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1 w QAM Me Zum Mm Ima U umm 0 mm! 1131111641211fsmfiimlzsmwwlm 5 1 m,wg1,if-:mf W , . . was Q P 'W , f 045 Q 1 'E X 5. i Q53 f 4 va R ,- K as Q i , 9 u s 1 s 4 5 I ur I S il N sf: 58? 8 Q55 SW :BSP wav xxx Kiwi K fn Wwe is A 4 law asf 9159535 1, W R i 9 x Z 3 5 gk 9 Q SS EXW v s u 1 1 5 xii is: isi- Fm A .,, ,Q : .at Am 1 Q33 M Q W 'F 1 S if Q ggi M - Q' f :zz R Mm .gm M my i ' lg wk 19 k S, if N. E . .Q . X Egg 234' S 3, 11. I' as mwwww w w V mmm iw THE INDIAN PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ANDERSON, INDIANA I DURING THE YEAR 1942 EDITED BY WARREN STIDHAM COVER DESIGN BY JOHN B. MILLER fall, uiinier and seine---ihese seasons ei lhe seine! uear ei '41-'42 in Hiderser High have been iilled uiih e :nein ei ae- iiviiies deseihed en the pages thai ielleiu. .in--Q ,.-.f--f 4' ' glzf-fa f ,..l fs 1.1.1-L ff f 'iQ--f J-'fl-'ISSN x'x.,,,""'X.,kx is '-T' ..g'-fl-"R.'l,,, l .xxx 1' X , MEX jk G-ff' ffl. ,fin if Q 4 Av. xf A. C- f f 7fK'C' ii xl Q W "1 .s. MN W ann., Q if ,. 'Qi 115, ,, ,M V ,w,f wgwgwwim .mwmx Kfv w fig-A , V x--,ggi 1 ,A X5, Qniy-5 . , -. -, :,f:fi59f,I j,g,lI gj,ff' 3 'lg l wie" Q35 gp D . fw fqgfmw www' . 475'5"?-"ZeiEH- . v . ' ' ' ' Lg af, . ga 'ii-2f?'23'?, 1 f .- ffa AM L 'Ing' ' V. A ,g,,,i. . . K ' Sf? , - A A K X. ' V 1,2 if 1 I " ' X 'K ' " '- frfq,-,., . ff ' - , EW K' A +R- ,. K Q V, N was-Q hlmjne. 5 urging, N13 53' L f. .1 . ' y ,.,,A, N hx, R , . , W, ' " 4 - " f age in ' , A ' '- ai f' .K f K 1 W I X my 35 -M I :A ii fx N W w N 4 1 1 1 1 I Bewildered freshmen grope fheir way fhrough fhe halls, peering af all fhe room numbers, forgeffing whaf floor fhey are on, and persisfenfly walking info fhe wrong class. "Whaf is fhis sfrange place?" 'rhey wonder. "The halls look like mob scenes from Fury." Windows Open Yes, The windows were open, fhe birds were singing, and we lall 2468 of usl were copying program cards. "Back fo fhe efer- nal grind," we fondly complained. Yes. back fo fhe confusing busfle of fhe halls. fhe old friends missed fhaf summer, fhe clang of fhe fardy bell, fhe blurred voice of fhe loud speaker. We sfruggled fhrough fhaf firsf morn- ing clinging fo fhe brighffhoughf fhaf we were fo be dismissed rhar noon fo recover from fhe shock of fhaf firsf frighfening day and, incidenfally, fo buy books. F lfy M b A f M Ausfin In Program Changing Remember The TirsT Tloor oT The new an- nex Those TirsT Two weeks oT school? Talk abouT a mob-scenel Signs oT "No shovin". This ain'T no silk hose corner" and "This way To a bargain counTer" lined The dine gy walls oT The Book Exchange--more ap-e propriaTely labelled The FourTeenTh STreeT Branch oT Deckers, lnc. 1 STudes Give Ouf AT Boogily Pigskin Jive While The book exchange operaTed aT Teverish clip and The X-Ray campaign was aT iTs heighT, The STudenT Council blos- somed TorTh by sponsoring The "Boogily, Woogily Pigskin Jive" aTTer The TasT and Turious Muncie-Anderson TooTball game. Tvlfere you There? FirsT Convo Held On Wednesday, The 24Th oT SepTem- ber, everyone was happy as classes were l i i 4 Firsf Convo FeaTures STudenT Council lnsfall T cuT shorT, and we had our TirsT convoca- Tion oT The school year. Charles Bailey, presidenT oT The STudenT Assembly and Jim Wilson, presidenT oT The ExecuTive Council, boTh gave shorT Talks. Wilma Todd, one oT Those Three lucky delegaTes To The NaTional STudenT Council Conven Tion in BosTon lasT summer, reporTed on IT. lvlr. PorTer delivered an address ciTing The duTies and responsibiliTies oT The school owed by each member oT The A3- sembly and Council Tollowing The Tormai pledge oT service, Why look who's here! lT's Gordon Han- naTord, presidenT of lasT year's ExecuTivo Council, paying us a lasT visiT beTore leaving Tor college. Several Tamiliar Taces oT ex-grads were seen around The halls Those TirsT Tew weeks. Grad Hannaford Refurns To Chai' WiTh Friends SeparaTe Convos Arranged For Boys And Girls. Local Firemen Sfage Demonshafvon. WhiTe Hussars PresenT Concert To do away wiTh some oT The conTusion Miss ArbogasT and Mr. RoTruck organ- ized sTudenT-TaculTy dean commiTTees. The girls Then sponsored a convocaTion SepTember 30 wiTh Mrs. EdiTh Keene, Dean oT Girls oT BloomingTon l-ligh School, as The guesT speaker who Talked on The subiecT, "You Tell On YourselT." The boys, noT To be ouTdone, held a convo aT The same Time To hear Louis Dirks, DePauw UniversiTy's Dean oT Men, speak on "l.iTe ls An EguaTion." Fire PrevenTion STressec.l SepTember had rolled on. Now OcTo- ber breezed in wiTh annual salesmen sTill f pickeTing home rooms. On The 5Th, Fire PrevenTion Week began. T-l. C. Williams, a naTionally known Tire-TighTer and assisT- anT Tire chieT oT CincinnaTi, Told us oT some oT his exciTing experiences. Then The Anderson Fire DeparTmenT rushed in To give us a demonsTraTion oT Tire-TighT4 ing TacTics. All ThaT week and Tor many weeks To come The Senior Garb commiTTee wrang- led over whaT To have. The Juniors were iusT as undecided over Their sweaTers Oh, well--we Tinally goT boTh oT Them. Guidance MeeTings Begun The TirsT oT a series oT monThly voca Tional guidance programs was conduc- Ted. FuTure would-be iournalisTs, Flor- ence NighTengales, and TooTh-yankers poured inTo The audiTorium, 306, and The library To hear Williams "Back STage" Toner, SisTer Marian Daloris, and Dr. Gm Crouse. The same day, Too, we had The WhiTe l-lussars. Were The sTudenTs ever Thrilled To geT ouT oT sevenTh period classes! "WaTch The boidie" sTudenTs and Tea- chers alike were Told when The phoTog- rapher came To school To Take class picTures Tor The Annual. While innocenT sTuden+s obedienTly waTched The birdie. everyone oT Them was shoT aT The behesi' oT The annual sTaTT lno relaTion To l-liTlerl. Firing Squad Sei' Up This Telon seT up his Tiring squad on The norTh landing oT The main sTairs. l'le also had available an assorTmenT oT TwenTy neckTies eiTher To fdecoraTe The Tellows who TorgoT To wear a Tie or To eliminaTe Those people who were allergic To being shoT. "Gosh, whaT did l ever do To Them Tor Them To give me row D," was heard all day Monday The 2OTh Trom The seniors who rushed To obTain baskeTball TickeTs. The poor iuniors, sophomores, and Tresh- men had To be saTisTied wiTh leTT-overs. They Took iT very bravely Though by ouT-yelling The seniors aT all The games. No one gol lhe gong al lhe sludenl lalenl program lhal Wednesday -- we couldn'l lind a gong. Some new lalenl lruly was discovered. Anyway somelhing new was discovered. ll was really loo bad lhal lhere were no lalenl scouls lurking in lhe gym lhal morning. Dancers Trip Dancers Belly Lou and Jayne Blueh-er and Mary Lou McDaniels lripped lhe lighl lanleslic. Lora Mav Gahinner, l-lar' riel Nowlin, and Pally Phillips, nol lo be ouldone, lranlically liclcled lhe ivory keys ol lhe piano. Compeling wilh lhe nighl- ingales lor singing honors were Anila l.ynch, Janice Mcflxrl, Don Richardson. and Marianna l-lowe, who accompanied hersell on an aulo harp. Everyone awalcened lo hear a novef duel by Neal Pelry on lhe accordian and Richard l-lamillon on lhe marimba. No, you aren'l dreaming, and we haven" gone back lo lhe days ol old. ll wa fs'. naerely Charles I-lill, Ted Vinson, and Waller Black giving a lencing demonslra- lion. Myron McNeil in his overalls and wilh his "gillar" was presenled. Loren Fiddle gave a reading: Jacques line Dexler and Mary Margarel Sears, a clarinel and lrombone duel: and Grelna Ann Thomas and Deane Bronnenburg, a skaling acl. Herbig Crashes On Drums All al once we heard a loud crash. ll was Bill l-lerloig on lhe drums. Then Bill Farmer and Jack Smilh wilh saxophones. Jim Romine wilh his lrumpel. George Roul al lhe piano, and Keilh Sylvesler wilh a saxophone ioined him. ll was Keilh's orcheslra playing lor lhose alo- senl lalenl scouls. Program Of Sludenl Talenl ls Convo Highlighl R Il Sk Ting ACT Weil Received lT was around This Time ThaT The popular Thing To do was To have hayrides. The Hie Y and The Science-iv1aTh clubs had Theirs and The SenaTe was planning one, Too. Perhaps iT could be said: "In The Tall a young man's Tancy Turns To hayridesf' Beau Brummells Named Oh, yes, Mr. Shirey, Mr. Boyd, and Mr. Gale in a school wide lanyway hall widel poll were acclaimed The Beau Brummells, The besT dressed male Teachers in Ander- son High School. To celebraTe our Two day end oT OcTo- ber reprieve The pre-vacaTion Harvesr Hop was sTaged. You remember iT. Then while The 2468 careTree sTudenTs oT A. H. S. dranlc in The beauTies oT laTe OcTobef' lcider and sunshinel eighTy-six Teachers Trom A. H. S. were busily engaged in aTTending The Annual STaTe Teachers' AssociaTion meeTing in Indianapolis The 23rd and The 24Th Tor which The Choral Club also sang. FaculTy Honored Several oT our TaculTy members carried oTT oTTices This year. Mr. RoTruclc was chosen as presidenT oT The Geography SecTionQ Mr. STewarT, presidenT oT The physics and ChemisTry SecTiong and Miss Mullendore represenTing Th e w o m e ri Teachers as prexy oT The Frog-cuTTing and LeaT-collecTing SecTion. Limbering-Up Exercises Provided AT Pre-Vacafion HarvesT Hop "All aboard lor Franklin" yelled lhe driver and away lhe bus rolled carrying represenlalives ol our annual and X-Ray slall accompanied by Frank Baker, A. l-l. S.'s iournalism inslruclor, bound lor lhe 2Olh anniversary convenlion ol lhe lndi- ana l-ligh School Press Associalion, con- ducled Oclober 23. 24. and 25 on lhe campus ol Franklin College. All represenlalives mainlained lhey wenl lor lhe purpose ol improving lhemf selves and, as usual, we did carry oll hon- ors in lhe wriling conlesls. Pele Davis ranked lirsl in lhe sporls wriling conlesl. Charlie Bailey look lirsl in headline wril- ing and copy ediling, Bob Woodrul'i placed second in pholography. Belly .Jean Craig lyou can'l keep lhe lemalei downl won lhird place in lhe lealure wril- ing conlesl. and a rollicking, lrollicking lime was had by all. Newspaper-Yearbook Slafls Win Honors Al Slale Journalism Convenlion Prexy Morrison Sneaks On Armisfice, 0 Ball Sfafe Band Give, fo arf Speaker Harding Speaks On Books. 0 Home Ec. Girls Presenf Sfyle Show. Th M b fA Y+hF Tlk clPlylGy ree em ers o rnerican ou Do you like Brazil? Did you like l Likecl Brazil? Then youiprobably enioyed fhe aufhor, Jack l-larding, adverfising execu five and aufhor of many popular books. I-le spoke af convocafion in observance of Nafional Book Week. Of course, whaf caughf fhe affenfion of many sfudenfs was fhe facf fhaf Mr. Harding has for fha pasf few years been wrifing mofion pic- fure scripfs in l-lollywood. Ball Sfafe Band Plays Remember when fhe Ball Sfafe Band sfarfed fheir annual four by giving a grand performance here? "Any rags, old iron, old paper" cries rang fhrough fhe halls of ye old school abouf fhis fime, and everyone began digging around in fheir basemenfs for confribufions fo defense. OFUVY1 B BT? 5 FI FT! I Thar sfyle show for fhe girls was really super. All lafesf fall edifions were shown You heard Dr. Morrison when fhe And- erson College Presidenf spoke af fhe Armisfice observance convo. Plenfy Of Wind Assured Anderson l-ligh was assured of wind af ali games as fwo new cheer leaders, Dave Easfman and Joe Allen, were elecfed fo help supporf George Griffifh and Bob Phillips af our games. On November I2 fhree members Hof fhe sfaff of American Youfh Foundafioni Presfon Orwig, Dr. Warmingfon, and R. A. 'Dad' Waife--arrived here fo speak fo us on fraining American youfh for leadership. Wifh fhem fhey broughf movies of fheir fwo summer camps. No, Those aren'T maniacs in The picTure --exacTly. lT's iusT The Choral Club having Tun aT Their "Come As You Are" ParTv. All The laTesT sTvles in everyThing Trom aprons To hair curlers appeared To add To The uproar and general hilariTv and con-- Tusion. Canaday Absorbs Technique Remember The DramaTic Club Open l-louse? ln The picTure Marian Canaclav is absorbing Dave lEasTman ancl Doris lviear's Technique, We'll never Torger Those gay nineTy acTs in beTween The scenes oT The play. They Toolc The play To New CasTle laTer Tor a sTudenT TalenT ex- change convocaTion. Davis DirecTs BroaclcasT Those serious loolcing sTuclenTs in The oTher picTure are preparing wiTh lvlr. Das vis ThaT homeroom broaolcasT which was an unusual parT oT The observance oT Na- Tional lfducaTion Week. VocalisTs Arrange "Come-As-You-Are ParTy." 0 DramaTics Club Produces Fall "Open -House.' Homeroom BroadcasT Unusual ParT Of Observance Of NaTional Educai-ion Weelf i' " 1' Senizsr-Guidance4?sT'ATTracTs New STudenTs V-H7 Y EOpporTuniTy Day lbeTTer linown as Sen- ior Guidance Dayl was held in The Tall This school year: as a maTTer oT TacT, on November 28. ,Senior class prexy--Warrerx STidham--presided aT The morning session. Dr. KnighT oT Purdue, Dr. FosTer oT lndi- ana UniversiTy, Dr. Sparlcs oT Wabash College. Dean Ross oT BuTler UniversiTy, and Collins BurneTT oT Ball STaTe Teachers' College addressed The seniors in The morning. ln The aTTernoon college repre- senTaTives Trom Tar and near were presenT Tc Talk To seniors who were inTeresTed in cerTain colleges. A. H. S. Hosl' To ConvenTion On Friday, December 5. A. l-l. S. was invaded by Three hundred delegaTes To The Indiana AssociaTion oT STudenT Coun- cils. Marion, Richmond, Muncie, New CasTle, l-lammond, and, all in all, TwenTy- Tive schools were represenTed. Discusf sions on various sTudenT council problems and acTiviTies were carried on ThroughouT The day. To Top The day's acTiviTies a Tree dance lnoThing To geT in, Ten cenTs To geT ouTl was held. A Tloor show puT on bv TalenTed sTudenTs Trom cliTTerenT schools highlighlred The inTermission. Remember Pearl Harbor OuT oT The ThereToTore peaceTul slcy ae- bove The PaciTic early The nexT Sunday morning came Japanese bombers Treache ously bringing deaTh and desTrucTion To Pearl Harbor. War was declared--yeT even now we cannoT yeT Tully comprehend The proTouncl signiTicance ol: whaT is now hisTory--our enTering upon World War ll. War Declarafion Scanned By STuden 3? 'ft l Y 5 if 1 ,L H Y 'E 'Sf ,Wes 52 his - fm Vs.. sg, W Vw-.., - ,...-Q .an A' . '24 fp You can Tool all oT The people some oT The Time. This Time iT was done by Russeal Murdock, Anderson's magician and gen- eral TricksTer. All happened beTore an all school convo December lO. ChrisTmas Trees Adorn Halls "Wheel ChrisTmas is coming," shouTeci The sTudenTs as They Tramped inTo school one morning. Over The week-end gailv decoraTed ChrisTmas Trees had been seT here and There in The halls. ChrisTmas pos-- Ters decoraTed The TronT hall bulleTin board. BeauTiTully done ChrisTmas scenes added To The glory oT The library windows. Toys were collecTed in The TronT hall To be given To The poor. We had a ChrisTmas convo, Too, puT on by The Choral Club, glee clubs, and The dramaTics classes. Then one morning even The Tough hall moniTors were seT back wiThouT a quick comeback when They sTarTled Trom Their ChrisTmas Trees Appear n Windows ln Librar Decora e . 6 Cannc oo dock MysTiTies. sTudies by ThaT Man ln The Red CoaT. When you become upper classmen you learn ThaT There isn'T really a SanTa Claus. EUT There he was rushing along Through The halls. As he wheeled suddenly in ans- wer To a query he losT his TalseTace. ln- sTead oT SanTa, we Tound Basil l-losier, our maTh insTrucTor. And iusT when we were beginning To believe in SanTa againl World Torn By War The ChrisTmas sun was doomed To dawn upon a world Torn asunder by The TuTile savagery oT haTred and prejudice. BuT love, TaiTh, and courage are noT dead. nor is hope nor kindness in The hearTs oT many counTrymen. "God is noT dead, nor doTh he sleep: The wrong shall Tail, The righT prevail, WiTh peace on earTh, good will To men, The ChrisTmas Tever undaunTed by war sTriTe had Thoroughly inTecTed A. l-l. S. gwfik 939+ 1941 uf Fri. Sat. fm Q6 X Season Record Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 61 Soulliloorl 6. Og Elwood 6. Op Muncie 7. I9q Alexandria O. 201 Logansporl O IZ: 'l-eclinical I9. IZ: Newcaslle 6. 257 Richmond 6. ,ml 4 . GRIDDERS SCALP TIGERS, EERRIES, TROJANS. RED DEVILS Four vicTories, Three oT Them over NorTh CenTral ConTerence Toes, gave The I94I ediTion oT The Indian gridders a beTTer-Than-average record. Only Tech oT Indianapolis was able To score more Than one Touchdown againsT The sTrong Redskin deTense. The pre-season worlcouTs Took place Tor The Third consecuTive year aT Camp PeT- O-Sega on Pickeral Lalce near PeTosIcy. Michigan. There The squad pracTised dili- genTly, day aTTer day, preparing Tor The encounTers To come. Season Opens WiTh Tie LasT year The Indians deTeaTed SouTh- porT in Their TirsT encounTer 6-O. buT This year a Touchdown was pushed over To malce The I94I opening game score: An- derson 6, SouThporT 6. Elwood managed To score one Touch- down and hold ThaT margin To nose ouT The Braves 6-O. VicTory Tor Anderson seemed possible aTTer The BearcaTs were held scoreless ThroughouT The TirsT halT. I-Iowever, The Tinal halT Tound Muncie crossing The Ind- ian goal line To win 7-O. Finally The breaks came. Two impres- sive vicTories, one over Alex I9-O and The oTher over I.ogansporT 20-O, classed The Chaddrnen as a Team To seriously reclconed wiTh. Technical Wins A scoring conTesT aT Indianapolis end- ed wiTh Technical winning I9-I2. Two vicTories compIeTed The season. NewcasTle Tell vicTim oT Anderson on The 'Iroians' own Tield I3-6. Richmond was overcome in The Tinal conTesT oT The sea- son 25-6. Four vicTories, Three deTeaTs and one Tie are lisTed in The scorelaoolc as The season's record. , No longer To Trod The sod or sling The cIeaTed mud on The souTh Anderson field are seniors CapiTan Bill Keep. Charles NorTon, I-Ienry I.aMar, I-Iarold Snow. Dale Kimble, Bob Gilmore, Jim Wilson, PeTer Carmichael, and ChesTer Sczesny. A , ---W, V BLACK W , ,K BOLAND BRISSENDEN CARMICHAEL CLEMONS CLINE COLLINS GILMORE pm: 2 ' '? J' - f fjff HART B. HOWARD S. HOWARD HUTTON NORTON PRIDDY STROU P ..-Mm, ,, N N, . , ...ww-,..1,,,,A.,.M,,g MA., ,,,.m,,- A M. A 1,,,.m,,Qw.-..Wmw.,,m..,W. .,MW..w..,-,,fLWm:M,wMm.mwmWM,mmM,1,wWmW -f-1Nw- -Am-r KEEP KIMBLE LA MARR MARTIN MORSE VIII IIIIH' ' I SMITH SNOW VERMILLION WILSON A . CQUNCHL DIREQTS AQTIVFHES OlLGlRLiSeATliLETlC.LASSClClATIQN Dufies of Council The Girls' Afhlefic Associafion has comlolefed anofher successful year of sporfs and acfivifies supervised by fha Council and aided by fhe sponsor, Miss Mary Clds. The sporfs heads of soffball, soccer, volleyball, ping-pong, fumbling, frack and field, and baskefball, fogefher wilh fhe officers llvlary E. Cooper, presidenf, Beffy Boone, vice-presidenfg Barbara Bronnenberg, freasurer, and Cleda Ach- or, secrefarygl malce upfhe Council. There were sixfeen members in fhe Council fhis year, fhree Seniors, fhree Juniors, six Sophomores and four Freshmen. Rofafion soccer, soffball, and fumbling were fhe fall acfivifies. The soccer four- namenf was won by fhe Junior-Seniof feam, while fhe soffball vicfory was claimed by fhe Sophomores. VJ Z' vi 2 3hzf42 -f"'m'k JN YE ! 1 6 0? X iffy l CP X Z 2 , ffm """"""" - ' zswihfiwi-Ziiwhf ' , Y 5' ?3ki??gf'Ef 5 ' ' if ' 1 M ' mimi 3252 WAI L33 fSf.."'. QE .::.':":' ,'EIi:E.:'::!Q: K V "7 'V J?z513i'l ' " 'L' If if ff, .. K , -1 Ka , - 1 'Q' x 1' RTW K . A 74, V ' 1 Y G X 5 2, -gag 5 1 2: - :-:,".-,.. ..,... -- fW.f':"! - -1-, 1 '-NW ' 1' ' .. .-' ' H A , . 4 , " -M Z A sg. X' f QL "uf tu' "" A , , 221, ,gs 'Y Ka Q :K 'W-.V X, X ye , ly 5 i S 2 gg 3 Sf: gig ' g f at -i , y , ,. , -D . gk ig V V -" , A I , Q is g , . 'L K s " ' W3 ik' 5 ang E ,fqiiigi-Ig 5 L. gk , fi Si' 2 14 'lc V 1 ' - K 7 - - f '2 7 .. K ' y 1 1' A. Q , 1 ,, 1 5,54 if ' 5 ,: V f we ,Q . k A -3 Q I Y G I 1 Y, , W 5 , f - L. M , law - x . A , A ' - - .. me ,, W ALYYUQ ii 1 HE , 3X,,,,g , 5 Wi' 53154.35 , E LVAL, fi 1' . f'?55Tl I , ,5 X - iw 'fee-xi, R 'QQ V calis+s Hald Frolic. 0 l-li-Y Line-of-Dimes And Chrisfrnas P T l'l g 5 Dimes Collecfed By Hi-Y No, lhe iown crier hasn'+ come back in- Jro his own. No, lhere is no fire. The l-li-Y had begun ils annual Line of Dimes cam- paign. All lhe husky-voiced l-li-Y'ers con- iribuled iheir voices and Jrheir bells lor The occasion. Orchids are in order lo Jrhe l-li-Y lor being hosis ro five hundred needy children during Jrhe holidays. They did lheir besl lo give lhe youngslers a happy and merry Chrislmas. "Le+ me blow rhe horn awhile" "Give me back my dollie, you bruJre" "l go+ an aulomobile wiih rubber fires." So on info Jrhe nighl as Jrhe Choral Club wrangled over The loys Sanla gave lhem al Jrheir len conf exchange. You see lhe Choral Club finally lound lime our from rehears- ing and preseniing programs lo have a Chrislmas parly. December and ChrisTmas parTies had gone, and, incidenTally, so had our New Year's resoluTions by ThaT Time. NineTeen hundred and TorTy-Two was here To sTay-- Tor a year, anyway. STudenTs and Teach- ers ioyously l??l reTurned To school and sTudying and TesTs. Back To Tind The li- brary remodeled, The ends Taken oTT rooms ZI6 and 305 and made inTo oTTic- es, and new lighTing in several oT The rooms. STudenTs and Teachers alike mourned The deaTh oT LieuTenan'r-Colonel Goss. We ioin wiTh Mr. RoTruclc in saying: "He was a rare, unique personaliTy, who has leTT his impression on sTudenTs Tor years." Paper Drive Successful The ever presenT paper shorTage ber sides allowing sTudenTs To wriTe on bo'rh sides oT The paper resulTed in a wasTe paper collecTion drive. One could hardly loolc anywhere in The X-Ray wiThouT being reminded To conTribuTe, as The X-Ray hearTily supporTed The campaign. Ans- wering a call Tor a need To arouse inTeresT in The campaign The X-Ray aided by The Junior Red Cross sponsored a compeTi- Tive home room paper drive. Surprise prizes were oTTered each and every mem- ber oT The Two winning home rooms which collecTed The mosT pounds of paper per person. ShouTs oT "Papers, papers" going a round school were noT The newsboys, buT The paper hounds. The arT deparTmenT did iTs share by conTribuTing posTers lTor adverTising, noT collecTionl. Troians Pull Tricky Convo The New CasTle l-ligh School huslqies pulled a Triclqy convocaTion January I4 in an exchange program. Two "Tarzans" liTTed The sTaggering weighT oT one hun' dred and sixTy pounds. AcrobaTic dances and Tumbling acTs abounded. A speecif was even Thrown in and everyone had a grand Time. Troian STudenTs Presenf VarieTy Program, ArT AssociaTion And X-Ray Baclr Wasie Paper CollecTion Slriving lor novelly in school dances, lhe Arl Deparlmenl and lhe Arl Club slaged an "All Oul War Dance" in lhe audilorium aller school one Wednesday. This lirsl social clash ol lhe new year was allended by lhose slrong-armed couples who carried len pounds ol paper lo school per person lor lhe admission lee. Slacks ol paper surroundinga gianl scale lined lhe lronl hall. "Slenos" Leave For Capilal Three gradualing senior girls hil lhe road in January lor Washinglon, D. C., as iunior slenographers and lypisls. To gain lhis dislinclion lhey labored over civil service lesls--lyping a minimum ol EO lo 60 words a minule and laking shorl- hand al a minimum ol 97 lo I I5 words a swealers and proudly displayed lheir choices. Since lhe lire shorlage developed, sev- eral lond parenls clamped down on lheir "lillle ones" by nol lelling lhem have lhe lamily bus. There were al leasl lilly sludenls driving lo school and mosl ol lhem were deprived ol lheir limousines lor ialopiesl. Sludenls Walk---Carry Books Since lhe sludenls were lhen walking, il was decided lhal lhey would look bellef carrying a lew books. Ol course no one had any sludying lo do, and lhis crealed ouile a problem. To solve lhe dillicully, lhe nalional Viclory Book Drive was inili- aled. Sludenls were lhen able lo carry minulelfhe girls were Viable Brumlield, May Helen Dunham, and Sybil Thomp- son. "I don'l like lhal shade." "l wanl an emblem on mine." "Do you like lhose bul- lons7" No more gueslions like lhese, lor all dillerences were lorgollen as lhe Jun- iors al long lasl slopped guibbling over micrz Sf-lwcl S--1'-alors. G Business Ed lvlfiiors Lana ,ifbs :Tl books lib schooklo conlisibule F6 soldiers in army lraining camps. There was a huge nolice, however, in lhe X-Ray lhal lhe campaign lplease nolicel did nol include geomelry, algebra, biology, or English lexls which sludenls were asked NOT lo loss in lhe colleclion bins in lhe lronl hall. VVa5liing-lan O Vifgslr- Pap: ball Dux-vs Laroe Allmwdar - -wi 1- -:ffm N f f- .sf ...-axes-.,.se.fs X,-.w.,s-flsssf.. --f--- frf- we "Yowsah,'i The l-liY sTaged anoTher oT Their rioTs in The audiTorium aTTer The Muncie brawl lgame To Treshmenl. Music Tor This social evenT was Turnished by none oTher Than The Wabash Collegians Trom Wabash College. Remember The Red Cross banner inTo which you Threw your loose change aT The baskeTball game beTore The dance? The Junior Red Cross was responsible Tor car- rying The banner and collecTed a ToTal oT STSIO8 which was Tossed on The banner. The money was given To The Madison CounTy Red Cross War Emergency Fund. Papooses Scamper ln The same day abouT TorTy braves crepi' away Trom The porTals oT Anderson l-ligh School while Their places were Tilled by papooses scampering inTo our wigwam-- promoTion day having arrived. When The commoTion c1uieTed a li++Ie, we Tound 24l6 sTudenTs leTT in The halls. FaTher Timemd ended anoTher Term wiTh many happy reTurns. Speaking oT reTurns, we were happy To welcome back Mrs. Goss To our TaculTy. "Come on, all you guys and gals--leT's dance" we were inviTed when The l-lep caTs Club was Tounded as January was drawing To a close. We drug ouT our Tal- len arches and ioined The kindergarTen class. The "iumpers" were The beginners and The "iivers," The solid rug-cuTTers. The "iivers" boogie wiTh The "jumpers," and The "iumpers" iive wiTh The "livers" and was everybody happy? You beTchal Unk Sam Trims Boys' CoaTs JusT when we were cerTain ThaT boys' coaTs were going To reach Their ankles, nexT came The news ThaT because oT The shorTage oT wool no exTra pockeTs, no Two Trouser suiTs, no draped ieans, and no long coaTs were To be in The TuTure. Oh, well, Shakespeare had charm in his TighTs. so wiTh peg-legged Trousers and exTra shorT coaTs we are looking Torward To A. l-l. S's TuTure "oomph" men. l i lsiapnonf OiTir,ial b1,snorsTieTes Dial by-s Tern l.ol-U:-ll Lu- kfav'-s Foi',f'xi'rri,' ivlfi' TerT Ba.: Suscezfoi. lviuniior Rocks. Deep S.-a Diva: Expuses Under-NrVeTfi' LETT- 1 i l i '- i l i i AT Thai' I-ii-Y dance everyone ioined in singing Auld Land Syne in honor oT Low-- all Lee, our physics Teacher, who was again called To The service oT his counTry. hie leTT January 27Th Tor Camp Sam l'iousTon, Texas. l"lis place was Taken by MonTTerT Barr, who came here Trom Knox, Indiana. Moniiror Rocks NVhaT's The meaning oT This picTure? Uon'T Tell me The moniTors are provided x',iTh rocking chairs. l3reTTy soTTl WhaT rexT, one wonders? FfoberT M. Zimmerman, deep sea diver and auThor, was on The Canadian Olym- nic Swimming Teams in IQO8 and I9l2, f,hoT The rapids oT The ST. Lawrence be- Twocu MouTreal and KingsTon in a canoe, ,- and acTually spenT one whole summer in search oT sunken Treasure. For TorTy min uTes oT sixTy seconds each he Thrilled us wiTh Tales oT early piracy, Tabulous buried Treasure, sunken galleons, liTe in The prim- iTive WesT lndies, oT The mosT dangerous iobs in The world, and oT The lovely sub- marine gardens, besides displaying his deep sea curios. LosT Voice Recovered Mr. Belzer, display manager oT The lnd- iana Bell Telephone Company in Indiana- polis, demonsTraTed The dial Telephone aT convo by means oT a miniaTure Telephone circuiT equipped wiTh a dial mechanisms I-le also demonsTraTed an arTiTicial larynx which enables a person who has losT his voice To speak lls This good or bad?l. "l-lello, operaTor, operaTorl VV'haT in The world is The maTTer wiTh This phone? TT musT have gone dead," you said. Then you smiled sheepishly and looked around To see iT anyone heard you Trying To Tallc To The operaTor. You had TorgoTTen Thai' They swiTched over To The dial sysTem aT midnighT The nighT beTore. Then all day long you called everyone you had The slighTesT acguainTanceship wiTh To play wiTh The dial. Yes, Anderson had changed over To The dial sysTem. Deans Busyg War Time Were you The one who rushed inTo school Monday morning, February 9. aT 9:l5 insTead oT 8:l5 because you TorgoT To Turn up The clock. AT midnighT The Sunday before you were supposed To have seT your waTches ahead as And-er son wenT on War Time. Frosh Full Of QuesTions We can sTill Tell ThaT The youThTul Tacee adorning The halls oT A. l-l. S. are The Treshmen who hope someday To become sophisTicaTed upper classmen. "WhaT do we do wiTh The blue slips aTTer They have been Tilled ouT?" "l-low oTTen can we come?" "Are we counTed absenT Trom sTudy hall when we do come?" These were only a Tew oT The que-sTions aslced by Treshmen which slowly drove Their guides mad as They were conducTed on The Tour oT The library geTTing acquainTed wiTh school. February I I Dr. Gordon Wilder spolce To us on "Keeping Physically FiT." Dr. Qnrcsatn 'D T-I l King And Oueen Of Hearfs Named AT Council Dance. The Triendly neighbor policy was prac- Tised once more by The school aT The STudenT Council dance in The audiTorinm. STudenTs oT New CasTle I-ligh School were our guesTs. Dave GephardT and Barbara Cleaver were crowned as king and queen oT hearTs aT The dance. IT All Happens AT Once! The same day you had a surprise TesT and you Tlunked iT: you TorgoT To sign a blue slip in The library and were accused oT skipping sTudy hall: you leTT ThaT Theme home ThaTwas due Today1 you happen To see your sTeady walking Through The halls wiTh person you disTrusTed rnosT. Do you know why? IT was Friday, The I3Th. Indians VisiT Wigwam I-low would you like To camp in The midsT oT Tepeeslilwigwarns, To wiTnesss The pow wows, To Take parT in Indian dance in Tull cosTume, To visiT TwenTy-Two reservaTions, To live and work among The Indians Tribes oT lNlorTh America? Such was The background Tor The American Folk l.ore ReciTal presenTed in The Gym by The C5riTTins. We waTched war dances hunTing dances, and lovers' dances all in colorTul, auThenic cosTumes. Senior acTiviTies were being planned by The TirsT senior acTiviTies commiTTee in A. I-I. S.'s hisTory. Guidance Office Opened A. I-I. S. opened The Guidance OTTice The TirsT oT The semesTer Tor helping and Training sTudenTs, and Telling Them abouT Their personaliTy, Their vocaTion, and Their TuTure possibiliTies. The Guidance Com- miTTee urged all resTless and dissaTisTied sTudenTs noT To guiT school because a di- ploma can prove very useTul and The ' wisdom oT sevenTeen" oTTen is based on a lack oT general knowledge oT economic condiTions. "Uncle Sam needs you--in school!" suggesTed C. I-I. IvlcClure, guid- ance direcTor. Walking down The halls, we were sud-- olenly blinded by a brillianT Tlash oT color. IT was The new cusTom-Tailored, brillianr red, green, and yellow uniTorrns oT The band. I ' I As lhe Japanese subs roamed lhe Indi- an ocean, our senior and iunior class pres- idenls were busily engaged in making oul lhe lisls ol lhe various commillees lor Senior Week and lor lhe Junior Prom. Sluclenls ln Passion Play A We hardly recognized lhose dozen or so A. l-l. S. sludenls made up lor lhe Pas- sion Play and allired in beards, wigs, and robes. Do you recognize Charles Adams, Bryce Brown, Barbara Porse, June Cle- menls, Belly Jean Craig, Bill Jordan, Joe Allen, and Waller Black in lhe piclure? "Walch lhe boidie. No, don'l walch lhe birdie. Walch lhe speaker. Please don'l look al lhe camera, lillle girl". "l can'l recile now. l have lo go have my piclure laken. l'll come back lhe minule lhe piclure is laken. Of course, you un- dersland we may have lo wail a long while belore our piclure is laken." Yes, organizalion piclures were laken lhal day --lhe poor pholographerl here and we back Waller Winchell hearl- ily in his loasl lo lhe Japanese navy: "Bol- loms Up," Ol course all lhis lime everyone was preparing lor lhe seclional and keeping lheir lingers crossed. And, ol course, we were overioyed when we won. Did you know lhal we 'oeal Lapel 40-I8 in lhe lirsl game ol lhe season back in I9l8? Scholarship Tesls Given Applicanls lor scholarships compeled in a ballery ol compelilive lesls lhe lol- lowing week. Worn and lired wilh wrink- led brow and worried look al lhe end ol lhe session, everyone had lhe same opin- ion- lhal lhey lhoughl you wenl lo col- lege lo learn all lhose answers, nol lo know lhem belore you wenl. Slamp Sales Booslecl The airman purchasingldelense slamps in lhe lronl hall boosled rlie sale lhal day. All in all we do have a palriolic bunch 560 1:5 WiTh our IasT game oT The season play- ed. basIceTbaII wiII be TorgoTTen Tor ano- Ther year--buT noT The Team. We Icnow we had a clean TighTing Team Tilled wiTh good sporTsmanshilo. So To our basIceTbaII Team and Their coaches we say, "Thanks Tor The memory oT a grand yearf' In appreciaTion oT The Team March I0 became a real ceIebraTion Tor The basIceT- ball Team and sTudenT body. All day Wednesday The whole school ceIebraTed The good work oT our basI4eTbaII season. FirsT in The morning Trom 8:30 To I0:00 a I-Ias Been--WiII Be basIceTbaII game was sTaged. SIciT Given In PanTomine This was preceded by a shorT sI4iT in panTomine enTiTIed, "Who Killed ProTes- sor I-IinIcIebrown7" or "I Seen I-Iim When I-Ie Done IT," sTarring Bryce Brown and Bob Kiely adverTising The SenaTe dance. Following Coach Chadd gavea brieT TaII4, Tinishing by awarding sweaTers To Snow. WiTry, Keesling and Thornburg. STucIenTs ATTencI Free Show Then There was a show Trom I0:00 To I2:00. And a dance in The gym Trom I:30 To 3:30 and everyone enjoyed Themselves. The Girls' Council gave a SainT PaTricI:s Tea and sTyIe show Tor The new Treshmen girls and Their moThers. STudenT Council worked ouT a Trial mix- er Tor all sTudenTs. IT was held in The aud- iTorium Trom 3:30 To 5:00. STudenTs were allowed To play ping- pong, checkers and The niclcelodian was available Tor dancing. Everyone was invi- Ted. The Triai mixer was begun in The hope ThaT iT would relieve The congesTion in The upTown disTricT. SenaTe Jams Honoring The 37Th anniversary oT The SenaTe, The oldesT club in A. l-l. S., a dance was held in The audiTorium. The oc- casion was The SenaTe Jam Session, and The dance was conducTed Trom 9:00 To l2:OO. During The evening a unique Tloor show, highlighTed by an "Answer by The Dancers," quiz program. Two prizes were presenTed To The winners oT The dancing conTesT. One was presenTed Tor The besT slow dancers and one Tor The TasT dan- cers. l-low everybody crammed lasT weelc Tor Their six-weelc TesTsl Will They ever learn To sTudy Trom The beginning OT The grading period up To The lasTf7 Who wanTs To do ThaT? T-lave you noTiced ThaT iT's almosT Time Tor sTudenTs and Teachers alilce To geT "spring Tever?" AT leasT, iT would be Time if iT weren'T Tor These snowy morn- ings and sunny aTTernoons. Cars Decrease ln Number l-lave you noTiced, Too, The decreasing number oT cars parked around school each day. BeTween Pop and Uncle Sam--l l.asl weelq we had snowy lhis weelc A. l-l. S. lairly gushed wilh spring. l-lalls echoed lhe monolonous rhylhm ol dripping H20 as il lell inlo lhe buclcels. wasle baskels, and len-gallon sombreros placed in slra and len gallon sombreros placed in slra- legic spols around lhe building. Ah, well, as a sign across a badly blasled Birming- ham, England, wine shop window said: "We are carrying on wilh unbroken spir- ils." Many ribald rascals lhoughl lhe llood ol Biblical proporlions lo be a hea- ven-senl punishmenl lor lheir wickedness. Talenl Convo Presenled A variely ol sludenls had been dralled and were exposed lo lhe olher sludenls al lhe convocalion, March lhe 24lh. Ev- erylhing lrom belly-llops lo clarinel solos sing lor us as planned, bul lhal singing lrio ol Jeanne Carpenler, Norma Jean Wells, and Anna May Young accompan- ied by l-lilda Willoughby supplied us wilh sweel music. Barbara Sue Spiegal gave us a reading on Cleopalra and her boy lriends and Deane Bronnenburg a novelly skaling dance. l-larriel Nolan and Pal Pills gave us a lap dance accompanied by Lora Mae Gahimer. Then oul came lhe lumblers wilh a hop, skip, and a leap. As lhey lumbled over and over we dislinguished Barbara Bron- nenburg, Maribelh Munson, Jo Anne Bus- by, lrma Rinlqer, Mary Mousa, Joyce l-lerlcless, Bonila Lamphear, l-larriel Owens, Margarel Shrover, Edilh Pro- vince, Belly Speedy, Marine Filzsimmons, were included al lhe spring lalenl pro- gramgoresidefiover byDorisJxAears. B A This is whal lhe program had in slore lor us: Malcolm Caldwell was unable lo Q., lvlary Jo -lilus, l-laroldyne Scliullz, and Delores l-lall. Gene Wampole gave a lap dance, accompanied by Susie Jolinslon. And llwere was a lol more yell A clari- nel solo by Jacqueline Dexler, accom- panied by Keilli Sylveslerg Wilma Smilli willw a vocal number, accompanied by Susie Jollnslong a piano and drum duel by Wilbur lvlilclmell and Waller l-lelmicj an acrobalic number by Beverly Camp- bell will'1 Norma Gill al llie piano: Roberl Pence giving a vocal solo, willi Lora Mae Galwimer accompanying: a lrombone so- lo by lvlary lvlargarel Sears, accompan- ied by Susie Jolwnslong a lwarmonica solo number by Donald Williamsq a lwo-piano duel by Marian Canaday and Louise Flanders. Keillfi Sylvesler gave an accordian number, and Ricllard l-lamillon and Neil Pelry a marimba and accordian duel. Did you lcnow llwal up lo lvlarcli l7ll1 SI I39.87 worlll ol delense slamps had been sold lwere in sclmool? Scliool carried on as usualwillw sludenls lilling oul library permils lor 4ll1 period and suddenly discovering lo llweir dismay llial il was only 3rd period and lwurrying baclc lo plmysiology class. -llwose were llre days! Sugar Ralioning Announced ll was aboul ll'1is lime llwal we were in- lormed llwal, in llwe lulure, liousewives miglilbe lrolling lo scliool lor sugar cards las llwougli llsie scliools weren'l congesled enouglil. ll is reporled llwal llle liouse-A wives will be asked lo gallier al llie sclwool lo sign lor sugar ralioning slamp lolders willi eacli nvember ol ll'ie lamily allowed lwelve ounces ol sugar weekly. Do you remember when The Guidance OTTice was iusT beginning To TuncTion? IT was Turnished wiTh odds and ends collec Ted lwiThouT owners' consenTl Trom various parTs oT The building. A desk Trom The women Teachers' room, a sTeel Tile Trom Room IO4, along Table lwhere iT was borrowed Trom is a mysTeryl, and a halT dozen chairs Trom diTTerenT rooms in The building, besides Three wardrobes lTo hide inl. Guidance Office Issues TesTs The room isn'T a place oT punishmenT we are assured, buT a room where sTud4 enTs may go To rearrange Their programs, To Take inTelligence TesTs, To Take vocaTional apTiTude TesTs, English high school pro- gress TesTs, a c a cl e m ic preTerence TesTs, and so TorTh. ln oTher words-- TesTs, TesTs, TesTs, and more TesTs iinc.l--all help-- Tul Though To TiT yourseiT Tor living. The Guidance CommiTTee consisTs oT Miss ArbogasT, Miss Car- son, Mr. RoTruck, lvir. Da- 'iw vis, and Mr. McClure. Ah-h-h-h! Spring! Spring means much more Than bab- bling brooks and TwiTTering birds To Joe STalin wi+h l-liTler, by his own admission, planning an all ouT aTTack againsT Russia come Spring. BuT To A. l-l. S. iT means spring Tever reigning supreme--a Time oT going around in a daze, sighing. skip- ping school, and lying on The high school lawn. Spring--The Time when sTudenT', and even Teachers Tind Themselves sTar- ing dreamily ouT The windows. wishing They were somewhere besides aT school. Ah, Spring! I-IOT DOG- ROASTINC-1 IS I-IIGTTIIJGJI-IT OF I-TARDVIJOGD SEASCDINI In Their I94I-I942 baskeTbaII season The Anderson Indians deTeaTed many OT The sTrongesT Teams OT The sTaTe. Two OT The besT games Turned in by The Braves were The crushing deTeaTs OT The Frank- TorT I-IOT Dogs, 38-23 and OT The WiIdcaTs Trom Kokomo in The Big Four Tourney, 40- 27. OuT OT 27 games played ThrOughouT The regular season and The Tourneys, And- erson scored I6 vicTOries. A scoreless Third guarTer cOsT The Red- skins The season's opener againsT Green- Tield 26-2I. A sTrOng aggregaTiOn Trorn I.oganspOrT handed The Tribe iTs second deTeaT by a score OT 35-28. Finally The vicTory Trial was Tound aT MarTinsviIIe when The Indians chalked up a Tive poinT win, 27-22. GianTs Club Braves The TirsT OT Two close conTesTs wiTh The GianTs Took place aT Marion. Behind Q poinTs aT The beginning OT The TourTh guarTer, Anderson could nOT overcome This lead and IOsT, 24-2I. IvIounT's hearT- breaking goal in The IasT haIT second OT play gave Lebanon a hard-ToughT 35-33 game. Thus November ended wiTh buT one win in Tive sTarTs. A Tree shOOTing Tray aT NewcasTIe Tound The Indians scoring II OuT OT 62 shoTs. AIThOugh noT so good, iT was beT- Ter Than The Troians did and a second vicTory scalp was Taken, 29-22. WiTry's IasT minuTe Tield goal was noT enough and The sTrong JeTT OT I.aTayeTTe Bronchos iourneyed home wiTh a 33-30 vicTOry. Muncie CenTraI "Took iT on The Iam" The nexT nighT Trom Anderson, 42-33. Marion Wins Again Again The TaTes smiled The oTher wav and Marion eeked OuT a TighT 36-35 win on The nighT ThaT ChrisTmas vacaTion sTarTed. GreencasTIe wasn'T hiTTing, The Indians were, score- 37-28. The Big Four Tourney Tound I.oganspOrT and Kokomo in The TavOriTe pOsiTions. An upseT in The TirsT round wiTh The Chadd- men crushing The WiIdcaTs was aImOsT nuIIiTied in The Tinals when The Loganber- ries ran away Trom The Redskins, 38-22. Things were beginning To "pick up". January Tound The Braves on The long end oT 5 oT Their 6 regular season conTesTs. Richmond was nosed ouT, 22-20 and Con- nersville TeIT The sweep oT a greaT Indian war dance, 58-3I. Snow was currenTIy leading The Braves wiTh II3 poinTs in I4 games. AnoTher hairraiser aT CrawTordsviIIe produced January's lone deTeaT by a score oT 28-27. The Golden Bears oT Shel- byville were The nexT vicTim, 33-25 and Anderson climbed To TenTh place in The AssociaTed Press weekly poll on The eve oT The BearcaT-Braves Tracas which ended ir' a 39-25 "skinning". HoT Dogs RoasTed Then came Friday, January 30. WhaT a nighT Tor roasTingI And were Those I'IoT Dogs cooked! The varsiTy Turned in one oT iTs besr perTormances oT The season by crushing a highly-Tou+ed I:rankTorT quin- TeT 38-23, wiTh WiTry scoring 20 poinTs. The papooses won I7-I4. BuT IT was noT over. The nexT day The Frosh sizzled The Greenies Trom Caseland 24-I5 and The Junior I-Iigh Team won 27-I5. BuT iT was Too much. Kokomo made The Indians look anyThing buT champs in a 28- I7 win. NewcasTIe avenged an earlier de- TeaT by nosing ouT The Braves 37-35 on Friday The ThirTeenTh. A TourTh quarTer rally gave vicTory To Anderson over Tech oT Indianapolis, 32-27. 5horTridge oT Ind- ianapolis, aTTer losing To Lapel, also Tound The Chaddlads Too sTrong and losT 45-22. Indians Take SecTionaI As was expecTed The 5ecTionaI was "Tough". Markleville and Elwood Tell in ThaT order, 36-26 and 39-27. OuTscoring The Bulldogs I5-8 in The IasT guarTer, And- erson deTeaTed a Tine Lapel aggregaTion 39-35 To Take iTs ninTeenTh secTionaI crown. An easy vicTory over Greemfield in The Regional was Tollowed by The Indians making Indianapolis a suburb oT Law- rence, 32-29. GILMORE ANDERSON BRISSENDEN 1 af , . 5 V mf? ' .4 'W' "T 2 'MLLYIEQMHHBE . ., ,w,,L.Yv,,,.W,M,A..WW wM,M-Wmfmwmm,WM , . MM.Wwfmw-A-.1i,,mmW,x,i,,KM,,,.,,L,,m5, K, ,,:,,,p,...M3,,1,.,LM V7 N , 44, j A 144 QQ ,V 'X f fi' ,' , 1' ,W , .. W. fx, , ,K KW N f 1 1 . ,. 4 ,...,. , 1 fx--., ' . , 1 . X Y. ' 'lim' if'Utz'ff5f7 M' Es X N., ,.-f , .W ,Ln-. mf -wrxi X- L . , ,sir ff' Q, iM.. , , x ff Rf? X-421 in ' Eifwfbilqi Q' YQ" AQ- Y QV 'fvwix -iw X n:,,g,,.f jf S 1 ,M . L ' 'f fiscal Ngffl. wwf Y XXX 'Sk X Xxx-XY: XX A 2 SQ WR ffafrf' - 723 Wir --1 "fs ' 1 A , ' , Y, X .P fait ' M. , 255 E15..A1,',,,.5N!F-3' riff ,N X1-'an'f'fiw."2u1v , BWV" 255221 fL'Qy,,'ji. Ng: ' ff' i"5ELjsf ,,,. .. .. A , Ejrjy. . x l fJ5 1', m- dm +.,Wgg11:V1l' Avg fx '1 ' f,',Q'33 , -V bk " if 7 XV T! ' - A'-efffwi--:-f':! . ' 'if934fqf,,m,f':' -W., WT h b ,Affyp A x lg? CLEMONS S. HOWARD '-QUTTON mnmgimzww'fefwgzw sfffi-:zwmk-9my-awzwxgww immamw Yi WWW x S X X KEESLING MELSON SMITH SNOW THQRNBURC5 WITRY WMWMM2 , ,ar'W"" Wwwamzmzwm,h.q,,:'flWW4M"M'ff'1"W'fP U""FMH ' ' ' ll R O S l-s A N D P ,fx P O C5 S pig ,T CerTainly The sTaTe championship shouid go To Coach Carl Bonge's I94l-42 Freshman Team, if Tourneys were held To" 'igreenies". ATTer losing Two conTesTs aT The sTarT oT The season, The Frosh bowled over sevenTeen consecuTive vicTims in- cluding such Teams as GreenTield, Mai'- on, l.aTayeTTe, NewcasTle, l:ranlcTorT, Ko- laomo, Noblesville and Shelbyville. The Two deTeaTs were borh avenged in reTurn games. Tho Team averaged 22.34 poinTs per game compared wiTh I4.73 oT Their cpponenTs. RoberT Scharnowslre was high scorer Tor The season. Fred Edwards. Carl Erskine and Jack RecTor also were responsible Tor mosT oT The oTher poinTs. ExpecTed To Till The shoes oT varsiTy seniors who have closed Their high school basl:eTball career will be members oT The reserve or "B" Team squad which again This season posTed a mosT saTisTacTory record. mx.. ,V I ,ru , A ...X . jf, 1 s-fx, f 1 all-PlFfsl1l'l-Q - ASSET HX! HARDVVOOD Qfllxllifili V, c,,,. , ,, 5 ., ,f X .f ,. V., Two mosl irnloorlanl and conspicuous el- emenls of every baslcelball conlesl are 'l'l'1S yell leaders and uslmorss fxlllwouglw mosl ol us give venl lo our enlnusiasm nalurally, clweer leaders are mosl necessary lo help direcl our vocal ellorls. To Phillips, Easlfl man, Allen and Grillillm go many Thanks lor Jrlme line way in wlwiclw llwey nave helpf- ed us lo encourage llme leam. Il musl be very lillle fun lo slraiglwlen oul sealing confusion bul llwese ushers, under Jrlwe direclion ol Donald Bowen, do il game aller game. To l'l'1em goes a lwand lor loalience. BeTween The classes in G. A. A. There is always Tough compeTiTion in The Tavor- iTe winTer sporT, baskeTball. No maTTer whaT sporT is in progress a Tew shoTs aT The baskeT are always managed lTo keep in pracTicel. This year, The Freshmen, who meeT on Tuesdays. had such a large num- ber ThaT The Team Tor TournamenT play had To be elecTed. This done, They pro- ceeded by Their way only To be beaTen TirsT by The Junior-Senior Team and Then by The Sophomores. As The TournamenT was a round-robin The Sophomore Team Then played The Junior-Senior Team. The Tormer came ouT on Top again Tor Their second consecuTive year. l Table Tennis Popular Table Tennis was played on Friday evenings wiTh The recreaTion room always Tull oT would-be champs. ATTer six weeks oT play a TournamenT was held and a medal given To The winner. Volleyball was anoTher popular sporT wiTh These Tun-loving girls. BuT when iT came To business They were in There hi+- Ting, Tor They know cooperaTion and Teamwork are The keynoTes oT This game as in all oThers. ATTer six weeks oT prac- Tice sorvos and reTurns They goT down To business and Tinished The TournamenT in The old never-say-die spiriT. efk 1.,,.. ' W M'wNJlMA u M wj ff x M jar ZA ,Z mm num A Y e fwgszbifgziiggg A rw'fi?Lg'.?g11f45q2iai1esm:ww W, QkgQ,.f2xs?iiSg V f. -wfffdffw My K . 3? wg R milk is Q1 wif M Q ,.., ,, , 1,ggG,.., ,mb , 115 , 1 - We M, 'k, M n A , Maw f 55,513 Plaque Rededicafed In Impressive Ceremony March 30 marked The formal rededica-A Tion of The Kiwanis Club's gifT of The SpiriT of America plaque To The school. The dramafics and arT classes presenfed a beauTiful living reproducTion of The plaque. The SpiriT of America--TheAmerL can flag and The people from all walks of life for whom iT sTands. The sTars and sfripes are our dreams and our labours, brighT wiTh cheer, bril- lianT wiTh courage, firm wiTh TaiTh be- cause we have made Them so ouT of our hearTs, our work, our hopes, and our fears, and our beliefs. The flag is no more Than whaT we believe iT To be, and all ThaT we believe iT can be. Windows Opened Again And so Spring marched on. Once again The windows were open, The sun was shin- ino, The birds were singing, and we were sTill siTTing aT our desks. 'We were looking forward To The Prom, The Class Play, and all The end of school acTiviTies. Spring fever seemed here To sTay. STudenTs gradually slackened Their sfudying lif They were sTudying in The firsT place, which is doubffullg no one did any more work Than was necessary: everyone "Joed" around more and began To run down rnenfally and physically, geTTing Their exercise by Going To horror movies and leTTing Their flesh creep. E. Sfanley Jones and Willy Snow spoke To us aT Two differenT convocafions. The Seniors gloriously won over The Juniors in The Junior-Senior games. Oh, well, The Juniors will have anoTher chance nexf year. Six week TesTs came and wenT. The grades, l'm afraid, suffered seriously be- cause of Spring fever. Seniors Leave Early Abouf Ten Seniors were planning To leave school early in order To begin The War Time Schedule 3rd semesTer sTarT-- ing aT mosT of The colleges and universi- Ties The firsT week of May. The Choral Club gave a program in The gym in place of Purdue's Concerf Choir which cancelled iTs Tour. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES BOYS' DEAN DISPLAY CASE MONITORS Sfudenf-Facuify Commiffees As anoiher year cbses, some of The credii Tor The schooI's running smooIhIy musi be given Io Ihe various sIuoIenI-Ta- cuIIy commiJrI'ees which are responsibIe Tor overseeing The various aclriviiies. The MonH'ors' CommiHee consisied off Mr. BaiIey-chairman, Mr. Springer, Miss I-Ioskins. Miss MiIIer, Mrs. I.ashbrooIc, Mr. S'roIer, Mr. Brinson, Dick WiIder-siudeni chairman, CaroIine Buck, and Mariorie EuIIer. The Trophy and Display Case Commii- I'ee were: Miss BaIyeaI-chairman, Miss I-Iumiohrey, Mr. Morris, Miss Carson, Miss Griffin, Mr. Lee, EvereI+ Wriqhi-sIuden+ chairman, Bob Pence, Richard Wingrove, Ciara Manis, and Kajrhleen Wingrove. The members oi The Social AcI'iviI'ies Commi'Hee included: Miss Arboqasjr- chairman, Mr. RoIrucIc, Miss MuIIendore, Jean Ann I-IaII,-sIudenI chairman, LoIiI'a Monrgomery, Dave Easiman, CaroI I'Ianna, Viclror INIeHerviIIe, MariIyn Rhodes, and I-Iarry Forse. Aicling Mr. RoI'rucIc have been: Mr. Vifeaver, Mr. Shirey, Mr. BaiIey, Mr. I3aI4er, Mr. McCIure, Mr. I3Ieenor, Mr. JuIius, Mr. KoIb, Mr. Bowen, Mr. Sruis- man, Mr. McCIinIocIc, Mr. MiIIer, Mr. Lindsey, Mr. Sherman. Mr. Sanders, Wenny Basseijr, Joe AIIen, CarI Croxiorw, I-'iuqh I-Iarrison Jr., Dick WiIder, John Barber, Jim Arihur, and RaIph I-Iughes. Complele Year Of Accomplishmenfs The Girls' Council consisled oi: Miss fxrloogasl-chairman, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Pippen, Mrs. Preslon, Miss Dunlap, Miss Bowen, Miss Campdell, Miss Lawshe. Miss Carson, Miss Humphrey, Miss Mul- lendore, Miss Olds, Barbara l:orse-slu- denl chairman, Janice McArl, Roloerla Nevis, Phillipa Wyall, Marilyn Rhodes, Marian Canaday, Kalhleen Vauqhl, Pai lricia Greve, Norma Jean Haynes, Mar- querile Humbles, Eslher Seiple, Jean Ann Hall, Jeanne Garrelson, and Wilma Todd. Those who were responsible for our convocalions were: Miss Thurslon-chain man, Mr. Boyd, Miss Mullendore, Mr. Sle- warl, Mr. Hunlzinger, Mrs. Pippen, Mr. Hallell, Mr. Morris, Marvin Wagner-slu- denl chairman, Denny Bassell, Amelia Downey, Bud Bronnenburg, Max liqqman. Dick Main, Marian Canaday, Roberla Nevis, Mary Helen Kolenda, and Jeanne Garrelson. Planning aids 'ro clubs were: Mr. Shirey- chairman, Miss Kendall, Miss Campbell, Wilma Todd-sludenl chairman, Mary Rogers, Bolo Taclqell, Ralph Rodecap, and Jim Collins. Direcling pep sessions: were Mr. Hosier- chairman, Mr. Chadd, Mr. Rencenberqef, Miss Olds, Miss Dunlap, Barbara Reed- sludenl chairman, Bill Edwards, John Bai"- ber, Bill Keep, and Barbara Forse. l ,JM GIRLS' COUNCIL CONVOCATION CLUBS PEP SESSION Young Adven+ure," Senior Class Play, Produced In Audiforium May I ll' aw F 1. X if k ,Q -fp Q s i 5 i i 1 14.34. , fir? 4:1335 A HL, .ww ,M ,Y'f Do you remember when you were a Treshman, aTraid To go down The TronT hall, scared oT all The Teachers who lisTen ed To all oT The announcemenTs, and looked up admiringly To all upperclass- men? Seniors "SophisTicaTe" - By The Time you're a Senior you consid- er yourselT guiTe old, in TacT almosT a chaperone around school. You're guiTe sophisTicaTedg you leT all your work go un- Til The nighT beTore iTs due le. g. Amer?- can Problem's noTebooksl: you leT every- Thing come second To The one and only l?l "romance", you geT ouT oT classes and sTudy halls as much as possible: and rule The TronT hall. Then like a bIi+z, Senior Week has come AcTiviTies CommiTTee Plans Senior W worry and wonders if he will be able Tc seTTle down and make The grade Through higher educaTion. And lasTly he realizes ThaT Those high school days can never be and gone, and graduaTion is Thursday nighT, and you realize ThaT Tour happy years have Tlown pasT--Those years which are probably The happiesT in a liTeTime. The one who is going To college suddenly comes To and Tinds ThaT in his lasT Two: replaced, and ThaT iT was all iusT swell. CommencemenT CommenTaTors Cram The commencemenT speakers are add ing The Tinishing Touches To Their speeches ,ship oT The war To us. And, well, I'Il see all years when he has Tried To slide by, heilgyij has almosT TorgoTTen how To sTudy. He oT you aT commencemenT. l'll be looking --To Their eTTorTs To discuss The relaTion- looks Torward To The nexT Tew years wiTh Tor you. To Discuss War Commencemeni' Speak L Wx , Y ' Y 1 wwf Wash 'N B W CINDER PATH ATHLETES AMASS POINTS IN COMPETITION ANDERSON BECK ERSK!NE HOWARD STEWART LIERMAN PARKHURST RELFORD RUNYON SOUTHERS KING TACKETT VERMILUON WILSON . - , ,M ,V.., Simi, x jfx wk . M0 4 Q47 fy X I l LEWIS MARTIN RUNYON SHIPLEY W X11 xxx A- SMITH R. SMITH SNOW STROUP Wifhouf doulof fhe I942 golf fearn is fhe besf aggre- gafion of sod diggers fhaf has ever represenfed Ander- son. The squad has defeafed Marion fwice and Ivluncie fwice. In a four-way rneef wi+h Marion, Richmond and Kokomo, fhe Indians were low wifh 3I2 sfrolces, W The I942 baseball season was opened af Pendlefon where fhe Indians baffed in I6 runs againsf 5 for fhe Irish. Anderson fhen suffered four Iosess aisfhe hands of Greenfield, I-Iarfford Cify, Cenfral of Muncie and Jeff of Lafayeffe. DIAMOND SQUAD HAS STIFF QCHEDULE GOLF TEAM ORGANIZED . 4 i T f , Y 1 This spring The Anderson lighTly-clads, under The leadership oT Coach Carl Bonge, again gained prominence Tor Their TeaTs oT excellence. The Indians Tor The Third consecuTive year placed TirsT in The NorTh CenTral Comcerence Track and Field meeT, scoring 52 poinTs againsT Ko- komo'ss second place sTanding oT 47. Anderson's TirsT Two cinder paTh eT- TorTs resulTed in vicTories in Two Triangu- lar meeTs: Anderson 65, Richmond 35. and Muncie CenTral 34, Anderson 61. Muncie and Warren CenTral 36. ln The Muncie Relays The Braves placed second To Kokomo, chalking up 30 Tallies To The WildcaT's 32. AT Kokomo An-- derson ouTclassed The hosT school buT was Torced To give way To NorTh Side oT ForT Wayne 56-35 in The Kokomo Relays. A Triangular meeT on May I2 resulTed in anoTher Indian vicTory. Scores: Ander- son 62, Gas CiTy 42, l:airmounT 29. BARRETT BLACK BRTSSENDEN CLEMONS CRATB I-TUTTON T-LEEP KIMBLE SENIOR AND JUNIOR GIRLS SELECTED FOR G. A. A. ANVARDS Barbara Bronnenberg was recenlly announc- ed as Ihe winner ol Ihe Senior I-'lonor award which is given annually Io Ihe senior girl selec- Ied by a Iacully corn- millee as being Ihe mosl oulslanding in sporls, school aclivilies and scholarship. Barbara has been one of G. A. Afs mosl aclive and dependable members, has served as Ireasurer her sophomore, iunior, and senior years, won Ihe Iennis Iourney her senior year, was awarded Ihe sporlsnnanship award and slale award lor alhlelic achievemenlin her iunioryear. Ivlary Elizabelh Coo- per was awarded Ihe sporlsmanship award which is given each year Io Ihe girl voled by The organizalion Io have Ihe rnosl sporls- man lilce allilude in all aclivilies. Mary Eliza- belh adegualely served as presidenl Ihis year and as secrelary in her iunior year. She has exceplional slcill in sporls, is an excellenl leader, and is Iruly whal we call a "good sporI". She received her slale award for alhlelic parlicipalion and achieverneni' lasl year. 4 121. ,g?'i" s-j nv X SAL, :-... -::g-: , my R lui' su- -J Q W! X F' . ' K . Z M ff i 3 3 aT' - Q 45224 Q 3 595 X 3 -Q, f pk far 2:67 , J LL,: , V E " 3, 1 -,KW 5: f K ' ' 51" ' ' , F., 2 1 V X . '11, A ' 3 A , -:swf 1 J , , 3, 431 5 1? x ,--, if 4 ,Q 1. ' if I U fi A , ,. vuilgf ' . 4 A ga 1 L ' ,J , Q' . - ,gf - wi ,N - M 1 f 'maj ,far , ,, -, 533- . W, . Af Am P v--- w. ,W mf - A ., -t , ? ,, A, ff' V' by I 1, -rf Vx? . 4"-M-W -- A . ,,zg'.5 5 9 g Q 5 W P R ,153 W -A ., -1 ' T A :W'O'W! WHERE'S SHE FROM!--- The eyes ol lhe Sludenl Council 'Eg Lx .WHA members hung oul on lheir cheeks , when lhey saw lhe slarlels lrom V various parls ol lhe slale lroop inlo our halls al slale convenlion lime lasl December. The male members had lo make super heroic ellorls lo keep lheir minds on lhe business ol making a suc- cess ol lhe convenlion. They did, and il was. The whole school is proud ol Fred Bron- nenberg, elecled vice-presidenl ol l. A. S, C., and lhe council wholehearledly backs lhe movemenl lo send Warren Slidham, presidenl ol lhe Nalional As- socialion ol Sludenl Councils, lo lhe con- venlion in Denver lhis summer. Thls beirrg a war yeafwherrwe arefanol lc know deleal, lhe Sludenl Council crealed a Public Wellare Commillee lo promole school drives, such as collecling wasle paper and selling slamps. .-5-1 - . STUDENT COUNCIL CONVENTION To conclude lhe year, a rummage sale and a picnic were held. Members ol lhe Exe-culive Council lsealed around lablel are Ted Vinson, Belly Jean Busby, Carol l-lanna, Bob Phillips lTreas.l, Jacqueline Dunlap lSec., S. A.l, Wilma Todd llleading Clerkl, Bernard Davis lPres. pro leml, Jack Davenporl, Barbara Cleaver lSec,, EX. C.l, Barbara Reed, Warren Slidharn, Marian Canaday, Harry Forse, Bob Tackell, Marilyn Rhodes, Fred Bronnenberq lV. Pres., Ex. C.l, Jim Wilson lPres., Ex. C.l. Sludenl Assembly: Ralph Rodecap, Donald Swinlord, Jack Beck, Frank Woods, Bill Keep, Charles Norlon, Eugene Mosure, Bill Soulham, J. D. Main, Clarence Jorgensen. Susanne Dyson, Jean l-lumrickhouse, Belly Lowman, Marjorie Fuller, Kalhryn Genda, Donald Brinduse, Paul Jessup, Max Broyles, Carl Land. . Lesler Shipley, Joan Barber, Carolyn Buck, Mary Rogers, Bob Franke, Joe Cook, George Pancol, Fred- erick Teler, David Easlrnan. Mary M. Slanley, Josephine Scampmorle, Barbara Riggs, Sally Williams, Olive Swaim, Sandra Conlos, JoaLKessleLJl0an Piney, B-ilbara Fqher. 77 VY Mariory Johnson, Mary Palmer, Dale l'lall, Bob Cow- qill, Bob Canaday, Bob Morse, Marvin Shroul, Charles Rubenking, Jimmy Arlhur. Geneva Barg, Howard l-layes, Bill Wagner, Joan Lennis, Bryce Brown, Dick Wilder, Arlhur Shirey lSpon- sorl. HONOR SOCIETY BREAKS BOTTLE AT TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCE I "Did you ever siT on a milk ETQV5' boTTle, wiTh your legs crossed. Trying To Thread a needle, and F Then have The boTTle break under ' you?" For more deTails see mem- bers oT The l-lonor SocieTy. "Knowledge in youTh is wisdom in age." Picked Trom The honor roll lisT oT sTudenTs in Anderson High School are The mem- bers oT The l-lonor SocieTy. To sTarT The ball rolling This year a Tormal iniTiaTion Tor new members was held. Social acTiv- i+ies included a TalenT program, ChrisT- mas parTy, ValenTine dance, and The an- nual picnic. During The year meeTings were held regularly and were usually Tol- lowed by discussions or lecTures by locally chosen speakers. "Knowledge is a Treasure. buT pracTice is The key To iT!" Wirh This in mind The members Try To carry ouT The aims seT be- Tore Them: To encourage scholarship, To provide Tor Those qualiTied The necessary compeTiTion To develop Their powers To Teh uTmosT, and To give recogniTion To Those who have aTTained a high schol- asTic record. Members picTured include Beulah Beard, Marjorie Cerden, June ClemenTs, MarTha Jane Forkner, Lora Mae Gahimer, KaThryn Genda, GranT Genslce, BeTTy l'lalleTl' lSec.l, John B. Miller, Erma J, OTTerman, Barbara Reed, Esfher Seipel, Louise Spiegal, Jo Anne Springer. Isabel Taylor, Ted Vinson, Jim Wilson lTreas.l, Phil- lipa WyaTT, Barbara Bronnenberg, Mary ElizabeTh Cooper, Jeanne Garrefson lPres.l, Jean Ann Hall, Paul Rcbey, Warren STidham, Wilma Todd lV. Pres.l, Geneva Barg, Franklin Beeler, Fred Bronnenberg, Jeanne Ann Bruner, Dorofhie CrawTord, Lewis DarlingTon, Bruce Douglas Arlo DuBois, Anna May Eberle, Max Eggman, Virginia Evans, Jessie Falge. Barbara Forse, Marjorie Fuller, Mary Ann Gephardt Carol Hanna, Frances Hudson, Mary Emma Huser, Emma Lou Kopp, Florence Kopp. RoberT Krueger, Mary Sue Lambert Joan Lennis, Caro- lyn Long, Neil MaTThew, Alvin Nunley, Norma Penn, LoliTa Thayer, Doris Turner, Jane Uremovich, Ka+hleen Vaughf, MargueriTe Humbles. Raymond Neal, ArThur Shirey and MargareT Mullendore lSponsorsl. BEST DANCE OF YEAR SPONSORED BY HI-Y TASK THEMT The I-li Y Dance biggesT and besT dance oT The year. N doubT every sTudenT oT A. l-l. S. heard words similar To Those above around November 28, January 23, and April 17. All l-li-Y members probably yelled Thelr slogan loudesT on November 28, since This was an all-school dance. Every bov and girl who aTTended was TreaTed To an evening oT solid iive by The Wabash Col- legians. Besides sponsoring dances This year, This club was ready and willing To help dear old Uncle Sam by selling deTense sTamps. PaTrioTism, ThaT's whaT l call iTl While we are dlscussing good deeds, we musTn'T TorgeT The annual Line oT Dimes, which proved To be The mosT successTul campaign yeT To be held, Tor nearly Two "T" "Buy a TickeT and come To o Thousand dimes were given by many big- hearTed Andersonians. On The aTTernoon. ol December 23, approxlmaTely Tive hun4 dred children were enTerTained by The l-ii-Y Members. Ask any oT Them who en- ioyed The parTy more, The l-li-Yers or The children? The members picTured are: Gene Wilson lTreas.l, Jim Wilson lSec.j, Bud Bronnenberg lV. Pres.l, Dave EasTman lPres.l, Harold Snow lSergeanT oT Armsl, Jack Priddy, Ted Vinson, LesTer Shipley, Dave Gephardt Charles NorTon, PeTe Davis, Tex Jordan, Bob WheaT, Charles CriTchlow. John B, Miller, Dick Moore, Bob TackeTT, Denny Bas- seTT, Bill Edwards, Mark HannaTord, Charles Laughlin, Bill Thornburgh. , Royal BechTolcl, Jack Hensley, Tharmar Vermillion. Charles STroup, Bill Friel, VicTor NeTTerville, Hugh Har- rison, Crawford Handley. Tom Mears, Don SwinTord. Jack Zoll, Don STinson, WalTer STidharn, Jack Bluemle, Max Eggman, Basil Remley. Bud Anderson, Bryce Brown, Bob Phillips, George GriTTiTh, Bill Cummins, Warren STidham. Carl MaTThew, Jim Keesling, Oscar Melson, Joe Allen, John Brissenclen, Bill l-lensley, Bill Keep, Ralph Rodecap, Charles Beck. George Davis and Ted STewarT lSponsorsl SENIOR G. R.'S EARLY BIRDS: GO CAROLING MAY DAY MORN '3 Poor children were royally K enlerlained wilh games, con- lesls, gills, and candy al lhe fChrislmas parly given lor af lhem by lhe Senior Girl Re- serves club. For lheir own enioymenl lhese "early- bird" girls wenl caroling on May Day and lhen had bealclasl al lhe Y. W. C. A. belore going lo school. The inler-club council sponsored a dance during lhe Chrislmas holidays wilh Connie Board- man's band al lhe Blue Triangle Room. Probably lhe mosl oulslanding pro- gram ol lhe year was lhe one al which Mrs. Enoch Drumm spoke lo lhe club on buying clolhes in New York Cily. Whal girl wouldn'l enioy a lallc on clolhes and slyles? The members ol lhis club were: Amelia Downey, Vir- ginia Slaler, Babe Roberls, Hilda Simpson lV, Pres.l: Beulah Beard lSec.l7 Virginia Land, Barbara Terhorsl, June Clemenls. Jeanne Garrelson, Lora Roellinger, Marlha Jane Forlcner, Jean Kimrnerling, Jane Dawley, Jane l-lill, Cor- rine l-lon, Belly I-lallell, Belly Groves, Vivian Morrison. Belly Vaughl, Mary Crilchlield, Norma Gill, Donna Gibbens, Belly Jo Hull, Thelma l-lardin, Amber Gulley, Louise Spiegal, lrnogene Kelly, Mary Ann Lloyd. Mary Elizabelh Bailey, Jeanne Bable, Virginia Lee Grady, Helen Recob, Rosemary Bauer, Joan Rouslt, Belly Jean Craig, Belly Goss, Marguerile Humbles, Phillipa Wyall lPres.l Mrs. Slriclcler lSponsorl 4 'WHERE'S THE TURKEY!' CRY JR. GIRL RESERVES FILLING BASKET "Any old clolhes loday?" Up wenl lhe cry ol Junior Girl Reserves, as lhey filled baskels al Thanksgiving and Chrislmas lor lhe needy lamilies in Anderson. By lheir club mollo, "l will lry lo lace lile squarely," lhe Reserves led an aclive program lor lhe pasl year. A lea, lhe an- nual spring dance, an inler-club Molher- Daughler banquel, and a lormal Chrisl- mas dinner dance were held and very much enjoyed. Annie B. Fousl, Rosadore Hahn, Jeanne Ann Bruner Deane Bronnenberg, Virginia Parkinson, Lillian Reeder, Carolyn Reeder, Eleanor Crecelius, Vera Harlman, Anna May Eberle. Geneva Barg, Doris Turner, Maxine Manloolh, Lor- raine Jerabek, Joan Jackson, Barbara Flelcher. Mary Huser, Evalee Phillips, Frances Keesling, Judilh Nooney. Joanne Coil, Marlha Cook, Erma Corder, Phyllis Swank, Joan Carraway, Frances Carmody, Marlha Elsea. Jean Loudenback, Rosemary Morgan IPres.l, MarIorie Fuller IV. Pres.l. Belly Bell ISec.I. Virginia Fowler ITreas.I, Margarel Sanders, Mrs. Humphrey ISponsorl. SWING PARTNER RIGHT TO LEFT AT FROSH G. R. BARN DANCE "Say, sonny, how 'boul swinging lhal beaulilul blonde in my direclion," was no doubl heard al lhe Frosh Girl Reserve barn dance, one ol lhe club's chiel social lunclions ol lhe year. A box social, lol- lowing lhe dance, was also a huge suc- cess. Plenly ol parlies and dances seemed lo appeal lo lhese lair Freshmen lassies. However, lhey have been willing lo par- licipale in such worlhwhile evenls as knil- ling classes and sessions during which Bundles lor Blue Jackels were made. Sandra Conlos ISec.l, Pal Parker IPresl, Geraldine Slohler ITreas.I, Roberla Nevis Ilnler-Club Rep.I, Louise 'FLIP THE COIN' SAY SOPH GIRL RESERVES ON PENNY-WALK "Heads or lails?" . . . llip . . ."Gosh, heads! Will l never gel home again?" Such were lhe expressions ol lhe Soph- omore Girl Reserves, when lhey held lheir penny-walk. ln addilion lo lhis es- capade, a Chrislmas parly was given lor lhe children in lhe orphans' home, a pilch- in supper, and a dance aller lhe Tech game. The group also enlerlained speak- ers and among lheir many inleresling programs was a panel discussion. Mary Lou McLain IPres.l, June Risher IV. Pres.I, Margarel Durrer ISec.l, Eris Curry ITreas.l, Barbara Pillenger, Joan Redick, Gerlrude Schmidl, Lilsa Prokos. Marian Zedekar, Palsy Heineman. Marlha Ayres, Palricia Wilson, Hildred Tarvin, Phyllis Tarran, Eleanor Frosl, Anna Lee Miller, Mary Jo Tran- barger, Margarel Tribbell, Norma McCord, Jean McFadden, Edilh Provence, Rosemary Gooding, Vivian Heiney. Pally Wilhile, Virginia Nichol, Pally Durgan, Josephine Scampmorle, Beverly Beck, Alice Alwood, Mary Rock- well. Belly All, Joan Bronnenberg, Anne Miller, Jean Hum- rickhouse, Joan Kessler, Melissa Delhloll, Marilyn Mulvi- hill, Helen Summers, Wilma Smilh, Belly Risch. Marjorie Smilh, Norma Wyanl, Jackie Yusl, Doris Tyler, June Allen, Ann Walker, Winilred Vermillion, Pal Clark, Rulh Baldaul, Joan Hollingsworlh, Belly Herlenslein, Jackie Yales, Belly Barnharl, Gladys Lewis, Barbara McCoy, Vivian Roseberry, Mrs. Lash- brook ISponsorl. Anderson IV. Pres.l. Mabel Osling, Janel Wingrove, Helen Michael, Marny Mello, Pally Phillips, Maxine Kidwell, Evelyn Farmer. Janel Roland, Norma Lasley, Evelyn Alalza, Margarel Duvall, Joan Bryson, Jean Goble, Joyce Smilh. Vivian Councellor, Jimmie Lee Canlwell, Phyllis Hulse, Phyllis Snyder, Erma Jean Jones, Marilyn Clark, Miss Trees ISponsorl. CHORAL CLUB FALLS WHEN RISER BREAKS AT REHEARSAL Sure' nuTT--Tall's only a prelude oT spring, and spring up They did wiTh songs on Their lips and bruises on hips. LeT sTairs and sTars Tall down--buT never The singing oT The Choral Club. The STaTe Teachers' ConvenTion enioy- ed The club's singing, and The inviTaTion was a Tine complimenT To iTs leader, Miss DoroThy Dunlap. And won'T mosT oT us long remember The deep Teeling oT ccfn- munion we had as The Choral Club walked Through The halls singing The age old ChirsTmas carols? Two EasTer programs were sung aT Anderson churches--one oT Them aT sunrise. The new members oT The club iusT Tin-- ished a period oT Training and will sTarT singing nexT Tall wiTh The chorisTers. They uniTed wiTh The regular sophomore and iunior members in giving a parTy Tor The graduaTing seniors. STudenTs who have sung TogeTher have an enduring Tellowship in Their songs. Hail and Tarewelll The members oT This organizaTion are: l-loward STinsorv, John Cummings, Bob Pence, Bob Baker, Gene Fisher, Gerald Leedom, Arlo DuBois, Thomas Langley, Don Schlabach, Junior Beyler. ' Dale SheeTel, Bill Farmer, George AlaTza, LesTer Ship- ley, Rosemary Barnhizer, Lillian Reeder, Mary Keeling, lsabelle Taylor, Norma Myers, KaThryn Genda. JudiTh Nooney, BeTTy WebsTer, Ruby Durgan, Mary K. P'Simer, Doris GarreTson, Nondas Ervin, MarTha Cook, Wilma l-leagy, BeTTy MunchhoT, Norma Jean Wells. Ruby BaThauer, Carolyn Reeder, BeTTy l-lalleTT, Susie JohnsTon, BerTha Ai-iTon, Mary Ann Lloyd, BeTTie Jo l-lull, MarTha Cannon, Mary MunchhoT, Joann Carmody. Evelyn YusT, BeTTie Tice, Anna Mae Youngs, Leona MaTcheTT, Elaine AlaTza, Georgia l-leagy, MarTha Clem- enTs, Carolyn Darwin, l-lelen Lane, Sophia Pancol. Marilyn Rhodes, Phillipa WyaTT, Norma Moore, Wilma SmiTh, Vivian Morrison, Mary Bender, Jeanne CarpenTer, Lorene Payne, Hugh Harrison, Jaclc Williams. Malcolm Caldwell, Manson Church, Don Richardson. Warren STidharn, OTTo Marsh, James Romine, Elmer Thompson, Bill Wagner, DoroThy Dunlap lSponsorl. SPONSOR ANNOUNCES---THIS YEAR'S BOYS' GLEE CLUB A-I Sing ouT or maybe iT's swing ouT, bur whaTever iT is you can be sure ThaT The ThirTy-Tive members oT The Boys' Glee Club can do iTII PuTTing all kidding aside, The acTiviTies oT This club show They could really buckle down To work, Tor They sang Tor The an- nual ChrisTmas program aT The MeThodisT Church on December I4, Then again Tora large group meeTing oT all Womenis Circles in February, and parTicipaTed in The CounTy FesTivaI on April IO, aT Frank- Ton. B. McHenry, C. Gulley, D. SI1eeTeI, J. Cummings, J, Toombs, J. Fearnow, E. Eliason, H. Harrison, W. Campbell, C. Hopper, M. McKay. D, Schlabach, J. BrighTman, R. Cas- Tor, B. Baker, M. Church, H. Harris, K. Bramming, D. WhiTehead, N. STegner, J. Moore. M. McNeil, G. Humbles, J, Apple- gaTe, D. Richardson, B. STaIey, J. Fraley, B, Reasner, S. JohnsTon, D. DunlaD lSponsorl. V. Barnes, R, Sellers, C. Summers, P Allison, L, Vaughn, B. Durham, V. John- son, B. Arbuckle, W. SmiTh, L. Thomp- son. F. Owens, M. CoaTs, M, Diefzen, G. Hall, W. Ginder, W. Heagy, P. Robin- son, J. FrampTon, M, L. Leever, M Jackson. G. Lewis, M. Hill, V. Fowler, R. An- derson, J, Clemons, W. Bufler, M. lil- sea, P. Gilmore, L. McEwen, A. Adkins. D. BrighT, F. STeiner, S, J. Decker, B. Blueher, G. Heagy, B. STevens, M. WaT- son, L. Cade, C, Hanna, E. HunT. R. Bable, M. E. O'Conner, D. Tyler, B. Keesling, H, Brown, R. Lvkins, B. Win- ner, B. Olvey, B. Myers, D. Barker. B. Payne, A. Fisher, W, Crosson, D. Hinkle, B. Mullen, M. Reynolds, M. Mul- vihill, C. Boyer, J, Wilson, L. Precup. B. Jarvis, W. Caudell, J. Toombs, D. Folsom, W, Johnson, B, Dodd, N. Mey- ers, J. HuTTon, P. Durgan, C. Darwin. L. Flanders, B, Dovey, M. R. Rock- well, P. Land, M. Cook, N. Moore, A. M. Franke, J. PlaTT, H. Legg, J. Bryson. B. Yonker, C. STanley, H. Cox, J. Humrickhouse, P. McGuire, A. B. FousT, J. Allen, J. Bond, M. HuTTman, J. Wicker. P. Dunbar, J, Jackley, V. Booram, S, Salsberry, D. Dunlap lSponsorl. SONGS TURN TO SOUEALS WHEN MOUSE VISITS GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Merry noTes Their voices Trilled. Squeak a discord! Did iT come Trom a member oT 'I he Girls' Glee Club? No, iT was a mouse ThaT made The noise and senT The girls iumping up on chairs and benches. Previous To and since ThaT day, The mouse allowed The girls To sing Their besT aT The annual ChrisTmas program aT The MeThodisT Church, The CounTy FesTivai, STaTe Teachers' AssociaTion, and all oi: The oTher places where They parTici- paTed. STUDENTS AS BAND MARCHES N NEW' UNIFORMS SpoT . . . red, green, and gold spoTs . . . were seen when The band members sporTing Tlashy new uni'Torms, marched across The Tloor, led by Those high sTep- pers in swishing gold slcirTs and green iaclceTs. The organizaTions led by Richard Rencenberger have done remarkably well This year. The orchesTra has carried on iTs rouTine acTiviTies and presenTed a superb program oT ChrisTmas music. The band has plavod Tor all aThleTic games and convos, has arranged many parades and concerTs, and special groups have played Tor various organizaTions. As guesTs oT The Tri Kappa, They aTTended The lndianv- apolis Symphony ConcerT. A. l-l. S. is indeed, proud oT These colorful, musical organizaTions. The members of The band were: Charles Adams, WEE- liam Alexander, Shirley Allen, David BaTes, Bobbie BaxTer, Mary Beal, WalTer Black, Deane Bronnenberg, Norman Brown, Eloise Cooke. BeTTy Jane Cornner, Imogene Denlinger, Jacqueline DexTer, Mariory Fuller, Richard l-lamilTon, CrawTorJ Handley, PaTricia l-larTley, RoberT l-liTTle, Barbara l-losier Don Hughel. Marvin Hull, Susie JohnsTon, Gregory Jones, Charles King, John Leever, BeTTy Lewellyn, Phillip Lewis, DoroThJ McCain, Frances McCain, Donna Mae McCreary. Bob McGuire, Bob McHenry, James McLain, Mary Lou McLain, Doyle NewTon, Maxine NewTon, Paul Oclroman, Neal FeTry, Pauline Raper, Fred Riggs. Jo Ann Risher, June Risher, Barbara Romine, James Romine, Don Roof, Edifh Schoonover, Mary MargareT Sears, Evelyn Joan Sells, Mariory SrniTh, DelberT Spang- ler. Virgil STaley, KeiTh SylvesTer, William TaTe, Bobby WN' liams, Ronald Wisner, Joan Yeager, Russell Zoolc. Richard Rencenberger lDirecTorl. wa? QW '53 1 g gf : 4 55Y'ff .::'.::- A V :rw ,W,y? f il 5 Q Q xi 3 3 ::.:' J g.,.saZffZf:.':2" - I Q :wi-1: 3: , :, -MvW....., W ' .: - 3 f ps L5 3' .r M ' 'vi ff 3 M, . WJ, ' , ,, ' H ME Q 1 ,, ww 4 'L J E ik 1 gr 5' . , M 1 , , f 9 4 A ' Q Zi gg I gg W F Ek pf. s W A ., Q -ia 94' wg L f " gf if S LATIN CLUB MEMBERS BUSY MAKING CHRISTMAS GREETINGS DeTails on The home liTe oT Cicero, TacTs on The economic liTe aT Rome, and Tashions aT Roman weddings were sub- iecTs oT reporTs given beTore The Sodali- Tas LaTina. The club held iTs annual ChrisTmas par- Ty wiTh a Tall4 on The SaTurnalia, conTesT5. exchanging oT giTTs, and The malcing oT ChrisTmas cards included on The pro- gram. A spring parTy was held during The monTh oT April. reas. , rances u son, I . . Mary Evelyn O'Conner, Joan Sells, Ma gery Cerden, lPres.I. Fannie Nagl lSponsorl. ,Bushong,,Ph3dlis Hulse, No ma Foley lTreas,l, June EasTman, Ma ma Creason, BeTTy Henderson. Donald Taylor iV. Pres.l, Loren Fri T D 'S Plc J ' Beyler. Mr. Weaver lSponsorl. 'AND NOW--THE FIFTY CENT ONE?' INQUIRE BIBLE CLUB MEMBERS WhaT man died beTore his TaTher did, yeT lived To be The oldesTman alive?This is iusT one oT The many perplexing prob- lems ThaT Tace The members oT The Bible Club. There seems always To be a good supply oT maTerial available To provide guesTions and inTormaTion concerning The Bible and To plan a program oT discus- sions, conTesTs, and special speakers Tor monThly social TuncTions. P. S. For The answer To The guesTion see Genesis 5:2I-27. Joan Kessler, Joanne Coil, RiTa Bable Wilma I-leagy, Bob Laux, AniTra Lynch James Collins, Pauline CasTor, BeTTy Kramer, Leila Wilson. Dean Hall, Carolyn Long, lSec. and T I F H d v Pfesi I' BeTTy Arbuclxle lPres.l, Mary Bailey r r Tha Leever, Goldie Johnson lSec.l, Vel cz dle, Paul Hun er, ori ie. unio NEW CASTLE---HERE WE COME! SPONSOR GIVES ACTORS TIPS Inlenlly walching Ralph Boyd draw dia- grams ol Iasl minule lips are lhe mem- bers ol lhe Dramalics Club. Being so well prepared lor lheir ex- change convocalion wilh Newcaslle. lhese able aclors were royally received and "broughl down lhe rool" in applause. Two open houses were successlully slaged wilh new members claiming lhe Iimelighl in lhe spring produclions. Al lhe annual banguel lhe seniors bade au revoir and Iell lhe lask ol mainlaining high dramalic slandards al A. I-I. S. lo underclassmen. Jack Zoll, William Taylor, George Grillilh, Jim Collins, John Rogers, Ralph Rodecap, Gregory Jones, Marilyn Rhodes, Roberla Nevis, Leila Wilson. Lalila Monlgomery, Jeanne Garrel- son, Barbara Forse, Anna Lee Miller, Rulh Brinduse, Lora Gahimer, Doris Mears, Barbara Hanna, Denison Bas- sell lPres.l, Eris Curry, Mark I-Iannalord, Jim Baldaul, Philli- pa Wyall, Lucena Mac Gillen, Joan Redick, Josephine Scampmorle, Marian Canaday lSec. and 'I'reas.l, Jim Kees- Iing IV. Pres.l, Billy Joe Campbell, Crawlord I-Iandley. Ralph Boyd lSpon- sorl, Phyllis Given, Jane Brockman, Emma Lou Kopp, June Clemenls, Richard Van Sickle, Belly Olvey, Belly Ann Mvers. Amber Gulley lPres,I, Bill Tale, Charles I'IiII, Dick Clark, Alberl Smilh, Scoll Pelerson, Bill Rode- cap, Evalyn Alalza. Ann Melzger, Marlha Posey, Barbara Mullen, Jeanne Ann Wilder, Mary F. Jarrell, Theada Wrighl, Bill Bennell. George Alalza, John Miller, Marlha Ful- Iinglon. Lorene Selby, Elwanda Jordon, Mari- lyn Lucas, Belly Lane, Helen Maly, Gladys Decker, Joan I-Iollingsworlh, Pal- ly Brock, Rex Bennell IV. Pres.I, Dor- olhy Simpson lSec,-Treas.l Marilyn Dielzen, Joan Jackson, Evalee- Phillips, Marlin Guslin, Jack Pellibone, Kennelh Bramming, Roberl Pence, Ron- ald Achor, Neil Ivlallhew, Jim Roberl-3, Merrill Bender, William James, and Ev- erell Wrighl. Wilma Balyeal and Marv Humphrey lSponsorsl. HOOSIER SALON EXHIBIT IS VISITED BY ART ASSOCIATION "Boy, lella, lhal's lrue arl," exclaimed one ol lhe members ol lhe Arl Associa- lion as he viewed a maslerpiece al lhe Hoosier Arl Salon exhibil al Muncie lhis year. Whal kind ol arl lhis sludenl was lalking aboul we haven'l been able lo dis- coverg however, il was genuine apprecia- lion! Besides visiling exhibils, lhe group sponsored a very successlul Wasle Paper Ball. Admission lo lhe dance was len pounds or more ol magazines or newspa- pers. 'I'VE A LADY, PROFESSOR' HEARD AT SENATE DANCE "Be il resolved by lhe An- derson High School Senale lhal . . ." ll you were lo drop inlo lhe high school library every second and lourlh Monday evenings, you would be sure lo hear lhese words. When resolulions weren'l being dis- cussed, lhis club enioyed social aclivilies. All members enioyed a dance December I9 al lhe Mounds Park Pavillion lo cele- brale lhe beginning ol lhe annual Chrisl- mas vacalion. A real-lor-sure Jam Session was sponsored lor lhe enlire school in lhe audilorium Friday, March I3. A unique lioor show was lhe lealure ol lhe even ing, wilh a dancing conlesl lo selecl lhe ebesl slow andelasldancersand a.Dr. LQ. quiz. G, The members ol lhis club were: Charles Bailey lPres.l, Barbara Reed lSec.l, Barbara Carpenler, Erma Oller- man, Jean Ann Hall lTreas.l, Louise Spiegal lReading Clerkl, Hilda Simpson lV. Pres.l, Mary Rogers, Anila Roseberry, Amelia Downey, Norma Gill. Virginia Slaler, Lora Roellinger, Mary Alice Miller, Marjorie Badgley, Waller Slidham, Marv Ann Gep- hardl, Janel Jones, Bob Tackell, Bud Anderson. Phillipa Wyall, Helen Recob, Jeanne Garrelson, Kalie Norlon, Donna Gibbens, Viclor Nellerville, Erma Jean Ccvrder, Marylee Jones, Lillian Reeder, Rulh Ann Amick, Phyllis Coverdale, Dick Moore, Marlha Relherlord, Mary- lee Beally, Ruby Durgan, Phyllis Swank, Marlha Cannon, Babe Roberls, Carolyn Reeder, Mary Crilchlield, Wallace Norris, Dick Hyall, Lolila Monlgomery. Jim Anderson, Bryce Brown, Tom Holloway, Jack Zoli, Jim Baldaul, Bill Farmer, John Cummings, Bill Cummins, Fred Bronnenberg, Roberl Kiely, Bill Hensley. Lolila Thayer, Florence Kopp, Barbara Terhorsl, Belly Ann Groves, Mary Munchhol, Berlha Anlon, Belly Goss, Bellie Jo Hull, Jim Telers, Belly Hallell. Jane Uremovich, Frances Hudson, Norma Penn, Mark Hannalord, Jeanelle Scampmorle, Dick Alwood, Bill Siler, Barbara Bronnenberg. Hillis Simpson, Emma Lou Kopp, Don Swinlord, Ralph Rcdecap, MaxfEggmaJ1p AllerL4Erienc'l,7Carol ianna, James Munson, Jessie Falge, Barbara Forse. J. J. Bailey and Sara Hupp Pippen lSponsorsl, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES SUGGEST CHANGES IN SCHOOL "MisTer Speaker"---up iumps a member of The House oT RepresenTaTives. "The Chair recognizes RepresenTaTive Jones Trom Arlcansasf This is a common occurrence aT The meeTings oT The House oT RepresenTa- Tives. Much discussion has been held dur- ing The pasT year on inTernaTional, naTion-- al, and local problems. Such measures as changing school hours have been pre- senTed and debaTed. ResoluTions pre- senTed by members included The build- ing oT a day nursery Tor children whose moThers worlc, The esTablishmenT oT a school caTeTeria, The publicaTion oT an Anderson High School handboolc Tor Treshmen each semesTer and The declara-- Tion oT war againsT Germany and ITaly. X'VhaT is your opinion on each oT These maTTers? IT is The primary purpose oT The House .DT RepresenTaTives To sTucly parliamenTarv procedure, buT an underlying purpose is To bring To ligh+ individual opinions and ideas which consTiTuTe a maioriTy in This school. The House oT RepresenTaTives is composed oT Treshmen and sophomores under The co-sponsorship oT Miss Lind- sTrom and Mr. STevens. Even wiTh a speaker and doorlceeper, a Tirm hand is needed To guiT The House when a "red hoT" debaTe over conTlicTing ideas arises. Members included: Thom GephardT lSpealcerJ. Dean Hall lSpealcer pro Teml, RuTh HauTT lSecreTaryl, Bill Davisson lTreasurerJ, Carolyn Darwin, Louise Flanders, John Holmes, Jimmy Collins, WiniTred Vermillion. Cleda Achor, Lois Evans, Melissa DeThloTT, Marilyn Bluemle, Bill Bell, Beverly Jo Brown, BeTTy Lou ClayTor, Hazel Cochran, Jack Davenport Harold Delph. MarTha Earl, Tom Ellis, Eilene Gilmore, June Hawlcins, Joanna Heiney, William Hilbolf, Joan Hollingsworils, DoroThy Jones, Bob Laux, BeTTy Lowman. Janice McArT, BeTTy McGillicuddy, Marl' NorTon, June Rischer, Gerald Schlossberg, Mariorie SmiTh, Ann Walker, Jack Wilburn, PaTTy WilhiTe, Sally Williams. PaTsy Williamson, Norma WyanT, Jacqueline YaTe5, Jacqueline YusT. Say, don'l brealhe a word! ll's a mili- lary secrel. Did you lcnow lhal lhese A. H. S. racqueleers were rumored lo be hiding rubber lrom Uncle Sam? Wonder how lhe bewhiskered old genl likes lhal! This club was organized wilh lhe pur- pose in mind ol improving lhe lorm ol ils members---ol course we mean lennis lorm. In order lo do lhis, nels and balls were needed. Resull: lrequenl lronl hall sales lo oblain lhe needed do-re-mi. bara Mullen, Belly Ann Tilus. Belly Cornner lSec.-Treas.l, Joyce Srnilh, Don Moore, Gordon Shronl, Frank Lylcins, Billy Rodecap, Roy VVheas- ler, Marianna Howe, Irwin Challant lPres.l. George Slevens and Mary Olds lSponsorsl. "I shol an arrow inlo lhe air, ll came lo earlh I lcnow nol where... ' Ol course all lhe members ol lhe Arch- ery Club hope il hils lhe bulls eye ol lhe largel al which lhey were aiming. A local inlerclub conlesl, called lhe William Tell Meel, was a lealure ol lhe ol lhe year's aclivilies. Allhough lhe club was nol very aclive lhls year, much lun and exercise were provided lor all who parlicipaled. Barbara Bronnenberg lPres.l, Bell". Jane Cornner, Mrs. Hughes, Jim Mc- Clain, Virginia Beneliel, Jacqueline Dun. lap, Annie B. Fousl. Mary Jo Tilus, Bar- JUNIOR CONSERVATION HUNT AND FISH AT PAPAKEECHIE Raising 220 quail Tor The sTaTe oT ln- d'ana was The main proiecT oT The Junior ConservaTion Club This year. These birds were laTer released over The counTy under The supervision oT The game warden. During Thanksgiving vacaTion Club members spenT Three days aT Lake Papa- keechle enioying Tishing and hunTing un- der The supervision oT Messrs. Morris, Lee, and Lindsey. The club also raised IO0,000 Tish and helped build The new club house. GHOST TOWNS--SPEARS--HORSES INCLUDED IN BOOK CLUB TOPICS ConsTrucTion oT a book became a rea - iTy To members oT The Book Club during a mosT TascinaTing Tour Through The planT oT The Gospel TrumpeT Publishing Co. This year. There was revealed The Tull sTory oT a book Trom TypeseTTing, Through engraving To leaTher embossing. Book reviews oT "GhosT Town," "ln The G-ood Old Days," and "My Friend, Flicka," were among Those given by mem- bers aT The various club meeTings. Several ouTside speakers Took parT also. Bill Greenwood, KenneTh Skees, Rich- ard Kline, Bob Harshman, John MaTThew, Bob Wilcox, Bob Wingrove, Bob Rari- den, Russell Cummins, Jack Phillips. Bill Dew, Rex BenneTT, Norman John- son, Bob Dollens, Joe Allen, Charles NorTon lPres.l, Paul Farley lSec.-Treas.l, ChesTer Sczesny, RoberT Delph, Hugh Swank, Bob Oberlles IV. Pres.l, Dwighif Morris lSponsorl. Eris Curry, Louise Flanders, MarTha Jane Forkner, PaTsy I-lamilTon, Jeanne 6arreTson, Bob Laux, Melissa DeThloTT lSec.-Treas.l, Doris GoodpasTure, Ger- Trude Schmidt Thelma Harden. Margarel' TribbeTT, Doris Syler, June Allen, Gerald Schlossberg, Dow Taylor. Jim Collins lFres.l. MargareT G-riTT?n lSponsorl. K. Y. C.'ERS OFF ON ANOTHER TRIP TO VIEW THE TOWN "l-lurry, Joe, or you'll miss The bus." exclaimed one K. Y. as anoTher mem- ber hurried along To board The bus Tor The new super-dandy EasT Side Jersey Dairy planT. lThis isn'T a plug, eiTher.l WheTher Joe made The bus or noT, we don'T know. Besides visiTing The dairy, The group acf guainTed iTselT wiTh The CiTizens' Banlc, The CiTy l-lall, and made a Thorough in- vesTigaTion oT The iail lTor TuTure reTer- encel. ATTer roaming Through various places oT inTeresT in The Tair ciTy oT Anderson all members congregaTed in one place long enough To enjoy Mr. George T-liTz oT The Chamber oT Commerce speak on The growTh, developmenT, and organzaTiorT oT The indusTrial cenTers in Anderson laTer in The year Mr. Thomas Balcer, prin cipal oT The NorTh Anderson School spolce To The members. ATTer acquiring such exTensive lcnow- ledge Through Tours and speeches, The K Y. C.ers ThoughT iT abouT Time To res Their weary minds and TeeT by sponsor- ing one oT A. l-l. S.'s well-known acTiv- iTies---namely, a dance. Members picTured are: Ora K. Imel, Jaclc l-lensley, Barbara Wood, Bob l-larT, MargareT Sanders lSecreTaryl, Mary MargareT Bird, Russ Cummins lPresidenTl, Bar- bara Shaw, JuaniTa SToTTlemyer, Jaclc WesTriclc. BeTTy T-lerTensTein, Helen Cox, l.esTer Dickey lTreas- urerl, John Mouhen, Mildred Yolcum, William Green- wood, Bob Dollens, Joe Allen, BeTTy Wikle, Barbara Biddle, Herman T-lalleTT lSponsorl. Marlha Ayres lTreas,l, Claris Ann By- rum, Phyllis France lSec.l, Peggy Manis, Belly Ann Myers lV. Pres,l, Evelyn Miley, Rulh Biddle, Belly Herlenslein, Francine Owens, Mariella Coals. Jean Kelley, Joan Roush, Lois Phelps. Elouise Grahame, Amber Gully, Mar guerile l-lumbles lPres.l, Celia Carson lSponsorl, Belly Bell lSec,-Treas.l, Deane Bron- nenberg, Maxine Manloolh lV. Pres.l, Erma Jean Ollerman, Leora Johnson, Berlha Blassaras lPres,l, Ellen Scoll, Pally Durgan, Pal l-lughes, Barbara Flelcher. Virginia Nichol, Barbara Granl, Jac queline Yales, Rosadore l-lahn, Harri- ell Aull, Jeanelle Breece, Barbara Ter- horsl, Dorolhy McCain, Erma Jean Pavey, Palsy I-leinernan. Violel Brighl, Jean Ann l-lall, Eleanor Osling, Jeanne Wealherlord, Barbara Jane Shaw, Nellie Parlser, Lois Evans, Belly Munchhol, Mary Gill, Jean Grosse man, Marqarel l'lall, Phyllis Sivan, Belly Ann Goll, Belly Hawkins, Norma Gill, Vernice Thornburg, Mary Dunlap, Belly Parmer, Maxine israel, Rulh Allman. Belly Jo Ann All, Donna Shipley Lisla Prolcas, Belly Payne, June Allen, Amelia Downey, Barbara Pillenger, Bar- bara Shaw. Kalherine Brown, Hazel Lashbroolc, Sarah Pippen lSponsorsl. PAPER DOLLS ARE DRESSED BY FASHION DESIGN MEMBERS "Paper dolls . . . kid slullln Thal's whal you lhinlc! The Fashion Design Club has been designing lor paper dolls and man- neguins and prolil lrom lheir experience. Several social aclivilies and sales have been conducled by lhe club and a lare- well banquel is now being planned, al which a iunior designer will be lhe guesl spealcer. These maids will go inlo lhe world wilh lhe lraining lo make lhern among lhe mosl allraclively dressed in lhe world. A.H.s.iREPRESENTED in ARMY: sus. ED. eiRLs Kun swEATERs Knil one, purl lwo, drop lhree and lhere's no lelling when you will linish lhal swealerl l-lowever, lhis wasn'l pracliced by lhe girls in lhis club, lor several girls compleled swealers lor lhe Nalional Red Cross. Their worlc was lemporarily hailed be- cause ol a laclc ol yarn: however, when a new shipmenl arrived, you can bel your bollom dollar lhal all lhe girls ol lhis club were ready lo slarl lcnillin' one, purlin' lwo again, CAMERA CLUB MEMBERS OFTEN USE DARK ROOM FOR WORK UT Amid The cliclcs and snaps oT cameras Taking picTures, The Camera Club sTudied various aspecTs oT phoTography This year and lisTened To Tallcs by members aT iTs regular meeTings. Much Time was spenT in The darlq room iusT ouTside sTudy hall 306 where Tilms were developed, enlarged, and prinTed, and where, iT has been ru- mored, liTTle Danny Cupid Tound Time To do guiTe an exTensive business on The side. A spring ouTing and Tield Trip provided an unusual opporTuniTy Tor phoTographic worlc. Franlc Holmes, Hugh Harrison, Ora lm Brooks SeTTon, Bob Volce lPres.l, Elai AlaTza, Roy Wheasler. don Julius lSponsorl. NorTon, David ShowalTer, George Pa DelberT Spangler, Dean Hall, WalT STewarT, Bill SouTham. Jaclc DavenporT lV. Pres.l, M Broyles. Charles Denny lSponsorl. YOUNGSTERS CARBON COPIES IN NEWLY FORMED TORCH CLUB A newly organized club This year is The Torch Club. These yearlings are carbon copies oT Their big broThers, The Hi-Y. To whom They owe Their originaTion. The sleepy-eyed members were aroused in The early dawn To Take parT in The an- nual EasTer sunrise service aT Shadyside Park. An amaTeur hour was given aT one of The meeTings in which a greaT deal oT Tun and iolcing was had by all The carbons. John Cummings lSec.-Treas.l, Bob Woodruff, Julia Spearman, Phil Broc BeTTy Tolle lV. Pres.l, Joan Carmoclf lrvin ChalTanT, Florence Hyndman. Go Harry D. Forse lSec.l, Jim Colli lPres.l, George ArmsTrong, Melv Douglas, Jack BurTon, Bob Bolen lSgT aT Armsl, Jain Barber flreasl, Wla col. Bob HiTTle, John D, Main, Harry Fry DieTzen, Bill Davisson, Dlclc Main, Di lc L SCIENTISTS TAKE ACCORDIAN APART TO SEE HOW IT WORKS "ls This whaT makes The noise?" "Where does This parT go?" These were among The quesTions asked by The Science-lv1aTh club members when all joined in The Tun oT disrobing an ac- cordion during one oT The meeTings held This pasT year. Two Tamiliar Taces ThaT have long been associaTed wiTh The club are no longer on The scene oT acTiviTy. B. B. l-lorTon, who has been long acTive as TaculTy sponsor oT The club, resigned. He has been replaced by W. H. Brinson, maTh- emaTics deparTmenT head. Also The biol- ogy deparTmenT's Tamed skeleTon, which has adorned Tor years The yearbook pic- Ture oT The scienTisTs, did noT make her appearance This season. NOT To be ouTdone by oTher clubs who do noT neglecT The social liTe oT Their members, This group sponsored a knock- 'em-down, drag-'em-ouT skaTing parTy. Here opporTuniTy was provided Tor The members To prove The eTTecT oT graviTy. cenTriTugal Torce, and incidenTally, The charm oT The opposiTe sex upon The arT ol conTrolling horizonTal progress, verTicM ally, in a circular Tashion. The members oT This club were: Florence Kopp, Marcia Collins, RoberT Dollens, Bill Greenwood, Paul Farley, June Kokes lSec.-Treas.l, Joe Allen lPres.l, Russell Cummins lV. Pres.l, Phyllis Bailey, Barbara Mullon. Helen Alex, MargareT Sanders, Virginia Lee Grady, Norma Jean Haynes, Jeanne Bable, BeTTy McGillicuddy, Virginia Nichols, Richard Kline, Ralph Busby, Bob Thom- as. Bill Siler, Lorie PruiTT, Roy Speck, Canby Willson, Ora lmel, Georgiania Hill. W, H. Brinson and Mr. Barr TSD l OUSOFS . FUTURE FARMERS ENTER CONTESTS---WIN NUMEROUS HONORS - - In The icTures lisTed fi .. 12- P . i s on The.opposiTe page ff m x., you will Tind some oT The high- lighT evi- dence oT acTiviTy on The parT oT The sTu-- denTs enrolled in vo- ,wx if . . caTional agriculTural L deparTmenT. All work and no play makes Jack a duli boy---and The Aggies did win 5 oT Their 8 baskeTball games This year. NexT, you will noTe Kirk Tupman as The CounTy Champion Belgian ColT showman and ex- hibiTor oT second besT colT aT The lndiana STaTe Fair. Max Eggman was also CounTy place: however, he won Two gold medals and a bushel oT hybrid seed corn. Max Eggman is shown wiTh The plaque ThaT he won Tor wriTing The besT essay in CenTral Indiana, The plaque having been designed by Mr. l-lale's paTTern making deparT- menT. The Aggies were Trying To make iT Two sTaTe apple iudging championships in a row, insTead oT iusT in The even years, buT The besT They could do was Third place: however, Bob Reed proved himselT To be The local man To beaT and grabbed OTT TiTTh besT apple iudging honors in The sTaTe conTesT held aT Purdue. KenneTh Brown also showed his meTTle in winning Champion PoulTry exhibiTor ancfalso The TirsT STaTe Fair Winner The Aggies have had in PoulTry. The dairy iudging Team made up oT Lawrence Pugsley, Jim TeTers, Ray CroxTon and Max Eggman won Their way ouT oT The disTricT To The sTaTe Tinals To be held aT Purdue in June, l942. Each year F. F. A. sponsors a parenT and son picnic and you will see picTures here in evidence oT ThaT as well as lasT year's leTTer winners. Anderson won, Tor The TirsT Time, in I94-l The Madison CounTy Championship banner Tor 4-i-I achievemenT and The oTTicers oT The 4-H Club are hereby shown. Anderson won Tour oTThe six '4l counTy4-T-l Champion- ships and Jimmy Reed is shown wiTh his TavoriTe breed oT ChesTer WhiTe hogs. Jimmy was The winner oT The Hughes- Curry Trophy Tor showing The champion TaT barrow. Billy Clem was also declared The CounTy 4-H champion hog showman, and Then Rex PeTTigrew came along and won The championship in The CounTy 4-l'l corn exhibiT. ln The corn husking evenT Anderson has been parTicularly successTul as They have won The disTricT evenT in six oT The lasT eighT years and KenneTh Vermillion is The TirsT Aggie To win Two successive disTricT TiTles, and in The sTaTe conTesT he placed TourTh, only a Tew pounds ouT oT TirsT The counTy poulTry and egg iudging championship and along wiTh Bob Pavey, Richard Runyan and Marshall STeiner, The Team ranked TourTh in The disTricT. Bob Pavey ranked second high individual in This evenT. Anderson goT back in championship Torm again This year by winning The counTy 4-I-l dairy iudging championship Tor The sixTh Time in The lasT seven years. Max Eggman was counTy champion and led his Team, consisTing oT Joe PeTTigrew, Jim TeTers. and Ray CroxTon To TiTTn place in The disTricT, where he ranked TTTTT high individual. Anderson's 4-l-l Club also Took The TirsT Three places in The Madison CounTy 4-l-T Farm AccounTing ConTesT wiTh Max Eggman being TirsT, Jim TeTers second and William Eliason Third--- Max Eggman advancing To a gold medal award in The sTaTe. These aggies winning Their honor leTTer Tor The TirsT Time are: RoberT Reed, Ger- ald Fowler, Rex PeTTigrew, RoberT PriesT, Marvin Willis, John MaTThew, KenneTh Brown, RoberT Pavey, and Marshall STeiner. Those receiving an honor leTTer wiTh Two service sTripes are Joe PeTTi- grew, Ray CroxTon, and Richard Runyanj while Those receiving a leTTer wiTh Three service sTripes are KenneTh Vermillion, Max Eggman, and Jim TeTers. I, Aggie Bgketball Team 2.. Khk Tuprmm- Chung Champion. Coit Showman 3. Max E98 man - S1412 Fair- Champion lk D.'5frir.'f Wfnniv- In Dqlry Judging 5 F'.F'.A.Pqrin1' and Son Puinir. Q.MAziis4m County 'I-'H Champians 'Z Jlhlmxy Reed- County Pl? Club Ckawvvlen 8.Bn'lIy Clem- Counfy Cha mffam P123 Showman 9. F'.FfA. 'Pan-inf and Son 6-ei:-'llgefker lu Kennefk Vermklhim - Corn Huskrhg Champion. ll- I9"H Linn WivmerS IZ. MAX Eggmzm - DisT?-:bf Essay Wfnnirs I5 Bob Feed- Apple Tvdging Clxampfam 714. Verml Hank CanFesf Fudge and Gleanzrs L51 Ke n ncfh Brown - Pau lhxy Iudglhg Champion lL,.Apple and Vegefible .Edging Teams gg Anderson P.RA.Cl1ap1ir "iOuchI My arm! My head! Oh! Is This ever a hail sTormf Why, I do believe iT is raining pennies Trom heaven---niclcels, dimes, and even quarTersI" All Icinds oT money came showering down Trom The mass oT Tans gaThered To see The Anderson-Muncie game. AI- Though a Tew sTudenTs did geT hIT, we rnusT agree ThaT The money donaTed wenT Tor a good cause---The war relief Tund. The Junior Red Cross did noT sTop wiTh one drive. Remember The ForgeT-me-noTs inllecember? Yes, The Junior Red Cross sold Them Tor The beneTiT oT VeTerans oT Foreign Wars. Tuberculosis sTamps were sold during The ChrisTmas season. Thanlcs- giving and ChrisTmas basIceTs were Tilled and disTribuTed. WiTh all This exTra work The Junior Red Cross sTiII Tound Time To sponsor The WhiTe I-Iussars, an aTTer school dance, and a sIcaTing parTy To help Till The cIub's Treasury. PicTured here is Barbara Bronnenberg who has been chosen winner oT The ruby award Tor ouTsTand- ing Redcllross work This year. The membership of This club included: Gerald Schloss- lion' Deane Bronnenberql Marian Qanadayl Suzehve John. berg, Bill MarTz, Doris Bowser, RuTh Ann Amiclc, Cleda gone Frances Hudson U-Fees, Achor, Jacqueline Dunlap, Suzanne Cooper, Donna Lou B ' . ' ' h I . k Greene' Virginia Erhardt Marianna Howe. eTTy BarnharT, Mary EIizabeT Cooper, rma Rin er, Edi+h Hood, GerTrude Schmidt LiTsa Prolcos, Barbara Elmer IVIGIGQUQVVG- Jim Collins IV- Pres-Ii EVGIYW YUST Bronnenberg IPres.I, BeTTy Davisson, WiniTred Vermil- iSec.I. Mary Olds and Leo Sanders ISponsorsI. IN MIDST OF CHEERING---JUNIOR RED CROSS ENTERS GYM RAY REPORTERS LOSE WAY ETURNING FROM CONVENTION IF PRINTERS SHOULD DISBAND A H S. WOULD HAVE TO S.O.S. Oclober. . . bus...wrong road . . . 24 Indian scribes harmonizing on "We won'+ gel back unlil morning." All Ihis on The relurn lrip from Franklin College where XRay slall members walked off wilh honors al lhe Indiana High School Press Associalion convenlion. Pele Davis look lirsl in sporls wrilingi Belly Jean Craig lhird in Iealure wrilingg Bob Woodull second in phologaphyg and Chuck Bailey lirsl in copyreading. Al Buller in April Frank Holmes wor- lirsl and second in pholographyg June Kokes second in lealuresg Barbara Reed second in edilorials: and Pele lhird in sporls wriling. Chuck and Dick Wilder' received honorable menlion in lhe nalional conlesl sponsored by Scholaslic Magazine. None ol lhese awards would bo pos- sible if il were nol lor lhe prinl shop. In Room 9 lvlr. Barner direcls a group ol' hard working boys in prinling lhe X-Rav and annual, record forms, baskelball Ticlz- els, class schedules, programs for Jrhis and lhal, as well as numerous minor ilems. In addilion lo all lhis, lvlr. Barner has done all lhe engraving work lor lhe X-Ray and some for Ihe Indian. FROM EDITOR WARREN STIDHAM TO YOU - - - Dear STudenTs, l'lere iT is. ATTer a busy year iammed wiTh mounTing picTures, drawing, and wriTing, The sTaTT oT The lNDlAN is pre- senTing Tor your iudgmenT The "42" year- book. lT is hard To visualize, as you see This compleTed producT, The amounT oT work which is necessary To produce iT. AT The beginning oT The year The seasonal Theme was decided upon. Then The arTisTs wer:T To work. ArrangemenTs were made Tor phoTographers To come To A. l-l. S. To phoTograph sTudenTs and clubs which were Taken in an inTormal grouping. Finally aTTer The lasT minuTe rush To geT engravings, The book wenT To press. lT was The TirsT week in April when Mr. Bar- ner and his assisTanTs wenT To work. We owe Mr. Barner a voTe oT Thanks Tor The way he has cooperaTed and The splendid jab he has done. The STudenT ExecuTive Board also de serves a greaT deal oT crediT Tor The work iT accomplished. This board has meT ev- ery day The 4Th period wiThouT crediT To work on The yearbook. Members oT This board were: l-lugh P. l-larrison Jr., AssisTanT EdiTor-in-ChieTp Jean Ann l-lali, Senior LiTerary EdiTor llT seems as Though The annual has done a loT Toward a muTual Triendship Tor These Twol7 Bob WoodruTT, Senior PhoTographer lRemember him aT The convosl: Gene Wilson, AThleTic Ed iTor, and John Miller, ArT EdiTor lThe har- mony These Two could work up was Ter- iTicl. Orchids To Jeanne GarreTson Tor her club headlines and To Phillipa WyaTT Tor The swell wriTeups Tor The opening sec- Tion. The members oT The sTaTT This year were: l-lugh P. l-larrison, Jr., AssisTanT EdiTor-in-ChieTg Bill Edwards, CirculaTion Manager: Mark l-lannaTord, AssisTanTi Jim Wilson, Business Manager: Jack Zoll, AssisTanT1 Bernard Davis, AdverTising Manager, Jim l-lerold, AssisTanTg John B. Miller, ArT EdiTor3 George AlaTza, Assis- TanT, Bob WoodruTT and Bob Voke, pho- Tograpehrsg Frank l-lolmes, AssisTanT3 Eugene Wilson, AThleTic EdiTorg Bob Phil- lips, AssisTanTq Jean Ann l-lall, Amelia Downey, Phillipa WyaTT and Barbara Reed, Senior LiTerary EdiTorsg Carol l-lanna, l.oliTa Thayer, KaThleen VaughT, and Mary Ann GephardT, AssisTanTs, and Norma Wells and CrysTal Dudgeon, TypisTs. ln all seriousness l would like To sincerely Thank The l:aculTy Annual Board and The STudenT ELecuTive Board Torjhe Tremen- dous amounT oT work They did To make possible This yearbook. l hope you mem- bers oT A. l-l. S. can enioy This book as much as l have in helping To produce iT. Sincerely, K . 9' nr NJ Q A 2? J ii fb, Q ul xlf ffgt., if , ff 1 A '2 ? l ig Q f 1 fy f 7 9 6 yd Il' .3 W J? 1544.-aww... .V A 4, QW: ,. 'M ww- W0 .. 1, , ZW . , X -nf LE kvalm, ..1::.." . ,Z f if 4 mf -::.,:: -g y I W , V m, , A ,E+ , . f Q . f M ,i ig: . . . ,W ,.LV H V, X f'z:,'n.gv3,.:1h H : A- age-:xg ' a W fr, ,, 3 M V 1 gm f u" " "" ' -I f-'gif it X ' f'f2fp 5 fKlfs 'figf iifdfgisk S 61351 23 I g X Q W . ,-.l, M, :?EE L ,,,. I A,.z5 2 . my MA l , as ,--M 4 ix , , Q, X-3 ir - mg? Q ,ix SK FousT Childers, ArThur Campbell, Miss JulieT CriTTen- er er, aco uc whodhas been replaced by RoberT F b g J b K h l Brownl, Glen Rogers, Wa e ree. BOARD OF EDUCATION Three cheers Tor The School Board oT The CiTy oT Anderson! lOne Tor helping our school band To geT Those Tlashy new uniTorms ThaT They sporTed The lasT parT oT The baskeTball season, anoTher Tor co- operaTing wiTh The naTional deTense pro- gram by planning The various air raid cfrills, The oTher Tor keeping all Anderson schools supplied wiTh necessiTies and keeping each one in The besT possible condiTion. , This year's school board has had To Tor- mulaTe a new rule because oT world con- diTions. This rule speciTies ThaT all Teach- ers who have been called inTo war service are on a leave oT absence and upon Their reTurn They will be permiTT-ed To Take over Their duTies in The school again. Also be- cause oT condiTions, The school board and The vocaTional deparTmenT are working TogeTher wi+h The TacTories in Training persons Tor deTense iobs. The membership oT The school board is made up oT Tive persons, all oT whom musT reside in Anderson's ciTy limiTs. Mr. Wade Trl. Free. who is The chairman, is serving his Third Term. lvlr. Glenn Rogers Took lvlr. RoberT lvl. CriTchTield's place when he moved To Edgewood. lvliss JulieT CriTTenberger is aT The presenT Time serving her second Term. BoTh Mr. FousT Childers and Mr. RoberT Brown are now in Their TirsT Terms, The Tormer having Tilled in Mr. Elmer l-l. Downey's posiTion and The laTTer lv1r.J. C. Kuch's. SUPERINTENDENT AND PRINCIPAL To all "ioe kids" ol Anderson I-Iigh School--clid you know Ihal Principal Slan- Iey Porler likes very much lo see loud clolhes on all people? To all scholars did you know Ihal our genial principal is a member of Ihe Phi Della Kappa, a nal- ional honorary lralernily? To all aIhIeIes-- did you realize Thar he was a cerlilied baskelball oiclicial for I7 years during which lime he refereed 'Ihe slale Iourney finals in I933, I934, and I935? To all socialiles--l'II bel you didn'+ know Ihal Ivlr. Porler holds membership cards of 'rhe Kiwanis, Masonic Lodge, Scollish Rile, Edgewood Counlry Club, and lhe Indi- ana School Mens' Club. Mr. Porler was gradualed lrom Edin- burg, Indiana I-Iigh School and Ialer from Franklin College where he received his Bachelor ol Arls degree. From I925 lo I938 he was Ieacher and assislanl coach, assislanl principal and principal al Frank- Iin. In I93O he oblained his Iv1as+er's degree from Indiana Universily. And now Io presenl Arlhur Campbell. superinlendenr ol Anderson Public Schools. Mr. Campbell is generally en- gaged wilh school dulies. bul when he has 0 Iew spare days he gels oul in lhe wilcl open space. Mr. Campbell has been in Anderson lor nine years. I-Ie gradualecl from French Lick I'Iigh School and ob- Iained his BacheIor's degree al Ball Slale, his IvIas+er's al Buller, and his honorary docIor's degree al Anderson College. For Ihe Iasl live years he has been on The Slale Board ol Fducalion. DEANS Mr. Rolruclc, Miss Arboqasl, Mr. Lindsey Of all wlio roam llie lwalls ol A. l-l. S. probably llnose mosl apprecialed are llie deans. In lime ol lrouble and ioy lliey are always ready lo lislen lo llie youlln ol A. l-l. S. The ollices ol Reba Arbogasl. C. D. Rolruclc, and l-loward Lindsey boasl ol sixly-llwree assislanls wlwo lrod up and down slairs many limes daily. Anollier group ol busy people, Mari- crie Auslin, lvlargarel Ulmer, and Belly Jane Sizelove, can be lound almosl any lime in llie ollice adioininq llwal ol llwe principal. ln addilion lo all llwe rouline business, lliis ollice lorce prepares llwe many programs lollowed by llie sludenls. allending A. l-l. S. OFFICE FORCE Miss Ulmer, Mrs, Auslin, Miss Sizelove ELMER D. GOSS "He had a keen mind...was a provo- caTive Teacher.. .had someThing which cannoT end wiTh The grave." D. Mignon Anderson Home Economics ManchesTer, A. B: Iowa STaTe, ,. Mariorie C. AusTin RegisTrar-Bus. Ed. Ball STaTe, A. B. Frank Ba lrer English M. S. WoosTer, B. A.: Harvard: Ball STaTe. FACU LTY DeaTh has Talcen a heavy Toll oT Anderson educaTors during The pasT year. LT. Col. Elmer D. Goss, head oT The social sTudies deparTmenT, died on December 30 aT New Orleans while in miliTary service: A. R. STaggs, Tormer coach. passed away suddenly aT lv1onTicello on January I9: and E. H. Fishbaclc, supervising principal oT The local junior high schools, succumbed To pneumonia on Febru- ary 24 while aTTending The N. E. A. convenTion aT Los Angeles. Two members oT The high school sTaTT are in miliTary service: RoberT Drummond and Lowell Lee. Three in- sTrucTors have been added To Take care oT vacancies on The TaculTy: DoroThy Dunlap, vocal music: Marie Lawshe. social sTudies: and C-3ilberT PearT. business educaTion. SubsTiTuTe Teachers included Bonilyn PTlasTerer, Vivian Maines. and George STevens in social sTudies: James Gale and MonTorT Barr, physics: Nedra Trees and Hazel Lindsey, maThemaTics: Hazel Lashbrook, business educa- Tion: Helen Humphrey, saTeTy: Virginia Wagner. LaTing and Grace Ryan, applied English. Q Reba Arbogasi Dean OT Girls-Bus. Ed. Indiana STaTe: Columbia: Zaner 81 Blo- ser: BuTler: Ball STaTe, B. S. J. J. Bailey Social STudies Earlham: Bufler, B. A., M. A.: Pennsyl- vania: lndiana. Wilma Balyeaf ArT Chicago: Chicago Academy of Fine ArTs: Chicago ArT lnsTiTuTe. Claude P. Barn,er Prinfing LaSalle: Indiana: Buller: Purdue. Paul Bergevin Trades 81 lnduslry Wesfern Elecfric Apprenlice Purdue: Indiana, E. S: Buller. W. Monforl Barr Physical Science DePauw: indiana Slale, B. A.: Ball Slare M. A. Indiana Ur. Y School: Therese Bowen Malhemalics Chicago: Columbia: Ohio Slale: Buller. B. A. Purdue: Indiana, B. S.: Bu Carl Bonge Applied English ller. Donald Bowen Business Educalion Indiana Sfale, B. S.: M. S.: Chicago. 41 Ralph Boyd Speech DePauw, A. B.: Ivlinnesola: A.: Pasadena Play-I-louse. Purdue Agnes P. Brock Household Arls S.: Buller. Clarence Burns Vocalional English Buller Franlclin, A.B.: Buller: Ball Slaie: ln' iana. W. H. Brinson Mafhemalics DePauw, B. A.: Buller: Ball Slale: lndi 5l'la. Ka+herine L. Brown Business Educalion Indiana, A. B., lvl. A. Dorolhy Campbell English Arn. Gym. U.: Chicago: Indiana, B.:,. M.S.: Colorado Celia Carson Household Arls indiana, B.S., M,S. J. Merrill Coffin Social Sluclies Earlham, B.A.: Wisconsin, M.A.: G. H. Davis Social Sludies Ball Sfale, B.A.: Columbia, M,A. Bufler. Charles Denny Social Sfudies lndiana, B.A.: Indiana, M.A.: Wisconsin. Joseph Dye Relaied Problems Purdue, B. S. John P. Garrigus General Shop Indiana Slafe, B. S.: lncliana. Bufler: A. R. Chadd Physical Educafion Bufler, A.B.: Columbia lna A. Crufchfield English Drury B.A.: Teachers' lSprinqlield, M Wis.: Cal.: Ball Slale, M.A. Pauline Day English Indiana. AB.: Wisconsin. 0 Dorfhy Dunlap Vocal Music DePauw, B. Mus. Ray E. Fleenor Social Sfudies Indiana Sfafe, B. A.: lndiana, M. A ll inois. Ella Goss Social Sluclies Indiana: Wisconsin, B. A. Evelyn Grahame English Indiana: Cincinnaii, B. S.: Buller, M. S. Lee Hale Pallern Making Indiana Slale: Purdue: Indiana: Ball SIaI'e, B. S. Herman HaIIeH Science Weidner Insfifufe: Indiana Slale: Ball S+a'Ie, A. B.: Indiana, M. S. B. B. Horfon Chemisfry Lincoln Mem., B. S.: Tennessee: Valpar- aiso: Chicago: Ball Slale. Esfher Hoskins English Indiana: Colorado: Buller: Columbia: California, B. A. Helen Jusiice Humphrey Safely Ed. DePauw, B. A. Margarei' Griffin Librarian Earlham. B. A.: George Peabody S.: Wisconsin: Ball S'IaIe. Marguerife Hughes-Hale English Wesfern: DePauw, B. A.: Indiana. Mae Henry Lafin Indiana, A. B.: Chicago. Basil Hosier Malhemalics Ball SIa+e, B. A.: Indiana, M. S. Helen Hughes English Nebraska: Indiana: Ball Sial' Mary Humphrey Arr John Herron, B. A. E. e.A Jesse H. Hunfzinger Vocafional Math Ball Sfale. A. B.: indiana: Buller, R. Wysong Julius Aulo Mechanics Purdue: indiana Slale: Ball Slale. Waller C. Kolb Voca+ional Aqriculiure Purdue, B. S. Gordon E. Julius Trades 81 lndusfry indiana Sfafe: Ball Slale, B. S.: Purdui- Buller, Hazel Kendall English Slaie U. of iowa, B. A.: Wisconsin: Bo lon: Valparaiso. Hazel Lashbrook Business Educaiion Cenfral Normal, B. A. Marie Elizabefh Lawshe Social Sluclies Franklin College: Indiana, A. B M. A. Lowell Lee Physical Science indiana Cenfral, B. S.: indiana, Hazel Lindsey Malhemaiics indiana, A. B. Bufler, M. S. Margaret Leachman Household Arfs Earlham: Columbia, Howard Lindsey Dean ol Boys-Voc. Ball Sfale, B. S.: Purdue: Buller Virginia Lindsfrom Social Sludies indiana, B. A. .M.S, l Herberi Lyon Business Educafion Tennessee: Ball Sfafe, B. A. L. B. Mafher Biology Cenfral Normal, B. S.: indiana: Purdue: Bufler. Mary Miller English Indiana, B. S.. A. M.: Harvard: Colum- bia. Vivian Maine Social Sludies Tennessee: Ball Sfale, B. A. H. R. Miller Mafhemafics DePauw, B, A.: Columbia: Bufler. Margarei' Mullendore Biology Franklin, B. A.: Colorado: Bufler. L. J. Mcclinfoclr Laiin Indiana, B. S.: Builer: Ball Siafe Dwighi' Morris Drafiing Ball Siaie, B. S.: Purdue Mary Olds Physical Educalion lfePuuw, A, B.: Purdue: indiana. Charles H. McClure English Harvard, B. A.: indiana, M. A., Ed. D: DePauw: Bufler: Chicago. Fannie Nagle l..a'rin DePauw, B. A., M. A.: Columbia: Har- vard: Colorado Slaie. Gilberf Pearl Business Educaiion indiana: Ball Siaie, A. B.: Norihwesfern: Chicago: Columbia. 1 Bonilyn Pflasferer Social Sfudies Indiana, A. B. Helen Presfon English DePauw, A. B.: Ball Sfafe: Indiana, Richard Rencenberger Insfrumenlal Music Ball Siaie, B. S.: Bufler, M. S. W. Leo Sanders Physiology Franklin, B. A.: Indiana: Bufler, M. S. Ray Sherman Vocafional Mafh Marion Normal: Ball Sfaie, B. S.: Pur- due: Indiana: Bufler. Arfhur Shirey Social Sfudies DePauw, A. B.: Ball Sfale: Indiana, A. 1 M. if-M' Sarah Hupp Pippen Business Educaiion Ball Sfafe, B. S.: Indiana: Bufler. Dane Pugh Draffing Indiana Siale, B. S., M. S. 5. C. D. Rofruclx Social Siudies Wabash: Indiana Sfafe: Ball Siaie, B. S Clark: Vermont H. L. Sharpe Machine Shop Indiana: Purdue. Vern Shinn Safeiy Builer: Ball Slale, B. S. O. L. Springer Social Sfudies Indiana: Ball Siaie, B. S., M. A. G. P. Sfevens Social Sludies Indiana, B. S. Geraldine Slriclrler Spanish Indiana, A. B. Jesse S+u+sman Biology Goshen, B. A.: Michiqan Slale, B. R. Siewari Physics Indiana, A. B., A, M. Marh-Physics Indiana, B. A.: Columbia, M. . F. W. S+oler A DePauw: indiana. Mary Efhel Thursion English Franklin, B. A.: Columbia, M.A.: Chica- go. Elgin Todd Malhemalics Indiana: Chicago, Ph. B.: Ball Sfale. M. A. . Virginia Vermillion English indiana, A. B. Fred E. Weaver Mafhemalics Marion Normal, B. S: Ball Slaie, B. 3.1 Buller, M. S. l Fra Nedra Trees Malhemafics Franklin, A. B. Virginia H. Wagner Lalin and English DePauw, A. B.: Colorado. Edna Whiison French and Spanish nlclin, A. B.: lndiana, M. A Abbofl, Howard Emerson"College Prep. Band l, 2. 3. 4: Lalin Club 2. Achor, Ronald, "Ronnie"-General. Boys' Glee Club 2, 3: Jr. Oplimisl 2: Spanish Club 2. Adams. Charles Melvin, "Chuck"-YGeneral. Band 2: Senior Class Play. Adams, Donald Richard "D. A."'4Pre-Apprenlice. Alaha. Elaine-'General. Choral Club 3. 4: Scollish Rise Calhedral 3: Indiana Slale Teachers' Convenlion 4: Camera Club 3. 4: Assl. Mr. Rolruclc 4: Laboralary English Assl. 3: Girls' Glee Club 2: Sub-Deb Club 3: Senior Class Play 4. Allen, Joseph William, "Joe"--College Prep. Yell leader 4: Sludenl Council 2. 3: Hi-Y 4: Science-lvlalh Club Presidenl 4: Senior Class Play 4: Fencing Club 4: K. Y. C. Club 3: Junior Red Cross 3: Conservalion Club 4. Allex, Helen Jane "Pal"--Business Ed. G. A. A, I: Science-Malh Club 4. Anderson. Charles E. "Bud"-General. Golf I, 2, 3. 4: Baslcelball l. 2: l-li-Y 3, 4: Jr. Prom Comm.: Senale 3. 4. Anderson. James Ernesl, "Jim" --College Prep. Tennis l,2: Baslcelball l: Orcheslra l: Senale 4: Sr. Class Play4 Anfhony, Pauline Alma, "Polly"+Business Ed. Anlon, Berl fha Pairicia. "Bobo"-College Prep. Choral Club 3.4: Scol- lish Rile Calheclral 3: Senale 3, 4: Girl Reserves l. 2. 3. 4' lndiana Sfale Choral Feslival 3: Indiana Sfale Teochers' Con venlion 4: Choral Club 3, 4. Secrelary 3, 4: Hep-Ca'l's Club 4: Arl Assn. 3: Glee Club 2: Operella 2. Apgar, Bill-Gen' eral. Arbuclrle, Belly, "Jo"MGeneral. Bible Club 3, 4. Presidenl' 4: Girls' Glee Club 4: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4. Arnold, Barbara Maxine "Babs"-General. Girls' Glee Club I. 2: Operella 2: Ashion. Richard Curlis "Dick"-General. Afwood, Dick-General. Sludenl Council l: Senale l, 2. 3, 4. Ausiin, John Roberl, "Johnnie"+C5eneral, Camera Club i, 2. 3: Archery Club 3. Bable, Jeanne, "Jeannie"'-General Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4, Presidenf 3, lnier-club Council presi- denl 4: Spanish Club 3: Senale 3: Science-Malh 4: G. A. A. I. 2. Badgley, Belly Lou-General. Fashion Design Club l. Badgley, Marjorie Ellen, "Mari"-College Prep. Senale 3, 4: Girl Reserves l, 2, 3: Lalin Club 2, Bailey, Charles Wayne, "Chuck"-General. Class President 3: Sludenl Assembly l, 2. 4, Presidenf 4: Execufive Council 3: l-li-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 3: Senale 3, 4: Headline Edie for ol lhe X-Ray 4: Indiana Associaiion of Sludenl Councils Convenlion 2, 3.4: Euller Journalism Convenlion 3: Franklin Press Convenlion 4: l-lomeroom Discussion Commirlee 3. Bailey, Mary Eli1abe+h+College Prep. Biology Assr. 3, 4: Lalin Club 3, 4: Girl Reserve 4: Bible Club 4. Barlxalow Helen Emily-Business Ed. Barlcer, Nile Rufh, "Nellie"-M Business Ed. Barnes, Belly Marie+General. Barnes, Donna Blanclve, "Pinky"-'General Fashion Design Club 3. Barnelf, Don, "Barney"-General. Baslcelball l, 2, 3: Foolball 3: Traclc I, 2: Baseball l, 2, 3. Barnhizer, Rosemary Ann, "Rosie"-Gem eral. Girl Reserve l: Glee Club 2: Operella 2: Choral Cluxu 3, 4: Scollish Rile Indianapolis l94O: Sfale Teachers' Assn. l94I. Basseii, Denison Sisco, i'Denny:'fCoIlege Prep. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Sludenf Eleclrician l, 2, 3, 4: Sfage Manager 3, 4: Drae malics Club 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Glee Club 3: Track I: Science Malh 3: Adverlising Slall ol X-Ray 3, 4: Manager 4: Con- vocalion Comm. 4. Bafhauer, Ruby-General. Choral Cluo 2, 3, 4: New Yorlc World's Fair 2: Scollish Rile Calhedral 3: Sfafe Teachers' Assn. 4. Bauer, Rosemary, "Rosie"-'General Girl Reserve 3, 4: Senale 3, 4: Baugher, lrma Jean-Genew al. Beard, Beulah, "Bee"-General. Honor Sociely 3, 41 Girl Reserves 3, 4, Secreiary 47 Library Assislanl 3, 4: Lab. Rem. Eng. Assislanl 2. Beck, Charles Edward, "Ned"-Pre-Ao prenlice. Baseball 3, 4: Eooiball I, 21 Baskelball I: Hi-Y 4. Beck, Jack William, "Jackson"-General. Sludenl' Council 4' Hoom Room Presidenl 4: Hoom Room Discussion Commil- lee 47 Choral Club 2,31 Glee Club I. Beckner, William Warren, "Bill"-Pre-Apprenfxce. Belangee, Harry, "Ben"-General. Baskelball I, 2, 31 Foo?- ball I, 2, 3. Bender, Mary Hannah, "Hannah"-General. Choral Club 4: Glee Club 3: Girl Reserve I. Benefiel, Helen E.-General. Glee Club I. Bennell, Rex E.-General. Con- servalion Club 3, 4: Ari Club 3, 4, Vice Presidenl 4: Won Scholasfic Honor ol Isl prize in Slale in Sculplure. Berry, Belly JeanfGeneraI. Girl Reserve I, 21 Sub-Deb 3: Fashion Design 3. Bird, Mary Margarel-Business Ed. Glee- Club I: Operella I: K. Y. C. Club I. Bifner, John Roberh- College Prep. Blackburn, John Roberl'-Business Ed. Consei- vlion Club 4. Blagg, Charles David, "Cedric" -Pre-Apprenlice. Track I: Baskelball I. Blassaras, Berlha Ann, "Bed"-Business Ed Glee Club 2: Miss Brown's Assl. 4: Girl Reserve Ig Operella 23 Presidenl Business Ed. Dept: Knilling Club 4. Bosh, Helen Ye-live, "Puppie"-Business Ed. Glee Club Ig Girl Reserve I, 2. 3: Operella Ig Miss ArbogasI's Assl. I. Brauchla, Zoe Ellen, "Zip"iGeneral. Mr. Rolruck's Assl. 4: Miss Arbo- gas+'s Assl. I, 2, 3: Assl. in PrincipaI's office 3: G. A. A. I, 2: Girl's Glee Club I, 2: Girl Reserve I. Broclrman, Jane, "Janie"' General. Glee Club I: Girl Re- serves I,2: Fashion Design l,2: Operefla I' K.Y.C. Club l. Bronnenberg, Barbara Louise, "Pepper"-General. G.A.A. l. 2,3,4: Jr. Red Cross 3.4: Honor Sociely 3,4: Racquel Swingers 2. 3. 4: Archery Club 3, 4: Girl Reserve I, 4: Senale 2,3 G.A.A. Slale Conference 2,4: G.A.A. Playday 3,I Nalional Red Cross Convenlion al Washinglon 3: Camera Club 2, 3: Knillinq Club 3: Book Club 3, 4: Firsl Aid 3: G.A. A. Exhibilion Tumbling 3.4: English Assl. 2, 3, 4: Maflw Assl. 3, 4: Gym Assl. 2, 3,4: Chairman ol l-lomeroom Dis- cussion 4: Sludenl Talenl Club Convocalion 3. Brown, Bryce Waller, "Brouder"-General. Class Treasurer I: Senale 2, 35 4, Treasurer 3, Presidenl 4: Sludenl Council 3, 4: Conserva- lion Club I, 2: I-Ii-Y 3.4: Aclivilies Ticlcel Commillee 3: lnd- iana Slale Assn. ol Sludenl Councils Convenlion 3: Jr. Chairman of Jr.-Sr. Gill Commillee 3. Brown, Wallace Carl, "Brownie"-Pre-Apprenlice. Brown, Malhew Daniel, "Dan"-Technical. Science-lvlalh I. Brown, Harold F., "Brownie"-Technical. Physics Lab. Assl. 4. Brown. Jewell Melvenah, "Brownie"-Business Ed. X-Ray Slall I: Glee Club I: Operella I. Brown, Kennelh R., "Ken- ny"-Voc. Agricullure. F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Voc. Agricullure Baslcelball I, 3: Apple and Vegelable Judging af Purdue 4: Won Voc. Agricullure Honor Leller 4. Brumfield, Mabel Olive, "Meri"-Business Ed. Glee Club 2, Girl Reserve I. Bur+on, Alora Jean, "Jean"-Business Ed. Busby, Ralph Jr. "Buzz"-General. Science-Malh 4: Model Airplane Club 4: Foolball l,2, 3: Caldwell, Charles Mal- colm, "Coolie"-General. Choral Club 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 3: Scollish Rile Calhedral 3: Slal-e Teachers' Associa- lion 4: Slale Music Conlesl 3. Callen, James Bob, "Canyon"-Pre-Appremlice. Callen, Ray Lee, ''Buggy"-Pre-Apprenlice. Cannon, Marfha Ann, "Mar- ry" -General. Choral Club 3.4: Senale 3, 4: Girl Reserve l, 2: G. A. A. I, 2: Sr. Class Play 4: Giee Club 2: Operella 2: Counly Choral Feslival 3: Slale Choral Feslival 2, 3: Scollish Rilo Calhedral 3. Carico, Marlha Jean--Business Ed. Girl Reserve I, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Council Convenlion, Muncie 2: Sr. Garb Comm. 4: Sludenl' Council l, 2: Carmichael, Cecil, "Pele"-College Prep, Carmody, Joann Eileen-College Prep. Choral Club 4: Glee Club 2: Sub- Deb Club 2: Camera Club 2.4: Slale Teachers' Assn, l94I: Sr. Class Play 4: Girl Reserves l, Carpenler, Barbara Ann, "Bobbie"-College Prep. Senale 3, 4: Girl Reserve 2, 3: Senior Garb Commillee 4: Junior Swealer Commillee 3. Carpenler, Jeanne, "Sl'ior+y"-General. Choral Club 3, 4 Scollish Rile Calheclral 3: Operella 2: Girls' Glee Club 2: Counly Choral Feslival 2, 3: Slale Choral Feslival 2, 3: Slale Choral Conlesl 3: Senior Class Play 4: G. A. A. I, 2: Fashion Design Club 3. Carpenler, Morris Melvin, "Carp"-General. Carfer, Glen Eugene, "Whi'ley"7College Prep. Chemislry Club 3. Cas- +or, Pauline Jane, "Recl"4General. Lalin Club 3, 4: English Assf. 2, 3, 4: Telebinocular Assl. 2, 3, 4. Cerclen, Margery lrene'College Prep. Orcheslra l,2,3,4: Lalin Club 3.4, Presidenl 3, 4: l-lonor Sociely 3, 4: Rilual Commillee 4: Li' brary Assl, 2: English Assl. 2: Biology Assl. 3,4: Chalfanl, lrvin Hari, "Monk"--Pre-Apprenlice. Camera Club 3, 4: Archery Club 3, 4:. Clarkson, Rufh Madora-Gen' eral. Clemenf, Mary Anne+'le. "Mary Ann"-General. Girl Reserve I, 2, 3: Ari Assn. 2, 4. Clemenis, June Frances, "Shor'ly"mGeneral. Honor Sociely 3, 4: Girl Reserve 3, 4: Arr Assn. 3.4: Glee Club 2: Franklin l.H.S.P.A. Convenlion 4: Buller Journalism Convenlion 3: K. Y. C. Club 4: Senior Class Play 4. Coals, Ellen Mariella, "Maidie"-Business Ed. Girl Reserve l, 3 4: Fashion Design 4: Girls' Boosler 2. Cole, Wilda Ruby, "Widdie"iGeneral. Collins, Norman Pierre-Pre-Apprelv lice. Home Room Secrelary-Treasurer l. Conn, Laura lnez, "Connie"-General. Coolr, Beniamin Ramsey, "Ramsey"-General. Sludenl Counf cil I, 2, 3: Execulive Council 3: Senale 3: Baslcelball I:Jr. Red Cross 4: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Sfudenl Council Convenfion 2. Coon, Tom, "Cooney"fGeneral. Arr Assn. 2.4: Cooney, Rosemary-General. Cooper, Mary Elizabefh, "Eclra"-Gen eral. G.A.A. l, 2,3,4, Secrelary 3, President 4: Honor So- ciely 3, 4: Junior Red Cross 4: Gym Asst 4: English Assn. 3: Library Assn. 2: G.A.A. Conference, Greensburg 3: G.A.A. Conference, Muncie 4: Senior Class Play 4: X-Ray Slaff 4. Coverdale, Earl Thomas, "Tom"--General. Glee Club 3: Junior Swealer Commillee 3. Craig, Belly Jean-College Prep. Girl Reserve 3, 4: Buller Journalism Convenlion 3: Franklin l.l-l.S.P:A. 4: K.Y.C. Club 4: French Club Z1 Senior Class Play 4. Craig, Iva Louise-'Business Ed. Crilch- field, Mary, "Cri'l'ch"YGeneral. X-Ray Slalf 4: Senale 4: Girl Reserve I, 2, 3: Senior Garb Commiliee: Lalin Club 2 Sub- Deb 3: Camera Club Treasurer 2. Crum, Doris Maxine, "Sue"-Business Ed. Girl Reserve I Cummings, John Wesley, "Johnny"-Technical. Choral Club 4: Glee Club 4: Senale 4: Camera Club 3, 4: K. Y. C. Club 3: Jr. Conservarion Club 3: Senior Class Ring Commi++ee 2. Cummins, Russellflechnical. Jr. Conservalion Club 4: K.Y. C. Club 3, 4: Science-Malh. 4: Fencing Club 4. Darr, Alberl' Lee, "Al"-General, Davis, Bernard M., "Pele"-College Prep. Class Treasurer 41 Sludenl' Council 3, 4. Vice-Presidenlr 3, 4, Presider-if 4j Execu- +ive Council 3: l. A. S. C. Convenlion 3: l-li-Y 2, 3, 4: X-Ray Sfafl 4: Sporfs Edilor 4: Firsr in Sporls Wrifing Confesf al Franklin Press Convenrion 4: Buller Press Convenlion 3: Au- nual Shall 3, 4, Adverlisinq Edifor 4: Senale 3: Chairman of Prom Queen Commillee 3. Davis, Beffy Jean, "Befs"- Business Ed. Archery Club 3, Presidenr 3. Davis, Richard Wesly-Business Ed. Dawley, Jane'-College Prep. Girl Re- serves l, 2, 3, 4: House of Represenfalives l, 2. l i Daye, Dorolha'-Business Ed, Decker, Vern Leroy, "Duke"-N Technical. Traclc I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball 3: Drum Maior I, 2: Jr Red Cross 3. Denl, Mildred Deane filusiness Ed. Office Assr. 2, 3: Deans Assl. 3, 4: K. Y, C. Club 4. De Vinney. Belly Louise. "Be+sy"'Business Ed. Girl Reserve 2, 3: Book Club 4. Diclrey, Donald Lesier-Pre-Apprentice. Diehen, Marilyn- General. Arr Assn. I, 2, 3, 4: K. Y. C. Club 3, 4: Fashion De- sign Club 4. Dixon, Dorollwy Marie, "Dol""HGenerai. Doli- fer, Belly-Business Ed. Glee Club I, 2. Dodd, Roberl Foresl, "Yarclbird"-Pre-Apprenlice. Dollar, Bill, "Diller"-Pre-Apprenlice. Dollens, Roberl' Lee, "Bob"-- Technical. Jr. Conservalion Club 4: Science-Mallw Club 4: Locker Office Assf. 3, 4. Downey, Amelia Caroline, "Pinky" -General. Senale 3. 4, Treasurer 4: Liferary Edilor of An- nual 4: Assr. Lilerary Edilor of Annual 3: Girl Reserves I. 2. 3, 4: Sub-Deb Club 3: Girls' Boosfer Club I: Library Assl. 3, 4: Annual Salesman 4: Lafin Club 2: Social Acfivifies Cornmillee 2: Miss Brown's Assf. 4: Convocafion Comm. 4: Jr. Sr. Gill' Comm.: Jr. Red Cross 3. Dudgeon, Cryslal, "Smiles"H'Business Ed. Knifling Club J: Ball Slale Commercial Conlesl, l94O-4l: Miss Brown's Asst 4: Annual Typisl 4. Dunham, Joan. "Judy"-'Business Ed, Glee Club 2: Girl Reserves I: G. A, A, I: Opereila 2. Dun- lwam, Mary Helen, "Maizie"-Business Ed. Durgan. Ruby La- Vaughn-General. Choral Club 3, 4: Senale 3, 4: Girl Re- serves l, 2, 3. 4: Operella 2. QW 15. " ' ? by ' llllh .,Q,l:,, E . 52. K . H4 .af Easiman, David C., "Jinx"-College Prep. Sludenl' Assembly I, 2, 3: Execuiive Council 3, 4: French Club 2: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Dramalics Club 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 4: Senale 3: Senior Class Play 4. Eberf, Ruih Leone, "Ru'rhie"-College Prep. Maioreffe. Edgeman, BeHy R.-Business Ed. Edwards, Bill, "Willie"-General. Hi-Y 3, 4: Science-Malh Club I, 2: Jr. Prom Queen Comm. 3: Jr. Prom Decorafing Comm. 3. Eliason, Rufh, "Mickey"--General. Ellis, Dona Fe, "Myr+le" -General. Glee Club 3.4: G.A.A. I, 2: Girl Reserves 2. Ewing, Zeffa Mae, "Zeke"-General. Orcheslra 2, 3: Glee Club 2: Counly Choral Fesfival 2. Farley, BeH'y Jean, "Shor- fy"-General. Farley, Paul Irvin-General. Jr. Conservalion Club 2, 3, 4: Science-Maih Club 4: Locker Office 3, 4: Candy Siand 4. FausseH, Donald Keni, "Don"-General. Ari Assn. 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 3. Feller, Mariorie-aVoc. Home Ec. Glee Club 2: Operella 2. Ferree, Belly Ann-Voc. Home EC. Y Fippen, Richard, "Dick"-Pre-Apprenlice.PFisher, Donald George-General. Fisher, Roberi Harry-eBusiness Ed. Fo- land, Elizabefh Jean-General. Foley, Anna Mae+Gonoral. G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Folsom, Donald Keilh, "Don"--General. Usher I, 2, 3, 4: Jr.-Sr. Ac- livilies 3, 4: Forlrner, Marlha Jane, "Marl'y"-College Prep. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: I-lonor Sociely 3, 4: Book Club 3, 4, Secrelary-Treasurer.3, 4: Lalin Club 3, Secre- lary 3: G. A. A. I, 2 3: Jr. Red Cross 3: Glee Club 2: Lib- rary Assf. 2, 3. 4. Fowler, Gerald, "Bud"-Voc. Agricul- lure. F. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Voc. Agricullure Baslcelball I, 2, 3: Apple Judging Team 4: Voc. Agricullure Honor Leller 4, Fred, Belly Jean, "Freddie"-Voc. l-lome Ec. G. A. A. I. 2, 3, 4: Fashion Design Club 3, Treas. 3: Knilling Club 3. Gahimer, Lora May, "Gracie"-College Prep. Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4: I-lonor Sociefy 3, 4: Choral Club 2, 3: Glee Club 2: Accomp. Glee Club 3: Nalional Music Educalors' Conference lLos Angelesl 2: New York World's Fair 2: G. A, A. I, 2: Sludenl Council I: Announcernenl Commilfee 4' Opererla 2. Gallamore, Harold, "DinIc"-General. I-lorna Room Vice-President I, 2: I-lorne Room Secrelary 4. Gar- refson, Esfher Jeanne, "Jeannie"+General. I-lonorSociely 3, 4, Presidenl 4: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 3: Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4, Secrelary-Treasurer 3: Senale 2, 3, 4, Assl. Reading Clerk 3: Book Club 3, 4, Presidenl 3. 4: Girls' Council 4: Prom Commillee 3: Senior Class Play Com- miliee 4: Senior Class Play 4: Library Assl. 2, 3, 4: Candy Sland 4: College Campus Club. Genda, Kafhryn Jane, "Kafie"-College Prep. Honor Soci ery 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Sfudenl Council 4: K. Y. C. Club 2: Glee Club 2: Opererla 2: Scolrish Rile Calhedral 3: Sludenl Council Convenfion lAndersonl, 4: Girl Reserves 4. Genslce, Granl'-College Prep. Baslcelball 2, 3. George, Thomas Roberf, ''Tommy"-Pre-Apprenlice. Gephardf, David Andrew, "Doc"-College Prep. Science-Malh Club I: Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club 2: Class Treasurer 3: Jr. Swealer Com. 3: Monilor Corn. Chairman 4. Gibbens, Donna Mae, "Gibby"-Business Ed. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: Sub-Deb Club 3: Senale 3, 4: Treas. of Girl Re- serves 3: lnrer-Club Council 4: Assr. +o Miss Brown. Gid- dens, Glessner Melrose, "Blondie"--General. Gill, Mary Frances, "Frank"-Business Ed. Gill, Norma Jane, "Norma" -General. Sfuclenl Council I, 2: Lalin Club 2: Girl Reser- ves I, 2, 3, 4: Senale 4: Library Assl. 2, 3, 4. Gillespie, Alice Hazel-Business Ed. Gilmore. Roberr Wayne, "Gili"-General. Eoolball l, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 4: Arr Assn. 4: Traclc 2, 3: indian Mascoi' "42". Glazer, Ber- nard Slanley, "Sian"-College Prep. X-Ray Plworograplwer l, 2, 3: Camera Club. Goodpaslure, Doris Evelyn-General. Boolc Club 4: Library Asst 3, 4: Girl Reserves 3: Lalin Club 2. Goss, Belly Jean, "Gossie"-General. S+uden+ Council 2: Senaie 3, 4: Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4: Sub-Deb Club 3: Miss Brown's Asst 4: Library Assi. 2, 4: Candy Srand 3, 4: Jr. Class Ring Comm. 3. Gourley, Byron Earl, "Barney"-Tec:l'1- nical. Foorball 2, 3. Goyer, Wm., "Bill"-General. Grady, Virginialee, "Jenny"-General. Girl Reserves 3, 4: Sciencee Maili Club 4: Job's Daughrers: K. Y. C. Club 2: Biology Asst 3, 4. Graham, Roberl' Eugene, "Bob"-General. X-Ray 3. Gray, Wilma Joyce, "Jinx"fBusiness Ed. Fashion Design Club 4. Green, Ilene Lavonne, "Blondie"fBusiness Ed. Band 2. Greenwood, William Russell, "Bill"7Pre-Apprenlice. K. Y. C. Club 3, 4: Archery 3: Science-Malli Club 4: Jr. Conserva- lion Club 4. Greve, Pairicia Ann, "Pal"-College Prep. Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Class Play 4. Griffilli, Roberl, "Bob"-Pre Appreniice. Gri'l'Fi+l1, George Warren1Colleqe Prep, Dra- mafics Club 2, 3, 4: Clieer leader 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Grif- fifli, James Alvin-General. Griffy, William Howard, "Bill"-College Prep. Jr. Red Cross 3, 4: Nalional Red Cross Convenlion 3. Grimes, John Char- les, "Jack"-General. GriH'er, Wanda Mae, "Tonnie"- Business Ed. Senale 3: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3. Groves, Befly Ann, "Bel"-General. Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: Senale 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Operella 2: Inler-Club Council I, 3: Senior Garb Comm. 4. Gully, Amber Calherine, "A. G."4General. Arl Assn. I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Kniiling Club 3, 4: K. Y. C. Club 3, 4, Secrelary 4: Fashion Design 3, 4: Girl Reserves 4. Guslin, Marlin, "Gus"-4CoIIege Prep. Home Room Presidenl I: Foolball I:Arl Assn. 4: Model Airplane Club I: "R, H." Club 3, 4: Camera Club I, 2. Hale, Harry Farrell, "Tag"-General. Foolball 2, 3: "R, l'l.' Club 3, 4. Hall, Jean Ann, "Jeanie"-General. Honor Socie- fy 3, 4: Senale 4: Lilerary Edilor ol Annual 4: Assf. Liier- ary Edilor ol Annual 3: Girl Reserves I, 2, 3: Chairman Social Aclivilies Comm. 4: Class Secrelary I: Class Presl- denl 2: Class Secreiary 3: Lalin Club Presidenl 2: Sub-Deb Secrelary 3:GirIs' Council 4: Execulive Council 2. Hall, William O., "Bill"-General. R. O. T. C. l: Spanisn Club 3.Halle++, Belly Ann-College Prep. Choral Club 2, 3, 4: New Yorlc World's Fair 2: Scollish Rife 3: Slale Tea- chers' Assn. 2, 4: Warren Cenlral High School Convocalion 2: New Caslle High School Convocalion 3: Glee Club 2: Operella 2: G. A. A. I, 2: K. Y. C: Club 3: Senale 4: Girl Reserves 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4, Secretary 4: Prom Comm. 3: Senior Guidance Day Assl. 4: Nalional Assn. of Siudeni Councils Convenrion, Boslon 3: Siudenl' Council 2: Senior Gill Comm. 3. Hamillon, Gerald--General. Usher 2, 3, 4. Hamilion, Jacqueline Jean, "Jackie"--General. Glee Club 2: Job's Daughlers: Opereffa 2: Summifville Choral Feslival 2: Dean's Assi. 4. Hardin, Thelma Mae-General. G. A. A. I: Girl Reserve 3. 4: Book Club 4. Harmeson, Norma E+'la, "Sl'lorfy"-Gen- eral. Harris, Jo Anne, "Jo"-College Prep. Girl Reserve l, 2, 3: Senafe 3: Glee Club 2: Counly Choral Feslival 2: Op- erella 2: Sludenl Assl. 2, 3, 4: Job's Daughlers. Harrison, Eldrid Anna Belle, "Annie"-Business Ed. Slrudenl Assf. 2, 3. Hari, Roberl O., "Bob"-Pre-Apprenlice. Newswriling 3. 4. K, Y, C. Club 3. 4: I. H. S. P. A. Franlclin l94l: Buller Press Convenlion. l94l-42: Usher 2, 3, 4: Sfudenl Council 2: Fool- ball I. Harlman, Roberl O., "Bob"-General. Dean's Assr. I. Haihcoal, Bobby Orral-General. Hauri Phyllis Jean, "Phod"-General. Lalin Club 3. Havens, Anna Belle, "Ann"-College Prep. Senale 2: Girl Reserve I. Hawlrins, Belly Lou, "Pepper"-Business Ed. Senale 3: Spanish Club 3: Camera Club 3. Hawley, Clara Belle, "Bim"-General. Haynes, Norma Jean. "Normie"-- College Prep. Girl Reserve I, 2, 3. 4: Band I, 2, 3: French Club 2: Science-Malh 4: Girls' Council 4: Job's Daughlers: Chemisfry Cadel 4. l Heagy, Georgia Fern-Business Ed. Girl Reserve 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Senale 2: Girls' Senior Garb Commillee' Candy Sland 4: Newcaslle Convocalion 3: Slale Teachers' Convenlion 4. Heiclen, BeH'y Jane, "Snoolcies"-General. Hensley, Wm. Eugene, "Doc"4College Prep. I-li-Y 3, 41 Senale 4: Traclc 2: Lalin Club 2. Herb, Dona Jean, "Jo"- Voc. Home Ec. Herron, Vera Eileen-General. Glee Club 2, 3: Knillinq Club 3. High, Mildred Lucille-Business Ed. Girl Reserve 3, 4: Senale 3, 4: Glee Club 2: G. A. A. I: K. Y. C. Club 3. Hilderbrand, Dorolhy May, "Dimples"fGeneral. Arr As' socialion I: Girl Reserve I: G. A. A. I. Hill, Belly Jane, "Janie"-College Prep. Girl Reserve 4: Glee Club 2. 3: Counly Music Feslival al Marlcleville 2. Hill, Georgiana, "Geena-Business Ed. X-Ray 3. 4: Ball Slole Commercial Conlesr I94-O-4I: Miss Brown's Assl. 4: Science- Ivlalh Club 4: Fashion Design Club 4. Hollingsworfh, George Durbin-General. Hi-Y 3, 4: Sludenl Assembly 4: Arr As- socialion 4: Jr. Conservafion Club I, 2, 3, 4, Presidenr 2, Holloway, Thomas Haroldc-Pre-Apprenrice, Senale 3, 4. Hon, Corrine Helen, "Book"--General. Girl Reserve I, 2, 3, 4: Forensic I, 2, Hoover, Frances Lavon, "SharI:y"-College Prep. Lalin Club 2. 3. Hull, Beflie Jo, "B, J."-College Prep. Senale I, 2, 3: Girl Reserve I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I: Choral Club I: Sr. Class Play 4: Choral Feslival I94I. Humbles, Marguerife P. "Sally"-College Prep. Girl Reserve I, 2, 3: Fashion De- sign 3, 4: Forensic Club 2: Senalre I: Girls' Council 4: Sr. Class Play 4. Hursl, Juenifa Ru+h+GeneraI. Glee Club 2. Huflon, James Albert "Jim"-College Prep. Hyall, Rich- ard Lawson, "NuIe"-General. Baskelball I, 2, 33 Foolbali I, 2: Prom Comm. 3: Jr. Swealer Comm. 3: Sr. Garb Comm. 4. Hyden, Ruihe-General. Hyndman, Florence Madeline, "FIossie"-General. Glee Club 3: Sub-Deb Club 3: Camera Club 4. Iferf, Paul Jr.-General. lmel, Ora Keifh, "O, K."-Technh cal. Camera Club 4: Science-Malh Club 4: Dean's Olllice 4: K. Y. C. Club 4: Sludenl Council. Jarreff, Richard Allen, "Dick"-eBusiness Ed. Sludenl Council I: Foolball I: Dean's Office 3: Home Room Presidenf I, 3: Home Room Vice-Pres- idenl 2. Jessup, Paul Francis-General. Srudenl Council 2, 4: Home Room Vice-Presidenl 4. Johnson, Goldie Mae, "Pokey"-General. Dramafics Cluo 4, Bible Club 4: Sludenl Assl. 4. Johnson, Norman Lee, "Norm"-Technical. Jr. Conservalion Club 3, 4. Johnson, Wanda Colleen, "Johnny"-General. Glee Club 4: Girl Re- serve l, 2. Johnsron, Susie Deloris, "Sue"-College Prep. Orclweslra 2, 3, 4: Band 3, 4: Choral Club 4, Accomp. Boys' Glee Club 4: Girl Reserve l, 2. Jones, Marylee-General. Senale 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Secrelary 4: Girl Reserve 2, 3: Glee Club 2: Sub-Deb Club 3: Sr. Gill Comm. Jones, Roberl Pamel, "Bob"-Voc. Agricullure. F. F. A.: Voc. Baskelball. Jordan, William Lewis Jr. "Tex"-M Guesl Wriler X-Ray 4: Sr. Class Play 4-1 l-li-Y 41 Delvlolay l, 2, 3, 4. Keep, William Riley, "Bill"7Pre-Apprenlice. Foolball l, 2, 3, 4: Traclc I, 2, 3, 47 Sluclenl Council 3, 4: l-li-Y 4. Keesling, Adrian Mark, "Bill"+Gerieral. Baslcelball I, 2, 3. 4: Baseball l, 2: Track l, 2, 3: l'li-Y 4: Senale l, Keesling, James Alfred, "Diamond"-General. Glee Club 2: Sludenl Council 3: Drarriallc Club 4, Seriaie 3, 4, l-li-Y 4: Sr. Class Play: Delvlolay 4. Kelley, lmogene, "Jean"iGeneral. Kelly, lnez Marie, "Tul:abie"7General. Keys, Don, "Pele"-Pre-Apprenlice. Baseball 3: Sr. Garb Comm: Jr. Red Cross 3. Keys, Roberl' Gerald, "Konyes"- Pre-Apprenlice. Kicly, Roberl' Dorsey, "l:l1abocl"--College Prep. Kimm, Roberl Arllfzur, "Bob"-General. Kimmerling, .IuaniI'a Jean--Business Ed. Girl Reserves 4: Forensic Club 2. King, John Franklin-Pre-Apprenlice. Kline. Bob-Technical. Baskelball I: Jr. Red Cross 3, 4. Kline Richard Harold, "Dick"-Technical. Jr. Conservalion Club 4, Science-lv1a'Ih Club 4. Klus, Emma Marie-Business Ed. Klus, Willis E.-Business Ed. Knolfs, Harry Donald, "Don"-College Prep. Senafe 2, 3, 4. Kocher, Efhel-General. Kokes, June Carol, "Kokie"-College Prep. Buller Field Day Convenlion 3: Franklin Press Convenlion 4: G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. Council 3: Science-Malh Club 3, 4, Secrelary- Treasurer 4: Glee Club 2: Girl Reserves 4: Newswriling X- Ray 3, 4: Caclel Chemisl 4: Library Assl. 3: Racquel' Swing- ers 3: Operella 2. Lamar, Henry, "Hank"-General. Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball l. 2, 3: Hep-Cals Club, Presideni 4: Track I, 2, 4. Lamphear, Ronald Jay, "Skee+s"-Pre-Apprem lice. Land, Virginia Ann, "Ginny"-'GeneraI. Assf. in High School Office 3, 4: Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2' Sub-Deb Club 3: Arl Club 3. Langley, Thomas Eldon, "WiId Tom"-General. Choral Club 3, 4: Glee Club 2. Larsen, BeHe Jayne, "Bef"-General. Lawson, Francis E., "Zeke"-General. Baskelball I, 2.3: Track 2. Laylon, Paul Lewis, "Ace"-Technical. Sludenl Council 3: Model Airplane Club 4. I Ledbefier, Marfha Naomi, "Birdseed"gGeneral. G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves Ig X-Ray Slafl: 47 G. A. A. Council 3. Leedom, Gerald Clement "Clerky"-Business Ed. Usher Z, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Presidenf 4: Choral Club 4: Jr. Red Cross 3: Business Ed. Commercial Confesf, Danville 2: Camera Club 2. Leever, John, "Johnnie"-General. Band 3, 4. Lewis, Be'H'y, "Bells"--General. Sluclenl' Council Ig S+uden'r Coun- cil Conven+ion I: Eng. Lab. Assf. 2, Glee Club 2. Lindzy, Glendora Mae, "Glendy"-General. Li'rchfield, Don- ald, "Don"-General. Lloyd, Mary Ann, "Tillie"-College Prep. Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, New York World's Fair 2: OpereHa 27 Sfale Teachers' Convenfion 2, 47 Scol- Tish Rile 3: Sexfefle 3, 41 Girl Reserves 4: Job's Dauqhlers 4. McCain, Dorofhy Eleanor, "DoH'ie"-College Prep. Band l, 2, 3. 4: Orcheslra 3. McClelland, Frances Elizabeih, "Frannie"-General. Jr, Red Cross 3. McCord, Maurice, "Mike"-General. DeMolay. McCoy, Alberi Junior'Technical. Delvlolay. McCreary, Lo- well Ermerson'General. Orcheslra 2: DeMolay 4. Mclniyre, Elizabefh Lavon, "Libby"fBusiness Ed. Mcln+yre, Helen lrene-fGeneral. Glee Club 2. McKee, John Wilcley. "Johnny"-Technical. McKinley, Anna Louise, "Anne"1 College Prep. Senale 3, 41 Girl Reserves 3: Jr. Recl Cross 3: Glee Club 21 Spanish Club 33 Couniy Choral Eeslival 2. McLain, James Edward, "Mouse"vGeneraI. Band I, 2, 3, 4 Science-Malh Club 3, 4: Model Airplane Club I. Mabrey, Berniece Mary+Business Ed. Mabrey, Bob Lee, "Nook"- Pre-Apprenfice. Maddux, Vivian Claufe, "Chi Chi"-Gew eral. Manis, Beffy Lou-General. Manis, Clara Kafhern, "Peggy' -General. Girl Reserve I, 2: Fashion Design Club 3, -I Presidenf 3: X-Ray Slafl 3: Spanish Club 3: Fronl I-Iall Dec orafinq Comm. Marsh, Offo, "Mor+imer"ATechnicaI. Chor- al Club 4: Physics Lab. Asst Ma+her, Vanna Grace-Gen' eral. Mafhison, Esfher JeaneHe-General. Glee Club 2. Mauch, Kennefh, "Kenny"--Pre-Apprenfice. Melcher, William Hus- fon, "BiII"iGeneraI. Hi-Y 3, 4: Senale 3: Conservafion Club 2: Science-Malh Club I: Prom Queen Comm. 3. Merriff, Richard Lee, "Sire"-College Prep. Spanish Club I. Mefzger, Ann Rosalie, "Rosie"-General. Girl Reserve I. 2, Middleion, Edward-General. Middleion, John Paul. "Jack" -Pre-Apprenlice. Track I. 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I: Foofball I: Usher 2, 4: K. Y. C. Club 3. Milburn, Mary Eife-Business Ed. Miller, Alice Geneva-General. Friendship Girl Reserve ! 2, 3, 4: Ari Associafion I. Miller, Dorolhafiiusiness Ed, Glee Club 3. Miller, Don, "Gob"-Business Ed. Miller, John Brooks, "J. B."-General. Siudenl Council I, 27 Annual Slafl 3, 4: Assl. Ari Edilor 3: Ari Edifor 4: Ari Associalion l, 2, 3, 4, Vice Presidenf 27 Hi-Y 4: l. l'l. S. P. A. Convenlion 4: Jr. Prom Comm. 3, "Lil"rle Chief" Ariisl 2, 3, l-lonor So- ciefy 4. Miller, Mary Alyce, "Sally"-College Prep. Senare 2, 3: Girl Reserve I, 2, 3: Girls' Boosler Club I: Lalin Club 2: Sub'Deb Club 3: Glee Club 3. Miller, William Donald, "Bill"-Pre-Apprenlice. Baseball 3, 4. Mifchell, David "Dave"-General. Ari Associalion I, 2. Monfgomery, Law- rence Hayes, "Chu"-General. Monfgomery, Lolila, "Lol"lie"e-College Prep. Dramalics Club 3, 4: Senaie 3, 4: Sludenl Council 3: Girl Reserve l, 2, 3: Jr. Prom Allendenl 3: Glee Club lg Lalin Club 3: Jr. Swealer Comm. 3. Moomey, Belly Lee, "Lizzie"-General. Sub-Deb Club 3: Glee Club 2: Opererla 2. Moore, George Richard, "Dick"-College Prep. l-li-Y 3, 4, Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Leiin Club 2: Jr. Red Cross 33 Senale 4. Moore, Mary Elizabelh-College Prep. Eng. Depl. Assl. Morrison, Leonard Kemper, "Jaclrie"QGeneral, Morrison, Vivian Jean, "Biv"?College Prep. Choral Club 45 Prom Queen 3: Jr. Swealer Comm. 3: Glee Club 3, Sr. Gifr Comm. 3: Girl Reserve 3, 43 Senale 2, 4. Mosure, Garrefl Eugene, "Mose"-Technical. Siudenl Council 47 Orcheslra 2. Mousa, Louella lrenef Business Ed. Munchhof, BeHe Jeanne, "Bieie"-Business Ed. Choral Club 4: Glee Club 2: Operella 2: Girl Reserves l,2: Sludenr Council I, Indiana Slale Teachers' Assn. 4. Munchhof, Mary Margarei, "Munch"fGeneral. Girl Reserve lg Glee Club 21 Choral Club 2, 3, 4i New York World's Fair 2: indiana Shale Teachers' Assn. 4. Myer, Wanda Louise, "Shor+y"YCollege Prep. Neal, Raymond Carl, "Ray"-Pre-Apprenlice. Nealis, Doroihy Louise, "Dol"'4General. Nelson, Reber? Leroy, "Sltee+er"-College Prep. Glee Club 3,47 Couniv Choral Feslival 3: Cross Counlry l, 2: Baseball l. Nevin, Rufh Virginia, "Gennie"-College Prep, Newby, Be'Hie"' General. K.Y.C. Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2. Newman, Lucille, "Tooisie"-General.-Girl Reserve I, 2, 3. New+on, Mary Maxine, "Tiny"-General. Band 2, 3, 4 Nicholson, Grace Beverly, "Bev"-Business Ed. Norris, Rob- eri Vernice-Pre-Apprenhce. Foolball I: Baskefball Ig Track l. Norris, Wallace Edward, "Wally"-Technical. Senare 4. Norion, Charles Thomas, "Chuck"-College Prep. Foolball 2, 3, 47 Hi-Y 3, 4, Conservalion Club 3, 4, Presidenf 4: Prom Queen Comm. 3: Curlain Comm. 3. Oberlies, Roberi Frederick, "Bob"'Pre-Apprenlice. Jr. Conservalion Club 3, 41 Odell, Linfon Carl, "Slim"-General. Usher 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: Biology Asst 4. Oliver, Ramona Jean, "Rammy"-Business Ed. Osselaer, Jack Barry, "Jackson"-College Prep. Osling, Eleanor Irene -General. Knilling Club I: Arr Associafion. Olierman, Erma Jean-College Prep. Senale 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 47 Girl Reserve l, 2, 3: Lalin Club 2: Glee Club 2. Owens, Francine Rufh, "Franny Boo"-Business Ed. Fashion Design 4, Secrefary 4: Sludenl' Council 3: Girl Reserve I, 2, 4: Asst Miss Arbogasf 3, 4. Palmer, Juanila Mae, "Fuzzy"-- Business Ed. Pancol, Sophia, "Soph"-College Prep. Choral Club 4: Slale Teachers' Convenlion 4: Spanish Club I, 3, Secrelary 3: Science-Malh Club 3: Sr. Garb Comm. 4, Par- mer, Belly Mae-Business Ed. Knilling Club 3. Paflon, George Kennelrh, "Pal"-Pre-Apprenlice. Band l, 2, 3. 4: Radio Club l. Pavey, Emma Jean-Business Ed. Payne, Lorene-College Prep. Choral Club 3, 4: Scollish Rile 3: Slale Teachers' Convenliori 4: Glee Club 3: Girl Reserve 2. Pence, Roberl Eugene, "Bob"-General. Choral Club 4: Arr Associalion 3, 4: Science-Maih Club 4: Display Comm. 4' Washinglon D. C. Exiension Trip 3. Phelps, Lois Marie-Business Ed. Girl Reserve 4: Fashion Design Club 4: K. Y. C. Club 3. Piper, James H., "Jim"G College Prep. Lalin Club 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 3. Plummer, James William, "Rev"fGeneral. Senior Swealer Comm. 3' Prom Queen Comm. 3: Eoolball I, 2. Porler, Waldo-Gem eral. Priesi, Doris MaxineiGeneral. Glee Club Ig Library Assi. I Prouf, BeHy Almeda, "Cupie"fGeneral. Pryor, Lowry Den- ion, "Denny"-General. Spanisli Club 3: Locker Oiiice Assf. 3, 4. Raper, George Ernesf-Pre-Appreniice, Rey, Kenne+l1, "Kenny"-College Prep, Recob, Helen Jeanne, "Re-Cob"-Business Ed. Girl Reserve I, 2, 3, 4: Senaie 3, 4 Redick, Ka'l'herine lone, "Ka'rl1ie"-Business Ed. Glee Club 2 Opereiia 23 Office Assi. 2, 3, 4. Reed, Barbara Jeanne "Bobbie"-College Prep. Ediior of X-Ray 4, Annual Siaii 3 4: X-Ray Siaif 4: Laiin Club 2, 3, Presideni 2: Siudeni As- sembly I, 3, Secrelary 3: Execuiive Council 4: Senaie 3, 4 Honor Socieiy 3, 43 Girl Reserve 2, 37 Book Exchange 3, 4 Convocafion Comm. 3, Pep Session Comm. 4: Prom Comm 3: l. A. S. C, Conveniion 3, 4: l. H. S. P: A: 4: Job's Dauqlni- ers I, 2, 3, 45 Builer Journalism Field Day 37 Library Assi. 2: Dean's Assf. 4. Reese, Anna Belle-General. Refeld, Norma Jane, "Janie"- General. Relford, Mary Rachael-General. Remley, Basil W. -General. l-li-Y 4: Senaie 4: Science-Main 37 Spanish Club 3. Renforilw, Jaclz Darrel-General. Siudeni Council 3: Ari As sociaiion 2, 4, Spanish Club 3. Refherford, Marfha Jeanne, "Mar'rie"--College Prep, Girl Reserve I, 2, 37 Glee Club 2 Operefia 2: Senaie 3, 4. Risk, Madge Maxine, "Midge"- General. Girl Reserve I, 2, 3: Glee Club 2: Operelia 2 Riichison, Jack O., "Deacon"-Pre-Apprenfice. Roberls, Wanda, "Babe"-College Prep. Senale 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Girl Reserve I, 2, 3, 4: Operella 2. Robey, Paul Clarence, "ChaHanooga"-Business Ed. Honor Sociely 3, 4: K. Y. C. Club 3. 4: Usher's Club 3, 4: Danville Commercial ConIes+ 3: Ball Slale Commercial Conlesl 3. Rockwell, Eddie Charles, "Ed"-General. K. Y. C. Club 3: Arl Assn. 4: Mr. RoI'ruclc's Assl. 4. Roeflinger, Lora EIIen"College Prep. Girls' Boosler Club I: Girl Reserve I, 3, 4: X-Ray Slafi 3' Washinglon D. C. 3: Senale 3, 4. Rogers, Mary Louisa, "Red"--College Prep.Choral Club 2, 3: New Yorlc World's Fair 2: Music Educalors Conference 27 Girls' Boosler Club I: Girl Reserve l,2,3: Senale 3,41 Washinglon Trip 3: Commencemenl Speaker 4. Romine, James Arnold, "Romeo"-General. Sludenl Direclor Band 3. 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4: Choral Club 4: Span- ish Club 3, Presidenl. Romine, Iviarilyn Mae-College Prep. Roseberry, Anile'-General. Girl Reserve I: Girls' Boosler Club I: Senale 4: Jr. Swealer Comm. 3. Roush, Marfha Joan, "Jo"-Business Ed. Girl Reserve I, 2, 4: Senale I, 2, 3: Fashion Design Club 4. Rouf, George Edward -Technical. Locker Office Assf. Royse, Maxine-'College Prep. Glee Club 2: Operelfa 2: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Assf. Miss Thurslon 3, 4: Assl. Miss Crulchfield 3. Runyon. Harold Wayne, "Red"-Pre-Apprenlice. Track I. 2. 3. 4. Russell, James Jr.. "Jim"dPre-Apprenfice. Ryan, Marie Earl- ine, "Early"-Business Ed. Girl Reserves I, Forensic Club 21 Glee Club 2: K. Y. C. Club 3: Sub-Deb Club 3: Operella 2: Library Typisl' 47 Miss Brown's Assl. 4. Salafin, Clarence David, "Sally"-Technical. Band 2, 3: Model Airplane Club I, 4: Home Room Secrelary 4. Sales, Eileen Noram, "Sweet" -Voc. Home Ec. I l K , Sampson, Richard David, Hsampyuflechnical. Sanders, Doris Virginia, "Re-d"+Business Ed. Girl Reserves 2: K. Y. C. Club 3: G. A. A. I: Assl. Miss Arbogasl 2, 3. Sayers, Peggy Maxine, "Pegs"-Business Ed. Girl Reserves I: X-Ray Siaii 2, 3: G. A. A. I: K. Y. C. Club 3.SchuyIer, Dorolhy May, "JoI1nnie"+General. French Club I, 2: K. Y. C. Club I, 2: Science-lvlaih Club 2, 3: Girl Reserve I: Physics Lab. Assl. 4. ScoH', Wilma DeIeanfBusiness Ed. Girl Reserves l, 2, Ei Glee Club 2: Operelfa 2. Seipel, Eslher I.iIIian+Business Ed. Honor Sociely 3,4: Girls' Council 4: K.Y.C. Club 2: Arr Assn. I: Business Educelion Conlesl, Danville 2: Jr. Red Cross 3: Job's Daughlers 4. Sellers, Rulh Eileen, "ShorIy"- General. Glee Club 2. Sczesny, Chesfer Joseph, "Fuzz"'- Pre-Apprenlice. I-Iome Room Presidenl 2, 3: Jr. Conserva- +ion Club 3, 4: I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Beslceiball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I: Assl. Mr. Rolruclc 2. Shaclclefon, Befiy June-General. Sharp, Loreila Ann, "Rel Ia"-Business Ecl. Shinlrle, Norma Ru'rI1-General. Shipley LesI'er D., "Les"-General. Vice-Presidenl ol Jr. Class 3 Track I, 2, 3, 4: Science-Malln Club 2, 3: I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Baslcei- ball I, 2, 3: Cross Counfry I, 2, 3. 4: Treasurer of Science- Malh Club 3: Jr. Swealer Comm. 3: Choral Club 4: Glee Club 3, 4. Shively, Margarel' Irene, "Maggie"-Business Ed. Shroyer Norman Jack, "SI1or+y"-General. Ass'+ Mr. Rofruck 4. SI1uI+z, Mariorie Jane, "SI'1ul'I'zie"-Business Ed. Sibera, Slan- Iey John-Pre-Apprenlice. Simpson. Doroihy June, "Simpy"-General. Arr Assn. 3, 4: Science-Mafh Club 3. Simpson. Mary Hilda. "Simpie"f College Prep. Girl Reserves I,2,3 4, Vice Presideni 4: Senare 3.4: Job's Daughlers 2.3.4: Prom Refreslnmenls Comm. 3: Glee Club 2: Couniy Choral Fesiival 2. Simpson, H. Hillis-General. Senaie 3.4: Prom Queen Comm 3: Delviolay 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 2: Foofball I: Jr. Band 2,. Slrees, Kennefh Charles. "Ish"-General. Jr, Conservaiion Club 3.4. Slaier, Virginia Helen. "Ginny"-College Prep. Senaie 3. 4: Girl Reserve I. 2, 3, 4: Ari Associaiion 3, 4: Senior Garb Comm. 4: Jr. Prom Decoraiing Comm. 3: Job's Daughrerz. Smifh. Doris Leona. "Dorie"-College Prep. Sub-Deb Club 2: Girl Reserve I. Smifh. Doris Louise. "SmiHy"-General. Girl Reserve 2, 3.4: G. .R.'Drama'rics Club 2: Fashion Design Club 3: Glee Club 2:' Opereiia 2: Senafe 3: Jr. Swearer Comm. 3: Jr. Sr. Gif? Comm. 4: Co-Chairman Favor Comm. Jr. Prom 3. Smi'I'h. Garneii F.. "SmiH'y Lou"'General. Girl Reserve I, 2: Assi. Miss Afbogasl 3. Smifh. Alva Jack, "Jackson"-Pre-Apprenrice. Band 2. 3. Snow. Harold Ar+hur. "Whi+ey"-College Prep. Fooiball l. 2. 3.4: Baske+baIl I. 2. 3, 4: Track I. 2, 3.4: Baseball 3.4: Hi-Y 2, 3. 4. Sql. ar Arms 2. 3, 4: Siudenl' Council I. Spear- man. Julia Claire'mBusiness Ed. Camera Club 4: Art Club 2. 3. Speck. Roy Eugene, "Li++le Speck"h'General. Science- lviarli Club 4: Radio Club 2: Laiin Club 3. Spiegal, Louise. "Red"-College Prep. Secreiary of Senior Class 4: Prom Queen Alfendanl 3: Senaie 3, 4: Girl Reserve I. 2, Vice-Presideni 3. 4: Laiin Club 2, Treasurer 2: Frencli Club 3: Sub-Deb Club 3: Camera Club l, 2. Presideni l. 2: Job's Daughiers 3. 4: Honor Socieiy 3. 4: X-Ray Ediior-in- Chief 4. Springer. Jo Anne-College Prep. Siuoenr Coun- cil 2: Honor Socieiv 3, 4: Science-Mall: Club 3: X-Ray Siaii 4: Cliemisiry Cadel 4. Sialey. Bob. "Jinx"-College Prep. Senaie 3: Glee Club 2. 3. 4. Sfanesu. Barbara Ann. "Bob- bie""General. Annual Salesman 4: Girl Reserve l: Glee Club 3: Jr. Swealer Comm. 3. Slevens, Joan LeefColleqe Prep, Girl Reserve 3, 4: Senale 2. 4: Lab. Eng. Assl. 2, 3: X-Ray Slail 3. Sfewarf, Marfha Josephine, "Jo"-Business Ed. Glee Club 2: 6. A. A. I. Siidham, Joseph Warren-College Prep. Execufive Council 3, 4, Treasurer 3: Presidenl' Indiana Associalion of Sludenl' Councils 4: President ol Nalional Associarion ol Sludenl Councils 4: Presidenl of Senior Class 4: Edilor-in-Chief "Indian" 4: Assl. Edilor-in-Chief "Indian" 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Hon- or Sociely 3, 4: Senale 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Scollish Rile 3: Indiana Slafe 'l'eacher's Conveniion 4. Slinson, Howard Earl, "Sfogie"-College Prep. Choral Club 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Jr. Red Cross 4: Senale 2. Sfofflemyer, Juanifa, "NiIa"-College Prep. K. Y. C. Club 2, 3. 4, Presidenl 2: Knilling Club 3, 4: Assf. Miss Arbogasl 2, 3, 4: Operella 2: Assl. in High School Ollice 4: Assl. Miss Carson 4. S+roud, Mary Ellen-General. S+uarf, Mar- iorie, "Marge"-General. Girl Reserve I, 2, 3: Glee Clun 2: Assl. in High School Ollice 3. Sl'um, William-General Summers, Cenia Gene, "Peggy"-Business Ed. Swank, Hugh William, "Professor"-Technical. Honor Sociely 3: Usher Club I. 2, 3, 4: Jr. Conservalion Club 3. 4: Science-Malh Club 3: Sludenl Council 3: DeMoIay 3, 4. Swope, Joseph Charles, "Joe"-Pre-Apprenlice. Talley, Ewarf M., "Speed" --General. Tarvin, Harold Laverne-General. Taylor, Isabel-College Prep. Choral Club 3, 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: C-lee Club 2: Jr. Red Cross 3: Home Room Presidenl 3, 4. Terhorsf, Bar- bara Jean, "Bobbie"-Business Ed. Senale 4: Girl Reserve 4. Tefer, Roberf E., "CuddIes"-Technical. Thomas, Grefna Anne, "Tommie"-Business Ed. G. A, A. I. Thomas, Roberf Edward, "Rube"--General. Jr. Conservalion Club 2, 3. 4, Treasurer 3: Glee Club 2. 3: Science-Main Club 4: Model Airplane Club I: Foofball I. Thompson, Sy' bil, "Sadie"-Business Ed. Girl Reserve 3. 4: Senare 3: Sub- Deb Club 3: Library Assl. 3: Jr. Red Cross 4. Thornburg, Vernice May-Business Ed. Knifling Club I. 'hornburg, Bill, "Thorny"--Pre-Apprenlice. Baslcefball 2, 3, 4: I-li-Y 3, 4: Home Room Prasidenl 4. Thrasher, Berlha May, "Bari"-Business Ed. G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4. Tice, BeH'ie, "Ti- cey"-General. G-lee Club I: Choral Club 2, 3, 4: Indiana Sfaie Teacher's Conveniion 2, 3, 4: New York WorId's Fair 2: Scolfish Rife 3: Region 3: Vocal Associafion 2: Drum Ma- ioreiie 2, 3, 4: Signal Maiorelie 3, 4: G. A. A. I, 2, 3. Todd, Wilma Leah-College Prep. Sludenl Council 3, 4, Reading Clerlc 4: Execuri-.fe Council 4: Honor Sociely 3, 4, Vice-Presidenf 4: Lafin Club 3, Secrelary 3: Bible Club 3, 4: Tennis Club 2, 3: Class Secrelary 2: D. A. R. Award Wine ner 4: Sfale Sfudenl' Council Convenlion 3, 4: Nalional Siu- denl' Council Convenfion, Bosion 4. Tolle, Belly Jean, "Click"--Business Ed. Camera Club 2. Tracy, Franklin-Business Ed. Usher Club 2. Tranbarger. Wilbur-General. Jr. Conservaiion Club 2. Travis, Russell Ervin-Pre-Apprenlice. Vaughf, Berry Jean-eBusiness Ed. Girl Reserve 3, 4, Trea' surer 4: Commercial Conlesl, Danville 2: Commercial Con- lesl, Muncie 2: Glee Club 3: K. Y. C. Club 3, 4: Library Assl. 3, 4: English Depl. Assl. 2. Vermillion, Kennefh Rus- sell, "Kennelh"-Voc. Aqricullure. E. E. A. I. 2, 3, 4: Voc. Agricullure Baslcelball I. 2, 3: Counly Crops Judging Cham- pion Team 2: lndividual Counly Crops Champion 2: Dis- lricl Corn I-Iuslcing Champion 3, 4. Vinson, Theodore Fred- ericlc, "Ted"-fTechnical. I-lonor Sociely 3, 4: Execulive Council 4: I-li-Y 3, 4: Archery 4: Fencing 4: Traclc I. 2: Bas- lcelball I. Volxe, Bob Gene1GeneraI. Camera Club I, 2. 3. 4, Presideni 4, Jr. Conservalion Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pre:- idenl 3, Assl. Pholographer lor Annual 3, 4, Delvlolay 3, 4. I I Wagner, Bill, "BiIious"-General. Vice-Presidenl ol Class I. Treasurer ol Class 2: Sludenl' Assembly 2: Execulive Council 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Convocalions Comm. 2, 3, 4, Sludenl Chair- man 3, 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Senale 3, 4: I. H. S. P. A. 4: Arl Assn. I: Chairman Prom Decoraling Comm. 3: Wash- inglon D. C. Exlension Trip 3. Wagner, William Ernesl, "Wil- lie"-General. Srudenl' Council 4: Hi-Y: Science-Malh Club 3, Vive-Presidenl 3: Senior Class Play 4. Wallace, Rulh El- nora, "RulI'lie"-General. G. A. A. I: Lalin Club 2. Wea- lherford, Roger Harvey, "Bean"-Pre-Apprenlice. Websler, Belly Marie, "Bells"-College Prep. Choral Club 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 3: Bible Club I, 2: House ol Represenl- arives I, 2: Glee Club 3: Lalin Club 3. Wells, Ella Frances, "Francie"-General. Wells, Norma Jean, "WelIsie"-Busi- ness Ed. Choral Club 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Operelfa 2: Sex- relle 3: Choral Club Trip 4: Counly Choral Feslival 2: Scollish Rile 3: Minislerial Assn. 4: G. A. A. I: Assl. Miss Brown 3, 4: Assl. Miss Arboqasl 4: Annual Typisl 4. Werlr- ing, Richard Lewis, "Dick"-elechnical. Weslerman, David Jack-'Pre-Apprenlice. Jr. Oplimisl I, 2: Spanish Club I, 2, 3. Wesfon. Lonnie Clyde, "Pop"-Gem eral. Jr. Conservafion Club I: Camera Club 2: Sludenr Council I, 2, 3: Delvlolay I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Garb Comm. 4: Track 2, 3. Weslon, Mary Frances, "Shady"-General. Girl Reserve I. Wheasler, Roy Emery, "WheasIe"-General. Camera Club I, 2, 3, 4: Archery 3, 4. Wheaf, Roberl Erwin, "Bob"-General. Hi-Y 4: Rifle Club I: Baseball 3, 4. Wheisel, Eileen Lavonne, "Squid"-General. Glee Club 2. Whifeheacl, James Berlyn, "Jim"-Colleqe Prep. Lalin Club 2. Wilburn, James Miller, "Speedy"--Prev Apprenlice. William, Donald Wayne, "Slow Mofion""General. Archery Club 3: Fencing Club 4: Radio Club 4: Camera Club 2. Williams, Jaclr Elhe, "Jerk"-College Prep. Choral Club 3. 4. Willson, Canby Lee-'College Prep. Science-Marh Club 4: Camera Club 2. 3: Model Airplane Club l. Wilson, Berry Ca+hryn-College Prep. Wilson, Donald Eugene. "Gene"--College Prep. Choral Club 2, 3. 4: Vice-Presiclenl' ol Class 2: Hi-Y 3, 4. Secrerary 3: Srudenl Council 2: Ediror "Li'rrle Chief" 4: Sporfs Ediror Annual 4: Franklin Press Convenlion 3: Home Room Presi- denr I.3.4. Wilson, Bessie Geneva-Business Ed. Wilson Jacqueline Rufh. "Jaclrie""General. 'Wilson. James Henry. "Jim"-College Prep. Execurive Council l, 2. 3. 4. President 4: Foofball 3.4: Hi-Y 2.3.4: Honor Socieiy 3.4: Class Presiclenr I: Class Vice Presicleni' 4. N Wingrove, Karhleen Rufh, "Kelly"-College Prep. Camera Club 3: Library Assl. 3. Wingrove, Philip Richard, "Diclx"" Pre-Apprenfice. Jr. Conservarion Club 3: Airplane Club 3. Wilry. Roy, "Whi+"-General.. Foorball l,2. 3.4: Baslcelball I, 2. 3.4: Track 1.2, 3.4. Wood, Barbara Jean, Bobbie " General. K.Y.C. Club 4. Woodruff, Bob, "Woody"-General. Camera Club 2. 3, 4. Presidenl 3: Annual Slaii 3, 4. Wrighl, EvereH' Daniel. "Ev" "General, Arr Assn. I. 2. 3,4. Wya'H, Phillipa-College Prep. Senior Class Play 4: Dramalics Club 2. 3. 4: W.H.B.U. Broaclcasl' 3. 4: Choral Club 3, 4: Slare Teachers' Conven- 'lion 4: W.I.R.E, Broadcasi 4: Scorlish Rile 3: Glee Club 2: Girl Reserve l, 2, 3,4: Annual Srali 3.4: Honor Sociely 3, 4: Senale 3. 4: Senior Class Play Comm. 4: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: Senior Garb Comm. 4: Guidance Assl. 2.3: Library Assr. 2: Lab. English Assi. 2. 3: Camera Club l, 2. Secrelary 2: Candy Siand 4: Dean's Council 4. Yunker. Alice Lavonne. "Bonnie"-Business Ed. K.Y.C. Club 3. Badger, Alice, "Sis"--General. Bailey, Jess Clifford, "Zeke" "Voc, Agricullure. Voc. Agriculiure Baskeiball I, 2, 3: Live- sioclc Judging Team l: F. F. A. I, 2, 3. Beclreli, Doroihy Rulh. "Dolly"-'Business Ed. Bundy, Wayne Miley'-General. Cales, Harold Elgin-Pre-Appreniice. Clem, William Franklin, "Bill"'-Business Ed. Connelly, James "Yehudi"-General. Coon, Glen, "Cooney" -General. Cripe, Herman S.-General. Davis, Norman Jack. "Dixie"-Pre-Appreniice. Davis, Rulhe, "Blondie"-Business Ed. Downey, William-General. Duckworlh, RaymondmrPre-Appreniice. Garrison, Earl"C'en- eral. Gilbraiih, Marybelle-College Prep. Harney. Louise Mae, "Red"-'Business Ecl. Hepfer, John, "Busi'er"-Pre-Ap- prenlice. Hunfzinger, Earl Oliver, "Whiley""General. Hufcherson, Busier-General. Johnson, John Prenlis"'Voc. Agricullure.Jones, Helen Jean, "Jonesy"-"General. Girl Re- serves l,2: G.A.A. l,2, 3. Killian, Bobby-General. Kohn, Joel Levi"College Prep. McAfee, Kennelh Eugene, "Mas" --General. Track 4, McKinley, Billy Winfield, "Bill"-'General. Jr. Conservaiion Club 2.3: Ari Assn. 4. Mercer, Eugene-Pre-Appreniico Moulden, Edward, "Bud"'Pre-Apprenlice. Jr. Conservalion Club l. Norris, Charles Ray, "Charlie"Pre-Appreniice. Parlrhursi, Pearl Allen, "Popeye"-Pre-Appreniice. Baseball 3, 4: Parr, Joe Smiih, "lclry"-College Prep. Perlrins, Walier Bert, "Bud" -rGeneral. Peiry, Joseph, "Fefe" -General. Band l,2,3: Glee Club l,2: H.S. Quariei: Orcheslra I, 2. Pelfigrew, Rex l.-Voc. Agriculiure. Ag. Bas- lceiball l. 2. 3, 4: Apple Judging Team 4: F.F.A. 2, 3, 4: Corn Club 2.3.4. Prui'l+, Laurie E.-General. Science-Maih Club 4. Reser, Billy Alfred, "Arkansas"-General. Rudrow, Leland Greig-Technical. Sludeni Assi. l: Siudeni Council 2: Jr. Conservaiion Club I, 2: Senaie 3. Ruefenachf, Ella Mae, "Mae"-College Prep. Siler, William A., "Bill"-College Prep. Senaie 3.4: Camera Club 2.3: Siudeni Assi. 4: Science-Maih Club 2, 3, 4. Slzellon, William, "Bill"'-'C-eneral. Smiley, Thomas Frederick, "Tom"-Pre-Ap- prenlice. Van Dylre, Thomas, "Tom"-Pre-Appreniice. Webb, Joseph Max, "Doc""Cveneral. Welborn, Derwin Keiih, "Lefly"-College Prep. Foofball I, 2,3.Whilehead, Genevieve-General. Wigner, Wilmer Hugh, "Buck"-General. Williamson, Mary Pairicia, "Pai" -General. Wood, Roberi' E., "Bob"-Pre-Appreniice. Wools, V. Harold, "Curley"-Pre-Appreniice. Yahn, Vicior William, "Bill"-Pre-Appreniice. Parisi, Kalh- ryn Rose-Business Eel. Polier, Wayne"General. Reese, Anna Belle-General. Slum, William-Pre-Apprenfice. Tyree, Pauline'-General. ln Memoriam RUTH STEWART Class of '42 Died July IO, I939 3 x " " : :e: - . 1 W 1 ' - QLZIS ,f,2, . Ni Z mn Q v ,ii V Wm.-f Ji sw, I ! ,W A. :EE YY AV, Y Y. Y Y Y.. 1 3325 y ., 1 U 5 if-ff! . 5Y?Mf'? sifrgi,-, ?3z1f . fi W . . ..,,.. K K 1 N i X, J A ' f' l E! V 3 3 M flu YZ '- if , If ll l in iii ' a ww . ,, .Q if f - uk - A if B ci , EQ Adams, Melvin Allman, Frances Allman, Rullw Amiclc, Rullw Anlon, Helen Arnold, Bob Aull, l-larriell Bable, Rila Baldaul, Jim Barg, Geneva Barnes, Roger Barrell, Jim Bales, Richard Beally, Mary Lee Beclnlold, Royal Beeler, Franklin Beeler, Frederick Belangee, Rosa Bell, Belly Beneliel, Virginia Berry, Bealrice Bevily, Bellie Beyler, Alvin Biddle, Barbara Biddle, Rulh Black, Waller Blackburn, Nedra Blueller, Belle Bluemle, Jack Boone, Belly Boyer, Colleen Briglll, Mary Brinson, Don Brissenden, Jolnn Bronnenberg, Deane Row I Bronnenberg, Fred Brooks, June Brown, Belly Jean Brown, Harold Brown, Loring Brubaker, Jerry Bruner, Jeanne Busby, Belly Jean Bulner, Trenlon Row 2 Byrne, Bob Cade, Lois Canaday, George Carmody, Frances Carraway, Joan Cauclell, Wilda Church, Manson Claylon, Kennelh Clemenl, Marlha Row3 - Collman, Bob Coil, Joanne Collins, Charles Conlon, Audrey Cook, John Cook, Marlha Cooper, Sara Cooper, Susanne Corder, Erma Jean Row 4 Cornnev, Belly Coverdale, Phyllis Cowqill, Bob Craib, Richard Crawlord, Dorolhie Creason, Velma Crecelius, Eleanor Crosley, Belly Crull, Delores , L , 4 ,K J Q A s. Row 5 Cummins, Bill Dallon, Bolo Dayenporl, Don Davidson, Belly Decker, Evelean Delinqer, Keilh Demick, Bob Denny, Opal Dillz, James i . g , so y ' -..l:r , y ,sssi B , ln in 'L V K '- A if I ::, Z :I- ii: Q as s r ' B ' is .. rss J J 1 f s D D s l l,., fm - -J J - ' . I Q C a ,5,,1, . . . H I K :,,' E" I xv V, V i W V ' 5? Eh y I J , ss r sr X N or in 1 J 153313 , QQ 4 fissi ,--I 1 H Q A f . in J, my r .J is "": iii '-" i L -- i i ii iii '--' I Q i id f ,,,, A rrs, ,ZEPIIE M H b ,J B ' fl 'n-r'::i'f A 2, yyyy Q J, s 5 fi B g , r rss ' i I ,,,' i ii E ii - i B rrss 5 W SN- ffm ll 7 y A fs . fr, N ,f f Alv, .R 3 if ilrxjf , V f , -l' 3, 4 i i u. L Row I Dolenslci, Frances Dorsey, Bill Douglas. Bruce Dovey, Jean Downard, Virginia Dunlap, Mary Louise Dunlap, Jacquelyn Eberle, Anna Mary Eqgrnan, Max Row 2 Elsea, Mariha Fslcew, James Evans, Ora Falqe, Jessie Farmer, Bill Finley, Marfha Fisher, Oma Fleicher, Barbara Ford, Dick Row 3 Forlener, Ray Forse, Barbara Fousi, Annie B. Fowler, Virginia Franlce, Anna Marie Franlclin, Faye Friend, Allen Fuller, Mariorie Fursl, Carolyn Row 4 Gardner, Geraldine Garrelson, Doris Gavel, Franlc Gephardi, Mary Ann German, Blanche Gilmore, Phyllis Gilmore, Winsion Grani, Barbara Grossman, Jean Row 5 Gullion, James Hackleman, Virginia Hahn, Rosadore Hall, Virginia Hanna, Carol Harrinqlon, Marilyn Harrison, Hugh P. Harrison, Virginia Harlman, Vera ' -avg A. , ull' x - 4-.a 9 ' 5 El feed ' A3 l , f "3 '- ,ll , if 1 S f nf i L ,L,, Mig? A Hawkins Marine ' elll , N Hensley, Jaclf .,,,' l :l il ,gm ,-': 1, ,: Hefblq. Bill . K we Qgq :... E F fi ' K' Herold. Jim f el gl K ig, sf . ' H 1, l XT ' -:Q 1-15525 ":: :S sr..l,L -sr'r'v ' V V, 4 :A - ,,,.. , 'A F Hilliqoss, Orville ,g , klqk I, V A :-.E Q , ' Holmes, Franlc , iff ".. , , ln .L V- ,'.. N, 1 Hopkins, Mary Karel 5 59, LVLI Q, i rr,. g, , ,ag Howard, Shirley ' ul y, K 5 gj 1" K K , Hunt Eleanor ii i " . "" V Hunier, Paul , . gi E I y y L 1 f ri Huser, Mary Emma 'i a VA " Z 7 .LX 1 V l'lUSl0fl- Tom , F W fi' . J if '- Jackson, Joan l i ' ..,, "" z "l"' ""' gif James' JW 1' f' A , ,. ,,,, . f f , f f .,.i- la , lg ':':: , x , y ,.,,V Jaffell Eloise ' ' M Pig Jerabelc, Lorraine 1 ' ii AP' 'Mf g i i ii zl -,,- 5 1: I i n ,I js. Jones, Jane? 5 . il' Kailor. Helen iii ' f l" 7 i xi ' i leesllnq. Earl V ' K F M K ' Q l.,, E. S F' "l'-' Mila? W l fr 'l'l A I i Keeslinq, Frances Ll, , ,.: V K . . K 'qeg i , ,," i , Kelly, Alva .P ' .. . Y Kimerly, Forresl N ,Lg 'gin-N9 ,-.,' :II lx- 1 V Kenens, Melba "" :ri 'i I i Ai fi Kimble, Dale '- ,,- X, 5 wi ily, g X F F " ' " ' ,. Klfle- ChGfleS - 2 Kolenda. lmelda f H S Q E? E' ii ',:" N Kopp, Emma Lou I' 2,, i, L.yy: Q f if Kopp, Florence , 5 --:::"' lfgjigg j N ' clever ey, '- ,.,l E F :-"" S 1', W ',-,' l 1 l,,. f l,1 f , al- - f Q V , 1 -f,,52,.q . f .gf Krueger, Bob Kulclenslci, Genevieve Lalcey, Marlha Lakey, Mary Land. Lawrence l . 5 N .A , I , , ,, yy-,,y y ' f J .4 E1 ,J lib? .J 9 Z I :ff 4 3 an R J f fa rl M elif Q 3 2 'TQ R J 'F l ra r a 1 R Q we 3' TFA. 'hi Lane, Helen Lauler. Jean Lennis, Joan Lennis. Ralph Lewis, Eclna Lieclwly, Bob Lierman, Bob Loer, Evelyn Long, Carolyn Loudenbaclr, Jean MacGillen. Lucena Maly, Vlasla Manloolh, Maxine Marlin Jack Mafclweff, Leona Mafllwew, Carl Malfhew, Neil McConnell. Alice McCreary, Donna McManigili, Mary Jo McWilliams, Slwirlee Mears. Doris Mears. Tom Me-lclwer, Joe Miles, Willie Miller, Carolyn Miller. Norman Molina, Joe Monlgomery, Richard Morgan, Rosemary Moore, Lowell Moore, Norma Jean Moss. Bill Mullen, Barbara Jane Munson, J. Row I Myers Norma, Naslw, Eleanor Neal, Pauline Neese, Phillip Nell, Harry Nellerville, Viclor Newsom,-Twila Newlon, Doyle Noland, Herby Row 2 Nooney, Judillw Norman, Marjorie Norlon, Jeanne Norlon, Kallwerine Nowlin, Clmarles Nunley, Alvin O'l-leron, Ferol Olvey, Wilmellw Onsloll, June 0 i X X 9 x .- rr rrr s lar R N V"-'..,,, A' ' f. 2 7 Row 3 Orllw, Paul Parker, Bernadene Parr, 6-aynelle Pallon, Rila Penn, Norma Perry, Don Pelerson, Madge Pellilord, Norma Phillips, Belly Row 4 Plwillips, Bob Pike, Doris Posey, Marllsa Precup, Lena Reeder, Carolyn Reeder, Lillian Rerninglon, Janice Reuse, Tom Richardson, Don f' ,S in ,R a:?,, - ii I ' ., . in -N, .K ' Qt? ie? ' a f r , 3 L! xg Row 5 Riclwwine, Belly Riggs, Waller Riley, Mary Helen Rodecap, Ralph Rodeman, Belly Roqers, John Romine, Barbara Roseberry, Paul Ross, Ellen Q ,. E,,. Q iiiiiii 'E , ,,.. 0 Q all M ,i Q H :,,, ?i, n'1 my .V,.: X 3? g i ,,, .. , ik A b A, ,,,, Eb: ' -., V R is i vi.. . , .,, D 1, fi' 52 ' - -- -- . 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Rose Ellen Slidham, Waller Sfineman, Juanifa Slinson, Mariwanda Row 5 Sfriclcler, Esfher S+uarl'. Roberf Slufsman, Belly Swaney, Jack Swank, Phyllis Swinlford, Alla Jean Swinlord, Don Talberl, Wilma Tanner, John Q il E, A ll L x fri V rl 'ill f ,w,iH3 ,lll ii ' -i fXIL? ll- mWo5',f sl ,, , fnffa miie gi an W of a.fnA1lf I e f lf r F' 5 ff A , VI V ,. E - , ,ge ,,,,: i f ' . ....... ,fo L L L ar ,l -- L w EE, o ..Qf15 ffl Q , .A iw, iii " L. i f R ,L wyy VNL.. , , V I A V N l 9' for L' lllf I 'V J ' L 1 l I ' IIY A i' L ' ,ey y l" ,Q XQfi ,,,l, il' Q 3 Q5 'iiini eg, MV X I 'V 'Q 5 : Q vw , H X V 'wi ewifki fbf'mw ii' he L Ja? L , ,fi ' , M' , e, , a , Q A so H ilapl' rall ' Qggtgizdf EQ? Taylor, Dorollwy Taylor, William Telers, Jim Thayer, Lolila Thompson, Elmer Thompson, Frederick Tilus, Belly Ann Tompkins, Donald Truebloocl, Berllwa Turner, Doris Turner, Joyce Turner, lvlarllla Uremoviclw, Jane Ullerbaclc, Doris Vandevender, Evelyn Vandevender, Wanda Van Meler. 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Craib, Johnny ' f " J ' ' 'Q , Craig, Donald A vi ,A - Q- Cf-egg, Emma ' -A , ' " I ram, Lola gf A Q, - ' KK ...., K .K Crull, Juanita K , - ' KK R ' '5 'f' Cummings, Helen J Kee A . ri-Lf ,-. K ,E - KK, .. Cunningham, Hilda , . , ' K, K Cunningham, Wilmer A KK' , r - . if K, 1 , gf Curry, Eris " l , Dalton, Eva Lou 5 K KK , - ..,. I E" gf K K- Dare, Keith is "f'i 2 " KK - EK . K 'E ,, 2, K fff' K Darlington, Charlotte .K ' l 3 K W-r. .K , 1 ' K,KK we z Darwin, Carolyn , 1 DaKgglJ3KKfgKKAn2aKK K V ..f ,s -. - ,, . ,.. -- W y, nl 3 Q. , . Davenport, Jack 4, Q JK K ' K, , Ka , Davisson, Bill ' W 'K fi' ,QI ' .4 ' ,. W. i K- f - , ' . Day, Donalrl K 1 K. -. 1 A ' K 1? ' oelpn, Harold K 5 . . K'T , A fx" .. ,K KK . KPK, Dethloff, Melissa E' . Q ' - - M, . W ' DOW, Billy KK -.f K- A55 K, -, - - rr it-2. 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A iiii' Qfdfil f lliuv ,...r Riggs Chester Roberts Jim Romine Tom Root Don Roush Joan Ryan James Saylor Eugene Scampmorte Josephine Schlossberg Gerald Schmidt Gertrude Schmitz George Schoonover Edith Schreiner David if c 1 R .ZH A ' 1 Saunders, Charles 1 '3' ii i , A .1 A Seipel,iMarie 9 Self, Junior Shafer, Jim Shipley, Donna Shultz, Wilma Siler, Ruth Singleton, Aldine Singleton, Maxine Skiles, Bob Smith, Marjorie Smith, Mary Ellen Smith, Wilma Snyder, James Souders, Bill Southam, Bill Spangler, Delbert Spencer, Clifford Stanley, Ceinwen Sleiner, Florence Stephen, Paul Stephens, Betty Stierwalt, Betty Ann Stout, Treva Stressel, Adeline Stuart, Dick Summers, Helen Summers, Paul Sumner, Cassie Surface, Martha Swetnam, Mary Swinford, Alice Sylvester, Keith Tappin, Charles Tarvin, Hildred Tate, Bill Taylor, Arthur Taylor, Donald Taylor, Helen Taylor, Joan Teague, Velma Teter, Frederick Thomas, John Thompson, Letha Thompson, Norman Toombs, Jack Toombs, Jean Tracy, Anna Lee Tracy, Bill Tranbarger, Mary Jo Tribbett, Margaret Tucker, Bob Tyler, Doris Upham, Ernestine Utley, Bertha Vandevender, Ruth Vermillion, Winifred Wainscott, Betty Waitman, Charles Walker, Ann Watson, Mary Weatherford, Betty Weatherford, Jeanne Weidner, Ruby Wellons, Ralph Wertz, William Wheat, Marjorie Whitaker, Jim Wicker, Jean Wilder, Dick Wilhite, Patty Williams, Jack Willis, Marvin Wilson, Jack Windan, Bob Wyant, Norma Yates, Jacqueline Yocom, Mildred York, Roy Youngs, Anna Mae Yust, Jackie Zerkle, Bob Zedekar, Marion Alatza Eyalyn A.dred Earl 1 Allex, Norma 'D Anderson Rexina . Antrobus Raymond l - Armstrong George H . Arnold Mary Louise Atwell Ava Ayres Cecil Bach Ernest Badgley Don Badgley Virginia Baker, Edith l ' sl 1 ' Q' fn, K . . , - , Q j-Qt ' 4' I: ,ut 25 , Anderson, Louise i 'SWS I i lt if ' 1 q 3 it i 3, I ' if it as ' if 'idol friliur, .m l J J , 4- Q 4 K s sf Q ' f 5 + Q X , 'M Q, l xl H ik T Q3 3, at I M , ....,, IQ : ViliLr 'l Vli, .,ii, Q :" ,K kry, i f.:, X N . . ri ,.L C :k"i l i kxmiz S W I i, , fi- fx it 5 ix J ., J . ,- : J "':'-: A J " Y ka k f ,y it My Q iai a s i t P -:,i ' 71' Ai r' it 1 A "' f i is :'Qf? it . E is izi is K R L X ,, ' ' ' it 'i':- ' "'i'fP: , iiii 9' iiii if 4 li. S :AW A A' .1 V A ,KAA - , e ,., , .. Zhi, .. C x A F g i ii 'P C isr :i f ,ai 5 aa lg irri L J' C it r ii J N Q W' ' j f iz, ,, ,ff , i 1 Af " ,J w,i , C , , ,.. 1,3 t if 5 ,EI .,.e , o , iri. 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Bell, Lillian Beneiiel, Georgia Bencfiel, Thelma Blake, Doris Blackburn, Geneva Blackburn, Mabel Blueher, Jayne Bluemle, Marilyn Bolt, Bob Boone, Jim Branch, Phyllis Breece, Jeanette Bricker, Bertha Bright, Virginia Lee Brinduse, Ruth Brock, Phillip Brooks, Norma Brown, Beverly Jo Brown, Harold Brown, JoAnn Brown, Margaret Brown, Maxine Brown, Wilmer Broyles, Max Bryson, Joan Brunner, Bonnie Burkhardt, Charles Burton, Elnora Burton, Jack Busby, Joan Bushong, Margaret Byrne, Joyce Byrne, Roger Campbell, William Cantwell, Jimmy Lee Caroeriter, Cecil Carr, Bob Cash, Dick Chaney, Janet Cherrington, Phyllis Clark, Bill Clark, Dale Clark, Jack Clark, Marilyn Clark, Martha Clark, Robert Claytor, Betty Lou Clem, Joan Coble, Sallie Cochran, Hazel Collins, Marcia Collins, Newell Collis, Cherie Compton, Rose Condon, Syvilla Conley, Ruth Ann Contos, Sandra Ann Cook, Joseph Cox, Gilbert Craib, Mary Craig, Mary June Craig, Richard Crecelius, Robert Cronk, Myrle C h, --4557 all Crosley, Patricia Davis, Mary Louise Dawson, Gene DeBolt, Bob .3 Del-lority, Elwood Denton, Betty DeVinney, Bob ,W " IQ, 'K i :-' I K ' ' Dew, Alyce W' if-2 .,i. 1 A -M, 4 Dexter, Jacqueline 150 2 , . Y Z xfl ll 151. Diltz, Thelma Dohse, Bob Drewery, Sue Durgan, Patty Duvall, Margaret Earl, Martha Edmonson, Nathan Ehrhardt, Virginia Lee Elliot, Vern Ellis, Tom Emmons, Barbara Eubank, Russell Farmer, Evelyn Ferdinand, Mary Ferree, Mariarn Fischer, Alfretta Fletcher, Dale Folsom, Donna Forse, Harry D. Fortner, Norman Fouse, Mona Foust, Billy Fowler, Marian Fraley, Bob Franke, Bob Frye, Harry Frederick, Dorothy Friddle, Loren E. Friend, Frank Fuller, Carolyn Gardner, Beulah Gaus, Gerald Gephardt, Thomas Gibson, Dolores Gill, Alice Gilmore, Janice Gilmore, Eilene Goerz, Melvin Gosling, Marylene Gourley, Richard Grady, Mead Graney, Ruth Gray, Eugene Gray, Jack Gray, Joanne Gray, Robert Gregg, Ronald Gwinnup, Don Gwynn, Frances Hahn, Eileen Haines, Mary Hamilton, Richard Harless, Billie Harless, Mac Harrison, Richard Hatch, Evah Hawkins, Morris Hieney, Joanna Helmic, Walter Henderson, Betty Herkless, Joyce Herrel, Reta Hervey, Robert Lee Hiatt, Jessie Lee Hilboll, William Hill, Sam Hinchman, Robert Hittle, Robert Hornor, Bob Howe, Marianna Hudson, Carl Hudson, James Huffman, Donna Lou Hughes, Patricia Huqhes, Ralph Hull, Ruth l-lulse, Phyllis Humbles, Gerald Humbles, Harold Hungerford, Jacqueline Hurst, Ruth l-lutton, Jean Hutton, Merle lmel, Freeman Jaclcscn, Bernadine James, Charles James, Don James, William Calvin Johnson, David Johnson, Vera Jones, Dorothy Jones, Erma June Fox, Raymond Greathouse, Norma Hon, Jean JONES, FI'6Y1ClS W rft i' . ,I ,. 1 ,iiii L i n .. 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' ..a- ,,. .,i., r it 'u " A Jones, Maurice Jones, Robert Jordon, Elwanda Jorgensen, Clarence Jorgensen, Tom Kaiser, Joe Keesling, Dorothy Keesling, Eugene Lasley, Norma Lawrence, Ralph Lawson, LeRoy Leckron, Ralph Leonard, Dick Lewellyn, Betty Lewis, Phillip Limbrock, Jean Maxwell, Mary Louise McArt, Janice McCormack, Margaret McCurdy, LaVonne McEwen, Gwendolyn McKain, Russell McKay, Donald Merritt, Betty Muir, Leon Murdock, Frances Munson, Maribeth Nevis, Roberta Newby, Everett Nunley, Marie Nowlin, Harriett O'Bryant, Mary Kessler, Robert Lindzy, Glenn Michael, Helen Ogden, Bob Keith, Earlyn Livingston, Carl Middleton, Bill Olvey, Bill Kidwell, Maxine Long, Bob Miller, Barbara Osting, Mabel King, John R. Looper, George Miller, Jack Owens, Harriett Kolenda, Mary Lowe, Carolyn Miller, Phillip Paige, Velma Kreegar, Morris Luck, Betty Minton, Morris Parmer, Tom Kustanborter, Shirley Luther, Edgar Mitchell, Joe Pancol, George LaMar, Maurice Lynam, Forest Mitchell, Wilber Parker, Patricia Land, Bob Main, J. Dyson Monroe, Arthur Pavey, Bob Land, Carl Major, Lorraine Moore, Barbara Pavey, Doris Landes, Charles Malone, Joan Moore, Don Pequignot, Robert Landis, Ruth Marianos, Ward Moore, Donna Perry, Melvin Landon, Howard Martini, Meredith Moore, John Peterson, Scott Lane, Betty Marrer, Suzanne Moreland, Ina Petry, Neal Lantz, Elizabeth Matthew, John Motto, Marny Pettigrew, Joyce Laurie, Billie Mattingly, Joe Mounts, Robert Phillips, Patricia o . 1 Q ? - A .- krk, K K , ,, 3 R, K Vi mg! -I K w " 4 f-2 - :rib 2 i- pw 'E ., V.. fi - so J FB -':'i L L 1 , J, . -L-- K , 1 ' i I, -S .M A B . I ' 3' Y A L ,X -,ly .D K, L J essi ., i , f V - fy st? G. - V st f-21 . e..r I 1 M 31 . in P f N A .iii if is ff 1 i , in ii i V N V6 B .,.. ,.., If , , 1 in 5,2 LN 5' ,. ir I V " l Q K A ii s fig! 4 - 3 ' rr . fx, . A ' , , l f , L, ' i . if J it f C S- ...,. s ' i J ' J J -i 1 svs J L sissir " . it w s .l,..L . N , ' i R ' 'i A 'e K' J? ' e -neg s , s, riff ,,i,o ?' f 'ini i ' J if A J is no ff' .. r i . " , -V s ' -. . e..,... 4 ,, - . 'f' f" iii f ' me f i a. .Ishii 1-- ff sz. - , ' E-QQ.: , , t g i,,i,g,,, vi.. if , Wg ., J N. , i . so Q , , , 1 s J ,- K s A HV. VK -g K-iran, f fr Ak it 3-:EEL ,S gait , C, ,. g .---4' , , 2 -- P X -" P J l X J V A K ,,.. . t . i i, I t l t A K -:Q i 'Q' f i f fi, W ,fngi if Q . ii- . ii, 1, i f I we f p .W L x N: vu 'fit ' R, If .fm 4 K J i i A .,, Q gall 25 2.5. - rw I s a Pitts, Patricia Plessinger, Anne Plummer, Bette Poer, Edward Poffenbarger, Doris Poole, Richard Priest, Dodge Priest, W. K. ' Pryor, Lucien Raines, Jeanne Rector, Jack Reed, Rosalind Rich, Ellen Riggs, Barbara Robbins, Eddie Roberts, Bruce Opal Robinson, Mildred Robinson, Nondas Jane Robinson, Patricia Rock, Robert Rodeman, Florence Roland, Janet Rousey, Lillie Mae Roush, Maxine Rumler, Betty Sample, Mary Jo Saubent, Mary Alice Saxon, Bill Schneider, Phyllis Seipel, Wilbur Sellers, Doris Shafer, Pauline Sheets, Carey Shiyely, Walter Shoultz, Jack Showalter, David Shrout, Gordon Shroyer, Martha Simmonds, Gene Simmons, Betty Skaggs, Mary Louise Skiles, Fay Smith, Betty Ann Smith, Bobby Smith, Don Smith, Don Smith, Dorothy Smith, Hazel Smith, Joyce Snider, Gale Snow, Ruth Speedy, Betty Stanger, Patricia Straub, Virginia Stohler, Geraldine Surber, Maurice Swaim, Olive Swain, Bob Swinford, Lawrence Taylor, Alice Thomas, William Thompson, Bobbie Toombs, Betty Tudor, Madonna Utley, James Vandergrift, Bob Vaughn, John Vaught, Charles Vickers, Joan Wallace, Frank Walser, Bill Warmke, James Watkins, Jo Ann Webb, Phillip Weeve, Janice Westrick, Patricia Welchel, Barbara Whetsel, Marybelle White, Barbara White, Nellie Whittaker, Norma Wier, Patty Wilborn, Wilma Wilder, Jean Ann Williams, Dick Williams, Sally Williams, Jim Williamson, Patsy Vllillson, Dick Windgrove, Janet Wishon, Harold Wisner, Ronald Worley, Charles Wright, George Zion, Nila Zirkelbach, Donald e, , A t Sq .. . t,,, , f . i- It 'f2-Q 1 H K . , J i rir . wg 1 il'l, ' ' , , - Jt, at -'c' J ' J ' . . , ' -- of ' ,ii' on 1 5 at 1 l We , 'G yyac no a t if , J ,JQ , , i r elf f i - A,,. .,:' css 4 1 ,', XXXX QQXXQ -:, ,N ,.-. J fy, , Q ix ' Q J ig ...,A i "',- li , 7 et i f ii , ii 1 i E s,,c ,,,,,. ' 5 J it ' S cs s J -i . f If if K J L .. L i' tl h is 1 : S 4 - P, f P , T1 -r,, t .i is t ei i J-stiff . B Q ,., K I .K X :u it J --,., - Vr riig k . ., 1 " 2' it L "P , il t i w ' H " - 1'-- - .V A will ti V a ny P' . ' iiata 1 o asf '- i -- ' "', J ,f P' if . A vi- if f s i r i i S S-Q s ji. it, 3 l C 1 S 'X N , '2'Q' ' i 'Jes ' '55, E J Y A A so , 1 J 'V J f X ' l swf l Q l S to 5 ...A . sling Pm N J W K C th J ' ' 22 1 f B fi' S B - of 'W - 5 , g , C1 C , S J 1 if M., J - ' 'J N at V Vx Y.: l - I , g l " : tw in ff S. ,' If. J V, si. "-' A -P-.. F' q J A ' S J N ., oll , J .:,:. J ' .. l if it J ' J J' if ' ' it , ..,.., S W. J' J N S -sl N N f J , , Lmm 5 V, -1 L' m, A V 1 f .4 ' ' M AM mil X I Qigh . A W Q5 kb , i -. ,..,. Yk sg 5 K s :bs - kk it . . Q by sg :kf , Z 5 , , ,Ii ,. J I 5 . ,t fn! -as sg? D ea 1, .,:, . k:h:7 I K :I 'V 1- K ,V-35 J, H ',., . :E z f m I l k? ,V is ' Nil - . 4 R , if N if 1 ei- f ff. 1 J ' 4-me X if lil, f s " issl 1 f as . . J Q 5 ' -V so . Q it , 1, t t . f i , M me , N g ,sec as X' o 'J N ZWAZ H J w " :.1: ,ccc v ...," N ' ssc it p Q S :'A X t S at ff Q, so 1 ' . G I e i If it Adams, Betty Alatza, Paul Bailey, Thomas Bathauer, Natalie Boze, Marion Brown, Robert Brundage, Charles Burt, Ronnie Byrum, Claris Campbell, Beverly Chapman, Charlotte Crockett, Virginia Davis, Jim Dollens, Jim Dunn, Harry Edgeman, Billy Fisher, Nellie Fowler, Mary Jane Funkhouser, Annabelle Gillinger, Lyla Gray, Edward Green, George Hadley, Imogene Hall, Jack Hardy, Miles Hart, Melba Doris Hawley, Barbara Hileman, Jacqueline Hunnell, Ray Hutton, Jack Johnson, Jack Leever, Harold Lewellyn, Leroy Long, Phyllis Lutton, Earl Malick, Joe Meyer, Beverly Miley, Evelyn Miller, Irene Minton, David Morgan, Richard Paige, Robert Peters, Norman Phelps, Gene Pittenger, Don Prater, Robert Priest, Joann Rezer, Elda Rhodes, Warren Rudd, Barbara Scott, Suzette Sells, Doris Jean Sheedy, Evelyn Shelburn, Ralph Siler, Marjorie Simpson, Robert Smith, Dorothy Smith, Jack Smith, Patricia Snow, Naomi Spall, Betty Spangler, Betty Starr, Martha, Paul Sturwold, Mary Carolyn Thompson, Gene To"d, William Welsh, Joe Wigner, Benjami Wilbur, Joe Wilson, Anna Xllason, Verlin F1 4 -A 'Y -Q. 155 VISIT Bob Br0Wn's Record Dept. RCA-Viclor Radios and Plmonograph Comloinaliom VicI'or and Bluebird Records Popular and Classical Recordings I3IIm and Meridian Phone QI I CGM PLI lvl ENTS ol HiII's Department Store 9+I1 and Meridian You taste. its quality Bottled under authority of The Coca-Colo Company by ALFRED TURNI-BR'S STUDIO Distinctive Photography IIE +IOI'I1SI I CO Pi Cousirfs of U A I, ity, ,,-i IQ- v The Sfore TI1a'I' I 4 I L' Ii , II 'WX .fE3gX Confidenfe BuiI'I ELGIN YOU LL SEE BULOVA IT FIRST GRUEN .7!1,e?fWLg, Commercial Service Company I A MODERN PRINTING I ESTABLISHMENT I SUCCESSFULLY MANNEI: A Complefe Service In- I LAYOUT 0 ART O ENGRAVING I TYPOGRAPHY II OFFSET PRINTING I LETTERPRESS PRINTING phone BINDINGQALL wITI-IIN OUR OWN PLANT 550I No+ "Cheap" buf Economical FITIIT and CI'IesTnuT STS., Anderson, Ind. DECKER'S INC. H67 Sfeps off Meridian on IITI1" SCHOOL SUPPLIES 0 OFFICE EQUIPMENT ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 0 BOOKS, GIFTS, KODAKS FOUNTAIN PENS 5c--HAMBURGERS--5c Buy 'em by The sack HiII's Snappy Service I41I1 and Meridian 20 Egg+ ll-HI YOU'LL LIKE 'EM THE WAY WE FRY 'EM Q 5 8 5 - ve YRAOE MARK R GISTERED 5 MILK and DAIRY PRODUCTS EAST SIDE JERSEY DAIRY 722 Baldwin Av Telephone 778: , THE GUARANTEE SHOP Compllmenls PHONE OF 55:1 THE CH-Y Garmenl Cleaners Downlown Office Planf Office I2 E. IOII1 S+. Opp. Remy Planl' 4 Profil by coming Io SCHUSTER BROS. Hari Slmallner 84 Marx CLOTHES lor Men and Boys SCHUSTER BROS., O. P. O. The Slore of Grealer Values ANDERSON LOUISVILLE, KY. MUNCIE Clh and I.'!ai.1 Slreels The Qualify Corner Indiana Business College SCHOOLS LOCATED ATANDERSON, KOKOMO, MARION, RICHMOND, MUNCIE, LOGANSPORT, COLUMBUS, INDIANAPOLIS, LAFAYETTE, and VINCENNES For lull parliculars, wrile or call Anderson Business College Dellawter Jewelry Store YOUR SCHOOL JEWELER I3 WEST Illh STREET Anderson's Oldesl ancl Compllmen-ls Largesf Creclil Jewelers OF O1 s e n Posr oFF:oE CAFE f f Ebaxiln los: MERIDIAN STREET Forknefs Studio WELCOMES THE I943 SENIORS FOR THEIR ANNUAL PORTRAITS Seniors of l942 and l943 Classes ask aboul our YOU SUIT US! We Hope We Can Always 'SUIT' YOU! Clolhes Thal Are Righf Prices Thai' Are Righier Royal Double Easel Mounls 81 O WEST SIDE OF SQUARE FINE TAILORING Over McCrory's Jandtl MEN'S STORE Compieie Line of Men's Furnishings -- From Head 'ro Toe LATEST FASHIONS II33 Meridian Be'r'I'er Por1'rai+s ELITE STUDIO lO29 Meridian SENIORS SHOP AT Fadely and Ulmer's, Inc ' 9l5 Meridian Sfreef DIXON For fhe Giri's Sporfs Wear ELECTRIC CO. Go To The Every+hing in +he UNIQUE SHOP Paramouni Theafre Building "Ups+airs" l02 I Merid Eledrical Line Dial 2-32I5 ,, 9 HAVE IT HARDWARE -- ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT F1 7'Ih and Meridia S Made-To-Measure CORSAGES CIo+I1es And Furnishings CLAIR CALL CUT FLOWERS I5 WesI IIII1 3I Wesf IZIII SI. WE CAN EIT YOU I WIIII WHEN YOU WANT TO MADE-TO- GO MEASURE CLOTHES USE TaII or shorf, sIouI or Ihin, I'I' cIoesn'+ maH'erI 0 SMART STYLES O CAREFULLY MADE 0 STURDY FABRICS 0 ANY MODEL VORTEX GAS and OILS Two Loca+Ions: I6I5 Ohio Avenue I4I9 Brown S+ree+ Bale Fuel Congraiulaiions Chillun The Nexi' Big Occasion is Mafrimony We Can Help You Wi+h Thaf Too CHARLES RITTMAN KAY-BEE FLOWERS V T JONES BARBER SHOP For The Besi' I3 Easi' I0fh S+. Anderson, Indiana ACCENT ON YOUTH!! Junior Miss Fashions fo Wear Wirh Joy Be Glamorous, Gay, and Romanfic In a "Darling" Dress DARLIN G SHOP lO35 Meri dian S+reef l Q Compiimen+s f figs OF Quali+y Firsf --- Then Sfyle---and .1 Low Price Cafheclral of Fashions I Indiana's Newes'I WE COVER THE FASHION FRONT The New TIMES THEATRE Accessories WIII1 TI1aI' Campus Accenf ANDERSON LOAN ASSOCIATION TenIh and Jackson SIreeIs 235 Decker Bldg' F H. A. and Regular Loans THE WRIGHT STORE FOR MEN Hoyt Wright Co. 9I I Meridian S'IreeI' SMITH FLORAL CO. The Lalesl' Slyles in Corsages for Gradualion ,. CA M E RAS Movies el f Q-Q':,::5'1'-'iliiiil 5 U P P L' E5 5 :Elia , ,. ..,..... ' 11sIsZ.leifa :SE5ifl5f'ff31fE1f1: '115 5 s.i:Sls:5iff l ACC E SSO Rl E S WMEZN :W 38 N i is ii5Z1:f:f:fg', a. 5:5-5: -:g::g.a.- 5:5-7 , rs? Y' v x i f ANDERSON 700 High S+. 8 W. II+h S+. CAMERA SHOP P one 2-'SH Phone 2-48I6 Nexl' lo Paramounl Theaire fnvi ' Jwumcrde HOSIERY Smarf Apparel 8 Wea io+h IOIO Meridian Your 'Friends and neighbors will fell you lT'S PLEASANT-lT'S SATlSFYlNG'IT'S CONVENIENT lT'S ECONOMICAL TO SHOP HERE JI' il"' ,gon the f mi 'AILOILB " 'H ' i . SAUTERS V'S'+ For Shoes Meridian a+ I21'h for Home and Red Cross Quali+y Wear Shoes for Women Boslonians for Men LOOK LIKE A PRINCESS IN PRINCESS SHOP CLOTHES The Eyes FoIIow Wherever You Go. Princess Shop I009 Meridian Sireei Phone 2-5325 WE INVITE YOU TO MAKE THE STATE THEATRE YOU SUMMER HEADQUARTERS FOR HEALTH AND RELAXING ENTERTAINMENT Typewri+e rs I Adding Machines T ' . f K- 'T' . Cash Regisiers is ., Check Wri+ers N Ren'IaIs - Repairs - SuppIies """' ' YQAXI MILLER HUGQHINS 'I Every+hing for Every Office I2I2 Meridian Sfreef YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT WALGREEN'S WALGREEN'S DRUG STORE I HI1 and Meridian Charley Durgarfs LINOLEUMS -- CARPETS CLOTH and VENETIAN SHADES 802 Main S+ree+ Lfql. el' SA Y n IU' Dnsnv Dorothy May Shop I O27-3 I Meridian Sheei' Qualiiy Fashions in Ladies' Wearing Apparel and Accessaries Smar+ Shoes for'rl'1e Smari' Women AIR-cooLED gk wean! in time . . . In whatever capacity you serve your country-whether in the armed forces or on the home front-you will bring to the task two great and powerful contributions to the cause of Victory. They are an alert mind, trained in the best tradition of the American educational systemg and the mwill to winfl developed through competition in sports and in studies. America will win this war, and win the peace that follows. You, as a member of the graduating class of 1942, have a part to play in both victories. Have confidence in yourself and in America, for you are well equipped for your assignment. 5 D DIVISION, GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION ANDERSON, INDIANA Delco-Remy is building materials and equipment to hebn win the war. Every Delco-Remy employee has subscribed for the purchase of War Savings Bonds. f 146. Aldred Branch, Phyllis, 64, 150. Amlqonyv Beck, Charles, 38, 62, 63, 65, 110 Adminislralion and Facully Anderson, D, Mignon, 99. Arbogasl, Reba, 33, 35, 52, 53 98, 99. Auslin, Mariorie, 6, 98, 99. Bailey, J. J., 35, 52, so, 99. Baker, Frank, 11, 52, 91, 93, 99. Balyeal, Wilma, 52, 79, 99. Barner, Claude, 91, 93, 100, Barr, Monllerl, 30, 87, 100. Bergevin, Paul, 65, 100. Bonge, Carl, 40, 41, 46, 58, Bowen, Donald, 100. Bowen, Therese, 53, 100. Boyd, Ralph, 52, 53, 79, 100. Brinson, W, H., 87, 93, 100. Brock, Agnes, 100. Brown, Kalherine, 100. Burns, Clarence, 41, 62, 85, 100. Campbell, Arlhur, 14, 65, 96, 97 Campbell, Dorolhy, 14, 53, 67 100. Carson, Celia, 52, 53, 85, 101. Chadd, A, R., I9, 22, 23, 34, 40, 41, 46, 53, 101. Childers, Fousl, 96. Collin, Merrill, 41, 101. Crillenberger, Juliel, 96. Crulchlield, lna, 101. Davis, George, 13, 70, 101. Day, Pauline, 101. Denny, Charles, 101, Dunlap, Dorolhy, 13, 15, 24, 53 74, 75, IO1. Dye, Joe, 101. Fleenor, Ray, 41, 52, 58, 101. Free, Wade, 96. Garrigus, John, 101. Goss, Ella, 65, 95, 101. Grahame, Evelyn, 56, 102, 107. Grillin, Margarel, 12, 52, 83 102. Hale, Lee, 102. Hale, Marguerile, 102. Hallell, Herman, 7, 53, 70, 102. Henry, Mae, 102. Horlon, B. B., 30, 102. Hosier, Basil, 53, 102, 107. Hoskins, Eslher, 6, 52, 102. Hughes, Helen, 82, 102. Humphrey, Helen, 72, 102. Humphrey, Mary, 52, 79, IO2. Hunlzinger, Jesse, 53, 103. Julius, Gordon, 86, 93, 103. Julius, Wysong, 65, 103. Kendall, Hazel, 53, 67, 103. Kolb, Waller, 41, 89, 103. Kuch, Jacob, 96. Lashbrook, Hazel, 52, 85, 103. Lawshe, Marie, 53, 103. Leachman, Margarel, 103, Lee. Lowell, 30, 103. Lindsey, Hazel, 103. Lindsey, Howard, 33, 83, 98, 103 Lindslrom, Virginia, 103. Lyon, Herberl, 104. McClinlock, Lyman, 52, 104. Maine, Vivian, 9, 104. Malher, L. B. 104. Miller, Herberl, 52, 56, 104, Miller, Mary, 52, 104. Morris, Dwighl, 12, 52, 53, 83 104. Mullendore, Margarel, 52, 53 104, 107. Nagle, Fannie, 78, 104. Olds, Mary, 53, 64, 82, 104. Pearl, Gilberl, 6, 104. Pllaslerer, Bonilyn, 1-05. Pippen, Sara, 53, 80, 85, 105. 100. INDEX Porler, Slanley, 7, 65, 97. Preslon, Helen, 53, 105. Pugh, Dane, 105. Rencenberger, Richard, 53, 76 77, 105. Rogers. Glen, 96. Rolruck, Clarence, 33, 52, 98 105. Sanders, Leo, 20, 52, 105, 107. Sharpe, Howard, 105. Sherman, Ray, 105. Shinn, Vern, 19, 41, 105. Shirey, Arlhur, 6, 52, 53, 67, 68 105. Sizelove, Belly Jane, 98. ' Springer, O. L., 52, 105. Slevens, George, 82, 86, 106. Slewarl, B. R., 53, 70, 86, 106. Slrickler, Gera1dine,, 65, 71, 106 Sloler, Fred, 52, 106. Slulsman, Jesse, 106. Thurslon. Mary Elhel. 12, 53, 106 Todd, Elgin, 106. Trees, Nedra, 72, 106. Ulmer, Margarel, 98. Vermillion, Virginia, 6, 106. Wagner, Virginia, 53, 106. Weaver, Fred, 52, 78, Whilson, Edna, 106. 106, 107 Abboll, Ed, 146. Abboll, Howard, 108. Abel, Thomas, 62. Arlhur, James, 52, 68, 150. Ashlon, Richard, 108, Alwell, Ava, 150. Alwood, Alice, 72, 146. Alwood, Dick, 10, 80, 108. Aull, Harriell, 85, 138. Auslin, John, 109. Aynes, Raymond, 146, Aynes, Cecil, 150. Ayres, Marlha, 72, 85, 146. Bable, Jeanne, 67, 87, 109. Bable, Rila, 75, 85, 138. Bach, Philip, 58, 150. Badgley, Belly, 109. Badgley, Donald, 107, 150. Badgley, Mariorie, 7, 10, 29, 80 109. Badgley, Virginia, 150. Bagshaw, lvan, 146. Bailey, Barbara, 51, Bailey, Charles, 11, 15, 28, 29 80, 109. Bailey, Mary E., 71, 108. Bailey, Mary, J. 78, Bailey, Phyllis, 76, 77, 146. Bailey, Thomas, 154. Baker, Bob, 65, 74, 75, 146. Baker, Edilh, 150. Baker, Jack, 150. Baker, Jane, 64. Baker, June, 146, Baker, Vern, 146. Baldaul, Bob, 150. Baldaul, James, 79, 80, 138. Baldaul, Rulh, 146. Bell, Lillian 150 Bender, Mary, 27, 32, 74, 110. Bender, Merrill, 79, Beneliel, Georgia, 150. Beneliel, Helen, 110. Beneliel, Virginia, 77, 82, 138. Bennell, Bill, 79, 146. Bennelll, Palsy, 38. Bennell, Rex, 79, 83, 110. Berry, Bealrice, 138. Berry, Belly, 110. Berry, Sally, 146. Bevily, Bellie, 138. Beyler, Alvan, 74, 78, 138. Biddle, Barbara, 84, 138. Biddle, Rulh, 138. Bird, Mary Margarel, 84, 110. Bilner, John, 110, 84. Achor, Cleda, 24, 48, 64, 81, 90 146 Achor, Adams Adams Adams Akins, iaanaid, 79, los. , Belly Ann, 154. , Charles, 54, 76, 77, 108 , Donald, 108. Adams, Melvin, 138. Alice V., 75, 146. Alalza, Elaine, 54, 74, 86, 108. Alalza, Evalyn 35, 72, 79, 150. Alalza, George, 38, 74, 79, 93. Alalza, Paul, 58, 154. , Earl Max, 150. Baldwin, Belly, 150. Ballinger, Roberl, 150. Barber, John, 52, 53, 62, 86, 146 Barg, Geneva, 68, 69, 71, 138. Barkalaw, Helen, 34, 109. Barkdull, Joan, 146. 107. Alexander, Wilma, 76. Allen, Evelyn M., 146, Allen, Joe, 10, 32, 33, 47, 50, 52 108 53, 54, 67, 70, 83, 84 ,87. Allen, Marilyn June, 75, 83, 85 146. Allen, Shirley J., 76, 77, 146. Allex, Helen, 87, 108. Allex, Norma, 150. Allison, Pally, 75, 146. Allman, Frances, 138. Allman, Helen, 146. Allman, Rulh, 138. All, Belly, 72, 85, 146. Amick, Rulh Ann, 24, 48, 64, 90, 138. Amos, Belly, 146. 80 Anderson, Bud, 10, 35, 62, 70, 80 108, Anderson, George, 146. Anderson, James, 32, 50, 54, 80 108. Anderson, Joe, 40, 42, 46, 62, 63 146. Anderson, Louise, 72, 150. Anderson, Rexina, 75, 150. Barker, Doris, 75. Barker, Nila, 109. Barnes, Belly, 109. Barnes, Donna, 109. Barnes, Phillip, 150. Barnes, Roger, 138, Barnes, Wayne, 146. Barnes, Virginia, 75, 150. Barnell, Don, 34, 35, 56, 109. Barney, Maxine, 150. Barnharl, Belly, 90, 146. Barnhizer, Rosemary, 24, 74, 109 Ba rrell, Charles, 146. Barrell, James, 19, 20, 58, 59 138. Bassell, Denison, 31, 53, 56, 67 70, 79, 109. Bales, David, 76. Bales, Richard, 138. Balhauer, Nalalie, 154. Balhauer, Ruby, 74, 109. Bauer, Jack, 150. Bauer, Rosemary, 71, 109. Baugher, lrma, 109. Baxler, Donald, 146. Beal, Mary, 77, 150. Beall, Mary Louise, 76, 146. Beard, Beulah, 69, 71, 110. Beally, Mary Lee, 80, 138. Beally, Orville, 91, Bechlold, Royal, 70, 138. Beck, Beverly, 72, 146. Bixensline, Edwin, 146. Black, Charles, 34, 35. Black, Waller, 20, 33, 58, 59, 60 76, 138. Blackburn, Geneva, 150. Blackburn, John, 110. Blackburn, Mabel, 150. Blackburn, Nedra, 138, Blagg, Charles, 110, Blake, Doris, 150. Blassaras, Berlha, 85, 110, 137. Blueher, Belle Lou, 75, 138. Blueher, Jayne, 150. Bluemle, Jack, 70, 138. Bluemle, Marilyn, 81, 150. Bolen, Bob, 19, 20, 86. Boll, Roberl, 150, Bond, Janel, 146. Boone, Belly, 24, 48, 64, 138. Boone, Jimmie, 150. Bosh, Helen, 110. Bowman, Charles, 58. Bowman, Kennelh, 58. Bowser, Doris, 146. Boyer, Colleen, 75, 138, Boze, Marion, 154. Bradley, Jack, 58. Bramming, Kennelh, 28, 74, 79, Brauchla, Zoe Ellen, 110. Pauline, 108. 35, 74, 80, 108 Anlon, Berlha, 26, Anlon, Helen, 138. Anlrobus, Raymond, 150. Apgar, Bill 108. Applegale, Joe, 74, 146. Arbuckle, Belly, 67, 75, 78, 108 Armslrong, George, 86 150. Arnold, Barbara, 108, 146. Arnold, Mary, 150. Arnold, Roberl, 138. Beck, Jack, 68, 70, 110. Beckner, William, 110. ' Beeler, Franklin, 69, 138. Beeler, Frederick, 138. Behymer, Lorin, 146, Belangee, Harry, 110. Belangee, Rosa, 138. Bell, Belly. 71, 72, ss, 138. Bell, Bill, 146. Bell, Bill Everell, 81. Breece, Belly, 146. Breece, Jeannelle, 85, 150. Bricker, Berlha, 150, Brighl, Dorolhy, 76, 146. Brighl, Mary, 138. Brighl, Violel, 85, 137. Brighl. Brighlman, James, 29, 75. Brinduse, Paul, 68, 137, Brinduse, Rulh, 64, 79, 150. Brinson, Don, 138, Brissenden, John, 18, 19, 20, 34 40, 42, 45, 57, 58, 59, 60, 70 Virginia, 150. 138. Brock, Pally, 79, 146. Brock, Phillip, 65, 86, 150. Brockman, Jane, 79, 111. Bronnenberg, Barbara, 13, 24, 3.3 64, 67, 69, 80, 82, 90, 111. Bronnenberg, Deane, 10, 34, 35 65, 72, 76, 85, 90, 138. Bronnenberg, Fred, 12, 26, 31 35, 53, 68, 69, 70, 80, 107 139. Bronnenberg, Jo Ann, 72, 146, Brooks, June, 139. Brooks, Norma, 150. Brown, Belly Jean, 139. Brown, Beverly Jo, 150. Brown, Bryce, 13, 33, 34, 50, 54 68, 70, 80, 111, 137. Brown, Carl, 111. Brown, Daniel, 26, 111, Brown, Brown, Harold, 47, 139, 150. Harold F., 111. Brown Brown Brown Helen, 75. Jewell, 111. JoAnn, 150. INDEX Chaney, Janel, 150. Chapman, Charlolle, 154. Cherringlon, Phyllis, 150. Childers, Delores, 146. Church, Manson, 74, 75, 139. Clark, Billy, 150. Clark, Dale, 150. Clark, Marilyn, 72, 150. Clark, Jack, 89, 150, Bryson, Joan, 72, 75, 150. Decker Brown Kennelh, 89, 111. Brown Loring Huberl, 139. Brown Luella, 146. Brown Margarel, 150. Brown, Maxine, 150. Brown Melvin, 146. Brown, Roberl, 154. Brown, Wilmer, 150. Broyles, Bob, 146. Broyles, Max, 68, 150. Brubaker, Jerry, 139. Brumlield, Bryan, 28, 146. Brumlield, Mabel, 111. Brundage, Charles, 154. Bruner, Jeanne Anne, 69, 72, 139. Buck, Caroline, 52. 68, 146. Bunner, Bonnie, 150, Burkhardl, Charles, 150. Burl, Ronnie, 154. Burlon, Alora, 111. Burlon, Elnora, 150. Burlon, Jack, 150. Busby, Belly Jean, 11, 31, 68, 91 139. Busby, Jo Anne, 24, 48. 64. Busby, Ralph, 87, 111. Bushong, Margarel, 78, 150. Buller, Wanda, 75, 146. Bulner, Trenlon, 139. Byrne, Joyce, 64, 150. Byrne, Roberl, 29, 91, 139. Byrne, Roger, 62, 150. Byrum. Claris Ann, 85, 154. Cabasier, Lorene, 64, 146, Cade, Lois, 38, 75, 139. Calabria, Joe, 91. Caldwell, Malcolm, 13, 25, 38 74, 111. Calhoun, Alberla, 29, 38, 146. Callen, Bob, 111. Callen, Ray, 91, 111. Campbell, Beverly, 37. 154. Campbell, Billy Joe, 29, 146. Campbell, VViI1iam, 75. Campbell, William Jr., 150, Canaday, Roberl, 68, 139. Canaday, lvlarian, 29, 37, 53, 63. 79, 91, 107, 146. Cannon, Marlha, 13, 26, 34, 54. Clark, Marlha, 150. Clark, Palricia, 146. Clark Roberl 79 150. Clarkson, Rulh, 1.12. Clarkson, Edward, 146, Claylon, Kennelh H., 139 Claylor, Belly Lou, 24, 48, 68 81, 150. Cleaver, Barbara, 29, 32, 52, 68 IO7, 146. Clem, Joan, 150. Clemenl, Marlha, 74, 91, 139. Clement Mary Ann, 112. Clemenls, June, 11. 33, 54, 69 71, 79, 91, 112. Clemons, Clarence, 17, 19, 20, 39 40, 43, 45, 58. 59. Clemons, Julia, 75, 146. 150. 54, 64, 67, 69, 90, 91. 74, 80, 111. Canlwell, Jimmy Lee, 72, 150. Caplinger, Lewis, 146, Caplinger, Roberl, 47. Caplinger, Thomas, 146. Carico, Jean, 111. Carico, Mary Helen, 146. Carmichael, Cecil, 18, 19, 112. Carmody, Frances, 72, 139. Carmody, Joan, 54, 65, 74, 86 20 91, 112. Carpenler, Barbara Ann, 80, 112 Carpenler, Cecil, 150. Carpenler, Jeanne, 13, 26, 36 38, 54, 74, 112. Carpenler, Morris, 112. Carr, Kalherine, 64, 146. Carr, Robert 58, 150. Carraway, Joan, 72, 139. Carler, Eugene, 112. Clemons, Mariella, 48, 64. Clillord, Roberl, 46, 58. Coales, Carroll, 146. Coals, Mariella, 34, 75, 85, 112 Coble, Sallie, 24, 64, IO7, 150. Cochran, Barney, 18, 146. Cochran, Hazel, 81, 150, Cochran, John T., 58. Collman, Roberl, 139. Coil, Joanne, 72, 78, 139. Cole, Wilda, 91, 112. Collins, Charles, 19, 20, 139. Collins, Jimmie, 53, 67, 78, 79 Bl, 83, 86, 90. Collins, Marcia J., 87, 150. Collins, Newell, 58, 150. Collins, Norman, 112. Cherie, 150. Collis, Complon, Rose, 150. Condon, Sylvilla, 24, 64, 150. Conley, Russell, 28. 29. Conley, Rulh Ann, 150. Conlon, Ellen, 64, 139, Conn, Laura, 112. Conlos, Sandra, 68, 72, 150. Cook, Doris, 146. Cook, John, 139. Cook, Marlha Lou, 72, 74, 139. Cooke, Wanda Eloise, 76, 146. Cooper, Mary Elizabelh, 24, 48, Cooper, Sara, 139, Cooper, Susanne, 48, 64, 90, 139 Corder, Erma Jean, 72, 80, 139 Cornner, Belly J., 64, 76, 82, 139 Councellor, Vivian, 72. Coverdale, Phyllis, 65, 80, 139. Coverdale, Tom, 38, 113. Cowgill, Roberl, 68, 139, Cox, Gilbert 150. Cox, Helen, 75, 84, 146. Cox, Melvin, 146. Craib, John, 58, 59, 146. Craib, Mary Frances, 150. Craib, Richard, 139. Craig, Belly Jean, 11, 54, 56, 71 . 91, 113 Crecelius, Eleanor, IO, 29, 139. Crecelius, Roberl, 150. Crilchlield, Mary, 71, 80, 91 113. Crilchlow, Charles, 70. Crockelt Virginia, 154, Cronk, Myrlle, 150. Crosley, Belly, 139. Crosley, Palricia, 150. Crosson, Wanda, 75. Croxlon, Ray, 89. Crull, Delores, 139. Crulll, Juanila, 146. Crum, Doris, 113, Cummings, Helen, 146. Cummings. John, 50, 54, 65, 74. 75, 80, 86, 113. Cummins, Bill, 70, 80, 139. Cummins, Russell, 83, 84, 87, 113 Cunningham, Hilda, 146. Curry, Eris, 13, 34, 72, 79, 83 146. Dallon, Eva Lou, 146, Dallon, James, 139. Dare, Keilh, 146. Darlinglon, Charlolle, 69, Darr, Alberl, 113. Darwin, Carolyn, 26, 29, 81, 146. Daugherly, Annalee, 146. Daugherly, Anila, 146, 146. 74, 75 Davenporl, Donald, 139. Davenporl, Jack, 15, 68, 81, 86 146. Davidson, Belly. 90, 139. Davis, Bernard, 11, 35, 68, 71,91 93, 107, 113. Davis, Belly Jean, 38, 113. Jim, 154. Davis, Davis, John, 18. Mary L.. 150. Davis, Davis, Philip, 89. Richard, 113. Davis, Davisson, William, 81, 86, 146. Dawley, Jane, 71, 113. Dawson, Gene, 150. Day, Donald, 146. Daye, Dorolha, 114. 71, Dollar, Bill, 114. Dollens, James, 114, 154. Dollens, Roberl, 83, 84, 87. Dorsey, Bill, 140. Douglas, Beverly, 147, Douglas, Melvin, 86. Douglas, Norman, 62. Douglass, Bruce, 69, 140. Dovey, Belly, 75, 147. Dovey, Jean, 140. Downard, Virginia, 140. DeBo1l, Bob, 150, Decker, Evelean, 139. Decker, Sarah Lou, 75, 95. Vern Lero 113 Carler, Gurnee, 48. Carver, Joyce, 146. Cash, Dick, 150. Cassell, James, 58. Cassell, Jesse, 146, Caslor, Pauline, 112. Caslor, Richard, 75, Caudell, Wilda, 75, 139. Cerden, Margery, 67, 69, 112. Challanl, Irvin, 82, 86, 112 Craig, Craig, Craig, Craig, Craig, Donald, 146, Emma Alice, 146. Iva, 113. Mary, 150. Richard, 150. Cram, Lola, 146. , Crawlord, Dorolhie B., 69, Crawford, Wanda, 139. Creason, Velma, 139. DeHorily, Elwood,y46, 150. Delinger, Keilh, 47, 139. Delph, Eugene, 81, 146. Delph, Roberl, 83. Demick, Roberl, 139, Denlinger, Imogene, 65, 76, 77. Denny, Opal, 139. Denl, Mildred, 113. Denlon, Belly, 150. Delhlolt Melissa, 72, 81, 146. DeVinney, Belly, 114. DeVinney, Roberl, 46, 58, 150. Dew, Alyce, 150. Dew, William, 83, 146. DeWeese, Helen, 146. Dexler, Jacqueline, 77, 150. Dielzen, Joan, 147. Dielzen, Marilyn, 75, 79, 114. Dielzen, Waller, 86. Dick, Robert 146, Dickey, Lesler, 84, 114. Dillz, Thelma, 151. Dillz, James, 139. Diven, Barbara, 10, 147. Dixon, Dorolhy, 114. Dixon, Wilma, 147. Dockler, Belly, 114. Dodd, Belly, 75, Dodd, Robert 114. Dohse, Roberl, 151. Dolenski, Frances, 140. Downey, Amelia, 53, 71, 80, 85, 93, 114. Doyle, Harold, 58. Drewery, Sue, 151. DuBois, Arlo, 69, 74. Dudgeon, Cryslal, 93, 114. Dunham, Joan, 114. Dunham, Mary, 114. Dunlap, Jacqulyn, 48, 64, 68, 82. Dunlap, Mary. 85, 140. Dunn, Belly, 147, Dunn, Harry, 154. Duranl, Miriam, 147. Durgan, Pally, 72, 75, 151. Durgan, Ruby, 32, 74.80, 85, 114 Durham, Belly, 75. Durrer, Margaret 72, 147. Duvall, Margarel, 72, 151. Dyson, Suzanne, 68, 147. Earl, Marlha Ann, 34, 35, 64, 81 150. Easlman, Dave, 13, 26, 47, 50, 54 67, 68, 70, 115. Easlrnan, June, 78. Easlman, John, 19, 38, 65, 147. Eberle, Anna Mary, 69, 72, 140. Eberl, Rulh, 32, 77, 115. Edgeman, Belly, 16, 115, Edgeman, William, 58, Edmonson, Nalhan, 151. Edwards, Bill, 53, 70, 93, 1 Edwards, Fred, 46. Eggman, Max, 69, 70, 80, 8 Ehle, Phyllis, 147. Ehrhardl, Virginia, 64, 91, Ehrharl, Bob, 19. Eliason, Earl, 74 Eliason, Rulh, 115, Eliason, William, 89. Elliol, Vern, 151. Ellis, Donna Faye, 115. Ellis, Torn, 34, 35, 81, 150. Elsea, Marlha, 10, 51, 7 137, 140. Emmons, Barbara J., 151, Erskine, Carl, 46. 62, 63.' 154. 15. 9, 140 151. 2, 75 Ervin, Nondas, 74. Eskew, James, 140. Eubank, Russell, 151. Evans, Lois, 81, 85. Evans, Ora, 140. Everell, Lou Ann, 147, Ewing, Bob, 147. Ewing, Zella Mae, 115. Fadely, Theodore, 147. Falge, Jessie, 80, 140. Farley, Belly, 115. Farley, Paul, 83, 87, 115. Farmer, Bill, 9, 10, 74, 80, Farmer, Evelyn, 72, 150. Farmer Marlha 147. Farran,l Phyllis, '72. Faussell, Don, 115. Fearnow, James, 47, 75. Feller, Mariorie. 115. Fenimore, Helen, 147. Ferdinand, Mary, 150, Ferree, Belly, 115. Ferree, Miriam, 151. Finley, Marlha, 140. Finley, Robert 19. Fischer, Allrella, 75, 151. 140. Fippen, Dick, ll5. Fisher, Roberl, I 2. Fisher, Donald, I I5, Fisher, Earl, 74, I47. Fisher, Nellie, I54. Fisher, Oma, l40. Fisher, Roberl, I l5. INDEX Gibson, Dolores, I5l. Giddens, Glessner, II6. Gill, Alice, l5I. Gill, Mary, ss, II6. Gill, Norma, I3, 37, 7I, 80, 85, II6. Gillespie, Alice, II7. Filzsimmons, Norma Jean, 64. Flanders, Louise, 37, 75, 8I, 83 I47. Flelcher, Barbara, 68, 72, 8 I40, Flelcher, Dale, l5l. Foland, Jean, Il5. Foley, Anna Mae, II6. Foley, Norma, 78, I47. Folsom, Don, I6, 47, II6. Folsom, Donna, 75, I5I. Ford, Richard, 65, I4-0, Forkner, Marlha Jane, 69, 7I, 83, II6. Forkner, Raymond, I40. Forse, Barbara, 33, 53, 69, 79, Gillinger, Lyla, l54, Gilmore, Gilmore, Gilmore, Gilmore, Gilmore, Gilmore, Ginder, Bob, II7, I47. Doris, 87, I5I. Janice, ISI. Phyllis, 75. 140 Roberl, I9, 20, 42, Winslon, I40. Wanda Mae, 75, Givan, Phyllis, 79, 80, 85. Glazer, Bernard, II7. Goble, Audrey, 72. Goerz, Melvin, l5I. Goll, Belly Ann, 85. Gooding, Rosemary, 72. Goodpaslure, Doris, 83, II7. Goodwin, Norman, I47, 80. IO7, I40. Forse, Harry D., 46, 52, 58, 68, 86, I07, I5I. Forlner, Norman, 47, l5l. Fouse, Mona, I5I, Fouse, Vera, I47. Fousl, Annie B., 67, 72, 75, Fousl, Billy, I5I. Fowler Gerald, II6, Fowler Gerald, 89. Fowler Marian, I5l. Fowler Mary Jane, 48, I54. Fowler Fowler Roberl, 75, I47. Virginia, 72, 75, I47 Gosling, Dorolhy, l5l. Goss. Belly Jean, 7I, 80, II7. Gourley, Byron. II7. Gourley, Richard, I5I. Gowen, Mary, I47. Goyer, William, II7. Grady, Mead, I5l. Grady, Virginialee, 7I, 87, II7. Grahame. Roberl, II7. Grahame, Elouise, 77, 85. Grahame, George, 9I. Graney, Rulh, l5l. Granger, Wm., I5l. Granl, Barbara, 85, l4O. 54' 67' 69' H' 79' 80' 83' Hackleman, Virginia, I37, l40. Fox, Raymond, I5I. Fraley, Jr., 75, Fraley, Roberl, l5I. Framplon, Eliz., 75, I47. France, Phyllis, 29, 85. Franke, Roberl, 68. l5I. Franke, Anna Marie, 75, l40. Franklin, Faye, I40, Fred, Belly, 24, 64, II6. Frederick, Dorolhy, l5l. Friddle. Loren, 78, l5I. Friel, Bill, 70. Friend, Allen, 80, I40. Friend, Frank, l5l. Frosl, Eleanor, 72. Frye, Harry, 86, I5I, Fuller, Carolyn, I5I. Fuller, Mariorie, 68, 69, 72, 77. l40. Fullinglon, Harriel, I47. Fullinglon, Marlha, 79. Funkhouser, Anna, I54. Fursl. Carolyn, I4O. Gahimer, Lora, 69, 79, II6. Gallamore, Harold, 56, II6, Gardner, Beulah, 64, I5I. Gardner, Geraldine, I40. Gardner, Ralph, I47. Garrelson, Doris, 74, I4O. Garrelson, Jeanne, I4, 33, 53, 9l, II6. Garringer, Rex, 89. Gaus. Gearld, l5I. Gavel, Frank, l40, Genda, Kalhryn, 68, 69, 74, II6. Genske, Granl, 29, 65, 69, II6. George, Thomas, II6. Gephardl, David, 9, I3, 29, 32. 70, II6. Gephardl, Mary Ann, II, 67 80, 9l, 93, I40. Gephardl, Thom, 67, SI, ISI. Gerard, Eslher, I47. German, Blanche, l40, Gibbens, Donna, 7I, 80, II6. Gray, Edward, l54, Gray, Eugene. I5l. Gray, Jack, I5I. Gray, Joanne, l5I. Gray, Roberl Lewis, 58, I5I. Gray, Wilma, II7. Grealhouse, Norma Jean, I5I. Green, Donna Lou, 90, I47. Green, George, 58, I54, Green, Ilene, II7. Greenwood, Bill, 82, 84, 87, II7 Hall, Jean, Ann, II, 29, 52, 55 69, 80. 85, 93, II8. Hall, Margarel, 85, Hall, Virginia, l40. Hallell, Belly, 56, 69, 70, 7I, 74. 80, II8. Hamillon, Gerald, ll8. Hamillon, Jacqueline, 56. Il8. Hamillon, Palsy Rulh, 7, 29, 65 83. I47. Hamillon, Richard, 9, 36, l5l. Hamillon, Walina, I47, Handley, Crawlord, I3, 70, 76 79 Hanna: Barbara, 79, I47. Hanna, Carol, 52, 68. 69, 75, 80 93, l40. Hannalord, Mark, 7, 34, 70, 80, 93. Hans, Wilma, I47. Hardin, Thelma, 7I, 83. IIB, Hardy, Miles, I54. Harless, Billie, I5I. Harless. Mac Darrell, I5I. Harmeson, Norma, ll8. Harmon, Barbara. I47. Harringlon, Marilyn, 65, l40, Harris, Henry, 75. Harris, Joan, II8. Harrison, Annabel, II8. Harrison, Hugh, IO, Il, 26, 29 3l, 52, 65, 70, 74, 75, 86 93, 95. 4 Harrison, Richard, I5I, Harshman, Marvin, 83. Harl, Melba, I54. Harl, Roberl, I9, 47, 9I, II9. Harl, Wilbur, 2I, 47. Harlley, Palricia, 76. Harlman, Kennelh, 62. Harlman, Roberl, II9. Harlman, Vera, 72, Halch, Evah, I5I. Halhcoal, Bobbie, II9. Haull, Rulh Ellen, 8l, I47. Hauri, Phyllis, II9. Havens, Anna Belle, II9. n Hiday, Richard, I9, I47, High, Lucille, II9. Hilboll, William, 77, 8l, l5I. Hilderbrand, Dorolhy, II9. Hileman, Jacqueline, I54. Hiles, Vernon, 47, Hill, Beny, 71, II9. 77 79 Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill , Brillon, 79, I47, . Georgiana, 87, l20. , Mariorie, 75. , Mary Margarel, 28, 34, 65 , Samuel, I5l. igoss, Orville, I4l. Hinchman, Roberl, I5I. Hines, Donald, I47. Hines, Paul, I47, Hin kle, Dorolhy, 75, I47. Hinshaw, Belly, I47. Hillle, Roberl, 76, l5I. Hodgson, Margarel, I47. Hol Hol Hol lingsworlh, Durbin, I3, I20. lingsworlh, Joan, 79, 8I, I47 loway, Thomas, 80, l20. Holmes. John, 8I, I47, Holmes, Frank, I6, 86, 91, 93 l4l. Hon, Corrine, 7I, I20. Hon, Isabel, l5I. Hoover, La Von, l20. Hood, Edilh, 64, 90. Hopkins, Mary Karel, II, 9I, I4' Hopper, Charles, 75. Hoppes, Roberl, 58, I47, Horner, Bob, I5l. Horlon, Margarel, I47. Hosier, Barbara, 76, I47, Hovermale, Mary Belle, I47. Howard, Bill, I7, I9, 2I, 46, 58. Howard, Hayes, 68, Howard, Shirley, I7, I9, 2I, 40 43. 62, 63, l4I. Howe, Kelurah, I47, Howe, Marianna, 64, 82, 90, l5l Hudson, Carl, I5I. Hudson, Frances, 69, 78, 80, 90, Hudson, James, I5I, Hudson, Lois, I47. Hullman, Billy, I47, Gregg, Ronald, 62, I5I. Greve, Palricia, 54, II7 G-rillilh, George, io, 47, 53, 70, 79, II7. Grillilh, James, II7. Grillilh, Roberl, II7. efiffy, William, 29, ina, Grimes, John C., II7. Griller, Wanda, II8. Grossman, Jean, 85, I40. Groves, Belly, 7I, 80, II8. Gulley, Amber, 67, 7I, 79, IIB. Gullion, James, I40. Gully, Clillon, 75, Guslin, Dorolhy, 32, 77. Guslin, Marlin, 79, IIB. Gwinnup, Donald, l5I. Gwynn, Frances. l5I. Hawkins, Belly, 85. II9. Hawkins, Kalhryn, 35, 8l, I47. Hawkins, Maxine, l4l, Hawkins, Morris E.. 89, I5l. Hawley. Barbara, I54. Hawley, Clara, II9. Hawley, Jack, I7, I9, 46, 58. Hawley, Wilbur, I9. Haynes, Norma Jean, 53, 87, II9 Heagy, Georgia, 74, 75, II9, Heagy, Vllilma, 38, 74, 75, 78 I4l. Healh, Belly, I47. Helden, Belly, II9. Heineman, Palricia, 72, 85, I47 Heiney, Joanna. 68. 8l, I5I. Heiney, Vivian, 72, I47. Hellerl, Barbara, I47. Helmic, Waller, 37, l5l, Hellems, Ralph, 9l. Henderson, Belly, 78, I5l. Hendren, Garlan, I47. Hullman, Donna Lou, I5I. Hughel, Don, 76, Hughes, Palricia, 85, I5I. Huqhes, Ralph, I5I. Hull, Belle Jo, 54, 7I, 74, 80 l20. Hull, Marvin, 76. Hull, Rulh, l5I. Hulse, Phyllis, 72, 77, I5I. Humbles. Gerald, 75, I5l. Humbles, Harold, I5l, Humbles. Marguerile, 54, 67, 69 7I, 85, l20. Humrickhouse, Jean, 24, 64, 68 69, 72, 75, I47. Hungerford, Mona, l5l. Hunnell, Ray, I54. Hunl, Eleanor, 75, I4l. Hunler, Paul, 78, 9I, I4l. Hunlzinger, Norma, I47, Hursl, Juanila, I20, Hadley, Hagan, Imogene, I54. Elizabelh, I47, Hahn, Belly, I47. Hahn, Eileen, I5I. Hahn, Rosadore, 72, 85, l40. Haigh, Joanne, 48, 64. Haines, Mary, I5l. Hale, Harry, 34, Il8. Haley, Roberl, I47. Bill II8 Hall, , , Hall, Dale, 68. Hall, Dean, 78, 8I, 86, I47. Hall, Dolores, 24, 48, 64. Hall, Goldie, 75. Hall, Jack, I54. Hensley, Bill. 70, 80, II9. Hensley, Jack. 70, 84, I4l. Hensley, Vianna. I47. Herb, Dona, II9. Herbig, William, 9, IO, I4I, Herbsl, John, I47. Herkless, Jovce, I5I. Herold, James. 33, 93, I4I. Herrel, Rela, l5l. Herron, Vera, II9. Herlenslein, Belly, 84, 85, I47. Hervey, Roberl, 62, I5I. Hiall, Jessie. l5I, Hiday, Francis, I9, I47. Hursl, Rulh, I5I. Huser, Mary, 68, 72, I4I. Huslon, Tom, I4I. Hursell, Vance, I47. Hullon, Belly, 38. Hullon, Bob, I8, I9, 2l, 40, 43 46, 58, 50, I47. Hullon, James, l20. Hullon, Jack, 47, l54, Hullon, Jean, 24, 48, 64, 75, l5I Hullon, Lois, I47. Hullon, Merle, l5I. Hyall. Dick, 27, 29, 32, 34, 35 80, I20. Hyden, Rulhe, l20. I-lyndman, Florence, 86, l20. llerl, Paul, l20. lmel, Freeman, l5l, lmel, Ora, 84, 86, 87, l2O. Imel Waller, I47. Ireland, Judy, I47. Isaacs, Jack, I47. Israel, Maxine, 85. Bernadine, l5l. Jackson, Jackson, Earl, I47. Jackson, Joan, 72, l4l. Jackson, Mary, 75, I47. James, Donald, 62, l5l. James, Charles, l5l. James, Phyllis, l4I. James, William, l5I. Jarrell, Lois, l4l. Jarrell, Mary, 79, I47. Jarrell, Richard, l20, Jarvis, Belly, 75, I47. Jerabek, Lorraine, 72, l4l. Jessup, Howard, I47. Jessup, Paul, 47, 68, l2O. Johnson, Belly Jean, I47. Johnson, Wanda, 75, l2l. Johnson, David Carl, l5l. Johnson, Goldie, 5l, 54, 78, l2l Johnson, Jack, I54. Johnson, John, 89. Johnson, Leora, 85, I47. Johnson, Marjorie, 68. Johnson, Mary, 64. Johnson, Norman, 83, l2l. Johnson, Vera, 75, I5l. Johnslon, Susie, 9, 74, 75, 17 l2l. Johnslone, Suzelle, 90, I47. Jones, Donald, I47. Jones, Dorolhy, 81, I5l. Jones, Erma, 72. l5l. INDEX Keys, Donald, l2l. Keys, Roberl, l2I. Kidwell, Maxine, 72, I52. Kiely, Roberl, 34, 80, l2l. Kimble, Dale, I8, I9, 23, 3l, 34 58, 59, 60, 9I, I4-I. Kimm, Roberl, l2l Kimmerling, Jean, 7l. Kimerly, Foresl, l4I. King, Charles, 62, 63, 76, l4l. King, VJohn, I52. King, Richard, I47. Kingery, James, I9, I47. Kirchenbauer, Margie, I47. Kline, Charles, I9, 20. Kline, Richard, 83, 87. Knolls, Don, 56. Kokes, June Carol, ll, 87, 9l. Kolencla, Imelda, l4I. Kolenda, Mary, 63, I52. Kopp, Emma Lou, 69, 79, 80, l4l Kopp, Florence, 69, 80, 87. I4l Kramer, Belly, 78, I47. Kreegar, Chesler, 47, l4I. Kreegar, Morris, I52. Krueger, Roberl, 65, 69, l4l. Kuklenski, Genevieve, l4l. Kuslanborler, Shirley, 64, I52. Lakey, Marlha, l4l. Lakey, Mary, l4l. Lamar, lmoline, I48. La Mar, I-Ienry, I9, 23, 28, 34. Lamar, Maurl .e, 58, I52. Lamberl, Mary Sue, 29, 65, 69. Land, Bob, 46, 58. Land, Carl, 58, 68, I52. Land, Lawrence, l4l. Land, Palricia, 75, I48. Land, Roberl, I52, Land, Virginia, 7l. Landes, Billy, I48. Landes, Charles, I52. Lierman, Roberl, I9, 46, 60. 62 63, I42. Limbrock, Jean, I52. Lindzv. Glen, 62, I52. Lindzy, Glendora, I23. Linkins, Belly, I48. Lilchlield, Donald, l23. Livingslon, Carl, I52. Lloyd, Mary Ann, 7l, 74, I23. Loer, Evelyn, I42. Lohr, Carol, I48. Long, Carolyn, 69, 78, I42. Phyllis, 154. Long, Long, Roberl, 88, I52, Looper, George, I52. Loudenback, Jean, I42. Lowe, Carolyn, I52. Lowman, Belly, I8l, I48. Lowman, Kalherine, 64, 68, I48. Lucas, Marilyn, 79. Luck, Belly, I52. Luse, Eudella, I48. Lulher, Edgar, 58, I52. Lullon, Earl, 58, I54. Lykins, Lykins, Lynch, Frank, 47, 82. Rosalie, 7. Anilra, 77, 78, I48. Lynam, Foresl, 58, I52. MacGillen, Lucena, 79, I42. Marrer, Suzanna, 24, 35, 48, Q4 I52. Marsh, Dick, I48. Marsh, Ollo, 26, 74, I24. Marlin, Jack, I9, 23, 58, 60, I42 Marlini, James, I52. Mason, Mildred, I48. Malchell, Leona, 74, I42. Malher, Vanna, I24. Eslher, I24. Malhison, Mallhew, Carl, 70, I42. Mallhew, John, 83, 84, 89, I52. Mallhew, Neil, 64, 79. Mallingly, Joe, I52. Mauch, Kennelh, I24. Maxwell, Mary, I52. Mayes, Lesler, I48. Mears, Doris, I3, 36, 79, I42. Mears, Tom, 70, I42. Meikel, Emalou, I48. Melcher, Bill, I24. Melcher, Joseph, I42. Melson, Oscar, 40, 44, 62, 70. Merrill, Belly, I52. Merrill, Richard, I24. Melzger, Ann, 79, I24. Meyer, Beverly, l54. Meyer, Norma, 74. Michael, I-lelen, 72, I52. Jones, Francis, l5l. Jones, Gregory, 7, 32, 76, '79 I47. Jones, Joe, I9, I47. Jones, Janel, 80, l4l, Jones, Marylee, 28, 29, 34, 35 80, l2l. Jones, Morris, 89, I52. Jones, Roberl, 27, 32, 62, 89 l2l, I52. Jordan, Elwanda, 79, I52. Jordan, William, II, 29, 5l. 54 70, l2l. Jorgenson, Clarence, 68, I52. Jorgenson, Tom, I53. Kailor, I-lelen, 64, l4l. Kailor, Jim, 9l. Kaiser, Joe, l53. Karr, Mary, I47. Keeling, Mary, 74. Keep, William, I8, I9, 23, 34, 53 Landis, Rulh, I52. Landon, I-loward, I52. Lane, Belly, I52. Lane, I-lelen, 26, 38, 74, 79, I42 Langley, Thomas, 26, 74. McArl, Janice, 9, l0, 34, 35, 81 I52. McCain, Dorolhy, 76, 77, 85, l23. McCain, Frances, 76, I48, McClelland Frances, l23., McCIinlock, Wayne, I48. McConnell, Marlha Alice, I42. McCord, Maurice, I23. McCord, Norma, 72, I48. McCormack, Margarel, I52. McCormack, Wallace, I48. McCoy, Alberl, l23. McCreary, Donna, 76, I42. McCreary, Lowell, 65, I23. McCurdy, Lavonne, I52. McDaniel, Mary Lou, I48, McEwen, Gwendolyn, 64. McEwen, Lois, 76, I4-8, I52. McFadden, Jeanne, 72, I48. McGilIicuddy, Belly, 8l, Middle lon, Bill, 58, I24. I52. Middlelon, John, 47, I24. Milburn, Mary Ella, I24. 58, 59, 60, 68, 70, l2l. Keesling, Adrian, 34, 40, 44, l2: Keesling, Belly, 75. Keesling, Dorolhy, l53, Keesling, Earl, l4l. Keesling, Eugene, I52. Lanphear, Bonila, 24, 64, I48. Lanlz, Elizabelh, I52. Lasley, Norma, 72, I52. Laughlni, Charles, 62, 70. Lauler, Jean, I42. Laurie, Biilie Lou, I52. Laux, Roberl, 27, Il. 78. 8l. 8: I4-B, Lawler William, I48. Lawrence, Ralph, I52. Lawson, Belly Jane, I48. Lawson, Lee Roy, 89, I52. Lawson, Mabel, I48. Leakey, Keilh, I48. Leckron, Ralph, l52, Ledbeller, Marlha, ll, 38, 48 64, 9l, I23. Leedom, Gerald, 47, 74, l23. Leever, I-larold, l54. Leever, John. 76. Leever, Marlha Lou, 75, 78, I46 Legg, I-lilda, 64, 75, I48. Lennis, Joan, 68, 69, I42. Lennis, Ralph, I42, Leonard, Marilyn, I48. Leonard, Richard, I52. McGuire, Charles, 76, McGuire, Gwendolyn, 48. McGuire, Palricia, 75. McI'lenry, Roberl, 75, 76. Mclnlyre, Elizabelh,, I23. Mclnlyre, Helen, l23. McKain, Norman, I48. McKain, Russell, I52. McKay, Donald, I62. McKay, Mack, 75. McKee, John, I23, I48. McKinley, Anne, l23. McKinley, Don, I48. McKinney, Mary, I48. Keesling, Frances, 72, l4l. Keesling, James, 50, 56, 58, 70 79, I2l. Keilh, Earlyn, I52. Kelley, Jane, 28. Kelly, Alva, l4l, Kelly, Carler, I47. Kelly, Dale, I47. Kelly, Imogene, 7l, l2l. Kelly, Inez, l2l. Kendal, Gerald, I47. Kenens, Melba, l4I. Kerr, Joan, I47. Kessler, Joan, 68, 72, 78, I47. Kessler, Roberl, 56, 58, I52. Keyes, Marlha, I47. Lewellyn, Belly, 76, 77, I52. Lewellyn, Gerald, l54. Lewis, Belly, l23. Lewis, Carl, I48. Lewis, Edna, I42. Lewis, Gladys, 75, I48. Lewis, Naomi, I48. Lewis, Phillip, 76, I52. Lewis, Roberl, 58. Lewis, Uma, I48. Liechly, Roberl, I42. McLain, James, 65, 76, 82, I24. McLain, Mary Lou, 72, 76, 77. McManigell, Mary June, I42. McNeill, Myron, 9, I0, 75. McWilliams, Sihirlee, I42. Mabrey, Bolo, I24. Mabry, Bernice, 9, I24. Maddux, Claule, V., I24. Main, Dick, 3l, 53, 86, I48. Main, Dyson, 34, 68, 86, Maior, Lorraine, I52. Malaguerra, Elmer, 90, I48. Malick, Joe, 154. Malone, Joann, l52 Maly, l'Ielen, 79. Maly, Vlasla, I42. Manis, Clara, 85, I24. Manis, Belly Lou, I24. Manloolh, Maxine, 72, 85, I42. Manuel, Janel, I48. Marianos, Ward, 46, 58, I52. I52. Miles, Willie, I42. Miley, Evelyn, 85, I54. Miller, Alice, I25. Miller, Anne, 72. Miller, Anna, 72, 79, I48. Miller, Barbara, I52. Miller, Bill, 9l, I48. Miller, Bill, I48. Miller, Carolyn, I42., Miller, Don, l2, I25. , Miller, Donald, l25, Miller, Dorolhea, I25. Miller, Irene, I54. Miller, Jack, I52. Miller, Joan, I48. Miller, John B., 7, IO, ll, 69, 70, 79, 93, I25. Miller, Mary Aiyce, 34, so, 125. Miller, Norman, I42, Miller, Minlon, Charles, 46, 62, I52. David J., l54. Phillip, I52. Minlon, Milchell, David, I25. Milchell, Joe, I52. Milchell, Wilbur, I52. Mizner, Jack, I48. Moch, Malcolm, I48. Mohler, Joe, I48. Molina, Joe, 89, I42. Monroe, Arlhur, I52. Monlgomery, Lawrence, I25. Monlgomery, Lolila, 52, 79, 80. Moch, Malcolm, I48. Mohler, Joe, I48. Molina, Joe, 89, I42. Monroe, Arlhur, I52. Monlgomery, Lawrence, I25. Monlgomery, Lolila, 52, 79, 80, I25. Monlgomery, Richard, I42. William, 89. Monlgomery, Moomey, Belly, I25. Moore, Barbara, 64, I52. Moore, Donald, 82, I52. Moore, Donna, I52. Moore, Frances, I48. Moore, Arlhur, I42. Moore, Gene, I48. Moore, Richard, 70, 80, I25. Moore, John, 75, I52. Moore, Mary, I25. Moore, Norma, 74, 75, I42. Onsloll, Evelyn, 143. 80 93 128. Moreland, lna, 152. Moreland, Luana, 148. Morgan, Richard, 154. Morgan, Rosemary, 72, 137, 142. Morris, Charles, 91. Morris, Marilyn, 148. Morrison, Leonard, 125, Morrison, Vivian, 71, 74, Morse, Charlene, 148. 137. 125. Morse, Roberl, 17, 19, 23, 46, 58, 68, 148. Mosley, Maurice, 58, 148. Moss, Carl, 142. Mosure, Garrell, 68, 125. Mollo, Marney, 72, 152. Mounls, Roberl, 152. Mousa, lrene, 125. Mousa, Mary, 24, 48, 64. Muir, Leon, 62, 152. Mullen, Barbara, 75, 79, 82, 87, 142. Mulvihill, Marilyn, 75, 148. Munchhol, Belly, 74, 85, 126. Munchhol, Mary, 74, 89, 126. Munson, James, 80, 142. Munson, Maribelh, 24, 48, 152. Murdock, Frances, 34, 152. Musick, Billy, 62. Musselman, Gilberl, 89, Muslin, Mary, 148. 148. Myers, Belly, 75, 79, 85. Myers, 1-lelen, 148. Myers, Neva, 148. Myers, Norma, 143. Myer, Wanda, 126. Nash, Eleanor, 143. Jeal, Raymond, 69, 126. Neal, Pauline, 143. O'1-leron, Ferol, 143. Ohler, Floyd, 148. Oliver, Ramona, 127. Olvey, Belly, 75, 79. Olvey, Bill, 152. Olvey, Jim, 89, 148. Olvey, Wilmelh, 143. Orr, Lilly, 148. Orlh, Paul, 143. INDEX Paddy, Jack, 17, is, 19, 22, 70. Priesl, Doris, 128. Priesl, Joann, 154. Priesl, Roberl, 89. Priesl, W. Kenl, 153, Prilchard, Palricia, 148. Prokos, Lelsa, 72, 85, 90, 148. Proul, Belly Almeda, 128. Osselaer, Barry, 127. Osling, Eleanor, 85, 127. Osling, Mabel, 72, 152. Osller, John, 148. Ollerman, Erma, 69, 80, 85, 127. Owens, Francine, 75, 85, 127. Owens, Harriell, 48, 64, 152. Paige, Roberl, 152, 154. Paine, Ed, 91. Palmer, Juanila, 127. Palmer, Mary, 68, 148. Pancol, George, 68, 86, 152. Pancol, Sophia, 74, 127. Parker, Bernadine, 143. Parker, Nellie, 85. Parker, Palricia, 72, 152. Parkhur sl, Pearl, 62, 63. Parkinson, Virginia, 72. Parmer, Belly, 85, 127. Parmer, Tom, 152. Parr, Gaynelle, 143, Pallon, George, 127. Pallon, Rila, 77, 143. Pavey, Bob, 6, 89, 152. Pavey, Doris, 152. Pavey, Emma, 85, 127. Payne, Belly, 75, 85, 148. Payne, Lorene, 74, 127. Provence, Edilh, 24, 64, 72, 148. Priull, Laurie, 87. Pryor, Denlon, 128. Pryor, Lucien, 153, P'Simer, Mary Kalherine, 74. Pusey, Nadine, 148. Raines, Lola, 64, 153. Randolph, Margarel, 148. Raper, Raper, George, 91, 128. Pauline, 76. Rariden, Roberl, 83, 148. Ra, Kennelh, 128. Reasner, Bill, 75. Recob, Reclor, 1-lelen, 71, 80, 128. Jack, 46, 62, 153. Redick, JoAnn, 33, 72, 79. Redick John, 148. Redick Kalherine, 128. Redick Reed, Barbara, 7, 11, 29, 33, Margarel, 148. 68, 69, , 91, , Reed, Roberl, 89, I48. Reed, Rosalind, 152. Reed, Vivian, 65. Reed, William, 148. Reeder, Carolyn, 72, 74, 80, 143. Reeder, Lillian, 72, 74, 80, 143. Releld, Norma J., 128. Rellord, Marlha, 24, 64. Rellord, Rachel, 38, 128. Rogers, Mary, 11, 13, 28, 53, 56, 68, 80, 91, 129. Roland, Janel, 72, 153. Romine, Barbara, 76, 143. Romine, James, 13, 26, 74, 76 129. Romine, Marilyn, 129. Romine, Tom, 149. Rool, Don, 76, 159. Roseberry, Anila, 80, 129, Rosebery, Wm. Paul, 143. Ross, Ellen E., 143. Rouse, l'lelen, 144. Rousey, Lillie, 153. Roush, Fred, 62, 144. Roush, Joan, 71, 85, 129, 149. Roush, Maxine, 153. Roul, George, 9, 10, Royse, Maxine, 129. Rubenking, Charles, 68. Rudd, Barbara, 154. Ruelenachl, Roberl, 58. Rumler, Belly, 153. Runyon, 38, 129. Floyd, 62, 63, 144. Runyon, 1-larold, 58, 60, 91, 129 Runyon, Richard, 89, 144. Russell, James, 129. Ryan, James, 149. Ryan, Earline, 129. Salalin, David, 35, 129. Sales, Eileen, 129. Sample, Gene, 144, Sample, Mary, 64, 153. Sampson, Richard, 130. Sanders, Doris, 130. Sanders, Margarel, 72, Sauberl, Mary, 153. Saunders, Charles, 149. Saxon, Bill, 153. 84, 87. Schneider, Phyllis, 153. Nealis, Dorolhy, 126. Nealis, Mary Margarel, 148. Neese, Phillip, 143. Nell, 1-larry. 143. Nelson, Bob, 28, 126. Nellerville, Viclor, 52, 70, 80, 143. Nevin, Doris, 148, Nevin, Virginia, 126. Nevis, Roberla, 31, 53, 72, 152. Newby, Bellie, 126. Newby, Everell, 152. Newman, Lucille, 126. Newsom, Twila, 143. Newlon, Doyle, 65, 75, 143. Newlon, Maxine, 75, 126, Nichol, Virginia, 72, 85, 87, 148 Nicholson, Beverly, 126. Noland, 1-lerbie, 29, 38, 65, 1,43 Pebernal, Barbara, 148. Pence, Roberl, 36, 52, 74, 79, 127. Penn, Norma, 69, 80, 81, 143. Peguignol, Roberl, 152. Perry, Don, 65, 143. Perry, Melvin, 152. Pelers, Norman, 58, 154. Pelerson, Scoll, 79, 152. Pelerson, Madge, 143. Pelrv, Neal, 9, 36, 76, 77, 152. Pellibone, John, 79. Norma, 143. Pellilord, Pelligrew, Joe, 89, 148. Joyce, 152. Pelligrew, Pelligrew, Mona, 148. Rex, 89. Pelligrew, Pheanis, Richard, 62, 148. Phelps, Gene, 154, Rellord, Raymond, 62, 63. Reminglon, Janice, 143. Remley, Basil, 38, 70, 128. Renlorlh, Jack, 52, 128. Relherlord, Marlha, 10, 80, 128. Reuse, Tom, 143. Reynolds, Miriam, 64, 75. Rezer, Elda, 154. Rhodes Maril n 15, 35, 52, 68, 1 Y 1 74, 107, 143. Rhodes, Warren, 154. Rich, Ellen, 153. Rich, Lawrence, 148. . Richardson, Don, 26, 30, 50, 74, 75, 143. Richwine, Belly, 143. Rickells, Ralph, 148. Riggins, Duane, 58. Riggle, Naomi, 148. Saylor, Eugene, 58, 149, Sayers, Peggy, 130. Scampmorle, Jeanelle, 80, 144 Scarnpmorle, Josephine, 68, 72 79, 149. Scharnowske, Charles, 62. Scharnowske, Roberl, 46, 58. Schepper, Keilh, 58. Scherer, Roberl, 144. Schickel, Marlin, 144. Schoger, Bob, 144, Schlabach, Don, 74, 75. Schlossberg, Gerald, 81, 83, 86 149. Schmidl, Gerlrude, 72, 83, 90 149. Schmilz, George, 38, 149. Schneider, Mariorie, 144. Risk. Madge, 128. Nollon, Carl. 89, 148. Nooney, Judilh, 38, 70, 143. Norman, Mariorie, 143. 74, 137 Phelps, Lois, 85, 127. Phillips, Belly, 143. Phillips, Evalee, 72, 79. Phillips, Jack, 83. Phillips, Palricia, 72, 152. Phillips, Roberl, 15, 19, 47, 53 58. Phlegar, 68, 70, 93, 107, 143. Donald, 148. Norris, Wallace, 35, 65, 80, 126 137. Norris, Roberl, 126. Norlon, Charlie, 19, 22. 28, 29. 34, 35, 56, 67, 68, 70, 83. 126. Norlon, Jeanne, 143. Norlon, Kalherine, 65, 143. Norlon, Marl, 34, 80, 81, 86, 148. Nowlin, Charles, 143. 1-larriell 152. Marilyn, 148. Nowlin, Nudding, Nunley, Alvin, 50, 69, 143, Nunley, Dorolhy, 152. O'Banion, Avery, 19. Oberlies, Roberl, 83, 126. O'Bryanl, Mary, 152. Ockomon, Paul, 76. O'Conner, Charles, 46. O'Conner, Mary, 75, 78. Odell, Linlon, 47, 126. Ogden, Bob, 152. Pike, Doris, 78, 143, Piper, James, 127. Pillenger, Barbara, 72, 85, 148. Pillenger, Dan, 89, 154. Pills, Pally, 32, 36, 38, 64, 76, 77, 153. Plall, Jacqueline, 75, 148. Plessinger, Anne, 153. Plummer, Belle, 153. Plummer, James, 127. Poer, Edward, 153. Pollenbarger, Doris, 153. Poole, Richard, 153. Popa, Andy, 47, 148. Porler, Waldo, 127. Posey, Marlha, 79, 143. Praler, Mary Frances, 148. Praler, Roberl, 154, Precup, Lena, 75, 143, Price, Vonda, 148, Riggs. Riggs, Barbara, 68, 153. Chesler, 148. Riggs, Frederick, 76. Riggs, Waller, 28, 143-. Riley, Mary, 143. Rinker, lrrna, 24, 48, 64, 90. Richer, June, 65, 72, 76, 77, 81. Rilchison, Jack, 128. Robbins, Eddie, 153. Roberls, Jim, 79, 149. Roberls, Opal, 153. Roberls, Wanda, 38, 56, 71, 80, 129 Robey, , 137. Paul, 69, 129. Robinson, Mildred, 153. Robinson, Nonas, 153. Robinson, Palricia, 75, 153. Rock, Roberl, 153. Rockwell, Eddie, 28, 129. Rockwell, Mary Rulh, 72, 75. Rodecap, Ralph, 53, 67, 68, 70, 79. 80, 107, 143. Rodeman, Belly, 143. Rodeman, Florence, 153. Roellinger, Lora, 71, 80, 129. Rogers, John, 38, 71, 137, 143. Schoonover, Edilh, 76, 149. Schreiner, David, 149, Schullz, 1-laroldyne, 24, 48, 64. Schuyler, Dorolhy M., 130. Scoll, Ellen, 85, 144. Scoll, Suzelle, 154. Scoll, Wilma, 130. Sczesny, Chesler, 19, 22, 65, 83 130. Sears, Mary Margarel, 9, 76, 77 144. Sellon, Brooks, 65, 86. Seipel, Eslher, 53, 69, Seipel, Marie, 149. Seipel, Wilbur, 163. Selby, Lorene, 79, 144. Sell, Junior, 149. Sellers, Doris, 83, 153. Sellers, Rulh, 75, 130, Sells, Doris, 64, 154. Sells, Evelyn, 76, 78. Shacllelon, Belly, 130. Shadday, Gladys, 144. Shaler, Pauline, 153. Shaler, Jim, 149. Sharp, Lorella, 130. Shaw, Barbara, 84, 85, 91, 144. 130. Shaw, Barbara, 84, 85, l44. -, Sheedy, Evelyn, l54. Sheelel, Dale, 74, 75, Sheels, Carey, l53. Shelburn, Ralph, I54. Shinlcle, Norma, l30. Shipley, Donna, 85, l49. Shipley, Lesler, IO, l5, 50, 54. 58, 60, 68, 70, 74, l30. Shively, Margaret l30. Shively, Waller, l53. Shoullz Sohullz .Jack, 89, l53. , Wilma, I49. Showaller. David, 86, l53. Shroul, Gordon, 47, 82, l53. Shroul, Marvin, 47, 68. Shroyer, Marlha, 24, 64, I53, Shroyer, Norman, 30, l30, Shullz, Mariorie, l30. Sibera, Slanley, l30. Siler, Bill, 80, 87, l49. Siler, Mariorie. l54. INDEX ll' Springer, Jo Anne, 56, 69, 9l, Taylor, Helen, l49. l3l, Taylor, lsabel, 53, 69. l32. Springer, Phyllis, I44. Taylor Joan l49. Sprinkle, Sam, I44. Sprinkle, Wardon, 9l. Stahl, Norma, l44. Slaley, Bob, 75, l3l. Slaley, Joe, 89. Slaley, Virgil, 76, 77. Slanesu, Barbara, l3l. ' Slanger, Palricia. l53. Slanley, Ceinwen Mae, 75, l49 Slanley, Mary Margaret l0, 29 68, l44. Slarr, Marlha, I64. Slegner, Ned, 29, 75, I44. Sleiner, Florence, 75. l49. Sleiner, Marshall. 58 89, I44. Taylor: William, I9, l45. Walker, Ann, 8l, I49 Walker, Thomas, 47, 62 Wallace, Frank, 46, 58, l53. Wallace, Rulh, l33. Teague, Velma, I49. Terhorsl, Barbara, 7l, 80, Teler, Frederick, 68, I49. Teler, Roberl, I32. Telers, Jim, 80. 89, l45. Thayer, l45 85, l32 Lolila, 69, 80. 93, I37 Walser, Bill, 82, I53. Wampole,'Eugene. 37. Warmke, James, l53. Walkins, George, 47. Walkins, Jo Ann, l53. Walkins, Kenny, 9l. Walson, Elizabelh, l45. Walson, Ernesl, 9l. Walson, Mary Jane, 75, I49. i Walson, Roberl, l45. l Slephen, Slephen Paul, l49. s, Belly, 75. l49. Slephenson, Phyllis, I44. Slevens, Doris, 64. Slevens, Joan, 7, l2, l32. Slewarl, Charles, 58. Slewarl, Leland, I9. 62, 63, l44 Slewarl, Lowell, 47. Slewarl, Marlha. I32, Slewarl, Rose, I44. Slidham, Warren, 7, Il, I3, I4 l5, 26, 29, 68, 69, 70, 74, 92 93, IO7, l32. Slidham, Waller, 70, 80, l44. Slierwall, Belly, 64, I49. Slinernan, Juanila, 30, I44. Snow, Simmonds, Gene. l53. Simmons, Belly, l53. Simpson, Dorolhy, 79, l3l, Simpson, Hillis, 80, l3l. Simpson, Hilda, 7l, 80, l3l. Simpson. Roberl, l54. Singlelon, Aldine, l49. Singlelon, Maxine, I49. Skaggs, Mary, l53. Skees, Kennelh, 83, l3l. Sliiles, Bob, 34, 46, 62, 65, l49. Skiles, Fay Ann, l53. Slaler, Virginia, IO, 35, 7l, 80, l3l. Smilh, Alberl, 79. Smilh, Arnold, 58, 69. Smilh, Belly Ann, l53. Smilh, Bob, l7, l9, 23, 34, 40. 44, 46, 58, 6l. Smilh, Bobby, l53. Smilh. Don, l53. Smilh, Donald, 46, l53. Smilh, Dorie, 50, l30. Smilh, Doris. 56. Smilh, Dorolhy, l53, l54. Smilh, Everell, 58. Slinson, Don, 70. Slinson, l-lowad, l6. 74, 9l, I32 Slinson, Mariwanda, I37, I44. Slohler, Slone, Geraldine, 72, l53. Paul, l54. Slolllemyer, Juanila, 84, l32. Sloul, Treva, l49. Slraub, Slressel, Virginia, l53. Adeline, I49. Slrickler. Eslher, I44. Slroud, Mary Ellen, l32. Slroup, Charles. 22, 58, 60, 70. Sluarl, Dick, 28, 86, l49. Sluarl, Marjorie, I32. Sluarl. Robert I44. Slum, Bill, I32. Slurwold, Mary, l54. Slulsman, Belly, I44. Summers. Cenia, 75, l32. Smilh, Garnell, l30. Smilh, Harold, 58. Smilh, Hazel, l53. Smilh, Jack, 9, l0, l3O, I54. Smilh, James, l44. Smilh, Edilh, 72 82, l53. Smilh, Mariorie, 24, 35. 64, 76, 8l, l49. Smilh, Marv Ellen, l49. Smilh, Palricia, l54. Smilh. Wilma, 37. 74. l4X Smilh. Wilma Jean, 75. Snider, Gale, l53. Snider, Loren, I44. Snow, Donald, 58. I44. Snow, Donald. 58. Harold. I9. 23. 3l. 34, 40. 42. 46. 58, 6l, 70. l3l. Snow, Rlilh, 64, l53. l54. Snyder. James, l49. Snyder, Phyllis, 72. Sounders, Bill, l49. Sfvulham, Bill, 47, 68. 86, I49, Solllhers, Vern. 62, 63, l44. Sloall. Belly, l54. Spangler, Belly, l54. Spangler, Delbert 76, 86, l49. Spearman, Julia, 86, l3l. Speedy, Belly, 24, 48, 64, l53. Speedy, Guido, I44. Speck, Roy, 86, l3l. Spencer, Clillord, I49. Spiegal, Barbara, 36, 37. Spiegal, ll, I3, 28, 30, 50, 54. 69, 7l, 80, 9l, IO7, l3l. Sprague, Richard. I44. Summers, Helen, I4-9, l49. Summers. Paul, Sumner, Casswallan, l49. Surber, Maurice, I53. Surlace. Marlha, l49. Swaim, Olive. 32, Swain, Bob, l53. Swaney, Jack, I44. Swank, Hugh, 47, 83, I32. Swank, Phyllis, 72, 80, 95, l44. Swelnam, Mary, l49. Swinlord, Alice, l49. Swinlord, Alla. I44. 68, 76, 77, l53 Swinlord, Donald, IO, 28, 68. 70, 80. I44. Swinlord, Lawrence. l53. i Swope, Charles, I32. Sylvesler, Keilh, 9, 76, I49, Tacliell, Bob. 53, 62. 63, 67, 68 70, 80, 9l. Talberl, Wilma, 64, l44. Talley, Junior, l32. Tanner, John, 89, I44. Tappin, Charles. l49. Tarvin, Harold, l32. Tarvin, Hildred, 72, l49. Tale, Bill, 76, I49, Taylor, Arlhur, 79. Taylor, Alice, l53. Taylor, Donald, l8, 83, l49. Taylor, Isabella, 74, l45. Thomas, Grelna, IO. I33. Thomas, John, l49. Thomas, Robert 87, I33. Thomas, William. l53. Thompson, Bobbie, l53. Thompson, Elmer, 74, l45. Thompson, Frederick, 38, l45. Thompson, Gene, l54. Thompson, Lelha Mae, 75, l49. Thompson, Sybil, l33, I49. Thornburg, Bill, 39, 40, 45, 70 l32. Thornburg, Vernice, 85, I33. Thrasher, Berlha, 64, I33. Tice, Bellie, 26, 32, 74, 76. Tilus, Belly Ann, 82, l45. Tilus, Mary Joe, 24, 64, 82. Todd, William, I54. Todd, Wilma, 7, l3, l5, 53, 67 68, 69, I33. Tolle, Belly, 86, I33. Tompkins, Donald, l45. Toombs, Belly, l53. Toombs, Donald, 75, l49. Toombs, Evelyn, 75, l49. Tracy, Anna, 64, I49. Tracy, Bill, I49. Tracy, Franklin, 47, I33, Tranbarqer, Mary Jo, 72, l49. Tranbarqer, Wilbur, l33. Travis, Russel, I33. Tribbell, Margarel, 72, 83, l49. Trueblood, Berlha, I45. Tucker, Roberl, l49. Tudor, Madonna, l53. Turner, Doris, 72, I45. Turner, Joyce, l45. Turner, Marlha, l45. Tyler, Doris, 75, l49. Upham, Ernesline, l49. Uremovich, Jane, ll, 69, 80, 9' l45. Ulley, Berlha, l49. Ulley, James, 62, l53. Ullerback, Doris, l45. Vandergrill. Roberl, 58. l53. Vandevender. Evelyn, l45. Vandevender, Rulh, l49. Vandevender,. Wanda, I45. Van Dyke. Tom, 9I. Van Meler, James, l45. Van Sickle, Richard, 79. Vaughn, John, 46, 58. l53. Wealherlord, Jean, I49. 1 Wealherlord, Jeanne, 85, I49.i Wealherlord, Roger, 47, 65. l33. Webb, Joe, I6. l Webb, Phillip, l53. Websler, Belly, 74, I33. Weeve, Jeane. l53. Weidner, Ruby, I49. Wellons, Ralph, I4-9. Wells, Francis, l33. Wells, Norma Jean, 36, 74, 93, I33. Welsh, Joe, l54. Werking, Richard, l34. Werli, William, l49. Weslon, Lonnie, IO, I34. Weslon, Mary, l2, 56, l34. Weslrick, Jack, 62, 84. l45, Weslrick, Palricia. 64, l53. Wheasler, Roy, 82, 86, I34 Wheal, Mariorie, l49. Wheat Roberl, 26, 62, 70, Whelchel, Barbara, l53. Whelsel, Cryslal, l53. Whe+seI, Eileen, I34. Whisler, Beverly, l45, While, Barbara, l53. While, Nellie. 64, l53. Whilehead, Jim, I34, l49. Whilehead, Richard, 62, 75, l45 Whilsel, lvan, l45. Whillalcer. James, 65. Whillaker. Norma. l53. Wicker, Jean, I49, Wier, Pally, l53. Wiqner, Beniamin, I54. - Wilcle, Bellie, 84. Wilborn, Wilma, l53. Wilburn, James, I34. l34. Vaughn, Lavonia, 75, l45. Vaughl, Belly, 7l, l33. Vauqlh, Charles, l53. Vaughl, Kalhleen, 32, 50, 69, 76 77, 93. l45. Vermillion, Kennelh, 89, ll3. Vermillion. Thamar, l7, l9, 23 46, 62, 63, 70, l4-5. Vermillion, Winilred. 8l, 90, l45 Vickers, Barbara, I53. Vinson, Ted, lO, 29, 56, 68, 69 70, l33. Voke, Bob, 29, 67, 86, 93, l33. Voss, Frank, l45. Wagner, Marvin, 26, I33. Wagner, William, 50, 54, 58, 68 74, I33. X'Vainscoll, Belly, l49. Wailman. Charles, l49. Wallord, Norma J., I45. Wilbur, Wilcox, Wilder, Wilder, Wilhile Williams Williams l49. Williams Williams Williams, Williams Williams Joe, l54. Roberl, 83. Richard, 52, 68, 9l Jean Ann, 64, 79. 72. 8l. , I49 l53. Palricia, l49. , Donald. l35. , Jack, 7. IO. 28. 29. l35 , Jack E., 74. . Jim, 62. l53. Richard, 46, 58, . Sallvi 68, 8l, l53. on, Palsy, 8. l53. I53. Willis, Marvin, 89, l49. Willson, Canby, 87, l35. Willson, Wilbur, l53. Wilson, Anna, l54. Wilson. Belly, l35. Wilson, Bessie. l35, l Wilson, Eugene, ll, l3, 56, 70 93, I35. Wilson. Jack. l49. Wilson, Jaqueline, 75, l35. ' Wilson, Jim, 9, l8, l9, 23, 3i 56, 62, 63, 68, 70, 93, lOl l35. Wilson, John. 58. Wilson, Leila. 77. 79. Wilson, Palricia, 72. Wilson, Raymond, 58, Wilson, Verline, I54. INDEX Windlan, Bob, I49. Wood, Frank Slebbins, 68, I4-5. Wyclille, Gloria Theress, 48, 64. Yu,sl, Evelyn, I6, 29, 74, 8l, 90, Winlcle, Bellie, I4-5. Woodrull, Robert ll, I5, 65, 86, , Yusl, Jacqueline Marie, I49. Wingrove, Janet 72, I53. 93, I35. Yalm' B'll' 9l', . Wingrovei Kamleenl 5ly 52. I35. Worley' Charles I53' Yales, Jacqueline, 8I, 85, I49. Zedelcar, Marian Joanne, 72, I49. Wingrove, Richard, 52, 83, I35. Wrighl Eve-rell, I35. Yeager' Jcfan' 76' l37- Zerlcle, Bob, IO7, I49. Winner, Belly Jane, 75, I4-5. Wrighl George, l53. Yocom' lvhldred' 84' l4l' Zion, Nile Ann' '53- Wise, Warren, I45. Wright Theada, 99. York' Rolland- 58- Zion Thomas '45 Wishon, Harold, I53. Wright Wayne L., 145. York- ROY: '49, , ' ' ' Wisner, Ronald, 76, l53. Wyanl, Norma, SI, I49, YOUHQS. AWG MGC, I3, 36. 39- Zwkelbach' Donald' l53' Wilry, Roy, 34, 40, 65, l35. Wyall, Philippa, 33, 38, 53, 54, 74. l4q- Zolli -lafilfi I6, 29, 70, 79 83. Wood, Barbara, 84, l35. 67, 69, 7I, 74, 79, 80, 9I, 93, Yunlcer, Belly Lou, 75. 93. 145. Woods, Bob, 9I. l35. Yunlcer, La Vonne, l35. Zoolc, Russell, 76, 77, W' -gi'- ' iles 'I ef?" ' Ayzf Aulographs M V! .L AU af 1 ' f li' 'lg If f. I I-1251114 l - ,, ,f l 1 . f .J Hffffff 'I ' U rf' ,f f , ' -flffqvii' .lr?EfbNLLL1'a I' a.lL-f4,v 'i-'Q i1""' , . Q wk .l 195 - ' Qxkt e-' - C' . 0 ia' .. Y' ,, .rx Viv x, 'B X 4: ? gf 7' ,. .' 'lii ff-ZA' Oy ff'+A',i 1 N, . 7 lui? 'F Ji fx, HW , x Au'rograpl1s

Suggestions in the Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) collection:

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