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I 'Vlavvn ff W6 ..?370f V M995 1 9, 1 , -Q " L W vJ"" Z "iv ' U W EES Wig" . -56 ix E3 ' . I- sg vgwjiy QD M JN K5-' X S J A W Q 'xx 4 , gm jx X LW FU ,XLKQXL X G i U1 , 1 ix,.MNlX'x, ! 1 C ips? . W ' I Eg , V V N -lwg , Q 4 I -:R A - Q X Q gf K .... 27 Q6 AA 4 K- b X- aa' N ' R- --. ' ' v'-'-ETL? 5 'lf 1-. I ' ' . V -., .4 L gimp-A..' iEif " 5': - " T ' e - A 771 wwf ,YQ KX. Q S fg 'N IX X 'X r ,Q 1. . X . "X W . . , . X '- Qin . jk X 'X 0 . ! Q - by 'Ziff f' , . ! J yt 3. H JF, N' UQ AA ag ,VJ 1 fy 1 ,. - J ' fi? 1'L,wfL N425 I . f - if 1 - A ,., f VV, W 2 Q 3 fl? v - arse' R, Fqxd X X5 J W ' ,,' 3,171 . X f ' V ' Jw- i Q l Us if VN . - 9' q ?1' '1 r' N ' X " 4 1' 3 l A X5 V,4 X ,Q gi N N, N, c?"s ...a DNR N Q H ' I Y' , , , I xx w I , Q Fi, I IZ - ,'72QlZ,b22"'Zf ' V I -Zi, Q It 5 ':'V Q',.,. , A , A, x - 2f si QS? Q S 25? FEW li i N V J L X I xx .k.V 1 'xx 5 N' X THE INDIAN 419511: Anderson Senior High School Anderson, Indiana Q nu Q -i 1 TNI Q A lim . - S. 1 ' L 0 ,1 fm . Ex K MSS' fvfsqfl 592293 f Year Lives Again In I 95I Indian Our year, l95I, began wii'h new faces ai' 'I'he head of AHS, a ,new principaliand vice-principal. We became acquainied wiih 'l'he new high school and superin+enden+'s offices, rooms, and public address sysiem. Work was +he order of ihe day for a 'Few week, bui' +hen convocaiions and pep sessions en+ered +he scene. Clubs were soon organized and various proiecis sfaried. Pariies and dances began +o pop up nearly every week end. Spor'I's, as always, ,played an aciive par+ in our school year wiih brilliani' viciories and hearibreaking defeafs. We survived one of 'l'he worsi' winiers in hisiory, and spring soon came, and everyone longedffor summer vacaiion. So, iusi' as our indian mascoi' greeis enfering siudenis, our yearbook, The indian, greeis you wiih a s'l'ory of ihe year in review. A I . , CONTENTS Secrion I-Year'inq5Review . Pages 4-37 Seciion 2-Organizaiions . Pages 38-59 Seci-ion 3-Sporfs . . Pages 60-87 Sec+ion 4-People . . Pages 88-I55 Seciion 5-Adverfising . Pages l56-I76 f?A? ff 5 ld 'GN K 1 f H i f '? f ,L 5 A nf! Q- I f H- f l lr 1 T' S 3 2 if xi 3 2 5 3 ,. iz f 'f-- Lxtifiifif f Faviiiifd WXf8i9r li, r"' 2. fi: Q?-s 1'-f V Courses of Study Prepare Students For Future Life Whiy do we go to high school? Why pre- pare tor our tuture lite? On this andthe tol- lowing pages we will show in words and pictures the way Anderson l-ligh School pre- pares its students tor lite. You will view each ot the seven courses ot study that we seniors took, and all the extra - curricular activities that malce school lite enioyable. These are the tactors that distinguish our school trom others. Scientific Engineering avi Syl dig ? 5 . '15 if 7.1. Laboring indusfriously ai' his clrafiing is Richard Harper B. R. Siewarf explains physics problem +o perplexed class Scienriific wizards are whai Jrhe Technical Course guaraniees io +urn ou'r. H's main aim is 'lo prepare slu- denis for engineering iobs. Sludenls graduaiing on This course have passed a siifi curricula of maih. En- glish, and science, a n d should be well prepared for Jrechnical college. Thus far all siudenis Jraking +his course have been boys. bul' who knows. maybe some of Jrhe girls will Jrurn oui' +0 be Lady Einsieins. easy by Basil uaranteed After Completion of Stiff Technical Course Janet McGill, Eddie Campbell, and Nanc Collins experimenl' in chem' College Preparatory Cffers ils show apprecialion as L. J. McClin+ocl: lells funny sfory-in Lafin 'H ku fl li 1 3 microscope in zoology class. A well-rounded liberal educalion along wilh prep- aralion for college. makes frhe College Preparalory course bolh inleresling and aHrac+ive, especially for l'hose inleresled in college. In some cases, gracluales can leave oul' cerlain re- quiremenls in Jrheir fresh- man year al' college. This course should appeal lo lhose who are scared lim- ber al' 'rhe idea of college. because il praclically guar- anlees 'ro make 'rhal' firsl' year easier. ldvanced Planning For Further Education Billy Lawson and Armand Rlgaux prove geomelry lheorem fo 'lh heacls fvpins Business Course Service Places Adding machine proves helpful lo sludenls who slruggle wilh bookkeeping Some 95 percenl' oi The would- be business execulives Taking lhe Business Educalion course are placed in good clerical posilions posilions by lhe placernenl bu- reau. One of The lirsl lhings begin- ning lypisls learn is lo slrive for bolh speed and accuracy. This is so well achieved lhal' no doubl' many of our male graduales will be big execulives and perhaps have some prelly Al-lS secrelaries silling on lheir laps. Sludenls are also counseled lo find oul lhe lype ol iobs lhey are besl suiled for. Mimeograph machine, aided by Beulah Moore, runs off 'lhose inevilable l'es'l's for long-suffering sluclenls 10 Percent of Graduates in Clerical Positions Don Stevens demonstrates vacuum cleaner to prospective cust Students May Branch Out Y H H repuTe4j To supply power. i if 3 T H 11 x 9 i 2 i 2 C85 lr- .--4 Liu 12 bruaenr 1eacner leads freshman in calisThenics A general eclucaTion Tor Those noT sure oT Their plans Tor The Tu- Ture is The aim oT The popular Gen- eral course. STuolenTs branch ouT inTo The subiecTs ThaT inTeresT Them mosT, because oT The Tew Tixeol requiremenTs. C5raduaTes may enTer college if They have chosen The proper elecTives. The course is arranged so ThaT a sTu- denT comes ouT wiTh The required maiors ancl minors, buT wiTh The many elecTives, a varied course is possible. Olin Hackney operaTes 'recorder as speech sTudenT, Max STanley, TesTs The qualify of his voir-a gnto 'Subjects That Interest' in Popular General Course J L l Future electors, Pat Davis and Richard Belange, watch Ray Fleenor demonstra t Jobs ln lndustry Are Goals al inlo molds, forming lype, Aff? .,pef"' XX- Q5 X 'Q BTBS 6 5 8 in firsl slep in prinling process 14 S+eve Palms falls Evelyn Hodson all aboul 'rhis big world we live in Sludenls wanling lo choose indusiry as a career and per- haps become one ol lhose so- called induslrial gianls, follow Jrhe pre-apprenlice course. Even Jrhough il' lrains primarily for enlrance inlo incluslry lol- lowing gradualion. one could also enler college. While lhe lirsl lwo years ol one's high school career are devoled lo applied subiecls. in The lasl lwo years lhe sludenl can branch ou+ and specialize in lhe worlc he parlicularly likes. This is indeed a good course for one planning +o specialize in one parlicular field. Boys exercise crealive 'lendencies in pallern making , AHSers Enrolled in Pre-Apprentice Course Sparks fly as Clifford Smllh manipu Farming More Than Scattering Seeds Vocational Agriculture Boys Learn rx auuvvwugw ui nies-uunwa auu uvmos nl llunuy 15 It takes more than iust the ability to scatter seeds to make a tarm pay, nowadays. A boy who takes the Voca- tional Agriculture course is not only prepared to make a go ot tar-ming upon grad- uation, but to enter any ag- riculture college. Among the activities enioyeol on this course are tield trips to ac- tual working tarms, attending the livestock show in Chi- cago, and the state vege- ttalole iuclging contest at Pur- clue. Jimmy Stottlemo er and Ronnie Foster Y iudge corn samples Domesticity Stressed In Vocational Home Economics uTura homemaker: Take a big sTiTcl'1 in Time IF They had known The cameraman was coming, They would ha e baked a cal f T5 ea 3 :ae-L T EXJ, "BesT meal l have ever eaTenl" This is whaT .The home economics sTudenTs hear aTTer Their daTes eaT one oT Their meals. And' This isn'T all They learn To do. Think how much big- ger Their wardrobes are since They can make some oT Their own cloThes. Also courses de- signed To help in dieTeTics. Teaching, nursing, inTerior decoraTing, and designing are offer- ed. AirnosT one - half oT The girls in AHS Take some oi These courses. which goes To show TIFT a loT oT girls are sTill olomesTicaily inclin- e Unofficial Course of Study .5,' U Kem' Poore hils lwo-handed iump shol in opening game ol 'regional againsl Brownsburg 'I , ? , R ,. 1 y 5.-1 l i gr? 452 ' N lurk f , l gas-vu. A A 1 ' 2 s, 9' N u-1 6 1 W C: ' ' 'I 2-- Carolyn Seylnerl' reigns as Miss Fire Prevenlion l I Anolher imporlanl course ol sludy al Al-IS has no ollicial lille. lls cur- riculum includes convocalions, pep sessions. sporls. dances, lhe drama. a carnival, and inlorrnal parlies and gel - logelhers, all exlra - curricular aclivilies helping in lhe Al-IS plan lor building a richer sludenl lile. Sporls were probably lops lor speclalors wilh lhe climax coming in lhe 8l-80 regional lhriller wilh Al- luclcs. Al-IS also had a boy king. Beau Brummel, reigning al a dance. The Junior Prom, wilh ils lheme, "Hea- venly l-laze," again was lhe oul- slanding social evenl. Sludenl Cou- ncil sponsored "The Spring Fling,' and lhe iuniors won inler-class acliv- ilies. rjcludes Sports, Dances, and Get-Togethers ln Its Curriculum ll vocal acllon al 'll1e Crlspus Alluclrs game could have clone I+, ll' would have been +l1e lnclia A M, -. J 'N f 5 ,k A J' T GQ9GEd5is53G5v25BW2QEQ?!! D35WqE?QQFS31Q?Wh?3'946E051 X SL QE W O m vfi'iS2 Wk Soft Music, Crowd Set Stage For Queen Carolyn The music played sottly as the crowd began to gather at the Eagles Ballroom. Yes. this was the biggest and most important dance ot the year,l the iunior prom, and the brisk evening air ot June I would have put anyone in the mood tor dancing. Crowning ot the prom queen, Carolyn Sltiewart, was the main event ot the evening which was the beginning ot a gala week ot senior activities. Attending Carolyn were Mary Roberts and Donna l"lolid'ay. These iu- nior beauties were elected by the boys ot their class and received their crowns trom last year's queen and attendants. Although the girls ranked at the top among their class members, the election was very close. Atter a wondertul evening ot dancing the crowd departed. Another Al-lS prom was a success. The months ot preparations by the ll com- mittees ot iuniors had made lt so. Mary Roberts 21 Donna l'lo Long Awaited Senior Week Meant WhaT do AI'ISers look Torward To Trom The Time They enTer school? Why Senior Week oT course! For Seniors This means a week oT Tun. Picnics, TheaTer parTies, dances. and aTh- IeTic conTesTs were arranged To give grads a real send' oTT. DRIVE - IN THEATRE PARTY Shown in The TirsT picTure is The commiTTee Tor The drive-in TheaTer parTy. They are Jen- nie Tudor, Susie Gudgel. Barbara Roush. Sue Breece, Don Gulmire, Kenny Rhea, Dick Jones, and Paul Worley. GIFT COMMITTEE The second picTure shows The giTT commiT- 'Tee aT work planning The giTTs To be presen- Ted The school by The class oT '5I. They are. seaTed. Sue PriesT and IVIarTha Craig: sTand- ing, Paula France, Nancy STansberry, Sue I-Iarmon. and RiTa Sue Byrum. UPPERCLASS ATHLETICS Jerry Phillips, Tom Delph, Tom Williams. Sue Evans, Ed' Campbell, and Rose Ellis seem '5 To be hard aT work planning The Junior-Senior AThIeTic conTesTs. SENIOR TALENT CONVO The Senior TaIenT convo, one oT The mosT enTerTaining oT The year, was planned by The group in The IasT picTure. They are, seaTed Dick Thompson. Barbara Lusher, Susie John- son, Janie CoTTin: sTanding, Bob Thompson and Don I'IiII. Gala Social Sendoff For Grads l l l I l l l l Q TEA AND LUNCHEON GROUP Rulh lvlcElderry, Susie Johnson, and Car- olyn Seyberl, sealed, arranged The annual A.A.U.W. lea lhis year. The Senior - Facully Luncheon was a suc- cess having been planned by, slanding, Bev- erly Porges, Eddie Myers, Diclc Canlerbury, Sabra Ann Zierer, Pal Jones, John Durrer, and Donna Miller. SENIOR-FACULTY DANCE The Breakfasl Dance was discarded so as lo malce Jrhe Senior Facully Dance bigger and beller lhan ever. l-lal Mcln+yre's orcheslra furnished The mus- ical porlion ol The program. The dance commillee includes, row l, Elaine Schock and Doris McFadden: row 2, Judy Eglen, Maureen Carroll, Berniece Wallc- er, Bobby Jo l-landley, and Shirley Leller: row 3, Jerry Rose, Larry l-lines, June Greene, and Bob Thompson. 3' SENIOR PICNIC Picnics are always lun bul lhe Senior pic- nic was especially enioyable. ll came off smoolhly aller being arranged by Janie l-lar- din, Barbara Jackson, Bill lvlclain, Keilh Wal- lon and Don Currenl. As before, I+ was held a'l Forresl' Parlc in Noblesville. Queen Dances Down Aisle As AHS Honors Fall Sports "A prelly Girl ls Like A Melody" was Jrlwe refrain lo wlmiclw Suzanne John- son, Fall Wind' - Up Queen, and lier escor+ dance down an aisle formed by ollwer couples allending llwis year's Fall Windup. Sponsored by llwe sludenl Council, llwe dance is given every year in lwonor of fall allwleles. l"leld al' lime Edgewood Counlry Clulo. llwe dance lwiglwliglmls 'llwe closing of fall sioorls, cross counlry and loolloall. The honorary loolball cap- lains, Loren Frendl and Dale Porler, and cross counlry caplain, Don Dixon, presenlred a gill 'ro lime queen. Happy Cupids, Hearth, And Sweetheart Feature DelVlolay Ball Amid cupids and hearts, signitying the spirit ot a typical valentines dance, Dixie Mundell, iunior, was selected Sweetheart ot DeMolay. Sponsored by DeMolay, the Sweet- heart Ball is held annually at the Naval Arm- ory. Many couples swirled and whirled this year on February IO, to the music ot Whitey l-low- ard and his orchestra. A beautitul ring was presented to the queen by Bill Stoner, Mas- ter Councilor ot DeMolay. This dance, one ot the largest semi-tormal attairs ot the year, is widely anticipated by all Anderson high school students. Presentation ot tlowers to the queen, Dixie Mundell, by Bill Y 17777 Many students enioy dancing in the Naval Armory at th Stoner, Master Councilor ot DeMolay, was the highlight of DeMolay Sweetheart Ball. the evening at the Sweetheart Ball. 25 Cheerleaders, Pep Committee And Mascots ln AHS Sportlight Football and basketball brought into the sportlight ot Anderson l-ligh School the tour cheerleaders. Featured in their red and green, they led the crowd' in old and new yells throu- ghout the year. The lndian chiet and his mai- CHEERLEADERS AND MASCOTS-Seated, Elaine Schoclc Diane Stearns, and Phyllis Achenbach. Standing, Bill Stoner, Gene Rains, and l-lobart Haney. PEP SESSIONS COMMITTEE-Seated, Gene Rains, Diane Stearns, Bill Stoner, Elaine Schoclc Phyllis Achen bach, Hobart Haney, Judy Eglen, student chairman, and Don Current. Standing, David Green Miss Lois Long, Clittord Switt, Donald Bowen, Miss Mary Ruth Pa lmer, Robert McDowell, taculty chairman Mrs Barbara Dl6+fiCl1.I xiCl1GFCi Rencenberger, Thomas Clem, and Jim Ault. .PNN N X 'i Q' 'X "T -5 ,f-:CO den also added color with their war-dance be Z:-. ' " 55 tore ever home game. f Q ye- Y hw li fgfrii-f.,..1,? Working very hard on all details ot each f , 'NJ pep session and receiving very little credit is rj vpn the Pep Session Committee. This year's heavy L9 X v-fi calendar consisted ot special stunts on pep ' LA sessions, Red and Green Week, and new elec- 1 T? tion ot cheerleaders, chiet and' maiden. Q?"-5 A Early in the Spring, Student Council decid- fn - ed that Al-lS will have six cheerleaders next ,-'Z year instead ot the traditional tour. 26 Convocations Present Bits Of Sugar Coated Education Pi's exact sum and the author ot Canter- bury Tales may be torgotten by AI-IS "guys and dolls" atter graduation, but chances are memories ot an Indian war dance, a brass choir, or that certain student stunt will remain. Yes, the convos were a vital part ot student lite. Each program contains bits ot sugar coat- ed, capsuled education. Disguised as enter- tainment, knowledge makes painless progress. This year's convos included student council initiation, tire prevention, student talent, Christmas, Thanksgiving, band' concert, and basketball awards. Other highlights in the convocation year were Eagle Plume's appearance, Dutch danc- ing, "The Singing l-loosiers," a talk on Aus- tralia by Miss Constance Neville John, Career Day, Captain Michael Fielding's talk on Asia, vocal music, honor days, and the senior talent. TOP-Big Chiet Eagle Plume illustrates dances and tribal customs ot his people BOTTOM-Two members ot the Holland Company warble songs tor student entertainment coNvocATioNs committee-seam, Don euimne, Jane coffin, Alma Muffin, .Jack spesfmsn. Lowell l-lardacre, Dick Thompson, June Greene, and Maureen Carroll. Standing, George Davis, Thomas Clem, Mrs. Mary McFarland, Wally Smith, Phil Niblock, Miss Mary Ruth Palmer, Ralph Boyd, Mrs. Evalyn Grahame, 'if-l-1.--J Dfsm-1-..-J-nr-fwnr Wir: Alir-A l-linm-an av-:rl lnhn fzrarrinlls 27 Shows Range From Pep To Comedy And Culture Sluclonls enioy a cullural music program presenled by lhe Brass Choir of Indiana Universily. The l. U. coed was 'lhe l1il of l'l1e show. for +he 'FiF+h conseculive year a principal of AHS uccepls a cross counlry 1-rophy presenlecl by Don Dixon. Sad lillle Troian weeps before New Caslle game during a pep session. The Jordanairez, parl of lhe Singing Hoosiers fiom indiana Universiiy, harmonize al' a sludenl convoca:ion. C:-caplains ol 'lhe baskelbull leam, Kenl Poore and Jack Tilley, are honored by Coach Keilh Lae.1l:zer'l. Cheerleader, Bill Sloner caughl unaware al a pep session. George Reclor and Tom Delph fold X-Ray: lo be sonl lo olher high schools. FIRST SEMESTER EDITORS-Sealed, Charles Surlace, edilcr-in-chielq Sue Priesl, assislanl news edilorg and Paula France, news edilor. Slanding, Judy Trick, lealure edilor: Tom Delph, sporls edilor: anice Sallord, managing edilor: and Jerry Levi, business manager. FIRST SEMESTER REPORTERS-Row I-Angela Sprague, Jorella Edgecornb, and Eileen Bell. Row 2-Lowell Williams and Jackie Davis. Row 3-Kalherine Wrighl, Jennie Tudor, and Carolyn Sue Wash, Row 4-Suzie Johnson, Larry Backus, and Mary Reed X-Ray Staffers Strive For 25 Issues of News Twenly - live issues, checked lull ol news, is whal lhe slall ol lhe X-Ray slrives lo pul oul each year. ln addilion lo lhe edilors and reporlers, a business manager lakes care ol adverlising. Jim Greenland is lhe pholographer who is responsible lor lhe lour or live weekly pic- lures. Mosl sludenls probably don'l realize iusl how much work really goes inlo pulling oul each issue ol lhe school paper. J Early in lhe week, one ol +he edilors checks lhe high school ollice lor all evenls coming up wi'lhin lhe nexl week or so. Assignmenls lor each Friday issue are made lhe previous Thursday and Friday, and slories musl be in on Monday and Tuesday. These deadlines musl be mel in order lor lhe paper lo be prin- led on Thursday allernoon. The linished pro- ducl lhen comes oul lo lhe sludenl body on Friday morning. SECOND SEMESTER EDITORS-Eileen Bell, news ediTor7 Paula France, SECOND SEMESTER REPORTERS-Carl WrighT, Judi managing ediTor: Mary Reed, TeaTure ediTor: Jackie Davis, assT. TeaTure Barnard, JaneT l'lamilTon, Peggy Cook, Mary KauTTman ediTor Jerry Levi, news ediTorg Frank WoschiTz, adviser: Tom Delph, ediTor- Connie Laman, Carolyn Kline, Lynell Kugler, Vivian PeTry in chief George RecTor, business manager: and Lowell Williams, sporTs ed- Dick Cumberland, Norma l-lellerns, Sue Roland, and Juan iTa SmiTh. Printshop's Work Runs lnto Thousands of Articles WiThouT The prinT shop, Anderson high school would have Trouble running. lT would Take columns To Tell oT The Thousands oT Tile carols, book lisTs, reporT cards. and oTher services in The prinTing line ThaT The Al'lS prinT shop does. ln addiTion To These. They prinT The X-Ray and The Indian, Al-lS year- book. The X-Ray requires Tour days a week To prinT. The shop also prinTs baske+ball TickeTs which Takes six weeks. Six periods a olay The prinT shop boys are in Room 9. Each class is Three periods long. There were Zl boys working lasT s e m esTe r. Somehow, Though, acTual c l a s s ro o m work is clone, and There are pracTice and lecTure sessions. PRINT SHOP CREW-Row l, John Segner, Norman Kendall, RoberT Gibson Claudo P. Barner, insTrucTorg Eugene Zimmerman, and Warren NoTTingham Row 2, Jack l-lunTzinger, George Shepherd, Gary Leever, Harold Anderson Bob l-leiden, and Kenny Looper. 30 Annual Staff Reaches GoaI,The I95I Indian In room 8 'rhe 7'rh period each day were Iwelve members ol 'rhe annual slafl, pul- ling logelher brains. brawn, and fun 'ro arrive al Jrhe ullimale goal, lhe l95l lnd- ian. Bur doing Jrhis wasn'I an easy lask. We slarled lhe year wiI'h a new advisor, Frank Woschilz, and he had lo learn whal phases of school life raled lop play righl' along wilh everyone else. Aller Ihe pre- liminary lasks of selecling a 'rheme and a CHECKING SENIOR PANEL-Jerry Rose, edilorq John Boomer, iunior 'I ediiorg Jim Greenland, phofographer, and Frank Woschilz, adviser Top--SORTING AND PASTING--Berniece Walker, sen ior seclionq Pal- Mackey, unclerclass: Caroline Conrad EXAMINIING YEARBooK DUMMY-Beverly Porges, SSI-I' ior secliong Elaine Schock, clubsq Beulah Moore, opening seclion, and Don Currenl, sporls. cover were compleled, we gol righl down Io work on underclass piclures, senior pan- els and shols Iaken by our school phoI'o- grapher, Jim Greenland, who look ninely piclures for Jrhis year's yearbook. For en- ioymenl we look Irips lo Franklin and Chi- cago for edualional press conferences. Gaining experience wilh each complel- ed Iask, we found Jrhal' The work grew eas- ier. The wriling of copy and headlines pul Jrhe finishing Touches on lhe books, and ihen lhe prinl shop boys wenl Io work. Only someone who has worked on 'Ihe annual can know 'rhe Ihrill of seeing 'rhe compleled book and knowing Ihal he play- ed a parl in producing il. opening secliong and Phyllis Achenbach, Iacully. Bollom-PASTING SENIOR PICTURES-Danny Robin son, business manager: Dick Sowash, opening seclion Susie Guclgel, arl edilor, and Dave Kessler, iunior bus- - I-. STUDENT COUNCIL-ROW I, Don Sanders, Jack Spearman, Sieve Palces, Bill Sioner, Charles Surface, Harold Ausfin. Kenny Rhea, Jim Sandier, and Herschel Chamberlain, ROW 2, Linda Lewis, Belly, Clillon, Mrs, Helen Presfon, faculiy adviser: Mary Lou Rhoder, Librarian: Carol Smilh, Reading Clerk: Judy Eglen, Vice Presideni: Don La Pierre, Presidenlz Angela Sprague, Secreiary: Ronald Brown, Treasurer: -John Finney, facully advisor: Carolyn Shellerly, and Gladys Rigdon. ROW 3, Janei Haynes, Pricilla Pre- cup, Sabre Zierer, Caroline Conrad, Belly Ann George, Barbara Barreli, Carolyn Cook, Clella Fleenor, Nancy Slansberry, Mary Lee Kardalzke, Rulh Jones, Barbara Onlcson, Sue Lisby Barbara O'Conner, Lou Iris Parmer, Pal Wealherly, and Belly l-lafl. ROW 4, Jerry Current Larry Baclcus, Bruce Poore, Jim Bannon, Jim Auli, Dave Green, Bruce Madren, John Yaxling, Jim Johnson, Don l-lunl, Larrf l-lunlzinger, Rex Rice, Wally Smilh, and Jaclc Mc Cormiclc. ' Q., ,,. .- EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-ROW I, Don l'lun'l, Jim Bannon, and ,, Jack Spearman. ROW 2, Ronald Brown, Judy Eglen, Don La Pierre, Carol Smilh, Sue Lisby, and Angela Sprague. ROW 3, Bruce Student Qpinivn P-ded UPON i Q1:?:f3i,5s,EiC5f,Msg:dh2t, 111:35lREi2i's5Lz:e,1sEassycizirsg By Council Representatives Mace' His generally agreed lhai a represenlalive governmenr is rnosl successful. For Thai rea- son, sludenis here ai Al-lS may bring our Jrheir opinions before represenlalives of all home rooms, from IA lo 4A, lhrough lheir own Siu- deni Council regoresenlalive. Meeiings are held each Wednesday in room 207. Problems are discussed and proiecls for school bellermenl are inilialed. ln lhis, ils lhirleenlh year, lhe Sludenl Council did more lhan ever before io bring Al-lS's 2,300 sludenls closer logelher. Some oi ils oroiecls are piclured on The nexl page and lhroughoul The Indian lor Jrhe Council is a viral parl ol siudeni lilc, 32 Hard Work, Effort, And Interest Behind Student Council Actions l-lard work, ettort, and a sincere interest in school policies and plans have enabled members ot Student Council to take pride in this year's Al-lS history. Student Council members take a pledge early in the year betore assuming their duties They backed the honor study halls tor the eighth year, the monitor system and the one- way stairs plan. To show their interest in bet- terment, they even disbanded this rule tor several days to prove that it was most et- ticient. They stimulated courtesy and manners through their "Better l-labits Week" in April. Two ot the highlights ot the year were sponsored by them. They were the "Fall Wind Up" dance, and the "Mardi Gras" carnival. James Kem, Bruce Madren, June Greene, Mary Lou Rhodes, B Poore, and Sue Lislay are "buyers and sellers" in the book excha They supervised the class elections and the publishing ot the student handbook: they 'provided a new intormation desk, a new school tlag, and a resolution calling tor six cheerleaders. For theitirst time in Al-lS history a cheer- ing block tor the basketball games was suc- cesstul. These Pepooses were sponsored by the Student Council. They again provided the book exchange at the start ot each semester. This gave stu- dents a chance to sell old books and' buy us- ed ones. Don l.aPlerre, Jerry Sandlter, Kenny Rhea, Dave Green, Caro Cook, Angela Sprague, and Mary Lou Rhodes help b t CI p lt O05 Ban-U Wee They co-operated with city otticials dur- ing Anderson's Clean-Up Week, and then tollowing the Mardi Gras they sponsored a Clean - Up week tor AHS tor the purpose ot cleaning up lockers, yards, and desks. A queen and king tor this event were chosen. They also sold Club Tom-Tom member- ships and provided tor a lost and tound headquarters in the tront hall. 33 FA L L Monitor System Employed To Promote Efficiency To promote school etticiency and provide a system tor reterring absen- tees to the dean, a monitor system is employed here at AHS. These hall ot- ticers are under the supervision ot a head monitor stationed in the tront hall. The head monitors are in turn directed by teachers assigned the various per- iods. SEMESTER HEAD MONITORS-Top Picture-Lowell Williams, Janice Petter-ron, Janice Sattord, Roberta Seal, Dick Cancrbury, John Vainer, and Dan Schuyler. SPRING SEMESTER HEAD MONITORS-Second Picture- Bruce P-oore. Eilene Ellis, Suzanne Lindsey, Don Wilson, Lora JOM cgonigle, Joretta Edgecomb, and Nancy Ciidfs. SPRING SEMESTER HONOR STUDY HALL MONITORS- Third Picture-Eddie Campbell, Beverly Porges, Shirley Let- ler, Dan Schuyler, and Ronnie Bowman. Honor Study Ha ls Build Leadership and Character To give students a chance to super- vise themselves, and thus promote lead- ership and character, the Student Coun- cil set up Honor Study Halls. One stu- dent serves as monitor and talces care ot seating, attendance, and any other problems that might arise. As in recent years room 207 was used tive periods each day tor this purpose. A pledge must be signed by each student apply- ing tor this privilege. FALL SEMESTER HONOR STUDY HALL MONITORS- Bottom Picture- Janet Trick, Don Dixon, Jerry Rose, Mary Ebersole, and Jane Cottin, HT SEEING IN WASHINGTON-ln the upper left picture, Al-lS' students gaze with awe at the I9 toot statue of Abraham Li l thL'Ilv1'lBb D'p 'h ld'pl"'t'ttthSp C+BIdg the tpt CI IDCOFI SI'T1Of'l5 . if GTB GVIS OSSS WIT BH T1 IGIWB OIS VISI OF in ron o te u reme our ui in in nex icu gtt th tp tth Sp CtBldgI P ey, J. J. Bailey, sponsor, Ronnie Mengal, and Fred Maker look out over Washin on rom e s e s o e u ren-ie our ui ower e ic ure vaee c ee an r aie see ow' Tl'l I l It P T . E l M K d M. B l y h it teels to be locked in the stocks at the Williamsburg Jail. A tou t t nt oththe Library ot Congress turnishes a background tor Sally Myers. Rita Sue Byrum is on the lawn ot Mt. Vernon, George W t on's orne. 37 Students Spend Hectic Spring Vacation In Washington, D. C. Taking a trip to Washington D. C., 37 Al-IS students spent an interesting and educational, but slightly hectic, spring vacation. J. J. Bail- ey, social studies teacher, sponsored the trip which was taken this year tor the tourteenth time. On the atternoon ot April I, the group lett Anderson enroute to Cincinnati, Ohio, where t h ey changed trains and boarded the "George Washington". Upon arrival in Wash- ington on Monday, they boarded a special bus tor a tour betore going to the Annapolis l-lotel. Group Visits F. B. l. They visited the F. B. l., National History Museum, Old National Museum, Archives Building, Lincoln Memorial, Jetterson Mem- orial, The Pan American Union Building, and many others. One atternoon was spent on 35 Capitol l-lill visiting the U. S. Capitol Building, Supreme Court,iand Congressional Library. On the tourth day one ot the longest and most eniovable trips was taken through Wash- ington's beautitul feSid'en+isi sections and Rock Creek Park. Stops were made at the zoo, Old Georgetown, Fort Meyer, and Arlington National Cemetery. The tomb ot the Un- known Soldier andthe National Amphitheater were toured betore leaving Alexandria, Vir- ginia. Colonial Town Toured A complete tour ot Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown, were side trips tha+ a tew enioyed. These students visited' the eighteenth Cen- tury exhibition buildings, which included the Governor's Palace, 'the Capitol, Gadby's Tavern, and the Wythe l-louse. I MOONLIGHT NIGHT IN GROVERS CORNERS-Lett to right on imaginary streets and in houses are Larry Highbaugh, Carolyn Mills, Don Hill, Don Web- er, Charles Surtace, Rita Sue Byrum, and Lowell Hardacre. On ladders, which depict upstairs rooms, are Judy Eglen, Dick Sowash, and Diane Stearns. Lights, Music, and Action of 'Cur Town' Portrayed In Senior Drama Production Lights, music, action. Slowly the lights in the audi- torium dim, and the senior class presents their play, "OuriTown." by Thornton Wilder. lt is the story ot a small town, Grover's Corners. New Hampshire, and the people who make the little town so real to every one ot us. This play was presented May 3 and 4. by the Senior Dramatics Class under the direction ot Miss Alice Higman. Much hard work went into the play and many nights, the statt, as well as the actors, were at work in the aud- itorium. The audience took active part too. by using their imagination because there was no scenery and tew props. The production ot "Our Town" was a valuable ex- perience tor every one who participated, every one who helped, and every one who saw it. PRODUCING 'OUR TOWN'-Top Scene-Dick Sowash and Diane Stearns discover they're in love. Second Scene-Gene :ains marries Diane and Dick in the wedding scene. Guests are, First Row: Larry Highbaugh, Judy Eglen, Carolyn Mills, Lowell l-lardacre, Rita Sue Byrum, and Jim K'ine. Second Row: Don Hill, Elaine Schock, Charles Surface, Berniece Walker, Carole Thrush, and Barbara Jackson. Don Weber is at the organ. Third Scene-Miss Alice liigrnan, tourth from left, gives make-up secrets to Nancy Stansberry, David Ball, Ruth McElderry, Janice Satford, Berniece Walker, Sabra Zierer, and Evalee McKee, Bottom Scene-Beverly Porges, Eddie Myers, Marvin VVebber, Keith Walton, and Shirley Letler work backstage. Crowd of 3000 Judges Work Of Commencement Speakers Speakinq beTore over 3,000 specTaTors in The Ai-IS gymnasium is The reward Tor many hours of work puT inTo The com- moncemenT speeches. The speakers work Their speeches over and over, pracTice Them before small audiences. and make wire recordings. Ev- en The aiTernaTes prepare a rough draTT oT Their speeches. "You Are WhaT You Are," "Build or DesTroy," "Choice by Americans," and "CreaTing Your Book oT Life," were The Topics chosen by This year's speakers. riesT, BeTTy Lewis, and Don La Pie I T T K hea pracTice his commencemeni' s many pracTice sessions weeks bef T T' LQUMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS-Don Schieve, KenneTh Rhea, Don LaPierre, Sue PriesT, BeTTy Lewis, and Paula Fr QE? 2 1 iiifziifziaivr, f AHS Clubs Develop Ability Needed To Get Along Well With Others . A alll, tw ' 'f1- '..: I ga 4 Q4 so is if W .:- fig! ",' It ll? . , rf' 'll1!,l!!1!"fl it gl al f ill . 'H .Hur-iii ali-ligffl' .."-1i",,' - 1' I i. i-fi A ,. V 1 -Q' 4 Jj. it Qt-'fir' 2 it y if t QQ! All Learning to get along well with all types ot people is a big part ot everyone's lite. Clubs at Al-lS help students to learn this important phase ot living. There are over 25 clubs tor students who will work hard and take an interest. All are open to anyone, except tor a tew organizations which have requirements based on ability and aptitude. Clubs emphasize sports, service, scholastic honors, dramatics, music, both vocal and instru- mental, and vocational training. Almost 800 stu- dents participate in at least one school organiza- tion. Hl-Y CLUB-Row l-Larry l-lighlchew, Bob Vxfesl, Mike Armslro ng, Dick Cumberland, Dick Beard, Bill Davis, Jerry Cook, Bill Sloner, Carl Wrighr, and Trenr Masrers. Row 2-Vic Peck, Neal Sibery, Don Dixon, Dick Jones, presidenlg Jerry Phillips, vice presidenlg Don l.aPierre, Treasurer: Don Currenl, secrelaryg Wall' Copeland, Tom Delph, parliameniariang Dick Wilk'ins, sergeanl- al-arrnsg Dick l-lunlzinger, and John Boomer. Row 3-Frank Wosc hilz, sponsorq Dick Canlerbury, Keilh Gilchrisl, Jack Collins, Bill Davis, Bill Parks, Verne Pelry, Ed Campbell, Neel McCullough, Don l-lunl, Gene Rains, Jim Snowden, De Wayne l'lull, Ken- ny, Rhea, Bill Burnworrh, Don l-lamillon, Allred Behrens, and Ronnie Brown, Row 4-Don Myers, Sonny l-lunl', Larry l-lines, Jerry Rose, Danny Robinson, Norman Kendall, Gary Leever, Don l-larris, Alfred Jackson, Ed Myers, Millon Mills, Don Cook, Dale Chapman, Bob Vickers, Bill Lyon, Jim Townsend, and Maurice Keilh. Hi-Y Reaches Goal For I3th Time On 'Line Of Dimes' Campaign As Salurday shoppers passed snowmen around Chrislmas lime, cries of "Please won'l you give a dime. Only a iew more dollars and l can go home." were heard. Ailer a careful inspeclion il was 'fguncl 'l' 'Hqe e ni-I' 0 m n uf As p D'ck Jones lines up behind lhe 8 ball, Jim Town- a Se W re Sn W e al- 6 b send,wMahrice Keilh, Neel McCullough, Mil+on Mills, and Don Currenl' plan +hei'r nexl defensive shof cold l-li-Y boys making lheir l3lh annual "l.ine ol Dimes" drive. e A A as be A Each year This club collecls money so lhal needy Anderson school children won'l be wilhoul' a visil from Sl. Nick. Giils, candy, and iruil are given lhe children by lhe old genlleman, and' lhe boys provide enlerlainmenl for lhem. To improve lheir minds, lalks were given lo lhe club on lrack, Travel, lhe arl of iingerprinling, criminal chasing in Anderson, and A. A. U. girl swimmers. l-li-Y also sponsored a baskelball leam in The Y. M. C. A. inlra-mural league. This year The leam shocked The whole league wilh 3 smashing viclor- ies. One was a 32-I6 grudge viclory over Torch Club. The pros on The leam were Tom Delph, Don Currenl, Don Cook, Dick Cumberland, Don l-lunl, Bob Vickers and Don Myers. 40 bI:Vl:NltEN CLUB-Row I-Jennie Tudor, lreasurerg Janie Collin, vice presidenlg Maureen Carroll, Rulh McElderiBerniecie Y Walker, prewdeflli Phyllis Achenbach, Elaine Schock, Sue Breece, Donna Miller, and Paula France. Row 2-Susie Johnson, Doris McFadden,June Greene, Sue Harmon, secrelary: Carolyn Mills, Pal l-lickman, Jane l-lardin, Pal Reasner. Judy Trick, Marlha Craig,and Judy Eglen. Row3-Mrs. Arlene Lamberl, sponsor: Jeanne Circle, Belly Clillon, Pal Ewing, Nancy Childes, Janice Pal- lerson, Donna Van Camp, Shirley Warner, Belly Taggarl, Soleria Pancol, Barbara O'Connor, Nancy Schuberl, Marilyn Slow, and Mrs. Marguerile l-lale, sponsor. Row 4-Nelda Tuxlord, Dixie Mu ndell, Susie Norris, Shirley Beally, Ginger Slewarl, Mary Roberls, Sandra Kemp, Thelma Shorl, Pal Phelps, Sylvia Snyder, Carol Me iser, and Mary Hiday. Seventeen Club Takes Queen Titles And Crowns AHS Beau Brummell These beaulilul girls sponsor lhe only dance ol lhe year al which a king is chosen inslead ol a queen. Nalurally lhis is always a big evenl lor lhe school, and, since lhe girls leel lhey musl go because lor a change lhey pick lhe one lo be +,eaSU,e,, Be,,,,,:e Walker' ,,,eS,d,.,,,,, 5,6 Ha,m,,,,, sec, crowned, il is usually a success. The ollicial lille relary, and Janie Collin, vice-presidenl. Slandi ' ' Beau Br mmell of an Mrs. Arlene Lamberl and Mrs. Marguerile l-lale, sprbtiiscilj glven -l-he lr-lg ls U I d Don SEVENTEEN CLUB OFFICERS-Sealed are Jennie Tudor, Dixon reigned as lhe "Beau" in lhis second annual dance. Throughoul lhe year lhe Sevenleeners have parlies lo which lhe members bring small gills lhal are laler laken lo lhe Welfare l-lome. The biggesl parly was held al Chrislmas al Mrs. Mar- guerile l-lale's home where all lhe girls had a very good lime. Many honors and awards were given lhe club members lhis year. Carolyn Slewarl and Mary Roberls were Prom Queen and allendanl, re- speclively. Carolyn Seyberl was Miss Fire Pre- venlion ol Anderson. Bobby Jo l-landley received lhe D. A. R. award. Susie Johnson and Dixie Mun- dell were queens ol lhe Fall-Windup and De MO- 1, lay Sweelhearl Ball, respeclively. 41 Formal Rites Inspire Honor Students The tormal initiation ot Honor Society A pitch-in supper constituted the is an inspiring and beautitul occasion. The spring initiation. Movies, speakers, and lighting ot the candle, members carry as their own talent entertained' all these ho- thoy pass the candle in the center ot the nor students during the year. Pro Merito speakers table, and the speeches ot tho diplomas are presented to senior members otticers make students appreciate the on honor day. honor. HONOR SOCIETY-TOP PICTURE- Row l-Martha Craig, Cynthia Barnes, Beverly Porges, Paula France, secretary: Don P-ixron, president: Jeanine Highbaugh, treasurer: Jerry Rose, vice president: Ruth McElderry, Jennie Tuclor, and Bobby Jo Handley. Row 2-Mrs. Margaret Dloles, sponsor: Alma Murtin, Rita Sue Byrum, Joretta Edgecomb, Marie Sargent, Jo Ann Gilpin, Caroline Conrad, Shirley Letler, Janice Sattord, and Diane Stearns. Row 3-Mary Ebersole, Ro- berta Steal, Joan Belangee, Joanna Crouch, Caryl Line, Avis Craib, Betty Amick, and Janet Trick. Row 4-Dick Wilkins, Jack Spearman, Eddie Campbell, Dick Jones, Don La Pierre, De Wayne Hull, Dan Schuyler, Bob Warren. Gene Rains, and Don Schieve. HONOR SOCIETY NEW MEMBERS-Row l-Steve Pakes, Charles Prakes, Armand Rigaux, Ronnie Mengel, pave Kessler, Larry Huntzinger, Dick Ellis, Bob Schiewe, and Don Current. Row 2-Ronnie Bowman, Bernadine Smith, Sueuusbv, Jiejnrgme ' ' ' C ' . Bucy, Marilyn Carrill, Elaine Schock, Connie Laman, Carolyn Kline, Rosalyn Del.awter, Sue Priest, Nancy o ins, in o n Boomer, Row 3--Dixie Staley, Donna Myers, Janet Haynes, Janet Hamilton, Mary Reed, Carolyn Wagh, Patsy Wilkins, Louise Tyler, Janice Patterson, Carol Smith, and Carolyn Clem. Row 4-Rondal Chambers, Stanley Carpenter, Lois Riley, Mary Kardatzke, Carolyn Peck, Carolyn Stewart, llita Thatcher. Miriam Wolte, Bob Vickers, and Gene Peters. 42 Writers' Club Has Works Published Winning essay, Jrheme, and shorl slory Wrilers Club. Mosi of lhese sludenls conlesls and geliing poems and slories have high hopes for obiaining fame in Jrhe published in nalional publicaiions are iusl iieldoi lileralure. a few accomplishmenls of lhe members of WRITERS' CLUB-Row l-Mary Reed, Danny Cobinson, David Ke sler, presidenlg Coralene Moore, secrelary-lreasureq Janice Saiford, vice-presidenl: and Miss Mary Elhel Thursion, sponsor. Row Zgpaula Silberman, Pal Owens, Joanna i-lall, Anne Nichcls, Donna Myers, Shirley Clandenin, Judy Wesl, and Maurice Keiih. FU:'UiiE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Row l-Judy l-lale, Lowell Williams, +rea:urer7 Mary Lee Kardalzlie, Joan Danger, librarian, Margarel Vandevender, sponsor: Jean Pills, Shirley Lefler, vice presideni: Pal Jones, presidenl: and Lora Jo Mc Gonigle. Row 2-Larry l-lighbaugh, Susie Johnson, Julia Slewarl, Mary Ann Mills, Joyce Kendall, Mary Ebersole, Roberla Hancock, Janice Safiord, and Bruce Thompson. Row 3-Waller Copeland. Angela Sprague, secreiaryg Margie Slarr, Kay Sexlon, Suzanne Lindsey, Janie l-larrell, Carolyn Wash, Mona Runyan, and Charles Greenwood. F. T. A. Wants More of High School When some sludenls graduale from so of The Fulure Teachers of America. high school lhey leel lhey never wanl lo Could be, lhey wanl lo inilici some of lhe see any form of school again. This is nor lorlures They suffered unlo olhers. 43 CH CLUB-Row I, Albert Hamilton, Dick Hartzell, Jim Ault, Jim Brown, Jerry B k y d 2 Wright, Jerry Current, Bruce Madren, Bill Mullins, and Gerald Branch Ro y Sh d D Perse, Bud Miller, Joe DiPaola, and Ross Collins. Easter Sunrise Service High Spot In Torch CIub's I95I Activities Easter is a very beautitul and serious occasion, and the members ot Torch Club try to attain that atmosphere at their annual Easter Sunrise Service. Some people rise at an early hour to be there so they can show ott new Easter outtits, never realizing the time and energy that is given by these boys to make the service a success. Curtis l-lockett, president, presided as master ot cere- monies and the members caretully chose the min- isters to give the prayer and sermon. Everyone regardless ot race or religion can worship there as one person. The boys also have tun. Speakers on satety, tootball, state police work, and the air torce were heard at ditterent meetings. One outstanding program was about baseball when Carl Erskine. Anderson Indian-Brooklyn Dodger pitcher, told ot lite in the big leagues. A picnic, a hockey game at Indianapolis, and a baseball game at Cincinnati were also enioyed' by the club. 44 JUNIOR RED CROSS-Row l-Sylvia Snyder, Susie Johnson, Billie Minniear, Glendora Walker, Carol Thrush. Joann Connelly, Barbara Penry, vice-presidenl: Mrs. Clara Moser, sponsor: Mrs. DOFOHWY RTQQS. SFJOUSOF7 Rozella l'll-llimefl, SSCPGJFGFV-lF9GSUFGl'I Joan Diggs, Lou Ann Turner, Freda Hughes, Winnie Noelzel, Jessie Bradley, and Janel Townsend. Row 2-Mary Lou Kendall. JO- an Daymond, Helen Howe, Alexandre Pelqeg, Geradine Slqew, Margie Smilh, Marisue Niccum, Belly Jane Felzien, Roberla Slrealy, Barbara Price, Mary Decker, Janel Richardson, Joy Pruell, Janifle Heard. J6F1iCe B0l'1f'l9, Mable Kline. Diane Fuller. and Pal Clark. Row 3-Jeanne Buoy, Suzanne Lindsey, Sera Norbury, Judy Hale, Nancy Collins, Phyllis Bushong, Edilh l-loover, Failh Hunl, Carolyn Kline, Dorolhy Reeder, Doris Hughes, Janel Vandorhool, Laura ROUSGY. Mafqifel FiVliFOCK Palsy Collins. Shirley WSF- ner, and Belly Anderson, Row 4-Tom Williams, Jack Appleby, Max Taylor, Charles Moreland, Carroll Bankslon, Ellis Asbury, Roberl Ioberman, Doug Malhews, l-larold Ralz, and Ronnie Baker- Holiday Seasons Mean Long Hours And Work For Junior Red Cross Helping olhers is lhe main lhoughl ol lhe Jun- ,O hang up Pmers ,OT ,he Junior Red Cross drive ior Red Cross lhe whlole year round. A lol ol hard work and long hours is used lo make olhers happy al dillerenl holidays. Al Thanksgiving and Chrislmas lhe members hold a drive lor lood. Large baskels are placed in lhe lronl hall, and Al-lS sludenls are asked lo conlribule some sorl ol canned or powdered lood lo be given. along wilh lurkeys and chickens lhe club buys, lo underprivileged lamilies in And- erson. Friendship boxes were also packed lhis year lo be senl lo Korea. A dance was held al lhe Club Tom Tom and lo allend sludenls had lo lake somelhing lo be pul in lhe boxes lor Korean school children. Junior Red Cross also helps Nalional drives by making colleclions lor polio, hearl, and cancer lunds, The annual drive lor Junior Red Cross is also one ol lheir iobs. Barbara Penry, Rozella Huffman, and Judy Trick prepare 45 DRAMATICS CLUB-Row l-Beverly Porges, Rose Ellis, Larry Highbaugh, spring vice presidenlz Jack Ford, fall secrelary, Judy Hale, fall presidenlz Judy Alwood, fall lreasurer: Kenny Rhea, Rila Sue Byrum, spring presidenl: and Gene Rains. Row 2- Miss Lois Long, sgonsorg Shirley Leller, Sabre Ann Zierer, Carolyn Schofield, Meredilh Marsh, Alyce Gray, Donna Myers, Helen Allis, Kalhleen Slleel, Mary Mills, Carolyn Mills spring secrelaryg and Miss Alice Higman, sponsor. Row 3-Carolyn Peck, Janel Haynes, Dixie Mundell, Bill Sloner, Jim Kline, Jerry Currenl, spring lreasurerz Barbara Onksen, Janice Adcock, Janel Hamil- lon, and Carolyn Slewarl. Dramatics Club Has Open House To Give Members Touch of Stage "Open House," The Dramalic Club's main pro- iecl, is an imporlanl evenl' for all members. Two such programs were held l'his year, one in lhe Spring and one in 1-he Tl-H-ee one acl- plays Doing a mock Television show kepl lhe Dramalic Club are given al open house lo lei lhe public know whal line aclors. direclors, and slage hands AHS has. Through love of grease painl, coslumes, lighls, cameras, and aclion lhese lulure John Wayne's and Belly Grable's do lheir besl lo make lhe plays a success. All beginning aclors and aclresses experience slage irighl, bul ailer lhe iirsl opening nighl lhis is loved along wilh acling lo a lull house, slage aclivilies, and lhe knowledge lhal lhe end oi lhe play should bring applause and acclaim. A goal lo work loward is lhe Nalional Thes- pian Sociely. To belong a sludenl musl earn IO poinls which represenl a lolal ol IOO hours oi lhealer work or produclion. Senior Thespians lhis year were Rila Sue Byrum, Larry Highbaugh, Jack Ford, and Gene Rains. members busy and 'lhe audience enlerlained 46 .- A-CLUB-Row l--l-lerb l'lood, Chuck Smith, Don Current, Tom Delph, Harold Anderson, Arthur Kibby, Dale Porter, Dave Nich 015001 B05 l'lf3Wli0fil l-JON Scliieve. and Haynes Harrington. Row 2-Marvin Lowe, Gene Fox, Max Stanley, sergeant-at-arms John Clemons, Don Hunt, Bob Chadd, Don Carpenter, Bob Rector. Dale Fraley, and Loren Frcndt, vice-president, Row 3-Dick Miller, Dick Moore, Don l-larris, Dick Jones, Don Dixon, president, Dick Canterbury, secretary-treasure: Ed Campbell, Dick Wilkins Jim Vandergritt, Bob l'lall, Don Granger. and Merlin Tyler. Row 4-Joe Campbell, Ronald Dawson, David Newton, Leonard Will iams, Jerry Phillips, Larry Austin, Ed Finley, J. D, Alder, Kent Poore, Ronnie Brown, and James Vvaughtield. Row 5-Carl Bonge Herman l-lallet, Walter Manitold, James Early, Keith Lambert, Dane Pugh, coaches: and Bob McClain. 'A' Club Carries On its Activities On Many AHS Athletic Teams Athletics! What would dear old Al-lS do with- A-Club officers, Max Stanley, Loren Frenclt, Don Dixon, and Dick Canterbury, reminisce over past events as they Being 5 Sport-S - minded School provides "'A" Club, an organization to which any boy earning a letter may belong. The letter can be trom any sport, and this is a goal tor which many boys try. "Hoosier Madness" is a sickness that hits every one in Al-iS. Yes, basketball is the most beloved sport. To help the team tinancially the members ot "A" Club sold the team's pictures tor them. At one ot the basketball games the members ot "A" Club ioined the Pepooses to add more color and pep to the cheering section. These he-men, because ot the continuing ot sports throughout the whole year with hardly room tor a breath between them, seldom have a social activity but no one minds this since they make up tor it on the tield, court, course, and track. look forward to an athletic future 47- SENIOR Y-TEENS-Row I-Joyce Ann Clyde, Barbara Roush, Ja ne Hardin, Diane Slearns, Cynlhia Barnes, Evalee McKee, Susie Johnson, Barbara Jackson, Pal Hickman, Jane Collin, Rulh McElderry, Maureen Carroll, Beverly Porges, Beulah Moore, and Mrs. Dudley Grenden, sponsor. Row 2-Kalherine Wrighl, Pal Maclcey, Marilyn De Camp, Carolyn Venlers, Judy Waugh, i.osalyn De Lawler, Belly Jane Felzien, Judy Lilzenbarger, Sabra Ann Zierer, Lora Jo McGonigle, Sue Harmon, Donna Miller, Judy Trick, Paula France, Sue Breece, Doris McFadden, and Belly Mangas. Row 3-Barbara Eorsler, Coralene Moore, Pal Redick, Carolyn Somers, Helen Oberlies, Helen Gillespie, Doralene DeShong, Jennie Tudor, Belva Toops, Mary Jayne Tooley. Caroline Con- rad. Bonnie Wilhoile, and Carolyn Wells. Girls 'Hang Greensf Serve Needy SENIOR Y-TEENS CABlNE'-Row I-Maureen Carroll, AS membership chairman: Pal Hiclcman, and Janie Collin, lnlra'Club Council, and Barbara Roush, program chair- A gal' '1O'iO'aY,nOOiC',hS'PeC' ille Qifliol Y' Lili.plisilheifvfliisfcKifgrliifsulsiilrvisiii Jgiiiiiil -l-GGF1Sl'O l'Yl6liG lhe l"ldV1QIl'lg ol 'l'l1G QFGGHS 6 Veal Barnes, secrelary, and Joyce Ann Clyde, sargeanl-al-arms. ' ' " ' " ' ' R 3-Rulh McElderry, music chairman: Diane Slearns, a-Halls' -l-llls l-langlng ls an annual proleql- wgrship chairman: Jane Hardin, social chairman: Beverly lo gel lhe ClSCOY'G'l'9Cl 'FOI' 'l'l'lG l'1OlI- Porges, publicily chairman: Carole Thrush, service chair- days. Dances and parlies are lhen held so lhe man' and Elaine Sclwcl' llnance Cllal'ma'l' groups' ellorls can be seen. The "Mile ol Pennies" drive is lhe main pro- iecl during lhe year. Al Chrislmas money is col- lecled and used lor lood and gills lo be given lo needy Anderson lamilies. Anolher proiecl was lhe "Chocolales lor Europe" drive. The girls boughl candy lo be senl lo Y-Teen groups in Germany, France, England and olherwar-slriclcen counlries. Parlies and guesl spealcers appear allernalely on programs. lnleresling programs were on hair slyling, wilh Pal Mackey as lhe model, and on clolhes wilh Jane Hardin, Donna Miller, and Eva- lee McKee as models. A hayriole lor lhe girls and lheir dales high- lighled lhe year early in Oclober. 48 Junior Y-Teens JUNIOR Y-TEENS-Row l-Mary Jane Malick, Shirley Brown, Marvella Soverns, publicily: Dorolhy Spangler, lnlra-Club Council: Janel Haynes, music: Carolyn Kline, membership: Roberla Hancock, lreasurer: Bonnie Lowry, secrelary: Pal Myers, vice presidenl: Carol Srnilh, presidenl: Barbara Onkse n, program: Donna Myers, lnlra-Club Council: Janice Paller- son, worship: Sara Norbury, finance: and Janalee Romine. Row 2-Carolyn Peck, Lillian Manqas, Mary Sheels, Pal Sleves, Mary Ann Mills, Nancy Collins, Judy Schmallz, Eileen Shields, Lela May Crilser, Jeanne Circle, Barbara Price, Janel Wig- gins, Phyllis Vandevender, Louise Tyler, Dorolhy Cooper, Nancy Holl, and Juanila Haines. Row 3-Nancy Chilcles, Eleanor Comer, Donna Hollaclay, Peggy Jackey, Jean Barnes, Belly Rull-i Truman, Adelle Williams, Joan Daymond, Marilyn Hammons, Sylvia Fowler, Judi Barnard, Sandy Brannon, Priscilla Precup, Vivian Pelry, June McConnell, Pal Harrison, and Novalyn Morrison. Row 4-Edna Pursley, Trula Vaughn, Maxine Wilson, Jo Anne Munson, Judy Mallhew, Carolyn Mc Donald, Joan Robbins, Nelda Tuxlord, Marlha Skellon, Mary Roberls, and Marilyn Miller. i Sophomore Y-Teens SOFHOMORE Janice Sample, Kay Boardman, Lou lris Palmer, Carolyn Pollard, Phyllis Burk, Diane Ringo, and Jo Ann McFar- land. Row 2 service: Grela Marilyn Mills, Y-TEENS-Row I-Anne Nichols, Janie Dixon, Diane Davis, Janel Cox Roberla Crilser Carol Niece W-llamona Bowers, Janel Blume, lnlra-club Council: Lou Ann Harl, lnlra-Club Council: Pal Phelps, xvingslon, worship, Karen McCarlhy, finance, Marisue Nrccum, secrelary: Mary Hiday, presldenl: vice presidenl: Marilyn Slow, lreasurer: Babs Huber, music: Soleria Pancol, program: Barbara O'Connor, social: Nancy Schuberl, music: and Mrs. U. L. Hall, sponsor. Row 3-Ardella Karns, Joellen Colvin, Jeannine Henninqs, Nancy Owens, Toni Lawrence, Pally Lou Barker, Rulhl Qualls, Marcella Zaiser, Norma Gold, Anne Brown, Julia Moore, Kalhy Sleele, LaNorma Jones, Pally Samuels, Shirley Ayers, Barbara Hosek, Carol Meiser, 4-Jo Anne Holzel, Gayle Kern, Belsy Dyson, Phyllis Dykes. Williams, Mary Lou Rhoades, Palricia Jackson, Doris Raper, Nancy Trainer, Shirley Campbell, and Naomi McGill. Row Marla Shimer, Nancy Fisher, Sandra DeWil'l', Carol Ann Elaine Guyol, Marilyn Parrigin, Carolyn Cook, Myra Biddle, Sylvia Snyder, and Ann O'Connor. 49 Freshman Y-Teens FRESHMAN Y-TEENS-Row l-Janice Bohne, Belly Anderson, Barbara Jo Brown, Judy Clore, Jane Sleele, Margie George, Donna Van Camp, Carol Ann Wood, Sandra l-lighbaugh, Kay Epply, Geraldine Moskwinski, Phyllis Sloan, Shirley Venlers, Sandra Ziegler, and Joyce Anderson. Row 2-Charlene Bonge, Judiann Srnilh, Shirley Warner, music: Sheila l-lall, lnlra-Club Council: Susie l-lollingsworlh, worship: Elinor Rossin, lnlra-Club Cuoncil: Mary Jane Guslin, Program: Judy Knolls, lreasurer: Pal Pheanis, presidenl: Belly Taggarl, secrelary: Kay McCullough, social: Judy Wood, publicily: Jackie Barnliizer, linance: Sara Slewarl, service: Janel Eich ler, Carol Maslers, Nancy Slephenson, and Sharron Diggs. Row 3-Janel Goodwin, Lucille Kimm. Janel Harlley, PalCarraway, Charlolle Nichols. Judy Wiley, Lila Plovick, Car- rell Rhodes, Pal Carly, Barbara Erlandson, Mary Belle Sing lelon, Maxine Ross, Belly Sargenl, Lois Clillon, Janice Kay l-loard, Naomi Case, Joyce Waymire, Marilyn Wrighl, and Janel l-loward Row 4-Diane Fuller, Pal William, Janel Townsend, Paula Sue Vanderbur, Brilla Bilbrey, Yolanda Breeden, Mary Smilh, Elizalaelh Wools, Lois Williamson, Elvasue l-lodson, Joanne Birch, Francis Baughan, Sue Ford, Judilh Mason, Emily l-lull, Mary Ann Neely, Mary Ann Alexander, Barbara Peeples, Pal Pills. Connie Bickel. and Virginia Wrighl, sponsor. F ' , , , , FUIAURE FARMERS OF AMERICA-Row I-Don Wilborn,Jerry Diuranl, Slam Ferree, Newell l-lull, Floyd Molsinger, Hb- ward Noble, Orville Rushlon, Bill Schalk, James Wrighl, and Jess Elchison. Row 2-Jim Slolllemyer, Donald L. Harris, Charles Surface, Norman l-lull, lreasurer: Jimmy M. Jones, secrelary: Francis Krieg, vice presidenl: James Lewis, Lor- en Penrod, and Horace Wilson, sponsor. Row 3-Bill l-leideman, Donald l-lollman, Ronald Reehm, eJrry Neeley, Dale Lechlilner, Jack Maxwell, Dale Asher, Ronald Fosler, George Groll, and Frank Barker. Row 4-Ronnie Snoddy, Richard graiga Klieillg Gilchrisl, James Maddox, James DeSlhon, Dona ld Smilh, Glen Lennis. Wayne Gillespie, Jack Mullen, and ona e er. F. F. A. Has Big Job In Our Futu re Fulure Farmers ol America members To be prepared, lhey sludy soil conser- hold lhe lulure success ol our counlry in valion, liveslock raising, and lry lo inspire lheir hands and in lhe earlh lhey larm. olhers lo go inlo larming. 50 Members Of Council Visit Miniwanca Miniwanca Council is composed of slu- live members are selecled on lhe basis olenls who go lo Camp Miniwanca in lhe ol leadership and scholarship by lhe old summer lo learn ol religious, social, and members and lhe liacully. educalional developmenl. The prospec- MINIWANCA COUNCIL-Sealed, Janice Salford, Beverly Porges, Marlha Craig, vice presidenl: Maureen Carroll, pre- sidenl, Susie Johnson, secrelary-lreasurer: and Miss Mary Elh el Thurslon, sponsor. Slanding, Carolyn Peck, Jeanne Bucy, Barbara Onkseng Xonnie Mengle, Dick l-lunlzinger, and John Erlel. JDNIOR CONSERVATION CLUB-Row l-Ch I S ares urface, J. D. Moore, secrelaryp David Poller, vice presidenlr: Rex Rice, president Don Corlrechl, treasurer, and Danny Coble. Row 2, John Finney, sponsor, Bill Burnworlh, Lynn Tracy, Bill Needler, Larry Relherlord, and Roberl McDowell, sponsor. Row 3-Jackie Duncan, Roberl' l-lunlley, Don Pugh, Jim Smilh, and Keilh McDowell. Conservation Of Resources Clu b Aim Junior Conservalion Club members are valion groups were heard, and sludy 'l'rips inleresled in preserving our nalural re- were laken lo lhe Shades and Turkey Run sources and wildlile. To learn more aboul' slale parks. conservalion, speakers from slale conser- 51 Library Club Lends Helping Hand Helping sludenls find needed marerial iob. They also know mosi ol lhe answers in books, magazines, and periodicals is lo lhe silly queslions sludenls can lhink iusl a parl oi lhe Library Club members up lo plague lhe librarian. LIBRARY CLUB+Row l-Elaine Hull. Janice Adcock, Sheldon Wilde, Phil Slchuberl, Al l-lamillon, Janice Sample, Carol Niece, Shirley l-lollinqsworlh, Toni Lawrence, Barbara l-losek, ioberl Gayle, and Marilyn Slow. Row 2-Rulh McEl- derry. Miss Anna Pancal, sponsor: Bob Smilh. Lawrence S'mi+H, Barbara Burlon, Larry Clark, Wilma l-lamlin, Caroline Conrad, Madelyn l-laliery. Belsy D-yson, Pamela Boyer, Marilyn DeCamp, Dwighr Weedman, Barbara McAllisler, Bar- bara Kreigh, Alice Maslers, Nancy Schuberl. and Barbara Jackson. RAMBLERS CLUB-Row I-Carolyn Pollard, Anila Vanzanl, Elaine Vanzani, and Barbara Brown. Row 2-Janie l-larrell, Miss Virginia Lindslrom, sponsor: Marlha Poor, Shirley Leiler, Belly Lewis, and Nina l-lalfield. Row 3 Lincla Idle, Kalhleen Smilhf, Carolyn Blackaby, Pal' Sleves, Al Lucas, Shirley Brown, Carolyn l-lughes, Jane Poor, and Mariellen Pirisford. Ramblers View Historic Landmarks l-lislory holds a very greal allraclion 'ro bers lake a number ol: lrips lo hisloric The members ol lhe Ramblers Club. To landmarks and hear speakers who had vis- enrich lheir slore oi knowledge The mem- iled or lived in diiierenl counlries. 52 Concert Choir Entertains Organizations The members ol lhe Girls Concerl given This year were for lhe Rebecca Choir pur on programs during lhe year al Lodge, Friends Church and Melhoolisl various clubs and organizalions. A lew Church. GIRLS' CONCERT Cl'lOlR-Row l-Donna Van Camp, Gwendolyn Walkins, Nancy Owens, Doris Smilh, Gwen Rawlins, Connie Laman, Kay Boardman, Pally Phelps, Marilyn Slow, Soferia Pancol, and Elaine Fisher. Row 2-Miss Mary Qulh Palmer, Beverly Zearbaugh, Mona Runyon, Louise Tyler, lris Marie Sfrickler, Carolyn Venlers, Sandra Ziegler, Jane? Trick, Joan Sherman, Dorolhy Downes, and Lou Ann l-larl. Row 3-June Minniear, Sandra Brannon, Dorolhy Cooper, Janice Adcock, Roberla Lamar, Carolyn Slickler, Marianne l-leena, Karen McCarlhy, Anne Nichols, Elaine Van Zanl, and Delores Kennedy, Row 4-Priscilla Precup, Marilyn Carroll, Nora Richard, Nancy Childes, Mary l-liday, Joyce Clyde, Janel l-laynes, Mary Sue Roberlson, Carol Williams, Rulh Qualls, Judy Lirzenberger and Marie l-liles. MIXED CHOIR-Row I-Belly Farlow, Judy Alwood, Carol Deaver, Sandra Brannon, Marcella Zaiser, Lou lris Parmer, Margie Ahrendl, Joan Myers, Sharon Duncan, Carolyn McDonald, Beverly Ze-arbaugh, Joan Robbins, Janelr Filzgerald, Marcella Carpenler, and Miss Mary Rulh Palmer. Row 2-Ann O'Connor, Beverly Shimer, Jean Ann Sloner, Anne Nichols, Louise Tyler, Vivian Clark, Kalharine Bohling, Karen McCarThy, Sandra I-lighbaugh, Dorolhy Cooper, Judy Mallhew, Paula Morgan, and Shirley Beallry. Row 3-Darrell Dean, l-larold Thomas, l-larold Ralz, Linda Lewis, Janalee Romine, Beverly Jones, Joyce Clyde, Nancy Childes, Mariia Williams, Jo Anne l-lolzel, Dean Lukens, Jimmy Townsend, and Bobby Day. Row 4-Slanley Carpenler, Phil Schuberl, Jim Tanner, Jack Ellingwood, Fred Miller, John l-lilboll, Bob Milchell, Norman Fearhersron, Dick Moore, Bob Jenness, and Eddie Slumpi. Mixed Choir ls Training Ground Mixed Choir is a preliminary slep lo for enlrance lo Choral Club by presenling Choral Club. The members are chosen by programs al various limes during The year. voice abilily. They are lhen lrained lurlher 53 Choral Club's Style Ranges From Religious To Novelty Choral Club, lhe school's largesl and mosl oulslanding vocal music group, has a wide range ol songs, arrangemenls, and slyles. Us- ing lhe Fred Waring louch wilh seleclions like "Nighl Belore Chrislmas." presenling reli- gious hymns wilh all lheir solemnily and beau- ly, and singing novelly numbers, such as "Pol- ly Wolly Doodle," lhe group kepl every aud- ience enlhralled. Under lhe direclion ol Miss Mary Rulh Palmer, lhe 65 members ol Choral Club, dressed' in robes ol purple and gold, enler- lained many limes during lhe year. They sang al lhe Easler Sunrise Service, al Chrislmas and Thanksgiving convocalions, al World Day ol Prayer services, al lhe Counly Music Fes- lival, and on privale organizalions' programs. Nol all ol lheir lime is given lo work lhough. A banquel is given lor lhe members each spring and a picnic each lall. CHORAL CLUB-Row l-Julia Slewarl, Sue Evans, Mary K Cl lk J l-l Cl ar a z e, ane ar in, Carolyn Clem, and Judy Trick. Row 2 Failh l-lunl, lcla Marie Fousl, Susie Johnson, Elaine Buller, M y Wilson, Nancy Schuberl, and Jo Anne Munson. ROW3-Ke lh Gilchrisl, Paul Worley, Tom Dye, and Jim Sandiler. Row 4-l-l old Thomas, Joe Thomas, Larry Hines, Lowell l-lardacre, Da Kessler, and Al Lucas. Madrigal Club Made Up Of Twelve Well-Trained Voices Members of Madrigal Club, Lowell Hardacre, Bob Thompson, Rulh McElderry, Judy Eglen, and Dick So- wash, are doing whal' comes nalurally lor lhem-singing lo lhe accompanimenl' ol lhe old piano in l08 Madrigal Club is really a vocal assembly ol lwelve well-lrained voices. These lwelve members, six boys and six girls, can each pre- senl solos and duels. There is also a girls' lrio and a boys' guarlel. Presenling programs is lhe main proiecl ol Madrigal and nol only do lhey perlorm on club and organizalion programs here in And- erson, bul lhe club has also been asked lo surrounding cilies many limes. Madrigal, lhe mosl selecl group ol singers in AHS, is a challenge which members ol Choral Club slrive lo meel. Members are chosen by Miss Mary Rulh Palmer, direclor, on lhe basis ol achievemenl and abilily. Even aller being selecled lhe challenge is slill lhere, because lhe club chooses ils mus- ical presenlalions on lhe basis ol how slrong- ly lhey challenge lhe abilily ol lhe lwelve. 4 CHORAL CLUB-Row I-Sue Norris, Judy Eglen, Carolyn Peck, Carol Tlriruslw, Sara Norbury, Mary Ebersole, Maureen Carroll, Clella Fleenor, Sue Roland, Riia Byrum, and Donna Kelly. Row 2-Par Groce, Lynn Slurgeon. Barbara Onlcsen, Pal Ewing, Dorolliy Spangler, Paula France, Ruin Mclflderry, Sue Priest Diane Slearns, Jean Barnes, and Miss Mary Ruflm Palmer. Row 3-Gary Gillis, Bill Sloner,Cl1arles Greenwood, Dale Benglson, Kenny Rliea, Jolwn Barr, Larry Hunlzinger, Ronald Dawson, and Dick Cumber- land. Row 4-Larry Hiqlibauglw, Bill Shaw, DiclcSowaslri,Jol1n Hilboll, Don Henderson, David Ball, Melvin Evans, Jirn Scoll, and Bob Thompson. MADRIGAL CLUB-Sealed--Clella Fleenor, Barbara 'iOUSl1,SU6 Priest Pal Groce, Rurh Mclilderry, and Judy Eglen Standing-Lowell Hardacre, David Ball, Larry Hines, Miss Mary Rulli Palmer, Don Henderson, Dick Sowasli, and Bob 55' Girls Learn Music Fundamentals The girls in glee club learn lhe luncla- icalgroups, such as Choral Club and Mad- menlals ol music in lhese groups anol begin rigal Club. lo lrain lheir voices lor more selecl mus- GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-Row I-Joan Daymond, Beverly Heal'h,Sally Myers, Joyce Hise, Pal McNeil, Anila VanZanl, Janel Blume, Diane Davis, Marcella Zaiser, and Lou lris Parmer. Row 2-Judy Wesl, Pal Kirchenbauer, Elaine Hull, Marilyn Far- low, Delores Flllman, Pal Granl, Joy Pruell, Marisue Niccum, Alice Humerickhouse, and Miss Mary Rulh Palmer. Row 3- Margie Milchell, Rosalyn DeLawler, Belly Woods, Ann Slrealy, Naomi Weaver. Roberla Willis, Pal Dunwiddie, Diane Ringo, and Sylvia Arnold. Row 4-Joan Flelcher, Mary Failh Jones, Roberla Lakey, Shirley Brown, Pally Sleves, Wanda Hood, Gayle Kern, Jane Juday, and lnez Rousey. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-Row l-Donna Van Camp, Shirley Hollingsworlh, Jewel Hughes, Beverly Srnilh, Carolyn Blackwell, Belly Anderson, Susie Robbins, Pally Slroud, Wanda Gross, and Sandra Brislol. Row 2-Marilyn Milchell, Marilyn Slow, Ardella Karns, Edna Clemenls, Roberla Crilser, Barbara O'Co nnor, Janel Filzgerald, Belly Edmonson, Vivian Clark, Lorella Young, and Miss Mary Rulh Palmer. Row 3-Rulh Qualls, An n Slrealy, Mona Girlon, Carol Ann Williams, Delores Lakey, Nancy Case, Doris Hughes, Pally Barnard, Dorolhy Rogers, and Joan Meyers. Row 4-Kalharine Bohling, Jo Anne Holzel, Kalhleen Smilh, Marcella Carpenler, Marlha Ray, Barbara Brown, Phyllis Dykes, Sandra Garrell, Margie Ahrendl, Bar- bara Rushlon, and Mary Sue Roberlson. Girls Glee Club Now Three Strong ln lhe lasl lwo years lhe Girls Glee Club olireclion ol Miss Mary Rulh Palmer and has grown so much lhal lhere are lhree lhe lhird is olirecled by Thomas Clem. dillerenl groups now. Two are under lhe 56 Singing Experience Glee Club Object To oblain experience in singing belore vocalions. ln lhe lulure l'hey hope lo ex- a group lhe glee club members presenl panol even more, so a bigger ancl beller numbers on lhe annual vocal musical con- Choral anol Madrigal Club can be had. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-Row I-Sue Lisby, Janie Hilchoclc, Soleria Pancol, Babs Huber, Kay Boardman, Carolyn Blaclcaby. Shirley Clendenin, Lou Ann Daugherly, ,loberra Slrealy, and Thomas Clem, direclor. Row 2-Helen Howe, Shirley Glaze- broolcs, Mary Ann Easr, Sandra Highbaugh, Barbara George, Naomi McGill, Lavina Widener, Zelma xeger, and Pal Gar- ringer. Row 3-Edna Pursley, Susie Robbins, Rulh McMillian, Jean Ann Sloner, Phyllis Jennings, Julia Townsend, Barbara Jane Brown, Marleen Davis, Jo Ann Schallner, and Maxine Wilson. Row 4-Joann Heiney. Laura Riggs, Bonnie Wood, Mariellen Pillsforcl, Beverly Jones, Janel Fosrer, Mary Decker, Mary Hollis, Par Rude, Coraleen Moore, and Phyllis Whil- esel. BOYS' GLEE CLUB-Row l-Darrell Dean, Harold Ralz, Joe Dolson, Norman Jones, Don Coolc, Dwighl Weedman, Tob- err Wrighl, Charles Perry, and Dwighl Mills. Row 2-Clyde Fox, Bob LaPierre, Jim Deer, Jack Gourley, Al Salford, Charles Dillman, Norman Fealherslon, Jack Ellingwood, and Dean Lulcens. Row 3-Jim Tanner, John Alllerbaclc, Earl Wag- ner, Jim Hughes, John Hllbolf, Dick Fox, James Kem, and Freddie Miller. Male Music Lovers Have Glee Club For boys who like lo sing lhere is a Boys musical assembly. Thomas Clem, clireclor, Glee Club. They learn lo read music. lrain hopes lo expand lhe program nexl year. Jrheir voices and parlicipale on The vocal 57 ORCHESTRA-Row I-Pally Sheels, Don Birl, Charles Frakes, K alherine Bowen, Sue l-loward, Jane Drennan, Judilh Mason, TOW' Toombs, Barbara Marshall, and Geraldine Smilh. Row 2-Marlha Slevens, Mererilh Marsh, Gene Fox, Kay McCarly, Nancy Trainer, Wanda Flall, Jean Ann Sloner, Arclalh l-laley, Bill Raw lin, Mary Belle Singlelon, Ernesl Balrlh, Elain'Buller, Carolyn Preslon, and Joanna l-lall. Row 3-Carolyn Clem, Don Goacher, Harold Thomas, Thomas Clem, direclor, uchard Canada. l-luberl Warner, and Judiann Smilh. Orchestra Serves As Background For Commencement, Senior Play An inlegral parl ol lhe background ol such evenls as Commencemenl,Baccalaureale,and lhe Senior Class Play is lhe Al-lS orcheslra. Seniors usually gel lheir lasl look al lhe or- cheslra as lhey make lheir linal march down lhe aisle lo "Pomp and Circumslancef' For a couple ol weeks belore lhis lasl school evenl members ol lhe orcheslra have worked wilh lhe seniors lo gel lhe perlecl liming down. This year lhe orcheslra played al lhe Senior Play, "Our Town," and endured lhe audilor- ium heal along wilh lhe aclors. ll also per- lormed al banquels in lhe cily and al lhe an- nual Spring Feslival. The group parlicipaled in convocalions loo. These boys and girls combine wilh lhe band and maiorelles al limes. A picnic and chili supper is held lor lhem each year, and lhey lorgel lheir work lor a lime and iusl have lun. 58 MAJORETTES-Julie Moore, Roberla Giles, Shirley Beally, Roberla Crilser, Anna Milchell, and Kay Hiesland. Band Parades and Entertains Crowd At Ball Games The many ciTy parades and The AHS TooT- ball and baskeTball games bring The Anderson High School Band inTo The public eye, and The band members successTully meeT The chal- lenge. Ball games wouldn'T be The same if The high school band wasn'T There To play. Popular songs Tor sTudenTs and old TavoriTes Tor adulTs keep The crowd' enTerTained beTore The game and beTween halves. The band perTorms in parades during Clean-Up Week,' Fire PrevenTion Week, and Memorial Day. And none oT The success comes on a silver plaTTer. The band wanTed new uniTorms so members wenT ouT To soliciT Tunds. And They did iT on sTreeT corners and aT planT gaTes in The middle oT winTer. The iunior high and grade school picnics are looked Torward' To by The band members because They become The TreaTed wiTh all The hoT dogs and cokes They can consume-aTTer They perTorm, oT course. The maioreTTes perTorm wiTh The band and show Their baTon Twirling abiliTy. The girls work hard To develope This skill. They were led by Janice Sample This year. Richard Ren- cenberger direcTs boTh The band and The maioreTTes. AND-Row I-Ronald Mengle, Marilyn Carroll, Lynn Tracy, Marvin Leazenby. Barbara Bangle, Helen Allis, Nancy l-lolT, Suzanne Lindsey A and Rigaux, Alice MasTers, and Jeannine Henning, Row 2- Dave Byran, Jerry Parker, Jerry Alspaugh, BeTTy Sloan, Susie HollingsworTh, KeiTh Tra , Lyle Crouse, Jeannine Highbaugh, LaVoughn Auker, 'Lonnie Wheeler, Bill Brown, and John McNaTT. Row 3-Glen Kreigh, Ramona Bowers Mel n Turner, Clarke SrniTh, Jack Huey, Bill SinghursT, PaTTy SheeTs, Joanna Richardson, Charles Greenwood, AI Lucas, Marvin Roney, and Jack SmiTh w 4-Bill Davis, RoberT Spell, Richard Heena, Shirley Clendenin, Lela nd Smifh, Wesley Rouse, Jack Fields, Tom Dye, David Ball, Dale BengTson d Bob Sloan. Row 5-DoroThy Wells, Richard Canada, Donald Fisher, J ack Riggs, Bill Xiawlin, Jack Leiel, David Brow, Richard Rencenberger dir Tor: Jerry Fox. Jim DeShon, John Cochran, Charles Frakes, and Huber'rWarner. 59 i Q. r 3 A x., T Q Y .L,.X,, , W. 'asf 21' ggifqzw W., , .. .5 ,LM.m- lsafwm M -V A 2 ' wif, iqgiiflffkfe -L: V,,:. Li1ffm.e- . .f?fELixfYff5g , K ,-fy, '.mwfg1fxg1+a5: ,- f gn,af,-Q1gvPfMp,,1mi,,.,-.., 4 1-'vi"I!'WIwxl?QlisPlsv1Mv?'7f' ' "' , Ll,,, ,,..M , V- . A Lzlzl , . ,. A A' Uiglk. 2U"iz-5-QSVMQ3-'L' ff, r-ff E LNLYQS5'fel?5M1ki5Q3ffQQg,I5ii7Q', nf' :Terxsy S if21zfQfn4,ff,Qg.Vg:fWeisz- x L Izgmgy iw-,g-, lk ,ii a. if h, 'sw JGi3+?3D'5':3 HSE ? 5i7wi?7Q'E ' X, f- 'f"'TL.,'.-ff'ff'g!1:",' nf ':?Zi?5VE'ii5-T'WE'fi!?I,W'i5f?EfiL55'VffiW.4 Athletics Teach Possibilities Of Comeback Cn Road Of Life 'if n ii' W ff W Athletics, too, play a large part in preparing one tor lite atter graduation. They give one the ability to take a beating and come baclc smiling and ready to go. They otter that well-earned break trom the daily routine, and draw every person closer to the school and more intent upon supporting the red and green. On the tollowing pages the athletic records ot our Al-IS teams will be shown in stories and pic- tures, but along with each record, it should be remembered, was built, by the coachingsstatt and the boys themselves, that indetinable thing called character. K VARSITY SQUAD-Row I-l-laskell Counts, manager: Gordon Walker, Bob Hall, Arthur Kibby, Roger Whitehead, Dave Rebenack, Dave Newton, Bob Barnes, and Gary Schuster. Row 2-Assistant Coach Joe S' parks, Jerry Morgan, Don l-larris, Max Stanley, Doug Mathews, Estil l-lall, Loren Frendt, Dale Porter, John Motto, Don Carpenter, Le'onard Williams, Ronald Dawson, Don Current, and Coach Walter Manitold. Row 3-Coach Keith Lambert, Joe Campbell, Don Lockwood, Dick Wilkins, Tom Williams, Dick Wirt, Bob Hamilton, Larry Austin, Bill Chadd, Joe Jackson, and Assistant Coachwlim Earley. Row 4-l-laynes Harrington, Bob Chadd, John Norton, Ronnie Brown, David Harris, Ed Finley, Charles D-earing, Clayton Dole, Kenneth Reed, Dave Nicholson, and Garland Parks. I95O Indian Football Team Voted Hardest Tacklers In N. C. C. "The hardest tackling team in the North Central Conterenceu was the caption given the light, hard working, but luckless l95O lnclian tootball machine. At the completion ot the season the Indians were awarded this distinction by the North Central Conterence sports writ- ers and coaches. This was truly a great honor tor a team which won only one game while-losing nine, and which had an aver- i age weight ot less than I65 pounds. T Indians Win, I4-O The Indians pryed the lid ott the l95O tootball campaign with a I4 to O 'victory over Connersville under the new Denny Field lights. T Jo Jackson, Anclerson's right haltback, got the tirst' six points ot 'the season with a FOOTBALL COACHES-Assistant Coach James Early, Frerhman Coach Joseph Sparks, l'lead Coach Keith Lambert, and "B" Team Coach Walter Manitold. lcontinued oln page 63l V 62 E 55 yard run Trom Anderson's 45 yard ine. LaTe in The Third quarTer Loren ErendT broke inTo The scoring column wiTh a Tive yard drive over The cenTer oT The Conners- ville line. Don I-larris. Anderson's righT guard, concluded The scoring laTe in The TourTh quarTer wiTh a blocked punT ThaT rolled inTo The end zone Tor a saTeTy. Indians Try In Vain From This Time unTil The end oT The sea- son The lndians were vainly Trying To geT back inTo The winner's column. The Tollowing week Anderson iourneyed To Richmond Tor The TirsT NorTh CenTral ConTerence encounTer. and There suTTered iTs TirsT deTeaT. 20-6. WiTh Two seconds leTT in The game Bob Chadd, Anderson's leTT halTback, received raced' 85 yards up The sidelines Tor Ander- son's only score. Team Dons New Uniforms ATTer a week's work in preparaTion, The Indians donned Their new uniTorms Tor The TirsT Time. and baTTled a much heavier Tech Team To a draw in The TirsT and TourTh quarTers only To Tall behind in The second and Third To suTTer a 27-I3 deTeaT in a bruising encounTer. Anderson iourneyed To Elwood The Tol- lowing Tuesday To play The roughesT game oT The year wiTh iTs counTy rivals. ATTer 48 grueling minuTes oT TooTball, Elwood emer- ged vicTorious, 27-O. Playing The Third game in seven days. The Indians iourneyed To Delphi only To drop a Thrilling encounTer. 24-I8. Having been held scoreless Tor The TirsT Three a Richmond kickoTT on Anderson's l5. and lconTinued on page 643 Flying Tackles and Scoring Thrusts Highlight Season ACTION AT DENNY FIELD-Ronald Dawson Tlies Through The air To hiT a New CasTle man Tr'om behind in The upp l TT p Ture as Leonard Williams rneeTs The charge head on. Don Harris l33l and Dale PorTer move inTo The play. Upp ghT Loren FrendT, EsTil Hall l85l, Dick Wilkins, Ed Finley l83l, and Doug MaThews hover around lvlax STanley as he d pu T . , . in Tne Connersville game. Lower Lefl'-Joe Jackson wiggles Through The New CasTle line as Don CurrenT llbl, Do and Bob l-lamilTbn provide a helping shove, Don I-larris and Ed Finley Take care oT opposiTion on The oTher side T Th I Lower rlghT-Ronald Dawson puTs The squeeze on a Howe man a s Larry AusTin l34'l is deciding wheTher or noT To pl n FIRST STRING LINE-Ed Finley, Dick Wilkins, Don Harris, Max STanley, Don CurrenT, Doug Malhews, and Don CarpenTer quarTers, The Indians broke loose wiTh Three Touchdowns in The TourTh quarTer To give The home Team a run Tor iTs money. WeighT, Experience Too Much Marion and New CasTle handed The red- skins Their TiTTh and sixTh losses in a row, I2-6 and 2 I-6, respecTively, when The lnd- ians were again unalole To cope wiTh Their superior weighT and exeprience. A power Tailure plunged The Tield inTo blackness during The I-lowe game, and aT- Ter a halT hour delay The game was begun wiTh I-lowe scoring on The TirsT play. The capiTal ciTy boys wenT on To win, I3-O. WiTh less Than a minuTe leTT in The game RoyerTon Threw a desperaTe Touchdown pass, and Took a hearTbreaker Trom The Indians, I9-I8. lcomlinued on page 65I IRST STRING BACKFIELD-Dale PorTer, uarTer ac : oe ac son, F halfbackg AHS Wins Cpenerg Loses Nine Straight Anderson I4-, ....,..........,.. Connersville O Anderson 6, Richmond 20 Anderson I3, ....... Tech 27 Anderson O, ...,.. Elwood 27 Anderson I8, .... Delphi Anderson 6. ......... Marion 24 I2 q b k J J k I TT Loren FrendT, fullback: and Ronald Dawson, righl halTback. Anderson 6, New CasTle 2l Anderson O ,........,... I-Iowe I3 Anderson I8. RoyerTon I9 Anderson 6, LaTayeTTe 32 Four 'B' Team Victories Buoy Next Season Hopes Anderson Anderson 22 .....,.....,,... New CasTIe O . ..,A .... R ichmond O Anderson ,. New CasTIe I9 Anderson , .,,, .,,. L aTayeTTe 6 Anderson ..... .. Noblesville O Anderson Anderson AHS Freshman 6 Warren CenTraI O In The grand Tinale Tor The I3 seniors on The Team, Anderson IosT a 32-6 game To LaTayeTTe on a Tield oT mud, in a driving Treezing rain. The Trip To Toledo To see The Ohio NorTh-SouTh all sTar game, The SaTurday aTTernoon Touch Tackle games, The Thrill oT body conTacT, and The usual locker room jokes made This a season ThaT will SECOND STRING BACKFIELD-Bob Chadcl, Leonard WII Brown, and Dave Nicholson. never be TorgoTTen by The Team members. Loren FrendT and Dale PorTer were eIecTed co-capTains aT The end oT The season. OTher seniors Tinishing Their high school TooTbaII career This year are Dick Wilkins, Doug IvIaTThews, Don I-Iarris, Max STanIey, Don CurrenT, Leonard Williams, Joe Jackson, Bill Chadd, John MoTTo, Ronald Dawson, and Don CarpenTer. SECOND STRING LINE-ArThur Kibby, Dave NewTon, John Iv1oTTo, Haynes I-IarringTon Bob I-IamiITon Bob I-Iall and Bill Chadd 65 FRESHMEN SQUAD-Row l-Bill Harless, Dick Maynard, Kenny Hunf, Jim Davis, Don Smifh, Coach Joseph Sparks, Frank Newman, Lyle Crouse, Jerry Sandifer, Paul Riggs, and Dave Bryan. Row 2-Earl Newfon, Bob Maddox, Bill Gray, Bob Pur- sley, Don Esfle, Dick Harper, Joe Tipfon, Bob Flaniqarx, David Slofflemy d J er, an ack Huffman. Row 3-Charles Murphy, Jack ics oner. eon o ers, omm avis, and Bob Willis. Schepper, Howard Ball, Jim DeShong, Roger Hardacre, Dick Dean, D kS'r L R g T V D h J K G d V W kl d J h F ll Row 4-Bob Sexlon, Rex Bailey, Charles Pryor, Ray lvlinfon, David Couc , ess ey, or on an in e, an o n u er. Row 5-Coach Keifh Lamberf, Bob Beneliel, Ronnie Moran. Jess Elchison, Dick Bays, Johnnie Purdy, and Gene Benneff. Freshmen, Outweighing Varsity, Train On Fundamentals Coach Joe Spark's freshman feam ouf- weighed' fhe varsify by beffer fhan IO pounds per man, and had all fhe aggressiveness shown by fhe varsify and "B" feams. Affer working all year on rhe fundamenfals of fackling, blocking, and running, fhese boys have finally formed a good framework for learning fhe finer poinfs of foofball. These finer poinfs will come from fhe much needed experience on fhe "B" feam nexf fall. The 44 boys who worked ouf nighfly from fhe beginning of school made up one of fhe largesf freshman feams ever fo play for An- derson. ln fheir six game schedule fhey beaf Elwood. and Lafayeffe, fied New Casfle and Cenfral, losf a fhriller fo New Casfle in fhe season's opener I9-I6, and were humiliafed in fhe lasf game of fhe season 42-6 by fhe "B" feam. The high spof of fhe season came in a I2 fo 7 vicfory over Lafayeffe Jeff as fhis was fhe firsf fime an Anderson freshman feam has beafen Lafayeffe's freshmen in several years. The Freshman Record: Anderson l6, .................... ........ ..... N e w Casfle I9 Anderson 6, ....... .... ..... ..... N e w Casfle 6 Anderson l2, ..... , ....... Lafayeffe 7 Anderson 6. ..... . ............... Cenfral 6 Anderson 37, ..... ...,.. S+. Joe Elwood O Anderson 6, ......... . ........... "B" Team 42 66 YYBESTLING GROUP-Row l-Larry Bowser, Bolo O'Connor, Arthur Kibby, Loren Frendt, Bob Barnes, James Henslev, and B-ill Warmke. Row 2-Coach Joe Sparks, Dave Nicholson, Bob Gayle, Bill Jackson, Max Stanley, Bruce lvladren, Dick Wil- kins, Bob Hamilton, and John Stokes, manager. Row 3-Leslie Hallgarth, Fred Scott, James Smith, Joe Ed Tipton, Dick Dean, Ltheidred B th N J h ' ' a auer, orman o nson, Jerry Sanditer. and Dick Harper. Wrestling Moves Into Sports Picture After Four Years Varsity Competition Atter tour years ot varsity competition wrestling has tinally come into it's own as Anderson completed the most successtul season yet. The wrestling team won tour matches while losing seven and handed Blooming- ton its tirst reversal at home in nine years. At Peru the Anderson matmen turned in their most decisive decision ot the season, 54-O, as all but two lndians succeeded in pinning their opponents. The other two victories came over North Central Conterence toes. They deteated Muncie Central in a close 23 to 2l match. and Richmond, 28-20. Anderson scored I6 points in the Bloomington sec- tional, but tailed to quality any team members tor the state meet. With only three seniors on the team this year much is expected ot the underclassmen next season. Atter tour years ot varsity competion Loren Frendt. Dick Wilkins, and lvlax Stanley completed their wrest- ling careers tor Anderson. Frendt was elected hono- rary captain at the completion ot the season by his tellow team members. THE VARSITY RECORD AHS I4, Decatur Cent. 34 AHS Bloomington I6 AHS l3, Crawtordsville 36 AHS Tech 29 AHS I6 Southport 29 I Ai-is 23, Muncie Central 2I AHS Decatft' Cent 25 AHS 54 peru 0 AHS,.l l, Shortrrdge 26 AHS 26, Richmond 20 AHS Lafayette Jeff 43 67 Larry Bowser applies the pressure as he tries to 'roll Bruce Madren, on canvas, into a pin- nig position in the top picture. Bill Warmke, applying the squeeze, and Bobby Barnes vie tor honors in an intra-squad meet in the bottom picture. CEROSS COUlflTRYGi1OUP-ilovr l-Charles Baker, Dick Faust, Bill Jones, Larry Kelly, Frank Davis, Fred Scoit, Jack West, Larry tethertord, Danny Lobie, Dave Wellington, t-ransis Couch, and Don Smith. Row 2-Max Hayden, Jim Waughtield, Don Dixon, Don Hunt, Dick Moore, 'lom Delph, Gene l-ox, Jack Collms, Dick Miller, l-larold Anderson, Dick Canterbury, Chuck Smith, and Melvin Beauchamp. Row 3-Coach Carl Bonge, Vic Peck, Jack Rager, Bob Vickers, Jirn'Scott, Milton Mills. Jack Raper, Jim Moore, Lowell Vogel, Don Julian, Sheldon Wilde, Dick Jones, and asst. Coach Ray Flee nor. Row 4-Jerry Phillips, manager: David Poore, J. D. Alder, Don Sanders, Larry l-lightchew, Jim Stottlemyer, l-lerb l-lood, George 'l-hanas, Paul Plummer, Al Jackson, Verne Petry, Denny Simpson, and Russell Manitold. Cross Country Team Captures Fifth Straight State Crown Qoaches Carl Bonge and Ray Fleenor proudly display Anderson's tif+h consecutive state CI'0 ss country championship trophy. "We've got that trophy, and we're going to keep it," was the attitude taken by the Anderson cross country team as they bore down to take their titth consecutive state cross country championship. No other team in the state knows how it teels to win an undisputed cross country cham- pionship, as the Indians have captured the crown ever since the event has been held. Winning tive out ot seven scheduled meets, and all outside meets. the indians compiled a season record ot nine victories in eleven starts. With no individual star, this team had to be well balanced to complete such a successtul season. This team balance is shown by the tact that ditterent men won each maior race. Don Dixon was tirst in the Old Post meet in Vincennes: Jim Waughtieldl was the tirst Ancl- erson man across the tinish line in the North Central Conterence meet, and Dick Moore led icontinued on page 69l 68 The lndians across The Tinish line in The sTaTe meeT. AT The comgoleTion oT The season Don Dixon was elecTed honorary capTain. Dick CanTer- bury, Tom Delph. and l-larold Anderson were The oTher seniors on The Team To compleTe Their high school careers. Jim WaughTield, who reached his TwenTieTh birThday shorTly aTTer The season ended is The only oTher mem- ber oT The Team who won'T be back nexT year. Showing much promise Tor The TuTure, The "B" Team Turned in Three perTecT scores while winning six oT seven meeTs. The perTecT scores were againsT Muncie Burris, Richmond. and Culver. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY SCORES 3I ...,.....,.,...,,,..............,......,..,..............,......,..,.... Tech 28 ...,, .......,......., M arion I6 ...... ..,.................,.. H owe I9 ..... ....... M uncie Burris I7 ,,,,,, ...,..,,....... R ichmond 30 ...... ...,......,..................., Iv luncie CenTral I5 ...... ....,......,....................................... C ulver OLD POST 3I ...... .,......,.........,... P aris, Ill., Forl' Wayne 86. SECTIONAL ..54 ...... ..,..,.,,....,............,.,,......,. M uncie CenTral STATE 47 ..... ,,............,...,....,.......,....... M uncie CenTral "B" TEAM SCORES 34 ..,... ....,..,..,...............,........,,...,,............,,. T ech 25 ...,.. ...........,..,.................,. M arion 23 .,..... ,.,..,........,...,,,, H owe I5 ......, ,,....., M uncie Burris I5 ....,, ....,...... ,..... R i chmond 24 ....... .....,.. M uncie CenTral I5 ..,... .,................. C ulver Lettermen Show Form That Makes Perennial State Champs 34 27 29 37 38 25 40 Tie 5B 68 2I 30 32 40 40 3I 40 CROSS COUNTRY LETTERMEN-Row I-Dick Moore, Dick Miller, Don T-lunT lin The snowl, and Jim Waughflelcl Don Dix on, and Dick CanTerbury. Row 2-Gene Fox, Jack Collins, Tom Delph, and Harold Anderson. Indiana Basketball Has No Favorites, Expects Qnly Fighting Spirit lndiana basketball holds no tavorites, and ,expects nothing more trom a team than a tighting spirit trom beginning to the tinal gun. ln this great- est ot all sports a big team as well as a small team can be beaten by a last second heartbreaking basket. but this basket can never still the tighting hearts ot these boys who gave everything they had tor the glory ot the school that they think is the greatest in the state. This is the spirit so suc- cesstully developed down through the years at Anderson High School. 70 . ---- ---- -r ---- -- --W """1 i"l1 J. D. Alder lI0l, Kenl Foore l3l, and Herb Hood look on in +l1e afrernoon game of liwe regional againsl Browns- burg. A+ rigl1'r, J. D. Alder lwifh balll draws lense for scoring flirusl as Herb Hood lI2l ours for llie baskef. AHS Blazes High Scoring Trail In Lapel Rout, Attucks Classic From 'flue lweigluls ol llie 86 lo 42 viclory over Lapel llirouglw llwe rouling ol Brownslourg lo llwe momenlary sadness and llien pride in llwe 8l-80 classic willi Crispus Allucks, llwe lournamenl lrail ol llie Anderson lndians was sensalional laul also unusual. Aller ordinary opening seclional viclories over Pendlelon and lvlarkleville llwe lndians were ready lor llie speclacular. Besides lwu- milialing lradilional rival, Lapel, by llie mosl lopsided score ever, Kenl Poore, smallesl man on llwe floor, sel a new "Wigwam" scoring re- cord ol 34 poinls. Brownsburg was llwe nexl lo feel llwe wralli ol llwe Redskins as llwey fell viclim 'ro llwe lom- alwawk swinging, baskel flinging Tribesmen in lhe regional opener, 82-43. Tlwal evening came llie final liearlloreaking game willw Crispus Allucks. Overcoming an almosl insurmounlalale I5 poinl' dlelicil, llwe braves forged inlo a len poinl lead willi lour minules lo go. bul a Tremendous lieiglil dis- advanlage began lo lell, and +l'1e Indians were bealen, 8 l -80, on a lield goal in llie lasl seven seconds. John Clemons, wilh J. D. Alder lookin on, icks 9 P up speed and +l1e ball as he drives down +l'1e 'floor in ll-ie Brownsburg game. Early Victories, Mid-Season Slump Pave Way For Stretch Drive A fasT sTarT, a slump, and Then a Terrific finish aT Tourney Time mighT sum up The Al-TS I95O-5I baskefball season. The lndians ended The season wiTh l6 vicfories and 9 losses. Anderson showed The weaknesses and errors of all young inexperienced Teams, buT sTill Thoroughly Trounced a much weaker Green- field Team. 76-37, in The season's opening game. Showing ThaT They could play under pres- sure, The lndians eked ouT a 46-45 vicTory over New CasTle on Vic Peck's free Throw in The fleeTing seconds of The inifial NorTh Cenfral Conference conTesT for boTh Teams. AT This poinT in The season The lndians luck began To fail, and iT seemed as if They were never going To sTarT winning again as They losT five of The nexT six games. Mishawaka Leads Procession Mishawaka led The procession as They pasT- ed Anderson, 50-47, in a close encounTer. Laf- ayeTTe Jeff handed The Tribe iTs firsT N. C. C. if , - mir seTback, 68-46. Marion followed l.afayeTTe's example and handed The lndians a 62-47 shell- acking. Finally Anderson again goT The sweeT TasTe of vicTory as They zoomed ouT of Their slump wiTh a 62-54 vicTory over ForT Wayne Cen- Tral. J. D. Alder led The scoring aTTack wiTh I2 poinTs. l-lerb l'lood and Jack Tilley were close behind wiTh l I each. This balanced scor- ,ing confinued all season and was one of The chief reasons for laTe season success. Anderson's defense cracked wide open be- fore New Albany's unbeaTen Team, and The Bulldogs drove away from Their men and un- derfhe baskeT for several easy lay-ins and a 65 -57 vicTory. Muncie CenTral, playing iTs usual inspired brand of ball againsT Anderson, was The lasT Team To beaT Anderson before The pendulum of luck began To swing in The oTher direcfion, and The lndians began To sfage The long uphill drive ThaT landed Them in fourTh place in The NorTh Cenfral Conference. Tribe ln Big Four Final The Big Four Tourney aT Kokomo inTerrupT- ed regular season play on New Year's Day. Anderson oufscored New CasTle in The open- ing game as Haynes l-larringTon began To show signs of rebounding brilliancy. Logans- porT won The Tourney wiTh a 6 I -54 vicTory in spiTe of a greaT lasT half comeback by The lndians. Richmond was The firsT Team To cross The paTh of The "Rampaging Redskins" afTer The Big Four and was never in The game afTer The firsT few minuTes as The lndians poured' in The buckefs unTil They had scored 66 poinTs To Richmond's 47. Playing againsT a Shelbyville home cou.rT advanfage and a hosTile crowd The lndians iusT managed To squeeze by 58-55. The following week, Tech's pressing defense kepT Anderson so off balance ThaT no man could consisTenTly find The range, and as a re- lconTinued on page 731 lCenT Poore squirms pasT Two sTa'rTlecl Lapel players as he heads for Two of his 34 poinTs in -lfhe final game of The secTional. suIT dropped The Indians back inTo The losers column in a 49-43 game. Indians Skin CaTs, 62-60 AT This Time Anderson goT iTs TirsT chance To avenge an earlier deTeaT. Playing a much "I-Iarrolded" Muncie CenTraI Team on iTs home Tloor, The Indians jumped' righT inTo The conTender's circle wiTh a briIIianT 62-60 vic- Tory. Again Alder Ied The scoring wiTh I8 poinTs, buT he was ably helped by John Clem- ons, wwo played The TirsT oT his several greaT IaTe season games, scoring I5 markers. Taking The ball The IengTh oT The Tloor, Jack Tilley crove around his man in The IasT second, oT The game and sank one oT his beauTiTuI one handed push shoTs To send FrankTorT's l-IoT- dogs cown To deTeaT, 52-50. Kokomo lacked The speed To keep up wiTh The now TasT breaking, sharp passing Indians and Tel 58-45. AlThough leading by one poinT aT The haIT, Anderson was unable To cope wiTh IvIarion'v big, TasT, and aggressive Team in The Third quarTer and as a resuIT IosT a I0 poinT de- cision, 57-47. Tourney DeTeaT Avenged Anderson bounced back To avenge The Big Four Tourney deTeaT aT The hands oT Logans- porT by whipping The Berries 5I-45, as I-Iood and Clemons scored I9 poinTs apiece. In The season's Tinale Alder bagged I7 poinTs To become The TirsT Indian To score over 200 poinTs Tor The season. New CasTIe was The vicTim Tor The Third Time, 57-42. Balanced scoring was The keynoTe as usual wiTh Clemons and KenT Poore scoring I2 and I I poinTs, re- specTively. Chuck SmiTh 1201 adds Two poinTs To The Indians cause as he sinks a Iayin in The Kokomo game. Jack Tilley and an unicIenTiTied Lapel player land in The crowd aTTer a mad scramble for The ball in The 'Final game of The secTionaI. AT The end oT The season six Indians, Alder, Tilley, I-Iood, Poore, Chuck SmiTh, and Clem- ons, had scored over I00 poinTs. Alder led scorers wiTh 204 poinTs and in Tield goal aver- age wiTh .372. Poore had The mosT assisTs, and John Clemons Ied The Team in rebounds. Tilley, Poore Named CapTains Jack Tilley and KenT Poore, boTh seniors, were eIecTed honorary co-capTains aT The end of The season by Their TeammaTes. Tilley also was named To The Indiana all sTar squad, and Poore received The KeiTh LamberT Tree Throw Trophy. AnoTher individual honor wenT To I-Ierb I-Iood who was named a TirsT sTring guard on The NorTh CenTraI ConTerence Team. VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD-Row I-Al Jackson, manager: Don Dixon, Ken? Poore, and Jerry Phillips, manager. Row 2- John Clemons, Frank Rousey, Herb Hood, Haynes Harringion, Bob McClain, and Chuck Sn-uiih. Row 3-James Early, assislanl' coach: Jerry Banker, Don Granger, J. D. Alder, Jack Tilley. and Keilh Lamberl, head coach. Indians Win I6, Lose 9 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson BIG Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 76 46 47 46 47 62 57 48 Greenfield 37 New Casile 45 Mishawaka 50 Jeff Lafayeife 68 Marion 62 For? Wayne C. 54 New Albany 65 Muncie Ceniral 6l Fouk TOURNEY 5I, New Cas+le 45 Tourney Final 54 Logansporf 6I 66 Richmond 47 58 Shelbyville 55 43, Indianapolis Tech 49 62 Muncie Ceniral 60 56 Lawrenceburg 40 52 Franlrforf 50 58, Kokomo 45 47 Marion 57 Sl Logansporf 45 57, New Casfle 42 SECTIONAL 62, Pendleion 41 48, Markleville 40 86, Lapel 42 REGIONAL 82, Brownsburg 43 BO, Crispus AHucksBI James Early, "B" 'ream coach, Waller Manifold, freshman coach, and Keifh Lamberf, head coach, fry +o discover 'Phe reasons for a baske+balI's behavior. Twelve Boys Earn Varsity Awards The rampaging Recl- slqins who brouqhl us screaming lo our feel and lell us wilh a leer in our eye. Haynes Harringlon Bob McClain J. D. Alcler Chuck Smilh John Clemons Herb Hood Don Dixon Jack Tilley Frank Rousey Kenl' Poore Vic Peck Don Granger B TEAM BASKETBALL-Row I-Don Sanders, Ronnie Brown, Roger Whilehead, Joe Campbell, David Poore, Diclc Keilhley, an-d-Ed Smilh Row 2-Paul Plummer, Don Granger, Dave Harris, Jerry Morgan, Wally Sn-iilh, and Pele Dearing. Row 3-Jerry Phillips, manager Coach James Early, and Al Jackson, manager. 'B' Team Supplants Size With Speed and Spirit Wilhoul lhe aid ol a big man lo conlrol lhe baclcboards lhe "B" leam compiled an amazing record ol I5 wins and only4 deieals. These deieals came from lhe hands of Mar- ion. Richmond, Muncie, and Tech of Indiana- polis. ln relurn engagemenls wilh Muncie and Marion lhe Papooses scored lwo coach-pleas- ing viclories, 37 lo 35, and 53 lo 32. respecl- ive y. Under lhe able guidance oi Coach Jim Ear- ly lhese boys pracliced every evening aller school, and in several cases were pushing lhe varsily players lo lhe very limil lo lceep lheir iirsl slring posilions. The experience gained by lhese boys dur- ing lhe winler will prove invaluable when lhey reach lhe varsily squad.iThe learn balance displayed all year will be an assel in lulure compelilion. THE "B" TEAM BASKETBALL RECORD . 45 A d ...,..........,............,......,......,..............,... Greenfield I8 Ahdgiizii 38 ......,.,4.,.................,,..,........,.............., New Caslle 32 Anderson 39 ..... .. .... Jeff Lafnvelle 38 Anderson 36 ,,,,,,,, ..,...,....,......,.......,.. M arson 42 Anderson 57 ,,,,..... .,.. ,,..., C e nlral Fl. WBYNB 30 Andeq-gon 45 ,,,,,,,,, .... , Park School Indianapolis 35 Anderson 49 ...,.....,......................,............,......,............. .Muncie 46 Anderson 22 ......,......,........,...,,........................,....... Richmond 29 NEW CASTLE TOURNEY Anderson 48 .............,..................,..........,.............,.. New Caslle 34 Final I Anderson 35 ..... ........,..,.,.... ,....., M u ncle 48 Anderson 43 .... .... . .. ...,... Shelbyville 20 Anderson 34 ........ .....,,.................,. T ech 36 Anderggn 37 ,,,,, ....... M uncie Cenlral 35 Anderson 43 ..... ...... L awrenceburg 20 Anderson 32 .......... Franlcforl I9 Anderson 42 .,....... Kolcorno 30 Anderggn 53 ,,,,, ,......... M arlon 32 Anderson SI ,..,. ..,.,,. l ,ogansporf 3l Anderson 42 ..... .,.,.. N ew Caslle 35 '76 Freshman Team Plays Varsity-sized Schedule Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson FROSH BASKETBALL 36 .,...,........,.................,,,, New Caslle 29 ....... ....... N ew Caslle 47 ,.... ..... N oblesville 20 ..,.. ,...... P endlelon 2l 4.,.. ............. L aflyelle 28 ...... ...... M uncie Wilson 27 .,..... ...,........... G reenfield 26 ....... ...,.. R ichmond Dennis 32 ....., ,,,,.... R ichmond Tesl' 24 ...,..,.... ,.,... R iclwmond Hobarl "B" 52 ,......,. ..,....,..... S ou'll'1por+ "A" 54 ......... ,.....,..,..,... S oulhporl 47 ...........,,...,.......,... Muncie McKinley 30 ...,.,.........,,.........,....,........ Pendlelon ANDERSON TOURNEY 39 ...................,.,..........,.., New Caslle Final Overlime 42 ................,.., Soulh Side Fl. Wayne 34 .....,. ................ M uncie McKinley 33 ......, ..... M uncie Wilson 3I ....... ....,.. N ew Caslle 28 ....... ....... N ew Caslle 48 ....., ,.... N oblesville I6 27 25 I9 29 39 2l 39 3l 39 I9 33 26 24 38 48 38 44 I9 38 29 .Ronnie Brown ll5l and Don Granger lside 'lo- wards cameral "mix if up" wi'll1 l'wo Kokomo play- ers in 'lheir "B" 'leam encounler as Don Sanders l9l looks on. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL-Row l-Ronnie Moran, Leon Rogers, Bob Pursley, Jerry Scoll, Ray Minion, Don Eslle, Don Vance, and Don Smilln. Row 2-Bill Jones, George Tlianos, Dick Maynard, Bill Harless, John Fuller, Gordlon Van Winlcle, and Bob Benefie-l.Row 3-CO6Cl1lWdli9F Manifold, Jolwn Purdy, Don Julian, Don Myers, Gene Bennell, Rex Bailey, Dave Srolrlemyer, and Lyle Crouse. 77 GOLF GROUP-Row I-Carl Wright, Herb Cappel, Juhl Baker, Kent Poore, Joe Campbell, Bruce lvladren, Harry Hedges, Arlie Huston, J.D. lvloore, and Coach Herman Hallet. Row 2-Merlin Tyler, Don Granger, Maurice Howard, Gene Wolfe, Larry Hines, Gordon Roedding, Richard Roy, Ivan Geiger, and Jim Moore. First North Central Golf Title Since l943 Comes To AHS The North Central Conference golf trophy has finally found its way into the Anderson trophy case for the first time since I943. The four-man team of Kent Poore. Joe Campbell, Don Granger, and Ivan Geiger turned in a total score card of 3lO strokes after each had completed the I8 hole circuit. Poore was low man with a 76. A weelc later the Indians traveled to Laf- ayette and came home with the Lafayette Invitational Crown and medalist honors, too. Golfers Win Top Titles Anderson IOM! ...... ........,....... K olcomo 41Ag Anderson I I 14 ,....,. ......... L afayette 316 Anderson 5 .,....... ..,.,......,....... T ech I3 Anderson I6 ....... ,.,..,... M uncie Cent. 2 Anderson 6 ,......... ................... T ech 9 Anderson 7 ........ ,......, K olcomo 8 Anderson I3 ....,...,.................................,.,. Franltfort 2 Anderson - N. C. C. Champions Anderson - Lafayette Tourney Champions Again Poore, Campbell, Granger. and Geiger scored a low total of 329, and Campbell card- ed a 75 for medal honors. The team, composed of some of the finest amateurs in Anderson, has only one senior, Kent Poore, so even bigger things should come from these underclassmen next year. They might not be through yet this year be- cause the state meet was yet to be played at publication time. lvan Geiger, Maurice Howard, and Joe Campbell lholding flag watch Don Granger attempt a long putt After Shaky Start Tennis Squad Builds Up 6 and 3 Record "We'll be lucky fo win one mafch," Coach Dane Pugh said of his inex- perienced fennis squad before fhe season sfarfed. The predicfion looked sound as fhe lndians dropped fwo of fhree early mafches. buf fheir con- ciuerors were fwo of fhe foughesfifeams in fhe sfafe, Tech and Shorfridge of lndianapolis. From fhen on Anderson won 5 of 6 mafches wifh fhree fo be played af publicafion deadline. lf fhe fellows keep improving af fheir presenf rafe, fhey should finish fhe season among fhe fop ranking feams in fhe sfafe. A look af fhe early rosfer shows why Coach Pugh was so pessimisfic. Gary Leever was fhe only refurning lefferman fo win a single Norfh Cenfral Conference mafch lasf year. The resf of fhe boys sfarfed from scrafch in gonference play. l-laving been kepf inside by fhe severe spring weafher unfil fha Shorf- ridge mafch, fhe boys were nof able fo cope wifh fhe Blue Devil's superior experience. Burris, also hampered by bad weafher, fell easy prey fo Anclerson's rac- TENNIS SQUAD-Row I-Pal' Burke. Danny Robinson, Dave Kessler, a d D y S mpso ow a Lee er a d Pal' Burke rush nel' in fennis 2-Allen Huffman, Gary Leever, Pefe Dearing, Melvin Sunderman, Dan y M F lo af Riley Park Wilde, Bob Benefiel, and Coach Dane Pugh. quefeers in fhe second encounfer of fhe season, buf Tech blanked fhe lndians in fheir nexf mafch. Then Richmond, Frankforf, Lafayeffe, Kokomo and Broad Ripple fell be- fore fhe now more experienced squad. Only Muncie Cenfral defeafed Anderson during fhis sfrefch fo make fhe season record 6 won and 3 losf. Leever, Allen l-luffman, Bob Benefiel, Pefe Dearing, and Denny Simp- son saw mosf of fhe acfion fhis season. 79 UnclaunTed by The TacT ThaT They have TasT- ' Plagued by accidenTs. sickness, and shin TRACK SQUAD-Row I-Dave Poore, Dick Miller, Charles STouT, Don Wolfe, Jack Raper, Bob Day, MilTon Mills, Don Cook, Fransis Couch, and Jim Cox. Row 2--Carl Bonge, head coach: Jerry Morgan, Dick Moore, Haynes l-larringTon, Dick CanTerbury, Don Dixon, Dick Jones, Tom Delph, Jim Snowden, Bill Rogers, and Roger WhiTehead. Row 3-Ray Fleenor, assT. coach: Jay York, Ronald ETheringTon, Gene Riley, Gene Fox, Vic Peck, Don HunT, Paul Plummer, Al Harris, Verne PeTry, and Jerry Phillips and GBUS RGFUS. STudenT managers, Row 4-Bill MaThews, Melvin Beauchamp, Tom Williams, Dick Beard, Jack Rager, All:wrT l-lamilTon, and Jim Srorrlemyer. TRACK AND FIELD ACTION-Jim Snowclen, lcenierl keeps pace wiTh Two of The Top rhurdlers in The sTaTe, Ken Toys and Bill Rouse, boTh 'From Kokomo. Roger Nlhiiellcacl Tries Througl1Thc air in 'one oflhis 20 feei' plus broad iumps. Track Team Reaches Peak As I7 Qualify For Regional od oleTeaT in a dual meeT Tor The TirsT Time in l2 years, and Tor The TirsT Time in ll years in The lNlorTh CenTral Comcerence meeT, The Track Team bore down To more and harder laps To qualiTy I7 men Tor The lndianapolis regional. This is an ouTsTandinq example oT whaT de- TerminaTion and hard work can do Tor a Team as These boys early in The year won only The mile relay in The l-lowe indoor inviTaTional meeT, and losT Their TirsT ouTside meeT, 62-47, To Muncie CenTral. splinTs all season, The varsiTy Thinlies were ex- Tremely TorTunaTe in winning a single meeT as There was noT one in which all Team members were able To parTicipaTe. This year's Team composed oT only Tour seniors, Don Dixon, Dick Jones, Jim Snowden, and Dale Fraley. should acT as a sTepping sTone To regain The N. C. C. crown and sTaTe crown in TuTure years as l l OT The I8 leTTer- men are juniors and Three are sophomores. 80 Individuals Stand Out On Balanced and Spirited Track Squad While Anderson depended upon leam spi- ril and balance lo win lhis season, several in- dividuals slood oul lor lhe lrack leam. Roger Whilehead's len poinls in lhe pole vaull and broad lump always came in handy when lhe Indians lell behind in lhe running evenls in a meel. Whilehead vaulled' I I leel IOIV2 inches and broad iumped 20 leel IOV1 lor his season's lop marks. In lhe regional he lied lor lirsl wilh leammale Alberl I-Iarris in lhe pole vaull and look lourlh place in lhe broad lump. I-Iarris, in vaulling I I leel4 inch- es. wenl almosl a lool higher lhan his pre- vious besl during lhe regular season. The Iillle aulomal. Don Dixon, was a good scorer in anylhing Coach Carl Bonge asked him lo compele in. I-Ie usually ran a 440 or 880 and a relay. Dixon was lhe lellow who seemed lo be running lrom lhe hips down, using only a lighling hearl above lhe waisl lor impelus. Long, lean I-Iaynes I-Iarringlon was a con- A TRACK DAY AT DENIXIY FIELD-Vic Peck lalks over ur in or sislanl winner in lne quarler mile in dual meels. I-Iis besl lime was 52.5 seconds a- gainsl Tech. Anolher man who came up lasl aller re- covering lrom a chipped ankle received in baskelball, was Vic Peck. I-Ie placed lourlh againsl lough regional compelilion in lhe high hurdles. Olhers who won lor lhe Indians were Jerry Morgan in lhe dashes and Jim Snowden in lhe hurdles. Snowden won lhe high hurdles in lhe seclional. The success ol lhe Anderson relay leams showed lhal leam balance and spiril were oulslanding lhis season. The mile relayers, Ronald Elheringlon, Jerry Morgan, Don Dix- on, and Haynes I-Iarringlon, hil a lop mark ol 3129.7 lo win lhe regional relay. The hall mile relay also qualilied' lor lhe slale meel bv running a I:3 I .2 race in lhe regional. Bolh ol lhese limes were lhe besl recorded by lhe Indians belore lhe slale meel. I1 dl gl m wilh Jim Snowden and Dale Fraley in lhe lop Iell scene. Paul Plumm D H l, and Bob Vickers adxusl shoes belore lakxng a warm up. Pole vaullers 1 Alberl I-Iarris and Verne Pelry Iislen lo advice from Roger W , . e r Mor an, wor on secon sav h cleared II leel IOA inches during lhe season. In lhe bollim Iell piclure lrackmen, Ronald E+hering+on, Gene Fox, and Haynes I-I gl h d warmup suils lor a lasl lurn around lhe lrack Relay leam members, Don Dixon, Dick Jones and J ry g k d g l h q p glh bl Ilhll l BIIR Mll MII dD C es in assin e aon. n e as pic ure I ogers, I on I s, an on ook gel "sal" lor a slpinl. Anderson Track Teams Win Nine Meets, Varsity Second in Sectional and Regional VARSITY n 1 Anderson 7l ...,., ........, ...,....... . . . ,...., Tech of Indianapolis 46 Anderson 47 ,..... ............,.,.., , . ,...... Muncie C'enTral 62 Am-jg,--gn bl ,,,,, ...,.................. . Marion 48 Anderson 4514 ........ ...............,.......,.,,......... ..,......... K o lcomo 6316 Anderson 63W .........,.. ....,................ . . ,..... , .......... ....... Richmond 4516 MU NC! E RELAYS Anderson Third wiTh 2816 poinis KOKOMO RELAYS Anderson TourTh wiTl1 WW poinTs NORTH CENTRAL CONFERENCE MEET Anderson sixTh wiTh 2l16 poinTs SECTIONAL Anderson second wiTh 57M poinTs REGIONAL Anderson second wiTl1 25 2f3 poinTs "B" TEAM Anderson 5616 ,...................,..,....,,......,.................. .......... M uncie CenTral 5216 Anderson 60 ...... .......,.......... ...... T a ch of Indianapolis 39 Anderson 54 ............. ...4..........,.,,...,..,...,.......,,,. ,..4.,.,,.........,....,. , , . Marion 55 Anderson 68 213 ....... ....4,...............,,.,........,.............4.,.................. K olcomo 40 ll3 FRESHMAN TEAM Anderson 52 .,,...,.,...,...,...,,...,..........,.....,.,...,...,........,......,... McKinley 39 Blair 26 Anderson 3716 .,,,...............4.......,..........,..............,.........,...... ...v,..,. R ifzhmond 53W FORT WAYNE FIVE SCHOOL MEET Anderson Tir:T wiTh 455 poinls Anderson 68 ..,....,........,...............,..,....,,,,....................,,..,.....,....... ......, M cKinley 37 LAFAYETTE INVITATIONAL MEET Anderson second wiTl1 3416 poinTs Jerry Morgan and a Kokomo man hiT The Tape in a phoTo Tinish in a IOO yard dash as Dale Fraley Takes Third place. Haynes HarringTon wins his quarTer mi'e specially wiTh ease as The iudges loolc down The Track Tor The second place winner. FRESHMAN TRACK-Row I-Fransis Couch, Bob Pursley, Max Hayden, Charles Baker, Jim Davis, Jack Rager, Bolo PriTchard Jim Leve.'eTTe, Bob Willis, Ed Edmondson, and .ay MinTon. Row 2--Joe TipTon, Leon Rogers, Tom Davis, David WellingTon Charles Henry, Fred ScoTT, Don Pugh, Gerald Shaw, Larry Kilgore, Danny Colole, Tom Jhodes, Fred Reagin, and David Blades Row 3fJaclc Huffman, Jim Ehle, Dave SToTTlernyer, Tom MarTin, Max Farlow, Phil Levi, David Kirnon, Ken HunT, Franlc Davis Lyle Crouse, Bill Jackson, Paul Cole, Larry Kelley, Dale LechliTner, Bill TlTTle, Gene HunTzinger, Jess ETchison, Charles Pryor, and Coach James Early. Row 4-David STephens, Bill Snedelrer, Bill Jones, Don Vance, Bill Gray, Mark Ereharl, Don Julian. Dale Closser, Dicl: FousT, Oscar Perry, Richard Bays, and Terry l'lasTy. 82 Hoosier Basketball Madness lnvades Girls Athletic Group Anderson High School's particular brand ot Hoosier basketball madness was carried on successtully by the Girls Athletic Association this season as they won three and lost one if- inter-school competition. The team split with Elwood and deteated Alexandria and New Castle. Unlike the boys, however. these girls do not stick strictly to the maior seasonal games. Vol lyball, socker, and table tennis till in the gaps between basketball, sottball, and track sea- sons. To complete their athletic program the girls take hikes. learn sports rules. and engage in tumbling and gymnastics. At the completion ot a very successtul sea- son in which sportsmanship, clean play, and tundamentals were stressed, the girls, 45 strong, held a banquet at which the "indian Carolyn Venters is tagged out sliding by Barbara Davis in an indoor baseball game as G. A. A. members, Norma Jean Moore, A'ice Masters, Janet Cobb, and Betty Bailey watch the play. Head" monograms, chevrons, and monogram "A's" were presented to the outstanding G. A. A.-Clocltwise around G.-Barbara Davis, Janet Cobb, Venters, Roberta Lamar, Joyce Clyde, Phyllis Benetiel, Billie Dietrich.Clockwise around A-Louise Tyler, Adele Williams, Sue oth C C l D t ' y ooper, aro yn, Carolyn Pollard, Doris Tway, Diggs. Clockwise around A-Roberta Willis, Barbara Scott. liams, Shirley Venters, Henrietta Bailey, Nancy Behling, Norma Sharron Diggs. ...............L girl athletes. Rose Ellis, Sue Evans, Betty Wade, Phyllis Dodd, Carolyn Mae Adams, Rita Anderson, Jean Barnes, and Mrs, Barbara Roland, Evelyn Hodgson, Betty Murdock, Sharon Duncan, Dor- Leah Moser, Violet Dugger, Lou Meyer, Betty Bailey, and Joan Freda Hughes, Phyllis Bushong, Alice Masters, Marita Wil- Jean Moore. Gloria Barker, Susan Shear, Pat Stottlemyer, and 83 G. A. A. COUNCIL-Mrs. Barbara Dielrich, Norma Jean Moore, Beily Bailey, Alice Joyce Clyde-Sporls- lvlaslers, Joyce Clyde, Barbara Davis, Janel Cobb, and Carolyn Venlers manship Winner Phyllis Dodd-Honor Award Winner Phyllis Dodd and Joyce Clyde Receive Highest G. A. A. Awards Phyllis Dodd received lhe GAA. honor lilude loward sporls and loward olher girls award on 'rhe basis oi oulslanding abiliiy, al- in GAA. lilude. and parlicipalion. The slale plague, based on 350 poinls and Joyce Clyde received lhe sporlsmanship passage by a slale G.A.A. board, were given award as lhe girl who had l'he besl menlal al- lo Sue Evans, Rose Ellis, and Phyllis Beneiiel. MANAGERS-John Slokes, Gene Rains, Jerry Phillips, Haslcell Counls, and Al Jackson USHERS CLUB-Row I-Alpha Vesl, Slanley Hancock, Paul .obinson, James Hancock, Francis l'lowe, Eldon Brown, and Bob Thomas. Row 2-Richard Segner, Diclc Will, Larry l-lighbaugh Bob Hedge, James Maxwell, and Kenny Niccum. Row 3-John Garrigus, sponsorq Jack Raper Bill Parks, Lloyd Graham, Phil Reicharl, Don Pierse, Gary Aagcsen, and Ronnie l-larris. Endless Tasks Plague Managers Being an eleclrician, ianilor, lrainer, sloro- lceeper. carpenler, laun- dryman, and slalislician, are all in a day's worlc Tor lhe sludenl manager, lhe connecling link belween lhe locker room and lho playing lield. The ushers loo play an imporlanl parl in inler school sporls a s lh e y lceep lhe masses oi peo- ple who allend lhe alh- lelic evenls in order. and see lhal lhe speclalors are in lheir proper seals. lcer, Dick Keithley, Sonny I-lunt, Ronnie Brown, and Max Moore. Row 2-Don Current, Bob Chadd, Chuck Smith, Jack K John Norton, Wally Smith, Don Weber. Dave I-larris, Vernon Hollis, and Marvin Lowe. Row 3-Coach Keith Lambert L Il Vogel, Dick Stow, Bill Isaacs, Frank Rousey, Chuck Smith, l-lerb Hood, Ronald Brown, Dick Spangler, Dave Nicholson, a d A tant Coach Walter Manitold. DickSpan er a s ewoo oa ici gl I y th dt pt h n the top left picture as Sonny Hunt wants his turn. The Indian dugout is in th b ground. The top right picture shows Chuck Smith pitching to catcher Jerry Banker and Sonny Hunt at second base, see t th b h d th pl t t M l P k l'OI'T1 B SCIGED E lh E 6 8 6 emOI'lB BI' . Strong Hurling Staff, Heavy Hitters Pace I95l Baseball Team A strong armed hurling statt and heavy hitting teatured the l95l Anderson base- ball season. The only thing that held down the record to 5 won and 6 lost was erratic tielding, which cost the Indians a couple ot games. Marvin Lowe, I-lerb I-lood, and Chuck Smith all came up with sharp pitching pertor- mances. Lowe had a no-hitter tor 6 innings a- gainst New Castle only to lose it when a Texas league single dropped into short right in the seventh. Lowe struck out l I and walked only one as Anderson won easily I3-O. I-lood was tast and just wild enough to keep the l-larttord City baseballers ott balance to 85 rack up a 9-3 six hitter. l-le struck out nine and walked nine. Smith Blanks Logansport Logansport came up against another top pitching day by Smith as he blanked them 4-O on tour, hits, I3 strikeouts, and two walks. Lowe led the pitching statt in victories with three. l'le lost two. Smith won one and drop- ped two low hit ettorts to Marion 4-3 and to Richmond 3-O. Hood won one, and he and Wally Smith each lost a contest. When the pitching slacked up a bit as it did in I5-9 and I3-7 victories over Richmond and Tech, the Anderson batsmen responded lcontinued on page Sol MEMORIAL PARK SCENE OF BASEBALL ACTIVITIES-Dick Keirhley and Ronnie Brown smooih ouT pivoT play aT sTarT of a double play in Top p T Eddie Campbell lslidingl is caugh-T in a "hoT box" by Sonny HunT and Jerry Banker. Jack KiTchen snags a fly ball wiTh Dick Spangler back g pl y. ln The boTTom lefT picTure a "pepper" game is in progress wiTh Frank Rousey, Wally SmiTh, and Don Weber The parTicipanTs. M d Herb Hood pracTice covering firsf base on bunTs. ln The lasf picTure Ronnie Brown, Dave Nicholson, and Chuck SmiTh are caughT in a ' b ll s baTTing and piTching. To The challenge. Dick Spangler and Sonny HunT, boTh punch hiTTers, usually sTarTed iT oTT. and Then came around when hard-hiTTing Jack KiTchen and Dave Nicholson Teed oTT. All Tour baTTed close To .400 Tor The year. AgainsT Tech Spangler scored Tour runs, and KiTchen and Hood each garnered Three saTeTies. Kei+hley Leads HiT Parade IT was Dick KeiThley leading The hiT parade as The lndians losT 5-I To ShorTridge. He goT Two hiTs in Three Tries. Wally SmiTh piTched a Tive hiTTer in losing. Spangler goT Three Tor Three in The shuTouT oT LogansporT. and in The HarTTord CiTy game The TirsT Tour baTTers in The lineup smacked ouT Ten hiTs. HunT lined ouT Tour, while KeiTh- ley.h KiTchen, and Nicholson collecTed Two eac . The hiTTers, excepT Tor Herb Hood who blasred a single and Triple, were quieTed as LaTayeTTe beaT The lndians 8-3. Nine errors losT The game Tor Lowe. Seven errors couldn'T keep The Tribe Trom racking up Richmond I5-9. Nicholson and Spangler each goT Tour hiTs, and KeiThley and SmiTh smacked Three each. Lowe Has Near No-HiTTer Anderson baTs again exploded wiTh almosT every man geTTing one hir in Lowe's near no- hiTTer againsT New CasTle. HunT hiT Tour sTraighT Times beTore sTriking ouT his lasT Time u . pAnderson was shuT ouT 3-O by Richmond, and 5-O by FrankTorT in The nexT Two games. SmiTh allowed only Tour bingles in The Tormer. bur The lndians also collecTed only Tour wiTh lconTinued on page 27l 86 Indians Busy AT I-lot Corner Dave Nicholson hifs The dirT saTely aT Third base in The opener againsT Muncie CenTral. Marvin Lowe is on his way around Third To score Anderson's TirsT run of The season in The Muncie game. KiTchen geTTing a pair oT Them. Hood was Touched Tor eighT hiTs by The FrankTorT HoT- dogs. as HunT and SrniTh wiTh Two hiTs each 6 TeeT 3 inches oT him, sTreTched like an India rubber man all season long Tor erranT Throws. TH E VARSITY RECORD were The Qnly b5'H'er5 Wlqg Tgund The rangg, Anderson 3 . ,............,.................,...,.,..... Muncie Cenrral 8 . I Anderson 3 .... .,................. M arson 4 IS e IG Ing In genera WGS 6 l G Anderson I3 .-.-V .-.V,-,-,,4,..,,.,., T ech 7 shalcy, individuals did sTand ouT. Burly Nichol- Qnjefsofi It -A--- ----'----- L ?g0g:2':3ri 3 . n ,,,,,, ............. son used To Teel he had an oTT day when his A,,de,so,, 9 ,,A,4, ,,,,,,, H snfora ony 3 u I ' Throws wenT To The shorTsTop side ol: second Andefsof' 3 ---" r"--- L a'aYeIIe Jeff B . . . Anderson I5 ..... .,,.,,.... R lchmond 9 base. DicklKeiThley aT shorTsToio and Dick Anderson I3 .,.... ..,...r,. N ew came o Spangler in cenTer Tield gave The Indians A"de'5O" 0 '---' ""'A R 'chmond 3 , , Anderson 0 .... ...,... F rankTorT 5 sTrong proTecTion down The middle. Hood. all Anderson ? ,.,.. .,,.,. K okomo 2 FRESHMAN BASEBALL-Row I-Coach KeiTl1 LamberT, Dick Maynard, Gary Mills, Bob Fisher, Don SmiTh, George Thanas, James Ohler, and Coach Wah' ManiTold. Row 2-Bob Brown, David Couch, John Purdy, Bill Harless, Gordon Van Winlcle, Hal HunT, Rex Bailey, and Don EsTle. 87 S! EE g 3 L SM wi , Y 4 , 1 L Q , f Egg ul, Z 5 K Q- 12 Z fziiii SL f 5' M, 1 Q S 1 If , I , ,Q S I W U 5233- 13 11 ' me ' , ' , 5: kg, ', 2 1 wif - ifxzif if t -13 Lf:-QsW:iQ 5 1552511 ,.,. HEL ' ,Cx K Q is f 1 gr 6 ffm, 27+im,1 A V . Y A , ik 1 ' s,iv6f5f:E?Qfhw,1, T' , Z K X L Q Un w H, 4, ,M n 9 FRN: Q Ifr. . g ..., T' i. ' . , ,' . , T T671 luv-fs I ,,- YN Ah lil .Al fi. T i X' 1.'. Tix... F3 Hgh-Qi"lulmmm 'A V x ' ' fs Seniors Ready For Careers After Background At AHS rg ,lil ...i..,,,n..nnm.m, 1, , '- 'll-ilnuniiummms 1 f, Jr l ff 'allllmjf-f ik 4 ..f qlgxX WiTh careers in indusTry or business or college liTe ahead. seniors seT ouT Tully prepared be- cause oT The adequaTe background gained aT AHS. There are also The underclassmen who are in The midsT oT Their vasT preparaTion, and s+iII have one, Two, or Three years leTT in which To ab- sorb more knowledge. The TaculTy will conTinue preparing new sTudenTs each year, and Turning ouT men and women who will make good leaders in The world oT Tomorrow. CLASS SPONSOR Mrs. Virginia Vermillion SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Jane Hardin, secrelaryg Jaclc Spearman, president Don La Pierre, vice president Lowell I-lardacre, freasurer. Senior Class of 1951 Leaves Portraits, Honors, And Accomplishments to AHS SENIOR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-Row I-Sue Breece, Jennie Tudor, and June Minniear. Row 2-Jack Spearman, I-larolcl Anderson, Sliirley Leiler, Jane Coffin, Don La Pierre, Lowell Hardacre, and Bob Senseney. Row 3-Jane Hardin, Dick Caiilfman, Dianne Sieplnenson, Tom Delpli, and Delores Slarrefl. 90 CLASS SPONSOR I-lerberl R. Miller l95l we seniors walked AHS halls for the last time cmd--- ROW I-PHYLLIS ACHENBACH-General-Y-Teens l, 2. 3, Pres. 2: Sevenleen Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Sessions Comm. 3, 4. Chrm. 3: Cheerleader 4: GAA I, 2, Treas. 2: Sludenl Council 2, 3: Co-chrm. Prom Queen Comm. 3: Jr. Recl Cross I: H. S. Office Ass'l. 2, 3, 4: Annual Slall 4: lnler-class Aclivilies 3: Jr. Sr. Aclivilies Chrm. 4. DONALD ADAMS-Pre-Apprenfice -Monilor 4, JOHN AFFLERBACH-General-Ushers Club 2, 3. JACK ALEXANDER--General--HR Pres. 2: HR Sec.-Treas. 4: Fulure Teachers Club 3: Jr. Red Cross I: Boys' Glee Club 2. JANET ALEXANDER-Business Eclucalion. BETTY AMlCK-Bus- iness Eclucalion-Na+. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 2. 3: Pub. Rep. 3: Library Club 2: Bus. Ed. Ass'l. 3, 4: Girls' Glen Club 2, 3: Girls' Concerl Choir 2: Home Ec. Ass'+. 2. ROW 2-HAROLD ANDERSON-Pre-Apprenrice-Track 2, 91 3, 4: Cross Counlry 3, 4: Class Exec. Comm. 4: "A" Club 4. LINDA APPLEBY-General. JOAN ARMSTRONG--Home Ec- onomics-Pre-Med 3: Y-Teens I, BILL ATKINSON--General-- Track I: Baseball 2: Monilor 3, HAROLD AUSTIN-Technical -Sludenl Council 4: HR Sec. Treas. 4. DALTON BACKUS- General-Lefl for Navy. ROW 3-MARY NELL BAKER-Home Economics-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Phy. Ed. Assur. 3: HR Sec. 2, 3. WILLIAM BAKER-Pre- Apprenllce. WILLIAM BAKER-Technical-Torch Club I, 2: Na+. Honor Sociely 3, 4. BETTY BALL-Home Economics-Girls' Glee Club I, 2: Girls' Concerl Choir 3: Eng. Ass'l. 2: HR Sec. Treas. 2: HR V. Pres. li GAA I. DAVID BALL-General-- Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Ivladrigal Club 4: Class Play 4. CARROLL BANKSTON-Pre-Apprenlice. I Class of l95l ROV! I-TED BARGER-Pre-Apprenrice-Foofball Ig Base- I'uII I '7' HR V Pres 4 CNROL BARNES Home Econ mic , .A-, . . . f -- O S1 GAA I: Phy. Ed. Ass'l. 27 Pub. Rep. 27 Counseling OPI. Ass'I. 2, 3, Library Ass'I. 2, 3. CYNTHIA BARNES-CoIIege Prepar- afory-Y-Ieens I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 47 Jr Red Cross 3: Na+. Honor SociIey 3. 41 Prom EIIgibiIiIy Comm. 3: HR Pres. I: Science Ass'I. 45 HR V. Pres. 2: Monifor I, 2, 3, 4. DONALD BARNES- General-MoniIor 2: Ar+ Ass'f. 3, 4. PATRICIA BARNEY- 7 CLA A -Business Educarion-Na+. Honor SocieIy 3, 4: Eng. Ass'I'. 4, HR Pres. 25 HR V. Pres. 3. RIC?-IARD BELANGEE-G-eneraI- BasIceIbeII I7 Baseball I, 2, 31. ANNOLLA BENNETT-Home EC- onomics. MAX BENNETT-General-Model U. N. AsSemI:JIy 47 X-Ray 41 HR V. Pres. 2: Infer-class Adiviiies 3, 4. SARAH BENZENBOWER-Business Educafion. ROW 3-TOM BEVELHIMERM6eneraI. CAROL BLADES- 3 General. BARBARA BARREIT4I3usiness Educafion-Y-Teens I, PUSIVIGSS EdUC5IIO'I-Siudem COUHCII I- ANEDA BLADE'-P'-IS' I 3:S1udVnICQUnQiI4l iness Educafion. GENEVA BODKIN-College Preparafory- Pub. Rep. I. 2: Nurse's Ass'I, 4. MORONA BOHANNAN- ROW 2-BEULA!-I BATEMAN-General-GIee CIub 2: Jr. Home Economics. DORTHEA BOLEN-Business EcIucaIion. Red Cross 27 HR Sec. Trees. 37 Y-Teens 3. JOAN BELANGEE- N I I I I f f I We could look back on a year flIIed with many new thmgsq I J ,I 95I ROV! I'-LUCILLE BONNER-Bu'iness Eclucalion. JESSIE BRADI EY---General-Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3: Bancl I, 2. CARL BRANDON-General-lvionilor 2, 4. JOE BRAN- DON'-Buiness Educalion-Pre-Med 3. SUE BREECE-General ---Sludenl Council I, 2: I-Iislory Club 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Execuive Comm 3, 4: I-IR Pub, Rep. 3, 4: Prom Band Comm. Clirm 3: ln"'er-Class Aclivilies 3: Sevenleen Club 4: Drive-in Parly Comm. 4: Monilor 2. BETTY BREVJER-General. DOW' 2--JULIA BRlDGESfBusiness Educalion. NORMA BRIDGES-Allucines: Fducarion-Y-Teens I, 2, 4: GAA I, 2. JEAN ANN BRITTON-Business Eclucalion-Bus. Ed. Ass'l. 3: lf1a+lw, Ass'l. 4: Girls' Glee Club 2. HARVEY BROWN-Teclv nical-I-IR Pres I: Monilor 3: Camera Club 2. WILLIAM BROWN-General. WYRNETH BRUMMETT-Vocalional Ag- riculluro. ROV! 3-GENE BRUNDAGE-General. LOUISE BRUNER- General. CHRISTINE BRUNK-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Sevenleen Club 3, 4: HR Sec. 3: I-IR V. Pres. 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Library Ass"r. 2, 3. PATRICK BURKE-College Pre- paralory-"A" Club 3, 4: Torch Club 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Claes Exec. Comm. I: Sludenl Council I: Class Pres. I: Drive- In Parry Comm. 4: Tennis 3, 4: Baseball I: Monilor 2, 3: I-IR Pres. I: l-IR V. Pres. 2: I-IR Sec. 3: Boys' Glee Club I, 2. BILL BURNVIORTH-General-Torch Club I, 2: l'li-Y 3, 4: Jr. Con- servafion Club 3, 4: Moniror 3, 4: Hislory Club 2: Camera Club 2: Boys' Glee Club I. BARBARA BURTON-Business Ed- ucation-Nal. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Monilor 4: Dean's Ass'+, 4: Library Ass'l. 2, 3, 4: Pepooses 4: Y-Teens I. incipal, vice-principal, candy stand, and pepooses. Everyone clapped and yelled for longer pep sessions, but th ROW I-ELAINE BUTLER-College Preparelory-Cvhoral Club 3, 4: Science Club 3: Girls' Concerf Choir 2: Orchesira 4: Girls' Glee Club 2: GAA I: "Swee+hearls" Operella 3: Bible Club 2, 3. LILA BYRNE+General-Exec. Comm. 3: Moni- Ior 4: Prom Chaperones and Inviieiion Comm. Chrm. 3: HR Sec. Trees. l. RITA SUE BYRUM-General-Hisiory Club 2: Y-Teens2: Sluclenl Council 3: Dramalics Club 3, 4, Pres. 4: Ncl. Thespian Socieiy 3, 4: Nei, Honor Sociely 3, 4: Lib- rary Ass'+. 2, 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Class Play 4: Girls' Glee Club 3: Girls' Conceri Choir 3: Choral Club 4: Ivionilor 4: Class Gill Comm. 4. PANSY CAMP-Business Eclucalion- HR Sec. Treas. 2: Girls' Glee Club 2: Radio Prob. Club 3: Ivloni- Ior 3. EDDIE CAMPBELL-College Prepareiory- "A" Club I, 2, 3, 4: Model U. N. Assembly 4: Na+. Honor Socieiy 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4': HR Pres. 3, 4: Wresiling I, 2: Cross Counlry I, 2: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Co-chrm. Inler-Class Aclivilies 4: Moniior 2. 3: Physics Ass'l. 4: Hoosier Boy's Sleire 3: Honor Siucly Hall Monilor 4. VIOLA CANNELL-Gen' era. ROW 2-RICHARD CANTERBURY-College Preperalory- "A" Club 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3. 4: Cross Counlry I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Ivloniior 2, 4. Locker Oli. Ass'l'. 4: Physics Ass'l. 4: Co-Chmr. Sr.-Eacully Luncheon 4: Hoosier Boy's Slale 3: HR V. Pres. 4: HR Sec. Trees. 3: Model U. N. Assembly 4. JOYCE CARLISLE-Business Eclucalion- GAA l. CHARLES CARLSON-Pre-Appreniice-HR Pres. 3, 4: Na+. Honor S'ociel'y 3, 4: HR Sec. Trees. 2. DONALD CARPENTER --GeneraI- "A" Club 3, 4: Honor Socieiy 3, 4: Baslcelrball I: Track 2, 3: Eoolball I, 2, 3, 4. MAUREEN CARROLL-Gem eral-Clas Treas. I, 3: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Pres. 3: Sevenleen Club 3, 4: Prom Queen Allendanl 3: Ivliniwanca Council 3, 4. Sec. Treas. 3, Pres. 4: Jr. Red Cross I: Exec. Comm. I, 2, 3: lnler- Cless Aclivilies Comm. Chrm. 3, 4: HR Pres. 3: Girls' Concerl' Choir 2: Choral Club 4: Prom Place Comm. 3: Convo Comm. 4: Ivloniror 4: Sr.-Faculiy Dance Comm. 4. GEORGE CARTER- General-Foolball I: Wresiling I: Ivloniior 3, : Prom Dec. Comm. 3. ROW 3-DICK CAUFFMAN--Pre-Appreniice-Class Exec. Comm. 4: Ivloniior 3, 4: BILL CHADD-College Preparalory- Band I, 2, 3, 4': Orchesira 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I. BOB CHAMBERS-College Preparalory. JULIA CHASE- Home Economics-Pub. Rep. 2. JOYCE ANN CLYDE-Gem eral-GAA 3. 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: Pepooses 4: Wriler's Club 3: Inler-Class Aclivilies Chrm. 4. JANET COBB-Business Eclucel- ion-GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Bus. Ed. Ass"r. 4: Gym Ass'I. 2, 3 4: Prom Inviiaiions Comm. 3. CLA 94 I I I I I I 6 I I I I ver lasted long enough to postpone that first period test. ROW I-BENNY COCHRAN-General. JANE COFFIN- College Preparatory-Convo. Comm. 4: Class Exec. Comm. 3, 4: Seventeen Club I, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: HR V. Pres. I, 2: Monitor I, 2, 3: Eng. Asst. 2: Dean's Ott. Asst. 3' Honor Study Hall Monitor 4: Prom Dec. Comm. Chrm. 3: Inter-Class Activities Co-Chrm. Class Day 4: Indiana Jr. Ass- embly 4. JACK COLVIN-Pre-Apprentice-Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3, 4: Monitor 3, 4: Student Guid. Comm. 3, 4. CAROLINE CON- RADfCoIIege Preparatory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Nat. Honor Society 3, 4: History Club I: Future Teachers Club 3: Monitor 2. 4: Library Asst. 3 4: Student Council 4: X-Ray 3: Annual Statt 4: N.S.P.A. Chicago 3, 4: Honor Study Hall Comm. 4: Little Chiet 3: Inter-Class Activities 3, 4. WALTER COPE- LAND-College Preparatory-HR Sec.-Treas. 3: Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Bible Club 3: Future Teachers Club 4. RONALD COX--Pre-Apprentice-EootbaII I: Basketball I: Class Exec. Comm. 2: Monitor 2: Inter-Class Activities 3, 4: Hi-Y 3. ROW 2-AVIS CRAIB-College Preparatory-Y-Teens 3, 4: Nat. Honor Society 3, 4: Monitor 2: Library Asst. 2, 3: Library Club 3. MARTHA CRAIG-Business Education-Y-Teens I, 2, 3. 4: HR Sec.-Treas. I, 2: Convo Comm. 2, 3: Seventeen Club 3- 4?Nat. Honor Society 3, 4: Prom Band Comm. 3: Miniwanca 95I 95 Council 3, 4: V. Pres. 4: Senior Gitt Comm. 4: Bus. Ed. Asst. 4: Candy Stand 3. ROBERT CREEK-General. JOANNA CROUCH-General-HR Pres. 3: Nat, Honor Society 3, 4: Library Club 3: Ott. Asst. 2, 3: Prom Retresh, Comm. 3. DON CURRENT-College Preparatory-Football I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4, Sec. 4: Torch Club I, 2, Sec. 2: "A" Club 3, 4: Nat. Honor Society 4: Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Student Council 2: X-Ray 3: Sports Ed. Annual 4: Class Picnic Comm. 4: Loclcer Ott. Asst. 3, 4: Pepooses 4': National Athletic Schol- arship Society 4: N.S.P.A. Chicago 4: Hoosier Boy's State 3: Visitors Day Guide 2. JACK CUNEO-Pre-Apprentice-Pooh ball I, 2, 3: Wrestling 3: Hi-Y 3. ROW 3-WAYNE DAILEY-General-Student Manager I, 2, BARBARA DAVIS-College Preparatory-GAA I ,2, 3, 4. Treas. 4: Student Council 2: HR V. Pres. 3: Gym Asst. I, 2, 3, 4: Gym Ott. Asst. 4: Prom Invitations Comm. 3: Y-Teens 3: Inter-Class Activities 3, 4. CLARENCE DAVIS-Pre-Apprem tice- HR V. Pres. 3, 4. PAT DAVIS-General-Lapel-Sum shine Club I, 23 Pre-Med 3: Monitor 4. RONALD DAWSON -General-"A" Club 3.4: Choral Club 3, 4. MARILYN De CAMP-General-Jr. Red Cross I: HR Sec.-Treas. 2: History Club 3: Library Club 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: HR V Pres. 4: Nurse's Ott. Asst. 4: Pepooses 4: Orchestra 3. ROW I-ROSALYN DELAWTER-General-Na+. Honor Sociery 4: Y-Teens 4: Girls' Glee Club 4: Eng. Ass+. 4. THOM- AS DELPH-College Preparalory-"A" Club 4: Sfudenr Coun- cil 4: Exec. Council 4: Class Exec. Comm. 4: Cross Couniry 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4: X-Ray Slaff 3, 4: Sporls Ed. 4: Ed.-in-Chief 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Parliamenlarian 4: N.S.P.A. Chicago 4: Monifor 3: Indiana Journalism lnsliruie 3: Lille Chief 3, 4: Inler-Class Ac+ivi+ies Comm. DORALENE DESHONG-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 2, 3: Monilor 3. JAMES DEW-Gen- eral-Jr. Conservaiion Club 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 4. CHAR- LES DILLMAN-College Prepararory-Class Exec. Comm. 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Prom Ticker Comm. 3: Baseball I, 2: Boys' Glee Club 4: Inler-Class Ac'I'ivi'ries 3, 4: Moniior 3: Class Gif? Comm. 4. JEANNE DILTS-College Preparalory-Na+. Honor S'ocieIy 3, 4: Y-Teens 3: Class Exec. Comm. 3: Nurse Assl. 2, 3, 4: Monifor 2: Co-Chrm. Prom Dec. Comm. 3. ROW 2-DONALD DIXON-Technical-Torch Club I, 2, Pres. 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: "A" Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Junior Rolarian 4: Track I, 2, 3. 4: Cross Counrry I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I, 2, 4: Pub. Rep. I, 2: Sludenl Council I: Prom Band Comm. 3: Honor Srudy Hall Monilor 3, 4: Na+. Honor Sociely 3. 4, Pres. 4. PHYLLIS DODD-College Prepararory-GAA I, 2, 3, 4: Y- Teens I. 2: Moniror I, 4: Pepooses 4: Jr. Red Cross I, 2: HR Treas. I, 2: Gym Assr. 4: Ari Assr. 4. DOROTHY DOWNES- General-Y-Teens I, 2. 3: Girls' Concerl' Choir 4: Girls' Glee Club 3: Furure Teachers Club 3. FLOYD DRAKE-General. JOHN DURRER-Colege Prepararory-Locker Off. Assr. 3, 4: CLA Sr.-Faculiy Luncheon Comm. 4: Monilor 2: Torch Club I: Boys' Glee Club 2: Pub. Rep. I. MARY EBERSOLE-College Pre- pararory-Nal. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Fulure Teachers Club 3, 4: Bible Club I, 2, 3: If-ean's Assl. 4: Choral Club 4: Honor Slucly Hall Monilor 4: Monilor 2: Girls 'Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 3: Eng. Assl. 3. ROW 3-JORETTA EDGECOMB-Business EducaIion-Y- Teens 2: Hislory Club 2: Na+. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Monilor 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2: Head Moniror 4: Bus. Ed, Assr. 4: Dean's Ass'I. 3: X-Ray 4. JUDITH EGLEN-College PreparaI'ory-Y- Teens I, 2, 3: Sevenleen Club 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Guidance Comm. 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal Club 3, 4: "SweeIhearIs" Opereila 3: Dean's Oli. Assr. 3, 4: Class Play 4: Girls' Con- cerl Choir 2: Sludenl Council I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, V. Pres. 4: Exec. Comm. 3, 4, Sec. 3, V. Pres. 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Break- fasl' Dance Comm. 4: Honor Sludy Hall Comm. Chrm. 4: Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Visilors Day Comm. 3: Model U.N. Assem- bly 4. JACK ELLINGWOOD-General-Boys' Glee Club I: Fooiball I, 2: Baskefball I: Inrer-Class Aclivilies 3, 4: Science Club 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3. RUTH ELLIS-Business Educa- Iion-Jr. Red Cross I, 2, Sec. 2: Head Moniror 4. ROSE EL- LIS-Home Economics-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: GAA I, 2, 3. 4: Dra- malics Club 3 4: Pub. Rep. 2, 4: Co-Chrm. Inrer-Class Acliv- ilies 4. SUE ANN EVANS-College Prepararory-GAA I, 2, 3, 4: Co-Chrm. Infer-Class Aciiviiies 4: HR V, Pres. 3: Choral Club 4: Mixed Choir 3: Girls' Glee Club 2. The folks heardicries like these---"But, MCL I CONT wwf ill I 96 95I ROW I-RICHARD FADELY-General-I-Ii-Y 3, 4. PATRI- CIA FAUX-General. JERRY FELLER-Pre-Apprenfice. JANET FELTS-Business Educalion. BETTY FELZIEN-General-Y-Teens I, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 3, 4: Glee Club 3: InI'er-class Aclivilies 3. JACK FIELDS-Business Educalion-Band I, 2, 3. 4: Orches- Ira I: Locker Oli. Assl. 3, 4. ROW 2-CLELLA FLEENOR-College Preparolory-SI'uden+ Council I, 2. 3, 4: Librarian 2: Exec. Council 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 4: Madrical 4: Girls' Concerl Choir 3: Mixed Choir 3: Bible Club I: Monilor 4: Class Trees. 3: Exec. Comm. 3: Bus. Ed. Assl. 2: lnler-Class Aclivifies 3, 4: Chrm. Class Gill' Comm. 4: Chrm. Mardi Gros 4. JO ANN FLETCHER-Business Edu- falion-Girls' Glee Club I, 4: Y-Teens 3. JACQUELINE FLOWERS-Business Educalion-Girls' Glee Club I, 2: Dean's Assi. 4: Bus. Ed. Assl. 4. JACK FORD-General--Dramafics Club 2, 3, 4: Na+. Thespian Sociely 3, 4: Radio Club 4: Track I: I-IR Sec. 2. BARBARA FORSTER-Business EducaIion-Y- Teens 4: Pepooses 4: I-lome Ec. Assl. 2: Jr. Red Cross I. IDA MARIE FOUST-College Preparalory-Girls' Glee Club 2: Girls' Concerl Choir 3: Mixed Choir 3: Choral Club 4: Bible Club I. ROW 3-KEITH FOWLER-General. DALE FRALEY-Gem eral-Track I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I: "A" Club 2, 3, 4: Wrilers Club I: Torch Club I, 2: I-IR Pres. 2: Football I, 2: Mixed Choir I. PAULA FRANCE-College Preparalory-Sludenl Council I: I-IR Sec.-Treas. 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Sevenleen Club 4: Na+. Honor S'ocie+y 3, 4, Sec. 4: I-Iislory Club I, 2, 3: Choral Club 4: X-Ray 3, 4: Allernale Commencemenl Speaker 4: Chem. Assi. 4: Monilor 2, 3: Class Gill Comm. 4: Exec. Comm. 2: Girls' Concer+ Choir 3: Mixed Choir 3: N. S. P. A. Chicago 3, 4: Lillle Chief 3. LOREN FRENDT-Vocalional Agricullure-Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 3: Wreslling I, 2. 3, 4: "A" Club I, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: FFA 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Mon- ilor 2: Torch Club 2. CAROLYN FURNISH-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: GAA I: Hislory Assl. 3. WELDON GARNER-Bum iness Eclucalion. ld rag to a second dance, and Gee, pop, the old 50's a wreck." I I I 97 At least 60 ot our number learned of the trials and pitfalls th ROW I-JOANNA GARRETT-College Preparatory-Gym Ott. Ass't. 4. BETTY ANN GEORGE--General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3 4. Cabinet I: Student Council 4: Lab. Eng. Ass't. 4. KEN- NETH GERARD-Tectinical, ROBERT GIBSONfPre-Appren- tice-X-Ray and Annual Productions Statt 3, 4: Pub. Rep. I: Jr. Red Cross 2: Monitor I: Inter-Class Activities 3. 4: Stud- ent Council 2: Exec. Comm. 2: History Club 3: Writers Club 2: HR Sec. 2. JESSIE ANN GILLAM-General-Y-Teens I,2: Counseling Ott Asst. 3, 4: HELEN GILLESPIE-Business Edu- cation-Y-Teens 3, 4: Lib. CIub 3: Girls' Glee Club 2. ROW 2-JO ANN GILPIN-College Preparatory--Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Monitor 3: Lab. Eng. Ass't. 3: Ctiem. Ass't. 4: History Club 2: Nat. Honor Society 3, 4. GENE GINLEY-GeneraI- Track 2, 3: Boys' Glee Club 2: HR V. Pres. 2. DONALD GLOYD -General-Boys' Glee Club 3: Band I: Orchestra 2, 3. JACK GOODWIN-General-Candy Stand I, 2. RICHARD GRAN- GER-General-Bastsetball I: Golt I, 2, 3, 4. JUNE GREENE- Home Economics-Y-Teens I, 2, 4: Seventeen Club 3, 4: Stud- ent Council 2, 3: Monitor I, 2, 3, 4: Convo Comm. 4: Prom Dec, Comm. 3: Jr. Red Cross I: Brealctast Dance Comm. 4: Student Boolc Exchange 3, 4: GAA I, 2: Future Teaclnars ot America 3. ROW 3-PATRICIA GROCE-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Seventeen Club 4: Cttoral Club 3, 4: Madrigal 4: Girls' Con- cert Ctioir 2: Girls' Glee Club 2: Prom Dec. Comm. 2, SUSIE GUDGEI.-General-Y-Teens 2, 3: Pub. Rep. 3, 4: GAA 2: Art Ass't. 2, 3: Gym Ass't. 4: Ctirm. Drive-in Party 4: Prom Band Comm. 3: Arclwery Club 2. DONALD GULMIRE-GeneraI- Torch Club I, 2: Co-Clnrm. Drive-in Party 4: HR Pres. 4: Con- vo. Comm. 4. WILLIAM HAINS-General-Torch Club I. HERBERT HALL-General. WILMA I-IAMLIN-Business Edu- cation. CLA 98 an befall a poor Analersonlan in Chicago or Washington. ROW I-BOBBY JO HANDLEY-General-HR Pres. I: Class Sec. I, 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Slevenleen Club I 2 3 4' Na+. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Monilor 2: H. S. Oli. Ass'I'. 2, 3, 4: Queen Diamond Jubilee I: NCC Traclc Meer Queen 3: Prom Queen Allendenl 3: Co-Chrm. Sr-Facully Dance 4: Co-Chrm. Prom Queen Comm. 3. HOBART HANEY-General-Boys' Glee Club 2: Candy Sfand 3: Monilor 3: Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Cheerleader 4: Class Gill Comm. 4. OLLIE HANEY-Gem eral-Y-Teens 3: Counseling OIT. Ass"I'. 3. LOWELL HARD- ACRE-College Preparalory-Torch Club I, 2: Boys' Glee Club 2: Choral Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Madrigal 4: "SweeI'hearI's" Op- erelfa 3: Chrm. Convo Comm. 4: Dramalics Club 3, 4: HR Pres. 3: S'r. Facully Dance Comm. 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Exec. Comm. 4: Model U. N. Assembly 4: Jr. Rolarian 4: Incl. Jr. Assembly 4. JANE HARDIN C II - o ege Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Sevenleen Club 4: Class Sec. 4: Choral Club 4: Exec. Comm. 4: Monilor 2: Music Ass'l'. 3: Girls' Glee Club 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Class Picnic Comm. 4: Fulure Teachers 95l 99 Club 3: GAA I: Pub. Rep. 3: lnler-class Aclivilies 3, 4. DON- NA HARLESS-Home Economics-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Enq.Ass'I. l. ROW 2-SUE HARMON-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Trees. 2: Monilor 4: Class Gill Comm. 4: Sevenleen Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4: English Ass'l. 4. DONALD HARRIS-Vocalional Ag- ricullure-Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: "A" Club 4: FEA I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 3. RUTHANN HARSHMAN-Gem eral. NANCY HARTMAN-General-Y-Teens I, 2: Camera Club I: Counseling Oli. Ass'I'. 3, 4: Bible Club I. REUBEN HATFIELD-General, WILLIAM HEATH-General. ROW 3-ROBERT HEIDEN-Pre-Apprenlice. NANCY HEL- LEMS-General. DON HENDERSON-General-Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal 4: Radio Club 4: Breakfasl Comm. 4: Monilor 3: HR Sec. Treas. I: HR V. Pres. 2: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3. MAR- JORIE HEDGER-General-Y-Teens I: Hislory Club 2. JACK HENSLEY-General. DAVID HIATT-General-Baslcelball I. ROW I-JERRY HIATT-Pre-Apprenlice. PATRICIA HICK- MAN-I-Iome Economics-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Sevenleen Club 3, 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Breaklayr Dance Comm. 4: Ivlonilor 2: GAA I. 2: Gym Assl. 2: Home EQ. Assl. I. DONNA HICKS- General. JEANNINE HIGHBAUGH-General-Na+. Honor Sociefy 3, 4, Treas. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Fulure Teachers' Club 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Biology Assl. 3: Coun- seling Office Assi. 2. LARRY HIGHBAUGH-College Prep- aralory-I-Iislory Club I, 2: Ushers' Club I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4: Fulure Teachers' Club 4: Choral Club 4: HR Sec.-Treas. 4: Class Flay 4: Boys' Glee Club 2: Mixed Choir 3: Na+. Thespian Sociely 3, 4. JOHN HILBOLT-General-Choral Club 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club I, 2. ROW 2-MARIE HILES-General-Hisiory Club I, 2, 3: Y-Teens 2, 3: Candy Sland 2, 3, 4: Girls' Concerl Choir 3, 4. DONALD HILL-General-Torch Club I: I-Ii-Y 3: Foolball I, 2, 3: HR Sec.-Treas. I, V. Pres. 2: "A" Club 3, 4: Class Play 4: CLA Inler-class Aclivilies 3, 4: Class Play Chrm. 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3. LARRY HINES-College Preparalory-Golf I, 2, 3, 4: Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2: Madriqal 4: Camera Club 4: I-lislory Club I: Visual Aids Assl. 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA I'IISLEgBusiness Eclucalion. BEATRICE HOFER-Business Educalion-I-IR Secflreas. 3: Jr. Red Cross 2: Y-Teens 3: Girls' Glee Club 2: Girls' Concerl Choir 2. BETTY HOLDING-Business Educalion-Y-Teens 2: HR V. Pres. 2: Bus. Ed. Assl. 4: Gym Ofiice Assi. 4. ..,...... .......,.... ...... . ROW 3-MARILYN HOLT-I-Iome Economics-GAA I. 2: I-IR Pres. I, 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2: Girls' Glee Club 3. OTIS HOOK -Vocalional Agricullure-FFA 3, 4: Candy Sland 2. EDITH HOOVER-General. JUDY HOPKINS-General-Y-Teens I, Treas. I: Pre-Med 3: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Science Club 3: Jr. Red Cross I: GAA I. ROSALIE HOPPES-General-Girls' Glee Club 2: Mixed Choir 3: English Assl. 3: Dean's Assf. 4. GEORGE HORNBECK-Pre-Apprenlice. One thing we couIdn't find outin all our fextbooles, wast 100 95I ROW I-HELEN HOWE-I-Iorne Economics-Jr, Red Cross 3, 4. HARRY HUDSONePre-Apprerilice-Jr. Red Cross I, 47 HR Pres. I. ROZELLA I'IUFFMANfGer1eraI-Glee Club I. 27 Y-Teens li Mixed Clwoir I, 27 Jr, Red Cross I, 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. 3. CAROLYN HUGHES-General-Ramblers I, 2, 3, 47 Jr. Red Cross I. JANET HUGHES-General-Monilor 47 Girls' Concerl Clwolr 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club 3, 4. DEWAYNE HULL -College Preparalory-Torcli Club I, 27 I-Ii-Y 3, 4'7 Ind. Jr. Assembly: Na+. Honor Scciery 3, 4: Track 2, 3. ROW 2-NORMAN HULL - Vocaiional Agricullure - FFA 3, 4. JACK HUNTZINGER-Pre-Apprerilice-Cross Counlry 2, 37 Track I, 27 "A" Club 3, 47 Pub. Rep. I7 I-IR V.-Pres 37 Class Gill Comm. 47 Boys' Glee Club 3. GERALD HUTTON- Cnlleve Prepaiaiory. VERA IMELgGeneral. JACKIE JACK- EY-Gerieral-Y-Teens I, 2, 47 Glee Club I, 27 Girls' Concerl Cl1oir37 Pre-Med. 37 GAA I. BARBARA JACKSON-Colleqe Preparatory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 47 Exec. Comm. 27 Mon- ilor 2, 3, 47 I-lead Monilor 37 Dear1's Office Assl. 37 lnler-Class Aclivilies 37 Girls' Glee Club 27 Hoosier Girls' Slale 37 Lib- rary Assl. 4: Class Play 47 English Assl. 47 Class Picnic Comm. Ili Pub. Rep. I. ROW 3-ELAINE JACKSON-General-Bible Club 2, 37 Nurse's Assl. 47 Girls' Glee Club 2. ROBERT JACKSON-COL lege Preparafory- I-Iislory Club 27 Monilor 3. ROBERT JEN- NESS-General-Mixed Clwoir 3. MARY JESSUP-Business Educalion. SUZANNE JOHNSON-General-Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, 47 Sevenleen Club 47 Fulure Teacliers Club 3. 47 X-Ray 47 Mixed Choir 37 Girls' Glee Club 27 Choral Club 47 Eng. Ass"r 47 Irrler-class Aclivilies 3, 47 Pub. Rep. I7 Miniwanca Council 3, 47 Sec.-Treas. 47 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. JACQUELINE JONES- General- Y-Teens 3. 'mslation for the new yell, Bo-Bo-Sha-Wat-In-Dot. 101 Oh, if the basketball season could have ended with that Lape ROW I-JAMES JONES-Vocalional Agricullure-FFA I, 2, 3, 4. Pres. 3, Sec. 4: HR V. Pres. 2: FFA Baslcelball 2, 3, 4. MAX JONES--Pre-Apprenlice. PATRICIA JONES-College Preparalory-Fulure Teachers Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Y- Teens I, 3: Hislory Club 3: Monilor 2: H. S, Off. Ass'l. 3, 4: Sr.-Faculfy Luncheon Comm. 4. RICHARD JONES-College Preparalory-Track I, 2. 3, 4: Na+. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Torch C-lub I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4, Pres. 4: "A" Club 3, 4: I-IR V. Pres. 3: Monilor 2, 3, 4: Locker Off. Ass'+. 2, 3, 4: Downlown Theafre Parry Cornrn. 4: Na+. Alhlelic Scholarship Sociely 3, 4. MARY LEE KARDATZKE-General-Girls' Glee Club 2: Mixed Choir 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Sludenl Council 2, 3: Nal. Honor Sociely 3: Monilor I: Fulure Teachers Club 3. JOHN ROBERT KARL- Pre-Apprenlice. ROW 2-BILL KEFFER-General-Jr. Conservalion Club 2, 3' Monilor 3. BOB KELLER-Pre-Apprenlice. DONNA KELLY -General-Pre Med 3: Choral Club 4. MERLE KELLY-Pre- Apprenlice. JOYCE KENDALL-Business Educalion-Y-Teens 3: Fulure Teachers Club 4': Monilor 4: Eng. Ass'I. 4: Biology Ass'l. 3. NORMAN KENDALL-Pre'Apprenfice-I-Ii-Y 4: Inler- Class Acfivilies 3, 4: Golf I, 2: X-Ray and Annual Publicalions Slalf 3, 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 2: Foolball I, 2: HR Treas. I: lvlonilor 3: Baseball I: Hislory Club 2: Exec. Comm. 3. ROW 3-DELORES KENNEDY-General-Girls' Concerl Choir 4. DAVID KERSHNER-General. BEVERLY KING-Gem eral-Monilor 4: Biology Assl. 4: Girls' Glee Club 3. PAT KIR- CHENBAUER-Business Educalion-Y-Teens 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Monilor 2: Library Club 3: Biology Ass'I, 4. JAMES KLINE-Technical-Dramalics Club 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Class Play 4. GLENN KREIGH-General--Band 3, 4. CLAS 102 I ctory instead ofthe Attucles heartbrealeer. ROW I-FRANCIS KRIEG-Vocalional Agricullure-FEA 4. IRENE KUKLENSKI-General-Girls' Concerl Choir 4. THER- ESE KUKLENSKI-Business Educalion-Girls Glee Club 2: Pepooses 4. ROBERTA LAMAR-GeneraI- GAA I, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2. 4': Sludenl Council 2: HR Sec.-Treas. 3. DONALD LA PIERRE-College Preparalory-Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4, Treas. 4: Class Pres. 2: Class V. Pres. 4: Class Exec. Comm. 2, 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Hoosier Boy's Slale 3: Sludenl Council I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4: Exec. Comm. Treas. 3, Pres. 4: Hislory Club 2: Library Club 3, Treas. 3: Eng. Ass'l. 2: Loclcer Office Ass'l. 3, 4: Visilor's Day Chrm. 2: Hall Monilor Comm. 2: Honor Sludy Hall Comm. 2: Slud- enl- Council Book Exchange I, 2, 3, Chrm. 3: Inrer-class Acliv- ilies 3, 4: Slale Sludenl Council Convenlion 4: Club Tom Tom Board of Direclors 3, 4: Na+. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Junior Ro- Iarian 4: Commencemenl' Speaker 4: Indiana Jr. Assembly 4. GARY LEEVER-Pre-Apprenlice-Jr. Red Cross I: "A" Club 3, 43 Tennis 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Jr. Conservarion Club 2: Inler-Class Acglivilies 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2: Baseball I: X-Ray and Annual Produclion Slall: 3, 4: HR Pres. 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2. ROW 2-JOHN LEFFEL-General-Band I, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 3: Mixed Choir 3. SHIRLEY LEFLER-Home Econ- omics-Archery Club 2: Ramblers Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Eng. Ass"r. 2: Home Ec. Ass"l. 2: Na+. Honor Sociely 3, 4: f I95I 103 Fulure Teachers ol America 4: V. Pres. 4: Y-Teens 4: Class Play 4: Exec. Comm. 4: Prom lnvilalions Comm. 3: HR V. Pres. 2: Dramalics Club 4: U. N. Model Assembly 4: Sr. Facully Dance Comm. 4. JERRY LEVI-College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2: Hislory Club 2: X-Ray 4, Bus. Manager 4: Journalism Ass'+. 4: Inrer-class Aclivilies 3, 4: GirI's Glee Club 4: NSPA Chicago 4: Visilors Day Guide 4: Sr. Facully Luncheon Comm. 4. BETTY LEWIS-General-Counseling Oli. Assl. 4: Ramblers 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4: Visilors' Day Guide 4: Commencemenl' Speak- er 4: U. N. Model Assembly 4. JAMES LEWIS-Vocalional Agricullure-Bible Club 3: FFA 3: Inler-Class Aclivilies 3:Jr. Conservalion Club 3. MAXINE LIGHTFOOT-Business Edu- calion. ROW 3-CARYL LINE-Business Educalion-Na+. Honor Sociefy 3.4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Library Club 3: Pub. Rep. I 2, 3, 4: Candy Sland 3. RUSSELL LINEBERRY-Pre - Apprenlice. JAMES LINES-General-HR Pres. I, 2: Golf I. 2, 3: Pub. Rep. 4: Camera Club 3, 4: Library Club 3. JUDITH LITZEN- BERGER-General-Y-Teens 3, 4: I-IR V. Pres. 2: Girls' Golf Club I. KENNETH LOOPER-Pre-Apprenlice. MARVIN LOWE-General-HR Pres. 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: "A" Club 3, 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Clubs Comm.4: Class Exec. Comm. 2, 3: Torch Club I, 2: Inler-Class Aclivilies 3, 4. ROW I-BOB LOWE-General. BARBARA LUSHER-Bus- iness Educaiion-Pub. Rep. 2, 3, 4: Class Day Comm. 4: Y- Teens I, 2, 3: Jr. Red Cross I: Prom Flower Comm. 3: Moniior 3: Hislory Club 2: Model U. N. Assembly 4'. DONNA MCCAR TNEY-General. ROBERT McCLAlN-Pre-Apprenfice-Baxkeh ball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Eoolball 1.2, 3: "A" Club 2, 3, 4: Inler-class Aciivilies 3, 4. KEITH McDOWELL-Techni- cal-Jr. Conservalion Club 2, 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3. RUTH McELDERRY-College Preparalory-Band I: Dramaiics Club 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal Club 4: Library Ass"r, 4: Na+. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 4: Sevenleen Club 3, 4: "SweeIhearIs" Operefla 3: Class Play 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3: HR Pres I: Model U. N. Assembly 4. ROW 2-DORIS McFADDEN-College PreparaIory-Y-Te- ons l, 2, 3, 4-: Sevenieen Club 3, 4: Head Monifor 3: Class Play Comm. 4: Furure Teachers Club 3: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Girls' Glso Club 3: Co-chrm. Breclcfasf Dance Comm. 4: His- +ory Club 3. JANET MCGILL-College Preparuiory-Girls' Glee Club 3: Monifor 4: Chem. Ass'I 4. LORA JO McGONl- Class of I9 GLE-College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: GAA I7 Fu+Ure Teachers' Club 3, 4: Pepooses 4: Head Monilor 4: Girls' Glee Club 3: lnier-class Aclivilies 3.4. EVALEE McKEE-Business Ed- uca+ion- Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Pepooses 4: Moniior 4: GAA I: Girls' Concerl Choir 2: HR V. Pres. 3. BILL MCLAIN-General -lnler-class Aclivilies 3, 4: HR Pres. I. MARY MCMILLAN- College Preparalory-I-Iislory Club I, 2, 3: Pre-Med Club 3: Moniior 2: Slude-nl' Council I, 2. 3: Exec. Comm. 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Nurses Off. Ass'l 4. ROW 3-RONALD MCNATT-GENERAL. PAT MACKEY- Business Educalion-Annual Shall: 4: Liille Chief 3: X-Ray 3: Y-Teens 3, 4: N.S.P.A. Chicago 4: Treas. Ass'+ 4: Candy Sland 3: HR Sec. 3: lnier-class Aclivilies Comm. 4: Model U. N. As- sembly 4: Pepooses 4. BETTY MANGAS-Business Educalion- GAA l, 2: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Eng. Ass'l 3, 4: Counseling Off. Ass'I 4: Class Exec. Comm. 2: Model U. N. Assembly 4. BUD MANGAS-Pre-Apprenlice. CHARLES NORMAN MARSH- General- Torch Club 2. CHARLES MARTIN-General. We set on all-time record for going nowhere in the front hall ll 184 Symptoms of Senioritis I i L A X105 From Cords to Caps and Gowns www T 106 ss of I95I ROV! I-ROBERT MARTIN-General. ARTHUR MASTERS -Technical-Monilor I. DOUGLAS MATHEWS-Pre-Apprem lice-Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: "A" Club 4: Jr. Red Cross 3, 4: Slu- clenl Council I: Nalional Alhlelic Scholarship Sociely 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2: Monilor 4: Inler-Class Aclivilies 3, 4. FRANK MAXWELL-General. DONNA MILLER-Home Economics- Sludenl Council I: Clubs Comm. 3: Science Assl. 2, 3, 4: HR V. Pres. 3: Sevenfeen Club 2, 3. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Cabinel' 3: Co-Chrm. Prom lnvililalion and Chaperones Comm. 3: lnler- Class Aclivilies 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Sluclenl Guidance Comm. 3, 4: Sr.-Facully Luncheon Comm 4. ROBERT MILL- INER-Pre-Apprenlice. ROW 2-CAROLYN MILLS-Home Economics-Sevenleen Club 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 4: Dramalics Club 3, 4: Monilor 3: Glee Club 3: I-IR V. Pres. 3: Class Play 4. JUNE MINNIEAR- College Preparalory-Jr. Red Cross I: I-IR Sec. 2: Monilor 2: Class Exec. Comm. 3, 4: Camera Club 3: Girls' Concerl Choir 3, 4: C-hrm. Prom Ticlcel Comm. 3: Class Play 4: Sr. Facully Dance Comm. 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Music Assl. 4. ANNA MITCHELL-Business Educafion-Maiorefle I, 2, 3, 4. BEU- LAH MOORE-General-Pepooses 47 Y-T'-2905 2, 3' 4' Cal-Ulnel' 3: Jr. Red Cross 2: Eng.ASSl.4IX-RGY3IAl'lf1U5I SI5'H4i HR V. Pres. 4: Prom lnvilaiions Comm. 37 GAA Ii Li++le Chief 32 Pub. Chrm. Class Day. CORALENE MOORE-General-Y Teens 3, 4: Wrilers Club 4, Sec. Treas. 4: Prom Flower Comm. 3: Hislory Club 2: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4. EARNESTEEN MOR- ROW-Business Eclucalion-Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Mixed Choir 3: Pub. Rep. I, 2, 3, 4. ROW 3-JOHN MOTTO-Pre-Appreniice. JO ALLEN MUCHMORE-Business Educalion-Y-Teens 2. ROBERT MUL- LER4College Preparalory-Baseball I, 2, 3. ALMA MURFIN -College Preparalory-Sluclenl Council 2, 3, 4: Convo Comm. 4: l-Iislory Club 3: Furure Teacher's Club 4: Na+. Honor Soc- iely 3, 4: Visilor's Day Chrm. 4: Hall Monilor Comm. 4: Prom Ticlcel' Comm. 3. EDWARD MYERS-College Preparal'ory- I-li-Y 3, 4: Class Play 4: Monilor 41: Sr. Facully Luncheon Comm. 4: Prom Ticliejr Comm. 3: HR Sec. Treas. 4: Tennis 4: Inler- Class Aclivilies 3. SALLY MYERS--General--HR Sec. I: HR Treas. 2: Siudenl Council I: Monilor 3: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4. d we'II get sheepskins too, though some may be black. 107 It'II be safer, but we'II miss dodging the careening hot rods ROW I-FAYE NEWTOII-General-Y-Teens 41 Ramblers 2: GAA 27 Pendlefon Glee Club. LELA JANE NICHOLSON- General-GAA I, 2, 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club I, 2, 3: Inler-Class Aciivilies 3, 4.WANDA NICI"IOI.SONfI-lorne Economics- I-IR Trees. 27 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 43 GAA I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club I, 27 Infer-class Acliviries 3, 4. WINIFRED NOETZELf Home Economics-Jr. Red Cross 3, 47 Yffeens Ii Girls' Con- cerr Clwoir 3. MARY JEAN NORRIS-I-Iome Economics-Home Eh. Ass"r 4: Eng. Ass'I. 4. RUTI'I NORRIS--Home Economics- Y-Teens 4. ROW 2-WARREN NOTTINGHAM-Pre-Apprenlice-Cari- 'l'-f Qand I, 2, 3: Annual 81 X-Ray Prod. Sliall 3, 4. CHARLES NYBOER-Teclwnical-Sluclenl Guidance Comm. 4. HELEN OB- ERLIES-Home Economics-GAA I, 4, Y-Teens 3, 47 Monilor 3: Pepooses 4. DAVID OGDEN-Pre-Apprenlice. ROBERT OL- EKSY-Pre ApprenIice4CancIy Sfancl 4. JANELL OLIVE- I-Iome Economics-Y-Teens 4. ROW 3-MELVA OWEN-Business Educalion. CARL PAV- EY-General. LOREN PENROD-Vocafional Agricullure-FFA I, 2, 3, 4. JERRY PHILLIPS-College Preparalory-"A" Club I, 2, 3, 43 I-Ii'Y 3, 4, V. Pres. 4, Torclw Club I 2: I-IR V. Pres. I 2, 3: I-IR Pres. 4: Radio Club I, 21 Sfudenl Manager I, 2, 3, 41 In+er-class Adivifies 4. LOWELL PITSER-Track 2: Wresfling I7 Cross Counlry I, 2. ROBERT POOR-General. CLA 108 I I 52 nd the girls passing their items of gossip around at noon. ROW I-EDWIN POOLE-Technical. ROBERT POOLE- General-Boys' Glee Club 2, 3. MARTHA POOR-Home Ec- onomics-I-lislory Club 2, 3, 4: Ivlonilor 4. KENT POORE- Genercl-Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Golf I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross I: "A" Club 4: Torch Club I, 2: I-Ii-Y 3: Clubs Comm. 4: Physics A5s'I. 3: I-IR Pres. I: Treas. 4. BEVERLY PORGES-Col- lege Preparalory-X-Ray 3: Annual Slaif 4: Nal. Honor Soc- iely 3, 4': Dramalics Club 4: Ivlinawanca Council 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Exec. Comm. 3: Honor Day Ivlonilor 3: Ivlonilor 2, 3, 4: Enq. Ass'I. I, 2, 3: Inler-class Acliyilies 3: Class Play 4: Sr.-Pacully Luncheon Comm. 4: I-Ionor Sludy I-Iall Comm. 3: Lillle Chief 3: I-Ionor Slucly I-Iall Monilor 4. DALE PORTER- Pre-Apprenlice-Foolball 3, 4: "A" Club 4. ROW 2-JUDITH PRESTONfCoIIege Preoaralory-Bible Club 3: I-Iislory Club 3: Monilor 4. SUE PRIESI'-College Pre- pcralory-Bible Club I: Y-Teens 2: Exec. Comm. 2: Class V. Pres. 3: Sludenl Council 3: Girls' Concerl Choir 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Maclriqal 4: X-Ray Page Edilor 4: "S'weeIhearl" Op- erella 3: Commencemonl Spealier 4: Nair. I'Ionor Sociely 4: f I95l 109 Monilor 4. DALLAS PURKEYfTechnicaI. DONALD RAIN- ER-Pre-Apprenlice. GENE RAINS-College Preparlory- Hislory Club 2: Torch Club 2: Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4: Na+. I-lonor Socieiy 3, 4: "Sweelhearls" Operella 3: Pep Sessions Comm. 2, 3, 4: Indian Ivlascol 3, 4: Class Play Comm. 4: Sr-Pao ully Dance Comm. 4: Ivlonilor 3. VIRGINIA RATZ-GeneraI- Y-Teens I, 2, 3: I-IR Pres. I, 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club I: Pulure Teachers Club 3: Bible I, 2: I-Iislory Club I. ROW 3--PATRICIA REASNER-Business Educalion-Y-Teens 3: Seyenieen Club 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3. GEORGE REC- TOR-Business Educalion-I-Iislory Club I: Library Assl. 4: X-Ray 4: Jr. Conservalion Club I: Journalism Assl. 4: Model U.N. Assembly 4: Candy Sland 2. ROBERT RECTOR-Gen eral-Baseball 3. BARBARA REDDY-General-Ramblers I, 2: Pub. Rep. 3, 4: Y-Teens 2: Model U.N. Assembly 3, 4. PATSY REDICK-Business Eclucalion-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: GAA 2: Girls' Concerl Choir 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Prom Flowers Comm, 3. DORTHY REEDERfBusiness EcIucalion4Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Clce Club I. ROW I-KENNETH RHEA-Technical-Torch Club 2: Mon- i'l'or 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Sludenl Council 3, 4: Exec. Comm 4: Dra- malics Club 3, 4: V. Pres. 4: Hoosier Boy's Slale 4: Model U. N. Assembly 3, 4: Dean's OIT. Assl. 3: Choral Club 4: Com- mencemenl Speaker 4: Nal. Honor Sociely 4: Chrrn. Hall Mon- ilor Comm. 4: Up-Town Thealer Parly 4. REX RICE-Semen al-Baseball I: Monilor I: Head Monilor 3: Hisrory Club 3: Library Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Siudenl Council 4: Exec. Comm. 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 2, 3, 4: Dean's Oli, Assr. 4: X-Ray 3: Model U. N. Assembly 4. RUBY RICHARDS-General-Y Teens 3.4: HR Sec. Treas. 3, 4: Bible Club I. JIM RICKER- Pre-Apprenlice-Bible Club I 2 3' Ph sic A I 4' HR V , . , y s ss . , . Pres. I: Sludenl Council 2. LOIS RILEY-Business Educalion- Na+. Honor Sociely 4. THOMAS RILEY-General. ROW 2-PHYLLIS ROBBINS-General. LARRY ROBERTS- College Preparalory. RICHARD ROBINSON-College Pre- paralory-Dean's OIT. Assl. 2, 3: Tennis 3, 4: Eng. Ass+. 2: Sci- ence Club 2: Jr. Bus. Mgr. Annual 3: Bus. Mgr. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Archery Club 3: WriIer's Club 4: Monilor 2: N.S.P.A. Chicago 3, 4. WILLIAM ROGERS-General-Mow iior 4: Infer-Class Aclivilies 3, 4. JERRY ROSE-College Preparalory-Eclilor-in-ChieI Annual 4: Assl. Ed. Annual 3: Journalism Assl. 3: Eng. Assl. 2: Honor Sludy Hall Monilor 4: Moniior 4: N.S.P.A. Chicago 3, 4: I.H.S.P.A. Franklin 3: I-li-Y CLA 3, 4: Na+. Honor Sociely 3, 4: V. Pres. 4: Sludenl Council I: Class Exec. Comm. 2: HR Pres. 4: Inler-Class Aclivifies 3, 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Sr.-Facully Dance Comm 4: Allernale Indiana Jr. Assembly 4': Indiana Journalism Inslilule 3: Malh. Assl. 2. BARBARA ROUSH-College Preparalory-Madrigal 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Flower Comm. 3: Up-Town Thealer Parly 4: Girls' Concerl Choir 2: "Sweet hearlsu Operella 3. ROW 3-JAMES ROWE-General-HR Pres. I: Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4: Faolball I: Boys' Glee Club I: Inler-Class Aci- ivilies 3, 4. PHYLLIS RUMLER-Business Educalion. JANICE SAFFORD-College Preparalory-Na+. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Y- Teens I 3: Wrilers' Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Head Monilor 4: X-Ray Sfall 3, 4, Managing Edilor 4: Pub. Rep. I: Model U.N. Assembly 3, 4: Fulure Teachers Club 3, 4: Dramalics Club 4: Drive-in Parly Comm. 4: Prom Pub. Comm. 3: Class Play 4: Miniwanca Council 3, 4: Lillle Chief 3, 4: Eng. Assr. 2, 3, 4: Candy Sland 4. MARIE SARGENT-Business Educalion-Nal. I-Ionor Sociely 3, 4: Y-Teens 4: Eng. Assr. 3: Library Club 4. DAN SAVAGE-College Preparaiory-Foolball I: Track I: In- ler-Class Aclivilics 3, 4: HR V. Pres. 2. DONALD SCHIEVEF- College Preparalory-"A" Club 2, 3, 4: Nal. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Baskefball I: Baseball I, 2, 3: Faarball I: HR Treas. 3, 4: In- Ier-Class Aclivilies 3, 4: Alleina.e Cornrnencemenl Speaker 4: Hi-Y 4. We gave the fresh CI ya-'ar's grace, and conclude thati 110 95l ROV! I--GVVENDOLYN SCHILDMEIER-GeneraI4Candy Slanfl 27 Y-Teens I. CLYDE SCI'IMIDT-Pre-Apprenlice. JACK SCHMIDI-Teclmical. ELAINE SCHOCK-College Prepara- 'lory-Clieerleacler 47 Pep Sessions Comm. 47 Sr.-Facully Dance Comm. 47 Prom Dacoralions Comm. 37 Clubs Eclilor Indian 47 X-Ray 37 Lillle Clwiel 3i I.l-l.S',P.A. Franklin 47 Sevenleen Club 4: Nal. l'lonor Sociely 4'7 Y-Teens I. 2. 3, 4: Cabinel' 47 lnler- class Aclivilie: 3, 47 Clirm. 37 GAA I7 Girls Goll Club Ii Pub. Rep. 2. 37 Gym Ass'l. 2, 4'7 Eng. Assll. 47 lvlonilor 3, 47 Bus. Ed. Ass'l, 47 Class Play 4. DANNY SCHUYLER-Business Eduialion -Nal. l'lonor Sociely 3, 47 Pre-Med 37 Heacl lvlonilor 47 Bus. Ed. Ass'l. 3. 47 Sludenl Council 3. ELIZABETH SCOTT4Colleqe Prcparalory-Y-leens 2, 37 Counseling Ollice Ass'l'. 4. ROV! 2-ROBERTA SEAL-Business Educalion-J r. Red Cross 37 Library Club 2, 37 I-Iislory Club 37 GAA I, 27 Pre. Meol. 37 Nal. I-Ionor Sociely 3, 47 I-leacl lvlonilor 4. BOB SEL- LER54Bu5iness Educalion. BOB SENSENEY-Pre-Apprenlice- Class Exec, Comm. 4. BEULAH SEXTON-General-Y-Teens 2. KAY SEXTON-I-lome Economics-Y-Teens l, 2, 3i l-IR Sec. 27 Pub. Rep. 37 Girls' Glee Club I7 Girls Concerl Choir I, 27 ln- .or-cla s Acivilios 37 GAA l, 27 Fulure Teachers Club 3. CAR- OLYN SEYBERTA-I-Iorne Economics-Sevenleen Club 47 Prom Queen 37 l-IR Pres. 37 N.C.C. Track Queen Allenclanl 37 Y- Teens I, 27 HR Treas. I7 Girls' Glee Club I, 27 lnler-class Ac- 'rivilies 37 GAA I, 27 Class Exec. Comm. 37 Eng. Ass'l. 37 A. A.U.W. Tea Comm. 4. Row 3--DORIS Sl-IEPHERD-General-Y-Teens 3. GEORGE SHEPHERD-Pre-Apprenlice-Sluclcnl Council 27 Dean's Off. Assl. 27 Pub. Rep. l, 37 Eng. Assl. 27 X-Ray and Annual Publil calions Slall 3, 47 lnler-Class Aclivilies 3, 47 Wrilers' Club 27 lvlonilor 3. JOAN SHERMAN-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I, 37 Library Club 27 I-Iislory Club 37 Girls Glee Club 37 Girls' Concerl Clwoir 3, 4. DON SHELBY-Pre-Apprenlice-Exec. Comm. 37 Inler-Class Aclivilies 3, 47 Baseball I. DELORIS SHAW-Home Economics4Y-Teens 2. NEAL SIBERY-Pre fuoprenlice-Baskelball I7 l'lR Treas. 27 Pub. Rep. 3, 4. iopelessf they'lI never be able to take our place. 111 ROW I-DONALD SIPE-General. JOANNE SIZELOVE- Home Economics-Nurse's Off. Assf. l, 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2. ROBERT SLOAN-College Preparalory-Band I, 2, 3, 4. CLIFFORD SMITH-Pre-Apprenlice-Foofbcll I, 2, 3: "A" Club 3, 4: Wreslling I, 2, 3. GENEVA SMITH-Business Ed- ucalion-Jr, Red Cross 2: Exec. Comm. 3: Prom Place Comm. 3: ?o+any Assl. 3: Biology Assl, 2, 3. MILDRED SMITI'I-C5en- era . ROW 2-JAMES SNOWDEN-Pre-Apprenlice-Track I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: HR Sec, Treas. I, 3, 4: Class Picnic Comm. 4. RICHARD SOKOL-Pre-Apprenlice--Monilor 3: Cross Coun- Iry I, CAROLYN SOMERS-Home Economics-Y-Teens 3, 4. JACQUELINE SOUTHERS-Business Eolucalion. RICHARD SOWASH-College Preparalory-Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club I: Dearfs Off. Assl. I, 2, 3, 4: HR V-Pres. I: HR CLA Pres. 2, 3: HR Sec. 4: Torch Club I, 2: Annual Slaff 4: Brealr- fnsl Dance Comm. 4: "Swee'rl'iearls" Operelha 3: Prom Queen Comm. 3: lnfer-Class Aclivifies 3, 4: Maclriqal 3, 4': Hi-Y 3: Hislory Club l: Class Play 4. JACK SPEARMAN-Tecl'1nical- Class V. Pres. I, 2: Class Pres. 4: HR Pres. 1.2: HR V. Pres. 3, 4: Torch Clubl, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Prom Band Comm. 3: Baslcelball l: Band 2, 3: Monilor 2: Dean's Off. Assl. 4: Sluclenf Council 4: Exec. Comm. 4: ln+er-Class Adrivilies 3, 4: Convo. Comm.4: Hoosier Boy's Slale 3. ROW 3-CHARLOTTE SPRAGUE-Home Economics. RICH- ARD STAFFORD-Cfeneral. DONALD STAGGS-Business Educalion. DONNA STANLEY-General. JOAN STANLEY- Business Educalion. MAX STANLEY-Technical-Plwysics Assf. 4: Wreslling I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: "A" Club 2, 3, 4 Sq?-al-Arms 4: Nalional Scholarship Sociefy 2, 3, 4. I Now it can be told --- the times we studied in the library or hq 112 I95I ROW I-VIRGINIA STANLEY-Business Educaiion. NAN- CY STANSBERRY-College Preparalory-Siucleni Council 4' Exec. Council 4: Y-Teens I,4: GAA I: Prom Inviiaiions Comm' 3: Hisiory Club 3: Dramaiics Club 4: Class Play, S+ucIen+ Dirl ecior 4: Mardi Gras Taleni Show Chrm. 4: Class Gifl Comm. 4'. DELORES STARRETT-College Prepara+ory-C-lass Exec. Comm. 4: Eng. Assi. 4. DIANE STEARNS-General-Y-Teens I,2,3,4: HR Pres. 2: Nurse's Off. Assi. I,2,3: Indian Maiden 3, 4: Choral Club 4: Sevenleen Club 3,4: Pep Sessions Comm. 3, 4: Na+. Honor Socieiy 4: Fuiure Teachers Club 3: Sr.-Faculiy Dance Comm. 4: Jr. Red Cross 2: Class Play 4. CAROLYN STEPHENS-General-His+ory Club 2,3: Moniior 4: Pepooses 4. JIM STEPHENS-Pre-Appreniice. ROW 2-DIANE STEPHENSON-General. PHYLLISUSTERN -General. ELSIANN STARRETT-General-Class Play Comm. 3: Chrm. Prom Flower Comm. 3: HR V. Pres. 4: Girls' Glee Club 2: Mixed Choir 3: Y-Teens 3. DONALD STEVENS- College Preparaiory-Torch Club I,2: Hi-Y 3: Jr. Conserva- 'rion Club 3: Jr. Red Cross I,2: Moniior 2, 3, 4. JACQUELINE STUART-General-Ramblers Club 4: Pepooses i,4: Library Assi. 4. JULIA STEWART-General-Choral Club 2,3,4: Ful- ure Teachers Club 2: Jr Red Cross 2: Girls' Glee Club I, 2, 3. ROW 3-KEMPY STIEBER-General-Baskeiball I,2.3: "A" Club 3: Fooiball I 2, 3. ANNA STITH-General. PERRY STOUT -General-Ushers Club I, 2, 3: Boys'GIee Club 2, 3. RICH- ARD STOW-College Preparaiory. IRIS STRICKLER-Home Economics-Bible Club I: Girls' Glee Club 2: Girls' Concerf Choir 3, 4. LOIS SURBER-General. ramurals in our hall roamings were few and far between. l i 113 ROW I-BETTY SURFACE-General-Monilor 3. CHARLES SURFACE-Vocalional Agriculiure-X-Ray Slalii 3, 4, Edilor- in-Chief 4: Sluclenl Council 4: Exec, Comm. 4: Class Play 4: Prom Publicily Comm. 3: Prom Eligibilily Comm. 3: Chrm. Handbook Comm. 4: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: I-li-Y 3: Torch Club I, 2: FFA I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 4: Chrm. Safely Comm. 4: I.H.S.P.A, 4: N.S.P.A. 4: Model U. N, Ass- embly 4. JAMES SWAIN-Pre-Apprenlice-HR. Pres. 2: HR. Sec. I: Hi-Y 3: Jr. Conservalion Club 3: Inler-class Aclivilies 3. ARNOLD SWANGO-General-Baseball I, 2, 3: Bible Club I. JAMES TANNER-General-Boys' Glee Club 2: Track I, 2: Mixed Choir 3: HR. Sec. I: Monilor 2. JOHN TATE-General --HR. Sec. Treas. I. ROW 2--FRANK TAYLOR--General, LOLA TAYLOR-Gem eral. JIM TEETERS-Pre-Apprenlice-Baskelball I: Inler-class Aclivilies 3, 4: HR. V. Pres I. DORIS THOMPSON-General -Y-Teens 3: Girls' Concerl Choir 2. 3: Girls' Glee Club 2. RICHARD THOMPSON-College Preparalory-Track I, 2, 3: Prom Place Comm. 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Prom Eligibilily Comm. 3: Prom Refreshmenls Comm. 3: Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 3. CL 4: Convo. Comm 4: M. C. Mardi Gras Comm. 3: Chrm. Class Day Comm. 4: Chrm. Sr. Class Ice Cream Sales: Physics Ass'+. 4: lnler-class Aclivilies 3, 4. ROBERT THOMPSON-College Pre- paralory-Choral Club 2,3,4: Madrical Club 3,4: Dramalics Club 4: "SweelI1ear+s" Opereira 3: "A" Club 3,4: Boys' Glee Club I: Monilor 3: Sluclenl Council 2: I-IR Pres I: Pub. Rep. 2: Prom Dec. Comm, 3: Co-Chrm. Brealfiasl Dance Comm. 4: Baslcelball I: Foolball I,2,3: Traclc l,2,3: Convo Comm. 3. ROW 3-CAROLE THRUSH-College Preparalory-Y-Teens 2,3,4, Cabine+ 4: Sevenleen Club 4: Dramalics Club 4: Choral Club 4:Jr. Red Cross 3.4: HR V. Pres. 4: Prom Reireshrnenl Comm. 3: Girls' Concerl Choir 2: Mixed Choir 3: Monilor 3.4: Class Play 4: Inler-Class Aciivilies 3,4: Model U.N. Assembly 3,4: Bible Club l,2. DALE THURBER-General. JACK TIL- LEY-General-Alexandria-Baslcelball l,2: Baseball I,2:Traclc I,2: Foolball I,2: Hi-Y I,2: AHS-Baslcelball 3,4: Baseball 3: "A" Club 3,4: Prom Queen Comm. 3: HR V. Pres. 3: Co-Chrm. Sr.-Facully Dance Comm. 4: lnler-Class Acliviiies 3. DENNIS TITTLE-Pre-Apprenlice. LAURA MAY TODD-General. NOR- MAN TODD-Pre-Apprenlice. A When it's too late, we discover which stories the deans will b 114 fI95I ROW I-MARY JAYNE TOOLEY-Business Educa'rion-Y- Teens 3, 4: Bus. Ed. Assl. 4. BELVA TOOPS-Business Educa- 'rion-Llbrary Asslz 2.3: Prom Flower Comm. 3: Y-Teens 3,4: Sludenl Council I: Bus. Ed Assl. 4. HELEN JO TOYE-Gen- eral-Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Y-Teens I: Bus. Ed. Ass'I. LYNN TRACY-General-Band I, 2, 3 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 4: Monilor 2. JANET TRICK-Business Educalion-Girls' Glee Club 2: Girls' Concerl' Choir 4: Monilor 3: Nal. Honor Soc- iely 3, 4: Honor Sludy Hall Monilor 4: HR Pres. I: Sluclenl Council 3: Dean's Off. Assl. 4. JUDY TRICK-GeneraI- Sludenl Facully Clubs Comm. 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Sevenleen Club 4: Prom Publiciry Comm. 3: X-Ray 3, 4, Page Edilor 4: Class Gil? Comm. 4: Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Wrilers Club 2: Nurses Off. Asst 2, 3, 4: Inler-Class Aclivilies 3, 4: Camera Club I, 2: Bi- ble Club I: Model U.N. Assembly 4. ROW 2-JENNIE LEE TUDOR-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I,2,3, V. Pres. I, Treas. 3: Sevenleen Club 2.3.4, Treas. 4: Naf. Honor Sociely 3,4: HR Pres. 3: HR Sec.-Treas. I: HR V. Pres. 2: Class Exec. Comm. 4: X-Ray Typisl 4: Prom Dec. Comm 3: Co-Chrm. Up-Town Thealre Parly 4: Eng. Assl. 2, 3: Monilor 4: GAA I: Inler-Class Acllvilies 3, 4: Bus. Ed As5I'. 3, 4. JUNE UTTERBACK-GeneraI-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Pre-Med Club 2: Girls' Glee Club 2: Inler-Class Aclivilies 3: Wrilers Club 3: Camera Club I, 2: Bible Club I. JOHN VAJNER-College ith a white slip instead of a pink one. Preparaiory-Dean's Oli. Assl. 3: Monilor 2, 3, 4: Head Mon- ilor 4: Chrrn. Prom Eligibilily Comm. 3: HR Sec.-Treas. 2: X-Ray 3: Hi-Y 3: Chrm. Inler-Class Acllvilles 3: Class Exec. Comm. 3. STANLEY VAN CAMP-General-Monilor 2 4: Ten- nis 4: Wreslling I: Candy Sland I, 2, 3, 4: Torch Club I 2 JAMES VAUGHN-College Preparamry-Pub, Rep. 3,'4: Candy Sland 4: Boys' Glee Club 3: Ushers Club I. CAROLYN VENTERS-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3.4: GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Sec.4: Girls' Concerl Choir 4: Monilor 4: Sludenl' Council 2: Girls' Glee Club 2. ROW 3-RICHARD VEST-General-Radio Technicians Club I: Ushers Club I, 2: Ivlonilor 2: Candy Sland 2, 3: Visual Aids Assl. 4: Class Exec. Comm. 2. EARL WAGNER-General-- lvlilroy, Penn.-Prom Dec. Comm. 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Band I, 2, 3. AHS-Boys' Glee Club 4. BERNIECE WALKER-Gen- eral-Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Club Tom-Tom Board of Direclors 3, 4, Sec. 4: N.C.C. Track Allendanl- 3: Prom Dec. Comm. 3: HR Sec. Treas. 3, 4: HR V. Pres. 2: Sevenleen Club 3. 4, Pres. 4: Class Play 4: Annual Srall 4: lvlonilor 4: Brealclasl Dance Comm. 4: Eng. Ass'I. 3, 4: Bus. Ed. Ass'l. 3. GLENDORA WAL- KER-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross I, 2: Pepooses 4: Prom TicI4eI Comm. 3: GAA I: Eng. Ass"I. 4. KEITH WALTON-Technical-Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Class Exec. Comm. 2: Class Play 4: Class Picnic Comm. 4. BETTY WARE-College Preparalory-GAA I: HR Pres. I: Y-Teens I. 2, 3: Hislory Club 2: Pre-Med Club 3. 115 So ends our life at AHS, but we'II see you at reunions in yo ROW I-FRED WARMKE-Pre-Apprenlice-Torch Club I,2: Hi-Y 3: Camera Club 2: Boys' Glee Club I: HR Sec. l,2: His- +ory Club 2. BOB WARREN-General-Na+. Honor Sociely 3, 4: HR Sec. I: lvlonilor 4: Baseball I, 2, 3: Pepooses 4: lnler- Class Aclivilies 3.4. GWENDOLYN WATKINS-Home Econ- omics-Girls' Concerl' Choir I,2,3,4: Girls' Glee Club I. JUD- ITH WAUGH-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I,2,3,4: Bible Club I: GAA I,2: Pepooses 4: Dean's Oil. Assl. 4: School Book Slore 4: Gym Ass'l. 2: lvlonilor 3. MARVIN WEBBER-General -Class Play 4. DONALD WEBBER-College Preparalory- Baseball 2, 3 ,4: Visual Aids Ass'+. 3, 4: HR Pres. 4: Class Play 4: Pepooses 4. ROW 2-CAROLYN WELLS-Business Educalion-Y-Teens 3, 4. CLARA WELLS-General-Arl Ass'+. 4. RICHARD WENDLING-General. JANE ELLEN WEST-Business Educa- lion. ROBERT WEST-Technical-Hi-Y 3, 4: Torch C-lub I. 2: lvlonilor I, 2, 3: HR V. Pres. I: Sludenl Manager I: Jr. Red Cross 2. JACK WHITE-Pre-Apprenlice. ROW 3-BONNIE WILHOIT-Business Educalion-Y-Teens 2, 4: Bus. Ed. Ass'+. 4: Candy Sland 3: HR Sec. Treas. 3. RICH- ARD WILKINS-Technical-"A" Club I. 2, 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2, Chaplain 2: Hi-Y 3, 4, Sglfal-Arrns 4: Na+. Honor Sociely 3 4' Nal. Alhlelic Scholarship Sociely 2, 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Wreslling l, 2, 3, 4: Physics Ass'l'. 4. CHARLENE WIL- LIAMS-General. LEONARD WILLIAMS-College Prepara- Iory-Foolball 4: "A" Club 4: Monilor 4. LOUIS WILLIAMS- Pre-Apprenlice. LOWELL WILLIAMS-General-Band I, 2, 3, 4: Monilor 2, 3, 4: Head Monilor 4: Fulure Teachers Club 4, Treas. 4: X-Ray 4: Page Ed. 4: HR V. Pres. I: Pub. Rep. 4. CLA 116 I I I ustlc l1ats,lenee length socks, and blue ROW I-TOM WILLIAMS-College Preparalory-Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Sludenl Council I, 2 3: Monilor I, 2: Class Gill Comm. 4: Dean's Off. Ass'l. 3. DON WILSON-Pre- fpprenlice-Head Monilor 4: Foolball I, 2: Baslcelball I, 2' C-ross Counlry 2: Monilor 2, 3, 4: HR Pres. 3, 4: HR V. Pres. I DOROTHY WILSON-College Preparalory-Hislory Club 3: Sluclenl Council 3: Pub. Rep. 2, 3: Eng. Ass'l. 3, 4: Monilor 3. JAMES WILSON-General-lvlonilor 3: Inler-class Aclivilies .3 WALLACE WILSON-Business Eclucalion-Jr. Conservalion Club 3: Inler-class Aclivilies 3. PHILLIP WOODRUFF- General. ROW 2-PAUL WORLEY-College Preparalory-Choral Club 41: HR Pres. 2: Monilor 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Co- Chrm. Up-Town Thealer Parly 4: Golf I, 2, 3, 4: Inler-class Aclivilies 3, 4: KATHERINE WRIGHT-College Preparalory- Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: lvlonilor 4: X-Ray Typisl 4. LORETTA 95I 117 and white. YOUNG-General-Hislory Club I, 2: Y-Teens I. SABRA ZIERER-College Preparalory-Sludenl Council 4: Monilor 4: Dramalics Club 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Sr-Facully Luncheon Comm. 4: Class Play 4: Visil'or's Day Comm. 4. EUGENE ZIMMERMAN-Pre-Apprenlice-PuIo. Rep. l:Jr. Red Cross 2: Annual gl X-Ray Prooluclion Sfafl 3, 4. BOB BRICKER-General. ROW 3-BOB DOUGLAS-General. TOM DYE-GeneraI- Band I, 2 3, 4: Orcheslra I, 2, 3.4: HR V. Pres. I: Torch Club I, 2: Choral Club 4. JOE STEVENS-Pre-Apprenlics-Traclc I. 2, 3. MARILYN TRICK-General-Flora. III. H. S. Spanish Club I, 2: Science Club 4: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. JACK TRICK- General-Flora, Ill. H. S.--Key Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: All-Sfale Chorus 3: S'+a+e Music Confesl 3: Class Play 3: Track 2, 3: Foolball I, 2: AHS Choral Club 4. BONNIE WOODS-General-Girls' Glee Club 4. Seniors After Hours ' 118 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Janel' Hamillon, secrelary: Dave Green, presiclenl: Connie Laman. vice- SPONSORS Mrs Mary president and Carolyn Slewarl, Treasurer. Klllefman and John C JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-Firsl' row-sealed, Judi Barnard, Janie Hilclwcoclc and Carolyn Slewarl: Second Row-Jaclcie Davis, Janel Hamillon, Elaine Fisher. Bob Viclcers. Jean Pills, Connie Laman, and John Erlel. Third Row-Bill Rawlin, Ronald Brown, Barbara McMillan, Dave Green, Nancy Collins, Nancy l-loll', David Slweward, and Dave Kessler. r i l K l l l 119 l Finney. Juniors Sponsor Top Social Event The Juniors sponsored one of Hue mosl' lalkecl- aboul' evenls of +l1e so- cial year, 'rln e prom. Heavenly l-laze, willn i'rs pearly gales, was +l'1e llweme. as f, B "'f' V ' .. mf 'Y1IVw+ ",iVnwaV - " "W :VV .Var .. ' LV-25:56 -' if .. - Il Q , ,- . f' , ' ' f V 5zf4i1f:?iL1f- . QV ff , . V V . B V, ., , - 4 wif H , V " .. E V ' .. BJ :fi V 1- K, ,- . ., . V, , z VV V- MPV wewifr . - ,. .,,, ..., , .. V VVA.. . M eu - . - 7 VM, , .,A,,A ,,L. . . .,.,.,V,, V ,.,. .. . , ,. ,. M , ,A i H VQVLVVV . . -131131 . :V " ' VV 231552 ' . V ff "i 1V,.,I" '- -I, V - Z'3Ef.- V2f1L'.V ',,.,,VV V 31. ', VZ, . , 'V V ' , V.,.,,, V V ' :V V ,. ,. Q VVVVVVVV VMWVV V V VV V,, , Lm ,VVV I Wg V It i VV A xg , .. , by V' , vc -V 5 . V , V , ,V V -- Vffbs ' " ,. 'f B ,, on- r M 112-4 i V ' ' VM., .. , V . V ' " V . V "-' VV r ' . fV4fV ,'. V 'V f ' ' ., . "'ff:2?". ' " A ' .- . rg , - K f 'V - V ivmij Z V - , '02 V, V- VV-Vg., , " V , ' xi A '- 2 JV -"' 'V ' . , i'V4'ii-if , Vw-.VV , ii, Z,,Z1,1, 4 '- , " -1,-at i A -V -:V 5 ,. '13 , V-.Q4,gV: V V".L, V ',11V V QQQLVV' - .IV .4 ' ' ' ., ,' , l V, N V IW ! rffsif . ' 17145 V V , ' xyff , , Y K Vj' V 2 .VV V V ,V V, V - fr" V A . -. r- V - ,V , ,V V 'V 2 . . , - V e --VV, ' V fc V - Q ',-1,V ,g, 3 ,5-.1 f -,V Q- - " - V ' ,c VV ' m e V If 'L , ia., . " V:2Vf fV f N . V . we i J V ' " V . A A' A r . V i - - V .V 1:51 f a .,. J .V Q VV- or p , - , ' -V ,,,, . V V V- - ' V A B - V. ' A V' V X- '-ff f Vs iw - 77 Y V ,kr ,- V MB? ,V ' r ii i 7' , QQ all I V ' ' 'il VV 'we V H Qx, ,,, ..,,,, gn,,. .,.L .,,.,,,,,,,g ,W,., V,.,,, , Z,,h. V. V . . V ,,', 7.J,Q. V -- . . V - '- 1vziVzf.g5,iV x 4 ir- V3V?l'?z:2 ' 'a . V " 'W 1-' ' ,. . 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Larry Backus, Barbara Baker, Dav- id Baker, Gene Baker, Jim Baker, Pakricia Baker, Barbara Bangle. Geraldine Barker. Judi Barnard, DeWayne Barnes, Duane Barnes, Jean Barnes, Dick Beard, Shirley Beally, Allred Be- hrens, Eileen Bell. Phyllis Beneliel, Wayne Bennell, Duane Besell, Ma'ri'lyn Bevers,V Carolyn Blackaby, Herb Bonge, John Boomer, Jack Boone. Ronnie Bowman, Alice Boyd, San- dra Brannon, Belly Brewer, Slella Bridges, Bill Brillon, Lee lda Brock, Diane Brookshire. Beverly Brolhers, Bill Brown, Ron- ald Brown, Ronnie Brown, Shirley Brown, Emma Lou Brumback, Sarah Brundage, Jeanne Bucy. Carol Burmeisler, Beverly Cage, Jack Carpenler, Slanley Carpen- ler. Marilyn Carroll, Mary Jane Carroll, Bob Carson, Barbara Carler. Marilyn Carler, Joan Cassell, Beb Chadd, Rondal Chambers, Sidney Chaney, Don Chapin, Dale Chap- man, Pal Cheever. Ronald Childers, Nancy Childes, Bob Church, Jeanne Circle, Ara Lee Clark, George Clarkson, Mar- 'rha Clarkson, Carolyn Claus. Carolyn Clem, Marvin Cliflon, Dick Clule, Jack Collins, Don Cook, Jerry Cook, Roger Cook- man, Dorolhy Cooper. Lolila Combs, Eleanor Comer, Jo Ann Connelly, Germain Coppock, Don Corlrechl, Lela May Crilser, Allaerl Crouse, Dick Cumberland. Class of l952 Lou Ann Daugherly, Bill Davis, --Bill Davis, Dick Davis, Jackie Dav- is, Phyllis Day, Joan Daymond, Carol Deaver. Sue Dehorily, Bill Denman, Dale DePew, Joan Deuger, Janice De Vore, Judilh Dewilf, Clayion Dole, Lena Drake. Laura Driggers, Ann Dudgeon, Many Dugger, Sharon Duncan, Mary Ellen Eclmonson, Lee Eld- ridge, Carol Ellingwood, Mark Ellioll. Dick Ellis, Jerry Efchison, Mel- vin Evans, Palsy Ewing, Belly Far- low, Norman Fealherslon. Mar- garel Finfrock, Ed Finley. Belly Fisher, Elaine Fisher, Lee Fleck, Leroy Forgason, Dorolhy Fouls, Paul Fowler, Sylvia Fowler, Gene Fox. Peggy Fox, Charles Frakes, Jerry Fromholz, Joe Fullinglon, Roberl Gayle, Phyllis Geiger, Barbara George, Barbara Gibbons. Keilh Gilchrisl, Rober+a Giles, Russell Gillespie, Gary Gillis Nor- ma Goll, Max Goodwin, Lloyd Graham, Alyce Gray. Dave Green, Jim Greenland, Char- les Greenwood, Richard Grimm, Rulh Gross, Barbara Guy, Joyce Gwynn, Olin Hackney. Juanila Haines, Carl Hale, Judy Hale. Eslil Hall, Vernon Hallis, Bob Ham- illon. Don Hamillon, Jack Hamillon, Jack Hamilfon. Mass Produciion Picfure Taking Class of i952 Janel Hamilion, Marilyn Ham- mons, Roberla Ann Hancock. Mark Hanshew, George Harlan, Roloerl Harmon. Janie Harrell, Alberi' Harris, Pai Harrison. Earl Hariley, Janis Harney, Nina Haliield, Janei' Haynes, Norma Hellems, Osmond Helping, Befly Hickerson, Larry Highichew. Becky Himes, Janie Hifchcock, Evelyn Hodgson, Joe Holclren, Donna Holladay, Don Hollings- worfh, Nancy Hol+, Herberf Hood. Wanda Hood, Sue Howard, Jack Huey, Jack Hughes, Elaine Hull, Don Hun+, Failh Hun'i', Mary El- len Hun'I'. Sonny Hunl, Dick Hunizinger, Lar- ry Hunizinger, Marilyn Huse, Max Hurd, Belly Hyall, Don Hysong. Jim lce. Sandra Idle, Peggy Jackey, Al Jackson, Isaiah Jackson, Jim Jack- son, Carolyn Jakes. Esrher Jessup, Myrl Jeune. Beverly Jones, Jimmy Jones. Don Joslin. Mary Kauffman, Howard Keen, Maurice Keiih, Dick Kelly, Mary Lou Kendall. David Kessler, Arihur Kibby. Jack Ki+chen, Carolyn Kline, Waller Knepp, Lynell Kugler, Charles La Vallee, Connie Laman. Bill Lawson, Barbara Lay, Sue Lis- by, Suzanne Lindsey, Bonnie Low- ry, AI Lucas, Dean Lukens, Bill Lyon. Class ol l952 Madelon Marsh, Russell Manilold. Bilzy Mangas, Mary Jane Maliclc, Barbara McAllisrler, June Mc- Connell, Neel McCullough, Car- olyn McDonald. Dan McFarland, Barbara McMil- lan, Pal McNeil, Anabell Marlin, Pallie Marlin, Carolyn Massey, Trenl Maslers, Gene Mallhews. Pauline Malhison, Judy Mallhews, Nancy Maupin, Ronald Merigel, Dorolhy Menifee, Belly Miller, Glen Miller, Marie Miller. M-arilyn Miller, Joan Milliner, Jack Mills, Mary Ann Mills, Mil- lon Mills, Bob Milchell, Margie Milchell, Rose Mary Moneyhun. 'n Tom Moore, Paula Morgan, Noi- alyn Morrison, Belly Morse, Floyd Molsinger, Dixie Mundell, Jo Anne Munson, Belly Murdock. Roberl Murphy, Earl Mulers- paugh. Don Myers, Donna Myers, Palsy Myers, Claudelle Neal, Phyllis Newman, Phil Nibloclc. Sara Norbury, Susie Norris, John Norlon, Joan Odom, Barbara Onk- sen, Sleve Pakes, Bill Parlcs, John Pallon. Vivian Paschal, Janice Pallerson, Mae Dean Pallon, George Pavey, Rulh Peavler, Carolyn Peck, Vic Peck, Barbara Penry. Gene Pelers, Mary Pelerson, Shirley Pelerson. Verne Pelry, Vivian Pelry, Jim Pe- lry. Palricia Pills, Don Phillipe, Jean Pills. lnlra-mural' Aclion al "Y 123 Micl-winfer Mermaids Pose 121 Class of l952 Paul Plummer, Bonnie Poulson, Priscilla Precu p. Barbara Price, Edna Pursley, Bill Rawlin. Kenny Ray, Dave Rebenack, Jim Reclor. Kenny Reed, Mary Reed, Armand Rigaux, Jerry Reveal, Lorefla Re- veal, Nora Richard, Laura Riggs, Gene Riley. Gilberl' Robbins. Joan Robbins, Marlene Robbins, Mary Roberis, Far Robinson, Gordon Roedding, Sue Roland. Janalee Romine. Frank Rousey, Laura Rousey, La Vaughn Ruker, Nancy Rumler, Mo- na Runyan, Barbara Rushlon, Jim Sandifer, Annabelle Sayre. Judy Schrnaliz, Phil Schuberl, Ei- leen Shields, Jim Scoll, Garl Sharpe. Billie Joe Shaw, Mary Sheels, Nancy Shellon. David Sheward, Bob Shiewe, Bev- erly Shimer, Max Shouliz, Phyllis Shroul, Marll-ia Sink, Marlha Skel- lon, Bernadine Smilh. Beverly Sn-iilh, Bob Smiih, Carol Smifh, Chuck Smith, Doris Smilh, James Smilh, Juanila Smilh, Loren Smilh. Marvella Soverns, Dick Spangler, Dorolhy Spangler, Angela Sprague, Dixie Slaley, Bill Sfalnaker, Bob Sfalnaker, Margie Sllarr. Maurice Siarr, Janel Slephens Nancy Slephens, Pal Sleves, Car- olyn Sfewarl, Bill Sioner, Carolyn Sfickler. Parry Sfroud. Class of I952 Eddie S'+umpli, Lynn Slurgeon, Mel- vin Sunderrnan, Jim Sweigarl, Max Taylor, Ronnie Taylor, Rila Thal- cher, Joe Thomas. Pal Thomas, Bruce Thompson, Bel- ly Thurman, Carole Jean Todd, Jimmy Townsend, Jerry Trielsch, Raymond Turpen, Donna Turner. Nelda Tuxlord, Louise Tyler, Jim Vandergrill, Phyllis Vandevender, Delores Van Duyn, Elaine Van Zanl, Laura Vaughn, Trula Vaughn. Bob Vickers, Gordon Walker, Car- olyn Wash, Dick Ward, Bill Warm- ke, Huber? Warner, Don Way- mire, Bing Welch. Doug Welker, Mary Whillon, Jan- el Wiggins, Ray Wilhoile, Palsy Wilkins, John Willey, Aclelle Will- iams, Ann Williams. Judy Williams, Harold Wilson, Mary Wilson, Maxine Wilson, Ju- dy Wiseman, Gene Wolfe, Miriam Wolfe, Carl Wrighl. Jim Wrighl, Sue Wyafl, Jack Yales, Lyle York, Beverly Zear- baugh. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS-Jim Aull, presidenl: Kay Boardman, secrelaryg Alberl Ham- SPONSORS-Miss Mar- illon, vice-presidenl: and Marilyn Mills, lreasurer. gerel Vdndeveflfler and Sophomores Select Blue and White The sophomores chose lew- elry and class swealers. ln- dian heads and lepees adorn l953 rings and dark blue and while are The class colors. George Berry. SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-Firs+ row-sealed, Wall Bagol, Theodore Gulley. and Billy Mullins. Second Row-Jack Riggs. Linda Lewis, Judy Winkler, Jim Aull, Alberl' Hamillon, Geraldine Kelly, and Harold Gaw. Third Row-Tom Templelon, Shirley Campbell, Dale Benglson, Bobby Gaddis, Bruce Poore, Kay Boardman, Morris Howard. Marlha Arm- slrong, Dick Moore, and Marilyn Mills. 126 Class of l953 Nina Adkins, Shirley Alllerbach Margie Ahrendl, Jerry Alspaugh, Jack Appleby, Marlha Arrnslrong, Sylvia Arnold, Barbara Alwell. Jim Aull, Shirley Ayers, Wall Ba- gol, Belly Bailey, Larry, Ballard, Barbara Balser, Jerry Banker, Jim Bannon. Lawson Barger. Pally Barker, Jack- ie Barrell, Grover Basey, Elheld- red Balhauer, Joyce Beally. Dale Bengslon, Marly Beniamin. Leroy Bennell, Tom Bennell, Way- ne Benzenbower, Myrna Biddle, Cynlhia Bippus, D-on Birl, Carolyn Blackwell, Belly Blake. Joann Blazier, Janel Blume, Kay Boardman, Frank Boaz, Arnold Bod- kin, Kalherine Bohling, Ronald Box, Ramona Bowers. Pamela Boyer, Bill Boys, Jerry Bradford, Gerald Branch, Palricia Branch, Anne Brown, Jim Brown, Milo Brown. Bob Brundage, Delberl Bullard, Belly Bunch, Phyllis Burk, Phyllis Bushong, Clark Byrum, Joe Camp- bell, Shirley Campbell. Dick Canada, Jack Capinger, Marcella Carpenler, Gloria Car- per, Becky Caudle, Dick Chambers, Sonia Chambers, Marion Chapin. Bob Clark, Donna Clark. Duane Clark, Larry Clark, Shirley Cien- denin, Belly Clillon, Beverly Co- ble, Janice Cockerham. Carolyn Collins, Ross Collins. Joel- len Colvin, Carol Conley, Mall Conley, Carolyn Cook, Peggy Cook, Nancy Couch. Haskell Counls, Janel Cox, Jim Cox, Leroy Cox, Shirley Cox, Ro- berla Craib, Barbara Creiqh, Ro- berla Crilser. Dance, Cokes, Conversaiion Combined Class of I953 Don Crouch, Jerry Cummings Mary Ann Cunningham, Jerry Cur renl, Ray Daniels, Diane Davis Florence Davis, Marilyn Davis. Pal Davie, Bill Day, Bob Day, Dar rell Dean, Jim Deardufl, Charles Deering, Carolyn De Lawler, Rus Vic D-eWeese, Marilyn DeWiH Joan Diggs, Jack Dills, Lucille Dinwidclie, Joe DiPaola, Sara Dix on, Jane Dixon. Bob Dodd, Jim Dombroski, Joe Dolson, Lex Douglas, Violel Dug ger, Ann Dunbar, Shirley Dunlap Jerry Dunn. Pal Dunwiddie, Jerry Duranl, Jer ry Duvall, Phyllis Dykes, Belsy Dy son, Mary Ann Easl, Joan Ed wards, Phyllis Edwards. l l ' l ' l il sl ' l l ' l sell Dennis. l l ' l Bill Eldridge, Jerry Eslelle, Ronnie Erheringlon, Alberf Eulsler, Rich- ard Faux, Billy Jean Fells, Sam Ferree, Helen Fields. Carolyn Filer, Nancy Fisher, Janel Filzgerald, Alvin Flalh, Wanda Flall, Berniece Flora, Ronald Fol- ger, Faye Forgason. Janet Fosler, Ronald Fosler, Jer- ry Fox, Ronnie Fox, Dorolhy Frank- lin, Pal' Friel, Bob Gaddis, Sandra Garrelf. Pal Garringer, Harold Gaw, Ron- nie Gerlcins, Norma Gold, Ronald Gold. Monzell Goiodwin, B a r b a r a Graham, Don Granger, Roberl Greene, Tom Grant Theodore Gully, Fred Gulmire, E- laine Guyor, Don Gwalfney, Sarah Haines. l' Class of I 953 Marilyn Hanneman, Leslie Hall- garrh, Madelyn S'ue Hallery, Al- berl' Hamillon, Alice Hamillon, Roberl' Hamillon, Jeannie Han- cock, Ardarh Haley. Dick Harrzell, Jack Harper, Sa- 'Dona Harlman, Bill Harfley, Lou Ann Harf, Barbara Harris, David Harris, Ronnie Harris. Violel' Harvey, Shel'l'on Haskell, Belly Ha'Hr, Janel' Haven, Joyce Hawkins. Roberl' Hedge, Harry Hedges, Anna Hedgecrafl. Barbara Hedger, Richard Heena, Kay Hiesrand, Judy Heiden, Ar- nold Hendrickson, Jeanine Henn- ing, Dale Hensley, James Hensley. Kenr HiaH, David Hiday, Mary Hiday, Jerry Higginbolham, Wen- dell Hilligoss, Joyce Hise, Judy Hobbs, Mary Hodson. Nancy Holer, Dale Hoff, Carol Hoffman, Palricia Hollis, Mary Hollis, Shirley Hollingsworrh, Roberf Hon, Dion Hopkins. Barbara Hosek, Charles Hosler, Jo Anne Hofzel, Maurice Howard, Francis Howe, Barbara Huber, Al- len Huffman, Freda Hughes. Lowell Hughes, Jim Humerick- house, Fred Hulchins, Lowell Hui'- sell, Norma Hullon, Norman Hul- lon, Roberl' lmlay, Forresl' lmel. Bill lsaacs, Pal' Jackson, Janice James, Jioyce James, Mary Alice Jamerson, Carolyn Jarvis, Nola Jarvis, Lesrer Jaynes. Caryl Jenness, 'James Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Flora Jones, Jim B. Jones, Jim D. Jones, La Norma Jones. Rulh Jones. Joyce Judd, Irene Jusrice, Ardella Karns, Jane Keller, Ronald Kel'- fer, Dick Keirhley, Marsh Kellams, Connie Kelly. 12 ' :I 'a f J TY 'f Y'I"f'.EmM.Z5f?W5ff' My " "7Z1Sf5'i'Ti'In iZ55Y ' ,I-1' .1'.'f ' i 'f ' "" f , - , .I . .I .. . I5.2,II,II4I,.II I M35 .2 . . II:-I.. 1 . I , I ' wfII'.I 'Wan , I-wi J- 'A r I . XX z ' XX H .jj I 7 'LX ,Ifxggv 2,53 7 Q X ' , 1- ,, Qi 1 1- 5' I. , , 4 42.1-gL13f:t,' if al p . .. Qi .If X I -' ml! I?1 I 45? ' 'K H " I I - 3 '1 f.w'fT'4IsrwrwfffII.,.IIInIgggg .I ' ,fII.I I ,. XX .J .I II. e f ..A Q S ' I . ' ffei.1gItgq ' '- fQ2L:Ys,?f'1i.fQ ' -'.11fI.II rwgsmawwff - w I , , . . 2555552 ., I -. ' ' W ei sig 2 wzfj I f I H WW 'I ,, f I' JEI, W . 2555 .ti..ft.g,I2.-sw . , wa., , ', I'-in - Q,:f"i2 I , frI5IstI, Q M-I.. 1 v V X, . ., . 5 X, X X XXXXQ 1 ., , ,I, , . , My I . .. . .,,., ., I ,II , IMI W ..gfX..?...e .. ,, , f"iiUiIZ3ggf1qiI.1IwIzI.I..g., X ., , I, I, aggffgiggzzwvfw fawrgf I I ,y XIII, Ig.n.:I,g.:.g' ..fI- III. I-I ,f IMI., - I II-,.,,.,,I,I.I..I...-I... .I ,I II .III- I 'I I-frf'I:'2emff-:H zswswi' gif., 'ix' af'ff'f i'W'IIz2r ,'.ff' DI wi tfwee rI?aVf I Ia IiiIf'w"" fr'IeI1'fI"Sifi:: v .seI:.: if K WIT? ,, ,II ii lffgif 'vii I Ibn' -7 , 'l I 24 T ' 5355 If , ' L L15 SAIL' NSF? ' Q - - ef I . . 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I WEN 2 SI: , Iag , J., IXXX "., L' I. . I.. .X ,I 1 , A XIXXI X QI IIQX I X +X gm. Q 2IIIX.IX. Ir f ,C X If I rf W I Q I 1 I X 6X1 ya, , L X4 Is 52,3 X962 XX s wi? I I 1 I I 2 S I. I fr L I grad . ali. . ,, .gr M 3 I 1 J SS x wx eg K 5 3 ' I as 5 4 p I S A fa ,P L2 r V 4, X ' 'ew . QW, g ,X 'Zpnp I X YJ I are r Nl IQ .X Q ,I I I 'W J I. ri :I I ZW H. f I r' f W' I Y H ,Is I. AI, I I 1' AI B If . , , ., ' , fW"',I F IM' I M - I - I ..,,, -:M . , If , - uf' -X: .i e gg X- .I, ., -I: I'-,.I ,gg:22.f:- ll A Q l' -' . .I 3 1 2.2 L. Xe. 2,922 iii - , ' I. . I, A' ' . ' 7 1 :aff ,. . X XXX rr ' Z:21": is .. . I' Qifm fr" :.I2. Qfallfiilifwfi If gf If -. ,. . I I.,,II.,I.IIIII..IIII..I,..,,I..I..oI,IIII , . , ., ,..,...,N,,. . . ., X. A S- N , 1 4 i W, I ', 'wg ,f"'I , ff '-,WI 'if . , Ip- i' J' " , .. afflff ' ., 1 iii ::" I' r Y, 'fggf' rg 1 I- bf? ' 3' - .I 215257 ailiivi?-5, f. 1 ' ,i X.. 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I, ...Xl .. X , I.,I, . I., X XXXZ ,AX X ,X. ma I new ,I fIIff.If'II. ai , ,ff X-, . I: X I ,I IX.. I I I W . A r If' ':, '- :slim '!v:.. I .f sa fa "" ,if f AX I ,:f, L. -L ' r . 1 is W of 1 I 55 ,BX . M III-.f:.II :+ I Im..-I A 5, ,X ,II IX 4 we I I ae, PI f- ,I .I II I I Ml s II .I A fe Q A' ' K' .35 ' 0 9 " lbw I 'W ,135 3 gr fi, 4, I I ,. I . . , i 1 I' ' I f if :I I f .2 r ff I ml f if I I WI I Xf I , ,I 1 I 4 .IW X, .1 IX. HX. - 4 I fe II I I 130 ,L JH Class of I 953 James Kem. Gayle Kern. Jean Ann Kefner. Janef King, Jack Kirch- ner. Mabel Kline. Neva Knapp. Rulh Knorr. Shirley Ladey, Bryon Lar' Land. Jim Langan. Dar' i Jaynie Laudenbaclc. Toni Lawrence. Nancy Leasure. Marvir David Lenf. Janel' Lewallen, Linda Lewis, Eugene Lennis. Grela Liv- ingsron. Don Loclrwood. .,Ir Cenler Looper. Bob Luclc. James Lufes. Judy Lulz, Bruce Madran. Meridifh Marsh, Barbara Marshall, Mary Marshall. Janet Massey. Pearl Massey. Alice Mas+ers. Jim Maxwell, Jo Mc- Cabe. Karen McCarfy, Kay Mc- Carly. Herman McClain. Jo Anne McFarland, Naomi Mc- Gill. Billy McKowen. John Mc- Na++. Marilyn McNaH'. Ronald McWi+hey. Belly Pa? Mears. Bill Maffhews. Marilyn Melzer, Bob Miller. Bud Miller. Carl Miller. Dial: Miller. Freddie Miller. Mary Ann Miller. Shirley Miller. Jim Mills. Marilyn Mills. Billie Minniear. Carol Miserl, J. D. Moore. James Moore. Julia Moore. Max Moore. ' Richard Moore. Par Morehouse. Mernon Morris. Leah May Moser. Belly Molsinger. Jack Mullen, Bill Mullins. Lew Mullins. Charlene Mundhenk. Darlene Mun- dhenlc. Clinlon Murdoclr. Wal Murphy. Sam Myers. Joan Neff, David Newron. Mary Sue Niccum. Ann Nichols. Glenora Nicholson Carol Niece. Norma Nu++. Darrell O'Bryanl'. Ann O'Conner, Barbara O'Conner. Dorofl-ry Olive. 9. l Class of I 953 Mary Oliver, Ronnie Osborne, Wil- ber Osborn, Bob Owens, Sialeria Pancol. Jerry Parliar, Garland Parks, Lou lris Farmer, Marilyn Parrigin, Max Paschal. Ronald Paschal, Darrell Pallerson, Marilyn Perlrins, Phyllis Perry, Pal' Phelps. s Janel Phillips, Don Pierse, Mariel- len Pillslord, Carolyn Pollard, Da- vid Poore, Jane Poor, David Pol- ler, Rulh Qualls. Doris Roper. Jacl: Raper, Harold Ralz, Gwen Rawlin, Shirley Red- ding, Bob Reedy, Dick Reehm, Vir- ginia Reese. Belly Reeves, Phil Raicharl, Bob Reveal, Mary Lou Rhodes, Kay Rice, Saundra Rich, Charles Rig- gle, Jack Riggs. Ann Robbins, Rex Robbins. Shirley Robbins, Mary Sue Roberlson, Marvin Roney. Bill Rosecrans, l- nez Rousey, Margie Royer. Pal Rude, Belly Runyan, Orville Rushlon, Carmen Rulh, Marilyn Sacilowslci, Hal Salford, Janice Sample, Pally Samuals. Don Sanders, Bill Schallc, Dick Schallner, Nancy Schuberl, Gary Schusler, Barbara Scoll, Richard Segner, Gerald Sheels. Pally Sheels, Marla Shimer, Thel- ma Shorl, Herberl Shuck, Paula Silverman, Denny Simpson, Doris Simpson. Jack Sinlr. Lee Bizelove, Charles Smilh, Clarlce Smilh, Geraldine Smilh, Jaclc Smilh, Mary Margarel Smilh, Wally Smilh, Wilma Smilh. Sludenls Slrelch al' Hall-lime Class of l953 Kalhryn Snellenbarger, Sylvia Sny- der, Eddie Spangler, Georg Springer, Marilyn Slarr, Kalh leen Sleele, Charles Slephens Joyce Slleern. Marlha Slevens, Dorolhy Slev enson, Pal Slevenson, Darlen Sleves, John Slokes, Norma Sloh ler, Jean Ann Sloner, Jim Slol llemeyer. Sandra Slolllemyer. Marilyn Slow, Dick Slroels, Dorolhy Slurber, Judy Sylvesler, Velma Tale, Ronald Tay- lor, Tom Templelon.. Harold Thomas, Roberl Thomas, Helen Thurber, Gene Tilman, Ger- ald Todd, Julia Townsend, Nancy Trainer, Lois Tranbarger. Calherine Troup, Harold Troul, Phyllis Truebloocl, Lou Ann Turner, Doris Tway, Merlin Tyler, Janel Vanderhoof, Delores Van Ness.. Anila Van Zanl, Mary Vaughn, Al- pha Vesl. Lowell Vogel, Belly Vilade, Doug Wallace, Sue Wain- scoll, Jim Ward. Shirley Ward, Nancy Walson, Dwighl Weedman, Dorolhy Wells, Keilh Wendling, Bob While, Roge Whilehead, Lavina Widener. Phyllis Whilesel, Bill Wiese, Don Wilborn, Judy Winkler, Claire Windsor, Sheldon Wilde, Roberla Willis, Carol Ann Williams. John Williams, Tom Williams, Nancy Williamson, Joyce Wills, Norma Wilson, Dick Wirl, Helen Wise, Dallas Wood. Belly Woods. Jim Wrighl, Do Wyall, John Yarling, Leroy Yales Phyllis Yallaw, Jay York, Normar York. Larry Youkers, Duane Young, Ji Ydsl, Marcella Zaiser, Malrilyn Zehrung. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFlCERS-Larry Jones, pres idenlg Belly Taggerl, secrelaryg Yolanda Breeden, SPONSORS--Mrs. Lucille ireasurer, and Jerry Sandifer, vice-presiclenl. Railslbacli and Howard Burneli. FRESHMAN HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS-Firsi' Row-sealed, Larry Kilgore, Jerry Rhodes, Bob Flanigan, and Dick Sloner. Second Row-Garry Mills, Dave Bryan, Marjorie George, Marsha Dills, Lyle Crouse, and Don Hoffman. Third Row-Fred Scofl, David Granger, Fred Wrighf, Jack Rager, Gordon Van Winkle, Joe Tiplon, and Gary Babcolce. .133 Freshmen Initiated Into Life At AHS Freshman aclivilries cenler' around homerooms. lndivid- uals serve on Siudenl' Council and o+her cornmiliees design- ed Jro inlroduce Them To school life. Class of i954 Gary Aagesen, Billie Mae Adams, Donnella Adams. Allhea Agnew, Darrel Alexander, Mary Ann Al- exander, Wilma Alder, Dorolhy Allman. Belly Anderson, Joyce Anderson, Riia Anderson, Bob Armslrong. Jack Armslrong, Dale Asher, Joe Ashley, Marlene Auker. Eugene Aynes, Gary Babcolce, Car- olyn Bailey, l-lenrieila Bailey, Charles Balcer, Gloria Balmer, Lar- ry Balmer, Norma Balmer. Ronnie Baker, Howard Ball, Dean Bannon, Gloria Barker, Ruby Bar- lcer, Frank Barlcer, Kermir Barnes, Mariorie Barnes. Jacquilyn Barnhizer, Francis Baug- han Rosemary Baum, Jim Baies, Janice Bays, Richard Bays, Earl Beeson, Kay Ann Beeson. Bill Bell, Beverly Bengrson, Bob Beneiiel, Jerry Jean Benefiel, Duane Bennelr, Gene Bennerr, Bel'- ly Beneliel, Brilla Bilbrey. Joanne Birch, David Blades, Alice Blaizer, Nancy Boqgess, Barbara Bohannan, Janice Bohne, Jim Bohne, Karen Bollon. Bob Bonduranr, Charlene Bonge, David Boone. Dale Bouse, Norma Jean Bowerman, Norma Jean Bow- ers, Phyllis Bowman, Larry Bowser. Sue Boyer, Larry Branch, Judy Brandon, Yolanda Breeden. Sandy Brislol, Barbara Bronnenberg, Dan- ny Bronnenberq, Barbara Jane Brown. Belly Brown, Barbara Jo Brown, Bobbie Brown, Louise Brown, Dave Bryan, Shirley Ann Bumbalough Phillip Bunch, Dorofhy Burke. Jim Burlce, Paul Burlcharr, Marilyn Borroughs, Eddie Burfon, Tom Burfon, Jimmy Buxlon, Anna Marie Byrne, Dorolhy Cade. Class of I954 Al Campbell, Joyce Campbell, Judiih Capron, Donna Carlile, Pal Carraway, Gerald Carroll, Dor- is Carfer, Pairicia Carly. Naomi Case, Marlha Caulfman, Herschel Chamberland, l-lobarf Chandler, Mary Cheever, James Childes, Marlene Clark, M ax Clark. Barbara Cleaver, Dena Clemons, Lois Clifron, Vivien Clark, Judy Clore, Dale Closser, Danny Coble, John Cochran. Paul Cole, Kay Collings, Carol Collins, Palsy Collins, Jeannine Combs. Donald Coals, Phyllis Col- ner, David Couch. Francis Couch. Huber? Cox. Rox- anna Cox, Carl Craib, Jack Craig, Richard Craig, Shirley Crain, Cardis Criles. Marilyn Crosley, Lyle Crouse, Vir- ginia Crawford, Bill Cumberland, PaH'y Cunningham, Paul Dance, Connie Flo Danforlh, lrene Dav- idson. Frank Davis, Jimmy Davis, Judy Davis, Marlene Davis. Reba Dav- is. Tom Davis, Richard Dean, John Dearing. Joseph Dearing, Mary Decker, Jimmy De Shon, Anna Mae Dickey, Sharron Diggs, Marsha Dills, Bel- fy Dixon, Barbara Dodd. Jane Drennen, Jack Dugger, Don Duffill, Joyce Earhari. James Eisele, David Ellis, Kay Ec- keri, Gordon Edgecomb. Edward Edmonson, Harmon Ed- wards, Janei' Eichler, Peggy Elb- son. Class of I954 Sonya Eldridge, Virgil Eldridge, Roger Ellis, Beverly Enyeari. Kay Epply, Mark Erehiarf, Barbara Erlandson, Paul Esier, Donald Esile, Jess Eichison, Glen Ewing, Max Farlow. Jack Farren, Dick Fausf, Lallonna Felzien, Delores Fillman, Jimmy Finviell, Roberl Fisher, Bob Flan- igan, Hazel Floyd. Phil Foley, S'ue Ford, Sherry For- sler, Fay Forlh, Barbara Foss- meyer, Norma Fowler, Marvin Fraley, Billy Franklin. Eugene Franklin, Diane Fuller, John Fuller, John Fuller, Barbara Gaw, Connie Geniry, Delores Genfry, Milo Genlry. Margie George, Judy Gibson, Ann Gillaspy, Joyce Gilmore, Shirley Gilmore, Lois Gilpin. Ronnie Ginder, Mona Girfon. Anna Gloyd, Janel Goodwin, Pliyllis Goin, Sally Gooding, Charles Gordon, David Granger, Joyce Granger, Palry Gra nl. Bill Gray, Frank Gray, Phyllis Green. Rurh Ann Griffin, Ken? Griffilh, Barbara Groff, Wanda Gross, Mary Jane Gusfin. Wayne Guyol, Kay Gwynn, Shelia Hall, Mary Ann Hanaford, Parry Haney, Roger Hardacre, Kenny Harges, Bill Harless. Richard Harper, John Harrison, Ronald Harrison, Janei Harlley, Terry Hasly, Margarel Halhcoal, Larry Hair, Roberf Haven. Class of l954 Faye Hawkins, Max Hayden, Joyce Hays, Arnold Higgins, Billy Heid- eman, Shirley Hellems, Joe Help- ing, Beverly Hendricks. Charles Henry, Sandra Highbaugh, Sara Hinfon, Janice Hoard, Elva Sue Hodson, Donald Hoffman, Jack Holcrofi, Susie Holings- worfh. Richard Hope, Mary Hopfner, Jer- ry Hoppes, Roberf Horner, Don Hosier, Janef Howard, Norman Howard, Bill Hudson. Claire Hudson, Allen Huffman, Jack Huffman, Donald Hughes, Donna Hughes, Doris Hughes, Judy Hughes, Shirley Hukerson. iCarl+on Hull, Emily Hull, Helen Hull, Newell Hull, John Humer, Alice Humerick, Hal Hunf, Ken- nefh Hunf. Bob Hunfley, Gene Hunfzinger, Nancy Hursf, Virginia Hursf, Lin- da Idle, Janef lmel, Gary Imlay, l Bill Jackson. Georgia Ray James, Shirley Jar- reff, Norma Janney, Jim Jeffries, W Phyllis Jennings, Margaref Jessup, Roberf Jewell, Norman Johnson. i 'Paul Johnson, Billy Jones, Dennis Jones, Larry Jones, Mary Faiih Jones, Norman Jones, Ronald lJones, Janie Juclay. Don Julian, Fern Jusfice, Rosella hKarr, Elizabefh Keen. lMariIyn Keffer, Gracie Kelly, Lar- iry Kelly, Sandra Kemp. Juanifa Kemper, Delores Keith, ,Diane Keichner, Nancy Keifh. I l r i Heading for a Slumber Pariy 137 Class of i954 Jess Key, Larry Kilgore, Lucille Kiinm, Roberl Kirby. Bill Kirkpalriclc, D-avid Kernon, Phy llis Knorr, David Knolls. Judy Knolls, Vivian Kolenda, Jim Komenich, Dewane Krugler. Ronald Kunce, Eslella Laylon, Mary Lee Lane, Shirley Lane. Jarlc Laswell, Virginia Leonard, Phillip Levi. Dorolhy Lillord, Belly Line. Nor- ma Lycan, Eugene Lydiclc, Mary Jane McConnell, Kay McCul- lough, Judy McDaniel, Mildred lllclzall. Marilyn McGill, Richard McGuire, Belly Mclnlire, Lloyd McKay, Jim Mclieand, Evangeline McKin- ley, Berlha McMahan, Ruth Mc Millan. Danny McNeal, Don McNeal, Ma- cel Mabbill, Torn Mahoney, Marv Malone, Millord Marsh, Tom Mar- lin, Judilh Mason. Carol Maslers, John Maslers, Sam Malhews. Gail Maupin, Jacl: Max- well, Dick Maynard, Marie Mal- zer, Sharon Meyer. Beverly Miller, Dorolhy Miller, Dwiql-il Mills, Gary Mills, Charles Mills, Slanley Mills, Keilh Min- nick, David Milchell. Marilyn Milchell, Ray Minlon, Tom Moneyhun, Barbara Moore, Don- ald Moore. Norma Jean Moore, Pally Moore, Shirley Kaye Moore. Tom Moor, Charles Moreland, Ronnie Moran, Geraldine Mox- lzwinslci, Tom Murdock, Sandra Mu- maw, Charles Murphy, Donald Myers. Class of l954 Thornas Myers, Bill Needler, Mary Ann Neeley, Franlr Newman, Earl Newlon, Gwynn Newfon, Char- loile Nichols, James Ohler. Pafi Owens, Shirley Owens, Joe Parisi, Joanne Parker, Shirley Pai- ferson, Palsy Paflon, Don Peck, Barbara Peeples. Palricia Penrod, Glenn Perdue, Frances Perry, Charles Pelry, Jean- nelfe Peiry, Pai Pheanis. Jack Phillips, John Phillips. Palricia Pills, Rila Plovick, Jean Poffenbarger, Alexandra Pakes, Mariorie Poole, Shirley Poor, Bruce Poore, Bruce Pariner. Carolyn Presion, Rollie Price, Don Priesl, Bob Prifchard, Joy Pruilr, Charles Pryor, Don Pugh, Johnny Purdy. Bob Pursley, Sandra Quinn, Sarah Rider, Jack Rager, Virginia Ral- slon, Jack Raup, Fred Reagin, Barbara Redman. Morris Reed, Janis Renl, Larry Relherford, Norman Reveal, Car- rell Rhodes, Don Rhodes, Jerry Rhodes, Janel Richardson. Gladys Rigdon, Paul Riggs, Don- ald Rigney, Diane Ringo, John E. Rinlzer, David Roach, Dixie Rob- bins, Donna Roberls. Leon Rogers, Dorolhy Rogers, Maxine Ross, Elaine Rossin. Debby Rolruck, Diane Rouse, Wes- ley Rouse, Norma Rowe. Richard Roy, Carol Rush, Donald Rushfon, Joan Scha++ner. Noon Gossip-I3ih Sireel' Sifyle 139 V ' V?-'f 552 ' Vi : 25 " " - '- 1 . 3.' - V , A -V-V .V V G TV V K . " ' l - V. A , -V V- - , V V V K ki I , -, .k,- K, V- ,VVVi..Q :K,V-VK , X V H - K- '. - , F 4 rffewrg 'f , VVK , V5 -V Vw V -. V V A ,V V1 V V I 5 -V VV VV V. : 'V' yu V. V gn - f .' 1 ,VZ 3 .xl I ,. . C. 3,22 -Vi f gzb : V , In fx VAVNVV 7Q.:f, V . .K . , ,. ..,- V- . . ,V ,KV V V V . V Va - ' - - - 'V V "1 V V- - 'I 'IV 259112. 5f"+ff-,g:VgVgi'VG5VJMef:y1 :. VV Q-V V ' KV' ' 122 ' gg ' X' V 4 ' 4 .,,V ' K K 'V VV j- , ' j,' 1 VVVVV x 9, QV -V - "':3f1??r1ff f " ' ' ' V . V- V' f ' "' 1 - V V . " -Q .V - 'VVV .. - -- QV-sw, V Vg-qze V i - V- 'V ' . - 'Q-. J 3 ' V 'is K ' 'lxfn ' v 'f V -NMVVVJ V..-V -VV 'A' 'B' V 'P V ': ...'l':- ' 1i7f:fVVVs-bi. 'if VV VV .I A 'V f' . QVVVVQ- V 1' V '- V -- V' V VVVV V N 1 VVK Q-wg-fv'V K V 4 ' ' T' gg i f 3 -7.92--Ki K, 5 . 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Gwennelh Smilh, James Marlin Smilh, Judiann Smilh, Margie Smilh, Mary Smilh, Marvin Smilh, Maxine Smilh, Norma Smilh, Billy Snedelcer, Lewis Sllamm, Dick Slanqer. Bob Slanley, Jane Sleele, Sandra Sleele, Sue Ann Sleimer, Dave Slephens. Nancy Slephenson, Barbara Sler- rell, Lowell Slewarl, Sara Sllewarl, Pal Slevens, John Sloelling, Dick Sloner, Linda Slorey. David Sllolllemyer, Pal Slolllemyer Nancy Sloul, Henriella Slriclcler, Delores Slumpl, Janel Sue Slur- geon, Gilberl Swango, Janel Swel- nam. Jack Summers, Joanne Summers, Belly Taggarl, Sue Tapp, Mildred Talman, Barbara Taylor, Raymond Taylor, Dale Techlelmer. Class of i954 George Thanas, William Thomas, Kay Th7ompson, Larry Tipion, Joe Ed Tipfon, Belly Hooley, Janei Townsend, Thomas Tranbarger. Joan Trick, Sue Driffill, Bob Trin- kle, Mariha Turner, S'ylvesl'er Turn- er, Barbara Tuiile, Emily Jane Van Buskirk, D-onna Van Camp. Jack Van Cleave, Paula Vanderbur, George Van Osdol, George Van Winlcle, Elma Vaughn, Shirley Ven- 'i'ers, Donna Vermillion, Dick Vic- kers. Don Vance, Bennard Wade, Paul Wagner, Susie Wagner, Russell Wagner, Charles Walbridge, Rich' ard Waldron, Carol Ann Wardlow. Claris Warmke, Pafricia Warmke, Shirley Warner, Blondell Wailcins, Joyce Waymire, Wanda Weaver, Sandra Webb, Bill Webber. Reba Shuliz, Cyrilyn Welcher, David Wellingion, Mary Lou Wills, Jack Wesi, Sandra Weslon, Jackie Whiimore, Kenny Wicker. Jim Wicker, Jim Wiley, Judy Wil- ey, Juaniia Wilhelm, James Wil- kerson, Barbara Wilkins, Nellie Willhoile, Aliha Williams. Lois Williamson, Kenneih Willis, Willard Willis, Jerry Wilson, Si- gle Wilson, Joyce Wiiham, Pai- ricia Wiiham, Marilyn Whiiinger. Kaiie Wolgamoif, Cairol Ann Wood, Judy Wood, Elizabeih Wools, Tom Wools, Fred Wrighll, Gary Wrighi, Marilyn Wrighi. Roberf Wrighf, Malcolm Young, Pafricia Yergens, Karl Zurmuehlen, Richard Zook, Slandra Ziegler. Carole Zimmerman. 4 V. 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Darrell Bowlin, Gary Boyd, Roberf Browning, Richard Bryanl, Carolyn Burlon, Dwain Campbell, Beverly Carroll, Sharon Cooper, Herbert Cappel, Max Carson, Vfnlrer Chapin. Donna Colburn, Ciydene Cook, Sandra Cook, Bel- ly Davis, Leroy Davis. Carolyn Delph, Russell Dollar, Phillip Douglas, Fred Dunn. Marsha Ellinqwood, Sandra Elliolf. llaibara Foliz, Rex Fraley. Charles Gardner, Jack Gorley, Jack Gayle, Pal Gillespie, Jackie Gooding, Ramona Graddy, Jim Graham, Kalherine Grissom. Jimmy Hancock, Marlene Han- cock, Bill Haney, JoAnn Haney, Paula Haynes, Shirley Head, Bev- erly Healh, Jerry Herb. Dori: l'le'f'e-', Jac' Hollis, Rich- a-Ll liuifman, John Hulell, Harold ll" Wray, Arlie lluslon, Joe lre- len-gi, Tom Jeweil. Rebecca Jones, William Joyce, Phyllis Kelly, Richard Kelly, Wayne Kelly, Shirley Kimble, Harvey King, Roberia Lakey. Barnes Lalham, Frank Laylon, Joyce Laylon. James Leverelle, Belly Lusher, Bob Lyons, Barbara Mabbirl, Fred Maker. Charles Mallory, Darrell Marlin, Roberl Maxwell, Curlis McGuire, Wilma McKeand, Kalherine Mc- Kissick, John Menefee, Arrhur Minelield. Marlha Morris, Roberl Morrow, King Norlon, Angeline Pancol, Os- car Perry, Norma Porler, Beflyl Pyles, Herman Ray. ' l Class ot I 954 Shirley Reed, Jimmy Reeves, Shir- ley Rich, John Rinker, Tommy Rhodes. Ronald Ross, Diane Sam- son, Pat Sanders. Hope Sanderson, Gene Shepherd, Annette Sloan, Billy Joe Smith, Bonnie Smith, Georgetta Smith, Charles Stickradt, Don Stready, Mary Sumna, Tom Tombs, Carl Thomas. Keith Tracy, Shirley Vand- erhoot, Frank Vaughn, Frank Walk- er, Cecile Watson. Shirley Weatherly, Ron Wheeler, Barbara Williams, Jackie Wellons, Nelda Williams. Kenny Wise. Nor- man Woodard, Mona Woiodrutt, Carol Yattaw, Sophomores-Nam cy Owens, Clarke Smith. Glue, Sweat, Sleepless Nights Tell Story of Pictures Glue on ourhands and clothes-sweat on our toreheads-circles under our eyes trom those sleepless nights-each an indication that we've worked on the underclass picture panels. Now at last they're donel We mutter a thanktul phrase, lean back in our chairs, and count to teh betore we begin breathing regularly again. Those pages ot pictures look very insignitican lyingon the desk betore us now. They can't te their "backstage story." The headaches we go trom trying to match the pictures with the cor- rectly spelled names, the groans we gave whil we pasted the pictures on the cardboards t send to the engravers. they're all compiled in th pages staring up at us. But this is the end. The section is complet and here are gathered names and tlaces to lo "headliners" in tuture senior activities. t ll t 143 School Board Miss er ru e o Mr. Jay E. MiTchelI, SecreTary Mr. Archie R. Chadd, Super: T d T Mr. RoberT l-l. George, PresldenT Mr. John A. Jones, B d M b Mr. Jack B. Camp M . . r.,sicor I. I Mrs., Geneva CarTer B d M b Superintendent and Board Are Hub of School System Archie.R. Chadd y O COOS As The hub of The greaT wheel oT educa- Tion, A.R.Chadd, SuperinTendenT. and mem- bers oT The Board oT School TrusTees have a deTiniTe parT in The rouTine oT The public school sysTem of Anderson. These people musT work aT Top raTe eTTiciency To keep The high school and oTher public schools of The ciTy humming in apple-pie order. The basis oT Their never ending work is To provide The young people oT Anderson wiTh The besT possible opporTuniTy Tor an educa- Tion which will equip Them now, and Tor years To come, Tor living and upholding The high American sTandards. Enoch S. Drumm 144 Responsibilities of AHS Rest In Administration Keeping a large school like AHS in good running condi- tion is the responsibility ot G. E. Ebbertt, principal: Wi ll ia m Hutchison. vice principal: and Mrs. Marjorie Austin. registrar. Undertaking such details as building programs, helping stu- dents organize their school pro- jects, and tiling taculty and stu- dent records are just a tew ot the items that have to be done each day. With all their daily worlc we still see their tamiliar taces at a large number ot student ac- tivities and sports events. show- ing that they also enjoy their worlc. G. E. Ebbertt Principal William Hutchison lvlrs. Marjorie Austin V' P' 'p I R Q' ICG- l'Il'ICl 5 e istrar Mrs. Mignon Anderson Bahney Dean ot Girls Howard Armstrong Dean ot Boys Have A Problem? Do What 2300 Students Do--See The Deans Could you check and write permits tor six hundred students in less than one and a halt hours? Not many could but that is what Mrs. Mignon Anderson Bahney, Dean ot Girls. and t-loward Armstrong, Dean ot Boys, did during the winter when so many students were absent because ot the heavy snows. Even though the deans are busy, since they also teach classes. we tind that they still have time to help us with our small but pressing problems. You will always tind their doors open to any Al-IS student or parent. Many may not recognize Miss Anderson by her new name which she changed in April by repeating marriage vows with Guy Bah- ney ot Ohio. k SECRETARIES-Seated-Mrs. Mary Norris, Trades and lndustry ottice, and M Virginia Thompson Counseling ottice Standing--Pat Jones and Mrs Barbara M C ll gh l'l gh Sh l tt d M B tty S l Athl tt U ' - ' . ' . i c oo o ice, an iss e :ze ove, etic o ice Secretaries Unsung Efficiency Experts 2 2 There are numerous "sec- retary iolces," but we will tore- go them in tavor ot a tew words ot praise tor the splen- did iob the Al-lS secretarial f statt does to keep the school running smoothly. Keepino tiles and papers orderly and accurate is quite a taslc in a school as large as Anderson high. i 1 i 146 Faculty In Administration A student doesn't realize the extra work ot several AHS taculty men who hold ad- ministrative ottices until he has torgotten his locker combination, wants a tront row seat tor the sectional, or has a personal problem. These problems are the type un- der the iurisdiction ot the tour men shown at the right. ADMlNl'STRATlVE OFFICIALS-Seated-Frecl Stoler, Supervisor ot the Loclcer Ottice, and J. Merrill Cottin, Athletic Ticlfet Manager. Standing--Douglass Brown, head ot the Counseling Ottice, and Howard Lindsey, Director ot Visual Aides. AHS lnitiates Librarian, Nurse Entering the halls ot Al-lS tor the tirst time were Mrs. Claire Moser replacing Mrs. Alma Marshall, tormer school nurse, and Miss Angeline Pancol replacing John May, tormer librarian. Both were greeted with innovations. The nurse's ottice was moved to a new location in Room lOl. Miss Pancol got her initiation into AHS by sharing her domain with the bookstore. LIBRARIAN AND NURSE-Miss Angeline Pancol, Lib- rarian, and Mrs. Claire Moser, Nurse. Custodians Always On Job Keeping the school clean and in good shape is the iob ot the Al-lS custodians. Otten they remain at the school until late at night malcing sure everything is ready tor school the next day and repairing any tacility that may be out ot order. A small monlcey, which one ot the custodians kept in their quarters most ot the time, turnish- ed them with a lot ot laughs and enter- tainment during the year. CUSTODlANS-Freeman Bray, Ward Haines, Joe Ring, Dallas Wheat, and Ernest Brown 1 Trades And Industries TRADES AND INDUSTRIES-Row l-Gordon Julius, R. W. Julius, Jesse l-lunTzinger, Joseph Dye, deparTmenT head: John Garrigus, and J L Hale Row 2-Raymond GriTTiTh William James, lnclusTrial co-ordinaTor Howard Sharpe, E C V l V Sh D P gh d G g B y . ilars, ern inn, ane u ,an eore err. The hum and The grinding oT machinery. The clank oT worlc Tools, The buzz oT saws, all are an indicaTion ThaT The TuTure pro- ducT designers, machinisTs, paTTern malc- ers, prinTers, and oTher skilled laborers , . are being Trained in The classes and shops oT Anderson l'ligh. The Trades and ln- dusTry DeparTmenT is Tor The pre-ap- prenTice and Technical sTudenTs. Faculty Year Includes Dinners, Parties and a Drenehing "l'm singing in The rain, iusT singing in The rain." Perhaps Ray Sherman, hosT To The mens' TaculTy club, could gaily sing in his sliclcer. buT his guesTs wiThouT raincoaTs, and compleTely drenched TelT more like singing The blues. SepTember 20 Mr. Sherman in- viTed The men To a picnic aT a small park sev- en or eighT miles Trom his orchard. l-le also provided TransporTaTion in his apple picking wagon. UnTorTunaTely he hadn'T consulTed The weaTherman. The evening concluded wiTh Mr. Sherman driving his guesTs home in a down pour in The wagon "wiThouT a conver- Tible Top." This was merely one oT Tive par- Ties The men held' This year. Everyone has heard The rouTine "ls iT a bird? ls iT a plane?" lT was mosT appropriaTe aT The mens' ChrisTmas gaThering on Dec- ember l3 aT The ConservaTion Club when The varieTy oT small and unuseTul girTs was being exchanged. The "Tairer sex" are Tamous Tor Their de- baTing abiliTy. The ladies TaculTy group debaT- ed all This year wheTher or noT To conTinue as a club. We have no noTes on The conTesT, buT The aTTirmaTive side musT have won since They held Two meeTings This year and voTed To hold Two nexT year. AT The TirsT meeTinq in February The mem- bers elecTed new oTTicers. Miss Rive Todd was chosen To replace Miss Alice l-ligman as presidenT. and Miss Lois Long elecTed To re- sume The duTies oT Mrs. Virginia Vermillion, secreTary-Treasurer. On April 30 CriTchley's was The scene oT anoTher dinner wiTh Tried chiclcen being The menu highlighT. A wedding and Tarewell giTT was presenTed To Mrs. Mignon Anderson Bahney who was married earlier in The monTh. 148 Foreign Languages Household Arts FOREIGN LANGUAGE-Sealed-Mrs. Edna Whil- son, deparlmenl head, and l.. J. McClinlock. Slanding-David Marlyru, and Agnes Scoll, subsli- luie for Mrs. Eslher Buchanan. Wilh lhe lheme "one world" becoming more emphasized, knowledge ol olher languages and peoples is essenlial. Lan- guage subiecls like Lalin, French, and Spanish slress lhe sludy of lhe cusloms ol lhe counlry as well as lhe language. HOUSEHOLD ARTS-Sealed-Mrs. Agnes Brock, Miss Celia Carson, deoarlmenl' head, and Miss Rive Todd. Slanding-Dorolhy Riggs, Mrs. Edna Rhynearsori and Mrs. Miqon Anderson Bahney. "Cooking wilh gas,"or eleclricily, mod- ern homemakers need lo know lhe mosl el- licienl manner. This is one ol The lessons laughl in lhe l-lousehold Arls Deparlmenl. The oleparlmenl also provides The answers lo numerous homemaking problems. Ray Fleenor relales one of his hum- erous si'l'ua+ion s+ories +o Leo Sand- ers, Horace Wilson, Lowell Lee, George Berry, and Roberl Mc Dowell in 'lhe Men's Lounge Gefiing lhe mail and chailing iusl before classes begin are Mrs. Viv- ian Maine, Miss Alice Higman, and Miss Margarel' Vandevender. 149 English The publiciTy agency oT AHS is The English deparT- menT. lT shows iTs wares To The public Through speech and dramaTic producTions like The play "Our Town," in publica- Tions like The X-Ray and ln- dian, and Through creaTive work published in naTional an- Thologies. The deparTmenT also has a laboraTory English course Tor slow readers, which emphasizes correcTive meas- ures. ENGLISH-SeaTed-Mrs. Helen Hughes, Mrs. Virginia Vermillion, Mrs, Helen PresTon, Mrs. Evelyn Grahame, deparT- menf head, Miss Lois Long and Miss Dorofhy Campbell. STanding-Frank Wo- schiiz, Miss EsTher Hoskins, Miss Alice Higman, Mrs. Ina CruTchTield, Ralph Boyd, Miss Mary Miller, Clarence Burns, Mrs, MargueriTe Hale, Howard BurneTT and Miss MargareT Vandevender. Social Studies PracTical applicaTion oT The Theories oT governmenT Tea- Ture The worlc oT The Social STudies d'eparTmenT. STudenTs observe on visiTs To The sTaTe capiTol aT legislaTure Time and To WashingTon D. C. during spring vacaTion. They parTic- ipaTe in governmenTal acTiv- iTies aT such Things as The model U.N. Assembly, and They do research wiTh a pur- pose while preparing speech- es Tor oraTorical conTesTs. SOCIAL STUDIES-S e a T e d-Charles Denny, O. L. Springer, Mrs. Mary KiT- Terman, George Davis, deparTmenT head, Mrs. Ella Goss and Miss Virginia LindsTrom. STancling-James Early, John Finney, Bryon Helfrich, J. J. Bailey, J. Merrill Coffin, Ray Fleenor, and Clif- Tord SwiTT. Mathematics The sum oT x is? Well, iT depends on The circumsTan- ces, but you'll be able To Tind ouT The answer Through The courses in The AHS maTh de- parTmenT. All phases oT maTh- maTics are TaughT Trom The basic 2 plus 2, To The com- plicaTed' calculus. MATHEMATICS-SeaTed-Fred SToler, Basil T-losier, deparTmenT head, Miss There'e Bowen, and Elgin Todd. Sfancling -l-lerberT Miller, Claud Roney and Fred Weaver. B ological Sciences DissecTing Trogs, sTudying a skeleTon, and gaThering leaves are all included in The biological s c i e n c e deparT- menT. QuiTe a combinaTion- but a con'ibinaTion Tor an ad- equaTe Toun daTion in The science Tield. The acTions oT man, planT, and animal are The main TacTs TaughT in This deparTmenT. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE-Sea+ed-Jesse STuTsman, deparTmenT head, Mrs. Mar- gareT Doles, T-Toward Eilar and Roberl' McDowell. Standing-Douglass Brown, Leo Sanders and Max Beigh. Business Education Typing experience, book- keeping meThods, shorThand, sales Technique, and realistic business Training, are essenT- ial needs Tor anyone who plans To Take up business as a ca- reerg Teaching These business pracTices is The iob oT The bus- iness educaTion deparTmenT. BUSINESS EDUCATION-Seated-Mrs. Marjorie AusTin, Miss KaTherine Brown, department head and Mrs. Lucile Rails- back STandin Max Bei h Ral h - 9" Q - P Shields, GilberT PearT, l'lerberT Lyon and Donald Bowen. Art One has only lo loolc al some ol+hepos+ers,convoca+ion scen- ery, and lhe display case made by lhe Arr Deparlmenl lo see Jrhe slcills 'rhal Mrs. Elise Mulvihill and Mrs. Mary McFarland are leaching lheir arl class sludenls who in lurn are loolcing foward +he lulure as arlisls or design- ers. Arl-Mrs. Elsie Mulvihill and Mrs. Mary McFarland, deparlmenl head. Vocational Ag. Teaching boys lhe funda- menlals ol farming in a high school is a man-sized iob and AI-IS has one man lo do il. I-lo- race Wilson, vocalional agricull- ure inslruclor. is lhe man. Mosl ol lhe sludenls gel praclical experience by pulling lheir Jrheories lo work on lheir own farms. Each year lhe boys also compele in slale agricullural conlesls. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE-Horace Wilson. Physical Science A peculiar smell in lhe base- menl ol lhe annex around Room I I idenlilies lhe chemislry lab- oralory, familiar lo many And- erson I'Iigh School sludenls. Despile foul smelling mixlures produced in lhis laboralory, lu- lure scienl'is'l's ol America are learning The principles ol chem- islry. PHYSICAL SCIENCES-Lowell Lee, B. B. I-lorlon, deparlmenl head, and B. R. Slewarl. Music Casey may walTz wiTh The sTrawberry blonde buT The AHS band plays on. AT num- erous school acTiviTies we Tind Them playing Tor The crowd's enioymenT. Of course The orchesTra will also be remem- bered Tor iTs perTormance aT The senior BaccalaureaTe and CommencemenT services. MUSIC-Richard Rencenberger, Miss Mary f'LuTh Palmer, and Thomas Clem, deparTmenT head. Physical Education Swing and sway was added To The Physical EducaTion De- parTmenT This year in The Torm oT modern dancing TaughT by Mrs. Barbara DieTrich and KeiTh LamberT. AnoTher inno- vaTion was an inTramural bas- lceTball league Tor The boys. Gym sTudenTs parTicipaTe in groups in These acTiviTies. Bonge, deparTmenT head, and Mrs. Barb DieTrich S d J E l d K am er . Safety "Hold iT To The righT. ThaT's iT, now cuT hard." These are merely insTrucTions given by a driver Training Teacher To a novice aT The wheel. NOT all schools provide The advan- Tage oT This course and The classes are well Tilled. The de- parTmenT has a dual conTrol I95I Mercury and a l95O ChevroleT. PHYSICAL EDUCATION-SeaTecl-C a r ara . Tan ing- ames ar y, an eiTh L b T SAFETY-Sealred-M rs. Barbara DieTrich Howard Lindsey, and WalTer Manif Standing-George Berry, Lowell Lee, Herman HalleTT. old and Achenbach, Phyllis 26, 31, 41, 91 Adams, Donald 91 Alllerbach, John 57, 91 Alexander, Jack 91 Alexander, Janel 91 Amick, Belly 42, 91 Anderson, Harold 30, 47, 69, Appleby, Linda 91 Armslrong, Joan 91 Alkinson, Bill 91 Auslin, Harold 32, 91 Backus, Dallon 91 Balcer, Mary Nell 91 Baker, William Eugene 91 Baker, William Everell 91 Ball, Belly 91 Ball, David 55, 91 Bankslon, Carroll 39, 45, 91 Barger, Ted 92 Barnes, Carol 92 Barnes, Cynlhia 42, 48, 92 Barnes, Donald E. 92 Barney, Palricia 92 Barrell, Barbara 32, 92 Baleman, Beulah 92 Belangee, Joan 42, 92 Belangee,i .ichard 13, 92 Bennell, Annolla 92 Bennell, Max 92 Benzenbower, Sarah 92 Bevelhimer, Tom 92 Blades, Carol Sue 92 Blake, Aneda 92 Bodlxin, Geneva 92 Bohannon, Morona 92 Bolen, Dorolhea 92 Bonner, Lucille, 11, 93 Bradley, Jessie M. 45, 93 Brandon, Carl 93 Brandon, Joe 93 90,91 Senior Index Copeland, Waller 40, 43, 95 Cox, Ronald 95 Craib, Avis 42, 95 Craig, Marlha 11, 22, 41, 42, 51, 95 Creek, ,oberl 95 Crouch, Joanna 42, 95 Currenl, Donald 23, 26, 31, 40, 42, 85, 95 Cuneo, Jack 95 Dailey, Wayne 95 Davis, Barbara 83, 84, 95 Davis, Clarence 95 Davis, Palricia 13, 88, 95 Dawson, Ronald 47, 55, 64, 95 De Camp, Marilyn 48, 52, 95 DeLawler, Rosalyn 42, 48, 56, 95 47, 64, Delph, Thomas 22, 29, 40, 47, 69, 90, 96 De Shong, Doralene 48, 96 Dew, James 57, 96 Dillman, Charles 57, 96 Dills, Jeanne 96 Dixon, Donald 34, 40, 42, 47, 60, 69, 75, 81. 96 Dodd, Phyllis 93, 84, 96 Douglas, Roberl Lee 117 Downes, Dorolhy 53, 96 Drake, Floyd 96 Durrer, John 23, 96 Dye, Thomas 54, 59. 117 Ebersole, Mary 34, 42, 43, 55, 96 Edgecomb, Jorella 29, 34, 42, 96 Eglen, Judilh 23, 26, 32, 36, 41, 55, Ellingwood, Jack 53, 57,96 Elli-, Eileen 34, 96 Ellis, Lena Rose 22, 46, 83, 96 Evans, Sue 22, 54, 83, 96 Fadely, Richard 97 Breece, Carol n Sue 22, 41, 48, 90, 93 Y Brewer, Belly, 93 Roberl 117 Bricker, Bridges, Julia 93 Bridges, Norma 93 Brillon, Jean Ann 93 Brown, Harvey 93 Brown, William E. 93 Brummell,, lJVyrnelh 93 Brundage, Gene 93 Bruner, Louise 93 Brunk, Chrisline 93 Burke, Palrick 79, 93 Burnworlh, William 40, 51, 93 Burlon, Barbara, 52, 93 Buller, Elaine 54, 58, 94 Byrne, Lila 94 Faux, Palricia 97 Feller, Jerry 97 Fells, Janel 97 Felzien, Belly Jane 48, 97 Fields, Jack 97 Fleenor, Clella 32, 55, 97 Flelcher, Jo Ann 97 Flowers, Jacqueline 97 Ford, Jack 46, 97 Forsler, Barbara 48, 97 Fousl, ldamarie 97 Fowler, Keilh 97 Fraley, Dale 47, 81, 97 France, Paula 22, 29, 37, 41, 42, 48, Frendl, Loren 47, 60, 64, 67, 97 Furnish, Carolyn 97 Garner, Weldon 97 Ga rrell, Joanna 98 Byrum, Rila Sue 22, 36, 42, 46, 55, 94 Camp, Pansy 94 Campbell, Edwin 7, 22, 34, 40, 42, 47, 85, 94 Canlerbury, Richard 23, 34, 40, 47, 69, 94 Carlisle, Joyce 94 Carlson, Charles 94 Carpenler, Donald 47, 64, 94 Carroll, Maureen 23, 27, 41, 48, 51, 55, 94 Carler, George 94 Caullman, Richard 90, 94 Chadd, William 62, 94 Chambers, Roberl 94 Chase, Julia 94 Clyde, Joyce Ann 48, 53, 83, 84, 94 Cobb, Janel 83, 84, 94 Cochran, Benny 95 coffin, Jane 22, 27, 34, 41, 48, 90, 95 Colvin, Jack 95 Conrad, Caroline 31, 32, 42, 48, 52, 95 George, Belly Ann 32, 98 Gerard, Kennelh 98 Gibson, Roberl 30, 98 Gillam, Jessie Ann 98 Gillespie, Helen 98 Gilpin, Jo Ann 42,98 Ginley, Eugene 98 Gloyd, Donald 98 Goodwin, Jack 98 Granger, Richard 98 Greene, June 23, 27, 41,98 Groce, Palricia 55, 98 Gudgel, Susie 22, 31, 98 Gulmire, Donald 22, 27, 98 Hains, William 98 Hall, Herberl 98 Hamlin, Wilma 52, 98 Handley, Bobby Jo 23.42, 99 Haney, Hobarl 26, 99 154 96 55, 97 Haney, Ollie May 99 Hardacre, Lowell 27, 36, 54, 90, 99 Hardin, Jane 23, 41, 48. 54. 90. 99 Harless, Donna Lou 99 Harmon, Sue Ann 22, 41, 48, 99 Harris, Donald 40, 47, 64, 99 Harshman, Rulhann 99 Harlman, Nancy 99 Hallield Reuben 99 Healh, William 99 Hedger, Marjorie 99 Heiden, Roberl 30, 99 Hellems, Nancy 99 Henderson, Donald 55, 99 Hensley. Jack 99 Hiall, David 99 Hiall, Jerry 100 Hickman, Palricia 41, 48, 100 Hicks, Donna 100 Highbaugh, Jeannine 42, 59, 100 Highbaugh, Larry 36, 43, 46, 55, 100 Hilboll, John 55, 57, 100 Hiles, Marie 53, 100 Hill, Donald 22, 36, 100 Hines, Larry 23, 40, 54, 78, 100 Hisle, Pal 100 Holer, Bealrice 100 Holding, Belly 100 Holl, Marilyn 100 Hook, Olis 100 Hoover, Edilh 100 Hopkins, Judy 100 Hoppes, Rosalie I00 Hornbeck, George 100 Howe, Helen 45, 101 Hudson, Harry G. 101 Hullman, Rozella 45, 101 Hughes, Carolyn Sue 52, 101 Hughes, Janel Mae 101 Hull, De Wayne 40. 42. 101 Hull, Norman 101 Hunlzinger, Jack 30, 101 Hullon, Gerald I01 lmel, Vera 101 Jackey, Jacqueline 101 Jackson, Barbara 4, 23, 48, 52, 101 Jackson, Elaine 101 Jackson, Roberl 101 Jenness, Roberl 101 Jessup, Mary Louise 101 Johnson, Suzanne 22, 23, 24. 2 45, 48, 51, 54,101 Jones, Jacqueline 101 Jones, James M. 102 Jones, Max 102 Jones, Palricia Ann 23, 43, 102 9, 38, 41, 43 Jones, Richard D. 22, 40, 42. 47. 60. 58. 89. 102 Kardalzlce, Mary Lee 32, 43. 54. 102 Karl, John Roberl 102 Keller, William 102 Keller, Roberl 102 Kelly, Donna 102 Kelly Merle 102 Kendall, Joyce 43, 102 Kendall, Norman 30, 40, 102 Kennedy, Dolores 102 Kershner, David 102 King, Beverly 102 Kirchenbauer, Pally Ann 56, 102 Kline, James 46, 102 Kreigh, Glenn 59, IO2 Krieg, Francis 103 Kulclenslci, Irene 103 Kuklenslci, Therese 103 Lamar, Roberla l03 LaPierre, Don 32, 37, 40, 42, 90, Leever, Gary 30, 40, 60, 79, I03 Lellel, Jack I03 I03 Leller, Shirley 23, 34, 42. 43, 46, 52, 88, 90, IO3 Levi, Jerry 29, IO3 Lewis, Belly Lou IO3 Lewis, James 37, 52, IO3 Lighllool, Maxine IO3 Line, Caryl 42, IO3 Lineberry, Russell IO3 Lines, James IO3 Lilzenberger, Judilh 48, 53, IO3 Looper, Kennelh 30, IO3 Lowe, Marvin 47, 86, IO3 Lowe, Bob 60, IO4 Lusher, Barbara 22, l04 McCarlney, Donna IO4 McClain, Roberl 47, 75, IO4 McDowell, Keilh 5l, I04 McElderry, Rulh 23, 4l, 42, 48, McFadden, Doris 23, 48, IO4 McGill, Janel 7, I04 McGonigIe, Lora Jo 34, 43, 48, McKee, Evalee 48, IO4 McLain, William 23, IO4 McMillan, Mary Ann IO4 McNall, Ronald IO4 Marlin, Charles N. IO4 Mackey, Mary Palricia 3I, 48, Mangas, Belly ll, 48, IO4 Mangas, xoland IO4 Marsh, Charles IO4 Marlin, Roberl I07 Maslers, Arlhur IO7 Malhews, Roberl D. 45, 64, I07 Maxwell, Frank I07 Miller, Donna 23, 4l, 48, IO7 Milliner, Roberl l07 Mills, Carolyn 36, 4l, 46, IO7 Minniear, June 53, 90, I07 Milchell, Anna 58, IO7 Moore, Beulah 3I, 48, IO7 Moore, Coralene 43, 48, I07 Morrow, Earnesleen IO7 Mollo, John 65, IO7 Muchmore, Jo Allen l07 Muller, Roberl I07 Murlin, Alma 27, 42, IO7 Myers, Edward 23, 40, I07 Myers, Sally 56, IO7 Newlon, Faye lO8 Nicholson, Lela IO8 Nicholson, Wanda lO8 Noelzel, Winilred 45, IO8 Norris, Mary Jean I08 Norris, Rulh Ann I08 Nollingham, Warren 30, IOS Nyboer, Charles I08 Oberlies, Helen 48, IO8 Ogden, David l08 Oleksy, Roberl I08 Olive, Janell I08 Owen, Melva IO8 Pavey, Carl I08 Penrod, Loren l08 52, 55, IO4 IO4 IO4 Phillips. Jerry 22, 4o, 47, sa, 74, 84, los Pilser, Lowell IO8 Poor, Roberl IO8 Poole, Edwin IO9 Poole, Robarl I09 Poor, Marlha 32, IO9 Poore, Kenl 4, 47, 60, 75, 78, IO9 Porges, Beverly 23, 3I, 34, 42, 46, 58, 5l, IO9 Porler, Dale 47, 60, 64. IO9 Preslon, Judilh IO9 Priesl, Sue 22, 29, 37, 42, 55, IO9 Purkey, Dallas IO9 Rainer, Donald IO9 Rains, Dallas Gene 26, 40, 42, 46, 80, 34. IO9 Ralz, Virginia IO9 Reasner, Palricia II, 4l, IO9 Reclor, George 30, I09 Reclor, Roberl 47, l09 Reddy, Barbara IO9 Redick, Palsy II, l09 Reeder, Dorolhy 45, I09 Rhea, Kennelh 22, 32, 37, 40, 46. 55, IIO Rice, Rex 32, 5I, IIO Richards, Ruby IIO Ricker, James IIO Riley, Thomas Il0 Robbins, Phyllis Il0 Rolaerls, Larry IIO Robinson, Danny 3l, 40, 43, 79, IIO Jogers, William IIO Rose, Jerry 23, 3I, 34, 40, 42, IO6, Roush, Barbara 22, 48, 55, IIO Rowe, James I I0 Rumler, Phyllis IIO Sallord, Janice 29, 34, 42, 43, 48, IIO Sargenl, Marie 42, IIO Savage, Dan ll0 Schieve, Donald 37, 42, 47, IIO Schildmeier, Gwendolyn III Schmidl, Clyde III Schmidl, Jack I I I Schock, Elaine 23, 26, 3I, 4l, 42, III Schuyler, Dan 34, 42, Ill Scoll, Mary Elizabelh Ill Seal, Roberla 34, 42, Il I Sellers, Roberl Ill Senseney. ,oberl 90, Ill Sexlon, Beulah Ill Sexlon, Kay III Seyberl, Carolyn 23, III Shaw, Deloris Ill Shelby, Donald III Shepherd, George 30, Il I Sherman, Dora Joan 53, Ill Sibery, Neal 40, III Sipe, Donald II2 Sizelove, Joanne II2 Sloan, Roberl 59, II2 Smilh, Clillord I5, II2 Smilh, Geneva II2 Smilh, Mildred II2 Snowden, James 40, Sl, II2 Sokol, Richard II2 Somers, Carolyn 48, II2 Soulhers, Jacqueline II2 Sowash, Richard 3l, 36, 55, II2 Spearman, Jack 27, 32, 42, 90, II2 Sprague, Charlolle II2 Slallord, Richard II2 Slaggs, Donald II2 Slanley, Donna II2 Slanley, Joan II2 Slanley, Max 47, 64, 67, II2 Slanley, Virginia II3 Slansberry, Nancy 22, 32, II3 Slarrell, Delores 90, II3 Slearns, Daine 26, 36, 46, 48, 55, II3 Slephens, Carolyn II3 Slephens, James F. II3 Slephenson, Diane 90 II3 Slern, Phyllis II3 Slerrell, Elsiann II3 Slevens, Don Il, II3 Sluarl, Jackie II3 Slevens, Joseph II3 Slewarl, Julia 43, 54, II3 Slieber, Kempy II3 155 Slilh, Anna II3 Sloul, Charles II3 Slow, Richard 85, II3 Slrickler, Iris 53, II3 Surber, Lois II3 Surlace, Belly II4 Surlace, Charles 29, 32, 36, 5I, II4 Swain, James II4 Swango, Arnold II4 Tanner, James 53, 57, II4 Tale, John II4 Taylor, Carl II4 Taylor, Frank II4 Taylor, Lola Marie II4 Teelers, James II4 Thompson, Doris II4 Thompson, Richard 22, 27, II4 Thompson, Qoberl, 22, 23, 55, II4 Thrush, Carole 45, 55, II4 Thurber, Dale II4 Tilley, Jack 60, 75, II4 Ti++Ie, Dennis II4 Todd, Laura II4 Todd, Norman II4 Taoley, Mary Jayne 48, I I5 Toops, Belva 48, II5 Toye, Helen II5 Tracy, Lynn 5l, 59, II5 Trick, Marilyn II7 Trick, Jack 55, II7 Trick, Janel 34, 42, 53, II5 Trick, Joyce II5 Trick, Judilh 29, 4l, 45, 48, 54, II5 Tudor, Jennie Lee 22, 29, 4l, 42, 48, Ullerback, June II, II5 Vainer, John 5, 34, II5 Van Camp, Slanley II5 Vaughn, James II5 Venlers, Carolyn 48, 83, 84, II5 Vesl, Richard II5 Wagner, Earl II5 Walker, Berniece 23, 3I, 4l, II5 Walker, Glendora 45, II5 Wallon, Keilh 23, II5 Ware, Belly II5 Warmke, Fred II6 Warren, Roberl 42, II6 Walkins, Gwendolyn 53, II6 Waugh, Judilh 48, II6 Webber, Marvin II6 Weber, Donald 36, 86, II6 Wells, Carolyn 48, II6 Wells, Clara II6 Wendlinq, Richard II6 Wesl, Jane Ellen II6 Wesl, Roberl 40, II6 While, Jack II6 Wilhoile, Bonnie 48, II6 Wilkins, Richard 40, 42, 47, 64, 67, Williams, Charlene II6 Williams, Leonard 47, 65, II6 Williams, Louis II6 Williams, Lowell 29, 34, 43, II6 Williams, Thomas 22, II7 Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wood, Don 34, II7 Dorolhy II7 James N. II7 Wallace II7 Bonnie II7 Woodrull, Phil II7 Worley, Paul 22, 54, II7 Wrighl, Kalherine 29, 48, II7 Young, Lorella 56, II7 Zierer, Sabra 23, 32, 46, 48, II7 Zimmerman, Eugene 30, II7 9 II6 5 wwf 4,35 M4-:MW 9 'N QQM-rage -I 1 x ff if K:.: 41 2 A +A VAZ I as 1 its 4 f ,L M 6 ? lie Enterprise At Work Anderson Offers Graduates Place To Live And Work X!! N 'O -I' fl' ' . I' i BLANKET3 ,i3:L Businessmen of Anderson, whose adverfising ap- pears in fhis yearbook, have aided fhe youfh of fhis cify wifh fheir various programs fhroughouf fhe year. There are few places in fhe world where one can find so many opporfunifies for iobs. ln- rusfries and privafe enferprises of all kinds afford opporfunifies for compefenf young men and wo- men. Many graduafes of fhis school have begun fheir careers in Anderson only fo go fo fhe fop in ofher parfs of fhe world. Much of fheir suc- cess has been due fo a good beginning, and a good place fo begin your life work is righf here in Anderson, Indiana. You're on 'rI1e beam wiih GUIDE origina equipmeni' lamps on YOUR car or com mercial veI1icIe---and more so af'I'er you have added one or more of+I1efoIIow ing necessary i'rems TURN SIGNALS I O I SEALED UNIT FOG LAMPS I BACK-UP LAMPS AND GLARE-PROOF MIRRORS Guide Lump Division General Mofors Corpora'I'ion Anderson, Indiana WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF AUTOMO TIVE LIGI-IING EQUIPMENT FOR PASSENGER CARS TRUCKS, TRACTORS, BUSSES. ROAD MACHINERY, ETC 158 DISTRIBUTORS . FOR ' Rawlings ' Wrigh+ Di+son ' McGregor Goldsmifh ' Shakespeare ' Pfleuger lO28 Main S+ree+ Anderson, Indiana luIunmmni1iimnmnnnnumnnumininum.inininunmuurmxnnnmum "Dixie" rods as Lowe and Danny Robinson +es'I +I':e fIexiI:aiIi+y of Ihe new gl Bud Anderson looks on. Y i y ,AHA Q Anderson Sporting Goods, Inc. Wayne "Doc" Pollard FOR THE FINEST IN MUSIC come +o THE MUSIC AND HOBBY SHOP, I "Your Friendly SI'ore" O I2+h and Jackson S+ree+s Phone 3-3309 HC nnmnlniumxmuununlummx THE TAILORED SUIT FOR '5I IS THE SUIT FOR YOU IN '52 Style Mart Glenshire Clothes cFARI.AND'S ENS WEAR Across from Library on IO+I1 SI'ree+ , .2 12.31. I5I,5ffIQI- 5 5 ...S . - .. - .1,N. . . , -. ...'.....................fl. . . -"g'gf' , ,... :.: """' s"s""',1..... . 5... ..... ..... .-.-..-in-',"f'3is:,32312. .i 'S' .1..s......g-'z2'3'jE"'I .5....g ...M w','-- ,..s........5...,.3g"a',a,, a.gz?..fQ.a's 2s...g...5....-'i.i-"' tz .,.,,ZQ.,.u..?.w..:,.55 M Wa 2 w.f?...:...1.-.5 : 33-mp,-,'s"3'3z3.3. s faa. ,E as ii "" f' "" "'1:2. 'I23.2.2.. ' IQ !.!. 1'NN Hi' "'N ,1,x ""N f""f:': ,,N, 1.2 111.N '.' 1'NN "NN u N-NN N-NN -N-N lg ' NNNN ' 'I '2. 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J. . 3 Q s as ,.. 1 ' xwzx in ""'- age ,,., . .. .... .. 2-. 2' Z :..:..:R'.'.i: :f'a"'+ f we :ay.,.?'2'.v':.:.4 'Zim' "" . f ' fp av., .... aa- 'W X., .. ,sf p 51 ti,....:... Qga.,sc.e,. we .6 "-' .gg ai .,3,s,t,,s "' . ..,.- v .Q as 1 .2 L Kwai 9 i 0 I ,H Q .sax 4 3 14,2 Q s Q W ,e .gk ,... , 4 I I t v fill ,. a va 9 , a f ' 44 .wa . N.. GNC t,...., .S X M e """" V .w.f..1'.t "" i"s.::i1f. 5 3 g,,5g.g,. -' :':":'?.i5 2 2 Y 33.31, "" fi' f Iii " 2 :..'gg'15' s,.c.:.3.!. . v 9 ffm- X .st .a 1' , . ..v.?.f ' ' - .. gil3gf,','2QIII.a,.I52STI!!! 0 P' Z' 2 va i vf 1g.'.I.i..s:,....s .1'1'5"'Vg,sjQI..... .5.....' . A. ,. 3 as 3, f s aa wa 2 aa zstismfizszs a'm"?'l a .Q ,way wwf has if Q J wsiQi' is '9ii+i5:gg21fj5Q86QZa W J, , W sivwgg fairer' Sis , Q Q asfiga assi CU: ,ixisggz ,.,.4Q.,,.,,g82 aiz 658 4 Q wig ab .5 ZS A 8,3 J x asv? 693 yacc .. as X 5iiiQ-13-?i'W'i.esiiwQ8i5? ww 5 23333 .QV Q' aa M: ,af cggtsi , Y 35 2. 555 .2 ..: Q an .Q '14, s. 1 'wi 3,253 lxx, ,.a .,.. Q. , s., All these are yours M YOURS IS COMPETITIVENESS . . . arned to get ahead by your own honest endeavors , to accept setbacks but to strive all the harder to attain your goal. You have le YOURS IS SPORTSMANSHIP . . . You have learned g me hard, and to accept defeat and victory in ' to play the a a gracious manner. YOURS IS TOLERANCE . . You have learned to respect the opinions of others, no matter what their race, color, or creed. YOURS IS INTELLIGENCE . You have learned to apply yourself, to overcome problems by the simple process of reasoning. Competition is the m f eat o the great American pie' S o ' ' ,H ,, ..4 .f if .... e f"' ' 'Z f 2 .. .':..f'...s...?2 ',j,g,1,1,: f' 4. MS-4'1" as , p rtsmanship is the seasoning. Tolerance is the crust, and Intelligence is the know-how in the making of the pie. In these times of hatred and oppression, America must h ,.,., pix' :.'f:.:'Q"qz"w S52,S5Q..9'f -"2n'f"9 3 8 t s a s r-r- .2 "agj'gEj,sr, .. ' "" 3 ,, , . 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'X .e'1E":f'i:3:i.2:,:i:'g3:'31.15.. "" ..... ...... .f.- ..... "" ...- .'.- 3 1- ff'-' .... .'.' 2 "'- "" V "" """ ' 1:1112 .... 2..3gm''s1'1i3Ijs3..5....f....,.f """' . .... '- ""' ""' '13:.:3":3:.:::3:':z.:.:.2.'..g ..... ..... ..-. '.'--'- ,.g.3a:3:ge'.:.s' ..... ""a '. ..-. ."-' "" ..,. '."" 2 fi""' :':':s:'..:.'':11122..:,:':.:,1a21:f:s'22233.I..f---W-'2 "" 'a' 2' ' f 12 . .........g..........g...g,. , ..,, C ,,,, ,............: ....... ...... i . Q 5 5 2 .,.,. , .... agxiliizggzli ....... ...... . V1 .s ...... . .'.-- .... "" ...- ""'.' f """' . ""' .'e"':i:""s:'i1'2'1'1:52.213.g2.'.2f1.:i.?I.2..g.1.1s1'-ir '.'- si-':i'i'3"'21..1'?1..a.1.1s...i-"'E':'f'3'2'::..1:I.I:?..I25I2.2'.1-31.1--I .'.-.---- ""' g1'2"'3:g1:'.I5:"'::1.2e.:..::. ....... 'sigh "" 1"E'1:,:j:':1.1:I1.I.I.I. ..... 5.-it ""' 3 a .""':2':':'i'I1I2I213.3... ---- '-'- . -"-' """' "1'1'iii12.121Is'.3..2I1j1Igg'11.12.I1I12.212.......5....f-"'E:':i2':'iI.Z222II2222... .-...- ,,,,,, ,.,. . .-.- .."-'- ""' 1'3:.1'::..2..1' '-'-""' :'1'.s:.::.....a .... 1 .... '1.1'f1..' 13.3.3gi...333.3533.1322'.1:1':2:......... .... ....f:f:,::3:, 1i.i..21.12.1...E-.i--'fu'2'3:f. .1:1.121212211133I.I.sI....f.1.--' . lil 31.53. .ll lil 131.123333i'3.. .i'.'f'i1 fl: 222.2535 .... "fl I ' ta-..a...:..:-'. '.'.'.e"':s1 "se"'s"".'.'I'2L ave men and women endowed with these four characteristics, and all there are youn. Delco-R DIVISION, GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION 3 ANDERSON, INDIANA WHEREVER VUHEELS TURN OR PROPELLERS SPIN IIllulnllnulnunnnn.1nInlululnnnnlunnnl Congratulations To The l95l Class of AHS May Your Future Cathedral of Fashion 'Um 47g.fafu in Hmmm' 6 Be Prosperous O E Russell Forlener 813 Meridian YOUR scHooL PHOTOGRAPHER ELITE STUDIQ IO37 Meridian S+. Phone 6656 r l ' 6 Best- Ever Dairy Products i 722 Broadway Avenue Anderson, Indiana IOO9 Central Avenue 161 Morgon's Music Shop and Joe's Record Shop ' Finest Instruments' ' Latest Discs ' Sheet Music izsi MERIDIAN PHONE 947I TELEVISION TUNE 'N W H B U Philco - Capehart I Raytheon I24O On Your Dial Expert Service . , Network Broadcasts and Installation - sPoRTs AT THE z - Music WHITE FROST ICE CO., Inc , DRAMA 5+h and Main 770I-Phone-770I ' COMEDY 162 1nlnullnlnnullmulIuvulnmnnllululamumluunlnuumm.uiuminumminlnulllllumulull You Buy iWright and l'll Buy Wright Honeyi GTS You Buy iWright and T y l'l! Buy Wright 5 Baby Dick Jones acquires +i1a+ dis+inguished "senior look' in a new f. por+ iacke You Buy Wright and l'II Buy Wright We'lI Hurry On Down To HOYT WRlGHT'S 9II MERIDIAN STREET Sue Breece, Lynn Siurgeon, and Jennie Tudor are shown some swe by Mrs. Rufh Brannon. COMPLIMENTS o e CLAIR CALL The Store for Men "Known for 67 Sh + S+ , , or eps Fine Diamonds" off Meridian on ll+h S+ree+ I3 We-S+ II+h S+ree+ I e The Students Choice SHEAFFER PENS ,, ,To.., ',.,. Mi o oo and e,.-- lhee "-2"-"1n""o"' W i 'T PORTABLE , TYPEWRITERS N 75553221-3 ' 1'. 'fix T f A Combinafion ' ' T i 'T Thai' Can'+ Be Beai' "Everything For Every Office" Rentals -- Sales -- Service Miller J. Huggins RIGHT ON MERIDIANVAT I2I2 164 1.-:fm .Q N MMM Ejlgaigmgf Aggie 1' w' i' f 'v 'T ko sv y The snapshols you lake s 'loolay Will be your memories e lomorrow 5 Anderson Camera Shop, Inc. "Nex'r +o The Paramounl"' 165 f flf I ' ,V ll I I , , ff IQ, T fl XIII? i::iQ.l s-xW4y 5 3 me A xxg, 'N fm lf" N5 I I I Ax yy, For Figure Perfec+ion Favoril-e Mode of Transporlalion Ricle a SCHWIN BICYCLE KEEP THAT BICYCLE ,IN TOP SHAPE ALL THE TIME ' 1 "'. , chels- LtX?.??'lW'3iar 7 40 Wesl 9'l'h Tole's Flowers See Our New Shop and Greenhouse 627 Nichol Avenue A COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE FROM Anderson's 'Most Beautiful Flower Shop Dial 4895 inuinnunnnumnnuni umunmn nnmmnnnininlunuummnmmnuI,ginii1imniniiimnmmmnuuunmnu Anderson Brass ANoERsoN PLAYGROUND Foundry CO9 s DEVICE CO. ,A WORLD'S LARGEST EXCLUSIVE MANUFACTURERS Special Orders of Castin s Made To Order 9 z Outdoor Playground In Swimming Pool Aluminum and Brass Physical-Fitness Bronze Equipment l5l5 Brown Slreel ' Anderson Anderson, Indiana nnnluuun nunmunnnnnn munlunnl- num:nununmnunmninn ununnllnl You. taste. its quality COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Anderson, Indiana 166 Peggy Taggart an amsoni e u cl Marcia Barron malte plans 'For that vacation trip with s S 'l l ggage, like Mrs. Avis King is showing them. DECKER'S, Inc. ANDERSON? LARGEST RETAILER Books of Office Supplies Samsonite Luggage McGregor Sportswear -- Calculators -- Typewriters 67 LONGER STEPS OFF MERIDIAN ON I l+l1 Phone 4467 167 FOR MEN AND BOYS lt's o Corner of I3th and Meridian Streets Finest Floral Creations Indiana Klus Flowers Business College Ct W'd D I' I Y I e e New Specific and Intensive ' ANNIVERSARIES B . T . . , BIRTHDAYS usiness raining - WEDDINGS , ' PARTIES I - FUNERAL DESIGNS SUNG-Wide , . I Employment Service 423 Easl' 8l'I1 48 Years In Anderson, Indiana Phone 3-3l I5 W' E 0 o HARD AR PAINTS ELECTRICAL ' MILL SUPPLY auhncm 715 AND IQIERIDIAN mm, 4491 nuunlnninmmnnummnnnmlnllnInlinliuiuinmnnnmlmmnin IlllllIIIIIIIlllllIllllllllllllilllllllllll'llllllllllll' 168 Congratulations to The 1951 Graduating Class of Anderson High School May Your Future Be Marked With Happiness, Success, and Well-Being ANDERSON NEWSPAPERS, Inc. The Bulletin The Herald We Can Fit You I With cousm s Made-To-Measure Clothes The Store That . ' 'l Tall or short, stout or thin, Confldence Bw t it doesn't matter , U ' Smart Styles o ' Caretully Made . ' Sturdy Fabrics BUIOVG ' Any Model ' Gruen Watches H. J. HEAD MERCHANT TAILOR 933 Meridian Street I2 East l0th Street 'NS '14,- eff' l3th ancl Main 33l l South Main IOI6 Pendleton Ave. ullllllllllllnlulnllllulll 170 I -H- LEW, your tailor, says I T 4 "For you I wish the BEST in life" Take The Timely Sfairway I I I3 Meridian S+. numnnnnlnnnlunnn llTInlTlTnumninmnnnninnuminmnunul I Throughout Life Builders of Security KAY-BEE FLCWERS For Your Future will hold everlasting memories 0 0 E Flowers for Every Occasion W L Da 81 Son ' PAWS RE ' ' S y ' WEDDINGS AL ESTATE INSURANCE I - BIRTHDAYS James R. Day, Owner ' FUNERAI-S IAHS Class of "QI ELOWEIR FASHIONS . CUT FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS nose Meridian S+. Phone 3-3396 vos EaS+ 2ls+ mumnnnnnwmnrnnnmlnnmun mmmmmnmm mmm 171 Phone 2-I 330 Anderson Ice Co. 453' Main For the Finest in Haircuts Russ Hodson The City Barber Shop 4 Wesl' lllh Slreel' J Your Friendly FORD Dealer P. Hoek Motor Co EXPERT SERVICE BEST USED CARS REBUILT ENGINES LATEST ACCESSORIES There's a FORD In Your Future 5+h and Meridian Congratulations to The Graduating Class of I95I Surber 81 Son TAILORS 207 Declcer Building lover McCrory'sl Phone 2-54l 8 Commercial Service C o. PRINTING and BOCK BINDING l2OO East 5th Street Phone 550I '73 Q . .,n.,,.L,,: The BANNER STQRE Your Friends and Neighbors . IWW Q' ' will tell you Jfyflgywgj e !t's Pleasing A d ' Et's Satisfying n erson S Finest Jewelr It's Convenient y KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS HAMILTON, ELGIN, GRUEN T0 5110? Here BuLovA and GIRARD PERREGAUX , WATCHES It's Economical 927 Meridian S+. Phone 6675 '2'3 Meme" Sheel' 5 Phone 8837 174 Recogni+ion PRINTING High School Prini Shop, Claude Barner, Insiruclor ENGRAVING Indianapolis Engraving Co., Indianapolis, Indiana I PHOTOGRAPHY Russell Forlcner, Elile Sludio, Anderson, Indiana DIVISION PAGE PHOTOGRAPHY ichard Brier, Indianapolis Engraving Co., Indianapolis, Indiana COURSE OF STUDY PHOTOGRAPHY, OPENING SECTION James Greenland uNDERcLAss PHoToekAPi-iv Loclcridge Sludio, Rochesier, Indiana COVERS S. K. Smilh and Co.. Chicago, Illinois BINDING Commercial Service Co., Anderson, Indiana 175 I if P A A 09 C y T9 , N , ff . sl Q ' fx gf,4,Vafc..?WLf'1f" X Q x.:jm N K 7 5 , 4 ' 1 .4 .f 'w'V" 4MM' -Qi? X G N 2 , L, WMM JJAI f -kwa 'AHQQMZ Q! Of ' 5 . lib in 'Wig Q5 mx 'S v a b . - ' -,.,,, ,,f ,V ei I, V Kb, . 5' fl ,xv Q N JJ fb f iw , 5. x . E2 , Hf'f4E' . gvzf 3 k 'YQ :". W Q l I Q: 1, 5 ,Q . ,m 4, . ,, .. u I 1, xg V Z Q -N i 'X Y- -X, Jiri 4 -A! ' ' , I If ' I ' Y if 4' " Y. , , , Q, , , I gm, , Q A ,A - ., , 5-. ' . 5 S 4' x , . Q ,PN :R , ,, 'fe gif sf PEP 1 x x Q Q xi ES kj! QQ? Y S EIU x xg XT his ' Ji Q . 1 x fx. ,f . XG "w"4'7 Q .S-an X Z' . ' fy- " Q4' f .f ,ff f'f L I " f? ' X V yy f , "I 1 NN: , fl Xl wwf E XIV f XM E JHff fwgm WU of MW fy? Wy? 5 NW MW Y F' Z.,

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