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,E WW U ga xt? Qi V.Lg gk, bqmiirgf - Q, 'if XQX7 7' EQ Q QW wwf? wa X QP SX 5201 J 9 x x L h if? W X if SX 25,6 TQ APU' in ' 4? A CX t " 57 W ,WQ i ' 5 'gy .Sb 'J if A V j ,'1A X ,rf E' Y A A J V 'w GCA Q . V JN Q C yb X V K -Htyifallfx EVN H, 4 ,xx E? RAL! g,T,m 3 A ,'.' fi, 5 X' -.z - M 4 L ' W fx 5 -1 f W7 f' 5 gf f Q 1 X IN ' , , 0, ' ,J . A X x uf' dig ,NM lg ,. pL KV OVW af MMM, ' I . f 5300 f JY' 1 'I 0,7 gi ' vfffifgf isa' iii 1 'x x 5 ,t X Ng , qu X V L Q mn 5 ' " fU ,,..g ,- ,JMLQZSV 'G 406 M7154 O 'S is fl xyfx X- I, 'X 'Y x X ' 9' R .gy L xA 1 O. I Q? it ith cb kk I Se XX X13 " U W X' Q A . Ns iv ,X QM- ? eb :MSN Q -2a':v!N -. . Q S . 'sum V Nw 5 WWQJ Ag- Y' I 12 C1450 " 'Y ' 4233, 1' , , H Af? ' J! ' a, M ' W , nf X X , S' iQ -F 4r X ' ff THE INDIAN 1952 ANDERSON SENIOR I-HGH SCHOOL Anderson, Indiana Q il XX Cf K 'Z-ff, i Vx x 5. X X S K 1 ur year unfolds as we month by month through t e I 952 INDIAN From Sepfember Io June, Anderson High School was bustling wifh ac+iviI'y. Dances, baske+- ball games, and convos were all par'I' of 'Ihe school Iifoof Mr. and Miss AHS. Social and physical de- velopmeni was siressed along wiI'h inI'eIIec+uaI achievemenl. Seniors looked forward 'ro I952 and graduaiiong buf affer if was over, many rogreI'I'ecI leaving dear old AHS. We presenl' Ihis year 'Io yoii in black and while land green Iool - The I952 INDIAN. THE YEAR AT AHS Highlights of 1952 . . 4 ACTIVITIES Clubs and Their AcI'ivi'Iies . 24 ATHLETICS Sporis In Review . . . 64 PEOPLE Classes and Faculiy . . 92 ADVERTISEMENTS . . . I-I58 ,ry r 17- A X '?f?'!g !-I' , 2300 Returned To AHS --- The Long Grind Had Begun WiTh The reTurn oT school daze. 2300 young Andersonians puT aside The ThoughTs oT Their vacaTion advenTures and seTTled down To The nearly TorgoTTen rouTine oT .classes and home- work ..... STudenTs wai+ed in long lines Tor new books and Traded used ones ..... ATTer several weelcs oT summer drills, The TooTl'Jall and cross counTry squads opened Their seasons vicToriously. fober . l Homecoming Was October Themes Carol Deaver Crowned Queen FooH:nal grabbed +he spoHigh+ of rhe firsr homecomingfin Jrhe hisrory of Anderson I-ligh. In Jrhe iasi few minuies of rhe game The indians Jried Jrhe score on Jrhe Loganspori Berries, I3-I3 ..... Carol Deaver was crowned Queen of Jrhe gala affair ..... One of Jrhe highiighis of rhe evening was rhe Hoai parade. The G. A. A. Hoai won Top honors. "2 'J wg- Mvemg 14 Ahoy! The H. M. S. Pinafore --- Choral Club's Gay Cperetta Ailer many weeks of praclice, Gilberl and Sul- livan's l-l.lv1.S. Pinalore was launched in lhe aud- ilorium. ll was asparlcling lribule lo lhe ellorls ol Choral Club ..... Sporls played a prominenl role in November as lhe cross counlry men won lheir sixlh slraighl slale lille and lhe loolball leam delealed our age-old rivals from Muncie. Their achievemenls were honored by lhe Fall Nlfind-up dance ..... School was dismissed lor The Thanksgiving holiday. 922136 EW' flim- we Dances Were A Feature Attraction During The Holiday Season l-loliday dances provided the main source ot activity during December ..... Personal prob- lems were topics ot discussion at the counseling program conducted by lvlr. and Mrs. Frank Liddle . . . . . The halls were decked out in the Christmas decorations: l-li-Y Club had its annual Line ot Dimes and Christmas party ..... The Christmas spirit was everywhere. I 1 xr f' i i1.3?QiwL'f if-zgi1ipf.j'4 xy .. .,-,cm -Y -rs. arf,-,t-af' r " Pvc: .i-'ig.-rw-' if gffgwi -j' X iwryxl, j,'Q1"E,'f1"f .i-,EM ,-i.'.,'1.,'i' :,I!',J.A x...L,'.:,-,,,'',, One of ihe mosi enierfaining convos of ihe year was presenfed by our own ialenied musi- cians, dancers and comedians ..... The basicei- bali season was in full swing. Many Ai-iS'ers conn- pleieol Their New Year's celebraiion ai Kokomo . . . . .where Jrhe Indians compeied in Jrhe big 4 Tourney. Tweniy-Two 4A's graduaied and a new semesier began. Wirh ihe opening of This new semesier came ihe expeciecl aiiacic upon The locker office. I 1, .fi i 1' i A Ii' ex, Nqr! in I ,If i ' ri' Y I xx 'Q J J 2 e a im K Indians Were Sectional Champs But Lost To Tech In Regional Tourney lime again: The Indians Ioolq The Sec- Iional only Io lose by one poinl 'Io Technical ol Indianapolis in Regional play. Tech wenl on Io be Slale runner-ups ..... The Indians' successes were due, in many respecls, Io The who'o-h earlod baclc- ing oi ihe sludenl body ..... The girls ol The G. A. A. weren'I Io be denied: Ihey rang up quiie a viclory slring on The hardwood ..... Asiclo from loaslrelball, The band convocalion was an exceplioncl musical lreal. fwarcfz . E John Sloan, Washington D. C. Trips Highlights Ot Windy Month Those interested in the wonders ot science got a real treat when John Sloan displayed the almost magical powers ot liquid air ,....,.. Baseball entered the athletic spotlight as the lndians prepared tor the Coming season ..4,.,.. 46 Al-lS'ers emparlceol tor Washington, DC. where they spent tour days seeing the sights .4..,.., The rest ot the school's population was enioying spring vacation at home. 17 if Throngs Attend Sunrise Service In Bright Easter Garb Torch Club, as a service to the city ot Ander- son, presented their annual Easter sunrise service. With the return ot tair Weather the track team started its I952 campaign .....,.. Underclassmen elected their leaders and subiects tor the coming year ,...s,,s Juniors were the guests ot businessmen on Guidance Visitation Day. lt was the result ot the caretul planning ot the Exchange Club and our guidance department. . 5 20 1 "Pride And Prejudice" Staged By Senior Class The hilarious conTlicT beTween ElizabeTh and her pride and Darcy and his prejudice was relaTed in The senior class play ..... IT was Mardi Gras Time again and STudenT Council presenTed The "Wheel oT ForTune" ..... As The school year came To a close, many sTudenTs were honored Tor Their achievemenTs aT The l-lonor Day convos ........ The seniors mon The inTerclass acTiviTies Tor The second year in a row. I I JOAN DIGGS' MARILYN STOW CAROL MEISER 'WMWXQ Bon Voyage-U Theme Cf Prom 5 Farwell To Seniors Sludenls had looked lor- ward lo Hue Junior-Senior Prom lor monllms, and willw good reason. The iunior boys selecled Carol lvleiser Queen, Marilyn Slow and Joan Diggs were Carols allendanls. Bar- ney Ralolo's music pul every- one in lwe mood lor dancing. . . . For seniors lliis was llie beginning ol Senior Week--- or llwe beginning of lime end ol a never-lo-be-lorgollen Career al AHS. N. ww- . A,-mf , ' .iff F 2 - isyiii, Zia iv- 5- w W A ' , if .. 1. . . Hffi? vismsl.-g.,-izg . ,f fzzi ' f- f . ' ' -ww 1 T-'IL-'14efZ.,,' --wg .W . 1 ..1.-,fu . i .fm-:,1 9 ,MN-fx, f 1 K I - --,,... ,, .Q A f AY1'ff--fewe4mea2z11:?Qzi5,-ffffffl ., ws 1Qf1g:gwfQs2gs3LQ931gQ5Lgggg. fx Mgmmlw ., if-fg1M::2z3gsmffW' Vx M-Wg, Wwgiseziwigffff W sks?E5??iW5fiFs: ' 5 , 'fr fr:"-Qiz?i1f'1ffiYz54i'55 fm 5' ,. R ijigm. 2, if ?' 9 , "eggs, is if Q I 7521, ' nf Hffvfl 'A . ,fx gE'gQgg,1a+.maw'- l Wx. Qui' M 'M . - M - The clubs affiliaied wi+h Anderson Pflch 4, ff ff High School provided +he social ele- meni' in +he school career of each 0 11" S i i I AHS'er. Their pari' is recorded in +his ggi? 'Q , V o sec+ion of ..... 414 'JMR l ,, a ll A f, 1' 1 - f l If l lx i fl f' i if y r it Q' ff' N if gl Q 'I 1 ' A ll ' if M rf, f 1 , f f Q W I , l 'A J U N al l 1 Xl' J' il' 'li' ,ir jim i l K 1 ll, l All N l 1' "vl'ff'i l elm 7fffVlFl'l6S l l' a l l l l x'N"l'-.l i l X ' X Xxlll w -is li .r ig s Y. X li X QW' NN 1 i' i 1 " c, Y-X3 x- i Li .X A r .. is X X X A "ii Ev L senlalives? No, bul we mighl L A Junior House ol Repre- righlly Jrhink lhis ol: our Slu- denl Council, lor il is lhe governing body ol lhe school. Each year a represenlalive is chosen from lhe home- rooms wilh lhe exceplion of The IB's. l-lhis year lhe coun- cil lunclioned under lhe lead- ership ol Sue Lisby, presi- denlq Carol Smilh, vice pres- idenlg Kay McCarly, secre- lary, Con Sanders. Treasurer: Neel McCullough, parliamen- blariang Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Early, sponsors.l . . Ebberfl, principal, swears in new Siudenf Council members. Udlbw Xl li ll XM 1921 "JN Jul, 7 :mmf l , ll ,ji gs lui l i -'iff H lilly, 'fn' -AN-jg, , ,He Row I-Priscilla Precup, Verne Perry, Jerry Sandiier, Carol Smiwh, Neel McCullough, Sue Lisby, Don Sanders, Kay McCarly, Beveiiy Benglslon, Mary Reed, and Janice Adcock. Row ll-Ronnie Bowman, Gordon Roedding, Larry Hunlzinger, Gene Fox, Herb Hood, Millon Mills, Bill Sfoner Angela Sprague, Shirley Warner, and Lois Gilpin. Row lll-Mona Woodruff, Clydene Cook, Dick Wirl, Bruce Madren, Carolyn Cook, Wally Smilh, Lou lris Parmer, LaNorma Student Council Jones, Nancy Trainer, Marilyn Sacilowski, and Wilma Smilh. Row IV-Bill Smilh, Bruce Parlner, Dick Harlzell, Jerry Currenll. Bruce Poore, Ramond Graddy, Lucille Kimm, Joyce Harp, Judy Capron, Mary Jane Guslin, and Judy Brandon. Row V-Mrs. Hughes, sponsor, James Hancock, Rolnerl Fisher, Danny Coble, Larry Jones, Bill Jackson, Sara Slewarl, Carolyn Saellerly, and Mr. Early, sponsor. Facully and sluclenls enioy a lively square dance sponsored by Sludenl Sludenl Council members work hard +o malce ready for 'flue Council. Activities Sludenl Council Exe-culive Cornmihlee: SiHing-Beverly Benglson, Kay McCarty, Sue Lisby, Ginger Slewarl, Priscilla Precup, and Carol Srnillw. Slanding-Larry Jones, Diclc l'larlzell, Curl l-loclrelr, Millon Mills, Ronnie Bowman, Bill Jackson, Neel McCullough, Jerry Sandifer, Gordon Roedding, Mrs. l-lugnes, sponsor, ,and Verne Perry. "Wheel of Fcrfune." Sluclenl Council was respon- sible for llie iirsl formal clance of The year-ll1e"l:allWinol-Up." Every year lliey sponsor llriis dance lwonoring llfie loolball ancl :ross counlry reams. All sludenls allending ine dance were given The opporlunily lo vole for ine new Queen- cancliclales being ul up by various clubs. Also ihis year ine council sponsored lwo square dances, one for llwe ireslirnan and sophomores, and llie ollwer lor llie juniors and seniors. P I Monrto rs lv . 4 I -. , sq, ' , .- .ini .X NH in., 4, .1 Honor Sociely is one of The olclesl organizalions in AHS. Membership is open lo iuniors and seniors who have made no D's or F's, al leasl one-half A's, and nor more Than one-lourlh C's. Under lhe sponsorship oi Mrs. Margarel Doles, Honor Socielry slarlred 'ihe year wilh a canollelighl inilialion cermony held in Jrhe school auoliloriurn. Fall Semesfer Head Moniiorsz leff 'io righf-Gloria Niqhberl, Spring Semes'rer Head Monifors: Row l-Anne S+reaJry Dryllis Dick Moore, Gene Pelers, Balarara McMillan, Don Wolff. Falender, Bob Vickers. Row Il.-LaNorma Jones, Marie Earharl Gayle Kern John Boomer, Honor Sociefy Officers: Row I. Carolyn Kline and Barbara Onksen Row ll. Ronnie Bowman and John Boomer. To give sludenls an oppor- lunily lo prove lhemselves w o rl h y ol non-supervised sludy halls, Sludenl Council sel up Honor Sludy Halls. As in lhe pasl 207 was used live periods of lhe day for lhis purpose. One sludenl is se- lecled lo serve as a monilor, prelorming lhe dulies lha? any leacher would do. Honor Sfudy Hall Monilors: Row I. Jerry Coppick,,Verne Bel-ry, Nora Richard Janie Harrell, Palsy Myers. Row II. Ronnie Bowman, BilLDavis, Suzanne L nds y Bobbie Giles. ' ' I Honairsociergii Honor Socielyz Row I. Connie Laman, Mary Reed, Joellen Colvin, Jean Barnes, Carolyn Slewarl, Lynn Slurgeon, Barbara Huber, Carolyn Peck, Mrs. Doles, sponsor, Carolyn Clem, Barbara Onlcsen, Janel' Haynes, Carol Smilh. Row Il. Sue Lisby, Bernadine Slmifh, Rila Thalcher, Dixie Slaley, Dorolhy Spangler, Cynlhia Bippus, Rally Sheels, Claire Windsor, Sleve Palces, David Elmore, Ronald Bowman, Tom Bennefl, Frank Mclfanell. Row Ill. Judy Hale, Carolyn Coolf, Janel Phillips, Mary Lou Rhodes, Kay Rice, Miriam Wolfe, Carolyn Wash, Marilyn ..:-+Ye.,., e.1.u.XY , Carroll, John Boomer, Verne Pelry, Larry Hunlzinger, Wall Bago+ John Yarling. Row IV. Mary Oliver, Carolyn Pollard, Myrna Biddle, Carol Niece, Jane Dixon, Mary Hiday, Nancy Sichuberf, Ann Nichols, Linda Lewis, David Kessler, Diclc Harlzell, Jean Kelner, Kay McCar'ry, Wilma Smilh, Gloria Niqhberl, Dwighl' Weedman. Row V. Pal Wealherly, Anne Slrealy, Louise Tyler, Diclc Moore, Donald Crouch, Donald Wolll, Arr-nond Rigaux, Bill Vickers, Charles Fralces, Bruce Thompson, Ronald Mingle, Bill Lyon, Jerry Currenl. f fs 1.- -f ,.-rc, To become a member of "A" Club, a boy musl earn a varsily leller in any sloorl. This year a rouqhl?l inilialion was held in Jrhe Girls Gym for Jrhe new members ol Jrhe club. To raise money, The boys sold loiclures oi The baslcerball To businessmen, families, and srudenls. A Cl fficers: SiHing - Bob Vickers, president Herb Hood, vice president Don i.un., Y rary-'lreasurerg Dave Nicholson, sergeanf-ar-arms. , A i f l ""'liiJ1ll, 7 Sm a l f -Q ii ' I i 43, 'Qin Mfgih 0 :J ffm '-sarxll 142 1' Dmmcrtics Club Darmafics Club: Row I - Miss Higman, sponsor, Judy Hale, Jim Sandiier, Dixie Mundell, Bill Sfoner, Suzanne Lindsey, Barbara Onlcsen, Jane? Haynes, Mary Ann Mills, Jim Aulr, Janice Adcoclc, Bill Sralnalcer, Janie Romine, Judy fxfwood. Bill Rawlins, Miss Long, sponsor. Row II - Jane? Howard, John Yardling, Nancy Trainer, Jerry Current Elinor Rossin, Wall Bagel, Sue Scarf, Dave Wellinglon, Dick Wirr, Par Seiboid, Fred Wriqhl, Berry Sargent Bob Bondurani, Nancy Schberr, Gary Schusler, Juhl Baker, Row Ill - Judilh Mason, Marine Ross, Janel Swelnam, Par Pheanis, Lou lris Parmer, Marcella Zaiser, Angela Sprague, Marilyn Miller, Carolyn Peck, Kafhleen Sleele, Kay Boardman, Barbara O'Connor, Donna Van Camp, Judy Knolls, Sandra Ziegler, Phyllis Green, Carolyn Schoiield. A Club: Row l - Cliuck Smilln, Frank Rousey, Bob Vickers, Herb Hood. Dave Nicliolson, Don l-lunl, Gene Fox, Bob Gayle, Arllwur Kibby, Jim Vandergrill. Row Il - Dick Keilliley, Vic Peck, Verne Pelry, Don Granger, Bob l-larnillon, Paul Plummer, Jerry Banker, Jack Kilclwen, Jolnn Clemons, Ron Ellierinqlon. Row lll l-lorace l-lunl, Denny Simpson, Joe Tiplon, Bill Malllnews, Da-fe Newfon, Joe Campbell, Millon Mills, Bob Clwadd, Bob Barnes, Lowell Vogel, Row IV. Haskell Counls, Jerry Morgan, J. D. Alder Charles Dearing, Dick Miller, D-ave l-larris, Roger Wlwilelwead, Don Cook, Gene Bennell, Dick Moore. Row V. Joe Sparks, Hen- ry Poller, Jim Carler, Waller Manifold, Dane Puqli, Ray Flee- nor, Carler Byfield, Kenny Srnilli, coaclies, Francis Coucli, Bill Warmke. Row Vl. Jim Early and Carl Bonge, coaclwes. "A" Club Dramalics Club Officers - Si'Hing -Janel l-laynes, president Sfancling-Barbara Onksen, secrefaryg Jim Aull, lreasurer: Mary Ann Mills, vice presiclenl. '7 No Clark Gables or Bely Grables are allowed lo ioin llnis club, for il is open only lo am- aleurs in llie lield ol dramalics. l'ligliliql'iling llie member's acl- ivilies was llieir lrip lo Jrlwe Murar lliealre in lndianaioolis wliere lliey saw Edward G: Robinson slar in "Darkness Al Noon". Row l. Jess Erchison, Ronald Fosler. Jim Sfolllemyer, Wayne Gillespie, Bill Schalk, Orville Ruslon, Jim Wrighl, Jim DeShon, Don Smilh, Jack Summers, Newell l-lull, Ben Neff. Row II. Don Odom, Don Cook, Myron Brown, Sam Ferres, Jerry Dura nl, Jim Waymire, Kennelh Pickering, Roe Kirkparrick, Dale Lechlilner, Jerry Newlon, Leroy l-larrison, Mr. Wilson, sponsor. Donald l-lollman, James l-lawn, Ronald Bishop. Row lll. Bill l-leidman, Jerry Swinlord, Richard Craig, Maurice Cha mbere, Lowell l-lallield, Dick Reehm, Bill Kimrnerling, Phil Greve, Future Farmers of America To lurlher sludenls' lraining in religion, lhe Bible Club was formed wilh Mr. Weaver as sponsor. Some ol lhe ace livilies lhroughoul lhe year were presenling lhe sludenls and The lac- ully wilh an inspiring program during home- room periods on Mon-- clay mornings. Bible Club Bible Club: Sealed - Row l. Pa? Carraway. Parry Sheels, Jeanna Buoy, Doris Smiih, Irene Davidson, Judy Capron, Torn Byrurn, l-larry Nighrengale, Donald McGee, Byran Teegraden, Mr. Weaver, sponsor. Row ll. Shirley Reed, lnez Rousey, Joan Trick, Joann l-larl, Doris l-lessler, Nancy l-lursr, Gracie Keely, Virginia l-lursl, Belly Taggarl, Sue Boyer, Phyllis Gowin, Joan Schallner. Row lll l-lenrierfa Slrickler, lvlarlha Slevenson, Phyllis Bushang, Alberla Lee, Belly Farlow, Janice Bays, Barbara Jo Brown, Francis Baughn, Carolyn Brown, Caryl Jenness, Carolyn Delph. F. F. A. could well sTand Tor "Tood Turnishers" oT America, Tor This is The TuTure iob oT The members in FuTure Farmers oT America. In order To be ex- perTs in Their Tield, These boys sTudy new and improved meThods oT Tarming, soil con- servaTion, and livesTock rais- ing. They also serve as an in- spiraTion Tor The oTher boys To ioin Them as "TuTure Tarm- ers." Cadets F. F. A. Officers - Si'H'ing - Bill Schalk, secreTary1 Jim SToTTlemyer, president Wayne Gillespie, vice president Shanding - Jim DeS'hon, Treasurer, Jim Wright reporTerg Mr. Wilson, sponsor. A new addiTion To The AHS campus is The parking loT. Much needed, The parking loT houses The TaculTy's and sTudenTs' cars. This led To The TormaTion oT The CadeTs who supervise The loT during homeroom, lunch periods, and aTTer school. CadeTs - Row l. Haskell CounTs, Jim Bannon, Dick KeiThley. Jerry Fromhoih, Row ll. Jack Raper, Lowell Vogel. Maurice KeiTh, Bill Parks, Row ill. John Yarling, lvlr. Byfield. sponsor, and Nor- man York. NoT picTured: Verne PeTry, capTain. 33 Y-Teens originally was call- ed fhe Girl Reserves. Each ' year fhe club fakes in more members fhan fhe year pre- vious since if is open fo every- one. lf is necessary now fo have five clifferenf groups. A new division is fhe Com- rnunify Cenfer Y-Teens call- ed. "Teeneffes." Each orqanizafion selecfs separafe officers. Each qroup also has a cabinef made up of fheir officers and fhe chair- man and co-chairman of fhe Siffing - Barbara Penry, Vivian Pefry, Barbara Onksen, Dorofhy Spangler, i.ela May Var-io Crifser. Sianfjipg - Paf Sfeves, Eileen Shields, Janef Wiggins, Marilyn Hammons, Janef Us C I ees' Haynes, Sarphlforbury. ,Xu ri l-. X ,f Hi-Y Hi-Y-Row I. Kenny Ray, Joe Holdren, Marfin Benjamin, Jack Raper, Jim Bannon, Larry l-lighfchew, Dick Hunfzinger, Bill Sfoner, Sfeve Pakes. Row Il. Charles I.aVaIlee, Jim Townsend, Ronnie Brown, Dave Kessler, Maurice Keifh, Al Behrens, Neel McCullough, Milfon Mills, Vicfor Peck, John Boomer, Carl Wriqhf. Row lll. Ted Sfewarf, sponsor, Armand Riqaux. Don Myers, Jerry Eromholfz, Bruce Madren, Dick l-larfzell, Sheldon Wilde, Tom Templefon, John Yarling, Don l-lamilfon, Haskell Counfs, Lee Pursley, sponsor. Row lV. Fred Miller, Sill Sfalnaker, Jim Scoff, Jim Aulf, Bob Gaddis, Garl Sharpe, Dave Elmore, Charles Greenwood, Al Lucas, Jack l-lamilfon, Dave Green, erne Pefry. Senior Y-Teens-Row I. Vivian Peiry, Becky l-limes, Paily Pelfis, Laura Vaughn, Lela May Criiser, Marvella Soverns, Carolyn Nighiengale June McConnell, Marilyn l-larnmons, Janie Harrell, Margie Slarr, Jean Piiis. Row ll. Paisy Myers, Judy Malihew, Wanda l'lood, Marlha Armsfrong, Vivian Paschal, Judy Wiseman, Par Sfeyes. Helen fxllis, Belly l-liclcerson, N a ncy l-loll, Eileen Shields, Suzanne Lindsey Row III. Mary Jane Maliclc, Bonnie Lowry, Judi Barnard, Mary Roiderfs, Janalee Romine, Dixie Mundell, Nelda Tuxiord, Connie Boren Lois Jones, Mona Runyon, Doroihy Spangler, Janice Aclcock. Row IV. Sylvia Fowler, Barbara Ann Price, Janel' Wiggins, Berry Murdock, Barbara Pe-nry, Mary Sheels, Judy Schmaliz, Barbara Onksen, Janel Haynes. Sara Norbury, Senior Y-Teens Hi-Y Officers-SiHing-Neel McCullough. S+ancling-Alfred Behrens, Dave Kessler, Millon Mills, Maurice Keilh. "Some+hing old. somelhing new" could well be The rnollo oi l-Ii-Y. For Jrhe iirsl' lime in Anol- erson, I-li-Y sponsored The l'li-Y and Tri-Y Convenlion, held ai +he Y. M. C. A. on April l5. I952. Twenry diiferenl schools were senl inviialions, wilh a large percenlage allending. The pro- gress siarled al 3:30 wilh regisl- ralion of lhe parlicipaling schools. The meeling closed al 8:30 p. m. wiih a square dance 1following.Allheir regular meer- ing, several oulside speakers gave lallrs. Torch Club-Row I. Bill-Jackson, Lloyd McKay, Don l-luqhes, Dan Co ble, Roberr Wright Jim Bohne, Jerry Sandifer, Glenn Perdue, Lowell Slewarl, Jim Komenich, Bob Bonduranl, Gerald Carroll, John Sloeliing Larry Kelby. Row ll. Chuck Walbridge, Jerry Scorr, Glenn Ewing, Bob Haven, Chuck Henry, Don Peck, Karl Zurmuehlen, Dennis Jones, Roberf Fisher, James l-lancock, Charles Baker, David Wellinglon, Roberl Horner, David Brown. Row III. Don Pugh, Bob Prilchard, Bruce Parlner, Bill Cumberland, Larry Jones, Larry Reiherford, Myron Brown, Jerold Gray, Dave Goacher, Malcolm Young, Ronnie Kunce, Slfeven Smilh, Joe Tiplon. J J,, ,,,e,, ...... ,o,,, ,o, , , J Bl I ,YS H1- , W W , ,771 328 -phd 11441 , Liga'-Nzillh, I - Ml lg! Junior Y-Teens Junior Y-Teens - Row l. Gayle Kern, Ann O'Connor, Myrna Biddle, Nancy Schubert Kaihleen Sieele, Carol Niece, Jane Dixon, Pal' Phelps, Roberla Sirealy, Marilyn Mills, Kay Boardman, Marilyn Slow, Karen McCarlhy. Row ll. Pamela Boyer, Babs l-luber, Marcella Zaiser, Mary l-liday, Lou Ann l-larl, Shirley l-lollinqsworlh, Janice Sample, Soleria Pancol, Roberla Crilser, Barbara O'Connor, Thelma Shorl, Grela LivingsTon, P yllis Burk. Row lll. Barbara Kreigh, Ramona Bowers, Janel l-laven, Barbara l-losek, Nancy Trainer. Anne S+rea+y, Lucille Dinwiddie, Marilyn DeWiH, Kay Jenkins, Janel Cox. Marilyn Melzer, Joyce Ann l-lise. Row IV. Joyce Slern, Judy Ulrey, Faye Forgason, LaNorrna Jones, Judy Heiden, Diane Ringo, Marla Shimer, Elaine Guyol, Shirley Miller, Nancy Fisher, Janel' Filzqerald, Marilyn Jehrung, Rulh Jones. Row V. Anne Nichols, Darlene Slreves, Pal Samuels, Norma Gold. Sophomore boys are eligible To become members oiTorch Club. This year Jrheir main proieci was The annual Fas-- ier Sunrise Service,which was held in ihe high school gym- nasium. Programs during The year were designed for all Jrypes oi inieresis. Mr. James Carler, if-oiball coach ai high school, Mr. John Sioelling, and Mr. W. Fl. Forse were some of Jrhe spealcers. Torch Club Of'ficers-S+anding- Lowell Siewari, Bob Wrighifylr-F,Margfol Sea+ecI- Jerry Sandifer and Bruce Poore. N i fiiisbphomore' Sophomore Y-Teens - Row l. Elinor Rossin, Maxine Ross, Janice l-loard, Elvasue hlodson, Francis Baughn, Jane+ Swernam, Margie George, Shirley Warner, Sandra l-iighbaugh, Shirley Gilmore, Nancy Siephen- son, Belfry Sargent Mary Jane Gusfin, Jane+ Townsend, Sara Slewari. Row ll. Kay Collings, Pai Wiiharn, Carol Ann Wardlow, Lois Williamson, Juanila Wilhelm, Sue ScoT+, Jerry Shan, Judy Clore, Lois Clifron, Joyce Lee, Nancy Boggess, Connie Biclcel, Par Carraway, Kay McCullough, Janel Howard.Row Ill. Judy Gibson, Judi Wiley, Janie Van Buslcirlc, Barbara Bohannan, Sue Ford, Norma Balcer, Mariha Coffman, Jackie Barnhizer, Faye l-lawlcins, Margaref Haihcoai, Janeh Hariley, Joanne Birch, Mary Ann Alexander, Phyllis Green, Judy Knoiis, Donna Van Camp. Row lV. Alexandra Palces, Diane Fuller, Paisy Collins, Carol Ann Wood, Barbara Jane Fossrneyer, Brilla Bilbrey, Charlene Bonge, Janice Bohne. Judi Ann Smiih, Janie Sleele, Susan Shear, Vivian Kolenda, Ann Bishop, Naomi Case, Beify Sash, Susie Hollingsworih. Row V. Joanne Parlcer, Claris Warmlce, Charlolie Nichois. Elma Vaughn, Sandra Webb, Aliha Wiiliarns, Barbara Luiile, Deloras Siumpi, Carrell Rhodes, Sara Rider, Dorolhy Clifford, Sue Laswell, Elizabeih Woods, Kaiie Wolgamoif, Emily l-lull, Sue Ann Slieimer. Row Vl. Marilyn Wrighf, Connie Geniry, Pai Pheanis, Sandra Ziegler, Riia Ploviclc, Beiiy Taggari, JaneT Sue Eiclcler, Kay Eckert Connie Danforlh, Joyce Wayrnire, Sandra Kemp, Suzie Wagner, Carolyn Scho- field, Kay Thompson, Paula Vanderbur, Macel Mabbiii, LaDonna Felzien. .J , Y-Teens Freshman Y-Teens - Row l. Joyce Laylon, Beverly Carroll, Clydene Cook, Beverly l-lumlce, Peggy Tag- garl, Marcia Barron, Mary Ann Vainer, Phyllis Elaine Kelly, Pally Beauchamp, Teddy Pancol, Presidenlg Joan Lowry, Vice Presidenlg Beverly Duncan, Secrelaryy Pally Davis, Treasurer: Linda Milchell. Row ll. Carol Jo Friermood, Jodie Donahue, Angeline Pancol, Alelhea Crilser, Sharon Tucker, Sharon Mosher, Jane l-lunlzinger, De Ella Upshaw, Joan Flarrley, Joann Mayo, Deanna Trimble, Belly Sliner, ,Sally ,Slullz, Anila Swinlord, Nancy Payler. Row Ill. Ellen l-lilchcock, Susie l-lallield, Joann Boolh, Marilyn Birch, Billie Jo Bienerl, Judy Edens, Jane Judlcins, Julia Gold, Shirley Anne Haggard, Marge George, Linda Granger, Sharon Jones, Sandra Kidnoclcer, Leandra Scoll. Row IV. Barbara Peel, Marlha Cubb, Janice Clevenger, Mary Ann Mahan, Darlene lvlccullum, Sara Jane Miller, Mary Day, Ve l m a Owen, Sharon Ulrey, Diane Thomas, Shirley Wallcer, Donna Durbin, Connie Achor, Jenny Pollard, Donna Slier- wall, Row V. Nellie Scanland, Helen Ponsler, Rosada Shaw, Judy Sharp, Linda Poller, Chrislena Clanin, Nancy l-lasly, Calnerine Byrne, Joyce Williams, Nan cy Woods, Judy Parisi, Sally Raup, Donna Jane Vane asdal, Barbara Madren, Row Vl. Jane Schallneri Carolyn Baker, Lois Poling, Phyllis Wallers, Marlene Anlonidis, Alice Kocher, Judy Lewis, Suella Busseii, Phyllis Jolly, Judy Bemish, Pam Lowe, Janel Busby, Thea Phelps, Rosalee Nealis, Shirley Sch,ma,ll:1,,MergarelAlexalnvdengg .V S+: .4 ji, 32-,:f::"i'il.. .... - 55' Y Proiects The Y-Teens Clubs, spon- sored by lhe Y. W. C. A., are open lo all high school girls. The groups are com- posed ol Freshman, Sopho- more, Junior, and Senior Y- Teens, and lhe Teenelles. This year lhe groups com- bined lo sponsor several worlhwhile proiecls. Oul- slanding among lhese was lhe Mile ol Pennies, lheir World Fellowship proiecl, in which lhey senl all money lhal lhey received lo lhe Y- Teen camps in oher counlries. Al Chrislmas lime lhey senl chocolales lo lhe needy in Finland. Freshman Y-Teens Members of Hi-Y lislen allenlively 'lo one of 'lhe many guesl speakers al lheir regular business meeling. Teeneffes - Row I. Mary Alice Jones, DoroThy Rogers, program chairman arms: Adelle Williams, presidenT7 RoberTa Willis, Treasurer, Lena Drake, presidenT: Shirley Glazebroolcs. Row II, PaT WeaTherly, Sharon Cooper, Shirley WeaTherly, Rosanna PaTTerson, Edna Rogers, Shirley Anne VenTe Alfhea Agnew, RuTh Ann Morgan, Agnes Young, DcroThy May Cooper, ErnesTine Wilson. A new division oT Y-Teens is The CommuniTy CenTer Y-Teens called "TeeneTTes." They hold' Their meeTing Twice a monTh aT The CommuniTy CenTer where plans were discussed Tor dances, picnics, and parTies. ThourghouT The year The groups had many inTeresing guesTs on Their programs, which were held in The Blue Triangle Room oT The Y. W. C. A. High on The lisT OT This year's enTerTainmenT were The sTyle shows in which some OT The members Toolc parT. gBeTTy RuTh Thurman, sergeanT-aT- secreTary: Joan WeaTherly, vice- Julia Townsend, Lucy Alexander rs. Row Ill. Annie Nora Hawkins Phyllis Jennings, Vealer Davis A Tew oT Their many acT- iviTies held during The year were The hayrides which were held during The Talll, The square dances given laTer on in The year, and The picnics held aT The end oT The year, which are an annual occasion. r -r To provide a welcome change from classroom aclivily, our school has offered us convocalions. While lhe convocalions are enlerlaining Jrhey are also enlighlening. This year we had many inleresl- ing oulside speakers along wilh our own lalenfed sludenls. ROW l. Miss l-ligman, Priscilla Precup, Lynn Slurqeon, Carolyn Peck, Sandra Brannon, Mrs. McFarland, Miss Palmer. Row Il. John Boomer, Mrs. Grahame, Wally Smilh, Phil Nilaloclc, AI Lucas, Mr. Boyd, Mr. Garrigus, Neel McCullough, Mr. Davis. Sfuden+s lislen aiienfively. Undoubledly some of The bound- less spiril possessed by all Al-IS baskelball and fooiball enlhusiasls was worked up a+ our pep sess- Big Chief and LiHle Squaw do Indian war dance. ions. A+ any ra're, Jrhe lndian Chief and his Maiden added bo'rh vim and vigor lo all pep sessions wiih Jrheir colorful Indian war dance. i i The Pep Sessions Commi++ee is in charge of all pep session aclrivilies held Jrhrough our +he year, such as +he eleclrion of cheerleaders, Red and Green Week, pep ses sions belween Jrourney games, and The choosing ol lhe Indian Chief and Maiden. Pep Session Commiifee-Row I. Barbara Onlnsen and Mr. I-lerlweclc. Row ll.Janie Hiichcoclc, Suzanne Lindsey, Miss l-ligman, Mrs. Dieirich, Bill Sloner Chuck Riggle Herschel Chamberlain, Bill Webber. Row III. Pai' Rude, Mr. Bowen, Mr. Rencenberqer, Jim Aull, Miss Long, Miss Palmer Mr Clem Mr Mc Dowell, M r. Swill. Al-IS sTudenTs voTed on having six cheerleaders This year insTead oT The usual Tour. FeaTured in Their brighT red and green, They cheered The Team on wiTh new and old yells. The Indian ChieT and Maiden added Tra- dilional cheer wiTh Their colorliul war dance. , , ,, , Y Y Y, vwjg-, -... -.,.. ynyyy Cheerleaders 'iii 'National Thespians To become a member oT The NaTional Thespian SocieTy any boy or girl musT TirsT be a member oT DramaTics Club. Then he musT have earned IO crediTs which represenT IO hours' worlc in The Tielol oT dramaTics. These crediTs may be recieved by working baclcsTaqe sTage, acTing, or direcT- ing. Miss l-ligman and Miss Long are The TaculTy sponsors. N T l Thespian Sociefy-SeaTed-Judy ATwoocl. Janice Adcoclc, Judy Hale, Mary Ann Mills, Dixie Mun- neT Haynes. Sfancling - Miss Higman, sponsor, Jerry CurrenT, WaI+ BagoT, Miss Long, sponsor Vocalional Progress Fulure Teacher's Club - Sealed - Suzanne Lindsey, Wilma Smilh, Charles Greenwood, Carolyn Wash, Marcella Carpenler, Jane l-larrell. Row l. Marilyn Carroll, Novalyn Morrison, Julia Moore. Row ll. Mr. Brown, sponsor: Pally Shea-ls, Janel Phillips, Sylvia Fowler. Norma Slohler, Bruce Thompson, Mike Armslrong, John Erlel, Judy l-leiden, Norman York, Mrs. l-loch, sponsor. Formerly known as lhe Fulure Teachers ol America, lhe Fulure Teachers Vocalional Progress Club is named as such because il has widened ils field io any sludenl inleresled in any ol lhe various phases ol social work. The club operald under lhe able sponsorship ol Mrs. l-loch and Douglass Brown, lacully members. Vocational Progress Club Library Club Library Assisfanls-Row l. Dixie Slaley, Pal Harrison, Ann Chamlee, Barbara Hosek, Janice Bays. lrene Davidson, Jeannine Comles, Anila l-lughes, Mrs. Dadds, assislanl librarian. Row ll. Miss Price, librarian, Barbara Rushion, Beverly Brolhers, Shirley Cox, Belsy Dyson, Janel Townsend. Rila Plorrick, Rulh McMillan, Janalee Romine, Dixie Mundell. Row III. Max Goodwin, Larry Clark, Marilyn Slow, Barbara O'Connor, Lou Ann Hari, Beilie Brown, Kay Boardman, Judy Knoils, Marilyn Mills, Bill Slalnaker. Ramblers Club-Row l. PaT Sleves, Larry Bowers, Janie Harrell, KaThleen STeele, Carolyn Pollard, Elaine Van ZanT, Joyce Slein. Row ll. Helen Allis, Norma Gold, Darlene STeves, Diane Ringo, Miss LindsTrom, sponsor, BeTTy ClilTon, DoroThy Wells, DoroThy Surber, AniTa Van Zanl. Row Ill. Norman Jones, KeiTh Wendling, Linda ldle, BeTTy HaTT, Lois Tranbarger, Clark Byrum. "Rambling HisTorians" is a good' olescripTion ol The members oT Ramblers Club, Tor Their main inTeresT is hisTory. OuTsTanoling speakers and sTuclenTs Trom Their own club gave many inTeresTing Talks aT Their business meeTings. Junior Red Cross Junior Red Cross-Row l. Barbara Fenry, Donna STierwalT, Connie Bickel, PaTsy Collins, Phyllis Kelly, JudiTh Kabrick, Miss Johnson and Mrs. Moser, sponsors, Shirley Haggard, ArdaTh Haley, Rosalee Nealis, Joan Lowry, Judy KnoTTs. Row ll. DoroThy Baker, Norma Hellems, JuaniTa SmiTh, Joan Daymond, Carolyn Pollard, Sandy BrisTol, Linda Scheel, Barbara Bohannan, Marcia Barron, RuTh Qualls, Joyce Earhart Jean KeTner, Joan Diggs, Mary Ann Heena. Row Ill. Jean Ann SToner, Vivian PeTry, Jva,neT Howard, Barbara STerreTT, Jerry Shaw, Sara Rider, Phyllis Bushang, Jeannie Bucy, Janel' Bole, Alexandra Pakes, Mary Ellen HunT, r Row IV. Ronnie Gold, David HiTchcock, Max Hayden, HuberT Cox, D on Burris, Richard Monroe, Darrell O'BryanT, George Perry, J. D. Alder, Jim Vandergrillr. S fence-MaTh Club-SiTTing -, ir. S'ewarT, sponsorg Viz! Tor Peck, lla man FeaTher- rion, Bll Lyon. Mr, Wiser, rponscr. LiTanding-Clark Smiih, Gienr Purdue, Dwighlr VVeedmar,, Jim Townsend, Armand Rig- aux, Phil Nibloclc. Kay Thompson, Nancy Trainem Richard Fox, Barbara Hosel., i.lau:'fce S arr, Claire 'NNin is sor, Larry Bower, Barbara Qlconncr, Ray Daniel, Dennis Jones, KenneTh VV'il- lis. John Yarling. IT your inTeresTed in becoming a greaT scienTisT, Science-MaTh Club is The place Tor you. All kidding aside, an inTeTresT in science is The main qualiTicaTion Tor mem- bership To This club. Mr. l'lorTon and Mr.Wilson acTed as sponsors This year. I SiTTing-FaiTh l-iunT, vice presidenTq Barbara Penry, presidenTg Judy LuTz, secre Tary-Treasurer. STancling-Mrs. Moser, sponsor. NoT picTured: Mrs, DeharT. 'rd its , 45 Every year each homeroom elecTs a represenTaTive To be- long To The Junior Red Cross. Under The sponsorship oT Mrs. Moser, The high school nurse, The club compleTed several worThwhile proiecTs. Among These were The send- ing oT packages To The needy in Europe and Their annual drive Tor The inTanTile paral- sis Tundl. Fulure Refailer's Club-Sealed-Mr Pearl, sponsor, Gene Pefers, Bar- bara Penry, Laura Vaughn, Edna Pursley. Sfanding-Tom Poslan, Don Way- mire, Belly Brewer, Carolyn Slick- ler, Lela Crifser, Don Blueher, Palsy Myers, Earl Muferspaugh, Barbara Price, Bob Miichell, Maxine NVII- son, Biil Lawson. 0 I Anderson's fulure businessmen and women learned Jrhe fundamenral principles of relrailing in lhe Fulure Relailers Club which was formed lhis year. Under lhe sponsorship of Mr. Pearl, Jrhe sludenrs learned much abou? rhe arf of selling and had praclice demonslraling dillerenl producfs and services. The club operafed in connecrion wirh rhe relailing class which gained praclical experience by worlcing in The local slores. t , Futur.eRestaile.rS Qf,Am2fiw Miniwanca Council The main purpose of Miniwanca Council is Jrhe choosing oi scholarship applicanis for Camp Miniwanca. Miss Thursron served as Jrheir laculry adviser and sponsor. To be a member a sludeni musl ailrend camp in lhe summer. 43 Miniwanca Council-Seafed-Sara Norbury,Jane+ Haynes, Barbara Onlcsen, Bruce Poore, Miss Thurslon, sponsor. Sfanding-Judy Alwood, Carol Niece, Pal Phelps, Jeanne Bucy, Maurice Keilh. Dick l-lunlzinger, John Erlel, Verne Perry, i . ,Bin Radio Technicians Club-SeaTed-Mr l-1erTweclc, sponsor, Don Burris John Yarling, Haskell Counts, Pau Jones. STanding - Larry Bower, Danni The Radio Techicians Club was laTe in geTTing a sTarT This year, so The club had To disband. The club will be reacTivaTed nexT year if suTTicienT in- TeresT is shown among The sTudenT body. Radio Technicians Club T .i.i1 fi '1i. For sTudenTs whose prime inTeresT is in wriTing shorT sTories, poems, and essays, WriTers Club is The place. lvlosT sTudenTs who are members have high hopes OT obTaining Tame in The Tield oT liTeraTure. GeTTing Their poems and sTories published in naTional publicaTions was one OT The accomplish- menTs OT The members. Wriiers' Club-SeaTed-leH To righT-Shirley Clendenin, Joan l-lally, Be-TTe Line, Anne Nichols, RoberTa STreaTy, Miss ThursTon. STanding-Mary l-lollis, Carolyn NighTengale, Mae Dean PayTon, June McConnell, RuTh Peavler. 47 ' an r Jones, Ray Daniels, Richard POA Row I. Paul Riggs, sergeanT-aT-arms: Jerry Reveal, Treasurer: David PoTTer, presidenf Row ll. Mr. McDowell, sponsor, J. D, Moore, vice presidenTg Mr F y p Noi piciuredz Bob HunTley, secreTary. Dances As our Tall sporTs drew To a close, STudenT Council sponsor- ed The annual Fall Wind-Up in honor oT The cross counTry and To oT la a II Teams. The corona- Tion OT Sara Nobury, The new Fall Wind-Up Queen, was aT I l:OO, The TradiTional crown- ing hour. Her aTTendanTs were Marilyn STow and PaTsy Myers. m- :r -yvvgng-:vm rr-- jg - .1 sgvwgy-v-wv1wy1gns:'q5I'm1 -' For The TirsT Time in The club's TourTeen years oT exisT- ence, an ouTside organizaTion, The SporTman's ConservaT- ion Club, aided in sponsor- ing The Junior ConservaTion Club. As parT -OT an expanded program, The club held sev- eral special acTiviTies such as The duclc dinner and The Tish Try. l-lighlighTing Their pro- gram was The annual Tield Trip To Spring Mill STaTe Park in May. Jr Conservahon Club Rowl Mr Finney Paul Riggs David Poller J D Moore Roberf l-lunlley, Frank Boaz Jr., Don Corrrechl Dan Cobie James I-lancockJerry New on Mi McDowell Row ll Don Pugh Don Cook, J. D. Alder, Malcolm Young, Gene Shaw, Bill Sheels Bill Furnish Clarke Srnilh Erheldred Balhauer Jack Drigger Clark Byrum Row lll Bob Hufler, Dick Flowers, Charles Siiles, Bob Reveal Jerry Reveal Jaclc Hughes Bruce Tnomp on Jim Bohne larry Yorkers Karl Lurrnuehlen, Jack Raup, Junior Conservation Club This year's Sweelhearl Ball, sponsored by Delvlolay, was once again a huge success. The dance, which was held al lhe Eagles Ballroom, was anlicipal- ed by all as one of Jrhe largesr semi-lorrnal allairs ol The year. From a lisl ol lovely girls nom- inared by various school clubs, Sandy Ziegler yas chosen lo rule as Jrhe new Sweelhearl Ball Queen. Largely responsible lor rhe success of Jrhe evening was rhe music of Ronnie Easlman and his band. 1 c This is a Typical scene oT The I952 ediTion oT harmony aT A l-l S: The orchesTra members under The direcTion oT Thomas Clem are preparing Tor Their annual spring convo. The guys and gals oT The TlaTs and sharps deparTmenT pro- vided The background music Tor many oT The major evenTs oT The year including The Choral Club opereTTa, The senior class play, an-d numerous oTher evenTs. 331- .,.5.3.:.:. : .,,: -:-:-.-: :-: :-:-:-:-: Two oT AHS' beauTies, Sara Norbury and Sandy Ziegler, were crowned Queens aT The Fall Wind- up and Delvlolay SweeThearT Ball. ln addiTion To Sara as Queen, Mar- ilyn STow and PaTsy Myers were chosen aTTendanTs. Coeducarional music ar ils besl ---- Jrhar was rhe goal of This year's Mixed Choir which was direcled by Miss Mary Rulh Pal- mer. The remainder of Jrhe music deparrmenl was composed ol The Band, The Boys and Girls Glee Clubs, Girls Concerl Choir, and Choral and Madridal Clubs. Miss Mary Rurh Palmer, Thomas Clem, and Richard Recenberger are The direcrors of Jrhese groups. 'iii The moslr selecr music group al' school is Madrigal Club which is com- posed ol Jrwelve well-Trained voices. Members are chosen from Choral Club on The basis of lheir oulsranding musical abiliry. Row l. Carolyn Clem. Sara Norbury, Nancy Schubert Mary H day, Dorolhy Spangler, Barbara Onlfsen. Row II AI L D K l John Barr, Miss Palmer, Jim Scolf, Joe Thomas, Jim Sandiler. Orcheslra - Row l. Charles Fralaes, Pally Sheels, Don Birl, Calherine Bowen, Geraldine Smilh, Barbara Marshall, Row ll. Gene Fox, Kay McCarly Tom Toombs, Judy Mason, Sue Howard, Jane Drennen, Gwen Rawlin, Marybelle Singlelon, Joanna l-lall, Carolyn Preslon, Row III. Nancy Trainer Merediln Marsh, Barbara Leliel, Phyllis Jolly, Arclalh Haley, Mary Day. Charles Greenwood, Joe Allman, Bill Brown, Ronald Mingle, Belfy Skillman Bill Furnish, Nancy Sloul, Ernesf Barlh, Wanda Flall. Row IV. Mr. Clem, Virginia Crawford, David Brow, Roberl Wrighl, Don Goacher, Bill Rawlin Shirley Ciendenln, Jerry Shaller, l-luberl Vlfarner. No? Piclured: Marlha Stevens, l-larold Thomas, l-larolyn Phillips, Bob Holliday, Marvin Leazenby 'l U d l 5 H ll .,A,.,',',.,:,:,:,:,:,:,:,:,:. , 4:.:.:.:.:.:v.v...,.,.,.,.,,,.,,,. .,.,.,.3.,.:.:.:.3,3,g. I .1 .-,-,-, ,.,.,.,:,.3.,.:.3.3,3.3,3,3,3 i 3.5.3 .:.:.:.:.:.1. 5.i.33.3.3133:1-nge:-:-nz.: .:l:-:- 1 ,:,g,g,g.g.g 13232 "g', 1-:gr -:-:':':':- :-:-: ----2g2g2 gigrgrgrgrgigzgzgrgzpzgz ,.5:::,:,1,g,g,g,g 1 .g.g. gigigigzg:g:g:g:5:3:5:,:5:::::3:3:::::::gg-g Ag.g 4 grgigrgrgtgzg zgzgzgzgz Typical scene wilh 'lhc laancl members and 'lheir direclor, Richard Rencenberger. Whal would a convo, pep session, or baslqelball game be wilhoul lhe highi school band? Besides playing lor lhese lime-consuming aclivilies, The band and lheir direclor, Richard Rencenberger, lind lime lo march in parades, give concerls al olher schools, and pul on lheir annual pro- gram al Delco Remy. 52 lxlaying Tor The high school ChrisTmas program and The senior class play are iusT Two oT The many acTiviTies Thar members oT The orchesTra Took parT in. They also played aT P. T. A. meeTings, iunchoon clubs, Tish Tries, and numerous oiher evenTs. LasT Fall The orchesTra senT several sTudenTs To The All-STaTe OrchesTra. and This spring several members were inviTed To parTicipaTe in a TesTival spon- scred by ManchesTer College and An- derson College. The orchesTra played under The direcTion oT Thomas Clem. Maioreffes-Row I. Janice Sample, RoberTa Giles, Shirley BeaTTy. Row ll. Julia Moore and Kay l-leisirand, Row lll. RoberTa CriTser. Orchestra Band-Row l. Marvin Leazenby, Marilyn Carroll, Ronald Mengle, Suzanne Lindsey, Nancy l-lolT, Armand Rigaux, Harold Phillips, Barbara Bangle, Mary Wishard, BeTTy Sloan, Ronald Wheeler, John McnaTT, Bill Brown. Row ll. Alice MasTers, Jeannine Henning, Raborn Boardman, Don Sh'mwalTer, Jaclc l-luey, Jaclc STanislaus, RoberT l-lolliday, PaTTy SheeTs, Joanna Richardson, Bill Rawlin, John Rehm, John Cochran, Jerry Parker, Jerry Alspaugh. Row lll. Keifh Tracy, Susie l-lollingsworTh, Sandra WesTon, Dale BengsTon, l-larry NighTengale, Jack SmiTh, Marvin Roney, Charles Greenwood, Larry Jones, David Brow, Jerry Fox, Jim DeShon, Jaclc Appleby, RoberT Spell, Joe Allman, Marion Brown, Tom Byrum, Al Lucas, Gordon ChasTain, Leland SmiTh, Wesley Rouse, Shirley Clendenin, David Ball. STanding-lefT To righf-Jaclc Riggs, Richard Canada, l-luberl' Vifarner, Charles Fralces, Mr, Rencenberger, direcTor. NoT PicTured: Don Fisher and Howard KardaTzke. avamssrsarfwfwalexasfaswmsre-vgfmsfawwwwgr'aeswmwmr'iwfei2ra5r,rf.-,.f,f.e, farm . ..r,f,.U1.1f'a.sfeM'ww-s,L,w,,,-r,.r.fmw,H.rrf-My so. .. , -rr- vrvfiym., W .W,,.,M,..W,WW Choral Club under The direcTion oT Miss Mary RuTh Palmer, is The school's largesT and mosT im- presive vocal music group. Singing a wide range oT songs Trom spiriTuals To novelTynumbers.Choral Club presenTed Their program To many ouTsdie organizaTions as well as The ChirsTmas and Good Friday ConvocaTions and The CounTy Music Fes- Tival. An opereTTa, "The l-l. M. S. PinaTore," was given This year and proved To be a huge success. l-lighlighTing Their spring cTiviTies was a concerT given on April I6, The proceeds oT which wenT Toward The paymenT oT Their new robes. Choral Club Girl's Glee Club-Row l. Judy Wood, Carolyn Riggins, Janice Bohne, Dixie Robbins, Diana Hanna Marilyn CarTer, Angeline Pancol, Sue Boyer, ElizabeTh Wools, Lou Ann DaugherTy, Joan SchmidT Miss Palmer. Row ll. Mary Anne Cheever, BeTTy Farlow, Diana Sampson, Joyce l.ayTon, PaT S'eiTold CharloTTe Nichols, Julia Townsend, Joanne Trick, Linda Thiel, Phyllis PainTer, Barbara Mabbili Row lll. Shirley Campbell, Kalhryn McKessiclc, JaneT Sue STurgeon, Sharon Diggs, Joyce Earhart BeT+y Blake, PaTTy Dick, Donna Chapman, Shirley Holloway, Reba Davis. 54 1 I The main purpose oT The Girls Glee Club is To learn The main Tund- amenTals oT music. lT is in This club ThaT The girls begin Their Training Tor a more selecT group such as Choral Club. Choral Club-Row I. Judy Mallhew, Pally Phelps, Beverly Shimer,C1iorEa Nigherl, Carolyn Clem, Suzie Norris, Barbara Onksen, Ann O'Connor, Jo Anne Munson, Carolyn Peck, Mary Kay Grillirh, Shirley Beally, Soieria Pa ncol, Elaine Fisher, Donna Van Camp, Marilyn Slow, Lou Ann l'larl, Sara Norbury, Miss Palmer. Row Il.Janel Haynes, Failh Hunl, Priscilla Precup, Mary l-liday, Nancy Schuberl, Jean Ann Sloner, Marcella Carpenler, Janice Adcock, Palsy Ewing, Lynn Slurgeon, Jean Ann Barnes, Judy Alwoc d, Sue Roland, Sandra Brannon, Dorolhy Spangler. Row lll. Jim Sancliler, Keilh Gilchrisl, Charles Perry, Darrell Dean, Bill Shaw, Bill Sloner, Wall Ba gol, David Kessler, Donald Goacher, l-larold lhomas, Wallyf Smilh, Dick Cumberland, Al Lucas, Bobby Day, Dale Benglson, Charles Greenwood, Row IV. Joe Thomas, Jerry Sandiier, Jack R a g e r, Slanley Carpenter, Bill Sichalk, Bruce Poore, Curlis Hockell, Jim Yusl, Phil Schuberl, Ronald Men gel, John Barr, Jim Scoll, Norman Fealherslon, Bob Chadd, Don Cook. Girls Glee Clubs Girls Glee Club-Row l. Joyce Lee, pianisl, Belly Sliner, Pal Carraway, Nancy Boggess, Barbara Jo Brown, Joyce Campbell, Beverly Kurlz, Marlha Skellon, Louise Brown, Jacqueline Wellons, Shirley Rich. Row II. Anna Mae Dickey, Caroline Blackaby, Kay Asher, Donna Slierwall, Georgella Srnilh, Sandra Buller, Virginia l-lellerns, Cynlhia Bippus, Phyllis Bushong. Row lll. Doris Garrelson, Janel Sue Eichler, Myra Sibery, Sharon Tucker, Carolyn Ward, Palricia Wilham, Donna Durbin, Gloria Srnilh. Members of lhe glee club oblain experience in singing before a group when lhey presenl num- bers on The annual mus- ical convocalions. One of lhe groups is clirecl- ed by Thomas Clem. 55 Girls Glee Club, under The direclion ol Miss Mary Rulh Palmer, is op- en lo any girl who is in- leresled in music. Girls Olae Club-Row l. Kay Collinqs, pianisl, Shirley Ann Bumbalough, Jane? Ann Neil, Joyce Beally, Rosemary Baum, Judy Davis, Marlha Coffman, Marie Melzer, Diane Fulder, Gloria Barker, Helen Wise. Row ll. Connie Danlorlh, Shirley Owen, Jane Steele, Judi Smilh, Mona Woodruff, Carolyn Delph, Judilh Mason, Barbara Jane Fossmeyer, Jeane Sanders, Joan Redmond, Marilyn Birch. Row lll. Lula Bell Sloul, Kay Jenkins, Jacquelyn Rozelle, Ann Reid, Joyce Fauselr, Deanna Lewis, Donna Niccum, Shirley Swinlord, Sue Ford, Lois Cliflcr Kalie Wolgamoli, Pal Warmke, Rhoda Wolqamoll. Mixed Choir-Row l. Dorolhy Mary Cooper, Roberla Willis, Elinor Rossin, Maxine Ross, Joyce Wayrnire, Janel Howard, Donna Vanasdal, Shirley Clendenin, Belly Imel, Belly Sargenl, Carol Williams, lrene Davidson, Nancy Slephenson, Miss Palmer. Row ll. Sara Slewarl, Phyllis Jennings, Pal' Reade, Suzie Wagner, Ramona Bowers, Joan Hall, Shirley Glazebrooks, Elizabelh Richardson,,Phyllis Green, Anna Dunbar, Janer Fosler, Belly, Sloan, Roberla Cri'lser,. Row lll. Norma Slohler, Rulh McMillan, Herb Cappel, Dick Sloner, Bob Sexlon, Kenl Sherlle, Roberl Thompson, Billy Joe Smilh, Don Burris, Toni Toombs, Jim Lanqan, Bob Bonduranl, Norma Jean Bowerman, Carrell Rhodes. Row IV. Herman Ray, Tom Marlin, Richard Beckworlh, Dickie Venlers, Edwin Bridges, Dick Wirr, Jack Mullen, David Hiday, Delano Dolson, Don Birl, Richard Fox, Don Peck, Jack Dawson. 56 Boys' Glee Club, dir- ecled by Mr. Clem, is open lo any boy who wanrs lo belong. This is rhe beginning of musical Training for Those desir- ing Jro belong lo Choral Club. Boys Glee Club-Row l. Jerry Alspaugh, pianisr, Henry Claylon, Keiih Wendling, Norman Jfznel, Frank Newman, Max Farlow, Juhl Baker, Gene Shaw, Dave Wellinqion, Don Hughes. Row ll. Mr. Clem, Harold Wilson, Dick Beckwirh, Dick Venrers, Phil Kemper, Dick Dean, Norman TNoodard, James Smirh, Gordon Smilh. Concert Choir Concerl Choir, which is made up of all girls, adds color as well music- al Jralenr To any program. Besides singing for our enioymenr, The group also gave programs for ourside organizarions. Their direcror is Miss Mary Rulh Palmer. Girls Conceri' Choir-Row l. Sandra Highbaugh, Sue Drifiill, Parfi Sheers, Debby Roiruck, Jane+ Haven, Nancy Trainer, Babs Huber, Janei Firzgerald, Kay McCariy, Naomie McGill, Roberla Jane Slreary, Shirley Jean Wealherly, Shirley Warner, Row ll. Rila Plovick, Shirley Crain, Loiira Combs, Donna Turner, Marcella Zaiser, Wanda Gross, Beverly Bengsion, Judi Wiley, Nancy Couch, Joan Myers, Sharon Duncan, Janalee Romine, Miss Palmer. Row III. Anne Sfrealy, Barbara Erlandson, Lois Carler, Yolanda Breeden, Janel Haynes, Mary Sue Roberlson, Janef Swelnam, Kay Eckerr, Mary Hollis, Mary Decker, Marrha Ray. f s V al' A . 1. 1' V, 5 57 1 ,zizlfli This commiTTee is working on plans Tor The class giTT To be presenTed To The school by The class oT '52, Row l-Judy ATwood, Nancy Collins, Carol Deaver. Row ll-Don l-'lamilTon, BeTTy Thurman, Mae Dean PayTon. Row lll---Ronnie Brown, Dick l-lunTzinger, Max Taylor, Bill Parks. The Senior TalenT Convo, one oT The mosT enTerTaining oT The Senior Week acTiviTies, was planned by: Row I- JaneT l-laynes, Dixie Mun- dell, Judi Barnard. Row 2- J. D. Alder, Ronnie Acker- man, Bill Davis. This year The Drive-ln Thea- Tre parTy was held aT Noble- sville. The commiTTee mem- bers are Gene Fox, DoroThy Spangler, Gordon Roedding, Melvin Sunderman. This Time of year picnics are a musT, buT The Senior Picnic was The mosT memorable. IT came oTT smooThly aTTer being arranged by Don l-lunT MilTon Mills, Janalee Romine, and David Kessler , si' 4 -.Q were - , f w Clyde Trask Turnished The music Tor The Senior FaculTy Dance This year. The commiT- Tee working on This dance were: SiTTing--Janice Ad- cock, Mary Kay GriTTiTh, Carolyn Kline, Sara Norbury, STanding - STeve Pakes, Nancy Childes. Bob lvlamil- Ton. The Up-Town TheaTer parTy was arranged by: An- gela Sprague, Nelda TuxTord, PaT l-larrison and Jeanne Circle. STand'ing --Bob Vick- ers, Jerry Cook, Armand Ri- gaux. Committees CommiTTee members working on The A new acTiviTy This year was The Senior Brunch Ter Class AcTiviTies were: Row l-Mary arranged by: Row I-Sylvia Fowler and Carolyn gger Lou Meyer, Evelyn Hodgson. Peck.Rowll-Marilyn lvliller,AlTred Behrens Carol w ll Dick Spangler and Dick Gooding. SmiTh. Fronf Row-lefi To right Dwighl' Weedman, Bill Rawlin, Bill Parlcs, Phil SchuberT, Don l-lamihlon, Tom BenneT+, David FelTs. Second Row. PaTsy Myers, Judy LuTz, JoAnn Neff, Mary Ann EasT, Vivian Paschal. Lois Janes, Elaine Fisher, Mona Runyan, Carol Meiser, Kay McCarTy. Third Row. Barbara Harris. Judy Hale, Judy ATwood, Marie Miller, Mr. T. O. Bailes, C. 81 O. Railway agent Mrs. J. J. Bailey, Mr. J. J. Bailey. Mrs. Ronald Corn. Bill B'iH0'10Pe'a"eS+l'e li"0+YPe- Once again The prinTshop sTaTT puT in a year oT hard work prinTing all OT A.l-l.S.'s public:aTions such as The l.iTTle ChieT and The lndian. All prinTing is done by The sTudenTs under The supervision OT Claude Barner. Prinfshop STaf'F-fifTTing- Frank Rousey, and J. D. Alder. Row l. Charles l.aVailee Jim Jones, Tom Wools, Don Vifyair. Row ll, Bill BriTTon, Jim Maxwell, Vvlilbur Osborn. 60 Fron+ Row-leH To righi. Ronald Fox, Jim Balcer, Lyle York, Garl Sharpe, Jim Scoll, Bill Thomas, Ronnie Bowman, Bill Brown, Second Row-lviary Duqger, Madelyn l'la'r+ery, Barbara Penry, Evelyn Hodgson, Darlene Sleeves, Kafhy Sleele, Belsy Dyson, Ramona Bowers, Janef Cox, Grela Livinqsron. Third Row-Rep. John V. Beamer, Marilyn Carroll, Carolyn McDonald, Novalyn Morrison, Dixie Slaley, Mary Kauffman, Shirley Clendenin, Joanna Richardson. Washington Trip Ours is one of +he very few annuals which is prinlecl by ils own high school prinling cleparlmenl. Besides prinring +he annual, Jrhe prinlshop also cloes all The prinling for 'rhe enrire School Cily of Anderson. Jim Jones is -faking a picfure 'lo make an engraving. Prinishop Sfaff-Joe Fullinglon, Don Reger, Bob Davis, Alpha Vesf, Tom Williams, Jim Cox. 61 Fall Edilors-Siiling-Eileen Bell, managing edilor, Jackie Davis, lealure edilor, and Mary Kaullman, news edilor. Slanding-Vivian Pelry, assislanl lealure edilor, Lynell Kug- ler, business manager, Carl Wrighl, sporls edilor, and Mary Reed, edilor-in-chiel. - Fall Repo:-lers-Silling-Judy Wiseman,Judy Wesl, Meredilh Marsh. Slanding-Jean Kelner, Allred Behrens, June Mc- Connell, Dick Canada, Bill Lyon. Our school newspaper, The X-Ray, de- did lhe reporling and ediling. Claude Barner picled lile in Al-IS in ils lwenly-live issues. and his prinling sludenls did an able iob on Underlhe supervision ol Lee Pursley, lhe slall lhe prinling. Annual Slall-Silling-l-lelen Allis, Carolyn Kline, Doris Smilh, Connie Larnan, Nancy Childes, Pal Sleves, Slanding-Jerry Currenl, Dick Cumberland, JoAnne Munson, Bill Rawlin, Wall Bagol. A A 62 Our l952 Annual is a scrap- book ol lhe school year. ln il lhe aclivilies, sporls, honored slu- denls, enlire sludenl body, and lacully are piclured. Members ol lhe annual slall-lourleen slu- denls-combined lo edil il. The slall was l'lelen Allis and Carolyn Kline, underclassmen: Doris Smilh, arlg Connie Laman, Nancy Childes, and Marilyn Mil- ler, acliyiliesg JoAnne Munson and Pal Sleves, seniors: Dick Cumberland, sporlsg Bill Rawlin, lacully, Wall Bagol, junior bus- iness managerq Dave Kessler, business manager, Jerry Cur- renl, junior edilor, and John Boomer, edilor-in-chiel. Spring ReporTers-Row I-Julia Moore, JaneT Phillips, JaneT Haven An n Sprung EdlTors Sl'Hlng Meredlfh Marsh Judy Wesl' O Connor, Norma Gold, Claire Windsor. Row ll-Bill Warmke Ronnie J e a n KeTner STandlng Mary Kauffman Bill Lyon Colvill, Jim AulT, Jim Bannon, David Poore, Anne Nichols. Jackie Davis Eileen Bell Sue Roland One Thing ThaT is always welcome To The sTaTT and had a picnic aT Mounds STaTe Park sTudenTs every week is The X-Ray. The mem- laTe in April bers oT The sTaTT combined wiTh The annual ANNUAL STAFF This year There was a new annual advisor, Lee Pursley, who proved To be very helpTul as well as a loT oT Tun. The sTaTT worked on selecTing a Theme, pasTing picTures, and wriTing copy and heads. AT lasT The book wenT To press and we were Tinished. 63 X 1,1 k av . Q., x Q Y I T Nanny , Us 1 i KA ix x s N 'S ff ,. Q , , - Q x , X- Q I J' Swv su F5 1, s M 1. i k .ffm A , Q N ifxpf J 3 +1 as X ,if , xi , JQQ 'i f' ' dbg," ' ' , ff! f was --A 3 W" ' 3 N' - 95, f'xlR, ' V 'Y'.Q fLii ,ll ' as fir f .. if . X, ' 5 ' ' 4 V' K , . 335 . . 5 : ff L Ami - ., ,Q K- :L 8 if A ' Q 4 fan MQ ' S f 1 4 - w V, Sv 'Q Q. . , 5 if' 5 I - , R . w 5 J 4, if A-ff, , f fi :vx 1-.gg3fjI.f . , g A" m ' Q sri 'V Q ,Q Q,, 1 i TN 2-5 N was-. an as I Q NW? 9 Sports In Review Carrying on ine proud Tradiiion fyf , h of ine Anderson Indians was The job 07 of Jrne ainleric deparimenr. Tneirsuc- 7 i cesses are recorded in This seciion of J fxiiiiiiligdix gf fi- was l 'fi iii MW iii J i f? .1-1 ff A ff r-3 ii i , ' i f QQ. in f N V K 'C' , :ia 'W V iw? W Qi 'f d Cm, I i . - 'r - ,f n . X3 JQLTJHIJLETIICS --fvzxwknv Y WV ,W 65 Harriers Continue Dominance OT Cross Country Laurels Nasa Q Coaches Carl Bonge and Ray Fleenor Running all opposiTion inTo The ground, The Indians cap- Tured Their sixTh consecuTive sTaTe championship, wiTh Gene Fox, Indian senior capTured The individual TirsT place honors. The Tribe capTured all oT Their dual meeTs as well as The Old PosT MeeT aT Vincennes and The NorTh CenTral +i+Ie aT Marion. Fox and Bob Vickers led The Warriers ThroughouT The year. Vickers romped home in TirsT place six Times including TirsTs in The Old PosT MeeT and The lNI.C.C. championship. Fox led The Tield To The Tape in Tive meeTs. Fox's lasT Two vicTories came in The secTional and sTaTe meeTs. The Indians were never hard pressed during The season wiTh Tech OT Indianapolis coming cIosesT To sTopping The Tribe when The Braves repulsed Them, 20 To 4l. The Braves ran roughshod over six opponenTs by Turning in perTecT scores over Marion, MiddleTown, I-Iowe, Burris oT Muncie, Richmond and Culver. AT The end oT The year, Gene Fox was eIecTed honorary capTain. Bob Vickers and Don I-IunT were The only oTher men on The Team ThaT will be los+ by graduaTion This year. V' I 's I ' Af , - Q. . ' f Kasey, ' egaziexfg . f ' l fa , . ,1,,1Q r ' - x 5 5 , .else-T T W"-T fi?i5?EiaZG',E5i4 ,, ': .J , x . M aff , . . ae any is X R1 s , 1 f I 3 ' f 3 ' 'Vw '9' Row I. Dick Moore, Lowell Vogel, Jim ScoTT, Gene Fox, Don I-IunT, Bob Vickers, MilTon Mills, Frank Rousey, Vic Peck Ronnie ETheringTon, Dick Miller and Francis Couch. Row ll. JeTTery Seullen, Bob Day, Bob Knight Jim Cox, Bob Purslev, Jack Raper, Dave Poore, George Thanas, George Van Osdol, Richard Harper, and Larry Kelly. Row Ill. Norman York, mgr., Frederick S'choTT, Tom BenneTT, Dick Bays, Charles Baker, Max I-Iayden, Dick FousT, Gary Mills Dick Maynard, Bob Flannigan, and Torn Davis. Row IV ..... Ray Fleenor, ass'T coach, Barry Gaar, Tom Rhodes, Larry Penry, Niles Anson, Dave Zaerer, Dave Brown, Larry DehoriTy Jerry Fowler, Bill England, Eugene Fox, Jack Ravage, Carl Bonge 66 rm, Top Row, IeII 'ro rig hI'-Gene Fox, Bob Vxckers, Don Hunt DICIQ IvIoore,and Duck MuIIer. BoHom Row, IeII' I g I-Ronald Erheringron, Lowe-II Vogel, Charles Baker, Francis Couch, and Larry KeIIy.. Tri-be Adds Sixth State Crown To Coiiection I Anderson 20 ...,......,...............,.,......, Tech 4I N. C. C. Championship Anderson I5 .,AA'AA' ,.,x..,. M argon 46 Anderson I7 .,.r... .A., .,.,A :vIunCIe Cenrral 74 Anderson I5 .,..... '.,.......,4, I-I owe 50 ec 'Ona Anderson 23 q.-4'.'. ..,4hA,. N Odh Side 67 Anderson I5 .....4.........,.........,...... .CuIver 50 cl , Anderson 35 ...........,A...A.,. Bloomungron I66 An erson I5 ...,,.., .4.A..A. .... l A,A. B u rrls 50 POM. Wayne Norm Side '66 Anderson I5 .,..... 4.4.... . .,... R uchmond 50 51-61-e Champions!-,ip Anderson I7 ,4.,..,. Muncne Cenrral 46 Anderson 20 ......,,..........,.....,,.,........ Tech 70 I of Bearcats' Defeat Climaxes Buildng Season Row l Charles Murphy, Mgr., Ray Minfon, Glen Ewing, Bob Sexlon, Roq er Whiiehead, Dick Sloner, Dave Couch, Frank Troulman, Don Vance Bob Barnes, Frank Niccum, and Frank Newman, Mgr. Row ll Haskell Counls, Mgr., Jerry Morgan, Jack Caplinger, Larry Auslin, Maurice Keilh, Bob Chadd, Phil Kemper, Dave Nicholson, Herb Hood Ronnie Brown, Arr Kibby, Dave Harris, Gene Bennefi, and Bill Cumberland, Mgr. Row III Kennelh Smilh, Coach, Carler Byfield, Coach, Bill Mafhews, Bill B oys. Roger Hardacre, Joe Tiplon, Don Smilh, Bill Gray, Kenny Hunf, Leon Rogers Dave New.on, Jack Sink, Mark Ereharl, Tom Davis, Jim Early, an d Jim Carler, Coach. Row IV Dick Dean, Lyle Crouse, Denny Simpson, Pele Dearing, Don Myers. Larry Farley, Jess Elchison and Wendell Hilliqoss, Delealing Muncie's Bearcals in lhe final game of lhe season lerminaled whal And- erson lans considered a successful year. Wind- ing up rhe season, lhe lndians had delealed Delphi, Royerlo n, and Muncie and lied a highly fouled Logansporl Jream. Coach James Carler was highly pleased al lhe showing ol his boys, who, Though inexperienced and ollen oulweighed, were always giving lhe game and Jrheir opponenls everylhing lhey had. Dave Nicholson and Bob Chadd, seniors, were honored by lheir leammales, who chose lhem as honorary co-caplains for lhe year. The Indians opened lhe campaign al Con- nersville, bul lhe heavier Sparlans scored a louchdown in lhe opening minules ol play. The Jrwo reams pushed each olher up and down lhe field lhe resl ol lhe game, and lhe lndians :ame our on lhe shorl end ol a 6 lo O score. lconlinued on page 7Ol -W ml, . assay ' ig, 1. s ii ' Q3-'xelsif Row l, lefl lo righl'-Jim Carler, Wall Manifold and Kennelh Smilh. Row II, lefr lo righl-Jim Early, Carler Byfield, Hank Pollen' and Joe Sparks. Varsity Wins Three, Ties One? Reserves Win Two, Tie One AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS VARSITY O I ,.... , ,.....,. . ,...,.,....,. Connersvilleo Richmond 63 Tech 33 Elwood IQ Delphi 24 Logansporl I3 7 ..,.........,.. .,,. ....,. K ol4omo 46 AHS I3 ..,,s ,..,... ...s..,....,...,....s.....,.....4.. H o we 20 AHS 43 ..,44,.. ...... R oyerion 2 AHS I9 , ...... .,..,.,..A....,,.,.,,.. M uncie I2 "B" TEAM Anderson 7 ...... ...,,..,.,..,......,.. L alayelle 7 Anderson 7 4..... ..,.....,.,,... l. alayelle O Anderson 32 .I.,..., ........, W arren Cenlral G TOP--Bob Chadd breaks loose for a long run againsl Loqansporl. BOTTOM--Roger Vlfhilehead squirms Through Three Loqansporf rven Io sei up lying Touchdown. F, VW,..,,. , ,.LX,, ,..,, . -I I 4.5. I - H .A NexT The Tribe enTerTained The Richmond Red Devils aT Denny Field, buT Jim PeTers, evenTually The leading scorer in Indiana high school TooTball This year, broke away Tor Tour TirsT period scores as The Braves suTTered a 63 To 6 shellaclcing. Again The Indians hiT The road, This Time To Tech oT Indianapolis. The Tribe showed much improvemenT in Their Tackling and blocking buT The Green Wave had Too much power and depTh as The Braves dropped a 33 To 6 decision. The Elwood I3anThers closed wiTh a rush ani. scored 3 Touchdowns in The lasT Two minuTes oT play To deTeaT The CarTer--men, I9 To I4, and hand The Tribe Their TourTh sTraighT de- TeaT. I-lowever againsT Delphi, Lady Luclc smiled on The Braves. Six Indians scored one Touch- down apiece as The Tribe downed a good Del- phi eleven. The Indians played Their besT game oT The year To daTe in earning Their TirsT vic- Tory oT The campaign, 4I To 24. Anderson's TirsT home coming game could p Row, leTT To rlghT-PeTe Dearing, Roger WhiTehead, Bull Mafhows, Ronnie Brown, Bob Chadd, and l'Ierb Hood, m Row, IeTT To righT-Dave Nicholson, Jaclc Sink, Joe TipTon, Larry AusTin, fXrT Kibby, and Dave I-Iarris. . 70 ...D,,, . .,A,,, be Termied a greaT success. The Indians were given a greaT IiTT by The 5000 Tans and enum- erable and coIorTuI TIoaTs. The Tribe responded by Tieing a hiTher-To undeTeaTed I.ogansporT grid machine, I3 To I3, Tor a greaT moral vic- Tory. The Team's exuberance was shorT lived as a powerTuI Kokomo Team dampened The Braves' soiriTs wiTh a 46 To I2 reversal on The KaTs' Tield. I-Iowe oT Indianapolis Then handed The men oT Coach CarTer a 20 To I3 seT back in a well played game in The CapiTaI CiTy. Coming home Tor The IasT Two games oT The season, The Indians smeared a hapless Royer' Ton squad To The Tune oT 43 To 2 in a sudden I:ursT oT scoring power. Ending The year, The Indians virTuaIIy ran The Muncie BearcaTs oTT The Tield in knocking Them oTT, I9 To I2. The Indians ended The campaign wiTh a 3- won, 6-IosT, and I-Tied record and a promis- ing ouTIook Tor a beTTer-Than-average grid rnachine nexT Tall. p Row, IeTT To righT-Denny Simpson, Don Vance, Bob I-lamiITon, Larry Farley. LyIeCrouse, and Don SmiTh. B Hom Row, IeTT To righT-Bob Barnes, Leon Rogers, Dave NewTon, Jarry Morgan, GeneYBenVneTT, and Ton. Future Indian Greats Drill Hard WiTh Their eyes on The TuTure, Coaches WalT lvlaniTold and Joe Sparks began The Te- dious Taslc oT molding a grid Team oT The in- experienced Treshmen. l-lowever, aTTer much hard worlc by The coaches and boys, a good Team was realized. FRESH MAN RECORD Anderson 7 ...... ,....,......,..,..,.,.............. ......., M u ncie i8 N Anderson 0 New Caslle 0 ZisanragserraUlii'LIhyCumberland, l-laslcell CounTs, Frank Newman, and Anderson I2 .4.4...- New Cadle H Anderson O l.afayeTTe I3 Anderson 33 ..,.. Elwood l2 5 A Agia: .Sq 'M 13, as . V 4 M Row l. Bill SmiTh, Jaclc Dawson, Carl Graddy, Jim Shannon, Ke n Brown, Joe lreland, Charles Bailey, Larry Ealy, Jim Bridges Don l'luTTer. Row II. Ron Ponsler, Jim LevereTTe, Tom PeTTigrew, George Perry, Bob Morrow, Deryle MarTin, mgr., Ted BooTs, Rex Fraley, Jim Graham. Jack CoTTin, George Chapin. Row lll. Coach Manifold, Alvin Woods, James Adams, Barnes l.aTham, Ross Dovey, Phil Plummer, EvereTT BurmeisTer, Dick l-lazel, Bob Holliday, Doug Roby, Phil Grieve, Paul Collis, Coach Joe Sparks. '72 Wrestling Steadily Improving In Popularity Row Row Row Row Don I. Fred James, Jack Flarper, Bill VVarmke. Il. Coach Kenny Srnilh, Ben Nell, Bruce Madren, Richard Harper, Jerry Rhodes, Larry Bowser, Fred Scoll, Coach Joe Sparks. Ill. Ross Dovey, Jerry Fox, Jack Gayle, Verne Perry, Glenn Fwinq, Jim Hensley, Arr Kibby, Dale Lechlighlner, Don Burris. IV. Jim Smilh, mqr., Jerry Foley, Norman Johnson, Joe iiolon, Elheldred Balhauer, mqr., Norman Johnson, Tom Peliiqrew, Smilh, Dave Nicholson, Bob Gayle, Bob Barnes, John Warner, mgr. Bob Gayle, Indian senior, was elecled hon- orary caplain as lhe Anderson malmen ended a lair season. The Tribe caplured Iwo reg- ular season malches, over Peru and Rich- mond, and placed lourlh in lhe Seclional. Bob Barnes was lhe only Brave lo compele in lhe slale meer where he garnered one poinl. MATMEN WIN 2, LOSE 9 Anderson II ..., .....................,........,,........,.. D ecalur Cenlral 27 Anderson ll ....... ....,.. C rawfordsville 34 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 3I .... I4 ...,.. II ..... 2I .... I5 ,..,,.....,....,.......,.,.... .,..,...........,.... I4'lh placel I ....... Bob Gayle Turns Table For Shorlridge Man SECTIONAL STAT E Tech Bloominglon Richmond Muncie Cenlral Peru Decalur Cenlral Shorirldge Soulhporl Lafayelfe Tech Tech wg 4 ff 9 n.. .. .... WM,--Q . ,V :1 as x , .-qw .X .Eff . ff? :Tm Q53 ak y 5 M -gyz 4 X ' X 'fks-'ff"'mwq"f' v-emi, K . sa f . dm A 4'NQ' -. Q' 4 ,xx 1 S ,W 1. NV? + -fa A ,g.mfg. S Q ,Q 5 A me ' k K L pgs H ,, 1 fy. f V ' , LY , w, , K Q 4? A .I S , , X V , ., 5 ,V , Y Z Lx ., ' Q X .Q K ' 2' N 415- sfliwfw 1 1123 , ANZ I ' kc W N f Qffff' A A U L A 5 pfvwwg W :Q Q Q , 5 , f 6, ff ,L I 'V Y x Q . .ST X A has 3 I , me 2, - XJ 2 ' , fa " E Q'zSQ'n'5A-.xv J , 5 K ' ,fvvivbs .M-.M , ,. 2, L. . A ' 2 'iw-Q 4 4 .N 3 f ww ' 7 QV q'4: fjg ,,,,g, , W We, E I , 5 a y I g I I I ' ' ,I I i ' if 'fk I, ' 3 e" fir I I 4 4 5 ' , -" r . . - , , . I sf' mwAV g D , 5 . yi fl , 'I . , I I F ni' Row-Jim Early, coacln, Dick Cumberland, mgr,, Bill Cumberland, rngr., and I-Ianlc Poller, coacli. BIrR I'Iy H gl I-Ibl-IdCI1ISII1PID QJIWCI D Gg VPIQ D d JyBI: Dk b II R Wlif I1 d c ow- a nes arrin on, er oo, ares mi , K Ilfily, Joe Camp e , and oger ie ea . Indians Bow To Tech In Regional Tussle sell, 55 Io 5 I, willw "CI'iucI4" Smillw snaring scoring Iwonors willi I5 poinls. Wilrh I-Ierb I-Iood and Clemons Iwilling lor I7 markers apiece, Jell ol Lalayelle fell viclim Io Ilie Indians in Ilwe Wigwam, 68 IO 67. IVIarion's Gianls closed willfi a ruslw Io inllicl Ilwe Iirsl' loss ol Ilne season on Ilwe Polrer-men, 58 Io 54, and slarl Ilwe Tribe on a live game losing slrealq. Clemons and J. D. Alder led Anderson's bid willi I5 poinls eaclw. Playing Ilieir second game on Ilwe road in Iwo niglils Ine Braves dropped a 62 Io 53 decision Io a nor Cenlral of Forl Wayne crew. I'Iood -Iallied I6 markers as Ilie resl of Ilie Tribe had dillicully in cracking Ilwe -I'iger's zone defense. Iconlinued on page 76I G 6 GGFIFI , O Fl STTWOTIS, on FED EBF, IC SC , , AI er, err an er, ic' . -was I.: .i-: . :,fiZ",I ' ' .GFI O ef' Jim Early, Wall Manifold and I4 IQP II Row, J. IP, Alder, Frank Roufey, Id New AIbany's Bulldogs had won 39 sTraighT on Their home Tloor and The Tribe, aTTer riding I5O miles, were no maTch Tor The blisTering TasT break and smooTh ball-handling oT The Ohoi River boys as They became vicTim num- ber 40, 72 To 53. Numerous Times The Bulldogs had Two men going under wide open To score. I-Iood was The only Anderson man To be eTTec- Tive as he marked up 23 poinTs. lvluncie CenTraI's evenTuaI sTaTe champs became The TourTh Team in a row To knock oTT The Indians when The Magic CiTy crew chalked up a 49 To 42 vicTory over The discouraged Tribe. Alder Topped The aTTack wiTh I7 Tallies. STarTing The new year oTT on The wrong TooT. The Braves Tell vicTims To The Kokomo WildcaTs' powerhouse, 65 To 45, in The aTTer- noon game oT The "Big Four Tourney" as Alclcr again led a balanced scoring aTTack w, Chuck SmiTh, V,c Peck, John C emons, and I-lerb l'1ood. L . . . , . wiTh I4 poinTs. The nighT game oT The Tourney was a com-A pIeTe reversal oT The aTTernoon encounTer. T'lood's I4 poinTs led The Indians To a 56 To 3 7 conquesT oT New CasTle's Troians To capTuro Third place honors and break The Tive game losing sTreak. Coming home To play Their TirsT home gamo in over a monTh, The Tribe was a compIeTeIy new Team. Showing rebounding and scoring abiIiTy They hadn'T shown all year, and sparked by I-lood's 28 poinTs, The men oT Coach PoTTef Trounced The lvlarion CfianTs, 83 To 50. A highly under-raTed Shelbyville guinTeT gave The Braves Trouble when They Threw a a TighT zone-deTense againsT Them, buT The Indians emerged wiTh a 45 To 37 vicTory when The Golden Bears sTalled away Their own game. Alder Topped Anderson scoring wiTh Row, Pe e Dearing, Jerry Banrer, Don Granger, Dick KoTIiley, and J C pb Il aynes hlarrincfron. and Roger Vx! OS GUI e . head. SmiTI'1's shof is blocked. I3 markers. SmiTh sTuTTed 25 markers Through The ham- per, buT his eTTorTs wenT Tor naughT as Tech oT Indianapolis rolled To a 7I To 56 vicTory over The Indians aT Tech. ReTurning home To The Wigwam proved To be oT no help Tor The Braves as They dropped Their TirsT game on Their home Tloor To Mun- cie's BearcaTs Tor Their second deTeaT oT The year To The lvIcCreary-coached men. SmiTh again led Anderson by scoring I5 poinTs as The Tribe wenT down in deTeaT, 50 To 46. I.awrenceburg's Tigers were added To The IisT oT Indian vicTims To even The ledger aT seven wins and seven losses. The Tigers Threw a smooTh passing aTTack againsT The Braves IMT The superior heighT oT The Indians and Their balanced scoring Topped by I'Iaynes I-IarringTon's I2 poinTs was Too much as The I7oTTor-men Took a 64 To 50 decision. STIII on The up-swing, The Tribe handed The I3rankTorT I-IoT Dogs a 56 To 47 reversal. SmiTh scored 20 markers 'Tor individual honors againsT The zone deTense oT The I-IoT Dogs. CenTraI oT 5ouTh Bend became The second ouinTeT To hand The Indians a seTback on Their own Tloor by Tripping The Tribe, 73 To 66. De-- soiTo oood rebounding and excepTional shooT- ino, led by I-Iood's I4 Tallies, The Bears held on To a slim advanTage The IasT Three minuTes oT play and handed The Braves Their eighTh seT- 77 Alder drives and scores. ATTer a Torrid TirsT haIT in which The Indians back againsT eighT wins. ouTscored The Kokomo 'KaTs by Three poinTs The Tribe had a Trigid second haIT and The men Trom Kokomo Took The measure oT The Braves, 77 To 6I. I-Iood Topped local scoring wiTh I7 poinTs. ' WiTh a new scoring ThreaT Tound in Roger WhiTehead, who Tallied 24 markers, The Tribe knocked oTT a sTubborn I.ogansporT crew 67 To 57 aIThough The Tinal ouTcome was never in doubT aTTer The TirsT Three minuTes oT play. Winding up The regular season games on The home Tloor The Indians bowled over The New CasTIe Troians Tor The Third Time oT The year and The sixTh Time in Two years. I-Iood led The way wiTh his second 28 poinT perTormance oT The campaign as The PoTTer-men wound up on The vicTory end oT a 77 To 67 conTesT. Traveling To Richmond Tor The Tinal game oT The season, The Indians ran inTo a sTone wall oT Red Devils and came ouT on The shorT end oT a 60 To 45 score. Alder was The only And- erson player scoring in The double digiTs as he racked up I2 poinTs. IT was The Indians' sixTh conTerence deTeaT againsT six wins and Their TenTh overall deTeaT as compared To Ten vic- Tories Tor The regular campaign. Opening The secTionaI, The Indians. playing wiThouT The services oT Senior Frank Rousey who underwenT an operaTion, downed a TighT- Whifehead sneaks Through "Ring around The rosie" ing PendIeTon Irish ouTTiT 44 To 33 as The Irish Tried To make The Tribe play a slow Type ball. However The Braves broke away in The Tinal period and puT The game on ice. AIder's I5 poinTs spearheaded The Anderson aTTack. FrankTon's Eagles proved To be a sTronger obsTacIe in The Tribe's paTh Than was anTici- paTed, buT The Indians, sparked by T-Iood's 26 Tallies, downed The FrankTon quinTeT, 59 To 5I. "Chuck" SmiTh, Indian Senior, suTTered a bad- ly sprained ankle in The closing minuTes oT play and was losT To The Team Tor The resT oT The season. I-IarringTon, sTarTed in The place oT The in- jured SmiTh, played The besT game oT his high school career as he led The Tribe To a 44 To 38 vicTory over a highly regarded Elwood ouTTiT. I-IarringTon's I2 markers and his conTrol oT boTh backboards inspired The Indians To Their 27Th secTionaI crown. A Working The ball beTTer Than They had all year The Tribe played Their hearTs ouT in The opening game oT The Indianapolis Regional, buT The cards were sTacked againsT Them and The Green Wave oT Tech emerged vicTorious 47 To 46. Clemons wiTh I3 and Alder wiTh I2 poinTs led The Indians' scoring ThrusT. JD. Alder, I-Ierb I-Iood, "Chuck" SmiTh, 78 1. Vic Peck, John Clemons, I-Iaynes I-IarringTon. and Frank Rousey, all seniors, are losT by grad- uaTion. ReTurning To Torm The uncleus Tor nexT year's squad are Roger WhiTehead, Jerry Banker, Joe Campbell, Dick K e iTh I ey, Don Granger, and PeTe Dearing. I"Ierb I-Iood and J. D. Alder were honored aT The end oT The season by Their TeamaTes who chose Them as honorary co-capTains Tor The year. Anderson 60 ..,...... ..........., G reenfield Anderson 55 .....,... ...... .... ..... N e w casTIe Anderson 68 ......... ........ J eTT. LaTaye'He Anderson 54 .......... ........... .......... M a rion Anderson 53 .......... ........ C enT. F. Wayne Anderson 52 ..,......, ......,....... N ew Albany Anderson 42 .......... ,.................. M uncie Anderson B3 ...,...... ,......,...,.. M arion Anderson 45 . .,........ ......... S helbyville Anderson 56 .......... ....................... T ech Anderson 46 ..,..,.,.. ................ . ...,,. M uncie Anderson 64 ........,. ........,.. L awrenceburg Anderson 56 .......... ........,........... F rankTorT Anderson 67 .........,. ............ C enTraI So. Bend Anderson 6I ....,.,..., ....................... K olromo Anderson 67 ........,, .................................. .................. L o gansporT Anderson 77 .....,................... .,............. ...,....,. .......,...... N e w Casiele Anderson 45 .... ........................................,.,.......... ............. R i chmond BIG FOUR TOURNEY Anderson 45 .,.........................,.......................... ..................... K okomo Anderson 56 .....,.,.........,.......................................,.......,,. New Casile SECTIONAL Anderson 44 .,,, ...... ..,..........,................... ......... P e n dIeTon Anderson 59 ......... ..........................,,,..., .......,.,, F r anldon Anderson 44 ....,.,,.. ..........................., . . .......... ......,.. E Iwood REGIONAL Anderson 46 Tech Row l. Charles Murphy and Harold Counfs. managers. Row ll. Don Vance, Bob Pursley, George Tlianes, Diclc Maynard, Jaclc Armslrong, Gordon Van Winkle, Jesse Elclwison, Slweld Wilde, BOE' Bieneliel. Row Ill. Coach l-l. Poffer, Don Smillm, Bill Joes, Gary Mills, Bob Davis, Andre Slrealy, Don Myers, Bill l-larless, Don Julia Jerry Morgan, Coaclw Early. Papooses Chalk Up Thirteen Victories And Ano Ano Ano Anc Anc Ano Anc Ano Anc Ano Anc Ano Ano Ano Ano GFSOIW SFSOH GFSOV1 GVSOT1 GFSOV1 GFSOV1 SVSOH GVSOVI GFSOV1 SFSOI1 GVSOV1 GFSOV1 GFSOU GFSOV1 GFSOV1 GFSOV1 Anderson Ano Anal GFSOH GFSOI1 43 ...... .... Q .. Greenfield 37 39 ..,... ...,, N ew Caslle 40 39 ..,,... ...,. L afayelre 33 54 ,,,,,,.,...,..,.,.. I .,..,,.....,. Marion 47 5l ,,,,......., - -,..,.....,.. Fi: Wayne 34 Richmond Tourney 53 - ...,..................,. New Casrle 26 43 ..... .... R iclwmonol 44 34 ...,,,, ...... M uncie 37 43 ,..,.. ......,.. M arion 33 39 ,.,.. ..,... S lielbyville 28 38 ...,.. ................,,., T eclw 36 42 ,..,... .........,......... M uncie 28 47 ,4... ..,... L awrenceburg 33 33 ,...,. .,,...,...,. F ranlcforl 39 48 .,.,... ...., . , Sourlm Bencl 22 36 ..... .......,.. K olcomo 38 36 .,4,. .,.. L ogansporr 39 5I ,..,., ...,. N ew Caslle 28 38 ,..,.. ,... R ichmoncl 34 79 Fresh Show Great Promise For Future Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Greenfield Laiayelie New Caslle Wilson Richmond Tesl Richmond Dennis Richmond Dennis Marion Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 39 ,.,.,,,,.... Marion Marlin Bools 29 Ff. Wayne Tourney 54 .....,........s.,.,.,,.. New Caslle 20 50 . ..,, ..... M uncie McKinley 253 43 ,ss,,s ....., M uncie Wilson 42 59 ...... Muncie McKinley 45 48 ....,. .....,.. N ew Caslle 33 32 ...,,. ..s,, P endleion 34 R l Ice Ireland, Bill S lh Phi D gl Ch l S hock and Deryle Marlin, mgrs,, Tom Rhodes, Kenny Wise, Jack Dawson, and A X! d "fl S. OU GS, GFSS C R II Carl Greddy , Jack Coffin, F lcLay+on, Jim Leverelie, Bill E gl d E H B fer Jim Shannon, Doug l-laslinqs, Dick l'l l R M on ee"er,, Ro Ill Coach Manif ld Nyl Answn, Orley Rosenbarqer, A D h fy, Jim Adams, and Carler Byfield yere urmeis i r'il'ur Minniiield, Barnes Lafham, Dave Brown, Charles Bailey, Larry , ,7 Linksmen Garner North Central Conference Crown Finishing eighl slrokes aheiad ol second place Tech, lhe Tribe caplured lhe Norlh Cenlral Conference goll diadem wilh a lolal Va rsil'y Record ol3I6 slrokes, Anderson 22 ...4.,.,.,,.,... Kokomo 2I Joe Cam bell .aced second wilh a 753 Don Granger, lcBDur+h,pwi+h a 79: Merlin Tvler, lillh, Anderson 28 "4' 'iiii4"" T Sch I9 wilh an 807 Ivan Geiger, lenlh, wilh an 83. Ar10lGFSOI1 38 .r,.,...A... lVlUV1CiG I9 l-2 Campbell, bealen only once during lhe Anderson I3 I-2 I-mga mare I I-2 year, consslenlly fired in Jrhe low sevenlies, "A' Y Granger, playing his usual calm game, shol N C C around 75 all season long lo pul pressure on ' ' ' his leam male. Geiger and Jerry Higginbolh- Anderson 3 l 6 Slrokes TGCl1 324 am averaged in lhe low 80's lo round oul a SJffOl4GS- well-balaced foursome. Row l-Dave Boone, Dan Davisson, Herb Cappel, Jerry Kimbel, Dave Brown, Don Granger. Ivan Geiger, Roberl Monroe, Bruce lvl o ren, Bill Penn, Larry Penry, Jack lvlelson, Don Pickell, Row ll-Joe Campbell, Merlin Tyler, Ted Bools, Jerry l-ligginbolham, Gene Wolfe. Al Jackson, Maurice Howard, Juhl Baker, Don Peck, Jerry Scoll, Clark Byrum, Clarke Smilh, Elhelred Balhaurer, James Moo Joe Ireland. Carl Wrighl, Arlie l-louslon, Bob lv1cAllisler, John Yarling, Coach Jim Carler. Joe Campbell lays a long drive. sw '1'l1'4ll2i"WLSP-Aiai?iv?6'5i.1x i5T.'F'FF' 'T 81 Climaxing a successful season, lhe Indian lhinlyclads qualified I7 men in in d iv id u al evenls and bolh relay leams lo compele in lhe Regional al Tech of Indianapolis. Because ol ihe publicalion deadline. il was impossible lo publish how lhe Indians fared. During lhe season, lhe Tribe compeled in four duel meels, Iwo relays, one invilalional, lhe N.C.C. championship, and lhe slale meel. Opening The year, lhe Indians bumped off a good Richmond crew by lhe score of 58 2-3 lo 50 l-3. Nexl, -l'ech's Green Wave fell viclims ol: The Braves, 59 I-2 lo 49 I-2. The Assislanl Coaches Ray Fleenor, Carler Byrield, Jim Early, I-lead Coach Carl Bonge. Indian Track Squad Qualifies I7 Men For Regional Row I. Bill Rawlin, mgr., Bill Malhews, Jim Levereile, Ron Erheringlon, Jack Dawson, DicI4 Moore. Roger Whilehead, Millon Mills, Max I-layden. Row ll. Carler Byfield, assislarnl coach, Phil Levi, Bob Viclcers, Bill Broadnax, Don l'lunl, Gene Fox, Haynes Harringlon, J. D. Alder, Vic Peck, Alberff Harris, Verne Pelry, Paul Plummer, J e ry Morgan, Yen I-l.'n+ Row lll Coach Carl Ponje, Tr-rn Davis, Ron Fosler, Leon Rogers, Bill Jones, Dave Poore, Bob Pursley, Dale l.ecl1li'lner, John Slolces, Marlc Erehari, Jerry Fox, Frances Couch, Dick Miller, Ray Fleenor, assislanl coach, Row IV. Jim Ea rly, assislanf coach. Dick Foul, Bob Knighl, Don Meyers, Jess Seullen, Larry Kelley, Jim Bannon, Jim Aull, Curl Hockeli, Ronnie Bowman, Joe Tiplon, Jim Cox, Bob Barnes, Jim Davis, Jack Raper, Don Jullian, Lyle Crouse, I ' ' ' " as is I az ' . it A , A '. " ' -, 15,..'f"iLfZ1J S2i2L4:ag.n...'f....Z,.r,' ., if ,J . L. x A. --4 ,.m.'.z'z.!: Img .i 2.1, .:i'f.,2L:,. if is 3? is as E sa 25 E S E E li Ha '22 af Row l. Roe KirkpaTrick, James Quinn, Frank Norris, Tom Rhodes, Dick Miller, Duane Frisbee, Rad T-lufTer, Ronald Orbaugh, Row II. Jim LevereTTe Jim Shannon, Charles Owens, ChesTer Robbins, Alvin Woods, Bill Smifh, Dee Carroll, Basil Surber, Jim Adams, Don STroud, Jerry STumpT Jack Dawson. Row Ill. Coach JimEarly, Melvin V'-filliams. Barnes Lalharn. Jack CoTTin, Bill England, Leland SmiTh, Eugene Fox, Norman Woodward Phil Plummer. Jim HamilTon, Larry Downing, David Zierer. Muncie Relays' Crown wenT To Kokomo, who edged The Tribe, 44 To 4I, when The Ander- son mile rela y Team was dis'qualiTied aTTer They had won The evenT. The Marion GianTs TelT The wraTh OT The Thinlies as The Braves delivered a bl I-2 To 47 I-2 conquesT To "The l.iTTle Napoleon oT Track," Coach Carl Bonge. The Kokomo Relays rolled around only To Tind The Tribe shorT handed because oT illness and iniuries. NeverTheless They placed TourTh wiTh 28 poinTs behind Gary RoosevelT's TirsT place aggregaTe oT 53 l-2 markers. ReTurn- ing To Kokomo The Tollowing week, The Thinlies dropped The only dual meeT They losT all year, To The experienced WildcaTs, 59 To 50. ln The NorTh CenTral Conference The lnd- ians placed second To Kokomo, 58 I-3 To 43. As secTional Time rolled around, The Tribe bore down harder To aTTain a peek perTor- mance as They rolled up 66 poinTs To second place Burris' 27. Vic Peck shows his heels To his Tech opponeni- as Roger Whifehead is caughf in one of his 20 feeT plus iumps and lanky Haynes Harringfon besfs Team ma+e Ron ETheringTon 'ro The Tape in The 440. D n l-lun+ J. LH Alder Bill Broadnax Bob Vickers P l Plummer Vic Peck Jim Leverelle Bill Mallwelvs rr Harris Millon Mills Haynes l-larringio Verne Perry VEi7siiyii5ThinIies Turn In Highly Successful Year Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Varsify Record Kokomo Relays 58 2-3 '......,,.'.,., Richmond SQ 1-3 Anderson 28 ,........... Gary Roosevell 53 I-2 59 I-2 ......,. .........,.. T ech 49 I-2 llowll' placsl bl I-2 .,...... .,...... M arion 47 I-2 ,N C. C.. 50 .4............................ Kokomo 59 Anderson 43 .,............,......... Kokomo 58 I-3 lsecond placel Muncie Relays 4l ,.......,...,......,......,. Kokomo 44 Sechonal lsecond placel Anderson 66 .................... Muncie Burris 27 Q4 .M ...,.5.4LL.-,L.,. . ,.,.. ,z:,r...u:.xx............Q.g..x..g:..u.u....r.,.A.u.n ..:.n,:..s.. -,.L.a..-,.mm,.,i..uL-u.,.m..7z:a .....,..-s-. 1, Anderson Andersno Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson.,20 38 .......r,..,.... 67 ,.,rr., f '.'. .,-- f--f,vnw,.w-: V Reserve Track Richmond 23 I-2 67 I 2 ......, .,4....,. T ecn 4l I-2 Marion 24 I-4 74 ....,....,.,.........,...,........, Kokomo 35 Frosh Track Muncie McKinley 5l I-2 Blaine of Muncie 7 I-2 Muncie McKinley 43 I-2 Wilyson of Muncie 42 FL Wayne Relays Ff. Wayne Nor+h4.40.. I-2 Hiirn placej SF Dick Moore Rog Wh R Eh gf J y on 2 erin on SI' r Mor V ifelwead Gene Fox g J kD BH GWSOH Tennis Squad Notches Formidable Year WiTh The season over haIT compIeTed, Coach Dane Pugh's Tennis squad held a 4 won, 2 IosT record. They had 5 maT- ches remaining, all againsT sTrong conTerence Teams. The youThTuI Indians opened The season wiTh a 6 To I vicTory over Broad RippIe's RocIceTs, buT ShorTridge's Blue Devils Turned The Tables on The Braves in Their second maTch by The same score. The Tribe Then handed Burris oT Muncie a 5 To 2 reversal, buT CenTraI oT Muncie reTurned The com- pIimenT by downing The Indians, 4 To 3. Marion and Kokomo Then Tell vicTims oT The Braves by scores oT 6 To I and 7 To O. AT The same Time oT pubIicaTion, The Braves had maTches remaining wi+h Richmond, I.ogansporT, Tech, FrankTorT, and LaTayeTTe. R I D kC d G ge Perry, Jack Gayle. Row II. Denny Simpson, Bill Harless, Sheldon Wilde, PeTe D g M I B h p B b B nefiel, Ronnie Gerkin, Dale Closser, Dane Pugh, coach, Jack Raper, Dick I-IarTzeII, GI E g 86 Indian Pastimers Pummel Foes Behind Strong Hitting g Behind a consistent barrage ot base hits. the Indian baseball team notched victories in six out ot their seven contests. Combined with the heavy hitting was the tine pitching ot the Tribe's mound corps. Chuck Smith, Wally Smith, and George 'Ihanas provided the bulk ot the victories with substantial reliet work by Bill Isaacs and Dave I-Iarris. The Braves opened the season at Memor ial Field against the I-Iarttord City Airdales Atter a close tussel throughout the game, the Indians scored in the last halt ot the seventh inning to take the contest. k Row I. Malcolm Young, mgr, Don Smith, Dick Maynard, Dave Couch, Max Moore, Dick Stoner, Bob Brown, Bob Fisher, Don Loc wood, Deryle Martin, mgr. Row II. Ken Ray, George Thanas, Jerry Banker, Wally Smith, Ronnie Brown, Sonny I-tunt, Dick Keithley Rex Bailey, Kenneth Smith, assistant coach. Row III. Walter Manitold, assistant coach, Dick Spangler, Bill Isaacs, Lowell Vogel, Dave n, ac ic en, Coach I-Iank Potter. Harris, Herb I-Iood, Chuck Smith, Frank Rousey, Dave Nicholso J k Kt h Anderson 4 ......., ..,,.. Anderson Anderson 5 ,,,,.... .,,,.. I4 .... .... I-Iarttord City 3 Tech 4 Harttord City 2 Anderson 3 ...,... .... I. atayette 6 Anderson 7 ,,,,..s ,,.,, R ichmond 6 Anderson I3 ..... ,...., L ogansport 4 Anderson I I .s... .... . New Castle 3 H cIC chH kPtt acl A I tC hWaItM tlcl George Thames Frank Rousey Bill Isaacs Dick KeiThley Lowell Vogel Sonny HunT Bulk GT Squad To Be Lost By Graduation Tech and big Joe Sexson Traveled To Ivlem- orial nexT, buT revenge was sweeT as The Tribe humiliaTed The Green Wave wiTh a I4 To 4 lacing. Traveling To l"larTTord CiTy Tor an- ofher encounTer wiTh The Airedales, Coach PoTTer and his men Turned back The Airedales. in a well-played game. 5 To 2. JeTT oT LaTay- eTTe proved To be a very unobliging hosT as They Turned back The Braves 6 To 3, Tor The lndian's TirsT and only seTback. Richmond enTerTained The Tribe in Their nexT ouTing and puT up a good scrap beTore The local pasTimers emerged Trom The con- TesT wiTh a 7 To 6 Triumph. ReTurning Their LogansporT "cousins" The complimenT The Indians belTed The Berries' piTchers Tor a I3 To 4 conquesT. New CasTle's Troians, playing abouT The same calibre oT ball ThaT LogansporT did, Tell To The wayside, I I To 3, Tor The Tribe's sixTh Triumph in seven games. LosT Through graduaTion This year are eighT regulars. They are Frank Rousey, Sonny I-lunT, Chuck SmiTh, Jack KiTchen, Dick Spankler, Ronnie Brown, I-lerb l"lood and Dave Nichol- son. W , 1....4,,,A, ,,.,,. ..L..4..4....g,..,,., .-,li ,.,.-l,..u.,,.... o.L,.J.m,,u.....-. Clwuclc Smillw Jael: Kilclmen Dave l'larrlS Dick Spangler Jerry Banker Ron Brown l-lerb Hood Wally Smiflw Dave Nicholson Dick Kei+l1ley slides back info 'firsl Ronnie Brown digs 'For home www., afler an aHemp+ed pick-off play. affer Sonny Hun'r's base hi-l. ' Row l.Violel Duqger, Belly Bailey, Lou Meyer. Mary Dugger, Phyllis Beneiiel, Jean Barnes, Sliaion Duncan, bue Roland, Joan Diggs, Barbara Scorl, Alice Masers. Row Il. Pliyllis Jolly, Judy Srage, Suerla Bussel, Rila Anderson, Billie May Adams, Nfiima Smiilw, Roberia Willis, Doris Tway, Phyllis Busliong, Norma Moore, Gloria Barker, Penny Boyd, Barbara Moore. Row III. Jo Booln, Rosalie Collis, Belly Gilpin, Susan Kirkman, Janice Slaggs, Barbara Dierriclw, sponsor: Juanira Jackman, Corella Corzine, Margarel Alexander, Sylvia Jones, Judy Clark. Girls Compete In Many Sports Mary Dugger was recipienl ol llwe G.A.A. Learning Jrlie fundamenlals and rules of llfie Sporlsmanslwip Award al The end of llie year. games, llie G.A.A. members compeled in The award is given annually lo ine girl show- many sioorrs. Under Mrs. Barbara Dierricl'1's ing rlwe besl sporrsmanslwip during ine year. guidance, The girls parlicipaled in volleyball, Mary Lou Meyer was voled The winner of llwe soccer, lable lenlnis, baskelball, sollball, and l-lonor Award on 'rlwe basis of oulslanding lrack. .... abilily, allilude, and parlicipalion. Sporrsmansl-rip Award '--M--'i'm""wi-"WWW W wif Y-M Winner Mary Dugger lg'- and Honor Award Win- Barbara Diefriclw, sponsor, Mary Dugger, Joan Diggs, Janice Sfaggs, Barbara Scoll, Mary Lou ner Mary Lou Meyer. Meyer, Berry Bailey, Norma Moore, and Gloria Barker. Ushers Club l Row l. Carl Craila, Jim Hancock, Dick Flowers, Jerry Brillon, Roclney Hufler, Frances Howe. Row II. Jack Caplinger, Bill Parks, Dick Segner, Clinlon Murdock, Phil Reicharl, Jim Maxwell, Howard Eilar, sponsor, Dick Wirl, Ronald Harris, Jack Raper, Bob Thomas, Don Hughes, Paul ingery. Lillie apprecialecl bul always on lhe job al alhlelic eyenls were lhe ushers ancl lheir congenial sponsor, Ho- warcl Eilar. Keeping order ancl helping lans lo locale Their proper seals were only a lew ol lhe iobs performed by lhe ushers who kepl lhings rolling srnoolhly. G. A. A. Teaches Girls Good Sportsmanship And Clean Living an 5,4-,g, V 3? si -,E . .xf:Q,: s P-224' ? Aw-wf-'wrfv-1 sri. " vi. ff ff. 'FF-1 Tsiwsn ff Q Q 2352 E ,T L fi W Mn-7 -f . em 9352? . W ,. Q Wx 15' , M ts. .. f k ff X E 'gm i A' , 51 k e + Q. 2 . i ! K , 'S Aff? ff ' 3 4 5.1 4, 'L 3 .f 7, I flgfxilllliag 3 M -I A .fm,.- . , . f , . my m, Q. 2. 7 SW x T AL: ,wi Q 3 ff if NN f 9 Q, .Q-M. wat: 'fi je we 35:23 ,W V :swf 19: 1, if 1 M , N ggufqgg a "Big Wheels, "Almos1' Big Wheels," "Sophs," "Freshies," and +he men and women +ha+ keep 'Phe ball rolling---You'il find ihem ali in fhis seciion of ......,..... ....... . .. . 5 .., J an f ,Ci V Ig ' f 7 K 1 A Q 'E it . ' Q ' , :Q X if, ,. 1 ,A W 75 K ff ' f 1w1zfgf2:5E-:::- ggrmaifiieififvi E:::.':::::::5E5? ,fi A 'E X X 1 Ig W Q ,ga CY V A 93 " 4 WN ww-S: , .iii R tt Y L, , 2 ig K r j f . f' Q47 ii e ff ' i i' i ' 4 i 4 i X X ,V ,Mi ff , nb, - , Oh! Where ls Thar Book? The Gray Ghosr Senior Looking For A Dare Down In Fronr Hey! There's A Spolrl 94: Senior Executive Committee, Class Sponsors Mrs. Mary Kitterman, Mr. John Finney 95 Senior Class 'Officers-Janet Ham- ilton, Secretary: Jim Sanditer. Vice President: Verne Perry, Pres- ident: Charles Greenwood, Treas- urer. Senior Executive Committee- Seated-Verne Petry: Jim Sandi' ter: Janet Hamilton: Charles Greenwood. Standing Jack Kit- chen: Bill Rawlin: Marjorie Starr, Dixie Staley: Jean Pitts: Nancy Shelton: Janet l-laynes: Ronnie Bowman: Suzanne Lindsey: Davic' Elmore' Mary Kay Grittithg Bar- bara Onlasen, an ROW ONE-Ronald Keiih Ackerman-General--Sr. Talenl Program Comm. 4. Janice Adcock-College Prep.--Drama? ics Club 3, 4: Thespian Sociely 4, Library Ass'+ 3, 4, Sludenr Council 4, Glee Club I, 2, Mixed Choir 2, Choral Club 4, Operella 4, Pub. Rep. I, 4, I'I. R. Trees., Ramblers' Club I, 2, Y-Teens 4, Sr. Dramalics 4, Prom Invilalions Comm. 3, Sr.- Facully Dance, Chr, ol Refreshmenls Comm. 4. J. D. Alder -General-A Club 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, Conservalior Club 4, Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4, Co-Capl. 4, Track 4, Sr. Talen+ Program Comm. 4. ROW TWO-Barbara Allen-General-Y-Teens 4. Helen AI. Iis-College Prep.-Y-Teens I, 2. 3, 4, V.-Pres. 2, Chr. Ser. Comm. 3, Ramblers' Club 4, Dramalics Club 3, 4, Sec. 4, Band I. 2. 3, Orcheslra I, 2, Prom Band Comm. 3, Ds-,an's Ass'l 2, Annual 4, X-Ray Typisl 4, Monilor 3, H. R. Sec.- Treas, 2, Chr. A. A. U, W. Sr. Tea 4. James Arms+rong4- College Prep.-Sludenl Council I, Torch Club 2, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, I-li-Y 3, 4, Voca'l Progress Club I, Glee Club 2: Mixed Choir 2. ROVV THREE-Marlha Armsfrong-Business Ed.-Y-Teens 4, Bible Club I, 2, Moniior 2, H. R. Pres. I, 2, Judilh Aiwood -College Prep.-Y-Teens I, 3, Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4, Trees. 3, Thespian Soc. 3, 4-, Sec. 4, Voca'I Progress Club 3, Choral Club 4, Mixed Choir 3, Sr. Dram. 4, Library Club 2, Sec. 2. Lib. Ass'+ 2, Miniwanca Council 4, English Ass? 3, Sr. Class Giil Comm. 4. Laurence Baclcus-College Prep.-Ramblers Club I, Sludenf Coun. 2, 3, Monilor 3, Sludenf Guidance Comm. 3, 4, N. S. P. A.-Chicago 3, X-Ray Slalf 3, Glee Club 2, Mixed Choir 2, Physics Lab. Assif 3, 4, Wreslling I, Sr. Picnic Relreshmenls Comm. 4. ' ROW FOUR-Barbara Balmer-General. David Balcer--Pre. App.-Convo P. A. Syslem 3, 4. Irvin Eugene Balmer-General. ROW FIVE-James Balrer--General-Track " Cross Counlry I, Barbara Bangle-Home Ec.-Y-Teens 2, Band I, 2, 3, 4. Geraldine Marie Barker-Home EC.-Y-Teens 2, H. R. Sec.- Treas. I, 4. RONN SIX-Judilh Barnard-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Program Comm. 4, X-Ray 3, N. S. P. A.-Chicago 3: Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, Freshman Execulive Comm. 3, Visual Aids Ass'I 4, Prom Dance Comm. 3, Library Ass'l 4, Jr.-Sr. ACI. 3, Sr. 'fal- enl' Program Comm. 4. Dewayne Barnes-Pre.-App. Duane Barnes-Bus. Ed.-I-li-Y 4, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, H. R. Sec.- lreas. 4, Sr. Up Town Thoaler Parly 4. ROW ONE-Jean Ann Barnes-College Prep.-- Ramblers' Club I, 2: Y-Teens 3: Honor Socieiy 4: Moniior 3, I-lead Monilor 4: G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Operella 4: Concerl Choir 2: lnfer-Class Aclivilies 3: Pepooses 3. John Everelle Barr-General-V-Band I, 2' Choral Club 3, 4: Offer- ella 4: Madrigal Club 4: Dean's A5s'T 4' Monilor 2, 4, Sc.- Eacully Dance Program Comm. 4: Richard Beard-Collefqe Prep-I-I, R. Pres. I, 4: I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Track l, 3. ROW TWO-Shirley Beally-General-Y-Teens I, 2: Sliicieril- Council I, 2: Monilbr 2, 3: Maiorelle I, 2, 3, 4: Library Ass"r 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 4: Operella 4: Mixed Choir 3 Concerl Choir 2: Glee Club I, 2: Sr. Picnic Refreshments Comm. 4. Allred Behrens-General-X-Ray 4: Hi-Y 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Sludenl Council 3: Sr. Brunch General Co-Chr. 4. Eileen Bell-General-Ramblers' Club l: l'l. R. V. Pres. I, 2: X-Ray 3, 4: Managinq Ed. 4, Ass'+ News Ed. 3, Co-Ed.-iw Chief 4: N. S. P. A.-Chicago 3: I. I-I. S. P, A.-Franlciin 4: English Ass'l 3, 4: Sluclenl Council 4: Execulive Council 4. Monilor 2, 3: Journalism Ass'l 3, 4: Li'I"lle Chief 3, 4. ROW THREE-Phyllis Benefiel-General-G. A. A. I, 2, 3: G. A. A. Council 2: Co-Chr. lnler-Class Acfiviiies 3: Monilor 2, 3: lnler-Class Acliviiies 3, 4: Inier-Class Comm. 4. Duane Bese++-Pre.-App. Marilyn Bevars--Bus. Ed. ROW FOUR-Carolyn Blaclcaby-Home Ec.-Y-Teens: Ramb- lers' Club. Herberf Bonge-College Prep.-Dean's Ass"r 3. John Boomer-College Prep.-I-lonor Siociely 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Torch Club I, 2, V. Pres. 2: I-li-Y 3, 4: Jr. Conservaiion Club I: lnl'er-Class Aclivilies 3, 4: Sr.-Facully Dance Banu Comm 4: Convo Comm. 4: Jr. Rolarian 4: I-lead Monilor 4: I-I. R. Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3, 4: N. S. P. A.-Chicago 3: I. I-I. S. P. A.-- Franklin 4: Ass'l Ed. of Annual 3: Ed.-In-Chief of Annual 4, ROW Duane Boone-General. Connie Lou 83- ren- -General--Y-Teens I 2, 4, Il. R. V. Pres. 4: Sr. Brunch Relreshmenls Comm. 4. Larry Bowers---College Prep. ROW SIX-Ronald Bowman-College Prep.-i-Ionor Socieiy 3, 4: Sluclenl Council 4: Sludenl Council Exec. Comm. 4: Sr. Class Exec. Comm. 4: Class V. Pres. l, 2: Facully Luncheon Chr. Place Comm, 4: Model U. N, 4, Parliamenlarian 4: Model Legislelure 4, Alice June Boycl-Bus. Eo. Sandra Brannon-General-Sr. Class Play 4: Y-Teens I, 3, 4: Dean's Ass'l' 4: Bible Club I: I-I. R. Sec.-Treas. 4: Choral Club 4: Glee Club 2: Mixed Choir 3: Convo. Comm. 4: Speech and Therapy Ass'i 3: Library Club 2: Operefla 4: Monilor 3: Sr. 'lalenl Program Comm. 4: Sr.-Facully Dance Invilalion and Chaperon Comm. 4. ROW ONE-Be++y Rulh Brewer-Bus. Ed.-Y-Teens I, Re lailing Club 4: Monilor 4. Beverly Ann Brolhers--Home Ec --Y-Teens 2: Jr. Red Cross 3: Library Ass? 4. Ronald Earl Brown-College Prep-H, R. Pres. I: Sludenl Council l, 2, 3, Treas. 3: Torch Club l, 2, Chaplain 2: Foolball l, 2, 3, 47 Baslcelball l, 2, 3: Baseball l, 2, 3, 41A Club 3, 4. ROW TWO-Ronald Eugene Brown-Bus. Ed.-Hi-Y 3, 4' Track l: Baseball 3, 4: Sr. Class Gifl Comm. 4. -William Brown-College Prep.-Band I, 2, 3, 4: Radio Technicians Club 2: Science Club 4: Tennis 2, 3', 4. Sara Ellen Brundage -Home Ec.-Pepooses 3. ROW THREE--Jeanne Bucy-College Prep.-Bible Club 4' Honor Sociely 3, 41 Miniwanca Coun. 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross l, 3, 4: Y-Teens I: English Ass? 2: Visual Aids Ass? 3: Ramb- ler's Club l, 21 Monilor 3: Sr. Picnic Place Comm, 4. Carol Burmeisier-General. Beverly Cage-General. ROW FOUR-John Clyde Carpenler-General. Slanley Car- penler--Tech.-Goll 2: Glee Club 2: Mixed Choir 3: Choral Club 4: Radio Club 3: Camera Club 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Operella 4: Sr.-Faculiy Dance lnvil, and Chap. Comm. 4. Marilyn Lee Carroll-College Prep.-Ramblers' Club l, 2, Band l, 2, 3, 41 Concerl Choir 3: English Ass? 2, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Head Monilor 4: Voca'l Prog. Club 4: H. R. V. Pres. 2: Allernaie Commencemenl Speaker 4. ROW FIVE-Mary Jane Carroll-General-Y-Teens i, 2. 3, 4, Cabinel 2: Glee Club 2: Moniior 3: English Ass? 3. Rob- erf Carson-General. Barbara Jean Carier-General--Eng lish Ass? 4: Glee Club 2: Prom Dec. Comm, 3: Y-Teens l 2, 3, 4: Monilor 4. . ROW SIX-Marilyn Gay Carler-General--Y'Teens l, 2. 3 41, Cabin-ei I: Glee Club 4: Monilor 2, 3: English Ass? 3 Marjorie Joan Cassell-General. Roberl' L. Chadd-Genera -Foolball I, 2, 3, 4, Co-Capl. 4: Baslcelball I: Track I, 2, 4 Choral Club 4: A C-lub 4: Delvlolay 2, 3, 4: Dean's Ass? 2 Locker Ass? 3, 4: H. R. Pres. 3, V. Pres 2: Sr. Drive-ln Thea 'IGF Clomm. 4. 98 ROW ONE-Rondal Ray Chambers-Tech.-Honor Sociefv 3, 4: Infer-Class Acf. 3, 4: Visual Aids 2, 3. Don Chapin- General. Sidney Eugene Chaney-Tech.-Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3, 4: Inler-Class Acl. 3, 4. ROW TWO-Dale Chapman-Tech.-Torch Club I, 2: Hi-'r' 3: Cross Counlry I, 2: Track I: Sludenl Council 2: Sr. Picnic Refresh. Comm. 4. Ronald Dean Childers-Pre-App. Nancy Sue Childes--GeneraI--Concerl CI1oir3: Mixed Choir 3: Head Moni+or 3: H. R. Sec.-Treas. 4: Annual 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3,111 Sr. Ifram. 4: Glee Club 2: Pnom Dec. Comm. 3: Sr.-Facully Dance Chr. Prog, Comm. 4': Dean's AsS"r 4. ROW THREE-Jeanne Claire Circle-College Prep.--Mow ilor I: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: H. R. Pres. I, 2: Exec. Comm. 2: Prom Relres. Comm. 3: Sr. Up-Town Theaier Parly Co-Chr. 4. Ara Lee Clarlr-General. Caroline Clarlison-I-Iome Ec.---- Y-Teens 2, 3. ROW FOUR-George W. Clarkson-General. Carolyn Lou Claus-Home Ec.-Y-Teens 2: Cvlee Club 2, 3: Library Ass? 4: Pepooses 3: Monilor 2. Carolyn Sue Clem-College Prep.-Monilor 3: H. R. Sec.-Treas. I, 2: Mixed Choir 2: Sr. Dram. 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Operella 4: Operella 4: Mad- rigal Club 4: Glee Club 2: Sludenl Talenl Qonvo. 4: Orches- 'rra 3, 4: Sr. Picnic Transporlalion Comm. 4. ROW FIVE--John L. Clemons-General-A Club 2, 3, 4: Baslcefball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2: Pub. Rep. I. Belly Jean Cliffon-GeneraI-Rambler's Club 4: H. R. Sec.-Treas, I, 2, 3: Y-Teens I: Sludenl Council 2, 3. Nancy Sue Collins- College Prep.-Jr. Red Cross I, 2: Jr. Exec. Comm. 3: H. R Pres. 4: G. A. A. I, 2, Sec. 2: Chem. Ass'l 4: Monilor I: Prom Comm. 3: Sr, Class Gif? Comm. Chr. 4. ROW SIX-Ronald Gene Colvill-General-H. R. Pres. 2, Ivlonilor 2: Pub. Rep. I, 4': Usher I: Jr. Red Cross 2: Sludenf Council 4. LoIiI'a Combs-College Prep-Glee Club 2, 3: Concerl Choir 4: English Ass"r 4. Eleanor Jayne Comer-- General-Head Monilor 4: Dram. Club 2: Monifor 2, 3: Cv. A. A. I: Y-Teens 2: Sludenl Talenl Convo 3: Sr. Picnic Re- fres. Comm. 4. ROW ONE-Donald H. Cool:-College Prep.-Traclc I, 2. 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3: Glee Club 3: Choral Club 41 N. S. P. A.-Chicago 3: A Club 4: X-Ray Slaff 4: Cross Counlry I. Jerry V. Cool:-College Prep.-DeMolay 2, 3, 4: I-li-Y 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Loclcer Office Ass'l 4: Golf 2: H. R, V. Pres. 3: Sr, Up Town Thealer Parly Comm. 4. Peggy Cook-General-Y-Teens 2: X-Ray Slalf 3. ROW TWO-Roger Allen Coolxman-Pre.-App. Dorolluy Mary Cooper-I-Iome Ec.-Teenelles I, 2, 3: Dean's Ass"5 2, 3, 4: Monilor 2, 3, 4': G. A. A. I, 2, 3: Mixed Choir 2, 3: Concerl Choir 3: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Sr. Brunch Relreshmenls Comm. 4. Germain Coppoclc-Tech.-Traclf I, Physics Lab. Ass'l 4. ROW THREE-Don Corlrechl-College Prep.-Jr. Conser- valion Club 4, Treas. 4: Visual Aids Ass'I 4. Lela May Cri-I- ser-Home Ec.-Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Cv. A. A. I: Fulure Relailers' Club 4: Biology Ass"I 2, 3: Home Ec. Ass"l' 2: Sr.-Eacully Dance FI. Comm. 4. Richard A. Cum- berland-General-Eoolball I: Cross Counlry 2: Track I, 2: Torch Club I, 2: I'li-Y 3, 4: Radio Club 3: Science Club 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Opereila 4': l'l. R. Pres. I, 3: X-Ray Slafl 3: Slporls Ed. ol Annual 4: Visual Aids Ass'l 2, 3: Mbnilor 2: Prom Ticlcel Comm. Chr. 3: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Baslcelball Sludenl Mgr. 4: A Club 4: Model U. N. 3, 4: Pepooses 3: All-Slale Chorus 4: Sr.-Faculiy Dance Dec. Comm. 41. ROW FOUR-Lou Ann Daugherly-General-Bible Club I. 2, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Monilor 4: Concerl Choir 4. Charles Vllilliam Davis-Tech.-Hi-Y 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross I. Jacque- line Davis-General-4I'l. R. Sec.-Treas. I: Cvlee Club I, 3: I-I. R. Pres. 2: Class Exec, Comm. 2, 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: X-Ray Slalf 3, 4, Fealure Ed. 4, Co-Ed.-in-Chief 4: Lillle Chief 3, 4: I. I-I. S. P. A.--Chicago 3: Sludenl Council 4: Exec. Council 4: lnler-Class Aclivilies 3: Sr.-Facully Dance Dec. Comm. 4: I. I-I. S. P. A.-Eranlclin 3, 4: English Ass'I 4. ROW FIVE-Richard Lynn Davis-Pre.-App. William Russell Davis-General-Slud. Council I: Band 2, 3, 4: Visual Aids Ass'I 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Sr. Dramalics 4: Sludenl Tal- en? Convo 4: Monilor 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Sr. Talenl Program Comm. 4. Phyllis Ann Day-Bus. Ed. ROW SIX-Joan Daymond-General-Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Monilor 3: Pepooses 3. Carol Deaver- Bus. Ed.-I-lomecoming Queen 4: Cloncerl Choir 2, 3: Mixed Choir 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2: Prom Flower Comm. 3:' Sr, Class Gill' Comm. 4. Sue Ann Dehorily-General. 0 ROW ONE-James A. Denl-General. Dale J. Depew-+ Pre-App. Janice Ellen DeVore-l-Iorne Ec. ROW TWO-Judi?I1 DeWiH-Bus. Ed. Barbara Ann Dick- General. Clayfon Dole-General-Foolball I, 2, 3, Baslcel ball I, 2, 3, 'Iracli I, 27 Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3. ROW THREE-Lena Mae Drake-Bus. ECI.-Orclweslra I, 2 3, Teen-eles I1 I'I. R. Sec. I. Laura Lee Driggers-Genera -Bible Club I. Ann Gayle Dudgeon-General-I-I. R. V Pres. I7 English Assfl' 4, ROW FOUR-Mary Elizabefh Dugger-General-G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, G. A, A. Coun. 4, Girls' Gym Assn' 43 Inler-Class Aciivilies 4. Sharon Lea Duncan-Bus. Ed.-6. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Gym Ass'l' 3, 4, Mixed Clwoir 3: Concerf Clwoir 4. Jack Lee D.mIcin-General-Jr. Conservalion Club 3. ROW FIVE-Mary Ellen Edmon'on-Bus. Ed.-Pre.-Med. Club 21 Y-Teens Z, 4. Lee Eldridge-Pre.-App.-Track I. Mark Ellioll-General-Dean's Ass'T 23 Visual Aids Ass'l 3: H. R, Pres. I7 Band I, 2. ROW SIX-Dick Ellis-College Prep.-Dramalics Club 3, 4, I'-Ionor Sociely 3. John Mallory Er+eI-General-Voc'I Prog. Club 4, Miniwanca Council 3, 4, Jr. Exec. Comm. 3. Jerry Efchinson-General-H. R. V. Pres. 4: Foolball I, 25 Bas- kelball Ig Track I: lnfer-Class Acfivilies 3. ROV! ONE-Pafricia Ewing-College Prep.-Monilor I: 'lf Teens I, 2, Inlra Club 2: Concerl Choir 2: Choral Club 3, 4, Mixed Choir 3: Music Ass'l 3: Chemislry Ass'+ 4: Prom Dec. Comm, 3: Operella 4: Model U. N. 4: Jr. Red Cross I: Sr.- Facully Dance Invil. and Chap. Comm. 4. Belly Bernice Far- Iow-General-Glee Club 3: Mixed CIIOII' 3i Bible Club I 4: Monilor 3. Norman E. Feaiherslon-Colleqe Prep.--Mon ilor 3: Choral Club 4: Mixed Choir 3: Glee Club 3: Science Club 4, Pres. 4: Camera Club l: Dram. Club 4: Physics Lab. Ass'+ 4. ROW TWO-Billie Jean Fells-General-I-lislory Ass'I 4: Business Ed. Ass'+ 4: I-I. R. Ass'l 3: Sludenl Council I: Class Sec. I: Sr.-Eacully Dance Invil. and Chap. Comm. 4. Car- olyn Fifer-Cveneral-I-I. R. Sec.-lreas. I, 2, 3. Margaref Elizabelh Finfroclc-Bus. Ed. ROV! THREE-Belly Fisher-General-Y-Teens 2. Elaine Fisher-I-Iome Ec.-Y-Teens I: Choral Club 4: Jr. Exec. Comm. 3: I'I. R. Pres, 4: Clancerl Choir 3: Mixed Choir 2: Glee Club I. Lee Fleck-Bus. Ed.-Monilor 4: Dean's As3'l 4. ROW FOUR-Dorolhy Fouls-Home Ec. Paul M. Fowler- Pre-App. Sylvia Fowler-College Prep.-I-I. R. Sec.-Trees. 4' Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Trees. I: Voca'I Prog. Club 4: Deans Ass'I I, 2, 3: Sr, Dram, 4: Monilor 2, 3: Glee Club 2: Sr, Brunch Chr. of Relres, Comm. 4. ROW FIVE-Eugene Fox-Tech.-Track I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Courrlry I, 2, 3, 4, Capl. 4: A Club 3, 4: Orchesfra 2, 3, 'ij Prom Place Comm. 3: Model U. N. 3, 4: Sludenl Council 4: Inler-Class Acl. 3, 4: I-li-Y 4: Locker Ass'l' 4: Co-Chr. Sr. Drive-In Thealer Parry 4. Peggy Ann Fox-Bus. Ed. Richard C. Fox-Tech.-Pub. Rep, 3, 4: Mixed Choir 4: Science Club 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 4: Baseball 3: Radio Club 4. ROW SIX-Charles E. Fraltes-College Prep.-I-Ionor Sociefy 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra I, 2, 4: Locker Ass'I 3, 4: Cam- era Club I: Pub, Rep. I, 2, 3. Jerry Fromholz-College Prep. -Torch Club I, 2: I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Monilor 4: Sr. Dram. 4: Ramb' Iers Club 2: Science Club 41: Parking Lol' Cadei' 4: Sr.-Eacully Dance Regisfralion Comm. 4. Joseph L. Fullingion-Pre! App.-Pub, Rep, 2, 3. ROW ONE-Roberl' Lance GayIe-Tech.- Foolball I, 2: Track I, 2: Wresllinq I, 2, 3, 4, Capf. 4: Library Ass'I' 3: Monilor 2: A Club 3, 4: Inler-Class Ac. 3, 4: Sr.-Faculzy Dance Invil. and Chap. Comm. 4. Ivan G. Geiger-General -Golf I, 3, 4: Sr.-Pacully Dance Prog. Comm. 4. Phyllis Geiger-Home Ec. ROW TWO-Sue Genda-Colleqe Prep.-Y-Teens I, 2: English Ass'+ 3: Chemislry Ass'+ 4. Barbara Jane George- Home EC.-Y-Teens 2: Glee Club 3, 4. Keifh GiIchris'I-- Voc. Agr.-Torch Club I, 2: Glee Club 2: Monilor 2, 3: Dean's A's'I 4: Prom Eligibilily Comm. 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Operella 4: Voca'I Prog. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Pepooses 3. ROW THREE-Roberla Giles-Bus. Ed.-I-I. R. Sec.-Trees. I, 2, 3: Library Ass"r 3, 4: Maiorelle 3, 4: Y-Teens I: Prom Dec, Comm. 3: Sr. Picnic Place Comm. 4. Russell B. Gillis- pie-General-Baseball I, 2: Inler-Class ACI. 3. Wayne Ed- ward Gillespie-Voc. Aqr.-Vocall Prog. Club I, 2, 3, 4, 'v. Pres. 4, ROW FOUR-Dick Gooding-General-Cross Counfry I' 3: Dram. Club I, 2. 3, 4: H. R. Sec. I: Sludenl Council I: Inler-Class ACI. 4. Max Goodwin-Tech.-Library Ass"r 3, 41 Moniror 2, 3, 4. Kennefh Gore-College Prep. ROW FIVE-Alyce Myra Gray-College Prep.-Y-Teens I, 3: Dram. Club I. 2, 3, 4: H. R. Sec. I: Sludenl Council I: 2, 3: Biology Ass'I 4: Counseling Ass'+ 2. David Green-- College Prep.-Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Ivlonilor 3: Siu- denf Cfouncil 3: Class Pres. 3: Fall Wind-Up Dec. Comm. 3: Sludenf Mgr. 2: Pep Session Comm. 3: Exec. Council 3. James Greenland-College Prep.-Camera Club I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4: X-Ray Pholographer 3, 4: Annual Phoiographer 3, 4: N. Si. P. A.-Chicago 3. ROW SIX-Charles Huddie Greenwood-General-Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 3, 4: All-Slafe Chorus 4: Cvlee Club 2: Choral Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Operella 4: Dean's Ass'I I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2: Baseball I: Exec. Coun. I, 2, 3: Class Treas. 4: Prom Band Comm. 3: Hfoosier Boys Slale 3: Voca'I Proq Club 3.4: H. R. V. Pres. I: H. R. Pres. 2: Hi-Y 4. Mary Kay Griffilh-College Prep,-Choral Club 4: Opereffa 4: Y- Teens I, 2: Dram. Club 2: Exec. Coun. 4: Wrilers Club 2: Pub. Rep. 2: Sr. Dram. 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Monilor 4: Glee Club Ass'+ 4: Concerl Choir 2: Glee Club 2: H. R. Sec. 4: Sr.-Facully Dance Comm. Gen. Co-Chr. 4: Chr, Food Comm, Sr.-Facully Luncheon 4. Richard Grimm-General. F..- . l F l l l l l l l gi. ,,, ROW ONE--Rulh Gross-General-Concerl Choir 2, 3: Mixed Choir 3: Ramblers' Club 2: Sludenl Talenl- Convo 2, 3: Pepooses 3: Mardi C-ras Dec. Comm, 2. Joyce Gwynn- General-l-l. R. Sec,-Treas. l: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Ramb- lers' Club 4. Olin S. Hackney-General. ROW TWO-Juanifa Haines-Bus. Ed.-Y-Teensl, 2, 3: G. A. A. l, 2. Judy Hale-College Prep.-Dramalics Club I 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4: Y-Teens l, 2: Library Club l, Sec. I: Jr Red Cross l, 3: Pub. Rep. 2: H. R. Pres. 4, Treas. 2: Thes- pian Soc. 2, 3, 4. Pres. 4: Libraljy Ass'+ l, 2: Voca'l Progress Club 3: Honor Sociely 4: Glee Club 3: Sr. Dram. 4: Sr. Brunch Comm. Chr. of Enler. 4. Roberl Eugene Hall--Gem eral-Foolball l, 2, 3: Baseball l: Baslcelball l: A Club 2: H. R. Sec.-Treas. ROW THREE-Donald L. Hamillon-General-Jr. Red Cross l: Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Monilor 2. 3, 4: Model U. N. 4: Class Gifl Comm. 4. Jack D. Hamilfon-College Prep. -Hi-Y 3, 4: Torch Club l. 2: Baslcefball i, 2: Track l, 2: Slud. Coun. l, 2: Monilor 2: Prom Band Comm. 3: H. R. Prcus. 2: Exec. Comm. 2: N. S. P. A.-Chicago 3: Sr. Picnic Transp. Comm. 4. Jane? Hamillon-General-Class Sec. 2, 3, 4: Exec. Comm. 2, 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Chr. Prom Publicily Comm. 3: N. S. P. A.-Chi- camo 3: H. S. Office Ass'+ 2. 3, 4: Dean's Assrl 2. 3: X-Ray 3: Dramalics Club 3: Pub. Rep. l: H. R. V. Pres. 2. ROW FOUR-Roberl Hamillon-General-Eoolball l, 2, 3. 4: Baslcefball l: Wreslling 3: Slucl. Coun. 4: H. R. V. Pres. 3: A Club 3, 4: Prom Publicily Comm. 3. Marilyn J. Ham- mons-Home Ec.-Nurse's Ass'+ I, 2, 3. 4: Dean's Ass"l 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Wrilers Club 2, 3: G,-lee Club 2: Voca'l Prog. Club 3. Roberfa Ann Hancock-Bus. Ed.-Y-Teens 2: Voca'l Progress Club 3. ROW FIVE-William Slanley Hancock-Pre-App--H, R. V. Pres. l, 2: Ushers Club l, 2, 3, 4: Library Ass'l' l, 2, 3. Mark Henry Hanshew-Pre-App. George Harlan-Pre-App. ROW SIX-Roberl' Eugene Harmon-Pre-App.-H. R. Pres. I, V. Pres. 3, 4. Sara Jane Harrell-College Prep.-Y-Teens l, 4: Voca'l Prog. Club 3, 4, Pres. 4: Ramblers Club 3, 4. Treas. 3: H. R. Pres. 4: Jr. Red Cross 2: English Ass'l' 2: Lab. English: Ass'l 4: Monilor 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Honor Siludy Hall Monilor 4. Haynes Harringlon-General-Foolw ball l, 2, 3: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: lnler-Class Aclivilies Comm. 4. ROW ONE-Barbara Sue Harris-General-Gym Ass'+ 4: Pepooses 2: Y-Teens I. Ca+herine Leona Harrison-General. Pa+ricia Ann Harrison-General-Library Ass"r 4: Y-Teens I, 3: H. R. Pres. 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Exec. Comm. 2: Sr. Up-Town Thealer Parly 4. ROW TWO-Nina Lee Halfield-General-Sr. Ramblers Club I, 2, 3, Sec. 3. Jane? Lee Haynes-College Prep.- Dramafics Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Sr. Dramalics 4: Honor Soa ciefy 3, 4: Thespian Sociely 4: Miniwanca Council 4, Treas. 4: Girls Slale 3: Co-Chr. Prom Relres. Comm. 3: Model U. N. 3, 4: Sfudenf Coun. 3: Sr. Exec. Comm. 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4: H. R. Pres. I: Choral Club 4: Concerr Choir 3, 4: Glee Club 3: English Ass'I 4: Co4Chr'. Sr. Talenl' Program 4: Sr.-Faculry Luncheon Dec. Comm. 4. Marianne Heena-General-I-I. R. Treas. 3: Concerl Choir 3: Sr. Dramafics 4: Jr. Red Cross 4. ROW THREE-Norma Deane Hellems-Home Ec.-Y-Teen: I': I4oni'I'or 3: Jr. Red Cros: 4: Glee Club 2: X-Ray 3. Be'I'Iy Hiekerson-Bus. Ed.-H. R, Treas. 2: Y-Teens 4: Bus, Ed. Ass'+ 4. Larry Highlchew-College Prep.-Hi-Y 3, 4: Fool- lr-all I: Baseball I: H. R. V. Pres. I: Pub. Rep. 3: Prom Band Comm. Chr. 3: Lalin Club 2: Sr. Brunch Enler. Comm. 4. ROW FOUR-Rebecca C. L. Himes-Bus. Ed.-Glee Club 2, 3: Y-Teens 4. Janie Hilchcoclc-Home Ec.-Pub. Rep. I, 3, 4: Slludenl Council 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Dean's Ass'I 4: Y-Teens I, 2: Pep Session Comm. 4: Cheerleader 4: Prom Eligibilify Comm. 3: Jr. Exec. Comm. 3: Sr Brunch Dec. Comm. 4. Evelyn Alene Hodgson-General-C-. A. A. I. 2, 3, 4: Pub. Rep. 4: Biology Ass"'I 3: Gym Ass'+ 4: Inler-Class Aclivilies Comm. 4. ROW FIVE-Joseph Eugene Holdren-College Prep,-Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 4: Monilor 4. Donna Jean Holladay-General -G. A. A. I: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Prom Queen Eligibilily Comm. 3: Prom Queen Allendani 3: H. R. Pres. 3, Sec.-Trees. I, V. Pres. 2: Monilor 3: Exec. Comm. 2: lnier-Class Aciivilies 3: Sr.-Eacully Dance Refresh. Comm. 4. Vernon Hollis- General-Baslcelball 3: Foofball I: Baseball 3. ROW SIX-Nancy Jean Hol-I--Bus. Ed.-6. A. A. I, 2, 3: Y-Teens 3, 4: Exec. Comm. 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Relres. Comm. 3. Herberl' Leon Hood-College Prep.-Slud. Coun. 4: A Club 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Torch Club I, 2: I-II-Y 3, 4: Exec. Comm. 4': Baskerball I, 2, 3, 4, Co-Capl. 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Foorball I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Dec. Comm.'3: Boys' Sfafe 3: Sr.-Eacully Luncehon Dec. Comm. 4. Wanda Leo Hood-General-Pub. Rep. 2: Y-Teens I, 4, Sec. I: Sr.-Fac- ulry Dance Invir. and Chap. Comm. 4: G. A. A. I, 2. 'I , ROW ONE-Sue Howarcl-College Prep.-Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Chemislry Ass'T 4. Wayne Franklin Hud- son-General. Jaclc Huey-General-Band I, 2, 3, 4: ll:-Y 4: Sluclenl Mgr. 2, 3. ROW TWO-Richard Hughel-General-Baseball I, 2, 3: Sr. Dram. 4: Ushers Club 2: Tennis 3, 4: H. R. Pres, 2: lnfez- Class Acl. 3: Suclenl Mgr. 2. 3: Monilor I. Jael: W. Huglxes -General-Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Jr. Conservalion C'ub 4. Janel E'aine Hull-General-Concerf Choir 4: Lib- rary As:'I 3: Orcheslra l: Sr.-Facully Dance Reqislralion Comm. 4. ROW THREE-Larry Hunlzinger-Tech.-Torch Club 2: Hoi'- or Sociely 3, 4: Dean's Ass'I 2, 4: Prom Eligibiiily Comm 3, Choral Club 3: Sluclenl Council 3, 4: Club Comm. 4: Honor Sociely 4: Homecoming 4: Sr.-Facully Dance Reqislraiion Comm. 4, Richard Hunhinger-College Prep.-Poolball I: Camera Club I. 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 3: Torch Club I, 2: l'li-Y 3, 4: Miniwanca Coun. 3, 4: Science Club 4: Sluclenl Council 2: Sr. Dram. 4: Pub. Rep. I: Baseball I, 2: lvfonilor 3, 4: Class Gill Comm. 4. Donald Hunl'-Pre-App.-Cross Coun- iry I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3. 4: Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 3: Sludenl Council I, 2, 3: Exec. Comm. 3: A Club 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 4, H. R. Pres. 4: Jr. Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Inler-Class ACI. 3' Sr. Picnic Trans, Comm. Chr. 4. ROW FOUR-Faifh Ann Hunl-General-4Red Cross 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Sluclenl Council 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Choral Club 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Concerf Choir 2: Gym Ass'l 4: Sr. Talenl Prog. Comm. 4. Horace Hunl-Pre-App.-Jr. Red Cross: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I: Sludenl Council 3: Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: A Club 4: H. R. Sec. 3, V, Pres. 4: Inler-Class Acl. 3, 4: Prom Invil. Comm. 3: Sludeni Council 2: Sr.-Facully Dance Regis. Comm, 4. Mary Ellen HunI-- General-Pre Med. Club 2: Y-Teens 2, 3: Jr. Red Cross 4, Glee Club 2: Science Club 2. ROW FIVE-Max Lee Hurcl-Pre-App.-Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3: Traclc I: Dean's Ass'I 3, 4: Monilor 2: lnler-Class Acl. 3, 4: Prom Tickel Comm. 3: Sr.-Pacully Dance lnvil. and Cha Comm. 4. Belly Ann HyaH-General-Teenelles I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2. James Raymond Ice-Pre-App.-Cross Coun- 'Iry I: Baseball I, 2, 4: Baslielball I, 2: H. R. Pres. I, V. Pres. 2, 3: Inler-Class Acl, 3, 4: Ivlonilor 3. O. ROW SIX-Sandra Kay Idle-General-Gym Ass'I 2. 3' Bible Club 4: Inler-Class Acl. Chr, 3: G. A. A. I, 2, 3, Coun- cil 2. James Alfred Jackson-General-Hi-Y 3, 4: Torch Club l, 2: Sludenl Mgr. 3: Prom lnvil. Comm. 3: Jr. Con- servalion Club I, 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Traclc I, 2, 3: Fool- ball I, 2: Baslcelball I, 2: Science Club 4: H. R. Sec. I: Pub. Rep. I: Sr.-Facully Dance Dec. Comm. Chr. 4. Carolyn Jalres-General-Y-Teens l. E Fl Y ROW ONE-Esfer Jessup-General-Y-Teens I. Belly Jean Jones-General-Y-Teens 2. Beverly Joan Jones-Home Ec. -Mixed Choir 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3. ROW TWO-Jim Gordon Jones-General-Jr. Red Cross I, 2. Joyce Gale Jones-General-Glee Club 2: H. R, V. Pres. 4: Model U. N. 3: Mixed Choir 3. Lois Arlene Jones- General-Glee Club 2: Bible Club I, 2: Y-Teens 4. ROW THREE-Donald Lamarr Joslin-General. Mary Mar- garef Kauffman-General-Ramblers Club I, 2: Glee Club 2: X-Ray 3, News Ed. 4, Managing Ed. 4: N. S. P. A.-Chi- cago 3: I. I-I. S. P. A.-Franklin 4: Monilor 3: Lillle Chief 3, Ed. 4: Sr. Class Play 4. Maurice Melvin Keilh4-College Prep. H. R. Pres. I, V. Pres. 3: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2: Monilor 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4, Chaplain 4: Prom Place Comm, 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Parking Lol Cadel 4: Ramblers Club I: Wrilers Club 2, 3: Miniwanca Council 4: Class Play 4: Sr.-Facully Dance Dec. Comm. 4. ROW FOUR-Mary Lou Kendall-General-Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4: Gym Ass'l 4: Biology Ass'l 3: Sr.-Eacully Dance Reg' islralion Comm. 4. David Phillip Kessler-Colleqe Prep-- I-I. R. Treas. I: Track I: Monilor 2: Science Club 2: Wriiers Club 3, Pres. 3: Hi-Y 3, 4, Trees. 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Mad- rigal Club 4': N. S, P. A.-Chicago 3: Annual Slall Bus. Mgr. 4: Model Legis. 4: Operella 4: Jr. Rolarian 4: Honor Society 3. 4: Commencemenl Spealcer 4: Exec. Comm. 3: Sludeni Council I: Tennis 2, 35, 4: Locker Office Ass'+ I, 2, 3: Sr. Pic- nic Gen. Co-Chr. 4. Arlhur V, Kibby-General-A Club 2, 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Wresrlinq I, 2, 3, 4. ROW FIVE-Jaclc Eugene Kilchen-General-Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Exec. Comm. 4: Infer-Class Acl. 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Foolball I: Facully Luncheon Chr. Dec. Comm. 4. Carolyn Kline-General-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Membership Chr. 3, V. Pres. 4: Prom Chap. and Invil. Comm, 3: X-Ray 3: Annual 4, Underclassmen Ed. 4: Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3: Honor Sbciely 3, 4, Sec. 4: N. S. P. A.-Chicago 3: Monilor 3: Sr.-Facully Dance Chr. Regis. Comm. 4. Waller R. Knepp-General. ROW SIX-Lynell Kugler-Home Ec.-Vifrilers Club 2: X-Ray 3:, Bus. Mgr. 4: I-Iislory Ass'+ 4. Conslance Laman- College Prep.--Class Sec. I: Class V. Pres. 3: I-I. R. V. Pres. I: X-Ray 3: Annual 4: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Dramalics Club 3. 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Concerl Choir 3: Mixed Choir 3: Wril- ers Club 2: Exec. Comm. 3: Co-Chr. Prom Comm. 3: Monirc-r 2: Inler-Class Acf. 3. Charles David LaVaIIee- Pre- App.- Hi-Y 4: Sr.-Faculfy Dance Dec. Comm. 4, ROW ONE-Palricia Ann Lawrence-General-6. A, fx. it H. R. Sec.-Treas. 2, 3, 4. Bill Emory Lawson-General-Fur. Rel. Club 4. Barbara Ann Lay-General-Y-Teens I, 2. 3. ROW TWO-Delores Mae Leakey-General-Y-Teens 2: Glee Club 3. Jaclr Lealney-Pre-App. Suzanne Mae Lind ey-- College Prep-Ramblers Club I: Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3: Y- Teens 2, 3, 4': Vocalional Prog. Club 3, 4: Dramalics Club 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Relreshmonls Comm. 3: lvlonilor 2, 3 I-Ibnor Slrudy Hall lvlonilor 4: Exer. Comm. 4: Pep Sessions Corfm. 4: I-I. R. V. Pres. 3: I-lead lflonilor 3: Sr.-Facully Lui-V c".-eon Gen. Co-Chr. 4. ROW THREE-Sue Conslance Lisby-Home Ec.-Y-Teens I. 4: Sludenl Council Comm. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Exec. Council 3, 4, Pres. 4: Ramblers Club 2: Prom. Relres. Comm. 3: English Ass'l 4: lvlonilor I: Club Tom Tom Board 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Convo Comm. 4: Sr.-Facully Dance Dec. Comm. 4. Bonnie Eloise Lowry-Bus. Ed.-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. Red Cross 4: Monilor 4: s'f..FaCUl+y Dance Band Comm. 4. AI Lucas-College Prep.-Sludenl Council I: Convo Comm. 4: Sr. Class Play Seleclinq Comm. 4: D-ean's Ass'+ 4: I-I. R. Pres. 3, 4, V. Pres. 2: Ramblers Club I, 2, 3: I-li-Y 4: Oper- ella 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Indianairs Quarlel 4: Mixed Choir 2' Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal Club 4: All-Slale Chorus 4: Macl- el U. N. 4: Sr. Brunch Enler. Comm. 4. ROW FOUR-Roberf Dean Lulcens-General-Foolball I, 2' Traclc I, 2: Cflee C-lub. Judilh Luiz-Bus. Ed.-Y-Teens I1 I-I. R, Sec. 2, V. Pres.. 3: lvlonilor 3: Pepooses 3: Jr. Red Cross 4. Bill Lyon-General-Dean's Ass? 3, 4: lvlonifor I, 3: I-li-Y 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Science Club 4, Sec. 4: X-Ray 4, Sporls Ed. 4. ROW FIVE-Barbara Louise McAIIis'rer-College Prep.- Ramblers Club I: Wrilers Club 2: lvlonilor 3: Library Ass? I, 2, 3. June Ellyn McConnell-General-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: X-Ray 4: English Ass? 4: lvlonilor 3., 4: Pub. Rep. 2, 3, 4. Neel L. McCuIIougI1-Technical-Poolball I: Golf I: I-I. R. V. Pres. I, 2, Pres. 3: Sludenl Council 3, 4, Parliamenlarian 4, Exec. Coun. 4: Torch Club I, 2: Monilor 2: All. Sen. ol lvlodel Legis. 4: Convo Comm. 4: I-li-Y 3, 4, Pres. 4: Prom Chr. Place and Relres. Cxomm. 3: Jr. Rolarian 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: lnler-Class Aclivilies 3, 4': Sr, Talenl Prograrr. Comm. 4. ROW SIX-Carolyn McDonald-College Prep.-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I: Mixed Choir 3: Speech and Hearinq Ther- apy Ass'+ 3: I-I. R. V. Pres. 3. Dan Winey McFarland-Tech. -Commencemenl Speaker 4: Foolball I, 2: Golf I, 2: Tennis 3: Dramallcs Club 4: I-I. R. V. Pres. 4: Sr. Class Play Selecl- inq Comm. 4: X-Ray 4: Prom Eligiblilily 3: Sr.-Facully Dance Regis. Comm. 4. Roy McKinney--General-l'li-Y 2, 3: Slu- denl Council 3. ROW ONE-Barbara Jean McMillan-Home Ec.-H. R. Pres, I, V. Pres. 2, 4: Jr. Exec. Comm. 3: Monilor 2, 3, Head Ielonilor 4: English Ass'I 4: Driver Training Ass'+ 2: Jr. English Comp. A1s"r 3: Glee Club 2: Sr. Drive-In Thealer Parry 4. Palricia Joann McNeil--Bus. Ed.-G. A. A. I: Glee Club 2, 3: Pub. Rep. 4. Mary Jane Maliclc-Bus. Ed.-H, R. Sec. I: Glee Club 2: Wrilers Club 2: Y-Teens 3, 4. ROV! TWO-Lillian Mangas-General-I-I, R. Pres. 2: Y- Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Exec. Comm. 2: G. A. A. I: Prom Regis. Comm. 3. Russell Manifold-Voc. Aq.Onie Marlin-General -Band I, 2: English Ass'l' 4: Cheerleader 4': Pep Session Comm. 4: Sr.-Facully Dance Dec. Comm. 4. ROV! THREE-Carolyn Lou Massey-Home Ec. Jucliih Ann MaHI1ew-Bus. Ed.--Choral Club 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Puo. Rep. I, 2, 3: Bus. Ed Ass'+ 4: Biology Ass"I 2: Mixed Choir 3: Wrilers Club 2. Pauline J. Mafhison-Bus. Ed.-I'l. R. Ass'l I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I. ROW FOUR-Ronald Keilh Mengel-Tech.-Band I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3: Radio Tech. Club 3: English Ass'l 2, 3: Visual Aids Ass'+ 3, 4: Honor Slociely 3, 4: Choral Club 4: Dem. Speech Conlesf 2: Sluclenf Talenl Program 4: Operella 4. Doroihy Menifee-General. Mary Lou Meyer-General-G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Inier-Class Aclivilies Co-Chr. 4. ROW FIVE-Fred Miller-General-Glee Ciub 2, 4: Mixed Choir 3: Pepooses 3: l-li-Y 3, 4: Sludenl 'lalenf Program 4, I-I. R. V. Pres. 4. J. Glen Miller-General-Glee Club I, 2: Mixed Choir 3. Marie Lavone Miller-Home Ec. ROW SIX-Marilyn Miller-College Prep.-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. Dramalics Club 3, 4: l'l, R. V, Pres. 2: Monilor 2, 3, 4: Siu- enl Council 2: Prom Ticlcels Comm. 3: Sr. Brunch Cnr. Place Comm. 4: Alhlelic Ass'l' 4: Annual 4: Honor Sociely 4. Joan Milliner-I-Iome Ec. Jack Francis Mills-General. ROW AONE-Mary Ann Mills-General-Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4, V, Pres, 4: The-spian Soc. 4, V. Pres. 4: Sr. Dram. 4: Y- Teens I, 2, 4: Vfrilers C'ub 3, 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Voca'i Prcg. Club 3: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Monilor 3. Milfon Lee Mills-Ceneral-Torch Club I, 2: I-Ii-Y 3, 4, Treas. 4: Fool- ball l: Cross Counlry 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Coun- cil 4: Exec. Comm. 4: I-I, R. V. Pres. 3: Loclcer Office Ass'l 2, 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: A Club 4: Pepooses 3: Sr. Picnic Chr. Place Comm. 4, Mariorie Mifchell-General. ROW TWO-Roberl Arlhur Milchell-General--Glee Club 2: Mixed Choir 3, 4: Jr. Conser. Club I. Thomas Moore-- Pre-App. Novalyn Morrison-Bus. Ed.-Monilor 2: Y-Teens 3, 4: Voca'I Prog. Club 4: Pepooses 3: Sr. Brunch Refref Comm, 4, , ROW THREE-Bel-ly Joan Morse-Bus. Ed.-Library Ass? 2: Enqlish Ass'l 4: Typing Award 3: Y-Teens l: Cv. A. A. I. Dixie Mundell-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 4: Dram. Club 2, 3. 4: Thespian Soc. 3, 4: Sludenl Cvuid. Comm. 3, 4: Prom Prog, Comm. Chr. 3: Sweelhearl Ball Oueen 3: I-I, R. Pres. l, Sec. 4: Glee Club 2: Library Ass'+ 4: English Ass? 3, 4: Sr. Class Play Sludenl Direclor 4: D, A. R. Award 4: Model U. N. 42 All. General Assembly 4: Sr, Talenf Prog. Chr. 4. Jo Anne Munson-General--Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Choral Club 3, 4: Oper- erla 4: Annual Sr. Ed, 4: I-I. R. Treas. 4, Ass"r 3, 4: All-Slale Chorus 4: Jr. Red Cross I: Tepee Topics Comm. 3: Model U. N. 4: Concerl Choir I: Mixed Choir 2: Sr. Brunch Enlerl. Comm. 4. ROW FOUR-Belly Lee Murdock-Bus, Ed.-G. A. A. 3, 4, Y-Teens 4: English Ass'l 4. Roberl Loo I4lUFll1'f--TECI1.-JF. Red Cross I: Monilor 3, 4: Sr.-Facullry Dance lnvil. and Chap. Comm. 4'. Thomas Earl Mulerspaugli-General-I-I. R. Pres. 3, 4: Ful. Rel. Club 3: Monilcr 3. ROW FIVE-Donald Carroll Myers-College Prep.-Locker Office Ass'+ 4: I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Pub. Rep. 3, 4: Monilor 2: Sr.-Facully Dance Regis, Comm. 4. Pafricia Arm Myers-Bus. Ed.-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, V, Pres. I, 3: Jr. Red Cross 2: Glee Club 2: H. R. Pres. 4, V, Pres. I: Prom lnvlr. rnd Chap. Comm. Co-Chr. 3: I-lonor Siudy l'Iall Monilor 4, Ful. Rel. Club 4: Mardi Gras Oueen 2: Fall Wind-Up Al'- lendanl 4: Sr.-Facully Dance Chr, Flowers Comm. 4, Jo Ann Neff-General-Jr. Red Cisss I: Pub, Rep. I, 2, 3, 4: I-I, R. Sec. 2: Y-Teens I, 2. ROY! SIX-Phyllis Irene Newman-General. Phil Nibloclr-4 College Prep.-Convo Comm. 2, 3, 4: I-I. R. Pres. I: Science Club 4: I-li-Y 4: Ramblers Club I. David L. Nicholson-Pref App.-Foolball l, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I, 2: Wreslling 3, 4': A Club I, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl' Council 3: lnler- Class Acl. Comm, 4. . lil! L RONV ONE-Carolyn Nighiengalo-Generrl--Y-Teens 4: V!ri'ers Club 4: Sr.-Facully Dawce Flower Comrn. -f. Sara Ilorbu "- Jwlieqe Prep-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cro's 3: llonor Soceiy 3, 4: Ivliniwanca Ciun, 4: C'ioral Club 3. "I-i Madriqal Club 4: Conceri Choir 2: Prom lnvi. Comm. 3: Exec. Comm. 2, 3: I-I. R. Prez. 2: Operella -1: English fxss'l 3: All-Slafe Chorus 4: Fall Wind-Up Queen 4: Sr.-Facully Dance, Chr. Invif. and Chap. Comm, 4. Roberl' O'Conncr- Tech.-Wresilinq 3, 4: Science Club 4: Foylball I: Monilor 4. ROW TWO-Joan Oclom-Home Ec.-Glee Club 2: lvlon- i+or 4: Counselinq Office Ass"r 3. Barbara Helen Onksen- College Prep.-Pub, Rep. I: Concerl Choir 2: Choral Club 3, 4', Sec. 4: Operella 4: Madrigal Club 4: Sludenl Council 4: Sr. Exec. Comm. 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinel 3, 4, Pres. 4: Dram. Club 2, 3. 4, Sec. 4: Honor Slocieiy 3, 4, Treas. 4: lvliniwanca Coun. 3, 4, Pres. 4: Moniior 3: Gym Ass'+ 3: Enq- lish Ass? 4: Prom lnvil. Comm. 3: Sludenl' Chr. Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Sr,-Facully Luncheon Gen. Co-Chr. 4. Sfeven P. Pakes-College Prep.-H. R. Pres. I, 3, V. Pres 2, 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Band I, 2: Jr. Conservarion Club 2: Sludenl Council 3: Monilor 2, 4: Sr.- Facully Dance Band Chr. 4. ROW THREE-Virginia Pappas-General. William Wayne Parks--Tech.-Ushers Club I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Prom Place Comm. 3: Tennis 3: Class Girl Comm. Chr, 4. Vivian Yvonne Paschel--Home Ec.-Y-Teens 4: Gym Ass? 2: lnler-Class ACI: Comm. 4. ROW FOUR-Hallie Pearl Pa'Herson-Home Ec.-Jr, Red Cross 2, V. Pres, 3. Janice Pa'Herson--College Prep.-'rl Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. I: Head Monilor 3: Glee Club 3: Con- cerr Choir 3: Prom FI, Comm. 3: Honor Socieiy 3, 4: I-Iigh School Office Assur 2: Sr,-Faculiy Dance Refresh. Comm. 4. John Pa'Hon-General. ROW FIVE--Mae Dean Paylon-Home Ec.-Wrirers Club 4: Class Giil Comm. 4. Carolyn Curie Peck-College Prep. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Dram. Club 2, 33, 4: Thespian Soc. 4: Library Ass"r 4: Chr. Convo Comm. 4: Commencemenl Speaker 4: lvliniwanca Coun. 3, 4: Monilor 3: H. R. Pres. I: Glee Club 2: Mixed Choir 2: Operelra 4: Sr. Brunch Chr, Dec. Comm. 4. Vicior O. Peck-College Prep.-Torch Club I, 2, Pres. 2: H. R. Pres. 4, Sec. 2, V. Pres. 2: A Club 3, 4: Baskefball 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Hoosier Boys Slaie 3: Sr.-Facully Dance General Co-Chr. 4, ROW SIX-Barbara Ellen Penry-Bus. Ed.-Jr. Red Cross 2, 3.4, V. Pres, 3, Pres. 4: G. A. A. I, 2: Y-Teens 3, 4: Pep- ooces 3: Ful. Ref, Club 4, Pres. 4: Sr. Brunch Place Comm. 4. Gene Pelers-General-Cross Counlry I: Track I: Honor Sociefy 3: fXss'l Head Monilor 3: Head Ivlonilor 4: H. R. Pres. 2: Fur. Ref. Club 4. Mary Pelerson-Home Es. Y I ,.. . 1 - ---K fr -1 'rf-rr," "WW " ROW ONE-Verne A. Pelry-College Prep.-Cross Counlry I, 2, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Baskelball 2, Wreslling 4, Sr, Class Pres, 4, Torch Club I, 2, I-Ii-Y 3, 4, I-Ionor Sociely 3, 4, Min- iwanca Coun.-1, Club Tom Tom Board 3, 4, A Club 3, 4, Prom Dec. Comm. 3, Sludenl Council 3, Exec. Council 4, I'I. R. Pres. 2, Honor Sludy I-Iall Monilor 4, Jr. Rorarian 4, Hoosier Boys Slale 3, Exec. Comm. 2, Model Leqis. 4, Sludenl' Guid. Comm. 3, Monilor 2, Capl. ol Parking Lol' Cadels 4. Vivian Marie Pelry-Bus. Ed.-I-I. R. Secfireas. I, X-Ray 3, 4, Ass'+ Eealure Ed. 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4, English Ass'I 42 Jr. Red Cruoss 4, Monilor 2, Sr.-Eacully Dance Regis. Comm. 4. Palricia Ann PeHis-General-Y-Teens 4, Moniror 4, His- 'lory Ass'l 3, Wrilers Club 3. ROW TWO-Donald Ray Phillippe-General-Band I, 2, Baseball I. Jean PiHs-General-Y-Teens I, 2. 4, Exec.Comrn. 3, 4, I-I. R. Pres. I, 2, Counseling Office Ass'I 2, 3, Monifol 2, Prom Place Comm. 3, Vocafional Prog. Club 3, Pepooses Club 3, Sr. Brunch Refres. Comm. 4, Sr.-Facully Dance Place Comm. 4. Paul Plummer--General-l'l. R. V. Pres. I, Pub. Rep. 2, 3, A Club 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Foolball I, 4, Bas- kelball I, 3. ROW THREE-Thomas D. Posfon-General-Eul. Rel. Club 4' I-Ii-Y 4. Priscilla Precup-Home Ec -S'udenI Council I, 2, 3, 4, Convo Comm. 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Wrilers Club 2, Exec. Coun. 4, Glee Club 2, Concerl Choir 2, 3, Choral Club 4: Operella 4, Sr. Talenl' Program 4. Barbara Ann Price-Gem eral-Jr. Red Cross 3: Y-Teens I. 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Eur Rel. Club 4: Sr.-Eacully Dance Flower Comm. 4'. ' ROW FOUR-Edna Deloris Pursley-General-Glee Club 2' I-I. R. Sec.-Treas. 3, Y-Teens 3, Eul. Ref. Club 4, Treas. 4. Kay Reber-College Prep.-Miniwanca Council 2, Y-Teens I, 2. William Rawlin-General-Orcheslra 3, 4: Annual Fac- ully Ed. 4, Exec. Coun. 3, 4, Prom Eligibilily Comm. 3, Mon- ilor 3, 4, Dramalics Club 4, V. Pres. 4, Sr. Class Play 4, Eac- ully Luncheon Food Comm. 4. ROW FIVE-Kenne+h Ray-General-Torch Club I, 2, I-I. R. Sec.-Treas. 4, Baseball 3, 4, I-Ii-Y 4, Arr Award 3, 4. Kennefh Reed-General-Foolball I, 3: Track i, I-I. R. V. Pres. 2, 3, Pres. 4. Mary Diane Reed-General-Mixed Choir 2, Amer- ican Legion Speech Conlesr 3, Rolary Speech Conlesf Ali. 2, Winner 4, Vv'rilers Club 2., 3, Voice of Dem. Conlesl' Winner 2, X-Ray 3, 4, Eealure Ed. 3, Eclilnor-In-Chief 4, All. Com rnencemenl Speaker 4, Model U. N. 4, Sludenl Coun. 4, Exec. Coun. 4, English Ass'I' 2, 3, I-Ionor Sociely 3, 4, Ass"r Ed. Lilile Chief 3. ROW SIX-James Rec+or-Tech-Visual Aids Ass'I' 2, 3. 4: Monifor 3. Jerry Reveal-Bus. Ed.-Jr. Conservalion Club 4. Lorefla J. Reveal-General, . ROW ONE-Nora Richard -GeneraI- I-Ionor Sludy I-Iall Monilor 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Girls Glee Club I: Concert Choir 2, 3: G. A. A. I: Mixed Choir 3: Wrilers Club 3, 4 Joanna Richardson-Bus. Ed.-Band 2, 3, 4. Armand J. Rig- aux-College Prep.-Band I, 2, 3, 4: I-Ii-Y 4: Loclcer Oirice Ass'I 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Sr. Up-Town Thealer Comm. 4. ROW TWO-Laura Gene Riggs-General-Pub. Rep. i. Camera Club 2: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Y-Teens 4. Gene Riley -General-H. R. Sec.-Treas. 3, 4: Track I, 3, 4: MoniTor I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 4. Ru+h Audrey Roach-General. ROW THREE-CharIoHe Joan Robbins-General-Nuirilion Ass'I 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Mixed Choir 3: I-Iislory Ass'I 3: Y- Teens 3, 4: Wrilers Club 4: Ramblers Club 4: Sr. Picnic Trans. Comm. 4. Gilberf Robbins--General. Mary Frances Roberfs-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4': Prom Queen Allena- anl 3: Dean's Ass'+ 4: I-I. R. Pres. I: Sr.'FacuITy Dance Dee. Comm. 4. ROW FOUR-Pairicia Ellen Robinson-General-Y-Teens I: I-I. R. Treas. 3: Glee Club 3, 4: English Ass? 3. Gordon Roedding-College Prep.-I-Ii-Y 4: Torch Club I: Golf-2, 3' Sfudenf Council 4: Cross Counfry I: Sr. Drive-In Thealer Parry Co-Chr. 4. Pafricia Sue Roland-General-G. A. A. i, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: X-Ray 3, 4. Bus. Mgr. 4: Concerl Choir 3: Mixed Choir 3: Monilor 3: Inler-Class Acl. 3: Op- erella 4.7 J I vxq .. , ROW FIVE-Janalee Romine-College Prep.-Dram. Club 4, Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3: Prom Place Comm. 3: Library Ass'f 3, 4: Iiibrary Club I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2: Glee Club 2: Mixed Choir 3: Concerl Choir 3: Sr. Dram. Club 4: Model U. N. 4: Sr. Picnic Gen. CofChr. 4. Sferling RosecranswGeneraI--Pub. Rep. 4. Laura Rousey-Home Ec.-Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3: Bus. Ed. Ass'+ 2: Pepooses 3, ROW SIX-Franlc Rousey-Pre-App.-A Club 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Inler-Class ACI. Comm. 4. Nancy Belle Rumler--General. Mona Runyan-College Prep---'13 Teens 4: Voca'I Prog. Club 3: Bible Club I: Dean's Ass? 4: English Ass'I 4: Monilor 2, 3. ROW ONE-Barbara Jean Rushlon-General-Library Ass'r 4. James Sandifer-Colleqe Prep.-Class V. Pres. 4: Sr- EXEC- Comm. 41 Sludenl Council I, 2, 3, 41 Exec. Comm. 31 Prom. Dec. Comm. 31 Choral Club 3, 4, Pres. 4: IVIMIVIQGI 4: Oper' ella 4: Indian-Airs Male Quarlel 4: Monilor I, 2, 3, 41 Lock- er Office Ass'l 2: Torch Club 2: I-Ii-Y 3, 4-1 Dram. Club 41 Sr. Class Play 4-1 All-Srale Chorus 41 Traclc I, 21 Cross Counlry I, 21 Sludenl Mgr. 21 Conservalion Club I. Annabelle Sayre-General. ROW TWO-Roberl Shieve-College Prep. Judy Carol Schmallz-General-Y-Teens 4, Philip C. Schuberf-General -Mixed Choir 31 Choral Club 41 Loclcer Office Ass"I 3, 41 Library Ass'r 3: Pub. Rep. 41 Operella 41 Torch Club 21 Sr. Brunch Decoralions Comm. 4. ROW THREE-James E. ScoH-General-Band I, 21 Orches- lra 216-lee Club 21 Mixed Choir 21 Choral Club 3, 4: Mad- riqal 41 Operella 41 Sr. Class Play 41 MoniI'or 41 Cross Coun- 'Iry 3, 41 Quarlel 41 I-Ii-Y 41 All-Slale Chorus 3, 41 Sr. Brunch Decoralions Comm. 4: John M. Segner-Pre-App. Garl Mur- cloclr Sharpe-General-I-Ii-Y 3, 41 Dean's Ass'l 2, 3, 41 Ramblers Club 21 Sr. Dram. 41 Torch Club 2: l'l. R. V, Pres. 21 Sr.-Facully Dance Band Comm. 4. ROW FOUR-Mary Genevie SI1ee+s-Bus. Ed.-Y-Teens Z 3, 41 English Ass'l 4: Glee Club 2. Nancy Shelfon-College Prep.-Exec, Council 41 Sr. Dram, 41 Dean's Ass'I 3: Coun- selinq Office Ass'+ 41 Ramblers Club I1 Facully Luncheon Food Comm. 4. David Franlclin Sheward-Pre-App.-Jr. Red Cross: Exec. Coun. 3. ROW FIVE-Eileen Mildred Shields-Bus. Ed.-YfTeens 2, 3, 4. Beverly Jo Shimer-General-Glee Club 21 Concerl Choir 21 Mixed Choir 3: Choral Club 41 Operella 41 Sludenl Tal- eral Convo 4. Phyllis Shroul'-General-I-I. R. Pres. 4. ROW SIX-Max Shoulfz-General. Mar-fha Sltelfon-College Prep.-Y-Teens I, 3, Publicily Comm. 31 Arr Award. Ber- nadine Lou Smilh-Bus. Ed.-l'I. R. Pres. I1 G. A. A. 21 Y- Teens 41 I-lonor Sociely 3, 41 Monilor 41 English AsS'I 2: Biology Ass'I' 2. , prix.. .2 . ROW ONE-Beverly Sue Smifh-General-Glee Club 2, 3. Carol Jean Smiflw-College Prep.-Sludenl' Council I, 2, 3, 4, Readinq Clerlc 3, V. Pres. 4: Exec. Comm. 4, V. Pres. 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, Pres. 3, lnler-Club Comm. 4: Honor Socieiy 3, 4: Honor Sludy Hall Comm. 2, 3, 4: Honor Sludgf Hall Monilor 4: Sr. Brunch Gen. Co-Chr. 4. Charles Lee Smilh-Pre'App.-A Club I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Ba:- lcefball I, 2, 3, 4: H. R. Pres. I, 3, 4. ROW TWO-Doris L. Smifh-General-Annual Ar? Ed. 4: Prom Chr. Dec. Comm. 3: H. R. Pres. 2, V. Pres. 3, Sec. 4: Glee Club 2: Concerl' Choir 3: Ari Scholarship 3: Bible Club 4. Edward Smifh-Bus. Ed.-Baslceiball I, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4. Juaniia Mae Smi+h-General-I-I. R. Sec. 2: Jr. Red Cross 4: X-Ray 3. ROW THREE-Keifh Smifh-General-Hi-Y 3: Baslcelball I, 2: Glee Club I, 2, 3, James Loren Smifh-General-Moniior 2, 3, 4: Model U. N. 4. Roberf C. Smi+I1-College Prep.- Monilor 2, 3: Library Ass'+ 3: Prom Queen Comm. 3: H. R. Pres. 3, 4: Ramlers Club 2: Science Club 4: Pub. Rep. I. ROW FOUR-Marvella A. Soverns-Bus. Ed.-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Bus. Ed. Ass'I 4. Dorofhy Ann Spangler-Colleqe Prep:- Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal Club 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4, Inler Club Coun. 3: Concerlr Choir 2: Glee Club 2: H. R. V. Pres. 4: Wrifers Club 2, V. Pres. 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Monifor 3, 4: Operella 4: Sr. Drive-In Thealer Parly Comm. 4: Richard Spangler-General-Cross Couniry i, 2: Baslcelball I: A Club 3, 4: Sludenl Council I: H. R. V, Pre: 4: Inlef- Class Acl. Co-Chr. 4. ROW FIVE-George Speedy-General. Angela Sprague-- Bus. Ed.-Y-Teens I, 2: Voca'l Prog. Club 3, Sec. 3: Sludeni Council I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3: Exec. Coun. 3, Sec. 3: H, R. V. Pres. I: X-Ray 3: Prom Eligibilily Comm. 3: Tepee Topics Comm. 3: Pepooses 3: Glee Club 2: Monifor Comm. 37 Dram. Club 4: Ramblers Club 4, Sec. 4: Model U. N. 4: Sr. Up-Town Thealer Parry 4. Dixie Arlene S+aIey-6eneral-- Y-Teens I, 3, 4: Voca'l Prog. Club 4: H. R. V. Pres 2' Sr Exec. Coun. 4: Ass'+ Monilor 3: Honor Sociely 3,, 'Pac- ulfy Luncheon Comm. 4. i' ROW SIX-William Sfalnalter-General-Eoolball I: Wresl- ling I: Baseball I: I-I. R. V. Pres. 2: Torch Club I, 2: Dram. Club 3, 41: Sr. Dram. 4: Library Ass'I I, 4: Monilor 2. Roberf Lee Sfalnalcer-GeneraI-S+uden+ Council I, 2: H. R. Sec. 2: X-Ray 4, Bus. Mgr. 4. Marjorie Siarr-Bus. Ecl.-H. R. Pres. 2: Gym Ass'T 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 4: Exec. Comm. 4: Pepooses 3: Voca'I Prog. Club 3: H. R. Sec. 2: Faculfy Luncheon Place Comm. 4. , ROW ONE-Maurice N. Sfarr-Tech.-Science and Malh Club 4. Nancy L. Sfephens--Bus. Ed.-Counseling Office Ass'f 2, 3, Sec. 4: Monifor 3: Bus. Ed. Ass'f 3. Pafricie Sfeves-College Prep.-Monifor 2. 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Ramblers Club 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Mixed Choir 4: Library Ass'f 4: Biology Ass'f 3: Annual Ass'f Sr. Ed. 4: Chemisiry Ass'f 4: I. H. S, P. A. 4: Model U. N. 4: Liflle Chief 3. American Legion Speech Confesf Winner 4': Sr.-Eaculiy Dance Regis. Comm. 4. ROW TWO-Carolyn Sfewarl-College Prep.-Glee Club 2: Concerf Choir 3: Monifor 4: Mardi Gras Queen I: Model U. N. 4: H. R. Pres. I: Co-Chr. Band Comm. 3: Prom Queen 3: Commencemenf Speaker 4: Class Treas. I, 2, 3: Rofary Speech Winner 3: Exec. Comm. I, 2, 3: Afhlefic Office Ass'f 4: Sr.-Eaculfy Dance Band Comm. 4. Ginger Sfewar+-Col- lege Prep.-Y-Teens I, 2: Glee Club 2: Concerf Choir 2: H. R. Sec. 2: Exec, Comm. 4: Sr.-Faculfy Luncheon Dec. 4, Carolyn Sficlcler-Bus. Ed.-Y-Teens I: Concerf Choir 2, 3: Mixed Choir 3: Pepooses 3: Monifor 3: Fuf. Ref. Club 4. ROW THREE-William J. Sfoner--College Prep.-Class Pres. I, 2: H. R. Pres. I: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Pep Session Comm. 2, 3, 4: Dearfs Ass'f 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Dramafics Club 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Wresflinq I: Sfudenf Council I, 2, 3. 4: Exec. Comm, I, 2: Opereffa 4: Glee Club I: Mixed Choir 2: Prom Chr. Eligib-ilify Comm. 3: Morvifor 2. Palricia Sfroud-General. Edward Sfumpf-General-Glee Club I, 2, 3: Mixed Choir 2: Monifor 2, 4. ROW FOUR-Nancy Lynn Sfurgeon-College Prep.-Ramb- Iers Club I: Jr. Red Cross I, 2: Wriiers Club 2: Concerf Choir 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Monifor 2, 3, 4: Convo Comm. 4: Prom Ticlcef Chr.. 3: Model U. N. 4, Sr.-Faculfy Dance Prog. Comm. 4. Melvin Sunderman--Pre App.-Track I: Cross Counfry I: Tennis 2, 3, 4: Wresflinq 2, 3: Monifor 3, 4: Drive-In Theafer Parfy Comm. 4. Judifh Lynn Sylvesfer-General-I-I. R. V. Pres. 2, Sec. I: Dean's Ass'f 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Monifor 2, 3. I ROW FIVE-Max Taylor-General-Traclf I, 2. 3: Cross Coun- fry I, 3: Jr. Red Cross I, 3: Class Giff Comm. 4. Ronald Taylor-General-Hi-Y 4: Arf Award Ass'f 2, 3, 4. Rifa Thafcher-Bus. Ed.-Y-Teens I, 2: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Ar? Ass'f 2: English Ass'f 3: Afhlefic Office Ass'f 3, 4: Prorv. Publicify Comm, 3: Business Ed. Ass'f 4: Monifor 2. ROW SIX-Joe Thomas-General-Choral Club 3, 4: Mad- rigal 4, Pres. 4: Mlfed Choir 3: Quarfef 4: Sr. Dramafics Club 4: Opereffa 4: Monifor 3, 4: Indiana All-Slafe Chorus 4. Bruce Dean Thompson-General-I-Ionor Sociefy 3, 4: Voca'l Prog. Club 3, 4: I-Ii-Y 3: I-I. R. V. Pres. 2.4: Jr. Con- servafion Club 4. ..BeHy Rufh Thurman-Home Ec.-Teen- effs I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Class Gbff Comm. 4. ROW ONE-Carol Todd-General. Janel Sue Todd-Crea eral-Band I, 2: Chorus I, 2, 3. James Darrell Townsend--A College Prep.-H. R. V, Pres, I: Ramblers Club I, 2: Torch 'flub 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Mixed Choir 3: Science Cub 4: Hi-Y 3,4: W:e llinq 4: Monilor 4. ROW TWO-Jerry Tricfsch-General-Locker Ollice A553 3, 4: Moni'or 4. Donna Marie Turner-General--Glee Club 4: Concerl Choir 4. Nelda K. Tuxford-Co'lege Prep.-Sru- den? Ccuncil I: Pepooses 3: Pub. Rep. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 47 Monilor 4: Sr. Up-Town Thealer Comm. 4. ROW THREE-Louise Elizabelh Tyler-Home Ec.-G. A. A. I, 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3. 4: Monlfor I, 2, 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Glee Club I: Mixed Choir 3: Sludenl Guidance Cc mm. 3, 4: Teenells I, 2, 3. 4 lnler-'Class ACI. 3, 4: Sr.- Facully Dance Regis. Comm 4. Tom Underwood -General. Jim Va..dergrifl--Pre-Aop.-BasebaIl I, 2: Foorbali I: H. R. V. Pres. I: Wresrlinq 'l: A Club I, 2, 3, 4: Torch Club I: Jr. Red Cross 4. ROW FOUR--Phyllis Vandevender-Bus. Ed.-lvlonilor 2: Y-Teens 2, 3: X-Ray Typisr 4. Delores VanDuyn-GeneraI-- Y-Teens 2. Alice Elaine VanZan+-General-Prom Co-Chr. Dec. Comm. 3: Ramblers Club I, 2, 3, 4: Concerl Choir I, 3: Dean's Ass? 4: Monilor 3, 4: Sr. Brunch Dec. Comm. 4. ROW FIVE-Laura June Vaughn-Bus. Ed.-Y-Teens 2, 4: Ramblers Club 2: Fur. Rel. Club 4: H. R. Pres. 2. Helen Trula Vaughn--Bus. Ed.-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Library Club 2: Jr. Red Cross I: G. A. A. I, 2. Roberl' Vernon Vicicers-Tech. -Track I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Counrry I, 2, 3, 4: Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 3: A Club 2, 3.4, Pre-s. 4': Jr. Exec. Coun. 31 IVIOHIIOF '31 Honor Sociely 3, 4: H. R. Treas. 3, 4: Jr. Rolarian 4: Prom Invir. Comm. 3: Sr. Up-Town Thearer Parry Co-Chr. 4. ROW SIX-Fred Walker-General. Gordon Dean Walker-- Pre-App.-Foorball I, 2, 3: Baseball I, 2. 3. Richard Lee Ward-College Prep.-Jr. Conservalion Club I, 2: Club Tom Tom Board 3, 4: Torch Club 2: Monilor 3: I-I. R. V. Pres. 3, Treas. I: Sr.-Facully Dance Regis. Comm. 4. 1 . E-, I I I I I I 1 I L I I I I ROW ONE-William Russell Warmlce-General-Wresiling 2, 3, 4: A Club 3. 4: Torch Club I: Track I: I-li-Y 3: X-Ray 4: I3a'ebalI 2: Sr. Picnic Place Comm. 4. Huberf C. Warner - Ceweral-Band 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 3.4: Visual Aids Ass'I 4. Carolyn Sie Wash-Bus. Ed.-I-lonor Sociely 3, 4: Voc. Prog. Club 3, 4, Treas. 4: Bus. Ed, Ass'l 3: Typinq Award 3: X-Ray 3, Circulalion Mgr. 3. ROW TWOlDonaId Lee Vifaymire-General-Ful'. Rel. Club 4. Joan Weafherly-Home Ec.-Teenelfs I, 2, 3, V. Pres. 3: Sr. Picnic Chr. Refresh, Comm. 4. Bing Welch-- General-Jr. Red Cross I: Foolball I: Tracln 2: Wresllinq 2. ROV! THREE-Harry Douglas Wellcer-General-Track I, 2: Basclball I: Monilor 2, 3: Cross Counlry I, 2. Nancy Whife -Bus. Ld. Janef Wiggins-General-Y-Teens 2: Bus. Ed. Ass'. 4: ll. R. Treas. I, 3: Y-Teens 4. ROW FOUR-Palsy Willtins-General-Y-Teens' I: English Ass'I 2: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Bus. Ed. Ass'l 4. Aclelle Williams -General-lnler-Club Coun. 2: Teeneffs I, 2, 3, 4, Sec, 2, 3, Pres. 4: G. A. A. I. 2, 3, 4. Harold Wilson-General. ROW FIVE-Maxine Wilson-General-6. A. A. I: Y-Teens I, 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Monilor 2: Fur. Ref. Club 4. Judy Marie Wiseman-Bus. Ed.-Y-Teens 4: Model U. N. 3: Bus. Ed, Ass'+ 4: X-Ray 4: Moniror 3. Miriam WoIfe+6eneraI- Monilor 2: Dean's Ass'I 3, 4: Honor Siocieiy 3. 4. ROW SIX-Donald Wolfe-College Prep.-Pub. Rep. 2: H. R. V. Pres. I: Track I, 2. 3: Cross Counlry I, 2: Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 4: Head Monilor 4: Model U. N. 4: .Honor Sociefy 3, 4. Belly Joan WocIdridge+General--G. A. A. 4: Glee Club 4: Concerl Choir 41. Carl Lee Wrighi--College Prep. -H. R, Pres. I: Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 4: Model U. N. 4: Locker Office Ass'l 3, 4: X-Ray 3, 4, Sporls Ed. 4. ROW ONE-James Wrighl-Voc, Ag.--Fulure Farmers I. 2, 3, 4, Lyle York-College Prep.-I-I. R. Pres. I, 3g lvloniror 2: Locler Office Ass'+ 2, 31 Science Club 2, 31 Sr. Brunch Place Comm. 4. Beverly Joan Zearbaugh-General--Mixed Choir 2: Concerf Choir 3. ROW TWO-William Brilfon-Pre. APP. Charles Busse'-A College Prep-I-li-Y 4. David Elmore-Bus. Ed.-Sudenl Council I, 2, Exec. Comm, 21 Torch Club I, 2: I-li-Y 4, I-I. R. Pres. 4: Sr. Exec. Comm. 43 Honor Sociely 4. ROW THREE-Philip Kemper-General. Jack Lewis McCor- mack-Pre-App.-Torch Club I. 2. Rufh M, Peavfer-Home Ec.-Wrilers Club 4: Y-Teens 4. SENIORS NOT PICTURED Joseph Duane Anderson Ellis Elmer Asbury Larry Eugene Auslin Thomas Bell Roberl Wayne Bever Donald Blueher William Leon Broaclnax John Frederick Buclc Palricia Rufh Cheever Roberl Eugene Church Keilh Collins Alberl Richard Crouse Broclc Eugene DeLawIer Belly Edmonson Carol Mozelle Harold Jesse Saw Vera Laurie Imel Peggy Joyce Jackey Donald Wayne John Elhel Lee Kemp David Maloney Oscar Massey James Roberl Moore Kennelh Dale Piclcens John Roberl Willey Judilh Williams Jack Thomas Yales I 5 I I I 4 I S IE N I O R S -I I w 3 5 I 5 a 1 I P ' i S? i F 6. gi i , Juisiioizs ELECT New sPoNsoR y Tlwe Junior Class elected Harry McC5oon as sponsor. Bon Voyage was the tlierne of the Prom. Executive Committee Standing-Bob Green, Dick Moore, Nancy Sclwuberl, Jim Bannon, Joellen Colvin, Judy Winkler, Wally Smitli, Dick Reems, Denny Simpson, Ronnie Osborne, Don Birt, Bob Day. ' Seated-Marilyn Mills, Curt Hockett, Lou lris Parmer, Dick Hartzell. Junior Executive Committee, Officers and Sponsors Officers Sponsors Curt Hockett, president, Marilyn Mills, +reasurerg Lou Iris Farmer, secretary: Dick Hartzell, vice-president. Mrs. Margaret i-locln Mr. Harry McGoon 120 Shirley Alflerbach, Jack Appleby, Jerry Alspaugh, Jim Aull, Shirley Ayers, Carl Badger, Wall Bagof, Larry Ballard. Jerry Banker, Jim Bannon, Lawson Barger, Pafly Barker, Bob Barnes, Jackie Barrefl, Ernesl Barlh, lilhel- dred Balhauer. Nena Beard, Melvin Beauchamp, Marlin Benlamin, Tom Bennell, Wayne Benzenbower, Myrna Bid- dle, Dale Benglson, Cynthia Bip- pus. Don Birf, Belly Blake, Jane? Blume, Kay Boardman, Frank Boaz, Arnold Bodkin, Ramona Bowers, Ronald Box. Pamela Boyer, Bill Boys, Jerry Bradford, Gerald Branch, Pafricia Branch, Joe Campbell, Felix Brooks, David Brow. Anne Brown, Jim Brown, Milo Brown, Bob Brundaqe, Belly Bunch, Phyllis Burk, Darrell Burlon, Phyl- lis Bushong. Clark Bynum, Shirley Campbell, Dick Canada, Becky Caudle, Mar- cella Carpenler, Gloria Carper, Bill Cash, Donna Clark. Duane Clark, Larry Clark, Marian Clark, Shirley Clendenin, Ross Col- lins, JoEllen Colvin, Carol Conley, Mall Conley. Carolyn Cook, Arnold Copeland, l-laskell Counls, Nancy Couch, Janel Cox, Roxanna Cox, Shirley Cox, Roberla Craib. Roberla Crilser, Don Crouch, Mary Ann Cunningham, Jerry Currenl, Ray Daniels, Bob Davis, Marilyn Davis, Pal' Davis. Bill Day, Bob Day, Palsy Dayl'Or1. Harold Deal, Darrell Dean, Jimmy Deardull, Charles Dearing, Pamela Dee. rc . i i l A lf i l L i, l I l z Q Jerry Duvall, Carolyn DeLawler. Vic DeVV'eese, Marilyn DeWiIl, Sandra DeWill, Joan Diqqs, Jack Dills, Lucille Dlnvviddie, Jane Dixon, Jim Dombroslci, Joe Dolson, Violel Duqqer, Pal Dun- widdie, Anna Dunbar, Shirley Dun- lap, Jerry Dunn. Jerry Duianl, Phyllis Dylces, Belsy Dyson, Mary Ann Easl, Phyllis Ed' wards, Jacquelyn Ellison, Alberl Eulsler, Jerry Eslelle. Ronnie Elheringlon, Phyllis Ealen- der, Dick Faux, David Fells. Delores Fillman, Don Fisher, Janel Filzqerald, Alvin Flalh. Wanda Flall, Faye Forgason, Jan- el Fosler, Ronald Fosler. Jerry Fox, Ronald Fox, Sandra Garrell, Ronnie Gerlcin, Jim Gwallney, Norma Gold, Ronald Gold, Janice Graham. Don Granger, Roberl Greene, Bob G-ridds, Russell Groover, Fred Gu!- mire, Elaine Guyol, Don Gwallney, Ardalh Haley. Leslie Hallqarlh, Janel Haven, Alberl Hamillon, Sara Alice Hamillon, Charlolle Hanger, Jail: Harper, Ronnie Harris, Lou Ann Harl. Bill Harlley, Earl Harlley, Diclc Harlzell, Jo Anne Halzel, Shellon Haskell, Belly Hall, lvladelyn Hal- lery, Slella Hawn. Joyce Hawkins, Richard Heena, Anna Hedgecrall, Harry Hedges, Judy Heiden, Jeanine Henning, Jim Hensley, Kenl Hiall. ? David Hiday, Mary Hiday, Kay Hiesland, Joyce Hise, Judy Hoblbs, Curlis Hoclcell, Nancy Holer, Dale Hoff. Shirley Hollingsworfh, Mary Hollis, Pafricia Hollis, Bob Hon, Barbara Hosek, Maurice Howard, Francis Howe, Barbara Huber. Lowell Hudson, Freda Hughes, Jewel, Hughes, Fred Huichins, Norman Hullon, Virginia Huril, Forresf lmel, Bill Isaacs. Diclc Jack, Pal Jackson, Mary Alice Jamerson, Nola Jarvis. Kay Jenkins, Caryl Jenness, La- Norma Jones, Rulh Jones. Howard Kee-n, Ronald Keller, Dick Keilhley, Gayle Kern. Jean Anne Kelner, James Kern, Jane? King, Jack Kirchner, Mabel Kline, Roberl Knighl, Barbara Kreigh, Byron Land. Bob LaPierre, Jack Laswell, Jane? Lauber, Nancy Leasure, Marvin Leazenby, Byron Teagarden, Eu- gene Lennis, David Lenlz. Linda Lewis, Grela Livingslon, Jayne Loudenbaclc, Norma Lougn- ridge, Bob Luclc, Bruce Madren, Don Manis, Barbara Marshall, Mary Marshall, Pearl Massey, Jane? Massey, Alice Maslers, Jim Maxwell, Bill Mafhews, Jo McCabe, Karen McCarlhy. Kay Mccarly, Franlc McDanell, Jo Anne McFarland, Naomi McGill, Lloyd McKay, Bill Mc- Kowen, John McNaH, Marilyn McNaH. Ronald McWi1hey, Marilyn Mei- zer, Wilbur Merrill, Bob Miller, Bud Miller, Maryann Miller, Smiley Miller, Jim Mills. Marilyn Mills, Billie Minniear, J. D. Moore, James Moore, Julia Moore, I.1ax Moore, Richard Moore, Pai Morehouse. Vernon Morris, Leah Moser, Beily Moisinqer, Bill Mullins, Charlene Mundhenk, Darlene Mundhenk, Vifalf' Murphy, Joan Myers. Sam Myers, David Newlon, Frank Niccum, Anne Nichols, Glenora Nicholson, Carol Niece, Gloria Nighberl, Doroihy Norris Norma Null, Ann O'Connor, Bar- bara O'Connor, Dorolhy Olive, Mary Oliver, Wilber Osborn, Ron- nie Osborne, Bob Owens, Nancy Owens, Soieria Pancol, Lou Iris Parmer, Marilyn Parrlgin. Ronald Paschal, Max Paschal, Mar' ilyn Perkins, Par Phelps, Jane? Phillips, Don Pierse, Jane Poor Bruce Poore, David Poore, Carolyn Pollard, Dave Poiler, Ruih Oualls, Doris Raper, Jaclc Raper, Harold Raiz, Gwen Rawlin. Shirley Redding, Bob Reedy, Dick Reehm, Zelma Reqer, Bob Reveal, Mary Lou Rhodes, Kay Rice, Saun- dra Rich. Charles Riggle, Jaclc Riggs, Diane Ringo, Phil Reichari, Mariellen Pifrsiord, Rex Robbins, Shirlee Robbins, Mary Sue Roberison. l.larv'n Rorelf, Diane llouzc, i oz Rouzej, Bc y Runfan, D nnl.l Rush on, Or-.'ilEe Rushkfn, Carmm , . 4- . i . Ru li, Marilyn .vacil:w5.i Hal Salford, Janice Sample, Din Sanders, Bill Schail, Dick Schawle ner, Nancy Schubert Gary Sah- usler, Delores Seqner. Richard Segner, Charles Se"y'e', Gerald Shee's, Pally Sheds, lie - ny, Srnpion, Dari: Sirnoon, Bill S'nqhur5'l'.Jacl1Sinl4. Lee Sfzelove. Marla Shimer, Char- les Smilh, Clarke Srnilh. Jaclc Srnilh, Mary Marqarel Smith, Wally Smilh, Sylvia Snyder. Ed Spangler, George Springer, Marilyn Slarr, Kalhleen Sleele. Joyce Slern, Marlha Slevens, Pai Slevenson, Norma Slohler, John Slolces, Jean Ann Sloner, James Slolllernyer, Sandra Slolllemyer. Marilyn Slow, Dick Slraclc, Anne Slrealy, Roberla Slrealy, Kalhryn Snellenloarqer, Dorolhy Serloer, Tom Templelon, l-larold Thomas. Roberl Thomas, Helen Thurber, Larry Tiplon, Gerald Todd, Julia Townsend, Nancy Trainer, Lois Tranbarqer, Cafherine Troup. Phyllis Trueblood, Ernesl True- blood, Don Tunnell, Lou Ann Turne er, Doris Ann Tway, Merlin Tyler, Judy Ulrey, Jim Vanasdal. Janel Vanderhool, Delores Van Ness, Anila Van Zanl, Alpha Veal, Lowell Vogel, Sue Wainscoll, Jim Ward, Blondell Wallcins. '5 .K,,..rwfm,-W-,,,1-H-11' -H' S--a-f www -- - 1 . 2 i l 1 1 4 i l v l i t s V Z 1? l, 2 I i s E i Lic, , A, "-.D Dwighl Weedman, Dorofhy Wells, Keilh Wendling, Judy Wesf, Ro- ger Whilehead, Phyllis Whifesel. Lavina Widener, Shellon Wilde. Carol Williams, John W'illiams, Tom Williams, Roberfa, Vifillis, Jo- yce Willis, Norma Wilson, Judy Winkler, Claire Windsor. Dick Wirf, Helen Wise, Gene Wolfe, Dalles Wood, Don Wya++, John Yarling, Marilyn Hanneman, LeRoy Yales. Carol Yaliaw, Phyllis Yaflaw, Jay York, Norman York, Larry Youker, Duane Young, Jacqueline Young, Jim Yusf. Marcella Zaiser, Marilyn Zerung, LeRoy Bennefl, Marvin Cliffon, Jack Caplinger, Jim Cox, Florence Davis, Sam Ferree. Nancy Fisher, Alberl Harris David Harris, Charles Hasler, Wendell l-lilligoss, Mary Hoclson, Carol Hoffman, Jeanice James. Naomi Jeiiers, Flora Jones, Ar- della Karns, Toni Lawrence, Don- ald Lockwood, Cenler Looper, James Lu ei, Dick Miller. Jack Mullen, Phyllis Painier, Mar- Jrha Ray, James Ready, Darlene Sfeves, Jim Wright ,-- ' e- I SOPHOMORES CHOOSE' RINGS, SWEATERS The Sophomore Class chose rings ot classic simplicity. Maroon and white were chos- en as class colors. Executive Committee , Standing-Bruce Partner, Jim Komenich, Herschel Chamberlain, Dave Wellington, Don Myers, Margie George, Bill Harless, Jack Rager, Larry Retheford, Gordon Edgecomb, Dick Stoner. Joe Tipton, Gary Babcolce, Bill Cumberland. - , Seated-Larry Jones, Pat Pheanis, Donna Van Camp, Bob Bondurant. Sophomore Executive Committee, Officers and Sponsors y 0 i E Q l t 'i -1 1 l, I ' l Officers Sponsors 1 Larry Jones, president: Donna Van Camp, treasurer: Bob Bondurant, vice-president: Pat Pheanis secretary Miss Dorothy Campbell Mr. Howard Burnett 127 Gary Aagesen, Barbara Adams, Billie Mae Adams, Alellnea Agnew, Wilma Alder, Darrel Alexander, Mary Ann Alexander, Dorollwy Al- lman. Bob Arminqlon, Joyce Anderson, Belly Anderson, Joe Aslnby, Dale Aslwer, Marlene Aulcer, Paul Aynes, Gary Babcolce. Gary Bagley, Carolyn Bailey, Hen- riella Bailey, Rex Bailey, 'Terry Bailey, Clwarles Baker, Gloria Baker, Julwl Balcer. Larry Balmer, Norma Baker, Ronnie Baker, Dean Bannon, Gloria Barlcer, Margie Barnes, Jacquelyn Barn- lzizer, Grover Basey. Francis Bauqlwan, Plwyllis Bauman, Dick Bays, Janice Bays. Alben? Beckman, Kay Beeson, Bill Bell, Berry Benoliel. Jerry Jean Beneliel, Beverly Benq- slon, Duane Bennell, Connie Bick- el, Brilla Bilbrey, Joane Bircli, David Blades, Bud Bluelier. Nancy Bogqess, Charlene Bonge, Barbara Boliannan, Janice Bonne, Jim Bolnne, lla rm Bfrwerrnan, Bob Bonduranl, Karon Boflen. Carl Bonner, D1v'd Boone, Clwarles Moreland, Dale Bouse, Norma Bowers, Larry Bowser, Sue Boyer, Larry Branch. Judy Brandon, Yolanda Breeden, Jane Drennen, Dave Bridges, lid- win Bridges, Sandra Brislol, Bar- bara Bronnenberg, Barbara Jo Brown. Bellie Brown, Bob Brown, David Brown, Louise Brown, Slwirley Bum- balouglw, Dorolliy Burke, lim Burlze, Paul Burlcliarl Edward Burlon, Torn Burlon, James Buxlon, Janis Bybee, Deloris Car- ney, Judillw Capron, Joyce Camp- bell, Al Campbell. Paul Carper, Gerald Carroll, Lois Carfer, Palricia Carly, Naomi Case, Berry Cash, Rira Anderson, Herschel Chamberlain. Ann Chamlee, Mary Ann Chee- ver, Marlene Clarlc, Max Clark, Vivian Clark, Edna Clemenrs, Lois Cliffon, Judy Clore. Dale Closser, Danny Coble, John Cochran, Mariha Coffman, Paul Cole, Kay Collings, Palsy Collins, Jeanine Combs. Donald Cook, Sharon Cooper, Phyllis Corner, Dave Couch, Hu- berr Cox, Carl Craib, Jack Craig, Shirley Crain, Virginia Crawford, Cardis Crires, Marilyn Crosley, Lyle Crouse, Bill Cumberland, Pally Cunningham. Paul Dance, Connie Danforrh. Irene Davidson, Jim Davies, Judy Davis, Marlene Davis, Parry Davis, Reba Davis, Torn Davis, Richard Dean. John Dearing, Joseph Dearing, lybrypecrlcer, Jim DeShon, Sharron Diggs, Don Driffill, Sue Driiiiil, Kay Eckert Gordon Edgecomb, Harmon Ed-- wards, James Ehle, Janei- Eichler, Jim Eiseile, Virgil Eldridge, Kay Epply, Mark Erehari. Barbara Erlandson, Glen Ewing, Don"Esl'le, Paul Esier, Jess Elche- son, Beveriy Enyearf, Marilyn Far- low, Manx Farlow. Jack Farren, Alice Fausrich, La Donna Felzien, Roberi Fisher, Bob Flanigan, Gerald Flair, Jim Flei- cher, Phillip Foley Myran Folsom,,Sue Ford, Sherry Foresrer, Faye1For+h, Barbara Foss- meyer, Diane Fuller, John Fuller, Denny Garrell. f I Barbara Gaw, Margie George, Anne Gillaspy, Shirley Gilmore, Lois Gilpen, Ronnie Ginder, Mona Girlon, Phyllis Goen. Sally Gooding, Janef Goodwin, Barbara Graham, Bill Gray, Phyllis Green, Rulh Ann Griffin, Barbara Groif, Wanda Gross. Mary Jane Gusiin, Wayne Guyoi, Kay Gwynn, Joanna Hall, Helan Hall, Mary Ann Hanford, Roger Hardacre, Kenny Harges. Bill Harless, Richard Harper, John Harrison, Ronald Harrison. Joyce Hari, Janel Harlley, Terry Hasfy, Margarel Halhcoaf. Norman Halhcoal, Bob Harren, Faye Hawkins, Max Hayden. Billy Heideman, Shirley Hellems, Ronnie Hiday, Joe Helping, Charles Henry, Arnold Higgins, J efrry Hlqginbolhami, Sandra Highbaugh. Janice Hoard, Barbara Hobbs, Elvasue Hodson, Donald Hoffman, Susie Hollingsworlh, Shirley Hol- loway, Roberl' Horner, Richard Hope. Mary Hopfner, Jerry Hoppes, Norman Howard, Janel Howard, Don Hosier, Dorolhy Hubbard, Graydon Huff, Jack Huffman. Don Hughes. Donna Hughes, Doris Hughes, Leland Hughel, Emi i y Hull, Newell Hull, Dorolhy Hunl, Hal Hunl. Kennelh Hunt Alice Humerick- house, Roberi Hunlley, Nancy Hursi, Virginia Hursl, Linda Idle, Janel lmel. Bill Jackson. Roberl' Jaclcson, Shirley Jarrell, Norma Janney, Jim Jeffries, Nor- man Johnson, Paul Johnson, Den- nis Jones, Jim Jones. Larry Jones, Mary Alice Jones, Mary Failh Jones, Norman Jones, Ronald Jones, Jane Juday, Roselia Karr, Marilyn Kefier. Diane Keicher, Delores Keilh, Nancy Keiih, Gracie Kelly, Larry Kelley, Sandra Kemp, Jess Key, larry Kilgore. Lucille Kimn, Roberl Kirby, Bill Kirkpalriclc, Neva Knepp. Phyllis Knorr, David Knolls, Vivian Kolenda, Jim Komenich. Ronnie Kunce, Mary Lou Lane, Jim Langan, Sue Laswell. Dale Lechlilner, Joyce Lee, Bar- bara Leever, Charles Lesler, Phil Levi, Dorolhy Lifford, Belle Line, Jim Linville. Norman Lycan,, Barbara Mabbiil, Macel iMal3biH, Mary Malone, Milford Marsh, Tom Marlin, John- ny Maslers, Sam Malihews. lack Maxwell, Dick Maynard, Mary Jane McConnell, Kay McCullough, Judy McDaniel, Mildred Mclzall, Marilyn McGill, Elizabelh Mc- Keand. Evangeline McKinley, Berlha Mc- Mahan, Ruih McMillan, Don Mc- Neal, Richard Mcfivuire, Bill Need- ler,.Marie Melzer, Sharon Meyer. Beverly Miller, Dorolhy Miller, Dwiqhl Mills, Gary Mills, Slanley Mills, Ray Minion, David Milchell, Marilyn Mifchell, 1- .- lb Tom Moneyhun, Barbara Moore, Donald Moore, Norma Jean Moore, Pally Moore, Geraldine Moslcwinslii, Sandra lvlumaw, Clin- lon Murdock. Tom Murdock, Charles Murphy, Debbie Myers, Don Myers, Jerry Neeley, Mary Ann Neely, Earl Newlon, Gwynn Newlon. Franlc Newman, Charlolle Nichols, Darrell O'Bryanl, James Ohler, Shirley Owen, Alexandra Palces. Joe Parisi, Joanne Parker. Shirley Pallerson, Palsy Pallon, Don Peclc, Barbara Peeples. Glenn Perdue, Frances Perry, Chuck Pelry, Jeannelle Pelry. Pal Pheanis, John Phillips, Pal Pills, Rila Ploviclc. Jeannie Pollenbarger, Margie Poole, Shirley Poor, Rollie Price. Bob Prilchard. Charles Pryor, Don Pugh, John Purdy, Jerald Purlcey, Bob Pursley, Sandra Quinn, Virginia Ralslon, Jack Rag- er, Jack Raup, Morris Reed, Pal Rude. Belly Reeves, Don Reger, Myrlle Reisl, Janis Renl, Larry Relherf lord, Norman Reveal, Carrell Rhodes, Don Rhoades. Jerry Rhodes, Janel Richardson, Joanna Richardson, Sara Rider, John Ridgeway, Paul Riggs, Donna Roberls, Leon Rogers. Maxine Ross, Elinor Rossin, Debby Rolruclc, Wesley Rouse, Norma Rowe, Jaclc Rumler, Carol Rush, Mariella Rulh. Phillip Sample, Jerry Sandiler Belly Sargenl, Lorrella Scharnow- slce. Joan Schallner, Linda Schell, Jack Schepper, Jerry Schilclmeier. Joan Schmidl, Carolyn Scholield, Fred Scoll, Jerry Scoll, Lorena Schullz, Roberl Schwab, Marilyn Seal, Carolyn Sears. Pal Seibolcl, Jellrey Seulean, Bob Sexlon, Jerry Shaller, Gene Shaw, Marilyn Shaul, Mary Lou Shaul, Gerald Shaw. Geraldine Shaw, Susan Shear, Bill Sheels, Ted Shelby. Shirley Shepherd, Carolyn Shell- erly. Kenl Shellle, Raymond Shirley. Myra Sibery, Charles Sinohursl, Mary Belle Singlelon, Herberi Seipel. Marlha Skaggs, Rex Slcellon, Belly Slcillman, Annelle Sloan, Belly Sloan, Phyllis Sloan, Bonnie Smilh, Don Smilh. Donald Smilh, Gloria Smilh, Gwe- nnelh Smilh, James Smilh, Judi- ann Slmilh, Marvin Smilh, Mary Smilh, Maxine Smilh. Wilma Smilh, Bill Snedelcer, Roberl Spell, Lewis Slamm, Dick Slanger, Bob Slanley, Jane Sleele, Sandra Sleele. Sue Ann Sleimer, Dave Slephens, Nancy Slephenson, Barbara Sler- rell, Lowell'Slewarl, Sara Slewarl, Henriella Sliclcler, Gene Stone. Dick Sloner, Nancy Sloul, Lenora Sluller, Delores Slumpl, Jack Surn- mers, Janel Slurgeon, Janel Swel- nam, Shirley Swinlord. Belly Taggarl, Sue Tapp, Mildred Talman, Barbara Taylor, Raymond Taylor, Slella Taylor, George Than- as, William Thomas. Bob Trinkle, Joane Trick, Thomas Tranbarger, Janel Townsend, Belly Tooley, Joe Ed Tiplon, Kay Thomp- son David Troufrnan, Barbara Tullle, Marilyn Tyler, Faye Ulley, Jane Van Buskirk, Donna Van Camp, Sue Ann Van Dyke, George Van Osdol. Shirley Ann Venlers, Donna Ver- million, Dick Vickers, Paul Wagner. Don Vance, Paula Vanderbur, Elma Vaughn, Gordon Van Winkle. Russell Wagner, Suzie Wagner, Charles Walbridge, Dick Waldron. Carol Ann Wardlow, Claris' Warm- ke, Pal Warmke, Shirley Warner, Joyce Waymire, Wanda Wea-fer Marilyn Sue Webb, Sandra Webb Bill Webber, Cyrilyn Welcher, Dave Wellinglon, Jack Weil, Shirley Weaiherly, Sandra Wesion, Bob While, Marilyn Whilinqer. Kenny Wicker, Juaniia Wilhelm, Howard Wilkinson, Alfha Wilhelm, Jack Williamson, Lois Williamson, Judi Wiley, Kennelh Willis. Roberl Willis, 'Willard Willis, Siqle Wilson, Joyce Wilham, Pal Wilham, Carol Ann Wood, Judy Wood, Kalie Wolgamoli. Elizabelh Wools, Angelyn Wooi- ers, Bob Wrighl, Fred Vv'rigni, Marilyn Wrighl, Malcolm Young, Sandy Ziegler, Carol Zimmerman. Vealer Davis, Jim Day, Dickie Ven, lers, Leon Wable, Sylvia Vv'ain- scolr, Jon Walker, Barbara 'Wal- lace, Carol Ward Rurh Ward, Donald Winger, Gary Wilde, Eugene Willhoife, Judy William, Linda Wood, Norma Woodard, Marian Wools. Lawrence Young Anne Bishop, Pal Carraway, Dick Caslor, Cardis Criles, Franlc Davis, Wendell DeWiH, Connie Genfry. Judy Gibson. David Granger, Parry Granl, Shir- ley Hickerson, Gary lmlay, Dewane Kruqler, Bruce Parfner, Sue Pir- man, Carolyn Preslon. Fred Reagin,Dixie Robbins, Ron- ald Sanders, Sue Scolf, Carl Ship- ley, Bernard Wade, Jim Wicker. FRESHMEN ADJUST TO SCHOOL LIFE The Freshman Class made a fine slarl on high school life. Elecling homeroom and class officers occupied lhe class' lime. Homeroom Presidenis Sianding-Jim Mclfianell, Don Ellison, James Wash, Tedidy Pancol, De- lano Dolson, Mary Ann Vainer, Ted Bools, Richard Sacilowslai, Jim Lev- erelle, Bob Loose, Nyles Anson, Tom Harrison, Seafed-Donna Vanosdal, Calherine Byrne, Billy Joe Smilh, Peggy Tagarl, Susan Kirkman, Joan Lowry, Sharon Jones, Jane l-lunlzinger. Freshman I-Iomeroom Presidents, Officers and Sponsors Officers Sponsors Peggy Taggart, vice presidenl, Susan Kirlcman, +reasurerg Joan Lowry, secrelaryq Billy Joe Smilh, president Mrs, Agnes Brock f Mr. Howard Eilar 136 Bobbie Abney, Connie Aclwor, Dianne Aolwor, James Adams. Janice Adams, Palricia Oqburn, Lucy Alexander, Margarel Alex- ander Alberl Allrey, Allien-3 Allex, Janel Allen, Joe Allman, David All, Virqinia Anderson, Nyles Anson, Marlene Anlonidfs Ronald Applegale, Charles Av- no4ld,,: Bearrfice Callron, Bonnie Badger., Clnarles Bailey, Darrell Bailey, Carolyn Baker, Clnarles Baker, Dorolliy Baker, Tom Baker, David Bales, David Ball, Frank Ball, Larry Balser, Marcia Barron, Geraldine Barron. Pally Beauchamp, Marilyn Birclw, Ina Mae Speedy, Maybell Begley, Bob Bell, Virginia Becrafl, Deardra Beresford, Jack Berkebile. Duane Besell, Dick Bevellurner, Norma Bevill, Billy Jo Bienerl, Lloyd Bilyeu, Belly Bishop, Ronald Bishop, Phyllis Black. Janillw Blackaby, Ermaiean Blair, Carol Beneliel, Judy Bemislw, Gerald Bodkin, Hilda Bobo, Jane? Bolen, Ronald Bollon. Joann Boolli, Ted Boors, Larry Bower, Callnerine Bowen, Darrell Bowlin, Benny Boyd, Barbara Boyer, Roberl' Browning. Mary Lou Bray, Jim Bridges, Janel Briglwl, Jerry Brillon, Jo Ann Bronnenberg, Carolyn Brown, David Brown, Kennellw Brown. Myron Brown, Norma Brow, Roberl Browning, Marlina Bullard, Evelyn Burqe, Bruce Buck, Jolnn Burke, FrankBurkl1arl'. Everelf Burmeisler, Don Burris, Willie Belle Menifee, Palsy Burlon, Janel Busby, Franklin Bush, Suella Bussell, Sandra Buller. Calherine Byrne, Tom Byrum, Max Callahan, Doris Callender, Norma Campbell, Shirley Campbell, i eb Cappel, Donna Carlile. David Carpenfer, Daniel Carper, Beverly Carroll, Max Carson, Larry Carler, Maurice Chambers, Bar- bara Chapin, George Chapin. Waller Chapin, Gordon Chaslan, ,Faye Chillick, Mary Chrisfian, Avis Clark, Julia Clark, Chrisfina Clan- in, Henry Claylon. Larry Cleveland, Janice Clevenqer, Mar.l1a Cobb, Rila Coburn, Jack Coffin, Kennefh Coffman, Charles Cole, Rosalee Collis. Paul Collis, Peggy Collins, Dave Collinqs, Clydene Cook. Saundra Cook, Charles Cooper, Jerry Cooper, Nancy Copeland, Jan Coppock, Sherry Couch, Can- alla Corzine, Jane? Craig, Lorna Craigie, Alelhea Crilser, Carolyn Crosley, Ray Crume, De- wan Curlis, Shirley Dailey, Marlha Davis, Belly Davis. Dianne Davis, Jerry Davis, LeRoy Davis, Marie Davis, Roberf Davis, Dan Davisson, Florence Day, Mary Day, Janice Dearinq, William Decker, Larry Dehorify, Carolyn Delph, Janice DeWeese, Barbara Dollar, Del Dolson, Phillip Douglas. Ross Dovey, Louie Dowden, Ronald Dray, Doris Dudgeon, Barbara Dudley, Beverly Duncan, Nancy Duncan, Donna Durbin. Judy Easl, Judy Edens, Palricla Edwards, Gayle Egiy, Larry Ehle, Bonnie Eldridge, Paul Eldridge, Jo- ann Ellioll. Rosalee Ellioll, Sandra Ellioll, Marsha Ellingwood, Don Ellison, Janel Ellsworlh, Horace England, Larry Eshelrnan, Sue Eslle. David Evans, Joyce Fausell, Rose- mary Faux, Helen Fellon, Barbara Fish, Loice Fish, Ann Fishbaclc' Barbara Fischer. Carol Fisher, Richard File, Bob Filzgerald, David Fleclc. Richard Flowers, Janice Fosnol, Jerry Fowler, Ronnie Fowler. Eugene Fox, Jerry Foy, Virginia Franklin, Carol Friermood. Duane Frislaie, Marion Fry, Bill Furnish, Barry Goar, Charlene Gable, Doris Garrelson, Ozias Gales, Fred Gaskell. Jaclc Gayle, lla Geiger, Joyce George, Marge George, Belly Gilpin, Linda Gilson, Pauline Gib- son, Don Goacher, David Goacher, Julia Gold, Jack- lyn Gooding, Palricia Gouldsbery, Don Gourley, Jack Gourley, Karl Graddy, Ramona Graddy. Linda Granger, Virginia Graves, Phil Grene, Kalhryn Grissom, Jer- old Gray, Kenl Grillilh, James Graham, Don Grissom, Shirley Haggard, David Hamillon, James Hancock, Marlene Hancoclr, Arnold Hansell. Helen Harris, Jo- an Harrison, Leroy Harrison Thelma Harrison, Tom Harrison, Joan Harl, Leo Harl, Neil Hari, Phyllis Harl, Joan Harfley, Doug- las Hasfon Nancy Hasry, Sue Haffielcl, Annie Hawlcins, James Hawn, Celia Hay- den, Paula Haynes, Richard Hazel, Shirley Head Beverly Healh, Jerry Herb, Palsy Herf, Louise Hesler, Miriam Hes- ler, David Hilchcock, Ellen Hilcn- coclc, Marv Hobbs Gerald nlodson, Roberf Holliday, Jack Hollis, Marilyn Hooper, George Hopkins, Evere++ Hoppes, Bob Hufler, Paffie Howe Richard Huffman, Anifa Hughes, Barbara Hughes, Pal Hughes, Beverly Humlfe, Harold Hump- hrey, Jane Hunlzinger, Edilha Hus- lon. Nancy llerf, Belly Imel, Dick lves, Joe Ireland, Juanila Jaclcman, Fred James, Janel James, Thomas James. John Jessup, Doris Jewell, Tom Jewell, Carolyn Johnson, Wilma Johnson, Earnesl Johnslon, Phy- llis Jolly, Rebecca Jones. Lilliah Jones, Norberl Jones, Nor- man Jones, Pafricia Jones, Sharon Jones, Sylvia Jones, William Joyce, Jane Judkins. Judy Kabrich, Howard Kardalzlce, Paul Keller, Larry Keller, Phyllis Kelly, Sandra Kidnoclcer, Jerry Kimball, Shirley Kimble. Bill Kimmerling, Harvy King, Mary King, Paul Kingery, Harry Kirchen- bauer, Susan Kirkman, Roe Kirk- palrick, Esler Knolls. Alice Kocher, Beverly Kurfz, Ro- berra Lalrey, Dale Lane. Judi Langford, Frank Laylon, Joyce Laylon, Marcella Leap. Up!!! 1 Alberla Lee, Jim Leverelle, Tom Levi, Michael Levill, Bonnie Lewis, Claudia Lewis, Charles Lewis, Judy Lewis. Gene Lisby, Mariorie Lillen, Bob Loose, George Love, Pam Lowe, Joan Lowry, Belly Lusher, Bob Lyons. Bob McAllisler. Judy McCoy, Darlene McCullum, Jean McCune, Bob McDanell, Jim McDaniel, Thomasina McEvoy, Donald Mc- Gee. LeRoy McGinnis, Curlis Mc- Guire, Bill McKinney, Belly Mc- Manis, Peggy McMillian, Jack Mabbill, Barbara Madren, JoAnn Mayo. Mary Ann Mahan, James Ma- honey, Tom Mahoney. Fred Maker, Charles Mallory, Pal Malone, Joe Marlin, Frank Mason. Mary Massey, Roberl Maxwell, Rosalee Nealis, Ronnie Meeker, Roberla Melching, Jaclc Melson, John Menifee, Willie Belle Meni- lee. Arlhur Minnelield, Don Miller, Karl Miller, Sarah Jane Miller, John Mlilchefll, Linda Ivlilclieil. Dick Monroe, Marlha Morris. Mary Monlgomery, Janice Mor- gan, Diana Morris, Roberl Mor- row, Deryle Marlin, John Moser, Sharon Mosher, Naomi Mundy. Sara Munsell, Marcia Munsey, Rella Myers, Tom Myers, Harry Nighlengale, Ben Nell, Janel Nell, Jerry Newlon. Linda Nicholson, Jaclc Niece, Don- na Noble, Sylvia Noble, Philiip Kreeqar, King Norlon, Larry Nu- genl, Don Oclorn. Jim O'Connor, Pally Ohler, Ro- berl Olive, Genene Oliver, Peg- gy O'Neal, Ronnie Orbaugh,Ver- na Ollo, Roberla Overholser. '5 Velma Owen, Angeline Pancol, Teddy Pancol, Judi Parisi, Elsie Pallerson, Rosanna Palferson, Nan- cy Paynler, Sylvia Paylon, Belly Pearson, Kay Peclcinpaugh, Phyllis Peclcinpaugh, Barbara Peel, Larry Penry, George Perry, Oscar Perry, Earl Pelligrew. Tom Pelligrew, Lydia Pelris, Thea Phelps, Jimmy Phlegar, Kenneih Piclcering, Gene Pillsenbarger, Phil Plummer, Barbara Poer. Lois Poling, Jenny Pollard, Helen Ponsler, Ronnie Ponsler. Linda Poller, Pal' Quimby, James Quinn, Sally Raup. John Ravage, l-lerman Ray, Hor- ace Reason, George Redilcer. Joan Redmond, Shirley Re-fvl, Aileen Reody, Jim-y Reeves, Biil Remley, Dorfvlhy Reveal, Torn Rhodes, Shirley Rich. Elizabe'h Ric'-afflson, Ronald Rich- ardson, G C. Riddle, Carolyn Rig- gins, Rosella Riggle, David Riley, Richard Riley, Danny Rilenour. Mariorie Roach, Chesler Robbins, Deloris Robbins, Jim Robinerle, Linda Roby, Frank Rodeman, Edna Rogers, Francis Rogers. Neliie Jo Roland, Elberl Roeder, Ronald Rollel, Orley Rosenbarger, lvlilzi Ross, Ronald Ross, Bill Rude, Lesler Rumler. Bob Rush, Chloe Rush, Richard Siacilowslci, Roberl' Sample, Diana Sampson, Pal Samuels, Jean San- ders, Pal Sanders. Nellie Scanland, Myrna Schmiif, Joan Scharfner, Shirley Schmallz, Barbara Scoil, Leandra Scoil, Shirley Shafer, Karen Shaffer. Jim Shannon, Judy Sharp, Rosada Shaw, Gene Shepherd, Charles Shoclc, Rulh Silver, Jerry Simmons, Donna Singer. Don Skaggs, Shirley Slcaggs Billy Joe Smifh, Eddie Smiih, Georg- elra Smiih, Leland Smiih, Naomi Smifh, S+even Smiih. William Spenser, Judy Slage, Jan- ice Sfagg, Waller Sfaggs. Jack Sranislaus, Jim Sranley, Jean- nine Siarr, Darlene Sfarreil. Charles Siephenson Donna Sfier- walf, lda Mae Sligall, Belly Sliner. Charles Sfifes, John Sioelfing, Phyllis Slohier, Sandra Stoker, Sally Slulfz, Mary Kay Summa. Jerry Sllump, Basil Surber, Mary Surface, Anile Swinford, Jerry Swinlord, Peggy Taggarl, Alyce Taylor, Robbie Taylor, Ro- berla Taylor, Judy Teeiers Carl Thomas, Diane Thomas, Ro- ber+ Thompson, Sandra Thompson, Barbara Thornburg, Max Thornton Barbara Leflel, Max Tilley Tom Toombs, Keirh Tracy, Deanna Trimble, Sharon Tuclcer, E d d I 9 Turner, Sharon Ulrey, DeEHa Llp. shaw, Donna Vanosdal. Jane? Vanderhoof, Mary Verda- man, Mary Ann Vainer, Don Vegf, Shirley Walker, Franlc Walker, Shirley Wallace, Phyllis Wallerg John Warner, James Wash, Jim Waymire, Janel Webber, Nan-:y Wechsler, Wynema Kay Wehner, Jacqueline Wellons, ArneH' Wesr- erlield. Tom Werfz, Ronald Wheeler, Larry While, Mary While, J.W. Wicker, Carl Williams, Carol VVill- iams, Doroihy Jean Williams. Garland Williams, Joyce Williams, Melvin Williams, Sue Williams, Nelda Williams, Margarel Wil!- iamson, Jerry Wilson, Ramona Wilson. Richard Wilson, Joyce Winlcel, Kenny Wise, Louella Wise, Mary Wiishard, Rhofda Wolgamohf, Eleanor Wood, Alvin Woods. Nancy Woods, Mona Woodruff, David Worley, Jane? Wright Richard Wrighf, Billy Hill, Vir- ginia l-lellems, Zella Young. Jack Yunlcer, Dave Zierer, Karl Zurmuehlein, Madonna Allen, Shirley Allen, Shirley Alvis, Kay Asher, Parricia Barriger. Ronald Benefiel, Keilh Benneff, Don Bohannon, Nellie Boswell, Larry Boundy, James Boyer, Bob Boys, Paula Bozo. Marilyn Brenham, Roger Broolcs. Suzanne Brubalcer, R u T h Ann Brundage, Ronald Bryanf, Suzy B y r u m, Dorofhy Cade, Jack Coppess. Carolyn Carper, Willena Chapin, Donna Chapman, Phil Clemenfs, Diclc Clevenger, Gerald Cox, Rosemany Cram, Vincenr Dau- benspeck. Connie Davis, Janice Davis, James Davis, Corwin D-ay, Luceal Davis, Thomas Dea+on, Jim Denny, Her- laerf DeWiH. Mary Jo Donahue,.Mary Drig- gers, John Elchison, Joyce Filer, Janice Fife, Gerald Flair, Don Fleck, Rex Fraley. Carl Frese, Charles Gales, Bob Gray, Dianne Griner, Elhel Haines, Marilyn Haley, Carllon Hall. Mike Hamm, Janice Hancock, Diane Hanna, Philip Harris, Willam Haske-F, Lowell Hallield, Larry Haynes, Charles Hiclcrodf, Phyllis l-liday. Jaclc Hilligoss, Ralph Hile, Ra- mona Hobbs, Janel' Hofer, David Hudson, Wayne Hall, Eddie Hull, Ronald Huff. Janie Hunl, Arlie Huslon, Gary ldlewine, Phil Jaclcson, Paddy Jamerson, Jaclc Jarvis, Donald Johnson, Carroll Kelley. Jim Kirlcman, Jerry Lalcey, Gerald Land, Bill Landon, Barnes Lalliam, Janel Lee, Beanna Lewis, Virginia Loggins. Mary Maloney, Shirley McCoy, David McCafler+y, Bill Mclnlyre, Bill McKinley, James McKinley, Pafricia McVey, Julia Milchell. Mary Mifchell, Suda Moneyhun, Marvin Muncy, Phyllis Myers, Donna Niccum, Russell Nichols, Frank Norris, William Penn. Bill Perkins, Harolyn Phillips, Rachael Pilce, Judy Piris, Vicior Pollace, Ronald Parlain, Peggy Powell, Kendall Pyle. Gloria Riley, Gloria Rinearson, David Roberfs, Richard Romine, Vee Roof, Carl Rubenlcing, Janice Simpson, Della Servies. Donald Shirley, Ernesl Shroyer. Earl Silcox, Gordon Smilh, Janel Smilh, James Smilh, Sue Smillw, Fredrick Spencer. Charlene Slanley, Joe Siewari, Bill Siookey, Gary Sffdber. DOW Slroud, Sarah Sylvesler, Linda Thiel, David Tyler. f - ,...g ,.,, .L Program For Youth Aided By Board, Superintendent Providing the young people ot Anderson with the best possible education is the toundation on which the Anderson School Board bases its work. Aided by A. R. Cadd, superintendent ot schools, and Enoch Drumm, coordinator ot education, the School Board made many advances during the year ot I952. Most notable among these was the completing ot 29th Street School. The program provided tor the Anderson school system is not all book worlf. Athletics, hobbies, and music are ottered to round out a wholesome program. Chadd Enoch Drumm, Coo d t t I t t SCHOOL BOARD, lett to right- Miss Gertrude S. Plotner, John A. Jones, Howell G. Vanderqritt, Mrs. Gene C t V t l-l R gg J y hell, Jaclc B. Campbell, and A. R. Chadd. Keeping a school of 2400 running smoofh- ly is a iob. This iob is handled adeguafely by fhe adminisfrafion composed of Mr. G. E. Ebberff, principal, Mr, William l-lufchison, as- sisfanf principal, Mr. l-l. O. Armsfrong, dean of boys, Mrs. Edna Rhynearson, dean of girls, and Mrs. Mariorie Ausfin, regisfrar. Many and varied are fheir daily fasks, many small and many large: all are freafed wifh fhe TT i ' Keeping AHS Running Is Tremendous .lob l G. E. Ebberff, Principal William l-lufchison, Assisfarif Principal Howard Armsfrong, Dean of Boys ' Ebberff was appoinfed Superinfendenf May ll lMr. Hufchisori was appoinfed Principal May ful ' same efficiency. If fakes much more fime fhan fhere is in fhe school day fo perform fhese dufies. Many nighfs, weekends, and vacafions are spenf in fhe pursuing of fhese iobs. They affend convenfions and meefings fo increase knowledge on fhe maffer of ad-- minisfrafion. Working ouf fhe school calendar. working on programs for fhe enfire sfudenf body, faking nofe of fardiness and absences, and supervision of fhe halls and monifors are iusf some of fhe well known dufies of fhese busy people. Yef Through all fheir dufies fhese ad- minisfrafors are always presenf af exfracur- ricular school evenfs. They always mainfain a cheery affifude of helpfulness. ln spife of fheir busy schedule, fhey will always fake fime ouf fo offer a word of advice fo a froubled sfu- denf. 147 sa..-we , - L...-.?.-,...,. WW, ,W , W ,, l I .1 fi 3 4 5 sl Z4 5 A X ii dl 6 ' i 54 is ' 4 2 is T y A S Mrs. Edna Rhynearson, Dean of Girls Y 51 A -si G Qffice Personnel The iob ol secrelary is very imporlanl in lhe running ol And- erson l-ligh School. Endless reams ol reporls and records have lo be handled daily. Mrs. Marjorie Auslin has charge ol lhe sludenl programs and re- gislralion. Lell lo righl-Mrs. Claire Moser, Nurse, Miss Vonda Price, Librarian, and Mrs. Pauline Dadds, Librarian. Row I. William i-laygood, Chesler Pyland, Chari J k BC SON. Row ll. James Baker, Dallas Wheel, Lesler Frazie Slanding, lell lo righl--Mrs. May Norris, Mi-ss Belly Sizelove, Mrs. Barbara ullough, and lsealedl Mrs Marjorie Auslin, Regislrar. Nurse And Librarians The iob ol keeping a library in lip lop shape or ol prolecling lhe heallh ol lhe sludenl body cerlainly is no pushover. The posilions ol school librarian and school nurse oller a challange which is adequalely mel by lhe nurse aand librarians ol AHS. Custodians Every week is Cleanup Week lor lhese genllemen. They keep lhe halls and rooms ol lhe school sparkling besides doing all lhe odd iobs lhal arise in a school ol 2400. These men always have a cheery smile and a kind word. 148 Languages To leach he sludenl how fo express himself adegualely bolh orally and in wril- ing is lhe obieclive of lhe language de- parlmenr. Aller lhe lirsl lvvo years of basic gram- mar and lileralure, classes in newswriling, gpeeh, dramalics, advanced lileralure, and grammar can be chosen as a medium of furlhering his abilily in expressing himself. Such foreign languages as Spanish, Lal- in, and French are also laughl in lhe lang- uage deparlmenl. These languages give The sludenlr a beller underslanding ol his 149 own language and give him a broader un- dersranding ol olher lands, peoples, and cusloms. Row l. Mrs. Evelyn Grahame and Mrs. Pauline Dadds. Row ll. Mrs. Edna Whirson and Lee Pursley. Row III. Howard Burnell and Mrs. Margarel Hoch.4 Row IV. Mrs. Helen Hughes and Miss Lois Long. Row V. Clarence Burns, Miss Hazel Kendall, Ralph Boyd, Miss Dorofhy Campbell, Miss Eileendohnson, and Mrs. Margueriie Hale. i Row Vl. David Marlyn, Mrs. Virginia Vermillion, Miss Alice Higman, Harry McGoon, Miss Eslher Hoskins, and Miss Mary Elhel Thurslon. Nof Ficiured: Mrs. Ina Crulchlield, Miss Pauline Day. Miss Mary Miller, Lyman J. McClinloclc. Social Studies The social sTudies Teachers were espec- ially acTive This year in oTTering sTudenTs opporTuniTies To see governmenT in acTion. They supervised field Trips To The sTaTe legislafure, model U. N. Assembly, The local jail, and PendleTon ReTormaTory. Besides The required hisTory, civics, and American problems, This deparTmenT has a varied program of courses. DiTTerenT courses in geography are offered, such as The one in Pan-American relaTions. The annual Trip To WashingTon, D.C., provided many sTudenTs a chance To see our naTional governmenT aT worlc. The American Legion OraTorical Con- TesT TeaTured views on subiecTs regarding social sTudies. Row l. George Davis. Row ll. J. Julian Bailey, J. Merrill Coffin, Charles Denny, James Early, John Finney, and Ray Fleenor. Row lll. Mrs. Ella Goss. Byron Helfrich, Mrs. Mary KiTTer- man, O. L. Springer, and CliT'lord SwiTT. Noi Picfuredz Miss Virginia Lindsfrom. 150 Trades And Industries I l The Trades deparTmenT is well equipped To Turn ouT The TuTure woodworlcers, meTal craTTsmen, prinTers, and draTTsmen oT Anderson. PrinTing oT The X-Ray and Indian arf examples oT The prinTshop's work. A Tull size press and Two linoType machines are parT oT iTs equipmenT. AnoTher parT oT This deparTmenT is vocaTional aqriculTure. Some oT iTs ac- TiviTies include corn and livesTocIc iudging agd The learning oT beTTer Tarming meTh- o s. 151 The bulwarlq of The deparTmenT is The meTal and woodworking shops. I'Iere boys are TaughT The Techniques oT craTTsman- ship. In The auTo mechanics shop, The me- chanics oT Tomorrow learn The Triclcs oT The Trade. Row I. Horace Wilson, and Gordon Julius. , Row II. Joseph Dye and Vlfilliam James. Row III. Howard Sharpe, Raymond GriTTiTh, Lee I-Iale,Joi1n Garrigus, Herman I-Ialle-TT, and Jesse I-lunTzinger. Row IV. R. Wysong Julius, Dane Pugh, Kenneirh SmiTh, Ray Sherman, Vern Shinn, and Edmund Villars. No+ PicTured: Claude Barner. Sciences ScienTisTs and chemisTs are among The mosT imporTanT men oT our deTense eT- TorTs. ThereTore, iT is imporTanT ThaT we develop people oT high caliber in This Tield To insure our TuTure prosperiTy. The science deparTmenT is divided inTo Three divisions: The biological sciences, The physical sciences, and The science oT human relaTions. Each is equally impor- TanT. Physics and chemisTry make up The TirsT secTion. Biology, b o T a n y, and zoology classes compose The seTcond. The Third division deals wiTh The sTudy oT The human mind and body. Courses oTTered in This division include psychology, physiology. and Tamily living. Row l. Jesse STuTsman, B, B. Hoi-Ton, Mrs. Margarei' Doies, RoberT McDowell, Howard Eilar, and John Garrigus. Row Il. Howard ArmsTrong, KeiTh HerTweclc, Douglass Brown, B, R, STewarT, Lowell Lee. and W. Leo Sanders. 152 Skills The purpose oT These deparTmenTs is To Teach sTudenTs skills oT pracTical, every- day value, such as The proper meThod oT driving an auTomobile and sane habiTs in saTeTy. The skills learned in The physical edu- caTion cl asses emphasize The TiT Tech- niques in TooTball, baseball, Track, Tumb- ling, and oTher sporTs. The school's inTer- mural and inTramural p rog r a m s oTTer chances To display These skills. Besides baskeTball and TooTball, sporTs wiTh a carry-over value are TaughT. Exam- 153 ples oT These are badminTon and Table Ten- nis. The business deparTmenT Teaches skills ThaT can be used in The work-a-day world. Ty pin g, shorThand. bookkeeping, and oThers are oTTe r e d in This opporTuniTy wealThy deparTmenT. Row l. WalTer Manifold. Row ll. Howard Lindsey. Row Ill. Herman HalleTT. Row IV. CarTer ByTield. Row V. Miss KaTherine Brown, Mrs. Barbara DeiTrich, Donald Bowen. Herber+ Lyon, GilberT PearT, and Mrs. Lucille Railsback. Row VI. Mrs. Mariorie AusTin, Max Beigh, Richard Balsley, Carl Bonge, James Carfer, and Henry PoTTer. Arts Besides Teaching The sTudenT The pro- Tessional approach To arT, The arT deparT- menT sTresses The leisure Time obiecTives oT The courses. Many sTudenTs who will never Talce up one oT The arTs Tor a liTe's work will Tind much enioymenT in employing Them as a hobby. ln The music deparTmenT sTudenTs are oTTered a varied assorTmenT oT courses Trom glee clubs To The advanced sTudy oT The Theory oT harmony. For Those who sing There are The boys glee club, The girls glee club, mixed choir, Choral Club, and Madrigal Club. For Those who play an in-' sTrumenT, orchesTra and band oTTer Them an opporTuniTy To express Their Talenls. ln The household arTs deparTmenT girls are TaughT The arTs oT The home, proper meThods oT sewing, and general house- keeping. Row l. Thomas Clem, Mrs. Elise Mulvihill, Miss Celia Car- son, Mrs. Agnes Brock, Mrs. BeTTy Jo Del-larT, and Fioyc HursT. Row ll. Mrs. Mary McFarland, Miss Mary RuTh Palmer, Richard Rencenberger, Mrs. Edna Rhynearson, Mrs. Dor oThy Riggs, and Miss Rive Todd. 154 Mathematics Emphasizing The pracTical side oT maTh- emaTics--maThemaTics ThaT can be used in daily living or in a parTicular Trade or vocaTion - is one oT The main obiecTives oT This ,depa rTmenT. For Those who plan To go To college, courses in advanced algebra, Trigonom- eTry, and solid geomeTry will aid Them in This underTal4ing. The Truly compleTe cur- riculum oT This deparTmenT can qualiTy a 155 4 sTudenT Tor admission To The TinesT engin- eering schools in The land. A course in Technical algebra is OT- Tered To Those on The Trades and Technical courses. l-lere again The pracTical side oT maThemaTics is accenTuaTed. Row I. Basil T-losier. Row Il. Jesse HunTzinger, Elgin Todd, Miss Therese Bowen, Fred Weaver, Herberi' Miller, and Claude Roney. GUIDE---The rightest Ncime In Lights Right Lights -- Bright Lights FROM BUMPER TO BUMPER ONE SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR LIGHTING NEEDS PLUS SOLID PRO- DUCT QUALITY. THESE ARE THE THINGS YOU CAN DEPEND ON WHEN YOU BUY GUIDE LAMP PRODUCTS. AUTOMOBI LES BACKUP LAMPS - DRIVING AND PASSING - FOG LAMPS - PARKING - SPOT - STOP AND TAIL - TURN SIGNAL - LICENSE PLATE LAMPS -- HEADLAMPS - MULTI-PURPOSE UNIT - SEALED UNITS - SELF-CANCELLING TURN SIGNAL SWITCHES - GLARE PROOF REAR VIEW MIRRORS. TRACTORS HEADLAMPS - STOP AND TAIL - IMPLEMENT - DUAL PURPOSE. TRUCKS and BUSES REFLEX MARKER UNITS - CLEARANCE LAMPS - SIDE MARKER LAMPS - DOME LAMPS - STOP LAMPS - PANEL LAMPS - SCHOOL BUS WARNING LAMPS - LICENSE PLATE LAMPS-HEAD- LAMPS - TURN SIGNAL LAMPS - SPOTLAMPS - TAIL AND STOP COMBINATION TAIL, STOP, AND TURN SIGNAL - SELF-CANCEEL- ING, TURN SIGNAL SWITCHES - GLARE-PROOF REAR VIEW MIRRORS. GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION, ANDERSON, INDIANA 156 ,ev f af tim The snapsI'1oIs you Iake today III5f5f3f5131515f515f5f1-:- E1E1:.1: .f...,:'g-:: 5 1E151E1: '1' if """'f1' 'fE1E1S1E1E1i1E1E1E2 be your .,.,.,...A. ,..., -.-. .A.,..., memories ---, .-,- 1 4.4.- .-..-. - -.-.-.,.-.'.- . - .-,-,.,,,-..,-,- bun. --f1152-1-:E11141111151-111111111511:1s::1f:1:2.' an .-ztifcfzlzi -:1ii3E:51E1E1E5Eif' ff:j2QEQ:Q:f:f:f:5'3 22:222:35:f:ff:Q:i5:Q:f:f:E:5:E" fQ1I:7:2:2:1ieF'3'3-E .-.-as -':Z5i:Z'.4 :- 1 .41. -:k2:5'j:g:,.f" ' iz: - 1 z. 29' 4411395 1 4-ar -1-,c-, .-gi?-4 .- -:4-:I -J ,.: If-' 15 f 5- + . ,a:1:..-:-:1:f-- za-.K -1-:g,:2.1:- .us .' .g Avld, ., ,,......,...-.-.-...ln ,., .- 93... 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Ra theon - Hallicrafters Flowers for Every Occasion Y ' PARTIES Expert Service - WEDDINGS , , BIRTHDAYS and Installation 0 EUNERALS AT THE FLOWER FASWONS WHITE FROST ICE CO., Inc CUT FLOWERS - POTTED PLANTS Sm d M ' an BII1 703 Easl' 2ls+ Phone 2-l33O 77Ol--Phone-770l 152 W H B U Anderson, Indiana "THE sTAR's ADDRESS" D40 On Every Dial ' .lack Benny 0 Arthur Godfrey " Bing Crosby and many others CBS In Anderson We Can Fit You with Made-To-Measure Clothes Tall or short, stout or thin, it doesn't matter I ' Smart Styles ' Carefully Made ' Sturdy Fabrics ' Any Model H. J. Head MERCHANT TAILOR I2 East l0th Street Indiana usiness College Specific and Intensive Business Training The BANNER STORE Your Friends and Neighbors will tell you It's Pleasing It's Satisfying Statewide It's Convenient Em Io ment Service . p y It's Economical I To Shop Here 49 Years In Anderson, Indiana 927 Meridian St. Phone 6675 'To e's F owers See Our New Shop and Greenhouse 627 N' h I A Anderson Ice Co. EC O Venue 453 Main A COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE FROM Andersorfs Most Beautiful Flower Shop Dial 4895 Morgon's Music Shop and Joe's Record Shop ' Finest Instruments ' Latest Discs ' Sheet Music I l23I MERIDIAN PHONE 947I 160 Choos Yo r Goals Q Q Q they are yours to attain Graduation is a lot like the launching of a ship. Both mark the end of a period of preparation. Behind a launching are years of plan- ning and building-of fitting out with all the gear needed for fair and foul weather. Behind graduation are years of acquiring information-of practice in exercising judgment and in setting values. All are intended to equip you to make the right decisions in the years to come. Behind, too, are the good times you've had, the com- panionship of many friends-and the wise counsel of those who have been your teachers. As you chart your course toward a new goal-whether it be the pursuit of a higher education or success in earning your own way-be thankful for the American tradition of indi- vidual freedom. Because of it, you are free to choose your goal. And you are free to achieve it by your own hands and brain, by your energy and industry, hy your determination and self-reliance. Good luck and Godspeed! DlELCOfRE Division, General Motors Corporation Anderson, Indiana WHEREVER WHEELS TURN OR PROPELLERS SPIN In Anderson lt's . . . For the Finest 9 In Haircuts SMART APPAREL ' . Russ Hodson For The Cutest Junior ' Fashions in Town THE CITY BARBER SHOP IOl0Mericlan l2Wes+ ll-H-I The Students' Choice SHEAFFER PENS 4. . '-:':5:g:Q:5:Et5:3:3.,.,, ,if't'f'l2:-11.1.-,V :7"7'i5f:2 ,:- " ' 'E3EQE2ffE2fS2E2::::.:.,..A K ,::-:::- ""7f1t1:g.g:..., , '- d 3 5:5-4i:',, - ' 1 - " "Ac NN. ,. '- 1-113:3:3g25E5E5E5E3:,::.,.,.4. A 15.353 -1,15 an ' A '- .-'-:-:-:-:-:4:4:-:2:+:'.-. -' 1'3'-- .':f:-:-:-:' 2:21 ':y-- . A--' -' ff .-:-:-.. ' , ""'.g-:':g:::g:g:g:g1g- --1-14:-:+:g:3:g:5:g:1::- .I .l ,.,:g.g.- 5.3.3, '. ,V - A N. 'cs ' 'N-.,.:. fzggq 'Y .. - Y ' J22"'3'3:-:-1-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:f:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:A:- we V W1 ' ' "'X"'i wg fic' x 4-if X 2 -.4 X f ggi if' 235 'Q' 'Styx A Q ,fix Vs- ' 3. A cf vig '1--1f2iff::1a-Q. ,- ft: Q -1 4 ,pix 1 C N NH' " 'Tri , N b A ' ! V' 3' I-. ,I " '3'- '- vigeug A se fa can 'wa ' qi- J' "' Q.. ew sg, -v A .K cf at "a".wz'3o:' VX Rs 'aaa in S 5, , ei 2. ' YQ M N we A v sh Jggvq PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS A Combination 1' girsx Thai' Can'+ Be Beat 4 , "Everything For Every Office" Rentals -- Sales -- Service RIGHT ON MERIDIAN AT I2I2 162 ' McGREGOR GOLDSMITH Disfribufors For RAWLINGS WRIGHT DITSON ' SHAKESPEARE ' PFLEUGER . I028 Main S'rree+ Anderson, Indiana ANDERSON SPORTING GOODS, me Wayne f"DOc"j Poilard THE TAILORED SUIT FOR '52 IS THE SUIT FOR YOU IN '53 COLISIN'S JEWELERS Style Mart The Store That Glenshire Clothes Confmence Bum , Elgin CFARLAND S . ENS WEAR Bulova "A TaiIor In The Cloihing Business" Gruen Watches Across From Library on I0+h SI'ree'I' . 933 Meridian SI'reeI' HARDWARE ' PAINTS ' ELECTRICAL ' MILL SUPPLY 715 AND MERIDIAN DIAL 4491 FRANKIES RCDOT BEER FOR THE FINEST IN MUSIC I235 Main Sfreei' Come To TERMINAL NEWS Music and HOBBY SHOP AND FOUNTAIN "Y0ur Friendly S+Ore,' Nexf To Bus S+a+ion . O l2+h and Jackson S+ree+s TED PETE Phone 3-3309 I FOR MEN AND BOYS It's AEM Corner of l3th end Meridian Streets f' DECKER'S, Inc. ANDERSON'S LARGEST RETAILER of Office Supplies Samsonite Luggage McGregor Sportswear Books -- Calculators -- Typewriters 67 SHORT STEPS OFF MERIDIAN ON l Hh Phone 4467 165 COMPUMENTS AMERICAN PLAYGROLIND DEVICE CO. H WORLD'S LARGEST ' EXCLUSIVE MANUFACTURERS cIIr Q ol of The Store for Men Outdoor Playground Swimming Pool ' and 6 Sh S 'G Physical Fitness 7 ort te s P Equipment ott Meridian on llth Street Anderson, Indiana I -lE .I ? e,J . 554 7 V For Figure Perfection l Favorite Mode ot . ., ,If E' 4-iw lf' Transportatio - Ride a gif' SCI-IWIN BICYCLE I it N f' til V ' A l fr- W KEEP THAT BICYCLE ll. QR? 1,5 4 ff X, J' ln TOP SHAPE ' QWTVNPQW' i HQ! L 1 ALL THE TIME 4' awww I "" W' ,AV ' A- I ' X E lc 0 21' T X m "When You Need An Extra Key Think ot BiClcel's" 40 Wesi qih 166 Commercial Service Co. PRINTING and BOOK BINDING IZOO East 5th Street Phone 550i 167 Compliments Of ANDERSON'S LARGEST ACCORDIAN CENTER DISTRIBUTORS OF Martin Band Instruments Getzen Band Instruments Guitars - Aeeordians - Pianos - Sheet Music All Instruments Taught bg Professional Teachers Anderson Music Center Congratulations Your Friendly fo Ford Dealer The Graduating Class J. P. HOEK MOTOR CO of l952 May Your Future Be Prosperous Russell Forlener YOUR SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER ELITE STUDIO l037 Meridian S+. EXPERT SERVICE BEST USED CARS REBUILT ENGINES LATEST ACCESSORIES There's a Ford ln Your Future 5I'h and Meridian Wright FOR YOUNG MEN AND WCMEN HOYT WRIGHT C0. 7I I Meridian Street ODELL PHOTOGRAPHERS ODELL and GWYNN CAMERA STORE A GOOD 'PLACE TO SUPPLY ALL YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC NEEDS Main al' I 9th Odell Photographers - 3-3l70 Camera Store - 2-4493 Congratulations to The Graduating Class of l 952 Cathedral of Fashion P 'Uzfe7c47g.ea1um0fzdffwor1" . SLIRBER S SON TAlLoRs 8l3 MERlDlAN 207 Declcer Building h lover McCrory'sl 56 P one 66 Phone 2-5418 170 Congratulations to The l952 Graduating Class of Anderson High School MAY YOUR FUTURE BE MARKED WITH HAPPINESS, SUCCESS AND WELL-BEING ANDERSON NEWSPAPERS,lnc THE BULLETIN THE HERALD f -'----'-""""' "'1 I I I When Better Automobiles Are Built, Buick Will Build Them! SPECIALIZED PLANNING AND ENGRAIlING BII.I. CGOK BUICK SERVICE FOR YEARBOOK STAFFS I. ......... ........... J 8TI'I and Jackson Phone 2-0242 Finest Floral Creations KLUS FLCWERS ' ANNIVERSARIES ' WEDDINGS ' PARTIES ' FUNERAIL DESIGNS 423 East 8+I'I Phone 3-3I I5 Known for ine Diamonds Complete Line of Sterling Silver GORHAM - WATSON TowLE ' I-IEIRLOOM - INTERNATIONAL I3 WEST I l+h ST. th BEST I f I ,wwifwwwwwukilfiw ww YQ-af LEW y t I r, say F Y u I wish e in I e" Take 'Ihe Timely Sfairway ms Meridian S+. 1QZa2UI O 9 X 0 . I D e ml MM . ' 1 - .9 V I 1' 1 fy I I 0 1 ' ' f ' 'J O XM, 4II , J I 0 4417 mmf5if Z50?M TI " 4, 9 Q if 5:1255 QQW .I gm gay? , , qw, .1-ff, I ,HP I'.Iylw,- .-,U , .- . ' . ,. h , H I, ,, . . , , . fp. I -, v q.. , I 11 fr -fr'-I , R If A .. ,ug --wiv ' , -Hneiw 'gif 1 , W I A , . V, -5, v. Q, Ig, . ,,, ,, ,.., ,, . T V, ,s,.4,,,,,,. W , , .1 W, L , ,,. ,I ,r y an ,rn ,-.,Mt,.,, H, M U M., W: x od 4, Q , , wf,k,.+ - .I ,NIV , aft Y 1 ,, .ul ,Q V. .. I , W WW ,.,,,5 f . ' ,I I In I I , or I I I 5 ' . . . if 1 P7 . I I I 'fgif .A it Ili lx lv ',rv WV! I l lx-if A ' V lb A ' gif I ' Y II I. " ,,f' VI I . Life I I - J - VV Q I I - IH' Cf P L I ' l I ' I , I ' I, M 'Y 'ii I , f l I , I ga I, I I I I I , IPIG G I 4 - " " I K i IX' , , i 5 T , 2 f . ,J ' f J Q., ' ' ' X , I By 1 I 1 I I - I I K ,J Y 'F xV4-- k f R S Q YL I f Aff , X 4 R1 ' f ,I I f lf ' It I! I 1 . I f J I if , I. L, I I fl f' , , I I If M I If ' ' . , V . j ,fvx 'Il' ,ll IX ,Q QI' '19-I Q I I. rf' wvff X' ff ggi of I - J If I I -fi 5 I ' P :Fa ' ' I, f 5 I 'Gif G ' Q oy A I 5 . xy T, Ir, I If , A 3515 45? gif, jv L Tb .I U , n 1 Ty N f' I I f I- I is f Q IG V -T A - 4 ' I . Pl U R If I 4 fn V I QM ' ff f R T YEPMQ ' - Y ' . . 4 'fi g iff, I I , ,TQ - , I I I O K T f I jg, C' I I . N 1 - X 1 wx I s ' ,wifi ', W if P g Iilfif I I 1 - f, GNITLON A ,' I PRINTING ' I ig High S ooIQ'Prin+ing'DeparImenI' A Q4 ,Y - ENGRAVING ' I 5 Indianapolis Engraving Company, Indianapolis. Indiana IAIso John S'egner and Jim Jones, Class of '52I -'QE T ,Q I " PHOTOGRAPHY A Russell Forlcner, Eli+e Sfudio, Anderson Indiana H DIVISION PAGE PHOTOGRAPHY . Richard Brier, Indianapolis Engraving Co., Indianapolis, Inclia . G- I Gif' M5 'f"" STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHY I I 3915 ' ' I I " es Greenland, Fred James, Gwynn Newfon, Sianley Mills. -. N .. I , -93 , I ,T Yx 1 I V5 I UNDERCLASS PHOTOGRAPHY ' , 'a'.a I A 0 I j 7 Gordon oaen Siudio Anderson, Indiana " A L covERs ' V 4 f-'D Ok, S. K. Smiih and Co.. Chicago, Illinois. ,f ' G- ' ' BINDING N -, .?7If'T7'Y7"XI5 . Com ci S ice Co., Anderson, Indi na a,,' ' ' P - - I,,. R- 1 I .G . f A 'l'f31Ia"Wlf5ifi f 5J I " .T I I 9 i Q LIIIIIII A ff' al ffmfffif "--. ,Y -1-4.5, ., I Aw " f . . .1 K 'KJ ,4 , -av 4, 6 ED I , A 1, ,X R1 . sgmp' ki. H 41 it 1' aa ' k "f s Qz . .1 QD - I X F. Q2QfWl???J? E E E092 Qw 2m6 H5 XM WW 144 , i ,xx ,-,..

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