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W fg11,.1.-,fLf - .Y --SQ-A-ha, W ,t3,A,m k .5-P4 ,I 'i f Q.j gf,,p3 Q h. ' , :.AMN V, -4 t i 4 f ' K t ' Af ,AW gvksi,-f.gfff1'.14,gd., H ' ' ' . , ', ' 7 ' Y' I ' ' ' Y 'K ' ' 'L 4f'f'f!f' 'ft 'if X555- TM! -f 1- fQ,?3f ,g:-,f , ' v .:,fgfa11. +, ' , . , A f - ' ' U 'wif xviw ffiaf ' V v--41.- 1, , , 'V t - ' '- 3 ' ?.wzf4'?ma:f 'f?W9 ?'12,- m 4 9, A I , , ., ,,4. 3, f , 55, f, ,kF..ii5v. WJ xj I J X S Q-. WWW MW N WW ffQV igf5y W W I Wig Rf SIEEQMWWWM if SQ 'jywrffffggwm 659 4, Ssw,5fQ,gf,y15: fWZ 5 E Wf5' fi,, hy X Q .2 A my Gaiam is Rig Qi is -U. ,',.L Y fy, , ' M f' -4'f x 'iWZ, r' J, ,, , ' ,I '. -' - ' -'A-wbfq,-'..1.. 2 A ' ,ge ,. N -, Y Lan i: K H A V l v V , W , f. A , ' . , . va . . ' . A-. 'Q I .V in A :,. ' ' 1' 1 -,-'VA- . .',, 1 LL, mf .N ,,,, ,-,,.,, L,,- QV . Jamal '2'M4.L4.ola , V K A -- K . A ' - ' 1 0 A why fCLovf',Q'f M6 0 if Q! T ' My VV! gpm 555 V0 wi, 0? J H6551 . MK E 3 S WQWy 599'Qy ' , ? ,l QQf5QQigl2XQQ, Kwai? gl, ,Q A ,Q WWWWE er Q? if J 'EE flffilff 6' O A WWW , A 1: I' if .1 L. Q ,ii G A . we . Q ' 'W I A , , L i 4 N 1 f',fjfg N NN v V Q JC 5 ff ? .- ' Af' if . gg? 'B xp ' Q J' , . ff' F xfjfffglffjv f 'F M! fp! 'rpwvr ., J Q M VW ' f nderspn Senior High School Anderson, Indian 1 Mi , ,,, ,K Rf in n QQ bis' .94 K . ' . X X TH SCHOGL wm-1 Tn my R3 . X K x Nbg Q H- ........,..n W ,. - im . If a sf: Y jr gs , - fit 5 2 5 f Af - ..,, WW f Q ' f X www--Y K S .. k k Q .. ,QW Y' . .' M 1 'QQ 55 7 1 . L wif ' r' 3 -- 2 , g - .Q ! Q : ,1,, E .? A ,gp.i:w,:- -- A L.,, -f Q, Q, Q' 'wk K ., 5 'L W - - - - S PL IT PERSONA ITY W AHS, The Same School With New Ideas Though the walls and halls of our high school remain the same y r after year, the spirit, feelings and even the atmo- 7 spdie e . '- cha Tge..Every year, in the early part of S - ' er, rs 'iigh School opens its doors to welc if :Qs , li .',' ctivities, new techniques and methods fo ff st if and '- plans for improvement. These new ide ,W ry A in gi e ur school life, yes, even a personality. f N 4 C ,n fs W fV'MW'Wl ?a,, Q l E ' OJQ sp X43 ,i,, N 3 g , E . , M V,-, -.f -qfk fu., ew ...53333 .,..', A :j ..,,- ,arg ' In A M A -fM--- 9 W '---W M- t- 'a,.-f ,,.. W ,.sr 1111-5-1111 eW?5'f'W' y l 'www ' H . W,i,,,,n m,,.iWmM,,,,,, ,,i.,.,. ,..mM..M.,,,m., .,,......,,..,. M..- .,.t. ,,..... W ,W ,,,...,,. V :9wp5x,m,m4,,..,p mfg, ,,W,mh3x:imQ,, , ppt' g V I' V ag -:VZ--' wkffjii Qll, I 4A-,- j- tblll- zzyzigekz-:..:1.':i1.7,.,5f '...,, .,..- f 5, 315 on o,u,,,,,, ..,, .,r........ f 1 . i..JIJ ', ,.i.. WW, .,.. ,,. . jk H N, .,... I 2,5 ,, 9 , ,R Wk ig n ,K ,o,M,MWMm. ,,..,W.. p M i Q W 5 . leg .. . ..', a lfa, f ,sa V.J:f?11'2 . . ' ' rf gi.-uv if li iuduul i SW? J ' iii ' i . 2 2 iii i ix 5 E5 3 52 xv 2? ii ' ' ii ffl '- , ill- t .3 . 2 r il 5 sg 2 ...Q .... .... E i .. . ...... c ' fan V E i Q l , ..,, ..,,, A ,i., ss ,SKI ge I an e ---:1 5 Ei 5 3 M I ,Wifi fi ,'.' .1.1 5 .-.1.' M, -li . li'l3i'i V 5 5rr'1r Af 'f15 x Q - ,tt. .M ..,., N wa, My e W -- ,'.' :Lapin 1,--S ,,. sei 2 --r--- ' stssv QV f 2 if H 1 2 1 . X' to is Sr 5 W lr ' 3 1' E x it 4' 2,5 if 5? it ' 1 f if fi it 'Y 5 is at at XX gf r for Qfkffofwi X ' t 32 fi mrsiitqg if ' , E2 'RSE fi N. ii Xi W? ' ,S ' 1v 1 A' tori? 2 'iff 1 2 is 2 5 if Ytwfi R 55? asses iw-222 . l. 2 ' i or were 2 2 i, 'ii ai:T5Z.'TW ' . , . 'S ritz, ,.rt. .M ' , ' 5 X wif? 3 1 ' , 5 '--- QV-V t is - it fl' W5 '. 5 ,..,., WW ,Q i ,.,,x WWMMWu, ,WmMX,4,,ra1T,.,fa . x luuu ,, i,cct X - ,wmggkwmlx X .T 2 i XJ, N'M'M? 'fYfQ ' : :f:,:,, ,,.,., A ., E A? :N 532 E ..., QQ? feeg gmt-'iw lfwomvgsww ,,.,,,. ..,,, . . .,r....,,., z : ...... ...., , ,,,r,,,,,g f N55 ....... gg,.,,.W,,,,a,......i,Zfq gi Qgamawwag we 5 ,,,W,M s eg 3 2, E, f t.. i ...,,. ..,.' past 1 N sstt ..... , ,Email ....s,,, i ,,, x , , ., -rlt -M ... N' ir' Q-r- - Xt ,....,,,,, M, ,.,, My c,,, 1..,. ,, M ------ -V - aff 4- N' 1' xkiill V, , M ,--'- ------ x H ,WW X WM W x ,.,.,N W., ,. ,M a 1 of I 311.53 X'f L l i tt f1Tlf.W,WMW,aM,c,,,,.,W,.,.m,M..,w..., ,,ht,i N . t,s,,t,s, M ,W rrri,l ,,rW,,.,,.,,,M, A.., . ,,,tc, MMWW,,W,,,r,.,c,.,.MlQ1:J 3, ..,,,.. r, .,.....,,,,..,,,......., ,,,,,,..A,,... 4 ,,,,,t tt,,. , W ,M , -,,.,,.,,.,.,,-.,. , ,. i.,.,..,.,.i.,,,?2 1-o,,.,...a-...,,a--,,,,,r...,,aW,,,Mm, .W.M-.,,.w-..r,..,,.,..,.WWWaw,MM M. ,N..,.,. ,..,,.. . , .. ..-,, .V .--. .aw V QM. -, W .,.. , -LN. X aims W N-..,.,.,i,,.,,,,,M,,w ..., .W Mjj,,,.,.f-W f X -MMA 'fs-...-N..,r...M.,,,,., .. 'M N I Q X Q , i Due to our large enrollment, 2577 to he specific, a plan 0 f, . s year one might say we have had a split personality. S Q QSL as devised to ease the crowded condition. As a result upper- ? Q YT classmen were given a choice of either a full or shortened W schedule. By eliminating study halls many seniors found the seven period school day to he a thing of the past. wax We, the annual staff of the 1954 Klndianf take pleasure in XX Q E4 presentin o you, our readers o ear of life lived and en- Q iv ,avl aCtqd l - Z' 3, . 'F S12 1ewf'o'a 'fwowes' mmf W KJ it We Xmas 'wits WW PQSQTVW QQ 1 X 52? 3 Qi S e E F We Xi Km QQ y A is SERQQ My lQOgrm,..g Qme RQQEFW , M. XQ 'QDQQX A A I L ' n Lynn Mcgford' asse e j e un as he envio 'ly watches Bill Jackson and Emily Hull step out into the noonday sun, th school day co eted. Nb X lik W9 ,VHA ilcoba dollar, an eight dclock scholar at makes you come so soon? X rxx u used to come at eight o,clock X X EJ X ut no lyou ome at noon ribs s ort sc l ogram now famlllar to many upperclassmen 5 by ' NY xN Y 65 H YY . ' ' his we -kn W nursery rhyme illustrates one aspect of the xy ' R is Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-L-z. prepares to leave for an 8: 15 class. Extrol Sleeping Late Is Now Sanctioned S? D The above pictures serve to explain a situa- f f 1 of N at s gi 'QQ X XM: X E E Z n which has arisen this past year with intro uction of the new concentrated class schedule. With some seniors sleeping late and others leav- ing early, it is easy to understand why we can be called the school with the split personality. Various problems were certain to occur with the inauguration of the half day schedule. On the next several pages pictures and copy will acquaint you with some of the more apparent ones. Only time will tell whether or not this new plan will prove to be successful, and after is year,s trial AHS may undergo even further anges for the benefit of everyone. 3 E? e Burton twins partc p y T 1 t tl Homeroom Schedule ls Now Streamlined Of the many changes which We have seen this year the change in homeroom period is then most evident for it affects everyone. In past years, as the 8:15 bell signaled the begin- ning of another school day, all students could be found present and accounted for in their respective homerooms. Now, however, things are different. Horne- roorn period has been shifted and is being held between third and fourth period at 11:15. With shortened schedules in effect, it seems that this is the only time when all students are present. The homeroom period has also been short- ened to fifteen minutes. To listen to announce- ments, attend meetings and conduct such busi- ness as homeroom elections within this limited time keep both students and teachers well oc- cupiecl. To ease the homeroom rush, only student announcements and special school notices are heard over the public address system. Other daily announcements are mimeographed and circulated through homerooms. All l want is the facts, ma'a1n', was an expression used llC41l1t'11lly in student announcements such as Sara Stewart .md Bruce Partner are shown giving above. Norval Peters 3.llCl chandra Pucnetc conou'-' an election of officers in Mr. Weaverls freshman homeroom. New Attendance System Abolishes Pink Slips With many students taking advantage of the new short schedule this year, it became necessary to revise the methed of checking attendance. Mrs. Virginia Stot- tlemeyer, officially known as the attendance clerk, Works in cooperation With the deans to carry out this new system. The dreaded pink slip that used to signify truancy is now extinct. In place of absence slips a student must bring a letter from home explaining the reason for the previous dayis absence. Every teacher checks roll in homeroom and those who are absent make up the daily absentee list which is published during seventh period. The names of those who do not appear on the list but One of Mrs. Stottlernyerls jobs is to keep a record of all letters explaining absences. Each letter is were still absent from class are collected by monitors f'1df'lsl 'dbhb.' tgjchisler It as me Slgne Y t e a Same S and taken to the deans before the end of school. Reported as having missed a class, I. Smith, B. Bell, and S. Hopping Mrs' Stettlemyer keeps 3 Six Weeks attendance re' see the attendance clerk to clear up the matter. V Cord of each grade level by totah-ng the number of absentees at the end of every school day. Fall Semester Head Monitors-B. Partner, I. Spring Semester Head Monitors-B. Fossmey- Swetnam, I. Phillips, S. Warner, S. Steimer, er, S. Kirkman, M. George, C. Henry, N. Ho- D. Peck and D. Jones. ward and T. Martin. 8 Short Schedules Complicute Study The shortened school schedule offers many seniors the opportunity to engage in part time employment. These jobs help give students prac- tical experience in meeting the pub- lic, gaining business know-how and establishing confidence in them- selves. Not to be overlooked among the many benefits is that item af- fectionately known as dough, maz- uma, kale or even long green. In any manis language money certainly comes in handy. Along with the benefits of a short Schedulg and Qutgidgg Qlllplgymgnf, :iLife is no bed of rosesz but jerry Rhodes works among many of them while there comes that little question of homework. Since employed stu- dents must sacrifice their study delivering for Smithis Flower Shop. Jerry makes good use of the half-day program by attending school in the morning and working in the afternoon. halls for an early dismissal, the problem arises books on American problems at home. Here' of where and when to do it. Most choose to they have to conquer the temptations of tele- write their themes and complete their note vision, radio and telephone. All Kay Epply needs is two heads! One could concentrate on that school book while the other one laughs at I Love Lucyf' Between telephone calls, cokes and TV, homework suffers, but never Kay. 9 Intriguing Courses Inc ude More Than Books Mike Maine, Bill Seibold, Douglas Dronberger, Brad Stinson, Sue Ackerman, Melanie Martin, Kay Ross and Nancy Birt model togas which they made for the Latin Club style show. These modern day Romans learn about ancient customs by attending such activities as the annual Latin Club banquet. No matter how many changes a school may make, its fundamental purpose and aim is to educate the students. There are numerous ways of accomplishing this goal. In addition to text books, some departments have applied interest- ing techniques of study to make their course more beneficial and appealing. For example, Latin students not only learn hic, haec, hoc, but by joining Latin Club they discover something of ancient Roman life. Local and outside lecturers, field trips, reac- tion tests in safety classes and experiments in physics and chemistry lab all contribute to give our school courses more variety and interest. -Quiet! Donit bother the little Einsteins. Test tube specialists Phil Foley, Dick Vickers, Dick Maynard and Bruce Partner develope a new formula of their own in the chem lab. Executive Councils Keep Homerooms Posted It is the responsibility of the executive committees to plan activities and handle the busi- ness of their respective classes. Class officers and elected rep- resentatives from each home- room make up the committee membership. The junior exe- cutive committee includes the following: Sitting--J. Staggs, S. Skaggs, S. Jones, I. Lowry, T. Phelps, L. Granger. Stand- ing--B. Smith, M. Vajner, C. Achor, P. Taggart, D. Achor, A. Fishback, B. Carroll, D. Sac- ilowski, I. Coffin. The sophomore executive committee consists of: Row 1-- B. Penn, R. Coldsberry, M. Wise, P. Dixon, M. Faust, I. Jones, M. Mitchell. Bow 2-- P. Singleton, D. Thompson, A. Day, D. Hutton, E. Reeder, I. Rozelle, A. Wittebort, C. Davis, B. Wallace. Bow 3--J. Kirkman D. Handley, G. Coen, B. Gray, T. Alley. Freshmen do not elect spec- ial representatives to the exe- cutive committee. Presidents of the various freshman home- rooms automatically hold this honor. This yearis freshman executive committee is as fol- lows: Row 1--N. Iones, D. Cal- abria, F. Lawrence, I. Hale, N. Peters, D. Watson, M. Marsh. Bow 2--I. Wilson, J. Henry, B. Barr, A. Fishback, G. Babcoke, F.. Cowin, I. Teush. Row 3--C. Lowe, S. Mollin, M. Maine. Bow 4--M. Flatt, B. Sterling, I. Webber, T. Clem, Bragg. Coxvociyloxs CK3XINIl'!, 1'IC141Z Row I-Mrs. E. C-rahaniv, Mr. B. Sfewart, Mr. G. Davis, faculty chairman, Mrs. M. Hale, Miss A. Higinan, Miss BI. Palmer. Row H-K. Epply, Mr. I. Carrigus, Mr. R. Boyd, Mr. M. Beigh, Mr. R. Rencenberger, I. Capron. Row HI- C. Chastain, J. Kimball, I. Allman, BI. Ross, NVa1'ncr, I. Ravage, 1. Stoelting, L. Crouse, student chairman. Convocations Always Add Color An: Members of thc New Castle High School choir give their enjoyable presentation of Carousel.v This year we looked forward to many convos which were not only entertaining but also proved to be a source of inspiration and knowledge. The convocations committee deserves a vote of thanks for planning such successful programs. In October Anderson became excited and proud- ly held a welcome home party for returning Carl Erskine. During the festivities Carl, who was made mayor-for-a-day, spoke to AHS about his baseball experiences. On another occasion two national ping pong champions treated the student body to a pro- fessional table tennis exhibition. We were fortunate in securing the Presto Bro- thersw and their troupe of versatile performers for our student talent show. Everyone watched close- ly as Hocus and Pocus demonstrated extraordinary skills in magic. Music and dancing by other mem- bers of the company rounded out the morningis program. A Choral Club exchange with New Castle brought us an entertaining hour of musical varie- ties, featuring their interpretation of Carousel.', 12 Aided by Anita Swinford, his charming as- sistant, picstidigitatui' Dave Wellington attcnmts to spear a chosen card from the deck, But alas, how disconcerting! VVhe1'e's the Ace of Spades? Somebody goofed. Was it the pretty assistant, the volunteer from the audience or could it have been the sleight-of-hand artist himself? - -i',i 'qrlety TQ Gur Schggl Yeqr ifffi .2228Egfflmcliffa'1'ZZf'Z3lTlLmS 'ilfi crowding around foi his autograph. -1' . f., , ,- Red And Green Week Kind es Tourney Fire Going out lor Rad and Green Week in a big way, J. Rhodes, j.'M1tchell, N. jones, G. Carroll, B. Hakes and L. Retherlorri proudly show att their painters Germs. As the 1954 Sectional Basketball Tourna- ment rolled around, the atmosphere of AHS once again turned to the colors of red and green. The thermometer that measured the ex- citment and enthusiasm of tourney fever rose to an all time high. Caught in action on the op- ixol to Db outdone hy the fellows, S. Kemp, B. laggart, IS. hossin, M. Ross :mtl 5. Wagner sport cream colored corduroy alxifln. posite page are the Indian Chief and Maiden. Keen competition prevailed among students who wore our school colors in every Way imag- inable. Even the clubs caught the spirit of the occasion by featuring special garb. The climax of the festivities came With the crowning of Mr. Red and Miss Green. ' Rexgning as Mr. Red and Miss Green are Tod Wellington and Carol Rush. Jerry Hard- acre, Barbara Fossmeyer. Jackie Dunkerly and Bob Peavler arc runners up lor the crown PEP SESSIONS COLILIITTEEC Seated around table-I. Townsend, Mrs. B. Dietrich ffaculty chairmanb, S. Stewart, B. Loose, Mr. C. Byfield, Miss A. Higman, I. McDanell, Miss M. Palmer, M. George, S. Steimer. Standing-L. Retherford, J. Hoard, B. Taggart Cstudent chairmanj, Mr. R. McDowell. Cowboys And Indians Invade Pep Session The excellent pep sessions which we enjoyed throughout the year were the result of hard work and careful planning by the pep sessions committee. These programs certainly lived up to their name. They not only stimulated enthu- siasm and school spirit but also boosted the morale of the team mates. During one of these rooting sessions the student body witnessed a real live massacre, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. The day of the Lafayette uBroncho'7 game, two cow punchers strolled into our morn- ing pep session and were lashed and burned at the stake by enthusiastic Indians. Cheerleaders And Mascots Spark Enthusiasm Pride in our team and in our school was kept at a peak during the season by our able cheerleaders and mascots. Leading the stu- dent body in many old yells and introducing new ones, these six peppy students devoted their time and energy to cheering our team on through victories and losses. Another tradition was furthered this year by the choosing of the Indian Maiden and Inf dian Chief. Selected by the pep sessions com- mittee were Kay McCullough and Ross Dov- ev. Doing their dance steps, they continued the practice started when a 'creal liven Indian taught the first mascot the art of Indian danc- ing. One of the highlights of the basketball sea- son was the Red and Green Week pep session. Clad in authenic costumes a group of Eagle scouts presented an ancient tribunal war dance before the cheering student body. The cheerleaders made a very impressive appearance in their new uniforms. These outfits consisted of red skirts and jackets for the girls and green trousers and jackets for the bovs. Looking back we are proud of our mascots and cheerleaders for the fine iob they have done in maintaining school spirit and enthu- siasm this past year. Representing the true Indian spirit of - Anderson High School are our mascots, A Ross Dovey and Kay McCullough. This ycz1r's six able cheerleaders are: Left to right-Ioan Lowry, Dick Sacilowski, Pat Davis, Bob Bondurant, Kay Gwynn and Hcrschel Chamberlain. T S as ' tt. .A 1- New The arrival of a real cigar store Wooden Indian highlighted the celebration of the Indian Roonfs first anniversary. Shown above are: Mr. F. Zoll, Donor, A. L. Stewart, the big chief, Norm Howard, president of the Teenage Council, and Sara Stewart, prograxn committee. B. Stewart, L. Kilgore, T. Phelps, G. Babeoke, K. McCullough and B. Gaar admire a German Porsche, one of the many sport cars displayed at special program during the YMCA subscription drive. These students were among members of a high school group who did their part in selling Y memberships, A typical scene showing energetic students performing the ever- Memories of the many good times we had at soc hops, square yopular bunny hop. dances, picnics and hay rides all go to complete our social year. Indian Roorn is Nucleus Gt Gur Socioi Lite As this yearis social cinerama passes in re- view we find that the YMCA Indian Room ser- ved as a fitting background for many teenager activities. In addition to filling its purpose as a popular meeting place for students to spend their extra hours, the Indian Room has planned and swimming parties. Partly responsible for these activities is the Teenage Council, which was elected by the students to carry out the ex- tensive Indian Room program. This already at- tractive high school hangout was recently fur- ther beautified by the appearance of a wooden such special events as talent shows, box socials Indian and an authenic tribal head dress. ' M ., WM. we Y 7' .Q , '4 i , M ouwmmmfr WM ,i,,, mm .A . A new note was pres'-ntcd in civic entertainment this year when the YMCA The Club '1'0m.T0m welcomed out-of-town stu- snonsored a gym exhibition and circus in our high school gymnasium on April drnts as well as home town supporters after basket- 23. Amid clowns and circus animals, 1200 perfonners demonstrated baton ball giuncs and at tourney time. Here enthusiastic twirling and folk dancing. Shown above is Vincent Daubcnspeck executing a workers decorate the club prior to the 1954 section- difficult flip on the trampoline, al mul-mimcnf, I9 Homecoming Fanfare Toosts Gridiron Victors Amid floats, parades, queens, returning al- umni and football excitment, we celebrated one of the first big social events of the school year, the third annual homecoming. The four school classes and nearly all of the clubs shared in the festivities by entering color- ful floats in the pre-game parade. After progres- sing through town the parade eventually ter- minated at Denny Field where judges picked the winners. The seniors were an exceptionally happy lot, for they not only had the winning class float but also saw their candidate, Kay Collings, crowned homecoming queen. The Indians kept their part of the bargain, too, by defeating the Marion Giants, 27 to 13. This football triumph provided the perfect cli- max to a full day of activities. This float, decorated by The National Thespian Society, took top honors in the Homecoming parade. The second prize went to G.A.A and Hi-Y was awarded third place. During halftime Kay Collings receives the crown of royalty from Student Council President Bruce Partner. Left to right Kay's pretty attendants are Myrna Nuzum, Pat Stratton and Anita Hughes. 20 These three popular lasses combine personality with beauty to attain th e title of queens of our biggest dances of the year. Sandra Highbaugh was crowned Belle of the Ball at the Y-Teen Silver Bell Dance. The first dan ce queen of the year was Loretta Scharnowski at the Fall Wind Up Phyl lis Green was selected as the sweetheart at the animal Sweetheart Ball. Queens Make Royal Debut In Dance Realm For variety's sake a member of the stronger sex is given the chance to reign over a dance at the Beau Brummel. This year's king, Bill Jackson, is pictured with his top hat, cane and date, Bev Duncan. Dances seem to represent a very important phase of school life, for they are widely anticipated by a great many stu- dents throughout the year. Corsages and boutonnieres, the delicate rustle of formals, sweet music, refreshments and the crowning of a queen all go to make up memorable evenings that will long be remembered. The Fall Wind-Up, which is sponsored by Student Coun- cil, is given in honor of the cross country and football ath- letes. This year Loretta Scharnowske happily took her seat on the dance throne to become the Fall Wind-Up Queen of 1954. At the Silver Bell the royal crown was accepted by a thrill- ed senior named Sandra Highbaugh. Phyllis Green lived in a dreamland all her own for one whole evening as she reigned as queen of the Sweetheart Ball. Highlighting the evening of the Stardust Dance was the bestowing of the king and queen titles to Bruce Hakes and Pat Pheanis. This dance is unique in as much as a majestic couple is recognized and two gold cups are awarded, E 1 1 '54 Promers Enchanted By Southern Bel es The fragrance of magnolia trees filled the crisp evening air. Listening closely one could hear the faint trickle of water from glistening fountains. In the background an enchanting colonial mansion with snow white pillars could be seen through spreading cypress trees. This picturesque scene was set in an atmos- phere of gardens with overhanging Spanish moss and wrought iron benches. To these unique surroundings came charming couples to dance to the captivating music of Clyde Trask and his orchestra at the 1954 junior Prom. uSouthern Serenadev was the theme of the biggest and most elaborate dance of the year which was given by the hard working juniors on May 28 in the Eagles, Ballroom. Though the decorations were very beaut- iful, the most impressive sight of the whole evening was the crowning of the prom queen, Ioan Lowry, whoo was chosen by the junior fellows to reign over the KSouthern Serenade? Adding that final touch of beauty to a most successful prom were Ioan's attendants, Anita Hughes and Darline Blackwell. Lovely joan Lowry, Queen of the Southern Serenadaf' is pictured to the left. Below are the 1954 prom attendants, Darline Black well and Anita Hughes, whose beauty enhance the colonial atomsp'1ere which was used as this yearis dance theme. All good things must come to an end. So it is with a high school career. The refrains of i'Pomp and Circumstancev began to take on new meaning as we seniors finally realized that graduation was very close at hand. Senior VVeek and all its gaiety provided a perfect climax to our four busy years at AHS. This week, which was chock full of exciting The Senior Talent Show committee worked long and hard to bring us their interpretation of an opening night at the Tropicana nightclub. Practicing a chorus line step the committee chairmen and sub-chairmen are K. Gwynn, chor- us, F. Wright, lighting, M. Ross and B. Cumberland, co- chairmen, S. Wagner, scenery, L. Crouse, props. Not pic- tured are L. Retherford, script, P. Green, prophecy, S. Highbaugh, will. ' .. Dressed appropriately these suspicious look- ing characters had a great deal to do with the success of the Hobo Party. The bums are as follows: Top row-D. Bannon and L. mittee chairmen, B. Bell, D. Myers, K. Mc- Cullough and J. Knotts. Not pictured are C. Gentry, E. Burton, D. Wellington, F. New- man, B. Jones, C. Welcher, J. Tipton, P. Pheanis, B. Hakes, D. Couch, A. Pancol, J. lnlhle, J. Mass and S. Bunbalough. activities, began with the Hobo Party. Replac- ing last yearps Circus Party, this event was staged at the Y.M.C.A. gym with Keith Syl- vester providing the music. At the Senior Tal- ent Show everyone was invited to the official opening of the Tropicana Clubf, one of An- dersonis newest night spots. Do you prefer your eggs sunny side up or once over lightly? inquire the chef and his smiling assistants. These apron clad seniors were in charge of the Senior Brunch which was highlighted by the musical entertainment of Clarie Nunn. Members of this committee are: stand- ing-K. Zurmuehlen, I. Hager, C. Wood and N. Howard, co-chairman. Sitting-C. Schofield, co-chairman, and A. Pakes. Stewart, co-chairmen. Bottom row-Sub-com- Picnic. Responsible for planning this event were L. jones, eo-chairman, M. Gustin, D. Julian, J. Schmidt and S. Steimcr, eo-chairman. Other sub-committee chairmen wer: G. Bennett, D. Jones and P. Cunningham. Following the talent show Noblesville became the destination for all seniors. Here swimming, golf and good eats were enjoyed at the Senior Class Picnic. The introduction of a new activity called Private Parties turned out to be very successful. It gave any- one who wanted to the opportunity to entertain. The Senior Brunch, Dinner and Dance, A.A.UNV. Tea and Senior-Faculty Dinner completed a week that will long be remembered. D. Peck and E. Rossin, eo-chairmen of the Senior Dance, look on as Y. Breedon and B. Bondurant enjoy the music of Billy Moore. Other activities and their co-chairmen are: seated- E. Hodson and S. Kemp, co-chairmen ot gifts. Standing-G. Perdue and D. Rotruek, eo-chairmen of inter-class activities, and J. Bohne and P. Foley, eo-chairmen of registration. Ctop picture? Remaining activities and their chairmen are: seated-K. Thompson and S. Weatherly, eovchair- men of private parties, and S. Stewart and I. Bus- ton, eo-chairmen ot the Senior-Faculty Dinner. Clmttoin picture. D Terry Randall, a strugling young New York actress, is faced with an important diccislon. Should she accept a movie offer which brings with it an almost cer- tain guarantee of success, or should she stay with her first love, the theater, and continue her quest for Broadway acclaim? Hollywood Producer David Kingsley and Playwright Keith Burgess vie for her favor and play a large part in solving her problem. Pictures above left is David Kingsley played by Dave Wellington. Maxine Ross is the center of attention as she portrays Terry Randall, and on the right the role of Keith Burgess is enacted by Fred Wright. Just look at your tie! Ah declare, Ah don't see how Ah can keep on lovin, you, the way you get yourself up. It looks as if big Texas Oil Man Sam Hastings is falling for the sweet talk of honey chile Bobby Melrose. These parts were played by Betty Sargent and Mark Earhart. Audience Peeks Thru Stage Door Of Senior The above students not only contributed to the success of Stage Door through their acting but also through their hard work on the stage crew and properties committee. Row I-D. Cook, stage manager, I. Stoelting, business manager, N. Jones, properties M. Erehart, stage crew, F. Scott, stage crew, I. Combs, properties, and Miss A. Higman, faculty director. Row II-D. Stoner stage crew, L. Retherford, stage crew, L. Stewart, lighting, Mr: B. Sanders, student teacher, and D. Boone, properties. 26 All eyes on Miss Maitland, pleaselv This was a big moment for the starlets of the Footlights Club. The Senior Dramatics Class was as follows: D. Boone, J. Combs, D. Cook, B. Cumberland, M. Erehart, B. Erlandson, B. Fossmeyer, P. Green, S. Highbaugh, J. Howard, N. Jones, S. Kemp, L. Retherford, M. Ross, E. Rossin, B. Sargent, C. Schofield, F. Scott, S. Shear, F. Seibold, N. Stephen- son, L. Stewart, S. Stewart, I. Stoelting, D.Stoner, D. Van Camp, S. Wagner, S. Warner, D. Wellington, F. Wright. 3 0 loss Play To See Ups And Downs Of Theater Life Yes, this is the Footlights Club. No, Miss Maitland isnlt here. She flew to California this morning to take a screen testf' These lines are familiar to all who enjoyed this year,s Senior Class Play, directed by Miss Alice Higman. Behind the glitter of Broadway lies the dramatic and poignant story of those who never quite reach the top. The Sen- ior Dramatic Class tried to portray this story through their production of Stage Doorf, which depicted the not-so-suc- cessful lives of the girls of the Footlights Club. All of those who know anything about the struggles and heartbreaks connected with the theatre would have sympathized and cheered as a young actress, Terry Randall, rose to stardom after many fail- ures Step right up, folks, Hurry! Hurry! Check your coupons closely. Who- ' 'll be the lucky Winner? With the turn of the crank Publicity Man Bill Cumberland shuffles the numbers and calls a little girl, Betty Sargent, out of the audience to determine who will receive two free tickets to the Senior Class Play. 27 Graduation Is Commencement For The Future Four talented seniors make their final contributions to Anderson High School as they give the commence- ment addresses. Shown preparing their speeches are: left to right- Janet Swetnam, Lyle Crouse, Pat Pheanis ' and Charles Petry. 28 Administration Academics . . Activities . . Athletics . . . Advertisements 29 Principal . Vice Principal . . Deans, School Board . Faculty . . . Registrar . . . Counseling Director . Secretaries . . Custodians . Senior Officers . . Executive Committee, S Seniors . . . juniors . . Magazine Sales . Sophomores . . Ring, Sweater Selection Freshmen . . . Music Organizations . Y Clubs . . . Student Council . Thespian Society . Future Retailers . . Athletic Organizations Print Shop . . . Publications . Football . . Cross Country . Basketball . Wrestling . Golf . Baseball . Tennis . Track . Decco-Remy . . Commercial Service . Anderson Federal Loan Deckeris Inc. . . Hoyt Wright . . Guide Lamp . . . . . ponsors . Anderson Newspapers, Inc. . Senior Index . . Q n 32 33 34 35 37 37 38 38 42 43 44 70 77 78 87 88 102 110 116 118 120 122 124 126 130 136 138 144 145 146 149 150 156 159 162 164 166 168 171 174 f is M1 an 'sf imp . S ,Ax YQ-if Ak EX f 1 -if ., X . ,S-. , 5352 Custodians . 38 n The blowing of the 3:30 whistle does not neces- sarily mean quitting time for the teaching staff. Not infrequently they find themselves called into special after-school faculty meetings as our picture portrays. At these meetings new methods and tech- niques of instruction areconsidered and attention is drawn to particular school problems which con- cern staff and students alike. The students as well as the teachers benefit from such meetings for class instruction and thefunc- tioning of the school as a whole are greatly im- proved. Miss Evelyn Grahame appears to be aware of this fact as our camera catches her teaching a Senior English Composition class. We students are not the only ones involved in extra-curricular activities. Many teachers, too, de- vote considerable time as club and class sponsors. Witli this in mind we extend a sincere vote of thanks to those who give of themselves above and beyond the call of duty. Piincipal . 32 Vice Principal . 33 Deans, School Board . 34 Faculty . . Q 35 Registrar . . 37 Counseling Director . 37 C ' s . . 38 I Ill I. ihr Hutchison Plans Busy Administration Schedule Pictured is Principal William I. Hu enjoying his favorite sport, bowling Is running a high school of 2600 a very hard job? One can certainly tell as he Watches Mr. William I. Hutchison, principal, that it is very hard and that there is more to the task than meets the eye. One of his more familiar duties is that of making announcements every day. Mr. Hutchison works mainly with the faculty and the administrative parts of the school system. Last February, Mr. Hutchison received the honor of being named to one of the reviewing committees of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Most generally one can find Mr. Hutchison at a howling alley as bowling is his favorite pastime. li 7, J R XB V5 XY. .Q mi N-f' F NJ Sharp Helps With Student-Faculty Matters Mr. James Sharp is perhaps one of the busiest men in AHS. His duties concern the students more than the administrative part of the school. Mr. Sharp is on many school committees and Works with the students used book store, which is probably the least liked of his activities. VVorking With the many clubs enables Mr. Sharp to become better acquainted with the students. In his free time Mr. Sharp enjoys Working with automobile engines. jimmy Sharp tells his Daddy a few things about the family cur Q 5 uf Q ll s .. it ,. 3 2 lf v. 1, t it I Deans Guide and Counsel W th 2500 Students ln addition lo other 8CtiVifiSS, Mrs- HhY!19f4TS0H diSP1aY5 W With traveling as his chief interest, Mr. Armstrong also skill in cake decorating. enjoys reading, Boys and girls can easily be misunderstood. ing harmony between the student, faculty, Both Mrs. Edna Rhynearson, dean of girls, and family and the school are also important in their Mr. Howard Armstrong, dean of boys, try to the Work. best of their ability to counsel and teach each As most people, these teachers have many of the students. Writing intra-murals and keep- outside interests and activities. ' Foresighted Individuals Make Plans For Future SCHOOL BOARD-STANDING-Victor' H, Riggs, C. D. Rotrnck, attorney, Keith Stapley, business manager, G. E. Ebbertt, superintend- ent. Seated-G. H. Vandergriftg Fern Canterbury, secretary, Gordon A. France, president, Gordon Wilder, treasurer, Gertrude Plotner, clerk. 34 l th seniors and teachers have memories of the last four years at 1 A ,r 35 6 AHS. With study hai as a background oii: flying missles, tests, pap ' 1 36 Nlrs. Austin and her friend Skippy enjoy spending a Mr. Max Bcigli, director of counseling, spends his spare pleasant evening at home. time at Yellow Creek, fishing. ads and notes all aolcl to a hectic but regular day of school. Though 1 Miss Lois Long Mir. Herbert Lyon Mr. Lyman McClintock Mr. Robert McDowell Mrs. Mary K. McFarland Mr. Harry McGoon VW Q English Business Educalion , Foreign Languago Biological Science Aff Head English , ff ' A . Yi-. 37 l SECIIETARIES-MlSS Carolyn Kline, Mrs. Mary Norris, Mrs. Brilla CUSTODIANs-Standing-Lester Frazier, Jesse Finwick Gray, Mrs. Virginia Stottlemyer and Mrs. Barbara McCullough. Charles Jackson, William Haygood, Fred Stanley. Seated- Frank Bush, James Baker, Chester Pyland, john Kokinos. Teaching isnyt the only phase of running a industry and the principalps offices, one can school. These custodians sweep miles of halls find the secretaries slaying away for hours try- and keep the school clean and in top order. ing to keep all of the daily reports and sched- In the counseling, athletic, deanjs, trades and ules in good condition. many teachers are relieved vyphen theqschooi day is done, they ke Kill! .lv ll 4 38 mind . . . with the seniors leaving in '54, teaehers can expect more Mrs. Dorolhy Riggs Mr Mr. W. Leo Sanders Household Ads Biological Science Mr. Howard Sharpe Trades 8: lndusfry Mr. O S rin er Ralph Shields Mr Kenrlelld Smlili 5 Educehon - Trades Trades 3: lndusfry , - P 9 Social Sfudies Q Mr. Jesse Siuisman Mr. Clifford Swifl' Mr. Elgin Todd iiological Science Head Social Studies Malluemafics Mrs. Virginia Vermillion English Mr. Fred Weaver Mr. Horace VB. Wilgon Mrs. Shirley Wirls lvlarfheu-rzgiics VocafionalAgricuH'ure Head Business Education K . ,X 3 Se Q 3 :,, ei' it dba 1 Senior Officers Executive Committee, Sponsors 43 Seniors .... 44 Iuniors . 70 Magazine Sales . 77 Sophomores . . 78 Ring, Sweater Selection 87 Freshmen The four short years that We spend as high school students are all-important in the preparation for a higher education and finally a successful career in business, industry or one of the professions. Convos, pep sessions and field trips add spice and variety to our high school days. The goal, how- ever, must be reached by earnest application and the burning of some of that Well-known 'cmidnight oily as Lyle Crouse is doing across the Way. A school is what its students make it. On the fol- lowing pages We are proud to present those who have made Anderson High what it has been this year, 1954. 'lg . . . 42 . . 88 IIGD. An interested audience peeks around the corner to lend support! Top to bottom, Donald Cook, vice presidentg Myra Sibery, treasurerg Betty Taggart, secretary. In the spring a senioris fancy turns to thoughts of Senior Weekfi It is a Wonderful feeling to be a member of the utopv class. Before anyone has had time to enjoy it, he begins to feel the pain of leave- ing those extra special high school days behind. Senior VV eek came through with flying colors under the leadership of our class president, Cary Babcoke, with the assistance of the executive com- mittee and all of the Senior Week committees. Sen- ior Week began With Baccalaureate. Every day Was a memory Within itself clear down to Commence- ment. Commencement brought Senior Week to a close. Our four Commencement speakers, Patricia Phea- nis, Ianet Swetnam, Lyle Crouse and Charles Petry, did their job well. As We marched up the aisles to the strains of 'iPomp and Circumstancef, We had a feeling of sadness and happiness. We were sad be- cause We were leaving, but We were happy because we made it through. He's on the bandstandl President Gary Babcoke believes in beating his own drums. v x 42 SENIOR EXIECUTIVE COMMITTEEHRUW I-B. Taggart, G. Babcoke, M. Sibery, D. Cook. Row II-D. Couch, D. Hoffman, S. Ziegler, M. George, D. Bannon, B. Bell, J. Raup, L. Stewart, G. Ewing, D. Bryan, N. Howard, J. Ruger. Row IH-K. Collings, E. Hoflson, I. Brandon, B. Line, S. Bumbalough, I. Bohne, K. Thompson. Row IV-I. Stoelting, L. McKay, L. Iones, P. Foley, D. Faust, C. Edgecomh. Sponsors, Executive Committee Combine Efforts For Senior Week Aiding our class in making decisions during ed diligently with our class executive commit- our four years in AHS have been Miss Camp- tees in selecting rings, planning the Prom and bell and Mr. Burnett. Our sponsors have work- now our long awaited Senior Week. Camera catches the class sponsors, Mr. Howard Bumett and Miss Dorothy Campbell, reading during a rare moment in their busy days schedule. 43 qw nf , 1 r J Af . V- A 1' In 1954 we seniors become the first cfas ROW ONE GARY AAGESEN-C0ll6g6 Preparatory-Torch Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 4, Older Boys Conf. 45 Ushers Club 1, 25 Parking Lot Cadet 2, 35 Monitor 25 Prom Queen Comm. 35 Mixed Chior 35 Choral Club 45 Pub. Rep. 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 45 Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. MARY MONETA .ADAIR-GZHGTUI-PIYOT, Oklahoma 1, 2, 35 Bible Club 4. BILLIE MAE ADAMS-General-G.A.A. 1, 25 Bus. Ed. Asst. 35 Monitor 45 Sr. Hobo Party 45 Prom Dec. Comm. 3. DARREL ALEXANDER-Business Education-Fut. Retailers 3, 4. MARY ANN ALEXANDER-General-F.T.A. 3, 4, Treas. 35 Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 45 Nurse's Ass't. 3, 45 Prom Program Comm. 35 Monitor 35 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. BETTY ANDERSON-General-Ir. Red Cross 15 Y-Teens 15 Prom Dec. Comm. 3. ROW TWO JOYCE ANDERSON-General-Monitor 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 45 Library Ass't. 15 Nurse's Assyt. 25 Prom Place Comm. 3. RITA ANDERSON-General-Sr. Hobo Party 4. JACK ARMSTRONG-GZHETGZ-Pub. Rep. 15 Basketball 1, 25 Base- ball 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 4. ROBERT ARMSTRONG-Pre-Apprentice. GARY BABCOKE-COZl6gB Preparatory-Class Pres. 3, 45 Class Exec. Comm. 1, 2, 3, 45 HR Pres. 1, 25 Student Council 3, Librarian 35 Fut. Retailers 3, 4, Pres. 3, State Pres. 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Hoosier Boys State 35 Ir. Rotarian 45 Monitor 25 Deanls Ass't. 45 Sr. Dance Comm. 4. CAROLYN BAILEY-General-Monitor 1, 25 Library Asst. 2, 35 Prom Gift Comm. 3. ROW THREE HENRIETTA BAILEY-Home Economics-G.A.A. 1. REX BAILEY-General-Football 15 Basketball 15 Baseball 1, 2, 3. 'FERRY BAILEY-General. CHARLES BAKER-Pre-Apprentice-Torch Club 1, 25 Track 3, 45 Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 45 Av Club 45 Prom Place Comm. 35 Inter-Class Act. 4. JUHL BAKER-Business Education-Basketball 15 Mixed Choir 3, 45 Choral Club 35 Thespian Society 3, 45 Fut. Retailers 2, 3, 45 Golf 1, 2, 35 Pub. Rep. 1, 2, 3, 45 Candy Stand 4. LARRY PAUL BAKER-General. 1 aduate from the school with the split personality ROW ONE NOIIMA BAKER-College Preparatory-HR Treas. 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 F.T.A. 35 Pepooses 25 Prom Theme Comm. 35 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Sr. Luncheon Comm. 4. RONALD KENNETH BAKEIP- Pre-Apprentice-Jr. Red Cross 15 Hi-Y 3, 45 Inter-Class Act. 4. LARRY LEE BALSER-General. LEVVIS DEAN BANNON-B1,lSi7lCSS Education-HR Pres. 3, 4, Vice Pres. 1, 25 Class Exec. Comm. 3, 45 Deanis Asst. 2, 3, 45 Torch Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 Co-Chr. Homecoming Float Comm. 35 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Monitor 35 Rep. Ind. Student Leg. 45 Model U. N. 45 Co-Chr. Sr. Hobo Party 4. ELIZABETH BAREFIELD-General-Bible Club 4. GLORIA l1A1lKER-BllSfl'lCSS EducationeC.A.A. 1, 2, 45 Nurse's Asst. 45 Monitor 25 Prom Invitation Comm. 3. ROW C WO KEIKMIT BARNES-General. JACQUILYN BARNHIZER-College Preparatory-Monitor 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Biblc Club 3, 45 F.T.A. 3, 45 Pepooses 1, 25 Prom Reg. Comm. 35 Sr. Hobo Party 4. FRANCIS BAUGI-IAN-College Preparatory-Honor Society 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 45 Prom Gift Comm. 35 Sr. Break- fast Comm. 4. . PHYLLIS BAUINIAN-HOWIB Economics-Candy Stand 3, 45 Y- Teens 3. JANICE BAYSWGZTIETUZ-G. A. A. 15 HR Sec. 1, Vice Pres. 35 Bible Club 25 Concert Choir 25 Operetta 45 Choral Club 3, 45 Library Asst. 25 HS Off. Asst. 25 Ticket Off. Asst. 35 Prom Program Comm. 3. RICHARD BAYS-General-Track 1, 25 Cross Country 25 Football 15 Monitor 35 HR Sec. 35 X-Ray 3, 4, Ad. Mgr. 45 Sr. Hobo Party 4. ROWV THREE ALBERT F. BECKHABi-GEHETHI. GEORGE F. BELL-General. WILLIAM BELL-General-Class Exec. Comm. 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms 45 Dean's Asst. 3, 45 Co-Chr. Prom Queen Comm. 35 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Sr. Hobo Party 45 Model U.N. 4. ROBERT BENEFIELWGGHZTHZ -Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 25 Tennis 1, 2, 35 A Club 2, 3, 45 Track 15 Inter-Class Act. 4. GENE BENNETT-Pre-Apprentice-Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 45 Baseball 3, 45 A Club 2, 3, 45 Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. CONNIE BICKEL-General-Monitor 2, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Jr. Red Cross 25 Student Council 35 HR Sec. 45 F.T.A. 3, 45 Prom Theme Comm. 35 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. ROW ONE BRILLA BILBREY-COll6g6 Preparatory-Jr. Red Cross 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 X-Ray 3, 4, Bus. Mgr. 45 Prom Invitation Comm. 35 Model U.N. 45 Sr. Dance Comm. 4. DAVID BLADES-Pre-Apprentice. A. GLENN BOELKE-GZHGTUZ. BARBARA RUTH BOHANNON-C0ll6g6 Preparatory-jr. Red Cross 25 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 F.T.A. 3, 45 Bible Club 3, 45 G.A.A. 15 Pepooses 25 Sr. Luncheon Comm. 4. JANICE BOHNE-General-Jr. Red Cross 15 Y-Teens 1, 45 Prom Refr. Comm. 35 HR Pres. 45 Class Exec. Comm. 45 Mixed Choir 35 Monitor 25 Library Asst. 35 Co-Chr. Sr. Reg. Comm. 4. JOHN ROBERT BONDURANT-General-Torch Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 HR Pres. 1, 25 Class Vice Pres. 25 Class Exec. Comm. 1, 25 Monitor 1, 25 Mixed Choir 25 Choral Club 3, 45 Operetta 45 Cheerleader 3, 45 Pep Sessions Comm. 3, 45 All State Chorus 35 Prom Grand March Comm. 35 Thespian App. 25 Sr. Dance Comm. 4. K ROW TWO CI-IARLENE BONGE-General-Jr. Red Cross 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Pub. Rep. 25 X-Ray 3, 4, Asst. News Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 Prom Publicity Comm. 35 Student Council 4, Exec. Council 45 Pepooses 15 Honor Society 3, 45 Class Exec. Comm. 35 Sr. Private Parties 4. CARL ROBERT BONNER-Pre-Apprentice-Parking Lot Cadet 3, 45 Bible Club 45 Hi-Y 3, 4. DAVID BOONE-General-Monitor 2, 45 Hi-Y 45 Torch Club 25 Sr. Class Play 45 Sr. Hobo Party 4. LARRY BOWSER-General-HR Sec. 15 Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 45 NAU Club 2, 3,4. SUE BOYER-Home Economics-'Bible Club 3, 4. IUDITH BRANDON-Business Education-Student Council 2, 35 Monitor 25 Prom Reg. Comm. 35 Class Exec. Comm. 45 HR Pres. 45 Trades dz Industry Asst. 3, 4. ROW THREE YOLANDA BREEDEN-General-Prom Queen 35 HR Sec. 1, 25 Class Treas. 1, 35 Monitor 2, 35 Class Exec. Comm. 1, 35 Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Homecoming Attendant 35 Concert Choir 25 Mixed Choir 25 Choral Club 3, 45 Madrigal 45 Operetta 45 Sr. Dance Comm. 4. DAVID B. BIXIDGES-GZHZTGZ-HR Vice Pres. 2, 45 Thespian App. 45 Hi-Y 45 Football 3, 45 Sr. Dance Comm. 4. SANDRA BRISTOL-Business Education-Concert Choir 2, 3, 45 Music Asst. 35 Ir. Red Cross 35 Y-Teens 15 HR Sec. 3, 45 Prom Reg. Comm. 35 Fut. Retailers 3, 4. BARBARA BRONNENBERC-General-Library Asst. 35 Y-Teens 45 Prom. Dec. Comm. 3. BARBARA IO BROWN-Home Economics-Bible Club 2, 3, Sec. 25 Y-Teens 1, 25 Pub. Rep. 45 Pepooses 1, 25 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. BETTIE BROWN-Business Education-Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. Short schedules prevailed with homeroom, pep session . 46 ROW ONE DAVID W. B11oWN-Technical-Science Club 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Golf 3, 45 Sr. Luncheon Comm. 4. LOUISE BIxovvN-General-Monitor 25 Sr. Reg. Comm. 4. DAVID L. BRYAN-General-Football 15 Track 1, 25 HR Pres. 1, 4, Vice Pres. 25 Class Exec. Comm. 1, 45 Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. SHIHLEY BUMBALoUcH4General-Deanls Asst. 45 Y-Teens 35 Class Exec. Comm. 45 X-Ray Typist 35 Sr. Hobo Party 4. Do1io'rHY BURKE-BIISHIESS Education-G.A.A. 15 Sr. Hobo Party 4. TIMo'rIIY E. BURKE!-C0llGg6 Preparatory-Monitor 35 Hi-Y 3, 4, Treas. 45 Deanls Asst. 45 Prom Publicity Comm. 35 Student Council 45 Class Exec. Comm. 4. ROW TWO PAUL LAVERNE BUliK1iAllT-GQHZTUI-Fut. Retailers 3, 4. EDWVARD L. BURTON-College Preparatory-Monitor 3, 45 HR Vice Prcs. 45 Hi-Y 45 Sr. Hobo Party 4. THOINIAS E. BURTON-T9C'I1llCUl-MOHltOf 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Sr. Breakfast Comm. 4. JABIES R. BIIXTON-General-Locker Off. Asst. 2, 3, 45 Monitor 3, 45 Class Exec. Comm. 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Co-Chr. Sr. Luncheon Comm. 4. DOROTHY CADE4General-Sr. Hobo Party 45 Y-Teens 3. ALAN CAMPBELL-General. ROW THREE JOYCE CA!v1PBELLmHOT7lZ Economics-HR Sec.-Treas. 3, 45 Sr. Breakfast Comm. 4. IUDITI-I CAPRON-C0lleg6 Preparatory-Student Council 1, 2, 3, Exec. Council 35 Bible Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2, 35 Miniwanca Council 2, 35 Honor Society 3, 45 Y-Teens 25 F.T.A. 45 Sr. Breakfast Comm. 4. PATRICIA CArmAwAY-General-Pub. Rep. 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 35 Prom Refr. Comm. 35 Bible Club 25 Concert Choir 35 Choral Club 45 Operetta 45 Nurse's Asst. 45 Sr. Breakfast Comm. 4. GERALD LEE CAImoLL-Technical-Torch Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 Prom Place Comm. 35 Ir. Conservation Club 3, Vice Pres. 35 Grand March Comm. 3. Sr. Dance Comm. 4. LILLIAN CARTER-General-Thespian App. 35 Y-Teens 4. NAOBII CASE-Geflefdl-BUS. Ed. Asst. 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 45 Prom eetlngs generally eenves coming later ln the clay . oixvuo BROWN mousse BRQWN mvxo BRYAN 'SHIRLEY BUMBALOUGH DOROTHY BURKE - UMOTHY BURKE ' PAUL BURKHART EDWARD BURTON THOMAS BURTON ' JAMES BUXTON DOROTHY CADE ALAN CAMPBELL K , . im . . .L . , ! Ki I I gl JOHN COC!-GRAN WILLIAM COPFMAN I 3,,i'15QN CQLE PAUL COLE KAY COLLYNGS , PATSY COLLINS But no matter whot changes overcame our school, much re-maine. ROW ONE BETTY CASH-General-Library Ass,t. 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Prom Place Comm. 3, Counseling Off. Ass't. 2, 3. RICHARD CASTOR-General-Ir. Red Cross 3. HERSCHEL CHALIBERLAIN'-G91'lGl'UlASfl1Cl6I'1f Council 1, 2, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Pep Sessions Comm. 2, 3, 4, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Monitor 3, 4, Candy Stand 4, HR Pres. 1, Pub. Rep. 3, 4, Sr. Luncheon Comm. 4. TWYLA ANN CHABILEE-C-16716701-Sf. Talent Convo Comm. 4. WALTER CHAPIN-General-Bible Club 3, 4. MARY ANN CHEEVER-General-Candy Stand 3, 4, X-Ray Typ- ist 3, Library Asst. 3, Prom Ticket Comm. 3, English Off. Asst. -4, Inter- Class Act. 4L ROW TWO MAX CLARK-General-Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. Lois JEAN CLIFTON-General-Fut. Retailers 3, 4, Choralettes 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Doc. Comm. 3, Biol. Asst. 3, Model U.N. 4. JUDITH CLORE-Gene1'ulAMonitor 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Prom Doc. Comm. 3, Fut. Retailers 3, 4. ITEIKBERT DALE CLossER-General-Track 1, Tennis 2, 3, 4. DAvID CLossEn-General-Kennard HS 1, 2, Sr. Reg. Comm. 4. DANIEL COBLE-C0ll6g6 Preparatory-Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Exec. Council 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, HR Vice Pres. 4, Ir. Conser- vation Club 1, 2, 3, Track 1, Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4, Cross Country 1. ROVV THREE JOHN CocImAN-Technical-Band 1, Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. WILLIAM COFFMAN-General-Livingston Academy 2. LEON M. COLE-Technical-Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. ROBEIIT PAUL CoLE-General HELEN KAY CoLLINGs-General-Pepooscs 2, Y-Teens 2, 3, Sec. 3, Class Exec. Comm. 3, 4, Chr. Prom Refr. Comm. 3, Concert Choir 3, Choral Club 4, Monitor 3, 4, Thespian App. 4, Home-coming Queen 4, English Asst. 3, Sr. Dance Comm. 4. PATSY ANN COLLINS-Business Education-Ir. Red Cross 1, 2,-3, Monitor 3, HR Sec.-Treas. 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Library Asst. 1, 2, Sr. Dance Comm. 4. 5,54 , , ll 9 I Us . L ' Max. . ,, before: dances, ope-retta, class play, athletic events ROW ONE JEANNINE CoMBs-General-Monitor 3, 45 Nurse's Asst. 45 Li- brary Asst. 2, 35 Sr. Class Play 45 Sr. Hobo Party 4. CLYDENE COOK-General-Majorette 3, 45 Student Council 1, 2, Exec. Council 25 Y-Teens 15 F.T.A. 45 HR Vice Pres. 15 Pub. Rep. 1. DONALD EAHI, Coorc-Vocational Agriculture-Torch Club 25 Student Mgr. 3, 45 F.F.A. 2, 3, 45 Fut. Retailers 3, 45 Prom Queen Comm. 35 Class Vice Pres. 45 Class Exec. Comm. 45 Sr. Class Play 45 Ir. Conservation Club 1, 2, 35 Thespian App. 3, 45 Parking Lot Cadet 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Sr. Dance Comm. 4. DAVID C. Coucrr-General-Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 15 HR Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 45 Class Exec. Comm. 45 Fut. Retailers 35 A Club 3, 45 Parking Lot Cadet 3, 45 Sr. Hobo Party 4. FRANCIS EUGENE COUCH-GZHZTUI. HUBERT Cox-Technical-HR Vice Pres. 1, 2, 35 Ir. Red Cross 15 Sr. Hobo Party 4. ROW TWO Roxarma Cox-Business Education- Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. JACK L. CIXAIG-GGIICTIII CAnDxs CRITESYPTE-APIJTGHHCE. LYLE CIROUSE-COZl6g6 Preparatory-Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 25 C-olf 35 Pub. Rep. 1, 2, 3, 45 HR Pres. 1, 35 Honor Society 3, 4, Pres. 45 A Club 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Operetta 45 Choral Club 45 Band 1, 2, 35 Commencement Speaker 45 Class Exec. Comm. 1, 35 Hoosier Boys State 35 Chr. Convo Comm. 45 Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. CAIIL CRULIBAUGH-T9Ch1liClll-'B8.I'ld 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 35 Drum Major 45 Modern Music Masters 45 Hi-Y 45 Chem. Asst 45 Sr. Dance Comm. 4. WILLIAM STUART CUINIBERLANDYCOIZGQG Preparatory-Torch Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 4, Older Boys Conf. 4: Honor Society 3, 45 Student Mgr. 2, 3, 45 Monitor 25 A Club 2, 3, 45 Sr. Class Play 45 Ir. Rotarian 45 Annual Staff 4, Sports Editor 45 X-Ray 3, Sports Reporter 35 Thespian App. 45 HR Pres. 2, Vice Pres. 35 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Class Exec. Comm. 2, 35 Model U.N. 45 Co-Chr. Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. ROW THREE PATTY JEAN CUNNINGHAM-Business Education-Honor Soci- ety 3, 45 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Monitor 25 HR Sec.-Treas. 25 Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. PAUL IRVING DANCE-Geflefdl-Cll0fill Club 45 Mixed Choir 3. CONNIE FLO DANFOIKTII-COZZBQG PreyumztoryMMonitor 25 Li- brary Asst. 35 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Prom Ticket Comm. 35 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. IRENE DAVIDSON-General-Bible Club 25 Library Asst. 2, 35 Nurse's Asst. 45 Pepooses 1, 2, 35 Prom Flower Comm. 35 Mixed Choir 2, 35 Choralettes 35 Concert Choir 45 Writers Club 3. IADIES VVILLIABI DAX'ISmG61l9T!ll-TfHCk 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 15 Cross Country- 2, 3, 45 Av Club 3, 45 Basketball 1. JUDITH FAYE DAX'IS-GEHZTHZ-MODlf0I 25 Thespian App. 45 Candy Stand 35 Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. ROW ONE RICHARD DEAN--General-Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 1, 2, 35 A Club 45 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Track 2. JOSEPH DEARING-COll6g6 Preparatory-Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Hi-Y 45 Class Exec. Comm. 35 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. lA1ARY DECKER-General-Jr. Red Cross 15 Concert Choir 2, 35 Prom Reg. Comm. 3. CAROLYN DELPH-COll6g6 Preparatory-HR Treas. 15 Bible Club 25 Mixed Choir 35 Latin Club 35 Monitor 2, 35 Class Gift Comm. 4. JANIS DELIING-G67l6TdI-COIlI1S0111'1g Off. Asst. 45 F.T.A. 4. TOMINIY C. DENNxs-General. ROW TWO JAMES D. DESHON-General. ANNA MAE DICKEY-General-Pepooses 2, 35 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Prom Dec. Comm. 3. LEDA SHARRON Discs-General-Honor Society 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, Inter-Club Council Rep. 45 Co-Chr. Prom Dec. Comm 35 Candy Stand 45 X-Ray 3, 4, News Editor 4, Managing Edi- tor 45 Butler Field Day 35 IHSPA Conf. 45 Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. JANE DIXENNEN-GZHZTGZ. DoN DRIEEILL-General. SUZANNE DRIFFILL-HOME Economics-Choral Club 45 Con- cert Choir 2, 35 Library Asst. 35 Operetta 45 Counseling Off. Asst. 4. ROW THREE JACK DRIGGERS-Technical-Jr. Conservation Club 3. KAY ECKEBT-College Preparatory-Pub. Rep. 1, 2, 3, 45 HR Asst. 1, 2, 3, 45 Concert Choir 2, 35 Choral Club 45 Operetta 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 35 Monitor 2, 45 Candy Stand 35 Music Asst. 35 Pepooses 1, 25 Prom Publicity Comm. 35 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. GORDON EDGECOMB-Pre-Apprentice-HR Pres. 2, Vice Pres. 15 Class Exec. Comm. 2, 45 Hi-Y 45 Sr. Hobo Party 4. JAMES EHLE-General-Track 1, 25 Locker Off. Asst. 2, 35 Monitor 35 Sr. Hobo Party 4. VIRGIL ELDRIDGE-Pre-Apprentice. SANDRA SUE ELLIOTT-General-Sr. Hobo Party 4. Homecoming prooeddk the seniors a great bunch? didrft we hav I ROW ONE Roclsn ELLIS-Business Education-Mixed Choir 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. KAY FRANCES EPPLY-College Preparatory-Fut. Retailers 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Monitor 1, 25 Student Council 3, 4, Exec. Council 45 Co-Chr. Prom Chaperon Comm. 35 Library Asst. 25 English Asst. 35 Honor Society 3, 45 Convo Comm. 45 X-Ray 3, 45 Feature Editor 3, Managing Editor 4, Editor-in- Chief 45 Sr.-Frosh Friend 35 Sr. Private Parties Comm. 4. MARK EREHART-College Preparatory-Mixed Choir 35 Sr. Class Play 45 Thespian App. 45 Parking Lot Cadet 35 Sr. Talent Con- vo Comm. 45 An Club 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Head Monitor 25 Hi-Y 3, 4. BARBARA ERLANDSON-GZIIQTCLZ-M1X8d Choir 25 Concert Choir 25 Choral Club 3, 45 Operetta 45 Thespian App. 35 Thespian Society 3, 45 Jr. Red Cross 25 Sr. Class Play 45 F.T.A. 35 Sr. 'Ialent Convo Comm. 4. PAUL ESTER-General-Sr. Hobo Party 4. Izsss ETCHISON-VOCGti0HHl Agriculture-Football 1, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 25 Track 1, 2, 45 AU Club 4. ROWV TWO GLENN EWING-General-Torch Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 45 A Club 3, 45 Football 25 Tennis 1, 2, 45 Wrestling 2, 3, 45 HR Pres. 35 Class Exec. Comm. 4. MAX FAnLoW-General-Choral Club 45 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. IACK E. FARREN-Pre-Apprentice. RICHARD FAUST-College Preparatory-Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 AH Club 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 HR Pres. 4, Vice Pres. 25 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. LADONNA FELZIEN-Business Education-Visual Aids Asst. 35 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 English Asst. 35 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 HR Sec.- Treas. 45 Monitor 2. ROBEIIT FISHER-TB61171116111-B2lSClJB.ll 1, 2, 35 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Exec. Council 45 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Honor Society 3, 45 Torch Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. ROW THREE RoBEnT FLANIGAN-Technical-Football 15 HR Pres. 15 Cross Country 2, 35 Hi-Y 45 Sr. Hobo Party 4. PHILLIP D. FOLEY-College Preparatory-Monitor 1, 25 Class Exec. Comm. 3, 45 HR Pres. 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Co-Chr. Sr. Reg. Comm. 4. Mvnox FoLsoM-General-Torch Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 Inter- Class Act. 4. Smsnnr Fo1isTEn-General-Y-Teens 4. FAYE FORTH-Business Education. BAnBAuA F'ossMEYEn-Home Economics-HR Sec.-Treas. 1, Pres. 35 Dean's Asst. 25 Counseling Off. Asst. 2, 35 Concert Choir 2, 35 Choral Club 45 All State Chorus 45 Thespian App. 45 Bible Club 35 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Operetta 45 Sr. Class Play 45 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. e best float and crown our queen, besidespwihning the game? Roe-En ELLIS . KAY sem MARK enewinr ' sAneAnA eatmosom PAUL asian. Jess arcs-nsow g GLENN swine MAX mztow JACK FARREN RICHARD FAUST S LADONNA FELZIEN ROBERT FISHER , ' PHXLLW S MYRON ,D ,, , SHQRRY , BARBARA 51 PATRUCIA GRANT ' - ' JEKQLDGRAY VVILUAM GRAY PHYLUS GREEN RUTH ANN GRSFHN GEORGE GROFF C Highlighting Choral Club's musical gear was the presen ROW ONE DONALD E. FRY-General. ROBERT FUEAN-College Preparatory-La Crosse, Wis. 1, 2. CONNIE Lou GENTIKY-BUSiH6SS Education-Monitor 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, Pepooses 2, HR Vice Pres. 2, Sec.-Treas. 4, Sr. Hobo Party 4. MAIRGIE KAY GEORGE-Home Economics-Honor Society 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2, HR Pres. 2, Co-Chr. Prom Flower Comm. 3, English Asst. 3, Monitor 2, 3, Class Exec. Comm. 1, 2, 4, Head Monitor 4, Class Gift Comm. 4. JUDITH JEAN GIBSON-BUSiH6SS Education-Thespian App. 3, Fut. Retailers 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Sr. Hobo Party 4. ANNE GILLASPY-C0llBg6 Preparatory-Honor Socicty 3, 4, Y- Teens 3, Class Gift Comm. 4. ROW TWO I LOIS GILPIN-College Preparatory-Nurse's Asst. 2, 3, 4, Y- Teens 3, 4, Treas. 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Prom Chaperon Comm. 3, Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. MONA GIIKTON-GEHGTUZ. SHIRLEY GLAZEBROOKS-Genefal-M1X6d Choir 1, Teenettes 1, 2, 3, 4. JANET LEE GooDwIN-Business Education-Pepooses 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 3. RAIXIONA JEAN GIIADDY-Business Education-Student Council 1, HR Pres. 2, Class Exec. Comm. 2, Monitor 4, Thespian App. 4, Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. DONALD GoAcIIEufCollege Preparatory-Choral Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Madrigal 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Chr. Prom Band Comm. 3, Operetta 2, 4, Locker Off. Asst. 4, Monitor 1, 2, All State Chorus 3, 4, I.U. Music Clinic 1, 2, 3, Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. ROW THREE PATRICIA ANN GIxAN'r-Business Education-Pepooses 2. JEROLD GRAY-C0ll8g8 Preparatory-Torch Club 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 3, Student Council 1, 2, Football 1. WILLIAM IABTES GRAY-College Preparatory-Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, An Club 3, 4, Monitor 2, Prom Favor Comm. 3, Parking Lot Cadet 4, Sr. Reg. Comm. 4. PHYLLIS ANN GuEEN-College Preparatory-Mixed Choir 2, Choral Club 3, 4, All State Chorus 4, Operetta 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 1, Thespian App. 1, 2, 4, Sr. Class Play 4, English Asst. 3, Library Asst. 2, Monitor 2, Prom Band Comm. 3, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Act. Co- Editor 4, Pepooses 1, Pub. Rep. 1, 2, 3, 4, County Festival 2, 3, 4, Rep. Ind. Student Leg. 4, Model U.N. 4, Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. RUTH ANN GRIFFIN-General-HR Pres. 1, Vice Pres. 4, Dean's Asst. 2, 3. GEORGE GROEE-Vocational Agriculture. ta WANDA GROSS CAROLYN GROW ' FREDERKIK GUEMIRE MARY JANE GUSTIN WAYNE' GUYOT , KAY GWYNN BRUCE HAKPS HELEN HALL PEGGY ANN HANSKBN 905150 sqogusqjpgg 3 guy g-g,s,gL55g 5535552 gimp RICHARD HARPER ' RCZNALD HARQLSON JANET HARTLEY YFRRY HASTY MARGARETHATHCGAT - NGRMAN HATHCOAT the Fortune Teller with its gay songs and colorful scenes ROW ONE VVANDA VlCltNl'ZI.L GIKOSS-GEYIGTIIIYHR Vice Pres. 15 Concert Choir 2, 35 Mixed Choir 35 Choral Club 45 Bible Club 1, 25 Thespiun App. 45 Operetta 45 Music Asst. 35 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. CAROLYN GROW-General. FREDERICK L. GULLII1iE-G67lETlll. MARY JANE GUSTIN-Home Economics-HR Pres. 1, Sec.-Treas. 45 Class Exec. Comm. 15 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 1, 25 Dean's Asst. 1, 25 Counseling Off. Asst. 25 Head Monitor 35 Hoosier Girls State 35 Co-Chr. Prom Chaperon Comm. 35 Bus. Ed. Asst. 15 DAR Award 45 Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. WAYNE GUYOT-General. MARILYN KAY GWYNN-General-Cheerleader 3, 45 Pep Sessions Comm. 3, 45 Pepooses 35 Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. ROW TWO BRUCE HAKES-COZZGQZ Preparatory-Cranbrook, Mich. 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 Wrestling 2, 3, 45 Thespian App. 45 Prom Chaperon Comm. 35 Jr. Red Cross 45 Monitor 45 Sr. Hobo Party 4. HELEN HALL-General-Student Council 1, 25 G.A.A. 1, 25 Prom Theme Comm. 35 Prom. Dec. Comm. 35 English Asst. 35 Class Exec. Comm. 35 Monitor 4. PEGGY ANN HANsoNAGenerul-Rushville HS 35 Y-Teens 1, 25 Jr. Red Cross 15 Sr. Reg. Comm. 4. ROGER HARDACRE-Gelleflll-TOICh Club 25 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 3, 45 AU Club 3, 45 Monitor 35 Prom Publicity Comm. 35 Model U.N. 4. BILLY HARLESS-GEHGTIIZ-BHSk6tball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 15 Baseball 15 AU Club 2, 3, 45 HR Pres. 15 Class Exec. Comm. 15 Head Monitor 45 Sr. Hobo Party 4. JOYCE HARP-General-HR Sec. 15 Student Council 2, 35 Coun- seling Off. Asst. 25 Bus. Ed. Asst. 3, 45 Dean,s Asst. 45 Honor Society 4. ROW THREE RICHARD HARPER-T6Cl1l1lCUlAT0fCh Club 15 Football 15 Wlrcst- ling 1, 2, 35 Honor Society 3, 4. RONALD DEAN HA1i1iISONfG6H6TUl-Pub. Rep. 15 HR Vice Pres. 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Prom Publicity Comm. 3. JANET HARTLEY-Business Education-Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. 'PERRY HASTY-General. MARGARET HATHCOA1'-GBHZTUZ-MOH1tOI 25 Y-Teens 25 Bus. Ed. Asst. 3, 45 Trades 6: Industry Asst. 45 Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. NOIILIAN HATHCOAT-G61leTUl-Walliuf Ridge, Ark. 1, 2, 3. ROW ONE ROBERT HAVEN-General-Monitor 2, 35 Torch Club 25 Hi-Y 45 Prom Publicity Comm. 35 X-Ray 3, 4, Sports Editor 45 Pub. Rep. 3, 45 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. FAYE ELIZABETH HAWKINS-Business Education-Fut. Retailers 3, 45 Monitor 25 Pepooses 25 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 45 English Asst. 4. MAX C. HAYDEN-Pre-Apprentice-Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 4. SHIRLEY HELLEMS-Business Education. CHARLES I. HENRY-College Preparatory-Torch Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 Monitor 2, 35 Co-Chr. Prom Theme Comm. 35 Honor Society 3, 45 Annual Staff 4, Bus. Mgr. 45 Science Club 35 Pub. Rep. 25 Prom Band Comm. 35 Head Monitor 45 Model U.N. 45 Sr. Luncheon Comm. 4. , SHIRLEY HIcxERsoN-Business Education-Honor Society 3, 45 HR Sec. 2, 3, 45 Sr. Reg. Comm. 45 Athletic Off. Asst. 2, 3. ROW TWO JERRY HIGGINBoTIIAM-General-Basketball 15 Golf 1, 3, 45 Visual Aids Asst. 25 Sr. Reg. Comm. 4. ARNOLD L. HIGGINs-Pre-Apprentice-Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. SANDRA HIGHBAUGH-Business Education-Mixed Choir 15 Con- cert Choir 25 Choral Club 3, 45 Madrigal 45 Operetta 45 Class Vice Pres. 35 Class Exec. Comm. 35 Library Asst. 25 Monitor 25 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Class Exec. Comm. 4. FERNDALE HOLLIBIAN-GEUETHZ. SUSIE HOI.LINGSWOIlTHMC0ll6gZ Preparatory- Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 F.T.A. 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 ,45 Latin Asst. 2, 35 Prom. Reg. Comm. 35 Latin Club 3, 45 Library Asst. 1, 25 Mod- em Music Masters 4, Sec. 45 Model U.N. 45 Sr. Luncheon Comm. 4. RICHARD HOPE-Pre-Apprentice. MARY HOPFNEII-COIIEQG Preparatory--Monitor 15 Counseling Off. Asst. 2, 3, 45 Latin Asst. 2, 35 Latin Club 3, 45 F.T.A. 3, 45 Hoosier Girls State 35 Honor Society 3, 45 Prom Chaperon Comm. 35 Pepooses 25 Model U.N. 45 Sr. Luncheon Comm. 4. JERRY LEE HOPPES-General-Hi-Y 3, 4. Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Sr. Class Play 45 Prom Dec.Comm. 35 Pepooses 15 Athletic Off. Asst. 35 Candy Stand 45 HR Vice Pres. 25 Honor Society 45 Thespian App. 45 Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. MARION HISER-BUSiH6SS Education-Lapel HS 2, 35 G.A.A. 1. IANICE HOARD-College Preparatory-Ir. Red Cross 15 Pepooses 15 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Sessions Comm. 45 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. ELVASUE HoDsoN-Business Education-Honor Society-3, 45 Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 HS Off. Asst. 2, 3, 45 Class Exec. Comm. 45 Co-Chr. Class Gift Comm. 4. ROW THREE DONALD IIOFFINKAN-VOCt1ti011lll Agriculture-HR Pres. 45 F.F.A. Indian Room celebr ated first anniversary by hea ' ROBERT HAVEN PAYE HAWKINS ,MAX HAYDEN S SHIRLEY HELLEMS CHARLES HENRY SHIRLEY HICKERSON d I ROW ONE ROBERT HOHNER-General-Torch Club 25 Hi-Y 45 Prom Ticket Comm. 3. DONALD KEITH HOSIER-Pre-Apprentice. JANET HOWARD-Business Education-Thespian App. 1, 25 Thcspian Society 3, 4, Vice Pres. 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Choir 1, 25 Choral Club 45 Library Asst. 25 Ir. Red Cross 1, 2, 35 Concert Choir 35 Operetta 45 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Sr. Class Play 45 Athletic Off. Asst. 35 HR Treas 45 Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. NORMAN HOWARD-Pre-Apprentice-Football 2, 35 Wrestling 2, 35 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Parking Lot Cadet 45 HR Vice Pres. 3, 45 Candy Stand 45 Hi-Y 45 Head Monitor 45 Co-Chr. Sr. Break- fast Comm. 4. IACK C. HUEEMAN-General-Torch Club 15 Football 1, 25 Track 1, 25 Visual Aids Asst. 25 Dean's Asst. 3. DONALD HUGHES-General-Ushers Club 2, 3. ROW TWO EMILY ANN HULL-C0ll6g6 Preparatory-Pepooses 1, 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 X-Ray 4, Asst. News Editor 45 Sr. Dance Comm. 4. NEWELL M. HULL-VOCUti0nUl Agriculture-F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. DouoTHY L. HUNT-Business Education. HALFOIKD HUNT-General-Sr. Hobo Party 4. KENNETH HAROLD HUNT-General-Football 1, 2, 3 ,45 Track 1, 25 AU Club 3, 45 Fut. Retailers 3. NANCY l'1UliST-GZHGTUI-HOHOI Society 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 45 X- Ray 3, 4, News Editor 4, Asst. News Editor 45 HR Sec. 35 IHSPA Conf. 45 Monitor 35 Sr. Breakfast Comm. 4. HOW THREE VIRGINIA HUIIST-Business Education-Sr. Reg. Comm. 45 Y- Teens 1, 4. JANET L. IMEL-General-Pepooses 15 Monitor 35 Prom Dec. Comm. 3. WILLIAM H. JACKSON-G61l6Tdl-WI6Stl1Hg 15 Track 15 Torch Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 4, Older Boys Conf. 45 Library Asst. 25 Mix- ed Choir 35 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4, Exec. Council 2, 3, 45 Dcan's Asst. 45 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. NORDIA jo IANNEY-General-Pepooses 1, 25 Y-Teens 3, 45 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Convo Comm. 35 Majorette 45 Choralettes 35 Concert Choir 45 Choral Club 45 Monitor 2, 35 Mixed Choir 4. SHIRLEY KAY JARRETT-General-X-Ray Typist 45 Nu.rse's Asst. 3. JAMES JEFFIIIES-GCHETHZ. fest to secure Kemosabag,,' authentic wooden Indian U 5, ROBERT HORNER DONALD HOSIER JANET HOWARD NORMAN HOWARD JACK HUFFMAN , comin Huey-Ugg , VlRGlNiA HURST JANET IMEL WKLIAMJACKSCN5 V NORMA JANNEY SHIRLEY JARRETT I i - JAMES JSF-F3155 A, -I I , . . it 5. Q -:MAL 'L' f ' C CARYL JENNESS NORMAN JOHNSON PAUL JOHNSON MARY ALICE JONES MARY FAITH JONES ' NORMAN JONES LARRY KELLY IERACIEKELLY SANDRA KEMP BILLY JONES DENNIS JONES LARRY JONES - RONALD WILLIAMJOYCEV . NANCY KEITH V 5 LARRY KILGORE , IUCIILE KIMM I ROBERT KIRBY The and Gireen returned as seniors donna HOW ONE CARYL IENNESS-General-Bible Club 3. NORMAN IoHNsoN-Business Education-Wrestling 1, 25 Ir. Conservation Club 35 Student Council 35 Muitor 25 Class Exec. Comm. 4. PAUL R. JOHNSON-Pre-Apprentice-B'vid 3, 45 Radio Tech. Club 25 Monitor 25 Ir. Conservation Club 35 Bible Club 2, 3. BILLY IONEs-Technical-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 A Club 3, 45 Ir. Red Cross 35 Sr. Hobo Party 4. DENNIS P. IoNEs-Technical-Monitor 2, 3, 45 Head Monitor 45 Torch Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 35 Science Club 25 Pub. Rep. 2, 3, 45 Radio Tech. Club 25 Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. LARRY L. JONES-Business Education-HR Pres. 1, 2, 45 Ir. Conservation Club 35 Class Pres. 1, 25 Monitor 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Torch Club 1, 25 Class Exec. Comm. 1, 2, 45 Rep. Ind. Student Leg. 45 Student Council 1, 2, Exec. Council 1, 25 Co- Chr. Sr. Picnic Comm. 45 Model U. N. 4. ROW TWO NIARY ALICE JONES-H0m6 Economics-Teenettes 1, 2, 3. MARY FAITH JONES-General. ' JALIES NORINIAN IoNEs-General-Student Council 15 Honor Study Hall Monitor 35 Hi-Y 45 Thespian App. 45 Sr. Class Play 45 Fut. Retailers 3, 45 Ramblers Club 25 Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. RONALD IoNEs-General. VVILLIAB1 IOYCE-College Preparatory-Monitor 4. NANCY KEITH-Business Education-Bus. Ed. Asst. 2, 3, 45 Writers Club 25 Library Asst. 35 Monitor 4. ROW THREE LARRY LEE KELLEY-GEHGTGZ-CIOSS Country 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 A Club 3, 45 Torch Club 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 Visual Aids Asst. 35 Prom Queen Comm. 35 Sr. Hobo Party 4. GRACIE MAE KELLY'-B1lSi7l6SS Education-Bible Club 1, 2, 35 English Asst. 3. SANDRA LEE KEMP-College Preparatory-Thespian App. 35 Thespian Society 3, 4, Treas. 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Inter-Club Council Rep. 35 Honor Society 3, 4, Treas. 45 F.T.A. 3, 4, Vice Pres. 45 HR Sec.-Treas. 25 Pub. Rep. 15 Miniwanca Council 35 HS Off. Asst. 2, 3, 45 Chr. Prom Ticket Comm. 35 Co-Chr. Class Gift Comm. 45 Annual Staff 4, Sr. Section Co-Editor 45 I. U. Ioumalism Institute 35 IHSPA Conf. 45 Thespian Conf. 45 Sr.- Frosh Friend 45 Sr. Class Play 45 Model U.N. 4. LARRY KILGORE-General-HR Pres. 15 Track 15 Parking Lot Cadet 45 Fut. Retailers 3, 45 Sr. Hobo Party 4. LUCILLE KIMM-General-Student Council 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 45 Pepooses 1, 25 Monitor 35 Typing Asst. 45 Sr. Dance Comm. 4. ROBERT E. KIREY-Pre-Apprentice-Parking Lot Cadet 3, 4. WILUAM KIRKPATNCK LEE KNIGHT I DAVIDKNOTTS Juom-I morrs . vuvwv KOLENDA J l 'RONALD names' h .,, . ,,,.,,... Wi. Q-..--LY., nee length socks, painted slelrts, overalls and sailor hats ROW ONE VVILLIABI E. KIRKPATRICK-BUSiI1eSS Education-Monitor 35 HR Vice Pres. 45 Fut. Retailers 3, 4. LEE KNIGHT C0ll6g6 Preparatory-St. Agnes Academy 1, 25 F.T.A. 35 Prom Band Comm. 35 X-Ray 4, Asst. Feature Editor 45 English Asst. 35 Little Chief 4, Co-Editor 45 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. DAVID KNOTTS-General-Fut. Retailers 3, 45 Locker Off. Asst. 2, 35 Monitor 3, 45 Inter-Class Act. 4. JUDITH ANNE KNOTTS-General-Prom Queen Attendant 35 Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, Treas. 1, Cabinet 15 Thespian App. 1, 25 Lib- rary Asst. 1, 25 Counseling Off. Asst. 25 Monitor 2, 35 Ir. Red Cross 1, 2, 35 Prom Ticket Comm 35 Pepooses 15 Miniwanca Council 2, 35 Annual Staff 4, Act. Co-Editor 45 Model U. N. 45 Sr. Hobo Party 4. V IVIAN THERESA KOLENIJA-BllSlll8SS Education-Y-Teens 2. RONALD KUNCE-College Preparatory-Torch Club 1, 25 Mon- itor 35 Parking Lot Cadet 3, 45 Class Exec. Comm. 3, 45 HR Vice Pres. 15 Bible Club 2, 35 Sr. Dance Comm. 4. ROW TWO BEVERLY KURTZ-General-Monitor 1. MICHAEL KURTZ-General-Sr. Hobo Party 4. ROBEHTA LAKEY-General-Ir. Red Cross 1, 2, 35 Phys. Ed. Asst. 2, 3, 45 HR Sec. 4. BEVERLY SUE LASWELL-BUSf7lESS Education-Thespian App. 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. ESTELLA MAE LAYTON-GEHGTHZ-PBPOOSBS 3. DALE LECHLITNER-VOCllt'l07lUl Agriculture-F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 Wrestling 25 Track 1, 2, 3. ROW THREE PHILLIP A. LEX'I-G61l6T!llWCfOSS Country 1, 25 Track 1, 25 HR Vice Pres. 35 Pub. Rep. 45 Sr. Hobo Party 4. DOROTHY LIFFORD'B1LSi7lKSS Education-X-Ray 3, Reporter 35 Y-Teens 2, 35 F.T.A. 45 Class Gift Comm. 4. BETTE SUE LINE-GZHZTIIZ-WIlt6IS Club 35 Y-Teens 45 HR Pres. 35 Candy Stand 35 Monitor 45 Honor Society 45 Sr. Private Parties Comm. 45 Annual Staff 4, Art Co-Editor 4. JOHN ROBERT LYONS-G67l8TUl. VVILLIALI MICHAEL LYONS-Business Education. MARY JANE MCCONNELL-Business Education-Sr. Dance Comm. 4. 5 4. ROW ONE MARY KAY MCCULLOUGH-General-Indian Maiden 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 1, Prom Queen Attendant 3, HR Scc.-Treas 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Sessions Comm. 4, Library Asst. 2, 3, Monitor 2, 3, Dean's Asst. 3, 4, Prom Ticket Comm. 3, Loan Ass'n. Essay Winner 4, Annual Staff 4, Faculty Editor 4, Little Chief 4, Co-Editor 4, F.T.A. 4, Sec. 4, Sr. Hobo Party 4. JUDITH ANN MCDANIEL-General-Library Asst. 3. MILDRED KATHIXYN MCFALL-Home Economics-Sr. Dinner Comm. 4, Y-Teens 4. DANA MARILYN MCGILL-Business Education-Sr. Hobo Party 4. RICHARD EUGENE MCGUIRE-General-Sr. Private Parties Comm. 4. LLYOD MCKAY-Business Education-Fut. Retailers 3, 4, Pres. 4, Torch Club 1, 2, Class Exec. Comm. 4, Co-Chr. Sr. Private Parties Comm. 4, HR Pres 4. ROW TWO ELIZABETH MCKEAND-General. BERTI-IA MAIKIE MCMAHAN-GBTIETUZ-T1Ck6t Off. Asst. 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4. RUTH ALICE MCMILLAN-GBHBTHZ-HR Pres. 2, 3, Vice Pres. 1, Class Exec. Comm. 2, 3, Mixed Choir 3, X-Ray 3, 4, Bus. Mgr. 3, Head Proofreader 4, Prom Chaperon Comm. 3, Library Asst. 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, Sr. Dance Comm. 4. DONALD IACK MCNEAL-BUSi7l6SS Education-Fut. Retailers 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3. GERALD MAAs-General-lndianapolis Tech HS 1, 2, 3, Sr. Ho- bo Party 4. BARBAIIA MAY MABBITT-GGHETIII-PBPOOSCS 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Concert Choir 3, Sr. Hobo Party 4, Thespian App. 4. ROW THREE MACEL LOIKIIAINE 1V1ABBITT-Bl1Si1l6SS Education-Candy Stand 2, Y-Teens 2, 3, Prom Refr. Comm. 3, Monitor 2, 3. MILFOIKD MARSH-General-Torch Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Cross Country 1, Inter-Class Act. 4. THOMAS H. MARTIN-General-Track 2, Mixed Choir 2, Moni- tor 2, 3, 4, Choral Club 3, 4, Operetta 4, All State Cho1'us 3. IUDITH JANE MASON-General-Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Instrument- al Sextet 4, Thespian App. 1, 2, Thcspian Society 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Choir 3, Student Council 4. SALi lV1ATTHEWS-COll8ge Preparatory-Monitor 1, Honor So- ciety 3, 4, HR Sec.-Treas. 1, 3, 4, Sr. Reg. Comm. 4, Tennis 4. RICHARD MAYNAIKD-C0llBg9 Preparatory-Honor Society 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, HR Vice Pres. 1, A Club 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Foot- ball 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Nat. Athletic Scholarship Ass'n. 3, 4, Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. In between a flurry of notes, the Model U.N. ma. A KAYMCCULLOUGH ' JUDIIH bl4cDANlEL MILDRED MCFALL 'MARILYN McGlLL H RICHARD Meeume LLOYD MCKAY QC ROW ONE MAIKIE MELZER-GZHGTGZ-JT. Red Cross 1, Concert Choir 3, Bible Club 1, 2, Monitor 2, 3, Candy Stand 4. BEVERLY SUE MILLER-GZHGTUZ-PIOHI Reg. Comm. 3, Y-Teens 3, Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. NATHAN MILLER-General. GARY MILLS-COZleg8 Preparatory-HR Pres. 1, Honor Society 3, 4, A Club 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Cross Country 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Hoosier Boys State 3, Nat. Athletic Scholarship Ass'n. 3, 4, Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. STANLEY MILLS-Technical-Camera Club 1, 2, 3, Pub. Pho- tographer 2, 3, 4. REBECCA MINIX-General-Littlefield, Texas 1, 2, Band 3, Orchestra 3. ROW TWO RAY MINToN-Pre-Apprentice-Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Track 1, A Club 2, 3, 4, HR Pres. 3. DAVID MITCHELL-Genefal. MARILYN MITCHELL-Business Education-Fut. Retailers 3, 4. BARBARA MooRE-College Preparatory-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Council 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Y-Teens 3, Monitor 2, Phys Ed. Asst. 2, 3, 4, Pub. Rep. 4, Inter-Class Act. 4. NORMA JEAN MOORE-COll6g6 Preparatory-G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Council 1, 2, 4, Sec. 2, Vice Pres. 4, Y'Teens 3, 4, HR Vice Pres. 3, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Honor Society 3, 4, English Asst. 2, Phys Ed. Asst. 4, Inter-Class Act. 4. PATTY Moome-Business Education-Honor Society 3, 4, Inter- Class Act. 4. ROW THREE LYNN MORFO1iDM'GZ116TClZ-Sf. Hobo Party 4. RUTH ANN MOIIGAN-GEHZTZIZ-COHCCft Choir 4, Teenettes 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. GERALDINE NIOSKNVINSKI-BUSTIICSS Education-Monitor 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 4, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Fut. Retailers 3, 4, Exec. Comm. 4, State Conv. 3, Nat. Conv. 3, Student Council 4, Exec. Council 4, Co-Chr. Private Parties Comm. 4, Sr.-Frosh Friend 4, Model U.N. 4. SANDRA MUMAW-GBHZTGZ-SI. Picnic Comm. 4. THOINIAS MUIIDOCK-Pre-Apprentice. DELBEHTA MYERS-General-Prom. Dec. Comm. 3, Band 3, 4, Orchestra 3, Mixed Choir 4, Sr. Hobo Party 4, Sr. Talent Con- vo Comm. 4. isions on major issues under its AHS president ' f.,.f -. - 'PATSY PATTON nom veox erm:-J PERDUE FRANCES PERRY CHARLES PETRY JPANNETTE PETRY ga it nor 44, Fabien Seuitzky and the Indianapolis Symphony furnishf ROW ONE DONALD MYERS-Pre-Apprentice-Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, A Club 3, 4, HR Pres. 2, 3, 4, Class Exec. Comm. 2, 3, 4. MARY ANN NEELYfGeneraZ-Student Council 1, Y-Teens 1. XVILLIAINI NEEDLER-College Preparatory-Student Council 1, 2, 3, Ir. Conservation Club 2, 3. FRANK E. NEWBIAN-COll6g6 Preparatory-Choral Club 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Football 1, 2, VVrestling 2, 3, All State Chorus 3, 4, All State Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Student Mgr. 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Modern Music Masters 4, Pres. 4, Sr. Hobo Party 4. GWVYNN A. NEYVTON-PT?-A1919767lfiCGAT0fCh Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, Pub. Photographer 2, 3, 4. CHARLOTTE NicHOLs-General-Pepooses 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Choir 3, Music Asst. 4, Class Gift Comm. 4. ROW TVVO JAMES OHL1-:R-College Preparatory-Baseball 1, Hi-Y 4, Moni- tor 3, Inter-Class Act. 4. SHIRLEY OWEN-General-HR Treas. 3, Student Council 3, Pepooses 2. ALEXANDRA PAKES-GEHETUZ-JT. Red Cross 1, Y-Teens 2, Monitor 2, Majorette 4, Sr. Breakfast Comm. 4. ANGELINE PANCOL-General-Thespian App. 4, Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, F. T. A. 4, Sr. Hobo Party 4. JOANNE PARKER-Business Education-jr. Red Cross 2, Y-Teens 2, Monitor 3, Dean's Asst. 2, Pepooses 1, Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. BRUCE EARL PAHTNER-College Preparatory-Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4, Torch Club 1, 2, Hoosier Boys State 3, Prom Queen Comm. 3, Chr. Honor Study Hall Comm. 3, Honor Society 3, 4, HR Sec.-Trcas. 1, Monitor 3, 4, Head Monitor 4, Model U.N. 4, Pres. 4, Jr. Rotarian 4, S1'. Luncheon Comm. 4. ROW THREE PATSY IHENE PATTON-General-Monitor 1, Sr. Reg. Comm. 4. DON VVILLIAAI PECK-College Preparat0ryATorch Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Operetta 4, Choral Club 3, 4, Mixed Choir 2, Thes- pian App. 4, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, HR Pres. 1, 3, Class Exec. Comm. 3, Co-Chr. Sr. Dance Comm. 4. RAYMOND GLENN PERDUE-General-Torch Club 1, 2, Vice Pres. 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, HR Vice Pres. 3, Co-Chr. Inter-Class Act. 4, Prom Place Comm. 3, Science Club 2, X-Ray 3, 4, Sports Editor 4, Dean's Asst. 2, 3. FRANCES PERRY-Business Education-Pepooses 1, 2. CHARLES PETRY-College Preparatory-Torch Club 2, Choral 2,v3, 4, Bible Club 2, Monitor 2, Operetta 4. JEANNETTE PETRY-College Preparatory-HR Vice Pres. 3, 4, Sec. 2, Y-Teens 3, Prom Entertainment Comm. 3, Monitor 1, Sr. Hobo Party 4. if S ff 1 w , , .- ff 2' . PATRECIA PHEANB JOHN PHMJPS ' RITA PLOVICK cmzotvw PRESTON ' sos PRNCHARD CHARLES pgycg UUNALU I-'Uk-.-H JOHN PURDY JERALCI Fussen ' :roam PURSLEY 'I it SANDRA ounw 'JACK MGER VIRGNSA RALSTQN JOHN RAD? FRED REAGYN , ,. Lf f' MAURKZE REED ' SHIRLEX REED MYRTLE RUST iuith a legal excuse for skipping afternoon classes 4 5 ROW ONE PATIIIOIA ANN PHEANIS-CUll6g6 Preparatory-Pepooses 1, 25 Thespian App. 2, 3, 45 Chr. Prom Entertainment Comm. 35 Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. l, Cabinet 1, 45 Class Sec. 25 Student Council 2, Exec. Council 25 Class Exec. Comm. 25 Commence- ment Speaker 45 Hoosier Girls State 35 American Legion Ora- torical Contest Winner 45 Sr. Hobo Party 4. JOHN PHILLIPS-G6116THl-MOHltOf 3, 45 Head Monitor 4. ' RITA PLOVICK-C0ll6g8 Preparatory-Choral Club 45 Operetta 45 Concert Choir 2,35 Y-Teens 2, 35 Prom Ticket Comm. 35 Pub. Rep. 3, 45 Library Asst. 2, 3, 45 Candy Stand 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 35 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. CAnOLYN PRESTON-College Preparatory-Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Prom Entertainment Comm. 35 Monitor 1, 45 Bible Club 35 HR Vice P1'es. 2, Sec.-Treas. 35 Phys Ed. Asst. 25 Music Asst. 35 Sr. Reg. Comm. 4. Bon V. P11IrCHARD-Pre-Apprentice-Torch Club 25 Student Council 15 HR Pres. 15 Pub. Rep. 15 Prom Entertainment Comm. 35 Track 15 Sr. Dance Comm. 4. CHARLIES LEE PRYon4Geneml-Football 15 Track 1. ROW TWO . V DONALD PUGH-General-Track 1, 25 Jr. Conservation Club 1, 2, 35 Torch Club 25 Hi-Y 3. JOHN RIARVIN PURDY-General-Basketball 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Av Club 3, 45 Football 15 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. JERALD PUHKEY-Pre-Apprentice. ROBERT .PUIISLEY-Pre-Apprentice-Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. SANDRA QUINN-GGIICTUZ. JACK RAGEII-GZIIGTUZ-HR Pres. 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Exec. Comm. 1, 2, 3, 45 Choral 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 Track 15 Cross Country 15 Operetta 2, 45 Thespian App. 25 Thespian Society 45 Sr. Break- fast Comm. 45 Modern Music Masters 4. ROW THREE VIRGINIA RALSTON-Business Educz1tioF '15 HR Sec. 35 Honor Society 35 English Asst. 3, 45 Prom Publicity Comm. 35 Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. JOHN RAUP-G6Il67'!llfJ1'. Conservation Club 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Torch Club 1, 25 Thespian App. 45 Prom Entertainment Comm. 35 Model U. N. 45 Class Exec. Comm. 45 Monitor 3, 45 Sr. Luncheon Comm. 4. FRED REAOIN-General-Track 1. NTAURICE WAYNE REED-PTE-AppTE11fiC6-TOICh Club 15 Sr. Pic- nic Comm. 4. SHIRLEY ANN REED-Home Economics-Bible Club 1, 2, 35 Jr. Red Cross 1, 25 Choralettes 3. MYRTLE REIST-Home Economics. ROW ONE LARRY RETHEREORD-College Preparatory-HR Pres. 25 Class Exec. Comm. 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Torch Club 25 Conservation Club 1, 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. 35 Pep Sessions Comm. 45 Thespian App. 45 Prom Place Comm. 35 Sr. Class Play 45 Mixed Choir 35 Model U. N. 45 Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 45 NORBIAN REVEAL-Pre-Apprentice. JEROBIE KENT RHCJDPLS-GETIG1'lllfN10Il1f0f 2, 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Older Boys Conf. 35 Prom Reg. Comm. 35 Class Exec. Comm. 1, 2, 35 Pep Sessions Comm. 35 HR Pres. 1, 25 Wrestling 2, 35 Sr. Tal- ent Convo Comm. 4. GEOIKGIE JEAN RICEHG6Il6Tlll-M0IgHD Twp. School 1, 25 X- Ray Typist 45 F.T.A. 45 Class Gift Comm. 4. SAUNDRA RICH-General-Monitor 35 Y-Teens 4. SHIRLEY ANN RICH-Business Education-Sr. Hobo Party 45 Y- 'Teens 1, 4. ROW TWO JANET LOUISE RICHARDSON-B1ISi116SS Education-Honor Society 3, 45 Y-Teens 15 X-Ray 3, Reporter 35 Co-Chr. Prom Publicity Comm. 35 English Asst. 3, 45 Monitor 1, 2, 35 Jr. Red Cross 25 Student Council 25 Class Gift Comm. 4. SARAH LYNN RIDER-'BUSfl16SS Education-Jr. Red Cross 35 Y- Teens 1, 45 English Asst. 35 Candy Stand 2, 3, 45 Pepooses 25 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. JOHN RIDGEWAY-General. PAUL SICHWOND RIFGS-G61l61'1:l-'I01111 Club 1, 25 Jr. Conserva- tion Club 1, 2, Sgt.-At-Arms 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 Fut. Retailers 3, 45 Dean's Asst. 2, 3, 45 Monitor 35 Football 15 Wrestling 15 Model U. N. 3, 45 Sr. Breakfast Comm. 4. DAVID ROACH-General. MAXINE Ross-College Preparatory-Honor Society 3, 4, Sec.45 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Thespian App. 1, 25 Thespian Society 3, 4, 'l'reas. 45 Thespian Conf. 45 Mixed Choir 25 Country Festival 1, 25 Class Play Selection Comm. 45 Convo Comm. 45 Sr. Class Play 45 HR Vice Pres. 1, 2, 3, Sec. 45 X-Ray 4, Reporter 45 An- nual Staff 4, Act. Co-Editor 45 English Asst. 45 Monitor 1, 2, 35 Co-Chr. Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 45 Sr.-Frosh Friend 45 IHSPA Conf. 45 Model U. N. 4. ROW THREE ELINOR Ross1N-College Preparatory-Honor Society 3, 45 Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 1, 2, 35 Thespian App. 25 Thespian Society 3, 45 Mixed Choir 25 Country Festival 1, 25 Annual Staff 4, Underclassman Co-Editor 45 Co-Chr. Sr. Dance Comm. 45 IHSPA Conf. 45 Sr. Class Play 45 Monitor 1, 2, 3, 45 English Asst. 3, 45 Pepooses 1, 25 Model U. N. 45 Sr.-Frosh Friend 4. DEBOIKAII ROTRUCK-College Preparatory-Honor Society 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, Cabinet 45 F.T.A. 35 Thespian App. 35 Concert Choir 25 Choral Club 3, 45 Latin Club 35 Operetta 45 County Festival 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 15 Hoosier Girls State 35 Counseling Off. Asst. 2, 35 Annual Typist 45 Latin Asst. 2, 35 Co-Chr. Inter- Class Act. 45 Sr.-Frosh Friend 45 Model U.N. 45 Thespian Society 4. VVESLEY RoUsE-General-Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Choral Cliiw 45 Operetta 4. VFEDDY RowE-General-Hi-Y 3, 4. NIARIETTA RUTH-General-Monitor 35 Y-Teens 35 Fui, Re- tailers 3, 45 Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. PHILLIP SAMPLE-Pre-Apprentice. Senior Dmmotics Class opened the Stage Door U 1 EUNOR ROSSIN DEBORAH ROTQUCK WESLEY RQUSE M...-. .-. . TED ROWE MARIETYA RUTH PHILUP SAMPLE - i. L .. - ....... ..........r-,A ROW ONE PATRICIA SANDEIIS-Genefal. JERRY B. SANDIEER-General-Football 1, 2, Class Vice Pres. 1, Wrestling 1, Torch Club 1, 2, Pres. 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Choral Club 2, 3, 4, Madrigal 3, 4, Co-Chr. Prom Grand March Comm. 3, All State Chorus 3, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Librarian 3, Exec. Council 3, Monitor 2, 3, Head Monitor 3, Operetta 2, 4, Sr. Dance Comm. 4. BETTY LEE SARGENT-COZlEg6 Preparatory-Monitor 1, 2, 3, Library Asst. 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, Thespian App. 2, Thespian Society 2, 3, 4, Hoosier Girls State 3, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Sr. Class Play 4, Mixed Choir 2, Concert Choir 3, Sr. Dance Comm. 4. LOHETTA JEAN SCIIARNOYVSKE-B1lSSi7l6SS Education-Y-Teens 3, 4, Sec. 4, HR Sec. 2, Monitor 1, 3, 4, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Fall Wind-Up Queen 4, Sr. Dance Comm. 4. JOAN SCHATTNER-BUS'iH6SS Education-Bible Club 2, 3, 4, Counseling Off. Asst. 3, Monitor 1, 2, Class Gift Comm. 4. RICHARD SCHATTNEII-G81'leTUl-TI'3Ck 1, Football 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Jr. Conservation Club 3, Pub. Rep. 3, Candy Stand 3, Prom Reg. Comm. 3, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Inter-Class Act. 4. ROW TWO LINDA LOUISE SCHELL-Business Education-Jr. Red Cross 2. JOAN SCHLIID1'-HOTHZ Economics-Library Asst. 3, Monitor 3. CAIIOLYN SCHOFIELD-College Preparatory-Choral Club 3, 4, Madrigal 4, County Festival 2, 3, 4, Concert Choir 2, All State Chorus 4, HS Off. Asst. 2, Honor Society 3, 4, Thespian App. I 1, 2, 3, Thespian Society 3, 4, Sec. 4, Miniwanca Council 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 3, Prom Flower Comm. 3, Monitor 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Co-Chr. Sr. Breakfast Comm. 4, Model U.N. 4. CHARLES ROBERT SCI-IWAB-General. FREDIIICK N. SCOTT-C0ll6g6 Preparatory-Sr. Dance Comm. 4, Thespian Society 4, Sr. Class Play 4. SUE CAIIOLYN ScoTT-Business Education-Candy Stand 3, Y- Teens 1, 2, 4, Thespian App. 2, 3, 4, X-Ray 3, 4, Feature Editor 4, English Asst. 3, Prom Entertainment Comm. 3, Dean's Asst. 4, Sr. Dance Comm. 4. ROW THREE CAROLYN DELORAS SEARS-HOME Economics-Monitor 3, 4, Y- Teens 1, Attendance Asst. 4, Sr. Reg. Comm. 4. PATRICIA SEIBOLD-Business Education-HR Sec. 2, Library Asst. 3, Thespian App. 2, 4, Y-Teens 3, Monitor 2, Candy Stand 3, Sr. Class Play 4, Prom Reg. Comm. 3, Concert Choir 3, Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4, Thespian Conf. 4. HERBERT SEIPLE-General. GEORGE JEFFREY SEULEAN-General-Monitor 1, Cross Coun- try 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Student Mgr. 3, Hi-Y 4, Inter-Class Act. 4. ROBERT BONN SEXTON-General-Basketball l,Track 1, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Pub. Rep. 1, 2, 3,Hi-Y 4, Thespian App. 4, A Club 3, 4, Operetta 4, Mixed Choir 2, 3, Choral Club 4, Coun- ty Festival 2, Sr. Dance Comm. 4. JERALYN S1-IAEFER-General-Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Monitor 3, 4. I I I I fJ:l I IIQQ ea! hectzc lafe of theatrsca. ooarmng' name A01 v, '. ',. jf,V .,' UNDA SCHELL JOAN SCHMIDT CAROLYN SCHOFIELD ROBERT SCHWA5 FREDRSCK SCOTT K SUE SCOTT CAROLYN SEARS PATRICIA SEEBOLDZ p HERE-ERT SEiPLE . l f JEFFRY SEULEAN ROBERT SEXTQN , JERALYN SHAFFER ,..wvA,. , 4 Senior Week began with the music of Clyde Tru ROW ONE MARILYN SHAUL-General. SUZANNE SHAUL-General-Monitor 3, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Sr. Reg. Comm. 4. GERALDINE SHAW-Business Education-Prom Ticket Comm. 3, Ir. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Y- Teens 2, 3, 4, Library Asst. 3, Coun- seling Off. Asst. 4, Speech Therapy Asst. 2, Candy Stand 3, 4, Dean's Asst. 4. SUSAN SHEAR-General-G.A.A. 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Thcspian App. 4, Sr. Class Play 4. TED SHELBY-Pre-Apprentice. CAROLYN SHETTERLY-BUSi7lE?SS Education-Student Council 1, 2, 3, Pub. Rep. 1, Honor Society 3, 4, English Asst. 3, Library Asst. 3, Trade dz Industry Asst. 3, HR Pres. 3, Vice Pres. 4, Class Exec. Comm. 3, Prom Flower Comm. 3, Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. ROW TWO KENT SHETTLE-G67lZTdZ-PIOHI Queen Comm. 3, Monitor 2, Mixed Choir 2, 3. DONALD SHOWALTER-C0ll6g6 Preparatory-Band 2, 3. MYEA SIBERY-Home Economics-Class Treas. 4, Candy Stand 4, Monitor 2, Prom Reg. Comm. 3, Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. MARY BELLE SINGLETON-GGTLETIIZ'-MOH1t0f 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 4: Prom Chaperon Comm. 3, English Asst. 4, Latin Asst. 44 Latin Club 3, Pepooses 3, G.A.A. 1, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, All State Orchestxa 3, Candy Stand 3, Sr. Hobo Party 4. MARTHA SKAGGS-General-Monitor 2, Trade 6: Industry Asv 2, 4, Prom Chaperon Comm. 3, HR Vice Pres. 4, Sr. Picnir- Comm. 4. BETTY JEAN SKILLMAN-General-Bible Club 2, 3, Orches' Va 2, 3. ROW THREE BETTY SLOAN-General-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Deanis Asst, 3, 4, Mixed Choir 2, F.T.A. 3, Monitor 4, Bible Club 4. 131-IYLLIS ELAINE SLOAN-General-Y-Teens 1, 2. BONNIE SMITH-General. DONALD SMITH-Vocational Agriculture-F.F.A. 3. 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Nat. Athletic Scholarshin Ass'n. 4, A Club 3, 4, Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. DONALD E. SMITH-Pre-Apprentice- A Club 3, 4, Cross Country 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. GERALDINE SAIITH-G61l6TOZ-HR Pres. 2, Sec-Treas. 1, Class Exec. Comm. 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Art Ass't. 2, 3, 4. t I eiwemugrel swm 7 , JAMES SMWH A MARVIN smgrw ' MAXNE SMITH ROBERT SPELL LEWES STAMM the Junior Prom--a great bunch, those juniors - we-M ROW ONE GWENNETH SMITH-Business Education-Y-Teens 2, 3. JALIES SlN1ITH-GEHGTGZ-Pub. Photographer 4, Dean's Ass't 4, Visual Aids Ass't 2. MARVIN LEE SMITH-General-Monitor 2. MAXINE SMITH-General-HR Vice Pres. 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Prom. Dec. Comm. 3, Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. ROBERT W. SPELL-General-Band 1, 2, 3, HR Vice Pres. 3, Hi-Y 4, Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. LEWIS STAMM-General. ROW TWO RICHARD M. STANGER-BUS'i7'l6SS Education-Fut. Retailers 2, Treas. 2, State Historian 4, Hi-Y 3,4, Prom Entertainment Comm. 3, HR Vice Pres. 1, 2, Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. LOWELL STANLEY-General. SUE ANN STEIBIER-COll6g6 Preparatory-English Ass't 2, Y- Teens 2, 3, 4, Prom Reg. Comm. 3, Head Monitor 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council 4, HR Sec.-Treas. 2, Pep Ses- sions Comm. 4, Co-Chr. Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. PAVA STEPHENS-General-Lapel HS 2, 3, Sr. Hobo Party 4. NANCY JANE STEPPIENSON-BUSiTL9SS Education-Honor Society 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 2, Thespian App. 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Chr. Prom Favor Comm. 3, Mixed Choir 3, Con- cert Club 3, Monitor 3, HR Sec.-Treas. 1, jr. Red Cross 2, Pub. Rep. 1, Class Exec. Comm. 4. LOWELL STEWART-Technical-Torch Club 1, 2, Sec. 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Pres. 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Thespian App. 4, Dean's Asst. 3, 4, Monitor 1, 2, 3, Head Monitor 3, Candy Stand 3, 4, Class Exec. Comm. 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Prom Queen Comm. 3, Co-Chr Sr. Hobo Party 4. ROW THREE SARA GENEVA STEYVART-C0llGg8. Preparatory-Student Council 1, 2, Dean's Asst 4, Mixed Choir 2, County Festival 2, 3, 4, Choral Club 3, 4, Madrigal 4, Operetta 4, Thespian Society 3, 4, Sec. 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, Cabinet 1, 2, Pep Sessions Comm. 2, 3, 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Chr. Prom Theme Comm. 3, Prom Queen Attendant 3, Pepooses l, Fall Wind-Up Attendant 4, Co-Chr. Sr. Luncheon Comm. 4. HENRIE'fTA STICKLER-Business Education-Bible Club 2, Hon- or Society 3, 4, HS Off. Asst. 2, Athletic Off. Asst. 3, Sr. Reg. Comm. 4. JOHN STOEL1'ING-GZHGTHI-CKDHVO Comm. 4, Hoosier Boys State 3, Class Exec. Comm. 4, Thespian App. 3, Thespian Society 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4, Pres. 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4, Rep. Ind. Student Leg. 4, Pub. Rep. 1, 2, Torch Club 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Older Boys Conf. 2, 3, Sr. Class Play 4, Class Play Selection Comm. 4, Co4Chr. Prom Entertainment Comm. 3, Model U. N. 4, Monitor 1, 2, 3, Dean's Asst. 3, Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. RICHARD A. STONER-Technical-Football 1, 2, 3, 4, HR Pres. 1, 2, Class Exec. Comm. 2, Choral Club 4, Baseball 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Thespian App. 4, HA Club 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Chem. Asst. 4, Sr. Dance Comm. 4. NANCY STOUT-General-Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Thespian App. 3, 4, Concert Choir 4, Choralettes 4, Pepooses 3, Sr. Hobo Party 4. ANDRE STEEATY-General-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. ROVV ONE DELOIIAS STUMPF-General-Honor Society 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 4. JACK SUMMEHS-Vocational Agriculture-F.F.A. 1, 2, 3 ,4. JANET SWETNAM-College PrepIn'ato1'y-Tlxespian App. 1, 2, 3, 4, Thespian Society 4, Concert Choir 2, Choral Club 3, 4, Operetta 4, English Asst. 2, 3, Pepooscs 2, F.T.A. 3, 4, Prcs. 4, Bible Club 2, 3, 4 ,Sec.-Treas. 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 4, Pres. 4, Student Council 4, Head Monitor 4, Chr. Moni- tor Comm. 4, Commencement Speaker 4, American Legion Speech Contest Winner 3, Sr. Talcnt Convo Comm. 4. SHIRLEY SWINFOIID-General-Prorn Dec. Comm. 3, Y-Teens 3, 4, Pepooses 2, 3. ELIZABETH MAE TAGGAE1'-College Preparatory-Class Sec. 1, 3, 4, Class Exec. Comm. 1, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 1, Pres. 3, Pep Sessions Comm. 3, 4, Chr. 4, Bible Club 2, Moni- tor 2, English Asst. 2, Library Asst. 2, Honor Society 3, 4, HR Treas. 2, Student Council 4, Exec. Council 4, Model U.N. 4, Candy Stand 4, Sr.-Frosh Friend 4, Pcpooses 2, Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. DANIEL I. TANNER-Pre-Apprentice. ROW TVVO MILDRED ELAINE TATLIAN-1101716 Economics-Sr. Hobo Party 4, Y-Teens 1, 4. BARBARA TAYLOR-Business Education-Pub. Rep. 2, 3, Typing Asst. 3, English Asst. 2, 3. RAYISIOND TAYLOR-General. GEORGE A. THIXNAS-COll6gC Preparatory-Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 1, A Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Statisti- cian 3, 4, Sr. Hobo Party 4. VVILLIABI REX THOMAS-PT6'A1917T61ltiC6-SY, Picnic Comm. 4. KAY TI-IoMI1soN-College Preparatory-Science Club 2, Class Exec. Comm. 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, F.T.A. 4, Annual Staff 4, Art C0-Editor 4, C0-Chr. Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. ROW THREE JOSEPH EDWARD TIPTON-Pre-Apprentice-HR Pres. 1, 2, 3, A Club 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Prom Queen Comm. 3, Torch Club 2, Monitor 3, Sr. Hobo Party 4. JANET ELAINE TOXVNSEND-GZTIQTUI-JT. Red Cross 1, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 2, 3, Library Asst. 2, 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Pep Sessions Comm. 4, Annual Staff 4, Underclassman Co- Editor 4, Pepooses 1, 2, Thespian App. 4, X-Ray 3, Reporter 3, Monitor 3, 4, IHSPA Conf. 4, Chr. Prom Eligibility Comm. 3, Sr. Dance Comm. 4, Butler Field Day 3. THOLIAS TIIANBARGER-Pre-Apprentice. IOANE KAY TRICK-C0ll6g6 Preparatory-Bible Club 2, 3, 4, HR Sec.-Treas. 2, Concert Choir 2. DAVID D. TnoU'rMAN-College Preparatory-Football 1, 2, Bas- ball 1, Latin Club 3, Torch Club 1. BARBAIIA TUTTLE-General-Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. How will any of us ever forget our Hobo Convention int . DELOQAS STUMTF JACK SUMMER? JANET WM, ,WWQQRQ ELIZABETH If-.QGARI DANIEL YANNER Muz.mztnvArf.1Aw f' fl ,'Q1i?:?23w'.4Y.fIwurip. HAYMGND Imam -E' Q-EORGE THANAS - WELLIAM THOMAS THOMPSON JDSPPH ll?'YOF'fJ .1AI'IET TUNVNSFIJD THGMAS TRANBAFGYR JOANNNE TRKCK ,' DAVID YROUTMAN BARBARA TUTYLE pf D I, ,. ROW ONE EMILY JANE VAN BUSKIRK-GG1l6TCll-PSDOOSCS 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Picnic Comm. 4. DONNA RAE VAN CAMP-Business Education-Class Treas. 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Nurse's Asst. 3, Counseling Off. Asst. 2, 3, Thespian App. 1, 2, Sr. Class Play 4, Hoosier Girls State 3, Concert Choir 1, Choral Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 4, Mini- wanca Council 2, 3, Pub. Rep. 1, 2, 3, Prom Band Comm. 3, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Monitor 1, 2, 3, All State Chorus 4, Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. DONALD WOOLEORD VANCE-General-Football 1, 2, 3, 4, HR Pres. 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, UA Club 2, 3, 4, Inter-Class Act. 4. PAULA SUE VANDERBUR-COll6g6 Preparatory-Monitor 1, 2, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Exec. Comm. 3, HR Vice Pres. 1, Sec. 2, 3, Honor Society 3, 4, X-Ray 3, News Bureau 3, IHSPA Conf 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Sr. Section Co-Editor 4, Prom Reg. Comm. 4, Model U.N. 4. SHIRLEY ANN VANDERHOOF-BUSiH6SS Education-Monitor 2. SUE ANN VAN DYKE-General-Bus. Ed. Asst. 2, 3, English Asst. 3, HR Sec.-Treas. 3, 4, Class Exec. Comm. 3, Prom Refr. Comm. 3, Class Gift Comm. 4. ROW TWO GORDON VAN WINKLE-General-Football 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, HR Pres. 1, 2, Vice Pres. 3, Class Exec. Comm. 1, 2, Prom Queen Comm. 3, Inter-Class Act. 4. ELBIA VAUcI-IN-Generz1l-Inter-Class Act. 4, Y-Teens 4. SHIRLEE ANNE VENTEIXS-HOHIG Economics-G.A.A. 1, 3, Y- Teens 1, Teenettes 2, 3, 4, Sr. Hobo Party 4. DONNA LOUISE VERISIILLION-GEHGTUI-Sf. Picnic Comm. 4. RICHARD Ross VICKERS-Technical-Camera Club 2, 3. BERNARD JOSEPH WADE4Pre-Apprentice. ROVV THREE PAUL VVAGNER-Geneflll. RUSSELL WAGNER-Pre-Apprentice-Monitor 2, 3. SUZANNE WAGNER-College Preparatory-Mixed Choir 2, Choral Club 3, 4, Operetta 4, County Festival 2, 3, 4, All State Chorus 4, Chr. Prom Flower Comm. 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Thespian App. 4, Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. BILL WAGONER-General-HR Vice Pres. 4, Sr. Dance Comm. 4. CHARLES G. WALBRIDGE-General-Torch Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Ir. Conservation Club 2, 3, Prom Place Comm. 3, Sr. Hobo Party 4. CAROL ANN WARDLOW-General-Y-Teens 1, 2. autiful ballroom of Anderson? newest downtown hotel? GORDON VAN WYNKLE ELMA VAUGHN ' SHIRLEE VENTER3 DONNA VERMlLLlON RlC5-IARD VICKERS BERNARD WADE , . 2, ,f A , . . ., 1 ' l .DAVID WELLINGTON' JACKWEST SANDRA WESTON dorm wweeunow ' Junm-4 wzifr , ,MHA WKUAMS NELDA WILUAMS JACK W!LLIAMSON ELAINE WHLINGHAM KENNETH WILLKS ERNESTQNE WSLSON SISLE WILSON Then our four years in AHS halted as we paraded to receive diplom ROW ONE SHIRLEY MAE WARNER-College Preparatory-Jr. Red Cross 1, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 1, 2, Concert Choir 2, Choral 3, 4, Madrigal 4, Sec. 4, All State Chorus 4, Operetta 4, Modern Music Masters 4, Hoosier Girls State 3, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Exec. Council 2, 3, 4, See. 3, Chr. Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Head Monitor 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Gen. Chr. Homecoming 4, Convo Comm. 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Pepooses 1, 2, Thespian App. 4, Sr. Luncheon Comm. 4. BLONDELL WATKINS-General-Prom Publicity Comm. 3. JOYCE WAYMIEE-General-Prom. Dec. Comm. 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Mixed Choir 2, 3, Concert Choir 3, Home Planning 8: Dec. Asst. 3, Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. SHIRLEY JEAN VVEATHERLY-COZl9gC Preparatory-HR Sec. 1, Concert Choir 2, 3, Mixed Choir 3, Choral Club 4, Operetta 4, County Festival 2, 3, 4, Co-Chr. Prom Reg. Comm. 3, Monitor 1, 4, Teenettes 1, 2, Honor Society 3, 4, Counseling Off. Asst. 2, 3, Student Council 4, Co-Chr. Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. SANDRA JEANNE WEBB-BUSlHZSS Education-Monitor 2, Y- Teens 2, Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. CYRILYN K. WELCHER-HOME Economics-Monitor 2, Pub. Rep. 2, 3, Sr. Hobo Party 4. ROW TWO DAVID P. WELLINGTON-C0llege Preparatory-Hi-Y 3, 4, Sec. 4, Torch Club 1, 2, Mr. Red 1, Thespian App. 2, Thespian Society 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Thespian Conf. 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Sr.-Frosh Friend 4, HR Pres. 2, Vice Pres. 1, Class Exec. Comm. 2, Monitor 2, Choral Club 3, Chr. Prom Gift Comm. 3, Sr. Class Play 4, Annual Staff 4, Editor-In-Chief 4, IHSPA Conf. 4, I.U. Journalism Institute 3, Optimist Speech Contest Winner 2, Model U.N. 4, Jr. Rotarian 4, Sr. Hobo Party 4, Fishing 4. JACK XVEST-GGHZTGZ. SANDRA SUE WESTON-General-Band 1, 2, 3. JOHN B. WHEELDON-GCHETGI-Sf. Picnic Comm. 4. JUDITH ANN WILEY-General-Library Asst. 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Pepooses 1, 2, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Bus. Ed. Asst. 3, Dean's Asst. 2, Concert Choir 2, Mixed Choir 3, Choral Club 4, Operetta 4, Model U.N. 4 Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. ALTHA BEENICE WILLIAMS-Business Education-Fut. Retailers 3, 4, Sec. 3, HR Sec.-Treas. 4, Y-Teens 3, Sr. Breakfast Comm. 4. ROW THREE NELDA WILLIALIS-HOTUZ Economics-Sr. Reg. Comm. 4. JACK WILLIAMSON-Pre-Apprentice-Football 4, HR Pres. 1. ELAINE WILLINGHAM-General-Choralettes 4. KENNETH W1LL1s-College Preparatory-Honor Society 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Science Club 2, Class Exec. Comm. 3, Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. ERNESTINE WILSON-General. PHILLIP SIGLE WILSON-Pre-Apprentice. MONA WOOD RU FF V KATHRYN . CAROL WOOD ROBERT WRIGHT JACK YORK. AGNES YOUNG JANIES BOHNE- Died August 31, 1953-Torch Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 35 Class Exec. Comm. 35 Chr. Prom Place Comm. 35 Jr. Conservtion Club 35 Monitor 2. 35 HR Pres. 3, Vice Pres. . ,NX fl-, L 7'irL,l. 1' LVAMES BOHNE' WOOLS . dainw VIRGINIA CIXAWFORD-HOWIG Economics- Died August 4, 1953-Bible Club 25 Lib- rary Asst. 25 Orchestra 2, 35 Concert Choir 3. IN MEMORIUM ROW ONE KATHIWN WOLGAMOTT-College Preparatory-Honor Societv 3, 45 Bible Club 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 35 Latin Asst. 25 F.T.A. 35 Y-Teens 25 English Asst. 2, 35 Driver Train. Asst. 45 Pepooses 25 Sr. Reg. Comm. 4. CAROL ANN WooD-General-Thespian App. 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Concert Choir 3, 45 Candy Stand 35 Monitor 3, 45 Choral- ettes 45 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Music Asst. 45 Jr. Red Cross 35 Ramblers Club 15 Model U.N. 45 Sr. Breakfast Comm. 4. MoNA JANE Woonnurr-College Preparatory-Concert Choir 3 5 Choral Club 45 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Exec. Council 35 Operetta 45 Y-Teens 15 Sr. Dinner Comm. 45 County Festival 3, 4. ELIZABETH ANN WooLs-Home Economics-Counseling Off. Asst. 35 Chem. Asst. 45 Y-Teens 1, 2. FREDIC A. WRIGHT-College Preparatory-Choral Club 3, 45 Madrigal 4, Pres. 45 Operetta 45 All State Chorus 45 Modern Music Masters 45 Torch Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 HR Pres. 1, Vice Pres. 25 Thespian App. 2, 45 Thespian Society 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 45 Prom Queen Comm. 35 Moni- tor 45 Class Exec. Comm. 1, 45 Sr. Class Play 4. MARILYN JANE WRIGHT-Business Education-Visual Aids Asst. SENIORS NOT PICTURED Leroy Bennett, Bud Blueher, Larry Branch, Edwin Bridges, Robert Browning, Linda Cook, Leroy Cox, Joanna Hall, James Hancock, Ronald Hiday, Max Hunt, Donald Julian, David 35 Prom Place Comm. 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Inter-Club Council Rep. 45 Dean's Asst. 45 Sr. Breakfast Comm. 4. ROW TWO ROBERT DALE WRIGHT-CUll8g8 Preparatory-Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Torch Club 1, 2, Treas. 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 Prom Gift Comm. 35 Monitor 3, 45 Sr. Dance Comm. 4. JACK Yoruc-General. AGNES YOUNG-HOME Economics-Teenettes 1, 2, 3. SANDRA ZIEGLER-Genefdl-C1388 Exec. Comm. 45 Pub. Rep. 1, 25 HR Sec. 25 Prom Dec. Comm. 35 Sweetheart Ball Queen 25 Pepooses 1, 25 Concert Choir 25 Choral Club 2, 3, 45 Mad- rigal 45 All State Chorus 45 Operetta 2, 45 Jr. Red Cross 25 Y- Teens 1, 2, 35 Thespian App. 1, 2, 45 Thespian Society 45 HS Off. Asst. 2, 35 Miniwanca Council 35 Monitor 1, 25 Sr. Talent Convo Comm. 4. CAROLE SUE ZIMMERMAN-College Preparatory-Honor Society 3, 45 Library Asst. 35 Nurse's Asst. 3, 45 Y-Teens 15 Driver Train Asst. 45 Sr. Dinner Comm. 4. KARL ZURMUEHLEN-General-Camera Club 1, 25 Mixed Choir 3, 45 Choral Club 45 Prom Place Comm. 35 HR Vice Pres. 25 Monitor 1, 2, 35 Hi- Y 3, 45 All State Chorus 45 Sr. Breakfast Comm. 4. Lentz, Charles Lester, Donald Moore, Marilyn Sacilowski, Mar- cia Sharp, Eugene Shaw, Shirley Shepherd, Charles Singhurst, Harold Trout, Paula Turner, Angelyn Wooters, Duane Young, James Yust. l 4. btavgs, treasurerg and get the buggy class plctureu me I-'ia joe Smith, president. yaluul, 5601-etdgyg VICC presuientg ,lamce i I 1' K T J. if . . . . Three down and one fo go: wifh fhree years of fheir high school career finished, fhe class of i955 is beginning fo look forward fo fhe final lap before sfepping ouf info fhe big, wide world. The class proved very capable of handling fheir affairs by doing a splendid iob on fheir magazine campaign sales which en- abled fhem fo puf on a super Soufhern Seren- ade for fhe seniors. These fufure seniors may be very proud of fhe fine fime fhey provided for fhis year's grad- uafing class. The need for a new class sponsor arose as a resulf of fhe absence of fhe former sponsor. A fine choice was made wifh Mr. Richard Balsley being selecfed. 1 1 In a carriage built for two!-The class sponsors are Mr Richard Balsley and Miss Eileen johnson. Connie Achor, Dianne Achor, James Adams, an' Wan- da Akers, Wilma er, Margaret Ann Alexander, Albert Alfrey. janet Allen, -Agena Alleys, Joe M. Allman, Nyles Anson, Marlene Antonidis, Janice Armstrong, Deane Auxter, Bonnie Badger. Carolyn Baker, Charles Baker, David Bales, Geraldine Barron, Marcia Barron, Pat Beauchamp, Marybell Begley, Don Bell. Judy Bemish, Carol Benefiel, Dear- dra Beresford, Billie Bienert, Thomas Birch, Betty Bishop, Ron- ald Bishop, Darline Blackwell. Hilda Bobo, Janet Bolen, Ioan Booth, Ted Boots, Catherine Bow- en, Jim Bowen, Barbara Boyer, Mary Lou Bray. Jim Bridges, Janet Bright, Jerry Britton, Jo Ann Bronnenberg, Nor- ma Brow, Dave Brown, Kenneth Brown, Myron Brown. Robert Browning, Robert Lee Browning, Bruce Buck, Evelyn Burge, John Burke, Frank Burk- hart, Ianet Busby, Suetta Bussell. Qandra Butler, Catherine Byme, Iom Byrum, Doris Callendermlgug ,ina Canyjrell,-,Shirley Campbell, Herb Cappel, Dave Carpenter. -Dannie r, Beverly Carroll, ax Carson, Beatrice Cattron. Barbara Chapin, Dee Chapin, George Chapin, Gordon Chastain, Mary Christian, Christena Clanin, Avis Clark, julia Clark. Phil Clements, Larry Cleveland, Janice Clevenger, Martha Cobb, Jack Coffin, Helen Coffman, Ros- alee Collis, Saundra Cook. Jerry Cooper, Sharon Cooper, Nancy Copeland, Jan Coppock, Carretta Corzine, Sherry Couch, Lorna Craigie, Alethea Critser. Carolyn Crosley, Dianne Davis, Geraldine Davis, Pat Davis. Robert Davis, Dan Davisson, Mary Day, John Dearing. Larry DeHority, Sonny Dewitt, Ardith DeYoung, Jodie Donahue. Del Dotson, Ross Dovey, Louie Dowden, Janice Dearing, Ronald Dray, Paula Drennon, Barbara Dudley, Bev Duncan. Nancy Duncan, Donna Durbin, Judy East, Judy Edens, Pat Ed- wards, Gayle Egly, Larry Ehle, Rosalie Elliott. Marvin Ellis, Don Ellison, Bill England, Larry Eshelman, Sue Estle, David Evans, Joyce F ausett, Rosemary Faux. Helen Felton, Barbara Fischer, Barbara Fish, Ann Fishback, Car- ol Fisher, Bob Fitzgerald, David Fleck, Dick Flowers. Jerry Fowler, Ronald Fowler, Eug- ene Fox, Virginia Franklin, Carol Friermood, Bill Furnish, Barry Gaar, ,Charlene Gable. Fred Gaskell, lla Geiger, Marge George, Pauline Gibson, Betty Gilpin, Linda Gilson, David Goa- cher, Shirley Goen. Julia Gold, Pat Gouldsbery, Don Gourley, Linda Granger, Virginia Graves, Phil Greve, Rosie Haden- felt, John Hagan. Shirley Haggard, David Hamilton, James Hancock, Billie Hannabery, Tom Harrison, Neil Hart, Phyllis Hart, Joan Hartley. Lowell Hatfield, Sue Hatfield, Nancy Hasty, Celia Hayden, Paula Haynes, Dick Hazel, Virginia Hel- lems, Patsy Hert. Miriam Hester, Ellen Hitchcock, Gerald Hodson, Avis Hollars, Bob Holliday, Marilyn Hooper, George Hopkins, Rita Hoskins. Pat Howe, Robert Huffer, Rodney Huffer, Anita Hughes, Pat Hughes. Harold Humphrey, James Hunter, Jane Huntzinger. Nancy Ifert, Betty Imel, Joe Ire- land, Dick Ives, Juanita Jackman, Janet James, Tom James, Pat Johns. Emest Johnston, Phyllis Jolly, Norbert Jones, Norman Jones. Rebecca Jones, Sharon Jones, Syl- via Jones, Jane Judkins. Judy Kabrich, Larry Keller, Paul Keller, Jerry Kimball. Mary King, Harry Kirchenbauer, Susie Kirkman, Roe Kirkpatrick, Esther Knotts, Alice Kocher, Phil Kreegar, Barnes Latham. Frank Layton, Joyce Layton A1- rta Lee Barbara Lefiel, Tm , ' Levitt, Barbara Lewis, Bonnie Lewis. Charles Lewis, Claudia Lewis, Jack Lewis, Gene Lisby. Marjorie Litten, Bob Loose, George Love, Pam Lowe. Joan Lowry, Bob McAllister, Judy McCoy, Linda McCullum. Charles McDanell, Jim McDanell, Carol McElroy, Thomasina Mc- - Evoy, Don McGee, Curtis Mc- Guire, Bill McKinney, Jack Mab- bitt. Barbara Madren, Mary Ann Ma- han, Pat Malone, r Maloney Mary Masssey, Robert Maxwe , Ronnie Meeker, Willie Bell Meni- fee. Karl Miller, John Mitchell, Linda Mitchell, Richard Monroe, Mary Montgomery, Fred Moore, Jim Morehead, Charles Moreland. Arthur Morgan, Janice Morgan, Diana Morris, John Moser, Sara Munsell, Marcia Munsey, Retta Myers, Rosalee Nealis. Ben Neff, Linda Nicholson, Jack Niece, Donna Noble, King Norton, Larry Nugent, Don Odom, Shirley Olinger. Ronnie Orbaugh, Earl Oshier, Ver- na Otto, Velma Owen, Teddy Pancol, Nancy Paynter, Sylvia Payton, Barbara Peel. Larry Penry, Bill Perkins, George Perry, Tom Pettigrew, Lydia Pet- tis, T'hea Phelps, Jim Phlegar, Gene Pittsenbarger. Lois Poling, Jenny Pollard, Helen Ponsler, Ronald Ponsler, Linda Potter, Peggy Powell, Jim Quinn, Sally Raup. 7 Jack Ravage, George Rediker, Dorothy Reveal, Tom Rhodes, Elizabeth Richardson, Ronald Richardson, G. C. Riddle, Rosella Riggle. David Riley, Richard Riley, Dan- ny Ritenour, Marjorie Roach, De- loris Robbins, Dave Roberts, Lin- da Roby, Elbert Roeder. -Edna Rogers, Mitzi Ross, Sharolyn Rossen, Bob Rush, Dick Sacilow- ski, Bob Sample, Diana Sampson, Betty Jo Savage. Marilyn Seal, Nellie Scanland, Jane Schattner, Shirley Schmaltz, Myrna Schmitt, Leandra Scott, Karen Shaffer, Shirley Shaffer. Jim Shannon, Judy Sharp, Nancy Sharp, Rosada Shaw, Earl Silcox, Shirley Skaggs, Bill Smith, Le- land Smith. Noretta Smith, Steve Smith, Joyce Southers, Judy Stage, Janice Stagg, Jack Stanislaus, Charlene Stanley, Dale Starks. Jeannine Starr, Darlene Starrett, Charles Stephenson, Sylvia Stem- er, Donna Stierwalt, Betty Stiner, Phyllis Stohler, Sandra Stoker. Don Stroud, Sally Stultz, Mary Kay Summa, Jerry Stump, Anita Swinford, Jerry Swinford, Sarah Sylvester, Peggy Taggart. Alyce Taylor, Robbie Taylor, Ro- berta Taylor, Judy Teeters. Bill Thomas, Diane Thomas, Rob- ert Thompson, Ijovina Tomlinson. Tom Toombs, Deanna Trimble, Sharon Tucker, Eddie Turner. f - Sharon Ulrey, DeEtta Upshaw, Mary Ann Vajner, Donna Vanasd- al. Ruth Van Meter, Mary Vardaman, Shirley Wagner, Sylvia Wain- scott. Rhoda Wolgamott, Shirley Walker, Phyllis Walters, Ruth Ward. John Warner, James Wash, Jim Waymire, Nancy Wechsler. Jackie Sue Wellons, Ron Wheeler, Larry White, Carol Williams, Gar- land Williams, Joyce Williams, Melvin Williams, Myron Williams. Sue Williams, Margaret William- son, Dick Wilson, Norma Wilson, Ramona Wilson, Kenny Wise, Lo- uella Wise, Eleanor Wood. Norman Woodard, Nancy Woods, Dave Worley, Janet Wright, Rich- ard Wright, Malcolm Young, Dave Zierer, David Ball. Charles Bailey, Norma Bevill, Don Burris, Charles Cole, Shirley Dai- ley, Jerry Davis, Janice Fosnot, Duane Frisbie. Arnold Hansell, Phil Harris, David Hitchcock, Jack Hollis. Paddy Jamerson, Judi Langford, Ed Lind, Deryle Martin. Joe Martin, Rosanna Patterson, Frank Rodeman, Joe Stewart, Jerry Wilson. just sign here, please. 0 d yn st dp Juniors Exceed Goal, Better Prom Reward Is it the fuller brush man? No, itas a mem- ber of the junior class doing his job of selling magazines for the class of c55. Lured by good salesmanship, many of the customers obtain- ed magazines from these students who were raising money for a successful and impressive Prom. A total of 32225.30 was collected by the students. The successful sales ability of Di- anne Achor and Tom Byrum won for them the two top awards. As a result of the effort of the' juniors the Southern Serenadev became a successful affair. Q Everything fair and square!-The sophmore class officers pictured are Ralph Goldsberry, prcsidentg Pat Dixon, secretary, Bill Penn, vice president, and Marianne Wise, treasurer. . . . . Another nine months marked off the calendar, now, that much closer to being in- cluded in the really big activities. Proudness prevailed as the 1956 class rings arrived and were sported, once again, in the halls of An- derson High. This year the sophmore class went a little toward the unusual side and selected powder blue and white for their class colors. Class colors having been chosen, the sophies, next important job was that of choosing class jackets and sweaters. These 56,ers were very ably assisted by their new permanent sponsors, Mrs. Mary Kitterman and Mr. Clifford Swift, along with the help of their executive committee. They don't fiddle around!-Class sponsors are Mr Clifford Swift and Mrs. Mary Kitterman. Bill Allen, Carole Allen, Shirley Allen, Toni Allen, Tom Alley, Jack Anderson, Pierce Anson, Neal Ar- wine. ,Kay Asher, Dan Ashby, Eilene At- kins, Lemond Auker, Dixie Aynes, Paul Aynes, David Bailey, John Bailey. Mary Beth Baker, Mary Martha Baker, Nancy Baker, Shirley Bak- er, Tomya Baker, John Ball, Judy Ballard, Jon Ballard. Pat Barriger, David Bartlow, ,La- donna Basicker, Merlene Baylor, 'Ethridge Beauchamp, Lloyd Bell, Keith Bennett, Qarol Bevars. Dick Bevelhimer, Tom Biddle, Sherry Bill, David Bingaman, Jan- et Blackaby, Jim Blades, Tony Bloyd, Raboum Boardman. Gerald Bobo, Don Bohannon, Mary Jane Booth, Donna Boren, Larry Boundy, Betty Bowles, Barbara Boxell, Joyce Boyd. James Boyer, Bob Boys, Rex Boys, Paula Boze, Helen Bradley, Sally Brannon, Shirley Branson, Terry Breeden. Dorothy Brewer, Doris Bricker, Joann Bridwell, Carolyn Brower, Jim Brown, Judy Brown, Nancy Brown, Suzanne Brubaker. Ruth Brundage, Ronald Bryant, Janie Burnette, Janet Burris. Barbara Burton, David Butler, Shirley Butler, Suzy Byrum. Ann Calvin, Craig Campbell, Dix- ie Campbell, Hope Campbell. Pat Canaday, Terry Canterbury, Manuel Cantrell, Tom Capozzoli, Dick Carmichael, Janice Carpen- ter, Louis Carpenter, Malcolm Carpenter. Ann Carr, Bill Carr, Beverly Car- ter, Henry Case, Bill Christman, Rosalind Citron, Rowene Clawson, Richard Clevenger. Wayne Clore, joy Closser, Sue Ann Coale, Gary Coen, Reda Coffey, Linda Coffman, Adeline Comstock, Judy Condon. jack Coppess, Ernie Couch, San- dra Couch, Gerald Cox, Nola Sue Craih, Pat Crook, Ronald Crose, Kenny Crouch. Joe Crouse, , Bob Crozier, Elaine Cummins, C. H. Dabney, Nedra Danforth, Nidra Danforth, Vincent Daubenspeck. Betty Davis, Connie Davis, Donna Davis, Janice Davis, Ken Davis, Luceal Davis, Nancy Davis, Wil- liam Davis. Alice Day, Corwin Day, jim Day, Bill Dayton, Charlene D an, Laura Dean, Tom Dnaton, Bill Deaver. Jack Dennis, Jim Denny, Pinky Derrico, Herbert DeWitt, Jim Dick, Martha Dickerson, Tom Diloreto, Pat Dixon. Marilyn Dollison, Phil Douglas, David Dowell, Lois Downham. Bob Doyle, Mary Jo Driggers, Rus- sell DuBois, Deanna Dunlap. , La Frenda Ebbertt, Carolyn Edwards, Larry Eglen. Rieta Ehman, Henry Eiler, Emma Jean Elliott, Iris Elliott. Nancy Ellis, David Estle, Judith Eubank, Tom Fatzinger. Marilyn Faust, Pat Fedor, Larry Fennell, Jerry Ferree. Margaret Feuston, Wanda Fields, Joyce Fifer, Dorothy Fillmgggv, Wava Finney, Clyde Fisher, Jay Fisher, , Jim Fleece, Shirley Fox, Carolyn France, Robert Fraser, Tommy Frazier, Jeannine Freestone, Carl Frese, Sharon Friend. Linda Fromholz, Bob Fullington, Curtis Furnish, Norma Gadbury, Jane Gallamore, Jayne Gardner, Nancy Gentry, Sandra Gilliam. Charles Gilmore, Rosalie Girton, Jim Goacher, Ralph Goldsberry, Mike Goldsmith, Ruby Graham, Bill Grant, Bob Gray. Bob Gray, Dale Gray, John Gray, Paul Gray, Bob Greer, Delores Griese, Mary Grigsby, Dianne Griner. Myra Griner, Nancy Griner, Gene Gross, Richard Gunkel, Joe Gus- tin, James Gwynn, Marjorie Gwynn, Carolyn Hacker. Albert Haines, Frank Hajny, Marilyn Haley, Rochelle Hall, Roger Hall, Philip Hallenbeck, Nancy Hallgarth, Eddie Hamer. Mike Hamm, Keith Hammons, John Hancock, Dick Handley, Maradean Hanshew, James I-Iarl, Marilyn Harp, Ronald Harris. Charles Harrison, Jeanne Harrison, Larry Harrison, Gretchen Hartzell. Marsha Hattery, Jeraldine Havens, Barbara Hawkins, Marjorie Haw- kins. Marilyn Heal, Carolyn Hellems, Shirley Henderson, Bobby Hens- ley. Debby Hess, Bertha Hester, Phy- Hiday, Bonnie Higbee, Sondra Hines, Herschel Hinkle, Ramona Hobbs, Lewis Hodson. 1Q1gtNHofer, Mary Hollingsworth, Wayne Holt, Rex Hoppes, Sarah Hopping, Barbara Howard, David Hudson, Adrian Huff. Eddie Huff, James Hughes, Janie Hunt, Joe Hunt, John Hunt, Deb- by Hutton, Don Hyatt, John Hy- land. Sandra Jackman, Alfred Jackson, Carol Jackson, Dick Jackson, Mar- tha Jackson, Phil Jackson, Richard Jackson, Rose Ellen Jackson. Tom James, Larry Johnson, Mich- ael Johnson, Rosemary Johnson, Bettye Jones, Charles Jones, Judy Jones, Gene Jones. Bob Jordan, Terry Joyner, David Judkins, Farrell Keesling, Kenny -Kemp, Paul Kemper, Joyce Ketner, Don Kimball. Carole-Igng, Dennis Kirchner, Jim Kirkman, JoAnne Kirkpatrick, Wesley Knepp, Ralph Knotts, Paul Kocher, Larry Krebs. Mary Jo Krebs, Janice Krueger, Jerry Lakey, Fred Lamb, Tom Lamb, Rosalie Lancing, Jerry Land, Neva Land. George Lang, Carolyn Lavender Pat Layton, Joyce Lennox, David Levi, Bill Lewis, Donna Lewis , Jeanine Lewis. , Betty Jo Lightfoot, Dave Lindzy, Jim Linville, Carol Loudenback, Betty Lovelace, everly Loyd, Jim Lutton, Joesph c ister. Don McCarty, Judy McClintic, Cora McCoy, Rita McCoy, Robert McCullough, James McDaniel, Samantha McDonald, Jim McFall. Don McGivem, Bill McKeand, Judy McMinds, Jack Macy, Bill Madren, Michael Maguire, Jim Mahoney, Dennis Malone. Linda Mannon, Nancy Manring, Bruce Mason, Larry Massey, Rob- ert Massey, Bonnie Masters, James Melton, Arthur Middleton. Linda Mier, ' V Toby Ann Myers, Susie Murdock, Mar- vin Muncy, Georgia Morris, Edna Morris, Marlena Moon. Suda Moneyhun, Richard Moberly, Mary Mitchell, Marilyn Mitchell, llllia-MitnhglL Larry Mills, Jackie Mills, Robert C. Miller. Milton Miller, Iris Needler, Jack Neeley, Janet Neff, Kay Nelson, Paula Newbern, Betty Newkirk, RuthAnne Newman. Donna Niccum, Janet Nicholson, Margaret Noblitt, Frankie Nodine. Tim Noland, Dorothy Norris, Judy Norris, Linda Norris. Darrell Nutt, Vicky Odell, Gen- ene Oliver, Larry Onstott. Sharon Kay Orr, Judy Otto, Jim Overlin, Lois Owen, Bob Owens, Ronald Page, Roberta Painter, Darlene Palmer. Jerry Palmer, Reed Palmer, Bill Paramore, Dale Parrish, Ronald Partain, Phil Parton, Kim Parvis, Pat Paschal. Leonard Patterson, Mike Patter- son, Milton Patterson, Bob Payton, Kenneth Pearcy, Tom Pedersen, Dianne Peel, Karen Pemberton. Bill Penn, Mary Persing, jane Pe- try, Ann Pettigrew, David Pettis, Barbara Phelps, Herbert Phelps, Glennell Phillips. ' Harolyn Phillips, Sandra Phillips, Kay Pipper, Ronald Pitts. Marcia Presser, Bette Pryor, jim Puterbaugh, Lee Quallo. Betty Qualls, Bob Randolph, Grace Rambo, Iohn Ratzlaff. Wes Rawlin, Joyce Ray, Bradley Rayl, Margaret Ann Reece, Martha Ann Reed, Eleanor Reeder, Linda Reeder, Lois Reedy. john Reese, David Rhoads, Ro- berta Rhodes, Patsy Rice, Dean Richards, john Richardson, Prudy Richardson. Nancy Riggs, Richard H. Riley, Gloria Rinearson, Rosalie Risley, Donna Rivers, Fred Robbins, Ian- et Roberts, Io Anne Roberts. Waymon Robinson, Richard Roby, Kenneth Rodgers, Francis Rogers, VValter Rogers, Charlotte Ross, Janice Ross, Elaine Rossen. Jacquelyn Rozelle, Judith Ruh, Janet Safford, Delano Sanders, Norma Sarvis, John Schieve, Mary Schildmeier, Jerome Schlenskar. Pat Schliewen, Nancy Schroeder, Dave Schuster, John Schuster, Ralph Schwab, Nancy Scott, Kay Sears, Della Servies. Norman Setters, Ron Shafer, Mike Shaul, Sue Shaul, Tom Sheahan, Don Shearer, Patty Shear, Dave Sheedy. Jerry Shepherd, Phyllis Shipley, Iim Short, Ernest Shroyer, Rose- land Sibery, Diana Simpson, Ian- ice Simpson, Yvonne Simpson. Cordon Skeoch, Nancy Skillman, Carolyn Smith, Dorothy Smith. Dosha Smith, janet Smith, Jim Smith, Larry Smith. Louise Smith, Lowell Smith, Shir- ley Smith, Sue Smith. Ronald Smither, jacqualine Sokol, Ronald Spall, Bill Spencer, Fred- rick Spencer, Ronald Stafford, Gary Stanley, Keith Stapley. Bill Stecher, Patty Stelts, Chuck Stegall, Rhona Stephens, Lois Steves, Pat Stinson, Charles Stites, Richard Stith. Pat Stratton, Phil Strock, ,Shirley- -Summ6Is,., Sharon Swain, Mary Ann Swindell, Dick Swinford, Bob Swing, Lynn Kaye Taylor. Oscar Taylor, Harold Terry, Lin- da Thiel, Doris Thompson, Vicky Timmonds, Helen Tipton, Danny Toles, Betty Tomlinson. Shirley Beaver, Sharon Blake, Dal- las Brown, John Cole, Susie Cook, Roger Dee, Sue Dugger, Bill Dun- can. Wilma Ellis, Carolyn Fouts, Nan- cy Garringer, Bill Goldsmith, Phyl- lis Groover, David Gwaltney, Judy Hale, George Harris. Lois Hurst, Gykala Lawler, Car- men McCord, Ronnie McKibban, Joe Manis, Don Mitchell, ,Arlene Niccum, Buddy Patterson. 7 ' Maxine Phillips, Regina Price, Dix- ie'RiiilEer, Ronnie Roberts, Lewis Sargent, Alene Smith, Donna Swaim, Joan Tate. Delores Timmons, Rouanna Todd, Betty Tracy, Nancy Tranbarger, Marjorie Travis, Richard Tremps, Bob Tumer, Szgidrarflfurner. David Tyler, Jim Uncleback, Karl Utley, Joyce Van Buskirk, Jerry Van Cleave, Sherry Van Matre, Carol Wable, Leon Wable. Bill Waldo, Jon Walker, Barbara Wallace, Patricia Walters, Lee Ann Walton, Terry Ward, Blythe Watkins, Robert Watkins. Kay Waugh, Sarah Weatherford, Loyce Webb, Pat Wendling, John Weschler, Charlene Whetsell, Bar- bara Whiteaker, Carole Whitley. Chuck Widener, Gary Wilde, Mike Wiley, Carolyn Wilkinson, Eugene Willhoite, Betsy Williams, Linda Williams, Marilyn Williams. Nondas Williams, Virginia Wil- liamson, Jesssie Willlis, Ralph Wil- loughby, Elsie Wills, Barbara Wil- son, Sharon Wilson, Sonia Woods. Jimmy Wise, Marianne Wise, Don Wiseman, Ann Wittebort, Barbara Wolf, Judy Wood, Shirley Wood, Carol Wools. Marion Wools, Tom Woosnam, Ray Wright, Linda Yates, Eddie York, Rebecca Young, Carolyn Zimmerman, Bob Zirkelback. Sophomores Pick Rings, Jackets, Sweaters Which one do you like? Choosing class rings, sweaters and jackets is the officers and the executive committee. The officers, This is the responsibility of the sophomore class most important job during the sophomore year. Ralph Goldsberry, Bill Penn, Pat Dixon and Mar- rianne Wise, did an especially good job in picking their rings. When the big day arrives and the time comes to show off their jewelry, everyone is anxious to compare theirs with the new arrivals.,.Class colors being powder blue and white, the class jackets and numerals for the sweaters will be those colors. Mine is the prettiest I want a jacket. How ,bout you? .v..-- , ., ...-...--....., mm, s i . 1 f'z Sliding toward bigger things!-Freshmen class officers are Mike Maine, presidentg Martha Marsh, vice presidentg Mary Marsh, secretaryg and Diana Watson, treasurer. . . . . Off we go into the wild new yonder! Unscrambling the puzzle that the locker situation presents, battling the crowds on the stairs, finding the designated rooms for their classes were the adventures of the frosh. This year as an aid to the freshmen, the seniors served as senior-freshman friends and answered their questions and problems. Making up the school schedule was the freshman election. Selecting the best candidate was a difficult task, but new acquaintances were made and officers were chosen. Four temporary sponsors were chosen of which two permanent sponsors will be elected the following year, Denny. Freshmen class sponsors are Miss Reba Arbogast, Mrs. Shirley Wirls, Mr. Claude Roney and Mr. Charles 88 Don Abernathy, Sue Ackerman, Mary Ann Alexander, Sandra A1- len, Alice Alley, John Allison, Lin- da Ambrose, Frank Amos. Betty Anderson, Brooke Appleby, Shirley Arline, Rhea Arnold, Rob- ert Arnold, Norma Auker, Gay Babcoke, Paul Badger. Carol Ann Bailey, James Bailey, Patty Bailey, Richard Bailey, War- ren Bailey, David Baker, Phyllis Baker, Virginia Bales. Ann Barber, James Barbre, Diane Barker, Betsey Barnes, Ruth Barr, Connie Barrett, Kay Bartlow, Oro May Bassett. Eleanor Bays, Edith Beason, Shir- ley Beauchamp, Shirley Beaver, Jean Behrens, Larry Bell, Ruth Bender, David Bennett. Donald Bennett, Judy Bickel, Son- ya Bigham, Nancy Birt, Don Blackwell, Lois Bledsoe, Pat Blume, Judy Bott. Marilyn Boze, Barbara Braddock, Jack Bragg, Richard Branch, Mary Breitweiser, Bob Brenneke, Bar- bara Brewster, Nancy Brewster. Josephine Broadnax, Sara Jean Brock, Carolyn Bronnenberg, Rob- ert Brooks, Joyce Brougher, Bruce Brown, David Brown, Fred Brown. Robert E. Brown, Dixie Browning, Janice Brumback, Judith Bryant. Joyce Buell, Eddie Burke, Joyce Burkhart, Eugene Burkett. Sandra Burkman, Sylvia Burnett, Peggy Bums, Bob Burt. .1-' sv - . 'WYE' 'QF' Larry Burton, Jerry Byard, Ron- ald Byrne, Shirley Byrum. David Cade, Don Calabria, Thom- as Callender, Belva Camp. Betty Campbell, Connie Campbell, Mary Kay Canaday, Iim Canter- bury. Loyneta Carlile, Paul Carlson, Dor- othie Carpenter, Iudy Carpenter, Mike Carpenter, Tommy Carpen- ter, Barbara Carroll, Benny Car- ron. Janie Carter, Ralph Chambers, Shannon Chambers, Sherry Cham- lee, Glenda Cheatham, Elaine Chesterfield, john Childs, Loretta Gail Chrisman. Ellen Clark, Pamela Clark, Phyllis Clark, Mary Helen Claypool, Dav- id Clem, Sondra Clanin, Ann Cob- ble, Milton Cockerham. Darlene Cockman, Iohn Coffey, Bob Cokley, Nancy Colvill, Rich- ard Colvin, Leah Kay Comer, Lar- ry Conley, Dale Cook. Patsy Cook, Richard Cook, Susie Cook, Samuel Cookman, Judy Coon, Wallace Copeland, Charles Cotton, Barbara Couch. Phillip Couch, Barbara Cox, Carol Cox, Nancy Cox, Anne Cridge, janet Crim, Mary Louise Crouch, Rachel Cunningham. Sheila Cuzzart, Sandra Dale, Jer- ry Damell, Ann Davis, Bob Davis, Darrell Davis, Larry Davis, Fran- ces Dawson. Janis Dawson, Billy Day, Ed Day, jack DeHority, Dora Dellinger, Katherine DeLong, Norma De- Long, Jim Delph. Tommy Denman, Lana Dennison, Jim Dent, Judy Detienne. Marjorie DeWitt, Dorcas DeYoung, Kay Diggs, Robert Dillman. Marsha Dilts, Beverly Dishmond, Larry Dodd, Douglas Dronberger. Ronald Duckett, Don Dudderar, Jacquelin Dunkerly, Tom Dunlap, Wilbur Durant, Willis Durant, Bet- ty Earhart, Harris Earhart. Mike Eckert, Louise Edwards, Phillip Eikenberry, LaQi1ieta Ei- ler, Shirley Eliason, Donnie Ellis, Marjorie Ellis, Nan Elmore. Niel Elsea, Tom Epply, Bob Erlandson, John Ervin, Gerald Es- tle, Louanna Eutsler, Jarrett Fair- man, Robert F austich. Jerry Felts, Grant Felzien, Keith Fern, Gary Feurer, Joe Fish, Alice Fishback, Sandra Fisher, Lawana Flye. Daniel F oland, Gerald Foley, Al- vin Folsom, Calvin Folsom, Earl Forrester, David Fox, Juliette Fromholz, Jane Fumish. Phillip Gaar, Larry Gaskell, Ju- lene Gaw, Beverly Gay, Shirley Geeting, Ann Gehrke, Donald George, Janet George. Mary Kay Gibson, Pat Gifford, Judy Gilchrist, Donald Gilpatrick, Phyllis Gilson, Marilyn Ginder, Josephine Glenn, Elaine Goen. Marty Goff, Martha Goldsmith, Diane Goodman, Don Goodson, Sandra Goul, Joyce Graddy, Arlene Grigsby, Mary Grissom. 3 Q Kathryn Gustin, Rosemary Custin, Deloris Hacker, Terry Hackleman, Katherine Haggard, jerry Hale, Joretta Hale, Judy Hale. Flarelle Hall, Mary Hall, Carl Hamilton, David Hamilton, Keith Hamilton, Joyce Hammond, David Hancock, john Hancock. Iudith Hancock, Lois Hand, Mary Kay Handy, Betty Haney, Jerry Hardacre, Michael Harlan, Ned Harless, Patsy Harper. James Harreld, Elaine Harris, jack Harrison, Iohn Hart, Noland Hartzell, Bill Harvey, Fritz Har- vey, Cynthia Hasty. Richard Hiatch, Larry Hatfield, Joe Hedges, Sandra Heflin, Vicky Heiden, Ierry Henning, Antoinette Henricks, Janet Henry. Ianice Henry, Vaughn Henry, Rog- er Hensley, Delores Henson, Mary Hessler, Jennie Hester, Perry Hill, Shirley Hickerson. Bobby Hines, Dorothy Hitch, Har- old Hitchcock, Lee Hobbs, Mar- garet Hobbs, John Hodson, Helen Holbert, Margaret Hollars. Carolyn Hood, David Lee Hooper, David T. Hooper, Marvin Horton, Phyllis Hotzel, Marion Hoyle, julia Hudson, Barbara Huffman. Larry Huffman, Sandra Huffman, David Hughes, Jean Hughes. Meredith Hughes, Sandra Hughes, Louise Humerickhouse, Larry Humphrey. Carolyn Hunt, Susie Huntzinger, Lois Hurst, Richard Ice. Jim Ijames, Howard Imel, Saun- dra Isom, Lonnie Iveson, Diane Jackson, Loring Jackson, Rosetta Jackson, Bennett James. Ronnie James, Andrew Jansons, Deanna Jaquess, Larry Jarvis, Juli- ana Jeffries, Norman John, Bill Johnson, Jimmy Johnson. Judy Johnson, Linda Johnson, Michael Johnson, Nola Johnson, Barbara Jones, Carolyn Jones, Carrie Mae Jones, Charles Jones. Clarence Jones, Doris Jones, Mar- jorie Jones, Neal Jones, Peggy Jones, Roselle Jones, Bonnie Jor- dan, Ronnie Jordan. Jon Jourdan, David Judd, Don r..1:,... r..A., v.m.,111., Naam, Juuwu Ju'-J nw-K--flu: HM-NJ Kauffman, Anna Keeney, Linda Keffer, Armantha Keith. James Kelly, Kay Kelly, Judy Keys, Alice King, Arthur Kirby, James Kirby, Eugene Knepp. Betty Knotts, Jaunita Knotts, Don- na Kreegar, Brenda Keller, Dow Kiger, Keith Kline, Carl Krieg, Darlene Kumkowski. Joan Kunce, Laraine Laman, Don Lambert, Bob Landes, Janice Lan- ning, Darrel Large, Peggy Larison, Marlene Lasley. Judy Lauber, Shirley Lavender, Frank Lawrence, Thomas Lewis. Ernest Layton, Robert Layton, Donald Leakey, Veachel Ledbet- ter. Renee Leedom, Bob Leffel, Bar- bara Lennen, Carolyn Lennis. 'Wx 94 Robie Levitt, Jacque Lewis, Janie Lewis, Molly Lightfoot, David Lineberry, Linda Linville, Everett Litten, Mary Livingston. Tom Lovell, Chuck Lowe, Francis Lucas, Karen Lukens, Jim Lyst, Phyllis MacPherson, Marilyn Mc- Ashlan, Kenneth McClintock. Lloyd McClintick, Bob McClin- tock, Jean McConnell, Tom Mc- Connell, Fred McCord, Bill Mc- Creary, Sondra McCreary, Mar- jorie McDaniels. Penny McDaniels, Donna McEl- ravy, Rebecca McEvoy, Carole McGivem, Mary McHenry, Susie McKeand, Carolyn McMillan, Rob- ert McNatt. Carolyn Mabbitt, Nancy Madren, Carole Maguire, Mike Maine. Bill Maines, Dennis Malleme, Rod- ney Malsom, Joe Manis. Carol Marley, Johnny Marlow, Donna Marsh, Martha Marsh. Mary Marsh, Linda Martin, Mel- anie Marti.n, James Massey, Rollie Massey, Jerry Masters, Nancy Maxwell, James May. Paul Mayes, Larry Mechem, James Melton, Bill Mendenhall, Larry Merrill, Jerry Metz, Karen Mich- ael, Linda Mills. Paul Mills, Barbara Mitchell, Gus- sie Mitchell, Harry Mitchell, Mar- garet Mitchem, Donald Mitten, Sherrill Modlin, Dixie Mont- gomery. Donna Moore, Judy Moore, La- vada Morehead, Virginia Morford, Betty Morgan, Dixie Morris, Don- ald Morrison, Tony Moss. Don Muller, Betty Mullins, Joyce Mundell, Myrna Munsell, Everett Muterspaugh, Barbara Myers, Becky Myers, Franklin Myers. Marcia Myers, Mark Mullins, Judy Neeley, Bill Neff, Chester New- kirk, Barbara Nichols, Joe Niece, Sharon Nighbert. Karen Norbury, Myrna Nuzum, Carol O'Bryant, Bill O,Neal, Arthur Odle, Kenny Olive, Nancy Osbom, Charles Otto. Don Owens, George Owen, Russell Owens, Sharon Page, Sherry Page, Virginia Pakes, Betty Palmer, Jim- my Pancol. Rebecca Parisi, joe Parker, Larry Parker, Willow Jean Parker. Don Partain, Gene Paschal, Rose Patrone, Bill Peart. Norma Perkins, Sue Persing, Nor- val Peters, Ruth Petry. Jean Pettigrew, Maxine Phillips, Emily Philpott, Carol Pierce, Ian- ice Pike, Aurelia Plaxco, Alfred Poole, Sue Poore. Robert Porter, Billy Poston, Iohn Potter, Patricia Potter, Paul Pow- ell, Georgia Powless, Keith Price, Virginia Price. Betty Pruitt, Sandra Puckett, Dick Pugh, Jim Pugh, Mary Pursley, Hyla Quinn, Toby Raisor, Carol Rankel. Charles Raper, Bob Redding, Earl Reed, Carol Reeder, Margorie Reese, Daniel Reeves, Gilbert Reeves, John Rehm. L 96 Jerry Rentfrow, Lewis Rayford, Otto Rhodes, Norman Rice, Mary Jane Rice, Sharilyn Rice, John Rich, Sue Richards. Ira Richardson, Steve Richardson, Kenneth Richardson, Stephen Rich- eson, Gerald Ricker, Patsy Ridg- way, Betty Riley, Marcia Riley. Dick Rinearson, Dora Robbins, Betty Roberts, Kay Roberts, Rich- ard Roberts, Albert Rodeman, Bev- erly Ross, Jacqueline Ross. Kay Ross, Elaine Rouse, Loretta Rousey, Bill Rowland,Carole Rush, Robert Ruth, Beth Sample, Mar- tha Sargent. Virginia Scott, Billy Seibold, Jos- ephine Shackle, Jimmy Shaffer, Laura Shaul, Don Shaw, Tommy Sheets, Gary Shelton. Jerry Shively, Bethel Shock, Gary Shockney, Jane Shultz, Martha Silcox, Leanne Simmonds, Carol Simpson, Fred Simpson. Brenda Singer, Myrna Singhurst, Beverly Sipc, Ba bara Skaggs, Al- bert Skinner, Ruthann Small, Bev- erly Smith, Dale Smith. Jayne Smith, Jimmy Smith, Joan Smith, Judith Smith, Tom Smith, Danny Snellenbarger, Carolyn Snider, Bruce Snoddy. Peggy Sosbe, Tom Sowash, Ron- ald Sparks, Bradford Spencer. Marilyn Springer, John Stalnaker, Betty Stanley, Joe Stanley. Judy Stanley, Josephine Steams, Helen Steimer, Paul Stephens. Robert Sterling, Mary Stevenson, Helen Steves, Barbara Stewart. Mary Stickraclt, Sarah Stines, Bradley Stinson, Joe Stinson. Allen Stiers, Bev Stoker, Andrew Stone, Bob Stoner. janet Strader, Shirley Stroud, Wayne Stutts, Leanna Swart, Ruthene Swart, Beth Swinford, Joyce Sylvester, Douglas Talley. Carolyn Taylor, Lillie Taylor, Marilyn Taylor, James Teeters, Jean Ann Teush, Frank Thompson, Sherry Thomason, Margaret Tow- lsr. Rebecca Townsend, Sally Towns- ley, Veronica Trees, Don Troesken, Gerald Trueblood, Twyla True- blood, Larry Tunget, Esther Tur- ner. Fred Turner, Gloria Turner, Ruth Tyler, Isabel Urban, Ruthanne Utley, Judy Van Buskirk, Beverly Van Voorhis, Donald Vanderluit. Pat Vanover, Iames Vardanian, Lela Vaughn, Karen Veazey, Bill Vest, Wayne Vogel, Douglas Vor- ndran, Billy Wagner. Frances Wagner, Inn Walker, Joe Walker, Barbara Wallace, Georgia Walton, Bill Ward, Sandra Ward, Sue Ward. Diana Watson, Patty Watson, Phil- lip VVatson, Gloria WVaymire, Jack WVebber, Marla VVebster, Nancy Ellen Weed, Dee Welch. Nancy Welker, Dale Welling, Tod Wellington, James Wessar, Wayne Weston, Latricia Wheat, Ioan Whelan, Don Wheelclon. Richard Downey, David Driggers, Paul Eisele, Joe Ellingwood, Dar- lene Elliott, James Epperly, John Estle, Nancy Evans. Penny Farlovv, John F ickle, Billy Fisher, Jane Ann Ford, Bob Fran- ce, Donald Friermood, Robert Glazebrooks, Tommy Grecnwalt. Mary Beth Grimes, Jim Harmon, David Haston, Ellen Henderson, Linda Higginbotham, Sandra Hil- bolt, Eddie Hofer, Joy Hooten. Joanna Hoover, Richard Hughes, Charles Hulett, Doris Johnson, Nancy Kabrich, Nancy Kimble, Carolyn Land, Joretta Lathan. Millie McVey, Ronald McVey, Patsy Mclntire, Sue Manis, Frank Martin, Norman Murdock, Jim Newby, Linda Niccum. Pat Olden, Alice Parke, Bill Par- ker, Bob Peavler, Joyce Puter- baugh, Dick Ramsey, Betty Ray, Harry Ray. Judy Reed, Saundra Richey, How- ard Richwine, Steve Robinson, Juanita Rogers, Roger Roudebush, Chuck Shaffer, Larry Silver. Carolyn Smither, Ronnie Sparks, Larry Stewart, Adolf Stickel. Tony Swinford, Georgianna Thom- as, Leandra Troup, Lynn Thomas. Larry Tumor, David Waldron, Deanna Watkins, Patty Wells. Linda Whitson, Sue Whittington, Tom Williams, John Wood, Larry Wood, Dixie Workman, Marylou Wyant. ' - r 'i' Mary White, Gerald Whiteaker, Patsey Widener, Madonna Wid- difield, James Wiley, Stephen Wiley, Donna Wilhelm, James Wilhite. Charles Wilkerson, John Wilker- son, Eva Wilkins, Alice Williams, Barbara Williams, Darrell VVill- iams, Joyce Williams, Martha Williams. Mary Williams, Richard Williams, Diane Willis, Anita Wills, Dorothy Wills, Shirley VVilmoth, Charles Wilson, Janet Wilson. Judy Wilson, Linda Wilson, Linda Wilson, Mary Wilson, Danny Whiton, Eleanor Wissing, Boh Wolff, Sandra Wollam. Marilyn Wood, Patty Wood, Bill XVoods, Jack Woods, Melvin Wvods, John Worley, Ruthann YVorlcy, Bill VVrigf1t. Roaald Wyatt, Earline Yeagley, Darrel Young, Corval Zeabart, Bill Zehring, Ruth Zi'nme1'ma'1, Vfauncta Zimmerman, Jpan Zirk- clback. Roger Adcock, Peggy Albright, Jim Allen, Sue Allman, Drlores Anderson, Marjorie Ashcraft, Wyt- te Atkins, Mont: Baker. Mary Lou Barth, Carol Bergdahl, Joyce Barnard, Carol Bcsctt, Don Bilbrey, Jim Bodey, Janice Brad- l'y, Ronnie Brceck. Shcila Burkert, Don Callahan, Sonja Carroll, Bobby Chandler. Judy Chilclcrs, Linda Collins, Rex Cowart, James Davis. Jean Davis, Nancy Davis, Edwin Day, Don DeWitt. Q53 25351 - Z I WWQWW J 'GF' N . Dllil li 11 ilee As our knowledge increases, so should our friend- ships and social contacts, School-sponsored clubs and organizations provide us with the means to Widen our circle of friends and give us practical experience in getting along with others. The purpose of these organizations is tvvo-fold as the picture on the opposite page portrays. By planning dances and other social functions, clubs make our school year more colorful and enjoyable. Janice Clevenger illustrates the second, and per- haps the more important, aim-that of giving stu- dents the opportunity to develoop their talents and qualities of leadership. Music Organizations . 102 Y Clubs . . 110 Student Council . 116 Thespian Society 118 Future Retailers . . 120 Athletic Organizations 122 Print Shop . . . 124 Publications 126 CHORAL CLUB: Row I-N. Ianney, S. Driffill. Row II-I. Norris, S. Warner. Row III-I. Huntzinger, M. Vajner. Row IV-Y. Breeden, B. Fossmeyer, N. Land, D. Sampson, 1. llowarcl, S. Wlfeatherly, I. Bays, S. Ziegler W. Cross, P. Carraway, I. Lowry, D. Van Camp, D. Rotruck, S. Highbaugh, Miss Palmer. ROW V-D. Hess, R. Plovick, C. Schofield, S, Wagner, B. Erlandson, K. Eckert, L. Scott, P. Taggart, D. Achor, M. Woodruff, A. Fishback, K. Collings, B. Carroll, I. VViley, I. Swetnam, I. Pollard, S. Stewart, P. Green, B. Stiner. Row VI-F. Newman, D. Stoner, D. Goacher, D. Ball, N VVoodard, D. Monroe, C. Pctry, M. Farlow, F. Wright, B. Bondurant, D. Goacher, R. DuBois, B. Smith, L. Ehle, G. Love, D. Burris. Row VII-T Martin, I. Sandifer, VV. Rouse, K. Zurmuehlen, T. Toombs, D. Dotson, D. Peck, J. Yust, L. Crouse, L. Bell, H. Cappel, P. Dance, G. Aagesen, I Rager. Choral Club . . . Spreads Harmony and Good W Choral Club, directed by Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, might be caled the school7s good Will ambassadors. An out-of-town bus trip would, to astranger, disclose many secerts about these red and green clad songsters. They would soon hear about the Amalgamated Bassesi' and the KTitantic Tenorsf, November 4 and 5 saw Choral Club chang- ed into a band of gypsys, a ballet company and a military escort of royal hussars as they pre- sented Victor Herbert's operetta, The For- tune Tellerf, Which is for real? 102 1 Up on your toes! I. Howard, M. WVooclruff, I. Pollard, S. Higlibiuxgli. The he-c-tic moments before , as Miss Lon P. Carraway, D. Van Camp. applies make-up to D. Coachcr. nd Turns Gypsy For Fortune Teller Curtain call for Victor Hubertis K'Fortune Tellerv reveals intricate plot featuring the romantic duos of D. Goacher, J. Norris, S. Zieg- ler, Lyle Crouse. Romantic duos-D. Goacher, J. Nor-ris, S. Ziegler, L. Crouse. 103 Madrigal . . Nightingales Of The Round Table Blend ln Song MADRIGAL: Seated-Y. Breeden, C. Schofield, Miss Palmer, S. Stewart, S. Highbaugh. Standing-S. Warner, L. Ehle, H. Cappell, B. Smith, D. Coacher, I. Sandifer, F. Wright, S. Ziegler. This musically inclined group presents pro- crooners practice midst potato chips and pop grams to many outside organizations. It is a bottles. Their manner of singing around a table great honor to he elected to sing in Madrigal is as familiar to all as their excellent vocal Club. Everyday, fifth period, these twelve music. Orchestra . . . Candelabra! Must Be Future Liberaces Practicing Row I-C. Bowen, J. Mason, J. Clevenger, J. Bott, I. Barbare, M. Haley, A. Davis, M. Day, I. Drennen. Row II-R. Zimmerman, I. Hudson, B. Fischer, R. Boardman, N. Weed, M. Mahan, I. Allman, S. Smith, B. Leffel, B. Lovelace, S. Sylvester. Row III-P. Jolly, N. Stout, D. Goacher, I. Huh, N. Brow, L. Smith, G. Chastain, D. Clark, P. Olden, J. McConnell. Row IV fstandingl-D. Coacher, F. Newman, R. Wright, N. Woodard, R. Swing, B. Mason, W. Bailey, I. Shaffer, Mr. Clem. Row IV-Cseutedl-J. Caw, L. Laman, R. Jackson. 104 Mixed Choir . . . Learn Sharps, Flats But Sing On Key In Room L5 R11X IDCIIOINZ Row I-F. Carling Cstudent teacherb, D. Trimble, D. Decker, B. XVolf, N. Baker, G. Morris, N. Jzmney, J. Hall, Payntcr, Madden, B. Leffel, D. Beresford, P. YVidener, M. Baker. Row II-A. Swinford, S. Smith, J. Henry, I. Potry, E. Rogers, D Niccum, S. Brannon, S. Muddock, I. Wiley, A. Day, L. Chrisman, H. Phillips, Miss Palmer. Row III-B. Boyles, R. Boardman, R Erlandson, J. Barbre, E. Roeder, R. Arnold, D. Hughes, D. Iudkins, C. Harris, F. Thompson, I. Hurdacre, J. Sokol. Row IV-I. VValker B. Goldsmith, K. Zurmuehlen, L. Eglen, XV. Staggs, B. Duncan, G. Gross, N. Hull, R. Porter, G. Lisby, D. Miller, J. Schuster. Girls' Concert Choir . . . Looks And Voices Make Pretty Pictures GIRLS, CONCERT CHOIIKZ Row I-B. Leffel, I. Eubank, I. Davidson, M. Hawkins, S. Nighbert, R. Jones, N. Paynter, N. Stout, D. Trim- ble, A, Pettigrew. Row II-M. Mahan, N. Criner, D. Brewer, J. Rozelle, Schroeder, J. Parker, B. Myers, C. Wood, Miss Palmer. Row III-S. Thompson, B. Howard, S. Friend, R. Morgan, A. Swinford, T. Baker, R. Patterson, D. Blackwell, P. VVa1ters. Row IV-I. Bolen, I. Bridwell, D. Rinker, V. Odell, S. Shaul, S. Williams, N. Sharp, P. Gouldsbery. 105 a Boys And Girls G'ee Clubs Begin Singing Careers Early As The CI'lL,S GLPIE CLUB: Row l4F. Norris, N. Auker, R. Anderson, I. George, N. Danforth, I. Neff, P. johns, N. Garringer, I. Brown, M. Hoyle, K. Kelley, Mr. Hurst. Row Il-S. Cooper, B. Smith, L. VVilson, L. Whitson, B. Hutslar, H. Holbert, R. Bender, J. Dunkerly, B, Myers, I. Henry, B. Camp, A. Pettigrew, B. VVolf. Row III-P, Potter, R. McNIuller, I. Moore, D. Durbin, A. Hollars, M. Jones, I. Allen, N. Schroe- der, S. Shaul, I. Birdwell, D. Rinker, P. Walters, I. Petry, I. Sokol. . ...MM ,-,, , ........, 2 i E l 5 1 2 GIRL,S GLEI-Q CLUB: Row I-N. Baker, P. Golish, D. Anderson, A. Niccum, J. Shultz, C. Snider, R. Jackson, S. Burnette, N. Danforth, S. Turner Bartlow, I. Bernard, S. Coale, Mr. Hurst. Bow Il- A. King, V. Day, M. Townsend, B. Carroll, I. Stracler, C. Jones, R. Swart, W. Menifee, R. Rho I. Kanable, H. Felton, P. Vanover, L. Mills, Row III-A. Calvin, I. Carter, J. Childes, S. Bussell, L. Collins, C. Johnson, W. johnson, S. Bransin, Williams, A. Davis, S. Huffman, J. Buell. 106 arn The Fundamentals Of Vocal Music Through Experience ov's GLEE CLUB: Row I-N. Lund, J. 'Walkt-1', F. Thompson, R. McKihlmn, L. VVood, D. Lambert, R. Knotts, D. Hughes, E. Roeder, B. Seibold, Mr Ie l 7 i . I l . I I . . . l X, , - , I , in Ron H XV. De VV1tt, M. Goldsmith, B. Mason, R. Pitts, D. ludkins, G. Harris, D. Hughes, E. Burke. Row HI-R. lzilandson, J. Hardncic, D lorrison, G. Lishy, J. Pugh, D. Luck, I. VVurner, D. McSherry, N. Jones, J. Barbre, H. Arnold. Row IV-M. Flatt, L. Bell, C. Gross, nl. Schuster, R o rter, j. Mabluitt, 0. Taylor, D. Roberts, D. Schattner, B. Fitzgerald, B. Burt. Choralettes . . . Musical Notes Plus Charm Make Good Listening CIiO1l.ALl4I'1 I'ESZ Row I-N. WVced, S. Henderson, B. Lewis, H. Phillips, P. Lowe, S. Hopping, I. YVillis, S. Burnett, Miss Palmer. Row H-L. Mills, S. Ulrey, C. Campbell, J. Jeffries, B. Camp, I. Hudson, B. Jones, L. WVilson. Row IH-I.Simpson, M. Reed, J. Bell, C. Loudenback, D. Dunlap, S. Wilon, P. jolly, M. Wise. Row IV-D. Buren, P. Baker, H. Campbell, I. Condon, L. Clifton, H. Ponsler, P. Newbern, V. Morford, M. Alexander. 107 i 9: 21 UQ YJ? 5 war TJ? ' PM 4-wg f A 3 1 -uv 4, , Y 3 ' ge ,Q Q9 il 4 fi' Vu Y' 'ei xi fx .54 mmm xv 2 eff .Qu . 5 sf 'wx uw 5 F . A 1 5 N N Yr gin X .AA '-1 0 W 15 'LB' . ,lm ' . 1 , . ' vw , A - . ,i nf . R 5 ' 1 if QXKXN 1 I - . . 1 K NN ! Q 1 KN 6 i . E . X YQ , L , an V , L f' blODI'2llN Music: IVIASPERSZ left to right-F. Newman, C. Bowen, F. Liumbaugh, S. Hollingsworth, D. Ball, 1. Rager, F. YVright, S. NVarncr, D. Coacher, B. Smith, S. Highbaugh. ll Modern Music fvlasters . . . Happy Addition To the Music Department There has been a new arrival! Anderson High School, this last year, was blessed with a new club, Modern Music Masters. This club is the 46th chapter of the national musicians, honor- ary. All orchestra, band and choral club mem- bers are eligible to become members upon earn- ing the sufficient number of points. Points may be earned through participation in musical pro- grams both inside and outside of school. The officers of orchestra, band and choral club were honored as being the charter mem- bers of this new organization. Shortly after the club became organized, of- ficers were elected. They are Frank Newman, president, Don Goacher, vice president, Susie Hollingsworth, secretary, Fred Crumbaugh, treasurer, and Sandra Highbaugh, parliamen- tarian. The sponsors of the group are Miss Pal- mer, Mr. Hurst, Mr. Rencenberger and Mr. Clem. Bible Club . . . Promotes Christian Fellowship, Teaches Leadership BIBLE CLUB: Row I-Mr. Fred Weaver, F. Baughan fvice presidentj, Judy Capron Cpresidentb, I. Swetnam Csecretary-treasurerb. Row II-P. Barriger, V. Morford, J. Schattner, B. Myers, R. Coffey, E. Barefield, P. Davis, D. De Young, P. McDaniels, V. Scott, L. Rousey. Row IIIWAI. Kelly, D. Smith, S. Byrum, D. McGee, J. McDanell, M. Adair, A. De Young, P. Hurt, C. Friermood, K. Wolga- niott, S. Geeting, F. Hajney. Senior Y-Teens . . . Dance, Fun, Service - All Seen This Year! SEN The belle of the ball, Miss Sandra High- baugh, will long be remenbered by all Y- Teens. The Silver Bell Dance Was the main social event sponsored by the combined Y- Teen groups. Looking back over the past yearis activ- ities, one can see that service Work is the theme of this organization. In October they entertained the children at the orphans, home with a Halloween party. During No- vember thev delivered a basket full of food to a needy family. ron Y-TEENS CABINET: Seated-B. Sargent, S. Hol- lingsworth, D. Rotruck, N. Ianney, S. Steimer, L. Scharnovvske. Stzmzling-I. Svvetnam, L. Gilpin, K. Thompson, E. Hull, S. Diggs, F. Baughan. Mile oi PCllXl1CS...XN'Ol'tl'lXXlillt' lJl'O1E'Cl SENIOR Y-TEENS: Row 1-M.Tatman, M. Wright, S. Kemp, J. Townsend, M. Gustin, B. Sargent, S. Steimer, B. Taggart. Row II-L. Kimm, M. McFal1, M. Felzien, V. Vaughn, S. Rider, C. Gentry, S. Laswell, C. Bickel, L, Scharnowske, M. Alexander, P. Carraway. Row III-I. Swetnain, F. Baughan, M. Smith, J. Shaw, B. Fossmeyer, B. Bohannon, L. Carter, D. Stumpf, S. Swinford, M. Singleton, N. Moore, K. Thompson, L. Gilpin. Row IV-S. Hollingsworth, V. Hurst, B. Tuttle, B. Line, G. Danforth, P. Vanderbur, N. Hurst, S. Diggs, K. Eckert, B. Bilbrey. Junior Y-'eens . . . Three Years' Experience Make Them Expert Y-Teeners UNIOR Y-TEENS! Row I-J. Iudkins, S. Bussell, I. Clevenger, I. Huntzinger. Row II-M. Antondis, R. Collis, P. Davis, S. Haggard, C. Clanin, N asty, I. Sharp, E. Hitchcock, M. Hester, I. Morgan, S. Wagner, B. Leffel, V. Graves. Row III-S. Ulrey, R. Ward, M. Montgom:ry, T. Pancol, I. Low- y, T. Phelps, P. Lowe, D. Stierwart, D. Vanasdal, N. Duncan, D. Trimble, N. Weschler, L. Poling, B. Fish, N. Woods, S. Couch. Row IV-S. Raup, I. onahue, C. Achor, C. Fisher, I. Hartley, D. Upshaw, D. McCullough, M. Roach, N. Scanland, C. Bowen, B. Lewis, S, Stlgltz. Row V-P. Jolly, B. Ima 1, N. Felton, L. Potter, J. Staggs, M. Cobb, H. Ponsler, D. Sampson, S. Schmaltz, A. Kocher, D. Achor, A. Fishback, M. Barron, S. Walker. Row I-S. Kirkman, L. Granger, B. Gilpin, S. Williams, B. Stiner, K. Shaffer, N. Sharp, M. Christian, M. Alexander, N. Brow, M. Day, B. Carroll, L. cott, J. Kabrich, P. Gouldsbery. Latin Club . . . Caesar, Togas, Odyssey, Etc. .ATIN CLUB: Row I-D. Schuster, J. Schieve, G. Felzien. M. Maine, R. Stafford, B. Madren, D. Kigar, B. Woods, B. Seibold, j. Kirkman, M. VViley, J. Monroe, C. Campbell. Row II-R. Gustin, L. Ebbertt, R. Parisi, B. Swinford, B. Sample, A. Plafcco, M. A. Marsh, M. B. Marsh, N. Weed, I. Sehrens, L. johnson, I. Bott, S. Butler, R. Ehman, L. Chrisman, S. Blake, B. Fischer. Row III-D. Watson, R. Arnold, T. Baker, A. Alley, N. Birt, M. lartin, K. Ross, B. Fisher, B. Barnes, K. Veazey, K. Gustin, B. Myers, S. Dale, F. Wagner, S. Ackerman, S. Huntzinger, B. Huffman, I. Teush, C. ironnenberg, L. Keller, S. Wilson, M. Wise, S. Ward, M. Baker, V. Timmons. Row IV-B. Stecher, I Weschler, T. Lewis, V. Pakes, R. Zimmerman, . Allen, C. Rankel, M. McDonald, L. Mannon, C. Loudenback, I. Jones, J. Nicholson, P. Stratton, T. Baker, S. Hopping, P. Newbern, M. Feuston, I. ironnenberg, M. Munsey, T. Pancol, C. Achor, D. Kumkowski, C. Brower. Row V-R. Barr, K. Lukens, M. McHenry, I. McConnell, C. Rush, B. Denni- Jn, L. Mier, J. Birdwell, G. Barron, M. Hollars, S. Moneyhun, C. McGivcrn, S. Gilliam, I. Sokol, B. Huffman, E. Reeder, A. Davis, S. Friend, P. lrook, I. Bryant, G. Graddy, S. Van Matre, D. Rinker. Row VI-D. McGee, R. Browning, R. Lockwood, B. Christman, B. Carr, I. Crouse, B. Randolph .. Smith, I. Schuster, B. Crozier, G. Skeoch, B. Stinson, S. Chambers, A. Stieres, P. Gray, I. Fleece, K. Kemp, I. Wilhite, A. Haines, D. Dronberger, 1. Brown, R. Goldsberry. 111 1 A I Xl 'r r' ' I P .l, , KVIQLL I,-.,-----1.:--- A -1.Z..Z1.Z..- tebort, K. Zimmerman, K. Pemberton, R. Sihery, P. Singleton, N. Gentry, M. I. Booth, M. Dickerson, R. McCoy, I. Carpenter, S. Bill. Row IH-R. Clawson, N. Davis, I. Otto, P. Crook, V. Odell, D. Peel,D. Hutton, S. Phillips, S. VVood, P. Fedor, S. Murdock, R. Painter, M. Foust, L. Reeder, E. J. Elliott. Row IV-D. Boren, N. Tranliargsr, S. XVilson, P. Newhern, P. Dixon, C. VVhetsell, T. Allen, T. Bak- er, N. Griner, L. Yates, I. Boyd, I. Elliott. Row V-K. VVall, D. Thompson, C. Allen, R. Ehman, S. Van Mutre, C. Jackson, I. Kirkpat- rick, N. Schroeder. Presser, S. Butler Cpresidenti, I. McClintic Cvice presiclentj, S. Hopping isecretaryl, B. XVilliams Ctreasurerl, D. Hess, P. Richardson, I Sokol. Row HI-B. Hawkins, A. Pettigrew, I. Petry, S. Byrum, S. Hines, B. Howard, C. McCoy, J. Harrison, A. Day, S. Brubaker, I. Fifer C. Davis, B. Pryor, E. Reeder, L. Mier, I. Bridwell, S. VVeatherford, P. Layton. Row IV-I. Krueger, I. Freestone, L. Ehbertt, I. Mc Minds, J. Nicholson, I. Iones, C. Louclenhuck, I. Ketner, I. Eubank, C. Lzivencleig M. Travis, C. Smith, B. XVallace, I. Smith. ROW V-N Danforth, Coalo, N. Danforth, E. Cummins, B. Qualls, R. Citron, L. Norris, C. Brower, J. Safford, B. Phelps, B. Higbee, S. Dugger, I Gardner. 112 Freshman Y-Teens . . . Rookie Y-Teeners Boast Largest Membership HESHIWEN Y-TEENS: Row I-K. Diggs, N. Madren, M. VVhite, K. Norbury, A. Keith, S. Puckett, P. Jones, A. Fishback, V. Heiden, B. Sample Wood, S. Nighbert, M. Marsh, D. Carpenter, S. Dale, S. Heflin, R. Arnold, P. Baker. Row II -F. Wagner, S. Ackerman, I. Hughes, D Del ling r, D. VVillis, C. Bronnenberg, M. Nuzum, M. Myers, I. Wilson, L. Wilson, S. Goul, R. Petry, A. Plaxco, B. Swinford, S. Ward, B. Skaggs VI. Ellis. Row III-C. Rush, L. Dennison, L. Johnson, D. VVatson, J.Teush, K. Ross, B. Barnes, B. Ross, R. Bender, I. Coon, N. Birt, B Wil suns, M. McAshlan, L. Ambrose, A. Alley, C. McGivern, L. Martin, M. Livingston, V, Bales, G. Babcoke, R. Leeclom, I. Bryant. Although this is only their first year, these frosh gals came through with active and pur- poseful sessions. Various programs during the year constitut- ed an important part of frosh activities. Visi- tors presented talks on Facial Carev and Hair Stylingn and a debate of teenage problems proved beneficial to all. A hayride in the fall served as a get-aquainb ed meeting for all members. A sock-hop con- cluded the groupis plans. At one of their first meetings, the new group of Y-Teeners chose their officers who were to lead them through their first year with the YWCA. The officers chosen were Sue Acker- man, president, Myrna Nuzum, vice president, Beverly Ross, secretary, and Betsey Barnes, treasurer. The frosh are now on the threshold of Y-Teen fellowship RESHMAN Y-TEENS: Row I-C. Mabbitt, M. Lightfoot, D. Cockman, N. Perkins, M. Handy, B. Huffman, D. Jacques, M. Martin, H. Steimer S llward, N. Brewster, K. Gustin, K. Veazey, I. Barons, P. Blume, T. Hendricks, N. Weed, M.L.Wyatt. Row II-I.Stanley, L. Eustler, P YVag ner, B. Dishmond, M. Taylor, P. Clark, B. Keller, L. Layman, I. Burkhard, L. Iveson, ll. Kanable, M. Springer, I. Smith, B. Sipe C reeder, M. Dilts, D. Robbins, L. Wilson, A. Gerke, R. A. VVo1'ley, I. Urban, A. Cridge, M. Gibson, B, Braddock. Row III-N. Colvill, P Van ver, K. Bartlovv, M. Towler, M. Crouse, S. Poore, E. Bays, V. Trees, B. Wallace, L. Lindville, I. Carter, R. Barr, R. Parisi, B. Kemp, K. Kelley Kelly, S. Chamlee, L. Morehead, C. Campbell. TORCH CLUB: Seefzd-B. Penn, D. Richards, R. Coldsberry, P. Gray, I. Fleece, Mr. I. Hunt. Row II-B. Shafer, C. Wilde, P. Kocher, M. Maguire M. Goldsmith, B. Waldo, D. Handley, B. Gray, M. Wiley, D. McCarty, D. Schuster, T. Pedersen, T. Ward B. Doyle, H. Terry, I. Macy. Row III E. York, A. Middleton, D Butler, D. Iudkins, B. Goldsmith, B. Paramorc, I. Dick, B. Boys, P. Robbins, I. Ijames, I. Hale, M. Carpenter, B. Crozier C. Campbell, K. Kemp, K. Parvis, V. Daubenspeck. ROW IV-R. Boys, T. Capozzoli, C. H. Dabney, P. Watson, B. Christman, B. WVolff, B. Mason, B Carr, R. Gunkel, G. Skeoch, K. Hammonds, R. Harris, I. Unclebach, B. D.1ncz1n, D. McGivern, G. Stanley, B. Doyle. Torch Club . . . Hi-Y's Litt e Brothers Prove Themselves Worthy Easter lilies and a beautiful Sabbath morn provided impressive setting' for Sunrise Service. Those planning the program were J. Fleece, chap- lain, R. Goldsbcrry, president, Rev. YV. D. Oldham, A. Egley, Y. M. C. A. sponsor, P. Gray, sergeant-at-arms, and Don McCarty. l14 The underclass boys really don't have it so bad. The Torch Club provides them a Wonder- ful opportunity for fun and work. The Torch Club members have had an outstanding year and have proved themselves Worthy of their name. Many Andersonians have taken part in and enjoyed the annual Sunrise Services sponsored by Torch Club on Easter Morning. This year Reverend Dale Oldham of the Park Place Church of God was the speaker at the service held in Shadyside Park. The club,s work was led by Ralph Goldsberry, president, Dean Richards, vice president, Bill Penn, secretar'y and treasurer, Paul Cray, sergeant-at-arms, jim Fleece, chaplain. Programs during the year provided all mem- bers a variety of interest. Some of the guest speakers were Marvin Lowe, Koshe Phillips and Fred Casady. ' 4 Hi-Y . . . Big Brothers, Too, Had An As in the past years, Hi-Y was again a leader in many school social events. They are noted for their participation in worthy projects for the commun- ity. N ot even Mr. Winter in all his fury could damp- en these hoys, spirits as they stood outside for hours collecting money for the needy children. The 'KLinc of Dimesv was their most worthwhile effort and nearly everyone participated. The Hi-Y Basketball League was both recrea- tional and a lesson in sportsmanship. It held the interest of members as well as that of many outsid- ers. Dave Brown's team won over the other teams of the league. Outstanding Year Of Activities SANrA's LITTLE H1aLPEns: jim Buxton, chaplain, David Wellington, secretary, Bill Bell, sergfant-at-arms, Dan Coble, parliarnentarian, Lowell Stewart, president, Bruce Partner, vice president. l HI-Y: Row I-D. Brown, D. Bannon, N. Howard, G. Edgecomb, B. Gaar, L. Dowden, J. Raup, J. Seulean, C. Bonner, J. Stump. Row II-J. Hancock, D. Boone, P. Keller, D. Wellington, B. Partner, B. Bell, L. Stewart, J. Buxton, R. Hardacre, R. Fowler, B. Sample. Row III-Mr. Pursley, T. Rhodes, D. Bridges, B. Fitzgerald, K. VVise, L. Crouse, G. Aagesen, Mr. Stewart, B. Jackson, D. Stoner, B. McAllister, D. Faust, J. Stoelting, D. Brown, Mr. Balsley. Row IV-T. Burton, L. jones, J. Bridges, R. Harrison, J. Armstrong, B. Sexton, J. Rhodes, B. Latham, M. Erehart, F. Wright, E. Burton, B. Haven, D. Coble, M. Marsh. 115 STUDENT COUNCIL: Seated 1. to r.!P. Stratton Ccorresponding secretaryb B. jackson Cvice presidentp, I. Busby Csecretaryj, B. Partner Qpresi- dentj, I. Crouse Clibrarianb, T. Pancol treading clerkl, B. Fisher Ctreasurerl, D. Coble tparliamentarianj. Row H-Mr. McCoon, L. Gilpin, M. Alexander, S. Steimer, K. Epply, G. Moskwinski, C. Bonge, I. Swetnam, B. Taggart, S. Warner, YVoodruff, T. Burke, Mrs. Hughes. ROW III- D. Davisson, G. Hodson, B. Loose, I. Allman, R. Shaw, B. Carroll, D. Sampson, S. Tucker, C. Fisher, N. Paynter, S. Rossen, B. Smith. Row IV-D. Schuster, B. Paramore, D. Hudson, M. Reed, H. Campbell, S. Moneyhun, J. Macy, J. Fleece, D. Kimball, R. Coldsberry, T. Baker. ROW V-E. Roeder, B. Howard, S. Butler, V. Pakes, B. WVolff, B. Cunningham, C. Hunt, D. Gray. Student Council . . . Governing Student Body Exercises Democracy 'The motion has been made and second- edv is a familiar sound in room 207 during thet fourth period. This is our schoolis form of democracy at Work. We are all represent- ed in this organization by members chosen from each homeroom. They bring about im- provements and activities which could not be accomplished Without this representa- tive group. This year they sponsored the annual school7s homecoming parade and dance, over which Kay Collings reigned as queen, the Fall Wind-Up Dance that climaxed football season and the ':Singing Hoosiersn from Indiana University. Not only does Student Council sponsor good times as the y ones mentioned above, but they, too, con- duct service campaigns. During Christmas, EXECUTIVE CIOIXTBIITTEE MEhIBE1tS ARE: Row I-E. Roedcr, D. Coble, S. Steirner, S. Warner, C. Bonge, B. Smith. Row H-B. Taggart, I. Bus- toys wel-e Cgugcted ffgm eagh hgmerggm by, T. Pancol, P. Stratton, B. Fisher, B. Jackson. Bow HI-B. Partner, . . T. Baker, G. Moskwinski, J. Fleece, Mr. McGoon, J. Crouse, D. Davisson. Ellld glVCI1 to Ofpllall Clllldfell. l iii 1 . An 1111171 ssive caidlcl git L lemony mit ated new niemleeis Honor Society . . . Brains Plus! Honor Society's pledge represents the high ideals of any good citizen as well as those of a good stu- dent. The candlelight initiation service inducted jun- iors and seniors who had obtained a high average. Among the yearis activities was a contest among the boys for the best cookies. OFFICEIIS Cllightl Maxine Ross, secretary, Ly1eCrouse, he X president, john Stoelting, vice president, Sandra Kemp, ' K, f 6 treasurer. HONOR SOCIETY: Row I-D. Wellington, P. Keller, B. Sample, I. Allman, B. Cumberland, B. Smith, B. Gaar, D. Brown, L. Stewart, F. Wright, I. Cof- fin, K. Craddy, J. Kimball. ROW II-P. Green, M. Ross, I. Richardson, P. Vanderbur, N. Hurst, S. Diggs, I. Townsend, N. Bevill, M. George, K. Ep- ply, J. Wiley, S. Highbaugh, S. Warner, N. Stephenson, S. Schmaltz, I. Capron, B. Imel, 1. Edens, L. Potter, Mrs. Doles. Row III-S. Kemp, N Moore, I. Bronnenberg, B. McMahan, S. Steimer, M. Gustin, E. Rossin, B. Taggart, C. Schofield, D. Rotruck, J. Lowry, I. Busby, V. Ralston, J. Bays S. Weatherly, A. Gillaspy, J. McDannell. Row IV-P. Cunningham, J. Swetnam, K. Thompson, P. Moore, S. Wagner, . Gouldsbery, V Graves, B. Erlandson, L. Roby, C. Bonge, M. Skaggs, P. Foley. Row V-J. VVash, K. Willis, H. Stickler, R. Cox, S. Hickerson, I. Sharp, N. Woods M. Mabbit, M. Munsey, E. Hodson, D. Upshaw, M. Schmitt, G. Hodson, C. Shetterly. Row VI-B. Perkins, G. Chastain, J. Pollard, F. Baughan, K Wolgamott, L. Gilpin, C. Zimmerman, B. Line, M. Vajner, D. Achor, R. Shaw, M. Cobb, I. Kabrich, J. Stoclting. Row VII-D. Davisson, P. Edwards M. Barron, P. Haynes, S. Tucker, I. Stagg, C. Bowen, L. Craigie, L. Scott, K. Shaffer, L. Crouse. Row VIII-R. Plovick, M. Hopfner, D. Sacilowski D. Monroe, F. Moore. Row IX-H. Kirchenbaurer, B. McAllister, D. Ellison, B. Partner, D. Coble, B. Fisher, B. Jones, G. Mills, D. Hoffman. 117 s s s J National Thespian Society . . . All The Worlds A Stage TI-Il-ISPIAN Appimxilcrgsz How IAM. Barron, L. Scott, R. Hoskins, A.D.1y, A. Keeney, D. VVilhelm, S. Page, S. NVilmoth, P. Seibold, N. Stephenson, P. Lowe, P. Scnliewen, S. Kirkman. Row II-P. Cook, K. Bowen, S. Gilliam, K. Pemberton, N Stout, N. Riggs, A. Pancol, V. Parkes, R. Bender, D. Jacques, B. Huffman, M. Handy, F. Wagner. Row III-1. Harrison, N. Davis, A. WVitteliort, -I. Kabrich, D. Hess, I. MeCl1ntic, P. Singieton, S. Summers, T. Pancol, S. Bussell, M. Wishard, M. Day, S. ltossen, M Alexander. Row IV-D. Bridges, N. jones, L. Stewart, j. Ravage, D. Monroe. The lights dim, a bright spot floods center stage and a small figure appears--jumping, twirling, running! Once again the tradition of Bookmark comes to life. The character of Book- mark originated two years ago with the child- reuis play and shall continue as long as Thes- pian presents the chidren's play. First semester officers were Dave Welliiig- ton, president, John Stoelting, Vice president, Carolyn Schofield, secretary, and Maxine Ross, treasurer. The second semester officers were John Stoelting, president, Ianet Howard, vice president, Sara Stewart, secretary, and Sandra Kemp, treasurer. NA'I'IONAL Tu1ss1f1AN: Row I-Miss Long, M. Vajner, F. Wright, B. Mason, I. Walker, R. Scott, E. Rossin, Miss Higman. Row II- T. Plielos, I. Howarcl, S. Shaul, R. Shaw, M. Ross, B. Surgent,D. Wellington, I. Stoelting, I. Rager, C. Schofield, S. Kem, B. Erlandson, j. Mason, S. Stewart, D. Rotruck. Mabbitt, L. Thiel, 'I. Henricks. BOW II-K. Sears, A tggge ggg C. France, T. Myers, M. Faust, C. Fisher, S. Raup. Row III-M. Brow, S. Jones, S. Wagner, P. Layton, C. Achor. :io before a happy ending. Furure Teachers Of America . . . Look Forward To School Afrer Sehool The Future Teachers Club not only enlight- to inform on the various jobs. ens students on the teaching profession but also A bus trip to Ball state and a joint meeting on other vocations. The purpose of the club is with Muncie Burris Were the main events. FU Uni VIXFIAAHEPSZ Row I-S. Kemp fviee presidentl, K. McCullough Csecretaryb, j. Swetnam fpresidentj, J. Huntzinger ftreas- ur rl, M. Aatunidis Cparliamfntarlanj, N. Sharp Clibrariarij, V. Gray s. Row H-T. Paucol, R. Shaw, B. Stiner, L. Roby, M. Hoon r, I. Caoron, C. Cook, A. Pancol, S. Raup. ROW III-C. Bickel, K. Thompson, P. Taggart, P. Couldsbery, H. Ponsler, I. Fans tt, L Potter, M Alexander, M. A. Alexander. ROW IV-Mrs. VVQrls, D, Lifford, C. Rice, J. Barnhlzgr, F. Baughan, K. Shaffer S. Holllfigiwortlm, M. Hopfnor, Mr. Beigll. a Future Retai ers . . . Entertain Sta te Convention And Meet The Public FUTURE RETAILEBS: Row I-Mr. Peart, M. Ruth, D. Stanger, I. Donahue, J. Gibson, I. Baker, G. Moskwinski, K. Epply, S. Bristol. Row II-I. Lewis, D. Cook, J. Clore, A. Williams, M. Mitchell, F. Hawkins, L. Mitchell, I. East, C. Clani.n,' I. Sharp, S. Couch, B. Buck. Row III-H. Cappel, I. Stanislaus, E. Fox, F. Burkhart, P. Riggs, L. Clifton, N. jones, D. Knotts, E. Hitchcock, M. Begley, M. Hooper, N. K. jones. ROW IV-N. I. Iones, N. Woodard, T. Toombs, P. Burkhart, M. Clark, B. Blueher, D. Alexander, G. Babcoke, I. Warner, L. Kilgore, D. McNeal, B. Kirkpatrick, K. Barnes, L. McKay, D. McCafferty, K. Miller. '77,f, Q - May I help you, sir? ,... Yes, this shirt is Washable and colorfast .... U The Future Retailers often engage in such one-sided conversations as they meet the public over the -'store counters. Many of them have part-time jobs Where the theor- ies that they learn in school are combined With practical experience. These students Who will be the sales lad- ies and the salemen of tomorrow were hosts to the Seventh State Convention ofthe Dis- tributive Education Clubs of Indiana. This was only the third year this club has participated in the convention. A banquet and dance Were part of the activities at the convention. Several contests in sales de- monstrations and Window designing were L also held. An able demonstration of Window decorating was given by the club officers: N. jones, secretary, L. McKay, president, I. East, vice president, D. Stanger, treasurer. 120 ' Future Farmers . . .The A B Cs Of Farming Sugar-coated With Fun The Future Farmers of America Club was organized back in 1928. Seven years later Anderson became the fifty-first chap- ter in Indiana. The F .F .A. has livestock and poultry jud- ging teams that compete With other schools annually. Some ofthe various activities held each year are skating parties, square dances and a chili supper. The club also sponsors a trip to Chicago every other year. So you see that it is not all Work and no play for these boys. Their basketball team has set a fine record While playing other schools. Most of the members have projects which take up a lot of time. One member even tried sowing wheat last year with an air- plane. Golden Lindav meets officers Jim WVaymire, vice president, Dale Lechlitner, president, Jerry Swinford, secretary, Myron Brown, I ,, W., FUTURE FARMERS: Row I-I. DeShon, I. Swiuford, I. Summers, D. Smith, M. Brown, I. Etchison, D. Cook. Row II-A. Hansell, D. Odom, C. Stephenson, M. Cantrell, I. Newton, N. Hull, R. Kirkpatrick, D, Fox. Row IH-R, Bishop, L. Burge, D. Jackson, D. Kimball, D. Hoffman, I. Waymire, S. Garrett. Row IV-W. Durant, D. Cook, H. Ashton, L. Hatfield, K. Pickering, L. Etchison. Row V-I. Marlow, C. Krieg, B. Neff, R. Jordan, J. Hudson, C. Harrison, J. Hunter, I. Gwynn, W. Durant. Row VI-R. Ruth, L. Reynolds, H Miller, J. Neely, D. Hooper, F. Keesling. Row VII-J. Palmer, D. Nutt, T. Rydman. E 121 f ht' - as- 1 1. E3 3 ? 1 treasurer. 52 2 f 9' G.A.A .... Sports-Minded Gals Learn Lesson In Good Sports Gals in action , A good basketball game is one of the favorite pastimes of these G.A.A.'ers. Billowing skirts on multi-colored formals lend an atmosphere of elegance to the annual Girl's Athletic Association initiation. These girls, generally seen 111 gymn suits, are equally at home in these surroundings. C. A. A.: Row I-Mrs. Dietrich, S. Munsell Creporterj, J. Stage Ctrcasurerj, I. Willis, B. Moore Cpresidentl, N. Moore fvice presi dentj, G. Rinearson Csecretaryj, M. Munsell. ROW H-E. Chesterfeld, D. Bricker, 1. Williams, J. Hammond, R. Tyler, N. Perkins N. Colvill, R. Small. Row IH-C. Smither, L. Linville, S. Smith, K. Waugh, B. Iackson, M. Baylor, D. Hitch, J. Clark, D L Browning. Sportsmanship Award The G.A.A. pledge reveals the purpose of this club as well as serving as a motto for the girls. HAS part of this organization I will co-operate in all activities that are held by the G.A.A. I Will en- courage and promote the development of desirable health practices, attitudes and ideals. I will do my best to keep my scholastic standards at least aver- age and to develop good sportsmanshipf' l22 Honor Award A-Club . . . Boasts Of Heroes And Their Feats From The Sports World A CLUB: Row I-I. Davis, F. Couch, D. Smith, J. Higginbotham, I. Tipton, B. Jones. Row II-D. Myers, L. Bowser, G. Ewing, B. Gray, J. Purdy, D. Maynard, G. Thanas, L. Kelley, D. Dean, D. Couch. Row III-R. Minton, R. Hardacre, I. Etchison, D. Smith, K. Graddy, B. England, N. Anson, L. DeHority, T. Boots, D. Brown. Row IV-T, Pettigrew, G. Bennett, E. Silcox, D. Stoner, M. Erebart, B. Latham, I. Coffin, C. Baker, B. Harless, K. Hunt. ROW V-R. Shafer, B. Sexton, D. Vance, I. Lutton, R. Boys, B. Bene- fiel, C. Mills, L. Crouse, D. Faust, D. Richards. ROW VI-D. Martin, G. VVilde, I. Quinn, B. Pursley, M. Hayden, B. Cumberland. A-Club is, perhaps, one of the most repre- sentative groups in school. These husky lads can be found in many and varied school activ- ities and courses of study. These heroes of the sports world have, however, one thing in com- mon: they are all athletes and have won an A letter award in at least one major sport. Their yearly activities include the March initiation of new members, selling pictures of both the basketball and football teams and promoting scholarship and sportsmanship. There are between fifty and sixty boys who have the honor of belonging to A-Club. These boys are easily recognized by the red and green A sweaters which they wear, much to the delight of adoring females. 123 Athletes must have their vitamins. The officers are Bill jones, president, Ioe Tipton. vice president, jerry Higgin- botham, treasurer, and Don Smith, sergeant-at-arms Print Shop . . . Puts News Hot Off The Press i PRINT SHQP Caftsrnoonbz I.Huffmar1, N. Hart, I. Helpling, N. Hathcoat, B. VVad2, G. Bell, G. Boclkin, R. Taylor. Ink in their veins? Possibly, but more ink on their hands. These are the Print Shop boys who print The X-Ray, Little Chief and the Annual. Anderson is one of the very few schools which have their own print- ing shops and Whose students do all the printing. Mr. Barner is in charge of the shop. the new press: jim Davis Af fha llfmtypci Dmiyle Martin and jack Hollis PnxNT SHOP Cmorningl: standing-D. Skaggs, D. Martin, P. Plummer, I. Hollis, I. Davis, D. Vance. Sitting-I. Bridges, C. Bailey. 124 Ushers Club . . . To Keep Order ls Their Objective The Ushers Club is a very small group of boys to have the job of keeping order during all of our ac- tivities Which happen in the gym. They keep the gym floor cleared of particles during ball games and keep our playing floor in good shape by preventing spectators from walk- ing on it. USHEHS CLUB: ROW I-W. Stutts, I. Parker, T. Sheets, R. Colvin, H. Imel, R. Huf- fer. Row II-R. Dray, I. Hancock, D. Hughes, F. Burkhart, F. Harvcy, F. Lamb ROW IH-R. Huffer, P. Porter, B. Furnish, C. Furnish. Row IV-D. Flowers, D Romine, B. Gillespie, B. Neff. Standing-Mr. Garrigus. XRKING LOT CADI-yrs: Row I-D. Cook, L. Kilgore, B. Kirby, M. Thornton. ow H-J. Mahoney, F. Rodeman, I. Martin. Row IH-F. Burkhart, R. Dee. ow IV-B. Gray, T. Ward, C. Bonner. Row V-D. Couch, J. Davis, F. ouch, N. Howard. Parking Lot Cadets . . Our Guard--Safety Insurance The Parking Lot Cadets have a big job placed upon their capable shoulders every year. They must re- gulate the parking lot for the con- venience of all and limit the causes for accidents. This, alone, is a big responsibility, but they still have time to be a Hgood guyv and yell a friendly greet- ing to all. W.. f, , .,.. ....,. , .. .. . W . ...W , M., -,,,,...., ...W-,. ..-..-,,3-,-- .-.. H .,,...... ..., .--f-f .-.V . , .,..,,.., .. . . ' . -- 1, V jgly' X Ray Regular Beats And Scoops Keep Lls Well Informed Typists: Shirley Jarrett, Georgie Rice. PAGIL EDIFORG E Hull S Scott V G1 rvns B IIZVLI B FALL SEMEs113u REPOHTERS: P. Quimby, M. King, D. Ber- bmrth L Kmght G Perdue R N62-1115 R Shaw esford I Mason, M. Ross, T. Burke, J. 11e1..ouerQ. SPICINF SFNIPSTER REPOIKTTIKS ROWI L Cralgr N Copeland B Drmcan P Lowe M George, C. Lewis, T. Phelps. Row II-J. Mrtchell P Walf61S Q Stultz I Langfortl I Barnluzer k Shat er N Sraro D Cnch r, C. Shock. I-Inzlet, M,f:s Mulvihill, Mr. Pursluy. Rfzss, jucly Knotts, Phyllis Green, activities. f umbtrland, sports, Kay McCullough, faculty, Debby Rotruck, typist. Newton, lim Smith, Stun Mills, pliotograplieis. Annna . . . Seventh Period M Smead Publishes Indian David Wellington, editor-in-chief. Paula Vanderbur, Sandra Kemp, seniors. Janet Townsend, Elinor Rossin, underclusf:n1en. John Mitchell, junior editor, Kay Thompson, Betta Line, art co-editors. 93 3? Q, X. iv is ag M 15 an wg EQ 5. s iv, 5? A Si w Isa H E N Q if I2 s 5 2 E S 2 E nf E lil Ilee1li'4:e We as students spend many years improving and developing our minds for the future. Physical de- velopment should also play an important role in our lives if we are to work toward that perfect combination of a well-trained mind and a sturdy body. Any participation in an athletic program serves as a training field for the game of life in the years that lie ahead. The rigid requirements of training, the joys and heartaches of winning and losing and the cooperation of teamwork are not mere words to an athlete but an actual part of his life. Athletics is just like a careerg it takes hard work and determination to be successful, as the golfers on the opposite page will readily testify. Bill Har- less agrees, however, that it was worth the sacri- fice as he receives the Tennis Club award. Football . . 130 Cross Country . 135 Basketball . 138 Wrestling . 144 Golf . . 145 Baseball . 146 Tennis . 149 Track . 150 s l 5 E i .1 i Row I-D. McGee, I. Iarvis, R. Page, R. Boys, E. Couch, C. Day, I. Fleece,E. Silcox, J. Bridges, K. Graddy. Row II-D. Couch, D. Vance, J. Tipton K. Hunt, B. Gray, R. Minton, D. Smith, G. Bennett, R. Hardacre, L. Crouse, B. Sexton. Row III-Coach K. Smith, L. Cleveland, A. VVoods, N. Anson D. Dean, J. Leverette, T. Pettigrew, M. Erehart, B. Latham, J. Adams, D. Stoner, Coach C. Byfield. Row IV-I. Coffin, C. Harrison, T. Capoz zoli, D. Sanders, I. Etchison, Coach I Carter, D. McGivem, B. England,J. Lutton, D. Bridges, J. Swinford. This Year's Braves Faced Toughest Road In SchooI's History Coach Jim Carteris stalvvarts experienced a rough and tumble season last fall. The red and football champions in 1952. Fleet Tommy Flet- cher, eventually the stateis leading prep scorer, green clad Braves faced the toughest schedule in the schoolis history. After the smoke of the seasonis strife cleared, the Redskins had attain- ed a 3 won, 6 lost record. The Tribe opened the schedule by entertain- ing Indianapolis Cathedral, winner of 18 con- secutive games. The Tribesmen led in the early stages of the game only to fall behind later in the fray. The Irish won out, 22-13. Next to challenge Coach Carter,s young and determined aspirants were Bichmondfs power- ful Bed Devils. Coach Bill Elias, eleven, winner of 22 consecutive battles, were mythical state Row I-K. Smith, D. Barnett, B. Ameredes, C. Byfield. Row II-1. Carter. 130 scored three touchdowns as the marauding Bed Devils outpointed the Braves, 21-12. Tech,s Creenclads fought back from a half- time deficit to overpower the Braves, 33-14. The squad, playing without the services of several of its regulars, tried valiantly to combat the heavier opponents but finally succumbed to the more-experienced Tech team. Homecoming proved to be a profitable ex- perience for the Redskins as they scalned Mar- ionis Giants, 27-13. The game was noted for its broken-field running and down-field blockind. Lafavette,s Bronchos ran wild at the Tribe! expense as they trimmed the Indians, 46- 21. The Braves proved no match for the ex- perienced and heavier Jeff eleven. Falling behind three touchdowns early in the game, the Redskins fought a hard up- hill battle against Logansportfs Berries, only to fall short, 26-20. The Tribe lost their fourth one-touchdown decision of the sea- son to Howeis Hornets in a Dad,s Day en- counter. The Indians fell behind late in the fourth quarter as Howe put on a late rally. Elwoodis Panthers felt the brunt of an Indian uprising as the Braves literally ran wild in a 37-6 pasting of the Madison Coun- ty eleven. Coach Carter used three strings in the encounter. It takes a heap of practice to make a squad a team. Amid Floats And Pageantry, Tribe Won Homecoming Game The Braves continued their uprising as they conquered Kokomois tame Wildcats, 27-14. The game was highlighted by substitute Dick Stoner running a 42-yard touchdown in his only carry of a four-year football career. Cene Bennett and Ray Minton, both mem- bers of the varsity for three years, were elected honorary co-captains at the conclusion of the recent campaign. Coach Carter will be faced with the difficult task of filling the shoes of fourteen seniors. These boys have Worked together for four years and Will be sorelv missed next season. Those playing their last high school game are Lyle Crouse, Roger Hardacre, Gene Bennett, Don Smith, Ray Minton, Bill Crav and Ken Hunt. Others are Ioe Tipton, Don Vance, Dave Couch, Dick Dean, Mark Ere- hart, Dick Stoner and less Etchison. Bennett and M inton. both members of the varsity for three years were elected honorary co-captains at the conclus- ion of the recent campaign. Assisting Coach Carter with the handling of the team were four extremely competent coaches. Car- ter Bvfield Worked With the backfield and also handled the reserve team. Kenneth Smith did his best to develop a strong and quick-moving line. Coaches Don Barnett and Bill Ameredes aided the varsity, but their cheif duty Was the developing of a strong freshmen squad. AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS Cathedral 22 ...,....,.Bichmond21 .. Tech Qlndplsj 33 Marion 13 Lafayette 46 Logansport 25 Howe flndplsj 20 . .. ,. Ewood 6 .,...., Kokomo 1-1 vainly as Adams looks on. KARL GRADOY E BILL ENGLAND C Nw.. L. .ff V ' A X V 5:5 a5.E5:x k . Q ' - h 1,Q. F3 i 1. . JOE TIPTON G LATHAM QB BAR NE S JIN LEVERETTE' HB xx GENE BENNETT RAY- MINTON -GB T ROGER HAROACRE X Xa , f ' .qv aw 4 f 5 -A g gl .3 fi Rex s3oYs cs ' ': 'f:. ' ::1-. 5 - 4- Q , N f' ' .,..,:.: i Y NYLES Anson E 1 'HM LUWON TOM PETTIGREN T 5 2 3 5 3- 1 I X ML Q. V I, ,, -. L kr i 1 .,, QRS . 1 A .,, 1? f ,. wa Q , ' -- 1 ,, ' L ' H L' ' . .L ,m y K I EL 5 A f -I-57 K A--' 'LZ . -. ' f 5 Y' I . ' f s ' ' 1210 ' Q T S 1 21 X am. eww , N X we 53 A E P' N 1 x' -x 55 Q 2 E f 8' V W , K g A - 'V A ' . ,XE S . 3 A 1 DON SWTH 6 oem. smwens ez ' A N , w A 'E , 33529, DAVE COUCH FB MARK EQEHAQ1' 1 . xik: D my V Nwmiwmj , I ,,V it EA: V W A ' Q :f- Q? 'JACK com G Hum RON SHAFER T ,lL LYLE cfzopse GT - W s Fr W I G Love, Illgr., J. Crouse, I. Jarvis, L. Cleveland, J. Coffin, B. Latham, E. Lind, T. Rhodes, I. Allman, M. McGuire, G. Harris, mgr. Row II B Penn mgr., D. McGee, T. Capozzoli, C. Day, B. England, C. Harrison, D. McGivern, I. Lutton, J. Fleece, Coach C. Byfield. Row III-B. Carr E Silcox I Bridges, I. Dick, I. Swinford, D. McCarty, C. Campbell. Reserves Gain Plenty Of Exper ience Despite Winning Only One The Indian reserves, guided by Coach Carter Byfield, managed to win one, tie one and lose six contests during the seasonfs campaign. The boys had the mental qualities of a good team, but they were hampered by a lack of physical prowess. Nevertheless, the reserve team mem- bers gained valuable experience for next sea- sonis varsity. The Papooses opened the season with a 26- 19 reversal at the hands of Marionis young Giants. The local lads gran out of gasv in the fourth quarter. The next game on the schedule proved to be the outstanding one as season re- Row I-P. Clements, T. Goacher, G. Harris, G. Love. Row II-R. Goldsberry, D. Cook. gt 134 cords go. The little Indians scalped the Tech Greenies, 14-6. The remainder of the schedult proved fruit- less. New Castleis Colts shut out the Redskins, 6-0, for their second loss. Traveling to Muncie, the reserves were tromped, 26-6. In a rough and tumble game, the reserves battled Lafay- ette Ieff to a 6-6 deadlock. Marionis Giants a- gain trounced the reserves, 32-0. Showing signs of improvement, the Pap- ooses fought Muncie Central bravely before succumbing to the Bearkittens, 13-6. New Castle again defeated the reserves, this time in the season finale, 27-6. Papoose Path AHS 19 ,..... ,...,. ...........,... M a rion 26 AHS 14 ...... .,..,.. T ech flndpsj 6 AHS O ,.,.. ...... N ew Castle 6 AHS 6 .,., ..... M uncie 26 AHS 6 ..,., .,,..,. L afayette 6 AHS 0 ...,... ..... M arion 32 AHS 6 ........ ,........... lN Iuncie 13 AHS 6 ....... .,,... N ew Castle 27 Future Braves Display Power As As They Win Six Of Eight Tilts The Anderson football picture appears to be extremely bright for the oncoming seasons. The freshman squad won six of eight football games this season. Coaches Bill Ameredes and Don Barnett were greatly impressed by the turnout last fall. Some of the boys exhibited signs of po- tential ability in the rough and tumble sport. As a whole, the squad was large, as freshman teams go. This seasonls frosh squad showed a tremen- dous scoring punch, backed up by a formidable line. The heavier boys proved to be good block- ers as well as good tacklers. Facing Marion in the season opener, the Rhinies slaughtered the Little Giants, 32-0. , . Elwood s young Panthers stopped the freshres in their tracks as they ground out a 13-6 tri- umph over the local boys. Returning to the winning side of the ledger, the squad blanked New Castle, 19-0. Muncie Wilson provided the freshmen with their third victory, a 20-6 encounter. Lafayette then threw a monkey wrench into the high-geared machi- nery as they held the Braves scoreless, the only fruitless attempt by the team. Marionis Giants again fell prey to the Indians as they dropped the Grant County eleven, 19-0. Seeking revenge for an early season de- feat, the squad prepared diligently for the sec- ond Elwood fracas. The hard work paid off as the scoreboard read: A.H.S. 19, Elwood 0. Con- tinuing their winning ways, the Redskins drop- ped New Castleis Trojans for the second time, 13-6. Head Coach lim Carter will have a good group of sophomores coming up next year. It appears as if the football era of A.H.S. is fast approaching. Coach Ameredes summed up the season at the awards convo with the following statement: .... the opportunity to play is more important than the recordf, RHINY ROAD Frosh 32 ....., ..,...............,......... ...... M a rion O Frosh 6 ....... ,.,..,.,. E lwood 13 Frosh 19 .... ,.,.,.... N ew Castle 0 Frosh 20 ,..... .....,. M uncie Wilson 6 Frosh O .,..... ........... L afayette 6 Frosh 19 ,.... ..,.,.,.. M arion 6 Frosh 19 ,..., ,.,...,... E lwood 0 Frosh 13 ..... .....,. N ew Castle 6 Row I-Coach D. Bamctt, C. Krcig, H. Mitchell, R. Iames, I. Ijames, G. Mitchell, C. Raper, B. Erlandson, I. Eisle, J. Hale, B. Stoner, Coach B Ameredes. Row II-I. Potter, A. Skinner, I. DeHority, L. Merrill, B. France, B. Iohnson, W. Jackson, L. Dodd, B. Brooks, T. Epply. Row III I Wilson, G. Foley, D. Truskin, F. Brown, L. Bell, T. Davis, D. Furnish, M. Eckert, P. Stevens, G. Feuer, J. Shively. Row IV-R. Owens, L Morgan E. Reed, D. Davis, R. Bailey, B Brenneke, N. Johnson, H. Miller. Row I-T. Frazier, mgr., D. Richards, F, Scott, J. Davis, F. Couch, B. Jones, M. Hayden, L. Kelly, J. Seulean, C. Baker, B. Pursley, I. Quinn, C. Wilde, F. Robbins, mgr. Row II-T. Lovell, T. McComell, C. Lowe, J. McAllister, L. Harrison, K. Parvis, I. Uncle- back, B. Rayl, P. Anson, J. Puterbaugh, M. Johnson, N. Arwine, K. Stapley, J. Hogg, M. Wiley, A. Folsom, G. Felzien. Row III-J. Smith, J. Ijames, D. Wheeldon, D. Iudkins, R. Huff, M. johnson, B. Redding, I. Hardacre, J. Fish, D. Hamilton, B. Patterson, L. Hatfield. Row IV-Coach C. Bonge, Coach R. Fleenor, P. Calabria, K. McClintick, M. Horton, D. Foland, T. Moore, L. Tunget, C. jones. Cross Country Team Gains Good Record Despite Slow Start The Anderson High School cross country team never quite got started this fall and finish- the season with four wins as compared to three losses. However, the Tribe managed to annex the Marion Invitational crown. The Indians started the season with two stunning setbacks at the hands of Marion and Indianapolis Tech. The Marion loss was the first defeat of an Anderson cross country team since 1951. Coach Carl Bonge and Assistant Coach Ray Fleenor. After many evenings of hard work and stren- uous running, Coach Carl Bonge finally got his harriers back on their habitual winning ways. The Tribe won consecutive victories over Ind- ianapolis Howe, Muncie Burris, Richmond and Muncie Central. In the N.C.C. meet, Anderson failed to win the conference diadem for the first time since the conference inaugurated the meet six years ago. Billy jones proved to be the individual stand out of the season. Iones won the N.C.C. and Sectional titles. At the conclusion of the season, Jones was honored by his teammates by being elected captain of the squad. Failing to retain their state championship crown in cross country did not, however, take the fighting spirit out of the harriers. The team members knew from the offset that the road would be rough. Taking this attitude, the Redskins proceeded to build a formidable team, of which every member strived for the same goal-the retainment of the state cross country diadem. Although the boys failed in this quest, it should be known that every Brave runner did his best to make the dream a reality. Harriers Fail To Regain State Diadem Not all is gloomy in Anderson cross country. The reserves racked up six victories against only one defeat while the freshmen squad went undefeated through five meets. The reserves ran very well this season. They turned in impressive victories over Marion, Indianapolis Tech, Indianapolis Howe, Muncie Burris, Richmond and Shortridge. The squad will he around next year to holster the five returning lettermen--Jim Quinn, Brad Rayl, Dean Richards, james Hogg and Cary Wilde. Coach Carl Bonge7s freshman harriers stopped five opponents without a defeat. They Won races with Indianapolis Tech, Muncie Burris, Richmond, Muncie Central and Shortridge. These lads will certainly help return Anderson to the heights of high school cross country. For the first time in eight years, Anderson High School was not represented in the state meet. The local stalwarts failed to qualify in the Sectional. Season Trail Marion Invitation al AIIS 35 ....,.,...,.,.,....,.,.,.....,..,......,.,.. Marion 20 AHS 48, Ft. Wayne North 60 Marion 69 AHS 34 ..,,,..., .,....... T ech QIndpIs.J 23 AHS 21 .,,..,,, ,..,,. H owe qrndplsg 46 N C C AHS 24 .,...,., .,,... M uncie Burris 31 Tech Clndpls-D 61 Kokomo 61 AHS 69 ..,.,.,.. ..,.........,. R Sectlonal AHS 23 ...,.,., ,..... M uncie Central 32 AHS finished fourth AHS 30 .,...,... .....,.... S hortridge 27 Row I-C. Baker, L. Kelly, I. Quinn, B. Rayl, F. Couch. ROW II- D. Richard D F t C W Row IAMANAGEIXS G. Love and G. Thanas. Row II-D. Smith, B. Bsnefiel, L. DeHority, B. jones, N. Anson A. VVoods. Row Ill- Coach H. Potter, R. Page, B. Harless, D. Sanders, A. Streaty, I. Leverette, I. Fleece, Assistant Coach C. Byfield. inexperienced Redskins Have Spasmodic Season, Win I3 Of 23 Starting with ony one returning starter from the last season, this yearls version of the Indians managed to build themselves into a Winning combination. As the season came to a climax, the Braves had annexed 13 of 23 encounters. The Tribe opened the season with a sound 68-55 pasting of Greenfield. Del Sanders scor- ed 24 points and was ably assisted by Jim Lev- eretteis 14 markers. Entering N.C.C. competition, the Braves completely outclassed a Weak New Castle ag- gregation, 62-47. The Redskins revealed a bal- anced scoring attack with Leverette scoring 15, Bill Harless 13, Bob Benefiel 13, Sanders 9 and Bill Iones 8. Next to fall at hands of the marauding Ind- ians Were Marioifs hapless Giants, 60-37. Coach 1fVoody Wier,s quintet failed to subdue the Tribeis uprising as Leverette dropped in 18 counters, aided by Sanders' 11. The previously glorious road suddenly took a turn for the Worse as the Braves dropped three straight encounters. First to halt Coach Hank Potteris inexperienced stalwarts was Fort Wayiie Central, 66-54. Next to defeat the Incl- ians Were the Bronchos of Lafayette Jefferson by the score of 53-45. The Muncie Bearcats handed the Braves their third defeat, 60-47, de- spite a determined drive on the Indians, part. The Marion Giants again fell to the Redskins, 47-42, in a slow, deliberate game. Andre Streaty paced the Braves with 11 points. Traveling to the Ohio River, the Tribe subdued a tough New Albany quintet, 62-58, behind the 19-point ef- fort of Sanders. Entering the Big Four with a 5-3 record, Coach Potters lads lost to a battling New Castle squad, 62-54. Apparently recovered from the afternoon loss, the Braves outclassed a favored Kokomo quintet in the consolation game, 76-52. Next to fell the pangs of defeat at the hands of the Redskins were Shelbyvilleis Golden Bears. The Tribesmen led throughout in a 48- 36 victory. Again the Tribe slipped into a slump losing five straight fracases. Indianapolis Tech, Muncie Central, Lawrenceburg, Frankfort and Kokomo added to their Win column at the Braves, expense. Shotting a brilliant .467 from the field, the Redskins snapped their losing streak by defeat- ing the 1953 State Champions, South Bend Central, 63-57, Lo- gansportis well-regarded Berries were the next victims of the fast- improving Indians, 61-45. Raising themselves above the .500 for the season, the Tribe de- feated New Castle for the second time, 51-40. The Braves conquer- ed a taller Richmond quintet, 65- 58, to finish the season with a 6- 6 N.C.C. record. Elwood C.I.C. Champion and winner of 18 of 20 season games, offered the Tribe their first tour- nev competition in the Sectional. figfter 32 minutes of excellent nlav on the part of both souads, the Indians won out, 55- 52. The Tribe defeated Lapel, 52- 36. before falling to a mnch-im- proved Alexandria five, 65-52, in the final game. Although the Braves failed to carry the Red and Green ban- ners on to the Butler Fieldhouse. they did play their hearts out for the students of the high school. The boys made up for a lack of height with swiftness a- foot. The shorter Tribe consis- tently stole the ball from their taller opponents. Many times these ball-hawkers turned these plavs into Indian baskets. At the conclusion of the cam- paign, Bill Jones, senior guard, was honored by his teamates by being elected captain. Jones, a- long with Don Smith, Andre Streaty, Bob Benefiel and Bill Harless, will be lost by graduation this spring. Returning to form the nucleus for next season's quintet will be Del Sanders, Jim Leverette, Larrv DeHority, Nyles Anson and A1 Woods. Goose Streaty cores again! Indians Sometimes Look Superb Don Smith played some great ball during the season. Smith found himselfv at the Big Four, scoring 13 markers against Kokomo. Andre Streaty was one of the Tribeis leading scorers, rank- ing third in this department. 'cAndyv Will be remembered for his sensational underhand lay-ups. Delano Sanders ended the season with the team's leading scoring average. Del suffered a serious knee injury in the closing Weeks of the season, slowing him up at tourney time. One of the team's leading substitutes was Bill Harless. Bill played several outstanding games. Larry DeHority, junior guard, gave the team a polished look with his adept ball handling and dribbling. Against Kokomo Larry tossed in 16 markers. S f AHS AHS A AHS AHs fspg plyy INDIAN TRAIL AHS .,..,,,..........,,..... Greenfield AHS ..... New Castle AHS ...... ..,........,,,, M arion Ft. Wayne Central ..,.......,.,.. Lafayette New Albany ... ....... Muncie Central AHS AHS AHS AHS ' . AHS . . . ..,,........... Marion ... ............ Shelbyville ,..,. ,, Tech CIndpls.l ,..... . Muncie Central .. Lawrenceburg Row I-D. Smith. Row II-A. Streaty, D. Sanders. Row III-B. Harless, R. Page, L. DeHority. 140 At Cther Times They Lack Poise The honorary captain, Bill jones, was an extremely Val- uable man for the Braves. Bill began to hit his set shots fre- quently towards the end of the season. lim Leverette led the team in total points. One of Iimls outstanding games was the Logansport game in which he intercepted passes with cat-like agility. Another outstanding substitute was Nyles Anson. Nyles filled in quite handily on several occasions, scoring in the double digits twice. Al VVoods played many great minutes of ball. Woods is a good ball hawk and is exceedingly fast afoot. Bob Benefiel will be remembered for his unusual jumping ability. Although not too tall, he consistently outjumped much taller foes. AHS 50 ....... .....,. F rankfort 51 AHS 60 ...,...,.....,......,.,,.,,. Kokomo 73 AHS 63 ........ . South Bend Central 57 AHS 61 ,..,....,.........,..... Logansport 45 AHS 51 ....,.....,,.. ......... N ew Castle 40 AHS 65 ,. ...,....,..........,... Richmond 53 BIG FOUR TOURNEY AHS 54 .. .........,.......,... New Castle 62 AHS 76 ...,. ..,. , .. ......,...... Kokomo 52 SECTIONAL AHS 55 . ........ ,..,,......... E lwood 52 AHS G1 ,...., ........, L apel 36 AHS 51 . . Alexandria 65 Row I--B. jones. Row II-N. An- son, J. Leverette. Row III-B. Benefiel, A. Woods, J. Fleece. 141 BU Team: Row I-R. Stith, P. Clements, mgr., I. Jarvis. Row II-P. Anson, L. Harrison, D. Richards. Row III-I. Lutton, R. Page, Coach C. Byfield, D. Bohannon, I. Fleece. Row IV--N. Arwine, G. Skeoch, G. Stanley, R. Spall, T. Capozzoli. Papooses Have Chance To Show Talents And Gain Experience Coach Carter Byfield's Papooses played a very spasmodic season last Winter. They Won their opening game from Greenfield, 40-38, and then lost six straight games. They broke their Managers G. Love, G. Thanas and P. Clements. losing skein by dropping New Castle, 39-38, in the Muncie Invitational Tourney. They lost the title game to Muncie, 45-38. AHS 40 ,......,,.,.,........................... Greenfield 38 AHS 39 ,,.,,..,, .......... N ew Castle 33 AHS 31 ,...,,.. ................,.. M arion 38 AHS 20 ....,,,,. .......,. F t. Wayne Cent. 24 AHS 43 ......... .....,.,.,..,. L afayette 51 AHS 35 ,..,.... ......,...,. M uncie 42 AHS 36 ..,...., ,...... N ew Albany 55 AHS 41 ........ ...,..,,.,,.... M arion 52 AHS 49 .,....... .....,...,,... S helbyville 30 AHS 34 ...,.... ,,.,,, T ech flndplsj 31 AHS 34 ,..,.... ,..,...,....... M uncie 24 AHS 28 .,,..... ..,... L awrenceburg 22 AHS 41 ........ ........... F rankfort 25 AHS 36 ..... .. .,......,.. Kokomo 45 AHS 33 ........ .....,. S outh Bend 37 AHS 46 ,,....... .....,..,, L ogansport 40 AHS 27 ....... ...,... N ew Castle 30 AHS 46 .....,...,..,.,.............,.......... Richmond 45 Muncie Tourney AHS 39 ..,....................,.....,.,,.,..... New Castle 38 AHS 38 ..,,.... ,.....,.,.......... lN Iuncie 45 Future Redskins Have Brilliant Season, Win I5 Of I8 Contests This yearis freshman squad had one of the best seasons ever achieved at A.H.S. The frosh Won 15 of 18 contests, quite an enviable record for any freshman team. The team was big, fast and Willing to play. Coaches Don Barnett and Bill Ameredes built the team into a very form- idable machine. One of the highlights of the season was the annexation of the Muncie Tournament. They defeated Muncie McKinley, 43-22, for the title. The three defeats came at the hands of New Look out, man! Castle, 30-25, Muncie Wilson, 43-40, and Mun- Frosh 29 ....,. Lafayette 28 cie McKinley, 40-38. F rosh 30 ,...... .,........ S outhport 29 Although the team had several tall boys, Fr0Sh 40 4- ----------------- Ma1'i0H 37 many shorter boys Were used to take advantage F1'0Sh 27 -------- Tech flndpls-l 24 of their speed. In conclusion, the future looks F1'0Sh 38 ------- ------------- P 9I1dl9f0U 22 fairly bright for AHS basketball. Frosh 52 ---------- Lafayette 42 Frosh 38 ....... Muncie 40 Freshmen Record Frosh 22 ..,..,...,.... Marion 21 Frosh 40 .,.,.................................... Greenfield 31 Frosh 44 ...... . ....,,.,.,....... Muncie 26 Frosh 24 ...,.... ..............,..,. K okomo 22 Frosh 53 .............,................., Tech Qlndplsj 47 Frosh 25 ....... ..,.,.....,,... N ew Castle 30 - , Frosh 58 .....,. ...,,,, B ichmond Dennis 27 Muncle Toumey F1-0511 38 nllqlwl, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., K Okomo 26 Frosh 29 ....,............,.....,............ New Castle 23 Frosh 40 ....... ...,...,......,,... M uncie 43 F1'0Sh 43 ------.--- MU1'1CiC 22 Row I-Managers G. Mitchell and D. Large. ROW II-D. Furnish, L.'Teague, C. Foley, L. Parker, N. johnson, B. McClintock. Row III-L. Morgan, G. Feurcr, M. johnson, W. West, N. Johns, I. Shively, fl. Ijamcs. Row IV-Coach D. Barnett, L. Huffman, D. 1'C Young, L. Dodd, I. DeHority, D. Talley, L. Merrill, Coach B. Ame des. .Row I-B. Neff, F. Couch, J. Tipton, G. Ewing, L. Bowser. Row II-R. Boys, R. Hardacre, T. Pettigrew, D. Smith, E. Beauchamp. Grapplers Work Hard And Represents School Well Cm Mats Coach Ioseph Sparks, Indian matmen won four of ten meets this past season. The grap- plers worked hard all season and represented our school well. Wrestling, a comparatively new sport at AHS, is creating more and more interest each year. Hardacre and Tipton represented AHS in the state finals. Tipton lost to Bill Edwards of Southport, the state 175-pound champion. The Indians' 13 points gave them a sixth place in the North Central Conference tourney at Kokomo, won by Tech with 57 points. Don Smith led the scoring with a second place in the 165-pound class. Cthers placing were Norris, Hardacre, Beauchamp, Bowser and Tipton. Six senior lettermen will be lost by gradua- tion this spring. They all have helped bring wrestling into its own at AHS. These seniors, Larry Bowser, Clenn Ewing, Francis Couch, Roger Hardacre, Don Smith and Ioe Tipton, will be sorely missed next season. Don Smith, member of the varsity for two seasons, was elected honorary captain by his teammates at the end of the season. Fine time to rest. Nowsyour'e the wheelbarrow. 144 Row IT. Boots, L. Penry, B. Goldsmith Row IIB. McAllister, D. Brown, Coach J. Carter Champions Exhibiting Great Form As Annual Goes To Press Coach Jim Carteris defending state champ- ions faced the difficult task of replacing three of last year's team. At the time of publication he had done this exceedingly Well. Starting with Dave Brown and Ted Boots, he added Bill Goldsmith, Larry Penry and Bob McAllister. This fivesome has won most of its meets thus far. The Braves tied with Richmond for the N. C. C. title, but the Indians Won the trophy on a one-hole playoff. In Sectional play, the local golfers placed second at Fort Wayne. However,-the state meet was yet to be held as this annual Went to press. AHS 5 ..,................................,,,,..... Richmond 7 'AHS 12 ....,. .,,...,.,.... T ech 3 1 'AHS 115 ....,.......,.............,...,. Logansport 3 1-2 AHS 11W ,.,.... ......,..,. M arion 3 1-2 AHS 13V2 ,,., ............,. M uncie 1 1-2 AHS 7Vz ,,..,... ...... N ew Castle 7 1-2 AHS 11 ........ ......,.,.. L afayette 4 'AHS 13V2 ,,.,...,.,......,,.,.............,., Kokomo 1 1-2 'AHS 135 ..........,.......,..,.,....,.,.....,... Tech 1 1-2 NCC Anderson 320, Richmond 320 AHS 16 ..........,..,..,.........,.,........,....,,.... Muncie 2 AHS 7 ..,............,,........................... Shortridge 11 'AHS 115 ,.,.....,.....,......,.................,.. Tech 6 1-2 'AHS 10156 ......... .,...............,... L ogansport 7 1-2 Sectional-Elmhurst 313, AHS 319 1' Three way meet ' A.H.S. Won trophy on playoff 45 Smith rounds third on long triple. Displaying power at the plate and fine pitching, Coach Hank Potter,s baseball nine has experienced a very good sea- son thus far in the campaign. Starting the season with only two experienced pitchers, George Thanas and Jim Lutton, the Tribe aided the hurlers with timely and abundant base hits. The Redskins opened against the Noblesville Millers. After seven innings of battering the Miller pitcher, the Tribe had annexed a 17-2 victory. Facing the same Noblesville team the following night, the Braves were repulsed, 3-2. Indianapolis Howe,s Hornets were the next victims of the Indians as Thanas hurled the local nine to a 7-2 winning mar- gain. The Braves next set back Frankfortls Hot Dogs, 8-3. Tech of Indianapolis ended the previously glorious N.C.C. Local Nine Displays Power At Plate D. Smith A. WVoods I. Purdy D. Maynard G. Thanas G. Bennett I. Adams G. Mills N. Anson 146 road by handing the Tribe its first conference defeat, 5-1. Smith of the Green Clads held the Braves at bay while the Big Green scored off Thanas, who lost his only game of the season. Behind the six-hit pitching of Jim Lutton, the Tribe com- pletely annihilated Hartford City, 13-0. Coming from be- hind in the latter stages of the game, the Indians defeated New Castleis Trojans, 7-4. This was the Braves, fifth victory in seven starts. George Thanas, displaying great form and a blazing fast ball, held Kokomors Wildcats to two safeties While striking out 12 batters on Way to a 12-2 Win. Muncie's Bearcats were the Braves, seventh victim as the locals turned back the not-so-vicious Bearcats, 5-3. Thanas relieved Larry DeHority for the Win. L. DeHority B. Gaar D. McCarty D. Hazel I. Lutton B. England R. Spall E. Couch F. Moore Tlianas connects for extra bases Row I-N. Anson, G. Sheedy, E. Couch, I. Adams, A. Woods, D. Smith, M. Wiley, B. Gaar, G. Coen, D. Hazel, I. Lutton. Row II-F. Moore, G. Thanas, L. DeHority, D. McCarty, P. Anson,B. England, D. Maynard, R. Spall, I. Purdy, G. Bennett, L. Tea- gue, G. Mills. Agile Diamondmen Win Most Of Early Season Encounters DeHority, pitching his first full game of the season, held Lafayette,s Broncos to three hits, however, the Indian defense was very lax as they committed seven errors, agivingv jeff the contest 4-0. Hartford City was again victimized by the Redskins, this time by the score of 2-1. Lutton was the Winning pitcher. Thanas and Nukes of Marion Giants locked in an old-fashioned pitcher's duel as they both pitched nine innings before Thanas and the Indians Won out, 4-3. As the annual went to press the Braves had posted a nine-won, three-lost record. In N.C.C. competition, the Tribe possessed a respectable Row I-D. Schattner, F. Norris, M. Young. Row lI-Coaches D. Barnett and H. Potter AHS 12 ..... AHS 5 ..,..... five-won, two-lost plate. Coach Potter was blessed with several out- standing hitters. Gene Bennett, George Thanas Don Smith and john Purdy Were all good long- ball hitters. Dick Maynard, Gary Mills and Nyles Anson who were the team,s most consis- tant hitters, kept the opposing team busy with their short hits. Iim Adams and Al Woods both were good hitters and excellent fielders. Only six members of the team will be lost bv graduation this spring. Coach Potter will lose Don Smith, George Thanas, Gene Bennett, Gary Mills, Dick Maynard and John Purdy. Indian Trail AHS 17 ' Noblesvllle 2 AHS 2 ' Noblesville 3 AHS 7 ....... ......... I ndpls. Howe 2 AHS 8 ........ ...,...,.,... F rankfort 3 AHS I ........ ........ I ndpls. Tech 5 AHS 13 ...... ...... H artford City 0 AHS 7 ....,., ..... N ew Castle 4 Kokomo 2 Muncie 3 AHS 0 ,....... ,........ L afayette 4 AHS 2 .........,...........,..,..........,...,.....,.. Hartford City 1 AHS 4 ,.....,.,.........,,..............,,.....,.,.....,,.... Marion 3 Season incomplete at time of publication. Row I-B. Harless, F. Layton, R. Meeker Row II-G. Stanley, D. Closser, Coach D. Pugh Powerful Racquet Men Display Strong Team In Early Meets Coach Dave Puglfs racquet men had an ex- cellent season up to the time the yearbook Went to press. The Indians had Won all but one dual meet. The Shortridge Blue Devils defeated the Tribe, 6-1. Among the victims of the tennis team were F rankfortls Hot Dogs. This defeat was the first suffered by the Frankfort team in two years. Bill Harless appeared to be the team's in- dividual standout. Bill had lost only one set this season. Among Billls accomplishments was the number one singles championship of the Muncie Burris Invitational Tourney. Coach Pugh will lose two boys by graduat- ion this spring: Bill Harless and Dale Closser. 1 Returning to form the nucleus for next year's team will be Ronnie Meeker, Frank Layton and Gary Stanley. Indian Trail AHS 6 ..,...... ,...,....,.......,....,..... C rawfordsville I AHS 6 ........ ......... B road Ripple I AHS I .,.,... .......,,... S hortridge 6 AHS 5 ....... ....,. M uncie Burris I AHS 6 ...,.., ........... M arion 0 AHS 6 ,...... ..,,... F rankfort I AHS 6 ........ .....,...... T ech I AHS 7 ,....,. ....... ....... ........,....... K 0 k omo 0 AHS 7 .,..,......,....,............,.......,......,... Lafayette O Season incomplete at time of publication. Row I-G. Wilde, K. Parvis, J. Jarvis, I. Quinn, I. Shannon, P. Kellar, H. Clayton, B. Rayl. Row II-R. Page, I. Leverette, R. Hard- acre, L. Kelly, F. Couch, J. Davis B. Jones, M. Hayden, B. Pursley, J. Tipton. Row III-I. Jarvis, R. Stith, C. Widener, D. Rich- ards, R. Boys, J. Fleece, J. Hogg, T. Capozzoli, D. Sanders, C. Harrison, A. Huff, B. Paramore, I. Puterbaugh, K. Stapley, R. Goulds- berry, R. Hite, R. Tremps, B. Carr, Cindermen Qualify Seven Men And Relay Team For Regional Despite a slow start, Coach Carl Bonge's young track team molded itself into a reputable aggregation before the season came to a close. The Braves, mostly sophomores, Were faced with the problem of competing with older, more experienced runners and jumpers. The Tribe, too, has several individual stand- outs. Probably the most noticeable was Bill Iones. Bill set several records this season. In his first meet of the season, the Hoosier Indoor Re- lays, Bill pole vaulted 12, 6 3-8',, a new meet record. Bill, then, injured his leg in the Muncie Relays, but he appears to have completely re- covered. In the Indianapolis Regional, Bill vaulted 12, 8 3-89. This breaks the school re- cord of 12, 7 I-2,', set in 1953, also held by Jones. This spectacular vault also broke the state Regional record. Jim Leverette Was the only other Indian cin- der man qualifying for the state meet. Iirn plac- ed third at the Regional in the broad jump. Bob Pursley cleared 5, 11, once during the season. The Braves opened the season with three successive losses to Muncie Central, Richmond and Indianapolis Tech. Marion's Giants were Muncie Relays Kokomo Relays N.C.C. ....,....... . Sectional ...,...... Regional ..,..... Track coaches R. Fleenor, C. Bonge, B. Ameredcs, C. Byfield. 150 the Indians, first victims. The Redskins, then, defeated the Wildcats from Kokomo. Anderson qualified seven men and their mile relay team for the Regionals at Indianapolis. Only two Braves-Jones and Leverette-advanc- ed to the State meet. Indian Trail AHS 41 ...... ..,...............,,.,. M uncie Central 68 AHS 48 ...,... ...,.,...,.........,.......,.. R ichmond 64 AHS 49 .,..., ..,..... I ndpls. Tech 59 AHS 59 ......,..... ..,,.,.,.,.... M arion 50 AHS 65 .....,..,...,.,.,,. ........,....... K okomo 47 Anderson, fourth Anderson, third Anderson, fourth Anderson, second Anderson, seventh All is not dark in the AHS track World. This yearis reserve and frosh teams were exception- ally strong. The reserves went undefeated While the frosh lost one meet: the North Side Relays. With the coming up of these boys, next year,s varsity should have some good talent to re- present it in the season,s battles. The freshman team had several outstanding boys and should provide Coach Bonge with some good material. Coaches Carter Byfield and Bill Ameredes worked with the reserve and frosh While Coach- es Carl Bonge and Ray Fleenor handled the varsity. Season Trail CReservesj AHS 66 ,.,..... .......iii..i.ii.... M uncie Central 48 AHS 91 ,,,,,...... Richmond 13 AHS 78 i....... ........,.,..,, T ech 26 AHS 79 ...... .,,................i.,, .,.,,. M a rion 35 fFroshj AHS 71 .. ............,,.,.,,,............. Wilson 38 AHS 93 .. ....,.,.,..i...,.,....,... Wilson 16 AHS 46M ,..,.. N. Side Ft. Wayne 48 AHS 81 ..,... ,.,..........,.....,......,........ M cKinley 28 AHS 615 Wilson 45 ........,. Burris 15 1-2 Future ls Bright As Team Is Young Row I-R. Ruth, R. Glazebrook, I. Fish, B, Redding, T. Epply, T S t c t s D W a ROW U fl Mitchell, E. Reed, C. Jones, A. Stone, D. Wheeldon, B. Brooks, IN Joh S VI t hell R Ia heet D H D Rhy '1 errill,WIko LMg LD: A nearson. Row III G. Feurer, R. Cook, N. Johnsoi , L. M HCT. . ,- A , SLJI1.. ' UP IN THE AIR go three Indian trackmen. Bob Pursley sails over the high jump bar while Bill jones soars to a record-breaking vault. Jim Leverette floats through the air for a 20-plus foot jump. Row I-I. Davis, M. Hayden, B. Pursley, B. Jones Row II-C. Harrison, R. Stitll, C. Widener, L. Kelly 152 JACK IARVIS BREAKS the tape inches ahead of a determined Tech runner. Reserve runners carry the Red and Green to victory. Row I-R. Page, K. Stapley, I. Quinn, J. Leverette. Row II-G. Wilde, I. Dawson, I. Jarvis, D. Sanders. Li, 153 m,,x,,M.,.ANWm,, W 3,41-ff x Y Z 1 ' Q .kg-3 A7 K . ' 1 . 0 5 .W as 14,4 ' if YfEf:g9ga,, G s N' N M fzfwwf f - , 1 , . ,,e7:Q'i::ai?i ,mfg'-:k'q1,2gqi2?:f'Wx'.Q.ff i jg 4, I , iv- O '- W' . 3 A , ' gf ww: r, v ' , ,E - W My-f A 5 ,pig : , 15 . A Q X s 'Q mm f t? in Q Q K ef Wa- . ' v lr1Iii.4u Delco Remy .....,,..,...,A..A A,..,, 1 56 Commercial Service .,....... .,,..., 1 59 Anderson Federal Loan ...... .,.,... 1 62 Decker s Inc .,,..A.,......,,..,. ...,.,. 1 64 Hoyt Wright ...... l,.... 1 66 Guide Lamp ....,,,.,...,o,.,........,......,.., 168 Anderson Newspapers, Inc ..,,..,...., 171 Senior Index .s..,...,..,......,...... s...,.. 1 74 In describing the various sections of our book, the importance of this last one pertaining to adver- tising cannot be disregarded. The generosity of our many merchant friends has contributed to the suc- cess of this and previous yearbooks. Their support has not been limited, however, to this publication alone but has been felt in many phases of our school life throughout the year. Frequently they have been called upon to donate their time, money, window space, props and valued services. The fact that they never let us down has been a constant source of encouragement for which we are truly grateful. On the adjoining page we observe a quiet late evening scene of a familiar street in our downtown business section. Bursting through this inactivity a new day begins for one of our prominent jewelers as he replaces his valuable stock for another day of business. Choose Yo Goals Q Q Q they are yours to attain Graduation is a lot like the launching of a ship. Both mark the end of a period of preparation. Behind a launching are years of plan- ning and building-of fitting out with all the gear needed for fair and foul weather. Behind graduation are years of acquiring information-of practice in exercising judgment and in setting values. All are intended to equip you to make the right decisions in the years to come. Behind, too., are the good times you've had, the com- panionship of many friends-and the wise counsel of those who have been your teachers. As you chart your course toward a new goal-whether it he the pursuit of a higher education or success in earning your own way-he thankful for the American tradition of indi- vidual freedom. Because of it, you are free to choose your goal. And you are free to achieve it by your own hands and brain, by your energy and industry, hy your determination and self-reliance. Good luck and Godspeed! DELCOfRlEM 7 Division, General Motors Corporation Anderson, Indiana WHEREVER WHEELS TURN OR PROPELLERS SPIN 156 l McFARLAND'S MEN'S WEAR Nationally Advertised Cothing and Furnishings for Men and Young Men Allerecl to Fil' in our own Tailoring Deparlmenl' I5 East' lOth Street COUSIN'S JEWELERS The Store That Confidence Built ELGIN ' BULOVA ' GRUEN WATCHES 933 Meridian In Anderson It's . . . hai. Smart Apparel For the Cutest Junior Fashions in Town solo Meridian am. . . ,.-L... 0-7. , .1-,.... .nw Di5+ribu+ors of RAWLINGS ' WRIGHT DITSON ' McGREGOR GOLDSMITH ' SHAKESPEARE ' -PFLEUGER I028 Main Sfreef Anderson, Indiana Joe Ireland and Don Cook ANDERSON SPORTING GOODS, Inc. WAYNE I Doc I POLLARD The Fines+ IN DIAMONDS and WATCHES STERLING ENGLISH BONE CHINA Cathedral of Fashion 2 3 S en U F xI I 1 . ,, HO ,.- Jzwnnvco. ' ann 3 8I3 MERIDIAN Jewelers PI-,one 5556 'For Nearly HaI'f a Cen'rury I 03 I Meridian 1 m . ,. In . ,, K. In -- x..-J! 1'l-xg-2' ' '-'- '-f 1 ' - XA M7 I' Q1 r I ZLL'-4V,' I ,4fM-4vf.4weJ-f- 'I1,,g,C, W W My WMQQQ1. Co erciul Service Company I INTING and BOOK BINDING I200 EAST FIFTH STREET PHONE 8084 E7 I . L'f'5j TQ? AM V I 6 405 L6 ,I , , 5 fQg1L,1yz4,,Q,,..- gQfZcw I f 'C I 1 5 A F 0 A, aww ' , JT? C mfg? , 2 ' I ' QU Ly ,o4M 0UVLJ Q ' QZXAJ 6 J Afsbg 4,ZffL,fg!Q I fam, QL WJQLWJ QL JQZzf,Z'f6'QK QQQNmfzMQEyfQS5Z? 42, - . 1, V nrng- 1 ..., ,,,,L,,. , N 1, f 1- -. INDIANA Congratulations BUSINESS COLLEGE to The Graduating Class Specific and Intensive Ol 1954 Business Training , C S URB E R S SON State-Wide W'-ORS Employment Service 207 Decker Building lover McCrory'sl I 5' Y I Phone 2-54l8 ears fl Anderson, Indiana The Student's Choice SHEAFFER SNORKEL PENS ,,,Ws X po RTABLE is es 1e'n., Ii' TYPEWRITERS f llil 2,555 .55 L. , ,f I 'fll A A combination ll X That Can'+ Be Beal ' Everything For Eoeru Office Rentals -- Sales -- Service dbz alluyfad RIGHT ON MERIDIAN AT l2I2 1 For Figure Perfection Favorite Mocle of Transportation Ride a SCHWIN BICYCLE KEEP THAT BICYCLE IN TOP SHAPE ALL THE TIME Q , Kay McCullough E jckclt 1-CYCLL'lif -Q7 When You Need An Extra Key Think of BickeI'S 40 West 9lh Finest Floral Creations KLUS FLOWERS - ANNIVERSARIES - WEDDINGS - PARTIES - FUNERAL DESIGNS . 423 Easl' 8'rh Phone 3-31 I5 TI-IE CLASS OF I 954 V' Congratulations FROM SEARS ANDERSON ff f f 71 I vw The Modern Store For The Modern Shopper At Anderson Federal . . . Your INSURED SAVINGS Are Always Ready And WAITING FOR YOU REMEMBER -- You IVIay Withdraw Or Add To Your Account . . . ANY AIVIGLINT ANY TIME Earn Extra Profits SAFELY All Savings Accounts AuI'oma+icaIIy Insured Io SI0,000 By An Agency of the FederaI Government FEDERAL SAVINGS I I+I1 and JACKSON A Great Institution -- Growing Greater FOR MEN AND BOYS IT'S Schuster's, Inc. Corner I3I'I'1 and Meridian I-E IIIIIIIIIYUIIIIII-I5 IZL3 MERIDIAN .. FOR THE FINEST IN STERLING JEWELRY CHINA AND GIFTS WHBU 1240 ON EVERY DIAL ' JACK BENNY ' ARTHUR GODFREY ' BING CROSBY ' And Many Others CBS IN ANDERSON 163 Dick Faust, Roger Hardacre, and john Stoelting DECKER'S, Inc. Office Supplies Samsonite Luggage Jantzen and McGregor Sportswear BQOKS -- CLASS SWEATERS '-- TYPEWRITERS 67 Long Sieps Off Meridian On I Hlw Phone 4467 CDELI. PE-ICTOGRAPHERS ODELL and GWYNN CAMERA STORE MAIN a+ I9+l1 Men and Teen-age Boys 0 Newest Styles 0 Einest Fabrics Tropical Worsfeds and Gaberclines Q Ha+s ' Socks ' Ties STOHl.ER'S Dial 2-0923 28l'l1 ai Meridian Bos+onian Mansfield YCUR STORE FOR FINE SHOES ALWAYS A Good Seleclion Of The Newes+ Shoes For Young Men SALlTER'S, Inc. I2I5 Meridian 165 FOR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN l Ioan Booth WRIGHT Norm Howard and Ga ry Babcoke HOYT WRIGHT CO. N 9I I MERIDIAN Complete Home Financing Q mam MJ Lorgzilgzan Anderson Loon Association Founded I888 MORGAN'S MUSIC SHOP and JOE'S RECORD SHOP ' Finest Instruments ' Latest Discs ' Sheet Music I23I MERIDIAN PHONE 947: 67 GUIDE---The Brightest Name In Lights Right Lights -- Bright Lights FROM BUMPER TO BUMPER ONE SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR LIGHTING NEEDS PLUS SOLID PRO- DUCT QUALITY. THESE ARE THE THINGS YOU CAN DEPEND ON WHEN YOU BUY GUIDE LAMP PRODUCTS M AUTOMOBILES BACKUP LAM-PS - DRIVING AND PASSING - FOG LAMPS - PARKING - SPOT -- STOP AND TAIL - TURN SIGNAL - LICENSE PLATE LAMPS -- HEADLAMPS - MULTI-PURPOSE UNIT - SEALED UNITS - SELF-CANCELLING TURN SIGNAL SWITCHES - GLARE PROOF REAR VIEW MIRRORS. TRACTORS HEADLAMPS - STOP AND TAIL - IMPLEMENT - DUAL PURPOSE. TRUCKS and BUSES REFLEX MARKER UNITS - CLEARANCE LAMPS - SIDE MARKER LAMPS - DOME LAMPS - STOP LAMPS - PANEL LAMPS - SCHOOL BUS WARNING LAMPS - LICENSE PLATE LAMPS-HEAD- LAMPS - TURN SIGNAL LAMPS - SPOTLAMPS - TAIL AND STOP COMBINATION TAIL, STOP. AND TURN SIGNAL - SELF-CANCELL- ING, TURN SIGNAL SWITCHES - GLARE-PROOF REAR VIEW MIRRORS. GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION, ANDERSON, INDIANA 168 Com plimenis of RUSSELL FORKNER YOUR SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER ELITE STUDIO IO37 Meridian SI. A TOLE'S FLOWERS A COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE FROM AncIerson's Mosl Beauliful Flower Shop 627 Nichol Avenue Dial 4895 LAIII ALL THE DOORWAY TO A MAN'S WORLD 67 Shorl Sleps Off Meridian on I HI1 Slreel' I vi ,, a rf The BANNER STORE I -HAVE . Your Friends and Neighbors HOUSEWARE . II t II PAINTS SPORTING GOODS ELECTRICAL MILL SUPPLY U 5I'h and Meridian Dial 4H49I wi e you It's Pleasing It's Satisfying It's Convenient It's Economical To Shop Here 927 Meridian SI. Phone 6657 l, THE HOME or Be5f-EUer PRODUCTS 170 Congratulations to The 1954 Graduating Class of Anderson High School MAY YDUR FUTURE BE MARKED WITH HAPPINESS, SUCCESS AND WELL-BEING ANDERSON NEWSPAPERS, Inc The BULLETIN , The HERALD THROUGHOUT LIFE KAY-BEE FLOWERS WILL HOLD EVERLASTING MEMORIES FIowers for Every Occasion Flower Fashions Cu+ Flowers-PoH'ecI PIanI's 703 Easi 2IIh Phone 2-I33O INDIAN TRADING POST Snack Bar I' Schoo Supplies Magazines Greefing Cards CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l954 LEW, Your Tailor, says . . For You I Wish The BEST In Life . I23O Jackson 1 You. taste. its quality MV Anderson, Indiana engwavkngs Rn WS bm N INDIANAPOLIS ENGIIAVING COMPANY INC PUBL CATIQN I I 5 222 EAST OHIO STREET 'INDIANAP , NA 173 SENIOR INDEX I e y V6 osser, av1 48 ,f ' Graddy, Ramona 52 Grant, Patricia 52 Aagesen, Gary 44, 102, 115 Coble, Daniel 48, 115, ' 1el'01d Adair, Mary 44, 109 Cochran, John,48 -N, v ' 25, 130, 133 Adams, Billie Mae 44 Coffman, Wfniam 48 gy e , y 's 21, 7, 52, 102, 117, Alexander, Darrel 44, 120 Cole, Leon 48 127, 167 Alexander, Mary Ann 44, 110, 116, 119 Cole, Paul 48 Griffin, Ruth Anderson, Betty 44 Collings, Kay 20, 43, 48, 102 Groff, George 5 Anderson, Joyce 44 Collins, Patsy 48 Gross, Wanda JG 102 Anderson, Rita 44, 106 Combs, Jeannine 26, 27, 49 Grow, Ca lyn 1 Armstrong, Jack 44, 115 Cook, Clydene 49, 108, 119 Gulmire, e J ri 53 Armstrong, Robert 44 Cook, Donald 26, 42, 43, 49 0, 121, Gusti Mar Jane 25, 53, 110, 117 Babcoke, Gary 18, 42, 43, 44, 120, 166 125, 134, 158 uyo fy e 53 Bailey, Henrietta 44 Couch, David 43, 49, 3, 12 130, 133 Gwyn , 17, 24, 53 Bailey, Rex 44 Couch, Francis 4 , , , 136, 13 Hakes uce 15,53 Bailey, Terry 44 144, 150 I Hall, ,' 53 Baker Charles 44, 123, 136, 137 Cox, Hubert 49 an a , Peggy 53 Baker, Juhl 44, 120 Cox, Roxanna 49, 1 3 da e, 1,-' 53, 115, 123, 130, Baker, Larry 44 Craig, Jack 49 1 , , 164 Baker, Nomia 45 Crites, Cardis ar es , 1: - 3, 123, 128, 138, Baker, Ronald 45 Crouse, L , 24, 28, 40 4 1 Balser, Larry 45 10 , 117, 123 1 0, 33 , n -A f Bannon, Dean 24, 43, 45, 115 Crumba , Carl 49, , 10 H rper, 'J 1. . uf Barefield, Elizabeth 45,109 aCum r d, William 4, 27, 4 7 rison on . , 115 Barker, Gloria 45 3, 127, 1 tle , ane Barnes, Kermit 45, 120 C ingham, Pat 9, 117 7 t wx Barnhizer, Jacquilyn 45, 119, 126 ce, Pau 9, 2 - lr up 1 aret 53 Baughan, Francis 45, 109, 110, 11 , 119 anforth, ance 49, 1 coat fi, an 53, 124 Bauman, Phyllis 45 Davids n, e 49, 05 aven, o er 54, 115, 126 Bays, Janice 45, 102, 117 Davis, s 49, 3 4, 12 , 1 Hawkins, aye 54, 120 Bays, Richard 45, 126 1 52 Hayden, Max 54, 123, 136, 150, 152 Beckham, Albert 45 Davis, dith 4 Hellems, Shirley 54 Bell, George 45, 124 De Richard 3, 130 13 I Henry, Charles 8, 54 Bell, William 8, 24, 43, 45, 1 De g, Josep Hickerson, Shirley 54, 117 Benefiel, Robert 45, 123, 138, 41 c r, Mary Higginbotham, Jerry 545,123 Bennett, Gene 45, 123, 130, 132, 1 el Caro n 50 Higgins, Arnold 54 148 eming, J 50 Highbaugh, Sandra 21, 27, 54, 102, 103, Bickel, Connie 45, 110, 119 Dennis, T 5 104, 109, 117 Bilbrey, Brilla 46, 110, 126 I o e 50, 1 1 Hiser, Marion 54 Blades, David 46 D , 0 Hoard, Janice 16, 54 Boelke, Glenn 46 i Sha 50, 1 0, 117, 126 Hodson, Elvasue 25, 43, 54, 117 Bohannan, Barbara 46, 110 D en, J e 0, 10 Hoffman, Donald 43, 54, 117, 121 Bohne, Janice 25, 43, 46 D fill, Don 5 Holliman, Fem 54 Bondurant, Robert 16, 25, 46, 102 D iffill, Su n 0 102 Hollingsworth, Susie 54, 108, 109, 110. Bonge, Charlene 46, 116, 117, 126 Driggers, Jack 0 119 Bonner, Carl 46, 115, 125 Eckert, Kay 5 102, 110 Hope, Richard 54 Boone, David 26, 27, 46, 115 dgecomb, G don 43, 50, 115 Hopfner, Mary 54, 117, 119 Bowser, Larry 46, 123, 144 Ehle, James 5 , 104 Hoppes, Jerry 54 Boyer, Carolyn Sue 46 Brandon, Judith 43, 46 Breeden, Yolanda 25, 46, 102, 104 Bridges, David 46, 115, 118, 130 Bristol, Sandra 46, 120 Bronnenberg, Barbara 46 Brown, Barbara 46 Brown, Bettie 46 Brown, David 47, 115 Brown, Louise 47 Bryan, David 43, 47 Bumbalough, Shirley 43, 47 Burke, Dorothy 47 Burke, Timothy 47, 116, 126 Burkhart, Paul 47, 120 Burton, Edward 6, 47, 115 Burton, Thomas 6, 47, 115 Buxton, James 25, 47, 115 Cade, Dorothy 47 Campbell, Alan 47 Campbell, Joyce 47 capmn, Judith 12, 47, 109, 117, 119 Carraway, Patricia 47, 102, 103, 110 Carroll, Gerald 15, 47 Carter, Lillian 47, 110 Case, Naomi 47 Cash, Betty 48 Castor, Richard 48 Chamberlain, Herschel 17, 48 Chamlee, Twyla Ann 48 Chapin, Walter 48 Cheever, Mary Ann 48 Clark, Max 48, 120 Clifton, Lois 48, 107, 120 Clore, Judith 48, 120 Eldridge, Virgil 50 Elliott, Sandra 50 Ellis, Roger 51 Epply, Kay 9, 12, 51, 116, 117, 120, 126 Erehart, Mark 26, 51, 115, 123, 130 133 Erlandson, Barbara 27, 51, 102, 117, 118 Ester, Paul 51 Etchison, Jess 51, 121, 123, 130 Ewing, Glenn 43, 51, 123, 144 Farlow, Max 51, 102 Farren, Jack 51 Faust, Richard 43, 51, 115, 123 137, 164 Felzien, LaDonna 51, 110 Fisher, Robert 51, 116, 117 Flanigan, Robert 51 Foley, Phillip 10, 25, 43, 51, 117 Folsom, Myron 51 Forster, Sherry 51 Forth, Faye 51 Fossrneyer, Barbara 8, 15, 27, 51, 102, 110 Fry, Donald 52 Furan, Robert 52 Gentry, Connie 52, 110 George, Margie 8, 43, 52, 117 Gibson, Judith 52, 120 Homer, Robert 55 Hosier, Donald 55 Howard, Janet 55, 102, 103, 118 125, 166 Huffman, Jack 55, 124 Hughes, Donald 55, 7 Howard, Norman 8, 18, 24, 43, 55, 115, Hull, Emily 5, 5 , 1 , 126 Hull, Newell 55, 0 , 121 Hunt, orothy Hunt alford H n , net 55, 12 30, 13 1' , 'rg' ia 5, Jane 5 a n, lliam 21, , 115, 116 , rma , 108, 110 ef 'es, James enness, C l 56 Johnson, N an 5 Johnson, Pa 56, Jones, Bill 6, 11 , 1 3, 136, 137, 138, 141, 50, 152 J y 5 02 rr tt, irley 5 126 Jones Jones, en 8, 56 L ry 25, 43, 56, 115 Jones, Mary Alice 56 Jones, Norman 15, 26, 56, 118, 120 Jones Ronald 56 Gillaspy, Anne 52, 117 Gilpin, Lois 52, 110, 116, 117 Girton, Mona 52 Glazebrooks, Shirley 52 Goacher, Donald 52, 102, 103, 104, 109 Goodwin, Janet 52 174 Joyce, William 56 Keith, Nancy 56 Kelley, Larry 56, 123, 136, 137, 150, 152 Kelly, Gracie 56 Kemp, sandra 15, 25, 27, 56, 110, 117, l 118, 119, 127 Kilgore, Larry 18, 56, 120, 125 Kimm, Lucille 56, 110 Kirby, Robert 56, 125 Kirkpatrick, William 57, 120 Knight, Lee 57, 126 Knotts, David 57, 120 Knotts, Judith 24, 57, 127 Kolenda, Vivian 57 Kunce, Ronald 57 Kurtz, Beverly 57 Kurtz, Michael 57 Lakey, Roberta 57 Laswell, Beverly Sue 57, 110 Layton, Estella 57 Lechlitner, Dale 57, 121 Levi, Phillip 57 Lifford, Dorothy 57, 119 Line, Bette 43, 57, 110, 117, 127 Lyons, Robert 57 Lyons, William 57 McConnell, Mary Jane 57 McCullough, Kay 17, 18, 24, 58, 119, 127, 161 McDaniel, Judith 58 ' McFall, Mildred 58, 110 McGill, Marilyn 58 McGuire, Richard 58 McKay, Lloyd 25, 43, 58, 120 McKeand, Elizabeth 58 McMahan, Bertha 58, 117 McMillan, Ruth 58 McNeal, Don 58, 120 Maas, Gerald 58 Mabbitt, Barbara 58 Mabbitt, Macel 58, 117 Marsh, Milford 58, 115 Martin, Thomas 8, 58, 102 Mason, Judith 58, 104, 118, 126 Matthews, Samuel 58 Maynard, Richard 10, 58, 123, 146, 148 Melzer, Marie 59 Miller, Beverly 59 Miller, Nathan 59 Mills, Gary 59, 117, 123, 146, 148 Mills, Stanley 59, 127 Minix, Rebecca 59 Minton, Ray 59, 123, 130, 132 Mitchell, David 59 Mitchell, Marilyn 59, 120 Moore, Barbara 59, 122 Moore, Norma 59, 106, 110, 117, 122 Moore, Patty 59, 117 Morford, Lynn 5, 59 Morgan, Ruth 59 Moskwinski, Geraldine 25, 59, 116, 120 Mumaw, Sandra 59 Murdock, Thomas 59 Myers, Delberta 24, 59, 108 Myers, Donald 60, 123 Neely, Mary Ann 60 Needler, William 60 Newman, Frank 60, 102, 104, 109 Newton, Gwynn 60, 127 Nichols, Charlotte 60 Ohler, James 60 Owen, Shirley 60 Pakes, Alexandra 24, 60, 108 Pancol, Angeline 60 Parker, Joanne 60 Partner, Bruce 7, 8, 10, 20, 60, 115, 116 117 Patton, Patsy 60 Peck, Don 8, 25, 60, 102 Perdue, Glenn 25, 60, 126 Perry, Frances 60 Petry, Charles 28, 60, 102 Petry, Jeannette 60 Pheanis, Patricia 28, 61 Phillips, John 8, 61 Plovick, Rita 61, 102, 117 Preston, Carolyn 61 , Pritchard, Bob 61 a Pryor, Charles 61 Pugh, Donald 61 Purdy, John 123, 146, 148 Purkey, Jerald 61 Pursley, Robert 61, 123, 136, 150, 152 Quinn, Sandra 61 Rager, Jack 24, 43, 61, 102, 109, 118 Ralston, Virginia 61, 117 Raup, John 43, 61, 115 Reagin, Fred 61 Reed, Maurice 61 Reed, Shirley 61 Reist, Myrtle 61 Retherford, Larry 15, 16, 26, 62 Reveal, Norman 62 Rhodes, Jerry 9, 15, 62, 115 Rice, Georgie Jean 62, 119, 126 Rich, Saundra 62 Rich, Shirley 62 Richardson, Janet 62, 117 Rider, Sarah 62, 110 Ridgeway, John 62 Riggs, Paul 62, 120 Roach, David 62 Ross, Maxine 12, 15, 24, 26, 27, 62, 117, 118, 126, 127 Rossin, Elinor 15, 25, 27, 62, 117, 118, 127 Rotruck, Deborah 25, 62, 102, 110, 117, 118, 127 Rouse, Wesley 62, 102 Rowe, Ted 62 Ruth, Marietta 62, 120 Sample, Phillip 62 Sanders, Patricia 63 Sandifer, Jerry 13, 63, 102, 104 Sargent, Betty 26, 27, 63, 110 118, 119 Scharnowske, Loretta 21, 63, 110 Schattner, Joan 63, 109 Schattner, Richard 63, 107, 148 Schell, Linda 63 Schmidt, Joan 25, 63 Schofield, Carolyn 24, 27, 63, 102, 104, 117, 118 Schwab, Robert 63 Scott, Fredrick 26, 27, 63, 118, 136 Scott, Sue 63, 126 Sears, Carolyn 63 Seibold, Patricia 27, 63, 118 Seipel, Herbert 63 Seulean, Jeffrey 63, 115, 136 Sexton, Robert 63, 115, 123, 130 Shaffer, Jeralyn 63, 104, 108 Shaul, Suzanne 64 Shaw, Geraldine 64, 110 Shear, Susan 27, 64 Shelby, Ted 64 Shetterly, Carolyn 64, 117 Shettle, Kent 64 Showalter, Donald 64 Sibery, Myra 42, 43, 64 Skaggs, Martha 64, 117 Skillman, Betty 64 Sloan, Betty 64, 108 Sloan, Phyllis 64 Smith, Bonnie 64 Smith, Donald 64, 121, 123, 130, 133, 144 Smith, Donald E. 64, 123, 138, 140, 146, 148 Smith, Geraldine 64 Smith, Gwenneth 65 Smith, James 8, 65, 127 Smith, Marvin 65 Smith, Maxine 65, 110 Spell, Robert 65 Stamm, Lewis 65 Stanger, Richard 65, 120 Stanley, Lowell 65 Steimer, Sue Ann 8, 16, 25, 65, 110, 116, 117 Stephens, Pava 65 175 Stephenson, Nancy 27, 65, 117, 118 Stewart, Lowell 18, 24, 26, 43, 65, 115, 117, 118 Stewart, Sara 7, 16, 18, 25, 27, 65, 102, 104, 118 Stickler Henrietta 65, 117 Stoelting, John 12, 26, 43, 65, 115, 117, 118, 164 Stoner, Richard 26, 65, 102, 115, 123, Stout, Nancy 65, 104, 105, 118 Streaty, Andre 65, 138, 139, 140 Stumpf, Deloras 66, 110 Summers, Jack 66, 121 Swetnam, Janet 8, 28, 66, 102, 109, 110, 116, 117, 119 Swinford, Shirley 66, 110 Taggart, Elizabeth 15, 16, 42, 43, 66, 110, 116, 117 Tanner, Daniel 66 Tatman, Mildred 66, 110 Taylor, Barbara 66 Taylor, Raymond 66, 124 Thanas, George 66, 123, 138, 142, 146, 147, 148 Thomas, William 66 Thompson, Kay 25, 43, 66, 110, 117, 119, 127 Tipton, Joseph 66, 123, 130, 132, 144, Townsend, Janet 16, 66, 110, 117, 127 Tranbarger, Thomas 66 Trick, Joane 66 Troutman, David 66 Tuttle, Barbara 66, 110 Van Buskirk, Emily 67 Van Camp, Donna 27, 67, 102, 103 Vance, Donald 67, 123, 124, 130, 133 Vanderbur, Paula 67, 110, 117, 127 Vanderhoof, Shirley 67 Van Dyke, Sue Ann 67 Van Winkle, Gordon 67 Vaughn, Elma 67, 110 Venters, Shirlee 67 Vermillion, Donna 67 Vickers, Richard 10, 67 Wade, Bernard 67, 124 ' 1 Wagner, Paul 67 Wagner, Russell 67 Wagner, Suzanne 15, 24, 27, 67, 2, Wagoner, Bill 67 Walbridge, Charles 67 Warner, Shirley 8, 12, 27, 68, 10 , 04, 109, 116, 117 Watkins, Blondell 68 Waymire, Joyce 68 Weatherly, Shirley 25, 68, 102, 117 Webb, Sandra 68 Welcher, Cyrilyn 68 Wellington, David 13 26, 68, 115, 117, 118, 127 West, Jack 68 - Weston Sandra 68 Wheeldon, John 6 Williams, Nelda Williamson, Jack VVillingham, E1a Willis, Kenneth , Wilson,,Ernesti e 68 Wilson, Sigle 6 wue , udith as Q s y I , , Williams, Altha , 120 Wolgamott, Kat yn GE 10 11 Wood, Carol 24, 69, 105 1 Woodruff, Mona 69, 1 , 03, 11 Wools, Elizabeth 69 109, 115, 117, 11 Wright, Marilyn 69, 110 Wright, Robert 69, 104 York, Jack 69 Young, Agnes 69 Ziegler, Sandra 43, 69, 102, Zimmerman, Carole 69, 117 Zurmuehlen, Karl 24, 69, 102 0 Wright, Fredric 13, 24 1 l , 104 5 ', 1' b 73, X u i X N , J!! I A -' x ' A - rn' I ' fl., ,,.. I'. IM' xga ,f . I 1 N - v ' .Y XV I 5, V J I i, 9- I A . Im' i I I I 'MJ X i 1 W .. 1 , IQ' 0 ! MI , l , . h I Q X J . .if f , ' x vf ' 3 'EX ' f IV ' I X QL ,I xx, U, X 1 ,x f' I . .. 0 1 X I X A ,G ,I I f ' X 'T V - ff 41 I I 7 .2 , 'X I . - 7? J ' J J . 0 W -I im V . X ' XA 3 A, is W J- I N I fl? if , f KI, fry' I I!! f' I i 3 f f f If sa iw 1 V' K 'A' ' 5b 1 x if O Q v ' Recognifion ' V ' nfflf PRINTING I - y i sAnderson High School Printing Department I jf ffjj if ,'-M0 ' E - AVING , ' I I t In anapolis Engr 1 Co., Indianapolis, Ind. . Xl ' :Q b ' Co mer ervice Co., Anderson f 1 ,. J . ' 0 I. , ,, - . ', P - or Anderson ,H ' I 'u 5' h' Studi,Ad V , -I ,1 ' y Q n. do fo : - lagtdcdio, Andersolh grson f I I ,. 1 NT PHQTOGRAPHY v' fff eS h'im 9 J , ll Ki If! Stuff! Richmond Ind 5 ' ' , , . I 7 COVER N 4X L: . 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Suggestions in the Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) collection:

Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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