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,-. ...W , ..,V. . ,rw W F- -f rvf-- .- , v - -f-1---V ---'f -'ff - 4---v-'W Y +- - --- Lwcdfbau f,Rfff.Jx,o-6,Z, o J x.f fig!! V9 fpflxj ' ,iv , V l , M, , 'V 5 . -' ' '.-' A a Le, V, lf 41 Q 4 .. v Nl 1 41' ' Q-.A M. 4:5 M -, w M, ' , x i .. V' - ' ' a ' ,. U1-V, ' , ' -' ... I -... qi PX' PX lqbxvl IVV, , ,inf S W SHNNA t x ' rv 4 ,L ,RN h Q Y Q 3 U ,K 'v-.. X X ,I ik X57 ' A CI M W x 4 1 K I ix Af ,., ,Q h'.3:,i:-q. 1 4 I Q A 4 - 1 . r a .A ,Qt .5 4 ,- V, ' Z-f Lb 3 X 'a F 1 ,X A, 'THEY DID NOT LIVE TO SEE THE PEACE' TX4 KARL ALBERTS PVT. WILLIAM ASHBA SGT. DICK ATWOOD PFC. ROBERT AUSTIN CAPT. WILLARD R. BAKER PFC. RODERICK BARKER LT. ABRAM BIRCH PVT. JOHN BIRCH PVT. NORMAN BRICKER LT. MARK BRIGHT SGT. GERALD BROWN SEAMAN ROBERT S. BROWN ENSIGN RALPH BUSBY, JR. PVT. JOE CALABRIA S 2!C SAM CALABRIA LT. FRANKLIN B. CALDWELL As of May I, I946 PFC. HORACE VINCENT GILMORE SGT. RICHARD P. GORDON LT. COL. ELMER GOSS PFC. GEORGE GRAHAM SGT. DELMAR GREEN PVT. WALTER GROSSENBACHER SGT. WAYNE HALFORD PFC. CRAWFORD HANDLEY LT. ERIC NEIL HANDLEY SGT. EDWARD HEIDEN PFC. OTIS R. HENDRIX PVT. GALE HENSLEY LT. LETIS HERITAGE LT. MARION HOLLOWAY S. C. 3!C ROBERT HENRY HORNE SEAMAN WILLIAM HUNTLEY SGT PFC CPL PFC SGT. SGT . CHARLES EARL PHILLIPS H EN RY PRELL EDWIN RIGGS JOHN W. RIGGS WELDON RODECAP JOHN RONSHEIM LT. THOMAS ROWE PFC. CPL. PFC. PVT. SGT. SGT. CPL. PFC. JOHN E. RYAN CHARLES H. SAMUELL MATTHIAS SCHOGER, JR GEORGE W. SCOTT ROBERT L. SEATON RAYMOND SHAFER EUGENE SHOULTZ ROBERT SIMMONDS S. F. 3lC RALPH WOLFORD CAREY LT. THOMAS ISAACS, JR. SGT. PFC. ALONZO CARPENTER ELMER LEWIS CARROLL SEAMEN ROBERT O'BRIEN KAISER CPL. ROBERT CLARK PFC. ROBERT D. JONES LT. LEROY SMITH CAPT. ROBERT D. SPITZER SGT. EUGENE SWAIN PFC. ROBERT TATE SGT. GEORGE THOMAS PFC. COL. SGT. SGT. CPL. ROBERT CONNER H. WEIR COOK HERMAN COX, JR. MAX CRAIB ROBERT CRAIGMILE LT. DALE CRIST SGT. CHARLES CRITCHLOW PFC. CHARLES CROSSON PFC. CHARLES DAVIS, JR. SGT HARRISON E. KEGG PFC. ROBERT KNOPP CPL. FRANK LACY, JR. PFC. HOWARD LAURENCE SGT. BILLIE S. LAYTON SGT. RAYMOND FREDRICK LEGG SGT ROBERT McCLAIN PVT. PFC. LAWRENCE McCOY, JR. FRANCIS MARLETT PFC. GEORGE TOLES LT. JOHN TRACY PVT. PAUL R. TUCKER SGT. DALE TYREE SGT. WILLIAM U NDERWOOD R. M. 2!C JACK E. WALKER PVT. HORACE E. WATSON LT. NORMAN WEBER SGT. WILLIAM O. DAVISSON LT. CHARLES E. DILTS PVT. ROBERT LEWIS EACHUS SGT. EARL ECKHARDT CPL. THOMAS EVANS, JR. PVT. KESTER FIELDS LT. MARION FLETCHER PFC. FLOYD FOLTZ LT. BEN MATHES, JR. S IXC ROBERT MYERS PVT. HAROLD NICHOLS PFC. FLOYD O'CONNOR LT. ROBERT PARKER PVT. WILLIAM PATTON PFC. PAUL PAVEY PFC. CPL. SGT. PFC. FAYNE WEST ARTHUR WHETSEL WILBUR WHITAKER EUGENE WHITLOW LT. DONALD WRIGHT PVT. HORACE YUNKER PVT. JACK W. ZOLL I N THE WWW . . ,fm , . Q INDIAN Published By The Senior High School QI Anderson, Indiana, ln June, 1946 EDITOR .........I....I...,.,.,.,.,......, Assislanl Edilor Pholographer ..,4............ PATTY RYAN Joycilie Pearson Earl Powless Cover and Ari Work .,r...... ...,..... J oe Van Camp Wrileups .....,..r....r.....,...,.,r ,....r... J oan Linville Assisfanls .,....r....a......a..........,.,...,.....,.....,.,.r.....,.,.,.,.. Clyde Sfeclcel. Charles Nichols. Claris A. Byrurn Sporis .I.I..,.,.s.,.,I.r.,......I.I..r.......I.......,I......,...,a,.,...s.,..,. ,.r,a...... B ill Harvey Business Managemenl .,..,..,..4 ,..,a.r.rr... B ill Clem Circulahon ..a,.......r.........,s..., .,.,,...,. R oss Michel Adverlising .....,.,. ,.......... K eilh Cochran Typing i......,.... ..,....,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.......,..,..,..,.,..,..... J oAnn Fos'rer Prinling ,..,..... ,........., I-I igh School Prinling Deparlmenl All-A I-.L sam, Q.:m .::.,f2 if I Q Q05 merican Rafing I94-3, I944! l945 Up The Souflw Hall The Hall lDdI'dd2 WiTh The coming oT each morning To Al-lS, The TronT hall parade begins. This is The name given To The sTudenTs who Traverse The halls Trom 8:00 To 8:l5 every day aTTer deposiTing Their books in Their homerooms. These energeTic souls have also been chrisTened The Dawn PaTrol . They are as much a parl' oT Al-IS as an- nouncemenTs over The Public Address SysTem or The dismissal bell. The Main Drag: Back WesT Again To CQNVO Every oTher Wednesday morning is The Time during which The all-school convoca- Tions are held in The gymnasium. These programs are anTicipaTed wiTh pleasure by sTudenTs because They know ThaT an Al-lS convo. will be InTeresTing and well- planned. Morning class periods are shorT- ened according To The lengTh oT The pro- gram. The AHS band Turnishes music while The p CTT To The Gym sTudenTs convene in The gymnasium amid yells oT Yeal Rah! Seniors! or Yeal RahlJuniorsl . OuTside speakers are engaged Tor many oT The convocaTions, buT sTudenTs are given Tull charge oT a Tew oT The programs during The year, such as The semi-annual sTudenT TalenT convos. or The Senior Class Day program. To Clas Hey, Joe, come on! Thal was Jrhe warn- ing bell. This is a familiar expression oflen heard in The halls of Al-IS. Sfanding in line al 'rhe drinking founlain or lallcing lo friends lakes up mosl of The exlra lime during Jrhe five-rninule pass periods. Then lhere is al- SZS ways Thai lasl-minuie scramble lo gel info one's seal before The rardy bell has slop- ped ringing. Well, back lo Jrhe daily grind! Ho, hum, is Jrhis class going +o lasl all day? There goes The bell now. I'll see you al noon, Joe. You May Pass l To The 'Ca The lunch hour is always a welcome inTerlude in The daily schedule oT Al-IS. The school candy sTand has long been a popular TavoriTe among The sTudenTs. The congesTion There, which had become quiTe a problem, has been lessened con- siderably since The sTudenTs have sTarTed waiTing in line insTead OT crowding in a solid mass around The counTer. The upTown resTauranTs and drug sTores come in Tor Their share oT congesTion when ThaT sTeady sTream oT hungry Time To EaT lctcria' Al-lS'ers arrives every noon hour. Sand- wiches, colces, French Tries, pie a la mode, Tudge sundaes, and oTher iTems may lend Themselves To ThaT awe-inspiring noon day conglomeraTion. ATTer lunch The nexT sTop is usually The Club Tom Tom.There is iusT enough Time Tor a game ofcheclcers or a round oT ping- pong. Many happy hours have been spenT in recreaTion aT The club. As The noon hour ends, The sTudenTs reTurn To school. To T-lomc The aTTernoon classes proceed, and, as 3:30 draws near. a spiriT oT resTlessness oTTen pervades The classroom. This is es- pecially True if iT happens To be a beauTi- Tul spring day wiTh The sun shining brigh- Tly. AT The sound oT The 3:30 bell. The sTu- denTs rush Trom Their classrooms To malce a hurried Trip To Their loclcers or To The li- brary. Then some oT Them who live ouT- side The ciTy limiTs proceed To board The schol busses while oThers may caTch ciTy busses. As The halls are cleared oT sTudenTs, a Typical school day in AHS ends. AnoTher Day pdI'dCI6 of ' Q ' -.2 w Jw 550. 0 'al 'I' 1' 0 OO' 'O ,'o, l off Q, 4. e?? Ni . 134 Q 'f 93s ce Q 1 -4' 'QU I Xu nnx hlffnlf 1 j9 fl U N fy'-Q.. 'E ' Q-- z 9 -' ft: L' v X K ll PM 1 'fx 'If X'a ',',' ' S 5 f . V 0 'O I , QNX Igiig' f 0' 0 Q 'g.'Q'oj.'o,?'1,:l, Q0 ' ' 'pf .B , 'age f Ml X4-:xx Iggy A E-FL I A 1 ,A-A U2 f A fix .l lX' ine' . X A215 r f lr , ,Q jf L , Ya.. -1 X x J f , .X .l I . i A X ha J V. n X + 1 S X ' X 1 N x , ' x U if ,X . 1 1 X , . K 5 , Y . X . , ,U 1 1 K . x , - ,K ,. s -- , 'V , 1 . - ,- ... , I J' x. f, xl I ,' 1 y S. - 'P ns, , f I ' ' . R 1 -, wg- f : V, 1 V 4 , ,,,,., 1- - . ,gp up ,. y- X nv! ' 2 'f ,K . H ' A-Af . , ' r ,YT . ' , 1 . ,Qi-, N ,Vx H X , . 1 W , I bw .4 x I -. ' MI' 1' YDWQXQ QA .. 4. .X . , 7 I W , 1, , ,A , X' 'gk x ' U . .XR 5 'L .Q I .V f x f ,- A L X , 4,-'-vaj. ., x X ' 5' X z. If x , v'1 . Y ' ' 'xg ,- ' , ' , 'gf Y.. X' ' H, 7 2' , , N W 1 . , . , 1 ' Q , ,,. 4 . i' - 1 Council lnitiated Ar First Convo The air was tilled with suppressed ex- citement: everybody was laughing and shouting and calling greetings. It was the beginning ot another school year tor 24-OO students - over 700 ot them being tresh- men. The tirst all school convo ot the year teatured humorist Dusty Miller as guest speaker. This convo as in previous years was sponsored by the Student Council and Stanley Porter, principal. tormally in- stalled members ot the Student Council by reading ot the pledge. Student C uncl Takes Pledg Miss Palmer Visils Several changes had been made in lhe lacully lor lhis year wilh Mrs. Delila Por- ler replacing Mrs. Belly Schreplerman in lhe Physical Educalion Deparlmenl, Miss Belly l-lubbard laking over lhe dulies ol Miss Mary Rulh Palmer as head ol lhe vocal music deparlmenl.- New Record Sel A record surpassing all olhers was made when more homerooms lhan ever belore in AHS hislory reached lhe IOOW mark in X-Ray subscriplions. The Seniors ranked lirsl wilh each ol lheir eleven homerooms oblaining IOOW lo lheir enrollmenl. As has been lhe cuslom lor lhe lasl several years, class meelings were held in lhe audilorium early in lhe semesler wilh Mr. Porler in-lroducing lhe various class ollicers and explaining lhe general rules ol lhe school. Fire Prevention Week Recognized ln Al lS Relurning lor a shorl lurlough belore being senl overseas lor lhe Red Cross. Miss Mary Rulh Palmer visiled school and allended lhe various class periods ol lhe vocal music deparlmenl. New Allendance Plan A new scheme lor laking allendance in lhe library was inlroduced and explained lo sludenls. ln lhe plan each sludenl has his own permanenl library card which will save lime and also make lor lewer inac- curacies. The annual Fire Prevenlion Convo was held on Ocl. IO. Demonslralions ol lires caused by.gasoline and broken lighl bulbs were made. Also aclual lire was used on lhis program lor lhe lirsl lime in any de- monslralion. Lelling no unnecessary lime elapse so lhal sludenls could roam lhe halls les- pecially seniorsl wilhoul inlra-murals, lhe head monilors and monilors were chosen lor lhe coming year. The monilors are headed by lhe lwo deans. Qualilicalions lor lhe posilion ol monilors are C or bel- ler in all subiecls and a personalily raling ol lhree or beller in all lrails lisled. This ls How To Pul ll Oul 1 if CirIs ihis I lhe Vvfay IT's Done Team Demonstrates Gridiro WiTh The opening oT school, sTudenT assisTanTs were prompTIy appoinTed Tor The coming year by The various Teachers. These srudenrs Take many odd iobs Trom The shoulders oT The Teachers and help greaTIy in The smooTh, eTTicienT way in which The schooI is run. High RaTing Given Orchids To The '45 sTaTT who worked TogeTher To produce The AI-IS yearbook, The Indian. For The Third sucesive year, The Indian received ALL AMERICAN raTing in The annual judging conTesT sponsored by The NaTionaI SchoIasTic Press Associa- Tion. This is The hiohesT oT all raTings in The judging. The school IiTe secTion was especially praised. There's hoping ThaT The '46 book can make The grade again. The cover design Tor This year's Indian was compIeTed, carrying ouT The cIass colors oT maroon and whiTe. There was no arT design. buT iusT 'Tho '46 Indian on The TronT oT The cover. n I3Iays In Pep Session A new camera was purchased by The X-Ray and Indian . The camera pIus The accessories amounTed To abouT 330000. Proving ThaT The T-Ionor STudy I-IaII sysTem is sTricTIy a success-This year There were more appIicaTions Turned in Than ever beTore. The sTudenT appIicaTions numbered Tour Times The seaTing capaciTy oT sTudy haII 207. Five hundred appIica- Tions were considered by a commiTTee oT TiTTeen TacuITy members. The I Ionor STudy I-IaII was promoTed by The STudenT Council wiTh This being The Third year. Book Exchange Run As in previous years The book exchange was open Tor sTudenT use wiTh Joe Van- Camp and IvIarTha Arn GuanT serving as co-chairmen. During The TweIve-day open- ing The exchange made a proTiT oT 9250.00 This was a sIighT decrease as compared wiTh proTiT in oTher years. Underclass pictures Taken The TirsT ToOTba l pep session OT The sea- son was a bang-up success. Coach Cum- mings explained The rules OT TOoTball and used TwenTy-Two boys Trom The high school TooTball squad in demonsTraTing The game. For all OT The wide-eyed wiTnesses OT The game iT was very enlighTening and sTu- denTs really TelT like iT was a morning well spenT, and ThaT They undersTood lmaybel a Ii++Ie more abouT TooTball. The sTudes really yelled, iusT proving ThaT Al-IS srill has one OT The besT cheering secTions in The sTaTe OT Indiana. Band Awarded Prize CongraTulaTions go To The l-ligh School Band and Their direcTor, Richard Rencen- berger. On SepTember 22 The band placed Third in The parade OT The Ameri- can Legion STaTe ConvenTion. EighTy-Tive school bands parTicipaTod. Bands were judged according To general appearnce, playing abiliTy and marching alignm'enT. A check Tor TorTy dollars was received by The band. Lee T-landley, prominenT Senior boy and presidenT OT This year's class OT '46, received a greaT honor when he was given a WesT PoinT appoinTmenT To become an oTTicer in The U. S. Army. PicTures Taken Smile! Smile!-ThaT's iT!! WhaT does This remind one OT? None oTher Than The Taking OT underclass picTures Tor The phoTographer. One OT The ouTsTanding special convo- caTions speakers was Charles B. Wells, iournalisT, carToonisT and world Traveler. This special program was aTTended by sTudy hall groups and social sTudies class- es. Mr. Wells presenTed a chalk Talk To The sTudenTs and Told OT various exciTing experiences. l-le Taced The ThreaT OT ex- ecuTion in China, and several Times was in The hands OT The Russian SecreT Police -Talk abouT advenTurell As usual, preparaTions Tor graduaTion were being made early. Seniors were Chalk, Please 1 , know, smear , urged To order announcemenTs as soon as possible. This year's announcemenT card had The school cresT in The upper leTT corner OT The TirsT page. The inside pages had The eTching OT The school opOo:iTe The Tormal annOuncemenT. Junior Miss was chosen by The com- miTTee as The Senior Class Play Tor This year. The double casT was composed OT I3 girls and 6 boys. There were To be Two casTs OT girls Tor The diTTerenT nighTs. Try- ouTs Tor This year's commencemenT speak- ers were also held. All sTudenTs musT have had a 90W scholasTic average or above. ConTesTanTs were To be judged on voice, poise and sTage presence by The TaculTy Football Season Ends, Teachers Attend Convention The I946 War Chest and Community Fund Drive was opened in Al-IS home- rooms. The drive took the place ot the stamp and bond sale. Anderson's quota was SI25,000.00. Final statistics revealed that 7395 ot the students participated. The sophomores were tirst in contributions which totaled S3l5.55. While most ot the students were relax- ing and taking lite easy during the three- day vacation. thirty-one members ot Choral Club took part in the State Chor- al Festival held during the annual State Teachers Convention at Indianapolis. Un- der the direction ot the guest conductor, Peter Tkach ot Minneapolis, I IOO public Press Delegates Thirst I I The Winnahs school students throughout Indiana par- ticipated in singing. Five ot Al-lS's taculty members were honored at the State Teachers Conven- tion. Mr. Porter was re-elected president ot the North Central Conterence. Frank S. Baker, English instructor, was chosen president ot the Adviser's Division ot the Indiana High School Press Association. B. B. I-lorton was selected chairman ot the Chemistry and Physics Section ot the Indiana State Teachers Association. Miss Katherine Brown was chosen as president ot the Business Education Section and John Finney was named vice-president ot Indiana Council ot Geography Teachers. Students Attend I.H.S.P.A. As in previous years tive iournalism students traveled to Franklin College to the Indiana I-Iigh School Press Association Convention. Delegates this year were Patty Ryan and Joycilie Pearson repre- senting the Indian and Doris Jean Sells, Mary Lee I.eweIIen and Mina Trick repre- senting the X-Ray . Oops'. Pardon me.' Well, why don't you watch where you are going? These were just a tew ot the mild exclamations heard when the one way stairs -student council's pet project-was begun. This rul- ing only applied to the southwest section with the annex stairs being used tor going down and the old stairs tor tavelling up. Soon atterwards, however, it was agreed by most ot the students that the plan was a success. ' Letters Awarded Coach Cummings awarded letters to twenty members ot the varsity tootball squad and gave monogram awards to other squad members at a pep session bringing the tootball season otticiallv to a close. Coach Bonge also awarded let- ters, monograms and numerals to his un- deteated cross country team. Erwin Wright and Wayne Maul were chosen honorary captains ot their respective teams. Lessons From A Champ One oT The highIighTs oT The year's acT- iviTies was The holding oT a VisiTors' Day under The direcTion oT The STudenT Coun- cil. The purpose was To give The parenTs The opporTuniTy To see iusT whaT Takes place in The classroom. A regular day oT school was conducTed. Guides were placed in The TronT hall To direcT visiTors To The various classrooms and poinT ouT places oT inTeresT. The execuTive commiTTee oT The IQ46 graduaTing class chose gray Tor Their caps and gowns. This is diTTerenT Trom The Three previous years in which The caps and gowns have been blue. EducaTion Week Recognized EducaTion To promoTe The general wel- Tare, was The Theme Tor This year's ob- servance oT American EducaTion Week Trom November ll To I7 inclusive. Sev- eral programs were conducTed in accor- dance wiTh This. In observance oT NaTionaI Book Week, lvlrs. Jean Waggoner, well known Indiana auThor, spoke To sTudenTs in The audiTor- rum. Wanna subscribe Tor The annual? The Tall subscripTion drive Tor The Indian sTarTed soon aTTer Thanksgiving wiTh Ross Michel as circuIaTion manager. The eIecTion oT The class oT l949 was held wiTh lvlrs. EsTher Buchanan and Ker- miT Todd being chosen as TacuITy sponsors. A IeTTer was received Trom The War Finance CommiTTee congraTuIaTing The ,Real Indian! presents New War Dance sTudenTs and Teachers oT AHS Tor Their Tino parTicipaTion in buying sTarnps and bonds and Tor compIeTing seven cam- paigns Tor hospiTaI uniTs oT 83,000 each. Am Iseeing ghosTs? Who is ThaT gruesome looking creaTure? These mighT have been a Tew oT The excIamaTions heard The nighT oT The Halloween Tracas aT Club Tom Tom. Fun was had by all and one would never have guessed ThaT some oT Those wicked looking creaTures were really very harmless-aTTer removing Their masks. New LighTs in Rooms l8, 209 Ah'. The IighT dawns -mighT have an expression heard aTTer The insrallarion oT new TIuorescenT IighTing in Room 209, The publicaTions room, and Room I8 ,The bookkeeping room. Yippee-Row Bll, exclaimed one oT Those lucky seniors. I-Iowever, The sTudenT season TickeTs were a sell-ouT and Those sTudes on row Q could be heard iusT as much as Those siTTing clown on The TirsT Tew rows. Open I-louse was The curTain raiser Tor The baskeTbaII season The TirsT pep session was held and all sTud3:1los were permiTTed To aTTend. ,Q Hardvvood, Hallovveicn Seasons Take Qvcr School Uncle Sam gave The school 5138.000 worTh oT equipmenT Tor The chemisTry laboraTory. This gave AHS one oT The besT chemical labs in The sTaTe. ConTinuing To make plans Tor Senior Week, The class oT I946 conducTed an elecTion To deTermine which acTiviTies would Take place during ThaT Time. The execuTive commiTTee complied The lisT which The Seniors voTed upon. Box ConTesT Sponsored The STudenT Council sponsored a con- TesT Tor The naming oT a suggesTion box which was placed in The TronT hall Tor sTudenT use. Tid-BiT Box was The name de- cided upon Tor iT. WiTh The end oT The war and peace reigning once more, AHS disconTinued The selling oT sTamps and bonds which had been under The direcTion oT Mr. HalleTT and Mr. Bailey. STaTed These men. The sTudenTs oT AHS have roa y been TaiThTul and loyal in buying siamps and bonds. Sales began in l94?, The grand ToTal Tor The Tour years was 2'52?6.098. NOT bad aT all!! AHS wa? ably represenTed This year by a debaie Team made up oT Tour AHS sTudenTs. The Topic oT mosT oT These de- baTes was FullTime lv1iliTary ConscripTion. The Team consisTed oT Florence Porges. Clyde STeckel Taking The aTTirmaTive and Phyllis Vermillion and Don BancroTT Taking The negaTive. Jr. Red Cross Holds Drive AToTal oT SI I0.00 was collecTed by The Junior Red Cross Tor The lnTanTile Pa- ralysis Drive. The sophomores made The greaTesT conTribuTion. Hubba! Hubba! Hubba! Service Men! Army, Navy or Marines? WhaT does iT NexT! Rare Revclahons oT True BeauTy maTTer? For The ArmisTice Day Convo They were broughT in Trom all branches. The program which was in charge oT The VicTory CommiTTee was sTricTly a success. Oleda Mills was misTress oT ceremonies. Y book Editors P + d P f l:irst peace-Time Armistice Day Celebrated One ot the main teatures ot the pro- gram was the Ft. Harrison Band which really set the students teet a tapping . It was enioyed so much that the students requested several encores. Speaking on the program were two graduates. War- ren Stidham '42 ot the Army and Hugh Harrison '43 ot the Navy. Warren, who has tought in Europe, was president ot his graduating class and editor ot the '42 lndian . Hugh, who was in action in the South Pacitic was also president ot his class and editor ot the '43 lndian . Lois June Fuller, art student and mem- ber ot the class ot I946. was highly hon- ored when Robert St. John, noted author, news analyst and toreign commentator, upon speaking here noticed a painting in the tront hall case drawn by June. He requested the painting and in exchange gave June an autographed copy ot his latest book. Thanksgiving Program Given For the tirst time in three years, AHS observed a peace-time Thanksgiving. The annual Thanksgiving convo was presented by tour AHS students, instead ot a visit- ing minister. Mary Lee Lewellen intro- duced the tour speakers. Mary Prokos spoke on My Home , Joan Williams on My School , Bill Ogden on My Church and Charles Condon on My Country . Representing the American Youth Foundation, Miss Marie E. Shaver and Dr. O. W. Warmingham, commonly known to the students otAHS as Horace and Kodaya . presented one ot the year's most enioyed convocations. They spoke brietly and led in group singing. American Youth Foundation Staii Visits fAxl lS Horace and Kodaya were in Al-IS Tor Three days and Those sTudenTs who had Tilled ouT a Personal DevelopmenT Ques- Tionnaire had The opporTuniTy oT personal inTerview and counciling wiTh Them. AnoTher convocaTion which will long be remembered by high school sTudenTs was one which TeaTured Miss Bernice CliTTon. blind lecTurer wiTh her seeing eye dog. Karla. Miss CliTTon has been blind by ill- ness Tor seven years. She masTered braille in her TirsT year and acquired Karla, her seeing eye German shepherd dog. She now Travels exTensively Tor The Seeing Eye OrganizaTion and gives book reviews. Recorded chimes and organ selecTions were played as an inTroducTion To The ChrisTmas convocaTion which was in charge oT Miss Lois Ann Wells. The pro- gram was divided inTo Three parTs-- ChrisTmas ls Fun, ChrisTmas ls Music, and ChrisTmas ls ChrisT. Included in The pro- gram was a brass quarTeT composed oT Don l-lughel, Marvin l-lull, Ted King, and Louis FonTaine. Adding much To The were The decoraTions prepared by The arT deparTmenT. Choral Club Carols As in previous years Choral Club car- oled Through The halls and added much To The spirT oT ChrisTmas. Ramona Ward, worThy Senior girl, won The highly-coveTed DAR award, which is based on ciTizenship, personaliTy. scholas- Tic abiliTy and paTrioTism. Coming baclc Trom a much-needed va- caTion iT was Tound ThaT plans Tor The Tall semesTer were rapidly drawing To a close, and ThaT The spring semesTer was underway. LeT Us Th Holidays Scene ol -I-raditional Decorations, Carols Senior Week commiTTees were appoinT- ed and The annual Hi-Y dance was held in The audiTorium aTTer The IvIuncie-Ander- son game. SevenTeen 4A's compIeTed Their high school work and meT wiTh Mn PorTer To Take care oT The Tinishing oT all deTaiIs concerning mid-Term graduaTion. 52 On Special MenTion During The Tall semesTer TiTTy-Two sTu- denTs obTained The honor oT being on The Special IvIenTion Honor Roll. OT This num- ber sevenTeen were boys and ThirTy-Tive were girls. In order To achieve This honor. Perseverance sTudenTs musT be enrolled in aT leasT Three Tull crediT subiecTs and make A averages in Them plus any haIT crediT subiecTs which They carry. AT The beginning oT The new semesTer one hundred sevenTy-one Treshman enTer- ed The porTaIs oT AHS. Lowell Lee and Charles Denny, boTh Tormer AHS TacuITy members, were dis- charged Trom The Army and again resum- ed Their duTies aT AHS. Mr. Lee Teaches in The Physical Sciences DeparTmenT and Mr. Denny in The Social STudies. As has been The cusTom Tor several years The high school band presenTed iTs annual concerT using music by VicTor Her- berT as The main Theme oT The program. As has been said beTore, Uncle Sam had no Teelings and iT was proved when he Took Norman PeTers, Indian mascoT, Toward The close oT The season's games His moccasins were ably Tilled, however. by Gus Pancol, who wenT wiTh The Indians clear To The STaTe. Honor came To Hope BixensTine, a sen- ior girl and acTive member oT Choral Club and Madrigal Club, when she was chosen as one oT The nine youThs Trom all over The sTaTe To audiTion aT Indianapolis. Hope appeared beTore conducTor Fabien SeviTzky oT The Indianapolis Symphony OrchesTra and ranked in Third place. Speech Winner Named Winner oT The local and counTy Amor- ican Legion speech conTesT was Marvin Clanin, Junior boy. His subiecT was The HisTory oT The ConsTiTuTion. TwenTy-one sTudenTs apolied Tor schol- arshios To sTaTe colleges. ln a poll Taken among The seniors concerning college oreTerences iT was Tound ThaT Indiana lIniversiTy ranked TirsT wiTh Purdue and Fall STaTe ranking nexT in line. Second Semester Qpens George Campbell, song direcTor for Kiwanis lnTernaTional, was feaTured on a convocafion program. Formerly a capTain in The Army, Mr. Campbell direcfed sing- ing in army camps. l-le lead The sTudenT body in group singing. Bible Class Gives Program ln observance of The World Day of Prayer, The Bible ll class under The direc- Tion of Frank Baker presenfed a program over The public address sysfem. They dramafizeol The life of a famous Track sTar, GilberT Dodds, in whose life religion play- ed a mosf imporTanT parT. Choral Club TryouTs for The spring semesfer were held in The music annex wiTh These lucky sTudenTs making The grade: BeTTy Meade, l-lannah Pefry, Jac- queline Dillon, Donna Griffifh, Mariorie RoberTson, Marilyn Van Zanf, Peggy Poor. DoroThy England, Anna Pancol, Georgi- anna Richardson, KaTie Boerner, BeTTy Poor, Marilyn Caplinger, Pafricia Gardner, MarTha Sfrickler, Rosemary Quick, Nola King, BeTTy l.iTTle, AlberTa PorTer, Bob Boyer, Paul Lane, Norman Marfindale, Roberf Nash, Bill Allis, and Ray Carr. Plans were made for The Sevenfh Annu- al Guidance Day which was held in April for The purpose of aiding seniors who plan To aTTend college. This proiecf wias sTarT- ed in I939 by Principal PorTer and has been of valuable help To seniors. Twenfy- Three colleges and universiTies were rep- resenfed. Individual conferences were held along wiTh group meeTings and all sTudenTs had The privilege of conferring wiTh Two or more represenTaTives.r Parf I of The program was an assembly of all sTudenTs wiTh four represenfafives giving shorT Talks. ParTs ll and lll consisTed of personal conference. A luncheon was held for all represenTaTives aT The close of The sessions. Sfudenf TalenT Shown Laughs!! Laughs!! and more laughs- whaT is enioyed more by Al-lS sTudenTs Than The annual sTudenT TalenT program held each year. lT really seems as if Al-lS Rhyfhm Masfers Chrisfmas Convo has Broadway TalenT in iTs midsf. NovelTy acTs were puT on by Warren Rhodes, Tom Moreland, MorT l-lunfer, Jack Elldridge and Mickey Condon: and when Sonny Rhodes gave ouT wiTh, l'm from The SouTh-The deep Soufh, ThaT is -every- one Thoughr ThaT The Senafor was really infhe gym. Shirley Eckenberg, DoroThy l-lalleTT, and Glen RouT played The piano, marimba and accordian, respecfively. MTTaer Of Opinion Harmony Talent Show popular A solo was presenTed by Laura Powless accompanied by her broTher, Earl. John Brock played a piano solo and when The combinaTion oT The drum, clarineT and piano began. TeeT were really a Tapping. Tom Bulen also played several numbers on The solovox. Champs! Champs! Champs! They did iTl Glory descended on An- derson l-ligh Schoolwhen Tor The Third Time she was crowned King oT Indiana BaslceTball. CongraTulaTions go To Coach Cummings and To each player Tor bring- ing This honor To The school. A huge con- gregaTion oi shining-eyed people,sTudenTs and adulTs, gaThered aT The gym on SaTur- day nighT To welcome back The boys and The coaches. Speeches were made by The coach and Team members, who held TighTly To Their championship Trophies. Then The Team piled on Top a Tire Truclc wiTh hundreds oT cheering sTudenTs Tol- lowing To proceed To AThleTic Parlc Tor The bonTire. Even The drenching rain didn'T dampen The spiriTs. ATTer a Three-day celebraTion --wiTh Tree shows, dances, a WuxTra X-Ray , The Team being honored by var- ious organizaTions and a ciTy-wide ban- queT on March 26, The season was broughT To a close by Coach Cummings' awarding The leTTers and monograms To Team members. Johnny Wilson and Jim Vanderbur were elecTed honorary co- capTains oT The Team. Ti-is T fi Eno .lf r -S Xi ii Wi Oh-heh Frankie Whaila Finis! OraTors? 7 7 X ,Nw 1 -B , .,, wg ' ziqfimiziki-f -.Aff 1rL12wei4m1':w: 1 Y M . Y, . - ' ,,'N4Lf3 + HA K W was M. Z1 , JZ fr ,V Sil-5 2 ,QQ 5' ai' , ,ge fam ,fu fi ,U , E Q I 8955 qw .mm 1 1g.m1 .,,.L frm M., L mama 1 - unsung wif- v-, 3 nwzmamdlfm - f H efmsfw Parade of X M if 'J X sx2 n V U 3 M 19 se 1-'Q ff. H, 5 he .' ,f f.-' .s. N ff S' W3 4' 1 A ,- ,,f- V 1 rg---. , ,. , My ' .1 ,. , x, Xi, , i. ., , ,,1, V., xl .,v,V 4 , . 1 4 1 wk, ' ' r , ,. , . Y X '11- X, --A., V J 1-.L ' f V3 7.4 51.4 ,' 1 , -r gl Q.. ' 'lx' F., I ' .ff ,J X , x N X 'A' 5 V K .:' ' ' 1.3 .7 , Q ff n X .. x N. :wl- .- Y in I, u -.. ri 'QQ . ,K h. . .X , L-, Q-Q45 ' . , ,S A ' ' f-.eib 31 'x ., ,'K'4 5' .: .QV ' ,lx z'-:1 '. 'ft 535 A' L H ' gf:-3.135 .X .lf N., in .!,5.l,J 3-3. X A -,Qu aQgfHQ 54 , .'-- 1 ,tlfxxa ...fp ,Q M W,1j,,1r.w,,?x.k,Qg '5 ' Q? 'ff . . ' .r X: 1 lvl' .3 Muff,-Qi!-,lil -- V ,?F1f..'.4 ,JU 4 1 ' - f -divx . Eg, - 4, Lex-'3 , N J V N ' 3 P A X' Q. fu 'Z A ,ffnvii N 1 , , X In . I . . b .-Lt' Pj ' K .,, .nf-I A Q X kv- f N-4, Student-Faculty Committes Usually when a marked success is reg- isTered by some person or group, The achievemenT can be Traced To some one TacTor or inTluence ThaT was chieTly re- sponsible Tor The success. ln The case oT acTiviTies aT Anderson I-ligh School dur- ing The pasT year, cooperaTion has been The keynoTe-cooperaTion beTween sTu- denTs and Teachers ThaT has shown ThaT only in This way can iT be assured ThaT The besT acTiviTies and evenTs may be enioyed by The sTudenTs. IT has never been The policy oT The TaculTy oT Al-lS To dominaTe and conTrol sTudenT acTiviTies in an auTocraTic manner. 'On The conTrary, The TaculTy has, in The pasT. encouraged cooperaTion beTween sTudenTs and Teachers so ThaT a Teeling oT working and planning TogeTher can be had by The sTudenTs. ConseguenTly, The STudenT Council, assembly oT The repre- senTaTives oT The sTudenT bodv, has esTab- lished a number oT sTudenT-TaculTv com- miTTees ThaT are broughT abouT Tor The purpose oT regulaTing and sponsoring sTudenT acTiviTies. ln doing This, The sTu- denTs have been given The opporTuniTy To voice Their own wishes in The planning ol: The social evenTs and acTiviTies which make uo sTudenT liTe in Al-lS. AT The beginning oT each semesTer, one oT These commiTTees-The Book Exchange CommiTTee-sponsors a sale oT used books To sTudenTs, purely a service Tunc- Tion Tor Those wishing To sell Their old books. Programs Planned The programs enioyed every oTher week by The sTudenT body are The concocTions OT The ConvocaTions CommiTTee. STu- denTs do mosT oT The work arranging The programs and are also given valuable ex- perience in presenTing These convocaTions. The Clubs CommiTTee sees ThaT all clubs are properly organized and regulaTed. Vital To AHS assuring people wholesome, acTive exTra- curricular acTiviTies. lvlr. Sanders, dean oT boys, is TaculTy adviser Tor This group. The Social AcTiviTies CommiTTee has similar duTies in regard To school social TuncTions. This group, which works wiTh lvliss Anderson, dean oT girls. approves all social acTiviTies oT The school and iT is Their responsibiliTy ThaT The daTes oT These acTiviTies are placed on The school calen- dar. One oT The mosT acTive oT These com- miTTees This year has been The Pep Ses- sions CommiTTee. This group oT sTudenTs and Teachers had charge oT The elecTion oT cheer leaders and The selecTion oT The Indian mascoT. This year, The cheer lead- ers were on hand Tor all Al-TS aThleTic acTiviTies, having been selecTed lasT spring. The inspiring pep sessions beTore our home games and TournamenT games were Their doings. The all dav celebraTion aTTer The sTaTe championship climaxed The work oT This commiTTee. MoniTors l-lelpTul The lVloniTors CommiTTee has The diTTi- culT Task oT selecTing and keeping up The moniTor sysTem. The SaTeTy CommiTTee has been very acTive in removing school hazards. Various special commiTTees have had speciTic TuncTions. AlTogeTher, co- operaTion has been The success keynoTe This year. The TacT ThaT beTween IOOO andl2OO sTudenTs have been used shows ThaT iT does work. Z 25 , .FQ K X . Board of Educafion The primary supervisory dufies of fhe Anderson educafional sysfem are handled by Archie R. Chadd, superinfendenf of schools. If is wifhin his sphere of dufies fo mainfain efficiency and fo accomplish necessary improvemenfs. ln fhis line, he worlcs hand in hand wifh fhe School Board: of which he is a member, ex officio. The Board of Educafion is a commiffee for fhe invesfigafion and general super- vision of local public schools. Upon fhese frusfees resfs fhe responsibilify of all business affairs dealing wifh fhe school sysfem. Recenfly, fhey have been malcing Sfanding A. R. Chadd Miss Gerfrude Arfhur Beckman Seafed Fousf Childers . . o ers plans providing for fhe consfrucfion of a new educafional unif, as a needed supple- menf fo fhe school buildings now main- fained. More closely associafed wifh Al-lS sfu- denfs is Principal Sfanley Porfer, who, as high school adminisfrafor, seeks fo mold sfudenfs and faculfy info a co-operafive group foward a more safisfacfory and beneficial high school. A capable mana- ger of his mulfifudinous responsibilifies, Mr. Porfer is also an acfive supporfer of compefifive sporfs and exfra-curricular acfivifies. Superinfendenf A. R. Chacld Principal Sfanley Porfer L-swan-iuf,Nessw4.:: anmsfa - . Plf Mrs. Sarah l-lopp g Noland Wrighf Townsend Albrighf G M R g BuT, Miss Anderson. Yes, Miss Anderson. This was a reply overheard in The oTTice oT Al-lS's dean oT girls, Miss Mignon Anderson. Miss Anderson said ThaT she enioyed her work very much and on The whole The girls had been very Tine To work wiTh. The dean oT boys, Leo Sanders, was also kepT guiTe busy issueing whiTe, blue, yellow, and pink slips, and keeping his records up To da+e on each boy. l'le also was head oT The TirsT aid work. l-le, Too. enioyed working wiTh The sTudenTs oT Al-IS. STudenT assisTanTs helped boTh deans in running errands and answering The num- erous Telephone calls which come in. Much responsibiliTy Talls uoon The shoulders oT boTh deans and The Tine man- ner in which They cope wiTh The problems which They meeT and The decisions They musT make, only adds To The smooThness and eTTiciency wiTh which AHS is run. Librarian M,Ss Bess Day RegisTrar Mrs. Marjorie AusTiin Dean oT Girls Miss Mignon Anderson Dean oT Boys W. Leo Sanders This year under Miss Bess Day, head librarian, The school experienced a new and more eTTicienT way oT checking The aTTondance oT pupils using The library. This is buT one oT The improvemenTs made by Miss Day during her Three years here aT Al-IS. WiTh her corps oT able sTudenT and Teacher assisTanTs she manages The daily program oT The library .She inTorms all new sTudenTsoTThe library accommoda- Tions and iTs rules and urges all sTudenTs To Take advanTage oT The help iT oTTers. Planning programs Tor appraximafely 2,500 sTudenTs is a maior accomplishmenT in iTselT. Add To This The many oTher duTies oT Mrs. Mariorie AusTin, school re- gisTrar, and you have one oT The TullesT iobs held by any Teacher in AHS. WiTh her sTudenT assisTanTs she manages The main oTTice, records grades, builds pro- grams and plays The role oT Top secreTary To principal, STanley PorTer. 1n1 aa is American Problems Social Studies Throughouf fhe year, social sfudies sfudenfs have been receiving fraining fo show fhaf if is a privilege fo live in a de- mocracy such as ours, sfafed George Davis, head of fhe social sfudies deparf- menf. The year I9-45-I946 saw a greafer emphasis placed upon democracy and fraining for useful living in if, by fhe AHS Social Sfudies Deparfmenf. Classes in civics, American problems, hisfory, and geography have emphasized fhe necessify for keeping well informed on nafional and infernafional affairs. ln cur- renf evenfs discussions and panel groups. fhe problems of reconversion have been given special affenfion. Since fhese issues are such a paramounf parf in fhe devel- opmenf of ideas concerning fhe American nafion, if was felf fhaf such fime on fhem was fime well spenf. Some of fhe fopics sfudied were The confrol of inflafion, hou- sing, full employmenf, and labor manage- menf relafions. ln fhe infernafional field, fhere has been sfudy of fhe organizafions and groups in fhe Unifed Nafions. Many classes have followed closely fhe proceed- ings of fhe securify council and have ob- fained much valuable informafion from fheir sfudies. During fhe year. a special commiffee composed of feachers in fhe Social Sfud- ies Deparfmenf wenf fo fhe various ele- menfary schools for fhe purpose of sfudy- ir g The classes in social sciences, hisTory, and geography ThaT were held. This commiTTee was Tormed so ThaT iT mighT recommnd ways oT inTegraTing The high school and grade school social sTud- ies work, and To make The enTire social sTudies program more eTTecTive. IT is hoped ThaT The work oT This group oT vol- unTeers will help in making The social sTudies courses The TinesT possible in The school sysTem. Beginning nexT Tall, Treshmen in The General and Business EducaTion courses will be permiTTed To enroll in a new course, Social Living, as an elecTive. This course TeaTures The elemen+s oT sociology, em- phasizing especially adiusTmenT To high school liTe. lT is hoped ThaT many sTudenTs will enroll in This course. A new plan has been prepared by which sTudenTs who are inTeresTed in earning a minor in social sTudies or geography may do so. This plan will enable sTudenTs To organize elecTives in social sTudies and geography so ThaT a minor, in addiTion To The required social-sTudies subiecTs may be obTained. This Tine deparTmenT has done much in ciTizonship Training. The work has been preparcd in such a wav ThaT Those who successTully compleTe This insTrucTion will be beTTer ciTizens oT Tomorrow Tor The sTudenTs oT Today will be The ciTizens oT Tomorrow. Courses Varied The maTerial TreaTed bv The various social sTudy courses oTTored aT Al-IS is as . . . r-- Ray Fleerior, Mrs. Maurine Murphy, J. J. Bailey M s L L g varied as are The social sciences Them- selves. Classes infxmerican Problems carry on exTensive research work in The Tields oT economics,crime and punishmenT, inTer- naTional relaTions and The Tamily. Groups Taking Civics are insTrucTed ir The working oT Tederal, sTaTe, and local governmenTs, and are given pracTical knowledge concerning The TuncTion and operaTions oT poliTical parTies. . Courses in all kinds oT hisTory insTrucT The sTudenTs how To proTiT by The misTakes oT pasT generaTions and how To use The successes oT The pasT as sTeps Toward The TuTure. The sTudenTs in geograpThy courses were given valuable inTormaTion concern- ing The ways ThaT Topography, climaTe, and oTher physical surroundings aTTecT man. o n innev, rs. s er uc anan, Jh F M ETh B h O G ge Davis, l4errn1T Todd, Mrs. Ella Goss, J. Merrill Corwin M355 Virqynga Lindsfmmx M355 Ame LSPQ H , sf, ., I 4 Q ffgk ,AMX J ,K Fuiivmakm k 1 :R , - X Q .V . K Mime., A Qrrrrkrgxr f,k,XAf,..,xg.1W,,gk,,AFi. X Vff-f , f f ., - 5 ' ik ,,,f'45?g,z,.gs.vx if L f A K -an Aff WM X 'ir ,Q M ,, ,fy , 5, 'L- ff,wwQzQsa21gaf- A , V M, yww' , S A Q , , 1,,NM,, ,A., ,, -.WA 3 iyzgxssigifife, sp 2 V . 1mf2aTZffzQfi?9f'f ,: H1 5, ff: ,mist K , ,.ff15?feT'EW:v:. fn.: pf, is SX P ' Lx A-'f-qg g m ffyzvf' YS gf. fkflirf V 4 -gif ! W 15331 515- ff ' 15 , Egsffffff gg, E5i?fi?Z?7 V3 Li N, ,il fqgg 5 LL f flf 5 -we my 1 3 , pf V K Jef' 'if' 'Y . S ! 1 iss ic ar SHCSV1 Hubbard l .Tw .rut 'avi S Q. . 'l ' M BTTy R h Ci R is g QQ Y V Lg. lvlusic---Art The sTudenTs oT The ArT DeparTrnenT, supervised by Miss Wilma BalyeaT, have produced many ouTsTanding displays dur- ing The pasT year. Remember all Those red and green posTers bolsTering The morale oT Al-lS'ers ThroughouT The baslceTball TournamenT? ThaT's righT, They were made by sTudenTs in The ArT DeparTmenT. The lvlusic DeparmenT has Two main divisions: vocal music under The direcTion oT lvliss BeTTy I-lubbard, and The insTru- ISS IVTIO ci: 95, ISS OI' .J menTal music direcTed by Richard Ren cenberger. The sTudenTs in The various classes oT This deparTmenT have presenT ed many Tine programs This year. 3 51-vie-2 i T is W 'mi Ziefstfli ilsfii-' ii .- L if 'T K A.,wmsw4isw:wgq - sa-Wg '59 - 1 gqqgfgxzfzfgfrfiggagwsivwafgiggI V K -- : T Q f X V. rf ' T Weave. f . T 1, 3,5 T T - - I . Y ' . 'gg T . 1 s T ..a T ' as if Qs- 'RK B 'S I' ii s T4 as is si Biological, pliysical Sciences physics Your assignmenl lor a weelc from loolay will be a record of everyllwing llial you have ealen belwoen now and llwen. Be sure lo indicale llwe amounl ol vilamins and calories oaclw conlairis and bring if lo Clfiemislry l.l-iI-u. rl D Cx Margaref lflullendore, Jesse Sfufsman, Claud Roney Advanced Biology choice is supplied in Physics. Chemisfry. and Household Physics. One of The mosf inferesfing phases of Physics is fhe sfudy of sound. Here sfu- denfs discover such fhings as fhe differ- ence befween a musical nofe and a noise. Anofher popular course in fhis field is Chemisfry in which fhe sfudenfs mix all sorfs of fhings fogefher causing a diver- sify of odors fo floaf from fhe laborafory -especially fhe roffen egg variefy. The world of foday is desperafely in need of scienfisfs, and anyone who chooses fhis field will be serving humanify. class in fhe form of a charf. These words sound familiar fo many Biology sfudenfs who were enrolled in classes during fhe pasf year. lf was one of fhe mosf inferesf- ing experimenfs conducfed all year- especially fo fhe girls who were able fo wafch fheir calories. Biology, Safefy, Advanced Biology l, and Advanced Bio- logy ll were offered by fhe Biological Science Deparfmenf under fhe direcfion of Jesse Sfufsman. ln fhe Physical Science Deparfmenf, which is supervised by B. B. l-lorfon, one's Physiology am. 'of Q- . z1'5 F. 5Qyi -, z -:arms 'sf 1-sem' Kimi if f 51 'iitfw s . KY ., ' J iw, 1 5-is ,ai wg' i , f'5is:: 5- - 4 ' flkiw , ' -'iflfii 1 1 , 1 T fy Mg: . , ak 3 3 5 X i ...QW , an Q 1 M..,...r.w....,,,...,,,,W, , ,. . 52155. M 53: ff axil 'L V304 'Q ie ' Tifik ,Q if r f, . .A., ,f I . .4 W K K f K a y g Q' , it ELS! , f A wgew '24 n wi Q rx EQ 'G' A ,F i E X .3 ki Ng QE, E , .v N, 35 ga B :?..:f5 V 'W ' sk , . ..-mag . . '11 K A5555 B I-IIJTMII T-I rfnid E. VVeaver, Lenzra Dawson, Fed SToIer, Elgin Todd MISS TIWGFGSS BOWEN, W- H- rinsori. GV Those who have never Talcen exTra maTh- emaTics in high school are mysTiTied by The weird signs and sumbols used in deriving answers To various problems. BuT To The maTh sTudenT, Themselves, They consTiTuTe The language oT Their worlc. Teachers insTrucTing maTh courses do more Than Teach maTh. The sTudenTs learn appreciaTion oT The need Tor accuracy, obTain The abiIiTy To read and Tollow in- sTrucTions, and develop The TraiT oT seIT- reliance. To be good maTh sTudenTs They musT learn sTraighT Thinlcing and develop Their reasoning power. In searching Tor reasons To solve a geomeTry proposiTion, They are preparing Their minds Tor TuTure prob- lems in Their aduIT IiTe which will require much reason and ThoughT. They unconsci- ously gain a sense oT accuracy which will conTrol Their work in Their TuTure occup- aTions. The MaThemaTics DeparTmenT oT And- erson I-Iigh School has played iTs parT well in Training America's young people Tor Their TuTure vocaTions. IT has TaughT Them old rules and inTroduced The newesT meTh- ods oT caIcuIaTions. IT has given Them new TraiTs oT characTer and a deeper under- sTnding oT one oT The worId's greaTesT sciences. IT may well be pleased wiTh iTs accomplishmenTs This year. Safety---Vocational Agriculture Newly organized lasT year The SaTeTy DeparTmenT under The direcTion oT I-Ioward Lindsey has made sTrides in creaT- ing a saTeTy-conscious aTTiTude in AI-IS. In addiTion To The regular classroom worlc in This Tield, The deparTmenT has cooperaTed wiTh The STudenT-FacuITy SaTeTy CommiTTee in improvemenT oT Tire drill Techniques, revision oT TraTTic reguIaTions. and planning a school clean-up . Since iTs organizaTion over Ton years ago, The AI-IS Vo- caTionaI AgricuITure deparTmenT has given an unusual opporTuniTy To boys who wished To prepare Tor Tarm managemenT. I-leaded by I-I. B. Wilson This deparTmenT wiTh iTs club, The I:uTure Farmers oT America, has noT only broughT several honors To The school, buT more imporTanT has given a large number oT sTudenTs a sound, scienTiTic knowledge oT agriculTure. Howard Lindsey' I-I. B WI n O Englisli Speech l qw. .af 4 ,gb Asa! rw-1 in :ma Mrs. Helen Huqlwes, Mrs. Evelyn Grahame, Clarence Miss Mary Ulwel Tliursfon, Mrs, ina Cruicliiie Burns, Miss Pauline Day, Mrs, Marguerile Hale. M,ss Dorollwy Campbell, Frank Baker. ' y l M George, you lcnow 'ain'T' is noT The proper word To use in ThaT senTence. Yes, once again English classes have proved To be very imporTanT in The educa- Tion oi sTudenTs. ApproximaTely 2,000 sTu- denTs were enrolled in English classes in Al-TS during The year oi I945-46. There were approximaTely eighTy classes in English wiTh eighfeen regu- lar Teachers in ThaT deparT- menT. C. l-l. McClure was in charge oT The deparTmenT and has TaughT English in The exTension division oT BuTler UniversiTy. Ralph Boyd was in charge oT The divi- sion which included The courses in speech. Mr. Boyd has sTudied wiTh VicTor Joy in The Pasadena Play l-louse and has also Taken parT in a Tew plays. Frank Baker was in charge oT The publi- caTion division. Besides helping To produce The X-Ray, Mr. Baker also oversees The producTion oT The annual, Al'lS's year- boolc. Clarence Burns in addiTion To being an English Teacher in Al-IS was also The aTh- leTic direcTor aT ST. Mary's l-ligh School. Miss Mary EThel -l'hursTon headed The laboraTory English deparTmenT. This de- parTmenT oTTers Advanced LaboraTory English along wiTh The regular Type: also a course in magazine reading and speech adiusTmenT. Some oT The courses oTTered in English were: Bible l, lnTerpreTive Reading, Dra- maTics, Junior and Senior ComposiTion. and English and American LiTeraTureg Bible ll was also added To The curriculum. This aTTords quiTe a varieTy oT subiecTs To choose Trom. Many opporTuniTies are oTTered by The English DeparTmenT in regard To The sTu- denTs' TuTure liTe. -l'esTs. boTh vocaTional and apTiTude, were available To sTudenTs who wished To Talce Them. x..,4 l' Business Education Typing Lyon, M Lucile Railsbaclc, Gilberf Pearf, M S h Pippen, M Kafherine Brown, Donald B As an unsuspecfed person casually sfrolls fhrough fhe basemenf hall of And- erson l-ligh School, he may be greefed by fhe sharp clicking of fypewrifer keys corning from room l7. Typing has become one of fhe rnosf popular as well as one of fhe mosf valuable courses offered sfu- denfs. The course is offered fhrough fhe Business Educafion Deparfmenf which is under fhe able direcfion of Miss Kafherine Brown. Thrilling compefifion has been sfaged each year because each sfudenf does his besf fo affain fhe goal of being one of fhe highesf fen in fhe class. They are re- warded by having fheir names and fop speed placed wiThing The sTars on The TronT blackboard in Their respecTive orders. Typing, however, runs a ciose race wiTh ShorThand which Tollows in second place. This course provides no less compeTiTion because keen and sTeady minds are necessary To learn The condensed sTyle oT wriTing, and To perTecT The syllables, suT- Tixes, and preTixes oT The hundreds oT words. STill anoTher course oTTered by The Busi- ness EducaTion DeparTmenT is Bookkeep- ing, which is rapidly seeking iTs place be- side Typing and ShorThand. l-lere The sTu- denTs compile broad and lengThy columns in addiTiong however There is more To Bookkeeping Than adding numbers, and during This pasT year some unusually Tind work has been done. l.asT year a decided improvemenT was made in The Typing room when TlourescenT ,4 ,fn- ,,. X, lighTing was insTalled. Ev- eryone agrees ThaT iT has been a greaT help in im- proving vision. Miss Brown and her care- Tully chosen assisTanTs have been mosT capable and is wx , . lon 38: l. X TaiThTul during The pasT year in Typing and mimeo- graphing The daily absenTee lisTs. They TirsT collecT The absenT reporTs during home room hour, alphabeTize The names in preparaTion Tor The sTencil, mimeo- graph The copies, and Then disTribuTe Them To all oT The classes. When one realizes The greaT work ThaT The Business EducaTion DeparTmenT is carrying on, he cannoT help buT see The wonderTul way in which iTs sTudenTs are prepared Tor a Tiner and beTTer TuTure. lT is mosT cerTainly worThy oT The highesT praise. Bookkeeping ,, , , , T- v-..v--ns W P l B g ri, Vern Shinn, Ray Sherman AuTo Mechanics ProducT Design -l-I'dClZS dfid ln an indusTrial communiTy such as And- erson, There is a consTanT need Tor well- Trained machine operaTors and compe- TenT draTTsmen. For many years pasT. Anderson l-ligh School has Tended To alleviaTe The demand Tor specialisTs Through The provisions oT The Trades and IndusTry DeparTmenT. BeneTiTed by Their Thorough educaTions, The boys who grad- uaTe Trom one oT The T. and l. courses are enabled To saTisTy Their TuTure aspiraTions and live in The securiTy oT a slcilled work- man. This deparTmenT, headed by Paul Ber- gevin, oTTers planned courses in many lines oT worlc, noTably prinTing, machine shop, sheel' melal worlc, producT design, and draTTing. Each oT These divisions oTTers oxTensive courses To sTudenTs. Along wiTh These, crediTs in inTellecTual and pracTical subiecTs, such as advanced maTh, are re- T l T lndustry DraTTing PaTTern lvlalcing Edmund Villars Jesse HunT g Carl Bonge John Garrigus Mrs. RuTh Eley DwighT Morris 41 Lee Hale, Claude Barner, Howard Sharpe, l Wy g l G d J l son Juius, or on uius quired OT T. and l. DeparTmenT members. One can ramble aT lengTh Through The din OT machinery in The gymnasium and Observe The sTudenTs careTully OperaTing Their machines: Or visiT The various Pre- ApprenTice and Technical classes in The high school and Lincoln buildings, and view Them, working precisely. For iT is The care and diligence which They exercise during Their careers OT insTrucTiOn ThaT will deTer- mine The welTare OT Their chosen TuTure OccupaTiOns. . Paralleling The grOwTh OT AHS since iTs birTh, The Trades and lndusTry DeparTmenT has expanded accordingly: now, no oTher deparTmenT OT The school approaches The size OT The T. and l. division. Through The years, The sysTem has evolved TO The aT- TainmenT OT iTs presenT high pOinT OT eTTiciency, having been enlarged by de- grees. ln The pasT season, iTs grOwTh was in The Torm OT several airplane engines. parT OT The pOsT-war surplus OT These uniTs, ThaT were dOnaTed TO The school by The gOvernmenT. These were graTeTully receiv- ed and insTalled in The gym as parT OT The Pre-ApprenTice sTOcl4. M s. Agnes Brock, Mrs. MargareT Leachman M C l C M D R iss eia arson, rs, oroThy iggs Home Economics The girls oTAnderson l-ligh School, who are inTeresTed in proving ThaT The besT way To aman's hearT is Through his sTo- mach-or so The old adage goes-have enrolled in The Cooking classes oTTered by The l-lome Economics DeparTmenT. Ser- iously, however, They are really inTeresTed in The more pracTical side oi iT. As oTher sTudonTs pass The lciTchon. They caTch de- licious odors driTTing Trom wiThin and wish ThaT They could help wiTh The eaTing oT The TasTy morsels. ln The CloThing classes, which are also oTTered by This deparTmenT, girls are given a marvelous opporTuniTy To learn H-a-.,, The valuable arTs oT sewing and designing. During The pasT year examples oT Their Tine worlc have been displayed in The showcase in The TronT hall. Classes in Home Furnishings, Child Care, and Home Nursing have become quiTe popular, and girls enrolled in Them have become quiTe sl4illTul under The com- peTenT supervision ol eTTicienT insTrucTors. This deparTmenT, which is headed by Mrs. MargareT Leachman, plays a viTal role in helping girls become beTTer home- makers Tor a more secure TuTure. Coolcing CloThing 12 Q, -, , 3,3 . ..,., .J fy,--'A 7. Q 3 a -1 K 1 1 Q Q 883, 2 pgmmggifff 1' - . :f IDGVGCIZ CDF Q- 1 . jngmmyf 1 1 Y z cc' 4 f xv H fu' :P+ , ' f Wi 1 1 15f1,,1j',g.,L1,,,,1,1 A D 4 f '4.f.a.f 4, ,V ' N xl I 1.7 1 H M Y fmvgif-:L if N377 Wifi, . 4 H' 11 1.1 . ,-,iv 1 1 ,1 , 1 ,R V r af It . .--ygf,,7w1,'TTW-rv-7-wviv?w Q l, Y, 1 J 1 . ,x , f:Q v1i. jl3gl.l,V,1,, ,W .Uv ' ' '. 1. -' . 1 '-'L'-'I :Tw 1 . ' X H 1 --'X mf- A ' , ' ' . 1 . 1'--: yf11, 1 ,1 1 -. ' 1 , 19.4, -sw.. , -1 ' f, ,.: ' -,f-'K , 1 - u - - 2' , 1- . 1 1, -1 ., - y -q 1 ' - ' .ww .' 'f 1 1 1.-1,3 ' N . 1, Qvj t ' ' -,Q 1-Lf! Q7 ,fr-'1 .1,xyXg '1'.j-1 1411 1 .,.'Vg . x vj FT 1 QL' -G25 . 1 1 gli , 'T' fm vii' ,A 1,43 ff-151 xlgjfglvz . 13:1-21 1 sr 0 - ix 1 1.x 1 X . 'xf ?d1 , -.j:1'fN '1 - 725 1! , fzJf1s ' r-Q fgh, , 5 - 11,1 1 A ' if f,.'f' 'Lv -. .. 1. S ' 4 136,23 1 1 ff A .1 1, . J , ' V I: N 'ks 'T I , , 1 '- - 2 -sill 's -fl .SI QT -3. X 'Wx . LTA '11, fr ,. , .. ,L 157, .I .J N' V ' 'fx' 1, :iff A 3 , X Ii ' V 'F-1 ' ji, pl' ., . Y-Q' -TF 1 .ve - xy my +13 gy, x f K 1' 1 N131 1 X 'IS' l d A M I , . A I 'W f I 1 ' .' ,T Y 'K ' Y Nil ' ,Q , - X , 1 '12-A ' 7' 1 ,X 1 ' ' . lA1,.'.rt 1, f,1., 4 X fe LQNH-N4-1,p11f, 1-J' , H 1 ' 1 ---4mau.Aa.f.1,'Lh', , If .MQ ,. vu' w Li- -- .1 ' 1,1,j,,4 4,l,Kd'241.59141T' 1 11' .af 1, . X, X ' M'--414.6 . . fu ' 1 , '-V211 fl' 1 . 1 A 1 ,H X I , V, I I . X , X X. , n x . 1 X I , g h ' X X X Y '1 I I ' 1 X L 4 X pf X v 1 X 1 ., , -f , , x5 X .,X A 'XX 1x 4 Jw!-X-' X .: Q . ' . N ff'ilf5Zl'3, ' ' -, 1-f wx'-f ' . A 'A '- Z' . H .5 v , .' A -5 .- JY- X - '! J.: -'Q t , xv, .7 , .K , . rn v. , if Xg 'ff' 1 ,VF , , X Q I . ', ,X X ' X P , 4 . X . I x X X r 1 X ,X , .. X ,Q -.X V W ., , .X , -W 4- , . , X Q., ' . ,XX gl,-4, X , ,.l.,a,, X . Wx? . . X X of Kri ,rf kX,.3,,? X ,I . A , x 1 ,HX 'X - Y Y-'X 13 1 X 3. XL 5 , 3,11 3 fi XX ' 35- -, x Xw ,us ,Qi- fly, A Lia xx A, ,V ,Q' 3 'ii . ,l .- Ki A, ,xi gi iii? ' X . .x f-,ZW X35 .Xl: -w X . 7-11 rv 5 -XA , J-A ,E . .VR X r , .RA ,,, 1 ,,,V,,5 g, ,Q- ' .X ,1 X . '.X Q,-avr ' 1 A .rifwi , ,Jw 2 X ,ff2'.t'!f- Iv 4 3:55 5- I, 5'-,gi ' ,Q fg GA- W , yfmzn r A ' X-'.'., ,Q ' A -Q5 l, , X I -,hi . , ,, ,XV V y,X:zX- - . ,. .ff xI'f::9 .10 X '. 1' 1' go A Club ln order Tor Anderson High School's Teams To achieve The greaT honors ThaT They do, AHS musT have a coaching sTaTT which has The abiliTy To selecT a Team Trom The many who answer The call Tor The squad. The school is TorTunaTe in having a group oT men who can choose wisely, and develoo These individuals inTo a well- balanced Team. The sTaTT is headed by Charles L. Cummings. aThleTic direcTor. Pow I-Bob RiTTer, Wayne Maul, Bob Spearman lSec.-Treas.l, Junior Mills lSgT. aT Armsl, Harry Farmer lPres.l. Diclc Adams TV, Pres.l, Mickey Condon. Dick RoberTs. Row 24Bill Ogden, Bill Heiman, Bob ShaTer, Bill Loose, Don VandergriTT, Bob Edwards, Jerry Brandon, Bob Belangee. Bob Gibson. Row 34KermiT Todd lSponsnrl, Charles SToTTlemyer, Marion Raper, Paul Bevel- himer, Diclc STage, Don ArmsTrong, Tonn Moreland, Carl Bonge lSponsorl. Row 4-Joe KeTner, PaT King, Paul Alalza, John Cochran, lsaac WeaTherly, Erwin Wrighf, Ray Malone, Edgar Archey, CliTTcrd CarTer. Pow 57Jaclc Earley, CliTTord SwiTT lSponsorl, RoberT Moore, Jim Vander- bur, Charles Cummings lSponsorl, Ray Eleenor lSponsorl, RoberT McDowell lSponsorl, WilTord Holloway, John Vlfilson. Coaching STaTT KermiT Todd Vern Shinn ClilTord SwiTT Charles Cummings Ray Fleenor Carl Bonge RoberT McDowell The boys who proudly wear Their A's around The halls oT AHS are members oT The A Club, which is made up OT all The varsiTy leTTer winners. Members sold boTh TooTball and baslceTball pins This pasT year 'ro raise money Tor Their annual banqueT which was held aT The close oT The season. The men on The coaching sTaTT are The sponsors oT The leTTermen's club. lndian Norman PeTers Scalp 'em red, scalp 'em green. scalp 'em good, Indian Team, rang ouT ThroughouT Indiana some Three monThs ago. The Taslc oT leading such yells as This was placed on The shoulders oT Tour cap- able people-Two boys and Two girls. Be- sides direcTing The cheering aT The baslceT- ball games. They led yells aT The TooTball gams lasT Tall. A l-l S aThleTic squads are The besT equipped in The sTaTe. CrediT goes largely Row I-Carl Defenderler, l-lerberi 'Teinlce Jim WerTz, Bob Cox, Diclc Flory, Russel Roland, Jaclc Edwards. Row 2-Ronald Plummer, Franl' Nircum, Donald McMa- han, Raymond Rape-r, Bill l-loier, KenneTh Qualls, Bob Hicks, Jaclc Snowclen, Donald MaThews. Row 3+Fred Weaver lSponsorl, Fred VanDalsen, Rob- erT Henderson, Herschel Srwifh, l2'm'norT Parker, Bob N'-febb, George Zehrung, George Davis lSponsorl. Ushers To The sTudenT managers who have charge oT issuing The oquipn'ienT To The Teams. This year The choros have been handled well by 'iour boys. Dressed in Their Tamiler red coaTs, The ushers play a mosT viTal pari' in The Al-TS aThleTic program. The members oT This club porTorm The Task oT seaTing en- Thusiasiiic 'Fans aT all The aThleTic conTesTs. The ushers broaded Their program This year by handling The large crowds aT The local pro games. Fred Weaver and George Davis are Thes ponsors oT The club. Cheerleaders Managers UppereKeiTh Cochran, Nancy Snyder, Nancy Barfl, Bob Graham' Lower-Bob Heineman, Junior Mills, Dick Bussell, Diclc Denny s ,. ,.n,.4..m,. . Row I+Earl Pawless, Glen Ehle, Joe Fox, Jack Samuels, Jack Bonge, Jerry Oakes, Jim CurrenT, Gene Wilson, Bill Ryan, Bob Taylor. Row 2--Bob Miller, Dick l-lelTrich, Darrel York, Jim Bonge, Jack Kimble, B'll CaTT, Bob lsenhour, Junior Par- due, Ross Michel, Russel Smiih, Charles EllsworTh. Row 3+AssisTanT Coach Ray Fleenor. Dick Adams, John Fall -l-rack---Cross Country Winning all OT Their seven meeTs by large margin, Coach Carl Bonge's cross counTry Team compleTed Their second consecuTive year wi'ihcuT a single deTeaT marked againsT Them. Al-lS's disTance runners opened Their season wiTh Three perTecT scores, I5-40, vicTories over ST. Mary's, Kokomo and ShorTridge. They scored an addiTional win over Kokomo laTer in The year. Burris oT Muncie andmlech boTh placed one man as Anderson marlzed up number Squad STayTon, Dick STage, Dick RoberTs, Wayne Maul, David Riggs, Frank Smith, Bill l-leiman, Paul AlaTza, Bob Belan- gee, Marion Raper, Coach Carl Bonge. Row 4-STudenT Manager Bob Heineman, ForresT Brick- er, Clyde Green, l-lerb TempleTon, Bob Spearman, Bill Schell, Charles Cummings, ChesTer Weed, Wendell Nanny, ErnesT Turner, Bob Cox. 4 and 5 vicTories. ln Th-eir Tinal appear- ance The local disTnce runners over-ran l-lowe and Warre CenTral in a Trianguar meeT Wayne Maul, elecTed honorary capTain by his Team maTes aT The close oT The season, esTablished a record oT 7:I6 Tor The local mile-and-a-halT course aT The AThleTic Park. Maul's Time cuT 5.8 seconds oTT The previous mark. Also he lowered The record boTh a Kokomo and l-lowe. Seniors receiving leTTers were Dick Adams, Paul AlaTza, Wayne Maul, Marion liafrcr, and Diclz l'ioberTs. VarsiTy Dick STage Dick Adams V'avne Maul B'll l-leiman lxaul AlaTZa Football Playing againsT Lady Luck mosT oT The season, Coach Charles Cummings' TooTball eleven concluded Their eighT game schedule wiTh Three wins, Tour losses, and one Tie. OT The Tour deTeaTs, Two were by a single Touchdown while The remain- ing Two were by one and Two poinTs. ln The opening game on Their own grid- iron, The lndians had li++le Trouble wiTh Their counTy rival, Elwood, who Tell To The counT oT 36-O. A knee inury, obTained while delivering mail beTore pracTice sTarTed, Torced lellerman, WilTorrll ll'io l l-lolloway, on The sidelines before The TirsT game. Sheridan, who was added To The Tribe's schedule when The Shelbyville Golden Bears cancelled Their conTesT, was The second vicTim To be overwhelmed bv The Braves 46-6. llce WeaTherly, Al-lS's TleeT- TooTed halfbaclc, injured his ankle and was Torced ouT oT acTion The remainder oT The season. The long iinx ThaT CenTral oT Muncie has held over The Tribe sTill prevailed as The lndians suTTered Their TirsT lNlorTh Cen- Tral ConTerence deTeaT oT The year I4-6. ln This baTTle Anderson losT The services Now GeT ln There and Gel oT her cenTer, Charlie SToTTIemyer, who cracked his collar bone. Playing on The mud-covered Marion gridiron, Anderson IosT iTs second NCC TilT I3-6. A week laTer The Braves wenT back inTo The winning column when They Travelled To The capiTaI ciTy Tor an aTTer- noon conTesT wifh ShorTridge. John Coch- ran, The Tribe's swiTT halTback, reTurned a Blue DeviI's punT 67 yards IaTe in The Tinal period To Tally The wining Touchdown. A Tech saTeTy proved The deciding TacTor oT The nexT game, as The Indians Took The Third Big IO deTeaT on The chin I6-I4. Tallying The iniTial six-poinTer, The local gridmen Tailed To converT The exTra poinT aT New CasTle when The Troians edged ouT The Redskins 7-6. A powerTuI Richmond eleven came To Row I-4James Osborne, Dick ArmTieId, Jack Shanklin, Bill Miller, Bob Vermillion, Dick Parker, Eddie FreesTone. Row 2fBradley Neal, Billy Williams, Bob Whife, Dick Walker, Gerald Dodd, Jacl: Odell. Row 3+Tom Lineberry, Bob Ward, Jce ATwelI, Donald MaThews, Larry Anderson. Jim Morris. Row 4-7George Newsom, Richard Ber- gdahl, John Lewis, VVade Smirh, Bob HaThcoaT, Keifh Clevenger, Paul Sanger. Row 5--Bob Busby, Dick LennarT:, Bob Lesier, Jack Rhodes, Bob WirTs, Jack True. Row 6-CIiTTord SwiTT ICoachI. Row I--Isaac VJeaTherly, John Cochran, Don ArmsTrong, Tom Moreland, Jim Vanderbur, Bob RiTTer, Mickey Con- don, Ervin WrighT lhlonorary CapTainl, Harry Farmer, John Wilson. Row 2-Bob Edwards, Pal' King, Joe KeTner, Harry Wills, Don VandergriTT, Charles SToTTlemyer, Paul Bevel- himer, Bob ShaTer, Jack Farley, Edgar Archey. Row 37John Taylor, Charles Pershing, Gerald Isanogle, Bob CarTer, Charles Tyroe, Blake Gwinn, Bob Williams, David Brown, Persnell HigginboTham. Row 4-James EnT, Tom HamilTon, Horace WainscoTT, Russell Roland, AIberT Beery, Vaughn Voss, Bob CarTer, Dick Peck, Jim HamilTon, Bob Snowden, Leroy SlaTer. Row 5-Fred Davis, Gene Bell, Carl Beeson,BilI Clem, Marion Collins, Eddie Bocne, Frank STiTh, Junior Graham. Row 6-Allen Early, RoberT HunTer, CliTTord SwiTT IAssT. Coachl, Charles Cummings lCoachI, Vern Shinn IAssT. Coachl, Bob Carraway, Ray PasswaTer. Row 7-STudenT Managers Junior Mills, Dick Denny, Dick Bussell, Bob Heine-man. Anderson where The Indians had revenge raging in Their eyes. ATTer Tour hard ToughT periods, The baTTle ended in a draw, I3-I3. Erwin WrighT was elecTed honorary capTain aT The end oT The season. Seniors awarded leTTers were Don ArmsTrong, John Cochran, Mickey Condon, Jack Farley, Harry Farmer, WiITord Holloway. Joe KeTner, Tom Moreland, Bob RiTTer, Jim Vanderbur, Ike Wearherly, John Wil- son, and Erwin WrighT. AHS 36: Elwood O AHS 46: Sheridan 6 6: Muncie I4 6: Marion I3 AHS AHS AHS I4g ShorTridge 7 AHS I4: Tech I6 6: New CasTIe 7 AHS AHS I3: Richmond I3 ITieI Won 3, LosT 4, Tied I 5 3 s 5 i 5 ff Y Q Q 3 K K, 2 E 5, i Row le-John Cochran, Jim Vanderbur, Harry Farmer, Row 2--Diclc Denny IMgr.I, Clyde Green Diclc Roberts Bob Spearman, Bob Ritter, John Wilson. Coach Charies Cummzngs, Don Armstrong, Isaac Wea- I thlyAttChClBg I SF ', SSIS OU OGC GF OU 9. BASKETBALL: Indians Blitz Through Tournevs to tal4e Third State t-lardvvood Crovvn, Records Fall I can give you the trophy: l can give you the nets: l can give you the ball: but best ot all, l give you these boys who all through the year have been champions, was the way Coach Charlie Cummings With A Champions Smile Warrior Vanderbur Clips Nets ln Final Game humbly expressed himselt at the celebra- tion held in honor ot Al-lS's State Baslcet- ball Champions. The celebration took place in the wigwam, which was packed with 8,000 enthusiastic tans, atter the victorious team returned trom the Cap- ital City where they won Al-lS's third State Crown. The Indians' third State Championship came as the climax ot the most brilliant array ot tourney play ever seen in the l-loosier history ot baslcetball. The Tribe rolled over Ft. Wayne Central with a re- cord-brealcing score, 67-53, in the tinal tilt. This record was only one ot the many records brolcen by Anderson along their rough tournament road. John Wilson, AHS' Top-noTch pivoT man Tor The pasT Three seasons, hiT The neTs Tor ThirTy counTers in The champion- ship bouT To brealc all previous individual scoring records. Tallying eighTy-seven poinTs in The Semi-Tinals and Finals, Wil- son craclred WashingTon's LeRoy lvlang- in's rnarlc oT 69 poinTs seT in The '4l Tourn- an'ienT. Jim Vanderbur, who was elecTed co- capTain along wiTh Wilson aT The close oT The season, sparked The Braves' deTense by holding FT. Wayne's Bobby lVlilTon To Ten Tallies. Anderson became The TirsT school To be represenTed in The Tinal garne in The STaTe Finals six Times when she edged ouT Tho highly Tavored Evansville CenTral, 39-36, in The iniTial baTTle oT The aTTer- noon session. 4 v Row I-John Cochran, Jim Vanclerbur, Harry Farmer, Row 2 C g Bob Spearman, Bob RiTTer, John Wilson. f T g l W Th ly D D y lMg l A T C h C l B g XFVUS Va rsiTy . n' N M B k Tball T p O ln Ag T M rion GianTs FighT, l.eT's Win! ln The Semi-Tinals The lndians seT back a liTTle Lawrenceburg Team and Craw- Tordsville, 43-32, and 67-39, respecTively. The win over CrawTordsville gave AHS Their TourTh Semi-Tinal TiTle. CapTuring Their TourTeenTh Regional Crown, Coach Cummings' lads blasTed The undeTeaTed Eden Flyers and The Big Green oT Tech. Elwood, ST. Mary's, and Lapel Tell be- Tore The TasT-breaking lndians in The Sec- Tional as They hung up Their TwenTy-second SecTional Crown. ATTer Three weeks oT hard pracTice, The Redskins opened Their season Novem- ber I3 wiTh a rousing vicTory over Green- Tield, 39-24. Lapel, who had several weeks oT experience on The lndians, handed The Tribe Their iniTial seT back in an overTime baTTle, 36-34. Marion enTered The Wig- wam Tor The Braves' TirsT NorTh CenTral ConTerence game and was ouTscored by Anderson, 37-28. JeTT oT LaTayeTTe was The second NCC vicTim, Talling beTore The Warriors, 42-30. Muncie was nosed ouT 30-29, Wilson's lasT minuTe buckeTg he Took a pass Trom Bob RiTTer, who inTercepTed a BearcaT's ouT oT bound pass. The Braves blasTed Marion in a reTurning baTTle, 5I-36, while on The Tollowing nighT They capTured a slow game Trom Burris, 32-I9. Al-TS was handed Their second overTime d'eTeaT oT The year by New CasTle, 34-32. On New Year's Day The lndians scored a 32-29 vicTory over The Troians To re- venge Their recenT loss. The Tribe con- quered Kokomo, 38-36, To win Al-lS's se- cond Big Four Tourney in Tour years. Lo- Q1mlLx1,::l r.1l..... - gansporT was The Redskin's TiTTh Big Ten vicTim. Traveling To FT. Wayne Tor Their TourTh conTesT in as many days, The Red and Green was overwhelmed by The red-hoT CenTraI's Tigers, 49-22. Richmond upseT The Indians, 30-27, buT They reTurned To Their winning way by deTeaTing Technical oT Indianapolis, 35-27, a week IaTer. Anderson rolled over ShorTridge, 45-20 and Tripped Ivluncie, 3I-2 I, in a reTurn bouT. ATTer a very cold TirsT haIT, The Braves' IasT haIT rally Tell shorf and They suTTered Their TiTTh deTeaT aT The hands oT Shelbyville, 36-3l. The Indians annexed Their eighTh Con- Terence win wiTh a 32-3l Triumph over I:rankTorT. Going inTo The second halT wiTh a 27-I4 lead, The Tribe Tailed To sTave OTT a Kokomo rally and IeT The NCC Crown slip Through iTs Tingers by losing, 3I-29. The Redskins IosT To New CasTle Tor The second Time, 35-2l, To end The season wi+h eleven wins and seven losses. Senior members oT The I946 STaTe Champs who received varsiTy IeTTers were Farmer, Dick RoberTs, Bob RiTTer, Isaac WeaTherIy, John Wilson, and Jim Vand- erbur. Don ArmsTrong, John Cochran, Harry CapTains Wilson, Vanderbur THE CHAMPIONSHIP TRAIL Scheduled games AHS 39 GreenTied 24 AHS 34 Lapel 36 loverTimeI AHS 37 Marion 28 AHS 42 JeTT oT LaTayeTTe 30 AHS 30 CenTraI Ilvlunciel 29 AHS 5I Marion 36 AHS 32 Burris llvlunciel I9 AHS 32 New CasTIe 34 IoverTimel AHS 4l LogansporT 32 AHS 22 CenTraI IFT. Waynel 49 AHS 27: Richmond 30 AHS 35 Tech llndianapolisl 27 AHS 45: ShorTridge llndianapolisl 20 AHS 3l CenTraI llvlunciel 2l AHS 3l Shelbyville 36 AHS FrankTorT 3I AHS Kokomo 3I AHS New CasTIe 35 AHS AHS Big Four Tourney New CasTIe 29 Kokomo 36 loverTimeI Tourney Play AHS Elwood 2I AHS ST. IvIary's 38 AHS Lapel 33 AHS Eden 333 AHS Tech llnolianapolisl 39 AHS Lawrenceburg 32 AHS CrawTordsviIIe 39 AHS CenTraI IEvansviIIel 36 AHS CenTraI IFT. Waynel 53 Varsify ARMSTRONG COCHRAN FARMER RITTER ROBERTS SPEARMAN VANDERBUR WEATHERLY WILSON B Team Row I-Clyde Green, Vaughn Voss. Charles Slofflemyer, Tom Hamillon, Row 2-Ray Ward, John Taylor, Ray Paul Bevelhimer, Dick Slage. Passwarer, Edgar Archey, Bob Vllilliams, Bill Schell, Allen Early. Row 3-Assislanr Coach Carl Bonge, Gene Bell, Bob Belangee, Pai King, Dick Peck. Coach Charles Cummings. I ZH., Qi B : r lr 00 Erosh O Row I-Bob Taylor, Dick Helfrich, ohn Slaylon, Gerald Dodd, Dick Parker, Gene Barnes, Bob Vlfhire, Dick Walker. Row 2-Assisrfnf Cwach Carl Bonge, Jim Morris, Russell Smifh, Jack Kimble, Danny Schuyler, Bob Porler, Bob Gar- rigus, Ed Freesfone, Coach Charles Cummings. Boxing Row I James Osborne Bill Carr Dick Armfield Charles Pershing Kennelh Bays Noble While Row 2 Frank Slifh Billy Weeks Russell Roby Harry Boze Ervin Wrighl Coach Charles Cummings Sfarf Of I OO-Ya rd Dash Muncie Cenfral-Anderson Meef -l-l'dCl4 ' On fhe rainy, cold affernoon of May IO, Coach Carl Bonge's frack squad capfured Anderson l-ligh School's sevenfh consecufive Norfh Cenfral Conference Track Championship, fying fhe record lold by Kokomo. The following week af Kokomo, Bonge's 'Zhinlyclads won iheir eighf sfraighf Sec- fional, scoring 78 I-3 poinfs and qualify- ing fen men and fhe fwo relay feams for fhe Sfafe Meef. The Ovalmen, who defended Al-lS's '45 Sfafe Crown, were as follows: IOO yd. dash, John Wilson: 220-yd. dash, Clifford Carfer: 440-yd. dash, Dick Adams, Ray Malone: l-lalf-mile run, Adams, Wayne Maul: mile run, Maul, John Sfayfon: high hurdles: Joe Kefner: 200-yd. low hurdles, Kefner, John Cochran: high jump, Wilson, Ervin Wrighf: Shof Puf, l-larry Farmer: half-mile relay lWilson, Ray Ward, Car- fer, Adamsl: mile relay lMalone. Kefner, Russell Smifh. Bolo Spearmanl and fwo al- fernafes, Charles Tyree and Bill Williams. The Red and Green cindermen con- cuered fheir five foes whom fhey mef in dual compefifion, fo preserve Al-lS's un- blemished 8 year record in dual and fri- angular meefs. Anderson opened her frack season wifh a rousing vicfory over a fradifional rival, Muncie Cenfral, 72-43. The Bongemen blasfed fhe Troians of New Casfle, IOO-9, and nosed ouf Tech of Indianapolis, 60 I-3 fo 56- 2-3, for fheir second and fhird win. The Indian Track Squad loroughf fhe Muncie Relays Tifle fo fhe halls of Al-IS Tor The second sTraighT year, April 27. The Tribe's haIT-mile relay Team lMaIone, CarTer, Adams, Wilsonl seT a new relay record oT I:32.7. This Time beTTered The schooI's mark by one second. On The Tollowing SaTurday The Thinly- clads ouTscored a sTrong Tield To win AHS's second consecuTive Kokomo Relay crown. The squad iourneyed To Kokomo again The Tollowing week where The Ind- ians chalked up Their TourTh dual meeT vicTory. Bonge's Gvalmen annexed Their num- ber Tive dual win aT Marion where John Wilson, AHS's versaTiIe aThleTe, conTri- buTed TwenTy Tallies, scoring TirsTs in Tour evenTs: l00 yd. dash, 220 yd. dash, high iump, and shoT puT. He also led oTT The winning haIT-mile relay Team. AnoTher very successTuI season has gone down in AHS's Track hisTory under The guiding hand oT Coach Carl Bonge, Row IfCIiTTord CnrTer, Ervin WrighT, John Cochran, Dick Adams, Wayne Maul, John Wilson, Paul AIaTza, Joe KeTner, Harry Farmer, Bob Spearman. Row 2-Ross Michel, Bill Heiman, Charles Tyree, Ray Ward, Paul Beyelhimer, Bob Isenhour, Dick STage, Marion Raper, Clyde Green, Vaughn Voss, Tom HamiITon. Row 37Jack Farley, Harold Chase, Frank STiTh, John STayTon, Russel SmiTh, Bob CarTer, Jim Bonge, Frank SmiTh, Carl AuIT, Jack Bonge. Row 4--Glen Ehle, Charles EIIsworTh, Don Berry, Bill WoodruTT, Gene Wilson, ChesTer Weed, Horace Wain- scoTT, PaT King, Lavern Nicholson, George WaITigney, Edgar Adkins. A1 L4 who has produced mighTy Track sguads Tor Anderson Tor many years. His assis- TanTs, Ray Fleenor and RoberT McDowell, aided greaTIy This pasT season. Season's Record AHS 72 Muncie CenTral 43 AHS I00 NewcasTIe 9 AHS 60 If3 Technical oT Indianapolis 56 2f3 Muncie Relays: AHS 4I If3, Muncie CenTral 22 If3, Richmond 2I If3 Kokomo Relays: AHS 3I If4, NorTh Side ol FT. Wayne 24, SouTh Side oT FT. Wayne 22 3f4 AHS 90 Kokomo I9 NCC MeeT: AHS 54, Muncie CenTral 38, Technical oT Indianapolis 34 AHS 75 Marion 34 SecTional: AHS 78 lf3, Kokomo I9 2f3, Peru I4 STaTe: Row 5-Sunny Pierson, D. M. Innper, Edward FreesTone, Glen Rout DeLoon Wilson, Charles Osfler, Billy Wil- Iiams, Jack Moore. Row 6-7RoberT Young, Jack Kimble, John Wright Gerald Dodd, Bob WhiTe, Larry Anderson, Bob Vermil- lion, Bob Miller, Dick Hellrich, Jim CurrenT. Row 7+John HoIlingsworTh, Jerry I.agIe, Ray Reese, Denny Myer, Bob PorTer, Jack Odell, PaT Ryan, Bob Richards, Tom Childes, John Hudson. Row 8-Jack Snowden, AssisTanT Coach RoberT Mc- Dowell, AssisTanT Coach Ray Fleenar, Jim Falge, Wendell Nanney, Jack Gregg, WaITer EnT, Noble WhiTe, Coach Carl Bonge, Dan HOIT. Vary' ADAMS ALATL :ARTE5 QQQH FARME sREEN ISENHO KETNER MALOP MAUL MICHE SMITH SPEARM STAYTC TYREE WARD WILSOF WRIGH 60 Baseball lOn May 20, al' lhe 'lime ol wriling, Coach Charlie Cummings' baseball leam which defended Al-lS's ICM-5 Norlh Cen- lral Conference diamond crown, was un- deiealed in eighl encounlers. The opening ollhe season was delayed by rainy wealher which plagued lhe local squad lhroughoul early May. For almosl lwo weeks lhe Indian nine was idle as a resull ol inclemenl wealher. Five N. C. C. viclories, coupled wiih lhree wins over non-conference foes, make up lhe Tribe record lhus Tar. The pilching chores were handled by Bill Loose, Jerry Branolon, and Paul Oakes. Don Vandergrill backed up lhe hurling slall as calcher Among lhe regulars lke Wealherly and Jim Vanderbur wielded heavy slicks and were leading hillers during lhe lirsl parl of lhe season. Row I-Joe Elliol l', Floyd Kline, Lloyd Graham, Bob Mangus, Ernesl Turner, Fred Davis, Bob Dickey, Jim Wil- son, Don Slewarl, Bob Smilh, Edgar Ogden. Row 2-Don Vandergrill, Jerry Brandon, Dick Denny, lsaac Wealherly, Jim Vanderbur, Bob Humphrey, Bill Row I-Bob Ward, Ed Loose, Carl Chambers, Dfck D ugl ' Baker, Bill Miller, Row 2-Jim Slrader, Jerry Oakes, Halford Seyberl J m Morr Bud Campbell, Jim Dixon, Max Jarvis, Dick Walker. Row 3--Pal O'Roark, Sam Price, Richard King, Jack Rhodes Don lufier, Melvin Shaul, Darrell Brandenberg, Dan Schuyler ac llii'l'ps Scores of conlesls played lhus Tar follow: AHS 2l, Greenfield 2 AHS 7, Jeff of Lalayelle 4 AHS 8, Harlford Cily 3 AHS 3, Cenlral ol Muncie 2 AHS 9, Cenlral of Muncie 6 AHS l2, Middlelown O AHS 3, Richmond 2 AHS 7, Logansporl O Loose, Bill Ogden, Junior Mills, Ray Passwaler, Roy McConnell. Row 3-Charles Cummings lCoachl, Bob Belangee, Bob Carraway, Bill Schell, Paul Oakes, Charles Slolllemeyer, Chales Muller, Charles Gray, Joe Fox, Marcus Kingen, John Taylor. , . ..., Varsi+y BRANDON ULN NY HUMPHREY LOOSE MCCON N ELL LI I LLS MULLER OAKES O6-DEN PASSWATER RITVER STOTTLEMYER VXXNDERBUR YANDERGRIFT Xf'Q!XTI'iERLY Row l7Dick Davidson Frank Phelps Russel Lazenby B'll Chambers RoberT Williams R dcl lC hl Row 2iDick RoberTs Ray Toles RoberT Gibson KermiT . To Odell Gore RoberT Moore Jim HamilTon RoberT Williams Dick Parker Bob Thompson Dick Peck B ll T ker i uc dy To ear Playing on a soggy course in heavy rain, Al-lS's golT Team Tinished TourTh in The annual NorTh CenTral ConTerence meeT held This year on lvlay IO aT Kokomo. l.asT year The local linkmen ranked TIT-Th in The N. C. C. race. i TwenTy-eighT golTers answered The TirsT call made by KermiT Todd, Anderson's golT coach, early in April. ATTer Three weeks oT pracTice on The local courses, Grandview and Edgewood, Coach Todd cuT The sguad To sixTeen. In Their iniTial maTch on Grandview links, The local Tivesome blasTed The lvlar- ion GianTs by a perTecT score, T5-O. Rich- mond, N. C. C. TiTle holder Tor The pasT Two seasons, iourneyed To Anderson To nose ouT The Red and Green sTickmen, 8-7. Tech oT indianapolis handed The Tribe iTs second seT-back a week laTer, ll-4. AT-TS reTurned To The vicTory column aT Kokomo wiTh a win over lvlarion and Ko- komo in a Triangular rneeT. Girls' Athletic Association Phyllis Long, captain ot the championship basketball team and a member ot the cham- pionship rotation soc- cer team, was chosen by her tellow members to receive the Girls' Senior l-lonor Award. She was selected tor her cooperation, relia- bility. honesty, and manner. Phyllis has been a member ot G. A. A. since her treshmen year: she has received her school monogram, her letter and this year the state award ot the Indiana Lea- gue ot Girls' Athletic Associations. Phyllis likes all sports, particularly bas- ketball. Her tavorite pastime is tishing and doing interpretative readings. Phyllis hopes to become a nurse. Mrs. Delila Porter Lou Wyatt Emilie Baker Norma Harney Beverly Ogden Alma Southers Barbara H. Brown Margaret Fisher Betty Joyce Stinson l An award signitying outstanding sportman- ship is given to the G. A. A. member who has shown the most sports- manlike conduct during her membership in the organization. Barbara l-l. Brown was selected by her tellow G. A. A. members to receive t the Sportmanship Award because ot her tine attitude in both work and play. During the past tour years she has ser- ved as Sportshead, Treasurer, and is re- tiring President. Barbara has received her school monogram, her letter, and this year the state award. Barbara is especially interested in vol- leyball, swimming, and track and hopes some day to become a physical educator. Among The mosT acTive organizaTions in AHS is The Girls' AThleTic AssociaTion. This club oTTers all girls an opporTuniTy To parTicipaTe in exTra-curricular school acT- iviTies. Once inside The old gym doors, The girls really leT Their hair down and knock Themselves ouT, so To speak, in The loyal Tashion ol a G. A. A. member. The girls Take parT in all kinds oT games including volley ball, baskeTball, Tumbling, baseball, roTaTion soccer and Track. They parTicipaTed in Two ouTside Tourn- Pnvf I-V-'iflina Trick, Margarel Fisher, Beverly Ogden lTreas.l, Barbara H. Brown lPres.l, Emilie Baker lV. Pres.l, V4fyanT lSec.l, Alma SouThers, Virginia STewarT, Dolores Rickard. Pow fZfDelores Ryan Joyce DalTon, JuaniTa Bevelhimer, FaTT,f Farlow, Peggy Davis, Phyllis Long, Nancy Snyder. Barbara Joanne Brown, leora Ashby, Lois June Fuller, Ms. Delila PorTer liponsorl. Pow 37Barbara Gray, Norma Harney, Barbara Lovell Barbara Cochran, Kalhryn Browning, Emma Lou CliTTon, June Ann MelcalT, JaneTle Plesch, Mary Ann Eichler eys, playing Muncie in volley ball There, and in baskeTball here. ReTreshmenTs were served aTTer boTh conTesTs. The girls also parTicipaTed in various inTer-class acTiviTies. Awards based upon The number oT poinTs are presenTed aT The close al each year. PoinTs are given Tor achievemenT. A monogram is given Tor aTTaining l5O poinTs: a large leTTer A Tor 250 poinTs: and a Trophy or plague Tor 350 poinTs. Mrs. Delila PorTer is sponsor ol The club. Barbara Jean Hacker, Norma Jean Hains, Lela Mussel- man. Row 4- Marvella Cue, Mariorie Wenlz, Belly Joyce Slinson, Marlha Newsom, Barbara Harris, Avas Brown, Pal Alexander, Deloris Barnes, Joyce Slone, Joan Haley, Virginia McNeal. Row 5-- Nancy Coble, Pally Hancock, Wilmella Hall, Frances Mclflderry, ChrisTine Riddle, Joan Marie Scheel. Alyce McNeal, Belly Poor, PaTly Poor, Hewa Schieve, Joan Genda, Alice McKeown. Paffrede of gli' , ,,, f -- iv-- NJ47 JOIN A CLUB TO DAY ff ,,N! X X rf 'M S -A ,.1 , x x'x' X X ,-A w, v' R- f y , , . my S lg , , Z ,A 1-., '1 -- 1 I , x P ..z ..x .- sr, I 2 3 , A 4 A Y 4 . , ,M , ,IA AA , ,N I if R '. , .N my S Pty Lf, 3 X. --Rf .2 ,fi fx 'X .f S ' J ,., x.,,, Vwxhs, V .J , V 4. 1 f 'sx'F u',4 N I - J 1 ,rf '-. 1 , , ',,!f . AA-i 21? , ft V, f, -L n ,. U , 1- :Qi f Y x N . P 1 , '-5 ,M ,Qu '53 .ixij . 'E- z gf Vx, Q1 rl 1, . -.., .1,, ffk .2-Q J ..,, 1. , - f vi' ff' wl 1 1.- . ,jw . r x fl- 1.. 1554 ,g 57 , -17312 . MF 4. 19.1, ig 1 ' ,,g,v..1. f 'x5'?f?7Q s 151, ,WS I 1 I ' 1 V xfmyi' ' . 1. fl -'.-ye M V 1. ., 1 ,QM . P 4. Law 5 I-41 .Rein .S A Jr. 1 X .V w-1 K, af ' AHF, fu.- ,'. 4,1 ix, V 154 5 1! I 15 R A 'fgL2',.j 'l , C:,, s,.. L 1-11 .335 -.-x .1 . , X, .' 1 43 fi ' , T VY ,a-,, ' 'mga -m fi-:hifi - ,Q '. W H lf. ., ,k f I, ,rf 7., , . 11.4 I' , l .Env .17 111' 1. X' 11: '-eff' fl ,Nq- Honor Society Lasf fall fhirfy-four sfudenfs became new members of fhe Honor Sociefy af fhe formal inifiafion ceremony. Parenfs of fhe members were invifed fo affend fhe pro- gram, and Sfanley Porfer, principal of, AHS, was fhe main speaker for fhe even- ing. Speeches were made by fhe officers concerning fhe four qualifies of leader- ship, characfer, scholarship, and service. Af one meefing, Capfain Hwong, a Chinese army officer who was sfudying fhe AHS indusfrial sysfem, spoke inform- ally fo members of fhe Honor Sociefy. Row l7Paf Greenland, Doris Clifford, Mary Lee Lew- ellen, Beverly Nelson, Mary Prokos lSec.l, Bill Clem lPres.l, Joe VanCamp lTreas.l, Ross Michel lV. Pres.l, Bob Hannaford, Margaref Fisher, Miss Margaref Mullen- dore lSponsori. Row 2-Nancy Groble, Helen Wilson, Sunny Pierson, Tom Lane, Eleanor Todd, Luann Masley, Adrienne Sfe- warf, D'Alice Coburn, Joan Genda, Marfha Ann Gaunf, Paffy Ryan. Row 3+Mariorie Harvey, Lucille Diefzen, Ramona Ward, Paf Reveal, Shirley Eckenberg, Polly Cochran, Marilyn Miss Bess Day, school librarian, gave an inferesfing book review af anofher meef- ing. ln order fo become a member of fhe Honor Sociefy, a sfudenf musf make af leasf one-half A grades, nof more fhan one-fourfh C's , and no D's or F's . The sponsors of fhis organizafion are Miss Margaref Mullendore and Arfher Shirey, who was given a leave of absence. This year fhe Nafional Honor Sociefy sponsored college scholarships, fhrough compefifive examinafions, amounfing fo fhree hundred dollars- Any graduafing member of Honor Sociefy was eligible fo compefe for fhese scholarships. Ervin, Beffy Sfaggs, Rachel Maffhew, Barbara Funk- houser, Joann Kirk, Florence Porges. Row 47Barbara Heiney, Phyllis Richardson, Helen Hen- ning, Virginia Sfewarf, Eclifh Morrison, Phyllis Miller, Pal' Sfewarf, Oleda Mills, JoAnn Fosfer, Wileffa Fleenor. Joy- cilie Pearson. Row 5fRichard Corn, Jarreff Dixon, Gene Fisher, Lloyd Hyndman, Charles Nichols, Clyde Sfeckel. Bob Canf- well, Clyde Green, Don Gallarnore, Ray Malone, Rex Puckeff, Don Walker. ExecuTive Council Row I Louis FonTaine Bill Clem lTreas.l Gale Eggman lV. Pres.l Ramona Ward lPres.l KaTe SmiTh lReading Clerkl Mary Prokos Sec.l Row 2 Nancy BarTl Gene Fisher Mary Lee Lewellen Doris Jean Sells Lee Handley Row 3 Clyde Green Jim STookey Bob Soearman l-larr Farmer Y Tom Moreland Bob RiTTer Student Council WhaT hiT me? mighT be The guesTion asked by any TorgeTTul sTudenT aTTempT- ing To go againsT The sTream oT TraTTic on The one-way sTairs. In This quesTion lies The significance oT The success oT STudenT Council's peT proiecT, The one-way sTairs. Seeking a way To relieve congesTion oT The hall and sTairways oT Al-lS, STudenT Council submiTTed To The sTudenTs Tor Trial iTs sTairway plan. The rouTine is now so well esTablished They no longer need The loaTTered Ii++le signs marked 'up' and 'clown' To guide Them on Their way. Delving inTo The pasT To revive a dead TuncTion The Council passed a resoluTion providing Tor an annual VisiTors Day- Pub- liciTy was obTained and arrangemenTs made. As a resulT Teachers meT parenTs, parenT's meT Their children's classmaTes. and The new acTiviTy became anoTher suc- cess. This was The TirsT year in which The MoniTor CommiTTee, under STudenT Coun- cil, operaTed iTs new sysTem oT selecTing moniTors. STudenTs who meT cerTain scho- lasTic requiremenTs submiTTed Their names To The MoniTor CommiTTee. The commiT- Tee Then selecTed The sTudenTs o be used. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so along wiTh Their work STudenT Council Took Time To play. They sponsored a sporT dance in The audiTorium aTTer The Anderson-Marion l:naskeTloall game, Nov- emlor 2 I . ln keeping wiTh Their main purpose. which is To esTablish a beTTer undersTand- 5 4, TN-'il ea al ing beTween Teachers and sTudenTs, They placed a suggesTion box in The TronT hall. STudenT Council is divided inTo Two separaTe groups. STudenT Assembly, The larger one, is composed oT home room represenTaTives and holds iTs regular meeTing once a week. ExecuTive Council, a smaller buT more acTive body meeTs Three Times a weelc To acT on imporTanT issues. In a school The size oT Al-IS, The STU- denT Council has played iTs parT well in giving The sTudenT body a TirsT hand de- Row l7Mariiyn SwarT, Neel Bronnenberg, Bill Clem lTreas.l, Barbara Heiney lSec.l, KaTe SmiTh lV. Pres.l, Bob RiTTer lPres.l, Jack T-TowensTine lReading Clerlcl. Don VandergriTT, Doris Jean Sells, Mary Lee Lewellen. Row 2-Mrs. Sarah Pippen lSponsorl, Clarice Nevis, Darleen Shinn, Phyllis McDaniel, Monna Pike, Barbara Lawrence, John Cummins, PaTTie SmiTh, MarTha Ann GaunT, Priscilla PiTTenger, Barbara Farmer, Marilyn STroclc. Row 3-Joan T-lelmiclc, KaTherine Carico, Marilyn ShrouT, RoberTa PeTers, Gale Eggrnan, Louis FonTaine, Richard TinaTion oT The emblemaTic word, demo- cracy. During The war The STaTe ConvenTion oT STudenT Councils was noT held. Since The TerminaTions oT The war, however, ideas and suggesTions as To The re-opening oT such meeTings have been menTioned. Plans have been made wiTh The idea of having The convenTion held here nexT year- WiTh a proiecT in mind Tor nexT year's Council, members leTT Their oTTicers wiTh a Teeling oT saTisTacTion Tor a iob well done. Denny, Joe KeTner, Paul Bevelhimer, Phyllis Long, Joan JeTTerson. Row 4+PaT Alexander, Don Wallcer, Bob CanTwell, ErnesT Turner, Edward Frank, Cecil SmiTh, Don Berry. Herb TempleTon, Charles Gray, Bill l-leiman, Jack Towne, Joe VanCamp. Row 5-Richard Balcer, Alice Rhodes, Donna Wilson, Bradley Neal, Jane Wilson, Bob Grarrigus, John STayTon, Jesse L. T-lunTzinger lSponsorl, Richard McCarThv, Laura Ballard, Carolyn Jackson, Ramona Ward, Evelyn Couch, SuzeTTe Whisler. Assem oly Junior Red Cross PiTTeen needy Tamilies oT Anderson can aTTesT To The TacT ThaT The AHS Junior Red Cross helped Them in a Time oT urgenT need. These Thanksgiving baskeTs were only one oT The many services The Junior Red Cross oT AHS has perTormed during The pasT year. The work oT enrolling The high school sTudenTs in The InTernaTional Junior Red Cross, The collecTing oT money Tor The ln- TanTile Paralysis, Tuberculosis, Cancer, and Red Cross drives-all have been a parT oT The acTiviTies oT This organizaTion. This group oT helping sTudenTs provided The Row I-Mrs. Maurine Murphy lSponsorl, Bernice Wes- Ton. Dolores Harney, Tom Lane lTreas.l, Mariorie Adams lSgT.-aT--armsl, Clyde STeckel lPres.l, Mina Trick lV. Pres.l, Phyllis Pearson lSec.l, BeTTy Lou WebsTer, Wil- meTTa Hall, Alice Rhodes. Row 2-RuTh Givens, Marilyn Ervin, Marvenia Schoon- over, Barbara WeaTherTord, Barbara Marsh, WileTTa Fleenor, Barbara A. SmiTh, Jean Dawson, PaTTy Brown, Marilyn Merwin, Virginia Lee, Marilyn Delinger, KaTh- leen York, BeTTy Barker. Row 3-Evelyn Sheedy, Joan McKinley, PaT Skiles, EdiTh personnel Tor The local lnTanTile Paralysis drive in The downTown TheaTers and on The sTreeTs. Service proiecTs oT This naTure do noT comprise all The acTiviTies oT This organ- izaTion. GuesT speakers, demonsTraTions, movies, and reTreshmenTs were enioyed by The members in The regular Wednes- day meeTings. Mrs. Maurine Murphy oT The Social STudies DepT., and RoberT McDowell oT The Biological Sciences DepT. served as iTs sponsors. An award was presenTed To iTs mosT acTive member aT The close oT The school year. Richardson, Delores Ryan, Nancy Mullins, Jeannine Han- cock, Barbara Gwynn, CharloTTe Likins, Wanda Grissom, Jo York, Joann Kirk, Helen Henning. Row 47George Sheward, Bob Granger, James Lewis. Jim Alexander, Bill WoodruTT, Bob Boyer, Wade SmiTh, Larry Anderson, Richard Arnold, Bill Varner, RoberT McDowell lSponserl. Row 57Virginia Lee Doyle, Beverly Davis, Jacqueline Hosek, Thelma Byrum, Joann VanWinkle, BeTTy Jane Hughes, Shirley Eckenberg, Sally Swank, Virginia Lukens, JuaniTa Becknell, Marilyn Wilson, Sue MarTin, Joan Shan- non. Row I--Florence Porges, Bill King, Ross Michel, lV. Pres.l, Bob Hannalord lPres.l, Barbara Sue Spiegal lSec. Treas.l, D'Alice Coburn, Clarice Nevis. Row 2-Ralph Boyd l5ponsorl, Rachel MaTThew, Jo York, Frances Foland, Mary Lee Lewellen, Bob STinson, Bill Wilder, Jack Nicholson, Miss Alice Higman lSponsorl. Dramatics Club OuTsTanding in The humming circle oT acTiviTies is The Anderson l-ligh School DramaTics Club- The TradiTional auTumn Open l-louse was posTponed unTil April when The club presenTed The plays, Which is The Way To BosTon? and The Man in The Bowler l'laT . ln January an impressive, Tormal can- dlelighT insTallaTion service was held for The new members. ThroughouT The pasT year This club has Row 3-Wayne Maul, Tom l'lamilTon, Polly Cochran, Joan Williams, Doris CliTTord, Pal' Reveal, Joy Pearson Marilyn Coale, Phyllis Miller, Lou Ann Miller. Row 4-Velda Jane Haynes, Ray Toles, MorTon l-lunTer, Jo Anne NorTon, Jack l-lowensTine, Mickey Condon, PaT STewarT, Malcolm Dunn, Rosalind Bailey. enlivened iTs regular meeTings by presenT- ing plays: Talks were given by ouTside speakers while aT anoTher Time insTrucTion on sTage direcTions was given by Miss Alice l-ligman, sponsor. An unusually in- TeresTing evening was enjoyed when an Individual Perliormance NighT was per- senTed. Bill Wilder was in charge oT The program and served as masTer oT cere- monies. Near The end oT The school year The DramaTics Club held iTs annual bangueT which broughT To a close iTs schedule oT acTiviTies. Row lYRandall STaTTord, Marc Lane. Louis Shepard, Adrienne STewarT lSec.l, John Nelson lV. Pres.l, Charles Lacey lPres.l, Donald HolT lTreas.l, Louis Fon- Tain, Jim Wilson, Malcolm Dunn, ErnesT Wiley. Row 2-B. B. HorTon lSponsor' Phyl- lis Parry, Phyllis Hornbeck, Rosalie Sch- legelmilch, KaTherine Carico, Beverly Ri- ley, Evelyn STinson, Helen Hadley, Bob Edwards, Bob CarTer, Norman Velie, Mar- vin Clanin, Hal Rhynearson, Claud Roney lSponsorl. Row 3-Bill King, Joan Carmody, PaT Skiles, Don STewarT, Jim WerTz, Bob STin- son, Mary Jo STanley, C. R. EllsworTh, Bill Weeks, Jim Elmore, Harry Murphy, Bill Lawson, Chauncey lsenhour, Tom Bulen. Row 4-Rena Beresford, JaneT WesT. Frances Foland, RoberT Parker, Charles Ambrose. Jack Snowden, Raymond Soales, Bob SinneTT, Dick Jackson, Ray Malone. Row 5fNancy Groble, Dick Crisler, D'Alice Coburn, Barbara BeresTord, Mar- jorie Harvey, Edgar Adkins, Marilyn KunTz, Bill Heiman, Jack Moore, Leon Robbins, Gene Fisher, Marion Boaz, Jack Edwards, Lucille DieTzen. Science Club You are going To sleep.. no sudden noise will disTurb you ...... sleep,sleep ..,... Such were The words oT Ray Malone as he subiecTed one OT The members To hypno- Tism. This inTeresTing demonsTraTion high- lighTed The series oT programs oT The Phy- sical Science Club during The pasT year. This club has been valuable in creaTing new inTeresTs and developing a scienTiTic aTTiTude and a beTTer undersTanding To- ward The complexiTies oT liTe. Cdm2Vd ATTenTion, all sTudenTs inTeresTed in phoTography! AHS has The ideal club Tor you, under The sponsorship OT Gordon Julius. During The pasT semesTer The Cam- era Club has been parTicularly inTeresTed in The sTudy oT diTTerenT varieTies oT pho- Tography. ln This They learn how To be a successTul phoTographer by sTudying how To Take an excellenT phoTograph, whaT makes an inTeresTing picTure, and whaT arTicles belong in a picTure, This club also sTudied The mechanics oT phoTography and has endeavored To sTi- mulafe inTeresT among The high school sTudenTs in The Tield oT phoTography. The Camera Club has carried on an acTive program during The year, and members have learned much in Their aTTer- school meeTings. Row I+Helen Hadley, Jimmy Losey lSgT, aT Armsl, Frances Foland lSec.- Treas.l, Bob CarTer lPres.l, Louis Fon- Tainel V. Pres.l, Barbara Beresford. Row 2+Barbara Dunbar, Phyllis Horn- beck, Phyllis Parry, BeTTe Jo Head, Mary Lou Hensley, Wanda Grissom, Joyce DalTon, Rena Beresford, Maurice WrighT. Row 3-Gordon Julius lSponsorl, Nancy Lee Harrison, BeTTy WrighT, Bill Losey, Bob Webb, George WalTigney, Charles Pershing, Nancy Coble, JaneT WesT. Girl Reserves 'Full and running over' could well des- cribe a meeTing oT The Girl Reserves be- Tore lasT Tall. IT was Then They decided To divide inTo Two groups, one including The Juniors and Seniors while The oTher mixed The Freshmen and Sophmores. To make The ChrisTmas holidays s+iII gayer The Girl Reserves sponsored Their winTer semi-Tormal dance aT The Labor Temple- lT was open To all and iudging Trom The happy crowd They all came. CommiTTee heads were appoinTed and members added To The commiTTees so ThaT as many girls as possible could play an acTive parT in The organizaTion. Among The many inTeresTing programs Row liJaneT Chaney, Berry Riggle, Norma Bricker, Doris CliTTord, Barbara Joanne Brown, Beverly Nelson, Mary Lee Lewellen lPres.l, Mrs, Margue-riTe Hale lSponsorl, Junice MarTin lSec.l, Ann Faulkner. Row 2iBarbara Sue Spiegal, Shirley Paramore, PaT STewarT, Nancy Snyder, Barbara WeaTherTord, PaTricia SmiTh, Joyce Bess, PaT Greenland, Norma Jean Fox, Beverly Henderson, Jeannine Hancock, Peggy Davis. Row 3+Deloris Minniear, Jo FosTer, June Fuller, Lorene Saunders, Florene Saunders, Joan Williams, Phyllis Long, Seniors Arlene Gray, FaT Reveal, Jewell Maynard, Mary Lou Vlesrhlor, Frances McElderry, Mina Trick. Row -1-BeTTy Lee Kempher, Phyllis Baker, Eileen Goodwin, Phyllis Lower, Ramona Ward, Lou Ann Miller, Barbara LysT, Boiiyflalmer, PaTTie SmiTh, Donna Kleyla, Marilyn STrock, Peggy GusTin, Barbara Windlan. Row 5iPhyllis Miller, Orphy BeneTield, Janie Brown, Jane F lir'iiTT, M riha PraTer, Jn Ann PrietT, BeTTy Gwinn, Mar- Thn Helfrich, JaneT Key, Imogene Yu3T, CleTa Taylor, Rose Mary Hensley. JUNIOR G. R. Row I -Marie Groves lV. Pres.l, Shir- ley Eckenberg lTreas.l, Barbara A. Srnilh, D'Alice Coburn, Joan Carmody, Mariorie Adams, Dorolhy Hallell, Marilyn Shroul, June Edens, Debby Wilson, Evalyn Slinson, Carolyn Slohler, Virginia Slewarl. Juniors Row 27Barbara Ann Mills, Phyllis Shellerly, Roberla Pelers, Norma Hol- loway, Marilyn lfunlz, Belle Clem, Helen Hadley, Polly Cochran, Marilyn Ervin, Gladys Phynearson, Evelyn Ollo, Mary Pal Remley, Adrienne Slewarl, Rachel Mallhew, Mrs, Marguerile Hale lSpon- sorl. Sophomores was one in which lips on leen age hair-dos were given by Mrs. Donald Alleman. Also in lhis busy year lhe girls conlin- ued lo sponsor lhe Co-ed dances held in lhe Blue Triangle Room ol lhe Y. W. C. A. A donalion ol S25 was made lo lhe Visil- ing Nurse Shower. To show lhe generous blessing ol lhe Easler Bunny a spring slyle Row 3iLois Marie Malhis, Barbara Melle, Geneva Hagan, Barbara Gray, Neva Kimmerling, Marilyn Wilson,Sara Miller, Jo Ann Rolls, Velda Jane Haynes, Marion Boaz, Lucille Dielzen, Joan Shannon, Rosanna Parker, Joann Kirk, Pally Farlow, Jacqueline Gerkin, Jeanne Buck. Row 4YJoycilie Pearson, Rulh Jackson, Janice Cuneo, Belly Craigmile, Beverly Hannernan, Florence Porges, Phyllis Vermillion, Shirley Benden, Bernice Clark, Lou Wyanl, Mary Trallring, Barbara J. Smilh, Phyllis Carraway, Jo Ellyn Burlon, Marian Alkinson, Beverly Schellon. Row 5a-Belly Jean Fox, Edilh Morrison, Norma Jean Ashby, Polly Lockwood, Alice Minniear, Jeanne Peck, Marilyn Coale, Beverly Feezel, Helen Wilson, Anna Pancol, Marjorie Harvey, Janie Beally, Phyllis Richardson, Phyllis Jones Kale Smilh, Nancy Groble, Donna Schoonover. SOPHOMORE G. R. Row I-Marilyn Swarl, Clarice Nevis, Darleen Shinn, Juanila Bevelhimer,Jane NVilson lV. Pres.l, Joyce Dallon, Barbara Gwynn, Priscilla Pillenger, Barbara Mal- one lPres.l, Diane Vanarsdall, Char- lolle Likins, Rena Bereslord. Row 2-Barbara Dunbar, Helen Mae Carr, Freda Myers, Jeanie Palmer, Janel Wesl, Pal Skiles, Phyllis McDaniel, Sally Lou Penry, Jeanelle Lauber, Joan Mc- Kinley, Phyllis Parry, Phyllis Hornbeck, Joanne Dobson, Mary Lou Hensley, Carolyn Rolls. Row 3-Frances Poland, Carol Jones, Nancy Harrison, Doris Cunningham Bonnie Anderson, Emogene Looper, Emma Lou Clillon, Joann DeVaul, Marlha Faulkner, Wanda Grissom, Marilyn Knolls, Mary Belh Schneider, Delores Ryan, Nancy Coble, Allreda Jackson, Barbara Lovell, Donna VanHuss, Belly Jo Head. Row 4-Laura Pawless,Judill1 Fowler, V. V. Pelligrew, Joan Jellerson, Sally Wiseman, Marilyn Lukens, Suzelle Whis- ler, Eleanor Guslin, Jacqueline Hosek. Beverly Davis, Jo Ann Hamillon, Palsy Harlwell, Eloise Graddy, Barbara Phil- lips, Nancy Wilhile, Carolyn Bronnen- berg. Row 5-Mrs. Evelyn Grahame lSponsorl, Rosemary Quick, Valencia Fadely, Mary Louise Gabel, Nancy Barll, Dawn Shea- sley, Edilh Richardson, Wilma Jean Dillard, Aloma Jo Foley, Beverly Moore, Barbra McKee, Diane Whillaker, Mary Jane Cannon, Marilyn Anderson, Evelyn Livingslon, Marilyn Reynolds, Myra Jo Derr. Row 6-Palsie Slaggs, Pally Sisil, Jac- queline Smilh, Jeanine Wise, Kalhryn Pallon, Jacqueline Helmic, Barbara Gold, Roberla Rhodes, Mariorie Hull, Arnola Jane Cox, Peggy Richey, Peggy Jane Foley, Jo York, Virginia Lukens, Jane Cade, Delores McDaniels, Mary Carroll Abel. Freshmen show was given. A number ol inlormal dances were also held in keeping wilh olher currenl aclivilies lhroughoul lhe Row l--Janelle Flesch, Virginia Lee, Pal Bass, lSec.l, Marvenia Schoonover, Jo Ann O'Neill, Jane Ann Burlon, De- Vere Bechlold, Nancy l-larmeson, Ellen Spall, Jerry Thornberry lTreas.l, Joann Poore. Row 2-Barbara Tribbell, Maxine Gar- rell, Norma l-lolladay, Sue Ann l-losier, Barbara Gwynn, Pal Bowers, Belle Hea- gy, Maxine l-louser, Sue Marlin, Lois Paramore, Pally Brown, Joyce Vanhluss. Row 3-Kay Lillle, Pal McDaniels, Anna Allison, Carolyn VanCamp, Susanne Slone, June Ann Melcall, Evelyn King, Mary Ann Eichler, Zoe Ellis, Carolyn Sue Painler, Belly Jane Pearcy, Jean l-lulirnan, Bonila Keesling. Row 1'-Donna Wilson, Joan Fuller, Lin- da Nelson, Mary l-lelen Neal, Dorolhy Allis, Marilyn Merwin, Janel Roudebush, Sue Pope, Barbara Brelslord, Virginia Lee Doyle, Norma Jean l-lamlin, Donna Claxon, Doris Land, Sharon Smilh. Row 5-Barbara Thomas, Joyce l-loppes, Joan Dawson, Susie Riller, Marian Pierse, Chrisline Riddle, Mrs. Evelyn Grahame lSponsorl, Jeanne Tinder, Bellie Jane Hughes. Tessa Lang, Jean Langley, Marilyn Brundage, Rosalie Crowlhers, Janice Hilchcock. school year. Book Club ln accordance wilh lhe purpose ol lhis organizalion, lhe bi-monlhly meelings ol lhe pasl season were highlighled by pro- grams consisling mainly ol book reviews. The members ol lhe club regularly par- licipaled in lhe programs by lheir pre- senlalions ol reviews and occasionally a guesl speaker or lacully member con- lribuled a review ol some oulslanding lilerary seleclion. The Book Club is designed lo encour- Row l+Marilyn Ervin, Phyllis Vermil- lion, Joyce Bess lSec.-Treas.l, Pal Greenland lPres.l, Miss Bess Day lSponsorl. Row 27Marvella Cue, Barbara Gray, Marlha Ollo, Evelyn Ollo, Gladys Rhy- Pearson. Row 3-Peggy Guslin, Belly Gwinn, Mary Louise l-luller, Nadean Moore Norma Jean Fox, Marlha l-lellrich. age lhe reading ol beller lileralure and lo widen lhe lilerary knowledge ol mem- bers by cullivaling more inleresl in lhe reading ol liner books. Any AHS sludenl, il he is inleresled in lileralure and is willing lo conlribule lo lhe programs, is eligible lor membership in lhe Book Club, which is sponsored by Miss Bess Day. ln addilion lo ils regular aclivilies, lhe observance ol Book Week was one ol lhe parlicular inleresls ol lhe club in lhe pasl year. l-ll-V A sTranger in Town mighT have ThoughT ThaT all pandemoneum had broken loose one SaTurday lasT December. The Town- Tolk, however, were accusTomed To such anTics, so The annual Line oT Dimes, spon- sored by The I-li-Y Club, cause liTTle dis- Turbance save, perhaps, The boTher oT reaching inTo The pockeT, drawing ouT a dime, and deposiTing iT on The board seT up in TronT oT The Anderson Bank Building. These conTribuTions were puT To a good Row I-Lee l-landfey, Don VVenTe, Wayne Maul, Bill Har- vey lV.Pres.l, Jack Hall lTreas.l, Ross Michel lPres.l, WilTord l-lollaway lSec.l, l-larry Farmer lSgT. aT Armsl, Don ArmsTrong, Ronald Bannon. Row 2-Bob RiTTer, .lim Bonge, Rchard Denny, Earl Pow- less, Dick STage, Don VandergriTT, Bob Edwards, Edgar Adkins, Bob Moore, Bob T'lannaTord, Nolan WhiTe, Row 3-Gale Tggman, Gene McMahan, John Cummins, Randall STaTTord, Charles SToTTlemyer, Paul Bevelhimer, use in The Tinancing oT a ChrisTmas parTy Tor underprivileged children oT Anderson- ATTer The Muncie baskeTbaIl game, This acTive club held one oT The besT dances oT The year, wiTh Newell Silvers and his or- chesrTa providing The music. Two elaboraTe picnics, one being held in The Tall and one being held in The spring in The Tall and one being held in The spring, were enioyed by This group oT Junior and Senior boys. Norman Loudenback, Louie Thayer, Dave Precup, Norman PeTers, STanley Shepherd, KeiTh Cochran. Row 4-RoberT GranT, Bill Clem, Bill King, Bob Ragsdale, JarreTT Dixon, Tom Lane, Bill Garvin, Tom Moreland, War- ren Rhodes, Clyde Greendack Eldridge. Row 57KermiT Todd lSponsorl, Sunny Pierson, Dick Bray, Neel Bronnenberg, Dick RoberTs, Bob Spearman, Joe KeTner, GTis Beal, Mickey Condon, Louis Shepherd, George Davis lSponsorl. Row I-Hal Bolen lV. Pres.l, Carl Aulf lTreas.l, Allen Early lSgf. af Armsl, Jack Towne lPres.l, Budd Weed lSec.l, Bob Carraway, Chauncey lsenhour. Row 2+Claud Roney Sponsorl, Bill Chambers, Joe Ellioff, Fred Davis, Dave Gilmore, Wilson l-lughel. Tom Wiley, Jack Samuels, Basil lnlosier lSponsorl. Torch Club For fhe pasf few years, fhe Easfer sun- rise service held annually af Shadyside Park has occupied a moior posifion in fhe local observance of Easfer Sunday. This year, as formerly, fhis service was spon- sored by fhe Torch Club and was a key- nofe in fhe year's acfivifies of fhaf organ- izafion. The Easfer morning program, held reverence of fhe day's significance, fea- fured a principal speaker, supplemenfed by fhe Choral Club's presenfafion of Eaf- fer music' The service was well affended Row 3+Frank Srniih, Tom Persing, Bob Dickey, Ray Ward, Charles Tyree, Jim Dismu':e, Jim l-lamilfon, Bill Delph. Row 4w-Wayne Riggs, Don Berry, Dick Peck, Rodney Lovclal, Ernesf Wiley, Gene Bell, Jim Sfookey, David Cook, Jim Hickman, Gene Vifrighf. and is becoming a fradifional acfivify of fhe Torch Club. ln order fo make fhe meefings infer- esfing, fhe Torch Club secured fhe ser- vices of several guesf speakers during fhe pasf season. ln aoldifion, fhe club spon- sored fwo dances during fhe year and also puf on a gym parfy in Feburary. The club was founded on fhe ideals of wholesome fellowship and Chrisfian char- acfer, while ifs purpose is fo promofe fhese principals. The organizafion is com- posed of IA, ZB, and 2A boys: ifs require- menfs include above-average grades and personalify rafings. Choral Club The Choral Club, under lhe direclion ol Miss Belly Hubbard, plays an impor- lanl parl in school aclivilies. Would il seem like Chrislmas wilhoul lhe members ol Choral Club caroling in lhe halls? Would il seem like Easler wilhoul lhe Choral Club lurnishing lhe music lor lhe Easler Sunrise Service? This year Choral Club was lealured in lhe Viclor l-lerberl Concerl presenled by lhe Anderson Civic Chorus. The members ol lhis organizalion represenled Al-lS in Nladrigal Club The lwelve members ol lhe Choral En- semble class lorm lhe Madrigal Club ol Al-lS. This group, which is composed ol six boys and six girls, presenls vocal music programs- The girls wear colorlul lormals and lhe boys wear dress suils. While lhey are singing, lhey sil around a lable which has lighled candles on il. The Madrigal Club, direcled by Miss Belly l-lubbard, has been gaining rapidly in popularily. During lhe pasl school year, lhis group sang lor lhe Kiwanis Club, lhe Women's Democralic Club, lhe Nalional lhe lndiana Slale Choral Feslival held al Indianapolis lasl lall. They also sang in lhe Counly Choral Feslival held al Markle- ville lasl April. The members ol Choral Club look parl in several school convocalions- They also presenled a program al lhe Easl Lynn Chrislian Church and sang in lhe vocal music program May lirsl. The Choral Club Chrislmas parly was enioyed by all, and lhe members gave a banquel lor lhe Senior members. This is an annual allair and il was anlicipaled wilh much enlhusiasm. Secrelaries' Associalion, lhe Women's Council ol lhe Easl Lynn ChrislianChurch, lhe Edgewood Parenl-Teacher's Associa- lion, lhe Forenman's Club, and numerous olher organizalions. Madrigal singing was very popular in England in lhe days when bolh lransporla- lion and enlerlainmenl were problems. Aller dinner lhe hosless would pass oul music lo her guesls as lhey sal around lhe lable. All ol lhe guesls would lhen sing lheir various parls-soprano, allo, lenor, or bass: lhus, lhey provided a means lor lheir own enlerlainmcnl. 14... 3, -X Paul Clawson l-lope Bixensline Bill Clem Nancy McMurry Ray Malone Mary Prokos Don Ward Marilyn Slrock Gene Fisher Rulh Glover Tom Lane Edi+h Morrison Paul Alalza Miss Belly Hubbard F Row I+Pal Shinall, Joycilie Pearson, Audrey Busby, Joe Hamillon, Clyde Green, Miss Belly Hubbard lDirec- lorl, Roberl Riller, Raymond Malone, Jeannine Hancock, Adrienne Slewarl, Claris Byrum. Row 2-Phyllis Pike, Hope Bixensline, Bobby Jo Harvey, Mary Pal Remley, Beverly Nelson, Pallie Smilh, Mary Prokos, Marvella Cue, Belly Clem, Rulh Glover, Beverly Henderson, Jane Schmill, Florene Saunders, Edilh Mor- rison. 1' Boyis Glee Club A visilor lo AHS lhe lirsl period mighl have received lhe impression lhal lhe bar- ber-shop singers were holding a conven- lion in lhe music annex, bul lurlher in- speclion would have shown lhal il was merely lwenly-livc high school boys blen- ding lheir voices in lhe produclion ol beaulilul music under lhe leadership ol Row I Douglas Oldham Bob Boyer Preslon Marlin Bill Wilder Frank Phelps Norman Marlindale Theola Gulley Row 2 Everman Davis Marlin Koob Dick Henning Clealis Davis Dick Flory Ray Pavey John DeGrall Miss Belly Hubbard ldireclorl Row 3A--Ramona Vfard, Marilyn Slrock, Lorene Saunders, Barbara Brown, Nancy McMurry, Doris Clillord, Pal Re- veal, Phyllis Shellerly, Deborah Wilson, Eleanor Todd, Lois Wells, Nalalie Balhauer, Lou Ann Masley, Susie Mollo. Row 4+Joe J. Hamillon, Paul Alalza, Jerry Slill, Tom Lane, Bob Graham, Keilh Cochran, Don Ward, Ernesl Wiley, Malcolm Dunn, Glenn DuBois, Paul Clausen, Bill Clem, Dick Jackson, Bob Lealherman. Miss Belly Hubbard, direclor ol vocal music. Wilh Douglas Oldham as soloisl, lhe Boys' Glee Club was lealured on lhe Chrislmas musical program on December I6. They also parlicipaled in lhe vocal music convenlion in May. These polenlial Carusos earn one-hall credil lor lheir work. Band Row lfWilrneHa Hall, Belly Riqgle, Lou Ann Brown, Nancy Akers, Alice Rhodes. Row 24-'Phyllis Parry, Valencia Fadzly, Kalhryn Baxler, Rosemary Quick. Row 3--Jo Ellyn Burlon, Joan Ccrmody, Mary Newsome, Paul Anderson, Ronnie Adams, Barbara Melle, Dorolhy Allis. Row 4--Laura Powless, Lorene Saunders, Violel Shepard, Virginia Hawley, Barbara Cochran, Molly Laib, Polly Lock- wood, Barbara Hawley. Row 5fJackie Smilh, Virginia Roney, Frances True, Kalh- ryn Browning, Dorolhy Genda, Barbara Leighlon, Florene Anderson l-ligh School was iuslly proud ol ils band lasl fall when il' won lhird place in a conlesl held al lndianapolis. Saunders, Mary Lou l-lair, Morris Turner. Row 6-Louis Fonlaine, Nick Polus, Donald Bobo, Gene Wrighl, Chauncey lsenhour, Eddie l-lurnbles, Gerald McKelvy, Bill Oernler, Bill Helmic, Paul VanMeler. Row 7-Earl Powless, Bill Canada, Bill Allis, Ronald Ban' non, Jack Ireland, Bill Alexander, Max Pugh, Bob Uller- back, Norman Brown. Row 8-Mariorie Adams, Louis Thayer, Marvin l-lull, Don l-lughel, Gerald Slill, Frank Srnilh, Ted King, Marshall Fousl, Jimmy Gwinn, Jack Shepherd, Carolyn Slohler. Richard Rencenberger lDircelorl. Eiqhly-live bands lrorn all over lndiana parlicipaled. Even lhough il has lell lhe eilecl of lhe drall, our band has cor- Tainly been successTul in keeping up iTs usual high gualiTy. No person who saw The band playing enThusiasTically in a down-pour oT rain The nighT The baskeTball Team came back wiTh The sTaTe Trophy could even doubT The loy- alTy and school spiriT oT This group which always added so much To AHS acTiviTies- Under The direcTion oT Richard Rencen- berger, The band puT The crowds in a lively mood beTore all home baskeTball and TooTball games. A shorT program oT music was also played as The sTudenTs enTered The gym Tor each convocaTion. One all- school convocaTion was presenTed enTire- ly by The band. The band's acTiviTies were noT conTined To high school evenTs. On many occasions They played aT civic aTTairs. Children in some oT The grade schools were given The opporTuniTy oT hearing iT. They probably enioyed iT even more Than The high school sTudenTs Themselves do. Every member oT The band gives an hour each day aT school, besides The Time he spends aT home pracTicing. Their play- ing may look easy on The surTace, buT a greaT deal oT Time goes inTo preparaTion. Onyone who has heard Them knows ThaT .. 2X X Y A 15 l 00' The Time was well spenT, boTh Tor The plea- sure oT The audience and Tor Their own amusemenT all Through life. Back in I938 ETna McClure had adream oT preTTy, shapely girls as drum maior- eTTes Tor The Al-IS band. IT was noT unTil Two years laTer, however, ThaT This dream became a realiTy when The school pur- chased ouTTiTs Tor Tour Temale Twirlers To assisT The Two male drum majors. The Tol- lowing year The boys, compleTely ouT- numbers, disappeared. allowing six girls To Take over. This year There have been seven Twirlers wiTh lvlariorie Adams acTing as maior. Carolyn STohler Nancy Akers Alice Rhodes ' WiImeTTa l-lall Lou Ann Brown Mariorie Adams llvleirrl BeTTy Rigqle Row I-Pally Ann Smilh, Belly Tomplcins, Gene Wrighl, Dorolhy Allis, Molly Laib, Jacqueline Smilh, Edward llumbles. Row 27Rulh Ann Cosllow, Rulh llcasl, Ronald Adams, Donald Bobo, Jacqueline Dillon, Richard Rencenberger Grchestra Girls Glee Club lDireclorl, DarolhyCenda, Norman Brown, Jo Ellen Bur- lon, Joan Carmody. Row 3+Virginia Tilley, Bob Ullerbaclc, William Alex- ander, Jack Ireland, Earl Powless, Kalhryn Browning, Louis Eonlaine, Phyllis Parry, Marshall Eousl, Paul VanMeler, Donl-lughel. Row.,I+D'Alice Coburn, Marly Barbara. June Edens, Rosanna Parlcer, Frances Brooks, Wilma Dillard, Helen Lazenby, Belly Schlabach, Phyllis Noble, Marilyn Rey- nolds. Row 2+Dorolhy Simmons, Phyllis Palmer, Marian Boaz, Rosalie Schegelmilch, Kalherine Carico, Belly Mead, Joyce Turner, Hesler Wesl, Velma Channdler, Grace Chandler. Row 3fEreda Myers, Dawn Sheasley, Janel Wesl, Bar- bar Dunbar, Marilyn Lulcins, Sally Wiseman, Jeanne Peclc, Alice Minniear, Joyce Slone, Joan Fisher. Row 47Barbara Gold, Jane Cade, Mariorie McVey, Belly Lillle, Wilma Barlon, Irma Phillips, Hannah Pelry, Virginia Lulcens, Phyllis Pelerson, Ramona Buller. Row 5-Belly Craigmile, Janice Cuneo, Ramona Ellis, Norma Ashby, Barbara Smilh, Rulh Johnson, Marlha Mosely, Belly Wells, Jean Wells, Marlha Slriclq- ler. Row 6--V, V, Pelligrew, Palricia Phelps, lrlelen Taylor, Mary Able, Roberla Nor- ris, Judilh Dillon, Rosalie Allord Doro- lhy Rushlon, Jacqueline Comer, Mari- lyn Vanzanl. Row 77Georgianna Richardson, Bar- bara Phillips, Sally Penry, Marilyn Cap- linger, Sue Bowen, Mary Lois Beclcnell, Nancy Odell, Nancy l-loward, Mary Jane Beally, Luanne Merrill. Row 8gBarbara Farmer, Kalie Boerner Carolyn Bronnenberq, Marlha Lena Wills, Ann Jones, Bellvblelberl, Anna Pancol, Lou Anne Parsons, Nola King, Mary Belh Schneider, Row 97Rose File, Mary Anna Davis, Barbara Cochran, Joan Amos, Marlha Delienne, Eya Mae Dixon, Peggy David- son, Annabelle luclcer, Dorolhy England, Elsie l-lerrel. Row I0gDonna Carpenler lAccompan- isll, Miss Belly l-lubbard lDireclorl, Bobby Jo l-laryey lSludenl Assl.l. Spanish Club Row lfllalores Marsh, Tom Bulen lPro- gram Chr.l, Phyllis Vermillion, l-lal Rhy- nearson lPres.l, Mary Jo STanley lSec.- Treas.l, David Cook lV. Pres.l, ErnesT Vlfiley. Row 2iMarilyn VVilson, Mary PorTer, Belly Slaggs, Mary Alice Abney, Polly Lockwood, Gladys Rlnynearson, Marilyn VanZanT, Marilyn Swarl, Mrs. Gerald- i.:e Slrickler lSponsoil, Row 3iNancy Coble, JeaneTTe Lauber, Debby V!ilson, Barbara Malone, Virginia TiTley, Marilyn Adcock, Mariorie l-lull, Helen Lindsey. If one had gone inTo room II9 an evening aTTer school lasT semesTer, he would probably have been greeTed by, Buenas dias, senor. Como esTa usTed? Yes, iT would have been The Spanish Club under The sponsorship oT Mrs. Geraldine STrickler. The meeTings were held every TirsT and Third Wednesdays oT The monTh wiTh Mary Jo STanley presiding. AT one oT The programs This year, one oT The members gave a book review en- TiTled CapTain Trom CasTile . The club also held several Spanish conTesTs and a picnic was held To climax The year's acTiv- iTies. Since This is The TirsT Time in several years ThaT Al-lS has had a Spanish club, a peTiTion Tor organizaTion had To be ap- proved by TheSTudenT Council and a new consTiTuTion drawn up. MosT sTudenTs have wondered aT some Time abouT The meaning oT Those LaTin moTTos on TheoTTical seals used by sTaTes, colleges, and naTions. The members oT The LaTin Club saTisTied Their curiosiTy by TranslaTing a number oT Them wiTh The help oT Miss Fannie Nagle, Their sponsor. AT anoTher meeTing, a sTudenT gave a descripTion oT Roman holidays. Many oT The LaTin Terms used in physiology, biol- ogy, and pharmacy were discussed by The club. Singing Lalin songs, working ouT LaTin crossword puzzles, and playing a myThical ball game provided plenTy oT enTerTain- menT Tor The meeTings. The club carried on iTs TradiTions This year oT making and selling ChrisTmas cards, and oT giving giTTs To The Orphans' Home aT ChrisTmas Time. Latin Club Charles Ambrose. sy l-TarTwell, Jacqueline Hosek. bles, Malcolm Dunn. Row l7William Wilder, Barbara Lovell JudiTh Pickering, Joan VanWinkle PaT Ty Farlow, Joan McKinley, Roberl' Nash Row 2-MarTy Barber, Thelma Byrum Joan Dobson, Mary Cannon, Geneva Hagan, Barbara Phillips, Joan JeTTerson Row 3-Marcia Songer, BeTTy WrighT Mary l loTTman, Barbara LeighTon PaT Row 4hMiss Fnnie Nagle lSponsor Allen Walker, KaThryn Browning, Jo Ann T-lamilTon, KaThryn Baader, Edward Hum DorisJean Sells F Victory 'Committee Ten hospital units, each worth 33.000, were installed in servicemen's hospitals through the patriotic response at AHS students. This was the goal set by the Vic- tory Committee tor the purchase ot stamps and bonds. This committee opera- ted only during the tirst semester ot the school year. One convocation program was staged: Hugh Harrison and Warren Stidham, both graduates ot AHS, de- scribed some ot their experiences in com- bat. The Victory Committee sold a total ot 3327000 worth ot stamps and bonds dur- ing the war. Row I-J, J. Bailey lSponsorl, Gale Eqgman, Don Gallamore, Dorothy Hallett, Oleda Mills, Charles Nichols. Marty Barber, Barbara Phillips, Dale Louiso, Don Haas. Row 2+Betty Whitehead, Barbara Julian, Patsy Hartwell, Ramona Lnrlnee, Lou Wyant, Alma Southers, Barbara Mills, Joann Poore, Evelyn Livingston, Joan Craig, Mary ,PattySmith, Mina Triclc, Mary Lee Lewellen Alice Abney, Willis Dodge. Row 3+Ruth Ann Costlow, Jane Ann lsanogel, Janie Beatty, Joan McKinley, Betty Palmer, Helen Mae Carr, Janet West, Velda Jane Haynes, Joycilie Pearson, Helen Wilson, Diane Vanarsdall, Virginia Moreland, Herman Hallett tSpon5orl. Row 4+Jim Johnson, Bob Taylor, Junior Haclcney, Joe F-ox. D. M. Looper, Pat Ryan, Diclc Roberts, Jaclc Hall, Norman Peters, Jack Nicholson, Diclc Flory, Judy Mil- burn. Row 5--Mildreal Gephart, Barbara Lyst, Alice Bushang, Nfayne Soverns, Arlene Gray, Jesse L. Huntzinger iSpon- sorl, Ciaylord Grissom, Bob' Beason, Eleanor Todd, Bob Rousey, Charles Armstrong, Faye Broadwater, Jerrv Thornberry, Bob Hamel, Mrs. Sarah Pippen lSpon'erl, The X-Pay Remember, when AHS won thestatetin- tinals and the editorial statt under the direction ot Frank Baker published a championship issue ot the X-Ray on the tollowing Monday? This was only one ot the many tine things that the X-Ray statt did during the school year. At the annual convention ot the Indiana High School Press Association the statt was represented by Mary Lee Lewellen, Mina Triclc, and Doris Jean Sells. The editors ot this year's paper were Doris Joan Sells and Mary Lee Lewellen. EdiTorial STaTT and Cub ReporTers Row IfBill King, Jack Moore, Shirley Eckenberg, Phyllis Miller, Shirley Paramore, Mina Trick, Marv Lee Lewellen, Doris Jean Sells, PaTTie SmiTh, Bob Hanna- Tord, Bill l-larvey. Row 27Max Gephart Polly Cochran, Velda Jane Haynes, Sande Grieb, Frankie ScamprnorTe, CharloTTe Bronnenberg, Helen Kuklenski, Donna Kleyla, KeiTh Cochran. Earl Powloss, RoberT Roseberry, Frank Bake' lSponsorl. Row 3-Barbara Brown, Faye BroadwaTer, Susanne STone, Bonnie Cole, Ellen Spall, PaTricia SmiTh, Jim Ellis, Joan McKinley, Neva Kimmerling, Barbara Gray, printers lT's diTTiculT To imagine how Al-lS could operaTe Tor a day wiThouT The eTTorTs oT The sTudenTs in Cluade Barner's prinTing classes. The school depends on Them Tor inTra-murals. class schedules. and all The oTher blanks necessary To The operaTion oT so large a school. They prinT boTh The X- Ray and The Indian, in addiTion To special work Tor The various clubs. AT The same Time, These boys are gaining invaluable vocaTional Training by using Theup-To-daTe eguipmenT in The prinT shop. 85 i Berniece Vance, Beverly Toops, Alice McKeown, Sue MarTin. Row 4-Belva Trick, Barbara Melle, Marilyn Ervin, Dolores Marsh, Phyllis Vermillion, Rena BeresTord, Phyllis Parry, Joyce Dalfon, Nancy Coble, Phyllis STrobel, Joan JeTTerson, Eleanor GusTin. Row 5-Clarice Nevis, DeVere BechTold, BeTTy Jean WebsTer, BeTTy Lou WebsTer, Sue Ann l-losier, Virginia Lee, Mary l-lelen Neal, Dale Louiso, Gaylord Grissom. Agee Leach, Bill Wilder, Bill CliTTord, Aloma Jo Foley. Frances Foland, Mack MaTTingly, Jim STewarT. ,lack l-larless Norman Velie , i Ll, , Wei, The lndian Dear Reader, Despile lhe shorlages ol lilm, paper, llash bulbs and a lew olher minor neces- silies loo numerous lo menlion, lhe year- book is published ----- or, il was a long hard lighl bul we won. Really. lhere's a lol more belween lhe covers ol a book lhan you see al lirsl glance. ll lakes planning, liguring, copy delails and palience lour gralilude goes lo Mr. Bakerl lo make everylhing click Sludenl Execulive Board Joycilie Pearson lAssl. Edilorl lflxrl Edilorl Earl Pawless lPholographerl Pally Ryan lEdilorl Joan Linville lLilerary Ed.l -if Mlm. f Prinlers Bill Turner Ronald Kimm l-larold Chase C. P. Barner llnslruclorl Alberl Rich George Burlon Bill Losey Norman Velie J' A immy ynes l-loward Earl l-linkle LeRoy Vance Jack Harless Charles Gray Dick Beckelhimer in lhe righl place. llhis year's slall has disproved any conneclion concerning brains and yearbook produclionll ll has been a case ol lhe old saying lirsl come, lirsl served lhis lime. Cover possibililies were slim and orders had lo be placed iusl a monlh aller school open- ed lo assure delivery. Paper supplies were limiled and our only guaranlee slales--- il your annual has pages in il when you gel il, lhe paper problem is solved. A .... FaculTy Annual Board Claude Barner lPrinTingl Gordon Julius lPhoTographyl Frank Baker lChairmanl Miss Mary l-lumph lArTl W. l-l. Brinson lBusinessl ATTer arguing halT The year wi+h supply companies, we came To The sTarTling real- izaTion ThaT we had To have someThing To puT beTween These hard ToughT-Tor covers. ln choosing our Theme, we made an aT- TempT To hif upon some signiTicanT habiT or cusTom oT our school. Upon making inquiry, we Tound ThaT Al-IS has some- Thing diTTerenT in iTs 8:00 To 8: I 5 parade: Therefore, we have made an eTTorT To carry The parade idea ThroughouT The book. WiTh all our sTriTe. Trails and Tribula- Tions we have had a loT oT Tun. Our will- ingness has been aT a maximum, and we hope ThaT you will overlook our imper- TecTions and shorTcomings. Our supreme goal is Tor all oT you To enioy your annuals Trom The Tly leaT Through The index. We, The sTaTT, wish To Take This oppor- TuniTy To exTend our appreciaTion To all Those who have devoTed Their Time and eTTorTs To make This book possible, and in reTurn Tor your co-operaTion, we now pre- senT To you The l946 Indian. --PaTTy Ryan, EdiTor Yearbook STaTT Row l Keilh Cochran Bill l-larvey Charles Nichols Row 2 Clyde STeckel Bill Clem Jo Ann FosTer Bob Spearman Ross Michel Row 3 Lloyd Hyndman Barbara Heiney Adrienne STewarT Claris Byrum Row I Bill Melzger lV. Pres.l Bob l-lawkins lSec.l Rex Vermillion Kirk Tupman lReporlerl Dan Piflenger lPres.l x Future Farmers ol America The F. F. A. Club has sponsored a year of aclivilies. During The pasl summer lhe Aggies' grain iudging Jream placed lourlh in slale comloelilion al Lalayelle wilh one ol The Team members, l-larold Noland winning a cerlilicale ol meril award lor Row lfllelberl Ellis, lflarvin Richey, Lee Cunningham, Bill Melzger, Bobby Odom. Row Zflvlarcus Kingen, William Clem, l-luberl Odom, Rex Vermillion. Row 3vPaul Brock, Paul Songer, Harold Noland, Alberl Kearns, William Clem lTreas.l Row 2 l'l. B, Wilson lSponsorl Huberl Odom Marvin Richey Tom Nyboer Marcus Kingen James Reed Row 3 John Corder James Larson Dick Armlield Paul Songer Paul Brock l-larold Noland Alberr Kearns Row 4 Lee Cunningham Bobby Odom Curliss McCorkh Waller Kane Bob Bonoe De-lberl Ellis ill 88 individual iudging. Anolher Team member John Mallhew, who received lhe W. l-l. l-lardy X4 Son's cup in l945, also won a cerlilicale of meril in The same evenl. The vegelable judging reams look parl' in lhe slale and nalional iudging evenls. The Team spenT an enjoyable Two days in CincinnaTi, where one oT The Teams mem- bers won SISIOO in cash. The Aggies' basl4eTball Team had a very good season compeTing wiTh: Elwood, Alexandria, WalnuT Grove and SummiT- ville. The ouTsTanding perTormer oT The season was AlberT Kearns, who held down The chieT jumping and rebounding assign- menT. The spring judging conTesTs broughT many honors To The AgriculTure DeparT- menT. The poulTry Team placed second in The counTy. The Team members were Bobby Odom, Paul Broclc, John MaTThew, and Paul Songer. The dairy Team, Dan PiTTenger, l-larold Noland, Jim TeTers and Rex Vermillion, won TirsT in The counTy and TiTTh in The disTricT aT Muncie. This Team won The righT To Talce parT in The sTaTe conTesT in SepTember. The general livesToclc Team, Kirlc Tup- man, Marcus Kincien, Jim Reed and Wil- liam Clem, won TirsT in The counTy and TirsT in The disTricT aT Muncie. They also won The righT To represenT cenTral-easTern lndiana in The sTaTe conTesT To be held aT The Time oT The STaTe Fair in SepTem- ber. Two oT The Team members won TirsT and second honors as individuals judges aT Muncie. Leff--VcgeTablo Jud- in Grou q Q P Row I- l4ermiT Adams, Leo Cunningham, Diclc ArmTield, Marcus Kingen, Bnb Bonge. Row 2----Tom Nyboor, Waller Kano, Paul Broclc, Bobby Odom. Righf--Madison Coun+y LivesTor1lc Judginq Team William Clem, Marcus Kingen, Kirk Tupman, Jim Reed. To' -PoulTry Judging Team Paul Broclc, Paul Songer, Bobby Odom, Middle---Madison CounTy Dairy Judging Team Dan Pilfenger, Rex Vermillion, Kirk Tupman, James Reed. BoTTomffVo:aTional-AgriculTure Class , - Parade of X X' f 'I .- 'xx f!0fM5f1 ' - . , 2 , g 44.1 1 W ff K f A ff - XX f r ff X! X XX 76, X Mx f -s X, I n 4 .. 1 K X ' -V . ,of . 1 1 ., .1 A ' , 5 'Ag xvx.. , .. --nl ',.,. Y gl? 1 'X X I , JV X, fa ' , f 'N ' W ' 4 1 I . X ,iw ,Q ,v,,. .X V 1,-L-,f,'vs ,i , ' QQ, 3 K , 3, ,A Q' ff X, . K, , 5,1 ,Kg N - . ' 1 Q 1 . X f, 1 'B I . ,- x . X J' x X 4 1 'A ' -I 4 X ,n X g -- 1' N N .g,..,.f xl X ' W , Mm, .-L xg. r. QV. -x 7f' : if , , 1, , . .2 ,Ylf. h X ,. ,Lg X . . Q i 1 W '41 V- .. I, , 51 rf f ', M. I ' r Q . x 5 . k N 'X 1' 1 1 I 1. wi! he 4. x 2. It x ,x. lt, A .,1j ,5 ,2 QU x v yy , V fx 5 . .W f 1, -fr V Q L4 ,z 1 , J , ,K .' 'V Q4 ff 4 4. Class ol 1946 Presidenl ..,.,.4.......,., . .....,...4,.. Lee Handley Vice-Presiolenl .........,.. ....,.,. K eillw Cochran Secrefary ...,.,....., .....,... P al Greenland Treasurer l...............,4......,...,.,......,............,.,....,.,.,. Joan Linville Sponsors .,.,.A Miss Dorollwy Campbell, .,.,.A........... . Herberf Miller Class Colors-Maroon and While c pbu Mu eY nville l reenland ochran T p-A Lorene Saunders, Bob Hannaiord, Doris Moomey, Miclcey Condon. Peggy D F her. Hom--Joan Williams, Don Bancroir, Janie Schrriill, Warren Rhodes, Jim Talley. Class Play ls ,Junior lvlissl Junior Miss was Jrhe play chosen by The Senior class lor ils produclion which was given on May 9 and IO in The audilor- num. Junior Miss was Judy Graves who was a Jrypical young leon ager. lnslead of minding Jrheir own business, she and her mosl inlimale chum, Fully Adams, lend To everybody else's business loo. Judy imagines her lalher in love wilh his boss's daughler, Ellen Curlis. Judy is lranlic and immedialely begins ploliing +o make Ellen fall oui ol love wiih her falher and info love wilh Judy's uncle whom Judy Jrhinlcs is an ex-convicl. l-low Judy manages all This and Jrhe amazing scrapes in which Judy and Fully gel lhemselves involved. provides a lull evening's enleriainmenl. There were iwo casls for This year's play. Casl I presenled +he produclion on Friday nigh+ and Casl 2 on Thursday nighl. -l-vvo Perlorrnances Given Top-Jim Parhngion, Don Meneslrina, Doris Jean Sells, Bob Granf, Pai Slewarf. HomiBeverly Nelson, Dick Jackson, Ross Micheal, Mary Weschler, Mickey Condon, Lou Ann Miller, Palsy Reveal. Members of lhe casl were: Judy Gra- ves, Peggy Davis, and Lou Ann Miller: Puffy Adams, Doris Jean Sells and Janie Schmill: l-larry Graves, Ross Michel and Dave Precup: Grace Graves, Beverly Nelson and Lorene Saunders: Lois Graves, Doris Mocmey and Mary Lou Weschler: J. B. Curlis, Jim Babcock and Don Bab- cock: Ellen Curlis, Pal Slewarl and Joan Williams: Willis Reynolds, Bob l-lannaiord and Dick Jackson: olhers were l-lilda, Margarel Fisher and Palsy Reveal: Barlow Adams, Bcb Grani: l-laskell Cummings, Vlfarren Rhodes: Joe, Jim Talley: Slerling, Brown, Mickey Condon: Merril Fewlalk, Jim Parlinglon: Alberl Kunody, Dave Precup: Weslern Union boy, Bob l-lana- lord and Jim Babcock: Tommy Arbuckle, Don Meneslrina. Ralph Boyd, speech inslruclor, was direcior of The produclion and Mori l-lunler was slage manager. Hm'L: ' A ' Jeanne Buck Annual Jr -Sr. Prom Ushers ln Senior Week Ushering in The gala round oT TradiTion- al Senior acTiviTies was The annual Junior- Senior Prom, given each year by The iuniors in honor of The seniors. This Time, as has been The cusTom Tor The pasT sev- eral years. The prom was held in The Labor Temple. Queen Tor This occasion was The blonde beauTy, Marie Groves, aTTended by Jeanne Buck and Phyllis Jones. Marie was crowned. as is The cusTom, by lasT year's queen, Janie Phillips. The evenTs Tollowing The Prom in The order ThaT They occured were Baccalau- reaTe, The Girl's Tea-This was sponsored by The AAUW and was held aT The home oT Mrs. Gorden Wilder, The Senior-Fac- ulTy Dance held also aT The Labor Temple, Class Day, The Picnic, held aT Noblesville Park, The Drive-In TheaTer ParTy, and The Informal Dance held aT The Green Lan- Tern. KeiTh Cochran, vice-presidenT, was general chairman Tor The week wiTh These sTudenTs as general chairman oT The var- ious acTiviTies: Don WenTe, BreakTasT Dance: Ramona Ward, Senior-FaculTy Dance: Mary Lee Lewellen and Bob Hann- aTord, Class Day: Dick Jackscv. Picnic: Ross Michel, Drive-ln TheaTer ParTy: Io Ann Miller. ATTernoon TheaTer ParTy: Bill Clem. lnliormal Dance: Phyllis Long and Jim Vanderbur, lnTer-Class AcTiviTies: Bill Ficller and CharloTTe Bronnenberg, PegisTraTion: PaTTy P. SmiTh, PubliciTy: iOleda Mills, GiTT CommiTTee, Ray Ma- one, Class Play CommiTee. Working wiTh The Senior Class presi- denT. Lee Handley, were The Tollowing homeroom represenTaTives Torming The Senior ExecuTive CommiTTee, who alded greaTly in making Senior Week a success: Dave Precup, OTis Beal, PaTTy Ryan, War- ren l'luTT, Noland WhiTe. Claris Byrum, Bill Fidler, Bob LeaTherman, Bob Hanna- Tord, Arlo l-laTch, and Joan Genda. There were TwenTy-seven commiTTees carried ouT plans Tor Senior Week. They were appoinTed by The officers and spon- sors oT The class. fXTTendanTs oT Prom Queen Phyllis Jones 94 a s The climax oT The parade oT Senior acTiviTies will be CommencemenT Thurs- day nighT aT 7:30 in The gymnasium. Chosen Trom special TryouTs Tor The honor oT represenTing The Senior Class were Tour capable sTudenTs. One oT These, Mary Lee Lewellen, will speak in Ameri- can Holidays . Claude Debussy is To be The Topic oT Bill Clem's speech. Clyde STeckel will speak abouT Cordell l-lull and Ray Malone aloouT Salom Risk . Senior Week CommiTTee Chairmen Row I- CharloTTe Broonenberq Lou Ann Miller Ramona Ward Oleda Calhoun Mary Lee Lewellen Phyllis Long Row 24- ,lim Vanderbur Bill Jackson Don WenTe Ray Malone Bob Hannaford Bill Clem Ross Michel IN MEMORIAM Jack Brown Jean Baum CommencemenT Speakers Clyde STeckel Bill Clem Mary Lee Lewellon Ray Malone 96 Seniors Adams, Don-Pre-App. Adams, Richard-GeneraI.TracIc 3, 4: A Club 3, 4. Alafza, PauIfGer-reral, Traclc I, 2, 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Cross Counlry 2, 3, 4: Torcln Club 2: War Elforls Comm. 2: Science Club 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Madrigal Club 2, 3, 4: I-I. R, Pres. 4. Albrighf, Palricia-College Prep. Girl Reserves 3: Arr Assl. 3: Biology Assl. 4. Alexander, William-General. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 3. Ambrose, CI-iarles-College Prep. Lalin Club 4, Pres.: Science Club 4: Physics Lab. Assl. 4. Anderson, Geneva4GeneraI. G. A. A, I, 2: Girl Reser- ves I, 2: Ivlonilor 4: Publicalions Rep. 4. Anderson, Hen- rieHa-General. Girl Reserves I, 2: Sr. Regislralion Comm. 4. Armslrong, Donald-Teclw. Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcefbail I, 2, 3, 4: Traclc I, 2: A Club 3, 4: I 'Ii-Y 3, 4: Corrservalion Club I, 2: Torch Club I, 2: I-I. R. Pres. 2, 3, 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3: CI'rr. Transporlalion Comm. Drive-In Tliealer Parly 4: Locker Office Assl, 2, 3, 4: Ivlonilor 2, 4. Ashby, Leora-Voc. I-Iome Ec. Pendlelon I-I. S. I: Sum- milville I-I, S. 2: G. A. A. 4: Gym Assr. 4. A+wood, Mary- lou-General. Jr. Execufive Comm.: Girl Reserves I, 2: G. A. A. I, 2:. Aynes, Jimmie-Pre-App. Babcock James-College Prep. Sr. Class Play 4: Monilor 4: Dean's Assl. 2: Conservalion Club I. Baciu, Emil- Pre-App. Dean's Assl. 2. Badgley, Richard-Pre-App. Seniors Bailey, Thomas -Tech. Balmer, Gloria-General. Gill Comm. 4: Girl Reserves I, 2: Prom Decoralions Comm. 3: Jr. Red Cross 2: Monilor 2. Baker, Phyllis-Bus. Ed. G. A. A. I, 2: I-I, R. V. Pres. 2: Girl Reserves I, 4: Gill Comm. 4: Prom Decoralions Comm. 3. Bancroff, Donald-College Prep. Miniwanca Council 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4: AI-IS Debale Team 4: Bus. Mgr. Sr. Class Play 4: Publicalions Rep. 2.3: Dean's Assl. 2, 3. Ban- non, Ronald-Colleqe Prep. Band I. 2, 3.4: I-Ii-Y 4. Berg, Peggy-General. Ticlcel Office Assl. 4: Moniior 4: Girl Reserves 3: Sr. Regislralion Comm, 4. Bales, Donald-Tech. Balhauer, Nalalie-General. Cho- ral Club 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Monifor 3. Bauer, Gene- General. Baxler, Roberl'-General. Dean's Assl. 3, 4. Beal, Olis- Tech. I-li-Y 3, 4: Sr. Execufive Comm.: Conservafion Club 2, 3: Torch Club 2. Bechnell, Juanifa-Bus. Ed. Jr. Red Cross 2. 3. 4: Monilor I. Beeson, Eilene-Bus. Ed, G. A. A. I. Belangee, Gaynelle --General. Boolc Club 3: Monifor 4. Benefiel, Orpha -Bus. Ed.. Girl Reserves 4. I 946 Benzenbower, Helen-Bus, Ed. Berry, JamesfTecIw. Bess, Joyce-General. Book Club 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 3, 43 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3. Biddle, Evelyn-Bus. Ed. Bixensiine, Hope-College Prep. Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Madrigal Club 3, 4: Pep Ses- sions Comm, 4: Opereila 2: Viciory Comm, 4: Library Assl. 3i G, A. A. Council I: Glee Club 2: Indian Maiden 4: Sr. Informal Dance Comm. 4. Blake, Maxine-General. Bowman, Charles-Bus. Ed. Baske+ball I, 2: Baseball I, 2: I-I. R. Pres, 43 I-I. R. V. Pres. 3: Publicalions Rep. 2, 3. Brauchla, CarI+General. Bray, Richard-Tech. I-Ii-Y 4: I-I. R. V. Pres. 4: Conservalion Club I, 31 Torch Club 2, Breece, Norma Jean-Bus. Ed. G. A, A. I. Brewsier, Opal-General. Girl Reserves I. Bricker, Norma-Gem eral. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: G. A, A. I, 4: Book Club 4, V. Pres. Briglwf, Virginia-Voc. Home Ec. Broadnax, Richard- General. Bronnenberg, Cllarloffe-General. X-Ray Slail Sr. Regislraiion Comm. 41 H. R. V. Pres. 4. Helen Bonxanbower James Berry - ' Joyce Bw 5 muy.. swan. Hop, asxmisn f Maxam Bla! Virginia Bright Richard Brendan Charlohe Bwnnvv ,- Y. Barbara H. Brown Barbara J. Brown Mary Jana Brown Ramona Bum: Claris Am Bymm Q Raeiwa Cain Fairy Cantwell L Jael Carlile Wilberl Cnflwvi Seniors Bronnenberg, Gene-Pre-App, H. R. V. Pres. 4. Bron- nenberg, Neel-College Prep. Torch Club l, 2: Sfudenl Council 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Clubs Comm. 4: Head Monifor 4: Class Day Play Comm. 4: Miniwanca Council 3, 4, V. Pres. 4. Broolrs, Belly-Voc. Home Ec. - Brown, Barbara H.-College Prep. G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3: Book Club I: Slu- denTCouncil I: H. R. Treas. 2: Chemislry Assf. 4: Gym Assf. 4. Brown, Barbara J.-Bus. Ed. Choral Club 3, 42 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. I, 4: Choral Club Assf. 2: Ticker Office Assf. 4: H. S, Office Assl. 4: Jr. Red Cross I: l-l. R, V. Pres. I: Prom Publicify Comm. 3: Sr. Class Day Comm. 4: Glee Club 2. Brown, Mary Jane -General. Brown, Norman1General., Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orchesfra 2, 3: War Efforfs Comm. 3. Bunce, Carl-General. Busby, Audrey-College Prep. Choral Club 4: Monilor 4: C-lee Club 2. Buller, Ramona-General. Glee Club 2: Sfamp Sales Assf, 2: H. R. Sec. I. Byrum, Claris Ann-College Prep. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Choral Club 4: Glee Club 3: Dean's Assl. 3, 4: Guidance Office Assl. 3, 4: Annual Slaff 3, 4: Sr. Execufive Comm.: Lalin Club 2, V. Pres.: Fashion Design Club I: H. R. V, Pres. I: H. R. Sec.-Treas. 3. Cain, Richard-General. Canfwell, Fairy-General. Operefla 2: Monilor 4: Cnc- ral Club 3. Carlile, Jael:-General. Carlson, Wilberf -Pro-App. I-l.R. Pres. 4: Dean's Assf. 2. I I 1 946 Chaney, Janel-Voc. Home Ec. G, A. A. l: Girl Re- serves I, 2, 4: Glee Club 2. Childers, Kalhleen-Bus, Ed, Visual A.ids Assr. 4: Commercial Assl. 4: Glee Club 2: Girl Reserves 2, 3. Clausen, Paul-College Prep, Choral Club 3, 4: Madriqal Club 4: Foolball 3: Camera Club 2: Glee Club 3. Clem, Bill-College Prep. Commencemenl Speaker 4: Honor Socieiy 3, 4, Pres. 4: Choral Club 2, 3, 4, Pres.4: Execulive Council 3, 4, Treas. 4: Sludenl Council 2, 3. Sec. 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Madrigal Club 3, 4: Torch Club 2: Lalin Club 2: Boolc Exchange Comm. 3: Convocalions Comm. 4: Jr. Execulive Comm,: Prom Band Comm. 3: Chr. Informal Dance Comm. 4: Honor Slucly Hall Monilor 4. Clemenls, Frances-Bus. Ed. Visual Aids Assl. 3. Clemons, Juanila -General. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4. Clifford, Doris-General. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Girl Re- serves 3, 4: Dramalics Club 4: G. A. A, I: H. S. Ollice Assl. 2: H. R. V. Pres. 3: Honor Sludy Hall Monilor 4: Glee Club 2: Choral Club 4. Cochran, CharlesvGeneral, Cochran, John-General. A Club I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I, 3, 4: Monilor 3. Cochran, Keilh-College Prep. Class V. Pres. 4: Cheer- leader 4: X-Ray Slalf 2, 3, 4, Aclverlising Mgr. 3, 4: An- nual Adverlising Mgr. 4: Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: H. R. Pres. 2: Dean's Assl. 3: Publicalions Rep. 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 4: Bd. of Direclors lTom Toml 3, 4: General Chr. Sr. Week Aclivilies 4: Chr. Prom Publicily Comm. 3. Collings, John-Bus. Ed. H, R. Pres. I: Glee Club 2, 3. Condon, Miclrey-Tech. Torch Club I, 2: HI-Y 3, 4: Conservarion Club 2: Dramalics Club 4: A Club 4: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Baskefball I, 2: Track 2: Class V, Pres. I, 3: H. R. Pres. 2, 3: Welfare Comm. 2. 3, 4, Chr. 4: Chr. Prom Band Comm 3: Jr. Execulive Comm.: Chr. Band Comm. Informal Dance 4: Monilor 3. Connelly, Rozella-Bus. Ed. Honor Sociely 3, 4. Cooper, Rufh-General. Counceller, Vida-+General. Monilor 4: Girl Reserves I. Jang Cywney Kafhleen Childers Paul Claus Bill Clem Frances Clemenis -'while Clww Dos-ix Chfford Charles Cochran John Coclvr Km coenfsn Jann caring, Mkkey Co as Rozclla Connelly Rufh Cooper Vida Counce Seniors Craib, DalefPre-App, Candy Siand 4. Craib, Paul- Tech. Sludeni Council 33 Band I, 2. Crcsfhwaife, Gordon +Colleqe Prep. l.ib. Assf. I, 2, 3: Dean's Assi. I. L Dale Cvaib Paul Cfaib Gordon Crosthwaiie 5 j Croxion, Rex-College Prep. Physics Lab. Assl. 4. Cum- mins, John-Tech. Sludeni Council 4: Hi-Y 4: Conserva- lion Club Ii Candy Siand 43 Moniior 4. Davenporf, Mar- iorie-Voc. Home Ec. Moniior 3: Glee Club 2: Gym Assi. 4. Ku Cooxton . John Cumming Marioric Davenport. nr? Davis, Ellen-Bus. Ed. Davis, Frances-College Prep. War Elforls Comm. 2, 3: Jr. Red Cross I: Jr. Execulive Comm.: Girls' lnler-class Aclivilies Comm. 41 G. A, A. l. Davis, Marianna-General. G. A. A. I, Davis, Mary Anna-General. Lab. English Assi. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4. Davis, Peggy-General. Sr. Class Play 4: Girl Reserves 4: G. A. A. 4. Denny, Richard-Tech. Baseball 3, 4: Baslceiball-Foofball Mgr. 4: Sludenl Council 4: Hi-Y 3, 47 Torch Club 23 Conservation Club l, 2, 3: H. R. V. Pres. 3: Loclcer Office Assl. 3: Chr, Boys' lnler- class Aciiviiies Comm. 3: Sr.-Faculfy Dance Comm. 4. M-VY K - P2991 DMS Richard Dm-y Dillon, Marian-Voc. Home Ec. Difllinger, Inez-General. Dobson, Beffy-College Prep. Drive-ln Thealer Parly Comm. 43 Monilor 3, 4: Class Jewelry Comm. 21 Girl Reserves I, 2, 4: H. R. Sec.-Treas. I: H. R. V. Pres, 3: Siudeni' Assr. 2, 3. 7 M21 Dmllnqe' Gem Dobson L.. .. .. . .. M W I 946 Dollar, Paul-Pre-App. H. R. Pres. 2. Dollens, Jamese Tech. Hi-Y 3: Torch Club I, 2: H, R, V. Pres. I: H. R. Pres 2, 4: Monilor 2: Science Club 3. Downey, Wayne- Pre-App. H. R. V. Pres. 2, Dunbar, Donna-General. G.A.A. I, 4: Girl Reserves I: Gym Assl. 4. Dunn, Harry-General. Publicalions Rep. 2, 3, 4. Dunn, Lilas-General. Commercial Assl. 3, 4: Girl Reserves I, 2. Edelson, Ben-Pre-App. H. R. V. Pres. 4: Monilor 3: Track I: Sludenl Council 2: War Efforls Comm. 2. Ed- monson, Anne-General. Girl Reserves 3, 4: Jr, Red Cross 3. Edmonson, Roberl-Pre-App. War Eflorls Comm. 2. Eldridge, Jaclr-General. Hi-Y 4: Torch Club 2: Foolball 2: Track 2. Ellison, Joanne-Bus, Ed. Visual Aids Asst 4. Englemann, Offo-General. Eulsler, Doris-Bus. Ed. Trades-lnduslry Assl. 4. Eufsler, Laramine-General. Gym Assf, 4. Evans, Harry-Gem eral. Publicalions Rep. 3, 4, P.uo.,i1.r ' i Jemeslllollens K Www Dew Donna om... A Hwy ow. ,um Dunn Ben Edelxon Anne Edmomon Reber! Edmo 4' sf' Jack manage Joanne Ellison one enqeim Doris Eulslw Lwemnw Emile: Hurry Eva Cp, 5 Jack Farley HWY F-'f 'f Bill Fidler Frank Finley Neem Fisher Mafgsfsr N J F g,.r,,,, puny, Ls., JW mi.. Q ,SCVIIOIS Everman, Chrisflure-App. Farley, Jaclc-General. A Club 4: Foorball 2: Track 2: Baseball I. Farmer, Harry- Tech. Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Class Pres. 3: Sluclenl Council I: Execulive Coun- cil 3, 4: A Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Pep Sessions Comm, 3: Nalional Afhlelic Scholarship Sociely 3, 4: Sr. Informal Dance Comm. 4: I-lead Ivlonilor 3: Jr. Execulive Comm.: Sludenl Ivlonilor Comm. 4. Faulkner, Anne-General. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: Monilor 2, 4: Sr. Thealer Parry Comm, 4: Lib. Ass'I. 2. Fidler, Bill-Tech. Track 2: Golf 3, 4: Torch Club 2: Conservarion Club 2, 3: Jr. Execulive Comm.: Prom Comm. 3: Sr, Execurive Comm.: Monilor 2, 3: Chr, Sr. Regisrralion Comm. 4. Finley, FranIc4Pre-App. Band I, 2, 3, Fish, Jack-Pro-App. Fisher, Elizaberh-General. Glee C'u'9 2, 3: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3: Ivlonilor 3, 4: Vicrory Comm. 4. Fisher, MargareI7GeneraI. I-Ionor Sociely 3, 4: Dean's Assl. I, 2, 3, 4: G, A, A. I, 2, 3, 4. Fihsimmons, Norma-General. G. A. A. I, 2. Folsom, Bernice-General. Fosier, JoAnn-Bus. Ed. I-Ionor So- ciely 4: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: Monilor 4: Jr. Red Cross 2: Girls' Council I, 2, 3: I-I. S. Office Assf. 3. Fox,Norma Jean-Bus. Ed. Monilor 4: Girl Reserves I. 2, 4: Book Club 3, 4: Lib. Assr. 2, 3, 4. Fuller, Evelyn-Voc. Home Ec. Fuller, Lois June-General. Girl Reserves 4: G. A. A. 4: Moniror 3. ' 1 946 Gaulaer, Gloria-General. Girl Reserves I: Clofhing Assf, 2: Display Comm. 2. Gaunl, Marfha Ann4ColIeqe Prof. Fludenf Council 4: Honor Sludy Hall Monilor 3: Honor Sociely 3: War Eliorls Comm. 2, 3: H. S. Olfice Assl. 2, 3: Book Exchange Comm. 2, 3, 4, Chr. 3. Genda, Dor- o+hy--Bus. Ed. Band I, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 2: G. A. A. 2, 4: Commercial Assl. 3, 4. Genda, Joan--Bus. Ed. Honor Sociely 3, 4: G. A. A. 2, 4: Sr. Execulive Comm.: Lib, Assl, 2, 4: Commercial Assl. 4. Gepharf, Max-General. X-Ray Slaif 4: Torch Club I, 2: H. R. Pres. I: H. R. V. Pres. 2, 3, 4: Baskef- ball I: Track I, 2: Conservalion Club I, 2: Publicalions Rep. I, 2, 3: Sr. Informal Dance Comm. 4: Ivlonifor 4. Gepharl, MiIcIredYColleqe Prep. War Eflorfs Comm. I, 2: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3: Lib, Assl. I, 2: X-Ray Slafi I: Girls' Inlereclass Aclivifies Comm. 4. Gibson, Roberl--Tech. Goll 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Track Mgr. 2: Torch Club I, 2, Sec. 2: Baskefball I: H. R. Pres, 4: Publicafions Rep. 2: Prom Comm. 3: Ivlonilor 3: Safely Comm. 4. Ginder, Wanda--General. Glee Club 2, 3: Girl Reserves I. Givens, Ruih--Bus. Ed. H. R. V. Pres, 2: Jr. Red Cross 4: Commercial Assl, 4. Glover, Rufh-College Prep. Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Mad- riqal Club 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3: H. R. Pres. 2, 3: Prom Band Comm. 3. Gooding, Phyllis-Voc, Home Ec. Girl Reserves I. Goodwin, Eileen-Bus. Ed. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. I, 2: Biology Asst 3: Jr. Red Cross I. Gowen, Phyllis-General. Girl Reserves I. Goyer, Mari- Iyn+Bus, Ed. H. R, Sec.-Treas. 2, 4: Lib. Assl. 2, 4: Girl Reserves I: G. A. A. I: Biology Assl. 4: Book Club 3. Graham, Ella-Bus. Ed. Fashion Design Club I: I.ib. Assl, 2, 3: Biology Assl. 2: Orchesfra I. Gloria Gai-km Mmhd Ann C5-.fum Darofhy Send ' .-.. . ..,...,-I Ruben eww. wma. Ginder I . WI' GW Ruth Glover Phyllis Gooding Eiieen Gocdwi phyiii, cm.. Marilyn ew, sn., ef.-I..-I1 Roby, Grange, Ruben Gram Arlene Gray Dons ony Edward ew, Cv' Gres' if rm efmrsna Margery efegcry Psi Griffin I Peggy Guvln ' Berry Gwinn J,,,,,,,,, g..,,,,, Rosemarie Haier Joan Haiev John Hall Seniors Granger, Reber?-Pre-App. Sludenl Council 2, 3: Torclr Club I, 2: Jr. Red Cross 4. Gran+, Roberf-Tech.Torcl1 Club I, 2: Hi-Y 4: Science Club 4: Conservalion Club 2: Class Day Decoralions Comm. 4: Candy Slancl 3, 4: l-l. R. Pres.3. Gray, Arlene--General, Girl Reserves 2, 4: War Ellorls Comm, 4. Gray, Dona-College Prep. Lib. Assi. I, 2, 3: Chemislry Assr. 4. Gray, Edward-Pre-App. Jr.Red Cross 2. Greek, Carl-General. Greenland, Pa!-General. Class Sec. 4: I-lonor Sociery 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: I-I, R, Pres. 3: Publicalions Rep. I, 2: I-lead Moniror 4: Book Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Deans Assr. 2. Gregory, Margarel'-General. Cniffin, Fai-Voc. Home Ec. Gusiin, Peggy-College Prep. Jr. Red Cross 2, 3: Boolr Club 3, 4: Lib. Assr. 4: Biology Assf. 4: Dean's Assl. 4: Girl Reserves 4: H. R, V. Pres. I: Moniror 2. Gwinn, Be'H'y -General. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: Book Club 3, 4: Lib. Assr. 4: Glee Club 3. Gwynn, Joanna-General. Girl Reserves I. Haler, Rosemarie-General, Haley, Joan-General. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4: Band 2, 3: G. A. A. 3, 4. Hall,John-4Tecl'1. Hi-Y 3, 4, Treas. 4: Torch Club I, 2: Foolball 3: Viclory Comm, 4: Monilor 4: H. R, Pres. l. 2, 3. IO6 1 946 Ilamillon, Charles-Tech, Hamillon, Jo Ann-Voc. Home fc. Hancoclc, Jeannine+Colleqe Prep. Choral Club 3, 4: Girl Reserves 4: H, R. Pres. I: Jr. Red Cross 4: Sr. Picnic Comm. 4: Glee Club 3: Chemislry Assl. 4. Handley Lee-Tech. Class Pres. 2, 4: Execulive Council 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Golf 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross I: Jr. Conservalion I, 2: Public Welfare Comm, 2, 3: Bd. ol Direclors ITom Toml 3, 4: Prom Comm. 3. Hannaford, Roberf-College Prep. Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: X-Ray Slall 3, 4, Page Ed. 4: Chr. Pep Sessions Comm. 4: I-lonor Sociely 3, 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Sr. Execulive Comm.: Lillle Chief Edilorial Board 3: Torch Club I, 2: Sludenl Council I: Execulive Council 2: Prom Relreshmenls Comm. 3: Co-chairman Class Day Comm, 4. Harless, Jack-Pre-App. X-Ray Produclion 3, 4: Annual Produclion 3, 4. Hvrison, Georgia-General, Girl Reserves I, 2. Harvey, Bill-General. X-Ray Slall 3, 4, Page Ed. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4, V. Pref.. 4: Sludenl Council 2, 3: Torch Club I, 2: V. Pres. 2: Monilor 2, 3, 4: Chr, Clubs Comm. 4: Thealer Parry Comm. 4: I-I. R, Sec.-Treas. 4. Ha'I'ch, Arlo-Gem eral. Jr. Execulive Comm.: Sr. Execulive Comm. Halfield, Maxine-Voc. Home: Ec. Candy Sland 3, 4. Halhcoal, Glendavlfius. Ed. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3. Haw- ley, Barbara-College Prep. Bolhell I-I, S. I, 2, 3: Band 4. Heiney, Helen-General, Girl Reserves I, 3: G. A. A. 3: Monilor 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3: Slamp Sales Assl. 4. Helberl, Belly Lou-General. Lib. Assf. I: Glee Club 2, 4: Girl Reserves I. Helfrich, Marlha-General. Girl Reserves 3, 4: Book Club 4: Dean's Assl, 4. IO7 sn I9 am Helmic amfi, em-.amen new MM, Hensley else Hem.: Marqarei Haggzm sen: Jaw Herman... y Horfmseef warrefa Holloway am Hopxam I Warren Huff , Doris Huffman Don Hughni we HUPPYY ' Louan Hosier i 'Ink Ho e 5' Seniors Helmic, Bill-College Prep. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Jr. Conservalion Club I, 2: Dean's Assf. 2: H. R. V. Pres. 2, 4: Monilor 4. Henderson, Beverly-College Prep. Choral Club 3, 4: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2: I-I. R. Sec. I: IvIoni+or 3, 4: G. A, A. I: Prom Queen Alfendanl 3: Sr. Inlormal Dance Comm. 4. Hens- Iey, Rose Marv-Bus Ed. H. S. Office Assf. 4: Girl Re- serves 4: War Eiforfs Comm. I, 2, 3. Herrel, Elsie-Voc. Home Ec. Glee Club I, 2. Higgins, Marqarei-Bus. Ed. Hillilrer, BeHy Jean-Voc, Home Ec. English Dept Assl. 3, 4. Iloffmasfer, Be'Hy-Bus. Ed. I-I. R.Sec,-Trees. 2, 3: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3: Girls' Infer-class Aclivilies Comm. 3: Slamp Sales Assl. 4. Holloway, Wilford-Pre-App, Fool- ball 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I, 2, 3: A Club 3, 4: Hi-Y 3,4: H. R. Pres. 4: Traclc I, 2: Band I: Torch Club I, 2: Prom Queen Comm. 3. Hopkins, Bill-PrefApp, Hopper, Imogene-Voc. Home Ec. Hosier, Louan-Voc. Home Ec. Howensfine, Jack-College Prep. Sludenl Council Reading Clerk 4: Jr, Execulive Comm.: Head Monilor 4: Chr. Sr. Senior-Eaculfy Band Comm. 4: Dra- malics Club 4, V. Pres.: Sr, Swealer Comm, 4: Torch Club I, 2, Huff, Warren-Pre-App. Sr. Execurive Comm.: Track I. Huffman, Doris-Bus. Ed. Hughel, Don-College Prep. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Monilor 2, 3, 4, 1 946 Hull Marvin,-College Prep. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I. Hulse, James-Pre-App. Machine Shop 3, 4. Humphrey, Roberf-General. Baseball 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball 2: Cross Counlry 3: Hi-Y 4: Torch Club 27 A Club 3, 4: H. R. V, Pres.2: H. R. Sec.-Treas. 3: XfRay Sfall 4: War Ei- lorls Comm. 4. Hunl, Joanna-Voc. Home Ec. Hunler, Morlon-Coh lege Prep. Bloominglon H. S. I, 2: Sr, Class Play Slaqe Mgr. 4: Dramalics Club 4: Sr. Facully Band Comm. 4. Hunfzinger, Marybelle-General. Lapel H. S. I, 2, 3. Huflon, Jecl:-General. Camera Club I, 7, 3: Ushers Club l, 2, 3, 4: Conservalion Club I, 2, 3, llcasl, Rulhi General. Rapid Cily H. S., F, Dalcola I: Benson H. S., Omaha, Nebraska 3. lmel, Romona-Bus. Ed, Jr. Red Cross I: Glee Club l, 2. Jaclxey, Paf+General. Girl Reserves I: Glee Club 3: 6. A. A. I, 2, 4: Publlcalions Rep, 2: H. R. Sec.-Treas. 4. Jaclrson, Richard-Tech. Glee Club 3: Choral Club 3, 4: Sr. Class Play 4: Sr, Picnic Comm. 4: Science Club 4. Jarreif, Cafherine-General, Jr. Red Cross 3, 4. Jes:up, Lenora-Bus. Ed. Jones, LewisfCollege Prep. Sludenl Council I, 2: Monilor 3, 4: Dean's Assl. 3, 4. Jones, Mariorie--General. S-lamp Sales Assl. 4: Jr, Red Cross 2: G. A. A. l. Marvin Hull James Hulse Reber! Humphrey Human onion Hunk: Mufybelle Hum- Ruth wsu l Rama-M Ima! P 9 Jackey Richard Jackson Cnharine Jan-eve Lew. Jump Lew.. Jones M.f,.,,,. IW peggy JON., Jim Karr Alber? Kearns ms.. Lang Jsmefe Langley nm. Lawlev Y , ,, , Y , , , , Y , Seniors Jones, Peggy-General. Karr, Jim7Pre-App. Kearns, Alberl-Voc. Ag, Kempher, Belly lee-fl3us. Ed. C. A. A, I, 2: Girl Re- serves 3, 4: Mr, E, Tocld's Assl. 3, 4: Commercial Assl, 4: VVar Eflorls Comm. 2, 3. Kelner, JoefCollege Prep. Track I, 2, 3, 4: Foolbell 3, 4: Sludenl Council 4: A Club 3, 4, I-Ii-Y 47 Honor Sludy I-lall Monilor 43 Sr. AC- livilies Comm, 4: I-I. R, V, Pres. I, 3. Key, Jane?-Voc. Home Ec. Girl Reserves 41 Sluclenl Assl. 2, 3. King, Ted-Pre-App. Band I, 2, 3, 4. Kleyla, Donna- College Prep. X-Ray Slaff 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2, 4: G. A, A. I, 2: Monilor 4: Lib. Assl. 2, 4: l-I. R. Sec.-Trees. l: l-I. R. V, Pres. 2: Sr. Week Publicily Comm. 4: Lalin Club 2. Koob, Marlin-General. Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Kramer, Barbara-Bus. Efl. Girl Reserves Ig G, A. A. I: Publicalions Rep. 4. Kuklenski, Helen-Bus. Ed. X-Ray Slalf 3, 4. Lacey, Charles-Tech. Science Club 3, 4, Pres. 47 Torch Club 27 Publicalions Rep. 3. Lang, Janine-General. Girl Reserves 3, Langley, Jea- neH'e-General. Cazenovia H, S., New York I, 2, 3. Lawler, Don-Bus. Ed. Monilor 4. I 946 Lazenby, Alice-General. Girl Reserves I, 2, 4: Glee Club 2. Leasure, Mary Lou-General. Girl Reserves I, 2, Leafherman, Bob-Tech. Torch Club 2, 3: H. R. Pres. 2, 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Sr. Facully Dance Comm. 4: War Eliorls Comm, 2, 3: Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3. Ledger, Mahlie Lou-General. Ben Davis H. S. Indiana- polis I: Commercial Assl, 4. Leedom, EvereII+Bus. Ed. LeMonde, Cora-General. Girl Reserves I, 2: G. A. A. I, 2, 3: Lab, English Assl. 4: Phys. Ed, Assl. I. -Lennis, Mardelle-Bus. Ed. Honor Sociely 3: Monilor 2: Biology Assl. 3: Slamp Sales AMI. 3: Dean's Assl. 4. Levi, Joan-Voc. Home Ec. Lewcllyn, Gerald-General. Ushers Club I, 2, 3: Publicalions Rep. 3, 4. Lewellen, Mary Lee-College Prep. X-Ray Sfall 3, 4, Page Ed. and Edilor-in-Chief 4: Commencemenl Speaker 4: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Chr. Convocafions Comm. 4: Execulive Council 4: Miniwanca Council 2, 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Dramalics Club 4: Jr. Red Cross I, 3: Lab. English Assf. 2: Lib, Assl. 2: CU-chairman Sr. Class Day 4: Rolary Speech Winner lLocaI and Groupl 3: I. H. S. P. A. 4. Lewis, James-Pre-App. Jr. Red Cross I: Publicalions Rep. I. Linville, Joan-College Prep. Sr. Class Treas.: Indian Lilerary Edilor 4: Sludenl Council 3: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, Pres. I, 2: Cnnvocalions Comm, 3, 4: H. S. Office Assl. 2, 3: Honor Sludy Hall Monilor 4: H. R. Sec,-Trees. 4. Long, Phyllis-College Prep. Sludenl Council 4: G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves I, 3, 4: Monilor 3: Biology Assl. 4: Jr, Red Cross 3: Chr. Girls' Inler-class Aclivilies Comm. 4. Loose, Bil'-Pre-App. A Club 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: H. R. Pres. I: Jr, Execulive Comm.: Science Club 3: Publicalions Rep. 4. Loudenback, Nor- man-General Hi-Y 4, Phyllis Lower BEII Lumen RGIJBVI I-Uffof' Barham Lyn June Lyn Rschud Mcflampbeli Bill Mcoanael Richard Mcowel Jean Mcboweu ,-,,,,c,,., Mcgraw, vafgsf-as Mamie, Gene McMeh-w ,ff John Mckdehan vzfqrnzs Mauser veim Wham Seniors Lower, PI'1yIIis7C-Bene-ral. Luffon, Dill-Tech. LuH'on, Rob- err--Pre-App. LysI', Barbara-General. Prom Band Comm. 3: Girl Rc- serves I, 2, 3, 4: Decoralions Comm, Sr. Facullv Dance 4: War Eilorls Comm. 41 Publicaiions Rep. 2, 3i X-Ray Srall 37 Monilor 27 Lib. Assl. 2. Lys'I, June-General. Girl Reserves I. McCampbeII, RicI1ard7TecI'r, Monilor 4. McDaniel, BIII-Tech. War Eiiorls Comm. 37 Execulive Council 3: Monifor 4: I'I. R, V. Pres. 4: Welfare Comm, 41 Sfudenl Assf. 4. McDaniel, Richard-Tech. McDowell, Jean-General. Girl Reserves I, 2: G. A. A. I, 2, 3: Viclory Comm. 47 Sr. Regislralion Comm. 4. McEIderry, France:--College Prop. Glo: C'ub I, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: Orclweslra I: G. A. A, Ig Spanish Club I. McKinley, Virginia-General. McMaI1an, Gene I-Ii-Y 3, 4: I-I. R. Pres. 4: War Eliorla Comm 2: S'lucI3m' Assl, 3, 4. McMaI':an, Johnfpre-App. McNeal, Virginia--Voc. I-Iome EC. G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 2. IVIa5biI'I, Velma YBU' CCI ' -2 . II2 Seniors Malone, RayfGeneraI. Commencemenl Speaker 4: Hon- or Sludy Hall Monilor 4: A Club 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3: Madriqal Club 2, 3, 4: Honor Sociely 4: Convocalions Comm. 4: Monilor 3: Chr. Class Play H, R. Pres. 2, 3, 4: Science Club 4: Lalin Club 2: Con- servalion Club 3: Locker Ollice Assl. 2: Dean's Assl. 2: Quarlelle 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Glee Club 2: Operella 2: Baskefball I: Foolball 2. Manifold, Charles-Gem eral. Lapel H. S. I, 2: Ivlonilor 4. Marsh, Barbara Lee -Voc, Home Ec. Jr. Red Cross 4. Marsh, MariIynfBus. Ed. Lib. Assl. 2, 3: Girl Reserves 2. Marshall, Marilyn-Voc. Home Ec. Gym Assl, 4: Home Ec. Assl. 4. Marlin, Junice-College Prep. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4, Sec, 4: Science Club 3: H. R. Sec.- Treas. 2, 4: Book Club 2: Sr. Facully Dance Comm. 4. Mafher, Bonnie Lee-College Prep. Camera Club 2, 3, Maul, WaynefGeneraI. Track I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Torch Club I,2, Treas.2: Dramalics Club 4: Sluclenl Council I, 2: X-Ray Slall 3: H. R. V. Pres. I, 4: Miniwanca Council 3, 4: Publicalions Rep. I: Prom Queen Comm, 3: Lillle Chief Ediforial Slall 3: Science Club 4: Honor Sludy Hall Mon- ilor 4. Maynard, Jewell-General. Girl Reserves 3, 4. Meneslrina, Don7GeneraI. Sr. Class Play 4. Meyer, Barbara--General. Syracuse, New York, H, S. I, 2, Michael, Roberf-General. Michel, Ro:siCoIIege Prep. Hi-Y 3, 4, Pres. 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4, V. Pres, 3, 4: Honor So- ciely 3,4 V. Pres. 4: Sludenl Council I, 2: Sr. Class Play 4: Pep Sessions Comm. 3, 4: Clubs Comm. 2: Locker Oilice Assl, 2: Chr. Drive-In Thealer Parly Comm. 4: Head Monilor 3: Torch Club I, 2: Annual Slalf 3, 4. Ivliley, Evelyn-Bus. Ed. Miller, Lou Ann-General. Dra- malics Club 4: Sr. Class Play Comm. 4: Sr, Class Play 4: Girl Reserves 4: Clubs Comm. 4: Safely Comm. 3: H. R. Pres, I: G. A. A. I: Prom Comm. 3: Lib. Assl. 4: Chr. Thealer Parly Comm. 4. Ray Malone Charles Manilold Barbara Lee Mars Msfnyn Marsh Marilyn Marshall min Mama I .un ,,.... 4 om. Msmlran. serum Meyer ' assed Michael Rags Michel Evelyn Miley Lou Ann Millar oisa., Mau, A De-Ioris Minnie.. Don Mmm piwyggs Mmgm, June Mormon Susie Movfo Seniors Mills, Oleda-General. H. S. Office Assl. 2, 3: Dean's Assl. I: Girl Reserves 3: Viclory Comm, 2, 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Monilor 2, 4: Chr. Gill Comm. 4. Min- niear, Deloris-General. Lib. Assl. 4: Spanish Club 4: Girl Reserves 4. Minion, Don-Tech. Camera Club 2. Misner, BeH'yYGeneral. Commercial Assr. 3, 4. Mif- chell, Dorothy-College Prep. Glee Club I: Girl Re- serves I: Lalin Club 2. Monroe, Wilma-General. Moomey, Doris--College Prep. Dramalics Club 4: Jr. Class Treas.: Choral Club 3: Girl Reserves I, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 2: Jr. Execulive Comm.: Sr. Class Play 4: Sr. Informal Dance Comm. 4: Glee Club 2: Monilor 2, Moore, Belly Jane-Bus. Ed. Girl Reserves I. Moore, Roberf-College Prep. Golf 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: l'li-Y 3, 4: Sludenl' Council 3: Locker Office Assl. l, 2: Torch Club I, 2: Track I, 2: Nalional Afhlelic Scholarship So- ciely 3, 4. Morehouse, Russell-General. Moniror I. Moreland, Carol-Bus. Ed. Girl Reserves I, 2: G. A. A. I. Moreland, Tom-General. Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2:Traok I: Class V, Pres. 2: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Execulive Council 4: Chr. Prom Decoralions Comm. 3: Chr. Decoralions Comm. Sr. Faculiy Dance 4: Na+- ional Alhlelic Scholarship Sociely 3, 4: Monilor 3. Morgan, PhyllisgGeneral. Glee Club 2: I-l. R, Sec.-Treas. I, 2, 3, 4: Biology Assf. 3. Morrison, June-Bus. Ed. Jr. Red Cross 3. MoHo, Susie-General. Choral Club 4: I-I. R. V. Pres. 2: Glee Club 2. 1 946 Nave, Ralph-Pre-App. Neff, Agnes-Bus. Ed. Candy Sland 4: Sludenl' Assl. 3. Nelson, Beverly-College Prep. Sr. Class Play 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Sr. Informal Dance Comm. 4: Convocalions Comm, 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Lalin Club 3, Treas.: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: Pub- licafions Rep. I: Sludenl Assf. I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Place Comm. Prom 3: Slamp Sales Assl. 4. Newsom, Clarice-General. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4. Niccum, Mary-Bus. Ed. Nichols, Charles-College Prep. Lalin Club 2, 3, V. Pres. 2: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Lab, English Assl. 2, 3, 4: Miniwanca Council 3, 4:Torch Club I, 2: War Elforls Comm. 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3: Slamp Sales Assl. 4. Norfon, Jo Anne-College Prep. Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves I, 2: Prom Band Comm. 3: Sr. Day Comm. 4: Monilor 3. Ogden, Bill-Tech. A Club 3, 4: Nal- ional Alhlelic Scholarship Sociely 3, 4: Candy Sland 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Monilor I, 2, 3: Honor Sludy Hall Mon- ilor 4: Dean's Assl. 2, 3. Ohler, Rufh-Bus. Ed. Olelc, Doris-General. Trades-Induslry Office Assl, 3. Onsfoll, Beffie Ann-Voc. Home Ec. Girl Reserves 2: Publicalions Rep. 3: Jr. Red Cross 2: Monilor 3, 4, Owens, Pafly-Bus. Ed. Girl Reserves I: Glee Club 3, 4: Mon- ilor 4: Commercial Assl. 4: Regislralion Comm. Girls' Inler-class Aclivilies 4, Painler, Mary-Bus. Ed. Glee Club 2: Camera Club I: Girl Reserves I: Sfudenl Assf. I. Palmer, Belly-Bus. Ed. Prom Queen Allendanl' 3: H, R. Sec.-Treas. I, 2: Girl Reserves I, 4: Viclory Comm. 4: Chr. Swealer Comm. 3: lnvilalions and Chaperones Comm. 3: Band Comm. ln- formal Dance 4: Monilor 2, 3: Commercial Assl. 4. Para- more, Shirley-College Prep. X-Ray Slalf 2, 3, 4, Page Ed. 4: Jr. Red Cross 2: Girl Reserves 4: lnvilalions and Chaperones Comm. 4: Monilor 4. J., Anne Ncrion sm oqaen am. om owes oven sense AM owen Fairy ow. Mary Palmer Berry Palmer shades, Pam Seniors Parfinglon, Jim7Pre-App. Sr. Class Play: Science Club 4: Camera Club 3: Dean's Assl. 4. Paschal, Corrine- Bus. Ed. G. A. A. I: Girl Reserves I: Commercial Assf. 4, PaHerson, Orville-Pre-App. Jr. Red Cross 4. Pavey, Mary Alice-Vac. Home Ec. Display Case Comm. 3: Visual Aids Assr. 4: Lab. English Assl. 3: Monilor 4: Glee Club 2: Candy Sland 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3: G. A. A. I, 2: Phys. Filness Asst 4. Pearson, Mary Helen- General. Delphi H. S. I, 2. Pearson, Phyllis--College Prep. Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, 4: H. S, Office Assl, 2, 4: Candy Srand 4: Girl Reserves I: Chr. Invilalions and Chaperones Comm. Sr. Facully Dance 4: Slamp Sales Assr, 4, Pelers, Norman-Tech. Indian Mascol 3, 4: Pep Sessions Comm, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Torch Club 2: Baslcelball I:TracIc I, 2: H. R. Pres. 2, 3: Viclory Comm. 4: Head Monilor 4: Ivlonilor 3: Honor Srudy Hall Monilor 3. Peflis, Belly- General. Phillips, Jane Ann-General. Prom Queen 3: Monilor Comm. 3, 4, Chr. 4: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3: Invi- Ialions and Chaperones Comm. Prom 3: Chr. Chaperone Comm. Informal Dance 4: H. R. Pres. 3: H. R. V. Pres. I, 2: Monilor 3, 4: Head Monilor 4: Commercial Assl. 4. Pierson, Sunny-College Prop. Honor Sociely 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Ivlonilor 3: Sludenl Council I, 2: Publicalions Rep. 4: Gill Comm, 4: Lib. Assl. 4: Chemisrry Assl. 4. Pike, Phyllis-General. Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Accomp. Glee Club 2, 3: Dean's Assl. I, 2: Biology Assr, 4: Monilor 2, 3. Piifenqcr, Da'-Voc. Ag. Torch Club 2: F. F, A. I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, Pros. 4: Monilor 2: Baseball 4. Poole, Ruby-General. Girls' Inler-class Aclivilies Comm. 3, Powless, Earl-College Prep. Hi-Y 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: H. R. Pres. 3, 4: H. R. V. Pres. 2: Pholographer X-Ray and Indian 3, 4: Prom Queen Comm, 3: Jr, Execulive Comm.: Monilor 3: Drive-In Thealer Parly Comm. 4: Camera Club 2: Jr. Conservalion Club 2: Torch Club 2. Prafer, Iwlarfha-Voc. Home Ec. Girl Reserves 4. 1 946 Precup, David-Tech. Torch Club 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Class Pres, I: Execulive Council I, 2: Sr. Execufive Comm.: Jr. Recl Cross I: Glee Club 2: Sr. Class Play 4: Honor Sfudy Hall Monilor 4: Ivlonilor 3: Dean's Assl. I, 2. Priesf, Jo Ann-College Prep. Girl Reserves I: Glee Club 2: Mon- ilor 4. Proluos, Mary-General. Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Maclrigal Club 3, 4: Execufive Council 4, Sec.: Girl Re- serves I, 2, 3, V. Pres. 3: Class Sec. I: G. A. A. I: Glee Club 2: Pep Sessions Comm. 2: Prom Invilafions Comm. 3: Place Comm. Sr. Facully Dance 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4, Sec. 4: Lib. Assl. 2: lvlonilor 2: Honor Sludy Hall Mon- ilor 4, PucIceH, Rex-Pre-App. Honor Sociely 4. Pusey, Susanna -College Prep. Girl Reserves 3: H. R. V. Pres. 3: Mon- i+or 3, 4. Ragsdale, Bob--Tech. Hi-Y 4: H, R. Sec.- Treas. 4: lvlonilor 4. Raper, Marion+Pre-App. Traclc 2, 3, 4: A Club 4. Rawlings, Dorcfhy-General. Glee Club 2, 4. Recior, Dorofhy Ann-General, Lib, Assl. 2. Reed, Ralph-Pre-App. Reveal, Pai'-General. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Choral Club 4: Dramalics Club 4: Girl Re- serves 3, 4: Glee Club 2: G. A. A. I: Biology Ass+. 3: Slamp Sales Assi. 4: Monitor 4: Sr, Class Play 4. Rey- nolds, Beverly-General. l.aIIn Club 3: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3: Biology Assl. 2: Sr. Week Comm. 4. Rhodes, Warren-Tech. Publicafions Rep. I, 2: War E+'- iorls Comm. 2, 3: H. R. V. Pres. 3: Sfudenl Mgr. I, 2: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 4: Cheerleader 3: Pep Sessions Comm. 3: Band Comm, Prom 3: Sr, Class Play 4: Chr. Class Day Comm. 4. Rhynearson, Hal-College Prep. Spanish Club 4, Pres.: Science Club 4: Locker Office Asst I, 2, 3: Baslcelball I, 2. Richardson, Mary-General, David Pfewp Jo Ann raw Mary mrs Mm... usp., Dorothy nswia.-qs Dowfhv Arm RQ, ,.,,,,.,, - sw... Posey ass R.g.d.i R,,p,, Reed PM Reveal Beverly Revrold www Rhodes use mnvmffm Mm Richards s e Red ,-mm., Raffle Hwy Riqqlv Lillian Riggs Bob Rifle: Dick Rubens Phil Rosnberfy ben Roseberry Helen Rave' sen, Ry... air ny... any Rm Donald Sandevs Rufh San ers Seniors Riffle, Arlhur--College Prep. Riggle, Belly-Bus. Ecl. Maiorelle 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves I, 4: Book Club 2: G. A. A. I, 3. Riggs, Lillian-College Prep. Rilfer, Bob-General. Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3.4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: A Club 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Sludenl Council 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Nalional Alhlelic Scholarship Sociely 3, 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Choral Club 3, 4: Execulive Council 4: Jr. Conservalion Club I: Co-chair- man Class Picnic 4: Prom Dale and Eliqibilily Comm. 3: Torch Club I, 2: Honor Sludy Hall Monilor 4. Rober'I's, Dick-Tech. Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2: Golf 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: A Club 2, 3, 4: H, R. Pres. I, 2, 3: Monilor 3, 4: Vicfory Comm. 4: Sr. Aclivilies Comm. 4. Roseberry, Phil-COL lege Prep. Roseberry, Rober'r- General. Royer, Helen -College Prep. Ryan, Belly-Bus. Ed. Girl Reserves I: G. A. A. I, 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Commercial Assl. 4. Ryan, Bill-General, Traclc 4: Monilor 4. Ryan, PaHy-- General. Annual Slalf 3, 4, Eclilor-in-Chief 4, Assl. ECI. 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Biology Assl. 3, 4: Sr. Execulive Comm.: I. H. S, P. A. 3, 4: H. R. Sec.-Treas. 3: War Ef- lorls Comm. I: Drive-In Thealer Parly Comm. 4: Com- mercial Assl. 4. Sample, Zoe-College Prep. H. R, V. Pres. 3: G, A. A. I: Lalin Club 2: Jr. Executive Comm, Sanclers, Donald-Tech. Sanclers, Rulh-Voc. Home EC. Sanders, Velda-General. I 946 Saunders, Florene-College Prep. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Cho- ral Club 3, 4: Class Sec, 2, 3: I'I. R. Officer I, 2, 3: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Drama+ics Club 3: Book Club 2: G. A. A. I. Saunders, Lorene-College Prep. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2: G. A, A. I, 2, 3, 4: Dramalics Club 2: Book Club I, 2: Publi- calions Rep. I, 2: Monilor I, 2: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: X-Ray Adevrlising Assl. 2, 3, 4: Sr. Class Play. Sayers, Dan-General. Scampmorfe, Franlrie--College Prep. Siudenl Mgr. I, 2: X-Ray Sfall 3, 4: Sr, Week Comm. 4: Boys' Inler-class Aclivilies Comm. 4: House of Rep. I. Schelfon, Bob- General. Concord Twp, H. S. 2: Monilor 4. Schepper, Roland-Bus. Ed, Schmiff, Jane-General. Choral Club 4: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Assl. 2, 3, 4: Lib. Assl. 4: Candy Sland 2, 3: Glee Club I, 2: Chaperones Comm. 4: Sr. Class Play 4. Schuyler, Harold-General. Sells, Doris Jean- Colleqe Prep. X-Ray S+afI 3, 4, Edi'Ior-in-Chief 4, Page Ed. 3, Make-up Ed. 3: Sr. Class Play 4: Class Treas. I, 2: Sfudenl' Council 3: Execulive Council 4: War Eflorls Comm. 2: Miniwanca Council 4, Sec.: Prom Decoralions Comm. 3: I. I-I. S, P. A. 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2: G. A. A. I: I-'I.R.V. Pres. I: Lillle Chief Slall 3, 4: Sr. Faculfy Dance Comm. 4: Sr, Execulive Comm.: Lab. English Assl. 4. Sells, lone-General. Shaclzlelf, Ru+h-Voc. Home Ec. Girl Reserves 4. Sheedy, Evelyn-Voc. Home Ec. Jr. Red Cross 3, 4: Dean's Assl. 2. Sheefs, Phyllis-General. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3. Shelfon, Charles-Pre-App. Sheward, George-Pre-App. ,1-... , P Vricia Shuman Liliian Sibm.-1 Alice Shelove odrvw Si-vw , Jo Ann Sim mommy smm, ack Smwli Parrish: A. Smith Pmzeis P. Small. I dell Sfallord Rose Snhl Clyde giecyei Seniors Shuman, Pa+riciafGeneral. Girl Reserves I, 3: Publica- Iions Rep, I. Sibera, LiIIiangGeneraI. Sizelove, Alice- Voc. I-lome Ec. Deans Assl. 4: Girl Reserves I. Skaggs, Woodrow7Pre-App. Sloan, Jo Ann-Bus. Ed. Smi'rI'1, DoroII1y7General. Smiilm, Jack-Pre-App. Foolball I, 2, 3. Smilh, Pafricia A.1General. X-Ray Slall 4: Sludenr Assl. 4: Chr. Re- Ireslnmenls Comm, Informal Dance 4: Girl Reserves I, 4. Smilh, Pafricia F.-Bus. Ed. Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Council 4: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: War Ellorrs Comm. 3: X-Rav Slafl 2, 3, 4, Headline Ed, 2, 3, Assl. Ed. 4: Lillle Clwiel Slafl 3, 4, Co-Ed. 4: Clnr. Decoralions Comm. Prom 3: Cllr. Publicily Comm. Sr. Week 4: Saleh' Comm. 3, 4, Cnr. 4. Snyder, Nancy-General. Clweerleader 4: Pep Sessions Comm, 4: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 4. Spall, Naomi-General. Girl Reserves I, 2: G, A. A. I: War Ellorls Comm. 3: CI'1r. Girls' Inler-class Aclivilies 3. Spiegal, Barbara Sue-College Prep. Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas, 4: Regislralion Comm. Prom 3: X-Ray Slall 3: Publicalions Rep. I, 2, 3: Girl Reserves I, 2.4: Lib, Assr. I, 2, 4: G. A. A, I: Sr. Week Comm. 4: Guid- ance Ollice Assl, 2, 3. Siafford, Randall-College Prep. I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Torch Club 2: Track 2: Science Club 3, 4. Sfahl, Rose-Bus. Ed. Dean's Assl. 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 2, 3: H. R, Sec. I, 2: Commercial Assl, 4: Publicalions Rep. I, 2, 3. Sieckel, Clyde-College Prep. Commencemenf Speaker 4: I-Ionor Sociely 3, 4: Torch Club I, 2: Lalin Club 2: Annual Slall 3, 45 A. H.S. Debale Team 4: Srudenr Assl. 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. I, 2, 3, Pres. 4: Sludenl' Council I. 1 946 Sfeves, Treva-General. Sfewarf, Pal-College Prep. Sr. Class Play 4, Publicaliorvs Rep. 43 Sludenl Council IgXNar Eflorfs Comm, 2, Execulive Comm. 21 Dramalics Club 3, 4, Honor Sociely 4: Sr. Day Comm. 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. Slrassner, Jeanne-General. Glee Club 3, 4: Girl Reserves I, 2. Shock, Marilyn7Colleqe Prep. Clioral Club 3, 4: Mad- riqal Club 4: Sluclenl Council 41 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Lalin Club 2: H, R. Pres. 2. Sullivan, Phyllis-Voc. Home EC. Girl Reserves 2. Surber, Don! General. War Ellorls Comm. 2, Torclw Club I, 2: Tliealer Parry Comm. 4, Sylvesfer, Be'Hy-General. Girl Reserves I. Talley, Jim Pre-App, Sr. Class Play 4. Taylor, Cle'I'a-General. Girl Reserves I: Viclory Comm. 3. Taylor, Roberl-Tech. Loclfer Office Assl. 2, 3, 41 Plwysics Lab. Asst 4. Taylor, Roger-Preffxpp. Thayer, Louie- Teclw. Band I, 2, 3, Ali Torch Club I, 2: l-li-Y 3, 4: Con- servalion Club 27 l'l, R. V. Pres. I, 2, Publicalions Rep. 3: I-l. R. Sec.-Treas. 41 Band Comm. Sr. Facully Dance 4. Todd, Eleanor-College Prep, I-lonor Sociery 3, 47 Sci- ence Club 3: l-lead Monilor 3: Convocalions Comm. 2: Girl Reserves 2: Social Aclivilies Comm, I7 Jr. Red Cross 4: Viclory Comm. 4: Choral Club 3, 41 Glee Club 2. Toops, Beverly-General, l-l. R. Sec.-Treas. I, 2: Sr. Facully Dance Comm. 4: X-Ray Slall 43 Girls' lnler-class Aclivilies 4. Tracy, Bill-Pre-App. he rm., sms, varsinm Jeanne S9rass Myaiyf. sims min, suiizvsn nan sms., 3'-sans sim-y syimm Jim rum CIW TW' Roberi nyiaf Row T-WIC' LW? Tl Y Eleenm Todd Beverly Toops B1IlTracY o YVYV-- Glen ,,,,,,,,,,,,., Mas. me PafrialaTuIley Kirk Tupmsn Mary Leuise Turner Beatrice Ufferbaclr M... u.+,,f,.ci. .las vsncsmp Barr-Geez vm. Danna Mae Welher Don Ward Ramona Ward Seniors Tranbarger, Glen-Pre-App. H. R. Sec.-Treas. 2. Triclr, Mina-College Prep. G. A. A, I, 2, 3, 4: Slale Alhlelic Convenlion 3: Glee Club 2: H. R. Sec. I: X-Ray Slalf 3, 4, Page Ed. 4, Assl. Ed. 4: Lib, Assl, I, 2: Jr. Red Cross 3, 4, V. Pres. 4: l. H. S. P. A, 4: C-irl Reserves 2, 43 House of Rep. I. Tulley, Palricia-General. fupman, Kirk-Voc, Ag. F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, Treas. 3: 'lraclc I: Baslcelball I: Dairy Judging Team 2. Turner. Mary Louise-General. Ullcrbaclr, Bealrice-General. Ullerback, Joyce-General. G. A. A. I. Van Camp, Joe -General. Ar? Edilor Annual Slaff 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4, Treas, 4: Sludenl Council 4: Jr. Execulive Comm.: H. R. Pres. I: Book Exchange Comm. 3, 4, Chr. 4: Gifl Comm. 4: Lib. Assl, 2: Display Comm. 2: Ari Club I. Vance, Berniece4General, Girl Reserves l: X-Ray Slafl 4. Vance, LeRoy--Pre-App. Vanderbur, James-General. Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball 4: A Club 2, 3, 4: H. R. Pres. 4: H. R. V. Pres, 3: Safely Comm, 4: Chr. Boys' lnler-class Aclivilies 4: Visilors' Day Guide 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3. Velie, Norman- Pre-App. Annual Produclion 3, 4: X4Ray Produclion 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4: Conservalion Club 2, Wallrer, Donna Mae-Voc. Home Ec. Ward, Don-Gen- eral. Choral Club 3, 4: Maclrigal Club 4: Glee Club 2: Prom Queen Comm. 3: H. R, Pres, 3, 4: Chr. Refresh- menls Comm. Sr. Picnic 4: Dean's Assl. 3: Jr. Conserva- lion Club. Ward, Ramona-College Prep. Execulive Council 3, 4, Sec, 3, Pres, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: War Ef- lorls Comm. 2, 3, Chr. 3: Girl Reserves I, 2, 4: Glee Club 2: Social Aclivilies Comm. 3: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Chr. Sr. Formal Dance Comm. 4: X-Ray Slalf 3: Sluclenl Council 4: Chr. Reireshmenls Comm. Prom 3. l22 I 946 Warner, Amelia-Bus. Ed. Girl Reserves I: Deans Assl. I: Publicalions Rep. 2. Waflzins, Palricia-General, Girl Reserves I: Glee Club 3: Publicalions Rep. 3: Biology Assl, 4. Wealherford, Barbara-General. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 4: Informal Dance Comm. 4. Weallwerly, Isaac-General. Baslcelball 3, 4: Foolball 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Boys' lnler-class Aclivilies Comm. 3, 4: A Club 3, 4. Wells, Belly Lou-Voc. Home Ec. Girl Reserves 2. Wenle, Don-General. Sludenl Coun- cil 2, 3: l'Ii-Y 3, 4: Publicalions Rep. 4: I-I. R. V. Pres. 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 2: CI1r. Sr. Tliealer Parly 4: I-I, R. Sec.-Trees, 2. Wesclnler, Mary Lou-College Prep. Sr. Class Play 4: Girl Reserves 4. Wesl, I Ies'lerfVoc, I-lome Ec. Glee Club I, 2: Sludenl Assl. l, 2. While, Nolan-Bus. Ed. Sludenl Council I, 2, 3: Torch Club I, 2: Hi-Y 4: Sr. Execulive Comm.: Publicalions Rep. I: Track l, 3: Lib. Assl, 3. Wlnifesel, June-General. Boolc Club I: Jr. Red Cross I. Wicker, Clova-General. Williams, Joan-Bus. Ed. Sr. Class Play 4: Dramalics Club 4: Girl Reserves 4: Head Monilor 4: I I. R. V, Pres. 4: Glee Club 2. Williamson, George-Pre-App. Sludenl Council 2: l-l. R. Pres. I. Williamson, Jack-General. Wills, Harry- General. Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3: Baslcelball I, 2: Boxing 4, Geergs Williamson Jack Williamson Wm Amelia Wwe' - Psfricia Welling Sei-bam www 6 d -4. I Issac Wmheriy Bam Lou well, 1 non ww., MQW Lou Wwhlef Hum Wm Nolan when June WIvi+esel Clava Wicker Joan William Seniors Wilson, John--General. Baslzerlwall I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 47 Cross Counlry I, 2: Fomball 4: A Club I, 2, 3, 41 Boys' Inler-class Acl'viIi'ws Ccmrn. 3, 4. Wilson, Verlin +GeneraI. Wincllan 3.:rIJara7I3u:, Ed. Girl Reserves 4: I-I. R. V. Pres, I: II. F1.Soc.-Trea:,2, Wisho'i, Norma-General. Vfillwor, Marion-College Prep. Wrighl, DonaId+Pro-App. Wrighl, Ervin7CoIIogo Prop. Poorball I. 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4: XX Club I, 2, 3, 4:B1xinq 4. Vlysliffe, Teddy -General. Yeider, B:HyYGoneraI, Yocom, Minnie Lou7GeneraI. York, Jar:obfGene-ral. Young, Dick-Tech. I-I. R, V, Pres, I: Bwnd I, 21 Torch Club I, 2: Dean's Afsr. 4: Sr. Acliviries Comm. 47 Track 2: Jr. Red Cross I. Yusl, Imogene+GeneraI. Girl Reserves 3, 4: Jr, Red Cross I, 2, Sec. 21 War Elforls Comm. 3: Biology Assl. 4. Zimmerman, Richard-PrefApp. Zirfielbach, Bernadine- General. 0 SENIORS VVITI-IOUT PICTURES Beck, Norman-College Prep. Bri'I'l'on, Fred-Pre-App. Brown, Reva Mae4GeneraI. Casey, Jacqueline-Gem eral. Girl Reserves I, 2: Choral Club 3. Cummings, CharIes4GeneraI. Fenelon, William-College Prep. Finney, Jerald-General. Hinkle, Howard-Pre-App, X-Ray Produclion 4. Hoffman, Leon7CoIIeqe Prep. H. R. V. Pres. Ig Ivlonilor 4. Hulse, Carl-Pre-App. Gaulf, Charles-General, James, CIydefGeneraI. Jessup, Howard-Tech. Lulfon, EarIfGeneraI. Olvey, Bill-Gem eral. Owens, BiIIielou4GeneraI. Jr. Red Cross I, 2, Girl Reserves I, 2, 3: Arr Club I, 2, 3, 4: Book Club I: Slu- clenl Assl. I, 2. Parks, EvereH7Bus. Ed, Powell, Francis -General. Raymore, Georgianna-General. Girl Re- serves I, 2, 3, 4. Rigdon, Alfred-Pre-App. Russell, Jack -General. Savage, Jack-General. Shelburn, Ralph- Pre-App, Shirley, John-General. Honor Sociely 4. Siler, Mariorie-College Prep. Simpson, Roberl'-Pre- App. Publicarions Rep. I, 2. Smilh, James-Pre-App. Spencer, Rex7Pre-App. Foolball I, 2i Track I, 21 Pub- Iicalions Rep. I, 2. Tarvin, Harold-General. Thomas, Jack-General. Toombs, BiIIfPre-App. Toppin, Charles -General. Werking, Richard-fTech. Class ol 1947 Presiolenl .. . .. ....,. , ,,4,. 4 Clyolo Green Vice-Presiclonl ., ,A.A, ,,,, B ob l-leineman Secrolery ,. . ,A,A, ,A , A Helen Wilson Treasurer . .rr. .,.,. Aclrienne Slewarl Sponsors ,.., r,r.......,. . . Miss Lois Long, Jolwn Finney Class Colors-Green anol While Abney, Mary Alice Adams, Mariorie Achenbach. Joan Anderson, Dorolhy Arnold, Sam Asbury, Belly Jane Ashby. Norma Jean Baker, Emilie Bancroll, Jean Barker, Joann Baumer, Myron Baxrer, Kalhryn Beall, Norma Beason, Lorene Benzenbower, William Beresford, Barbara Berg, Eclilh Blake, Norma Boaz, Marion Bonge, Jim Branch, Joseph Brinduse, Mary Brizendine, Max Broaclnax,Sadie Buchanan, Belly Buck, Jeanne Bulen, Tom Burns, Don Bushonq, Alice Bussell, Dick Byrne, Dean Canada, Mariella Canlwell, Bob Carico, Kalherine Carmody, Joan Carler, Bob Carwile, Millon Chandler, Grace -IO' ,o xoff JUNIORS A-,af if .4-X ,M- 'YQPH ' fi H , -mil ,Q if y, , 3 ig in H A Allen, Annabelle Allis, Bill Allman, Dorolhy Amos, Jo Ann Alkinson, Marion Alwell, Grace Badger, Elnora Barkhimer. Donald Barnes, Lena Barlon, Wilma Bales, Phyllis Bealfy, Janie Beally, Joe Benden, Shirely Bevars. Jack Bevilhimer, Paul Billhimer, Phyllis Black, Barbara Brandon, Jerry Bricker, Forresl Bridges, Roberl Brock, John Brown, Roberl Browning, Kalhryn Brundage, Charles J. Burns, James Burlon, George Burlon, Jo Ellyn Byrne, Jack Calhoun, Lillie Mae Campbell, Jack Canada, Bill Carpenler, Donna Lou Carr, Ray Carraway, Phyllis Chandler, Velma Cheever, Lonadine Chrisl, Johnny Clanin, Marvin l24 Clark, Don Clay, Marqarel Clem, Belle Coburn, D'Alice Cochran, Barbara Cochran, Polly Cooper, Kalie Corn, Diclc Couch, Roberl Craigmile, Belly Crisler, Dick Crosley, Bill Day, Jolin Delienne, Marllwa DeVore, Gilberl Dovey, Gwenellw Downl'1am,Cleda Dozier, Lorene Edens, June Edwards, Bob Eggman, Gale Elmore, Jim Endicoll, Jerri Ervin, Marilyn Farlow, Pally Fausell, Barbara Feezel. Beverly Flaniqan, Belly Fleenor, Wilella Fox, Belly Gallegly, Bill Garner, Barbara Garvin, Bill Clem, VVilliam R. Coale, Marilyn Cobb, Belly Conner, Belly Coolc, Kallileen Cook, Maxine Cox, Bob Craig, Gale Craig, Joan Cue, Marvella Dauglwerly, Bill Davis, Bonnie Dielzen, Lucille Dixon, Eva Mae Dixon, Jarrell Dunn, Malcolm Falcer, Belly Lou Eclcenberg,Sl1irley El1rl1ardl,Sandra Fllis, Jim Ellis, Marqarel Fadely, lslea Faclely, Nila Farley, Dorollwy Fislwer, Gene Fislner, Joanne Filzsimmons, Ricliard Frank, Norma Jean Funlcllouser, Barbara Gallamore, Don Goyle, Pal Gerlcin, Jacqueline Gliere, Irene I Goldsmilh, Lenora Gordon, Charles Gordon, Curlis L, Graham, Mildred Gray, Barbara Gray, Keilh Groves, Marie Hadley, Helen Hagan, Geneva Hamillon, Joe E. Hancock, Georgianna Hanneman, Beverly Harris, Wilda Harlman, Donald Harvey, Mariorie Heineman, Bob Heiney, Barbara Henning, Diclc Hill, Jean Hise, Palsy Holloway, Norma Hudson, Barbara Huffer, Mary Louise Hulse, Madonna Hunl, Phyllis Hunler, Roberl Hyndman, Lloyd lsenhour, Bob Jackson, Rulh James, Edward Johnson, Lois Johnson, Rulh Johnslone, Marye Jayne JUNIORS Gore, Odell Goul, Virginia Graham, Bob Green, Clyde Gregg. Ladonna Groble, Nancy Hair, Mary Lou Halleff, Dorolhy Hamillon, Bob Hardacre, Dallas Harmon, Bill Harney, Norma Hawley, Virginia Haynes, Velda Jane Heiman. Bill Henning, Helen Hensley, Jean Hewifl, Dora Mae Hair, Don llornbeclc, Gooroella Hoyer, Bob Humbles, Edward Humfleet Marceille Humphries, Phyllis lreland, Jaclc Isaacs, Ann lsanogle, Gerald Jarrell, Ronald Jeune, Rosalyn Johns, Melva Jones, Ann Jones, Biddle Ann Jones, Phyllis Judd. Beverly Kauffman, Joan Keesling, Bob Kimmerling, Neva Kang, Bill King, Nola Kinnaman, Gordon Kreps, Dick Kunlz, Marilyn lLand, Jaclc Lewellyn, Harold LiHle, Belly Losey, Bill Lyons, Bill McConnell, Roy McKee, Philip McMahan, Bob Marley, Marjorie Marsh, Dolores Marsh, Elden Masley, Luann May, Gene Melle, Barbara Merrill, Phyllils Mills, Barbara Mills, Junior Minniear, Alice Merrill, Phyllis Moore, Nadean Moore, Wanda Lee Moorman, Roberl Murphy, l-larry Nash, Rober+ Nelson, John Nicholson, Lavern Norlh, Norma Jeanne Odom, 'Huberi' Oemler, Bill 29 JUNIORS O Keesling, Kennefh Wayne Kelly, Belly Kendrick,Don Kimm, Ronald Kirlc, Joann Knight Mary Ann Kolenda, Edgar Lane, Marc Larabee, Ramona Lasher, ,Dick Lawson, Bill McCain, Juanila McCar'ly, Carolyn McClain, Dorolhy McMurry, Nancy McMur+rey, Ida Mae McNeal, Alice McVey, Marlorie Malheney, Herschel Malhis, Lois Marie Maflhew, Rachel Miller, Bill Miller, Billie Miller, Phillip Miller, Phyllis Milchel. Billy Moore, Allen Moore, Marianna Moreland, Virginia Morris, Evelyn Morrison, Edifh Mundhenlc, Junior Nicholson. Marilyn Noland, Harold Norris, Gene Ogden, Beverly Osfing, Thelma Oflo, Evelyn Pancol, Anna Parker, Rosanna Parry, Jack Parsons, Lou Ann Pallerson, Marlha Perry, Juanila Perry, Violel Pelers, Roberla Pickrell, Phyllis Polus, Nick Poor, Peggy Pope, Bill Pralher, Karl Pursley, James Pynchon, Jim Renl, Frank Reynolds, Billy Richardson, Phyllis Rickard, Dolores Romine, R. A, Rouse, Ronald Rousey, Harry L. Schrninkx, Carolyn Schoonover, Donna Lue Serra, Gloria Sexlon. Herbe rl Shellon, Bill Shepherd, Jack Shepherd, Louis Shoullz, Jane Shroul, Marilyn Simmons. Norma Sinnell, Bob Srnilh, Barbara An Smilh, Barbara J. Smilh, Helen Snowden, Bob Sobel, Naomi Songer, Jeannine Songer, Marcia F1 JUNIORS Pearson, Joy Peck, Jeanne Perry, Belly Pelerson, Phyllis Pelry, Hannah Phillips, George Phillips, lrma Jeann Porges, Florence Porler, Alberla Porler, Mary Marlh Quinn, Cleburne Raymore, Barbara Rayrnore. Georgan Remley, Mary Pal Riley, Beverly Rockwell, Helen Rolls, Jo Ann Rushlon, Dorolhy Sargenl, Jeanelle Schellon, Beverly A Schepper, Roberl Shaler, Bob Shannon, Joan Shannon, Phyllis Shellerly, Phyllis Shinall, Pally Lou Shipley, Juanila Shipman, Belly Skaggs, John Slaler, Leroy Smear, Belly Smilh, Kale Smilh, Pally Ann Smilh, Virginia Snow, Jesse Soulhers, Alma Soverns, Dallas Sowash, Marilyn LLL H Sparlcs, Jerry Spearman, Bob Slaqe, Diclc Slern, Donna Slewarl, Adrienne Slewarl, Virginia Slinson, Bob Slohler, Carolyn Slolllemyer, Charles Slroud, Richard Thalcher, Jane Thomas, Belly Thomas, Bill Thomas, Eugene Tolle, Roberl Toops, Bill True, Frances Tyler, William Ulery, Wilma Ull. Billie Jean Vanasdal, Barbara Van Meler. Paul Vaughn, Jean Vermillion, Phyllis Webb, Rulh Ann Webber, Madge Weeks, Bill Wellons, Mary Alice Wenlz, Tom Wesl. Winilred Weslon, Don Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wrighl, Wya nl, Wyanl, 3 I Debby Helen Jim Marilyn Peqqv Joan Lou JUNIORS s H xl, D X x A .K f- i l :iii . 2 . . J if X , l -l. 1 - 1' If - , in s 'V i'V ' ' A 15' ' J ae M s ' 'mg K ii , 'ii , 'X - , ' fi i A ,Q , ' a 1 . .N 5. . V M .'.- :1 if 'i ' - Q is i- iar '15, -w , -3, -15 li V xyt: , N X ,... ri V Q . A J . . M f , . Q c ,.,. s, .A . , , Q .M ' fi, K . K , we if an-in-i l 'aw in af' '5' -I i 11 y ,-is lj W L . 'G , -f i 'in X 3 f . -ff' A 4, ' 15 M V V i RQ M ,, , A- G s X - -. bo , V A as i i , 3 s ' -. , A ., I . t at o as Y ' Y , , .,., Q I ii 5. ., f ' ii ' 'W ' Qi 5 K ik i i 'iii iiii ., , i Q-1 lzl Q J W i is il . .-i, - . ' 'Q ' - fa- . 3,6 , as-l 4 ,', M ' 9 is' in ' -se :'-2 42 f Q . 3 av , ti K' ,K I ,Q . Q r 53,75 , , i R LF' QQ' 2: Q , 4 QL 9 ,i , , w . 1 'X . . , , i . Wi ,. ' . A, , H , gg ' f it if ' IN L '- ,. i - s -- , c G 1 -is ,. -- J .., A is a Q -an ff .',. Q. ,, - 3 K ,V l r ,, x, . wg I X -f . f,- ' Xf- -. ' 1 iiiii i V 'F , 252 -Q W av an ,.,...m..W in 1 ,i ii .,., , V . K Mig: ,,, .,:: I .gggggl A . 'X . ' 5- ..,-- - , ., ew A . , . Q 6 ,Emi ,, GN 'Q 'N If .Q fiv ,V K .V N X 95 i . V' .f ,.,, J .. . 1 X , H -. Slaqgs, Belly Slaley, Maxine Slanley, Mary Jo Sleinlce, l-lerberl Slinson, Evalyn Slinson, Mary Jo Slill, Gerald Sullon, Gene Swango, Frances Svmoens, Ernesl Templelon, Herberl Thomas, Jack Thompson. Paul Toles, Ray Tucker, William 'l'upman,Marll'1a Sue Turner. Jo Ann Turner, Morris Vanclerbur, Marlha Vandergrill, Don Vandevender, Joan Vermillion, Rex Voss, Vaughn Walker, Don Waslel. Marie Wells. Emmerl Wells, Jean Wells, Lois Ann Williams, Roberl Williamson, Geraldine Wills, Marlha Lena Wills, Ollie Jayne Wilson, Opal Wilson, Paul Woodall, Frances Yales, Belly Yales, Paul Zion, Clarence Zook, Phyllis Class ol 1948 Presiolen+ .,...,,.,.,,.,.,4.. A.A....A...A. J im Slookey Vice-Presidenl ............ ...4....... J ack Bonge Secrelrary .,........,.,..,.. .,A,A..., P hyllis Parry Treasurer ...,..,.,...,A..,A..A.AA,A....,.,........,.,...,............ Delores Ryan H l Sponsors .,.......... Mrs. Evelyn Grahame, Basil l-losier Abel, Mary Carroll Aley, Waller Allord, Dorolhy Allen, Bob Anlrobus, Thelma Aull, Carl Aynes, Belly Barber, Marly Barker, Belly Barker, Charles Barrell, Charles Beeman, Maxine Beery, Alberl Belanqee, Bob Bemish, Joan Bereslord, Rena Berry, Donald Bevelhimer, Juanila Bolen, Hal Bonqe, Bob Bonqe, Jack Brady, Pele Brauchla, Gordon Brewer, Shirley Bridges, Fred Bro den Marlha Q 1 Bronnenberg, Carolyn Brooks, Fra nces Bunce, Pally Burgan, Bernard Bushong, Keilh Byrum, Thelma Cannon. Mary Jane Canlwell, Lewis Caplinqer, Marilyn Cassell, Jack Call, Bill Chambers, Bill Chapman, Bill 33 SOPHOMORES S! my EX Allman, Bob Anderson, Bonnie Anderson, Marilyn Baker, Norman Baker, Palricia Baldwin, Barbara Ballard, Laura Barrell, Geraldine Barll, Nancy Becknell, Mary Lois Belangee, Helen Belangee, Madeline Belcher, Doris Bell, Gene Biddle, Bob Boaz, Belly Boerner, Kalie Boone, Eddie Bowers, Joyce Bowser, Edward Boyer, Bob Brock, Kalherine Brock, Paul Brockman, Yvonne Brown, David Brown, Deloris Browning, Roy Bunce, Max Cade, Wilma Cain, LaMar Canaday, Bill Carr, Helen Carraway, Bob Carler, James Carler, Jeannelle Clark, Reba Clarkson, Barbara Clausen, Keilh Clifford, Bill Clillon, Emma Lou Coble, Nancy Comer, Jacqueline Comer, John Conde, Pafricia Coolcman, Don Cooper, Don Corn, Ronald Couch, Evelyn Cox, Arnola Cox, Nondas Cuneo, Janice Lou Cuneo. Jerry Cunningham, Doris Delenderfer, Carl Deevrall, John Delinqer, Marilyn Derr, Myra Jo DeVaul, Jo Ann Dickey, Bob Dills. Edwina Dismulce, Jim Dobson. Joanne Dunbar, Barbara Dunbar, David Dunn, Norma Edwards. Jaclc Ehle, Glen Elder, Belly Elmore, Jerry England, Dorofhy Enf, Jim ,gg :W N JEW- SOP!-IOMORES 6 1 'K' 1 Coburn, Don Colelli, Lulher Combs, Rosalyn Cook, David Cook, Richard Cook, Twyla Mae Corlrechl, Marilyn Cosllow, Rulh Ann Colhran, Barbara Craib, Raymond Cronlc, Alice Crump, Eldon Dallon, Joyce Daniels. Joann Davis, Beverly DeLong, Anna Delph. Bill Denlon, Roberl' Dillard, Wilma Jean Dillon, Jacqueline Dillon, Judilh Douqlas, Bill Doyle. Pearlie Mae Driggers, Emma Lou Dunn, Pallie Early, Allen Ecoff, Joan Eldon, Howard Elliofl, Joe Ellis, Ramona Enyearf, Kalhleen Epperly, Berlha Eulsler, Don Eulsler, Elsie Fadely, Valencia Farmer, Barbara Fish, Ted File, Rose Flory, Dick Foltz, Perry Fonlaine, Louis Fosler, Jim Fox, Joe Fullinglon, Frederick Gabel, Mary Louise Gibson, Kalhryn Gilmore, Dave Girlon, Larry Gourley, VVarren Graddy, Eloise Graham, Jean Gray, Kennelh Grealhouse, Mary Helen Green, Thomas Gudqel, Richard Gulley, Wilma Gulmire, Dorolhy Hall, Wilmella l-lamillon, Jim Hamillon, Jo Ann Harringlon, George Harrison. Nancy Harlwell, Palsy l-laslon, Mariorie Hawkins, James Haynes, Belly I35 Faulkner, Marlha Ferree, Edwin H. Finley, James Foland, Frances Foley. Alorna Jo Foley, Peggy Fouse, Phyllis Fousl, Marshall Fowler, Judilh Ann Gardner, Palricia Gaus, Billy Gibson, Alice Gold, Barbara Gold. Norma Joan Good, Joy Granlham, Maurice Gray, DeLena Gray, Ellen Louise Grillilh, Donna Grissom, Wanda Groll, Lois Guslin, Carl Guslin. Eleanor Gwallney, Edifh Hamillon, Tom Hancock, Palricia Harney, Charles Harvey, Anna Jo Hasler, Carolyn Haslings, Don l-lead, Belly Jo Hellems, Joe Helmic, Jacqueline l-lelmick, Joan Hendrickson, Wanda Hensley, Mary Lou Higqinbolham, Presnell Hill, Belly Jo Holder, Max Hollensbe, Wayne Horn, Joann Hornbeck, Phyllis Horlon, Jack Hudson. Kalhryn Hughel, Wilson Hughes, Anna Hughes. Rachel Hunl, Everell Hurd, Carolyn Hulsell, Kalie Jackson, Allrecla Jackson, Jimmy James. Fred Jellerson, Joan Johnson, Jim Johnson, Marjorie Jones, Carl Julian, Barbara Juslice. James Kabrich, Phyllis Keesling, Marveda Key, Palsy Key, Roberl Kimmel, Darlene Kline, Floyd Knolls, Marilyn Kocher, Pally Koeniger, Mary Kalher Laib, Molly Lame, Frances Landes, Norma SOPHOMORES I Herron, Beverly l-lickman, Jim Hicks, Roberl Hiday, Lenna May Hollinqsworlh, George Holsinqer. Mary l-loppes, Wilma l-losek, Jacqueline Housh, Jack Howard, Nancy Hubbard, Helen Hull, Marjorie Humerickhouse, Allen Hunl, Barbara llerl. Norman lmel, Don lsenhour, Chauncey Jenkins, Don Jessup, Wilma Johnson, Dorolhy Jones, Carol Jones, David Jones, Ronald Jordon, Juanila Keesling, Raleigh Keilh, Vivian Kendall, Belly King, Pal King, Viola Kinqen, Marcus Kisker, Belly Kolde, Belly Anne Kreegar, William Kugler, Lewis Lane, Marilyn Lannes, Oran Lasher, Bob Lauber, Jeanelle Lawrence, Barbara Lazenby, Helen Leach, Aqie Levi, Jim Linhllool, Rulh Lilins, Charlolle Lollar, Wilbur Looper, Billie Sue Looper, D. M. Lukens, Marilyn Lulcens, Virqinia Lunlslord, Lloyd A. McDaniel. Phyllis McDaniels, Delores McGonigle, Charles lJlcKelvey. Gerald McKinley, Joan l-.'lcMorlchill, Curlis Manship, Beverly Marlin, Eddie Marlin, Preslon Mallhews, Bob Mead, Belly Jane Mears, Barbara Moorman, Belly Morano, Wilma Morgan, Bobbie Mullins, Nancy Murdock. Waller Musick, Charlolle Nevis. Clarice Niccum, Frank Nicholson, Jack SOPHOMORES Lee, Barbara Lellel, Mary Leiqhlon, Barbara Lindsey, Helen Lilchlield, Richard Livinqslon, Evelyn Losey, Jimmy Loydal, Rodney Lovell, Barbara Lusher, Donna McCord, Thelberl McDaniel, Belly Jean McKay, Ralph McKeand, Norma McKee, Barbara Mahan, Barbara Malden, Calherine Malone, Barbara Marlindale, Norman Massey, Eddie Masl, Richard Merrell, Luanne Milburn, Judy Moore, Beverly Morqan, John Mosley, Marlha Mollo, Pal Myers, Freda Myers, Joan Needham, Norma Noble, Phyllis Noelzel, Nancy Norris, Roberla Nyboer, Bill Nyboer, Tom Oberlies, Mary Alice Onlces. Richard Osborne, Doris Palmer, Jane Ann Pallon, Kalhryn Pavey, Ray Paynler, Bob Pershing, Charles Persing, Tom Pelligrew, V. V. Pickering, Judy Pillenger, Priscilla Pillser, Viola Priser, Jane Proller, Donald Pugh, Max Reed, James Reed, James R. Rehm, Ronald Richardson, Edilh Richardson, Georgianna Richey, Marvin Rigsby, Owen Ripple, Gracia Robbins. Leon Roby, Russell Roland, Russell Rolls, Carolyn Rumler, Merrill Rumler, Merrill Rumler, Palricia SOP!-IOMORES Odell, Nancy Ogden, Edgar Oldham, Douglas Palmer, Jeanie Palmer, Phyllis Parry, Phyllis Pearson, Carol Peck, Dick Penry, Sally Lou Phelps, Palricia Phillips, Barbara Pickering, Cecile Poor, Belly Ann Pope, Belly Powless, Laura Ouiclc, Rosemary Quinn, Bob Raper, Raymond Reynolds, Marilyn Rhoades, Jack Rhodes, Roberla Richey. Peggy Riggs, Jim Riggs, Wayne Robbins, Nila Roby, Burnice Robinson, James Roney, Virginia Ross, Idamay Rumler, Doris Rushlon. Clara Belle Ryan, Delores Salalin, Sarah Jane Samuels, Jaclc Sanders. Rowena Schell, Bill Schlossberg, Alan Schneider, Mary Belh Scl1uyler,Terry Shinn, Darleen Shirley, Dorolhy Shively, James Simmonds, Donald Simmons, Dorolhy Simons, Donald Smilh, Bob Smill'1,Franlc Smilh, Herman Snowden, Jack Soverns, Wayne Spangler, Geraldine Slewarl, Billy Slewarl, Don Slinson, Belly Joyce Sloops, Joe Slriclcler, Marlha Slrobel, Phyllis Swank, Sally Swarl, Marilyn Sylvesler, Bob Taylor, Norma Jean Terheide, Madonna Thompson, Jimmie Toops, Darrell Towne, Jack Tranbarqer, Bob SOPHOMORES Schiclc, Sara Ann Schlabach, Belly Jo Schleqelmilch, Rosalie Sheasley, Dawn Sheels, Roberl Shepard, Violel Sholls, Roberl Shroul, Gloria Siemer, Shirley Sisil, Palricia Slciles. Pal Smear, l-lelen Smilh, Jacquelyn Smilh, Wanda Snider, Audrey Slaqqs. Palsie Slanley. Dial: Sleans, Dorolhy Slohler, Joanne Slone, Joyce D. Sloolmey, Jim Summers, Don Summers, Phyllis Swaim, Marilyn Tally, Belly Taylor, Helen Taylor, Joan Tilley, Virginia Tompkins, Belly Tooley, Wayne Turner, Beverly Jean Turner, Don Turner, Ernesl Turner, Joyce Tyree, Charles Ulierbaclc, Bob VanMeire, John VanOsdol, Beniamin VanWinlcle. Joann Vermillion, Byron Waifrnan, Madonna Walden, Odelia Wean, Jaclc Websler, Richard Weed, Bud Vlfesf. Janei Vlfhefsel, Jacqueline Whisler, Suzelfe Whirehead, Dan Whiringer, Norma Whiflock, Mary K. Wilbur, Ronald Wilder, Bill Wiley, Ernesl Williams, Gene Williams. Jean Willis, David Wilson, Naomi Wilson, Ramona Wiseharl, June Wood, Revis Woodruff, Bill Wright Belly Yairaw, Bob York, James Yorlc, Jo SOPHOMORES Vanarsdall, Diane , Vandergriil, Richard Vanl-luss, Donna Vanzanf, Marilyn Rose Vaughn. Ruby Veazey, Don Walker, Allen Wallace, Donald Warmlce, Clarence Wells, Roberi' Vifenlz, Mariorie Weriz, Jimmie Whilalcer, Joyce While, Gene While. Jack Whiifalcer, Diane Wiqqins, Palsy Wilcle, Barbara Wiley, Tom Wilhire. Nancy Williams, Bob Wilson, Dallas Wilson, Gene Wilson, Jane Wiseman. Sally Wisner, Richard Wolfe, Charline Wright Gene Paul Wrwiqhl, Sandra Wrigley, Tom Yorlc, Kalhleen Zehrung, George Zirkle-back, Shirley Class ol 1949 Presiclenl, ,, ,...,.. .,.. . Vice-Presldenls 4, .. ,, Bob Porler Palricia Bass Secrelary . A,A, Ellen Spall Treasurer ..,. ..s.s.,... . .s.,., ., Jane Burlon Class Sponsors .....,., ,,.,., , . ..., .s.,.,..... . .. ..... .,... . .a.,...Mrs. lfsllwer Buchanan, Kermil Toclcl K. Todd Buchana Spall Vorlcr .U l'l' on Dag: ,- - Adams, John Adams, Ronald Akers, Nancy Alexander, Jim Allis, Dorolhy Allison, Anna Alspaugh, Marilyn Anlrobus, Virginia Armiield. Richard Armslrong, Charles Arnold, Richard Badqley, Gilberl Baker, Bob Baker, Gerald Barnes, Deloris Barnes, Gene Barr, Jim Bass, Pal Bechlold, DeVere Bell, Emma Lou Bell, Marilyn Sue Bergdahl, Richard Berkebile, Roberla Biddle, Allen Biddle, George Blevins, Juanila Bobo, Bealrix Bonner, Lavern Breece, William Breeden, William Brelsford, Barbara Bricker, Pal Broadwaler, Faye Braodwaler, Gene Brock, Jo Ann Brown, Doris Brown, Lou Ann Brown, Pally Browne, Mark FRESHMEN Aff' 'FG' md fi we ,pu V' QQ ACE' Alexander, Marion Alexander, Pally Allen, Ellie Louise Anderson, Dick Anderson, Evelyn Anderson, Larry Anderson, Paul Asbury, Almeda Ashby, Roselie Alwell, Joe Baker, Phillip Baker, Richard Barg, Lyle Barger, John Bays, Kennelh Beard, Rulh Beason, Bob Bemish, Donald Benbow, David Benefiel, Jeanelle Bennell, Billie Billheimer, Teddy B'sl1op, Pal Blades, Barbara Bowers, Pal Brandenburo, Darrell Brandenburg, Farrell Brannon, Pally Brighl, Larry Briley, Janel Brizendine, Roberl Bronnenberg, David Brooks, Louise Brown, Avas Brown, Barbara Broyles, Mariorie Brundage, John C. Brundage, Marilyn Ill? Bruning, Sanny Burlon, Jane Busby, Bob Cade, James Callender, Frances Campbell, Buddy Case, Kalherine Casey, Jim Casfor, LoreHa Clark, Herberl' Clark, Joe Claxon, Donna Cole, Bonnie Colvill, Don Conover, Don Cookfnan, Richard Cooper, Jim Cooper, John Cox, Frank Cox, Roberla Craig, Billy Cummins, Beverly Cummins, LaGrela Cunningham, Eulalia Dailey, Charlolle Dailey, Marlha Lou Danforrh, Virginia Davis, Norman Davisson, Dick Dawson, Joan DeVore, Judirh Dixon, Jim Dodd, Gerald Bush, Lois Buller, Jimmie Cabasier, Conslance Campbell, Margaref Carlson, Marvin Carroll, Lenora Challanl, Maxine Chambers, Carl Chambers, Murlyn Claypool, Morris Clevenqer, Kei+h Cobb, Floyd Cook, Jack Cook, Joann Cook,Norman Counceller, Phyllis Coverdale, Jarilynn - Cowgill, Carroll Craigie, Bill Croslhwaif, Marilyn Crowfhers, Rosalie Cunningham, Lee Currenr, Jimmie Dailey, Carl Daugher+y,Jack David, Lee Davis, Mable Dearing, Bob Decker, George Delph Charles Dodge,Willis Dollarfxrnold Dooli+lle,Donald Douglas, Gloria Douglas, Roberl Dovey, Billie Eaker, Dorfha Edwards, Ronald Eggman, Esiher Ellison, Marilyn Eni, Walier Enyeari, Mary Ferguson, Eugene Ferre, Thomas Fickle, Jacqueline Flowers, Jean Foley, Phyllis Ford, Barbara Frank, Edward Franklin, Eileen Frazier, Helen Freeslone, Phyllis Fuller, Joan Gable, Marilyn Garrison, Paiiy Gibson, Bill Gilberl, Phyllis Glass, Charles Golden, Carl Good, Helen Gregg, Jackie Gregory, Geraldine Grifiiih, Lois Gusiin, Richard , Gwalfney, Marilyn Gwinn, Jimmy FRESI-IMEN Doyle, Virginia Dunbar, Reba Dunham, Mary Elizabeih Eichler,Mary Ann Ellis, Delberi Ellis. Zoe Epperly, Charles Falge, Jim Feaihersfon, Don Finley, Rose Ella Fife, John Flowers, Dean Forkner, Kalhleen Fosnol, Ed Fosler, Jerry Frazier, Roberl Freeman, Bobby Freesione, Eddie Gardner, Fugene Garrefl, Maxine C'a,r.gus,B:1b Giles, Caiherine Gilmore, Bill Gilmore, l-lerberl Gordon, Marie Graham, Billie Granger, Kenneih Grissom, Gaylord Gross, Velma Gudgel, Joyce Gwynn, Barbara Haas, Don Hacker, Barbara Jean Haclcney, Junior Hains, Norma Hamel, Bob Haney, W. Carroll Hardacre, Bill Harmeson, Nancy Harney, Dolores Harris, Dolores Harshman, David Halhcoal, Bob Hellrich, Diclc Hellems, Joanne -Henry, Joan Heuer, Sheila Hill, Roy Hines, Barbara Hines, Janice l-loler, Mariorie Holding, David Holdren, Jimmie Holladay, Norman Hopkins, Buddy Hoppes, Joyce Hord, Roberl Hudson, Anna Jean Hudson, Johnny Hullman, Jean Hughes, Bellie Jane lsanogel,Jane Jaclcson. Carroll Jared, Ronald John, Geraldine Johnson, Eddie Johnson, Norma Jones, Alice Jones, Margarel Julian, Belly Kane, Waller ,l45 FRESHMEN Hamillon, Aubrey l-lamillon, James Hamlin, Norma Jean Handy, Virginia Harris, Barbara Harris, Bill Harris, Bob Hawley, Carolyn Heagy, Belly Hedgecrall, Mamie Heiney, lra Higgins, Belly Hilboll, Janel Hiles, James Hinlon, David Hilchcoclc, Janice Hoclvenberry, Marlha Hodgson, Roberl Hollingsworlh, John Hollingsworlh, William Holsinger, Barbara Hornbeclr, Vera Hosier, Frances Hosier, Sue Ann Houser,Maxine Hunlzinger, Mary Lou Hurley, Palsy lrle, Bob Jarrell, Junior Jarris, Rulh Jarvis, Bill Jarvis, Max Jones, Barbara Jones Bob Jones, Harvey Keesling, Bonila Keesling, Florella Kelly, Marilyn Kendal, Raymond Kessler, Bob Kidd, Belhea Kilburn, LeRoy King, Richard L. Kirk, Tom Knolls, Yvonne Land, Doris Lane, Harrielf Lang, Tessa Lawrence. Belly Lazenby, Russell Lee, Virginia --LeMond, Phyllis Lennarlz, Richard Lennis. Mary Jo Lineberry, Tommy Linville. Carol 'l.i++le. Kay Louiso, Dale Lowry, John McAdams, Bellord McCurry, Jimmie McCurry, Rosanna McDaniels, Palricia Mclfeown, Alice McMahan, Don McMvrfrey, Joan Mabbill, Geraldine Mahon, Jarrell Main, Max Marlin, Sue Malhews, Donald Mallingly, Mack FRESHMEN E rl .av I 'UQ 0 3 Q 5-. , 1 KW 'SD Kimble. Jack Kimmerling, Harold King, Evelyn 4 Kugler, Willodean Kulclenslci, William Laman, George Langley, Jean Lawler. Earl Lawler, Joyce Leever, Jim Leever, Maurine Leever, Phyllis Lesler, Bob Lewellen, Floyd Lewis, Jim Livingsfon, Edwin Looper, Emogene Loose. Ed Mccarfhv, Richard McClinlic,Sue Ann McCord, Jimmie McDonald, Harold McEIvoy. Berly McFarland, Marilyn McNeal, Richard McVey, Richard Mabbill, Ardelh Malone, Colene Mansfield, James Marshall, Carl Melcher, Mary Jayne Merrill, Bob Merrill, Diclc Merwin. Marilyn Mefcalf,June Ann Meyer, Tom Miller. Dan Miller, Jane Ann Miller, Roberf Moreland, Henry Morris, Jim Morris, Marilyn Marie Musiclr. Belly Musselman, Leia Myer, Dennis Neal, Bradley Neal, Mary Helen Nelson, Kennefh Newsom. Mary Nicholas, Eugene Nicholson, Mary Lou Odell. Jack Odom, Bobby Olliney, Milfon O'Roarlc, Pal Osborne, James Osfler, Charles Pancol, Gus Paramore, Lois Perdue. Junior Pavey, Tom Payne, Lorraine Pearcy, Belly Pelfigrew, Marilyn Phelps, Frank Phillips, Jack FRESHMEN Milburn, Virginia Millage, Roberf Miller, Bill Miller, Warren Mills, Barbara. Moore, Jack Morris, Pafricia Moyer. Mary Muller, Charles Myers, Bob Nagel, Joyce Ann Nanney, Wendell Nelson, Linda Newsom, George Newsom, Marfha Nicholson, Virginia Oalres, Jerry Odell. Evelyn O'Neill, Deane O'Neal, Jo Ann Onsfofl, Bob Orfo, Marfha Ann Painrer, Carolyn ' Palmer, LeRoy Parisi, Norma Parlcer, Dick Pavey, Dorolhy Perry, Beverly Perry, Paula Peferson, Richard Pickering, Eugene Pickrell, Geraldine Pierse, Marian Pilce, Monna Plesch. Janelle Plummer, Charlofle Pope. Sue Price. Roberl' Price. Sam Rains, Jack Randall, Norma Randle. John Rhoades, Billy Rhodes, Alice Rich, Nancy Riqdon, Bob Rigqins, Ronald Riley, David Rifchie, Bill Rifler, Sara Ann Roe, Belly Rossin, Janice Roudebush. Jane? Rousey, Bob Ryan, Pai Sanders, Erma Schaller, Harold Schmidt Gerald Schoonover, Marvenia Schuyler, Dan 'Seyberh Delores Seyberi, Halford Shanlrlin, Jaclc Shepherd, Lois Shipman, Kennelh Short Virginia FRESHMEN Plummer, Ronald Poer, Bob Poore, Joann Priest Dick Qualls, Kennelh Queer, Marvin Ralz, Wilma Reese, Ray Reeves, Pa+ricia Ann Richards, Roberl Riddle. Chrisiine Riffle. Frances Riley, Ed Riley, Harold Rinard, Ruih Roland, Jim Rolls, John Romine, Ronald Rout Glen Rowan, Leanna Rushfon, Belly Scheel, Joan Marie Schiewe, Jack Schildmeier, Lois Scoff, Monna Sears. Rose Virginia Seimer, Jean Shaul, Melvin Shaw, Maurice Shelion, Barbarallen Shulfz, Bob Sibery, Joyce' Simmonds, Phyllis Sipes, Joyce Sisson, Don Skaggs, Paul Sloan, Donald Smilh, Sharon Smill1,T. Cecil Spall, Ellen Spence, John Spiqqle. James Slansberry, Pally Slarr, Marvin Slaylon, John Paul Slewarl, James Slewarl, Jim Slewarl, Wanda Sloul, Charlolle Slroup, Phil Slroup, Phyllis Taylor, Mary Lou Taylor, Paul Tealord, Naomi Thompson, Bob Thornberry, Jerrv Thurman, Rosella Tracy, Barbara Sue Trauring, Mary Trees, Charlolle Jean Troup. Harry True, Jack Trueblood, Barbara Tumully, Bob Turner, Evalee Ullerback, Allen 'ci l ! m il E Q .,,, , Q ,EF , FRESHMEN F fs, , r . 'A ',:. 7' M JH, , Q 0. y ww F gg I-'vi -24 S S 1 'sv K A ' '- i , - .. an .. JIS' ifi ., ., W H sias -X , W ,:.. , H . gg, PQ. -gs k -,,, ',a , A s- iff :E T 35:11 5 y if jfs ,Mb 352 i a' a S T or f ' 'G ' T T' rg' 2 ia' 1' - - .T , T ,cr S i -.- 1 B V K I K' - Q VLLL kykv T E5 1 3,5 fe! as '-'i , 1, ::, I I J ' -t ' T ifsi ' Z . A J a i T if J, f 'T-'li ' 'iii i fn' .R S , T . 1 EQ- 1 f 5. N A , L K ' sriaa 7 J T asaarc, Y if 5 ,fi ft : I is ' .35 .i .V -355 .. ,.,: .xii , . Q .,si, .15 5 - fg, , ,. 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Joe Taylor, Bob Thomas, Barbara Thomas, David Thompson, Barbara Tinder, Jeanne Todd, Foresl Todd, Joann Tribbell, Barbara Triclc, Belva Trick, Belly Trueblood, Louise Tucker, Anabel Tulley, Mariorie VanCamp, Carolyn Vandalsen. Fred Vanl-luss, Joyce Vaughn, Doris lanlvlalre. Pearl Varner, Bill Ward, Bob Ward, Edgar Warrum, David Webb. Roberl Webber, Donald Websler, Belly Jean Wellons, Pal Vlfells. Bill Wells, Claude Werking, Roberl Wesl. Doris Weslon, Bernice Whilehead, Belly Whillaker. Jim Whillier, Donna Williams, Billie Williams, Billy Williams, Charley Mae Williamson, Dick Willoughby, Bob Wills, Ruby Wilson, Loraine Wirl, Roberl Wise, Charles Wrighl, Bonnie Wrighl, Fannie Wrighl. John Yallaw, Bill York, James Yosl, Eddie FRESHMEN Vermillion, Beverly Vermillion, Bob Walker, Dick Walson, David Waymire, Belly Weaver, Waller Websler, Belly Lou Weighous. Gene Welker, Earl Wells, Florence Wells, Mary Lou Welsh, Beverly Whippo, Palricia While, Noble While, Roberl Widclilield, Barbara Wigner, Deloris Wigner, Don Williams, Flelcher Williams. Jack Williams, Roberl Wilson, Bob Wilson, DeLeon Wilson, Donna Wise, Jeanine Wood, Bob Wood, Dorolhy Wrighl, Kennelh Wrighl, Maurice Wright Thomas Young, Ernesl Young, Ronald Yusl, George Alexander, Dale Alford, Mary Elizabelh Allen, Everelf Aivis, Florine Barron, Bob Bauman, George Baundage, Don Boone, Wayne Bright Jaclc Broadnax, Elizabefh Brou, Lois Clay, Roberl Clyde, Francis Collins, Jackson Corn, Carolyn Crosely, James Cunningham, Fred Cummings, Gene Delp, Ray DeWi'r+, lrene Dillon, Norman Ehle, Arlene Evans, Billy Folsom, Vera Fullon, Joan Gwallney,Bill l-larlley, Thomas Hasfinqs, Marilyn Hodson, Mar Louise l-loffmaslerjqgxfanda l-looks, Sammy l-lornbeclr, Par Hughes, Bill lce, Anna Mae lrnus, Carol Jones, Laura Jones, Nancy Kem, Ronald Kendall, Donald lB's Auslin, Gene Baker, Barbara Baldaul, Tom Baxrer, Bob Bell, James Bilyeu, Kennelh Boone, Marilyn Carrnany, Billy Carpenfer, John Childes, George Condon, Marilyn Perkins, Earl Cook, Emma Jean Coppess, Claude Dare, Charlolle Davis, Clara Day, Margarel Dixon, Melvin Douglas, Dick Drennen, Edwin Edgecomb, Jack Ginley, Jacqueline Goff, Barbara Grielo, Sande l-lellin, Ted Hellems, Norma l-lialf, Paul l-liqoins, Waller Howe, Mary l-lull, Jo Anne Hullman, Evelyn Jackson, Eugene Jalces, l-lelen James, Gerlrude Johnson, Richard Lagle, Jerry Lalcey, Charles Lane, Marilyn Leasure, Don Levi, Alice Jo McFadden, William Maynard, Arlhur Miller, Norveda Moore, Belly Neeley, Marvin Nicholson, lrma Norris, Virginia Pillser. James Porfer, Bob Provence, Roberl Reynolds, Mary Lou Richwine, Kenl Romine, Judy Savage, Jim Savage, Joe Schmink, James Smilh, Jacqueline M Spangler, Donna Spaulding, Russell Slrader, Jim Tanner, Dorolhy Taylor, Bud Walker, DaVeHa Walker, Donald Ward, Joe Weslon, John Wiley, Deane Williams, Evelyn Woodall, Anna Wooldridge, Bill Worley, David arie J L J i 'ks I R it x' , D A ,. ' ' 2 1 5 ,mrs , '- if , K'-4 mr ,,,,. I ,r uii 'A 'N - - .54 35. 1 '75 -,-5 WYE' if 2 4, 1 , J hr' 2 'K f ' f , ,,, K ,,.. 3, , , W-,,.f, we , me 'A A 1-we W Q r ,,55'T' , 5 . . . Ai 1 ,QQ ,Af i .ww 6 ',,, me ' W J . ...f :cr - swf 12 mi, -QQ' 'ffm Q E 1.11 . , J S6 , f 4... i V i fi f Gr iff- 1 -ef V- gilzu f i - ' i.. up fr V 'K ' -'A 'W -- A - , 'wi ' . -I JL fit , sl is . J am' mi' 3 M li-'Q i lli ,,,, a y , H.. RJ .. y .M V' . 'iii-' 1 W .J I iz. r -,,::r-', ii' Hfzralhl ..-: F ' V I H : '. ,V -31 X Zi if 1 , L :- N 4-'G' 2 3:55 . S .1 a A '13' xr .W 'sz' ,4 4 l sr l l -. J 4+ J 'Q ff 'ff i my Q ,li LJ. , AVA 1.5 my , fr ' M - , f ' M ,. AQ' Wg H V . , zi- G iiiiiwy V Wi, 3-'Y .:' Q., , ,L f ,., :II y y VV K MT L y , I ,-:,. 2 E ,. ,f: i n R ,fx M ig. wird ,, - 'WH 2 x- 1 ' , Q. fx - f, ' L4 an xx 3 M 'A .A if xi emi- : 1 -11. ,1 'Wx,, '-' ,Q K 4 il' ' . ' 9 H91 M f x 1 QB 1 V ff' Ei li McGranahan, Joe McPheron, lrene Maxwell, Belly Moore, Bill Morrow, Johnnie Murdock, Bob Norlh, Barbara Conrad, Janel Pills, Belly Pruill, Roberfa Pyle, Roberl Reminglon. Gerald Russell, Darrell Ryan, Marvin Durgan, Lonnolle Sheasley, Ardeen Sheecly, lvan Smifh, Brice Sleans, Cora Ann Slevens, Helen Sf0OPS. Sue Ann Tompkins, Delmar Van Meier, Mary Vaughn, Joyce Milchell, Warren Wearherly, Charles Welsh, Jerry Williams, Palricia Wishon, Vera Wolfe, Deanna Wright Donald Wriqhl, June Zell, Willis 6,11 , IIIIJIHIIHPIILIS EIIliRHllIII li CIIIIIPHIW IIIE ussmmu nm 0 susuvus nr Yunnan: Ann scuum ruamcurv INDIANAPULIS fff'INDIANA u Indiana's Newosi' and Mosi Modern Dairy PIanI' s 5 ' xi- vet YRADI MARK R Glfffilo X DAIRY PRODUCTS 722 Baldwin Avenue Anderson, Ind. I00? CenIraI Avo FOR YOU . . I WISH THE BEST IN LIFE LEW, Your Tailor TAKE THE TIMELY STAIRWAY I I I3 Meridian Sireei America's most important 1946 model fx, n.,, .f ,f .ff f Q 5 y If sk' Q X R L GW-if QQu,gTi' A-iw To the first peacetime graduating class in over tour years, Delco-Remy extends hearty congratulations and the best of good wishes. May the world which you will help to build be a kinder, wiser, better world than any we have known before. DELCO-REMY D I V I S I O N GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION wnnnnvna wnmnns 'runs on Hrnornmnnns-struts ' 2 WE CAN FIT YOU MADE - TO - MEASURE CLOTHES Th W' COUSINS , THE STORE THAT CONFIDENCE BUILT Tall or shorf, sfouf or fhin, if doesn'f maffer! 0 Q 0 O 0 Smarf Sfyles 0 ELGIN 9 Carefully Macle ' BULOVA - 0 Sfurdy Fabrics . 0 Any Model 0 O 0 I'I. ,I. HEAD MERCHANT TAM-OR 933 Meridian Sfreef I2 EAST I0fh STREET WHERE THE ATHLETES AND MOST EVERYBODY EATS Post Office Cafe Nexf fo Posf Office on I Ifh Sfreef YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBTORS WILL TELL YOU IT'S PLEASING 0 IT'S SATISFYINC-5 IT'S CONVENIENT 0 IT'S ECONOMICAL TO SHOP HERE Armen S one E 'You taste.its quality COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., Inc.-ANDERSON, INDIANA Be SMARTLY CORSAGES DRESSED BOUQUET SHOP CUT FLOWERS . Caihedral of Fashion 0 3I Wes+ l3+h S+ree+ Gvef 42 Yew Dial 89I0 In Anderson SAUTEWS METME FOR SHOES AT HAAG'S MERIDIAN and h . 'Zi HAAG'S Drug Co. HOME OF GOLD CROSS ' fformerly Red Cross, SHOES FOR WOMEN BOSTONIANS FOR MEN l3'rh and Meridian ioih and Meridian HEINEY PRODUCE COMPANY FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS AND SERVICE One S+op Service CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING, CURING and SMOKING BUYER and SELLER OF POULTRY, EGGS, BEEF and PORK O VISIT OUR NEW MARKET Fresh and Frozen Mea+s, PouI'rry, Frui'rs and Vegefables HEI NEY'S POULTRY PANTRY I2I3 Easf 23rd S+ree+ Phones 6639 and 4052 V YES, YOU'VE GUESSED IT IT'S THE . . . I I-E ANDERSGN HERALD I WITH GGMPLETE COVERAGE GF ALI. HIGH SGHGGI. SPORTING EVENTS ANDERSCDNS M051 THORGUGHLY READ NEWSPAPER ..g I DGLAWTERIS HAVE YOU BEEN TO Jewelry Store SCHUSTER'S LATELY? Q . Known for Fine Diamonds FOR MEN AND BOYS C f The Qualiiy Corner I3 Wes'r IHI1 S+ree'I EigI1+h and Main ForIcner's Studio WELCOMES THE I947 STUDENTS FOR THEIR ANNUAL PORTRAITS Q Ofis R. Forkner ........... .,,... ...........,.,T,..,.. P a ri' Owner Ray Forkner .......,4...,.,.,....,.,.,..4.4,.,.4....,...,....A.,.. Now in Navy BoI'I1 Graduafes of A. I-I. S. Q ALWAYS INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION Wesi' Side of Square MODEL HI-FASHIONS FOR HI-SCHOOL MODELS WHO WANT TO BE DIFFERENT aI' your UNIQUE SHOP STROCK BROS. HARDWARE 930 Main S+. Phone 37 I 9 SMITH FLORAL CO. THE LATEST STYLE IN CORSAGES FOR GRADUATION 700 High S+. s W. IHI1 S+. Phone 2-I5I7 Phone 2-48I6 WILBER FIXES HIS BICYCLE . . . AND HOW! :f f ' A s . mx? i.a Q 'ii7i -' . 7 if WiIbur should have come 'ro BickeI's Iirsf. Then, insI'ead of sweaI'ing ou'I his emIoarrassmen+, he'd be riding high on a bike I'haI' worked. KEEP THAT BICYCLE IN TOP SHAPE ALL THE TIME ai' BickIe's Cycle Shop 40 wes+ 9+h S+. HAMMY'S I946 Counfy and Regional ASA Soffball Champions Leif lo righl Rowl-Donald l-lamillon. Row 2-Bolo l-lamillon, Ralph Clarkson, Waller Aley, Bob Riller. Jim Vanderbur. , Row 3-Elmer ll-lamyl l-lamillon, Frank Ray llvlgixl, John Wilson, Frog Armslrong,l-larrylzarmer, Wilford lReoll Holloway, Wimpy Dearolufl, A M M Y amburger Bob Nell. Broadway af Cross S+. E. Hamil+on, Prop. Phone 9792 N8 1 7 QQ? I3 IIT. 8: Main IOI6 Penclellon Ave .MNA A comblnahon +I'1a+ cannol' be beef PNK 'For School and College f'i W N X! I MIM T w Tn-TE STUDENTS c:HolcE I 0 em I A SHAEFFER and PORTABLE ROYAL OFFICE SUPPLIES AND FURNITURE Ren+aIs-Repairs-Supplies for Typewrilers-Adding Machines-Cash Regislers EVERYTHING FOR EVERY OFFICE 0 5 g I RigI1'I' on Meridian al' I2I2 Phone 4404 Indiana Business College SPECIFIC and INTENSIVE BUSINESS TRAINING Sfaiewide Employmenf Service 45 Years In Anderson GIVE THE FRILL A THRILL . . . SPORT UP AT BOSH'S MacPer+h Sweafers 0 Lion of Troy Sporfwear 0 Paragon Hafs I IJUSI Ihe Hai for a Porkie Piel 0 The Largesf Selecfion of Ties in Iown By such s+yIisI's as MeI'caIf---McCrossen---McCurrack Bosh's Men's Shop IOver McCrory'sI UPSTAIRS WHERE PRICES ARE DOWN QUALITY FIRST- THEN STYLE-AND EXCLUSIVE FOOTWEAR FOR 65 YEA RS LOW PRICE Fadely 81 Ulmer 4' 9 9I5 Meridian S'rreeI' . ' Phone 2-I4o3 YoU,LL SEE LINOLEUMS CARPETS IT FIRST CLOTH AT and VENETIAN SHADES The WHY DU RGAN'S 802 Main SI'reeI' MARIANOS CAFE KNOWN FOR FINE FOODS 67 S+eps Off Meridian on I HI1 S+ree+ YOUTHFUL STYLES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS FOR THE BEST IN HAIRCUTS RUSS HUDSON THE CITY BARBER SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF Kay-Bee Flower Shop Dial 2-1330 HARDWARE-ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES PITTSBURG SUNPROOF SHERMAN-WILLIAMS PAINTS and KEM-TONE-ALL COLORS I Y Anderson Sevenfh and Meridian FOR THE BEST IN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND SUPPLIES IT'S Pec1rson's Music Dept Anderson's Mosi CompIeI'e MUSIC HOUSE I4I5 Meridian SI. Phone 3358 FOR QUALITY IT'S W. L. DAY 81 SON REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE James R. Day, Owner IAHS Class of ' I9I IO43 Meridian Allord, Mary Elizabelh - 151 Pearl' Gllberl- 38 Breeden, William, 142 Adminisl:-alion and Facully Albrighl,Townsend, 26 Anderson, Mignon, 27 Auslin, Mariorie, 27 Bailey, J. J., 29, 84 Baker, Frank, 36, 85, 87 Balyeal, Wilma, 31 Barner, Cluade, 41, 86, 87 Bergevin, Paul, 40 Bonge, Carl, 15, 23, 41, 45, 47, 52, 53, 57, 59 Bowen, Donald, 38 Bowen, Therese, 35 , Boyd, Ralph, 37, 71 Brinson, W. H.. 35, 87 Brock, Agnes, 42 Brown, Kalherine, 38 Buchanan, Eslher, 29, 141 Burns, Clarence, 36 Campbell, Dorolhy, 36, 91 Carson, Celia, 42 Chadd, A. R., 26 Childers, Fousl, 26 Collin, Merrill, 29 Crulchlield, lna, 36 Cummings, Charles, 15, 23, 43, 45, 48, 52, 53, 55, 57, 61 Davis, George, 11, 14, 29, 46, 76 Dawson, Lenora, 35 Day, Bess, 27, 75 Day, Pauline, 36 Dye, Joseph, 40 Eley, Rulh, 41 Finney, John, 29, 125 Fleenor, Ray, 29, 45, 47 Garrigus, John, 41 Goss, Ella, 29 Grahame, Evelyn, 36, 74, 75, 132 Hale, Lee, 4-1 Hale, Marguerile, 36, 73, 74 Hallell, Herman, 32. 84 Higman, Alice, 29, 71 Hopping, Sarah, 26 Horlon, B. B., 32, 72 Hosier, Basil, 23, 35, 77, 132 Hoskins, Eslher, 37 Hubbard, Belly Jean, 12, 31, 78, 79, 82 Hughes, Helen, 36 1-lumphrey, Mary, 31,87 Hunlzinger, Jesse, 11, 41, 69,84 Julius, Gordon, 41, 72, 87 Julius, Wysong, 41 Kendall, Hazel, 37 Killerman, Mary, 37 Leachman, Margarel, 42 Lindsey, Howard, 35 Lindslrom, Virginia, 29 Long, Lois, 29, 125 Lyon, Herberl, 38 McC1inloclc, L. J., 30 McClure, C. H., 37 McDowell, Robert 32, 45, 59, 70 Miller, Herbert 35, 91 Miller, Mary, 37 Morris, Dwighl, 41 Mullendore, Margaret 33, 67 Murphy, Maurine, 29, 70 Nagle, Fannie, 30, 83 Pippen, Sarah, 11, 38, 69, 84 Porler, Delila, 26, 43, 64, 65 Porler, Slanley, 11, 23, 26 Preslon, Helen, 37 Railsback, Lucile, 38 Rencenberger, Richard, 31, 80, 82 Riggs, Dorolhy, 42 Rogers, G. M., 26 Roney, Claud, 33, 72, 77 Sanders, Leo, 27 Sharpe, Howard, 41 Sherman, Ray 40 Shinn, Vern, 40, 45, 48 Springer.O. L., 29 Slewarl, B, R., 32 Sloler, F. W., 35 Slrickler, Geraldine, 30, 83 Slulsman, Jesse, 33 Swill, Clillord, 43, 45, 48, 49 Thurslon, Mary Elhel, 19, 36 Todd, Elgin, 35 Todd, Kermit 29, 45, 63, 76, 141 Vermillion, Virginia, 37 Villars, Edmund, 41 Weaver, Fred E., 35, 46 Whilson, Edna, 30 Wilson, Horace, 35 Wright Noland, 26 Sludenls Abel, Mary Carroll - 74, 133 Abel, Mary Calherine - 82 Abney, Mary A. - 83, 84, 126 Achenbach, Joan - 126 INDEX Armslrong, Don - 23, 45, 48, 51 52, 53, 54, 56, 76, 97 Arnold, Richard, 70, 142 Arnold, Sam. 126 Asbury, Almeda, 142 Asbury, Belly Jane, 126 Ashby, Lera, 65, 97 Ashby, Norma Jean, 74, 82, 126 Ashby, Roselie, 142 Alkinson, Marian, 74, 126 Alwell, Grace. 126 Alwel1,Joe, 49, 142 Alwood, Marylou, 97 Aull, Carl 59, 77, 133 Auslin, Gene 151 Aynes, Belly, 133 Aynes, Jimmie, 86, 97 Beeson, Eilene, 98 . Belangee, Gaynelle, 98 Belangee, Helen, 33, 133 Belangee, Madeline, 133 Belangee, Robert 45, 47, 57, 61, 133 Belcher, Doris, 133 Bell, Emma Lou, 142 Bell Gene, 48, 57, 77, 133 Bell, James, 151 Bell, Marilyn, 142 Bemish, Donald, 142 Bemish, Joan, 133 Benbow, David, 142 Benden, Shirley, 74, 126 Benelie1,Jeanelle, 42, 142 Babcock, Jim, 97 Baciu, Emil, 97 Badger, Elnora. 126 Badgley, Dick, 97 Badgley, Gilberl, 142 Bailey, Rosalind Vivian, 71 Bailey, Tom, 32, 98 Baker, Barbara Ann, 151 Baker, Bob, 61, 142 Baker, Emilie, 64, 65, 126 Baker, Gerald, 142 Baker, Gloria, 98 Baker, Norman, 133 Baker, Palricia, 133 Beneliel, Orpha, 73,98 Bennell, Billie, 142 Benzenbower, 1'le1Dn, 99 Benzenbower, William Bill, 126 Bereslord, Barbara, 31. 72, 85, 126 Beresford, Rena, 72, 74, 133 Berg, Edilh, 126 Bergdahl, Richard, 49, 142 Berlcebile, Roberla, 142 Berry, Donald, ll, 59, 69, 77,133 Berry, James, 99 Bess, Joyce, 73, 75, 99 Bevars, Jack, 126 Bevelhimer, Juanila, 65, 74, 133 Bevelhimer, Paul, 11, 45, 48, 50, 57, 59, 69, 76, 126 Adams, Donald - 97 Adams, John - 142 Adams, Kermil - 89 Adams, Marjorie - 17, 70.74, 80, 81 126 Adams, Richard - 45, 47, 58, 59, 60, 97 Adams, Ronald - 80, 82, 142 Adcock. Marilyn - 83 Adkins, Edgar - 59, 72, 76 Akers, Na ncy A 80, 81, 142 Alalza, Paul - 45, 47, 59, 60, 78, 79, 97 Albrighl, Palricia - 97 Alexander, Bill - 80, 82, 97 Alexander, Dale - 151 Alexander, Jim - 70. 142 Alexander, Marion - 142 Alexander, Pally -l1,65, 69, 142 Aley, Waller - 133 Baker, Phillip, 142 Baker, Phyllis, 73, 98 Baker, Richard, 11, 69, 142 Bauldaul, Tom, 151 Baldwin, Barbara Ann, 133 Ballard, Laura, 11, 69, 133 Bancroft Don, 92, 98 Bancroll, Jean, 126 Bannon, Ronnie, 76, 80, 98 Barber, Marly, 82, 83.84, 133 Barg, Lyle, 142 Barg, Peggy, 98 Barger, John, 142 Barker, Belly Louise, 133 Barker, Charles, 133 Barker, Joann, 70. 126 Barkhimer, Donald, 126 Barnes, Deloris, 65, 142 Barnes, Gene, 57, 142 Barnes, Lena, 126 Barr, Jim, 142 Barrell, Charles, 133 Biddle, Allen, 142 Biddle, Bob 133, Biddle, Evelyn, 99 Biddle, George, 142 Billheimer, Phyllis, 19, 126 Bi1lheimer,Ted, 142 Bilyeu, Bishop. Kennelh, 151 Pal, 142 Bixensline, 1-lope, 23, 78, 79, 99 Black, Barbara, 126 Blades, Barbara, 142 Blake, Maxine, 99 Allord, Dorolhy - 82, 133 Blake, Norma, 37, 126 Blevins, Juanila, 142 Boaz, Belly, 133 Boaz, Marion Louise, 72, 74, 82, 126 Bobo, Bealrix, 142 Bobo, Donald Keilh, 80, 82 Boerner, Kalie, 82, 133 Bolen, Ha1,77, 133 Bollz, John, 31 Allen, Annabelle - 126 Allen, Bob - 133 Allen, Bob - 133 Allen, Ellie - 142 Allen, Everell - 151 Allis Bill - 80, 126 Allis, Dorolhy - 75, 80, 82, 142 Allison, Anna - 75, 142 Allman, Bob - 133 Allman, Dorolhy - 126 Alspaugh, Marilyn - 142 Alvis, Florine - 151 Ambrose, Charles - 72, 83, 97 Amos, Jo Ann - 82, 126 Anderson, Bonnie - 74, 133 Anderson, Dick - 89, 142 Anderson, Dorolhy - 126 Anderson, Evelyn - 142 Anderson, Geneva - 43, 97 Anderson, Henriella - 97 Anderson, Larry - 49, 59, 70, 142 Anderson, Marilyn - 74, 133 Anderson, Paul - 80, 142 Anlrobus, Thelma - 133 Anlrobus, Virginia - 142 Archey, Edgar Earl - 41, 45, 49, 51, 57 Armlield, Dick- 49, 57, 89, 142 Armslrong, Charles - 84, 142 Barrell, Geraldine, 33, 133 Barron, Bob, 151 Barll, Nancy, 46. 68, 74, 133 Barlon, Wilma, 82, 126 Bass, Palricia, 75, 142 Bales, Donald, 98 Bales, Phyllis, 126 Balhauer, Nalalie, 79, 98 Bauer, Gene, 98 Bauman, George, 151 Baumer, Myron, 126 Baundage, Don, 151 Baxler, Bob James. 151 Baxler, Bob W., 98 Baxler, Kalhryn, 80, 83, 126 Bays, Kennelh, 57. 142 Beal, Olis, 76, 98 Beall, Norma. 126 Beard, Rulh, 142 Beason, Bob, 84, 142 Beason, Lorene, 126 Beally, Janie, 74, 82, 84, 126 Beally, Joseph, 126 Bechlold, Devera, 75, 85, 142 Becklehimer, Dick, 86 Becknell, Juanila, 70, 98 Becknell, Mary Lois. 82, 133 Beeman, Maxine, 133 Beery, M. Albert 48, 133 Beeson, Carl, 48 Bonge, Bob, 89, 133 Bonge, Jack, 47, 59, 132, 133 Bonge, Jim, 47, 59, 76, 126 Bonner, Lavern, 142 Boone, Eddie, 48, 133 Boone, Marilyn, 151 Boone, Wayne, 151 Bowen, Wilma Sue, 82 Bowers, Joyce, 133 Bowers, Pal, 75, 142 Bowman, Charles, 28, 99 Bowser, Edward, 133 Boyer, Robert 70, 79, 133 Boze, Harry, 57 Brady, Pele, 22, 133 Branch, Joe, 126 Brandenburg, Darrell, 61, 142 Brandenburg, Farrell, 142 Brandon, Jerry, 45, 61, 62. 126 Brannon. Pally Lou, 142 Brauchla, Carl, 99 Brauchla, Gordon, 133 Bray, Richard, 76, 99 Breece, Norma, 99 Breece, William, 142 Brelslord, Barbara, 75, 142 Brewer, Shirly, 133 Brewsler, Opal, 43, 99 Bricker, Forr est 47, I26 Bricker, Norma, 73, 99 Bricker, Paisy. I42 Bridges, Fred, I33 Bridges, Robert I26 85' I34 Bright Jack, I5I Bright Larry, I42 Bright Virginia, 99 Briley, Janet I42 Brinduse, Mary, I7, I26 Brizenaine, Bob, I42 Brizindine, Max, I26 Broadnax, Dick, 99 Broadnax, Elizabeih, I5I Broadnax, Sadie, l26 Broadwaler, Faye, 84, 85, I42 Broadwaler, Gene, I42 Brock, Jo Ann, I42 Brock, John, I26 Brock, Kaiherine, I33 Brock, Paul, 88f 89, I33 Brockman, Yvonne, I33 Brogden, Marlha, I33 Callender, Frances. I43 Campbell, Buddy, 6I, I43 Campbell, Jack, l26 Campbell, Margaret I43 Canada, Bill, 80, l26 Canada, Marietla, I26 Canaday, Bill, I33 Cannon, Mary, 74, 83, I33 Canlwell, Bob, II, 67, 69, I26 Canlwell, Fairy. IOO Canfwell, Lewis, I33 Caplinger, Marilyn Jo, 82, I33 Carico, Kalherine, II, 69, 72, 82, I26 Carlile. Jack, IOO Carlson, Marvin, I43 Carlson, Wilbert IOO Carmony, Bill, I5I Carmody, Joan, 72, 74. 80, 82, I26 Car enler, Donna Lee, 82, I26 P Carpenler, John, ISI Carr, Helen Mae, 74, 84, I33 Carr, Ray, I26 Carraway, Phyllis, 74, l26 Carrawa , Robert 48. 6I, 77, I33 Y Carroll. Lenora, I43 Coch Coch Coch ran, John, l5, 23. 45, 48, 5l, 52, 53. 54, 56, 58, 59, 60, IOI ran. Keilh, 22, 23, 46, 76, 79, 85, 87, 9l, IOI ran, Polly, 67, 7I, 74, 84, I27 Dailey, Dailey, Carl, I43 Charloile. I43 Dailey. Marfha Lou, I43 Dalfon, Joyce, 65, 72, 74, Cole, Bonnie, 85, I43 Colelfi, Luiher, I34 Collins, Jackson, l5I Collings, John, IOI Collins, Marion. 48 Colvil, Don, I43 Combs, Rosalyn, I34 Comer, Jacqueline, 82, I34 Comer, John, I34 Conde. Palricia, I34 Condon, Charles lMickeyI, I9, 45, 48, 50, 7l, 76, 92, 93. IOI Condon, Marilyn, l5I Connelly, Rozella, IOI Conner, Befly, I27 Conrad, Janet I43, l52 Cook, David, 77, 83, I34 Daniorih, Virginia. I43 Daniels, JoAnn, I34 Dare, Charloire, I5I Daugher+y, Jack, I43 Daugherly, William, I27 Davenport Marjorie Jean, IO2 David, Lee, I43 Davidson, Peggy. 82 Davis, Beverly, 70, 74, I34 Davis, Bonnie, I27 Davis, Clara, I5l Davis, Clealis, 79 Davis, Ellen, I02 Davis, Everman, 79 Davis, Frances, I02 Davis, Fred, 48. 6l, 77 Davis, Mable, I43 Davis, Marianne, IO2 Cook, Emma Jean, l5l Cook, Jack, I43 Cook, Joann, I43 Cook, Kalhleen, I27 Cook Cook , Maxine, I27 Davis, Mary Anna, IO2 Davis Norman, I43 Davis, Peggy, 65. 73, 93, l02 Davisson, Dick, 63, I43 Dawson, Jean,7O Carfer, Clifford, 45, 58, 59, 60 Norman, I43 Brown, Deloris, I 33 Delph, Charles. 89, I43 Bronnenberg, Carolyn, 74, 82, I33 Bronnenberg, Charlofle 85, 96, 99 Bronnenberg, David, 89, I42 Bronnenberg, Gene, IOO Bronnenberg, Neel, II, 69, 76, Ii Brooks, Berry Jean, 82, IOO Bro'-lzs, Frances, I33 Brooks, Louise, I42 Bron, Lois, l5I Brown, Avas. 65. I42 Brown, Barbara I-l.. 64, 65, IOO Brown, Barbara Jean, 65, I42 Brown, Barbara Joanne, 73, 79, 85, IOO Brown, David, 49, I 33 Brown, Doris, I42 Brown, Lou Ann, 80. Brown, Mary Jane, 73 8l, I42 . IOO Brown, Norman. 2l, 80, 82, Brown, Palricia Arm, Brown, Robert I26 Browne, John, 22 Browne, Mark, I42 70, 75, Browning. Kalio, 65, 80, 82, Brunag 83, l26 Browning. Roy, I33 Broyles, Mariorie, I42 e, John, I26, I42 Brundage, Marilyn, 75, I42 B'uning, Sonny, I43 Buchanan, Bell Lou l26 Jane, 75, I4I, I42 Y I Buck, Jeanne, 74, 94, I26 Bulen, Tom, 72, 83, I26 Bunce, Carl, IOO Bunce, Max, I33 Bunce, Parry Louise, I33 Burgan, Bernard, I33 Burns, Don, I26 Burns, James, I26 Burlon, George Edwin, 86, I26 Burron, Carler, James, I33 Carler, Jeannelie, I33 Carfer, Robert 48, 59. 72. l26 Carwile, Millon, I26 Case, Kalherine, I43 Casey, Jim, I43 Cassell, Jack, I33 Caslor, Lorelfa, I43 Cart Bill, 47, 57, I33 Challant Maxine, I43 Chambers, Bill, 63. 77. I33 Chambers. Carl, 6l, I43 Chambers, Murlyn, I43 Chandler, Grace, 82, I26 Chandler, Velma, 82, l26 Chaney. Janet 73, IOI Chapman, Billie. I33 Chase, I-larold, 59 Cheever, Lonadine, I26 Childers, Kafhleen, IOI Childes, George, l5I Childes, Tom. 59 Christ Johnny, I26 Clanin. Marvin. 72, l26 Clark, Bernice, 74 Clark, Don, I27 Clark, I-Ierbert I43 Clark, Joe. I43 Clark, Reba, I33 Clarkson, Barbara, I33 Claus, Keirh, I33 Clausen, Paul, 78, 79, IOI Claxon, Donna, 42, 75, I43 Clay, Margaret I27 Clay, Robert l5I Claypool, Morris, I43 Clem, Belle June, 74, 79, I27 Cook, Richard, I34 Cook, Twyla, I34 Cookman, Don, I34 Cookman, Richard, I43 Coop Coop Coop Coop Coop Copp Corn, er, Donald, I34 er, Jim, I43 er, John. I43 er, Kalhyrn, I27 er, Rufh, IOI ess, Cluade, ISI Carolyn, l5I Corn, Richard, 22, 67, I27 Dawson, Joan, 75, I43 Day. John, I27 Day, Margaret I5l Dearing, Bob, I43 Decker, George. I43 Defenerler, Carl, 46, I34 Degrait John, 79, I34 Delinger, Marilyn, 70, I34 De-Long, Anna, I34 Delp, Ray, l5l Delph, Bill, 77. I34 Corn, Ronald, I34 Corlrecht Marilyn, I34 Cosflow, Rufh Ann, 82, 84, Colhran. Barbara, I34 Couch, Evelyn, Il, 69, I34 Couch, Robert 37, I27 Counceller, Phyllis, I43 Counceller, Vida, IOI Coverdale, Jarilynn, I43 Cowgill, Carroll, I43 I34 Cox, Arnola, 74, I34 Cox, Bob, 46. 47, I27 Cox, Frank, I43 Cox, Nondas Jean, I34 Cox, Roberia, I43 Craib, Dale, IO2 Craib, Paul, IO2 Craib, Raymond, I34 Craig, Billy, I43 Craig, Gale, I27 Craig, Joan, 84, I27 Craigie, Bill, I43 Denny, Richard, Il, 46.48, 52, 53 6I, 62, 69, 76, IO2 Denlon, Roberl Lee, I34- Derr, Myra Jo, 74. I34 Delienne. Marfha, 82. I27 DeVaul, JoAnn, 74, I34 DeVor e, Gilbert I27 DeVore, Judilh, I43 DeWilt Dickey. Irene, l5l Bob. 45, 6l, 77, I34 Dielzen, Lucille, 67, 72, 74, I27 Dillard, Wilma Jean, 74, 82. I34 Dillon, Alie, I02 Dillon, Jacqueline, 82, I34 Dillon, Judilh, 82, I34 Dillon, Norman, I5l Dilfs, Dismu Edwina, I34 ke, Jim, 45, 77, I34 Difflinger, Inez, IO2 Dixon, Eva Mae. 82, I27 Dixon, Jarrelt 67. 76, I27 Dixon, Jim, 6I. I43 Burlon, Jo Ellyn, 74, 80, 8 , Busby, Busby, Bob, 49, I43 Bush, Lois Kay, I43 Bushong, Alice, 84, I26 Bushong, Keilh, I33 2 I26 Audrey Jane, 79, IOO Clem, Bill Dean, Il, 67, 68, 69, 78 9, 7, 6, 76, , 7 8 9 IOI Clem, Bill Robert 48, 88, 89, I27 Bussel, Dick, 23, 46, 48, I26 Bufler, Jimmie, I42 Burler, Romona, 43, 82, IOO Byrne, Dean, 32, I26 Byrne, Jack, 3I. l26 Byrum, Claris, 79. 87, IOO Byrum, Thelma, 70, I33 Cabasier, Conslance, I 43 Clemenls, Frances. IOI Clemons, Juanifa. IOI Clevenger, Keirh, 49, I43 Clifford, Bill, 85. I34 Cliflord, Doris, 67, 7I, 73, 79. IOI Clifion, Emma Lou, 65, 74, I34 Clyde. Clyde, Francis, l5l Pat I7 Coale, Marilyn, 7I, 74, I27 Cobb, Berry, I27 Cobb, Floyd, I43 Cade, Jane, 74, 82 Cade, Jim, I43 Cade, Wilma. I33 Cain, Dick, IOO Cain, LaMar, I33 Calhoun, Lillie Mae. I26 CoCbIe, Nancy, 65. 72, 74. 83, I34 85, Coburn, D'AIice, 67, 7I. 72, 74, B2, I27 Coburn, Don. I34 Cochran, Barbara, 65. 80. 82, I27 Cochran, Charles, IOI Craigmile, Beily, 74, 82, I27 Crisler, Dick, 72, I27 Cronk, Alice, I34 Crosley, Bill, 37. I27 Crosley, James, I5I Croslhwait Marilyn, I43 Crosfhwaile, Gordon, IO2 Crow'rhers, Rosalie, 75, I43 Croxlon, Rex, IO2 Crump, Eldon, I34 Cue, Marvella. 34, 65, 75. 79, I27 Cummings, Charles, 47 Cummings. Gene Cummins. Beverly, I43 Cummins, John, Il, 69, 76, IO2 Cummins, LaGre+fa, I43 Cuneo, Janice Lou, 74, Cuneo, Jerrv. I34 Cunningham, Doris, 74, I34 Cunningham, Eulalia, I43 Cunningham, Fred, I5I Cunningham, Lee, 88, 89, I43 Current Jimmie, 47, 59, I43 82, I34 Dixon, Melvin, l5I Dobson, Belly. l02 Dobson. Joanne, 74, 83. I34 Dodd, Gerald, 49, 57, 59, I43 Dodge, Willis, 84, I43 Dollar, Arnold. I43 Dollar, Paul, I03 Dollens, Jim. 32, I03 Dooliffle, Donald, I43 Douglas, Dick. I5I Douglas, Gloria Ann. I44 Douglas, Robert I44 Douglas, William, 6I, I34 Dovey, Billie, I44 Dovey, Gwenelh, I27 Downey, Wayne, IO 3 Downham, Cleda, I27 Doyle, Pearlie Mae, I34 Doyle. Virginia Lee. 70, 75, I44 Dozier, Lorene. I27 Drennen. Edwin, I5l Driggers, Emma Lou, I34 Du Bois, Glenn. 79 Dunbar. Barbara, 72, 74. I34 File, John, 144 Ea ker, Green Velda Jane, 11, 37, 69, Dunbar, Dave, 134 Dunbar, Donna, 82, 103 Dunbar, Reba, 144 Dunham, Mary Elizabelh, 14, 144 Dunn, Harry, 103 Dunn, Lilas, 103 Dunn, Malcolm, 71, 72, 79, 83, 127 Dunn, Norma, 134 , Dunn, Pallie, 134 Durgan, Lonnelle, 152 Eaker, Belly, 127 Dorlha, 144 Early, Allen, 48, 57, 77, 134 Ecolt Jim, 74 Ecoll, Joan, 134 Eckenberg, Shirley, 22, 67, 70, 74, 85, 127 Edelson, Ben, 41, 103 Edens, June, 74, 82, 127 Edgecomb, Jack, 151 Edmonson, Anne, 103 Edmonson, Roberl, 103 Edwards, Bob, 37, 45, 48, 50, 72, 76, 127 Edwards, Jack, 46, 72, 134 Edwards, Ronald, 144 Eggman, Eslher, 144 Eggman, Gale, 11, 68, 69, 72 76, 84, 127 Ehle, Arlene, 151 Ehle, Glen, 47, 59, 134 Ehrhardl, Sandra, 127 Eichler, Mary Ann 65, 75, I44 Flden, Howard, 134 Elder, Belly, 134 Eldridge, Jack, 22, 76, 103 Ellioll, Joe, 61, 77, 134 Ellis, Delberl, 88, 89, 144 Ellis, Jim, 85, 127 Ellis, Joanne, 75 Margarel, 127 Ellis. Ellis, Ramona, 82, 134 Ellis, Zoe, 144 Ellison, Joanne, 103 Ellison, Marilyn, 42, 144 Ellsworlh, Charles, 47, 59, 72 Elmore, Jerry, 134 Elmore, Jim, 41, 72, 127 Endicoll. Jerri, 127 Engelmann, Ollo, 103 England, Dorolhy, 82, 134 Enl, Jim, 48, 59, 134 Enl, Waller, 144 Enyearl, Kalhleen, 134 Enyearl, Mary, 144 Epperly, Berlha, 134 Epperly, Charles, 144 Ervin, Marilyn, 70, 75, 127 Eulsler, Don, 134 Eulsler, Doris, 103 Eulsler, Elsie, 135 Eulsler, Laramine, 43, 103 Evans, Billy, 151 Evans. Harry, 103 Everman, Chris, 104 Fadely, lslea, 127 ' Fadely, Nila, 127 Fadely, Valencia, 74, 80, 135 Falge, Jim, 59, 144 Farley, Dorolhy, 127 Farley, Jack, 45, 49, 50, 59, IO4 Pally, 65, 74, 83, I27 Farlow, Farmer, Barbara, ll, 69, 82, I35 Farmer, Harry, 23, 45, 49, 51, 52, 53, 54, 56, 60, 68, 76, 104 Faulkner, Anne, 73, IO4 Faulkner, Marlha, 74, 135 Fausell, Barbara, 127 Fealherslone, Donald, 144 Feezel, Beverly, 74, 127 Ferguson, Eugene, 144 Ferree, Edwin, 135 Ferree, Tom, 144 Pickle, Jacqueline, 144 Fidler, Bill, 104 Finley, Frank, 41, 104 Finley, James, 135 Finley, Rose Ella, 144 Fish, Jack, IO4 Fish, Ted, 135 Fisher, Elizabelh, 104 Fisher, Gene, 67, 68, 72, 78, 127 Fisher, Joanne, 82, 127 Fisher, Margarel, 64, 65, 67, 93, IO4 File, Rose, 82, 135 Filzsimmons, Norma, 43, 104 Filzsimmons, Richard, 127 Flanigan, Belly, 127 Fleenor, Wilella, 67, 70, 127 Flory, Dick, 46, 79, 84, 135 Flowers, Dean, 144 Flowers, Jean, 144 Foland, Frances, 71, 72, 74, 85, Foley, Aloma Jo, 74, 85, 125 Foley, Peggy, 74, 135 Foley, Phyllis, 144 Folsom, Bernice, 104 Folsom, Vera, 151 Follz, Perry, 135 I35 Fonlaine, Louis, 11, 21, 68, 69, 72, ao, 82, 135 Ford, Brabara, 144 Forkner, Kalhleen, 144 Fosnol, Eddie, 144 Fosler, Jerry, 144 ' Fosler, Jim, 135 Ginder, Wanda, 105 Ginley, Jacqueline, 151 Girlon, Larry, 135 Givens, Rulh, 70, IO5 Glass, Charles, 144 Glover Rulh 78, 79, 105 Gold, Barbara Ann, 14, 82, 135 Gold, Norma Joan, 135 Golden, Jimmie, 144 Goldsmilh, Lenora, 128 Good, Helen, 144 Good, Joy, 135 Gooding, Phyllis, 49, 105 Goodwin, Eileen, 39, 73, 105 Gordon, Charles, 128 Gordon, Curlis, 128 Gordon, Marie, 144 Gore, Odell, 63, 128 Hadley, Helen, 31, 72, 74, 128 Hagan, Geneva, 74, 83, 128 Hains, Norma, 65, 145 Hair, Mary Lou, 80, 128 Haler, Rose Marie, 106 Haley, Joan, 65, 106 Hall, Jack, 7, 32, 76, 84, 106 Hall, Wilmella, 65, 70, 80, 81, I35 Hallell, Dorolhy, 22, 74, 84, 128 Hamel, Bob, 84, 145 Hamillon, Aubrey, 145 Hamillon, Bob, 128 Hamillon, Char1eS. 107 Hamillon, Jim C., 48, 63, 77, 135 Hamillon, Jim F., 145 Hamillon, Jo Ann l2Al, 74, 135 Hamillon, Jo Ann 14Al, 83, 107 Hamillon, Joe, 79, 79, 128 Hamillon, Tom, 48, 57, 59, 71, 135 Fosler, Jo Ann, 67, 73, 87, 104 Fouse, Phyllis, 135 Fousl, Marshall, 80, 82, 135 Fowler, Judilh Ann, 74, 135 Fox, Belly Jean, 74, 127 Fox, Joe Thomas, 47, 61, 84, I35 Fox, Norma Jean, 73,75, 104 Frank, Edward, ll, 69, 144 Frank, Norma Jean, 127 Franklin, Eileen, 144 Frazier, Helen, 144 Frazier, Robert 144 Freeman, Bobby, 144 Freeslone, Eddie, 49, 57, 59, Freeslone, Phyllis, 144 Fuller, Evelyn Rose, 104 Fuller, Joan, 75, 144 Fuller, Lois June, 43, 65, 73 Fullinglon, Frederick, 135 Fu1lon,Joan, 151 Funkhouser, Barbara, 67, I27 Gable, Marilyn, 144 Gable, Mary Louise, 74, I35 Gallamore, Don, 67, 84, I27 Gallegly, Bill, 127 Gardner, Eugene, 144 Gardenr, Palricia L I35 Garner, Barbara, 127 Garrell, Maxine, 75, 144 Garrigus, Bob, ll, 57, 144 Garrison, Pally Lou, 144 Garvin, Bill, 76, I27 Gauker, Gloria, 105 IO4 Goll, Gaul, Barbara, 151 Virginia, 128 Gourley, Warren, 135 Gowen, Phyllis, IO5 Goye r, Gradd Graha Graha Marilyn, 105 y, Eloise, 74, l35 m, Billie, 144 m, Bob, 46, 79, 128 Graham, Ella Louise, 105 Graham, Jean, 135, Graham, Lloyd, 49, 61 Graham, Mildred, 128 Granger, Kenny, 144 Granger, Roberl, 70, 106 Grant Bob, 76, 93, 106 Granlham, Maurice, 135 Gray, Arlene, 73, 84, 106 Gray, Barbara, 65, 74, 75, 85, 128 Gray, Charles, 61, 86 Gray, DeLena, 135 Gray, Dona, 106 Gray, Edward, 106 Gray, Eilen Louise, 135 Gray, Keilh, 128 Gray, Kennelh, 135 Grealhouse, Mary Helen, 135 Greek, Carl, IO6 Green, Clyde, 23, 47, 52, 57, 59, 60, 67, 68, 76, 79, 125, 128 Green. Thomas Gene, 135 Greene, John Paul, 89 land, Palricia, 45, 67, 73, Hamlin. Norma, 75, 145 Hancock, Georgianna, 128 Hancock, Jeannine, 70, 73, 79, 107 Hancock, Palricia lPallyl, 65, 135 Handley, Lee, 68, 76, 91, 107 Handy, Virginia, 145 Haney. Carroll, 145 Hannalord, Roberl V., 67, 71 76 85, 93, 96, 107 Hanneman, Beverly Jo Ann, 74 Hardacre, Bill, 145 Hardacre, Dallas, 128 Harless, Jacky, 85, 86, 107 Harmeson, Nancy, 75, 145 Harmon, Bill. 128 ' Harney, Charles, 72, I35 Harney, Dolores, 70, 145 Harney, Norma, 64, 65, 128 72, 135 Harringlon, George, Harris, Barbara, 65, 145 Harris Harris Harris, Dolores, 145 Harris, Wilda, 128 Harrison, Georgia, 107 Harrison, Nancy, 72, 74, 135 1-'arshmar-, David, 145 Harlley, Thomas, 151 Harlman, Donald, 41, 128 Harlwell, Palsy, 74, 84, 135 Harvey, Anna Jo, 135 , Bill, 145 . Bolo, 145 75, 91, 106 Gregg, Jackie, 59, 144 Gregg, Ladonna, 128 Gregory, Geraldine, 144 Gregory, Margarel, 106 Grieb, Sande, 85, 151 Grillin, Pal, 106 Grillilh, Donna, 135 Grillilh, Lois, 42, 144 Grissom, Gaylord, 84, 85, 144 Grissom, Wanda, 70, 72, 74, 135 Groble, Nancy, 67, 72, 74, 128 Groll, Lois, 135 Gross, Velma, 144 Groves, Marie, 22, 74, 95, 128 Gudgel, Joyce, 144 Gudgel, Richard, 135 Harvey, 1-'al-Hey, Harvey, Hasler, Hasling Bobby Jo, 79, 82 Mariorie, 67, 72, 74, 128 William, 76, 87, 107 Carolyn, 135 s, Don, 135 Haslings, Marilyn, 151 I35 1-laslon, Halch, Mariorie, Arlo, 107 Hallield, Maxine, 43. 107 Halhcoal, Bobby Jo, 49, 145 Halhfoal, Glenda, 107 Hawkins, James, 135 Hawley, Barbara, 80, 107 Hawley, Carolyn, 145 Hawley, Virginia, 80, 128 Haynes, Belly, 84, I35 Gaunl, Marlha Ann, l1,67, 69, 105 Gaus, Billy, 135 Gayle, Pal, 127 Genda, Dorolhy A., 80, 82, 105 Genda, Joan, 65, 67, 105 Gepharl, Max, 85, 105 Gepharl, Mildred, 84, 105 Gerkin, Jacqueline, 74, 127 Ghere, Irene, I27 Gibson, Alice, 135 Gibson, Mary Kalhryn, 135 Gulley, Theala, 79 Gulley, Wilma, 135 Gulmire, Dorolhy, 135 Guslin, Carl, I35 Guslin, Eleanor, 74, 85, 135 Guslin Guslin . Peggy Ann, 73, 75, 106 , Richard, 144 Gwallney, Bill, 151 Gwallney, Edilh, 135 Gwallney, Marilyn, 144 Gwinn, Gwinn, Belly, 73, 75. 106 Blake, 48 Haynes, 71, 74, 85, 128 Head, Belly Jo, 72, 74, 135 Heagy, Belle, 75, 145 Hedgecrall, Mamie, 145 Hellin, Theodore, I51 Heiman, Bill, ll, 45, 47, 59. 72, 128 Heineman, Bob, 46. 47, 48, 125, lza Heiney, Barbara, Il, 67, 69, 87, 128 Heiney, Helen, 107 Gibson, Roberl lBobl, 45, 63, IO5 Gibson, William lBilll, 144 Phyllis, l44 Gilberl, Giles, Calherine, 144 Gilmore, Bill, 144 Gilmore Dave, 77, 135 -Gilmore, Herbert R. 144 Gwinn, Jimmy, 80, 144 Gwynn, Barbara, 70, 74, 75, 144 Gwynn, Joanna, IO6 Hass, Don, 84, 144 Hacker, Barbara, 65, 144 Hackney, Junior, 84, 145 Heiney. lra, 145 Helberl, Belly Lou, 82, 107 Hellrich, Marlha, 73, 75, 107 Helfrich, Hellems Richard, 47, 57, 59, 145 ,Joanne, 145 Hellems, Joe, 135 1-lellems , Norma, 151 Helmic, Jacqueline Jean, 74, I35 Helmic, James Wm. IBIIII, 80, IO8 Helmick, Phyllis Joan, Il, 69, I36 Henderson, Beverly, 73, 79, Henderson, Roberf, 46 Hendrickson, Wanda, I36 Henning, Dick, 79, I28 Henning, Helen, 67, 70, I28 Henry, Joan, I45 Hensley, Jean, I28 Hensley, Mary Lou, 72, 74, I36 Hensley, Rose Mary, 73, IO8 Herrel, Elsie, 82, IO8 Herron, Beverly, I36 Heuer, Sheila, I45 Hewiff, Dora Mae, I28 Hiaff, Paul, I5I Hickman, Jim, 77, I36 IO8 Hudson, Kafhryn, I36 Huff, Jo Ann, l5l Huff, Warren, IO8 Huffer, Donald, 6l Huffer, Mary Louise, I28 Huffman, Doris, IO8 Huffman, Evelyn, 75, I5I Huffman, Jean, 75 I45 Hughel, Donald, 2I, 37, 80.82, l08 Hughel, Wilson, 77, I36 Hughes, Anna, I36 Hughes, Beffy Jane, 70, 75, I45 Hughes, Bill, l5I Hughes Rachel, I36 Hull, Marjorie, 74, 83, I36 Hull, Marvin, 80, IO9 Hulse, James M., I09 Hulse, Madonna, I28 Johnsfone, Marye Jayne, I28 Jones, Alice Louise, I45 Jones, Ann, 82, I28 Jones Barbara, I45 Jones, Biddie Ann, I28 Jones Carl, I36 Jones, Carol, I7, 74, I36 Jones, David, I36 Jones Harvey, I45 Jones, Laura, I5I Jones, Lewis, IO9 Jones, Margaref, 42, IIO, I45 Jones, Marjorie, I09 Jones, Nancy Sue, l5l Jones, Phyllis, 74, 94, I28 Jones, Rober'I', I45 Jones, Ronald, I36 Jordan, Juanifa, I36 Hicks, Roberf, 46, I36 Hiday, Lenna, I36 Higgins, Befly, I45 Higgins, Margaret IO8 Higgins, Waller, I5I Higginbofham, Presnell, 49, I36 Hilbolf, Janef, I45 Hiles, Ernesl, I45 Hill, Beffy Jo, I36 Hill, Jean, I28 Hill, Ray, I45 Hilliker, Beffy, IO8 Hines, Barbara, I45 Hines, Janice, I45 Hinkle, Howard, 86 Hinfon, David, I45 Hise, Pafsy, I28 Hifchcock, Janice, 75, I45 Hocken berry, Marfha, I45 Flodgson, Bob, I45 Hodson, Mary, I5I Hofer, Bill, 46 Hofer, Marjorie, 42, I45 Hoffman, Mary. 83 Hoffmasfer, Beffy, IO8 Hoffmasler, Wanda, I5I Hoffner, Roberfa, 27 Holder, Max, I36 Holding, David, I45 Holdren, Jimmie, I45 Holladay, Norma. 75, I28, I45 Hollensbe, Wayne, I36 Hollingsworfh, Bill, I45 Hollingsworfh, George, I 36 Humbles, Edward, 80, 82, 83, I28 Humerickhouse, Alfen, I36 Humfleef, Marceille, I28 Humphrey, Bob, 6I, 62, IO9 Humphries, Phyllis, I28 Hunf, Barbara, I36 Hunf, Evere'H', I36 Hunf, Joanna, IO9 Hunf, Phyllis, I28 Hunfer, Morf, 7, 22, 37, Hunfer, Roberf, 48, I28 Hunfzin er, Mar belle 9 Y I Hunfzinger, Mary Lou, I45 Hurd, Carolyn, I36 Hurley, Pafsy, I45 Hufsell, Kafie, I36 Huffon, Jack P., IO9 , Hyndman, Lloyd, 67, 87, Ice, Anna Mae, I5I Iferf, Norman, I36 lkasf, Rufh, 82, IO9 lmel, Don, I36 lmel, Romona, IO9 Imus. Carol, I5l Ireland. Jack, 80, 82, I28 Irle, Bob, I45 7I, IO9 I28 Irvin Maril n 67, 70, 74, 85 I Y I Isaacs, Anne, I28 Hollingsworfh, John, 59, I45 Holloway, Norma, 74 Holloway, Wilfred, 45, 5I, 76, l08 Holsinger, Jean, I45 Holsinger, Mary, I36 Holl, Donald, 59, 72, Hooks, Sammy, I5l Bill, IO8 Buddy, I45 I28 Hopkins, Hopkins, Hopper, Imogene, IO8 Hoppes, Joyce. 75, I45 Hoppes, Wilma, I36 Hord, Roberf, I45 Horn, Joann, I36 Hornback. Vera, I45 Hornbeck, Georgeffa, I28 Hornbeck Pal, I5I Hornbeck, Phyllis, 72, 74, Horfon, Jackie Lee, I36 I36 I-losek,Jacgueline, 70, 74.83, I36 Hosier, Frances, I45 Hosier, Louan, IO8 Hosier,Sue Ann, 75, 85, I45 Houser, Maxine, 75, I45 Housh, Jack, I36 Howard, Nancy, 82, I36 Howe, Mary Lou, ISI Howensfine, Jack, ll, 69, 7l, IO8 Hoyer, Bob, I28 Hubbard, Helen, I36 Hudson, Anna Jean, I45 Hudson, Barbara, I28 Hudson, Johnny, I45 lsanagle , Jane Ann. 42, 84, I45 Isanogle, Gerald, 48, I28 IO9 Julian, Barbara, 84, I36 Julian, Beffy, I45 Jusfice, James, I36 Kabrich, Phyllis, I36 Kane, Walfer, 89, I45 Karr, Jim, IIO Kearns, Alberf, 88, IIO Keesling, Bonifa, 75, I45 Keesling, Floeffa, I45 Keesling, Marveda, I36 Keesling, Raleigh, I36 Keifh, Vivian, I36 Kelly, Beffy, 36 Kelly, Marilyn, I45 Kellow, Buddy, 40 Kem, Ronald, l5l Kempher, Beffy Lee, 7, 73, IIO Kendall, Beffy, I36 Kendall, Donald, l5l Kendall, Raymond, I45 Kessler, Bob, I46 Kefner, Joe, II, 45, 48, 5I, 58, 59, 60, 69, 76, IIO Key, Janef, 73, IIO Key, Pafsy, I36 Key, Roberf, I36 Kidd, Befhea, I46 Kilburn, LeRoy, I46 Kimble, Jack, 47, 57, 59, I46 Kimm, Ronald, 86 Kimmel, Darlene, I36 Kimmerling, Harold, I36 Kimmerling, Neva, 74, 85 Kimmerling, Richard, 89 Isenhour, Bob, 47, 59, 60, I28 lsenhour, Chauncey, 72, 77, 80, I36 Jackey, Paf, IO9 Jackson, Alfreda, 74, I36 Jackson, Carolyn, Il, 69, I45 Jackson, Eugene, l5I Jackson, Jimmy, 33, I36 Jackson, Richard, 72, 79, 92, 96, IO9 Jackson, Rufh, 74, I28 , Jakes, Helen, I5I James, Edward, I28 James, Fred, I36 James, Gerfrude, I5l Jared, Ronald, I45 Jarrell, Ronald, I28 Jarreff, Cafherine, IO9 Jarrefl, Junior, I45 Jarris, Rufh, I45 Jarvis, Bill, I45 Jarvis, Max, 6l, I45 Jefferson, Joan, II, 69, 85 I36 Jenkins, Don, I36 Jessup, Lenora, 39, IO9 Jessup, Wilma, I36 Jeune, Rosalyn, I28 John, Geraldine, I45 Johns, Melva, I28 Johnson, Dorolhy, I36 Johnson, Edward, I45 Johnson, Jim, 84, I36 Johnson, Lois, I28 Johnson, Norman, I45 Johnson, Richard, I5I Johnson, Rufh, 82. I28 74, 83. King, King, King Bill, 7l, 72. 76, 85 Evelyn, 75, I46 Nola 82 King: Pa+,45,48, si. 57.59, I36 King, Richard, 6I, I46 King, Ted, 2I, 80, IIO King, Viola, I36 Kingen, Marcus, 6I, 88, 89, I36 Kinnaman, Gordon, 3I Kirk, Joann, 67, 70, 74 Kirk, Thomas, I46 Kisker, Beffy, I36 Kleyla, Donna, 73, 85, Il0 Kline, Floyd, 6I, I36 Knoffs, Marilyn, 74, I36 Knoffs, Yvonne, I46 Kocher, Paffy, I36 Koeniger, Mary Kafherine, I36 Kolde, Beffy Ann, I36 Koob, Marlin, 79, IIO Kramer, Barbara, IIO Kreegar, Bill, I36 Kugler, Lewis, I36 Kugler, Willodean, I46 Kuklenski, Helen, 85, IIO Kuklenski, William, I46 Kunfz, Marilyn, 72, 74 Lacey, Charles, 72, IIO Lagle, Jerry, 59, I5l Laib, Molly, 80, 82, I36 Lakey, Charles, I5l Laman. George, I46 Lame, Frances, I36 Land, Doris, 75, I46 Landes, Norma, I36 Lane, Harriel, I46 Lane, Marc, 72 Lane, Marilyn, I36, l5l Lane, Paul, 76 Lane, Tom, 67, 70, 78, 79 Lang Lang, Janine, IIO Tessa, 75, I46 Langley, Jean, 75, I46 Langley, Jeaneffe, IIO Lannes, Oran, 33, I36 Larabee, Ramona, 84 Lasher, Bob, I36 Lauber, Jeaneffe, 74, 83, I36 Lawler, Don, IIO Lawler, Earl, 47, I46 Lawler, Joyce, I46 Lawrence, Barbara, II, 69, I37 Lawrence, Beffy, I46 Lawson, Bill, 4l, 72 Lazenby, Alice, Ill Lazenby, Helen, 82, I37 Lazenby, Russell, 63 Leach, Agnes, 85, I37 Leasure, Don, I52 Leasure, Mary Lou. III Leafherman, Bob, 79, III Ledger, Maffie Lou, III Lee, Barbara, I37 Lee, V irginia, 70, 75, 85, I46 Leedom, Evereff, 39, Ill Leever, James, I46 Leever, Phyllis, I46 Leffel, Mary, I37 Lieghfon, Barbara, 80, 83, I37 Lemond, Phyllis, I46 Le Monde, Cora, Ill Lennarfz, Dick, 49, I46 Lennis, Lennis, Lesfer, Mardelle, 39. III Mary Jo, I46 Bob, 49, I46 Levi, Alice Jo, l52 Levi, Jim, I37 Levi, Joan, III Lewellen, Mary Lee, ll, I5, I9, 68, 69, 7I, 73, 84, 85, 96, I Lewellyn, Floyd, I46 Lewellyn, Gerald, III Lewis, Lewis, James, 70, Ill John, 49,l46 Lighffoof, Rufh, I37 Likins, Charloffe, 70, 74, I37 Lindsey, Helen, 83, I37 Lineberry, Tom, 49, I46 Linvill Linvill e, Carol, I46 e, Joan, 37, 86, 9l, III Lilchfield, Richard, I37 Liflle. Liffle, Living Living Beffy, 36. 82 Kay, 75, I46 sfon, Edwin, I46 slon, Evelyn, 74, 84, I37 Lockwood, Polly Ellyn, 7l, 74, 80, Lollar, Wilbur, I37 Long, Phyllis, I I, 65, 69, 73, 96, Looper, Billie Sue, I37 Looper, D. M., 59, 84, I37 Looper, Emogene, 47, I46 Loose, Bill, 45, 6l, 62, III Loose, Ed., 6l,I46 Losey, Bill, 72, 86 Losey, Jim, I7, I37 Loudenback, Norman, 76, III Louiso, Dale, 84, 85, I46 Lovdal, Rodney, 77, I37 Lovell, Barbara, 65, 74, 83, I37 Lower, Phyllis, 73, ll2 Lowry, John, I46 Lukens, Marilyn, 74, 82, I37 Lukens, Virginia, 70, 74, 82, I37 Lunfsford, Lloyd, I37 Lusher, Donna, I37 Luffon, Roberl, lI2 Luffon, William, Il2 67, I I 83 Lyons Bill, I29 Lysl, Barbara Jean. 73, 84, ll2 Lysl, June, ll2 McAdams, Bellord, I36 McCain, Juanila, I29 McCampbell, Richard, ll2 McCarlhy, Carolyn. I29 McCarlhy, Richard. ll, 69. I46 McClain. Dorolhy, I29 McClinlic, Sue. I46 McConnell, Roy. 6l, 62, I29 McCord, Jimmie, l46 McCord. Thelberl, I37 McCorkhill, Curlis, 89, I37 McCurry, Jimmie, I46 McCurray, Rosana. I46 McDaniel, Belly Jean, I37 McDaniel, Bill. 36, ll2 McDaniel, Phyllis, ll, 69, 74, l37 McDaniel, Richard, ll2 McDaniels, Delores, 74, I37 McDaniels, Pal, 75, I46 McDonald, Harold, I46 McDowell, Jean, ll2 McElderry, Frances. 65. 73, Il2 Miller, McElvoy, Belly, I46 McFadden, William, l52 McFarland, Marilyn. l46 McGonigle, Charles, l37 McGrananhan, Joe. l52 McKay, Ralph I37 McKeand. Norma J., I37 McKee, Barbara. 74, I37 McKee, Philip. l29 McKelvey, Gerald, I37 McKeown, Alice, 65, 85, I46 McKinley, Joan, l7, 70, 74. 83. 84, 85, I37 l37 McKinley, Virginia, ll2 McMal1an, Bob. I29 McMahan. Donald, 46, I46 McMahan, Gene, 34, 76, Il2 McMahan, John, ll2 McMurry. McMurlrey, Joan, I46 McMurlrey, Neva, I29 McNeal, Alyce, 65, I29 McNeal, Richard, I46 McNeal, Virginia, 65, ll2 McPheron, lrene, l52 McVev, Mariorie, 82, l29 McVev, Richard, l46 Mabbill, Ardelh, l46 Mabbill, Geraldine, I46 Mabbill, Velma Eileen, 39, Mahan, Barbara, I37 Mahon, Jarrell. l46 Main. Max, l46 Maiden, Calherine. I37 Malone, Malone, Colene. l46 Malone, Ray, l9, 45, 58, 78, 79. 96. ll3 Manoas. Bob, 6l Manilold, Charles, ll3 Manslield, James, I46 Manship, Beverly, I37 Marley, Mariorie. I29 Marsh, Barbara, 70, ll3 Marsh. Dolores, 83, I29 Marsh, Elden, l29 Marsh, Marilyn, 85, II3 Sue, 70, 75. 85, I46 Marshall, Carl Lesler, l46 Marshall, Marilyn, II3 Marlin, Marlin, Marlin, Marlin, Eddie, I37 Junice, 73, ll3 Preslon C., 79, I37 Nancy, 78, 79, I29 ll2 Barbara, 74, 83, I37 67, 72, Marlindale, Marman, 79, I37 Masley, Luann, 67, 79, I29 Massey, Eddie, I37 Masl, Richard, I37 Malheney, Herschel, l29 Malher. Bonnie Lee, II3 Malhews, Donald, 46, 49, I46 Malhis. Lois Marie, 74. I29 Mallhew, Rachel, 67, 7l, 74, I2 Mallhews, Bob, I37 Mallingly. Mack, 85, I46 9 Maul, Wayne, I5, 45, 47, 58, 59, 60, 7l, 76, 93, ll3 Maxwell, Belly, l52 May, Gene, I29 Maynard, Arlhur, l52 Maynard, Jewell, 73, II3 Mead, Belly, 82, I37 Mears, Barbara. I37 Melcher, Mary Jane, I46 Melle, Barbara, 74, 80, 85, I29 Meneslrina, Donald, 93, II3 Merrell, Luanne, 82, I37 Merrill, Dick. I46 Merrill, Phyllis, 37, I29 Merrill, Roberl. I46 Merwin, Marilyn, 70, 75, I47 Morris, Palricia Ann, I47 Morrison. Edilh, 67, 74, 78, 79, Morrison, June, ll4 Morrison, Pal, 30 Morrow, Johnnie, l52 Mosley, Marlha Jean, I37 Mollo, Pally Jo, I37 Mollo, Susie, 79, ll4 Moyer, Mary, I47 Muller, Charles, 6l, 62, I47 Mullins, Nancy, 70. I37 Mundhenk, Jr., I29 Murdock, Bob, l52 Murdock, Waller. I37 Murphy, l-larry, 72, I29 Musick, Belly, I47 Musick, Charlolle, I37 Musselman, Lela Mae. 65, l47 Osborne, Doris, I38 Osborne, James. 49, 57, I47 Osling, Osller, Thelma, l29 Charles, 59. I47 Ollo. Evelyn, 74. 75. I29 Ollo, Marlha, 75, l47 Owens, Pally. lI5 Painler, Carolyn Sue, 75, I47 Painler, Mary Vera, ll5 Palmer, Belly, 39, 73, 84, ll5 Palmer, Jane Anne, I38 Palmer. Jeanie, 74. I38 Palmer, LeRoy, I47 Palmer, Phyllis, 82, I38 Palmer. Roberl. I7 Pancol, Anna. 36, 74, 82, I29 Pancol, Gus. 23, I47 Paramore. Lois Jean, 75, l47 Melcall, June Ann, 65, 75, l47 Melzger, Bill, 88 Meyer, Barbara, ll3 Meyer, Tom, I47 Meyers, Fredia, 74 Michael, Roberl, I I3 Myer, Denny, 59, I47 Myers, Bob, I47 Myers, Freda, 82, I37 Myers, Joan, I37 Nagel. Joyce, I47 Nanney, Wendell, 47, 59, I47 Nash, Roberl, 83. I29 Michel, Ross, 47. 59, 67, 7l, 76, 87. 92, 96, II3 Milburn, Judy, 84, I37 Milburn, Virginia, I47 Miley, Evelyn, II3 Millage, Roberl, I47 Miller, Bill, l47 Miller, Bill E., 49, 6l, l29 Miller, Billie, l29 Miller, Dan, l47 Miller. Jane Ann, l47 Miller, Lou Ann, 7l, 73, 92, 96, Miller, Norveda, l52 Miller, Phillip, 129 l Miller, Phyllis, 67, 7l, 73. 85, I29 Miller, Roberl. 47, 59, I47 Miller, Sara, 74 Warren, I47 Mills, Barbara Ann, 74. I29 Mills. Barbara Jean, 84. I47 Nave, Ralph, 'll5 Neal, Bradley. ll, 49, 69, l47 Neal, Mary Helen, 75, 85, I47 Needham, Norma, I37 Neeley, Marvin, l52 Nell. Agnes. ll5 Nelson, Beverly, 67, 73. 79, 92, I I5 Nelson, John, 72, I29 Nelson, Kennelh, l47 Nelson, Linda, 75. I47 Nevis, Clarice, ll, 69. 7l, 74, I37 85, Newsom, Clarice, ll5 Newsom, George, 49, l47 Marlha, 65, I47 Newsom, Newsom, Mary, 80, I47 Niccum, Frank, 46, I37 Mary Frances. ll5 Niccum, Nicholas, Eugene, l47 Nichols, Charles, 67, 84. 87, ll5 Paramore, Shirley. 73.85, ll5 Pardue, Junior, 47. I47 Parisi, Norma Jean, I47 Parker, Dick, 49, 57, 63, I47 Parker, Roberl, 46, 72 Parker, Rosanna, 74, 82, l3O Parker, Everell, 39 Parry, Jack, l3O Parry, Phyllis, 72, 74. 80, 82, 85, l32. I38 Parsons, LouAnne, 82, l3O Parlinglon, Jim, 93, ll6 Paschal, Corrine, ll6 Passwaler, Ray, 49, 57, 6l, 62 Pallerson, Marlha, l3O Pallerson, Orville. II6 Pallon, Kalhryn. 74, l38 Pavey, Daralhy, I47 Pavey, Mary Alice, ll6 Pavey, Ray, 79, I38 Pavey, Tom, I47 Payne, Lorrine. I47 Paynler, Bob, I38 Belly Jane, 75, l47 Pearcy. Pearson, Carol, I38 Joycilie, l5, 67, 7l, 74, Pearson, 79, 84, 86, l3O Pearson, Mary Helen, II6 Mills, Junior, 45, 46, 48, 6l, 62, I29 Mills, Oleda, 67, 84. 96, ll4 Minniear, Alice. 74, 82, I29 Minniear, Delores, 73, ll4 Minnielield, Phyllis, l29 Minlon, Don, ll4 Misner, Belly, ll4 Milchell, Billy, I29 Milchell, Dorolhy, ll4 Milchell, Warren, 60, l52 Monroe. Wilma, ll4 Moomey, Doris Jean, 95, ll4 Moore, Allen, I29 Moore, Belly Clara, l52 Moore, Belly Jane, ll4 Moore, Beverly, 74. l37 Moore, Bill. l52 Moore, Jack. 59, 72. 85, I47 Moore, Marianna, I29 Moore, Nadean, 75, I29 63. 76, l Moore. Roberl, 45, Moore, Wanda Lee, I29 Moorman, Belly, I37 Moorman, Bob, I29 Morano. VVilma, I37 Morehouse, Russell, ll4 Moreland, Carol, ll4 Moreland, Henry. I47 Moreland, Tom, 22, 45, 48, 5 68, 76. ll4 Moreland, Virginia, 84. I29 Morgan, Bobbie, I37 Morgan, John, I37 Morgan, Phyllis, ll4 Morris, Evelyn, I29 Morris, Jim, 49. 57. 6l, I47 Morris, Marilyn Marie, I47 I4 O. Nicholson. lrma, l52 Nicholson, Jack. 7l, 84, I37 Nicholson, Lavern Nick, 59, I29 Nicholson . Marilyn. I29 Nicholson, Mary Lou, I47 Nichlson, Virginia, I47 Noble, Phylis, 82, I37 Noelzel. Nancy, l37 Noland, Harold, 88. I29 Norris, Gene. I29 Norris, Roberla, 82, l37 Norris, Virginia, l52 Norlh, Barbara. l52 Norlh, Norma Jean, I29 Norlon, Jo Anne. 7l. ll5 Nyboer, Bill, I38 Nyboer, Tom Jr., 89, l38 Oakes, Jerry, 47, 6l, I47 Oakes, Paul, 40, 6l, 62 Oberlies, Mary Alice, I38 Odell, Evelyn, I47 Odell, Jack, 49, 59, I47 Odell, Nancy, 82, I38 Odom, Bobby, 88, 89. I47 Odom, Huberl, 88, I29 Oemler. Bill. 80, I29 Ogden, Beverly, 64, 65, I29 Ogden, Bill, 36. 45, 61.62, ll5 Ogden. Edgar, 6l, I38 Ohler, Rulh, ll5 Oldham, Douglas, 79, I38 Olek, Doris, ll5 Olliney, Millon, I47 O'Neil, Joann, 75, l47 O'Neill, Deane, I47 Onlces, Richard, I38 Onsloll, Bellie Ann, ll5 Onsloll, Bob, l47 O'Roark, Pal, 6l, I47 Pears Peck, Peck, on. Phyllis, 70. ll6 Dick. 48, 57, 63, 77, I38 Jeanne, 74, 82, l3O Penry, Sally Lou, 74, 82, I38 Perkins, Earl, l5l ' Perry, Belly. l3O Perry, Beverly, l47 Perry, Juanila, l3O Perry, Paula, I47 Perry, Violel Mae. l3O Pershing, Charles, 48, 57, 72. I38 Persing, Thomas, 77, I38 Pelers. Norman, l6, 32. 46, 76, 84, II6 Peler S, Roberla, ll, 69, 74, l3O Pelerson, Phyllis, 82, l3O Pelerson, Richard, I47 Pelry, Hannah. 82, l3O Pelligrew, Marilyn, l47 Pelligrew, V. V., 74, 82, l38 Pellis, Belly, II6 Phelps, Franklin, 63, 79, I47 Phelps. Palricia, I38 Phillips, Barbara, 74, 82, 83. 84. Phillips, George. l3O Phillips, lrma Jeanne. 82, l3O Phillips, Jack, el, I47 Phillips, Jane Ann, II6 Pickering, Cecile. l38 Pickering, Genene. I47 Pickering, Judy, 83, l38 Pickrell, Geraldine, I47 Pickrell, Phyllis, l3O Pierse. Marian, 75, l47 Q. Pike, Pierson, Sunny, 32, 59, 67, 76, ll6 Pik l48 Monna, ll, 69, Phyllis, 79. II6 Pillenger, Dan, 89, II6 Pillenger, Priscilla, ll. 69.74, I38 Rhodes, Roberla, 74, 138 Jeanelle 130 Pills, Belly, 152 Pillser, Jimmie, 152 Pillser, Viola, 138 Plesch, Janelle. 65, 74, 148 Plummer, Charlolle Ann, 148 Plummer, Ronald, 46, 148 Polus, Nick, 80, 130 Poole, Ruby. 116 Poor, Barbara, 83 Poor, Belly Ann, 65, 138 Poor, Pally Joan, 30, 65, 75 Poor, Peggy, 130 Poore, Bob, 148 Poore, Joann, 84, 148 Pope, Belly Jane, 138 Pope, Bill, 130 Pope, Sue. 75, 148 Porges, Florence, 32, 67, 71, 138 Porler, Alberla, 130 Porler, Bob, 41, 57, 59, 152 Porler, Mary Marlha, 83, 130 Powless, Earl, 76, 80, 82, 85, 1 16 Powless, Laura, 74, 80, 138 Praler. Marlha, 73, 116 Pralher, Karl, 130 Precup, Dave, 14, 76, 117 Price, Bob, 148 Price, Sammy. 61, 148 Priest JoAnn, 73, 117 Priesl, Richard, 148 Priser, Jane, 138 Proller, Donald, 138 Prokos, Mary, 19, 67, 68, 78, 79, 117 Provence, Roberl, 152 Pruille, Roberl, 152 Puckell, Rex, 67, 117 Pugh, Max, 80, 138 Pursley, Jim, 130 Pusey, Susanna, 117 Pyle, Roberl, 152 Pynchon, Jim, 130 Oualls, Kennelh, 46, 148 Quear, Marvin, 148 Ouick, Rosemary, 74, 80, Quinn, Bob, 138 Quinn, Cleburne. 130 138 Ragsdale, Bob, 76, 117 Raines, Jackie, 148 Randall, Norma, 148 Randle, John, 148 Raper, Marion, 41.45, 47, 59, 117 Raper, Raymond, 46, 138 Ralz, Wilma, 148 Rawlings, Dorolhy, 117 Raymore, Barbara Jayne, 130 Raymore, Georganna, 130 Reclor, Dorolhy, 117 Reed, James Clarke, 138 Reed, James Richard, 89, 138 Reed, Ralph, 117 Reese, Ray, 59, 148 Reeves, Palricia, 148 Rehm, Ronald, 138 Reminglon, Gerald, 152 Remley, Mary Pal, 74, 79, 130 Renl, Frank, 130 Reveal, Pal, 67, 71, 73, 79, 92, 117 Reynolds, Beverly, 117 Reynolds, Billy, 130 Reynolds, Marilyn, 74, 82, 138 Reynolds, Mary Louise, 152 Rhoades, Billy, 148 Rhoades, Jack, 49, 61, 138 Rhodes, Alice, ll, 69, 70, 80, 148 Rhodes Sonn 22 32 76 92 117 I Y- 1 i I I Rhynearson, Gladys, 74, 45, 83 Rhynearson, Hal, 72, 83, 117 Rich, Alberl, 86 A , 74, 86, Rich, Nancy, 148 Richards, Robert 59, 148 Richardson, Edilh, 45, 70, 74, 138 Richardson, Georgiana, 82, Richardson, Mary, 117 138 Richardson, Phyllis, 67, 74, 130 Richey, Marvin, 88, 89, 138 Richey, Peggy, 74, 138 Richwine, Kent 152 Rickard, Deloris, 65, 130 Riddle, Chrisline, 65, 75, 148 Rillle, Arlhur, 118 Rillle, Frances, 148 mqdmn,Bab,i4a Riogins. Ronald, 148 Belly Mae, 73, 80, 81, 118 James, 138 Rigge, Rises, Rioos. lillian, 118 Wayne, 77, Rigos, 138 Riqsbv. Owen, 138 Riley, Beverly, 72, 130 Riley, Dave, 148 Riley, Ed, 148 Riley, Harold, 148 Rinard, Rulh, 148 Ripple, Gracia, 138 Rilchie, Bill, 148 Riller, Bob, 11, 23, 45, 48, 50, 52 53,54,5s,62,6a.e9,7e,79,:is Riller, Susie, 75, 148 Robbins, Leon, 72, 138 Robbins, Nila, 138 Roberls, Richard, 23, 45, 47, 53. 56, 63, 76, 84, 118 Robey, Burnice, 138 Robinson, James, 138 Roby, Russell, 57, 138 Rockwell, 1-lelen, 130 Roe, Belly, I48 Roland, Jim, 148 52, 81. Roland, Russell, 46, 48, 138 Rolls, Rolls, Carolyn, 74, 138 Jo Ann, 74, 130 Rolls, John, 148 Romine, Judy, 152 Romine, R. A., 130 Romine, Roland, 148 Roney, Virginia, 80, 138 Roseberry, Bob, 118 Roseberry, Phil, 118 Ross, ldamay, 138 Rf-ssin, Janice, 148 Roudenbush, Janel, 75, 148 Pouse, Ronald, 130 Rousey, Bob, 84, 148 Rousey, 1-larry, 130 Rout Glen, 22, 59, 148 Rowan, Leanna, 148 Royer, Helen, 118 Rumler, Doris, 138 Rumler, Merrill, 138 Rumler, Merrill, 138 Rumler, Palricia, 138 Rushlon, Belly, 148 Rushlon, Clarabelle, 138 Rushlon, Dorolhy, 82, 130 Russell, Darrell, 89, 152 Ryan, Belly, 118 Ryan, Bill, 47, 118 Ryan, Delores, 65, 70, 74, 132, 138 Ryan, Marvin, 152 Ryan, Pal, 59, 84. 148 Ryan, Pally, 15, 18, 67, 86, 118 Salalin, Sarah, 138 Sample, Zoe, 118 Samuels, Jack, 47, 77, 139 Sanders, Don, 118 Sanders, Erma, 148 Sanders, Rowena, 139 Sanders, Rulh, 118 Sanders, Velda J.. 118 Sar enl 9 1 1 Saunders, Florene, 73, 79, 80, 119 Saunders, Lorene, 73, 79, 80, 93, 119 Savage, Jim, 152 Savage, Joe, 152 Sayers, Dan, 119 Frankie, 85, 119 Scampmorle, Schaller, Harold, 148 Scheel, Joan, Marie, 65, 148 Scheel, William M., 47, 57, 61, 138 Schellon, Beverly, 74, 130 Schellon, Bob. 119 Schepper, Roberl, 130 Schepper, Roland, 39, 119 Schick, Sara Ann, 139 Schieve, Hewa, 65 Schiewe, Jack, 148 Schildmeier, Lois, 148 Schlabach, Belly Jo, 82, 139 Schlegelmich, Rosalie, 72, 82, 139 Schlossberg, Alan, 139 Schmidt Gerald, 148 Schmink, Caro1yn,- 130 Schmink, James, 79, 152 Schmill, Jane, 73, 92, 119 Schneider, Mary Belh, 94, 82, 139 Schoonover, Donna Lue, 74, 130 Schoonover, Marvenia, 70, 75, 148 Schuyler, Danny, 57, 148 Schuyler, Harold, 61, 119 Schuyler, Terry, 139 Scool, Monna, 148 Sears, Virginia Rose, 148 Seimer, Jean, 148 Sells, Doris Jean, 84, 85, 93, 119 Sells, lone, 119 Serra, Gloria, 130 Sexlon, l'lerberl, 130 Seyberl, Deloris, 148 Seyberl, l-lallord, 61, Shacklell, Rulh, 119 Shaler, Roberl, 45, 48, 50, 130 Shanklin, Jack, 49, 148 Shannon, Joan, 70, 74, 130 Shannon, Phyllis, 130 Shaul, Melvin, 61, 148 Shaw, Maurice, 148 Sheas1ey,Ardeen, 152 Sheasley, Dawn, 74, 82, 139 Sheedy, Evelyn Jean, 70, 119 Sheedy, lvan, 152 Sheels, Phyllis, 119 Sheels, Roberl, 139 Shellon, Barbara Allen, 148 Shellon, Charles, 119 Shellon, Bill, 130 Shepard, Violel, 80, 139 Sheperd, Jack L., 80, 130 Shepherd, Lois, 72, 130, 148 Shepherd, Louis, 76 Shepherd, Slanley, 22, 76 Shellerly, Phyllis Jean, 37, 74, 79, 130 Sheward, George A., 70, 119 Shinall, Palricia. 79, 130 Shinn, Darleen, ll, 69, 74, 139 Shipley, Juanila Jo, 130 Shipman, Belly, 130 Shipman, Kennelh, 148 Shirley, Dorolhy, 139 Shirley, John, 32 Shively, James Lee, 89, 139 Short Virginia, 148 Sholls, Roberl, 139 Shoulz, Jane, 130 Shrout Gloria, 139 Shroul, Marilyn, Il, 69, 74, 130 Shullz, Bob, 148 Shullz, Charles, 89 Shuman, Palricia, 120 Sibera, Lillian, 120 Sibery, Joyce, 148 Siemer, Shirley, 139 Simmonds, Donald, 139 Simmonds, Phyllis, 148 Simmons, Dorolhy, 82, 139 Simmons, Norma J., 130 Simons, Donald, 139 Sinnell, Bob, 72, 130 ll, 15, 68, 69, 148 Sipes, Joyce, 149 Sisil, Pally, 74, 139 Sisson, Don, 149 Sizelove, Alice. 120 Skaggs, John, 130 Skaggs, Paul, 149 Skaggs. Woodrow, 120 Skiles, Pal 70, 72, 74, 139 Slaler, Leroy, 41, 49, 130 Sloan, Donald, 149 Sloan, Jo Ann, 120 Smear, Belly, 130 Smear, 1-lelen, 139 Smilh, Barbara Ann, 70, 74, 130 Smilh, Barbara, J., 74, 82, 130 Smilh, Bob, 61, 139 Smilh, Brice, 152 Smilh, Cecil, 11, 69, 149 Smilh, Dorolhy, 120 Smilh, Frank, 47, 59, 77, 80, 139 fimilh, 1-lelen, 130 Smilh, Herman, 139 Smilh, 1-lerschel, 46 Smilh, Jack, 120 Smilh, Jacqueline, 152 Smilh, Jacqueline Sue, 74, 80, 82. 139 Srnilll, Kale, ll, 68, 69, 74, 130 Smilh, Palricia Ann, 73, 120. 130 Srnilll, Pallie F., ll, 69, 73, 79. B4, 85, 120 Smilh, Pally Ann, 82 Smilh, Russel, 47, 57, 59, 60 Smilh, Sharon, 75, 149 Smilh, Virginia, 130 Smilh, Wade, 49, 70, 149 Smilh, Wanda, 139 Smilh, William, 149 Snider, Audrey, 139 Snow, Jr. Jesse, l3O Snowden, Bob, 41, 49, 130 Snowden, Jack, 46, 59, 72, 139 Snyder, Nancy, 46, 65, 73, 120 Soales, Raymond, 72 Sobel, Naomi, l3O Songer,Jeanri1:. 130 Songer, Marcia, 83, 130 Songer, Paul, 49, 88.89, 149 Soulhers, Alma, 64, 65, 84, 130 Soverns, Dallas. 130 Soverns, Wayne, 84, 139 Sowash, Marilyn, 130 Spall, Ellen, 75, 141, 149 Spall, Naomi, 120 Spangler, Donna Jeanelle, 152 Spangler, Geraldine, 139 Sparks, Jerry, 131 Spaulding, Russell, 152 Spearman, Bob, 23, 45, 47, 52, 53, 56, 59,6O, 68, 76, 87, 131 Spence, John, 149 Spiegal. Barbara Sue, 71, 73, 120 Spigge, Bob, 149 Slallord, Randall. 72, 76, 120 Slage, Dick, 45, 47, 59, 76, 131 Slaggs, Belly, 67, 83, 131 Slaggs, Palsie, 74, 139 Slahl, Rose, 120 - Slaley, Maxine, 131 Slanley, Deloris, 149 Slanley, Dick, 139 Slanley, Lee Roy, 149 Slanley, Margaret 149 Slanley, Mary Jo, 72, 83, 131 Slansberry, Pal. 149 Slarr, Marvin, 149 Slaylon, John Paul, 11, 47, 57, 59, 149 Sleans, Cora Ann, 152 Sleans, Dorolhy, 139 Sleckel, C1yde,67, 70, 87, 96, 120 Sleinke, Herbert 46, 131 Slephens, Jack, 149 Slephenson, Rosemary, 149 Slern, Donna, 131 Slern, Margarel Ann, 149 Slevens, 1-lelen, 152 Slinson, Sleves, Treva, 121 Slewarl, Adrienne, 67, 72, 74, 79, 87, 113, 125 Slewarl, Billy, 139 Slewarl, Don, 61, 72, 139 Slewarl, James O., 149 Slewarl, James T., 85, 149 Slewarl, Pal, 67, 71, 73, 93, 121 Slewarl, Virginia, 65, 67, 113 Slewarl, Wanda, 149 Slinson, Belly Joyce, 64, 65, 139 Slinson, Evalyn, 72, 74, 131 Slinson, Mary Jo,13l Roberl, 71, 72, 131 Slilh, Frank, 48, 57, 59 Slill, Gerald, 79, 80, 131 Slohler, Carolyn, 74, 80, 81, 13 Slohler, Doris, 149 Sloher, Joanne, 139 Slone, Delores, 149 Slone, Joyce D., 65, 82, 139 Slone, Susanne, 75.85, 149 Slookey, Jim, 68, 77, 132, 139 Sloops, Joe, 139 Sloops, Sue Ann, 152 Slolllem er, Charles, 45, 48, 51, Y 57, 61, 62, 76, 131 Sloul, Charlolle, 149 Slrader, Jim, 61, 152 Todd, Joann ,149 Toles Ray, 71, 63, 131 Tolle, Roberl, 131 Tompki Tompki Tolley, Toops, Toops. Toops. ns, Belly, 82, 139 ns, Delmar, 152 Wayne, 139 Beverly, 85. 121 Bill, 131 Darrell, 139 Jack, ll, 69, 77, 139 Towne, Tracy, Barbara, 149 Tracy, Bill, 121 Tranbarger, Bob, 139 Tranbarger, Glen, 122 Trauring, Mary, 17, 74, 149 Vermillion, Phyllis, 74, 75, 83, 85, 131 Vermillion, Rex, 88, 89, 131 Voss, Vaughn, 48, 57, 59, 131 Wainscoll, Horace, 48, 59 Wailman, Madonna, 140 Walden, Odella, 140 Walker, Allen, 83, 140 Walker, Da Vella, 152 Walker, Dick, 152 Walker, Don Max, 11, 67, 69, 131, Walker, Walker, Wallace, Donald Ray, 152 Donna, 122 Donald, 140 Whillock, Mar K., 140 Whillaker, Diane, 74, 140 Whillaker, James, 150 Whillier, Donna, 150 Wicker, Clova, 123 Widdilield, Barbara, 150 Wiggins, Palsy, I40 Wigner, Deloris, 150 Wigner, Don, 150 Wikle, Barbara 140 Wilbur, Ronald, 140 Wilder, Bill, 71, 79, 83, 85, 140 Wiley, Deane, 152 Wiley, Ernesl, 72, 77, 79, 83, 140 Vlfilev, Tom, 77, 140 Slrobel, Slrassner, Jeanne, 22, 121 Slrickle r, Marlha, 82, 139 Phyllis, 85, 139 Trees, Charloll Jane, 149 Tribbell, Barbara, 75, 149 Tri'k, Bllva, 85, 149 Trick, Belly, 149 Trick, Mina, 15, 65, 70, 73, 84 85, 122 Troup, l-larry, 149 Troy, Charles, 11, 69 True, Frances, 1, 80, 131 True, Jack, 49, 149 Trueblood, Barbara, 149 Trueblood, Louise, 149 Tucker, Anabel, 82, 149 Tucker, William, 63, 131 Tulley, Marioirie, 149 Tulley, Palricia, 122 Tumully, Bob, 149 Wilson, Jane, ll, 69, 74, 140 Slrock, Marilyn, 37, 73, 78, 79 121 Slroud, Richard, 40, 131 Slroup, Phillip, 149 Slroup, Phyllis, 149 Suchocki, Roberl, 149 Sullivan, Phyllis, 121 Summers, Don, 139 4 Summers, Phyllis, 139 Surber, Don, 121 Sullen, Gene, 131 Swain, Marilyn, 139 Swango, Frances, 131 Swank, Sally, 70, 139 Swarl Marilyn, ll, 69, 74, 83, Sylvesler, Belly, 121 Sylvesler, Bob, 139 A Symoens, Ernesl, 131 Ta11ey,Be+ly, 139 Talley, Jam, 92, 121 139 Tupman, Tupman, Kirk, 88, 122 Marlha Sue, 31, 131 Turner, Beverly Jean, 139 Turner, Bill, 86, Turner, Don, 139 Turner, Ernesl, 11, 47, 61, 69, 139 Turner, Evalee, 149 Turner, Jo Ann, 131 Turnor, Joyce, 82, 140 Turner, Mary Louise, 122 Tancil, Joe, 149 Tanner, Dorolhy May, 152 Taylor, Bob Gene, 84, 121 Taylor, Bob Jr., 47, 57, 149 Taylor, Bud, 152 Taylor, Clele Mae, 73, 121 Turner, Tyler, VVilliam, 131 Tyree, Charles, 48, 59, 60, 71, 140 Morris, 80, 131 Ulery, Wilma, 131 Ull, Billie Jean, 131 Ullerback, Allen, 149 Ullerback, Bealrice, 122 4 Ullerback, Joyce, 122 Ullerback, Roberl, 80, 82, 140 Vanarsdall, Diane, 74, 84, 140 Vanasdal, Barbara, 131 Van Camp, Carolyn, 75, 149 VanCamp, Joe, ll, 67, 69, 86, 122 Vance, Berniece, 85, 122 Vance, LeRoy, 86, 122 Van Dalsen, Fred L., 46, 149 Vanderbur, Marlha, 131 Vanderbur, James M., 23, 45, 48, 50, 52, 53, 55, 61, 62, 96, 122 Walligney, George, 59, 72 Ward, Bob, 49, 61, 150 Ward, Donald, 78, 79, 122 Ward, Edgar, 150 Ward, Joe, I52 Ward, Romona, ll, 67, 68, 73, 79, 96, 122 Ward, Ray, 57, 59, 60, 77 Warmke, Clarence, 140 Warner, Amelia, 123 Warrum, David, 150 Waslel, Marie 31, 131 Walkins, Palricia, 123 Walson, David, 150 Waymire, Belly, 150 Wean, Jack, 140 Wealherlord, Barbara, 43, 70, 73, 123 69, Wealherly, Charles, 152 Wealherly, lsaac, 23, 45, 48, 50, 52, 53.56, 61, 62, 123 Weaver, Waller, 150 Webb, Roberl, 46, 72, 150 Webb, Rulh Anna, 131 Webber, Donald, 150 Webber, Madge, 131 Websler, Belly Jean, 85, 150 Websler, Belly Lou, 70, 85, 150 Websler, Dick, 140 Weed, Budd, 140 Weed, Chesler, 47, 59, 77 Weeks, Bill, 57, 72, 131 Weighous, Gene, 150 Welker, Earl, 150 Wellons, Palricia Ann, 150 Wilhile, Nancy, 74, 140 Williams, Bill, 59, 150 Williams, Billie, 49, 150 Williams, Bob Lee, 12Al,48, 57, 63, 140 Williams, 63. Williams, Bob Lee, 14Bl, 22, 34. 131 Charley Mae, 150 Williams, Evelyn, 152 Williams, Flelcher, 150 Williams, Gene, 140 VVilliams, Jack, 150 Williams, Jean, 140 Williams, Joan, 19, 39, 71, 73, 123 92, Williams Palricia, 152 Williams, Roberl E., 150 Wells, Belly, 82, 123 Wells, Bill, 150 Wells, Cluade William, 150 Wells, Emmerl, 131 Wells, Florene, 150 Wells, Jean, 82, 131 Wells, Lois Ann, 79, 131 Wells, Mary Lou, 150 Wells, Roberl, 140 Welsh, Beverly, 150 Welsh, Jerry, 152 Wenle, Don, 76, 96, 123 Wenlz, Mariorie, 65, 140 Wenlz, Tom, 131 l luss, Donna, 74, 140 Taylor, Helen, 82, 139 Taylor, Joan, 139 Taylor, John, 48, 57, 61 Taylor, Lou, 30, 149 Taylor, Norma Jean, 139 Taylor, Paul, 149 Ta lor Ro er 121 Y Q ' Tealord, Naomi 149 Templelon, Herb, 1l,47, 69, 131 Terheide Madonna, 139 Thalcher, Janie, 131 Vandergrill, Don, 11, 17, 45, 48, 51, 61, 62, 69, 76, 131 Vandergrill, Richard, 140 Vandevender, Joan, 131 Van Van While, Jack, 140 Woodall, Anna, 152 Thayer, Louie, 76, 80, 121 Thomas, Barbara, 75, 149 Thomas, Bellie, 131 Thomas, Bill, 131 Thomas, David 149 Thomas, Gene, 131 Thomas, Jack E., 131 l-luss, Joyce, 75, 149 Malre, Pearl, 150 Meler, Mary, 152 Meler, Paul, 80, 82, 131 Melre, John, 140 Osdol, Ben, 140 Winlcle, Joann, 70, 83, 140 Zanl, Marilyn, 82, 83, 140 Bill, 70, 150 Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Varner, Vaughn, Doris, 150 Werking, Roberl, 150 Jimmie 33 46 7 Werlz, , , , 2, Weschler, Mary Lou, 73, 92, 123 Wesl, Doris, 150 Wesl, Hesler, 82, 123 Wesl, Janel, 72, 74, 82, 84, 140 Wesl, Winilred, 131 Weslon, Bernice Lee, 70, 150 Weslon, Don, 37, 131 Weslon, John, 152 Whelsel, Jacqueline, 140 Whippo, Pally, 150 Whisler, Suzelle, 11, 69, 74, 140 Whilaker, Joyce, 140 While, Gene, 140 140 Williamson, Dick, 150 Williamson, George, 123 Williamson, Geraldine, 131 Williamson, Jack, 123 Willis, David, 140 Willoughby, Bob, 150 Wills, l'1arry Jr., 48, 123 Wills, Marlha Lena, 82, 131 Wills, Ollie Jayne, 131 Wills, Rnbv, 150 Wilson, Bob, 150 Wilson, Dallas, 140 Debby, 74, 79, 83, 131 Wilson, Wilson, De Leon, 59, 150 X'Vi1son, Donna Belle, 11.69, 75, 150 Wilson, Gene, 47, 59, 140 Wilson, Helen , 67, 74, 84, 125, 131 Wilson, Jim, 72, 61, 131 Wilson, John, 23, 45, 48, 49, 51 52, 53, 54, 55, 58, 59, 60 124 Wilson, Loraine, 150 Marilyn, 70, 74, 83, 131 Naomi, 140 Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Opal, 31, 131 Wilson, Paul, 131 Wilson, Ramona, 42, 140 Wilson, Verlin, 124 Windlan, Barbara, 73, 124 Roberls, 49, 150 Wirls, Wise, Charles, 150 Wise, Jeanine, 74, 150 Wiseharl, June, I40 Wiseman, Sally, 74, 82, 140 Wishon, Norma Jean, 124 Wishon, Vera, 152 Wisner, Richard, 140 Wilhers, Marion, 124 Wolle, Charline, 140 Wolle, Deanna, 152 Wood, Bob, 150 Wood, Dorolhy, 150 Wood, Revis, 140 Thompson, Barbara, 149 Thompson, Bob, 149 Thompson Jimmie, 63, 139 Thompson, Paul, 131 Thornberry, Jerry, 75, 84, 149 Thurman, Rosella, 149 Tinder, Jeanne, 75, 149 Tilley, Virginia, 82, 83, 139 Todd, Eleanor, 67, 79, 84, 121 Todd, Foresl, 149 Vaughn, Jean, 131 Vaughn, Joyce, 152 Vaughn, Ruby, 140 Veazy, Don, 140 Velie, Norman, 72, 85, 86, 122 Vermillion Beverl 150 While, While, While, Noble, 57, 150 Nolan, 17, 76, 123 Roberl, 49, 57, 150 Whilehead, Belly Elizabelh, 84 150 Whilehead, Dan, 140 . y, Vermillion, Bob, 49, 59, 150 Vermillion, Byron, 140 Whilesel, June, 123 Whillinger, Norma, 140 Woodall, Francis. 131 Woodridge, Billy, 152 Woodrull, Bill, 59, 70, 140 Worley, David, 152 Wrighl, Belly, 72, 83, 140 Wrighl, Bonnie, 150 Wrighl, Don 1'l.. 124 Wright Ervin, 45, 49, 50, 57, 59, 60, I24 Wrighi, Fannie, I5O wfigmf Wrighf Wrighr Wrighf Wrighf Wrighr Wrighr Wrighl Gene, 77, 80, 82, 140 John, 59, l5O June, I52 Kennefh, ISO Maurice, 7, 72, i5O Peggy, l3l Sandra, l4O Thomas, I5O Wrigley, Thomas, l4O Wyanl, Joan, l3l Wyanf, Lou, 64, 65, 74, 84, l3l 124 Wycliife, Teddy, Yaies, Belly, I3. Yales, Paul, I3I Yaifaw, Bill, I5O Yailaw, Bob, l4O Yeider, Belly, I24 Yocom, Minnie Lou. I24 York, York, York, York, Yorlc, Yorlc, Yosf, Young Young Darrel, 47 Jacob, I24 James, l4O James. 150 Jo, 70, 7l, 74, l4O Ka+hleen, 70, l4O Eddie. ISO . Dick, l24 , Ernest l5O You ng, Roberf, 59 Young O , Ronald, I5O Yusf, George, l5O Yusl, Imogene, 73, 124 Zehrung, George, 46, l4O Zell, Willis, l52 Zimmerman, Richard, I24 Zion, Clarence Allseri, l3! Zirlcelbach, Bernadine, I24 Zirkelbach, Shirley, l4O Zoolc, Phyllis, l3i A - - . 1 X , N 4 M' J , 5. , 1 5 , . . 4 , . ,w ', 1, I XJ A , 1 1 . 1 . L ' S x . X x X N ,: ,v, g , 1 1 1 Y I N. 1 f f , x A P 1 ' V 1 1 A I 1 3-fl 'O n. X l ' I I ' Y . . v 'J 1 , 1 . 'x 1 ' Y- f .- 4 l 1 ' A I . Y 1 Q 1 J , l 1 h 1 J lg? -31K -IJ ',3 ,1-MFA ff' V-jg A -. ,. N21 - .,- N ,M X H '-1 v ' Qi, ,-'gfvic' -' 41 gg -Q53 ..- x,jx:., vyq, QT M- w,i'fk...,1? w -xi.C ' F p ' ' X .L-f Q--.12 1 4, e fJ'M,,ep5'gg,-12i,'?v' 3 3- Q-gi ' if ,5 2' 1 -2g, M ',g,,Jj,1f, E Q P' ww H x Q E x : 1 - f v f rv' 'K 1 ' . ' :Rp- f

Suggestions in the Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) collection:

Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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