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,Q-rnuulnuqn- ,,,..-1. . J -.2 6 gb 4474! .X A .4 1 Wffff Q 1 P' -.., .NX xxx ,f,f'I.4. ff' ' ST X' '. X x,-. XX Q x S' N L NXS X XXNQNN 5. X mAKkXXxfu ! yjwj1:eV E If M 6 'E S 3 I A f 5 H E J 5 3 Q E 5 1. 11 a 5 The IN IAN B xl ' Y X VK Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Edition iii Xe A ,. -- 1873 - 1948i g Forewr-oard y 1 The year' i948 is an oulslanding milesfone in lhe hisfory of Anderson Senior High School-since if WasV75 years ago, in' ll873, 'I'ha1'M,+he foundafionifof our modern school life was lQid.VThe ideals- and principles 0+gfour'pffesen+ day educa- fion have been moulded by fhecourage and undying spiril' ofilhe Four original s'I'uden+s1Thiis'spiri+' hasiprevailed for 75 long years-fihrotugh war and peace, depression and infla- lion, wanl' and prosperily. Through This spiril' of' educalion +he'gem of' k'n6Wledge,has been so cleverly cul 1'ha'I' ill' has become a diamond +ha'l' will bring oul' fires noi' lo be seen in rougher s+ones.- Thus il is 'rhai' 'rhe s+aifcof +he I948 INDIAN presenls lo you a record of our 75+h year's azchzieyenwenis in 'fulfilling our pricelessiw legacy. May +he- ligh+ loiFE+he pas+ be reileciedifhrough o'ur--Diamon'dlJubilee cas'l'ing an even' brighlfer Tray oniihye p-aihway +o ihefulure. 7 i l'i' 'ii' ' ? .i,.iric BILL 'WI1LD.EiR,.lEdi+GF'e' -Tj T - fwngaxiu LJ X v 15115 I xi' S X 4 up A p H Ie ' ,E xx Y ' i'-ix I ii. Nh ,SQ S S-+4 g M:-L, W Q 4- ' 1, 11 H '-' -.,.. ' Q- 1 IW 1- ., ' an -ln-v Y .,,...,, ww-' .1 1 .--......f W .. ' ' 1 -'ika , W T . 5 ..-ww ,-w ff 1-a fa.: ' 9-,,.f - . . - U ' L V- 14-L-' ,,....., '3 f-v' .p gnu! inf' p-ii .1--5-itll-4 -1 Contents Guide +0 1947 - 1948 lnlroduclion .... . 1 - 8 Highlighls . . 9 - 26 Classrooms 27 - 40 A'1'111e1iCS . 69 - 92 Classes . . 93 - 154 Adverlisemenls 155 - 169 lndex . . . 170 - 176 . S t o f f Sponsor: Harry E. McGoon Edilor-in-chief . . ' . . . Bill Wilder Assislanl Edilor . . . Dale Louiso Arr Edilor . . Byron Vermillion Business Manager . Louis Fonlaine Assislanl . . Carl Aull Plwolograplmer . I Jack Odell . Literclryy Stuff 1-lighliglwls . . . Darleen Slwinn. Jim Sloolcey Classrooms ...... Diclc Flory Organizalions . Nancy Mullins. Diane Whillaker Allfilelics .... Bob Quinn Classes . Marilyn Adcoclc C Business Advisor . . W. 1-1. Brinson Arr Advisor . Miss Mary Humphrey A- Mia., -' ,, 75th Year Highlights From buggy riding +o ialiopy racing is a big iump. Buf each of Jrhe pasi 75 years have been iiiuminaied by Their highlighis. The convocaiions, dances, Jrournamenis, plays, pep sessions and vacaiions all blend iogeiher io pain? a briiiianf piciure of The I947-I948 year in AHS. This record of evenis passes in review on pages 9-26 as ihe 75Jrh year fades inio our memories. In The Classroom Reaolin', wrifin' and 'rifhmefic Jraughf +o The fume of a hick'ry sJrick.. Thar was +he cry of '73 and H conhnues +o be Jrhe slogan of '48, The hick'ry slriclc has been supplanfed by such modern adolirions as cleans and a public address sysfem. Pages 27-40 show Jrhe progress in Jrhe classroom as +he fhree r's marched fhroughouf our 75+h year. .X I , 1 Outside The Classroom Varielry of inferesfs in AI-IS are very wiole if Jrhe number of orgehizohons is any criferion. Clubs are open +o any wideawake, red-blooded slruderfr Organizahohs ro 'ol . r p vu e Jrhe enrerfaihmenf and self-developmenf which 75 years ago were found in Jrhe home. Look closely berween pages 41 and 68 as rhe orgahizahons reveal rheir growrh during our 75+h year. ..... .Xxx . x R X s Siilllv ?sfVf:F' 'l' 92414 va 1 iN .1 pxj .IX - ii. Athletics Comes To Fore Though 75 years have passed Grandpa probably would be able lo recognize Anderson High s sporls. Take The sarne playing fields floors courls and courses used in 73 add lloodlighls bleachers announcing syslerns eleciric score- boards new suils and plays and one has lhe 48 version. Pages 69-92 conlain highlighls of 'rhe sporls season as our 75Jrh year flexed ils muscles. qv ' V .V , V VV 1 XXX V ff xl , ,. . ,Y V Past Memories--Present Realities --Future Visions .f'-'-:5-3:--ggg::,- -- -'sf :-:A--:-'T:-.'. :2-1-I-2, 1:-:-:1:-:Ig-Vg. ':':' 1:1-:-'::.g.:.-...-.-.- 1 :J g 1- T .mfg 1 . .TQQ:s:s5:ss :sfs-2:51 41- 3-2 . .... ..:-:.:s:e:s:5:5 1' I. ,:3::: f.? ' Qty.-: 3. .23 I-252-3551. .5 5' ': 2: 1 15:51-:3:f:f:fgfgfg53:g ., .3 ,-:Z -- s-.g4::.-. . ,..,q E3I'fS J- 1 Xlfcgf. lr .. HRW It , , I. , ,A.1. A. . 5... .f.. ' Nr : .-'3:3:3'-Ig:-:-2 T -',f1g,j:5:j:5 ffl-.5.g. .Q - . -, ..4-5-J-ff:-139-r i-:-:-1 I:f:f: , '-'3'-'-L: :-Q- :IW 5:-iv: 8, . f.- -.:.: ...- ' -,Q-gg-, ::g:g:g:g:5igfcf:3,3. 5, 3 -:Q 22' 3 ' -3: 3525 f:ff1 Sifi':'i577iii17f f1E22:S2E fl:515f5i1ff3 .1 :' 5523351 E2 3-33 . 4551553351 513125 ' riff 51+ .-I-I+. -tv:-:'.g.:...:.3., , ' -:-1.3 .,.:-,.g. .3.:.g:-:-:-:-:-:-:-g.g. if -:-,...-:-:-:-:-:+:-:f:::2f.::-2:: - .- . .' 1-I-I-:'zf:':1:3f2-.':-:-:-:-: 'I: :1:2:1'1- ,.-.iz-:2:I:F:1: --1 ' .E:ii: fgQ.: :.,. : .-xl D-3.55.-.:.ggggg::3' -- - --tg.-'-:L g.g.3I:I3:I:3:::5:g:5:3:i:2'5:5:Ig:gg3:-'-:' :1' - '- g:1:f: N ix 1 f vis' f 325322 f ,A s s , f V 1 A.. T J cf-L O if fee if 2 f 'ff 5 2 ag: 2 -A Q 3: s '- a 5 ' 2' . 'gm 3 , W , ,. A r 5 fxiugg . .P A3 A , C ,X xx fi H' T I fl J N 2 53 5 -. ,T 9 I ' 2' .- tg xg 2:1-:':g:3::1::33w::3:::gg:Q5gZg.-' 4:2151Q:5:Y:Q:E-Q7:3:5:5:, Q 1 S l, 4:-:5:-::'-l-'-.--2-..g.-.- i ss4'- '- f N 'Q v. .-1 1'--fffrrj-tes-sm .. .semi-'10 w 5,'5+' , W 1, 5 -.V-c , -Rao-oi9t-9',.vv-A -1. .s ff 3:3 nr f 'YM' 0 mf' Back in I873 fhe cify fafhers decided 'rhaf fhe child ren of fhe growing fown of Anderson should have an opporfunify fo carry fheir educafion beyond grammar school. Three years lafer fhe firsf graduafing class leff Anderson High School. There were four members. In fhe sevenfy-five years following, fmany fhousands have followed in fhe foofsfeps of fhose firsf four, build- ing a fradifion and a spirif fhaf are unsurpased any- where. A greaf number have carried fhaf spirif wifh fhem info lafer life and have become leaders in fheir chosen fields. Symbolic of fhe growfh of A.l-l.S. is fhe facf fhaf if has oufgrown four buildings. The second of These, locafedraf Twelvefh and Main Sfreefs, is picfured above. The pre- senf sfrucfure, cenfer' phofo, is becoming overcrowded despife several addifions fo classroom space and a new building is hoped for. The boffom drawing presenfs a fypical sl'udenf's concepfion of our fufure cifadel of knowledge. Buf no maffer where A.l-l.S. is housed, ifs spirif will confinue and during fhe nexf seven,- fy-five years if will produce an ever increas- ing number of useful cifizens who will become 'P H 'BBW .v In N 536401 Z9 giw lil: lg ii is Q . A limi nnnu ., lll ' c T '15 nun g can fhe leaders of fufure generafions. l ei i 943: ' 534: ,III ' qw-1 jx' +49 M Y X., -,WW.Tq,mrTw..W,w .,, --vw.. SGH . ,Sw wh 'U A A 9 in r if I'l'4tt w I 15750 M n I 1 rl gg .ZW 1 f 1 vu in .. ,, rfb, ... C' FQ 1 ki-if P as N in f Hx X N x x uv I Q Q 9 nav- Z ve-'gn' . ,mga 1,5 . X - .f -'+ ' 'W , ' Ma... 1 , ,.,,. .1 .412 , , Ly, IQ I -.- II .. .' ' I 5.5: ?I..,g. ,'I,I,Q .I XN.,,II I If J -1' AW- 1 H, A-T2 1 I -,W 1 .k 1 egg W, . 3 vt? V mm 5 bf, I I M ' - V .. . J. H. rj' nf f 5 ffl Egfr V 9. ,- Q I... Ifg ., 1.351 . , gf. .-C' fl ! 4. .'? - ' f ,gh wi,-I 4 K--fy 4 .WI I3 I . I E 5 19 M X X 5-- 1 riff ing.. viw f 3 in f' f :1I 'W 1.13 'If ' fi 5' W2 fm ya iw-. 4 W :rf MM 1 ' ax, I 'F , 1,544 V, , ,X . . ,. X ..g. 1: .zif .4253 2 S u 1 ' 1 .. y, ...' 4 .ml I xfx - f lv. M LL fa 1.4 .':221' ,. . N1 Mtg. y, 1-., ji.-.2 L I 44 x , y g'.,z,! ,,:. .-, 1. - I 1 Q, ff . 'affinlilvi 'Jai It If A5 f Ylx' if-''f2'f...Q' :W ' 'M Q.. ...I!I.I1X4. 4 , I QW XI I . .II 5 f-f 1 H 'f W . x . -- , .ww x .. ij 45 A ' ' ff ily 'Q 'HC V' 1 M QW VE . 'f qui' IQ 2' ' I ml ... Sz. NM'3'l: 'fa -, H: '- 'Q H: Y-x M Q-I? IYQI if VH' Yfe- Kiki, 1- :y :Q gl: - 5, X i Amt, .. g 31 4. fa., - ' A .EY -1.9 ' - ' w BV .4 ---M ,..., ,, A .,.. -M . M, ..g-,.,,M...,,..a3. .lp f 4 0 , , , Q gg , . f f 3- ' .v K ff L! I , L. , , 1 . ,. , .K . , A ' no I 1, , 1 ' gy 1 ' Q y W' A N 1 ' U .a ' 1 , - .af nl J W ' , ' ., Q '4 Q A 1 . v ' l 7 ' , 1- L A ' . ' Q 'if .fuk . , .- ,Q pf' A fj,'K nf fc, ,uf , ' 5, eg, ' ' A Y' of fe 34 7' A ,5 Mus ,ki ,fu ar v in ' 5 rg, iw, , . , , A 1 , l ' 4 fr , , X' 4, + 2 ' is 4 5 MQ f .ln vu 225521 'ESE , Wu ,W ,,',,gg,i 'A dl , Q-A Q v -fy, 4 P -4 gs?-5' 7, , w f . , , , I ' 4 4 A f. , Q , gff-v , sf 4- , . f ,- , Q A , 1 s Wrifer's Year Begins: Convos Reign l-ley man, isn'T ThaT new Teacher a chick, Though? l wonder how soon The nexT VacaTion sTarTsi7 Such were The immorTal Phrases uTTered by s+uden+s as They propelled Their hesi- TanT selves inTo The halls oT A. l-l.S. on The morning oT SepT- 8, IQ47. ATTer counTless Torms oT programs oT opening day were Tilled ouT, STudenT Cou- ncil presenTed The TirsT con- vocaTion oT The 75Th year. Dr. l-larry C. lvlclieown, sTudenT governmenT auThoriTy, pre- senTed an inspiring Tallc. Soon music lovers Thronged The gymnasium To hear The noTed RubinoTT malce his violin sing. JeT propelled missles Tlew and rubber was produced beTore The sTarTled eyes oT science sTudes aT a special General R b off P pular Science lvloTors Research program. FOSS OUR I' Coach Bonqe Announces C C fy A d Looper Presenis Trophy +o Chief Busey Jes+s wiih Ca p+ ain Carraway A+ lhe close ol lho 'loollaall and cross counlry season, lhe annual lo'llerrnen's fall convo was held. Tho highlighr of rhe program was rhe presenlarion of Jrhe Srale Cross-Counlry Championship Trophy lo Principal Porrer by DM Looper, lhe caplain of rhe Cross-Counrry loam. The loolloall squad wenl lhrough a discouraging and hearlbrealdng season, lighling hard all The way. The boys elocled guard Bob Carraway as The learn caplain. Baller luclq for a l948 season. 5Tyle Show FeaTures 75Th Year Fagluions Downbeaf One oT The mosT original convos oT The year broughT TorTh inTeresTing resulTs wiTh a raTher sTarTling sTyleshow as one oT The high- ligh+s. A vaieTy oT TalenT was discovered a- mong The occupanTs oT Al-TS, including sTrilcing baThing beauTies and an inTerpre- TaTion oT AI Jolson. The Three STooges WiTh a rousing Flying l-Tome , KeiTh SylvesTer and his band opened The musical porTion oT The program. KeiTh has organ- ized a vey TalenTed and well-known group since he leTT Anderson l-ligh School. I2 Whifchery lnvacles Fronf Hall Cheers rang ouf in fhe vi- cinify of fhe Green Lanfern on a cool November even- ing when Louis Fonfaine an- nounced Nancy Barfl as fhe Fall Wind-up queen. Crowning fhe popular senior was lasf year's queen, Dee Ry- an. The Cross Counfry and Foofball capfains, DM Loop- er and Bob Carraway, fhen presenfed her wifh a bouquef and a giff, respecfively. I947 was fhe second year for fhis successful dance, and if has been decided fo rnalce The dancer- an annual affair. is C' R fsssa 5 Maior Cyr Speaks: Opens VisiTors' Day AT The baslceTball open house This year The Tans goT an exciTing preview oT The i947-'48 lndian season. The open house seT American EducaTion Week OTT To a Tlying sTarT. l-lighlighTs oT each day were programs given over The public address sysTem by Mr. Boyds speech sTudenTs. ' On Wednesday, The STudenT Council sponsored iTs annual VisiTors' Day. Gueslrs regisTered in The TronT hall and were con- ducTed ThroughouT The building each period by guides. This evenT was very suc- cessful as large numbers oT adulTs obTain- ed TirsT-hand views oT Al-l.S. During The weelc, an all-school convo was held aT which Major Paul Cyr spoke. l-le Told oT AdvenTures oT an American Spy. Cyr was acTive in The French Under- ground unTil Talcen prisoner by The Nazis. Through his vivid relaTing oT many exciTing experiences, lvlaior Cyr proved enioyable To all. T F+RId From The TirsT oT December Till June Third There were Tour very busy sTudenTs in Anderson l-ligh School. These were The CommencemenT speakers: Joe Fox, Jaclc Nicholson, BeTTy Ann Poor. and Gracia Ripple. Much Time and preparaTion was spenT on Their speeches which were deliv- ered ThaT TaTeTul evening oT Commence- menT. by BS E 6 II16-U A very unique convo was held Tor The Thanksgiving holiday. DramaTics Club re- laTed The CourTship oT Miles STandish, while s+iIl-scenes were creaTed by mem- bers in picTuresgue cosTumes. One oT The early pep sessions oT The year occured aT The beginning OT The bas- lceTball season, when The coming baslceT- ball Iinup was announced and spurred on by The cheerleaders and sTudenTs Tor The opening game oT The season. The Chamber oT Commerce sponsored a specTacular parade aT The beginning oT The ChrisTmas season, in which high school boys parTicipaTed by carring numerous balloon Tigures and animals. Sfudes sign up Tor Balloon Parade SanTa's Help Brassy Carolers Candy Fairylancl Merry ChrisTmasl Xmas Comes Buf Once A Year We wish you a Merry ChrisTrnas: we wish you a Merry ChrisTmas: we wish you a Merry ChrisTmas, and a Happy New Year! Again The merry sTrains oT ChrisTmas carols reached our ears as The well-known Choral Club perTormed iTs annual caroling Through The halls The day beTore ChrisTrnas vaca- Tion. The candy sTand was de- coraTed by sTudenTs wiTh large candy cane posTs, red and green crepe paper, and Tinsel. There were also ChrisT- rnas Trees in The TronT hall covered wiTh an abundance of icicles and lighTs, which brighTened The hall wiTh Their gay colors. WiTh The visiT oT SanTa Claus. The school closed Tor a well-earned vacaTion oT Two weeks To again convene in January. Journalisls Feasl A+ Inifial Annual Banquet Where McGoon Turns Model Boyer Turns Table CAT Purdue Sings As Gym Turns Conceri Hall Aull Turns Bare Books Turn Secondhand TOURNAMENT TIME COMES TO TOWN ,7 ,, T Spring Comes To A. H. S BaiIey's Trek +o Washingion Anofher Track Season Arrives Snow Birds Appear Wi+l'1 Spring COMMITTEES PLAN WEEK'S FUN FOR SENIORS Senior Week Chairmen make plans. Senior Exocuiive Commiifee Seniors Make Ready For Their Picnic. Ofher Seniors Pui Besf Foo? For- ward For Prom. OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY K 2 E Q E S I 23 4 Joann Poore PROM QUEEN ATTENDANTS Donna Belle Wilson DIAMOND JUBILEE YEAR'S PROM QUEEN Hewa Schieve n e way fo rouf' breaking and welcome c Our ca'lefer'a ' acfo An audilorium fha blies. mas ings, ance plays, and programs. s a IN THE DAILY SCENE Because of lhe exlremely crowded con- difions in AHS every available space is ulil- ized in our school's program. Wi+h classes held in fhe iunior high school building. gym- nasium. annex, and even on lhe driver- lraining and gym lols, in addilion lo l'he main building, our plan+ apparenlly occu- pies a campus. Halls filled wilh sludenls, a lunch counler surrounded by hungry cuslomers, huge lines filing info fhe gymnasium for anolher convo- calion, lhese are all a parl of The daily scene in This, one of our s+a+e's largesl public sec- ondary schools. 4' 'v 1. 1 ff- . X .ki - 2 X ew., , ,gm -,.. .-- a ' 4 ,,....:: , wg. 5 'Q ...M N , -ff? 'Wiki 1,4 ip ,z , Wg I iff f' 1 ' X 4 2- ,f f .- i' 3ff?7955 V' I. 'Tig .gy f ,115 1C:.,.IA, GI 'Sf'-N, r .fl ww Nfl'-i - f - f L'J.1:, ni- I Y tx E.. :IQ ! in 5 flu? I at- 1 2' f 7 ff! '4 1'-FE: 4 M bl H ' L51 17 , f . ', ff 7 X J. E f, -12 , 1 . x 1 W' ilxt h- 1 if it-1 3? 5, 'A My WN .v 7, ' 'Q' X wa 'J1 . iff, 3, jf it ' 'ink ff 1 r :f tiff mf 1 J f , 1 faux 4 ,I K -f I A 0 Z W 51 . LW ,,, .. .aZJ,,,M.1 ,gif AA. X 1 7. . 'Fi ,.,,. .L 1 8 ! V V,! x,,Lw:,,3, , X ,,,. K .VJ ,X A My -.1 : ,NM W ,A ,N .7 -ff, . .4.., ,.,, 'QT,H'f1fPli5i5iW5f, . , VM . , Q LL I 55 1 4 .9 X ' 'xi fr 7 1 . 4 I 'lm Superin+enden+ A. R. Chadd Our Superinlendenl ol Schools, Mr. Archie Chadd, is here seen wilh an ar- chileclural drawing of The proposed Twenly-ninlh Slreel School. Beside his approving such plans as lhis, Mr. Chadd is responsible for all cily school aclivi- lies. l-le is also responsible lor The pur- chasing and mainlaining of all school properly and eguipmenl. We, lhe class of l948, express our apprecialion. Principal Slanley Porler No. you can'+ meel on lhe 24+h. Thai day is all filled up. Thai was final, buf no one can blame Mr. Porrer, our energelic principal, because organizing a schedule is one ol his various respon- sibililies. l-le is seen here wilh his sec- relary, lvliss Joan Wade, engrossed in lhis daily iob. The class ol l948 recog- nizes his able guidance and direclion. School Board D From lell To right Fousf Childers, Archie Chadd, Mrs. Louise Hopping, Noland Wrighl, Townsend Albrighl, Arlhur Beckman, Glen Rogers, Miss Gerlrude Plolner. Dean of Boys l-lowarcl Armslrong Dean of Girls Mignon D. Anderson Librarian Jolnn R. May Regisfrar Marjorie Ausiin Nurse Alma Marsliall Guidance Direcior Kennellw Warren :T wa . Sfanding-Mr. Overman, Miss Kendall, Mr. Burns, Mr. Boyd. Sealed--Mr. lvlcGoon, Miss Higman, Mrs, Hughes. ican lileralure, conlemporary lileralure. Eng- Engllsh lish lileralue, advanced grammar, grammar , , review, speech, dramalics, senior dramalics, This deparlmenl offers various classes for debate' newswrmngl annual publicaionsu 5lUClY- BeQl'mlV'9 Wllll frwhman and 50FJlWO- Bible, and junior and senior English compo- more required English, one may lake Amer- silion. i They Scream for Dramafics I iT Sfanding-Miss Miller, Mrs. Grahame, Mrs. Crufchfieid. Seafed--Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Vermillion, Mrs. SCOH, Mrs. Presion. Art Wieldors Of The Brush ,M 3 T, 4 s 2 Qi Vs. Mulvihlll, Miss Humphre Household Arts Fufure Homewol kers x o Sranding-Mrs. Porfer, Mrs. Brock, Mrs, Riggs, Miss And GVSOU. Scared-Miss Carson, Miss Todd. Veccatiormi Agrisuiture The Boys and WEl:on D:wn On Time Farm Mr. H. Wilson AM. Lei+ To riqivr above7Mr. Alien, Mr. Fleenor, Mr. Easferday, Mrs, Goss, Mr. Coffin, Mr. Davis, Mr, Swiit Miss Long. Sofia! Studies Leif io riqiwi beiowiMr. Armsirong, Mr. Bailey, Miss Linds+rom, Mr. Springer, Mrs. Ki++erman, Mr. Finney, Mr. Helfrich. Slanding: Mr. McDowell, Mr. Lee, Mr. Sanders. Sealed: Mr. Roney, Miss Mullendoreu Mr. Slulsrnan, Mr. Warre Biological Science Classes in Bilogical Science include phys- iology, nulrilion, psychology, biology, bo- lany, and Zoology. These classes are open lo all sludenls and provide a varied under- slanding ol The physical and menlal compo- silion of bolh planl and animal lile. For Sale +One well-used slrelelon ancl a poslure chart Physical Science The classes in Physical Science include chemislry, physics, eleclricily, and radio. Because ol lhe unusual subiecl mailer provided in These classes lhe laenelils al- ways include enlerlainmenl allhough con- Pass lhe acid, Eins+ein. cenlraled sludy is demanded lrom all slu- denls. evvar, Mr, Lindsey, Mr. Horlon, lvlr. Hallell. ,XE Mathematics ThereTore, angle ABC equals DEF, so proves KeiTh The calcu- laTor. l'-le musT be righT, Too, be- cause The audience isn'T complain- ing. This is one way oT making al- gebra Tung learn how To do a problem, Then do iT righT. BUT whaT's ailing Bill, The senior aT The righT? Could iT be ThaT Trigono- meTry is ThaT hard? Impossible! PicTure This: all maTh Teachers posing Tor one picTurel The pro- blem was To keep Them quieT. We heard This aT ThaT Teachers' meeT- ing: IT is clear ThaT angle AEF is similar To ABC. Thus x equals a small TracTion oT x', No, l ignor- ed The subTracTed consTanT num- bers. Gad! L. To R. Mr. Weaver, Mr. Miller, Mr. Brinson, Mr, Hosier, Mr. Todd, Mr. STohler. f nail ECT? N T hlfll'llTTl,:.5W'l up . X, X it I' N 2 +2 I 1 T I T N T M lil lv1aThemaTicsl Glorious MaThl The science ThaT TreaTs oT quanTi- Ties and magniTudes by use oT sym- bols. The science ThaT TreaTs oT The measuring relaTions, and pro- perTies oT quanTiTies and magni- Tudes. . ThaT's whaT The man said: he said ThaT. BuT This course isn'T as diTTiculT as The dicTionary makes iT sound. Even Though dozens oT Treshmen sTrain and sTrive over an algebra problem, iT's always worked. EveryThing is easy if we iusT know how To do iT, and ThaT's whaT we go To school Tor, To Tind The how. why. and whereTore. ln The sTudy oT The various maThs, one may Take algebra, geomeTry, TrigonomeTry, calculus, applied maTh, or general maTh. ln mosT courses one or Two years oT some Torm oT maTh is required, buT The greaTer parT is elecTive. The science oT maThemaTics has been gaining in imporTance ever since The beginning of Time and in mo- dern Times iT has become immens- ly necessary. Wilh l'he world growing smaller, lhe valve of foreign languages becomes grealer. Under lhe supervision of Mrs. Edna Whirson, lhe Foreign Language Depl. is doing ils parl foward preparing our sludenls for Jrhe lulure. The courses in Spanish and French have become popular because of 'rheir value lo Jrravelers and businessmen. Lalin is useful lo everyone since il is lhe basis ol modern English. The Music Depl., consisling ol The vocal and inslrumenlal divisions. has provided many enioyable programs bolh lor The srudenl bocy and for ourside organizalions during rhis Diamond Anniversary year. Foreign Language Facully Clcclcwisees -Mr. McClinloclc M Sfriclrler, Mrs. Vlhilson, Mrs, Buchana V3 Music Facully G6 x 2 Faculfy Sfanding+Mr. Beigh, Mr. Pearf, Mr. Lyon, Mr. Bowen Seafed-Mrs. Ausfin, Mrs. Railsbaclc, Miss Brown. The Business Educafion Deparfmenf, dir- ecfed by Miss Kafherine Brown, is fhe fhird largesf deparfmenf in fhis school having 95l acfive sfudenfs. Classes offered in fhis de- parfmenf consisf of business mafh, comercial law, boolclceeping, fyping, shorfhand, com- mercial geography. sales managemenf, ad- vanced shorfhand, and advanced fyping. Business lefferwrifing, office pracfice, and compfomefry are also faughf in fhese classes. These laffer fhree are included in advanced subiecfs, fyping and shorfhand. Business Education Pysicul Education Lnmoerf, Mrs Porfer, Mr. Busey, e o ogra er 7 Department of Trades and Ind ustry The deparTmenT oT Trades and indusTry was esTablished in Anderson l-ligh School TorTy years ago, in I908, under The name oT VocaTional EducaTion . Since ThaT Time, This deparTmenT has grown unTil iT has become one oT The largesT and mosT imporTanT deparTmenTs in school. lT has a ToTal oT TorTy-Two classes conducTed in Tive shops and various rooms, and a ToTal of 452 acTive sTudenTs. FronT row: Mr. Dye, Mr. Villars Middle row: Mr. Pugh, Mr. Sherman, Mr, Garrigus, Top row: Mr. 6riTTiTh, Mr. W. Julius, Mr, G. Julius This deparTmenT is divided inTo Two cliT- TerenT courses oT sTudy. One, The Tech- nical course, is a more advanced program which is The pre-reguisiTe Tor college en- Trance. The oTher, The pre-apprenTice course, is merely a preparaTory course Tor enTrance inTo indusTry. ln This course a boy has a choice of Tive diTTerenT special- Ties in his iunior and senior year. These Tive are machine shop, prinTing, auTo-mech- anics, producl design, and pallern- malcing. A lolal ol eighl credils musl be oblained in any one ol lhese live groups. s ln lhe lechnical course a sludenl prepares lor engineering college en- lrance. There are lour maior midwesl colleges lhal devole lheir lime lo lhe leaching ol engineering. ln lndiana, lhese colleges are Purdue, al Lalay- elle, and Rose-Poly Technical ln- slilule, al Terre Haule. The acling direclor ol T. 84 l. de- parlmenl is Mr. Joseph Dye. Mr. Dye gradualed lrom Anderson High School, allended Purdue, and oblain- ed a BSME degree. ln l94l he re- lurned lo Anderson lo begin his leaching career. L. lo R. Mr. Hunlzinger, Mr. Shinn, Mr. Sharpe, Mr.Morris, Mr. Bonge. Faculty Frolics As any high school leacher can lell you, pounding knowledge inlo lhe brains ol his nol--loo-cooperalive lillle cherubs is no easy laslc. Neverlheless many A. l-l. S. lac- ully members lind lime lo lalce a lead in oulside organizalions. A member ol lhe English Deparlmenl. Miss Mary Elhel Thurslon, had an arlicle published in lhe Teachers Guide ol Read- er's Digesl. Miss Thurslon is also Pres. ol lhe lndiana Council ol Teachers ol English. Leo Sanders, who holds several respon- sible posilions in lhe Amaleur Alhlelic Un- ion, slales lhal he derives mosl pleasure lrom lhe Chairmanship ol lhe Nalional Swimming Commillee. Our principal, Slanley Porler, holds nu- merous imporlanl ollices among which are Pres. ol lhe Norlh Cenlral Alhlelic Conler- ence and Presidenl ol lhe Kiwanis Club. Several A. l-l. S. iryslruclors are aclive in lhe Nalional Educalion Associalion. Her- man l-lallell, J. J. Bailey, Mr. Sanders, and Miss Thurslon are members ol various na- lional commillees. l-lolding high posilions in slale organiza- lions are Miss Mary Rulh Palmer, Pres. ol lhe lndiana Slale Choral Feslival Associa- lion: Miss Celia Carson, Sec. ol lhe lndiana Slale l-lome Economics Teachers Associa- lion: Ray Sherman, member ol lhe lndiana School Sludy Commission: and John Finney, Slale Coordinalor ol lhe Nalional Council ol Geography Teachers. , T 'ROUND THE CLOCK ON A TYPICAL A. H. S- DAY 8:I5-l-lomeroom: Wl1a+'ll l clo aboul safely nexl semeslerff' l2:3O-Girls' gym: Scully, wlwen clo we gel llmal fabled c:ale+erla? l:3O-Baclc for more: On your mark, gel sel,-gangwaylu 3:30--Locker: Need help? ' v -My E f -' ' V ' - NX. .' , - x . N . . I 1 X , .V 1,1. n s K J 1 l A . 1 W Y, , 27, X f 1 , 'x N, x . I X ! . ' V , v f 9 .' M. jx ww X ' T ,, 'x y.- x i ' , V 1 5' r , 'L . f f gh' . N, ., , 1 1 . ' 1 u V . ,, , . , 0,1 A . . , -7. 1 'g' ,V , , ,J 1,433 -' ' Lf ,. X. .I 1' 1 A .. :N J .gh-I: A . , ,gh A V ,fy ' - gimqul YA 'Mtv it V Qxxxiw yy: fl I, if 561- ' , EL ff ' Y-ns' .. - '?i .1?F?:, as,'T ,f 2 iff' 2' at i N 1 1 1Va1 5...--, 'J C 01 -. x- . W- A-' 4 It -. '4 R:t?si:L,-.'5:T:-f- ,J Mg! ix 'N E' ' ' . - :ai .ff 'Wm Xxiiff X , r,' 'x A4 ' 1 X Y' 7- f'?f'--A ' V fxlnfz - QM 'A Q .: 5' 41. 2 A 4, ,A A 4 'J ,V , .- vi' , , vv'. X,.1i79LQlk - 3 It ' 5 i.l1A,..,AL,,,LAk,L--- A-- MA. , .. 1.-N Xa, Vw 'v 5, V1 0 ,Ns A KV I'0 il WM T i LAWMAKERS OF AHS STuclenT Assembly: L. To R. Bob Miller, reading clerk: Marvinia Sichocnoyer Trcasurer' Joan McKinley presidenT' Mr l'TunTzinger p DT Ry p d T Ell Sp II T y S OFTSOVI SOFGS GD, VTC6- FGSI GFI Q SVI B ,SSCF6 GV . The STudenT Council oT Anderson High School is composed oT Two bodies. STudenT Assembly and ExecuTive Council. RepresenTing The school as a whole, This year as in Times previous, The STudenT Assembly convened in order To Take iTs imporTanT parT in school governmenT. ConsisTing oT one represenTaTive Trom each oT The hornerooms, wiTh The excepTion oT IB's, The organizaTion has become a re- ed guide Tor school regulaTions. liable source oT sTudenT opinion To aid in The imparTial deTerminaTion oT a prescrib- During pasT years The Assembly has parTicipaTed in The organizing oT such pro- iecTs as The one-way sTair sysTem, book exchange, and Club Tom-Tom. The acquiring of buses Tor The ouT-oT- Town aThleTic evenTs, which had long been desired by sTudenTs oT A. H. S. was ac- complished by STudenT Assembly wiTh The aid oT ExecuTive Council. ConTronTing The STudenT Council This year was The problem oT persons insisTing upon smoking wiThin The seT boundaries. ThereTore The Assembly appoinTed a smok- ing-ban commiTTee which immediaTely wenT inTo acTion. Swearin' - l do. ThaT is. EXECUTIVES OF COUNCIL l-lere is The mighTy miTe group ThaT is behind all acTiviTies in Anderson Senior High School. Though small, The ExecuTive Council represenTs all classes in school and gives The Tinal approval OT all new laws proposed by The STudenT Assembly. lvleeT- ing every Tuesday during TourTh period in room IO8, The Council compleTed many plans which made This 75+h year one oT The mosT ouTsTanding. The Guidance CommiTTee consisTed oT a boy and girl Trom each class wiTh The PresidenT oT The Council serving wiTh The TaculTy To plan Tor Guidance Day. New uniTorms were obTained Tor The A. l-l. S. cheerleaders This Tall by The Coun- cil and STudenT Assembly combined. The newesT addiTion To The acTivTies B. W. O. C.-Big Wheels On Campus Diamond Jubilee CelebraTion, a carnival held in The high school audiTorium May I4, sponsored by ExecuTive Council was The i943, as ' x Execufive Council: L. To R, Louie FonTaine, vice-president Marvinia Sciihonover, Treasurer: Jim SToclcey, president PaTsy STaggs sec- reTaryg Bob Miller, reading clerk. FirsT row, leTT To righT: Miss Mullcndore, sponsor: Bill Wilder, Vice Pres, Marilyn SwcrT, Sec.: Jack Nicholson, Treas.: Jim SToolxey P l TP Tl H if FSS. PIO FSSSH THEY MADE THE GRADE AlTogeTher--blow--harder--pop! AlTo- geTher pull The bubble gum OTT of your Face. This may sound sTrange, buT The'TruTh is ThaT This sorT oT incidenT occured aT The Honor SocieTy ChrisTmas parTy. This was The highlighT oT The year Tor Them and The l made all A's! . iii! evening's acTiviTies included a supper, conTesTs, and giTTs which were conTribu- Ted and given To underprivileged child- ren. To reach The more serious side oT Honor SocieTy, we Tind ThaT These persons are well-qualiTied, since The sTandards of This club are so high. They are as Tollows:aT leasT one-half Ns, noT more Than one- TourTh C's and no D's or Ps. AlThough These are high sTandards, The organizaTion has many members. Miss MargareT Mul- lendore is eTTicienT adviser Tor This club. The Tormal iniTiaTion was held in Nov- ember Tor The large group OT new candid- aTes. The iniTiaTion was a very impressive occasion in candlelighT- The oTTicers were seaTed wiTh Miss Mullendore and The can- didaTes ascended The plaTTorm and solemly Toola The oaTh. - LATIN LINGUISTS Are you aT IeasT a sophomore or have had Two years oT LaTin? IT so, you are eligible To become a member oT A. I-I. S. I.aTin Club. JusT To show you how enTerTaining and worTh your Time This organizaTion is, here are a Tew oT The deTaiIs Telling you oT This year's acTiviTies. AT ChrisTmas They held an annual parTy, and signiTi- canT oT This Time oT year, giTTs were given To The local SaIvaTion Army. AT each meeTing The members enioyed Themselves by parTicipaTing in I.aTin games. Talks were given which conTained inTormaTion abobuT The IiTe oT The Romans. The I.aTin Club pins are inscribed wiTh The IeTTers A.I-I.S. and The name oT The organizaTion. Early in April plans were made Tor a very diTTerenT Type OT meeTing. IT consisTed oT a radio scripT wriTTen on The Theme oT The Value OT I.aTin. Firsi ro oTTicers: Susanne Cnrdex Sec.-Trcasg Fern Edwards, Pres: Ja A I g I V P M B h p is I EMERGENCY HELPERS Never leT iT be said ThaT Anderson l-ligh is noT conscious oT The needs oT iTs Tellow ciTizens. This need rnighT well be The n'ioTTc which The Junior Red Cross has been sTriving To live up To during The Diamond Jubilee year. A Topping The lisT oT alTruisTic acTiviTies carried ouT by This group was The disTribuTion oT ChirsTnnas baslceTs To underprivileged persons oT Anderson. Under The direcTion oT The sponsors, Mrs. Marshall and Mrs, Riggs, This proiecT was so successTul ThaT The group should have received special recog- niTion Trom SanTa himselTl Besides giving aid To Andersonians, Red Cross oTTers innumerable services To needy persons in all TorTy-eighT sTaTes. ln I947 and '48 The Red Cross has relieved suTTering and perhaps saved lives by collecT- ing donaTions To cuT down and Try To sTrilce A Tiskef a Teskei, a Chrislmas BaskeT ouT The dreaded disease, inTanTile paralysis. As in years previous, our Junior Red Cross will conTinue To lend ThaT helping hand as long as we sTudenTs oT Al-TS give our whole- hearTed supporT. A Junior Red Cross: l.. To R. Mrs. Marshall, sponsor: oTTicers, BeTTy Balcer, SgT.-aT-arms: BeTTy Jean WebsTer, vice-president Marilyn Dl'g p'dTN yMll' TyPTWll T M R'gg p BIN GF, FGSI SFI I GDQ U INS, SCCVC BF I G E ODS, FGGSUFGFI FS. I S, S OFISOF. H ACTORS ALL Dramafics Club: Miss Higrnan, sponsor. Officers: presidenT, Isl' semesfer-Ronald Corn, 2nd semesTer-Bill Vfilder: vice-presided, lsfisemesfer-Jack KunTz, 2nd semesTer-Hal' Bolenp secreTary, ls? semesTer-DoroThy Allis, 2nd semesTer-Diane Vanarsdall, Miss Long, sponsor. A round oT cosTume parTies, Gpen House plays, and imprompTu nighTs rang down The Tinal curTain on anoTher busy year Tor Dra- maTics Club. AcTiviTies OT This group which added much To The TuTherance oT drama in A. H. S. dur- ing The pasT nine monThs were many and var- ied. An individual perTormance nighT aT which members came in cosTume produc- ed an umcomparable specTacle. Nowhere else could one see The Jack oT HearTs, Ro- meo and JulieT, andTJaclc and Jill TogeTher on The same program! T The annual Open House, given each spring, was again a huge success. A melo- drama, The Monlcey's Pawn: a comedy, His FirsT DaTe : and a Tarce, Yankee Niclaelsu. were all presenTed To a Tull house. The Thespians displayed Their original abiliTies by creaTing Their own plays Trom a given ploT wiThin a Tew minuTes Time aT The imprompTu nighT. CandidaTes Tor membership musT, Try ouT in The Tall and Then are iniTiaTed in Feb- ruary aT an impressive candlelighT ceremony. The TaculTy sponsors, Miss Higman and Miss Long, have eTTicienTly broughT To An- derson numerous dramaTic successes. Nighfmare Alley I Hlgh school -Ymca F T TTT T ghT: Mr. Lee, sponsor, Carl AulT, Treas., Chauncey lsenhour, Vice Pres.: Hal Bolcn, Sec.: Joe Fox, SgT. TA L y G T n, ParlimenTarian ChesTer Weed Pres Jaclc Towne, Chaplin: Mr. Lambert sponsor. Cans in Hands YE. U WiTh chaTTering TooThs...sTood The l-li-Y gooTs...wiTh cans in hands... They sTood in The line and Toolc your dimes and shouTed, Don'T be greedy: help The needy. As a resulT oT This annual winTer acTiviTy, The line oT dimes successifully c:ollecTed 67 I dollars, an amounT -'considerably larger Than obTained any previous year. This sum was used To buy Toys and Tood Tor a ChrisTmas parTy given Tor underprivileg- ed children. During The school year, l-li-Y sponsored various social acTiviTes and were enTer- Tained by ouTside speakers. Ted STewarT, Y. M. C. A. SecreTary, Lowell Lee and Dobbie Lan'iberT, A. l-1.5. Tac:ulTy members, lead The organizaTion T his year. TORCH BEARERS EasTer Morning. A Time oT The year Tor new exciTing bonneTs and spring Troclqs, buT The serious meaning was broughT To us by our Torch Club. Over IOOO persons wiTnessed The annual EasTer Sunrise Service held in Shadyside Park under The sponsorship oT This civic-mind- ed organizaTion. Rev. Dale Oldam delivered an EasTer message and The Choral Club pro- vided TradiTional music. Male Sophomores consTiTuTe The member- ship oT This organizaTion. They are led by Two TaculTy men, Mr. ArmsTrong and Mr. l'-lelT- rich, plus one Y adviser, Mr. Glen Webb. Programs during This year were designed Tor all Types oT inTeresTs. AT one ouTsTanding meeTing membes oT The Anderson Paclcers Ball Club were guesTs and, on ia laTer daTe, Rev. George TaggarT addressed The club. SigniTicanT red and green lndian head pins were sold during The aThleTic season. as a proiecT oT The group. ATTer The candlelighT iniTiaTion ceremony, sgiifkii ini R4 l Was Robbed held aT The YMCA early in The Tall, any boy seen carrying a Torch was a Tull-Tledged member oT Torch Club. L. To R. Mr. l-TelTrich, sponsor: Bill MarTin, secreTaryg KeiTh Mendenhall, vice-president Bob Sanders, president Phil Brown Treasurer: Mr. Webb, sponsor: Mr. ArrnsTrong, sponsor. l THEY CHORAL IN PURPLE AND GOLD Paul Lane, presidenfg Bob Boyer, vice-presidenfy Beverly Granf, secrefary-Treasurer: Miss Palmer, sponsor. 1. Sixfy vocalisfs clad in purple and gold robes describes The Choral Club, which as- sembled many Times This school year and pro- vided musical enTerTainmenT for large audiences. This carefully selecfed group is lead by Miss Palmer, who chose These vocalisTs from classes in Glee Club. Their acTiviTies included a Chrisfmas pro- gram held in The audiforium and caroling various places Throughouf The building. In February, Choral Club successfully pro- duced The opereffa. The Red Mill . LaTer in The spring They conducred programs for boTh Palm Sunday and Easfer Sunrise ser- vices. During The year This group performed aT convocafions observing several holidays. As an April feaTure, The Madison CounTy Music Fesfival was held in our high school gymnasium wifh several oufside choral groups parTicipaTing. Nofos To You l NINETY NIGHTINGALES one-half credif in music. This class meefs -I-he Girls. Glee Club Of AHS. is our only 1 regularly under fhe direcfion of lvliss Palmer. vocal group fhaf does nof perform before I h an audience. c fals, and is a preparafion foward becoming Any girl may elecf fhis subiecf and receive a member of Choral Club. ' Their obiecfive is fo learn vocal fundamen- GENTLEMEN WARBLERS frousers, whife shirfs, and black bow fies af each performance. BOYS' glee Club Consisfs of appfoximafely Their schedule for fhis year included sing- forfy-five males who are inferesfed in sing- ing and preparing fhemselves for furfher Vocal adyancenqenf. ,and conducfing a broadcasf over sfafion This group appears in whife iaclrefs, darlc TQTNCBC early in fhe semesfer. ing for Lions' Club, Chrisfmas convocafion, l CONCERT CHOIRISTERS Al lhe annual music program in lhe gym- nasium, held during lhe lirsl semesler. lhe Girls' Concerl Choir sang. They were a colorlul addilion lo lhe program wearing paslel lormals. For oulside proiecls Concerl Choir enler- lained lhe Lady Lions' Club. The persons in lhis one-hall credil subiecl are chosen by Miss Palmer lrom lhe members ol her Girls' Glee Club. Isl Row: L. lo R. Louis Nunley: Belly June Mead: Palricia Gardner, Glen Ehle. 2nd Row: L. lo R. Bill Wilder: Bob Boyer. 3rd Row: L. lo R. Beverly Granl: Rosemary Quiclc: Belly Ann Poor, presidenl: Marilyn Van Zanl. Madrigal Singers You say lhe whole club dressed in coslumes as English carolers...and lhen whal? Oh, you wenl Chrislmas c a r o l i n g. Where? ln lhe gymna- sium? Oh, lor a convoc- alion-l seel Around lhe lasl ol lall you wenl lo Sheridan and sang lor Rolary Club. Prelly busy year. Say, who's your direcl- or? Miss Palmer. Well, l have lo meel a deadline .... lhanlcs lor your inlerview. 4lh Row: L. lo R. Glen Roul: Miss Palmer, sponsor: Paul Lane, vice-presidenl. SPECIAL OCCASION MUSICIANS The Anderson I-ligh School Orcheslra, composed ol sludenls displaying excepl- ional musical lalenl chosen by lvlr. Rencen- berger, provided many pleasanl musical momenls lhis year. Oulslanding performan- Lively Lassies Precision marching and balon lwirling ol Anderson I-ligh's Ivlaiorelles added neces- sary color and pageanlry lo lhe Diamond Jubilee year. Resl assured, lhough, lhal lhese allraclive lassies find il is nol all as easy as il looks. ln lhe early lall, lry-ouls were held lo choose seven well-gualilied persons lo acl a drum maiorelles, allendenls, and color guards. These girls have regular dulies io perform, such as marching, drilling, and pesenling lhe colors during all loolball and baslielball games and al olher special evenls, such as lhe pre-holiday parade and lhe band con- cerl. ces were lhe annual Chrislmas Music pro- gram, Baccalaureale and Commencemenl. This group ol 22 members has a lull class period each day lor praclice. Perhaps This is lhe main reason lor lhe high slandard lhe Orcheslra has allained in school life. L. lo R. Nancy Alcers, Alice Rhodes, Lou Ann Kilmer, Anna Milchell, Charlolle Wilqle, Wilmella Hall, Lou Ann Brown. STRIKE UP THE BAND The familiar Anderson l-ligh School song played al The beginning and end of all con- vocalions comes lo us Through The ellorls of +heA.l-l.S. Band under Jrhe direclion of lvlr. Rencenberger, The band has never failed lo malce a showing al each laaslcelball and fool- ball game. Annually The inslrumenlalisls visil' The grade and Township schools. Senior and iunior high schools also receive enioymenl from Jrheir concerls. Besides lhese aclivilies, lhe band lours lhe cily on fire lruclcs pro- moling Tire prevenlion and clean-up weelc programs. g s, The shorlage of uniforms was relived when new oullils were received early in April. The sixly memloers ol band meel each day l'our?rh period for an hour ol class. 'Hin Their Sfuff Mr. l-lellrich, sponsor. Officers: Jaclc Nicholson, presidenlq Marilyn Swarr, rollclerlcy Beliy Joyce Slinson, secrelary: Mariorie Wenfz, lreasurer: Sara Ann Shiclc, vice-president Miss Lindslorm, sponsor. ROVING HISTORIANS since such famous places as l.incoln's bir'rh- lace, Bardslown Calhedral and Churchill Downs are visiled. Miss Lindslorm assisled lhe group al The sun shined briqhl on lhal old l-lislory p Club bus as ir headed lor The hisrorical land- mark Ol Sleplien l:O5leV'5 home- Chrislmas when lhey held a parly and in The The annual excursions of lhe organizalion early spring as members sold bullons in in- have become popular wilh Jrhe members dividual class colors. Blessed Messed Wes?-of lhe Twip NATURE'S SAVERS STudenTs oT AHS conTrib- uTed 35484.00 To help save The Shades This year. The drive was conducTed by ConservaTion Club early in The Tall. LaTer in May, The enTire club Toolc a Tield Trip To The Shades. Polcagon STaTe Parlc was anoTher siTe visiTed while on a Tield Trip. During April The boys held Their second annual Dad's NighT program. The speaker Tor The evening was Ben Price, who is in The Public RelaTions Division, STaTe DeparTmenT oT ConservaTion. Local speakers and movies provided enTerTainmenT aT regular meeTings. This was The TenTh year Tor ConservaTion Club, sponsor- ed by lvlr. Finney. Helped Save T ISHI IC U Mr. EasTerday, sponsor: OTTicers, Charles McC'onigle, vice-president Ray Ward, presd T D lc Q7 dg I gf T J J lc T D IIB d b g T y M F y p SON, FEGSUVSFQ BITS PGH SU GF , SSCFS df' Y. W. TEEN-AGE SENIORS SevenTy-Tive years ago no one would have dreamed oT an acTive high school organizaT- ion consisTing oT 350 girls! YeT This descrip- Tion perTecTly TiTs The Y-Teens. ln reviewing The pasT year's acTiviTies, one sees ThaT service work is The Theme oT This organizaTion. Besides conTribuTing To The VisiTing Nurse Shower and sponsoring several l:JeneTiT dances, There is no deTermining The amounT oT inspiraTion Y-Teens has given ouT- siders as well as iTs members. The organizaTion is divided inTo Two parTs depending on The class raTing. One body in- cludes The Freshman-Sophmore girls, and The Junior-Senior classes consTiTuTe The oTher. Individual programs were presenTed Tor each club wiTh The needed assisTance oT The TaculTy sponsors, Mrs. T-lale and Mrs. Gra- ham. Besides Thir indepenclenT programs, The Two bodies'uniTed This spring and gave a large Tea and sTyle show. The Tea was arrang- CabineT Cl1aracTea s ed and decoraTed along The Theme oT ST. PaTriclc's Day, while Spring new look sTyles were shown. Along wiTh The duTies come The pleasures, which are especially enioyed aT coke parTies, cabineT meeTings, and inTormal dances. L. To R. Priscilla PiTTenger, presiclenT: Mrs. T-Tale, sponsor: Joan McKinley, vice-president Mary BeTh Schneider, secreTary. Y-TEEN JUNIORS Sponsor, Mrs. Hale: Susanne Srcne, freasurer. ROUND TWO Y-TEENERS Srweira Taylor, presidenr: Mrs. Grahame, sponsor: Judi Salyers, vice-presideni' Mrs. Graha p BOOK LOVERS Good Nighl, S w e e l Prince --ever heard of il? The members of Book Club have since if was one of lhe oulslanding boolc reviews given by Miss Campbell for lhem. Mr. May heads lhis or- ganizalion which is slill a comparalively new buf pro- mising club. As lhe name suggesls, lhe members parlicipale in panel discussions regarding novels and aulhors. This proves inleresling lo lhe exlenl lhal il induces more reading from belrer ma- lerial. Mr. Warren, sponsor. Jack Bonqe, rreas., Dick Websfer, sec.: Don Slewarl, prezg Bob Lasher, vice-pres. EINSTEIN ENTHUSIASTS Proiecrs of lhe Science Club rhis year in- cluded a visir lo rhe lighl and power power plan+s, films on science, a variely of experi- menlrs, discussions of new scienlrific develop- rnenrs, and a iallc on radio and Jrelevision. Mr. l-lorlon recieves due credir as spon- sor of Jrhis organizarion. SHUTTER SNAPPERS Today is Wednesday. You mean we've qol a meeling aflrer school? HO. K. rhenq I'II see you in The darkroom! Guess whose voices Jrhese are? None olrher rhan Camera Club members wilrh Mr. Julius as +heir sponsor. Mr. Julius, sponsor lnof picfuredlq Dale Louiso, vice-president Tom Pershing, president Louie Fonlaine, secretary-lreasurer Chauncey lsenhour, sgf. ai arms. FUTURE SAWBONES lnTeresTing occupaTions bring TorTh very inTeresTing men. Thus, Pre-Med Club was visiTed guiTe a Tew Times This year by such men as Eric Woods, l.aboraTory Technician, Dr. E. lvl. Conrad, CiTy l'lealTh OTTicer and numerous oThers. AT one parTicular meeTing, Dr. J. I.. Doenges showed Tilms To all oT The Pre-Meds oT various operaTions he had per- Tormed. Dr. W. J. Aagesen and Mr. Townsend Al- brighT were among oTher persons who gave Their supporT To The group. The inTormaTion received Trom The spealcers provided The members wiTh many enjoyable and proTiT- able programs. Any sTudenT wiTh passing grades and ex- pressing a deTiniTe inTeresT in medicine, may have The opporTuniTy To become a member oT This club. lvlr. Wayne EasTerday and Dr. Lloyd Rosenbaum, The sponsors, gave a greaT deal oT supporT To The organ- izaTion as iT compleTed iTs second year in Al-IS Mr. EasTerclay, sponsor: Bill Wilder presidenT: Jo Ann T-lamilT T T D d J p d T l T p T dl The KiTTens Purr! SWEET SIXTEENERS? Speaking oT newly organized groups, here is one ThaT you mighT like To be in nexT year. Yes, iT is'SevenTeen Club! Oh, abouT like oTher clubs, you know, Tour oTTicers, a cabineT wiTh nine members and ...... oh, yes, one member represenTing each class. BuT lisTen To some oT The acTiviTies. They conducT all oT Their meeTings aT The Y and iT was rumored ThaT Mr. Warren become one oT Their TavoriTes aTTer ThaT inTeresTing Talk on personaliTy. All girls enioy Things perTaining To per- sonal grooming. ThaT was a good reason Tor The Tun aT The cosmeTic demonsTraTion ad- verTising Merle Norman producTs. This group oT girls also Think oT oThers. Look whaT They did aT ChrisTmas. All oT Those girls piTched in and gave ChrisTmas baske+s To The needy. OT course, everyone knocks herselT ouT aT a picnic. ThaT's why They had one. There's noThing like being in on all oT The Tun, so if you wanT To know more abouT This club, see Mrs. Vermillion and Mrs. Grahame, The sponsors. Mrs. Grahame, sponsor. OTTicers: Beverly Spicer, secreTary: Carolyn RolTs, president Nancy Coble, vice-presIdenTp Diane WhiTTakr, Treasurer: Mrs. Vermillion, sponsor. FUTU RE FOOD PRODUCERS Every person lalcing Vocalional Agricullure is enlill- ed lo bebcome a member of Fufure Farmers of America. During Jrhe monlh ol April, lhis aclive organizalion visiled various farms over lhe slale and held lives- sloclc and dairy iudgings. Annually, in Oclober, vegelable iudging is conduci- ed al Purdue Universily. This aclivily is imporlanl lo lhe group, from lhe slandpoinl of honors. On l-lonor Day lellers are given To each person ranking fourlh or beller on a iudging Jream. This year, as previously, F. F. A. received recogni- lion al lhe Slale Fair. Oul of lorly beginning reams, lhe Al-lS group finished in elevenlh place. lnlormal inilialions are held in lhe spring and fall, lead by lhe sponsor, lvlr. Wilson. L. fo R. Bob Hawkins, walch-dog: Bob Odom, secrelary: Jim Shivley, p d f J R d p d l B y B k porler, Torn Nyboer, lreasurer: Mr. Wilson, sponsor. ART FOR ART'S SAKE l B ron Vermillion. roll cleric: Alice Mclieown, Treasurer: Mrs. Mulvihill, spon- Y sor: Miss Humphrey, sponsor: Lorren Dunlap, yiceepresidenlt Jim Werlz, presidenly Barbara Huni, secreiary l + Websler srales ihai palelle is a Thin board wiih a hole for Jrhe lhumb. bul ro Twelve arl- minded siudenis ii siands Tor a newly or- ganized club a+ AHS UNCLE SAM'S ORPHANS The Veierans Club of AHS Tunciioned Jrhis year under Jrhe new sponsorship of Mr. Warren. The club was grearly reduced since Mr. Warren, sponsor: Gilberl Genfry, president James B T piciured The club members and Jrheir sponsors, Miss Humphrey and Mrs. Mulvihill, do mosi of The school's arf work. ils organizarion lasl year. due To many of irs members gradualing under The G. I. Bill oi Righis. This was apparenl in The drop from ihirly-Three members +o only nine. ene ield, secrelary-Treasurer: Jack True, vice-presidenf OTTicers: Billy Williams, sgT.vaT-arms: Bob Belangee, secreTary-Treasurer: Charles Tyree, vice-president Duc Peck, presidenT. M r. Busy. sponsor. AMBITIOUS ATHLETES' A CLUB Remember The A Club convocaTion This year? NaTurally, STu Holcomb, The aThleTic direcTor oT Purdue UniversiTy, was The guesT speaker. We Tound ouT one reason why greaT aThleTes are born. They have such Tine coaches. The enTire sTudenT body recognizes quiclc- i ly ThaT Tamous red sweaTer wiTh The large green A in The cenTer, and we also know ThaT geTTing one oT These signiTicanT sweaTers is an honor and pleasure. The members oT This group sold haTs and pennanTs during The week oT The secTional TournamenT. OTher maTerials Tor sale by This club during TournamenT Time were Anderson buTTons and large 8xlO picTures oT our baslceTball Team. ATTer leTTers and awards were made This spring The A Club held an iniTia- Tion To welcome The new members who had become eligible Through a season oT play. 'AH Men: Walker, Tyres, Peck, SmiTl'1 I:ronT row: L. To R, Diane WhiTTaker, Dale Louiso, Bill Wilder, Marilyn Adcock, Byron Vermillion, Bob Quinn. Back row: L. To R.: Carl Aulf, Nancy Mullins, Jim STookey, D I Shinn. I-I. E. McGoon, Louis FonTaine, Dick Flory, Jack Odell. EdiTors: TronT row: L. To R.: Marilyn Merwin, Jim CurrenT, Bob Miller, Louis FonTaine, Joan McKinley. Tall Term ediTor-in-chief, I-I. E. McGoon. sponsor, Chauncey Isenhour, spring Term ediTor Bob Quinn, Delores Ryan. JUBILEE JouRNAusTs PrinTer's rule, roller, big wheel, copy ........ calling Dr. McGoon. A big operaTion was perTormed in room 209 This year, namely The I948 INDIAN. Annual PubIicaTion is The name oT This McGoon's Mad House class, which is The newesT in The Tield 'OT iourn- alism To receive crediT. The members OT The sTaTT begin Their duTies early in The Tall and conTinhe unTil spring aT which Time The An- nuals are issued. The TirsT parT oT The book To be sTarTed perTains To The class picTures. Following close behind These Tears and headaches comes The highIighTs, organizaTions, aThleTics and classrooms. Finally, The local business-men place adverTisemenTs in a neaT secTion near The back cover. I'Ii,ghesT praises should be oTTered To The INDIAN mechanical sTaTT, working under The direcTion oT Mr. Barner. This group is composed OT Bob Boyer, I-Iar- old Kimmerling, DM Looper and Ray- mond Raper. WiThouT These persons lOperaTion INDIAN could never have been compIeTed. You may ask anyone who knows and he can Tell you TruThTuIIy ThaT The An- nual is a maior operaTion To perTorm. Edi+ors: Fronl row: L. io R.: Marilyn Merwin, Jim Current Bob Miller. Louis Fonfaine. Joan McKinley, fall lerm edilor-in-chief H E. McGoon, sponsor. Chauncey lsenhour, spring rerm edifor-in-chief, Bob Quinn. Delores Ryan. NOSES FOR NEWS Filly-five years ago, December 22, 'rhe X-Ray was born. H grew from 'rhe Journal a bi-weekly magazine, To our presenl news- paper. Ar leasl one semesler of iournalism is re- quired beiore any individual is eligible +0 be- come a member of lhe slafi. Chauncey lsenhour, +he second-Jrerm edi- lor This year, made news for The reason rhar he was lhe firsi male in lhis posilion since l942. A few of ihe moslr oursianding columns Jrhis year were eniilled, Curren+ News , The Bull Pen , Pow Wow and Your Slu- denl' Governmeniu. An aliempi was made To elevaie local iournalisiic srandards by subsfifufing humor columns and fealures for gossip. Over 90W of our siodeni body supporl 'rhe X-Ray Jrhrough subscripiions. Publica- iion represenialives in each room were aciive aids. Eclilors Joan McKinley and Chauncey lsenhour ,MII BIBLE CLUB Oificers: Ted Biliiweimer. vice-president Phyliis Cain, secreiaryg Mildred Hasion, president Jirn Weriz, +reas.g Mr. Weaver, sponsor SWINGING SUSIES Officers: Nancy Harrison, president June Ann Me-fcalf, vice-president Nancy O'Deli, secrefaryp V. V. Peffigrew, ireasurer. Mrs. Por+er and Mrs. Hughes, sponsors. . .- ..-,,-.-...r-mr-W f-wmv-wr ,..,,.,,,w,.,... ,525 xg, ta ! I 05 f 59 W 1 Y I Y l iii Mg' xuukkmiis A rflllllfgllwi ,Llf5:fi'1iIE1 . . j,5g,a-1-g4ggg,.,, . 'q?3Zf..,, F' .5., -5 kxqr In-4 : 'L ' 'ffsexairb - , , QQ 222532 , ff Ag Q1 .. -'-HQ? gi A , ., v- .ff?'f:ff2 512- Xg?gy., 3 :Hai El-E:4s'X ' kv f, :x F 'H' '55 , Ai,A.v,,:g5-'13, h h :Y ,g 4 jf, ' M I ' 1-I ,ff- my 3?-:. '13, , .,-S '1 r-Jjf? V f am ri- k- ,F - Q' PH5F,i..,j., - f,,i:,1.,F4 - f ' . - .. .S 'H' S9 JMR A , ,. 'rt 31' 5,4 4, ' -f-1' . ' ?- , f Q, - '. 5,5 ' . 0 a SQHWI N' 1 , -Q , -f' . Y . 530 ' A z. ' sum Q X ' 555 1 . h C :N eg, 5 . ,., 5559- ' 2 1 X x 'N g 5 ,, ,. A 1 kg an K 2 3 5 2? JE V, if f 5 - 1 My wif 2' L., -., sffrrlvgn V' H. ,wx .V . w W X , ', ' .ah fn, ,, aw, 1 , L' an Q ffm -aff-ffm 3, ' VH: S ,f- A Egg, Q ,Q fi , 1'-f aw if fm, 552 , E f :W - 1. And,-,.. N 5 Q 5 ,, FronT row: L. To R.: Busey, Barrow, Miss BeTTy Sizelove, secreTary, Bonge, Over- man, Swift Back row: Allen, McDowell, Fleenor, LamberT, Roney, COACHES Coaches new To A.H.S. This year were James Allen Trom Elwood and Marion Over- man, Tormer coach oT CenTral Junior High School. The aThleTic direcTor was David Busey who was also head TooTball coach. OTher coaches were Marion Overman, CliTT SwiTT, James Allen, KeiTh LamberT, David Barrow, Carl Bonge, Ray Fleenor, and Claude Roney. Also viTal To The aThleTic program was RoberT McDowell, who was in charge oT The managers and Miss BeTTy Sizelove, aThleTic oTTice secreTary, who handled all The paper work connecTed wiTh sporTs aT A.l-l.S. Mr. J. Merrill CoTTin was again in charge OT aThleTic TidlceT disTribuTion. A THEY MAKE THE TEAM GO u MANAGERS A IT would be impossible To evaluaTe The Tremendous amounT oT service given by The sTudenT managers. These boys do The dirTy work oT The aThleTic program. Their emblem is a broom rampanT upon a clirTy Towel an Their reward, The saTisTacTion oT being is imporTanT cog in a machine which produ sTrong minds and healThy bodies. , SToring equipmenT, handling laundry, 'run- ning errands, and keeping The equipme,nT rooms spoTlessly clean are some of The -res- ponsibiliTies handled by The managers under The direcTion oT Mr. McDowell. To This corps oT hard-worlcing boysyall we can oTTer is a sincere Than cs Tor a job well L. To R.: Jones, Hopkins, Johnson, Phillips, Crosley, WesT - si .9 ' fit ig ,...s.L,,t., , -. .fw'-:f - WM , ,, , , ,,,F,, , A Q.. As L. To R. Row I: Kugler, Davis, Early, Tyree, Newsome, CaTT, Gra ham, Carraway, Brown. Row 2: King, Wallcer, Dodd, Phillips, Odell, WirT, Wilson, PorTer, Roland. Row 3: I-IuTTer, I-IamiITon, Sisson, Muller, Busby, Miller, MansT Id Vermillion. Row 4: I-IarT, FreesTone, Charnbless, Anderson, Neal, McKinley, Williams. WE'LL MURDER 'EM NEXT YEAR The '47 TooTbaII campaign was a season oT dismal disappoinTmenT Tor AI-IS especially The ouTmanned Indian gridders who pracTic- ed daily ThroughouT The season and enTered each game wiTh an increasing deTermina- Tion only To have vicTory snaTched away by seasoned Teams, deep in reserve sTrengTh. AT The season's end The record sTood aT nine IosT and none won. Opening The season againsT Crispus AT- Tuclcs oT Indianapolis, a new school on The Indian's schedule, The Braves were deTeaTed by Crispus ATTucIcs, 7-6: JeTT oT LaTayeTTe, 3I-6: Muncie CenTraI, 39-261 Marion, I3-0: ShorTridge of Indianapolis, 41-I2: Tech. of Indianapolis, 32-0: New CasTIe, 27-6: Rich- mond, I3-73 Elwood, I2-0. AT The end oT The season The Team seIecT- ed senior guard Bolo Carraway, I-Ionorary CapTain. For The TirsT Time TooTbaII came inTo iTs own in Anderson wiTh large crowds wiTness- ing every game aT Denny Field. The IargesT crowd ever To waTch a grid game in Ander- son was The crowd oT 7,000 on hand Tor The Muncie CenTraI game. Pracfice Makes PracTice Largely Through The eTTorTs oT aThIeTic DirecTor and T-Iead FooTbaII Coach David Busey, TooTl:naII was played in grade and junior high schools Tor The TirsT Time, which gave promise OT sTronger Teams Tor AI-IS in The TuTure. B TEAM I! ' ........... ww . 'gknlfnn --1 5 I.. 'Io R. Swilf, Overman. Lambert Busey, Barrow, Allen. McDowell, Trainer. Coached by Cliff Swill Ihe Papooses compleled a six game schedule by winning one, lying one, and losing four games. Pa pooses Papooses Papooses Papooses Papooses Papooses The schedule: New Caslle I3 .... .,..r..,.... M arion 7 Richmond I3 .. ........ . Marion I3 .....,.. Lalayelle 20 .... Richmond 20 L. Io R. Row I: F. Cun- ningham, Childes, Cuneo, J. Cunningham, While- head, Baldaul. Row 2: Dunham, Moore, Young, McKinley, Car- mandy. Row 3: Chamberlin, I-Iorn' beck, Rambo, Iclces, Doug- las. Row 43 Jones, manager Iviears, IVIcCune, Cham- bless, Schneider, Runyan, Cliff Slwill, coach. Don Sisson Kenny Chambless Dave Brown Bradley Neal Pal' King Allen Early Bob Carraway Lewis Kuqler Charles Tyree Bob Busby Gerald Dodd Larry Anderson Bob Porier Lloyd Graham Don Huffer Dick Wallcer Jack Phillips James Mansfield Bill Williams Bill Miller M L. To R. Raw I: Fraley, SmiTh, STieber, PorTer, IvIiTchell, Cox, Current illcr. Row 2: McClain, Frendf, Brundane, Willcins, Ellinqwoocl, Rowe, Chadd, IvIaThews, Dawson. Row 3' Barger Barron Jackson Reel Wilson I-IuTTon FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Under coaches KeiTh LamberT and Dave Barrow, The Treshmen TooTballers had a suc- cessTuI season, winning Tour games while los- ing Three. The highIighT oT The year was The game wiTh JeTT oT LaTayeTTe. WiTh Anderson lead- ing I3-I2 and Ten seconds remaining in The conTesT, JeTT Threw a 50 yard desperaTion pass which was snared by Their halTbaclc and carried over The line as The gun popped. The Tinal score: JeTT, I9-Anderson, I 3. The '47 schedule: New CasTle 26 A.I-I.S. 6 ..,i.,. ..i. .,.,.......,i,..ii,ii. I . I A.I-I.S. I9 ..,.,,......................... ...... ......... A I exandria O A.I'I.S. 26 ....., .... ...i.... N o Iolesville O A.I-LS. 6 ..,.,i.....,., ..,........... E lwood I9 A.I-I.S. I3 ...,..,.4. . ..,.4,.4......... Alexandria O A.I-LS. I9 ,......,.,. ...,.i....,....,....... N ew CasTle 6 A.I'I.S. I3 i..., ..... ,........ J e TToT LaTayeTTe I9 Yo' see: iT's This way- 6-'E-.E i. CHEERLEADERS Leading The yells aT every game were The Tour cheerleaders Nancy BarTl, Mar- vinia Schoonover. l-lal Bolen, and Ernie Wiley. In addiTion To The acTual lead- ing oT The yells. These Tour worked ThroughouT The year developing new and beTTer yells. The TourTh year oT cheerleading Tor Nancy, a senior, was The TirsT campaign Tor seniors l-Tal and Ernie and The lone iunior, Marvinia. Working hand in hand wiTh The yell leaders in planning The pep sessions was The pep sessions commiTTee, composed oT eigh+ sTudenTs and six Teachers. l. To R. Ro--f I: Ernie X'V1lD'f, Nancy Barll, Marvenla Schoonover, l-lal Bolen. Row 23 Mrs. Hughes, Bob Garrigus, Mr. Sanders, PaT- sy STaggs. Row 4: PaT King, Carl AUIT, Mr. McDowell. L. To R. Ernie Wiley, l-lal Bolen, Nancy BarTl, Marvenia Schoonover. CHEERING We were a large Team, 2400 sTrong. The dogged TighTing spiriT which carried The cagers on To The sTaTe TournamenT was echoed in The hearTs and voices oT The Anderson cheering secTion, which improv- ed sTeadily Through The year. lT's hard To yell when The cause seems hopeless. buT someTimes ThaT lcindles a sparlc on The playing Tloor which Turns inTo a game-saving rally. ---f-..--.-F ., , .,. -.....fEf-fwri.-. .......- JMU f Row I: L. fo R. Wesf, manager: Kimble, Sfayfon, Belangee, E. Smifh, R. Simifh, Fox, Looper. Richards, La nd, Hopkins, manager.Row 2: Sanders, Miller, Currenf, Marfin, Lighffoof, Taylor, Samuals, Sifewarf, Ryan, Helfrich, Schminlc, Geary, B. Smifh, Hughes, O'RoarIc, Peferson, C. Huffman, Williams, Carl M. Bonge. head coach. Row 3: Ray Fleenor, coach: Spearman, Sfevens, Craiq, Reicfor. Snowden, Aflcinson, Pifzer, Ogden. Solcol, Dixon, Warren, Poore, Canferbury, J. Sfevens, R. Price, Campbell, Cam- eron, Hollingsworfh, Wood. Row 4: D. Belangee, E. Turner, Peck, Sfoler, Coleman, Murphy, Si. Price, Rousey, J. Hoffman,iJ. Collier. OVER HILL, OVER DALE Pilofed by fhe Liffle Napolean of Indi- ana high school fraclc, Carl Bonge, fhe Indi- an harriers capfured fheir second consecu- five Sfafe Cross Counfry Championship fo climax a brillianf fourfh sfraighf undefeafed season. Running fheir meefs bofh on golf courses and befween halves of foofball games, fhe Tribe defeafed wifh ease, Marion, Wabash, Shorfridge, Muncie Cenfral, Indianapolis Tech, and Burris of Muncie. They also won fhe Norfh Cenfral Conference meef, finish- ing on fop in fhe Big Ten crosscounfry race. For fhe firsf year, secfional meefs were held fo narrow fhe field of parficipanfs in fhe sfafe meef held af Indianapolis. The Edgewood Golf Course was fhe scene of our Secfional which AHS won by a large margin fo qualify for fhe sfafe meef held af Indianapolis' Coffin Golf Course. Nof only was fhe feam successful ini'ifs,de- fense of fhe sfafe 'rifle buf John Sfayfon, leafher lunged 'junior sfar, remained fhe individual sfafe c'ross counfry champion as he was undefeafed fhroughouf fhe season and led fhe field in fhe sfafe confesf. Running a consisfanf second or fhird fhroughouf mosf of fhe season, D. M. Loop- er, senior squad member, was elecfed hon- orary capfain by his feammafes af fhe end of fhe season. Squad members receiving varsify Ieffers were: John Sfayfon, D. M. Looper, Gene Wilson, Bob Belangee, Joe Fox, Franlc Smifh, Jaclc Kimble, Russell Smifh, Arno Land, and Bob Richards. This year fhe cross counfry received more supporf fhan if has ever received in fhe pasf wifh hundreds of specfafors af fhe sfafe meef. The call for boys af fhe beginning of fhe season received fhe largesf response in fhe hisfory of fhe sporf af AHS. Fronf row, L. 'ro R.: R. Wul- on, Belangee, Looper, Fox, F. Smlfh. Sfandinqz Ray Fleenor, oach, Rrchards, Krrnble. Land, R. Smlfn, Sfayfon. C I B q In d h -f. - --f .., GI' OH O, B6 COGC . SEASON RECORD Sepr. 26-Marion-There-I6-39 Sept 30-Wabash-here-2 I-24 Od. 3-Shor+ridge--+here-- I 7-38 Od. 7-Muncie Cen+ral-here- 22-33 OCT. I O-Tech-here-I 5-40 Ocf. I4-Burris, Muncie-here- I7-38 Od. I8-N. C. C.-here-Am derson 26, Tech 68. Muncie IO6. Oct 21-Sedional-here - An- derson 25. Jonesboro 94, Royerfon 96. Nov. If-S'ra+e'-lndianepoIis- Anderson 32. Howe .I29. S+ay+on Takes Sfafe Besf in Their F Ray Ward, Arno Land, Russ Smiilw. Jack Crim, Dick Peck. I Q31 . Q ' x' ' PNiQ'3iiz,, ' 'i' ' gf ' N ,lv l Q f .. . TQ 52253 . 1 4 N-- ., g N-fu , J. - .. ' be L ff 1. vile, -- TE .wr -iIaffiaS'i.':- ' ' , ....,Q....u...g, .. l 2 x '-,'. . - '- .. Fred Cunningham, Dick Walker, Don Schuyler Bob Rousey, Gene Wilson :ii i S- . .fi ' .-3' ' . 'F fm-'2 9? fn . : f i, N .z f :f' JM f..v T lf: .J , :, . . Hy, 1. MSE Wd 0 ev, Q-. -,E, -, 3 M-.B :,f ., -' 2 f .if fi. ffi-1 My 4, ,gi ' 4 M A , g v.:1.::?' E , 2 6 , fx FI 5 K9 A Vi l A fe ,f ., , , f 1 fly Q fu . l w 7 Wx fa .L FronT Row: Russell SmiTh, Arno Land, Dick Peck, Ray Ward, Gene Wilson, Dan Schuylerg Back Row: Dick Walker, Bob Rousey, Coach KeiTh Lambert Jack Crim, Fred Cunningham. y INDIANS GO THROUGH TO STATE Following The highesT TradiTion oT baskeT- ball aT Anderson High School, The '47-'48 cage squad was a living TesTimoniaI To The sign which hangs in The aThIeTic supply room proclaiming, Anderson Always FighTs. This year's squad will always be remembered when Anderson baskeTbaII Tans geT TogeTher To Talk greaT Teams, pasT and presenT. F Finishing a so-so season wiTh nine wins and eleven losses, The Braves had shown al- TernaTe spurTs oT brilliancy and mediocriTy. EnTering Tourney play The Tribe was given IiTTIe chance oT emerging Trom Their sec- Tional by The experTs. ' From The TirsT game oT The secTionaI, how- ever, To The IasT aTTernoon game oT The sTaTe Tinals The Braves played an inspired brand oT baskeTbaII To upseT Tavored Teams in each round oT play beTore being deTeaTed by The To-be-sTaTe-champions, The Bronchos oT JeTT OT I.aTayeTTe. The course oT Tourney play produced some oT The mosT dramaTic and exciTing conTesTs in The hisTory oT AHS aThIeTics. The secTionaI included a double-overTime Two-poinT vic- Tory over PendIeTon, and The regionals and semi-Tinals included Three games in which Anderson came Trom behind or proTecTed a slim Iead'in The lasT Tew minuTes To win by one poinT. Favori'Tes Ivlarkleville, WashingTon oT Indianapolis, Madison, and Lawrenceburg were vicTims oT The Tribe who were Tinally sTopped by JeTT. oT I.aTayeTTe wiTh a score OT 6O-48. AT The end oT The season, seniors Dick Peck and Ray Ward were eIecTed honorary co-capTains oT The squad by Their Team- maTes. They were The only senior members oT The Team. EighT reTurning leTTermen, Tive iuniors and Three sophomores, are The boys on whom Anderson is building iTs hopes Tor nexT season. .X X. 'iilfvi-, E Upper rigl1f7Walker Clwses One. Upper leH7Pardon My Expression Lefi-dumping Jacks4 SUCCESSFUL PAPOOSES Fronf Row: Slayfon, Holloway, Helfrich, Douglas, Mcffune, Mabbil, Sanders. Back Row: Chambless, Dodd, Young, McKinley, Harrell, Coleman. ff' QQ! 5551! if-'ex Q l fax. i L FROSI-l BREAK EVEN The record of lhis year's lreshman squad closely paral- leled Jrhal ol lhe varsily. Coached by David Barrow, lhe Jream won eighl regular sea- son games while losing lhe same number. Parlicipaling in lhe New Caslle lnvalional Tourna- menl, 'rhe Frosh droppe wo more games lo give ,Hem an overall record of eighl won and ,E len losl'. Foreground: A+kinson Row l: L, lo R.: Coach Lamberl, Schieve, Thompson, Fraley, Anderson, Karl, Poore, Dixon, Jackson Row 2: Vess, Carpenfer, Reclor, Schmidt Slieber, Brissenden, Wilson, McClain, Gerard GROANERS HAVE TOUGH SECOND SEASON ll was a bad year for wreslling al' AHS. Wirh a schedule conlaining eighl Fronl Row: Carler, Marlin, McNaH, Williams, Vanlfemp, Campbell, Chilwood, Pilzer. nqa-l-Ches and a 5-fa-fe nqee-f' Middle Row: Crosley, Hudson, Wilkins, Haws, Hulfer, Frendf, Slanley, Mafhews. IW . 4? l Back Row: Hopkins, Reese, Smilh, Burqhdal, Mr. Overman, True, Hornbeck, Williams. -lilqe besl S Owlng O e sqaud was a lie wilh Rich- mond. Coached by Marion Overman, The squad pro- duced nine leH'ermen in- cluding Don Huller, Ray Reese, Charles l-laws, Johnny Hudson. Loren Erendlr, Eddie Campbell, Frank Smilh, Claylon Horn- beck, and Dick Williams. Smilh was elecled caplain of Jrhe leam al' Jrhe close of The season. Freshmen numeral win- ners were: Lowell Pilzer, Tommy Williams, Don Sipe. and Max Slanley. FronT Row: Ward, CaTT, Fonfaine, Kugler. G. Wilson, Delph, Looper, F. S'miTh, R. SmiTh, STayTon. Row 2: Bonge Tcoachi, Crim, O'Roark, D. Wilson, Miller, FreesTone, Helfrich, Kimble, MansTield, Billy Williams. Row 3: CaTT, Cameron, G. P. Wilson. Childes. Haws. Land, Richards. Chambless, Fleenor ass'T. coachl. Row 4: Raper, JarreTT, Moore, STewarT, CurrenT, LighTTooT, BaldauT, Anderson, Bob Williams. Row 5: Duncan, Jones, Vanarsdall, Coleman, Young, Skinner, Cunningham, Randall, MarTin, Allen lcoachl. DUAL TRACK RECORD KEPT ALIVE ConTinuing Their unbroken sTring oT dual meeT vicTories. The Indian Thinlyclads con- Tinued To display The superioriTy OT Ander- son Track, and sTrengThened Torcibly The re- specT by oTher schools Tor The TighT and de- TerminaTion oT Bonge-coached aThleTic squads. ATTer geTTing oTT To a laTe sTarT because OT The prolonged baskeTball season, The Tribe proceeded To deTeaT Marion, Rich- mond Kokomo, Muncie, and Tech in dual meeTs. CapTuring Their TourTh consecuTive Ko- komo Relays TiTle and Their ninTh consecu- Tive N. C. C. meeT. The Braves were, how- ever, surprise losers in The Muncie Relays. MosT oT The Indians' sTrengTh lay in The Track evenTs This year wiTh The Team being excepTionally sTrong in The mile, halT-mile, quarTer-mile runs, and in The Two relays. The only Tield evenT in which The Red and Green was parTicularly sTrong was The broad iump, where Russell SmiTh sTarred wiTh leaps oT around TwenTy-Two TeeT. Only Two meeTs were held aT Denny Field, These being The Richmond and Indianapo- lis Tech conTesTs. Crowd aTTendance was excepTionally large boTh aT home and away wiTh Track realizing an increasingly impor- TanT role aT Anderson. ParTicipaTing in several meeTs, The B Team also enioyed a successTul season and gave promise oT good Things yeT To come in And- erson Track. ! N P T Gene Wilson Russell Smilli Dick l-lellriclw Arno Land FranlcS'mil'l'1 880 yd. run broad jump high lump mile run 880 ycl. run mile relay mile relay Kenny Cliambless Pa? O'Roarlc Jack Crim Bill Delpli Jim Mansfield slwol pul lwiqli lwurdles dashes pole vaull sliol pul' low lwurdles 14 mile relay E mile relay TWENTY-TWO TRACK LETTERS AWARDED Gene P. Wilson Ray Ward - Jolwn Slaylon Bill Call' Lewis Kugler daslwes IOO yard daslw mile high liurdles 440 yard run 16 mile relay low hurdles 880 yard run low hurdles mile relay W mile relay mile relay Ed Freeslone pole vauli Bolo Richards 440 yard run mile relay Bill Williams DM Looper Charles l-laws Sian Cameron dashes mile run lOO yard dash dashes M mile relay 440 yard run low hurdles Louis Fonlaine Jerry Call was noi' presenl when picfures were Jralcen IOO yard dash 14 mile relay HERE ARE TOMORROW'S STARS Fronl Row: Sianley, Silar, Fraley, Frendi, Snowden, Malhews, Kugler, Purlcey, Dawson, Savage. r , Second Row: Maffox, Poore, Looper, Clarkson, Pilser, McDowell, Canlerbury, l-lull, Dixon, Jones. ' Third Row: B. Thompson, D. Thompson, Bowd, Slevens, Brown, Dralce, l-larringlon, l-luHon, Delph- V Fourlh Row: l-lise, l-lunlzinger, Dawson, Tillie, Jo Jaclcson, Slepler, Hall, lsiah Jackson, Nyboer. Fillh Row: James Allen lAss+. Coachl, Schmidt Scoll, Purlcey, Tanner, Ray Fleenor lAssl. Coachl, Carl Bonge lCoachl. a 1 3 4 ,Ig 3 E' 4 3 5 5 5 T S : ' II- 'V rfgki l T T i r l . i T g, T, I T 5 ll T T g T l I g, T I l y r W i E r l Fronf row: WhiTehead, Chamberlain, Rousey, Oakes, Belangee. Fox. Kline, EllioTT, Ogden, Douglas. B k ManiTold lcoachl, Turner, Shaul, Morris, Schuyler, Walker, Casey, HuTTer, Muller, STrader, McKinley L ac row: berT lcoachl. , Gm- DIAMOND POWER PAYS OFF 1 Combining a TerriTic baTTing aTTack wiTh consisTenT, eTTecTive piTching, The Red and Green pasTimers were one oT The sTaTe's sTronger diamond aggregaTions as They blasTed boTh conTerence and non-conTer- ence opposiTion. Three Indian hurlers, Dick Walker, Chuck Muller and Floyd Kline, piTched masTerTul ball ThroughouT The season and were helped considerably by The slugging aTTack which produced an abundance oT Timely exTra- base hiTs To give The moundsmen a good margin wiTh which To work. OTher piTchers were Jerry Oakes and Jim Casey. Seven leTTermen reTurning Trom lasTyear Tormed The nucleus oT The Team. These were: Edgar Ogden, Dick Walker, Chuck Muller, Bob Belangee, Joe Fox, Dick Douglas and Joe EllioT. r The varsiTy included six seniors and con- sisTed oT Joe Fox. Edgar Ogden, ErnesT Turner, Bob Belangee, Joe EllioT, Floyd Kline, Dick Walker, Chuck Muller, Dan Schuyler, Jim Morris, Don l-luTTer, Ronnie WhiTehead, Jim McKinley, Melvin Shaul, Kay Chamberlain, Dick Douglas Jim STrader, Jerry Oakes, Jim Casey. and Bob Rousey. Again rainy weaTher caused The posT- ponemenT oT several games and Torced' The playing oT The TirsT Two home games of The season To occur on The Anderson College diamond. In all, sixTeen games were carded Tor The season. A compleTe seT oT new uniforms was re- ceived before The season sTarTed as was al- so a new baTTing cage. Aiding Doby LamberT in his coaching duTies was WalTer ManiTold', who is Teach- ing his TirsT year in Anderson aT CenTral Junior l-ligh. Coach Manifold Tormerly played baseball aT BuTler UniversiTy. This season he was in charge oT The B Team, in- cluding TorTy To TiTTy bobys who worked ouT daily aT Denny Field. MURDER'S ROW Row I: Schuyler, Ellioff, Kline, Turner, Whiiehead. Row 2: Oakes, Ogden, Walker, Muller, Morris. Row 3: Sfrader, Huffer, Shaul, Casey, Belangee. Row 4: McKinley, Fox, Chamberlain, Douglas, Rousey. 3-. 1 1 3 nu-and Cliffon Huffman, Chas. Huffman, Websfer, Sfewarf, Dunham. Coach Overman Under fhe direcfion of Claude Roney, fhe linksmen complefed a highly successful sea- son, finishing as fhey did lasf year. in fhird place in fhe Norfh Cenfral Conference. ln- cluded in fhe vicfories were wins over Mar- ion and Elwood lfwicel and a four-way win over Logansporf, Muncie Cenfral and New Casfle. Refurning leffermen from lasf year were Jim Hamilfon, Dick Peck, Dick Davisson, and Frank Phelps. Dick Peck was lasf year's winner of 'rhe Jack Zoll Memorial Trophy. GOLF SUCCESSFUL: TENNIS REESTABLISHED Wifh 'rhe reesfablishmenf of fennis as an AHS sporf, The afhlefic program em- braced a fofal of eighf sporfs fhis year. Under fhe coach- ing of Marion C. Overman. fhe feam compefed in fhe Fronf Row: Moore, Warley, Granger, Lyons, Kendall, Hines. Second Row: Phelps, Miller, Brown, McNeal, Davisson, Lazenby, Barneff, Norfh Cenfral Conference While, Sanders. Top Row: Claude Roney lcoachl, Moneyhun, Wise, Dismuke, Bluemle, Hamilfon, wifh a schedule of eighf mafches carded. The squad pracficed on fhel Riley School courfs and also held fhe home mafches fhere. Two seniors and fhree sophomores formed fhe squad, wifh Don Sfewarf, Dick Websfer, Charles Huff- man, Cliffon Huffman, and Howard Dunham receiving leffers af fhe end of fhe sea- son. Peck, Thompson, Collier. G. A. A. ENJOYS ACTIVE YEAR G. A. A. Council Fronl Row: Audrey Relford, Belly Joyce Sfinson, Bar- bara Lovell, Juanifa Bev- elhimer, Mrs. Delilah Pora ler lsponsorl. Second Row: Slue Evans, Marioria Wenlz, Phyllis Achenbach, Marfha New- som, Jeanne Grahame, Sue Shops, Pal Alexander, Bar- bara l-laclcer, Joyce Car- rawa-,f, Janice Carraway- Recipilenr of Jrhe annual Honor Award The Sporlsmanship Award wenf lo senior was Emma Lou Cliilon, lreasurer, and senior Juanila Bevelhimer who is also vice-presideni member of rhe club. oi ihe group. Award Winners .luanila Bevelhimer-Sporfsmanship Emma LOU Cllllonihlonor 1 ,. ....Y. ,rf ' 1. ,A vw ! . V FEMININE ATHLETES Special EvenTs HighlighT Year ParTicipaTing in a play day aT Ball STaTe Teachers College on April 3, aTTending a G. A. A. sTaTe camp aT Shalcamalc STaTe Parlc on April 30 Through May 2, and The presenTaTion oT The annual MoTher-DaughTer BanqueT on May 20 were The ouTsTanding highlighTs OT an acTive year Tor The Girls AThleTic AssociaTion. iOTher highlighTs oT The year Tor The or- ganizaTion included The Tollowing acTiviTies: YuleTide Frolic on December log candle- ligh+ insTallaTion February 243 Big SisTer- - - LiTTle SisTer ParTy March 2. Under The sponsorship oT Mrs. Delilah PorTer, The girls' physical educaTion Teach- er, a well-rounded aThleTic program was Tol- lowed wiTh The acTiviTies including roTaTion soccer, baseball, baslceTball, Tumbling, vol- ley ball, volley ring and ring Toss. ln addiTion To The SporTsmanship and Hon- or Awards, several oTher yearly awards were given. These awards, The Indian head monogams, The A leTTers and The sTaTe awards, are given on a poinT basis. PoinTs are awarded To The girls in recogniTion oT parTicipaTion in organized games, and un- organized or ouTside acTiviTies, and are also given on The basis oT TesTs, boTh wriTTen and skill. To qualiTy Tor The awards a girl musT have I50poinTs Tor an Indian head monogram, 250 poinTs Tor an A award, and 350 poinTs Tor a sTaTe award. The awards are highly coveTed by The G. A. A. girls because oT The TacT ThaT much Time and eTTorT and na- Tural abiliTy are required To gualiTy Tor one oT These honors. PresenTed by Mrs. PorTer The awards were received by The winners aT The annual spring Honor Day convocaTion. Serving as oTTicers oT The organizaTion This year were Three seniors and one iunior. The presidenT was senior BeTTy Joyce STin- son. JuaniTa Bevilhimer, anoTher senior, was vice presidenT, while iunior PaT Alexander was secreTary. Treasurer Tor The oganizaTion was senior Emma Lou CliTTon. E' WFHEW J' VFP U '555 'WW ?m ' UL! 5' 5su, '..L ? 'TNR' 5' 5, ! ' W 'Wg 'Y 1 x C: v if 'iz . . ,ms my ., f X ' 1. my - IW , lx 15 5 :YL ,yin A4- , ,fum fi ' H. gs Q Pt K ,f 'vw ,xiii 'ff 'Q , E5f.?gzff f1f '16 A, ' U 25: A f 1 A H Ly f 11 'W i .,.-,,,..x,'- J, WZ-5, A , ff. 5 ,AW . an X I - Izf f i, +1 Z,.,v,ff 1 x y 8 14 W1 i f A9 11 ff fs- f,'5f7'q,gS Xyvfl, 'I fc , 71471 1' N51 R-PJ' f 44? f -3 ,ur , r: L Q, 53 'fifif f ff 2, M i' f in Zigi. L-1, WA lf' 14 .55-'I -E' 1.::'w-:' Q.: gwa, I S I f 1' A Y Kr '-Q My mf ' ' 1 'x N 1 ah v f :gif ly., 1 f 1 K 'F '4' In 'VZ 4 Mx J ff! lf X' 9' if X r MJ 9' 58 f ff H .sr 'Q , - f wif Q- gl? ' rw' y 1' 1 1 H f 1 is J4 , Q. 1? ' I is 4,31 4 g ' Mg . 'A aw- f '31 IL Sv wx ' , 'fr ' R, rf. X, Xu, X, few . 1 - up fs wx3'm ' 'fx Www mg 1 ' I I ' 'fww 915,-MMM A ,, 3 ifwmg Qmmwhw 7 9' Q2 fi K LZA, mf :yfg J ffl, My Y 7, ,,, l.. fo R.: G-racia Ripple, Jack Nicholson, Beffy Ann Seniors Farewell 'ro A. H. S. From fhe fime he enfers high school as a freshman each sfudenf looks for- ward fo becoming a senior. The senior has many privileges fhaf fhe under- classman does nof have. in addifion fo enioying a feeling of accomplishmenf. The firsf iob of a sfudenf is fo choose from fhe wide variefy of courses An- derson l-ligh School offers, fhe one which will help him mosf affer gradua- fion. lf is a greaf safisfacfion fo com- plefe his chosen course and fo march in cap and gown fo fake fhaf diploma which he has worked so hard fo affain. If is an inspirafion fo be a senior and fo parficipafe in fhe many acfivifies. An acfive Senior Week came fo a close fhis year af Commencemenf June 3. Commencemenf Speakers Each year for many years, seniors of Anderson l-ligh School have been chosen fo represenf fheir class as speakers af Commencemenf. Those who would like fo have fhis honor fry ouf af fhe beginning of fhe year, and from fhis group four are chosen by a faculfy commiffee. The speakers fhis year and fheir fopic are: Gracia Ripple, American Ideals--Facf or Ficfionug Jack Nicholson, Hoosier- ama 7 Beffy Ann Poor. The Play and fhe Players , and Joe Fox, Educa- fion and Afhleficsf' L. fo R.. Bill Wilder, Chauncey lsenhour, Bob Quinn, Principal Porfer Refreahmeni sales boost class treasury The Class of 7948 Presidenl ...... Gene Bell Vice-Presidenl . Pal King Secrelary Barbara Farmer Treasurer ...... Delores Ryan Sponsors-Mrs. Evelyn Grahame and Basil l-losier Class Colors-Royal Blue and While l-losier sponso arbara Farmer r B Delores Ryan. Pal' King, Mrs. Evelyn Grahame lsponsorl. Ballard, Lauraw-Generali-Sluclenl Council I: Y-Teens 3, 4: Sevenleen Club 3, 4: Prom Comm. 3. Ballard, Theodore-General-aBand I, Z. Barker, Be4I'y Louise-fBus. Ed.-Red Cross Rep. I, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: Sql.-al-Arms Red Cross 4. Barker, Joann-Generali-Glee Club 3. Burrell, Charles-General-I-li-Y 4: Baskelball 2: Cross Counlry 3: Regislralion Comm. Senior Weelc'4: Home Room Sec.-Treas. 2: Dale and Eliqibilily Comm. Prom 3: Sopli. Execulive Comm. Barreff, Geraldine-GeneraI-Y-Teens 3, 4: Guidance Office 4. Class of Abel, Mary Carroll-'Home Ec,fNurse's Assl. l, 2: Y- Teens 3, 4'. Adams, Mariorie-Wel Fa re Sluclenl. Aclcoclx, MarilynfCollege'lonor Sociely 3, 4: Annual Slalf 3, 4: Honor Sludy Hall MoniIor 4: Clworal Club 4: Girls' Glee Club 3: Spanish Club 2, 3: I-Iisfory Club 3, 4: Monilor 3. Alford, Doroflwy--General. Allen, Robert -College Prep. Allen, Joe-General. Anderson, Bonnie----General. Anderson, Marilyn7Colleqe l'rep,?Y-Teens I, 2, 4: G. A. A. I-,2:lv1c-nilor I, 2, 4: Seventeen Club 4: Sludenf Assl. 2: Brealclasl Dance Comm. 4. Aull, Carl M.1Tecl1.+l-li-Y 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3: Baslcel- l: Torch Club I, 2: Annual S+a'il4: Pep Sessions Comm babll I: Torch Club l, 2: Annual Slalf 4: Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Senior Class Day Comm. 4': Senior Class Play 4: Dramafics Club 4: Sludenl Council 2: Home Room V. Pres. I, 4: Prom Decoralions Ccmm 3. Barker, Joann Q. I.. 1 , 1' Barreff, Charles r K , f8arre1f, Geraldine M I948 Barll, Nancy Jean!-College Prep.fCI1eerIeader I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Sessions Comm. I, 2, 3, 4, Chairman 4: Monilor Comm. 3: Sludenl Assembly I: Execulive Council 2, 3, Treas. 3: C-irls' Cvlee Club 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club 2: Dramalics Club 4: X-Ray Slall 3: Prom Allendf anl 3: Sevenleen Club 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Visilors' Day Comm. 3: Fall Windup Queen 4: Monilor 3, 4: Soplm Execulivo Comm.: D. A. R. Award. Beclcnell, Mary Lois+GeneraI-Girls' Glee Club 2: Mon- ilor I. Beema n, Mar+I'1a Maxine7General. Belangee, Roberl' A.7CoIIeqe Prep.fBasebaII I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry 2, 3, 4: I-li-Y 3, 4: Publicalions Rep. I, 2, 3, 4: A Club 2, 3, 4: Baslcefball 2, 3. Belangee, Madeline M.-General-Y-Teens 3,4. Bell, E. Eugene-C5eneralfSr. Class Pres: Hi-Y 3, 4: Torclw Club 2: Ex. Council 4: Sludenl Council 2, 4: I-Iome Room Pres. I, 2: Foolball 2, 3,: Baslelball 2, 3: Sludenl Manager I: Junior Rolarian 4: Prom Relreslwmenl Comm. 3: Boys' Slale 3: Chairman ol Pall Wind-Up Decoralions Comm. 4. Beresford, Rena-Bus. Ed.7Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Sevenleen Club 3, 4: X-Ray Sllall 2: Publicily Comm. Prom 3: Sr. Picnic Comm. 4: Camera Club 2: Science Club 2: Bus. Ed, Assl. 4: Monilor 4. Bcvcllwimcr, Juanila Lou-General-G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Jr.-Sr, Inlerclass Aclivilies: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. Bever, Lloycl D.-General-Band I, 2. ,K BOIQH. Hal Bongo, Jack Bonus. Robed' adm, Nancy ie.cea.iS1Q, M y me aww, Maxam Belanqee, Rohan Belangeu, Madeline Bell. 9002 Berea or , ena eve emer, we I Black, Daisy Ka+I'1yIeen4GeneraI. Bobo, Donald Kei'II1A--GeneraIfBand I, 2, 3, 4: Con- servalion Club 3, 4: Science Club 4. Boerner, Kalie Joan!-General-Choral Club 3, 4: Y- Teens I, 2, 3, 4: I-Iome Room Pres. 2: Sec. I: Band I: 6. A. A. I: Girls' Cvlee Club 2, 3: Sr. Class Play: Teen Can- Ieen 3, Bolen, Halford-College Prep.-Cheerleader 4:: Hi-Y 3, 4, Sec. 4: Demolay I, 2, 3, 4: Dramalics Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Sr. Class Play Comm. 4: Clwr. Jr. Prom Band Comm.: Ex, Comm. I, 2, 3: Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Torch Club I, 2, V. Pres. 2: Monifor 2, 3: Assl. Head Monilor 3: I-Ionor Sludy I-Iall Monilor 4. . , V 5 Bonge, JacIc1CoIIeqe Prep.--Class Presidenf I, 2: I'Ii- Y 3, 4: Science Club, Treasurer 4: Locker Office Assl, 3, 4: Sluclenl Council 4: Cross Coun+ry I, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3, 4. Bonge, Roberl' E.-Voc. Ag.-I-Ii-Y 4: F. F. A. Club l, 4 s .r I . y-B 'C 1G 'I Sfidser. Fwd afcffsnaem mage Broadwafer, Gene L.-Business EducaIion+Science Club 4: Camera Club 4: Glee Club 2, 4. Brock, Paul Burfon-Vccafional Agricullure--F. F. A, I, 2, 3, 4: Monilor 2, 4: Broclrman, Yvonne M.-General-Y-Teens 2: I-Iislory Club 3. Brogden, Marfha Mae-Hfiveneral-Girls' Glee Club I, 2. Bronnenberg, Carolyn+General4Sr. Class Play: Dra- maiics Club 4: Sevenfeen Club 3, 4: Sludenl Council 3: V. Pres. Home Room 2: Nurse's Assl. 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 4: Jr. Red Cross I: Sr. Regislralion Comm. 4. Brooks, Frances-General. Class of Boone, Eddie Rayflpre-Ap,---I-li-Y 3, 47 Siudenf Coun- cil I: Home Room Pres. I, 2. Bowser, Edward Lynn---College Prep.-I-Ionor Sociely 3, 4: Senior Exucuiive Comm: I'Ii-Y 4: Iorclw Club 2: Home Room V. Pros. I, 2: Bible Club 4: Monilor 3. 4: Bus. Ed Asst 4: Via Club 3. Boyer, Barbara Jean--General7Bible Club 4: Ivloniior 3, 4: Bus. Ed. Assi. 4: Via Club 3. Boyer, Roberf Arnold-Pre-Ap.fJr. Red Cross 2: Boys' Siafe 2: Jr. Exuculive Comm: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Prom Decoralions Comm. 3: Clworal Club 3, 4: V. Pres. 4: Madrigal Club 4: X-Ray Mechanical Siaff 3, 4: Annua Meclwanical Siiaif 3, 4: Senior Execulive Comm. 4: Boys , Cvlee Club 2: I-Ii-Y Club 3, 4. ' I , v I Branch, Danny Joe+General7CIworal Club 4: Boys Glee Club 4: Sr. Class Play: Science Club 4: Camera Club 4. l Brannon, PaHy Lou-GeneraI+Cl'ioral Club 4: Band I: Y-Teens I: Girls, ConcerICl1oir I: Glee Club I. Brauclwla, Gordon Lee--General. Bridges, Fred Lindley--Business Educaiion-Usher 3. 4: Candy Sland I. Brislol, Belly Alice--Business Educaiion-Girls' Glee Club. I948 Brown, David+GeneraI4FoolbaII I, 2, 3, 4: Baslrel- ball I, 2: Torclw Club 2: I-Iome Room V, Pres, 2: Jr, Con- seryalion Club 4: A Club 4'. Brown, Deloris Annf4GeneraI. Browning, Roy Jesse---General, Bunce, Max M.+C'eneraI. Bunce, Pally L.fGeneral Burgan, Bernard I.orenzofTecI1nicaI7Science Club 4: Soplw. Exuculive Comm. 2: Pres. I-Iome Room I. Bushong, Koifh Jackson-f-Pre-Apprenlice-Ushers Club I. Buller, James Clinfon-r-Teclwnical---BandI: Jr. Conser vation 4. Byrum, Thelma Jean-College PreparaIory4SludenI Council 4: I-Iigln Sclnool Office Assl. 2, 3, 4: Dean's Assl. 4: Chem. Lab, Assl. 4: Lalin Club 2: Honor Socie- Ty 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 2: Y-Teens I, 3, 4. - A . A I urn- .- .Er 1 Cade, Wilma Janef-GeneraIfY-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Publi- calions Rep. I: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3. Cain, Raymond LaMa:'efTecI1niceI. Caraday, William R.7CoIIcqe Preparaloryfl-Ii-Y 3, 4: Dramalics Club 4: Home Room Pres. 4: Class Day Proa oram Comm. 4: Boolc Exclnanqe I, 2, 3: War Ellorls Comm, I: Publicalions Rep. I: Camera Club 3: Traclc I, Cannon, Mary Jane-College Preparaloryflalonor Slo- ciely 3, 4: Senior Class Play: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Seven- leen Club 3, 4: Dramalics Club 4: Lab. Eng, Assl. 2, 3, 4: Prom Decoralions Comm. 3: Bond Queen Comm. 3: Bond Queen Allendenl I: War Ellorls Comm. I: Lalin Club 2: I-Iome Room Sec-Treas. 4: Caplinger, Marilyn Jo' r-General-'Choral Club 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Y-Teens I: Salely Depl. Assl. 3, 4: X-Ray Assl. 4. Carr, Helen Mae+C'eneraI7Home Room V. Pres. I: Y-Teens I, 2, 4: Viclory Comm. 2: Convocalion Comm. 2: Home Room Sec-Trcas. 4: Place Comm. for Sr. Facully Parly 4, C'Vf'W3Y1R9I'49f7 Cerler. Jeiarmefte Cassell. Jack Clarkson, Barbara , Claw, Clyde, Pal'-Gene-ral7Jr. Conservalion Club 4: Cam- era Club 3 4: Glee Club I. Clifford, WiIIiam4CoIIeqe Preparalorye Hislory Club 3, 4: Science Club 3: Spanish Club 3: X-Ray 2. Cliflon, Emma Lou7Business Eclucalion--G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Council 3, 4: Dean's Assl. 3, 4: Treasurer 6. A. A. 4. Coble, Nancy-College Preparaloryfgludenl Council 3, 4: Sevenleen Club 3, 4: V. Pres. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. Ig 2, 3, 4: Science Club 4: Camera Club 3: I-ligh School Ollice Assl. 2: Spanish Club 2: X-Ray 2: I-Ionor Slucly I-Iall Comm. 3, 4: Home Room Pros. I: Band Comm. Prom 3. Combs, Rosalyn--Ge-neraI+-Assl. Guidance Oil. I: G. A. A. I: Spanish Club I: Dean's Assl. 4. COYTIGF. Jacqueline-Home Economics7Dean's Assl. 4: Pre-Ivlecl Club 4. Wiliam Cluml:-ers. William Chapman, William Class of Carraway, Roberl7CoIIeqe Preparaloryf I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: A Club 3, 4: Convo. Comm, 3: Science Club 2, 3: I-Iome Room Pres. I, 2, 3, V. Pres. 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 41 Track I: Baseball I, 2: Ivlonilor I. Carlcr, JeaneH'e4GeneraIlG. A. A. 4. Cassell, Jack-General. Calf, William-College PreparaIory+Spring Track I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry I, 2: Boxing 2: Foolball 3, 4: Publi- calions Rep. 3, 4. Chambers, WiIIiam7TechnicaI-Hi-Y 3, 4: Torch Club 2: Golf 2, 3, 4: Exec. Comm. 3: Dramalics Club 4: Science Club 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Sr. Class Play Place Comm., Sr. Facully Parly, Band Comm. Breakfasl' Dance 4. Chapman, Williamm-General. Chrisfian, Frances7CoIIeqe Preparalory. Clarkson, Barbarafbusiness Educalion. Claus, Keilh-Pre-ApprenIice?SIudenl Council 4: Vis- ilors Day Comm. 4: Amer. Ed, Week Comm, 4: Jr. Red Cross 3: Boys Cvlee Club 2: Cross Counlry I: Track 2: Book Club 4: War Ellorls Comm. I. Clydl, Pal' Clifford, Wiliam Clifion, Emma Lau Cvblt. Nancy Combs. Rosalyn K - A Comer, Jacqueline 4 V I948 Comer, John Daileufiochniccl. Conde, Pafsricia Ann--Business Educalion-Y-Teens 3, 4: Monilor 3. Cook, David Jamos7CoIIego Preparalorye Dramalics Club 3, 41 Torch Club 2: Publicalions Rep. 23 Spanish Club 2, 3: Jr. Execulive Comm. Prom Queen Comm. 3: Science Club 4: Reqfslralion Comm. Senior Weolc 47 I-IiAY 4. Cook, Richard Joseph-Pre-Appronlice-Publicafions Rep. 2, 3, 4. Coolcman, Donald F.-Pre-Apprenlice. Copeland, Fred-College PI'eparaIcry. Corn, Ronald M.-GeneraI+D:amaIics Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, I-Ii-Y 43 Sr. Execulive Council: Sluderil Chairman Safe- Iy Comm. 4: War Elforls Comm, I, 2: I-Icme Room V. Pres. 31 Class Play 47 Curriculum Speaker 3, Monifor 2: Head Ivlonilor 3: Golf 2, 3, 43 Torch Club 2. Corfreclrl, I-!Ia:'iIyn Annl--General. Couch, RusseII+CIencraI. i, , 5. Afffvmpsldonh A c..m,Jwy Dalton. Joyce Cox, Arnola Jane-Business Educa+ion- Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Home Room Sec. I: Jr. Red Cross 4. Cox, Nondas Jean-I-Iome Economics. Cronlx, Alice-I-Iome Economics. Crump, Eldon BurneIIfGencraI--I-Iome Room Pres. I. 3, V. Pres. 2. Cuneo, Jerry I-ee?I3usiness Educalion--I-Iome Room V. Pres. I, Sec-Treas. 2, 3. Dalfon, Joyce7GeneraI7CIass V. Pres. 3: Sfudenl Council Ig I-Ionor Sociely 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: X-Ray Slall 3, 4: Page 2 Edifor 4, I-Iome Room Sec. I, 2: Sen- ior Ex. Comm. 41 G. A. A. I, 2: Sevenleen Club 3, 41 I-Iigh School Office Assf. 2, 3, Assi. Head Ivlonilor 4, Prom Flower Comm. 3: Class Swealer Comm. 3: Class Ring Comm. 27 Pep Sessions Comm. 3, I. I-I. S. P. A. 4. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Delph, sm, oemm, Mme ' nw, My.. Dillard, Wilma Jean-Business Educalion-Choral Club 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Slludenl Council 2. 3: War Efforls Comm. I. Dillman Phyllis Ann-General- Y-Teens I, 2: Girls' Concerl Choir 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 3: Monilor 3: Bible Club 4. Dillon, Judy Anne-General-Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Girls' Concerl Choir 4. Dills, Edwina Rae-General. Dismulre, James-College Preparalory-Torch Club I, 2: Soph. Ex. Comm. Foolball 2, 3: Golf 2, 3, 4: Pre-Med 4: Book Club 4: X-Ray 3: Senior Class Play. Dobson, Joanne Lee-College Preparalory--War El- lorls Comm. I: Home Room V. Pres. 2: Monifor 2: La- Iin Club 2: S'evenI'een Club 3, 4: Y-Teen I, 2, 3, 4: Place Comm. Sr. Facully Parly. Class of Davis, Beverly L.-College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Jr. Red Cross 2: I-Iome Room Pres. 3,V. Pres. 4: G. A. A. I. Davis, Fred Russel-General-Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Basbell 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 4: Red Mill Operalla 4: I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Home Room V. Pres. 4: Monilor 4: Deans Asst 3: Con- servalion Club 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3: Camera Club 43 Science Club 4. Davis, James Benion-General-Junior Ex. Comm.: Alhlelic Manager 3. Defenderfer, Carl Jr.-Technical-Publicalions Rep. 3, 4: Usher l. Delinger, Marilyn Uva-Business Educalion Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4: Sec. 3, Pres. 4: Y-Teens 4: Dean's Assl. 4. Delong, Anna Lucille-General-G. A. A, l. Delph, Billy Keifh-'wGeneral-Track I, 3, 4: Baslcelball I: Foolball I: Home Room Pres. I: Torch Club2: Book Club 4: Monilor I. Denman, Maxine-General. Derr, Myra Jo-College Preparalory- Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Monilor 3. I948 Dorsey, Ben4GeneraI-I-Iome Room Pres. I, Sec-Treas. 3. Doyle, Pearlie Mae-General. Driggers, Emma Lou4-General-Bible Club 4. Dunbar, Barbara-General4Y-Teens I, 2, 37 Soph. Exec. Comm, Jr. Exec. Comm: Home Room Sec. Ig G. A. A. I: Yeleens Cabinel 33 Girls' Glee Club I. Dunbar, David7TechnicaIfHi-Y 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4: Sludenl Council 4: Book Exchange I, 21 Ivlonilor 3, 4: Chr. Place Comm. Sr. Brealclasl' Dance. Dunn Dunn, Early, Ecoff, , Norma JeanYGeneraI-Yeleens 3, 4, Pal-General-G. A. A. 4. Allen-Pre-Apprenlice. JoanfGeneraI4Y-Teens I: Monilor 4. 4 Edwards, JacItfCoIlege Preparalory. Ehle, GIen7GeneraI-Track I, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 4: Madrigal 47 Sr. Facully Comm. 4: Foolball 3, 47 Monilor 2, 3, Place Comm. Prom. 3: Red Mill Operafla 4: Slud- enl Assembly 2. Elder, BeHyfGeneraI4I-Iome Room Sec. I, 21 Visual Aids Assl. 4. Eldon, Howard-Pre-Apprenlice-Library Assl. 2, 3, 4: Home Room Pres. 4: Jr. Red Cross 2: Monilor 3: Boolc Club 41 I-Iislory Club 43 War Ellorls Comm. I. Elliolf, Joeelechnical-Baseball I, 2, 3, 43 I-Ii-Y 3, 41 Club 4: Sr.WeeI1Comm.g Torch Club 2: Publicalions Rep. I, 2, 31 Home Room Sec, Treas. 4: Ivlonilor 4. Ellis, Romona-Business Educalion-Girls' Glee Club 3: War Elforls Comm. 2. V , Elmore, Jerry England, Domlhy EM, James Epperly, Berlin Eufxlen Donald Eu+sIer. Elsie F.aB1,, vsnmss Pansy. uma. Famer, ssfbm Faulkner, Marlha Jean-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I,2, 3, 4: Candy Slancl 3, 4. Fish, Ted-Business Education-Bible Club 4: V. Pres. Home Room 3: War Eflorls Comm. I: Library Assl. 2: Monilor I: Book Club 4. Flory, Richard Eugene-General-I-Ii-Y 3: Annual Slafl 3: 4: Science Club I: Honor Sludy I-IaII lvlonilor 4: Torch Club I: Library Assi. 2: Moniior I: Sfudenl Assl. Eng. Depl. 2: Publicalions Rep. I: War Elloris Comm. 2: Con- vocalions Comm. 2. Foley, Aloma Jo-General-Sfudenl Council 4: Jr. Red Cross Rep. 3: Publicalions Rep. 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. Foley, Peggy Jane-Business Eclucalion-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Sec. 2: T. 81 I. Assl. 4. Folfz, Perry-Technical. Class of Elmore, Jerry Day-Pre-Apprenlice-EooibaII I: Track 3: Torch Club I, 2. England, Dorolhy Mae+Business Educaiion--Choral Club 3, 4: Sludenl Direclor Red Mill 4: Teen Music 3: Girls' Glee Club 2. EnI', James Page-Technical-I'Ii-Y 4: Conservalion 3, 4: Baskeiball I, 2: Fooiball I. 2. Epperly, Berlha Anne+GeneraI. Eulsler, Donald Max7GeneraI- Jr. Conservalion Club 3. Eulsler, Elsie May-Home Economics. Fadely, Valencia Ann--General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 4: Band I, 2, 3: Orcheslra 3, 4. Farley, Bessie Mae-General. Farmer, Barbara Annc7CoIIege Preparalory-Senior Class Secrelary: Prom Queen Allenclanl' 3: Y-Teens I, 3, 4: I-Ieacl Monifcr 4: Monilor 3: Sludeni Council I, 2: Sevenfeen Club 4: Chr. Prom Relreshmenls Comm. 3: Girls' G-lee Club 2. 3,: Chrf Band Comm. Brealsfasl Dance 4. . Y. W -V,.-V--v , Fo!-ey. Aloma Jo . Foley, Pegigy Fclh, Peny I . . I I948 Fonfain, Louis Jean-CoIIege Preparafory--Ex, Coun- ciI I, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Sfudeni Council 2, 3, 41 Chr. Convocaiions Comm. 47 Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 47 Track I, 2, 3, 4, Home Room V. Pres. I, 2, I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Camera Ciub I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, Sec. 4: Science Club 2, 3, 4: Locker Oifice Asst 3: EcIi+or Page 4, X-Ray 43 Senior Day Comm. 4: Senior CIass Play, Junior Rofarian 3,PubIici+y Comm. Jr, Prom: Boy's Sfaie 3: LiHIe Chief Siaii 3. Fouse, Phyllis Irene-Business Educafion. Fousf, Marshall Arnold-CoIIege Prepararory-Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orchesfra 2, 3, 4: War Eiforis Comm. I, 2: Monif- or 2, 3, 4. Fowler, Judy Ann-College Preparafory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinef 3. Fowler, Mary Louise-Genera I. Iiox, Joe Thomasviechnical-YCross Counfry 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Torch CIub 2: I-Ii-Y 3, 4: SIucIen+ Coun- ciI I, 3: Commencemeni Speaker 4: Head Monifor 47 Viciory Comm. 2. Frank, Edward AIIen-CoIIeqe Pre-parafory-Sfudenf Council I, 2, Torch Club 2. GaIIegIy, WiIIiam-fGeneraI. ,Gardner, Pafricia L.7GeneraI-Choral Club 3, 4: GirIs' Glee Ciub 23 Madrigal Club, Sec.-Treas. 4. Frank, Edward Galiegly, Wiliiem ' Gardner, Pairicia Garrcff, Marc:u:+GeneraI. Caus, I3iIIy Juies-Technicai. Genfry, Gilberb-GeneraI4VeIeran's Club 4, Boys' Glee Club 4 . Gibson, Alice Marie7Business Educafion--I, X1 I. Assi. 4. Gibson, Mary Kafhryn-Business Educafion. Giimore, WiIIiam David-Colieqe PreparaToryA-Home Room Pres I, 2, Sec.-Treas 3, Siudeni Council 4:Torch Club 21 Co-Chr. Sr. Day Comm.: Track 31 Hi-Y 3, 4: Monifor 2, 3. U Girfan. Laffy eQIa,e.,fb.f. ease, Ncfma I , ef,hafa,ua,a -e,...+,am.4, ' ef.y.xm.m' Gray, Louise-General7Choral Club 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Hislory Clubb 3, 4: Jr, Red Cross 3, 4: Y-Teens I, Girls' Concerl' Choir 3, 4. Grealhouse, Mary Helen7General. Grilifilh, Dona---eBusiness Educalion-Choral Club 3, 4: I-lislory Club 3, 4: Girls' Concerl Choir 4: Girls' Glee Club 2. Grissom, Wanda-General-Jr.Red Cross 3: Camera Club 3: Y-Teens 4. Groff, I-ois-eBusiness Educafion. Gudgel, Richard-General--Hislory Club I: Jr. Cons servalion Club 2. Class of Girlon, Larryvlechriical-I-li-Y 4: I-lome Room Pres. 2, 3, 4: Torch Club 2: Achvilies Comm. 4: Invilalions Comm. Sr. Facully Parly 4. Gold, Barb-ara7Business Educalion7Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club l, 2. Gold, Joan-General-Home Room Sec. 4: Y-Teens 37 Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2. Gourley, Warrenflechriical-I-lome Room V. Pres. 2, 3, 4: Ivlonilor 2, 3: Assl. Head lvlonilor 4': Hi-Y Club 4. Graddy, Eloise-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Ex. Council 2. Graham, Jean7CoIIeqe Preparalory-G. A. A. l, 2, 47 I-lislory Club 3, 4: Yfleens 4: Lalin Club 4: X-Ray Slall 4: Choral Club 4. Graham, Lloyd Jr.-General-Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Traclc I: Baskelball I, 2: Torch Club I, 2: I-li-Y 3, 4': Baseball 2: A Club 4: Jr. Sr. lnlerclass Aclivifies 3: Publicalioris Rep. I, 2: Sr. Week Picnic Arrangemenls Comm. Granf, BeverIy7General-lvladrigal Club 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Sec.-Treas. 4: Pre-lvled. 3, 4: Pres. 3: I-lonor Sociely 4: Dramalics 3: Y-Teens 4: Sr. Ex. Comm.: Chr, Foods Comm. Sr. Brealclasl Dance. Gray, Kennefh-General. ay, Louiq Gmafhouse, Mary Hden IGMHQI1. Dona Grimm, Wanda Graff, Lois Gudgel, Richard I948 Gulley, Theola Joe-General. Gusfin, Eleanor Louise'--Business Educalion. Gwalfney, Edilh lrenefeveneral-Y-Teens 3, 4, Gwynn, Barbara Lou-College Preparalory?Cheer Leader 31 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 41 Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2: Home Room Sec. I: Pep Sessions Comm. 3: Library Assl. 2, 3. Hall, Wilmella J-Business Educalion-Band I, 2, 3, 41 Y-Teens 3, 4: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2, 31 Honor Slludy Hall 2, 3. Halferman, Richard Harold-GeneralfJr. Conserva lion Club 3, 4: Monilor 3: Usherls Club A. Hamilfon, Jack-Pre-Apprenllce. Hamillon, Jamrs+Genera'--Foolball I, 27 Baslcelball I, 23 Traclc I: Golf I, 2, 3, 4: A Club 41 Torch Club l, 2? Book Club 4: Senior Class Play: Jr. Conservalion Club 4: Jr.Red Cross 2. Hamillon, Jo ,Ann7Colleqe Preparafory-X-Ray Slall 4: Pre-Med 3, 41 Sec. Treas. 47 Sludenl Assl. 4: Lalin Club 2, 3, 4: Monilor 47 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4-1 G, A. A. I7 Girls' Glee Club 21 Honor Sludy Hall 2, 4, . Harney. Charles Harper, William HM,-g,,gq,,,,, I L- A - V -Q.. ...--..-..+.-.......4,,, .,,.,., . Bernice 1 surrey, more ewan, Eleanor - ' 9,,,if,,,,, EM, eww, safbsa H Hall, Waimea. I miiegmn. praises Harney, Charles Francisflechnical-Dramalics Club 4: Hi-Y Club 4, Science Club 2: Hislory Club 3: Publica- lions Rep. li Senior Class Play 41 Guidance Office Assr. 4. Harper, William Burl+GeneraI7Camera Club 47 lvlone ilor 41 Arr Club 4. Harringlon, Bernice Alma4Home Economics-Girls' Concerl Choir 31 Girls' Glee Club 2, G. A. A. I. Harringlon, George-Technical-Science Club 2, Home Room V. Pres, I, 2: Monilor 41 Camera Club 4. Harris, Shirley Elaine-General-Band 4. Harrison, Nancy Lee76eneral--Girls' Golf Club Pres. 3, 4: Treas. Freshman Classq 6. A. A. I, 21 Ex. Council 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 2: lnler-class Aclivilies 4: Moniror 47 War Ellorls Comm. 2: Red and Green Week Comm. 4. Haynes, Betty r-1-eaa.eef+y Jo Hamas. Jecquelinegv ,sg I-Ielmic, JoanfGeneral7Sludenl Council I, 2, 3, 4: Sevenleen Club 4: Monilor 43 Y-Teens 33 Decoralions Comm. Jr. Promg Deeoralions Comm. Sr, Facully Parly. Hensley, Mary Lou-General-X-Ray 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. I, 27 Pre-Med 4: Camera Club 2, 3: Seven- leen Club 47 Jr. Red Crcss I: Home Room Sec. 23 Girls' Glee Club 2: Concerl Clioir 3, 4: Prom Decoralions Comm. 31 Brealclasl Dance Comm. Hickman, James Spence:-7Teclinical-Torclw Club 2. Hiday, Lenna May-Business Educalion. Higginbolham, Foresl Pl'esneII7GeneraI?Hi-Y 45 Dean's Assl. 3, 43 Jr. Conseryalion Club V, Pres. Ig Home Room V. Pres. 3, 47 lvlonilor 3: Foolball 2. Hoffner, Roberla Anne7CoIIege Preparal'ory7Senior Class Play 41 XfRay Slail 3, Cub Reporler I, 21 Drama- lics Club 2, 3, 4i Y-Teens 3 ,4, Cabinel 43 Brenan Aca- demy, Gainesville Georgia 21 Sr. Inlormal Gel-Togellwer Comm. L...-.,s.T...-.i.. + Class of a I'larl'weII, Palsy JcanfCoIIege Preparalory-X-Ray 4: Lalin Club 2, 3, 4: Pre-Med 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 41:Vic- lcry Comm. 2: Girls' Glee Club 2, G. A.. A. I. I I'IasIer, Carolyn Joa n7Genernl. Haslings, DonaldfleclnnicaI-Publicalions Rep. 3, 4: Home Room V. Pres. 2. I-laslon, MiIcIrecI7GeneraI4l3ibIe Club 4, Pres. 4. Hawkins, Beliy Arlene-General-Bible Club 45 Sludenl Council Ig Girl-5' Glee Club I, 2, 3: Teen Canleen 4. 0 I'lawI.ins, Jain: llalnisl-'focalional Aqriculfure-F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, 'I'reas.3: lvlonilor 3, 4. Haynes, Belly Jane-Business lfczlucalionfxf-Teens 2, 31 lvlonilor 2: Library Assl. 41 Head, Belly Jo7GeneraI-Jr. Red Cross Rep. I: Home Room Pres. 2, Sec. Treas. 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 41 Camera Club 3. Helmic, Jacqueline Jean--Business Eclucalion-Dean's Assl, I, 2: Home Room Sec. Ig Y-Teens l, 2. Helmic, Joan ' Hensley, MSWL:-u Hickman, James rig., l:ennaM . Hiqginbctlmm, Prawn H.m..f,aab.m -ggi ve, fl ruse I948 y ef-if. HoIIenisbe,,,QWayne--GonorfI-V-Ari Club 4: lI's+ory Club 2, 4:Ca,mera Club 4: Boys' Glzo C ub 4: H3713 Room V. 'Pres. Z. .fl Hollingsworfln, Georgefloclinfale-Monilor 4: Camera Club 4. Holsinger, Marygl-Iome Economics-. Hoover, Clarence-Pre-Apprenlice. Hoppes, Wilma-General. Horn, Joann-College Preparalor-,f7Guidance Office Assl. 4: Home Room Sec. I: Girls' Glee Club 3: Moni- Tor 4. Hornbeclc, Phyllis-College Preparalory-DrarnaI'ics Club 4: Y-Teens I, 2: Library Assl. 2: G. A, A. I: Ivlonilor 4: Girls' Glee Club 2: I-lome Room Soc. 2: Science Club 3: War Ellorls Comm. I: Social Aclivilies Comm. 4: Y-Teen Cabinel 4: Camera Club 2: l'IisIory Club 4:Guidance Office Assl. 3: Visilors Day Guido 3: Jr, Red Cross 4: Sr. Class Day Comm. 4': Sr. Class Flay. Horfon, Jack-Teclnnical. Hoselc, Jacqueline-College Prepa':a'rcryiJr. Red Cross 3: Lalin Club 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. I: Girls' Glee Club 2. I'I05i9'. S119 AM' Hauser, Maxine Howard. Nancy Hudson, Kaibryn ' Hughel, Wilson Hughes, Anna IC9 Z, HqQgbeck.PhyBis Hoffcn,J.eure Hmu,J.cq.,uz.w i . , , I-Iosier, Sue Ann-College Rreparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3. 4: Sevenleen Club 3, 4: I-Ionor S-cciely 3, 4: X-Ray Slail 4: Library Assl. 3: Arrangemenl and Place Comm. Prom 3: Jr. Red Cross l: Class Eleclion Comm. 2: I3ooI4ExcI'1anqe Comm. 4: Monilor 4: Uplown Tlwealer Parly Co-Cl1r.4. Housor, Maxine-College Rreparalory-Rublicalions Rep. I. 2: Ex, Comm. 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club 2, 3: I-lislory Club 3, 4: Girls' Gloe Club 2, 4. Howard, Nancy-Business Educalion-G. A. A. I: Y- leens I: Deans Asst 4: Library Asslr. 4: Jr. Red, Cross 4: Home Room V. Pres. I, 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 2. Hudson, Kailwryn--GoneraI7G. A. A. I: Yfleens I, 2. Hugliel, Vv'iIson7CoIIege Preparaioryflorcli Club 2: Hi-Y 4: Publicalions Rep. 2, 3: V. Pres. lvliniwance Coun- eil 4: Clworal Club 4: Boys' Glee Club 2: Ivlonilor 3, 4. Hughes, Anna4fCoIIoqe Prcparalory-Bible Club 4. Hui, Msfiafsa Hum, semi. Hurd, cmlyf. Ifarf, Norman lsenl-leur, Chauncey Jackson. Alfredo Jefferson, Joan Marie-College Preparalory-Sifudenf Council I, 2, 3, 4: X-Ray Sfaff 3, 4: War Efforfs Comm. I, 2: Lafin Club 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Reqisfrafion Comm. Prom 3: Afhlefic Office Assf. 3, 4: Monifor 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club, Jessup, Wilma K.--Generalv-YG. A. A. 3. Johnson, James Carllon--College Preparafory. Johnson, Rulh MariIyn4Business Educafion-Bible Club I: Girls' Glee Club: Vocal Music Assf. 2: Bus. Ed. Assl. 3: Candy Sfand 3. Jones, Barbara Lou-College Preparafory-I-Ionor Sociefy 4: Y-Teens I: Lalin Club 2, 3, 4: Monifor 4: Home Room Pres. 2, V. Pres. I, Jones, Carol-General-Home Room V. Pres. I: Sec. Treas, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Jr. Ex. Comm. 3: Jr. Red Cross 4. Class of Hull, Mariorie-College Preparalory-Paleffe Club 4: I-Iisfory Club 3: Spanish Club 3: Y-Teens 2: Senior Ex. Council I. Hunf, Barbara Ann--General-I-Ionor Sociefy 3, 4: Paleffe Club 4: Sec. 4: Hisfory Club 4: Dramafics Club 4. Hurcl, Carolyn Lois--Business EducafioniY-Teens I: I-Iigh School Office Assf. 4: Home Room Treas. I, 2: Jr. Ex. Comm. 3: Prom Comm. 3. Iferi. Norman L.4TechnicaIW-Locker Office 2, 3, 4: Sfud- enf Council I: Monifor 3, 4. Isenhour, Chauncey I.eon4CoIIeqe Preparafory-X-Ray Sfaff 3, 4: Page Ed. 3, Edifor in-Chief 4: I'I.iIfIe Chief Sraff 4: Ex. Council 4: Junior Rofarian 4: Pub, Chr. Sr. Week. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: V. Pres, 4: Camera Club Sgt-Af-Arms 4: Home Room Pres. 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Locker Office Assf. 2, 3, 4: Hislory Club 4: Science Club 2, 4: Torch Club 2, 3: Spanish Club 2: Prom Queen Comm. 31 Boys' Srafe 2: Publicafions Rep. I. A Jackson, Alfreda LouisefCoIIeqe Preparalory--YfTeens 2, 3, 4: Sevenfeen Club 4: Spanish Club 3: G. A. A. I: Ivlonifor 3: I-Iome Room Treas. 3. Jackson, James Roberi'-General-Sr. Ex. Comm.: Jr. Conservafion Club 3, 4: Track 3: I-Iome Room Pres. I, 2: Monifor 4: Sr. Week Comm 4. James, Carl Edward!-College Preparafory-Boys' Glee Club I: Spanish Club I-. James, Fred Eugene--Pre-Apprenfice. Jefferson, Joan Jessup, Vlilma Johnson, James A J0hnwn.RuIb . Janes,8arlnra . J.,,,,,,.g,,,-oi . .,,' ...'. . .:. . ,. . . f M ,, ,,,V:., -1 I948 Jones, David George--College Preparalcry+Pre-Med. 3, 4: Lalin Club 3: Dean's Aasl. 2: Monilor 4: Boys' Slale 2, Jones, Donald R.--General. Jones, Ronald Leon4Pre-Apprenlice-Dean's Assl. 4. Jordan, Juanifa-Business Educallon-Bible Club 4. Julian, Barbara I.ouise7Business Educalion- Y-Teens 4: Home Room Sec. Trees. 4: War Ellorls Comm. l: G. A. A. I, 2: Home Room Pres. 2. Juslice, James Josepl'1+C-allege Preparalory. Kabriclw, Phyllis Joanna+Business Educalion-Y-Teens l: Sevenleen Club 3: Hislory Club 4. Keesling, Bonila Joyce-College Preparalory-Hislory Club 3: Y-Teens I, 2. Keilh, Vivian Jean-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I, 2, 4. Kelly, LeRoy Kimmel, Darlene ' ' King, Pairiclr Jonas, David Jones, Donald , Jones, Ronald K,,b,g,9,, phyln, Keesling, Benin I Kms, Vivhn Kelly, Le Roy Alberl-General. Kimmel, Darlene Lou-Business Educalion-Nurse-'s Assl. 4. King, Pafricli Ole-College Preparalory-Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Cllr, Sr. Class Picnic 4:Cl1r. lnlerclass Aclivilies 3: Sr. Ex. Comm, 4. King, Helen ViolaiBusiness Eclucallon-Home Room Sec-Trees. 4. Kline, Floyd A.-Technical-'Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: A Club 3. 4: Sr. Ex. Ccuncll: Sludenl lvlonilor 3, 4: Honor Sfudy Hall Monilor 4. KnoH's, Marilyn Doris--Business Educalion-Y-Teens I, 2. 3: Sevenleen Club 41: Soplw. Ex. Comm.: Head Monilor 4: Sfudenl Council 4. , .J Lasher, Roberl Wm.-General-Science Club 3, 47 Home Room V. Pres. 4: Wresllinq 3: Traclc 3. Lauber, Jeanelle Louise7ColIeqe Preparalory. Lawrence, Barbara-Business Educalion-Dean's Assl. 4: Sludenl Council I, 2: Via Club 2i Y-Teens I, 27 X-Ray 31 Monilor 31 Honor Sludy Hall I, 2, 3. Lazenby, Helen Marie-Home Economics?CI1oraI Club 4: Y-Teens I, 2. Leach, AgeeYGeneraI. Leavell, William-Pre-Apprenlice. Class of Kocher, Pally-College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2. 4: Pre-Med. 3, 4. Kolde, Be'H'y Anne-General-Y-Teens I, 4, Home Room Sec. Trees. 4. Konrad, Mary Josephine-General-Glee Club I: Clworal Club 4: Red Mill 4: Soullw Bend High 27 PrincipIe's Assl. 2. Kreegar, William Edward-General-Jr, Conservalion Club 2, 4: Foolball I, 2. Kugler, Lewis-Pre-Apprenlice-Honor Slucly Hall lvlonil- or 4: Foolball 47 Track 3, 47 Home Room V. Pres. 47 Hi-Y 4: A Club 4. Kullenski, William Joseph-Pre-Apprenlice. Laib, MoIlyvCoIleqe Preparalory-Band I, 2, 3, 43 Dramalics Club 4, Y-Teens 4: Sevenleen Club 3, 4: Home Room V. Pres. Ig Jr. Red Cross 3: Girls' Glee Club 4. Lame, Frances Mae--Business Educalion. Lannes, Forresl Oran-General-Jr. Conscrvalion Club 4. I948 Lee, Barbara Joan4-I-Iome Economics. Leffel, Mary JacqueIene7GeneraI. Leighlon, Barbara Jean--College Preparalory-Band I, 2, 3, 47 Lalin Club 2: Bible Club 4: Home Room Sec. 2. Lighffooh Rufh Eileen-GeneraI7G. A. A. 41 Yeleens 4: 4 Lee' Balham , LEM' Mm Leigllion' Bmw Biol. Asst 43 Via Club 3. Likins, Charloffe Ann-General-Jr, Red Cross 2, 37 Girls' Glee Clubl, 2, 3, 4-1 Sevenleen Club 3, 4: Y-Teens I,2,3,4iCabineI' I,2,3. Lindsey, Helen-College Preparafory-I-Iislory Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 31 Y-Tecns31 Ivlonifor 41 Book Club 4. Looper, Billie Sue-General-Dean's Asst I. Looper, D. M.fPre-Apprenlice-Cross Counfry 3,4: Track 2, 3, 4: I-Ii-Y 47 A Club 3, 4: War Efforl Comm. 2: Boys' Glee Club 2: Slaie Cross Counlry Team 3, 4: X-Ray- Indian Mech, Slall 3, 47 LiI'IIe Chief Mech. S'I'aII 3, 41 Capiain Cross Counlry Team 4: Jr. Red Cross I. Losey, James D.-PreAApprenIice-Jr. Conservafion Club 41 Camera Club I, 2, 3, Baskelball I: Foolball I:Jr. I Red Cross 3. , L.,.,,,e,,umy sue I I Loop.f,u.M.,.mm M .QL . - Lovdal, Rodney Hayes-General-I-Ii-Y 43 Dean's Assl. 423'-OFCI1 Club I, 23 Monilor 3: Foolball Ig Library Assf. 2: Publicalions Rep. 3, 4: Decoralions Comm. Senior Week Breaklasf Dance. Lovell, Barbara Jean-College Preparafory-fG. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Council 3, 41 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 41 Monilor 2. Lukens, Virginia4GeneraI-Choral Club 4: Girls' Glee Club 21Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4'g Jr. Red Cross I, 2, Girls, Con- , Lofifdal, Rodney ' I LoveII.Baibm-Q ' . 'I Luxmwfgzna, ' , - cer+ Choir 3. Lunfsforcl, Lloyd Alberf-4-Business Educalione-Monilor I, 2. Jr. Red Cross 3, 4. Orcheslra 4, Monilor 3, Honor Sludy Hall 3, - 'Weil FW, Lusher, Donna-Business Educalion-Y-Teens I, '2,'3, 4, Mace, Rober+ Rho+owfCoIIeqe Preparalory-Band 3, 4: Mears, Barbara Jean-General-Y-Teens 2, 3: G. A. A. 3: Monilor 3. ' Merrell, Luanne-Generalgl-lislory Club 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club I, 2, 3: Girls' Concerl Clwoir 4: Bus. Ed. Assl. 4. Milburn, Judy I-.1General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club l, 2, 3: Girls' COFICSFI Choir 4: Spanish Club 2: Monilor 2. Miller, James l..-General-Velerans' Club 3, 4: Fool- ball I, 2: Baslcelball I, 2, Moore, Beverly Ann-Business Educalion-Y-Teens 2, 3. Morman, Belly Lou--Home Economics-Girls' Glee Club 3. Class of Mahan, Barbara Ann-Business Educalion-l-Iorne Room V. Pres. 3: Y-Teens I, 3, Malden, Calherine Jean---General4YfTeens 3, 4. Malone, Barbara-College Prepara+oryiY-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Monilor I: Home Room Pres. I, 2: Sevenleen Club 3, 4: Y-Teens Cabinel l, 2, 33 Spanish Club 3, lvlanslwip, Beverly Jane-General-Visual Aid Assl. 4. Marlin, Eddie-General. Marlin, Beverly SueiCoIleqe Preparafory-Sludenl Council 2: Class Play: Girls' Glee Club 2: Girls' Con- cerlCl1oir 3: Jr. Red Cross lp Y-Teens I: Spanisll Club 3. Masf, DicIr7General-Jr. Conservalion Club 4: lvlonilor 3. ' Malhews, Rober++College Preparalory-Jr. Conserve lion Club 4: Home Room V. Pres. 4. Mead, Belly-College Preparalory-Girls' Glee Club 2: Clloral Club 3, 4: lvladrigal 4: Y-Teens I, 3: Dramalics Club 4: Brealclasl Dance Foods Comm.: Indian Maiden Allernale 4: Red Mill 4: Girls' Slale 3. Mm, Barbara Merrell, Luanne Mzllswl., Judy I .. L 'Milleniamez Moore, Beverly V ' , . Moormarl,Bol'4y- Q, , I948 Mosely, Marfha Jean7Business Educalion-Glee Club 2: Bible Club 4. MoH'o, PaH'y JoiGeneral-Sr. Ex. Council 4: Jr. Ex. Council 3: Library Asst 2, 3, 4: Book Club Sec.-Treas. 4: Palelle Club 4: Moniior 3: Home Room Sec. 2: Chr. De- coralions Comm. Breakiasf Dance 4: Winner Am. Legion Pcsier Coniesl 3: Winner Cancer Posler Conlesl' I. Muller, Charles Eugene--General-Baseball I, 2, 3,, 4: A Club 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Moniior 3: Home Room Sec. 3, 4: lnferclass Aciivilies 4. Mullins, Nancy Delores-General-Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4: Dramarics Club 4: Sr. Class Play: Book Club 4: Indian Siaff 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinei 4: Prom Queen 3: Ex. Comm. 2: Class Ring Comm, 2: Publicily Comm. Sr. Week: Prom Place And Arrangemenls Comm. 3. Myers, Freda-'General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 3: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3. Myers, Joan-General-Y-Teens 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 3: Moniior 4. McCord, Tl'1elber+ E.-General. McDaniels, Delores-General-Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Home Room V. Pres. 2: Home Room Sec.-Treas. 3: G. A. A. I: Spanish Club 2: Palelie Club 4. McDaniel, Phyliss--Business Educarion-High School Oi- fice Assr. 4: Honor Sociery 3, 4: Sludenr Assembly I, 2, 3, 4: Ex. Council 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: S'evenI'een Club 3, 4, Treas. 3: Chr. Book Exchange 4: Visiiors Day chr. 4: Chr. Chaperone and lnvilalions Comm. Breakfasi' Dance 4. McGonigle, Charles-General-I-Iisiory Club 4: Mon- iror I: Jr. Conservalion Club 3, 4, Sec. 3, V. Pres. 4. McKay, Mack--General. McKay, Ralph-General. McKee, Barbara E.-General-Y-Teens I, 2: I-Iisiory Club 3, 4: Book Club I, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club I, 2. ' Macsniey.: .Han - Needham, Norma . Q f... , ...r .-.I ' Mecca, Thelbcrf Mcos-ws. DoIores - MeDMsei,Pf.yiss5 McKeown, Alice -General - Choral Club 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Paleiie Club 4: Teen Music Canleen 3, 4: Gym Office Assi. 4': I-lisrory Club 4: G. A. A, I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2. McKinley, Joan-College Preparaiory -X-Ray Slaif l, 2, 3, 4: EdiIor-in- Chief 3, 4: Page Two Eclilor 3: Sfudenr Assembly I, 3, 4: Ex. Council 3, 4: Hon- or Slociely 3, 4: Book Club 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4, Cabinel 4: Chr. Publicily Comm. Prom 3: Sevenleen Club 4: Girls' Glee Club I: LiHle Chief Slaii 3: Ecliror-in-Chief 3: Hon- or Siudy I-lall Comm. 4: Convocoifions Comm. 4: Jr. Red Cross 2: War Efforls Comm. I, 2: Candy Sland 3: English Assl. 4: Senior Class Play: Lalin Club 2, Ireas. 2: Dramalics Club 4: Science Club 2: G. A. A. I: I. l'l. SI. P. A. 4: Purdue Leadership Conf. 4: Red Mill 4: Guidance Comm. 4: U. N. Securify Council 4: Sr. Week Publicily Comm. 4. Needham, Norma Evelyn-Business Ed- ucalion. I4 IeyL Nyboer, Tom Jr.7Voca+ionaI Agricullure-aTreas. F. F. A. 4. Nyboer, William Manis7C5eneralfIvIoniIor 2, 3: Home Room V. Pres. 4: Sludenl Council I. Oberlies, Mary Alice-General-Dean's Assl. 3, 4. Oclell, Nancy I.ou+Business Educalionfffz. A, A. 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Girls' Golf Club 3, 4. Oldham, Douglas Reed--GeneraI7ChoraI Club 2, 3, 4: Maclrigal Club 3, 4. Ogden, Edgar HaroId4'l'echnical-Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Deans Assl. 3. Nancy ' Class of Nevis, Clarice Eslell-College Preparalory-Dramalics Club I, 2, 3, 4', Sec. 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Cabinef Mem- ber 2, 4: X-Ray Slall 3: Publicalions Rep. I: Prom De- coralions Comm. 3: Slludenl Council 2: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Senior Class Play: Chr. Class Play Comm. 4: Dramafics Club Program Comm. 2, 4. Newsom, George Donald-General. Nichol, Roberl E. Jr.4GeneraI-Prom Queen Comm. 3: Science Club 4. Nicholson, Jack B.-Business Educalion-Commence rnenl Speaker: Honor Sludy Hall Monilor 4: Library Assl. I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Assl. 4: Home Room Pres. 2, 3, V. Pres. I: Viclory Comm. I, 2: I-lislory Club 3, 4, Pres. 4: Program Chairman 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4, Treas. 4: Dramalics Club 2, 3: Prom Queen Comm. 3: U. N. As- sembly 3, 4: Convocalions Comm. 4. Noble, Phyllis Anne-General-Bible Club 4: High School Office Assl. 4: Home Room Sec, I: Girls' Glee Club 2. Noelzel, Nancy Verle-College Preparalory-Y-Teens 2, 3. Norris. Roberla Hazel-Home Economics-Girls' Glee Club I, 2. Nowlin, James Waller-General-Locker Off. Assl. I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 3, 4. Nunly, Louis Dean-General-Choral Club 3, 4: Choral Ensemble 4: Ivlaclrigal 4. Nyaw, Tom A Nyboer, William ' Oberliea, Mary Alice Odell, Nancy Oldham, Douglas , CI9den, Edgar Q1 , , 3 I948 Osborne, Doris Jean-Business Educalion-Y-Teens 3. Palmer, Jane Ann-General. Palmer, Marilyn Jeanie-College Preparalory-Social Aclivilies Chr, 4: Monilor 2, 3, 4: Publicalions Rep. 2. 3, 4: I-Iome Room Sec. I: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Dee corafions Comm. 3: Drive-In Thealer Parly Chr. 4. Palmer, Phyllis-I-Iome Economics. Parks, Charles Edward-PreeApprenlice-Baseball I: Cross Counlry I: Sludenl Council 3. Parks, Lulu-General. Parry, Phyllis Jean-General-Band I, 2: Class Sec. 2: Home Room Pres. I: Sec-Treas. 3, 4: Monilor 2: I-lead Monilor 4: I-Ionor Slociely 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Seven- leen Club 3, 4: High School Office Assl. 3, 4: Bus. Ed. Asslr. 4: Camera Club 2: Prom Band Comm. 3, Pasley, Delores M.4GeneraI-Sludenl Nurse 3: Home Ec. Club I: G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4. PaH'on, Ka+hryn1Business Eclucalion-Y-Teens I, 2, Parry, Phyllis I f Parsley, Delores Parks. Charles Paynler, Roberl Dale--General-Locker Office Assl. I, 2, 3, 4. Pearson, Carol Virginia-Business Educalion. . Peclc, Richard BaIlarcl4ColIege Preparalory-Baslceh ball I, 2, 3, 4: Golf 2, 3, 4..: Foolball I, 2, 3: Fall Track 4: A Club 3, 4: Pres. 4: Torch Club I, 2: I-li-Y 3, 4: I-Iome Room Pres. 2. 4: Jr Conservalion Club 4: Na- lional Alhlelic Scholarship Sociely 3, 4: Monilor 3, 4: lvlonilor Comm. 3, 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Chr. Inler- Class Aclivilies lBoys'l 3, 4. Penry, Sally Lou--GeneraI7GirIs' Goll Club 3, 4: G. A, A. I, 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Camera Club 4: I-Iislory Club 3: Girls' Glee Club 2. , Persing, Thomas Eugene-Technical-Camera Club 3, 4, Pres. 4: Science Club 4: Monilor 3: Home Room Pres. 4: Viclory Comm. I: Baseball I: Traclc I: Torch Club I, 2: I-Ii-Y 4. Pelrligrew, V. V.-College Pre-Preparalory-Jr. Red Cross 3, 4: Girls' Golf Club 3, 4, Treas. 3, 4: Palelle Club 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Monilor 2, 3, 4. 4.. A vaalrpf, safbsg. , fvicyefinq. 'Judy Pile' Mm Wh 'Poem asm Am. Pwr, em, .sm Poor, mv, L... . H.. Powless, Lauraw-College Preparalory7Cl'1oral Club 4: Girls' Concerl Clwoir 3: Band l, 2, 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3: Publicalions Rep, 3, 4: English Assl. 4: U. N. Model Assembly 4. Prallwer, Ralph-Pre-Apprenlice-Home Room V. Pres. 2: Publicalions Rep. 3: Jr. Red Cross 3. Priser, Jane-4Business EducalionfY-Teens 3, 4. Pucilowslri, Richard---General. Pugh, Max--General-Band l, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 3, 4. Quiclc, Rosemary-General-Madrigal Club 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3: Candy sland 4, Monilor 2, 3. Pucilowsl R li d Class of Phillips, Barbara-College Preparalory-Convocalions Comm. 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club 2, 3, 4: Publicalions Rep. 3: Girls' Glee Club 3: War Ellorls Comm. 2: Head Moriilor 3: Library Assl. 4: G. A. A. I: Model U. N. Assembly 4. Pickering, JudyYGeneral+Jr. Red Cross l: War El- lorls Comm. l: Home Room V. Pres. l: Lalin Club 2: Sludenl Council 2, 3: Choral Club 4: Sr. Class Play: Home Room Sec-Treas. 3: Library Assi, 3: Y-Teens l: Council 2, 3, 4: Honor Socieiy 3, 4:. Y-Teens 4: l.a+in Club 3: Girls' Golf Club 3. Pike, Monna Ru+l'l-College Preparalory-Sfudenf Council 2, 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Y-Teens 4: Lalin Club 3. Piflenger, Priscilla--General-Sludenl Council 2: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4. Piffser, Viola MaefHome Economics, Poole, Leila--General-Girls' Glee Club 2: Girls' Con- cerl Clwoir 3: Y-Teens l, 2. Poor, BeH'y Ann-General-Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Regislralion Comm. Sr. Week: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Red Mill 4: Commencemenf Speaker 4: Monilor 3, 4: Home Room Sec. 4: Sludenl Council 3. Poor, Belly Jean-4General-G. A. A. I, 2. Poor, PaHy7General-G. A. A. I. 2. z, ia nr' mgii. Max . I948 Quinn, Roborl' B.-General-X-Ray Sporls Eclilor 4: Indian Sporls Edifor 4: X-Ray Slall 3, 4: Nalional Scholaslic Press Associalion, Cleveland 4: Lillie Chief Slali 4: Hi-Y 4: Senior Week Publicily Comm. 4: Camera Club 4: Hislory Club 4: Science Club 4: Loclcer Ollice Assl. 2, 3: Monilor 3. Raper, Raymond William-Pre-Apprenlice-Track 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry 2, 3, 4: Ushers Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Hi-Y 4: X-Ray Indian Mech. 3, 4: Lillie Chief Mech. 3, 4: Honor Sludyhall 3: lnlerclass Aclivilies 4. Reed, James Clark-Pre-Apprenlice. Reed, James Richardglfocalional Agricullure-Home Room Pres. I: Publicalions Rep. 2: Ex. Comm. 3: F. F. A. I, 2, 3: Monilcr 3. Rehm, Ronald PaulfGeneraI-Track l: Foolball 3: Book Club 4: Jr. Conservalion Club44: Sr. Acfivilies Reqislralion Comm. 4, Reynolds, Marilyn Ann-General-Girls' Glee Club 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Sevenleen Club 4. Rhodes, Roberla Ann--General--X-Ray Slafl 4: Sr. Ex. Comm. Sevenleen Club 3, 4: Flower Comm. 4: Facul- ly Parly 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 3: Moni- lor 4: Guidance Office Assl. 4. Richardson, Donald Eugene-Pre-Apprenlice-Jr. Con- servalion Club 4. Richardson, Gieorgiana-College PreparaIory4Choral Club 3, 4: Honor Sludy Hall Monilor 4: Pre-Med Club 3, 4: Hislory Club 4: Honor Socieiy 3, 4: G. A. A. I: Girls' Glee Club 2: Y-Teens 4: Model U. N. Assembly 4: Miniwanca Council 4. Richey, Peggy Yrea-General--X-Ray Slalf 2, 3: Hon- or Sociely 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2: Sludenl Assembly I: His- Iory Club 3: English Assl. 2, 3, 4: Model U. N. AS- sembly 3. 1 , Riggs, James L.-General. Riggs, Wayne N.-College Preparalory--Hi-Y 3,47 Torch Club I, 2: Safely Comm. 2: Welfare Comm. 3: Home Room Sec.-Treas I: Publicalions Rep. 2. I I I I I I I I L..... Ripple, Gum Robbins, Leon Rahman. James nom. cwlyf- away, Virginia Ross, ldamay Rumler, Merrill Joseph-Pre-Apprenlice. Rumler, Merrill Floyd-Pre-Apprenlice. Ryan, Delores Ru'l'h-Business Educalion-Class Pres.3: Class Treas. 2, 4: X-Ray Slail 3, 4: Page Edilor 4: Ex. Council 3, 4: Sludenl Council 4: V. Pres. Class Ex. Comm. 2, 3, 4: Fall Windup Queen 3: Honor S'ociel'y 3, 4: Se- venleen Club 3, 4: Camera Club 3: Sec.-Treas. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. Salalin, Sarah Jane-College Preparaiory-I-lonor Sio- ciefy 4: Band l: Supi's Office Assl. 4. Samuels, Jack-Technical-l-lome Room Ve Pres. I: Torch Club l, 2: Jr. Conservalion Club l, 2: Track l, 2, 3: Golf 4. Sanders, Rowena Rae-General-Monilor 3: Bible Club 4. Class of Ripple, Gracia Lee-College Preparalory-I-lonor So- ciely 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 3, 4: Lalin Club 2, 3, 4: l-lislory Club 3, 4: Pre-Med Club 3, 4: Model U. N. Assembly 3, 4: Book Club 4: Commencemenl Speaker 4: Publica- 'rions Rep. 4: War Ellorls Comm. I. Robbins, Russell LeoniPre-Apprenlice-I-Iislory Club 3: Monilor 3. Robinson, James Lindsey--Pre-Appreniice. Robinson, Mildred Marie-I-lorne Economics, Roby, William LeroyYGeneral+PublicaIions Rep. I: Foolball 2. Roland, Russell Dale+General-Poolball I, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Wreslling 3, Ushers Club 2, 3. Rolis, Carolyn Reginaf-General-Sevenleen Club 3, Pres. 4: I-lome Room Pres. 3, 4: Prom Flower Comm. 3: Chr. Clubs Comm. 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Pic- nic Comm. Roney, Virginia4College Preparalory-Band l, 2, 3, 4: Teen Music Canleen 3. Ross, ldamay-Business Educalion. I I948 Speedy, Roberf Eugene7Pre-Appren- Iice. S+aggs, Pafsie I.ou-Business Educa- Iion4Home Room Pres, 2, Sec-Treas. 3: Honor Sludy Hall Monilor 4: Ex. Coun- cil Sec. 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Sevenleen Club 4: Senior Thealer Pariy Chr. 41 Sfanley, Richard 7 Pre-ApprenIice- Home Room Pres. 3, 4, V. Pres. I, 22 Tcrch Club 2. Sfewarf, Don Ramsey7CoIIeqe Pre- para+or'y4Science Club 2, 3. 4, Pres. 4: Sr. Ex. Comm. Sr. Class Play? Soph. Ex. Comm.: Torch Club I, 2: Baseball I, 2: Ivlonilor 2, 3. Sfinson, Be+fy Joyce+CoIIeqe Prepar- aIory- G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4: Dramalics Club 3, 4: Hisfory Club 3, 4, Sec. 4: Senior Class Play: Inler-Class Ac+ivi+ies Comm, 3: Sen- ior Facully Decoralion Dance 4: Mon- ifor 2, 3, 4. S+inson, Roberli Pre-Apprenlice 4 Usher I: lvlonilor 3, 4. Sfohler, Joanne76eneraI. SI'ooIiey, James-Business Educalion- Class Pres. I: Class Pres. 2: Home Room Pres. I: Siludenl Assembly I, 3, 4, Reading Clerlc 3: Ex. Council I, 2, 3, 4, Reading Clerlc 3, Pres. 4: Convocalions Comm. 2, 3: Honor Sludy Halllvlonilor 3: Hoosier Boy's Slale 3: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4, Pres. 4: Junior Rolarian 4: Monifor 4: In- dian Sfafi 4: Chr. Prom Comm. 3: Chr. Thealer Parly Comm. 4: Baccel- aureale and Commencemenl Guide 2: Purdue Leadership Conference 4. Sfoo Speedy, Robert Sfewarf. Don key. James iv SI 0 .Ii Qi, we sw-msn., Ya, WY si f P s I mls, BQIIYA S+ . Rc-bed Sfrlckler. Mariha . Sfoops, Joseph7TechnicaI--Hi-Y 4: Home Room V. Pres. 3, 43 Jr, Ex. Comm. 3: Torch Club 2: Visual Aids Assl. I, 2, 3. Sfrickler, Mar'Iha7Business EducaIion7ChoraI Club 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2: Bible Club 4. Su+'I'on, Doris-Business Educalion. Swanlx, SaIIyvBusiness Educafion-Honor Sociely 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. I: Pep Sessions Comm. 21 Hislory Club 4': Guidance Oilice Assl. 4, Swari, Marilyn--College Preparalory--Sr. Class Play: Hon- or Sociefy 3, 4, Sec. 4: Sludenl' Council I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3: Dean's Assl. 3, 4: Hislory Club 3, 4, Roll Clerk 3, 4: Y- Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, Sec-Treas. 3 War Ellorls Comm. I: Monilor 2, 4. Sweeny, Naomi-GeneraIfChoraI Club 3, 4: Red Mill A. cms aim r:i..iA 1. nzulh ral..lA A ., onis Wee .Nuo 3, wo.. om., .. Sylvesfor, Roberf-6eneraI4Jr. Conservafion Club 3, 4: Science Club 4. Talley, BeHyiGeneraI--Y-Teens 3: Hislory Club 3. Turner, Beverly Jean-Home Economics. Turner, Calherine Joyce-fGeneral-Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Y-Teens I. Tyree, Charles W.7C5eneral. Ulery, Jane Ann-Home Economics-Y-Teens I: lvlonilor I. Ullerbaclz, Roberl l..7General-YBancl I, 2, 3, 4: Or- clweslra 3, 4. I Vanarsdall, Diane-College Preparalory-Dramalics Club 3, 4, Sec-Treas. 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Guiclance Office Assl. I, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4': War Ellorls Comm. I, 2: Sipanislu Club 2, 3: Monilor 3, 4: Social Aclivilies Comm. I: G. A. A. I: U. N. Mock Assembly 3: Sr. Brealc- lasl Comm. 4: Sr. Class Play: Class Play Seleclion Comm. 4: Salely Comm. 4: onvocalions Comm. I. 0 Class of Taylor, Joan----Cafe:-alflxlcnilor 3: Jr. Ex. Council Terlmnc, Carolyn-AGeneral. Tliompion, James---General, Tilley, Virginia-wC'l'oqe Proper-nlor--Spanish Club 2, 3: Hislory Club 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Teen Canleen3: Y-Teens I: Orclneflra I, Tooys, Da'reIf-- Camel ' 'K nxco Club 2: Jr. Conser valicn Club 4. Town, Jolm Gilbcrl-Hleclwnical7l'li-Y 3, 4:'l'orcl1 Club 2: Sluolenl Cfuncil 2: Ex. Council 4: Baslfelball I: Cross Counlry I: Track I: Baseball 2: I-lome Room Pres. 4: V. Prcs. 3: Clwr. Flower Ccmm. Sr, Vacully Dance 4. Trarrlnarger, Robe Jr E.----lecl'inical4 Hi-Y 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4. Turner, Donald Elwa:cl7College Praparaloryflraclc I: Vfar Eilorls Ccmm. I: lvlonilor 2, 3, 4: U. ll. lvloclc Assem- bly 3: Securily Council 4. Turner, Esnczl l la.oIcI7GonerQ.I-Baseball 2, 3, 4: Track I: Home Room Pres, I, 2, 3: I-li-Y 4: Jr. Conser- valicn Club 4: SluJenl Council I, 2: Ivlonilor 2, 3: Bas- kelball I, 2, 3. I948 Scholl. Vfilliazn Max-Pro-Apprenlice-Baskelball I, 2: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Foolball 3: Cross Counlry 2: Home Room V, Pres, 3, 4: Sec. I, 2: lvloniior 4. Sflviclc. Sara Ann-Business Educaiiong-I-Ionor Sludy I-Iall Maniior 4' Bus Erl. Assi. 3, 4: Sr. Class Play: Home Room Pres. I: I-Iislory Club 3, 4, V, Pres. 4: Candy Slcncl I, 3: American Educalion Comm. 4. Schlabach. I3eHv Jo-GeneraI7Girls' Glee Club 2, 31 lvloniior 3: G. A. A. 3. Schniedar, Mary Befh-College Preparalory-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Cabinoi 2, 3, 4,Soc. 4: Sevenloen Club 4: Jr. Red Crass 3, 4: Siudenl Council I: Ivlonilor 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 4: Girls' Cvlee Club 3: Prom Decorafions Comm. 3: Sr. Faculiy Dance Inviialions and Chaperones Comm. Chr. 4. Schlossborj, AInn7CcIIoge Preparalory-I-Iislory Club 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: I-Ii-Y 4, Schuyler, Terry E.-College Preparaiory-Honor Siucly I-Iall Monilor 4: I-load lyloniior 4: Sr. Class Play: Choral Club 4: I-Icmo Room Soc-Troas. I, V. Pres. 3: I'Iisiory Club 3, 4: Jr. Conszrvaiion Club I, 2. Scofi, Sylvia Joy7CoIIege Preparaiory-Relreshmenl Comm. Sir. Faculiy Dance Chr. 4: Yeleens I, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: Hislory Club 3, 4: War Elloris Comm. I: U. N. Mode-I Assembly 3: Securily Council 4: Library Assl, 4: G. A. A. I. Shaw, lvlaurico-Pro-Apprcnlice-Jr. Csnservalion Club 3, 4: Track I. Shea:Iey, Dawn-General-Sevenloon Club 4: Yfleens I, 2, 3, 4: Pre-Med Club 4: Ivlonilor 4: Girls' Club 2: I-Iisiory Club 4: Home Room Sec-Treas. 3. Shoah, Rohm Shim, Dariaen Schell. William Schick, Sera Arm Schlabacli, Beffy Jo scifwsaw. Mary aan- A scinwbag, Au.. samyief. rm, Semi, Joy ' Shaw, Maurice . Sheasley, Dawn Sheefs, Roborl Donald-Pre-Apprenlice-Jr. Conserva- 'ricn Club 4, Sliinn, Darleen AnniGeneraI-Honor Sociely 3, 4: Y- Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Cabinei 3, 4,V. Pres. 3: Srudenl Coun- cil I, Z: 'llndian' Slall 4: Chr. Clubs Comm. 4. Sr. Week Rogislralion Comm. 4: Chr. Clubs Comm Sliroul, Gloria MaefGeneraI-Visual Aids Assl. Bus Ed. Asst 4:. Siemer, SI1irIey7Cveneral-G. A. A. I: Y-Teens I, 2, 3 Simmonds, Donafcl Gene---Pre-Appreniice-Jr. Con valiori Club 4. Simons, Donald ForI::er4TachnicaI+IvIoni+or 4: Trac . 4 4 ser- Ic 2. ,4. l l I I r I I I I l I I I I I AL I- .i.cq...4yn V j Jai... - - 4 sn4sm.Ros.ff Smilh, Ted-College Preparalory-Sludenl Council I, 2: Dean's Assl. 2, 4: Band 3: Torch Club 2: Soph. Ex. Comm. 2: Hi-Y 4: lvlonilor 4. Smilh, Wanda-General. Snicler, Audrey-General-v-Library Assl. I, 2: Y-Teensl: Home Room Sec. l. Snowclen, Jack-Technical-Publicalions Rep. 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Manager I, 2, 3: I-li-Y 4: Torch Club 2, 3: Monie lor 4: Safely Assl. I: Candy Sland 2: Ushers Club 2. Soverns, Wayne-Pre-Appren+ice+Vic+ory Comm. 2. Spangler, GeraIdine-General-Monilor 4: Visual Aids Asst 4. Class of Slciles, Palricia-Business Educalionfl-lonor Siociely 3, 4: Y.Tee-me I, 2, 3. 4, Cabinel 4: Regislralion Comm. 4: Science Club 2: Camera Club 2: G. A. A. I. Smear, Helen--Gchercil--T, if l. Ollice Assl. 4: I-Iiqh School Ollice Assl. 2. Smi+h, Ellen-General. Smiih, Franlc'vTechnical7Cross Counlry I, 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: A' Club 3, 4: I-lislory Club 3: Orches- Tra 2, 3, 4: Sr. Ex. Comm. 4: Home Room Pres. 3: Bas- lcelball I, 2: Wrcsilinq 3, 4, Caplain 4: Brealclasl Dance Comm. 4: Torch Club 2: Traclc I, 2, 3, 4, Smifh Herman'-Business EducaIion+l'lislory Club 3, 4: Bus. Ed. Asst 4. Smifh, I'Ierscl1cIYTechnical-fllshers Club 3. Smilh, Jacquelyn Sue-College Preparalory Band l, 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2: Lalin Club 3: Commencemenl Soloisl 4. Smifh, John7General. Smilh, RoberI4Colleqe PreparaloryfBaseball I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball I: Torch Club I, 2: Baslcelball I: Publicalions Rep. 4. Smifh, Ted ' Swish, Wanda Snider, Audrey i snowam, Jack sawn., wwe Spangler, emieine I 9 4 8 Vandergrifl, Wm. Richard'---General. Van Huss, Donna Lou-- C'ono'a'-- Y-Toons I, 2, 3, A, Camera Club I. Van Mcfre, John G.--Pre-Apprenlfce, Van Nallnr, EIeanor?Busi10's Eclucalione-Library Assl. 4: Bus. Ed. Assl. 4. Van Winlcle, Joann4ColIeqe Preparalory-Dean's Assl. 2, 3, 4: Head Monilor 3: Jr. Red Cross 2, 3: Lafin Club 2: Soph. Ex. Comm.: Y-Teens Cabinel 4: Eng. Assl. 4. Van Zanf, Marilyn Rose4CoIlege Preparalory-Choral Club 3, 4: Ivlaclrigal Club 4: Publicarions Rep. 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, V. Pres. 3: Girls' Glee Club 2: I-Iislory Club 4: Girls' Concerl Choir 4: Sludenl' Council I: Honor Slociely 3, 4: Sr. Picnic Transpnrlalion Comm. 4: Dean's Assl. 4': Sludenl Guidance Ccmm. 3, Veazey, Donald--Technical-Irlcme Room Sec-Trees. 4. Vermillion, Byron V.-College Pr:paraIoryY IncIian Arl Edilor 4: Sr. Class Play: Palelle Club Roll Clerk: Dramaiics Club 4: Chr. Decoralions Comm. Sr. Pacully Dance. Waifman, Madonna Mae!-Business Educalion. wwf-I, A'Im warm, Mary wang, RW warm, comm vfw., Jael Vlelusier, Richard Wallror, E. Allen!-College Preparalory-I-Ionor Socie-ly 4: Sluder-I Council 3: Home Rocm Pres. 4: Science Club 4: Lalin Club 2. Vlalker, Mary'-General-Girls' Gleo Club I, 2, 3: Girls' Concerl Chofr 3: Jr. Rocl Cross I: Yfleens I: Nurses Asst 4. Vlarcl, Ray-V--'Genera'fPooIbalI I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4': A Club 2, 3. 4: Torch Club I, 2: I-li-Y 3, 4: Jr. Consorvalion Club 4, Pres. 4: Sr. Ex. Ccuncil: Inlor-Class Aclivilies 4. NVarmIre, Clarence E.---Prc-Apprqnlico. Vfoan Jack Eclzva:cl-Pre-Apprenlice. Websrar, Richard AlIeniGeneraI--Track I: Baseball 2: Torch Club 2: Sludenl Council 3: I'li-Y 4: Science Club 3, 4: Sec. 4: Monilor 3, 4. Wilxle, Barbara Joane-Home Economics. Wilbur, Ronald Eugene-General--'Usher 3: lvlonilor 4. Wilder, William Thor:1'lon+College Preparalory- lnd- ian Edilor-in-Chief 4: Assl. Edilor Indian 3: Draim- aiics Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Honor Sociefy 3, V. Pres. 4: Sr. Class Play: Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal Club 4: Rolary Speech Conlesl Winner 4: Home Room Pres. l, V, Pres. 2, 4: Lafin Club 2, 3, Pres. 2, 3: Boys' Glee Club 2: Pre- lvled Club 3, 4, Pres. 4: Naiional Scholaslic Press As- socoaiion, Cleveland 4: Indiana l-lif-h School Press Asa socialion 3, 4: Red Mill Publiciiy Chr. 4: Clubs Comm. Chr. 3: Sr. Class Day: Assi. Head Monilor 3: Class Play Seleciion Comm. 4: Boys' Slale 3: Jr. Roiarian 3: Lab. Eng. Assl. l, 2: Prom Decoralion Comm. 3. Wiley, Ernesl' L.-College Preparalory-Choral Club 2, 3, 4: lvladrigal Club 3, 4: Cheerleader 4: Orchesfra 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: l-lislory Club 4: Boys Quarlel' 3: Dramalics Club 3, 4: Dean's Assl. 2: Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Miniwanca Council 3, 4, Pres. 4: Torch Club 2: Locker Office Assl. 2: Bible Club 4. Wiley, Thomas-Technical-Torch Club l, 2: Sludenl' Council I. Wilhile, Nancy A.-College Preparalory-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Pres. 2: Jr. Red Cross l, 2: G. A. A. l, 2: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Chr. lnvifalions Comm. Prom. 3. Class of Weed, Chesler Claude7Colleqe Preparalory-Honor Sociely 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Pres. 4: Torch Club l, 2, Sec. 2: Boys Siale 3: Pre-Med Club 3: Science Club 3: Club Tom Tom Board of Direclors 4: Monilor 3, 4: Head Monilor 3: Chr. Sludenl Monilor Comm. 4: Co-Chr. Sr. Facully Pariy 4: Traclc l, 2, 3: Co-Chr. Decoraiion Comm. Prom 3: Cross Counlry 2, 3. Wenfz, Mariorie L.-Cveneral7Sr. Class Play: G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Council 4: Hislory Club 3, 4, Treas. 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: lnler-Class Aclivilies Comm. 3: Decoralions Comm. Sir. Faculiy Dance 4': Dean's Assl. 4: Library Assl'. 4: lvloniior 4. Werlz, Jimmie Lee4General4Science Club l, 2: Hisiory Club 3.4: Ushers Club, V. Pres, I, 2, 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Bible Club Treas. 4: Palel+e Club Pres. 4: Hi-Y 4: lvlonilor 4: Sr. Ex. Comm.: Candy Sland 3, 4: Class Day Comm. 4': Prom Decoralions Comm. 3: Jr. Class Treas. Wesl, Janel l-ouise4Colleqe Preparalory-Sr. Class Play: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Sec-Treas. 3: War Eflorfs Comm. 2: Girls' Glee Club 2: Pre-Med Club 4: Hislory Club 4: Prom Relreshmenl Comm. 3: Chr. Break- fasl Dance 4: lvloniior 2, 4. Whisller, SuzeHe JaneTGeneral-Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Honor Siudy Hall Monilor 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Slud- enl Council 2: Home Room Pres. l: Y-Teens Cabinel' 4: Lab. Eng. Assl. I, 2, 3, 41 Whife, Gene Earl-Pre-Apprenlice. Whifinger, Norma Jean-General. Whillock, Mary K.-General-Y-Teens l, 3: Girls' Glee Club 3: Spanish Club 3. WhiHalcer, Diane-College Preparalory-Slevenleen Club 3, 4, Treas. 4, Council 4: Honor Sociely 4: X-Ray Slaif 4: Visifors' Day Guide 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Hislory Club 4: Home Room Siec-Treas. 2: Co-Chr. Sr. Weelc Regisiralion Comm. 4: Spanish Club 3: Monilor 3, 4: Indian Staff 4, I948 Williams, Sue4GeneraI ---Y-Teens 4. Wilson, Gene-General--Cross Counfry 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Jr. Consorvalion Club 4: Home Room V. Pres. 2. Wilson, Janefl-Iome Economics-Sludenl Council 2: Clworal Club 4: Girls' Glee Club 3: Sr, Picnic Transporla- lion Comm. 4: Sevenleen Club 3, 4: Prom Dale and Eligibilily Comm. 3: War Elforls Comm. I: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: V. Pres.: G. A. A. I, 2, Wilson, Naomi+GeneraI--WY-Teens 3, 4: Book Club 3. Wilson, Ralpl'14GeneraI-Publicalions Rep. 3. Wilson, Romona-Home Economics. Wise, Jeaninevl-Iome Economics-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Home Room V. Pres. I: Girls' Golf Club 4. Wiseman, Sallie-General'-Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Cabinel 4: Jr. Ex. Comm.: I-Iome Room Pres. I, V, Pres. 2: Prom Eligibilily Comm. 3: Guidance Oli. Assl. 2: Library Assl. 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Book Club 3: Monilor 2: War Ellorls Comm. I, 2. - Wisner, Dick4-General-Ivlonilor 3: Jr. Conservalion Club 4: Home Room Secalreas. I, 2. I . wougcmwn. - wwawff, vwmm , Wiliam, sue warm. Gene vWi.,,,,l J,,,,, W'lf N ' ' . Wilson, Ralph . Wilsqny Ramon, E . Wwe, Jeanine Wiseman. Sallie Wisner, Richard J Wolfe, Charlene-General-G. A. A. I: Yeieens 3, 4. Woodruff, Bill-General. Wriglil, Genie Paul-College Prepara- lory-Torclw Club I, 2: I-li-Y 42 SICISHCC Club 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orclweslra I, 2, 3: Senior Week Comm, 4. Wrigley, Thomas-College Preparalory -Sludenl Council 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 3, 4: Sr. Week Comm. 4: Candy Sland 3: lvlonilor 3, 4: Sludenl Mgr. 3. York, Joann 1 General - Dramalics Club I, 2, 3: I-lead Monilor 4: Sludenl Council 4: Prcm Comm. 3: Slevenleen Club 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Monilor 2: G. A. A. I, 2. York, Kalhleen-Business EducaIion- Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. ZirkIeback,ShirIey-Business Educa+ion- Honor Sociely 3, 4: Y-Teens 3, 4', Cabinel 4: Library Assl. 2, 3, 4: Bus. Ed. Assl. 4: Place Comm. Breaklzasl Dance: Hislory Club 3, 4: G. A. A. I. -Q3-, CLASS OF 1949 Presiclenl . Jim Currenl Vice-Presiclenl . . Roberl Miller Secrelary . A Ellen Spell Treasurer . ........ Joan Poore Sponsors-Mrs. Esllwer Buchanan ancl Leo Sanclers ' Buchanan. Back Row: Roberl M'lle', Ellen Spgll, Lao San Cllfa. Fronl Row: Joan Poorc, Jim Currenj Mrs. Esllwcr Aagesen, Dorlhy Akers, Nancy Adams, Kermif Adams, Ronald Alford, Belly Allis, Dorlhy Allison, Anna Alspaugh, Marilyn Arnold, Richard Asbury, Almeda Bair, Phillip Baker, Bob Barg, Lyle Ba rger, Joh n Barnes, Delores Barnes, Gene Bell, Marilyn Bell, Emma Lou Bemish Donald Bemish, Howard Biddle, George Blades, Barbara Bowerman, Don Bowers, Pal Breece, William Breeden William Brelslord, Barbara Bricker, Palsy Brock, Jo Ann Brooks, Louise Brown, Doris Brown, Barbara Brundage, John Bruning, Sanny Bullinglon, Berfie Burlon, Janie Campbell, Bud Campbell, Margarel Carlson, Marvin Case, Kaiherine Chambers, Murlyn Clark, l'lerber+ Clark, Joe Clark, Paul Juniors Afllerbach, Sally Alexander, Jim Alexander, Pal Anderson, Evelyn Anderson, Larry Armslrong, Charles Baker, Dick Baker, James Banner, Laverne Bass, Pal Bays, Kenny Bechrold, Devere Bennell, Bill Bergdahl, Richard Berkebile, Roberla Brandenberg, Darrell Brandenberg, Farrell Bronnenburg, David Bright Larry Brizendirie, James Broadwaler, Faye Brown, Lou Ann Brown, Pally Broyles. Marjorie Busby, Bob Cade, James Callender, Frances Casey, Jim Caslon, Lorelra Chambers, Carl Claxon, Donna Claypool, Morris Cook, Jack Cook, Joann Cook, Norman Cooper, Don Cooper! Jim Colvill, Don Cowgill, Carroll Cox, Frank Craigie, Bill Currenf, James Dailey, Carl Dailey, Charlolle Dailey, Marry Davis, Clara Davisson, D. Richard Dawson, Joan Dearing, Bob Dodd, Gerald Dodge, Willie Dollar, Arnold Dunham, Mary Elizabelh Ellis, Zoe Ellison, Marilyn Enl, Waller Eubank, Wanda Fickle, Jacqueline Forkner, Kalhleen Fosnof, Ed Fosler, Jerry Freesfone, Eddie Frees+one, Phyllis Fuller, Joan Fullinglon, Frederick Giles, Carherine Golden, Jimmie Gordon, Marie Granger, Kennelh Goss, Celia Gudgel, Joyce Guslin, Richard Gwallney, Marilyn Hains, Norma Hall,Jim Hamel, Bob Hamlin, Norma L Y vga .,. , Y, 715,1- Coo pe r,Joh n Conover, Don Counceller, Phyllis Crosrhwail, Marilyn Cunningham, Eulalia Cunningham, Lee Danlorlh, Virginia Daugherry, Jack David, Lee De Fore, Judilh De Haven, Floreen Dixon, Jim Eaker, Dorfha Edwards, Ronald Eichler, Mary Ann Falge, Jim Fealhersron, Donald Ferguson, Eugene Fowler, Barbabra Fowler, Bob Frazier, Roberl GarreH', Maxine Garrigus, Bob Gilbert Herberl' Gregg. Jack Gresham, Roberl Grisson, Gayloqd Gwinn, Jimmy Hacker, Barbara Hackney, Asa Handy, Virginia Haney, Andrew Hardacre, Bill Harris, Barbara Harris, Roberl Harshman, David Halhcoal, Bob Henry, Joan Hicks, Roberl Higgins, Belly Hillaoll, Janel Hilchcock, Janice Hockenberry, Marlha Holding, David Holclren, Jimmie Hoppes, Joyce Hosier, Frances Hosier, Peggy H udson, Jean Hughes, Barbara Hughes, Belly Hunlzinger, Marilyn Hullon, Harold Jarrell, Junior John, Geraldine Johnson, Abe Johnson, Ed Johnson, William Jones, Alice Jones., Roberl Jones, Margarel Kelly, Marilyn Kendal, Raymond Kidd, Belhea Kilburn, Roy Knolls, Yvonne Kugler, Willodean Kunlz, Jack Land, Doris Lawler, Earl Lawler, Joyce Lawrence, Belly Lazenby, Russell Leever, Phyllis Le Mond, Phyllis Lennis, Mary Jo Levi, Jo Juniors f Heiney, lra Hellrichfwaick Hendricks, Belly Hiles, Ernesl l-lill, Ray Hinlors, David Holladay, Norma Hollingsworlh, John Holdren, Joyce Hudson, Johnny Huller, Don Hullman, Jean lsanogel, Jane Ann Jackson, Carolyn Janelos, Tommy Johnson, Judy Ann Johnson, Norrnan Johnson, Richard Julian, Belly June, Alberl Keesling, Floella Kimmerling, Harold King, Evelyn Kirk, Tom Lane, Harriel Lane, Paul Langley, Jeannie Leakey, James Lee, Virginia Leever, Maurine Lewellen, Olis Lewellyn, Floyd Lewis, John .M 1 lg.. . M, ,,. . Lineberry, Torn Lillle, Kay Livingslon, Edwin Long, Janel Main, Max Mabbill, Geraldine Mallingly, Maclc Maxwell, Belly Merwin, Marilyn Melcall, June Meyer, Tom Miles. John Miller, Noreida Miller, Roberl Miller, Rosalie Miller, Warren Moreland, Henry Morris, Jim Morris, Marilyn M. Morris, Palricia Ann Mccarlhy, Richard McClin+ic, Sue McCord, Jim McDanniels, Pal McMahan, Don McNeal, Diclc Nagel, Joyce Ann Nanney, Wendall Nelson, Linda Newsom, Marlha Newsom, Mary Nicholson, Mary Lou Odell, Evelyn Odell, Jack O'Neill, Jo Ann Onsloll, Bob Pancol, Gus Paramore, Lois Pardue, Claude Pallerson, Bill S' Pelerson, Richard Pelligrew, Marilyn Phelps, Bob Phelps, Frank Juniors Louise, Dale Mabbill, Ardilh Malhews, Donald Melcher, Mary Jane Merrill, Bob Merrill, Diclc Millaqe, Bob Miller, Bill Miller, Danny Miller, Barbara Moore, Floyd Moore, Jack Mussilman, Lela Myer, Denny Myers, Bob McElvoy, June McGranahan, Jae Mclnryre, Drucilla Neal, Bradley Neal, Mary l-lelen Neisan, Kennelh Nicholson, Virginia Oakes, Jerry Odarn, Bob O'Roarlc, Pal' Ollo, Marlha Painler, Carolyn Pavey, Dorolhy Pearly, Belly Jane Perry, Paula Phillips, Jack Piclcerinq, Geneva Pierse, Marian Pilisford, Kennefh Plesh, Janelle Plummer, Ronnie Poore, Joann Price, Sam Qualls, Kennelh Quear, Marvin Randall, Norma Rhoades, Bill Rhoades, Jack Rhoades, Alice Richards, Roberl Robey, Bernice Roland, Jim Rossin, Janice Roudebush, Jane? Scheel, Joan Marie iSch'ieve,'l'lewa Schiewe, Jaclc Schildmeir, Lois Selly, Joseph Seyberl, Delores Seyberf, Halford Shanlclin, Jack Shively, Jim Short Virginia Slhullz, Charles Sibery, Joyce Skaggs, Paul Sloan, Don Smifh, Richard Smifh, Sharen Sianley, Deloris Sfansberry, Pal Srapp, Mila Siayfon, John Slewari, James Slohler, Doris Sione, Deloris Sione, Susanne Taylor, Paul Thomas, Barbara Thompson, Bob b Thompson, Barbara Juniors Pope, Sue Porler, Bob Price, Roberl Raiz, Wilma Reese, Ray Reeves, Pal Rilfle, Frances Riqqins, Ronald Rifler, Sara Rousey, Bob Roui, Glen Ryan, Pal Schoonover, Marvenia Schuvler, Dan Scoif, Monna Shaul, Melvin Shelion. Barbarallen Shepherd, Lois Siemer, Jean Sipes, Joyce Sisson, Don Songer, Paul Spell, Ellen Spence, John Sfern, Margarel Ann Sfevens, Helen Sleward, James Siloul, Charlofie Taylor, Bob Taylor, Lou lf, Thornberry, Jerry I Thrush, Ed Tinder, Jeanne i K E gi ff l r. l F 5. l 2 2 E Q Q l l E E E E l y , E. i l l r Todd, Foresl Todd, Joann Tracy, Barbara Trick, Bevla Turner, Evalee Ullerback, Allen VanCamp, Carolyn VanDalsen, Fred Vaughn, Doris Vermillion, Beverly Vermillion, Bob Walker, Dick Websler, Belly Websler, Belly J. Weighouse, Gene Webber, Donald Wells. Mary Lou Wesl, Doris Whippo, Palricia While, Noble Williams Billie Williams, Flelcher Williams, Jack Williams, Roberl Wilson, DeLeon Wilson, Donna Wilson. Lorraine Wirl, Bob Wrighl, Kennelh Young, Arlene Young, Ernesl Wrighl, Maurice York, Darrell Yosl, Eddie in... , , ,,, ,b 4.-. ,,. , Juniors Trick, Belly Tumully, Bob Turner, Bill Vanl-luss, Joyce VanMalre, Pearl Varner, Bill Walker, Donald Ward, Bob Wean,lv1ariorie Wellons, Pal Wells, Claude Wells, Florene Whillier, Donna Widdilield, Barbara Wigner, Don Williamson, Dick Willoughby, Bob Wilson, Bob Wise, Charles Wrighl, Bonnie Wrighl, John Wrighl, Tom Wood, Bob Yallaw, Bill .Hin . Mlm CLASS OF 7950 ' Presiclenl' ..... . Jon Williams Vice-Presiclenlr . Grayolon Collier Secrelary . . Carolyn Terhune Treasurer ...... Barbara Graham Sponsor-l-lerman l-lallell Lcll 'ro riqhrz Graydon Collier, Jon Williams, Her- man Hallell, Carolyn Terluune. Barbara Graham. A i l I i l 4 1 l l 1 l l 1 l Q l 4 i l l I I 1 1 l -nl V Y , , l l, i E L. l l l h , A, Alexander, Dale Alexander, Ray Anderson, Dick Ansberry, Phyllis Alwood, Becky Auslin, Gene Baldaul, Tom Ball, Charles Banks, Don Barbre, Orlan Barnell, Bill Barr, Charlolle Beery, Myron Beck, Nafalia Beery, Beverly Belangee, Donna Boone, Molly Joe Bobo, Bealrix Bodenhorn, Roberla Bohne, Marilyn Boyer, Roberl Brach, Benny Brooks, Rulh Bradley, Pal' Brown, Edilh Brown, Lollie Brown, Phil Brown, Sluarl Brunk, Molly Jo Buckner, Ronald Burcham, Dora Burchfield, Wanda Callendar, Charles Cameron, Slanford Camp, Roselyn Caplinger, Harold Carraway, Joyce Cash, Fred Call, Jerry Chandler, Charles Cheever, Richard Childes, George Clark, Bernelha Clay, Roberl' Sophomores Anlonedis, Joecl Ashby, Jane? Ashley, Mary Baker, Barbara Bailey, Nondas Baker, Jack Balhauer, Francis Baxler, Bob Beal, Roberl Bell, Gerald Biddle, Janel Bluemle, Tom Bollen, Charles Bookoul, Jean Bookoul, Ronald Brauner, Jerry Breilweiser, Lourella Broadnax, Elizabefh Brown, Tom Brundaqe, Donald Bruner, Mary Burk, Jeanne Burk, Ronnie Cain, Phyllis Carpenler, John Carr, Belly Carraway, Janice Chamberlain, Kay Chambles, Kenny Chapman, Joe Clemans, Geneva Cline, Barbara Cole, Barbara Coleman, Jim Collier, Graydon Collins, Bob Collins, Jackson Conrad, Janel Cook, David Cook, Emma Cook, James Corn, Carolyn Corner, Bealrice Craib, Basil Craib, Doris Crider, Francile Crooks, Marvella Crosley, Jim Crosley, Teddy Cunningham, Jack Cunningham, James Cunningham, Fred Cunningham, Jo Davidson, Charles Davis, Joan Davis, Neil Davisson, Jane De Lawler, Gene De Long, Kennelh Dennis, Dean Deshan, Carolyn Dilllenqer, Vilma Dixon, Le Ann Dodd, Barbara Dodson, Juanila Duqger, Charles Dugger, George Dunbar, Danny Duncan, Jerry Dunn, Laura Jo Durqan, Lonnelli Duranl. Barbara Edqecognb, Jack Ellinqlon, Diane Ellis, Gerna Ebersole, Elberlha Ehle, Arlene Sophomores Collins, Judy Condon, Marilyn Connelly, Jerry Coonce, Charles Corder, Susanne Cormany, Billy Craig, Don Craiqmile, William Crain, Dorolhy Causon, Joyce Cmnminqs, Basil Cummings, l-larold Danlorlh. Janice Dare, Charlolle Davis, Mary Alice Day, Marqarel' Dearing, Mary Ann De Lanoy, Gordon Dewilf, Irene Dickerson, Mary Dillon, Norman Dolson, Gerald Drennen, Bob Driggers, Mariorie Dunham, l-loward Dunham, Marlha Dunlap, Loren Ldwards, Fern Edwards, Jane Edwards. Roberl Erbin, Janie Elchisan, Dick Elchisan, Paul Evans, Bill Faullcner, Adele Fausl, Howard Fearnow, Eugene Fisher, Belly Fisher, Sally Flall, Anna Flowers, Wanela Friddle, Phyllis Fry, Pal Fuller, Esla Fullon, Joan Genlry, Sue Gillenline, Annelle Gillespie, Marqarel Gillespie, Norman Givens, Belly Givens, Joyce Gloyd, Mary Gooding, Pal Gray, Doris Gray, Eugene Green, Jaclc Green, Dan Grau, Beverly Gwallnev. Bill Haines, Charles Halford, Wilbur l-lamillon, Diclc Hamillon, Lela Hamlin, Geraldine Hannah, Roberl Harrde, Ralph Harris, Nedra Harlley, Thomas l-larlselle, Sonia Hawlcins, Nancy Haws, Charles Hayes, Gail Healon, Maurice Hellems, Belly Hellems, Norma Helms, Mary Helping, Mary Ann Ferree, Thomas Filer, Bealrice Finkenbriner, Richard Fouse, Wilma Fousl, Floyd Fox, Clyde Gabel, Belly Gallamore, Richard Garner, Kennelh Gills, Homer Ginley, Jacqualine Girlon, Norma Graham, Barbara Graham, Torn Gray, Barbara Green, Jerry Grigsby, Cora Mae Groll, Georgianna Hall, Bill l-lall, Eslil l'lallenbecl1,Seigle Harman, Palsy Harmon, Russel l lwrn, Marlene llaivey, Tom llaslor, John lrlgslinqs, Marilyn Hedge, Bill Heller, Rosemary Hellin, Belly Hollsclaw, Dorolhy Hiall, Paul Hiqbee, Donald I-liqgans, Waller Hiles, Norma Hill, Marshall Hinlrle, Huberl' Hobbs, Carolyn Hodson, Mary Hoffmasfer, Wanda Holloway, Dixie Hoover, Virginia Hornbeclc, Clayfon Hornbeclc, Pal Harler, Beverly Howard, Richard Howe, Mary Lou Hudson, Joy Hudson, Sam Huffman, Evelyn Huffman, Jack Hughes, Ruby Hull, John Iclces, Charles lmus, Carol Jaclcson, Eugene Jalces, Helen Jared, Ronald Jenkins, James Jolly, Joyce Johns, Johnnie Johnslon, George Jones, Carl Jones, Carolyn Jones, Henry Jones, Maurillis Julius, Gordon Kauffman, Jim Keller, Susie Jo Kilmer, Lou Ann King, Mona- Kingery, Chesler Kircher, Nancy Laman, Barbara Land, Arno Land, Don Learherbury, Jean Hinlon, John Hise, Harold Harvey, Nora Holloway, Don Hood, Bobby Hoover, Barbara Hoselc, Henry Hosier, Donald Hosier, Norma I luff, Ted rluffman, Charles Huffman, Clilfon Hunl, Max Hulion, Barbara 'ce, James James, Annie James, Barbara Ann James, Gerfrude Johnson, Hilda Johnson, Jo Ann Johnson, Phillip lones. Johnny Jones, Laura Jones, Marilyn Kem, Ronald Kendall,Donald Kennedy, Joyce Kline, Marilyn Kreeqar, Richard Lalcey, Charles l.aVallee, Richard Lawler, Thomas Lay, Phillis Lee, Barbara Leever, Bill Leever, Edna Lellel VVilma Liqhllool, Richard Linder, Bill Linder, Tom Lilzenberger, Judy Lydick, Barbara Lydick, Herberl Lyons, Belly Lysl, Jean Marlin, Bill Mallher, Julia Masley, Loren Mason, Dick Meeker, Beverly Mendenhall, Keilh Merrell, Lewis Merrell, Lorene Milchell, Warren Moneyhun,James Monlgomery, Ramona Moore, Bill Morgan, Mae Morris, Joan Morris, Mary Lou Morrison, Frank Muffin, Dellord Murphy, Leon Myers, Jim Myers, Lois O McCarlney, Larry McCord, Doris McCullough, John McCune, Monle McVay, Richard McWilhey, Rulh Nell, Elaine Nell, Charles Norris, Virginia Oakes, Barbara Olvey, Jacqueline O'Neill, Virginia Lellingwell, Buddy Lewis, Phyliss Lesler, Frances livinqslon, Charles Livinqslon, Marilyn Long, Fred Manslield, Eugene Morrow, Slalon Marsh, l-larold :ynard, Arlhur Maynard, Marilyn Mears, Douglas Middlelon, Lois Ililburn, Joyce Minor, Barbara Moore, Jim Moore, Nolan Moreland, Jo Mowrey, Marian Mullen, Jerry Mullinax, Pal l.lcAllisler, Ella Mae McCallery, Barry McCallisler, David McGuire, Claire McKeand, Marjorie McKinley, James Nelson Barbara Nicholson, lrrnf Noland, Viclor Usborne, Virginia Park, Roberl Pascitol, Mary Schneider, Bill Pavey, Marfha Perkins, Carl Pelligrew, Belly Pills, Belly Ray, Marilyn Reese, Eva Recldiclc, Marilyn Relford, Audrey Reveal. Mary Richard, Mary Richwine, Ken? Riclcard, Bill Riggs, Janer Riggs, Roberf Robbins, Barbara Roberfsfxnn Robinson, Eugene Robinson, Joyce Robinson, Ralph Romine, Carolyn Russell, Darrell Salin, William Salyers, Judy Sanders, Bob Scharnowslce, Joan Schlabach, Duane Schleuslcer, Gerald Schminlc, James Sicoll, Marlha Jane Sears, Jeaneanne Sellers, Joan Shaul, Duane Sheffle, John Sheward, Marvin, Shewarcl, Orville Shingledeclcer, Grace Simmonds, Phyliss Sirn son Bell p I Y Smilh, Brice Smilh Carolyn Smilh, John Smilh, Laurabelle Smifh Lelah Smifh Norman Sophomores PiHser,James Poflenbarger, Joan Pursley, Donna Reminglon, Gerald Renforfh, Jane Ress, Nancy Rickard, Lou Ann Rigdon, Marie Riggle, Sonny Roberfs, Nancy Roberfson, John Robinson, Bill Rouse, Belly Rozelle, Laurale Runyan, George Saunders, Joyce Savage, Jim Savage, Joe Sicolf, Gerry Scoli, Marlene Sheasley, Ardeen Siheeman. Norman Sheeis, Bob Shively, Marfha Shoulfs, Phylis Shullz, Richard Srnilh, Donald Smifh, Jaclc Smilh, Jar-queline Smifh, Wade Smiih, Wanda Soales, Frances Soverns, Roberl Spangler, Cryslal Spangler, Donna Spangler, Ross Spicer, Beverly Slanley. Aloma Slierwall, Jackie Slilson, Sally Sloops, Sue Ann Dlorm, Eloise Slolllemeyer, Barbara Sloul, Duane Slroud, Louise Suchocki, Roberl S'warl, Nedra Swigarl, Pal Taylor, Doris Taylor, Jack Taylor, Sheila Terhune, Carolyn Todd, Janice Tompkins, Delmar Tribbell, Barbara Turner, Ray Van Duyn, Marilyn Vaughn. Joyce Wainscoll, Belly Wallace, Joyce Ware. Palricia Wallcins, Bryce Waymire, Marylou Wealherly, Mary Jane Wendling, Edd Weslon, John Wheeler, Dorolhy While, David Wiese. Paul Wiggans, Bonnie Wikle,Charlolle Wills. Jerry Williams Williams, Williams Williams Dan David Jon Pal Spaulding, Russell Speqal,Don Speidy, Nacrm Slinson, Virginia Sllohler, Roberl Sloner, Pally Slrader, Jim Slrobel, Roger Slroclc, Lou Ann Swinlord, Jackie Swinlord, Marvin Taylor, Charles Thiel, Nancy Jo Thomas, John Thomas, Wanda Ulley, Pal Van Camp, Rall Vanclerhool, Mary Wallace, Judilh Ann Wallace,Roland Ward, Jaclc Webber, Rolland Wellons, Juanila Wells, Kalhryn Whilehead, Joe Whillier, Dorolhy Whillal1er,GJeorqe Wiley, Diane Wilkinson, Don Williams, Bob Williamson, Nancy Williams, Ruby Wilson, Belly M- ......hg . ....,, . - . ,,,4.-.l4...,, WY, A, A Wilson, Howard Wilson, Mary Ann Wilson, Nancy Windsor, Prudence Wolfe, Diane Wood, George Woodall, Anna Worley, David Young, William Yusf, George Zelwrung, Jim Zell, Willis Sophomores ..4.,...A MW. .,... , .,,,7,,, ,. .q..r5, .,-.,. 5-:-'g51..,,., -,..,..W .V-yggrvsrvmvpf7,l,,..wi,,,H wrwllruq Wisl1on,Vera Wolqamofln, .laclr Wolf, Mary Alice Wright Fanrie Wright June Young, Evelyn 1 'W W ' w:sz-'ff CLASS OF 1957 Presiclenl . . . Pai Burlce Vice-Presiclenl . . Jack Spearman Secrelary . Bobby Jo Handley Treasurer ......... Maureen Carroll Sponsors-Mrs. Virginia Vermillion and l-lerberl Miller Jack Spearman, Mrs. Virginia Vermillion, Bobby Jo Handley, l-lerberl Miller, Maureen Carroll. Achenbach, Phyliss Adams,Donald Alllerbach, John Alexander, Jack Anderson, Harold Anderson, Joseph Anderson, Rosemary Appleby, Linda Alkinson, Mike Auslin, Harold Auslin, Sally Bankslon, Carrol Bailey, Marlha Barger, Ted Barker, Sydney Barney, Pally Barnes. Calherine Barrelh, Barbara Barron, Bill Baleman, Beulah Belangee, Richard Beneiiel, James Bennell, Annolla Bennell, Edward Blades, Carol Bodkin, Geneva Boaz, Thelma Boaz, Geneva Boyd, Don Boyer, Virginia Bradley, Jessie Brandon, Carl Brewer, Belly Brewer, Eugene Bricker, Bob Bridges, Julia Brock, Bobby Brock, Sheldon Brogden, Mary Brooks, Donna Brumrnel, Wyrmelh Brundage, Gene Brunk, Chrisline Bruner, Louise 145 Alexander, Janel Allen, Mary Amick, Belly Archer, Richard Asbury, Ellis Ashley, Kalhryn Ball, Belly Baker, William Baker, William Barnes, Carol Barnes,Cynlhia Barnes, Donald Bales, Roberl Baum, Alice Belanqee, Joan Bennell, Max Bevilhimer, Thomas Benzenbower, Sarah Bohannon, Morona Bolen, Dorolhea Bonner, Lucille Brandon, Jim Brandon, Joe Breece, Sue Bridges, Norma Brillon, Jean Brizendine, Jack Brown, Harvey Brown, Pauline Brown, Rodona Bruner, Sue Burke. Pal Burnworlh, Bill Burron, Barbara Bushong, Barbara Bufler, Elaine Byrne, Lila Canierbury, Dick Canrwell, Bill Copeland, Waller Carlisle, Joyce Carpen+er, Don Carroll, Maureen Carfer, George Casrar, Callis Chambers, Esfher Chancy, Parricia Chase, Julia Claypool, Carolyn Cole, Bobby Jean Colvin, Jack Conrad, Caroline Cook, Wilma Crouch, Joanna Crouse, Ella Currenf, Donald Dailey, Wayne Doyle, Charlene Dawney, Helen - Dallar, Jean Dawson, Ronald Delph, Thomas Dew, James Deweese, Naomi De Shong, Darlene Dodge, Virginia Dollar, Joan Donaldson, Elwyn Dorson, Jacqueline Dumbaugh, Eileen Durrer, John Dye, Tom Ebersole, Mary Eglen, Judy Eiler, Nondas Ellingwood, Jack Ellis, Eileen Byrum, Rila Sue Camp, Pansy Campbell, Eddie Carlson, Charles Calvert Beverly Carpenler, Beiy Lou Caullman, Richard Childes, Marilyn Chadd, Bill Cochran, Benny Coffin, Janie Collier, John Craib, Anis Craig, Marlha Creek, Bob Daubenspeck, Marsh! Davidson, Jack Davis, Barbara Decamp, Marilyn Decker, Jack De'rer,Rosalyn Dillman, Charles Dills, Jeanne Dixon, Donald Douglas, Bob Downes, Dorolhy Drake, Floyd Eckerf, Lucille Edgecomb, Joreila Edmonson, Phyllis Ellis, Roberr Ellis, Rose Eskew, Lloyd T I47 Eslle, Garland Eller, Jackie Evans, Sue Ann Fadely, Richard Ferguson, Charles M. Ferree, Dari Fields, Jack Fillman, Reginald Ford, Jack Fousl, ldamarie Fowler, Keilh Fraley, Dale Frendl, Loren Fullinglon, Sarah Funkhouser, Gordon Garner, Weldor Gerard, Kennlh Gibson, Alberl Gileson, Roberl Gillman, Jessie Ginder, Jeane Ginley, Eugene Glass, Roberl ' Gloyd, Donald Granger, Richard Graui Mary Lou Gray, Wanda Greene, June Gulmire, Donald Hains, Bill Hamillon, Rose Hamlin, Wilma Hannah, Raymond Hardacre, Lowell Hardin, Jane Harless, Donna Harrison, Belly Jean Harrison, Dolphus Harshman, Rulh Ann Harlman, Nancy Hellems, Nancy Henderson, Don Henderson, Sandra Hensley, Jack -. 45 Freshmen -a.,mg,,g,,f,,1,,, .4,-.,. .-.l.e,,,, .-, Feller, Jerry Fells, Janel Felzien, Belly Fleenor, Clella Flelcher, Joann Flowers, Jackie France, Paula Franklin, Barbara French, Cherrie Garrell, Joanna Garringer, James George, Belly Ann Gillespie, Helen Gillespie, John Gilpin. Jo Ann Goodwin, Jack Goll, Palricia Grace, Pal Grillilh, Margarel Grigsley, Helen Gudgel, Susie Hancock, June Handley, Bobby Jo Haney, Hobarl Harmon, Bob Harmon, Sue Harris, Donald Harwell, Shirley Haslon, Bill l-ledger,Mariorie Herrel, Faye Hiall, David Hiall Jerry -Z 1? A Hifi , I ,gk . l , ' u L,- Hickman, Pal Highbaugh, Jeannine Highbaugh, Larry Hilboll, John Hires, Clara Hise, Gerald Hisle, Pal Holer, Bea Anne Hoover, Edilh Hornback, Donald Hornbeck, George Hosier, Carolyn Hughel, Richard Hughes, Janel Hull, De Wayne I-lull, Norman Hullon, Joan lmel, Vera Jackey, Jacqueline Jackson, Barbara Janney, Ellen Jelleries, Kalhryn Jeffers, Joyce Jessup, Mary Jones, Dick Jones, Eva Jones, Jacqueline Jones, Max Keller, William Kellams, Margaral Kellar, Roberl Kelly, Donna Kendall, Joyce Kendall, Norman King, Beverly Kinley, Joe Krieg. Francis Kugler, Edward Landes. Don Lane, Jacqueline Lee, Rulhann Leever, Belly Leever, Gary Lellel, Lavern Freshmen Hiles, Marie Hill, Donald l-lines, Larry Holding, Belly Holl, Marilyn Hopkins, Judy Hubbard, Richard Hudson, Eugene Hullman, Rozella Humphrey, Belly Hunlzinger, Alla l-lullon, Gerald Jackson, Elaine Jackson, Roberl James, Conslance Johnson, Harry Johnson, Janice Johnson, Susie Jones, Palricia Karl, John Keider, Jean Kelly, Jack Kelly, Merle Kendall, Joanne Kirby, Fred Kirchenbauer, Pall Kline, Jim Lane, Ramona La Pierre, Don Leakey, Jack Leller, Shirley Lernpereur, Leon Lesler, Margie Y Levi, Jerry Lewis, Belly Lewis, James Lindzy, Donald Lowe, Marvin Lusher, Barbara Mackey, Parry Mangas, Belly Marlin, Charles Massie, Slephen Masfers, Ar+hur Maihews, Roberl Merrill, Donald Miller, Donna Millner, Roberl Mills, Carolyn Moreland, Rose Moore, Beulah Moore, Coraiene Moore, James Morrow, Earnesleen Morro, Johnny Muchmore, Jo Allenn Muller, Roberf . Myers, Kennelh McCar+ney, Donna McClain, Roberl' McDowell, Keiih McGill, Janel McGonigle, Laura Jo McKee, Evalee McMahon, Joann Nicholson, Lela Jane Nicholson, Wanda Noefzel, Winnie Norris, Jack Nyboer, Charles Oberlies, Helen O'Bryanl', Janel O'Connor, Audrey Osborne, Carl Owen. Melya Owens, Johnnie Painler, Bob Freshmen Line, Caryl Lineberry, Russel 'Lowe, Bob Mangas, Bud March, Charles Marlin, Bob Mallox, Charles Maxwell, Frank Maupin, Maxine Minnier, June Milchell, Anna Milchell, John Moore, Wayne Moran, Belly Morgan, Bonnie Muriin, Alma Murray, Carolyn Myers, Edward McLain, Bill McElderly, Rulh McFadden, Doris McMillian, Mary Ann McNaH, Ronald Neal, Claudefie Norris, Mary Joan Norris, Rulh Ann Noifingham, Warren Odell, Monfe Ogden, David Ollivie, Janell Pancol,Marqueri1'a Pavey, Wanefa Payne, Velma Paylon, Oppie Phillips, Jerry Phillips, Pal Pilser, James Poole, Edwin Poole, lrene Poor, Kenl Poor, Marlha Purlcey, Bob Purlcey, Dallas Qualls, Evelyn Rahbelc, Rosemary Raymond, June Reasner, Pal Recfor, George Reddy, Barbara Reeder, Dorolhy Reel, Sfanley Reeves, Mary Rhea, Kennelh Richardson, Charles Richardson, Donald Richardson,Jovce Richardson, Tom Riley. Thomas Robbins, Phyliss Roberls, Larry Roberls, Lee Rose, Jerry Roush, Barbara Rowe, Jim Rumler, Phylliss Sargent Marie Savage, Don .le!Lu.1epIiLpS 'uueM9 Schieve, Don Schoclc, Elaine Schulyer,,Danny Seal, Roberla Slellar, Bob Seybert Carolyn Shelby, Don Shellon, Jim Shepherd, Doris Freshmen Pilser, Lowell Poer, Dodie Porges, Beverly Porler, Dale Preslon, Judi+h Priest Sue Rainer, Don Rains, Gene Ralz, Virginia Rediclr, Barbara Redick, Palsy Redman, Donna Rhodes, Johnnie Rice, Rex Richards, Ruby Ricker, James Riggs. Gene Riley, Lois Robinson, Norman Robinson, Richard Roby, Belly Russel, Howard Salford, Janice Saunders, Pal' Schmidt Clyde Schmidt Jack Schminlc, Bonnie Senseney, Bob Seward, Bob Sexlon, Kay Shepard, George Sherman, Joan Shiveley,Ani1a Sl'1inn,Jane'r Shuck, Mary Sibery, Neal Silar, Willie Duke Smilh, Clifford Smilh, Geneva Smilh, Jerry Smilh Mildred Soulhers, Jackie Siowash, Dick Spearman, Jack Sprague, Charlolle Slanley, Max Slanley, Virginia Slansberry, Nancy Slarrell, Delare Slephens, Gerald Slephens, Jim Slephens, Roberl Slerrel, Elsie Ann Slilh, Anna Sloul, Perry Slrickler, lris Sfuarr, Jacqueline Simmerman, Bob Surber, Lois Swain, James Swallows, Monnie Taylor, Carl Taylor, Frank Taylor, Lola Teelers, Jim Thrush, Carol Tillle, Dennis Todd, Norman Taoley, Norma Trick, Duane Trick, Janel Trick, Judy Troup, George Ullerback, June Vainer, John Vanarsdall, David Van Camp, Slanley I5l Freshmen Sipe, Donald Sizelove, Joan Sloan, Bob Snowden, Jim Sokol, Richard Somers, Carolyn Sraqqs, Don Slanley, Donna Slanley, Joan Slow, Dick Slearns, Diane Srephen, Carolyn Slevens, Don Sleward, Julia Ann Slieber, Kempy Slurgon, Edward Surface, Belly Surface, Charles Sw ngo, Arnold Swiegarl, Janel' Tanner, James Thompson, Dick Thompson, Doris Thompson, June Toops, Norma Toye, Helen Tracy, Lynn Troxell, Earl Tudor, Jennie Lee Turney, Eugene Vance, Belly Sue Va n Malre, Roberlina Va rner, Carol M-. -.....i...,,,. , , l l i l 1 4 l l I 4 l T l l I 1 4 Q l 1 l l l 4 l A l l 1 Vaughn, Harlan Vaughn, Jim Vermillion, Twilla Vess, Bill Wallon, Keilh Ware, Belly Warmlce, Fred Wasson, Jeanne Webber, Marvin Wells, Carolyn Wells, Clara Wesl, Bob Whillalcer, Rosemary Wiese, Bonnie Wilhoile, Bonnie Wildens, Richard Williams, Tom Willson, Belly Wilson, Don Wilson, Dorolhy Wiseman, Richard Wollord, Charlie Wolll, Ronald Wood, Charles Wrighl. Rosalie Wyanl, Fred Young, Lorella Zearbaugh, Barbara ,Z-riigig Freshmen Vesl, Richard Walker, Burnice Walker, Glendora Wallrins. Gwendolyn Walson, Barbara Waugh, Judilh Weslon, Nela While, Jack While, Mary Williams, Charlene Williamson, Louis Williams, Lowell Wilson, James Wison, Mae Bell Willson, Wallace Woodrull, Phillip Worley, Paul Wrighl, Kalherine Zierer, Sabra Ann Zimmerman, Eugene Zimmerman, Mary Alexander, Carol Armslrong, Joan Ashby, Bonnie Baker, Mary Nell Brolhers, Beverly Brundage, Sarah Chambers, Dick Church, Bobby Clarkson, George Claus, Carolyn Clevenger, Alma Vandergrill, Jim DeLawler, Brock Dicle, Barbara Dodd, Phyliss Dole, Claylon Fisher, Elaine George, Barbara Gillis, Gary Gray, Alyce Hancock, Slanley Harringlon, Haynes Hendricks, Virginia Himes, Becky Howe, Helen Hubbard, Wilma Hudson. Harry Hughes, Carolyn Kem, Gloria Jean Kurlz, Carolyn Lamar, Roberla Liner, Jimmie Minlon, Sheila Milchell, Roberl Morgan. Helen Myers, Sally Ogle, Kennelh Pakes, Sleve Parllow, Roberl Pavey, Carl Phillippe, Donald Pills, Jean Plummer, Paul Poore, Jimmy IB Freshmen Barker, Geraldine Browsler, Allred Bridges, Slella Clark, Ara Lee Clark, Palricia Clarkson, Caroline Cross, Donald Cross, William Dawson, Max lfdmonson, Belly L,liol, Mark Faux, Palricia Greenwood, Charles Hale, Judy Hall, Bob Hilchcock, Janie Hoppes, Dessie Hoppes, Joanne Humphrey, Alma Hyall, Belly Jackson, lsaiah Menilee, Dorolhy Milburn, Delores Miller, J. McAllisler, Archie Mclnlyre, Dorolhy Nichols, Jackie Perry, Virgil Pelerson, Roy Pelry, Jim Price, Juanila Reed. Kennelh Reveal, Lorella l i i i i i l F F P l k l .L Richardson, William Robbins, Gilberl Robbins, Marlene Rousey, Laura Shaw, Billie Joe Shroul, Phyllis Speedy, George Spencer, Carolyn Slephenson, Dianne Sloner, Bill Sllrallon, Luella Todd, Laura May Webber, Joan Wells, Donald Williams, Adelle Wilson, Mary Armlield, Diclc Billheimer, Ted Burlord, Connie Jo Carroll, Lenora Cuneo, Jack Davis, James Davis, A. Norman Decker, George l-lellin, Jaclc Henderson, Sandra l-loppes, Rosalie l-lunl, Everell Slrealy, Barbara Swango, Marlslon True, Jack Young, Ronald IB Freshmen Rushlon, Barbara Fcoll, Mary Elizabelh Segner, John Sprague, Angela Slarr, Mariorie Slelller, Bernice C zivill, Ronald Venlers, Carolyn Vfalson, Alene Zearbaugh, Beverly Zion, George Broadnax, Henrine Cobb, Janel Cochran, Benny Craig, Delores Dinwiddie, Marilyn Franklin, Eileen Furnish, Carolyn Poole, Roberl Raper, Richard Slill, Melvin You are now faced witIi tI1e most important decision of your Iife --- choosing a career. BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR FINAL CHOICE, IT WOULD PAY YOU TO LOOK INTO THE WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITIES THAT ARE BE- FORE YOU IN THE United States Army AND United States Air Force ZOI Post Office Building Anderson, Indiana Queiity Merch ndise at Popular Prices DeLAWTER'S - Jewelry Store NATIONALLY ADVERTISED JUNIOR STYLES ' aI' Known for Fine Diamonds I3 Wesi' I III1 SI'ree+ IO35 Meridian Sireei immnmunmnn mm uuunnnuunun ummm Dem? I Best - Ever Dairy Products 722 Broadway Avenue Anderson, Indiana I009 CenI'raI Avenue DECKER8, Inc 67 STEPS OFF MERIDIAN ON I I+h Dial 4467 nuuunlIninunululnnllnmlmmnnnmuum BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY NORGE APPLIANCES SHERWIN - WILLIAMS PAINT fcdtlfiildh ,s' W. L. Day and Son REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE I James R. Day, Owner IA. H. S. Class of 'IQI I036 Meridian S+. mmnnnuunmnmmuummnanmmmmmunuunuumnm LEW, your tailor, s ys, For you I wish I the best in life. Take +I'1e +imeIy srairway I I I3 Meridian S+. You. taste. Its quality YOU TASTE IT'S QUALITY Coca-Cola BoHIing Co., Inc. 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Anderson, lncliana ' Lee Hals ' Manhallen Shirls ' Donegal Sporlswear CLAIR CALL THE MEN'S sToRE COUSlN'S You'll See I+ Firsf A+ The STore Thal- Conficlence Buill' The O ' ELGIN ' ' ' ' BULOVA . Smlth's Floral T ' GRUEN WATCHES The Lafesf Sfyle ln Corsages 'lor Graduafion . O D A Too High S+.-Phone 2-I5I7 933 Me d'a'l Sl' 8 WesT I uh S+.-Phone 2-48I6 A combinafion Thal' canno'l' be beal' for School and College g THE STUDENTS' CHOICE 'bio ll S'W'5K5 A SHEAFFER and PORTABLE ROYAL jfaijfii T f A-A ll , , W. ' is OFFICE SUPPLIES and FURNITURE Renfals-Repairs-Supplies EVERYTl lllNlG OR EVERY OFFICE Maya J! Righf on Meridian af I2I2 Phone 4404 uuunnn nunnuumummnunmummuu The FOR QUALITY SPORTSWEAR Iiormerly J 8: J IvIen's WearI I I33 Meridian S+. 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GO TO SCHUSTER'S N6 1 7- Q29 I3+h and Main Anderson, Indiana IOI6 PendIe+on Ave. Congratuiations To The 1948 Graduating Class of Anderson High School May Your Future Be Mariced With Happiness, Success and Weil-Being The Anderson Daily Buiietin GET THEM AT ' 9 cgiusfwartlfy Smce 1878 14131415 s MERIDIAN sr P Q A O O O 0 O O 0 9 0 , V I . 0 1 I X. ,- Your Favorife Records and Albums 0 Band lnslrumenls by Conn-Olds-Pan-American Percussion lns'rrumen+s by Slingerland-Leedy-Deegan Gui+ars by Gibson-Marlin mumnnun nnmmmm Congra+ula+ions io THE GRADUATINC-5 CLASS of I948 SURBER 81 SON TAiLoRs 207 Deccer Building lover lvlcCrory's Phone 2-54I 8 A WE CAN FIT YOU wil'h MADE-TO-MEASURE CLOTHES Tall or shorl, s+ou'l or lhin, il doesn'+ ma++er ' Smarl S+yles ' Carefully Made ' Sfurdy Fabrics ' Any Model H. J. HEAD MERCHANT TAILOR I2 Easl IOlh Slreel mmmmminiininininmnuuumnuunuunn Tole's Flowers No Corsa e +00 lar e or 9 'foo small 'lo receive our personal a'H'enl'ion 608 Nichol Avenue Phone 4895 GREGG'S GRELL For rea' foocl +hrill Visi+ GREGG'S GRILL Delicious Sandwiches Founlain Service I67 l meriea needs what the Graduating Olass of 21.8 has to offer America needs your intelligence, your ability to think problems through. America needs your tolerance, your ability to work in harmony With people of all creeds, races and religions. America needs your spirit of competition and fair play, your determination to work and get ahead by your own efforts. These are qualities which are always in demand because they are the basis of American democracy. Delco-Remy extends its best wishes to the Class of '48. Delco-Rem DIVISION, GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION ANDERSON, INDIANA WHEREVER WHEELS TURN OR PRGPELLERS SPIN Best Wishes to The Class of 1948 American Playground Device Company WORLD'S LARGEST EXCLUSIVE MANUFACTURERS OF FINE OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND, SWIMMING POOL, .. AND PHYSICAL - FITNESS EOUIPMENT IIIII-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Klus Florist FLOWERS FIOR ALL OCCASIONS Phone us your order 403 Easi 8Ih Sireei Phone 3-3I I5 IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII BOB HUGHES MADE-TO-MEASU RE CLOTHES IO27 I-2 Meridian Sireei Phone 3-I776 Anderson, Indiana ' T -'-- - ---- '1 I I e I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I SPECIALIZED PLANNING AND ENGRAVING SERVICE FOR YEARBOOK STAFFS .. I I I. ........... .......... .I 62. 68. 136. Bright Callen Aagesen, Dorolhy-44. 55. 58. 60, 61, 64, 129. Abel. Carroll-51, 57, 96. Achenbach, Phyllis-46, 59, 145. Adams, Donald-145 Adams, Kermil-63, 129. Adams, Mariorie-96. Adams, Ronald-53, 54, 129. Adcock, Marilyn-17, 44. 50, 55, 66, 96. Alllerback, John-145. Alllerback, Sally-129. Akers, Nancy-53. 54, 58.62, 129. Alexander, Carol-153. Alexander, Dale-136. Alexander, Jack-145. Alexander, Janel-145. Alexander, Jim-42, 60, 129 Alexander, Pal-44, 58. 62, 129. Alexander, Ray--136. Allord, Belly--129. Klford. Dorolhy-96. Alford, Mary-52. Allen. Joe-51, 96. Allen. Mary-145. Allen, Roberl-96. Allis, Dorolhy-44. 47. 53. 54, 58. 62, 129. Allison. Anna-52, 58, 50. 129. Alspaugh, Marilyn-52, 58, 129 Amick, Belly-145. Bonnie-57, 62, 96, Anderson, Anderson. Dick-136. Anderson. Evelyn-52, 129. Anderson, Harold-145. Anderson, Joseph-84, 145. Anderson, Larry-7, 11, 65. 72, 75185, 129. Anderson, Marilyn-57, 62, 96. Anderson, Rosemary-145. Ansberry. Phyllis-51, 136. Anlonedis, Joed- 45, 51. 58, 68, 136. Appleby, Linda-145 Archer, Richard-145. Armlield, Dick-63, 65, 154. Armslrong, Charles-68, 129. Armslrong. Joan-153. Arnold, Richard-56, 129, Asbury, Almeda-56. 129. Asbury, Ellis-145. Ashby. Bonnie-153. Ashby. Janel--51, 62, 136. Ashley, Kalhryn-145. Ashley, Mary-136. Alkinson, Mike-78, 84, 145 Alwood. Becky-51, 58. 136. Aull, Carl-12, 17, 47, 48, 66, 77. 96. Auslin, Gene-136. Auslin, Harold-87, 145. Auslin, Sally-145. Bailey, Marlha-68, 145. Bailey, Nondas-58, 136. Bair. Baker, Phillip-129. Barbara-136. Baker, Bob-129. Baker, Dick-129. Baker, Jack-136 . James-129. , Mary-153. Baker, Balda Baker Baker William-145. ul, Tom-56, 73. 85. 136. Ball, Belly-145. Ball. Charles-136. Ballard, Laura Belle-57. 62, 96. Ballard, Theodore--96. Banner, Laverne-129. Banks, Don-51, 136. Bankslon, Carrol-46. 145. Barbre, Orlan--45, 49, 136- Barg. Lyle-129. Barger, John-18, 51, 50, 129. Berger, Ted--145. 'es , . ,-,.,...,-. . . Barker. Belly 46. 96. Barker, Geraldine-153. Barker, Joann--96. Barker, Sydney-145. Barnes. Carol-145. Barnes, Cynlhia-59, 145. Barnes, Delores-52, 55, 58. 129. Donald--145. Barnes, Barnes, Gene-129 Barnes, Kalherine-145. Barnell, Bill-49, 136. Barney. Pally--145. Barr, Charlolle-136. Barrelh, Barbara-59- 145. Barrell, Charles-96. Barrell, Geraldine-96. Barron. Bill-145, Barll, Nancy--4, 13, 16, 47, 62, 77, 97. Bass, Pal-57. 58, 62, 129. Baleman. Beulah-68, 145. Bales, Roberl-1457 Balhauer, Francis-136. Baum. Alice--68. 145. Baxler, Bob-136. Bayes, Kenny-129. Beal, Roberl-49, 51. 136. Bechlold. Devere-44. 58, 62, 67, I29. Beck, Nalalia-45, 47, 50, 52, 58 Becknell, Mary Lois--97. Beeman, Maxine-97. Beery, Beverly-58. Beery, Myron--51, 136. Donna-58, 68, 136 Belangee, Be1angee,Joan-145. Belangee, Madeline-57, 97. Belangee, Richard-145. Belanqee, Roberl-48. 65. 78. 79, 9-1 Bell, Emma 1.ou-58, 61, 129. Bell, Gene-12. 13, 42, 43. 48 95, 97. Bell. Gerald-136. Bell, Marilyn-58, 129. Bemish, Donald-129. Bemish, 1-1owardv129. Beneliel, James-64, 145 Bennell, Annola-145. Bennell. Bill-129. Bennell. Edward-145. Bennell, Max-145. Benzenbower, Sarah-145. Bereslord, Rena-57, 97. Bergdahl, Richard-46, 84, 129. Berkebile. Roberla-129. Bevilhimer .Juanila-V-57, 9f. Bevelhimer Thomas--'145. Beyer. Lloyd-97, Biddle, Georoe-56. 129 Biddle, Janel-47, 58, 62. 136. Billheimer, Ted--51. 68. 154. Black, Daisy-97. Blades, Barbara-129. Blades, Carole-145. Bluemle, Tom--42, 45, 49. 136. Boaze Geneva---145. Boaze. Thelma'-145, Bobo. Bealrix----136. Bobo. Donald-53, 54, 56, 97. Bodenhorn, Roberla-46, 136. Bodkin, Geneva-145 Boerner, Kalie-50, 97. Bohannan, Morona-68, 145. Bohne, Marilyn-136. Bolen. Dorolhea-68, 145. Bolen. 1-lal-9. 12, 47, 48, 77, 97. Bollen, Charles-136. Bonqe, Jack-42, 48, 60, 97. Bonqe, Roberl-63, 97, Bonner, Lucille-145. Bookoul. Jean-136. Bookoul, Ronald-49, 136. . .,,-, W., Boone, Eddie-48, 98 Boone, Molly Jo-62, 136, Bowerrnan, Don-129. Bowers, Pal-58, 62, 129. Bowser, Edward-44, 98. Boyd, Don-87, 145. Boyer, Barbara--68, 98. Boyer, Roberl-17. 40, 48, 50. 52, 98. Boyer, Robe-rl-136. Boyer, Virginia-68, 145. Brach, Benny-136. Bradley, Jessie-46. 54. 145. Bradley, Pal-136 Branch. Danny-18. 50, 51, 60. 98. Brandenberg. Darrell-56, 129. Brandenbberg, Farrell-56. 129. Brandon, Carl-145. Brandon. Jim-14'5. Brandon, Joe,-145. Brannon, Pally-50, 54, 98. Brauchla, Gordon--98. Brauner, Jerry-136. Breece, Sue-59. 145, Breece, William-16, 18. '50, 51. 54, 129, Breeden, William-14, 42, 129. Breilweiser, Lourella -68. 135. 136. Brelslord, Barbara 58. 129. Brewer, Belly-68, 145. Broyles. Mariorie- 129. Brummel. Wyrrnelh-145 Brundaqe. Donald-136. Gene- 145. ' Brundage, Brundage, John- 67, 129. Brundage, Marilyn--52, 58. Brundaqe, Sarah-153. Bruner. Louise-145. Bruner. Mary-45. 136. Bruner. Sue-145. Bruninq,Sanny-58, 129. Brunk, Chrisline-59, 145- Brunk, Molly Jo--58. 136. Buckner, Ronald-136. Bullinglon, Bellie-129. Bunce. Max--99. Bunce. Pally-99. Burcham. Dora-47, 51, 58, 136. Bruchlield, Wanda--136. Burlord, Connie Jo-51. 154. Burqan, Bernard-99. Burk, Jeanne-51, 58, 136. Burk, Ronnie-42. 45. 136. Burke. Pal--144, 145 Burnworlh, Bill-145. Burlon, Barbara-4146. Burlon, Janie-46, 47, 58, 62, 129 Busby, B013--42, 65, 72, 74, 129 Bushonq, Barbara--55. 146. Bushong, Keilh- 99. Bushonq, Rulh-146. Buller, Elaine-146. Brewer, Eugene--145. Brewsler, Allred-153. Bricker, Bob-145. Bricker, Palsy-129. Bridges, Fred-98. Bridges Bridges Bridges , Julia--145. , Norma-59, 145 , Slella-153 Brighl, Jack-54. Larry-129 Buller, Jimmie-56. 99. Byrne. Lila- 146. - Byrum, Rila Slue-146. Byruml, Thelma-29, 42, 44. 57, 99 Cade, James-56, 129. Cade, Wilma- 57, 99. Cain, LaMar-99. Cain, Phyllis-68, 136. dar, Charles-136. Brislol, Belly--98. Brillon, Jean-145, Brizendine, Jack-84, 145. Brizendine, James-129. Brodnax, Elizabelh-136. Broadnax. 1-lenrine-154. Broadwaler. Faye-44. 50. 55. 58. 67, 129. Broadwaler. Gene-51, 60, 98. Brock, Benny-63. Brock. Bobbie-145. Brock, Jo Ann-58, 129. Brock. Paul-63, 98. Brock. Sheldon-145. Brockman. Yvonne-98. Brogden, Marlha-51. 98. Brogden, Mary-145. Bronnenbero. Ca rolvn-47, 57, 62. 98 Bronnenberq. David-129, Brooks, Donna- Fil. 145. Brooks. Frances-98. Brooks, Louise-129. Brooks, Rulh-58. 68, 136. Brolhers, Beverly-153. Brown, Barbara-50, 55, 58. 67. '77 74 58, 129, 67. 129. 129. Brown, Dave--51, 56. 65. 99. Brown, Deloris-99. Brown, Doris-52, 129. Brown, Edilh-136. Brown, Harvey- 87. 145 Brown. John- 61. Brown, Lollie- 136. Brown, Lou Ann- 53, 54, Brown, Pally-57, 58. 62. Brown, Pauline-145. Brawn, Phil-45, 49, 136. Brown. Rodona-145.' Brown, Sluarl- 49, 68, 136. Brown, Tom-136. ' Browning, Rov-99. Callender, Frances--129. Beverly---146. Calverl, Cameron, Slanlord-78. 85, 136 Camp, Pansy-146. Camp, Roselyn-136. Campbell, Barbara-68. Campbell. Bud-12, 51, 129 Campbell, Eddie-78, 84, 146. Campbell Margarel-58, 129. Canaday. William-47, 48, 99. Cannon, Mary-44, 47, 57. 62, 99 Canlerbury, Dick--78, 87, 146. Canlwell, Bill-146. Caplinqer, Harold-136. Caolinqer, Marilyn--50. 99. Carlisle. Joyce--146. Carlson, Charles-146. Carlson, Marvin-129. Carmany, Bill-51, 73 Carpenler, Belly Lou-146. Carpenler. Don-84', 146. Caroenler, John-42. 136. Carr, Bellyef-136. Carr, Helen-57, 99. Carraway, Janice- 136. Carrawav. Joyce-136. Carraway, Roberl-4. 11, 48, 65 72, 74 100. 7 Carroll, Lenora-'52, 58, 154. Carroll, Maureen- 46, 144, 146. Carler. George--84, 146. Carler, Jeannelle-100, Case, Kalherine-129. Casey Jim-129. Ca' irede-51, 136. Cas. ,Jack-100. Caslar, Callis-146. Caslon, Lorella--129. Call, Jerry-145, 85, 136. Call. William-65, 72, 85, 100. Caullman, Richard-146. Chadd, Bill-54, 146. Chamberlain, Kay-73. 136. Chambers, Carl-129 . 4. I Chambers, Dick-l53. Eslher-I46. Murlyn-68, I29. Chambers, Chambers, Chambers, William-47, 48, 56, 60, IOO. Chambless, Kenny-56, 65, 72, 73, 74, 83, 85, I36. Chaney, Palricia- I46. Chandler, Charles--I36. Chapman, Bill-I00. Chapman, Joe--I36. Chase, Julia-l46. Cheever, Richard-I36. Childes, George-73, l36, Childes, Marilyn-I46. Childes, Tom-85. Chirwood, Jimmy-84. Chrisrian, Frances-IOO. Church, Bobby-- I53. Clark, Ira Lee-I53. Clark, Bernefha-50, 5l, 55, 58, I36. Clark, l-lerberl-I29. Clark, Joe-I29. Clark, Pafricia-l53. Clark, Paul-I29. Clarkson, Barbara--l00 Clarkson, Carolyn-I53. Clarkson, George-87, l53. Claus, Carolyn-I53. Claus, Keilh-I4, 42, IOO. Claxon, Donna-44, I29. Clay, Roberf-I36. Claypool, Carolyn-I46. Claypool, Morris-56, l29. -Clemons, Geneva-I36. Clevenger, Alma-l53. Clifford, William-55, 60, IOO.' Cliffon, Emma Lou-57, I00 Cline, Barbara-52, 58, I36. Clyde, Pai-56, 60, l00. Cobb, Janel-55, l54. Coble, Nancy-42, 57, 62, I00. Cochran, Benny-46, l54, Coffin, Janie-59, 62, I44, I46. gCole, Barbara-45, 46, 58, 62, I36. -Cole, Boby Jea n- I 46. Coleman, Jim-49, 78, 83, 85, I37. Gra don 9 l4 42, Collier, y - , , 47.49, 60, I35, I37. John-I46 , Bob-I37. Collier, Collins, Collins. Jackson-53, 54, 'I37. Jud -45 58 I37. Collins, y , , Colvill, Don-44, I 30. Colvill, Ronald-I53. Colvin, Jack--I46. Combs, Rosalyn-IOO. Comer, Comer, John-I0l. Palricia-57, lOl. Marilyn-62, I37. Jacqueline-IOO Conde, Condon, Connelly, Jerry-5l, 55, 58, I37 Conover, Don-l30. , Conrad, Caroline-59, T46. Conrad, Janel-46, 55, 58, I37. Cook, Cook Cook, David-47, 60, l0l. David-59, l37. Emma-5l, I37. Cook, Jack-l29. James-I37. Joann-58, I30. Norgan-I30. Richard--l0lA Wilma-I46. Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cookman, Donald-IOI. Coonce, Charles-I37. Cooper, Don-I30. Cooper, Jim-6l, I30. Cooper, John-6l, I30. Copeland, Fred-IOI. Copeland,Waller-I46. Corder,, Susanne--45, 58, 59, 68, .. I37. , Corma ny, Billy--I 37. RU- Cbrn, Carolyn-SI, I37. Corn, Ronald-47, 48, lOl- 1. Corlrecht Marilyn-l0l. Corner, Bealrice-58, I37. Couch, Russell-lOl. Counceller, Phyliss-5l, I30. Cowgill, Carroll-I30. Cox, Arnola-46, 57, lOl, Cox, Frank-I30. Cox, Nondas1l0l. Craib, Anis-+68, I46. Craib, Basil-I37. Craib, Doris-58, I37. Craig, Delores-I54 Craig, Don-I37. Craig, Marfha-59, I46. Craigie, Bill-I30. Craigmile, William-I 37. Crain, Creek, Doroihy--45, 58, I 37. Bob-I46. Crider, Francile-l 37. , Crim, Jack-l9, 56, 65. 80, 82, 85. Crocke'rtMar'lha-5l. Cronk, Alice-IOI, Crooks, Marvella--l37, Crosley, Jim-I37. Crosley, Teddy-7l, 84', I37. Cross, Donald-l53. Cross, William-I53. Croslwait Marilyn-I30. Crouch, Joanna-l46. Crouse, Ella-I46. Crowfhers, Roselie--42, 58. Crump, Eldon-lOl. Cruson, Joyce-55, 58, l37. Cummings, Harold-I37. Cummins, Basil-l37A Cummins, Beverly-58. 43, Cuneo, Jack-I54. Cuneo, Jerry-60, 73, l0l. Cunningham, Eulalia-5I, I30. Cunningham, Fred-I9, 73, 8l, 82, 85, I37. Cunningham, Jack-73, I37. Cunningham, James-I37. Cunningham, Jo-58, 59, 62, I37. Cunningham, Lee-63, I30. Current Donald- I 46. Current James-I5, I7, 42, 47 l30 Dailey , 67,78,85,l28, . Carl-68 I 30 Dailey: Charlol'le?52, 68, I30. Dailey, Marly-52, 55, 68, I30. Dailey, Wayne-I46. Dallar, Dallon Jean-I46. , Joyce-57, I O l . Daniorfh, Janice-I 37. Danlorlh, Virginia-I30. Dare, Charlotle-55, 58, I37. Daubenspeck, Marshall-I46. Daugherly, Jack-l 30. David, Lee-l30 Davidson, Charles1l37. Davidson,Jack--I46. Davis,Barbara--I46 Davis, Beverly-l02. Davis, Clara-5l, I30. Davis, Don-46, 68. Davis, Fred-I8, 48, 50, 56, l02. Davis, James-30, l02. Davis, James-l54. Davis, Joan-58, I37. Davis, Mary Alice-I37. Davis, Neil-42, I37. Davis, Norman-56, l54. Davisson, Jane--58, 62, 68, l37. Davisson, Richard-65, I30. Dawney, Helen-I46. Dawson, Joan-58, 62, I30. Dawson, Max-87, I53. Dawson, Ronald-87, I46. Day, Margarel-I37. Dearing, Dearing, Bob-l30. Mary Ann-I 37. Decamp, Marilyn-46, I46. W Decker, George-l54. Deeker, Jack-l46. Deienderfer, Carl-60, l02. De Fore, Judilh-58, l304 De Haven, Floreen-I30. Gordon-l37. Brock-a-153. De Lanoy, De Lawfer, De Lawfer, Gene--I37. De Lawler, Rosalyn-I46. Delinger, Marilyn-46, 57, l02. De Long, Anna-102. De Long, Kennelh-63, I37. Delph, Thomas-87, I46. Delph, William-56, 59, 85, 102. Denman, Maxine-102. Dennis, Dean-49, I37 Derr, Myra-57, 67, IO2. Deshan, Carolyn-68, I37. Dew, James-I46. Deweese, Naomi-I46. Dewilt Irene-I37. Dick, Barbara-I53. Dickerson, Mary-l37. Dillard, Wilma-50, 57, lO2. Dillman, Charles-I46. Dillman, Phyliss-52, 68, l02. Dillon, Judy-52, l02. Dillon, Norman-I37. DMN, Edwma-log Dilrs, Jeanne-I46. Dinwiddie, Marilyn-l54. Dismuke, James-59, 6l, l02. Dilllinger, Vilma--I37. Dixon, Donald--78, 84, 87, Dixon, Jim-l30. Dixon, Lee Ann-42, 62, I37. Dobson, Joanne-57, 62, IO2. Dodd, Barbara-62, I37. Dodd, Gerald-65, 72, 75, 83, I30. Dodd, Phyliss-l53, Dodge, Virginia--68, l46 Dodge, Willie-I30. Dodson, Juani+a4l37. Dole, Claylon-I53. Dollar, Arnold-I30. Dollar, Joan-I46. Donaldson, Elwyn-I46. Dorsey, Ben-IO3. Dolson, Gerald+l37. Dolson, Jacqueline-I46. Douglas, Bob-I46. Douglas, Dick-65, 73, 83. Downes, Dorlhy-I46 Downham, Bill-63. Doyle, Charlene+55, 59, 62, l46. Doyle, Pearlie Mae-IO3. Doyle, Virginia-50, 58. Drake, Floyd-87, l46. Drennen, Bob-Ji-5, 55, 6l, I37. Driggers, Emma Lou--IO3. Driggers, Marjorie-I37. Dugger, Charles-I37. Dugger, George-I37. Dumbaugh, Eileen-I46. Dunbar, Barbara--I 03- Dunbar, Danny-I37. Dunbar, David-48, IO3. Duncan, Jerry-85, I37. Dunham, Howard-49, 73, 90, I37. Dunham, Marlha--45, 58, 62, 68, I37. Dunham, Mary Elizabeih--58, l30, Dunlap, Loren--49, 64, I37. Dunn, Laura Jo-58, I37. Dunn, Norma--IO3. Dunn, Pal'-l03. Durant Barbara--58, I37. Durgan. Lonnelli-68, l37 Durrer, John-l46, Dye, Tom-53, 54, I46. Eaker, Dorlha--I30. Early, Allen-48, 65, 72, 74, IO3. 'ssl f -...iff . , I46. Easlman, William-5l. Ebersole, I37. Ebersole, Eckert Lucielle-I46. Ecolt Joan--I03. Edgecomb, Jack-I37. Edgecomb, Jorelra-I46. Edmonson, Berry--l53 Edmonson, Phyllis-I46. Edwards, I37 Elberlha-45, 5iI, 68 Mary-68, I46. Fern-45, 46, 59, 68 Edwards, Jack-IO3. Edwards, Jane-I37. Edwards, Jean-68. Edwards, Roberl-42, I37, Edwards, Ronald--I30. Eglen, Judy159, I46. Ehle, Arlene-58, I37. Ehle, Glen-l8, 50, 52, 69, I03 Eichler, Mary Ann--46, 50, 57 58, 62, 67, I30. Eiler, Nondas-l46A Elder, Belly-IO3. Eldon, Howard-I03. Ellinglon, Diane-58, 62, I37. Ellingwood, Jack-I46. Elliot Mark-54, I53. Elliot Joseph-l2, 48, 65, l03 Ellis, Eileen--46, I46. Ellis, Gerna-58, I37. Ellis. Ramona-IO3. Ellis, Rober'r-I46. Ellis, Rose-l46. Ellis, Zoe-44, 50, 58, 67, l30 Ellison, Marilyn-I30, 7 Elmore, Jerry-I04. England, Dorolhy-50, I04, Ent Jim-56, I04. Ent Walfer-56, I30. Epperly, Ber+ha--I04. Erbin, Janie-58, I37. Eskew, Lloyd-I46, Esfle, Garland-I47. Elchison, Dick-I37. Efchison, Paul-I37. E+ler, Jackie-I47- Eubank, Wanda-I30. Eursler, Donald-IO4. Eursler, Elsie-I04. Evans, Bill-42, I37. Evans, Sue Ann-I47. Fadely, Richard-I47. Fadely, Valencia-57, IO4. Falge, Jim-I30. Farley, Bessie Mae-l04. Farmer, Barbabra-9, 57, 62 95, lO4. Faulkner, Adele-58, I38. Faulkner, Marlha-57, i047 Faust Howard-45, 49, 56, 60 l38. Faux, Pafricia-l53. Fearnow, Eugene--l38. Feaiherslon, Donald-I30. Feller, Jerry-I47. Fells, Janel-I47. Felzien, Belly-59, I47. Ferguson, Charles-I47. Ferguson, Eugene-I30. Ferree, Dan-I47. Ferree, Tom-I38. Fickle, Jacqueline-58, l30Y Fields, Jack-54, l47. Filer, Bealrice-l38. Fillman, Reginald-I47. Finkenbriner, Richard-5I, l38 Fish, Ted--68, I04. Fisher, 'Befry-I38. Fisher, Elaine--I53. Fisher, Sally-I38. Flaft Anna-l38. Fleenor. Clella--42, I47. Flelcher, Joann-I47. Flory, Richard--60, 66, l04' Flowers, Jackie-I47. Ai V . fi . ,, 11. ,, P77 Flowers, Wanela-l38. Foley, Aloma Jo-412, 57, IO4 Foley, Peggy-457, IO4. Follz, Perry-IO4. Fonlaine, Louis-I2, l3, I6, I7 42, 43, 48, 54, 60, 66, 67 85, l05. Ford, Jack-I47. Forkner, Kalhleen-52, 55, l3O. Fosnol, Ed-l3O. Fosler, Jerry-l30. Fouse, Phyllis-IO5. Fouse, Wilma-58, l38 Fousl, Floyd--56, I38. Fousl, ldamarie-68, I47. Fousl, Marshall-I6, 53, 54, l05 Fowler, Barbara--l30. Fowler, Bob-l3O. Fowler, Judy-57,, l05. Fowler, Keilh--I47. Fowler, Louise-lO5. ,,.,w. . ..s -.o.-f- W .,, 4 Givens, Belly-l38. Givens, Doris-59. Givens, Joyce--46, l38- Glass, Roberl--l47. Gloyd, Donald-54, I47. Gloyd, Mary-l38. Gold, Barbara-IO6. Gold, Norma-'IO6. Golden, .limrnie-l30. Gooding, Pal-42, I38. Goodwin, Jack-I47. Gordon, Marie-58. l30. Goss, Celia-l3O. Goll, Palricia-I47. Gourley, Warren-l06 Grace, PalQ59, I47. Graddy, Eloise-57, lO6. I38. Graham, Ba rba ra-59, I35, Fox, Clyde-46, 5l, 138. Fox, Joe-l2, l5, 48. 78. 79. 94 lO5. Fraley, Dale-84, 87, I47. France, Paula-59, I47 Frank, Edward-IO5. Franklin, Barbara-I47. Franklin, Eileen-I54. Frazier, Roberl-46, l30. Freeslone, Eddie-56, 65, 72. 85, I3O. oFreeslone Ph llis-5l I3O. 1 Y 1 French, Cherrie-I47. Frendl, Loren-84, 87, I47. Friddle, Phyllis-l38, Fry, Pal-54, es, l38. Fuller, Esla-54, I38. Fuller, Joan-58, l3O Fullinglon, Frederick-l3O. Fullinglon, Sarah-l47. Fullon, Joan-58, I38. Funkhouser, Garolyn-I47. Funkhouser, Gordon-I47. Gabel, Belly-l38. - Gallamore, Richard--l38. Gallegly, Bill-l05. Graham, Jean-45, 50, 57, 67, l06. Graham, Lloyd.-48, 65, 72, 75. l06. Graham, Tom-45, 49, I38. Granger, Kennelh-56, l3O. Granger, Richard-I47. Granl, Beverly-I8, 44, 50, 52, 57, 6l, l06. Grau Beverly-58, l38. Grau lvlary Lou-I47. Grau Pal-59, , Gray, Alyce-I53, Gray, Barbara-54, 59, l38. Gray, Charles-65. Gray, Doris-l38. Gray, Eugene-l38. Gray, Kennelh-IO6. Gray, Louise-46, 50, 52, IO6. Gray, Wa'ndaLl47. Grealhouse, Mary Helen-IO6. Green, Dan-l38. Green, Jack-I38. Green, Jerry-I38 Greene, June-46, 59, I47. Greenwood, Charles-W54, l53. Gregg, Jack-56, I3O. Gresham. Roberl-l30. Grillilh, Dona-50, 55, IO6. Grillilh, lvlargarel-59, I47. Grigsby, Cora Mae--45, 47, Q- Q- Y --W - -- -Y Hamillon, Jack-46, IO7. Hamillon, James-lO7. Hamillon, Jo Ann-45, 5l, 57. 67, IO7, Hamillon, Lela-58, I38. Hamillon, Norma-60. Hamillon, Rose-46, 147 Hamlin, Geraldine-l38, Hamlin, Norma158, 59, Hamlin, Wilma-59, l47. Hancock, June-I47. Hancock, Slanley-l53. 6l. 62. I3O. Handley, Bobby Jo-59, 62, I44, 147. , Handy, Virginia-55, 58, Haney, Andrew-l3O. Haney, Hobarl-I47. Hannah, Raymond-I47. Hannah, Roberl-I38. Hardacre, Bill-I3O. Hardacre, Lowell-I47. Hardin, Jane-59, I47. Harless, Donna-I47. Harman, Bob--I47. Harman, Palsy-I38. Harman, Sue-42, 59, l47. I3O. Harmeson, Nancy-50, 52, 58. Harmon, Russel-I38. Harn, Marlene-l38. Harney, Charles-47, IO7. Harper, William--60. 64, IO7. Harrde, Ralph-I38. Harrell, Ralph-54, 83. Harringlon, Berniece-52, IO7. Harringlon, George-60, IO7. Harringlon, Haynes-87, l53. Harris Harris Harris Harris Harris, Harris, Barbara-55, l3l. Delores-52. Donald-I47. Nedra-l38. Roberl-56, l3l. Shirley- 53, 54, IO7. I38. Gardner, Palricia+50, 5l, 52 l05. Garner, Kennelh--I38. Garner, Weldon-I47. Garrell, Joanna-l47 Garrell, Marcus-I05. Garrell, Maxine-58, l30. 64, Garrigus, Bob-42, 43, 67. l30. Garringer, James-I47. Garrison, Pal-5l., Gaus, Billy-l05. Geary, Tom-78, 5l. 77, l3O. Genlry, Gilberl-64, 105. Genlry, Sue-55, 58, l38. George, Barbara-I53. George, Belly Ann-59, I47. Gerard, Kennelh--84, I47, Gibson, Alberl-I47. Gibson, Alice-lO5. Gibson, Kalhryn--l05. Gilberl, Herberl-l30. Hedge, Bill-I38. Giles, Calherine-58, l30. Gileson, Roberl-I47. Gillam, Jessie-I47. Gillenline, Annelle-5l, 64, I38. Helen-I47. Grigsley, Helen- l 47. Grissom, Gaylord-56, 67, l30. Grissom, Wanda-57, IO6. Groll, Georgianna--l38. Groll, Lois-IO6 Gudgel, Joyce-l3O. Gudgel, Richard-55, 56, IO6. Gudgel, Susie-I47. Gulley, Theola-lO7. Gulmire, Donald-I47. Guslin, Eleanor-57, IO7. Guslin, Richard-I3O. Gwallney, Bill-I38. Gwallney, Edilh-57, l07. Gwallney, Marilyn-46, l30. Gwinn, JlmI'T'lV1l8, 50, 53, 54, Gwynn, Barbara-57, IO7 lvlacker, Barbara-l30. Hackney, Asa-l30. Haines, Charles-49, 5l, 55, l38. Hains, Bille-I47. Harrison, Belly Jean-l47. Harrison, Dolphus1l47. Harrison, Nancy-57, 68, IO7 Harshman, David-46, l3l. Harshman, Rulh Ann-I47. Harl, Ray-72. Harler, Beverly-I39. Harlley, Thomas-46, I38. Harrison. Nancy+57, 68, IO7. Harlselle, Sonia-I38. Harlwell, PalsyL45. 57, 6I. lO8. Harlwell, Shirley-59, I47. Harvey, Nora-5l, 55, I39 Harvey, Tom-l38. Hasler, Carolyn-5l, IO8. Hasler, John-l38. Haslings, Don-l08. Haslings, Marilyn-l38. Haslon, Bill-l47. Haslon, lvlildred-58, lO8. Halhcoal, Bob-l3l. Hawkins, Belly-IO8. Hawkins, Nancy+l38 Hawkins, James-63, lO8. Haws, Charles-84, 85, l38. Hayes, Gail-l38. Haynes, Belly-l08. Head, Belly Jo-57, lO8. bf Healon, Maurice-45, 49, l38. Gillespie, Gillespie, John-I47. Gillespie, Margarel-I38. Gillespie, Norman-63, I38 Gillis, Gary-54, l53. Gills, Homer-I38. Gilmore, David-I2, I3, 42, Gilpin, Jo Ann-59, I47. Ginder, Jeane-I47. Ginley, Eugene--I47. Ginley, Jacqualine-58, l38. Girlon, Girlon, Larry-48, IO6. Norma--59, l38. IO5. Hains, Norma-58, 68, l30. Hale, Judy-I53. Halford, Wilbur-l38. Hall, Bill-l38. Hall, Bob-87, !53. Hall, Eslil-I38 Hall, J1m-'l30. Hall, Wilmella-53, 54, 57, l07. Hallenbeck, Seigle-I38. Hallerman, Richard-56, IO7. Hamel, Bob-44, 50, 5l, l30, Hamillon, Aubrey-72. Hamillon, Dick-I38, Hedger, lvlariorie-l47. Heller, Rosemary-I38. Hellin, Belly-I38, Hellin, Jack-I 54. Heiney, lra-I3l. Hellrich, Dick--56, 78, 83, 85. Hellems, Belly-5l, 58, l38. Hellems, Nancy-l47. Hellems, Norma-l38. Helmic, Jacqueline-IO8. Helmic, Joan-42, 62, IO8. Helms, Mary-45, 47, 68,il38. .Q ., . 4 G.. l3l Helpling, Mary Ann-45, 58, 68 l38 Henderson, Don-I47. Henderson, Sandra-I47, I54. Henry, Joan-l3l. Hendricks, Belly-5l, 58, l3l. Hendricks, Virginia-l53. Hensley, Jack-I47. Hensley, Mary Lau-52, 62, IOS. Herrel Faye--I47. Hiall, David-I47. Hiall, Jerry-l47- Hiall, Paul-I38. Hickman, James-l08. Hickman, Pal-l48. Hicks, Roberl-54, 55, l3l. Hiday, Lenna-IO8. Higbee, Donald-49, 5l, l38. Higginbolham, Presnell--56, lO8. Higgins, Belly-l3l. Higgins, Waller--I39. Hiqhbauqh, Jeannine-53, 54 l48 57. 6l Highbaugh, Larry-55, l48. Hilboll, Janel-59, l3l. Hilboll, John-I48. Hiles, Ernesl-455, I3l. Hiles, lvlarie-55, l48. Hiles, Norma--58, l39. Hill, Donald--l48. Hill, Marshall-I39. Hill, Ray+-I3l. Hines. Becky-l53. Hines, Larry-55, l48. Hinkle, Huberl-I39. Hinlon, David-68. Hinlon, John-63, 68, I39. Hinlors, David-l3l. Hires, Clarahl48. Hise, Gerald-87, I48. Hise, Harold--I39. Hisle, Pal-5l, 148. Hilchcock, Janice-55, 58, l3l- Hilchcock, Janie-I53. Hobbs, Carolyn-55, 58, 64, 68 l39. Hockenberry, lvlarlha-50, l3l. Hodson, Mary-55, 58, 68, I39. Holer, Bea Anne-I4-8. Hollmasler, Wanda-I39. Hollner, Roberla-47, 57, 67, l08. Holding, Belly-59, l48. Holding David-l3l. Holdren, Jimmie-l3l. Holdren, Joyce-l3l. Holladay, Norma-l3l. ' Hollensbe, Wayne-5l, 55, 60, IO9. Hollingsworlh. George-lO9. Hollingsworlh, John+-78, l3l. Holloway, Dixie-58, 62, I39. Holloway, Don-83, I39. Holsinger, Mary-IO9. Holl, Marilyn-I48, Hollsclaw, Dorolhy-58, l38. Hood, Bobby-I39. ' Hoover, Barbara-58, l39. Hoover, Clarence-l09. Hoover, Edilh-l48. Hoover, Virginia-58, I39. Hopkins, Buddy-49, 7l, 78, 84. Hopkins, Judy-46, 59. 148. Hoppes, Dessie-l53. Hoppes, Joanne-l53, Hoppes, Joyce-l3l. ' Hoppes, Rosalieql54. Hoppes, Wilma-IO9. Horn, Joann-IO9. Hornback, Donald-l48. Hornbeck, Claylon-49, 73, 84, I39. Hornbeck, George-I48. Hornbeck, Pal-I39. Hornbsck, Phyllis-47, 57, IO9. ,I-lorfon, Beverly--55. Horfon, Jack-IO9. Hosek, Henry-I39, I-losek, Jacqueline--45, 57, 61, l09 James, Fred-:el I0. James, Gerfrude-I39 Janefos, Tommy-56, I3I. Janney, Ellen-I48. Jared, Ronald-I39. Jarreff, Junior-6l, 67, 85, I3l Kilmer, Lou Ann-45,' 53.354, 58, I37. Kimble, Jack-65, 78, 79, 85. Kimmel, Darlene-I I I. Kimmerling, Harold-I3l. King, Beverly-I48. Leighforf, Barbarail I3 LeMond, Phyllis-l3l. i Lempereur, Leon-I48. Lennis, Mary Jo-l3l. Lenfz, Joe-64. Lesfer, Frances-I40. Hosier, Carolyn--I48. Hosier, Donald-I39. Hosier, rances-l3I. Hosier, orma-58, 62, I39. Hosier, Peggy-I3l. Hosier, Sue Ann-44, 57, 62, 67, I09. Houser, Maxine-57, IO9. Howard, Nancy-46, IO9. Jefferies, Kafhryn-I48. Jeffers, Joyceql48. Jefferson, Joan-42, Jenkins, James-I39. Jessup, Mary-I48. Jessup, Wilma-I I0 John, Geraldine-l3l. Johns, JohnniefI39. 57, IIO. Howard, Richard-I39. Howe, Helen-l53V Howe, Mary Lou-I39. Hubbard, Richard-I48. Hubbard, Wilma-l53. Annah58. Eugene-I48. Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Harry George-l53. Hudson, Jean-I3I. Johnny-84, l3I. Hudson, Hudson, Joy--46, 58, I39. Kafhryn-IO9. Sam-I39. Hudson, Hudson, Huff, Ted-I39. Huffer, Don-65, 72, 75, 84, I3I. Johnson Abe--I3l. Johnson Ed-47, 49, 67, 7l, I3l. Johnson Harry-I48. Johnson Hilda-51, 55, 68, I39. Johnson, Janice--I48. Johnson, Jim-I IO. Johnson, Jo Ann-52, 50, I39. Johnson Judy Ann-l3IV Johson, Norman--l3l. Johnson Philip-I39. Johnson, Richard-I3I, Johnson, Rufh-68, IIO. Johnson, Susie-68, I48. Johnson, William-64, I3l. Johnsfon, George-I 39. Willodean-68, I3 I. Alice-I3 I. Huffma Huffma n, Charles-90, I39. n, Cliffon-90, I39. Huffman, Evelyn-I39. Huffman, Jack-6l, I39. Huffman, Jean-46, 5l, I3I. Huffman, Rozella-I48. Hughel, Richard-I48. Hughel, Wilson-I8, 50, IO9 Jolly, Joyce-45, 58, I39. Jones I King, Evelyn-58, I3I. King, Mona-I39. King, Pafrick-I2, 48, 56, 65, 72, Il 74, 77, 95, I King, Viola-I I I. Kingery, Chesfer+l39. Kinley, Joe-I48. Kirby, Fred-I48. Kirchenbauer, Paffy-I48. Kirchner, Nancy-I39. Kirk, Tom-44, l3l. Kline, Floyd-48, 65, 95, Ill Kline, Jim-I48. Lesfer, Margie-59, I48. Levi, Jerry-59, I49. Levi, J o-5I, l3l. Lewellen, Olis-I3l. Lewellyn, Floyd-I3l, Kline, Marilyn-58, I39. Knoffs, Marilyn-62, Ill. Knoffs, Yvonne-52, l3l. Kocher, Paffy-57, 6l, II2. Kolde, Beffy Anne--57, Il2 Konrad, Mary-50, II2. Kreegar, Richard-I39. Kreegar, William--56, II2. Krieg, Francis--I48. Kugler, Edward-87, I4'8 Kugler, Lewisa-65, 72, 74, 85, Kugler, Lewis, Beffy-I49. L.ewis, James-I49. Lewis, John-l3l. Lewis, Phyllis-I40. Lighffoof, Richard-78, 85, I40. Lighffoof, Rufh-57, II3. Likens, Charloffea-5l, 57, 62, II3 Linder, Bill-I40. Linder, Tom-I40. Lindsey, Helen-55, II3. Lindzy, Donald-I49. Line, Caryl-I49. Lineberry, Russell-I49. Lineberry, Tom-I32. Lines, Jimmie-I53. Liffle, Kay-58, 62, I32. Lifzenberger, Judy-68, I40. Livingsfon, Charles-I40. II2. Linyingsfon, Edwingl 32. Livingsfon, Evelyn-67. Hughes, Anna-68, IO9. Hughes, Barbara-l3l. Hughes, Beffy-52, 58, 68, I3l Hughes, Carolyn-I53. Hughes, Janef-59, I48. Hughes , Ruby-5l, 68, I39. Hull, De Wayne-87, I48. Hull, John-I39. Hull, Mariorie-64, IIO Hull, Norman--I48. Humphrey, Alma-I53. Humphrey, Beffy-I48. Hunf, Barbara-30, 44, 47, IIO. Hunf, Everelrf-l54. Jones Jones Jones Jones IIO Barbara--44, 45, Carl-49, 71, 73, Carol-I4, ll0. Carolyn-45, 58, 59, I39. Jones David-I I l. Jones Dick-87, I48. Jones Don-29, 67, Ill. Jones Eva-I48. Jones, Henry-85, I39. Jones Jacqueline-I48. Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Johnny--5l, 73, I39 Laura+6l, I39. Margaref-44, 58, I3I Marilyn-58, 68, I39 Maurillis-50, 5I, 55 62, 68, I39. Jones, Max-I48. Jones, Pafricia-I48, 59. Jones, Roberf-I3I. Jones, Ronald-I I I. I39. Kuklenski, William-II2. Kunfz, Jackh4l5, 47, I3l. Kurfz, Carolyn-I53. Laib, Molly-47, 53, 54, 57, 62, I I2. Lakey, Charles-I39. Lame, Frances-I I2. Laman, Barbara-58, I39. Lamar, Roberfa+I53. Land, Arno-I9, 49, 65, 78, 79 80, 82, 85, I39. Land, Don-5I, I39. Land, Doris-5I, 58, I3I. Landis, Don-I48. Livingsfon, Marilyn-42, I40. Long, Fred-l4O Long, Janef-5l, 68, l32. Looper, Billie Sue-II3. Looper, D. M.-4, II, I3, 48, 65 78, 79. 85, II3. Losey, James-56, II3. Louiso, Dale-44, 60, 66, I32. Lovdal, Rodney-l I3. Lovell, Barbara-57, II3. Lowe, Bob-I49. Lowe, Marvin-I49. Lukens, Virginia-50, 57, II3. Lunfsford, Lloyd-I I3. Lane, Harrief--l3l. Lane, Jacquelyn-I48. Lane, Paul-I8, 50, 52, I3l. Lane Ramona-I48. Langley, Jeannie-50, I3I. Lannes, Oran-56, II2. Lusher, Barbara--46, I49. Lusher, Donna-46, 57, II3. Lydick, Barbara-68, I40. Lydick, Herberf--I40. Lyons, Beffy-I40. Lysf, Jea n-5 I , I40. Hunf, Max-I39. Hunfzin Hunfzin ger, Alfa-87, I48. ger, Marilyn-l3l. Hurd, Carolyn-I IO. Huffon, Barbara-45, 5l, 58, Huffon, Gerald-87, I48. Huffon Harold-I3 I. Huffon, Joan-I48. Hyaff, Beffy-I53. Hyaff, Mariefa-52. Ice, James-5l, I39. lckes, Charles-73, I39. lferf, Norman-I IO. lmel, Vera-I48. Imus, Carol-l39A Gloria Jeanvl 53. Kem, Irle, Bob-56, lsanogel, Jane Ann-42, 45, 58, l3I. lsenhour, Chauncey-I7, 22, 4l, 48, 54, 55, 60, 67, 94, IIO. Jackey, Jacqueline-59, I48. Jackson, Alfredo-57, 62, Il0. Barbara-59, I48. Jackson, Jackson, Carolyn-58, I3 I. Jordan, Juanifa--68 Julian, Barbara-57, Julian, Beffy-l3l. Julius, Gordon-49, June, Alberf-l3l. Jusfice, James-I l I. Kabrich, Phyllis-57, ll. Karl, John-84, I48. Kauffman, Jim-I39. Keesling, Bonifatl I I. Keesling, Floeffa-I3l. ' Keffer, Rosemary--45, 587 Keffer, William-I48. Keider, Jeanil48. Keifh, Vivian-57, Ill. Kellams, Margaref-QI48. Kellar, Roberf-I48. Keller, Susie Jo-I39. ,lll. III I39. La Pierre, Don-l4'8. Larson, Charles--5l. Lasher, Roberf-60, ll2. Lauber, Jeanneffe-I I2. La Vallee, Richard-I39. Lawler, Earl-l3l. Q Lawler, Joyce-46, 58, I3I. Lawler, Thomas-I39. Lawrence, Barbara-29, II2. Lawrence, Beffy-68, l3l. Lay, Phyllis-I39. Lazenby, Helen-50, 52, Il2. Lazenby, Russell-l3I. Leach, Agee-II2. Leakey, Jack--I48. Leakey. James-vI3l. Leafherbury, Jean-I40. Leavell, WiIliam4l I2. Mabbiff, Ardifh-I32 Ivlalobiff, Bud-83, Mabbiff, Geraldine-I32. Mace, Roberf-53, 54, II3. Mackey, Paffyll49. Mahan, Barbara-I I4. Main, MaX-60, I32. Malden, Cafherine-57, II4. Malone, Barbara-57, 62, II4. Mangas, Beffy-59, I49. Mangas, Bud-I49. Mansfield, Eugene-65, 72, 75 85, l4OA Manship, Beverly-I I4. Marsh, Charles-I49. Kelley, LeRoy-I I I. Kelly, Donna+l48. Kelly, Jack-I48. Kelly, Marilyn-6I, I3l Kelly, Merle-I48. Jackson Jackson Jackson , Elaine-I48. . Eugene-I39. , Isaiah-87, l53 Jackson, James-56, IIO.' Jackson, Jo-84, 87. Jackson, Roberf-I48. Jakes, HelenQ58, I39. ' James, Annie-I39. James, James, James, Barbara-5I, 55, 58, Carl-5I, IIO, Consfance-59, I48. .A ,,74..i.1..., I39 Ronald-I39. Kendal, Raymond-I3l. Kendall, Donald--I39. Kenclall, Joanne-I48. Kendall, Joyce-I48. Kendall, Norman-I48. Kennedy, Joyce-58, I39. Kesfner, Hoyf-56. V Kidd, Befheaf-52, l3l. Kilburnlfi Roy-l3I. ,f Kern, Lee, Barbara-I I3 ISr.l. Lee, Barbabra-58, l'4O. Lee, Rufhann-I48. Lee, Virginia-42, 44, 58, 62, 67, l3I. fl - Leeyer, Beffy-5l, I48. Marsh, Harold-I40. Marfin, Bill-49, 78, 85, I40. Marfin, Bob-84, I49. Marfin, Charles-I49. Marfin, Eddie'-I I4. Marfin, Sue-52, II4. Masley, Loreni5l, I40. Mason, Dick-I40. Massie, Slfephen-I49 Leever, Bill-46, I40. Leever, Edna-l40 Leever, Gary-46p I48. Leever, Maurine-l3l. Leever, Phyllis--52, 58, I3I. Leffel, Jack-54. Leffel, Layern-I48. Leffel, Mary-I I3. Leffel, Wilma-51, I40. Leffing Lefler, u:. . .M H well, Buddy-I40. Shirley-l38. Masf, Dick-56, 67, II4. Masfers, Arfhur-I49. Mafhews, Donald-84, 87, l32. Mafhews. Roberf-I I4. Maffher, Julia-I40. , Maffhnews, Roberf-56, l49f I-Aaffingly, Mack-60, I32.. Maffox, Charles-87, I49. Maupin, Maxine-I49. Maxwell, Beffy-I32, L Maxwell, Frank-I49. Manyard, Arlhur-5l, I40. Manyard, Marilyn-I40. Mead, Belly June-I8, 47, 50, II4. Mears, Barbara-I I4. Mears, Douglas-73, I40. Meeker, Beverly-I40. Melcher, Mary Jane-5l, I32. Mendenhall, Keilh-49, I40. Meniler, Dorolhy-I53. Merrell, Lewis-I40. Merrell, Launne-52, 55, II4. Launne-52, I I4. Merrell, Merrill, Bob-6I, I32. 52, Mullins, Nancy-30, 46, 47, 57, 59, 66, II5. Murlin, Alma-I49. Murlin, Dellord-5I, I40. Murphy, Leon-78, I40. Murray, Carolyn-I49. Mussilman, Lela-l32. Myer, Denny-56, I32. Myers, Bob-56, l32. Myers, Edward-I49. Myers, Freda-57, 95, II5. Myers, Jim-63, I40. Myers, Joan-57, II5. Myers, Kennelh-I49 Myers, Lois-I40. Myers Sally-l53. McAlllsler, Archie- I 53. Miller, Merrill, Dick-6I, I32. Merrill, Donald-I49. Merwin, Marilyn-44, 46, 58, 62, 67, I32. lvlelcall, June-59, 67, 68, I32. Meyer, Tom-56, .I 32. Middlelon, Lois-I40. Milburn, Delores-l53. Milburn, Joyce-58, I40. Milburrif Judy-52, 57, II4. Miles, John-I32. Millage, Bob-56, l32. Miller, Miller, Barbara-I32. Bill-42, 56, 65, 67, 75, 132. Miller Danny-l32. Donna-I49. J.-I 53. Miller, Miller, James-64, II4. Noreida-l32. Roberl'-42, 43, 44, Miller, Miller. 67, 78, 85, l28, I32. Miller, Rosalie-l32. Miller, Warren-56, 60, l32. Millner, Roberl-I49. Mills, Barbara-58, 62. Mills, Carolyn-59, I49. Minniear, June-46, I49. Minor, Barbara-I40. Minlon, Sheila-I53. Milchell, Anna-53, 54, I49. Milchell, John-I49. Milchell, Roberl-I53. Milchell, Warren-I40. Moneyhuin, James-53, 54, I40. Monlgomery, Ramona-I40. 56, Pavey, Wa nela- I 49. Moore, Beaulah-I49. Moore, Beverly-I I4. Meoore, Bill-I40. Moore, Coraieneql49. Moore, Floyd-I32. Moore, Jack-47, 6l, 85, I32. Moore, James-I49. Moore, Jim-73, I40. Moore, Nolan-I40. Moore, Wayne-I49. Moorman, Belly-lI4. Moran, Belly-I49. Moreland, Henry-I32. Morela Morela nd, Jo-I40. nd, Rose-I49. Morgan, Bonniell49g Morgan, I-lelen-I53. Morgan, Mae-I40. Morris, Jim-48, l32. , Morris, Joan--I40. Morris, Marilyn-58, l32. Morris, Mary Lou--I40. Morris, Palricia-50, I32. Mcfxllisler, Ella Mae-58, I40. McCallerly, Barry-I40. Mccallisler, David-5I, I40. McCarlhy, Richard-l32. Mccarlney, Donna-I49. McCarlney, Larry-el4O. McClain, Roberl-I49. McClinlic, Sue-44, 58, I32. McCord, Doris-I40. McCord, Jim--l32. McCord, Thelberl-II5. Mccorkhill, Curlis-5l, 63. McCullough, John-I40. McCune, Monle-46, 73, 83, I40. McDaniels, Phyllis-I4, 29, 42, 43 44, 57,62 II5. McDaniels Delores-II5. McDanieIs, Pal-46,,5O, 52, I32 McDowell, Keilh-I49. McEIderIy, Rulh-53, 54, I49 Mclflvoy, June-I32. McFadden, Doris-59, I49. McGill, Janel-I49. McGonigle, Charles-55, 56, II5 McGonigle, Laura Jo-59, I49. McGranahan, Joe-l32. McGuire, Claire-I40. Mclnlyre, Dorolhy--I53. Mclnlyre, Drucilla-l32. McKay, Mack+l I5. McKay, Ralph-II5. McKeand, Mariorie-I4Q. McKee, Barbara-55, II5. , McKee, Evalee-59, I49. I' McKeown, Alice-44, 50, 55, 64, I I5. McKinley, James--72, 73, 83, I4O McKinley, Joan-I4, I7, I8, 22 42, 43, 44, 47, 50, 57, 62, 67 I I5. McLain, Bill-84, I49. McMahon, Don-50, 56, I32. McMahon, Joann-I49. McMillan, Mary A'nn-I49. McNall, Ronald-84, I44. McNeal, Dick-56, I32. McVay, Richard-I40. McWilhey, Rulh-I40. Nagel, Joyce Ann-5I, l32. Nanney, Wendall-I32 Neal, Bradley-l2, 56, 65, 72, 74, I32. Neal. Claudelle--I49. Neal, Mary I-lelen--58, 67, I32 Needham, Norma-II5. Morrison, Frank-I40. Morrow, Earnesleen-I49. lvlorrow, Slalon-I40. Mosley, Marlha-68, I I5 Mollo, .lohney-I49. Nell, Charles--I40. Nell, Elaine-68, I40. Neisan, Kennelh-I32. Nelson, Barbara-45, 5I, 58, I40 Nelson, Beverly-58. Nelson Linda-62 I32. Mollo, Pally Jo-59, 64, II5. Mowrey, Marian-I40. Muchmore, Jo Allen-I49. Mullen, Jerry-63, I40. Muller, Charlie-48, 65, II5. Muller Paul-56, 72. Muller, Roberl-I49. Mullinax, P61-55, I40. Nevis, Clarice-44, 47, 57, II6 Newsom, George-72, II6. Newsom, Marlha-50, I32. Newsom, Mary-53, 54, 132. Nichol, Roberl-60, II6. Nichols, Jackie-I53. Nicholson, Irma-I40. Odell, Nancy-57, 68, II6. .... -r,,.o.'a.s-..6.... ,... ..',-... .,c...........a.4.h..c..,,c.r.s .. .-64.12. ' A Nicholson, Jack-l5, 44, 55, I I6. Nicholson, Lela Jane-I49. Nicholson, Mary Lou-52, l32. Nicholson, Virginia-58, l32. Nicholson, Wanda-I49. Noble, Pl-iyliss-II6. Noelzel, Nancy-II6. Noelzel, Winnie-59, I49. Noland, Viclor-4-I40. Jack-I49. Norris, Norris, Mary Joan-I49. Norris, Norris, Roberla-l I6. Rulh Ann-I49. Norris, Virginia-58, I40. Nollingham, Warren-I49. Nowlin, James-5l, II6. Nunley, Louis1l8, 50, 52, II6. Nyboer, Bill-I I6. Nyboer, Charles-87, I49. Nyboer, Tom-63, II6. Oakes, Barbara+42, 58, 62, I40. Oakes, Jerry-I32. Oberlies, l-lelen-I49. Oberlies, Mary Alice-I I6. O'Bryanl, Janel-l49, O'Conner, Audrey-I49. Odom, Bob-63, I32. Odell, Evelyn-l32. Odell, J66ke66, 69, 72, I32. O'dell, Monle-I49. Ogden, Edgar-65, II6. Ogden, David-I49. Ogle, Kennelh-l53. Oldham, Douglas-50, II6. Olive, Helen-58. Olliye, Janell-I49. Olvey, Jacqueline-I40. O'NeiIl, Jo Ann-l32. O'Neill, Virginia--I40. 4 Bob-5, l32. Onsloll, O'Roark, Pal--56, 78, 85, I32. Osborne. Osborne, Osborne, Carl-I49. Doris-I I7. Virginia-I40. Ollo, Marlha--I32. Owen, Melva-I49. Owens, Johnnie-l49, Painler, Bob-46, I49. Painler, Carolyn-50, I32. Pakes, Sleve-54, l53. Palmer, Jane Ann-57, II7. Palmer, Jeannie-57, II7. Palmer, Phyliss-5l, II7. Pancol, Gus-I8, 47, 50, 56, I32. Pancol, Marguerila-I49. Paramore Lois-42, 58, 67, I32. Pardue, Claude-I32A Park, Roberl-I40. Parks, Charles--II7. 1 Parks, Lulu-I I7. Parry, Phyliss-44, 57, 93, II7. Parllow, Roberl-I53. Paschol, Mary-68, I40. Pasley, Delores-I I7, Pallerson, Bill--I32, Pallon, Kalhryn-I I7. Pavey, Carl-l53. Pavey, Dorolhy-45, 58, 59, I32. Pavey, Marlha-55, 58, I4I. Velma-I49. Payne, Paynler, Bob-I I7. Paylon, Oppie-l5O. Pearly, Belly Jane-58, l32. Pearson, Carol-I I7. Peck, Richard+l9, 48, 56, 65, 82, 83, II7. Penry Sally-68, II7. Perkins, Carl-I4l Perry, Beverly--5l, 68. Perry, Paula-I32. Perry, Virgil-I53. Pershing, Tom-60, II7. Pelerson, Richard-I32. ,asL31z..asg2...Lc2c,-. .sw ....:. J..1,.s....:... 4 O.. 94, Pelerson, Roy- I 53. Pelry, Jim--I 53. Pelllgrew, Marilyn-55, 58, l32. Pelligrew, Marilyn- 55, 58, I32. Pelligrew, Nelda-l4l. Pelligrew-V V.-46, 64, 68, II7. Phelps, Bob-I32. Phelps, Frank-I8, 50, 56, 6I, 65 l32. Phillipe, Donald-54, I53. Phillips, Barbara--45, 57, II8. Phillips, Ja Phillips Je Phillips: ck-56, 65, 72, 75, l32. rry-7l, l5O. Pal-I50. Pickering, Geneva-5l, l32. Pickering, Judy-50, II8. - Pierce, Marian-5l, l32. Pike, Monna Rulh-42, 44, 57, II8. Pilser, James-I5O. Pilser, Lowell-84, 87, l5O. Pillinger, Priscilla-44, 57, II8. Pills, Belly-55, l4I. Pills, Jean-I53. Pillser James-I4I. Pillser, Viola-I I8. Pillslord, Kennelh-I33. Plesk, Janelle-58, I33. Plummer, Paul-I53. Plummer, Ronnie-68, I33. Poer, Dodie-l5O. Pollenbarger, Joan-l4l. Poole, Poole, Roberl--I 54. Edwin-I 50. Poole, Irene-59, I 50. Poole, Leila-52, II8. Poor, Belly Jean-II8. . Poor, Belly Ann-I5, I8, 40, 44, 50, 52, 57, 94, II8. Poor, Marlha-I5O. Poor, Pally-I I8 Poore, Jimmy-l53. Poore, Joann-24, 57, 58, 62, 67, I28, I33 P66r6, Kenl-46, 78, 84, 87, 150. I Pope, Sue-62, I33. . , Porges, Beverlv759, l5O. I Porler, Bob-72, 75, I33. I Porler, Dale-I5O. I Powless, laura-44, 50, II8. , Pralher, Ralph-I I8. 70, Preslon, Judilh7l5O Price, Juanila-I53. i Price, Roberl-78, I33. Price, Sam-I33. Priesl, Sue-68, l5O. Priser, Jane-57, II8. Pruill, Roberla-5l. Pucilowski, Richard-I I8. Pugh, Max-54, 56, II8. Purkey, Bob-87, l50. Purkey, Dallas-87, I5O. Pursley, Donna-I4I Oualls, Evelyn-ISO. Oualls, Kennelh-I33. Ouear, Marvin-I33. Quick, Rosemary-50, 52, 54, II8. Quinn, Roberl-60, 66, 67, 94-,' I I9. Rahbek, Rosemary--I5O. Rainer, Don-l5O Rains, Gene-l5O. Rambo, Jim-73. 80, Randall, Norma-I33. Randle, Ollis-5l, 85. Raper, Raymond-85, II9. Raper, Richard-I54. Ralz, Virginia-l5O. Ralz, Wilma-I33. Ray, Marilyn-5I, I4l. Raymond, June-l5O. Reasner, Pal-I5O- Reclor, Bob-78, 84. Reclor, George-I50. Reddick, Marilyn-l4l. Reddy, Barbara-I5U. Redick, Barbara-ISO. ...J . -ss. ... - . .. . . .uiu Sh , , 133 7 7' 77 7 7 7 .7 7 v.Rediclc, Palsy-150. - - Redman, Donna-150. Reed, Jomes C.-119. Reed, James R.-63, 119A Reed, Kennelh-153. Reeder, Dorolhy-46, 51, 150. Reel, Slanley-150. Reese, Eva-141. Rossrn, JaniCe444, 47, 58, 62, 133.' Roudebush, JaneT-62, 133. Rouse l3e1Tyf14'1. Rcusey, Bob--15, 19, 78, 80, 81 82, 83, 133. Rousey, Laura-154. Roush, Barbara159, 150. Reese, Ray-84, 133. Reeves, Mary-150. Reeves, Pal-60, 133. Rehm, Ronnie-56, 59 119. Relliord, Audrey-141, Reminglon, Gerald-141. Reniorfh, Jane-58, 141. Ress, Nancy-141. Reveal, Lorella-153. Reveal, Mary-141. Reynolds, Marilyn-119. Rhea, Kennelh-150. Rhoads, Bill-56, 133. Rhoads, ..1ac1c-133. R11oades,A1ice-53, 54, 58, 133. Rhoades, Johnnie-150 Rhoades, Roberfa-16, 57, 62, oi' 119. Rice, Rex-150. Richard, Mary-47, 51, 58, 141. Richards, Howard-56. Richards, Roberl-65, 78, 85, 133. Richards, Ru by-1 50. Richardson, Char1eS+l50. Richardson, Donald-56, 119. Richardson, Donald-150. Richardson, Georgiana-44, 50, 55,'57, 61, 119, Richardson, Joyce-150. Richardson, Tom-150. Richardson, Wil1iam-154.- Richey, Peggy-44, 119. Richwine, Ken1'14l. Rickard, Bill-141. Rickard, 1.ou Ann-141. Riclcer, James 68, 150. Rilille, Frances-51, 133 Rigdan, Marie-141. Riggans, Ronald-133. Riggle, Sonny-55, 141. Riggs, Gene-150. Riggs, James-119 Riggs, Janei--51, 141 Riggs, Robert-54' 141. Riggs. Riley, Lois-150. Riley, Thomas-1507 Ripple, Gracie--15, 45, 55, 57 59, 61, 94, 120. Ri'r1er, Suzy-58, 62, 133. Wayne-4-8, 119. Rout, Glen-50, 52, 133. Rowe, Jim-150. Rozelle, Lauralef42, 45, 51, 58, 141 Rumler, Merrill-120.- Rumler, Merriff-120. Rum1er, Phyllis-150. Runyan, Rushlon, Page 68. George-73, 141 Barbara-154. Russel, 1-loward-150. Russell, Darrell-141. Robbins, Robbins, Barbara-141. Robbins, Gilberi-154. Robbins, LeonW120. - Robbins, I S1 ,. Ryan, Delores- 13, 42, 43, 44, 57, 62, 67 69 95, 120 Ryan, PaT--12, 18, 50, 56, 78, 133. Sa1'1ord, Janicee-59, 150. Salafin, Sarah-120. Selin, William-49, 141. Salyers, Judy-46, 58, 59, 141. Samuels, Jack-56, 78, 120. Sanders, Bob-15, 49, 78, 83, 141 Sanders, Rowena-68, 120. Saunders, Joyce-141 Saunders, Pal-46, 150. Sargent Marie-150. Savage, Don487, 150. Savage, Jim-141. Savage, Joe-51, 141. Scharnowske, Joan-54, 141. Marie-47, 54, 133. Sicheel, Joan Schell, William-121. Schic-lc Sara Ann-55, 121. Schiepp, 'Don--84, 150. Schieve, Hewa-25, 44, 50,68 133. Schieve Jack-44, 133 Sichildemier, Gwendolyn-150. Schildmier, Lois 58, 133. Schlabach, Belly Jo-121. Schlabach, Duane-63, 141. Schleuslcer, Gerald-141. Schlossberg, Alan-55, 60, Schmidl, Clyde-84, 87, 150, Schmidt, Jack--150. Schmink Bonnie-150. Schminlc, James--78, 141. Schneider. Bill-141 Schneider, Mary Belh-46, 50, 57 62, 73, 121. Schock, Elaine-59, 150. Schoonover, Marvenia-9, 42, 43 58 77 133. 121. Schuyler, Dan-19, 56, 81, 82 133 iaulr lvlelvinl-56 . Shaw, Billie Joe-154. Shaw, Maurice-56, 121. Sheasley, Ardeen-51, 56, 141. Sheasley, Dawn-61, 62, 121. Sheeman, Norman-141. Sheels, Bob-56, 141 Sheels, Roberf-121. Shelburn, Ralph-64. Shelby, Don-150. Shelfon, Barbarallen-133. She1'1'on, Jim-150. Shephard, George--150. Shepherd, Doris-150. Shepherd, Lois-58, 133. Sherman, Joan-59, 150. Shellle, John-141. Sheward, Marvin-141 Sheward, Orville-141. Shingledeclcer, Grace-64, 141. Shinn, Darleen-57, 66, 121. Shinn, Janef-59, 151, Shirlc, James-64. Shively, Jim-63, 133. Shively, Marfha-141. Shively, Anila-150. Sihorl, Virginia-44, 58, 67, 68, 133. Shoulis, Phyllis-51, 58, 141. Shroul, Gloria-121 Shroul, Phyllis-154. Shuclc, lvlary-151. Shullz, Charles-63, 133. Shullz, Richard-45, 55, 61, 141. Sihuman, Norman-68. Sibery, Jo ce-47, 51, 58, 59, 133. Sibery, Neil-151. Siemer, Jean-58, 133. Siemer, Shirley, 57, 121. Silar, Willie Dulce-87, 151. Simmerman, Bob 151 Simmonds, Donald-56, 121. Simmonds, Phyllis-141. Simons, Donald-121. Simpson, Befly--58, 141. Sipe, Donald-151. Sipes, Joyce-133. Snowden Jim-78 87 151. Soales, Frances-141. Solcol, Richard-151. Somers, Carolyn-151. Songer, Paul-63, 133. Soulhers, Jackie-59, 151. Soverns, Roberl-142. Soverns, Wayne-122. Sowash, Dick-151. Spall, Ellen-41, 42, 43, 47, 52 58, 62, 128, 133. Spangler, Crysial-142. Spangler, Donna-50, 52, 55, 58 142. Spangler, Geraldine-27, 122. Spangler, Ross-l4'2. Spaulding, Russell-142. Spearman, Jaclc-78, 144, 151. Speedy, George-154. Speedy, Roberi-123. Spegal, Don-142. Speidy, Naomi--1:1-2. Spence, John-44,. 133. Spencer, Carolyn-154. Spicer, Beverly-45, 58, 62, 142. Sprague, Angela-154. Sprague, Charlolie-59, 60, 151. Slaggs, Don-42, 151. Siaggs, Palsie-42, 43, 44, 57, 62 Sisson, Don-56, 65, 72, 74, 133 Sizelove, Joan-151. Skaggs, ,Paul-133. ' Slciles, Pa1ricia444, 57, 122. Slcinner, Glen-85 Sloan, Bob-54, 151. Sloan, Don-54, 133. Smear, 1-lelen--122. 77, 123. Sianley, Aloma-46, 58, 142. Slanley, Deloris-133. Slanley, Diclc-123. Slanley, Donna-151. Slanley, Joan-151. S1'an1ey, Max-84, 87, 151. Slanley, Virginia-151. Slansberry, Nancy-59, 151. Slansbe Slappn, rry, Pal-58, 133. Mila-133. Sla rr, Marjorie-154. S'+arre+1, Delare-151. Slayion, John-15, 44, 65, 78, 79 83, 85, 133. Sfearns Diane-46, 59, 151. S+i1liler, Bernice-154. Sleirwall, Jackie-159, 142. Slephen, Carolyn-151. Slephens, Gerald-151. Slephens, Jim-151. Slephens, Roberl'-151. Slephenson, Dianne-154. Siepler, Roberl-87. Sfern, Margarel Ann-68, 133. Marlene-154. Phyll 150 Roberts, Ann-46. 135, 141. Larry-150. Lee-150k Nancy-58, 141. Roberls, Roberls, Roberls, Robers1on,John-51 141. Robey, Bernice-64, 133. Robinson, Bill-141. Eugene-141. Robinson, Robinson, James-120. Robinson, Joyce?-135 Robinson.. Mildred-120. Norman-150 Ralph--141. 141. -f ' Robinson, Robinson, Roby, l3eTTy-150. Robinson, Richaro41o1.'. Roby, William-12C Roland, Jim-'51 61, 61, 133. Roland, RusseiQ72, 120. Rolls, Carolyn-57 62, Romine, Carolyn-141 Roney, Virginia-54, 120. Rose, Jerry-150. Ross, ldamay-120. 120. xsi:..,..,,.. . .fda Schuyler, Danny--150. S1erre+, Elsie Ann-151. S'1evens, Don-46, 87, 151. Slevens, 1-lelen-44, 47, 58, 133. Sleward, James-133. Sieward, Julia Ann-151 Sfewarl, Don-60, 90, 123. ' S1ewar1', James-6, 44, 78, 85 133. SCTIUVIEI' lerry-18, 41, 46, 50 121 Scoif, Gerry-58, 87, 141. Scoil, Joy--55, 57, 121. Scotl, Marlene-68, 141. ScoT1, Martha Jane-45, 62. 141. - 51. Scoff, Ma ry Eliza berfh-I 54 Sco+T Monna-50 133. 'Sea-1, Rcberia-1 501 Sears, Jeaneanne-141. Sogner, John-154. Sellers, Boba-150. Sellars, Joan-58, 62, 141. Selly, Joseph-133. Senseney, Bob-150 Seward, Bob-63, 150. Sexron, Kay-59, 150. Seyberi' Carolyn-150, Se-yberf, Delores-58, 133. Se-ybert, 1-lallord-56, 133. Shamclin, Jack-133. Srigul, lluulive-151-1. Smilh, Beily-52. Smilh Brice-78, 141. Smifh, Carolyn-55, sis, 141. Simill-1 Cliiiord-151. Smilh Donald-141. Smilh, El1en+l22. Smilh, Franlc-53, 54, 65, 78, 79, 84, 85, 122. Smilh, Geneva-151 Smilh 1-lerman-122. Smilh 1-lerschel-122. Sfieber, Kempy-84, 151. Slilson, S'a1ly-9, 42, 43, 47, 58 62, 142. Slinson, Belly-47, 55, 123. Slinson, Roberl-123. Slinson, Virginia-142. Similrh Jaclc-141. Smilh, ,Jacqueline---53, 54, 122 Smilh, Jacqueline-51, 141. Slmilh Jerry-151. Smiih, John-122. Smi1h,John-141. Smi'rhYLaVurabe11e-i14L. Y ,, Smih, l.elah-58, 60, 141. Smilh Mildred-151 Smilh Norman-141. Smifh Richard-133. Smilh, Roberf-67, 122. Smilh, Russell-15, 19, 65, 78, 80, 81, 82, 83, 85. Smilh, Sharen-58, 133. Smiih 'l'edf122. Smiih, Wade-56, 141. S'mi11'1, Smilh, Wanda-122. Wanda-51, 141. Snider, Audrey-122. Snowden, Jaclc-o0, 122' Stiilw, Anna-151. Slill, Melvin--54, 154. Sfohler, Doris--50, 55, 133. Si1o11le1:,JoanueTl23. - - - S+ohler, Roberl-49, 53, 54, 142. Slone, Deloris--133. Stone, Susanne-44, 47, 57, 58 133. Stoner, Bill-154. Sloner, Rally-51, 58, 142. Siookey, Jim-6, 9, 42, 43, 48, 66 123. Sroops, Joe-123. Sioops, Sue Ann-46, 142. Slorm, Eloise-142. Siolllemeyer, Barbara--68, Sioul, Charlolle--58, 133- Sioui, Duane-49, l4'2. 142. Slrobel, Roger-56 I42. Turney, Sloul, Perry-I5I. Slow, Dick-I5I. Slrader, Jim-42, I42. Sllrallon, l.ueIla-I53, Slrealy, Barbara-I54. Slrickler, Iris-68, I5I. Slrickler, Marlha-50, 68, I23. Slrock, Lou Ann-45, 58, I42. Slroud, Louise-45, 55, 58, I42. Sluarl, Jacqueline-I5I. Slurgon, Edward-I5I. Suchocki, Roberl-I42. Surber, Lois-I5I. Surlace, Belly-I5I. Surlace, Charles-I5l. Sullon, Doris-l23. Swain, James-I5I. Trick, Judy-59, l5l. Troup, George-I5I. Troxell, Earl-I5I. Waymire, Marylou-I42. Wean, Jack-I25. Wean, Mariorie-I34. Wealherly, Mary Jane-I42. Wiliamson, Louis-I52. Wiliamson, Nancy-58, I42. Willson, Belly-I52. Willoughby, Bob-I34. True, Jack-64, 84, I54. Tudor, Gennie Lee-59, I5I. Tumully, Bob-I34. Turner, Bill-I34. Turner, Donald-I 24. Webber, Webber, Donald-I 34. Joan-I54. Webber, Marvin-I52. Webber, Rolland-I42. Websler, Belly-I34. Turner, Ernesl-56, I24. Turner, Evalee-I34. Turner, Jean-I24. Turner, J'oyce-I24. Turner,Ray-I42. Eugene-I5I. Websler, Belly J.-46, I34. Websler. Richard-60, 90, I25. Weed, Chesler-44, 4'8, l26. Weighouse, Gene-I34. Wellons, Juanila-64, I42. I26. Wesl, Bob-7l, 78, I52. Swallows, Monnie-l5l. Swango, Arnold-I5I. Swango, Marlslon-I54. Swank, Sally-44, 46, ss. I23. Swarl, Marilyn-42, 44, 55, 57, I23 Swarl, Ifledra-42, 50, 5l, 55, 58, . 62, I4'2. Sweeny, Naomi Rulh-50, 68, l23. Tyree, Charles-48, 65, 67, 72, -74, Ulery, Jane-57, I24. Ulley, Pal-46, 55, 58, I42. Ullerback, Allen-I34. Ullerback, June-59, l5I. Ullerback, Roberl-53, 54, I24. Vainer, John-I5I. Vanarsdall, David-47, 85, I5I. Vanarsdall, Diane-44, 47, I24'. VanCamp, Carolyn-57, 58, I34. VanCamp, Roll-56, I42. VanCamp, Slanley-84, I5I. Vance, Belly Sue-59, I5I. Wellons, Pal-46, I 34. Wells, Carolyn-I52. Wells, Clara-68, I52. Wells, Claude-I34. Wells, Donald-I54. Sweigarl, Janel-46, I5I. Swigarl, Pal-58, I42. Swinlord, Jackie-55, 58, I42. Silvinlord, Marvin-I42. Sylvesler, Roberl-56, 60, I23. Talleyg Belly Ann-I23. Tanner, James-87, I5I. Taylor Bob-9, 78, I33. Taylor, Carl--I5l TayIor,Charles-I42. Taylor Doris-5l, I42. Taylor Frank-I5I. Taylor Jack-I42. Taylor Joan-I24. Taylor, Lola-I5 I. Taylor Taylor Taylofii Lou-58, I33. Paul-I33. Sheila-45, 58, 59, I42. Teelers, Jim--I5I. Terhune, Carolyn-58, I24 1 VanDaIsen, Fred--I34. Va nderg rill, Jim-I 54. Vandergrill, Richard-I25. Vanderhool, Mary-58, I42. Wells, Florence-I34. Wells, Kalhryn-45, 46, 58, 67, I26, Wells, Mary Lou-44, 50, 58, I34. Wendling, Edd-I42. Wenlz, Mariorie-55, 57, I26. Werlz, James-I6, 44, 55, 64, 68 Wesl, Doris-58, 6l, I34. Wesl, Janel--57, 6l, I26. Wills, Jerry-48, I42. Wilson, Belly-62, I42. Wilson, Bob-72, I34. Wilson, De Leon-I6, I8, 50, 53 54, 60, 85, I34. Wilson, Don-84. I34. Wilson, Donna-24, 42, 58, 62, I52 Wilson, Dorolhy-I52. Wilson, Gene--48, 56, 65, 78 79 85, I27. Wilson, Gene Paul-I9, 8I, 82 83, 85. Wilson, Howard-I43. Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, I43 Wilson, Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Windso 'rl Bob-I8 50 5I 56 James-I52. , Jane-50, 57, 6l, 62, I27 Lorraine-58, I34. Mae Bell-I52. Mary-I54. ' , Mary Ann-55, 58, 62 Nancy-I43. 4 omi-57 . R h- 7 Ramona I27 Wa ace 52 r Prudence 54 64 I I34 Weslon, John-I42. Weslon, Nela-I52. Wheeler, Dorolhy-5l, 68, I42 Whippo, Palricia-68, I 34. W'se Charles-5I 67 4 Wise Jeanine-57 7 Wiseman Richard-I 52 Van Duyn, Marilyn-58, I42. Van I'Iuss, Donna-57, I25. Van I-Iuss, Joyce-46, 5l, 57, 58 I34. g Van Malre, Pearl-58, I34. Van Van Malre, Roberlina-I5I. Whisler, Suzelle-44, 57, I26. Wiseman, Sally-57, I27 Wis on Vera-I43 W'sner D'ck-56 I27 Woliord Charlie Van Van Van Malre, John-I25. Naller, Eleanor-I25. Osdal, Ben-60. Winkle, Joann-46, 57, I25 Van Zanl, Marilyn-44, 50, 52, 55 I25. Varner, Bill-I34. Varner, Vaughn, Vaughn, Carol-55, I5I. Doris-I34. I-Iarlan-I52. Whillier, Dorolhy-58,' 68, I42. Terhune, Carolyn-I35, I42. Thiel, Nancy Jo-47, 58, 62, I42. Thomas, Barbara-5l, 57, 58, I33 Thomas, John-I42. Thomas, Wanda-I42. Thompson Bob-48, 67, 87, I33 I44. Thompson Barbara-I33. Thompson, Dick-87, I5I. Thompson, Doris-I5I. Thompson Jimmie-I24, Thompson June-I5l Vaughn, JIm-I52. Vaughn Veazey, Donald-I25. Venlers, Ca rolyn- I 54. , Joyce-5l, 68, I42. While, David-45, 49, I42. While, Gene-I26. . While, Jack-I52. While, Mary-I52. While, Noble-65, I34. Whilehead, Belly-5I. Whilehead. Joe-I42. Whilehead, Ronnie-73. Whilenger, Norma-I26. Whi+Iock, Mary-l26. Whillaker, Diane-44, 57, 62, 66 67, I24. Whillaker, George-I35, I42. Whillaker, Rosemary-I52. Whillier, Donna-58, I34. Woll, Mary Alice-42, 58 Wolle Charlene-57 I27 Wo e Diane-I43 Wolll Ronald-I52 Wolgamolh, Jack-I4-3 Wood Bob-56 78 I34 Wood Charles-I52 Wood George-I43 Wocdall Ann Vermillion, Beverly-68, I34. Vermillion, Bob-44, 72, I34. Vermillion, Byron-I6, I7, 47, 64, 66, I25. Vermillion, Twilla-I52. Vess, Bill-84, I52. Vesl, Richard-I52. Wainscoll, Belly-55, I42. Thornberry, Jerry-58, 62, 67, 69 I33. Thrush, Carol-I5I. Thrush, Ed-I33. Thurman, Rosella-5I. Tinder, Jeanne-58, I33. Tilley, Virginia-44, 55, I24. Wailman, Madonna-I25. Walker, Allen-44,,6O, I25. Walker, Burnice-I52. Walker, Dick-I5, I9, 42, 56. 72, 75, 8I, 82, 83, I34. Walker, Donald-5l, 'I34.' Walker, Glendora-46, 59, I52. Walker, Marybelle-52, I25. Wallace Jo ce 52 l42 Widdilield, Ba rbara-58, I 34. Wiese, Bonnie-I52. Wiese, Paul-I42. Wiggins, Bonnie-58, I42. Wigner, Don-I34. Wikle, Barbara--5I, 53, I26. Wilke, Charlolle-54, I42. Wilbur, Ronald-I26. Wilder, William-I7, 44, 47, 52, 6l, 66, 93, 94, I26. Wiley, Diane-55, 58, I42. Wiley, Ernesl-I8, 47, 50, 53, 68. 77. I26. Wiley. Thomas-I26. Wilhile, Nanci-57, I26. Wilhoile, Bonnie-I 52. Tillie, Dennis-87, I5I. Todd, Foresl--I34. Todd, Janice-5l, l42. Todd, Joann-I34. Todd, Todd, Laura May-I 54 Norman-I5I.' Warmke, Tompkins, Delmar-53, 54, I42. Tooley, Norma-I5I. Toops, Darrell-56, 60, I24. Toops, Norma-I5I. ' Towne, John-42, 43, 48, I24. Toye, Helen-I5I. - Tracy, Barbara-44, I34. I Y 1 I ' Wallace, Judilh Ann-58, I42. Wallace, Rolind-I4'2. Wallon, Keilh-I52. Ward, Bob-I34. Ward, Jack-l42. Ward, Ray-I9, 48, 56, 65, 80, 82, 85, I25. Ware, Belly-I52. Ware, Palricia--I42. Warmke, Clarence-I25. Vllorvirli Worley D vId 43 I Vlfrif-hl r-nnie Wrighl D na d 5I Wrighl Fannie 43 Wrighl G ne 54 60 27 Wrighl J n 4 Wrighl Kal erine I52 Wrighl Kennelh I34 Wrighl MBUFIC9 60 I34 Wrighl o aIe 55 59 Wrighl Tom-44 53 60 I34 Wrigley Tom-40 56 I27 Wyanl Fre 2 Yallaw Yor Darrell I34 r Joann-I3 42 Yor Kalhleen-57 I27 s Eddie-5I Young Ar ene 34 Young Er esl 60 4 Young E e yn 58 3 Young Lorella 55 I52 Young Rona d I54 Young 73 83 Young Yusl WI Iam 3 eorge I43 Gwendolyn- I 52. Walkins, Tracy, Lynn-54, l5I. Tranbarger, Roberl--48, 60, l24. Tribbell, Barbara-52, I42 Warren, Fred--I52. Bob-78. Wasson, Jeanne-I 52. Walkins, Bryce-I42. , G - . Zearbaugh, Barbara-I52 Zearbaugh, Beverly-I54 Ze rung, Jim-I43 Trick, Belva-58, I34. W,,,,amS Z,mme,ma,,, Mary-,52 nick, Beuy-fb, ss, I34. Trick, Duane-I5l. Trick, Janel-I5I. Alene-I54. Wilkens, Richard-84, I52. Wilkinson, Don-I42. Williams, Adelle-I54. Williams, Billie-65, 72, 75, Wiliams, Bob-84, 85, I42. Williams Charlene-I52. Williams Dan-I42. Williams David-I42. Williams, Flelcher-I34. Williams Jack-I34. Williams Jon-42, 43, 47, 49, 84, I35, I42. Williams Towell-54, 68, I52. Williams, Pal-I42. Williams, Roberl-I34. Williams, Ruby-I42. , Sue-57, I27. WIIIIS Zierer Sahra Ann 59 I52 Zimmerman, Eugene-I52 Walson, Walson, Barbara-I52. , Waugh, JudI+II-ss, I52., f' .v Williams, Tom-84, I52. , Williamson, Dick-I34. Zion, George-I54 Zirkelbach, Shirley-44, 57, I27 I Na , I27 , alp I2 . . ll -I . , - , , 43 WI , ,,,, 72, I , , , I3 . , , I2 . h , . I , I , . , -I52. . 68 Ii , . ,, P-I43. 'A Phillip-I52. Vlfwflrlf' Vnlliem-I27. , a ' -I . Vlfor cv, Perl-I52. , B, ' -I34. ' , o I - . , i -I . A , e - , , I . . oh -I3 . . Wrighl, June-I43. , h ' - . ' , R S I' - , , I52. , d-I5 . 1 . Bill-I34. k, -- . Yo k, . , 47, I27. k, , . 5 Yo l, , I34. f . I -I . , n - , I3 . I , v I - , I4 . lg , I - . 21 , Roy- , , 85. f , 'll' -I4 . , h . ' Zell, ' '-I43.

Suggestions in the Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) collection:

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