenor. Coach Carl Bonge gives terse last minute instructions just before the keyed-up Indians embark on the sectional cross country meet at the Edgewood Golf Course. Finish- ing second, the Bongemen qualined for the state meet. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY SCORES Anderson 37 Marion 18 Anderson 30 Tech 27 Anderson 17 Burris 46 Anderson 16 Richmond 47 Anderson 26 Muncie Central 29 Anderson 26 Shortridge 29 Anderson second in Washington Invitational Meet 3 Anderson fifth in Shortridge Invitational Meet ti Anderson third in North Central Conference Meet A aff Anderson third in Sectional Meet Anderson second in State Meet RESERVE CROSS COUNTRY SCORES Anderson 25 Marion 34 Anderson 22 Tech 39 Anderson 15 Burris 50 Anderson 23 Muncie Central 3-1- Anderson 21 Shortridge 3 2 Anderson first in Washington Invitational Meet. I 1 9 l'hough surrounded by a Covey of New Castle players. liisher, 1101. Summers 1 151, and Pavy 1233, AK 'L l,ucius Teague 1221. sinks another of his deadly hook shots. Anderson won, 75 to 64, Close De eats Give Indians Losing Record Anderson's Indians averaged 57.1 points a game this season, about 41,6 less than the 1956 team that won 18 and lost 6, and those few points probably meant the difference between a winning and losing season this year. Five of Anderson's 14 losses would have been entered in the victory column with the addition of 41,12 points, just over two baskets, in each of the games. The losses were 61 to 57 to Indian- apolis Tech, 65 to 61 to Muncie Central in an overtime, 68 to 66 to Logansport, 63 to 59 to New Castle in an overtime, and 53 to 52 to Richmond. I-Xnderson's season mark would then have been 13 wins and 9 defeats. Of the nine remaining losses, two of them were by five points to Kokomo and Shelbyville and one by six points to Frankfort. With a little added scoring punch, an 8 won and 14 lost record would have been 16 won and 6 lost. Tribe Wins Big Four. Entering the Big Four with .1 4-4 record, Coach lck Osborne's Indians defeated the New 1Cont. P. 12111 Castle Trojans in the opening game, 75 to 64. In the final game of the tourney, the Redskins trounced the Elwood Panthers in an upset, 62 to 46. It was the tenth tourney championship for the Indians since the event started in 1929. They won in 1932, '33, '39, '43, '46, '49, '50, '53, '56, and '57. This places Anderson far ahead of runner-up New Castle which has five titles. Opening the '57 season the Tribe subdued a tough Rushville squad, 63 to 57, in the Wig' wam before 4,000 Hoosier hardwood fans. Phil Sullivan's six quick points at the end sparked the victory. For the first out-of-town performance, the team traveled to Terra Haute Wiley, nosing out a tall, veteran team, 47 to 45. First defeat in three starts came when the Redskins lost to a battling Ft. Wayne Central five, 68 to 56. The teams were deadlocked 9 times before the outcome was decided, Marion Giants followed up by handing the Indians their second defeat of the season, 71 to 43. Blackout Delays Game. In an about face, the Tribe trounced the New Albany Bulldogs, 58 to 52, after a three day fi 2 Coach Ick Osborne argues a point with referee Bob Dornte of Fort Wayne at the Tech game over a double- dribble called on Anderson Al a crucial point in the game, The Indians were nosed out by Tech, 61 to 57, Norman De1ph's 1135, speedy maneuvering and catlike movements enabled him to drive by Slone 1551, and Richards 1545. of Alexandria as Larry Dodd, 5201, looks on. Anderson twisted the Tigers tail, 60 to 41. postponement due to a transformer failure which blacked out the gym just before the game was to start. The road suddenly took a turn for the worse as the Braves dropped two straight encounters. Next to halt Coach Osborne's un- lucky Tribe was Lafayette Jeff's Broncos, 46 to 34. Then a thriller took place in the Wigwam as Muncie Central defeated the Redskins, 70 to 62, in an exciting 32 minute affair. Norm Delph potted 30 points in a losing cause. Next to feel the pangs of defeat at the hands of the Indians were Shortridge's Blue Devils. The Tribesmen led throughout in a 59 to 46 victory. The Indians then began to meet the tough ones. They lost three games in a row to Shelby- ville, Tech of Indianapolis, and Muncie Central, all teams that were constantly engaged in a battle in the top ten in the state. The thriller of the season came in the terrific battle with Muncie Central. Dick Patterson, Lucius Teague. and Larry Dodd scored in the double digits, but the Bearcats crawled over the Tribe in the last three minutes of play to win in overtime, 65 to 61. Anderson Wallops Columbus. Anderson finally walloped the Columbus Bulldogs, 72 to 49, as Teague scored 19 points and Delph 23. CCon1. P. 1221 E 3 2, si?-a ss 5 L VARSITY l5ASKF'l4BA1.1. TIQAM---Row lfdim Melson. manager: Bob Zachary. Nat Johnson, Phil Sullivan, Dick Rinearson. manager, Row Zflnrry Dodd, 13red Simpson. John Teague, Norman Delph, Richard Patterson. Row iff Lucius Teague. Darrell Young. Coach lck Osborne. Cecil Robinson, Mike Johnson. 1.arry Dodd KZOW crouches on all fours to protect the ball from Hannon 1151, of Tech. as 1,ucius Teague 1211 back tracks to help. Tech edged the Tribe. 61 to 57. Again the Tribe fell into a slump losing six straight fracases. Frankfort, Kokomo, South Bend Central, Logansport, New Castle, and Richmond added the Redskin's scalp to their victory belts. Only the South Bend defeat was by more than six points, First in line, the Frankfort Hotdogs licked the Indians, 57 to 51, although Patterson led the scoring attach with 21 points. the best per- formance of his season's play. Kokomo downed the Tribe, 57 to 52. The Braves fought top rated South Bend Central on even terms the last three quarters, but could not overcome a 30 to 15 deficit in the first quarter, losing 78 to 59. Although the Braves led the first quarter, 28 to 14, Logansport edged out the Tribe, 68 to 66 in a real heartbreaker. New Castle's Trojans gained revenge for defeat in the Big Four Tourney, by downing the Tribe, 63 to 59, in an overtime. The score switched back and forth with the Tribe never more than a point behind at each quarter. Rich- mond Red Devils romped to a 20 point lead with only six minutes remaining in the game and then had to hold on in the face of one of the greatest rallies ever seen on the high school QCont. P. 1235 Tribe Wins Big Four floor before winning 53 to 52. Trailing 45 to 25, the Tribe caught fire to score 27 points in the fourth quarter after racking up only 14 points the Hrst half. A total of 28 points came in 35 attempts at the charity line. Teague Shows Accuracy. At the Anderson High School gym in the sectional. the Redskins opened up against the Alexandria Tigers. The Tribe played a cat and mouse type of game that bothered the Tigers, and took a 30 to Zl lead at the half. Shooting a remarkable .500 from the field and a .657 from the free throw line, the Indians won, 60 to 41, in one of the best played games in the Wigwam. Teague hit ll of 18 Held goal at- tempts in a great display of shooting accuracy. Entering the second plateau towards the sec- tional title, the Tribe played the tall Elwood Panthers. Falling behind the first quarter by six points, l6 to l0, the Braves never recovered as Elwood won 67 to 53, The Panthers claws were razor sharp as they Won over the Indians for the first time in 29 years. Elwood then went on to its first sectional title in history. Bowing out are the senior members of the squad, Larry Dodd, Fred Simpson, Capt. Lucius Teague, Mike Johnson, Nat Johnson, and Darrel Young. They played their hearts out to the end, and never alibied for some of the cruelist breaks ever bestowed upon an Indian team. Lucius Teague Norman Delph Center Forward Fred Simpson C-U snatches a rebound away from a rough Alexandria five, particularly Disgue 1355, as Darrel Young fl5j, Larry Dodd 1205, and Norman Delph HU survey the situation. Anderson whipped the pesky five, 60 to 41. Darrel Young Mike Johnson Forward Center 3 Teague Paces Scorers 1957 INDIVIDUAL BASKETBALL STATISTICS PLAYER G.FClA. FG, L. Teague 22 291 134 Delph 22 328 110 Dodd 22 163 65 Simpson Z2 153 52 Patterson 20 132 49 Young 18 50 14 Sullivan 14 47 15 J. Teague 13 22 6 N.Johnson 14 27 8 M,Johnson 14 16 7 Zachary 9 14 2 Totals 221243462 1'G.PCT. .460 .335 ,399 .340 .371 ,280 .319 .273 .296 ,438 .143 .372 333 IT. FTM. FG. PCT, PF. TP. AVIS. 40 ,658 55 345 15.7 30 ,727 63 300 13,6 32 .610 56 180 8.2 31 .563 -12 144 6,5 27 .534 45 129 6.5 11 .577 16 43 2.4 10 .545 10 -12 3.0 7 .667 5 26 2.0 8 .529 18 25 1.8 12 .200 17 17 1.2 7 ,222 3 6 0.7 215 ,608 3301257571 Legendifi.-Game: FGA.-Field Goals Attempted: FG.vFie1c1 Goals Made: FG. PCT.+-Field Goal Shooting Percentagei ITT.-4 Free Throws Made: FTM.7Free Throws Missed: FT.PCT.4Ifree Throw Shooting Percentage: PF,--Personal Fouls: TP.-Total Points Scored: AVF.+Average Points Per Game. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Six hands grasp for the basketball as Muncie Central's Bearcats and the Indians battle for a rebound. In on the play are Vi'ilkerson 1253, Sterrett 1531, of Muncie: Lucius Teague 1223, Larry Dodd on top, Nat Johnson 133, Fred Simpson 145, and Burks 151j, of Muncie. AHS 63 Rushville Bio FOUR TOURNEY AHS , Kokomo 57 AHS 47 Term Hiiile Wiley AHS 75 New Castia 64 QE? South BTS QQ AHS 56 Fort Xvayne Central AHS 62 Elwood 461613311 AI-IS New Castle fi3g10ii3rrimeJ AHS 43 Marion AHS so Shelbyville 61 AHIS Richmond 53 AHS 58 New Albany AHS 57 Indianapolis Tech 61 S 1 V AHS 34 Lafayette Jeff AHS 61 Muncie Cent. 651overtime1 SLCVIONN- AHS 62 Muncie Central AHS 72 Columbus 49 AHS Al9XHIlClriJ 41 AHS 59 Shortridge AHS 51 Frankfort 57 AHS Elwood 67 Dick Patterson Nat Johnson Larry Dodd Bob Zachary Forward Guard Guard Gudfd 124 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM-Row 1+1.eVaughn Binkley. Bill Ranshaw. John Hensler. Jim Osborne, Pete Danforth, Bob Brown. Tom 1,inville. Row Z+Coach Don Barnett, Larry Gellinger, Max Benson, Mike Cummings, Jim Minneneld, Gary Baker, Larry Sutton. manager. RESERVE BASK1i'1'13A1.1. sCoRi5s AHS 30 AHS 38 AHS .37 Rushville 23 AHS 32 AHS 46 lforl Vwlayne Central 31 AHS 41 AHS Z9 Marion 30 AHS -13 AHS 47 New Albany 39 AHS 27 AHS 40 Lafayette Jeff 43 AHS 30 Cecil Robinson Phil Sullivan Center Guard Muncie 33 AHS Shortridge 41 AHS New Castle Z5 AHS Richmond 3 5 AHS Shelbyville 40 AHS Indianapolis Tech 33 AHS Muncie 36 AHS John Teague Forward 125 Columbus Frankfort Kokomo South Bend Central Logansport New Castle Richmond lired Simpson Guard ,M Z8 20 32 52 33 46 41 H CHEliRl.EADERS BEVORIZ A l7OOTPaAl.l CROWIDH Karen Veavey, linda Stanley. Melanie Vlartin, l.onnie Ivcson. Ann Harris. .Indy Coon. Ingenious Cheerleaders Keep ltudents Peppy Traditional link between high school athletics and the student body is the group of cheerleaders, who this year were second to none in spirit and in- genuity. They added many new and novel yells and encouraged participation by members of the student body. At pep sessions during the season, students ene joyed the Moppettes. an all-boys chorus line: the HiAY comedy basketball game, choosing Mr. Red and Miss Green, and the competition for best float by a homeroom during the Sectional Week celebration. The Indian Brave and Maiden also worked out new routines to add to the innovations of pep sessions and pre- game festivities in 1957, Jumping head over heels with -joy, .ludy Coon. AHS cheer leader. leads the enthusiastic crowd in the Alexandria sectional game 120 we fl! nl, VARSITY WRESTl,.ING TEAM-Row l-Harry McVey, l.loyd McClintick. Tom Vvlilliams, Jerry Joe Smith, l.arry Ballinger, Bill Neff, Gene Deitz. Row 2-Bob James. Sam Garrett. Don Glanbrooks. Bob Kanahle. l.arry Deitz. Dave Crandall, Chuck Shaffer, Otto Rhodes. Row 3-'Assistant Coach Pete Russo. Don Roudebush, Bob Jones, Gary Gilmore, Melvin Mimms. Dan Keeney. Jim Bodey, Coach Don Pyle. Row 4--Pat Pherson, manager: Norman Learned, Rogers Clark, Randy Davis, Ronald McVey, John Hardin. Marvin XX'hitaker. Bill Neff prepares to pin Madison Heights' Dave Hooper Ctopl, something he practiced thelowl with Jerry Smith and teammates. Wrestlers Ra ll Late ' o r Entering the season with a group of inexperi- enced boys and a new coach, Mr. Don Pyle, the wrestling team opened its season with eight straight losses. After gaining match ex- perience, the team won two of their last five matches over New Castle and Madison Heights. Outstanding individual performances were Hrst year man Jerry Joe Smith's five match victories at the end of the season, Bill Neffs conference and sectional titles and the state runnerup medal, and Melvin Mimms' second place sectional finish. l .. , 'ff QQ wREsTLiNo scones g - . A Anderson '53 Crawfordsville ' Anderson 0 Manual tlndplsi Anderson 3 Tech Al'ldCrS0n l 8 Marion Anderson 8 Richmond Anderson I3 Bloomington Anderson 19 Muncie Central Anderson I3 Broad Ripple Anderson '53 New Castle Anderson Zl Kokomo A1'1d01'SOIl 71 South Port AI1Cl9fSOYl 39 Nladison Heights Anderson ll Lafayette Anderson seventh in North Central Conference Meet Anderson fifth in Sectional Meet Anderson 15th in State Meet "W"-1-......,.-g Y YY MTW Top ranking YMCA intra-mural team from AHS was Gaar's quintet, Getting hnal instructions from team captain Phil Gaar fkneeling left pictureh are John McGuire, .lim 4Wiley',v Tom Davis, Don Furnish, Jerry Coon, and Dale Copeland. Gaar's Don Furnish takes a deep breath ttop r.ght pictured and fires in basketball action at the "Y" as Dale Copeland KH screens for him against a Pendleton LM Eve. Other fellows scrimmaged on the outdoor court con- structed last summer flower right picturel. Hoping that practice makes perfect are Bob Zachary, Jerry Carpenter, Larry Gellinger. and Ron McNabney. Girls Improve ersonalit , Health in GRA. Fun, exercise, and a desire to better personal- ity and health are the goals of the spirited Girls Recreation Association, sponsored by Mrs. Maxine Barcus. The girls dropped the former G.A.A. and substituted the term "recreation" for "athletic", because it implies good sportsmanship and a form of relaxation rather than competition in sports. Junior High students were admitted for the first time in the history of the club. Although being classified as associate members, they have no voting power and cannot attend the social gatherings. The outstanding new project was a series of demonstrations and talks on diet and health given by the girls at sororities and womens club meetings in the city. Participating in horseback riding, roller skat- ing at Alexandria, ice skating at the Indianapolis Collesium, and bowling gave the girls training in sports that have a carry-over in later life. Proud of their club's contribution of baskets of food to needy Anderson families are Girls Recreation Association ofhcers, Nancy Skinner. secretary: Marcia Huffer, vice- president: Sandra Phillippe. treasurer, it Champions of the Sophomore lntra-Mural Basketball League played at the high school gym were, kneeling. Larry Taylor, Lovell Wilkerson. Billy Poole. Standing. Jimmy Morgan, Rogers Clark. Kenny Streaty. GIRl.S RECREATION ASSOCIATION-Row lfSandra Sharon Smith. Delores Smith. Jackie Stewart. Brenda Brown. Mary Long. Carole McAllister. Sandra Phillippe, Sue Streaty. l.aRue. Georgia King, Mrs. Maxine Barcus. sponsor. Row 3 Jones. Carla Roger. Sharon Rohr. Gretchen Shively, Janet Addie Dunlap. Judy Lee. Lucianne Patterson. Gloria Olden. A h L i s baugh, Mae Elliso llian Gray. H. , s- c K V l Kay Snider and Sandra Phillippe lleft picture! pause at the shower check board before taking part in one of the many Girls Recreation Association activities. all of which have a carry over in later life .... Perhaps Nancy Skinner and Marcia Huffer fright picturel who are playing indoor softball will use the techniques as future teachers of Little Lcaguers. Brown. Dinah 'l'yler. Elizabeth Hyland. Patty Knotts. Barbara XVilliams. Karen Simpson. Row ZiDeAnna Tibbetts. Kay Snider. Jean Frances Springer. Marjorie Scott. Ardella fllonna Birkhead. Charlotte Vwfillis, Mary Chatman. Ethel NX'alker. Irma Irving. Marcia Huffer. Row 4-Nancy Skinner. Pat McLaughlin. Joyce NVatson. Sherrill McAdams, Carla' 129 VARSITY TENNIS TEAM-Row 1-Lloyd McClintick. Jim Osborne, Voss Purkey. Dave Crandall, Bob Jones. Tom Breitwciscr. Row Z-Dwight Aldred, Jerry Coon, Jim Minnefield, Chuck Lowe, Chuck Shaffer. Coach Dane Pugh. Tennis Team Seeks To Add to Title cams Coach Dane Pugh, whose tennis teams have won 72 meets and dropped only I3 in his seven- year coaching career, sent one of his most inex- perienced squads to the courts this year. Early season starters were Chuck Lowe, Jim Nlinneneld, Jerry Coon, Chuck Shaffer, and Dwight Aldred. Last year the Indians won 10 of 13 meets, including 6 of 8 North Central Conference matches. They iinished third in the N.C.C. Since Coach Pugh took over in 1950, the Tribe has achieved three championships in 1950, '54 and '55, two seconds, and two thirds. VARSITY TENNIS SCORES And2rSOI1 Crawfordsville Anderson Park School AIICIQISOH Marion Anderson Broad Ripple Anderson Frankfort Anderson Tech Anderson Shortridge Anderson Kgkgmo Anderson Lafayette Anderson Muncie Central 30 Chuck Lowe and .Iim Minnefield. returning lettcrmen storm the nets during a practice tennis session at Riley Courts. all W ' J VARSITY GOLIT TEAM-Row l-Joe Niece, John McGuire. David O'Brien. Tom Miller, Tom Newman. Mike Martin, Jack Graham. Steve Hart. John Hensler, Row 2-Coach Jim Carter, David DeBolt, Kenny Cook. Dick Rosen- baum, Bill Maines. Mike Cummings. Tom Williams, Dale Copeland, Rolland Hartley, Larry Ballinger. Gobfers, Buoyed b Tradition, Wh? First Foes With eight of Anderson's first nine golfers lost through graduation and enrollment at ad- joining township schools, Coach Jim Carter and his only returning letterman, Joe Niece, had their work cut out for them. Surprisingly, the team won three matches and tied three in its first six outings. Backing up Niece were Larry Ballinger, John McGuire, Mike Cummings, Tom Williams, and John Hensler. The Indians had tradition on their side for the big meets, because they have dominated con- ference and state tourney play for five years. In that stretch, they won three state and four con- ference titles. VARSITY GOLI3 1 SCORES Anderson l Z' Q Marion Zl Anderson ll Richmond 4 Anderson ll Muncie Central 4 Anderson 0 Tech 9 Anderson 713 Marion 71 Anderson 71, New Castle 71 Anderson 4 Madison Heights l-I Anderson Shortridge 6 Anderson 8' i Muncie Central 6' Anderson New Castle 6 Mike Cummings reclaims the golf ball from the hole after a perfect putt by Joe Niece, the only returning letter- man. Holding the flag on the ninth green at Grandview Golf Course is Coach Jim Carter. 1. l Anderson I-Iigh Schools baseball Indians, de- fending North Central Conference champions, had to battle the elements as well as opposing teams in one of the rainiest springs experienced in our city. Although competition with most conference foes was yet to come, the squad, in long outdoor workouts and early season exhibition games, SLA made a good impression upon Coach Don Barnett and his assistant Pete Russo. Anderson opened the season with a 4 to O shutout of Madison Heights. Applying tche elbow grease were Norm Delph and Don Furn- ish, two pitchers Coach Barnett counted on for many victories. The team's record stood at ive victories and two losses at press time. The conference crown was won in l956 when the Indians took eight of nine decisions. The overall mark was l l victories and 2 losses. l Coach Don Barnett ttop picturej and his two returning lettermen. Doug Talley and Iired Simpson, top hitter in 1056 with .450 average, pause for a second as Talley shows the correct form to be used in hunting the ball . . . A quartet of catchers, tbottom picturel Bob Erlandson, Dori Roudebush. Jack Morris, and Pete Danforth. prepare to Hre to second base during a warm-up session. VARSITY BASliBAl.L TEAM-Row l-Phil Hosier. Barry Ogle, Jack Morris. Don Roudebush, Bob Ilrlandson. Pete Danforth. Phil Gaar. Larry Taylor. Jim Blake. manager. Row Z1Dallas Young. manager: Tom Linvillc, Bill Ranshaw, Matias Melendez, Vwfilliam Layton, Ron Pickett. Larry Brown, Joe Vv'alker, David Luck, Don Iiurnish, Jack Johnson, manager, Row '51Coach Pete Russo, Doug Talley, Ifred Simpson. Larry Gellinger, Norman Delph. Darrel ' I. Young, Kenneth Streaty, John Teague. David Behcr. Coach Don Barnet Q 132 efending NCC Titlists Battle Weather, Opponents During Rainy Spring .lbw- Practice at holding runners on base lleft picturel is an important part of pitching. Drilling to perfect it during a workout are pitchers Don Furnish, Phil Hosier, David Beher. Joe Walker, and Norm Delph . . .Jerry Joe Smith and David Luck fright picturel engage in a little pep talk, discussing strategy with Coach Pete Russo to improve their game. VARSITY BASEBALL SCORES Anderson 4 Anderson l 0 Anderson 0 Anderson 2 Anderson 4 Anderson 4 Anderson 9 Madison Heights New Castle Broad Ripple Kokomo Noblesville Muncie Central Hartford City 1 O 7 0 5 2 3 5 Hoping to loosen up a few tight muscles and develop speed and accuracy in a pepper game are Phil Gaar, Larry Gellinger, and Darrel Young. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 1 7 4 R 17 2 ll ll ESERVE BASEBALL Lafayette Jeff 3 Marion 4 Shortridge 7 SCORES St. Mary's O Lafayette Jeff 3 Muncie Central O Marion 9 The Indians' double play combination, Tom Linville and John Teague, gets the force play at second, and Teague wheels to throw to Hrst base to complete a double play. A,- Jim Stringer and Marvin Whitaker wait their turns while Cecil Robinson heaves the shot put better than 40 feet. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson VARSITY TRACK SCORES 41 37M '54 5th Muncie Relays l55g 79 Muncie Central 64 Richmond 71141 75 Tech Nlarion 3 0 3rd Kokomo Relays JU., 5l'A1 Kokomo 5 7 215 Katya . 221-if ti l l VJaiting for the gun. Paul Abshire. l.eVaughn Binkley, and Fred Kingsbury, get set for one of the most gruelling races of all, the mile run. Anderson 'Sth North Central Conference Z8 Anderson Znd Sectional Z8 6713 RESERVE TRACK SCORES Anderson -l-lr Muncie Central 6l Anderson 53 Richmond 5 6 Anderson 3 l Tech 69 Anderson 65 Marion 39 Anderson 27115 Kokomo 80275 VARSITY TRACK TEAM-Row lfDon Johnson, manage brooks. Melvin Mimms. Billy Poole, Bob Brown, Dave Carpenter, Ciene Deitz, Nat Johnson, Larry Sutton, manager. Row 2-Assistant Coach Ray Fleenor. Paul Abshire, Fred Kingsbury, Marvin Whitaker, Tom Davis, Jim Stringer. Jerry Carpenter. Bob Redding, Harry Mitchell, Dave Bausma Row 3-Don Kyle, trainer: Bob Jackson, Tom Vvlilson, Barry Atkinson, Tom Tallman, Jim Morgan. Cecil Robinson, Mike Johnson. Rogers Clark. Dave Layton. Keith Hamilton, Earl Keith. r: Larry Massey, Larry Deitz, Sam Cook, Bob Glaze- n. Phil Sullivan. l.eVaughn Binkley, Coach Bob lireeman. X-, ff 1 Q , , V ' if 'W , y ai o '5 fe . - 4 i Q ' if:hf'4i'2t t','X3,2 Q, 51353 "Ji ,-.j:.m Yi l '."' 1 ' ' ia-nhl' '. . is it ' ' 1 as "' N ' K :K f' J ef Q ,-k f 4 - X '0 Scrub , . I W 7 T gl V ' 'A if if I gin: 4. A 3 a ptr? QV ' T 4 . 525 'Jul' 'I villa ,, QW 7-is inf. , .TA Q L, f .vu lv A . kv , QV? 'QW 5,7 r -nfl Nt w' ff-'lee-4 W .. V f 11- fir ' f ' f at f ar. Q XR i, H e gil J il!! 2 ge. sg mi Bob Glazebrooks, Tom Wilson. and Dave Bausman fleft picturej prepare for a speedy takeoff, a must for sprint- ers who run distances up to 440 yards, while in another corner of the practice field . . . Jim Morgan and Tom Tallman fright picturel get some sound advice from a coach with more than 20 years experience, Mr. Ray Fleenor Ccenterj. Track Team Rallies rom Earl Rau h Going The l957 AHS track team, held together by two lettermen, Nat Johnson and Mike Johnson. in the rough early going, suddenly found itself in mid-season and set its sights on a strong finish. In the early season meets when victories came hard for the Tribe and new coach Bob Freeman, the two Johnsons scored most of the points. Pole vaulters Phil Sullivan and Mike Johnson measure the effort required to clear the bar. Johnson cleared better than 13 feet in his Hrst meet, the Hoosier Relays. fwgra,-mn 'Lv Mike vaulted l3'M", the top indoor mark of 1957, and 13 feet outdoors, the best at press time in the state. Nat was almost unbeatable in the high hurdles and added points in the dashes, Other runners began to come to life after the 79 to 30 rout of Marion, as they gained ex- perience and conditioning for the late season drive. Barry Atkinson and Nat Johnson get advice on hurdling from Head Coach Bob Freeman, who was a high school and college hurdling star, Johnson won his nrst two hurdle races in the opening season meets and was one of the Tribe's top point getters all season. . 'i ' f -Q f f X N i fi W i 4: I ff qi'--,-'- X X ffyl X, -' N , ,ugh , fi 1 ee' 7 T f ,V . A it of F55 Ai? -- f Y i X -V A w e rr s mlwlllwi I ' ll ll !l'll y if dverti ing The decrease in Anderson l-ligh Schools enrollment made little impression on the busi- nesses in the community. The important rela- tionship between the students and local indus- tries and business remains a two-way prop- osition. The students are providing many sales for the local business: in turn, the merchants are helping the students reach their necessary Hnancial balance. Advertising provides an essential phase of communicationkvvherein the advertiser may describe and sell his product, and, as a result, the reader is saved much time in his decision in buy- ing. Thus, a close bond exists between the com- munity's business and industry and the IQ57 Indian advertising section. Students scrambled with the rest of the community, l ' f Eastern Ivy League went NVest this year, reaching even to Anderson where Gary Shockney shows the newest styles to Ralph Vvlorley and Jerry Lewis. HOYT WRIGHT CO. 911 Meridian Street A Community Institution For 35 Years Betsey Barnes. attractively dressed in a smart bermuda out- fit, gives her approval to a cocktail dress which Bev Ross is considering for the Senior Faculty Dance. Wright for Young Men and Women 138 Anderson Banking Company South Branch Frankton Branch Edgewood Branch Chesterfield Branch Your dream house . . . and other things come true faster - when you put your savings dollars in the Anderson Bank Branches. Main Building l0th and Meridian HUC A Cridge takes a step towards opening t f t with a savings account at the And g S h b h ll HIE Olllf 1'Zl1'lC . CHICKEN - SHRIMP BURGER - BASKETS PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE Phone 9074 1236 Broadway HIE Jim Tayl Pink Horse on their lunch hour, a fa t p f ft d l h t I to the d an unc or, Bob Thurman, Bob Porter, and P t R bb ime mea s. Dronbergefs Pink Horse "Featuring Our Own Dron-burger" INSIDE or IN YOUR CAR 139 far- lsem J ba -1 -6425 f 1031 Meridian Street JEWELERS FOR HALF A CENTURY Bob Wolff and Melanie Martin look over the vast selection of luggage displayed by one of Anderson's largest jewelers. F A T H ' S Clothing Store Men's, Women's and Children's Wear. 1125 Meridian Street Dial 3-3216 4 Mesdames Opal Davis, Dessie Jenkins, Velma Hayden, and Geneva Kingsbury are typical of the experienced and helpful sales force working at Fath's. "We can't make all the ice cream so . . We just make the BEST!" OWEN'S ICE CREAM And DAIRY Two Locations 1800 Lincoln 2326 Columbus Phone 2-1466 Phone 9909 Gus Mitchell, Phil Watson and Bob Dillman drink Owen's thick malts for that after school snack. 140 smart apparel . . .936 meridian Whether you'l1 see Paris in spring or spend Autumn in New York, You'll find the right Clothes at Roth's MILK Phone 7781 722 Broadway Looking for fashionable clothes lo bring out their glamour, Sue Ackerman .md Marcin know its a sure bet at Roths Beth Swinforcl is A typical healthy high school girl who owes much of her viinlirv to milk 'YOU NEVER CDUTGRGW YOUR NEED EOR BEST EVER MILKX 141 MILLER J. HUGGINS Class projects and term papers are a breeze with a good typewriter from Anderson's office supply center. The store that Features the Finest in Jewelry For young and Old alike. Don Duddcrar learns all the fine features of the new Royal portable typewriter from salesman, Mr. Pat Monaghan, XX'indow shopping is hard on Sherry Pages and Mary Liv- ingstons resistance, WALKER'S JEWELRY l 126 Meridian l 1 142 Zffffiwm- SEARS The Modern Store ' For the Modern Shoppers 1204 Main Phone 8861 Jan Podhaski tries on a new skypiece under the watchful eye of Mrs. Mary King, Sleepy Time Gal. . Relax-Relax with Slumber Songs WHBU 1240 on your dial Late evening music from VJHBU aid Phyllis MacPhearson to relax after a busy evening. KELLEY'S Home Furnishing Store Quality Furniture Since 1895 1129 Meridian Phone 7759 Looking in the future, Marilyn Hill discusses with Mr, Oval VVantland the best choice for the home she hopes to have later on. X 143 -, ,mb MlSSfS ,,.1 jg DEPARTMENT 135' I "The Urge To Buy Starts With The Eye" THE BANNER STORE 9 2 7 Meridian Street Brenda Keller admires the large selection of blouses shown in the newly established sports department of the Banner Store. VERMILLION'S Jewel Shoppe 9l7 Meridian Street Phone 3-6933 Everyone likes to look at fine diamonds including high school students. Mary Kay Handy and Gary Moore. Mr. E. Everett is the diamond expert, Complete Home Financing ANDERSON LOAN ASSOCIATION 10th and Jackson Phone 7771 Signing on the dotted line. Ann Davis is assured by Miss Marge French that her future will be brighter with accounts at Anderson l,oan. 144 Hunter Chevrolet Sweet, Smooth and Sassy! High school dreams have a way of becoming a reality, Lee Ann Patton and Kay Ross hope. E 'The Style Leader in the ' Low Price Field' 603 Meridian Street Dial 6618 Conversation time means Coke time at AHS The vast number of cokes produced per day amazes Albert Skinner as he watches the counter click hundreds of "pauses that refresh". Available where the High School crowd gathers. Sales-1415 Fairview Bottling-700 Meridian Phone 3-7445 Phone 8833 145 S eniors selecting their Sterling Silver Pattern are Linda Vw'ilson and Susie Huntzinger with the .iid of Mrs. Madge Zile. , ,.' .,.,, .1 -. ,il as V Z !o xg if JlIflllRY3il lillll t Famous for its parade of Seniors whose plans for Life begin with a cboice Of beautiful silver Kirkmans costume selection is one of the most beautiful in town, Overwhelmed by il all are Bob Stoner and .lean Anne Teush. Saleslady is Mrs. Herbert Gilmore. One of the nations of yearbook engravings largest producers is our engraver, too. C0-editors liran Vfagner and Ron Campbell get A tip from A VCI in the engraving Held. one of INDlfCO'S skilled engravers, C -.-N s x I lllllltiri NN Nl NUlNlRw'v Slflllll lllP ll lllllllll- ll li l i 1-lo THE BRIGHTEST NAME IN LIGHTS Q The Home of the Automatic Headlight Control AUTRONIC-EYE and T-3 SAFETY AIM HEADLIOHTS GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORP. ANDERSON, INDIANA "It's Time To Save" Anderson Federal Savings 11th and Jackson Dwarfed by the size of the huge vault is George Jackson who finds that his money is as safe as the gold at Fort Knox. Where customers have Been sending their Friends for more than A quarter of a century Indiana's Largest and Most Beautiful Furniture Store Where Customers can shop suburban and save -, .. W ...,......,i-.,.,,....,- -..-., .. r .- "Solid comfort," say Marty Goins and Ann Gehrke, as they roam through McDonald's spacious showroomful of furnishings. MCDDNALD FURNITURE SHOWRCOMS, Inc. Junction 9 and 67 PhOn6 3-6971 148 - RECREATION Equipment Corp. 724 West 8th Street Phone 3-5315 Prom queen, Linda Stanley. recalls childhood days as she scrambles over the maize of bars that delight the youngsters on playgrounds all over the city. INDIAN TRADING POST Snack Bar School Supplies Across from the High School There is an argument as to whether the school or the Trading Post came first. It's a tradition enjoyed by Suzanne Myers, Carol McGivern. Randy Davis, and 1400 other students. "Drive in comfort . go in style" FRED WELKER Ford Agency 516 Meridian Street Ford's newest Thunderbird sports car seems to be ready to burst right out of the picture with Judy Coon behind the wheel. 149 Cathedral of Fashion 8 1 3 Meridian Joy Giddens new spring attire from Gates meets with the approval of Mike Maine. ELITE STUDIO 1037 Meridian Phone 7016 For a glamorous senior picture ask for Russ, your High School Photographer for 21 years. Marty Goff makes an interesting subject for photographer Russ Forkner and kibitzer Margie McDaniels. MADISON COUNTY FARM BUREAU C0-OP 1520 Main Street Complete Farm Supplies and Services Always in the Market for Grain ANDERSON ELWOOD ALEXANDRIA PENDLETON "It's so easy e a girl can operate it," Dan Motto tells Nancy Pearson 150 ANDERSCDN NEWSPAPERS, Inc. Tm BULLETIN Hn HERALD Mr. Gene Bock. managing editor of the Bulletin, explains the newest Associated Press photo scrvice to Sandra Fisher. Pictures taken in New York can reach Anlerson just a few minutes after the news event, Congratulations to The 1957 Graduating Class of Anderson High TOLES FLOWERS HA flower from Toles is a guaranteed ice breaker on any date" 6 2 7 Nichol Avenue Phone 4895 Mr. Ray Toles is always ready with an appropriate flower sug- gestion. Marilyn Springer and Patty Johnson get just the right plant for Mother's Day. 'flN17L'R5UA!'S MQSI' l?fQQHfTl'f'l ff, ff, QVVIQR ,SHQ1 ' " 151 VT 5 7, ff X LZ .. We fig Q i R y , N f j W ilOg-, f C?7z',!ETQli,f22 A MESSAGE TO YOUNG PEOPLE and Parents FROM A GREAT AMERICAN " .... today's exciting era of rapid discovery and almost unbelievable technological prog- ress offers young people With inquisitive minds-and a good education-scores of richly rewarding opportunities that were not even dreamt of in my youth. "One Thomas Edison in a generation is no longer enough to sustain our kind of progress -etoday We literally need thousands of well- trained young people with the kind of vision, imagination and courage that took Edison on his lifelong conquest of the unknown. "This is why I am constantly urging boys and girls to go on to as full an education as possible-not only in science and engineer- ing, but in the arts, the social sciences, the humanities or any other field that fits their talents .... " -By Charles E. Kettering Dean of American Inventors, now past 80, "Boss Kett" is still aotive as a General Motors Research Consultant Delco-Remy DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS COR PORATION -:- ANDERSON, INDIANA DELCO BATTERY PLANTS: MUNCIE, INDIANAeNEw BRUNSWICK, NIEW JERSEY -ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -OLATHE, KANSAS 152 "A beautiful girl, a fragrant flower, a perfect date" K A Y - B E E 703 East 2lst St. Phone 2-1330 "Say it with flowers" is time honored but true as Larry Gibson finds out after pinning a corsage on Dixie Harlan, For sauntering down life's highway try shoes from-. SAUTER'S, Inc. 1215 Meridian Street John McGuire and Becky Smith shop for shoes at Sauter's with the aid of Mrs. Jack Hurt. ifaubmm ',9 "From Soup to Nuts" ANDERSON'S COMPLETE HARDWARE STORE 5th and Meridian "Lawn mowing can be almost nice," Mr. Lee Tucker explains to Carolyn Smither as she sits on a lawn mower that practically runs itself. 153 S l man Mr. Charles Faux shows Nancy Green and Diana G ne a gas refrigerator that automatically puts ice cubes COIIVCIIICIII COl'lI3ll'lQI'. Check the New Gas Ranges at A Mum' CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY Phone 4494 "You'll LOVE Buick's Smooth Power HECKAMAN BUICK, Inc. 34 West Eighth Street Buick's sales force is sold on "the newest Buick yet." Our country's strength lies in Free Enterprise Obtain the necessary skills to make that system work at Indiana Business College 1233 Meridian Street "Where intensive business training has been offered for 54 years" 154 "The Doorway To A Man's World" I 11 rr r r Iylag pr lCll Cool Chuck .owe is a se o "cu ou " in an v .e coat from C air a , O ,Y T CII' i G ig ii i 5 QE 67 Short Steps Off Meridian on llth Street DECKEITS 67 Long Steps Off Meridian on llth Street Phone 3-7447 Bart Hudson and Marge Towler examine golf clubs, f h h Deckers has a complete line. BOOKS - CLASS SWEATERS - TYPEWRITERS Office Supplies -- Samsonite Luggage Sportswear - Athletic Equipment 155 If it's for sports we have it" Anderson Sporting Goods, lnc. 1028 Main Street PbOH2 5828 Even Jim Wessar and Jerry Hale could become big-game hunters with precision-made guns available at Anderson Sporting Goods. Where Varsity Indians, Little Leaguers, and your Next door neighbor buy Sports equipment. Football - Basketball - Baseball Fishing f Golf - Tennis - Hunting For Cyclers From 6 to 60 E ickclff l "Your Toy Center" Bicycles still fascinate Pat Blume and Judy Bickcl. two AHS cocds who would rather ride than walk. Hobby Supplies - Keys - Crafts - Toys 9th and Jackson Phone 2-7036 156 --- --L 5 This two-color press is a far cry from Gutenbergs first press as Nancy Greene and Norman Reeves discover. Zvi? QPL Commercial Service Co. L E PRINTING and 130014 BINDINGJEQ 1200 East Fifth Street Phone 8084 Binders of the AHS Indian Since the Yearbook's Early History A 157 Index of the Class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty-Seven Abernathy, Donald 44 Ackerman, Sue 20, 44, 97, 101, 103, 141 Alexander, Mary Ann 44 Allison, John 44 Anderson, Delores 10, 19, 44, 90, 93, 97 Arline, Shirley 44 Arnold, Rhea 44, 87, 88, 89, 90, 93, 94 Arnold, Robert 44 Ashcraft,Marjorie 44 Atkins, Bailey, Wyatte 44 Carolann 44, 93, 99 Bailey, Carolyn Sue 92- Bailey, David 44 Bailey, James 44, 88, 99 Bailey, Warren 44, 88, 94. 108 Barber, Ann 44, 107 Barbre, James 14, 25, 43, 44, 89, 90, 91, 93, 94 Barnes, Betsey 31, 44, 72, 90, 93, 96, 97, 101,103,138 Barr, Ruth 19, 44, 90, 91, 93, 95, 97, 108 Barrett, Connie 45, 101 Barth, Mary Lou 45 Bays, Sue 45, 90, 93, 101 Beason, Edith 45 Beauchamp, Shirley 45 Beaver, Shirley 31, 45 Behrens, Jean Ann 45 Bell, Larry 45, 96, 97 Bender, Ruth 9, 45, 95, 97, 99, 103 Bennett, David 19, 45, 90, 94 Bennett, Donald 14, 45 Bickel, Judy 45, 156 Bledsoe, Lois 45, 99 Blume, Patricia 37,45,101.103, 156 Borkman, Sandra 45 Bott, Judith 45, 93, 94 Breitweiser, Mary 45, 87, 90, 93, 94, 97, 109 Brewster,Nancy 45,72, 101,108,109 Brock, Sarah 46 Brown, Fred 43, 46, 102 Brown, Freddie Mae 46 Buell, Joyce 46 Burke, Edward 46 Burnette, Sylvia 46 Burton, Larry 46 Byard, Jerry 46, 85, 90 Callendar, Thomas 13, 46 Campbell, Betty 46 Campbell, Ronald 21, 46, 84, 90, 93, 97, 102, 146 Canaday, Marikay 46 Canterbury, Jim 46 Caplan, Carol 46, 101 Carlson, Paul 46 Castor. Judy 46 Chambers, Shannon 46 Chase, Larry 46 Cheatham, Glenda 6, 47 Chesterfield, Elaine 47, 89 Chrisman, Loretta 47 Clanin, Sondra 47 Clem, David 14, 24, 25, 47, 90, 91, 108 Click, Glenice 47 Clore, Wayne 47 Cockerham, Milton 47 Cockrum. Carson 47 Colvill, Nancy 47, 86, 90, 97, 101 Colvin, Richard 47 Combs, Dwayne 47 Cookman, Sam 47 Coon, Judy 6, 10, 14, 24, 47, 72, 86, 97,l0l,l03,108, 126,149 Couch, Phillip 47, 99 Cox, Barbara 47, 101 Cridge, Anne 47, 103, 139 Crim, Janet 47 Cron, Robert 48 Davis, Ann 24, 48, 84, 85, 95, 97, 99, 101, l03,109, 144 Davis, Larry 48 Day, Corwin 48 Day. Nelda 48 Day, Virginia 48 DeVore, Loyce 48 Dillman, Robert 48, 107, 140 Dilts. Marsha 48, 77 Dodd, Larry 48,104,l12,1l6,121, 122, 123, 124 Douglas, Thyra 48 Downey, Donna 48 Dronberger, Doug 18, 48. 95 Dudderar, Don 43, 48, 81, 103, Dunham, David 48 Dunkerly, Jacquelin 48, 90, 97 Durant, Vxlilbur 48, 106 Durant, Willis 48, 106 142 Earhart, Harris 49 Eikenberry, Phillip 49 Eiler, LaQuieta 49 Eisele, John 49 Ellis, Marjorie 18, 49 Elsea, Neil 49, 103 Epply, Tom 49 Erlandson, Robert 49, 90, 91, 104, 112, 114, 132 Ervin, John 49 Eutsler, Louanna 49 Evans, Nancy 49, 97 Fairman, Jarrett 17, 49, 96, 97, 102 Faulk, Norma 49 Felts, Jerry 49 Fishback, Alice 32, 49, 97, 99 Fisher, Billy 49 Fisher, Clyde 49 Fisher, Sandra 49, 151 Fitzsimmons, Grace 60 Folsom, Alvin 50 Folsom, Calvin 50 Ford, Jane Ann 18, 20, 43, 50, 95, 101 103, 108 Fox, David 50, 106 France, Robert 18, 19, 50, 88, 95, 102, 109 Fromholz. Juliette 50 Furnish, Don 50, 98, 128, 132 Furnish, Jane 50 Gaar, Philip 50, 77, 97, 102, 119, 128. 132, 133 Garner, Duane 50 Garrett, Sam 50 Gaskill, Diane 35, 50, 89 Gaskill, Larry 50 Ciaw, Julene 50, 99 Gehrke, Ann 18, 50, 95, 99, 101, 103, 109, 148 George, Donald 50, 86 George, Mary L. 50 Gibson, Mary Kay 43, 51, 86, 99, 101, 103 Giddens, Joy 8,51, 101,103,150 Gilchrist, Judith 51 Gillespie, William 51, 102 Glenn, Willie 51, 104 Goen, Elaine 51, 88, 96, 97 Goff, Marty 51, 99, 101, 150 158 Goins, Martha 51, 99, 101, 103, 108, 148 Goldsmith, Mike 32, 51, 105, 107 Goodman, Diane 51, 101, 103 Goodson, Andy 9, 51, 102, 103 Goul, Sandra 51 Graddy, Joyce 51, 107 Gustin, Kay 51, 89, 97,99 Hale, Jerry 15, 51, 102, 103, 104, 112, 114, 156 Hamilton, David 51 Hamilton, Keith 9, 16, 20, 51, 102, 104, 112,115,134 Hammond, Joyce 51 Hancock, David 52 Hancock, John 52 Hancock Judith 16, 17, 52 Handy, Mary Kay 52, 84, 85, 90, 91, 93, 95, 96, 97, 101, 144 Hardacre, Jerry 20, 52, 92, 104, 118 Hardin Harlan Harless, Ned 52, 85 Harper, Patsy 52 Harris, Hart, John 52 Hartzell, Eugene 52 Harvey, Jack 52 Hasty, Cynthia 52 Hatch, Richard 52, 86, 88, 94 Hazel, Mary Ann 52 Heflin, Sandra 37, 52 Heiden, Vicky 52, 103 Henricks, Toni 19, 43, 53, 86, 95 97, 101 Henry, Janet 53 Henry, Vaughn 53 Henson, June 53, 77 Hilbolt, Sandra 543 Hill, Perry 16, 104, 112, 113 Hird, Thomas 53, 97 Hitch, Dorothy 13, 18, 19, 53, 97 Hitchcock, Harold 53 Hollars, Margaret 53 Hooten, Rochelle 53, 101 Horton, Marvin 11, 53, 104, 108, 118 Hotzel, Phyllis 53, 97 Houchins, Sue 53 , John 52 Elaine 52, 1 ,John 52, 127 01 Hudson, Julian 19, 53, 90, 91, 155 Huffman, Barbara 19, 53, 85, 90, 93 95, 97, 101, 103 Huffman, Sandra 53, 93, 101, 103 Hughes, Jean Ann 53, 108 Humerickhouse, Louise 53 Hull, Janet 54 Huntzinger, Susie 54, 84, 85, 90, 91, 93,97,101, 103,146 Hurst, Lois 54 Imel, Howard 54 lsom, Saundra 54 lveson, Lonnie 14, 54, 86, 97, 101 1 08, 126 Jansons, Andrew 54 Jaquess, Deanna 54 Johnson, James R. 54 Johnson, Linda 54, 97, 101 Johnson, Michael 15, 54,.79, 88, 102 104, 122, 123,134,135 Johnson, Nat 54, 10 134, 135 Jones, Doris 54, 92 Jones, Jean 54 Jones, Marjorie 54 Jones, Neal 54, 107 Jones, Wanda 54 Judd, David 54, 99 4,112,115,117 Kanable, Judith 55 Kaniatzke, Phyllis 55, 90, 99 Kauffman, Nancy 55 Keeney, Anna 55, 78, 95 Keller, Brenda 55, 84, 85, 101, 144 Kellett, Patricia 55, 84, 85 Kelley, Conrad 55 Kline, Keith 55 Knotts, Betty 55 Kunce, Joan 55, 89, 93 Landes, RobertP85gf Lanning. Janice 55 Larison, Margaret 55 Laswell, William 55 Law nce, Frank 55, 85 Lay on, Ernest 55 Lee, Marcia 55, 141 Leffel, Robert 55 Lewis, Jacqueline 56 Lewis, Tom 56, 93, 94, 99 Lindsey, Michael 56 Linville, Linda 56 Livingston, Mary 18, 19, 56, 95, 96, 97, 142 Looper, Carlis 56 Lovell, Thomas 56, 103, 105 Lowe, Charles 19, 25, 43, 56, 90 104, 130, 155 Lyst, James 56 MacPherson, Phyllis 56, 143 McCarroll, Cheney 57, 94 McClintick, Lloyd 57, 102, 109, 119, 127, 130 McCreary, William 99 McDaniels, Marjorie 57, 96, 101 McDaniels, Penny 43, 57, 84, 85, 150 McGivern,Carole 13,57,10l, 103,149 XMcKeand, Carolyn 57 H McManige1l, Barbara 57 '5McMillan, Carolyn 57 - McNatt, Robert 14, 57 Maine, Mike 7, 14, 24, 56, 90, 91 93, 95, 97, 102,108, 150 Maines, William 56, 102, 103, 131 Malsom, Rodney 56, 102 Manis, Billy 56 Manis, Sue 56 Marsh, Martha 56, 90, 93, 95, 97, 99, 103 Marsh, Mary 56, 87, 90, 93, 94, 95 97, 99,101,103 Martin, Frank 14, 56 Martin, Melanie 14, 20, 32, , 97 l03,108, 126,140 Massey, James 57 Mechem, Larry 57, 88 Merrill, Larry 57 Metz, Jerry 14, 57, 105, 107 Mills, Linda 57 Mills Paul 57, 103 Mlnniefield. Giofia 57, 93 Mitchell Freda 57 Mitchell Gussie 58, 104 140 Mitchell, Harry 58, 85. 112, Modlin, Sherrill 58, 97, 102 ' Moore, Ralph 58 Morford, Virginia 58 Morgan, Leroy 58, 104 Morrison, Donald 58 Muller, Donald 58, 88, 90 Mullins, Betty 58 Mullins, Mark 58 Munsell, Myrna 58 Muterspaugh, Everett 58, 107 Myers, Becky 58 Myers, David 58 Myers, Franklin 58, 89 Myers, Marcia 58 'Olive, Kenneth 59,5 0 . 74 L N Niece, Joseph 59, 104, 131,' Nighbefi, sham 59, 90, 91, 93 ' H O'Neal, Bill 59 k Osborne, John-38, 59, 97, 102 Otto, Charl 59 - Owens, Q59 X Owensa Russel1.59, 88 I Page, shmyn, 59,-45, 99, 142 ' - Parker Jea 59 v '- Parker, ,',- 59 1 wc, ' Patton," Lee Ann 19, 59, 145 1 Pierce, Carol 59, 99 Plaxco, Aurelia 59, 90, 96 5, P3ole, Alfred 104, 112, 115 Porter, Robert 14, 59,8'4,95Q02,139, Pugh, Richard 14, 59 Pursley, Mary 59 Puterbaugh, Joyce 59 . 5 Rankel, Carol 60 Ray, Betty 60 Redding Robert 60, 88, 89, 90, 93, 94, 134 Reeves, Daniel 60 Reeves, Gilbert 60 Rehm, John 60, 89, 90, 93, 102 Rhodes, Otto 60 Rice, Sharilyn 0, 10 Richardson, e th Ricker e ald Ridgvfgs sy 60 Riley, Farrell 33, 60 Riley, Marcia Rinearson, D' , 9 , , 1 Rittenhouse, 60, 99, 101 Roberts, Ric rd 60- Rodgers, Kenneth 89 Ross, Beverly 6 , , 01, 13 Ross, Jacque ' e 60 Ross, Kay 43, 61, 72, 10 ,' Roudebush, Roger 28, 61 9 , 108 Rouse, Elaine 61, 90, 92, 9 Rowland, William 18, 19, 61, 81, 95, 96, 102 Rush, Carole 61, 90,93,97, 101,103 Rydman, Tom 61, 88, 89, 106 ' Sample, Beth 20, 61, 97, 101 Sargent, Faye 61 Se' old, Wi1liag1,6'l', 86 S ffe C tes 19, 61, 98, 103, 104, 7, 130 er, Jame 61 S ul, Laur 61 S eets, To 61 Shie s oy 1 S ney, Gary 7, 138 ilcox, Mart Silver, 1 on , Leanne 61 mps , Carol 6 imp Fred , 104, 112, 116, , 2 , 125, 132 a , ara 62 ki ne , Albert 62, 97, 102, 145 Smith, Jame 62 S it 2 r , dith 62 mith, aryann 2 ith, T 4, 33, 62 , arolyn 62 ellenbarger, Dan 658 der, Carol n 62 ,Xl Sowa , m 62 , Mildred 62 pencer, Bradford 62, 86, 94 Springer, Marilyn 62, 97, 103, 151 Stanley, Joe 62 Neff,William 19,58,68, 104, 106,127 -6Stephens, Paul 62 Niccum, Linda 58 Steves, Helen 62 15 9 .i r 1 - Stewart,.Gene 62, 92 Stickradt, Mary 43, 63 Stinesg'Sarah 63 Sri1'lsoniSBradley 63, 90, 103, 112 Stinson, Joe 63 Stoker, Beverly 63 Stoner, Robert 10, 19. l03.,104, 112,116 Stow, Robert 63 Strader, Janet,63, 90 Syyart, Leanna 63 Slwinfon-i,'BeQlh 43, 63, 86, 96, 97, 01, 14 63, 90, 102, Talle Douglas 63, 104, 132 vTaylor, Carolyn 63- Taylor, Charlene 63 Teague, Lucius 63, 104, 112, 113, 115,12O,l22,l23, 124 Teush, Jean Anne 25, 63, 90, 97, 103, 146 Thomas, Georgianna 43, 63, 96, 101 Thompson, Frank 14, 25, 63, 90, 91, 93 Thurma ert 63, 139 Tow er, rgaret 64, 155 To nsend, Rebecca 64 ownsley, Sally 64 Trees, Veronica 19,'64 97, 99, 101 Tyler, Ruth 64 f Urb 1 , 99 an Voorhis everly 64 Vea , Kare 14 '64, 86, 97, 99, 1 6 n, Douglas 64, 85 Wagner Fraia 21, 4 0, 91, 93, , 9 , ,N ,108, 146 ' m 64 Zalger, James 64 Wal Joseph 64, 103, 132, 133 W , Barba a 64 13 64, 89, 93, 94 64, 107 atson, Diana 25, 43, 64, 84, 95, 101, 103 Watson, Phillip 64, 88, 140 Watson, Wilbur 65 Webber, Jack 43, 65, 96, 97, 102, 107 Webster, Marla 65 Weed, Nancy 65, 89, 90, 93, 94, 101 Welling, Dale 65 V Wellington, Tod 65, 97, 102 Wessar, James 65, 102, 156 Whelan, Joan 18, 65, 90, 93, 95, 97 White, Carlis 65 Whittington, Sue 65, 96, 97 Widdilield, Madonna 65, 107 Wiley, James 65, 102, 107, 128 Wilhelm, Donna 65, 95, 97, 99 Wilhite, James 65. 68, 102, 109 Williams, Aaron 65. 104, 118 Williams, Richard 14, 15, 43, 65, 96, 97, 102 Wilmoth. Shirley 38,65. 96.99, 101 Wilson, Linda 25, 65, 90, 91, 93, 97, 99, 101, 103. 108. 146 Wollf, Robert 66, 96, 102, 103, 108, 140 Woods, William 66 Wooldridge, Ronald 66 Worley, Ruthann 66, 101 Wright, William 66 Wyant, Mary Louise 66 Young, Darrel 66, 102, 119, 123, 132, 133 Young, Robert D. 66 Zehring. William 66 Zimmerman, Wanueta 66 122, 0 .' O' O ' was . is af' Ju Off ' 5' R fx ACKNOWLEDGMENTS PRINTING Hudson Printing Company, Anderson, Indiana I ENGRAVING Indianapolis Engraving Company, Indianapolis, Indiana PHOTOGRAPHY Mr. Russell Forkner, Elite Studio, Anderson, Indiana Mr. Richard Brier, Indianapolis Engraving Company, Indianapolis, Indiana Mr. Norm Cook, Norm Cook Studio, Anderson, Indiana Mr. Herb Johnson, Anderson Newspapers, Inc., Anderson, Indiana Mr. Don Partain, Anderson, Indiana UNDERCLASS PHOTOGRAPHY Mr. Doyle Fox, Delmar Studios, Anderson, Indiana C ART WORK nders S lor High School Art Department . , ' covER S. Smith Y5 Company, Chicago, Illinois BINDING i OJ XFY? m i l S ice Company, Anderson, Indiana .L I t CIR 957 INDIAN STAFF ' , on mpbell d,....,v...,..G.,n,,,,..-w Co-Editor a Wagner .......,.....,,,..,,,,.Y.C.. Co-Editor B da Keller ,,,,,,.,....,, L .,,,, Faculty and Education li ary Kay Handy .,wGG,..,,,,.....,....,,,,,, Seniors P- usie Huntzinger ..C,G.,,,,,,. ,,,.., ,,,,, T , Seniors i ,. Barbara Huffman ..,C...... .w,,,n-,.,,, Underclass 4 Penny McDaniels .,G,,,. ,.....G..,...... r U nderclass W "Ann Davis ,,.... .... - ...G.,,. A ,,....., A ctivities , Robert Porter --- - Q ,,- ,,, ,,..n., ,g,n, Sports Beverly Ross ,, -K d,C.. C Q ,,.,.. a-,, Business ' Pat Kellett ,C - , ,-- -,,g- ,U ,,.,.W.w -,,, Business Larry Gibs - -- - D-- ' .,.,e..., Photography r A A ' - I 195JV Ano 'STAFF ams I' A Dan Motto Clem . - Nancy Pearson ,M rilyn Cho s n GJ .Ian Podhaski arilyn Hill Becky Smith Geor Ja n, Linda Stanle I Ali ard Linda St' es 1 arol n Mciroc g - ' ADVISOR e Mr. Frank Woschitz ,,...,,,1. .,--- Business and Editorial I 160 , l- 'I J ' if J ,fi f, lfflllffa ,in if , ,Earn 1 'l , f , 'UV f "a v, 11 ' 6, . -L Wy, .. , ' ' ' , Lf 'fu "gmc, -' .. .. Q. f- If ff , - J .v . A 4 .' ' - . 7, '- -f "'-.Xi . -, , ' www .:, -. ' my ' .. Km 'nf wwf .v H ,k ,.,,:,:. ,,,. ,W . I , , , , , 4 -, H 5. v 'f-' - H w 1 -W-' ,- nl,-V r ,- -' u .M r ,M k ,W15,g,. 4..,. VZLU. k ,gy I . . 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Suggestions in the Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) collection:

Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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