Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN)

 - Class of 1940

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Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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.x i -V N if ' . 1 I Ji? Q.: I . 2 V wif..-:,::fgg5,:g,.zV' i f I umm ,,,,',,?,l V t 1. A A V A ' V A A , A ' , .glw V eg .M V,W,.,. : V V.,-w,eQ, 15, J. ,, Vx In 'x VV , 4 , Vi A 1, ,wi -' ' - 3,!,V":,jj.1xg.,gg . V . 4 V , Q V ,f.V , V22 'V J- V 'frgiigff' , 1 . . V 7 ' 4 - w L- rar" .Q V PQ V V fa V V ff f,..V,!, Q! 4 N LVF 1, fi . .V .1 , 5, gig N , 'A Q I ' V V HQ- . VG, V 1 ' 2 if? VV ' 1 5 . -' A II- 4. 2 h -,., X rjw,-...El 4 Y . , - V V V ., ' W : .,,. V Q X' , N ' f N--V V 5 V V, . V V V .4 f A Vw N, " V ' V V V , , , 'v, V , 6'-xx ' -lx ' . V RXRXV- "U A X QQ ' X13-, Q' ' V .. 6135 53'-Q7 A- V V - 'Elf 353 SVR! A! i 'VVNR V V. V Vg. A Vi ff 'R - . '51 ' H "'-Zbka ,VV-VV '1f1VV YJ ' ' V A fg??"V - . diff-?1."kif:fiLl , M aa V ' 1-7-V Q , V VV V VQVVVV .V ,ff"'N A ff 5 f ,A 12 V - fx ,V , , - ' V- -X V Hg 1V 4 I 5 I -K ' , ' - V 'ggi-A v '4j3,2,n f x w ' fl-. ' , - VV,,"+.VV . XV! L.,f5.,' N, V." ' Sf -Z.-'C,.ff'.fQ"5 .4 , - xv W" "M , x! D V ' Y 4 V ' f. L V524-V2 V V V - V VV V ,-if , J! V ,V 1 in V, , V V -V , 'V 1' -Vgwri? f s-.V-., V V 1. V V1 f " .MY-'. 'XV . A ' , , 'Q:'5?il11,"f'f?'?g? VIVV '5 , "'w I . , 9' 2f1V 1fV Ok 3 . V jf' "h' 'lQ?'ffi.4.,X f""' PN -J ' ' f" V WV-:' ' V . . 57571. kr Wfyl. f ' K ' V , ' -+7 V VPN' ' 25 , - 1 V " V V V S , , . I ' ,gcf uf. 535 ' QV 'F A' V 0 0 ff V V . wa we V 2 ' V , ' U ' .V -3- fm,-1,,,,M 1- 1' V n - A V 'A ' R f wf ,afq , V V" ' ' X-ff 'r VV, 5 1' f" ' JI ff? V V V11 1 V V ff ,VVV .V,, -dy M. ,MV - Vf fV 1fX'VV V VgVaVf2 ' V V Q .V,V,VfVf+f" ' , A V ' V' .JV H 1 ' "MV V3"3fLVf .V . V V Ve' .ryqq .im I V ...S Vial' T V V Ar ,. , , 'f , , ,3V7,.+5lfg 5 W ' . X, .T Q 9 , . ,.,-fs. gfqx . 'Vi 1 . V X V ,yu -J ,V V R ' 1 V f ' P575- .3 E +7 fe? if A 'KQVV tiki' ' -' . kia, X A - 'S 1 :V ga 15 J' V V J V f , ' n ,flag T5 , is .V , .. 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' ,' -, K. H' Jr '-'Th' . QW. . r' S 1 " -fffr. , .x ,ff . 'al Mqx. 1. M. 1 1 ff 5 ' ' ,X f L- e'1fPg,'71 -4 X . ,. - f --Arg' X f a, V I. - 7 " ff, if I ei 4-5 '91 I Y n f V' .L ,, i'Ir3:' s 'jf' ,wig K, ,' i A 1. ,- ,"', Y' J Y I r bi tl V "Ulf 3' 'H . -h ' M raw ' ' ' 'Un ' ,N . 1 V, "rr 'ZF A, 1, wr It -' , -A "' 1 ,ft J " ' .K ," N IH I' ig X' H ' 1 : , 4 mf. . W, 221 . 'I . 511 , 1 , 1 J J .5 ,1 "' gi f , I , W , .L 4 X f I -P ,I ' 'X 1 'Q ' Q' J ' if Bw 9- rr '1 K mf -'DM v Q' . W5 n 5' 4 u 4' 1 '3 w 4 3 - u A 9 .ax Y ' Lv . . ' - , " -w'-:si.t'H. I ' ' ... . 5 1 ' . 4 ' i,:s+y-fjj '. -' . ,.' .3:.,...y:' .L I I I V Y . A--A-5 - ,- A' K., H 1 -9 yurxx I 'gp 1 A , 23 J' , , ufx f - mp. E , i . r 1 f 5 n W A " v J ,Q G1 J 5 1 ' 1 my L 'i ' '.-': - xr L? ' 'Ox K! J f , 'r iv J Y ' JL' ., N . . ,. K. 4 H , X 4 U.: - . , 3, Sgr 1. '41 V 3 p f, lv 1' 1 a 5 1- P 1 4 . w V' 3 1 " W .. In 'V' Je ' ' 1 . f x 1 1- 5 :. ' ' if , wx ,J Q . A 'vs I ' 5. ' , 7 v .N . ,,, , ......,, i ,. ,. 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Mr. Kuch, Mr, Free, Mr. Downeb SCHOOL BOARD During the past year our high school, as well as all the other city schools, have been under the direction of a very competent school board. The five members of this board are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council. They are chosen on the bases of good character, citizenship, honesty, and reliability. Al- though these members serve only three years, they can be reap- pointed. It is because of the cooperative efforts of the board, Mr. Campbell, and Mr. Porter that our school is run so successfully. Since this body administers to the needs of all our schools, the destiny of Anderson High rests in its hands. It supervises the fi- nancing and construction of new buildings and the purchase of all supplies. It is the members of the school board that we owe thanks for our capable teachers, for it is they who hire all teachers. When we are blessed with half-holidays or vacations, we can give them the credit. This year the five members of the efficient body are Mr. Elmer H. Downey, Mr. Jacob C. Kuch, Mr. Robert M. Critchfield, Mr. Wade H. Free, and Miss Juliet Crittenberger. Mr. Downey is presi- dent and is easily qualified because he has a daughter of high school age. The secretary is Nlr. Free and treasurer Mr. Kuch. ri,,7,, MR. CAMPBELL Mr. Arthur Campbell, Superintendent of Anderson schools, came to us seven years ago. Under his guidance we have steadily progressed. Through his efficient services and understanding, he has gained the respect and friendship of the entire student body as well as that of the faculty. In difficult times when there are prob- lems to be solved, we have found him a necessary factor. We, as students, feel certain that as long as he remains with us, Anderson High School will retain the high standard that he has helped us to acquire. MR. PORTER Une of the most industrious and alert persons about Anderson High School is Stanley Porter, our new principal. He came to us last year from Franklin High School where he taught history for four years and served as principal for nine years. A graduate from Franklin College, he pursued his education at Indiana University where he received his Master of Arts degree. Mr. Porter's genial manner and friendly personality have won him the friendship of both teachers and students. E i i L MISS ARBOGAST Miss Arbogast, located in room six, is the efficient and patient Dean of Girls of Anderson High School. She is known as the best friend of every girl in school, whether she is a bewildered freshman or a worldly-wise senior. With her assistants she keeps track of ap- proximately 1228 girls. If ever a medal is offered for patience. generosity, thoughtfulness and good-fellowship, Miss Arbogast will receive it by a unanimous vote of all that know her. MR. ROTRUCK - Mr. C. D. Rotruclc, the Dean of Boys of Anderson High School, needs little introduction. The job he holds demands a man with a strong and alert mind with a great capacity for understanding. It has found such a man in Mr. Rotruck. Most of us will remember the meetings we have had with him, whether they were disciplinary or purely social. His wit, humor and dependability has certainly proved him as a sturdy friend of the boys of Anderson High School. ENGLISH Miss Kendall Miss Thurston Miss Hoskins Miss Miller Mr. McClure Mrs. Preston Miss Day ENGLISH Miss Lindstrom Mrs. Hale Miss Griffin Mr. Baker Mrs. Vermillion Mr. Boyd Mrs. Hughes Mrs. Grahame MATHEMATICS Mrs. Repetto Mr. Todd Mr. Brinson Mr. Weaver Miss Bowen Mr. Miller Mr. I-Iosier SOCIAL SCIENCE Mrs. Goss Mr. Amiclc Mr. Goss Mr. Bailey Mr. Shirey Miss Adams SOCIAL SCIENCE Mr. Springer Mr. Denny Mr. Fleenor Mr. Coffin Mr. Rotruck Mr. Davis FOREIGN LANGUAGE Mrs. Strickler Mrs. Henry Mr. McClintock Mrs. Whitson Miss Nagle MUSIC and ART Miss Hill Mr. Rencenberger Miss Hirsch Miss Balyeat HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Brock Mrs. Leachman Miss Anderson Miss Carson PHYSICAL ED. Mr. Dischinger Mr. Chadd Mrs. Grahame Missa' Campbell iff FPS PHYSICAL SCIENCE Mr. Horton Mr. Stewart MI. Stolel' Mr. Lee Mr. Hallett BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE Mr. Hallett Mr. Sanders Mr. Stutsman Mr. Mather Miss Mullenclore Mr. Shinn COMMERCIAL Mr. Bowen Mrs. Pippen Miss Brown Mr. Lyon Miss Arbogast Miss Carlton Mrs. Lashbrook Miss Charlier TRADES 86 INDUSTRY Mr. Garrigus Mr. Gordon Julius Mr. Bergevin Mr. Morris Mr. Hale Mr. Sharpe Mr. Wysong Julius TRADES 86 INDUSTRY Mr. Barner Mr. Huntzinger Mr. Pugh Mr. Sherman Mr. Lindsey Mr. Bonge Mr. Burns VOC. AGRICULTURE Mr. Kolb U ---I OO 441 6 ,f fx, Gag, OFFICE FORCE Miss Ulmer Miss Carlton Mrs. Swinforcl X ANDERSON HIGH SCHOOL SONG Verse Let's give a rah for A. H. S. boys, And show a spirit seldom seen. Others may like gold and crimson, But for us its Red and Green. Let all your troubles be forgotteng Let high school spirit rule. We'll join and give a loyal effort For the good of our old school. Chorus Its A. H. S. boys, Its A. H. S. boys, The colors Red and Green so dear. Come on you old grads, join with the young lads Its A. H. S. and now we cheer, Rah! Rah! And now's the time, boys, to make a big noise, No matter what the people say, For there is naught to fear, the gang's all here So hail to A. H. S. boys, Hail! Rah! Rah! .-.--2 41-,+p.4'.,gGA 5,32 1-:,uJi --1... w 1. . I - .1 A ' - . - - - ?:"s:'!15 1'Q51" ' 4 -"" .A ss.. 'W- H29 1- ': 1 , , , ez-'Q '3,.s.:w 4.1--.. -:sw W -.- 1, 7, .. . -if , " ' A - 2 " :"'51"'-'-.:.wp.w -""'"5"-'2 -- -,-.w1f.:fsff5-v'1f" " N w r " ""' fu ' AN -- 4 1 I Q 4 ,F J ' , X 4 J, I t.. ,-,,,..,s c-,hgfugb ' I 4' 1. , .- , u...,i'-q' -1 - 1 , f 1' ' . .., -f , ,. .... ... . ',. -- ew. a f . '.lf"-'4--:n'." AA , Za.-., Y -gxz. . -,..,,l, g?,7L+n,- , ,' , ., ,.fags:gpia2'?2"-'fgnaii-frs.':gg:H,,K.-.-V ' -- -.Q in ' ',- -'s- fm 23' 5-'Sf' - . vi-. -- V- -v- ...yr f , .. -.- . --r-Q -3- 4- AL. - . , .- .- -s K4 -1...,..x . -1. - gif:-5 1 ,' gif .- i.,'i,1: 1 -5,5 '5f'Lfq.Q. V . 4 F ". X p hlx agg-gg,-ymtggga, .-,IRI-suv riff ar . A H- I r.'1 YA. x . - 'i31f??3?-A-' , I ,-.,, MJgQ,:j6I'1j.?fJ-jg5-.,5:- ,.1.,1,g:-.5..'f' g.jgf j , - .. . . '- wi. " . 211- f- f J' 1. , ,K 1? 5. , - - '- v ' "x-V . 'gig , . Aww: J. gif rffggwii,-wg.:?Sf':'QJ42,.,v ,y:,51i,,3,13r-rw' 4-' .Z-i4x-,.-,.v+g.g'-f .j,.-.A-, -Q..-.. --. , --dp fa 'M - 21.2-xf,,-,r5'1"-ff 1'-'f F" -1 ' - - -y-N. ,- f,,, :ZQJA-'iii Y: -1' if-if-'.sf. -A,1N- ' :L ,-3. - , -f.. - -v -fv: Q.: Egfcj-'VN v-:vw v - . .. ' R" r gpzzgg-11:x-.x,i X. .4 'L Lf Lf .ffzfr-Z ,:l"'?fj'w-2-'-'LAFT '-up-s:L:f'ff"f',:-. PE?-.if-3 11 'iggzgfl' Vg,'35,-,,',,1"g-.:,1AfQ'3':'iSf?34'xxx...47j?,..3i5E 1,165 ., , .:. ,rj N., ,, 'fx , - - .-.-4 ' -.Ja-v.. 4.--- - ,-,bfkyfwf 3 , U-fn., va 3 k,5N.5f.f,,y4,l3g. .f,-.'w-P-15.1. T. wx -, -,V---V, 1 .uf-,.,f', ,M 1 gk, , , . .- V . -K 3-V-,ff ,sg ,,, F1'Ez,.E:w+fm3 KS'?Z - 5 -If-. XJg'3"5'.'-T , iii ii.ff:,'Efw3. 3225. . ' ' k . ,f-W1-:gp -Qi' 1 -.. g,gy,25QF ' - ' f"f'0?-Cr: ' 1--'...:: if Yau W--ch"--4 -W-W: ' 34. -ffl' : V-ffaf, , Y' ry 1--. .. " ,.- -, "1-'Vi as Q .-.1 , : :.'Q,.f:f:fc'-KP 1. 344.4 M. f 1--,ig-.,..,2,:,--r-'.i'w - - . 1 JY fm., V ,inf-14.2 -J 55:0 H , ,. -,u.,,b,ks4+,.5 J- - f-W . Q. . Ac W. , ,3 , , f ., . A Q.: .. .: fy, X' 5, 1+-, -1 vi -K Pr ,.A , -1, - ,-f.1.g,-,.1:,,.u 3115- v a, -, '1'v-f:'."1ef.'-xp . -218, 'P . A f ... - m VE t' v "" 2'3" i w 4 "'44 "1'4?siP"1-ehmwwi M M'g"q3' WEE- :n f . ": x1'fflf-'f 11f'L'il:?!1 :'7y ' M L -I .yv: f5FGi1.'Qf-YQQQA Iiigigfa :vu V .W ynxgv-fgf , 'V' - ' . 5L,,. .f If' - W f . MAH :.5g','f.,LKsi4,f r M .- ".:,,"w,,P nw- t -if SLT.. 1, vt. .,. by - -sd ' S-. .-.1-5,-vac . . . ,, N. Nh ' ' 'HC-' ' Q . 5g11irhS5f' --'- ve 1.13251 ' -f-.wagrij-I'.x,5g, . .'.-!iPf ' W - ' .. ' ...Q c .. 1 - .--.,,,.mq..-,,v,.- - L -. 1, .L , CZZaM,e4.- SL c 4,6u.dgJan,d Zeafm 4,0 that comm, Sl Ze . 20 T 4 1 A 1 1 I V i E -U K I SENIOR SPONSORS Bliss Margaret Mull-imlore, Mr. Arthur Shirey SEN IORS Another class, that of 1940, has finished its high school career. Its members have passed through all stages of high school life-ridicule, humiliation, and with each year a growing sense of superiority. Emerging with flying colors of green and gray, this class will always he remembered as a group that has worked together for the good of the whole school. Ar the conclusion of their junior year this group played host at the annual Junior Prom, which was held in the auditorium. In its closing year, the Senior Class play, .1 dramatic production entitled "Stage Door," was presented before a large audience. This class is not only the largest up to this timefit boasts of four hundred and seventy-five memhersfbut it is also proud of its intelligence. After a process oi' elimination the following students were chosen as commencement speakers: Joan Sisson, Ruth Allen, Patty Guthrie, and Bill Martz. The alternates were Bonnie Wea- ver, and Frances Schmitt. SENIOR OFFICERS Jack Phillips, l1'easu1'u'g Bill Murtz, president, XVayne Thornburg, secretaryg XVurren Siultz, vice-president. FIRST ROIV ABEL, BILL-General Course. ACHOR, NORMA JEANETTE t"Betty"J-General Course. Girl Bcservcs 15 Glee Club 25 Oper- etta 25 Camera Club 2, 3. ADAMS, l'ZDIS ALONZO t"Eddie,'r-Pre-Apprem tice Course. Basketball 1, 2, ADAMS, LENORE C"Skippy',l-Business Educa- tion Course. Glee Club 1, 2. AKERS, BILLY XYARREN t"Bill"n-General Course. V ROW' TIVO ALEXANDER, DOROTHY MARIE 4"Dot"l-Gen- eral Course. Bible Club 4. ALEY, JUANITA t"Nita"lfGeneral Course. ALLEN, JOHN ALBERT t"Red"J--General Course. Football 15 Basketball 15 Student Council 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Fencing Club 45 Forum 4. ALLEN, RUTH MARJORIE f"Ruthless"J-College Preparatory Course. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 45 Debate Squad 35 Latin Club 2, 35 Honorary Society 3, 45 Forum 45 Senior Class Play 45 Forum Convention 35 Bus- iness Education Department Assistant 4. ARBUCKLE, PEGGYANN MARGARET t"Peggy"l -Business Education Course. Home Econ- omics Club 1, 2. 40 ni ROW THREE ASHBURN, ANN LUCILLE 4"Lou,,p --Business Education Course. G, A. A. 15 Glet- Club 25 Operetta 2. ASHBY, MADONNA ELIZABETH t"Donna"t-- General Course. ASHTON, CLARENCE HENRY t"Ashton"j4 Technical Course. IBABCOCK, MARY ANN t"Skeets"j-College Pre- paratory Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Glce Club 15 Choral Club 2, 35 47th Continen- tal Congress, XVashington, D. C., 111385 Cam- era Club 25 Dramatic Club 2, 35 XYLXV Broad- cast 3. BACIU, LEONA t"'l'ina"J-Business Education Course, Bible Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club lg Opcretta. ROW FOUR IEADGLEY, BETTY ROSE-General Course. Cho- ral Club 3, 45 XVLYV Broadcast 35 Music and American Youth Broadcast 35 North Central Music Educators' Conference, Detroit, 35 Op- eretta 1, 45 Region Three National School Vocal Association Festival 35 Indiana Slate Choral Festival 45 Girls, Boosters Club 2, 35 Glee Club 35 Senate 15 Student Assembly 2, 4, Vice-President 45 Executive Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, 4. BAKER, DONALD SMITH t"Bake,'J-General Course. Science-Math' 35 Rifle Club 35 Radio Club Vice-President 4. BAUGHER, VIRGINIA ANN l"Jinny"l-General Course. Glec Club 25 Dramatic Club 15 Operetta 25 Business Education Depart- ment Assistant 4. BAXTER, BETTY JANE t"'l'ony',J-Business Education Course. Business Education Dc- partmcnt Assistant 4. BEARD, MURRAY-General Course. Spanish Club 2. 'le li-3 S gi ep , S Q9 . 1 s -K .aff-U v Q- . 1 1 . s 4. H ::?.s515 -'I-"fi K .. mx.. - . gf Q9 ,, xx as W 'vid I I Jag 3 xxx 4 i 3 gp fi? S X W Q -v ax! KL we . . X ,K als fi 'P Q , ,QSM W - .fl . -, 5: 1' Q . -1 A - - ,K f.h7 lg , - if . f- . . ,.,.. , my ,,,, . 5, ' 2- " N-If far- 2 L,-3,5 . ,..,L 2, .. WH- .-455, . fiiiiw - 5 J X1 4 SS V VE 'V If - zf , MM. A. - -fem '- -- an :aka L,u, ,.' 1 4 H ...wr ' egfa ff rsk- is I , ' Q 2, 'f X L It 0 IV ONE RECKHAM, HARRY S. t"lleckie"JwGencral Course. G14-e Club 2, 45 District Music Con- vention 25 Township Music Festival 25 Opel'- etta -lg Track 2. RECKMAN, ELEANOR MARGARET t"Becky"J-- College Preparatory Course, Senate 3, 45 Glee Club 25 Honorary Society 3, 45 College Campus Club 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Choral Club 3, 45 Operetta 2, 45 XYLXV Broadcast 35 Music and American Youth Broadcast,35 North Central Music Educators' Conference, De- troit. 35 Region Three National School Vocal Association Festival 3: Indiana State Choral Festival 3, 4. BELANGEE, MOLETIA MARRIE-Vocational Home Economics Course. BENEFIEL, HAZEL FRANCES-Yocational Home Economics Course. RIDDLE. JUNE MARIE i"Laughing Girlnyf Business Education Course. Business Edue cation Department Assistant -4. ROIV TIVO RIDDLE, MARIE LAVON t"Rie"b+GeneraI Course. Business Education Department As- sistant 4. ISLUEHER, EUGENE t"Gene"J-College Prepara- tory Course. Art Club 1, 25 .Iunior Optimists 3, 45 Camera Club 4. RULES, MARY GXVENDOLYN t"Mamieriek",b-a General Course. G. A. A. 1. IIOXYERS, CAROL MAXINE4General Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 25 Operetta 2. BOYD, MELYIN-General Course. Spanish Club l, 25 Track 2, 3, 4. 40 i ROW' THREE RRENDEL, JACQUELINE MAY t".lackie"l- Business Education Course. Glee Club 45 Op- eretta 4. RRICKER, MELVIN LU'FHER-Pre-Approntice Course. BRONNENBERG, JOE BOB i"liob"l-Pre-Ap- prentice Course. , BRONYN, MILDRED-College Preparatory Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 25 Choral Club 35 Operetta 25 Business Education De- partment Assistant 4. BRYANT, MARTHA JEAN t"Marty"J-Business Education Course. Business Education De- partment Assistant 4. ROW' FU UR l5URNE'l"l', PAUL EUGENE- -llusiness Education Course. Usher 2, 3, 4. HURT, ELIZABETH-College Preparatory Course. Girl Reserves. BURTON, EILEEN PATRICIA 4"l'at",r-Iiusim-ss Education Course. BURTON, EUGENE GILBERT t".Ioe"y-1're- Apprentice Course. li. Y. C. Clubg Forum -I. RUSHONG, DORIS MARIE t"lJoriz-"b-General ' Course. Art Association Club 4. 5 5 K f ."' Q .rx 5 v Fw 8' N x -, u 4 3555 .L S an f A 4 - S L i E. K , I R O IV ONE s- BUTNER, MARILYN A.fuRI3I'l,,l-Gl'llC1'iil Course f. El E X-Ray Staff 43 Girl Reserves 23 Forum Club Q -I3 Class Activities 4. 2 CAIJE, CLARENCE i"Jack,'1--Gem-ral Course. Annual Staff 3, 43 Operetta 43 Football 1, 3, I -13 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club -I3 Choral Club 4. CARILLON, BE'l"l'Y LAURETTA Q"RE'I'Z"j-Bus- iness Education Course. G. A. A. 1. 1 CARLILE, NORMAN LAMIli-Pre-Appelitier E Course. CARNEY, RALPH HONVARD Jr.-General Course. l I E ROW TWO CARPENTER, ANNA BELLE Q"Ann"1-Business 3 Education Course. Honorary Society 3, 43 State Connnercial Contest 2, 3, 4. E Q CAltPEN'l'ER, JUNIOR GEORGE f"Porgy"l- I Pre-Apprentice Cou1'se.Basketball 3, 1 CARSON, FRED LEETE 1"Kit"Jf-College Prep- ! aratory Course. Decatur High School 13 Band ' 33 SCl!'llC9-Rlillh 43 X-Ray 4. CASTOH, EVELYN LOUISE 1"Efi'Ze',,I-General L Course. X-Ray Stall' 4. h . CAIQDLE, LYNIJALE MAXINE f"l,yn"h-lielieral Course. 40 ROW THREE CAUDELL, VALERIA ELIZA f"Yicky"J--Busine ess Education Course. CAYLOR, NORMA .IEAN?fi8Ill'l'1iI Coursc.Senale 3, 4g Forum 43 Glee Club 2. CERDEN, MABETH B.-Business Education Course. CHANDLER, XYAYNE STANLEYiq"Dink"Jf-Col- lege Preparatory Course. Student Council 3, 43 Treasurer Indiana Association of Student Councils 43 Camera Club 23 Forum 43 College Campus Club 33 X-Ray Staff 43 Football 1, 2, 3. CHAPPELL, AILEEN ELIZABETH-General Course. Glee Club 23 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 33 Senior Class Play 43 Busi- ness Education Department Assistant 4. ROW' FOUR CHURCH, D. ELDAN l"F1ash"b-College Prvp- aratory Course. 'Centerville High Schoolg Science-Math 4, CLARK, XYANDA GERALDINE 1f'Gerry"yfGen- eral Course. CLICK, ROBERT 1"BolJ"l-General Coursm-.Ari Club 4, Assistant Secretary of Art Club. COCHRAN, ROBERT LEE-General Course.Latin Club 33 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 2. COMPTON, JOSEPH f"Joe"J-ilollege l're1mra- tory Course. Russiaville, Indiana. .L 5 -- -- ,, ,,., KLFK xy, .f C K Q "z, , M ., ,zz J 74 H az . H35-A' fi! Y .. Y-kg' L 2 ek y xi .s 5 A, ' "- ' -H-if ".,,:af . if-?'as?', if-wilezvf : iwlszfffas k H ' M ,A A0 I A,i. 7353 If i A "L, "M ' fg QMS. ik I " S: j-jgqxlwf x ,gg QW 1 2 ,. . ,.., - 14 '- - 1 1,2 - :V f 0 X . is ' 'Erma "lf 'K R 0 ll' UNE COMMONS, DOROTHY t"lJottie"r-College Prep- aratory Course. Girl Reserves 1, 23 ll, Y. C 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 X-Ray Stall' Ii, 4. COMSTOCK, CHARLES ll0liliIi'l' t"CI1al'ley',l--- General Course. CONDON, JACK LliROY-General Course. Latin Club 23 Honorary Society Zi, 43 Science-Math 3, 43 Student Council and Convention 33 Rifle Club 33 Forum 43 College Campus Club 43 Municipal League Convention 4. COONEY, Bli'l"l'Y FRANCES l"Betz"y-General Course. Girl Reserves 1. CORNELICS, VIRGINIA MAE t"Jeannie Mac"l-A General Course, G. A. A, 1, 2, 3, 43 Senate 3, 43 X-Ray Staff :lg Forum 43 Honorary Socie ty 4. HOW TIVO CRONK, ALLEN XY.aGenera1 Course. CHUM, FOREST H. tuCl'lIlllllllt'hliGt'Ilt'l'lll Course. CUNNINGHAM, LILLIAN LOlflSEiBusiness Erl- ucatiou Course, Rifle Club 23 Glee Club 3. CURRY, DOROTHY LOUISE t"Dottie"l-General Course. Art Associationg Senior Class Play 43 Forum 43 Glee Club 33 Municipal League Conveutiou 4. DALTON, MARIELLEN 1"'l'oni",l--General Course. -4-lO "1.. R0 ll' THREE DECKER, CARL ORYILLIC t"lJeck"i -l're-Ap- prentice Course. DENT, BERNARIJ IQIEITH-General Course.Sci- ence-Math 43 Honorary Society 43 Forum 43 Student Council 2. DELANOY, KIENNETH DOUGLAS t"ltenny"mf College Preparatory Course. Senate t3 For- um 43 Animal 3, 43 Senior Class Play 43 College Campus Club 3, 4, Prcsident3 Student Council 4. lllL'l'S. EDGAR--llusiness Education Course. Model Airplane Club 1, 23 Glee Club 2. 43 College Campus Club 3, 43 Fencing Club 2. 3: Track 1, 23 Operetta 43 Forum -13 Senior Class Play 4, IJIETZEN, DELORIS t"Saydie"r -General Course. Art Association 3. 4, President 43 Glee Club 23 College C2illlDl1S Club 43 Latin Club 33 Senior Class Play 4, Student Forum 4. ROR' F0l'Il' IIIETZEN, JAMES f".lin1"liGeneral Course. Glee Club 23 Operetta 23 Foruin 43 Scienee- Math 33 Basketball 13 Fencing Club 2, 33 Track 23 Football 2. IJODD, MARY liLlZAllli'l'H 1"Betty"l-Business Education Course. Glee Club 23 Opt-retta 23 Foruni 4. DOLL, ALICE MARIE f"Dollie'll -General Course. Glee Club 4. DORSTE, TOM--College Preparatory Course. Hi- Y 3, 43 Track 1, 23 Orchestra 1, 23 Fencing Club 2, 33 Annual Stafl' 3, 43 Senior Class Play 43 Foruni 4. DOXYNES, MARY ELLEN 1"l'inkie"J-College Preparatory Course.B:1ncl 1, 2, Il, 43 ti. A, A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President and Secretary 3: Girl Reserves 13 French Club 23 Science- Math 'iQ Forum 4. ,filly ' E sn- I V ef ,Q S, 1 r 1 Q 'F i M ,qsxi 2 :rig :Alf , A ' .5 2 ' . R fasf ffg 'fjw ' N f 1 if a '32 -'Z ' D, MW, ' K 1521'- i 52.35516 ?i:7'7' pe fi' " :ei ' ,iw K V M:-: H511 V Q , , A .y if ag , I ,-,.,, ,, -sil l iI.2i?ij!f?'5' ,-,- , ww - 'M . R 0 ll' ONE , DUDLEY, GEORGIiNIA+Business Education Course. Glee Club 45 Operetta 4. DENBAR, FRED 1"Fri-ddie',l-College p1'Q1JZll'1l- tory Course, Student Manager of Basketball and Football 1, 2, Zig Head lllllllllgfll' ol' Track Squad 1, 2, 35 College Campus Club lg Stua dent Forum 4, Senior Class Play 4. IJCNHAM, DOROTHY RUTH f"Dot,'l- AGeneral Course. Glee Club 23 Operetta 2, Bible Club 4. DERGAN, CHARLOTTE LOUISE-Business Edu- cation Course. EBERLE, BETY JEANiG6Il8l'3l Course. Glee V Club 25 Honorary Society 3, 4g Choral Club 4. ' ROW TWO ECKHARDT, EARL LEE f"Doc,9J-General Cou1'sc.Glee Club 2, 3. EHRHART, JOSEPH ALBERT Q"Broncho,'J-lius- iness Education Course. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. EHRHART, XVILMA LOUISE fnB0l1'l,,D-Bl1SillCSS Iiducation Course. Girl Reserves lg Senate 3. ELDRIDGE, GILBERT DUDLEY f"Co1'ky"J- General Course. Glee Club 13 Spanish Club 1, Operetta. , ICLLIS, ANITA JUNE QHTEADERUJ-Business Education Course. Girl Reserves 1. 40 ROIV THREE ELLIS, XYILLIAM Q"Bill,,l4General Course. Glee Club 2, 33 Choral Club 43 Operetta 2, State Choral Festival 3, 4, ESKEXY, BETTY .IANE4Business Education Course. FADELY, BETTY E.if"Sl1orty',l General Co lll' S P FARMER, KENNETH DIVEX 1"Bud"lfCollege Preparatory Course. Dramatic Club 3, 4, Col lege Campus Club 45 Student Forum 43 X Ray Staff 4. FLANDERS, DONALD Y. C"Don,'J-General Course, ROW FOUR FALKER, MARY GENEVRA-College Preparatory Course. FAUSSETT, PHYLLIS ANN f"Phi1f'J-Co Preparatory Course. Girl Reserves 1. llege FERREE, MARJORIE 1"Marge"jvGeneral Course Operetta 2, Glee Club 25 Girl Reserves 2, 3 FIELDS, JOHN L.-Business Education Course FISHER, ROSEMARY f"Rosie"De-College Prep- aratory Course. Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 35 Choral Club 3, 4, Operetta 4, -lu? ' s S N :s- R' W. Ei: S - . sax ' 'K xl Nr Sun K1 . 1-'H W 51 I is 1 Y .. ,. . 3 36 , ,SJ 5 in 'S .sm fs -,A. x A -Aw NSR G' 'I 5 W 351 .-:Sv , :QM , i 1 K K fu ns, SK .w f 5 LWB EXW K S gl :K 1 X S Kia 1 2 W J. S x-'L ' 'ef 'im , wb KM' W ' 2 Q ,. V ,QW Six , I 'H K V K .ii 'Qt A 3 , ,:4- , 566 '- ' .L if 2533 mei? was -1 X? if f X W W A ,Sh w '- ,v 1 2 3 ,Q 1 bf , A J. L, 95 Ji' 3' at 5 .Q ':. E 5 9 P29252 sf 2 . R 0 WV ONE FLEEHARTY, VIRGINIA LEE f".Ienny"l4Bus- iness Education Course. Honorary Society 3. 45 Choral Club 3, 45 Operetta 2, 45 G. A. A. 15 Glee Club 15 North Central Educators, Con- ference, Detroit 19395 Region 3 National School Vocal Association Festival 19395 XVLXY Broadcast 19395 State Choral Festival 1939, Music and American Youth 1939, FOLEY, BETTE BELL f"Sussie',l-General Course. Latin Club. FRAZEE. ELBERT CALDXVELL t"Abe,'lA--Yo- cational Agriculture Course. F. F. A. 2, 3. 45 K. Y. C. 45 Vocational Agriculture Rasketbal! Manager 3. FRAZIER, ROBERT E, C"Bob"J-College Prep- aratory Course. Student Council and Conven- tio11 35 Forum 45 Radio Club 45 Science-Math 4. FREEMAN, CRAIG f"Flash"l-General Course. Rifle Club 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 Forum 45 College Campus Club 4, Vice-President5 Senior Class Play 45 Student Council 4. ROIV TIVO FREEMAN, FORREST XVASHBURN f"Steve"l--- General Course. Student Council 15 Forum 45 College Campus Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Senior Class Play 4. GALBNRAITH, JIM HOXVARD--Pre-Apprentice Course. GARRETT, l3ET'l'IE LOU t"Shorty,'lgtlollege Preparatory Course. Camera Club l, 2, Ii Secretary 2, 35 Glee Club 2. GATES, GEORGE KENNETH--General Course. Science-Math Club 4, GAUS, CHARLES FREDERICK f"liud"7-College Preparatory Course, Student Council 25 Hon- orary Society 3, 45 College Campus Club 3, 45 Senate 45 Forum 4. 49 ROVV THREE GERMANO, KATHERINE NAOMI t"Kate"l4Bus- iness Education Course, GIBBENS, EARL V. t"tlibby',l-General Course- Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Rasketall 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 4. GILMORE, ALICEaCollege Preparatory Course. Honorary Society Il, 45 Forum 4. GILMORE, llE'l"l'Y JEAN-General Course. Girl Reserves 1, 25 Glee Club 2. GIOIQMPAKES, ANNA t"Annie"J4General Course. ROIV F0 UR GIVENS, MARIE f"Dickie"J-General Course. Business Education Department Assistant 4. ti-OSS, MARY MAXINE t"Gossie"l-College Prep- aratory Course. Choral Club 3, 45 North Cen- tral Educators' Conference, Detroit 35 National School Vocal Association Festival 35 Operetta 25 Music and American Youth 35 XVLW Broadcast 35 Glee Club 25 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Class Play 45 Forum 4. GOURLEY, RUTH HESTER-Business Education Course. GRAVES, VIOLA MARIE t"Yi'Jgl5usiness Educa- tion Course. GRAY. FLORA t"Floogie"l-Business Education Course. Forum 45 Business Education Depart- ment Assistant 4. ! i E 4 l ROW' ONE GREGORY, BETTY LUCILLE f"'I'rixie"l-General Course. Spanish Club 2. GROSS, RICHARD LLOYD C"Dickl'J-General Course. Model Airplane Club 2. 35 College Campus Club 45 Hi-Y Social Chairman 3, 45 Glee Club 25 Operetta 25 Choral Club 3, 45 North Central Musical Educators' Conference, Detroit 19395 Music and American Youth, 19- 395 XVLNV Broadcast 3. GULLEY, MILDRED GENEVA f"Pcek"J-General Course. GUTHRIE, PATTY i"PAT',l-College Prepara- to1'y Course. Girls' Booster Club 2, 35 Senate 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 College Campus Club 45 Honorary Society 45 Forum 45 Senior Class Play 4. HALDEMAN, JULIA MAE fc:JllKlQ',,J'G9DC1'Ul Course. Glee Club 3. ROVV TIVO HANCOCK, MARGARET ANN-Business Educa- tion Course. Choral Club 2, 3, 45 Honorary Society 3, 45 Girl Reserves 1, 25 Student For- um 45 Glee Club 25 Operetta 2, 45 D. A. R. National Convention, XVashington, D. C. 35 North Central Educators' Conference, Detroit 35 Region 3 National School Vocal Associa- tion Festival 3. HANDLEY, MARY ANN C"Annic"J-College Prep- aratory Course. Forum 45 Choral Club 1, 25 Senate 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Class Play 45 Girl Reserves 1, 25 Dramatic Club 45 G. A. A. 15 Glee Club 15 Operetta 1, 25 Rifle Club 25 Fencing Club 2, 35 D. A. R. National Conven- tion, XVashington, D. C. 3. HANNAFORD, JANE-College Preparatory Course. Honorary Society 45 Forum 45 De- bate 3, 45 Senior Class Play 45 Newswritinp, 45 Dramatics Club 3, 4. HANNAFORD, LUCILLE-Gencral Course. Hon- orary Society 3, 45 Forum 4. ---- HALE, ELIZABETH ELEANOR-College Prepara- tory Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, Treasurer, Vice-President 25 G. A, A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 35 Senior Class Play 4. ii .-...J wp- 4 Q fa ..-..-. . 1,149.4 at - -- Li fiff ' .1-'J lv 1-. J ROW THREE HARDACRE, ROBERTA MARIE 1"Bertie"l-- General Course. Glee Club 3, 4. HARDY, NELLIE RUTH t"Nell"3-General Course. G. A. A. 1, 25 Girl Reserves 1, 3, 4 HARTSAVV, YVILLIAM O. C"Bill"J-College Preparatory. Fairland High School and Ev- erton High School. HAURI, MARY RUTH Q"Henry Jr."J-General Course. HARRISON. RUTH ANN-General Course. Choral Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 25 G. A. A. 1, 2, 35 Student Forum 45 Garb Committee 45 Oper- etta 2, 45 D. A. R. National Convention, XVash- ington, D. C. 35 North Central Educators' Cou- ference, Detroit 35 Region 3 National School Vocal Association Festival 35 Music and Am- erican Youth 3. ROW FOUR HAXVK, EDGAR XV.-General Course. Operetta 25 Choral Club 2, 35 D. A. R. Natonal Conven- tion, Vtlashington, D. C. 35 XVLYV Broadcast 25 National Music Educators' Convention 3. HAYES, JEAN f"Beanic"J-General Course. HEIDEMAN. CATHERINE i"Kate,'J-Business Education Course. HEIDEN, EILEEN LOUISE--Business Education Course. HELBERT, HELEN RUTH f"XVl1iz"l-Gem-'ral Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 G. A. A. 1, 2. .wwpgbg ' Gr - v-1 --364-13 .- ,. --- A "" - ,1,., 595951 QW 3 -ur R .vi -- '- 'ng---5 I .-.' 5 . ' 3g,,f,x.., , X ' W hwf . M ' J w ' "' ' Q. , . , ,x,.,QQvifew2Q5f.'ff'Ww-. I 1 A Q, 1 Wgg: , , ,, 'A 'wif--mavff ' -ff WV Q.: -'M' ,Q 'w'z1?b1'?fi+r5,26gf 'L azdsz- Q- "K " .-07, .1,,.g t,3 " x V ' ' ' Ai-vi... M' ' " 1 , N- ' H " '+'fVf ff .-fr'-1: N 4 A ' - -M-.1-f fi'8Q'gfNG'l::n 0- . . . ,N .Mg f I fy, ' 2 f- ,. -' -'Q - , . .,5A,f,fp:Y? ,"'vu-F!"lj"!?1j"-+'-zfxfvf K- . ' .ifzmagzf ,Q 7?f2vf1,A . . -- FN .,1' - -ga ' w '-T" -W '21"" x :M.NPfW'-Y- 1 -' ., - , WMQQ-rf-flwff-1:pf,:g'x'-ffX , . A ..i::'-1ww:1EQfcf-1xr:-Aif - 1 iff-'u:rL..hz , iff? , . ff:-riff. ff - 5 'ff' ,Lf " iii -"':'i'f1'g.Tl-45,QR-Aw f5f:"-f-- ff-4 -'.-51, 1 '1:gQz:.-,,: ,gf-1-4, f - ,- ' 'W'-"'-'-' 'V 'f , ,Lf V- ' 1, ,K fe, .Q-.g::1w,f.Ag-'N .r,gg,-,X X ..gfg-- -- , 'qfuazgzwmwvvg-3. g:f,,,fag 1 . N., ' -- .. 'Q ' J 7 1' :b5 Q2T..'i1fQ -.g3:gflfQ.,1Lf. iff:ff: . -, QQY Q J ', rw ' -fiji,,-:fp-2'25-Ixwxiw--s3QE59Lf,w - ' H"f1:1+:f ',g3ws1w'.e5vf5"e' - A faseifl' -'ff"'f4- '-'fWi,, . 4Q 'avi-sxiiaz, -v':-4fA1K,,"gi'-Aff iffffrfr-1, '- 1.- fg,Q1f:+-QAff4ff:-sir'-'Q-swim' . "'l'-X-' .-'f'Qqggeef.4g:: f -' . a c . . " - ' fr Q' fi-'-1' - ' '-and-gfsmr H A ff ' QQ, wp . .,.y.-Q14-bw 111-'N " ' X ,VV I x N- ,H , .,,W 11 ' wx . , U-'ggwn -gk,-.-.312 -'- I . - - LQ-55 , ' ,..,i.g11 f,3gg,fs-ff.-'- Q--..,Q3.A. aww A v - A' f ' ., 1, 5 . , y' ' . f- f ,jxieragf-'ff' "'x55iwQffmk:ry-M-1,Q-, ,.,,.,,,,0 W -' S1 -" - ' Pm, ee. : . . R K' W ,,., . ...y,.:yw.1s:-C , A W M-,iqbgkfw f ' ,-fa ' ' --fx 'A ,am.,n.,,1.s 9 -.f-sw 2-' - 41 J i I a 4 . 1 1 . 1 W 4 1 . 1 I 1 I , , 1 35 1 1 N N J rv'-ff' ' I i r l r n I A . 7 ROW ONE HESLER, MARJORIE RUTH i"Red',l-General Course. Girl Reserves 1, Glee Club 2, K. Y. C. Club 3, Senior Sales 4. - , HENDERSON, YVONNE f"Vonnie',J-Business Education Course. HERBST, VIRGINIA L. f"Ginny"J-Business Ed- ucation Course, Glee Club 4, Girl Reserves 1, Operetta 4. HEUCHAN, MILDRED L. f"Hcuchie"l-General Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 1. HEVVITT, PATRICIA J. f"Pat"J-General Course. X-Ray 4, Forum 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Senate 1, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Glee Club 3, Camera Club 2. Secretary 2, Senior Class Play 4, Operetta 1, District Musical Festival, Pendleton 3. ROW TWO HICKS, ROBERT BYRUM f"Bob"J-General Course. HIGGINBOTHAM, BERTRAM BISSEL HILL-Gen- eral Course, Honorary Society 3, 4, President 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Forum 4, X-Ray Staff 3, Student Assembly 3, Execu- tive Council 4, Senior Class Play 4, HIGH, FRANCES f"Frankie"J-Business Educa- tion Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, HIGHXVOOD, XVILMA RUTH f"Senior',J-Busin- css Education Course. HINES, RICHARD ROBERT f"Dick"lgGeneral Course. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, .lunior and Senior Activities. , . 40 ROW THREE HOCKADAY, GEORGE XVARREN-General Course Camera Club 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, K. Y. C: Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Science-Math 4' Honorary Society 3, 4, Radio Club 4. HOKE, MAX LEXVIS C"Pete"l--Pre-Apprentice Course. Printers' Club 3, 4. HOOPER, DONALD EDXVIN t"Hoop"J-General Course. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Vocational Agri- culture Basketball, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. HONNOLD, VIRGINIA RUTH f"Ruthie"J-Col- lege Preparatory Course. Glee Club 2, Choral Club 3, Honorary Society 3, 4, Forum 4, Girl Reserves 4. HOPPES, CECILE IRENE f"Ce Ce"J-Business Education Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, G. A. A, 1, 2, Glee Club 4, Operetta 4, Forum 4, K. Y. C. Club 3. ROW FOUR HOPPES, DEAN EDXVARD f"Hop"J-College Preparatory Course. Hi-Y 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Choral Club 3, Glee Club 2, 3, Operetta 2, District 3 Glee Club Festival Pendleton 2, 3. HOSIER, ROBERT f"Bob"J-General Course. Choral Club 2, 3, 4, D. A. R. Convention VVashington D. C. 1938, North Central Music Educators' Conference Detroit 1939, Region 3 National School Vocal Association Festival 1939, XVNAL, XVFBM VVLXV Broadcasts, Op- eretta 2, Glee Club 2, Music and American Youth Broadcast 1939, Annual Staff 3, 4, X- Ray Staff 3, Camera Club President 2. HOUSER, HELEN SHIRLEY f"Bobbie"J-College Preparatory Course. Operetta 2, Girls' Glee Club 2, Senior Sales 3, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Senate 4, Science-Math 4, Forum 4, Senior Class Play 4, State Student Council Conven- tion 2. - HOXVARD, MARY FRANCES f"Jippy"l-Business Education Course. G, A. A. 1, 2, Student Council 4, Girl Reserves 4. HOWE, BEN-College Preparatory Course. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Forum 4, Tennis Team 2, 3, 4. 9 1 s 5 I e HUFFAKER, DARIND C 1'Fiddle"l-Business Education Course. hlee Club 35 Girl Reserves 15 Business Educ' tion Department Assistant 4. ROW ONE A 1. K a HULL, CLIFFORD LYMAN f"Cliff,'r-4General Course. Hi-Y 3, 4. HULL, MARY ELLEN 1"Me1n"l-General Course. HUNNELL, VIRGINIA MAE f"Ginny"I-Business Education Course. Glee Club 25 Operetta 2. HUNT, ROBERT LEE 4"Rob"J-General Course. Hi-Y 3, 4. ROW TIVO HUNTER, ALTA LOVONNE i"AltovjA- Alieneral Course. Glee Club 25 Girl Reserves 1, 2, Il, 45 Senate 1, 2, Il, 45 Operetta 2. HUNTER, ELOISE JOYCE t"Maisie"J-General Course. Glee Club 25 Operetta 25 Girl Reserves 1, 2. HUNTER, JACK F. t"Peaches"JfGeneral Course. College Campus Club 3, 45 Draniatics Club 45 Senate 45 Forum 45 Operetta 4. HUNTZINGER, BIILDRED JEAN t"llihs',l-l3us- iness Education Course. Girl Reserves 2, 3, -i5 Glee Club 25 Operctta 2. HUTTON, FOREST q"Rud',l-General Course. Football 25 Basketball 15 Student Council 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Honorary Society 3, 4. -4-tO ROYV THREE JACKSON, NORBIA JEAN fsg-ll'ZlIl,7JfGl'IlCl'3l Course, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, I5 Cirl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 4. JACKSON, ROBERT LEE Nikola"lAl're-Appren- tice Course. Student Council 15 Annual Stafl 3, 45 Science-Math 45 Printers' Club 3, 4. JARRETT. HILDA IRENE-General Coursc.Glee Cluh 2. JARRETT, JAMES LOXVELL f"Jerry',l--General Course. JENKINS, DON GEORGE-General Course. Glee Club ROW' FOUR JOHNSON, XVILLIAM GUSTAV f"BilP'JiCollcge Preparatory Course. Elkhart High School, Elk- hart Indiana5 Science-Math 4, JOHNSON, VIRGINIA i"Jinny"J-Business Edu- cation Course. Girl Reserves 1, 4. JONES, DAVID C"Dave,'J-General Course. Oper- etta 45 Glce Club 3, 4. JONES, JANET AILEEN-Business Education Course. G. A. A. 1, 25 Glee Club 2. JONES, JOANN f"Jo',j-'General Course. Glee Club 25 Student Council 2, 35 Choral Club 3, 45 North Central Music Educators' Confer- ence, Dctroit 19395 Region 3 National School Vocal Festival 19395 XVLXV l3roadcast5 Oper- ctta 25 Musical American Youth 19395 State Choral Festival 1938-39. ""'l.f' i P E 1 1 ROR' ONE JONFS. JOSEPH XYILLIAM f"Joe"l-Vocational Agriculture Course. Future Farmers of Am- erica 2, Il, 4, President 4, Vocational Agrl- vulture Basketball 2, 3, 4. JONES, JUDITH ANN C".ludy'l-General Course. Annual Staff 3, 4, Roosters, Club I, 2, Zig Prom Queen Attendant 3. JONES, MARVIN LEO C"Red',l-General Course. JONES, PAUL XYILLIAM l"J0nesy"l4Gent-ral Course. College Campus Club 43 Honorary Society Il, 45 Science-Math Club 45 Senate 1. KASTER, GLADYS AILEEN-Business Education Course. ROR' TlVu KEESLING. OLIVE-General Course. G. A. A. lg Glee Club 4, Opcretta 4. IQELLER, MILDREIJ GENEVIEVE-Business Education Course. KELLY, FRED HERBERT ."lflasl1',J--l're-Ap- prentiee Course. KELLY, MARCELLA RUTH N"Mickey"j-General Course. Glee Club 2. HERN, FRANCIS fuslllgvl'Pl'C-A17Dl'Cllill'L' Course. Football Camp Il, -1. S3 it 'T QTJBQ' .Q 1 , . .' K' I J ROW' THREE KESSLER, FREDA i"Sa1mny"l-General Course. G. A. A. 1, 25 Glee Club 33 Butler Field Day 3, May Festival 35 Operetta 23 X-Ray Stafl' 3, 4. KINGEN, ROSEMARY HOPE 1"Rosey"JgGene-ral Course. Head Monitor 4, Ol'l'ice Assistant 4, Student Council 3g X-Ray Staff 4. lxIPHAR'l', DOROTHY MAE C"Dot"J-College Preparatory Course. Choral Club 3g Annual Sales lg Glee Club 25 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 45 Operetta 1, 23 Senate 1, 2g North Central Music Educators, Conference Detroit 3, State Choral Festival 35 Student Council 2, YYLXY Broadcast 3. KIPHART, OLIVE MARIAN f"Ollie"7-Business Education Course. NNOBLOCK, IONE LAVONNEgBusine-ss Educa- tion Course. ROW FOUR KOPLIN, XVILLIAM JR. i"Bill"l4Genera1 Course. Band 1, 2, Il, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, Il, Spanish Club 3. HRUGLER, CARROL MORRIS-General Course. LACY, MARY ELLEN--Business Education Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2. LAINE, EDATH MAY 1"Dutchir,'5-Business Ed- uvation Course. Butler Field Day 33 Girl Re- serves 15 X-Ray Staff 3. l,AMRliR'l', CAROLYN ANN f"Cary"l-Business Iiduealion COll1'S6.1i11'i Reserves lg K. Y. C. Club 2. - f "viii: VM., ,,.L A - 5 ff' H3 I .N 'E W 1' , .... fr K 5 4 k 13. . . -1 gif ' :ge4:M.,,. .v ,Q , X. xr fr, Q . 5 f 5512 ' , M J. x f at 2 y K' 7' 5 :ir X117 H531 Q ASV. A L 5 K eg: r- -L13 M u ,si - v Q iii, -. 3535,- ' 1 -' 'WZ . 5 " . .- rf- fifi , + 5.35 5222 K w sgfgzm M, 4 5 s s 5 1 I 4 .ia- Ws . 2 J KZ 5 S 3 S . wfilfg, , :MMS 323253 H :F is 5',,ifQ 432955 f f X' 1 1 W A X ! i 4 ,T ROW ONE V LAMEY, CHARLES ROSCOE f"Ikie"l-General Course. Garb Committee 4, Junior Police 3. L LAMONT, JIM XY.-General Course. Football 1, F I 2, 3. Lv LAND, MARY EMILY-General Course. Glee Club L 4. lv i . LAXVLER, BE'l"l'Y JEAN-Business Education Course. l, 1 LEAYELL, VERA Q"Verie"J-General Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Honorary Society 3, 4, Office Assistant 4, State Commercial Contest 3. l, if l ' ROW Two LEDBETTER, ALVADEANE C"Deanie',J 4Generul Course. l LEE, BETTY RUTH-Business Education Course. , Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. 3 LEMASTER, SARA JANE f"Shorty',J-General Course. Choral Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Indi- ana State Choral Festival 3, 4, Music and American Youth 4, North Central Educators, F Conference 3, Operetta 2, 4, Region 3 Nat- : ional School Vocal Festival 3, XVLXV Broad- L cast. ' 1 , . 3 LENZ, EUGENE VICTOR fHG8ll6,,lfG4"llL'1'3l Course. k , I f LINVILLE, BETTY JO-College Preparatory Course. Forum 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, H National Scholastic Press Association, India- : napolis 3, Spanish Club 3, X-Ray Staff 4. I i ROW THREE LONG, MAXINE LOUISE I"XVeasie"H-General Course. Candy Sales 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Forum 4, Glee Club 2, Class Play 4, Operetta 2. LUTTON, ROSE MARY fKSR0Si9,,l-G9IlK'l'ill Course. Candy Sales 4, Forum 4, Girl Rm-- serves 1, 4. LUTZ. DOROTHY ALICE f"Dot,'l-General Course. MARSH, DONALD KEITH f"Recl',J-Ge11e1'al Course. Ma-CABE, FRANK FREDERICK f"Elmo"34--Gener- al Course. ROW FOUR MCCAREL, MACK XVASSON-General Course. Executive Council 4, Hi-Y Club 3, 4, Class Play 4. McCARTY, RUTH ELIZABETH f"Ruthie"j- General Course. ' McCURRY, JUANITA f"Ne Nev?-General Course. Forum 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Glec Club 2, Operetta 2. MCFADDEN, RICHARD FARRELL f"Ro1neo"5-4 General Course. MacGILLEN, HERBERT EUGENE 1"Skec-dybite"J -General Course. Spanish Club 1, 2, Usher 2, 3, 4, 5 Q' - is S W M. U,,q , ,, www Q 'w 6 ,g vw ,, sf Q- 3 fifxa -iw 1.. JA, ,-,, .:S" R 2:2 "" M mx Qiiviie 'wsis3e'xzi5zxz'sr'xz4?:a' , N . ,W , 72 f?'5?y Il0lV ONE MCGINNIS, XVANETTA KATHERINE f"Nette"J-- College Preparatory Course. Girl Reserves 45 K. Y, C. Club 4. MAJOR, JOAN 1".Io"J-Business Education Course. Glee Club 25 Student Council 3, 4. MALAGUERRA, ILA ROISERTA K"Chubby,'I- General Course. G. A. A. 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 25 Operetta 25 Girl Reserves 2. MANTOOTH, HARRIETT AMANDA-College Prep- aratory Course. Senate 1, 2, 3, 45 G, A. A. I, 25 Girl Reserves 1, 2, ll, 45 Convention Rep- resentative 45 Science-Math Club 1. 2, Zi, 4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 45 li. Y. C. Club 3, 4: Dramatics Club 45 Class Play 45 Forum 4. MARINE, BARBARA LOU f"Barb"J-General Course, Girls' Roosters Club 2, 35 Senate 2, 3 45 Honorary Society 3, 45 Glee Club-25 Stu- dent Council 2, 35 French Club 3, 45 Class Play 45 Operetta 25 Girl Reserves 1, 25 Class Secretary 3. ROIV TIVO MARSHALL, THOMAS RAYMON fuTlllI,,lffiL'll- eral Course. Science-Math Club 45 Senate 45 Forum 45 Camera Club 45 Candy Sales 3. MARTIN, Bli'l"I'Y JAYNE f"Snitz"J-College Preparatory Course. Drainatics Club 45 K. Y. C. Club 45 Girl Reserves, Treasurer 45 Class Play 4. MARTIN, M. JOAN-General Course. Glee Club 15 Fencing Club 15 Senate 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 2, 35 Girls' Boosters Club 2, 35 Debate 25 French Club 45 Executive Council 2, li. MARTIN, MIKE 1".loker",l-General Course. Itas- ketball 1, 25 Yell Leader 2, 35 Forum 4. MARTZ, BILL L. 1"Martzy"l4College Prepara- tory Course. Executive Council 2, Il, 45 Class President 45 Honorary Society Zi, 45 I-Ii-H Club Ii, I5 Forum 45 Annual Staff 4. -O ROW TIIRIIE MATHEAYS, ULINE ARNOLD Q"Mat,'l-I're-Ap prentice Course. Football 1, Camp 3. MATTHEXYS, ltl41'I"1'Y i"BilJ',J-Business Educa- tion Course. G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. MEARS, HILL FREDRICK fuBl1Ck,'5fGPlIl'l'3l Course. Forum 45 Dranialics Club 2. MEARS, ROSEMARY-General Course. Girl Re- serves 1, 25 G. A. A. 1. MENDENHALL, JIMMIE f'tMandy"l--Business Education Course. Proin Conunitlee 35 Forum 4. R0 W FO lfll MliRl3Dl'l'l'l, NORMA JEAN Q"'l'ecle'U -General Course. Science-Math Club 4. MERRICII, KEITH F.-General Course. Student Council 2. MERRITT, DONALD EDXYARD--General Course. Radio Club 45 Camera Club 1. METCALF, MARY LEE 1"Metcalf,I-General Course. G. A. A. 15 French Club 15 Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, 45 Forum 4. MILLER, ANNARELLE f"Anuie"l- Business Ed- ucation Course. me ff , f 022 T I P? Q Q F 1, , ff X fi TZ". Y if ,fu M 5 ,3 Q Ai gy: Y -4' bww-' I-7'----W -fl L w t ROW ONE MILLER, JOYCE ESTELLE-College Preparatory Course. Girl Reserves 15 French Club 23 Glea- Club 3, Scnatc 4g Forum 43 Choral Club 4g State Choral Festival 3, 45 Region 3 National School Vocal Association Festivals 3, Oper- ctta 4. MILLER, RAY KENNARD-Pre-Apprentice Course. MOESSINGER, GOLDIE ARVILLA f"Silver"1H Business Education Course. Glec Club 4g Op- vretta -1. MOORE, GENE 1"Ga-nc-0"I-General COl1l'SU.llBS- kctball 1, 2, 3, -tg Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 33 Forum 4. MOORE, JAMES FREDRICK f"Ji1n"j+General COLIFSC. ROW TIVO MONEYHUN, HARRY ARTHUR Q"Honcybuu" "Ham,'b--Pre-Apprc-nticp Course. Usher 2, 3, Scicncc-Math Club 3, 4. MORRIS, RAY-General Course. MORRIS, ROBERT DONALD f"Bob"JgPro-Ap- prcnticc Course. Science-Math Club 2, 3, 4. Presidcnt 45 Studcnt Council 23 Candy Sal:--1 25 Softball 2. MUNSON, DON E. 4"Doc',r-General Course. Stu- df-nt Council 4, Basketball 3, 4,3 'Track 3, 4. ROW THREE NENVMAN, ELAINE 4"Shortie"U-General Course. Girl Rcservcs 1, 25 Home Economics Club 12 G. A. B. NICHOLS, HORACE DAVISgGencral Coursc. NORRIS, DAVID QUENTIN f"Fuzzy',J-General Course. Art Association 4, NUNLEY, YERNA ALBERTA-Business Educa- tion Coursc. Honorary Society 3, 4, Forum 4, Glee Club 2. NUZUM, BILL-Business Education Course. Chor- al Club 3, 45 North Central Music Education Conference, Detroit, ll, Region 3 National School Vocal Association 35 XVLYV Broadcast 3g Operetta 4g State Choral Festival 3, 45 Dranintics Club 2, 3, 43 Glce Club 2, 3. ROIV FOUR IYCONNOR, GERALD YVILLIAM-General Course. 0'HERON, HELEN BERNIECE 1"Shorty"J-Gen- eral Course. Glee Club 3, 4. O'HERON, MARY MARGARET-General Course. Glce Club 3, 4. OXYENS, FANNIE MAE f"Fan,'y-Business Edu- cation Course. Choral Club 2, 3, 43 47th Con- tinental Congress, YVashington, D. C., 25 North Central Music Educators' Conference Detroit 3, XVLXV Broadcast Zig NVMAL Broadcast 23 Operetta 1, 2, 4, Music and American Youth Broadcast 35 Glee Club 25 Girl Reserves 13 Forum 4. MURPHY, ROBERT GENE 1"Murph"J-College PARSONS, BETTY JEAN-Business Education l'rapa1'ato1'y Course. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Course. Girl Reserves 43 Glee Club 3. A Q 3 - - M , min : , EX . I .45 ve " Mff l Bi? I ,mm-IE?'nv,-L :giggi TVA: fi-M 3223426 gg 1 sm' f qis A :"",f::. : :3:T'f 1' - ' 1 , ,, eff ming 1, .4 W 'f. V. V U, :,. :1 -ii 9 W z W' 1 4 S1 SV x ax f q.,,. , ROVV ONE PARSONS, ROY f"PP,'l-Pre-Apprentice Course. Glue Club 4, Operetta 4. PARTINGTON, .IEANNE FRANCES f"I3unny',l -- Gm-nerfll Course. G. A. A. 1, Senate 1, 2, Ari Association 1, 2, 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 3, Student Council 3, Operetta '25 Class Play 4, Glee Club 2, XVashington Trip 2. PA'l"l'ERSON, HERSCHEL DAVID fnCI'f'iilll Pufi"'l fl're-App1'entiL'e Course, Track 2, Football 3. PAVY, LILLIAN GRACE Q"Freckles',J-Business Education Course. PELL, KENNETH EUGENE f"Snuffy,'J-General Course. Spanish Club 1. ROW TIVO PETERSON, NYILLIAM F. C"Bi1PtJ-General Course. Interclass Activities 3. PETTIT, CARL XVILLIAM f"Bil1"J-College' Preparatory Course. Student Council 2, Rifle Club Il: Proin Committee 3. PHILLIPS, JACK XVILLIAM-College Prepara' tory Course. Basketball 1, Student Council 3, Hi-Y President 4, Camera Club -l, Class Treasurer 4, Annual Staff 4. PITTS, RALPH C"Pittsie',J-General Course. Football 13 Basketball 1, Track 1, 2. PLETCHER, LETHA CATHERINE f"Tiny Butch"p -College Preparatory Course. G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4. 49 ROW TIIREE POLES, VIRGINIA C".Ieanie',J-General Course. POOLE, MARJORIE JEAN C"Pansy"J4General Course. G. A. A. 1, Art Association -1, Camera Club 4: Bible Club 2. POORE, MARCELLA MARIE f"Marcy L0u"l--- Business Education Course. Girl Reserves Ai, Glce Club -1, Operetta 4. PRESTON, XVILLIAM ROBERT Q"Bob',J-General Course. PRIEST, BERNICE JEAN 1"Ber11y,'J-General Course. Girl Reserves 1, 4, Class Play 4. ROW FOUR QUINN, JOHN XYILLIAM f"Bill"J-General Course. Garb Committee 4, Science-Math Club 4, Radio Club 4, Student Council 4. RAPER, PHYLLIS LUCILLE 1"Phil"J-General Course. Q RAXVLIN GS, ALMEDA-College Preparatory Course. RECOB, XVILLIAM J. Q"Bill',J-General Course. RECTOR, RICHARD F. 1"Dick"l-General Course. Future Farmers of America 2, 3, 4, Vocational Agriculture Basketball 2, 3, 4, State Champ- ion Corn Team 4, State Champion Apple Team 3, State Champion Dairy Team 4, Mem- ber of Crops Team, Chicago 4, 5 ww .i Ai V i :ga ,. K . y yn ggzeg g x 'Ph .1 W w V.: ,- A -,. ..... , ' R. a- ' Y 9 fw R O Il' ONE REED, .IUANITA ROSEMOND f"Nita"lvBusiness Education Course. Yevay High School 15 Pendleton High School 2, Il. REED, DONALD DALE t"Don"j-Business Edu- cation Course. Senate 4. REEL, DARREL DANIEL-General Course. Choral Club 45 Glee Club 35 County Music Confer- ence 115 Music Festival, Indianapolis, 4. RELFORD, ETHEL MARIE-General Course, RENSEL, JACK TERRY 4Pre-Apprentice Course. . I , 9 Rifle Club ... RON' TIVO RICH, JOSEPH DALE 1"Joe"laGcneral Course. Art Association 2, Zi, 45 Forum 4. RICHARDSON, FRED t"Rich"l-General Course. RIC RIC RIC Basketball 2. 3, 45 X-Ray Staff -1. HTER, VIOLA C"Sis"l4liusiness Education Course. Annual Staff 45 Forum 45 Honorary Society 3, 45 Office Assistant 45 Business Ed- ucation Department Assistant -1. HXYINE. FOREST MONROEgGeneral Course. KARD, ALICE MAY t"Willy"1iGene1-al Course. Art Association 3, -lg G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 3. '49 ROW' TIIREE RIDER, XYARREN MOORE-General Course. Debate Squad 2, 3, Dramatics Club 25 Forum President 45 Hi-Y Club 3, -15 Honorary So- ciety ll, 4, Treasurer 45 Executive Council 3, -1, Vice-President -15 Student Assembly 2. RIGGS, MARY ELIZAl3E'l'H4College Preparatory Course. Choral Club 3, 45 Forum 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Girl Reserves 1, 25 Music iilld American Youth 35 Operetta 45 North Central Music Ed- ucators Conference, Detroit 35 Region 3 Nat- ional School Vocal Association Festival 35 State Choral Festival 3, 4, XYLXY Broadcast Il. RIGGS, EDXYIN LEE C"l'rofessor',P-College I'reparatory Course. Forum 45 Class Sales -1-5 Model Airplane Club, Secretary 1, Tl'08Slll't'l' 2, Secretary, 'Treasurer and Vice-President 35 Science-Math Club 45 Student Council -l. RIGGS, XYILMA I'AIILINEgRusiness Education Course. Business Education Department As- sistant 45 Honorary Society Il, 4, Yice-Presi- dent -15 Student Council 3. RILEY, Mary FRANCES I"Francie"j--General Course. Forum 45 Girl Reserves 3, -1. R 0 IV F0 UR RITENOUH, DORIS MAXINE f"lJee"JiGz-neral Course. ROACH, MAXINE f"Kit"l-General Course, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. 45 Science-Math Club 'lg Senate 4. ROBINSON, BOB LEO I"Crusoe"J-Tc-clinical Course. Glee Club, Operetta 4. ROSIEBERRY, MARY ELLEN-General Course. Band l, 2, 3, -15 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. ROSS, ROBERT EUGENE f"Bob"lfGenera1 Course. Hi-Y Club 3, 45 Junior Prom Com- mittee II5 Student Council 3, 4. 51 ri, L I I r r wh-4-!""h ROW ONE RUH, BETTE JANE-General Course. Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2g Senate 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3. RUNYON, FERN LOUISE-General Course. Girl Reserves 3. SALADIN, FRANCES ROSEMOND f"Fran"J- General Course. Prom Queen 3. SALATIN, BILL TOM f"Saly"J!General Course. SAMPSON, ROSEMARY f"Robin,'l-General Course. Art Association 2. ROW TWO SAYLOR, BONNIE LOU C"Brown Eyes"J-Busin' ess Education Course. Business Education Department Assistant 4. - SCALES, AUDRIA MAE Q"Little Audrey',J-Gen- eral Course. SCHEPELMANN, ELIZABETH C"Red,'J-General Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. SCHLEGELMILCH, VVM. LEON f"Bill,'b-General Course. Latin Club 23 Forum 43 Student Council 1, 23 Usher 4, SCHMITT, FRANCES ELOISE C"'Fran,,J-General Course. Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Honorary Society 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4g Rifle Club 3. fig ROW THREE SCOTT, HELEN MADONNA i"Hobby,'J-General Course. Art Association, Vice-President 23 Forum 43 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 33 G. A. A. 13 Senate 2. SCZESNY, MARY ANN-Business Education Course. Forum 43 Art Association 2, 3. 4, Sec- retary and Treasurer 23 G. A. A. 13 Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 33 Senate 23 Business Education Department Assistant 4. SEIPEL, VIRGINIA LOUISE f"Gin',J-College Preparatory Course. Art Association 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2, Secreatary 3, 43 French Club 33 Girl Reserves 1. SEXTON, GLADYS MARIE f"Gabby"D-General Course. Pendleton High School 1, 2. SHAFER, HELEN ELIZABETH-General Course. Girl Reserves 23 Glee Club 23 Operetta 23 X- Ray Staff 4. ROW FOUR SHAFER, XVILLIAM RALPH f"Pig"J-Pre-Ap- prcntice Course. Football 2, 3. SHAMBAUGH, JEAN GARNELLE C"Shammy,'J- General Course. SHARP, ALVA MARIE f"Ginger"J-General Course. SHARP, BETTY MAE f"Sharpie"J4General Course. Choral Club 4g Forum 43 Indiana State Choral Festival 43 Girl Reserves 13 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 43 Region 3 Nationat School Association Festival 4. SHELL, XVILDA IMOGENE f"Jinny Pickles"l--- Business Education Course. is ' l L b , , 4,4 ...K ---- .. ... ,,... ,..,.- ,......,2.,2.-...1 ROW' ONE SHEETS, DON EMERSON t"Irish,,r-General Course. Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Rasketball 1, 25 Track 1, 2, 3, -15 Operetta 15 Glee Club. SHIELDS, JENNIE-College Pl'l'll2ll'2ltOI'y Course. SOALES, NORMAN PARKER 4'tl'rofessor"l-Gen- eral Course. Art Association 1, 2, 3, 4. SHOIIIJTS, MARLE ELIZARE'l'H t"Skippie"l- General Course. Girl Reserves 4. SHOXVALTER, NELIJA EILEEN-General Course. Damatics Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 45 Senate 1. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Secretary 25 Honorary Society 45 Glee Club 35 Class Play 4. ROW' TWO SHROYER, NORMAiBusiness Education Course SILER, LOlQISEfGenera1 Course. Latin Club 35 G. A. A. 1, 2, 35 Senate 2, 3, 45 Forum 4. SISSON, JOAN-General Course. Forum 45 Girl Reserves 1, 25 Senate 1, 2, 3, .45 Reading Clerk 25 Treasurer 3, Secretary 45 Student Council 2, 3, Secretary 35 Annual Staff 45 Honor- ary Society 3, 4. SIZELOVE, BETTY JANE 1"Janie',l-Business Education Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 X- Ray Staff 4. SKAGGS, XVANDA NADINE 1"Skaggsie,'l-AGem-ral Course. Glee Club 1, 25 Science-Math Club 45 Forum 45 Choral Club 3. .410 i ROVV THREE SLICK, MELVIN LEXVIS t"Rilli'l -General Course. Rand 1, 2, 3, -15 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 15 Honorary Society 4. SMITH, EDNA ELLEN MERLENE f"S1nittie"l- General Course. Art Association 2. SMITH, HOXYARD EUGENE l'6Snuffy"lftleneral Course. Interclass Activities 35 Forum 4. SMITH, FLOSSIE YENEUA fHSIIIIIIIXHU'Yfll'llt"l'lll Course. G. A. A. 1. SMITH, ORVILLE XVILLIAM t"Smitty"1-General Course. Football 3, Camp 35 Forum 4. ROIV FOUR SMITH, LOUISE HELEN K"YVeezer,'l-General Course. G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President -I5 Glee Club 25 Senate 2, 3, -15 Operetta 25 Science- Math Club 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. SMITH, ORA KATHERINE C"0. K. Slllllll,,l7BllS- iness Education Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, -15 Proni Committee 35 Op- eretta 45 State Music Convention 3, SOUTHARD, MAURICE AIIJEN 4"Mose"lfBusi- ness Education Course, SPARK, MARY FRANCES f"SparkyUlgtlollege Preparatory Course. Glee Club 25 Choral Club 3, 15 Girl Reserves, Vice-President -lg College Canlpus Club 35 Operetta 25 North-- westcrn Central Music Educators, Conference, Detroit, 35 Region 3 National School Vocal Association Festival 35 Music and American Youth 35 State Choral Festival 2, 35 WLXX' Broadcast 3. SPI-IECE, GEORGE ANI!REXY-I're-Rqupreuticc Course. -VW! nw ff? 'T ROIV ONE SPRINGER, DONNA MAE-General Course. Forum 4, Girl Reserves 4. STAFFORD, FAYE f"Mickey':J-General Course. Art Association 2, 3, Glee Club 1, Operetta 2. STANLEY, ALICE-Business Education Course. Anllual Staff 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Business Education Department Assistant 4. STANLEY, ELIZABETH C"Lizzy"J-Business Ed- ucation Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2. STARR, BETTY JEAN-College Preparatory Course. Girl Reserves 4. ROW TWO STEPHENS, DOUGLAS 1"Steve"J-Pre-Appreiv tice Course. Rifle Club 1. STELLE, GEORGE NELSON-Business Education Course. College Campus Club 4, Science-Math Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Senate 4. STEXYART, JOSEPH LUTHER t".Ioe"J-General Course. Art Association 2, 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Choral Club 4, Football 1, Forum 4, Indiana State Choral Festival 4, Operetta 4, Orches- tra 2, 3, S'l'EXYART, J. XYESLEY JR. t"Deacon"J ----A General Course. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Forum 4, Inter- class Activities 3, 4, Junior Police 2. STEXX'AR'I', XVILMA t"Billie Joe,'b-General Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, fi-9 ROIV THREE STINSON, BILL-General Course. Senate 4. STINSON, BOB-General Course. Senate 4. STITT, MARJORIE BETTY f"Marge"J-Business Education Course. Spanish Club. STROUD, THOMAS BENJAMIN JR. t"To1n"J- General Course. STUART, JAMES t"Goo"J--General Course. fIt0lV FOUR STUART, MARTHA ANNE-College Preparatory Course. Annual Staff 3, 4, College Campus Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Honorary Society 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4. STULTZ, XVARREN t"Stogie"J-General Course. Annual Staff 3, 4, Executive Council 3, 4, Class 'Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4, Football 3, Hi-Y Club 3, 4, Honorary Society 3, 4, Student Assembly 2, Track 3, 4, Yell Leader 3, 4, SULKEY, KENNETH STEXQENSON f"Maynrd"J- General Course, Junior Police 2, Forum 1. SUMMERS, JANE-General Course. SXVANK, ELIZABETH t"Bctty"J-General Course. Choral Club 2, li, 4, Class Play 4, Forum 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 47th Contin- ental Congress D. A. R., XXvZ1Sl'llIlgt0ll, 3, Music and American Youth 4, North Central Music Educators' Conference, Detroit, 4, Region 3 National School Vocal Association Festival 4, State Choral Festival 3, 4, XVLXV and WMAQ Broadcasts, Operetta 1, Junior Prom Conl- nxittee 3. E 5 , l E r E l r l r I l . l L ROR' UNE SYLVESTER, DARRAH GAIL t"Syl"l-Business Education Course. Art Association 45 G, A. A. I. SYLVESTER, MARIE t'LSyl"JaRusiness Educa- tion Course. Art Association 4. TALMAGE, MARY MARGARET t"Marg.:ie,'r-Col- lege Preparatory Course, Girl Reserves 1, 2. 3, 4. TANNER, MARY LOUISE 4Vocational Home lk- ononiies Course. TAYLOR, ROBERT t"Bob"l+General Course. Art Association l, 2, 3, 45 Junior Conservation Club 1: Model Airplane Club 1. ROR' T W0 TEMPLE, NINA IRENE l"1limples"lglieneral Course. Girl Reserves 1. 25 Glee Club 35 Ii, Y. C. Club TETER, PHILIP EDXYARIJ t"Phil"l-General - Course. THARP, GLENNA EILEEN l"Butch"l-Business Education Course, Girl Reserves 1. 2. THOMAS, MARJORIE HlQN'l' 1"Marge"l-'General Course. College Campus Club, Vice-President 35 Forunl 45 Girl Reserves 1, 25 French Club 35 Glee Club 25 Choral Club 3, 45 North Cen- tral Music Educators' Conference. Detroit, 35 Region 3 National School Yocal Association Festival 35 Indiana State Choral Festival 45 YVLNY liroadcast 35 Operctta 4. l'llOMl'fION. XYILLIAM PAUL 1"lSill,i-fGe-ncral Course. Model Airplane Club 2, 255 Radio Club -15 Stage Manager 2, 3, -l. -fl ROW TIIREE THOMPSON. VIRGINIA LOUISE t"Ginuy"J- Business Education Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. 45 Glee Club 35 Choral Club 35 North Central Music Educators, Conference, Detroit, 35 Region 3 National School Vocal Association Festival 35 XYLXV liroadcast 35 Business Edu- cation Department Assistant 4, THORNISURG, TOM tt'Tommie"U-College Pre- paratory Course. Choral Club 3, 45 Glce Club 25 Dramatics Club 45 Senate I5 Operetta 2, 45 Student Council 1, 2. 3, THORNBURG, XYAYNE EARL t"Caesar"l-Gen- eral COLl1'Sl'. Annual Stafl' 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3. 45 Hi-Y Club 2. 3, 45 Latin Club 35 Class Secretary 45 Student Council President 4. TILLMAN, XVILLIAM XVILBUR-General Course. Camera Club 25 Junior Conservation Club 3. TIMMONS, STEPHEN EDGAR f"Ed'ir--l"re-Ap- prentice Course. Camera Club President 2, 3, Vice-President 45 Chief Photographer for An- nual 45 X-Ray Photograpllcr 3. R0 WV FOUR TODD, ERNEST LEE f"Ernie"r--Pre-Apprentice Course. TOOMBS, HARRY REX-General Course. Art As- sociation 45 Rifle Club 2. TRACY, LAXVRENCE JOHN t"'l'race"r--General Course, Art Association 35 Fencing Club 35 Class Vice-President 35 Honorary Society 3, 45 Senate Ii, 45 X-Ray Staff 4. TRENNEPOHL, NORMA JEAN I"'l'renny',l--l3us- iness Education Course. G. A. A. 15 Girl Re- serves 1, 25 Glec Club 25 Business Education Department Assistant 4, TRICK, ROBERT CHARLES l"l3oh"r-flleneral Course. Radio Club 45 Science-Math Club 4. 9 1. X i 33, ,. ,. 2' ' , , fig 5 pm U , -E E, -2: JW ' Af.- 1 ,, ffleigf -- Q ,W V fe r ' 5 121 my ,S W E 1, - ' -M ' , ,fy iss. :sf..,1::':?5:1- A g"1f-' ' ' AM, 1 S 5 5- If 4, , x I 1 is D452 5 " - . -.fiimiiin 55' U - - . 15 W -:'5?f,:.g ,jaqf 1 . . - M 'ff k xxe-' -f-' -f . -..v:.:-ff52"- K 'W 1z,:g ' ffg: ' 'zzqgwzw 1 , WMP' sf vi?2W2?S7l311f' :Eli x.w1.f-Q x 9 ' - L ' 'HHQUIH S' -1 vf-22 :g qw 51 f if ,gn-L' f' ' , f, 14:2 2 ,S 2? Q Q .jkmwg R W W S W K. Q g. f Jw if X PP' Y r is W - f my W 2 W W , ..,... 5 4 ggi fs: 1 fi ,,:: X , .iv ' ...,. g .. .,.. ,::t T M ,. .. twin 1 M ' f ...,:, i g in mm ? 5 - , 4. AW ROVV ONE 'l'RliN'l', ROBERT M.-College Preparatory Course. Choral Club 2, 4, 47th National Con- tinental Congress, XVashington, 2, Glee Club Minstrel 2, Operetta 2, Hi-Y Club 3, 4, Col- lege Campus Club -1, Tennis Team 2, 3, UNGER, RUBY IMOGENE Q".lean'tj-General Course. Student Council 2, X-Ray Staff 4, Girl Reserves 1, Glee Club 2. 'l'UML'L'l'Y, DORIS f"lJody',J---General Course. Girl Reserves 1, Glee Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 2. 'l'L'RNER, DELBERT LEON JR. t"Doc,'l-General Course. Radio Club 2, Glee Club 3, Senate 4. VANAUSDAL, BE'l"l'Y-General Course. Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, Glee Club 2, 3, Operetta 2, Senate 2, 3. 4, Honorary Society il, X-Ray Staff 4. R0lV TIVO VANMETER, RUTH GERALDINE-General Course. Glee Club 2, Operetta 1, Bible Club 2. VANNEMAN, BETTY JEANNE-General Course. Operetta 1, 2, Glee Club 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Choral Club 3, XVLXV Broadcast 3, North Central Music Educators' Conference, Detroit 3, Region 3 National School Vocal Associa- tion 3. VERMILLION, DISCO FRANCIS C"Ab"J-Pre- Apprentice Coursc. VERMILLION, JUANITA ELLEN-General Course. YORHEES, NORMA JANE-College Preparatory ' Course, Choral Club 3, 4, Student Council 3, Glee Club 2, Opcretta 2, 4, XVLXV Broadcast li, North Central Music Educators' Confer- ence, Detroit, 3, Region 3 National School Vo- cal Association fl ROVV THREE XVADDELL, ADA MARIE-General Course. Or- chestra 1. XYAKEFIIQLD. FLOSSIE GENIEVIEVE-General Course. Glee Club 3. XVALKER, DONNA JUNE-General Course. Girl Reserves 1, 3, G. A. A, 1, 4, Glee Club 2, Choral Club 3, National Music Educators' Conference, Detroit, 3, State 'Teachers Conven- tion Si, Operetta 2. XYALKER, JIIDITH CAROLYN i"Judy',J-General Course. Operetta 1, Glee Club 2, Girl Re- serves 1, NVALKER, MARILYN YVINIFRED i"XVinnie"J- General Course. Glee Club 1, G. A. A. 4, Girl Reserves 1. ROVV FOUR XVALSER, TOM NVEAVER, BONNIE JEANNE-General Course. G. A. A. 1, 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, Executive Council 2, Senate 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Sec- retary 3, President 4, Reading Clerk 4, Hon- orary Society 3, 4, Secretary 4, Business Edu- cation Department Assistant 4. XVEBB, PAUL EDXVARD f"XVebby"J-Pre-Ap- pr-entice Course. XVELKER, THELMA ELIZABETH-Business Edu- cation Course, XVI-IETSEL, EDGAR GENE 4"Speed,'J-Pre-Ap- prenticc Course. Science-Math Club 2. ww yi g ,I g .. -... 5 , f ?5?QHf VNTiEiXb , R, ---v-- H4 . x 58 'K vu , X H w 0 55 Mvgi E5 Q 1 f 1 8 Q 4 li . W X . X f Lf , , K .k7L5.m 55 H Q? K W I sw Rx Q S 55325225 2 'L Q7 1 s x gf 4 P' ' 2 ww , J :i'- 3594 P K P mf Lsgiiis iv ..,. if .ga 1 S b 4 Q. X Q M 1a3Qf 7 1 aiszxdy. I -Vi'A?,r55?i..J:55 iw- K mf fi gf gf Wi V ., M2525 1 sim Q ywywa Ish V ff? fggi V? ,-Q, xx x . V -.1 ' is K W1 www wi!! 'W-K-vp? X new 95 , V wif f -- .-mg '37 ff. L. W ,L , zz.: kr A .v,Mf .vwf Q ,f- e .1 61 A 3 nga: www? ROIV ONE XYIlI'l'ESI'l.. DORCAS EILEEN-General Course. G'ce Club 2, 33 Honorary Society 3, 43 Oper-- etta 2. XYIDENEII. ELOISE GRACE t"Ellie',J-Business Education Course. Art Association 1. XVILLIAMS, DOROTHY PEARL t"XYillie"yfBus- iness Education Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, Il, 43 Girls, Booster Club 33 Glee Club 43 ON- cretta 43 Class Play 43 X-Ray Staff 43 Home Economics Club -13 Student Council 4. XYILLIAMS, VELMA LUCILLE-Business Educa- tion Course. XYILLIS, HARRY ALONZO t"Bud',l-General Course. ROIV T ll'0 XVILLS, PHYLLIS t"Phil"J-Dramatics Club 2. Zi, 43 Fencing Club 23 Girl Reserves 23 Senate 43 Honorary Society 3, 43 Forum 4g Operetta 13 X-Ray Staff 43 Class Secretary 1, 2. WISEHART, JOAN MARGUERITE 1"Jody',b- General Course. Girl Reserves 33 Operetta 2: Glee Club 23 Bible Club 33 Art Association 43 G. A. A. XVOOD, MARY AVIS t"I'unk"i-General Course. li 11d 13 Girl Reserves 4. XTORLEY, LOIS4Collegge Preparatory Course. G. A, A. 13 French Club 43 Forum 43 Girl Re- serves 4. XVIIIGHT, DONALD C. t"Don"J-General Course. Senate 4. ROW' THREE XVYATT, GLORIA MAXINE f"Glory',b-General Course, Girl Reserves 1, 23 Glee Club 23 Op- eretta 2. YATES, EUGENE f".Ieep,'l-Business Education Course. Executive Council 3. 4. President 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 23 Class Yice-Pres- ident 1, 23 Class President 3. BEELER, DONALD EDXYARD t"Don"biGeneral Course. Junior Conservation Club 3. CHURCH, MEREIDITH MERRILL-College Prepar- atory Course. Noblesville High School 13 Cen- terville High School 2, 3g Choral Club 43 Op- eretta 43 State Choral Festival 4g Senate 43 Class Play 4g Sales Counter 4. CLAIISEN, THELMA ESTHER-General Course. Glee Club 2. ROW FOUR ELLIS, MARGARET ELLEN f"Ma1'gie"J-General Course. G. A, A. 1, 23 Choral Club 23 Glee Club 1, 23 Forum 43 State Teachers' Conven- tion 2. LINDSAY, JAMES DAVID t"Bub"7-General Course. Radio Club President 4. NYALKER, KATHRYN LOUISE t"Kate"J-General Course, G. A. A. 43 Glec Club 13 Girl Rc- serves 13 Class Play 43 Operetta 2. HYNDMAN, JAMES MELVILLE in-Iilllnj-COIIBKC Preparatory Course. Glee Club 13 Latin Club 23 French Club, Vice-President 43 Forum 4. NICHOLAS. HERMAN LEO t"Nick"J-General Course. 63 ,..,....,-.-.Tl---A E. gk, r, 1 , ,wg -x'7.'g,fy..,.r4f L . .A .A , , .A.f., A !4MYv,'Tli:3,5552!,:Y::,oNj,-f:g-f- A-KB N- 4 , 1 ',-.wbhx 5LmijQJz1lR?:2,vW,' . ,. .s.,1.:i-. Ja :e rn i ugmgg, q..s I' EEis,ig?5EliQSEMx.n- X.,...f,'1pgL:?lDo's7-.'Qf.?ffi1, 1. New 3" 1 - ,A f'-'5?f'Ws,f-1?5igf"E ,1.J'faz?W:1i -Q55.2'.p1'1,.-NV'Wl1ffi ff1''FJ-1if51Sfrf1uQ'fxifif'-'11'-f,ffE9SA i:if,:5c1f'?f53f:3'i3-"fr" ' " N - - -N sam. ' I. Y. F..-,--.Q'i'ffi?3-'i'fE'f",if,f..-'r"pv:Ti4352frtg.-. ' 1-2.1-1 --,A-gr . .5313- T11 .. . ' " '3 T5m 'W1?""71" 'fl' 1- .7 l' 1 Wi - -- if " f- ' I .REX -- N ggi- :'?E' ,,.'1:.. .7 2,-.wefgy vb if L ,-Y: - L. - Ku-.D L-5 P1 -'74 YEAR . S. . L Q . Hai!-3 Y I Q - KN-:5:gf'2- ' 7 , 1-5-yro-"??'-'-'V -fx. -.s,,'..g., ,u 9 --'.u--'..i., ,.5p- hav- ,V -X - xfgg.ig-3:4fS?iS5QEf , .f.,, ,.- qr...C-A .- -. .-wa x M .V . 1 ALBERT, KARL XVILDON f"Sid"l-l're-App1'cn- KEENEY, HERMAN AGSTEN 1"Kee11ey"l-Gcu- tice Course. Student Manager 1, 2, 3, 4. eral Course. Q ALEY, HARRY EDXVARD-P1'e-Apprentice Cirursc. KIRCIIENIEAUER, SARA HELEN f"Sa1ly"p-lhlsw N iness Education Course. 1 ANDREXVS, STEVEN JR, i"Steve"J-Pre-Appren- l tice Course. KLINE, CHESTER ROBERT fHCllBf,,1?Bl.ISll'll'SS Education Course. Forum 4. 1 BADGER, LEXVIS' f"Bud,'l-General Course. , , s Spanish Club 2. ' IiNo1sL0gK, MARY DELORIS-Business Laura- , tion ourse, - BASTIN, IVILLIS GORMAN 1"Jiggs"lfGencral 1 - - C,,u,.SC. Norms, EARL JULIAN 1"s11o1-ty"J-ooooi-oi f Course. 'Art Association 1, 25 Junior Cartoon Q BEHYMER, ARVIN XV. 4"Coonie"J-General Ed1t01' 3- .1, . Course. ' 11 LANE, XVALTER JR.-Business Education Course. BOND. KEITH E, i"Scoop"D-College Preparatory f Course. X-Ray Staff 2, 35 Senate 1, 2, 3, 4, LIKINS, JACK CURTIS-General Course. I Treasurer 45 May Music Festival 23 Athletic Carnival 25 Glee Club 2, 35 Science-Math Club BIANIS, IVAN DALE-Pre-Apprentice Course. 35 Operetta 15 Stamp Club 25 Press Conven- tion 3. BIAUCK, CLARENCE t"'Mauckie1'J-Pre-Appren- tice Cou1'se. Usher 2, 3, 4. BROXVN, GERALD t"Brownie-"J-Pre-Apprentice Course. Safety Council. MILLER, .JOANN C"Jody"J-General Cou1'se. Dra- 1llZltICS Club 1, 2' Art Association 1, 2, 3, 4. L CLAUVE, ROBERT ELLIOTT t"Bobbic"l-Gen- 1 oral Course, Forum 45 Science-Math Club 4 BIX'l2RS, XIANCE LEE 4Hljun-lf,y..Pi-e-Appr9iitigi- Course. Football 2, 35 Basketball 35 Track 1. COATES, GARETH-General Course. Hi-Y Club 2, 3,4, 3, 45 Honorary Society 3, 45 Spanish Club 23 1 Student C0l1I1Ci1 23 Rifle Club 3. PERKINS, FLOYD DONALD f"Pe1'ky"l-College Preparatory Course. CRIPE, ORIS ELDON-Pre-Apprentice Course. PUGSLEY, LAXVRENCE A. f"Buck"l-Vocational DAVIS- XVII-LIAM HAROLD f"B1'lliS01",5fGenerai Agriculture Course, Future 'Farmers of Ameri- , Com-of-. Football 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 4. va 1, 2, 3. 4: State Clwmvwn Apple Team-3: 1 Corn Husking Champion 33 Champlon Dairy 2 novEY, PAUL FRANCIS t"Todpolo"i--Gonofom Tfasil focatioual Agriculture Basketball 1, 2 Course. 1-3 r Vac - 1 1 2 v r 5 ' 1 FLETCHER, BILLIE GENE-Vocational Aqricul- 110151310X 1'F'AN11 1FQ?"1-1f'?'APP,fe1111c1', ture Course. Vocational Agriculture Basket- 11'1u1'S9- A11f111a1 51311. 43 lfmfefs Club 3' 4' ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Future Farlncrs of America 3, 45 State Champion Apple 'l'f-am ROSENCRANS, LEXVIS XVILLIAM f"Rosey"J- Business Education Course. FOLSOM, NORMAN ELLSXVOR'l'H-Gent-ral SCHIQNIMEL, RQBERT ALLEN gffgincjnnaiivy- Course. Basketball 35 Interclass Activities 3. College Preparatory Course, Cincinnati High School 1, 2, 3. FOXVLER, KATHLYN MAE f"Kappy"J-General Course. SMITH, BEATRICE q"Babe"J-General Course. 1 ,. - . .. , , I FRANKLIN, GEORGIA LORINE+Collegc 1,1-L-p1ii-on 510512 11L1ZA111?111 1'51011e1'i1-Genef'i1 Course' ? tory Course. Glee Club, Operetta. 1" A' A' 1' 0111 Reserves ' 1 XVIDENER, HOXVARD 1"Red"j-General Course. ' FRAZEE, MARY ELIZABETH-General Ctiursc. 11100 1311111 4- XVILLIAMSON, JIM HOXVARD qncowboynmgoon- eral Course, Model Airplane Club. GLAZEBROOKS, NELLIE f"Glzlzie"J-General COUYSU- GIF1 Reserves 4- VVILSON, MARY FRANCES f"Happy"J-Business Education Course. Cirl Reserves 4. N HURST, FLOYD N.-General Course. I Q 5 WOLFF, EUGENE MARVIN i"Jeep"J-General 1 JACKSON, XVAYNE f"XVinnie"J--General Course. Course, I . 5 . 1 i 64 sfgff- ,A ,M ,- ""f 'ell .rr e' ?E2f19v-Lawfg.-t -5,--uh-J-1, ' X :af , 4550 'V xiii 'CQ-L 4-ff 1 .. x -Q X ,J '. N. 1 , X I 1 . R JUNIOR SPONSORS Mrs. Goldia Repeito, Mr. lizxsil Hosier JUNIORS 1 At last the members of the Junior Class have fulfilled their wishes to wear a class sweater, ring or pin, and to participate in junior activities. The class chose as their colors brown and beige. The first activity of the juniors was a skating party given only for their own members. Following this came a Leap Year dance held in March open to the entire school. The annual Prom was held with the class of '41 acting as host to the class of '40, Many members of the class of 1941 have been outstanding during the past year. The junior cheerleader is Burton Canaday. Tom Ecoff, and George Turner are junior students who played on the basketball team. George lV1clVIahan has served on the X-Ray business staff for three years. As the members of this class enter their senior year next September, the stu- dent body is looking forward to witness further accomplishments from this talented group. .I LHYIOR OFFICERS Iiirwnc Hzzrdwick, secretalyg Bruce NIcA1't, lrvasurlr Dean Moore-, presidcnig Byron Berizmmlmww, vice-president f X -I 1 N-I 1, .L , ',J 'XLVNX . gel Raymond Prvcup Walter Savage- Clarencc Shinklc Robert Swain Doris McFarland liz-tty McCormack Kathryn Malone Frances McDonald Margaret Shady Vivian Schickel Joan Schmitt Irene Taylor Margery Hyden Lewis Gcphart Paul Meagher Keith XVatkins lilvan Arlo VVhi'tsel Ralph Pike Bill XYatkins Earl Van Derluit .lovl XYinklvr Josephine Danner Conrad Gaunt Don Kincaid I xi 1 x I 's nus Pltix lllll How ser - B0h"H1ll Beiiy Cunnnips Jlilluii IDOIIOYQY .s - Q 'bloiin Hi lay 1 ' H-T21 -' f 4 x r . 'A .' 7 Pauline Flowers Phyllis Hillman John Tiinnions Norma- Roof Fred Moreland Jann-s llrosier Phyllis Schlnidt Mollie Covordalc llavvra Slick lilainu Glazer Suzanna Yoilt livvlyn Brown Donna Brown frziiices Lund Rohr-ri Faith Virginia XVils0n ivtty XYln'ts0l lcrrin- Glove-r Annabel Rose Norlna Hvnney Mary Kay 'Puckett Fr:-drivk Nc-4-dlcr L. H. Nc-we-ll Earl C1ll'IN'llil'l' Vera Roberts Iieveiuy J:-an Hudson Betty I'0nCc- Bill Fisher Robert Mutlu-w Gordon llunnuford Burton Cunuduy Norma Hvndvrson Ethella Byrum Eugcnv Hardwick betty Huxnblvs NYilnn-1' Tll0lll1iS Mzxrtliu lib:-rlv Maurice- Turner Bmty Ruth Milli-r Dorothy Jones .luck Sanger llyrcm lim-nxc-lilmwc-1' Ervin Nlilhon Bc-My Blorgun f.hllI'll'S Hosok Muxinl- Nlvtiinnis Bob Lurrun L4-on Yauglln Russ Shim-lds x'ill'ih'l Dulion Doris Br:vml"rvrrl Marilyn Tolvs XXYELVIH' Pvtiibonv Gordon Skinner 67 Tom McCarty Mona Trick Martha XXrllllt'110llSf' Vivian Grinvr Nanvy Suinnn-rs Jeanna Savage' Charles AIZITIIPNVIIHIXI Charles Vaufilin Toni licnft' Odell Johnson Miriam Grover Katherinv Kailor Martha Stottlcniyer Kenneth Hutton Lois Dittoon Bernice Matchfett Dan Brinduse Janet Hugliel Dick Catt Gordon Fish:-r Damon York Lola Beal Carl Kilnnlerling Jim Dale Batty Frame Mary Frances Fowler Pauline Lawler Martha Jane Lain be Eugene Fitzpatrick Helen Posey Pauline Sibnra Mabel Zerkel Norma Jean Cowgill Jimmie Lou Digby Rosalie Drivs Joan Donnelly Juanita Iilsw Esivllv Flvtchcr Barbara Dew Robert Dunlap Bob Carr Mary Ann Molllor rt 68 Lejehn Nelson David Gaunt Don Main .lack Falge Bob Cassel Chester Abel Margaret Maxwell Sam XVileox Doris Marsh Mona Hewitt .Innies Bair Viola Kiphart Mary Boaz Evelyn Anton Betty Schell Don Mitchell Constance Brane Marian Blessing Anna Brown Phyllisann Scott Phyllis Schuyler Doris Pulos Joseph XVatson Helen Beach Barbara Jones Charlotte Delaschmldt Leah Maxwell Betty Jackley Bill Fleeman Jack Ice Rebecca Busch Mary .lean Fitzpatrick Kay Pitts .lane Evans Mary Paneol Betty Silvers XYanda 'fucker Margaret. Hale XVil1ia1n Turner Mary Evans John Johnston Junior Mauek 69 Opal l'rc-ss:-1' Xvlllllil Slum' lk-tty lluilc-y llurotlly lizwrett Lois Illlis litmlu lbvlingc-1' l,ucille-131-all lilzmcllz- XYvriz lialyxmuld l'ultm's011 JllIllOl' Grofl' li. ll. Priricly lil-rnicv Klvu lithvl NI2lIliS IM-ily Roush Virginia Rowe Nxvlllllii Sicfcrl Nlilflrvd CK'l'df'll xvlllldil Lexmis lfon-st Grittvr Don Childs Nlzlry Slulcl' .lov XYilc'y lim-nnvlll 1Rt'11llIlS.ftOI1 Ill-nv Forlllvr Nlvrviu Smith lluuzild Elliot .I1-a:x.l11lius lie-tty lil-nnvit XVz1ltvr Grossr-nba .lov XYilliums llul1vrlMcI.ai11 livlty .lo Funk .lnnv Ann Miller lluuzild Grcvlmlzmcl Ml-lhu livllow Albfllil NICK1-0 .lulm Gzlcldus Ihllllll llotruck if z SOPHOJIOIKE SPONSORS Mr, Herbert Miller, Mrs. Evelyn Grahame SOPHOMORES The sophomore class is usually passed over lightly. They are just beginning to emerge from that immature stage of their freshman year and have begun to acquire poise and self-confidence they did not possess previously. But this year's class cannot be described in so few words, as they are a larger and more up-and-coming group, snowing eagerness to take their responsibilities as upper-classmen. The sophs are already starring in sports. They have given us a very good yell leader, and some good athletes, being well represented on the varsity basketball squad. If all this is shown in such an early stage of the game, what will they be like when they really get started? Here seems to be another outstanding class and one that will make an excellent name for itself and by so doing will make a class that Anderson High School will be proud to claim and associate with her name. 4 l l SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Eugene XVilsou, vice-presidentg Jean Ann Hall, president NVilma Todd, secretaryg Bill VVagner, treasurer. '--Q-- , , 'f 276.21 v,-:'1,.,A1v-1: .- . , F - '9' M fp. T -,1- ,,?'9s'?93W"'f11 W "i',3732"-3441-f ,,,.fsff'i'f1' ifHifi"-"ffngfff-1'Frf4-Q...,, v.,... ., A- f frffx-Lv-s., . 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" - '-- L ri' e as-.x:m?fZ? . er. .WW . , t i, ,. . , 1-'1 gf t . f FROSII SPONSORS Mr. Loo Sanders, Mrs. Virginia Vermillion FRESHMEN A In September the halls were again crowded with awestricken children. Yes, you are right. They were the freshmen. There are certain characteristics by which you always know a freshman. This yearis crop of "greenies" was no exception. They were as small and green as ever. Freshmen, like all small children, are to be seen not heard fexcept at pep sessions and basketball gamesj . These yearlings are too busy conjugating "duco" and 'Qamof' and finding the solution for "X, and "YH to enter into many extracurricular activi- ties. However, many "freshies" were seen jitterbugging at the dances sponsored by their more fortunate eldersethe upperclassmen. ln three years the burdens and honors of the school will be theirs. Much talent has already been discovered in this class and there is evidence of much more. The best of luck to them. Great things will be expected from these ugreeniesi' when they have developed into sophisticated and intelligent juniors and seniors. . . ...K . . . f. --p,,.-.,,,,,, . -- - wr- . .: f .4 - '4".-Qffl 'mn :. w. . - x -v,35x'!.u.1- -2's1wff.'!-5 - , S.: R -5, ' ff J... . ..,-, -V 4 Iv, wi- Y ,..'.i:p '-9 FROSH OFFICERS Patty Stilson, secretary: Bob Phillips, President Fred Bronnenberg, treasurerg Bob Tackeit, vice-president. 'I l X 4 , , il m li-g11,f51,G ,uf P' K F .. ,s'f 5 f" .N A V 5 . 1 git? l ,. , ' g4il:lQ,1n,.:3f,555l2,g,,1 i ya. W.-M .-vac., ,Q Af r M .. Mmiw mlm QAM, Genevieve Kukleuslci Rosa llelangee Keith Dc-linger .Tack Pc-ttilione Ruth Ann Ainiek Mary larnise Fox Ilelen Anton Betty Lon lllnn-her Alice Ilei':lln1r Eloise Jl-rrvll Phyllis Gilmore Philip X1-4-se Mae Brown Uma lfislu-1' Dm-is tlarrelsun Earl Ml-1'rory i"l01'l-'lll'4' Kopp Thainar Vermillion Martha Iam Clement Jane llreniuyinfll Deane ln-lmin-xil1e1'g Janet .Tones Wilmeth Ulyey Judith Nooney Betty Jean Iluslxy Jessie Falixe Carolyn Miller XValter Riggs XVayue Wright Bill lfenm-lon Faye Franklin Trenton llntner Mary Gm-pliart Martin Suhiekel Dan Perry Blanche Gerinan Helen Kailor James llahlouf James Yan Meier Martha llannel' Jack Martin LiUVl'Pll4fl' Land Mary Alien- Rr-ut Alta Jean Swinford Betty Watson Carl Mathew Mary Lee Beatty Iiohert Ashby Marjorie Da Pore Norman Miller Joan L1-nnis Fred Brnxllwxllm-1'g Vlifforll Corn Marjorie S4-lun-islei' Mary Sinner Anna May Youngs Mary Riley Mary Wilson Robert De-init-k Paul Bl'iIllillNl' Margaret Sanders H .lavk Brown Billy Friel Winston Gilmore liarhara lfletrher Juanita Stineinan Mellma K4-nm-ns Mary Stanley Lolita Thayer Kathleen Vanght liarlmra Shaw Lucena Macfiillr-u I'al Stilson lie-tty Stutsman f'rawfor4l llandlvy llugh llarrison Mary Ml-llauiels Shirley XlUNVilli2llllS Barbara Starr llansun !'hnl'4'h 1ione1't l'uwg.:'ill lletly .ll-an llrown Phyllis4'ovel'1lale .loan Yeager Narnia l'enn .lean llarnmmly la-na l'rec'np Lowell Moore Jean Ilovey Margie Nivhol 76 'anlinv Antlmny 'urman Wonlarll 'harl+-s King Xlvin Xunlm-y iill Maxwell It-lyin Adams larnlrl lirmvn illslie Payne- myle Ne-wtnn iolne-rt Ilvlph im Holes 'harlvs Uhllins 'ell Ste-znei' Clizahl-th Dmlwl ames 14's-11ii11ox'o luwell Thomas Sill Farmer Xnnif- Faust loyal lim-clitolml ioseinary Morggan iubert Krnegvr Ioan Caylor Iary Margarvt Se-a r lack Stl-w:u't Ivan Kimmerlin: 'usie Jane llamhr-rl. frances Keesling nan Jackson lim He-rulll iulrort liuhanlcs Iarjorix-f Fnlle-r 'arolyn Lung lick Whitehearl Sub Sclivrer 'vii Mathew lim SIYIWIIIII1' lames Smith imma Lou Krryll Nita Yinuling li-tty Janv Wimwr Iary Hannafurzl Bill Cummins Ilrrnalnl Davenport Dorothy TIIOIHIIS Juan Mills Olialve Iirulvst Ivan Lomlonhack Norma IA-avell Alice Mc-Donnell Harrif-tt Anlt Eleanor Crecclius Mary Huser Mary Hopkins Maxine Mantsmth l'at Yingling Martha lfllsea Norma limlelsou .lark Zoll Virginia l-'mylar Anna Mary Ebvrlc Iiusaflorv Hahn Mn-rrill I"1'2lZi4'1' Gs-neva llarg Imnalll lticlxarllsun Lois C3110 Jane Dawlc-y .Juan Uarraway livtty XVOIISIQI' Sarah lam Den-lu-r Martha Funk .lane Ann lirum-r Tum Huston Vs-ruun Iiuwpil Iinlwrt Riggs Doris M4-ars ltusl- Stvwart B4-tiyl'l1illips liarhara Mnllvn linger Harm-s Laxenia Vaughn lh-ity Ill1'llXVi1ll-' Phyllis Stl-plir-nsnn Maxine Hawkins Ilmwrtliiv Vrawfnwl Ia-mia Marche-tt Eulna Ia-wis Ruth Shelton Phyllis Springer limb Phillips .Iartha Posey q77 Patricia Vritcliard Jack Blum-in 10 l'k1'2lll1'QS Hudson Kzitliryn Norton Elvzuior Nnxli I"1':lIlI'eS Culwiiuily Mzirglieritu lluxnlrlvs He-li-n Lani' Corrine Hun B1-tty Connor Heli-n Myers Juanita Palmer Dale S1191-'fl-1 G4-urge Alzitzzi Betty Boone Ni-clrzi Blum-lclmru Bairlmra Slum' Loraine Jurzibnk Mziry Bender Riclizird Runyon John Rogers Wilma 1-Ieaigy Vera Ii31'fl1lil'll Roberta Hutton Juziuue Coil Gladys XVells Bnrbzxra Jean Force Carol Hanna Mary Hill Virginia Harrison Rita Patton Betty Bell Ritzi Bable Joan Marsh 'ts 1+ 'F' '1 - 2 C 1 i .V - - ...- fw-r+.i - - . 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' QS,,,,, ,g,c:atAamir.-.5.....e4sg,5g7 ,Q - . 1 - wiqa M m :WA ' it V' :i'41'V!l'f2 S gr" - '21 , - - ' ' . 1--. 145 TN-'T -' " -,xr 32-5 'l" ' "'i5'iQ'El:e -:'.: . '- . - 1' ' X . .,,,,,,,: i.n,3,:emyHg4.,.,g,,... . .v4m.,,,.,!:w31 ." 5: We f e.:,,.g..Q,,E',9,: SLE., FEEL , i 3 I 2 1 1 I . 1 i . 1 f . l The New Freshmen 1 Every January we notice new faces among the old familiar ones. No, these are not midgets escaped from a circusg they are the new freshmen. These 1B's are -5 lost souls without any anchorage until fall, when they organize and choose sponsors and oliicers. 4 These small people don't even have the advantage of knowing one another j when they timidly enter th.e doors of A. H. S. They come from. three different 1 Junior High Schools-Central Junior High School, Washington Junior High 1 School, and Central Avenue Junior High, School. The ones from Central Junior l High have already seen us from afar, for they are just across the street. , Since they have had no opportunity to do anything worthy of noticing, we 3 will concentrate on what they did in Junior High School. The officers of the Q Central Junior High School class were: president, Marion Canadayg vice presi- ? dent, Johnny Mitchellg secretary, Robert Fowlerg treasurer, Donald Stinson. The officers of the Washington class were: president, Nondas Erving vice presi- 1 dent, Bill Holman, secretary, Jack Minerg treasurer,'Bob Ewing. The oflicers of the Central Avenue class were: president, Joan Roush, vice president, Bob Lawlerg secretary, Betty Woodg treasurer, Helen DeWeese. The pupils from Central Junior High School gave an operetta in our auditorium which was very good. They sounded like good material for our Choral Club. Some of these students took parts in radio broadcasts. These "Fra-shies," though they seem green now, are very promising. Some day they may be even as intelligent and sophisticated as the seniors who are now graduating. Of course this isn't very probable but, remember, we were all 1B's once. It is an easy fact to forget. 1 I 79 3 1 . 1 4 , -. ' .1 .1--" A -- - ' f 5 . -. e'i25.Q,,,,agg1JPX':2-i:1- -?x"S?frA 1kit4f1gg1qgp ,p ., N , NJ , W Q . ,. . Mn.-43 ' ' 4' ,N 1, A .,,, - -,v,a?F:'-f f' ,. ' -2.v'5g.fa.?1. W ,..- 4-v , W j 'f V:-w,,,,-, f ' " ' ' ' ' 'iff--J.,-.. ,..A. .ig-:sw ercfafffwgw amy :-- ' - , ' "-fzfwfv, Q-ra, 11- .hw-gvf ' s ,vQ1fX',gg, -'egg ,, , , ,, , ,,, -- ' - -"Jaw -"5 --f - 'M 1 V XA . ' ' 'M W " I' - ' "If 'Li -3 ff,Li.jf715f"-7,yS'3' -" 'A.g,m2gxg51SfL'??3L',Q'?:"L'ij 2' Nj 7' ff'jilpfff-'5pZ52fgjQ215S1jf3L'T 5, iNfxif'f'5'-,ig,L2L5,f5.,1,1U, "SW 1,93 5.25 5553531 ' ":l'12'?5?'f11ffQf' -' . L- ' ' ' 1 .V -A371F'1T1i:4'4:3'b-533i9ffX5'1Qsfi,' v ,U :ai-8 .:?'A-i3f5li'??5'f2'Z1'i-fQI? ' 1 ' f Al'-'i-3f"i"-ff"-ffr'-T-5"' .J , X fT:'5ff'95i- 37 - - -'v if 513 ' , Sfeiiii f y- gg-Qgifg222Zig1-'?F??33fffggQd2FQHiif.:T25.1,,,gig .'ni1-wif " N,-:'iEl:f,'fT,:... 5" 1 A ' 'fl Q1Lfff': ::,f 17152.11 f V mf,-, :.:- 4 , . 'rv-A-fag?-21,--'M c'--V-Vf ,f --.1--.q, -L , ,H :,- .., ,V .,-- ---'r,,,:N -- , W -., ' -'-,' f+.,,-. . . M .- - fx. 'wf P. f f-fgX,fff-- M. ,A ,, .. . M, - ff .L . 2 1, f. 7 . .F , ., A Qwf ,V 1. vw -va 1,..-,-vw-1.,,f.M ,f - S5-ff,fq.,- b , f . v,.,f, - . . , Y- 'ff 1 '.-. f -V' Ja ' F J :-f f. -44.--.--.,ff, -- xp: ., . , - -, ,Q -Y R, --HA.-9 .1 - Evra" f ww, L-2. , .K ..,f.u,-Q' fb,-' 'Nz L-TX--'fff.ffE ixlff-FE?-52 ' ' . 'U' 1 Y' "AV "T: f:i-,:PQ'Qfq'rsCf- x .31-P" 'MT -' " ' " " -'3i'9'- W '-'v 1' L. " 7'-P'-','-.7.'211'1f-'Lvr-If '-7f'I5S 'aff' -' . X- 4'-sm . ' WP- N' -w.zf-rffqfi-,1f+ - .V " 2ffbf54sf. "z-.a11zwsQfff - ff -hkvmhkmw, , ,qzge-A - f-. ew,- ,V . wane: mm J--' cg, .L , Q v i -3? . A 5gw?i,5'F,' , , - 4 Wm ,..- . .. Q ,- sri", 5 ' -1 Y- ' gf ',f - 4' ' ' ' ' -P - 7. 'Lv-. , ' h' , g ,.t:5?"'5 A 'e":5':"1- '- L- ., ,. ' lm' w:'m-M 4 ,M Z' "S'W'fie"':!1- . m u ,.. i.3Qwz" X. ,,.q,. .Nag 3E,, ,n . ,. .,..,.-,. , , C'ZZw6.4,: , ' in mind that 4, 6 cu-L55 come 0- ' 2 know to. get a. uf-1166. people. w 4. Q g The National Honor Society The Honor Society of Anderson High School is composed of junior and senior students who have as semester averages one-half Als, not more than one-fourth B's or C's, and no D's or F's. One of the outstanding programs of the year was a party in the high-school auditorium. Games, contests, and table tennis tournaments were held, and later refreshments were served. Mrs. Preston reviewed t'Our Familyn at one of the biweekly meetings. The aims of the Honor Society are service, character, scholarship and leader- ship. The club has to its credit the founding of the Student Council in 1938 and the writing of the history of Anderson High School. This organization is a member of the National Honor Society, having joined April 14, 1938. The activities have been in charge of: president, Bertram Higginbotham, vice president, Wilma Riggs, secretary, Bonnie Weaver, treasurer, Warren Rider, and program chairman, Eleanor Beckman. VVith the aid -of the sponsors, Miss Rosalie Hirsch and Mr. Arthur Shirey, the club has progressed rapidly. The members are: Ruth Allen, Evelyn Anton, Pauline Beach, Eleanor Beckman, Elizabeth Birch, Billy Bowman, Lawson Bramblett, Annabelle Carpenter, Mildred Cerden, Ruth Crist, Gareth Coates, Jack Condon, Virginia Cornelius, Bernard Dent, Lois Ditteon, Betty Jean Eberle, Gordon Fisher, Virginia Fleeharty, Ilene Fortncr, Betty Frame, Betty Jo Funk, John Gaddis, Charles Gaus, Alice Gilmore, Elaine Glazer, Patty Guthrie, Betty Hamilton, Margaret Hancock, Gordon Hanna- ford, Lucille Hannaford, Bert Higginbotham, Nancy Hill, Bob Hill, George Hockaday, Ruth Honnold, Betty Humbles, Forrest Hutton, Barbara Jones, Dorothy Jones, Paul Jones, Jean Julius, Martha Lambert, Vera Leavell, Wanda Lennis. Frances McDonald, Kathryn Malone, Barbara Marine, Bill Martz, Bob Matthew, Dean Moore, Verna Nunley, Bill Peake, Betty Pence, Raymond Precup, Viola Richter, Warren Rider, Wilma Riggs, Norma Roof, Betty Sample, Frances Schmitt, Nelda Showalter, Joan Sisson, Melvin Slick, Martha Anne Stuart, Mary K. Tackett, John Tracy, Mona Trick, Bill Watkins, Bonnie Weaver, Dorcas Whltesel, Char- lotte Wicker, Pearl Windland, Sam Wilcox, Phyllis Wills, Mabel Zerkel, Edwin Riggs, Phyllis Schmitt, and Burton Canaday. .L . A . P i r E Latin Club . The Sodalitas Latina, better known as the Latin Club, meets the second Tues- day of each month in room 118. Miss Fannie Nagle is the capable ,sponsor of this club. A gift exchange was held at the December meeting and the presents exchanged were given to Mrs. Cornwell for distribution to needy children. The club also sold Latin Christmas cards which they helped to make. The members chose as their officers for the fall semester: president, Jean Anne Hall, vice president, William Hensley, secretary, Wilma Todd, and treasurer. Amelia Downey. The organization elected for the spring semester as president, Barbara Reed, vice president, Joan Stevens, secretary, Lolita Montgomery, and treasurer, Louise Spiegal. The members of the Latin Club for the past year were: John Gaddis, David Gephardt, Georgianna Hutton, Jean Anne Hall, Amelia Downey, Norma Gill, Ruth Wallace, Doris Goodpasture, Bill Hensley, Howard Abbott, VVilma Todd, Martha Decker, Mary Critchfield, Jack Foster, Viola Kiphart, Carolyn Pickering, Mary Alice Miller, George McMahan, Lawson Bramblett, Barbara Recd, Joan Stevens, Louise Spiegal, Erma Jean Otterman, Laura Jane Word, Lolita Mont- gomery, Rlchard Moore, Jim Whitehead, Roy Speck, and Marjorie Badgley. Bible Club Under the leadership of the officers and the sponsors, Mr. Baker and Mr. Hallett, the Bible Club has made much progress. To become better acquainted with the Bible is the purpose of the club. The members of the club study biblical characters, and Bible stories. They also received much enjoyment from working puzzles concerning the different char- acters and stories o'f the Bible. Ministers from different churches gave very interesting talks about the use and importance of the Bible. Besides the regular meetings of the club, members gave a tableau at Christmas before the entire schooll - Officers of the club were: president, Raymond Precup, vice president, Ralph Pike, who was also program chairman, secretary, Betty Webster, and treasurer, Lena Precup. Members of the club were: Dorothy Alexander, Dan Brinduse, Dorothy Dun- ham, Betty Jackley, Mary Leever, Irene Legrand, Phyllis Matzigkeit, Ale-tha McKee, Dorie Pike, Ralph Pike, Lena Precup, Raymond Precup, Mary Elizabeth Reynolds, Betty Jane Ryan, Kathleen Vaught, and Betty Webster. French Club The French Club is one of the school organizations for the students interested in a special field. It provides an opportunity for those who like to know some- thing about one of Europe's outstanding nations. The purpose of this organization is to study the customs and culture of France. All French students are eligible for membership. During the past year, many interesting programs have been built around this theme. The activities for the year were a Christmas party and an after- school dance. The French Club meets every first and third Tuesday under the capable leadership of Mrs. Edna Whitson. The officers this year are: president, Joanne Savage, vice president, Jim Hynd- man, secretary-treasurer, Rosalie Dries, program chairman, Barbara Jones, publicity chairman, Lois Ellis. The members are: Cliff Corn, Betty Jean Craig, Ruth Crist, Enola Delinger, Rosalie Dries, Dave Eastman, Bill Fenelon, Deloris Gardner, David Gaunt, Eugene George, Norma Jean Haynes, James Hyndman, Janet Hughcl, Barbara Jones, Joanne Savage, Lois Worley, Lois Ellis, and Joan Martin. f Hi-Y Club Formed in 1933 to promote a higher standard of living among boys, the Hi-Y has carried out this plan under the leadership of: president, .lack Phillips, vice president, Eugene Hardwick, secretary, Gordon Fisher, treasurer, Don McArt, sergeant-at-arms, Wayne Thornburg. and sponsors, Messrs. Lee and Davis. The organization initiated ten new members last semester and twenty this semester, making a total of thirty new members for this year. The membership now stands at fifty-nine boys, who are either sophomores, juniors or seniors. There is a plan being discussed to divide the club into two groups next year. the freshmen and sophomores to be in one group and the juniors and seniors in another. This club has done much for the good of the school. ln December the boys sponsored the "Line of Dimes" which helped finance a Christmas party for six hundred needy children. During the year they have sponsored one public dance and two private ones. In October, a very successful hayride was staged. The annual picnic was held at Mounds Park on May 10. The club has been one osf the outstanding organizations of the school, and sincere congratulatlons will go to these boys for their efforts to help the school. Members of the club are: Jack Phillips, Eugene Hardwick, Gordon Fisher, Don McArt, Wayne Thornburg, Burton Canady, Tom Dorste, Bob Ross, Bob Trent, David Gaunt, George McMahan, Bob Seaton, Dick Gross, Warren Rider, Bill Martz, Ben Howe, Dean Moore, Ralph Hotruck, Gordon Hannaford, Clifford Hull, Bert Higginbotham, Bruce McArt, Dean Hoppes, Craig Freeman, Forrest Freeman, Mack McCarel, John Allen, Eugene Fitzpatrick, Warren Stultz, .Iohn Gaddis, Forrest Hutton, Earl Gibbens, Gene Yates, Bob Hunt, Gareth Coates, Ed Shaffer, Charles Bailey, Glen Lunsford, Chester Sczesney, Don Maines, Conrad Gaunt, Jim Wilson, Dennison Bassett, David Eastman, Bob Larson. David Gephardt, Sam Wilcox, Bob Matthews, Bob Hill, Bob Bell, Pete Davis, Bill Fisher, George Grifiith, Harold Lunsford, Frank Hughes, Harold Snow, Ed Stewart, Tom Taylor and Jack Falge. The Senate After thirty-five years the Senate is still one of the outstanding scho-ol organiza- tions. lt was started on its career by the well-known J. C. "Daddy" Black in 1905. These dignified Senat-ors meet every Tuesday evening in their chamber, the library, and dQscuss both formal and informal resolutions and bills. Early in the fall Miss Griffin was chosen English critic while Mr. Denny retained his duties as Sergeant-at-Arms. Not always serious, the Senators enjoyed themselves at a hayride in the fall. The activities of the year were climaxed by the annual Senate banquet. The Senate upset a precedent this spring and elected as its President a girl, Bonnie Weaver. Bonnie soon displayed her ability to handle Rober't's Rules of Order and a body of gay Senators. T'he officers of the fall semester were: president, Sam Wilcox, vice president, Forrest Ryan, secretary, Joan Sisson, treasurer, Nancy Hill, assistant secretary, Louise Silerg reading clerk, Bonnie Weaver, assistant reading clerk, Jack Falge. Officers of the spring semester were: president, Bonnie Weaver, vice president. Donald Reed, secretary, Nelda Showalter, assistant secretary, Eleanor Beckman, treasurer, Nancy Hillg reading clerk, Dick Atwood, assistant reading clerk, Barbara Jones. Members of the Senate are: Charles Gaus, Margery Hyden, Kay Hampton, Bryce Brown, Betty Schmtz, Virginia Hite, Jean Julius, Tom Marshal, Laura Jane Word, Mabel Zerkel, Bonnie Weaver, Phyllis. Billman, Jimmy Keesling, Louise Smith, Eleanor Beckman, Evelyn Anton, Martha Jane Lambert, Meredith Church, Edwin Riggs, Joan Roush, Annabelle Rose, Betty Jo Funk, George Stelle, Quinlan Gilmore, Urban Simonton, Forrest Ryan, Bill Stinson, Bob Stinson, Phyllis Springer, Norma Caylor, Barbara Bronnenberg, Betty .lo Hull, Keith Saxon, Don Reed, Nelda Sho- walter, Betty Van Ausdal, John Tracy, Joan Martin, Burton Canaday, Gordon Fisher, Sam Wilcox, Maxine Mantooth, Betty Bell, Harriet Mantooth, Joan Sisson, Louise Siler, Juanita Elsea, Don Wright, Barbara Jones, Jeanne Garretson, Dick Atwood, Don Knotts, Charles Miller, Nancy Hill, Doris McFarland, Betty Martin. ki' 1 f M ' wixgif 86 Camera Club T'he Camera Club, sponsored by Mr. Gordon Julius, was organized last year. In spite of the fact that it is a new organization, it has proved to be both inter- esting and educational to its members. It was organized to interest more students in photography, to give them a better understanding of mechanisms of cameras, developing, printing and enlarg- ing pictures. The meetings of this club are held each Thursday after school in room 306. The materials used in developing and printing pictures are furnished by the club. The officers for the past year were: president, Louise Spiegalg vice president, Edgar Timmons, secretary, Phillipa Wyatt, and treasurer, Mary Crilchfield. Other members of the club were: Barbara Da Pore, Barbara Bronnenberg, Bill Siler, Roy VVheasler, Bob Bayse, Bob Woodruff, Hubert Kellum. Bonnie Weston, George Hockaday, Jane Evans, Jack Phillips, Bill Apgar, Don Merritt, Marjorie Poole. Don Williams, John Austin, Don Baker, Leon Vaughn, Canby Willson, Marvin Schmitz, Bob Voke, Kathleen Wingrove, and Gene Blueher. . Boys' Glee Club President of the Boys' Glee Club was Robert Robinson, while Gerrie Glover is the accompanist. The operetta last fall, "The Gondoliersj' was supported by this group as well as the Girls' Glee Club. The club sang for the Christmas program at the Christian Church. It also went to Summitville to participate in the County Festival, and recently took part in the city music festival. The members of the Boys' Glee Club were: Dennison Bassett, Arlo DuBois, Hubert Kellum, Tom Langley, Jack Cade, Don Carlisle, George Freeman, Wilbur Patterson, Don Sheets, Bob Caplinger, John Fields, Clay Harrell, NVayne Jackson, Herman Nichols, Louis Slater, Robert Swain, Robert Thomas, Jack Williams, Don Wood, Ronald Aehor, Bill Freeman, Eugene Madison, Donald Miller, Roy Parsons, Bob Robinson, and Howard Stinson. Girls' Glee Club This group, sponsored by Miss Hill, chose Jeanne Carpenter, secretary, and Lora Gahimer and Martha Jane Forkner as accompanists for the year. , Members were: Bertha Anton, Leona Baciu, Mary L. Bedwell, Mary M. Bird, Bertha Blassaras, Jacqueline Brendel, Jean Clark, Jane Clements, Martha Clements, Betty Dockter, Alice Doll, Georgianna Dudley, Ruby Durgan, Marjorie Feller, Mary Frazee, Lora Gahimer, ,Katherine Genda, Betty Groves, Amber Guffey, Marva Hargrave, Jean Harris, Alice Hayley, Vera Herron, Juanita Hurst, June Kokes, Virginia Lord, Betty Lewis, Helen Mclntyre, Anna McKinley, Esther Matheson, Mary Helen Miller, Lolita Montgomery, Betty Lee Moomey, Bette Munehhof, Bettie Newby, Carolyn Pickering, Doris Priest, Norma J. Refeld, Madge Risk, Joan Roush, Maxine Royse, Juanita Stottlemeyer, Mary Ellen Stroud, Marge Stuart, Betty Whetsel, Dorothy Williams, Josephine Stuart, Isabel Taylor, Freda Anderson, Jeanne Bable, Elma Barnes, Jane Brockman, Jewell Brown, Jeanne Carpenter, Alma Carnette, Zeta Mae Ewing, Martha Forkner, Jacqueline Hamilton, Virginia Herbst, Norma James, Olive Keesling, Alice F. Clive, Emma Klus, Mary Land, Ann Metzger, Mary Milburn, Goldia Moessinger, Erma Otterman, Mary Pancol, Mar- cella Poole, Almeda Rawlings, Wanda Roberts, Eileen Ross, Betty Russell, Wilma Scott. Hilda Simpson, Lillian Wakefield, Earline Ryan, Rosemary Barnhizer, Helen Bosh, Leslie Canning, Martha Decker, Jean Durham, Joan Ellington, Nelda Foley, Roberta Hardacre, Lucille High, Dorothy Hudson, Norma Jean Jackson, Marylee Jones, Martha Retherford, Norma J. Wills, Mary Lytle. I The Choral Club If there has ever been an organization that has brought fame to themselves and a name for the school, it is the Anderson High School Ch-oral Club. Miss Hill, the club's very efficient leader, has the interest of the fifty-four mem- bers at heart at all tlmes. This year their activities have been varied. Besides radio broadcasts, the club made appearances at three of the local churches. It sang on Palm Sunday at the Presbyterian Church and later at the Methodist Church, and at Christmas gave a very beautiful and outstanding performance at the Christian Church. During spring vacation Miss Hill and four members of the Choral Club made a trip to California, where they had the pleasure of participating in a national chorus. Warren Central High School of Indianapolis extended a personal invitation for the club to give a program at their school, which was very much appreciated. Also the club took part in a convocation that was presented to the entire Anderson High School student body. Near the close of the school year the club, with the aid of their parents, sponsored a cafeteria supper which proved to be a great success. The Choral Club also received an invitation to sing at the New York World's Fair this summer. The group will leave Anderson June 9. The members are: Eleanor Beckman, Dea Ruth Cochran, Juanita Elsea, Margaret Ann Hancock, Ruth 'Ann Harrison, Fannie Mae Owens, Betty Pence, Carolyn Pickering, Mary Rogers, Norma Roof, Joan, Savage, Joan Schmitt, Marifrances Sparks, Marjorie Thomas, Norma Jane Vorhees, Betty Jean Eberle, Lora Gahimer, Betty Hallett, Jo Ann Jones, Mary Ann Lloyd, Bernice Matchett, Mary Munchhof, Mary Pancol, Betty Swank, Betty Tice,pBetty Vanneman, Maxine Endicott, Vir- ginia Fleeharty, Sara Jane Lemaster, Joyce Miller, Betty Sharp, ltuhy Bathauer, Elizabeth Birch, Martha Decker, Rosemary Fisher, Mary Riggs, Anna Mae Woods, Meredith Church, Richard Gross, Bob Hosier, Bob Trent, Jack Cade, Eugene Hardwick, Bill Nuzum, Darrell Reed, Eldon Church, Jack Hewitt, Nathan Richard- son, Vance Simmonds, Joe Stewart, Jack Beck, Louis Clemons, Don Mitchell, Tom Thornburg. + Science-Math Club In 1918 the Science-Math Club was organized. Today the second oldest club in Anderson High School is sponsored by Mr. Horton and Mr. Lee. The club endeavors t-o teach more extra curricular knowledge of science to its nienibers. Qualifications for belonging to the Science-Math Club are: one year of math or one year of some science. The club has bought scientific books for the laboratories. One year it even furnished all of the schoolroonis with pencil Sharpeners. Last year Science-Math Club members bought two electric clocks. They are now installed in the chemistry laboratory and physics laboratory. Every fall the club has a skating party and every spring, in May, it sponsors a picnic. Throughout the year the club has led social functions. This year the scientists were the first group to sponsor a dance after a basketball game. It was held in the auditorium. The club sponsored one program consisting of a colored picture of the South- west. lt was executed by Louis Lariinor. He has been a member of the A.H. S. Science-Math Club. Mr. Weaver, Anderson High School Math teacher, explained telepathy at one of the programs. Mr. Sanders, Physlology prof, presented an interesting talk on personality. Election for 1940 and 1941 officers was held May 2. The officers of the club for the past year were: Bob Morris, president, Harriet Mantooth, treasurerg Doris McFarland, secretary. Members include: Harry Moneyhun, Fred Cars-on, George Stelle, Louise Smith, Norma Jean Caylor, Eldon Church, Charles Blackford, George Hockaday, Helen Houser, Bernard Dent, Mary Ellen Downes, Jack Ice, Bill Quinn, Betty Bell, Don Cooper, Georgy Gates, Paul Jones, Billy Johnson, Bob Frazier, Norma Jean Meredith. Alpha Woolbert, Dave Gephardt, Maxine Roach, Don Brown, Bob .lackson, Bob Claune. 90 Newswriting Several honors came to the school newspaper, the X-Ray, during the past year. Rosemary Kingen won third place in proofreading at the state journalism con- vention held in Franklin last October, and Bill Fisher's sport articles were awarded fourth place ranking in the contests held with the Journalism Field Day at Butler this April. A second class honor rating was given the first semester X-Ray by the National Scholastic Press Association. Students serving on the editorial staffs with editors Wayne Chandler and John Tracy' were: Dorothy Commons', Phyllis Wills', Pat Hewitt', Betty Jane Size- love', Ed Shaffer, Forrest Ryan, Fred Carson, Ralph Pitts, Kenneth Farmer, Betty Van Ausdall, Ruby Unger, Phyllis Billman, Evelyn Castor', Bob Trent, Marilyn Butner', Rosemary Kingen", Virgil Ward, Betty Jo Linville', Robert Westrick", Frances Schmitt', Charles Blackford, Bill Fisher', Mary Kay Tackett, Betty Ruh, Annabel Rose, Ralph Rotruck, Fred Richardson, Ralph Carney, Dorothy Williams, Helen Scott, Kathleen Hampton', Jean Noland, Helen Shafer, Betty Sample", Mary Ann Handley', Marilyn Bridges, and Urban Simonton. George McMahan served as business and advertising manager assisted by Carol Hanna, Patty Stilson, Betty Jean Busby, Barbara Forse, Don McArt, and Jack Stewart. 'Letter awards. Junior Conservation Club Here are the members of the Junior Conservation Club of 1939-40. With them is their sponsor, Mr. Dwight Morris. The object of this club is conservation and restoration of the natural resources of the state of Indiana. The club complied with requirements of the state last year. Its major project was raising and liberating of a hundred thirty quails. The club received, from the state, fifty cents for each bird liberated. Money received from these birds will be used to further conservation in the future. The officers of the club were: president, Durbin Hollingsworth, vice president, Don King, secretary, Robert Corder, treasurer, Bob Carr. The members enrolled during the past year included: Bob Voke, Hillis Simpson, Albert McCoy, Wallace George, Jack Wiesenhan, Don Elliot, Joe Winkler, Durbin Hollingsworth, Wilbur Tranbarger, Paul Farley, Robert Riggs, Bob Thomas, Marvin Gordon, Bob Corder, Carl Kramer, Bill Watkins, George Beard, Bill McKinley, and Bob Carr. Forensic Club The Forensic Club is a new sophomore-freshman group organized to study parliamentary procedure. Its members are: Bob Tackett, president, Hugh Harrison, vice president, Mary Ann Gephardt, secretary, Fred Bronnenberg, clerk, Jane Dawley, treasurer, Walter Riggs, sergeant-at-arms, Don Kilgus, Earline Ryan, James Baldauf, Frank Beeler, Fred Beeler, Frances Carmody, Bob Coffman, Erma Corder, Eleanor Crecelius, Marjorie Da Pore, Virglnia Downward, Norma Edelson, Martha Elsea, Bill Farmer, Barbara Fletcher, Corrine Hon, Marguerite Humbles, Frances Kees- ling, Jack Pettibone, Carolyn Reeder, Martin Schickel, Phyllis Swank, Kathleen Vaught, Betty Webster,'Jean Kimmerly, Helen Anton, Betty Brown, Bruce' Douglass, Rosemary Eads, Bill Fenelon, James Fenimore, Annie Foust, Wilma Heagy, Frances Hudson, .loan James, Janet Jones, Florence Kopp, Mary Lambert, Carolyn Long, Jack Martin, Neil Matthews, Doris Mears, Carolyn Miller, Norma Moore, Victor Netterville, Katherine Norton, Norma Penn, Bob Phillips, Mary P'Simer, Lillian Reeder, Betty Richwine, Mary Riley, Marge Schneider, James Smith, Mariwanda Stinson, Dorothy Taylor, Lolita Thayer, Howell Thomas, Jane Uremovich, Marian Canaday, Gertrude Schmidt, and Richard Wilder. ' The sponsors of the club are Miss Lindstrom and Mr. Amick. Dramaties Club The Dramatics Club has shown that it still is able to hold the high standard it has maintained in the past. The club gives an opportunity to students who have talent for acting to develop this talent and also to apply it. In the last year the Dramatics Club has advanced until membership had to be limited. Open house was held at the first of the year and tryouts were given. A formal initiation was held by which those who had talent became members of that club. Refreshments were served at the closing of the initiation. Plans were made for a dance and a convocation program but because of unfore- seen obstacles these plans were not carried out. Four short plays were given bythe Dramaties Club in the auditorium. They were: His First Shave, Girls in White, Byrd Life, and And the Villain Still Pursues Her. These plays were enjoyed by all who saw them. On March 28 the play, "The Terrible Meek," was broadcast over the local radio station, WHBU. Jack Hunter. I-tuth Allen and Tom Thornburg took part. Favorable comments by listeners indicated that the performance was a distinct success. Officers of the club for the fall semester were: president, Dick Stewart, who was replaced by Gordon Fisher the vice presidentg and secretary-treasurer, Nelda Showalter. The following held offices during the spring semester: president, Ruth Allen, vice president, Eugene Fitzpatrick, secretary-treasurer, Nelda Showalter, and the sponsors, Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Boyd. Members of the club were: Ruth Allen, Burton Canady, Aileen Chappell, Gordon Fisher, Mary J. Fitzpatrick, Eugene Fitzpatrick, Lora Gahimer, Jeanne Garretson, Conrad Gaunt, David Gaunt, George Griffith, Patty Guthrie, Mary Ann Handley, .lane Hannaford, Gordon Hanuaford, Patricia Hewitt, Bert Higginbotham, Nancy Hill, Jack Hunter, Jean Julius, Harriet Mantooth, Betty Martin, George McMahan, Charles Miller, Nelda Showalter, William Taylor, Phyllis Wills, and Phillipa Wyatt. The Know Your City Club In 1938 students who were interested in becoming better acquainted with Anderson formed the Know Your City Club. Trips were taken every other Wednesday and meetings were held the alternate Wednesdays. T'he club engaged interesting speakers to appear before them. The topic of one of the speakers was the "Chamber of Commerce of Anderson," in which he told the purpose and work of this important organization. Another speaker was the well-known Mr. Byrkett, who talked about his travels, and especially about the country of Turkey. He told of the customs and dwellings of the people and of the places of interest in that country. A few of the many interesting places that the club visited were: the Bell Telephone Company, the new Hazelwood school, the new jail, Purnellts ice-cream plant, radio station WHBU, the city fire department, the police station, Coca-Cola Bottling Company, bakeries, and Delco-Remy. The club also sponsored a movie. The movie was in technicolor and showed many interesting places in the United States, among which were: Yellowstone National Park, Niagara Falls, the Bad Lands, Grand Canyon, the home of the president, and the various capital buildings. The annual picnic of the club was held at the end of the school year. Officers of the club were: president, Lois Ditteong vice president, Betty Hallett, secretary, Betty Lou Hamilton, treasurer, Wanda Lennisg and the sponsors, Mrs. Crutchfield and Mr. Hallett. Members of the club included: Doris Bradford, Lucille Beall, Ann Brown, Lois Ditteon, Joan Donnelly, Elbert Frazee, Ilene Fortner, Betty Frame, Sue Hale, Betty Lou Hamilton, Betty Hallett, George Hockaday, Wanda Lennis, Joan Lennis, Ilene Legrand, Francis Land, Etna Mae McClure, Betty Martin, Wanetta McGinnis, Katherine Malone, Ralph Pike, Ella Mae Ruehfech, and Juanita Stottlemeyer. 1 P i L ,H ......V. , -M MM ..A. -.. A 's Senior Girl Reserves The Grace Dodge Girl Reserve Club is one of the most p-opular and active clubs in the school. The aim of the Girl Reserves is to render service to others. f The Grace Dodge group, composed of senior girls, met every Thursday with Mrs. Pickerel of the Y. NV. C. A. as their advisor. The activities of the organization this year included a Leap Year Dance, style show, valentine party, and preparing of baskets for needy famllies at Christmas. They concluded their activities for the year with a mother-daughter banquet. Officers for the past year were: Juanita McCurry, president, Marifrances Sparks, vice president, Virginia Johnson, secretary, Betty Martin, treasurer. Assisting the oiiicers were these committee chairmen: Council Representative, Harriet Mantoothg Service, Nellie Hardy, Publicity, Betty Linvilleg Finance, Betty Martin, Program, Mary Babcock, and Social, Patricia Hewitt. Other members were: Wanetta McGinnis, Donna Springer, Mary Riley, Maxine Roach, Helen Houser, Mary Wood, Mable Shoults, Lois Wlorley, Bernice Priest, Marcella Poore, Betty Parsons, Virginia Thompson, Mildred Heuchan, Ruth Honnold, Betty Schepelman, Allce Stanley, Martha Stuart, and Louise Smith. Junior Girl Reserves The main event of the year for the Junior Girl Reserves was the mother- daughter banquet held, May 2, at the Central Christian Church. At the first of the season this club elected as president, Evelyn Anton, vice president, Mabel Zerkelg secretary, Marilyn Tolesg and treasurer, Virginia Hite. Mrs. Ronald Maine, Mrs. Gyger and Miss Jane Campbell have been the sponsors of the club. Other members were: Betty Bach, Lois Barber, Helen Beach, Mary Boaz, Doris Bradford, Connie Brane, Marilyn Cockcral, Mollie Coverdale, Norma Cowgill, Josephine Danner, Enola Delinger, Barbara Dew, Jimmie Lou Digby, Joan Don- nelly, Martha Ebert, Lois Ellis, Jane Evans, Carmen Fauvergue, Ilene Fortner, Betty Frame, Mary Frances Fowler, Betty .lo Funk, Louise Glaze, Elaine Glazer, Miriam Goyer, Kay Hampton, Wilma Hardacre, Norma Henney, Nancy Hill, Betty Humbles, Jean Julius, Norma Jones, Wanda Lennis, Elizabeth Metzger, Jean Anne Miller, Betty Netterville, Betty Pence, Kay Pitts, Rena Roberts, Norma Roof, Annabelle Rose, Joanne Savage, Betty Schmitz, Margaret Shady, Pauline Sibera, Betty Silvers, Mary Slater, Viola Kiphart, Lavera Slick, Wilma Stone, Martha Stottlemeyer, and Mary K. Tackett. Sophomore Girl Reserves The Sophomore Girl Reserves with their sponsors, Miss Charlier and Mrs. McKelvey, have been exceptionally active. Among the most interesting programs were panel discussons on etiquette and youth problems, travel talks, speeches on vocations and religions, a valentine party, and a project of making tray favors for the h-ospital. They also sponsored the "Sophomore Hop" and a spring "Tulip Dance." The ofiicers and members are: Phillipa Wyatt, president, Louise Spiegal, vice president, Hilda Simpson, secretary, Jean Ann Hall, treasurer, Wanda Robert. Bertha Anton, Ruby Durgan, Marylee Jones, Jeanne Bable, Marjorie Badgley, Helen Bosh, Leslie Canning, Jean Carico, Barbara Carpenter, Mary Ann Clement, Marietta Coats, Margaret Collings, Mary Critchfield. Barbara Da Pore, Amelia Downey, Virginia Eckel, Martha Forkner, Jeanne Garretson, Donna Gib- bens, Norma Gill, Betty Goss, Patr.cia Greve, Betty Groves, .loan Harris, Norma Haynes, Bettie Hull, Susie Johnstone, Jane Koubek, Virginia Land, Winifred Luck, Vida McKelvery, Mary Alice Miller, Lolita Montgomery, Bette Munchhof, Erma Otterman, Francine Owens, Helen Recob, Martha Retherford, Barbara Reed, Mary Rogers, Maxine Royse, Wilma Scott, Virginia Slater, Doris Smith, Garnett Smith, Mary Ellen Stroud, Marjorie Stuart, Sybil Thompson, Betty Williamson, and Laura Word. qs' L1 Orchestra The orchestra has little chance to show its ability, but underthe leadership of Mr. Rencenberger it has made much progress. The orchestra, unlike the band, plays only classical music. The orchestra filayed at a convocatlon which all the students enjoyed. This group ef musicians has also played at school activities. such as the senior class play and 'he operetta. Grouns from the orchestra are asked to play at many dinners and other social gatherings in Anderson. The orchestra has been kept small because it is difficult to find enough viol nists. The members of this musical group are: Virginia Benefiel, Betty Boone, James Biosier, Franklin Carr, Marjory Cerden, Maurice Cle1n, Virginia Eckei, Georgianna Huttcn, Susie Johnstone, Dorothy McLain, Lowell McCreary, Robert McLain, Mary Lou McLain, Eugene Mosure, Rita Patton, Letha Pletcher, Mary Sears, Mel- v n Slick, Virgel Staley, Don McArt, James Romine, Bert Ross, and Ralph Werking. Band The band has been an active group this year, fulfilling many engagements among which was a concert given over radio station WHBU. Programs were also pre- sented before local grade and junior high schools. The gr-oup also took part in the Corn Festival at Tipton, and the Big Four tourney at Muncie. A dance followed by a chili supper was given in April, the profits being used to buy sweaters for the graduating members who had been with the band two years. Members included: Howard Abbott, Walter Allen, Walter Black, Royal Bechtold, Deane Bronnenberg, Franklin Carr, Maurice Clem, John Cookman, Keith Dare, Robert Dare. Mary Ellen Downes, Virginia Eckel, VVilliam Farmer, Rosemary Fisher, Marjory Fuller, Kathleen Hampton, Norma Jean Haynes, Richard Hines, Robert Hosteller, Charles King, William Koplin, Robert Krueger, Irene Legrand, Bruce McArt, Don McArt, Dorothy McCain, James McLain, Robert McLain, Mary Lou McLain, Robert Meyer, Robert Murphy, George Patton, Letha Pletcher, Norma Pcttlford, Mary Reynolds, Harold Richwine, Frederick Riggs, James Romine, Mary Ellen Roseberry, Vivian Roseberry, Bert Ross, David Salatin, Mary Sears, Frances Schmitt, Joan Sclnnitt, Melvin Slick, Jack Smith, Virgl Staley, Joe Stewart, Ralph Werking, Marvin Woods, Joan Yeager. Art Association Under the guidance of its.sponsors, Miss Balyeat and Miss Hirsch, the Art Association has done much to promote student interest in art. This year the club sponsored an interesting exhibit of one hundred and fifty color prints, reproduc- tions of paintings of the great masters. Its members met every first and third Thursday of the month. Many unusual programs were given. ' The following students held offices in the club: Delores Dietzen, presidentg John B. Miller, vice president, Virginia Seipel, secretary-treasurer, Bob Click, activities chairman, Rex Toombs, membership chairman, Francis McDonald, publicity chairman. I The members of the Art Association were: Lawrence Land, Vera Clayton, Jack Renforth, Julia Claire Spearman, T-om Coon, Guffie Callender, Marilyn Dietzen, Marjorie Poole, Virginia Seipel, Norman Soales, Alice Rickard, Amber Guffey, Mary Ann Clement, John Miller, June Clements, Ralph Pike, Quinlan Gilmore, Norma James, Norma Refild, Francis McDonald, Margaret Herbst, Evelyn Brabst, Dorothy Barrett, Phyllisann Scott, Dorothy Reynolds, Phyllis Givens, Jeanne Partingt-on, Martha Mae Green, Eloise Widener, Bob Taylor, Everett Wright, Don Faussett, Irene Taylor, Virginia Slater, Donna Brown, and Etna Mae McClure. .fab ,I 'A G. A. A. Group The Girls' Athletic Association was organized in 1933 and is one of the largest organizations for girls in the high school. The only requirements for membership are interest in physical education activities, regular attendance, and average skill. We are one of the seventy-eight high schools in the state that are affiliated with the Indiana League of High School Girls' Athletic Associations and this year live off our group are receiving the state award. Z! G. A. A. Council The governing body of the G. A. A. is the council which is composed of the officers and chairmen of various sports. Our officers are: Louise Smith, president, Mary Ellen Downes, vice president, Estelle Fletcher, secretary, and Barbara Bronnenberg, treasurer. The sports' chairmen are: Rebecca Busch, Mary Cooper, Elizabeth Hale, Mary Jane Helms, Georgianna Hutton, Katherine Kailor, Betty Matthews, Alice Rickard, and Donna Walker. 1-Q 99i Senior Honor Girl of the G. A. A. - The highest honor given by the physical education department for the most outstanding senior girl in the Girls' Athletic Association has been conferred this year upon Betty Matthews. She was chosen by a faculty com- mittee for her skQll in all types of sports and for her citizenship. Betty has been a member ofthe G. A. A. for four years, receiving her school monogram in 1937, her letter in 1938, and her state award in 1939. Usually the state award, which is given by the Indiana League of Girls' Athletic Associations, is granted in the senior year, but Betty completed her requirements in her junior year. To say that she is skilled in all forms of athletics does 1 not do her justice because she possesses skill far be- yond the average high-school girl. For the past two ' ' seasons Betty has played basketball and softball with the Delco-Remy girls' teams and this year she was presented the sportsmanship award by the league in which they played. During her junior year she received the award for sportsmanship which is given by the local G. A. A. Besides being unusually skillful in athletics and rating high in citizenship, she possesses that admirable characteristic-a sunny smile combined with a remarkable disposition. To this all-round girl athlete we, the members and sponsors of G. A. A., offer our congratulations. G. A. A. Sportsmanship Award The G. -A. A. Sportsmanship Award is given each year to the girl chosen by the group as having the mos' excel- lent attitude in all sports. This coveted award this year is being given to Katherine Kailor, a junior and a state award girl. ,Katherine is one of our most dependable girls, always ready to take charge of Lcket sales, ref- eree games, and assist in coaching. She has been on the Council for several years, has been the G. A. A. tennis champion for two years, and has been chairman of many of our special committees. She is a member ofthe Delco-Remy girls' basketball and softball teams, and takes an active interest in all sports. In other words, she may be called "Capable Katherine." 1: , STUDENT COUNCIL Executive Council The Student Council was formed in 1937 by a committee from the Honorary Society. The main purpose of this organization is to give students participation in their school government. The Student Council has accomplshed many things. However, it is still in its infancy, and even greater things may be expecled from it in the future. Much credit should be given to Mr. Bailey, the faculty sponsor of both groups. . The council is divided into two bodiesgthe assembly and the execut ve coun- cil. The executive council, which is the governing body of the assembly, is C0111- posed of six seniors, four juniors, two sophomores, and the presidents of the four classes. These members are elected by the assembly. As their leader, the executive council selected Eugene Yates. Ass' Eugene were: Warren Rider, vice president, and Betty Rose Badgley, secretary-treasurer. Members were: Eugene Yates, Mack McCarel, Warren Stuliz, Bert Higginbotham, Bill Martz, Warren Rider, Betty Badgley, Dean Moore, David Gaunt Bill Fisher, Burton Canady, Gordon Hannaford. .lean Hall, Ben Cook, Jim Wilson, Bob Phillips. Assembly The Assembly is composed of one representative from each home room. It is through these representat.ves that the student body is able to voice i's desires in school government. At the head of the assembly were: Wayne Thornburg, president, and Betty Pence, secretary. 4 Members of the group were: Betty Hallett, Mary Tackett, Paul Jessup, Erma Cordes, .Ioan Major, Bob Hart, Donald Swinford, Jack Renforth, Lois Ditteon, Bill Quinn, Kenneth Delanoy, Betty Badgley, Mark Hannaf-ord, Mary Wilson, Martha Cook, Charles Bailey, Bill Wagner, Amelia Downey, Wayne Chandler, .Kay Pitts, Lonnie Weston, Burton Canady, Bill Fisher, Royal Bechtold, Ned Stegner, Abic Cram, Raymond Relford, Leland Rudrow, Martin Sch.ckel, Bob Matthew, Mary Howard, Betty Goss, Paul Robey, Ralph Hellens, Donald Richardson, N-orman Miller, Bob Tackett, Craig Freeman, Lester Shipley, T'om Taylor, .lean Car-co, Byron Benzenbower, Ruth Crist. Joe Allen, Forrest Kemerly, Mary Gephardt, Betty Pence, Charles Critchlow, Dorothy Kiphart, Joan Springer, Jack Ice, Alpha Wo-ol- bert, David Eastman, Don Munson, Dorothy Williams, Anna Eberle, Wayne Thorn- burg, and .lohn Miller. The Little Chief The fiwe girls pictures above, namely, Betty .lo Linville, Betty Van Ausdal, Patric- 121 Hewitt, Dorothy Commons, and Phyllis Wills, formed an editorial board who, with Eddie Shaffer and Bob Trent as business managers, directed the production of the new A. H. S. literary publication, the Little Chief. The idea for the magazitne originated with the fall semester advanced newswrit- ing class. After a decision was made to investigate such a project, contact was made with Mr. Porter, Mr. McClure and Mr. Baruer. Assured by these faculty members that such a publiication could be produced, the class selected an editorial board. This board then began soliciting English teachers and students for material for the first issue. Meanwhile the business managers made plans concerning' the use of advertising and methods of circulation. The first iwssue of the magazine containing sixteen pages was distributed on May 20 and received a favorable response from the student body. All material-stories, poems and features-was written by local high school students. The editorial board, under Mr. Baker's direction, selected the articles to be published. The nilne- teen illustrations were drawn by art students itn Miss Hirsch's classes. Mr. Barner supervised the printing which was done in the high school print shop. Short stories were written by Charles Gaus, Phyl-lils Billman, Marian Canady. Kathleen Hampton, Patricia Hewitt, Eleanor Beckman, Nelda Showalter, .lack Hunter, VVilliam Schlegelmileh and Richard VVilder. Poems published included those written by Clay Harrell-, Keith VVelborn, Bert Higginbotham, Letha Pletcher, Forrest Freeman, Frances Kinneman, Ruth Alex- ander, Joan Myers and Margery Hyden. Dorothy Commons was responsible for a feature. Illustrations were drawn by Newton Simpson, Lucille Hannaford, June Clements, Faye Stafford, David Norris, Robert Gilmore, Virgisnia Seipel, William Goyer, Nor- man Soales, Norma James, Charles Priest, Alice Richard, Mary Ann Clements, Am- ber Guffey, and Vitvian Morrison. The cover and title page design was drawn by .lohn B. Miller. Qeatufwa: 2 :Mali me eu-my, appmbunity, 60 Zlwaden my, f1,eM,o.naZi6y,- Kola, my, Mace in in,du,L6f:,g,. , 5 w 1 l J P 1 5 w In-Q Business Education Department The Business Education Department was successful in winning honors at thc State Commercial Contests at Danville and Muncie. Competing at Danville on April 6 were 1300 students and 130 schools. Anderson won second place in the contest. Viola Richter won first place in Commercial Law and the award was a S50 scholarship to Danville. Other members of the team which placed second were: Raymond Precup and Paul Burnett. The Beginning Shorthand team, composed of Agnes Lang, Betty Sample, and Anna Gioumpakes, won fourth place. The Bookkeeping team won fifth place. The team members were: Paul Bobey, Esther Seipel, and Franklin Tracy. The second team members were: Billy Fletcher, Betty Vaught, and Gerald Leedom. The Advanced Shorthand team won fifth place. Members were: Vera Leavell, Betty Jean Lawler, and Annabelle Carpenter. Members of the Advanced Typing teams were: Bonnie Weaver, Bonnie Lou Saylor, and Wilma Riggs. Members of the Beginning teams were: Betty Fox, George Hockaday, Ilene Fortner, Donna Walker, Eugene Freeman, and Mary K. Porter., Fifteen hundred contestants and 140 schools competed in the State Finals at Muncie on April 20. Vera Leavell won first place in Advanced Shorthand. The team, composed of Flora Gray and Annabelle Carpenter, placed sixth. Viola Richter again displayed her ability in winning first in Business Aptitude. Other members of the team were: Elleen Heiden and Raymond Precup. Anderson has won first place in Business Aptitude for two years. The Beginning Shorthand team placed sixth. Anna Gioumpakes was the one who kept Agnes Lang and Betty Sample from becoming downhearted and nervous. For the third consecutive year, Anderson's Bookkeeping team triumphed over all other entrants and was awarded permanent possession of the Bookkeeping Loving Cup and the State Champions' Shield. Team members were: Paul Bobey, Franklin Tracy, and Esther Seipel. Winners of the previous two years who con- tributed to winning the cup were: 1938-Annabelle Carpenter, Helen Smith, and Ora St. Myer, 1939-Ilene Fortner, Raymond Precup, and Frank McManigell. Miss Adams, Mr. Baker, Mr. Brinson, Mr, Barrier, Mr. Julius, Miss Balyeat Editor-in-Chiel' . ............. .. Assit Editor-in-Chief Literary Editor ....... . .......... Annual Staff Tom Dorste Sam XVilcox . .,,. .. Martha Stuart Ass't Literary Editor . ................. Barbara Jones Organization Editor .......... Asstt Organization Editor... benior Editor ..............,.......... Ass't Senior Editor ...... ,. . Joke Editor ................. Ass't Joke Editor ..... Art Editor ,...........,,..,. .. Ass't Art Editor ..,.... ,. Cartoon Editor ..............,. Ass't Cartoon Editor ....,........ Joan Sisson .Betty Lou Hamilton Pattie Guthrie Betty Jo Funk Judith .loncs Mabel Zerkcl Robert Taylor .Etna Mae McClure Gilbert Iiltlritlgzv Newton Simpson Snap Editor ......,...,....., ............ J ack Cade Ass't Snap Edilor ....., .......,.... . . Paul Jones Photographer .............., .... E dgar Timinons Ass't Photographer . ...... ............ R obert Hosier Ass't Photographer .....,..., ............. I leon Vaughn Athletic Editor .................... XYayne Thornburg Ass't Athletic Editor .... ..... E nge-ne Hardwick Business Manager ...... .......... I ienneth DeLanoy Ass't Business Nillllitgtd' ................ John Gaddis Circulation Manager ..,......... .......,..,.. l Sill Martz Ass't Circulation Aillllilgld' , ......... , ..... Bob Seaton Advertising Manager .................... XYarren Stultk Ass't Advertising Biilllilgld' .,.. George McM:xhan Zljypist .............,,..,.......,....,.......,.......,.. Viola Richtci lyplst ...,.......,.......................,......,..... XVilma Biggs "Another Indian has bit the dustj' exclaimed Tom Dorste a few weeks ago when he laid the completed dummy for thils year's Annual on Mr. Barner's desk. Few people know as well as Tom the amount of hard work that is expended in producing the Indian. He has been ably supported this year by the assistant editor, Sam Wiilcox, and by the other members of the editorial-, art, and business staffs. To the annual board composed of Miss Adams, Miss Balyeat, Mr. Brinson, Nlr. Barner, Mr. Gordon Julius and Mr. Baker, thanks is also due. Tom Dorste, Sam XVilcox lO5 The Operetta The choral classes of Anderson High School presented an operetta, 'KThe Gon- doliers," in the high-school auditorium, November 21 and 22. The cast of characters was: Venetian Maidens-Fiametta, Joanne Savage, Giulia, Virginia Fleehartyg Vittoria, Mary Higgs. Venetian Gondoliers-Annibale, Bill Nuzumg Antonio, Hayward VVrightg Giorgio, Joe Stewart, Marco, Meredith Church, Giuseppe, Clay Harrell. Venetian MaidensfTessa, Margaret Ann Hancock, Gianetta, Ruth Ann Harrison. The Duke of Plaza, Jack Hunter, The Duchess of Plaza, Fannie Mae Owens, Casilda, Marjorie Thomas, Luiz, Lawrence Reynolds, Don Alhambra del Bolero, Tom Thornburg, Inez, Norma Jane Vorhees. Lora May Gahimer and Rosemary Fisher were the aecompanists for the operetta. Miss Ruth Hill, musical director for the operetta, was assisted by the following teachers: Miss Arbogast, Miss Anderson, Miss Hupp, Miss Kendall, Mrs. Strickler, Mr. Amick, Mr. Baker, Mr. Denny, Mr. Fleenor, Mr. Hallett, Mr. Lee, Mr. Morris, Mr. Sanders, Mr. Shirey, Miss Higman, Mr. Rencenberger, Miss Carson, Miss Balyeat, Miss Hirsch, Mr. Barner, Miss Brown, Mr. Boyd, and Miss Campbell. K 2 W,L1 Senior Class Play This year the Senior Class presented as their contribution to dramatic art, "Stage Door," by Edna Ferber and George Kaufman. This play was an outstand- ing success. The members of the cast showed much talent. and Mr. Boyd deserves much praise for directing it so well. "Stage Door" is a little more serious than the plays usually presented. lt is the story of the adventures of the debutantes of the theater-the ingenues who move upon Broadway and the theater each season. The cast was: Olga Brandt, Betty Swank, Bernice Niemeyer, Helen Houser, Susan Paige, Bernice Priest, Mattie, Katherine WValker, Big Mary, .lane Hannaford, Little Mary, Jeanne Partington, Madeleine Vauclain, Maxine Long, .Iudith Can- field, Nelda Showalter, Ann Braddock, Elizabeth Hale, Mrs. Oreutt, ltuth Allen, Kaye Hamilton, Aileen Chappell, Pat Devine, Pat Hewitt, Linda Shaw, Dorothy Williams, Jean Maitland, Dorothy Kiphart, Bobby Melrose, Patty Guthrie, Louise Mitchell, Barbara Marine, Kendall Adams, Dorothy Curry, Terry Randall, Mary Goss, Sam Hastings, Tom Dorste, Jimmy Devereaux, Edgar Dilts, Fred Powell, .lack Hunter, Lou Milhauser, Fred Dunbar, David Kingsley, Mack McCarel, Keith Burgess, Bert Higginbotham, Mrs. Shaw, Delores Dietzen, Ellen Fenwick, Mary Ann Handley, Tony Gillette, Betty Martin, Larry VVestcott, Craig Freeman, Billy, Forrest Freeman, Adolf Gretzl, Horace Nichols. "'.. Washington Trip Every year for six years, Mr. Bailey has taken a group of students on a pilgrimage to the nation's capital. On Sunday, March 31, twenty-eight fortunate people left Anderson for Washington. After an interesting ride on the train they arrived in Washington Monday morning. Awaiting them at the station were busses which took the group to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving where they watched the printing of paper money, bonds, and excise and postage stamps. From there they proceeded to Washingtonis Monument. They went to the top by elevator and got a very good view of Washington. Then they went to the Pan-American Union Building and to the White House. Monday afternoon they went to Annapolis, Maryland, where the group visited the old state capitol and the United States Naval Academy. On Tuesday they first toured the Federal Bureau of Investigation. From there they went to the Exhibition Room of the Archives Building where many important documents of the United States are kept in safety. Next the Smithsonian Institute was visited where the "Spirit of St. Louisf' "The Winnie Mae," and the gowns of the ladies of the White House were seen. After lunch the travelers went to the capitol building where they saw the House of Representatives and the Senate in session. From there they went to the Supreme Court building where they saw the court in session. Next was visited the Library of Congress where among other things the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, and the Petition of Rights-British documents which we are keeping during the war in Europeg-were seen. Wednesday morning the group left the hotel to visit the zoo and Arlington cemetery where they saw the Lee Mansion and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Next came Mount Vernon with a stop at the Lincoln Memorial on the return trip. That evening a group left by boat to journey down fthe Potomac to visit Nor- folk, Newport News, Yorktown, Jamestown, and Williamsburg. The group which returned to Anderson Friday included: Ned Stegner, Norma Jean Meredith, Warren Stidham, Bernice Priest, Bill Wagner, Mary Jane Koubek, Edith Lewis, Edna Lewis, Roscoe Lamey, Bob Ross, Sara Jane Lemaster, Richard Merritt, Mrs. Jack Dinsmore, Mrs. Marie Gullette, Mrs. Clarence Walker, Mrs. Nittie Weber, Mrs. L. Koubek, Mrs. L. Merritt, Mrs. John Murray, John W. Murray, Martha Wishard, Miss Mildred Bech, Etta Mae Hail, Mildred Keller, Marcella Poore, Alva Kelly, Mrs. J. J. Bailey, and Mr. J. J. Bailey. R' l The Library Certainly the A. H. S. library is one thing to which Anderson students can point with pride. For the past several years it has been inadequate for the number of students who must depend on its resources. Last summer, however, it was enlarged and greatly improved. The former study hall 104 was taken in, this doubled the size of the library. The seating capacity now is one hundred and the average daily attendance is well over five hundred. From this number one can readily see the necessity for a well-equipped library. During the past school year approximately fifteen hundred books have been purchased, making the total number of books more than five thousand. These books are of all types including modern novels, non-fiction, and reference books. New shelves have been constructed and a newspaper rack has been installed. It is hoped that the library will continue to be enlarged at the same rate next year. Miss Griffin, the librarian, stated that "National Geographic" magazines are being bound as far back as 1925, and "Header's Digest" to 1932. Many other magazines will be bound in the future. The most used part of the library is the reserve section. It contains a supply of reference books for American Problems, Civics, Salesmanship, English, History, Geography, and Safety that we may be proud of. Indeed it is a big job to be a librarian, for students are constantly seeking information about all types of subjects. Miss Griffin is aided by assistant librarians. Twenty-five of these girls work in the morning, during periods and after school. These girls charge books, carry permits, and take care of the reserve books. To Miss Griffin, her assistants, and the library, the students say, "More power!" The Cooking Rooms One of the greatest improvements to be made in Anderson High School this year was the creation of a new and very modern cooking room. Just to gaze at the room, with its many bright and cheerful colors, would inspire any girl to take up cooking. The room is divided into seven units and each unit is equipped to accommodate four girls. The equipment includes a table and 'four chairs. cabinet, sink, stove, step-on can and canister set. In each cabinet is china, cooking utensils, and silver- ware for four. To add more to the color scheme and to make the kitchen sparkle with loveliness, potted plants and two sets of Lu-ray china, in pastel shades, have been added. The cabinets are of Swedish maple, and their tops are covered with inlaid Yinoleum in delph blue, while the floors are covered with the same type linoleum, only in warm brown and Chinese red. The 'tables and chairs are of Cuban oak, which gives true kitchen harmony. A master Frigidaire adds to the very efficient planning of common sense con- veniences. The stoves being used are all gas burning except one, which is electric. To be able to have the proper ratio of light, venetian blinds have been installed, and to keep with the color harmony they are creme with yellow tape. With storage cabinets in the pantry, for spoons and all sorts of working equip- ment, and a place for everything and everything in its place, the result makes a beautiful kitchen. Presiding over this beautiful modern kitchen is Miss Anderson, who is as efficient as her kitchen is complete. F E 1 7 113 Parking Lot Each year Anderson High School has increased in numberg and with this increase, a larger percentage of boys and girls ride their bicycles to school. Imr- merly, these bicycles were parked around the music annex and the teachers' parking lot. This situation not only detracted from the outward appearance of the school, but it also caused a great deal of confusion, which might have proved hazardous. The students now have a lot of their own in which to park their "bikes." lt Qs located on Thirteenth street directly across from the teachers' parking lot. The racks for this lot were built last summer' at a cost of approximately two hundred and fifty dollars. The lot, which is usually pretty well filled in nice weather, will accommodate about five hundred bicycles. The lot is covered with a high grade of gravel and sand. Posts have been erected at the entrances to keep out automobiles. Students -of both Junior and Senior High Schools make use of this needed improvement. Boys.-and ginls-that a-Hive early have beenfirged toffpark their bikes in the far corner of the lot to eliminate congestion. All students have been asked to see that their bikes are locked so the school will not have the respon- sibility of theft. ' The students of Anderson High School deserve much credit in making this new parking lot a tremendous success. Because of their splendid co-operation, this bicycle lot was running in smooth order within a week after it was put in use. If eo-operation such as this continues, Anderson will possess one of the out- standing schools of the state. Remedial English Preliminary Visual Fitness Test Elaine Glazer and Miss Thurston The instrument illustrated above is being used in a preliminary test for deter- mining the pupil's adequate litness for reading. lts use has been limited thus far, for the testing of pupils who are enrolled in the Laboratory English Classes. t When it is determined that a deficiency existsg a letter is sent immediately to the parents of the pupil explaining what has been found. The parents are urged to take the pupil whose vision is found to be deiicient, to a competent physlcian for iurther advice and treatment. Those whose visual tests have been below normal and who have received competent treatment by their physicians, have definitely shown marked improve- ment in their abilities for reading. Test standards used in this procedure were devised by Dr. NVilliam S. Gray. an authority on reading at the University of Chicago, and Dr. Emmett A. Betts of Penn State College, State College, Pennsylvania. The use of this instrument for such tests was pioneered by Dr. Betts. This telebinocular was presented to the Senior High School by the Class of 1939. Vocational Agriculture "It happens just once in a lifetime"-and to the Anderson Aggies the following statement is proof of that ,.,.- Wk- iQp,w3:,,.. c' Q- ,, "AJiKyj . .1 . f 'A K' ' ' " f K rv' tstl . -W , ' f yy, sage quotation, for on May 25, 1939, "Hoard's Dairymanj' Q a farm publication at Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, an- t"-'4 ijvv nounced that the Anderson 'Aggies had won the National Y xi f Championship in Dairy Cow Judging in competition with Eb 934 other vocational agriculture departments and a total Ar of 43,812 different individuals in the United States. Paul 6' wif I 'ft Leckron was fourth high judge in the U. S. and received LW? a check for 31500, Lawrence Pugsley was twelfth high and received 81.00, and Donald Hooper received honorable mention. For this achievement the department received a beautiful bronze plaque. On June 13 the 'Anderson 4-H Corn Judging team won the state championship at Purdue in competition with 65 other teams. The team was made up of Richard Rector, who ranked third high in state, Donald Hiday, sixth, Tom McCarty, eleventh, and Joe Jones, alternate, thirteenth place among 260 contestants. The County Champion Dairy Judging team, made up of VVilson Bronnenberg, George Pugsley, and Williain VVest, alternate, placed fifth in competition with 70 teams at Purdue. On July 13 the Aggies entered two teams at Covington, Indiana, for the State Guernsey Judging title and the following Anderson team won the state cham- pionship: William West, Richard Rector, and Joe Jones, and received a Guernsey silver cream pitcher as a trophy. The Anderson 4-H team made up of George Pugsley, Jr., Wilson Bronnenberg, and Lawrence Pugsley placed second, only 6 points behind in competition with 49 teams. Richard Rector won a first place medal in H. S. Class in the Purdue Egg show, while Joe Jones won first place and medal in 4-H class. During the summer numerous projects were prepared for exhibition at the Madison County 4-H Fair with the following results: Robert Eubank won first with Poland China barrow, and was declared champion over all breeds and received the Hughes- Curry trophy, Robert Jones had best fitted Poland China barrow, Robert Lowe and Gerald Fowler received first and third respectively on Hampshire gilts, George Metzger won first with Poland China gilt, Earl Powless won first place with pen of White Plymouth Rocks, Walter Mauck, Jr., won second in county with Hereford steer and third in state, also won champion showmanship award in cattle, Kenneth Vermillion won second in county with Guernsey helfer and fifth in state, Joe Jones won second in county with Poland China litter and also champion shovvmanship award in swine, Joe Jones also won first in county with milking Shorthorn helfer, third in state, and also a gold medal winner on weight gain, Max Eggman won first in county 4-H with shelled sample of seed corn. Anderson won the county livest-ock judging championship, also the district, and placed ninth at State Fair. Wilson Bronnenberg was high point judge and received the county tr-ophy Cawarded annually by the Eastern Indiana Livestock Breeders' Associationl. Other team members were William West, Richard Rector, and Lawrence Pugsley. Walter Mauck, Jr., and Lawrence Pugsley competed in the district corn husking contest with Mauck winning and later placing thirteenth in state. The apple and vegetable judging team, made up of Elbert Frazee, Richard Rector, Harlan Legg, Donald Hooper, and Robert Lowe, placed sixth in state with Rector winning silver medal for second high p-oint honors in vegetable judging. The state Champion Crops team, made up of Rector, Hiday, McCarty, and J. .lones, competed in National Vegetable judging contest at Chicago in December, and also attended the International Livestock show. The Aggies also attended the Swine Field Day at Purdue and chartered special bus for tour of Indianapolis stock yards, Kingan's Packing Co., and State Farm Bureau plant. The Aggies lost only one basketball game th.s season, and for the fifth consecutive year have won the County Championship in Dairy and Crops judging, in addition to these activities, Donald Hooper and Joe Jones have bought farms and are operating them. ,IQ ,i q T 2--wwf 'fi gli.-Q95 Jeff S' E1 a ' fffv-wvbfw iss: A ek ruff-4, 1 , Hag-rf, 1 .. L, A 4 xy ,wiki W augaggf, Vi Mfi?--41 Um, . 5 'TN f,L,L5i3: Ti. !x!'3fJ 'Ui V155 f' -iff ?fL?N::v'?'fQ igrli' Til PQ? 'L ' f ' I Y f Q 19 :4sJ'i'Qr'1f '77 MZ A1' Wu A 'G--5l.1- I f W by na 5" nx- 1 X Q z . 3 , . v :gf 'im f N .a if U 'Wg fa.. ,rg :'I51E'5VTf 2 3175 X 1 .fn 5.wi,L,T?:.?1?'i-41 fum. Qs, - '. Q Hhw zz 2',ffU:flfi1 i5iQZEgfffU fr'-A Q ,im 'K Q, ' Q Q . , ,'-1' P .. .. 4: 1 -S!!! ' sm .f-- t ' - - P -P-rjf:w!f,!r. V, -Q . n- . . A H i :L H A Ha - , b Liam.. ,, ....a..., 'K -K 355. -Y . : I :EIR j' ,, ' , L. y My wmqvmwkqisi 4- . . -: ,,,. : ,.,, ..X-, ' ,Q -X, .. f, ,Ll-. ,. V.. V 1 ..-4 . ,, . X 1-,W MW, V . f ,f 1- fmry:'+f' Q Chevrolet Chassis The Dt't,2li'i1llt'lli cf Trades and lndustry is very fortunate in having presented to it this year a Chevrolet chassis by the Delco-Remy and Chevrolet motor sions of General Motors. This chassis is for exclusive use as an instructional device in the department. This chassis was on display throughout the duration of the New York Worldts Fair in the General Motors Building. It is made of cast iron and steel, attractively painted bronze, with cut-away sections chromium plated. All parts of the chassis have been cut away to expose sections hy means of which the details of the m-odern automobile 1nay be studied. The generator is rewound for an electric motor. When electric current is applied, the generator runs the automobile and the moving parts are plainly visible through the cut-away sections. The use of the chassis in the shops is in keeping with modern industrial educa- tion. The modern trend emphasizes demonstrations and manipulations with related instruction on the job. The car is operated by a powerful motor in the starting unit, and the cylinder walls are cut away to give a picture of the pistons at work. A red light stimulates the spark which explodes the gasoline. Gear housings are cut away to expose action of the gears, and the differential is open to show its operation. Anderson High School may well be proud of this addition to its illustrative class material. R Nickelodeon One of the greatest sources cf enjoyment to the pupils of Anderson High School has been he nickelodeon, which was so generously donated to the high school by Mr. Frederick Johnstone. The management and running of it is the responsibilliy of the Student Council. Around the nickel-odecn have been arranged many informal a ter-school dances, not forgetting several private ones. Some of the clubs sponsoring dances have been Hi-Y, Senate, Girls, Athletic Association, French Club, the Band. and several of the Girl Reserves Clubs. Some of the records used in the nickelodeon during the various dances of the past school year include Hot Pretzelsg Oh, By Jingog Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, 0h,' She Had to Go and Lose It at the Astorg Mag Shoot the Sherbert to Me, Herbertg In ithe Moody It's a Blue Worldg All the Things You Areg Rollin' Stoneg Faithful For- ever: Running through My Mindy You'r'e the Moment in My Lifeg Thais Right Youlre Wrongg Roller Skating on a Rainbow: Yodelin, Jiveg Ciribiribing For Tonightg What's N6l,U'?,' Carelessg Indian,' Heaven Can Waitg The Masquer- adfe Is Overg All I Remember Is Youg Concert in the Par1f,' You Are My Dreamg Don't Look Nowg' Show Your Linen-Miss Ri'cha'rdson,' Guess I'll Go Back Homeg For Tonightg Put That Doum in Writingg Start the Day Righty Soutfh American Wayg I Cried for Y011,' Gardeniasg Grand Terrace Shujfleg Ridin' and Jivin',' You and Your Loveg Moonlight Serenudeg And the Angels Sing, and Sposini So again thanks are due to Mr. Johnstone, for making so many grand times possible. Printers lf you ever passed Room 9 on Thursday, you no doubt wondered what all those queer loud noises were. Someone has said that they were the flat-bed press groan- ing at the jokes in Frildayis edition of the X-Ray. Maybe the sounds were rather an- noying at times, but there would have been even a louder noise had there been no X-Ray for A. H. S. students on Friday morning. lf it weren't for the work and effort of these boys itn the print shop you-would not be reading these words now. As soon as the last edition of the X-Ray is off the press they start printing the annual. This year they also priinted our new magazine -The Little Chief. The white and yellow slips with whilch we are admitted to class fol-lowing an absence, itntra-mural permits, library permits, posters, and many many other things too numerous to mention are made here. Too much praise cannot be given to these boys and their very capable ilnstructor, Mr. Claude P. Barner. Everyone is aware of the feats and triumphs of our athletic heroes, but who of us appreciates our prilnters? They are the unheralded heroes of the school. Few students realize the mechanical skill necessary to run a printing press. We are obli'vious of the many difficulties that are encountered. The high school print shop strives to teach the boys the basic ideas of printing and to provi-de them with technical information and sufficient skill to prepare them for jobs after they leave school. Toward this end, Mr. Barner works continu- ally. As an indication of his success everyone of the boys who was recommended by him to fill a job is doing it well-. Boys who should receive special recognitilon for their aid in carrying the burden of the schools printing this year are: Robert Jackson, Frank Robeton, John Wall- ace, Ralph Werking, and William Miller. L21 if 6 x, X 2 Drum Majorettes , NVhen the drum majoreltes gave their first perforinanee with the band, it came as a surprise to most students, but these girls had been practifsing for a long time before this. Two years ago Iitna Mae McClure, then a freshman, asked Mr. lieneenberger if he could use a drum majorette with the band. Mr. Rencenberger told Etna Mae lo practise and maybe there would be an opening later. At that time she was the only girl interested in trying out for the posittion. This year in response to a call, ten giirls tried out. From this group five girls were chosen. These girls were Etna Mae McClure, Betty Tice, Shirley Loughridge, Dorothy Guston, and Marjorife Hesler. Dorothy Guston is in Junior High School. These five girls immediately began to practise under the direetiaon of their leader, Iitna Mae. Mr. Reneenberger, the drum major, Eugene Roseberry and hils assistant, Verne Decker, also taught the girls many twirls. At first they were ragged and often were ready to give up. Finally, after three months of hard praetilse they were ready to give their first performance. ,,,'i'i " U ? 45 SUCH sae HTS AS THESE IH AND ourourz SCHOOL 'Qs Q 5 WIQLL Loox Anoumo mv ANovowN AND SEE SOMEONEAFOO1. H I G 500 f A WHEQES 1 I Ea wcsu if Q gf3W,BB.Hj y Nf! ' xg IW 9 THOSE DARLING qif X 'uf 'ff socKS ANDSWEAQEI 'Sd' ,Haig Sw 1 mm X G. ,GW , .. H ,- 1 Q f Qs :fm ff H Qi ff '.-Lf!"hI1" X "X Q Q I 9 'V-' l.- X: Q ' ww L og - SSX! 0 ' ' L fik 'U I ' C v xuovsl , 'YH-I n N ff 1 .N TH S H . Wflllflfmmfullly H4 llll X Q H Aslan LOOK 'N' 'UFARMER W :a:siEEEE1 f HL 1 ll 2522262 U A ms-Hoff S ' lssggggeasst f WQASWQ3 Kgsxfw J , 7 H N U- z I -- -.- - 1, 1 .I .- 1 -X QWSQWAD sae! as Ji' 'ff H I fyfm - -vu mn , YW I gg " 'I' 'S K ,Q 1 ,S -, F: if 51 : f, M -L xg I - 2 f+BLCQ'H?- .1I:,,. Book WMM. QQ '1 I - INQSQSE ' 'WE lui 'iw H 055 'Q - . - 5 A ' HUMA 1, QW WSKS! H :fx ,V X - 'Mmm 5? W 4 SMCXQV C' Y M? :H gf ff '1 y . Q H, F Q F Ig 1 ff,,jjfI 9 ,- f N j f. -,L ki Q X is ff? if 'MDV 173i QT? VV nu ' If , eff 'nnssvsi O 'mf I I QM - ,xx . , H ' L I H N I . m f f 'N H H I. I ,512-gf KEN I-X mn. wGfl..L.l-il 5 I E "' I XA 1 T 5 'af :Q - ,, 6 1 Q mf if 2 my . , --Al H1 A A N , 7 tae. ,fa E If ," ' . 11-' rw: ff 'aww . X M L.. H- Z ,H Q jaw 2 5 ? f - i v' Nl 6 ' f 2 'Z ' -rv QM 1 . 1: :H H ' l- f 0, ' H RSOIIE E Rooflw BLOOEyf 1 MASS Pl-Esylb ef K O6 HQOXSVXPQX T sm! 0 4 - J 97 C W m Jw: 0171 lbxi- . I ! HW' .0 Q ,I mmmxr . XX G a o lo S '55 K fkmf W Q 'K C4455 W1 I awx ggggh AHWIIIIHIHIII f 4 QB' ,.-N , - rw 1-lg, r H081 w Lf-rl-Ll' - 'DNV' 4 V Q , , JH E H H 4 X , 'W O I ' Z X ,' - "C6D:D1ll Cesar-zo -off H ",,, 1:46 0 3 ag - sr ljqnl 5 ELL. el XA 000 ' a,ELne1p6 f 'lt 4 1- I .Q ORS o 10055 ' f A GUYS N.. - 'I fl Q li' . . I SENTE NC E. YOU Q ,A N 15 Q c 9.4! Eww HmfEu- WW ww WMMEQQ , ,iilivxly a X V4 stef W?g:fmnn!!'1.f 1 U I X Ol, gx H ,...f fm U Cf K , , Q- 17 f, I . 7 lm 4 ' k - ,Lf ' ,XX5 K Q ..f.. X J X HR 1' Nix X619 GER D Y mmgzn? X Qmppflf ,- CI? w f,NuA I-sh FQV X ' s 9 eu 1 ' 1 6 ' 1-7 , U , f w is A! Q P E miigliii 'I U 4 t QQ of ,, A Q ' Q Fwgwl F 'gmagg 1 2 Q limi GSA LSOLITGR Y ' nf G one amz- -Q . - ,Q p , N 41 12311 9 T oPI'E4f f 6 ,Q of 5 M CL J: HGH! 66191 ' Ari ,J 6 - x H ' spa MP0 1 I N r ' 'Xl fn 5 'Wm v if I - 45' ' , W' -I-ISI? IA f 1 fb -,A ' , - 4 H V ' ?y060 j x QCHQDD L fc HEFT 4 1' i. fi 'L i D' V Al I ' I " Z X! ' J fb J 6 'Tn' ..- , ' 1 W Q f X 4 W I ff I L' 1 Q W, -'Z ' Q0 ' f 3 W 5' 5 L 0? S f, , , i Q , -5 1 1 Xxi-3 0 TF' , 2 ,er 9' eppu' 'OR WE WHQDEN GW+fP5"E"'PP"'ifJ MWKING LITTLE ou S UT organs ONEQ 6 Q ' ' I i43R'flELL O AH-Hfif fzsx ' IBN HERE ' ,, -,, , - PE, :.-X ,avw - f 6 ffl.: IGCWEX Ezgvaflw J L zglgvyiffq im f ' kk Aggie? rg "eng ff?" ' yu wr Qi!5.u.n:F?osfl JUNE! . f if 'L 0 3 ...j:x"-- N do uf 4, Q 5 , ' Kkxjl. Wi Y A fiwkmmifeg ,'05i?HWX '144 1' Alrfn-Eine" 4'-'fl ' v W '11 I ' 3- 6 1 , r I-2.2 I R ,Q - A 0 I ,I I .'.-, 1155559 if s 0 1lWm , 1, 4 , " n 1,5 Nx. V J Hun t f ' W! V' -F 0 nam-1139 K I6 ' f M I i 12 Q5 " e 9" LD L 'NH 0 Moo! fa! ' X f -HIL Q sf' DkS'.f,E'f?J'.,'5? 'iff 4 ' W, 'few 11 -fIu5l5 flew fiezffzffym 9 rw .- . - 1 '1 'i?l'5:e"51fL 5-Q Ngifif ..-,.. N n H I, . ,,, :gq.2f , Nm , " -" - My : "f.,:+vf,,.fQ - . , ,'.-,Awvy-,ff ,. -1.--.N ' ' ' 1 V f f-Qf 'l1"f1"'awz M N . A , V- ' 1 ' N " 1 " M ' ' - -m:X,,v4ft.,r, 4. 771 11- - H?-f,y+:f M..-.-.W v ,-,-W' yn A- . f-swf- ., v4-N'-113.-,.-.. ,LM .w,,,.-Nz - , A , 'f'f1'-:il-QQQQQAQ M ., ' ''-f-f--if+:fffiff:f1'nf 'Lf fffw-,awk - - f ",1Lf,-::.:g 4 fi7"-iiiEQElll5-f'1W"':ff'3Z4i1i'f1'if92ff9' f ' 43' " f A ' A' m- ,. ' 'iv if :,,.zg,w3g,7jf,i,'w-53-5 K 3,5 iff -I ': ,par j 11 ' , - - K, -- V41 V-w,VLf,..L iffgl-'T ' ' K L. - . ,las-"M ' - x L ' m 531,11 M' ' , up - f , , . f- f vywfgf, , ,, "'f"7'4!'f55-T , . ,Nut .,. .-,, .-W xl.. f ,gtrliwgf-Wg Y -fm-5?tf.:LjR QZ1"'f,,w54,.x :fr bv, -,-, fA.,,pfw: 1 J 'lie-yew glgxwrg , x,ff JG5V- ' wi, , ,M U ,Ji 4 ii- If, f - A- 1 ww-'lf' Q r, -fv-1 fm ' Ln, -1, ,K 1 "fw,.-T13 JQ5595g5ggiJpig1QQLX:'vN2 Q + . .- - . . Q.,.,fM..,.,,y1 ': W t , , Y W , fam Ah, ' -1 H . ff' , ,,,,..,- Nm' 'k""vC'NN'-H"f'A"'m ., anew". fxx2f,H21f4 e,w ' - - my I ' A ,141 ,,. .1 - . ,.:-,- - X ,, -M:Qx..L MW W- W QQ5' f 1 f-- -'f- 'u,,e"'Fg,,4 :es . -'- , 17-9f,fLgg,,Nf,Mg31c2,Yg:v,v.- f 1'-.. v . .- - W 11- .. , JV,-gmt., r,- -' ' ' Jitfaietclcd: , ' afppfg, the ZeM,o-rw of good 4,fJoJu'A,- ma ' in mg, de ' with 0.52 wcmkelw. 1 1 W w 124 '1 l 1 1 1 , 1 1 , 4 5. f i Y , y 3 . 1 I . 5 is 5 5 4 if 1 21 f .. f 1 1 Mr. Chadd As Director of Athlelics, Mr. Chadd has estab- lished a record of producing winniing teams which has made him known throughout the state. Since he has taken the eoaehilng position here in Anderson he has brought two Indiana State Basketball- Championships to "Tepee Town." In addition to the winning basketball teams he has turned out, he has performed the seemingly impossible in reviving football interest in A. H. S. Mr. Chadd, Anderson has all the confidence in the world in our teams as long' as you are holding the reins. May Lady Luck continue to direct that winning smile at you. Assistants To Mr. Chadd q Mr Shinn M1 Fleenol Mr Dischinger, Mr. Barrow, Mr. Bonge. Yell Leaders Warren Stultz-Warren's abililty to cheer the fans up will be greatly missed next year as he is the graduating senior yell leader. Burton Carady-Burt has proven himself an able leader and he will take over the mailn duties next year. George Griffith-This George's first year as a yell leader, but he has shown that his abililty is not to be underestimated. Bob Phillips-Although Bob was another greeuhorn this year, he showed up exceptionally good iin the matter of yell leading. Student Managers Sid Alberts-Sid has been a mana- ger ever sinee his Junior High days, and he has just completed four years of help to A. H. S. teams this year. His place will be hard to filly. Dan Brinduse-This was Dan's first year as a student manager, and he performed his duties as assistant to Sid very Well. He will undoubtedly be back next year. Ralph Rotruek-Ralph is the Jun- ior student manag'er and is expected to carry a lot of the load next year. This was Ralph's first year. Bob Gritter-Bob graduated from Freshmen manager to varsity manager and was able to earn his letter this year. He should become a fullfledged manager before he graduates. l 57 , W 4 Football Summary This year the football team made the second-journey to camp Pet-o4se' ga on Pick- eral Lake near Petosky, Michigan. The boys got into good shape and settled down to some earnest football practise after the first days soreness wore off. The team played its first game at New Castle, and although they put up a good battle, they were beaten. This started the hard luck string' of defeats. The Indians ended the season with but three wiins. The boys that made up this team should be remembered for their hard work, their fight, and their determitnation. The season was a success in the fact that it developed in each boy the ability to take itt on the chin and still work that much harder the next time. The Indans always play the best teams in the state and therefore we are not ashamed of any of the defeats that were suffered this year. They played such pow- erful teams as Muncile, Richmond, Central of Fort Wayne, Tech of Indianapolis, and New Castle. Gene Yates, Dean Hoppe 4, Don Sheets, Bill Davis, Jack Cade, Wayne Thornburg, and Joe Earheart are the eight seniors that are graduating this year. Their posi- tifons are going to be hard to fill and the team next year will have to work hard to make up for these seniors that are graduating. If? H . DEA? HOPPES I"Hoppie"J-quartcrbackf WILLIAM DAVIS C"BiII,'J-tz1ckIevSenior. JOE EZIEQEAPT S H DON SHEETS c'fsheetim-Qmpscnior. A ' -CCHMA amor' BOB HOLLENBERGER q"I-1011y,'J-fu11back- WAYNE THORNBUR-G f"LittIe Caesarvj- Senior. guard-Senior. JACK CADE C"Pretty Boy',J--guard-Senior. EUGENE YATES f"Jeep,'J-righthulf iCapt.J -Senior. 1 i 1 HAROLD SNOW 6"VVhitey"J-end-Sopho- JACK BROWN C"Brownie"DAlefthalf-Junior. more. . CHESTER SCZESNY C"Bil1"J-righthalf- Sophomore. HAROLD SHAW C"Duke"D-tackle-Sopho- more. ROY WITRY-guard-Sophomore. WILLIAM KEEP C"Bill"J-center-Sopho- MORRIS TUNGET-fullback-Junior. l'1'1OI'6. 77 7 777777 7 MW' fl, 7- W- -- f --f il JOHN CHANEY-tackle, center-A.Iu11ior. PAUL MEAGHER-fullback-Junior JUNIOR MAUCK--end-Junior. BOB REDDIN-tackle-Junior. EUGENE FITZPATRICK f"Fitz"j -guard- Junior. ,, ,. Y, fa -1 Q5 131 Basketball Summary Another tribe of Chadd-coached Indians have departed for the Happy Hunting Grounds-may theiir souls rest in peace. The Indians started the season at a speed which was somewhat faster than a complete standstill, but as the weeks passed by, the Indians slowly devel-oped into a perfectly balanced team. It was in the latter part of December that the VVarriors began standing the oppositilon on their ear. By February two of the leading sports writers in tl1e state named Anderson for the State Basketball Championship Title. Our fighting Braves entered the Sectional with confidence which had been justly earned. The tribe met and defeated the Frankton team by a score of 13 to 4. Their next opponent was Lapel's "Bulldogst'. As the smoke cleared away and we began to count scalps-alas, we found that the Indian was truly the "Vanquished Ameri- can." The score: Lapel 24, Anderson 23. Although the team did not win the State Championship, we can credit the Ath- letic Department with another victoryg ilt is their duty to develop men-not State Champions-and the 39-40 edition put out by Chadd and his assilstants wins our vote as the finest group of athletes ever to leave the halls of Anderson High School. EUGENE YATES C"Jeep"J-guard-- GENE MOORE f"Gene,'D-guard Senior. Senior. FRED RICHAHDSON4f0rWard4Sen- JACK CADE f"Pretty boy Cade"J- ior. guard-Senior. DON MIYNSON-centergScnior. FRANCIS LAVVSONigu'urdfS0pho- EARL GIBBENS f"Gibby"J--gu211'd- Senior. TOM TAYLOR C"Tommy"Jfforward -Junior. ITIOTB. 1355 lgrtl 'Win I' ROY WITRY C"Wit"D4guard-Sopho- HAROLD SNOW C"Whitey"J--guard more. HSophom0re. GEO'R?E TURNER f"Petc,'J-forward TOM ECOFF-center-Junior. - un1or. M V, .fax 136 V as Track Coach Bonge's track squad had one of the most successful seasons of all times. Although they were somewhat weak in the fileld events, they made up for it in the running events. In the Sectional meet, eight Indian trackmen qualified for the State meet. The men who qualilfied were: Yates and Stroup in the 100 yd. dash, Richardson and Stroup in the 2205 Richardson in the 440g and Yates and Boyd in the 880. Andcrson's Gibbons and Munson also qualifiied for the high hurdles. At the State meet held at the Tech of Indianapolis track the local- squad made a good showing against the other teams of the state. Gene Yates maintaiined his half mile championship by turning the 880 in the good time of two minutes flat. Melvin Boyd the other 880 flyer captured second place in the other heat of the event. I Arthur Richardson brought in some more Anderson poilnts by taking the 440 yd. dash. Charles Stroup, the freshman sensation, pulled in fifth in the 220 yd. dash. The Anderson milefrelay team, composed of Hilchardson, Bunyan, Boyd, and Yates also got a first place with a 3:31 performance. V ' The Anderson squad finished in fourth place with 25 poilnts which was only one point behind the third spot. . F... v' r .af 1. -f i cf, a hw we 245 2' f yu at - 5 r r r li i M 5 L i the .al XYil11a1u Davis f"llill,'j-Shot put--I3:'ni0t'. Ch:u'lz's Stroup f"Sir0upy"Jfdzlshese-lfreslr mln, Melvin Boyd C"Curly,'J-S80 yd. run, mile- rv- layiSenior. Lawrence Pugsley f"Pug"J-uiile run-Senior Arthur Richardson f'ilius"j-daslxczs, -H0 yd. liurl Gihhens i"Gibby"J-High and Low hur run, mile relay-Junior. dlvs, high jump-Senior, Eugene Yates C".levp"J-880 yd. run, milo ro- Don Munson i"Doc"J-High hurdles, high lay-Senior. jump, 1-2 mile relaye-Senior. i x Paul M1-zlgllcr f"M0ag,'J-440 yd. run. i-2 mile Kenllvth McAic9 USKCIIIIYUJ--lili1i'?.ILHli0l'. rr-lay-.lunio1'. A , Xxvlllliilll Fisher 1"Bil1,'J-bmud jump, dashes, Sum Norris-pole vault-Junior. 1-2 mile relay-J1111i0r. Xvilliillll Keep C"Bil1y"J4Shot put-Sopho- XVilliu:u Van Dyke i"Vzu1"J4po1u vault-Jun lll11l'0. ior. Robert Rvddiu 1"Bob"J-Shot putfJunior. Jalnes Maxwell fi'1I2lChf-b1'02ld jlIl1lDfJll1li0I' H , f H I, i ' i Jack Middleton-mile run-Sophomore. Harold Snow 1"XVhitey',J-hurdles, high jumpiSophomore. Vern Decker f"Dec"JvS80 yd, run-Snpho- Harold Bunyan Q"Red"J-440 yd, run, mile more. relay-Sophoinore. Kenneth Mauck f"Kcn11y"Jf880 yd. run-July Hoy Xvitry Cf.XVhit,,JaSh0t put-Sophomore. ior. Dale Kimball-C"Kim"J-440 yd. run-S0ph- Lester Shipley f"Les"J-mile run-Sophomore. 01110119- I - 'fl John Brissenden i"J0hnny"J-pole vault- Sophomore. Urban Simonton f"Simie"j-broad jump, low hurdleswJunior, F ' ' Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Track, 1940 April 4, Notre Dame Field House, South Bend 5th, with 26 points ......................................., Hammond lst, with 53 11-14 points April 9, here 96 ..........................................................................,..,.............................. April 15, Muncie Anderson 56 1f2-Muncie 56HRic'hmond 22 1-2 April 16, here 91 ........................................................................................................ April 20, Muncie Relays Hammond 52 1-2-Muncie 24 1-2--Anderson 21 1-2 April 23, Marion 75 ................................................................................................... April' 27, Kokomo Relays Anderson 5th, with 23 3-5 points April 30, here Greenfield 26 Anderson 88 ......................................................................................,..................... Richmond May 3, North Central Conference, Marion Anderson 62 1-2-Tech 54 1--2-Kokomo 29 1-2-Muncie 29 1-2 May 11, here New Castle 40 .................Marion 40 27 42 Anderson 63 .........................,.......................................,.............................................. Kokomo May 14, Rose Relays Anderson 62-New Castle 33-Marion 29-Richmond May 18, State meet Anderson 4th 23 Golf There are five members to the golf teamg Gene Hardwick was not present at the time the picture was taken. The other members ot' the team are: Bud Anderson, Bob Cochran, Eugene Fitzpatrick, Oscar Melson. Coach Dave Barrow picked his team after only one week of practice. The lnd- ians suffcred their inital defeat at the hands of the Lapel "Bulldogs.,' The score: 6 1-2 to 4 1-2. The next game on the Indian calendar was with Shortridge, but the game was called off due to a six ilnch blanket of snow. The following week a return match with Lapel was cancelled. The Anderson team pl-aced fifth in the Big Ten Tourney. The next match on the schedule was the one with Shortrildge which had previously been cancelled. The results of that match was not particlarly interesting to the Indian Camp as the score was 12 1-2 to 2 1-2. The final match of the season went to Tech of Indianapolis 11-1. In the state tourney the Indian squad wilth zz team score of 357, placed twentieth in a field of fifty-two teams. The prospects for one of the outstanditng golf teams in the state is very rosy for Anderson, as we only lose one of our five-man team by graduation. We wish you and your team, Mr. Barrow, all the good luck that you need to bring zu State Golf Championship to A. H. S. fda: .Q maze bay, ta MIK mg,4,eZ6f 60 flnduewzy, L65 Sl eocfaecb it 60. Kind fwom Kale, me. -W AV., 2 ,,Z, V HPBIG MAN 0N CADIPUS ' Sf" L'l" "IF I YWERESE :an editor I'd make sure of two thin -is-first ff , Q, 3 ,V ,M--'L that my editorial! experience would not lnake une lead a dog's life, and second, Fd not be consistently in the dog house with every one including my instructors because of my yearbook activity. lily way would be to choose an outfit that does more than put their feet on my desk and pat me on the back. Pd call for Indeco service because it is complete and the best help an editor can get in producing an unusual annual within his budget. Ask the staff on this book if Pm not right." 9 .,.. ..., I I I I THE HEPCATS PARADISE l The WIN Teacher: VVillie, what is your great- est ambition? Willie: To wash mother's ears. Grandma Cat bed-timejz How nicely you say your prayers, dear. Cora Ann: Oh, thatts nothing. .lust wait til-I you hear me gargle! First Burglar: Come on, Jake, letts figure up what We made on the last haul." Second Burglar: "Fm too tired. Let's wait and look in the morning papers? ::.-::::: :::,,:::,, -,,:,:::4 Husband: "What are these blank pag- es in your cook book?" Young witfe: "For thc delicatessen phone numbersf' Newspaper Photographer: "I've got a snapshot of the fleeing gamblerli' Reporter: "Good! Now take a time exposure of the police in pursuit." Girl Tennis star: Oh, don't, don't! You'll drive me out of my mind." Male Golf star: That isn't a drive- that's Il putt? v:::::-::::::::::::::::::::f rfxfxx:H:::H:f::f::::::4 I, 'I 'I SMITH FLORAL CO. THE GUARANTEE SHOP lg ll A Phone 'I The latest styles III ,, , 'I II 050 'I 'I corsages :E for g,.adUati,,n GARMENT CLEANERS 1 EE 700 High St, 8 West 11th Sf, Downtown office Plant office :E .N . , ' ' I fl Phvfie 126 Phom IM" 12 E. 10th si. opp. Remy Plant 4 jf r::::: :::: :::: :::::::: -::::: -e:--ee: :::1 4, 'I 1' 11 I: , . 'I 'I ' OF HSI' S U. IO lr I A ft I 1: WELCOIVIES THE 1941 SENIORS ll . 4 I1 FOR THEIR ANNUAL PORTRAITS I I 'I If WEST sion or SQUARE jg 'I Owners Are A. H. S. Alzzmni :E J: u::: -:::::::: ---A- ------ - -A-----A----- 5 146 Q ------- - -,f - - - --'4-:::::::::: COMPLIMERNTS of LOAN ASSOCIATION ' ANDERSON I Tenth A2 Jackson Sts. g J f:::::::::::::::.-::::::::: : ANDERSON l MEMORIAL PARK .S E COMPLIMENTS of 1103 Main St. Ph. 704 Teacher: What is the meaning of the word "matrimony,', Robert? Robert: Father says it isn't a xvordg it's a sentence. Foozle: Terrible links, Caddy, terr- ible- Caddy: Sorry, sir, these ain't the links-you got off them an hour ago. Teacher: "Can you tell me what ll waffle is, Thomas?" Student: "Yes'm. It's a pancake with a non-skid tread." Y S 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I S ' 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 5 S V ,.,.,, 4- .V,., , ,,."',,,,',,',-,',,,,-..-.,s.,-,"',,A'..-.,',.-',A,-.' 147 Absent-minded dentist fextraeting- 5 nail from a tire of his earl I "Quiet now. You worft feel this." "Do you think the candidate pu! enough fire in his speech "Oh, yes. The trouble is that he didn'l put enough of his speech in the fire." A little boy in church, tired of long 5,99 kneelinff' durinff ra 'er, decided he D 21 could stand it no longer. Finally he leap- ed to his feet and shouted, "Last one up's a nigger baby!,' His mother was not the last one up. - -:::: -:::: - A -:::,- - - -::::: :: A 4 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I ..-.,f,A'..-.,.,s,,J H IGHS gs.-- 9 V 'I L t 'Q 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 4 I 9- Profit by coming to SCHUSTER BROS. Hart Shaffner 81 Marx CLOTHES for Men and Boys SCHUSTER BROS., O. P. O. The Store of Greater Values ANDERSON LOUISVILLE, KY. MUNCIE 8th and Main Streets The Quality Corner ::- .?::::::::::::::, :::: :::::::- :::::::::::::::::::::J T. 4 I 'I t 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I Lf .F 'I I 'I 'I : :JAG-,Q-:..-0'::., 'I 'I 'I 9 'I 'I 'I t t 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I tl 'I 'I I I 'I 'I L LADIES APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES The TOWNE SHOPPE Stilwell Hotel Bldg. "Carl," said a restaurant manager to a waiter, "why did that man from table No. 7 leave so suddenly?" "Well, sirj' said the waiter, "after silting down he called for sausages, and I told him we were out of them, but if hc would wait a few minutes I'd get the cook to make some. When I went to the kitchen and called out the order, l ac' eidentally stepped on the dog's tailt, and, of course, it yelped. The man got up ::::-.-:::::::::::::::::::::J :::::-:::::::,.f-.f-0::: right away, sir, and ran outf' ,- j I l V! if I I MFMAHANC LEIB 0' ROYAL STAR OATS AND OTHER FOODS GIVE YOU: Quality ' Quantity Extra Flavor ' Extra Fresh Also Try Barhee Brands lVIelVlahan Sz Leib Co. I Anderson, Ind. 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I :I I 'I Marion, Ind. 'I 'I - ..... .... - ::::::g 148 f-:::- - - -:::::: :::: lfred TuI'ner's Studio DISTINCTIVE PHOTOGRAPHY 11 EAST muh ST. :::::.-::::::::::::.-::'::::::::: -: :::::: :::: As a man entered a picture-gallery, f::::::- --" --:::: ""' ' the attendent tapped hilm on the should- er, and, ointin to a small cur that fol- lowed hilin, said? "Dogs are not admitted here." Of It's not my dog." , "But he followed you? THE CITY So did you," replied the man sharply. The attendent growled and so dild the dog, as he removed it with unnecessary as as violence. - - .... - - ,T 'r 11 ln ll 'I lr lr , 3 49 f-wx 1, E , 1, Y., ,-Q" l ' all :: ff' f. :E The taste? N :E that always charms Q: DRINK , 641625 r lr lr 4, ,,.. - 'I 'r lr lr lr 'r ll lr 1 P 'r 4+ if 149 I I HOYT WRIGHT CO. The Wright Store for Men and Boys ------ -vvvv A---47 'r I Quality First-- then Style--and Low Price DeLAWTER JEWELRY STORE 13 XVest 11th St. Known for Fine Diamonds" :::::::::::::: -:::::::::::.X "Would you mind giving your seat to this lady who is standiing up?" said the conductor , to a sturdy man who was comfortably seated. "Oh, ho, ho!" the man laughed. "Dot is a good joke on you! She is not a lady 4she is my vife! Mistress: "I told you twice, Bridget, to have muffilns for breakfast. Have you no intellect?" Bridget: "No, mum. There's none in the house." "Ah," said the visitor, "this village boasts a choral society, they say." "No," said the native, "we never boast of iIt." Mother :Y Qto daughter washing kitten wlith soap and brushl I don't think the mother eat would like you to wash her body that?-way." Daughter: "Well, I'm not gong to lick it like she does." DECKER'S INC. A U67 Steps off Meridian OIT Hill" SCHOOL SUPPLIES - OFFICE EQUIPMENT ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT - BOOKS, GIFTS, KODAKS FOUNTAIN PENS - '-v- - --vv --------- : ::::::.'::::- :::- v -:::::::J 150' rv - - - ----v-v ::::::::,:,::,::,,,::::::::::::::::: I 7: aubna ,9' HARDWARE---ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES SI-IERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Anderson 7th and Meridian "7 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 9.4: First angel: "How'd you get here?" Second angel: "Flu." "l'm awfully sorry that my engage- ments prevent my attending your chari- ty concert, but I' will- be with you in spirit. My heart is in that kind of work. "G0od!" And where would you like your spirit to sit? No extra charge for reserved seats. "Miss Schroeder is going abroad to finish her musical educatonf' "Where did she get the money?" "I understand the neighbors al-I chip- ped in." Hostess, at a party: "Does your moth- er allow you two pieces of pie at home?" Ralph, hesitatingly: "No, ma'am." Hostess: "Well, do you think she'd like you to have two pieces here?" Pfalph, with confidence: f"Oh she would not care, Pm sure, this isn't her pie." f-A -- "AAA- --""' ' 'AAA-"A WE CAN FIT YOU NVITH MADE-TO- MEASURE CLOTHES Tall or short, stout or thin, it doesn'l matter! n SMART STYLES n CAREFULLY MADE In STURDY FABRICS In ANY MODEL I '1 'I' c ew pw,-11 int,-,-firm 12 East 10th Street H. J. Head "P 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I Indiana Business College SCHOOLS LOCATED AT ANDERSON, KOKOMO, MARION, RICHMOND, MENCIE, LOGANSPORT, INDIANAPOLIS, COLUMBUS, LAFAYETTE, and VINCENNES . For full particulars, write or call Anderson Business College 1233 fvlerirlian Sl. Telephone 78 'I J '7 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I J ,-------- ..... --- ------- ..... ---- ....... A---A--- 151 T sc---HAMBURGERS---sc S Buy 'em byiiihe sack O , I I H111 S Snappy SQFVIGQ 14th and Meridian 20 East'11th YOU'LL LIKE ,EM THE VVAY WE FRY 'EM 5 'I 'I 'I 'I W C 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I if ::4-.,"::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: fx'-f.,.,S,',---:::: ::,,,:: - -----.A.AA------ ---A A 31 FLOXVERS fa.: , 3 1 wb POTTERY You LL SEE , V ,,,,,,,,,,.........v v GIFTS 5? IT FIRST 5' ARAMOUNT at P 5: osy and Gift Mar .L P 'I 1 II Paramount Theatre Bldg. P 'I Phone 5151 'I 9- 5- AAA-- A- - ---- I ' l ' - Practical for Home or 5 5 'I 'I 'I 'I 5 5 5 gy! 7 , 7.. S I Win S U 'I 'I 'I :I 4: We Havc a Complete Line of 'I 'I . . . . 4 12332 ?i'Z'i'3oof' ,fx I, Office Furniture 85 Office Suppllcf, 35342:-f bf ,,f,15" S :I Typewriters :Cash Registers n +I 4, I 'I 1 I, Machine Rentals n Repairs and Supplies 'I MILLER HUGGINS I E Everything for Every Office Ig 1212 Meridian St. Phone 6060 152 A , .-.R hm -, Li -+:g...- - f, 1, Iw i : i25'f'1f', , I., L5 I I my ' 'I tim: Business for Years to Come f .... wwe' ,gesmr I ,,:,. -f.. Q., ,. II. 4: 1 . . ,311 A - 35315 n, - --TTT? shaggy I I ,LI i - - .vv..... :::::::::::::0.-:::::::- -::::::,-::::: YOU SUIT US! We Hope We :v-::::: ..,... :::- :-.Avy 1 I T' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'I 4: 'I 4, , 'I 4, " '+ 1XO1'1 'I 4, 'I 4, 'I Can Always I 4 Eleetrlc Co. H 97 SUIT :g If EVERYTHING YOU! in the ' if Q: ELECTRICAL Clothes That Are Right Prices That Are Righler I "Up-Siai1's" Q 1012 Meridian St. FINE TAILORING 4. ,l Over McCrory's Phone 350 ,,L---::, ---ml ima ,,,,,,,,s- ,H COMMERCIAL SERVICE COMPANY I A Modern Printing Establishment ' Phone 556 Successfully Manned A Complete Service In- LAYOUT, ART, ENGRAVING, TYPO- GRAPHY, OFFSET, and LETTERPRESS PRINTING, and BINDING, ALL WITHIN OUR OWN PLANT. I Not "Cheap" but Economical Fifth and Chestnut Sts., Anderson, Ind. 153 f::: ----- ::::: ---- :: ,,,,,, : -v,,,.,,,,, -vvv v --vv v---vv vvvv' 'W 8 Ml'LK and DAIRY PRODUCTS 1 EAST SIDE JERSEY DAIRY 1 009 Central Ave. Ph. 884 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,L "How old are you, Mary Ann?" "Fm four and my mother says if I lace my shoes up every morning' and put my clothes away, l'll be five my next birthday." "lm not going to school any more." "Why not?" "l can't learn any thing. The teachers keep changing the lessons everyday." "What is the largest wlord in the dies tionary?" "Sn1iles,', because there's a mile bee "Mamma", complained little Clara, "l don't feel very well." "That's too bad, dear. Where do you feel the worst ?" "ln school, mamma." Bill: "Thats a beautiful clock you have in your office, do you have it in- sured?" John: "I don't have to, my secretary watches it all the timell, r::::- :::::::::::::::::::::: ev tween the first and last letter." 1 'l Corsages I' "What special course is your daughter taking in college?" 1, "Cigarette inhalation, cocktail con- 4: strueton, and general cosmetics." -- I, :n Mike Martin: 1-Hey, Gilb, that ladder EI Cut Flowers 1E upside down.-" +I 31 W. 12th Phone 991+ 'Gibbensz "I know it, l put it that way 4: so l'll be nearer the bottom if l fall." LL:::::::::::::::::::::::::::l Y::::::::::::::::::::::-':::: r:::::::::::::::::::::::::::'v 1, :P I, 1: COMPLIMENTS fl WHOLESALE GROCEHS 1 of 11 I1 I ,1 5: Anderson, l'ndiana :E I: , 1: if I1 READ-CANADY CO. 1a Cathedral of Fashions 11 11 4, P :::::::::::::::::::::: - -:: Lf::::::::::::::::::::- - :::::J 154 , 7 4 EE :E 1' it :I . F 4 0 1: 4: O 44 4 3 1: 1: Z -I :4 lTl 4: Z 44 4, 1 4-1 44 4 U4 2: 4: 44 4, 44 1' ll vfwvvwfvmwf' ' ig T 1' 1 4: 'FU 4 EI 3 0 : 4 fx 4, '-l Q 4 4, O Z 1 4' 'U 4 4 'Tj , I: 'U 3, S 4 '-' 4 ll O 3 4 I1 m LQ I 4 O 4 1 as ,721 : 4, 'Tj 4 4, rn 4, 4 4, 4 44 ZNN ,,,,, , "You look awfully tired, young man," said a benevolent looking woman to a young man with books under his arms. "Yes, ma'an1," he replied, "Fm study- ing for a doctor." "It's a shame! Why don't you let the doctor study for himself." Ben Howe: Mr. Pro, how can I keep from topping the ball?" The Pro: "Turn the ball up side The teacher was hearing the history class, and said to Elsie: "Mary followed Edward VI, didn't she?" "Yes, ma'am." "And who followed Mary?" "Her 1-ittle lamb," was Elsie's trirum- phant answer. '4Now, boys," said the teacher, Usup- pose there are five children in a family, flown-" and the mother has only four potatoes to divide among them. She wants to give 4,:::::: ':::::::"'A::::' ::::' each an equal share. What is she to do?" 4: After quite a long silence, one boy 44 4 who raised his hand was told to answer. 4 Il S "Mash the potatoes, sir," was his re- 4 1 . 5: The Home of- p y - 4 1: fffjertified Perfect Dia,,,,,ndSH "Getting a man to kiss you is done by 4: using your come-on-sense." 4, .1 ELC IY 7 BULOVA - C' HUEN , , 4: I X I Neighbor: "Where IS your brother?" 4: Johnny: "He's in the house playing in L,-.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,: ,, --.,4 duet-l finished my part first." T,:,,,., -,,,,,,,,,::,:,,::::v-..,,,:,,,,..,,:,,,,,,:,,,,..,,,,, 4: Your friends and neighbors will tell you 4: l'l"S PLEASANTflT'S SATISFX ING-l'l"S CONVENIENT 4 1: IT'S ECONOMICAL TO SHOP HERE 4 - 4 11 JV B.eLLe1z Sioluz ,Q-on the 7'lfUu,:-Lq 44 4, , I: 4 I: . 4 4, 2 4 . 1: ' nu .mum ? y IVLOILB 'Hefw 2 4,:::::::,,,:s,,,:,-.,:,,,:,::.-::v-::.-:::,::::::::::::-:::::::a 155 OW IT'S THE THREE WSE! Ideals, ldeas and lnitiative . . . these are the most valuable assets that you have acquired during your school career. They will stand you in good stead throughout the years that lie ahead, for they are adaptable to every situation . . . the very backbone of success. Witll these three attributes, every member of the Class of 1940 can face the future with confidence. Your ideals, ideas and initiative are needed to shape Americais destiny. As your neighbor in Anderson, Delco-Remy congratulates you. IDG-all oc-LRe ANDERSON. INDIANA WORLDN LARGEST MANUFACTUIIEIR OF AU'l'0M0'l'iVE ELElI'l'RICAL EOUII MENT A gentleman just back from Europe went into a restaurant, and, glancing over the bill of fare, said to the waifter, who approached him with a queer gait. "Have you frog's feet?', "No, sir," was the embarrassed reply, "it's rheumatism that makes me walk this way." Harry fjust home from schooll 1 Mother, we had our singing lesson to- day." "And how did you get on?H "All right. Teacher said I sang litke a bird." "Really, did she say that?" "Well, pretty nearg she said I sang like a crow? A celebrated vocalist was im a motor- car accident. One of the papers, after recording the accident, said: "We are happy to state that he was able to appear the following evening itn three pieces." Mrs. Nagg: "Henry if I die will you marry again ?', Mr. Nagg: "Now dear, letts not.start an arguementf, She came into the police station sob- bing, "My husband has disappeared, here's his picture will you find him?" Polilce sergeant looked at the picture, then said, "Why?,' Wife: "Wonder what happened to that booklet on 'How to live to be 100, that came the other day?" Hubby: "Oh, that's gone, I was afraid your mother would find itf' "Hey, Zeke, ya gotcha shoes on wrong, ya got the right one on the left foot." "My gawsh, they been that away fo1 20 years, I thawt I was club footedf' Joe Rich: "Don't spit on the floor." Jim Mendenhall: "What's the matter, does it leak?" :::::::::::: ::::::.-- -::::vA: 4 T T THE COVERS EoR THIS ANNUAL EQ WERE MADE BY QE :E . gg ag The . . mlth Co. gt If 2857 NORTH VVESTERN AVENKE :E ig CHICAGO 157 Autographs Autographs LM T , , Autographs df K6 if I XEAX FW f if x Q1 Autographs XJ i 14 w ,J Autographs

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