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k Q E 72 If 4' -W5 f , '7 I , ww M QF N WMM Q W , We, X XMB va 1? M1184 ff'- f JW 3 V W in , x N Q3 R -JJ f -X: i Ax J! ,LN X sf LJ 'T x . I' 1 i ,, VJNQ lib Q Ps K is Q' 5 . 4 x Q if , A ,Jo- , ,fi ' 4 ,V , Nq M 1 'fy ' 1' A M 1 x fr-7.2.1 S1 ff L ...,,,'A., . .gy ' X U 'slip f. . . X, 5 1 Jn' f , ' 1 . e M' 1 I, V- ,W 13.15 :bfi-,1??,J x 1 X Q 1, 1 ,, , i L 1 . V Rb R W7 X X iifxiff QW 'iiyeyf iff' , . AJ XY! K I ,C 'r Af j A Q5 54 1? 2 1 A C 1 1 t ' ', . , A I , V V N lk Q1 Y. K 2 gl '.. i , , 1. A... I , m I 'v , , r' if . 1 W 115 K 'fbi x 3 Q JY: ,Q , I I '4 ,N ,-. .--.f . .W , L04 C MXN, ,y K V . ,tgpfxr . , LL'-' ve' I ,., ,AEN 1 r , ' If 'if My '3? g . Iv fx . 4 ' 'ff pfif , ' ,YU l'f,f.-i J '1' rv ,iq ,141 , 'Z 1 yn 1 uf .gift 9, 'iff' '51, I Ji, -W ,., . 2'f f1,, I .- N ' 2 11 ' . t LR? ' ui -:QQ xg ' b , 1 pw uf-v Z.: fr iii if .UL f , ffm qi I xt- T if-..f'l? W. N J K QPR - f-0-57' ' if L A 45' N 6 EO A , , fm K' 1 L Rf Y Q 7719 X , , 2 ff .1 1, 'Le iq ' 1 i . - A x Z .wg 7 - I 1 'Y lim: ,I im 1 ,Q X-A TK 5 Q' 1 ' '- v 1 QN7 1 I 'WF 1 ,? Q'-,f W: h 'Q V H 'Lass NN.. Wg . W Hy S Yi! A I ' 5. X' ' - 1'-hi r. J .- , Mm. w . TJ . X 'a 'Tj X, ' . X 1:33 Xxx., . ,?,,,..f,x . - , !. . , ' ' A 'f ' A , . ,xg ' ' , - g ' .sg K' Q52 ,. K 'L , K HWS' - I 1 5 . Riff. 'X Y k it Q , X , K xt , 1 ,s V1 3 x , ' A -' K K ' FWZ M f, I 1' .Z . N X - . , .s -3 jr P fy- ,QB ' SHA M, ' V in '4 H rw-'U - ' .ifv T432 ig . , , 2 ' - . M x I , ,wig ' A 5,3-'N J' 1 A 'M ' 5' K 'X 5-'x JTN4: -25 ,ya . . , 23,4 f - .552 fig , . lffvsx ' ' V' 3 Vg- ff , , fr 4 , f, H K . MQ-,Q x,..4 ' -A , - .. , -4, as-r X Q . J . xqgqxv . C'-...f. i Ag , k , 4, X n-- 3 , 3 p Q , . U fi, +4 Af Nl 1 I A N-QE, .' 5 f ,KQQQ4 'I ,J I ' .-wylfx ,. ,nf 5 ' . h ' W, .42 K ' ' ' 1 pug X ! ' ' V . , 1 3g59j.f.-+3 , Y V V gs , ' F, . wXEii?7,4:Q 3 X ' fa' 4 x .f 1 rf. ,. fi ,ii'fL..,2 I -1 In -A '2 fyv i' 'l37. 'Y 'rL fi-W f-W'-Q?- Y' ' b, 4 4 .Cc .ff 3--ff' A 1 I I i I 5 L .f ' I J X X A 1 , . E , ! f L 5, ve135UA3' '- -f'W7..f.i A . ' x THE INDIAN ANDERSON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Anderson, Indiana, In June,194'l To EDITOR - IN - CHIEF . . Joycilie Pearson ASSISTANT EDITOR . . Bill Wilder LITERARY . . . Barbara I-Iaiaaf COVER AND ART WORK . . Marianna Moore PHOTOGRAPHT . . . . Jack OdeII PRINTING . High School PrIn+Ing Deparrmeni' K r r is r .. s t 1 r 2 x 3 5 QF 2 S e ,Q Q? 1 r 5 M Entering AHS with ca group of students and teachers is the Little Chie 1 1 mose purpose is expressed in the '47 Indian theme -- Just Reminiscin' 3 NOTHANKS,..IUST RsMlNlsc1N', THE LITTLE CHIEF SAID: NO INFORMATION NEEDED, AS HE SHOOK HIS FEATHER- ED HEAD. THIS LITTLE FIGURE REPRESENTS YOU, A STUDENT OF AHS AS YOU LOOK BACK :OVER THE SCHOOL YEAR. SO GARB YOURSELF IN THAT BRIGHTLY-COLORED SUIT AND HEAD- DRESS, GRAB YOUR LITTLE HATCHET. AND REMINISCE WITH ME. ' REMEMBER ALL THE CLUBS YOU BELONGED TO, THE DANCES AND CONVOS YOU ENJOYED, AND THE GAMES YOU SAW OR PLAYED IN. WANDER DOWN THE FRONT HALL AND VIEW THOSE TROPHIES AND PICTURES OF OUR CHAMPIONS. AND WHEN YOU WANDER PAST ROOM 209. DROP IN AND SEE HOW THE ANNUAL IS COMING ALONG. YOU'LL SEE FAMILIAR PICTURES BEING MOUNTED ON PIECES OF CARDBOARD, AND YOU'D BETTER WATCH OUT OR YOU MIGHT GET STUCK WITH RUBBER CEMENT. YOU'LL SEE THE LAYOUTS IN THE DUMMY, AND IF YOU BEG HARD ENOUGH. MAYBE YOU CAN SNEAK A PREVIEW OF THE ATHLETIC SECTION. YOU'LL GET KNOCKED DOWN BY FRANTIC STAFF MEMBERS OR CAUGHT IN THE DAILY BARRAGE OF SANDWICH WRAPPERS TO THE WASTE BASKET. YOU CAN PEEK OVER MY SHOULDER AND WATCH PROBLEMS BEING SOLVED WITH THE HELP OF OUR ADVIS- ERS. IN FACT, YOU CAN FIND MANY ADVENTURES IN THAT ONE ROOM. I HOPE YOU LIKE THE FINISHED PRODUCT OF OUR WORK. THE STAFF HAS ENJOYED MAKING THIS MEMORY BOOK FOR YOU: IT'S BEEN LOTS OF FUN. SO NOW SETTLE BACK. TURN THE NEXT PAGE- AND JOIN ME IN JUST REMINIS- CIN'. I JOYCILIE PEARSON I EDITOR-IN-CHIEF C i cl S S r 0 0 m S piclrures and garheririg ciassrooms clara. rhe iirsr yearbook secriori was prepared. Escaping ihe eyes of rhe AHS srudenis, Now Thar you have been informed of his l.iHie Chief visireol ihe various oiepari- visii, he would like 'ro coriciuci you on Jrhe menis and classrooms. From his snapping same iour via pages IO To 23. ATHLETICS The Lillle Chief was kepl in a whirl +ry- a flop. He was There and saw 'rhe enioy- ing 'ro allend all 'rhe loolball- baslcelball. menl everyone received from Them. S0 baseball, and 'rraclc evenls. Bul' wllhoul' now lhey are recorded on The pages 52 lhem, his Tour would delinllely have been lo 75 lo be enioyed all over again. HIGHLIGHTS By special evenls and aclivilies are mosl high school years maole memorable. Con- vocalions, olances' afhlelios, visilors, and holidays all mark lhe highlighls ol lhe year. To recaplure a glimpse of lhe pasl year's lighls , leasl your eyes on The seclion conlained belween pages 76-96. The re- sulls are guaranleecl lo bring back a feel- ing ol regrel lhal one more year has gone. 22 672417125-'P-N?3X f fi fx? J 9 ? 5 yL in 3 WQ1. I 0 Board of EducaTion-G. M. Rogers, Noland WrighT, Townsend AlbrighT. A. R. Chadd, Fousf Childers, Moifirli M hl-lpp'qATh Bk rss or u n o ner, rs. Qara o IH . A body The sTudenTs hardly ever see or associaTe direcTly wiTh The school is The Board oT EducaTion. Though They worlc away Trorn The acTual hub-hub oT school aTTairs, Their eTTorTs are wiTnessed Through school improvemenT and supervision oT all local schools. Their eTTorTs are many and deserve The appreciaTion oT all. mari. For The TourTh consecuTive year' Archie Chadd has served as The SuperinTendenT oT Anderson Schools- By holding This posi- Tion, he is responsible Tor mainTenance OT school properTy. Tor purchasing all neces- sary supplies and equipment and helping all Teachers wiTh Their proTessional prob- lems connecTed wiTh school duTies. SuperinTenclenT A, R. Chadd The announcemenTs are ready Tor you aT This Time. These are The words heard every morning by mosT oT The sTudenTs oT AHS. This phrase is delivered by our prin- cipal and adminisTraTor, STanley PorTer, who, in addiTion To being a capable man- ager oT his Tremendous responsibiliTies, acTs as an eTTicienT organizer beTween The sTudenTs and TaculTy, molding Them inTo a more co-operaTive and eTTicienT organizaTion in order To promoTe a beTTer undersTanding beTween The Two- When someone wanTs To see heri who is The lady who is never available because oT The long line oT girls aT her door? Why, Miss Mignon Anderson! The dean oT girls is undoubTly one oT The busiesT persons in Al-IS, buT she always seems To Tind Time To Talce inTeresT in each and every girl. This year The boys oT Al-TS have seen a now man in The dean's chair, lvlr. l-loward ArmsTrong. l'le says ThaT The Two main pur- poses oT a dean are To keep aTTendance records and adminisTer discipline. IT is easy To undersTand The large amounT oT Time and worlc These Two duTies demand. I3 Dean of Girls iss ignon n erso Dean of Boys Office Force Mrs. Marlorle Aushn Miss Thelma Byrurn Miss Berry Sizelove One oi ihe busiesl 'iobs of any AHS 'Teacher is Thai oi Mrs. Mariorie Ausiin, school regisrrar. Aided by srudenr assis- ranis, she records grades, manages lhe principal's office, and periorms The duries of secrelary lo Principal Slanley Porler. Added io ihis crowded schedule is rhe sizable raslf of planning programs lor app- roximaiely 2500 slrudenis. To accommodare approximalely 2500 siudenrs wiih lheir research and reference work is a huge underlaking for any one person. Bur Miss Bess Day, head librarian, has made a success oi ihis, her iob. She has The help oi sludenr and reacher assis- lanls each day, and all siudenis have greaily beneiiiled by Jrheir consiani eiiorrs. H453 srudenls absenl. Slreprococcus epidemic rages. This was iusr one of numerous emergencies encouniered by our new school nurse and her assisranis during lhis school year. Mrs. Marshall has reporled cases ranging from scraiches and splinlers io brolzen arms and legs. Orchids lo rhis new addilion lo our old Alma Maier. Librarian Nurse COURSES Rich man, poor man', beggar man, fhief, docfor, lawyer, Indian Chief. These aren'f fhe acfual choices every prospecfive Al-lS sfudenf is confronfed wifh, buf -fhey are as varied and exfensive as fhe courses fhaf are offered. The sfudenf planning fo receive a cornplefe high school educafion here may suif his own ambifions, abilifies and inferesfs by selecfing fhe one course of seven offered fhaf allows him fo do fhis fo fhe fullesf exfenf. Many high schools give fheir sfudenfs some kind of choice. buf few exfend as many as seven courses. These seven are: General, College Pre parafory, Vocafional Home Economics, Vocafional Agriculfure, Technical, and Pre-Apprenfice. The sfudenf is given his choice while he is yef in fhe eigfh grade. The school regisfrar and some assisfanfs find fhese eighfh grade visifafions one of fheir yearly may be changed, fhough if is con- sidered besf fo sficln fo fhe original 4,5 plan of sfudy. lvlosf of The courses ,ig can be complefed under a cerfain 6' G' number of credifs, allowing fhe sfu- 4,539 A denf fo sfudy subiecfs oufside his 4' 'S o course. if 03? There is no doubf fhaf many who 4' by 0- BQ lpave com lef d ' lhi hs hool 953' A is p e a specia g c , .5 .5-945 course have found if a greaf assef in 55,95 Q-'zgixg obfaining a posifion in 445 60 TQ? lheir chosen is 3' .?p.,,,, field. 5 3 C D Q '4 '9 'Q xi P S 4? 90 as 'Ono S' my 9 cb ii s N ,Q s Q is 4.4130 4-Na, X -' -Q 'X 10455 Y' 5-4's4?,4A0 4 5' Sig, 64.-gee. 'lst angles 95.123 6 39 4 iq' Qsobliifgi' s N 'fi' 6' ' 1. -. 3 xi 9 Ns ' ON' Qt . C- J!! NN fzvo ciao? bs, A O ,v .' I A s B !. 'Nq 896 6. Cr dufies in which fheir help is given fo ap- oo G Qtiifzfeig proximafely 600 sfudonfs. While scanning S s9f5f,4',.-g,' J its fheir curriculm sheefs, hundreds of sfu- 40 .-Q SZ? 'xx 0 denfs. unknowingly. acfually selecf fheir gre' 6.,ki4i?-,.-QQQ ff, life's vocafion7 for fhis is fheir firsf major . Q?-z7ef7v'4 9.95 . . . 'g Q GQ 4gfSt:F C' ,. choice in a series fo confronf fhem. All Q N Que gage? sv .-4-o'?9.,.--5-' fhis does nof mean fhaf a sfudenf cannof .95 'xx 536349 change his mind abouf fhe course he 499 SP. Q,5q,7NQQP'f. ff - . ' N .- wishes fo pursue. Affer much considera- Q0 tjiffgbganb 61-..ff..4 fion and debafe, subecfs and courses Q Q 9 o .-X' 9113. 4d s'. . wb.- ' l X Y' x . 67' Q- - Q 4 I QXGO . 4.5 -,.-ssc ,S N Ns!-V .1 sbs' Q4 334 ,Q Q- 4' O.. 4419.49 , Ps ' Q' , M 64.5 Q .-mics , NN QQ93, , Q -S bbc ygxbffbs ,f,.. 6 .wav sq x 5 ,- ,- ,.-S 1- L, .5 9 QQPQ: 'A 9.6 .- .. 1. 99 wwe' 0 V943 4134. QQXPSK' xv 1' 4f',71'CS-oe Y'-S ' 1 ,. 5 'T N 0 NS: 191410 0',.--'6'o',.ffr 'N 'iii Qui TS as Gb S 00 - -' NN X .TN Q5 Q' 'if 4' .--'C' .f .sf C' . ...sf:.b.iw1- --i- T q 0 X. 'few X 0 0. ' 9 x x ' Q 9 -- Q TNT' TY345 'fe 'fb sis fs, Cf S116 00 '-'Y' N s'J sf -'Goes' cg- ,.-S-Si N., N JZ,-' ,pci-'gzffqs S 5 Q QJQPQN, f TN Q' '64-eQ'z'6N4 y 4' sins 9 WG- Q i5 Q f 6' ioidi A' 'N' Us-ek .--' if 1-'ii '?e + w s Nqfcvelsbs' 0 68 5 'QQ 3923-'Z'-go' ,QQ W0 Q 1.9 s e s N X Q 0 Q- Q . os 4,6 ,. .N Q ci +'.1i, .gy y 5 ,sfqqs of Q ff, 'S has Nw .Ng . A 4 N-Pb, A Q 5 fgiltv +'wg:,5' do s 5. fgqiwsa' av Q, 0 f..-:,?gjJ I 6 de?4SeEg4i C- dpkg 60 'Zi' Qi, NSE., 3' ' 4 0 f,. ..- 0 V Wx- iN N 4' I 5v v 'R J' 54355 QC? ss 55V 006200 iigxqs .NN 54357 Q oo ..., . .... 3 :YQ sta' I, N Q9 ox. 0 Q Sgbbqpsqex .Pa ff' .sv cf N' 'S 'gf' x if P9 524.1 S50 N F 'G fkv Q ii s4f 'f315i'f:.3,,? rio' X'- ??fT T 'i lff,-vfesii' -'ii-F up 9 14 9- Q' V g s Q - - ,. . Q. xo 4 ee. s s' N 57' 9 0 Q 4' s .- -' s 450 A 4 9 9 0 6' Q- s we vs +.- ,Q + fe N 43 s. ...y v A-'+ sp. 4 s G' 3 N say? deff. A ff A tj f TN T6 x '45' be Og 5 9 ,- 5 .Ja 949 .-' T 5 T essex? 0 f ' 'Q f 'fby,xTN +3.96 5x?s6-74943 N N o 5 ss0Q' 0 v'.- JV! 5 Sis 09 'U 0 N.-' ' 6,5 oe? iffy 4,45 6154-54+ c ,gf as ,aseoeifbi ,- Aa G. Q? ,. .-' TS .git ,A .XA I66 R.. -as AL AGA N- 0 A 5 . BUSINESS ED. Esfablished wifh a definife purpose, fhe Business Educafion Course has fulfilled fhaf purpose well. The infenfion behind ifs founding was fhe giving fo sfudenfs a general knowledge of business. This know- ledge will be useful fo fhe sfudenfs in re- ceiving and holding a business posifion in fufure years. Sfudenfs are faughf many subiecfs. They become fhoroughly acguainfed wifh subiecfs such as bookkeeping. fyping, shorfhand, commercial law- commercial geography, business arifhmefic. sales- manship- and compfomefry. Cuffing a sfencil on fhe fypewrifer and mimegraph- ing are also among acfivifies of Business Educafion Course pupils. lncenfive fo mainfain high speed in fyping is given bv fhe use of fhe big fen rafing. Shorfhand is anofher subiecf re- quiring speed and concenfrafion as nofe- books musf be filled wifh hundreds of symbols. Bookkeeping includes balance sheefs, and long columns of figures. and in salesmanship. sfudenfs gain experience in fhe arf of selling. This Business Educafion Course is a four year course. During fhe firsf fwo years all sfudenfs fake approximafely +he same subiecfs, and for fhe lasf fwo vears selecf a maior in one of fhe fwo fields offered- Some subiecfs of fhe Busi- ness Educafion Course are popular wifh sfudenfs in ofher courses. Typing COLLEGE PREP. Pi equals .... lv1acbeTh plus l-lCl .... ShakespearwroTe ...... 3.l4equalsl-l2O ...... IT someone is walking around The halls in a daze, muTTering someThing like This under his breaTh don'T misiudge him. l-le is noT necessarily crazy. l-le is only a college pre- paraTory sTudenT, mornenTarily conTused. The College PreparaTory Course is a diTTiculT one and iT Taxes one's menTal capaciTy To keep up wiTh iT. Yes, This course is probably one oT The mosT dif- TiculT oT The seven courses in Al-IS, buT iT is worTh all The hard work because The College PreparaTory Course TulTills The enTrance requiremenTs To any sTaTe oper- aTed universiTy and mosT oT The privaTely Tinanced colleges in The UniTed STaTes. The College PreparaTory Course is seT up exclusively Tor The high school sTudenTs who are planning To go on To college. This course also has an advanTage over mosT oT The courses oT This school in ThaT The sTudenT has a beTTer chance To Take more elecTives Than in some oT The oTher courses. There is room Tor one elecTive in The sophomore year. Two in The junior year, an Three in The senior year. The purpose oT This course is To develop The sTudenT's inTeresT in a varieTy oT sub- iecTs such as hisTory, liTeraTure, languages, and maThemaTice, so ThaT he can choose whaT he would like To Take in college. GENERAL The General Course is The course pre- scribed Tor any sTudenT who is undecided abouT whaT he or she wanTs To be. This course prepares a sTudenT Tor college enTrance as well as giving him a greaT varieTy oT high school exTras Trom which To choose. IT is The only course, wiTh The excepTion oT The Business EducaTion course, in which The sTudenT is allowed To choose his elecTive wiTh a wide variaTion and a large exclusion oT required subiecTs. The only required subiecTs in This course are a maior or Three years in English and hisTory, one year oT maThemaTics or al- gebra, one year oT physical educaTion. and one semesTer each oT saTeTy and physiology. ln This course The sTudenT may elecT a science course- a maThemaTical course, music. Typing, nuTriTion, Toreign language' arTs, business course, and various Types oT indusTrial arTs- One oT The elecTive courses oT sTudy which is aT The sTudenT's disposal is The science maior. This course oT sTudy begins Physical Ed- So. American Geography Egg b e wiTh biology and conTinues wiTh biology, boTany and Zoology, saTeTy, physiology, physics, and chemisTry. This course gives The sTudenT a brighT view oT scienTiTic worlds and prepares him Tor TuTure sTudy in The colleges oT science. Along wiTh The science The sTudenT sTudies, he musT have a more advanced maThemaTical knowledge. ln The maThe- maTical course The sTudenT has The privi- lege oT elecTing Tour addiTional years oT sTudy. These are iusT a Tew oT The many advan- Tages To which a sTudenT in The General Course is exposed. PRE-APPRENTICE The Pre-Apprenlice course is lhe course designed for boys who hope someday To be in indusrry. This course is no+ a college preparafory course, bul' rafher a sei course wifh no elecfives olher 'fhan Sludenls who have graduared from This course have definile advanlages over olhers when seeking jobs in induslry as is indicaled by lhe personnel records of our local faclories. Jrhe choice of a branch of sfudy- These branches or divisions of Jrhis course are machine shop, pal- +ern-malcing, prinfing, aufo mechanics, and producl design. Afler choosing one of 'rhese a boy can branch our and specialize in i'r. Praciical experience is oblained From use of aclual mach- ines in his class-work. TECHNICAL The hardesf course in high school - fhaf's whaf some call Technical. Whefher fhis is frue or nof is debafable, buf fhe sfudenfs who have faken This course are well prepared fo enfer any fechnical engineering course in college. Forming a firm foundafion for sfudenfs who hope fo make engineering fheir profession is fhe purpose of offering fhis course of sfudy. Technical sfudenfs musf fake four years of mafhemafics. four years of English, fwo years of science and some work in shop Chemisfry so fhey will become accusfomed fo manu- facfuring processes. No exfra subiecfs can be faken excepf in fhe lasf half of fhe iun- ior year when some elecfives are offered. A genfle warning fo fhose who find mafh especially hard-don'f choose fhe Technical course. for mosf of fhe work is composed of higher mafhemafics. Buf fhe sfudenfs have af fheir disposal one of fhe mosf well-equipped machine shops in The sfafe which helps fo make fheir work more realisfic. VOC. AGRICULTURE The VocaTional AgriculTure course noT only prepares a boy To Tarm by giving him a Tour year course in agriculTure, buT also meeTs Tull reguiremenTs Tor enTrance in agriculTure colleges. ln This deparTmenT. which was organized over eleven years ago, now headed by l-l. B. Wilson, a boy is subiecT To inTensive sTudy in The diTTer- enT branches oT agriculTure. Some of The subiecTs TaughT in The Tour years are Ani- mal l-lusbandry, PoulTry raising, Soil and Crop managemenT, I-lorTiculTure, VegeT- able Gardening, Farm Shop, Farm man- agemenT, and Biology. The necessary qual- iTicaTions a boy musT meeT in order To Talce This course of sTudy are ThaT he musT live on a Tarm or have access To one. and also ThaT he carry on some proiecT, pre- Terably one in which he is inTeresTed Tinan- cially. l-le may choose To raise poulTry, caTTle, horses, swine, or sheep or he may parTicipaTe in numerous Tarm indusTries. As a sTudenT oT VocaTional AgriculTure, he is also privileged To belong To The FuTure Farmers of America Club, The various 4-H Clubs, and To Take parT in The local. counTy. sTaTe, and naTional iudging con- TesTs. ln These conTesTs. The boy judges such Things as dairy caTTle, poulTry. gener- al IivesTock, and vegeTables. SubiecTs in This course are noT open To elecTion by sTudenTs in oTher courses, alThough The VocaTional AgriculTure sTudenT may elecT various subiecTs in oTher courses. The classroom worlc oT This course is divided beTween boolcs, Tilms, charTs on livesToclc, poulTry. eTc. and Tield Trips To various Tarms where direcT experience wiTh Tarm machinery and equipmenT, and Tarm animals is obTained. VOC. HOME EC. Um! Smell Those TempTing odors ThaT TloaT Through The halls oT Al-IS. BoTh boys and girls have waTering mouThs when The Toods class convene. IT seems ThaT These girls know ThaT The way To a man's hearT is Through his sTomach . BUT They are do- ing The righT Things by learning To pre- pare such delicious meals. The peculiar humming sounds coming Trom The cloThing classes is explained by The beauTiTul Tinished producTs made by The elecTric sewing machine. These are iusT Two oT The worTh while subiecTs oTTered in The Home Economics Course. AnoTher popular subiecT oT The course is Home Nursing and Child Care, which gives helpTul inTormaTion abouT nursing. The girls in The class learn The arT oT band- ages and TreaTmenT oT minor aches and pains. The second halT oT This course is de- CloThing 9' voTed To child care and The making oT a scrap book. Home Planning is a course iusT as The name implies- Here They sTudy inTe-rior decoraTing and learn diTTerenT Types oT homes. This sTudy is very inTeresTing and useTul. Merchandising is also oTTered and en- joyed by many. lT deals wiTh buying and selling arTicles. The oTher is Social and Family RelaTion- ship. This is a worTh while class Tor all girls. All in all This course has a varied and purposeTul value. Many girls who were noT on The course elecTed These subiecTs so as To beTTer prepare Themselves Tor TuTure homemaking. The classes oT This deparTmenT were under supervision oT many Teachers under The head oT Miss Celia Carson. .ik l . iii ArT VarieTy of Electives AHS oTTers many elecTives To Those sTudenTs who have room in Their programs Tor subiecTs oTher Than Those required. In The music deparTmenT, under The di- recTion oT Miss Mary RuTh Palmer and Mr. Richard Rencenberger, many elecTives are oTTered. A girl or boy who can play a musical insTrumenT may loin The band or orchesTra. Any sTudenT may join a Glee Club or Talce music appreciaTion. ATTer he has Talcen Glee Club, he may Try ouT Tor Choral Club- A dozen members are picked Trom The Choral Club Tor The Mad- rigal Club each year. AnoTher popular Tield Tor elecTives is Music GeomeTry The deparTmenT oT arT, direcTed by Miss Mary Humphrey. There are several dil- TerenT arT classes oTTered. among which are ArT I- Advanced ArT lf ll. and lll, and Applied Design I and ll. There are enough diTTerenT classes in geography, TaughT by John C. Finney, ThaT a sTudenT may. minor in geography, if he wishes. Any sTudenT may Take speech someTime during his Tour years aT AHS. There are also oTher Torms oT English oTTered, such as American LiTeraTure. To Those who are inTeresTed, sTagecraTT, dramaTics, and psychology are oTTered. LaTin .,,......W ...H FacuH'y 3 M , M. nmwm, IW I x Mr. Boyd Mrk. Burns Miss Campbelf . Miss Dev A VA Mrs. Grahame' . , -W -M , . ......,.M., -,,...,,,., ...h Q-of SMA! Mrs. Haifa Miss Hiqmam Miss Hoskins Mrs. Hughes Miss Kendal! Miss Long , - 1 Mr, McGoon '. - Miss MEQIW Mrs. Pf'es'f:m Miss Tiwrsxion Mrs, Vermiiiimv f V ! 5 Mrs, Buchanan Mrs. Sfmgkifgf - Mfg, XA,'PM',q,,w ,- Mr. Hanley Mr. Cofim I Mr.. Dawes I Mr. Denny My Fmrwey Mr. Fieermf Mr. Heifrfcifw Mrs, Kvffermon Facul+y ,,,,,,,. ,, . , - W K W 'H' 'WWW 'uw -- CQ f' .. .NJ ff W ' 4-E Mr. Swif? Miss Vandevcndef MESS Bowen Mr, BUUSOV' E Mr, Hosier Mr. Milicr Mr, S'?nfer Mr, Todd Mr.Weavee1' V F 5 . I mm Q , SSX Mr. Horton Mr. Lee ' Mr. Smwaf' Mn Mcillowell W Miss Mullendore 'I-3' - Q Mr. Roney A' Mr. Sanders Mr, Smfsmmh V Mr, Halleff Mr, Lindsey ? I I I i n 1 E 1 Miss Pdmer M525 HUfYU95VffY V Mr- BUSQV Faculfy o , ,mf W , in iw xxx wi Mm PQ,vf9,W Mr, Smww Miss Brown My. Lffm Mr. Pear? W Mm -QQ! M 21? ,,,.., ,ji-.. L+ Pimmf rs Pans M 5 rod Mass Cursor Mrs Riggs Miss Todd Mr, VV?!sQr, MY, Bamer Mr, V -i Mr. Bonge 'I Mr. Griffith Mr, Q-. Julius MP, Haha Mr: Hurxfzinger Mr. Shim Mr, Pugh Mr. Vifigrs N of Pichg red l.,.....M , , ,A ,WW Mrs, Crm'c3'eFieFd Mr. Dye M ,W Mr. Garrigus E Berqevin M r, Sherman Miss Lindsfrom Mr. McClintock Mrs. Mufvihm b ....,A,,.. . ,. W. .V ,..... MN-..M.,.u .MW ,. ...NNW-w-Ng, Mrs. Goss A Mr. 52. W, Jufiazs 9 W,A.,M,.,.H. ,, .W A, .,.-.1.- ,,....... 1 i Mr, i.E1l'TIDi!'fk ..A.,A.f. , .Hwq-..s Mr. Recenberger Mr. Siharpg f Mr. Springer ,.V,.M,h..... .QWM .M M..,....4..i A TRIBUTE . Miss Marlie B- Fry The I947 lndian ioins fhe hundreds of 'former slu- denfs, school pa+rons, feachers, school officals, and civic leaders in paying fribufe fo Miss Maffie B. Fry who re- 'fires fhis year afrer forfy-seven years of service in The field of American educafion. To assume responsibilifies 'Far foo numerous for mosf individuals had become a characlerisfic of 'lhe refiring supervisor early in life. Scholasfic degrees from Ball Sfafe College and Columbia Universify allowed her lo meer professional requiremenfsg an imaginafion and Keen in- sighf guided always foward fhe beHermen'f of educafing youfh resulfed in fhe wriiing of fexf-bool: maferials, magazine ,a'r+icles, and papers in large numbers. The organizafion of Parenf-Teacher Associalions and Moihers' Clubs were incidenfal in This busy life. The school safe+y pafrol proiec+ was Miss Fry's idea and has been puf inio use +hroughou+ fhe nalion. Membership in local, sfaie, and nafional educaiional socie+ies did noi defraci 'from Miss Fry's parficipafion in many and varied civic organi- zafions. As an inspirafion for whai can be accomplished, Miss Fry will remain wi'rh us always. May her 'fufure be 'filled wifh good fravels, many hours 'For wrifing, and lhe leisurely pursuiis she so iusily deserves. W' rnx O 29 Student Council The sTudenT council oT Anderson High School was originally Tormed in order To esTablish a medium oT associaTion and cooperaTion wiTh The principal and TaculTy on maTTers oT school imporTance, encour- agemenT and promoTe a Tiner school spiriT, creaTe respecT and ambiTion Tor higher scholasTic aTTainmenT, and TurTher The gen- eral welTare oT This high school. Today There is evidence on every hand To prove +ha+ sTudenT council has TulTilled iTs pur- pose in every respecT. ln recenT years The sTudenT council has become especially acTive and imporTanT wiTh The esTablish- menT oT The Club Tom-Tom and l-lonor STudy l-lalls. The STudenT Assembly is much The lar- ger oT The Two groups. lTs ToTal member- FronT Row- -'Tick Biissell, Jon Fnx, Gale Eoqrnan, Nancy BarTl lTreas.l, Marilvn SwarT lSehc.l, KaTe SmiTh lPres.l, Barbara Hfiney lV Pres,-7nd Sem. Pres.l, Jim SToolcey llieading Clerlcl, Bob CanTwell, RnberTa PeTers. Row Zi-J.l-, HunT7incser lSponsorl, Phyllis McDaniel, Charles Parlcs, Donna Belle Wilson, Don Wallcer, Joan JeTTerson, Bill Miller, Monna Pilce, Slue MarTin, Wanda HoTTmasler. Sara Miller, Mrs. Sarah Pippen lgponsorl. Row 3--Wilma Jean Dillard, Eddie FreesTone, Nancy ship is over sixTy since There is one repre- senTaTive Trom each home room excepT IB home rooms. Also members are The Presi- denT oT ExecuTive Council and The EdiTor- in- ChieT oT The X-Ray. The Reading Clerk is auTomaTically a member since The same clerk serves Tor boTh houses. Assembly meeTings are held every Wednesday aT which Time There is discussion on school problems. ResoluTions which may originaTe Trom eiTher STudenT Assembly or ExecuTive Council are also read aT The meeTings. A STudenT Council ConvenTion in which surrounding schools parTicipaTed, was held on May3. Plans Tor a more democraTic meThod oT disTribuTion ol season baslceTball TiclceTs were discussed and puT To an all school VOTG. Cchle, Diclc WebfTor, Joann Poore, Marilyn ShrouT, BeTTy Ann Pr-ore, lou WyanT, PaTTy Sisil, Diclc Lennarlz. Row 4?Shirlev Eclcenberg, Phyllis Miller, Richard McCarThy, Barbara Brown, Bob Garrigus, PaT Alexander, .lane lsanogel, Jirn CurrenT, Carlyn Bronnenberg, Joan l-lelrniclc. Row 5-lames Bell, Gerald RemingTon, Jim STrader, Wil- son l-lughel, Marvin Clanin, Lloyd l-lyndman, Eddie Boone, Edward Frank, Cecil SmiTh, Allen Wallcer. l AT Desk-Gale Eggman lPres.l FTR K+S+l1PhIIMII Bb ron ow- a e 'mi , is i er, ar ara eine v H Y iSec.l, Nancy BarTl iTreas.l, Tom Hamulion. Row 2?Paul Bevelhimer, Jim Bonge TV. Pres.l, Jerry Executive Council The ExecuTive Council is The smaller oT The Two bodies making up The sTudenT cou- nsil. There are only sevenTeen members oT which There are Tive seniors, Tour iuniors, and Two sophomores. The Treshman class presidenT becomes a member as soon as he is elecTed. The presidenT oT STudenT Assembly and The EdiTor-in-ChieT oT The X-Ray are auTomaTically members oT ExecuTive Council. Since The ExecuTive Council is smaller, iT is more acTive. There are meeTings on Tuesday and Friday every week. AT The close oT The TooTball season The ExecuTive Council, TogeTher wiTh STudenT Assembly, sponsored a Fall Wind-Up Semi-Formal Dance aT which The FooTball Queen was chosen. Due To The Tine pub- liciTy and The excellenT co-operaTion on The parT oT The members, The dance was The Dixon, Shirley Eclcenberg, Frances Foland, Louie FonTaine. Row 3-Bob PorTer, Bradley Neal, Delores Ryan, Jim SToolcey, Bob Taylor. Sfanding-Jesse T-lunTzinger, Mrs. Sarah Pippen lSponsorsl 1 mosT successTul every held by STudenT Council. LasT Tall The one-way sTair plan was re- insTaTed in order To relieve coniesTion on The sTairs and in The halls. ln spiTe oT some proTesT The plan has proved To be eTTec- Tive. LasT Tall The STudenT Council conducT- ed The second annual visiTors' day Tor all parenTs and oTher inTeresTed parTies. The visiTors were received and regisTered in The TronT hall by The commiTTee and cond- uc+ed ThroughouT The school by guides. The visiTors' day was considerably success- Tul and The visiTors were Tavorably imp- ressed wiTh our school program. STudenT Council had Their annual picnic This spring. There was a large aTTendance and all Those who wenT enioyed iT very much. Honor Society Each semesTer The Honor SocieTy ac- cepTs new members aT a Tormal iniTiaTion service open To The public. Held by can- dlelighT, The program consisTs oi speeches by The Tour oTTicers and an ouTside speak- er. RequiremenTs Tor an Honor SocieTy member are based solely on grades. The sTudenT musT malce one-halT A grades, noT more Than one-TourTh C's , and no D's or Ps , STudenTs are noT eligible unTil They have spenT Two years in AHS. Sponsor oT The club is Miss MargareT Mullendore. Among programs Tor The year were in- cluded The iniTiaTions, a book review by Miss Alice Higman, and a piTch-in supper. Fronf Row-Diane Vanarsdall, Marjorie Harvey, Luann Masley, Bob CanTwell, Lloyd Hyndrnan lV. Pres.l, D'- Alice Coburn lSec.l, Adrienne SlTewarT lTreas.l, Gene Fisher lPres.l, Flornce Porges, Miss MargareT Mullen- dore lSponsorl. Row 2--Virginia TiTley, Marilyn Van ZanT, SuzeTTe Whis- ler, Marilyn SwarT, Marilyn Adcoclc, Laura Powless. WileTTa Fleenor, Barbara Funlchouser, Marilyn Ervin. BeTTy Kelly, Clarice Nevis. Row 3--Mary Jane Cannon, Nancy Groble, Polly Coch- ran, Barbara Heiney, Phylis McDaniel, PaT Slciles, Priscilla PiTTenger, Lucille DieTzen, Jean BancroTT, Thelma Byrum, Gladys Rhynearson, Shirley Eclcenberg. Row 4-Frances Poland, Edilh Morrison, Georgiana Rich- ardson, Helen Henning, Phyllis Richardson, Shirley Zirkel- baclc, Joan McKinley, Sue Ann Hosier, PaTsie SlTaggs, Sally Swank, Barbara HunT. Row 5fBilI Wilder, BeTTy Ann Poor, Nancy Wilhile, Dar- leen Shinn, Delores Ryan, Edward Bowser, Don Gallamore, JarreTT Dixon, Jirn WerTz, Virginia STewarT, Lois Ann Wells, Nancy McMurry, Peggy Richey, Joy Pearson. Latin Club This year as in The pasT The LaTin Club has proven To be one oT The mosT inTer- esTing clubs in Al-IS. OuTside oT Time spenT on club business, LaTin plays, games, Rom- an holidays and myThical gods were siudi- od aT The meeTings during The recenT year. The ChrisTmas season Tound The LaTin Club very busy in The selling oT ChrisTmas cards Tor The annual ChrisTmas parTy. The members oT The club use The proceeds Trom The l.aTin ChrisTmas cards Tor worThy causes during The year. Fronl' Row-Nancy Harri- son, Diane WhiTTalcer, Mari- lyn Van ZanT lVice-Pres.l. Virginia TiTley lProg. Chnl, Marilyn SwarT lSec.l, Er- nesT Wiley lPres.l, Miss Vandevender lSponsorl, Row 2-+Diane Vanarsdall, Mrs. Slrickler lSponsorl, Jeanne Peclc, David Cook, Evalyn Bohanan, Rosalind Bailey, Barbara BrelsTord, Jean Tinder, Flelcher Wil- liams, Nancy Akers, Sue MarTin, Delores Marsh, Rosalind Combs, Alfreda Jaclcson, Chauncey lsen- hour. Row 3-Alan Schlossberg, Bill CliTTorcl, Marlc K. Whit- loclc, Marilyn Adcoclc, Joy ScoTT, Marjorie Hull, Mari- lyn Merwin, Helen Lindsey, Barbara McKee. FronT Row-fBarbara Phillips lSec.- Treas.l, Mary Cannon, Gracie Ripple lProg. Chr.l. Row 2-eJoan l-lorne, David Jones, Mona Pilce, Beverly Perry. Rciw 3-Maxine Houser, Dicl: l-lenning, Jacqueline SmiTh, Jac- queline Hosek, PaTsy Harlwell. Joan l'lamilTon, Mrs. EsTher Bu- chanan lsponsorl, Bill Wilder lPres.l. x ...of Spanish Club The Spanish Club is oTherwise lcnown as The Chile Verde, which means l-loT STuTT. The purpose oT Chile Verde is To creaTe a beTTer undarsTanding oT our Spanish-speaking neighbors. This Tall The Spanish Club puT a very inTeresTing dis- play in The show case in The TronT hall. AT The ChrisTmas parTy, The members were served The TradiTional pinaTa and concluded iTs year's acTiviTies wiTh The annual TiesTa which was a picnic aT Mounds Park. Fronl Row-Billy Bennis, Beverly Riley, Phillip Miller, Marilyn Delinger lSec.l, Shirley Eckenberg lS'gl.-al- Arrnsl, Joann Kirk lV. Fres.l, Marilyn Wilson lTreas.l, Mrs. Eslher Buchanan lSponsorl, Roberl McDowell lSponsorl, Polly Ellyn Lockwood, Don Weslon, Polly Cochran. Row 2--lslea Fadely, Donna Sloul, Joan Achenbach, Louise Gray, Bernice Weslon, Marilyn Kelly, Belly Barker, Charlolle Likens, Joyce Kennedy, Janice Carraway, Judi Salyers. Junior Red Cross The Junior Red Cross is perhaps lhe leasl glorilied club in AHS. Made up ol represenlalives lrom each ol lhe home rooms, lhis organizalion has long been carrying on communily and nalion-wide service proiecls. Twice lhis year, il held membership drives. These are held in coniunclion wilh lhe Senior Red Cross, and any sludenl who conlribules becomes a member and receives a cerlilicale ol membership. Meelings are held aller school, and guesl speakers are ollen inviled lo speak. Al one meeling, Mrs. Marshall, our school nurse, lold aboul her career in nursing. l'm sure each one ol you has been ap- proached by your home room represenla- live: and, even lhough you grumbled a bil, I hope you also dug down deep in Row 3-Mary Jo Slanley, Helen Henning, Beverly Judd, Virginia Lee Doyle, Virginia Lee, Alice Rhodes, Barbara Mills, Joan Dawson, Pally Brown, Aloma Jo Foley, Palsy Harmon, V. V. Pelligrew, Frances Brooks, Helen Slevens. Row 4fDonna Lusher, Joan Myers, Pal Hancock, Marlha Pavey, Joann Van Winkle, Molly Laib, Mary Belh Schnei- der, Nancy Mullins, Sally Swank, Beverly Redman, Mary Ann Dearing, Joy Hudson. Row 5-David Harshman, Keilh Claus, Marilyn Gwallney, Richard Bergdahl, Bob Vermillion, Belly Jean Websler, Charles Chandler, Joe Whilehead. your pockel lor lhal loose change. You'd probably be surprised al lhe many ser- vices your money is used lor. Among ils many uselul proiecls, lhe club made la- vors lor lhe velerans in lhe hospilal al Marion. During lhe Chrislmas season lhe members lilled baskels and gave lhem lo len needy lamilies in Anderson. They also conlribuled lilly dollars lo lhe Visil- ing Nurse Shower: +his is an annual pro- iecl ol lhe club. A March ol Dimes drive was held in January lo aid lhose alllicled wilh inlan- lile paralysis. Members lormed a line up lown and collecled lrom generous passers- by. Among olher worlhy proiecls were aid lo lhe Chan lamily and a cancer con- lrol drive. Many olher services are ren- dered by lhis organizalion lo our school and communily which mosl ol us know wolhing aboul. Dramatics Club Aller reenlorcing lhe sociely wilh 33 new pledges, selecled in early lall during a large lryoul, Anderson l-ligh School's popular Dramalic Club proceeded lo add lo ils prominenl hislory lwo oulslanding evenls. ln December, lhe club opened lhe doors ol lhe audilorium lo presenl lo a large audience Tidings ol Joy , a one acl Chrislmas play denoling lhe Yulelide spiril ol kindness and giving. Laler, in lhe spring, lhe sociely, running inlo nalural compelilion wilh lhe ap- proaching senior class play, held ils own in slaging a successlul Open l-louse, an annual allair. This year, lhe lhealrical group chose lo give Blackoul , a one-acl Sealed on floor: Bob Graham, Marilyn Kunlz, Jim Wilson, Jim Currenl. Group lo lell: Fronl Row: Gloria Gilmore, Lucille Dielzen, Belly Slinson Phyllis Shellerly, Frances Poland, D'Alice Coburn. Diane Vanarsdall. Row 2: l-lerb Templelon, Beverly Granl, Bill Wilder, David Cook, Florence Porges lPres.l, Jack Nicholson, Hal Bolen, myslery comedy ol espionage during Brilain's war years. Wilh lhe play. pre- senlalions ol excerpls lrom lwo well- knovvn slage hils rounded oul lhe hour ol onlerlainmenl. Nol al all inaclive belween produclions, lhe organizalion varied ils biweekly meel- ings wilh lhe ever-impressive lormal inil- ialion, a highly amusing Slunl Nile. and giving lor praclice and experience olher shorl plays and skils. A small group wil- nessed Maurice Evan's company in l-lamlel al lhe English Thealre in Indianapolis, and il slill slands oul in lhe minds ol lhose who allended. Early in lhe lall lhey chose Miss Lois Long lo assisl Miss Alice l-ligman as co-sponsor. Deborah Wilson, Jack Kunlz, Janie Beally. Row 3: Ernesl Wiley, Bob Carler, Roberla Hollner, Rachael Mallhew, Velda Jayne Haynes. Slanding background: Malcolm Dunn lV, Pres.l, Miss Long lSponsorl, Dick Bussell, Joycille Pearson, Dorolhy Allis, Ronald Corn, Miss l-ligman lS'ponsorl. Sealed: Phyllis Miller, Clarice Nevis, Tom l-lamillon, Jo York, Polly Cochran lSec.-Treas.l, Barbara Bereslord. H i - y Again lasT December, The l-li-Y Club sponsored iTs annual Line-oT Dimes Tor needy children. The l-li-Y Club seT aside a SaTurday To collecT dimes Trom local ciTi- zens To buy Toys and Tood Tor The children ChrisTmas ParTy. The ChrisTmas ParTy was held Tor all oT The boys and girls.and Toys were presenTed by old SainT Nick, himselT- Marvin Clannin was The masTer oT cere- monies during The parTy. This spring, The l-li-Y sponsored a Hi-Y Spring Fling. lT was held April 25- aT The school audiTorium. lT was a sporT aTTair and proved very successful. LasT Tall a large class oT candidaTes was iniTiaTed inTo The club and This spring sev- Sfarfing AT Upper Lefi' Hand Corner Moving Clockwise4 Vaughn Voss, Clyde Green, Paul Bevelhimer, Charles S'ToTTlemyer, Don Kendrick, Gale Eggman, Paul O'Neill, Edgar Adkins, Don Gallamore, Bill lcleiman, Lloyd Hynd- man, Charles EllsworTh, Marvin Clanin, JarreTT Dixon, Edward Humbles, Bob Heineman, Bill King, Don Vander- eral candidaTes were given a Tour week Trial period To aTTend The meeTings and prove Themselves worThy members beTore being iniTiaTed. A disTricT l-li-Y ConTer- ence was held aT Richmond, lndiana aT The beginning oT The year' which several oT The members aTTended and discussed maTTers which beneTiTed all The clubs. LaTer This spring, members oT surround- ing l-li-Y Clubs elecTed a counTy council oT which Chauncey lsenhour, an Anderson member was chosen presidenT, Bob Taylor, Torch Club presidenT, was elecTed To The council. One oT The ouTsTanding speakers appearing beTore The club was T-larry ByrkeTT, world Traveler. AnoTher inTeresT- ing meeTing was made possible by Chuck Bailey, sporTs ediTor oT The Anderson Dailey BulleTin who spoke on SporTs- CasTing. griTT lSgT.-aT-Armsi, Bill Weeks, William Clem, Jim Bonge Jerry Brandon, Chauncey lsenhour, Joe l-lamilTon, Louis Shepherd, Bob Williams, STanley Shepherd. Cross in CenTer-Dick STage lTreas.l, Bob Edwards lPres.i, Bob Spearman TV. Pres.l, Bill Garvin lSec.i. OuTside of Triangle-Mr. Sanders and Mr. Lee lsponsorsl FronT Row-Max Main, Bob Miller lSec.l, Jim Alexander Dan Schuyler, Dick Helfrich, Sam Price, Dale Louiso, Bill lTreas.l, Bob Taylor lPres.l, John STayTon lV. Pres.l. Jackie Gregg l5gT.-aT-Armsl, Don Colvill, WalTer Kane, Bob Jones. Row 2+Mr. Rone S onsor , Earl Lawler, Dick McCar- Y l P l Thy, Ronald Young, PaT Ryan, Bob Ward, Bill Miller. Frank- ie Phelps, Junior Hackney, Jim STewarT, Bill Breeden, Mr. Hosier lSponsorl, Row 3-De Leon NVilson, Warren Miller. Charles Wise, Torch Club The maior proiecT oT The Torch Club This year was The EasTer Sunrise Service. held April 6, aT Shadyside Park. lT was held on a cool, sunny morning' wiTh Rev. Wendall Hyde giving The invocaTion, and Rev. W. H. BransTord speaking Tor The services. The Choral Club Turnished musi- cal background during The morning. The large aTTendance oT l,5OO local people ioined TogeTher To make The service one oT The biggesT successes To daTe. For spring enTerTainmenT' a dance, held aT The ConservaTion Club Friday nighT of May 2, was arranged Tor The members and Their daTes. A picnic aT Mounds Park con- cluded The social acTiviTies Tor This year. Progress oT The weekly meeTings was beniTiTed by scheduling several well-known speakers, which TurThered The members' Gilmore, C-len RouT, Bill Breece. Row 4-Edward Frank, Bob Busby, Bob Thompson, Bob Garrigus, Jack Crim, Jim Falge, Jim Dixon, Norman Cook, Jim Roland. Row 5-Floyd JarreTT, KenneTh WrighT, Tam Kirk, Mack MaTTingly, Dick Davisson, Jim CurrenT, Jack KunTz, Flo d Y Cobb, ErnesT Young, Bob Richards, Cecil SmiTh, David Riley, Denny Myer, Bill Wooldridge. aTTendance and inTeresT- AT The TirsT of The year The new coaches oT The high school. Dave Busey and KeiTh Lamber, spoke on Their line oT work and pasT experiences. Pop Heddon, coach oT Anderson Col- lege, Tormer coach oT Anderson High School- and Charles Cummings wiTh his record album of The sTaTe champion game beTween ForT Wayne and Anderson pro- vided good enTerTainmenT Tor The boys. Head Track coach, Carl Bonge, showed Tilms oT previous sTaTe Track meeTs aT one meeTing. Bob Bolyard and Rollie SelTz oT The Anderson Packers, Talked on some oT The Tiner poinTs oT baskeTball, and answer- ed guesTions which The boys asked. Gabby Cronk aTTended The meeTing wiTh The Two Packer members. ElecTion oT oTTicers closed The year's acTiviTies. Fronl' Row-Mary Pal Remley, Joycilie Pearson, Belly Ann Poor, Belly Mead, Joe Hamillon, Tom Lane Paul Lane, Douglas Oldham, Belly Lillle, Adrienne Slewarl, Marlha Slriclcler, Miss Mary Rulh Palmer lDireclorl. Row 2-Marilyn Caplinger, Marjorie Roberlson, Diclc l-lenning, Bill Allis, Gene Fisher, Norman Marlindale, Glenn DuBois, Rosemary Quiclc, Edith Morrison, Nola King. Vocal Music Choral Club, Madrigal Club, anol lhe Row 3-l-lannah Pelry, Dorolhy England, Nancy McMur- ry, Jerry Slill, Malcolm Dunn, Ernesl Wiley, Ray Carr, Roberl Nash, Bob Graham, Pal Gardner, fxlberla Porler, l.uann Masley. Row 44-Phyllis Shellerly, Donna Grillilh, Barbara Van- osdal, Marvella Cue, Marilyn Van Zanl, Anna Pancol, Georgianna Richardson, Kalie Boerner, Lois Ann Wells, Barbara Cochran, Donna Carpenler. Boy's and Girl's Glee Clubs malce up lhe vocal music oleparlmenl ol Al-lS. Under lhe capable supervision ol Miss Mary Rulh Palmer, lhe various clubs have parlici- paleol in many pro- grams. All lour i groups look parl in lhe annual Chrisl- mas program ol lhe music deparlmenl , MADRIGAL CLUB ln Fronl-Glenn DuBois, Belly Ann Poor, Adriana Slewarl, Ernesl Wiley, Sealed al Table--Miss Mary Rulh Palmer lDireclorl. Lois Ann Well. Siancling--Paul Lane, Nan- cy McMurry, Douglas Old- ham, Phyllis Shellerly, Mal- colm Dunn, Tom Lane, Edilh Morrison. and in lhe annual vocal music convocalion held on lvlay 7. Choral Club's busy sched- ule has been lilled by many aclivilies. On December 7 lhe members sang on radio slalion WISH oi Indianapolis. Various choral leslivals have lilled lheir lime. They appear- ed al The Counly Choral Fes- lival, lhe College Feslival al Anderson College, and lhe Anderson Public School Fes- lival. A double guarlelle was picked lo represenl lhe Al-lS vocal music deparlmenl in lhe Slale Choral Feslival. Caroling in The halls al Chrisl- -.., ,.........--... ... 4, .. . Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs Active mas. singing al lhe Easier sunrise Service, and presenl- ing lheir Easier program are lradilional wilh Choral Club and were performed lhis year as usual. The annual parly was hold al Chrislmas, and 'rhe senior banquel given ai lhe end of The year. Singing al Baccalaureale and in a convo al Ball Slale Teachers' Col- lege were lwo of lhe high- lighls of lhe year. Composed ol lwelve mem- Jers, lhe lvladrigal Club meels Tiilh period each school day. On ils programs, lhemem- bers sil around a lable on which lhere are lighled cand- les. The six girls wear lormals and lhe boys wear suils. Ro- lary Club, Velerans of For- eign Wars, Velerans' Hospi- lal al Marion, and various P.T.A. organizalions are a few ol lhe many groups for which Madrigal has sung. Boys' Glee Club and Girls' Glee Club were held lirsl per- iod and lhird period respec- lively. , Instrumental Music Tap- fap, fap. Sixfy persons in red uni- forms rise, Lef's give a rah for AHS boys --does fhis sound familiar? If does fo lhe members of fhe Anderson High School Band. This procedure is led by Richard Rencenburger, fhe direcfor. The band never failed fo make a showing af a home baskefball and foofball game fo furnish music befween fhe half and before fhe game. lf would nof seem quife righf il fhe band did nof begin and end fhe all school con- vocafions. The cheerleaders also need fhe help of fhe band during pep sesseons. The band was nof only popular wifh fhe sfudenfs of AHS, buf fhey were also requ- Fronl Row-Jackie Smifh, Laura Powless, Joan Carmody, Mary Lou Hair, Roberf Riggs, Gene Wrighf, Dorofhy Allis, Molly Laib. Row 2-Gerald McKelvey, Frances True, Chauncey lsenhour, James Moneyhun, David Rilev, Howard Fausf, Palfy Smifh, Gene Del.awfer, Roberf Hicks, Barbara Cochran, William Oemler, Cecil Smifh, Jim Gwinn, Virginia Roney, Donald Bobo, Ronald Adams, Virginia Hawley. Row 3-William Allis, Mary Newsom, Valencia Fadely, esfed fo play for Service Clubs of Ander- son many fimes during fhe year. Each year fhe band visifs fhe grade and fownship schools here. Also in fheir sched- ule were included concerfs for fhe Senior and Junior High School and one public concerf, which was very much enoyed and appreciafed- Wifh all fhese acfivifies, fhey sfill found fime fo parficipafe in fhe fire prevenfion and clean-up week programs. The fran- sporfafion for fhese, provided by a fire fruck- offered a form of diversion from work for fhe faifhful band members. The sixfy members who rose in fheir red uniforms for fhe high school song each fime, also gave an hour every day for band class. Pafricia Fry, Joan Marie Scheel, Barbara Gray, DeLeon Wilson, Bob Baxfer, Paul Van Meler, Bill Breece, Morris Turner, Barbara Leighfon, Rosemary Quick, Max Pugh, Donald Sloan, David Wafson, Jackson Collins, Jim Hari, Marshall Fousf, Kafie Browning, Kafie Baxfer. Sfanding-Richard Recenberger lDirecforl, Jack lre- land, Bob Mace, Delmar Thompson, Frank Smifh, Gerald Sfiff, Bob Ufferback, Melvin S'fiH', Mariorie Adams, Lou Ann Kilmer, Lou Ann Brown, Alice Rhodes, Wilmefla Hall. FronT Row -Palrifia Smilh, Eleanor Van MaTer, Molly Morris Turner, Marshall FousT, DeLevn VVilson, Laib, DorThy Allis, Gene WriqhT, Mary Lou Hair, Jac- Row 3-V Bob UTTerbaclc, Gerald STiTT, Jaclc Ireland, Frank queline Smilh. SmiTh, JaneT Roudebush, Richard Ronfenbergor lDiror Row 2f- 'Ronald Adams, Jimmy Gwynn, Bill Oemler, Tori, KaThryn Browning, KaTie Baxler, Louis FonTaine. Orchestra The high school orchesTra also deserves a greaT deal of crediT Tor Their performances aT The ChrisTmas program. Commencement and Bacca- laureaTe. The usual sTricTly Teminine Touch was added This year by The Tive maioreTTes led by Maior Marjorie Adams. Mar- ching wiTh The band. These groups show Their worTh noT only by providing music Tor The various pro- grams- buT also in TurThering The musical abiliTy oT all sTud- enTs enrolled. MAJORETTES l.eTT To Righf---Mariorie Adams lDrum Maiorl, Nancy Alcers, Lou Ann Kierner, Alice Rhoados, Lou Ann Brown, Wilmelfa Hall History Club This pasT year many new clubs have ooon Tormed, and among The mosT popular ones is The l-lisTory Club. This organizaTion was Tormed Tor Those sTudenTs who are inTeresTed in hisTory and iTs various phases. The purpose oT The club is To carry on The sTudy oT hisTory ouTside The classroom. The members have enioyed an acTive schedule wiTh approximaTely TiTTy mem- bers parTicipaTing in The various programs. As one oT The many spealcers enioyed by The club, Edward Ronshiem oT The Madison CounTy l'lisTorical SocieTy Tallc- ed To The members. Bill Wilder, one oT The members, Told abouT GuaTemalag his par- F.'onT Rowe--Mr. l'lelTrich lsponsorl, Phyllis Zoolc, Jaclc Nicholson lprogram chr.l, PaT Earlow lsec.l, l-lerb Tem- pleTon lv, pres.l, Janie BeaTTy lpres.l, Barbara Vanes- dal lTreas.l, PaT Sisil, Miss LindsTrom lsponsorl. Second Row7Virginia TiTley, Luanne Merrell, Beverly Riley, Dick Jones, Barbara Gray, Sally Lou Penry, Bill Weelcs, Neva Kimmerling, Geraldine Williamson, Marilyn Wilson BeTTy Ann Talley. Third RowfMarilyn Adcock, Maurillis Jones, Nedra Kay SwarT, KaTherine Carico, Rosalie Slchlegelmilch, Sara Ann Schiclc, Debby Wilson, l'lelen l-ladley, Sue Tupman, Geneve l-lagan, KaThleen Eorlcner, Peggy Richey, Marilyn ShrouT, Virginia Moreland. enTs had broughT baclc colored Tilms abouT The liTe and cusToms oT The inhabiTanTs. These were enioyecl immensely. Miss DoroThy Campbell, a TaculTy member, gave a review oT The book, TogeTher by Mrs. George Marshall. Reverend lvor l-lyndman assisTed wiTh The ChrisTmas program aTTer which a parTy was held and reTreshmenTs were sered. ChrisTmas carols were also sung. The mosT ousTanding acTiviTy oT The club was The all-day Trip To Vincennes. Explorers and chaperonos boarded a charTed bus aT 8:00 KM. and ,reTurned home aT approximaTely 9:00 P.M. Eou:'Th Row7Marliyn SwarT, BeTTy Joyce STinson, Mario- rie V!enTz, Donald l-larTman, Leon Robbins, Marion Boaz, ErnesT Hiles, Billy Evans, Buddy l-loplcins. FiTTl'1 Row7Jacqueline STierwalT, Barbara McKee, Mar- iorie Hull, Yvonne Broclcman, Jean Graham, Joy SCOTT, Shirley Zirlcelbaclc, Gracia Ripple, MarTha Jane SCOTT, Barbara James, Rosalind Bailey. Six+l-i Row7Bonnie Keesling, DoroThy Pavey, Barbara Poor, MarTha Ann OTTO, Maxine Houser, Evelyn Bohan- nan, KaTie Browning, Helen Lindsey, June WiseharT, PaT sy Wiggins, Dora Mae l-lewiTT. Sevcnfh Row----Bill Vlfilder, Eranlc SmiTh, John Skaggs, Terry Schuyler, Bill CliTTord, Wayne Hollensbe, Malcolm Dunn, Alan Schlossberg, Charles Haines, l-lerman SmiTh. SENIOR Y-TEENS' OFFICERS Second Row-'KaTe SrniTh, Barbara SrniTh lcabineTl, Ra- chel MaTThew lcabineTl, Mary PaT Remley lcabineTl, Marie Groves lcabineTj, Neva Kimrnerling lcabineTT, Y-Teens This year, This organizaTion was re- 1amed.Now called Y-Teens, The group was originally The Girl Reserves. AnoTher change has been necessiTaTed by The con- sTanTly growing number oT members. This increase has made necessary The division oT The club inTo Two separaTe groups, meeTing on alTernaTe Mondays. Freshmen and sophomore girls compose The mem- bership oT one group which held iTs meeT- ings innmediaTely aTTer school. The oTher group was made up oT The Junior and Senior Y-Teens who held Their meeTings aT 7:30 p.m. BoTh groups meeT in The Blue Triangle room aT The YWCA. Each oT The Two organizaTions elecTs separaTe oTTicers. Each group also has a cabineT made up oT Their oTTicers and The chairmen and co-chairmen oT The various commiTTees of The club. The cabineT oT DoroThy T-lalleTT lpres.T. Mrs, Marguerife Hale lspon- sorl, Marjorie Adams lsec.T, Deborah Wilson lcabineTT, D'Alice Coburn lcabineTj, Adrienne STewarT lcabineTl, Sara Miller lcabineTT, Donna STern. each group meeTs To TormulaTe plans Tor TuTure club meeTings and programs, and Tor special evenTs. Members are appoinT- ed on commiTTees Tor which They have sTaTed a preTerence on Their enrollmenT card. One oT The mosT imporTanT evenTs oT The Y-Teen year was The April Reign , a semi-Tormal dance held April II aT The Labor Temple. A MoTher and DaughTer banqueT was held in May. lniTiaTions provided The programs Tor one meeTing oT each division. STyle shows were held by boTh and many oTher inTe- resTing programs were given. Mrs. Alle- man oT Alleman's School oT BeauTy CulTure presenTed a program on hair-sTyling and care, emphasizing Teen-age sTyTes. AT The ChrisTmas parTy oT The Junior-Senior Y-Teens, giTTs were broughT Tor The wel- Tare Home. A donaTion was given To The VisiTing Nurse Shower. SOPHOMORE Y-TEEN OFFICERS Fron r Row--Peggy Nelson, Pal Bow- ers, Pally Brown lChr. Service Comm.l, Dorolhy Aageson iChr. Publicifyl, .Mrs Evelyn Grahame lSponsorl, Susie Rifier lV.Pres.l, Mary Ann Eichler lChr. Co-Ed.l, Jerry Thornberry lChr. Musicl, Car- olyn Yan Camp lChr. Sociall, Sus- fnnf' Sionc lchr. Prcqfarnl, Kay Liflle. FRESHIAEI Y-TEZEI OFFICERS Froni' Row-fMauril'us Jcwnos, lCo- ilirN'f. o. iuhlicilyl, Jane? Biddle Spicer lCo-Chr. Worshipl, Adele Faulkner lilo-Chnl, Mrs. Evelyn Graham lgponsorl, Judy Salyers lSecrelaryl, Charloile Barr lTreas.l. Aloma Slanley lCo-Chr. Prograrnl, Jackie Swinford lCo-Chr.Sociall, Jane Ann Reniorlh lCo-Chr. Musicl, Palsy Ulley lCo-Chr. Servicol. LTI 1:02 Y-TECN OFFICERS Swconcl Flow7Juani+a Bevelhimer lcabineil, Judilh Fowler lcabinefl, llarlccn Shinn lvice-pres.l, Nancy Wilhile lcabinell, Barbara Dunbar lfakineil, Prisc lla Pilfinger lcabinell, Cfharlflie Lilcons lcabinerl, Mrs. Mar- querile Hale lsponsorl, Barbara Ma- lone llreas.l, Mary Belh Schneider lcalninell. Conservcwion Club wif The members oT This club sTudy all Types oT conservaTion and learn many inTeresTing Things concerning our naTural resources and poinTs oT beauTy. AlThough The ConservaTion Club is small, iT is very acTive and can give a good accounT oT iTselT by all iTs beneTicial acTi- viTies during The year. STana.lingiBeverly Riley, Mary Jo Slanley lScc.- Troas,l, Mary Lou Hair lPrcs.l, Marlha OTTO, Joyce SiTono, Dcra Mae Hewill, Virginia Hawley lprog. Chnl. l..o'lT Table7lClockwisol Helen Hadley, JeaneTle Lauber, Donna Slern,SJQlf XViscr'nan lNoT Showingl, Joan McKinley, Paul Lane, Gladys Rhynearson, Dmo- lhy Pavoy, Evelyn Oilo. Righlr Table- -lclocki-.ffszl lvlarilyn Lukens, Belly The- mas llwlcl Showingl,Opel Yfilsoq Jean Wells,Na- Sloan Morrre lV, Pr3s,l, Deborah Wilson, Marlha Sue Tumpman, Bess Day lSponsorl. Fronf Row- --Maurice Shaw, Norman Baker, Herb Tem- plelion Dick Slage lV.Pres.l, Frank HuTTon lTreas.l, Bob Ed- wards, Dick Jones. Row 2YTom Wrigley, Din Eulsler, Eddie Adkins, Max Pujh, Bob SylvesTer, Bob Drason, Jim Nowlin. Ronald Jarrell, lra Heiney, Richard Arnold. Row 3--Roy Browning, Sale Eggman, Dick l-lodson Don Bomo, EmmerT Wells, Terry Sshuyler, Jim EnT, Bill Thomas, Jack Moore, Jim li-lyers, John Finney lSponsorl Row 4'-Jim Jackson, Tom Bauldauf, HoyT KesTner, lon llarlrman, Paul Yales, Edsel Oberlies, Ed Free- Slonc, Bill CaTT, Agee leach. Row 5 -Ronald Kern. Dean Gray, Dick Pelerson. ook Club The Book Club is an organizaTion es- Tablished To sTimulaTe a wholesome inTer- esT in good books. ln This organizaTion members hold discussions abouT auThors and books and give book reviews and re- porTs. This year The club's main acTiviTies were The Teen Age Show and The special convocaTions puT on in The audiTorium. lSgT. al Armsl, Leroy Slaler lPres.l, Char- 1--5 F, .. .,...,.-,,,,,. ,i Sea+ed--Deborah Wilson, Geraldine Williamson, l-larry Murphy, Leon Robbins. Curlis Gordon, Polly Loclcwood, Marion Boaz, Marily Kunlz, Mariorie l laryey, Barbara Beresford, Bob Sinner, Joan Carmody, Kalie Baxler lseol, D'Alice Coburn, Frances Poland, Margarel Ellis, Nancy Groble. Science Club The Science Club oi Al-IS promolos a beller undersranding and new inleresls in scienliiic fields among lhe members ol Camera Club The room was in +o+al dark- ness. Slillness prevailed, and lhen-surprise! ll was only Jrhe Camera Club having a darlc room demonstralion. These demonslralions and discus- sions on cameras and prinls comprised some of lhe club's meelings. Froni Row--fMorris Turner,Max Main, Bill Losey lv. pres.l, Delores Ryan lsec.l, Louis Fonlaine lpres.l, Pal Clyde. Row 2--Belly Wrighr, Maurice Wrighi, Maclc Mallingly, Bill Canaday, Barbara Bereslord, Nancy Coble, Bonnie An- derson. Row 3--Mr. 6. Julius lsponsorl. Chas. Wise, DeLeon Wilson, Dale Louiso, War- ren Mixler, Dick Lasher. Sfanding-B. B, Horror' lsponsorl, Louis Fonfaine, Mary Jo Slanley, Chesrer Weed. Dick Websler, Don Sluarl, Bill Reynolds, Bill Lawson, Bill Miller, John Nelson lv. prcs.l, Bill ldeiman lpres.l, Bob Carfer, Gale Eggrnan, Gerald Mcliclyey, Jim Wilson, Dick Crisler, Bill Cliilord, Bob Tranbarger, Diclc Henning, Bill King, Johnny Williams. lhe club. Qnl sludenls who aro iziloroslod Y in science and aiding olhers in allaining a boiler undersfoziding ci if' should loin This club. Pre-Med. There'll be an abundance oT docTors, nurses, and druggisTs in a very Tew years I-F The large membership oT The newly-or- ganized Pre-Med Club is any criTerion. Any iunior or senior who expresses a deTi- niTe inTeresT in some Tield oT medicine and has made no grades below C is eligi- ble To ioin. PromoTing inTeresT in The medical pro- Tession and helping sTudenTs To choose which Tield is besT suiTed To Them is The main TuncTion oT This organizaTion. Under The sponsorship oT W. Leo Sanders and Dr. Lloyd Rosenbaum, a prominenT And- erson physician, This purpose is carried ouT very eTTicienTly. The programs oT The Pre-Med Club are guiTe varied so as To give luTure Dr, Kil- daresu a clear view oT all The opporTuni- Ties oTlered by The medical proiession. The year's acTiviTies were begun wiTh a FronT Row+Bill Wilder, ChesTer Weed, David Jones lTreas.l, Jim Bonge lv. pres.l, Beverly GranT lpres.l, Georgiana Richardson lsec.l, Evelyn Bohannan, Gracia Ripple. Row 2-Phyllis Merrill, Phyllis Carraway, June Edens, visiT To ST. John's l-lospiTal during which The members were allowed To inspecT The enTire hospiTal. Dr. Rosenbaum was guesT spealcer aT The Tollowing meeTing and Told oT his own experiences in medicine and gave some helpTul advice. To presenT The PharmacisT's view, Mr. Lee PaynTer, oT PaynTer's ApoThecary, was inviTed To spealc beTore The group. AT The April meeTing Dr. W. Kafie BaxTer, Mary Ann KnighT, Mary Jayne Johnslone, Jeanne Peclc, Tom l-lamilTon, Jo Anne Marnilfon. Row 3-- Diclc Merrill, Jaclc l-lullman, Bob Mi-rrill, Dirk Henning, Leo Sanders lsponsorl, Edgar Adiiins, l-leib 'lempleTon, Diclc Lasher, Pafsy T-lamilTon. L. Sharpe Tallced on The subiecT Psychia- Try and Psychology . Even The veTenarian was noT TorgoTTen, Tor Dr. Robe-rT Blake explained The dog and caT branch oT The proTession. To highliTe The year's evenTs a Trip To Indianapolis To visiT The laboraTories oT The Eli Lilly PharmaceuTical Co. was planned by This ambiTious organizaTion. F. F. A. The FuTure Farmers oT America is The lNlaTional OrganizaTion oT, by, and Tor Tarm boys sTudying vocaTional agriculTure in public secondary schools which operaTe under The provisions oT The NaTional Vo- caTional EducaTion AcTs. The Maior pur- poses oT The FuTure Farmers oT America are To develop agriculTure and paTrioTism. There are Tour degrees oT acTive member- ship- Green Hand , ChapTer Farmer , STaTe Farmer , and American Farmer . AdvancemenT Through These grades oT membership is based on achievemenT in vocaTional agriculTure and progressive osTablishmenT in Tarming. Fronf Row--John HinTon, Lee Cunningham, Charles Shuliz, Duane Schlabach, Crville Sheward, KenneTh Delong, ,Joriy Mullens, Darrell Russell. Row 2-Bonny Brock, Vlfendell Nanney, Harold Nolan, Bob Hawkins, Jim Reed, Bill MeTzger, Bob AlT, Tom Ny- boer, Delberr Ellis, Jirn Myers. ThroughouT The UniTed STaTes, The Terri- Tory oT Hawaii- and The lsland oT PuerTo Rico, The organizaTion has grown rapidly and is now recognized as The largesT Tarm boy organizaTion in The world. A NaTional ConvenTion is hold annually in The Munici- pal AudiTorium aT Kansas CiTy, Missouri, aT The Time oT The American Royal Live- sToclc Show. Row 3-Bud MabbiTT, WalTer Kane, Richard Armfield, Bob Bonge, Bill Downham, Norman Gillespie, Dick And- erson, John RolTs, Mr. Wilson ibponsoiy, .iuooii Udom, Jim Herb, Johnnie Greene, Bob Cdom, KermiT Adams. Row 4-David Bronnenberg, Luriis McCorlchill, Charles Delph, KenneTh PiTTsTord, Paul Songer, Paul Broclc. The FuTure Farmers oT America Founda- Tion has been esTablished To provide busi- ness, indusTry, organizaTions, and indivi- duals wiTh a beTTer opporTuniTy To co- operaTe in promoTing The program oT The FuTure Farmers oT America and To assisT sTudenTs and Tormer sTudenTs oT voca- Tional agriculTure To become esTablished in a Tarming occupaTion. ,f-4 Fronf Row-Paul Cardinal, George Anderson, S'coTT PeTerson, Diclc Jones, Bob l-larvey, Billy Coverdale, Gil- berT GenTry. Row 2--Phillip Miller. Richard Mon, John Johnson, William Briley, Clarence Hendrickson, Joseph Lenz, David Johnson, Ralph Shelburn. Row 3-Fred Armslrong lSlponsorl, Russell lvlcKain, Veterans The VeTerans Club oT Al-lS was organi- zed Tor The ex Gl's going To school here. lTs main purpose is To help one anoTher wiTh diTTerenT posT war problems, lilce The GI Bill OT RighTs. LasT Tall The club puT a very in- TeresTing display in The show case in The TronT hall. The display included souvenirs Trom diTTerenT baTTles broughT home by These veTerans. Thomos Abel, lra WainscoTT, Freeman lmel, Norman Goodwin, Billy FousT, William l-luhphrey, Lyle Cox, Charles Kline. Row 4-EvereTT Newby, Samuel l-lancoclc, William Jame- son, RoberT Kessler, RoberT Ashby, Miles Hardy, Donald Cain, James Morgan, Don Parlain, STanley PorTer lPrin- cipall. Printers WhaT would Al-IS do wiThouT The prinT- ing deparTmenT? They prinT The high school paper, The X-Ray, The high school annual, The lndiang and The LiTTle Chief magazine. These acTiviTies are only a drop- in-The buclceT compared wiTh The various oTher iTems produced, which include sup- plies Tor The enTire school ciTy. PRINTERS Fronf Row-Mr. Barrier lSponsorl, l-lar- old Chase, Charles Gray, Raymond Ra- per, RoberT Boyer, Bill Turner. Row 2--AlberT Rich, Ronald Kimm, D. lvl. Lc-oper, Tom Green. l ..,.-. -. C.. ....... .....M.4p-.4 The Indian Here are The unsung heroes oT THE INDIAN. These are The powers behind The Throne upon whom The publicaTion oT The annual depends. Nancy Mullins, Mari- lyn Adcock, Phyllis Merrill, Rachel MaTT- hew, Jim STookey, and Dick Flory compos- ed The lirerary deparTmenT: Those sporTs wriTe-ups were by Jim Ellis: Bob Spearman STUDENT EXECUTIVE BOARD Jack Odell PhoTographer Barbara Heiney l.iTerary Edifor Joycilie Pearson EdiTor-in-Chief Marianna Moore ArT EdiTor Bill Wilder AssisTanT EdiTor handled The all-irnporTanT circulaTion: sec- uring ads Tor The book was up To Beverly Hanneman: Marvin Clanin had charge oT The business deparTmenT3 and Neva Kimm- erling pecked The TypewriTer keys Tor us. A greaT voTe oT Thanks should be given To all oT Them, Tor They puT in Their Time and energy Tor one main reason ----- To please youl ANNUAL STAFF Fronf Row4Marilyn Adcock, Neva Kirnmerling, Phyllis Merrill. Row 2-Rachel MaTThew, Bob Spear- man, Jim Ellis, Beverly Hannaman, Nancy Mullins. Row 3-Dick Flory, Marvin Clanin, Jim STooky. Fronf Row,Sealed-Jim Ellis, Dolores Marsh, Beverly Hanneman, Rosalind Bailey, Shirley Eclcenberg, Barbara Melle, Phyllis Miller, Marjorie Adams, Joan McKinley, Polly Cochran, Jean Bancroil. Row 2---Marilyn Wilson, Frances Eoland, Mariorie Harvey, H. E. McGoon, insfruclor, Bob Slinson, Joan Jefferson, Nancy Barfl, Joyce Dalton, Joann Kirk, Deloris Ryan, Kalherine Carico, Rachel Mailhew, Chauncey lsenhour, The X-Ray This year lhe X-Ray had a new sponsor, r-larry E. McGoon. Aided loy his able dir- eclion, lhe X-Ray sialic produced lwenly- live issues. Page edilors in 'rhe lirsl semesler were Rosalind Bailey, Joann McKinley, Polly Cochran, and Jim Ellis. Edilor-in-Chief were Shirley Eclcenberg and Phylis Miller. Joann McKinley served as edilor-in chief during lhe second semesler. Page edilors were Joann Kirlc, Dorlhy l-lallell, Marjorie l-larvey, and Jim Ellis. As is Jrhe cuslom each year, Jrhe X-Ray sen? represenlalives lo lhe annual con- Louis Eonlaine, Bill Losey, Peggy Richey, Jim Dismulre, Carolyn Sfohler, Mary Jo Sllanley. Row 3---Barbara Lawrence, Rulh Lighllool, Don Galla- more, Belly Wright Don Arbuclcle, Dorolhy Hallelf, Jacl: Byrne, Phyllis Billheimer, Diclc Kreps, Clarice Nevis, Mary Alice Abney. Page 5I venlion ol lhe Indiana l-ligh School Press Associalion. X-RAY EDITORS Shirley Eclcenberg, Joan McKinley, Phyllis Miller. VSV 1 . 1 .5 Q J' 5 J xx! -. N Q Aw ZW, . , A Q ,7 New Coaches Take Over WiTh The resignaTion oT Charles Cumm- ings, Al-IS was wiThouT an aThleTic direc- Tor unTil Dave Busey was secured To Take over his duTies. Along wiTh head coach Busey also came KeiTh Dobie LamberT, baskeTball and baseball coach. These ad- diTions have co-ordinaTed our aThleTic de- parTmenT, and made a Tuller program oT sporTs possible. AnoTher imporTanT parT oT our aThleTic SeaTed1Ray Fleenor, David Busey lATh- leTic DirecTorl, Carl Bonge. STanding--Clifford SwiTT, David Barrow, Vern Shinn, RoberT McDowell, KieTh l.amberT. sysTem is The A Club, which is composed oT all varsiTy leT- Termen. This year The mem- bers sold pins, caps, and pen- nanTs in order To Tinance Their annual banqueT. The sponsors oT This group are composed oT The members oT The coaching sTaTT. FronT Rowe-Frank S+i+h, John Taylor, Clifford CarTer, Edgar Archey, Paul O'Neill, Clyde Green, Bob Spearman, Vaughn Voss, Tom Abel, Bob lsenhour. Row Zefslunior Mills, Dick STage, Bob Slnowden, Paul Oakes, PaT King, Bill l-lieman, Bob Carraway, Charles Tyree, Bob Shafer, Paul Bevelhimer, Bob Edwards. Row 37Charles Miller, Bill CaTT, Bob Belangee, Joe Fox, Russell SmiTh, Bob PorTer, Dick Armfield, Frank SmiTh, Gene Wilson, Gerald Dodd, Ray Ward. Row 4--John STayTon lSec.-Treas.l, Bill Williams, Charles OsTler, D. lvl. Looper, KenneTh Bays, Russell Roby, Horace WainscoTT, Allen Early, Ray PasswaTer lSgT. aT Armsl, Dick Walker. Row 54-Jerry Brandon, Torn l'lamilTon, Don Vandergriff lPres.l, Roy McConnell, l-larold Chase, Bob Whife, Bob Williams, Charles SToTTlernyer lV, Pres,l, Jim l-lamilTon. Noble WhiTe. STU DENT MANAGERS rronT Row- -lL. To R.l Jack Snowden, Don T'TolT, Joe Cha man, P Row 2 --Bill WoodruTT, Ben Nelson, Carl Jones. Managers WiThouT The managers our aThleTic Teams would be losT, as These boys play a very im- porTanT parT in The daily rou- Tine oT all aThleTics. The eguip- menT, which is The besT in The sTaTe, is parTly due To The sTu- denT managers who assisT in Taking care oT all The dirTy work. Upper LeTT- -Bob Edwards. Barbara Gwynn. Lower Righfthlancy BarTl, Dick Bussell. Cheerleaders Again This year Anderson had The besT cheering secT- ion in The sTaTe, due mosTly To our Tine cheerleaders. The sTudenT body elecTed Two boys and Two girls To lead The yells aT all oT our various aThleTic evenTs. In addiTion To knocking Themselves ouT aT games and pep sessions, They aTTempTed To esTablish an organized cheering secTion. However, Tailure oT ThesTudenTs To back The proiecT caus- ed our cheerleaders To disconTinue iT. ln oTher aspecTs, however, The Team was backed by The enTire secTion. Many persons commenTed on The TacT ThaT The secTion did more yelling and cheering when The Team was behind: This shows how our school spiriT and cheering secTion im- prove as The years roll on. k FOOTBALL New Coach Tor Tribe Playing a hard season under a new coach, Dave Busey, The varsiTy Tinished wiTh Three wins and Tive losses. ln The op- ening game oT The gridiron season, JeTT oT l-aTayeTTe gave The Tribe a I9-O whipping, wlaich was noT easily TorgoTTen. ln The Tollowing week lndian gridmen again were deTeaTed. This Time by Muncie CenTralg buT during The lasT Tew minuTes oT The game a TainT spark broke loose in The person oT Bob WhiTe who inTercepTed a CenTral pass and ran 80 yards Tor a Touchdown. Jinx is Broken Marion, who was nexT on The schedule. was succumbed by The Indians Tor Their TirsT win oT The season. The GianTs were unable To score a single Touchdown during The course oT The game, leaving Anderson wiTh a I3-O vicTory. Having Tinally broken The iinx which hung over Them Tor The TirsT Two games. The Tribe was ready To scalp anoTher Team: buT The mighTy ShorTridge eleven blocked Their eTTorTs and ran away wiTh a 32-6 vic- Tory. ATTer less Than Tive minuTes had pass- od in The game, The Anderson crowd wenT wild as l-lorace WainscoTT inTercepTed a Dluo Devil pass and ran 75 yards Tor a Touchdown. Again They were on The warpaTh Tor Their second win, only This Time The vicTor was The Big Green and WhiTe oT Tech. ATTer baTTling back and TorTh Tor Tour guarTers The Tech Team Torged ahead Tor a 27-6 advanTage. Following Their deTeaT Trom Tech, The Indians reTalliaTed and Took The New Cas- Tle Troians Tor a I3-6 deTeaT. This was The lasT home game ThaT The Anderson eleven played. ..-,..,.. L- 4, ...-.. - l .ai .L Insiruciions by Busey WiTh each piece oT good news comes some bad, as The Tribe suTTered Their TiTTh deTeaT Trom The Richmond Red Devils. ln The TirsT guarTer The Redskins obTained a Touchdown and were in The lead unTil The lasr quarTer when The Richmond eleven n-up-7 scored seven poinTs To hand The Tribe a one-poinT Tailure. To close The season The lndians encamp- ed aT Elwood and dealT our counTy oppon- onTs a I2-O loss. The members oT The squad elecTed an honorary capTain oT The Team, FronT Row-Paul Bevelhimer, PaT King, Bradley Neal, Ray Ward, John Taylor, Allen Early, Don VandergriTT, Charles S'ToTTlernyer, Vaughn Voss, Tom Abel, Edgar Archey, Bob WhiTe, Frank STiTh, Bill Williams. Row' 2vBill Miller, Eddie FreesTone, Gene Bell, Ronald Rehm, Lloyd Graham, Dick Walker, Bob Slnowclen, Bob Ed- wards, Tom l'lamilTon, Bob Carraway, Charles Tyree, Gerald Dodd, Bob PorTer, Vorace WainscoTT. Row 3+Don T-luTTer, Bill Varner, Bill CaTT, Bob Young, Bob Busby, David Brown, Errd Dnvis, Bnb BhaTer. Jack WhiTe, Lalcrn Nicholson, Jack Shanklin, Lewis Kugler, Gerald lsanogle, Harold Chafe. Row 4iBob Garrigus, John Wrighl, Kielh Clevengor, Jim Dismuke, Bob WirTs, D'ck Parker, Jack O'Dell, Bob Vermillion, James Mansfield, Myron Baumer, Bob Tlnclps, Bob LesTer, Jack Edwards, Allen UTTerback. Pow 5-Kenny Chambless, Ronald Ro- lind, Karl Pralher, Bob Williams, Audrey l-lamilTon, Dick Peck, Bill Schell, Glen Ehle, Larry Anderson, Bob Ward. Row 6-Don HolT, Bob Snowden, Vern Shinn, Kia-Th LamberT, Dave Busey, Clif- Tord SwiTT, RoberT McDowell, Bill Wood- ruTT, Carl Jones, N M 'XX 'Mtg K N.. Y WH! ,S 5, A Je, A r i:- M six ' i LLQY 5 K, I x, f ' fix FK Q k if F I J I A ., ., ,,,,,, - k k E .' uw wx ek Q Q v J- L fk K Q' M 9 fs U Q gf mg' Jill. fx 6 fl Scores AHS O .A,A,.,.. l.aTayeTTe I9 AHS 6 ..... ,. lvluncie CenTral 39 AHS I3 ,. ...... .. Marion O AHS 6 ,,A,A,.,.,.. ShorTridge 32 AHS 7.,. ........ Tech 27 AHS I3., A ,New CasTle 6 AHS 6 .. ,. Richmond 7 AHS l3 ..6.. T. Elwood O FRESHMEN FronT Row--Chamberlain, Douglas, HarT, Childes, FousT, Mears, Wallcer, Cmnfngham, Cunningham, lvlcCune WhiTehead, Collins. Row 2--Noland, Fenders, Leqell, WeaTherly, Young Jones, MabbiTT, Monclenhall, JohnsTon, McCullough Linder, Bauldauf. ,....,.... LambcrT's Walk Freshmen This year The Treshmen TooTball Team had one oT The besT TurnouTs of The pasT Tow years, having more Than Twice as many candidaTes as lasT year. The Team played a rogular season, wiTh games l3oTh home and ouT oT Town. Coaching The Tresh- men Team This year was Dave Barrow, who is a new assisTanT coach. Row 3-Slrfdrr, Rza, Brown, Dunham, Sparks, Vanarsdall, Jones, Moore, Schneider, Barbe, McKinley, Salin. Row 4-W--Dugger, Mrynard, Jenkins, Davis, Riggle, Mc- CarTney, Webber, PaTTor', DeLancy, Rambo, Cuneo. Row 5---Linder, Green, Shcasley, Robinson, Julius, Miller, Crosley, Ward. Q A , ,,,,,,-,,,s,...,,,..s...,,.,M Fron+ Row-Earl Lawler, Slanlord Commron, Jon Williams, Ray Turner, Marvin Sheward, Bill Marlin, Dick Lighrioof, Arno Land, Charles l-laws, Tom Geary. Second Row-Coach Bonge, Dick Slage, Bob Belangee, Bill l'-lieman, Frank Srnilh, Charles Osller, Gene Wilson, Joe Fox, D. M. Looper, Russell Smilh, Dick Bussell, John Slaylon. Row 3-'Jim Bonge, Don Walker, Jack Bonge, Jack Kimble, Glen Roul, Dick Armlield, Bob Richards, Jack Cross-Counfry Team Capfures Sfafe Tifle Winning all lheir meels again Jrhis year, Carl Bonge's cross counlry harriers have now cornpleled lheir rhird conseculive undefealed season. Nor only were They undelealed in lheir scheduled meels, bul lhey also shared lirsl place honors in lhe ll-lSAA's lirsl srale cross counlry meer. Our co-winner was lvlishawaka, which, according ro Jrhe rimings of 'rhe races. would have run in second place if only one race had been held. CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIP SQUAD Lefl fo Righ++Ray Fleenor, Assi. Coach: Dave Busey, Alhlelic Direclory John Slay- rcn, Gene Wilson, Dick Srage, Frank Srnilh, Bill l-Ieiman, Russell Smilh, D. lvl. Looper, Joe Fox, Cal Banjo, Coach. Cassell, Pal Ryan, Charles Armslrong, Jack Byrne, Assisi-- anr Coach Fleenor. Row 4-Joe Chapman, Bob Onslal, Charles Barrerl, Pal O'Roark, Dick Helfrich, Bob Miller, Chesler Weed, Bob Spearman, Clyde Green. Row 5+Bob Boyer, Kennelh Bays, Darrell York, Jimmey Currenl, Richard Arnold, Jim Falge, Ray Reese, Raymond Roper, Bob lsenhour. Leading lhe huge crowd ol runners was sophomore John Slaylon, whose lime was lO:24.9 This was I8 seconds lasler Than rhe lvlishawaka runner who won The firsl' heal. ll was a grear honor for Anderson lo be Jrhe lirsl slale cross counlry cham- pions. According lo Coach Bonge, lhe Indians have compleled lheir mosl suc- cessful season ever engaged by any squad. Tribe Bloody But Unbowed One ReTurning LeTTerman Sparks Champions The Anderson indians, Tollowing several weeks oT pracTicing, puT on Their TirsT exhi- biTion aT an open house early in The season. l-laving only one reTurning leTTerman, Bob Spearman, The Tribe was slighTly handi- rapped, buT This Tailed To l:JoTher Them. as Coach l.amberT, also new, had many new ideas and plays. AT The beginning oT The season, Coach LamberT Tried several combinaTions To Try To Tind a group of boys who could work well TogeTher and make poinTs. ln Their TirsT game, The Red and Green scalp- ed The GreenTield guinTeT 37-30. ATTer Kneeling7Jack Crim, Don l-lolT lSTudenT lvlgr.l, Ben Nelson lSTudenT Mgr.l, Dick STage. Sealed---Dick Peck, Dick l-lelTrich, Russell SmiTh, Dick Walker, Dan Schuyler, Ray Ward, PaT King. having won Their TirsT game, They were Then ready To encounTer Marion, who de- cidelly changed our course. The Tribe's second win oT The season came when New CasTle was deTeaTed in a close game wiTh only one poinT beTween The Two aggregaT- ions when The Tinal gun wenT oTT. WiTh Two vicTims To Their crediT. The lndians hiT a had sTreak in which JeTT oT l.aTayeTTe,, Muncie CenTral, and Marion Took over The honors, louT again The Triloe recovered Trom The lolow and cleaned Burris Tor Their Third win. Lose To Kokomo in Big Four Again in The Bic:-Four Tourney The Red and Green narrowly deTeaTed The New STandinq-Dave Barrow lAssT. Coachl, Vaughn Voss, Clyde Green, Bch Spearman, KeiTh Lambe-rT lCoachl, Torn l-lamilTon, Charles SToTTlemyer, Dave Busey lAThleTic D' T l IVSC Ol' . HUDDLE Casfle Troians, buf in fhe evening fhe Kafs from Kokomo capfured fhe fifle. Nexf fhe Anderson guinfef suffered five fairly close losses af fhe hand of Forf Wayne. Rich- mond, Tech, Shorfridge, and Muncie. As before, fhe Trim refaliafed and ran over fhe Elwood Panfhers. Wifh fhe season drawing near fo an end, Anderson fans wifnessed fhe vicfories of five opponenfs- Franlcforf, Kolcomo, New Casfle, Pendle- fon, and Logansporf. This year fhirfeen Iooys received Ieffers for fheir efforfs during The season: fhey selecfed as co-capfains, Chales Sfoffle- myer and Bob Spearman. Our Indian mascof fhis year was Gus Pancol, who was reelecfed affer finishing Iasf year for us affer fhe army foolc our ofher Indian. Gus performed his nafive dance Ioefore each game: he also added many new Indian inferprefafions fo his performances. ef Tourney Acfi Regardless oT The season wihch The ln- dians had, They sTarTed ouT in The Tourney in Tine shape. Cheered on by The rooTing secTion, The Tribe deTeaTed The Marke- ville Arabians. and were Then ready Tor by Teams and Fans Though, The able PendleTon lrish Took The honors and wenT on To The Regional. leav- ing Anderson in The dusT. Their second Toe. also Trom Anderson, 9ainT Mary's. The SainT Tvlary's aggrega- Tion gave The Red and Green a run Tor Their money, buT neyerTheless The lndians emerged vicTorious. ln The Tinal game, Two More PoinTs Va rsify From fop moving clockwise-Dick Peck, Ray Ward, Clyde Vaughn Voss, Dick Walker, Bob Spearman, Jack Crim Green, Paul Bevelhim r D' k S+ ' ' e, rc age, Tom Hamal+on, Cenfer-Russell Smlfln, Charles S+oHlemyer. Pai A Pipe of Peace befween The halves of baTTle SEASON SCORES AHS 37 ......... ,.....................,...............,..,.. G reenTield 30 Marion 34 ......,.........,.,.........................................,.,. AHS 28 AHS' 35 .................... ........ N ew CasTle 34 JeTT oT LaTayeTTe 54 ...... ............. A HS 35 Muncie CenTral 39 .,.... ....... A HS 37 Marion 38 ........ T ........ .......... A HS' 36 AHS 38 ................. .,..,.... B urris 34 ForT Wayne 4l ..... Richmond 42 ...... Tech 31 .......,!......... ShorTridge 37 .........., Muncie CenTral 4l ....... AHS 55 ..............,... FranlcTorT 43 ..,...... Kokomo 44 ............ New CasTle 43 ........ PendleTon 38 ...... l.ogansporT 45 .,,..,., STars in The making FronT RowfBob WhiTe, Bob Rousey, Max Jariys, Sam Price, Bob Belangee, Dick Douglas. John STayTon, Row 2-AssT. Coach Dave Ba'r'rdw, Gene Bell, Bob Baker, Bob PorTer, Gerald Dpdd, Bqb Miller, Jim Morris, Coach KeiTh Lam- berT. . ..h... AHS 36 ..,....AHS 36 .......AHS 19 32 ..........Al-TS 3 l Elwood 4I .Ai-IS' 42 .......Al-TS 42 ,,.....AHS ....,....AHS 26 ........AHS 36 ........AHS 40 Our B Team This year The Papooses. under Coach l.amberT's direcTion, had a season which was even more successTul Than ThaT oT The varsiTy. Of nineTeen scheduled games, The B Team capTured Ten. This squad provided The enTerTainmenT Tor The early corners To The varsiTy games. From This group oT boys There will be many excell- enT prospecTs Tor nexT year's varsiTy. Frosh Under fhe direcfion of Coaches Dave Barrow and Clifford Swiff, fhe freshmen feam played eighfeen scheduled games. Complefing a very successful season, fhis squad won fiffeen games and losf only fhree. ln addifion, fhey added fhe Soufh- porf lnvifafional Tourney fo fheir lisf of vicfories. Judging by fhe abilify of fhese boys, our l95O varsify is surely a promis- ing one. Fronf Row+Kenny Bays, David Vanarsdall, Don Huffer, Bill Seyberf, Carl Prafher, Kenny Chambless. 1- + The Neophifes Fronf Rowe-Bob Sanders, Keifh Mendenhall, Monfe McCune, Carl Jones lS'fu- denf Mgr.l, Bill Schnider, Ronnie Whifehead, Roy Young. Row 2+Ralph Harrell, Don Holloway, George Childes, Gene Paul Wilson, Charles Taylor, Diclc Douglas, Bud Mabbiff. Row 3EClifforcl Swiff lcoachl, Fred Cunningham, Arno Land, Jim Coleman, Vic Noland, Jim McKinley, Dave Barrow lcoachl. Wresfling For fhe firsf fime in many years, AHS sponsored a wresfling feam. The squad, under fhe auspices of Dave Busey, had no mafches during fhe season, buf engaged in infrasquad acfivifies. Enfering fhe sfafe meef af Bloomingfon, Don Huffer, AHS Sophomore, won his mafch. Anderson finished in fenfh place ouf of fhe fhirfeen schools enfered. Row 2-Dave Busey lCoachl, Ted Crosley, Duane Slay- baugh, Bill Weelcs, Ronnie Runyon, Jim Moore, Ray Reece. Tribe UncleTeaTecl In Dual Track MeeTs -On The cold, windy evening oT May 9, Coach Carl Bonge's cindermen capTured Their eighTh consecuTive NorTh CenTral ConTerence championship. The meeT was held under The TloodlighTs aT l.aTayeTTe7 running aTTer dark was a new experience Tor The squad. VViTh Anderson The vicTor aoain, many experTs sTaTed ThaT The indians would be a verv sTrong deTender oT Their sTaTe crown. JusT a week beTore, on 9aTurdav, Anderson had won The Kokomo Pelavs Tor The Third consecuTive Time: and +hev also Took The Muncie Relays in Their rT ide. FronT Row-Dirk S'Tar1e, Clyde Green, Bolo Snearman, Fdoar Arfhev, Rav Ward. Charles Tvree, Russell S'miTh, CliTTorfT CarTer, DM. looper. John STayTon, Bill l-leirnan, Tom l-larnilTon. Carl Bonge lCoachl. Row 2--Rav Fleenor lAssT, Coachl. Gene Wilson, Ed Tzreeclrone. Bill CATT, Frank STiTh, Dekecn Wilson, Bok: PorTer. Ken Charnl:-less, PaT King, JarreTT Dixon, Dick Bussell, Bob lsenhour. Row 3'fl.f'lIlS Fonlraine, Dick ArrnTic-ld, Jack Kimble, PaT 0'Roark, Rob Richards, Bill Delrwh ,lark O'Dell, Bah OnsTaT, Bolo Boyer, Charles MansTield, Jack Crirn, Bill Gilmore. Three records have Tallen This season. ln a home meeT wiTh Kokomo, Two Denny Field records were broken. The new mile record was seT by sophomore John STay- Ton in 4:37, and The new Time seT by Bob Spearman Tor The 440 yard is El :8. CarTer seTs All-Time Mark CliTTord CarTer Topped an all-Time school record Tor The broad iump wiTh a leap oT 21 TeeT 7 I-4 inches. Again This year Coach Bonge Turned ouT Two good relay Teams, clocking some oT The besT Times in The sTaTe. MosT oT The meeTs This season were run on muddy Tracks, as The raincloncls really bursT. AssisTino Coach Ronge were Rav Fleenor and l?.ol3erT McDowell. Raw 44RoherT McDowell lAssT. Coachl, Arno lanfl, Bob WhiTe. Georoe Newsom, Bill VNfoodruTT, Jack Bonqe, louis Kugler. Bob Vermillion, larry Anderson, Dick Hel- Trich, Bob Miller, Glen Ehle, Carl AulT. Row 51John WriohT, Gus Pancol, Jim STewarT, Jim Paige, Earl Lawler. Raymond Raoer, Gaylord Grissom, Jim Cur- renT, Karl PraTher, Russell Roland, Vaughn Voss, ChesTer Weed. Row 6-Bob Tavlor, Dave Gilmore, Hal Bolen, Ed Thrush, Don qimrnons. Don Merrill, John Hudson. Dick Merrill, Don Remish, Bah Prire, Farlia Johnson lSTudenT Mgr.l, Cheri Arm'Trcnfw, Rnnalcl Plummer lSiTuclenT Mgnl e a S i 4 I Top Rowkfflilford Carfer, Ray Ward, Russell Smillri, Diclc Sfage, Charles Tyree, Tom l-lamillon, Glen Elwle, Gene Wilson. Row 2-Bill Heiman, D. M. Looper, John Sfaylon, Edgar Archey, Kenny Chambless. Row Row Bob Noi' 3-Billy Williams, Bill Call. 4-Bob Spearman. Pal O'Roarlc, Eddie Freeslone lsenlwour, Clyde Green, Charles Osller. Picfured-Vaughn Voss, Frank Sfifh, Pal' King. A nderson Truckmen St Climaxing The l946-47 Track season was The specTacular work oT Coach Carl Bonge's Trackmen when, on SaTurday, lvlay 24, aT The Tech Track in Indianapolis, The lndians won Their Third consecuTive sTaTe Track championship by running up 4l l-2 poinTs To l-lammond's 29. FourTeen oT Anderson's squad made The Trip To The sTaTe meeT. These men had earned This honor by virTue oT winning eiTher TirsT or second places in The Sec- Tional meeT held aT Kokomo The week pre- vious. John STayTon, TleeT sophomore, cap- Tured TirsT place in one oT The mile races in 4128.4 while Russell SmiTh, anoTher soph- omore, won one oT The halT-mile races in l:58. SmiTh also won TiTTh place in broad iump and perTormed in an ouTsTanding manner in The second mile relay race and enabled The Team oT Dick STage, Bob Richards, SmiTh and Bob Spearman To win The mile in 3:26.7, a near record. Anderson's halT-mile relay Team Turned in anoTher brillianT race by winning ThaT Cite Champs Again evenT in I:32.5. These speedy lndians were Billy Williams, Frank STiTh, Ray Ward and CliTTord CarTer. Bob Spearman, long-sTriding quarTer- miler, Tinished second in The TirsT quarTer- mile race wiTh a greaT bursT oT speed in The lasT IOO yards. Clyde Green Turned in his besT perTor- mance oT The year in Tying lvlarion's PeT- TiTord Tor second and Third in The high iump. Ray Ward Turned in a greaT race in The low hurdles by Tinishing a close Third in ThaT evenT. Charles Tyree, Tom l-lamilTon and PaT O'Roark. alTernaTes on The relay Teams, compleTed The membership oT The squad. Coming wiThin one-TenTh oT a second oT Tying The besT all-sTaTe records in The halT-mile run and The mile relay, our Track- men broughT new glory To AHS and again demonsTraTed The superior Training which They received Trom Coach Carl Bonge and his assisTanTs Ray Fleenor and Bob McDowell. FronT 'row lleTT To righTl: Ray Ward, Bob Richards, Billy Williams, Dick STage, Middle row: o n ia on, i or ar er, usse J h ST yT Cl TT d C T R ll SmiTh, Frank STiTh, RaT ORoark, Coach Carl Bonge. B k R A T T C h R b T lvl D ll Ch l Tyree, Torn amillon, Clyde Green, Bob Spearman, BC OW! SSIS GU OGC O GF C OWS , Edgar Archey, AssisTanT Coach Ray Fleenor. GFSS . Y.. i FRESHMEN TRACK SQUAD Froni Row-V-Poberl McDowell lAssT. Coachl, Jerry Dun- can, Jack Ward. CliTTon T-luTTman, Jim Coleman, EsTan Fuller, Bob Province, Carl Jones, Tom Bauldauf, Dean Gray, Ronnie Burke, George Woods. Row 2- Ray Fleenor lAssT, Coachl, Edward Johnson iSTud. Mgr.l, Bob Purkey, Jon Williams, Don Williams, Jerry Calh Bob SmiTh, KeiTh Mendenhall, Roy Young, BusebuH According To Coach KeiTh I.amberT, The Indians were very lucky This year due To The TacT ThaT They had Two very Tine piT- chers, Jerry Brandon and Paul Oakes, and also Two Tine caTchers, Don FaT Vander- griTT, and Charles Muller. This season Tweniy-Tivo boys composed The varsiTy which had a very successful season. Qnly cnc: TccTor hindered Them and ThaT was cc' man weaTher, who couldn'T seem To hold Lack his Tears oT ioy. Due To This TacT fronf Row fi-fl Davis, Bah SmiTh, Junior Mills, Don Vandornriff, Jro lim, Bah Carravvay, .lorry Brandon, Floyd lflino, Don l-liilir,-r, B b Bilanoow. RTW Two- foul Ga oi, Din Schuyler, Vfiiliariw Scholl, 1 ALS, . . , ., T . Twig Ccne Paul Wilson, John Gillespie, George Mrlnfyre. Row 3--Charles Armsnong lSTud. Mgr.l, Ray Turner, Charles Dugger, Bob Sanders, Charles Haws, Bill MarTin, James Jenkins, STanTord Cameron, Joe Jackson, Bob Williams, Carl Bonge ll-lead Coachl. Row 4---Howard Dunham, Dean Dennis, Bob McClain, Tom Childes, Fred Cunningham, Frank FiTe, David Vanars- dal, Dick LighTTooT, Wilbur WalTord, Anderson Richard. many oT The scheduled games were posT- poned, only To be played laTer. The weaTher didn'T seem To boTher The boys much, however, as They had liTTle Trouble wiTh Their opponenTs. When The Annual wenT To press. l.amberT's Tribe had won six oT Their seven scheduled games, wiTh T'larTTord CiTy giving Them Their TirsT scalping. They had noT losT a single con- Terence game so Tar. Doc Mills, The Indians' second baseman, had a preTTy good baTTing average and assisTed his Team To obTain several oT iTs wins. Charles Muller, Bob Rousoy, Jirn Morris, Paul Bevolhimer, Charles SToTTlomyor, Charles Gray, Joe EllioT, Edgar Cgden, Dick Vfalker, Coach liwifh Lambcrf. Sluggers Top Lefl-Joe Fox, Don Vanclergriff, Charles Muller. Middle Righl-Charles Sfolllemyer. Don Hulfer, Edgar Top Kline, Bob Belangee, Junior Mills, Ogden' Bgb Carraway, Joe Elllo'l', Charles Gray. BoHom-Jim Morris, Dan Schuyler. Bob Rousey. Bob Middle Left-Dick Walker, Jerry Brandon. Paul Oakes. Smith, Bill Schell, Paul Bevelhimer. Golf Under The direcTion oT Coach Claude Roney. The golT Team played several successTul meeTs wi+h various schools in The viciniTy. The varsiTy squad This season was made up oT Two reTurn- ing leTTermen, Jim Ham- iI+an and Bolo Williams: numerous oTher mono- gram winners and some new aspiranTs also con- TribuTed Their abiliTies To The squad. Among oTher TeaTs The linlcsmen Troun- ced Lapel Twice, placed second in a Three-way meeT aT Marion and Third in a Tour-way meeT aT Tech. Baseball Beginners The Treshman Team, coach- ed by Dave Barrow and com- posed oT approximaTely 35 boys, played several pracTice games wiTh The B Team This season. From This group of beginners, we expecT To see many sTars in TuTure years. Al-TS Linlcsmen FronT Row-Charles Wise, Phil Brown, Dick Davisson, Bill Tuclcer, Bill Miller, Dick McNeal. Row 2-Graydon Collier. Tom Bluemle, Charles Ells- worTh, Frankie Phelps, Bill Chambers, David WhiTe. Row 3-Bob Thompson. Jim HamilTon, Dick Peck. Bob Williams, Jim Moneyhun, Claude Roney lCoachl. G. A. A. The Girls' Alhlelic Associalion is one ol lhe mosl aclive organizalions in AHS. The G.A.A. also has one ol lhe largesl memberships ol any school club. This is sure prool lhal lhis organizalion provides a very popular way lor many girls lo sperpcl lheir spare momenls. Some ol lhe so-called swoel, demure girls become very aclive when lhey gel inside lhe gym doors and begin lo parlicipale in lhe many kinds ol sporls lhis organizalion ollers. This year lhe girls played againsl leams Fronl Row-Pal Alexander, Barbara Lovell, Juanila Bevelhimer, Emma Lou Clillon, Beverly Ogden lPres.l, Emilie Baker lV, Pres.l, Belly Joyce Slinson lSec.l. Marlha Newsom, Barbara l-lacker, Dolores Rickard. Row 2-Belly Jean Websler, Belly Lou Websler, Pal Farlow, Jo Ann DeVaul, Kalie Browning, Sally Lou Penry, Joyce Whilaker, Marjorie Wenlz, Mary Newsom, Frances True, Carolyn McCarly, Joan Achenbach, Lou Wyanl. Row 3-Barbara Mears, June Melcall, Norma l-lains, Deloris Baines, Maxine Snaders, Barbara Raymore, Jo Cunningham, Roberla Bodenhorn, Bealrice Colne-r, Wanda lrom olher lowns, where lhey represenled Al-lS very well. The girls played baskelball, baseball, volley ball, rolalion soccer, and many olher sporls. Several ol lhese girls also look parl in various inlorclass aclivilies. There are no reslriclions on member- ship in lhe G.A.A. Any girl who is inler- eslod in sporls and likes lo lake parl in 'lhrra may 'ein lhis organizalion. All in all, lhis associalion is very prolil- able lo lhe girls lhemselves. ll leaches Sue Burchlield, Joan Marie Scheel, Donna Sloul, Mrs. Delilah Porler lSponsorl. Row 4-Joan Scharnowske, Alice Jo Levi, Shirley Siemer, Kalhleen York, Barbara Clarkson, Nancy Coble, Bonnie Anderson, Lois Horlon, Melva Johns, Marie Jones, Han- nah Pelry. Row 57Joyce Sanders, Nancy Williamson, Barbara Dodd, Belly J. Poor, Carolyn Terhune, Dora Mae Hewill, Marjorie Roberlson, Belly Hendricks, Audrey Rellord, Rulh Ellen Willis. Wm ----Y T i V V Them sporTmanship, helps keeps a nice Some oT The girls Tind sporTs so inTeresT- Tigure, gives Them a beTTer undersTanding ing ThaT They plan To go ahead in This oT all sporTs, and esTablishes many valuable Tield and become physical educaTors. Triendships. AWARDS 1 4 T AT The end oT each school year, awards are given To The girls who have earned The mosT poinTs. This year The girls oT GAA. chose Beverly Ogden To receive The Girls' Senior l-lonor A- ward. This Tour-year member received her award Through her showing oT coopera- Tion, reliabiliTy, honesTy and manner. l Each year a girl is selecTed Tor her Tino sporTmanship displayed while Taking parT in O.A.A. acTiviTies. This year The SporTsmanship Award wenT To Senior, Emily Baker. The award winner was ' chosen by members oT GJXA. Tor her sporTsmanship. leadership. willingness To work, and splendid aTTiTude in accepTing responsibiliTy. COUNCIL lx f'ronT i Krnilie Baker lfmrwa Lon CliTTon Baibara Hacker BeTTy Joyce STinson Delsres Rickard Barb. ra Lovell ln Back - Beverly Ogdon llnri'-1 Newsom VST Alexander M D l rs l' lu Porlcr lSpon.l Juanila Urvolhiwor f 4f?'QxQ4Z ' X W X kssl H im 3 M X R ww 1 I f J s we ' I , A 9 gf eff QQ .x A , 4, , 3 .4 3 - Lf f' -'S , J J S f 'Z ,QQ M--DX 9 if J A, jtjm K 'Xl X66 xl , X - 1 ZAlXwlgx 2 .E r Q5 v x ' ' ,Q v I 7 + Home Swee+ Home O P e n rg 9 D G y Wirh +he growing inferesf faken in fall The Opening' of School me renewing sporfs, school life became ever fuller. The of friendships and Hue' beginning of foofball games anol cross counfry meefs - ' - - - filied +he calendar wi+h even+s +o be re- sruches and achvnhes-all rnarkeol The srarf of a new year. mcmbefed- N Y Opening Day News Underclasses Look 'For The Birdie Four high school sTudenTs aTTended The annual High School Press !XssociaTion aT Franklin College This year. Joycilie Pearson and Bill Wild- er were The represonTaTives oT The year book, and Phyllis Miller ancl Shirley Eckenberg were senT Trom The X-Ray. Sponsor. l-larry lvlcGoon ac- companied Them on This visiT. Book Week Brings John Tunis To AHS ATTer waiTing in a long line which led down The sTeps anol Through The Ag room, all underclassmen were seaTeol under a glaring lighT and Tolol To smile. Having had Their smiles anol grimaces recorded, The sTudenTs sToool by paTienTly Till The picTures were reTurned To be Traded Tor speak aT The OcTober 23 convocaTion and by sponsoring Those oT Their Triends. To observe Book Week, The Book Club did iTselT proud by arranging Tor Tamous sporTs auThor, John R. Tunis To a Teen-age book show. The whole program was To encour- age reading among high school sTudenTs by oTTering Them books which would really inTeresT Them. Upper: Book Display Lower: John Tunis and Librarians F Y GeHing posed for Annual picfures The more clubs a sludenl belonged lo, lhe more classes he missed while gelling his piclure Jralcen wilh The var- ious organizalions. Several days were filled wilh lhe lak- ing of group piclures. Sludenl Council re-enTor- ced lhe one way slairs plan and made il a permanenl praclice by slenciling, in briohl red, signs lo guide lhe sludenls on lheir iourney up or down . Seniors Tesleol The Guidance Office gave Kuder lesls lo all seniors and relurned velerans. Ailer viewing The oulcome of his individual lesl, each one was given The opporlunily for a personal inlerview in lhe Guidance Of- fice. Many sludenls oblained help wilh lheir choices ol colleges and vocalions. Somelhing delinilely new was added lale in lhe fall. A course in driving was off- ered lo any sludenlr who wished lo learn. Mrs. Alma Marshall, Herman l-lalleH. and Lowell Lee, assisled by several policemen did lhe inslrucling. The inslruclions were given in a dual conlrolled aulomobile. donared by lhe Anderson Oplimisls Club. Lessons were given al Shadyside Park where sludenls underwenr an obslacle course. Season B. B. Ticlcefs go on sale One-way Traffic Signs Lyceum Program Brings Magician Come Wednesday mornings: come con- vocaTions. On many Wednesday mornings The sTudenTs' minds were Taken oTT sTudies and shiTTed To inTeresTing and worTh-while programs given Tor Them by The gymnas- ium. One oT The mosT enTerTaining pro- grams was given by a magician. BUT Then, iusT abouT everyone loves To be enTerTain- ed by being Tooled. More BrighT A's and CapTain STars Appear As a reward Tor Their hard worlc and aThleTic eTTorTs, members oT The cross counTry squad and TooTball Team meT aT a special convocaTion To receive Their leTTers. By a secreT voTe, They chose Their respecTive honor capTains as Tollows: Cross counTry co-capTains, Diclc STage and Bill l-leiman: FooTball honor capTain, Tom Abel. FooTball leTTers were awarded by Coach Busey, while Coach Bonge parTed wiTh The cross counTry leTTers. Special convocaTions were given during one or Two periods oT The day To which only special and inviTed groups could go. Two oT The mosT inTeresTing ones oT These came in The spring, when Gil Dodds, champion mile runner, spoke To The boys, and Dr. Evelyn Mills Duvall, lecTurer and auThoress spoke To high school girls on The Boy in a Girls Life . Cross CounrTy and FooTball Awards PresenTed bv Busey and Bonge l Dee Ryan Crowned Fall SporTs Queen As a conclusion To The fall sporTs sea- son. STudenT Council sponsored an all school dance called The Fall Windup in The Teams' honor. IT was The firsT all school formal dance ever To be given. and The crowd ThaT Turned ouT did iusTice To The occasion. Lovely and darkeTed Dee Ryan was chosen Queen of The affair. She received her crown and floral TribuTe from The Two Candidafes lffanccr honor capTains. and was pre- senTed wiTh an auTographed fooTball signed by members of boTh Teams. The dance was a memora- ble evenT. showing apprecia- Tion To boTh fall sporTs Teams and marking The close of one season bu+ The beginning of anofher- All classes were well represenTed, for afTer all iT was an all-school dance! Miss Hoskins Slowed buf Noi Sfopped M, discussion was held by a num- ber oT high school sTudenTs on The Topic l-low Can The UniTed STaTes Be Made More ETTecTive? Three new clubs seT up operaTions To provide sTill more exTracuricular acTiviTies Tor This year. The VeTerans Club was organized To help reTurned veTerans in Their school liTe, and iTs member- ship was Tor veTerans only. AnoTher Club, which is one oT The TirsT especially designed To help sTudenTs wiTh a chosen vocaTion, is The Pre-Med Club. lTs membership includes sTudenTs desiring To become docTors. nurses, dieTiTains. pharmacisTs or oTher proTes- sions oT The medical world. The Third, The SevenTeen Club , si a sTricTly girls club. encouraged by The SevenTeen Magazine. The members sTudy sTyles, grooming and Teen- age Trends. AHS Doors Open To VisiTors Making iTs debuT lasT year, VisiTors Day reappeared Tor iTs second showing This Tall. STudenTs were asked To inviTe Their parenTs or inTeresTed Triends To visiT high school. Guides were provided To conducT visiTors To The rooms They desired To visiT. Many Teel ThaT This pracTice will bring The school and parenTs closer TogeTher. The plans Tor This special day were carried ouT by The STudenT Council. During NaTional EducaTion Week some kind oT special program was presenTed every day. On The day enTiTled Special Home I.iTe Day , a represenTaTive Trom .he Junior Town lvleeTing League served as mediaTor during a panel discussion. The pionship feam fhis year, buf did produce one group of fine fellows. Adrienne Sfewarf was chosen by mem- bers of fhe seniors class fo receive fhe D.A.R. award which is given for possess- ing qualifies of leadership, dependabilify, service, and pafriofism. Miss Bess Day Holidays a+ Sf- John's I ,fb B Eagle Plume Performs lndian cusfoms, songs, and dances were exhibifed and inferpreffed af one of fhe all-school convocafions by Chief Eagle Plume. Being frue Indians fhemselves. fhe sfudenfs showed greaf inferesf in fhe program. Somewhere along fhe line fhe baslcef- ball season sef in. And while baslcefball is going on sfudenfs minds never wanderfar fo ofher maffers. The usual enfhusiasm and supporf ran on regardless of fhe success of 'Elie foam. Al'-lS didn'f furn ouf a cham- x Q, McGoon, Miller Wilder Ten members of fhe l-li-Y Club and fhe Torch Club were guesfs af fhe annual Old- er Boys' Conference held af Kokomo. Through conference groups. useful sug- gesfions for running fhe clubs were ob- fained. Miss Bess Day. librarian, and Miss Esfher l-loslcins, English feacher, were bofh side- .ined af Sf. John's hospifal for a few weeks fhis winfer due fo illnes. Christmas at AHS Finally iT comes Time Tor SanTa wiTh his bag brimming over wiTh ChrisTmas holi- day highlighTs. One oT The mosT unusual ChrisTmas programs ever given here was puT on by Ralph Boyd's speech classes. Combining silhoueTTes and recordings, a mosT im- pressive presenTaTion oT The ChrisTmas Carol was given. The halls oT Al-TS would simply noT seem naTural wiThouT The Choral Club Trodding Their musical paTh singing ChrisTmas Car- XMAS ols iusT beTore vacaTion. Even The halls Themselves carried TorTh The ChrisTmas aTmosphere by housing The gaily deco- raTed Trees and brighT posTers. Need iT be said ThaT Two weeks vaca- Tion was greaTly deserved and very resT- Tul, especially To Those who were ready To crack up under The Tall semesTer sTrain. The new year rushed in and Tound The sTudenTs playing hosT To The Big-Four TournamenT- From Then on evenTs moved in such rapid succession ThaT pracTically every head was lcepT in a whirl. T946 DoroThy HalleTT WiTh new Treshmen replacing old mid- year graduaTes, lhe spring Term Took hold. A Tew oT The sTudenTs had The priv- ilege oT aTTending The lecTures sponsored by The UniversiTy Women and OT hearing The noTed auThor, Carl Sandburg, as he gave his speech on WhaT Would Lincoln Do Today? AHS IN World Affairs To keep sTudenTs on Their Toes on maT- Ters oT world aTTairs. The school arranged various programs dealing wiTh world prob- lems. Marion High School repre- senTaTives were our guesTs aT a Junior Ushers Ready for Aciion Town MeeTing of The Air which was re- corded and re-broadcasT. STudenTs were also acTive in The mock U. N- Assembly meeTing which was sponsored by Ander- son College. Our baskeTball season drew To a close aTTer The secTional TournamenT. and our annual baskeTball celebraTion was held The nexT week. Members oT The Team re- ceived Their awards, and Bob Spearman and Charles SToTTlemyer were elecTed honorary co-capTains. Free movies and aTTernoon dances compleTed The day, and baskeTball was puT away To make room Tor Track and baseball. Carl Sandburg ln Halls of AHS The Daily CIIGCTK Junior Town Meefing OT The Air TalenTed local lads and las- sies Turned ouT To puT on a very enTerTaining sTudenT Tal- enT convocaTion. The sTudenTs were again given a TreaT when They had The opporTuniTy To Iis+en To a symphony concerT by The Indianapolis Symphony OrchesTra, conducTed by Fa- bien SeviTsky. Surrounding grade and high schools. Tilled The gym To capaciTy. As a re- sulT oT This program, a Teen Music Can- Teen has been sTarTed by The sTudenTs oT AHS. lT seems everyone aTTended Two or Three organizaTion or class picnics ThaT were crammed inTo The diminishing weeks and The spring sporTs proved To be boTh successTul and well aTTended. For Two nighTs, audiences were enTer- Tained by The Senior's Class play, You Can'T Take IT WiTh You . A varieTy oT props and sound eTTecTs lcepT The aud- iences in good humor ThroughouT. , To end a wonderTul year Tor The upper- classmen, The Juniors sponsored The annual Prom in honor oT The deparTing Seniors. Lovely Nancy Mullins reigned as queen wiTh her Two charming aTTendenTs-Barbara Farmer and Nancy BarTl. In all iT was a wonderTul year--one To be proud oT, and one To be remembered always. WresTling Prac+ice AHracTs Many .1 Ll Mme? Ssciional Tourney and Celebrafion gw..-4 Awards presenfed by Dobie Lamberf Celabrafion Dance In Audiforium Fulure Sfars For Broadway Perform A+ Sludenl' Talenl' Convo Bulen and Chorus Newlyweds Mammy , by Pancol Malcolm on 'llne Keys Harmony Hounds Spring Vacaiion meani a frip fo Washingion, D.C. for many of our sfuclenis and +eachers. A pari' of flue group is piciurecl al +he Union Siaiion, Cinn- cinnali. Ofher scenes in- clude-- barracks ai Anna- polis-- ihe Thomas Jefferson Memorial-- lhe Naiional Cal'l'1eclral-- Mouni' Vernon-- and fha Tomb of fhe un- lrnown soldier af Arlingfon. J. J. Bailey organized and conducfed fine four. ii? fl ll ll ,Www .W YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU I947 Senior Class Play The Cash Fronl Row7Jaclc Thomas, Jerry Dixon, Ray Toles, Mary Pal Rernley. Baclx Rowe -Jirn Bonqe, Gerry Slill, Plwyllis Miller, Playl- lis Sluellerly, Herb Templelon, Joan Ellis, Tex Garvin, Bob Graham. Producfionfljolly Coclnran, Miss Alice Higman, D'Alice Coburn, Dick Bussell. Malte-up7Virginia Hawley, Marilyn Kunlz, Marilyn Slwroul, Marion Boaz, Ben Nelson. Back Sfage-fMarilyn Kunlz, Paul Yales, Beverly Feezel, PROM QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Nancy Mullins , , N Y B fl Barb F A Dafe for I947 Righi-The dafe is made Cenfer-She makes ready Bo++om-He does 'foo Righfs-Climax wifh a corsage Cenfer ---' -The daie is on Boffom ff'- - Goodnight Swee1'l'1earf 95 f.4 x?- Ewffnwaqawxm ff -af XX 1-sf js ,NK Q.: M Vex if W km mg xr ! , MH K 0 D D Qmomowm Senior Week ln The spring a Senior's Tancy lighTly Turns To ThoughTs oT SeniorWeek. For Tour years you've dreamed oT being a member oT The really Top class: buT be- Tore you've had Time To enioy iT,your dream has descended upon you and de- parTed leaving a special memory spoT To harbor Those exTra special high school days. The climax oT every Senior class is, oT course, Senior Week. This year's members enjoyed The TruiT oT The labor oT Thevarious Senior commiTTees who worked wiTh Miss Lois Long and John Finney, class sponsors, SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN SeaTed In fronT1Janle BeaTTy Y Bonge, Jeanne Peck, Beverly Og Walker, Junior Mills. Paul Bevelhimer, class presidenT, and Bob Spearman, general chairman oT Senior Week. Every day was a memory wiThin iT- selT, Trom BaccalaureaTe clear down To CommencemenT. IT was hard work, buT was'T iT Tunl And when iT comes To ThaT lasT nighT' There will be The Tour CommencemenT speakers To represenT you. Florence Porges will make her speech on BroTher' Can You Spare A Dime? and Rosalind Bailey on A ParenT's Place in The FuTure. lnTer- naTional World GovernmenT will be The Topic oT Lloyd T-lyndman. while Malcolm Dunn's will be The BroTherhood oT Man , l COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS Florence Porges Lloyd Hyndman Malcolm Dunn Rosalind Bailey Clyde Green, Bob Spearman. Back RowfMalcolm Dunn, D'AI ice Coburn, Adrienne STewarT Don Vander riTT, Barbara Heiney 9 Ph llis Miller, Polly Cochran, Jim den, Charles SToTTlemyer, Don Concession Sales Boosr Class Treasury Class of 1947 Presicieni ....,........................,.,......A....,..A........,.,A..,.....,...,,.,......... Paul Bevelhimer Vice-Presiolenf ..........A, ......,... C iyole Green Secrefary ..,...A..... ..........,.4.... J eanne Peck Treasurer ......... .............,,.............. A cirienne S+ewar+ Sponsors ..,........,.,r...,.,..A.,........,......,,,.,....,..,... Miss Lois Long, John Finney Class Colors-Green and Whife M... Abel rm Aa.: MM, Abney Joan Aclnsnbach Marierie Adams ' Edgar Adkins Rosalie Allard Anna Bells Allen Bill Allis 'owvny Alan-sn Jo Am. Amos umm Andergon Donald Arbuakle Edgar Ar-:buy I Sam Arnold Abel, Mary-Voc. Home Ec. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Abel, Tom-General. Fooiball 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2: Bas- keiball I, 2, 3: A Club 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Velerans' Club 4. Abney, Mary--College Prep. H. R. Pres. 4: X-Ray Siaff 4: Lab. Eng. Asst 4: Dean's Asst 4: War Elforis Comm. 3: Spanish Club 3: Y-Teens 3': 4: S'r. Registrafion Comm. 4. Achenbach, Joan-General. G. A. A. 4: Jr. Red Cross 4: Y-Teens 4: Band I, 2. Adams, Mariorie--College Prep. Drum Maior 3, 4: Drum Maiorelle I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Sec, 4, Cabinei' 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 2, 3: Jr. Red Cross Ruby Award 3': X-Ray 5+aff 4: War Elforfs Comm. I. Adkins, Edgar--General. Chr. Guidance Comm. 4: Jr. Red Cross I: Hi-Y 3, 41: Science Club 4: Torch Club 2: Head Monifor 4. me 5 U Norma Ashby nonerv Au-ny 1 was Asa, Alford, Rosalie-Bus. Ed. Allen, Anna Belle--General. Allis, Bill--Tech. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 4: His- Iory Club 4: Library Asst 4. Allman, Dorolhy--College Prep. S rudenI' Council 2: Lab Asst 4: Dean's Asst 2, 3, 4: Y-Tens 4: Lalin Club 2: Re- freshmenl Comm. S.-Faculty Dance: Jr. Town Meeiing 4' Head Monifor 3. Amos, Jo Ann-General. Girls' Glee Club, Anderson, Doroihy-Bus. Ed. SENIORS--1947 Alrbuclrle, DonaId+General. X'Ray Slail 4: H. R. Vice Pres. 2. Archey, Edgar-Tech. Foofball 3, 4: Baslcelball 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Track 3, 4. Arnold, Sam-General. Display Comm. 2, 3: Dramaiics Club 3. Asbury, Be'Hy JanevBus. Ed. Commercial Assr. 3. Ashby, Norma-Home Ec. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club I. 2, 3. Ashby Roberf--General. H. R. Pres. 4: Hi-Y 4: Veler- ans' Club 3, 4, Pres. 3: Class Day Comm. 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3. Ailinson, Ma rian-General. Y-Teens. Badrler, EIHOVR-GGHSFFI. G. A. A. I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 4: Publicafions Rep, 3, 4: Sludenl Council I: H. R. Pres. I, Bailev. RosaIi'1cIiColleQe Prep. Commencemenl Spealc' er 4': X'Ray Slalf 3, 4, Page I Edilor 4: Dean's Assr. 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 4: Y-Teens 4: Hisiory Club 4: Lalin Club 2. Baker, Emilie-College Prep. G. A. A. I. 2, 3. 4, Coun- cil I, 3, 4, V. Pres. 3, 4, Publicafions Rep. I, 2. H. R. V. Pres. 4: Y-Teens I. Bancroff, Jean-College Prep. Honor Socieiy 4: Sr. Ex- ecufive Comm.: Y-Teens 4: X-Ray Slaif 3, 4: H. R. V. Pres. 2, Pres. 3: Jr. Red Cross I: Miniwanca Council 4: Dean's Assf. 2, 3, 4: Lab. Eng. Assf. 3: Lab. Assl. 4: Lafin Club 2: Chr. Refreslwmenls Comm. Sr.-Faculfy Dance 4. Barker, William-Pre-Ap. H. R. Pres. 2: Jr. Red Cross I. Barnes, Lena-General. Bafes, Phyllis-Bus. Ed. G. A. A. I, 2: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Y-Teens I: Choral Club 4. Baumer, Myron-Pre-Ap. Foolball 4. Baxier, Kailwryn-College Prep. Band I, 2, 3', 4: Orclmes- fra 3, 4: G. A. A. I: Lafin Club I, 2: Glee Club I, 2: Y- Teens I. 4: H. R. Sec. 4: Biology Assi. 3: Sr. Brealcfasf Dance Comm. 4: Pre-Med Club 4: Science Club 3, Sec. 4. Beall, NormahBus. Ed. Nurse's Assl. 4: Candy Shand Assf. 4. ' Beason, Lorene+Bus. Ed. Marian Adinmn Huron Badgsr Rosalind BeHny Enuifro Balm Jam Bancrolf William Barker has um. . mm, an., , Myron Baumer Kafhvyn Buhr Norma Bee!! Lum: Busan I 'L 1Jnnie sam ' ' John Be-Ml: V awe eww , .iw neu shin., sms.. wgmm gm. wauam aamnsfmf asfbsf.. smirofa Edith uw., I Jul gem. p-...I g..,.ih:,,.,. piwng, g:ip,,:,,.,., I , ' - I ' Mr Bishop - Wharf WI ' Nlom BW Marian em sveiyf. serum.. Jam, soma. Lui Bealfy, Janie-Bus. Ed. Choral Club 4: Sevenfeen Club Benzenbower, William-Pre'Ap. 4: Dramaiics Club 4: Senior Execulive Comm. 4: Co-Chr. Reservalion Comm. 4: Girl Reserves 3, 4: I-Iislory Club, Pres. 4: Assl. H. S. Office 4: G. A. A. I: War Eflorls Comm' I' 2' 3: 6Iee CIub 2' 31' Beresford, Barbara-General. Camera Club 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves I, 2: Science Club 2, 3, 4: Dramalics Club 4: G. A. A. I, 2: Sr.-Facully Dance Decoraiing Comm. 4. Bedwell, John-Pre-Ap. ' Berg, Edilh-Voc. Home Ec. Beeson, Roberi'-Pre-Ap. Conservalion Club. Bevars, Jaclt-General. Bell, Joan-Bus. Ed. Library Asst 2, 3, 4: Commercial Asst 4. Bevelhimer, Paul-College Prep. Baslceiball I, 2, 3, 4: Foo+ball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3: Baseball 4: Pres. Sr. Class: V. Pres. Soph. Class: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Sludenl Council 2: Execulive Council 4: - - It Gfl R I' 3. 4' Prom Comm. 3: Na'r'I Alhlelic Scholarship Sociely 3, 4: Benden' SI1IrIey Genera Ir eserves Assl: Head Moniior 2, 3: V. Pres. I-I. R. I: Boys' Siale 3. Bennis, William-Pre-Ap. Jr. Red Cross 4. Billheimer. PIIYIIIS-COIISQO PFSP- 'I02 SENIORS--1947 Bishop, Ann-Bus. Ed. Blaclr, Barbara-General. G. A. A. I, 2: Y-Teens 4: Lib- rary Assf. 4: Brealcfasf Dance Decorafion Comm. 4: Bus. Ed. Assf. 4: Guidance Office Assf. 41. Blalre, Norma-Bus. Ed. Y-Teens 2: Bus. Ed. Assf. 3, 4. Boaz, Marion-College Prep. Senior Class Play 4: Head Monifor 4: Assf. Head Monifor 4: Regisfrafion Comm. 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4: Lafin Club 2: Glee Club 2, 3. Bohannen, Evelynf-College Prep. C-lee Club 2, 3: Pre- Med Club 4: Y-Teens I, 4: Hisfory Club 4: Spanish Club 4: H. R. Sec. I. Bohlen, James-Pre-Ap. Bolfz, John-General. Lib. Assf. 4: H. R. Sec.-Treas. 3. Bonge, James-College Prep. Traclc I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Counfry I, 2, 3, 4: V. Pres. Execufive Council 4: Sfudenf Council 2, 3: Sr. Execufive Comm. 4: Chair. Brealcfasl Dance 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Head Monifor 4: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Convocafions Comm. 2, 3: Chr. Safefy Comm. 4: Torch Club I, 2: V. Pres. Pre-Med Club 4: Dean's Assf. I, 2: Science Club I, 2: Physics Lab. Assf. 3. Brandon, Jerry-Pre-Ap. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: A Club 3: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: H. R. Pres. 4. Brighf, Grace-Bus. Ed. Brinduse, Mary-Voc. Home Ec. G. A. A. I, 2, 4: Y- Teens 4. Brizendine, Max-Pre-Ap. H. R. Publicafions Rep. 2, 3, 4. Broadnax, Sadie-Bus. Ed. Brock, John+General. Browning, Kafhryn-College Prep. G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Band I. 2, 3, 4: Hisfory Club 4: X-Ray Sfaff 3: Lafin Club 3: Y-Teens 2: Assf. Head Monifor 4: Inferclass Acfivifies Ccmm. 4. Buchanan, BeHy+General. Y-Teens. Buck, Jeanne-College Prep. Y-Teens I, 2. 3, 4: Guid- ance Office Assf. 3: H. R. Sec. I. 2: Prom Queen Af- fenclanf 3: Chr. Grandview Surprise Parfy Arrangemenfs 4. Bulen, Tom+College Prep. Loclcer Office Assf. 2. 3: Visifor's Day Guide 4: H. R. Sec.-Treas. 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Brealcfasf Dance Decorafions Comm. 4: Science Club 3: Spanish Club 3: Hi-Y Club 4. John Bolh Jammu Bangs Jerry Brandon Grace Brighi I 'Mary Brinduss Mil 930055 : Sadie Brondnu K' John Brock Kaflu-yn Browning a.+iys..cim.... .iw-in awk . I 'rm .I L . .I James Bm-ns . .Io,EIIyn Sudan ' Alice Bushnnq Richard small oe... aw.. Jun ny... M.. eww- Jwkcampssiu ' sau cmd. I ' M..a.a.cma.- I sei, cmmu - Kdhrim claw Jw! Cam-ody Duma Cvpmar Ray Our Burns, James-General. Burien, Jo Ellyn-Bus. Ed. Band I, 2, 3,: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Regislralion Comm. 4: Sevenleen Club. Bushong, Alice-Bus. Ed. Lib. Assl. I, 2, 3,: War Elforls Comm, 3: Book Club: Gym Ticker Office Assl. 4: Y-Teens 4. Bussell, Richard--General. Hi-Y 4: Torch Club 2: Cheer Leader 4: Pep Sessions Comm. 4: Gill Comm. 4: Drama- 'rics Club 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Sludenl Magr. 3: Class Execu- Iive Comm. 2, 3: Boys Slafe 3: Conservalion Club I, 2: H, R. V. Pres. 2: H. R. Sec. I: Class Swealer Comm. 3: Class Ring Comm 2: Dean's Assl. 2: Prom Eligibilily Comm. 3: lnler-Class Aclivilies 3, 4: Baseball I: Baslcel- ball 2: Cross Counlry 4: Track 4. Byrne, Dean-General. Byrne, Jaclr-General. Track 3. Plxyiis Cmway f lobver?Cu1a Clifiafdcum Calhoun, Mae-Voc. Home Ec. Campbell, Jack--Pre-App. H. R. Pres. I. Canada, BilIfGeneral. l-li-Y 4: Pre-Med 4: Band l, 2, 3: Torch Club I, 2: Publicalions Rep. I, 2, 3, 4: Chemislry Lab. Assr. 4: Prom Comm. 3: Sr.-Facully Dance Comm. 4. Canada, Marieffa-General. Y-Teens I, 2: G.A.A. I: Biology Assl. I. Caniwell, Bob--Tech. Sludenl Council 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Dean's Assl. 4: Head Monilor 4: Torch Club 2: War Efiorls Comm. 2: Usher's Club I: Jr. Recl Cross Rep. I: Sr. Week Regislralion Comm. 4. Carico, Kaiherine-College Prep. Sludenl Council I, 2, 3: X-Ray Szlalf 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 4: Science Club 3: Hislory Club 4: Lalin Club 2: Prom Comm. 3: Sr.- Facully Dance Comm. 4: Dean's Assl. 4. SENIORS--1947 Carmody, Joan-General. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orchesfra 2: Chemisfry Lab Assl. 4: Dean's Asst 41: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4: Sr. Flower Comm. 4. Carpenter, Donna7Bus. Ed. Choral Club 3, 4: Glee Club 2: G-.A.A. 2. Carr, Ray-General. Traclc l, 4: Choral Club 4: Publica- lions Rep. 2, 4: Hisfory Club 4: Cilee Club 3. Carraway, Phyllis-General. Library Assf. 2, 3: Jr. Red Cross Rep. I: Pre-Med Club 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club 2. Car+er, Cli'ffordTGeneral. Traclc I, 2, 3, 4: Aclivifies Comm. 3: A Club I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball I, 2. Carfer, Roberf-Tech. Sr. Class Play 4: S'r. Picnic Comm. 4: Dramalics Club 4': Science Club 2, 3.4: Camera Club 2, 3: V. Pres. 2: Pres. 3: Physics Lab Assl. 4: Traclc I, 3: Foofball 3: Sludenl Council I: Torch Club l, 2. Carlv. WilliamfB11s. Ed, Execu'live Comm. 4: Candy Sfand 2, 3, 4: Bus. Ed. Assf. 4. Carwile, Milfon-Pre-Ap. Chandler, Grace-Voc. Home Ec. Glee Club I. Chandler, Velma-Voc. Home Ec. Glee Club 3. Chase, Harold-Pre-Ap. Foolball 3, 4: A Club 4-: X-Ray Slalf 3, 4: Annual Mechanical Slall 3, 4: Track 2, 3. Chrisf, Johnny-College Prep. Torch Club 2. Clanin, Marvin-College Prep. I-Ii-Y Club 3, 4: Sfudenl Council 4: Science Club 2. 3, 4: Convocalions Comm. 4: I-I. R. Pres. 2: Br. Execulive Comm. 3: Annual Slfall 4', Bus. Mgr, 4: War Elforls Comm. 2. Clark, Bernice-General. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. Clarlr, Don-Tech. Clem, William-General. lnler-Class Acfivilies Comm. 4: Foolball I, 3, 4: Voc. Ag. Baslcefball l, 2, 3: Torch Club 2: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Conservafion Club 2, 3. Cobb, Doffie-Bus. Ed. Glee Club I, 2, 3: G.A.A. 3: Y-Teens 3. Coburn, D'Alice-College Prep. Sr. Class Execufive Comm. 4: Sr. Class Play Comm. 4: Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Sec. 4: Convocalions Comm. 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Cabinef 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3. 41: Sevenleen Club 4: Girls' Golf Club 4: Lab. Eng. Assf. l, 2: Lib. Assl, 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Lalin Club 2: Prom lnvila- Iions Comm. 3: Curriculm Speaker 4: Jr. Town Mee+ing 4: Glee Club 2. William Corfu Miken Cvvrile Grace Chendlor ,Wm-Clwidvr - mfaacsm. ' ' J.,h....vai.a.I mwah cms.. swap. can , DO' C'-fl' I A Wiliofn cm. - Dona cubs D'AEco com.. I Barbara Cochran Polly Coehmn Bawy Conner Kalhleem Cook Maxine Cook Richard Com . 1 2 81Ilv Covardale Joan Craig Belfy Craigm3e bm claw - MorrisCrousr www- W- - mpc, Lo., gm. wzmsm owgbmy Peggy owzam Cochran, Barbara7CoIleqe Prep. Band I, 2, 3, 47CI1oraI Club 3, 4: Y-Teens 4, GAA, 23 Orclweslra 2. Cochran. PoIIy4ColIeqe Prep. XeRay Slall I, 2, 3, 4: Paqe Dililor 4, Dramallcs Club 3, 4, Sec-Treas. 4, Sludenl Ccuncil I: Jr. Red Cross 47 Y-Teens I, 3, Cllr. Sr. Publl- cily Comm. 43 Honor Sociely 3, 4: Sr, Class Play 47 Head lflonilcr 4-7 Lab. Eng. Assl. 2. Conner, UeI Iy7GeneraI. Yfleens 2, 4. Cook, KaII1Ieen7GeneraI. Yfleens 3, 47 Nurses Ass? 47 Jr. Red Cross 2. Coolr, Maxlne--Bus. Ed. GAA. I, 2, Y-Teens I, 2. Corn, Richard-Tech.. Class Vice-Pres. I: I-Ii-Y 4: Torch Foolball I, 3. Club I, 2: Honor Sociely 3: Head Monilor 4: H. R. V-Pres. I. 27 Breaklasl Dance Comm. 4: Traclc I, 2: Baslcelball I, 2' aw-as Dwi: Mn Du Nm .,....,,..1 , Coverclale, Billy-General. Craig, Joan1General. Viclory Comm. 3. Cralgmlle, Belly-Bus. Ed, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2: Commercial Assl. 47 H. R. V-Pres. 2. Crlsler, Dick- -College Prep. H. R. Pres. 4: Science Club 3. 4: Glee Club 2: Lab Assl. 4. Crouse, Morris-4Pre-Ap. Cue, MarveIIaAGeneraI. Y-Teens I, 2. 3, 41 Book Club 3: G.A.A. 3: Asst 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4. SENICRS--1947 Cuneo, Janice LoumGeneral. Y-Teens: G.A.A.: Glee Club 3. Daugherfy, William-Pre-Ap. Davidson, Peggy-Voc. Home Ec. Glee Club: H. R. V-Pres. I. Davis, Bonnie-General. H. R. Pres. 2: Jr. Execufive Comm.: Y-Teens I: Office Assf. 2: Library Assf. 2. Dey, John-General. Assf. Head Monifor 4. Dehorify, Ann-Voc. Home EC. Denf, Jo Anne-College Prep. Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Defienne, MarfI1aiBus. Ed. Cvlee Club 2: H. R. Sec. I. DeVore, Gilberf-College Prep. Dean Assf. 4. Diefzen, I-ucille-College Prep. Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Honor Sfudy Hall Monifor 4: Choral Club 4: Head Moni- for 3, 4: Dramafics Club 4: Lafin Club 2: Y-Teens I, 3: Dean's Assf. 3, 4: Library Assf. 4: Science Club 3: Monifor Comm. 4: Senior Picnic Comm. 4. Dixon, JarreH+'l'ecl'I. Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Traclc I, 2, 4: Band I: I-I. R, Pres. 2, 3, 4: Execufive Council 4: Sr. Dramafics: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Curriculm Speaker 4. Dovey, Gwenefhglius. Ed. C-lee Club I: Ticlcef Office Assf, 4: Commercial Assf. 4. Downham, Clcdaglfoc. Home Ec. Glee Club l. Dozier, Lorene7Vcc. Home Ec. Du Bois, GIenn+GeneraI. Choral Club 2, 3, 4': Madriqal Club 4: Glee Club I, 2. Dunn, Malcolm-College Prep. Choral Club 3, 4: Mad- rigal Club 4: Dramafics 3, 4: Lafin Club 2: Science Club 3: Glee Club I, 2: Hi-Y 4: Commencemenf Speaker. Ea lrer, Be'H'y-Bus. Ed. Eclcenberg, SI1irIey+ColIeqe Prep. X-Ray Sfaff 3, 4: Co-Edifor 4: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Sfudenf Assembly 4: Execufiye Council 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Treas. 3: Jr. Red Cross 3, 4: Sqf-af-arms 4: Lab. Eng. Assf, 2: H. S. Office Assf. 3: Library Assf. 4: I.H.S.P.A, 4. Mm nm mms. Umm. Gmwf U' 0 mme Daman :msn asm. e-emu. nm, cue. mmm . Lan me erm ra.. aa, V Mews.. umm sm, are ' I i sam., sm-un., i , V. ., . ... , ,. .... ....... . ., ., ..... ,....,.A A... -ig Jim Emil . Nadine Ecoff ' June Edens i Bob Edwards Gale Eqqman Sandra Eh:-hard! Jim em, mm. sus. ' Margsrd aus, ' came enema Jsm amy. Jw: g,.,4:?,,,, Marilyn emi: ' new em I IN FW! Ecoff, Jim--General. Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 4: H. R. Pres. I, 2: Treas. 3: Glee Club I: Prom Queen Comm. 3. Ecoff, Nadine?General. Y-Teens I, 2: Glee Club 2, 3. Eclens, June--Voc. Home Ec. Y-Teens l, 2, 3: Pre-Med 4: Clubs Ccmm. 3: H. R. Sec-Treas. 2, 3, 4: Publicalions Rep. I. Edwards, Bob4Tech. Foolball 2, 3, 4: Baseball I: Bas- lcelball 2: Class Pres. I: Sludenl Council I, 2: Execulive Council I: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Pres. 4: Torch Club I, 2: Pres. 2: Conservalion Club I, 4: Science Club 3: A Club 3, 4: H. R. Pres. I, 2, 3.4: Soph. Execulive Comm.: Lab Assl. 3. Eggman, GalefColleqe Prep. Execulive Council 2. 3, 47 V. Pres. 3: Pres. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Chr. War Ellorls Comm. 3: lvlonilor Honor Sfudy Hall 4: Assl. Head Monilor 4: Sluclenr Assembly I, 2, 3, 4: Treas. 2: Dean's Assl. 2: Lalin Club 2: Science Club 3, 4: Torch Club 2: H. R. V. Pres. I: Chr. Prom Queen Comm. 3: Jr. Conservalion Club 4. Erhardl, Sandra-Voc. Home EC. mi. 54.4, - ' umm Farley , ni Farlow K rj ., A Ellis, Jim-College Prep. Page 4 Edilor X-Ray' 4: Sporls Edilor Indian 4: Chr. Refreshmenrs Comm. Sr. Picnic 4: Hi-Y 4: Torch Club 2: H. R, Sec-Treas. 3: Baseball I: Camera Club I. Ellis, Joanne-General. Sr. Class Play 4: Brealclasl Dance Comm. 4: Lib. Assl. 2, 3, 4-5 Jr. Execulive Comm.: H, R. Sec-Treas. 4: V. Pres. I, 3: Girl Reserves I, 2: G.A,A. I. Ellis, Margarel-College Prep. Girls' Golf Club 4: Science Club 4. - Ellsworlh, Charles-Tech. Hi-Y 3, 4: Torch Club 2: Soph. Execulive Comm.: H, R. Pres. 2: Publicalions Rep. I: Science Club 3, 4: Track 2, 3. Elmore, James-Tech. Foolball I, 2, 3: Track I, 2: Torch Club 2: Science Club 3. Endicofl, Jerri-General. Sludenl' Council 3: Alhlelic Office Assl. 41: H. S. Ollice Assl. 3: Lib. Assl. 4: Chr. Invilalions Comm. Breaklasl Dance 4: Place Comm. Prom 3: H. R. V. Pres. 2: Y-Teens I. SENIORS--1947 Ervin, Marilyn-Bus. Ed. Glee Club 2: Lab. Eng. Ass+. 2: Y-Teens 3: Book Club 3: X-Ray Sralf 3: Jr, Red Cross 3: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Publicily Comm. Prom 3: H. S. Office Assf. 4. Esfer, Deloris-General. Fadely, lslea--Voc. Home Ec. Jr. Red Cross 4. Fadely, Nila-Bus. Ed. Publicalions Rep. 3, 4. Farley, Doroihy-Bus. Ed. Girls' G-lee Club 2: Commer- cial Assl. 3: Lab. Eng. Asst 4. Farlow, Pai-College Prep. G.A.A. 2, 3. 4': Hisfory Club 4: Sec.: Lafin Club 3: Sec.: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Sludenf Council I: Jr. Red Cross I: War Elforls Comm. I. Fauseli, Barbara-General. Feezel, Beverly-Bus. Ed. Glee Club 2: Publicalions Rep. 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Hisfory Club 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Lib. Asst 3: Tlwealer Parly Comm. 4: Jr. Red Cross I, Ferree, Jeaneffe-Bus. Ed. Fisher, Gene-Pre-Ap. Choral Club 2, 4: Madrigal 3: Honor Sociefy 3, 4, Pres. 4: Sludenl Council I, 2, 3: War Efforfs Comm. I: Curriculum Speaker 4. Fisher, Joanne-Home Ec. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4. Fihsimmons, Richard-Pre-Ap. Flanigan. Be'H'y-General. G-lee Club 2: Jr. Red Cross 2: Nurse's Assf. 4: Refresbmenfs Comm, Picnic 4. Fleenor, Willeffa-Voc. Home Ec. Honor Sociefy 3, 4: H. S. Office Assl. 2. 3: Convocafions Comm. 4: H. R, Sec. 2: Jr. Red Cross 3. Fox, Befiy-Bus. Ed. Y-Teens 3. Frank, Norma-General, Funlrhouser, Barbara-College Prep. Honor S'ocieIy 3, 4: War Elforls Comm. 2: Lab. Eng. Assl. 4. Gallamore, Don-Bus. Ed. Lib. Assl. 2, 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Monilor Honor Sludy Hall 4: War Efforfs Comm. I, 2. .my f....9..- vvalm. Hmm sm, rox ,,......-......-..................... ... . .. ' ......a. .... M . ...,. ,... .. .,.... . . ....u...,. NormaF1-nk 5 augur. Fusikbovxer A Dm- e.nLnL.,. '. ' I unc... f1...... William Garvin Vlvginln Saul J Pai Gayle -'H'-wfffrw Vw- 1 - ,-....e,u.,.m. ' ' cnsfusswdq- W Garner, Barbara+Bus. Ed. Glee Club I. Garvin, William-Y-College Prep. Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4, Sec, 4: Sr. Dramalics 4: Faorball 2: I-I. R. V. Pres. 3. Gaul, VIrginia+GeneraI. Gayle, Pal-Bus. Ed. Glee Club 2. Gcrlcin, Jacquolineflfus. Ed. Y-Teens I, 3: G.A.A. I. Gilmore, Gloria Dee4CoIIege Prep. Dramalics Club 4. GoIdsmI+h, Lenora4Bus. Ed. Glee Club 2: Y-Teens I. 2: Nurse's Assl. 4'. nonerr urnrum -. .Y . . Gordon, Charles-Pre-Ap. Gordon, Curlis-Tech. Sllage Manager 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3, 4. Graham, Roberi-College Prop. Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Sessions Comm. I, 2. 3, 4, Chr. 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2: War Ellorls Comm. I: Baseball I: Jr. Execulive Comm.: Lib. Asst I: Dean's Assl.: Miniwanca Council 3, 4: Dramalics Club 4: Sr. Class Play: Torch Club I, 2: Reqislralicn Comm. 4. Graham, MIIcIrccl4Voc, I-Iome Ec. Lib. Assl. 2, 3. Gray, Barbara-General. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Book Club I: GAA. I: I-Iislory Club I: Glee Club I: X-Ray Slalf I. SENIORS--I947 Gray, Keifh-Pre-Ap. Green, Clyde-'College Prep. Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Traclc I, 2, 3, 4: Fall Track 2, 3, 4: Class Pres. 3, V, Pres. 4: Na+. 'I. Alhlelic Scholarship Sociely 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Sludenl Assembly 2: Execulive Council 2, 3: Co-Chairman Class Day 4: Pep Sessions Comm. 2, 4: Convocalions Comm. 3: H, R. Pres. I: Choral Club 2, 3: Soph, Execulive Comm.: Glee Club 2. Gregg, Ladonna-General. Grieb, Sande-College Prep. Groble, Nancy-College Prep. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Girls' Golf Club 4: Science Club 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 3: Enferlainmenl' Comm. Grandview Parfy 4. Groves, Marie-General. Prom Queen 3: Y-Teens I, 2. 3, 4, V. Pres. 3: Glee Club 2: Dale and Eligibilily Comm. 3. Gwinn, Blake-General. Baslcelball I, 2, 3: Foolball I, 2, 3: Tracl: I, 2, 3: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: H. R. Pres. 3: Jr. Red Cross2:VisiIors' Guide. Gwynn, Tom-Tech. Hadley, Helen-General. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3: Camera Club 2, 3: Hisfory Club 4: Book Club 2, 3: Hislory Club 4: Book Club 3, 4. Hagan, Geneva-General. Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Hislory Club 4: Boolc Club 4: I.alin Club 3. Hair, Mary Lou-General. Y-Teens 4: Book Club I: Band 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 4. Hallefl, Dorofhy-College Prep. Edifor Page 2 X-Ray 4: Jr. Red Cross I: Publicalions Rep. I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Trees. 2, Pres. 4: War Ellorls Comm. 2: Sr. Execulive Comm.: Monilor Honor Slludy Hall 4. I'lamiI'I'on, Charles-Tech. Hi-Y. Hamillcn, Joseph-General. Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal Club 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Torch Club 2: Dean's Assl. 3: Locker Office Assl. 3, 4: H. R. V. Pres. 2: Chr. Transporlalion Comm. Picnic 4. Hamillon, Roberl-Pre-Ap. Sludenl Council I: Torch Club I, 2: H. R, Pres. I, V. Pres. 2: Baslcefball I: Foolball I: Track I. Hamilfon, Tom-General. Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslrelball I, 2, 3, 4: Traclc I, 2, 3, 4: H. R. Pres. I, 4: Sfudenl Council 2: Execulive Council 4: Torch Club I, 2, Sec. 2: Hi-Y 4: Dramalics Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 3: A Club 4: Miniwanca Council 4, Pres.: Pre-Med Club 4. Hanneman, Beverly-Bus. Ed. Y-Teens I, 2, 4: X-Ray Sfafl 3, 4: Adverlisinq Manager Indian 4: G.A.A. I. Herclecre, Dallas-College Prep. Locker Off. 3: Hi-Y 4: H. R. V. Pres. am. sua.. Tom cum Helm Hui., G-mv' Haw- Mm' IQ.. Hair Dorofhy Hmm 11,4 x , ,fr 4 -1 -I Mix., HW, san Harmon New Huw, wma.. nm, uonuu mm-,H , L Helen Henning Joan Hensley Dore Mae Hmm Jw. H31 Palsy Him wznsem mam I Hardy, MiIesfGeneral. Sludenl Council 2, 3, 4: Clubs Comm.: Torch Club: Vels Club. Harmon, Bill-aPre-Ap. Harney, Norma-Bus. Ed. Inler-Class Aclivilies Comm. 3: 6.A.A. I, 2, 3. Harris, WiIda4General. Harlman, Don!Tecli. I-lislory Club 4: Conservalion Club 4. Harvey, Mario'riefCollege Prep. Xellay Slall 4: Honor Slociely 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3, 4: Publicalions Rep. 3, 4: War Ellorls Comm. I, 2: Sludenl Council I: Girls' Golf Club 4: Yfleens I, 2: G. A. A. I. Hawley, Virginia-College Prep. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Boolc Club 4: Y-Teens 4. Haynes, Velda-College Prep. Sludcnl Council I, 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4': X-Ray Slall 3: Diamalics Club 3, 4: Glee Club 2: War Ellorls Comm. 2, 3: Puollcalions Rep. 2: Program Comm. Sr. Week 4. Heiman, William-Teclw. Cross Counlry 2, 3, 4: Traclc l,2, 3. 4: Sludenl Council 3: I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Torch Club 2: A Club 3, 4' H. R, Pres. 4: Science Club 3, 4. Heineman, Roberl+Tecl1. Baseball I: Sludenl Mgr. I, 2, 3, 4: Class Treas. 2: Class V. Pres. 3: Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Candy Sland 3. Heiney, Barbara7C-eneral. Sludenl Council 3, 4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4: Sec. Execulive Council 4': Annual Slall 3, 4: Lif- erary Ed. 4: I-Ionor Sociely 3, 4: Club Comm. 2: Convo- calions Comm. 4: Co-Chairman Grandview Surprise Parly 4: H. S. Office Assl. Henning, DicIx1College Prep. Clioral Club 4: Pre-Med 4: Science Club 4: Locker Ollice Assl. 2, 3: I-Iislory Club 4: Lalin Club 4: Glee Club 2, 3. SENIORS--I947 Henning, Helen-Voc. Home Ec. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Jr. Rod Cross 3, 4: H. R. Sec. I: Glee Club 2: Assl. Home EC. 3, 4: Physics Lab. Assl. 4. Hornbeclc, GeorgeI+a-Bus. Ed. GAA. 2: H. R. P Horfon, LoisiGeneral. Gym. Assf. 4: G.A.A. 4 Glee Club 2. , Hensley, Jean-Bus. Ed. Jr. Execulive Comm. 3: War Efforis Comm. I, 2: H. R. S'ec. 3: Glee Club 2. Hosier, Jack-Pre-Ap. HewiH, Dora Mae-Bus. Ed. Book Club 4: G.A.A. 2, 4: Y-Teens 4': Hislory Club 4: Library Assl. 4: Glee Club 2. Hill, Jean-Bus. Ed. Y-Teens 2: G-.A.A. I, 2. Hoyer' Bobgeeneral' Hise, Pa'H'y-Bus. Ed. Y-Teens I, 2, 3. Hudson, Barbara-General. Hodson, William-General. Conservarion Club 4. Huffer, Mary-General. Book Club 3. Hoffman, Mary-College Prep. Lalin Club 2: GAA. I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2: Jr. Red Cross Rep. I. War EHOH Comm. I. H' R. pres. Humbles, Eclward+College Prep. Band I, 2, 3: Hi Y 3 4 I V Pres 2 3 4 Orclweslra I, 2: Chr. Band Comm. Brealclasl' Dance 4 Holloway, NormafBus. Ed. H, R. Sec-Treas. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. Humflc-ef, Marceille-Bus. Ed. H. R. Sec-Trees. 4 Holi, Donald-Tech. Torch Club 2: Science Club 2, 3, Treas. 3: Candy Shand 3: Sfudenf Mgr. 3, 4. Humphries, Phyllis-General. Muy Hoffman E Norma Hslomfy 900444 H09 4 Georgeffo Honbei , I-Gif H0900 ' Jud Nadu Gmfdlwwolff E-ob :mmf Rink .Ieckson A nmu 405.43 , . n.,g,,e.g1,,,,,,' , , RWM Ma. 4 ., V Mm.. Johns Lois :mm Home :mm ,' ' Mm. Jw, .iosmfvm Am JM , us-sas: we Jones ' I n ' . W , t ' - 44 . , . 'X , , 4, , Hunf, Phyllis-Voc. Home Ec. Isanogle, Gerald-Tech. Foolball 3, 4: Conservalion Club I, 2: Sr. Execulive Council 4: Torclw Club I, 2: Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2: Baslceiball I, 2. HuHon, CharIesfPre-Ap. Isenhour, Bob-Pre-Ap. A Club 3, 4: Cross Counlry 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4. HuH'on, Frank-General. Conservalion Club I, Trees. I. Jackson, Ruih-General. Y-Teens 3. Hyndman, Lloyd-College Prep. Commencemenl Speaker 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4, V. Pres, 4: Chr. Convocalions 4: Sludenl Council I, 4: I-I. R. Pres. 2: Execulive Comm. 2: Annual SIGII 3? Sr- Week Comm. Clif' 47 Jr. ROIGVIOVI 43 Jerrell, Ronald-Bus. Ed. Conservalion Club 3, 4: Candy Guidance Office Asst 4: I-Ii-Y 3, 4. Sfand ll 2' 3' 4. Ireland, Jack-College Prep. Band I, 2, 3, 4. Jeune, Florence-General. Isaacs, Anne-Voc. Home EC. Jeune, Rosalyn-Voc. Home Ec. SENIORS--1947 Johns, Melva-Voc. Home Ec. G.A.A, 4: Y-Teens 41 Jr. Execufive Comm. 3: Glee Club I. Johnson, I-ois-Bus, Ed. Y-Teens li Glee Club 2. Johnson, Roberf-Tech. Jolmnsfone, Marys Jayne-College Prep. Sfudenl Council 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 4: Lalin Club 2: Pre-Med Club 4: Science Club 4: Sr.-Facully Dance Comm, 41 Guidance Office Assf. 3. Jones, Ann-General. Glee Club I, 2, 3: G.A.A. I. Jones, Biddie Ann-General. So. Charlesfon H. S., W. Va. I, 2, 3: Y-Teens 4: Commercial Depl, Asst 4. Jonos, Marie--General. Y-Teens 4: G-.A.A. I, 4: Glee Club 4. ' Jones, Phyllis-General. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Queen Ailendenl 3: Gill' Comm. 4: Sevenfeen Club 4: Honor Sfudy Hall Comm. 4. Jones, Richard-General. Velerans Club 4: Conserva- Iion Club 4. Judd, Beverly--General. H. R. Pres. I: G.A.A. I, 2: Jr. Red Cross Rep. 4: Y-Teens 3. Judy, Forresl-Pre-Ap. Kauffman, Joan-Bus. Ed. Y-Teens I. Kessling, Kenneth-Pre-Ap. Kdesling, Roberi'-General. Kelly, Agnes-Bus. Ed Kelly, Belly-General. Honor Sociely 3, 4: H. R. Pres. 3. Kelly, Billie-General. Lib. Assl. 2, 4. Kendrick, Don-Tech. Hi-Y Club 4: Sr. Execufive Council 4, Track 23 H. R. Pres. 2, 3. V' .5 Jam I pgyqg, Jam, Richard .mm Bum, Md F,,,,,,g Judy . Jem Kwihmn MI , ' I - mx Lula Maw hm Kessler, Robert7GeneraI. Veteran's Club I, Pres. 47 Bas- ketball Ig Track I, 25 Football I, 2. Kimm, Ronald!-General. Kimmerling, Neva-Bus. Ed. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3, 4, X-Ray Statt 37 Annual Sltatt 47 History Club 4: Glee Club 2: Picnic Comm, 4: Visual Aids Ottice Asst. 4: Commercial Dept Asst. 3, 4: T. X: I. Dept. Asst. 3. Kincaid, Leon-General. Football Ig Basketball 2: Track 3. King, Nola-General, Choral Club 45 6.A.A. I, 2: Y- Teens I, 41 Glee Club 2, 3, 41 Publications Rep. I. King, William-General. Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Dramatics Club 3, Science Club 3, 4: Cvlee Club 21 Min- iwanca Council 3, 4, Treas. 41 X-Ray Statt 3: Program Comm. 4. nm., ,hm Ramona Larabes W I- W Kinnaman, Gordon-General. Prom Comm. 3. 2 Lib. Asst. I, Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4, V, Pres. 4: Latin Club 2: Honor Society 3, 4: X-Ray Sltatt 4, Page I Ed. 4. Klinitelter, Lucille-General. T. 81 I. Dept. Asst. 4: Y- Teens 4. Knight, Mary Ann-College Prep. Y-Teens I, 2, 4: Latin Club 27 War Ettorts Comm. 27 Pre-Med Club 4: Asst. Nurses Ottice 4: Sr. Executive Comm. 4: Slr. Activities Comm. 4: I-I. R. Sec. I. Kolenda, Edgar-Pre-Ap. Kreps, Diclx4GeneraI. X-Ray Statt 4: Baseball 2: Science Club 3, 41 S'r. Activities Comm. 4: H. R. V. Pres. I. ix Kirk, Joann-College Prep. Clworal Club I: Y-Teens 3:3 SENIORS--1947 Kunfz, Marilyn-General. Dramalics Club 4: Science Club 3, 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: Sir. Class Play 4: War Efforls Comm. 2: Glee Club 3. Land, Jack-General. C-lee Club I, 2, 3, 4. Lane, Marc-Tech. Torch Club I, 2: Jr. Red Cross Rep. I: Baseball I: Execulive Comm. 2: Science Club 3. Lane, Thomas--Bus. Ed. Choral Club 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Madrigal Club 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross Rep. I, 2.3.4. Pres. 3, 4: Book Club 4, Pres. 4: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4. Larabee, Ramona-College Prep. Chemislry Lab. Asst 4: Eng. Assf. 2: War Efforfs Comm. 3: G.A.A. I, 2. Lasher, Dick-College Prep. Science Club 3, 4, Treas. 4' Track 3: Pre-Med Club 4': Camera Club 4. Lawson, William-Tech. Science Club 3, 4. Lewellyn, Harold-General. Ushers Club I, 2, 3, 4, Lewis, Charlolfe-Voc. Home Ec. Liffle, Belly-Voc. Home Ec. Choral Club 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Candy Sfancl 3, 4: Y-Teens I: G.A.A. I. Lockwood, Polly-College Prep. War Efforfs Comm. I: Service Flag Comm, I: Band I, 2, 3: Orcheslra I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 4: Spanish Club 3: X-Ray Slall 3: Jr. Red Cross 4: Drive-In Thealer Parly Comm. 4. Losey, Bill-Pre-Ap. Camera Club 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: H. R. Pres. 2: Science Club 2, 3: Baskelball I, 2: Foolball I, 2: Track I, 2: Jr. Execulive Council 3: X-Ray Sfafl 4. Lukens, Marilyn-General. Yfleens I, 2, 3, 4: H. R. V. Pres. I: War Elforls Comm. I: Glee Club I. Lyons, Charles-General. McCarI'y, Carolyn-Bus. Ed. H. R. Pres. 2, Sec. 2: War Ewfforfs Comm. I, 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 4: Band I, 2: G.A.A. 4: Lab. Eng. Assr. 2: Biology Assr. 4: Bus. Ed. Assl. 4. McClain, Dorofhy-Voc. Home Ec. McConnell, Charles--General. McConnell, Ray-Pre-Ap. A Club 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3. w,,,,,,, Lmm, mae mmm - umm - I ,my Um, Polly Lemma SSH I-wr Q , ..,, ...---.,.... A n.,,,,,p MCg,,:,. 4 X vwuam McKay Philip Meme 'ue Arm. Mmm.: Marion? Morey Wil'-Sm WWW-flv . Bob My-gas OWS S . , ' ' ' nm.: MM... Gene Maw Berbw Me fi McKain, Russell-General. Velerans Club 4. McKay, William-College Prep. McKee, Philip-Tech. McKelvey, Gerald-Tech. Band l, 2, 3, 4: Lab. Assl. 4: Science Club 4. McMurry, Nancy-College Prep. Choral Club 2. 3, 4. Sec. 4: Madrigal 3, 4: Convocalions Comm. 4: Jr, Red Cross 3: Glee Club 2: G.A.A. I: Honor Sociefy 4. McMur'lrey, Ida-Bus. Ed. ii mais. M. N...,.,f , , ,M M- ..... .L McNeal, Alyce-College Prep. G.A.A. I, 2, 3. McVey, Mariorie-Voc. Home EC. McWi+hey, William-General. Mangas, Bob-Tech. Marsh, Dolores-College Prep. X-Rav Slaff 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Lib. Assl. 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2: Publicafions Rep. 3. Masley, Launn4Voc. Home Ec. Choral Club 3: 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Moniior Honor S rudy Hall 4: Glee Club 2: Book Exchange Comm. 2, 3, 4, Chr. 4: Lab. Eng. Assi. 4: Curriculum Speaker 4. SENIORS--1947 Malfhew, Rachel-College Prep. Dramalics Club 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Miniwanca Council 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 3, 4, Cabinef 4: Jr. Red Cross I, 2: Clir. Decoralions Comm. Prom 3: X-Ray Slalf 4: Lilerary Wrifer lndian 4: Lab. Eng. Assl. I, 2, 3, 4. May, Gene-Pre-Ap. Melle, Barbara-Bus. Ed. Publicafion Rep. I, 2, 3: Band I, 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Asst 4: X-Ray Slaff 3, 4. Merrill, Phyllisefi-eneral. Pre-Med Club 4: Lilerary Wriler Indian 3, 4. Miller, Bill-Pre-Ap. Science Club I. Miller, Phillip-Pre-Ap. Miller, PI1yIIisiColleqe Prep. X-Ray Sialf 2, 3, 4, Page Eclilor 3, Co-Edilor 4: l.H.S.P.A. 4': Dramalics Club 3, 4, Pres. 4: Execulive Council 2, 4: Sludenl Council 2, 4: Co- Clwr. of Class Day 4: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Flower Comm. Prom 3: Safely Comm. 3: Lib. Assl. 2, 3: Girls' Golf Club 4: H. R. Pres. I: Welfare Comm. 4: Assf. Head Monilor 3. Miller, Sara-Voc. Home Ec. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Council 4: H. R. V. Pres. I, Sec.-Treas. 3. Mills, Barbara-General. Y-Teens 2. Mills, Junior-Pre-Ap. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: A Club 2, 3, 4: H. R. V. Pres. 2, 4: lnler-Class Aclivilies Comm. 3, 4: Alhlelic Sludenl' Mgr. 3: Jr. Red Cross I. Minniear, Alice-College Prep. Y-Teens 3, 4: Glee Club 3. Milchell, Billy-Pre-Ap. Baslcelball I: H. R. Pres. I: Jr. Red Cross I, 2: lnler-Class Aclivilies 3, 4: Publicalions Rep. 2. Moorman, Roberl+Pre-Ap, Sludenl Council 2. Moore, Allen-Bus. Ed. Candy Sland Asst 3, 4. Moore, Jack-College Prep. X-Ray Slall 2, 3: Jr. Con- servation Club I, 2, 4, V. Pres. 2: Hi4Y 4: Torch Club 2: Lab. Assl. 3, 4: Publicalions Rep. I, 2: Loclcer Office Assl. 2: H. R. V. Pres. I, Sec. 2: War Elforls Comm. I. Moore, Marianna-General, Y-Teens I, 2, 3. 4: GAA. I, 2, 3: H. R. Pres. I: Sludenl Council I: Jr. Execulive Comm.: Ari Edilor lnclian : Brealclasl Dance Comm. 4. Moore, Nadean-General. H. R. S'ec.-Treas. I: Book Club I, 2, 4: Y-Teens I: Glee Club I. Moore, Wanda-Voc. Home Ec. V -Y-Y-H---W . wuwqnruun . ' viagam. mama' maya mms. sam Mwiw. AI-1. we-:Im , H-vw Mvfvhv 'fmff NN' V gm. Nam V .vom New L-New Nidwiwf- mann ummm . Hmla mu-Ie I vm -was ,Pnl oem I 54,1 Qimn., Huber? oem Moreland, Virginia-Bus. Ed. Sludenl Council I: H. R. Sec.-Trees. I: War Ellorls Comm. I: Hislory Club 4: Glee Club 2. Morris, Evelyn-Bus. Ed. Publicalion Rep. I. Morrison, Edifh-General. Prom Band Comm. 3: Choral Club 2. 3, 4, V. Pres. 41: Madrgial Club 3, 4: Sludenl Council I, 2: Jr. Execulive Comm. 3: Guidance Comm. 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3: G.A.A. I, 2: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Glee Club 2. Munclhenlr, Alva-Pre-Ap. Murphy, Harry-Tech. Science Club 3, 4: Baseball I: Foofball I. Nash, Roberl-College Prep. Bill Cemlor , Beierly Ogden Thelma Osfinq Q , I Nelson, Ben-College Prep. Sludem' Mgr. I, 2, 4: Jr. Conservalion Club I, 2, 4: Track I: Torch Club 2: Class Play Comm. 4: Class Play: Picnic Comm. 4: Publicerlions Comm. Rep. 2: K. M. I. 3. Nelson, John7Tech. Science Club 2, 3, 4: V. Pres. 3, 4: Foolball I. Nicholson, LaVern-General. Foolball I, 2, 4: Track 3. Nicholson, Marilyn--Voc. Home EC. G.A.A. I. Noland, Harold-Voc. Ag. Norris, Gene-General. Torch Club I, 2: H. R. Pres. 2: H. R. V. Pres. 3'. 4. S E N I O R S Oakes, Paul-Pre-Ap. A Club 3, 4: Baseball I. 2, 3. 4: lnler-Class Acfivilies Comm. 4. Oberlies, EdseI+Pre-Ap. Conservalion Club 4. Odom, Huberf-Voc. Ag. F. F. A. 4. Oemler, Bill-Tech. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Mgr. I: Hi-Y 4: H. R. Pres. 2: Lib. Assl. I. Ogden, Beverly-Bus. Ed. G.A.A. I, 2. 3, 4, Council 2. 3. 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4: Gym Oli. Assl. 2, 3, 4: Chr. Girls' Inferclass Aclivilies 3, 4': Lab. Eng. Assl. 4. Osiing, Thelma-General. OH'o, Evelyn-College Prep. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Boolc Club 3, 4. Pancol, Anaslasia-General. Choral Club 4: G.A.A. 2, 4: Yrieens I, 2: H. R. Pres. 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3. Parluer, Roberl-General. Ushers 3: Science Club 2, 3. Parker, Rosanna-Bus. Ed. Glee Club I, 2: Y-Teens 3, 4. Perry, Jael:-Tech. Hi-Y 4: H. R. Pres. 3, V. Pres. 4: Class Execulive Comm. 3: Torch Club 2. --1947 Parsons, Louanne-College Prep. Jr. Red Cross 3: Y- Teens I, 2: Class Sec. I: Glee Club I, 2: G.A.A. 2: Dale 81 Eligibilily Comm. Prom 3. Passwaler, Ray-General. Baseball 3: A Club 3, 4. Pafferson, Marlha-Voc. Home Ec. Girl Reserves. Pearson, Joycille-College Prep. Edilor-in-chief Indian 4: Assl. Edilor Indian 3: Choral Club 3, 4: G-lee Club 2: Dramalics Club 3, 4': Honor Slociely 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Assl. Head Moniior 4: Bool: Exchange Comm. 2: Convocalions Comm. I: War Eilorls Comm. I, 2, 3: Welfare Comm. 4: Lab. Eng. Assf, 2: Arrangemenls 8: Place Comm. Prom 3: Gill Comm. 4: l.l'I.S.P.A. 3, 4. Peck, Jeanne-College Prep. Class Sec. 2, 4: Class Execulive Comm. 2, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinel 2: Science Club 4: Pre-Med Club 4: Spanish Club 4: H. R. Sec. I: Co-Chr. Grandview Parry Comm. 4: Refreshmenf Comm. Prom. 3. Perry, Belly-General. Perry, Jyanifa-Bus. Ed. 5 my rm-mf mum rnmw- -'wclir P-ffm Junm Pr-:Ir Betfy Pony - Juanita Perry t Viola! Perry Roberta Pefers Phyllis Puhsrson Ha-Mk P', Y I sem. mmap. aim. Phmpf , . Mwlff Pidffdl Nick rpm I Peggy Pm WW H- P F Ho ence Poms' A Anime Pam Mary Marmx Purim Karl Prather , Ck-bw-ne Quin, g,,,g,,,, R,yQ,,,,,e P Bob Reed Mary Pavkemley 1 i 1 Perry, VioleI'4General. Pelers, RoberIaf6eneral. Sludenl Councli 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3.4. Pclc-rson, PhyIIis7General. Pelry, I'lannah4General. Choral Club 41 C'.A.A. 2, 4. Phillips, George-Pre-Ap. HI-Y 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2. Phillips, IrmafVoc. Home Ec. Y-Teens I, 2. 37 Glee Club I, 2, 3: Glee Club Assl, 2. Piclcerell, Pl'1yIIis4General. Polus, Nicl:-College Prep. Poor, Pejgy-General. Pope, William-College Prep. Traclc I, 2, 3: Cross Counlry I, 2, 33 Torch Club 23 I-li-Y 41 Dean's Assl. 4: Lib. Assl. 43 Porges, FIorence!College Prep, Cornmencemenl Speaker 41 Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Y-Teens 3, 4, Mini- wanca Council 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4, Chr. Invilalions gl Chap- erones Comm. Prom 3: Class Play Seleclion Comm. 4: I-lead Ivlonilor 41 Lib. Assl. Ig Rolary Speech Conlesl winner 3: Am, Legion Speech Conlesl winner 42 Lab. Eng. Assl. 2. 3: Guidance Asst: Debaling Team 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Jr. Town Meeling 3. Porler, Alberla-fGeneral. Choral Club 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, 31G'.A.A. I, 2. SENIORS--I947 Biology Assf. 4: H. R. Treas, 4. Prafher, Karl-Pre-Ap. Wreslling 4. Quinn, Cleburne--College Prep. Rnymore, Barbara-Voc. Home Ec. Y-Teens I. 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. I. 2. Reed, Bob--General. Torch Club 2: Conservalion 2, 3: Publicafions Rep. I. Remley. Mary Pai-General, Class Play 4: Choral Club 3. 4. Renf, Fra nl:-Pre-Ap, Reynolds, Bill--College Prep. Lab. Assl. 4: Lib. Assl. 2, 3, 4: Science Club 4: Torch Club 2. Rhynearson, Gladys-College Prep. Camera Club 2: Y-Teens 2, 3.4: Book Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Chr. Flower Comm. Sr. Week 4: Sr. Execulive Comm. Rich, AlberIqPre-Ap. Mechanical Publicalions Slaif 3, 4: Annual Mechanical Slalf 3, 4. Porfer, Mary Mariha-College Prep. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Richardson, Phyllis-Bus. Ed. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Asst Head Monilor 4: Jr. Red Cross I: Trea- surer's Assf. 2, 4. Rickard, Dolores-General. G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Council 4: H. R. Sec.-Treas. 3: Y-Teens 2, 4: Glee Club 2. Riggins, Derrill-General. Usher I, 2: Track. Riggs, JacqueliniGeneral. Lib. Assf. I, 2: Dean's Assl. 4. Riley, Beverly-College Prep. Choral Club 4': Glee Club 2: Book Club 4: Y-Teens 4: Hisfory Club 4: X-Ray Shall 2: Science Club 3: Jr. Red Cross 4: Dean's Assl, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Assl. 3: Visual Aid Assl. 4. Roberfson, Mariorie-General. Choral Club 4: G.A.A. 4: Glee Club I. 3: Hislory Club 4. Rockwell, Helen-General. Glee Club 2, 3: Y-Teens 2. Rolfs, Jo Ann-College Prep. Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Book Club 2: Biology Assl. 4: Camera Club 2: Commercial Assf. 3: Place Comm. Sr.-Faculfy Dance 4. .....- ....,,..- , ---i--M --vw 5 Maryann vmmman nam nocxvu , . Beverly Riley .Io Ann Rolls ' gg, A, g,,,,,g,,,,,, Ham Romney Dorothy Ruslvion Mmm Rvdmfen MMM g,,,4,,, Jumnisugm, Beverly sawxm Mm sump. new scbmsw norm sm, Jw Sww BGB Shuhon- Louis Shsphevd I Siavxley Shepherd Phyllis Shefferly Romine, R. A.7Pre-Ap. Rousey, Harryfpre-Ap. Baslcelball: Jr, Red Cross. Rushfon, DoroIhyfGeneraI. Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Boolc Club 2. Rushfon, Mar-Iha-Bus. Ed, Alhlellcs Office Assl. 4. Sanders, Maxine-General. Sargenl, JeaneHe7Bus. Ed. Y-Teens 4: Nurse's Assl. 4: Trades gc Induslry Assl. 3, 4. Schellon, Beverly-General, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. Jam., snaps..-, ' Jane sms, wsfemln svmf Schepper, Rober'I4Pre-Ap. Foolball I: Baslcelball I: Traclc I: Gcll 3: I'I. R. V. Pres. 3. Schoonover, Donna7Bus. Fd, War Ellorls Comm. I: Lab. Eng. Assl. 4: Commercial Assl. 4: I-Ieacl Monilor 4: I-I. R. Pres. 2: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, Sec. 3. Shafer, RoberI7Tech. I-Ii-Y 4: A Club 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3: Baslcelball I, 2, 3: Torch Club I, 2, V. Pres. 2: Soph. Execullve Comm.: l'I. R. Pres. I, 2, 3: Inler-Class Aclivllies Comm. 3: Drive-in Thealer Comm. 4. Shannon, Joan-Voc. Home Ec. Jr, Red Cross I, 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I. Shellon, BIII-Pre-Ap. Foolball I: Track I. SENIORS--1947 Shepherd, Louis-General. I-li-Y 3, 4: Foolball I, 2: H. R. Smear, BeH'y+Bus. Ed. Commercial Assl. 4. V. Pres. 3, 4: Baseball I: Science Club 3: Decoralions Comm. Prom 3. Smifh, Barbara A.-College Prep. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Lib. Shepherd, Slanley-General. Torch Club 2: I-Ii-Y 3, 4. Assl. 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 3: H, R. vV..Pres. 2, Treas. 3: Safely Comm. 44: Chr. Place Comm. Senior-Facully Dance 4. She++erIy, Phyllis-General. Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Sludenl' ' Council I, 2: G.A.A. I, 2: Choral Club 3, 4: Iv1adriqal4: Glee Club 3: Dramalics Club 4: Class Play 4: Commercial Smifl-ll Barbara J,-General, Dearfg Asst 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: Asst 4: Ticlcel' Manager Assl. 4: I-I. R. Sec. 4. l-llslory Club 4: glee Club 2' 3' 4, Smifh, Kale-Bus. Ed. Shipley, Juanile-General. Shoullz, Jane-Voc. Home Ec. Smilh, Pally-General. Shrouf, Marilyn-Bus. Ed. Sluderil Council 3, 4: H. R. Pres. I: Y-Teens I, 2, 3. 4, Cabinel 2: Lib. Assl. 4: Trades 8: lnduslry Asst 4: I-Iislory Club 4: Commercial Assl. 4. Smith, Virginia-General. Snow, Jesse-Pre-Ap. Sinnefl, Roberl-Pre-Ap, Science Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Snowden, Roberl-Tech. A Club 4: F lb II I, 2, 3, 4: Club I, 2. Hi-Y 4' OO 5 Slaler, Leroy-Tech. Hi-Y 4: Foolball I, 2, 3: Baslcelball I: Baseball I: Publicalions Rep. 2, 3, 4: Conservalion Club Sobel, Naomi+Voc. Home Ec, Glee Club 2, 4, Pres.: Dean's Assl. 4: Head Ivlonilor 4. Sanger, Jeannine-General, , Rohm, 5:,.,,,4q Le-my Slam- Haley Smear Barham A, swim Barbara J, sms- :cm smm. . . my., sam. 4 vifgm. swam A Jw. swf ' A now: Snowduu l N,,,,,,, M., i J,,,,,,,,,, g,,,,,, Wim Sow' . 3 Alma swam ' Mmsyn saws nsssnssssmn Fvwvivsle, , -' .masgsgr 4 ' we, sw., M-fy .ss sms, A comb, sim, Harbor? sf-:nas , . Dm. sm. , , Aekimisuim ' , ' I Virginia Shmri Evalyn Siimnn A May Sdinwn Sanger, Marcia-College Prep. Lalin Club 3: Y-Teens l: Publicalions Rep. 4. Soulhers, AlmafC5eneral. G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Council I, 2, 3: Y-Teens l, 2: War Ellorls Comm, I, 2: Girls' Gym Assl. 2. Sowash, Marilyn-Bus. Ed. Spearman, Roberl-Tech. Class Treas. I, Pres. 2: Class Execulive Comm. 2, 3: A Club l, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 3: I-li-Y 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Torch Club I, 2: Pep Sessions Comm, 3: Convocalions Comm. 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Spring Track I, 2, 3, 4: Fall Track 2, 3, 4: Foolball I: Gen. Chr. Sr. Week 4: Assl. Circulalion Mgr. Indian 3: Circulalion Mgr. Indian 4: I-I. R. V. Pres. I, Pres, 2, Sec.-Trees. 4: NaI'l Alhlelic Scholarship Sociely I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3. Spiggle, Bob-Pre-Ap. Slage, Dick-Tech. Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4, Treas. 4: lnlerclass ACI. Comm. 3: Conserva- Iion Club 2, 4, V. Pres.: I-I. R. V. Pres. 2, 3, 4: Foolball I. Robu+Sfinwn A I 7, r Frnksnh Gaaldsmf Sfaggs, BeHy4College Prep. Sr. Execulive Comm.: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Y-Teens 4: Vlar Eflorls Comm. I: Miniwanca Council 4: Glee Club 2: Lab. Assl. 4: Eng. fkssl, 4: Regislralion Comm. Sr. Yfoek. Slanley, Mary Jo-College Prep. Lib. Assl. I, 2: X-Ray Slaff 41: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Jr, Red Cross 4: Spanish Club 3: Book Club 4: Science Club 3, 4: Convocalion Comm. 4: Visilors' Guide 4. Sfeans, Dorofhy-College Prep. Sleinke, Herberl'-College Prep. Usher 2, 3, 4. Sfern, Donnaw-General. Book Club 4: Y-Teens 4. Siewarf, Adrienne-College Prep. Choral Club 2. 3, 41 Honor Sociely 3, 4, Treas. 4: Class Treas. 3, 4: Madriqal 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinel 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Lalin Club 2: Lilerary Wriler Indian 3: Science Club, Sec. 3: Social Aclivilies Comm. 2, 3, 4, Chr. 3, 4: Gen. Chr. of S'r.-Facully Dance 4: Pre-Med Club 4: Lab. Eng. Assf. 2. 3, 4: Class Execulive Comm. 3, 4. SENIORS Slewarf, Virginia-Bus. Ed. Honor Scciely 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: G-.A.A. I, 2, 3: TickeI Manager Assl, 4: Com- mercial Assi. 4: Glec Club 27 PubliCf1'fi0f1S RSP- li SF- Aclivilies Comm. 4. Sfinson, Evalynf-College Prep. H. R. Pres. 3, Sec.-Treas. 2: Y-Teens I, 3, 4: Glee Club 2 :Science Club 3. Sfinson, Mary-General. G.A.A. I. Siinson, Roberf-College Prep. Dramalics Club 3, 4' Science Club 2, 3: Torch Club I, 2: Class Play 4: X-Ray S'+aff 4: Publicafions Rep. 2: S+ucIen+ Council I: H. R. Pres. I: Lib. Assf. I, 2, 3. S+i+h, Frank-General. A Club 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I: Traclc 3, 4: Boxing 3. Sfiff, Gerald-General. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: C-lee Club 2: Orchesfra 3, 4: Spanish Club I, 3: Class Play 4: H. R. Sec.-Treas. 2. Siohler, Carolyn-College Prep. X-Ray Slall 3, 4: H. R, Pres. I, V. Pres. 4: Maiorelle I, 2, 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Lab. Eng, Assl. 4: Lab. Assf. 4: Jr. Ex. Comm. Slone, Joyce-General. Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Execuiive Council 2, 3: Book Club 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: War Eiforls Comm. I. nI947 Sfolflemyer, Charles+Tech, Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Eoolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: A Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Na'I l. Alhlelic Scholarship Sociefy 3, 4: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Torch Club I. 2: H. R. Pres, 4': Prom Queen Comm. 3: Chr, Drive-in Theafer Parly 4: Locker Off. AssI'. 2, 3: Dean's Assl. 4. Sfrobel, Phyllis-Bus. Ed. Lib. Assl. 4: Y-Teens 4. Sfroud, Richard-Pre-Ap. SuHon, Gene-Pre-Ap. Swango, Frances-Bus. Ed. Y-Teens 4. Symoens, Ernesf-Tech. Dean's Assf. I. Taylor, George-Tech. Glee Club 2. Taylor, JohnQGeneral. Eoolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcefball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I. Taylor, Norma-Voc. Home EC. Templelon, Herb-Tech. Choral Club 4: Hi-Y 4: Class Play 4: Dramalics Club 4': Pre-Med Club 4: His+ory Club 4: V. Pres. 4: Conservafion Club 4: Sfudenf Council 4: TFGCIC li Cross Coun+ry 3: Baskefball 3: Publicalions Rep. 4. -......,..l....,.5. r .mycu owne Charles Sfofflemyu I WW' WM' . ,Richard svma Gm sm... fm-an avenge :mm :ymann Gwvgs Tnyla Jnhn Taylor 7 Norma Taylsr Hlrb Tlmpluhn i rM,,yh.1,,pmm 7 Morris Tw-nor , Wiliom Yurrwr Thafcher, Janie-Bus. Ed, Y-Teens 2. Thomas, Belly -General. Y-Teens 43 Glee Club 2, 47 Book Club 4. Thomas, Eugene-Preffxp. Thomas, Jaclr?Bus. Ed. Class Play 47 Dearfs Assl. 4'g H. R Sec. 4. Thomas, William4General. Hi-Y 4: Torch Club I, 2 Conservallon Club 2, 4, Pres. 2: Publicafions Rep, l, 2, 3 47 Track lg Jr. Recl Cross 2. Toles, Raye-Bus. Ed. Torch Club 2: Dramalics Club 3, 4 Jr. Execulive Comm. 31 H, R. V. Pres. Ig Class Play 4 Dearfs Assl. 4. WM Tyler wum. uve, same .vm un Tolle, Rober+4General. Tompkins, RufhiVoc. Home Ec. Y-Teens I, 2, 3: Glee Club l, 2, 3. Toops, Bill-Tech. Trauring, Mary--General. New Orleans, La. Ig Menclola, lll. 2: Y-Teens 3, 4: Book Club 4. True, FrancesfGer1eral. Knlghlslown l-liqh School I, 2: Band 3, 4'q G.A.A. 4: Glee Club 4. Tucker, William-College Prep. Track I: Baseball lg Golf 2: Baskelball l. SENIORS Tupman, Marfha+G-eneral. Book Club 4: Hislory Club 4: Y-Teens I, 4: Eng. Assl. 2, 3, 4. Turner, Morris-Pre-Ap. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 2: Orcheslra 2. Turner William-General. Tyler, William-Pre-Ap. Ulery, Wilma-General. UH, Billie Jean-General. Vanasdal, Barbara-College Prep, Choral Club 4: Lafin Club 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Y-Teens 2.4: Publicalions Rep. I: Hislory Club 4, Treas, Vanderbur, Marlha-Bus. Ed. G.A.A. I, 2: Glee Club 3: Y-Teens 4: Commercial Asst 4. Vanclergriff, Don-Pre-Ap, Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: A Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Srudenl' Council I, 2, 4: Execu- five Council 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Bas- Icelball I. 2, 3: Refreshmenls Comm. Prom 3: lnrerclass Acl. Comm. 3, 4: Chr, Gill Comm. 4: Nal I. Alhlelic Scholarship Sociely. H1947 Vandevender, Joan-Voc. Home Ec. Y-Teens I, 2: Glee Club 2, 3. Voss, Vaughn-Pre-Ap. A Club 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: H, R. Pres. 4: Baskeiball I, 2, 3, 4: Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4. Wade, Joanne-General. Roclc H. S. Sl. Louis I, 2: H. S'. Office Assl. 4. Walker, Don-Pre-Ap. Sruclenf Assembly I, 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: Monilor Honor Hall 4: Hi-Y 4: Honor Slociefy 3, 4: Cross Counlry 4: Safely Comm. 3: H. R. Pres. I: Chr. Uplown Thealer Parry Comm. 4. Walfigney, George-Tech. Class Execulive Comm. 3, 4: H. R. V. Pres. I, 2: Torch Club I: Traclc I, 3: Camera Club 3: Science Club 2, 3: Class Day Comm. 4. Wallon, Kalherine-General, Pre-Med Club 4. Wasfel, Marie-General. Srudenl Council l. Waflrins, Sameul-General. Webb, Rulh Anna-Bus. Ed. Y-Teens I: Commercial Assl, 3, 4. Barbara Vuursdul Mer14loVandcrbur Dan Vandergrifi ' .iw vmisma. I vmgw. vm , . Jam. wa. ' 4 'Mk IQZWM I ' fGoorgyWaI!igmy Knflunringwaivon I M.,i.w..+.r I ,S-aww-ww? lviliw-Q'55 , Mudge Webbsr Wilham Weeks Mary Alice Wslllons Emmerv Wells Jean Wells Lois Arm Wells Tom Won!! Winifred Wont Donald Weskon I Bob Wnhmi CknrhsWHI'nmson Geraldine Wiliiamwn omwn. - ' Deborah wx... .um www. Webber, Maclgeffieneral. Dayleslown, Ohio I. Weeks, WilIiam4TecI'1. Boxing 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: S rudenI Council I: H. R. V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Track I, 2: Torch Club I, 2: Science Club 3, 4: Hislory Club 4: Locker Office Assi. 4: Wresilinq 4. Wellons, Mary Alice-eCveneral. Class Execulive Comm. 4: War Eilorls Comm. I, 2: H. R. V. Pres, 2, Pres. 3: Library Assi. 2, 3: Commercial Assl. 4: Y-Teens I, 2: Glee Club I, 3. Wells, Emmerf-Tech. H. R. V. Pres. 2: Conservaiion Club 4: Publicaiions Rep. I, 2, 3. Wells, Jean-Voc. Home Ec. Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 4: Book Club 4: Hisiory Club 4: Dean's Assl. 4. Wells, Lois Ann-General, Choral Club 3, 4: Madriqal 4: Glee Club 2, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Publicaiions Rep. 3: Jr. Red Cross I: H. R. Pres. 2: Assl. Head Monitor 4: Head Moniior 4. mmyn vane- opsi wam Jw Wood I Wenlz, Tom, Wes'I', Winifi'edfGeneraI. Clworal Club 4: Glee Club 2. Wesfon, Donald-'I'ecI'1. Red Cross I, 2, 4. Williams, Bobgleclw. H. R. Pres. 2: Torch Club I, 2: Conservalion Club 2: Track 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Golf 3, 4: Publicalions Rep. 2, 3: CI-ir. Band Comm. Prom 3: Chr. Band Comm, Sr.-Facully Dance 4: Band I, 2: Jr. Red Cross 2: Lab. Assl. 4: Visual Aids Assl. 4: Science Club 3. Williamson, Charles-Pre'Ap. Foolball I. Williamson, Geraldine-General. Glee Club 2, 3: Y-Teens 4: Hislory Club 4: Science Club 4: War Elforls Comm. 2. Wills, OlIiefVoc. Home Ec. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3: H. R. Assl. 4: G.A.A. I: Eliqibilily Comm. 4. Wilson, Deborah-College Prep. H. R. Pres. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Clnoral Club 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Dra- malics Club 4: Science Club 4: Book Club 4: Assi. Head Ivlonilor 4: Hislory Club 4: Cliaperones Comm. Prom 3. Wilson, Jim-College Prep. Conservalion I: Dramaiics Club 4: Science Club 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Publicafions Rep. I. SENIORS--I947 Wilson, Marilyn-College Prep. Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Spanish Club 3: Choral Club 4: X-Ray Slall 4: Hislory Club 4: Book Club 4: Science Club 4: Commercial Assl. 4: H. R. V. Pres. 4: Sevenleen Club, V. Pres. 4. Wilson, Opal-General. Book Club 4: Glee Club I, 4: 6.A.A. I, 2: Dean's Assl. 4. Wood, JacIrkPre-Ap. Woodall, Frances-Voc. Home Ec. Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Nurses Assl. 4. Wrighf, Beffy-College Prep. Lalin Club 2: Camera Club 3, 4: X-Ray Sfafl' 4: G-.A.A. 4: Girls' Golf Team 4. Wrighf, Peggy-Voc. Home Ec. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4. Wyanf, Joan-General. Ma'ry Ru'I'I1 Culp-General. Wyani, Lou-College Prep. 6.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: War Elforls Comm. 3: Sluclenl Council 4: X-Ray Slafl' 2: Gym Assl. 3: Head Monilor 3: Decora- Iions Comm. Brealcfasl Dance 4: Head Monilor 3, Yafes, BeH'y-General. H. R. Pres. I: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. I. 2. Yales, Paul-Teclw. Class Play 4: Dean's Assl. 4: Con- serva+ion Club I, 4: H, R. V. Pres. 3. Zool, Phyllis-General. Lib. Assf. 3, 4: I-lislory Club 4: Y-Teens 4. Ja nef Horfon-G-eneral. Lillian Wegman-General. CAMERA SHY Boman, Anila-College Prep. Bricker, Forresf-Pre-Ap. Traclc 2. Bridges, Roberl-Bus, Ed.. Dean's Assl. 4. Cardinal, Paul-General. Carier, Ralph-Pre-Ap. Foolball 2, 3: Track 3. Cheever, Harold-General. Cheever, Lonadine-General. Claybaugh, Joe-Pre-Ap. Cochran, Adolphus-General. Cooper, Kafhryn-General. H. R. Sec.-Treas. 4. Corcler, John-General. Cox, Lyle-General. Velerans Club 4. Davis, Cleafis-General. Glee Club. Fousf, Billy-College Prep. Givan, Davicl-Tech. Ghere, Irene-General. Greene, Nancy-General. Hancoclr, Samuel-General. Hendriclrson, Clarence-Pre-Ap. Jaclcson, Mary Lois-General. Kline, Charles-Pre-Ap. McBride, Beverly-College Prep. O'NeiII, Paul-General. Parfain, Don-General. Rosencrans, Paul-General. , Schlelmilcln, Rosalie-College Prep. Glee Club 2: Science 2: Y-Teens 3, 4: Hislory Club 4. Seyberf, Bill-General. Wreslling 4. Templefon, Bill-General. ' Van Meier, Paul-College Prep. Band I, 2, 3, 4. Wilson, Paul-Pre-Ap. Frances Woodlll . BUWY WVIQI1' A ' Peggy Wriglsf Jw wmv , ' Mary nm. cur, Lo., Wm. amy nam mn vm. PM Unlock A A ,N,,, ,, ' us-wg-M Prorn Commilfee Fronl Row, lofi +o righl-aloe Fox, Delaris Ryan Carolyn Rolls, Nancy Mullins, Joan McKinley. Middle Row7Bonnie Anderson, Nancy Wilhile Babara Farmer, Belly Jo Slinson, Jane Wilson. Back Rowflliclc Peck, Chesler Weed, Pal King Jim Sloolcey, l-lal Bolen. l Class of 1948 Presiolenl . . . . Delores Ryan Vice-Presidenl Joyce Dallon Secrelary Frances Folancl Treasurer ...... Jim Werlz Fron+ Row, Leif lo riqhl: Delores Ryan, Joyce Dallon- Back Row: Jim Werlz, Mrs. Evelyn Grahame, Frances Foland, Basil l-losier. Sponsors- lvlrs. Evelyn Graham, Basil l-losier Class Colors-Royal Blue and While Abel, Mary Carroll Adcoclc, Marilyn Allord, Dorolhy Ballard, Laura Ballard, Theodore Barker. Belly Barlrer, Jo Ann Beeman, Maxine Belangee, Bob Belangee, Helen Bevelhimer, Juanila Bever, Lloyd Biven, Harlan Boener, Kalie Boone, Eddie Bowers, Joyce Bowser, Edward Sridges, Fred Brislol, Belly Brock, Kalherine Broclr, Paul lroolcs, Frances lrown. Dave lrown, Delores luller, Jimmie lyrum. Thelma Iain, Lamar Zanaday, Bill Iarraway, Roberl Iarler, Jeannelle all, Bill lillord, Bill ililll, Mary Louise lillon, Emma Lou oble, Nancy ook. David aolc, Richard aolcman, Don l33 Juniors - l948 l , , ,, ,., - i n y of Kg!! .,,.,, ..., a 5 h K Fc i' , l .7 , rr' ' J . X 1, ,..a , iii eil xl al ii Bal J W x X' 1 raa .lil B J H -.., 'I y 5.1 S ii - p f i M .f-' lg Q, J . rrr' gi , N, ' . as J -.., , ,,r,1 5 ...,- Q a Lili fi: 1 ' iii in YF , I :Q J J A A A I W ora z of W' Q r l sf 7 , X wi Q ey . . V as ' :sr 5 L ,J K QQ 'YQ- ifl E i,E,y ,yla l ,ii Air-x ,film Mpig. .N l . , t ,. V -2, i L ix if gk A' B ' '-A, .5 A., . -f K Ji is Q , E W ikrf 5 Ak h 5 K ,ag 2 5- r Q - ' if . ,al Gm i 1 if' J B Q . 3 ' . F rl' M N 7 K Y-if J 1,.,5.,,. lar' il., X , Allen, Bob Anderson, Bonnie Aull, Carl Balmer, Norman Barrell, Charles Barrell, Geraldine Beclcnell, Mary Lois Belangee, Madeline Bell, Gene Bereslord, Rena Berry, Donald Bolen, Hal Bonge, Bob Bonge, Jacl: Boyer, Barbara Boyer, Roberl Branch,1Danny Brauchla, Gordon Broclcman, Yvonne Brogden, Marlha Bronnenberg, Caroly Browning, Roy Bunce, Max Bunce, Pally Bushong, Keilh Cannon, Mary Cape, Jane Caplingeh Marilyn Chambers, Bill Chapman, Bill Clarkson, Barbara Claus, Keilh Combs, Rosalyn Comerl Jacqueline Conde, Pal Cooper. Don Corn, Ronald Corlrechl, Marilyn Colhran, Barbara I'1 Couch, Evalyn Cox, Arnola Cox, Nondas Dallon, Joyce Davis, Beverly Davis, Fred Delong, Anna Delph, Bill Denlon, Roberl Lee Dillman, Phyllis Dillon, Jacqueline Dillon, Judy Douglas, Bill Doyle, Pearlie Mae Dunbar, Barbara Edwards, Jaclc Elder, Belly Eldon, Howard England, Dorolhy Enl, Jim Epperly, Berlha Farmer, Barbara Faulkner, Marlha Ferree, Ed Foley, Aloma Jo Foley, Peggy Follz, Perry Fouse, Phyllis Fousl, Marshall Fowler, Judilh Ann Gdrdner, Palricia Garrelf, Marcus Gaus, Bill Juniors - l948 j ,, I A A 4. I . Cronlc, Alice Crump, Eldon Cuneo, Jerry Davis, Jim Delenderler, Carl Dilinqer, Marilyn Derr, Myra Dickey, Bob Dillard, Wilma Jean Dismulce. Jim Dobson, Joanne Dorsey, Ben Dunbar, Dave Dunn, Norma Early, Allen Ellicll, Joe Ellis, Ramona Elmore, Jerry Eulsler, Don Eulsler, Elsie Fadely, Valencia File, Rose Flory, Dick Foland. Frances Fon+aine. Louie Ford, Mary Fosler. Jim Fowler, Mary Fox, Joe Fullinglon, Frederick Gibson, Alice Gibson, Mary Kalhryn Gilmore, Dave al i Sirfon, Larry Sold. Barbara Bold, Joan iraham, Lloyd Qranf. Beverly Qray, Delena friifiih, Dona vrissom, Wanda frolif, Lois iusfin, Eleanor fwaliney, Edifh wynn, Barbara amillon, Jim amilion, Jo,Ann ancoclc, Pafricia arshman, David arf, Jim arfwell. Palsy aynes, Befly aad, BeHy Jo sllems, Joe day, Lenna igginbo1'ham,lPresnell res. Cafherine vlsinger, Mary mover. Clarence mover. Twylla mrnor, Be+'ry irion. Jaclc selc, Jacqueline dson, Bob dson, Kafie ghel, Wilson 35 Juniors - I948 .4 in y .5y, it V 4 i X i:.V1W if ,L Q. r L - S' - 5' fi if . , y 1 , ,,iL ' Q 3 J .. is .. 'va 1 ' xx -V S., .F .- Q' Gourley, Warren Greddy, Eloise Graham. Jean Gray, Kenneih Gray, Louise Greaihouse, Mary Gudgel, Richard G-ulley, Wilma Gulmire, Doroihy Hall, Wilmeifa Hallerman, Richard Hamilion, Jack Harney. Charles Harringion, George Harrison, Nancy Hasler, Carolyn Haslings, Donald Hawkins, Bob Helmic, Jacqueline Helmick, Joan Hensley, Mary Lou Holder, Max Hollensbe, Wayne Hollingsworih, Georg Hoppes, Wilma Horn, Joann Hornbeclc, Phyllis Hosier, Sue Ann Howard. Nancy Hubbard, Helen Hughes, Anna Hu'll,'Mariorie Humericlchouse, Anna 9 Hunl, Barbara Hurd, Carolyn lferl, Norman James, Carl James, Doris James, Fred Johnson, Jim Johnson,, Rulh Jones, David Julian, Barbara Juslice, James Kabrick, Phyllis Key, Palsy Kimmel, Darlene King, Pal Kolde, Belly Ann Kugler, Lewis Kulclenslci, Wm. Lauber, Jeanelle Lawrence, Barbara Lazenby, Helen Leflel, Mary Leighlon, Barbara Lilcins, Charlolle Looper, Billie Sue Looper, D.M, Losey, Jimmy Lunlslord, Lloyd Lusher, Donna McCord, Thelberl McKay, Ralph McKee, Barbara McKeown, Alice Juniors - I948 lsenhour, Chauncey Jackson, Alfreda Jackson, Jimmy Jefferson, Joan Jessup, Wilma Johnson, Dorlhy Jones, Don Jones. Ronald Jordan, Juanila Keeslinq, Bonila Keiih, Vivian Kelly, Le Roy King, Viola Kline, Floyd Kocher, Pally Laib, Molly Lame, Frances Lannes, Oren Leach, Agee Leavell, Wm Lee, Barbara Lindsey, Helen Livinqlon, Evelyn Lollar, Wilbur Lovdal, Rondney Lovell, Barbara Lulcens, Virginia McDaniels, Phyllis McDaniels, Dolores McGonigle, Charles McKinley, Joan Mace, Bob Mahan, Barbara Malden, Calherine Maline, Barbara Manship, Beverly Malhews, Bob Mead, Belly June Meary, Barbara Millendorl, John Moore, Beverly Moorman, Belly Myers, Freda Myers, Joan Needham, Norma Noble, Phyllis Noelzel, Nancy Nunley, Louis Odell, Nancy Ogden, Edgar Oldham, Douglas Palmer, Phyllis Pappas, Evan Parks, Charles Deck, Dick Penery, Sally Lou Persinq, Tom Pickering, Judy Pike, Monna Pillenger, Priscilla Poor, Belly Jean Door, Pally Joan Driser, Jane Quinn, Bob Raper, Raymond leed, James I37 Juniors - I948 ii m s fs V .4- Marlin, Eddie Vlarlindale, Norman Massey, Eddie Merrell, Luanne lflelzger, Bill lvlilburn, Judy Mosley, Marlha Mollo, Pally l.lullins, Nancy llevis, Clarice llichol, Roberl llicholson, Jack Nyboer, Bill Nyboer, Tom Oberlies, Mary Alice Osborne, Doris Palmer, Jane Palmer, Jeanie Parry, Phyllis Pallon, Kalie Pearson, Carol Pelerson, S'coll Pelligrew, V.V. Phillips, Barbara Pillser, Viola Poor, Barbara Poor, Belly Ann Pucilawske, Richard Pugh, Max Quick, Rosemary Reed, James Rehm, Ronald Reynolds, Marilyn Rhodes, Roberla Richardson, Don Richardson, Georgiana Robbins, Leon Robbins, Nila Robinson, Mildred Roney, Virginia Ross, ldamay Roudebush, Kennison Rumler, Palricia Rushlon, Clara Belle Ryan, Delores Schell, Wm Schick, Sara Ann Schlabach, Belly Scoll, Joy Shaw, Maurice Sheasley, Dawn Shroul, Gloria Siemer, Shirley Simons, Donald Smilh, Bob Smllh, Brice Smilh, Frank Snowden, Jaclc Soales, Raymond Soverns, Wayne Slanley, Richard Slewarl, Don Slinson, Belly Joyce Sloops, Joe Slriclcler, Marlha Summers, Phyllis Juniors - I948 'W - ' f i , ' 1 l li A 53 -ilzi ' .Ft .. .1-f B FE ' 'i 'el Richey, Peggy Riggs, Dick Ripple, Gracia Roby. Bill Roland, Russell Rolls, Carolyn Rumler, Doris Rumler, Merrill Rurnler, Merrill Frlalin, Sarah Samuels, Jack Sanders, Rowena Schlegelmilch, Rosalie Schneider, Mary Belh Schuyler, Terry Sheels, Roberl Shinn, Darleen Shively, Jim Fisil, Pally Sllciles, Pal Smear, Helen Smilh, Jacquelyn Smilh, Wanda B. Snider, Audrey Spangler, Geraldine Speedy, Roberl Slaggs, Palsie Slinson, Roberl E. Slohler, Joanne Sloolcey, Jim Sullon, Doris Swain, Marilyn Swanlc, Sally Swarl, Marilyn Sweeny, Naomi Siylvesler, Bob Thompson, Jim Tilley, Virginia Tompkins, Belly Turner, Joyce Tyree, Charles Ullerback, Bob Van Osdol,,Ben Van Winkle, Joann Van Zanl, Marilyn Vermillion, Rex Vesl. Johanna Wailman, Madonna Ward, Ray Warmke, Clarence Wean, Jack Welker, Earl Werlz, Jim West Janel Vlhillock, Mary K. Whillaker, Diane Wiggins, Palsy Wilhile, Nancy Williams, Sue Wilson, Gene Wiseharl, June Wiseman, Sally Wisner, Richard Woodruff, Bill Wrighl, Gene Wrigley, Tom l39 --,iv -- I-J? Juniors - I948 ll' In 'e f, ffl -- -- i r 1 5 I I , qw .,-. , 251 'Q W .T Q an I ., ,.,,, Q , iff ff 5 la ' ,-' r L A Q Talley, Belly Ann Taylor, Helen Taylor, Joan Towne, Jack Turner, Beverly Jean Turner, Don Vanarsdal, Diane Vandergrill, Richard Van Naller, Eleanor Vaughn, Ruby Veazey, Don Vermillion,iByron Walden, Odella Walker, Allen Walker, Marybelle Weasel. Joan Websfer, Dick Weed, Budd Whisler, Suzelie While, Gene While, Jack Wilbur, Ronald Wiley, Ernesi Wiley, Tom Wilson, Jane Wilson, Naomi Wilson, Ramona Wolford, Mona Lee Wolfe, Charline Wood, Revis York, Jo York, Kalhleen Zehrung, George Sophomore Officers and Sponsors Leff fo Righh Mrs. Eslher Buchanan, Bob Miller, Bar- bara Mills, Lois Paramore, Leo Sanders, Bradley Neal. Class of 'I949 Presidenf Bradley Neal Vice-Presiderul Bob Miller Secrelary Lois Paramore Treasurer Barbara Mills Sponsors-Mrs. Esllwer Buchanan, Leo Sanders A. . 'rwlue s -ui: Y am' W' M1 W ' 'NU' N ' ... rv 'WT R we . e m A' as ' :sh r' ,A-br:-:L-WFT? .,1. T22 .-5 '- as -res, -sm. f A ' , e ss.s M f N N vim.. - rf X l f Y . , 2. K -. 1' 'Y-ff if, Ei? XF- . XT Alike. Wffai ,-:im 7, W 'X - . We f'f '-if-gs? -Q' et' , fir? X. ff -' f2'.',', M sp - N ff , X -f -,F ' 1. Q M3 X. -:tw W' 1 ,ru 5, . l ' .,f 43.1 K 'Q , ix tg AE ff, gy , . .. Q, as .1 ,. .. ff, of .A , . 'L' L, 'ffm ff' -X Q- . li- If 'ff , fm, f X rf. ' -ff' Q 1-:ga -' -, f X ek-.ern gi AN, .-4. . , Q ,N I .N X Tx , s ,ag-Q 55 K X , J V BT xx .Milf -V5-s ., V , -R if .WQZEN . x llllm ifzif s. Ag 51- Y ' . 1' 1- fms- Wwe k-a- 1, fp? f f. '. --fiw ak g M y . A , - N5 mf 1, I 'W-as. 'T W -L, -f- -- -if-1' 43,9 r may is A f 1s1a3?,i' - M ' ' A - aigw W six , u i' : f '-ea e ' QQF' ,Inf Af w. '15, .pt I43 Aaqesen, Dorolhy Adams, Kermil Adams, Ronald Alford, Mary Elizabelh Allen, Ellie Allis, Dorolhy Allison, Anna Anderson, Paul Anlrobus, Virginia Armlield, Dick Baker, Philip Barg, Lyle Barger, John Barnes, Deloris Bays, Kenney Beason,lBob Bechlold,Devere Bemish, Howard Bennell, Bill Bergdahl, Richard Berlcebile, Roberla Sishop, Pal Blades, Barbara 3obo, Bealrix 5rannon, Pally ireece, Wm. ireeden, Wm. Srelslord, Barbara irizendine, Roberl lroclc, Jo Ann 3rannenberq, David lrown,'Pa+ricia royles, Mariorie rundaqe, John runino Sanny Zade, James Iampbell, Buddy iampbell, Margarel l4l A ' 7 iii.: Sophomores - I949 W..-.. ., .-. i...-...--.,-,f-- v--- 3 Q Q Q , . ,fi gmi 5 Q , ., , W 1 f, 4 A -is r hr . .... . . Qs Q' xl, 2 Q .,3., . Q? ,Li .- gi ,ik E.: B ii '1-i 1, ,rs ' gig : z Baie .fiz 5 A F , -' A S .fy ' ,, Alcers. Nancy Alexander, Jim Alexander, Marion Alexander, Pal Alspauqh, Marilyn fll, Bob Anderson, Evelyn Armslrong, Charles Asbury, Almeda Bair, Phil Balmer, Bob Barnes, Gene Barr, Jim Bass, Palricia Becrafl, Ralph Bell, Emma Lou Bell, Marilyn Bemish, Donald Biddle, Allen Biddle, George Billheimer, Ted Bonner, Laverne Bowers, Pal' Brandenburg, Darrell Brandenburg, Farrell Bricker, Palsy Briley, Janef Broadwafer, Gene Browne, Mark Brown, Barbara Jean Brown, Doris Brown, Lou Ann Bullinqlon, Belly Burlon, JaneiAnn Busby, Bob Carlson, Marvin Carroll, Lenora Case, Kalherine Casey, Jim Caslor, Loreila Challanf, Maxine Chambers, Carl Claypool, Morris Clevenger, Keilh Colvill, Donald Conover, Don Cooper, Jim Cooper, John Counreller, Phyllis Croslhwail, Marilyn Crowrhers, Rosalie Crusmire, Paili Cummins, Beverly Dailey, Carl Dailey, Charlolie Dailey, Marry Davission, Richard Dawson, Joan Dearing, Bobbie Deeds, Jacqueline Dixon, Jim Dood, Gerald Dodge, Willis Doyle, Virginia Dunham, Mary Elizabelh Ea ker, Dorlha Edwards, Ronald Ellison, Marilyn Enl, Waller Falge, Jim Foley, Phyllis Forkner, Kalhleen Fosier, Jerry Fowler, Roberf Freeslone, Eddie Freeslone, Phyllis Fuller, Joan V, , ,..,,,,,. ,., T . 1. , it ,V .1 Sophomores - I949 ---U-.qgp-uqnunuluvuv-1 l 5 L , . . - -. 32,3-, .:,,.1,.. :N-'ii 'F a .. 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Kennelh Gregg, Jackie Griffilh, Lois Guslin, Richard Gwallnz, Marilyn Gwinn, Jimmy Hamilfon, Aubrey Hamlin, Norma Haney, Carroll Hanna, Bob Harringlon, Bernice Harris, Barbara Harris, Roberl Hellems, Joanne Hendricks, Berry Henry, Joan Hicks, Roberl' Hill, Ray Hines, Barbara Hines. Janice Holer, Bill Holer, Marjorie Holding, David Holdren, Jimmie Hoppes, Joyce Hosier, Frances Hosier, Peggy Huffman, Jean Hughes, Bellrie Hurley, Palsy Hullon, Harold Jackson, Lee Carol lanelos. Tommy lared, Ronald I43 Sophomores - I949 X az, 7 V- i- ii is 1 ,.f li if 5' ' L' r .,,r-i 5 ili A Q ' in B in . S zir A . bt E Wg L N V I 1- -,,.. ,. 4 if I 4, N i , 4 A ,, Qs, f 5 A . Y fi 4 M QQ' S 4 H: , Q- 4. 5.:. . r Q Q YJ .4 6- , B. vi ' 'Q J , :y,,,,, 1 y x E4 r 3' X A I Y Vyyy ' -K X ,, g L Gilmore, Bill Gilmore, Herberl Golden, Jimmie Gordon, Marie Grissom, Gaylord Gross, Velma Gudgel, Joyce Hacker, Barbara Hackney, Junior Hains. Norma Hamel, Roberl Hardacre, Bill Harmeson, Nancy Harney. Dolores Halhcoaf, Roberl Heagy, Belle Heiney, lra Helfrich, Dick Higgins, Belly Hilboll, Jane? Hiles, Ernesi Hinlon, David Hilchcock, Janice Hockenberry, Marfha Hodgson, Roberl Holladay, Norma Hollingsworlh, Bill Hollingsworfh, John Houser, Maxine Hudson, Anna Jean Hudson, Johnny Hufler, Donald lrle, Bob lsanogel, Jane Jackson, Carolyn Jarrell, Junior Jarvis, Max John, Geraldine Johnson. Alberf Johnson, Ed Johnson, Judy Johnson, Norman Jones, Roberl Julian, Belly Kane, Waller Keesling, Floella Kidd, Belhea Kilburn, LeRoy Kimble, Jack Koeniger, Mary Kugler, Willodean Kunlz, Jaclc Lalcey, James Lasher, Bob Lawler, Earl Lawler, Joyce LeMond, Phyllis Lennis, Mary Jo Lesler, Bob Levi, Alice Jo Lineberry, Tom Linville, Carol Liflle. Kay McClinlic, Sue McCord, Jimmie McCorlchill, Curlis McDaniels, Palricia Mclnlyre, Drucilla McMahan, Donald, Dcncid Marlin, Sue Malhews, Donald Mallingly, Maclc Llolcher, Mary June Melcalf June Ann Meyer Tom Sophomores - I949 PQ. 4 :W 2 A in-V tm 2 X , in E H X J 4 , X f Kr ir , gf , li 5' 1 l S ik EE? Q J ,og , .. ,.,. Mo. 3 in rr is - is ' . -.,. I ,::. ' Iv Z A Q X E 'E 1 xx if z Q is Millaqel Bob N , K . . ,. QQ ., if I iiiiii iiiu. , iiiii -, E K r Sl i ,...,., I ii J - no l, i'f . w f' QM Jones, Alice Jones, Barbara Lou Jones, Harvey Jones, Margarel Kelly, Marilyn Kendal, Raymond Kessler, Roberl Kimmerling, l-larold King, Evelyn Kirlc, Thomas Knolls, Yvonna Laman. George Land, Doris Langley, Jean Lazenby, Russell Lee, Virginia Leever, Maurice Leichf, LaVonne Lewallen, Olis Lewellyn, Floyd Lewis, John Li uinqslon, Edwin Loose, Ed lcuiso, Dale lvlcoarlhy, Richard McDonald, Harold McElvoy, Belly McFarland, Marilyn lvlabbill, Ardelh Mabbilr, Geraldine Main, Max Manis, Jack l.1crrill,l3ob Merrill, Richard Merwin, Marilyn l.1iller, Bill M'ller, Jane Ann Miller, Roberf Miller, Warren I44 Mills, Barbara J. Moore, Jack Moreland, Henry Musselman, Lela Myer. Denny Myers, Bob Neal, Mary Helen Nelson, Kennelh Nelson. Peggy Nicholson, Mary Lou Nicholson, Virginia Oakes, Jerry O'Neill, Jo Ann Onsloll, Bob O'Roark. Pal Pancol, Gus Paramore. Lois Parisi, Norman Denrod, John Derry, Paula Delerson, Richard 'hiIlips. Jack 'hillips, Paul l iclcering, Genene lummer, Ronald oer, Bob orler, Bob osey, Annabelle rice. Roberl luear, Marvin andall, Norma alz. Wilma H5 lummer. Charlolle Ann Morris, Jim Morris, Marilyn Muller, Paul Nagel, Joyce Nanney, Wendell Neal, Bradley Newsom, George Newsom, Marlha Newsom, Mary Odell, Evelyn Odell, Jack Odom, Bobby Osller, Charles Ollo, Marlha Painler. Carolyn Parlcer, Richard Pavey, Dorolhy Pearcy. Belly Jane Pelligrew, Marilyn Phelps, Franlc Phelps, Roberl Pierse, Marian Pillslord, Kennelh Plesch, Janelle Poole, Leila Poore, Joann Pope, Sue Price, Sam Pursley, Barbara Oualls, Kennelh Reese, Ray Rhodes, Bill Rhodes, Jack Call, Jerry Chamberlain, Kay Chambless, Kenny Clay, Roberl Clemons, Geneva Cline, Barbara Cole, Barbara Collins, Jackson Condon, Marilyn Connelly, Geraldine Cooke, Ted Corder, Susanne Colner, Bernice Craib, Basil Crooks, Marvella Crosley, James Crosley. Teddy Cunningham, Jack Cunningham, James Cunningham, Jo Danlorih. Janice Davis, Kalie Davis, Mary Alice Davis. Neil DeLawler. Gene Delonq. Kennelh Delp, Ray Dennis, Dean Dillion, Norman Difllinger. Velma Dixon, Le Ann Dozier, Lila Drennen, Edwin Druggers. Mariorie Dugger. Charles Dunham Howard Dunham, Marlha Ann V Q - a t Y - Q 'y , , A Dunlap, Loren Ayqqu ,,,, , Q. if LV . F . H ,,,. ,. , lg , , -f s so ,H P V of ix .N k W Chandler, Charles Cheever, Richard Childes, George Clark, Bernelha Coleman, Jim Collier, Graydon Collins, Bob Conrad. Jane+ Cook, David Cook, Emma Jean Cook, James Craib, Doris Crain, Dorofhy Crider, Francile Cruson, Joyce Cummings, Gene Cuneo, Jack Cunningham, Fred Dare, Charlolle Davis, Clara Davis, Joan Davisson, Jane Day, Margarel Dearing, Mary Ann DeLanoy, Gordon DeShon, Carolyn Dewill, lrene Dickerson, Mary Dodd, Barbara Douglass, Dick Downham, Alvin Downham, Bill Dugger, George Dunbar, Danny Duncan, Jerry Dunn, Lova Jo Duranl. Barbara Durgan, Lonnelle Edwards, Fern Edwards, Jean Edwards, Roberl Ehle, Arlene Elchinson, Edd Evans, Billy Faulkner, Adele Fausl, Howard Finlcenbiner, Richard Fisher, Belly Rulh Fisher, Sally Ford, Barbara Fouse, Wilma Fousl, Floyd Fox, Clyde Fuller, Eslan Fulp, Claude Fullon, Joan Geary, Thomas Genlry, Sue Giles, Homer Gillenline, Annelle Givens, Belly Givens, Joyce Gloyd, Mary Gray, Doris Gray, Eugene Gray, Helen Grealhouse, Lucille Griqsby, Coramae Groll,,Georqiana Gwallney, Bill 'lamillon, Guy 'lamillon, Lila 'laney, Ardelh -larmon, Russell Jr. rlarl, Jeanne larlley, Thomas larvey, Tom l5l I-reshmen - l950 F .IIQ + - , J - :'r w J 'fr - B Q jp P kl' ' J J vuia -'u fd -. .. Ellinqlon, Diane Ellis, Gerna Ervin, Janie Elchinson, Dick Fea rnow,y Donald Filer, Bealrice Fiqq, Marilyn Flall, Anna Flowers, Wanela Floyd, Alber-l Folsom, Vera Frazier, Belly Jo Friddle, Phyllis Fry, Palricia Gabel, Belly Jo Gallamore, Richard Garner, Kennelh Garrelson, Lesler Gillespie, Norman Ginley, Jacqueline Girlon, Norma Gooding, Pally Graham,,Barbara Graham, Tom Gray, Barbara Green, Dan Green, Jack Green, Jerry Haines, Charles Haines, Jack Hall, Bally Hallenbeclc, Seigle Harrell, Ralph Harris, Del l-larris,',Nedra Lou Flasher, John l-laslings, Marilyn l-laws, Charles Hayes, Gale Freshmen Officers a nd Sponsors Leif io Rigl'1'r: Herman l-lallell, David Vanarsdal. Barbara Cole, Jon Will- iams, Grayclon Collier, Misk Marqarel Vandevencler. lNlOR'lXli0N Class of 1950 Presidenl Vice-Presidenl Secrelary Treasurer . . Sponsors Miss lvlargarel Vanclevencler, Jon Williams Grayolon Collier Barloara Cole Davicl Vanarsdal Herman l-lalleli - up . . ' ' . V- , GRN V 'H' if-mx V Y V- 'Y ' .- V' Y Y ' - ,. - ' i ' ' ' fl . -s-sf-.1 H --Q-if ' 1 - N 4. M' i K ' N f' i, si- is Q s , rg.. f V . 9 s i A i is .ai Mmm s .-A-we - . Q , ,Q 'Xt Z A, - 5 1 x A v .M s, .ky K 5 KK if . B wt ,. , i'-,,.X-'Q ,vw sg xv X Wk' rw. xv. 'D x 4 Z 'Y sv, A ' ' nf ' X , 9 'sv 2, - ,f1a1,, ' W 1 'ws . Q J s,, Q A X fm f Q W X X T2 x 2, M jg 'gif we I-' A df' 4, 'iv 4,5 5, V f .5 .f -A A. - gsm 4. 'I' A , 4 N. S f- iw, R . 22.0 . ii' . ffwf-. ' 31 'ii'-m.. 9 'z!'A.,. . ,ff , i m f AN- 'QT K' We 'QW3ff ,5 afY ,QQfL f fl'- f s - - 'W 'm ' Q5 2 X if Rckles, Tim fxlexander, Dale Klexander, Ray Nnlonidis, Joed Kshby, Belly Xshby, Janel' kshly, Mary iaker, Barbara aker, John all. David arr, Charlolle arron, Bob arlh, Joan auldaul, Tom eck, Nalalia arry, Beverly zlangee, Donnabelle lyeun, Kennelh uernle, Tom Jdenhorn, Roberla Jhne, Marilyn lone, Molly 1 er Roberl Y 1 adley, Pal ooks, Rulh own, Edith own, Lois nwn, Lolli nwn, Tom mdage, Donald ink, Molly Jo 'ke, Ronald in, Phyllis llender, Charles meron, Slanford rlin, Wanda 'many, Billy rpenler, John I49 U' ., - . -2 4. Freshmen - I950 .1 . K W , , llo x, 5 Q. if 5? 1- l. ..' as-5 ykif . --:- F '1'- -ff lll Q ...f J 'll Anderson, Ada Frances Anderson, Dick Anderson, Wilma Ansberry, Joan Alwood, Becky Auslin, Gene Bailey, Nondas Banks, Donald Barbra, Orlan Barkdull, Eslalaine Barnellr, Bill Baxler, Bob Beal, Roberi' Beck, Marilyn Bell. Gerald Bell, James Berg, Richard Biddle, Janel Bollon, Charles Bookoul. lmaiean Bookoul, Ronald Breilweiser, Laurella Bright Jack Broadnax, Elizabelh Brock, Benny Brown, Mary Brown, Phil Brown, Sluarf Buckner, Ronald Burchlield, Wanda Sue Burford, Connie Jo Burk, Jeanne Camp, Roselyn Campbell, Barbara Caplinger, Harold Carr, Belly Carraway, Janice Carraway, Joyce Cash, Fred Rhodes, Alice Zichards, Roberl Rillle, Frances Riley, Harold Riller, Sara Roland, Jim Rousey. B05 Roul, Glen Ryan. Pal Schildmeier, Lois Schmidl, Gerald Schoovover. M5VVen'5 Seyberl, Delores Seyberi, Halford Shanlclin, Jack Shorl, Virginia Sibery. Joyce Siemer, Jean Skaggs. Paul Sloan. BGHY Sloan, Donald Smilh, Wade Son er, Paul Q Spall, Ellen S+ansberry. Pal S'fay'ron, John Siephens. Jack Slewarf, Wanda Siohler, Doris Sfone, Susanne Taylor, Bob Taylor, Gerald Taylor, Lou Sophomores - I949 'WS if-32, ,yew .fl QW nib ,g .-:- 'ul 4 Will 3 Rigdon, Bob Riley, Dave Riley, Ed Romine, Roland Rossin, Janice Roudebush, Jane? Scheel, Joan Marie Schieve, Hewa Schieve. Jack Schuyler, Dan Scolr, Monna Sears, Virginia Shaul, Melvin Shellon, Barbarallen Shepherd, Lois Simmonds, 'Phyllis Sipes, Joyce Sisson, Don Smiih. Gene Smilh, Sharon Smiih, Ted Spence, John Sllanley, Deloris Sianleyl, Geneva Sfern, Margarel Ann Siewari, James Slewarl, Jim Sroul, Charlolie Slroud, Phyllis Suchocki. Reber? Taylor. Paul Thomas, Barbara Thompson, Barbara l4b Thompson, Bob Thornberry, Jerry Thrush, Edward Todd, Joann Tracy, Barbara Trees, Charlolle Tumully, Bob Turner, Evalee Ullerbaclr, Allen Van Malre, Pearl Varner, Bill Vaughn, Doris Walson, David Waymire, Belly Webb, Bob Weighous, Gene Wellons. Pal Wells, Claude Weslon. Bernice Whippo, Palricia While, Noble Wigner, Don Williams, Billie Williams, Flelcher Willoughby. Bob Wilson, De Leon Wilson, Donna Wise, Charles Wood, Bob Wrighl, Bonnie Wrighl, Maurice Nrighl, Thomas Yallaw, Bill '7 Sophomores - I949 .i ,,.. . 'T 'ear ff in s 'il Y i 'lx li' is mir V , ,w,,,, Thurman, Rosella Tinder, Jeanne Todd, Foresl Triclc, Belva Triclr, Belly Trielsch, Jack Van Camp, Carolyn Van Dalsen, Fred Van Huss, Joyce Vermillion, Beverly Vermillion, Bob Ward, Bob Webber, Donald Websler, Belly Jean Websler, Belly Lou Wells. Florene Wells, Mary, Lou Wesl, Doris Whilehead. Belly Whillier, Donna Widdilield, Barbara Williams, Jack Williams, Roberl Williamson, Dick Wilson, Lorraine Wilson, Roberl Wirl, Bob Wrighl, Fannie Wrighl, John Vlrighl, Kennelh Yorlc, Darrell Young, Ernesl Young, Ronald Healon, Maurice Hedge, Bill Heflin, Belly Herb, Jim Hiall, Paul Hiqbee, Donald Higgins, Waller Hise, Harold Hobbs, Carolyn Hodson, Mary Hoover, Barbara Hoover, Virginia Hopkins, Buddy Horn, Marlene Hosier, Donald Hosier, Norma Howe, Mary Lou Hullman, Clillon Huffman, Evelyn Hughes, Raymond Hull, John Jackson, Eugene Jakes, Helen James, Ann Johnson, Hilda Johnson, Jo Ann Johnson Philip Johnson, Richard Jones, Carl Jones, Carolyn Jones. Henry Jones, Nancy Julius,i,Gordon Kauffman. Jim Keffer, Rosemary Kendall, Donald Kennedy, Joyce Keslner, Hoyl Freshmen - I950 we ,i Q K V MI 2 . - ll A A ' ' . K, 5, Y ' i r .W fs 8 A 2, : , H ln. - w ' ff .993 ,A 'i ' .:,:-,,,.,. 'I Q i iz i y ,, ,y W ,- 3,1 K , ivy y ::.V 3- if F, Q . .,..' 1 f 4, iris' ,144 -V s- K r ,M is 6 Hellems, Belly Jean Hellems, Norma Helms, Mary Helping, Mary Ann Hiles, Norma Hill, Marshall Hinlon, John l-lolfmasler, Wanda Holloway. Dixie Holloway, Don Hood, Bobby Hornbeclc, Claylon Hornbeclc, Pal' Horlon, Beverly Hudson, Joy Hudson, S'am Hull, Ted Hullman, Charles Hullon, Barbara lce, James lmus, Carol James, Annie James, Gerlude Jeune, Myrl Johnson, Harry Johnson, Sarah Johnslon, George Jolly, Joyce Jones, Johnnie Jones, Laura Jones, Marilyn Jones, Maurillis Keller, Susie Kelley, Lillie Mae Kem, Ronald Key, Jacqueline Key, James Kilmer, Lou Ann King, Mona Kinqery, Chesler Kirchner. Nancy Kirlcsey, Bernice Laman, Barbara Land, Arno Land, Donald Lavalle, Richard Lealherbury, Jean Lee, Barbara Leever, Bill Lewis, Phyllis Lighllool, Richard Linder, Bill Linder, Tom Long, Fred Lyons, Belly Lysl, Jean McCord, Doris McCullough, John McCune, Monle McFadden, Wm. McPheron, Carol McVey, Delores McVey, Richard Masley, Loren Mason, Richard Masl, Richard Mallhew, Juila Mears, Douglas Meelcer, Beverly Mendenhall, Keilh Miller, Richard Mills, Wayne Minor, Barbara Lee Milchell, Warren Moore. Jim Moore, Nolan Moreland, Mary Jo I53 S .3 Tw nil E' li 1 4' s. B it il . f ind fm f , Q il -'v' Freshmen --' l950 ysvu' L D . .Q . 5 ' E 'N ,,. sl 4 , ,, A , 'WY yya, , was , Q li . . r - , . i :L . ' -1 k Kline, Marilyn Kulclenslri, Therese Kunca, Jon Lalcey, Charles Lawler. Eula Mae Lawler, Tom Lay, Phyllis Leever, Edna Lellel, Wilma Leichl, Lois Lewis, James Lilzenberger, Judy Livingslon, Charles Livingslon, Marilyn Mcfxllisler, Ella May McCall'erly, Barry McCallisler, James McCarlney, Larry McGuire, Claire Ellen McKeand, Mariorie McKinley, James McWilhey, Rulh Mabbill, Clarence Manslield, Eugene Marlin, Bill Mallox, Charles Maxwell, Belly Maynard, Marilyn Merrell, Lewis Merrell, Lorene Middlelon, Lois Miller, Noreida Moneyhun, James Moore, Belly Moore, Bill Morgan, Mae Morris, Joan Morris, Mary.iLou Morrison, Frank kson, RoBerl iney, Ellen Fers, Joyce l. John ag, Francis a, Caryl fe, Bob Millan, Mary Ann Viclcer, Joan rlin, Roberl llo, Johney rray, Barbara :holson, Lela :holson, Wanda e, Elizabelh are, Kenl 'ler, Dale zhardson, Joyce ggs, Gene binson, Norman by, Belly Pal nders, Pallie 1minlc, Bonnie clon, Kay aggs, Donald mley, Donna aphens, Jim erwall, Virginia rber, Jerry rlace. Belly fain. James rner, Eugene in Malre. Roberline irner, Carol iughn, Harlan illiams, Freda 'ilson, Dorolhy 'ilson, Gene Paul M A ,J Milglti Freshmen - I950 f' gi , I ,.,. V I ff K ' y ii :-.. ,, F - an J . :'f-.':: 1 1 7 in af , .ml , ,. yky i .. . N , F , 1 J J rr a + li J 'J 5 an J '- - ...I , - ,, 'F' A ff , L -- , ai J, ':r- J J ---a' AN iEg , L grill e N ' . gf J ,Q 4 2 : L we A . J' ,r,V ,' y In I V yy y J .f K -- ,,E, - 1 . im' . Y k : A 'F i. R v 3 X A av: .Q 3 if - L -Q 4 ---1-mv-ers f- eWfwfME,.' I , -f ..,-' i M. - .. 1 M-1-5 1-Qin., My vm H J ' vw ,- iifl: I F X 5 . If A ,Y A - .eg gg: . fm 3:2 J .. H , gif! in ..' I? 3 .Iwi 'Q E' l Johnson, Edwin Johnson, Roberl Jones. Eva Jane Jones, Jacqueline McClain, Roberl Mclnlyre, George McManis, Barbara Miller, Donna Minnilield, William Moore, James Moran, Belly Pancol, Marguerile Payne, Velma Phillips, Palricia Purlcey, Bob Qualls, Evelyn Redman, Donna Richard, Anderson Rogde, Elvin Rogers, Roberl Rowe, Jimmy Seyberji, Carolyn Shepherd, Doris Sizelove, Joanne Sprague. Charlolle Slilh, Anna Slrealy, Barbara Sllurgeon, Edward Tale, Elhel Tillle, Marlin Troup. George Trueblood. Norma Warmke, Fred Wells. Kalhryn Wendling, Richard Wolford, Charlie Woodrull, Phillip Wrighl, Roselee Young, Lorella 59 . QQ Q mm '. smvm sow wr aww sw wx , . Thomplcins, Delmar Turner, Ray Ulley, Pal Van Duyn, Marilyn Van Meler, Mary Vaughn, Joyce Wallace. Forresl Wallace, Joyce Wallace, Judilh Ann Walking, Bryce Walson, Richard Waymire, Marylou Vlfellons, Juanila Wells, Kalhryn Welsh, Jerry Wheeler, Dorolhy While, Cleidas While, David Wiese, Paul Wiggins, Bonnie Wilcle, Charlollo Williams, David Williams, Don Williams, Jon Willis, Rulh Ellen Willis, Wm. Wills, Jerry Wilson, Nancy Windsor, Prudence Wishon, Vera Wood, Dolores Wood, George Woodall, Anna Freshmen - I950 l rr . .41-. Vanarsdal, David Van Camp, Roll Vanderhool, Mary Wainscoll, Belly Vfallord, Wilbur Xlfalker, Donald Wallaceg'Rolind Wa rd, Jack Wa re, Pally Wean, Mariorie Wcalherly, Mary Jane Webber, Rolland Wendling, Edd Wesl, Dale Vfeslon. John Whilehead, Joseph Whilehead, Ronnie NVhillier, Dorolhy Wiley, Diane Wilkinson, Don Williams, Bob Vifilliams, Palricia Vifilliarns, Ruby Williamson, Nancy Wilson, Belly Wilson, Howard Wilson, Maryann Wall, Mary Alice 1 Wolle, Diana Wolgamoll, Jack Wooldridge, Billy Worley, David Wrighl. Donald Wrighl, June Young, Mary Evelyn Young, Roy Allman, Edna Anderson, l-larold Arncld, Russell Barker, Sydney Baum, Alice Belangee, Joan Broqden. Mary Brown, Gilford Brundaqe, Marilyn Carpenler, Don Carroll, Maureen Chamber, Eslher Crouse, Barbara Crouse, Ella Dailey, Wayne Decker, Jack Dinwiddie, Marilyn Douglas, Bob Fleenor, Clella Fullinglon, Sarah Funlchousen, Gordon Ginder, Jeane Ginley, Gene Greene. Roberl Haney, Hobarl Haney, Ollie Healh, Bob Hise, Gerald Holi, Marilyn Hoover, Edilh I57 .Ai Q Freshmen - I950 1 f gf ws qty K I , Qi M E lx if l Exif X -X., 1 e 5' I S, C ea W l 2 .,Y-,....,, ,.,. . 1 in gk E ' ae-' ie ra s ,J 'E fi P ,Q .. A 'fl Young, William Yusl, George Zehrung, Jim Allcinson. Michael Auslin, Sally Barbra, Orlan Bc-nzenbower, Sarah Berry, Everell' Bridge, Julia Byrne, Lila Canlwell, Bill Carpenler, Belly Lou Childes, Marilyn Cobb, Janel Coen. June Davidson, Jack Davis, Barbara Daymond, June Eclnhardf, Jack Eslelle. Joan Ferree, Dan Gerard, John Gibson, Alberl Gillespie. John Griffilh, Margarel Hamilfon, Joan Hancock, June Helden, Roberl Herrel, Faye l-lilbolf, John l-lornbeclr, George Humphrey. Belly Hunfzinger, Jacli Morrow, Slalom Mullen, Jerry Mullinar, lPalricia Myers, Jim Myers, Lois Neeley, Marvin Nell, Elaine Noland, Viclor Norris, Virginia Null, Lawrence Osborne, Virginia Paschal, Mary Pavey, Marlha Ann Perkins, Earl Poor, Delores Pollenbarger, Joan Poole, Rulh Rea, Eddie Redman, Beverly Rese. Eva Reeser, Carolyn Renlorlh, Jane Ann Ress, Nancy Reveal, Carolyn Rigdon, Marie Riggle, Sonny Riggs, Janel Riggs, Roberl Roberls, Nancy Roberlson. John Robinelle, Belly Romine, Carolyn Rouse. Belly Rozelle, Laurale Runyan, Ronald Salin, Wm. Salyer, Judi Sanders, Bob Freshmen - I950 ' -A J D3 Q I ,Q 1-,iii ,,i, I T 1 V V ii fi 1 J 1' ' 7 i J, , '7 in ic ii ,, if i A ii K ' 1 Q 7' ii A ll ' '-11.5 -- 'C' '-if3 ' . -xi v'wi61.I-' , Vai: - .i' - K 1 NP 'lx i lyy E , l gi 9, 5 we qw. 1 'ig' ii wiki W Y 5 ' if ': F ' .U :'-' 2 -: f.-Zjgg, ,V ' 1 fa. .,:.,,' E i f 3 4 D ,,. a .2 Z K f,, 'i f '- Murdoclc, Bob Murlin, Dellord Murray, Dick Musick, Belly Nelson, Barbara Nesbil. Miriam Nicholson, lrma Oakes, Barbara Ogle, Ronald Olive, Helen Olvey, Jacqueline Pelligrew, Nelda Pills, Belly Pillser, James Poller, Yvonne Pruill, Roberla Randle, Ollis Rapcr, Richard Rellord, Audrey Remberlon, Rosella Reminglon, Gerald Reynolds, Mary Lou Richvvine, Kenl Rickard, Bill Rick4ard,rLou Ann Rigsby, Chesler Robbins, Barbara Roberls, Ann Robinson, Bill Robinson, Eugene Robinson, Joyce Robinson, Ralph Russell,'Darrell Ryan, Bill Ryan, Marvin Sanders, Joyce Savage, Jim Scharnowske, Joan Schlabaclc, Duane Schrninlc. James Schneider, Bill ScoH, Gerry Sellers, Joan Shaul, Duane Sheasley, Ardeen Sheward, OK. Shively, Marfha Shoulis, Phyllis Smiih, Donald Smiih, Jacqueline Smifh, Joan Smifh, Wanda Soales, Frances Soverns, Roberf Spaulding, Russell Speedy, Naomi Spegal, Donald Siierwalf, Jacqueline Siilson, Sally Siinson, Virginia Sioops. Sue Ann Slorm, Eloise Sfofflemeyer, Barbara Sfrobel, Roger Siroud, Louise Swango, Marlsfon Swinford, Jacltie Swinford, Marvin Tanner, Doroihy Taylor, Sheila Terhune, Carolyn Thiel, Nancy l55 Scofi, Marlene Scoir, Mariha Sears, Jeaneane Sheeis. Bch Sheiile, John Sheward, Marvin Slhulfz, Richard Simpson, Belly Smiih, Carolyn Smiih, Lelah Smiih, Norman Srniih, Rolaeri Spangler, Donna Spangler, Ross Sparks, Jack Spicer, Berly Sianley, Aloma Sievens, Helen Siiii, Melvin Siohler, Roberl' Sioner, Paiiy Sioui, Donna Sioul, Duane Sirader, Bill Swari, Nedra Ka Swigari, Pai Swindell, Bill Taylor, Charles Taylor, Doris Taylor, Jaclt Thomas, John Thomas, Wanda Todd, Janice A comIoinaTion I'I1aI' cannol' be bea'I' W f for School and College W WJNT' M A SHEAFFER and PORTABLE ROYAL III?-71' 'V 'XXX K f x 4Ww ,17fm THE STUDENTS' CHOICE- W F WWW X 1 X .I I , I ' o- -- ff OFFICE SUPPLIES AND FURNITURE Ren'raIs - Repairs - Supplies EVERYTHING FOR EVERY OFFICE . 8 Q O RigI1I' on Meridian al' I2I2 Phone 4404 y E .lenSf ' Dam IncIiana's Newes+ and Mosi' Modern Dairy PIan+ sr T 5 5 t- ve W TRADE r-num n susfcneo f DAIRY PRODUCTS 722 Baldwin Avenue Anderson, Incl. I009 Cenfral Ave- IT'S SHUSTER'S FOR YOUNG MEN TI'Ie Qualify Corner SHUSTER BROS. 8I'h and Main Anderson, Indiana QUALITY I A MERCHANDISE AT POPULAR PRICES NaI'ionaIIy Adverfised I Junior SI'yIes- O NaI' UNIQUE SIEIOP I035 Meridian LEW, Your TAILOR SAYS FOR YOU- I WISH THE BEST IN LIFE. Take The Timely Sfairway O ,-nl I I I3 Meridian NEUMODE HOSIERY SHOP 8 Wesl' lO'rh S+. Anderson, lndiana PHOTOGRAPHS FOR A GRADUATE To Exchange wi+h Class Males- To Infroduce You To The Business World You Plan fo En'l'er- O COMPLETE Pl'lOTOGRAPl'llC TO THE CLASS OF SERVICE '47 ' May Succzss Llnqel' PORTRAlTS-OOMMERClAL- an Prosperi'I'y Follow ROLL FlNlSl-llNG BOSH'S DAVE PAYTON STUDIO MEN'S SHOP Phone 3290 t t 'li You Tasfe l+'s Qualify quality Coca-Cola BoHling Co., Inc.: Anderson, Indiana YES, YOU'VE GUESSED IT- IT'S THE V35 mx For Figure Perfecfion Favorife Mode of Transporiafion For Ac'rive Young People Ride A SCHWIN BICYCLE KEEP THAT BICYCLE IN TOP SHAPE ALL THE TIME BICKLE'S CYCLE SHOP 40W.9+h S+. HEINEY PRODUCE COMPANY FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS AND SERVICE One Sfop Service CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING, CURING and SMOKING BUYER and SELLER OF POULTRY, EGGS, BEEF and Pork VISIT OUR NEW MARKET Fresh and Frozen Mea+s, PouII'ry, Fruifs and VegeI'abIes HEINEY'S POULTRY PANTRY I2I3 EasI' 23rd SI'reeI' Phones 6639 and 4052 I ALWAYS REMEMBER - In BUILD TOWARDS A WORLD OF PEACE AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL U. A. W.-C. I.O. Local 662 Anderson, Indiana WHERE THE ATHLETES AND MOST EVERYBODY EATS POST OFFICE CAFE Gus Pancol, Prop. Nexf 'ro Posf Office on I Ifh Sfreef WE CAN FIT YOU wifh MADE-TO MEASURE CLOTHES ' THE STORE THAT Tall or shorf, sfouf or fhin, CONFIDENCE BUILT if doesn'f maffer 0 0 ' O ' Smarf S+yIes ELGIN ' Carefully Made T BUL V ' Sfurcly Fabrics ' O A . Any Model 0 GRUEN WATCHES C ' O H. J. HEAD MERCHANT TAILOR 933 Merdian Sfreef I2 Easf I0fh Sfreef YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS TELL YOU IT'S PLEASING ' IT'S SATISFYING IT'S CONVENIENT ' IT'S ECONOMICAL TO SHOP HERE nm S our Congratulations To The 1947 Graduating Ciass of Anderson High School May Your Future Be Marked With Happiness, Success anci We!! -Being The Ancierson Daily Bulletin FOR QUALITY IN SPORTSWEAR and FOOTWEAR Come To RAPP'S I4-I8 E. a+h S+. CORSAGES BOUQUET SHOP CUT FLOWERS 3I Wesi' I2I'I1SI'. Dial 89I0 De LAWTER'S JEWELRY STORE . KNOWN EOR FINE DIAMONDS . I3'Wes'I' lI+I1 Sf. Anderson, Ind. INDIANA BUSINESS COLLEGE SPECIFIC and INTENSIVE BUSINESS TRAINING S+aI'e Wide-Employmeni' Service 46 Years in Anderson, Indiana Linoleums Carpefs CIOII1 and VeneI'ian Shades D U RGAN'S aoz Main FOR THE BEST IN HAIRCUTS RUSS HUDSON THE CITY BARBER SHOP CongraI'uIa+ions Graduafes Kay-Bee Flower Shop Dial 2-Isao W. L. DAY 81 SON REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE James R. Day, Owner IAHS Class of 'I9I l043 Meridian FORKNER'S STUDIO WELCOMES THE I947 STUDENTS FOR THEIR ANNUAL PORTRAITS Ofis R. Forkner, Ray Forkner Borh Graduares of A. H. S. O ALWAYS INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION Wesi' Side of Square FOR THE FINEST IN MUSIC Come To THE MUSIC ond HOBBY SHOP I2I'h Jackson S'IreeI' Phone 9305 Headquarfers for The Teen-Age Music Canfeen Fadeiy 81 Ulmer EXCLUSIVE FOOTWEAR FOR 66 YEARS , , 9I5 Meridian Sfreef Phone 2-I463 QUALITY FIRST- THEN STYLE-AND Low PRICE 30142 Lee Hais HARDWARE-ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Manhaiian SWS Donegal Sporfswear PITTSBURG SUNPROOE . SHERMAN-WILLIAMS CLAIR CALL PAWS THE MEN's snare and KEM-TONE--ALL COLORS f , GARN ER PHOTO d COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHIC E E SERVICE Anderson Seven+i1 and Meridian 22 I-ibefai Life B69- Dial 2-9623 'NS 1 095' I3+I1 and Main IOI6 Pendlefon Ave. . Anderson, Indiana THE WRIGHT STORE FOR YOUNG MEN and WOMEN BOY'S SHOP JUNIOR DEB-SHOP Hoyt Wright Co on Meridian Anderson, Indiana DECKER'S 67 Sfeps off Meridian on I I 'I'I1 S'rreeI' Anderson, Indiana MAKE STANDT'S YOUR GIFT HEADQUARTERS ' Elgin ' Bulova ' Benrus ' HamilI'on Exclusive Wafches Charms and Novel'I'y Jewelry STAN DT'S Jewelry Store Dial 5487 I l2l Meridian BE SMARTLY DRESSED SAUTER'S For Shoes Meridian and I2+h Home of The Red Cross Shoes for Women l Bosfonians for Men YOU'LL SEE il' 'Firs'l 1' al' THE WHY Smith's Floral THE LATEST STYLE IN Corsages for Graduafion 700 High S+ree'r-Phone 2-l5l7 8 W. I Hh ST.-Phone 2-48I6 GET THEM AT PEARSON'S Your Favorife Records and Albums Band lnsl'rumenl's by Conn Olds Pan-American Precussion lnsl'rumenl's by Slingerland Leedy Degan Gui'lars by Gibson Marfin COMMERCIAL SERVICE COMPANY PRINTING AND BOOK BINDING I200 Easi' 5'rI1 SI'reeI' Phone 550 The Tools llro in Your Hands Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of '47! Regard your diploma highly! It is title to the most remarkable set of tools in all the world-knowledge, Wisdom, the habit of thinking problems through. With their help, you can take the shapeless future into your very hands, and fashion it into a successful lifetime. Like any fine tools, these must be properly used and painstakingly cared for. They must be sharpened by initiative . . . tempered by experience . . kept efficient through constant use. e We know the tools are in good hands. lloloo-Hom DIVISION, GENERAL MOTORSVCORPORATION N Wherever Wh66lSiTUfH or Propellers Spin, AbeI,' Mary Calherine--IOO Abel, Thomas--49, 54, 57, 58, 82. 83, IOO Abney, Mary Alice--5I. IOO Achenbach,.Joan--34, 74, I00 Adams. Iviariorie--20, 40, 41. 43, 5I, IOO Adkins, Edgar--36, 45. IOO ' Allen, Annabelle--I00 Allis, William--38, 40. Allman, Doroihy--IOO Amos. Jo Ann--IOO Anderson, Dorlhy--IOO Arbuckle. DonaId-- 5I, I00 Archey, Edgar--54, 57. IOO 47, 84. 9I, IOO 58. 68, 69, Arnold, Sam--23, IO0 Asbury, Belly Jane--IOO Ashby, Norma--IOO Ashby, Roberl--49, IOO Afkinson, Marian--IOI Badger. Elnora--IOI Bailey, Rosalind--I7, 33. 42, 5I, 84 98, IOI Baker, Emilie--74, 75, IOI Bancroft Jean--32. SI. IOI Barker, William--IOI Barnes, Lena--IOI Bales. Phyllis--IOI Baumer, Myron--56, IOI Baxfer, Kalhryn--40, 4I, 46, 47. 83, IOI Beall, Norma--IOI Beason. Lorena--IOI Beafly, Janie--35, 42, 98, I02 Bedwell, John--IO2 Beeson. Roberl'--45, IO2 Bell, Joan--IO2 Benden, Shirley--IO2 Bennis, William--IO2 Benzenbower. William--IO2 Beresford. Barbara--35, 46, IO2 Berg, Edilh--IO2 Bevars, Jack--IO2 Bevelhimer, Paul--20, 3I, 36, 56, 59. 63, 65. 7I, 72. 99. Billheimer, , Phyllis--5I, IO2 Bishop, Ann--IO2 Black, Barbara--IO2 Blake, Norma Jean--IO2 . 54, IO2 Boaz, Marion--42. 46, 92, IO2 Bohannari, Evelyn--33, 42, 47, IO2 Bohlen. James--IO2 Bolfz, John--IO3 Bonge, James--3, 3I. 36, 47, 6l, 9l, 92, 98, IO3 Brandon, Jerry--36, 54. 7l, 72. IO3 Bright Grace--IO3 Brinduse, Mary--IO3 Brizendine, Max--IO3 Broadnax. Sadie--I03 Brock. John--IO3 . Browning, Kalhryn--40. 4I, 42, 74, IO3 Buchanan, Belly--I03 Buck, Jeanne--IO3 Bulen, Tom--90, IO3 Burns, James--IO4 Burien. Jo Ellyn--IO4 Bushong, Alice--IO4 Bussell, Richard--30. 35. 55. 6I, 66. 68, 90, 92, IO4, Byrne, Dean--IO4 Byrne, Jack--5I, 6I, IO4 Campbell. Jack--IO4 Canada. Bill--46. IO4 Canada. M,ariei'la--4, IO4 Canlwell, Roberl--I7, 30, 32, Carico, Kalherine--SI, IO4 Carmody, Joan--40. 46, IO4 Carpenfer, Donna,--38, IO4 . . IO4 Index of Carr, Ray--38, IO4 Carraway, Phyllis--22, 47, 77, IO4 Carler, Clifford--54, 68, 69, IO4 Carler, Roberl'--20, 35, 46. 92, IO4 Carier, William--lO5 Carwile, Millon--lO5 Chandler, Grace--I05 Chandler, Velma--lO5 Clrase, Harold--49, 54, 57, 58, IO5 Cheever. Harold--86 Christ John--IO5' Clannin, Marvin--30, 36, 50, !05 Clark, Bernice--I8, I05 Clark, Donald--IO5 Clem, William--36. IO5 Cobb, Dollie Jo--lO5 Coburn, D'AliCe--32, 35, 43, 46, 9l, 92, 98, IO5 Cochran. Barbara--38, 40, IO6 Cochran, Polly--32, 34, 35, 5I. 92, 98, IO6 Conner, Beliy--IO6 Cook, Keifhleen--IO6 Cook, Maxine--IO6 Corn, Richard--IO6 Coverclale, Billy--49, IO6 Cox, Lyle--49 Craig, Joan--IO6 Craigmile, Belly--IO6 Crisler, Richard--46, IO6 Crouse, Morris--IO6 Cue, Marvella--38, IO6 Culp, Mary Rulh--I3l Daugherly, William--IO6 Davidson. Peggy--IO6 Davis, Bonnie--IO6 Day, John--IO6 Dehorily, Ann--IO6 Dent Joan--IO7 Defienne, Marlha--IO7 DeVore, Gilberl'--IO7 Dieizen, Lucille--3.2, 35, IO7 Dixon, Jarrell'--3I, 32, 36, 68, 92, IO7 Dovey, Gwenelh--IO7 Downham, Clecla--IO7 Dozier. Lorene--IO7 DuBois, Glenn--38, IO7 Dunn, Malcolm--35. 38, 98, IO7 84, 42, 90, Eaker, Belly Lou--IO7 Eckenberg, Shirley--30, 3I. 5l, 83, 85, IO7 Ecoil, James--20, IO8 Ecoft Nadine--IOS Edens. June--47, 83, I08 32. 34, Edwards. Roberl'--36, 45, 54, 56, 59, 94, 95. IO8 Eggman, Gale--3, 20, 30. 3I, 36, 45, 46, IO8 Ehrliardl Sandras-I08 Ellis, Jim--I7, 50, 5I, I08 Ellis, Joanne--92, IO8 Ellis, Margarel--46, IO8 Ellsworlh, Charles--36. 73, IO8 Elmore, James--20, IO8 Enclicolt Geraldine--IO8 Ervin, Marilyn--32, IO8 Esler, Deloris--IO8 Fadely, Islea--34, lO8 Fadely, Nila--I08 Farlay, Dorolhy--I08 Farlow, Polly--74, IO8 Fauselt Barbara--IO9 Feezel, Beverly--90, 92. IO9 Ferree, Jeanetfe--IO9 Fisher, Gene--32, 38. 84. IO9 Fisher, Joanne--IO9 Firzsimmons, Richard--IO9 Flanigan, BeHy--IO9 Fleenor, Wilella--8I, IO9 Seniors Fox, Belly Jean--IO9 Frank, Norma Jean--IO9 Funkhouser, Barbara--32. IO9 Gallamore, Donald--32, 36, IO9 Garner, Barbara--I I0 Garvin, William--20, 36, 92, IIO Gayle, Palricia--I IO Gerkin, Jacqueline--I I0 Gilmore. Gloria--35, IIO Goldsmilh, Lenora--IIO Gordon, Charles--I IO Gordon, Curlis--46, IIO Goul, Virginia--I IO Graham. Mildred--IIO Graham. Roloerl'--35, 38, 55, 92, IIO Gray, Barbara--42. IIO Gray, Keilh--I I0 Green. Clyde--36, 54, 6l, 62, 63, 65, 68, 69, 89, 98, 99, IIO Gregg, Ladonna--I I0 Grieb, Sidney--I IO Groble, Nancy--32, 46, 9I, IIO Groves, Marie--43, IIO Gwinn, Blake--I I I Gwynn, Tom--I7, III 66, Hadley, Helen--42, 45, III Hagan, Geneva--42, I II Hair, Mary Lou--40, 4I, 45, III Hallert Dorofhy--43, 5l, 84, 86, I I I i Hamillon, Charles--I I I Hamillon, Joseph--36, 38, III Roberl'--I I I Tom--3l, 3.5, 47, 54, 56, Hamillon. Hamillon, 58, 62, 65, 68, 69, Ill Samuel--49 . Hanneman, Beverly--50, 5l, Ill Hardacre. Dallas--I I I Hardy, Miles--49, 112 Harmon, Bill--I I2 Harney, Norma--I I2 Harris, Wilda--I I2 Harrman, Donald--45, II2 Harvey, Mariorie--324146, SI. 9I, I I2 I-Ianrnrflr, Hawley, Virginia--40, 45, 92. II2 Havnes, Velda Jane--35, II2 Heiman, William--36, 46, 54, 68. 69, 79, 82, 83, II2 Heineman, Roberl'--20, 36, II2 Heiney, Barbara--3, 30. 3l, 32, 50, 79, 80, 83, 98, II2 Hendrickson, Clarence--49 Henning, Helen--22, 34. II2 Henning, Richard--33, 38, 46, I I2 6I, 47, Hensley, Jean--I I2 Hewilt Dora Mae--42 45, 74, Hill, Norma--I I2 I-lise, Palsy--I I2 Hivfon, Janel--I3I I-If-dmn, William--I I2 II2 Hoffman, Marv Jeanne--I I3 Holloway. Norma--I I3 I-If-I+, Donald--55, 56, 62, II3 I-If-rnlwefk. Geornelfa--I I3 Horfon, Lois--I I3 Hosier, Jack--I I3 Rolyerl'--I I3 Hudson, Barbara--I I3 I-Iuffer, Mary Louise--II3 I-lnmlwles. Fdward--36. II3 I-lumlleet Marceille--I I3 Humphries, Phyllis--II3 Hunt Phyllis--I I4 I-lrwvnr, HuHon, Charles--II4 , Hullon, Frank--45, II4 Hyndman, Lloyd--30. 32, 36. 98, II4 84. Ireland, Jack--40, 4I. II4 Isaacs, Ann--I I4 Isanogla, Gerald--57, II4 Isenhour, ,Roberl--54, 6I, 68. 69. I I4 Jackson, Rulh--I I4 Jarrell, Ronald--II4 Jeune, Florence--I I4 Jeune, Rosalyn--II4 Johns, Melva--74, II4 Johnson, David--49 Johnson, Lois--I I4 Johnson. Roberl--I I4 Johnslone, Marye Jayne--47, II4 Jones Ann--I I4 Jones Bidclie Ann--I I4 Jones Marie--74, II5 Jones, Phyllis--I I5 Jones, Richard--42, 45, 49, II5 Judd, Beverly--34, II5 Kauffman, Joan--I I5 Keesling, Kennelh--I I5 Keesling. Robert-I I5 Kelley, Billie Joan--I8, II5 Kelly, Agnes--I I5 Kelly, Belly--32, II5 Kendrick, Donald--36, II5 Kessler. Roberf--49, II6 Kimm, Ronald--45, 49, II6 Kimmerling, Neva--42, 43, 50, II6 Kincaid, Leon--I I6 Kang, Nels--as, II6 King, William--36. 46. II6 Kinnaman, Gordon--II6 Kirk, Joann--34, 5I, II6 Kline. Charles--49 Klinefeller, Lucille--I I6 Knight Mary Ann--47, 94. 95. II6 Kolenda, Edgar--I I6 Kreps, Richard--4, 5I, II6 Kunlz, Marilyn--35, 46, 92. II6 Land, Jack--II6 Lane, Marc--II6 Lane, Thomas--38, 84, II6 Larabee, Ramona--I I6 Lasher, Richard--46. 47, 97, II6 Lawson, William--46, II7 Lewellyn, Harold--II7 , Lillie, Belly--I I7 Lockwood, Polly--34, 46. II7 Losey, Bill--46, 5I, II7 Lukens, Marilyn--45, II7 McCar'ry, Carolyn--43, 74, II7 McClain, Dorofhy--I I7 McConnell, Charles--I I7 McConnell, Roy--54, II7 McKain, Russell--49, II8 McKay, William--I I8 Makes, Philip--lla McKelvey, Gerald--40, 46, II8 McMurry, Nancy--32, 38. II8 McNeal, Alyce--I I8 McVey, Marjorie--I I8 McWilhey, William--I I8 Mangas, Roberf--I I8 Marsh, Dolores--I7, 5I, IIB Masley, Luann--32. 38, II8 Maflhew, Rachel--35, 43, 50, 5I, I I8 May, Gene--97, II8 Melle, Barbara--5I, II8 Merrill, Phyllis--I7. 47, 50. II8 Miller. Phillip--34, 49, II8 Miller. Phyllis--30, 3I. 35, 5I. 85. 92, 98. 1 19 Miller, Sara--30, 43, 119 Miller, William--30, 46, II8 Mills, Barbara--119 Mills, Junior--54, 71 ,72, 98, 119 Minniear, Alice--119 Milchell, William--119 97, I22 , Moore Allen--119 Moore, Jack--45, 119 Moore, Marianna--23, 50, 119 Moore, Nadean--45, 119 Moore, Wanda--119 Moorman, Roberi--119 Moreland, Virginia--42, 97, 120 Morris, Evelyn--120 y , Morrison, Edith--32, 38, 120 Mundhenlc, Alva--120 Murphy, Harry--20. 46, 120 Nelson, Ben--55, 62, 92, 120 Nelson, John-46, .I20 Nicholson, LaVern--57, 120 Nicholson, Marilyn--22, 97, I20 Noland, Harold--48, 120 Norris. Gene--120 Oakes, Paul--54, 71, 72, I20 Oberlies, Edsel--45, 'I20 Odom, Huberl'--48. 120 Oemler, William--40, Ogden, Beverly--74, 120 O'Neil1, Paul--36, 54, 82 120 Osfing, Thelma--97, 0110, Evelyn--45, 97, 121 Pancol, Anna--38, 97. 121 Parker. Roberl--121 Parker, Rosanna--121 Parry, Jack--121 Parsons, Lou Ann--97. 121 Parfin, Donald--419 Pailerson, Marlha--121 Pearson, Joycilie--4. 32, 35. 43. 50, 64. 80, 81, 97, 121 Peck, Jeanne--33, 47, 83. 98, 99, 121 Perry, BeHy--97. 121 Perry., Juanila--121 Perry, Violel--I22 Pefers, Roberla--30, 97, I22 Peferson, Phyllis--I22 Pelerson, SCOT1--23, 49. 97 Pelry, Hannah--38, 74, 97, 122 Phillips. George--122 41, 120 , 75, 97, 98, Phillips, Irma Jeanne--97, 122 Polus, Nick--20, 122' Poor, Peggy 'Lou--I22 Pope, William--122 Porges, Florence--4, 20, 32, 35, 97, 98, 122 Ponfer, Alberla--97, 122 Por+er, Mary Marfha--I22 Praiher, Karl--56, 67, 68, 122 Quinn, Cleburne--20, 122 Raymore, Barbara--74, 97, 122 Reed, Roberl--97, 122 Remley, Mary Pal--6, 38, 43, 92, Renl, Franklin--123' Reynolds, Bill--46, 123 Rhynearson, Gladys--32, 415, 123 Rich, Al1Der'1'--19, 49, 123 Richardson, Phyllis--32, 123 Rickard, Delores--74, 75, 123 Riggins, Derrill--123 Riggs, Jacqueline--123 Riley, Beverly--34, 42, 45, 80, 123 Roberlscn, Marjorie--23, 38. 123 Rockwell, Helen--123 Rolls, Jo Ann--123 Romine, R. A.--124 Rousey. Harry--124 Rushton, Dorolhy--I24 Rushion, Marfha--124 Sargen'l,Jeane11'e--124 ' Slchellon. Beyerly--124 Schepper, Roberl--124 Schlegelmilch. Rosa1ie--42 Schoonover, Donna--I24 Shafer, Roberl'--54, 56, 97, 124 Shannon, Joan--124 Shellon, William--I24 Shepherd, Louis--36, 97, 124 Shepherd, Sllanley--36, 124 Shelierly, Phyllis--35, 38. 92. Shipley, Juanila--124 Shoullz, Jane--124 Shroui, Marilyn--30, 42, 92, Sinneil, Rober'r--46, 125 Slaler, Leroy--45, 125 Smear, Beliy--125 Slrnilh, Barbara A.--43, 125 Smilh, Barbara J.--125 s...1+1., Pa++y--40, 41, 125 Smith, Virginia--125 S'now, Jesse--125 Snowden, Roberl--20, 54. 91, 97. 125 Sobel, Naomi--125 Songer, Jeannine--125 Songer, Marcia--126 Sloulhers, Alma--126 Sowash, Marilyn--97, 126 Spea'rman, Roberl--20, 36, 61, 62, 63. 65, 68. 69, 89, 126 S i ' le Reber?--126 56, 58, 50. 54, 97. 98, P99 1 Siege. Richard--36, 45, 54, 61, 62, I26 65. 68, 69, 79, 82, 89, Slaggs, Belly--I I, 97, I26 Slanley, Mary Jo--34, 45. 46. 51, 83, 97, I26 Sieans, Dorolhy--126 Sreinke, Herberf--86, 126 Sllern, Donna--43, 45, 126 Siewarl, Adrienne--32, 38, 91, 98. 99. 126 Slewarl, Virginia--126 Slinson, Evalyn--126 Slinson, Mary--126 43. 83, Slinson, Roberl--51, 91, 92, I26 Srilh, Frank--54, 57, 59, 126 51111, Gerald--38, 40, 41, Slohler, Carolyn--51, 127 Slfone, Joyce--45, 127 Slofllemyer, Charles--36, 59, 62, 65, 71, 72, 89, 98. Sirobel. Phyllis--127 Slroud, Richard--127 S'u11on, Eugene--127 Swango, Frances--127 Symoens, Ernesl--127 Taylor, George--I27 68, 97, 92, 126 54. 56. I27 Templelon, Herloerl--35, 42, 45, 47, 92, I27 Temple+on. William--97 Thafcher, Jane--128 Thomas. Be'r'1'ie--45, 128 Thomas, Eugene--128 Thomas, Jack--92, 128 Thomas, William--45, 128 Toles, Raymond-92, 128 Tolle, Roberf--128 Tompkins, Rulh--128 Toops, William--128 Traluring. Mary--128 True, Frances--74, 128 Tucker, William--73, 128 Tupman, 'Marfha--42, 45, Turner. William--128 - Tyler, William--128 Ulery. Wilma--128 UH, Billie Jean--128 128 ' Vanasdal, Barbara--38. 42. Vanderbur, Mariha--1429 Vandergrifl, Donald--36, 59, 71. 72, 98. 129 Vanclevender, Joan--I29 Voss, Vaughn--36, 54, 56, 59, 62 63, 65, 68, 89, -129 129 54, 56 Wade, Joanne--129 Walker, Don--30, 61, 97, Walfigney, George--I29 Wallon, Kalherine--129 Waslel. Marie--I-29 Wallcins. Samuel--129 Webb, Rulh Anna--129 Webber,,Madge--9.7, 130 . ' Weelcs, VVi1'l1a'rn--20, 36, 42, 67. 88, 130 129, Wegman, Jacqueline--131 Wellons, Mary Alice--77. 130 Wells, Emmerl--45, 130 Wells, Jean--45, 130 Wells, Lois Ann--32, 38. 99. 130 Wenlz, Thomas--130 Wesl. Winiired--130 Weslon, Donald-7130 Williams. Rober'1'--36, 54, 130 Williamson, Charles--130 Williamson, Geraldine--42. 46, 130 Wills, Ollie Jane--130 Wilson. Deborah--35. 42. 43. 45. 46, 83, 130 V Wilson. James--35, 46, 130 Wilson, Marilyn--17, 34. 42, 46. 130 Wilson. opal--45, 130 Wood, Jack--130 Woodall, Frances--131 VVrigh1, 'Belly--46, 51, 131 Wrighf, Peggy-51311 Wyani, Jas...-131 ' Wyanl, Lou Ellen--30, 74, 131 I Yales. Belly--99, 131 Yaies, Paul--45, 92, 131 Zoolc, Phyllis--42, -131 1 1 i Q Q fa I 2 5 i E I i 5 : 3 Y i 2 Q 3 3 i 3 2 3 ! u ? 3 X- E 1 5 3 , I 2 5 E , E E E . 2 f 2 E 2 S 5 2 5 F I 5 3 1 E s , .xl

Suggestions in the Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) collection:

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