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THE 4? A J I 4? 5 .,.1 .Il UQ., mf Ivx INDIAN ANDERSON SENIGR HIGH SCHOQL ANDERSON, INDIANA WX' N5-Q, uv ' 4, q-me 'S 5215 Na -,.,... A ' 555 5 if I . A- THE HE RTS O D -sais 53 if -W3 H5-V N SQ.. -1 V . :E 'N YQRES. Qi gk Nagy www , Ib I1l 3 . 2.1:- , .JA Y, W. L. M 4 - P' '5Ei'l8x, Iiqfin : 131' .L Me" "L fi! Axtw .ff EW H. Qs "KN , -an-1 gf I yal., sp, J ww K lillfl ii PREADI G FROM THE FAMILIAR TABLEOF CONTENTS Opening Seclion .... People Seclion . Sporls Seclion . Aclrivilies Seclion Adverlising Seclion Senior lnclex ..-1 4 -Q3 f Tfifs ' A ii! ,Xa ' ff' V. - as . ' if I . A it 4 ,, Ti. R . , '- . x wx. ' N s Qffifir' 'JW ' :ff- , ii y Q. 3 " 'fbf sfasg f '-qw. is-vw ' sa- xi .- aff' .fr ,,, as, I lo 29 30 lo 97 98 To IZ3 I24+o l5l I52+oI73 I74 lo l75 The l3+h sireei enhance, +hough aciually a side door, has furned ou+ +o be The maior passageway for mosi' siudenfs, Through The years, en+ering by way of +his door also has become a habif wiih ihefowns- people. T COR ER CDF ISTH AND LINCGL This is The high school. Silualed on The corner ol l3+h and Lincoln sireels, if is virrually The hearl of a Thriving communily. Every day sludenis come from every cor- ner oi Anderson and ils surrounding Terri- lory To learn and To Train for Their daily and Tuiure needs. They learn and a+ The same Time go oul in The communily and iniersperse Their book-learning wilh The praclical know- lodgo gained by mingling wilh olrhers in iobs and aciivilies. ln doing This one croales a knowledge which could be ob- 'lained in no olher way. Through This chan- nel AHS plays an all-imporlanl parl in building and mainlaining a beiier com- munily. 'l Walking halls, a lime-honored lradilion af AHS, is The main 1 channel for gaihering The morning gossip. Here, Mrs. Lee i lmel and Mrs. Raymond Campbell enjoy if 'loo on Parenfs' Visifaiion Day. l l l T 75 The AHS gymnasium a+ seclional Time serves as a mee+ing place for all in+eres+ed Anderson cifizens. H has been, and will conlinue fo be a se++ing for many fhrilling and speciacular local evenis. TCD E ERY OLITLYING UBLIRB T . V A 1 L 'Qlyl-is V' 5 , A . - , H :..f-agree.-, . H . f - ..., A- .....,.., K, k,.,. , ,,.., W ...ami-fr Qf-v,.- ..s1...w An imporTan+ cornersTone of The sTudenT-communiTy life is The family. CooperaTion is illusTraTed as The Dee Wilson family engages in spring clean-up. ..f99g5ge,:., X. ' T- sgfggiggw's,,q,.,g.,q,-ffy,-f.f,27fri,1xf:f?4?Q'lyk-2' Wfflsfir ' -A ww.-V.-H--. - 1. g.fsMs.wr......e... - . .. . Q f The arms oT Anderson l-ligh School are many and Tar reaching. They exTend Trom The hearT oT downTown Anderson To The mosT remoTe secTion oT The ciTy. As They expand They aTTecT nearly every ciTizen. TogeTher, The people who make up These arms are connecTed wiTh anyThing one could menTion. No maTTer whe+her aT' church, home or work, Al-TS ciTizens are learning more each day To help in Torming a more perTecT com- muniTy. The churches, parks and homes play a big parT in inTroducing The young people To Their communiTy and The Task oT making iT a beTTer one. ln a similar process The school co-operaT'es by Training The people who make up The hearT oT The Anderson body. STudenTs scurry To do business wi+h downTown sfores and resTauranTs on Their lunch hours as wel! as affer school. . .... G0 2,600 AHS STUDENTS. .. Typical QT many sTuclenTs, Viclzi Timmons and Ronnie Meeker Tind enioymenT oTTerecT Through TeciliTies in The ciTy parlrs. wg, The religious aspecf oT The sTudenT-communiTy life is well clemonsTraTed as The Max Bales Tamily enTers church. The Tar reaching arm of communiTy cooperaTion exTends To indusTry. Mr. Paul Williams explains The TechnicaliTies oT lafhe operaTion To seniori Kenny Willis, an apprenTi-ze. TAKI G ITH THE KNOWLEDGE Learning 'ro measure and be accuraie in every detail according fo fhe insfruciions of Mr. Ray- mond Griffifh is parf of 'lhe worl: pracficed by Myron Reicharr, iloy Quinion and Richard Tins- ley. Ano+her class in which accuracy can nof be sfressed 'foo much is this one where Kei+h Tracy. Shirley Bufler, and Dave Byrne mix chemicals. ie '-fa 13141 i,,i!2:if+ SIZE 22459 QMEEPWZ , . 1,55 GAI ED IN CLASSRCDCMS . Offering learning is probably ihe mos? Tmporranl over-all way in which AHS con- lribules To The cily. Wirhin lhe classroom, sludenlrs have lhe opporlunily To galher much valuable ancl 'rechnical inforrnalion which will be of irnmedialre value lo Jrhem. ll is Through Jrhis learning Thar slruclenls are able lo lake rheir places as easily as lhey do. Even Jrhe small Jrhings count such as Jryp- ing a lefler or baking a cake for someone 'n lhe family. When Jrhe final bell rings dis- missing Jrhern from Their daily class roulines, high school cilizens go lorlh lo work anol serve in lheir communily wilh whall lhey have galherecl. An unusual fype of classroom, in comparison wilh ofhers, is where ihe vocahonal home economics course is concluded. Nancy Sfeiner. Nina Waflcins anal Pai Sfanley are carrying ou? an asslgnmenl fhe modern, well-equipped l:i+cl'1en. CONTRIBLITI GTG THE LILTLIRAL Ramona Romine and Ricky Braden, of Mid- dlelown, gram presenfed by 'Phe high school. The 'faihers of bolh children died in Korea. The cour l share in +he Ve+eran's Day pro- fhouse square sei' fhe scene for The Velerans' Day com -if mem P 0 orafion ceremony in which +he band and Choral Club pnfiicipafed 2: 3 II 3 isis! File a'f5ff'i5?'f P 5 'fi LIFE CDF THEIR CGMMLINITY. .. Sludenis ol Al-IS are already making iheir coniacis wilh lhe communily lhrough various aclivilies. As They make lhese coniacls lhey also lend a ceriain cullural air +o Jrhe cily. Many limes each year pupils are called up- on lo provide services and enieriainmenl lor This flourishing communily. Whellher il be an indirecl service or providing direci enioymeni Preparing a lesson in democracy, which was displayed elle and Sherry Couch. lorulhe people, Al-iS serves lhe communily we . ll is seldom lhal a clay goes by in which each individual is noi ailecied by lhe high school. And so il is lhal every day some small amounl of cullure is added 'ro Anderson by lhe school via iis services. Givinq lhe grade sl-udenls a chance lo ergiow 'lhe only live 'lhealre mosl of lhem see during lhe year, +he Thespians pre- renlod lhoir fourfh anrual chil:lren's play. Shown af'll1e lefl' is lhe casl' of "Pe+er, Peler, Pumplcin Ea+er."-Dick Williams. Barbara Huffman, Sue Shaul, Sandi Gilliam, Marlha Marsh, Danna Wilhelm, and in froni, Thea Phelps, Dennis Malone, and Alice Day. Belween acls -lhe ulhealre goers" were enlerlaiued by 'rhe "boolcmarlr", Thea Phelps. in downlown slores, are lwo arf sludenfs, Jim Lever- DRAMATIZING THE EDUCATIVE Convocalions serve as a meeling place ior ideas oi The communily and siudenls wiih The ullimaie goal oi developing cilizens oi Tomorrow. Convo speaker, Dr. l-larry lvlcliowen, noled educaior, expressed This when he said1"Many people Think The main purpose oi edu'- calion is lo produce scholars. This communily is noi made up oi scholars, buf of cilizensf' Behind many convocalions lies The communiiy which coniribuies much io make Jrhese programs a vilal parl of school life. Becoming a success in spife of handicaps, Pruih McFarland, 'Tenor saloisf, offered living proof of whai' hard work can accompli:h. Noi all The convos were s+ric+ly en+er+ainmen+. A reminder of re- ligion served as The 'Theme for +he Thanksgiving program. Speakers were Jim LuH'on, Sarah Hopping, Janice Clevenger, Dianne Achor f and Jerry S+ump. P 3 :eh 12 ,", if ' If 'V E 4' x, s 1? EJ' , 4 f is 5 Pep Sessions CommiTTee Hop picTurel-Row l: Janice Henry, Judy Jones, Judy OTTO, PaT Slrinson, Susie Kirlcman, Teddy Pancol, Jcan Lowry, PaT Dayiy Miss Mary RuTh Palmer. Row ll: Mr. Caffe: Byfield, Mrs. Barbara Diekrich, Tornya Balcer, Jim Kirlcman, Jim McDanell, Tom Toombs, Dick Sacilowslci, Linda MiTchell, Joe Manis, Mr. George VaughT, Mr. RoberT McDowell, Convocafions Com- miTTee flower piciurel-Row I: Miss Alice l-ligman, Miss Mary RuTh Palmer, Mary Ann Vainer, Thea Phelps, JaneT Busby. Sue Will- ams, Sarah Hopping. Rosada Shaw, Mrs. Evelyn Grahame. Row ll: Mr. George Davis, Mr. B. R. STewarT, Jerry Kimball, Jack Ravage, Jerry STurnp, Mr. John Garrigus, Mr. Ralph Boyd. Tom Alley, Joe Allman, Gordon ChasTain, Mr, George VaughT, Mr. Max Beigh. CompleTe wiTh Tomahawk ancl dressed in TeaThers and buclcsltin, This small indian displayed by The Pep Sessions CommiTTee was represenTaTive of The TradiTions oT AHS. l-lard worlc, plenTy oT Time spenT and Tun, mixed wiTh loTs OT energy, wenT inTo The pep sessions in which all yelled and builT up enThusiasm. These pro- gramsTurned ouT To be everyThing ThaT Their name implies. The Pep Sessions CommiTTee climaxed iTs worlc by planning The evenTs Tor The annual Red and Green Week. T-lalls were decoraTed3 scream rallies were held in The audiTorium beTore school in which basl4eTball players were inTroduced. VoTe was Taken Tor Miss Red and Mr. Green who would rule during SecTional Weelc. Two candidaTes Trom each class were chosen aTTer eliminaTions by The execuTive commiTTees on The basis oT besT school spiriT and sporTsmanship. For The TirsT Time all eighT reigned as Miss Red and Mr. Green and added much To The spiriT oT The week. 14 P ANNED BY TUDE T LE DER For lhe lirsl lime al AHS, Alice in Wonderland visiled al lhe sludenl lalenl convocalion in January. "Through lhe Loolcing Glassi' was The lheme lor lhe variely show. The acls were inlroduced by masler ol cere-- monies, Paul Keller, as lhey slepped ircm The magic mirror. Jusl' like in The book, one ol lhe lirsl' characlers lo hop lhrough lhe mirror xf :-, as The while raplinil. Following closely behind il was Alice, played by Thea Phelps. A Wonderland was broughl lo The eyes ol The audience ol sludenls and cuesls as The wide array ol lalenl slepped lorlh. The program consisled ol sixleen acls which all proved lo be ol inleresl lo lhose walchino. Every- lhing from panlomines lo indian dan- cers rounded oul lhe show. Gelling an inside sfory of Wonderland from lhe While Rabbit Mariorie Ashcralf, is Bob Thompson affer The s+uden+ falenl' show, Lingering lor a final glance before refurning 'lo claszes, sfudenlz lislen lo Joe Hun? on The clrums. Showing The vim and vilalify which gained Them The lilies are eighl sfuclenis chosen as Miss Red and Mr. Green. Row I: Belly Bis- hop, Linda Mannon. Molly Lighifool, Judy Duncan. Row ll: Bob McAllisfer, Elhridge Beauchamp, Sherrill Modlin, Jerry Coon. LL LEPZDING TO SPECTACULAR Indian maiden, Susie Kirkman, and mascof, Tom Toombs, display fheir falenls in an Indian war dance dvring halffime of a baslcefball game. Forfh from fha Indian feepee Ilower picfurel comes Coach Iclr Os- borne af fhe pep session before fhe regional. Wafching fhe enhance of fhe baslcefball coach are Tom Toombs. Lucius Teague, Alvin Woods. Ronald Spall. 16 The fradifions of fhe "Indians" of And- erson I-Iigh School are indebfed fo Chief Anderson. in whose memory fhe spirif and show of emofions of fhis school were esfablished. In I922 fhere was a civic and commun- ify revival of fhe Greaf Spirif' of Chief Anderson. For fhe firsf fime, fhe wearers of fhe "Red and Green" were referred fo as fhe "Indians." Jusf before fournamenf fime in I94O, fhe Indians' fans had a real live Indian mascof who was dressed in all fhe regalia of his red-blooded forefafhers. Since fhaf day fhere has nof been an Anderson foof- ball or baslcefball feam fhaf has faken fhe field or floor wifhouf being Ied by fheir mascof. In recenf years, an Indian maiden has been added making fhese fwo a fam- iliar couple af pep sessions as well as af sporfs evenfs. AI-IS has long been Icnown for fhe pep and vifalify which if expresses when if sup- porfs ifs afhlefic feams. This success is largely dependenf' upon fhe excellenf cheerleaders chosen in fhe spring of each year. These cheerleaders, along wifh fhe mascofs, Ied school spirif and encouraged fhe feams. SHOWS OF STLIDE T EMCJTIO . Calm. cool and collecfed as The cheerleaders look in fhe piciure is quile a differenf pose from whal fhey are usually in. They were de- scribed by Mr. Carl Bonge as "some ol fhe finesi we have ever had. l never saw a group so loyal, so infenr and so inl'eres'fed." The cheerleaders are: Dick Monroe and Dick Sacilow- ski. Sfanding: Gay Babcoke, Par Davis, Joan Lowry and Linda Mil- chell. Pulling everyfhing info a show of school spiri+, +he sfudenfs yelled ar The pep sessions fhroughouf The school year. Working so hard 'lhar her arms moved lasler ihan 'rhe cam- era lens, Joan Lowry is displaying rho energy common lo all The cheer- leaders during -lhe sporrs evenis. -unsw- T H 5? , is ,:A. Agalha Reed, played by Belly Sliner lsixll-i from lefll, accepled 'llie flowers from lhe girls represenling diliferenl- college organiza- lions and gave a polife word of lhanlcs fo lL. 'lo R.l Diclc Monroe, Dfanne Achor, Dave Byrne, Bob Hunlley. Jane Hunlzinger, Judy Kabrich, Marcia Barron, Rosada Shaw. Calhy Bowen, Mary Wisl'1ard,Jaclc Ravage, Belly lmel, John Milchell, Sl'1irliWagner, Darline Blackwell and Sharolyn Rossen. This year Andersonians wilnessed a lhoughl- provoking play as porlrayed by lhe Al-IS Sen- ior Dramalics class. The lhree acl' comedy, "Goodbye My Fancy," pul iorlh lhe idea lhal people should be lirm in lheir conyiclions. Direcled by Miss Alice l-ligman, The play lold ol a lamous news columnisl, Agalha The crew qhairmen were lL. lo R.l Bob Thompson, light Gene Lisby, sfageg Ronnie Ross, arlg Judy Sharp, promplerg Ann Fish- baclc, props: Bill Smilh, siege manager: Margarel' Alexander, sluclenl clirecl- or, and Dick Sacilowslci, 'l'icli- els. Reed, who relurned lo her college lo receive an honorary degree. While she was lhere. conllicls and decisions presenled lhemselves and posed real pro- blems. All comes oul well, Though, and lhe play ends in happiness as il should. Q! Conflicis presenl lhemselves as Dave Byrne confronfs lL. lo R.l Jack Ravage. Marcia Barron, Belly Sliner, and Mary Wishard. Tug, :,,,.,....,--,- , , ..,.- -, , --v4,gm-,,fs.-- --H--r --H ' T """"f'f's"" " THAT ARE E ER M MURABLE . .. This year's graduaTing class voTed To have Tour seniors give commencemenT speeches insTead oTa proTessional speaker. For The graduaTing seniors, The bacca- laureaTe and commencemenT are noT only looked upon as The end oT high school buT as The beginning oT a liTe ThaT will soon unTold beTore Them. AT This Time oT mixed emoTions, graduaTes reminisce over The occasions which led up To This nighT oT June 9, l955. Gowned in Their class colors oT navy blue and whiTe, seniors received Their diplomas and Took Their place in The An- derson communiTy. Chosen Trom TryouTs To represenT The I955 class are The commencemenT speakers. The sTudenTs and Their subiecTs are Jim McDanell. "Our Defense AgainsT Communismf' Thea Phelps, "Seedlings of RealiTyg" T Jerry STump, "Our DemocraTic l'leriTage:" and Barbara Fish, "A Penny's WorTh oT Freedom." ln TradiTional morTar boards and gowns, The l955 seniors, along wiTh parenTs and friends, lisTened aTTenTively as The big momenT came To a climax. When The orchesTra played "Pomp and CircumsTance," The graduaTes marched down The aisles To go Their separaTe ways A SINGLE HIGH SCHOOL AN A surprisingly large crowd, 'For cross couniry, looks on as Jim Quinn finishes firsi' in a dual cross counlry mee? llefi' pic- iurel. Anderson rooiers cheered as Jack Jarvis l24i sfrefches high fo iniercepi' a pass while 'Phe referee nonchalanfly waiches. This Town is closely connecied wilh Al-IS. Acli- viiies oi Jrhe school aliracl wide inleresl and pop- ulariiy wirh cilizens in all walks ol life. The comrnunily learns more aboufrkwhal goes on ai high school Through srudenl organizalions which provide enlerlainmenl for The lown. Vocal and in- slrurnenlal groups, speakers and variely shows offer a wide seleclion of enlerlainrnenl for civic and church groups. One ol The oulslanding ways in which lhe ciry and school are closely unired is Through ils sporis. An eslimaled 75,000 speclalors arlend aihlefic coniesls ai AHS. and mosi ol lhern cheer lor ihe Indians. The school and ils aihleles in lurn are eager lo pur on a good show. Anderson's fough Jim Leverelfe hooks a high leff-hander as Kolromo's Dave Thompson fries desperaiely 'lo block him. AN INDIANA T WN ITED... ln whal beller way does lhe communily show lhe unily il has wilh The school lhan by expressing The closeness wilh help and friendship. Home bound sludenls now have classes broughl lo Their bedside by a communily- sponsored Telephone syslem. Townslollc conlribuled 57,000 lo send The high school band lo Washinglon D. C., where They represenled Jrhe cily in The nalional Cherry Blossom Fesliyal parade. Service clubs and olher organizalions sponsored conlesls and scholarships which promoled desirable Trails. Lessons in cili- zenship are gained Through cily-donaled voling machines and parlicipalion in moclc Jubilani' John Mi-lcl'cll, Tom Byrum and Bob Loose accepf 'The 'firsf assemblles' prize from Tom Gepharf, of 'rhe Rofary club, for fhe winning 'floai' in fhe Homecoming Parade. The floai' represenfed The senior class. lxloneff Came from lar and wide +0 send The AHS band 'lo Washingfon D. C. fo play in 1-he annual Cherry Blossom Feslival. The besf parf of +he funds, however, were solici+ed from good nafured, school-minded shoppers on 'lhe Band Tag Day. u XCHANGI G EW ,PRGMOTIN All eclilors in iheir own righf were members of fhe hard-working annual siaff-Row I: Jim Hancock, business manager: Marge George, rypislq Fred Spencer, iunior business n-ianagerg Janel' Busby, underclass seciion: Susie Kirlrman, iacully secliori: John Milchell, ediror-in' chief: Thea Phelps, opening secrion' Teddy Pancol, aclivilies secrionp Lorna Craigie, acriviries seclion, and Par Gouldsbery, senior sec- rion and arf ediror, Row ll: Bill Smirh, sporrs secliony Mr .Herman Hallelf, business adviser: Mr.FrankWoschifz, edirorial advicer, and Ron Parlain, phofographer. The rough-ancl-'rumble annual slaff baskeilaall feam sfumbled +0 a 33 +o 25 viciory over rhe X-Ray feam in fhe firsr publicafions baslceflaall game. The 'ream-Row l: "Hands- off" Jim Hancock, "Boy Seoul" Bill Smilh, "Frail" Fred Spenser, "Jumbo" John lvlilchelll and "Rockin" Ron Parlain. Row ll: Cheerleaders, Thea Prelps, Pal Goulclsbery, Lorna Craigie, Teddy Pancol, also official Hmerq Janef Busby, and Marge George, bofh official scorers. Mr. Frank Wos-. cl-ii'rz, coach of rhe annual leam, refereed fhe game. 22 . , EACH TI The iournalisnn deparTrnenT oT high school and The publicaTions oT The communiTy worlc wand in hand exchanging news and promoTing each oTher. The X-Ray, whose slogan is "Seeing Through Liie AT AHS" proved This year ThaT iT' lived up To iTs moTTo as well as covering liTe in The communiTy. The X-Ray inTorrned The school oT coming evenTs, laTesT school news and arTicles concerning conTesTs, pro- crams and oTher occasions sponsored by The ciTy or cornmuniTy. y SeTTing an all-Time record oT 2,350 sales was one oTs The accornplishrnenTs oT The T955 lndian sTa,TT.iTheywere among The rnosT corn- r1uniTy-rnindocl sTudenTs in The school since They were consTanTly searching Tor poinTs aT which The school and communiTy Touched, in connecTion wiih The Theme oT This year's looolz. ii 4 Fall SemesTer X-Ray EdiTors Hcp picTurel-Row l: SeaTed, Ros- alee Nealis, eclilor-in-chieTg Qall ST!u1Li5,- Karen Shafrer and Jon Ballard. Row Il: BeTTy Imel, irlancy Copeland, David Goacher, Mr. Lee Pufsiey. adviser: Rosada Shaw and Bill Waldo. Fall Sem- esTer X-Ray ReporTers flower picTurel--Row l: SeaTed, Jo Ann Bronnenberg, Marilyn T-looper, Jackie Rozelle, Fred Spencer, Le- andra ScoTT and Sharolyn Rossen. Row II: Nancy ScoTT, Alice Day, Jim Gwynn, Larry Johnson, Joe Crouse and lV1argareT Al- exander. Spring SemesTer X-Ray EcliTors: TleTT picTurel-Alice Day, Karen ShaTTer, Rosada Shaw, ediTor-in-chieTg Nancy S'coTT, Joe Crouse. Sharolyn Rossen and Mr. Lee Pursley, adviser, seaTed. Spring SemesTer X-Ray ReporTers lrighT picTurelvSeaTed, Barbara WolT, Carol Loudenbaclc, Judy Vfood, Shirley VVood, Sandi Gilliam and Rosalind CiTron. Row ll: Carolyn France, Jackie Rozelle, Larry Johnson, David Hudson, Jon Ballard, David BuTler, Dixie Rinlcer, MargareT Alexander and Carol VValale. ' 23 BW K S s 115 M, . , ' -z 'i' . . ,EldsnoEi5L?S5Q'l:v9S'f il1PHfipSfp6,-:Quf55la?Ef1g wiexzw: - ., - 'Sub WHOSE TRILI PHS ARE GAI ED Miss Sherry Bill Highlighring rhe Prom was lhe crowning ol lhe l955 Prom Queen which look place on a glirlering lhrone. Miss Nancy Genlry, chosen by junior boys, was crowned wilh a brillianl rhineslone liara. Miss Par Slrallon and Miss Sherry Bill, rhe rwo arlendanls who accompani- ed Nancy, were on each side ol lhe Queen. A+ lhe pinnacle ol lhe rhrone was a ship's sleering wheel which glisrened and sparlcled in rhe glimmering lighls. Fringing lhe plallorm were Two rreasure chesls flowing wirh pieces ol eighl. The Junior Prom loolc place on .lune 3 in l.inder's Marine Room and Roof Gardens where hard-worlcing juniors made lhe l955 dance a success. Miss Nancy Genlry Enlering on gangplanlcs, charming couples srepped lhrough a magnilicenf lilesaver composed ol delicare blossom- ing iflowers. Thus lhe Junior Prom of l955 ser sail lo Jrhe Jrheme ol "Anchors Aweighf' Swaying palms and lrremendous gold fish nels decorared wilh sea shells and coral enclosed The orcheslra ol Will l-lauser. Music was played rhrough lhe evening rhar will be memorable lo rhose who danced al lhe mosl elaborale al- lair of lhe whole year. Miss Pal Sfraifon i DEMGCRATIC The big momen+ 'Finally came and lhe Home- coming Qucen, Ann Adams lfar riglill was caughl' in a shale of mixc:.l emoiion: by 'Phe cam1ra's all-seeing eye. Ofhers in lhe pic'l'ure are lL. 'lo R.l Bob Loose, Aniia Hughes, Sherry Bill, Dick Han lley, Beih Swiirfofcl and Torn Clem. Local aulomcbile deal- ers showed lop commun- ily cooperalion by lend- ing space in +heir esiab- lishmenls for decora'l'- ors 'ro do fheir iobs. Lafin club members dis- played a charioi- on +heir float Indians Linda Garre++, Ron Achor, Judy Dun- can, Mary Morrison, Jim Eufsler, and Don Zanl. pull +heir blanke+s up closely for 'lhe ride 'through lown fo lhe s'l'ac.lium. PROCESS . . . Opening lhe social season was fhe annual Fall Windup Dance in honor of 'lhe loofb-all and eros: counrry squads. Smiling as she proudly holds her bouque+ is fhe queen of lhe dance, Anila Hughes. Surrounding Anifa are Julie Hull, al- 'rendanlg Nyles Anson and Tom Pcfligrew, fool- ball co-caprainsg Nancy Genlry, ailcndanl: and Bob Loose, senior presidenl. Blue-eyed Beverly Duncan, ihough noi' quile up lo lhe 5 fool 2 inches of lhe song, was every- one's gal when she reigned as queen of 'rhe Sweefheari Ball in February lleff piclurel. Looking as if she were in a dreamland all her own, Belly Pryor is being crowned Silver Belle Queen wi'rh a garland of 'Flowers by Rulh Ward, Senior Y-Teens presidenf irigh+ piciurel. Changing abou+ for one evening, a king was el- ecled al lhe Beau Brummell dance. Linda Gran- ger admiringly walches her dare, Jack Coffin, as sane-I' Busby crowns him wiih lhe symbolic 'lop af. X fag R, I s n yikfk Q':bii v , W ik! PQA sd '4 'F 4 wh nf x xtyv BN' x X in fav ' rg . I A 15- , Q UL. fqgvysigfiggj- , A i 'Q Figx X 5 A , fi W ,K e , . ,,. ., , ..,,. . A A..A... ,W .WM 11 1 I. 9, - : his , KE, 1 V -,Q w 4 as 4 , h -Eg 13: 1 ?'K 4 X M. QA fg f , P " .. " - u 4' 3 ? 5 f.-5 lf 5 K f 4 ' A " Ja 1 ' kgvi 'A' " fw .51 is :W Q 'E , 'S f fl 'Q' A Wy . . K5 L A ,Q ' . fx is 1' xl S56 X ' fl ' . ' . ' W fi is- -14" K 'Q kg SW , L 1 , 1 f ggi 'S 2 K ' x " ' 'S 'fi 3 S., it .- -Avr-u Q- -. 5555 Ax ,k.k. My , L K n ., . . f' 'f1Wa9f,vLmx,,1um.'x' -3 AW? Z - .N wi i i K rw Mft!! Lwrfi.- YK in K K N K Lf, 'm . P 'K A A-QS" ffiixhxl-,'f g--- ly--:mlm QI x ' 'E 5 . 3 1 A r -... -i 3 sg K +- ,. s 2. 3 ? 51 : ZA A ,fi S' nf llffeg Q FQ! H 3' ' Q ' , , " - s '. - 2 1 , L' ,L.. 'Q 3 ,- . . K' W 5f wvwf 3,fwwvQfFMmQwWww agwwvwa ' ':- : .... , it , I ' A ff ga 'f y R f ' 5 i ' " 1 '-,gm f V , I LV i fx ., YM ei 'A 'L M Mus 9 D- , f G 17 K v f 1 - 3 viwigfigih? THE Nav 5125.2 5' 93 -IOOSIER COMMUNITY 1 -V "' ' H 5 wge- E . 1 Yelling a+ 'lhe 'lop of 'rheir lungs and ringing bells, members of As 'rhe fechnician gives The on +he alr signal Jim Kirlcman 'ihe Hi-Y Club sfrive io serve +he communily. Line of Dime worlrers Jim McDannell and Jayne Gardner prepare +o give Anderson are Ronnie Meeker, Barry Gear, Dave Sheedv and Mr David :ans +he high school slam' on world problems Adams, sponsor. Willingness +0 serve a Hoosier com- rnuniiy describes The siudenis of AHS. Throughoui The whole year. ihey are soughl by cilizens io coniribule +0 funds and proiecis. Siudenls are noi only asked bui many limes show inilia- iive and cooperaiion by siarling oui on iheir own. Chrisimas parries for needy and or- phan children and cloihing drives are oromoied by high school clubs. Shfning eyes of some of 'rhe happy children are re- ward enough 'for fiffy-'rwo members of fhe Fufure Reiailers Club who played Sanla Claus ai' 'lhe or- phans' home. In The group were Linda Miichell. Sherry Couch and Sally S+uI+z. PEOPLE AREA DE Teaching is a Tull Time iob. buT many AHS Teachers spread Themselves Thinner in order To parTicipaTe in communiTy af- Tairs. Here Mr. J. J. Bailey is conducTing a group of Madison CounTy youngsTers Through The STaTe House in Indianapolis where he served as a represenTaTive in The sTaTe legislaTure This year. 30 RSON'S STRE GTH A Town's sTrengTh lies noT in iTs well-paved sTreeTs, iTs indusTries oT sTeel and brick, or iTs impassive bank, buT raTher in The muscle and hearT oT iTs populaTion. The Anderson l-ligh School personaliTies are parT oT ThaT muscle and hearT. Some are weak, some sTrong, a Tew callous, many more possess- ing deep sympaThies. They sT'roll Through Tree- covered sTreeTs and speed along open high- ways. They laugh aT The comedian and ponder The inTellecTual. , ln shorT They live a normal liTe, and in doing so They come in conTacT wiTh The communiTy. This Time The meeTing place is in The realm oT personaliTy. The characTer, molded in The high school. reaches The Town every Time a sTudenT Tells oT a learning experience or aslcs a puzzling quesTion. AcTual conTribuTion by youTh may seem neb- ulous, buT ideas have a way oT becoming solid wiTh The addiTion of a very Tew years oT exper-- ience in liTe. A Tamiliar drama lrighT picTurel ThaT unTolcls every day in The high school is depicTed by Karen Veazey and Jack Coffin. A pass- ing glance, a word, and a Triendship is made. ln The background is The ever-guiding Teacher personified in This case by a benevo- lenT dean, Mr. Davd Adams, who, Though he seems To be swoop- ing down on Them, cerTainly will noT inTerTere. 'Q 42' 'W M.-92,3 ff f v ffl, -,fn L L - 1 M- 1: .7.w.q' was MNME 2515-fffsagglzsafl . swf W K ' f-ffz?:a1'W wJ " ..x'-.Kami H.?.:.:... ... .. Sn. , E 5 " : 5" E E , K' , , ff:wL?M !9, f -m., ..... wr "H f-- .,:: L.:-g:,.,, , :M-w,,vg: ,. N, ,ffa,:':g :3gg:f, 1- -I f'-553: sg., A V- 'uw W 'ii , www Q x g' 47 Rf -' is Q it L ,- me ff 'L , VQKQW ' QQ K M I as an , 7 me w,,fwP1 ,,w' mm my .M f ',h.,,'if- ' ESQW-"'iuL' Anderson High School's en- rollmenf wenf over fhe 2,609 mark fhis year, largesf fofal in AHS hisfory. Space was af a premium, and schedules fighf. This was fhe faslc fhaf John Paul Huffman underfoolc as new Mr. John faul Huffman, Principal principal of AHS. lvir. Huffman received his A. B. degree from lvianchesfer College, and his lvl. A. from lnd- iana Universify. Already involved in commun- ity acfivifies as a member of l.ions Club, lvir. Huffman also likes travel, science, and mafhe- mafics. New Administrators Tackle Job With Enthusiasm and Courage Bob Loose, senior class president: Mr. John Paul Huff- man, Janice Sfagg. Senior class treasurer, and M James E. Allen discuss a phase of senior week acfiviiy as the administration and student body work togeihe M . James E. Allen, Assistant Principal ivir. James E. Allen made a ferrific swifch in allegiance fhis year when he lroolc fhe iob of assisfanf principal after being principal af Elwood High School, AHS's chief counfy rival. If was a olifficulf move because Mr. Al'en is quife a fan, lisfing sporfs as his chief inferesf along wifh reading and fraveling. A feacher and adminisfrafor for I9 years, lvir. Allen received a B. S. degree from Cenfral Normal College and an M. A. from Ball Sfafe. Mr. G. E. EbberTT Superinlfendenl of Public Schools No where does The cornmuniTy and The high school worlc more closely Toge- Ther Than aT meeTings oT The Board oT School TrusTees, where a group oT pu- blic spiriTed ciTizens decide public school policy. Anderson's school building program has grown Trernendously during The lasT few years. lvlosT oT The building has been in The grade and iunior high schools buT has had iTs eTTecT on The high school by sending beTTer prepared sTudenTs To Al-TS. l.aTesT proiecT is The SouTh Side Junior I-Iigh building whose compleTion will bring a plan calling Tor six years in The Grades, Three years in iunior high, and Three in The senior high. The new seTup, which should decrease The record enrollmenT in AHS This year, is anoTher move by The board and The Anderson communiTy To increase an in- dividuals educaTional opporTuniTies in The high school. Anderson's Public Spirited Citizens Formulate School Policy Board of School Truslees-Mr. Gordon A. France, Treasurer: Mr. G. E. EbberTT, superinTendenTg Miss GerTrude PloTner, clerk: Mrs. MgTKghTbd blvlMFCTby TyDGdBWld dTlvlWll FH l GI' BFG ni , OGI' mem SFI FS. . Gln GD SI' UI' , SGCFB GF I F. OI' OPI . I ef, FGSI -en I F. I Iam . OVSFITIG 9. P board member, and Mr. C. D. RoTruclc, school cily aTTorney, visiT The Anderson High School building. 33 D d L fB y Mrs. Edna Rhynearson, Dean of Girls C Administration Guides Students Through Lite at High School Guiding students through high school lite is the work ot the administration. At Ander- son High School the iob is divided among many ottices and persons. Programs, and class schedules tor 2,700 students all stern trom the high school ottice where the registrar, Mrs. iviariorie Austin, holds sway. The ottice continues to serve students atter graduation, sending tran- scripts ot credits to colleges and answering all lcinds ot intormation tor prospective em- ployers. Two other administrators. the deans ot boys and girls, probably deal personally with more students than any other school otticials. The absence line alone includes almost every student at some time during the year. Mr. David Adams was in his tirst year as dean at Al-lS, leaving a similar post at Central Junior l-ligh. lvirs. Edna Rhynearson has been Dean ot Girls tor tour years. Finally to the Athletic Director, Mr. Carl Bonge, talls the task which some teel is the most pleasant part ot high school lite, the scheduling ot athletic events in eight sports. 3. .L Secretaries, Custodians Responsible for School Efficiency gp AdminisTraTive secreTaries handle high school's Tons of paper worlr-ll.. To R.l Mrs. Jo Ann BallenTine. Mrs. Mildred Huncilman, Mrs Car- olyn Miller, Mrs. Maxine HunT, Mrs. Mary Nor- ris, Mrs. Barella Gray. CusTodians BolsTer Themselves Tora sTrenuous day wiTh a Tall sfory-lL. To R.l James Baker, head cusTodiar1, l.esTer Frazier, Bill Haygood. George Grubbs, Frank Bush, ChesTer Plyand, Fred Sfan- ley, John Kolcinis, Paul A. Davis. FaculTy SporTsmen--Members ol a TaculTy bowling Team are shown during one ol Their beTTer scoring nighTs. The Team, which Tinished over The .500 mark in The Civic Bowling League, includes lL. To R.l Mr. Claud Roney. Mr. Max Beigh, Mr. Dave Barrow, and Mr. Herman Hal- leT. OTher members are Mr. Howard Sharpe and Mr. Vlysong Julius. Afier-dinner Gossip - - The TaculTy women's club held iTs annual mid- winTer meeling This year aT CriTchley's. Miss DoroThy Campbell nar- raTcd films oT her Trip To Europe. and The AHS Teachers cauqhl up on The year's news. AT one of The Tables lL. To R.l were Mrs. Helen Hughes, Miss Virginia l.indsTrom, Mrs. Mary McFarland, Miss Helen Harrell, and Miss Hazel Kendall. i 35 lt takes all kinds to make a high school grow and prosper? Facully-Row l: Mr. Bill Ameredes, Miss Reba Arbogasl, Mrs. Marilyn Ausfin. Mr. J. J, Bailey, Mr. William Ballenline. Mr. Richard Balsley. Row ll: Mr. Claude Barner, Mr. Donald Barnelf. Mr. David Barrow. Mr. Max Beiqh, Mr. Carl Bonge. Mr. Donald Bowen, Row lll: Mr. Ralph Boyd, Mrs. Agnes Brock, Mr. Howard Burnellz' Mr. Clarence Burns, Mr. Carler Byfield, Miss Mariella Cain. Row IV: Mr. James Carler. Mr. Thomas Clem. Mr. J. Merrill Coffin. Mr.George Davis, Mr. Charles Denny, Mrs. Barbara Diefrich. Row' V: Mrs. Margaref Doles, Mr. Joseph Dye, Mr. John Finney. Mr. Ray Fleenor. Mr. John Garrigus, Mrs, Lova Garriolf. 36 A clash of spirited youth -- some wise, a few foolish, all eager, Faculfy--Row I: Mrs. Evelyn Grahame, Mr. Raymond Griflillw, Mr.J. L. Hale, Mrs. Marguerile Hale, Mr. Herman Hallell. Miss Helen Harrell. Row Il: lvirs. Mary Hecicman, Mr. Byron Helfrich, Miss Alice Higman, Mr. B. B. Horlon, Mr. Basil Hosier, Mrs. Helen 'l-luglies. Row Ill: Mr. James Hunt Mr. Jesse Hunlzinger, Mrs. Rullnanne lmler, Mr. Vililliarn James, Miss Eileen Johnson, Mr. Keill'1Jol'1nson. Row IV: Mr. Gordon Julius, Mr. Wysong Julius, Miss Hazel Kendall, Mrs. Mary Killerman, Mr. Lowell Lee, Mr. Howard Lindsey. Row V: Miss Virginia Lindslrom, Miss Lois Long, Mr. Herberl' Lyon. Mr. L.J. McClinloclc, Mr. Roberi McDowell, Mrs. Mary McFarland. 37 And a blend of all-seeing age -- a faculty lntent on making a Faculty-Row I: Mr. Harry McGoon, Mrs. Patricia Mahan, Mrs. Vivian Maine, Mr. David Martyn, Mr. Herbert Miller, Mrs. Elise Mulvihill. Row II: Mr. Iclc Osborne. Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, Miss Mabelle Parmer, Mr. Gilbert Peart, Mr, Henry Potter, Mr. Dane Pugh. Row Ill: Mr. Lee Pursley, Mrs. Lucille Railsbaclc, Mr.Richard Rencenberger, Mrs. Dorothy Riggs, Mr. Claud Roney, Mr. Leo San- ders. Row IV: Mr. Robert Shatter, Mr. Howard Sharpe, Mr. Ray Sherman, Mr. Ralph Shields, Mr. Vern Shinn, Mr. Joseph Sparks. Row V: Mr. O. L. Springer, Mr. B. R. Stewart, Mr. Jesse Stutsman, Mr. Clittorol Swift, Mr. Elgin Todd. Mrs. Pauline Thomas. A 38 four-year education result in a lifetime of usefulness. FaculTy-Row l: Miss Rive Todd. Mr. George VaughT,Mrs. Virginia Vermillion. Mr. Edmund Villars, Mr. Fred Weaver, Mr. Horace Wil son. Row ll. Mrs. Shirley Wirls, Mr. Frank WoschiTz, Mr. Carol l-lelvey, Mr.Billy Hobbs, Mrs.ivlariorie Reed and MissCeliaCarson who died May I7, I954, aiier 27 years of devoTed service To The Anderson Public Schools. Faculty Row -- It Lives and Dies With the Indians Secfion G is Teacher's rooTing seclion-For as many years as The lndians have been playing in The Wigwam, members of The TaculTy have occupied seaTs aT The norTh end oT The gym. Usually one oi The noisiesT spoTs when The Redskins are winning, The secTion Takes on a gloomy air when a game appears losT. 39 Senior Class Officers Seleci' Graduafion Announcemenis- Senior Girls Make Flowers fha-I' Becleck Winning Homecoming R.l Bob Loose, presidenrg Connie Achor, vice-president Floaf-Sea+ed lL. fo R., Suda Moneyhun, Marilyn Hooper, Mary Ann Vainer, secrelaryi Janice Siagg, ireasurer. Rosemary Faux, Carol Beneiiel, Sylvia Jones, Alice Kocher. Siandiing Phyllis Jolly, Linda Mifchell, Sue Haffield. Seniors Cement Lasting Friendships ln Finai Year at AHS As seniors, we siepped over lhe porials of senied ihe Senior Class Play, "Goodbye My AHS wilh feelings of honor and surprise ai ii- Fancy"...endured weelcs oi marching praclice nally becoming The "Big Wheels." ...all slepping siones lo lhai' final even+-iirm- The year was filled wiih aciiviiy as we... ly cemenied by ihe sirong leadership of our worked Jrogeiher on ihe winning Homecoming officers, execuiive commiiiee, and lireless floalmrecalled irosh memories as we reiurned sponsors. +o Buller Fieldhouse wiih ihe Indians... pre-- Senior Execuiive Commiiiee-Row I: lL. lo R.i Miss Eileen Johnson. sponsor: Barbara Boyer, Ann Fish- back, Norma Brow, Marcia Barron. Rowll: Mr. Richard Balsley, spon- sor: Jerry Kimball, ShirleySchmal+z, Nancy Duncan, Linda Granger, John Miichell. Jack Coffin. 'Q Af v-rw-mp, -4- .V ., -v- ff My ,iv .WI I, , ' VM F ,' 7' NJ. fu rr Q41 Q.'L7 ,-fb' yum, a ,Q 3 w I ,J , , H1 1. 5. ..., . ,,,,,a,,,.. ,. .- Iiflve L1 writ!! " , EU if Tfl lfiyfilfilefrb ' , I 7 PJU .I 1- if V 'li ' , 1 f In ,Mfg M-llgif Tl- .Y f ' I A.f,4au34f-if.,f ' ' 1' " Vow CNE: Consfance Joan Achor-College Preparalory- Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2, Inler-club Council 2: Dean's Assl. 2, 3, 41 H.R. Sec.-Treas. Ii Thespian App. 2, 3, 41 Thespians 41 Lalin Club 31 Class Vice Pres, 3, 41 Class Exec. Comm. 3, 4: Co.-chr. Inlerclass ACI. 3: Sr. Dinner' Dance Comm. 41 Model U.N. 41 F,T.A. 4, Pairicia Diane Achor-College Preparalory- Monilor I, 2, 3, 41 Y-Teens 2, 3. Cabinel' 2, 31 Choralelles 21 Choral Club 3, 41 Madrigal 41 Model U.N. 3, 41 Thespian App. 2. 31 Thespians 3, 4. Vice Pres. 41 Girls S'IaIe 3: Co.-chr. Prom Grand March Comm. 31 Class Exec. Comm. 2, 31 Dean's Assl. 41 Eng. Assl. 21 Honor Sociely 3, 41 M.M.M. 41 Sir. I.U. Variely Show Comm. 4i Sr. Class Play 4. James Donald Adams-Gem eral-Eoolball I, 2. 31BasIceIba'lI I, 2, 31 Track I: Baseball 2.3, 4: "A" Club 2, 3, 4. Wilma Lee Alder-General-Sr. Dance Comm. 4. Margare+ Ann Alexander-College Preparaloryf G.A.A. I1 Y-Teens I, 2, 31 Thespian App. 3. 41 Thespians 41 H.R. Treas. 31 Prom Pub. Comm. 31 Sr. Dance Comm. 4: Coun- seling OIT. Assl. 4: Concerl Choir 2, 31 Library Assl. I. 2. 31 X-Ray 41 Sr. Class Play 41 Model U.N. 4. Janel Frances Allen- Home Economics. I ROW TWO: Shirley Lee Allen-Home Economics-Bible Club 41 Pub. Rep. 2, 3: H. R. Vice Pres. I. Sec. 2. Joe M. Allman- 2 ill-..- CoIle ralory-Lalin Club I. 21 HonorSociely 3, 41 Band I, 2, 3,41 Foofball 3: Sludenl Council 3i Prom Enlerlainmenl Comm. 31 Model U. N. 4: Sir. I, U. Variely Show Comm. 4: Con- vo Comm. 3, 41 Orcheslra 2. Nyles E. Anson-Technical-Foot ball 2, 3, 41 Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 41 Baseball I, 2, 3, 41 Cross Coun- Iry l'1 H. R. Pres. I, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 41 "A" Club 3, 41 Hi-Y 3, 4. Marlene Cynlhia Anfonidis-College Preparalory--Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 41 F. T. A. 3i Nurses Assl. 2, 3, 4. Janice Lucille Armsfrong- Business Educalion. Diane Sue Auxfer-General-Prom Dec. Comm. 3. Sr. Coslume Parly Comm. 4. ROW THREE: Bonnie Jane Badger-Business Educalion-Dean's Assl, 21 Bus. Ed. Assl: 4. Charles Roland Bailey-General-Bas lcelball I: Baseball I, 21Foo+baIl I, 21 Sludenl Council 31 Prom Dec, Comm. 3, Darrell Keil-h Bailey-Pre-Apprenfice-Basket ball I1 Baseball I. Carolyn Jo Baker-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 41 Pepooses 2: Monilor 2: Sr. I. U. Variely Show Comm. 4. Charles M. Baker-General-Honor Sociely 3, 41 H. R. Vice Pres. 21 M-onilor 21 Sludenl Council 31 Prom Ticlcel Comm. 3. David Lee Bales-Technical-Hi-Y 31 Torch Club 21 Prom Gill' Comm. 3. Model U. N. 4. 0 .6 . 3:32 ' XQZQ.. L-. ' ff .., , . ,Mi 1 4 ,f,,., i gk L1 k, 41' . .QZM , ' CC . ,f .4'ff' i Q' "' I .. f. 1, fi C47 I 'fr-4 'flag ninja I 4 f I l I i I 1 1 i I sl i -I I I I I I I I 1 I 5 I I I 4 i . I W in Se VN X Wi ROW ONE: David Bourlre Ball-General-Monilor I, 2, 47 Sludenl Talenl Convo I. 2: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Caplain 4: M. M. M. 3, 4, Pres. 4: Clworal Club 3, 4: Madrigal 4: Prom Band Comm. 3: Sr. Coslume Parly Comm. 4. Geraldine Sue Barron--General -Lalin Club 2, 3. Marcia Sue Barron-College Preparalory- Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Lalin Club 3: Tlwespian App. I, 2, 3: Tlwespians 4: H. R. Pres. I, Sec. 4: Class Exec. Comm. 2, 4: Jr. Red Cross 2: Prom Grand Marclw Comm. 3: Co-clwr. Sr. Dinner Dance Comm. 4: Miniwanca Council 3: Monilor I, 2. 3: Eng. Assl. 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Model U. N. 4. Marybell Begley-Business Educalion-Fu+. Relailers 3, 4: H. R-. Pres. 4: Y-Teens I: G. A. A. I': Pepooses 2: Library Assl. 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 3. Donald Edwin Bell-College Preparalory-Lalin Club 2. Judillm Ann BemisI1-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I,I2: Pepooses 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: H. R. Vice Pres. 4: Sr. I. U. Variely Show Comm 4. ROW TWO: Carol Ann Bene'FieI4Business Educalion-Y-Teens 2, 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Bible Club I, 2.4: Monilor 3: Slud- enl' Council 2: Jr. Red Cross I: Pepooses 2: Sr. Coslume Parly Comm. 4. Deardra Joan Be'res'Ford-Business Educal'ion-Y- Teens I, 4: Bus. Ed. Assl. 2: Concerl Choir 2: Mixed Choir 3: CLASS Pub. Assl. 4: X-Ray 3: Prom Place Comm. 3: Sr. I. U. Variely Show Comm. 4. Billie Bienerl'-College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: G. A. A. l:Tl1espian App. 4: Lalin Club 2: Prom Ticker Comm. 3: Sr. I. U. Variely Show Comm. 4: Model U. N. 4. Bel'-ly Arlene Bishop-General-Y-Teens I: Nurse's Assl. 3: Prom Ticlcel Comm. 3: Monilor 2, 3: H. R. Sec. Ii Miss Green 4: Sr. I. U. Variely Show Comm. 4. Ronald Eugene BisI'1op-Gen- eral-F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Sr. I. U. Variefy Show Comm. 4. Darline Blackwell-General-Indianapolis Broad Ripple H. S. I, 2: Tliespian App. 3, 4: Bible Club 4: H. R, Sec. 3, Treas. 4: Prom Queen Allendanl 3: Concerl Choir 3: Sr. Class Play 4: Co-clwr. Prom Grand March Comm. 3: Sr. Cos- 'rume Parry Comm. 4. ROW THREE: Joy Diane Blair-General. Hilda Lucille Bobo- General. Gerald Allen Bcdkin-General. Janel Clmarlyne Bolen --General-Concerl Choir 2, 3: Choral Club 4: Monilor 4: Sr. Dinner Comm. 4: Music?Assl. 3, 4: H. R. Sec. 4: Jr. Red Cross I: M. M. M. 3, 4. Carol Joann Boollw-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: G. A. A, l': Sr. I. U. Variely Show Comm. 4. Theodore Bernard Bools-Technical-Golf I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I, 2: Eoolball I, 2: Choral Club 2: "A" Club I, 2, 3, 4: H. R. Pres. I. ! 1 ' 1 1 ji We re leaving to take our places askgloctors, yournahstg, f ...K , - LBS ' 'Sf A I .X I dui I Rf of I955 ROW ONE: Catherine Beverly Bowen-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3.4, lnler-club Council 4: Thespian App. 2, 3: Thespians 4, Sec. 4: Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, Vice Pres. 4: Sr. Talenl Show Comm. 4: Co-chr. Prom Relreshmenl' Comm. 3: M. M. M. 3, 4, Sec. 4: Moniior 3: H. R. Vice Pres. 2: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Sr. Class Play 4. James Bowen-General. Barbara Lea Boyer-Bus iness Educalion-Bible Club 4: Y-Teens 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Sr. I. U. Variely Show Comm. 4: Counseling Off. Assl. 4: H. S. Oil. Assl. 4: Class Exec. Comm. 4. Paula Jean Boze-Home Economics-Eng. Assl. I: I-I. R. Treas. 2. Mary Lou Bray-Gem eral. James Bridges-General-Fooiball I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Sr. Privale Parlies Comm. 4: Wresiling I': Track I: H. R. Sec.- Treas. 4: "A" Club 4. ROW TNNO: Janei Simone Bright-Business Educalion. Jerry Brifton-Pre-Appreniice-Ushers Club I, 2: Visual Aid Asst. I, 2. Jo Ann Bronnenberg-College Preparatory-6. A. A. 2: Lalin Club 2, 3: Bible Club 4: X'Ray 4: Y-Teens 3: Model U. N. 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Latin Assl. I: Eng, Assl. 4: Highlanders 4. Norma Jean Brow-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Thespian App. I, 2, 3.4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 2, 3.4: Model U. N. 4: H. R. Sec.-Treas. 4: Library Assl. 4: 6. A. A. I, 2: Prom Theme Comm. 3: Sr. Dinner-Dance Comm. 4: M. M. M. 3, 4: I All Slate Orch. 3, 4: Class Exec. Comm. 4. David Brown-Gem eral-Baslcelball I: Cross Counlry I, 2: Golf I, 2, 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3. 4: I-li'Y 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Pub. Rep. I: Model U. N. 4: Co-chr. Prom Gill Comm. 3: H. R. Treas. 2: "A" Club 2, 3, 4: Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. Bruce Carmack BucIr-General- Ful: Relailers 3, 4: Monilor 3: Prom Refreshment Comm. 3: Sr. Dinner-Dance Comm. 4. ROW THREE: John Edward Burke-Pre-Appreniice. Franklin C. Burkhart-General. Donald Eugene Burris-General-Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Avialion Club 3, Pres. 3: Prom Gill Comm. 3: Wrestling I, 2: Baseball I, 2, 3: Fooiball 2: Jr. Red Cross I, 2: Mixed Choir l, 2: Sr. I. U. Variely Show Comm. 4: MoniiorA2, 3: Cross Country 3: M. M. M. 3, 4. Janel Lee Busby -College Preparalory-Student Council I. 2, 3, Exec. Coun- cil 3, Sec. 3: Honor Sociely 3. 4: Prom Band Comm. 3: Sr. Tal- enl Show Comm. 4: Y-Teens l', 2, Vice Pres. 2: Convo Comm. 4, Sludenl Chr. 4: H. S. Off. Assl. 2, 3: Monilor 4: H. R. Vice Pres. l, Sec. 2: Annual Staff 4, Co-Edilor Underclass Sec. 4: Pepooses I, 2: Sr.-Frosh Friend 3: Lalin Club I, 2. Franklin C. Bush-General-Ushers Club 4: Cross Counlry I. Suelfa Mae Bussell-General-G. A. A. I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Co-chr. Prom Place Comm. 3: Thespian App. 2, 3, 4: Phys. Ed. Assl. 2: Pepooses li: Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3.4. mechanics, teachers, scientists --- but they'II miss us.: f, , ,i,Z,,,:'i "ml l I ' I -I A I I 2 I l I f i AME lc i gasoil 5 1 4 . V1 j 1 ,uLfl,, 3 .F i, M . . will p ,A We I J, 76 M y V f I I lc" 1 , V , -5133 ' jrifblfj' . X '. I' :.,,,'2': 3 45f"i,,u.4.rrf Am TIIIUIZ .w5'iI 'MM V ' " 'I T f V, -i 43 4 'jar , our f JQW' f -Q1 . IJ' f, :, 7 2 so . y c . E.......... ..:. .,c.,c...-.- ...:... ......a......,caa. - .. -..... . .ip ,,..fffb Y, i I W' K i A f .K . Ia III' , ,. Ib 8 4 Q gl, ',,' ' M if: 'K - ,J jug' Ik ROW ONE: Sandra Kay Buller-Business' Educalion. Thomas Michael Byrum-College Preparafory-H. R. Vice Pres. 3: Class Exec. Comm. I, 2, 3: Co-chr. Prom Refreshmenr Comm. 3: Torch Club 1.2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Bible Club I, Vice Pres. I: Band I. 2, 3: Model U. N. 4: Traclc 2: Orcheslra 2, Calherine Ann Byrne-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Library Assl. 2: H.R. Pres. I: Sr. Talenr Show Comm. I. Doris Lee CaIIender-GeneraI- H.R. Vice Pres. I. Herberl Cappel-General-Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: M.M.M. 3, 4: Thespian App. 2: Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Madrigal 3, 4': Prom Enlerlainmenl' Comm. 3: Mixed Choir 2: Fur. Relailers 2, 3: Band 4: Ushers Club 2: Co.-Chr. Sr. Cos- Iume Parry Comm. 4, Dannie Carper-Pre Apprenlice. ROW TWO: Beverly Marlene Carroll -General-Y-Teens I', 2, 3: Choral Club 3, 4: Concerl Choir 2. 3: Sludenl Council 3: H.R. Sec.-Trees. 2, Sec. 3: Prom Grand March Comm. 3: Sr. Privare Parries Comm. 4. Max Elmer Carson-Pre Apprenlice. A U I . w 1 V of .,.,.- M, - ,,,.,. ,., Thelma Joan arler-General-F.T.A. 4: Bible Club I, 2: Mon- ilor 2, 3. 4: Sr. l.U. Variely Show Comm. 4, Bealrice Mae Cal- fron-General. Barbara Rose Chapin-General. Esfher Dee Chapin-Business Educalion-6.A.A. I, 2: Phys. Ed. Assl. 2: Pepooses 2: Ful. Rerailers 4: Pub. Rep. I, 2. ROW THREE: George Herman Chapin-General. Gordon Leo Chaslain-College Preparalory-Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 4: I.a'Iin Club 2, Sec. 2: I'I.R. Pres. 2, 4: Monilor I, 2, 4: Co.- chr. Prom Flower Comm. 3: Sr. l.U. Variely Show Comm. 4: Model UN. 4: Convo Comm. 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Boys Slale 3: Jr. Rolarian 4: Orchesfra 3. Mary Carolyn Chris'Iian-- General-Y-Teens 3, 4, Sec. 4: Prom Invilalions Comm. 3: Jr. Red Cross 3: Monilor 2, 3, 4: Sr. Talenl Show Comm. 4. Barbara Chrlsfena Clanin-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Fur. Refailers 3, :Ii I-I. R. VICG Pres. 4: Speech OIT. Assl. 3: Sr, Coslume Parry Comm. 4. Avis Evalyn Clark-Home Economics-Y-Teens 4: Arl Assl. 3, 4. Julia Florence Clark-General-G. A. A. I. A i f, .. , u 154 of J f-. I' I-a?J...ii 2 J if if J Illll. W... ..,,., ..,....,, . FFA, -sf - - 5 if J 1 I 7 . ef? 'firm' J U iw wff' WWI!" ejf dzf' XZLLL bf ffm, lwfijlbccf rf 4 , I f .4 . f rj,-f II I J, T .4 f' Af r U- - '1 --"-- '--1"" General-Mixed Choir 2: Track 3, "A"Club 4. Philip Wesley Clemenfs-Technical-Visual Aid Ass+.'2. 3, 4: Slucleni' Mgr. 3, 4: Golf 3: "A" Club 4: Sr. Picnic Comm. 4: Science Club 2. Larry E. Cleveland-Tecl-inical-Eoolball 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3: "A" Club 4: Prom Reg. Comm. 3: Sr. Dance Comm. 4. Jan- ice Olema Clevenger-College Prepararory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, Pres. 3: Lalin Club I, 2: Orclieslra 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: All Sfa'I'e Orch. 3, 4: Honor Sociely 4: Thespians 3, 4: Prom Place Comm. 3: Sr. Dinner-Dance Comm. 4: Moclel 4: Girls Slale 3: H.S. OIT. Assl. 2, 4: F,T.A. 41 M.M.M. 3, 4. Marflia Ellen Cobb -Business Eclucalion-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Monilor 3: Prom Queens Comm. 3: Sr. I.U. Variely Show Comm. 4. ROW TWO: Jack Coffin-College Preparafory-Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I, 2: Track I, 2: H.R. Pres. 2, 3, 4: Class Exec. Comm. 3, 4: Ind. Sfudenl Leg. 4: Boys S'Ia+e 3: Co.-cI'ir. Prom Ticlcel' Comm. 3: Cofclir. Sr. Picnic Comm. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3. 4, Pres. 4: "A" Club 3, 4: Monilor 3: Locker Off. fxani. 1, ui. nviuiiuii 1, i.uiiii viuu L, .nv-.ui vnu. -. ---up-fu Lucille Coffman-General. Paul Collis-Teclwnical-Eoofball nl: Golf I. Rosalee Ann Collis-Home Economics-Y-Teens I, 2: Bible Club 2, 3: H.R. Sec. l'. William Jerome Cooper-Pre- Apprenlice. Sharon Cooper-General. ROW THREE: Nancy Jo Copeland-Business Educa+ion-Y- Teens I, 2, 3: Pliys. Ed. AssI', 2: Eng Assl. 4: X'Ray 3, 4. Jan H. Coppoclc-College Preparaiory. Carre'Ha Conine-General- G.A.A. I, 4: Phys. Ed. Assr. 2: Bible Club 4: Y-Teens I. Sherry Couch-Business Educalion-Fuf. Rerailers 3, 4, Treas. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3: Library Assl. 2, 3: Dean's Assf. 2: Sr. Coslume Parly Comm. 4: Prom Flowers Comm. 3: Lorna Omae Craigie -Business Educafion-Sfudenl Council I: Jr. Red Cross 2: Eng. Ass+. 2: Y-Teens 2, 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: X-Ray 3: An- nual Sfalf 4, Co-Ediror Acrivilies 4: Prom Favor Comm. 3: Sr. I.U. Varieiy Slwow Comm. 4: Model U.N. 4: Pub Rep. 4. Ale- Ihea Crifser-General-Y-Teens I, 2: Mixed Choir 3: X-Ray Typisf 4. ' Wei I' I I I I I N I K. I ROW ONE: Vincenl LeRoy Daubenspeclr-College Preparatory Basketball I, 2, 3: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: "A" Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: -Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Aviation Club 2, 3: Pub. Rep, I, H.R. Pres. 2, 3.4: Prom Ticlcel Comm. 3: Nal. Scholastic Ath- 2, 4: H.R. Vice Pres. I, Sec.-Treas. 2: Tennis I, 2: Thespian App. Ietic Ass'n 3, 4. Wendell De With-General. Ardilh Coleen De 2: Student Council 2: Baseball I, 2, 3: Wreslling I, 2. 3: Mon- Young-General-Almena. Kansas I. 21 Bible CIUID 3. 4. ViC9 I itor 2: Sr, Dinner Comm. 4. Mariorie Dianne Davis--General- Pres. 3: Honor Society 4. Mary Jo Donahue--General-Bible I Biology Asst. 2, 3. Pallie Lou Davis-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, Club II Fut. Retailers 3. 42 Y-TSSVIS li. 2. 3. 4? SV. Picnic COFTWI- L Treas. I: Pep Sessions Comm. 3, 4: Pepooses 2: Cheerleader 3, 4. Hugh Delano Do-Ison-General-H.R. Pres. I, Vice Pres. 2: 1 4: Bible Club I. 2, 3, 4: Class Exec. Comm. I: H.R. Vice Pres. 3: Choral Club 3, 4: Prom Queens Comm. 3: Hi-Y 4: Talent Show Prom Theme Comm. 3: Co.-chr. Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. Roberl' Comm. 4: Mixed Choir I, 2. D'-Th'l.D'IS+ D' -CII P - "WS ef "ma me evans "vm" O age 'Ewa Row THREE: Ross Edward Davey-eeneai-rOO+i,sIl I. 2. ' tory-Latin Club I, 2: Torch Club I, 2: Golf I, 2: Honor Soc- W H, I 2 3.1, ki' M ,+ 2' I d, M ik 3 L , E iely 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Highlanders 4: Jr. Rolarian 4: Model U.N. D Fez 'ng P' ' ri? 'B En' Ok ' Eli? agco, ' 55.5 . 4: Student Council 2, 3, 4, Exec. Council 3, 4, Perliamentarian OV en- 'e' pprenfcz Cirfara Dm' Dudey- Uiyness E U- 3, President 4: Co.-chr. Prom Grand March Comm. 3: Sr. Dance Cam?"-Y-TeTnS 2'.M'Xe , Ol' 2' ansa U Tin- Sme CO' j Comm. 4. Mary Lana Day-General-Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4: All gsmms-MYOfl',"'O' l' Nursesfxlssi' 2' 14' ,every RU duTTnLT . Slate Orchestra 3: M. M. M. 3, 4: Prom Theme Comm. 3: Music eneral- - eens l' 2' Sec' l' Pub' Rep' '2' 3' 4' O e ' ' , I 4: Sr. Picnic Comm. 4: Moniior I. 2: Prom Band Comm. 3: Asst. 4. Sr. Costume Party Comm. 4. Choralelles 2: F. T. A. 4. Nancy Duncan-General-Sludenl ROW TWO: Janice Lea Dearing-General-YATeens I, 2, 3: COUHCII I. 2: Y-Teens I'. 2. 3: PVOW1 Giii COWIUI- 31 SF- Dinner Monitor 2: Prom Gift Comm. 3: H. R. Vice Pres. I. Larry De Comm. 4: Class Exec. Comm. 4: Monitor I, 2: H. R. Sec.-Trees. V Horify-College Preparatory-Cross Country I, 2: Football 3: 3- i 2 1 I . Q - , , K 1 U 27" '. . Tligigownsfolle, facing our noon rushbyour attempts at wwf... if . .wits f E G V cr'Iffh3': "1 if I r i I E :GV I I I if,'ml'5IV3 Q ITM 4 .I ' : . . 25 'r .I - I II - . . f - fi.. ,v , gy Q . SXLIQYQRYY I K -K A Ay' M1191 .Yi . jijw., .lax-L1L,b5,-15' L, "" I I4 ' 46 iw wifi J. t.. rf.. sg, I 1 I of I955 ROW ONE: Donna Joan Durbin-General-Y-Teens I. Judi'l'l'1 Carole Eas+-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I: Jr. Red Cross I, 2: Fur. Relailers 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3: Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. Judifh Ann Edens-Business Educalion-Y-Teens l, 2. 3, 4. lnler-club Coun- cil 3: H. R. Sec.-Treas. 2, 4. Vice Pres. 3: Monifor 3: Maiorelle 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Prom Favors Comm. 3: Sr. Coslume Par- Iy Comm. 4. Pa'I'ricia Edwards-Business Educalion-Honor So- ciery 3, 4: Monilor 2: Sr. Privale Parries Comm. 4. Gayle' Bea- 'rrice Egley-Business Educalion. Larry Lee El1le-General- Mixed Choir 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal 3. 4: Prom Enler- Iainmenl Comm. 3: Co-chr. Sr. Gill Comm. 4: Model U. N. 4: Foolball l: M. M. M. 4. ROW TWO: Rosalie Elliofl-General-Y-Teens I: G. A. A. I: Monilor l, 2, Donald E. Ellison-Technical-H. R. Pres. I, 2. 3. 4: Torch Club 2, Sgr.-a'I-Arms 2: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Bible Club 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4: Class Exec. Comm. l: Jr. Exchangile 4: Prom Grand March Comm. 3, Sr. Dinner Dance Comm. 4. Horace Ed- win England-General-Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Foolball 3, 4: Traclc l: Cross Counfry l', 2: H. R. Vice Pres. 2. 3. 4: Class Exec. Comm. 2: "A" Club 3. 4, Sgr.-aI-Arms 4: Prom Favors Comm. 3: Sr. Coslume Parry Comm. 4.Larry Joe Eshel- man-Technical, Carolyn Sue Esfle-General-Fur. Relailers 4. David Arnold Evans-Pre-Apprenlice-Camera Club 4: Thes- pian App. 4. ROW THREE: Joyce Marlene Fause'H-Business Educalion- Eng. Off. Asst 3.4: F. T. A. 3: Y-Teens 2: Sr. I .U. Variely Show Comm. 4. Rosemary Anne Faux-General-Moniior 3: F. T. A. 3: Prom Enlerlainmenl Comm. 3: Sr. l. U. Variely Show Comm. 4: Biology Assl. 3: Nurse's Assf. 4. Helen Mae Felfon-Genen al-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Counseling Oil. Assl. 2: Biology Assl. 3: Nurse's Assr. 4: Library Assl. 2: Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. Barbara Jane Fischer-College Prepararory-Larin Club 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 4: Chem. Assl. 3, 4: Orcheslra 2. 3. 4: G. A. A. I: Sr. Cosfume Parfy Comm. 4. Barbara Joan Fish-College Preparalory-La+in Club 2, 3 :Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Monilor 2. 3.4: Sr. Dance Comm. 4: Speech Assl. 2: Sfudenl Council 3: Commencemenl Speaker 4. Elizabeih Ann Fishbaclc-College Preparalory--Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal 4: Monilor 3: Nurse's Assr. 2: Dean's Assl. 3, 4: Y- Teens I, 2, 3: Class Exec. Comm. 3. 4: Sir. Class Play 4: Cl-ir. Prom Enrerfainmenl Comm. 3: Sr. I. U. Variery Show Comm. 4: Choralelres 2: M. M. M. 4. celebrating uicf ri:e5fiidefeats', orjust celebrating .. , I Mew : I 1 I . Q lf -f Q .I F WsHif'V'e"9 'ggi L F. ,ff ff, : ....,A if ,. c 'fi I X 1 1,1 ,-. . ,, ' I .Ile ,.1ffrz'II-I'frffc NJ V. A-. 'I 'Y rits L ' II 'I I I ,Ti kill rf: y . 'mega '7 I 5 M me 7 HL je Ili ,iw - W . Q C oo, . My www M I' If wi' 497409 f fgclbwovl fU"1L- . ef . ,. ROW ONE: Carol Lee Fisher-General-Sludenl CoupI3lIIPlfi2,Iy, Corresponding Sec. 47 Choralelles 2: Prom Theme Comm. 3: Thespian App. 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Alhlelic OIT. Assl. 2, 3, 4. Roberl' Judson Filzgerald-College Preparalory--Dean's Assl. I, 2, 3, 4, Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3: Foolball 4, Baseball I, 2, 47 Wreslling I,'3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Torch Club I5g2:'Thespian App. I. 27 Choral Club 4: Mixed Choir 2, 3: Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. David K. Fleck-College Preparalory-Dean's Assl. 3, 45 Sr. Coslume Parly Comm. 4. Cecil Richard Flowers-Pre-Appren+ice-- Ushers Club I, 2, 3, 4: Conservalion Club I. Janice Jean Fos- nof-College Preparalory-Larin Club I, 2, Thespian App. 2, H. R. Treas. I. Ronald Fowler-College Preparalory-I-Ii-Y 33 Torch Club I, 2, Honor Socieiy 3, 41 Model U. N. 4. ROW TWO: Eugene Arlhur Fox-General-Torch Club 2: Ful. Relailers 3, 45 Track Ig Cross Counlry I, 2: Baseball 27 Sr. Dance Comm. 47 Moniior 3. Virginia Franlrlin-General-Pep ooses I. Carolyn Jo Friermood-General-Bible Club I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 37 Y-Teens I, 2, G. A. A. I:Jr. Red Cross 2, 4: H. R. !Ifl'!4lVA!L I 'I I 'ri I 7 '. I.Jfi.EJ4,,.Il IM. Sec. 3: Pepoosesxl, 2. Duane Lee Frisbie-College Preparal- ory-Traclc I, 2, Cross Counlry I, 2, 3: Torch Club I. Billy Rhea Furnish-General-Torch Club 2: Ushers Club 2, 3g Orchesira I, 2: Conservalion Club I, 2. Barry Alan Gear- College Preparalory-Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Counlry I, 25 Torch Club I, 2, Pres. 2: Hi-Y 3, 4, Pres 4, Co-chr. Prom Place Comm. 3: "A" Club 3, 43 Honor Socieiy 3, 41 H. R. Vice Pres. 2: Sr. Picnic Comm. 4, Pub. Rep. 4. ROW THREE: Frederick K. Gaskell-Technical-Model U. N. 4. lla Elsie Geiger-Business Educalion. Margie George- General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, Eng. Assl. 23 Prom Favors Comm. 3: Sr. Dinner Dance Comm. 43 Annual Typis'I 4, X-Ray 3: Class Exec. Comm, 27 Model U. N. 4: Monilor 2: Pep Ses- sions Comm. 37 Concerl Choir 21 Choralelles 3. Pauline' Gib- son-Home Economics. Sandra Jean Gibson-Business Educ- aiion-Plymoulh, Ind. I, 2, 3. Belly Rae Gilpin-College Preparalory-G. A. A. Ig Monilor 2g Prom Dec. Comm. 33 Nurse's Asst 4, Chem. Ass+, 43 Co-chr. Inlerclass Acl. 45 I-I. R. Sec. 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Pepooses I. f'- SQ f' 42. I . x E W ' W gi Q J9 0 X 'U fjlfwy ,, ,, . ROW ONE: Linda Joan Gilson-General. David Lloyd Goach- er-General-Torch Club 2, Bancl I, 2, 3, Orcheslra I, 2, 3, Choral Club 3, 4, Madrigal 4: X-Ray 3, 4, Bus. Mgr. 4, M. M. M. 3, 4, Treas. 4, Chr. Prom Chaperone Comm. 3, H. R. Vice Pres. I, Lalin Club 2, Sr. Dance Comm. 4. Julia Ann Gold- General-Y-Teens I. Palricia Ann Gouldsbery-Generalw Eng. Assl. I, 4, Class Arr Award I, 3, Amer. Leg. Arl Award I, Choralellesg Concerl Choir 3, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinel' 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4, Sludenf Council 4, Music Assl. 4, F. T. A. 3, 4, Honor Sociely 3, 4, Prom Favors Comm. 3, Prom Publicify Comm. 3: Sr. Dinner-Dance Comm. 4, Co-chr. Dec. 4, I. H. S. P. A. Conf. 4, Annual Slaff 4, Senior Eclilor 4, Arl Edilor 4, Pepooses 2, Hisl. Assf. 3, Senior Arl' Award 4, Co.-Chr. Clean- Up Week Comm. 4. Karl Roberl' Greddy-Technical-Baseball I, 2, 3, Baslcefball I, Foofba-Il I, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club 3, 4, Honor Sociely 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Prom Gill Comm. 3, H. R. Vice Pres. 2, 4, Sr. Dinner-Dance Comm. 4. James Graham-Technical- H. R. Pres. I, 2, Foolball I, Ring Comm. 2. ROW TWO: Linda Lucille Granger-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Class Treas. 2, Class Exec. Comm. 3, 4, Chr. Prom Ticker X .fzf-f , ,jklf,1!J. 4' li-gr VQV, f1f,f,f.'. '- I ,--J' " wfI!1V,,.-I, Comm. 3, Monifor 2, Model U. N. 4: Sr. Dance Comm. 4, H. R. Sec. 2. Virginia Ann Graves-Business Educalion-Yfleens I', 2, 3, Pepooses I, 2, Honor Sociely 3, X-Ray 3, F. T. A. 3, Model Show Comm. 4. Bobbie Franklin Gray-General. Phillip Arnold U. N. 3, Prom Publicily Comm. 3, Sr. I. U. Variely Grove-General-Sludenl' Council I, 2, 3, Foolball I, F. F. A. I, H. R. Pres. 3, Sr. Cosiume Parly Comm. 4. John Richard Hagan-General-Valley Slafion, Ky. I, 2, 3. Shirley Anne Haggard--General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, H. R. Sec.-Treas. 4, Sr. Taleni Show Comm. 4. ROW THREE: David Emory Hamilfon-General. James Marvin Hancock-Technical-Sfudenl Council I, 2: H. R. Vice Pres. I, 2, Pub. Rep. I, X-Ray 3, Auundl Slaff 3, 4, Bus. Mgr. 3, 4, I-'li-Y 3, Torch Club I, 2, Model U. N. 4, Prom Ticlcel' Comm. 3. Arnold Hansell-General. Phillip Howard Hlarris-General- Wresfling I, 4, Baseball I, Hi-Y 3, Torch Club 2, Highlanders 4.4 Philip Thomas Harrison--General--H. R. Pres. I, 2, 4, Vice Pres. 3, Monilor 2, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Sr. Coslume Parly Comm. 4, Baseball I. Neil Charles Hari-General-Monilor I, Track I, 2. s aww' 1 fify ca JV! .U l"f , g Lf MQAWRIR 0 1 I I Q I ,pgs .I gf 'I , 4 Iggy ,U 1 e ROW ONE: Hu Ween Phyllis Harl-General-Y-Teens 2, 4. Joan Hartley-Business Education-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Pepooses I: Student Council 2: Monitor 3: Prom Place Comm. 3: Sr. Tal- enl' Show Comm. 4. Nancy Jane Hasly-Business Education- Y-Teens I, 3: Prom Tickel- Comm. 3. Lowell Edward Hatfield- Vocational Agriculture-F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4. Sue Hatfield-Gem eral--H. R. Sec.-Trees. I': Y-Teens I, 2: Library Asst. 4. Annie Hawkins-Home Economics. ROW TWO: James E. Hawn-General-F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4. Celia Hayden-Business Education. Paula Joyce Haynes-Gem eral-Sludenl' Council 2, 3: Monitor I, Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Sr. Private Parties Comm. 4. Diclc Dean Hazel-General-Baseball I, 3: Football I, 2: Baslcelball I, 2: if'- , xlf , CLASS "A" Club 3, 4, Virginia Hellems-General. Palsy Lou Herr- Home Economics-Bible Club 2, 3. ROW THREE: Miriam Hesler-General-Student Council I: Y- Teens 2, 3, 4: Prom Ticket Comm. 3. Phyllis Jean Hiclay-College Preparatory-Nurse's Asst. 4: Monitor 3: G. A. A. 2: Thespian App. 2: H. R. Vice Pres. 2, Treas. I. David Lewis. Hitchcock- College Preparalory-Bible Club 4. Bessie Ellen Hitchcock- G-eneral--Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Bible Club 4: Fur. Retailers 3, 4. Gerald Lee Hoclson-College Preparatory-Sludenl Council 2, 3, 4, Exec. Council 4: Lalin Club 2: Honor Society 3, 4: Prom 'lublicily Comm. 3: Co-chr. Sr. Dinner Dance Dec. Comm. 41 Torch Club 2. Avis Irene Hollars-Home Economics. ,, g., gy ai! 1-1 ' L. D ,ff ' .1 , U M A F li Af ' ' .I -2.11, ,J l J H Ii' Ill y X1 up I ,Mt IULI --a-p The teacfhers' who seen us throw together o last xii .. A J I 50 I of I955 ROW ONE: Rober+ Howard Holliday-General-Foolball Ii Baseball I: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orclneslra I: Avialion Club 3: I-I. R. Vice Pres. 3: Sr. Privale Parlies Comm. 4. Jack Duane Hollis- Cveneral-I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Cross Counlry I: Monilor 2. Marilyn Eug- enia Hooper-Business Educalion-Y-Teens 2: F. T. A. 3: Ful. Relailers 3, 4: Counseling Off. Assl. 3: X-Ray Typisl 4: Model U. N. 4. George Hopkins-Business Educalion-Bible Club I: Prom Band Comm. 3: Cross Counlry I. Ri'I'a Hoskins-General. Paflie Louise Howe-I-Iome Economics-Sr. Talenl' Show Comm. 4. ROW TVVO: Roberl Huffer-Pre-Apprenlice-Ushers Club 2, 3, 4: Conservalion Club I, 2: "A" Club 4: Foolball I, 2, 4: Wreslling I', 2: Sr. Coslume Parly Comm. 4. Rodney Edwin Huffer-General-Ushers Club I, 2, 3, 4: Track I: Sludenl Mgr. 2, 4: I-I.R. Vice Pres. I: Prom Dec. Comm. 3. Anila Louise Hughes-I-Iome Economics-I'I.R. Pres. I, Sec. 2, 3: Sludenl Council 3, 4, Exec. Council 4: Tlwespians 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Prom Favors Comm. 3: Fall Wind-Up Queen 4: Co.-clwr. Sr. I.U. Variely Slwow 4: Prom Queen Allend. 3: Class Exec. Comm. 3: Sr.-Frosln Friend 3, 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Pub. Rep. I. Pa+ricia Ann Hugl-ues-Home Economics-Bible Club 4: Ivlonilor 3. James Lowell Hunler-Vocalional Agricullure-F.F.A. 2, 3. 4. Roberl' Weer HunI'Iey-GeneraI-Conservalion Club I, 2: Tlwespians 4: Sr. Talenl Show Comm. 4. ROW THREE: Jane Ann Hunhinger-College Preparafory- Y-Teens I, 2. 3: Lalin Club 2: F.T.A. 3, 4: I'I.R. Pres. I, Sec. 2. 3, 4: Class Exec. Comm. 3, 4: Co.-cI'lr. Prom Favors Comm. 3: Sr. Coslume Parly Comm. 4: Model U. N. 4: Girls Slale 3: Clnoral Club 3. 4: Maclriqal 4: Sr. Class Play 4: l'Ionor Sociely 4: Dean's Assl. 2, 3, 4: Clworalelles 2: Pepooses I: IvI.M.M, 4: Tlwespian App. 4. Nancy Lou Iferf-General. Belly Jane Imel- Business Educalion-Mixed Clwoir I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Ivlonilor 2: I-I.R. Vice Pres. I, 3. Sec.-Treas. 2: Eng. Assl. I: X-Ray 3, 4, Fealure Ed. 4: Lillle Chief 4, Co-Edilor 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Sr. I, U. Variely Slwow Comm. 4. Joe D. Ire- land-College Preparalory-Foolball I, 2: Baslcelball I: Golf I, 2: I-Ii-Y 3, 4: I-I.R. Pres. I, 2. Richard Raymond Ives--Pre- Apprenlice. Juani+a Jackman-Business Educalion- Pepooses I', 2: G.A.A. I: Monilor 2. research theme qmifsmash our final test tube .. . I, y ,. . ,ff K A . C...4m.. 3 VT J .Wiswd P' IDA lf, 3, . UI lil . If XX: :GJ LL r . .f Ax-jg q I , f, f - , f 5 , - , wwf' , .x e W v 0-yf '- jf Qylysgrye '4- " I I fi i of 'SUV 4 11 lf' . ROW ONE: Alfred Harry Jackson-General-Band I, 2, 3, 4: H. R.. Pres. I: Conservalion Club 2: I-li-Y 4: Tennis 3, 4: Torch Club I', 2. Frederic J. James-General-Pub. Rep. I: Pub. Pholographer I, 2: Wreslling I, 2, 3,4: Cross Counlry I, 4. Janel' May James-General. Thomas LeeJames-General. Raul Jiminez-GeneraI.PaIricia Ann Johns-Home Economics-Mom ilor 3: Sr. Dinner-Dance Comm. 4: Lalln Assl. 4. ROW TWO: Carolyn Sue Johnson-Home Economics. Wilma Johnson-General-Y-Teens I, 3. Ernesi' Eugene Johns'I'on-Pre- Apprenlice. Phyllis Jolly--College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. I, 2: Lalin Club I, 2: Pepooses I, 2: Choralelrles 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Co-chr. Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. Norberl' Joe Jones-General-I-li-Y 4: Torch Club I. 2: Sec. I: H. R. Pres. 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. I. Norman Keiih Jones-General-Torch Club 2: Pub. Rep. 2, 3, 4: Fur. Rerailers 3, 4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4: Prom Favors Comm. 3: S'r. Cosfume Parly Comm. 4. U ilu AJS .nfl ATTXWAJV P C '3e,.u:QQ'5'Qi I ROW THREE: Rebecca Ann Jones-Business Educalion-Chow alelles 4: Concerl Choir 3. Sharon Kay Jones-General-H. R. Pres. I: Mixed Choir 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4: Monilor 3: Prom Grand March Comm. 3: Highlanders Club 4, Sec. 4: Thespian App. 3, 4: Sr. I. U. Variely Show Comm. 4. Sylvia Gayle Jones-Business Educalion--Class Exec. Comm. 2, 3: Honor Sociely 4: Y'Teens 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Visual Aid Assl. 4: Sr. I. U. Variely Show 4: Phys. Ed. Assl. 2: G. A. A. I. 2. Jane Ellen Judlrins-College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Ticker Comm. 3: Co-chr. Sr. Ticlcel Comm. 4: Thespian App. 2: I-l. R. Sec. I'. Judi+h Anne Kabrich-Business Educalion-Y-Teens, 2. 3, 4, Cabinel' 4: lvloniror 3: Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3: Honor Sociely 3. 4: Thespian App. 3, 4: Co-chr. Sr. Gill Comm. 4: H. R. Sec.-Treas. 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 32 Model U. N. 4. Howard Holbrook Kardalilce-General-Band I, 2, 3: Baseball I: Eoolball 2. 4: Wreslling 3, 4: "A" Club 4: Sr. I. U. Variely Show Comm. 4. SEEK '11 Q.. ,. ,JLLM flslww- :V if F T' . I f 0 My . r V .V LA f In li l H 4, , , a 1 . Iwi. Q irc... o ,, V , ,, , M. I . . J - 'Vik QL Q veal 1 , .fy Y Cvmg QA W e W- f 1 fi Row ONE: Larry Kelis?-eenemz. Paul Dwighi Keller-rece nical-Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4, Sgr.-al-Arms 4: Track 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Sludenl' Talenf Show M. C. 4: Sr. Talenl Show Comm. 4: Monilor 3, 4. Jerry Waller Kim- ball-Teclmical-Monilor I: Sludenf Council ,I, 2: Torch Club I, 2: Golf I, 2: Pep Sessions Comm. 2: Convo Comm. 3, 4: Hi- Y 3, 4, Sec. 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4: Co-clwr. Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Jr. Rofarian 4: Model U. N. 4: Sr. TalenI'Sl'1ow Comm. 4: Class Exec. Comm. 4. Bill Gene Kimmerling-Vocab ional Agricullure. Mary Barbara King-Business Educalion- MOHIIOF 2: X-Ray 3: Sr. Dinner Dance Comm. 4. Harry L. Kir- chenbaur--Teclnnical-Honor Sociely 3, 4: H. R. Pres. 3: Prom Regisfralion Comm. 3: Sr. Talenl' Show Comm. 4: Class Exec. Comm. 2. ROW TWO: Susan Jane Kirkman-College Preparafory-Indian Maiden 4: Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Class Treas. I: G. A. A. I: Head Monilor 3: Monilor I, 2: H. R. Treas. I, 2: Jr. Red Cross 2, 3: Annual Slall' 4, Facully Edilor 4: Co-chr. Prom Regislra- lion Comm. 3: Model U. N. 4: Pepooses I, 2: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Inler-club Council 3, Cabinel 4: Sr.-Frosh Friend 3: Thespian App. 3: Sir. Coslume Parly Comm. 4. Roe Kirkpa'I'rick-VocaIion- sWV al Agricullure-F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Track I: Prom Tickel Comm. 3. Esfher KnoHs-Home Economics. Alice F. KocI1er-General- Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Ramblers Club I: Monilor 2, 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Sr. Dinner Dance Comm. 4. Phillip Keilh Kreegar- College Preparalory-Lalin Club 2: Prom Relreslnmenf Comm. 3: H. R. Vice Pres. 4: Sr. Coslume Parly Comm. 4. Jerry Lee Lakey-General-Monilor 3, ROW THREE: Judilh Ann Langford-Business Educalion- Clworalelles 2, 4: Y-Teens I: Jr. Red Cross 2: Sr. I.U. Variely Show Comm. 4: X-Ray 3: Ramblers Club I'.Barnes Richard La+I'1am-General-Hi-Y 3, 4: H.R. Pres. I, 3, Sec. 3: Pub. Rep. 4: Foolball I, 2, 3: Baskelball I, 2: Track I, 2: Prom Band Comm. 3: Sr. Talenl Show Comm. 4: "A" Club 3, 4: Torch Club 2. Frank LesI'er Laylon-General-Baskelball I, 2: ,.,, I ,' L 'ff X.. gf.-c I. , X I A .392 Q yQQ V7 QQ 5 .,..-u y Q, gl. fi-QE! Tennis I, 2, 3, 4. Joyce Madeline Layfon-4General-Y-Teens I: Clrioralelles 2, 3, 4: Monllor 2: Music Assl. 3. Barbara Janice Leffel-General-Orclweslra I, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Choir 2, 3: Concerl Choir 3: Choral Club 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4: Cabinel 4, James Roberf Leverefle-General-Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4, Hon. Capl. 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4: "A" Club 2, 3, 4: Prom lnvilalions Comm. 3: H.R. Pres. I, S'ec.4. Si iff O. V 4: 0314 f ' ' . Q ' X .4 0 ..., i - I I i I . T .fi ROW ONE: Thomas Merle Levi-Pre-Apprenlice. Michael Roy LeviH-General. Barbara Jean Lewis-General. Charles B. Lewis-General. Claudia Sue Lewis-General-Tucson, Arizona I': Y'Teens 2, 3: Eng. Assl. 2: Annual Slall 4, Underclass Co- Ediior 4: X-Ray 3. Jack Dwayne Lewis-Business Educalion-Eui. Relailers 3, 4. ROW TWO: Edward W. Lind-College Preparal'ory-Indianap- olis Shorlridqe I'I.S. I: Jacksonville. Ela. 2: Eoolball 3, 4: Wresllinq 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: "A" Club 4. Conrad Eugene Lisby-General-Choral Club 4: Monilor I, 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: S'r. Talenl Show Comm. 4: I-I.R. Pres. 4, Vice Pres. I, 2, 3: Mixed ChoiF'2, 3: Sr. Class Play 4: Prom Theme Comm. 3. Marjorie Anne Lillen-College Preparalory-Monilor 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3. Roberl' Dean Loose-General-Class Pres. 4: Sludenl Council 3, 4, Exec. Council 3, 4: Class Exec. Comm. 4: Ind. Sludenl' Leg. 4: Visual Aid Assl. I, 2: I'I.R. Pres. I, 2. George Love-College Preparalory-Cross Counlry I: Sludenf Mgr. 2, 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: I-li-Y 3, 4: Model U.N. 4: Prom Chaperone Comm. 3: Sr. Dinner Dance Comm. 4: Choral Club 3. 4: "A" Club 3, 4. Pamela Anne Lowe-General-Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3, 4: CI-ioralelles 3: Mixed Choir 3: Co.-chr. Prom Gill CLASS Comm. 4: X-Ray 3: Model U.N. 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Alhlelic Off. Assl. 3, 4: Thespian App. 2, 3.4. ROW THREE: Joan Adele Lowry-College Preparalory-Class Sec. I, 2: Class Exec. Comm. I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Queen 3: Co.-chr. Prom Decoralions Comm. 3: I-Ionor Sociely 3, 4: Siudenl Coun- cil 2, Exec. Council 2: Cheerleader 3, 4: Model U.N. 4: Ind. Sludenl Leg. 4: Girls S+a'le 3: D.A.R. Award 4: Y-Teens I, 2, Vice Pres. I: Lalin Club I, 2: Jr. Red Cross I: Pep Sessions Comm. 3, 4: I-I.R. Sec. 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Sr. Dance Comm. 4. Roberl McAIIis'ler-College Preparalory-Golf I, 2, 3, 4: Slu- denl Council I: Honor Slociely 3, 4: Mr. Red 4: "A" Club 4: Model U.N. 4: Torch Club I, 2: I-Ii-Y 3, 4. Judiih Kaye McCoy -General. Linda Darlene McCuIIum-College Preparalory- Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: I'I.R. Vice Pres. 2, 3, 4: F.T.A. 3, 4: Lalin Club I: Prom Flower Comm. 3: Sr, I.U. Variely Show Comm. 4: Model U.N. 4: Monilor 2: Thespian App. 2. Wilma Jean Mc- Cune-Business Educalion. James Philip McDaneII-Technical -Pep Sessions Comm. 3, 4: Bible Club 3, 4, Pres. 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Commencement Speaker 4: I-I.R. Pres. I, 3, 4: Co- chr. Sr. Dinner 4. Our dating pqrglits who shared our triiilalfphs and our ,rib-I 1 .r :mf so M1 ZLMQTIWJ1 ,: ,L M 54 :pg ' . I i- 'f Xi' of I955 ROW ONE: Carol Ann McElroy-General-Columbus I-l.S I: Zionsville I-lc. Sf 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Sr.Coslume ParfyComm. 4. Thomasina L. McEvoy-Business Educalion. Donald Keilh McGee-College Preparalory-I.aI'in Club 37 Bible Club I, 2, 3, 4, Baskelball I: Track lg Prom Relreshmenl' Comm. 3, Sir. Dinner Comm. 4: Mixed Choir 2.Cur+is Chesler McGuire- General. William Edgar McKinney-College Preparalory- Prom Relreshmenl Comm. 3: Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. Kalhryn Vir- Ginia McKissicIc-Home Economics. ROW TWO: Jack E. Mabbill'-GeneraIfOrcl-ieslra 3, 4: Mon- iror 23 M. M. M. 4. Barbara Lee Madren-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, fri Dean's Assl. 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Monilor 3: Sr. Dance Comm. 4. Mary Ann Mahan-College Preparalory- Concerl Choir 2, 3: Choral Club 47 Y-Teens I. 2: F. T. A. 3, 4: Prom Enlerlainmenl Comm. 3: Orcheslra 3: Model U. N. 43 M. M. M. 3, 4, Music Assl. 45 All Slale Chorus 4: Sr. Dinner . f 62 fi I I' ,. . .Wi ,-I Dance Comm. 4. Palricia Kay Malone-General-I-I. R. Pres. I, Vice Pres. 2, Sludenl Council I: Class Exec. Comm. I. Deryle Wayne Marlin-General-Foolball I, 3: Baseball I, 2: "A" Club I, 2, 3, 4, H. R. Vice Pres. I, 2, Pres. 3. Joe Marlin-Gem eral- Parking Lol Cadel 3. ROW THREE: Mary Wanda Massey-Business Educa'lion-Y- Teens 4: Sr. Dance Comm. 4. Roberl Maxwell-General-Bible Club 47 Jr. Red Cross 2. Ronald James Meeker-TechnicaI- Torch Club 25 I'li-Y 4: I-I. R. Vice Pres. 3, 4, Tennis I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball Ig Cross Courilry 2i Prom Publicily Comm. 3: Visual Aid Assr. 4i Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. Willie Bell Menifee-Home Economics. Karl Miller-College Preparaiory-Torch Club I, 2: I-li-Y 3, 43 Lalin Club 2, Track I: Foorball 2, Prom Regislrarion Comm. 3: Sr. Dance Comm. 4: Fur. Relailers 3, 4: Mixed Choir 3. Virginia Miller-General. .. 1, clisappointmentsl,'1igIW?gys the stabiligiiggygyirgffluence . . '31 ii 19315 ,ii,,l?,'V -' - r . A :LLL Y - T?J,W4Vg,,g1, ww- , a , w, m.-- ..--. 55 1 J I 776 . I I 7y,LfyUo!-1.111 i 2 i ,M 9, , , 5.5, :I 1 Q' ff . - QL, . VL .fa?,!:,, Y? 1 '27 I 2 .J .J... .4 .wp Wjffq 3 ? ,cfffd gk :Xara 34 W : ' ,r.MI Wfd 'QQJLM My yi C if m n'm1,d'L.nR 5 I ' g .VIZ-'.cL'! 5,1 ,. JZ Q3 ' nr giifn D iff, E R - gzwgoprpfmwgggyfgxamofxm .Quiz-33-0'Uw-I3 nf-I-ow 7oa'wO OO ,,22v.9.!"'P'ocof+-f'f-2-oggmwgxgiwi On-,EC'7l,P"c.-:Eg-I QQUQJPKP4 -.4,,31E"N 24 O..w".,."I"- K-f-Q' 153- 3-40 ' lf"3 - -io-r-?UIE'.f0-P-f"'o3Z',,A.pQT--Z 1 - -- . -. Dr! 3g-pg-4'9L Suv- 57" ' :Im M13-onm mqm-,1+- W 1 U 21, -PJ,--UIN3g-"' cb"-.p...r'r1-:dim '13,--g--an 0dT.s.:'U1l--5323: LA! 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'iI-N- Hoff-'wc-1 202:-f.ffJ, law- -4:2-W - Nw-. - -- 3 'U in -40 220 3' -- Q 12.29 WELD TZWC ua -IErNO3'UTn "H-'a15'?2wf-219 life" seen? f+aw1wv2f32+fwww5f:1zP: 'fu C'- Q0 ROW TWO: Frederick Moore-General-Baseball 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Torch Club 2: Laiin Club 3: Sr, I.U. Varieiy Show Comm. 4: "A" Club 3, 4: Prom Theme Comm. 3: Nei. A'IhIe'ric Scholarship Ass'n. 3, 4. Ar'Ihur C. Morgan-General-Torch Club I, 2: Radio Club 2. Janice Kay Morgan-Business Educalion-Y-Teens 3. 4: Highlanders 4: Sr. Dance Comm. 4, Diana Mae Morris-Business Educafion. John Edward Moser-General. Sara L. Munsell-College Prep- ararory-G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Council 2, 3, 4, Reporier 3, Pres. 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Honor Slociely 4: Phys. Ed. AssI'. 2. 3, 4: Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. ROW THREE: Marcia Munsey--College Preparaiory-I.a'rin Club 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 2: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Prom Queens Comm. 3: Sr. Cos'I'ume Parfy Comm. 4: Dean's Assf. 3. Re'H'a Jeanne'He Myers-Business Educalion-Y-Teens 2.33, 4. Rosalee Ann Nealis-General-Choral Club 4: Concerl Choir 2: Lib- rary Assl. 2: X-Ray 3, 4, Ediior-in-Chief 4: Sludenf Council 4, Exec. Council 4: Jr. Red Cross I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2: Prom Public- i'ry Comm. 3: Sr. Taleni Show Comm. 4: Pepooses I: I. H. S. P. A. Conf. 4. Ben Joe Neff-Vocafional Agriculiure-F. F. A. I. 2, 3, 4: Wresflinq I, 2, 3.4: "A" Club 3, 4. Jane'I' Ann Neff- General-Y-Teens I. Linda Nicholson-GeneraI--Y-Teens I, 4: Sr. Taleni Show Comm. 4. MQLQSMM 4 V 4 ,fi W5 ,ww .U V. vf .wiv - H111-V . . , N fs, . T1 'i ' lf' f 1 A 'F Ii 5 E ly Mf,j.!,fi , l , Y V I ij Q, fl, V ,Xu V To c W , . if-P -5 - ' ' if I' iii f I P I 1 Igqlfi 7 W li fx '11 my - if wi .il f ill' 'P nf Ii? ,.M '-If Li ,nfl I "VW " I , l K 6 ROW ONE: Jack Edward Niece-College Preparaiory-Mom ilor I: Torch Club 2: Dean's Ass+. 2: Pub. Rep. 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Model U.N. 4: Sr. TaIen+ Show Comm. 4: H.R,. Vice Pres. I. Donna Lee Noble-Home Economics-Library Asst 2: Y-Teens 2. Sylvia Adeline Noble-General-Sr. I. U. Variely Show Comm. 4. King Norlon-College Preparalory-Hi-Y 3, 4: Dean's Assl. 2: Locker Off. Ass'I'. 3: Baseball I: H. R. Vice Pres. 2: Pub. Rep. 2, 3: Track I. Larry Keirh Nugeni'-Pre-Apprenfice. Donald Lewis Odom-Vocafional Agricullure-Moniior I: H. R. Pres. 2, 3, 4: EEA. I, 2. 3, 4, Pres. 4. ROW TWO: Rober1'Alberi' Olive-Technical. Ronald Orbaugh -Technical-Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 4: Prom Favors Comm. 3: Track I: Monilor 4: Sr. Dance Comm. 4. Earl George Oshier- General. Verna Dee OHQ-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Pepooses 2: Class Exec. Comm. 2: Prom Flower Comm. 3: Sr. Talenr Show Comm. 4. Teddy Pancol-General-Srudenl Council I, 2. 3, 4, Reading Clerk 3. Exec. Council 3, 4: Concerf Choir 2: Mix- Q ed Choir 3: Choral Club 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, Pres. I: La1'in Club 2, 3: Pepooses I: Class Exec. Comm. I: Pep Sessions Comm. 2, 4, Chr. 4: Co-chr. Prom Queens Comm. 3: F. T. A. 3, 4:-Thes- pian App. 3. 4: Annual Sfaff 4, Acliviiies Co-Edilor 4: Monilor 3, 4: Sr. Talenf Show Comm. 4: M. M. M. 4. Julianne Parisi- Home Economics. ROW THREE: Rosanna Pa'H'erson-General-Concerl Choir 2, 3: Choralelles 2: Monilor I. 2: Teene'r+es I, 2, 3. Nancy Payn+er -College Preparalory-Sludenr Council 2, 3. 4: Concerl Choir 3: Y-Teens I, 2: F. T. A. 3, 4: Prom Flower Comm. 3: Sr. Dinner Comm. 4: Mixed Choir 2, 3: La'I'in Club I, 2: Model U. N. 4. Sylvia Jewell Payion-Home Economics-Moniior 2. Barbara Jo Peel-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Talenr Show Comm. 4. Larry Max Penry-General-Hi-Y 3, 4: "A" Club 3, 4: Golf l, 2, 3, 4: Wreslling 3: Cross Couniry I: Foorball 2: Sr. Privaie Pariies Comm. 4. William Perkins-Technical-HLY 4: Siudenl Council I: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Prom Queens Comm. 3: H. R. Vice Pres. I, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. I ' .. . 5 l J . 1, MM. , .. . . ,,a..a-...m ,-.... Z ,,.-1,-in :gg Aww ,i,,:, ' jx Tfiifi V I .fm , . Cf' " Q L ,,...f' , .af ff: .. La'-H -Q fri .. W Iaeayfl l I 1 i I I o I , 1 :Q 4 i 4 .I I I I I .A I ROW ONE: Thomas PeH'igrew-Technical-I-Ii-Y 4: Moniior 3: Na+. Alhlelic Scholarship Ass'n. 2, 3. 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Wreslling I, 2, 3, 4: "A" Club 2. 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 4: Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. Lydia Rose Pe'H'is-General-Y-Teens I. 3. 4: G. A. A. I: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Sr. Talenl Show Comm. 4. Thea Ka+hryn Phelps-College Preparalory-Srudenl' Council I: H. R. Pres. I: Pepooses I: Dean's Assl. 2, 3.4: Thespian App. 2: Thes- pians 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4: Choraleiles 2: X-Ray 3: Annual Slall 4, Opening Secl. Co-Edilor 4: Convo Comm, 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Prom Theme Comm. 3: Sr.-Frosh Friend 4: Model U. N. 4: F. T. A. 4: Class Exec. Comm. 2, 3: I. U. Journalism Inslx 3: Honor S'ociel'y 3, 4, Treas. 4: Girls Slale 3: Srale Thrill Essay Confesf Winner 4: Commencemenr Speaker 4. Harolyn Louise Phillips-College Preparallory-Bible Club I, 4: Band I, 2, 3.4: Orcheslra I, 2, 3: Mixed Choir 3, Choralellres 3: M. M. M. 3: Chem. Assl. 4: Honor Socieiy 4: Biology Assl. 2. Jimmy Lee Phlegar-Pre-Appreniice. Kennelh Eugene Pickering-Vocaliona al Agriculfure. ' ROW TWO: Gene Arlen Pi-Hsenbarger-College Preparalory- Baseball I. 2:Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Sr. Coslume Parly Comm. 4: Cross Counlry I: Lalin Club I, 2: Baslcelball I, 2: Sr. -Frosh Friend 4. Lois Mae Poling-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I, 2, 3.4. Jenny Sue Pollard-College Preparaiory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Choral Club 3, 4: F. T. A.3, 4: Girls Srale 3: Model U. N. 4: Head Monilor 4: Laiin Club I, 2: Co-chr. Prom Flower CLASS Comm. 3: Choralelles 2: Eng. Assl. 2: Honor Sociely 3. 4: All Slaie Chorus 4: Sr. I. U. Variely Show Comm. 4. Helen Joanne Ponsler-General-Y-Teens l', 2, 3, 4: Moniror 2: Prom Reg- isiralion Comm. 3: F. T. A. 3: Choralelres 3: Mixed Choir I, 2: Sir. Coslume Parry Comm. 4: Counseling Oli. Assl. 3. Ronald Ponsler-Technical-Hi-Y 4: Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball I, 2: Track I, 2. Linda Sue Po'Her-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: F. T. A. 3, 4: Prom Refreshmenl Comm 3: Pepooses 2. ROW THREE: Kendall Lee Pyle-General. Pafricia Quimby- General-Nurse's Assl. I: Dean's Assl. 4: X-Ray 3: Prom Pub- licily Comm. 3: Sr. Dinner Dance Comm. 4: Class Exec. Comm. 4: Bible Club 2: Ramblers Club I: Y-Teens I, 2, 3. James Ed- ward Quinn-Pre-Appren'Iice--"A" Club 2, 3, 4: Prom Queens Comm. 3: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Counrry 2, 3, 4. Sarah Lee Raup-College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: F. T. A. 3, 4. Sec. 4: Model U. N. 4: Thespian App. 2, 4: Monilor 4: Prom Flower Comm, 3: Sluclenl Council 3: Sr. Coslume Parry Comm. 4. John William Ravage-General-Choral Club 4: Convo Comm. 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: M. M. M. App. 3, 4: Model U. N. 4: Cross Counlry I: Moniior 2, 3: Sr. Talenl' Show Comm. 4: Amer. Leg. Oralorical Conlesr Winner 4: Sr. Class Play 4. George Evans Rediker-Pre-Apprenlice-Moniror 2, 3: Sr. Gill Comm. 4. Th, r gh, sophs, and juniors, who have eaten our dust . In N' -s N ix l Y -. , . .5125 rx Q. :QD ' U9 Vfee s 2 uf :wg :- f ,Mx JA, . ly ,V MN' fl ', 58 ,KQV ..... L........,e.- .ref S :s of I955 ROW ONE: Dorolhy Alice Reveal-General. Thomas Kneale Rhodes-Genferal-Torch Club 25 Hi-Y 3. 4: H. R. Vice Pres. 2: Pub. Rep. 2: Monilor l. 2: Baslcelball I, 2: Cross Counlry I: Track I: Baseball 3: Poolball 3: Prom Chaperon Comm. 3: Dean's Assl. 2, Model U. N. 4: Co-chr. Sr. I. U. Variely Show Comm. 4. Elizabefh Richardson-General-Mixed Choir I. 2, 3: Y-Teens 3, 4: Prom Relreshmenl Comm. 3: Music Assl. 4. Ron- ald Joe Richardson-Pre-Apprenlice. General Clay Riddle- Pre-Apprenlice. Roselle Riggle-General-Y-Teens I, 2: Pep- ooses I: Prom Band Comm. 3. I ROW TWO: David Riley--Pre-Apprenfice. Daniel L. Rifenour- Pre-Apprenlice. Mariorie Ann Roach-General-H. R. Sec.- Treas. l', 2, 3: Pub. Rep. 4: Y-Teens 3: Prom Regislralion Comm. 3. Chesler H. Robbins-General-H. R. Pres. I: Wreslling I, 2, 3: Track I, 2. Baseball I, 2, 3: Torch Club I, 2: Dean's Assl. I, 2, 3: Locker Oli. Assl. 3. Deloris Robbins-General-G. A. A. I. Linda Dawn Roby-General-Y-Teens I. 2: Honor Sociely 3. 4: F.T.A. 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4: I-I.R. Sec.-Treas. 4: Prom Gif? Comm. 3: Sr. I.U. Variely Show Comm. 4. ROW THREE: Elberi' Reeder-College Preparalory-SI'ucIen+ Council 2. 3. 4. Exec. Council 3, 4: Choral Club 4: Torch Club 2: Sr. I. U. Variely Show Comm. 4. Miizi Bell Ross-Home Ec- onomics. Ronald L. Ross-General-Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Sr. Class Play 4: Thespian App. 4: Sr. Coslume Parly Comm. 4. Sharolyn Rossen-College Prepara+ory-Indianapolis Shori- ridge H. S. I, 2, Y- Teens 3: Sludenf Council 3: Thespian App. 3: Thespians 4: Head Monitor 4: X-Ray 4. News Edilor 4: Model U. N. 4: Prom Theme Comm. 3: Sr. Talenl Show Comm, 4: Sr. Class Play 4. Roberf J. Rush-Pre-Apprenlice. Richard Leon Sacilowslci-Business Educalion--I-I. R. Pres. I. 2: Torch Club 2: Monifor 2: Hi-Y 3: Cheerleader 3, 4: Pep Sessions Comm. 3, 4: Class Exec. Comm. 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Co-Chr. Prom Pub- Iicily Comm. 3: Sr. Class Play 4. Seleclion Comm. 4: Sr. Dance Comm. 4. for the last year and were good sports about it . . 1 ,Vg-7 7I'If'jj6.W I . F 1 , 1 all U-PW Jiffy lffiiwh 59 1 - ig 4.lVIiI53 32 iw ROW ONE: Roberf Lee Sample-Technical-Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross I, 2: Prom Place Comm. 3: Honor So- cieiy 3, 4: Co.-chr. Sr. Ticlcel' Comm. 4: Class Exec. Comm. 2: H. R. Pres. 3, 4. Diana Lynn Sampson--College Preparalory- Choral Club 3, 4: Siudenl Council 3, 4: Choralelles 2: Mon- ilor 3: Prom Place Comm. 3: Sr. Privale Parlies Comm. 4. Mar- ilyn Jeanne Sanders-General-H. R. Vice Pres. I, 2. Sec.- Treas. 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Prom Place Comm. 3: Sr. I.U. Variely Show Comm. 4. Dorofhy Jane SchaHner-General-Nurse's AssI'. 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2. Shirley Jean Schmaliz--Home Econom- ics-Honor Socieiy 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Library Ass'I. 2, 3: Monilor 3: H. R. Sec.-Treas. I: Class Exec. Comm. 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Sr. Coslume Parly Comm. 4, Myrna Kay Schmi'rI'- General-Honor Socieiy 3, 4: Model U. N. 4: Eng. Assl. 4. ROW TWO: Joe Grani Schroeder-General-Visual Aids Assl. I, 3, 4: Monilor 2: Avialion Club 3. Nellie D. Scanland-Gem eral-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Pub. Rep. I. 2: Jr. Red Cross 3. Le- andra Louise Scofl-College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Choralelles 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Pepooses 2: Thespian App. 3: Thespians 4, Treas. 4: M. M. M. App. 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Prom Queens Comm. 3: X-Ray 4: Lillie Chief 4, Co-Edilor 4: Monilor 2: Head Monilor 4: All Slale Chorus 4: Sludenl' Coun- cil 4: Sir. Talenl Show Comm. 4: Model U.N. 4. Marilyn Mae r O 'N .au if if e-I sr? Trial' mr, tblyv X LJ'v .YW 5, ix, V' sf MC N uiiqgx 51 R Q K V us ' -I lv .JU Seal-General. Karen Mardelle Shaffer-College Prepargjory -Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4.. Cabinel 4: P. T. A. 3, 4: Pepooses 2: X- Ray 3, 4, News Edilor 4, Managing Edilor 4: Prom Publicily Comm. 3: Sr. Talenl Show Comm. 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Slud- enl' Council 4: Moni'I'or 4. Buller Journalism Conf. 3. James K. Shannon-GeneraI-Baslcelball I, 2: Foolball I, 2: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3,4: Prom Gill Comm. 3. ROW THREE: Judilh Elaine Sharp-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Pepooses I, 2: H.R. Sec.-Treas. I: Class Exec. Comm. 2: Ful. Relailers 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Prom Chaperon Comm. 3: Sr. Talenl Show Comm. 4: Counseling Oli. Assl. 3: Monilor 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Thespian App. 4: Jr. Red Cross I: Cancer Essay Conlesl Winner 3. Rosacla Faye Shaw-College Prep- ara+ory-Honor Socieiy 3, 4: X-Ray 3, 4, Managing Edilor 4, Edilor-in-Chief 4: Sludenl Council 2, 3, Exec. Council 3: Thespians 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4:6 Prom Pub. Comm. 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Counseling Oli. Assl. 2: Pub. Rep. I: Monilor I': Pepooses I: Lalin Club 2: F.T.A. 3: Convo Comm. 4: I.H.S'.P.A. Conf, 4: Model U.N. 4: Sr. Class Play 4, Seleclion Comm. 4: Co.-chr. Sr. Talenl Show Comm. 4. Gene Shepherd-General. Charles Francis Shock-College Preparalory-Baseball I, 2: Sludenl Mgr. I, 2. Earl Silcox-General-"A" Club 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3.4, Baslcelball I. Janice Kay Simpson-GeneraI-Choraleiles 3. Z -- gi Sn M ask I I I f I i Lx K, , I f Q , . My I yvijyfgh fI"i'L'l'iLM If U' ,. lu' Y,!J,,1X'lLv,. X JV ZW-, 5 ljpf XlI1!' EJ' 'Lfi"L ,fy Il1.i,-fc f , fiffli ' N ROW ONE: Shirley! Jean Skaggs-Business Educaiion-Class Exec. Comm. 2, 3: Prom Gifl' Comm. 3: Trade 8: Induslry Ass'I. 2. Rex Skellon-General. Billy Joe Smi'Ih--General-Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Madrigal 3, 4: Class Exec. Comm. I: Class Pres. I, 2, 3: H.R. Pres. I, 2, 4: Ind. Sludenf Leg. 3: Boys Sfale 3: Sr. Class Play 4: Sludenl Council I, 2, 3, Exec. Council I, 2, 3: Mixed Choir I: X-Ray 3: Annual Slaff 4, Sporls Ed. 4: All Silale Chorus 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Traclc I: Baslceiball I: Foolball I: Hi-Y 3: Model U.N. 3. Janel Kay SmiIh-General- Monifor 2, 3: H.R. Sec.-Treas. 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. Leland Russell Smilh-General-Visual Aid Assl. 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Sr. Cosiume Parly Comm. 4. NoreI'Ia Mae Smi'Ih-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I'. ROW TWO: Sfeven Reid Smifh-College Preparalory. Ina Mae Speedy-General-Y-Teens 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Sr. Privaie Parlies Comm. 4: Highlanders 4. Judiih Ann S'Iage--General- G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Council 2,, 3: Phys. Ed. AssI'. 2, 3: Moniior 2: Prom Band Comm. 3: Sr. Picnic Comm. 4: Pepooses I, 2: H.R. Sec. I. Janice K. Sfagg-General-G.A.A. I, Council I: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, InI'er-Club Council 2, 3: Thespian App. 2, 4: Monilor 3: Honor S'ocieIy 3, 4, Sec. 4: Jr. Red Cross I: Class 'IVLVIE 'f 'Q ml. ef' Pblrl 4.1, I ., ,yy-V4 I -,, Exec. Comm. 3, 4: Class Treas. 3, 4: S U.N. 4. Waller Nunley Slaggs-Col Club 4, Mixed Choir 3. Jack Armel ucalion-Band I, 2: H.R. Pres. I: F Ticlcel Comm. 3: Prom Dec. Comm. . Variely Show Comm. 4: Torch Club 2. ROW THREE: Dale Slarlcs-College , ..-.c.,. .lea-mine Marie SI'arr-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Sfudenl Council I: Jr. Red Cross 2: Monilor 2: Prom Regislralion Comm. 3: Sr. I.U. Variely Show Comm. 4. Charles David S'I'epI1- enson--Vocalional Aqricullure-E.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, S'g'I'.-al'-Arms 4: "A" Club 4: Foolball 4. Sylvia Wanifa Sferner-College Preparalory-Dean's Assl. 3: Chem. Assl. 4: Sr. I.U. Variely Show Comm. 4. Donna Lee S'fierwaI+-General-Jr. Red Cross I: Class Exec. Comm. 2: Monifor 3. 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Dinner Dance Comm. 4: Prom Chaperon Comm. 3. Belly Carol Sfiner-College Preparafory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: F.T.A. 3: Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Co.-chr. Prom Chap- eron Comm. 3: Honor Sociely 4: Thespian App. 4: Monilor 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club 2: Sr. Talen'r Show Comm. 4: Dean's Assf. 4: Mixed Choir 2: M.M.M. 3.4. Z1 "I u ll Q" lv EQ.. 12: 5 1 . I J. ws. If 55 , fi gf fo fs . WN I ROW ONE: Phyllis Nadine Sfohler-College Preparaiory- Concerl Choir I, 2, 3: Lalin Club 2: Y-Teens 3: Prom Regislra- lion Comm. 3. Sandra Kay S+oIcer-Business Eclucalion-Y-Teens I, 3, 4, lnier-Club Council 4: Sr. Privale Parlies Comm. 4. Sarah Louise Slulfz-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Honor So- 'Efeiy 3, 4: X-Ray 3, 4, Ass+. News Ed. 4: Ful. Relailers 3, 4: Siuclenr Council 4: Eng. Assi. 2: Biology Assi, 3: Sr. Dinner Dance Comm. 4: Library Assl. 2: I-I. R. Sec.-Treas. I, Vice Pres. 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 3. Jerry Dunlrin Sfump-College Prepar- aiory-Traclc I: Tennis 2: Wreslling 3: Band 4: Commencemenl Speaker 4: Prom Ticlcel Comm. 3: Sr. Gill Comm. 4: Convo Comm. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Ivlonilor 2: Dean's Assi. 3: Orcheslra 4. Mary Ka'I'herine Summa--Business Educalion-Dean's Assl, 3, 4: Y-Teens 3: Monilor 2: Sr. Coslume Pariy Comm. 4. Anila Jo Swinford-College Preparaiory-Y-Teens I, 2: Mixed Choir 2, 3: Concern' Choir 3: Choral Club 4: Sr. Gill Comm. 4: M. M. M. App. 4: Thespian App. 3. ROW TWO: Jerry Lee Swinford-Vocalional Agriculiure- F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 3, Vice Pres. 4: "A" Club 4: FooI- ball 3, 4: Wresiling 2, 3. Sarah Jo Sylvesier-GeneraI-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Orcheslra I', 2, 3, 4: Dean's Asst I. 2, 3: Sr. Dance Comm. 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Monilor 2: Pepooses I, 2. gy Taggarf-College Preparalory-Class Vice Pres. I, 2: .s Exec. Comm. I, 2.3: F. T. A. 3: Dean's Assi. I, 2, 3.4: lens I. 2. 3: Laiin Club I, 2: Sr. Gifi: Comm. 4: Choraleifes CLASS 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Monilor I, 2: Co-chr. Prom Band Comm. 3: Pepooses 2, Alyce Elizabeih Taylor-General-Camera Club 3: Bible Club 3, 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: Choral Club 4: F. T. A. 4: Moniior 2, 3: Conceri' Choir 3: Prom Band Comm. 3: Dean's Assi. 2: M. M. M. 4: Sr. Coslume Parly Comm: 4. Jucly Teelers -Business Educalion-Y-Teens 2: Eng. Oil. Assl. 4. Lincla Sue Thiel-General-Mixed Choir I, 2. 3: Thespian App. 3, 4: H. R. Pres. 2, 3. ROW THREE: Diane Thomas-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I, 2, 4: F. T. A. 4: Sr. Privale Pariies Comm. 4: I-lisl. Assl. 3: Mon- ilor 3. Roberi Gene Thompson-General-Mixecl Choir I, 2: Tennis 2, 3, 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Thespian App. 4: Thespians 4: Sr, Taleni Show Comm. 4: Model U. N. 4: Visual Aid Assl. 2, 3. Sandra Lee Thompson-General-Concerl Choir I, 2, 3: Choral Club 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Pepooses 2. Thomas Ray Toombs- Cfeneral-lndian Mascol 4: Choral Club 2.3.4, Pres. 4: Madri- gal 4: I-lead Moniior 4: Loclcer Off. Assl. I, 2, 3, 4: Co.-chr. Prom Favors Comm. 3: Co.-chr. Sr. Dance Comm. 4: Pub. Rep. 4: Orchesira I, 2: FUI. Relailers 2, 3: Pep Sessions Comm. 4. Marian Townsend-Home Economics-Teeneiles I, 2. Keifh Parlier Tracy-General--Class Exec. Comm. 2, 3: I'l. R, Pres. 2, 3: Locker Oil. Assi. I, 2, 3.4: Band I, 2, 3: Orchesfra 3: I-Ionor Socieiy 3, 4: Choral Club 4: I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Co.-chr. Prom Band Comm. 3: Co.-chr. Inler-Class-Aol. 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3. y R I ,Y , , they'II. all rn' "Mus -- but we ugpiiiifforget them -I .g.fwfIE..M ': u vera: of I955 ROW ONE: Deanna Kay Trimble-College Preparatory-Y- Teens I, 2, 3: Latin Club 2: Mixed Choir 2, 3: Concert Choir 3: Choral Club 4: Class Exec. Comm. 2: Girls State 3: Student Council 4: Prom Queens Comm. 3: M. M. M. 3, 4: Sr. Private Parties Comm. 4: Nurse's Asst. 4: Sr.-Frosh Friend 3: Pepooses I', 2. Sharon Sue Tucker-General-Student Council I, 2, 3: Y- Teens I, 2: Pepooses 2: Library Asst. 3: H. S. Ott. Asst. 2: Prom Queens Comm. 3: Honor Society 3, 4. Sharon Lee UIrey-Gen- eral-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: H. R. Sec. 3: Monitor 3: Sr. Dance Comm. 4: Choralettes 2, 3: Choral Club 4: M. M. M. 4. De Etta Up- shew-College Preparatory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Honor Society 3, 4: H. R. Sec.-Treas. 2: Monitor 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: S'r. Costume Party Comm. 4. Mary Ann Vainer-College Prepara- tory-H. R. Pres. I, Vice Pres. 2, 4: Jr. Red Cross I, 2: Y-Teens I-, 2, Cabinet 2: Latin Club 2, Pres. 2: Dean's Asst 2, 3: Chor- alettes 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal 4: Ind. Student Leg. 3: Head Monitor 4: Convo Comm. 4: Model U. N. 4: Class Exec. Comm. I, 3, 4: Class Sec. 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4, Pres. 4: Honor Society 3, 4: All State Chorus 4: Key to Peace Award 3: Pep- ooses 2. Donna Jane Vanasdal-Business Education-H. R. Pres. I, Sec.-Treas. 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chair 2: Prom Invitations Comm. 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Monitor 31 Sr. I. U. Variety Show Comm. 4. L . -51.l---- -- -..- -L-.iI.- -,-4gl-,, -Nil... ROW TWO: Mary Frances Vardaman-General. Shirley Ann Wagner-General-Y-Teens 3.4: Highlanders 4, Sec. 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Monitor 3: Sr. Class Play 4. Sylvia Ann Wainscott -General-Jr. Red Cross I': Pepooses I, 2. Shirley Walker- Business Education-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: F. T. A. 3, 4: Dean's Asst 3, 4: Monitor 2, 3: Sr. Private Parties Comm. 4. Barbara Lou Wallace-General-Student Council I, 2, 3: Monitor I, 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. Phyllis Ann Walters-College Preparatory -Y-Teens I: Library Asst. 4: Music Asst. 4: Choralettes 4: Con- cert Choir 3: X-Ray 3: Prom Retreshment Comm. 3. ROW THREE: Ruth Ann Ward-Business Education-4Y-Teens 3, 4, Pres. 4, Cabinet 4: Prom Refreshment Comm. 3: Eng. Asst 3: Sr. Dance Comm. 4. John Duane Warner-General-Student Mgr. I: Mr. Red I: Torch Club 2. James Lee Wash-Technical -Student Council 4, Exec. Council 4: Honor Society 3, 4: H. R. Vice Pres. I: Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. Jimmie Eugene Waymire- Vocational Agriculture--F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3, Sec.- Treas. 4: Sr. Talent Show Comm. 4. Nancy Sue WechsIer-CoI- lege Preparatory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Pep Sessions Comm. 3: Monitor I, 2, 3: Thespian App. 2: Prom Ticket Comm. 3: Latin Club 2, Treas. 2: H.R. Sec.-Treas. I: Library Asst. I: Dean's Asst. I: Sr. I.U. Variety Show Comm. 4. Jacqueline Sue Wel- Ions-General-Fut. Retailers 4. 1 ,Q L I M H .- ff' 3, I r. -l.IcJ.-ff-. . . - ,. .1 ..m...-.yl I ,ef ,1- 63 life I .....,.,....... ..a,.... ....s-.:. .mmf - ...W ....,,...,e J... .M .V ., J 1 I if-I .xvwjixj A I, ,ly Q I , X XVI.: Wy ,Lf i A X 9 ., I Ui, , . K X IJUTTJJXCJ rrillfgvkg . 'i Vqlr I My if ,' 5 I A J-llfw IF N I 4 - FV J" C 'TN .3 , :NUC l l lfff fVA.,,!'. 1 1 1 r I - I: :ml ., V Row one. Thomas Edward wen.-eanami. Ronald Kean. Row THREE: Louella Ma4,,mQ'?5m'a3'EaanO...:aS-Y.Tee..s I, Wheeler-General-Band l, 2, 3, 4: Prom Band Comm.3. 2, 3: Thespian App. 2. Majly lizabefh Wisharcl-College Larry James While-Pre-Appreniice. Darlene Sue Williams- Preparalory-Band I, 2, 3: Speech Assi. 2: Model U.N. 4: General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Sr. Privale Parlies Comm. 4: Concerl Prom Chaperone Comm. 3: Sr. Talenl Show Comm. 41 Sr. Class . Choir 2, 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Music Aasl. 3: Thespian App. Play 4: Honor Sociely 4: Thespian App. 2. 3: Thespians 3. 4: i 2, 3, 4: Convo Comm. 4: Highlanders 4. Garland D. Williams- Y-Teens 2. 3. Norman Gene Woodard-General-Prom Band ll Business Educalion-Hi-Y 3, 4: Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Dance Comm. 3: Sr. Coslume Parly Comm- 4: Torch Club 2: Monilor i 2: Visual Aids Assl. 3: Band 4: Orcheslra 3, 4: Choral Club 2, i .p-... i I Q , Comm. 4: Camera Club 3, Pres. 3: Torch Club I', 2. Joyce Naclene Williams--General-Y-Teens I, 2: G.A.A. 2: Pep- ooses I, 2. ROW TWO: Melvin Kei'Ih Williams-4Pre-Apprenlice-Track I, 2. Margarel' Jane Williamson-I-lome Economics.Richard Wil- son-General. Jerry Roland Wilson-Pre-Apprenlice. Ramona Wilson-General. Kennelh Evereli' Wise-General-I-li-Y 3, 4: Baslselball I, 2: Monilor I: Prom Flower Comm. 3: Sr. Privale Parlies Comm. 4: Locker Oil. Assl: 2, 3: Track I: Model U.N. 3, 4. 3, 4. Alvin Woods-General-"A" Club 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3. 4: Track I, 2. Nancy Woods-General-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club 2: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 2: Sludenl Council 3: Monilor 3: Sr. Dance Comm. 4. Janel Elaine Wrighi'-College Preparalory -Sludenl Council I: Concerl Choir 2: Bible Club 4: Sr. Privale Parlies Comm. 4. REE Wok T ROW ONE: Richard Keni Wrighf-Pre-ApprenTice. Malcolm Vaughn Young-Pre-ApprenTice-STudenT Mgr. l', 2, 3, 4: "A" Club 3, 43 TorcH Club I. 2: ConservaTion Club 2, 3. Pres. 3. Hu Ween Veleffa Zeller-General-Honor SocieTy 4. David Zierer-College PreparaTory-Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3. 45 Cross CounTry, I. 2: H. R. P'res. I, Vice Pres. 2, 3. 41 Track l, 27 Prom Place Comm. 37 Sr. Dance Comm. 4. ,,,, V -W SENIORS NOT PICTURED Alberf Alfrey, David Allen Byrne. David CarpenTer, son, Normarie Elmore, Jon Luh. Richard Eugene McGuire. Tchard Eugene Malick, Donald Miller, h9L.N.9.Ll'-i5- Glover Ramsey, Pafricia Ross, Raymond Shirley, Darlene Rufh Silver, Edward Arnold SmiTh, Lewis S+amm, Harold Edward Thornhill, Phillip Max Thornfon, William Wagoner, Jack Wesi, John Wheoldon. Panels Accurate and Complete But Telltale Markings Remain The Tel Tale marks reveal The sTory-glue Trom head To TooT, cuT Tingers, halT-closed eyes. BuT There They are: every senior panel compleTe: every name correcTly spelled: every picTure in The righT place. Those picTures in The book look very small and unimporTanT now ThaT The TorTure is over. Too bad They can'T Tell The "Inside STory" oT The work iT Took To puT Them TogeTher-oT The miclnighT hours spenT in cell block 8, The mad- dening lasT minuTe changes, The Turious hair- pulling sessions-all OT which were necessary To make The people secTion possible. For The seniors, These are The lasT picTures. a glorious ending To a wonderTul Tour years. For The underclassmen iT' is anoTher rung To- ward The Top OT The ToTem pole. anoTher sTep Tor "Tomorrow's" seniors! mlliaaenik Though noi' precision-slepping Rockeils senior girls are in'l'eres'ling-Co-chairmen of 'lhe Senior Talenl' Show, Rosada Shaw and Dick Monroe, walch 'lhe chorus line go Through ils paces. The line lL. fo R.l includes Pam Lowe, Janel Busby, Nancy Wechsler, Linda Gran- ger, Bev Duncan, Nancy Copeland, Nancy Duncan, Lorna Craigie, Rosalee Nealis, Susie Kirkman, Judy Edens, Verna Ollo, and Lydia Pellis. Basking in 'lhe sunshine and enioying ihe Senior Picnic-The picnic commillee in- cludes lL. lo R.l Bob Filzgerald, Jack Collin, Tom Pelligrew, Ronald Meeker, Bev Duncan, and Judy Slaqe. "Moulin Rouge" moves from Paris Lefl' Bank lc A. H. S.-Senior Coslume Parry Commillee members ll.. To R.l Bill Smilh, Herb Chappel, co-chr.7 Diane Auxler. John lvlilchell, and Sally Raup lesl lype of decoralions needed for a "Toulouse- Laulrec" ellecl. 66 Spring Fever Hits Peak for Seniors During Week of Fun and No Sleep Spring Tever became an epidemic when Senior Weelc approached. The "Moulin Rouge" cosTume parTy Monday nighr gave iT a glorious send-OTT. Tuesday morning The TalenT show cerTainly proved ThaT "Theres No Business Lilce Show Business." ThaT nighT The Marine Room aT l.inder's was The scene Tor The dinner-dance. Noblesville became The cenTer oT aTTracTion Tor The picnic Wednesday. ln The evening we were enTerTained by The l. U. VarieTy Show, and we laTer aTTended The many privaTe parTies. Thursday aTTernoon The girls were guesTs aT The A. A. U. W. Tea. Thurday evening The acT- iviTies ended To The sTrains oT "Pomp and CircumsTan- ce": a weelc OT memories-and no sleepl a 1 A lasf wisTTul look-Judy Cabrich and Larry Ehle, co-chairmen oT The Senior GiTT CommiTTee, checlc The Tired worlcs oT The oTTice clock, oresenTed by The Class oT l934. The class purchased a new clock This year. STealr. swing, and swirling slriris provided color-Seniors also made use OT Anderson's newesT ballroom, Linder's Mar- ine Room, Tor The Senior Din- ner-Dance. CommiTTee mem- bers include ll.. To RJ Jim Mc Danell, PaT Gouldsbery, Nancy PaynTer, Gerald l-lodson, PaTTy Davis, Marcia Barron, and Eu- gene Fox. l. U. VarieTy Show CommiTTee ll.ower LefTl - Row l: lL. To R.l AniTa Hughes, Tom Rhoades. Co-Chr. Row ll: Shar- on Jones, Judy Bemish, Darlene McCullum. Ticlcel-s, InTer-class AcTiviTies, and PrivaTe ParTies CommiTTees lLower Rigl1Tl - Row I: lL. To R.l BeTTy Gilpin. Deanna Trim- ble, Jane Judlcins. Row ll: King NorTon, Bob Sample, KeiTh Tra- cy. Junior Execuiive CommiT+ee-Row I: lL. To R.l Joyce FiTer,Janie Hunt BeTTye Jones, Marilyn MiTchell, Suzanne Brubak- er. Row II: Ralph Goldsberry, Cora McCoy, Penny Newbern, Judy Eubank. Tomya Baker, Fred Spencer. Row Ill: Terry Ward, Brad Rayl, Bob Crozier, Ronnie l-larris, Kenny Kemp, Mr. Clifford SwiTT, sponsor. Juniors Give Prom, Provide Queen Supply For I956 Anchors Aweigh was The Theme Tor The annual Junior-,Senior D-Dm Spcnsor-ed -1'-he Junior Officers Admire Prom Queen's Crown-Seaied, Debby , . l-less. secreTaryg STanding lL. To R.l Jack Macy, Treasurer: Class Ol: Anchors ancll1Te l9OaT5 gaVe 5 Sea' Dick Handley, vice-president Don McCarTy, presidenT. like aTmosphere To Lincler's Marine Room, and T The RooTgarden lenT a new air To The prom. Many members oT The class OT i956 have been ouTsTanoling during The pasT year. IT The Prom queen and a dark haired iunior, who reigned as The Silver Belle Queen, are ex- amples, The school will have enough beauT'y queens To go around nexT' year. The AHS coaching sTaTT ended The year in aconTiolenT mood, counTing on many iuniors in all sporTs nexT season. Popcorn. candy, peanuTs were among The juniors' chieT candy sTand selling iTems, buT proTiTs were anyThing buT peanuTs. The money gaThered Trom sales Tinanceol a 'Prom ThaT' The senior class oT i955 will long and graTeTully re- member. AlmosT Big Wheels-The Juniors have puT TorTh a loT OT exTra eTTorT To have a Top-noTch class. 68 -..V Q-. 1 ill fl Q 0 l Class of I 956 Judy Akers, Joyce Alexander, Bill Allen, Carole Allen, Madonna Allen, Toni Al- len, Tom Alley, Bryce Allison. Jack Anderson, Pierce Anson. Neal Ar- wine, Lernond,,AyQr, Dixie Aynes, Paul Aynes, Paul Badger, Dave Bailey. Linda Baker, Mary Befh Baker, Nancy Baker, Shirley Baker, Tomya Baker, Alber- la Ball, John Ball, Jon Ballard. Judy Ballard, Kenny Ballinger, Palricia Barriger, Ladlonna Basicker, Marlene Baylor, E1-hridge Beauchamp, Lloyd Bell, Keifh Bennel. C s, Dick Bevelhimer, Tom Biddle, Sherry Bill, Dave Bingaman, Jo Ann Birkeif, Jim Blades, Sharon Blake. Rabourn Boardman, Gerald Bobo, Don Bohannon, John Bonner, Donna Boren, Larry Boundy, Belly Bowles, Joyce Boyd. James Boyer, Bob Boys, Rex Boys, Bar- bara Boxell, Donna Boone, Mary Jane Boolh, Helen Bradley, Sally Brannon. Shirley Branson, Terry Breeden,xDorol'l'1y Brewer, Doris Bricker, Carolyn Brower, -, . Jim Brown, Judy Brown, Nancy Brown. Suzanne Brubaker, Rulh Brundage, Ronald Bryan+, Janel- Burris, Bob Burl, Barbara Burlon, David Builer, Shirley Bufler. Suzy Byrum, Ann Calvin, Belva Camp, Craig Campbell, Dixie Campbell, Hope Campbell, Pal' Canaday, Terry Canler- bury. Manuel Canlrell, Tom Capozzoli, Dick Carmichael, Janice Carpenfer, Louis Carpenfer, Mallcolm Carpenler, Carol Carper, Bill Carr. College Lile Previewed l Class ol I956 Beverly Carler, Henry Case, Bill Chrizl- man, Rosalind Cilron. Rowene Clawson, Richard Clevenger, Wayne Clore, Joy Closser. Sue Ann Coale, Gary Coen, Reda Col- ley, Linda Collman. John Cole, Janel Collier, Adeline Com- slock, Leah Comer, Judy Condon, Rich- ard Coolc, Sandra Couch, Nola Sue Craib. Bob Crick, Pal Crook. Ronnie Cross, Joe Crouse, Mary Belle Croy, Bob Crozier Elaine Cummins, C. H. Dabney. Neclra Danlorlh, Nidra Danlorlh, Belly Davis, Bill Davis, Connie Davis, Janice Davis, Kenny Davis, Nancy Davis. Alice Day, Corwin Day, Jim Day, Tom Dealon, Bill Deaver, Roger Dee, Jack Dennis, Jim Denny. Herberl De Will, Jim Diclc, Marlha Dick- erson, Tom DiLorelo, Pal Dixon, Dave Dowell, Bob Doyle, Sue Dugger. Bill Duncan, Deanna Dunlap, LaFrenda Ebberll, Carolyn Edwards, Larry Eglen, Riela Ehman, Henry Eiler, Emma Jean Ellioll. Iris Ellioll, Wilma Ellis, David Eslle, Judy Eubanlc, Sally Fairburn, Tom Falzinger, Marilyn Fausl, Pal Fedor. Margarel Feuslon, Wanda Fields, Joyce Filer, Wava Finney, Clyde Fisher, Jay Fisher, Gerald Flall, Jim Fleece. Class of I 956 Don Flicli, Carolyn Fouls, Shirley Fox, Carolyn France, Roberl Fraser, Tommy Frazier, Jeannine Freesfone, Carl Frese. Sharon Friend, Linda Fromhollz, Bob Fullinglon, Cur+is Furnish, Norma Gad- bury, Jane Gallamore, Jayne Gardner, Nancy Garringer. Nancy Genfry, Barbara Gibson, Sandi Gilliam, Roberi Gillespie, Charles Gil- more, Rosalie Girfon, Thomas Goacher, Ralph Goldsberry. Bill Goldsmi+h, Darrell Goldsmifh, Phy- llis Golish, Ruby Graham, Bill Granf, Bob Gray, Dale Gray, John Gray. Paul Gray, Delores Griese, Mary Grig- sby, Myra Griner, Nancy Griner, Phyllis Groover, Gene Gross, Richard Gunlcel. Jim Gwynn, Mariorie Gwynn, Carolyn Ha:lcer,Alber+ Haines, Frank Hainy, Rochelle Hall, Phil Hallenbeclc, Milne Hamm. Keifh Hammons, John Hancock, Diclc Handley, Jim Harl, Ronnie Harris, Charles Harrison, Jeanne Harrison, Larry Harrison. Greichen Harlzell, Marilyn Harp, Jeri Havens, Barbara Hawlcins, Mariorie Haw- kins, 'Marilyn Heal, Carolyn Hellems, Madeline Hendrixson. Shirley Henderson. Bob Hensley, Debby Hess, Bonnie Higbee. Sondra Hines, Ralph Hife, Lewis Hodson, Wayne Holi. Mary Hollingsworlh, Rex Hoppes, Sarah Hopping, Barbara Howard. Roll wilh me Henry! Feminine Tickel Fever Class of I956 David Hudson, Adrian Huff, Eddie Huff, Barbara Huffman. Deanne Huffman, Jim Hughes, Janie Hun+, Joe Huni. John Hunf, Debbie Hullon, John Hyland, Richard Ice. Sandra Jackman, Carol Jackson. Phil Jackson, Richard Jackson, Rose Jackson, Richard Jackson, Roselfa Jackson, Paddy Jamerson. A Tom llaggs, Bob Jordon, Larry Jones, Judy Jones, Gene Jones, Charles Jones, Bellye Jones, Judy Johnson. Davd Judkins, Farrell Keesling, Paul Kem- per, Kenny Kemp, Joyce Kelner, Don Kimball, Carl King, Carole King. ,,w 5 Dennis Kirchner, Jim Kirkman, Jo Anne Kirkpafrick, Ralph Knoifs, Paul Kocher, Janice Krueger, Mary Jo Krebs, Larry Krebs. Fred Lamb, Tom Lamb, Rosalie Lancing, Neva Land, Bill Landon, George Lang, Carolyn Lavender, Gykala Lawler. Pal' Laylon, Joyce Lennox, David Levi, Bill Lewis, Jeanine Lewis. Donna Lewis, David Lindzy, Jim Linville. BeHy Lovelace, Carol Loudenback, Ray Lockwood, Jim Lufion, Jack Macy, Bill Madren, Mike Maguire, Dan Maines. Dennis Malone, Linda Mannon, Nancy Manning, Donna Marsh, Bruce Mason, Larry Massey, Bonnie Masfers, Jim Mel- ion. C r Arfhur Midc Miller. Robe rienne Minne lena Moon. Edna Morris Morrison, Sue ers, Joseph l lan, Judy Mc Cora McCoy, Rila McCoy, Shirley Mc- Coy, Bob McCullough, Jim McDaniel, Samanfha McDonald, Jim McFall, Don McGivern. Mary McHenry, Bill McKeand, Judy McMinds, Iris Needler, Jack Ne-eley, Jerry Neeley, Kay Nelson. Penny New- bern. Beffy Newlcirk, Rufh Anne Newman, Arlene Niccum, Jane? Nicholson, Mar- garef NobliH', Frankie Nodine, Judy Norris, Linda Norris. ,,g-N:,w,,, E Darrell NuH'. Vicki Odell, Genene Oliver, Larry Onsfoff, r rol Osmun, Judy OHo, Jim Overlin. Ronald Page, Roberfa Pain'rer, Darlene Palmer, Jerry Palmer, Reed Palmer, Bill Paramore, Rebecca Parisi, Ronald Parfain. Kim Parvis, Buddy PaHerson, Jim PaHer- son, Milne PaHerson, .Russ Payne, Bobby Paylon, Kenny Pearcy, Tom Pedersen. Dianne Peel, Karen Pemberlon, Bill Penn, Mary Persing. Rufh Perry, Ann Pehligrew, David Peflis, Barbara Phelps. Glennell Phillips, sandra Phillips, Anne l Powell, Marcia Presser. Grub Time a+ Tom-Tom 73 Turnabour ls Fair Play Class of l956 Regina Price, BeHe Pryor, Jim Puler- baugh. Lee Quallo, Belly Qualls, Grace Rambo. Bob Randolph, Bob Rawlin, John Ralz- laff. Bradley Rayl, Joyce Ray, Margarel' Ann Reece, Marlha Reed, Eleanor Reeder, Linda Reeder, ,Lois-Ready, DavidARhoads. Palsy Rice, Dean Richards, Nancy Rich- ardson, Prudy Richardson, Nancy Riggs, Gloria Riley, Richard Riley, Gloria Ri- nearson. Dixie Rinlcer, Donna Jean Rivers, Fred Robbins, Janer Roberfs, Joanne Robes-+s, Franlc Rodeman, Konnelh Rodgers. Char- loH'e Ross. Janice Ross, Elaine Rossen, Jackie Ro- zelle, Judy Ruh, Janer Salford, Del San- ders, Lewis Sarge-nl, Norma Sarvis. John Schieve, Mary Shildmeier, Jerome Schlenslcer, Pal Schliewen, Nancy Schr- oeder, David Schusler, John Schusler, Ralph Schwab. Nancy ScoH, Phyllis Shipley, Kay Sears, Della Servies, Norman Sellers, Ron Shaf- er, Sue Shaul, Pal Shear. Tom Sheahan, Dave Sheedy, Jim Shorf, Ernesr Shrcyer, Roseland Sibery, Diana Simpson, Yvonne Simpson, Phyllis Single- lon. Gordon Slceoch, Nancy Skillman, Carolyn Smilh, Dhorojvhy Srnilh, Jim Smilh, Keifh Smilh, l.arry Smiih, 'Louise Smi-th. Class of I956 Lowell Smilh, Maureen Smilh, Shirley Smilh, Sue Smilh, Ronnie Smifhers, Jac- qualine Sokol, Ronald Spall, Lore'H'a Spa- iig. Bill Spencer, Fred Spencer, Ronald Slal- 'Ford, Gary Sianley, Keilh S+apley, Chuck Slegall, Rhona Slephens, Bill Siecher, Lo+s Sleues, Pal' Siinson, Pal S+ra'Hon, Phillip Slrock, Alberla Summers, Sharon Swain, Mary Ann Swindell, Dick Swinford. Bob Swing, Joann Tale, Lynn Taylor, Harold Terry, Doris Thompson, Max Tilley, Delores Timmons, Vicky Timmons. Helen Tiplon, Dan Toles, Richard Trenps, Larry Tremaine, Nancy Tranbarger, Mar- iorie Travis, Belly Tracy, Dave Tyler. Jim Uncleback, Karl Ulley, Joyce Van Buskirk, Sherry Van Malre, Carol Waboe, Bill Waldo, Jon Walker, Pai' Walfers. Lee Ann Wallon, Terry Ward, Blylhe Walkins, Roberl Walkins, Kay Waugh, Sarah Wealherford, Mary Lou Weaver, Pal' Wendling. John Weschler, John Wesseler, Charlene Wheisell, QhuAck,,,Widimer, Gary Wilde, Mike Wiley,k Carolyn Wilkinson, Eugene Willhoife. Elsie Willis, Sharon Wilson, Belsy Will- iams, Marilyn Williams, Ralph Willoughby, Barbara Wilson, Jimmy Wise, Mariane Wise. Don Wiseman, Ann WiHebor+, Barbara Wolf, Judy Wood, Shirley Wood, Waller Woodard, Carol Wools. Marion Wools. -.- . .. .. .. ., . nom vVoosnam, Kay vvrlgnr, Linda rates, Eddie York, Corval Zeabarl, Karolyn Zimmerman. Sophomore Execufive Commilfee-Row I: ll.. To R.l Sherrill Modlin, Mike Maine, Paul Slephens, Wayne Slufls, Chuck Lowe. Row ll: Aurelia Plaico, Janie Carler, Ann Gehrke, VirgiiniafBales, Mary Kay Handy. Jean Ann Behrens. Row lII: Mrs. Shirley Wirls, sponsorg Defxnna Jaquess, Joan Whelan, Barbara Couch, Mr. Harry Mc6oon, sponsor Sophomores Hold First All-Class Party ln History The Sophomores slarled a new lradilion by having an all-class parly, The Tirsl evenl-of ils kind in lhe hislory ol AHS. The evenl included dancing and several variely acls presenled by members OT The class. A+ lasl The members ol The class ol '57 will be able lo wear swealers, pins, and rings ol lheir own. They used lheir indiviolualily in se- lecling agua and while as class colors, also The Tirsl lime lhe combinalion has been sel- ecled here. Under lhe leadership of very capable offi- cers ancl sponsors, lhe sophomore now move inlo +he regions of lhe upperclass. Wilh a membership ol more lhan 700, lhe class is one ol lhe laroesl in hislorv. For lhe nexl lwo years AHS will be in The hands of a group Thar already has made ils mark. g ,Q Sophomore Officers Perch on Homecoming Floai-Row I: lL. io R.l Tom Clem. presidenlg Judy Coon, lreasurerg Row ll: Mary Marsh. secrelaryg Marlha Marsh, vice-presidenl: Class of l957 Don Abernalhy, Sue Ackerman, Edna Alexander, Mary Alexander. Sandy Allen, Alice Alley, Linda Ambrose, Frank Amos. Belly Anderson, Bill Anlrobus, Brooke Appleby, Rhea Arnold, Roberl' Arnold, Lemione Auker, Norma Auker, Sara Ayl- ward. Gay Babcoke, Carolann Bailey, James Bailey, Warren Bailey, Dave Baker, Phyllis Baker, Mike Baldwin, Virginia Bales. Ann Barber, Jim Barbre, Diane Barker, Belsey Barnes, Malcolm Barnes, Rulh Barr, Connie BarroH, Mary Lou Barlh. Kay Barllow, Ora MEy,.Bass,e1l', Eleanor Bays, Edi+h Beason, Shirley Beauchamp, Shirley Beaver, Jean Behrens, Larry Bell. Rulh Bender, Ronald Benham, Dave Ben- nel, Donald Benner, Judy Bickel, Sonya Bigham, Nancy Birf, Don Blackwell. Lois Bledsoe, Pal Blume, Judy Boll, San- dra Borkman, Barbara Braddock, Jack Bragg, Richard Branch, Mary Breilweiser. Nancy Brewsfer, Pal' Brinson, Sara Brock, Carolyn Bronnenberg, Bob Brooks, Joyce Brougher, Fred Brown, Dixie Browning. Janice Brumback, Judilh Bryan'l', Joyce Buell, Larry Burge, Eddie Burke, Joyce Burkharf, Eugene Burkell, Peggy Burns. Larry Burlon, Jerry Byard, Ronald Byrne, Shirley Byrum, Tom Callender, Belly Cam- pbell, Connie Campbell, Ronald Camp- bell. Mary Canaday, Jim Canlerbury, Loynela Carlile, Mary Rose Carlile, Paul Carlson, Dorofhie Carpenfer, Judy Carpenfer, Mike Carpenfer. Side Courf Seal' - - So Whal! Class of l957 Tom Carpenler, Don Carper, Janie Carler. Sherry Chamlee, Larry Chase, Glenda Cheaiham. Elaine Chesieriield, Ralph Chambers, Shannon Chambers. Lo-re'Ha Chrisman, Sondra Clanin, Mary Claypool, David Clem, Milron Cocker- ham, Darlene Cockman, John Coffey, Bob Cokley. Nancy Colvill, Richard Colvin, Dwayne Combs. Larry Conley, Dale Cook, ,Susie Coolg,ySamuel Cookman, Judy Coon. Paul Copeland, Wallace Copeland, Char- les Coi'+on, Barbara Couch, Claudia Couch, Phillip Couch, Barbara Cox, Anne Cridge. Janel' Crim, Mary Louise Crouch, Rachel Cunningham, Sandra Dale, Jerry Darnell, Ann Davis, Darrell Davis, Nancy Davis. Larry Davis, Bill Day, Janis Dawson, Ed Day, Jack Del'loril'y, Dora Dellinger, Norma Delong, Jim Delph. Jim Deni, Lana Dennison, Judy Delienne, Marjorie DeWiH, Dorcas DeYoung, Kay Diggs, Bob Dillman, Marsha Dil'l's. Beverly Dishmond, Larry Dodd, Thyra Douglas, Doug Dronberger, Ronald Du- keH, Don Dudderar, Jacquelin Dunkerly, Tom Dunlap. Belly Jo Earharl, Mike Eckerf, Louise Ed- wards, Phil Eikenbery, LaQuie+a Eiler, John Eisele, Shirley Eliason, Don Ellis. IISIQW -.m:...,,f-4'-av A- Class of l957 Mariorie Ellis, Nan Elmore, Neil Elsea, Tom Epply, John Ervin, Bob Erlandson, Gerald Eslle, Lousanna Eulsler. Jarre'H' Fairman, Jerry Fells, Granf Fel- zien, Keifh Fern, Joe Fish, Alice Fishback, Johnny Fisher, Sandra Fisher. Lawana Flye, Dan Foland, Alvin Folsom, Calvin Folsom, David Fox, Bob France, Larry Fricke, Judy Fromholz. Don Furnish, Jane Furnish, PaHy Fuller, Phil Gaar, Sam GarreH', Larry Gaskill, Julene Gaw, Shirley Geeiing. Ann Gehrke, Don George, Janel George, Mary Kay Gibson, Judy Gilchrisl, Bill Gillespie, Don Gilpalrick, Phyllis Gilson. Elaine Goen. Mariy Goff, Rex Goff, Marfha Goldsmifh, Mike Goldsmiih, Di- ane Goodman, Don Goodson, Sandra Goul. Joyce Graddy, Mary Grissom, Arlene Grigsby, Joe Gus+in, Kay Gusiin, Rose- mary Gus+in, Ruih Ann Guslin, Terry Hackleman. Kaiherine Haggard, Jerry Hale, Jore'H'a Hale, Florelle Hall, Mary Hall, Eddie Hamer, Carl Hamilion, David Hamil+on. Keiih Hamilfon, Joyce Hammond, John Hancock, David Hancock, Judy Hancock, Mary Kay Handy, BeHy Handy, Michael Harlan. Ned Harless, Jerry Hardacre, Palsy Har- per, James Harreld, Elaine Harris John Hari, Eugene Harlzell, Bill Harvey. Friiz Harvey, Cynihia Hasfy, Richard Hafch, Larry Halfield, Sandra Heflin, Vicky Heiden, Jerry Henning. ,,r, MH..- . W..,. .... V V Y ..-..... . -ga Fufure Glenn Millers 80 Class of i957 Toni Henriclxs, Vaughn Henry, Janef Henry, Janice Henry, Roger Hensley, June Henson, Mary Hessler, Shirley Hiclcerson Perry Hill, Tom Hird, Dorofhy Hifch. Harold Hifchcoclr, Peggy Hobbs, Helen Holberl, Margaref Hollars. Carolyn Hood. David L. Hooper, David T. Hooper, Jaclc Hoppes, Marvin Horfon. Phyllis Hofzel. Marion Hoyle, Julia Hodson, Barbara Huffman. Bob Huffman, Larry Huffman, David Hughes, Jean Hughes. Meredifh Hughes, Louise Humericlchouse, Larry Humphrey, Carolyn Hunf. Susie Hunfzinger, Lois Hursf, Jim liames, Howard Imel, Saundra lsom, Lonnie lve- son, Diane Jackson, Benneff James. Ronnie James, Deanna Jaquess, Juliana Jeffries, Norman John. Bill Johnson, Jimmy Johnson, Linda Johnson, Milne Johnson. Barbara Jones, Charles Jones, Carolyn Jones, Doris Jones, Mariorie Jones. Neal Jones, Rosalie Jones, Bonnie Jordan. Ronnie Jordan. Don Julian. Jon Jourdan, David Judd, Judy Kanable, Phyllis Kar- dafzke, Nancy Kauffman, Anna Keeney. Armafha Keifh, Brenda Keller, Linda Kelley. Jim Kelly, Jerry Kendall, Luana Kennedy. Judy Keys, Alice King. Marfha Kimbro. Class of I957 Keifh Kline. Gene Knepp, Belly Knoffs, Juanifa Knofis, Bill Kofoki, Donna Kreeg- ar, Carl Krieg, Darlene KumKowslci. Joan Kunce, Laraine Laman, Don Lam- berf, Janice Lanning, Darrel Large, Peggy Larison, William Laswell, Judiih Lauber. Ernie Layfon, Roberl Layion, Frank Law- rence. Jane Ledl:ae'Her, Renee Leedom, Bob Leffel. Barbara Lennon, Larry Lennon. Gail Levi, Carolyn Lennis, Robie Leviif, Jacqueline Lewis, Jane Lewis, Thomas Lewis, Molly Lighifooi, Mike Lendsey. David Lineberry, Lincla Linville, Mary Livingslon, Carl Looper, Tom Lovell, Chuck Lowe, Francis Lucas, Karen Lulcens. Jim Lysi, Carolyn Mablaifr, Nancy Mad- ren, Carole Maguire, Mike Maine, Bill Maines, Dennis Mallernee, Rod Malsom. Joe Manis, Rollie Massey, Mariha Marsh, Mary Marsh, Frank Mar+in, Melanie Mar- lin. Lincla Marlin, Gene Messy. Jim Massey, Jerry Masfers, Nancy Max- well, Larry Mechem, Doug Meelrer, Will- iam Mendenhall, Jerry Melz, Karen Mich- eel. A Linda Mills, Paul Mills, Jim Mellon, Don Mifchell, Harry Mifchell, Don MiHen, Sherrill Modlin, Dixie Monlgomery. Donna Moore, Judy Moore, Tim Moore, Virginia Morford, Lavada Morehead, Don Muller, Belly Mullins, Mark Mullins. Joyce Mundell, Myrna Munsell, EvereH Muferspaugh, Beclry Myers. Franlrlin My- ers. Marcia Myers, Phyllis MacPherson, Lloyd McClinfoclc. Town Square Sfudenf Sfyle Class of l957 Bob McClinfoclr, Tom McConnell, Bill McCrea'ry, Sondra McCreay. Margie McDaniels, Penny McDaniels. Donna McElravy, Beclry McEvoy. Carole McGivern, Bill Mclnlyre, Susie McKeand, Ronnie McKibban. Carolyn McMillan, Roberf McNa'H, Judy Neeley, Bill Neff, Jim Newby, John Newby, Chesfer Newlrirk, Joe Niece. Sharon Nighberf, Karen Norbury, Myrna Nuzum, Carol O'B'ryanf, Arfhur Odle, Paf Olden, Kenny Olive, Bill O'NeaI. John Osborne, Charles Oflo, Dan Owens, Russel Owens, Sharon Page, Sherry Page, Virginia Pakes, Beffy Palmer. Jim Pancol, Jean Parker, Joe Parlrer, Larry Parlrer, Don Parfain, Gene Paschal. Rose Pafrone, Lee Ann Paffon. Bill Pearf, Norma Perlrins, Sue Persing, Norval Pefers, Jeanie Peffigrew, Carol Pierce, Janice Pike, Aurelia Plaxco. Alfred Poole, Sue Poore, Bob Porfer, Billy Posfon, Pafricia Poffer, Paul Powell, Georgia Powless, Beffy Pruiff. Sandra Puclceff, Diclr Pugh, Mary Pursley, Toby Raisor, Lewis Rayford, Bob Redding, Carol Reeder, John Reese. Mariorie Reese, Daniel Reeves, Gilberf Reeves, Offs Rhodes, Mary Jane Rice, Norman Rice, Sharilyn Rice, John Rich. v...--.-., , V ,-v:MY..T-. -.. - . Class of I957 Sue Richards, Dale Richardson, Sieve Richeson, Gerald Ricker, Palsy Ridgeway, BeHy Riley, Marcia Riley, Dick Rinearson. Dora Robhlins, BeH'y Roberfs, Richard Roberfs, Phyllis Roberls, Ann Rodecap, Bev Ross, Jacqueline Ross, Kay Ross. Elaine Rouse, Bill Rowland, Carole Rush, Roberl' Rulh, Tom Rydman, Belh Sample, Marlha Sargenf, Terry Sayring. Virginia Sco'r+, Billy Seibold, Jimmy Shaf- fer, Laura Lee Shaul, Tom Shee+s, Eddie Shelfon, Jerry Sheperd, Leroy Shields. Jerry Shively, Befhel Shock, Marry' Silcox, Leanne Simmonds, Carol Simpson, Myrna Singhursf, Beverly Sipe, Barbara Skaggs. Alberf Skinner, Beverly Smifh, Dale Smifh, Jayne Smilh, Jim Smifh, Joan Smilh, Judy Smilh, Maryann Smilh. Rosalyce Smilh. Tom Smilh, Carolyn Snider, Bruce Snoddy, Tom Sowash, Brad- ford Spencer, Marilyn Springer, Tim Sfafford. Belly Sfanley. Judy Sfanley, Paul S+eph- ens, Bob Slerling, Allen Sfiers, Josephine S+earns, Helen Sleimer, Helen Sfeves. Barbara Sfewarf, Mary Sfickradi, Doroihy Sfines, Brad Sfinson, Joe Slinson, Bev Sioker, Andrew Sione, Bob Sloner. Janel' Srrader, Larry Sluarf, Wayne S1'uHs, Leanna Swarf, Belh Swinford, Joyce Syl- vesler, Douglas Talley, Carolyn Taylor. Lillie Taylor, Marilyn Taylor, James Teal- ers, Jean Anne Teush, Sherry Thomason, David Thompson, Frank Thompson, Mar- garef Towler. Class of I957 Sally Townsley. Veronica Trees, Twyla Trueblood, Larry Tungel, Es+er Turner, Rulh Tyler, Bill Ward, Bill Wagner. Frances Wagner, David Waldron, Jim Walker, Joe Walker, Barbara Wallace, Georgia Wallon, Sandra Ward, Susie Ward. Diana Walson, Phil Walson, Wilbur Wal'- son, Gloria Waymire, Jack Webber, Mar- la Websler, Nancy Weed, Dee Welch. Dale Welling, Tod Wellinglon, Jim Wes- sar, Wayne Weslon, Lalricia Wheal, Don Wheeldon, Joan Whelan, Mary While. Danny Whil-lon, Madonna Widdifield, Palsy Widener, James Wiley, Slephen Wiley, Donna Wilhelm, James Wilhiie, Charles Wilkerson. Eva Wilkins, Aaron Williams, Barbara Williams, Darrell Williams, Joe Williams. Joyce Williams, Mary Williams, Richard Williams. Beverly Willisk, Anila Wills, Shirley Wil- molh, Janel Wilson, Judy Wilson, Linda Wilson, Linda Wilson, Mary Wilson. Mary Wilson. Eleanor Wissing, Bob Wolff, Sandra Wollam, Kay Wood, Bill Woods, Melvin Woods, Pally Wood. John Worley, Rulh Worley, Bill Wrighl, Mary Wyanf, Ronald Wyall, Isabel Ur- ban, Rulh Anne Ulley, Judy Van Buskirk. Donald Vanderbill, Pal Vanover, Beverly Van Voorhis, James Vardaman, Lela Vaughn, Karen Veazy, Bill Vesl, Don Vesl. Wayne Vogel, Doug Vorndran, Earline Yeagley, Darrel Young, Bill Zehring, Rulh Zimmerman, Windy Zimmerman, Jean Zirkelback. Freshmen Officers Learn Abou? Daddy Black Award-lL. fo R.l Mr. Dave Bar- row, and Mrs. Marilyn Ausfin, sponsors: Diana Childers, Treasurer, Slfephanie Hop- pes, secrefaryq Judy Duncan, vice-bres- idenfg Brooks Townsend, presidenf. Freshmen Take lndividual As Well As Class Honors Affer fhe firsf few weelcs of geffing used fo running from physical educafion class fo 306 sfudy hall, fhe freshmen class seffled down fo win several honors, bofh individually and as a class. A shorf, blue-eyed blonde freshman was chosen as l-lomecoming Queen. An affendenf fo fhe Fall-Wind-Up queen was also a fresh- man lass. Two freshmen gals will be leading yells nexf year, and fhe Al-lS Indian Maiden is anofher freshman. There are indicafions fhaf during fhe baslcefball season fhey will be cheering several of fheir classmafes, members of a yearling squad fhaf won i7 of 20 games. ln fhree years fhe burdens and more honors of fhe school will be fheirs. Much falenf al- ready has been discovered in fhis class, and fhere is evidence of more. The besf of luck fo fhem in fhe fhree years fo come. Freshman Sludenl' Council Members Sworn ln-Principal John Paul Huffman lrighfl leads new members in a pledge of service, Row l: lL. 'lo R., John Webber, Arlene Lovelace, Susan Sfraub, Sherry Dennis. Jan Podhasli, Mary Jane l-larfzell, Anne Selling, Julie l-lull. Deanna Trimble, Nancy Cornelius, Barbara Whifney. Row ll: Brad Ravi, Tom Sloan. Bruce Mason. Phil Nicpon, Ronnie Mc! Nabney, Don Roudebush. Brooks Townsend. Bob Dyson. Karen Shaffer, Barbara Kessler. Suse Baierschmidf, Jean Bradniclc. 85 Roman Gods Feasf Class of I 958 Judy Abernafhy, Paul Abshire, Ronnie Achor, Ann Adams. David Adams, Jim Adams. Marfha Adams, Roger Adcock. Curlis Agnew, Mary Akers, Nancy Alford, Tommy Alex. Dee Anderson, Larry Anderson, Paisy An- derson, Harry Armsfrong, hgdjorie Ash- craff, Ray Ashley, Wyife AfkinZlB'arry Aikinson. Jack Arwell, Carolyn Bailey, Suse Baier- schmid+, Monre Baker, Terry Baker, Peggy Ballenger, Lole'ra Bales, Larry Ballinger. Linda Barker, Mark Barnei, Regina Bar- reH, Nancy Barron, Bernard Bafhauer, David Bausman, Ralph Beamer, Blanche Beason. Barbara Becrafi, Dave Beeman, Jesse Bell, Larry Bell, Yvonna Bell, Carol Bergdahl, Carole Beseff, Jeanne Bieneri. Judy Black, Aniia Blackmond, Howard Bledsoe, Ann Blue, David Boardman, Jim Bodey, Janef Bohlan, Pefer Bolles. Earle Boone. Nancy Boone-El, Joan Book, Tom Boofs, Richard Bourke, Georgi Bow- en,JeaneHe Bowen, Mary Boyd. Nancy Boyd, Carrol Boyer, Judy Brad- dock, Janice Bradley, Jean Bradnick, Anne Brady, David Bragg, Lois Bramwell. Ron Breeck, JanneHe Brewer, Sandra Brewer, Susan Brewsier, Carolyn Brobsf. Bill Brown, Jerry Brown, Joanne Brown. Class of i958 Joyce Brown, Melvin Broohar, Valdis Bross, Deanna Brubaker, Marilyn Bryan'l', Judy Burdick, Sheila Burkerf, Delores Bur- lon. Max Burion, David Bushong, Donald Bus- sell, Ronnie Bussell, Jim Byinglon, John Byrne, Linda Byrum, Don Calabria. Janef Campbell, Leon Campbell, Judy Canaday, Kay Cappel, Carol Caplan, Darlene Carey, Jerry Carpenler, Larry Carpenier. Rufh Carpenfer, Earl Carper, Carolyn Sue Carr, PaHi Carrico, Larry Carroll, Wil- liam Carroll, Donna Carron, Jim Carler. Roosevelf Carler, Charles Caslor, Max Caflron, John Chambers, Sara Kay Chance, Diana Chenowilh, Diana Child- ers, Judy Childer. Douglas Clanin, Pafricia Clark, Rex Clark, Ronald Clark, Karen Claxon, Mona Clem. Karen Clevenger, Jim Click. Edwin Closser, Judy Coburn, Mike Co- burn, Mike Coen, Barbara Coffman, Mar- ilyn Cole, Helen Collier, Linda Collins. Bonnie Conley, Dale Cook, Gayl Cook, Jerry Cook, Nancy Cook, Jerry Coon, Dale Copeland, Nancy Cornelius. Carlos Corzine, Ann Cougill, Eddie Coun- cil, Janis Council. ' David Cowarf, Rex Cowarf, Marsha Cow- gill, Sharon Cox. Norman Cozorf, Kennefh Crane. Linda Crim, Laura Crifser. Biggie Munn and AHS MuSCle Primping for Pics Class of I 958 Shirley Crooks. Ruby Crose, Ronald Cross. Elaine Crouch, Anna Cunningham, Jackie Dale. Beverly Darlc, Briana Davis, James Davis. Jean Davis Judy Davis, Nancy Davis, Peggy Davis, Randy Davis, Richard Davis, Rodney Davis, Tom Davis. Edwin Day, Frances Day. Joan Day, Vir- ginia Day. Tom Dayfon. Jane? Deane. Linda Deaver, Marsha DeLey. Norman Delph, Richard Delph, Jane? Del- linger, Sherry Dennis, Shirley Dennis, San- dra Dennison. Pai DeWees. John Dick. John Dieizer, Janis Disseiie. Donna Do- vey, Areffa Dowden, Dick Downey, Joyce Downham, Adelia Drake, Parricia Dudley. Jerry Duell, Pernod Duffey, Judy Duncan. Alzina Dunn, Mary Dulles, Frank Durham. Bob Dyson, Larry Earley. Joe Ellingwood, Darlene EllioH', Jerry El- lison, Sharon Elmore, Marabefh Emerson, James Epperly, Niia Eshelman. Rifa Eshel- man. Charles Esiep, Philip Esfep, Linda Esile. Larry Elchison, Jim Eufsler. Nancy Evans, Penny Farlow, Linda Fawbush. Maxine Ferguson, Sylvia Ferguson, Toni Ferris, John Ficllle, Rosalie Fifer, Beverly Fischer, Richard Fish. Ann Fisher. Class of l958 Kay Fisher, Jane Ann Ford, Dorolhy Fos- rsler, Jauanila Fosfer, Nancy Fouls, Carol Fox, David Fox, Priscilla Fox. Priscilla Fox, Richard Fox, Tonya Ffox, Waller Fox, Sue Franklin, Margie Fraser, Judy Frye, Anila Fuller. Kalhleen Fullinglon, Norma Furnish, Nan- cy Gabel, Lou Ann Gaddis, Carole Gam- mon, Marfha Garner, Kay Garrelson, Lin- da Garrelf. Virginia Gary, Dianne Gaskill, Evelyn Ga- les, Joyce Geiger, Anne Gelling, Larry Gellinger, Shirley Gibbons, Barbara Gib- son. Larry Gibson, Shirley Gillford, Joan Gil- berl, Jeff Gill, John Gill, Aniia Glaze, Lealha Goen, Realha Goen. Rosemary Golish, Adriene Good, Dennis Gooding, Sylvia Goodman, Bob Good- win, Roberl Grahm, Carol Gray, June Gray. Tom Gray, Jesse Greene, Nancy Greene, Tom Greenwald, Dave Griffee, David Gref'Fi+h, Mary Grimes, Alice Grissom. Joyce Gulmire, Jean Guslin, Barbara Haclcer, Sue Hall, Barry Hanna, Jerry Har- ris, Mary Jane Harhell, Belly Harfley. David Harmon, Judy Harlman, James Harrison. Paliy Harney, Pal Harl, Janie Harrison. Linda Harfley, Judy Harris, Kay Harris. We Skinned fhe Hof Dogs Class of I958 Dixie Harlan, Norma Harchman, Allene Hari, Bruce Hasfings. David Hasfon, Bob Haskell, Glen Hal- field. Judy Hawkins. Shirley Hawn, Barbara Hayden, Tom Har- den, Don Heacox. Paula Heiden, Ellen Henderson, Reber? Henderson, Bill Hendkickson, Vickie Hen- ricks, Earl Hensley, Jack Hensley, Jim Hensley. Linda Higginboiham, Sharon Dee Hig- gins, Doroihy Hill, Marilyn Hill, Bill Hil- ligoss, Sue Hilligoss, Hope Hinkle, Sue Ann Hinkle. John Hodson. Eddie Hofer, Bill Hogg, Bob Hollenback, Don Holliclay, Ufanell Holliman. Barbara Hollis, Rochelle Hool- en. Joanna Hoover, Carolann Hoppes, S+eph- anie Hoppes, Beverly Horine, Bob Horo- ho, Sheila Hornlaeck, Phil Hosier, Sue Houchins. Alice Howard, Pal Howard, Shirley Hud- son, Tony Huey, David Huffman, Linda Hughes, Richard Hughes, Tom Hughes. Charles Hule:-H, Julie Hull. Larry Hum- erickhouse, Lee Hunt Carole Hursf, Gen- eva Isbell, Joan Jackson, Lowell Jackson. Thelma Jackson, Jessie Janes, Mary Jef- fers, Ann Jenkins, Billy Johnson, Donald Johnson, Jerise Johnson. Jim Johnson. Joyce Johnson. Pal Johnson, Pa+'ry John- son, Ru+l1 Johnson, Anne Jones, David Jones, Gail Jones, James Jones. --1-mm-,,,., ., , Class of I 958 Jerry Jones, Larry Jones, Mille Jones, Nick Jones, Susan Jones, Nancy Kabrich, Druzella Kearns, Sally Keesling. Sandra Keesling, Nancy Keefer, Earl Keiih. Carolyn Kelley, Barbara Keesler, Francis Kimm, Be'Hy King, John King. Vivian King, Evelyn Kinman, Sandra Kirlr, David KleH, Gene Knighi, Don Krueger, Jerry Lempereur, Carolyn Land. Ronnie Lane, George Lark, Phil Larmore, Jim Laswell, JoreHa Laihan, Jerry Lav- ender, Gordon Lawler, Nancy Lawler. Richard Lawrence, Eleanor Lazenby, Nor- man Learned, Pairicia Ledger, Jim Le- mon, Doris Leslie, John Lewis, Bob Lighl- fool. EvereH LiHer, Coby Livengood, Marfha Livingslon, Jodell Loveless, Arlene Love- lace, Pafricia Loyd, Diana Lucas, Rila Lucas. . David Luck, Beverly Lusrer, Tom Lures. Charles Lyall, Sharon Lynam, Nancy Maas, Donald Maddox, Sue Maguire. Beairice Maier, Ruih Main, Barbara Mal- som, Sue Manis, Laquiia Marsh, Tom Marsh, Kay Marshall, Dixie Marlin. Jim Marlin, Bill Massey, David Massey, Linda Massey. Nancy Massey, Mille Maihews, Buford Mauclc, Jimmie May. Pai- May, Alice Maynard, Kennerh Mell- off. Jim Melson. The Ba refoofed Oracle Puppy Love Class of I958 Mary Merrill, Tom Merrill, Judy Miller, Belly Mills. Bessie Milchell. Pally Milchell, Penny Mil-chell, Jerry Moore. Larry Morgan, Bud Morgan, Ronnie Morgan, Mary Morrison. Dan Mollo, Virginia Moyer, Monila Munsey, Norman Murdock, Rulhann Murphy, Lucy Myers, Herberl' Myler. Marilyn McAfee. Cheney McCarroll, Gary McClain, John McCord, Carolyn McCrocklin, Warren McCullum, Janef McDaniel, John McGuire. Sharon McLaughlin. Ronald McNabney, Millie McVey, Ronald McVey, Larry Naselroad, Diane Nelson, Linda Niccum, Philip Nicpon. Wilda Nodine, Carolyn Norman, Bill Norris, Jimmie Norris, Mike Nuzum, Dan Obermeyer, Dennis O'Leary, John O'Neal. Charlene Ore, Thomas Osburn, Roy Quinion, Sally Page, Donnie Palmer, Bill Parker, Jerry Parker, Tom Parker. Warren Parr, Maxine Parrish, Roy Parrish, Mary Paschal, Jerry Paugh, Nancy Pearson, Bob Peavler, Bill Peek. Alberla Perry, Lynn Pelry. Neva Perry, Jim Pelrigrew, Kennelh PeHigrew, Harry Philpo'H, Duane Pickard, Jerry Pickel. David Pike, Jan Podhaski, Sharon Poore, Buford Porler, Emma Posey, Barbara Po++er, John PoHer, Gary Powell. L Class of I 958 Carole Presser, Nancy Presfon, Bill Price, James PruiH', Wanda Pursley, Joyce Puferbaugh, Dick Rains, Dicl: Ramsey. V Donnie Ramsey, Karen Ramsey, Be'Hy Pay, Norval Recior, Judy Reed, Judy Reed, Bob Reeder, Bill Rees, Tony Reeser, Norman Reeves, Myron Reichari, Bill Remingion, Earlie Remson, Dale Rice, Bob Rich, Don Richardson. Sreve Richardson, Saundra Richey, Pal' Rider, BeHy Riggs, David Rifenour, Joyce Riflenhouse, John Robbins, Larry Robbins. Ronald Robbins, Kay Roberson, Cecil Robinson, Camille Roby, Juanifa Rogers, Larry Rose, Richard Rosenbaum, Roger Roudebush. Don .Roudebush, Sharon Roush, Tom Roush, Cheryl Rowe, Marilyn Rude, Jerry Sale, Esiher Sarah, Carolyn Sargent Nancy Sargeni, Diane Sayring, Larry Scafland, Mariorie Schmaliz, Carol Schrope, Merrill Schuyler, Glenn Sco'H, Peler Sczesny. William Seal, Linda Segner, Rex Seipel. Nancy Seyberf, Chuck Shaffer, John Shaffer, Peggy Shanahan, Lula Shavers. Jerry Shaul, Sieve Shaw, Richard Shear, Bob Shelfon. Jaclc Shellon, Valley Sheppard, Beverly Shield, Larry Shields. Mary Shipley, Anne'H'e Shipman, Richard Shirley, Bob Shorr. V I v 8 Snowballs in Oclober Candy Siand Congesfion 94 Class of l958 Jane Shullz, Bobby Sink, Roger Skinner, Priscilla Skouden, Tom Sloane, Toby Small, Bill Smifh, Darrell Smilh. Gary Smilh, James Smilh, Janice Smilh, Jesse Smilh, Joyce Smilh, Linda Smilh, Margery Smilh, Marfhaan Smilh. Rebecca Smi+h, Richard Smilh, Richard Smifh, Carolyn Smilher, Danny Snellen- barger, Tom Snoddy, Sieve Sokol, Norma Soulhers. Dave Spaulding, Millie Speedy, Gilber-l Spradlin, Arlene Springer, Paul Spurr, Carl Sfanley, Fern Slanley, Larry Slanley. Linda Slanley, Michael Slanley, Pal' Slan- ley, Mary Sue Sfaylon, Nancy Sfeiner, Nancy Sfeves, Carolyn Slephens, Larry Slewarl. Roy Slickradl, Mark Sliers, Linda Slires, Jerry S+ohler, Marilyn Sfolces, Jackie Sloul, Bob Slow, Susan Slraub. James Slringer, Max Slubbs, Phil Sullivan, Judy Summers, Gary Summi'H, Larry Sum- miH', Vicki Sweelman, Tony Swinford. Nora Sylvesler, Harrielle Talber-l, Larry Talman, Fred Taylor, Linda Taylor, Ben- iomin Taylor, Bill Taylor, Sandra Taylor. Carolyn Teague, Judilh Teegarden, Wayne Teelers. Barbara Terry, Georgianna Thomas, Lynn Thomas. Eunice Thrcgmorion, Sharon Tibbells. Rifa Tice. Class o'F i958 Dorcas Tiesel, Sheila Timmons, Richard Tinsley, Charles Tipfon, Donna Jean Tis- chler, Linda Todd. Brooks Townsend, Mary Carol Trick. Roberl Trimble, Barbara Troosken, Helen Troul, David Tucker, Gary Tucker, Pal- ricia Tunget Millie Turbeville, Larry Tur- ner Harold Tway, Carole Ussary, Nancy Us- sery, Carmen Van Meier, James Van Winkle, Mariha Vasbinder, James Vaughn. Jack Voyles, Judy Wachob, Thelma Wade, Bill Wallace, Jimmie Wallers, Jim Ward, Jacky Warrum, Deanna Waikins. Nina Walkins, Connie Walson, Nancy Walson, Don Webb, David Webber. John Weber, Leon Weedman, Rosemary Welker. ' Jackie Wells. Pa'Hy Wells, Joyce Wesl- erfield, Judy While, Floyd Whifehouse, Barbara Whifney, Sue WhiHing+on, Noel Widdifield. Ellen Wigner, Freda Wilborn, Richard Wiley. Josephine Wilkins, Marilyn Wil- kinson, Richard Wilkinson, Floyd Will- hoile. Bob Williams. Evelyn Williams, Dick Williams, Jerry Williams. Sherrie Williams, Tom Williams. Lee Williamson, Junius Winfrey, Belle Wilson. Gloria Wilson, Terry Wilson. Tom Wilson, Dianna Wifhers, Slanley Wolfram, Sally Wolgamoif, Larry Wood. Mary Wood. Ronald Woodruff, Judi Woods, Judy Woods, Larry Woosnam, Dixie Workman, Ralph Worley, Marlha Wrighl, Mary Wrighl. Wilma Wrighl, Mary Wysockey. Dallas Young, Ronnie Young, Bobby Zachary, Ronnie Zander, Judy Zion. as T as February Freshmen Gloria Amos, Judy Ashby, Gary Balmer, Don BeaHy, Coleman Bilbrey, Barbara Bowers, Karen Brannon, Larry Breeco. Larry Brown, Sieve Brown, Darlene Bruce, Irena Bruce, Shirley Buis. Larry Campbell, ..WaHer ,,Campbell, .Joyce Chappell. Garry Cobb, Donald Colvin, Diane Connolly, Larry Conios, Dave Crandall, Bonnie Crider, Donna Davis, Roberi' Davis. Judy Dayfon, Judy Dilfs, Arnold Doll. Lyndall EllioH, Shirley Feusfon, Barbara Flanigan, Charles Fulton, Carol Carrefson. Jim Gillaspy, Gary Gilmore, Jane? Gilson, Claudine Goodman, Milne Grimes, Lavina Gunsi, Larry Harris, Jim Herron. George Hinderer, Avis Hovermale, Sue Hudson, Carol Jackson, George Jackson. Barbara Johnson, Judifh Johnson, Sue Jordon. Tom Joyce, Fred Kingsbury, Bob Knich, Pai Landis, Larry Large, Jim Lavender, Nancy Lemon. Judirh Lennis. Richard Lennis. Jerry Lewis, Michael Long, Dan McCerfy, Edgar McFadden, Rulh Ann McKay, Barbara Marfin. Diana Masiers. V Carl Maupin, David Miller, Jim Morgan, Bill Nicholson, Jim Nowlin, Florene Olive, Lorena Olive, Tom Overlin. James Owens, Beverly Parker, Beverly Parlrs, Dave Payfon, Rex Pebernaf, Sheila Perlcins, Voss Purkey, Shelby Qualls. Sharron Quiwn, Rila Russell, Barbara Schildmeier, Sharon Seyberis, Jim Shepherd, Mary Simmonds, William Simmonds. Sfephen Slrinner. February Freshmen Jim Smifh, Ray Dean Smifh, Richard Snyder, Margaref Sparks, Kennefh Sfreafy, Harry Taylor, Georgia Truesdel, Jim Welch. Shirley Wellons, Sally Wessar, Don Williams, Vivian Williams, Larry Wiseharf. A 'Formal pa use Drummer and prospecl of missing class aHrac'r sludenl crowd lrighil. Dance needs-Two biis and a pair of brighl'-colored socks. Homecoming Queen candidafes show foolball form? lrighll. Sadie Hawkins gol her man--or boy. Wigwam inhabiianis slare lrighfl. SPGRTS MCDLD TOWN'S CHARACTER SporTs always have been known as builders oT characTer in The compeTiTors Themselves, buT in Anderson They are also The sTrongesT molder oT.communiTy characTer and spiriT. The spiriT is seen in The eyes oT The proud TaTher as he waTches his son in compeTiTion. And in The worldly-wise senior who TorgeTs so- phisTicaTion while yelling himselT hoarse. IT is sands oT Madison Coun+ians who have passed Through The Tound in memories oT The old-Time Tans, Those hardy souls who can quoTe a Traclc meeT' record oT 20 years ago or remember when The lndians won The sTaTe. The day aTTer a ball game is a good TesT oT The influence oT sporT' upTown. The barber shops .are noisy aTTer a vicTory, and morning coTTee clubs linger over a second cup. The whole Town is more vibranT. Every communiTy doesn'T Talce To iTs sporT's in such a manner, buT in Anderson The Wigwam and Denny Field are places where Tollcs can relax, become young again, and recall faded high school dreams and deeds. The T955 SecTional crowd is iusT a small porTion oT The Thou- doors oT The high school gymnasium To compeTe in Their youTh, To wiTness laTer. and To remember always. BaslceTball Coach Iclr Osborne Tallts over his sTyle of play. which revoluTionized Indian baslceTball in l954-55, wiTh senior leTTermen Jim LevereTTe and Nyles Anson lrighTl. 98 X SP 1 3552. , S ,:iL:!'Xfn : x W S -:az-qw ,ERN 'M has iff 'f Rugved Play T , and Pacing Coaches Part of Football Scene Seemingly following lhe proverbial lruclc lhrough a gaping hole in lhe Marion line, fullback Jerry Swin- 'lord l34l drives for a big gain. The key bloclc was fhrown by Ron Page llelll. Olher lndians lL. +o R. in dark uniiormsl are quarlerback Jim LuHon and 'lacltle Ron Shafer. Quarlerbaclc Jerry Shively fakes a handoff on 'lhe oplion play and sweeps wide around 'lhe Sacred Hearf end wilh Gary Feurer i26l ready 'fo 'lhrow a block. A squad minus I8 players foughl ils hearl oul before losing, 7 'lo 6. Coach Jim Carler lhand on chinl paces along 'lhe sidelines in lhe lower Ieff piclure during 'lhe Marion game in which 'lhe indians fumbled inside ihe I5- yard line 'rhree limes as 'they Iosi I2-0. Coach Carler Byfield accompanies lhe head coach as usual. The 'lwo probably do more pacing lhan any olher con- ference coach. In lhe lower righl piciure dads of +he foolball players came oul lo roof and evidenlly in- spire lheir boys lo a 44 fo I3 roul of Elwood in -lhe annual Dad's Day game. One group lL. 'lo R.l in- cluded Mr. Bill Sebrees. Mr. Gerald Dodd Jr., Mr. Gerald Dodd Sr., Mr. Lloyd Sloner. and Mr. Elmer Anson. Varsiiy Foofball Team-Row I: Jack Jarvis, Jerry Shively, Mike EckerT, Jim Dick, Joe Crouse, Harry MiTcheIl, Mike Maguire. Fred Simp- son, Ronnie James. Row ll: Coach lck Osborne, Larry Cleveland, Ed Lind, Jim Bridges, Karl Graddy, Tom PeTTigrew, Bill England. Jim LevereTTe, Nyles Anson, Jack Coffin, Earl Silcox, Al Woods. Row Ill: Coach CarTer Byfield, George Harris, Ernie Couch, Bob HuT- fer, Howard KardaTzke, Jim LuTTon, Ron Shafer, Del Sanders, Charles STephenson, Rex Boys, Jerry Swinford, Don McCarTy, Coach Jim R P g L y D dd L y M g n Tom Capozzoli, Don McGivern, Larry Merrill, Ron Spall, Jim R h dC k B bEl d CarTer. Row IV: Jack DeHoriTy, on a e, arr o , ero Fleece, Charles Harrison, Gary Feurer, ic ar oo . o ran son. Football Team Picks Cpportune Moments for Key Victories Anderson's unlucky Indian TooTball Tearn won iusT Three games This season, buT each OT Them came aT' an opporTune momenT. FirsT, The Tribe ended a Ten-year vicTory Tamine againsT Richmond by rouTing The Red Devils, 20 To 7. The Team did noT win again unril The annual Homecoming game beTore The largesT crowd OT The season. more Than 4,000 sTudenTs and alumni. FrankTorT was The vicTim, I9 To I3. Then The Indians picked Dad's Day Tor Their basl eTTorT OT The year, a 44 To I3 Thumping oT counTy-rival Elwood. In beTween vicTories The Team experienced a number oT "hearTbreakers", buT greaT' de- TerminaTion kepT Them Trom leTTing down. Tribe Loses Opener, 20-I9 The poinT aTTer Touchdown deparTmenT cosT The Tribe Their opening game To Evansville MaTer Dei. 20 To IQ. The CarTermen showed plenTy oT spark and liTe on oTTense, buT a Tew misTakes on deTense proved Their downTall. Hard pracTice on deTense was Coach CarTer's sTraTegy Tor The second game againsT The Richmond Red Devils. The exTra work paid oTT as The Anderson gridmen deTeaTed The Red Devils and puT an end To Ten years oT Richmond vicTories. The so-called "pony back- Tiel-d", consisTing oT Jim LevereTTe, Al Woods, and Ron Page, helped puT Richmond To resT, 20 To 7. When old rivals 'meeT on a TooTbaIl Tield. someThing is bound To happen. This Time iT happened To The Indians as Muncie CenTral puT on a 27 poinT scoring spree while Ander- son collecTed only 7 poinTs. Anderson's only marker came when an alerT Indian guard, Jim Bridges, blocked a Muncie punT and Tell on The ball in The end zone. The Indians sT'arTed ouT wiTh a susTained drive oT 66 yards early in The TirsT quarTer buT IosT' The ball on downs in- side The 5-yard line. They were never in The game aTTer ThaT seTback. Homecoming ATTracTs 4,000 Fans SouTh Anderson Tield was almosr Tilled wiTh one oT The greaTesT Homecoming crowds in hisTory, more Than 4,000 Tans. They saw The Indians capTure Their second vicTory aT The expense oT The ErankTorT' lNlighThawks, I9 To I3. Anderson's aTTack was led by Al Woods lconhnued on page l02l 101 Fooiball is a man's game. and preparafion is a man-sized iob-Inlhe upper lefi' picfure Co-capfains Tom Peffigrew lleffl and Nyles Anson shove The biggesf man on The squad, 250-pound Ron Shaferaround The field To develop leg drive. ln cenfer picfure Tom Capo- zzoli and Karl Graddy show ThaT The foofball usually goes To The man wiTh The mos+ inTesI'ional Torfifude. AT righf quarTerback Jim Lui'- Ton Irighfl sefs himself and his Team for an offensive Thrusf in one of The many pracfice scrimmages The Team undergoes before a game. In The lower righf picfure four squad members go Through a heavy-padded blocking drill. Leff To righf are Don MCC-Sivern, Howard Kardafzke, Bill England, and Ron Spall. In lower leff picfure Lul'Ton hands off as Jack Jarvis. Ernie Couch, and Gary Feurer make The quick sTarT Thai' is essenfial in a T-formafion play. Indian Practice Sessions Make Game's Hard Knocks Fun who scampered 58 yards Tor The TirsT score. I.aTer Ron Page carried The pigskin for 75 yards Tor The Indians second Touchdown. The Anderson Torward wall was ouTsTanding on oTTense wiTh Jack CoTTin, Tom PeTTigrew, Bill England, Jim Bridges. Nyles Anson. and all oTher Iinemen conTinuaIIy opening holes in The FrankTorT line. Anderson's nexT game became a baTTle OT oTTensive Teams. BoTh I'Iowe and The Indians ran roughshod over each oTher's deTenses, bul I-Iowe came ouT on The long end oT The score, 33 To 20. The Tribe drew TirsT blood buT couIdn'T keep up The pace. The deTermining TacTor OT The game Turned ouT To be one I"IorneT back, CIIT Oiler, The capiTal ciTy's leading scorer in l954. Marion Field Resembles Mudpie FooTbalI is a Type oT game ThaT is To be played in any kind oT weaTher. When The Ind- ians meT The Marion GianTs, The playing Tield resembled a large mudpie. The GianTs Tri- umphed over The Tribe, I2 To O. Three Times The Indians were wiThin The GianTs I5-yard line. Three Times The TooTbaII was Tumbled. Indianapolis Techis large TronT line seT The Indians back Tor anoTher deTeaT, 20 To I3. The Anderson backTieId goT oTT some briIIianT Foofball is a eam ame an rac ices em asize is- n e -I g d p I ph Ih I Ih Iop p 'Iure Jerry Swinford prepares io drive Through a hole during a dummy S In O blo k' ' I Tribe Scores More Than Two Touchdowns a Game VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES U Anderson I9 .,.,..,..,,..,...........,...... Evansville Maier Dei 20 Anderson 20 ,.,..,....,.. .....................,... R ichmond 7 Anderson I3 ............. ....... . .Indianapolis Tech 20 Anderson 0 ............. ...........,,..... M arion I2 Anderson 7 .............. ............. M uncie 27 Anderson I9 ..........,.. ....,.............,..... F rankfori' I3 Anderson 20 .............. ,.....,..... I ndianapolis Howe 33 Anderson 44 ......,..,..,, .,........,..........,............... E lwood I3 Anderson 6 ,.......,. .......... I ndianapolis Sacred Hearf 7 Q IC- scrimmage af our Anderson Field. n The c mg dummies IL. 'Io R. are Charles Siephenson, Rex Boys, Jack Coffin, and Howard Kardafzlre. I Ih I ' i f' I' h I nd hard. They are lL. 'Io R., n e ower pic ure ive ineman c arge owa Bob Huffer, Larry Cleveland, George Harris, Mike Maguire. and Larry Dodd. efforfs buf' all were in vain. Backs can usually pick up yardage from line blasfs, buf in fhis game if was like running info a brick wall. The Indians gained fheir Third vicfory af' fhe expense of fhe Elwood Panfhers on Dad's Day. The dads of fhe Indians musi have done some firsf class inspiring because The Tribe walloped fhe Panfhers, 44 'ro I 3. The greafesf run of Ihe game came when Ron Page fook fhe ball on a handoff and fhreaded fhe sideline, hurdling, and sfepping over fallen Elwood defensive- men, for 25 yards and a fouchdown. Page also furned in 60 and 68-yard runs for fouchdowns. Jim Luffon, oufsfanding Indian quarferback, complefed six of I2 passes. On defense fhe Indians puf on one of 'Ihe besf showings of fhe year, offen meefing fhe Elwood backs on fhe line of scrimmage for no gains. Many fimes fhe Anderson linemen driff- ed fhrough fo cafch fhe invaders for losses. The following week Coach Carfer was forced fo suspend I8 foofball players for nof obeying very imporfanf fraining and squad disipline rules. This shakeup did noi mar fhe spirif of fhe remaining foofball players. Many of fhem made fheir firsf chance for varsify play one fo remember. i Alfhough fhey losf a close 7 fo 6 game fo Sacred l-learf in a muddy fug-of-war, fhey capfured fhe hearfs of fhe Anderson fans by rolling up 2l firsf downs. ln years 'ro come, fhe record will show a losing season for fhe i954 campaign. buf in fhe long run if really was a winning season. For fhe experiences and fraining received, foof- ball cannof be fopped. 103 Reserve Foolball Team-Row l: Bob Sloner, Harry Miichell, John Eisle, Bruce Snoddy, James Wesser, Perry Hill, Jay Fisher, David Levi, Ronnie James, Richard Cook, Coach lck Osborne. Row ll: Bob Erlandson, Larry Merrill, Carl Krieg, Lucius Teague, Gary Feurer, Jerry Shively, Gordon Skeoch, Larry Dodd, Alberl Skinner. Row lll: Joe Crouse. Jim Dick, Jerry Hale, George Harris, Leroy Morgan, Mike Maguire, Don McGivern, Tom Capozzoli, Fred Simpson. Reserves Have .500 Season but Learn Fundamentals Well Anderson's junior varsily loolball players, under lhe guidance of Coach lck Osborne, compleled lheir season wilh lour viclories and Tour losses. The indians slarled oul by winning lhree slraighl, over Marion, 20 lo 71 Indianapolis Tech, 7 lo O, in a grueling defensive ballle, and New Caslle. 2l-6. Anderson lhen wenl inlo a mid-season slump, losing Tour games in a row before ending lhe season wilh a decisive 37 lo 7 viclory over Noblesville in 'rhe lop offen- sive show oi lhe year. The Indian record was more remarkable since many limes lhe reserves faced leams bolslered by varsily players, a praclice noi followed al Al-IS. The close ol lhe season saw an improve- menl in lackling and blocking, proving lhal lhe youngslers look lheir leaching well and will be ready lor lhe varsily nexl' year. RESERVE FOOTBALL SCORES Anderson 20 .............,.......,..,.....,.....,.......,.....,.....,.....,...., Marion 7 Anderson 7 ...,,,...... ,...... l ndianapolis Tech 0 Anderson 2l ........,. .. .,.,.,...,..,., New Caslle 6 Anderson O ...,.,.. .,.,,.,. M uncie Cenlral l9 Anders'-n 6 ....,.,. .,.,..,......... L alayelle 7 Anderson 0 ......., .....,. M uncie Cenlral 3l Anderson 7 .........,.. ....,,..... N ew Caslle 35 Anderson 37 .....,,.., .......... N oblesville 7 5 Mr. Lloyd Sloner, of -lhe Foolball Parenls organizalion, presenls in- dividual awards fo IL. 'lo R., Nyles Anson, -lhe oulslanding offensive lineman: Tom Pefligrew, oulslanding defensive lineman: Earl Silcox, oulslanding defensive backfield man, and Carlos Corzine, mosl val- Jable freshmen. Freshmen Hang Llp Top Record Of All AHS Football Squads Coaches Bill Ameredes' and Don Barnells lreshman loolball leam raclced up The besl'Al-lS record on lhe gridiron lhis year, Tour viclories, cno lie, and one loss. Il loolc four games lor an opponenl lo finally cross lhe indians' goal line. Lalayelle Jell did il +wice and brolce a lhree-game lreshman viclory slring wilh a I 2 lo 7 decision. The yearlings had shul our Marion, New Cas- lla, and won a lorleil from Muncie Cenlral. Al- ler a 6 lo 6 lie wilh counly rival Elwood. lhe lulure varsilv reached ils bealc wilh a Tour- louchdown viclorv over New Caslle. For lhe season lhe Tribe scored 74 poinls lo ils oboonenls l8. FRESH MAN FOOTBALL SCORES Anderson I4 ....... ,... . ....,.................................,....................,.. M arion 0 Anderson 20 .,.,,....,,...,..,,,. .............,. N ew Caslle 0 Anderson l lforfeill ....... ...,..... M uncle Cenlral 0 Anderson 7.,. .,....,......... ...,......... L a'liaveH'e l2 Halfbaclr Ron Page l15l keeps 5 'll'-Jill 9"lP on llle foofball as Anderson 6 ,,,,,.4,,4,4,AA,, .,,,.,,..,,4,.4, E lwood 6 he drives for yardage 'rhrough a beefy Indianapolis Teeh line. Anderson 26 ......... ,...... N ew Caslle 0 The Tribe l0Sl- 20-I3. Freshman Fcolball Team-Row l: Jim Dick, Noel Widdelield, Ruben Ervin, Bob Williams, Brian Davis, Jim Slringer, Ben Taylor, Richard Shirley, Bill Raymore, Tony Swinlord. Row ll: Manager Tom Parlor, Gary McClain, Dan Tucker, David Boardman, Diclc Davis, Gene Deilz, Donnie Roudebush, Norman Delph, Jerry Shaul, Jerry Coon, Phil Nicpon, Manager Eddie Day. Row lll: Richard Hughes, Bob Peavler, Duane Piclcard, Milce Coen, Phil Sullivan, Tom Williams, Bob Goodwin, Tom Davis, Larry Wood, Carlos Corzine, and Coach Don Barnell. Row IV: Coach B"l Anieredes, Jerry Carpenler, Larry Gillinger, Dallas Young, J. C. Smilh, Tom Merrill, Bob Trimble, Jack Warrum, Jerry Sale, Norman Learned, Ronnie McVey. Row V: Roger Skinner, Warren Parr, Lee l-lunl, George Lark, Ronnie Mc- Nabney, Marvin Whilalcer. 105 Varsity Cross Country Team-Row l: Clarence Jones, Andrew Stone. Jim Lyst, Phil Gaar, Jerry Hardacre. Tom Sheets, Don Wheeldon. Row II: Larry Hattield, Larry Tunget. Joe Fish, Gary Wilde, Jim Hogg, Dean Richards, Jim Quinn, Marvin Horton. Row Ili: Wayne Stutts. Joe McAllister, Keith Stapley, Jim Puterbaugh, Mike Johnson, Jim Uncleback, Adrian Hutt, Kim Parvis, Bradley Rayl. Late Season Surge Nets Second Place in State Cross Country Anderson I-ligh School's cross-country teams have been used to winning state cham- pionships under Coach Carl Bonge, but this year's squad, though runner-up in the state, probably should be ranked with the seven championship squads. Varsity runners go through many Iimbering-up exercises before getting on the cross country course. Four Indians lL. to R.i Marvin Horton, Kim Parvis, Larry Tunget, and Dean Richards, help each other loosen up. The team had only an average season, win- ning tour meets and losing three. Then cam: the great awakening which netted a tirst place in the North Central Conterence, a third in the sectional, and second place in tho state meet. Coach Bonge explains the Indians' sensation- al comeback thusly, "lt was all a matter ot de- termination on the boys' parts. They have had a good mental attitude all year, but it was at its highest peak in the state meet." The Tribe lost its tirst contest to Marion, 26 to 30, atter having to train in rainy weather tor some time betore the meet. indians Take Four Straight With the advent ot good weather the India ans went on a tour-meet winning streak. It be- gan with indianapolis Tech and l-lowe, Muncie Burris, and reached a climax with a pertect' score against Richmond, I5-47. Led by Jim Quinn, Gary Wilde, and Jim l-logg, the indians swept the tirst tive places betore a Richmond runner tinished. ln cross-country, scoring is based on the runner's tinishing position: hence Andersonis tirst tive tinishers scored iust I5 points. the lowest score possible. Anderson Boasts Seven State Championships in Nine Years The Indians could not stand prosperity :t seemed, because they dropped their next two meets to Muncie Central and Indianapolis Shortridge, giving little indication ot things to come. Rumblngs began to eminate trom the Tribal camp when the team swept to tirst place in the North Central Conterence tor the sixth time since the N. C. C. began competition seven years ago and gained revenge on several teams it had lost to during the season. The tollowing week the boys tinished a diss aopointing third in the sectional. Again Jim Quinn and Gary Wilde placed high in the tield but their ettorts were not enough. Quinn Second In State Then came the state meet, with the Tribe relegated to the also-ran ranks by the experts. But Jim Quinn tinished in second place and the team came up with its top pertormance ot the year to take second place. Shortridge, victor over Anderson in a season meet, won the state title. Coach Bonge will have most ot his team back tor next year. Only Jim Quinn, the Tribe's number one man, graduates. The Anderson coach's comment when this tact is mentioned serves as a clew to the year- in and year-out quality ot the cross-country teams. Coach Bonge said, "I can tell more bout next year's material when the boys report tor the tirst practice sessions in Augustf' The Indians' coach talces nothing tor granted, nor does he want to settle tor anything loss than an eighth state championship. Student manager Earl Reed prepares to time lL. to R.l Franlc Norris, Jim Hogg. Don Wheeldon, and Bradley Rayl, as they start on a long iaunt on a typical training day. CROSS COU NTRY SCORES Anderson 30 .............,.,..................,,...,........,..,........,... Marion 26 Anderson 22 ......... ........ I ndianapolis Tech 33 Anderson I9 ....,..... ...,....... I ndianapolis Howe 36 Anderson I8 ......... ,........,. M uncie Burris 39 Anderson I5 ........ .......,,...,.,. R ichmond 47 Anderson 33 ......... .......,.......,... M uncie Central 23 Anderson 38 ..........,.,..,.,.............. Indianapolis Shortridge 23 1'-.nderson First in North Central Conterence Meet Anderson Third in Sectional Meet Anderson Second in State Meet The ditterence between perennial champions and chal- Iengers is otten a matter ot proper torm and Fundamentals. Coach Carl Bonge llettl shows Jim Quinn and Gary Wilde the way to get good arm action. Coach Ray Fleen- or Ioolts on. Seclionals are always iampaclced wilh excilemenl, color, and lhis year wilh ioy as lhe Anderson Indians won for lhe 'lirsl' lime in lhree years. The scoreboard Icenler piclurel records lhe feel. The drum mnior and Indianelles Iupper lelll add lo lhe exciling mood al' a preefournamenl pep session. The communily Ilower lef+l sends oul' ils supporl' 'From seclions A and B in lhe Wigwam, and lhe seniors Ifop righll sil' in lheir lradilional seclion F lor lhe Iasl lime. Finally lhe locker room scene shows how 'lhe 'leam fell aboul winning lhe I955 seclional. Basketball Team Sweeps to Decisive Sectional Championship Anderson's varsily baslcelball leam, slung perhaps by lhe loss ol ils usual pre-lournamenl lavorile role, swepl lo one ol ils mosl decisive seclional championships, lhe lirsl in lhree years. The Indians rouled lhe Franlclon Eagles, 85 lo 48, in lhe lirsl game. Jim Lullon racked up 20 poinls, his Iargesl scoring lolal ol lhe sea- son. A sophomore, Lucius Teague, who was broughl up lrom lhe reserve leam al lhe lail- end ol lhe season. scored I9 poinls. The Indians missed a new seclional scoring marlz by lour poinls. In lhe allernoon semi-linal game Anderson laced ils old seclional rivals, lhe Lapel Bull- dogs. This lime lhe Anderson lasl break and a lighl' zone delense sguelched any upsel ideas, 58 lo 42. Anderson lhen romped lo a 67 lo 45 viclory over lvlarkleville in lhe lille game. Teague again look scoring honors wilh I9 poinls, and lhe leam shol al a .39l clip. The Indians oulclassed lhe Madison Counly IVIadison County Title Is First For Indians In Three Years tield in every department--rebounding, marks- mansnip, and detensive skill. The man-killer schedule that saw the Tribe meeting team atter team in the top ten ot the Associated Press state poll proved to be the key to And-- erson's impressive showing in the sectional. At' the Butler Fieldhouse in the regional the Indians opened against Speedway and its 6 toot, 8 inch, center, Bob Stewart. Speedway held a slim lead until the tourth quarter when Anderson started to hit trom everywhere on the court while the Sparkplugs missed I5 straight shots. The tinal score was 46 to 43. The championship game opponents were the Crispus Attucks Tigers. In the tirst quarter 'I he Indians held their own as Del Sanders, the cutstanding Anderson scorer in the regional. hit trom the pivot and the toul line. The Tribe, playing a cat and mouse type ot game that bothered the tuture state champions, trailed I6 to I5 at the quarter. Attucks Beats Anderson Onlv seven points separated the two teams at halttime, but the Tigers increased the pres- sure and won going away, 76 to 5I. Anderson went into the I954-55 season with a new coach, Mr. Ick Osborne, a new style ot play, and tew returning Iettermen. Everyone expected the team to start slowly and were amazed to tind the Tribe unbeaten atter two weeks ot play. Greentield tell, 48 to 36: New Castle, 67 to 63, and Marion. 43 to 36. I-lad the tans checked the upcoming games they might have realized that it could not last. Coach Osborne had installed a control type ot game designed to spring the shooters open through a series ot cuts and screens. For the lcontinued on page Illl Lucius Teague ltop picturel continues his dribble while on his knees as a Frankton player misses on a steal attempt. Jim Lutton lI2l looks on. The Indians beat Frankton in the sectional, 85 to 48 ............ Del Sanders lcenter picturei makes certain ot his one h h I4 t t th ander as e eyes the basket, and Ron Page l I se s or e b d K lr P I C Il t t I t d J re cun . o omo's au onwe lcen erl is oo a e, an oe Bulger l55l waves in vain. Kokomo won, 52-45 ,....,,.,... lBottom picturel Ron Page lI4l, a 5 toot, Il inch Indian torward, more than matches the iumoing ability ot 6 toot, 5inch Jim Hinds l40l ot Muncie Central. Jim Leverette l20i and John Casterlow l50i, another Muncie Central giant, look on. Muncie beat Anderson, 57-48, but only after the Indians gave the Bearcats a terrific scare. Secfional Baslcelrball Champions--Row I: lL. lo R.l Siudenl' manager George Love, Bill England, Ron Page, Capi. Jim Levereile. Nyles Anson, siuclenl' manager Phil Clemenis. Row Il: Dick Sfilh, Lucius Teague. Del Sander Carier Byfield, Jim Fleece. Jim Luiion, Gary Feurer. Al Woods. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES KOKOMO BIG FOUR TOURNEY Anderson 48 ......,................. Greenfield 36 Anderson 45 .......,..............,.......,. Kokomo 42 Anderson 67 ......,.......,.....,.., New Casile 64 Anderson 39 ........,.,. New Casile 65 lfinall Anderson 43 .,.,..........,.,........ ' .,..... Marion 36 Anderson 63. .,....,.,,,...,....,... Shelbyville 59 Anderson 50 .......,..., Fi. Wayne Ceniral 64 Anderson 44 .....,.,,..,..,. Indianapolis Tech 46 Anderson 36 ..., ....,...... L afayefie Jeff 45 Anderson 46 ....,........... Muncie Cenfral 70 Anderson 55 .....,...,,.......,..,.. New Albany 67 Anderson bl .,..... ........,,.....,. C olumbus 56 Anderson 48 ...........,.,,. Muncie Ceniral 57 Anderson 6I .....,..,.........,..,...... Frankfori 75 Anderson 52 ,.,,.. ..,,,,,.i,,.... Shorfridge 48 Anderson 45 ..................,...........,. Kokomo 52 Anderson 56 ..........,. Souih Bend Ceniral 66 110 s, Ron Sp Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson all, Coach lck Osborne, Coach 68 ......... .....,,.... L oganspori 85 46 ............,.......,,.. New Casile 43 5l ..,.................,,,..,.. Richmond 63 SECTlONAL 85 .....,.............,.....,.. Franldon 48 58 ....,,....,,,.......,.,.....,....... Lapel 42 67 ............ Marlcleville 45 ifinall REGIONAL 46 .............,,,........,... Speedway 43 5l ..,. Crispus AHucks 76 ifinall Coach lclc Osborne is a man of varying moods, depending on ihe forlunes of his indians, buf -lhe baslcelball on which he perches is an everpreseni- iiem ai ihe Indian bench. The bas- lceiball good luck piece has been wiih Coach Osborne for many years, and who can say +ha+ if did noi help fhe indians fo iheir firsi seclional crown in ihree years. Season Introduces New Coach and Usual Tough Schedule lirsl monlh lhe lndians did nolhing bul worlc on simple lundamenlals. Againsl equal phy- sical opposilion lhey were almosl always suc- cesslul. Bul lhe lallesl' man on lhe slarling live was Caplain Jim Leverelle, slanding 6 leel, l inch lall. The lndians scheduled lhe lough ones. They losl lour games in a row lo Fl. Wayne Cenlral, Lalayelle Jell, New Albany, and Muncie Cenlral, all leams lhal were consislanlly in lhe Associaled Press' lop len leams. Anderson linally edged Shorlridge, 52 lo 48, and Kolcomo, 45 lo 42, in a maior upsel in lhe Big Four Tourney, belore hilling a shooling slump which was lo plague lhem, oll and on, unlil lhe lournamenl. New Caslle avenged an earlier deleal by plaslering a 65 lo 39 loss on Anderson in lhe Big Four linal game. The Tribe rebounded againsl a wealcer Shelbyville quinlel, 63 lo 59. Nyles Anson ll5l se-ls himself lor a hook shol while Lapel's Charles Campbell l2ll, Jim Powers Tl5l, and Bob Muller l2ll sland lransllxed wilh looks' ol horror, surprise, and helplessness. Anderson rouled ils old rival, 58-42, on 'lhe way lo a seclional lille. The season's real hearlbreaker came when Tech delealed Anderson, 46 lo 44, in lhe linal seconds. An ollensive charging loul gave Tech lhe lwo game-winning lree lhrows. Evidence ol lhe lighling hearls ol lhe lndi- ans showed up in lhe game wilh lhe Columbus Bulldogs, lhen possessors ol I l viclories in I2 games. The nighl belore Anderson had been smolhered by Muncie Cenlral, 70 lo 46, a game lhe leam had been primed lor. Never-- lheless lhey swallowed hurl pride and upsel Columbus, 6l lo 56, in one ol lhe besl played games in lhe Wigwam. Only one more regular season viclory was lo come lo lhe lndians, a 46 lo 43 lriumph o- ver New Caslle, as lhe schedule began lo lell. Bul ralher lhan discourage, lhe schedule loughened lhe lndians, somelhing Madison Counly leams lound oul a week aller lhe reg- ular season ended in lhe seclional lourney. Richard Slilh leaps off lhe ground for a shol while Speed- way's 6 fool, 8 inch cenler, Bob Slewarl, merely slands on liploe in allempling lo block lhe shol. Jim Lullon ll2l readies himself lor a rebound. This lype of aggressiveness paid olf as lhe lndians won, 46-43, in lhe opening game ol lhe regional. l 5 n 1 2 2 2 X 3 Reserve Bazlceiball Squad4Row I: Fred Simpson, Leroy Morgan. Larry Harrison, Vifayne We1sTon, Jaclf Jarvis, Bob McClinToclc, NaT Johnson, Lucius Teague. Row ll: Coach CarTer Byiield, John Osborne, Gary Feurer. Darrel Young, Larry Merrill, Larry Dodd, Jaclc Del-loriTy, Milre Johnson, Jerry Shively. NB" Team Whips Junior Varsities of Most of State's Powers Une oT The TinesT seasons in "B" Team his- Tory was enioyed by Coach CarTer ByTield and his Papooses. The squad racked up I7 vicTor- ies and losT only Three Times To The iunior var- siTies oT mosT oT The sTaTe,s basl4eTball powers. Should Their masTery conTinue in varsiTy play The squad members will make up Tor The losses TheirolderTeammaTes have absorbed inThelasT RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES Anderson .......... , ......... , .... ,...,...... , . ..,.....,..,......... Greenfield 29 Anderson ... .,...,.........,..... .. .......,............ .. New Casile 34 Anderson .,..,. ...,.. ...,.......,... M a rion 25 Anderson ..,... ....., F T. Wayne CenTral 32 Anderson . .,.. ....,.,... L aTayeTTe Jeff 38 Anderson ..... ..,.......... N ew Albany 24 Anderson ......., ,.............................,,.....,,....,., M uncie Cenfral 26 Anderson .,..................................,.....,..,...,............ ShorTridge 24 NEW CASTLE "B" TOURNAMENT Anderson ...,.......... ,.................. . , ...,..,.,....,........... New Casile 26 Anderson .........,..............,....,....,..... Muncie Cen+ral 32 lfinall Anderson ....., ...,.,... Shelbyville 42 Anderson .,.,,. .,...............,..... T ech 40 Anderson ...... ....... M uncie CenTral 45 Anderson ...... ............... C olumbus 39 Anderson ..,... ...,,..,........... F ranlrfori 39 Anderson .....,. ...........,.,.,......... K olcomo 56 Anderson ....... ..... ,... S o uTh Bend Cenfral 47 Anderson .,.... ........,......... L oganspori' 30 Anderson ...... ....... N ew Casfle 38 Anderson ...... ....... R ichmond 32 Anderson ...... ...,.., B en Davis 26 Tew years. Reserve successes included vicTor- ies over Muncie CenTral, New CasTle, ShorT- ridge, FT. Wayne CenTral, New Albany and Columbus, whose varsiTy squads were all raTed in The Top Ten oT The AssociaT'ed Press Poll. The iunior Indians also won The holiday Tour- ney aT New CasTle, whipping New CasTle, 39 To 26, and Muncie CenTral, 37 To 32. Muscular Jim LevereHe, capfain and high scorer for The sea son wiih 321 poinTs, geTs posiiion for a rebound Through use of bruTe sirengih in a game aT The Wigwam. 113 Jim Lutton lcenterl and Ron Page lI4l win a dive for the basketball from Paul Conwell ot Kokomo in a game at the Wig- wam. FRESHMEN BASKETBALL SCORES Anderson 56 ,....,........,.......,.....4,,.......,...,.......,,..........,... Greenfield I2 Anderson 48 ........ ,........... K okomo 40 Anderson 49 ,.,..... ..,,..... N ew Castle 3I Anderson 43 ,,..,... ..............,,.. R ichmond 37 Anderson 43 ....... ..........,. M uncie Wilson 24 Anderson 38 .....,. ..........,....... L atayette Jett 42 Anderson 50 ..,..... ..,... M arion Martin Boots 36 Anderson 58 ,... ......,.......,,...... Southport 22 Anderson 52 ....... .......,............., P endleton II Anderson 40 ....... .,.......... M uncie McKinley 25 Anderson 47 ...,,.. ...,,, M arion Martin Boots 27 Anderson 43 ...,... ...,......... M uncie Wilson 35 Anderson 35 ,...,... ..... I ndianapolis Tech 53 Anderson 43 ........ ...,.... M uncle McKinley 39 Anderson 36 ......,. . ,.,..,. New Castle 22 Anderson 56 ....... ...... G reentield 3I Anderson 54 ,....,,, ....4.,...,.... .,...... , . .. ,.,. .,....,. P endleton I9 Anderson 45 .,....,......,,............. ,....,..,.,... . ,.,..... ..,. ,.,....... . . . Ben Davis 46 Freshmen Tournament Anderson 57 .,.........,.........,...,.........,.,.........,,.,. Muncie McKinley 32 Anderson 37 ,....,.. ......,......,..,.... S outh Side Ft. Wayne 40 lFinaIl Freshman Squad Highest Scoring Yearling Quintet in Years The treshman basketball team scored more points this season than any other yearling squad Mr. Don Barnett has coached. The team tinished with a record ot I6 victories and tour losses. ' I The record might have been more impres- sive had the high-scoringypapooses scored eight more points, the total point ditterence in three losses. The trosh averaged more than 40 points a game tor the season. Coach Barnett, who installed the same ot- tensive system that the varsity used, teels the boys are well grounded in tundamentals and that the entire squad is possessed with "very good shooting eyes." Top marksman was Norman Delph who averaged more than I5 points a game. Ben Taylor hit at a l2.5 clip. Freshman Basketball Squad-Row I: Ben Taylor, Bob Zachary, Darrell Smith, Roger Skinner, Jerry Pickel, Don Roudebush, Phil Sullivan, Jerry Coon, John Byrne. Row II: Coach Don Barnett, Tom Davis, Torn Boots, Jerry Carpenter, Ronald McNabney, Larry Gillinger, Jerry Shaul, John Fickle, Coach Bill Ameredes. Row Ill: Danny Tucker, Cecil Robinson, Carlos Corzine, Norman Delph, Buford Mauck, Tom Merrill, Duane Pickard, Barry Atkinson. W T Dkl-Idl I ' Varsity restling eam-Row I: ic an ey, Richard De ph. Ja CK Atwell, Frod Lamb, Frank Norris, Ronnie James, Briane Davis, Fred James, Don I-Ieacox. Row ll: Tom Williams, Kenny McClintick, James Stringer, Bruce Mason, Marvin Horton, Ben Nett. Chuck Shatter, Tony Swintord, James Bodey, Mike Maguire. Row III: Tom Pettigrew, Keith I-lamilton, Dave Linclzy, Bob Goodwin, Bill Nett, Coach Joe Sparks, Ethridge Beauchamp. Tommy Osburn, David Levi, Tom Dunlap, John Bonner. Varsity Wrestlers Win Share of First Sectional Championship Propelled by a late season surge, the wrestf VARSITY WRESTLING' SCORES ling squad shared its tirst' Sectional title, and Frank Norris won AI-IS's tirst individual cham- pionship. Winners ot only 5 ot I3 season matches, the boys did a complete about tace in tour- nament competition. The Indians were detinite contenders in the state meet, with six quali- tiers, until they lost the leadership ot Coach Joe Sparks who became ill just betore the state meet. Anderson I2 ...................................,............,.,..... Crawtordsville 28 Anderson 29 .....,. ............ M anual 22 Anderson I9 ...,,.. ....,....,.., T ech 27 Anderson 28 ....,.. .............. M arion 25 Anderson..22 ...,.. ,......,, R ichmond..l8 Anderson 2l .,..., Muncie Central 25 Anderson I2 ...... .......... B loomington 32 Anderson 22 .,..... Bloomington U. 26 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 2I ....... 42 .,..... 23 ..... . I6 ....,.. , ...,.. ..... . , I2 ...............,.....,...,,...,....... 26 ..,....................,......,.....,,...,.....,. .. Tied for First in Sectional Sixth ln State .....,...,........ ......... Decatur Central 26 New Castle 8 Kokomo lb Southport 32 . ..,...,,. Jetterson 32 Broad Ripple I6 It's man against man in the sport ot wrestling-Coach Joe Sparks llett picturel instructs Fred Lamb and Frank Norris, the latter voted the outstanding AHS wrestler and the runner-up in the state, in the initial approach. Tom Pettigrew applies leverage lcenter picturel to keep John Bonner in the prone position. Coach Sparks, a tormer state champion himself, instructs team captain Ben Nett and Eth- ridge Beauchamp in the takedown. lright picturel Varsity Tennis Squad-Row I: John McGuire, Kenneth Mellot. Phil Larmore, Tom Roush, Bob Stoner, Jerry Carpenter, Chuck Shatter, Bob Goodwin, Lloyd lvlcClintick. Row ll: Jim Harl, Ronnie Meeker, Gary Stanley, Paul Gray, Frank Layton Chuck Lowe, Coach Dane Pugh. Tennis Team Makes Strong Challenge for North Central Crown Anderson High Schoolis tennis team, un- deteated in North Central Conterence play at publication time, went down to the wire with a chance tor the championship. The over- all record stood at six victories and two losses. Team balance accounted tor most ot the triumphs, with points in the third, tourth, and titth places coming more steadily. Betore re- gular season tiring the team members played oach other to win their positions. Then it an lndian lost two matches in a row, he had to de- tend his position by playing the man below him betore the next team match. This con- stant intra-squad competition is what kept the Indians hustling, Coach Dane Pugh teels. Atter two straight losses. the Tribe won tive matches in a row to become a challenger tor the N. C. C. crown. Pre-match strategy-Coach Dane Pugh talks over plans tor a match with his varsity tennis team. They are lkneelingl Jim l-larl, Chuck Lowe. Frank Layton. and lstandingl Gary Stanley, Paul Gray. Coach Pugh, and Ronnie Meeker, VARSITY TENNIS SCORES Anderson 4 ..... .. .......... .... ....... ......,,... B r o ad Ripple 0 Anderson 3 ........ ...... C rawtordsville 4 Anderson 2 ,... . ...... Shortridge 5 Anderson 4 ,. ..,.. Muncie Burris 3 Anderson 5 ...,... .......... M arion 2 Anderson 6 .. ..... ...... F rankfort I Anderson 7 ........ ,,......., T ech 0 Anderson 7 ...... .. Kokomo 0 S Varsify Golf Team-Row I: Lee Hunf, Jerry Williams, James hlarreld, Joe Niece. David Kleff, Craig Campbell, Dave Bingaman, Phil Clemenfs. Row II: Shannon Chambers, Brooke Appleby, Jim Overlin, Bill Goldsmifh, Coach Jim Carfer, Ted Boofs, Bob McAllis'rer, Bob Burf, Larry Penry. Three-Time N. C. C. Champion Golfers Shoot for Number Four The feam was ledrby Ted Boofs, who had a Al-lS's fhree-fime Norfh Cenfral Confer- ence golf champions, undefeafed in dual com- pefieion fhis year, were in fhe favorife's role once again af publicafion fime. So far fhis year fhe Indian golf feam had won fwo-fhree way mafches, five dual maf- ches, and finished second by four sfrolces in fhe Laporfe lnvifafional fournamenf. VARSITY GOLF SCORES Anderson I6 I-2 .................. Richmond I I-2 Anderson I7 I-2 .,.. ..., ,... .... ,....... . . , T ech I-2 Anderson ..........,......... Muncie Cenfral 2 Three-way mafch Anderson ...........................,.........,.. Tech 3 Anderson 7 .... ...,.,...,..,,..,....,... L ogansporf E Three-way mafch Anderson .,..............,.,... Muncie CenI'raI 4 Anderson 9 ...,...................,.,....,.,.,... Marion 6 Anderson .. .........,.............,. New Casile 4 Anderson I2 I-2 ........,....... Shorfridge II I-2 7I.O average up fo dafe. The Anderson sen- ior sef a 'scoring record, a par 72, for fhe La'Porfe fourney. Boofs losf only one singles mafch all season. Gfher varsify golfers were Bill Goldsrnifh wifh a 77.l average: Jim Over- lin, 77.33 Larry Penry, 77.8, and Dave Brown, 78.0. Those all-imporfanl pars and birdies-Coach Jim Carfer checks scorecards of his varsify golfers af fhe Grandview golf course. Team members are Ted Boofs, Bob Mcfhllisfer, Coach Carfer, Larry Penry, Bill Goldsmifh, Jim Overlin, and Dave Brown. 117 Varsily Baseball Squad-Row l: Rod Huller, Frank Norris. managers: Don lv1cCarly. Fred Simpson. George Harris, Al Woods, Ernie Couch, Pierce Anson. Jim Adams. Barry Gaar, Jim Lullon. Wayne Weslon, Jerry Shively. Doug Talley, Larry Wood, manager. Row ll: Oscar Taylor, manager: Lucius Teague. Nyles Anson, Bill England. Fred Moore. Dave Sheedy. Ron Slpall, Norman Delph. Larry Del-lorily, Darrel Young. Don Bohannon. Ron Shafer. Bob Erlandson. Richard Cook, and Coach Henry Pofler. Anderson Baseball Team Takes Part in Four No-Hit Games No-hil games. a rarily in baseball, were a dime a dozen lor lhe Indian diamonclmen wh-o look parl in four ol lhem lhis season. Jim Lullon became only lhe second Al-lS pilicher lo pilch a no-hil. no- run game when he sel Kokomo down. l l lo O. The olher au- lhor ol a similar classic was Carl Erskine, now a Brooklyn Dodger pilcher. Lullon almosl had lwo in a row when he shul oul Muncie Cenlral. 5 lo O, on lwo hils in his nexl slarl. Four Pilch No-Hillers ln lhe following game a lrio ol Anderson pilchers, Larry Del-lorily, Lucius Teague. and Norman Delph, combined lo whip Noblesville, I3 lo O. wilhoul allowing a hil. Lucius Teague lhen lhrew anolher no-hiller againsl Green- lield in an ll lo O game. ln lhe opening game ol lhe season lhe Ind- ians were lhemselves blanked in lhe hil de- parlmenl by Keilh Riggs, Cadiz laslballer, bul look advanlage ol errors and walks lo win. 4 lo O. Aller a 4 lo 2 loss lo l-larllord Cily. And- erson wenl on a 'rhree-game winning slreak, whipping Noblesville. 7 lo l: Franklorl, I5 lo Good 'form is slressed-Al Woods and Nyles Anson wo rk on lhe pivol' llelill in a double play silualion. Coach Don Barnell lrighll admonishes Bill England lslldingl +o keep his hands high while sliding. Fred Moore makes lhe lag. , L 1----uln..,...sf Indians develop Big League mannerisms through practice-Showing the form which resulted in two no-hit, no-run games for the Indians Iupper Iettl are Jim Lutton, Larry DeHority, Lucius Teague, and Norman Delph. All tour had a hand in the two no-hitters with Lutton hurling a complete game. The Indians also participate in wind sprints Iupper rightl. Five players racing across the infield are Don Mc- Carty, Doug Talley, Darrel Young, Ron Shafer. and Jim Blades. Coach Hank Potter llower Iettl instructs Barry Gaar and Ron Spall in the art ot bunting, a method ot attaclt the Indians used often this season. The strike zone is demonstated by strings hung over the plate Ilower centerl. Jim Adams lwith balll is showing catchers Dave Sh-sealy, Wayne Weston, and Bob Erlandson a good pitch. Three Ind- ians Ilower rightl play the familiar pepper game in a daily worlrout. They are Fred Simpson, Ernie Couch, and Jerry Shively. Six Indian Regulars Hold Batting Averages of Better Than .300 I, and New Castle, I I to 4. Tribe Wins Four in Row A 5 to 4 Ioss to Indianapolis Tech inter- rupted the skein, but the Indians were ott on another tour-game string, beginning with an I I to 3 revenge triumph over I-Iarttord City. and continuing with Lutton's no-hitter and shutout, and the three-man combination no- hitter. A 9 to 5 loss to Latayette Jett was ab- sorbed at publication time. Pitching wasn't the Indians' only strength this season. Six regulars were batting over .300 with Lucius Teague combing high school hurlers tor I7 hits in 32 trips tor a .53I aver- age. .Other heavy swingers were Barry Gaar. .3701 AI Woods, .3423 Nyles Anson, .3335 Lar- ry Del-Iority. .480, and Jim Adams, .333. VARSITY BASEBALL SCORES Anderson 4 , ..,.................,..... .....,.. ......................,.............. C a diz 0 Anderson 2 .,..., ......,.. I -Iarttord City 4 Anderson 7 .,... ....,...,. N oblesville I Anderson I5 ......, ...........,,. F ranlttort I Anderson II ....,... . .....,..,..... New Castle 4 Anderson 4 .,....... ...... I ndianapolis Tech 5 Anderson II ...,.,. ........ H arttord City 3 Anderggn H ,44,, .,.,........,...... K OkOmO 0 Anderson 5 ,,,,4, ..... M Ul'1Cl6 Central 0 Anderson I3 ..,..,. ..,........,.. N oblesville O Anderson 5 .... ,. ........ ffl.afayeHe Jett 9 Anderson 5 ...., ..... L 5 ..,..,., Marion I7 Anderson I .,...,,.. ......... R ICIHYIOHCI 6 Anderson Il ....... ----.-- G Feentield 0 119 ,. ,, ,., ,. , .,.....-V... 7-.few Y., Barry Gaar digs around third base for home with one of the AI Woods slides back safely 'lo foil a pick-off attempt by runs in Anderson's 5 to 0 victory over Muncie Central. a New Castle pitcher. The Tribe won. I3 to 3. Boys With Desire, Little Experience, Play Intramural Baseball Underclassmen who have the desire but not the experience get a chance in the AHS lntra-mural baseball league. The boys are divided into two groups. the Americans and Nationals. This system takes the place ot a treshman or "B" team since the coaches teel that total participation makes tor a better program than league games which would single out too tew tellows. No one boy plays the same position twice in a row. I-le may move trom the intield to the outtield. This gives the boy a chance to tind himselt in the right postion. They don't have unitorms. but they love to play and tight to win. Coach Bill Ameredes. the umpire. can attest to the latter since he has as many rubarbs as any other umpire. Fresh, Soph Baseball League-Row I: Phil Gaar, Dale Cook. Don Roudebush, Bill Norris, Ray Smith. Earl Carper, Tom Marsh, Ronnie McNabney. and Tom Boots. Row II: Cheney McCarroll, Don Lambert. Bill Vest. Bob Shelton. Darrell Smith. Dennis Gooding. Roger Skinner. Bob Stow, Roosevelt Carter. George Jackson. Row III: Larry Jones. Jerry Hale. Joe Walker. Duane Garner. Jerry Pickel. Gene Deitz. Don Flick. Larry Etchison. Frank Lawrence. Richard Dunwiddie. Row IV: Coach Bill Ameredes. Barry Hanna. Larry Tunget, Jim Wiley. Marvin Whitaker. Ronnie Clute, Kenneth Streaty. Altred Poole, David Pike. and Mark Barnett. 'Xia Track Varsily-Row l: Henry Claylon, Jim Quinn, Jim Shannon, Jim Leverelle, Jim Hogg, Ron Page, Del Sanders, Charles Harrison, Roberl Brooks, Malcolm Carpenler. Row ll: Jim Fleece, Dean Richards, Gary Wilde, Adrian Hull, Tom Capozzoli, Keilh Slapley, Rex Boys, Dick Slilh, Larry Merrill, Leroy Morgan, Na+ Johnson, Larry Dodd. Row lll: John Monlague, manager, Don Wheeldon, John Osborne, Mike Johnson, David Hooper, William Jackson, Jim Gwynn, Roberl Skinner, Andy Slone, Harry Milchell, Marvin Horlon, Thomas Sheels, and Wayne Slulls, manager. Tribe Consistantly Won Dual Meets, Placed Second in Relays Anderson's lrack squad was lhe model of consislancy lhis season, winning lhe dual meels and finishing second in mosl' of The meels wilh mulli-enlranls. The leam won Tour ol live dual meels, fin- ished second in lhe Muncie Relays, Kokomo Relays, and lhe Seclional, and liflh in The con- ference meel. P Cpening meel ol lhe season was indoors al lhe Hoosier Relays al Indiana Universily. No leam scores were kepl bul' Andersonis Keifh S+apley, who along wi+l1 Mike Johnson vaulled I2 fee+ll1is season, goes over lhe bar al a slighlly lower heighl in a dual meel a+ Marion. An offical walches lensely. sprinl medley relay leam ollRex Boys, Bob Brooks, Dick Slilh, and Jim Hogg sel a meel record, and lhe lwo-mile relay leam of Tom Capozzoli, Dean Richards, Henry Claylon, and Jim Fleece look a firsl. ln dual meer compelilion lhe Tribe dropped ils opener lo Muncie Cenlral, a slale power- house, 56 lo 53. Anderson Jrhen reeled off four victories over Richmond, lndianapolis Tech, Marion and Kokomo. The Tech meel was de- cided by one-lhird of a poinl, 544 lo 545 lconlinued on page l23l The sfari of 'lhe 440-one of lhe mosl' gruelling races because il is a sprinl all The way-pils Anderson runners lin Iigh+ lee shirlsl Jim Shannon, Rex Boys, and Jim Hogg againsl fhe Marion quarlermilers. Coach Ray Fleenor is 'lhe sflarling official. Track Demands Skill Plus Determination Hurdlors Del Sanders and Dick Sfifh loosen up fheir legs wifh a fypical hurdle exercise. ileffl Disfance men Jim Quinn, Gary Wilde, and Don Wheeldon 'lalk over sfrafegy and give fhaf shoe- lace a final fighfening before fhe long-disfance running fhey musf do each day. lrighfl Skillful bafon-passing may save a relay feam pre- cious seconds and Naf Johnson, Rex Boys, and Jim Hogg have fhe exchange down fo fine science. lleffl Anderson's 'lwo fine pole vaulfers, Keifh Sfapley and Mike Johnson, are caughf in fronf of lhe vaulfing pif. frighfl The Indians have always had colorful uniforms. Shed- ding -l-he brighf red warmup suifs are Adrian Huff, Tom Capozzoli, and Henry Clayfon. lleffl Working on a fasf gefaway so essenlial in 'l'he sprinfs are Roberf Brooks, Dean Richards, and Jim. Shannon. lrighfl Weighf and sfrengfh are needed on fhe frack squad in fhe persons of fhe shof puffers. Charles Harrison lcenferl demonsfrafes proper form while Larry Merrill and William Jackson wafch. lleffl Ron Page is fesfing fhe heighf of his kick for high iump compefifion while Jim Levereffe sfeadies fhe bar. Bofh also compefe in fhe broad iump. lleffl Freshman Track Team-Row l: Buford Porfer, George Lark, Jesse Smifh, Larry Ballinger, Larry Gibson, Jerry Jones, Frank Kolde, Tom Merrill, Ronnie Cross, Don Ramsey, John Byrne. Jesse Bell, Phil Sullivan. Row Il: Jim Morgan, Jim Hensley, Tom Davis, Larry Gillinger, Paul Aloshire, James Slfringer, Dave Boardman, Bob Rich, Jack Hensley, Wyffe Afkins, Warren Mccullum, David Bausman, Tom Williams, Roberf Glazebrooks, and John Poffer. Row lll: Noel Widdifielcl, manager: Jerry Shaul, Barry Afkinson, Bill Hogg, Nor- man Cozorf, Jim Smifh. Earl Boone, Cecil Robinson, Tom Wilson. Duane Pickard, Bob Zachary, Fred Kingsbury, Dick Hughes, Ed- win Day, John Dick, manager. Nine Individuals and Both Relay Teams Qualify for Regional Sandwicheol befween fhe dual meels were fhe Muncie and Kokomo Relays. The Tribe fin- ished second in each, and, alfhough fifrh in fhe N.C.C. meef, Anderson had four firsfs. ln fhe secfional Anderson qualified nine men and bofh relay feams for fhe regional. Head Track Coach Carl Bonge llefll and his 'lhree assislanls, Coaches Ray Fleenor, Carfer Byfield, and lck Osborne hold an in- formal yarn-swapping session al Soufh Anderson Field, lhe sife of AHS lrack meels. 2 i 123 Jim Hogg won fhe 880-yard run in 2 minufes. 2.3 seconds, and Jim Leverefle fook fhe broad iump wifh a leap of 22 feef, 25 inches. Ofher qualifiers were Ron Page. Del Sanders, Jim Quinn, Rex Boys, Charles Harrison, Keifh Sia- pley, and Mike Johnson. VARSITY TRACK SCORES Hoosier Relays ......,.................,..,...,....,........... No 'ream score Anderson 53 .,..,.....,.. .,........... M uncie Cenlral 56 Anderson 66 I-2 ..,... ....,..,,..,,....... R ichmond 42 l-2 Anderson 54 2-3 ..... ..,.,..... l ndianapolis Tech 54 I-3 Muncie Relays .. .... Anderson second, 34 l-2 Anderson 57 ...... ..... ,..,............,. .... ,.... M a r i on 52 Kokomo Relays .......... ......., A nderson second, 27 I-2 Anderson 83 ,. .,..,.....,.....,. ............,.,......,.i.., K okomo 26 Norlh Cenlral Conference . ..,......,. Anderson fiflh, 26 I-2 Seclional , ...,...............,....,...,.,......,. Anderson second, 39 I-2 Regional ......,..,.,...,........,.,...,.,.,............, Anderson Second, 28 RESERVE TRACK SCORES ' Anderson 56 l-2 ..,......,..,.....,.,...,... Muncie Cenfral 52 l-2 Anderson 79 .,....,...,..,..,.....,.,.,.....,...,......,......,,., Richmond 30 Anderson 76 ..4,..,.. ...... l ndianapolis Tech 33 Anderson 88 2-3 .,.............,...,.......,..,...,...,..,.. Marion 20 l-3 Anderson 85 3-4 ...,.......,.....4..........,.,...,....... Kokomo 23 I-4 FRESHMAN TRACK SCORES Anderson 74 l-6 ..,...,....,.......,.,......., Muncie Wilson 34 5-6 Anderson 6l 5-6 ....,...,...,...,,.,...,., Muncie McKinley 47 l-6 Anderson 69 ,.., .,.. M uncie Wilson 65 . .,,,,. Muncie Burris 6 Anderson 60 ....,.....,......,,,.......,..........,. Muncie McKinley 49 Forl Wayne Relays ,.,..., ....... A nderson fiflh, 2l -1-vm - - W - .f,,,,-. VARIED ACTIVITIES MEET LIEE'S NEED Civic organizafions invi'Ie sfudenls Io many of Iheir aclivi- Iies. Jerry Kimball, selecled as one of Ihe iunior Roiarians, Iallrs wifh Mr. Ed Flanagan, Rolary Club president and Mr. John Showaller, secrelary, before Ihe AHS senior spolre al' a dinner mee'I'ing. Anderson is one of Ihe rnosl organized Iowns in cenlral Indiana, possessing legions of clubs- civic, social, religious, and iralernal. An aware- ness oi Ihis social siruclure is guiie nalurally acquired by high school sludenls, and Ihey have highly organized AHS Ihrough clubs and exlrae curricular aciivilies. And Ihis is as il should be for man is basically an organizer and needs oihers in order 'ro exisl. Besides serving as Iraining grounds for slu- denls in laler life. AHS clubs, musical groups. and dramaiic organizalions perform services for The communily all yearlong. Civic groups conlribulre scholarship, prizes, and recognilion Io sludenis, bul more impor- Ianl serve as a lmson in living and gelliing along wilh one's nf-iolnloors. And sludenls seem Io be learning Ihe lesson well for each year Ihey go oul inlo ihe corfimunily, become ioiners, and evenlually 'finer Anderson cilizens. Anderson High School is rich in 'lhealrical Iradilion and nowhere is Ihis more eviclenh Ihan on Ihe signafure-rcarred walls baclrslage in The auclirorium. Thespians Dick Monroe and Marcia Barron Isiandingl conlinue Ihe cuslom of inscribing Their names during a scenery-painling session. Craig Campbell and Ann Gehrlre Isea+edl pause from Iheir work +o waich Iwo more names being added 'Io Ihe AHS dramalisls' honor roll, Wm. awww.-.mwmsfmw tl' Student Council Has Definite Governing Job in High School Student Council officers-Pat Dixon, reading clerk: Pat Strat- ton, secretary: Dan Davisson, president: Carol Fisher, corres- ponding secretary. Standing: Dave Schuster, parliamentarian: Jack Macy, vice-president. Student Council has a detinite governing iob in Anderson High School. A student trom each homenoom represents his classmates in the council tor a year. Sponsors at the beginning ot the year were Mrs. Helen Hughes and Mr. Harry McGoon. When Mr. McGoon resigned because ot ill- ness, Mr. James Hunt accepted the appoint- ment. The Council backed the tirst tormal dance ot the year, the Fall Wind-Up. lt also put on two Sock Hops atter basketball games and sponsored the Variety Show, contributing the proceeds to the band tor its trip to Washing- ton, D.C. Social events, while the spectacular proiects ot the Council, are hardly its most important' tunction. The weekly meetings in Room 207 give students a chance to practice democracy, experience its problems, and glory in its suc- cesses. Student Council-Row l: Teddy Pancol, Jim Kirkman, Bill Paramore,Jack Macy, David Schuster, Carol Benetiel, Virginia Pakes, Sandy Allen, Anita Hughes, Sell! Phil Gaar, Mike Maine, Pat Olden, Rosalee Nealis. Row ll: Mr. Harry McGoon, sponsor: Rieta Eh- man, Shirley Butler, Pat ixon, ilma Ellis, Phyllis Kardatzke, Dee Anderson, Nancy Evans, Sue Whettington, Beth Sample, Aurelia Plax- co, Diana Sampson, Leandra Scott, Mrs. Helen Hughes, sponsor: Cynthia Hasty. Row lll: Gerald Hodson, Barbara Braddock, Joyce Fi- ter, Dorothy Smith, Rosalie Girton, Pat Gouldsbery, Nancy Paynter, Jackie Sokol, Debbie Hutton. Pat Stratton, Carol Fisher, Lonnie lveson, Beverly Ross, Betsey Barnes, Roger Roudebush. Row lV: Renee Leedom, Elbert Roeder, James Wash, Joe Hunt, Pat Canaday. Mary Sitickradt, Sandra Dale, Betsy Williams, Bob Loose, Jarrett Fairman, Dave Clem, Tod Wellington, Fritz Harvey, Dan Davisson. 126 Honor Sociely-Row I: Bill Smilh, Mrs. Margarel Dales, sponsor: Pal Edwards, Judy Edens, Calhy Bowen, Thea Phelps, Janice Slaqg, Janice Clevenger, Linda Mier, Sue Shaul, Jackie Rozelle, Nancy Richardson, Marcia Munsey, Pal Gouldsbery, Judy Kabrich, Hu Ween Zeller, Sharon Wilson, Penny Newbern, Marianne Wise, Pal Dixon, Myrna Schmill. Row ll: Tom Alley, Jack Macy, Don McCarty, Ralph Goldsberry, Ronald Harris, Terry Ward, Bill Chrislman, Dianne Achor, ShirleyWagner,Sg yilu li, Judy Sharp, Joe Hunl, Dick Handley, Dale Gray, Rosalie Girlon, Judy Ollo, Mary Wishard, Ann Willeborl, Pal Slrallon, Rouanria Todd, Marcia Barron, Debby Hullon, Tomya Baker, Sarah Hopping, Linda Roby, Joan Lowry, Bonnie Maslers, Mary Grigsby, Carolyn France, Janel Burris, Row III: Dan Davisson, Mike Maguire, Barry Gaar, Bob Sample. Nancy Woods, Marilyn Fausl, Riela Ehman, Ardilh DeYoung, Rosalind Cilron, Nancy Scoll, Mary Ann Vainer, Marjorie Gwynn, Sara Munsell, Sharon Tucker, Paula Haynes, Sharon Friend, Delilla Upshaw, Belly lmel, Sylvia Jones, Shirley Schmallz, Jo Ann Bronnenberg, Alice Day, Lorna Craigie, Janel Busby. Row IV: Gerald Hodson, Ronnie Fowler, Charley Baker, Debby Hess, Judy McClinlic, Jackie Sokol, Eleanor Reeder, Roberta Painler. Belly Bowles, Rosada Shaw, Leandra Scoll,'Jenny Pollard, Diane Simpson, Barbara Howard, Judy McManis, Linda Poller, Pal Crook, Belly Sliner, Karen Shaller, Sylvia Slerner, Mary Chrislian, Linda Coflman, Virginia Graves, Nancy Schroeder, Mariorie Hawkins, Marilyn Harp. Row V: Harry Kirchenbauer, Lowell Smilh, Jerry Kimball, Paul Keller, Jim McDanell, James Wash, Bill Perkins, Don Kimball, Gordon Chastain, Joe Allman, Ray Lockwood. Don Ellison, Fred Moore, Bob McAllisler, Dick Sacilowski, Dick Monroe, Bob Randolph, Karl Graddy, Jim Lullon, Jim Fleece, Jack Col- lin, Dave Brown, Keilh Tracy, Tom Dealon, Rex Boys, Kenny Kemp,Jim Harl. Honor Society Boasts Students High in Scholarship and Activities Members ol lhe Nalional Honor Sociely probably are among lhe mosl aclive slu- denls in AHS. Besides compiling high scholarship IT16I"lCS, 'llle lafge I'Tl6lOf'll'y Kimball, vice-president: Janice Stagg, secretary. Sealed, Jack is aclive in clubs, sports, and olher exlra- COM' pmsldenl' curricular aclivilies. Honor sociely sludenls are chosen on 'lhe basis ol qualilies olher lhan scholar- ship. Leadership, service. and character are also considered. Minimum scholaslic re- cuiremenls include lhe acquislion ol 36 credil poinls al lhe beginning ol lhe iunior year, based upon 3 poirils lor an "A", 2 raoinls lor a HB", and l poinl lor a HC". A "D" or "F" average will disgualily a sludenl. The sociely had some oulslahding evenls cl ils own. One was a lormal candlelight inilialion ol new members in lhe lall. Thir- teen members also look lhe Nalional Soc- ielyis scholarship lesl, lhe lirsl lime lhe lesl has been given here. Honor Society officers-Standing, Thea Phelps, leasurery Jerry 127 Marching Band al The Nafion's Capilal-Row I: Sealed, Elaine Goen, Lucy Myers, Marlha Vasbinder, Shirley Smilh, Diane Gaskillg Maiorelles, Nora Sylvesler, Kay Harris, Pal Slinson, Merlene Baylor, Phyllis Baker, Sandra Wollam, Janel Collier, Rosalie Girlon, Dor- olhy Hilch, Jon Walker. Drum Malorg Ann Harmeson, Norma Soulhers, Karen Lulcens, Mariorie Ellis, Sandi Gilliam, Marcia Myers, Diana Childers, Judy Harris, Joyce Brown: Sealed, Margarel' Feuslon, Joyce Alexander, Rhea Arnold, Elaine Cheslerlield, Carol Os- mun. Row ll: Kneeling, Bill Duncan, Rabourn Boardman, Dave Cowarl, Phil Walson, Corval Zeabarl, Don Burris, Russel Owens: Page IZ9, Richard Halch, Roberl Crick, Don Holliday. Gordon Chaslain, Lelansf Smilh, Phil Hosier, Joe Hunl, David Ball. Row lll: Slanding, Herb Cappel. Don Muller, Jerry Si+ump, Roberl Lelfel, Tom Davis Bud Morgan, Bryce Allison, Marilyn McAsh'land, Dorolhy Hill Nancy Preslon, Karen Clevenger, Kay Guslin, Georgia Wallon, Carolyn McCrocklin, Linda Byrum. Barbara Cox, Norma Brow, Mike Johnson, Dale Welling, Judilh Ruh, Joan Kunce, Eleanor W'issing, Lee Ann Wallon, Harolyn Phillips, Carolyn Hacker, Max Tilley, Roberl' Redding, Ron Wheeler, David Clem, Don McCarly, Curlis Agnew. Mike Eckert Max Thornlon, Al Jackson, Gary Moore, Bob France, Joe Allman. Row IV: Warren Bailey, Roberl Holliday, Roberl Slerling, Larry Mechem, Tom Rydman, David Eslle, John Rehm, Kennelh Rodgers, James Bailey, David Bailey, David Thompson, Danny Snellenbarger, Franklin Myers, Aaron Williams. Marching Band Parades Before Half Million in Nations Capital For lhe lirsl lime lhe AHS Marching Bancl drum major, and lhe 87-piece band This was paraded before more lhan hall a million spec- lhe climax ol a momenlous year which includ- lalors al lhe Cherry Blossom Eeslival in Wash- ed loolloall marching lormalions lor lhe lirsl inglon D. C. lime in many years and halllime baskelloall To The prancing lndianelles, a high-slepping shows by lhe lndianelles. Firsl Semesler Maiorelles-Row I: Marlene Baylor, Kay Harris, Joyce Brown, Ann,Harmeson, Dorolhy Sliner, Pal' Canaday. Row ll: Pal Slinson, Rosalie Girlon, Janel Collier, Marcia Myers, Mariorie Ellis, Phyllis Baker. Dance Band First Sinee'4-O, Majorettes Get New Garb Dance band in acfion ai' a pep session-Row I: Don Burris, Carolyn McCrockliri, Max Thornion. Ray- bourn Boardman, Mike Eckert Bill Duncan. Row ll: Bob Holliday, Joe Allman. Larry Meclwem, Bob Red- ding,Jol1n Relwm, Leland Smiih. Row III: Joe Hunl, Norman Woodard, Rhea Arnold. Drum Maior and Maiore:-Hes spor'r new uniforms- Row If Ann l-larmeson, Jon Walker. Row ll: Phyllis Baker. Sandy Woolam. Rosalie C5ir+on, Dorolhy Hifch, Merlene Baylor. Pa+ Sfinson. Row Ill: Jane+ Collier. Diana Childers, Norma Soullwers, Mariorie Ellis, Kay Harris, Joyce Brown. Sandi Gilliam. Karen Lukens, Nora Sylvesler, Marcia Myers. if r 1 x F he 3 ' 5' 13 '5 5 f 11 f .gi 7, f ,Lg 4 i , , ,Q ,,, . I is ? ,fy N ,S , K xl f .z bk K, A h ,. v l it . ' 1 C Y . . ri W ' ,Z W , - W ' 1 - UQ Q W X l? sv if E '31 kgjg Eff X 5 W af 3: f v A Eg 1 Q E is Q 3 ,f M is if g. A K1 , Q, A , . I- ' - I :Sk -5 , k gg iv, f, gk ' ' Lg: L 1 . kr Nj W W ' fe X5 Qi 5 Y' 'Y ff 1 A 1 ' Q 'rf fe? Y W Y -J 331 W , 4 I . . x if A . , 1 , .Q ,- . Y 7 .V f . 4 3 is .V gh A , x . ' , Mah ., -V " Q I M, M' 7 N x , 1 ,M 2 - -3 Q I' W X .N . ' 1 2, xy? -X ' . W . mf. , '-p 'Www , 2' 'Xl 'fx A 1 .. . ,ff - M . ,f L ,Q -W, 4 -X ,Q in' 4 ,' 1 ,.H 5- ? 0 W NX 5 lg x L A sg xg, ,5 Y 5 is 5 2 'Q 1 3' Q M n , gli, I Orcheslra-Row l: Calhy Bowen, Janice Clevenger, Judy Boll, Barbara Fischer, Ellen l-larris, Rose Ellen Jaclcson, Sarah Jo Slylvesler, Belly Lovelace, Jim Barbre, Julian Hudson, Janel Wilson, Mary Marsh. Row ll: Mary Breilweiser, Rulh Zimmerman, Tom Breilweiser, David Hooper, Phyllis Jolly, Barbara Lellel, Rulhanne Newman, Cheney Mc,Carroll, Pal Olden, David Bennell, Brad Spenser, Ann Davis, Mary Day. Row Ill: John Rehm, Eleanor Wissing, Nancy Weed, Marlha Vasbincler, Rhea Arnolcl, Bob Lellel, Georgia Wallon, Norma Brow, Shirley Smilh, John l-larl, Bob Redding. Row V: Warren Bailey, Jaclc Mabbill, Alberl Haines, Mr. Thomas Clem, direc- lorg Jerry Mefz, Bob Swing, Norman Woodard. Versatile Girls' Concert Choir Has Dist netive Repertoire Concerf Choir-Row I: Palsey NNiclener, Karen Norbury, Kay Ross, Molly Lighllool, Jean Anne Teush, Nancy Garringer, Nancy Mad- ren, Lonnie lveson, Darlene Carey, Sandy Allen, Jean Parker. Row Il: Francis Wagner, Susie l-lunlzinger, DeAnna Jaquess, Janel Slrader, Waunefa Zimmerman, Paula l-leiclen, Thyra Douglas, Joan Whelan, Carolyn l-lrood, Linda Johnson, Miss Mary Rulh Palmer. Row Ill: Lana Dennisrn, Karen Lulcens, Rulh Barr, Diana Walson, Kay Cappel, Toby Ann Myers, Ann Calvin, Virginia Morlord, Dixie Rinlcer, Mary Livingslon. 131 More Than 400 Singers Participate in Vocal Music Groups Anderson High School's vocal music ole- livals. anclin olher cilies. parlmenl, consisling ol nine groups anol more A music sluclenl musl malce slep loy slep Than 400 voices, is one ol The mosl aclive advances lhrough choir and glee club worlc lo oluring lhe school year. lhe lop goals, Choral Club and Maclrigal Groups parlicipale in civic programs, Singers. church services, counly and slale music les- Maclrigal Singers-Row l: Jane l-lunlzinger. Judy Norris, Dianne Achcr, Miss Mary Rulh Palmer. Belly Sliner, Ann Fishbaclc, Mary Ann Vainer. Row ll: David Goacher, David Ball. Tom Toombs, l-lerb Cappel, Larry Ehle, Bill Slmilh. 132 i ,, Choral Club and Madrigal Goal Of All High School Vocalists Choral Club-Row I: Neva Land, Jaclcie Rozelle, Linda Wilson Marv Ann Mahan, Deanna Trimble, Judy Eubanlrs, Barbara lettel, Judy Norris, Carol Loudenbeclr, Marjorie Hawlcins, baclc. Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, director. Row Il: Debby Hess, Jaclcie Solcol, Anita Slwintord, Sharon Friend, Sarah Hopping, Diana Sampson. Pegqy Taggart, Dianne Achor, Leandra Scott. Alice Day, Sharon Wilson, Julia Hudson, Sandra Thompson, Tomya Balcer, Betty Stiner, Rosalee Nealis. Janet Bolen, Jenny Pollard. Row III: John Schuster, Don Muller, David Judlcins, Milne Maine, Barry Gaar, David Goacher, George Love, David Ball. Diclc Monroe, Gene Lisby, Bob Erlandson, Jim Barbre, Elbert Roeder, George Harris, Paul Aynes, Bill Smith. Row IV: Tom Toombs. Bill Duncan, Norm Woodard, Walter Staggs. Leland Smith, Gordon Chastain, Jon Walker, Del Dotson, Keith Tracy, Bob Fitzgerald, Larry Smith, Herb Cappel, Bill Gold- smith, Don Burris. Lloyd Bell, Jack Ravage, Larry Ehle. MoclernlVlusic Masters Affiliated With National Honorary Modern Music Masters-Row I: Teddy Pancol, Don Burris, Leandra Scott, David Goacher, Rosalee Nealis, Jane Huntzinger, Bill Smith, Jackie Rozeile, Ruth Barr, Catherine Bowen, Janice Clevenger, Dee Anderson, Toby Ann Myers. Row ll: Carol Loudenbeclc, Shirley Smith, Alice Day. Ann Pettigrew, Linda Wilson, Bettye Jones. Mary Marsh. Nancy Madren, Eleanor Wissing, Marjorie Hawkins, Sharon Ulrey, Judy Norris. Alyce Taylor, Mrs. Patricia Mahan. Row Ill: Pat Layton, Sharon Friend, Dianne Achor. Betty Stiner, Debby Hess, Ann Davis. Neva Land, Harolyn Phillips, Mary Day, Deanna Trimble, Mary Ann Mahan, Janet Bolen, Miss Mary Ruth Palmer. Row IV: David Ball, Bob Stoner, Dave Bennett, Jim Barbre, Jack Ravage, Larry Smith, Larry Ehle, Tom Lewis, Bill Duncan, Tom Toombs, Norm Woodard, Herb Cappel. 133 .lane Huntzinger, Alice Taylor, Sharon Nighbert, Sharon Ul- rey. Jcan Lowry, Mary Ann Vainer, Teddy Pancol, Ann Fish- wwgifi .exemf fr if ,gf-1 iii?-' 2 .,y,',,,, .'5eL4?i,g giigqgllgi Q? fry Qu Q- Eggs as 5 5955: if, W Ev '- A, , s 5 ,iw-M f' 2 xi E fl if 5 ., . . il 5 V 55 ,g if gi rl? ' Q ' if 2 - m LA T W ,gl LLLL ' , 3 if J 2 r srrs .s. so J fs idk Ah kms . .. V i,?,sp L48 ,al TWL rs. EE? 35: Y 1 r 3195 N ,Qi .J ZW Wfrzref-mi ' ...., i V .1 ,., of '- I- 4 'i E Q5 KK1: ff' 1 -H' H N J . ' . . ,, 1 , ofa? W L Wives ":': A-rl K .5 -6 W M A ve 4,3 Boy's Glee Clube-Row I: Windell York. Larry Wood, Jerry Coon, Jerry Byarcl, Don Bally, Jim Walker, Jim Novvlin, Lovell Wilkerson, Larry Large, Dennis Malernee, Bob Sfoner, Frank Thompson, David Barllow, Jerry Carpenler, Jimmy Johnson, Linda Wilson, Mrs. Palricia Mahan. direclor. Row ll: Tom Alley, David Gwallney, Max Flaff, Ken Ballinger, Joe Mcfxllisler, Ronald Page, Brad Sfinson, David Luck, Dave Crandall, Jim Massey, Tom Wilson, Ronald Campbell, Dave Bennell, Donald Lamberl, Donald Friermood, F. M. Lucas, Paul Thompson. White Shirts, Bow Ties, and Harmony Mark Boys' Glee Club Girl's Glee Club-Row l: Mrs, Pafricia Mahan, direcrorg Areffa Dowden, Joyce Geiger. Carolyn Jones. Jane? George, Marlha Vas- binder, Doris Jones, Mary Rose Carlile, Juanila Rogers, Sharon Lynn Seyberl, Donna Downey, Sally Wolgamoll, Druzella Kearns. Row ll: Janel' Bolen, Marla Websler, Donna Dovey, Rulh Ann Worley, Bonnie Crider, Barbara Gibson. Marfhaan Smifh, Joan Gil- berl, Marrha Adams, Sheila Hornbeclc, Norma Jeane Aulcer, Juldene Cummings. Row lll: Marcia Soloman, Peggy Davis, Karen Claxon, Barbara Coffman, Marlha Garner, Nancy Colvill, Joyce Graddy, Barbara Fox, Rufh Slwarl, Sue Maguire, Sandra Hilboll, Nancy Kabrich, Eleanor Lazenby. ' A r., 134 ,M ,' , me , ..,.:41KQ.2a5v, Girl's Glee Club-Row l: Deanna Brubaker, Marilyn Wilkinson, Louise l-lumerickhouse, Wanda Pursley, Ellen Henderson, Parry Fuller, Mary Dukes. Judy Carpenfer, Janie Lewis, Barbara Braddock, Melanie Marlin, Janice Srnifh, Carol Caplan, Marilyn Springer, Nancy l-ru-s, Mis. Pairicia Mahan, direcror. Row Ii: Judy While, Leah Kay Comer, Adelia Drake, Nancy Seyberr, Lou Ann Gaddis, Carolyn Land, Norma Furnish, Joyce Fauseif, Carolyn Kelley, Darlene Elliolf, Mary Lou Davis, Yvonna Bell, Judy Reed, Carolyn Bailey, Peggy Ballinger, Marilyn Bryant Accompanisi. G rls' Glee Clubs Boast Largest Turnout of All Music Groups Girl's Glee Club-Row I: Mrs. Palricia Mahan, Mary Sue Srayfon, Linda Crim, Sally Arnold, Pal Blume, Diane Lucas, Genene Oliver, Judy Gilchrist Virginia Barrerf, Par Rider, Roberfa Rhodes, Jane? Crim, Mary Lou Barrh, Jodell Loveless. Row Il: Carole l-iursr, Sue Manis, Carolann l-loppes, Evelyn Kinman, Rufh Main, Beverly Srni+h,Niclra Jo Danforrh, Nedra Jean Danlrorlh, Berry Sranley, l-lelen Fel- fon, Freda Welborn, Linda Marlin, Sarah Hedrick. Row Ill: Linda Wilson, Sue Ackerman, Linda l-ligginborham, Janel Roberis, Judilh Porler, Jean Gusrire, Parry Johnson, Laquila Marsh, Kay Fisher, Rosemary Faux, Rulh Carpenrer, Dianne Davis, Virginia Bales. 135 57 ' E Choralelles-Row l-Barbara Huffman, Susan Jones, Donna Kaye Moore, Mary Marsh, Lee Ann Pallon, Rebbeca Jones, Sandra Dale, Carolyn Snyder, Bellye Jones, Shirley Henderson, Madeleine Hendrixson, Shirley Dennis, Janel Wilson. Row ll-Miss Yvonne Caylor, Sue Bays, Barbara Howard, Elaine Rouse, Juliana Jeffries, Elaine Cheslerlield, Connie Campbell, Gay Babcoke, Belsey Barnes. Mary Carol Trick, Helen Hollerl, Judy Kanable, Carol Ann Bailey, Miss Mary Rulh Palmer. Row lll-Linda Mills, Joyce Buell, Joyce Laylon, Jessie Willis, Hope Campbell, Carole Rush, Phyllis Wallers, Mary Kay Handy, Myrna Nuzum, Carole McGivern, Sue Shaul. Mixed Choir and Choralettes Serve as Vocal Training Grounds Mixed Choir-Row l-Miss Yvonne Caylor, Virginia Pakes, Pal May, Helen Collier, Leanna Swarl, Jean Ann Behrens, Susie Mclfeand, Edna Alexander. Jacque Lewis, Dee Anderson, Ann Adams, Phyllis Kardalzke, Diana Childers, Judy Condon, Miss Mary Rulh Palmer. Row ll-Judilh Bryant Linda Ambrose, Judy Harris, Aurelia Plaxco,Jackie Dunkerly, Alice Alley, Sandra Ward, Lynn Pelry, Sara Brock. Belva Camp, Shirley Smilh, Mary Merrill, Mary Dawn Boyd, Mary Breilweiser. Row lll-Tom Alley, Dave Byrne, Dave Bennell, Larry Wood, Jerry Coon, Jerry Byard, Chuck Lowe, Frank, Thompson, Jim Walker, Dave Hughes, Don Lamberl, Bob Sloner, Mike Goldsmilh, Jimmy Johnson, Ronald Campbell, Ken Ballinger. 136 Q , I Latin Club Brings Back Touch of Roman Pomp and Pageantry The peak in acTiviTy Tor The AHS l.aTin Club came This Spring when more Than I25 grade and high school sTudenTs in The garb oT Roman ciT'izen or slave aTTended The annual bangueT oT The club aT The FirsT MeThodisT Church. Tho boys in Tunics and Togas and The girls in sTolas aTe "Aper CocTus" lBakod Haml and oTher l.aTin-named Toods wiTh Their Tingers iusT as Tho old Romans did. Joe Crouse served as sTaTe presidenT oT The Junior Classical League, and Mary Sue STayTon will acT as vice-presidenT nexT year. Mike Maine is lndiana's nominee Tor naTional presidenT oT The league. AnoTher highlighT was The visiT oT Dick Page, naTional presidenT oT The Junior Classical Lea- gue. WiTh more Than l6O members LaTin Club is The largesT club in The school, prooT enough ThaT l.aTin sTill lives. LaTin sTudenTs iniTiaTed-NeophyTes oTTered apples To The gods of Rome and underwenT oTher riTual aT The l.aTin Club's annual iniTiaTion. ParenTs assisTed in serving reTreshmenTs. AT The ser- ing Table were ll.. To R.l Mrs. George Davis, Ann Davis, Diana WaTson, and Mrs. Charles WaTson. LaTin Club-Row l: GilberT Spradlin, Tom Pedersen, Chuck Lowe,Tom Marsh, Don Heacox, Jim Melson, Dan Obermeyer,Don Ramsey, Dallas Young, G'ranT Felzien, Bill Seibold, Randy Davis, Bill Norris,JeTT Gill, Larry Turner, Dale Copeland. Row Il: Jane Ann Ford, Rebecca Parisi, Karen Lukens, RuTh Barr, Virginia Pakes, Lou Ann Gaddis, Barbara Kessler, MarTha Marsh, Francis Wagner, Suzie HunT- zinger, MarThaan SmiTh, Jeanne BienerT, Mary Sue STayTon, Sandra Dennison, Ann Adams, Julie Hull, Nancy STeves, Nancy SeyberT, Nancy WaTson, Miss EileenJohnson. Row lll:Tonya Fox, Dianne Gaskill, Carol Simpson, PaT Brinson, Coby Livengood, Sandy Allen, Mary Wysockey, Linda STanley, Jan Podhaski, Sherry Page, Shirley WilmoTh, Donna Wilhelm, Carolyn Sue Carr, Vicky Helden, Cam- ille Roby, Doug Dronberger, Mike Maine, Barbara HuTTman, Sharon Dee Higgins, Ann Jenkins, Jean Behrens. Anne Jones, Adelia Drake, RuTh Main, Jackie Dunkerly, Judy BoTT, Charlene Orr, Marilyn Hill, Beverly Fischer, Jerry Van MeTre. Row IV: Rhea Arnold, Mary Dawn Boyd, Toni Ferris, Anne Brady, Linda HarTley, Margare-T FeusTon, Joyce SmiTh, Carolyn Norman, RuThann Murphy, l.aquiTa Marsh, Judy Zion, Linda Taylor, Kay 6usTin, PaTricia Olden, Melanie MarTin, Mary Marsh, Mary McHenry, Aurelia Plaxco, Sandra Dale, AniTa Blackniond, Carole Ussery, Nancy Ussery, PaTTi Carrico, Barbara Fischer. Jo Ann Bronnenberg. Row V: Warren McCullum, Neva PeTry, Georgianna Thomas, Sara Aylward, JaneT Deane, DaT Vanover, Nancy BirT. Alice Alley, Sue Ackerman, Jean Ann Teush, BeTsey Barnes, Linda Johnson, Sharon McLaughlin, Linda GarreTT, Linda Byrum, RiTa Tice, Kay Ross, Lana Dennison, Diane Nelson, Dixie MarTin, JaneT McDaniels, Alice Maynare, Ann Davis, JudiTh Bryar1T, Carol Jackson, Carolyn Bronnenberg, Elaine Crouch, Car- rol Boyer, Laraine Laman, Marrio Muncy, Jack ShelTon, BeTTe Wilson. Row VI: Eleanor Lazenby, Linda Hughes, Donna Riggs, Sharon Roush, Mona Clem, Jerry Cook, Mariorie AshcraTT, Joyce RiTTenhosise, Hope Hinkle, Sue Ann Hinkle, Bob Goodwin, Mark STiers, Ronald Campbell, Allen STiers, Shannon Chambers, Brad Spencer, John Osborne, Carolyn McCrocklin, Jean Bradnick, James WilhiTe, Dick Rosenbaum, Nancy KeTTer, Rebecca SmiTh, AnneTTe Shipman, Penny McDaniels, Carole Rush, Cheryl Rowe. 137 Hi-Y Club-Row I: Kenny Kemp, Craig Campbell, Bill Carr, Jack Macy, Bill Paramore, Joe l-lunt, Richard Gunlcel, Dan Davisson, lvlal- colm Carpenter, Bill Penn, Fred Spencer, Larry Harrison, Dave Schuster, Jim Kirlcman, Barry Gaar, Bob Gray, Mr. David Adams, spon' sor. Row II: Bob McAllister, Bill Waldo, King Norton, Ronnie lvleelcer, Tom Pettigrew, Jerry Stump, Karl Miller, Larry Penry, Dave Brown, Garland Williams, Dave Zierer, Bob Crozier, Barnes Latham, Tom Byrum, Bob Burt, Keith Tracy. Mr. Frank VVoschitz, sponsor. Row III: Diclc Handley. Bob Sample, Jerry Kimball, Dean Richards, Gary Wilde, Keith Hammons, Bob Doyle, Ron Harris, Tom Alley, Tom Pedersen, Fred Robbins, Brad Rayl, Bill Christman, Jerry Ward, David Judkins, Paul Gray, Dave Bingaman, Don McGivern. Row IV: Gary Coen, l'larodl Terry, Bill Lewis, Jaclc Niece. Paul Kocher, John Shieve, Vincent Daubenspeclc, C. l-l. Dabney, Bill Duncan, l-lerb Cappel, George Love, Ralph Goldsberry, Jim Unclebacli, Larry Cleveland, Tom Rhodes, Nyles Anson, Jack Cottin, Del Dotson. Row V: Ronnie Ponsler, Bill Perlcins, Jim Hughes, John Weschler, Wes Rawlin, Larry Boundy, Bob Boys, Ralph Hite, Tom Capozzoli, Bob Fitz- gerald, Larry Eglen, Jim Bridges, Gordon Slceoch. Gene Pirtsenbarger, Bill Goldsmith, Norbert Jones, Paul Keller, Ronald Bryant, Jim Fleece, Karl Graddy, John Cole, John lvfitchell, Chuck Stegel. Few Old-Timers Recall Christmas Without Hi-Y Line ot Dimes Hi-Y Ofticers hold Coca-Cola caucus-- lL. to R.l Jerry Kimball, secretary: Paul Keller, sergeant at arms: Bob McAllister, treas- urer: Dave Brown, vice-president, and Barry Garr, president. S 'Mm 138 Even many long-time Anderson residents cannot remember a Christmas season with- out the l-li-Y Club's i'Line ot Dimes" drive and party tor underprivileged children. The annual event began I7 years ago and has served as the only Christmas cheer tor 5300 children each year. Club members cole lected 5574.80 on a street corner drive, en- lizted the aid ot local merchants who con- tributed toys, candy and truit, and then en-' feniained the youngsters at a huge party. Service is only part ot the l-li-Y story. The club helped to sponsor the Y. M. C. A. in- tramural basketball league. lt's members were leaders in many school social events. Outstanding men in the community spoke at each weekly club meeting. But it is the "Line ot Dimes" that a grate- tnl community remembers most-a day when the high school boys become men in their community. Crowd of I5OO Attends Torch Club's Easter Sunrise Service Torch Club pertormed many activities throughout the year, but the most important to the community was the annual Faster Sunrise Service at Shadyside Park. More than I ,500 Andersonians witnessed the annual service which provides a lot ot tun and work that the boys enjoy. Members ot Torch Club serve as ushers, make all necessary arrangements, and participate in the worship service. Club members meet each week to hear well- known Anderson citizens discuss their vocations and interests. The Rev. Kenneth Lodge, who gave the benediction at the Sunrise Service, also was a speaker at a weekly meeting. Open to any treshman or sophomore boy, the club gives underclassmen a chance to de- velop leadership early. Qualitications tor en- trance are based on scholarship, character, and leadership. Torch Club otticers check Sunrise Service Program-IL. to R., Bob France, sergeant at arms: Brad Stinson, chaplin: Phil Gaar, president, and Bob Woltt, vice-president. Torch Club-Row I: Bob France, Bob Stoner, Jarrett Fairman, Bob Woltt, Phil Gaar, Mike Maine, David Clem, Larry Massey, Alvin Folsom, Sherrill Modlin, Don George. Row Il: Phil Watson, Bill Vest, Tony Swintord, Richard Williams, Shannon Chambers, Frank Amos, Larry Hattie-ld, Frank Lawrence, Bill Parker, Larry Stuart, Terry Ha:kleman. Row III: Don Partain, Bill Gillespie, Bill Zehring, Paul Stephens, Brad Stinson, Doug Dronberger, Bob McClintock, Chuck Lowe, Bill O'Neal. "A" Club-Row l: Tom Pettigrew, Charles Harris, Dick Hazel, Jerry Swintord, Ben Nett, Gus Mitchell. Jim Quinn, Don Wheeldon, Ethridge Beauchamp, Don McCarty. Darrel Large, Larry Cleveland, Frank Norris, Barry Gaar, Jim Adams. Row II: Rex Boys, Malcolm Young, Jim Leverette, Marvin Horton, Alvin Woods, Jack Dawson, Fred Spencer, Dick Rinearson, Deryle Martin, Ernie Couch, Henry Clayton, Larry Del-lority, Ted Boots, Dick Stith, Bob l-lutter, Rowlll: Mike Maguire, Phil Clements, Gary Feurer, Ronald Page, Charles Stephenson, Bill Goldsmith, Brad Rayl, George Love, Dave Brown, Nyles Anson, Jim Bridges. Bill England, Ed Lind, Earl Silcox, George Harris, Jim Lutton. Row IV: Dave Sheedy, Ronnie Meeker, Larry Dodd, Frank Layton, Gary Stanley, Ronald Spall, Don McGiv- ern, Jim Hogg, Keith Stapley, Dean Richards, Gary Wilde, Chuck Widener, Ron Shafer, Bob McAllister, Fred Moore, Karl Graddy, Jack Jarvis, Jim Fleece, Tom Capozzoli. Red Sweater, Green Letter Identify Members of "An Club The en-fire S1-Uclen-f recognizes A-Club Qtticers relax in Indian Training Room-Nyles Anson, h 1' Cl + h I vice-president: Larry Dehtority, president: Bill England, secre- li a amous re Swea er Wl l e al-ge green tary and treasurer: and Tom Pettigrew, sergeant at arms. "A" in the center and also knows that getting one ot these signities an honor in some tield ot sport. Members ot "A" Club may be tound in many school activities and courses, but all ot them have won an "AH letter award in at least one major sport. Out ot the 65 members ot "A" Club 'several boys will receive lndianhead awards which signity that they have won letters in three mai- or sliborts or have made honor roll and have two letters. At the end ot the year the members ot "AH Club honor one boy who they believe has done the most to better Al-lS in the tielol ot sports. 140 Senior Y-Teens-Row l: Phyllis Hari ,Barbara Fischer, Karen Shaffer, Suella Bussell, Calhy Bowen, Norma Brow. Suda Moneyhun. Carol Benefiel, Marlha Cobb, Judy Kabrich. Row ll: Miss Janel Olson, YWCA sponsor, Mary Monlgomery, Lois Polinq, Rulh Ward, Pal Gouldsbery, Thea Phelps, Susie Kirlcmari, Shirley Wagner, Shirley Walker, Barbara Boyer, Barbara Wallace, Janel' Smilh, Mrs. John Kirlcman, sponsor. Row Ill: Carol Fisher, Alice Kocher, Phyllis Jolly, Donna Slierwall, Judv Edens. Leandra Scorl, Mary Massey, Barbara Madren. Shirley Schmallz, Sylvia Jones, Jodie Donahue, Barbara Lellel, Nellie Sicanland, Sally Raup A I ' Gaiety, Tempered by Service, is Keynote of Y-Teen Clubs Gaiely and companionship were lhe key- noles ol Senior Y-Teens and ils lhree underclass counlerparls, bur lhe clubs' service proiecls were nol lorqollen in 'rhe whirl of aclivilies in I955. Top social evenl was lhe annual Silver Bell dance, wilh lesser evenls being held by each club lhroughoul lhe year. Two proiecls slood oul on lhe service ironl. The "Mile ol Pennies," which consisls ol a ledie ous colleclion ol funds on slreel corners and lhrouqh proiecls handled by Senior Y-Teens, wenl lo underprivileged families overseas. During lhe Easier holidays members made up baslcels ol food and loys for lhe children al lhe Park Place School lor handicapped. Senior Y-Teens Cabinel-Row I: Mrs. John Kirlcman, spon- sorg Rulh Ward, pre-sidenlq Barbara Leflel, secrelaryi Sharon Jones, 'rreasurerg Pal Gouldsbery, vice-presidenl. Row ll: Judy Kabrich, Karen Shaffer, Elizabelh Richardson, Rella Myers, Alyce Taylor, Belly Gilpin, Susie Kirkman. 141 Junior Y-Teens-Row l: Linda Baker, Sarah Wearherlord. Mary Jane Booih, Marfha Dickerson, Sharon Orr, Rosalind Cilron, Ann Cal- vin, Rhona Slephens, Joyce Van Buskirk, Yvonne Marie Simpson, Jessie Willis, Barbara Burion, Roseland Sibery, Sue Shaul, Nancy Riggs, Linda Norris, Joyce Alexander, Adrienne Minnelield. Row II: Linda Mier, Judy Akers, Janice Krueger, Marilyn Harp, Judy Mc- Minds, Lalzrenda Ebberir, Marcia Presser, Carolyn Lavender, Barbara Wilson, Linda Mannon, Sarah Hopping, Judy Jones. Alice Day. Judy McClin'ric, Debby Hess, Penny Newburn, Nancy Geniry. Rowlll: Jeanne Harrison, Joyce Filer, lee Ann Walion, Judy Ecbank, Barbara Hawkins, Judy Ruh, Helen Bradley, Ann Peiiigrew, Carol Louclenback, Louise Smiih, Barbara Wolf, Judy Oiio, Ann Wiiieborf, Nancy Schroeder, Dixie Rinker, Lynn Kaye Taylor, Sharon Friend, Doris Thompson. Bonnie Higbee, Sherry Van Maire, Mrs. Harold Pres! ser, Mrs. William Kleeberger, Mrs. Harold Slmilh, sponsors. Row IV: Cora McCoy, Barbara Howard, Sondra' Hines, Greichen Harlzell, Janer Burris, Loreiia Spalig, Jo Ann Birkeir. Carolyn Smiih, Marjorie Travis, Linda Yaies, Nancy Garringer, Carole Allen, Barre Pryor, Marilyn Fausi, Rieia Ehman, Shirley Builer, Joan Tale. Y-Teens Clubs Offer Activities for More Than 300 Members Sophomore Y-Teens-Row l: Rulh Pelry, Bev Ross, Isabel Urban, Pai Blume, Ann Cridge, Kay Gusiin, Karen Veazey, Beisey Barnes, Jean Ann Teush, Kay Ross, Janer Wilson, Helen Sleimer. Row il: Mary Kay Gibson, Gloria Waymire, Sandra Ward, JoyceSmil'h, Mel- anie Marlin, Nancy Brewsler, Nancy Madren, Beih Swinford, Beih Sample, Molly Lighlfoof, Jane Ann Ford, Mary Kay Handy, Alice Al- lay, Linda Ambrose, Myrna Nuzum, Deanna Jaguess, Ann Barber, Row Ill: Bonnie Jordan, Ann Gehrke, Susie Hunizinger, Gay Babccke, Janie Lewis, Sue Ackerman, Margie McDaniels, Frances Wagner, Joyce Williams, Belly Pruiii, Mary Marsh, Jean Behrens, Mariha Marsh, Alice Fishback, Linda Johnson, Lana Dennison, Linda Wilson, Virginia Bales, Mary Livingsion. Row IV: Marcia Myers, Judy Kanable, Shirley Geeiing, Shirley Byrum, Dixie Monfgomery. Shari Rice, Nancy Colvill, Norma Perkins, Mariorie Ellis, Jeanie Pel- ligrew, Dora Dellinger, Jean Hughes, Judy Wilson, Marion Hoyle, Phyllis Hoizel, Diane Goodman, Marilyn Springer, Aurelia Plaxco, Judy Hancock, Nancy Biri, Judy Coon, Ruih Bender, Toni Henricks, Pai Brinson. Row V: Beverly Van Voorhis, Vicky Heiden, Judy Keys, Joyce Sylvesier, Connie Barreii, Judy Bickel, Barbara Braddock, Mariy Golf, Pafsey Widener, Sandra Wollam, Darlene Cockman. San- dra Puckell, Lonnie lveson, Donna Raye Moore, Sandra Clanin, Barbara Williams, Connie Campbell, Janice Carrer, Lavada Morehead, Barbara Skaggs, Sandra Hellin, Peggy Burns. Row Vl: Susie Ward,Carolyn Bronnenberg, Rhea Arnold, Armaiha Keiih, Bev Sloker, Eleanor Wissing. 142 ' as Freshmen Y-Teens-Row I: Mary Degitz, Juanita Rogers, Beverly Fischer, Sharon Cox, Sandra Taylor, Pat Carrico, Cheryl Rowe, Kay Marshall, Stephanie Hoppes, Dianne Gaskill, Carolann Hoppes. Annette Shipman, Susan Jones, Adriene Good, Marilyn Stokes. Row II: Jackie Dale, Kay Fisher, Mary Wysockey, Carolyn Norman, Camille Roby, Toni Ferris, Nancy Pearson, Karen Ramsey, Judy Black, Lin- da Taylor, Margie Schmaltz, Judy Duncan, Vicki Henricks. Anne Gelling, Judy Stoelting, Jean Bradnick, Joanne Sullivan, Marthaan Smith, Mary Jane Hartzell, Dixie Harlan. Row lll: Linda Barker, Joyce Rittenhouse, Nancy Kabrich, Georgianna Thomas, Doris Sylves- ter, Norma Southers, Pat Tunget, Priscilla Skouden, Carol Schrope, Sandra Dennis, Sheila Timmons, Jan Podhaski, Linda Stanley, Norma Jean Harshman, Janet Dellinger, Joyce Westertield, Bev Dart, Mary Merrill, Judy Harris, Julie Hull, Mrs. Chester Bausman, sponsor. Row lV: Mrs. Verle McDaniels, sponsor: Suse Baierschmidt, Rosemary Welker, Coby Livengood, Sue Ann Hinkle. Neva Petry, Mara- beth Emerson, Nancy Steves, Carolyn Bailey, Nancy Gobel, Martha Wright, Ann Jenkins, Virginia Gary, Janet' Bohlen, Helen Collier, Carolyn Brobst, Carolyn Sargent, Pat Harl, Janet McDaniels, Sharon Kay Lynam, Linda Garrett, Mary Morrison, Jean Bienert, Nancy Cornelius, Ruthann Murphy, Carolyn Sue Carr, Barbara Troesken, Arlene Springer, Mary Boyd. Row V: Barbara Whitney, Janet Camp- bell, Nancy Greene, Linda Tood, Dianna Withers, Linda Hartley, Yvonne Bell, Lynn Petry, Judy Braddock, Marilyn Bryant, Dixie Martin, Laquita Marsh, Paula Heiden, Joyce Geiger, Ann Brady, Ann Adams, Adelia Drake, Ann Deane, Peggy Shanahan, Sandra Kirk, Laura Critser, Janet Dean, Mary Sue Stayton, Linda Byrum, Joan Gilbert. Row VI: Diana Childers, Betty Riggs, Rita Lucas, Judy Summers, Judy Woods, Carole Presser, Mary Ellen Jetters, Joan Day, Bible Club Seeks to Foster Better Understanding of Religion Bible Club-Row l: Belva Cary, Phyllis Kardatzke, Darline Blackwell, Doris Bricker, Elaine Rouse, Dee Henry, Reda Cottey, Ardith DeYoung, Carol Friermood, Judy Ballard, Sandy Allen, Arlene Grigsby, Maryann Smith, Anna Keeney, Elaine Crouch, Jo Ann Bronnen- berg, Judy Wachob, Shirley Geeting, Shirley Byrum. Row II: Shirey Allen, Layneta Carlile, Carolyn l-look, Shirley Eliason, Jackie Dunkerly, Virginia Mortord, Carole Rush, Elaine Harris, Barbara Malsom, Dorcas DeYoung, Carol Ann Bailey, Betty Campbell, Carol Bergdahl, Betty Jones, Elaine Chestertield, Linda Mitchell, Made'eine Hendrixson, Ellen Hitchcock, Gloria Rinearson, Mrs. Pauline Thomas, sponsor.Row Ill: Phillip Couch, Don McGee, David Hitchcock, Jim McDanell, Don Ellison. Kenny Crouch, Jim Kirkman, Bob Maxwell, Jim Kelly, Herbert Phelps, Eugene Burkett, Doug Dronberger, Carol Benetield, Thyra Douglas, Wauneta Zimmerman, Mar- tha Sargent, Ruthanne Utley, Barbara Boyer. 143 'ai Fufure Teachers-Row l: Thea Phelps, Linda Roby, Sally Raup, Jenny Pollard, Marilyn Fausl, Nancy Paynler. Row ll: Cora McCoy, Ju- dy Eubanks, Margarel' Alexander, Janice Henry, Diane Thomas, Rulh Bender, Janice Clay-enqer,Jane Hunlzingenleddy Pancol, Row Ill: Sharon Orr, Barbara Howard. Jack Norris, Mary Ann Mahan, Linda Poller, Par Gouldsbery, John Milchell, Shirley Walker, Darlene McCullum, Connie Achor. Future Teachers' Club Encourages Careers in Education Thespian Apprenlices--Row l: Teddy Pancol, Darline Blackwell, Barlfbere Whiiney. Donna Wilhelm. Shirley WilmOl'h. Sherry Page. Judy Sharp, Berry Sliner, Sue Vifilliams, Connie Achor, Sally Raup, Dee Anderson, Belly Riggs, Linda Thiel, Pal' Schliewen, Robe-rf Hunlley, Jane Ann Ford. Row II: Sharolyn Rossen, Pam Lowe, Margie McDaniels. Janice Henry. Margarei Alexander. Janice Clevenqer. Mary Marsh, Karen Norbury, Suzie Hunlzinger, Deanna Jaquess,Sandi Gilliam, Linda Milchell, Madeleine Hendrixson, Marlha Marsh, Jeanne Bienerf, Dora Dellinger, Jane? Dellinger, Barbara Williams, Mary Sue SUYGYTOH. Jaelfie Duhlierly. Ralph Hilfe. Row lll: -lOhf1 Miichell. Jerry Hardacre, Pai Slralion, Pal Siinson, Jerri Havens, Anna Keeney. Nancy Davia. AliCe Day. Kay Marshall. Merlhahn Smilh. Nancy Sleyes, Anne Selling, Mary Jane Harlzell, Julie Hull, Viclci HenriclrS. Jean l'lUQheS. Judy Wilson. Sandra DeV1f1iSOrl. Slriela Cuzzarl. Row IV: Dick Williams, Tom Lewis, Jerry lv1e+z, Judy Jones. Marilyn lv1cAshlan. Toby Ann Myers. Rulh Barr. Virginia Palfes. Pai Laylon, Lou Ann Gaddis, Barbara Kessler, Ann Davis. Rulh Bender, Lana Dennison, Mary Kay Handy. Barbara Huffman, Nancy Scoll, Sara Aylward. Ann Barber, Judy Kabrich. Row V: Kennelh Pearcy, Bob Goodwin, Roni McKibban, Roberl Thompson. Kenny Kemp, Suella Bussell, Anila Hughes, Phyllis Singlelon, Debby Hess, Judy McClinl'ic, Sluzy Byrum, Norma Brow, Roseland Sibery, Jack Macy, Dennis Malone, Janice Slagg, Billie Bieneri, Ann Gehrlce, Elaine Rossen, Jo Ann Birlcelf. 144 Thespians Sociely-Row l: Miss Alice l-ligrnan, sponsor: Thea Phelps. Jack Ravage, Mary Ann Vainer, Rosada Shaw, Miss Lois Long, spon- sor, Row II' Dick Monroe. Jon Walker, Mike Maine, Bruce Mason, Dianne Ach- or, Mary Wishard. Frances Wagiwer. Row lll: Caglhy Bowen, Marcia Barron, Pal Crook, Sue Shaul. Jeanne Harrison, Leandra Scoll, Toni l-lenricks. Thespians' Gpening Night Thrills All beginning aclors and aclresses experience slage frighl, bul aller lhe lirsl' opening nighl The lrighl is subdued by lhe lhrill lhal comes from acling lo a lull house. The roacl lo becoming a Thespian is noi' easy. ll lakes lalenl and hard work. -lic qualify as a member of Nalional Thespian Sociely an ap- prenlice musl earn len poinlss, represenling lOO hours oi lhealre work. Chief proiecls This year were lhe chilolren's play, "Peler, Peler, 'Pumpkin Ealerf' and "Ever Since Eve." Linda Thiel llefl piclurel helps Bob Thompson ge'l' ready for a heavy dale in The play, "'Ever Since Eve," while Nancy Scolf, an undersfanding paren'l', looks on. Deanne Jaquess llower righfl doesn"l' mind fhe admiring glances of The 'Foo'l'ball 'leam which is wild abou? her "sou'lhe'n" accenf. Sfanding are Mike Maine, Bob Hunlley, Dick Williams, Bob Goodwin. Sealed are Ronnie McKib- ban, Deanna Jaquess, Jon Walker. 145 Future Retailers' Named "Best D. E. Club in Indiana" in I955 Al-lS's Fulure Relailers Club won a slale championship lhis year, being named lhe "Besl Dislribulive Educalion Club in lnd- ianau al lhe annual slale convenlion. A live-sludenl delegalion also allended lhe nalional convenlion ol D. E. clubs in Richmond, Va., in lhe spring. Membership in lhe Fulure Relailers Club is limiled lo sludenls sludying dislribulive educalion. These sludenls allend school in l'he morning and Train in a relail, wholesale, or service eslablishmenl in lhe allernoon. Al lhe slale meeling lhe Anderson group won more lhan 20 individual awards in judging display windows and sales demon- slralions, in public speaking, iob applica- Fulure Relailers officers display slale championship plaque-Ellen -Hon' and adverdl-lslng plannlng' The Club' in Hilchccck, hislorianp Rhona Slephens, secrelary: Norman K. Jones, exisfence only Since is one 0-li 1-he rnosl- presidenl' Sherry Couch, lreasurer: David Schusler, vice-presidenl. successful in The high school. Fulure Refailers-Row l: Jodie Donahue, Chrislina Clanin. Judy Sharp, Pal Laylon, Dee Chapin. Sue Eslle, Sally ilu 11, Fred Spencer, Jane Gallamore. Suzy Byrum, Rhona Silephens, Myra Griner, Judy Easl, Linda Milchell, Row ll: Mr. Gilberl Pearl. sponsor: Norberl Jones, Don Flick. Fred Robbins. David McCallerly, Jack Lewis, Norman Jones, Marilyn Hooper. Mary Belle Begley, Sherry Couch, Ellen l-lilchcoclc, Rabourn Boardman. Row Ill: David Schusler, Bob Gray, Ken Davis. Jack Macy, Tom DiLore.lo. Phil Jackson. Frank Burlcharl. Bruce Buck, Karl Miller, Gene Fox, Jack Slanislaus, Ronnie Smilher, Phil Slroclc. 146 nm .,-n.,,n Fulure Farmers-Row I: Don Odom, Arnold Hansell, David BFBQQ,Cl1GFlS5 Harrison, Jerry Palmer, Bob Jordan, Dale Cook, Jim Jones, Don Bullard, Wilbur Duranf, Darrell Nuff, Farrell Keesling, Bob Trimble. Row ll: Sam Garrerl, Bill Fisher. Jim Byinglon, Gordon Lawler, Willis Durant Gary Moore. Roberf Rulh, Jerry Swiniord, Lorne Erchison, Haldon Ashlon, Ronnie Bishop, Carl Krieg, Lowell Halfield, Mr. Horace Wilson, sponsor. Row III: Roe Kirkpafrick, Julian Hudson. Jim Gwynn, Ben Neff, Max FIa++, Jim Waymire, Charles Slephenson, Larry Hallield, Jim Hunrer, Ronnie Jordan. Ronnie Morgan. Row IV: Donald Maddox, Tom Rydman, Don Kimball. Tom Biddle, Manuell Canfrell, Dick Jackson, David Hooper, Bill Nell, Bill Kimmerling, James Hawn. Future Farmers' Aim is to Take Guessworic Out of Farming Fuiure Farmer officers gei' pracfical farm experience--S'ea'red. Don Odom, presidenl. Slanding, Jim Waymire, secrelaryg Charles Srephenson. sergeanf ar arms: Jerry Swinford. vice- presidenl. Anderson's chapler of The Nalional Fulure HT Farmers ol America is open To all agriculrural sfudenls. The main aim is To lake The guesswork our of farming by leaching beller farming mel- hods and promoling farm cooperalion. Under The sponsorship ol lvlr. Horace Wilson, agri- cullure leacher, Jrhis organizalion has accom- plished many wonders in ils 20-year hislory al' AHS. Among proiecls handled by The local F. F. A. are The srock-iudging conlesls belween counly schools, breeding and raising animals, and ex- hibiling prize slock in The Slale Fair. There are various awards available To The "Agn boys. The A. W. H. Hardy Cup is given each year lo The oulslanding boy, and schol- arships are presenled lo winners in judging conlesls. 147 5 3 i 1 2 fe i 9 5 me ,M '1 I l 1 i i l i Ji Backbone of The PrinT Shop is The Job Case -Every prinTing sTudenT has To learn To hand seT Type Trom The iob case, in which Type is arranged in The order OT mosT use. Dave Hudson lleTTl is preparing To Take a prooT OT some Type seT by BlyThe WaT- kins. Jim LevereTTe, and Dave Sheedy. Prinfing sTuden+s make up TronT page of "The X-Ray"-Every week The Tour-page school newspaper is made up by The prinT shop sTudenTs. Paul Copeland lleTTl, John Hancock, Gerald Bobo. and Harry MiT- chell bend To The Task in a Typical week. AHS Print Shop Produces Publications for Entire School City Machines manned by sTudenTs produce prinTed maTTer for The school ciTy-AT The. leTT Jack Hollis Takes Type Trom linoType machine operaTed by Deryle lv1arTin. The work could be Tor any one OT hundreds oT Torms, schedules, and publicaTions produced by The school shop under The direcTion oT Mr. Claude P. lDocl Barner. ln The cenTer picTure Three sTudenTs, HerberT DeVlf'iTT. Earl Silcox. and Gerald Bodkin, operaTe a Heidelberg iob prinTinq press. which can Turn ouT 4,500 iTems an hour. ln The lasT picTure Bob Ful- lingTon, Mr. Barner, and Jim SmiTh adiusl "Old FaiThTul." a TlaT bed press ThaT has prinTed The high school newspaper and annual Tor I5 years. 'lhe press was The 5,903rd builT by The Miehle Company and musT be more Than 40 years old. Ushers Club-Row l: Frank Rodeman, Francis Kimm. Alvin Folsom, Tommy SheeTs, David Hancock, Ned Harless, Bob RuTh, Frank Norris. Row ll: Rod HuTTer, Dick Flowers, Bill NeTT. Bob Gillespie. Robe-rT Porfer, Wayne STuTTs, Larry Wood, Howard lmel, Frank Bush, Bob HuTTer, Mr. Howard BurneTT, sponsor. Ushers, Cadets Aid in Control of Crowds and Parking Two groups oT boys who have a greaT deal To do wiTh keeping crowds and TraTTic in The congesTeol high school 'area Trom assuming chaoTic proporTions are The Ushers Club and Parking CaoleTs. One can only imagine whaT The morning rush Tor parking spaces would bring if The CadeTs were noT There To direcT The sTudenT parking. They receive iackeTs Tor Their Tine work. The Ushers Club consisTs oT a larger number OT boys and yeT has a iob which calls Tor more help. They keep order during sporTs evenTs or acTiviTies held in The gymnasium. Parking CadeTs-Dick Bevellieimer direcTing car. Sealed ll.. To R.l Pay Lockwood, Bob Gillespie, Mr. CarTer ByTield, sponsorq Gary Sianley, Paul Gray, Terry Ward. 149 f Head Monitors Guide Visitors and Regulate Hall Traffic Spring Semester Head Monitors-Alice Fislwbaclc, Tom Toombs, Fall Semester Head Monitors-Slwarolyn Rossen, Carolyn Rieta Elnman, John Mitchell, Jaclcie Rozelle, Dan Davisson, Ralpla France, Leandra Scott, Joyce Boyd, Tom Alley, Mary Ann Goldsberry. Vainer, Jenny Pollard. l-ligh anders C ub is New YMCA Group for Boys and Girls Highlanders-Row l: Miss Nita Leonard, Mrs. Carolyn Miller, Dan Davisson, Sherry Van Matte, Bob Woltt, Linda Mitchell, Brad Stinson, Slnirley Wagner. Mr. Bill Ballantine, Mrs. Jo Ann Ballentine.Row II: Roberta Mclieig. lna Speedy, Tony l-lenriclcs, Francis Mcl.ary, JoAnn Bronnenburg, Ann Gelwrlce, Judy Wilson, Jean l-tuglnes, Diana Watson, Penny McDaniels, Carol Allen, Janice Mor- qan, Melanie Martin, l-lelen Steimer. Row Ill: Carole McGivern, Carole Rush, Jim Dent, Linda l-ligi, Jim Lyst, Norval Peters, Jolnn Mitclwell. F. M. Lucas, Betty lmel, Raul Jimenez, Sally Weatltertord, Jim Unclebaclc, Myrna Nuzurn, Janet Wilson. 150 Girls Athletic Association-Row I: Judy Hawkins, Jimmie Fitzsimmons, Nita Eshelman, Rita Eshelman, Jessie Willis, Elaine Chester tield, Nancy Colvili, Gloria Rinearson, Myrna Munsell, Anita Glaze, Jerise Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Rosetta Jaclcson. Row II: Ja lcie Rozelle, Peggy Burns, Marilyn Chopson. Sharon McLaughlin, Dixie Browning, Mrs. Marjorie Reed, sponsorq Judy Stage, Sara Mun sell, Corsetta Corzine, Wilma Wright. Ann Blue, Rosalyce Smith, Norma Jeane Aulcer. G. A. A. Emphasizes Sports with Value in Later Life Twice each week atter school a group ot young ladies meet tor a session ot athletics under the titlo ot Girls Athletic Association. Contrary to the beliet ot some these sessions are not a tom boy's attempt to play such boy's sports as basketball and baseball. This year the group has emphasized sports with carry-over value in later lite. The girls gave increased attention to tennis. golt and badminton, all sports that would enable them to tag along with a boy triend or tuture hus- band later. Dixie Browning and Judy Hawkins compete in a badminton game llett picturel, while Sara Munsell, Judy Stage, and Rita Eshelman practice golfing 'Form which they hope will lreep them From slowing down the golfing crowd this sum- mer. Judy Stage Jessie Willis Senior honor award Sportmanship award 151 BUSINESS U ITES STUDENTS, TCW Whaf would a iob af one of fhe ci+y's induslrial planfs be like? Sfuclenfs find ou'r fhrough visils 'lo business and indusfry for an eniire Career Day each Spring. 152 Few olher communilies can show such a close bond belween siudenls, local business. and in- duslry. Lacking lunch room lacililies Al-lS slu- denls rnusl depend on lhe downiown reslaur- anis every nolon. They spend many dollars in ihe communiiy. They provide a huge parl- lime sales force which local business ulilizes during holiday shopping rushes. The relalionship is a lwo-way proposilion. Sludenls are able io earn money because busi- ness and induslrial people have confidence in lhern and will hire Jrhern. Finally high school sludenlrs provide a loyal and specialized marlcei. lvlerchanis adverlise in Jrhe high school newspaper and Jrhe yearbook wiih Jrhis specific marlcel in mind. And sludenls, more Than any olher group, shop in Anderson. They are loyal To a communily which has been good +o Jrhem. Fufure Reiailers al Anderson High School learn fhe 'fundamenials of markefing and sales in classrooms and in on-The-iob +raininq in businesses in fhe communify. Chris+ina Clanin. Linda Mifchell, and Jane Gallamore are sfudying modeling 'Techniques during one of 'rhe class sessions x1?sf?fE'5?:ii Q iggigiwk xiii? ,. ar ' 'W - ,ef f , f5AA'fw'A,fwf' fy A f, Q, A4 - Mrs f -, Af:,,fff,5 g,pxwf., A ?f1wQ1lfff,q'fwzlfffifief 91: A? f, Q A , f aw 5 fa at , A. . v-1fffig:,'ff?fAf:?w121ffa2'fm'fy ' ggvAaeA.A,,-Q.,,'Z,,,5'fQ,5,fzf Qi' f ..y.w,,A W - ,A .-.. myAya1fJAwf.,A-.225-W 'A H Afgig., 1' f-HA - . ff "1 'W' A- M 5 5, Y ,fga',',+" 'A 44. 4 fi, :,s2,w:'2QgQ V A '2'Fi's 'lir7i'M"'f S 54 vfvpfl - f5,'XVL,'-'AQ-fSL'iQP I afffiff2S'Flj51-2,53'ffpsgilmiiif f 1P'if4fig'f, yggifgg f 5551 , -4' 473,-rj, - -255457, --fy 7,555 QQQVQAQ, f A, Q:3Afxgg..- ' f , - , 2-'gifM1 Xfvw?MJwf-iw-wwffhlw:sfffYf:'?11f,5aPfA5fif:E?v'K' A 'gwazfyfwfffffgg-1'A -- A -Y , ..s,..,rmAM.M 1 QL, .AJ S?,'1gigeem,gM'msSfA.w2w wfffmeffsf ffa?'Am'i:Aw , f an-wr WagfifigwgifyylwJTiAeff,.egws?ffee 'A A 'QA AA A f"' 3G'5'lE'i22f 11 5521'25224'afipfigvf5.2,?EAfx,fiwfiefigh 2fgfEg?Zff?gsA?fi1'15'.:fimy ,iv 3 ,Aff fzfnfiv 9w :'w1-Rez?'ii'W"'f2'2'1' K4 1?N1e5'.2,1P 4 J fl -I I A 1 A125123 Q35 ' , - 2. , A Ly ,X ' ' f j f , 'L A ff A A K f2f1jEiafiff.ff W5v.Mi'f'ffg'w:.z be YY K kwa I gi A-Q -fy iff- 4' ' ' 1 , , i , f,A,4f:gXf.,f- ,, , QA-,.5x,,AegfgAmsgeilikxgzfgfgg5,,g15f533sfregf? 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ANDERSON FEDERAL SAVINGS I III? and Jackson S'rreeI's A GREAT INSTITUTION--GROWING GREATER" SCHWINN BICYCLES TOYS MODQITS C. H. Dabney and Bob H I Iiday look perfurbed af Carr and ,Bob Wolff, wh wanf fo see everyfhing. ,l. EARN EXTRA PROFITS SAFELY FROM YOUR MONEY 154 o BII STARS TO GUIDE YOU: 'A' an open mind . . . i' an honest heart . . . i' a sincere regard for your fellow man . , O If success and happiness are your goals in life-make these the stars by which you chart your course. DELCO-REMY DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION, ANDERSON, INDIANIX 155 IN Cor. I3th 6 Meridian Latest Styles for 48 Years in Anderson No, Keifh Tracy lsnl' a lailbirclg he s lusl 'I y g of Schusler's sharp palamasl "This is Pontiac's Year to Star" ARRCDW PGNTIAC Two Localionsz 303 Penollelon Ave. and 22nd and Mounds Road Herb Cappel is lalcing Janice Clevenger, Jane Hunlzing dD'dBllf p"h' PI' er, an BVI 5 Ol' a S In In IS RCW Ol'l IBC. FAVDRITE FLOWER SHOP 2445 Meridian Flowers - Phone 49l6 ' CORSAGES ' WEDDINGS ' FUNERALS "Flowers for Every Occasion" Anderson's Oldest Established Florisl The firsl ol lhe AHS flowers-Myrna Nuzum, Pal Goulds- bcry, Janel Wilson, and Linda Mannon. Congratulations to The I 955 Graduating Class of Anderson High School MAY YOUR FUTURE BE MARKED WITH HAPPINESS. SUCCESS AND WELL-BEING ANDERSON NEWSPAPERS, Inc mh and JACKSON STREETS The BULLETIN The HERALD 7 STOHLER'S FINEST IN MEN AND HIGH SCHOOL BOYS WEAR ' Newes'r Sfyles ' Newesl Fabrics Across from 29II'1 Slreel School Bill Zeliring and Malcolm Carpenfer are deeply en ed in some new maferials. ijaufmarrg ANDERSON'S COMPLETE HARDWARE STORE 5+lw and Meridian err enry and Joe Hunf are defermined Io be s h I L y P George Was ing ons. WALKER'S JEWELRY I I26 Meridian Nexl Door Io Ilie Paramounl FEATURING THE FINEST IN JEWELRY FOR ANDERSON Window shopping ai' WaIlier's are Wilma Alder and S ' I d WIY1 OI' . FOR ALL OF THOSE THOUGHTFUL OCCASIONS MAKE IT FLOWERS FROM KAY-BEE 703 Easl 2 I sl Slreel Befh Sample and Belh Swinford have differeni Ias flowers. Larry Ehle and G arlancl ANDERSON SPORTINNG GOODS, Inc. l028 Main Sfreel' - Phone 5828 FOOTBALL - BASKETBALL - TROPHIES Fishing Tackle -- Golf -- Guns -- Tennis -- Soffball -- Archery "If i'r's for sporfs, we have if!" Williams have found Th sporiing need - Complete Home Financing ANDERSON LOAN ASSOCIATION l0'rh ancl Jackson Founded l888 .. Marianne Wis Sa d Ward. Marcia Presse h given up fha piggy 159 WHBU---I24O "The Stars' Address" ' Arthur Godfrey ' .lack Benny ' Amos 'n Andy ' Many Others CBS RADIC9 IN ANDERSON McFarIund's Men's Wear QUALITY CLOTHING I 5 East IOth Street Lavelle Non-Ferrous Casting Co., Inc, "Quality Castings for Three Generations" Aluminum, Magnesium, Brass, and Bronze Castings I209 East 23rd Street Suzie Hunizinger, Jo Ann Bronnenberg, and Karen Norbury have their eyes on some new duds. HOYT WRIGHT CO. 9I I Mer dian Street Wright for Young Men and Women A v Fred Robbins doesn"r have to 'fry hard to interest Buck Silcox and Bob Randolph in a cashmere sweater. 1615 SAUTER'S, lnc. I2 l 5 Meridian Slreel' Bostonian - Mansfield THE FINEST FOR YOUR Poor J m Bowen andi Larry Eglen are geh'ing reshod al Saufer Cathedral of Fashion 8I3 Meridian Marge George seems 'lo like Lorna Craigie's new slay piece. TOLE'S FLOWERS A Complete Floral Service from "ANDERSON'S MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWER SHOP" 627 Nichol Avenue bara Wallace and Nancy Copeland look as if 'lhey' ding flowers lo a sick Comp. 'l'eacher. I' THE BRIGHTEST NAME IN LIGHTS 4 also The I"Iome of the Automatic Headlight ControI AUTRONIC-EYE Lf' Q GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORP. MADISQN COUNTY FARM BUREAU C0-OP l52O Main Slreel Complefe Farm Supplies and Services Always in Ihe Markel' for Grain ANDERSON - ELWOOD ALEXANDRIA - PENDLETON Yeh, Fred Spencer and John Cole are 'Farmers ai hearl. LI. S. ARMED SERVICES RECRUITING CENTER Posl Office Building "Your OpporI'uni'Iy for Aolvancemenl and Educa'Iion" Army. Phillip J. Siewarh Navy, Fred L. Langvellg Air Fo William V. Nillg Marines, Paul L. Boyes. " "There's a Ford in Your Future" FRED WELKER FORD AGENCY "Your Friendly Ford Dealer" John Mifchell is Ihe mosf wilh Pam Lowe, Bev Duncan, and a "55" Ford. Floral Crealions for All Occasions KLUS FLOWERS 423 Easl 8Ih SI'ree+ ' ANNIVERSARIES ' WEDDINGS ' FUNERALS Linda and Suzie Byrum are inferesled in some boulonni I 236 BROADWAY EAST SIDE JERSEY DAIRY Dronberger's Pink Horse CHICKEN - SHRIMP - BURGER BASKETS Inside or In Your Car "FeaI'uring Our Own 'Dron-burger' " PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE YOU NEVER OUTGROW YOUR NEED FOR" PHONE 9205 1 "BEST-EVER" Dairy Producfs 165 un-n-I Th D In F k "Anderson's Finest and Most Modern Restaurant" ALIBI I4+h and Jackson O COMPLETE FOUNTAIN and GRILL CU RB and CARRY OUT SERVICE ELITE STUDIO IO37 Meridian Street Russell Forkner Your High School Photographer For I9 Years "Say Cheese Girls of A.H.S.", Nancy Gentry. Marth d R Cl I In fp' I ' ner. LEW, Your Tailor, says . . "For You IWish The Best In Life" I230 Jackson erson, an owene awson oo a IC ures with Mrs Commercial Service Co. PRINTING and BOOK BINDING I200 EAST FIFTH STREET PHONE 8084 167 ,ffm-.-..:.g4f.' is .1:'E:?'i:1f ':i'i'f:7:3:-1.-.. . . . .-:-I-Zg!5Z5-1EZ-f5-5ft-:4:-:-:-:-:-:-:ot-tg-:-2.1-:-:':-.v A . -:-1:1FSS1?2g2ai'x-5G2?1:3"2:!:5:21:3:2:2:4:1:1:1:5:2:i:1:2:fi2EI 552. . . . . 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'2 1 ,,,.f::aia'f..a'ww:' . . , '?3.:A1f?.',g.g,3-:f.,-Yg-4,'::33,5.5.:,3'e,,g4:5...3-. ,, -f " ' .J A. ,Rig wif 4 . firm-A-.,,. . s- A., . 5, ', .5-.Q 51 , f ::5!f5. 'iii 5 uf: f 8? --gr, .xi i :5::5::Q:::.::: V ,m m 1 .,, . -7,9 '.,4,L sf. V Wampum on... K 168 RADIO Soon w1th TV in our . TP. an .4 n.' ,o air-C: Il "THE DOORWAY TO A MAN'S WORLD" 67 Sliorl Sleps Oil Meridian on I III1 Slreel The cooles+, Tom Byrum. is all sei' fo "Iive" in a new suif from Clair Call. PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS FOUNTAIN PENS STUDENT SUPPLIES - gn Riglwl on Meridian al I2I2 Bill Paramore and Karl Graclcly learn all 'rhe fine 'Fealures of a new fypewrifer. 6. 1' f 14, J" f ,ef .. is 1 .1 , 4-3,514 .wie -'f :e f -Q .-' Jr 1 '- W' -4 -, . , . , . , , . fi" 'Q - ' 5 z' 555 -E F l, .- 'S'-Hwy --1' 54,5 .. ,, L, 1, ,, l ,A I - 4. 3, ., .' 4i5'fF 1.. week is - - N- -'ei 9 .rg 1 - .i , rg-Q: -, ,sg - i vg,2g.,'3?'-Q Q31 'Zz ,TV AGK , v E, 6 L k 7 S9 1. lei ef :ff .- ,. 5 . .,c -V BA , ...L . W., ,. l . gag-N, 1, ., Y ,H 0 , . ,nn - -' ' +P 53553. 15,5 fi -454. 591 f- , 1. yu -f, -E . 12" 'll ' T1 1 v fuk A- Y 2- -' -- all na N - HR, 1' n '1213 MER ' 'I IDIANN .1 Linda Norris and Rosella Riggle have llweir eyes sei on a new waich band. 169 i', , AMERICAN PLAYGROUND DEVICE COMPANY WORLD'S LARGEST EXCLUSIVE MANUFACTURERS OF Outdoor Playground and Swimming Pool Equipment I 8OI Jackson Street INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE I 233 Meridian Street Specific and Intensive Business Training I State-Wide Employment Service 52 Years in Anderson, Indiana THE CLASS Compliments 1955 OF Congratulations CENTRAL FROM INDIANA SEARS GAS COMPANY ANDERSON f 'Il I The Modern Store For The Modern Shopper 8I'I1 ancl Main ODELL PHOTOGRAPHERS and ODELL and GWYNN CAMERA STCRE MAIN AT I9+h STREET DIETZEN'S BAKERY --.N x I X I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I : 1 QE Q svfcmuzfn mums Inn wnmvuun . slnvrcf run vmannux smrs ' I ss ,--.., 17 "THE STYLE LEADER IN THE LOW PRICE FIELD" HUNTER CHEVROLET 603 Meridian SI'reeI Dial 66I8 io drive away new CI1evie. INDIAN TRADING POST ' Snack Bar ' ScI1ooI Supplies CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I955 Tra nn os . There's Cl "one and only" in refreshment, too A-,-nn1'-""""-'- somso urine: Aurnonm OF me cocA-com commw sv ln 172 Cafherine Bo n, Larry Smi+I1, and Teddy Pancol are ab Ru'II1 Pcfry and Sandra Goul are IosI' in +I1e shuffle aI 'II1 d' g P 'I J Dffice Supplies --- Samsonite Luggage Jantzen and McGregor Sportswear Athletic Equipment Chuclc Lowe, John Cole, and Ted Boots seem 'lo dig all the isporls. BOOKS -- CLASS SWEATERS -- TYPEWRITERS N67 Steps Cff Meridian On I lth" 173 g Senior Index Achor, Connie 40, 4I, I44 Achor, Dianne l2, IB, 4l, I27, l32, I33, l45 Adams, James 4I, IIB, II9, I40 Alder, Wilma 4I, I56 Alexander, Margaref I8, 23, 4I, I44 Allen, Jane? 4I Allen, Shirley 4I, I43 Allman, Joe I4, 4l, I27, I29, I30 Anson, Nyles 27, 4l, 99, IOI, I02, l04, IIO, Ill, II2, II8, I38, I40 Anlonidis, Marlene 4l Armsfrong, Janice 4I Auxler, Diane 4I, 66 Badger, Bonnie 4l Bailey, Charles 4I Bailey, Darrell 4l Baker, Carolyn 4l Baker, Charles 4I, I27 Bales, David 7, 4I Ball, David 42, l29, I30, l32, I33, l45, l56 Barron, Geraldine 42 Barron, Marcia I8, 40, 42, 67, l25, I27 Begley, Marybelle 42, I46 Bell, Donald 42 Bemish, Judifh 42, 67 Benefiel, Carol 40, 42, I26, I4I, I43 Beresford, Deardra 42 Biener'I', Billie 42, I44 Bishop, BeHy I5, 42 Bishop, Ronald 42, I47 Blackwell, Darlene I8, 42, I43, I44 Blair, Joy 42 Bobo, Hilda 42 Bodkin, Gerald 42 Bolen, Janef 42, I33, I34 Boofh, Joann 42 Boois, Theodore 42, II7, I40, I73 Bowen, Calherine I8, 43, I27, I3I, I33, I4I, l45, I72 Bowen, James 43, I62 Boyer, Barbara 40, 43, I4I, I43 Boze, Paula 43 Bray, Mary Lou 43 Bridges, James 43, l0I, I38, I40 Brighl, Janel' 43 Brilfon, Jerry 43 Bronnenberg, Jo Ann 23, 43, I27, I37, I43, l50, I6I Brow, Norma 40, 43, I28, I30, l3l, I4I, I44 Brown, David 43, II7, I27, I38, I40 Buck, Bruce 43, I46 Burke, John 43 Burkharl, Franklin 43, I46 Burris, Donald 43, I28, l29, I30, I33 Busby, Janel' I4, 22, 27, 43, 66, I27 Bush, Franklin 43, I49 Bussell, Sue'I'la 43, I4I, I44 Bufler, Sandra 44 Byrum, Thomas 2I, 44, I38, I69 Byrne, Calherine 44 Byrne, David 8, I8, I36 Callender, Doris 44 Cappel, Herberl' 44, 66, I28, I30, I32, I33, I38, I56 Carper, Dannie 44 Carroll, Beverly 44 Carson, Max 44 Carler, Joan 44 Caliron, Bealrice 44 Chapin, Barbara 44 Chapin, Esiher 44, I46 Chapin, George 44 Chaslain, Gordon I4, 44, I27, I29, I30 I32 Chrislian, Mary 44, I27 Clanin, Chrislinar 44, I46, I53 Clark, Avis 44 Clark, Julia 44 Clark, Marlene 45 Clayion, Henry 45, I2I, l22, I40 Clemenfs, Philip 45, IIO, II7, I40 Cleveland, Larry 45, IOI, I03, I38, I40 Clevenger, Janice I2, 45, I27, I3l, I33, I44, I56 Cobb, Mar+ha 45, I4I Coffin, Jack 27, 3l, 40, 45, 66, l0l, I02, I27, l38 Coffman, Helen 45 Collis, Paul 45 Collis, Rosalee 45 Cooper, Jerry 45 Cooper, Sharon 45 Copeland, Nancy 23, 45, 66, I62 Coppook, Jan 45 Corzine, Carrelfa 45, ISI Couch, Sherry II, 29, 45, I46 Craigie, Lorna 22, 45, 66, I27. I62 Crifser, Alelhea 45 Daubenspeck, Vincenl' 46, I38 Davis, Dianne 46, I35 Davis, PaHy I4, I7, 46, 67 Davis, Roberl 46 Davisson, Daniel 46, I26, I27, I38, l50 Dawson, Jack I40 Day, Mary 46, l3I, I33 Dearing, Janice 46 DeHoriI'y, Larry 46, II8, II9, I40 DeWiH, Wendell 46 DeYoung, Ardilh 46, I27, I43 Donahue, Mary Jo 46, I4I, I46 Dofson, Delano 46, l32, I38 Dovey, Ross 46 Dowden, Louis 46 Dudley, Barbara 46 Dudgeon, Daris 46 Duncan, Beverly 27, 46, 66, I64 Duncan, Nancy 40, 46, 66 Durbin, Donna 47 EasI', Judifh 47, I46 Edens, Judilh 47, 66, I27, I4I 174 Edwards, Pairicia 47, I27 Egley, Gayle 47 Ehle, Larry 47, 67, l32, I33 I59 Elliol'+, Rosalie 47 Ellison, Donald 47, I27, I43 England, Bill 47, l0l, I02, ll0, II2, IIB I40 Eshelman, Larry 47 Eslle, Sue 47, I46 Evans, David 47 Fauseif, Joyce 47, I35 Faux, Rosemary 40, 47, I35 Felfon, Helen 47, I35 Fischer, Barbara 47, l3l, I37, l4l Fish, Barbara I9, 47 Fishback, Ann l8, 40, 47, I32, I33 Fisher, Carol 48, I26, l4I Filzgerald, Roberl 48, 66, I32, I38 Fleck, David 48 Flowers, Richard 48, I49 Fosnof, Janice 48 Fowler, Ronald 48, I27 Fox, Eugene 48, 67, I46 Franklin, Virginia 48 Friermood, Carolyn 48, I43 Frisbie, Duane 48 Furnish, Bill 48 Gaar, Barry 29, 48, II8, II9, I2O, I27 l32, I38, I40 Gaskell, Fred 48 Geiger, lla 48 George, Marge 22, 48, I62 Gibson, Pauline 48 Gibson, Sandra 48 Gilpin, Belly 48, 67, I54 Gilson, Linda 49 Goacher, David 23, 49, I32, I33 Gold, Julia 49 Gouldsbery, Pafricia 22, 49, 67, I26, I27 I4I, I44, I56. Graddy, Karl 49, IOI, I02, I27, I38, I40 I69 Graham, James 49 Granger, Linda 27, 40, 49, 66 Graves, Virginia 49, I27 Gray, Roberi' 49 Greve, Philip 49 Hagan, John 49 Haggard, Shirley 49 Hamilfon, David 49 Hancock, James 22, 49 Hansell, Arnold 49, I47 Harris, Phillip 49 Harrison, Thomas 49 Hari, Neil 49 Hari, Phyllis 50, I4l Harlley, Joan 50 . Hasly, Nancy 50 Halfield, Lowell 50, I47 HaI'Field, Sue 40, 50 Hawkins, Annie 50 Hawn, James 50, I47 Olive, Hayden, Celia 50 Haynes, Paula 50, l27 Hazel, Richard 50, I40 Hellems, Virginia 50 Herf, Pafsy 50 Hesfer, Miriam 50 Hiday, Phyllis 50 Hifchcock, David 50, l43 Hifchcock, Ellen 50, I43, I46 Hodson, Gerald 50, 67, I26, l27 Hollars, Avis 50 Holliday, Roberf 5I, l28, I29, I30, l54 Hollis, Jack 5I, I48 Hooper, Marilyn 23, 40, 5l, I46 Hopkins, George 5l Hoskins, Rifa 5l Howe, Palolie 5l Huffer, Roberf5l, l0l, l40, I49 Huffer, Rodney 5l, II8, I49 Hughes, Ani'l'a 26, 27, 5l, 67, I26, l44 Hughes, Palricia 5l Hunfer, James 5l, I47 Hunfley, Roberf I8, 5l, I44, I45 Lafham, Barnes 53, l38 Layfon, Frank 53, ll6, I40 Layfon, Joyce 53, I36 Leffel, Barbara 53, l3l, l32, I4l Leverefle, James ll, 20, 53, 99, I0l ll0, ll2, ll3, l2l, l22, l40, l48 Levi, Thomas 54 Leviff, Michael 54 Lewis, Barbara 54 Lewis, Charles 54 Lewis, Claudia 54 Lewis, Jack 54 Hunfzinger, Jane I8, 5l, l32, l33, I44, l56 lferf, Nancy 5l Imel, Bel"ly l8, 23, 5l, I27, I50 Ireland, Joe 5l Ives, Richard 5I Jackman, Juanifa 5l Jackson, Alfred 52, I29, I30 James, Fred 52, ll5 James, Janef 52 James, Thomas 52 Jimenez, Raul 52, I50 Johns, Pafricia 52 Johnson, Carolyn 52 Johnson, Wilma 52 Johnsf on, Ernesf 52 Jolly, Phyllis 40. 52, l3l, l4l Jones, Norberf 52, l38, I46 Jones, Norman 52, I46 Jones, Rebecca 52, I36 Jones, Sharon 52,67 Jones, Sylvia 40, 52, I27, l4l Judkins, Jane 52, 67 Lind, Edward 54, l0l, I40 Lisby, Eugene l8, 54, l32 Liffen, Mariorie 54 Nealis, Rosalee 23, 56, 66, I26, Neff, Ben 56, ll5, I40, I47 Neff, Janel 56 Nicholson, Linda 56 Niece, Jack 57, I38 Noble, Donna 57 Noble, Sylvia 57 Norris, Jack I44 Norlon, King 57, 67, I38 Nugenf, Larry 57 Odom, Donald 57, I47 Roberl 57 Loose, Roberf 2l, 26, 27, 32, 40, 54, I26 Love, George 54, IIO, l32, I38, I40 Lowe, Pamela 54, 66, l44, I64 Lowry, Joan l4, I7, 54, I27, I33 McAllisfer, Roberf l5, 54, II7, I27, I38, I40 McCoy, Judilh 54 McCullum, Linda 54 McCune, Wilma 54 McDanell, James I4, I9, 29, 54, 67, I27, l43 McElroy, Carol 55 McEvoy, Thomasina 55 McGee, Donald 55, l43 McGuire, Cur'lis 55 McKinney, William 55 McKissick, Virginia 55 Mabbill, Jack 55, I3I Madren, Barbara 55, I4-I Mahan, Mary Ann 55, l32, I33, I44 Malone, Palricia 55 Marlin, Deryle 55, I48 Marlin, Joe 55 Massey, Mary 55, l4l Maxwell, Roberf 55, I43 Meeker, Ronald 7, 29, 55, 66, ll6, I40 Menifee, Willie Bell 55 Miller, Karl 55, I38, I46 Miller, Virginia 55 Mifchell, I44, I50, I64 John I8, 2I, 22, 40, 56, 66, Kabrich, Judifh I8, 52, 67, I27, l4l, Kardafzke, Howard 52, l0l, l02, IO3 Keller, Larry 53 Keller, Paul 53, l27, l38 Kimball, Jerry l4, 40, 53, I24, l27, Kimmerling, William 53 King, Mary 53 Kirchenbauer, Harry 53, l27 Kirkman, Susan l3, I4, I6, 22, 53, 66, I4l, l54 Kirkpafrick, Roe 53, I47 Knofls, Esfher 53 Kocher, Alice 40, 53, l4I Kreegar, Phillip 53 Lakey, Jerry 53 Langford, Judifh 53 I44 I38 Mifchell, Linda l4, I7, 29, 40, 56, I44, l46, l50, l53 Mifchell, Mary 56 Moneyhun, Suda 40, 56, l4l Monroe, Richard I3, I7, I8, 56, 66 I27, l32, I45 Monfgomery, Mary 56, l4l Moore, Fred 56, IIB, l27 Morgan, Arfhur 56, I40 Morgan, Janice? 56, I50 Morris, Diana 56 Moser, John 56 Munsell, Sara 56, I27,' Isl Munsey, Marcia 56, I27, I37 Myers, Relfa 56 175 I38 I38 I43 I25 Orbauoh, Ronald 57 Oshier,Earl 57 Offo, Verna 57, 66 Pancol, Teddy l4, 22, 57, I26, I33, I44 l72 Parisi, Julianne 57 Paflerson, Rosanna 57 Paynfer, Nancy 57, 67, I26, I44 Payfon, Sylvia 57 Peel, Barbara 57 Penry, Larry 57, II7, l38, l58 Perkins, William 57, I27, l38 Pelfigrew, Thomas 27, 58, 66, l0l, l02 IO4, ll5, l38, I40 Peffis, Lydia 58, 66 Phelps, Thea ll, l4, l9, 22, 58, I27, l4l I44, I45 Phillips, Harolyn sa, 129. I30, I33 Phlegar, James 58 Pickering, Kennefh 58 Piffsenbarger, Gene 58, l38 Poling, Lois ss. 141 Pollard, Jenny 58, I27, I33, I44, l50 Ponsler, Helen 58 Ponsler, Ronald 58, l38 Poller, Linda 58, I27, I44 Pyle, Kendall 58 Quimby, Pafricia 58 Quinn, James 20, 58, l06, I07, l2l, l22 I40 Raup, Sarah 58, 66, l4l, I44 Ravage, John l4, I8, 58, I33, I45 Rediker, George 58 Reveal, Dorofhy 59 Rhodes, Thomas 59, 67, l38 Richardson, Elizabefh 59 Richardson, Ronald 59 Riddle, G. C. 59 Riggle, Rosella 59, I69 Riley, David 59 Rifenour, Daniel 59 Roach, Mariorie 59 Robbins, Chesfer 59 Robbins, Delores 59 Roby, Linda 59, I27, I44 Roeder, Elberl- 59, I26, I33 Ross, Mifzi 59 Ross, Ronald I8, 59 Riossen, Sharolyn I8, 23, 59, I44, I50 Rush, Roberf 59 Sacilowski, Richard I4, I7, I8, 59, I27 Sample, Rohan bo, 67, I27, Isa Sampson, Diana 60, I26, I32 Sanders, Jean 60 Schallner, Jane 60 Schmalh, Shirley 40, 60, I27, l4l Schmill, Myrna 60, I27 Schroeder, Joseph 60 Scanland, Nellie 60, l4l ScOI"I', Leandraw 23, 60, I26, I27, I32, I33, l4l, I45, I50 Seal, Marilyn 60 Shaffer, Karen 23, 60, 85, I27, l4l Shannon, James 60 Sharp, Judilh I8, 60, I27, I44, I46 Shaw, Rosada I4, IS, 23, 60, 66, I27, I45 Shepherd, Gene 60 Shock, Charles 60 Silcox, Earl 60, IOI, I04, I40, I48, I6I Simpson, Janice 60 Skaggs, Shirley 6I Skellon, Rex 6I Smi'I'h 8, 22, 6I, 66, I32, I33 Smilh, Janel' 6l, I4I Smilh, Leland 6l, I29, I30, I32 Smilh, Norehia 6I l Smilh, Sfeven 6I Speedy, Ina Mae 6l, I50 Sfage, Judilh 6l, 66, I5I Sfagg, Janice 32.40, 6l, I27, I44 Sfaggs, Waller 6l, I32 - Slanislaus, Jack 6l, I46 Slarlis, Dale 6I Slarr, Jeannine 6I FDL Slephenson, Charles bl, IOI, I03, I40, I47 Slerner, Sylvia 6l, I27 Slierwall, Donna 6l, I4I S'I'iner, Belly IS, 6l, I27, I32, I33, I44 Slohler, Phyllis 62 Slolxer, Sandra 62 SluII'Z, Sarah 23, 29, 62, I26, I27, I46 Slump, Jerry I2, I4, I9, 62, I28, l30, i38 Summa, Mary Kay 62 Swinford, Ani'la 62, I32, I56 Swiniord, Jerry 62. IOI, I03, I40, I47 Sylvesler, Sarah 62, I3I Taggart Peggy 62, I32 Taylor, Alyce 62, I32, I33 Teelers, Judilh 62 Thiel. Linda 62, I44 Thomas, Diane 62, I44 Thompson, Roberi I5, I8, 62, I44, l45 Thompson, Sandra 62, I32 Thornlon, Max l29, I30 Toombs, Thomas I3, I4, I6, 62, I32, I33, I50 Townsend, Marian 62 Tracy, Keilh 8, 62, 67, I27, I32, I38, I56 Trimble, Deanna 63, 67, 85, I32, I33 Tucker, Sharon 63, I27 Ulrey, Sharon 63, I32, I33 Upshaw, DeE++a 63, I27 Vainer, Mary Ann I4, 40, 63, I27, I32, l33, I45, I50 Vanasdal, Donna 63 Vardaman, Mary 63 Wagner, Shirley I8, 63, I27, I4I, I50 WainscoH', Sylvia 63 Walker, Shirley 63, l4l, I44 Wallace, Barbara 63, l4l, I62 Waliers, Phyllis 63, I36 Ward, Rulh 27, 63, l4l Warner, John 63 ' Wash, James 63, I26, I27 Waymire, James 63, I47 Wechsler, Nancy 63, 66 Wellons, Jacqueline 63 Wer-lz, Thomas 64 Wheeler, Ronald 64, l29, I30 While, Larry 64 Williams, Darlene I4, 64, I44 Williams Garland 64, I38, I59 Williams, Joyce 64 Williams, Melvin 64 ' 'iiiiaiwtrrrg iviargarel 64 Wilson, Richard 64 Wilson, Jerry 64 Wilson, Ramona 64 Wise, Kennelh 7, 64 Vwfise, Louella 64 Wishard, Mary I8, 64, I27, l45 Vlfoodard, Norman 64, I29, I30 I33 Vfoods, Alvin I6, 64, IOI, IIO, i20, I4O Woods, Nancy 64, I27 N'Vrigh'I', Jane? 64 Vxlrighl, Richard 65 Young, Malcolm 65, I40 Zellar, HuWeen 65, I27 Ziorer, David 65, I3S ?f , - fjfiu Acknowledgments PRINTING Mr. Claude P. Barner, Anderson High School Priniing Deparlmeni' ENGRAVING Indianapolis Engraving Co.. Indianapolis, Indiana PHOTOGRAPHY Mr. Russell Forlmer, Elile Sludio, Anderson, Indiana Ron Parfain, Sludeni Pholographer Anderson Newspapers Inc. Mr.. Norm Coolc, Norm Cook Sludio, Anderson, Indiana Mr. Richard Brier, Indianapolis Engraving Co., Indianapolis, Indiana ' A X UNDERCLASS PHOTOGRAPHY Killion Sludios, Richmond, Indiana COVER S. K. Smifh and Co., Chicago. Illinois BINDING O Commercial Service Co., Anderson, Indiana 176 1 ,QQEZSM .gf up ,.. Y -NEW.

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