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 - Class of 1939

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Y JI X EN THE STXMHS HND THXRUUEHUUT THE QEMULWXL THERE WERE MHMY WESEXFLE I H9 UNE MNH? EXFEICTH HTWH5' XLHKE THE DMU WUMHN WMU LUVEE IN THE SHUE, SHE HHH 'SU VNHNY EHNLQEEN SHE QUUNNT KINIQW WHWYT TD HU.. 5UUNER UR LHTEH. HMB? UF H FEHTHER FNDXQK TUEETHEYQQH , T f K f 6 ! 1 KN CHEESE NS KING STQLER H515 THE WWE WE WEEHH WWW WWTH SEHUM BURNS HND Fi5?EQLTY,, PUT? WW 'THE MESH. Q SEED MHQTE WHILE SIITT PWFQY THHNK E ,, , 3 if N! ' Xi R HNBWMIXXSTRESS QF LEMNMX5 WE av was Kmmmsi Ewen mf we ww EtHillLDRElNl,, I WND NRE WWVHEENE W THE MURE. SIYIN TI-IE SCHOOL BOARD These members of the school board should be classed with our best friends. It is they who are responsible for our vacations and holidays. Members of this body are suggested by the mayor and confirmed by the city council for a three year term. These people are chosen because they are honest and reliable, and have sworn their capability in many civic activities. This body cooperates with Mr. Campbell and Mr. Stoler to see that our school runs smoothly. It is the duty of this board to decide when we need new schools, It arranges the financial part of it and confirms the selling of bonds, loolcs after the repairing of old schools, and is reponsible for the hiring of teachers and confirmation of sup- plies. Each year this board is allotted a certain amount of money, derived from taxes, with which it must talce care of the needs of all the city schools. The present members of the school board are Nlr. Elmer H. Downey, Mr. Jacob C. Kuch, Mr. Frederick L. Ray, Mr. Robert M. Critchfield, and Miss Juliet Critten- lverger. As president, Mr. Critchfield is now heading the group, and Mr. Ray is keeping the records as secretary. The financial burden falls on Mr. Downey, who is the treasurer. . MR. CAMPBELL Continuing his fine worlc after six years of capable help. Mr. Arthur Campbell, Superintendent of the An, derson School System has won the friendship and lov- alty of all the student Body, as well as the faculty. Go- ing unconcernedly about his way, always willing to aid in any difficulty, he has proven himself indispensable in times of need. It is certain that the whole schoo' hopes that he will always remain here, a stabilizing in- fluence in our midst. XIX! MR. STOLER During the five years that Mr. Fred W. Stoler has been principal of Anderson High School, we have COI116 to know him as a friendly and understanding person. He has won a place of genuine respect and admiration in the hearts of all the teachers and students in the school. Because of Mr. Stoler's efficient direction of the many improvements in educational methods, our school has been raised to a high standard. MR. PORTER Mr. Porter, the new vice principal, came to us from Franklin, Indiana. I-le taught history there four years and was principal nine years. Because of the congen- iality of the Anderson High students and of previous acquaintances with faculty members, Mr. Porter has had no trouble in becoming situated. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Franklin College and Mas- ters Degree at Indiana, which makes him a pretty fine history teacher on the side. IFYF MR. ROTRUCK Mr. C. D. Rotruck, the imposing gentleman located in the old X-ray room is none other than the Dean of Boys of Anderson High School. There is no doubt that ill boys have had, or will have before their high school career is finished, some dealings with lxim, good or bad. Some of the more timid students tremble at the very sight of him. However, most of us would be glad to award Mr. Rotruclc 2 medal for presiding over his domain so tactfully. MISS ARBOGAST There are probably very few students in Anderson High School who are not ac' quainted wiih Miss Arbogast. She is truly a friend in need to every girl, supply- ing everything from a needle and thread to a bed with blankets. With her assiss- ants, she keeps check on approximately 1226 girls. If ever a medal were given for generosity, patience. and good fellowship, Miss Arbogast would receive it by a majority vote from all who know her. ENGLISI-I Standing: Miss Miller, Miss Kendall- Miss Day- Nliss Thurston Seated: Mrs. Crutchfield. Mr. McClure fheadl, lN4iss Hoskins. Seated: Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Graluame, Nliss Critchley. Mrs. Vermillion. Standing: Miss lsinclstrom. Mr. Boyd, Nlrs. I-luglues. Nlr. Baker. IVFLXE HISTCRY Standing: Mr. Coffin, Mr. Rotruck, Miss Lindstfom, Mr, Springer Miss Adam Mr. Bailey- Mr. Denny. Seated: Mr. Shirey, Mr. Fieenor, Mr. Davis. Nlrs. Goss, Mr. Porter, Mr. Goss fheadj, Mr. Amick, Mr. Chadcl THIRTP P N FOREIGN LANGUAGE Standing: Mrs. Wfizitson, Mr. McClintock, Mrs. Strickler. Qfeitcdz Niiss Nagle fheaclj, Mrs. Henry. MATHEMATICS Standing: Mr. Hosier, Mr. Lyons, Mr, Miller. Mr. Brinson fheadj, Mr. Todd Seated: Mrs. Repetto, Mr. Weaver, Miss Bowen. I' 5"-d k me his . N HOUSEHOLD ARTS Miss Carson, Mrs. Leachman fheadj, Mrs. Brock, Mrs. Garriott. Qthufd' COMMERCIAL Standing: Miss Arbogast, Mr. Lyons. Mr. Shields. Miss Carlson. Seated: Nliss Hupp. Mr. Bowen. Miss Brown fheadj. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Standing: Mrs. Grahme, Mr. Shinn. Mr. Sanders, Mr. Dischinger- Nliss Campbell Seated: 1VIr.Chadd fheadl. AGRICULTURE Mr. Kolb. Miss Hill. Mr. Rencenberger. MUSIC Miss Hirsh, Miss Balyeat fhead, - w- ART OFFICE FORCE Miss Vermillion, Mrs. Buxton, Mrs. Swinford. .73 ,qv lNKlNlX I Nw FKMHQ5., W THE HDUWE THHT QHKK HZLMDWQ X I I. V A . , y, sf ff L-,ax rf--M , , 1, ,-X- pl ab. 'I -f- 'i ' " " T! U I-J rl ff SE ' I 'f ., 1 I Q' I j, , x X I 5 I X X X 1 X ., I A ,ZA H .b V5 ,- ff xg 5 23, ,ff f-LT' ix nf Wi M bf! tis , X fix'F':"421 -gr' M 57 K' IJ Qi I7 fy Q 'f Y ' f F: ELET H939 E Tl! ME flu.: WV THIS SCHGUL HRS '97-EHT5, fm mx mesa aww HES Puww, 54 sENn0xM,,,wN mM, aufwws mm www, fl? E U Alllllll llllllllx ill!! EIR. .nu tu... ,. - Ellll -Sllll .ann fun flllll :nn lllll 'Elll - -. um 7 T aus - 1... -X I' fl , ' ffm- + , , -.3-,J-Q 5. .Z i Mfr TMNT LWE WTF-HE HUUSE THHT JHUK HUNT. ELA 55 EF lXNkN'lXl 3 a THE SENIORS Another class has passed through the era of high school life. After four years their enthusiasm is still undaunted. The class emerged with flying colors, red and gray, and will go down in the minds of many upperclassmen as a group that stuck together and stood up for its con- stitutional rights. The class officers were chosen with an expert eye to capability and efficiency. The class of '39 has been ably led in all g activities b President Richard Brown' Y s Vice-President Martha Dowmang Secretary Eleanor McDonald, and Treasurer Ben Harley. As underclassmen the thirty-niners led rather :1 colorless existence up until last year when they ublossomedu forth by presenting the first dance to be held in the auditorium. Later that year the Junior Prom was sponsored which was also held in the auditorium. The class play, "Death Takes A I-Iolidayf' was presented to large audiences and well received. Many spectators advanced the opinion that the play was the best in sc-vera years. ' ' ' ' sl The COIHI'I1eI1CelT1eI'1t Spe3lieI'S left after 3. process of el1U11f11t1011 Xvefe Janet Ebb-, Mary Frances Stewart, Bob Shoemaker and Billie Schuyler, T0 MISS Hupp and Mr. Sanders, who have spent long hours directing the activi- fIeS of the Cl21SS, heart-felt tl12l11kS are offered. IIRFI ENTX Albums. XYANDA Girl H P Ps:-rvvs l. L. Jig Glu- Club I 23 Art Iilub 1. AMUNS. lil-ixslfru , . , "liPn11vy" Hi-Y 1, 25 Manzuxe-r 1. 2. .Xl.l,liN. CHAIXLES . . , "Cor'l:11' ALLEN. Gnmzia ALT. NAUINE l R Anime. llmmls SK-'lllllt' lg Girls' .Xllils-tic Associ- tiuu lg Girl livwlwlw l. 2, 4: Glu' lllubg "All Al Sm". Choral Club -lg State- 'l'm-znrlu-rs' Kimiveii- lion 19383 liuuslm-r lllub 4. Axmsusox. lfmxmzias Girl Ilvservvs 3. AN'rimYx'. ii.-k'l'lIl.l-Il-ZN . . . Hliny' J Glu- Club L. lg Girl Hr-Servos 1. Anxurn, llrnus Gir vse-rw-s l. Zlg Sviiate lg AR'l'lll'R. .ll'l.u ANN , , , "Julie" Sludeut Council Asse-lillmly ll. -lg Girl Resvrvl-s 1. 25 Se-imtv 2g "Briar llosf-"3 Girls' llooslrr' French Club 35 Girls' Booster Club: Sluclf-111 Council lloxivvli- Club 2. ll, 43 Honorary Sm-iz-ty 3, tion Ii. 43 X-Ray Stuff 3. EANNE HIIS EHWIIETMA Q We 0 9 O l l Asuav. NI,u2ua I. ...... Hljflllillu linles, Ciuiuias 0nvi1.r,iz "lfulvsy" Give Club 2g Girl Hz-sm-rve-s l. Hamlin Club 1. 2, Sl. lSAuuI.lzv. NANIZY .,..,. "Nun" IgA-I-HAUQH, QQHRNMU, , , "1m11ig" Senatr- 2. 35 liuosif-rs 2. Sl. ,lg '13-H,-k 2- Girl Re-sz-rves lg Latin Ilg llrauuuv lics 45 llnuorzxry Sm-im-ly Il. -1. l3AL1Ncs.v 1, Yvaxxx'-' . , . ".lvrr'vir1" Svuate- l. 2: Ilnmz- lirimu :mic ill. lhnxias. Glaxla . . . "li1u'1irxvy" BARNES. NIAR.i0lula ,.,. ",lIurgc" Girl Res:-rves l. 2g Biblv Club 2g Girls' Athlviic Association 2, Twzxrx'-Flvn l3AriiAi'isH. Um-HA Girls' Glu- Club lg an Holiday" -1. l4.u'uHM,xx. lirmzx Girl RPSi'l'X'l'h 1. 2, 4: S1-ualv 2, ll, 4. BEACH . TH ELNIA "lJv:lll1 Takvs . . "l?ingu" Ll. 4. Sr'vrela1'y TNVENTY-SIX BENltt1XV.NiAl1K . . . . . "Ifcnny" lli-Y Il, 1: 'l'rt-asura-r of .1unio" Class .ig t,onsc-rvatlon Club .l. -1, Football Il. Bnxnow. NIARY IQATIIRYN Girls' Atlilctic Association 2. iViIiNllliR..iIllIN . ....., "limi" Football l, 2: Track lg Prom lliaxzlsxoowislt. VIRGINIA ANNE . . 'iGl'lllll'-. Girl liz-svl'v4-s 1, 2. Zi. -1. HIIIIDLIC. iflllili ..... , . ,"'l'iger" lionorary Soriz-ty fl. -1. l'4I,,xkiaMom-:. C.xmula .... . "IL BI' U-1-ln-stra l. 2. Il: l.atin Club 35 Girl llcsrlwcs 1, 2, 3. -1. BI.AssAHAs. CHIST ..... "Cr1JSlic" Honorary Socicty Il, tg Student Council Jig Ex:-cutivc Council '13 Vic:--Prcsids-nt ot' lixccutiw- Coun- 1-il lg Pri-side-nt ot' Latin Club -1: Gift i:UIllllliiit't' 1: Chairman ol' X nl Xtllxltlcs 1 Bonues, XVILLIAM . . . "Hill" YUM TRY 1 Qucvn Conunittr-c Il. 1 l i BIsNi4:lf1LI,.llu1HAnn . . "Dirk" i ..ociz . ' ' " "Q F. 1 i BENNI-1TT.lil'TH , Honorary Socir-ty Il. 13 Girl RP- servvs 1, 2, 3, tg Spanish Club 2. Q WHICH EHUWE YUlU'!LlL .FUEUEEE BONILCIE. Ill. 1. .g. "i9r'r20liU ISR!-1ia41K. lionmrr ll-xrli . . "I1'oi1" Boys' ev C u A . 3 3 If-na P I. - : f.L'it'llCl' Club 1. Scif-nccillatli 4: Stamp Club 25 X-Ray Staff 3. .ig Southland Dap- 2g Land o' Cotton 33 Slay NIIISIC1 Festival 2g PI'0L.Zl'1lIll Chairman o' Stamp Club 25 Athlctic Carnival 25 Prcss Conventions Il, 1. llmxorsla, tlLn'1.x . . , .,.. 'tl.vr" liiblc Club 1. 2. 3, lg Pr:-z-idf'n' 0" liihlc Club -lg Xvil't'-pI't'Siill'ili fig Urchcslra 1. 25 G. A. A. l, 2, BONIll'RAN'l', liosmmkx' . ."Hun1Iy" Connnc-rcial Uourscg Sn-natc 1. llnoAnxAx.ll1'4.lls'rigN . "li1'rmr1y" W Bosu, PAH, 1 Choral Club 3. tg 47111 Contincn- W tal Congrcss National Society of D, A. R.. xY1lSllill5li0Il. ll, C. 11138, llmuzhxmx, .losiaruixi-1 . . . "Jo" 33 All At Sn-a fig lioys' Cleo Club Minstrcls Zig XYLNV Hrozirlcast 3: W Stair' 'I'eaclu-rs' Conv:-ntion 11138. Baowx, l41a'r'rY .IRAN ,,,, miie!" BRAMm,E'rT. HARIlI,ll .,... "Ilan" Junior Safcty Police Zlg Track 1. 2, 3g Usher 4. BRANCH, Giaonuilaxx . , . 'Alior11y" Senate 45 Scif-nce-Matlm 43 Girl Reserves 4. l 1 i TXVENTY-SEVEN Choral Club 2. Il, 4g Music lidu- cators' National Conlrrcncf- Vocal Aurlitions, Xlinnm-apolis 19117. 25 47111 Continental Congress Nat- ional Socicty ot' ll. A. Il. NVasl1- ington, ll. C. 121218, 153 All .Xt Sen 33 XYl.XX'-NVMAQ-XVl.Sg Girl Pu-- servcs 1. 23 liriur Host- 2g State- 'l'eacl1e'rs' Association 19218. 43 Gle-c Club 2g Dccoration Connnit- tee of Junior Dance il. TWE NTT-EIGHT BRONVN, GLIZNIJORA . . . Hliroumiei' .Xcadcinic Courscg Glee Club -1. BROWN. Nomm ...., "Brownie" filer- Club 2: Choral Club 2, fi, -tl liriai' Rose 2g All At Sea 33 Music liducation Conference Minneapo- lis 19373 Dann Clinic linseniblc ciation 1936, lfi38g liall State Con- vocation. -lTtl1 Contincntal Con- an-ss XYasliington. D. C., 19385 Auditions, Statc 'l'1-aclicrs' Asso- NYLXY Cincinnati 1937-38, XYIN. WNIAQ, 19371 XYJZQ Girl ltr-- scrvcsg Senior Class Play 4. HHONYN.l'1ICllAltl!BlAltION , t'Dick" Class Prcsidcnt 2, Il. 4g l'i'csidcnt ot' Executive Council 3, -lg Yicc- Prcsimlcst ot' Statc Association oi' Stud:-nt Councils Ilg Choral Club 2. Ii. 45 Varsity Football 3, -lg llonorary Society IS, 4g Hi-Y 3. ig Sports Editor ol' Annual Stat't' Zig Minstrel 35 Boys' Clcc Club 2' l:l't'SllII1IlIl Basketballg Scnatc Zig Rifle Club Zig 47th Contin- I4, tg DeMolay 3. 'tg Opcretta 2. cntal Congrcss D. A. lt.. XYasli- ington, D, C.g Music limlucators' National Conference Vocal Audi- tions, Minncapolis 1937. ISHOYLES, BIETTY ..... . "Bct" liL'R'r, XVALTIQR , ...... "ll'uI1" Latin Club 2, Zig Scicnce-Math Club 3, 45 Boys' Glcc Club ,tg Sc-nate 4. 'tltccf' CAI.oo. llrm NlARIli , . .XC2ldC'IlllC Coursc. C.u.r.ow.n'. XX'i1.i.iui , . "I'n.wy" liaskctball l. "Speed" CAMMHQLL, l'nIL .... Glcg Club 23 Southland Daze tg Land o' Cotton fig Music Festival 4. CAM l'liliI.L. lloLL1x CANNING, .lliANNlC SlIlRl.lCli . . . .. . "PeucIzcsl'. Scnatc 1g l,l'liH1QltlCS Club 2, 33 Student Council 2. gums- Ln-yi Yana 7fE. lLllM9ET - CAm.1sI.1a, Romani- .... "Curly" Choral Club 3. 4g 47th Continenv tal Congress, National Society ol' the D. A. Ii., XYasliington, D. C., 1938g Briar Rose 2g Glcc Club 25 llroamlcast NYIAV-NY.lZg Southland Daze 2. CARI-icN'riaR. lll-Lmzilu. 1.151-1 .,... "Cilr1111". .lunior l'olicc Zig tilcc Club 4. CARR, .Maries ....... "Jimmy" Choral Club 3, 45 47th Contincn- tal Congrcss, National Society of ll. A. Il., YVashington, D. C. 1EIIi8g NVLXV-NBCg All At Sca 3g Min- strel 2g Glcc Club 2g Track 1, 2, 3, 4g Biblc Club 1, 2: Senate 4: Science Math -tg llI'1iIH2lliCS Club 4. CASAnY. Hicin-1f:cA , .... "Bef-Icy" Academic Courscg Senate 3, 4g Art Association 2. 3g Girl Re- serves 1. 2, 3. CASE, MARY . , "Casey" TWEIN TY-NINE CAYLUH, BIARTHA ..... "Mart Girl ltcservcs 1, 2: Scnatc 2, li, 4, Girls' Glen Club 2, 3: Opcrctta 2. 35 French Club 4. CH.u1m5r.L. lIAHmi-Jr BIARIIQ Cunnsns, .Inms .... A'CIzilli" Football Iig Academic Coursc. COA'rs, BILL, , . .... . ':AI'l'lliU'y Acadcmic Courscg Goll feain 1. 2, 43 Art Association. Coma, Oscm TIIIRTY DAVIS VVI LLIABI EDGAR I 6 j . .., 18? . ly COLLINGS. CLAY-:oN . . "Claw Coi.r.ixs, DONALD ...... "Don" Senate 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 8, President 45 Science-Math 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Rifle Club 3, Vice-President 35 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 15 "A" Club 4. Cor.LiNs, EVELYN . . . "Ebbu" CoM:uoNs, BERTHA . . . . "Bert" Girl Reserves 1, 2. -v COOPER, CATHRYN .,.,, "Cary Choral Club 3, 45 47th Continen- tal Congress, National Society D. A. R. 35 Teachers' Association 45 "All At Sea" 35 Girl Reserves 1, 25 Glee Club 15 G. A. A. 2. Coovsn, Dono-ruv . . . "Dorn Coarrma, DONNABHLLE . "Donnie" Band 1, 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Know Your City Club 4. COWLES,ROBliRT . . . "Bob" Cox, GAYNIZLLE Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1,2, 3, 4. Cox, ROSE51ARY ..... "Rosie" Girls' Glee Club 25 Choral Club 3, 45 47th Continental Congress, National Society D. A. R., Wash- ington, D. C., 19385 Operetta 25 State 'l'f-acliers' Ass'n 45 XVLXV. EAN MAKE ifieaw t'bManuH1" Cnlsr, BIAXINE .... . "Mac" DANNEH, HERBERT . "Herb" Student Council 3. DARR,llIADONNA . . "Donnie" CRITCIIFIELD, JEAN Honorary Society 3, 45 Girls' Booster Club 2, 3, 15 Senate 2. 45 Girl llescrves 1 5 Student Council 35 Secretary 3 g News- writing 4. CRUTCI'iFIEl.ll,JAl5IES . . . "Jim" Senate 25 Science-Math 3, 4. CR0l,'41H,xvIltGINIA . , . . 'fAlwbie" Honorary Society 3, 45 Miss Arbop,'ast's Corra-sponding Secre- tary 4. CUNNINGHADI, PAUL Senate 3, 45 Boys, Glee Club 25 Minstrel 25 "Briar Rose" 2. TH IRTY-'ON E DAVIS ORA . . . . . Basketball 1, 2, 3, .1,'1f'o- Track 2, 3. 1 "Fuzzy mtball 3 'William 47th Continental Congress Nat- ional Society of D. A. R., XVash- ington, D. C., 19385 XVLW-XVJZ Programs 35 XYashington Chapel 35 State Teachers' Association 45 Choral Club 3, 45 "Briar Rose" 25 Minstrel 25 Glee Club 25 An- nual Staff 35 Senate 1, 2, 3, 4? Dramatics Club 25 Art Associa- tion 2, 35 Rifle Club 35 Treas. 3. DAv1s, NVINIFRED JEAN . "Winnie" Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Senate 42. 35 Honorary Society 3, 45 Latin Club 3. IIT M TH IRTY-TYVO DEAN. linvl N Ill!-Illltl-1l.I. lJlall1uJl', ltuznmm , . . , . 'iDi4'1:" Glu- Club Il. tg "All .Xt Sem." ln-11-Quiz. I'.x'rIut:l.x .,..,. "Put" Girl ll:-se-rvrs Il, -lg .Xczulmuic Cuursv. lllilIUltl'l'Y. X'1uts1N1.x , . . "Gil1n11' linnw Your City Club 'tg Art Club -I. lil-:L.u'. MAl'RI1:l4: ...., ",llorry" Choral Club Zi. lg 47th Coutinvu- tal Congrt-ss National Il, A, lt. Society, NXv1lSlIlllHl0I1, IJ. C., 1938: "llriar Hose" 23 Minstrvl 25 Glow Club 23 XYLXY-XYJZQ Stute 'l'ezu'li- z-rs' Instituto 191181 Football ll Sonata 2. lJl2x.I,. LEE Art Club 1, 2: linys' Glnw Club Il. 4. lJ12w,XX'.umliN . . . . . . "Dl'l1lll" Junior Const-iwwttiou Club Il, -ig Truck 2, lH1,Klax', Ninn' Arima . ".llu1li' 7 Girl ltm-swvfls l. L, IPILTS.llALPH1':l'Gl-INE . , 'illippgf' SCiCI1L't'-Nlilfll Club 25 Give Club Il. 45 Football 1, 2, Cl, 'tg Fresh-- man liasketbullg liuslwtball 2g Track 1, 2g "All At Sou" Zig lu- tra-Cluss Foutbull Il, ,tg Iutrav Class liuskutbull ll. fig lutra-Class Soft liztll Il, 49 llusfflmzull I, 2, Il, Al. lJrr'rrauN, IKOBIZNT ...... "Hub" Truck 1, 2, 33 SE'I11lfl' l. 4g Sci- f'IlL'8-Nlillll 41 lluuu1':u'y Society -1. 1 ll I 1 l 1 --1 ' l M E l 1 I l i l u llxxtm, BIANY Nhmasnnur . "lIi.riu" llvsox, NANCY OI'k'llt'Sll'1l l. 2. fi. lg Girl He- Girl Rf-sf-rv:-s Il, tg lluuu- lyrou- servvs 1. 2. Ii. 15 54'H1llf' 3- uluirs Club 4. lbuxullvsus, illllllttili Stzlmutul-1 . , , I4-Mum, BIN -.H H g"""9lgw ', A11,"I'1".NH'! 'l' ll? 'l'rt-usurvr I, 49 vlL't'-l,t'L'Slllt'lll fit Club .l, Spillllxll Club J, sunt? ., .V Illtin muh ., -Q, H1 Nludt-l Airplane- Club 23 Art litl- ti' ,'l4f,0,fllH,M,i', fl4fl,htiYl, itor ut' .xlllllllll tg Gull' 'l't'illll 2. Cmll3Uil'3 4 " ' " lJuxx'xiAs. Nl,urrIl.x ..... ",lI1u1"' Choral Club 15,45 I-Ixt-ctltivvCuun- IQASTMAN.,lpm-HIAN , , , "Imp-li" ril Zlg St-cl'vt:try ul' Class ll: Yicv- U, A, A. lg Girl liest-I-vt-5 23 l'rt-sitlmxt ul' Class ,lg Girls' lima- X-nay SMH- 3: HIM. 411111, jig "All stvr Club Cl. lg Xvlt'l'-l,l'L'Slllt'lll ul' AM SN," 3- Girls litmstvr Club 45 Girl H4- svrvvs 1, 2. -tg Girls' Glu- Club 2 Stumlcut Assn-mbly Cl, I, lflil-.l,, .l ANIL1' llunorary Soc-iety St, 43 Girl lit-- 1.2,1l,4g Lat' Cl h 1, lJowN,xrus..l.u1l-is .Xnsurn ".lilItIltfl'H X-ltuy Stuff Illg lllifi lljum. mittvt- l. llrmasx. Nonxu .ll-pxxxla "li1un1Ii0" Girl Rescrvt-s Il rt' Art Associa- tion ll. -lg X-Harb' Stull' Il: llunrr lQl1KliI..xlMYlI' .Q ---- i'UUUf": , El'0ll0Illlt'S Club -lg Annual Stull' Glrv Club I., 21 511111112 itllllj -3, 3' 4' Opt-rrttu 21 Sfllillt' ,tg lshrr .L fl. 'l'HIRTYf'l'llH!iI-I abr- 'IFHIRTY-1'0Ll licxizii, HAaaIH'r'r .l. Science-Nlath 45 Girl Reserves 45 Art Cluh 4. liciore. Hsnorn . . . "Goan" EIJGEMAN, Ins , ....... "ldy" Senate 45 Girl llc-serves 3, -I5 Science-Math 4. IZDGIQMAN, LOUISE ...., "Louie" Choral Club Il. 45 47th Continen- tal Conarcss National Society ll. A. R.. YYashington, D. C., 19385 XVLXV5 "Briar Rosm-"5 State Tea- chers' Ass'u., 19385 Senate 3. I5 Girl ll:-serves 2, Il, -lg Girls' Glec Club 2. IEGGMAN. Rox' Debate Il, 45 Track 2, 3, -15 Stu- dent Council 35 Dramatics Club Zig Memorial Day Speaker 45 Safcty Speech 25 Glee Club 2, 35 Oper- etta 25 "A" Club 45 College Pre- paratory Course. Esrmimoiz.BI.rI'I1.1m.t . , . "Tillie" Girl Reserves 2, 4. EVANS. MAaoARI:'r JANE . "JlurIcy" Annual Staff 3. l5 Senior Editor 45 Girl Reserves I, 2. liwtss, XYINIGIQNII Msxixia , . . . . "Pee lVee". G. A. A, lg Girls, Glee Club 2. Ewftrn, GENE ...., "Sparky" Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 35 Choral Club 45 State Teachers' Associa- tion 1938. EwING,ANNA BlZl.l.I2 , . . , "Abe" Girl Reserves 25 Altrusa Club Essay Yvinner 3. 7,,...f- , -..: -- -4 -11...- J THERE WHULU HIAX EBEEINI NU iT'ElRjll5ifQZ'!llllllEU EXHIEEKED IFAHRER, l31z'r'rY BELLIQ .... "Bel" Girls' Booster Club 45 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2. Il, 45 French Club 3, 45 Glce Club Il. 45 College Preparatory Course. FEATI-Ilaus'r0N, DON Academic Courseg Glee Club 3. FIIaI,Im. lJial.oaI1as . . "Dee" PINNEY. JOIIN C ....... "Fin" Senate 2, 3. 15 Science Math 3, 45 Treasurer Science-Math 45 Con- servation Club 4, Prcsirln-nt 45 Stamp Club 2, 35 Latin Club 25 Camera Club 45 K, Y. C. Club 4. FISHER, DAVILD ...... "Daisy" Senate 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Latin Club 35 Student Assembly Zi. vt. President 45 Executive Council 45 Science-Math 3, 45 Drainatics Club 3, 45 X-Hay Staff 45 .Iunior Sweater Committee 35 Honorary Society 4. 1'l'iIltTY-FIVIC FI.IaEHAIrrx', CLIFFORD E ....... "Fleebit". Junior Police 35 An- nual Production 45 X-Ray -tg Camera Club 45 Ping Pong: Club 4 FoI.m', SARA l,0l'ISl-1 , , . "Jimmy" FOI.lzx', XVILLIAAI ...... "Bill" Football 35 Junior Conservation Club 3, 4, Fouslaii. RUTII ....... "Peg" Choral Club 3, tg 4TtlI Conti- nental Congress, National Society of D, A. ll., XVasbington, D, C., 19385 NVLVV5 "Briar Rosc"5 State Teachers' Ass'n. 151385 G, A. A. l: Senate 25 Glee Club 2. Foaxxlaa, DAvID .,... "Dave" Honorary Society 3, 45 Stamp Club 25 Annual Production fl,4. H R Y SIX Fu1:s'l', HARol.n , . . . . . "Red" Fmamux. Vieux . . . "Worm" Rifle Club 43 .Iuuiur Cousvrvzi- tion Club -i. Fuller., Bun .,... "Fritz" lizisi-ball Zlq Band 4. F01'si2,H0nAn'r . . "Hob" Fvilwuuan, .lfmxxlc 4 ..... "Ju" Choral Club 3. -lg Glm- Cluh 25 "Briar Hose-" 24 l7ib Cfmtinenlul Congress. National Suvii-ly of IJ. A. R., XVllSl1iIl5.ffOIl, TJ. C., 19383 XYCXVI XVJZ3 Statv 'l'ezu-lu-rs' As- F0l's'i', Rfxvwmxn li ..... "Huy" 5"l'1flll'Ul 1933- Billirl l, 2, ll, 43 ilUllSt'l'Y2lll0Il Club -l. GAmus. .lm-1 Lian-3 .... nSIIl'l'lIHu Yurzilimuil Cuursi-3 Glu- Club fl. H Fmnlli. liA'runYN ..... "Kate Home Economics Club 1. 23 Sci- encv-Nlzith lg VV2lSlllll52,'l0Il ll. C. 4 Trip 1. flAIlIB1liR,.lI'ANI'l'A .... "Nita" Choral Club 3, 4: XYIAYQ 47th Cuutinenlzil Com,!l'vss. Nziticmvnl Snuic-ty ll. A. H., XYasliiug.:tun. ll. C., 19383 State 'l'1-ziclu-1's' Asso- rinlioli 151385 Fri-nch Club 2. Il. 43 Houorzlry Sucivly fl, 'lg Slu- de-nl Council Ilg "All At Se-aug FRANCE. ROIHSIVI' .....- "B0b" Acvompunist for lloys' filer- Club Band 1. 2. 3, 4: Senior llfmdy 3, 4g "liI'iul' Rim-"5 Girls' Gui.- Salos Il, 4. Club 2, li 1 1 1' - 1- Arlm DEE-Slhll-ifiNElW Will M1 WNW f Guixlux. Manx' 1.1512 Girls' iilvv Club 23 "lh'i:ir llosi-." Giavl1AR'i'. l'lI-IRRIZ ...,., "fills" llrzuuziiivs Club 1. 2. Ii, lg liiuul 23 liiblc- Club Il: film- Clllb Jig Smi- iui' Class Play l. illl0l,S'1'llN. l.u.Lu-1 , , 'ifinldii-" Gluzlin. I4liH'l'uAN1 Nl .... Ulflllllllfl Si-uziiv Il. lg Sci:-iii-1--Nlzilli vi. Gomez, NlAn'l'li.x ..... U.llflI'Iil'u Choral Club 2. il, lg Music liilu- vaiors' National Cuul'vii-lu'v :ii Nlinueupulis 1Sl2lTg iTtb Conti- uvuial flllllf-fl'PSS Nuliuuul Sucie-ly IJ. A. ll., XXvZlSlllllf.ft0Il. ll. C.. 19383 Stale Tf'ilL'lll'I'S' Assiwiuliim lSl38g I'lUllUl'2lI'y Sucivty Sl, lg Glm- Club Avvmiipziiiisl 2. IS. lg XYLXY. YYXIAQ. XYLS, XYJH 1':l'4l2lilL'2lSlS: "Count :mil Cu-licl"1 'tBl'l1ll' liusf-"Q "All Al SMI". 'l'HlR'l'Y-SIQVEN G0l.lJHIClili. liMu.1s .... , "SllSfl"' Choral Club 1: Stub- 'l'e-uclu-rs' Ass'u, 102385 Glu- Club Il, -lg Girl lla-sei'vi's 1. 2. Sl, ig Si-uulv l, 2. ll, 4g All .Xl S1-:i Sig May lfoslivail 2, Ii. Guiumx, llusia . . "1fn.wiv" Goss. l4AlusAuA .limxxls . "Jl'Illll't'-N Girls' liuosii-1' Club l. Il, 45 Girl llvsc-l've-s lg Clmrail Club 22 Slin- uf-apnlis Trip 2g l"l'0IH'll Club IS. lioi'iu.l-1x'. gXl.llI'1l!'l'A MAXINI. . "Meri" GRAY.Gl,AnYslli"l'u , . 'Yilmliliv' Art Club 1. TIIIHTY K 7 "'i i i i i l GRAY,RALP1lli ...... "Dutch" llAllN, G1,iQxno1+A . . "Glen" 1 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Hand 3, 4. li. A. A. 1. i i i G1-1ff11'fY.,B011 - - "Huff" i?33ii,ii1imi1 3,113 13aQlffiil1iii"'i', i Acafkmlc Umlse' 2g Rifle Club zz, 13 uni-1 Club 1 3, 4. GHIMSLEY, BIAHUARFT ANN 'illargel' A. A. li Girl RCSCFVPS 29 HANNABl5liY,JULIA . , . . 'Lindy' Sclwvv-MHUI 4- mee Club lg Brim- uosi-. GRl'l'TliR,RUSSIil-L - V . HKU-Y" HANuI.laY,lCRICNla1I. ,"'.-lbm'1"' F00ll11ill 1, 2. 'Tumbling Club, NvilI'l'E'll. Ohio, 23 Scif-nee-Mutli 35 Junior Police Il: Czuuera Club 3, 41 Seuuiv 1. fiROSSENRACKER,ARTllL'R . . UAV!" Model Airplane Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Rifle Club 33 Aft Club 4- IIAHDACRIQVIOLA . . . 'KToby" ..-...A --......--A 1!v'!1'f 1 - 1 MAVKFNIE H E Till EN l 5 PWND W HEN Q 1 1 I I l IjIARuY,.l1'ANI'rA . . "Nita" HARRIS, DELORIS ...... . "Dee" fl. A. A. 3, Girls' Give Club 23 Briar Rose 2. HAunx'. liiarru XV. , , Semin. 3' 45 Campm Club 3, 4: liAHRISUN,XXII.I.lABlHliNItX' "C1u'ly' Svivuce-Rlanili 33 Sc-nioi' Sala-s. HAKUY, KENT XV. IQIART. CARL Q ' Sl'll'I1C0-Blillll 3, lg C1illll'l'll Club N'F1iil9 fl, 43 5Cll'llC9-Millll 4- 3, 4, Junior Police fig Senior- Salt-S, , V , U lIARTBlAN.Bl.blll.llRliIJ . . , "Kell" l'IAHl.l"lSS,NONlJAS . . . Hixfllllllt' Gi,-I H0561-V05 13 G, A- A. 1, gh 3, 4, President -tg Rifle Club -l. llARMESllN,l'HYLI.IS . . , "Phil" Girls' Booster Club 3, -lg Senatc- 3g Girl Rvsr-rves Zig Glee Club 15 Vice-Prcsiclvnl of Class 3, Sen- HARTJIAN, RAv5loNn l'i0NYARD . . ior Sales. "HCU'P0" 'rllm'rY-NINE - f l"tlR'l'Y ll.u'4.K.l1m'liI1Nlf:llI1HAmu "I-'lu.vlu" Ilraxnv. H1-11.115 Lum Girl llvsc-rw-s l. 2. ISL Svllzllt' Il, -l. 1l,.M,X-41,,.:,,y . --11,,,e-- II1alm41s,N1l..x XIKI-I . "Sugar" St'l1'llL'1"xl1llll -l, llliNllI.lV. lil-1'r'1'x' . ..,. "lfrIsy" ll.. iN-J A ...' -All 1 -- l'IOIHbl'lil'y Suviety Il. lg S1'1'rc-tarp Hazgllzumlllmig 3- 4: MA-, ffluaiwgq lg llmnmtics Club Il, 43 l"rvm'b S li lfmmlbull 11 4201154-l'vz1liurx 41111, rl- ll Gills' l5""5l01'5 13 GI?" 111111, jg' I. Sm.. and T,-1.35, 3, 14 Club 245 Silulc-ut Cuuncil4g X-Ray Stull' Zi. lg Girl Ilvsz-l'Yvs l, 2 :Smi- ulm- I: Svuinr Class Play, X Hmumx, NYIILIAM ..... "Bill" X 'mmm-v lllumms b . 1 ' . --11. JJ- llzislu-llmll lg .Xmlual l'rmllu'ti4mg G- A' A. lc prom Qmmn Anon, X-lilly l,l'01llIk'llUll2 .luniur Policz- :If-nl 21. -4- Hl-Lmmx. Fluxu .,.... Hllnpvy ' T1-'nuis TPIIIII Ii, 43 Hand l, 2, Il. HQQLLEMS. LIARTIIA . Z . . ".llurlir" 4g Orchestra 1, 2, Il, -lg Rifle- Glrl l'wS4'l'W'S 2. 1: 59112110 -1. Club Zig S:-nate -1: Junior Ili-Y 1. - n EELS mv 4' we 57AlYElZ' HQME l Ilia!-xTz1Na-mn.liuxl-,s1'1l1.1-.N ",'fl'IIfPh Hxrmmoss. llI,lZ'I'l'S Morrrox Drmmmtics Club lg Sci:-:wc--Mall: fi. lg .Xrl .Xsmxcizxtiavxx Il, lg XARH5 Stull' l. l llumv, YI-:RA Iluunm-rm-iul lluutmwl IS, llmxsox, IEAYMUNU ..,.. "Huy" Stumh-ut lluuucil Llg Art .Xss'n ZS, lg Spauisll lllub Il. linau. NIxm'.1,x'x , , , "limi" llnumrgn. lflumil-1s . . 'AI'vI'4lll' llm.1,mx'.u'. l1uAs'1'AM.u , "Connie" fi. A. A. l, 2. llll,mu.'l'. llliT'l'Y .ln-.Ax .,.. "ln-lx' Humuan. ,XLML15 .lawns . "Jayme" Girl Hess-rvvs 1. 25 Glec- Club 25 Choral Club 3, -1: 47th Coutiuenl lznl llrmgrm-ss. National Such-ly D. Hu.:-Ls. llumrrux' . ..,. "1'fmIs A. ll.. XY2lSlllHglflll. ll, C.. 1938: Ilnme- licoxmlllivs tllub 23 Scivllcv- Shall- ll.t'2iL'llt'l'S, .Xssuclatiull 19383 Nluih -1. XYLNYQ llriur Rom: 2. FORTY-ONE FORTY-TNYU - I --ra.n lluuvian. l':'l'HliI, ltmwian. xlAXlNl-1 . . . 'illurf' llmfxixs, Ai.ni4:n'rA . ..,.. "Al" Upe-rs-ttu lg I.utin Club 2, Sprint" J 23 Girl lie-si-i'vvs lg li. A, A. 1.: X-Ray Staff Zi: Studi-nt Ass:-nibly 4 llm-KISS. R0isiau'rA . . . "liz-rliif' llorran, KENNETH . . , "Kenny" Ilovmis, .IACK .,..... "IIop11y" Buys' Boosters 1, 2: Football lg National Nlusir Cnnvvntion, Min- neapolis 23 XYLNV 2g Briar Rose I: All At Sf-za 23 Nlinstrels 1. 2. Hnsiali, ALICE Hflll1tl'Iil'j' Sucii-ty fl. lg liibli- Cluli 1. lInvieRxi.u.ia, Cuu ..... "lien:-vii" Basketball 2. 3. lg lizisvliall I. 2. fl. 1: Truck Ii. 'tg Fimtbzill 1: 'KA' Club 3, 4, I4lI'lbS0N. HARRY Hi-Y Club 2. 3. fig Cliurul Club 1: Hcmurary Socii-ly 3. -lg Annual Stuff 3, ll: Minstre-ls t936. 19373 film- Club flg l'r4-5. lli-Y Club 1. Hlinsox. I.AvAl'i'aiIN . . "7'1'usly" Yucatiolml Course. 1- QUT swesviifiigmrs- suite 'Him ivmiz Hranizr., Enwman . . . "lid" Fencing' Club 3, 4. HULL. HAR0i.n . . . "lIuIlu" Rifle Club fl. HUMPnn1aY, lfnANi:Is . . . "Fran" Football 2. HUPP, BETTY , ...,., Hlliippia-" Choral Club 2. 3, ig Bliniu-apolis 19373 NVashiugton. Il. C. 19383 State 'I'f'ac'li4-rs' Ass'n. 19315, 1EtIl8g YVLXV-XVMAQQ Girl lies:-i'vvs 1, 2. 3, 4g Honorary Society Il, 1: Latin Club 2. 39 Si-nutv 2, HLTRST, CHARLES ...... "lIlz11r'I:" Senatv 2, 3, ,lg Hrmorary Socivty 3, 49 Dranmtics Club 3. lg Latin Club 2, 33 X-Ray Staff' Ii. lg Pnun Queen Comlnittvf' 35 Nzitionzil Scholastic Pr:-ss .Xss'n. Cunvvu- tion 4, FORTY- THREE iIl'Rs1'.Fm2nERn1K .... "Fritz" Choral Club 3, 1: 17th National fllllli-fl'I'SS of ll. A. R., NVasliiugtnn, IJ. C. fig Stair- 'Il-'zivln-i's' Ass'n. -I til:-:A Club 2. lg liriur Ruse 2 'illlllftlli Nlaluigxe-r lg XYIAY. XY." V.'l'll5l'3 fllinslrf-ls 21 Hi-Y 3. -I, l'in'i-Puug Club lg Cuuu-ra Club -1. Ili"r'rux. 'l'wvi,A .llmx , . . . "T1Ui1' f10lllllll'l'l'lill Cours:-. Girl ll4'S01'Y1's 2. -lg Give Club 23 Opvri-tta 21 Assistant to Xliss liruwn -1: Hunn- tlnuin l'rvsiclz-nl 253 Cmnittvv un Iii frs 8 Nmninzitions for Ciziss 0 'U' 5 I luis. IMNA li ..,.... "I'unI:" Girl l't1-se-rv:-s lg Stull'-ut Cuunf-it 3. -lg llonnrary Sucii-ty 3. ,lg Girls, llnostf-rs 4: S1-lizite I: Ile-atb Tak'-:s .X Holiday lg Gift CtllHllllll1'9 I lI.l.YES. BlANI.liY . . . . "Pro" Art Assuciatimi 1. .IAc:KsoN, NIAm..uu5'1' .... ".lIui'g" Aczidf-niic Course-3 li, A. A. 1, 2 Girl He-sr-rves l. 23 lluinr- licono- mics Club 4. FORTY'FOI7R -5 .l,44:KsuN, lllllllilll' . . "R1'1I' NYU-slling 2. .lu.lasuN, SARA . - . "SnlIy' .IA:1i4sux. Sl'I.1.lx'.xx . . "SuIIy' Minstrel Slum' 3. .l.uli:s, li1a'r'rx' Rr"ru . , . "S1ll'!'llll Girl llt'SPl'YQ'S 1, 2. Zig Latin Club 2. fl: Srimice--Nlzilli lg Sz-mite 4. 1 JAMI-ZS, DIARY HizI.I-:N Svnulr' lg Girl llrse1'vL's 1. 25 Choral Club 2. Il, -lg Music Edu- cators' Xzilional COIlfl'I'0l'lC8, Vo- rzil Audition, Miilueapolis, 19flTg 17th Continental Congress, Na- tional Sovix-ty D. A. R., XVZISI1- imzluu. D. C., 19385 XVIAY, XVLS. XYNIAQ, XVJZ: Stale Teachers Association 1936, 1938. 1 1 I i i 'I l - -- 1 ll JANIQS, .lourw . . . U.,0llIlIlU', JANNIQY. BliX'IillI.Y ..... "Tcrldy" Sc-mile lg Sri:-uc:--Nlzilli lg Girl ll:-scliwz-s 1. .ln1.r.x'. INEZ Girl Ile-sc-rvf-S l. ll, Joxns. XYAI.'l'lull lf ..... "Junior" tlullc-go l,rc1pui'uiui'y 1l0llI'Sl'. Hi-Y 2, 3. -Ig Sc-uulcx I, 2: lioys' Booster Club l: liaskc-lbull l. Ii: lfunibali 1. Ilg Gull' 2. Il, 'ig .Xuuuul Staff Il, 4. liiiusrisu, 1l.uuu121' G. A. A. 1. Q Allfllilf HER EURU5 ANU WHEY Al-.UNB lQliNf-HEI-E27 4 H KINNAMAN. FR.xN11r:s . "Franz-iv" M, A. A. li 5f'I121if' 33 f'1I'l Re' Al"1.XSSHL'l1lll0IlIQIJI'iilllll1ll'SCllllJ srrvvs 1. 4, fgnsiwt' gsnlimlfl' ' ri 'lHgm?3mu' liI.INnr'm.'i'i-.ii.XYir.i,1,ni . , "Hill" -..... .-:10r-.ui.g por- 1 f1ll3,4, 1-mi :xg x-my Staff :L 41 N. s. in f"I'W'1'1'1' U' .X. lluiiw-uliuu lg lluilc-r lfic-Inl lmy Zi. Iiimiaiam, Ihnssna MAE Ac-zirlcniiv COUILSF. illlmrilc- 112120115- I' A55. lf .A ...'A' lc' f mics Club l. Lg h0r'l.l11 '. ' 'lsgiilfk ltuguhjg, 45 1f,,4,i1,alfuil, gg Music lfoslival Sig Briar Rusr 2 llzlskrlbull Il, -lg liusvliall 2. All At Suu 3. liI.1a'r'r. NORMAN ,... , . "Shorty" , H ,L . .. i Gln-0 Club 23 Nliuslra-ls 2g Oper! l.AIll'I2. I.. lilIAl1lAI.S ..-. 9 I-'HIP vita 23 llmixr-i'vutirm Club fl. Glvf' Clllll -51 l'fH'UfUll 1- -- KING, liATHYnN . .... "Kingy" 4 H, ,, Glee Club 2: Girl Reserves 19 I,AfHURE, liovl, . , . .Shorty Opel-Qiia 2, SCIPIICC-Blillll J, -1. I-'mn x'-ifiri: FORTY-Sl' X LASLEY, AGATHA MAE . . . "Gush" G. A. A. 1. ,. IAAVVLER, GERALDINE .... "Jerry Girls' Glee Club 2, 3. LEAsUnE, FRED . . . "Cedric" Usher 3, 4. LECIQIION, PAUL FRANCIS Bible Study Club 3. 1 LEli,MARJORIE .... . . "Marge' Academic Course. Girl Reserves 1, 45 Spanish Club 3. xt-im - AND E ajmeareuwarm are LEVY, KENNETH . . "Bud" Football 4. LEYVIS, Iinrru I.AvoxNE LI-:wIs,ImaNE , . . . . . . "Katz" G. A. A. 1, 25 Glee Club 3. LEWIS, NIARTHA .IEAN . . . "Martian Girl Reserves 3, 45 Spanish Club 4. LIPSCHITZ, JEANE'r'rIa . . 'Jennie' Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 French Club 2, 3, 45 Secretary 25 Honor- ary Society 3, 45 Student Assem- bly 3, 45 Executive Council 45 Senate 2, 3, 45 Secretary 45 Sei- ence-Math 45 College Campus 4. R !!V!PelL AWAY f 1 1 is LLOYD, ELEDITH LOUISE LOIDL, ALFRED .... "Larrunin" XVrestling 15 Track 2. 35 Foot- ball 1, 2, ll, 45 "A" Club 1, 2, 3, -1 LOUDENBACK, FERNEVA . . "Neva Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Senate 4. l.II1'rON, JOHN Lvs1',KArHRYN RIA! . . . "Kate Girl Reserves 1, 25 Glee Club 43 Senate 4. FORTY-SEVEN H LICDONALD, ELEANOR ALICE "Mickey." Choral Club 3, 45 47th Continental Congress of National Society of D. A. R., YVashington, D. C.. 19385 XVLXV 19385 Glee Club 25 Girl Reserves 1, 45 Girls' Booster Club 3 45 Executive Council 3, 45 Secretary Of Class 35-365 State Teachers' Associa- tion, Indianapolis, 19385 Hono- rary Society 45 Basketball Queen 35 Prom Queen 3. NICIQONALD, ELOISE EDITII . "Dodo" Girl Reserves 1, 45 Glee Club 2, 35 Choral Club 45 "Briar Rose" 25 "All At Sea" 35 State Teach- ers' Association 1938. McDuIfIfEE, BILL ....... "Mac" Football 15 Track 1, 25 Junior Police 3. LICFARLAND, IIARY JANE Senate 45 Science-Math 45 Gir. Reserves 3, 4. BICBIANIGELL, CAROL JANE . "Janie ' Latin Club 15 Operetta 15 Science Club 1. i 1 I 1 J-ff nm. FORTY-EIGHT NI1LXX'il.1.l.u1s. lluu. I-Q1 mmm "UPlll"i Mode-I .Xivplmiv Club 2, Zig Soil-nw Nlulll Il. Nhulsox.l"1.ulu-:Nui-I . . . "I"ln1i1"l 011-114-sil':i I3 Svuim' I"l'i1'Ild5l!ill 1,1rl llc-seliwr-5 .L NlAl.A4.l'l-Lime.. Nl,xum:Anli'i' XIAY ",llu1'g,"' li. A, .L l. 2. IS. lg Girl lli-srwxva 2, ll. XIANIS. IVAN NlAN'ruu'rH. Nllxxua ICLLHN Girl lh-sc-1'vvs Ii. ,lg G. A. A. 2, Zi, 41 St'lQ'llCl'-Nlllill 2, 4: Svuatc- 'lg Ilrzuuutics Club lg X-lluy Stull I1 "Xlunnslliuz- mul llmu-ysucklm-". Nluuxxus.. l.Ol'lSL HAM' . A'Wi:g1 J 1ii1'llii'm-i'vz'sl.Z.g St'll'llt'6'Axi1liil l Alun.:-1 lfn,xmls , . . . "I"riIz Mlm- Club Sig llpvwllu llg Nlin ilrvl 'S Nlvrrrx, Nlmn' I-Zu.:-:N . . . "1'i11ky' film- Club lg Girl llvsi-l'Vvs l. 2 Jig Sz-nutv 2, Zig l,l'illll1lilL'A Club Il, lg S1't'l'l'lill'y lg llUllUl'1ll'j' Soc' iz-ly IS, lg Sllulu-ul .Xsm-mlmly l. 5l,x'x"i'1l13ws. GI-1n.u.nrNl-1 . . ".lf'rry' M,nwl4:I.l.. Hum. , , . i',lIll.1'lE' mia pug Mm AWAY l-if mm MAX MAH v lixi MA NlAY.XYAI.'i'1:H . . . "Wulf" , Nllclxl-:1.. Alt'l'Hl'li ,,.. , ".lIi1:v" 1 llc-Xlolzly Il. 45 S, A, ll. 1. 2. ZS, -lg l .luuiur Optimist Zi. I. Nlicvl-:R, ll.xx'x141xb ...., "Huy" llifli- Club 41 1101154-iwxiliuli lllub lg Sci:-lu'r Club -1. Nlu-in, BI.un'M,uua.uua'1' . . . "Judy" Girls' lllc-4' Club 1, 25 Girl Re- s4-rw-s 1. 2, ,lg H, A, A. I. ifolrrv- N 1 N Ia'H, BARBARA ..... 'ABaI1s" G. A. A, lg Glev Club 23 "B:'inr liosz-" 25 Home lic-unomics Club 2. 43 liirl li:-sz-l'v4-s I, -l. NiII.l,lfli.1.llAliI.ll'll'l'I-l llirl lie-se-rv:-S. NlII.l.lili. llmus l.orlsla 4 - . .. - ,. - . hlef- Llub .ig All At 5.111 J, Hume- licmmuiuivs Club l. XI11.i,l-'n. Xluu:,mic'i' . . . ",lllII'IlH Nluxrnx, lmxas ...... "I.1uzi1"' liuski-llmll l: 'l'r:u'li l 1 lirmsli-1' lllub lg llusz-bull Il: l'iil'l1' lilub l. MAX' ff wg? vw? FIFTY it 1 MINlau,.IOHNN'ns , . . . "Donnie" Baskz-tball lg Rifle Club 23 Fool- ball 13 Boosters Club 13 Track 13 Baseball 2, 3. NIITCHELL, EARL .,,, "Mitch" Trzu-k Il. 43 "A" Club 4. lIITCHELl...lACK , . . . "Mitch" Rifle Club 33 Track 13 Football lg liuskctbull 13 X-llay Stull' 3, 4. M0m.laY..lox'cl2 . . "Johnny" G. A. A. Monmza, CHARLES XVILLIANI "0s1vald." F. F. A. 1, 2. 3, 43 Agriculture Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. fAKlNYax HEP XIORGAN, CARUL . . "Kam" BIORGAN, EUGENE . .,.. "Gene" Track 1, 2, il, 'lg "A" Club 4. MORGAN,HAR1lI.D . , . "IIully" Momus, HELEN BIA!! G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Art Club 1. 43 Girl Rvserves 43 Stanm Club 23 Girls' Glee Club 33 Orches- tra 1, 2, 3. Monms, ROBERT ...... "Bob" Honorary Society 43 Student Council 2. ll TV-0N I! GUN IN l-ll-5 Mouomat, XVILLIAM l'., Jn. "Billy" Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Gln-v Club 3: Ball State Music Festival 19383 Choral Club 4, Slate 'fezu-l1Pr.' Convention 1938, S4-nate -lg Siu- denl Council 3, 43 First Statl- Convi-ntion ol' Sludi-nt Coum-il 1938. BIITSTIN, JOHN NY li. . . "Mus" Mingus, 1XLBl2ll'l' ...... "Gown" Fooibull 1, 2, 43 Football Camp 1, 4. Mvxaus, HARRY . . Hliddie' NEESE, JACK Blooiuanlonx Romzns , . . 'fPic" sfillllvll' 13 lJl'lllIllf1llCS 'Club 2, 3, 43 H1-X 2, 3, 43 Clem- Klub J, 4. Nlooms, llom2u'l'I.YMAN , . . "Bob" Airplzmv Club 1, 2. 33 Fencing Club 33 l:Slll'l' 3. Nlumu-1. OTTU ....... "Ott" liiise-bull 2, ZS: St'lt'llL'0-xlillh 1. M.00llli.XYIl.I.I.-ARI .... . 'KHill" Cons:-rvzitiun Club 1, Blom-:z.AND, IRIS G. A, A. NSW LA SAML E Nl-Il-'l-'.l'lRANl1lS . . . "l"1'ulmiu" NEVIN, GEORGE , ..... "Boll" Curisurvaiinm Club ll, 4. NEYIN.1lOlIN ..... . "Nev" Consvrvalion Club Il. 45 Basket- ball 1. 2. Il. -ig lfnutlmll lg "A" Club 2, 3, 1. NEWMAN. VIRGINIA . . . "Ginny" Choral Club 2. 3. lg film- Club 2. 33 "Briar Ruse-" 2g Class Sales li, -lg Music Educators' National Confcrencv Vocal Audition. Blin- neapolis 21 National Snciety ll. A. li., XXv1lSllll'lL!,l0ll. IJ. C., Il: VVLNV 2. 3: XVNIAQ 2: XYLS 22 XVJZ Ilg Slutc- 'I'c-zu'l1ers' Associa- loin 2. lg Gift flfllllllllllvm' I. NIt1Cl'M.XXvANDA blAXINE Choral Club 3. 4. -17th Cnntinrns tal iloxiarvss Naliouul Society ll. A, ll.. XVasliiugton, D. C., 19383 Stale' Teavlwrs' Association l93Rg Glu' Club 1. 25 "Briar llnsvu 23 XVIAV-NV.lZ 1938. Nn:iw1.s. blAlHlNNAl"liAXl1lNlE "Homin," Class Szxlus Sl. 'lg fi, .X A. lg Dcun's Assistant -1, Nn:llnr.As.llm'a1l-1 A . '2Yir'1: 0141-1111.11-zs. . .. "Anniv Hrm0x'zu'y Suvivty il. lg Arl As sm-lution Zig Ilifla- Club Il. O'linn2N, llnx.u,n . . "lion 01.1vr:lz,lJnN.xI.n . , "Ollie S1-nails ll. H 'KU Gill FAIL QF WATTR . . . 1 l 1 1 I 2 1 1 l --Q- lrkl-Il-Iitllglll lfYIiR'l' .l, I, ,l"S11lu'11l ll!lll.l.ll'S. lll-:l.lsN . . "Flip" 'll'Hl":.'1n.',l.lIl . l'.x'1"mx. XVIl,l,l,kNI . . "lm U lgilllll I. 2, Il. I. lllxli' All-A l'l-IRKINS, l:l.UYIl . . . . . "l'4'1'lill llmm' NH"""5.1 ' ' ' ' ' ' HFHZZU Sl-if-iw:--Nlutll Club Il. l'- A' ll' I5 l""l ll"5""V"5 1- H'3r"1"E 'gmlw ' ' ' "Win"-l l'm.l's. Axnmcw , , 'flllllllu . HSS . il VS . l'lIlil.l'S. Rm.:-Ln N1-11.snN ...,... l'll0Hli- EUNA MAH "SlipxIrru111". .auninr Conserva- tion Club lg St'lCllL'l"Nl2illl Club 4. I-'IFTY -Tlllilili Girl lla-se-rvvs l, 2, llg Sz-:mic Ili Girls' Glen Club -1. F01 ll PR1DDY, Louis . . . . . . , "Louie" Band 1, 2. 33 Camera Club 4. PRnzs'r, XYARREN L. . . "lVa1'py" PRICHARD, IIADGE ELEANOR .... f'.1ladgie". G, A, A. 1. 2, 33 Girls' C1119 Club 23 Girl Reserves 43 Svnatg 33 Annual Staff 4. PRYOR, CHARI.0'l'I'E . , , "Charlie" Girls' G11-0 Club 2g G. A. A, 1. PURSLEY. LEE ...... 'iPopgun" Svnatp Il, 43 Vice-Prvsnde-lit 43 Science-Rlatli 33 National Schol- astic Prvss Association, Indiana- polis 43 Junior Conservation Club 3, 43 X-Ray Staff 43 Eflitor-in- Chief 43 Butler Fic-ld Day 4: Track 33 Ping Pong 4. Ruiulatix. IAUREN , .... "Iiu4'1:" Honorary Society 3, 4, RAINES, Burn ....... "RuII1ie" Glee Club 1, 23 G. A. A. 1, 23 Opcrctta 1. Rizcomns. Bon . ...... , "Dinh" Choral Club 2. 33 Glm- Club 2, 33 47th Continental Conairt-ss Nation- al Society oi' D. A. ll.. YVashing- ton. D. C., 1938i Statv 'l'0at'lu-rs' Association 191183 XYLXV 33 XVJZ 8. REISINGEH, JACK ....,. "Jake" Rifle Club 13 Art Association 23 Conservation Club 2. RFINIFORTII, XXYILLIABI . . . "Hill" Boys' Glcv Club 23 Operetta 23 Minstrels 23 Spanish Club 4: X- Ray Staff 43 Honorary Socie-ty 4. STAIRS who ---- ----rv 1 FIFTY Puavsoums, LANVRENCIZ .... "LC" Band 1, 2. 3. -I3 Oi'l'll0Sll'2i 1. 2, Ii. 43 Track 2, Ii: Choral Club 43 Na- tional High School Band Nh-lnbvr. St. Louis 3. ltnuiu, KATHRYN ...,.. "Killian H:onorary Soi-ivty Ii, 43 C. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4. lhmzv, IJOROTHY EI.1.laN . "Dottie" State Coinnu-rcial Contmsts 33 Girl Ilvscrves 1. 2, -13 Sr-nate 33 G. A. A. 3. HISINLEILR, MAx . . . "To1u"' RITTENHOKTSE, THIZLBIA -NVE SPED fu-uuwua 71-uw nunuimm RI'FTF1R, BIQRNADINE . . "Bernie Senate 243 Art Club 33 Conunittet- for Junior-Senior Pl'0lIl 3. Homurrs. JACK . . "Alba Ilwiry' Choral Club 43 Senate- 33 Conser- vation Club 33 Latin Club 23 Baseball 1, 23 file-e Club 3. -1. Romani-s, JEAN li'rHia1. . H.ft'flIlHf8n Student Council 33 Art Club 2. Rom'riNuER, HARRY S4-nate 23 X-liay Staff -1. Rocsns, GEORGE GILBERT . "Gillu" ,4 -S Iloulxi-1. lilarrv lfIl,l1liN , . "Bel" SANll'l'l.I.. Cu.xru,i-ps ll. . "C1mrlir Girl 1h'S1'l'Yl'S 23 G, A. A. Zig An- .luninr lmliui- 23, nual Stull' 4g Class Play 4. HIIMINIC.lll'lll,lbl-1Nli ...,. "1'nn14' , 1 s 1 , U , Scivncc--Nlzilll Sig Girl lll'S4'l'V1'S I fAN'l"'RS- Xx"Al"-"fl Mg -1 'HH 2. gg: g,.,m1f. 3. 35 lg. y' gg' 1: Arg lfoullmll lg Junior luluw- .L .Xssucintiun 2. Ii, 4. lluxsmalu. ll0Sl'13lAH'1' . . "Iloxic"' 1 -. ,. 4- . 1. Sc-Iizllp 2: li. Y. C, I: Huiml'zii'y SARMA I' IAM" Surivly Sl. Ig lfri-uch Cluh l. Ross, llIlllliH'l'A .IANH , . . 'Alfnhhyu ifiifflfl?Nlmlflfgi' t'l"f4l,Zm'nil G, A. A. lg Spanish Club 3. 41 muh ,1.'l'QQlQl21,H1ull I ' ' A Upvrvllu Zi: Girl Reserves lg Glm- ' Club 3. l Scliumau. llu.nA lluula llorsu, llow K. Y. C. 4. - , F5 5 AS' WHH FE 5 .5 N QW SCHl'YI.liR. llll.I.Ili XY. C. . . "WU SHAW. l'llYI.I,lS ..,, "FH-r'I:Iz's" Fri-llcli Club 2, IS. lg l'rc-sidmil 2. Girl H4-sr-rvcs 23 Scif-lice--Mzilll 32 Il. 4: Vice'-l'l'l-s. 23 ll0nur:u'y Suv- G .L .X. l. 1 if-ly li, lg llraniulics Club Il, .3 5 I In l l I N 1 Senulv I . 1 1 1-sic vn 1 'ic -- l'1'vsicl4-nt lg llislnry Cluh Eg SPL'-'l'l'l'2lS, 2: N. S. l'. A. COIIYUII- lion, lndizinupulis I1 X-Ilan' Stull' W 3, 43 lidiim'-in-Chii-4' 3, if K, Y. Sillci-ul-Lim. lll1It'Ill.-K . . . . , "li01'l" C. -lg pl'f'Slll1'lll 1 Q Sludl-ul Assvnx- iimrr- lic. 25. lg .M-:ull-lille Cuursv. hly lg l2Xl'l'llllYi' Council lg .lun- im' SNVl'1lll'I' lllllllllllltvl' fig Smurf ish llluh lg l'i'n-sixlvnl I3 Pl'Hlll fl0Illllllllt'l' Si: Cmivurulions Pru- grzun lllrlllllllllbt' lg fll7IllIll0lIL'1" mont Sp:-:ilu-rg GiI'l Cnmiuillm- l. 5lll"1lfl'S-XIMWVN ll-1-VW thu nl llub l 1 I f -1 1 I. g lTlh National Sfwivly ll. A. ll.. XVz1sliii1glull, ll. C.. l'1IlNg Nlfusli. Clmpc-lg XVJZ- Vfl Vf: ll"iza" llnse-3 llzulio Club 1. 2. Il: Slzrfn- Nl'illil"4'l' Sl. 45 Stuilf-nl Sr:o'r'1'. Huwnnm . . "Sa-nllif-" lilm-lrif'i1'n Zi. lg Sci:-lice-Nlulll il 'pun' 'i 1'lub'l 1 SCOTT. l,i-1ux.x Art Club I, .l SHA!-'Iill. lluius SHAHTI, lll"I'Il Spanish Club Opvrc-lla Ilg G FI F'l"Y-SEVT-I'N Xlln' . I, . A'Sl'llIfllH 5 "IW lllllll 3- 4- Silly-1.1-'xy VIRGINIA Ifrumzxizi-. . "f"ll11'lPu Sll4!li1lAlil1ll. llmuairr NY. JH. . 'KBIIIJU llmun'm'y Sorirly 3, lg Plwfsulmil lg Spanish Cluh 3, -lg Prvsldenl . , . . , . , "Ruthie," IS: Hills- Club Ii. -lg S4-mitv Il, ll: Il. lg Glen' Club llg Annual Stuff Zi. -lg Radio Club 23 , Ag. ,xr QQ 3, flllIllIllf'llCQ'lll6l'll Speaker. PIPTX LH H I' Simw,u,'ri.n. FIKANKIIQS . . A'I"1'u1111il-" Girl lll'SI'l'Yl'S l. 23 Xflluy Stuff IX. 4. Sl'llUiI'il'I.I-.ILll1lAlil.l-ISlf. . "IIlzu1-If" Clmral fllub IS. lg -47th tluuliueu- tal llungra-ss Ib. A. R.. 15438: XYLNX NWN: All .Xt Se-za 102,73 Yvll lmurl- 01' 2, Il. I: Slim' ll-l'2N'll0l'S .Xsfu lfflblg lli-Y 2, I: Svliilll' Zig pil 1- Llub R: 5luclrul l.Ollllt'll A. Jig Suciul .M-livllin-s linluluitlm- Ii. Suiuwlau. Nl.-xuY . . . ",lIlIl'!llt'H SINIMUNIIS. Rmu-Im' , ..., "Rolf Clxurul Club 1: Slam- 'I'z-zu'lu3l's Assuciuiiuu ISHSX. Sims, Klum' l.orlsss . . . t'llvl1l'l','l'lCH ri. A. A. 1. 2. fi. 4. Sklxxlan. NIELIEIENI SRIXNIQH, I'R1zs'rnN Sumx. ,l1ulNia'1"l1x Surru. Box XII-I SMITH. lmvm , . Foulbznll I. T . ",YieI" Hslfillllllu Jffllllllitfl "S1nill11" IS ro -Au-B':ErH WMKING GD n FYFTY- SMITH, KA'rHEmN IE . . . , . "Kam" Sxlrrll. XVINIIINIA . . . nnillllllll Girl Re-sc-rvvs lg Sci:-m'r-Blulli Il. 45 Sz-ualv 2. SMITII, I.l.ux'1i , Art Club -1. SMITH, NIAIUIIIZI. SMITH. BIARJORIIA. . Girl Resf-rv:-s 2. Honorary Society 3, . Snrrli, Mun' JANE serves 1g Glrle Club NINE fll'lliliAI.- .Iu'Ni2 Svuulx- .21 hlrl Rz'sv1'x'L'S l. lg ..SlHHt,.. II4mu:':1i'y Sm-il-ly ZS, lg Latin Club ' ' Sig Aluluznl Sl:ll'I' Il, lg S4-uim' C':l-s Plzly Clilllllllllvl' lg l"I'l'lll.'ll Club Il. I, Sl'1l.1.u.xx, .losi-:vu ..... ".ln0" llllllllll' Pulicc Il: lizuliu Club 2. il. . "Jlrr1'g11'w" Syuanas. llUIlI'1H'l' . . . "Hob" Ihlle- f.lub J. '1S1niIiz"' l: Girl Rem S'l'Al.l-IY. .IACK 2, X-Ray Slufl' 4: Golf' 'I'fA:1m 4. iv' A ig STAN last' , RA Y Nllrcilusu, . . "Wop" Football 1. -l: Glu- Club ll, 43 Junior Police 43 'WV' Cl uh 4. STANLIQY. lil-:Nic ...... "Stun" I looihill 1 2 Studi-nt Managvr u' F 1 - Q .L 4, llaskftlmall l. 2. .l. -ig Track ig l -X' 4 Sweats-1' llmnnlitlm- Zi lluh lg I, 23 XY11-sllil 3 ". ' 3 Studi-nt Council 2, Il: .luninr Dance Cmn- lllilil'C'. STAN l,liY, 1i0llliHT XYUODARU "Won1lie'l STFPIHQNS. limxERT . , . X-Ray Staff ll, 4. . "Rob" S'rIaPnlaNs, XVANDA ,... "ll'in1Iy" film' Club 33 Riflr- Clul liconomics Club 4. J Ilg Holm' STITH. NIARSHALI. . . . "SIiffp" S'r0L"r, l1I.Am VAN , . . . . "Are" Band l. 2. -ig liriar Rum- 25 All At S4-a Il: Xlinsirr-is 2: Cl10l'1ll Club Il, 4: National D. A. R. xY1lSlllli'Ll0Il. Il. C., 39 XYIAV ll: llavs' flee Vlub 2 3 STOUT.l.liII.Al"HAN4iliS . , "Nikki" G, A. A. 1. 2. S'nna1a'rs, JUANITA . . . "Slreely" G. A, A. 1. S1'1'.m'r. Mun' lfmmzias . . . ".lli.-vs A11a'ers1m". Fl'f'lll'll Club 2. 3, -lg Orchestra 1, 2, il, 45 Student Council -ig CUIIllIl1'Ilx'l'lllf'lli Speak- 4-r. 1 1 MN UW TJHIE E Zililmfi SXVAYZE, J llonurary Annual S Chic-I' 4: Svnali- 25 HHN ....... "Butch" Society Il, 43 'l'i'1-as. lg iafi' Il. ,lg l'lKiilUl'-lll- Yvll Li-ailci' 2, 3, lg liiflc' Club 3. 45 Opal'- MQUSE S'rl'mai-:0N. ISAHBAHA "Baby" Latin Club. Srrsullsns. blAHl'HA Jimmie" Class Sal:-s ll, ,lg G A, A. 1. l SI'Xl5ilEl'iS. NIAXINIQ Stn:-min. llAnu1.n l l l SURFACE. Run' BIAE Glec Club 2. 3, 4. SIXTY-ONE Pffii 3, 'l'ANNiaa. Rmnaar .... . . . "Hob" F. lf, A. 2, Cl, lg Dairy flllllgllllg 'l'f'an1 3. TATl5,li0BliR'l' . , "Tnl4'r" 'I'.n'r.1m, Cl.AmaNc:xf THoM.xs,LAwaENm:1-1 . , '4O.vr-u1"' Orcllr-slra 1. nf' SY.l'TY-TWO l'nou,xs, NIAMLAHET Tnoursox, lliwfxx Cain era Club lg 0z'cl1cslru 15 I-le-1 ,lub 4. .. . . "Taming" 'l'isoxir'soN,livifomw . . , "Bowls" l vvtball 1, Trio zxixrma. i5ia'x'rx' VV' Reserves lg S4-iiulv I, 25 Ilon- orary Society 3, 4: Girls, Hoos- ff'l' Club 2. 3, I5 Fri-ncli Club 35 X-Hay Siaff 3. . . . "Remy" 'l'ooMns. CA1u.ANn Lic:-1 , . "f,:.'1" 'l'mcN'1'..loslal'H , ..... , 'hlw' Ili-X 3. 45 Choral Club 3, -lg XR Still' 'S I "ill X' 'i' .- 'ly .2 -. Q ' .' s"l .iz Cl:-v Club billlSf1'l'l 35 NVi1sl1- ingzton. ll. C., ll. A. li. Conven- tion 35 liaski-lb'ill 1. 2. 35 'I'i'a.-li l, 25 lfootbull 3. 'l'l'iu.m', linrru , . . . . . "Edie ' Girl lime-rvm-s 3.15 Art Club 3. 45 , Junior Pr nn Connnittf-e 3. l 'l'l'nNiaa,Romau'r , . . . uSl'l1lIlUI'N Give Club 3. 15 Op:-rellzi 15 De- 1 bali- Tvzun 3. f L"r'r. IDA xl.-KY Honorary Socielv lg S!lO!'lllZil1d- Typing Conti-il, lJ'u1villo, 31 Slate Typing Conlz-sal, Muncie. 3, , EE LATE HUHHY -QIIL--M6114 ' X'ANMl21'ian. JOHN EIJNVARD . "Yun" Snnale 1, 25 Dramatics Club 2, 3. 45 Honorary Socif-ly 3, -15 French Club 2. 35 Prom Chairman I 3: Blznuuzer Candy Staind -15 Clirlsi- nms Play 1. 2, 35 Senior Clusfa Play 45 l'i'esi1lc-nt llranmtics Club 3, 4. "Gf'c':z'l" VA N M ia1'lsli, lioinairr , Ari Club 1, 2. . . . . "l1'4'ISJ' Vi-:s'r. Bm"1'v . . . Stuslf-nt Council 3, 4. , . "Bob" XVALKER. ROBERT , Basketball 3. XVALKER. Ton Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2. 3, 45 Operctta 35 A Night at the Minstrel 35 Boys' Glee Club 35 X-Ray Staff 3, 4g President Dramatics Club 4. SIXTY-THREE XXKARFIIELD, SHIRLEY Girl Reserves 3, 45 Club 35 Opc-rvttzi 3. XYARM-:N. OnviI.Ln Spanish Club 4. Wmvian, JM: K Rnziunn Wizun. Alun? JANE Bible Club 3, 45 Art riirls' Kilm- Assoriziiion 1. 2. 45 Girl Reserves 1. XVEBB, SARA IELIZABI-L'lH Home Economics Clu bl. -'z f-'WS 1 ST.'1TT'Y-FOUR SIXTY NVILSON, XYAI.'rlan ..... "Burl" Riflf' Club 3: Conservation Club 4: Srivm-1--Malll 4. XVISIZ, BIARY EUNA li. .L A. I. 2, 4. xX'lSliHAR'l'. JEANETTF .... "Jean" G. A. A, l, 2. J, -1, x-Ru y staff 3: Senior Salfis -15 Czunvra Club -l. XV00n, BAuu.uu .... "Ifouby" 1 1 nl 1 GIPP Club l. 2. 'S 1, 2. xX'0Rll,TIllELlNIA . . Q" lic-serv 's uslffllllffq Give Club 45 French Club J, 4. Girl Ilesrwvos 3. 4. -Flvn XY:-:nklNu, IKALPI1 lll'H'l'0N lluncl 1. 2. 3. Ig Ori-ln-slru I, 2, Il, 'lg Stump Club Il. XVI-:s'r. Ruznuw ...... "hir-lf" Boys' Glu- Club Zi. 1. XXvIZS'l'.XX'll.l.IAM .IOHN . . . "lfilIy' Vocutiolml Aa. llzaskz-lbull 'I'n-:nn 1. 2. 3. 4: F. lf. A. Il. 43 Livo- slovk Jud-.iinsi 'l'1-um 33 V4-ge-lzililr Judging 'll-uni Ii. xXvliS'l'0N, Honu- lic. Club I: Girl llc-'swve-s I. NVHlsl.cHm.. Alxuls Glvf- Club 35 liirl ll:-serves 43 Opvrctta 3, xv0IKl.liY,SHIill.A . . "7'ilrl:c'1"' Xvlillil-I'l'.l'lAYNVARll . . "1llllllUlI't"' -17th Continental Congrvss Nul- lunul Convention D, A. R., NYasl1- inglon, ll. C., Sig Brozulcasls XYJZ XVIAV Zig Statv 'l'eacln-rs' Associav tion -lg lloys lilac- Club Zig Min- slrvl Show Il: Orclu-stra 1. 2, ZS. -I: Cunn-ru Club Il, I. XXVRIGPIT. .IVAN rm ..... ".Yilu' lil:-0 Club 1. 25 SUN' Sll0W li Girl Rvse-rvc-'s 1. 2. Il, .lg Upw- Piizi "All At S1-al." NVRIGIIT. NlARI.l41S'I'0N .... "Mink" CZllllP1'il Club Ii. 45 Suieiwm--Maili Club 3. lg Annual Stall' 4: X-Huy Staff -1. ZXVICKIEI., l-Luucx' lfmlzulaic, Ju. . , , "Zuvi1'k". Ilrzililaiivs Club 2, .L 43 "XYhy 'l'!'1l0llf'l'S Go Nuisfi "Six xxvllll Pass XYhilv ilu- Len- ilvs Boil," "Moonshine- and Hon- Pysuckli-"g Annual Stuff 2, 33 G11-0 Club 33 Open-ita Zlg Blin- strr-I Show 35 Art Association 2. 3, 4g XV11-stling VPPZIIII l. 23 Riflm- Club 35 Fencing Club Il. -1: Son- ior Class Play. XYHITIQ. RIIIGIQRT ....... "Hob st'lt'lll'l"xllllll Il: lil:-1' Club 4. Winnie. lloms X' ...... "IJu1f0e" Girls' Glu- Club Zig Ops-re-ilu Zig l.ulin Club Il: X-Hay Stuff Il, -K. XY1l,l.lAMsuN,.loslavnlxlc . . . "Jo" Glu- Club 2, 3. XX'll.l.l.u1snN. l.owlzl.l. . . . "Burl" XX'n,suN. Clarilr ...... "I.Pfl11" Sci:-1101--Nlutli -13 Se-unto 43 Glu- Cfub lg Spanish Club 4. l 1 f Axmzmzu, NIAXINIE . Um-'A ix.. 1.1,, DAN I'21IlUlli ll. fu., f.'2iIllUl'Kl. N. J. 1Zlil'1'l'li ,,:2.1. JH, 15.38. Hi-Y 2, Zi, l.u1'mm1luzi'. i':lNiAR Iil'mzx1a "!i1'1:e ' M-w xxixlml m1Ag5.xpY XY:n'd lost his lllv Ill an :mutu- nmhilz- zivn-ich-nl 174-va-lnhz-1' IT. IHIQT. H11 wuuld hux'z- glwlclllzllc-.I this alms ui' IWW XY1 wis'i with tu 4-xpn-ss nur dw-11 I'l'2l'Q'i that hc Fillllllll hm- with us now. 1., i':S'l'HY-IR SIXTY-SIX BIATIIISON, 1':'l'llliL Iiusxxa Iilcc Club 25 Spzmisli Club Ii. NIAUCK, ll0Bl2x'r Culrris . , . "Hob" Boys, Glue Club 3. MILLS, NlARY lllauzx Nluwl-ilw. Mvuux . . . ".llil:I"' lioys' Glen Club 3. . . 'XVII-I." Nu1Hul.s. HAmn.iw flliblllili, NIORRICIZ , 'tlulinnir' l,A'l'E,HliNRX' . . . . , . "l'utvr' linskc-Ilmll I. 2, li, Ig lffbllllblill I I 2, za, .Ig 'iw-ui-k 1, p, 3. Ig un-J Club -lg "A" Club 2. Zi, I. l'iauK1Ns.lilzNNis'rH . . . u1,8I'li'l l'lc'rRY, JACK NllI.l,lS . ..,. "Dm-' Art Club 23 llifle Club Ig Fenc- ing 43 Srim-lim--Muill 4: Spanish Club -I. Ilmanlaa, HAY b Junior fl0llSI'I'YllllIlll Club 2. Russ. 'lllllELBlA G, A. A. 2. lll"l'HliIlI-'IlRlJ, Slixmaus. PAH. ll ..., . "Suml1l' Cnnservntimu Club I. SlY'l'YfSliVEN Am-ii.. .XH'l'Hl'l'k . . llA4:i.iax'. CARI. lllaxrsow, C, XY. . Fuutbull 'l'1':u'k I. lixmssoxi. liA'rux'RN . . lirussfnl, I'A1'i.iNlz . . ".I1'l "Cl1ir'I."' l, 2. Il, Ig lluskn-I Sl'IllllI' I. liuuas. Iimilau YIRIEII. , . . lbuxnox, lb41"rx' .IIQAN . ti. A. A, 2. 3. I. liluxnux, Ilmus PA'l'lKlI'lA . bull 1 "li1lIi' "l'r1lf' ' " I'irg" "Rel uljllf limmks. NlAll'l'll,K liLl.l-:N . , ",lI:u'l lI.'XltI"I-IN'I'l-IN. NI.urriN , , , hflflfllll lfuuibnll 2: XXll'I'Slllll"' 2, Il. flA'l'ICS. .MAN ....... . . "Jo Girl ll:-se-rvn-S' l. CI.,xl'vlz. Ilonmrr , , . HIIVIIIIII Annual l'l-mlm-limi Il, Il, Cnyu.. .Imax Iuvls. liuu, . Ill-Lumah, limi. . . HIHIIN' "hurl: lllaxxls. HRSA C,mm.Yx G, A. A. l, 23 llumf- Iii' Club 4. SHARP, l'1ARI. ....... 'K-lfllll' Foutbzill I: XYVA-stling: 15 .lunm Police Il. Sllilflili.XYAYNliIlliHAl.I1 . . . MSW! SINIITII, lfrossm , . "SmiIlxy II. A. A. I. S'l'IlNE,l'll,0ISli .... . . ullur-I: Flu Club I 2' Ili Y Club I 2 n". ...- Culmm-rrizil Club I. 2. 'l'uwNsl.m'. Bla'r'1'v 1514-if Club 2. -Ig Girl llf-an-1'x'I-s 2 Spanish Club I. XVIHSE, NX'lI.L1AM Sri:-:lcv-Nlzitll 2. f . - Y.u,:aN'r1 IN xi, JA Nl lax XX 1r.1.1.x M s. lmluam' XYiI.1.1s. livi-:ul-:'1"i' .L "Pnl "Jim "Slr1'11y , 'Ilfob "ll'illir xYl'l"l'lil!Illl'l'. .Irma . . . . Ilpcrvllzi 21 Iilm- Klub 2. I-. A X I 'P 4. .-. XYnx,lf1f, !l.uu'lN XYRIIIIIT. XIURRIN Firm' I'ziirul 2. I I, I, .lui sm-rvuliuu Club .L I, " Wnilly "Cux1'y lim' IIIHI lf.xs'l'MAN, .IAIZK Hi-Y Club I, Flal.l,l-LH. llllIKliR'l' Illilllliili. YIRCII, . , . "Hull 'Al'il'q Gmimv. Iiruiaxla . . . "llrmf l' Cu.mI.1as lhnxlsrl. .IUHN . . . . ."flllllI'llt' llzuul 1. 2. Ilg Ilrvlu-sll'u 2. l'lll,I!I-ZRIHKANIY. BlANlli SYINIA Hmmsnx, llUli'liR'I' Hl'XIIQlI1lilllll'Sli. X-llaly Mull .L lll"l"l'IlN. Cfmam. llrrrux. Yummn Fuulbull 2, Il, I Isuus. 'l'1mMAs Nlmla-I Airplzuu' I..xwiuaNa1lc. How liomzuwonu, Hom NIAINFS, PAH, Choral Club 2, . . . . , Hllnh llAI.Pll I. . . "Iliff . . "l'i1' . , , , , , , "Tum Club I. 2. :um , , nllllllllllll iN'i' . . . "Huh 'I I' Ili Y 'P' Y-I -, - ..,,4 tmuzxl Music f,Ulll'l'llll0ll il: XV:ish imilon. ll, C. Ig nllriur llusm-" I Glu- Club 1, 2. :pi TY-lilt GLASS? QF THE JUNIORS To be a Junior means to enjoy some of the long-denied social privileges of the school. Every student looks forward to the time when he can wear a class sweater, pin, or ring, or perhaps all three. The Juniors this year dazzled the entire school with the sweaters of gray and green. They really created a sensation. They started the year well by electing their officers: President, Eugene Yatesg Vice-President, John Tracyg Secretary, Barbara Marineg and Treasurer, Warreii Stultz. The class sponsers. Miss Margaret Mullendore and Mr. Arthur Shirey, worked with the students and certainly had a large part in making their work suc- cessful. When a student becomes a Junior he has acquired the self-confidence and prew- tige which he has lacked in his younger years. He is permitted to belong to the best clubs of the school and to assume responsibilities which enable him to take an active part in school affairs. Following other activities this year was climaxvd by the Junior Prom with the class of '40 playing host to the class of '39, Every student looks forward to this event from the time he enters high school until it actually occurs. As the members ofthe class of ,40 leave the Junior year and enter their last, they, as all other Juniors, have as their goal to make the next year their crowning one, IX NINI GN 'Q' x ww an 159' W, xviff-filliil Svipx-I l'4I'l'lI l1z11'sn11 I '11'I IGI-IaI1a11'dt UI Ii iw- lim-C'sIi11g,: 114111 l1:1IiL'l' l IIN Xl I' . il'I'5 lic-lly Nlulllm-ws Hill Nlurtz X1'I111z1 I-.l11'l1A11'l ia- livllx' I':11Il1'x' N111 l',1I:1II1 l,:1i11f IMYIII .I01 I II.11 fly Allan 1 l11'11vv I1c1I IIi1I1.11'1isu11 II1111le:1' 111111111 gm' Dillz l51ll In 'muh n -v Yi1'g.gi11i11 .I11I111sn11 'l'h4'l111z1 llnvii II Inu N IN 101 1111'- 11211111111 11.1511-1' In-1 111a'v U II4-1'1111 Klux 1111 Imvls I-:II-111,11.' Alice- lIi1'Ii:11'1I li11I1 Ilosin-1' XY:1l14-lI:1 K. NIc'l2i11 SI-IYENTY A1 Q! i gravy? is S , fix Q fo. liN'l'Y ft! Nl-I null! flllllH'll Hull It ll ll Sllilfvl' VII -+- '1 Q n-- , Gs. Yil'g4il1iu lllmmll N-REQ -my .ku- Ila-Hn-rl llIl'll!'l' Hill Sulutin N xx :ll .l:1n4- I 4-111115.14-I' -giniu 'I'lm1llpsnn Hun Iflzunlwrs l"l'!lIll'1'N Sallzu Xlim- lQillll41I'1' Dun lion-41 Hill HI'll1'l' 'l'l11':1slwr XX :ly 111- Thru nb 1h'1l'lnItv XX lm-ln-1 .lu llI"' 1 .Iuswph .laulws liuplin l'll 'y XYU Allis. .xllll lfzlllxwii ml Luuis tile-nm lhxllis XYilIs Ilismv Ya-rmillil Hn NlIllil:3QlI4'I'l'H Illll XX lllul P4-llv I:-'nl 5l'll'I' , ..,. l'0I'I a-sl Iiluhxx llll' I-urrm-Il NIL-l'-ulmh-11 Yirgillixn l':1l'ssu's an fa M, Q., ,,:L,, ,SX . AGB' X3 f . y. .gum -ew, Wav Hllxlzl .l1ll'I'l'll Hull: NIcK.:ll'lx .luvk Hun Im' Nu! I-m'1'm-at I4 xw-1-mann Null 4 wh Mr A mln Allow-III1-v rris I4llslml13.Q I illizm lfllm1ing,flmIn Nlurx l'1l'iltll llflll Iiiwllallwls till I'1'I'll HIIIIYIIII Q1 Ilulmld XX 115 . 5-- 'righl .XIII-4-11 Lllzipyn-ll Ihmutllp lhmlumn NI:u',im'i,- Nllllml 1 lxulxu l..m1lu-1'l 4-Vslmm lwrl' Vulx- .. x .. lima 1.1.15 Nl lllilllllll XfL'f,lII'I'Q XI1H'illl in H4-els-I' lilllh 'Uh-n l':1uI llrlllr-V .luvk lnmlulx :ary ICH:-11 llummld .lzwk Phill rim' XX'i4i4'll4l Hill l'4'h'INnll Hill Sll:ll'I'n-I' l3:l!'l'1-l lim-I slsvn-::v1'x'-'lwx 0 nag' www . rw rg as fy... :u'jm'i4' lhemlux W In nrgm' N14-I lr- ,.. 75' X lilltll Iirllm lum' liulmllm IHII P1-Nil ' Slunpx ii., 1- liill Slillsull fix Hull Nlinwn Yirggiuizl lin lmn Higgs 'I'Iu-Ima: XXX-lkvl' V1-lnm XYilli.lms Norman la an 'l'l'1-ml:-pfml 4V:nx-' l'l'4-vlnulx I.1Il1f- 1.1-uv I'Im-lrlu-r llln-VI l'l':u14-:A f.lLII'lf'h 1-:Alle IRIN-n1wl'5 Iiingu-n Xlury I'-I'ZiIll'l'N Sp.n'lxs , .loc Sl:-xx ut 1 u-ul livin: X livllx Twill l'l11'l'l4' SFZYF-INTX -TH NLF .loam Sissun lun: Ilursh- In nwrllly lxiph:4l'! In-ttv Hull Hl'Il'll Smal? .Wk gg.. 1 Rv. ' uw ' 1 k Q ' X , I :E - Q 'N -Q' , 5- Y ' ,V F K L1 ft :5ff. '- "Wm ' t V W :'- X 539:-. f b' Q 1 Mary Sczesny liuby lwllilvl' Olivo 5I2ll'illll liiplmrl Mm' xll,'f:2lI'l'l I1:n'lmx':1 5I2ll'ill4' NliIlll'4'll Ilulllzimivl' Nlnrilyxu Wzlllu-1' l'1':mk Nlchzalmm- Ifzmnim- Blau' UXXPIIS Yvunm- lI1'l1clr-lwell Putty Gutlmric- Maury llxulri fullfillllllil Ashby Ninn 'I11111151 Jack llc-nsvl Hrm- Nlourl- Iinsvoc Lzumfy Jlbllll .Xllrn H1-Hy Iizxxie-1' Mary Huxxzwml Nlury lilnvn lluil Mlldrm-fi Iivllvl' Anmu GitllllI1D1lkf'S K2l1hPI'iIll' H4-rlllzllm 131-tty Luuisv 12:151- I':xL11 Burnwlt lilixuhm-llx Pull:-1' Tum Slrnud IZNTY-FU VliN'l'Y-FIVE' wks, fa-sr-w f-'bu lun- SIIIIIINPVS H4 ly.-lx liufss I nth Ilulmohl H' nm NllI'UY4'l' rn .lx-nkins lE1'l'Ilil'1' .lmxu l'v Immun XXUIL1-v' Nluvllp n lmlllllfl 'i lsiiy Hum I, vs? NI my I,:mu 'mlil I4-x XX':ln4I:l Kfiurk NIu'Il1.n .Xu in mv I I'I'l Wx-ali ll Stuzzrl .Xlim NLIHIA5 lulm Hillllllllvlll Ilm'uIh3 tnrrx Ilzuyfmmfl Nl nu Hvlln 1.:u'114nl4v Ium XX nlsml lhlnnh NY l'1lXl'I' Xlurn-llm'11 Il lliuu ul' N1 Il1vn.1l1I Ilfmpm '. ua In I ln lx l"x1'lu-1' Imlwxiln XX Nw XXu1'l'4 ll Ruhr v H4-ills' I-4-Il: lull x 'illmmx lI'lll lmh lllml In HI 1, QM X ff. ffm X rs X M ,rf .. ,fi 2 "v ll nwm Nl'Illllifl Hop ws X ,Lfllllll l.0l'lH'll U5 I,4-ilm l'll'll'Illl Xlnlm-lin Ilulumrm- l Xlrginii liruss ' 1.1-nuru .Mlm wr! 'l':iylnl' Dol IIS I H1'c'l1'l' Hal Vu-Il xlill lie-um-lh Ifux'l1u'r livil luvllr-sl lmld .XII lllmu y Huhich .luv Iirmmlwlmbllrpr 14-lzlu llaux lmgx Dirk HiIlQ'S Jzwk I M 2ll'jI!I'i1' l'1y4ll1' lfllllll-l NIA z 1- 5llI'iIlgI'I' Iiiulmlwi 1-Voss N IU -mu-lll IM-l.:11 IUX xIillll'L'II lilwxx ill E fh:xl'InHr- Il11l'pL:m livllx' SIIIIVIDI' UPU! l.4'1' ikius Xl! Xfurtlxl .If-:ln livyulll Hike Marlin LUIIIS4' Sll N. NIHYICNTY-S l livtty flomit-y sEv1i'N'rS' isnvnx Mary xIlil'L-f1ll'l'l 0'lIc-run livlly Selle-plc-lnzln Betty Nlurtin ltill lluttmi .loam Major ixatliryn XVulk0l' Mzlvy Riggs Harry Bt-vkllzmi Clara Lmlisr- Smith Tum Marshall .ll'1lll Sllulnhznlpxli lidflim- Adams Hollis- HIT!-Zlll' G1-orgc llockznln y Virginia l':nrs0ns Va-ru Lcuvvll Mzlriv Sylvvstn-r .Xnllu Juni- lillis liugc-nv Smith John Fivlds lizwl fiillll0llS livtly .lu Linvilln Joseph Culnptun Ruth Amir- Harrison Edna Smith Joycm' N1 il la XVamlu Skugp SLVEZQ TT-LIQHT M 4 Ill THE SCPHOMORES The Sophomore year is usually a quiet time in the life of high school students. The Sophs are no longer freshmen and they have not had time to do anything outstanding. During this year they strug- gle with geometry and other subjects and begin to acquire the poise and self-con- fidence that will distinguish them when they have grown up to be a great big senior. However, the sophomores razzecl the poor freshman, trying to retaliate in some way for the way they were treated last year. Last year the sophomores chose Mrs. Repetto and Mr. I-iosier for their sponsers. This has proved to be a very wise choice. Dean Moore was chosen to preside over them and he is ably assisted by Don McArt, Barbara Jones keeps the class records, and Martha Jane Lambert takes good care of the treasury. This class is an up-and-coming group. They have taken an active part in school affairs and some members of the class are becoming quite well-known. All of the members of the star bookkeeping team are sophomores. They are: Ilene Former, Raymond Precup, and Frank McManigell. George lVIclVlahan is a member of the champion debate squad. One of the cheer leaders is a sophomore--Burton Can- acly. Dick Stewart and George lVlclVlahan have worked on the advertising part of the X-Ray staff for two years and have done a very good job. We'll expect a lot from this class next year. 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These turned out to be freshmen. At first these: ugreeniesu were over-awed by the self- confident and intelligent looks of the up- per-classmen. They were confused, too, by the many hallways. However, after a few months the frosh became used to the big school and lost their terrified expres- sions. Now there is little perceptible difference between them and the older and more experienced students. These young hopefuls showed much promise by choosing as their sponsers, Mrs. Grahame and Mr. Miller. Mrs. Grahame is new to our school also, and she under- stands their problems, while Mr. Miller, having had more experience, can help them become adjusted to high school. The class chose Jim Wilson as their president and Bill Wagner to help him. Jean Ann Haul is their Secretary, and Bryce Brown, their Treasurer. Freshmen donit have' much time for social life. Most of their time is spent in trying to remember room numbers and the names of their teachers. The unlucky freshmen also have a struggle with algebra, which takes up most of their spare time. However, this year's crop of freshmen have loyally supported events spon- sored by the luckier upper-classmen. Members of their class were often seen swinging at school dances and no doubt they will become well-known jitterbugs next year. PM HI! 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H. S. is the Honorary Society. It too is a member of Ll nation-wide organization stress' ing scholarship, having joined the National Honor Society April 14, 1938. Members are selected from those in the junior and senior classes whose grades are outstanding. Although the society is sometimes considered to he merely a col- lection of intellectual bookworms, statistics show that those most likely to succeed in life are those who made high scholastic records in school, As their project for this year the club undertook to write the history of And- erson High School. This work was carried on under the guidance of Miss Hirsch and Mr. Shirey, sponsers, and Bob Shoemaker. president. Nancy Badgley, vice- president, Betty Herold, secretary, and John Swlyze, treasurer. - . . ... . Q- N l !Ei'1L' .11S'lY9r.'.w. 'E :1'1g,f--'ivfiimCSC-1'f7'1fa1'1'1!"T-1 " 1 "Kris:-Elf-1 ... 7? ' DRAMATICS CLUB Once again members of the Dramatics Club have shown their remarkable ability to entertain by the numerous plays presented throughout the year. The first of their successes was a "good old melodramaf' "Moonshine and Hon- eysuckle," presented before the student body at convocation. To show their appreci- ation the enthralled audience emptied their pockets and let it rain pennies, slugs, buttons, and three ping-pong balls. With the returns the dramatists purchased and donated two spot lights for the stage. Later the club held their annual open house and presented four short one-act plays. These, too, were accepted with greatest approval. These four plays were cli- rected, acted, and staged by members of the club, A short play, "Not Such a Goose," was given for the Parent-Teacherls Associa- tion early in March. Late in April the Dramatics Club broadcasted "Julius Ceasarw over W. H. B. U. The reception was complimentary. The club officers for this semester were: President, John Van Meter, Vice- President, I-larry Zwiclcleg Secretary and Treasurer, June Speigal. Much of the club's success goes to the sponser and director, Mr. Ralph Boyd. BIRTH SPANISH CLUB E1 Circulo Espanol has held many interesting meetings this past year. With Billie W. C. Schuyler as president and Jeanne Partington as secretary-treasurer, how could the club fail to be entertaining? Meetings were held every second Thursday in room 303 with Mrs. Strickler as sponser. Games and contests were enjoyed by all. H...-.p--v A Q THE GIRLS' BOOSTER CLUB Under the able leadership of President Nancy Badgley and sponser Miss Brown. the Booster Club was opened this year to all girls of scholastic ability and fine char- acters. This year the club led a drive to collect unused clothes from the student body, render them useful and distribute them to less fortunate individuals. The Boos- ters also gave a dance and a convocation program as part of their activities for the year. H1-Y The picture above shcvss the cream of the crop of our fair male sex. These I-li-Y boys sponserecl two school dances this year and at Christmas they had a party for five hundred needy children The officers are: President, Harry I-Iudsong Vice- President, Walter Jones, Secretary, Fred Hurst, and Treasurer, Ben Early. The sponsers of the club are Mr. Slnders, Mr. I-iosier, and Mr. Bailey. JUNIOR-SENIOR GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves is the oldest club in high school. This year the Junior-Senior Girl Reserves have been active in school affairs, and they have had very interesting orograms at their meetings, which the girls, themselves, planned and presented. The officers of the club are: President, Janet Ebel, Vice-President, Betty Hupp, Recording Secretary, Ellen Baughmang Membership Secretary, Emile Goldberg and Treasurer, Ferneva Louclenback. SOPHOMORE GIRL RESERVES The program of the Girl Reserves is the betterment of self. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, charity work was emphasized. The meetings are held at the Y. W. C. A. after schooi every Monday. Mrs. Maines is the Y sponser, Betty Schmitz is their president. FROSH G. Rfs With a varied program of activities including a Christmas party, hikes, ping-pong tourney, and a dance, the Freshmen Girl Reserve group has led an active existance. Officers include Amelia Downey, president, Martha Decker, serretaryg Barbara Scott, treasurer5 and Wanda Gritter, program chairman. Miss Eggiet is sponser. '6- ADVANCED NEWSWRITING These classes were in charge of the X-Ray which is published from October until Nlay. Novel changes are made periodically according to seasonal activities. Billie W. C. Schuyler was editor-in-chief last semester and Lee Pursley the sec- ond. Mr. Baker assumes the worries for securing copy material while Mr. Barnet supervises the printing. 5 is 2 . ' Lg, .. .ss its TI-IE ART ASSOCIATION This club, formed for the purpose of furthering student interest in art, is headed by president Burldene Romine and Sponsers Miss Hirsh and Miss Balyeat. In the monthly meetings many different speakers have stressed the various types of art, such as caricatures, paintings, and commercial art. Contests have also been held in the various meetings. BIBLE CLUB The Bible Club, guided by their president Nlary Jane Vyebb and sponsers, Mr. Baker and Mr. Hallet, has had a most profitable year. The purpose of this club is to help students become better acquaited with Biblical characters. At the present time the members are studying the religion of various countries and races. Other officers of the club are: Mary Gordon, vice-pres.g and Pauline Webb, sec. LATIN CLUB Sodalitas Latina has had an interesting and eventful year. Led by president Crist Blassaras and with Miss Nagle as sponser, the club had a Christmas and Easter party, with appropriate contests and music. Qther officers are vice-president, Eloise Randallg secretary, Louise Silerg and treasurer, June Spiegal. SENATE One of the oldest and most highly respected organizations of the school is th: Senate. This club was organized many years ago under the direction of Mr. Black. It meets once a week in the library with the English critic, Miss Critchley, and the Sargeant at Arms, Mr. Denny. The Senate is very active in school affairs. Cnc of its first activities this year was the dance after the Anderson-Technical basketball game. It closed its year with the annual spring banquet. The slogan of the Sen- ate is, "If you can talk, the Senate needs you. If you can't, you need the Senate." The officers of the fall semester were President, Don Collins, Vice-President, Billie W. C. Schuyler, Secretary, Jeanette Lipschitz, Assistant Secretary, John Fin- ney, Treasurer, Joan Sisson, Reading Clerk, William Davis, Assistant Reading Clerk, Gordon Fisher. Officers of the spring semester were President, Billie W. C. Schuyler, Vice-Pres ident Lee Pursley, Secretary Bonnie Weaver, Treasurer Keith Bond, Reading Clerk, Bob Ditteon, Assistant Reading Clerk, Charles Hurst, Assistant Secretary, Joanne Savage. NINTY-SIX r 1 NINTX SIXIN TI-IE SCIENCE-MATH CLUB The Science Math Club was first organized in 19l8 and is the second oldest club in the school. Sponsored by Mr. Horton, Mr. Stewart, and Mr. Lee, it develops speaking ability and teaches more about science and math. To join, one must have one year of math and a year of some science. One-half credit per year is given to members who take an active part and do not miss more than four meetings a semes- ter. One year the club put pencil sharpeners in all the rooms and since then the school has kept up this practice. Also, they have bought scientific books for the labora- tories and they are now considering the purchase of two electric clocks. This or- ganization is a social one as Well as an educational one. They have sponsered 11 skating party and the annual picnic was held May Z9 at Noblesville. Experiments in photography. the study of stars, and discussion of evolution are held at the meetings. The officers are: Don Collins, presidentg David Fisher, vice-presidentg Harriet Mantooth, secretaryg and John Finney, treasurer. vlan THE K. Y. C. CLUB The Know Your City Y. C., Club was formed in 1938 for the express pur- pose of familiarizing the members with their city. The club meets every week, At every other meeting, trips are taken throughout Anderson. Billie Schuyler and Don McArt, as first and second semester presidents respectively, have been in charge of the meetings, while Mrs. Crutchfield and Mr. Hallet are the faculty sponsers. ,, ,4-AW, . Q WA-M - y..,,fy-Y CONSERVATION CLUB The Anderson Junior Conservation Club under the sponsorship of Mr. Morris has done much to further the conservation movement in Anderson and Madison County. The clubis motto is, t'Conservation through education and restorationw. The club is the second junior club in the state to own and operate their own game bird brooder. The officers for the past year were: President, John Finneyg Vices President, John Neving Financial Secretary, John Heideng Recording Secretary, Jack Reisinger, V THE COLLEGE CAMPUS CLUB The College Campus Club, sponsered by Miss Kendall, was organized last sem- ester. Its purpose is to study the requirements of colleges and their tuitions. Junior colleges and their main attractions are also discussed. The officers of this club are: Mary Featherstone, presidentg Marjorie Thomas, vice-presidentg and Charles Gauss secretary-treasurer. CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club is among the many new organizations of the school. This group has its own dark room and makes a detailed study of photography. The of- ficers for the past year were President, Edgar Timmonsg Vice-President, Marleston Wyrightg Secretary, Betty Lou Garrettg Treasurer, Norma Farreng Sergant-at-Arms, Keith Hardyg and Sponsor, Gordon Julius. G. A. A. COUNCIL M' 2 G. A. A. Council has been E1 busy group this year. Nliss Cimpbeil I as spo 1- f- 'cis the organization for the past two years but was aided tliis year by Mrs. lqzalme. The other pillars of the :association were: President, Mildred Hirtmang l, ice-President, Betty Farrerg Treasurer, Delores Stoopsg Secretary, Mary Ellen ""H' Downes. Sports Chairmen wereg Betty Matthews, Mary Sipe, Kathryn Kailor, 11.1 Nlalaguerra, Mary Jane Helms, Estelle Fletcher, and Louise Smith, 1164.9 'Mv- 'X- a 4' 2 4- Q' 5 XF, . UN li HU NDREII GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCU TION l The Girls, Athletic Association has ccmplctcd its sixth suc- cessful year in Anderson High School, The m 'mbcrzhip is open to any girl interested in physical education activities and mem- bership is held by regular attendance, coojeraton, average skill, good sportsmanship and enjoyment in activity. This organization is affiliated with the Indiana League of Girls' Athletic Associations and grants awards according to a point system worked out by the state executive committee. This year eleven girls wi'l receive state awards and others will receive local awards according to the number of points they have accu- mulated. Our organized activities include baseball, soccer, volley ring tennis, basketball. rumbling, swimming and track and field. Social activities this year have included hikes, wiener roasts, a skating party, a dance, and the final banquet where all the awards are granted. This group is sporsered by Mrs. Grahame and Miss. Camobell who have attemp- ted faithfully to guide this organization and place it on a high standard of achieve- ment. , 'V A v ' ire naw--if , FQ H .FT t iff: This year Betty Jean Brandon has been chosen as the out- 5 standing senior girl in the Girls Athletic Association for her cocrerafion, reliability, courtesy. honesty, manner and skill. Betty has been a member of the G. A. A. since her freshman yearg she recieved her school monogram in 1937. her letter in 1938 and this year she will receive the state award of the Ind- iana League of Girls' Athletic Associations. Betty is especially interested in baseball, basketball, tennis, and hiking and hopes someday to become! a physical educator. Her hobbies are reading, collecting pictures and traveling. The sponsers and members of G. A. A. congratulate her on being awarded the hihest honor conferred bf' th: local organi- zation. UNH lil' NIDRHU UNH ORCHESTRA A hard-working, somewhat unappreciated organization is the orchestra of Ander- son High School. Composed of strings, Woodwinds and piccolos under the direc- tion of Mr. Richard Rencenberger, the orchestra has given us many fine convocation programs. This organization presents fine oppertunities for the more talented musical students of high school and should be supported by all. W BAND One organization of which we are very proud is the band. Under the direction of Mr. Rencenberger the size has been greatly increased, and parents of the mem- bers have organized. This section of the music department offers a wonderful op- portunity to those who wish to develop their musical ability. .3 uv' ' ' ..- ye ,-.---- GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls, Glee Club, too, has been active this year. They sang at the Madison County Music Festival and at other places. Both glee clubs assisted at the thirfl region of the National School Vocal Association Competition Festival. Martha Goerz and Treva McCreary accompany the Girls' Glee Club. BOYS' GLEE CLUB The Boys' Glee Club has been very active this year. They sang in the annual Christmas program at the Central Christian Church, and they have sung at several other churches and at civic clubs. They also took part in the Madison County Music Festival. Juanita Gahimer is their accompanist. mn.. 1 A. Z . ' A V- L -f. .C f' ' CHORAL CLUB Once again the Choral Club has brought fame to Anderson High School through the fine leadership of Miss Ruth Hill. The Choral Club sang before the State Teachers Association as well as at the State Choral Festival on October 27th. Later they gave the annual Christmas pro- gram. Early this spring they made a trip to Detroit where they sang at the North Central Music Educators' Conference. On Easter Sunday the Choral Club sang in the American Youth Program over a national hook-up. At the first general session of the National School Vocal Assoc- iation, they were hosts for the competition festival of Region 3. This was held on May 12th and 13th and choirs from Michigan, Qhio, Indiana, and Illinios partici- pated in the contest. Along with these excellent accomplishments, the Choral Club has sung for sev eral churches throughout the ycar as well as singing at Baccalaureate and Comu mencement. Anyone that has heard our Choral Club sing agrees that we certainly should be proud of them' just as we are! U I Ill NIIKII ll H Hunnius :ull s' 'if 5- 2 Yi' TI-IE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is our participation in school government. This organiza- tion consists of two bodies: the Assembly, and the Executive Council. The Stu- dent Council not only serves the students in the government of the school, but it also trains future leaders. 'NX EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The officers of the Executive Council were Dick Brown, presidentg Crist Blass- aras, vice-presidentg Betty Rose Badgley, secretary-treasurer. The officers of the assembly were David Fisher, presiclentg and Joan Sisson, secretary. HU 'EHIDVDLE BSHHIUIDLE W EE ii U L E T H E ff? 'E F? Q. E 19? My xi ,, TY Q' 9 T H E Y Q TREF? WND BHMEESN . , , 1 , fi' Q:F?a?I53' i' J 'P-'ia X -F ..---1 , 1 ,..... y s 1 Z t IV ff' PWLHV5 WND KQESMIQXNE ES, ME www we Jaw, ,Q 5 SUR XXNDXKHN' :BUYS - THE RECREATION ROOM One of the greatest accomplishments of the year was the establishment of the recreation room. After a long, hard struggle the dream was finally realized. The recreation has been of great advantage to most students especially thiose students who are unable to go home for lunch. It has not only been open at noons but also after school. During the past months it has been the scene of many gay dances. Probably the biggest attraction of the room is table tennis. It was here that the first high school Table Tennis tournament originated. Among the other attractions are chinese checkers, dart throwing, ball rolling, and ring tossing games. A great cheer should be given for the founding of this place. ONE I-IUNDCED SES EN 5 W "N 1 1 2 Y ig 9 E I Facuurv Qrmum. S refs: I I i EMM -W.-5:3:i.:5 H TNM-N.M -'m ums-A :Egg-I-i.-:,g:-, - I ,:5:.,.,... :.,:.- ,... , my V -- 3 -M S 1 N Cuff? - .:..:. : ,,,,,, ,1w .. ..,.,,- - w- bu y -----:-,:-:- V ""' I .-,.,. taxa' V W V 21. 31 ?1:12f f ,- . ' - 'Q :,.., W ..,.A.., I Y F' I.. 'M P-1:-fm . .,..., .... - . wg. ffffi Q A V , li H ' W A - ,., A 3 ....,, ..-v ii , 1 ..,. ' 1 . S ,ff :Q v' Q fm , K : ' fw- -gg. ., Sf? x - .g'33,,"',,. V' ' . if " ' 'f ' L f '1 1 Sfffi' 'f 5.::....-.:'-:wx-:-Nxagfigigf ,222 Q 'I Q xx - -'14, 11 :. mm AQ BQ xv M., 310+-... Q ,. , fy . ,Mn . X nf vm.: ,,t....,v.W 5 gay ,Q .gs , gm , . H tw p LM ww w M N, Y E V So..Lu-rezaamv Cas F Ja.. Lwreafmv EDS- -FIPISTS 5fiiQ.Bussu es s Emroas Bu -Snap Emroms 'VHQTOGRRPHERS ,,wA A, ,A ANNUAL STAFF The beaming faces on the opposite page are the members of the Annual Staff: Editor-in-Chief . . Assistant . . Literary Editor . Assistant Literary Editor . Organization Editor . Assistant Organization Editor Business Manager . . Assistant Business Manager Advertising Manager . Assistant Advertising Manager Senior Editor . . Assistant Senior Editor Joke Editor . Assistant Joke Editor Art Editor . . Assistant Art Editor Circulation Manager . Assistant Circulation Manager Cartoon Editor . . Assistant Cartoon Editor . Snap Editor . Assistant Snap Editor Photographers . Typists . John Swayzf: . Tom Dorste . Julia Ann Arthur Martha Ann Stuart . June Spiegal Joan Sisson . Walter Jones . Kenneth Delanoy . Harry Hudson . Warren Stultz Margaret Jane Evans . Patty Guthrie . . Jean Goss . Judith Ann Jones George Donaldson . Robert Taylor Robert Shoemaker . . Bill Martz Arthur Grossenbacher . Earl Kokes Norma Jean Durgan . . Jack Cade Marleston Wright, Robert I-losier Madge Pritchard, Betty Romine If any one person should receive credit for the structure of this year's annualy, that person would be George Donaldson, who spent hours arranging and re-arrang- ing the book. Students who helped with the cartoons and art work were Cletus l-lilligoss, Newton Simpson, Eugene Morgan, Bill Coats, Lloyd Smith, Quinlan Gil- more, Lucille l-lannaford, Ray I-lodson, Harold Lunsford, Joan Miller, Ralph Pike, Warren Priest, Norman Soales, Billy Van Dyke, Keith Watkins, and Mary Jane Vifebb. Many thanks are due to these clever students, and to the faculty board: Miss Adams, Miss Balyeat, Miss l-lirsh, Mr. Baker, Mr. Brinson, and Mr. Barrier. 'I HL IRI! NINI UETROVI' IRIP TI-IE CI-IORAL CLUB TRIP TO DETROIT On Sunday, March 19, at 8:15 A.M. the Anderson 1-1igh School Choral Club which is composed of 78 members, departed for Detroit to participate in the Nat' ional Music Educator's Conference. A prayer service was held at the train station before leaving. Registration was held at the Barlum 1-lotel with two ersons in P each room. A community sing was held in the lobby in the afternoon, in which 1500 persons participated including the Choral Club Members. That evening the club went in a body to witness the performance of Conductor Eugene Ormandy and Soloist Bidu Sayo in the Forclys Sunday Evening 1-1our which was held at the Masonic Temple in Detroit. On Monday evening the General Mo- tors Corporation sponsered a trip into Canada. Monday afternoon the club went on a visit to Greenfield Village. Several girls went shopping at 1-1udson,s the lar- gest department store in Detroit. The performance of the Choral Club on Tuesday at 2:30 at the Statler 1-1ote1 climaxed their two day visit. However, thrills did not cease fill the group reached Anderson, for the return tri was made i ' h p n a private coac on the new streamlined Mercury, that travels at the rate of 95 miles per hour. nxr Hl xrmx run lg' 5 , ,mr -H1 WAsmNGTom TWP- wma Mn Bmrsx YVASHLJGTON TRI P from March 27 to March 51 this year, seventeen people took advantage of the annual trip to Xvashington D. C. sponsered by Mr. Bailey and Miss Arbogast. On the Way, the group stopped at Cincinnati to inspect the Union Terminal there. The train ride proved to be a thrill for the most and the Lee I-louse Hotel furnished the best of service. In Wasliington, the travelers viewed the usual inter- esting sights, including the White I-louse, the Supreme Court Building, the Cap' itol Building, Mount Vernon, etc. One unusual feature of the journey was the visit to the Masonic Temple in Alexandria, Virginia, where George Wfashington was Wortliy Master. Here was seen the chair on which the first President presided, the trowel he used when lay- ing the corner stone of the Capitol Building, and 3 picture worth several thousand dollars. At the old and new Smithsonian Institutions, the group were allowed to refresh their memories by digging up the relics of the dim. dark past. The tourists all agreed that it was the most interesting trip they had ever taken .'l1Ll are looking forward to more such trips. I HINIRII ITININ Q-is . VOCATI NAL RI R O AG CULTU E 25215 , The department of vocational agriculture is just fin- ishing its fifth year of not only winning state and nation A 1 .i., T5 . al championships through the efforts of local farm boys - -sgztffl-fe? 1552. If pf-,., 1 .:, but giving in addition some technical training in agricul- ture that should ad materially in helping to solve some of the major problems in the field of Indiana agriculture. 1' p'b i f ii ' gf Our current story begins when last years annual went to press. Junior Mauck exhibted a dozen of white eggs at Purdue and won sweepstakes medal. Live-stock judging team made up of Edwin Rodecap, Fred Leemaster and William West won Madi- son County championship and state championship at Purdue in sheep judging to win bronze sheep trophy for a second time in the last three years, West was third high in state while Rodecap ranked fifth. The team ranked fifth in judging all classes. The dairy team members, William and George Pugsley, Raymond Gordon and Robert Tanner won the County Championship and placed forth in the state. The corn judging team composed of Russell Bailey, Lawrence Pugsley, Donald Hiday and Wilson Bronnenberg won the county championship and ranked twentieth in state only twenty points behind the winners. Wilson Bronnenberg placed sec- ond high in state to win Indiana Certificate of Proficiency. Each contest had over fifty teams entered. In the state congress of Future Farmers of America held at Purdue, Donald Hiday and Fred Leemaster were two of the twelve receiving the state honorary degree of "Hoosier Farmerl' in F. F. A. Charles Mohler and Don- ald Hiday each received ,310 certificates and Edwin Rodecap, 85 from the Interna- tional Harvester Company for being three out of thirty-six in Indiana to win on Farm Management records in National Contest. After school was dismissed, Wilson Bronnenberg, Fred Leemaster, and George Pugsley Jr. won the state championship in judging Brown Swiss dairy cattle at Col- umbus. Each received eversharp pencils and Mr. Kolb, a desk set. Early last fall, Lawrence Pugsley, a junior, walked off with the district contest and medal by husking 603.62 lbs. in 40 minutes, while William West ranked thir- teenth. In the state tomatoe picking contest at Southport, Lawrence Pugsley pick- ed 19 hampers in 55 minutes, while the state champion picked 24 hampers. Pugslev ranked sixth among 55 adult pickers. In 5A corn work, medals were won by Ray- mond Gordon and George Pugsley with yeilds of 123 and 103 bushels per A, res- pectively, a silver medal was won by Lawrence Pugsley with 93 bu.g bronze medals were won by Richard Rector and Donald Hooper with yields of 80.3 and 79.3 res- pectively. Thevegetable judging team, made up of Raymond Gondon, George and Lawrence Pugsley, and Richard Rector, placed sixth in the state fair contest. In the Hoosier Ton Litter Gold Medal Club, Edwin Rodecap grew a litter of 12 Poland China-hogs to 2658 lbs. in 170 days to win first place gold medal and trophy in Madison County. William Pugsley, another vocational agriculture graduate, was a close .second and also a gold medal winner with a litter of 12"Chester White hogs weighing 2503 lbs. An apple judging team made up of Billie Fletcher, Lawrence Pugsley, William West, and Richard Rector won the state championship at Purdue in November by scoring 1263 points out of a possible 1500. Pugsley was high point judge in state and won gold medal, Fletcher won bronze medal. for third high point honors. Reitz H. S. of Evansville was second. The vegetable judging team of L. Pugsley, W. West, R. Rector, and Charles Mohler ranked sixth. The apple team received their trophy and medals s hoanor guests of State Horticulture Soc- iety at Purdue in January. Edwin Rodecap won educational trip to Chicago In- ternational Livestock Show in December for having highest achievement record in Indiana in Brown Swiss dairy work. ' DWI Ill NI Rl! IWI V -W' nl fi 4 , 'I 4, E' V . V V L 5.5 X ' , , ' w- Q ' - 1A . VV A.,-V., V T A V A . - 'f 975253: f f . we 'V -- 3, V253 -g A ,L Q 1 Sm " "Q W ,-Vg .' .- '1 ,,c::..i,, ,af-V , ' 1. '1-F-'H , vw- " ' fx: Agfmg 4 X ' A I" 5 ' ' 5 , ., ,,-.wg Z: fl-+ 1' f ff'V .,.:,g 5 .Vx L- N. -- .V. , ,tyt 'L i V ,lagjiiwa ia., ' 5, ,. .f me ,, , Q 1 . -' Af i a L.-wi1'ffi'gsef 'ffyrs , " 1 --2' U. - My 1 if .51 f ,V , p w . ,., CH'V"P10'x' CORN PWSNNG FFA Hoosnsn FAR:-:ms Emma Gaowm CHMNQN Lsvzs-romp Juoemc, Smvf Cwmwuom Q,,,A,,p,o,., Conn Juoes AGGIES Af PURQUE f .M ' A + Wkfmwmfmfm X ' A , ' ,av ,gg-. -' 5 'P ' QE? mf SYATC CNAHPDN APVLE STAT: Cmmmon SHEEP Jvoeme TEAM Juosme Tenn wncn Fon Twnrsums AGNES Bm., Cwes -'Q A 71:7 iff !:fE.3w,. J FTA. SUMMER pncmc ,f , C1 fm" -f 1,5 3 -f A is Q 'Q V. . A ' ,, N .,, V - U Vx 4 A Q , Wfiv, A ,,.Iny VV! , Vyl, , V, V V A -4 ON iNsPic1-mn Tau: UNI, Ill 'NIPHLII 'lHlHl'lxl'.N Q L, h N. gag, I , - - - X ' f Qs 4. Y . mm inf: ff ,, 1:4-xx H-wma ff? Q35 lr!-Lv" A Hoosmcn FARMEQ 1 iw' OFF T0 FFA CM-up gb 4H Rom-up Af Puaouc , H . fllfy U4 1 . ' M Q fl 4 V V V V.. H Bus BARBEE M ' fx FEA. AT if ' , K mmf? '-.."w NWN- z 952. A- fm V V .V .V V ,sf VVVQV V V? V ' 'A . - 1 2 -- A A 5 ,.iF.,, . :L Az .51 51 , 4 , , 5, ..,j 3 . ' 1- ' ' Assess Grr Taof-'r-nE5 Ar Pueove . g 'J it fi ? H- ' f W Q , A , f ' . 1.. 2-A .,,, -q , . 'M f ' V ' ' Z ',.ff127',f3- ,VV,,wgVVy mf' if VV ipvV?,,.4Aa:g.,ffZ,VV.-V,V, Z?A:V '?'v-41222 . f . ,V. M N g ' 3 Q 7 -he-gg V - My , 11, ., . A PWLWY ""Uf""' ' . fkrr Nymph. ,peifff -. .,-Mf3'l 52 v l w -1' ff "" ' Mw f - M, " 41 2 "9-my! n .2 A .. f I ,, V AV .,5,,f - V, To Inova-4APou5 STOCKYARDJ Sun-e Cum-amos O:-xnav Tm-:Am The Bookkeeping team, composed of Ilene Fortner, Raymond Precup- and Frank lVlclVlanigell, assumed leadership of the stateis bookkeeping students by winning first place in the commercial contests at Central Normal College and Ball State Teachers College. The advanced Typing team, composed of Icla Mae Utt, Vera Hiclzy and Ma- donna Nichols won sixth place at Danville, The Business Acljustalaility team, composed of Alice Hosek- Virginia Crouch and Twyla Hutton won first place in State at Muncie. Nh Ill NIH Wm Mx "Q ix. , . agar Zi ww ,, ,W .Jn 1 wf 1, ., -'J' 'vm .L ,4 , "1 "F Mfr fza 4' 4 J ,www -1 A ' f , ia ff , 1- - ,Q . , W. E H VNIIRI-Ill ONE H VPS DRED ST-lVEN'fl'.FlN SENIOR CLASS PLAY It was by way of an experiment that the senior class presented "Death Takes A lnlolidayu. The play was a departure from the usual family comedy. requiring more elaborate sta in and more detailed characterization, so its with feelin s of a - n 8 8 U - . . W 8 P prehension that the class made its decision. However, its fears were without grounds and the weeks of hard but en'o able, work of the cast under the direction of ML. . Q J Y I v I 1 Boyd, resulted in one of the most noteworthy productions aver given on the stage oi A. I-I. S. Ir is only fitting that much credit for this production be given John Van Meter. for it was largly through his efforts that two amatuer performances on the nights of December 14 and 15 were termed "near-professional" by qualified critics. The cast, headed by John Van Meter as "Prince Sirlcin and Betty Herold as "Grazia',, included: Cora . Fedele . . Dulce Lambert . Alda . . Dutchess Stephanie Princess of San Luce Baron Cesarea . Rhoda Fenton . Eric Fenton Corrado . . Betty Romine . Eric Handley . James Carr . Norma Brown . Betty Vest . Qrpha Bathauer . Pierra Gephart . Dona Iles Lawrence Revnolds . Harry Zwiclcel UNI Hl NUliliD --ILIGHTHFQN A W nl fx ix 5' fwfr L' 9' F, HVNIIRIID NINIIIN ,Y , Y ,W ,ze E 5 ' 'Lila 4 4 sy 4 55 g,?,, gLQ,,, V 1' . , -V 4-il , 1 f X.-gg "Q ' v .N t ' N N AE 1. ' 4 - .---f-- " :Www If 9 1 ' ..,. . 1 , ,Q , I Q9 W.. y M me ' ff' ' A I L1 DEBATE SQUAD Nlembcrs of the Debate Squad this year included Ruth Allen, George lVlclVlahan. and Jane l-lannaford, alternate, on the affirmative sideg Roy Eggman, Ben Early, and Warren Rider, alternate, on the negative. Mr. Boyd acted as the squadys spone ser. The squad belongs the the Indiana State Debating League. The subject for de- bate this year was: "Resolved: That the United States should establish an Alliance with Great Britianf' Starting work early in the fall, the team had a series of Radio debates over WHBU in November, with four neighboring schools: Greentown, Ben Davis, Rushville, and Lebanon. There was also a series of auditorium debates with iiushville, Ben Davis and Hagerstown. Cn January 9, the team entertained fifteen schools for a debate tournament. Over 150 debators were here. The contest debates came in February. A debate tournament was held at Fair- mount to determine the sectional winner. Anderson won debates from Fairmount. Elwood, and Marion to become sectional champion, for which the members of the squad received bronze medals. All those who appeared in contest debates were awarded letters. In close debat: at Shortville, Anderson lost the zone title to Rushville, one of eight schools to go to the State Contest at North Nlanchester. UNI Ill Nllllf IXXIN ONE lil' NIURED 'IWVI-IN'l'Y -ONE X 'gg SQ we www yu-sn 3, lil! mwie, M, gf, gn-x, -A f.2.M.,,.,e ' 'jd in W M fi, .1 ,. 4' , xii Jxvw' H. fr. . 2 -9131255 g,22Q:gQf- .... W ggiffii 54 " ' F ' li , i v L' H ' I Eff. 'W K" x T ,,.. LAL iw :Q PRINTERS Much credit is due to Mr. Claude P. Barnet and his apprentices in the print shop. Throughout the year these capable young lads and their instructor have labored industriously to provide us with a school newspaper and yearbook. In addition to the Indian and X-Ray, the football and basketball programs and tickets, play pro- grams, together with printed forms for the many departments of Anderson High, are some of the Njobsl' for the printers to solve. Few students realize the mechanical skill necessary for the setting and printing of of the varied material necessary for the operation of a school. Boys are trained to handle the linotype machine, the large flat-bed press and the hand presses as well as to set type by hand. That this training has been successful is shown by the fact that every boy recom mended by the department far a commercial position has made good. I"lere's a real record of which other departments of A. H. S. may well be jealous. ONE HVNIYRII INN! NYY IXXU OUR SCI-IOOL'S SAFETY PROGRAM The school safety committee was organized at the beginning of the school year of 1937. The organization consists of seven members. There are four students and three faculty members on the committee. These members are Francis Humphrey, William Patton, Gerald Brown, Kenneth Sulkey, Mr. Gordon Julius, Mr. Norris and Mr. Bergervin respectively. This committee was organized to make our school shops a better place in which to work. The four student committeemen make a weekly inspection of our shops while our faculty committee make a monthly inspection. All problems brought up concerning safety in our shops are disussed thoroughly before any measures are taken, in order to prevent conflict between persons involved. These discussions take place twice a month with the student committee and Mr. Bergervin. The organization has met with widespread cooperation from the students and faculty. All of our shop students have been reasonably impressed by the safety work. The teachers have taken hold of it and pushed it up the road of progress. Our goal is to make our shops as safe as possible, but it will take time and cooperation, with an extensive safety program in the years to come. ON F HL N DRED TWVENTY-THREE X , ,f Q ' 2 A 77f7'A1.1IT' ,gfossefabacler fic Z K X - H3516 5 Mm 4' , 51 4 ,Q ii, M.! 2 I I H -Nr L Z QZQZ EW 5 Afixwggy f ix w, 4 f, f N P2 5 ll ' 2' ,J +9'X N ,V 1 f' ' Q H051 5 ' X? , I U 1. Y J 5 5' g : ,g,f, 1 4, ' X A , 5 Q' ' mfr! WHY ' X 5' 'XX - S, If Ffh if ,,,,, ,.,.."4 y :ou KIOOAEMYKQS , X 7' SE CROUDED 7-big 3,6 mn P M 4 "AW WE 'W 4 1 1,1 ,Q 1 -1 I, I Q45 MW ,, w"bj7'54fl!EB .Af f f f'r j X 55:7 TILZESE Exnf-rsf! Q Ppuy Monkey.. X ' ' '40 4 Cake f ff -1 I 5 2 Q 1 - KW ag! ,716 5 ,XX JZ! KNJJ : f - -' ' ,f 'ZW f0 Z5 2 A533 ggqmg W W 'em AWA l Z f X EAN f ' Q Eli'-" D z 4 f f -,fran-I X GI VE You 'r1!ZEE qygggsf 4552 ,I 2 i A ,bow A, K 1, , rxff y6LLQw .v4Lg J 0 E IT' Cg'Zl'b" 4 1 DW' 5 C Z 2 WAAWA Buy GTZEN Q QW E719 , J .. l f Z, ff, N G Q! ,- .h A .ff .wwf ' si. -A Q A fl if ,P S x Q ,iv x. If V 3 A ,1 - 55 X . Q 5 '54 , 07, Y 'ff Parma cn ,lfaplf IK41 our or if ""'i confreoz, W' Sang aoyg ggi! SAME! Ng A F! A W HE7 n1noz.s,ufw1.s,vHE Mouse-cmnsfc Afro me wo1.f,l t A AM, THIS, Gays AWA g7g'2ZLK Htcrvm' roolc A som Hap oven THE GAEEM glmsl X5 AN URIGMIAL rms' mmf cfmcfffasfe afeaxen -ro waw sucfl V'E'Q5'0'l QF TWT OL-0 fumes. A PUSH Hy 0435 QF As THE snup Rsssnvam. :Aopen wml me Avlb 'OUR SWDENTS' col-'Fees M0152-. I' ANY SIMILARIW TO ACTUAL ' .ffl ' psksms I5 wsmv AmneNm1. N iw.. -w A , X ,Z iii '-51, X X -'I N ' K . 9 + ui ur.-N. rw ME - I yn 'i wi 1 ah ' in I . X, . , ,KKK K K . KK K7 . lim' "X QV M s 5' ' f" ff! xv ,wg Him, GN P? 1 2 J I , . I U X K N ,Kixf x .Q I ' if ,,,-:.ff' I f i . ' 1.559 lx' 'A X - BY, OWWW 5 Q . 44 ' ' I X x L, i H10 ,gf gg, H -all, x V E' ' I 5 1 2 . ' qfmwx "x . Ig I ' '1...... 2 if ' 5 X M , 'i,,, ,., PICK LE ,oN1mv, .... Q: ,HQ X i x- " . N l K. X, XNK X K - K-K 1 I 1 r Q 4 W, 2 UK 5.-LK:K""A 1 ' ta- K 'h -.3 5 , M my N, --.QQ-M j-N-14 N --- , KK K K APKKK V K -x ' W H1256 A A-:a ' X. '-X K1 -"' If K K ?::' ,xxx ,- V KSQ K , 4 P-P- FLPEANUT Burrsn xx, KKHKK -- D0 x b jf , 1 ' ' H1 ' ,.,f ' cow-sukkofgfas!! QQ: HOLDTNGHT... . S V V 'Zi Tf, "" 'QQ'fly'v.,,'+ - Me" - 'X 4- ' S 1 1 1 -- - '-.11-: - s r ' 'l' ' X69 46 75 ' 126+ 5 Z ,af . "' -. M, . 5, 171' 8-F,-,, ,K .K I N ' M if Qkva z Q Q. of fx A Q 'I-1 fx: ? AA" - , K A ,Nb ., N Q X -4 AKD Q-.U mb X I " . , ' M ,. I Q, A Y 5 K- ffx ' K '.. ' E5 H" sm 1"-" 'A N 3.57 "-. an 424 ' 'Q N I g r' , 1, ,sq ' Q QSTOOL HOP-'x Q X, k ' 9 -f S I N L x, w, . fx--QQEQL-Qsike QQ 1 -. K0 H.- K QS 98,4951--5 4A18ET 1 G V 55 you KK Q 'EZ K Y 'Q H W 1 + , 0 Q , .P -fm: ... AL , ' " 5 Q . "W"- . K PI TROTTER wmxz M. 3 KK 'af ""' 0 O D vp Q K ,if H"w'fzRfi'i1c5 wi 33 .Togo ' ' Ky' I oi' CDJS K ' 1 , nb 9 Q Q 'Q ., , X. M HRM' hw? ' - " - W'-i X I Z5 Q., . I YK -,W wk . kthyf K J me 'rvn-ve 5 sys 'XX . x 4 j' fggff fx - 5 ' -N O qv-h ' Fl- 1, 5 , xx ,SF K KK it -- lx, vw 'K Ljlia ff'-M ' v a? Q cf V' fx '--' -- A 2 - :rack are A ,Kr I jg mr sza-.xx JOU 5'tUCLyl7XG 7? ,Z cy' ,E fu 2 SUD .1-1 ' f 7 1? - - .. S3115 wg ' X xxx M-KK K 'w R Ln, K- K KKK WL jf " il wereK rom - 5 og! 5"-A K' X da! ' IW 'thc 5 M 'K i H, -W 5"-Nasa, bf L M J - v N A, ii Q K SQQ foggy, Sf ff Kg xlyv' -., Y - 1,43 Q-52111 , ff 2 V " 13 1 MQ-envy T .f f . an '2' X x was , - x A X ff K? ,dz Q K , ,x L " f3' K X ,, ' --M iw fn 11 vwnm' some .sum Form MAMA1!'. 9'-fblif ,K A 73' ' . ' ,, I? QXIEHZXK HE NHMEHLE HERL www wg MMM, W HE www TQ 9TFNR'T,, wmvfw we -'Q-TXFRXQTER5' ww. WE VQIQRFNES THE EHXLL, mv me HHSKETHWLL FLUUH,, mm WHEN PUIIWFS me ummm 4 x , 5, N" X 1 N 3 ' 'J If 4 P095 fl! I 'a HELL MHKE 'SUWE WERE. COACHES Besides being athletic director in Anderson I-ligh School, Mr. Chadd is head football coach., and head basketball coach. He has brought An- derson the only basketball championships which we have won ani has developed football to a point where it receives much more attention and recognition than it formerly had. Mr. Chadd teaches his athletes more than athletic develop- ment alone. I-lis aim is to instill character, sports- manship, and a cooperative spirit in his boys in order that their chances of success will be greater. ASSISTANTS No athletic director is able to achieve success without assistants. Mr. Chadd has a wealth of valuable aid in the live men pictured below. Mr. Bonge is varsity track coach, freshmen basketball coach and assistant in varsity basketball. He has made an outstanding success of his track team. Mr. Shinn assists in football. Mr. Dischinger coaches the golf team and assists in football and basketball. Mr. Flee- nor is assistant track and basketball coach. Mr. Barrow coaches the Junior I-ligh School basketball and track squad. ONE- lil Nl Ill I TNVICNTY-SEVEN l YELL LEADERS John Swayzee--"John" has been in a yell uniform for three successive years and has certainly done his part in giving that support which means so much to the team. Charles Schreffler- -"CharleyH is a vet-- eran of three years with much natural ability as a yell leader. He is a senior and, because of the success which he has made, his place will be hard to fill. Burton Canaday- "Burton", although only a sophomore, has proven that he is deserving of leading us, as he undoubt- edly will until he graduates. Warreii Stultz--"Warren,s" popularity and good-naturedness have made him a real success even though he has only been on the squad one year. STUDENT MANAGERS The student manager is the "forgotten man" to the fans, who are so eager to applaud the brilliant perform- ance of their favorite athletes. However, we realize that without the assistance of the managers. the coach- ing staff could not be so efficient. Gene Stanley ---- The name "Stanley" is familiar to the followers of the Indians, as he is efficiently carry- ing on the work which his brother began. A most val- uable assistant will be lost when Gene graduates this spring. Sid Alberts --"Sid', began his career in Junior High School and will undoubtedly be invaluable to the team next year, as he is a Junior. Fred Dunbarf"Freddie" began his work by special- izing in traclc management but soon entered the fields of basketball and football. Fred is a Junior. ON! IIl'N!RlI IXXIXIX Il Ill ?DQTQQLL -P. : 1 W. ,gl if ,. M '. .M m V. 2 ? 'X '11, A' ,. - ...X . , A A .'."'15E:3"17"'1,-f -:fi f ' I' -I fig-f'1:,.",5.'id'-'inf .QM- S-Q-Mf -,,S5i?I+.Li,t-iq:-4.., . . . 1' R wif 1. l 14 I2 41? fe 4 if W1 f 5 1 G W , 2 . 1 as 4' , J 8 me iw e gf. N S 1 Q Egg s ' F we Nt 'Wig A 4 K' P Q fv Y' R , 5 5? A W wi' K 1. ,. HQ , ,T 1 ff X BQ ..,,3V.,..- FQ' 9 ' X All P: 1' 1 'H 'ERP . ' F , , 'H 7 A f w 'H 4 Mi A 'ws y ff' , , , , v1.4 A 9 8 Q f 3155 , . ' ' :Jigga X 5 - --Q- . Q 9 'I' f ff? ' 1.l - 7. L 0--...max r , A -Ep i ' 3 - L ,N Q W M Kg Q QM .. 3 .. ,,: 1- ' . Aa . 1:11-:Irv z 'iz 4: ,, fr f 5 11: . ,-,V A .M , - , 1. . w - I ' Wi f' " 5 2awwK5ii?pf"'m,.,sfkff ' 'L my u wr Ks W hu H 1 -- ' Q2 1x"?eE1" ', J---. -9 4.641 i " , f iii fl 1 f . Lk .. S 1 .-5: 1.-ji . L ' K 1' ,:s5k,.., 5 I ONE Hl'NIlRl-Zh '1 HIRTX E 1 new 9 slut Jie, ,K 3 V 4 FOOTBALL SUMMARY In the past, football, as a sport, has played second fiddle to basketball in Ander- son. Although not quite on even terms yet, football is coming into its own. This yearis squad has undoubtedly done quite a bit toward this end. The old custom of going into training at Camp Crosley on Little Tippecanoe was dropped this year and the squad journeyed to Camp Pet-o-sego on the shores of Pickeral Lake near Petosky, Michigan. Here the players were conditioned and much valuable new material was developed. The team, this year, enjoyed one of the most successful seasons of recent years. An all-round coach and well liked gentleman, Mr. Shinn, saw his first season with the Red and Green and his influence has undoubtedly been felt. Although the Indians lost their initial game to New Castle by a score of 25 to 0, they went ahead to beat Elwood 6 to 0. The next opponent of the Braves was the powerful Bearcat squad of Muncie, who was victorious by a score of 15 to 0. The Indians then went on to win all their remaining games. They won from Noblesville by a score of 45 to 0, from Richmond 32 to 0, from Frankfort 19 to 15, from Central of Ft. Wayne 6 to 0, from Technical of Indianapolis 7 to 6, and from Richmond, in a return game, 19 to O. Ir is evidenced by these scores that, once the Indians got under way, they Played heads up football. This years squad was. on the average, a light team, They made up for this disadvantage with their determination, speed, ability, and individual bri'liance. OINF HINIRIU l'HlRl'X ONF xiii ,, E-af I wi V. ig, W. ' ' Y A-. ,ji T, irij ri- ft?-fxp . M I VL A yni-w BOB l"lAlVllVlff "Bohn shared honors in being one of our co-captains. This honor was richly deserved because of his de- pendable offensive and defensive work at his center position. I-lis three years of var- sity football made him a veteran to be reckoned with. AL LQIDL-"Al" was our right guard and a co-captain. l'-Ie earned a reputation here and over the state, being selected on the A11 Conference squad. Al has been .1 varsity man for three years and was one of our most dependable players. s WX '- ' h HLNIJRII IHIRIX l'llHlI lil'GliXl', llll.'I'SW"1f1-iii-" tins t.. XY. BICNISUXX' "lit-Huy" has Xltflilli lll'l"ltlN "Vic" Nkds lwf-u out tor footlmll lol' foui' ht-4-ii om- ol' tht- most mit-pe-iiclaitmlv note-tl for his drivs- :mtl uliility sf-asmis :md has 1-:ww-tl throi- var- :intl cousislc-nt hacks wr- tmve- to hit lmrrl. Ili- usml tlu-sv vhan- sity lvttt-rs. llis position wus than haul, His 1'1ll'll1'Sflll'SS :intl atlrllity ztL'tf'i'istirs to good 2lIlY2lllfZiLU' in ol' vml :uid uns wvll lillml. lo play svn-i'zil positions Iiziw- playing his 1-ml position. His dt'- lllllfit' him itll ulltstzmtlilijg plnyt-r. lvnsq- uns also vc-ry vonsistt-nt. llliAllY l'.X'l'li---"limit: was zmotlu-1' Vt'U'l'llll :incl un outstzmml- ing li:u'kt'ir'ld man. llis vonsistf-nt triple thrvut tuvtics we-rv always om- ot' thc- opposing te-aims ixmjoi' tlitlivultios, llzmk gnuluatvs this ye-:nr und ht' will ln- lizard to ri-- pluck-. AIBISRT MYl'1ltS-"AI" l'8tllI'lll'li this YE'li1'. aftvr tlropping out lust sn-asoii duv to injurit-s, to his guard position which hc- ht-ltl down with un outstanding df-- fense :md zz driving llI'fl'1lSl'. Dlllli HHOXYN--lbirla has justly 1-arm-tl lhv tillf' oi' In-ing om- ot' A. Il. S.'s immortal greats. lit-- side losing za great tuvkle, tht' In- 1lizm's hzxvt- lost the' gr:-atm-st mm'- al lf'1lfll"l' :my team could lluvv. CARI, HOVliliMAl.l2f-"1Jec" play- ed his first football this svusou and illimedizatvly won a vursitv gruartl position, His coolness and quick thinking classified him as A-l material from tht- start nt' the svason. litill llttl.l.liNlil-llitilill -"ilol- ICARI. GIIHSONS f "tiil:lJy's', ROY XYITHY -In ont' short yt-ar, ly's" outstanding: asset was his ln-ight and ability to iw-ct-ivv "XX'it" at-complislir-d that which ability to drivt- and to smash thi- passes placvd him in an 1-nd many cannot do in four yt-ars. lint- from his position as t'ull- position, llc-l't-nsively, hq- was "XVit'5 has a bright future- in hack. Also ht- was a dopvndahlv constantly on his tovs and able to football as ln- is only a t'r1-slnnan. man to havc- in thc svcondary dv- talu- carv ol' his side ol' the linv. ff-nsv. in 'H+' MY ' ' .wtf wo f Jw - at t ' M A Q , ,-X. 1' MQW Y "7"-wa 3 1 t gg .X 3555, fx-EQ st-at VW ,, , ir'g5m,.1,grsf , VS tfy'-'JQILQ Q. x4:lg,45,g1 'if f ?: itgjx, N Us-1 EJ. W' f'ftii"i f' t lf, if ,l1v'.itiim5i:.-rig A i, ff -H Wana. Q1-f 's.,L,v 1-ogg asf Qg'.,f.t'-, liL'Gl2Nli Y.X'l'liS-i'Juc-p's" spet-fl and shiftinvss has won ltiin a varsity ht-rth for tlirvt- years. llis triplt- thrt-at tactics and de- fensive ability havv ll12ll'kI'Ii him as outstanding. H0 will again don a uniform nz-xt season. JIM LAMONT--H.lini's" sim au! potential ahility will tnakv hiin a valuable inan next year. Ht- is only a Junior and wc' all know that wv ran depend on him to carry 011. DON SHlili'l'5 lJon's wt-ight was TOM litlOi-'lf .,.. Although this was a decided advantage to tht- In- 'l'orn's first yt-ar with the squad. tlians, 'tSlie-1-tsiv' plays rind, tack- he nianagvd lo creatn plvnty of lv, and fulllmat-lc 1-qually wt-ll. Hu lrouhlo for tht- opposing teams. has anothr-r yr-at' with the Red Tom is a sophomore end. and Green. l l l i XYAYNIC 'l'll1lllNlil'llG "'l'lnn'f IXILXN IIUl'l'liS fllz-an was uni- l'-ll'.l. IIAYI5 fllill was unc' ln- ny" played pzuznrwl and pruvirli-nl of linzwll llllarlilk litllr- lwys: Jian lilnrk ul sLl'2IIl1l1- mlurillil UH' thi- unpnsiliun xxith zx gr:-ut dis- lic-vvrllif-lvss. hs- sziw nnwh an-lim: past sc-usun. Nluvli is 1-xp:-vts-ll ul' play ul' nSlIlllll2il'llllll5lH :mil dr- last sm-uson. K'HIbIIlllt',, is zu Junim' liill nc-xt your :at lln- tzicklr- pus- I'r-nsivv nhility as wa-ll us uI'l':-n- and is zu sm-riuns throat for the itinn as ln- has thc- lllllllly and an sin' lll'llllilllL'l'. XY4- will svn- hiln posilion ul' blm'king-lmvk nvxt lll'I'i'lll0ZlIl lllllltl, hack in thi- lnarn:-ss :igmin nm-xl yvur. vvzn: foul!!! Wh Q J' 7 ' .Eg 'Z tg' WE - f in M' .kwin L . sw A 4, 'i . W i, W .mf LEE CLICNIUNS "Cla-lily" pru- vidi-il many thrills illl'1lll,L!l1Ollt The last se-nscm with his sp:-vlacnlzn' running. llv has Iwo lnorr: sc-as sons with Ihr- Inrliuns and should mukf- his stay a nil-nmruble mn-. XY.Xlllll'1N S'l'l'l.'l'Z llln' lu his .I.Xl1li HIHJXYN 'This was lln' l'.XL'l, Nllillllill--"Nl:-ug" Mus a :lc-ln-rn1i:ulifun. l'SlogiP', has D2lVPfl First vvzn' fm' 'fllx'uWl1i4"' wilh 'lhc vunslanl kllrazul lu thc- opposition. ilu- way lm' an brilliant srason X4-znnf lll'lQ'l'llllll1ltlUll und the' abil- Ilis pcmur mul drive- ut thx- full- HPXI 3'f'2H'. As NV1iI'l'l'll is unly in ily to run we-ll iiI'l'0lll1t fm' his back position eurnml ilu- Indians Junior. .L H. S. vxpc-:cts much mpifl ziflvzinrviilvlmt ul the full- SQ'Y1'l'Zilfll'SlSZilllllI'IlS.l'2llll is an l'I'wIIl him during the cnming sPa- back pnsilinn. Javk is only aa Suphmnnrv. SGH- sophomrmrv, 110111 lil-11111.X11'11fXN 111-11 s11'1-11g111 .1A1,1x 1..X1D1'. .1111-11 51111 111111111 1,1 N1A'1411I.XS 51i111l.X11111', "'Sl'111l1l1,L" 111111 l'XITK'1'1l'11l'1' NYl'1'1' 1l1'l'l11'11. .1111- scvf-1'111 51111111-1 11111'i11g 1111- 5.111 was 11111- 1111 1111- 111151 who 11111111 wax 1'11sl11-11 111111 1111- 171111 54111111-. s1-11s1111. His :111-1-1-ss 111 1111- 1111x- think 111- 1-1111111 play 1111111111111 J111- is 11 .11111i111' 1-1-1111-1' 111111 111111-11 1111111 111' 1'if111l 112111, lllilj' 111- 111-- h0NX'1'Y1'1'. 111- 1111155111111-11 111111 :1 is 1-x111-1-11-11 111' 111111 111-xl y1'all'. 1-1-1-11111-11 111 his s111-1-11 111111 l'I1L1l1!'- 1'11J1-111-1151:-11 111111511 111-.111'1- 111-' 11r11'1-. .11l1'1-i is ll .11111i111'. S1-11s1111 l'I111l'11, "S1-111111g' 15 -1 N11ll111i11101'1'. .11 1 Q if ' .' D 113 1 Y' 'IQ77 ci gg - if ':. gi! 16,533 ,vf11,1f..1,, 1,111 511 1 1111315 -dbfifgf .. ...5,. 1111.X111.1-.511,XL1'1' 1.1l1lI'111' '11 1111111g11 111- 1111s 1111111111-1'1-11 111 111 r1i111i111111v1- 1111i11, - - 1 111111111 1111111-1' 111113' 111 111111111114 1111- '38 11-11111 il suvcf-ss. u11112ll'111'u 11115 111' j'4'?l1'S 111 1111- ::11111'11 17115111 5 U 1l1111'1' 1,11 T -X.-. ,A 4: -in I ,, EIQ131-IX1'l 11.X111JNX'11I,1i -"Gen:-" 1 is il 111111. 11111'k 1'1'11111 w1111111 N11- :11'1- 1'YI11'l'11IlQ.I 1111i11- ll 1111 111-x1 yr-111-. 111- 1111s 111'11v1-11 his w111'111 1111- 11151 two X1-111's 111111 W1- k1111w 111111 W1- 1-1111 111-111-1111 1111 111111. XYAYN1-I CIIANDLIERH-"1Ji11k" JOHN CHANHY--Ch11111-y playc-11 was Zl1l1111lt'I' 111' 11021011 111121111155 111 1-11111-1' 1111- 1111siti1111 111' 1111-klv 111' 111111-1111ys. NVi1h his 1111i1i1y 111111 1-1-1111-1'. 111- 9111111-V1-11 gm-111 11P1,1'l1' 111-si1'1- 111 1111113 111- is 1-1-r111i11 111 111' siv1- ability 11l1'Ollg1l1lll1 1111- 51-11- i11 1111- 11111111-s 1'i1.g111i11g 1'11l' A. 11. 141111. I-10 5111111111 go 1'111' 111 A. 11. 5. 111-x1 yr-ar, S. 111111111111 115 1113 is only 11 5111711- l'1l'l'l1'1I'ff. ON IZ HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN 1 1 No vem ber November November November December December December December December December January 6 1 73 5 30 . 7 9 16 17 21 January 10 January 13 January Z7 January 20 January Z1 February 3 February 10 February 17 February 24 1938-1939 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE , Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson . Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson . Anderson Anderson Anderson . Anderson , Anderson ,. Anderson ., Anderson ., Anderson Anderson 1V1is11awa1ca 15 Marion 14 Logansport 14 Martinsville 25 New Castle 13 Muncie 25 Jeff of Lafayette 18 Marion 21 Greencastle 34 Cenrra1 of Ft. Wayn Richmond 22 Connersville 31 Crawfordsvi11e 33 Frankfort 11 1V1uncie 26 Jeffersonvi11e 37 Kokomo 31 New Cast1e 36 Technicrd 34 Shortridgc 28 C I HlNlR1I FHIRIY BASKETBALL SUMMARY The '38-'39 Indian basketball squad was, in all probability, the best ten men dear old A. H. S. has had in many a moon. They were on the warpath practically all season and lost only seven games to such worthy opponents as Greencastle, Craw- fordsville, Jeffersonville, Frankfort, Kokomo, New Castle, and Tech of Indiana- polis. Our outstanding triumphs of the year were over Richmond, Central of Mun- cie, and Jeff of Lafayetteg also we won the "Big Fourl' tourney. A few weeks before tournev time the Braves seemed to falter. But when the sec- tional started, there was no doubt in our minds as to their ability or conditioning. Although Elwood gave us a scare, the Braves pulled through and went on to beat Greenfield and New Winchester to also take the regional title. The teams who, with Anderson, went to the Indianapolis semi-finals, were Green- castle, Aurora, and Franklin--three outstanding teams. In the afternoon game the Indians met and defeated Greencastle by the decisive score of 42 to 21. In the eve- ning, they then played Franklin who had won from Aurora in an overtime in the afternoon. This game displayed fine basketball but Anderson was unable to connect and came out on the short end of a 16 to 13 score. We can't be winners all the time and we shouldzft expect it. We are proud of our basketball squad, not only because of their excellence in their sport, but because of their individual fineness, sportsmanship, and attitude. I 'NIHIIP llllllX NINI EE fvrfiffffzffi ORA DAVIS lllziptuinl -"Fuzzy.' i vi-lvmii lllllll ul thru incl ai I'llliillSiZlj' ul' thc- ivuni. will 1 '- -' ' 'H Svzlsiiils "1 ' -' - : not unly 1 z - -. zu, zu mlm-'svrviim '-I 'ill yuumr maxi. II:- 'zis vziptziin this yi-ur which is his Izisi. JOHN NliYlN-f-f".luliiil1y," dui'- iiiq his iwu pvars wilh ihv Vail'- siiy, has lliSlll'lglliSlll'll himsz-II' hy his 1l4-I'c'i1six'z- :llmiliiy :mil mill:-I' zihlm- lliillililllyl ui' ilu: ggliziiwl lion, lillltlllllllllll will rlziilii thi pusi him 'ff Qfgfjiflf if fx fx Cv, G li NN fx 5 - . F751 ' I t 'E ki " X 'I h . Sv! 'llliunuimm iv 1 , . , f 2 - , ,k?w.L.l gi Q eff, 5 , . I a . ,... 'T' 3 EQ1Tl"w,, f.'0YlfI - W A A 'jbfx -QW.. ...f.,i4,,gl ' 4 2 i li is Huis WF' I m alnm' f' 7:5 "l4 i X N ' ,4.nmnulW ' '3Q'iQ24?19" LFS? 5 -Q j't'1lI'. llliN HX l'.Yl'l'I "ll:ink," also wus :in milstuiimiiiig Q-lllllfd :md i ilt'I7t'Illl2ilJll' Sk'0i'01', llis lung I'1lIlL,l si-mwiiigi :ihilily :mil his spwzi and chin llllilll the hil liiiu mu " ' ISU' 2" 'R m-il him :i wr-ll all-sf-rv:-ll rc-num tmn. lil'HlCXlC Y.X'l'liS-- "Ji-i-p'i lllS' plaiyx-il grvzii flvl'e-iisivv zilriliiy iill'Ull544Jlll ilim- svusuii: his work ui i'1-valve-i'iiig,: rvhl L- lllIlllS was vs- pi-ciiillv gimci. .lr-vp" will un- mluulilc-dlv hi- un thi- Stull' Lllillils piuiiship' ai .Iuiiimx 'I'm-nm nl lfllll. :is hu- is UN IS H Ii XDRICD FORTY .IUIIN HICIDIQX .luhll has l'Li!'llt'4i his varsity lvtle-1' ilu- lust two vu-:urs as an cm-nh-r. Ilia luiighi uns us:-xl to guml aulvulilzigqz- und he xxus ulxxuys wzuly wlnfu vnllvd upon to ein his pzzrl. liAlll. MIISIRIZXS 'Wlihlmyn was thc' luwlu-:ul wumia-r hwy ui' Inst se-arson. Ilia spe-ciznlty wus -1 li-l't-lmmlm-ml hunk shui. xvhich prow-rl lu ln' vvrv Pi-i'1'K'ilY1' against :ill uppum-ull, "Hill" is inlx 1 Iunim x CARI, ll0Yl'' "live," in an hlhrvi- sports mam hui his fav-- Ul'Ifl' is halskvlhull, llis lmsiliuu us i'oruurd has ln-on xu-ll fillf-ll. lli5 play was uutstumlmu lmtli dc-Inflisivvly :md ol'l'm-ilsivm-ly. mv E3 ' i If 4 D f' . fffil 44 ii 2 I l Q 5 ' ig 1 3 , W'fW"Q uf s ffvrn K ii i' ' IX Q00 5 i I i J aagln 'i FRANK KI.liI'I "l"r:lnky." Q'Zll'llCfl f X x If ' his pimiliun us an l'l'L-illiill' lhrwzii'-l 2 . -,Vg ' l".I '1',-z'zllhz.'l'1lx .-, f ' s'1".i 7 liimiilg fI"5fII.- ll,-2f.1.i 111' 1,51 Elly eFf'-"H 4 fibfffqfmn sine:-. ills liuht :md his nlliluclr g - , Rf-ff-ifjjwg will 4-urvy him an lung xxuy. ' Z ' " "f'f'5f4' .f ' Z4 65 if .L A, ,I L , fm. . ' ' ff i We 'i ,. lf"' w-1- koni.',- 0 . ' "'lll,lh!! 3, " '- '-.,,,,,..1n'1- -Ji 'A Lv, , , 05 I2 lll'NIlRlQll i'1lli'l'X'-Uxla is hz- is as Smliur, HUB WAl.liliH liuh wus hamp 11141 by his lllllllll1lllVP build. Howvvl-r. hm- flll'lllSlll'4l ihe spuvla and ullonlinws lhm- points wliirh won thx- gznmfs. limb has plziywl 's lusl mum- lm- Ihr- lmliuns. ' Q " Niall This was lllI'llt'l'lS l'i1'sl j'l'2ll' NYllll lhm- lm-nhl. :AH - A 'liy 41 hil Ili tllNIlllNlil the ilu t 1 llll'llllg'llUlll ihm- sc-aisuil, This slim'- u-lvrislic was zu Ill'lIll2ll'j' L'1lllS' Im' his rupill 1lLlViiI1L't'llll'lll. 1-uu'p,v IS only an Suplmmnulw-. I zwuliip- llshillg lhul which must ul' us lhouglit ilixpussrlrlm-A-liv is Q'llll'I'- :Ling lrmu ills sllzuluw of his fum- t.lIS lwoilin-l'. :mul is fillmlillg :I spullighl ul' his own, Will-lily" is 4l1lL:1 Srmplmllmlw-. --A.-- - ,1-2 'HDI lilllllflf -'l'fm1's Iuwm-ring ln-ight was u dvvide-cl zulvzlixtagegr: to the- lmliuns. He 11-ui-ivr-fl val! uzihlz- l"XD1'l'll'Ill't' lust sm-nsml. so his llli-illI'4' will ln- fainilizu' to ihm: llllllh, H5 lll' llZlS lXYll l1lUl'l' SPIISOIIS xxilh lhl- lmliuus. 1 .,,,, Plleilulluilllllll ik 'S 4 N , X , as l' ""' ' "'1 ,X ,ml LQKCS-f" uma Hl'Nlrlll-Ill 1-'amu-v-1-wry ZWHEXQ I2 IIVNDRIQD lf0li'l'X'-lll is ,wwf W? in ia, TRACK SUMMARY The 1939 track squad has been Anderson High Schoolis most outstanding rep- resentative in that type of athletics for a great number of years. Track has not been on an equal footing with the other major sports in our high school such as football and basketball. Tn the last three or four years since Mr. Bonge has been in charge of the squad, it has gradually grown and continued to receive recogni- tion. Now we are considered a strong threat for state final honors this year. So for this reason, Anderson has been very successful- New Castle twice in triangular meets and Richmond in fshed third in the conference and walked off with the Kokomo and thus ended Kokomois long supremacy in -winning over Muncie and a dual meet. Also they fin- sectional which was held in this meet. During the meet Anderson broke two sectional records and won seven first places, piling up a total of fifty-seven and one half points. The entire squad is made up of boys who are sincere in their efforts and who have a deep regard for their coaches. Their attitude toward training and toward each other has been very good. These mental characteristics have undoubtedly been outstanding factors in carrying them through to the success which they have enjoyed. The squad will not suffer too much by graduation. Cnly five men will leave us. This makes our track prospects very bright for newt season. ONE HVNIJIHD IORIY I0 MlLE RELAY TEAM Richardson, Scharnowski, Ho- vermale, and Yates comprise the Mile Relay Team. Each man runs a four-forty or an quarter. This team shares honors with the Medley Relay 'l'ezlm in enjoying an undefeated season. XYhil9 pur- tieipating in the sectional held an Kokomo, the Inile relay team won their event and also set a new truck record with an time ot' 3:Zi2.-1. Other victories include the Southport Relays, 1he Muncie Relays. and they also won the conference. li Hl'NllRIill l"0lt'X'Y-FIVIC M EIJLEY HELA Y TEAM The Medley Relay Tczun is made up ol lllL'llill'llS0l'l. Hover- male, Yates, and Mitchell. Each man runs his specialty. Rich- ardson leads off, running the two-twentyg llovemule contin- ues with the four-forty or the quarter mileg Yates runs the eig.5ht-eighty or halt' mileg and the :un-hor mrm, Mitchell, fin- ishes up with the mile. This team has not been defeated this sea- son :ind in the Muncie Relays, they set za relay record with zi time ol' 8:02. EARL MI'l'tIHEl.L--State mile champion. Mitchell brought fume to A. H. S. The school has zi pair of shoes which -.'an't lie filled :is linrl is an Senior. EUBENE YATES -"Jn-ep". the stnte hull'-mile champion, :nquin proved his merit this year. NYhcn- ever ".leep', runs, ai new record is set. Yates will he buck next year. LAXVHICNKIE IIEYNOLIDS -- Al- though ln- is not a State Chum- pion, Lawrence rates "tops" with us. A. H. S. loses u hard work- er this spring as Reynolds is lost hy graduation. DON COLLINS-"Don" proved io he a very dependable num to thc- squad. Hn was valuable as a dash nlan in the 220 and 100 yd. dash. Ile also ran in the 1-2 mile relay. A. H. will lose a good man this year as Don is a senior. CARI. HOVIERMALE ---"lk-ucoxi" has concluded a brilliant career for A. H. S. However. his finl- running forin will remain to lu- copied, we hope. JOHN SCHAHNOXVSKI--Speedand endurance aceouni for .lohn's sur- ress. A. H. S. has lost an all around athlete as he is a Senior. DON MUNSON-Don is a high- hurdle man. His super stride and finishing "kick" will he an assei next year as he is a Junior. EARL GIBBONS-"Gibby" is a high and low hurdle man. His ability to run well is derivud from his participation in other sports. "Crib" is a Junior. ROY EGGMAN-Hoy is one of ihr returning letter-men. Ha- again proved capable of leading the I'ield. Roy is lost by graduation. DON HOOPIER-Don can he de- pended upon to "show" when he ls in the race. He has anoiher year with the Indians. DON SHEli'l'S--J'Slleetsien was the Weight man of last season. Don puis the shotg he will he hark next year. HARVEY l"OX'4H81'VPj' has ihe advantage of having long legzag he uses his "pins" in the high hurdles. Fox is a Junior. UN li HUNURIQD FOH'l'Y-SIX NE lll'NlJRlil1 l-'4lR'I'Y-SIQYICN X SAM NOlllllS-Sain has guinvd his position on thc- lPi'llll hy un- tiring 1-ffort. However, his rc- warcl will conu- as hr is a Soph- Ul1l0l'l'. liL'GliNli MOliGANfv"Baby fave" has high jlllllpfd his last time for A. ll. S, as hc is a Senior. Our loss will undoubtedly bf' a col- Ic-gc-'s gain. llis re-cord is 5' IO". l2YIiltl3'l"l' OREBALTGH -liver:-tl was another of thc- Indian pole- vaultvrs. Ho brought falllc to himself and to his school. Ex- vrf-tt is a Sr-nior. Llili CLIZMUNS-til:-:ny display'-fl a world of sp:-ed this season. Hz' should dove-lop into anothvr Stalf' Champion as is ha- a SODll0lll0l'i'. PADI, Ml-IAGIZII-'l'l1is was Mcags first year with the squad. hut wt- shall hear morg of hini as hr is only a S0llll0lllUl'l'. XVARHIZN S'l'Ul,'I'Z -Stultz. the rabbit chasvr. ran thx- clash:-s. VS'arri-n will he a valuahlv llllilt next yi-ar as he is a Junior. CIIARLES l-IDXVARIIS-litlwards was one of Coach liong0's main- stays this yr-ar. His speed and jumping ability will bc valuablv nz-xt yrar. ARTHUR IKICHAIIDSONMlllaslu-1 and broad jumps wvrv Art's spor- iality. His rvcord for the H0 ls 51.7 seconds. MELVIN BOYD-lloyd provrd to be fast and to haw- amazing pow- ers ot' endurance. Ho will hc' hack next year. 7 . TENNIS TEAM The tennis team is being coached by Dave Barrow this season. Tennis, as is golf, is trying desperately to gain an equal footing with football, basketball. and track. The utennis bugu has bitten several new members during the past season, and we predict that many more will be bitten in the near future. When this epidemic occurs, A. H. S. will have one of the foremost teams in the state, as a wealth of material is lying dormant in our fair school. The team, at the time this material is being written, has not as yet entered into the field of competition. However, daily practice at the Riley courts has proved that the ability of these boys is far above average. The Racquet-Wielders are: Joe Trent, Bob Trent, Ben Howe, Roy Morris, Frank Herron, Ralph Humerickhouse, and Dick Brown. Of these members Joe Trent, Dick Brown, and Frank Herron are lost by graduation, therefore the prospects of .1 successful team next season are very bright. --f Y xx-zfgrxvqag---r:g3,gr,,::.qf-:-1 - 1 L -g,LL:: V rg-V1-,i - - ONE' HYNIYRIZII FURTY-ElIil'I"l' swag GOLF TEAM Again, as in seasons past, Mr. Dischinger is working diligently to make Anderson High School's golf team a success. Since Coach Dischinger has taken the reins- the road of advancement into golfing stardom has been smoother than ever before. The movement toward making golf a major sport will have many more adherents and its popularity will grow until, by popular demands, golf will be placed on an equal basis with basketball, football and track. At the time this material is being written, the organization of the team is getting underway. Therefore we shall not make any rash promises as to the success of our "bird-shootingl, proteges. How- ever we do make the statement that Mr. Dischinger has the most promising material that has ever been assembled in A. H. S. The team is composed of five of Ander- son's best. They are: Manley Illyes, Howard Widener, Walter Jones. Jack Staley- and Bud Anderson. ONE HVNIYHID IUHTX NINF HILUMQTY 'DUMIWTY WNY UN IH! WHML HERE FVQE HND -SEQRES' ENE THHT V9 ELL v-W-, Y' Mvfuwb LUUKEU HER YUUQ -.i..., :HUM EEWINNINE TU' Y?-NIU xvlffe TIIMIE mmxw TU MEXN UQ is ,V A.y- i'l1"""' Q i Q iiiillih. ' 5' '45:P"'!I!:. ll mn.. 9 SF 'H' Y pff , wwk -EQ? as ,.-1 ' Q ' Ag 1.x ' ,. r YUUR TEHEHER9 HNUFRMNUQ W M '55-17 oo ,ponf - ' 'Qgavu p ,352-QQ -an 20 ,Nr on Q Qrao 'I-ilk: '-A Xu' 'DNV V Ng QQ- as 0 'Q , O50 . 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Alumni E 'YVTTVVVVVVVTTVVVVTVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVTTVVVVVVVVVYVVVVVVVVVVV 'YV vvvv VVVVvvvVvvvvvVVVVVVvVVvvvv'7v'VvvV'VVVvvvvVvvvvvvvvvvvvvv AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAb Lg? W Pg Pg B E 3 8 E 3, gd 213' IU 2 I gy 8 :J-'Nm 'Qfvm 9' o 011.0 225'-ND 33' f ,-O... ...CTO 5570-B C1-,.., Q45-ICBOQS 5 29,4 L P1 uamfhfv 5'-'15 F-95" 7r""A P qv 0 .U"n Q-WOW n,-.5-5-was-2 avg-'ZA IO: vw D-MW DJHQ D gow QQ BWP. P- gvm,,,w...,,O ,MC W' Wm NU'-72 r- Q,B"' v-1 p -Q fu. 2 ., .- :x 0 , Q ,ax ,- 0 NO-UO vu mo UQ l 5 O,-ff '- W Umm :P F-Jn gq"'5 p ,mr ' ,.. o' Q, 5 fm WWC r-r E O r-Q:-W fb , p ' 5- f-4 D' '-ig.. umm: 00,343 Q D 5-f-vu W , Tm ,-iUQ77' FV Y r-1....- V, r, ...,rb! E BJ md QD- m Bm p Em' Q31 R Tmmofmi 50150: ' N' 1 Q: Hr-Q ' 3-2 rv x 7 ns 5' 1 'NO 0?:'Ci of-fmmmfv :U P mf-45 B I Sag-Hgom? Gavin Pj 5 gg-5, 'Aff 9-ailnri 05.0-Jawa: :r rw ,-, --'1 GQ., " 'D 5' cd b I S72-A 2- :ri O US!-P1-jus? Us U t EW 5325533359 Ng'3s:fi' ,- ,-. 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E Hart Shaffner Sz Marx CLOTHES for Men and Boys E CHUSTER BRO ., 0. Po 0. t The Store of Greater Values ANDESON LOUISVILLE, KY, MUNCTE 8th and Main Streets The Quality Corner l 5 V E 3? V1 5 D' W 'I' il-4 5' Q W 9 W U3 5. us ua 2 'E '-i U' Q vv have given me some of my happiest mo- LADIES APPAREL ments, Girl--Why, you've never been in Swit- AND zerlancll ACCESSQRIES Archer--No, but my wife has. The Girls usually quit playing hall after they have made one good catch. Stilwell Hotel Bldg. A golf hall is a golf ball, no matter vfvvvv'QT'vvvvvv'vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv how you putt it, AAA, AAA AAA AAAA LAAA AAL AAAA ir 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 .LQLLAAAAMRAAAA Ls.AAAA4AAA44A4AAA4A44AAAA444A4A AA HOME OF R PRODUCTS 5 DISTRIBUTORS OF THE FAMOUS ROYAL STAR ROLLED OATS, ROYAL STAR COFFEE, P ROYAL STAR CANNED GOODS On Sale at Your Independent Grocers P P P P P P I Anderson, KL CO. Marion, Ind. b ALAAs.AA.AAhLxAAAA. 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E O "' . s: Z L11 t Q UU U 1 Q 2 ' E r PU -1 Z P it F' W 3 F11 U2 U7 , ET v I3 UQ i Yvvvvv vv v VVE AA AA A T777 AAAAAAAAA e s E s I HOYT W RIGHT CO I ' z P 911 Meridian Street E P P The Wright Store for Men and Boys E P P And one place where there's sure to be ,Q ,,.-4,,,1,, a lot of idle talk, is in the employment E agency- , -3. +- 5 E3 5 "Thete's the gorgeous blond who took E me down the aisle and then left me cold." Quality Fll'SI-- "Siren, eh?" then Style--and No, usherette. Low Price Anne--So you can tell your hubby's vv character by his mouth? Mabel--Yes, it's usually covered with A AAAAA some girl's lipstick. Some girls have eyes like starsf fthey AAL JEWELRY STORE 13 West llth St. Known for Fine Diamonds" VVTvVV VV ALAAAAAAAAAA AA DECKER'S INC. wink at every passerbyf' There's the fact that nothing punct- ures a girl's pride like another girl's pins. Noah--I would have you know that she is my idea of beauty. Sheik--Yes, and it's an idea I should like to carry away with me. D P vv U67 Steps off Meridian on 11th,' SCHOOL SUPPLIES -f - OFFICE EQUIPMENT ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT -M BOOKS, GIFTS, KODAKS FOUNTAIN PENS TTTVVTVVTVVV VVVVVVVVV VVVVVTVTVTTVVTTVVVTVTVVVVVVVTVVVV AAAAAA AAAAA4AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAA 'C.,...... 4444444 3' 5 D- C9 '1 V1 O 'D 4 3 4 4 4 4 I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 'TW ng,-4 DID-in ima :Q ,- P-1'g"0 are 3 C LLOUQ U.:- '7g.fv2-JN TEH HOW Em wi' :1D1l 0-8 53'-U C Tn 3: nw: ON First Lunatic--"It's certainly boresome ancl monotonous in this place, isnlt it?" Second Asylum Inmate--"Yes, if I stay here another clay, I'l1 go crazy!" A guy who thinks hels a carcl is al- ways trying to play up to a queen. "The plastic surgeon WhoIs going to reshape my nose offers his clients the choice of a clozen noses." "My husband got angry last night and told me to go to the devilf' "What are you going to do about that?,' I'I'm going straight home to mother." E 2554 QCMO ' 2.82 I3 800g :sw--O SWE '15 2.m-TL-1 2953 '5'nf,g F'-DQ? ': U' Wo SEL QM "'o is Ev-1 -,rr fm FE- A P P P P P P P P P D P AA AAAAAAAAAAA 12 3 3 Meridian St. AA 777777777777777777777 777777777 HARDWARE---ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 AA LAAAA AAA AAAAAAAA AAAAA. AAAAAAAALAAAA P E P P P P P P P E P P P P D P P P P P E P b P P P P D P P P P P P P-4 :s 9 E u-J sw CU f: QL : CD UD M G Q.. K UQ CD U3 E52 92 Z 595 gQ5 O WED? CQ'-A EAZITI PQU Zvi 352 mg? D2 QQZ S26 ZZ7: 0 O 252 E29 mai Ea ffl? De Z5 CL CD P1 ef? 35 EDU ECS Em if'-"" 5:5 RCD Gun 501 TCD O I--I k-' CD UQ CD V77777777777777VV 7th and Meridian P P P Y7 77777777777777 7717 , AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A WE CAN FIT YGU WITH MADE-T0- MEASURE CLOTHES Tall or short, stout or thin, it doesn't matter! I SMART STYLES I CAREFULLY MADE I STURDY FABRICS I ANY MODEL mm noun conpm Q 1-Amon. . ,- f' I 4- Q East 10th Street H. H613 Telephone 78 v'7vY'7vVVVv vvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv 77777777777777777777 7777777777 vvv-vv VV7777777777777 ' AA AAAAIAAL AAALAAiAA AAAAAAAAAAAA AA AAAAAA Q AAAA AAAAA 1 :S E 1 1 3:35 E 1 :Q 1 LA :gg 5 3 fi Qi e 1: fi 5 FQ P4 Z w' S 2. r O 5. 2 2 3 Ee 5 2, Qs Le 5 , N : 9' 1 E 5 5 Hi 3 Z 3 3 1 I j ITE 1 b 1 1 es 1 5 4 Po O' 4 P4 'UPU o 2' , EO -4 rn 3 1 Q v-1 FU m O Dj '11 E my 'U 'gsm ,.1 FU gag-:D ul '4 4 5392 ' 1 Ee UE, :PO F 4 rn see . v 1 Q E ',glli"e'- g Z an 1 '.1'HTQff 5 1 : ve -A .Lani 4 :L . ll.. ?f" 1 ,., 1 " 5 1 5 1 5C-1--HAMBURGERS---5C Buy ,em by the sack Hillls Snappy Service ,. .LMA .AAALAAAL A4AAA.AtnA 4 4 I -. 1 Practical for Home or 1 Buslness for Years to Come f 1 l e e , 11 A 4 We Carry a Complege Line of 527-f f l ag 5.3124 4 Typewrzters I Cash Registers I , xi ii .. ,' W, , 3-H' -7 " L 1 Office Furniture 86 Suppues Lf: -1 1 I Machine Rentals 1' Repairs and Supplies 1 R HU GGIN S lLL lb 1212 Meridian St. 13110116 31 E E VV VV VV V77 'V VVVVVVVVVVVIWYVYVVVVVYVVYY'-YYYVYYVVVVVVv'vvvVV'VVV?'VVvVVVVV'7'VVVVVV V ' AAAAA A AALAALA 4 AAAAA. 4 3 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 4 1 4 4 1 AA AAA AALAA AAAAA.AAAAALA AAAAA. ALA AAAA AAAA. AAA. ,AAA4 ..AEi,A.,n4A4.AA4A4AAAn.4,4AQ4 YOU SUIT US! We Hope We Can Always HSUITI' YOU! Clothes That Are Right Prices That Are Righter Y A AAAAAAAALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA VVVVVVVVV VTVV E P ? D P P 9 b P P D E b P P E P b P E P P P P P P P P P P P P P P E V P I wc 552 Sz can ess OI-1 CDP Ere ec: De Z E4 Surber Sz on FINE TAILORING Over lVIcCrory7s II Phone 556 A ,Li 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 g . g l Dixon 5 . I Electric CO. 4 LL I 3 EVERYTHING in the E ELECTRICAL I 3 LINE 4 ,l.,-, 4 E 5 "Up-Stairs" P 4 1012 Meridian SI. E 4 Phone 350 E 1 A Modern Printing Establishment Successfully Manned A Complete Service Inf' LAYOUT, ART, ENGRAVING, TYPO- GRAPI-IY, OFFSET, and LETTERI-IEAD PRINTING, and BINDING, ALL WITH- IN OUR OWN PLANT. Not Q'Cheap" buy Economical Fifth and Chestnut Sts., Anderson, Ind VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VYVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVTVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV7 TWV? VVVVVVVVVVVTVVV QAAAALAAALAAAAAAALAALLALAALA.AAAAAAAAALALAAAAALAAAAAAAAAAAA AA 1 5 1 P 1 "Best-Ever" Milk 4 r Q and Dairy Products 1 EAST SIDE JERSEY DAIRY I P 4 v 1009 Central Ave. Phone 884 t 4 P 1vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvhvvvvvvvvvvvvwvvvvvvvvv-vvvvvvv t 'AAAA A4-AAAAA, The golddigger version-" 'Tis better 5 p to have loved and cast, than never to 4 have loved at all." 4 , av..- 4 of - . . 1 t The girl you can read like a book is 3 E generally like a circulating library. phone 333 , Love is blind because so many girls t cry their eyes out over it. Dry Cleaners W fr Launderers wi rvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv v Clerk--Good afternoon, Madam. Do you want a pet? Bea--I really don't mind. But I've some shopping to do first. Then there's the absent-minded prof- essor who turned on his wife and lcissed the ignition. Most men who die with their boots on, would still be alive if they had sneaked in in their stocking feet. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALA A AAALAAQ LAL Q Q Eh G 3 0 ., Z Pl, 'U o 9,5 : m 2 .21 4 4 m w Z ET '-l Q CD 3 cn vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv 3- 5 3 Many a man has run after a chicken only to find it's a wild goose chase. .AAAAAALAAAALAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA ' r 4 Corsages E r r Bouquet Shop , 4 Cut Flowers g r in W. izfh Phone 99E 14v7?vvTvv77v??TTV7vVVvVvvvv7 b 4 AAAAAAAAAAALAAAAAAAAALAAAAAb 5 4 WHOLESALE GROCERS 4 L 1 Anderson, Indiana AAA VV 4 r 3 READ-CANADY co. E 1 i AAAAAAAAAAAALAAAAAA, r r v P r r K 5 r r O I 'H v r r Q r E E V VVVVVVTVVTVVT , COMPLIMENTS RAPPS 1 4 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 VV 5. : :UQ 1 12:1-O WSF? f-Eye? U5 P1 05-2? 5292 30- 5291: .ipkos-1 -rug Qui -322 207.- 0,3-f' LT? as 7235 'Pin :zu 'ELK nC '.'1 LLLLLQLQLLQLLLLLLLD P l 5 I P 5 v Q 2 E DJ 5 3 9 I l P P P vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv , COMPLIMENTS The DOROTHY MAY DRESS SHOP V Ei' p4 ii b fi P 54 K 1 p4 p4 p4 p4 p4 p4 t 1 p4 p4 54 54 AA. VV The luscious lassie heard about a fel- low who Cliclnlt get a smell of his fath er's fortune. In fact, he was cut off with- out a scent. 0 ' su In rv He--Baby, they say that love is a dis- She---Aw, you make me sick. LLAQLLQLOSAL IXAAAAALLAALAAAAA V 4 1 COMPLIMENTS 4 1 M z 4 P 1 I 1 POST OFFICE CAFE E 1 : 4 YV7Vvvvvvvvvv??VVVVVvVVVVVV t A "Pm a puzzle to my husband," sai the daughter to her mother. Who rc- : plied, "Yes, you're full of cross words." COUSIN' ' S he S 3 S t Despite success stories, the sad truth 1 Th H f 7 is that most men who start from scratch A e ome O have to scratch for a living the rest of 3 "Certified Perfect Diamonds" fhfif lives- EELGIN BULQVA S GRUEISU I "Eglg':Pni2wiha-foy1cx,,will dance with me o-n , . . 4 "Oh, of course, I hope that you don't 4vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv5 think I came here merely for pleasure. 3 Your friends and neighbors will tell you E 1 IT'S PLEASANT lT'S SATISFYING IT'S CONVENIENT K 1 IT'S ECONOMICAI. TO SHOP HERE t S JY Bettelz Siniuap X-OIC TPU7-Lkfllf ' 4 T 1 i 4 P 1 F 4 , r 1 ,.1eL Nhwl Per WMMLQHQW ,WI 'R' MEANS A BEGINNING! -Ax- -1-'V' .J gg K When first you consider it, "commencement" seems an unu to apply to the completion of a school course. appropriate. Graduation marks life in the world of 1 Q. The ideals, training and initiative which you bring with you from school years will shape the World of Tomorrow. sual word Yet the word is most the beginning of a new phase of your affairs-a world for which you have been preparin To each and every member of the Class of 1939, Delco-Remy wishes the best of success in every undertaking. There who can finish what they begin- d this ability! EQ3C?.-.-?l3?if31HY is a great need for citizens an you have proved that you have MANUFACTURER OF DELCO-REMY f,U'buTEDGX AUTOMOTIVE STARTING, LIGHTING X DELCO-REMY PRODUCTS AND GENU- , INE PARTS ARE AVAILABLE AT UNITED ' w AND IGNITION EQUIPMENT - ' X , MOTORS SERVICE STATIONS EVERY- 5,3 KLAXON IIORNS - IJISLCO IiA'l"l'ERIES. MOTOR YVIIERF, .WHEREVIZR YOU SIZE THIS SIGN. WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF AUTONIO'I'I,VE,ELE.CTRICAL EQUIPMENT AUTOGRAPHS "K:-in Xxx N ,Y Xyyfb yb . AUTOGRAPHS

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