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-f-.ff-.f MQ 1955 o n Anderson Senior High School Anderson,Indiano 0 of ,-, '1 K 1 f i ii ? W O -WWQUQQVQS W Wig peaks 0 0 0 CONTENTS Review GT EvenTs ..... . . 4 ACTiviTies .... . . 28 SporTs .... . 60 People .... . 88 AdverTisemenTs. . . . l56 Senior lndex . '. . . I74 . . . The Tevor oT a crowd aT' a baslceTball game. wiTh The concenT'raTion oT sTudenTs re- ciTing' wiTh The soTTness oT Two in The moon- liqhT, and all oT The inTermediary possibiliTies. Realizing The presence oT all This vocal expres- sion, The sTaTT oT The Indian decided To show in more deTail Through use oT prose and picT'ures how Anderson l-ligh Speaks. X l The Wall Flowers and The CaTs meei ai The club affer The big game. Hi, What Do You Say? IT was iusT a Timid lead upon which Thous- ands oT conversaTions have been builT in The recreaTion spoTs around The Town. The Club Tom-Tom was The sITe oT many mob scenes aTTer aThleTic evenTs even Though The mosT exciTing happening There in a normal evening was sweaTing Through The Bunny Hop. A- bouT mid-Term The Indian Room opened aT The Y. M. C. A. and was packed Tor weelcs by The inquisiTive and Those who wanTed a change oT aTmosphere. 4 Curious bui' slighily bored. The Indian Room crowded ai one of iis firsf showings Classroom Observations Expldined The Textbooks AlThough mosT oT whaT we will remember abouT high school will be The clubs, dances. parTies, and The oTher aTTer-hour acTiviTies, The reason Tor The school is The six hours we spenT each day in The classrooms. MosT oT The rooms in A.l l.S. have noThing buT desks in Them buT some like The library and The physics laboraTory are equipped somewhaT more. Above sTudenTs are picTured Taking ad- vanT'age oT The research and reading TaciliTies oT our library which meeTs The sTandards Tor a good high school library. Below sTudenTs are waTching high Trequency elecTriciTy aT work in The physics lab. Dr. George W. Crane aT The microphone Jerry Banker presenTs a baskeTball Trophy To our principal, Mr. William HuTchison C onvoccrtions Informed Students In Many Wolys Th roughouT The year To break The monoTony oT classes and To give us TirsT hand knowledge oT The experiences oT orhers The convocaTions were scheduled. DocTor George Crane. naTionally known columnisT and psychologisT', was broughT To us Through The aid oT The A- 7 .1 merican AssociaTion oT UniversiTy Women. He spoke abouT our TuTures and oT ways To live wiThouT worry. Three aThleTic awards convos and Two oTher awards convos honored ouTsTanding sTudenTs who Took acTive parTs in school liTe and show- ed ouTsTanding abiliTies. The aT'hleTic convo- caTions came aT The ends oT The Tall, winTer and spring seasons aT which Times The numer- als, monTigrams, and leTTers were given To The boys and They in Turn gave To The school any Trophies which They mighT have won. Ralph Cochran was one oT The mosT out sTanding and inspiring speakers oT The year. l-le Told oT The many Troubles he has had and oT The problems he had conquered while gain- ing his Ph. D. aT Purdue UniversiTy in The Tield oT guidance Tor The blind. We also Took Time ouT Tor some enTerTain- menT when The Singing l-loosiers Trom Indiana UniversiTy came up Tor a morning. ln This choral group There were more sTudenTs Trom Anderson Than any oTher ciTy. Along wiTh This group came Clair Nunn and The l.U. Queens who aTTorded some varieTy in The show. Ralph Cochran surrounded by sTudenTs a'fTer The convo Clair Nunn aT The piano and The IU Queens Yolanda Breeden, Mary Ann Vainer, Queen Shirley Campbell, Naomi McGill, Sherry Bill. Campbell Named Homecoming Queen This year we wiTnessed The second annual homecoming. IT was planned by a TaculTy com- miTTee, The sTudenT council, numerous high school clubs. and wiTh The cooperaT'ion oT many merchanTs around Anderson. The evening sTarTed wiTh a parade Through Town which consisTed oT TloaTs made by The clubs and converTibles loaded wiTh sTudenTs. AlThough a limiT was puT' on The amounT oT money ThaT could be spenT, many oT The TloaTs were preTTy and all oT Them had a unique idea oT how The Indians were going To beaT The Howe l-lorneTs ThaT nighT in The TooTball game. Much ingenuiTy was shown in The various TloaTs. Farm wagons and TlaT bed Trucks which had been borrowed Tor The nighT' were used To carry The TloaTs. AlmosT every imaginable Type oT decoraTion was used, including anTiques and beauTiTul girls. The sTudenT body had elecT'ed Shirley Campbell Queen oT The Homecoming earlier. She and her courT rode in The back seaTs oT converTibles ouT To Denny Field. These Tive girls are shown above aTTer Shirley had been crowned queen during The halTTime acTiviTies. Shirley is also shown in The upper leTT hand cor- ner oT The nexT page as she was riding in a converTible. A commiTTee oT prominenT businessmen iudged The TloaTs and awarded TirsT place To The GAA TloaT, marked The Winning FloaT on The righT hand page. The NaTional Thespian SocieTy Took second place, and Y-Teens Took Third place. The TooTball game was losT by The TighTing Indians. This puT The lid on The TesT'iviTies oT The day. 8 1 , Pepooses And Students The cheering block lcnown as The pepooses served as a megaphone To The shouTs oT The resT oT The sTudenT body. When The Team was behind and a game looked hopeless, The cheering bloclc was sTiII There Trying Their besT To win The game Tor The boys. The block. how- Whoop It Up ever. was on iTs lasT' legs. The sTudenT body voTed To abandon iT aTTer The baslceTball sea- son This year. PicTured above is The sT'udenT secTion in which The elemenT oT exciTemenT was aT iTs pealc during The New Albany game. I0 Dick Hartzell, Max Moore, Clarke Smith and Ann O'Connor stop in for awhile Boys, Girls Chatter After Hours In lndiarn Room New to our social lite this year was the lndian Room at the YMCA. It has taken the place ot the drug stores and other hangouts in the city as the gathering spot. While girls got out and danced a jitter bug to everything on the luke box. the fellows sat back and tall:- ed ot dates, cars, and politics. The conver- sations were otten repeated, but it was an easy way to kill a tew hours. Oh, I would love fo go fo fhe dance wifh you Gee, fha+'s swell We Showed Affections Through Dates The mosf' carefully planned evenfs of fhe year were fhe nighfs of fhe big dance. The acfual planning sfarfed' monfhs ahead of fhe acfual evenf when fhe sponsoring organiza- fion sef fhe dafe and chose fhe place and fhe band. A few weeks before fhe big nighf dafes and double dafes were arranged, flowers were ordered, and formals were boughf or sfarfed fo be made. This year fhere were fhree maior dances be- sides fhe Junior Prom in which we elecfecl queens. They were fhe Fall Wind-up for which we elecfeol Sylvia Snyder, fhe Sweefhearf Ball where Janef Blume was chosen, and fhe Silver Whaf do you have in whife fhai would look good in fhe hair? Bell Ball af which Kafhy Sfeele reigned. Affhe Sfardusf Dance Paffy Samuels and Pele Dear-- ing were elecfed fhe royal couple for fhe evening. Each of fhese queens was given a crown fo wear and a bouquef. Affer fhe ceremonies and picfure faking, fhey wenf' fo fhe dance floor and sfarfed fhe dancing while all fhe ofher couples wafched. Janef Fifzgerald and Dave Rebeneclc have been chosen fo fypify fwo sweefhearfs in fheir preparafion for fhe dance and fhe evenfs of fhe evening. Goodby, Junior sed- 'M' HINQMI M96 Dave dresses Janef primps v. 1058 Why, mo-ther, whai' sharp ears and big eyes you have The big even+ a+ lasi Time ou+ +o cool off L , . ,, L Ann HarT, Clarke SmiTh, Tom Templ OU On, avis, T Mr. George D W l McNaTT ic BI' ze T BagoT, John wro e ic rea i T, Clarke, and D k cl TThroughT fl Dig Those craz d'd Thaf ge y 7 How T There? The lasT minuTe preparafions. C onvo Committee G ave C hanc Weeks beTore The sTudenT body ThoughT abouT iT a commiTTee was geTTing TogeTher and laying plans Tor The sTudenT TalenT convoca- Tion. Their iobs were To Tind The TalenT among The sTudenT body and organize These various individual acTs inTo a show by The use oT some gmmick. ATTer having wriTTen The scripT' iT was up To Those in The acTs To make The show. WiT'h many hours oT rehearsals behind Them They wenT To The gym early in The morning To pre- pare and arrange properTies. Soon The show was on. I4 P Gary Stanley Jessie Willis Gloria Nighbert. Passiontlower Marvin Leazenby Jim Ault. Purty Curtie Hockett W G e Moore, Barbara Moore, Phyllis Jolly, Alice Masters, Ronald Foster, Bill Schallr, Jerry Durant, Dick Wirt carrying Walt Bagot Jim Stottlemyer or Students To Proclaim Their Talents The student talent convocation was held together by a director, a producer, and their secretaries straight trorn l-lollywood. They were on a talent search. and numerous And- erson students came out to show their slcills. Variety was dominant in the show with solos. duets, a sextet, nnarirnloa and saxophone in- strumentals, a square dance, and stunts. The high point ot the whole show was the duet loy Curt l-loclcett and Jirn Ault and their ren- dition ot Onesy-Twosy. I5 Mary Hiday, Clarke Smith, Dick Hartzell, Marily Counselors Told Us How To Get A .lob Many sT'udenTs worked during The year eiTher aTTer school or only wenT To school half days and worked The resT OT The day. These sTudenTs were oTT'en aided by The counseling oTTice in geTTing These iobs. This is iusT one oT The services rendered by The counseling oT- Tice. Freshmen are aided in Their adiusTmenT's To high school liTe, and all Types oT school do- mesTic problems are considered by The Train- ed counselors every year. The counseling has also had much To do wiTh The sT'arTing oT The special classes and courses oT The school, such as The orienTaTion classes and The reTailing course. Morgan Taps Tor The Indians Tribe Upholds Anderson Tradition Of Basketball AT approximaTeIy 8:I5 every nighT oT an Indian home game all loyal eyes Tocus on The cenTer circle and The liTTle man in The whiTe shirT wiTh black - - no. black shirT wiTh whiTe sTrips - - as he Throws The game-opening Tip in- To The air. AT This Time The Hoosier madness breaks loose wiTh all iTs Torce. The game pic- Tured above Turned ouT To be one oT The mosT Thrill packed conTesT oT The '52-'53 season. This was The nighT when The Indians meT Their Torrid N.C.C. Toes Trom Kokomo and were downed 68-66 in an overTime Thriller. BUT This was iusT one oT The many Thrill- packed games which The wriTers, broadcasT- I7 ers. and scorekeepers who keep Tab oT The game and corresponding color were on hand To wiTness. They are The men who wiTh The aid oT The reTerees keep The game moving and under conTroI. BuTone Time They were unable To cope wiTh The Torces oT naTure as The IighTs wenT ouT causing posTponemenT oT The much- publicised Richmond - Anderson Tracas. BuT This quirk oT The elemenTs only proved' TurTher The TighTing spiriT oT Coach PoTTer's Anderson Indians. They reTurned To The Wigwam The Tollowing evening and Turned The Tables on The Red Devils as They gained a hard ToughT vicTory over The highly TalenTed RichmonoIiTes. Pepooses And Students The cheering block known as The pepooses served as a megaphone To The shouTs oT The resT' oT The sTudenT body. When The Team was behind and a game looked hopeless. The cheering block was sTill There Trying Their besT To win The game Tor The boys. The block. how- Whoop It Up ever. was on iTs lasT' legs. The sTudenT body voTed To abandon iT aTTer The baskeTball sea- son This year. PicTured above is The sT'udenT secTion in which The eIemen+ oT exciTemenT was aT iTs peak during The New Albany game. I8 arf A glimpse of fhe dance floor during fhe B B I EBU- l'Umh18 Night Life Left Us Broke But Happy The flowers and clolhes Jrhai had io be purchased for lhese occasions made big denls in Jrhe pockei boolcs buf Jrhe evening wilrh Jrhe regisiraiion line, lhe crowded dance floor, and Jrhe snappy iilierbugs leii' no regrelrs concerning expenses. Clirnaxing rnosl dances was Jrhe crowning of a girl as queen. A+ one dance, however, Jrhe order was revers- ed and Jim Aull was named Beau Brum- nnel of AHS. Beau-Brummel, Jim Aulf, dancin wi+h Maril n Mill 9 Y affer being given his lop hal' and cane A, bg r +h bl yuh Egl ann Her u as seen rom e acon o e B E5 B 00m Senior Week Committees The Anderson CounTry Club was The siTe oT The senior-TaculTy dance This year where The couples danced To The mellow noTes oT Clyde Traslc's band. The members oT The com- miTTee were: SeaTed-Phil Hayes, Dave Hi- day, Gayle Kern, Jim AulT and Jane Dixon lco-chairmeni, RuTh Jones, MerediTh Marsh, Dale BengTson, Karen lv1cCarTy. STanding- RoberTa CriTser, JaneT Blume. Claire Nunn Turnished enT'erTainmenT Tor The donuT dunlcing seniors aT The modiTied version oT The senior brealcTasT held This year aT The Grandview CounTry Club. Those who planned The evenT were Jerry CurrenT, Mari- lyn STowf Maurice l-loward, Lou lris Parmer, John iv1cNaTT, JaneT Cox lchairmanl, Jack ScoTT, SoTeria Pancol, John Yarling, PaT WeaTherly. The ParamounT and ST'aTe Thea+ers were chosen as The siTe Tor The upTown TheaTer par- Ty. STudenTs enT'ered The TheaTers beTween seven and eighT o'cloclc and seTTled down Tor an evening oT enioymenT. Those who made arrangemenTs Tor The enTerT'ainmenT were Jean Anne KeTner, Jim Bannon lchairmanl. STanding-Jeanine l-lenning, Jim Brown, Elaine GuyoT, Dave Poore, Dick Miller. A new aTTracTion To senior weelc was The all-senior circus parTy. Everyone was required To wear The cosTume oT someone connecTed' wiTh The circus. IT was also unusual in ThaT The girls were given a chance To aslc boys. The commiTTee consisTed oT: Row I-JaneT Hav- en, PaT Samuels, Phyllis Falender, Lou Ann l'larT, KaThy STeele lchairmanl, Max Moore, Dick Reehm. Row ll-Mabel Kline' Carol YaT'- Taw, Clarke SmiTh, Joan Diggs, Dave Brown. Tom TempleTon. ParT of The senior class Tund every year is used To give a presenT To The school in mem- orandum oT The class. Those on This commiT- Tee are picTured as Tollows: SeaTed-Judy Winkler, Darlene STeves, Judi WesT, Babs Huber. STanding-Dick l-larTzell, Ross Col- lins, Carol ivleiser, Jerry Fox lchairmanl. Planned Gala Activities The senior TalenT show Turned ouT To be an animaTed record show wiTh seniors pro- viding The animaTion and a disk ioclcey working under The name oT WalT SkilleTs providing The records and commenT'ary. The originaTors oT This show are as Tollows: Kay Boardman lChoreographerl, WalT BagoT lDirecTorl. Carol Niece. STand'ing- Bill MaThews, Bob Miller, Gloria NighberT. ATTer The TalenT show in The morning The members oT The class oT '53 grabbed Their ieans and pedal pushers and headed Tor Noblesville Tor The picnic. Marilyn Mills, Don BirT lChairmanl. LaNorma Jones, Marvin Roney, and Jerry DuVal made arrangemenTs Tor The place and The desserT which The class Treasury Turnished. Bruce Madren, Shirley Campbell, Jack Riggs, Nancy SchuberT. and Kay McCarTy lchairmanl planned The senior-TaculTy luncheon. They arranged To be served in The Y.M.C.A. and various TalenTed sTu- denT's gave The day some varieTy. All mem- bers oT The Tac:ulTy and senior execuTive commiTTee were inviTed in TribuTe oT Tour years oT associaTion. In The middle oT May The senior regis- TraTion commiTTee sTarTed To TuncTion in The audiorium. Any senior who wished To pa rTicipaTe in senior week acTiviTies had To regisTer wiTh This group. The members were: STanding-Jim Moore lco-chairmanl, Anne STreaTy. Marcella CarpenTer, Anne Brown lco-chairmanl, Myrna Biddle. SeaT- ed-Mary Hiday lhead of AAUW Teal. Executive C ommlttee Organized Students Activities Ralph Goldsberry led the treshman executive commit- tee. The members are: Row l-Bill Penn, Prudy Richard- son, Ralph Goldsberry, Sher- ry Bill. Row ll-Sally Bissell. Don Kimball, Ronnie Harris, Paula Newbern, Pat Can- aday, Jane Gallamore, La- Donna Basicker, Linda Thiel, Wanda Fields. Row lll-Rex Boys, Terry Ward, Ralph Wil- loughly, Joe Crouse, David Sheetyf Jack Macy, Ronald Spall, Mike Patterson, Ronald Partain. The sophomore executive committee worked in the background. The committee consisted ot: Row l-Peg Tag- gart, Joan Lowry, Deanna Trimble, Phyllis Kelly, Verna Otto, Shirley Skaggs, Marge George. Row ll-Donna Steir- walt, Sylvia Jones, Dianne Achor, Jackie Gooding, Thea Phelps, Marcia Barron. Row III-Bill Smith, Harry Kirchen- bauer, Bob Sample, Bill Eng- land, Tom Byrum, Keith Tracy. Linda Granger. Taking over the candy stand atter the sectional was the tirst step ot the iuniors to get money tor their class treasury. The members are: Row l-Gary Babcoke, Jim Bohne, Glenn Perdue, Don Peck, Bill Bell, Dean Bannon, Jerry Rhodes. Row ll-Sandra -Highbaughj, Joe Dearing, Don l-lottman, Larry Rethertord, Charlene Bonge, Paula Van- derbur, Helen l-lall, Kay Col- lings, Kay Thompson. Row lll-Yolanda Breeden, Betty Taggart, Jack Raper, Llye Crouse, Jim Buxton, Ronnie Kunce. Kenny Willis, Phil Fo- ley. 22 Students Monitored Halls For Wainderers A number ot years ago student coun- cil started the monitor system in Ander- son. lt consisted ot placing trusted stud- ents in the halls to keep loiterers out ot the halls during' class time and also to take ab- sentee slips trom the various rooms to the deans' ottices. For each period one stud- ent was named head monitor. It was his iob to see that all posts were tilled and that the halls were kept clear. Spring Semester Head Monitors: Bill Harless, Mary Jane Gustin, Leah Mosier, Jacquelyn Ellison, Jerry Current, Dick Miller. Fall Semester Head Monitors: Lowell Stewart, Marvin Leazenby, J. D. Moore. Gene Wolte, Mary Hiday, Billie Lea Min- niear, Julia Moore. FiveHonor Study Halls Relieved Faculty mr The honor study hall monitors are an ottspring ot the hall monitor system. The students take the place ot a teacher in a study hall thus releasing that teacher tor other duties in the school. Every period, with the exception ot the two lunch hours. one ot these students took charge ot 207. Students who wanted to be in an honor study hall were put under the monitor's watchtul eye. l Fall Semester Honor Study Hall Mon- itors: Carol Niece, Jim Ault, Jeanine Henning. Dick Hartzell, Jerry Higgen- botham. Spring Semester Honor Study Moni- tors: Dave Potter, Norman Jones, Tom Bennett, John Yarling, Gene Wolte. 23 551+ We' Q! PROM QUE J JHSH1h k ' n:ez5??fm .z 5 ir- 5,4 If .Lf m 4 in N W Li Prom Queen Attendants 5 f 1 v If yn Q 4 l gi 5 6 Q Lau L 51 f? 2 5 E x . M ' .. Z ' - ' ' -fw S L 'V ' . ' A ' 1 Q f J v mf f X25 1 f - UWA-mwflwa E2M2W9'!,W72 M43 iff fi ZW VfE,9imxYR1 Hf'N MWWLZ YlZEMb S Wav! Z 7 E'?W'A14 Tiwzzik V 'X 313:45 YIT,E,.f,uf QSfE1qLEN31TS.f?z2'EiN?Y Modeling caps and gowns for The class of '53 in The TronT hall are Dick Moore, Karen McCarThy, Jean Ann Sfoner, Dave Poore, Jan T Blume, an cl Bob WhiTe. C ups And Gowns Tell Last Page Of Story This is The Tinale To a Tour year show. From The Time The Treshman sees The senior aTTired in his cap and gown he has The desire To wear one himselT, which provides The boosT' Tor bel- Ter academic work. The members oT The class oT l953 have aTTained This goal as TypiTied by The six seniors in The above picTure. The class oT I953 has lived in The halls oT A. l-l. S. Tor Tour years buT like all oTher classes musT go on To live a new liTe in The world. Up unTil now we have been uniTied by school spiriT, buT now we are To be divided by many diTTerenT occupaT'ions. The members oT The class oT '53 are like The members oT many oTher graduaTing classes in ThaT They passed The inlaid words oT wisdom aT The Top oT The sTairs in The main hall wiThouT 27 comprehending Their Tull meaning. BUT now These words, Knowledge ls Power, begin To Take meaning as They prepare To sTep TorTh inTo The world oT beckoning uncerTainTy. The class oT '53 showed iT realized The meaning oT The words Knowledge ls Power when They procured Dr. Ralph Sockman To address The commencemenT exercises. ln doing This The class broke away Trom accepTed T'radiTion oT having sTudenT commencemenT speakers. The commencemenT on The nighT oT June 4 ended weeks oT marching pracTice, a ioyTul senior week. and Tour years oT school achieve- menTg all This was climaxed by The Tears and reminiscenT ThoughTs during The commence- menT program. - lmciiiwifiiw Organrzecl Assocratrons Through Clubs Wrll Speak For Happiness With People Selling along wilh olhers is lhe lheme ol our aclivilies in high school. These early conlacls wilh organizalions help develop habils which will make living happier and easier when lhe lime comes lor us lo make our own decisions. Piclured' lo lhe righl ol lhe lwo high school sludenls, Tom Temple- lon and Nancy Schuberl, who are dancing, are some ways in which such associalions may become uselul. Singing in which- har- mony is a necessily, a board meeling lhal requires orderly and lriendly almosphere lo keep an induslry lunclioning. and a lamily in which happiness is a supreme laclor in ils conlinuance. Service Clubs ..... ....... ...... . . . ...... .30 Cheerleaders .... ........ .... ......., 4 O Music Organizalions ......... ....... . ..47 Y Clubs .................. ......,. . . . ........ .52 Publicalions ....... ...... ..... ...A 5 7 Parking Loi' CadeTs: Row I-Dick KeiThley, Dave Poore, Dale Bouse, Dave Couch, Bob Kirby, Francis Couch, Ronnie Kunce Norman York, Row ll-Mr. Byfield, Don Cook, Dave Harris, Mark EreharT, Gary Aagesen, Lowell Vogel, Carl Bonner Jack Raper, Haskell Counfs, John Yarling, Phil Levi. Parking Lot Cadets Aiding The sTudenT's in parking Their cars, The cadeTs Try To ease The TraTTic problem around school. A new shelTer house was builT This year in The parking loT, where The CadeTs were assign- ed To waTch The parking loT. The C'adeTs play a big parT in solving The TraTTic problem. Librarians DiTTerenT groups oT assisTanTs work in The library each period oT The day, doing several useTul iobs. The library assisTanTs check ouT books and replace Them in The shelves, and help oTher sTudenTs Tind research maTerial. This busy bunch also makes The bulleTin board displays Tor The library. Library Club: Row I-Carole Zimmerman, BeTTy Pearson, Marybell Begley, Irene Davidson. Sue DriTTill, RiTa Anderson, Joan Harrison Pal' Selbold Row ll-Pennye Boyd, Judy McDaniel, Debbie Myers, Connie DanTorTh, Marilyn Mills, Donna Chapman, Nancy Trainer JaneT Townsend, Kay McCullough, Shirley SchmalTz, Jane Alexander, Donna Noble. Row III-RiTa Plovick, Kay Gwynn, Jeannine Combs Virginia CrawTord, Judy WesT, Mary Ann l-lannaford, BeTTy Cash, Diane Davis, Carolyn Bailey, Jeri Shaw. ApprenTice Thespians: Row I-Carolyn Schofield, Delores Segner, PaT Fedor, Paf Pheanis, Elinor Rossin, Maxine Rloss, Marcella Zaiser, Lou Iris Parmer, JaneT SweTman, RiTa Richards, BeTTy SargenT, JaneT Howard. Row Il-Rosada Shaw, Dianne Achor, CaTherine Bowen, Nancy Riggs, Sarah Hopping, Nancy STouT, Barbara O'Qonnor, Diane Davis, Sylvia Snyder, Barbara Hosek, Jo Ann McFarland, LaNorma Jones, Carol WhiTley, Judy Gibson, RoberTa STreaTy, Nancy PaynTer, Ann WiTTeborT. Row III-Marcia Barron, Sandra Kemp, Thea Phelps, Mary Ann Vainer, Sue Shaul, Barbara Erlandson, Lois CarTer, Nancy HursT, Connie Achor, Nancy Wechsler, Sandy Gillian, PaTricia Crook, Shirley Ayers, Carrolyn Del.awTer, Phyllis Dykes, Janice FosnoT, Sue Williams. Row IV-Darlene STeves, Sally Raup, Jane Judkins, Judy Edens, John SToelTing, Raybourn Boardman. Bruce Mason, Sue SCOTT, Mary Wishard, Sara STewarT, Carol Ann Wood, Debbie RoTruck, Jean Harrison, Judy Mason, Harolyn Phillips. Row V-Dick Canada, Clarke SmiTh, Jack Riggs, Bruce Madren, Bob Miller, Jim LuTes, Jon Walker, Fred ScoTT, Louella Wise, Vicki Odell, Janice STagg, Johnny Cole, Herb Cappel, David Bufler, Bill Waldo, Dick WirT. Thespicm Apprentices The Thespian ApprenTices are beginning sTudenTs inTeresTed in dramaTics who are work- ing To geT enough poinTs To ioin NaTional Thespians. Members oT The club earn These poinTs and learn To produce plays while They assisT in The NaTional Thespian's programs. Be- are many oThers behind The scenes helping wiTh The sTagework and lighTing. They also do much oT The makeup and cosTuming, and oTher backsTage iobs. The direcTors oT The Thes- pians' plays and sponsors oT The Two groups are Miss Lois Long and Miss Alice Higman. sides The ApprenTices seen in The casT', There q, Play CasT-LeTT To Right: King Clark SmiTh, Lady Nancy Schuberf, Miller's DaughTer Lou Iris Palmer, King's Son Dave WellingTon, RumpelsTilTskin Marilyn Mills, Guard Gary SchusTer, Guard Fred ScoTT, Miller's Wife Sue Shaul, ATTendanT Thea Phelps, Miller Dick WirT, ATTendanT JaneT How- ard. 3l i Nalional Thespian Sociefy: Sealed-Wall Bagol lpresidenll, Ka+hy Sfeele, Nancy Schuberl,,Juhl Baker, Kay Boardman, Gary Schusleri Miss l-ligrnan, Slancling-John Yarling, Miss Long, Dave Wellinglon llreasurerl, Jim Aulf lsecrefaryl, Jerry Currenl lvice-pres.l N F l National Thespiuns Writer's Club T The lighls go down in The dim lhearer, lhe Members of The Wrilers Club enler shorl curlain rises, and lhe scene begins. The play- poems and essays in Jrhe nalional publicalions ers are The Thespians o1CA.l'l.S.. our lulure Young America Sings and Young Amer- Banlcheads anol Barrymores. The requiremenls ica Speaks. . for membership is IOO hours or IO poinls ol Sluolenis who belong hope +o conlinue wril- work in any lielcl of dramalics. The club pro- ing aller school. i cluces Jrwo plays for lhe public yearly, and also The main reason lor Jrhis club is lo promole ' gives shorl plays al' ils meelings. This year's crealive wriling. maior plays were The Divine Flora ancl Rumelslil+slcin. which was given for school children. rifer's Club: Row l-Mary Hollis lvice presiclenll, Shirley Clendenin lpresidenll, Jerrie Haven, Mary Grigsby, lrene Davidson, Shirley sed, Emily Philpol: Row ll-Belle Line, Roberla Slrealy, Anne Srreaiy, Miss Thursfon, Joanna Hall. Nancy Keilh, Donna Clark, 'f a 5f v f-vsmmamffffim i. 1 Miniwanca Council-SeaTed-Miss Mary EThel Thursfon, Donna VanCamp, PaT Phelps, Carol Niece, Marilyn Mills, Judy Capron, Judy KnoTTs, Lou Ann l'larT. STanding-Bruce Poore, Jerry CurrenT, Jack Rager. Miniwclnccl Council The members oT The Miniwanca Council have aTTended one oT The summer Leadership Training Camps aT' Camp Miniwanca near Shelby, Michigan. Several hundred sTudenTs Trom all over The UniTed STaTes, Canada, and many oTher counTries assemble There each year. One oT The main obiecT'ives is To sTudy and barTicibaTe in The'Tour phases-social. men- Tal, bhvsical, and religion-oT balanced living. The local grouo aTTembTs To inTeresT sTudenTs in aTTending Camp Miniwanca. Bible Club To TurTher ChrisTian educaTion in our high school we have The Bible Club. The Bible Club meeTs every week on Thursday aT 3:30. Every week sTudenTs Trom This club have devoTions over The p. a. sysTem. One oT The main proiecTs Bible Club has is passing TracT's aT The baslceTball games. During The year sTudenTs lisTen To spealcers and sings ers. Bible Club: Row l-PaTTy SheeTs, RuTh Lycan, Barbara Jo Brown, Carolyn PresTon, PaT Davis, Barbara Fossrneyer, Virginia Crawlord, Ro- berla STreaTy. Row ll-Alice Day, JaneT SweTnam lSecreTary Treasurerl, Francis Baughan lVice PresidenTl, Shirley Reed, lnez Rousey, Donna Clark, Joan SchaTTner, Rosalee Collis, AniTa Hughes. Rowlll-Mr. Fred Weaver, KaTie WolgamoTT, Carolyn Frierrnood, Alyce Taylor, BeTTy Slcillman, Donna Chapman, Joan Carfer, Barbara McVey, Joane Trick. Judy Capron. Row IV-Carl Bonner, Don McGee, George Hopkins, V!alT Chapin, Lernond Aulcer, ForresT lmel lPresiclenTl. 4 i AM -1: ' 5' 'Pl ' .z,-f.. Xa.u:iiW'i lr mi- if The Conservalion Club is open lo any boy where lhe boys viewed many inleresling Junior Conservalion Club: Row I-Torn Sheahan, Mike Wiley, Larry Mills, Malcolm Young, J. D. Moore, Gerald Carroll Bob Reveal, Larry Relherlord, Danny Coble, Don Pugh. Row ll-David McCaTierly, Billy Granl, Larry Onsloll, Jerry New- lon, Bud Jackson, Bill Lewis, Norman Johnson, Don Rhoacles. Row lll-Don Manis, Ronald Parlain, Charles Walbridge Don Cook, John Rock, Karl Zurmuehlen, Larry Jones, Jim Bohne, Bob l-lulier. Row IV-Mr. Finney Dick Jack, Jim Mills Paul Riggs, Dave Poller, Dick Schallner, Haskell Counls, Wilbur Osborn, Mr. McDowell. in Anderson l-ligh School who is inleresled in hunling, fishing, and perserving wild game. Under ioinl sponsorship wilh lhe Sporls- men's Club. lhe Conservalion Club has had a wide varily of programs lhis year. Some ol lhese consisled of speakers lalking on rifle shooling, lraining of bird dogs, hunling, and fishing. Early in lhe year a lrip was laken lo lhe Spor+smen's Show in Indianapolis, exhibils. To cooperale wilh lhe local Sporlsmen's Club and promole conservalion in The school and comimunily is lhe purpose of lhe Junior Conservalion Club. The Club ended il's aclivilies for lhe year by Taking a Trip lo McCormick's Creek near Spencer, lndiana. Junior Conservafion Club Officers: Mr. Roberl' McDowell, Sponsor: Gerald Carroll, Vice-Presidenly Larry Relherford, Treasurer: Bob Reveal, Secrelaryq Malcolm Young, Presidenl: J. D. Moore, Sergeanl-al-Arms: Mr. John Finney, Sponsor. Junior Conservation Club 34 i i 5 l 2 A 1 l l 1 . z 1 i l i -Q I. l l l F. F. A. Officers: Jess Efchison, Reporfer: Don Hoffman, Vice-Pres- idenf: Jim DeShon, Sergeanf-af Arms: Don Smifh, Secrefaryg Newell Hull, Song Leader: Bill Schallc, Presidenf. Future Fu rmers Of America Anderson's chapfer of fhe Nafional F. F. A. was organized in I935 as fhe 5 I sf chapfer in lndiana. Now, eighfeen years lafer, fhe club has abouf 40 members and almosl' as many acfivifies. Among proiecfs handled by fhe local F. F. A. are fhe sfoclc iudging confesfs befween counfy schools. breeding and raising animals, and exhibifing prize sfoclc in fhe Sfafe Fair. The club sfudies farm safefy and goes fo agriculfural programs sponsored by fhe counfy agenf. The Fufure Farmers Club, which is similar fo fhe 4-H, also has ifs baslcefball feam and sponsors such acfivifies as an annual skafing parfy and several square dances. Members of fhe club sell magazine subscripfions each year fo raise funds for fhese and ofher club evenfs af fheir weekly meefings. Fufure Farmers of America: Row I--Don Hoffman, Don Smifh, Bill Schallc, Jim DeShon, Jess Elchison, Newell Hull, Mr. Hor- ace Wilson. Row ll-Jerry Duranf, Dale Lechliiner, Jim Sfofll emyer, Bill Kimmerling, Don Kimball, Ronald Fosler, Floyd Mofsinger. Row Ill-Don Cook, George Grolf, Don Odom, M aurice Chambers, Jerry Newfon, Myron Brown. ROW IV-Jim Waymire, Jack Summers, Jack Maxwell, Darrell Nuff, Ronald Bishop, Row V-Roe Kirkpafriclc, Ben Neff, Jerry Swinford, James Hawn, Ray Crume, Lowell Haffield. Diclc Reehm. Row Vl-Charles Sfevenson, Kennefh Pickering, Billy Hill, Charles Harrison, James Hunfer. Row Vll-Duane Shewarcl, Ronald Fo x, Arnold Flora, Jerry Palmer, Don Callahan, Jack Neeley. 'ws +'ain.4.x -, wwvw .uv r -.-z-. .oz Fulure Teachers Ol America: Row I-Pally Sheels, Mary Ann Alexander, Treasurer, Rulh Jones, Vice Presidenlg Dicl: Wirl, Parlimen- larian: Pamela Boyer, Marcella Carpenler, Presidenlg Carolyn Pollard, Secrelary, Marcella Zaiser. Lou Iris Farmer, Diane Davis. Row ll-Shirley Clendenin, Debby Rolruclc, Connie Biclcal, Francis Baughan, Jackie Barnhizer, Wilma Smilh, Anne Brown, Carol Ann Wood, Norma Slohler, Barbara O'Connor. Row lll-Kalie Wolgamoll, Mary Hoplner, Norma Baller, Janel Swelnam, Shirley Ayres, Norman Yorlc, Elaine Guyol, Janice Sample, Mrs. Marqarel l-ioch, Sponsor.Row IV-Jane Dixon, Susie l-lollingsworlh, Barbara Erlandson, San- dra Kemp, Pal Phelps, Lee Knighl, Belly Solan, Roberla Silrealy, Mr. Douglass Brown, Sponsor. Row V-Shirley Hollingsworlll, Marilyn Slow, Carol Niece, Roberla Crilser, Mary Hiday, Jack Raper. Fulure Relailers: Row I-Mr, Gilberl Pearl Allha Williams lJunior'l'reasurerl, Gary Babcclce lJunior llresiclenll, Ronnie Gold lSenlor Vice Presidenll, Nancy Fisher lSenior Secrelaryl, Madelyn Hallery,Marlha Ray. Row ll-Mariella Rulh, Don Vv'yall, Jerry Esrelle, Dav- id Knolls, Bob Ready, Wendell l-lilligoss, Lloyd McKay, Dixie Robbins, Norma Null. Row III-Joyce William, Juanila Wilhelm, Carol Conley, Belly Runyan, Dick Slanger, Juhl Baker, Jeanice James, Mary l-lollis, Judy Gibson. Row IV-Dave Couch, Larry Kilgore, Dar- rell Burlon, Mary Ann Cunningham, Belly Reeves, Faye Hawkins, Norman Jones, Bob Lalbierre, Sue Slurgaon, Kay Epply, Geraldine Moslcwinslci. Row V-Ken Hunl, Paul Riggs, Franlc McDanell, Bob Reveal, Arclalh Haley, Barbara Slerrc-ll, Judi Smilh, Jim Yusl, Marilyn Perkins, Carolyn Coolc, Shirley Cox. Row VI-Bob Sexlon, Jack Harper, Bud Blueher. 36 Sludeni Council: Row I-Paula Haynes, Clydene Cook, Carol Fisher, Joyce Harp, Shirley Warner, Connie Achor, Marilyn Sacilowski, Kay Epply, Billy Joe Smilh, Mike Hamm, Judy Capron. Row ll-LaNorma Jones, Meredilh Marsh, Joan Lowy, Nancy Duncan, Barbara Wallace, Danny Coble, Don Eohannon, Connie Bickei. Wilma Smilh, Anne Brown, Mona Woodruff. Row lll-Kay McCarly, Lucille Kimm, Roberl Fisher, Max Moore, Lois Gilpin Mary Ann Neely, Sharon Tucker, Carolyn Del.awfer, Jane Wrighl. Row IV-Myrna Biddle, Teddy Pancol, Janel Busby, Jcyce Fi1er,Suda lxloneyhun, Elberl Rogsrs, Norman Johnson, Eruce Parlner, Wally Smifh. Bill Jackson. Row V-Bill Perkins, Jerry Kimball, Phil Greve, Jim Hancock, Bill Needler, Dick Wirl, Gary Babcoke, Jerry Sendifer. Student Council Sluclenl' Council Execulive Commilfee-Sealed-Row I-Mrs, Helen Hughes, Mr. James Sharp, Shirley Vilarner, Joan Lowry, Kay MC- Carly. Row II-Meredith Marsh, Mena Woodruff, Judy Capron, Dan Coble. Row III-Gary Babcoke, Clydene Cook, Norma Jones, Marilyn Sacilowski, Max Moore. Row IV-Mr. Clifford Swill, Dick Wirl, Billy Joe Smilh, Row V-Bill Jackson, Bruce Parlner. 37 Pep Sessions Committee Pep Sessions Committee: Row l-Linda Mitchell, Kay Gwynn, Mary Ailce Jamerson, Dale Bengtson. Sara Stewart, Betty Taq- gart, Ann O'Connor. Row ll-Mr. Donald Bowen, Miss Alice Higman, Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, Mr. Keith l-lertweclc, Mr. Carter Byfield, Mr. Thomas Clem. Row lll-Bob Bondurant, Herschel Chamberlain, Bruce Poore, Marilyn Sacilowslci, Teddy Pancol, Jerry Kimball, Jack Harper. Convo Committee: Row l-Mrs. Evelyn Grahame, Jack Ravage, Billie Lea Minnear, Walt Baqot, Norma Janny, Vic: DeWeese. Row ll-Mr. B. R. Stewart, Mr. Douglass Brown, Mr. Ralph Boyd, Mr. George Davis, Mr. John Garrigus. Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, Mrs. Mary K. McFarland, Miss Alice Hiqman, Mr. Richard Rencenberqer. Row III-Bill Remley, Clarke Smilh, Torn Templeton, John McNal't, Earnest Barih, Jim Ault. Convocotions Committee Honor Sociefyz Row I-Gary Mills, Dick Maynard, Bill Jones, Jerry DuVall, Don Hoffman, Richard Harper, Dale Bengison, John Sloelling, Lyle Crouse, David Brown, Curr Hockeraf, Danny Coble. Row II-Shirley Warner, Wilma Smirh, Julia Moore, Parry Slheels, Par Wearherly, Shir- ley Wearherly, Marcella Zaiser, Lou lris Farmer, Babs Huber, Kay McCarry, Jane Dixon, Carolyn DeLawrer, Jaellen Colvin, Janice Sample. Barbara O'Connor, Cynlhia Bippus, Mrs. Doles. Row Ill-Claire Windsor, Judy Capron, Shirley Hickerson, Myrna Biddle, Virginia Ralslon, Janer Richardson, Kay Epply, Mary Lou Rhodes, Carolyn Pollard, Lois Gilpin, Jeanine Henning, Kay Rice, Dave Wellingfon. Row IV-Elinor Rossin, Marge George, Maxine Ross, Charlene Bonge, Parry Cunningham, Carol Niece, Joan Brooks, Norma Jean Moore, Janer Phillips, Dick Moore, John Yarling, Bill Cumberland. Row V-Jane? Swelnam, Elvasue Hodson, Barbara Peeples, Jane? Townsend, Deloris Sfumpf, Sandra Kemp, Carolyn Shefrerly, Tom Templeron, Jim Aull, Bob Fisher, Dick Harrzell, Fred Wrighl. Row VI-Anne Nichols, Judy Winkler, Ronnie Ger- kin, Tom Bennerr, Dwighl Weedman, Bob Flanagan, Jean Ann Kerner, Judy Heiden, Bruce Parrner, Kenny Willis, Lowell Srewarr, Row VI I- Mary Hiday, Gloria Nighberl, Shirley Hollingsworlh, Nancy Schuberf, Frank McDanell, Bruce Poore, Carol Zimmerman, Kafie Wolgamorr, Jerry Currenl. Row VI I I-Sue Ann Sriner, Sharron Diggs, Paula Vanderbur, Debby Rorruck, Beverly Benglson, Janice Bays, Carolyn Schofield, Chuck Henry. Honor Sociery Officers: Jerry Currenr, Vice-President Dick Harrzell, Presidenf: Mrs. Margarel Doles, Sponsor: Jean Ann . Kefner, Treasurer, Kay McCar'ry, Secrelary. Honor Sociery is a club for juniors and seniors who have mainrained a high average wirhoul any D's or F's. One of Jrhe Honor SocieJry's mosr beaurilul occasions is rhe inilialion of new members. This year The Club had a Chrislmas parry in which several boys compeled in making cookies. Also, members boughr 'l'oys and They were given ro Jrhe Children's Home. Highlighring Jrhe season is lhe Pro Meriro dipolmas which are given ro seniors wirh ca minimum of 63 poinrs. l 39 Six Rooting Pepsters Help Boost Mora Bob Bonduran+ D99 Kay Gwynn Indian Maiden Ann O'Conncr Anderson lndicms To Victory h A Club The A Club is macle up ol alhlelic leller awarol winners ol baskelball, lrack, cross counlry, loolball, goll, lennis, baseball. ancl wreslling. Promoling sporlsmanship, scholarship, and lellowship are lhe aims ol A Club. Aller lhe spring sporls are over a rough inilialion is helol in which lhe new members ol A Club receive a real working over. A Club Officers: Charles Dearing, lSergeanl-al-Arrnslg Bruce Madren, llreasurerlq Don Granger, lPresidenll. A C'ub: Row I-Melvin Beauchamp, Pele Deering, Joe Campbell, Bruce Madren, Bill Malhews, Dick Miller, Wally Smilh, Den- nis Simpson, Jerry Morgan, Row Il-Elheldred Balhauer, Lowell Vogel, Dave Harris, Merlin Tyler, George Thanas, Dave Couch, Larry Kelly, Gene Malhews, Bill Grey. Row lll-Larry Bowser, Don Srnilh, Bill l-larless, Bob Beneliel, Jerry Higgin- bolham, Bill Jones, Jim Leverelle, Jim Slolllemeyer, Tom Baker, Row IV-Don Myers, Ray Minlon, Roger Hardacre, Bob Sexlon, Jack Dawson, Jim Adams, Don Cook, Bill Cumberland. Dick Moore. Row V-James Quinn, Jerry Fox, Lyle Crouse, Don Vance, Jerry Banker, Deryle Marlin, Francis Couch, Joe Tiplon, Don Granger. Row Vl-Mr. Jim Carler, Bob Davis, Roger Whilehead, Dick Keilhley, Haskell Counls, Mr. Carler Byfield, Mr. Joseph Sparks. Row Vll-Mr. Henry Poller, Mr. Don Barnell, Mr. Kennelh Smilh, Mr. Dane Pugh, Mr. Ray Fleenor, Mr. Carl Bonge. 42 Junior Red Cross NoT heard abouT Too oTTen are The helpTul acTiviTies oT The Junior Red Cross. The mem- bers oT This group worlc on The Red Cross drive and help in various oT'her ways. GiTT boxes were senT overseas To soldiers and cookies were senT To Korean orphans. Besides giving aid To Andersonians, The Red Cross helped wiTh The Thanlcsgiving and ChrisTmas drive. As in previous years, our Junior Red Cross will conT'inue To lend ThaT helping hand as we sTudenTs oT Anderson l-ligh School give our whole hearTed supporT. Junior Red Cross Officers: Joan Diggs, Presidenig Pai Davis, SecreTary Treasurer: J. D. Moore, Vice Presideni. Junior Red Cross: Row I-Judy KnoTTs, Paisy Collins, Charlene Bonge, Brilla Bilbrey, Marilyn Melzer, Jean EllsworTh, Judy McMinds, Kay Sears, Dixie Campbell, RuTh Jones, Jean Ann Sfoner, Jeanine STarr. Row ll-Diclc CasTor, Shirley Summers, George Perry, Jo Mccsbe, Carol Ann Wood, Sylvia WainscoTT, Barbara STerreTT, Barbara Saw, Margaref NobliTT, Vicky Timmons, Susan Kirlcman. Row Ill-Janie l-lunT, Donna Chapman, Barbara Phelps, Carole Allen, Judy Kabriclc, Mary ChrisTian, Joanne Parlcer, Marlene AnTonidin, Joan Diggs. Row IV-Carol King, Barbara Poer, JaneT Burris, Charlene WhiTsell, Phyllis Bushong, Dean Richards, Judy EasT, Lorna Craigie, Mary Ann Vainer, PaT Davis. Row V-Joanne Hull, Jim l-lasiings, Bob Sample, Bob Doyle, J. D. Moore, Rosalee Nealis, Slyvia Snyder. Row Vl-Geri Shaw, Sue STurgeon. Joyce EarharT, KaTheryn Grissom, Janef Vanderhoof, Bill Jones, Ronnie Harris, Dale Gray, Dale Lane. 43 Lalin Club: Row I-Barbara Fish, Linda McCullum, Jo McCabe, Anqelyn Woolers, Marcia Munsey, Linda Mier, Wava Finney, Jo Ann Brid- well, Jo Ann Bronnenberg, Marianne Wise, Sharon Wilson, Paula Newburn, Vicky Timmons, Jacqualine Sokol, Sally Bissell, lgleanor Reeder. Row II-Vee Roof, Janice Fosnol, Sharon Mosher, Phyllis Slohler, Marcia Barron, Peg Taggarl, Sharon Blake, Carolyn Brower, Mary Be-lh Baker, Dixie Rinker, Barbara Wolf, Delores Segner, Sharon Friend, Sandy Gilliam, Deborah l-lullon, Rosalind Cilron, Doris Bricker, Charlene Whelsell. Row lll-Miss Johnson, Mary Vardsman, Debby Rolruck, Sarah Hopping, Tomya Baker, Kay Sears, Bellye Tracy, Nancy Scoll, Linda Mannon, Judy Jones, Carol Loudenback, Nancy Paynler, Nancy Wechsler, Billie Beinerl, Barbara Fischer, Elaine Guyol, Deanna Trimble, Janel Wrighl, Belly Sliner. Row IV-Mary l-loplner, Janer Busby, Joan Lowry, Janice Cleve-nger, Mary Ann Vainer, Rosadex Shaw, Pally Slrallon, Tom Goacher, Ken- nelh Kemp, Joe lreland, Bill Smilh, Jim Fleece, Gerald l-lodson, Larry Smilh, David Goacher, David Siloops, Kafie Wolgamoll, Judy Mason, Carolyn Delph. Row V-John Cole, Frank l-lainy, Jim Warmke, Bill Carr, Richard Monroe, Carl Miller, Richard Romine, Gordon Skoech, Craig Campbell, David Poore, John Shiewe, John Weschler, Row VI-Ray Lockwood, Bill Chrislman, Bob Crozier, Joe Crouse, John Schusler, Jim Kirk- man, David Troulman, Mike Wiley, Barry Carr, Dan Davisson, Phil Kreeger, Dennis Malone, Gordon Chaslain, Myron Brown, David Schusler. Row Vll-Billy Madren, Duane Frisbie, Roberl Randolph, Bill Waldo, Ralph Goldsberry. Latin Club The Sociely ol Roman Youlh, composed ol one hundred members, is open lo all sludenls sludying Lalin or who have previously had one year ol Lalin. This club is allilialed wilh and is a charlered member of lhe Nalional Junior Classical League. The purpose ol lhe club is lo encourage an aclive inleresl in lhe cullure and arl ol ancienl Greece and Rome and also lo raise funds lo purchase various equipmenl lor The use ol Lalin classes. One ol lhe main proiecls lhis year was lhe selling ol Chrislmas cards and wrappings. Anolher one was lhe Lalin banquel' held in April. Miss Dorolhy Campbell and Mr. W. l-l. Forse have been guesl speakers al The meer- ings during which lhey spoke aboul lheir European lravels. Movies slides and shorlskils have also been given by members and pre- senled al lhe meelings. The mollo is Verilas vos liberabel ' lThe lrulh shall make you lree.l The colors are Ro- man purple and while. The Tirsl Lalin Club in Anderson was organ- ized in l923. The daughler ol lhe secrelary ol lhal club is a member ol a 2A class and ol lo- day's club. La-lin Club Officers: Row I-Nancy Wechsler lTeasurerl, Tom By- rum lTreasurerl, Joe Allman lPresidenll, Mary Ann Vainer lPresi- Deanna Trimble lRoll Callerl, Janel Busby lRoll Callerl. G-irl's Glee Club: Row l-Marilyn Birch, Norma Jo Janney, Nancy Sfoui, Rosemary Faux, Judy Norris, Nancy Cvriner. Sue Ann Coale, Deardra Beresford, Peggy Powell, Margie George, Mary Ann Mahan, Mr, Floyd Hursf. Row Il-Barbara Boyer, Jane? James. Yvonne Simpson, Dorolhy Jean Williamson, Joan Lowry, Mary Ann Vainer, Carol Carper, Jeanne Sanders. Row lll-Gloria Smiih, Judy Clark, Shirley Campbell, Joyce Campbell, Parry Baker, Hope Campbell, Dixie Aynes, Marcia Munsey, Ann Carr, Juanila Green, Sharon Jones, Ramona Graddy, Kay Wrighl. Row IV-Sally Raup, Nancy Paynler, Jackie Sue Wellons, Delores Van Ness. Girl's Glee Club: Row I-Janis Deming ,Jane Judkins, Shirley Henderson, Darlane Slerrell, Phyllis Kelly, Diane Fuller, Judy McMincls, Carolyn Johnson, Shirley Shafer, Pallie Howe, Mr. Floyd Hursf. Row ll-Bonnie Lewis, Jenny Pollard, Diane Achor, Kafhleen Smilh, Shirley Rich, Jeanne Harrison, Saundra Rich, Neva Land, Carolyn Riggins, Belly Bowles, Judy Heiden. Row Ill-Ann Fishback, Jane Hunlzinqer, Thea Phelps, Rosalee Nealis, Pam Lowe, Judy Parisi, Virginia Franklin, Debby Hess, Linda Milchell, Marguerile Cooper, Judy Easl, Marlha Ann Jackson, Louella Wise, Row IV-Sharon Ulrey, Ann Bishop, Janie Burnelie, Janice Simpson, Deanna Lewis, Sandra Turner, Mona Girlon. 9 45 Boys' Glee Club Boys' Glee Club: Row l-Mr. Clem, Ronald Pills, Ralph Kriolis, Paul Aynes, David Sloops, Larry Relherlord, Don Mania, Jerry Sim- mons, Keilh Wendlinq. Row ll-Oscar Taylor, Dale McSiherry, Obie Diclc, Diclc Monroe, Bob Swing, Phillip Douglas, Jack Jarvis, Bob Filzgerald. Row Ill-Fred Maker. Juhl Baleer, Larry Ehle, Bill Sheels, Tom Baker, Dave Worley, Oscar Johnson. Row IV-Paul Dance, Norman Woodard, Larry Smilh, Larry Youlrers, Don McGee, Karl Zurmuehlen, Waller Sfaggs. Pianisl-Janice Fosnol. Girls' Glee Club: Row I-Miss Palmer, Pal Johns, Barbara Lellel, Joyce Lennox, Angeline Pancol, Rebecca Jones, Pally Ohler, Alelhea Crilser, Carol Fisher, Mary Vardaman, Carol Williams, Miss Meyers. Row ll-Judi Langford, Celia Hayden, Linda Fromholz, Judy Eubanlc, Elaine Willingham, Carolyn Friermood, Kay Asher, Teddy Pancol, Bev Duncan, Bonila Purlcey. Row lll-Diana Sampson, Joyce Bealfy, lnez Rousey, Barbara Dudley, Janel Wrighr, Nellie Scandland, Carolyn Brown, Deanna Trimble, Sandra Kidnoclcer, Wil, ma Johnson, Joan Schmidt Row IV-Deanna Dunlap, Shirley Holloway, Shirley Reed, Sharon Friend, Darlene Silver, Peg Taggarf, Anila Green, Edna Rogers, Anila Swinford, Judy Condon. Row V-Nancy Sharp, Doris Garilfson, Pal Goulclsberry, Leandra Scoll, Mary Hoplner, Barbara Erlandson, Helen Ponsler, Kay Eclcerl, Sue Williams, Lois Clillon. Girls' Glee Club Mixed Choir Mixed Choir: Row I-Miss Palrner, Shirley Wealherly, Irene Davidson. Joyce Waymire, Janice Bohne, Linda Thiel, Berry lmel, Carol X1Villiams. Row Il-Roberla Willis, Belly Sliner, Lena Harris, Carolyn Delph, Elizabeih Richardson, Jean Ann Sroner, Wanda Gross. Mary Ann Hanaford, Dona Vanasdal. 'Row Ill-Bob Sexfcn, Jim La ngan, Henry Clayfon, Delano Dorson, Don Burris, Jerold Gray, Kenl Sherfle, Don Hughes, Roberr Thompson. Concer+ Choir Row I-Joyce Layion, Kay Collings, Pal Carraway, J anei Haven, Marie Melzer, Gloria Nighlaerr, Joyce Lee, Nancy Trainer, Kay Jenkins, Jackie Rozelle, Donna Niccurn, Kalheryn MC Kissick. Row Il-Phyllis Painrer, Sue Driffill, Wanda Gross, Miss Palmer, Ramona Bowers, Charloile Nichols. Row Ill-Judy Maso n, Mona Woodruff, Joane Trick, Sandra Thompson, Beverly Carroll, Barbara Fossrneyer, Berry Sargent Jane? Howard. Row IV-Donna Chapman, Jane? Bolen, Phyllis Bushong, Rira Plovick, Phyllis Sfohler, Mary Decker, Pal' Seibold, Kay Eckert N Concert Choir 47 'K Hb Q,- wx qv W 1. w x xr' xr N' R If in X A w il kr vs gif X I e JE, 4--, e ,... 'ii Q 4 l A , ' f fili i WMI-V - 'kg ' 1 1 T'-fwfr ,A 5., sv' 'iff w F 8 3 'N ,,..,.-.-- 5... Y-0' u,,,,j 5 54. am J---.ff cj 'i gf wx , Band: Row I-Pal Branch, Clydene Cook, Julia Moore, Barbara O'Connor, Janice Sample, Roberla Crilser.Row Il-Rhea Arnold, Jerry Shaller, Alice Maslers, Jeannine Henning, Susie l-lollingsworlh, David Goacher, Sandra Weslon, Marjorie Hawkins, Judy Ruh, Carolyn Hacker, Marilyn McAshland, Bruce Mason, Maxlihornlon, Pally Slneels, Linda Wilson, Harolyn Phillips, Karen Veazey, Shirley Smilh, Bill Madren. Row Ill-Debby Meyers, David l-ludson, Bill Duncan, Don McCarly, Lyle Crouse, Keilh Tracy, Belly Sloan, Marvin Leazenby, John McNall, Ronnie Wheeler, Rebec- ca Minix, Mary Wishard, Jerry Parker, Rabourn Boardman, Franklin Meyers, Margarel Feuslon, Benny Neal. Row IV-Richard Canada, Dale Beng- lson, Marvin Roney, Joe Allman, Larry Jones, Roberl Spell, Marvin Brown, Fred Crumbaugh, Jack Slanislaus, Kenny Rogers, Roberl Holliday, Norma Brow, Phil Walson, Max Tilly, Al Jackson, Paul Johnson, Don Showaller, Tom Byrum, David Eslle.Row V-Richard Rencenberger, Alice Day, David Ball, George Harris, Leland Smilh, David Brow, Jim DeShon, Jack Appleby, Jerry VanCleve, John Rehm, Don Burris, Gordon Chaslain, Wesley Rouse, Coryal Zeabarl, Jim Kirkman, Shirley Clendenin. and Mcidrigal Singers Madrigal Club: Sealed-Lou Ann Harl, Gloria Nighberl,Mary l-iiday, Nancy Schuberl, Marilyn Slow. Asolefla Pancol. Slanding-Dale Benglson, Wall Bagel, Curll-lockell, Miss Palmer, Jerry Sandiler, Wally Smlllh B05 way. 4 . .. . , - -- . H ,f..,, ,, w M.,is,, fq-,,,, ..., M-an ies:-range,,,,fifwiri1ig.,,,,femfslsioc..,fmwummm l L ,,,, ,, ,--1'--:W ,, , Choral Club: Row l4Janel Filzgerald, Donna VanCamp, Soleria Pancol, Shirley Warner. Row ll-Shirley l-lollingsworlh, Nancy Couch, Sandra Ziegler, Barbara Huber. Row lll-Parry Phelps Marilyn Slow, Ann O'Connor, Roberla Slreary. Row IV-Kay Boardman, Marcella Zaiser, Naomi McGill, Gloria Nighberl. Row V-Janice Bays, Mary Margarel Smilh, Beverly Benglson, Sandra Highbaugh. Row Vl-Lois Carler, Janel Swelnam, Anne Nichols, Jean Ann Sloner. Row Vll-Miss Palmer, Curl l'loclcel'l, Dale Benglson, Juhl Baker, Bob Day, Wall Bagol, Carolyn Schofield, Barbara Erlandson, Phyllis Green, Susie Wagner, Don Peck, Darrell Dean, Bill Schalle, Bob Bonduranr, Chuck Perry, Norman Woodard. Row Vlll-Jerry Sancliler, Wally Smilh, Pamela Boyer, Anne Slrealy, Sara Slewarl, Norma Slohler, Don Goacher, Fred Wrighl, Dave Wellingron, Herb Cappell, Tom Toombs, Jim Yusl. Row IX-Nancy Schuberl, Mary Hiday, Yolanda Breeden, Marcella Carpenler. Row X-Clarlce Smilh, Don Birf, Jaclc Rager, David Hiday, Row Xl-Tom Marlin, Dick Wirl, Ted Bools, Pele Dearing. Choral Club Choral Club is lhe besl-known of 'rhe music groups al AHS. ln lheir loresl' green robes and red salin sloles lhe members of Choral Club are a colorful and unusual choir, singing everyrhing from rounds lo hymns. The club sings lor social groups during lhe year and gives ils own concerl belore Chrislmas. To be a member ol Choral Club a sludenl musl lirsl belong lo Boys' or Girls' Glee Club lor one semesler. Then when lryouls are held lhe nexl semesler, lhe sludenl can lryoul' 'lor Choral Club or one ol lhe olher singing groups. Al lhe vocal music convocalion in May, lhe gradualing members ol Choral Club presenl lheir sloles lo incoming members in a ceremony lhal' has become an Al-IS lradilion. Choral Club has many various aclivilies during 'rhe year, which include many program and olher exlra-curricular aclivilies. This year Choral Club slarled a new ex- change program wilh Warren Cenlral l-ligh School. Anderson l-ligh School Choral Club visiled Warren Cenlralal lhe lirsl ol lhe year, presenling a program lo lhe enlire school. ln April Warren Cenlral relurned Choral Club's visil by presenling a program al Anderson l-ligh School. I 50 Torch Club Officers: SiHing-Jerry Gray lVice-Presidenll, Barry Gaar lPresiclenll, Myron Brown lTreasurerl. Sfanding- Norberi Jcnes lSecrelaryl, Don Ellison lSergeanl' al Armsl, Dave Brown lChaplainl, Vaughn Peliigrew lSponsorl. Torch Club Torch Club is a YMCA club for freshman and sophomore boys. a younger l-li-Y group. A+ lhe clubfs meelings members hear speak-- ers or have movies. During The year Chief of Police Coen spoke al ihe club. and olher spealcers were Roberl' Daubenspeclc and Mr. Lane Ward ol lhe Pendlelon Reiormalory. Al' anolher meeling Coach James Carler lallced, and Srale Police also gave a program. The program ol The year for Torch Club is Their Easier sunrise service which was held in 'rhe gym This year. Some of 'rhe olher ac'rivil'- ies were a slcaling parly and a picnic 'lhis spring. On a lield +rip members ol lhe club visiled lhe Slale Police Barraclcs and were shown lhrough lhe radio slalion. A lrooper explained 'rhe communicalions syslem lo ihe group. Torch Club: Row I-Norberl Jones, Jerry Gray, Barry Gaar. Myron Brown, Dave Brown, Don Ellison. Row ll-Duane Frisbie Gerald l-lodson, Ronnie Fowler, Bill Penn, Herb Cappell, Bill Furnish, George Love, Jack Niece, David Zierer, Ronnie Meeker, Vaughn Pell: grew, Sponsor. Row lll-Vincenl Daubenspeclc, John Warner, Roberi McAllis'rer, Richard Sacilowslri, Bob Sample, John Milchell Eu gene Fox, Louie Dowden, Tom Rhodes, David Goacher. SI Hi-Y Officers: SaaTed-Dick WirT, Sergeanf-at-Arms, Jim AulT, SecreTary. STancling-Sheldon Wilde, Treasurer, Jim Bannon, President Dick I-larTzeIl, Chaplain. Hi-Y Welcome Older Boys' T Conference Junior and senior boys make up The club known as l-li-Y, a group ThaT Takes an acTive parT in The social scene aT'Al-lS. ln The pasT year l-li-Y has held a swimming parTy, a picnic. a crosscourT baskerball Tourney, and a squai dance Tor iTs members as only parT oT iTs ai TiviTies. l-lighlighTs aTsome oT The meeTings were Talk by Carl Erskine and a Talk by W. l-l. Forsi who Told anecdoTes abouT his Travels in SouT America. Members oT The club saw a demo sTraTion oT rnagneTism and elecTriciTy given e anoTheTr meeTing. A movie abouT Diesel rac cars was shown, and many oTher inTeresTin meeTings were held. T 'One oT The mosT imporT'anT evenTs in Th year's l-li-Y program was TheT Older Boy ConTerence1 a convenTion oT delegaTes Troi all over Indiana. AbouT 335 boys were aT' TT conTerence. and a big problem was Tindin housing Tor The ouT-oT-Towners who sTayed ' Anderson Tor The Two days The conTerenc lasTed. The program TeaTured addresses by D l-lumberT oT DePauw and Dr. Nelson Trom Ne York CiT'y. The Theme oT The conTerence, , FaiTh Tor The FuTure, was discussed in eigi groups. Hi-Y: Row I-Gwynn NewTon, Bill Cumberland. Fred WrighT, Bruce l-lakes, Dave WellingTon, Tim Burke, John Purdy, Dick Maynard, Jerry Ba er, Don Granger, Bob Davis, David Poore, Bob Gaddis. Row ll--Jim Bohne, Larry Kelly, Tom BenneTT, Dick T-larTzell, Jim AulT, Sheldon Wil Bruce Maclren, Jim Bannon, Dick VVirT, Jerry CurrenT, Eugene Lennis, Carl Bonner, Denny Simpson, Joe Campbell, Jerry Rhodes. Row Ill-is Richard Bal ley, Bill Bell, Gary Babcoke, Dean Bannon, John SToelTing, Dave Brown, Dick FausT. Mr. Ted STewarT, Gene WolTe, Bob WrighT, Kei Vifillis, DwighT Weedman, Bruce ParTner, Don Peck, Bill Jackson, Mr. Lee Pursley. Row IV-Jerry SandiTer, Lowell STewarT, Wendell l-lilligoss, h Moore, Jerry DuVall, Jim LuTes, Glenn Perdue, John Yarling, Jack Raup, Jack 5coTT, Larry Throneburg. Don Pugh, Dennis Jones, Larry ReTherTc Hi-Y Acts As Santa Claus' Helpers Among well-known acTiviTies oT The l-li-X1 Club are The line oT dimes and The children's ChrisTmas parTy. Every year members oT The club can be seen downTown collecTing money Tor Their line oT dimes To help needy children. The ChrisTmas loarTy is given in The gymna- sium and over 700 children aTT'ended iT This year. There were Toys and candy Tor everyone. and oT course The guesT oT honor was SanTa Claus. Movies were and Dave WellingTon gave a magic show To enTerTain The guesT's. Senior Y-Teens Senior Y-Teens: Row l-Soieria Pancol, Norma Gold, Nancy Trainer, Barbara Hoselc, Gayle Kern, RuTh Jones, JaneT Cox, Pai Sam uels, Mrs. Nola Amos lProgram DirecTorl, Marilyn Mills, Marcellazaiser, Lou Iris Parmer, Roberia CriTser, Carol Niece, Pai Phelps Row ll-Jean Keiner, Carolyn Pollard, Kay Boardman, Babs Huber,Janice Sample Diane Davis, Shirley Hollingsworrh, Janel' Haven Mabel Kline, Kay McCarTy, Carol Meiser, Norma STohler, GreTa LivingsTon, Pamela Boyer, Jane Dixon, Sylvia Snyder. Row lll-De lores VanNess, Carol Hoffman, Roberta STreaTy, Sandra DeWiTT. Billie Lea Minniear, Phyllis Falender, Kay Jenkins, Wilma S'miTh Julia Moore, Anne Brown. Senior Y-Teen girls gaTher aT The YWCA To enioy clevoiions and a varieTy 'oT programs. The Y-Teens have been Treaiecl, by having a Tashion model, Coach CarTer, Coach PoTTer, and Mrs. DeaTon, who display unusual dolls. Among The acTiviTies carried on were The Silver Bell Dance, Mile oT Pennies. and The Senior Y-Teen Cabinei: Row I-RuTh Jones, SecreTaryg PaT Sam- uels, Presidenig Myrna Biddle, Treasurer: JaneT Cox, Vice-Pres- idenT. Row ll-Gayle Kern, Marcella Zaiser, Babs Huber, Marilyn Mills. Jane Dixon, Kay McCarTy. Row lll-Jean Ann KeTner. JaneT Haven, Mabel Kline, Pamela Boyer. Jeans Jamboree. The Jeans Jamboree was held To raise money Tor The Treasury. The Silver Bell Dance was sponsored by all Y-Teen groups and The money was To collecT supplies To send To Tor- eign counTries. The Mile oT Pennies was also To collecT supplies Tor overseas. 54 Junior Y-Teens Junior Y-Teens: Row I--Suzie Wagner, Carolyn Schofield, Pal Pheanis, Janel Townsend, Sharron Diggs, Kay Eckerl, Connie Danlorlh, Leona Knighl, Jackie Barnhizer, Carol Ann Wood. Row ll-Judy Knolls, Phyllis Green, Shirley Warner, Margie George, Sandra Highbaugh, Maxine Ross, Eleanor Rossin, Nancy Boggess iVice Presidenll, Belly TaggarliPresidenll, Pal Carraway iTreasurerl, Kay Collings lSecrelaryl, La- Donna Felzien, Marilyn Wrighl, Elma Vaughn, Jane Sleele, Norma Janney, Jeanelle Pelry. Row lll--Debby Rolruck. Joyce Lee, Mariella Rulh, Charlene Bonge, Paula Vanderbur, Janice Bohne, Mary Jane Guslin, Belly Sliner, Susie Hollingsworlh, Judy Gibson, Sue Laswell, Con- nie Bickel, Lois Gilpin, Anna Mae Dickey, Judy Mason, Shirley Swinlord, Dorolhy Lillord, Macel Mabbill, Kay Thompson, Shirley Bumb- alough, Nancy Sloul. Sophomore Y-Teen: Row I-Dianne Achor, Helen Ponsler, Linda Poller, Nancy Sharp, Mary Day, Mary Ann Vainer, Janice Clevenger, Pam Lowe, Rosalee Nealis, Linda Granger, Susie Kirkman, Virginia Graves, Sandra Sloker, Pal Gouldsberry, Mary Ann Mahan, Margarel Alex- ander, Shirley Schmallz, Babs Madren. Row ll-Peg Taggarl, Marcia Barron, Margie George, Sharon Tucker, Sharon Ulrey, Linda Milchell. Donna Noble, Nancy Vifoods, Judy Parisi, Calherine Bowen, Jane Hunlzinger, Ann Fishback iSecrelaryl Janel Busby lVice-Presidenll Con- nie Achor lPresiclenll Jenny Pollard lTreasurerl Sally Slullz, Judy Teelers, Faye Chillick, Calherine Byrne, Verna Ollo, Carol Beneliel, Diana Sampson, Judy Kabrich, Row lll--Rosada Shaw, Norma Brow, Belly lmel, Suella Bussell, Joyce Fausell, Helen Fellon, Marilyn Hooper, Belly Gilpin, Jeannine Slarr, Norella Smilh, Lorna Craigie, Shirley Walker, Diane Thomas, Sharon Mosher, Barbara Lellel, Sherry Couch, Teddy Pancol, Judy Sharp, Mary Wishard, Miriam Hesler, Janel James, Wilma Johnson, Leandra Scoll, Karen Shaller. Row IV-Carolyn Baker, Judy Bemish, Marlha Cobb, Donna Vanasdal, Jodie Donahue, Sandra Kidnocker, Alelhea Crilser, Sally Raup, Bev Duncan, Nancy Cope- land, Phyllis l-larl. Row V-Phillis Jolly, Billie Bienerl, Sue Williams, Belly Slliner, Joan Mayo, Nellie Scanland, Jane Judlcins, Barbara Dudley, Judy Edens, Janice Slagg, Lois Poling, Barbara Peel, Marcia Munsey. Row VI-Thea Phelps, Joan Lowry, Marilyn Birch, Deanna Trimble, Don- na Slierwall, Nancy Wechsler, Joan Harlley, DeElla Upshaw, Nancy Paynler, Rosalee Collis, Barbara Fish. Sophomore Y-Teens Freshman Y-Teens: Row l-Ervena Ferry, Wanda Fields, Bonnie Maslers, Mary Grigsby, Lua Gunler, Sandra Couch, Barbara Hawkins, Marjorie Hawkins, Neva Land, Marilyn Mirchell, Kay Waugh, Diana Simpson, Judy McMinds, Tomya Baker, Shirley Henderson, Janel Nicholson.Row ll-Shirley Fox, Berry Qualls, Emma Jean Elliofl, lris Ellioii, Rira McCoy, Sharon Swain, Bar- bara Howard. Ann Peiiiqrew, Nancy Schroeder, Nancy Garririger, Paula Terrell, Judy Norris, Linda Mier, Mara Dean Hanshew, Judy Wood. Row lll-Janice Carpenier, Nancy Riggs, Sue Ann Coale, Elaine Ann Cummins, Carolyn Brower, Judy Jones, Con- nie Davis, Barbara Burlon, Alice Day, Pal Slrallori, Cora McCoy, Sarah Hopping, Carolyn Lavender, Marilyn Fausf, Ro- berra Painrer, Jacqualine Sokol, Linda Yales, Shirley Smilh. Row IV-Slamanlhy McDonald, Susie Murdock, Pai Fedor, Judy Oilo, Joyce Kefner, Shirley Bufler, Charlene Wheisell, Doris Thompson, Carol Laudenbaak lVice-Presidenil, Sharon Wilson iTreas- ureri. Lalrenda Ebberif lSecreiaryl, Marianne Wise lpresidenil, Sherry Van Maire, Carole Allen, Riera Fhman. Row V- Roslie Ann Girron, Judy Ballard, Judy Ruh, Helen Kay Bradley, Vicky Timmons, Jayne Gardner, Bonnie Hiqbee, Mary Beih Baker, Linda Mannon, Barbara Wilson, Belfye Tracy, Sarah Jo Sylvesier, Carolyn Smilh, Mary Lou Weaver, Toby Ann Myers, Carolyn France. Row VI-Sarah Weaiherford, Nancy Brown, Paula Newbern, Pal Dixon, Rosalind Ciiron, Dianne Peel, Belle Pryor, Prudy Richardson, Nancy Genrry, Marcia Presser, Shirley Brannon, Vicki Odell, Sondra Hines. Row Vll-Beisy VVilliams, Shirley Summers, Sandra Gilliam, Debby Huilon, Dixie Rinker, Hope Campbell, Phyllis Sinqleron, Jeaninne Freesione, Marlene Moon, Lee Ann Walion, Donna Boren. Row Vlll-Nancy Davis, Ann Wiirebori, Parricia Crock, Joyce Van Bujkirk, Judirh Eu- bank, Nancy Scoii, Carol Shuliz, Barbara Wolf, Pai NVendlinq. Freshmen Y-Teens Ushers Ushers Club: Row I--Bob Huiier, Frank Burkharr, Don Hughes, Jerry Brirron, Phil Harris, Fred Lamb, Frank Norris, Tom Lamb, Mr. Howard Eilar, Row Il-Jack Raper lPresideni'l, Dick Flowers, Rodney Huffer, Francis Howe, Dave Carpenier, Dick Wir'l', Tom Myers, Bob Thomas lSerqean'r-ar-Armsl. X-Ray Typists: Joanne McFarland, Marilyn Melzer. Er' . N, . 1 ' Editors: Standing-Charlene Bonge, Janet Phillips, Gayle Kern. Sitting-Max Moore, Anne Nichols, Kay Epply. i z ll Semester Reporters: Paula Vandebur, Albert Hamilton, Ad Manager: Mr. Lee Pursiey, Spring Semester Reporters: Nancy Hurst rolyn DeLawter, Janet Richardson, Janet Advisor: Ruth McMillan, Business Manager, Jim Sharron Diggs, Bill Cumberland, Glen: aven Pat Rude, Leah Moser. Bannon, Managing Editor. Perdue. Belly LUSl19I'. BOTD HGVSP. Sur Scott, Janet Townsend, Dorothy Littord Anne Streaty. X-Ray Narrated Past, Present, Future The X-Ray has played an important part in the attairs ot Al-lS ever since it was started LO years ago. This publication is tamiliar to every student as a calendar ot coming events and a bearer ot the latest school news. The statt changes each semester, keeping some ot the old members and adding new ones. ln spite ot misspelled names lwhich cost a Coke apiecet, photographers who get their tingers in tront ot their lenses, and zany ideas 57 which usually prove unsuccesstul, The X-Ray comes out on Friday morning, reflecting long hours ot work on the part ot typists, linotype operators, reporters. pressmen, engravers, editors, photographers, and the business statt. Meredith Marsh, tall semester editor-in- chiet, and Judi West, spring semester editor- in-chiet, combined with Printing Advisor Claude Barner and Journalism Advisor Lee Pursley to help The X-Ray live up to its slogan, seeing through lite at AHS. P nf Shop: Row I-Bernard J, Wade, John Williams. ForresT lmel, Don Reger K y WkRIlAlphVTWlbL DkJlcDM' cer. ow - a es, i ur .Osborn, ic ac, on anis. Print Shop All prinTing Tor The enTire School CiTy oT Anderson is done by The Anderson High School prinTing sTaTT. The prinT shop sTudenTs, under The supervision oT Mr. Claude Barner, also prinT The X-Ray, LiTTle ChieT, and Annual. Anderson is one oT The very Tew schools which have Their own prinTing shop and whose sTu- denTs do all The prinTing. Few groups conT'ribuTe more To high school life Than The prinTing shop. In ad'diTion To The prinTing oT school acTiviTies, Mr. Barner's class has charge oT The prinT'ing maTerial Tor The ad- minisTraTion oT The high school. The prinTing classes also do a large amounT oT work Tor diTTerenT organizaTions and in- dividuals oT The school. PhoT P Y 9 D Man F T I l BoTTom Ph i Mr. Herman Hallell, Business Advisor: Mr. Claude Barrier, Dave Wellinglon, Junior Edilorg Jerry Currenf, Edi'ror-in- Prinfing Advisor: Mrs, Elise Mulvilnill, Ari Advisor. Chief: Mr. Lee Pursley, Journalism Advisor. Acfiviiies Co-Edilors Pholographers Ari' Co-Ediiors Soleria Pancol Gwynn Newlon Bill Mallwews Norma Gold Slanley Mills Claire Windsor Annual Staff all' Baqol, Senior Business Manager Marilyn Mills, Underclassman Co-Edilor: Roberla Slrealy, Senior Co-Eclilors uclc Henry. Junior Business Edilor 1 Facully Ediiorg Jimmie Aull, Sporls Edilorg Babs Huber, Darlene Slaves, Julia Moore P 2 If Unclerclassman Co-Eclilor. 59 wi? ?f i ax 2 F x 3 i, Z Teamwork Developed In Today's Athletics Wi!! Speak For Tomorrow's Success The rnosf imporfanf facfor in win- ning afhlefic evenfs is a high degree of feamworlc. This same cooperafion wifh fellow workers is fhe lceysfone fo success in sociefy. The picfures fo fhe leff show a few occupafions in which feamwork is especially imporfanf. These are fhe newspaper indusfry which musf in cooperafive efforf produce an edi- fion every day, fhe radio which has fo fill hours of fime every day, public profecfion. and facfory assembly in which efficiency and confinuous ef- forf fogefher make indusfries profif- able. Foofball ,...... ,. .,,.,.,.... ..,... , 62 Cross Counfry ..... .... .......... 6 8 Baslcefball .,...,.. .... 70 Wresfling ........ . ....... 76 Tennis ..., ...... ..., ...l, 7 7 Traclc ..., 78 Golf .......... . ....... 83 Baseball ....,.. .... , ,.,,.,, 8 4 G.A.A. ,.,., . ...l.. . 87 The pause ThaT refreshes Romeo Tribe Has Best Record In Many Seasons Experience. pracTice, T-alenr. and coaching by James CarTer coIIaboraTed This year To bring The Anderson I-ligh School TooTball squad a 6-won, 4-losT record, The besT in many years. The Indians IighT'ed Their TooTbaII powder Iceg on SepTember 8 wiTh a Tremendous drive ThaT broughT The squad a Topsided 52-To-6 vicTory over The TipTon Blue Devils. The nexT Whifeheacl drives Toe on The Indian paTh was The Lebanon grid squad. The Indians proved ThaT Their TaIenT Towered over The Lebanon squad as They held Them scoreless while The Indians were raclcing up 42 poinTs. BuT The darlc clouds loomed ahead as The Indians seT Tor Their conTlicTs wiT'h Their N.C.C. rivals Trom Richmond and Tech oT Indiana- polis. The Indians meT The Richmond squad on SepTember I9, a TaTeTuI day Tor The Indians. The Red Devils liTerally overpowered The lnd- ians as The Tribe Tailed To geT a good TooT hold aT any Time in The game. The Red Devils won ThaT N.C.C. encounTer. 66-l3. STiII a liTTIe weak Trom The Richmond en- counTer. The Indians meT Tech. The Tribe ToughT hard, buT again This was noT Their day. The CarTermen dropped The 20-To-I3 con- TesT To The Tech Green Wave. ' The NCC. lighTs began To glow a IiTTIe briqhTer as The Indians meT and deTeaTed Their N.C.C. opponenTs Trom Ivlarion and'Franlf- TorT. The Tribe deTeaTed Marion 20 To IQ. wiTh Don Vance scoring all Three Touchdowns and Roger WhiTehead converTing Those all imporTanT exTra poinTs. FranIcTorT puT a liTT'Ie more scoring power againsT The Tribe, buT The I-loTdogs' deTense TaIT'ered a Ii++Ie Too much. WiTh The Indians Talcing advanTage oT every 62 V rsiTy Foo+baII: Row I--Ted Boois, Barnes LaTham, Jim LevereTTe, Jim Adams. Jim Bridges, Alvin Woods, Jack CoTTin, Ross Dovey. Row Il ETh ldred BaThauer, Bob Barnes, Dave Harris, Bill MaThews. Ro er ie ea , e e ear f lil F g WhT h d P T D ing, Bill Boys, Jack Sink. Jim S o emyer, rank Nic R III-AssisTanT Coach KenneTh SmiTh. AssisTanT Coach Henry PoTTer. Don Vance, Joe TipTon. Roger Hardacre. Tom PeTTigrew, Jess ETchi Lyl C ouse, Mark EreharT, Ray IvlinTon, Coach James CarTer, AssisTanT Coach Don BarneTT, AssisTanT Coach CarTer Byfield. Row IV-Dave Co h D I: SToner, Bob SexTon, Ken Hunr, Don Myers, Gene BenneTT, Norman Howard, Bill Gray, Nyles Anson. Indians Have Six Wins, Four Losses possibiliT'y, FranlcTorT was forced To relinquish The Indians a 20-To-35 vicTory. The second annual homecoming was a dis- appoinTmenT To The Indians. The Redmen were builT up Tor The conTesT buT noT so high as The Howe squad, which came Trom a I4-To-25 deTiciT To gain a 39-To-25 vicTory. Anderson seemed1To be winning iT's games in pairs as iT capTured wins Trom Auburn and Elwood. in ThaT order. The Auburn TiIT proved To be a nighTmare Tor Auburn roosTers. The Indians won going away. 27 To 6. The Elwood game proved To be The Indian's besT showing oT The year, boTh in spiriT and abiliTy. The Tribe was behind 2I-To-7 going in The TourTh guarTer aT which Time They exploded Tor Three Touchdowns. Again LevereTT'e, lv1aThews, Vance, and WhiTehead were oTTensive heroes while SToTTlemyer, Dearing, BaThauer, Sinlc, and Barnes worlced on The Elwood line. The Tinal score ol: The conTlicT was Anderson 27, Elwood 2 I. The Tinal game ol: The season was held aT New CasTle. The Tribe sTumbled and were deTeaTed beTore The Troian onslaughr by The score oT I9 To I3. 63 .- Overall The Indians won six and IosT Tour. Included in This record were Two wins and Three losses which were given The Indians ai' The hands oT The rugged NorTh CenTraI Con.- Terence. The squad' meT beTore The sT'udenT body aT The Fall Honor Convo and announced Their Team capTains: Jack Sinlc and Bob Barnes. This compIeTed The mosT successTull season The Indians have had in a greaT' many seasons. A. H. S. 52 ...,... .... ...... ,............... ...... . . . T ipTon 6 A. H. S. 42 .,......,.. Lebanon 0 A. H. S. I3 .,... Richmond 66 A. H. S. I3 ,...., . .......... Tech llndplsl 20 A. H. S. 20 ......... Ivlarion I2 A. H. S. 35 .,., .. .....,.....,,..,, FranlcTorT 20 A. H. S. 25 Howe llndplsl 39 A. H. S. 27 ........ . ........... ...... A uburn 6 A. H. S. 27 .....,.. Elwood 2I A. H. S. I3 . New Casrle I9 . f K ' ' , f- ,, f YYYY YW VV,V K HJ in WT WWW-7,944 1' ' .. : ,fr ' L21 Q .. . W fl? WC-4.-U Reserve Foofbail: Row I-Tom Davis, Karl Miller, Howard Kardafs ky, Bill Gray, Dave Bridges. Row II-Jack Dawson, Jess Efchison, J II 'ChIsB'IyBbHff D'kI-I ID'k li' EIS'I PSD yR IIITcIBf MIcEh'I'Bb oe re ana, are an e , o u er, nc aze, nc Q oner, ar icox, .os ove . ow - e oo s, ar re ar, o Sexfon, Larry Cleveland, John Burk, Nyles Anson. Jack Coffin, Barnes Lafham. Row IV-Ken Shock, Norm Howard, Ron Ponsler, Diclf Dean, Karl Graddy, George Chepilc, Jim Bridges, Jim Shannon, Henry Clayfon, Harry Williamson. Row V-Coach Carfer Byfield. Reserves Have Rough Season The Indians B feam had a rough season fhis year. They sfarfed each game wifhouf a vicfory and finished each wifh fhe same re- cord. During fhe season fhey won none, fied none, and Iosi' seven. Buf considering fhe closeness of mosf of fhe confesfs, fhe Indians were on fheir foes defensively. buf were unable fo cash in 'rhe chips when 'rhey were needed mosf. The reserve boys sfarfed' fhe season wifh a fough confesf againsf fhe Marion Gianfs B feam. The final score as fhe Gianfs edqed ouf fhe Indians was 7 fo O. The nexi' Tribe en- counfer was fhe Tech of Indianapolis reserve squad. The resulfs of fhe confesf were nof favorable fo Coach Byfield, since fhe indians were unabel fo quief fhe Green Wave upris- ing and consequenfly Iosf fhe game by fhe score, which Tech fhoroughly approved, I9 fo 6. The reserve boys didn'f help fheir record when fhey faced fhe reserve boys from Mun- cie Cenfral, in facf fhey fool: a sfep in reverse. The Tribe was rolled over by fhe Iviunsonians by fhe score of 37 fo O. Buf' fhe squad par- 'I'iaIIy compensafed for fhis frouncing fhe following week when fhey held' fhe same feam fo I4 poinfs while fhe Tribe scored 6. Nexf fhe Papooses fell under fhe feef of fhe Jeff of Lafayeffe Broncos. This confribufed anofher gray hair fo fhe head of Coach By- field. The Tribe again failed fo quell anofher upspurf and consequenfly Iosf fo 'rhe Broncos, who scored I4 poinfs while fhe Indians failed fo cross 'rhe Broncos' goal line. The remafch wifh fhe Marion Gianfs proved fo be a hearf- brealcer for fhe reserve crew, buf' as was evi- denf fhroughouf fhe season fhe Indians didn'f seem fo be able fo cash in when if was mosf' neccessary: conquesnfly fhe Papooses Iosf 'I'he confesf by one lonely poinf, 6 fo 7. The final game of fhe season proved fo be anofher hearfbrealcer as fhe reserve squad complefed a hearfbrealcing season wifh a 6 fo 7 loss fo New Casfle. Work, work, and more work, buf I+ paid off Frosh O ....... ........... ...... M a rion O Frosh 6 .....4 ...... W ilson Muncie O Frosh 7 .... .. .... .........., E lwoocl' 7 Frosh O ....... LaTayeTTe I4 Frosh O ....... ....... M arion 20 Frosh 6 ..... ..... N ew CasTle O Fooiball Managers: FronT Row--Haskell CounTs, Deryle MarTin, Bill Cum- berland, Frank Newman. STanding-Don Cook, Charles Shock. Freshmen Even All Around: 2 Wins, Two Losses, 2 Ties Two wins, Two losses, and Two Ties describe very Tully The close conTesTs The Trosh TooT- ballers Trom Anderson High School compiles in This Tall. In Their TirsT Two ball games The Trosh had The disTincT'ion oT noT having been scored againsT as yeT. They ToughT To a scoreless Marion. On Their nexT ouTing They deTeaTed Wilson oT Muncie by The score oT 6 To O. The Third game rolled around and sTill The darw in Their TirsT conTesT which was againsT' Trosh were unoleTeaTecl and only scored againsT once. The Third game ended Elwood 7 Anderson 7. BuT' Trouble was ahead as The Trosh venTured To LaTayeTTe Tor an encounTer wiTh The JeTT Fresh. This was The Anderson squad TirsT deTeaT'. The score was I4 To O in Tavor oT LaTaveTTe. The nexT conTesT was par- Ticularly bad Tor The Trosh, since JeTT had held Them scoreless once before T'haT season. BuT Anderson didn'T have iT and Marion did: con- sequenTly The Marion squad won 20 To O. Freshman FooTball: Row I-KeiTh BenneTT, Ray WrighT, Mike Maquire, Don McGivern, Rex Boys, Ralph Goldsberry, Chuck Widener, George Harris, Dave Lindzy, Jim Dick, Corwin Day.Row ll-Paul Copeland, Ronald RoberTs, lCenneTh Kemp, EThridge Beauchamp, Bill Penn, Joe Crouse, Paddy Jamerson, Jack Jarvis, Ronald Benefiel. Row Ill-Torn Alley, Ernesi' Couch, Craig Campbell, John Bailey, Tom Goacher, Tom Biddle, Billy Carr, Larry Eglen, Jerry Ferree, Dle Gray, Bob Asbury, Tom James, Row IV-James Hari, Bill Para- more, Ronald Fisher, Ronald Spall, James Allen, Larry Jones, Tom Capozzoli, Jim Fleece, KeiTh l-lammons, Malcolm CarpenTer, James Brown. STanding-Coach Joe Sparks, Max Fraley, Don McC-arTy, Joe McAllisTer, Jim LuTTon, Gary Coen, Coach Don BarneTT. ii ' W 'T ----- 'n'n9'P'i'TQ'ff'ffIl1EfZIM 'WTS sz Cross Country Group: Row I-Coach Ray Fleenor, Max Hayden, Charles Baker, Lowell Vogel, Ronald Etherington, Dick Moore, Jack Raper, Jerry Fox, John Stokes, Francis Couch, Dick Miller, Larry Kelley, Bob Pursley, Fred Scott, Manager. Row II-Coach Bonge, Don Stroud, Dave Brown, Larry Dehority, Jettrey Seulean, Jim Davis, Dick Faust, Bill Jones, Don Julian, Barry Gaar, Louie Dowden, David Zierer, Bill England, Tom Rhodes, Manager. Row III-Jim Denny, Gary Stanley, Mike Johnson, Gene Fox, Jerry Fowler, James Quinn, Ronald Maker, Bob McDaneII, Bob Flanegon, Gary Wilde. Row IV-Dallas Brown, Mike Patterson, David Jedkins, Lewis Carpenter, Don Bohannon, Jim Unclebach, Pierce Anson, Kim Parvis, Neal Arwine, Adrian Hutt, Bradley Rayl, Mike Wiley, Phil Jackson. State C. C. Crown Comes Home Seventh Time X Again. again, again, and again. This may be monotonous but it's wonudertul music to Coach Carl Bonge, who coached the Ander- son Indians to their seventh State Cross Coun- try victory in as many years as the sport has been on the state championship level. The Indian harriers also brought Anderson I-Iigh School the North Central Conterence Campionship, which they have won every time since the initiation ot the sport on the level ot a conterence championship tive years ago. T All told the Indians won I I meets this year, a tew ot which were the Marion Invitational, N.C.C. Meet, Sectional, and State Meet. The Indians won their initial victory at the hands ot the Marion Giants on September 23. Vic- tories tollowed trom Tech ot Indianapolis. I-Iowe, Marion Invitational, Burris ot Muncie. Richmond, Muncie, N.C.C. Meet, Sectional Meet, Shortridge and tinally on November I, the State Championship. The contest with Indianapolis Tech was the closest ot all the meets in which the Indians participated. The Indians skimmed by the Green Wave by the score ot 25 to 30. The Indians were led across the tinish line at the State Meet by Baretoot Ron Ethering- ton. It seems Ron always ran better without shoes. Ron was also elected' team captain. Coach Carl Bongo, Assistant Coach Ray Fleenor, Manager Fred Scott. 68 imu Cross Counfryz Top Row-Dick Miller, Ron Elheringfon, Lowell Vogel, Dick Moore, Francis Couch. BoH'om Row-Bill Jones, Jerry Fox, J Q inn, Larry Kelley, Dick Fausl. AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS Season Record AHS 26 ....... .... . .. ....... ..... lvl uncie Cenlral 33 I8 ..............,.. ...... ..... ..... .......... ..... M a r I o n 43 AHS I9 ..............., ...... . .. Shorlriclge IIncIpIs.I 43 25 ............ .... . .. Tech IIncIpIs.I 30 Marion Invilalional ..... ....... ....... ..... A H S Winner I5 ..... ..... ...... H o weIIncIpIs.I 49 Norlh Cenlral Conference .,..,., ...AHS Winner I5 ........ ....... . .. Muncie Burris 50 Seclional ..... ..,.... ....... ...,....... , ............. A H S Winner I5 ..,,,....... ..... . .. Richmond 50 S+a're Championship .... ..... ...... . . AHS Winner - . .. . .. . . . . nun . nan. I I J :Il uws'f1mfv1:wffK'-fx ,,-, .. N ,W fm 'A ' ' , ,. ,. x ' ,gli if Qx, Wnmmmkwummmmwwwm Row I-Managers: Deryle Martin and Bill Cumberland. Row II-Roger Whitehead. Dick Keithley, Jerry Banker, Bob Dav- is, Bob Benefiel, Joe Campbell. Row III-Coach Potter. Delano Sanders, Jerry Morgan, Don Myers, Don Granger, Charles Deering. Jim Leverette, Asst. Cfoach Byfield. Tribe Successful In T5 Attempts Ot 23 Thrill-packed games dominated the entire 23. l953. ' Anderson Indians' schedule from the begin- . The lnCllenS Started il1e SeeSOIj off on the ning of the season on November 25, l952, to right 1500+ l9Y defeating Greenfield. OH The the final game of the Sectional on February f '5l 1'QlWJf Of the ha ClW00d Seesen- by The score of 54 to 45. The Tribe followed that first win with wins number two and three. an lng- ssis an oac es ar er y ie , on arne . l'lUl'TlbSl' two WGS at The l'1ai'ldS of the N.O.C. rival from New Castle. The third win was another N.C.C. vic- tory, this time from Marion. Saturday, December 6. was a cold night for the Indians as they were to receive their worse defeat' of the en- tire season. This defeat was at the hands of Fort Wayne Central, who won going away, 72-45. Lafayette handed the Indians their first loss of the season in N.C.C. tilts. Although the score showed that the lndians put forth a rugged try, Jeff won by the score of 57 to 63. The Indians' fourth win was a thrill, chill, and spill packed game which they took into an overtime to beat New Albany, 67 to 73. Muncie was a stumbling block the entire year for Coach Potter's boys: fcontinued on page 731 Coaches: Seated-Head Coach Henry Potter. Std' A't TC h Ct Bt'IdD B tt ,dz lconcluded from page 'Ill They losT To Them on December l9. by The score oT 67 To 77 and again on Friday, January I6, by The score oT 63 To 75. A Marion and Shelbyville were The nexT vicTims oT The lndians, The Mar- ion win consTiTuTing The Third vicTory in The N.C.C. lT was overTime. The mosT exciTing vicTory oT The year was The lndians' win over Tech oT Indianapolis. one oT The mosT high- ly raTed Teams To come To The Wig- wam. They sporTed an eighT-win, no- loss record. The lndians sTopped Them shorT wiTh an ouTsTanding score oT 68 To 5 l. Lawrenceburg and Franl4TorT Tell To The lndians beTore Kolcomo goT hoT' and beaT The Tribe in an overTime sTruggle, 68 To 66. The mosT ouTsTanding vicTory oT The year was The lndians' win over The sTaTe champs To be, The SouTh Bend CenTral Bears. The Tribe Travel- ed all The way To SouTh Bend and up- seT The Bears by The score oT 70 To 73. Then The lndians reversed Their Tield a liTTle and losT Two in a row. TirsT To LogansporT, 68 To 69, and To New CasTle, 67 To 72. BUT The lndians ended The season sTupendously by deTeaTing Richmond, anoTher sTaTe Tourney TinalisT, by a score oT 50-47. VARSITY SCHEDULE . AHS 54 ..........,,......,.................,,..,...,.., Greenfield 45 AHS 59 ...........,.,....,........,...,......,......... New CasTle 47 AHS 73 ....,..... ....,................,....,,,.. M arion 60 AHS 45 . ,..... ..,.,.,.... FT. Wayne CenTral 72 AHS 57 ..,...... , .... ,...,.. ........, , . . La'FayeTTe 63 AHS 73 ......... ............... N ew Albany 67 AHS 67 ........., ..,.......... M uncie lCen.l 77 AHS 45 ........., ................,...., M arion 39 AHS 48 .......... ............., S helbyville 43 AHS 68 .......... ....,....,...,. T ech llnclplsl Sl AHS 63 .......... ...,......, M uncie lCen.l 75 AHS 72 ..,....., .,...,. L awrenceburg 35 AHS 60 ..,....,.. ..,................,... F ranlrTorT Sl AHS 66 ........,. ...............,.,...,. K olcomo 68 AHS 73 ........... ,,...,..... S ouTh Bend CenTral 70 AHS 68 .........,.,....,..,..,. ..,......,......... L ogansporf 69 AHS 67 ..,..........,,.....,,...........,...,.......... New Casfle 72 AHS 50 ,,...,......... ............. ,...... ..,..... ....,.,. R i c h mond 47 Big Four Tourney AHS 69 ...................,.....,,..,,,............,... New Casfle 62 AHS 62 ......,.,....,,.......,......................... LogansporT 47 SecTional lFinal Gamel AHS 54 ..........,..,...,,........,.,.........,........ Alexandria 64 B Team STanding-le'F'l' To righl-Bill Harless, Ted Boofs, Andre Slreafy, Frank LayTon, Bill England, Bill Jones, Dick Hazel, Jack Crof- lin, Nyles Anson, Phil Plummer, Larry Dehorily, Jim Adams, Alvin Woods. Kneeling-Coach Carler Byfield, Manager George Love. Scrappy, Talented Papooses Are Successful CapTuring The 'B Team Tourney aT Ander- son proved To be The highlighT oT The season Tor Coach CarTer ByTield's scrappy Papooses. The B Team Tourney was won aT The hands RESERVE SEASON RECORD -f -f AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS 40 ..............,... Greenfield 29 25 .................. New Casfle 4l 32 .,....,.,.,........,..,... Marion 35 4l , ..,.,.... FT. Wayne Cen. 38 26 .,....,...,,...,.... Lafayefle 39 60 ..,.....,....... New Albany 49 40 .,.,.,, ..,.....,..,. M uncie 28 46 ....... ...... , .. Marion 42 40 ,..,.... ........ S hlebyville 36 33 ....,.,.....,. Tech llndplsl 44 49 ....,.,.............,,.. Muncie 52 38 ............ Lawrenceburg 4I 44 ................,... Franlvforf 39 27 ...,.... .,.......... K okomo 40 38 . ,..,... ...... L ogansporf 35 55 .............,.. New Casfle 42 48 .......,........,... Richmond 42 B TEAM TOURNEY 4l ..,.....,...,..... New Casfle 26 4l ......,.,....,........,, Muncie 35 of New CasTle and Muncie. The 'Papooses Tal-- lied idenTical scores in boTh oT These games. They deTeaTed New CasTle 4-l To 26 and Muncie 4l To 35 Adams and Sanders go aTTer losT ball. 74 Freshman Team BaslreTball STanding-Coach Don BarneTT, Harold Jerry, Ed York, Larry Harrison, Sonny Allen, Ronnie Page. Don Mc- Given, Garry STanley, Tom Capozzoli, Ronald Spell, Karl UTley, Neal Arwine, Jim LuTTon, Paddy Jamerson, Don Bohannon, Don Mc- CarTy. Kneeling-Jim Fleece, Pierce Anson, Jaclc Jarvis, 'Bob Asbury, Richard S'riTh, Jim Brow, Larry Eglen. SeaTed-Managers Torn FaTzir'qer, David Binqaman. ' Freshmen Show Promise, Win Frosh Tourney Coach Don BarneT'T's Treshman squad show- The Papooses, by inolenTical scores, cleTeaTecl ecl promise Tor The TuTure as They capTurecl New CasTle and McKinley oT Muncie by The I I oT I8. The Treshman were also successful in score oT 38 To 37. The prospecTs Tor Coach The Treshman Tourney. ln doing This liTTle TeaT PoTTer seem To be good. Ring around The rosey i Freshmen's Season Record Frosh 32 ................ Greenfield Zi Frosh 38 ,...,.,.. . ..,.,. New Casfle 40 Frosh 32 Richmond Hibbard 42 Frosh 36 ...,..,..,,. Richmond TesT 30 Frosh 24 ........ Richmond Dennis 36 Frosh 45 ..,..... Muncie Wilson 28 Frosh 3I . ..,,.............,. LaTayeT+e 32 Frosh 3l ., Marion MarTin BooTs 30 Frosh 4l ...,............,,.. PendelTon 38 Frosh 24 .. Marion MarTin Boofs 28 Frosh 29 ............ Muncie Wilson 34 Frosh 37 ,.....,, Muncie McKinley 45 Frosh 34 ................ New CasTle 29 Frosh 47 ,.,., .......... ,,.,. P e ndeITon 20 Frosh 43 ........ Muncie McKinley 37 Frosh 47 .........,...... Greenfield 23 Frosh Tourney ..,..........................,..,. Frosh 38 ................ New CasTle 37 Frosh 38 ..,..... Muncie McKinley 37 75 Wrestling Team: Row I-Ethridqe Beauchamp, Fred James, Larry Bowser, Richard Harper, Jack Harper. Row ll-Mike Wiley, Jerry Rhodes, Fred Scott, Etheldred Bathauer, Don Smith, Joe Tipton, Bob Barnes, Tom Bennett, James Hensley, Ben Nett, Row Ill--Frank Norris, Terry Ward, Ronald Harris, Bruce Madren, Larry Penry, Bob Hutter, Sheldon Haskett, Ralph Hite, Bill Paramore, Jack C p bell, David Lindsey, Larry Mills, Bill Penn. Row IV-Glenn Ewing, Lee Quallo, Chester Robb J y S t d P t b h R D Th li g D B F C h C u er aug , oss ovey, Roger Hardacre, Don Julian, Jerry Foy, Tom James, La Day, David Rhodes, Mike Shaul, John Schieve. Bclthcluer, Mcldren Placed In State Meet Etheldred Bathauer and Bruce Madren rep- resented Anderson High School in high style as they placed 3rd and 4th respectively in the State Meet. The Indian grapplers had one ot their most successtul season, winning three and placing third in the N.Ci.C. Wrestling Team's Season Record AHS 9 ....... ...,.,......... .................. C r awtordsville 35 AHS 23 ...,... .. ..........,. ....... T ech llndpls.l 27 AHS I3 .... ..,. ....... B e n Davis llndpls.l 36 AHS 8 ..,..... ....... ........ ...... ........... B l o o mington 4l Healthy American Youth At Play AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS Y rone ur, on urris, ins, err win or , l'5I'lCIS am - Mike McGuire, Jim ' ouc , 'orwin Richmond 2 I Muncie lCen.l I6 Peru 33 Broad Ripple 9 Decatur Central 20 . .......... Kokomo 24 N.C.C. Tourney Southport 37 Lafayette 36 place State Tourney place . KS, y .rigs I :Q .kk. ,,,. K 6 A Harless and Wilde pair up for doubles Tennis Team Undefeated At Time Of Publication Tennis Team's Season Record AHS 5 ....... ........ ...................... ...... B r o acl Ripple 2 AHS 4 ....... ....... S horlriclge 3 AHS 6 ..... ...... C rawlorclsville l AHS 6 ..... ....,.... R ichmond I AHS 5 ....,.. . ..... Marion Z l Tennis-Kneeling-Reed Palmer, Vincenl Daubenspeclr, Kenny Kemp, Jerry Slump, Tom Alley, Paul Gray, Bob Doyle, Bob Swing, Bruce McConlcey, Bob Thompson, Keilh Hammons. Slanding-Bob Sample, Denny Simpson. Bob Benelield, Diclc Harlzell, Bill Harless, Dale Closser Coach Pugh, George Perry, Ronnie Meeker, Frank Laylon, Sheldon Vifilde. 77 F .I...-..e-.... M rancis ouc , ar re ar, o er ar acre, err or an, Dick Moore, im avis ac awson ow - uane ris ie vin oo i Indians Hclmpered By Weather, Injuries AlThough bad weaTher hampered The ln dians progress and inluries seemed To come aT The wrong Time The Tribe was successful in winning Tour meeTs aT The Time This sTory was wriTTen The highesT poinT in Coach Bonges year appeared in a lunior Bill Jones Bill a slender blond headed polevaulTer Topped I2 TeeT I inch To Tie an old Anderson High School rec ord which had sTood since I922 Then again on The day oT Thel H S A A SecTlonal Bill wenT wild He didn T sTop aT I2 TeeT I inch buT wenT on To clear The bar aT I2 TeeT 7 I inches 1 A By Seniors Bill MaThews, Ron ETheringTon, and Dick Miller also did Themselves well. Bill MaTh- ews came wiThin a Tew inches oT beaTing an- oTher old AHS record in The shoT puT. Ron ETh- eringTon and Dick Miller claimed some oT The besT Times in The sTaTe in Their respecTive ev- enTs. ETheringTon is shown on page 78. The oTher runner in The picTure is Tom Archey oT Marion. This is The TirsT Time Ronnie was beaT- Coach Bonge had several underclassmen who can hold Their own in anybody's Tield and will give a ThreaT To oTher Teams in The sTaTe nexT year. As The Tribe emerged Trom The Muncie SecTional and prepared To enTer The l. H. S. A. A. Regional, which was To be held by The Green Wave oT Indianapolis Arsenal Technical, everyThing seemed To happen. Bill Jones, who was expecTed To place high in The sTaTe championship meeT, hurT his TooT while pracT'icing and was unable To qualiTy Tor The STaTe. The lndians were successTul in qualiTying Twelve men Tor The Regional. ATTer The Regional only Three men re- mained To represenT The Anderson lndians in The sTaTe meeT, These represenTaTives were Jim l.evereTTe, broad iump, Ron ETheringTon, halT mile: and Bill MaThews, shoT puT. The ouTcome was noT know aT The Time oT publicaTion. uinn, l V rsify Track-Row I-Manager George Love, Tom Byrum, Don Julian, F C h M kE h T R g H cl J y M g aThews, Jim Cox. Jerry Fox, Dick Miller, Larry Kelly, Max Hayden, J D ,J k D .R II D F b , AI W d, J m Q rry Fowler, Phil Plummer, Jack CoTTin, Barnes LaTham, Jim LevereTTe, Jim Shannon. Bill Jones, Bob Pursley, Charles. Baker, Melvin Williams, Ronnie nsler. I , I . . . . g I ' I I ' I U I . . GTI I ...-. , . i . . . ' ' -1. LeTT o righT- ssisTanT Coach Ray Fleenor, Coach Carl Bonge, AssisTanT Coach CarTer field. . 1 'l 'Q 'z : 3 A 1 l l 1 Row l-Ron Elheringlon, Bill Jones, Jim Leverelfe, Bill Malhews. Row ll-Jerry Morgan. Jerry Fox, Jim Cox, Don Julian. Row Ill-Don Myers, Charlie Baker, Jack Dawson, Max Hayden. B0 I Lef 'f 'io rigl'i'l': Larry Kelly, Bob Pursley, Jim Davis, Mark Ereharl. Combined Indian, Papoose Record Shows Seven Wins M agers Ronnie Fosler, Fre Jeff Seulea d lndians' Trail A . AHS 62 l-3 .... .......... . .. Muncie Cenlral 46 2-3 AHS 67,l-2 ,........... ......... R iclwmoncl 371-2 AHS 53 ,...... ......... . ....... T eclwllnclplsl 56 AHS 50 l-2 ..... .... ............ lvl 6 rion 57 l-2 WAHS 26 ..... ........... ..... .................. . . . Kokomo 28 Muncie Relays Kokomo Relays Anderson, winner Muncie Cenlralf winner Anderson, 'rlwird Marion Relays ...... N. Side Fl. Wayne, winner Seclional .......,............ Anderson, fourllw Muncie Cenlral. winner Anderson, second Season incomplele al lime ol publicalion. 'Rainecl ou'r. Reserve Season Record AHS 80 l-2 ..,...... ..rr....... M uncie Cenlal 25 I-2 AHS 88 ......... ...... .............. ..... R i c lwmoncl 20 AHS 70 ..... ,.,........,.. 'l'ecl1llnolpls.l 39 AHS 6l ...........,....... ................ ........... M a rion 39 'AHS 49 ...,......... ........ ,................. ......... K o k omo 23 Season lncomplelecl al' lime of publicalion. 'Rained oul. F h Track: Froni Row-Efhridge Beauchamp, Larry Tunguef, Gary Wilde, Jerome Schlenslcer, Bob Randolph, David Schusfer, Manager F d l R bb Richard Smifh, Bradley Rayl, Richard Jaclrson, Bob Hensley, Craig Miller, Larry Ormond Row ll a FI hf, James Unclebaclc, P l . -RyW'g C p l d, Jim Day, Bill Carr, Dean Richards, Ralph Hife, Charles Widner, Delano Sanders, Ronney Page, Jack Jarvis, Larry Harrison, Johnny B l l d R hard Tremps, Bill Paramore, Tommy Barflow, Lamonf Aulcer, Kim Parvis. Row Ill-Bill Lewis, Donald Morrison, Rex Boys, James Flee J Puferbau h, Michael Johnson, Neal rwine, ar e , aro , o er oo, o n ers, ar es arrison, ic ar oby, Philip g A ClUflyH ldTerrryRbfClcJhMy Chll-l RhdR J lr Chl GI Th Bddl R ldB fl ares imore, omasi e, ona eneie. Reserve, Frosh Undefeoted As Annual Goes To Press Prospecfs for Anderson frack loolc good as fhe freshmen come down fo fhe wire unde- feafed. Anofher good sign is fhe overwhelming margins by which 'rhe frosh are beafing fheir foes. And fhen sfill furfher, many of fhe fresh- men have been running wifh fhe B feam and some even on 'rhe varsify. The Papooses' mosf oufsfanding win of fhe season was fhe capfure of fhe freshman relays which were held by Norfh Side of Forf Wayne. The reserve squad, picfured wifh fhe varsi- fy on page 79, was also undefeafed as fhis copy was being wriffen. A good sign was fhe facf fhaf all of fhe reserves' wins over feams of of fhe mighfy fough N.C.C. members. The reserves were also heavy scorers as fhey raclc- ed up as high as 88 poinfs againsf one feam. Thaf feam was fhe Richmond squad, who scor- ed only 20 in fhaf confesf. Muncie Cenfral, Tech of Indianapolis, Marion, and Kokomo were among fhe sguad's ofher vicfims. Many B feam and freshman boys were pushing fhe upperclassmen for varisfy berfhs and somefimes fhey gol' fhe berfh. This is good news fo Coach Bonge, as he has many fufure prospecfs in fhese unheard'-of heroes of fhe reserve squad. Freshmen Track Season Record Frosh 79 ........, ...... ,........ M c Kinley Muncie 30 Frosh 86 .,.,,...,....4,.. ......... ..... W i lson Muncie 23 Frosh 57 ........ ...........,.,.......... M cKinley Muncie 52 Norfh Side Ff. Wayne Relays Frosh-Winner, Norfh Side-Second. Frosh 7 ....... ........ ...,,,... ......., .,... W i l s on Muncie 7 N. C. C. Freshman Meef ? az GOLF SEASON RECORD I Camp bell clobbers a long one Laporte Invitational .. Winner 3 I 3, AHS Run Lafayette Invitational Champs ..,..... . .............. .. ' Four Way Meet 'E' Triangular Meets AHS I4 I-2 ......, .... ....,.................... R I chmond I-2 AHS 9 ........ ............. .. Kokomo 6 'AHS II ...... . .......................... Tech 4 WAHS I3 ....... ........... N ew Castle 2 AHS I7 ...,. ..,... . .. ......... ..... M uncie I AHS 20 I-2 ......... ........... T ech 3 I-2 MAHS I5 .... ,...... . .............. M arion O AHS I4 ..... ........... .............. N e wCastIe I AHS II I-2 .... ...... ........ . . . Lafayette 3 I-2 AHS I4 I-2 ..... ...... .......... ..., S h o rtriclge 3 I-2 HAHS I2 I-2 ..,...,...... ....... .............. M u ncie 2 I-2 AHS I2 .,... ...... ............. S . Side Ft. Wayne 3 NCC Meet ......... ................ . .. AHS Champs 306 ners-up South Bencl Defending State Champ In Good Form At Printing Time O ed GF SF. m' OW T O8 F6 511 , Gm 9, BVS FOWI1, ie ure, arr enr, im verin, o rozier, rai am e, err 3II im a , i enn. av' aes o e SHT R IJ IldEdcIBkLyP yJOI BbC GgCpbIIJyKbIIBIIP R II-Joe C pb II D B R h d M e, Bill Goldsmith, Dan Davisson, Rabourn Boardman, Bob Burt, Dave Brown, Coach Jam C t R III T d B I' D G g J y Higginlootham, Herb Cappel, Lyle Crouse, Jack Macy, Dave Poore, D id B I , R b I' McAIIiste 83 Varslly Baseball-Firsl Row-Bob Fisher, Diclc Hazel, Wally Smllh, Max Moore, Jerry Banker, George DS+hG MIIL DhlD Kfhl S dR A' B on mi ar is arr eori ick ei , y , y y, y, econ ow 'fC h D ll M g D yl M l' Allen, John Purdy, Dick Maynard, Nyles Anson, Fred Moore, Gene B ll R B l y J L H J Ad M g 'rl r Hulfer, Head Coach Henry Po e . Potter's Boys Showed Power, Skill Coach Henry PoHer's boys showed slcill as well as power as lhey soughr lo upsel 'rheir Toes from lhe surrounding lerrilories. The Tribe showed ils power when il scored I5 and IO runs againsl Howe and Logansporl, re- speclively. Bul lhey showed slcill as lndian pilchers proceeded lo pilch lhree shulouls. And lhal doesn'l include lhe games nol' play- ed when lhis slory was wrillen. Wally Smilh, a senior, pilched' one ol lhe shulouls, while Dehorily and Lullon paired lor lhe shuloul againsl Harllord Cily. Lullon. a freshman, came back lhree days laler lo pilch anolher shuloul of his own. The lndians were successful in winning eighl and losing only lwo ol lhe lills lhey were en- gaged in. The mosl exciling game ol lhe year, de- fensively, was lhe game wilh lheir N.C.C. rivals from Richmond. This was l'he game in which Wally pilched' his shuloul. Bul lhe Rich- mond crew did well also, allowing lhe lndians only one run. The win was one ol lhree winning N.C.C. compelilions. They losl' only lwo. C h H nry Poller, Assislanl Coach Don Barnell. Managers: Slanding--Deryle Marlin, Malcolm Young. K l g-Frank Norris, Rod Huller. ,84 pfo boH'om-Rowl-Jerry Banker.Georqe Thanas.Ro Il D kK fhl y D L k d R Ill M M G y M IV W S Th Gene Benneff. AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS 85 Season's Record I5 ....... .... ...... .... ................,. . . . H owe I ............... .... ...... ....... R i c hmond 2 ......... . ....... Tech I O ......... ..... L ogansporf 2 .......... ................. F rankfori' 7 Harhcord Cify 7 ..... ........... ..... .... D e cafur 5 ........ ........... D ecafur 3 ..... ,... K okomo 4 ............ Lapel Row I-John Purdy, Jim Lufion, Nyles Anson, Don Smifh. Row ll-Dick Maynard, Larry Dehorify, Dick Hazel, Jim Adams. Row Ill-Fred Moore, Jim Alien, Bob Fisher. 86 G A A Rowl Barbara Scott Ruby Graham, Pat Hollis, Rose Ellen Jackson, Alice Masters Violet Dugger Ann Pettigrew Ann Calvin Doris Tway, Joan Diggs. Row ll-Phyllis Jolly, Sylvia Jones Judy Stage Sara Munsell Jessie Willis Roberta Willis, Sandy Couch, Mary Grigsby, Phyllis Bushong Joan Bronnenberg Row lll Jaclrie Mills Barbara Moor e, Donna Rivers, Janet Massey, Joan Kirkpatrick Norma Jean Moore Sue Smith Gloria Rinearson, Li nda Borders, Mrs. Dietrich. G A A Encourages Participation, intelligent Watching Participation intelligent spectators and sports ed. Each year a girl in G. A. A. earns 70 points she is entitled to a chevron. When a girl earns l5O points she is given an Indian t-lead. With 250 points she receives a plaque which is given by the State League ot G.A.A. The points tor the awards are given on the basis ot participation and up- on tests. Ten points are given tor participation in a maior sport and tive points tor participation in a minor sport such as swimming, hiking, dancing, and slcating. But above all these awards are the ones that everyone wants. These are the sportsmanship and honor awards. Both ot these awards are voted on by the members ot the group. The sportsmanship award is given on the basis ot good sportsmanship in and out ot G.A.A.. The honor award is given on the basis ot athletic ability, leadership, and scholarship. The win- ners this year were Violet Dugger, honor, and Roberta Willis, sportsman- ship. 1 AJ QQFJUQQ ,w Education From Our Teachers And Friends Will Speak For Specialization In Life High schools were 'rhe resuI+ of a need To educa're Jrhe people furlher. In Ander- son High School s+uden+s can be +augh+ 'ro some ex'ren+ in every field of occupalion in which 'rhey wish 'ro en+er. Around 'rhe pic- +ure of Charlene Bonge, Don Peck, and Mr. Charles C. Denny. various occupalions are shown in which al' Ieasl a pariial know- ledge of Ihe Iaslcs can be learned in A.I'l.S. These are clerlcing, Jrelephone operaling. indus+rial machining. salesmanship, and pharmacy. All of Ihese occupa+ions re- quire a+ Ieasl' a high school educaiion Io be engaged in successfully. ' 90 II5 ' II6 Juniors ....... ......... ....... . . . Seniors ..... ...... .... . .................... ...,..... . . Class Play ....... .... . . ........... .. Sophomores ....... .. ........ I24 Freshmen ..........,.. ................... ....,.. I 3 2 Freshmen Class Elecrions .... .. ...... . I43 Faculiy ..... ............ ......... ...... ...... ....... I 44 Watching our senior class president Curt Hackett are members ofthe Senior Executive Committee They are Row l John Yarllng Shlrley Campbell Phyllls Fallencler Kay McCarty Row ll Jnm Bannon Duclr Keithley Bruce Madren and Jerry Current Row Ault Tom Templeton Jack Raggs Row IV Maurice Howard John McNatt Executive Commlttee, Sponsors And In Four Years Fun Mrs Marggref Heep, 5pc,,,,,,, The class sponsors and the Execu M' 'a Y MCGW' SPOMO' tive Committee have assisted our class nn havmg a wondertul tour years an Anderson l-lngh School Besides Mrs Margaret l-loch and Mr l-larry McGoon who have been our sponsors most ot the tour years truloutes also should be pand to Mr George Berry who was sponsor our tnrst two yeaars and to Mrs Vrrglnua Vermillion who toolc Mrs l-loch s place last January 90 1 , 4 1 I 1 1 1 ' 1 r 1 1 1 1 r r 1 r r K QZEQSEYEQQEHW 112' K Class of I 953 ROW ONE-Shirley Jane Aflierbach-General. Jack Apple- by-General-Loclcer Office Ass I 4: Band 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 2. James Aulf-College Preparalory-Class Pres. I, 2: Torch Club I, 2, Vice Pres, 2: Sludenl' Council I, 2, Exec. Comm. I I, 2: HR Pres. I, 2, 4: Class Exec. Comm. I, 2, 4: Pep Sessions Comm. 2, 3: Convo Comm. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4, Sec. 4: Dramalics Club 2, 3, Treas. 3: Thespian Socieiy 3, 4, Sec. 4: Hoosier Boys S'+aI'e 3: Rep. Ind. Sfudenl Leg. 3: Model U. N. 3, 4: , Honor Sociefy 4: Chr. Prom Reg. Comm. 3: X-Ray 3: Annual I SI'aI'I-Sporis Edilor 4': Track 3: Sludenl' Guidance Comm. 3: ' Monifor 3: Honor Sludy Hall Monilor 4: Pepooses 2: Jr. Ro- i Iarian 4: Commencement Speaker Comm. 4: Chr. S'r.- Facully Dance 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Rolary Speech Conlesl Winner 4. ROW TWO-Shirley Ayers-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I. 2: Business Ed. Ass'+ 3, 4: Thespian App. 4: F. T. A. 4. Waller M. Bagel Jr.-College Preparafory-Choral Club 3, 4: Macl- rigal Club 4: Dramalics Club 2. 3: Thespian Sociely 2, 3, 4, ' Pres, 4: Honor Sociely 4: Hi-Y 4: Co-Chr. Prom Band Comm. 3: Chr. Convo Comm. 4: Annual Sfaff-Bus. Mgr. 4: HR Pres. I 2: Locker Office Ass'+ 2: Opereila 3: Chr. Sr. Talenl Convo 4: Model U. N. I, 2, 3, 4. Belly Joan Bailey-General-G. A. ' I A. I, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 2, 3: Inler-Class Acl. 3, 4: Gym Ass'i 2: I Business Ed. Ass r 4. I ROW THREE-Larry Ballard-Technical-Camera Club 2: , Radio Club 2, 3: Science Maih Club 3: HR Vice Pres. I: Chem. Ass'+ 4. Jerry Banlrer-General-Hi-Y 4: A Club 2, 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Baslcelball I, 2, 3.4: Foolball I, 2: Base- ball I, 2, 3. 4. James Bannon-College Preparalory-Pub. Rep. I: Torch Club I, 2: Sludenf Council 2, Exec. Comm. 2: HR I Pres. 3, 4: Class Exec. Comm. 3, 4: Chr. Prom Oueen Comm. 3: X-Ray 3, 4, Sporfs Ed. 4, Managing Ed. 4: Chr. Upfown Thealer Parly Comm. 4: Model U. N. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4, Pres. 4: Older Boys Conference 4: Parking Lol' Cadel 3: Library Ass'I' 2: Monifor 3: Track 3. ROW FOUR-Donald Lawson Barger-Pre-Apprenlice. Pai- I' ricia Barker-Business Educalion-Y-Teens 2: Nurse's Ass'f 4: I Gym Ass'I 2. Roberl' Louis Barnes-Pre-Apprenlice-''A Club I 2, 3, 4: Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: Wreslling I, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: i Baseball I. 2. ' ROW FIVE-Jacqueline Barre-H-General. Waller Ernosi Barlh Jr.-General-Convo Comm. 4: Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4. Eiheldrod Balhauer-GeneraI-Wreslling 2, 3, 4: Golf 3, 4: Foolball 4: A Club 3, 4: Na+. Afhlelic Scholarship Sociely 3, 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 3, 4. ROW SIX-Joyce Ann Bea'Hy-General. Melvin Beauchamp- General-Tennis 3, 4: Track I, 2: A Club 3, 4: Class Treas. I: Monilor 2, 3, 4. BeHy Benefiel-Business Educalion-HR Sec. Treas. I, 3 :Library Ass'f 3. 92 Class of I953 ROW ONE-Beverly Bengfson-General-HR Vice Pres. I, 2: Sludenl' Council I, 2, Exec. Council 2: Concerl Choir 2: Choral Club 4: Honor Sociely 4: F. T. A. 4. Dale Bengfson- General-Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Madrigal Club 4, Pres. 4, Slud. Dir. 4: Hoosier Boys Sfale 3: HR Pres. 2, Treas. 4: D-ean's Ass'l 2: Honor Sociely 3, 4: All Sfale Chorus 2, 4: Operella 3: Foolball I: Co-Chr. Prom Band Comm. 3: Chr. Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Class Exec. Comm. I: German Band 3. 4: Band Comm. Sr.-Facully Dance 4: Commencemenl Speaker Comm. 4. Marlin Beniamin-Technical-HR Vice Pres. I, 2: Wreslling 2: Hi-Y 3. ROW TWO-LeRoy Bennel-I'-Pre-Apprenfice. Tom BenneII'- Business Educalion-Honor Sociely 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Monilor I, 2, 3: Pub. Rep. 3: Honor Sludy Hall Monifor 4. Wayne Berl- zenbowar-Pre-Apprenfice. ROW THREE-Myrna Biddle-Business Educalion-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. Cabinel 3, Sec. 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Gym Ass'+ 2, 3, 4: S+uden+ Council 4. C nfhia Bi us-Colle e Pre arafor Y PP 9 P Y' Monilor 2, 3: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: English Ass'f 4: Library Ass'l 4. Donald Birl-College Preparaiory-Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 4: HR Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 3: Class Exec. Comm. 3: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Mixed Choir 3. ROW FOUR-Belly Jean Blalce-General. Janef Blume- College Preparafory- Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, lnler Club Council 2, Sec. 3: Jr. Red Cross 3: E. T. A. 3: Library Ass'I' 2: English Ass'l 2, 3: HS Office Ass'l 4: Prom Refr. Comm 3: Sweel- hearl Ball Queen 4. Kay Boardman-College Preparatory- Class Sec. 2: Class Exec. Comm. 2: Concerl Choir 2, 3: Choral Club 4: Library Ass f 2, 3, 4: Dean's Ass'l' 3, 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Thespian Sociely 3, 4: Dramalics Club 2, 3: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Cabins? 3: F. T. A. 3: Model U. N. 4: Jr. Red Cross l. ROW FIVE-Frank Boaz-College Preparafory-Jr. Conser- valion Club 3, 4: Baseball I: Monilor 2: Visual Aids Ass'l 3, 4. Ramona Bowers-Business Educafion-Band I, 2: Mixed Choir 3: Concerl Choir 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Clean-up Comm. 3: Typing Award 3.Pamela Boyer-College Preparalory- Choral Club 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: Library Ass'+ I, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chokir 3: Biology Ass I 3: Chem. Ass? 4: F. T. A. 4: Library Clu 2, 3. ROW SIX-William Boys-College Preparatory-Foolball 3, 4: A Club 4. Jerry Bradford- Technical. Gerald Branch- Pre-Apprenlice-Hi-Y 3, 4. 93 Class of I953 ROW ONE-Pafricia Branch-College Preparafory-His+ory Club 3: Y-Teens 2: Moniror 3: Nurse's Ass'+ 2, 3: Maiorelrla 4. David Lee Brow-General-Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 3, 4: German Band 3, 4. Edifh Anne Brown-College Preparaiory- Y-Teens I, 2, 4: Hisiory Club I, 2: F. T. A. 4: Srudenl' Council 4, Exec. Council 4: Co-Chr. Sr. Week Reg. Comm. 4: Model U. N. 4: Dramafics Club 4. I ROW TWO-Eldon Brown-Technical-Torch Club I, 2: Ushers Club I, 2, 3, 4. James Brown-Technical-Baseball I. 2: Torch Club I. 2: Locker Office Ass'+ 4: HR Vice Pres. 4. Shirley Brown-General-Souih Shore High School, Chicago I I, 2: G. A. A. 3. I ROW THIREE-Gerald Gene Brundage-General-Fooiball I: Baslcefball I. Roberf Brundage-General-Physics Ass'I' 4. . Phyllis Burl:-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Monilor 4: English Ass'I 4. l E I ROW FOUR-Darrell Burfon-Business Educalion-Fuiure F Refailers 4. Phyllis Bushong-General-G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. 1 Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4: Gym Ass'i 3: Monifor 2, 4: Conceri Choir 4: Bible Club 2, 3: Candy Sfand 3, 4. Clarlr Byrum- College Preparafory-Fooiball I: Track I: Wresiling 2: Golf 3: Torch Club I, 2. ROW FIVE-Joseph Campbell-College Preparafory-Pub. Rep. I. 2, 3, 4: A Calub I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Foorball I, 2: Baskelball I, 2. 3, 4: Golf I, 2, 3, 4: Loclcer Office Ass'+ 3, 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3. Shirley Campbell-General-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: HR Pres. 2, 4, Vice Pres. 3, Sec. Trees. I: Speech Therapy Ass'l 2, 3: Class Exec. Comm. 4: Mardi: Gras Queen 3: Homecoming Queen 4. Richard Lee Canada-GeneraI- Band I, 2, 3, 4: X-Ray 3: Hi-Y 4: Choral Club 4. ROW SIX-Marcella Carpenfer-College PreparaI'ory- Choral Club 3, 4: Ope'reH'a 3: Music Ass I' 3: Mixed Choir 2: English Ass'+ 4: Sfudeni' Guidance Comm. 2, 3, 4: F. T. A. 3. 4, Sec. 3. William Cash-General. Rebecca Caudle-Gem eral-Pepooses 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Ass'+ 4: Candy Sfand 4: Y-Teens I, 94 Class of I953 ROW ONE-Donna Gay Clark-Business Educalion-Bible Club I, 2, 3, 4: Moniror 4: Candy Shand 3. 4. Larry Clerk- College Preparefory-HR Pres. I: Class Exec. Comm. I, 2: Monifor 3: Prom Cleaneup Comm. 3: Library Ass I' 2, 3: Li- brary Club 2, 3. Shirley Clendenin-General-Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orchesrra 2, 3: Mixed Choir 3: E. T. A. 3: Y-Teens I: Drama?- ics Club 3. ROW TWO-Marvin Clifron-Business Educafion. Janice Coclrerham-General--G. A. A. I, 2: Moniior 2: HR Vice Pres. 4: Speech Therapy Ass'r 4. Ross Collins-General-HR Sec. Treas. 2: Torch Club I, 2: Locker Office Ass'r 4: Class Gifr Comm. 4. ROW THREE-Joellen Colvin-Business Educafion-HR Vice Pres. I, Pres. 3: Y-Teens 2: English Ass'I' 2: Class Exec. Comm. 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Dean's Ass'I' 4. Carol Ann Conley- Business Educaiion-Ramblers Club 3. Mailhew Conley- General. ROW FOUR-Carolyn Sue Cool:-Home Economics-Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Gym Ass'I 3: English Ass'I 2: Y-Teens 2: Hon- or Socieiy 3: Fulure Rerailers 4: Sludenr Council I. 2, 3, Exec. Comm. 3. Nancy Couch-General-Mixed Choir 3: Girls Concerr Choir 3: Choral Club 4: G. A. A. 2: HR Sec. Treas. 2: Monilor 3. Haskell Coun+s-General-Cross Coun- fry I: Radio Club 2, 3, Treas. 3: Foorball Mgr. 2. 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 3, 4: Baslcefball Mgr. 2, 3: Monifor 3: Parking Lol Cade? 3, 4. ROW FIVE-James Carl Cox-General-Track I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Counrry I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4. Janei Cox-College Prepar- afory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres, 4: HR Vice Pres. 2, Sec. Treas. 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Monifor 3: Pepooses 2: Chr. Sr. Breakfasf 4. Shirley Suzan Cox-Business Educafion-HR Sec. Treas. 4: Monifor 3: Library Ass'I 3: Fuiure Re+ailers 4. ROW SIX-Reberfa Craib-General-Y-Teens I: G. A. A. 2: Moniior 4. Roberia Criiser-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Maiorelia I, 2, 3, 4, Drum Maiorelfe 3, 4: X-Ray 4: Business Ed. Ass'i 4: Mixed Choir 3: Thespian App. 4: S'r.-Faculiy Tea Comm. 4: Sr. Dramalics 4: Library Ass'I' 4: Model U. N. 4. Donald Crouch-Technical-Honor Socieiy 3, 4: Moniror 3. 95 Class of I953 ROW ONE-Mary Ann Cunningham-General-Moniior 3: Fuiure Reiailers 4. Jerry Currenf-College Prepara'Iory-An- nual Edilor-In-Chief 4: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4, Parli- amenlarian 4: Thespian Sociely 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4: Slucleni Council I,2, 3, Exec. Council 2: HR PFGS- 4: Class Exec. Comm. 4: Prom Place Comm. 3: Hoosier Boys Slafe 3: Jr. Roiarian 4: Model U. N. 3: Honor Socieiy 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4: Pepooses 2: Sr. Class Play 4: Prom Theme Comm 3: I. U. Journalism Conference 4. Ray Daniels-Technical-Radio Technician Club 2, 3: Science Mafh Club 3, 4: Science Fid- ion Club 4: Visual Aids Ass'f 2, 3, 4. ROW TWO-Diane Davis-General-Thespian App. 4: Li- brary Ass'+ 2, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 4: F. T. A. 4: Wriiers Club 4, Sec. Treas. 4: S'r. Dramafics 4: Girls Concerl Choir 4. Florence Marie Davis-General-Y-Teens I, 4. Marilyn Davis-Home Economics. ' ROW THREE-Pafricia Davis-General-Pub. Rep. I, 2: HR Vice Pr-es. 3: Jr. Red Cross 4, Sec. Treas 4: Moniior 3, 4: Nurse's Ass'I 4: Inier-Class Aci. 3, 4: Y-Teens 3. Rober-I Davis-General-Foolball I: Baskelball I, 3, 4: Baseball I: Dean's Ass'I' 4: Pub. Rep. 2, 3: In'Ier-Class Acl. Comm. 4. Roberf Harold Day-General-HR Vice Pres. I, 2, Pres. 3: Mixed Choir 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal Club 4: Track I. 2: Cross Couniry 3: Counly Fesiival 2, 3, 4: All Silaie Chorus 4: Class Exec. Comm. 3: Opereila 3. ROW FOUR-Darrell Lee Dean-General-Mixed Choir 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Counly Fesiival 2, 3, 4. James Deerduff- Pre-Apprenlice. Charles Dearing-General-Baskeiball I, 2, 3, 4: Fooiball I, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 2, 3, 4, Capt 2, 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Track I: Choral Club 4: I-IR Pres. I: Chr. Inler-Class Aci. Comm. 4. ROW FIVE-Carolyn DeLaw+er-General-Moniior 2, 3: English Ass'I' 2. 3: G. A. A. 2: Honor Socieiy 3, 4: Sfudenl Council 4: lnler-Class Ac+. 3, 4: Thespian App. 4: News Bureau 3, 4, Head 4. Vicfor Alfred DeWeese-General-Com vo Comm. 4: Baskeiball I: Baseball I: Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3. San- dra DeWiH-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. ROW SIX-Joan Diggs-General-Prom Queen AHendan+ 3: Cheerleader 4: G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Trees. 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross I. 2, 3, 4, Council 3, Preis. 4: Prom Tickel Comm. 3: Pep Ses- sions Comm. 4: Gym Ass'I 2, 3: Driver Training Ass'+ 3: ln- ler-Class Ad. 3, 4, Co-Chr. 3: Moniior 3: Candy Sland 3, 4. Ada Lucille Dinwiddie-Business Educalion-Moniior 2: Y- Teens 3, 4: English Ass'+ 4. Jane Dixon-College Preparalory- Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3: Honor S'ocieiy 3, 4: Co-Chr. Prom Place Comm, 3: F. T. A. 4: Moniror 3: Lab. English Ass'I 4: Dean's Ass'I 4: Commencemenr Speaker Comm. 4: Co-Chr. Sr.fFacuII'y Dance 4: Model U. N. 4. 96 Class of I 953 RGW ONE-Roberi Dodd-General-HR Treas. l, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4: Baseball 2, 4: lnler-Class ACI. 3, 4: Monilor 3. Joseph M. Dofson-General-Prom Queen Comm. 3: HR Vice Pres. 2, Pres. I: Camera Club 2: Pub. Rep. 2. Violel Dug- ger-General-G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Pepooses 2. 3: Monilor 3: lnler-Class Aol. 3, 4: Gym Ass'I' 2, 3, 4: All. Cheerleader 4: Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Chr. lnler-Class Acl. Comm. 4. ROW TWO-Anna Dunbar-General-Mixed Choir 3: Y- Teens 4. Delores Duncan-General. Jerry Dunn-General- Sludanl Council 2. ROW THREE-Jerry Lee Duvall-Technical-Hi-Y 3, 4: Honor Sociely 4: Science Club 4. Phyllis Dykes-General-Y-Teens I, 2: Thespian Sociefy 4: English Ass'+ 4: HR Sec. Treas. 4. Belsy Dyson-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Library Ass'I 2, 3: Monilor 3. ROW FOUR-Mary Ann Easl'-Business Educafion-Bible Club I, 2. Phyllis Ann Edwards-Business Educalion-Pub. Rep. 4. Jacquelyn Ellison-General-Monifor 4. ROW FIVE-Jerr Esfelle-General-Ar+ Ass'l 2 3 4' Pub Y I I I Rep. 3: Fulure Refailers 4. Ronald ElheringIon-General- Track l, 2, 3: Cross Counlry 3, 4: A Club 2, 3, 4: Baslcel- ball I, 2: Foolball I. Alberi Eulsler-General. ROW SIX-Phyllis Renee Falender-College Prepara'I'ory--Jr. Red Cross 3: Head Monilor 3, Monilor 4: HR Vice Pres. 4: Y-Teens 4: Class Exec. Comm. 4. David Eugene Fell's-Gen- eral. Sam Ferree-Agricul+ure-F. F. A. I, 2. 3, 4. 97 Class of I953 ROW ONE- Nancy Ann Fisher-General-HR Sec. 4: Y- Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Fulure Relailers 4, Sec. 4. Jane? Fifzgerald- General-Choral Club 4: Girls Concerf Choir 3: Mixed Choir 2: Music Ass'+ 3, 4: HR Sec. I: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinel I: Prom Refr. Comm. 3. Alvin Fla'I'l'1-Pre-Appren'I'ice. ROW TWO-Wanda FlaH-Business Educa'Iion--Orclieslra I, 2, 3, 4: Counseling Ass I 4: Music Ass'I' 4: Business Ed. Ass'+ 3: Sr. Class Play 4. Ronald Lee Fosier-Vocafional Agriculiure- F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Cross Counfry 4: Track Mgr. 4. Jerry Lee Fox-Pre-Apprenfice-Track 3: Wresfling 3: Cross Coun+ry 4: Band 2, 3: Monifor 3, 4: lnler-Class Act 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Chr. Class Giif Comm. 4. ROW THREE-Ronald Fox-General. Robert J. Gaddis- Technical-Torch Club I, 2: HR Pres. 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Hi-Y 3, 4, Prog. Comm. 4, Disfricf Conference 3, Older Boy's Conference 4: Pub. Rep. 3, 4: HR Sec. Treas I, 4: Prom Theme Comm. 3: Monilor 3, 4: Class Exec. Comm. 2: Science Malh Club 4. L. Elaine Guyof- College Preparafory-Dean's Ass'I' 3, 4: F. T. A. 4: Lalin Club 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. ROW FOUR-Norma Jean Gold-College Prepara+ory-Y- Teens I, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. I: Ramblers Club 3, Sec. 3: Camera Club 3: Candy S+and 3: X-Ray 3: Annual Sfaff-Act Co-Edifor 4: IHS'PA Conference 4. Ronald Gold-General-Jr. Red Cross 3: Fulure Relailers 4, Vice Pres. 4: Track I. Janice Gra- ham-Business Educa+ion- Y-Teens I, 2: G. A. A. I, 2. ROW FIVE-Donald Granger-General-HR Pres. I, Vice Pres. 2: Cross Counfry I: Baslcefball I, 2, 3, 4: Golf I, 2, 3, 4: A Club I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4. Roberi Greene-General-Fuiure Rerailers 4, Treas. 4: HR Pres. 3: Class Exec. Comm. 3: Mon- i+or 3. Ronald Gerlrin-Business Educaiion-'Honor Sociefy 4: HR Pres. I: Pub. Rep. 2, 3, 4: Monilor I, 2, 3: Tennis 2, 3, 4. ROW SIX-Donald Gwaliney-General-Jr. Red Cross I: Torcln Club 2: Hi-Y 3: Monilor 2: Locker Office Ass'I' 4: Margare+ Hale-General. Ardaih Haley-General-Orcl1esI'ra 2, 3: Jr. Red Cross 3: Biology Ass'I 4: Fu+ure Refailers 4. 98 Class ol I953 ROW ONE-Leslie Hallgarlh - Pre-Apprenlice - Wreslling 2: HR Treas. I. Alberl Hamillon-College Preparalory-Class Vice Pres. I, 2: Pub. Rep. I: Track I, 2, 3: Torch Club I, 2, Chaplain I, 2: X-Ray 4, Ad Mgr. 4: Library Ass'l I, 2: Model U. N. 3. Sara Alice Hamillon-General. ROW TWO-Jack Barry Harper-General-Convocalion Comm. 4: Wreslling 3. Alberl Harris-General-Track I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I: Foolball l: A Club 3, 4. David l larris-Pre- Apprenlice-HR Pres, I, Sec. 4: Parking Lol Cadel 4: Track I: Foolball I, 2, 3.4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Baskelball 2: Torch Club 2: A Club 3, 4: Monilor 2, 3. ROW THREE-Ronald Harris-Pre-Apprenlice-Dean's Ass'l 4: Ushers Club I, 2, 3: Jr. Red Cross 4: Baseball 2. Lou Ann Harl-College Preparalory-Choral Club 3. 4: Girls Concerl Choir 2: Operella 3: Maclrigal Club 4: All Slale Chorus 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinel I, 2: Pepooses 2: Library Ass'l 2, 3: Library Club 3: Miniwanca Council 4: Monilor 4: Dean's Ass'l 4: Convocalion Comm. 3, 4: Model U. N. 3, 4: Co'Chr. Prom Band Comm. 3: F. T. A. 4. Earl HarlIey-Technical-- Ushers Club I, 2: Locker Oflice Ass'l 3, 4. ROW FOUR-SaDona Mae Harlman-General-Sludenl Council I, 2: Queens Comm. 2: Lab. English Ass'l 3. Richard Harlzell-College Preparalory-HR Vice Pres. 2, 4: Sludenl Council 3, Exec. Comm. 3: Class Vice Pres. 3: Torch Club I, 2, Sql, al Arms 2: Hi-Y 3, 4, Chaplain 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4, Pres. 4: Co-Chr. Prom Queens Comm. 3: Prom Theme Comm. 3: Honor Sludy Hall Monilor 4: Model U. N. 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4: Class Gill Comm. 4. Shellon Haskell-Pre-Apprenlice. ROW FIVE-Charles Roberl Hasler-Business Educalion-Ful- ure Relailers 4. Belly Jean Hall-Business Educalion-Sludenl Council 2: Ramblers Club 3. Madelyn Sue Hallery-General- Y-Teens I: Biology Ass'l 3, 4: Fulure Relailers 4. ROW SIX-Janel Haven-College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. Cabinel I, 2, 4: Pepooses 2, 3, 4': Sludenl Guidance Comm. 3, 4: X-Ray 4: News Bureau 3: Girls Concerl Choir 3, 4: Model U, N. 3, 4: lnler-Class Acl. 3: Prom Place Comm. 3: Monilor 2, 3: Chem. Ass'l 4: English Ass r 2: Hislory Club I, Cabinel I: F. T. A. 4: Sr. Dance Comm. 4. Joyce Ann Haw- kins-Home Economics-Y-Teens I, 3, 4. Slella Hawn-Home Economics-Clay Cily, Ill., I, 2: Library Ass'l 3. 99 Class of I 953 ROW ONE+lames M. Johnson-Pre-Appreniice-Monifor 2, 3, 4: Sfudenl Council 2: Baseball I, 2: Pub. Rep. 2. LaNor- ma Jones-Business Educafion-Sfuclenf Council 2, 3, 4, Exec. Council 4: Head Monilor 3: Thespian App. 4: Prom Place Comm. 3: Pepooses 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. Rufh Ellen Jones- General-Sludenf Council I. 2: Jr. Red Cross 3, 4: Y-Teens 3, 4, Treas. 4: Club Tom Tom Council 3, 4: Monifor 2, 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Pepooses 2: InI'er-Class ACI. 3: F. T. A. 4, Vice Pres. 4: Sr.-Faculiy Dance Comm. 4. I ROW TWO-Ardella Jane Karns-Business EducaIion-Y- Teens 2: Nurse's Ass'I 2, 3: InI'er-Class ACI. 3: Monilor 4. I Norma Lynn Kaufman-General-Nor+h Websier I, 2, 3: Y- I Teens 4. Howard G. Keen-General. ROW THREE-Richard Keiflwley-Pre-Apprenlice-Foolball I I: Baslceiball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Hi-Y A 3: Monilor 3: Pub. Rep. I, 2: HR Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4. Gayle Kern-College Preparafory-Head Moniior 3: Library Ass'I 2, 3:'Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinef 3, 4: X-Ray 3, 4, Ass'I' News Ed. I 4, News Ed. 4: HR Vice Pres. I, 2: Prom Ticlcel' Comm. 3: Mod- el U. N. 3, 4: Inier-Class ACI. 3: Nurse's Ass'I 4: Sr.-Facully ' Dance Comm. 4: S rudenI Council 4, Exec. Council 4. Jean Anne Kefner-College Preparalory-Y-Teens 3, 4: Jr. Red l Cross 3: Pub. Rep. 4: Monilor 2, 4: X-Ray 3, Ass'I News Ed. l 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4, Treas, 4: lnfer-Class ACI. 3: Upfown I Theafer Parry Comm. 4. I I I I ROW FOUR-Jaclx Kirchner-General. Mabel Kline-Business Educafion-Y-Teens 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross I, 2: Dean's Ass r 4: Prom Refr. Comm. 3. Neva Knepp-Home Economics. i I ROW FIVE-Byron Land-General-Cross Couniry I : Track I: Locker Office Ass'I' 4. Donald Lanning-Pre-Appreniice. Rob- er'I Maurice LaPierre-Business Educafion-Fulure Refailers 4. ROW SIX-ToneHe Lawrence-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I, 2: Business Ed. Ass r 3: Library Ass'+ 2: HS Office Ass'+ 2: HR Sec. I, 2: Prom Clean-up Comm. 3. Nancy Leasure-Gem eral-Home Economics Ass'I' I. Marvin Leazenby-College Preparafory--Band I, 2, 3, 4: Head Monifor 4: Torch Club I, 2. loz I Class of I953 ROW ONE Eugene D Lenms General H Y 4 David Eugene Lenlz Pre Apprenhce HR Sec Treas 2 Llnda Lew IS Business Educahon S'ruden+ Councull 2 HR Pres I 2 Muxed Choir 2 Honor Socle+y 3 Prom Clean up Comm 3 Busmess Ed Assl 4 ROW TWO Greia Llvlngslon College Preparalory Y Teens I 2 3 4 Prom Reg Comm 3 Donald Lockwood neral F olball I 2 Baskelball I Baseball I 2 3 Club4 Model U N 4 Cenler Looper General Track I ROW THREE Jayne Loudenbaclr College Prepara+ory Y Teens I Momror 2 Roberl Luck Business Educahon Pub Rep 3 James Lules Foolball I HI Y 4 Thesp an App 4 Model U N 4 ROW FOUR-Jeanne'He Jo McCabe College Preparaiory Blology AssI3 Jr Red Cross Rep 3 Prom Relr Comm 3 Lalln Club 4 Karen McCar1'hy College Preparalory O :ce AssI'2 3 4 YTeensI 2 3 4 Vnce Pres 3 Ho or Socle'ry3 4 Gnrls Concerl' Chour 2 3 Prom Req Comm 4 Kay McCar+y College Preparafory Pub R p I 2 O chesfra I 2 3 4 Mom'ror 2 3 Gmrls ConcerlCho1r 3 Chr Mardi Gras Talerrl Show3 Co Chr Prom Relr Comm 3 Model U N 3 4 Sfale Sludenl Councul Deleqale 3 YTeens 3 4 Cabune+4 Honor Socre'ry3 4 Sec 4 Sludenl' and Exec Comm 3 4 Sec 3 Vuce Pres 4 Class Sec 4 Class Exec Comm 4 All Slale Orcheslra 4 D A R Award 4 Fall Wand Up Aflendanl 4 Chr Sr Facully Luncheon 4 Counselmg Office Ass+4 ROW FIVE Frank McDonell Busmess Educahon Honor SocleIy3 4 Fulure Relanlers 4 Jo Anne McFarland Buslness Eclucahon Book S+ore3 Engllsh Ass+3 4 YTeens I 2 3 4 Prom Dec Comm 3 Thesplan App 4 XRay Typssl 4 Pepooses 4 Fulure Relanlers 4 Momlor 2 Naomi McGill College Preparalory Choral Club 4 Momlor 2 HR Treas 4 Prom Dec Comm 3 Y Teens 2 4 Girls Concerl Cho1r3 Mlxed Chour3 Sr Floal Comm 4 ROW SIX Wllllam Lee McKowen Business Educa+1on Fool' ball I Baseball I 2 HR Vice Pres 4 John McNa'H Gener ack an H Pre 4 Vice P Torch Club I Class Ex c Comm 4 Sr Floal' Comm 4 Con vocahon Comm 4 Momlor 2 Head Monn+or4 Model U N 4 Breakfasl Comm. 4. Marilyn McNaI'I'-Business Educahon Pu R p I 2 3 4' Y-Teens I 2 3' Prom. Chap. Comm. 3. - ' .- y - I- I . Ge Luo' I . : I :I I . . ,4: A ' U. . -. , . . -.Hs ff' ' . . 1 - . . . . ' . : n I l- Il . el , glrl al-Tlr I I,2:B al,2. 3,41 'R' 5. . ' -:es.2, Ib. e. , , , . , , , - IO3 Class of I953 ROW ONE-Ronald McWiihy-General. Bruce Madren- College Preparafery-Torch Club I, 2: Golf I, 2, 3.4: Srudenl Council I, 2, 3, Exec. Council 2, 3: Wresrling 2, 3, 4: A Club 3, 4', Sec. Treas. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4: HR Pres. 4: Cross Counrry 4: Hoosier Boys Slale 3: Class Treas. 4: Dean's Ass'+ 3: Chr. Prom Ticker Comm. 3: lnler-Class Acr. 3: 'Class Exec. Comm. 4: Thespian App. 4: Model U. N. 4. Donald Man- is-General-Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Monilor 3: Jr. Conservalion Club 4. ' ROW TWO-Meredifh Kay Marsh-College Preparalory- Hislory Club I: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Orcheslra I, 2, 3: Monilor 2: Iframalics Club 2, 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: X-Ray 3, 4, Fealure Edilor 3, Edilor-In-Chief 4: I. U. Journalism Con- ference 3: IHSPA Conference 3: Ass'I LiHIe Chief Edilor 3: Sludeml Council 4, Exec. Council 4: Library Ass'+ 2: Candy Sland 3: Nurse's Ass'+ 4: Sr.-Facully Dance Comm. 4. Bar- bara Jean Marshall-General-Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4: Sludenr Council 3: Reg. Chr. Fall Wind Up 3: Chr. Homecoming Queen Comm. 3: HR Vice Pres. 3: Y-Teens I: Convocalions Comm. 4. Mary Marshall-General. ROW THREE-Janel' Mae Massey-Home Economics-G. A. A. 4. Alice Maslers-College Preparalory-G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Council 2, 4, Sec. 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Library Ass'+ 2: lnler- Class AcI'. 3, lnler-Class Acl. Comm. 3, 4: Gym Ass'l 4. William Edward Mafhews-General-Jr. Red Cross Rep. I, 2: Cross Country I: Baskerball I, 2: Foolball 3, 4: Traclc I, 2, 3, 4: F. T. A. 4: A Club 3, 4: Annual Sfaff-Arl Co-Edilor 4: Dean's Ass'I 3. ROW FOUR-Gail Maupin-General. Carol Meiser--Busi- ness Educaiion-Y-Teens I, 4, Sec. 4: HR Vice Pres. 3: Prom Dec. Cornm. 3: Prom Theme Comm. 3: Class Gill Comm. 4: Prom Queen 3: Spring Fling Queen 2. Marilyn Melzer-Busi ness Educa+ion-X-Ray 'rypisr 4: Y-Teens I, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 4: G. A. A. I: Pepooses 4: Camera Club 4: Typisl Ass'+ 4. ROW FIVE-Maryann Miller-Business Educalion-Hoosier Girls Slale 3: Business Ed. Ass'+ 3. Richard MiIler--Technical- Track I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry I, 2, 3, 4: A Club 2, 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 4: Model U. N. 4. Roberl' Miller- Technical-Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: HR Pres. I, Vice Pres. 4: Torch Club 2: I-Ii-Y 3: A Club 4: Thespian App. 4: Science Ficr- ion Club 4: Model U. N. 4. ROW SIX-Shirli Miller-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. James Mills-Pre-Apprenlice-Sludenl' Council I, 2 :Srudenf Mgr. I, 2: Pub. Rep. 2: Jr. Conserva+ion Club 3, 4. Marilyn Mills-College Preparalory-Class Treas. 2, 3: Class Exec. Comm. 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross I: Miniwanca Council 4: Co-Chr. Prom Ref. Comm. 3: Sludenr Council 2: Library Ass'I' 2, 3, 4: Annual Slaff-Underclassmen Co-Edi- lor 4: F. T, A. 3, 4: Pepooses 2: Monilor 2, 4: IHSPA Con- ference 4: Candy Srand 3: Inler-Class Acl. 3: Sr. Picnic 4: I. fean's Ass'I' 4: Thespian Sociefy 4: Miniwanca Council 3, 4, Treas. 4: Model U. N. 4. I04 Class of I953 ROW ONE-Billie Lea Minniear-College Preparalory-Jr. Red Cross 2: Monilor 3, Head Monilor 4: Convocalions Comm. 4: Y-Teens 4: Prom Chap. Comm. 3. James David Moore-Technical-Hi-Y 4: HR Treas. I, 2: Jr. Red Cross 4, Vice Pres. 4: Monilor 2, Head Monilor 4: Jr. Conservalion I, 2, 3.4: Model U. N. 4. James E. Moore-College Prepara- 'Iory-HR Pres. I: Torch Club I, 2: Golf 2, 3, 4: Track I: Mon- iror 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry 2: Prom Clean-up Comm. 3. ROW TWO-Julia Moore-College Prepara+o'ry-Maiorelle 2, 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 4: Gym Ass'l 2: Hisiory Club I: HR Sec. Treas. I, 2, 4: F. T. A. 3: X-Ray 3: Annual Sfafl-Senior Co-Edilor 4: Head Monilor 4. Max Richard Moore-General-Baseball I, 2, 3, 4': Sludenf Coun- cil 4, Exec. Comm. 4: X-Ray 4, Sporls Edilor 4: Homecoming Comm. 4: Freshman Eleclion Comm. 4. Richard Moore-CoI- lege Preparalory-HR Pres. I, 2, 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: A Club 2, 3, 4: I-Ii-Y 4: Co-Chr. Prom Tickels Comm. 3: Mon- Hor 2, 3: Cross Counlry I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4. ROW THREE-Palricia Rulh Morehouse-Business Educalion- Monilor 2. Jerry Morgan Jr.-General-Foorball I, 2, 3: Cross Counlry I: Baskerball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Monilor I: A Club 3, 4. Leah May Moser-General-G. A. A. I, 2, 3: Monilor 3, Head Monilor 4: Y-Teens 4: X-Ray 4. ROW FOUR-Belly Mofsinger-Business Educa-l'ion-G. A. A. I. Jack Mullen-General-Mixed Choir 2. William Mullins- Pre-Apprenlice-Track 2. 3, 4: Baskelball 3: Hi-Y 4: Torch Club I, 2: HR Pres. 2. ROW FIVE-Charlene Mundhenk-General. Darlene Mund- henlc-General, Waller Murphy-General-Foolball I: HR Vice Pres. 2: Jr. Red Cross Rep. 3. ROW SIX-Theresa Newlon-General-Sludenl Council I. 2. Frank Niccum-General--Foorball I, 3, 4. Anne Louise Nich- ols-College Preparalory-Honor Sociely 3, 4: X-Ray 3, 4, Fealure Ed. 4: Choral Club 4: Chr, Class Eleclions Comm. 3: Chief 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: All Srale Chorus 4: Buller Journalism Conference 3: English Ass'+ 2: Camera Club I, 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Pepooses 2: Journalism Ass'+ 4: Wrirers' Club I, 2, 3: Girls Conceri' Choir 2, 3: Model U. N. 4. I05 Class of I953 ROW ONE-Glenora Kay Nicholson-General. Carol Niece- Collage Prepara+ory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, Prog. Chr. 3: Monilor 2, 3: Prom. Reg. Comm. 3: Dean's Ass I 4: Miniwance Council 3, 4: Library Ass'+ 2, 3: Pub, Rep. 2, 3: F. T. A. 4: English Ass'+ 2, 3: Honor Sludy Hall Monilor 4: Model U. U. 4. Gloria Nighberl-College Prepara-lory-Mixed Choir I: Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Madrigal 4: Girls Concerl' Choir 4: Dean's Ass'l 2: Monifor I, 2, 4, Head Monilor 3: Honor Sociery 3, 4: Opereffa 3: Sr. Talenf Convo. 4. ROW TWO-Norma Nuff-General-Y-Teens I: G. A. A. I. Ann O'Connor-General-Choral Club 3, 4: Mixed Choir 2: Opereffa 3: Science Club 4: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3: Indian Maiden 3, 4: Model U. N. 3, 4: Prom I Reg. Comm. 3: HR Treas. 3: X-Ray 3, 4: Inler-Class Acf. 3: Chemislry Ass'1- 4: Audioflherapy Ass'f 3: Hislory Ass'l 4. Barbara O'Connor-College Preparafory-Homecoming Queen Al+endan+ 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Thespian App. 4: Library Ass'1' I, 2, 3: Siudenl Council I, 2: F. T. A. 3, 4: Maiorelfe 3, 4: Prom Comm. 3: l'?rama+ics Club 3. l I I ROW TH REE-Doroihy Ann Olive-General-Y-Teens 4. Wil- bur L. Osborn-General, Ronald Hahn Osborne-General- Baskelball I: HR Pres. I, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 2. ROW FOUR-Nancy Owens-Business Educafion-Y-Teens I. 2, 4: Concerf Choir 2: HR Sec. 3: Monifor 4. Phyllis Ann Painfer-Home Economics-Y-Teens I, 2: Girls Concert Choir 4. Soleria Pancol-College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Prog. Chr. 2, Cabinel' 2: Library Ass'l' 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal 4: Slale Chorus 4: F. T. A. 3, 4: Girls Concerl' Choir 2: Jr. Red Cross I: Pub. Rep. I, 2: Pepooses I, 2, 3:Prom Reg. Comm. 3: Annual Slall-Act Co-Edifor 4: Dean's Ass'l 4' Operefla 3: Breakfasf Comm. 4. ROW FIVE-Jerry Parlcer-General-Band I, 2, 3, 4. Lou lris Parmer-College Prepara-lory-Y-Teens I, 2, 4: Mixed Choir 2: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Sfudenl' Council I, 2, 3: Class Sec. 3: Class Exec. Comm. 3, Sec. Treas. 2: Candy Sland 3: Prom Chap. Comm. 3: Thespian App, 4: Honor Sludy Hall Comm. 2, 3: F, T, A. 4: lnfer-Class ACI. 3: Model U. N. 4: Camera Club 2, Dramalics Club 3. Ronald Lee Paschal-Pre-Apprem fice. ROW SIX-Marilyn Jo Perlrins-General-G. A. A. l: Fufure Relailers 4. Palricia Phelps-College Preparafory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinel I, 2, 3: HR Sec. I: Girls Conceri Choir 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Operella 3: Miniwanca Council 3.4: Dean's Ass'f 3: F. T. A. 4. Janei' Phillips-College Preparafory- Springfield, Ohio I: Monilor 2: English Ass'l 2, 3: F. T. A. 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: X-Ray 3, 4, News Edilor 4: Model U. N. 4. IO6 Class of I 953 ROW ONE-Donald Pierse-Technical-Pub. Rep. I: Slu- denl' Council 2: Track I: Torch Club 2: Ushers Club 2, 3. Mariellen Piilsford-Home Economics-Dean's Ass'I 3. 42 Ramblers Club 2. Carolyn Pollard-College Preparalory- Y-Teens 2, 4: G. A. A. I: Ramblers Club 2, 3, Treas. 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 3: English Ass'I 3, 4: Pepooses 2. 3: P. T. A. 4: Model U. N. 4. ROW TWO-Jane Poor--General-Ramblers Club 2. Bruce Poore-Technical-Track I, 2: Foolball I: Sludenl Council I, 2, Exec. Council l, 2: Head Monilor 2: Torch Club l, 2, Pres. 2: Miniwanca Council 2, 3, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 3: Dean's Ass'+ 3: Homecoming Comm. 4: Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Indian Mascol 4: Choral Club 2, 3: Operella 2: HR Vice Pres. I: Honor Sociely 4: Model U, N. 4. David Poore-General- Baskelball I, 2: Track I. 2. 3: Hi-Y 4': HR Pres. I, 2, Vice Pres. 4: Torch Club 2: Golf 4: Moniror 2, 3. ROW THREE-William PoHer-Technical-Jr. Conservalion Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 3: Visual Aids Ass'I 2, 3.4: Hi-Y 4: Radio Technicians Club 2: Absolule Zero Club 4. Pres. 4: Prom Clean-up Comm. 3: Honor Siudy Hall Monilor 4. Rulh Qualls-General-Y4Teens 2: Jr. Red Cross Rep. 3: Gym Office Ass'+ 2: Dr. Training Ass'I 3: Girls Concerl Choir 2: Monilor 4. Doris Ann Raper-General--Monilor 2, 4: Y-Teens I, 2: Pepooses 2. ROW FOUR-Jack Raper-General-Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: F. T, A. 4: Ushers Club I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Cross Counlry 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3: Wreslling l: Tennis 3: Thespian App. 4: Jr. Red Cross I: Parking l.o+ Cadel 3, 4. Harold Ra+z-General- Prom Comm. 3: Jr. Red Cross 3. Gwendolyn Grace Rawlin- General-Girls Concerl Choir 4: Orcheslra 3, 4: Howe, Indianapolis, l, 2. ROW FIVE-Marlha Ray-General-Girls Concerl Choir 32 Mixed Choir 4: Choral Club 4: Fulure Relailers 4. David L. Rebenack-General-EoolbalI I, 2, 3: Baskelball I, 2: Base- ball I. Shirley Redding-Business Educaiion--Nurse's Ass'I 3: English Ass'+ 3, 4: Book Exchange 3: Monilor 2. ROW SIX-Roberl Carroll Reecly-General-Fufure Refailers 4. Richard Reehm-Agricullure-Foolball I, 2, 4: Baskelball I: HR Pres. 3, Vice Pres. 4: Exec. Comm. 3. BeI+y Reeves- Business Educa'Iion-Fufure Relailers 4. I07 Class of I953 - ROW ONE-Phillip Reicharl-Pre-Apprenlice-Ushers Club I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 4. Roberl' Reveal-General-Jr. Conservalion Club 3: Fuiure Relailers 4: Track I. Mary Lou Rhodes-Business Educafion-Sludenf Council I, 2, Librarian 2, Exec. Council 2: Book Exchange Chr. 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 4: Monilor 2: Prom Place Comm. 3: English Ass I 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4. , ROW TWO-Marilyn Kay Rice-General-Honor Sbciery 3, 4. Charles Riggle-Business Eclucalion-Cheerleader 3, 4: Pep Session Comm. 3. Jack Riggs-General-HR Pres. I, 2, Sec. 3: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Class Exec. Comm, 3, 4: Class Vice Pres. 4: Homecoming Floaf Comm. 3, 4. ROW THREE-Rex Robbins-Pre-Appreniice-HR Vice Pres. I, Sec. 2. Mary Sue Roberrson-General-Y-Teens I: Girls Concert Choir 2. 3: Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Refr. Comm. 3: Monifor 4. Marvin Roney-General-Locker Office Ass'+ I, 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Siudenf Guidance Comm. 3. ROW FOUR-Diane Rouse-Business Educalion-English Ass? 4: Business Ass'I 3, 4. Inez Lorena Rousey-General-Bible Club I, 2, 3, 4: Monifor 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: G. A. A. l. Pafricia Joan Rude-General-Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Pep Ses- sions Comm. 3: English Ass'f 2: Gym Ass'1- 3, 4: X-Ray 4: Candy Sland 4. ROW FIVE-Beffy Runyan-Business Educafion-Fufure Re- failers 4. Carmen Rosifa Rufh-Business Educalion. Marilyn Sacilowslri-General-HR Pres. I: Srudenf Council 3, 4, Exec. Comm. 4: Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Cheerleader 4: Gym Ass'I 2: Biology Ass'I' 3: G. A. A. I, 2: Chr. Homecoming Comm. 4: Business Ed. Ass'T 4: Pepooses 2. ROW SIX--Hal Safford-General-Torch Club I, 2: Baseball 2: Cross Couniry I: Hi-Y 4. Janice Sample-College Prepar- afory-Srudenr Council 3: Maiorelle I, 2, 3, 4, Drum Maior- eHe 2: Y-Teens I. 2, 3, 4, Treas. I: Library Ass'+ 2: F. T. A. 3, 4: Honor Sociely 4. Pafricia Samuels-Business Eclucalion- Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Cabiner 3, Pres. 4: Nurse's Ass'I 4: Prom Clean-up Comm. 3: Inler-Class Acf. 3: Speech Therapy Ass'I 3: Senior Pariy Comm. 4. I08 Class of I 953 ROW ONE-Donald Sanders-General-Baslcelball I: Track l: Sludenl Council 3, Trees. 3: Fulure Relailers 3, 4, Pres. 4. William Schull:-Agricullure-Choral Club 3, 4: F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4: Homecoming Floal Comm. 4. Nancy Scl-luber'I'-College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3 ,4: Thespian App. 4: Office Ass'+ 4: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: HR Pres. 3, Vice Pres, 4: Mixed Choir I: Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Madrigal Club 3, 4, Sec. 3: Operella 3: Monilor 3: Dean's Ass'+ 3: Library Ass'+ 2: Co-Chr. Prom Chap. Comm. 3: Exec. Council 3: Clubs Comm. 3: Model U. N. 4: Dramalics Club 3. ROW TWO-Gary Schusfer-General-Theeplan App. 4: Foolball I, 2: Wreslling I, 2: Dean's Ass'I 2: Candy Sland 4: Band I: HR Vice Pres. 2, Pub. Rep. I: Inler-Class ACI. 3: Dramalics Club 2.3. Barbara Sco++-General-G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, Vice Pres. 4, Council 3, 4: Pepooses 3, 4, Sec. 4: Gym Ass'+ 2, 3, 4: Candy Sland 4: lnler-Class Acl. 3, 4. John Sco'H-College Preparalory-Shorlriclge, Indianapolis I: Decalur, Illinois 2, 3: Hi-Y 4. ROW THREE-Delores Belva Segner-Home Economics-Y- Teens I: Pub. Rep. 2: Pepooses 3: Lalin Club 4: Monilor 4: Business Ed. Ass'I' 4: Thespian App. 4. Richard Segner-Pre- Apprenlice-Ushers Club I, 2, 3: Monilor 2, 3. Gerald E. Sheefs-Pre-Apprenfice. ROW FOUR-Pefricia Ann Sheeis-General-Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4: Library Ass r I, 2: All-Sfale Orchesfra 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3.4: Mixed C'I'1orus 3: Girls Concerl Choir 3: Hisfory Club I: F. T. A. 3, 4: Bible Club 3, 4: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Model U. N. 3: Dr. Training Ass'+ 2, 3: Candy Sland 3, 4. Thelma Sherl- General-Pepooses 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Reg. Comm. 3. Dennis K. Simpson-Pre-Appren+ice-FoolbaII I, 3: Baslcel- ball I:Tennis I, 2, 3, 4: HR Pres. 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: A Club 2, 3, 4. ROW FIVE-Doris Simpson-Business Educafion. Jack Charles Sinlc-General- A Club 3, 4: Foolball I, 3, 4: HR Vice Pres. 4. Lee Edward Sizelove-Pre-Apprenlice. ROW SIX-Charles Smifh-General-Baseball I, 2, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 4 .Clarke Smifh-College Preparafory-Band I, 2: Choral Club 4: Track I: Golf 3: Convocalions Comm. 4: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: HR Treas. 4: Science Club 2, 3: Model U. N. 3, 4: Candy Sfand 3: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Li- brary Ass'+ I, 2: Thespian App. 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 3, 4: Sr. Ball Comm. 4: Jack Smifh-General. IO9 Class of I953 ROW ONE-Kalhleen Smifh-College Preparalory-HR Sec. I: Monifor 2: Ramblers Club I. Mary Margarel Smi'Ih-Col- lege Preparalory-Concerl' Choir 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Oper- ella 2: G, A. A. I: Camera Club 2: Candy Sland 3: Model U. N. 4 .Wallace Earl Smilh-General-Baslcefball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal Club 4: HR Pres, 3: Sludenl Council 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Class Exec. Comm. 3: Chr. Prom. Dec. Comm. 3: A Club 4: Hi-Y 4: Moniror 2: Convocarions Comm. I, 2, 3: Chr. Homecoming Queen Comm. 4: Inler-Class Acl. 3, 4. ROW TWO-Wilma Jean Smilh-College Preparafory- Hislory Club I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 4: G. A. A. 2, 3: Pepooses 2: HR Sec. 3: Sludenl Council 3, 4, Exec. Council 4: P. T. A. 3, 4: Library Ass'+ 3: Honor Socieiy 3, 4: Thespian App. 4: Prom Place Comm. 3: Model U. N. 4. Kafhryn Snellenbarger-Busi- ness Educalion-HR Sec. 3: English Ass'+ 4: Monilor 2, 3. Sylvia Snyder-General-Nurse's Ass'+ 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 4, Vice Pres. I, Cabinel I: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: F. T. A. 3, 4: Thespian App. 4: Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2, 4: Pall Wind Up Queen 4. ROW THREE-George R. Springer-College Preparalory- Baseball I: Baslcelball 3, 4: lnler-Class ACI. 3, 4: Monilor 4. Marilyn Sfarr-Home Economics-Jr. Red Cross Rep. I: Nurse's Ass'f 2, 3, 4. Kafhleen S1'eeIe-General- 6. A. A. 2: Thespian Club 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Ramblers 3. Pres. 3: HR Vice Pres. 2, Treas. 3, Sec. 4: Monilor 3: Model U. N. 3, 4: Candy Sland 3: Camera Club 3: Pepooses 2: Chr. Sr. Parry 4: Sr. Dramaiics 4: Silver Bell Queen 4: Dramaiics Club 2, 3, Treas. 3. ROW FOUR-Joyce Sfern-Home Economics- HR Sec. Treas. I: Ramblers Club I, 2, 3: Y-Teens 3: English Ass'+ 4: Monifor 3. Marlha Elizabelh Slevens-Home Economics- Ramblers Club 3: Pepooses 3: Library Ass'l 2: Music Ass'+ 3: Visual Aids Ass'+ 3: Vfrilcrs Club I, 2: Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4: Bible Club 2, 3: Moniror 2, 3, 4: Candy Sland 3. Mary Dar- lene Steves-College Preparafory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3. 4: Ram- blers Club 3: Model U. N. 3, 4: Thespian App. -I: Annual Slalf- Senior Co-Edilor 4: IHSPA Conference 4: lnler-Class Acl. 3, 4: Moniior 4: Co-Ediror I.iIIIe Chief 4: Class Gill Comm. 4. ROW FIVE-Norma Slohler-College Prepara+ory- Mixed Choir 3: Monilor 3: Gym Ass'l 2, 3, 4: E. I. A. 3, 4: Choral Club 4: HR Sec. Treas. 4: Y-Teens 4. John Slolces-College Preparalory-Hi-Y 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Cross Counrry 3, 4: Wreslling Mgr. 2: Baseball I: Monlior 4. Jean Ann S+oner- College Preparalory-HR Pres. I: Monilor 4: Orchesrra 2: Mixed Choir 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Jr, Red Cross Rep. 3, 4. ROW SIX-James SI'oHlemyer-Agricullure-Track 2, 3: Foolball 4: F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3: Monilor 3: A Club 4. Sandra Mae Slofrlemeyer-Home Economics. Marilyn Slow- College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2: Library Ass'+ 2, 3: Dean's Ass'+ 3, 4: Biology Ass'I' 3: Girls Concerl Choir 2: Choral Club 3, 4, Sec. 4: Madrigal Club 4: Oper- ella 3: Prom Queen Allenclanf 3: Pall Wind Up Queen AI- lendanl 3: Prom Band Comm. 3: F. T. A. 4: Pub. Rep. 2, 3, 4: Library Club 3: Pepooses 2, IIO Class of I953 ROW ONE-Anne E. Slrealy-General-Gym Ass'+ 2: Head Monilor 3: Y-Teens 3, 4: Bible Club 3, 4: Girls Concerl Choir 3: Choral Club 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Orcheslra 4: Nulrilion Ass'+ 2: Model U. N. 4: Sr. Act Reg. Comm. 4: Co-Edifor Li++le Chief 4. Roberla S-lrea+y-General-Y- Teens 3, 4, Chr. Worship Comm. 4: Choral Club 4: Jr. Red Cross I: Wrilers' Club 3. 4. Sec. 4: Business Ed. Ass'+ I, 2, 3, 4: Girls Concerf Choir 3: F. T. A. 4: Annual Sfalf-Facully Edilor 4: Thespian App. 4: Monilor 4: Bible Club 4: Model U. N. 4. Carole Jean Todd-General-Jr. Red Cross Rep. 3: G. A. A. I. ROW TWO-Dorofhy Doreen Surber-General-Ramblers Club 3. Thomas Lee Templefon-College Preparafory-Candy Sland 3: Convo Comm. 4: HR Pres. 2.4, Sec. Treas. 3: Baskel- ball 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Dean's Ass'+ 4: Class Floal Comm. 4: Honor Socieiy 4. Roberf Thomas-General-Ushers Club I, 2, 3, 4: Torch Club 2: Monilor 4. ROW THREE-Larry L. Throneburg-General-Middlalown High School 2. 3: Ushers Club I: Hi-Y 4. Larry Tip'fon-Gener- U. N. 4. Richard Sfroclc-Pre-Apprenfice. ROW FOUR-Gerald Todd-Pre-Apprenlice. Julia Ann Townsend-General-Teeneis Club 3: Monilor 4: Inler-Class Acl. 3. Nancy Trainer-General-Choraleffes Ass'I 4: Y- Teens I. 2, 3, 4: Library Ass'I 3, 4: Sfudenf Council 3, 4: Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4: Concerl Choir 3, 4: Clubs Comm. 3, 4: Thespian App. 2, 3, 4: Science Malh Club 3: Homecoming Pub, Comm. 3: Model U. N. 4: Sr. Dramafics 4. ROW FIVE-Lois Tranbarger-General-Ramblers Club 3: Monilor 2: English Ass'I' 4. Cafherine Troup-Business Edu- ca+ion-Business Ed. Ass'+ 3: Y-Teens I. Phyllis Trueblood- Home Economics. ROW SIX-Donald Tunnell-College Prepara+o'ry-Madera. California I, 2: Dearfs Ass'+ 4'. Doris Ann Tway-General-f Dean's Ass'+ 3: Gym Ass'+ 4: G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Merlin Tyler- General-Golf I: A Club 2.3. Class of I'-753 ROW ONE-Judy Ulrey-Business Ecluca+ion-G. A. A. I, 2: X-Ray 3: Inler-Class Acf. 3: Dramalics Club 2. James Vanas- dal-College Preparafory. Jane? Louise Vanclerhoof-Home Economics-Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2, 3, 4: Monilor 4: Pepooses 2, 3. ROW TWO-Delores Van Ness-General-Y-Teens I, 4, Ani- ta Van Zanf-Home Economics-Ramblers Club 2, 3: HR Vice Pres. I: Dean's Ass'+ 3, 4. Alpha J. VesI'-Pre-Appren'I'ice- Ushers Club I, 2: Visual Aids Ass'1 l, 2: Pub. Rep. I. 2. ROW THREE-Lowell Vogel--General-Cross Counlry I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: lnler-Class Acl. 3, 4: Parking Lol Cadef 3, 4. James Ward-General- Monilor 3, 4. Eileen Wafer:-General. ROW FOUR-Pafricia Wealherly-College Preparafory- Sfuclenl' Council I, 2: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Monilor 3, 4: Teen- els Club 3: lnfer-Class Acl. 3. Gary Lee NV:bb-Pre-Appren- lice. Dwiglrl Woodman-Pre-Apprenfice-Pepooses I, 2, 3: Library Ass? I, 2, 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: lli-Y 4: Science- Mallw Cfub 3. ROW FIVE-Keifh Wendling-General-Ramblers Club I, 2: Monilor I. Juclifh Wes+-General-Y-Teens I, 3: Wrilers' Club 2, 3: X-Ray 3, 4, Managing Edi+or 4, Eclifor-in-Chief 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Jr. Red Cross I: Library Ass r 2, 3, 4: Class Gill Comm. 4. John Roberf While-College Prepara- fory-Dean's Ass'+ 2: Monilor 2, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 4: Baslcelball I: Tennis 2. ROW SIX-Roger Whilehead-General-Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4': Traclc I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3: A Club 2, 3, 4: lnler-Class Acf. Comm. 4. Phyllis Joan Whifesel-Home Economics-Y-Teens 4. Sheldon Wilde-General-Foolball I: Baskelball I, 2, 3: Tennis I, 2, 3: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4, Trees. 4: HR Treas. I: Sfudenf Council I: Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Prom Relr. Comm. 3: Library Ass'I 2: Model U. N. 4. lI2 Class of I953 ROW ONE-Carol Ann Williams-General-HR Sec. Treas. 3: Y-Teens I, 2: Mixed Choir 3: Concerf Choir 3, 4: Prom Reg. Comm. 3. John Williams-General-Cross Couniry I. Thomas Williams-General-Foolball I. 2: Baskelball I: Track I, 2: Pub. Rep. 4: In'Ier-Class ACI. 3. 4. ROW TWO-Roberf Willis-General-Foofball I: Traclc I. Roberla Dee Willis-General-G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Teene+s Club I, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Choir 3, 4: ln'rer-Class ACI. 3. Joyce Willis-Home Economics. ROW THREE-Claire Windsor--General-Camera Club 2, 3, 4: English Ass'I' 2: Science Malh Club 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Annual Shall Acl. Co-Ediror, Arr Co-Edilor 4'. Judy Winkler- Business Educaiion-HR Pres. I, 2, 3: Y-Teens I: Honor Sociely 3, 4: G. A. A. 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Gym Ass'I 2: Counsel- ing Office Ass r 3: Business Ed. Ass r 4: Class Gill Comm. 4. Richard R. Wir?-College Prepara+ory-Foolball I, 2: Ushers ,Club I, 2, 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Hi'Y 3, 4, Sql. al Arms 4: Sfudenl Council 3, 4, Parliamenlarian 4: Mixed Choir 3: Chor- al Club 4: F. T. A. 4: Monilor I', 21: Thespian App. 4: Prom Ticker Comm. 3: Fall Wind Up Ticker Comm. 3: Sr. Picnic Comm. 4: Model U. N. 3, 4: Dramafics Club I. 2, 3. ROW FOUR-Helen Wise-Home Economics-Y-Teens I: Monilor 2, 3: Speech Ass'I 3: Candy Sfand 3. Harold Eugene Wolfe-College Preparafory-Golf I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: A Club 4: Head Moniror 4: Honor S'I'udy Hall Monilor 4. Dallas Wood-General-Baskelball I: Foo+ball I: lnler-Class Acl. 4. ROW FIVE-Judifh Wood-General-Y-Teens I: HR Vice Pres. 3, Treas. 2: Monifor 2, 3. James Wrighf-Pre-Apprenfice. Donald Wyafi-General-Foolball I: Fulure Relailers 4. ROW SIX-John Yarling-College P-reparafory-Ramblers Club I: Sfudenl Council 2: Torch Club 2: Radio Club 2, 3. Treas. 2, Pres. 3: Science Club 3, 4: Camera Club 2, 3: Hi-Y 3, 54: Honor Socierly 3, 4: Monilor 3: Parking Lol Cadel 3, 4: Thespians 4: Prom Comm. 3: HR Pres. 4: lnI'er-Class Acl. 4: Model U. N. 4: Honor Srudy Hall Head Monifor 4: Dramalics Club 3. Carol Ya'Haw-General-English Ass'I' 3: Sr. Class Play 4: Parry Comm. 4: Monifor 4. Phyllis YaH'aw-Evene'ral-Y- Teens I: Monifor 3, 4. II3 Carl Badger Arnold Bodkin Ronald Box Jaclt Caplinger Richard Davis James Dombroslri Jerry Duranl Russell Groover James C. Gwallney Be'Hy Hanson Glenn Hobbs Phil Hooper Class of I953 ROW ONE-Jay Yorlr-College Preparalory-HR Vice Pres. l, 2, Sec. Trees. 4: Track I, 2, 4: Baslcelball l: Inler-Class Acf. 3, 4. Norman Lee Yorlc-General-Hi-Y 3: F. T. A. 3, 4: Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3: Cross Counlry I, 2: Baseball I: Baslcelball I: Bible Club 3: Wresfling I: Sfudenr Mgr. I, 2, 3: Parking Lol' Cade? 3, 4: Sludenl Talenr Show 3, 4. Larry Youlrers-General-Jr. Conservalion Club 3, 4. ROW TWO-Duane Thomas Young-General. Marcella Zaiser-College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Hisfory Club I: Girls Glee Club Ass'f 2: Mixed Choir 2: Pepooses 2: Con- cerl Choir 3: lnler-Class Aol. 3, 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Choral Club 4: Honor Sociely 4: Thespian App. 4: F. T. A. 4: Model U. N. 4: Dramalics Club 3. Jerry Duranl-AgricuI- I-ure-F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Science Malh Club 4. ROW THREE-Lena Jane Harris-General-Jr. Red Cross 4: Concerl' Choir 4: Mixed Choir 3, 4. James Maxwell-Prv Apprenfice. Darrell Dean O'Bryan+-General. William C, Isaacs Jane McGilIen Wilbur Merrill Wayne Moore Joan Myers Sam Myers Shirlee Anne Robbins Roberl' Rodeman Charles Servies Barbara S'I'uI+z Carol Ann Williams Harry Williamson II4 Th, Marcella Zaiser, Jim AUIT, y STeele. The senior class play, direcTed by Miss Alice l-ligman, was an unusual comedy Tha+ Took place in an insTiTuT- ion Tor people slighTly insane. The lead was handled by KaThy STeele and The sTudenT direcTor was Jerry Cur- renT'. KaThy porTrayed an eccenTric old lady who was using her Tamily's Ten million dollars To help people To be Toolish. l-ler sTep-children had her puT in an insTiTuTion To keep her Trom wasTing The money. The play broughT ouT well ThaT Those ouTside oT The in' sTiTuTion were iusT' as crazy as Those in iT. Standing-Nancy Trainer, Jim LuTes, Bob WhiTe, John Yarling, RoberTa Crifser, Jerry Current Jack Raper. SeaTed-Doris Ann Tway, Lou I P mer, Joan Diggs, Diane Davis. Kay Boardman, Barbara H k ....,-..- . .,.. . Senior Class Staged The Curious Savage WalT Ba oT, Carol YaTTaw, Gary SchusTer, Dick Canada, KaThy STeele, Many oT The sTudenTs in The TourTh hour dramaTics class ThaT produced The play knew very liTTle abouT dra- maTics when The semesTer sTarTed, buT by The Time The play was pro- duced They were all experTs aT Their iobs ,..,., wheTher iT was acTing or The noT so glorious crew jobs such as props, makeup, publiciTy and seT design. The whole experience was enjoyed and a greaT Teeling oT saTisTacTion and pride aT The Tinal producTion was The reward oT all The work puT' inTo The play. Junior Class Officers-Yolanda Breed-en, Treasurer: Sandra Highbaugh, vice president BeTTy Taggart secreTary: Gary Babcolce, president 3 bg-.,A l uniows . . . . . . almosT To ThaT Tinal year, sponsor The big social aTTair oT The school season, commonly known as The Junior Prom. The evenT This year, a huge success, was enTiTleol CoronaTion. The queen,gwho had Three aTTenclanTs, reigned over The dance Trom a Throne OT gold. Less glamorous, buT more economical, The iuniors Toolc over The candy sTancl and ice cream sales so ThaT They mighT increase The class Treasury. Many oT The moniTor posiT'ions and sTuolenT assisTanTs' parTs were Tillecl by The members oT The class oT '54, Well on Their wav To becoming members oT The class who march down The aisles To The sT'rains oT Pomb and CircumsTance, The iun- iors have puT ouT a loT oT eTTorT To have a Top-noTch class. Sponsors Miss DoroThy Campbell Mr. Howard BurneTT w '54 Gary Aagesen, Billie Mae Ad- ams, Allhea Agnew, Darrell Alexander, Mary Ann Alex- ander, Dorolhy Allman, Belly inderson. Joyce Anderso, . Rila Anderson, Bob Armslrong, Jack Armslrong, Joe Ashby, Dale Asher, Gary Babcoke, Carolyn Bailey, l-lenriella Bai- ley, Rex Bailey, Terry Bailey, Charles Baker, Juhl Baker, Lar- ry Baker, Norma Baker, Ronald Balfer, Larry Balser. Dean Bannon, Gloria Barker, Jackie Barnhizer, Grover Bas- ey, Francis Bauqhan, Phyllis Bauman, Dick Bays, Janice Bays. Alberl Beckman, Kay Beeson, Bill Bell, Duane Bennerl, Con- nie Bickel, Brilla Bilbrey, Jo- anne Birch. Ann Bishop. David Blades, Nancy Boqqess, Barbara Bohannon, Janice Bohne, Jim Bohne, Bob Bondur- ani, Charlene Bonqe, Carl Bon- ner. David Boone, Larry Bowser. Sue Boyer, Judy Brandon, Yo- landa Breeden, Dave Bridges. Sandy Brislol, Barbara Bronnen- berg. Barbara Jo Brown, Belfie Brown, Bob Brown, David Brown, Louise Brown, Dave Bry- an, Shirley Bumbalouqh, Dor- olhy Burke. Tim Burke, Paul Burkharl, Lewis Burns, Ed Burlon, Tom Burlon, Jim Buxlon, Dorolhy Cade, Al- an Campbell. Joyce Campbell, Judy Capron, Pal Carraway, Gerald Carroll, Lillian Carler, Lois Carler, Bef- le Cash, Herschel Chamber- lain. Ann Chamlee, Waller Chapin, Mary Anne Cheever, Max Clark, Lois Clillon, Judi Clore. Dale Closser, David Classer. '54 Dan Coble, John Cochran, Bill Coffman, Paul Cole, Kay Col- lings, Palsy Collins, Jeannine Combs, Don Coolc. Dave Couch, Francis Couch, lrluberl' Cox, Roxanna Cox. Carl Craib, Jack Craig, Vir- ginia Crawford, Cardis Criles. Lyle Crouse, Bill Cumberland, Pally Cunningham, Paul Dance, Connie Danliorlh, Frank Davis, Jim Davis, Judy Davis. Marlene Davis, Richard Dean, Joseph Dearing, Mary Declcer, Carolyn Delph, Jim Deghon, Wendell DeVVi'rl, Anna Mae Dickey. Sharron Diggs, Don Drillill, Sue Driifill, Jack Driggers. Joyce Earharf, Kay Eclcerl, Gor- don Edgecornb, l-larrnon Ed- wards. Jim Ehle, Janel Eichler, Jim Eisele, Virgil Eldridge. Sandra Ellioil, Roger Ellis, Kay Epply, Mark Ereharl, Barbara Erlandson, Paul Esler, Jess Eichison, Glenn Ewing. Max Farlow, Jack Farren, Richard Fausf, LaDonna Felzien, Roberl' Fisher, Bob Flanagan, Phil Foley, Myron Folsom. Sherry Forsler, Faye Forlh, Barbara Fossmeyer, Donald Fry, Diane Fuller, John Fuller. Barbara Gaw, Connie Genlry. Margie George, Judy Gibson, Ann Gillaspy, Lois Gilpin, Mona Gir'l'on, Shirley Glaze- broolcs, Don Goacher, Sally Gooding. IIB '54 Janel Goodwin, Pally Gi-ani, Bill Gray, Phyllis Green, Rulh Ann Grillin, Wanda Gross, Carolyn Grow, Fred Gulmire. Mary Jane Gusfin, Wayne GUYOK Kay Gwynn, Helen Hall, Paliy Haney, Roger Hardacre, Kenny Harges, Bill Harless. Joyce Harp, Richard Harper, Lena Jane Harris, Ronnie Har- rison, Janel Harllay. Terry Has- fy, Margarel Ha'rhcoa+, Nor- man Halhcoal. Bob Haven, Faye Hawkins, Max Hayden, Mary Hayes, Shirley Hellems, ,Charles Henry, Shir- ley Hiclcerson, Jerry Higgin- bolham. Arnold Higgins, Sandra High- baugh, Sara Hinlon. Janice Hoard. Barbara Hobbs, Elvasue Hod- son, Donald Hoffman, Susie Hollingsworih. Shirley Holloway, Richard Hope. Mary Hopfner, Jerry Hoppes. Roberf Horner, Don Hosier, Janei- Howard, Norman How- ard, Jack Huffman, Leland Hughel, Don Hughes, Emily Hull. Newell Hull, Alice Humericlc- house, Dorolhy Hun+, Hal Hunl, Ken Hunl, Nancy Hursl, Virginia Hursf, Linda Idle. Janet lmel, Bill Jaclcson, Nor- ma Janney, Shirley Jarrell, Jim Jeffries, Norman Johnson, Paul Johnson, Bill Jones. Dennis Jones, Larry Jones, Mary Alice Jones, Mary Failh Jones, Norman Jones, Ronald Jones, William Joyce, Nancy Keilh. '54 Larry Kelley, Gracie Kelly, Phyl- lis Kelly, Sandra Kemp. Jess Key, Lucille Kimm, Bob Kirby, Bill Kirkpalrick. Leona Knighl, Phyllis Knorr. Dave Knolls, Judy Knolls, Viv- ian Kolenda, Dewane Krugler. Ronnie Kunce, Don Landes. Mary Lane, Jim Langan. Sue Laswell, Eslella Laylon, Dale Lechlilner, Joyce Lee. Charles Lesler, Phil Levi. Dorolhy Lillord, Belle Line, Rulh Lycan, Bob Lyons, Mary Jane McConnell, Kay McCul- lough, Jean McCune, Judy Mc- Daniel. Mildred McFall, Dick McGuire, Lloyd McKay, Elizabelh Mc- Keand, Berlha McMahan, Rulh McMillan, Don McNeal, Bar- bara McVey. Macel Mabbill, Milford Marsh, Tom Marlin, Judy Mason, Johnny Maslers, Sam Mal- lhews, Jack Maxwell, Dick May- nard. Marie Melzer, Sue Miller, Slan Mills, Rebbecca Minx, David Milchell, Marilyn Milchell, Barbara Moore, Don Moore. Norma Jean Moore, Pally Moore, Charles Moreland, Rulh Morgan, Geraldine Moskwin- ski, Lew Mullins, Sandra Mu- maw, Tom Murdock. Debbie Meyers, Bill Needler, Jerry Nealey, Mary Anne Nee- ly. Frank Newman, Gywnn New- lon, Charlolle Nichols, Darrell O'Bryanl, Jim Ohler, Shirley Owen, Rob' erl Owens, Alexandra Pakes, Angeline Pancol, Joe Parisi, Joanne Parker, Bruce Parlner. l20 Palsy Pallon Don Peclc, Barb- bara Peeples Pal Penrod. Glenn Perdue Frances Perry, Charles Perry Jeanneffe Pefry. Pal Pheanis John Phillips, Pal Pi s Ri+a Ploviclc, Jeannie Poffenbarger Carolyn Preslon, Bob Prlfchard, Charles Pryor. Don Pugh John Purdy. Jerald Purlcey Bob Pursley, Sandra ulnn Jaclc Rager, Virginia Ralslon John Raup. Fred Reaqln Barbara Redman, Morris Reed Shirley Reed, Zel- ma Reger Myrlle Reisl, Janis Renl Larry Relherford. Norman Reveal, Don Rhoades, Jerry Rhodes Georgie Jean Race Saundra Rich, Shirley Rich Janel Richardson, Sara John Ridgeway, Paul Riggs. David Roach Maxine Ross, El- inor Rossnn Debby Rofruclc, Wesley Rouse. Ted Rowe. Carol Rush Mariella Rulh, Phil Sample Pal' Sanders, Ron- nie Sanders Jerry Sandifer, Belly Sargenl Lorefla Schar- nowslme Joann Schallner, Linda Schell, Jerry Schilclmeier, Joan Schmldf Carolyn Schofield. Roberf Schwab, Fred Scoff, Sue Scoh' Carolyn Sears, Pal Seibold. Herberl' S upel, Jeffrey Seul- ean Bob Sexfon, Jerry Shaffer, Marilyn Shaul Mary Lou Shaul. Suzie Shaul Gene Shaw, Ger- ald Shaw Jeri Shaw, Susan Shear Bill Sheefs, Ted Shelby, Carolyn Shellerly. l2I '54 '++, ' I Q. I. Ridelr. K ,f Q. Q Q . 1 it 1 r - . 1,-,, ' f f' wi 1 A A it R' 9. Li ...... ,,, 315. Q' tu 20 GJ l lag- a y '-4 E-fi , X ,if f 5 ,f ,J BBB. Sophomore Class Officers-Linda Granger, Treasurer: Billy Joe SmiTh, presidenTg Joan Lowry, secreTaryf l d nT Peggy Taggart vice presi e . agliiani ire J iii . . . have more or less gained a place in The world-maybe more, possibly less. Highschool is old sTuTT and wallcing halls isn'T unusual any more. This year The sophs had a wide as- sorTmenT of jewelry To choose Trom, and when The order Tinally arrived, They were quiTe proud To wear Their own class rings. This was also The year To selecT class colors. Those 'For The class oT '55 being navy blue and whiTe. PermanenT class sponsors were also elecTed by The sTudenTs. Under The lead- ership oT Their sponsors and oTTicers, The second year guys and gals are doing a swell iob oT keeping up a good class. Sponsors Miss Eileen Johnso Mr. Howard Eila '55 Connie Achor. Dianne Achor. Janice Adams, Margarei Alex- ander, Alberi Alfrey, Janel' Allen, Afhena Allex, Joe All- man. Nyles Anson, Marlene Anfon- idis, Roberf Auler, Charles Bailey, Darrell Bailey, Carolyn Baker, Charley Baker, Tom Ba- ker. David Bales, David Ball, Frank Ball, Geraldine Barron, Marcia Barron, Callie Baylor, Lalee Baylor, Pal Beauchamp. Marybell Begley, Bob Bell, Ju- dy Bemish, Carol Benefiel, Deardra Beresford, Jack Berke- bile, Norma Bevill, Billie Bien- erl. Marilyn Birch, Belly Bishop, Ronald Bishop. Hilda Bobo, Serald Bodlcin, Janel Bolen, Joann Boofh, Caiherine Bowen. James Bowen, Darrell Bowlin, Pennye Boyd, Barbara Boyer, Mary Lou Bray, Jim Bridges. Jane? Brighf, Jerry Brillon. JoAnn Bronnenberq, Norma Brow, Carolyn Brown, Dave Brown, Roberi Browning, Ro- berf Lee Browning, Richard Bryant Bruce Buck. Evelyn Burqe, John Burke, Frank Burkhari, Don Burris, Jane? Busby, Sueila Bussell, Sandra Buller, Caiherine Byrne. Tom Byrum, Doris Callender, Dwain Campbell, Norma Campbell, Shirley Campbell, Herb Cappel, Dave Carpen- ler, Danny Carper. Beverly Carroll, Max Carson, Larry Carler, Bearrice Cailron, Maurice Chambers, Barbara Chapin, George Chapin, Gor- don Chasrain. Faye Chilliclc, Mary Chrislian, Chrisfena Clanin, Avis Clarlc, Julia Clark, Larry Cleveland. Janice Clevenger, Mariha Cobb. l25 '55 Jack Coffin, Helen Coffman, Charles Cole, Paul Collis, Ros- alee Callis, Clydene Cook, Saunclra Cook, Jerry Cooper. Nancy Copeland, Jan Cop- pock, Carreiia Corzine, Sherry Couch, Lorna Craigie, Aleihea Crirser, Carolyn Crosley, Di- anne Davis. Jerry Davis, Pai Davis, Roberi Davis, Vealer Davis, Dan Davis- son, Mary Day, Janice Dearing, Larry Dehoriry. Jodie Donahue, Del Dofson, Phil Douglas, Ross Dovey, Louis Dowclen, Daris Dudgeon, Bar- bara Dudley, Bev Duncan. Nancy Duncan, Donna Durbin, Judy liasi. Judy Edens. Par Edwards, Gayle Egly, Larry Ehle, Rosalie Ellioii. P l Ennland. Larry Eshelman. Sue Esfle. Dave Evans. Rosemary Faux, Helen Felion. Barbara Fischer, Barbara Fish, Ann Fisl-iback, Carol Fisher, Bob Fifzgerald, David Fleck. Dick Flowers, Janice Fosnol, Jerry Fowler, Ronnie Fowler, Gene Fox, Virginia Franklin, Duane Frisbie, Carolyn Frier- mood. Bill Furnish, Barry Gaar, Char- lene Gable, Fred Gaskell, lla Geiger, Marge George, Pau- line Gibson, Belly Gilpin. Linda Gilson, David Goacher, Julia Gold, Jackie Gooding, Pai Gouldsberry, Don Gourley, Karl Greddy, Ramona Greddy. I26 '55 Jim Graham, Linda Granger, Virginia Graves, Jerold Gray, Anifa Green, Juanila Green, Phil Greve, Don Grissom. Kaihryn Grissom, Rosy Haden- felf, Shirley Haggard, David Hamilion, James Hamillon. James Hancock, Jim Hancock, JoAnn Haney. Arnold Hansell, Joan Harrison, Tom Harrison, Neil Hari, Phyl- lis Hari, Joan Harlley, David Hasiings, Nancy Hasiy, Lowell Hahiielcl, Sue Haliield, Annie Hawkins, James Hawn, Celia Hayden, Paula Haynes, Dick Hazel, Virginia Hellems. Palsy Herr, Miriam Hesier, Karen Higgs, Billy Hill. David Hifchcock, Mary Hobbs, Gerald Hodson. Bob Holliday. Jack Hollis, Danny Hollowell, Marilyn Hooper, George Hop- kins. Pafiie Howe, Rod Hufler, A- nifa Hughes, Pairicia Hughes. Harold Humphrey, James Hun- ier, Jane Hunfzinger, Nancy lferf. Berly lmel. Joe Ireland, Jau- nifa Jackman, Fred James. Jane? James, Lillian Jones, Tom James, Pafricia Johns. Carolyn Johnson, Donald John' son, Efrnesi Johnslon, Phyllis Jolly, Norberf Jones, Norman Jones, Rebecca Jones, Sharon Jonas. Sylvia Jones, Jane Judkins, Judy Kubrick, Larry Keller, Paul Keller, Sandra Kidnocker, Jerry Kimball, Bill Kirnmerling. l27 '55 Mary King. Paul Kingery, Harry Kirchenbauer, Susie Kirkman. Roe Kirlcpalriclc, Esler Knolls, Alice Kocher, Phil Kreegar. Roberla Lalcey, Judi Langford, Barnes Lalham, Frank Laylon. Joyce Laylon, Alberla Lee, Barbara Leflel, Jim Leverelle, Tom Levi, Mickey Levill, Bon- nie Lewis, Charles Lewis, Claudia Lewis, Judy Lewis, Gene Lisby, Marjorie Lillen, Bob Loose. George Love, Pam Lowe, Joan Lowry. Bob McAllisler, Judy McCoy, Linda McCullum, Charles Mc- Danell, Jim McDanell, Jim McDaniel, Thomasina McEvoy, Don McGee. f7ur'is McGuire, Bill McKinney, Kailiryn Mcllissiclc, Belly Mc- Elanis, Barbara Mabbilf, Jack I lnbbill, Barbara Madren, llary Ann Mahan. James Mahoney, Pal Malone, Mary Maloney, Mary Massey, Bob Maxwell, Joann Mayo, Ronald Meeker, Jack Melson. Don Miller, Karl Miller. John Milchell, Linda Milchell, Tom Moneyhun, Richard Monroe. Mary Monlgomery, Fred Moore. Janice Morgan, Diana Morris, John Moser, Sharon Mosher, Sara Munsell, Marcia Munsey, Rella Myers, Joyce Fausell. Rosalee Nealis, Ben Neff, Jerry Newlon, Linda Nicholson, Jack Niece, Harry Nighlengale, Donna Noble, Sylvia Noble. l28 '55 King Norlon, Larry Nugenf. Obie Diclc, Don Odom. Parry Ohler Roberl Olive Peg- gy ON al Ronald Orbaugh. Verna Ollo Roberfa Overhol- ser Velma Owen Marianna Owens Teddy Pancol Judy Parisi Ros- anna Palrerson Russell Payne, Nancy Paynler Sylvia Payron, Berry Pearson Kay Packin- pauqh Phyllis Peclunpaugh Barbara Dee Larry Penry Bll Perkins, George Perry Bob Peffigrew, Tom Pefhgrew Lydia Parris. Thea Phelps Tim Phlegar. Ken- n fh Pickering Gene Pillsen- barger Lois Poling Jenny Pol- lard Helen Ponsler Ronnie Ponsler Linda Polfer James uinn, Salah Raup Jaclc Ravaqe Her- man Ray George Redilcer, Bill R mley Doroihy Reveal. Tom Rhodes Rila Ricnards. Elizabelh Richardson Ronald Richardson G C Riddle Car- olvn Riggins Rosella Riggle, David Riley Richard E Riley Danny Rile- nour Marlorie Roach Chesfer Robbins Deloris Robbins Linda Roby Elberf Roeder Edna Peg rs francis Rogers 'VlI'lZI Ross, Lesler Run-iler Bob Rush Chloe Rush Richard Sacilowski Bob Sample Diana Sampson. Jeanne Sanders Hope Sand- erson Nellue Scanland Jane Schallner Shirley Schmallz, Myrna Schmllf Joe Schroeder, Leandra Scoif ' 7 . . . Q V. . . . . . . . . . I s . . I. S.. . . . . . 1 O . . . ,, V, . .. , . . . Q . . . . . . ,. . . . ll . . .- '55 Marilyn Seal. Shirley Shafer, Karen Shaffer, Jim Shannon, Judy Sharp, Nancy Sharp, Ro:- ada Shaw, John Shedd, Gene Shepherd, Charles Shock, Earl Silcox, Darlene Silver, Jerry Simmons, Don Skaggs, Shirley Skaggs, Annefle Sloan. Billy Joe Similh, Eddie Smifh, Leland Smilh, Naomi Smifh. Norelfa Smilh, Willie Smilh, Ina Speedy, Judy Slaqe. Janice Sfagg, Waller Slaqgs, Jack Slanislaus, Charlene Sian- ley, Jeannine Slarr, D-ariene Slarre-H, Charles Slephenson, Pa+rick Sfephenson. Charles Sliclcradl, Donna Sfierwalf, Berry Sliner, Charles Sliles, Phyllis Slohler, Sandra Slolcer, David Sloops, Don Siroud. Sally Sfullz, Jerry Slump, Mary Kay Summa, Basil Surber, Mary Surface, Anila Swinford, Peggy Taggart Alyce Taylor. Robbie Taylor, Roberfa Taylor, Judy Teelers, Diane Thomas. Roberl Thompson, Sandra Thompson, Barbara Thornburg, Max Thornlon. Max Tilley, Lovina Tomlinson. Tom Toombs, Keilh Tracy, De- anna Trimble, Sharon Tucker. Eddie Turner. Sharon Ulrey. DeE'f+a Upshaw, Mary Ann Va- iner, Donna Vanasdal, Mary Vardaman. Shirley Wagner, Shirley Wal- lc-er, Phyllis Wallers, Ruih Ward. James Wash, Jim Waymire, Nancy Wechsler, Jacqueline Wellons. l30 '55 John Wesseler, Ron Wheeler, Larry Whire, Bob Williams, Carl Williams, Carol Williams, Garland Williams, Joyce Will- iams. Melvin Williams, Sue Williams, Margarer Williamson, Diclc Wilson, Jerry Wilson, Ramona Wilson, Joyce Winlcel, Kenney Wise. Louella Wise, Mary Wishard, Rhoda Wolgamofr, Eleanor Wood. Norman Woodard, Nancy Woods. Janef Wrighr, Richard Wright David Zierer, Bonnie Badger, Ted Boors, Jim Bridges, Myron Brown, Mary Lou Byrd, Don Ellison, Janice Fife. Shirley Green, Elhel Haines, El- len Hilchock, Dick Ives, Shirley Jones, Marcella Leap, Charles Gwen, Sharolyn Rossen. Shirley Skaggs, David Warley, Aaron Sanford, Torn Weriz. I3l Freshmen Class Officers- Bill Penn, vice presidenlp Sherry Bill, 'rreasurerg Prudy Ric Ralph Goldsberry, presidenr. hardso 1' y raslhmmrzh Ili iff, . . . plow lhrough Thai lirsl year al Anderson l-ligh School, managing lo dash madly from physical ed +o srudy hall in 306 and lo remember all 'rhose dales for world hislory. For some, il s a prelly rough year lo complele, for olhers il's a lillle easier, bul for all Jrhese frosh il's Jrhe beginning of a iour year career, wilh new people +o meel, new places lo go. and lasl' buf nol leasl, new lockers +o alrempl lo con- quer. The mosl' imporlanl evenls for lhisurclassrare The elecl- ion of class ollicers, Jremporary sponsors. and homeroom ollicers. who form rhe class execulive commiliee. All in all. il's a prelly big year-lhal lirslone in A. I-I. S. Spon ar Mrs.lv1g+ MK-rl-H+ k ei '56 Leslie Alexander, Billy Allen, Carole Allen, Madonna Allen. Shirley Allen, Toni Allen, Tom Alley, Bryce Allison. Shirley Alvis. Jack Anderson, Neal Arwine, Dan Ashby, Kay Asher, Eilene Alkins, Lemond Auker, Dixie Aynes. Paul Aynes. Dave Bailey, John Bailey, Marcella Baker, Mary Be1'hBaker, Mary M. Baker, Nancy Baker, Pally Baker. Shirley Baker, Tomya Baker, Alberla Ball, John Ball, Judy Ballard, Virginia Barkdull, Dav- id Barllow, Ladonna Basicker. Merlene Baylor, Efhridge Beau- champ, Keilh Bennelf, Sara Bennefl, Carol Bevars, Dick Bevelhimer, Tom Biddle, Sherry Bill. David Bingaman, Sally Bissell, Janilh Blackaby, Sharon Blake, Tony Bloyd, Rabourn Board- man, Gerald Bobo, Don Bo- hannon. John Bonner, Donna Boone, Mary Jane Boorh, Lila Borders, Linda Borders, Donna Boren. Larry Boundy, Belly Bowles. Barbara Boxell, Joyce Boyd, Eldon Boyer, Bob Boys, Rex Boys, Paula Boze. Helen Brad' ley, Marilyn Branham. Sally Brannon, Shirley Branson. Terry Breeden, Dorolhy Brewer, Doris Bricker, JoAnn Bridwell, Josephine Broadnax, Roger Brooks. Carolyn Brower, Anna Brown, Dallas Brown, Jim Brown, Judy Brown, Nancy Brown, Roberl Brown, Mariory Browning, Suzanne Brubaker, Rulh Ann Brundage, Ronald Bryanl, Mar- lina Bullard, Janie Burnelfe, Janef Burris, Barbara Burlon, Harvey Burlon. l33' N. I , , fi P M if I if .. Eyes J .-.. , ,W we aff, FQSPB A - 1 - 5 in ss ? , .5 .1 W, A, 1 , , Y X ' ' JJ ',' ' '. If-. ' f?ssft.3SB- , . 'H ' N '56 David Buller, Shirley Buller, Ronald Byrne, Suzy Byrum, Don Callahan, Ann Calvin, Craig Campbell, Dixie Campbell. Hope Campbell, Marion Campbell, Pa'l Canaday, Terry Canierbury, Manuel Canirell, Tom Capozzoli, Janice Carpen- ler, Louis Carpenler. Malcolm Carpenier, Carol Carper, Ann Carr, Bill Carr, Beverly Carler, Joan Carier, Henry Case, Hannah Chapin. Willena Chapin, Donna Chap- man, Bill Chrisiman, Rosalind Cifron, Lila Clemenls, Phil Clemenfs, Dick Clev-anger, Wayne Clore. Joy Closser, Ronald Clufe, Sue Ann Coale, Gary Coen. Linda Coffman, Janelle Cole, John Cole. Judy Condon. Roberl Cook, Jack Coppess, Ernesl Couch, Sandra Couch. Gerald Cox, Nola Sue Craib, Bob Crick, PaHy Crook. Ron- nie Crose, Kenny Crouch. Joe Crouse, Marybell Croy. Bob Crozier, Elaine Cummins, C. H. Dabney, Nedra Danforlh, Nidra Danlorlh, Vinceni Daub- enspeck. Connie Davis, Dennis Davis. Donna Davis, Janice Davis, Ken Davis, Luceal Davis, Nancy Davis, William Davis, Alice Day, Bill Day. Corwin Day, Jim Day, Bill Day- ron, Charlene Dean. Tom Dea- fon, Billy Deaver, Deanna Deck- er, Jack Dennis. I34 '56 Jim Denny, James Dick, Mar- fha Dickerson, Pal Dixon, Bar- bara Dollar, Marilyn Dollison, Dave Dowell, Lois Downham. Bob Doyle, Mary Jo Driqgers, Bill Duncan, Deanna Dunlap, Sandy Dunn, La Frenda EbberH, Carolyn Edwards, Larry Eglen. Riefa Ehman, Henry Eiler, Gene Ellingwood, Emma Jean Elliofl, lris Elliofl, Jean Ells- worih, David Esfle. Judilh Eubank, Jack Evans, Tom Fafzinger, Marilyn Fausr, Pal Fedor, Larry Fennell, Ervena Feffy, Margarel Feuslon, Wanda Fields, Joyce Filter, Dorofhy Fillmann, Wava Fin- ney. Jay Fisher, Janice Fife, Max FlaH, Jim Fleece. Arnold Flora, Carolyn Fou+s, Ronald Fox, Shirley Fox. Max Fraley, Carolyn France, Tom Frazier, Jeannine Free- slone, Carl Frese, Sharon Friend, Linda Fromholz, Bob Fullinglon. Curfis Furnish, Janie Galla- more, Jayne Gardner, Doris Garrelson, Par Garriger, Nan- cy Garrinqer, Charles Gales, Nancy Geniry. Sandra Gilliam, Charles Gil- more, Rosalie Girron, Tom Goacher, Ralph Goldsberry, Bill Goldsmifh, Mike Gold- smirh, David Goodwin. Ruby Graham, Bill Granl, Bob Gray, Dale Gray, John Gray Roberl' Gray, Mary Grigsby, Dianne Griner. l35 f '56 Myra Grin-er, Nancy Griner, Dolores Groover, Phyllis Groover, Gene Gross, Richard Gunkel, Joe Gusiin, James Gwynn, Marjorie Gwynn, Carolyn Hacker, Alberf Haines, Frank Hainy, Marilyn Haley, Alfon Hall, Phil Hallenbeck, Nancy Hallgarlh. Mike Hamm, Keilh Hammons, John Hancock, Dick Handley, Maradean Hanshew, Don Har- ges, James Harl, Marilyn Harp. George Harris, Phil Harris, Ronnie Harris, Charles Harris- on, Jeanne Harrison, Larry Harrison, Grefchen Harlzell, Jim Haslings. Marsha Halfery, Jerrie Havens, Barbara Hawkins, Marilorie Hawkins, Bob Hensley, Berfha Hesler, Phyllis Hiday, Bonnie Higbee. Sondra Hines, Herschel Hinkle, Ralph Hire, Ramona Hobbs, Lewis Hodson, Janel Hofer, Jim Hogg, Mary Hollingsworlh. Wayne Holi, Rex Hoppes, Sarah Hopping, Barbara How- ard, Eddie Huff, Ronnie Huff, Barbara Huffman, Deanne Huffman. Carol Hughes, James Hughes, Janie Hunf, Joe Hunlr, John Hunl, Edilha Huslon, Deborah Huflon, John Hyland. Sandra Jackman, Alfred Jack- son, Carol Sue Jackson, Loring Jackson, Marrha Jackson, Phil Jackson, Phil Jackson, Richard Jackson. Richard Jackson, Rose Jackson, Paddy Jamerson, Tom James, Jack Jarvis, Michael Johnson, Oscar Johnson, Beiiye Jones. Gene Jones, Judy Jones, Larry Jones, Bob Jordan, Jon Jour- dan, David Judkins, Farrell Keesling, Kennelh Kemp. l36 '56 Paul Kemper, Joyce Kelner, Don Kimball, Gene King, Den- nis Kirchner, Jim Kirlcman, Jo- Anne Kirlcpalriclc, Wesley Knepp, Ralph Knolls, Paul Kocher, Mary Jo Krebs, Janice Krue- qer, Jerry Lakey, Fred Lamb, Tom Lamb, Jerry Land. Neva Land, Bill Landon. Dale Lane, Larry Lanninq, Carolyn Lavender, Gylcala Lawler, Pal' Layfon, Jane? Lee. David Levi, Bill Lewis, Deanna Lewis, Donna Lewis, Belly Liqhllool, David Lindzy, Ray Lockwood. Carol Loudenbaclx, Sue Loud- erlnaclc, Beverly Loyd, Jim Lul- ion, Marshall Lyons, Joseph Mcfxllisler, David McCaifer'ry, Don McCarlhy. Judy McClinlic, Conlcey, Cora McCoy, Shirley McCullough, Bruce McCoy, McCoy, Samanlha Mc- Rila Bolo Mc- Donald, Don McGivern. Bill Mclnlyre, Bill McKeand, Richard McKinley, Judy Mc- Minds, Jack Macy, Bill Madren, Michael Maguire, Dennis Ma- lone. Linda Mannon, Nancy Manrinq, Bruce Mason, Roberl Massey, Bonnie Masiers, Geneva Masi- ers, Bob Maxwell, Douglas Meeker. James Mellon, Arlhur Middle- lon, Linda Mier, Judy Milhon, Barbara Miller, Millon Mill-er, Jackie Mills, Larry Mills, Bob Minion, Barbara Milchell, Julia Milchell, Marilyn Milch- ell, Mary Miichell, Richard Moberly, S'uda Moneyhun, Marlena Moon. Morris Moore, Ralph Moore. Edna Morris, Virginia Morrison, Marvin Muncy, Susie Murdock, Toby Myers, Iris N-eeler. 137 .,. , ,.:'J'tKw., 'e w l 'iiEi'i K5'?fTV9i?iM ., i . -Y 1. K, 3.-1 K . 3.1-, - Kljlgf ,s z -3, K H -. K . . - . 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Qs as 4 is K k, 5s , , X A X was 5 li-smxf x., X B9 L K. , X ,.... ,V , -u se Q i N fr- -i L 4 ' . .. , '-1 TQ? age if ,. '56 Jack Neeley, Janel Nell, Kay Nelson, Paula Newbern. Rulh Anne Newman, Arlene Niccum, Donna Niccum, Janel Nicholson. Margarel Noblill, Frankie Jane Nodine, Tim Noland, Frank Norris. Judy Norris, Linda Norris, Hel- en Nunemaker, Darrell Null, Vicki Odell, Genene Oliver, Larry Onsloll, Larry Ormond. Sharon Orr, Judy Ollo, Will- iam Ollo, Jim Overlin. Lois Owen, Bob Owens, Barbara Poer, Ronald Page. Roberla Painler, Darlene Pal- mer, Jerry Palmer, Reed Pal- mer, Bill Paramore, Dale Parr- ish, Ronald Parlain, Philip Parlon, Kim Parvis, Pally Paschal, Leonard Pallerson, Mike Pal- lerson, Kenny Pearcy, Tom Ped- ersen, Dianne Peel, Karen Pem- berlon. Bill Penn. Mary Persing, Jane Pelry. Ann Pelligrew, David Pellis, Barbara Phelps, Anila Phillips, l-larolyn Phillips. Emily Philpoll, Don Pickell, Rachael Pike, Kay Pipper, Judy Pills, Ronald Pills, Linda Poe, Peggy Powell. Marcia Presser, Belle Pryor, Bonila Purkey, Jim Pulerbaugh, Kendall Pyle, Lee Quallo, Belly Qualls, John Ralslall. Grace Rambo, Roberl Ran- dolph. Wes Rawlin, Joyce Ray, Bradley Rayl, Marqarel Ann Reece, Marlha Ann Reed, El- eanor Reeder. l38 '56 Linda Reeder, Lois Reedy, John Reese, David Rhoads. Roberfa Rhodes, Paisy Rice. John Rich, Dean Richards. John Richardson, Nancy Rich- ardson, Prudy Richardson, Nancy Riggs. Gloria Riley, Richard H. Riley Gloria Rinearson, Dixie Rinlcer Elizabeih Rinlcer, Donna Rivers, Fred Robbins, David Roberfs. Ronnie Roberls, Richard Roby Kennerh Rodgers, Richard Ro- mine, Vee Roof, Charloife Ross. Janice Ross, Elaine Ross-en. Franklin Roy, Jacquelyn Ro- zelle, Judiih Ruh, Delano San- ders, Lewis Sargeni, Norma Sarvis, John Schieve, Mary Schildmeier. Jerome Schlenslcer, Don Schoef- lrner, Nancy Schroeder, David Schus+er, John Schusler, Ralph Schwab, Nancy Scoff, Kay Sears. Norman Seffers, Josephine Shaclrle', Ronald Shafer, Sue Shaul, Tom Sheahan, Paiiy Shear, Don Shearer, Dave Shee- dv. Jerry Shepherd, Dwaine Shew- ard, Phyllis Shipley, Don Shir- ley, James Shorf, Ernesf Shro- yer,Carol Shuliz, Roseland Si- bery. Dorofhy Simifh, Carolyn Smifh, Alene Smifh, Gordon Slceoch, Nancy Skillman, Phyllis Single- fon, Yvonne Simpson, Diana Simpson. Janef Smiih, Jim Smilh, Larry Smirh, Louise Smifh, Lowell Srnifh, Shirley Smilh, Sue Smifh, Ronald Smifhers. I39 '56 Bill Johnson, Judy Johnson, Lar- ry Johnson, Carrie Jones, Charles Jones, David Judd, Luana Kennedy, Dow Kiger, Carole King. Keilh Kline, Juanila Knolls, George Lang, William Laswell, Joyce Lennox. David Lineberry, Belly Lovelace, Karen Lukens, Marilyn McAshlan. Jean McConnell, Nancy Mc- Donald, Mary Mcl-lenry, Millie McVey, Joe Manis, Donna Marsh, Larry Massey, Larry Merrill, Karen Michael. Don Milchell, Donald Morri- son, Myrna Munsell, Franklin Myers, Jim Meyers, Beify New- liirlc, Jimmy Niccum, Sharon Nighberi, George Owen. Virginia Pakes, Jimmy Pancol, Rebecca Parisi, Willow Jean Parlcer, Franklin Pallerson, Lee Ann Paifon, Rurh Ann Pelry, l-lerberi' Phelps, Sandra Phillips. Maxine Phillips, Billy Poslon, Pal Poiler, Jim Pugh, Mary Pursley, Carol Ranlcel, Jerry Ren+frow, Mary Jane Rice, Howard Richwine. Gerald Riclcer, Pafsey Ridgway, Jane+ Rolaerfs, Richard Roberls, Beverly Ross, Marfha Sargenl, T-m Sheefs, Gary Shellon, Shirley Shirley. Alberf Skinner, Bill Smifh, Joan Smiih, Yvonne Sosbe, Junior Spearman, Fred Spencer, Paul Sfephens, Mary Sfevenson, Jan- ei' Sirader. Paul Sfrikland, Sharon Swain, Dick Swinford, Sally Townsley, Gerald Trueblood, Carolyn Tur- ner, Bill Vesi, Bill Ward, Phillip Wafson. Marla Websfer, Dee Ann Welch, Kalhryn Whiieman, James Wilhile, Eva Willcins, James Wilson, Linda Wilson, Bob Wolff, Judy Wood. Ruihann Worley. Ray Wrighf. Earline Yeaqley, Bill Zehring, Rufh Zimmerman. l42 Golclslaerry Won Fervent Campaign Mr. Keifh Heriweclc, sponsor of fhe freshman Cla s grafulafes Ralph Goldsberry, 'lheir firsi presidenf Wifh fhe aid of many friends and a sfrong will fo win, sfudenfs wenf fhrough fhe process of running for class office. Many losf fhe cam- paign and won experience and a few leff fhe school fhe evening of fhe elecfions wifh fhe glorious feeling of vicfory and popularify. Picfured here is fhe campaign of Ralph Goldsbury who was vicforious in fhe freshman elecfion near mid'-ferm. The vicfor is shown in fhe following sfeps in his campaign: Presenf- ing his applicafion fo run, fo fhe sponsor. pass- ing cards among his classmafes. and being helped by friends while hanging posfers. I43 1 5 2 3 5 it E E E E 1 E 52 Y E ik R 'H-ff , is Hy f s 6F Fl FSBSUFSF , FS. 6I'I9Vd di' Gi' GCFS EBI' , F, O School Boarcl:Seated-Mr. Victor Riggs lPresidentl, Mr. G. Howell Vad g tt IT I M G C t IS t yi M Jh A J M'6tclPIt St cl'gMGd F MJlcC pblliShlAtt yi OFISS, ISS GI' FU S O HSP. an In 1 F. OI' Ofi FENCE, F. am e c oo orne , Mr. 6. E. Ebbertt School Board Plans Program In Music And Other Activities Many programs are planned each year by the School Board. Under their new superin tendent, Mr. G. E. Ebbertt, they have planned an extensive program in music, athletics, and other wholesome activities. Mr. Sharp worlcs along with Mr. I-lutchisor in tormulating policies and other necessary educational programs tor our school. I-le also has charge ot the book store. Every new sem- ester Mr. Sharp can be tound supervising the sale ot new boolcs. Mr. Sharp is also in charge ot setting up a monitor system tor the tirst period. Repainting our school, putting a new en- trance on the north-west door ot the gym, and putting new tliiorescent lights in the tront hall are some ot the things the School Board has done tor our school this year. Others who aid our school and lceep it pro- gressing are Mr. William l. l-lutchison, princi- pal. and Mr. James M. Sharp, vice principal. Mr. Hutchison tormulates policies. malcec out the school calendar and worlcs on pro'- grarns tor the entire cchool body. Mr. Hutch- igfsnk daily duties include malcing announce- ments over the P. A, system. arranging meet- ings in their respective places, and a multi- tude ot other tunctions. MR. G. EVERETT EBBERTT, Superintendent NAR, WILLIAM I. HUTCHISON, Principal I45 Both Mr. Sharp and Mr. l-lutchison have had the opportunity ot accompanying some ot the classes when they toolc trips to other schools such as when Choral Club went to Warren Central. Their iobs are quite a lot in number but they always manage to greet the students with a smile and help them in any way they can. ' MR. JAMES M. SHARP Vice Principal mv... MRS. EDNA RHYNEARSON Dean of Girls MR. HOWARD ARMSTRONG Dean of Boys Deans Check Absentee SlipsgCustodic1ns Keep School Clean Bells ringing, announcemenTs made, Teach- ers puTTing al:nsenTee slips ouT', deans checking slips, periods come and go, counseling oTTice assigning counselors, oTTice sTaTT Typing ma- Terial, cusTodians beauTiTying our school. Office Force-SeaTed-Mrs. Mariorie AusTin. STancling-Miss BeTTy Sizelove, Mrs. Mary Norris, Mrs. Nancy Henson, Mrs. Bar- bara McCullough WiTh The cooperaT'ion oT sTudenTs. adminis- TraTion and TaculTy These Things have been successfully carried ouT Through This school year. CusToclians-Row l-James A. Baker, Ralph Clifford, Row II Dallas WheaT, Charles Jackson, William Haygood, LesTer Frazi ,. , Us f M fi Ui' -n 'V' -,,, is-s,,.. ., ,Wy -. . ,, si , c.,........,u MRS. MARJORIE A Regisfrar Mrs. Austin Arrclnges Programs Playing a large parT' in The lives oT every sTudenT here in school are The Teachers. The TaculTy is composed oT IO3 members. This pasT year There have been several new Teachers. Mrs. Marilyn AusTin and Mr. KeiTh Johnson are The new librarians and Mrs. RuTh- anne lmler is The new school nurse. Teaching English This semesTer is Mrs. Mary Jane Heck- man. who ioined The TaculTy in January. One oT our Teachers, Mr. Brown, has be- come a docTor. ln February, l953. Mr. Brown received his docTor's degree in guidance aT Indiana UniversiTy. Again The counseling sTaTT under The suber- vision oT Dr. Brown arranged VisiTaTion Daw and Career Dav To Tamiliarize sTudenTs wiTh The Tields They have chosen To Tollow. 'One oT The mosT' imporTanT iobs in our school is regisTering and arranging programs Far sTudien+s. which is done by Mrs. Mariorie AusTin. Mrs. AusTin also has oTTice helruerc who helm Tvoe and mimeograph The maTerial needed. Really, Teachers' lives aren'T as dull as Thev ggmei-imes seem. RecenTlv Mr. GilberT Pear+ aTTended a NaTional DisTribuTive EducaTio'- ConTerenr-e in UavTon. Ohio, and Miss Marv PuTh Palmer and Mr. Thomas Clem aTTendef-l I47 Elm. I5I USTIN DR. DOUGLASS BROWN Head of Counseling Services 5 Counselors Give Advice a music convenTion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Teachers can parTicipaTe in The Men's Fac- ulTy Club and The Women's FaculTy Club PresidenTs Tor The res ecTive clubs are Mr. p . KeiTh l-lerTweclc and Miss Eileen Johnson. The Women's l:aculTy Club presenTed giTTs To Mrs. BeTTy Jo Del-larT and Mrs. Pauline Dadds, who leTT' our school. BoTh clubs Through The school year have dinners and aTher social gaTherings. A Typical scene every morning is The Teachers pulling mail T of Their posf office boxes ., . . -. N, . -T W-, ,. -..... ., ........... .NC ..., I 1 -r-. --Nxy. f Q'- h ':-'-1 Y . ---EM A , fvjfk 9 fig' W' 'zffiif 'f' fu ' 9 , 4 ,mjief wig , .W ,. W-f'w,,,.,4f5-f ,W ' ,- . Q 4. ,.., ... i ..,, , ,iw ., . ,, Sr . ::4,.2f1E5s5, A V- ,ff J' . 1 :vw V-:ta :dev-:c'f5::!-3231.31?-Siy?4'?- 2., '?' - 2555? .:.s - ' 2 -- :..-.M-Qvwwwwzwww: ., 4 ' x f 5' F1 2 5 v, F ', W ia, ' 5 X M,-' L , x r 5 2 TENS: L I -mm, ! A -:QQ E, as ww F w M4 gn if A H 'lllIll! as www -1 can '-N--....,, ,Q as AM Mr. Elgin Todd Miss Rive Todd Mrs. Virginia Vermillion Mr. Edmund Villars Maihemalics Household Arfs English Trades and lnduslry Mr. Fred Weaver Mrs. Edna Whiison Mr. Horace Wilson Maihemafics Foreign Language Head Vocaiional Agricul+ure Head Mrs. Margueriie Hale ends a busy Mr. Ray Fleenor illusiraies a day by waferinq her 'fl0We'fS remark wifh his 'lrusiy char? Choose Your Go ls Q Q 4. they are yours to attain Graduation is a lot like the launching of a ship. Both mark the end of a period of preparation. Behind a launching are years of plan- ning and building-of fitting out with all the gear needed for fair and foul weather. Behind graduation are years of acquiring information-of practice in exercising judgment and in setting values. All are intended to equip you to make the right decisions in the years to come. Behind, too, are the good times you've had, the com- panionship of many friends-and the wise counsel of those who have been your teachers. As you chart your course toward a new goal-whether it he the pursuit of a higher education or success in earning your own way-he thankful for the American tradition of indi- vidual freedom. Because of it, you are free to choose your goal. And you are free to achieve it by your own hands and brain, by your energy and industry, by your determination and self-reliance. Good luck and Godspeed! DlEl,COflREMY Division, General Motors Corporation Anderson, Indiana WI-IEREVER WHEELS TURN OR PROPELLERS SPIN MORGAN'S MUSIC SHOP and IOE'S RECORD SHOP ' Finest Instruments ' Latest Discs ' Sheet Music I23I MERIDIAN munnnuummnnummillunlmmumumun When Better Automobiles Are Built, Buick Will Build Them! BILL COOK BUICK 8th and Jackson Phone 2-0242 'IPHONE 947I Congratulations to The Graduating Class of 1953 WE TELEGRAPH l FLOWERS ANYWHERE Q Flower Phone 2-48 I 6 SMITH FLORAL CO. Downtown Location 8 W. I Ith For Figure Pertection . I W5F:Ne:eP.! FavorIte Mode ot . 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The BANNER STORE Your Friends and Neighbors wil! tell you Et's Plecnsing Ei s Satisfying i s Qonvenient It's Economical To Shop Here 927 Meridian sr. Phone 6657 I67 You. taste. Its qualrty Anderson, Indiana mnlv nlumm:nnnlunnlnnnnumumumnnnnuruInInnnnnumnuununu Throughout Life KAY-BEE FLOWERS will hold everlasting memories Flowers For Every Occasion ' PARTIES ' WEDDINGS ' BIRTHDAYS ' FUNERALS FLOWER FASHIONS CUT FLOWERS - POTTED PLANTS 703 Easf 2I Phone 2-I33O GUIDE---The Brightest Name In Lights Right Lights -- Bright Lights FROM BUMPER TO BUMPER ONE SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR LIGHTING NEEDS PLUS SOLID PRO- DUCT QUALITY. THESE ARE THE THINGS YOU CAN DEPEND ON WHEN YOU BUY GUIDE LAMP PRODUCTS. AUTOMOBILES BACKUP LAMPS - DRIVING AND PASSING - FOG LAMPS - PARKING - SPOT - STOP AND TAIL - TURN SIGNAL - LICEINSE PLATE LAMPS - HEADLAMPS - MULTI-PURPOSE UNIT - SEALED UNITS - SELF-CANCELLING TURN SIGNAL SWITCHES - GLARE PROOF REAR VIEW MIRRORS. TRACTO RS HEADLAMPS - STOP AND TAIL -IMPLEMENT - DUAL PURPOSE. TRUCKS and BUSES REFLEX MARKER UNITS - CLEARANCE LAMPS - SIDE MARKER LAMPS - DOME LAMPS - STOP LAMPS - PANEL LAMPS - SCHOOL BUS WARNING LAMPS - LICENSE PLATE LAMPS-HEAD- LAMPS - TURN SIGNAL LAMPS - SPOTLAMPS - TAIL AND STOP COMBINATION TAIL, STOP, AND TURN SIGNAL - SELF-CANCELL- ING, TURN SIGNAL SWITCHES - GLAREEPROOF REAR VIEW MIRRORS. 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FROM EXPERT WATCH SEARS AND IN JEWELRY REPAIR ANDERSON ff f 71 I ' The Modern Store II37 Meridian Phone 5487 For the Modern Shopper :nunnuluIllnnnlunmunnnulmluInInnuunnununuumm:umnnmnnl THE HOME OF -' 11 PRODUCTS FOR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN Wright HOYT WRIGHT CO. 711 Meridian Stxreet nuuunu ununnnulmunn Congratulations to The Graduating Class of 7953 SURBER 81 SON TAILORS 207 Decker Building lover McCrory'sI Phone 2-54 I 8 ululunnnuul nun The Finest IN DIAMONDS and WATCHES STERLING ENGLISH BONE CHINA if Ol en -Q1 ILL, ann Jewelers for Nearly Half a Century I03 I Meridian INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE Specific and Intensive Business Training State-Wide Employment Service 50 Years In Anderson, Indiana Ts 1 I - - I Q Q srfcuuzrn mums Ano uimvmn Q smicr fun mnnuon sims ' x K I I I I A A n T' 1 - -VA .. 7 V 2 X2 huh vanwinlale --1- ieweler Alllerback, Shirley, 92 Appleby, Jack, 49, 92 Aull, James, l5, I9, 20, 23, 32, 38, 39, 52, 59, 90, 92 Ayers, Shirley. 3l, 36,92 Bagol, Wall, I4, l5, 2l, 32, 38, 39, 59, 92 Bailey, Belly, 92 Ballard, Larry, 92 Banker, Jerry, 7, 42, 52, 7l, 72, 84, 85, 92 Bannon, James, 20, 52, 57, 90,92 Barger, Lawson, 92 Barker, Pally, 92 Barnes, Roberl, 63, 64, 92 Barrell, Jacqueline, 92 Barlh, Ernesl, Jr., 38, 92 Balhauer, Elheldred, 42, 63, 65, 76,92 Beally. Joyce, 46, 92 Beauchamp, Melvin, 42, 92 Beneliel, Belly, 92 Benglson Beverly, 39, 50. 93 Benglsion, Dale. 20, 38, 39, 49, 50, 93 Beniarnin, Marlin, 93 Bennell, Tom, 23, 39, 52, 76, 93 Benzenbower, Wayne, 93 Biddle, Myrna, 2l, 37, 39, 54,93 Bippus, Cynlhia, 39, 93 Birl, Donald, 2l, 48, 50, 93 Blake, Belly, 93 Blume, Janel, 20, 27, 93 Boardman, Kay, 2l, 32, 50, 54, 93 Boaz, Frank, 93 Bowers, Romana, 47, 93 Boyer, Pamela, 36, 50, 54, 93 Boys, Bill, 63, 64, 93 Bradlord, Jerry, 93 Branch, Gerald, 93 Branch, Palricia, 49, 94 Brfow, David, 20, 48, 49, 94 Brown, Anne, 2l, 36, 37. 4I, 94 Brown, Eldon, 94 Brown, James, 20, 94 Brown, Shirley, 94 Brundage, Gene, 94 Brundage, Roberl, 94 Burke, Phyllis, 94 Burlon, Darrell, 36, 94 Bushong, Phyllis, 43, 49, 87, 94 Byrum, Clark, 94 Campbell, Joe, 42, 52, 7l, 72, 83, 94 Campbell, Shirley, 8, 2l, 45, 94 Canada, Richard, 3l, 49, 94 Carpenler, Marcella, 2l, 36, 50, 94 Cash, Bill, 94 Caudle, Becky, 94 Clark, Donna, 32, 33, 95 Clark, Larry, 95 Clendenin, Shirley, 32, 36.48, 95 Clillvon, Marvin, 95 Cockerham, Janice, 95 Collins, Ross, 20. 95 Colvin, Joellen. 39,95 Conley, Carol Ann, 36, 95 Conley, Mall, 95 Cook, Canolyn, 36, 95 Couch, Nancy, 50, 95 Counls, Haskell, 30, 34, 42, 67, 95 Cox, Janel, 20, 54, 95 SENIOR INDEX Cox, Jim, 79, 80, 95 Cox, Shirley, 36, 95 Craib, Reberla, 95 Crilser, Roberla, 20, 36, 48, 49, 54, 95 Crouch, Donald, 95 Cunningham, Mary Ann, 36,96 Currenl, Jerry, 20, 23, 32, 33, 39, 52, 59, 90. 96 Daniels, Ray, 96 Davis, Diane, 30, 3I, 36, 54, 96 Davis Davis Davis Day, Florence, 96 Palricia, 33, 43, 96 Roberl 42 52 7l 72 96 'Robert '49, '50, '96 ' ' Dean, Darrell. 50, 96 -i' Deardull, James, 96 Harris, Lena Jane, II4 Harris, Ronnie, 99 Harl, Lou Ann, I4, 20, 33, 38, 49, 99 Harlley, Earl, 99 Harlman, SaDona, 99 Harlzell, Richard, ll, I4, l5, 20, 23, 39 52, 77, 99 Haskell, Shellon, 76, 99 Hasler, Charles, 99 Hall, Belly Jean, 99 Hallery, Madelyn Sue, 36, 99 Haven, Janel, 20, 47, 54, 57, 99 Hawkins, Joyce Ann, 99 Hawn, Slella, 99 Hayes, Phillip, 20, IOO Hedgecrall, Anna, IOO Hedges, Harry, IOO Dearing, Charles, 42. 50, 63, 64, 7l, 72, DeLawler, Carolyn, 3I, 37, 39, 57, 96 DeWeese, Viclor, 38. 96 DeWill, Sandra, 54, 96 Diggs, Joan, 20, 4-0, 43, 87, 96 Dinwiddie, Lucille, 96 Dixon, Jane, 20, 36, 39, 54, 96 Dodd, Roberl, 97 Dolson, Joseph, 97 Dugger, Violel, 87, 97 Dunbar, Anna, 97 Duncan, Delores, 97 Dunn, Jerry, 97 Duranl, Jerry, I5, 35, Il4 DuVall, Jerry, 2l, 39, 52, 97 Dykes, Phyllis, 3l, 97 Dyson, Belsy, 97 Easl, Mary Ann, 97 Edwards, Phyllis, 97 Ellison. Jacquelyn, 23, 97 Esielle Jerry, 36, 17 Elheringlon, Rionald, 68, 69, 78, 80, 97 Eulsler, Alberl, 97 Falender, Phyllis, 20, 54, 90, 97 Fells, David, 97 Ferree, Sam, 97 Fisher, Nancy, 36, 98 Flalh, Alvin, 98 Flell, Wanda, 48, 98 Filzgerald, Janel, I2, l3, 50, 98 Fosler, Ronald, I5, 35, 8l, 98 Fox, Jerry, 20, 42, 68, 69, 79, 80, 98 Fox, Ronald, 35, 98 Gaddis, Bob, 52, 98 Gerlrin, Ronald, 39, 98 Gold, Nbrrna, 54, 59, 98 Gold, Ronald, 36, 98 Graham, Janice, 98 Gran er Donald 42 52, 7l, 72, 83, 98 9 - . I Green, Roberl, 98 Guyol, Elaine, 20, 36, 44, 98 Gwallney, Donald, 98 Hale, Margarel, 98 Haley, Ardilh, 36, 98 Hallgarlh, Leslie, 99 Hamillon, Alberl, 57, 99 Hamillon, Sara, 99 Harper, Jack, 36, 38, 76,99 Harris, Alberl, 99 Harris, David. 30, 42, 63, 64, 99 Heena, Richard, l00 Heiden, Judy, 39, 45, IOO Henning, Jeanine, 20, 23, 39, 49, IO0 Hensley, James, 76, lO0 l-liday, David. 50. l00 Hiday, Mary, I5, 20, 2l, 23, 36, 39, 49, 50 IOO i Hiesland, Kay, 48, IOO Hilligoss, Wendell, 36, 52, IOO Hise, Joyce, IOO Hobbs, Barbara, l00 Hobbs, Judilh, !O0 Hockell, Curlis, l5, 39, 49, 50. 90, IOO Hodson, Mary, l00 Holl, Dale. lOO Hollman, Carol, 54, IOO Hollingswoflh, Shirley, 36, 39, 50, 54, l0l Hollis, Mary, 32, 36, IOI Hollis, Palricia, 87, l0l Hosek, Barbara, 3I, 54, l0l l l'm'Tell, JoAnne, l0l llowc.rcl, l,lnu ico, 20, 90, l0l llowo, li nncis, 56, l0l Huber, Bi rbara, 20, 39, 50. 54, 59, l0l Hurnrnori-3'hou:o, Alice, l0l Hulchins, Fred, l0l l-lul-sell, Lowell, IOI Hullon, Norman, lOl lmel. Forresl, 33, 58, lOl Jack, Dick, 34, 58, lOl Jamerson, Mary Alice, 38, l0l James, Jeanice, 36, lOl Jenkins, Kay, 47. 54, l0l Jennings, Phillis, l0l Johnson, James. lO2 Jones, LaNorma, 2l, 3l, 37, lO2 Jones, Rulh, 20, 36, 54, lO2 Karns, Ardella, IO2 Kaulrnan, Norma. IO2 Keen, Howard, lO2 Keilhley, Richard, 30, 42, 7l, 72, 84, 85 90, lO2 Kern, Gayle, 20, 54, 57, l02 Kelner, Jean Anne, 20, 39, 54, l02 Kirchner, Jack, lO2 Kline, Mabel, 20, 54, lO2 Knepp, Neva, lO2 Land, Byron, lO2 Lanning, Donald, lO2 LaPierre, Robe-rl, 36, lO2 174 Moore, Dick, 27, 39, 42, 68, 69, 79, 105 Lawrence, Toni, 102 Leasure, Nancy Jo, 102 Leazenby, Marvin, 15, 23, 49, 102 Lennis, Eugene, 52, 103 Lenlz, David, 103 Lewis, Linda, 103 Livingslon, Grela, 54, 103 Lockwood, Donald, 84, 85, 103 Looper, Cenler, 103 Loudenback, Jayne, 103 Luck, Robert 103 Lules, Jim, 31, 52, 103 McCabe, Jeannelle Jo, 43, 44, 103 McCarlhy, Karen, 20, 27, 103 McC.arly, Kay, 21, 37, 39, 48, 54, 90, McDane11, Frank, 36, 39, 103 McFar1and,JoAnne, 31, 57, 103 McGill, Naomi, 8, 50, 103 lv1cKowen, Bill, 103 McNalt John, 14, 20, 38, 49, 90, 103 1v1cNall, Marilyn, 103 McWilhey, Ronald, 104 Madren, Bruce, 21, 31, 42, 52, 76, 90, Manis, Donald, 34, 46, 58, 104 Marsh, Meredilh, 20, 37, 104 Marshall, Barbara, 38, 104 Marshall, Mary, 104 Massey, Janel, 87, 104 Maslers, Alice, 15, 49, 87, 104 Malhews, William, 21, 42, 59, 63, 64, 79, 80, 104 Maupin, Gail, 104 Maxwell, James, 114 Meiser, Carol, 20, 54, 104 Melzer, Marilyn, 43, 57, 104 Miller, Maryann, 104 Miller, Richand, 20, 23, 42, 68, 69, 70, Miller, Robert 21, 31, 104 Miller, Shirli, 104 Mills, James, 34, 104 Mans Msrnyn,i9,2i,3o,32,s3,54.59 104 Minniear, Billie Lea, 23. 38, 54, 105 112 Whilsel, Phyllis, 112 Schubert Nancy, 21, 32, 39, 49, 50, 109 Moore Moore ,James David, 23, 34, 43, 105 .James Edward, 21, 105 Moore, Moore, Julia, 23, 39, 48, 49, 54, 59, Max, I 1, 20, 37, 52, 57, 84, 85, 105 Morehouse, Palricia, 105 Morgan, Jerry, 42, 68, 70, 71, 72, 80, Moser, Leah, 23, 57. 105 Molsinger, Belly, 105 Mullen, Jack, 105 Mullins, Bill, 105 Mudhenk, Charlene, 105 Mudenk, Darlene, 105 Murphy, Waller, 105 Newlon, Theresa, 105 Niccum. Frank, 63, 105 Nichols, Anne, 39, 50, 57, 105 Nicholson, Glenora, 106 Niece, Carol, 21, 23, 33, 36, 39, 54, 106 Nighbert Gloria, 15, 21, 39, 47, 49, 50. 106 Null, Norma, 36, 106 O'Brient Darell, 114 O'Connor, Ann, Il, 38, 40, 50, 106 O'Connor, Barbara, 31, 36, 39, 48, 49, 106 Olive, Dorolhy, 106 Osborne, Ronnie, 34, 58, 106 Osborn, Wilbur, 106 Owens, Nancy, 106 175 Painler, Pancol, Parker, Parmer Pascha Perkins Phelps, Phillips. Pierse, Phym.,47,ios Soleria, 20, 49, 50, 59, 106 Jerry, 49, 106 , Lou lris, 20, 31, 36, 39, 54, 1, Ronald, 106 , Marilyn, 36, 106 Pally, 33, 36, 50, 54, 106 Janet 39, 57, 106 Donald, 107 Pillslord, Mariellen, 107 Pollard, Carolyn, 36, 39, 54, 107 Poor, Jane, 107 Poore, Poore, Poller, Oualls, Raper, Raper, Bruce. 33, 38, 39, 41, 107 David, 20, 27, 30. 44, 52, 83 David, 23, 34, IO7 Rulh, 107 Doris, 107 Jack, 30, 36, 56, 68, 107 Ralz, 1-larold, 107 Rawlin, Gwendolyn, 107 Ray, Marlha, 36, 107 Rebenack, David, 12, 13, 107 Redding, Shirley, 107 Reedy, Robert 36, 107 Reehm, Richard, 20, 35, 107 Reeves, Belly, 36, 107 Reicharl, Phil, 108 Reveal. Bob, 34, 36, 108 Rhodes, Mary Louise, 39, 108 Rice, Kay, 39, 108 Riggle, Charles, 108 Riggs, Jack, 21, 31, 90, 108 Robbins, Rex, 108 Rolnerlsion, Mary Sue, 108 Roney, Marvin, 21 49, 108 Rouse, Diane. 108 Rousey, Inez, 33, 46, 108 Rude, Palricia, 57, 108 Runyan, Belly, 36, 108 Rulh, Carmen, 108 Sacilowski, Marilyn, 37, 38, 41, 108 Salford, Hal, 108 Samp1e,Janice, 36.39, 49, 54, 108 Samuels, Palricia, 20, 54, 108 Sanders. Donald, 109 Schalk, Bill, 15, 35, 50, 109 Schusler, Gary, 32, 109 Scolt Barbara, 87, 109 Scolt John, 20, 109 Segner, Delores, 31, 44, 109 Sezner, Richard, 109 Slheels, Gerald, 109 Sheels, Palricia, 33, 36, 39, 48, 49, 109 Short Thelma, 109 Simpson, Dennis, 42, 52, 77, 109 Simpson, Doris, 109 Sink, Jack, 63, 65, 109 Sizelove, Lee, 109 Smilh, Charles, 109 Smilh, Clarke, 11, 14, 15, 20, 31, 38, 50, 109 Smilh, Jack, 109 Smilh, Kalhleen, 45, 110 Smilh, Mary Margaret 50, 110 Smilh, Wally, 37, 42, 49, 50, 84, 85, 110 Slmilh, Wilma, 36, 37, 39, 54, 110 Snellenbarger, Kalhryn, 110 Snyder, Sylvia, 26, 31, 54, 110 Springer, George, 110 Slarr, Marilyn, 110 Sleele, Kalhleen, 16, 20, 26, 32, 110 Stern, Joyce, 110 Slevens, Marlha, 48, 110 Sleves, Darlene, 20, 31, 59, 110 Slohler, Norma, 36, 50, 54, 110 Slokes, John, 68, 110 Sloner, Jean Ann, 27, 43, 47, 50, 110 Slolllemyer, James, 15, 35, 42, 63, 64, 110 Slolllemyer, Sandra, 110 Slow, Marilyn, 15, 20, 36, 49, 50, 110 Slrealy, Anne, 21, 32, 48, 50, 57, 111 Slrealy, Roberla, 31, 32, 33, 36, 50, 54, 59, 111 Slrock, Richard, 111 Surber, Dorblhy, 111 Templelon, Tom, 14, 20, 38, 39, 90, 111 Thomas, Robert 56, 111 Throneburg, Larry, 51, 111 Tiplon, Larry, 111 Todd, Carole Jean, 111 Todd, Gerald, 111 Townsend, Judy Ann, 111 Trainer, Nancy, 30, 47, 48, 54, 111 Tranbarger, Lois, 111 Troup, Calherine, 111 Truelood, Phyllis. 111 Tunnell, Donald, 111 Tway, Doris, 87, 111 Tuler, Merlin, 42, 111 Ulrey, Judy, 112 Vanasdal, James, 112 Vanderhoot Janet 43, 112 VanNess, Delores, 42, 54, 112 Vanzant Anila, 112 Vest Alpha, 58. 112 Vogel, Lowell, 30, 42, 68, 69, 112 Ward, Jim, 112 Wallers, Ei1een,1l2 Wealherly, Palricia, 20, 39, 112 Webb, Gary, 112 Weedman, Dwight 39, 52, 112 Wendling, Keilh, 46, 112 West Judilh, 20, 30, 112 While, Bob, 27, 112 Whilehead, Roger, 42, 62, 63, 64, 71, Wilde, Sheldon, 52, 77, 12 Williams, Carol Ann, 46, 47, 113 Williams, Tom, 113 Willis, Robert 87, 113 Willis, Roberla, 47, 113 Willis, Joyce, 113 Windsor, Claire, 39, 59, 113 Winkler, Judy, 20, 39, 113 Wirt Richard, 15, 31, 36, 37, 50, 52, 56, 1 I3 Wise, 1-lelen, 113 Wfolle. Gene, 23, 52, 113 Wood, Dallas, 113 Wood, Judilh, 113 Wright Jim, 1-13 Wyall, Don, 36, 113 Yarling, John, 20, 23, 30, 32, 39, 52, 90. 113 Yallaw, Carol, 20, 113 Yallaw, Phyllis, 113 York, Jay, 114 York, Norman, 30, 36, 114- Young, Duane, 114 Zaiser, Marcella, 31, 36, 39, 50, 54, 114 Recognilion Priniing Anderson High School Prinfing Deparlmenl' Engraving Indianapolis Engraving Co.. Indianapolis, Indiana Commercial Service Co., Anderson lAlso Tlom Williams, Class of '53l Phofography Russell Forkner, Elile Sludio, Anderson Division Page Phofography Norman Cook, Norm Cool: Siuclio, Anderson Sludenl Phofography Gwynn Newfon lProm Queen Monlagel. Sian Mills, James S'mi+h Underclass Phoiography Gordon Odell, Odell Sludio, Anderson Covers S. K. Smifh 8: Co., Chicago, Ill. Binding Commercial Service Co.. Anderson l76 lf! A,,r '2f ,Z , 'fx ' yi

Suggestions in the Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) collection:

Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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