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xx S ,935 X-:V N X X EX E , ' xi . x S Q ANDERSCDN HIGH SCHQQL -Hue creeping slwooow of jfime closes like Solo in oursfyon olfllfe of Ancler- son Sclwool, in An- clerson, lr1cl.,onJ brings Jflwe clwopjcer olfour ocjfivi- Hes cluring flwe Sclwool yeor 193749323 +0 on encl. -I-lwese ocjuvlfles lwove lneen recorclecl in Jflwe Inclicm Wijflnl o Jfliouglijc Jfo our lfujfure gfooojcions Q . 9 f y . 1.-. 1 lux . 1 c'-w .f L, L. 'V xi. ..- ' gg.-J. '-F12 W3 1 51.1. E AM,-f'f""" 'ff M .,'- .,.,4f ,fffl Q ,wi 1 ,aw 'fa A 4, ,aa rflfgf Mass M-v I E x ,?"'1a5gt , S3 wx 'is Q M., 1 X 9.4 wi A 1 I-. - I INTRODUCTION Education is preparation for the future life Work of the young generation. While We study the various courses offered to us as We pass through school, We choose many things and have numerous and chang- ing desires for our future vocations. However, much thought and research is re- quired. A fair trail along the many paths Will lead to our final and important decision, which starts us hopefully off on the road to success and happiness. ...,,X xx Wzfffy: . 7 "'A'f IM, 7 1 1 ' Rf. A! .Q c" 4 9: will 'ul lwilyll In IH ' 'if f A --f' , f ' Z f w . W f f' , 1 1 f W jf K r , f ff 4 uf X Igc'XW 455 14 If X I VM 1 WX6 1 Wy? X7, if fzf K 2 "IZ 6 f a d VJ' X J - 'X Il. If 7!T,f!1fff'l 1 W? W xf V Wy' 5. V, , IC! ,I ff H, 1 ff , . 'ff ' X W , ty f A f fa- f 5, H4' by '-7.331 , 421 P , lla V 70' X X s , F, English The mother' tongue stands as the tree of all learning. On its branches hang many cultural fruits and all vocations flourish in its shade. The Writer with his smooth flowing pen, the actor whose primary need is a facile command of English, the teacher, lawyer, and all professional men depend on it directly or indirect- ly for their livelihood. Before we can properly choose any vocation, it is nece-ssary to lay a firm foundation. Study lan- guage and help prepare yourself for any field. MW X W Z fzsx jsgxixxg X if 5 Q Z , I VAN slcnca L ' X. A I ' , fx. vw , 1 V . W 4 i .' 'XIXUUY uslffif ' eff-,fra , 'I if ,' f' fp x ' we 2 , N l A -g P A ' Dix J: w g-2 I is-N " X X if 'Ik N - ""i:3'?A K ,? N: 5 5 , ji I Q it , .wa M. l , ' f 6 e ' Vw, f ,Bs-a " 1' Ig, 1 gt fi 1 1455 , ,Eg -1 xx RR Q3 X ,gi . 1-X K M f f 'fn em , .-,i,1 1- ' 'A?? ---fi ' 's1Q"'z-. ,.L'f .:'. FQ: ""' 'Y' il Mr Lrltchficld Mr. Downey SCHOOL BOARD To this august body we owe our vacations, half holidays, free shows and convocations, for With- out their expressed permission the school year would continue from September to June uninter- rupted. Under our present system they serve as a cabinet to Mr. Campbell, superintendent of all city schools. Approprlated so much money each year by the city and state, it is their duty to distribute it among Anderson Schools to the best advantage. Board members are appointed by the Mayor for a three-year term and stand eligible for re- appointment at the conclusion of their terms- Good citizenship, uprightness, honesty, insight, and understanding-these are qualifications for membership. This year they wisely chose as president, Mr. R. M. Critchfield who easily qualified and Was per- hraps especially fitted because of his tWo daugh- ters of high school age. Mr. Elmer H. Downey keeps the records and Mr- Jacob C. Kuch is the treasurer. Other members are Mr. Fred L. Ray and Miss Juliet Crittenberger. Students should recognize and appreciate the efforts of the members of the board, for in their hands lays the changing destiny of A. H. S. Mr. Kuch Mr. Ray Miss Crittenherge-r SUPERHNTJENDJENT Mr, Arthur Campbell, our superintendent, came to us five years ago and has remained to help the school system of Anderson overcome its difficul- ties. A congenial man, Well-liked by those Who know him, he has been indispensable to us in solving the problems of of the students and fac- ulty of Anderson High School. PRHNCIPATL For five years Anderson High School has been directed by the capable hand of our principal, Mr. Fred W. Stoler, who won the respect of the whole school. Since he has taken over the wheel, We have done bigger and better thingsg our school has been raised to a high standard, and we are acclaimed champions in many fields. Mr. Campbell Mr, Stoll-1' .- FACIUJLTY INCREASING YEAR BY YEAR AS THE SCHOOL ENROLLMENT GROWS LARGER, THE TEACHING FORCE OF ANDERSON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL NOW NUIVIBERS ALMOST EIGHTY. YEARS OF TRAINING ACQUIRED IN NORMAL SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, AND UNI- VERSITIES LOCATED IN ALL PARTS OF THIS COUNTRY COUPLED WITH MUCH VALUABLE EXPERIENCE IN TEACHING HAS MADE OUR FACULTY WELL-EQUIPPED 'TO DIRECT THE VARIOUS COURSES IN THE CURRICULA OFFERED. FACULTY MEMBERS ARE DIVIDED AC- CORDING TO DEPARTMENTS WITH ONE OF THEIR NUMBER IN CHARGE OF EACH. 'ITHE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS INCLUDE ENGLISH, FOREIGN LANGUAGE, SOCIAL SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE, COMMERCE, ART, MUSIC, HOUSEHOLD ARTS, INDUSTRY AND VOCATIONS, AGRICULTURE, PHYSICAL ED- UCATION, AND SAFETY. X X x yi, 5? SS E I . ff Q , ,S X 5 4' S Y 3 19.38 -V TDHEANS MR. ROTRUCK As Dean of Boys, Mr. C. D. Rotruck needs little introduction and much praise. All of us have had, or will have some dealings Qgood or badh with him at some time or other during our high school career. The job he holds demands and has found a man of strong mind with a great capacity for understanding. Established in the old X-Ray room he metes out justice daily on the Well- knovvn Ngreen carpetg" but We're proud of him. Just try and find someone with anything but a good word to say in his behalf. MISS ARBOGAST 'tMay I have a permit?" May I go home this period?" These are a few of the common remarks heard in Miss Arbo- gast's room every day. This patient Dean of Girls a best friend to every girl in high school. Each. day, with her assist- ants, she Works from early morning until after school hours checking up on ap- proximately 1,200 girls. If ever a medal is cifered for thoughtfulness, generosity and good-fellowship, Miss Arbogast will receive it by a unanimous vote of all that know her. Faculty i is Miss Adams MY- Amick x Miss Arbogast Mr. Bailey Xl E gf S X 'Q f Miss Balyeat Mr. Baker MF- B21l'H0I' M Mr. Bonge Miss Bowen MT- Bowen Mr. Boyd Mr. Brinson Faculty . . Miss Brown Mr. Burns ' Q X 5 X kb Mr. Chadd Mr. Coffin Miss Critchley W an , f ig ng .J A 'ff 1 My Mrs. Crutcllfieldn , Mr. Culljpher Mr. Davis, Miss Day Mr. Denny Miss Campbell Miss Carsons X MS. DiSC1liIlfQl'l' Mr. Fleenor X . Mr. Foland Mr. France S ' S 5 Q ' Q S R 5 S- 5 X X X Mr- Goss Mrs. Goss MY. ILM' Mrs. Hain' Mm. Ilonry Miss Hill Miss Hirsch Mr. Hosicr Faculty is - X fx. - 'I' X 5 i 5 is if 5 5 I933 T I Mr' G' Julius Mr. R. W. Julius Miss Kendall NI . K lb A r O --- Mrs. Leaclnuan MI.. Lee- Mr. Lindsay Miss Lindstronl 1 . 1113 Hgrtgn Miss HOSkiI1S Mr. Huntzinger Miss Hupp J Faculty S ' 1935 Mr' Mather Mr. McC1intpck S 5 S 5 N Mr. McClure Miss Miller Q5 Mr. Miner Miss Mullendore Miss Nagle Mr. Pershing Mrs. Preston Mr. Rencenberger Mrs. Repeito Mr. Rotruck Faculty sg SX X XX ' x 5 .-Q Mr. Sanders Mrs' Sayer S 5 ' S 5 5 S' S S 5 Q? Mr. Shields Mr. Shirey Mr. Stewart pm MTS- Stficklel' Mr. Stutsmun Mr. Springer if Mr, Todd Mrs. Vermillion ,...4g: MF- Sharpe Mr. Sherman lF.ac1u11lt y ii s S Mr. XXYCHVCI' Q Miss VVinters Mrs. Whitson Mrs. I-'doker Miss Pettit T sssssss 1 .gs Q 1935 s Q. 9' at Q?-Gia if Q -, x 4? if . . W . . Rx ff fy by 1 .- 1 . 1 'I " " ',- L 1-.X-1? A -Al .4 'wa we V5.3 A - gg. ' ,- .1 l. vw . ' - ,Q 1 K La: .im .Mm ,. K , Sh. ,., , 1 1.5, fs-. .PU G. 2 4 .r,'5' w 'Wa EGP' ' is 1 sh- " f. - wwe .. ,as . ,rw YE ,Sl N , W., 1 . ,M Y' . , I 1, ,fl 1 . - W' F , History History is the encyclopedia oi' civili- zation and its pages contain some of the most wonderful stories in the World. Since We learn through' the mistakes of others, the trials and errors of some of the world's great men help us to shape our own destinies The study of human progress is rele- vant to us all and contains the education and culture of the World' It is especially valuable to those who intend to become the nation's leaders, lawyers and politi- cians. W - 1 I C . I ff" Nl Q S f M17 iff if jf f ff --1, ...-1 ...l MEUFF ve 333 Seniors Miss Mullendore Mr. Davis Pomp and ceremony is not enough in ushering out this group of dignified seniors. With banners flying of dubonnet and white they have experienced all stages of high school life!ridicule, humiliation, and each year a growing sense of superiority- The class of '38 has been ably led in all class activities by Presi- dent, John Ballardg Vice-President, Rex Wisehartg Secretary, Vir- ginia Stoutg and Treasurer, Eugene Reynolds. Much of the success of the class may be attributed to the sponsorship of Miss Mullendore and Mr. Davis who have loyally guided it through the past four years. The seniors proved their dramatic ability when they presented Booth Tarkington's "Seventeen" which was considered by many as one of the best plays in several years. They also played the part of hosts at the Senior Dance in December. After much elimination the class chose Charles Beckman, George Huser, Mary Jo Creason, and Culla Frances Shaw as commencement speakers With Keith Pettigrew and Ellen Jane Balfour as alternates. 1 R f f 4 l ff l 'I lx ,I Q X 14' C X I ! -ff., , . ni 4, f . K John Ballard Virginia Stout Rex Wiseheart Eugene Reynolds ADKINS, BARBARA ANN. Aca- demic Course. Girl Reserves 1, 23 Senate 35 Girls' Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club ll. 4, Honor- ary Society 4g Operetta 4, Senior Class Play. ALLEN, GEORGE NVILLIAM- "Shorty.,' Academic Course. ALLEN, VIDA-"Spike.', Aca- demic Course. Dramatics Club 3, 45 Glec Club 2, 35 Operetta 3. ANDERSON, HALCIE. Academic Course. Girl Reserves 4. ANDERSON, NORBIA. Academic Course. Honorary Society 35 Ah- sentees 1, 2. Seniors ARNOLD, JACKi"Ko Kofl Aca- demic Course. Choral Club 1, 2. 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Senior Class Play, Operetta 2, 45 National Music Conventions 2, 3, 4. ATTEBERRY, KEITH. Academir Course. Senate 1, 25 Debate 4. AYNES, FRANKLIN-"Frank.' Vocational Course. BAILEY, ELSIE-"Bright Eyes., Academic Course. BAILEY, RUSSELL-"Pinky." Vocational Course. SALFOUR, ELLEN. College Pre- maratory Course. Senate 2, 39 iirl Reserves 1, 2, Girls' Boost- r Club 4g Honorary Society 3, 5 Annual Staff 3, 4, X-Ray itafl' 33 Executive Council 4. BALLARD, JOHN. Academic Ioursc. President of Senior Qlassg Treasurer of Junior Classg li-Y 2, 3, 4g Operetta 43 Annual ltaff 33 National Music Con- ention 3, 4. BARNER, LOIS. Academic tourse. Choral Club 3, 4, Glee lub 1, 23 Girl Reserves 1, 25 rirls' Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 43 -Ray Staff 3, 43 Operetta 2. LASSETT, BARBARA-"B, B." ollege Preparatory Course. Girl eserves 1, 3, 45 Honorary So- etyi 3243 Science Math 45 Sen- ,e , . EASON, JAMES LEONARD- Len.', Vocational Course. Seniors BEEMAN, DONNA. Academic Courseg Girls' Athletic Associa- tifon 1, 2, 33 Latin Club 35 Glcc Club 3. BECKMAN, CHARLES. College Preparatory Course. Band 1, 2, 3g Orchestra 2, 35 Senate 1, 2, 3, 4g History Club 2, 35 Honorary Society 3, 43 Junior Class Pres- identg Debate Team 3, 43 Exec- utive Council 4, BENNETT, JOHN. Academic Course. Band 2, 4. BIDDLE, JACK. Academic Course. Senior Sales. BIRCH, ABRAM-"Abe." Aca- demic Gourse. Art Club 4. BLAKE, JABlliSg".Ii1n." Aca- demic Course. Senate 1, 2, 3, 45 Glen Club 1, 2, Zig llaclio Club 31 Usher 25 Opcretta 1, 25 Minstrel 3, BLASSARAS, HAZIEL. Academic Course. Glce Club 2g Opcrctta 2. HOLES. EUG RNIB-"Gv11e." Aca demic Course. ISOLES, VERA, AL'1lill'llllC Coursv. Art Club 1, 2, 33 Girl licserves 1. BOYICR, MILDRIEIJ. Academic Course. Girl Reserves 3, 45 Latin Club 3. Seniors BRIDGES, MELYIN ROBERT- "Specd." Academic Course. Trac 2. 3. -lg Glee Club Zig Foolbal 45 Choral Club 43 Hi-Y 3, 4 Aviation Club 2, Animal Stall -13 National Music Convention 4 glpgrctta 35 Boys, Booster Clu BRINSON. CLARENCE-"Brix ny." Academic Course. Hi-Y J 4, Boys, Booster Club 1, 5 Class Treasurer 1. BROCK, JAMES E. Academ Course. Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Basketball 13 X-Ray Sta 43 Annual Staff 3, 4g Boy Hoosier Club 1, 2. BRONVN, ROBERT-"Bob." V cational Course. BYRUM, HARRY. Vocational A riculture. Usher 3, 4. BYRUM, JOYCE. Iourse. AL'Zlll6'Il'll!' ZALDXVELL, -FRANK - "Ik0.,' Academic Course. Basketball 1 . I, 45 Football 3, 4, Baseball 3, g General Assembly 3. IALLEN, JACK-"Buich." Com- mercial Course. IAMPBELL, CAR lcademic Course. Ilub 1, 2, 3, 43 Zhoral Club 3, 45 , 25 Annual Staff lusic Convention Zlass Play 45 Hoi OLYN JEAN. Girls' Booster Glee Club 23 Girl Reserves 3, 45 Naiionul 3, 45 Senior lorary Society IAM PBYEIJ., RICHARD--"Dick.,' .cademic Course. F-- WN... ,L 4 Seniors CANADAY. JOE. A 1' a demic Course. Hi-Y 1, 2, Il, 4. CAREY, MARTHA ELLEN. Acn- demic Coursvg Senate 1, 2g X- Ray 2, Zig Annual Staff 3, 45 C irl Reserves 1. CARR, RAYMOND -"Rz1y." Com- mercial Course. Spanish Club 1. CAHHAXYAY, ISICVIERLY ANN. Acuclemiv Crnlrse. Opereltu 2, Cleo Club 21 Girl Rc-serves 1, 2, 3. lg Siuclvnl Council 4. CARRICO, AGNl2Se-"Aggiu." Aca- demic Course. Glve Club 1, 4: Opf-wftta l, 4. -l-.1 CARROLL, RACHEL - "Ray-" Commercial Course. Senate 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CARTER, ROSALYN - "Rody," Commercial Course. Girl Reserves' 1, 23 Home Economics 1, 2. CASSELL, ALBERT VVILLIAM. Academic Course. Hi-Y 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 45 Choral Club 3, 4, Op-- eretta 3, 4, Naiional Music Con- xentions 3, 4. CATT, DORIS-"Kiity." Aca- demic Course. Girl Reserves 2, 3, Glee Club 25 Opereita 2. CERDEN, JACK. Academic Course. Seniors CHILDERS, MARY JANE. Com mercial Course. Girl Reserves 1 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club Ilg Dram atics Club 13 Honorary Society 4 CLAYTOR, LOIS MAE-"'l'erry.' Academic Course. Senate 2, 3 Girl Reserves 3, 4, Girls' Ath letic Association 4g Spanish Clul 45 Glee Club 43 X-Ray Staff 4. CLEAVER, MARRY JANE- "Toots." College l'rep:n'utor Course. Girls' Booster Club 1, 5 3, 43 Secretary of Cl.-iss 'lg Gia Reserves 1, 2, 3, lg X-Huy Sway 35 Honorary Society 3. 1 CLEM, ANNA MAE?-".Xun." Av demic Course. Art Club Ai. CLICK, DOROTHY DENY. Ai-1 demic Course. Girl Reserves. CLOUSE, MAXINE. Academic Course. COCHRAN, GORDON. Vocatir-nal Course. COCKRELL, JEAN. Xvx-:lenxiu Course. Girl Reserves 1, 25 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2. 3, 'lg Glue Club. COLLE. RUTH. College l're-1mr- atory Course, Choral Club 'L -15 National Music Convnnliori Ll. 45 Glee Club 35 Operetia ZS. -lg A-Iiuy Staff 35 Girls' Booster Club 4, 45 Girl Reserves 1, HOLLIS, ELLONDA RUTH -A 'Nondic-J' Academic Course. Girl 'Reserves 25 French Club 1. Seniors COMBS, MARTIN FLOYD - "Scribe." College Preparatory Course. Orchestra 2, 35 Camera Club 45 X-Ray Staff 4. CONGER, DAVID-"Red," Aca- demic Course. CONTOS. HERBERT JOSEPH- IBi5d". Vocational Course. Track CONNEB, DORIS JEAN. Academ- ic Course. Girl Reserves 35 Hon-- orary Sociely 45 Lflflll Club A15 Operetta 45 Glee Club 3, 4. COOK, ULYSSES-"Cookie." 'Vu- cational Course. COOK, MARY-i'CookieR' Aca- demic Course, President of Fresh- man Class, Vice lfresident of Sophomsore Class5 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 Girls' Booster Club 43 Prom Queen 35 Debate Team 45 Executive Council. COOKMAN, EDVVIN. Vocational Course. COPE, IDA JENNINGS-"Betty," "Copie." Academic Course. Sen- ate 1, 2, 3. 45 Spanish Club 35 Science Club 35 Science Math. -15 Glee Club 2, 35 Opcretta 35 X- Ray Staff 2, 45 History Club 3. CRABTREE, JACK. Commercial Course. QRAWVF ORD, BETTIE. Coni- mercial Course, Girl Reserves 1 2, 85 Home Economics 2, 3. ,Seniors IIREASON, MARY .IO-"Little loc." College Preparatory Course. CRIST, DALE-"Butch" Voca- tional Cuurse. Glee Club 2, 35 Track 2. CRITCHLEY, ROBERT-"Bob." Academic Course. Senate 1, 2, 3, 45 Art Club 1, 2, 45 Stamp Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Science Math, 1, 2, 45 History Club 1, 25 Rifle Club 45 Senior Class Play. CROOK, MILDRED-"Crookie.' Academic Course. Senate 25 Ar Association 45 Dramatics Club -1 Girl Reserves 3, 45 Senior Clas: Play. E CURREY, BILLIE ALICEi"l3ill. Academic Course. CURREY, MARY - "Curre y." Commercial Course. Glee Club 33 Operetta 3. CURTIS, MELVA. Academic Course. Bible Club 1, 2. 33 Glec Club 3, 4g X-Ray Staff 3. DE HORITY, XWIBGINIAg"Gin- gr-er." Commercial Course. DFI ARMOND, XVILLIAM JR.- "Bill.', College Preparatory Course. Senate 3. 43 Science Math. 3, 4g Radio Club 4. DAVIS, ROSINA. Academic Course. Seniors emu: iouree A' Club 9 Ifoot a 2 1 4 Basketball 2 3 aseball 2, 3, 4. QAVIIS, 1wAI.'1'ER7"wa11y." Aca- bll 1 f 72 ,4g B DECKER, MARGARET - "Mag- gicf' Academic Gourse. French Club 2, 33 X-Bay Staff 45 Glee Club 45 Operetta 4. DE LAXVTER, VIVIAN LAVON. Commercial Course. DIETZEN, BILL. Acadeniic Course. DILTS, KATHERINE 4 "Kate.' College Preparatory Course. Hon- orary: Society 3, 4, Glee Club 4 DODD. JEAN ANNICE. Academic 11' u se. Girl Reserves 15 Home Fconomics Club 2. 3. DOH ERTY, XVILLIAM-"BillJ' Vocational Course. DOOLEY, MARY RUTH. Aca- demic Course. X-Ray Staff 4. DOXVE, ELIZABETH - "Betty.', Academic Course. Choral Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves lg Glec Fluh 3. 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, -lg ilational Music Convention 2, 3, DUNBAR, ICATHRYN-"Kate" Commercial Course. Seniors DUNHAM, 1 ,ROBiER'I' - "Bo b." C0lllIll0l"l'liil Course. EASLEY, RUBY C.-"CR, College Prenaralory Course. Glee Club 1 2, Girl lif"Sl'1'VBS 4, Orchestra 1 Q EDVVAHDS, HUBERT LEEw "Lullahy,,' "Huhe." Academic Course. Senate 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 3, 45 Rifle Club 45 Science Math. 33 Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 2, 35 Choral Club 45 Operetta 49 Glce Club 4. EHLE. RICHARD OAKLE Y - "Dick ,' Academic Cours:-. Hi-Y 3, 45 Sl'll1ltC' -ig Science Math. 4. ELLIO'l"l', Ll AC K EVER'l"I' - 'iPinky," Academic Course. Hi-Y 2, 4, Scnaie- 45 Student Assembly PINNEY, HAROLD-"The Mwch- ir? Avadeniic Course. FIPPEN, ELSIE JANE. Commer- cial Course. Girl Reserves I, 2. 4. FISHER, BOBERTH-"Bob.', Hi-Y 3, 45 Football 2, 3, -lg Baskctiuull 1, 2, 35 Track 2, 3. FORCUM, FRANCES F- "l"mn." College Preparatory Course. Glee Club 1, 2, Choral Clnh 3, 43 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 Spanish Vlub 2g Operclta 33 National Music Lion- veutifm 3. FORRER, MAXINE-"Maru" C0111- Quercial Course. FORTUNE, JAMES K.-"Bud." Commercial Course. FOSTER, DOROTHY ANNA-- "Bobhie Arm." C o m m e r c i al Course. FOYVLER, ROBERT-"Bob." Aca- dr-mic Course. FREEMAN, LESTER. Academic COIZPSC. Basketbsall 35 Football 3, . IQREEMAN, MARCIA -- "Mush." Academic Course. Senate 2, Girls' Booster Club 3, 4g Honorary Society 3, 4. Seniors F l Ti FRICKE, RAl.I'll-".lc-vp." Ara dz-mic Cours:-. Glu- Club 1, FUNK, XVINIFRED-"XVinnie.' Academic Course-. Glee Club 1, 2 Art Club 1, 2, Ii, 4. FIINKHOUSIZR, JACKa"Clurk." VOCZIHOIIHI CUIIVSO. X-Ray 4. GARDNER, EDITH. Acudculic Course. Girls' Athletic Associa- tion 1. GARDNER, JACK. College Pro- puratory Cours:-. Football 4, Bus- kl-tbzxll 2, 3, ,ig Baseball 3, 43 Track 3, 4. s GAUGIEI., CAROL--"Acc.,, Acu- dvmic Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, Choral Club 2, 3, ,lg Glce Club i 1. 45 Opevctta Zi, -ig Dramatics Club -ig National Music Conven- tion 2, 3, 4. GlEPHA1t'I', RALPH, Academic Course. Art Club 2, 4g Senate 3. GILL, CHARLES SAMUEL. Vu- cational Course. GIIRTON , DONALD-"Bi'oncl10.', COIlllllP1'CiZ1l Course. GI1t'l'ON , LESIJIE-JSl.css." Cum- nicrcial Course. Seniors GOACHER, XVANDA. Academic Course. GORDON, RAYMOND. Vocational Agriculture. F. F. A. 2, 3, 45 Vegetable Judging Team 3, 4g Ap- ple Judging Team 3, 4g State Champion 33 State Dairy Judging at Decatur 45 State Champion 45 4-H Clubs. , GRAY, AUDRY. Commercial course. Senate 3, 4. GRIFFITH, MILDRED A. Aca- demic Coursc. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4g Candy Counter 3, 4. GRIFFIN. MARY JANE. Academic Course. Glee Club 4. , h GRIFFEY, MARY LOUISE -- "Griff" Academic Course Gill . . . ,. ' S' Athletic Association 2, 3, 4. k . I GRISSOM, ROY-"Gris." Aca- demic Course. Baseball 2, 3, 4. I if 5 5 Q HANNAFORD, XVILLIAM B.- "Bill." Academic Course. Model , Airplane Club 1g Student Coun- ci 4. , HARTUNG, PAULINI2f"I'uulie." College Preparatory Course. Girls' Athletic Association 1. l-IAUCK, NORINE. Connuercial Course. Girls, Athletic Associa- tio11 1, 25 Art Club 4. , Seniors H ENSLEY, RUTH. C0lllIl'1l'I'Cl1ll Course. HERRON1, DAN-"Abell, Voca- tional Course. Rifle Club 45 Aviation Club 43 Band 3, 4, Or- chestra 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 35 Track 3. HISXAMER, JAMES-"Hz-x." Vo- cational Course. Track 33 Basket- ball lg Football 1. HIGGINBOTHAM, XVILLIAM - "Bill.,' Vocational Course. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. HIGGINS, EVELYN-"Higgiie." College !PreparatJory Cqourse. Choral Club 3, 45 Operetta 35 National Music Convention 3, 4. l-IIGHXVOUD. MURYAL LEON-- "Murv." Vocational Course. HINES, LIC ROY MELVIN. Vo- cational Course. HODSOTI, DOROTHY - "Dot.,' Coinmercial Course. HOLCOMB. PAUL--"lEokey." Ac- ademic Course. Baud 3, 43 Hi-Y 4, Ri'le Club 4. IIOLLOXVAY, MARION-"l3utl." Academic Course. Football lg Basketball 1. Seniors HOSEK. CATHERINE. Commer- cial Course. Annual Staff -1. HOUSEH, BILL-"Bull.', Collesle Preparatory Course. Honorary Society 33 Senalc 2, 3. HOVEBMALE, FORREST-"Fon ry." Academic Course. Art Club 4 HOXVARD, MARTHA ELLEN. Academic Course. Senate 2, 33 Girls' Athletic Association lg Girl Reserves 1, 43 Science Math, 4, Honorary Society ll, -1, HOXVE, DICK-"Dixie," College Preparatory Course. Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 googtball 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, HUDSON, MERRELL-"Huddy." College Preparatory Course. Bind 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. HUNTER. GORDON. Academic Course. Model Airplane Club 15 Glee Club 4. I-EU RLHY, BETTY. Academic Course. HUSER, GEORGE-"Tiger." Col- lege Preparatory Course. Senate 1, 2, 3, 45 Vicc President 45 President of Class 25 Honorary Society 3, 45 Treasurer 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 3, 45 Ed- itor-in-chief 45 Science-Math. 45 Rifle Club 45 Executive Council 45 Commencement Speaker. HU STON , BfET'l"Y . Academic Course. Secretary of Freshman Classg Choral Club 3, 45 Girls' Bobstcr Club 2, 3, 45 Oper:-tta 3, 45 National Music Convention 3, 35 Glee Club 35 Girl Reserves 1, Seniors HUTTON, ELIZABETHi"Bctty." Academic Course. Girl Reserves 2, 35 Glee Club 25 Operetta 25 Art Club 25 X-Ray Staff 4. JACKSON, BETTY. Commercial Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2. JACKSON, ROBERT LEE-Q "Jack." Academic Course. Art Club 1, 25 Rifle Club 45 Annual Staff 4. JANNEY, GENE. A.cademi.c Course. Baseball 3, 4. JARVIS, KATHRYN-"Kate." Coi- lege Preparatory Course. JEHABEK, JEANNE'l"l'E. Com- mercial Course. Glee Club 2, 3: Operetta 3, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Science Math. 4. JERRAM, MARY JANE-"Janie," Academic Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 4, Oper- etta 3, X-Ray Staff 4. JONES, BOB-"B. JR' Vocational Course. JONES, LYDIA MARY. Academic Course. Girls, Athletic Associa- tion 1, 2, 33 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 43 Il-Iome Economics Club 3. JONES, MURIEL ENID. Clommer- :ial Course. Seniors KAILOR, ALBERT-"Albcrta.,' Vocational Course. KEESLING, JAMES-"JiIn." Vo- cational Course. Usher 3, 4. KEESLING, JEAN. Colnmercial Course. KEESLING, HELEN MARCELLA. Commercial Course. KINCAID, EDXVARD-"Eddie1." Vocational Course. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. KING, ELIZAB-ETH-"Betty," Academic Courscg Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, Debate Team 34 Glec Club 3, 4. KINLEY, MARTHA CHRISTINE -"Mini.,' Academic Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3g Choral Club 3. 45 Glee Club 23 Student Council 43 State Teachers, Association 1. 25 Operetta 2, 3, 4, National Music Convention 3, 4. KIRK, HERBERT-"Herb.', Com- mercial Course. KLIBBE, FRANK-"Cannonball," Academic Course. Baseball 25 Football 3, 43 Basketball 3, 4. KNIGHT, MADELYN-"Du.cky." Commercial Course. Art Associa- tion 1, 25 Girl Reserves 1, 25 girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, , . Seniors KOOB, HAROLD. Vocational Course. LAMAN, HELEN. Academic Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2g Oper etta 2, 33 X-Ray Staff 35 Dramat ics Club 4. LAND, LAVERNE-"Lightning.f Academic Course. Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2. LAND, RICHARD'-"Dick." Ac Hi-Y 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2. LANGLEY, ROBERTA DORIS Commercial Course. demic Course. Basketball 1, 3 .ANTZ, IRISJEAN. Academic lourse. Girl Reserves 1, 3, 4g 'rench Club 2. -AYTON, GLENDORA-"Gler1- nie." Academic Cloursc. Senate 43 krt Club 1, 2, 4, Glee Club 4. LEEDORI, INIYRL. Academic llourse. LEFFLER, MARY JANE. Academ- lc Course, LLEXVIS, JOHN--"Louie.,' College Preparatory Course. Glee Club 25 Rille Club 45 Operetta 3, 4g Choral Club 3, 43 National Music Conveniion 3, 4. Seniors LINDSAY. OLA MAE-"Punkie." Commercial Course. Annual Staff 3, Art Club 1, 2. 35 Girls' Ath- letic Association 2. LIVINGSTON, JOHN. Academic Course. LOUCKS, LEONA-"Lee." Com- mercial Course. Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Stamp Club 3. LYNAM, MARGARET-"Marg." Academic Course. LYST. RAYMOND-"Ray.', Aca- demic Coursc. Art Club 1, 2, 3. LYST, ROBlill'l'-"Blondiv." V0- cational Course. McCARTY, ALICE, Academic Course. McCLURE, CHESTER-"lII1et." Vocational Course. Science Math. 2, 3. McCORlJ, ROBERT LEEf-"Bob.', I-Ii-Y 2. MCCORD, JOHNf"Mack." Aca- demic Course. Seniors MCCORMACK, RALPH-"Mack." Academic Course. Bible Club 4. McCOY, BETTY MARIE-"Mac.,' College Preparatory Course. Band 1, 2, 4g Orchestra 1, 25 Girl Re- serves 1, 23 Girls, Athletic Asso- ciation 1, 2, 3, 4. McCOY, DONALD XV.-"Don," Academic Course. Choral Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Operctta 3, 43 National Music Convention 2, 3, 4. McCURRY, EARL ROBERT- "Bob." Academic Course. Foot- ball lg Track 2, 35 Xvrestling 2, 33 Aviation Club 3. McELl-IOE, AUDREY. Academic Oourse. Glee Club 25 Honorary Society 3, 4g Choral Club 3, 45 National Music Convention 3, 4. ICFALL, MARY-"Blondie." Aca- Ilemic Course. EMKEE, BETTY. Acndem ic ourse. IANIS, DONALD. Academic ursc. Usher 2, 3, 45 Track 15 ,enute 3, 45 Stamp Club 45 Rille Zlub 45 Junior Police 4. NIANIS. SANFORD4"Sam." Vo- :ational Course. MARTIN, ELSIE. Commercial Course. Biblv Club 25 Home Ec- onomics Club 25 Honorary So- ciety 3, 45 Art Club 4. Seniors MARTIN, MARY LOUISE. Com- mercial Course. Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, Ii, 45 Glvc Club 25 Opera-ttzl 3. MATCHETT, VERA. Commercial Course. Glce Club 35 Choral Club Il, 45 Opc-rctta 35 National Music Convention 3, 4. MAYNARD, .l OHN FRANK - "Johnny." Academic Course. Rod and Revl Club I5 Science Math. 3, 45 Se-nate 45 Glee Club 2. MAYNARD, MILlJREDf"Midge." Academic Course. Opervtia 25 Glec Club 25 Science Math. 4. MAXXVELL, YIC'l'0R-"Vic" Aca- demic Course. Bible Club 45 Sen- ate 45 Science Math. 45 Cadet Eliysics 35 Usher 35 Senior Class ay. MEIKEL, D0LORES4f f'Mikv." Academic Course. Science Math. 4. MENDENHALL, ALICE. Academic Course. Choral Club 3, 4g State Teachers' Association 2g Hlonor- ary Society 45 Latin Club 3, Op- eretta 3, 43 National Music Con- vention 3, 4. METCALF, GEORGE. Academic Course. Science Math. 43 Boys, Booster Club 33 Student Council fi, 4. MILLER, BETTY LOU. Academic Course. Girl Reserves lg Drain- utics Club 3. MILLER, MARTHA ANN--"Mart," Academic Csourse. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 45 Senate lg Dramatics Club 33 X-Ray Staff 43 I. H. S. P. A. Convention 43 Honorary Society 3, 45 Senior Hass Play. Seniors MILLER, YVANDA LOUISE--A "Betz." Academic Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. MILLS, HERBERT--"Herb." Aca- demic Course. 1 MONTGOMERY, JEAN. Commer- cial Course. Girl Reserves El, 4. MONTGOMERY, MARY ELLI-IN Academic.Course. Latin Club 2, Le Cercle de Francais 33 F. N Club 23 Rifle Club 4. MOORE, HARRIETT. Academic Course. Bible Club 1. MOORE, WILBUR-"Butch", Vo- cational Course. Football 1. MORRIS, WILLIAM-"B'illy". Academic Course. Science Math 3, 4g Stamp Club 3, 4g Basket- ball 3g Football 3: Annual Stall' 4. MORRISON, DOROTHY LEA. Academic Course. Art Club 2. MORRISON, ORVILLE ELS- XVORTH. Vocational Course. Rifle Club 4. MUNRO, WILLIAM JAMES, JR. l e Pre aratory -"Bill". Co leg p Course. Senate 1, 23 Football 1, 25 Annual Staff 3, 45 Boys, Boos- ter Club l, 2, Senior Class Play. Seniors MYERS, ZELMA-"Zelmie", Com- mercial Course. French Cluh 2, 3g Rifle Club 4. NEALIS, PAUL--K'Felix". Aca- demic Course. Bible Club 3, 4. NEEDLER, ROSEMARY-"Rosie" Cyommercial Course. Glee Club 3. NEEDLER, VIOLA4"Vi". Aca- demic Course. NELSON, CLAUDE EUGENE Vocational Course. NEVVMAN, ESTHER JAYNE-- "Janie". Commercial Course. Choral Club 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 25 Honorary Society 43 Operetta 2, ig National Music Convention 3, NICHOLS, DORIS M. Academic Course. Girls, Athletic Associa- tion 19 Senate 4g Glee Club 35 Operetta 3. NICHOLS, MARY JANETTE- "Nickie". Commercial Course. NOLAND, MARJ ORIE-"Marge". Academic Course. Girl Reserves 2, 35 French Club 2, 4g Glee Club NORMAN, DOROTHY-"Dot", College Preparatory Course, Glee Club 23 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2. Seniors NOVVLIN, HELEN-"Cleo", Aca- demic Course. Glee Club 2, 3 Girls' Athletic Association 1. OLIVER MILDRED-"Milly", Commercial Course. Home Eco- nomics 33 Girl Reserves 1. OSBORNE, KENT-"Ossie". Acu- demic Course. Senate 2, 33 Glec Club 25 Boys' Booster Club 2, 33 Science Math. 2, Football 1. OSBORNE, LOUISE. Commercial Course. Glee Club 2, Zi. OTTO, MARGARET-"Marge". Academic Course. Art Association 45 Spanish Club 4. Girl Reserves 1, 23 Senate 35 PANCOL, ANGELINE-"Ann" Academic Course. Glee Club 1, 2, 3 5 Opcretta 1. PANCOL, SOPHOCLES N.- "Soph". Academic Course. Boys' Booster Club 1, 2. PARKER, CHAUNCEY. Academ- ic Course, Hi-Y 4. PARKER, ROBERT I. Academ- ic Course. Hi-Y 4. PAR HER, ROBERT YV.-"Bob" Academic Course. Seniors PATTERSON, MARTHA-'Patsy'. Academic Course. Art Club 1, 2, 4, Annual Stafl' -4. PAVEY, LAURA JANE-"Janie," Commercial Course. PENTECOST, ,GALEN-"Gus". Vocationall Course. Football 13 Boys' Binoster Club 2, 3. PETERSON. RALPH L.A"Pete". Academic Course. Art Associa- tion 1, 2, Annual Staff 4. PETRY, JACK-"Doc". College l'rcpa1'atory Course. Art Assoc- iation 2, Rifle Club 4g Science Math 45 Spanish Club 4. PETTIGREW, KEITH-"BingP? College Preparatory Course. Sen- ate 2, 3, 43 President 45 Vice- Pres. 33 Science-Math 3, 4g Pres- ident 45 Debate Team 45 Choral Club 43 Executive Council 45 Vice-Pres. 4. PETTIGREW, MARIBLE-'Max-y'. Commercial Course. Girl Reser- ves 1. PIKE, JOSEPH-"Joe". Academ- ic Course. PIKE, LOREN. College Prepara- tory Course. PIPER, EVANGELINE MAXINE -"Van", Caollege Preparatory Course. Operetta 2g Glee Club 2: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. Seniors POER, ALBERT-"Abe.,' Aca- demic Course. Glee Club 15 Rod and Reel Club 1. PRATHER. NORMA-P'Norm." Commercial Course. PRISER, HUBERT-"Cuehall." Vocational Course. Usher 3. PRITCHAR, DOROTHY-"Dpt." Cominercial Course. Girl Reserves 1, 2. PUGSLEY, EMILY NAOMI. Aca- demic Course. RAHBEK, CAROLINE-"Carrie," Academic Course. Check Room 3, Candy Stand 3. RAYMER, VVILLIAM-J'Bill." Ac- ademic Course. REED, HARRIETT-"Pinky." Ac- I ademic Course. Senate 2, 3, Sci- ' ence Math. 3, 4, French Club 1, 7 2. RIEMINGTON. ROLAND-"Mugs.,' Vocational Course, RENTFROXV, MARTHA JANE- "Marty." Commercial Course. Senate 2, 3, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Student Council 4. Seniors REUTER, ELLEN-"Fuzzy." Acu- demic Course. REYNOLDS, EUGENE-"Gene." College Preparatory Course. Or- chestra 1, 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Aviation Club 4, Model Airplane Club 1, Senior Class Treasurer, Candy Salesman 3, Senior Class Play. REYNOLDS, LAVINA. Academic Course. Stamp Club 4, Band 3, 4, Glec Club 2, 3, Operetta 3. RIC K ETTS , BETTY JANE?- "Janie." Academic Course. Art Club 1, 2, 4, French Club 1. HICKETTS, CECELIA MARIE- "Cealie." Academic Course. Glee Club 1, 2, Choral Club 3, 4, Honorary Society 3, 4, Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, National Music Convention 3, 4. RICHARDSON, LAURA-"Lollie." Academic Course. Choral Club 3, 4g Glee Club 2g Girl Reserves lg Operetta 2, 3, 4g National Music Convention 3, 43 Senior Class Play. RIDGE. ROBERT DONALD. Aca- demic Course. "A" Club 2, 35 Hi- Y 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 33 Football 1. RISK, LEWIS SANFORD-"Low ie." Vocational Course. Usher 2, 3, 4g Rifle Club 4. RITTER, MARY KATHRYN-- "Kay." Academic Course. Girl Re- serves 1, 4g Home Economics 35 Science Math. 4g French Club 1. ROACH, PAULINE. Commercial Course. Girl Reserves 1, 4. Seniors '?0B'iR'l'S. HARVEY LOUIS- "Louie.'l Vocational Course, ROBERTS, 'XVAYNE44 "R e d." Commercial Course. ROBERTSON, CHARLES-"Chznw lic.', Vocational Course. ROBINSON, MARGARET AL- BERTA. Academic Course. flirl Reserves lg Glce Club 23 X-Ray , Staff 4. ' ROBEY, EVA. C om ln e 1' cial Course. RODIECAP, BEN4".Iack.,' Aca- demic and Vocational Courses. ROHOUR, PAULINE!"Polly." Academic Course. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 4g History Club 3, Debate 2, Chemistry Cadet 3, 4. ROLLINS, JOANNE-"I'ai.,' Col- lege l'reparato1'y Course. Girls' Booster Club 2, 3, 43 Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 33 X-Ray Staff 43 Press Convention 4. ROSS, GEORGE-"liud." College Preparatory Course. Golf Team 1, 2. RUNYON, GIFFORD "Gif," Aca- demic Course. Science Math. 3, 43 Senate 4. Seniors RUSSELL, CHARLES-"Chick," Usher 3, 4g Senior Basketball 4. Vocational Course. Baseball 15 RYAN, ANNA MAE-"Ann." Com- mercial Course. RYAN, A XVESLEY. Academic Course. SALATIN, MARY ELIZABETH- "Betty.', Academic Course. Girls' Booster Club 2g Girl Reserves 43 Bible Club 4. SALYER, MARIGRACE. College frgparatory Course. Girl Reserves , . SANDERS, ROBERT L.-"Red." Vocational Course. Assistant in Physics Lab. 4. SAVAGE, ROBERT+"B0b.,' Col- lege Preparatory Course. Choral Club 3, 43 Senate 43 Science Math. 43 Glee Club 2, 33 Operctta 2, 33 National Music Convention 3, 4. SCHEIDEMAN. ANNA BELLE- "Annic." Academic Course. Glee Club 23 Operetta 2, 3. SCHULTZ, CHARLES ROBERT- "Bob.A', College Pi'epa1"atoI'y Course. Band 1, 2, 33 Science Math 33 X-Ray Staff 43 Orchestra gg Chemistry Cadet 43 Latin Club SCHOGER, HARRY. Colnmercial Course. Band 1, 2. J' Seniors SCHUYLER, OLIVE-"Vicky1." Academic Course. Glec Club 23 Operetta 2. SEARLES, DELZBERT-"Slap," Commercial Course. Choral Club 43 Glee Club 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Senate 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Honor- ury Society 33 Operetta 43 Annual Staff 43 Student Council 43 Min- strel 4g Senior Class Play. SHARPE, NORMAN-"'Don1my." Academic Course. SHAXV, CULLA FRANCES. Aca- demic Course. Choral Cluh 2, 3, 43 Dramatics Club 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3g Commencement Speakerg lfational Music Convention 2, 3, SHELL, MARY LOUISE. Academ- ic Course. SHETTERLY, RUTH. College Pre- paratory Course. Senate 2, 4. SHINKLE, JIMMY-"Jim." Shop Representative of Safety Organ- ization 4. SIMMONS, ORVfILLE+"Hiday." Academic Course. SIMPSON, ALICE-"Allie." C0111- mercial Course. Art Club 4. SMITH. HELEN-"Smitty," Acu- demic Course. Senate 45 French Club 3, 45 Girl Reserves 1, 45 Glee Club 35 Honorable Mention in Altrusa Club Contest 3. Seniors SMITH, JACK-"Smitty," Aca- demic Course. Basketball 2. SMITH, JUANITA MONTZELL- "Nity." Academic Course. Glee Club 2, 45 Operetta 2, 4. SMITH, MARY KAYE-"Smitty." Academic Course. Girl Reserves 1, 25 X-Ray Staff 3. SMITH, MARY L.-"Smitty" Conlmercial Course. Girl Reserves , 2. SMITH, VANCE--"Smitty." V0- cational Course. SNOYV, MARY. Comnicrrigxl Course. SOBEL, SAMUELE"San1mie." Academic Course. Bible Clul: 25 Orchestra 1, 35 Operetta 45 Bas' kethall 45 Track 45 Minstrel 35 Annual Staff 45 Chief Mascot 45 Band 1, 3. SPRINKLE, VIRGINIA PAULINU -"Pauly," Academic Cioursc. STEPHENS, .IENNIE EDITH. Commercial Course. STEXVART, DOROTHEA-"Dot," Academic Course. Alirusa Club XVinner 3. Seniors STENVART, FREDA. Academic Course. Glee Club 25 Band 3, 4g Honorary Society 45 Operetta 2, STIEFLER, FRANCES. Commer- cial Course. STOUT, IDA ELLEN. Commer- cial Coursc. Honorary Society, Orchestra 1. STOUT, VIRGINIA - "Ginny." Commercial Course. Secretary of Class 2, 45 Girl Reserves 1, 25 Girls, Booster Club 2, 3, 45 At- tendant to Prom Queen 3. ST. MYER, ORA GLENN-"0rry." Academic Course. French Club 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Hgonorary So- ciety 45 Senior Class Play, RTIKIEATY. MARTHA--"Mar't." .cada-mic Course. Girl Reserves .UMNEIL LOVVELL. Academic oursc. XVAIN, FREDA. Academic Zourse. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. WANK, ROBERT GENE!-"Boh." xcudcmic Course. Glec Club 15 hand 1, 2g Orchestra 1, 2. WINFORD, RALPH-"Swiunie." .cademic Course. Seniors SXVOPE, NORABELLIC--Academic. TAYLOR, JAMES-"Jim," Aca- demic Course. Art Association. TERHEIDE, GARLANDg"Gar.,' Vocational Course. s THORNBURG, BILL - "Wild Bill.." Academic Course. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Senate 3, 45 Track 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 45 Football 4g Op- eretta 4g Basketball 2g Minstrel 43 National Music Convention 4. THORNEBURG, HAROLD - "Sim." College Preparatory Course. Art Club 2, 3, Latin Club 4. TODD, NAOMI-"'l'oddie." Aca- demic Course. Logansport High School, 19 Girls' Athletic Assoc- iation 1, 2, 39 Girl Reserves 1, Rifle Club 4g X-Ray Staff 4. TOLES, BETTIE JEAN. Commer- cial Course. 'I OLSON, XVANDA-g'TOHll11il?.', Academic Course. French Club 1g Girl Reserves 1, 2: Glee Club 25 Operetta 23 Art Association 4. TUCKER, KENNETH. Academic Course. TURNER, RUTH-"Ruthie." Col- lege Preparatory Course. Girl Re- serves 45 Operetta 25 Glee Club Seniors VAN METER, MAXINE-"Mad Commercial Course. Glee Club Operetta 2. VAN SICKLE, JOSEPH-"P Sickle." Academic Course. A Club 2, 3, 45 Candy Salesman. VEST, DOROTHY-"Dot',. Col mercial Course. XVALKER, KATHRYN J. Ag demic Course. Glee Club 2, Choral Club 3, 43 National Mu: Convention 3, 4. VVALKER, ROBERT LEE-"Bel Academic Course. Band 3, Baseball 1, 2. XVALKER, LOLA. Academic Course. Glee Club 33 Opcretta 3. XVALTON, REMA - "BIondie.' Commercial Course. Glee Club 23 Operctla 2. XVASTEL, EVA-"Jonse." Com- mercial Course. Glee Club 1. WEATHERFORD, MARJORIE- "Marge." Commercial Course. Girls' Athletic Association 15 Dramatics Club 35 Girl Reserves 4. XVEAVER, FRANCES. College Pre- paratory Course. Science Math. 3, 4g Glee Club 2, 35 Girl Reserves 3. 45 Senate 43 Altrusa Club VVin- ner 33 Operetta 3. Seniors XVEBER, NORMAN g"Pc0 XYee." College Preparatory Course. Art Association 43 Rifle Club 4. XVERTZ, XVILFORDi"Pecp,', Ac- ademic Course. Baseball 3, 43 Football 45 Basekthall 4. XVESTON, GENEVA-"Geneievef' Commercial Course. Home Eco- nomics 1, 23 Girl Reserves 1. WHEELER, LOIS JANE-"Janie!' Commercial Course. Glee Club 2, 35 Operetta 3. 3 XVHELCHEL, .1 UANlTAH"Di." Academic Course. XVHITAKER, BEA'fRICli-"lk-za." Academic Course. Girls, Athletic Association 1, Senior Class Play. WILDER, ROBERTA-"Bertie.', Academic Course. Senate 2, 3, glisgory Club 1, Girl Reserves 1, -, . WISEHEART, REX - "Wisey." Academic Course. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Honorary S0- cicty 4, Vice-President 3, 4, Ex- ecutive Council, Student Assem- bly, "Av Club 2, Annual Staff 4. VVITRY, FRANK - "Frankie.,' College Preparatory Course. Can- dy Counter Manager 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Model Airplane Club 2, Camera Club 4, Science Math. 4. XVITSCHE, IRENE. Commercial Course. Girl Reserves 1, 4. Seniors XYOOD, VVILBER-"VVilly." Aca- demic Course. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 41 Voc. Ag. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H XVork 1, 2, 3, 4, Madison Co. Poultry Champion 3, Poultry and Egg Judging Team 2, 3, 4, State Champion 2, Madison County Champion 2, 3, High Point In- dividual 3. WOODXVARD, DOROTHY-"Sue.,' Academic Course. Glee Club 2, 3. XVOODXVARD, JAMES - "Jim," Academic Course. XVOOLARD, FRANCIS - "Alleyq Oopf, Academic Course. Glee Club 2, 3, Art Club 1, 2, Track 2, Usher 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2. VVOOLARD, GXVENDOLYN MAX- INE-"Maxey." Academic Course. IXIEDRICK, HILTONf"Cedric." cademic Course. Hi- Y 2, 3, 4. WRIGHT, DOROTHY. -Academic Iourse. DAVIS, JANE. Commercial Iourse. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 Glee llub 2, 3. Seniors VVIER, IRENE. Academic Course. XVRIGHT, MARTIN-"Deac." Vo- cational Course. Model Airplane Club 2, 3, 4, ZEBKEL, PAUL-"Zark," Aca- demic Course. Class Basketball Game 2. McELXYAIN, MARY ELIZABETH -"Betty." College Preparatory Course. Girl Reserves 1, 25 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 49 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. ADAMS, FRANK. Vocational Course. Glee Club 2, 33 Apple and Vegetable Judging Team 4s Voc. Ag. Basketball 4. ADAMS, FRED XVILLIAM. Aca- demic Course. X-Ray Staff 3, 43 Glee Club 1, Science Math -lg Senate 1, Dramatics Club 4. ALLEN, VIOLET MAY-"Vi". Commercial Course. Girls' Ath- letic Association 1, Glee Club 1. A SHHY, KENNETH4"Kenny' Vocational Course. BURTON, ROBERT ARNOLD- "Bob" Vocational Course. Foot- ball 1, 2, 3. CLEMONS, FRANK-"Frankie". Academic Course. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4. CROWE, EILEEN. Academic Course. EADS, GROVER-"Bud". Voca- tional Course. Rifle Club 4. FALKER, EUGENE. College Pre- paratory Course. GRITTEIR, MARSHALL-"Little Ceaser". Academic Course. Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2. HALE, CHARLES-"Harpo". Aca- demic Course. HUGHES, RICHARD. Academic Course. HUSTON, CONSTANCE-"Com nie". Commercial Course. HUSTON, JANE-"Janie',. Com- mercial Course. IMEL, RALPH-"Shorty,,. Voca- tional Agriculture Course. Glee Club 2, F. F. A. 3, 45 Apple and Vegetable Judging Teams 3, 4. Seniors JACKSON, LEVVIS4"Jack". Col- lege Preparatory Course. KELLER, MARY I.-'Izzy', Com- mercial Course. MCGUIRE, RAY-"Iripsh." Aca- demic Course. Student Electrician 2, 3, 4g Stage Manager 3, 43 Lab- ratory Cadet 2, 3, 45 Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4. MART!IN, BRETTYY. Commencial Course. Glee Club 1. MATHES, BEN. Academic Course. MEADOR, OTTXVELL DE XVITT -"Dweinnio.,' Vocational Course. Football 13 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, "A" Club 1, 2, 3. NEVIN, DAVID-"Dave". Voca- tonal Course. Football 3, 4. NYE, PEGGY. Academic C0urSe- PIC,KETT, CHARLES-"Slim" "Pickett", Academic Course. Model Airplane Club 2. PONVELL, JACK-"Jake". Aca- demic Course. PUGSLEY, GEORGE, JR. Voca- tional Course. Corn Husklng 1, ig Apple Judging Team 1, 2, 35 Corn Judging Team 2, 3, Dairy Judg- ing Team 33 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 49 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Vocational Ag. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Letters 1, 2, 3, 4. RATCHFORD, FRANCIS-'Fritz'. Academic Course. Tennis Club 3. RENYOLDS, EVERETT-"Runt". Academic Course. REIGEL, HAROLD-"P. P.". Aca- demic Course. ROBBINS, HELEN, DEANE- "Dinah", Academic Course. ROBEY, RICHARD-"Dick", Aca- demic Course. Radio Club 3, 43 Football 1, 2. ROCK, XVALTER. Academic Course. SCHLOSSBERG, MARSHALL- "Archie". Academic Course. Band 4. SCHUMACHER, RODNEY--"Fuz- zy". General Academic Course. SPARKS, LOIS MAE. Academic Course. Science Math 4, Girl Re- ierves 45 Glee Club 33 Operetta SPEECE, MORRIS. Commercial Course. STAHL, CARL. Vocational Course STILLEY, JAMES-"Jim", Aca- demic Course. Radio 3. 45 Art Club 4. SULLIVAN, JANE. Academic Course. Art Club 2, 3, 4. TAYLOR, EARL-"Juggy". Voc- ational Course. TUCKER, CLIFFORD-"Tuck". Commercial Course. Operetta 2, Rifle Club 43 Football 3, 49 Track 2, 3, 4. XVOOD, MORRIS - "XVoodsie." gommfrcial Course. Basketball , 3, - YVRIGHT, MORRIS-"Casey" goraanaercial Course. Fire Patrol ZOOK, DOROTHY ELLEN-'Dot'. Academic Course. Juniors Mr. Sanders Miss llupp Ever since these juniors entered high school, they have been noted for an outstanding ability to act twice their age. As freshmen they distinguished themselves by a spinach-like sophistication, when sophomores they established an unheard-of precedent by holding a Sophomore Qass Picnic. And now as juniors they are combining junior jauntiness with senior stoicism, to the end that they are a most charming group of students. To show their unmistakable mental ability, they elected as their oificersz President, Richard Browng Vice-President, Phyllis Harmesong Secretary, Martha Dowmang and Treasurer, Mark Benbow. Their class sponsors, Miss Hupp and Mr. Sanders, had a great deal to do with the success of the various junior undertakings. The juniors chose their colors, red and gray, and late in the fall term every loyal junior wore either a sweater, a class pin, or a ring, and some, believing in tlie adage, "Y0u're only a junior once", possessed all three! Richard Brown Martha Downian Phyllis Harmesou Mark Bcnbow Crist Blassaras John R- Moore Mary Gillinger Juniors Frances Anderson Edna Mae Poore Fred Hurst Norma Brown Martha Summers Pierre Gephart Mary Kathryn Benbow John Scharnowske Juanita Hardy Donald Oliver - Margaret Thomas Betty Broyles Marleston Wright Madonna Nichols Robert E. Mauck Bob White Dona Iles Charles Hurst Cathryn Cooper Jeanne Goss Bill Coats Kathryn Frame June Spiegal Marie Ashby Dick Hovermale Gene Ewald Margaret Malaguerra Gilbert Rogers Betty Romine Julia Ann Arthur Bob G. Records Robert Stephens Maxine Morris Marjorie Johnston Mark Benbow Virginia Ben zenbower BettV Vest Lunas Milton Nadine Alt Georgiena Branch Bob Lockwood Frances Kinnam an Hayward Wright Roberta Hopkins Eloise McDonald Donald Featherstone Juniors Gene McWilliams W2.1f281' Jones Winigene Evans Betty Belle Farrer, Leila Stout J ohnetta Sloan Geraldine Lawler Josephine Davidson Byford Thompson Janet Ebel Mildred Hartman Nieleene Skinner William Davis Keith Merrick Harry Roettin Frank Herron Margaret Manning James Dodd 1 B Marciel Smith Eloise Mathews Robert Carlisle He en rown Fred Biddle Mary Helen James Anna Belle Ewing R Re der Annabelle Oberlies Marjorie Ferree ay e Gladys Ruth Gray Barbara Miller Madonna Darr Betty Bacon Harry Hudson Jim LaMont J M' lle gel' . Ruth Raines Florence Shipley Kieth W. Hardy Mary Alice Dilkey Annabelle Miller Norman Klett eanne 1 r Mary Jane Webb Bill McDuffee Emile Goldberg Rosemary Cox ' Dow Roush Helen Kem Martha Brooks Evert Orebaugh Juniors Cecil Wilson Mary Margaret Shroyer Margaret Jackson Bryan Thompson Glendora Brown Nia Jim Netterville Virginia Crouch Kathryn Lyst Harry Zwickel Alberta Hopkins rjorie Barnes Evelyn Collins Charles Samuell Geraldine Mathew Ida Edgeman Earl Mitchell Beverly Janney Jo Ernest Hertzinger Margaret Jane Evans Leona May Scott Bob Giuffy Rosemary Ronsheim hn Van Meter John Finney Johnnie Miner Nellie Poer J eanne Canning Raymond Foust Dorothy Riley Alice Hosek S Lee Dell Inez Jolly W Johnny Mustin Kathryn King Louise Edgeman Jack Roberts Jack Eastman Harriett Keesling Jeannette Lipschitz C. W. Benbow J Madge Pritchard inifred Davis Jack Hoppes John Peters Kathryn Rider! Ferneva Loudenback William Kent Hardy I Harriett Eckel J ohnney Janes Lee Pursley Iris Moreland Leon Heagy Betty Hupp Phyllis Heine Lawrence Reynolds Mary E. Martin Mary M. Mier Rzllin Campbell Marjorie Smith Be Minnie Ellen Mantooth Doris Amick tty Thornburg Harold Foust Billie W. C. Schuyler Helen Henry Viola. Hardacre Clayton Collings Donald O'Brien Walter Wilson Juniors Jack Weaver Deloris Harris Gaynelle Cox William Klinefelter Y Calvin Childers Francis Karr Bertha Commons Mary Maxwell Robert L- J. Moore Julia Hannaberry David Eckel Virginia Newman Constance Holloway Elmer Boles Mary lviargareb Dixon Francis Marlett Howard Lawrence Alberta Gourley Clifford Fleeharty Mary Frances Stuart Charles Mohler Bob McCarty Bill Foley Bernadine Ritter Edith Lewis Walter Burt Doris Miller Maurice DeLay Howard Scott Ruth Bennett Harold Surface Charles Shreffler Eleanor McDonald Irene Lewis Juniors Helen Mae Morris Bob Jackson Cletus M. Hilligoss Betty Herold Nancy Badgley Paul Cunningham Raymond Hodson Thelma Rittenhouse Gilbert Rogers Eugene Morgan Doris Busby Ida Mae Utt Bertha Shepherd David Forkner Jack Staley Phyllis Shaw Tom Walker C3151 Hart Sheila Worley Bob France Bill Bohlen Edith Turley Jim Crutchfield Patty Deere Estle Hucklberry W 'iiem Moore Wanda Niccum Joe Gaddis John Bender Dorothy Hiles Harold Bramblett Madelyn High Warren Dew Ellen Greenwood Garland Toombs Bob Shoemaker Ellen Baughman Juanita Streets Ruth Folger John Swayze Jean Critchfield Richard Benefiel Donabelle Cortner Burldene Romine Sullivan Jackson John Riggs John Prout Virginia Smith Olivia Brinduse Juniors Rosemary Bandurant Josephine Brockman Fran Showalter Jeanne Balingall R0b6I't Breeck Juanita Cfahimer Frances Holzer Gene Dilts Herbert Danner Jim Childers Robert Clauve Bill Sanders Dick DeBo1t David Fisher Sara Jackson Twyla Hutton Carol Jane McManige11 Warren Priest K. Bond Etruria Hill Clair Stout B111 Moroney Genyie Weston i 9' it . 'R-, Il. Barbara Sturgeon Robert Robinson Bob Staggs Francis Humphrey Edward Hughel r ' ?. at Horace Nichols Sfoph-omorcs Mr. Shirey Mrs. Goss Marching onward in quest of knowledge, the class of 1940, al- though not yet well known, shows great promise for the future. The sophomore year is the "pupa" stage of high school students. Having risen above the Hgreennessi' of being a freshman, they stay secluded trying to acquire the poise and assurance of the upperclassmen. Not quite sure of themselves, they work at Latin and geometry, hoping to place Caesar and triangles safely out of the way of the coming year. This industrious and enterprising group of students early elected Bonnie Weaver as President, Eugene Yates, Vice-Presidentg Phyllis Wills, Secretaryg and Mike Martin, Treasurer. They also chose 'SWo capable sponsors, Mrs. Goss and Mr. Shirey, to help them through their triumphful years.- Because they are just getting started and have just begun to get their bearings, the Sophomores have done nothing spectacular in the two years that they have been here. M ,Xssww Rs ..f f 7 if swam Bonnie XXYBHVBI' Phyllis VVil1S Eugene Yates Mike Martin K4-nncth Dolianoy Betty Snow David Gaunt Ruth lirilcy Bill Tillinan Carolyn LilllllNl1'f Paul Jones .lo Ann Jonvs Marjorie Thoinas Fred Carson Patty Guthrie- Rolivrt Jackson Alicv Stanley Charles Bassvtt Mildrvd Brown lidg.Ear Dilts Sain NVilcox Mary XVood Forest Hutton Marjorie Stilt Jack Hubbard Dorothy Kipliart Toni Stroud Louise Smith lit-tty Badgley Fritz Adams Dorothy Kiphart Craig Fl'l"0IllZlll Ros:-lnary Kingon Donald Hopper Nelda Shoaltor VVayne Chandler Gene Moore Maude Gustin Bob Ross Mildred Huntzinger Imroy Kisker Harriet Mantooth Donald XVi'ight livtty Schepelinan llc-tty Gilmore tlliford Hull Mary Sczesny Earl Eckhardt Eloise Hunter Carol Krugler Betty Cooney Edgar Timnions Jiin Dietzvn Dorothy Currcy Rnlavrt Morris Norma Shroyvr Uline Mathews Phyllis XYills Bill Pettit lilizaht-tli Halc Margaret Handcock Don Jenkins Carol Bowers Robert Taylor Maxine Lonisv Long Fm't-st Richwino Betty Ormond Toni Taylor Charles Hudson Catherine Maxwell lilizahr-th Potter Hclz-n Shafer Hilda Jarrett Flora Gray Alun-da Rawlings Charles Gans He-rbi-rt Mactlillon lic-tty Jean Elin-rle Phyllis Fausc-tt llvtty Arthol' Alice Gilmorz- Louisa Marianos llsonnie Lou Saylor David Jones Sophofmorcs Sophomores Betty llelle Foley .loan Major Harold McCracken l"0l'I't'Si Fl'K'ElllZill J uanita Mcllu l'1' y Frances High Rosemary Sampson Roberta Hardaere Lucille Hanniford Betty Baxter Lucille Ashburn A.ta Hunter Bernice Priest Mary lillis Hannnld Hazel lic-ncfiel Betty .lo Linville John Allen Maxine Roach Margin- Hester Doris Tuniulty Mary Ann Babcock Madonna Ashby Leona Bacin Kenneth Sulkey Moletea Belangee Anita Jane Ellis Dorothy NYil1ianis Don Sheets Jeanna Partingtou Mary Goss Sarah .lane Leniast Dean Hoppcs Edgar Hawk Julia Sefton Donna XYalker Virginia Tlionlpson Jean Shaiubough Jane Hannafurd Catherine Heidenian Boh Sisson Eddie Adams Verna Nunloy Eclath Lain:- Mahel lJcI.awter Betty Mathews Virginia Hunnell Deloru Stoops Eugene Sllllth .loc Stewart Ruby Unger Lcnora Adams Mary Ann Handley Virginia Baugher Helen Houser Joan Sisson Bill ltr-cob Glady Gostineau Yvonne Henderson Earl Gibbons Betty Carillon Betty Dohirli Charles Ingram Vera lieavell lla Malag.iuc-ra Dick Hines Martha .lean Bryant NVanda Skaggs Mildred Holsinger Marjorie Poole Patricia L00 Mary Margaret Tal Bruce TilI'ZlSll0l' XVarrcu Rider Bonnie XVeaver Fannie Owens Toni Marshall Pauline Seward Mary Land Betty Yanneinan Max Hake 1-r mad Anna Gronxnpakis Pat Hewitt II:-len Scott Iiathryn Ilnsii-r Mike Martin Ruth Gourlz-y Janice Crabtree llill Koplin Betty Louise Case D1-luris Dictzvn Virginia Gross Erin-st Totlml Martha Anna- Stuart Mary Howard Vt-lina Ehrhart llc-tty Mae Sharp Farrell Mclfadden Virginia Scipel Goldie Mlm-ssinger Bette Bull Frances Schmitt Tlu-llna XXX-liter Xornia Jean 'f1'Qlllll' Edgar NYhetsel Clinton Hauser Norma Jam' l. orlim-s Mary Ellen llalton Donald Flanders Judith XVHIIIM' Malia-th ll:-mit-ii Jane Metcall' Darrel Reel .lack Cade Marjorie Stitt Edna Smith Nelda Sholar Ruth Ann Harrison Letha Pletrhvr Frances Saladin Richard Gross Vivian Blackwell Maurice Soutliard Nellie Hartly Ethel Bcli'orcl lien Howe Juanita Yt'l'lllllll0ll Mary Bolus Ernest Brut:- Panl Burnett Ruth Allen Form-st C1'lllll Mildred Keller Bert Higginiiulliain Ora Katlivrine- Sniitli .liin Hacker Jane Sunnnc-rs YYanda Vorhees lllargaret lilli-n Ellis Gem-ge Stellc Marcella Poorc Tom Dorste Julia H0lllin1:n1 Mack McCarel Billy Gregory Eleanor Beckman Barbara Marine Ruth Honnold Mary Ellen lbouns Gloria XVya'tt xXYI11'l'0I1 Stultz Aileen Chappell Mary Dodd Harry Bukhaln Lillian Cimninahani Pauline Staggs Fern Bungon Joan Ridley Don Bieler Hilda Marie Sclirognr Arthur Atwcll l l pohl S oph 0 m ores Sopho mores .lack Phillips, Mildred Heuvhen, Melvin Sewart, Virginia Cornelus, Salatiu, lic-ity Hulcheus, Newell Frost, Marilyn Buhler, Bill Hutton, Marie Sylvester, Rex lioherizn Ash. Clarence H. Ashton, Leona Berry. Bert Thomas, Betty Jean Lawler, Billy Toombs, Dorothy Lutz, Tom Walser, Freshmen Mr. Hosier Mrs. Repetto Introducing the Freshman Class-proverbially green and forever young. It seems they grow smaller and more verdant every year and this crop is no exception. In spite of teasing and belittling, these unassuming youngsters achieve fame and glory with enviable facility. Tradition has it that their girls are the prettiest in school and the 1941 buds definitely bear promise. These newcomers sponsor no all-school activities. Their main task is getting themselves acquainted with the school and the school with them. Assisting them to thiis end are Mrs. Repetto and Mr. Hosier, class sponsors. The yearlings have selected as their leaders, Dick Jones, presi- dentg Dean Moore, secretaryg and George McMahan, treasurer. As biographers we must give credit where it is due, and there is much to be said in the freshies' behalf. Everyone knows they yell the loudest at pep sessions and while they cannot sponsor dances themselves, they always support frolics given by upper classes. 5 'x 4x l 4 Dick Jones Dean Moore Joan Martin George BICIWI-111311 freshmen Lois Barber, Mary Katherine Elder, Anna Brown, listella B ockman, .lohn Tinilnons, Martha .lane Tholnpson, H. Ross Shields, Joanne Savage, .lark F0l'L'lllll, Robert Priddy. Bill McKee, Marvin Smith, Betty .lane Ryan, Malcolm Hall, XVanda Lennis, Bob Leaton, Bernice Klee, Carl liimmer- ling, James Brosicr, Lucile Beall. Verna .lune Davis, Tom McCarty, Marilyn 'l'oles, Mary Jane Aynes, Martha Ritchey, Ruth Yehring, XYilliam Taylor, John Gaddis, Virginia XVilson, Joe Rogers. Quinlan Gilmore, Dorothea Stinson, Mona Trick, Betty Schmitz, Anna TllOIl11iS, Betty Silvers, Ralph Rotruck, Mildred Cerden, Bettie Lou Garrett, Frederick Needler. Richard Jones, Phyllis Schuyler, Anna Louise Rock, La Vera Slick, Lejehn Nelson, Damon York, Evelyn Anton, Doris Pheison, .lunior Mauck, Mollie Coverdale. Elizabeth Birch, Frank Mcltlanigell, Uela Berkebile, Lewis Gephart, Mary Jean Fitzpatrick, Donald Greenland, Lois Tuunnulty, Don Childers, Eugene Fitzpatrick, Lola Mae Beal. Odell Johnson, Louise Glaze, Betty Ann .lat-kley, Betty Bailey, Raymond Precup, Nadine Oekoman. .loan Martin, Norma Jean Schyler, Juanita Jester. James Hale. Marilyn Bridges, XVanda Tucker, Bob Staley, Richard Stewart, Harry Sheets, Norma Farron, John Rock, .lack lfalge, ltobert McClain, Kenneth Hutton. lltlreslimen Frances Land, Betty Jean Ellison, XVllIIlL'l' Thomas, Betty XVIH-tsel, Betty Virginia XYl1elehel, Jimmie NY1-lsh, Helen Blu-Daniel, Ili-an Moore, Jack Rode-can, .Iran Anne Mller. Eugene Freeman, Martha Stolfeinyer, Norma ltool', Erwin Million, Marietta Metcalf, Ilene Fortner, Judith Scott, XVayne Peltibone, Betty Jean Parsons, James Piper. Marilyn Cockrell, Marjorie Perry, Jack Hewitt, Martha Lou Mears, Nancy Hill, Jack Ive, Ann XVo0ds, NYilma Stone, lin-ite Ruth Miller, Betty Frame. Frank Meilahe, Leah Maxwell, ltr-rneiee Matchetl, ltohert Mathew, Estelle Fletcher, Dorothy Mae llarrett, Mary Jane Helms, Bill Fisher, Conrad Gaunt, Miriam Jean Goyer. Opal Mae Presser, llt-tty Lou Platt, Gordon Fisher, Beverly Jean Hodson, Louise Johnson. Betty Schnell, Ted Hooker, Doris Bradford, Jack 'Iiurner, Pearl Miller. Mary liathryn Tacketl, XYilm:i Ilurdacrr, June Leyirand, Phylisann Scott, Mary Frnces Fowler, Martha Jane Lambert, Margery Hyden, Robert Dunlop, Maxine McGinnis, Annabel Rose. :Betty Pr-nee, Nlary lfIlll'Il'Yil Slim-ls, Betty Anne Xetterville, flllzlrlotte Delashmit, Arlowene l.4-vi, ltohrrt Dare, llharles Miller, Louise Mcllozineli, Virginia Hite, Norma Hazel Henney, Phyllis Bilman. Thelma Rawlings. NX'iIliam Schlegelmile. Iidwin Stewart, Dorothy Jones, Gordon Hzmnaford, Etna Mae McClure, Daniel Brinduse. Claudia Lanxtton, Margery Maxwell. ll44I"EJ:Sl'lTT1 EU Barbara Jones, Neal Mulvihill. Betty McCormack. R. Eugene VVertz, Lois Marie Ellis, Jack XXv6St8l'lll8Il, Betty Bennett. loan Donnelly, Eugene Pike, .loan Schmitt, Joe Vvilliams, Martha Pauline Lawler, Carmen Fauvcrgue, Bertha May Thrasher. Elizabeth Metzger, Dhorothy Klinefclter, Martha Ebert, Phyllis Josephine Danner, Jacqueline Brindel, Mary Belle XVald0. James Allen, .Juanita Elsea, Robert Mm-nhv. Rarity Mag Bach, Marsh, George McMahan, Norma .lean Cowgill. Bud Madison. Jimmie Steves, Marietta Metcalf, Charles Blackfo Harwick, Aletha McKee. Robert Surinkle, Blanche Lou XVhitehouse, Byron Benzenbower, Janet Hughel, Schmitt, Martha Dalton, Mabel Zerkel, Mary Gill, Jack Craig, Maxine- Beeman, Marvin Schmitz. Doris rrl, Allen Cowin. freshmen Entering thie halls one day, the student body was surprised to see a group of small bewildered looking children, standing around awkwardly. The Seniors ig- nored them, the Juniors passed them by witlfl a curious glance, but some of the Sophomores and Freshmen boldly asked them their business and why they were obstructing the passage. To this remark they received the timid reply that the group had just come to high school. Some guessed that they were the new mid-- semester Freshmen, and were right. Thus entered the new Freshmen. Smaller and as green as ever, they dash through the halls, incurring the scorn of thle upperclassmen, to arrive breathlessly in their classrooms, only to have to wait four minutes for the bell to ring. Approximately 225 new students came in this semester, of course, being new in the school, nothing much is known about them. An opinion can not be formed as yet, because of the shyness of these newcomers. However in a couple of years, these "greenies" will turn into sophisticated Seniors, and great things are ex- pected from them in the future. +- 1 W ..-s. S 12' ..1... """'-l 5 Z M227 "-, lwathemfatilcs Figures, circles, triangles, unknown numbers, to some these appeal as a mighty, but interesting job to puzzle over and work out to perfection. The pre- sent student whose mind is full of these cletaifs, and who is interested in Work- ing them out, may build the skyscrapers or beautiful cathedrals twenty years from now- Or he may take the surveyors work, which is after all only an applica- tion of knowledge acquired as a student. 1 ,.-al--ff C2 0 i f Honorary Society May We present the intelligentsia of the school, the girls and boys who manage to make those Wonderful grades. Having succeeded in getting a Student Council for the high school and having joined the National Honor Society the members now can afford to rest on their laurels. Officers are: President, Charles Beckmang Vice-President, Ellen :Balfourg Secretary, Mary Jo Creasong and Treasurer, George Huser. The sponsors of the club are Miss Hirsch and Mr. Shirey. In' the picture above are found: Row 1-Mr. Shirey, Barbara Ann Adkins, Marjorie- Young, Alice Mendenhall, Charles Beckman, Virginia Crouch, June Spiegal, Ellen Balfour, Mary Jo Creason, XVinifred Davis, Miss Hirsch. Row 2-Mary Ellen Martin, Martha Goerz, Carolyn Campbell, Mary Jane Childers, Jeanette Lip- schitz, Julia Ann Arthur, Betty Herold, Rosemary Bonsheim, Barbara Bassett. Row 3-Billie VV. C. Schuyler, Annabelle Oberlies, Doris Connor, Juanita Gahimer, Audrey McElhoe, Nancy Badgely, Betty Thornburg, Jean Critchfield, Ruth Bennett, Mary Jane Smith. Row 4-Dona Iles, Betty Hupp, Janet Ebel, Pauline Hartung, Rex XViseheart, Dick Brown, Kathryn Rider. Martha Ann Miller. ' Row 5-Alice Hosek, Esther Newman, Edith Gardner. Row 6-Charles Hurst, Bob Shoemaker, Marcia Freeman, Catharine Dilts, Ida Ellen Stout, John Van Meter, John Swayze, Harry Hudson, Crist Blassaras. Bow 7-George Huser, David Forkner, Cecelia Ricketts, Ora St. Myer. lDr,a11mmtiics Clunln The purpose of the highly successful Dramatic Club is to promote drama and interest along dramatic lines. It is under the leadership of President Tom Wal- ker and Sponsor Mr. Boyd. This year the club brought the famous Avon Players to the school, for two Shakespearean play performances. Bible Club To study important characters in the Bible is the object of the Bible Club. The members have also had debates, have given parties, and sponsored a convocation program. They have been guided in their activities by Olivia Brinduse, President, and their Sponsor, Mr. Baker. Igsbwsdwritinngfi Cflass These students represent this semester's and last semester's Newswriting classes. It was these talented students who made the X-Ray a more interesting school paper. Last semester's Editor-in-Chief was Martha Ann Millerg this semesters, Billie W. C. Schuyler. Mr- Baker is the faculty adviser, while Mr. Bar- ner handles the printing of the paper. lP'r1i,1mters "Time on My Hands" certainly couldn't be the theme song of Mr. Barner and his fourteen apprentices.. Morning, afternoon, and many nights this hard-work- ing teacher labors to put out the X-Ray, Annual and other material for the school. Art Assfolciieltiion To provide broader opportunities for art department students, programs of the Art Association have been arranged by seven interest groups: fine arts, commercial arts, cartoon, crafts and decoration, costume design, collectors, and morgue. The officers have been president, Virginia Seipelg vice-president, Helen Scottg sec- retary-treasurer, Mary Sczesny. latin Clhmlb Members of the Sodalitas Latina have enjoyed an active and entertaining year. Aided by their capable sponsor, Miss Nagle, the club had a. Christmas and an Easter party, with appropriate contests and music. The officers for this year have been: President, Janet Ebelg Vice-President, Doris Wikleg Secretary, Doris Connerg and Treasurer, June Spiegal. JIunioreSehii0r Girl Reserves The Junior-Senior Girl Reserves have been most active the past year in pro- grams, dances, banquets, and general helpfulness- Their president, Martha Ann Miller, and sponsors, Teacher Miss Hirsch and Y. W. C. A.'s Mrs. Bolinger have greatly aided them in this work. lFres1hmanfS0phomi0re Girl Re serves Led by president, Betty Ruh, the Freshman-Sophomore Girl Reserves have had a busy year carrying out their program and making visits to public places such as jail, Herald Office and the Waterworks. Sponsors are high school's Mrs- Hale and Mrs. Bolinger of the Y. W. C. A. Senate Row 1-Patricia Guthrie, Charles Beckman, Keith Pettigrew, Joan Sisson, Bernadine Ritter, Bonnie Xveaver, Donald Collins, George Huser. Row 2-Rebecca Cassady, Audry Gray, Billie W. C. Schuyler, Emile Goldberg, Edna Mae Poer, David Gaunt, Burldene Roinine, Dorothy Riley, Lee Pursley. Row 3-John Maynard, Jeanette Lipschitz, Willian DeArm,ond, Helen Henry, David Fisher, Mary Handley, Bob Shoemaker. Row 4-Barbara Marine, Helen Smith, Ruth Shetterly, Harriett Mantooth, William Davis, Charles Hurst, Louise Smith, Glendora Layton. Row 5-Hubert Edwards, Keith Bond, Frances Weaver, Carl Mart, Charles Shreffler, Richard Brown, Nancy Badgely, Robert Savage. Row 64Dclbert Searles, Louis Eggman, Bertram Glazer, Betty Huh, Helen Scott, Benjamin Early. Row 7-Paul Cunningham, Keith Hardy, Ellen Baughman, Mary Sczesny, Betty Badgely, Jack Elliott, Nelda Showalter, Bob Critchley. Row 8-Mr. Denny, James Blake, Mary Ellen Martin, Victor Maxwell, Phyllis Harmeson, Dick Ehle, Alta Hunter, Dorothy Kiphart, Gordon Fisher, John Finney, Miss Critchley. "Bl years and still going strong!"-this might be said to have been the slogan of the 1937-38 Senate. The officers for the first semester were Keith Pettigrew, presidentg Don Collins, vice-presidentg Robert Critcfhley, secretaryg Betty Cope, assistant secre- tary, Delbert Searles, treasurerg Walter Rock, reading clerk, and David Fisher, assistant reading clerk. As for activities, the club gave two dances and thfe annual senior banquet in May. Second semester officers were Charles Beckman, president, George Huser, vice- presidentg Don Collins, secretaryg Bernadine Ritter, assistant secretaryg Bonnie Weaver, treasurerg Joan Sisson, reading clerk, and Nelda Showalter, assistant reading clerk. Sponsors were Miss Critchley and Mr. Denny. ScienceaMarh Row 1-Mary Jo Creason, Bob White, Bob Savage, Don Collins, Keith Pettigrew, Gene McXVilliams, Walter Burt, John Finney, Jack Petry. Row 2-Keith Hardy, Kent Hardy, Yolanda Pershing, Frances NVeaver, Deloris Meikel, Betty Cope, 'lilly DeArmond, Lee Pursley, Victor Maxwell. Row 3-Barbara Bassett, Martha Howard, Cletus Hilligoss, Ruth Shetterly, Harriett Mantooth, Richard Ehle, Ktherine Smith, Gifford Runyon, Burldene Bomine. Row 4-Mary Kathryn Ritter, Phyllis Shaw, Pauline Seward, Joe Elliott, Bob Critchley, Marleston VVright, David Fisher, Floyd Perkins. Row' 5-Mr. Pershing, Mr. Horton, Bill Morris, George Huser. Are you interested in mathematics? Do you get a kick out of delving into the realms of the scientific World? Every Monday evening during the past year approximately thirty members of the Science-Math Club have met and discussed various phases of these two interesting subjects. For leadership they looked to president, Keith Pettigrew, vice'-president, Don Collinsg secretary, Frances Weaver g and treasurer, Gifford Runyan- In ,November the club gave a skating party at Eyer's Rink and during spring vacation they entertained with a Barn Dance in the Old Gym. This is one of the most educational and entertaining clubs in high school. Its sponsors, Mr, Horton, Mr. Stewart, and Mr. Pershing have done much towards the betterment of this organization. Girls' Giles Club To be convinced of the veracity of Carlyle's statement that, "Music is well said to be the speecbl of angels" one has only to listen to these two groups. They participated in various county school festivals, the operetta, convocations, and before several clubs. The girls also took part in Thanksgiving and Christmas services. Boys" Glee Club In January the boys gave a minstrel which made it possible for thiem to pur- chase uniforms. Besides this they appeared at the district festival at Muncie. The girls also took part in Thanksgiving and Christmas services. Ch oral Club Presenting the Anderson High School Choral Club. No more need be said, for thieir exploits are famed both far and Wide, Row 1-Wanda Niccum, Virginia Newman, Ruth Folger, Martha Kinley, Laura Richardson, Marjorie Johnson, Lois Barner, Frances Forcum, Betty Hupp, Joan Fulwider, Rosemary Cox, gleqilia Ricketts, Bill Cassell, Melvin Bridges, John Misner, Hubert Edwards, Delbert Searles, Paul aines. Row 2-Betty Bacon, Buth Ann Harrison, Eleanor McDonald, Norma Brown, Louise Edgeman, Audrey Mclilhoe, XVilbur Crim, XVillia1n Davis, Don llrlCA1't, Fred Hurst, Joe Trent, James Carr, Clair Stout, Bill Thornburg, Dick Brown, John Ballard. Row 3-Martha Dowman, Betty Huston, Vivian NVoods, Betty Swank, Cathryn Cooper, Bob Savage, Bob Hosier. Marion Shields, Bob Records, Edgar Hawk, Paul Bosh, Bob Trent, Robert Carlisle, Satherine XValker, Betty Jean B1'OWVl'l, Martha Goerz, Evelyn Higgins, Mary H. James, Esther l ewman. Row at-Betty Dowe. Ruth Colle, Margaret Ann lizillvock. Mary Ann Babcock, Mary Ann Handley, Alice Hooker, Maurice DeLoy, Jack Arnold, Dkm McCoy, Miss Hill, director, Charles Miller, illohfl Iglewis, Keith Pettigrew, Alice Mendenhall, Juanita Gahimer, Carole Gaugel, Vera Matchett, ul a aw. Band Strike up the band! The boys and girls in their swanky new red and grey uniforms purchased this year are an inspiring sight and one of which A. H. S. might well be proud. This group has been responsible for many of our best con- vocation numbers. Orelh estra Strings, Woodwinds, and piccolos all take their place in the rostrum of And- erson High Schoo1's. orchestra. Directed by Mr. Rencenberger, it presents an- other phase of school life with its many possibilities for all types and talents. iFirencih Ciluib The French Club has been very active this past year, having had some very interesting meetings under the supervision of their sponsor, Mrs. Whitson. Of- ficers of the club are: President, Billie W- Ct Schuyler, Vice-President, Juanita Gahimerg Secretary-Treasurer, Marjorie Noland. Spanish Club "Buenas diasv- The Spanish Club under the sponsorship of Mrs. Strickler, direction of Robert Shoemaker, president, and program committee Ruth Shartz, Gareth Coates, and George Donaldson has met every third week during class period. A party honoring the graduates Was given at the close of the year. Girls? Booster' Climb The Girls' Booster Club has been very helpful this year in various projects such as buying mirrors for the girls' rest room and sending out Christmas baskets. They have been led by their president, Barbara Ann Adkins. Rifle Climb The Rifle Club, which was organized this past year, has made rapid strides and is on its way to become one of the most popular organizations in school. Officers have been President, Martha Ann Millerg Vice-President, Don Collinsg Secretary-Treasurer, Robert Shoemaker. HWY Members of the Hi-Y are, left to right, starting at the bottom: Keith Pettigrew, Dick Howe, Secretary, Merrill Hudson, Treasurer, Jim Brock, President, John Ballard, Vice-President, Melvin Bridges, Sergeant-at-Arms. Harry Hudson, Dick Land, Joe Trent, Charles Shreffler, Rex Wisehart, Dick Brown, Hubert Edwards. P Jainick Elliott, John Ewald, Bob Fisher, Robert Parker, Bill Cassell, John Roger Moiore, Chauncey ar er. B Tom XValker, David Fisher, Mark Benbow, YValter Jones Jr. Dick Ekle, Dan Langell, Clarence rinson. Hilton Headrick, Bob Ridge, Ben Early, Fred Hurst, Gene Ewald, Bob Critchley, Delbert Searles, and Mr. Bailey, Sponsor. Formed in 1923 in order to promote a higher and cleaner standard of mind and living among boys, the Hi-Y organization, has faithfully carried out the above plan under the leadership of President, Jim Brock, Vice-President, John Ballardg Secretary, Dick Howeg Treasurer, Merrill Hudsong Sergeant-at-Arms, Melvin Bridges, and their sponsors, Messrs- Bailey and Sanders of high school and Mr. Gibbons of the Y. M. C. A. This year the club members have done much for the good of the school. At Christmas time they donated supplies to the Mission, and later they donated money to benefit the Choral Club, and help send them on, their Washington trip. As part of a very successful program, they gave a dance in the old gym, calling it by the name of the dance whidh had just then become famous, "The Big Apple-" It was one of the cleverest dances given this year. The Club has been one of the most outstanding of sc.hool clubs for many years, as have the members in itg and our sincere congratulations and good will go to these boys in thanks to their untiring efforts to help the school. Girls' Atlhllctiiic Assioiciatifon The Girls' Athletic Association of Anderson High School has just completed their fifth year with great success. Due to an enlarged enrollment, the social and financial committees have beenl unusually busy. Activities this year hfave included soccer, baseball, basketball, volley ring tenning, tumbling, track and field, hit-pin baseball, swimming, tennis and golf. Individual champions in the three latter activities received a medal each for their outstanding ability. Miss Dorothy Campbell has sponsored the Girls' Athletic Association for the past two years. Before coming to Anderson, she supervised physical education in the schools at Frankfort, Indiana. Miss Campbell has sponsered Girls' Athletic Assoc- iations for some time, therefore she has brought many useful suggestions to our G. A. A. and heir experienced guidance has been greatly appreciated- One of th,e most successful of this years' auditorium pro- grams was given this spring by Miss Campbell's physical edu- cation classes and members of the Girls' Athletic Association. Each of the different classes introduced to the audience various types of dances interspersed by specialty numbers featuring student dancers. The feats of the G. A- A. tumblers certainly revealed what girls can do when they are Willing to devote hours to practice. Girls' Athletic Association The above group of girls, known as the council of the G. A- A., is the governing body of the association.. The council is composed of Betty McElwain,, presidentg Jean Cockrell, vice-presidentg Mary Louise Griffey, secretaryg Minnie Ellen Man- tooth, treasurer and the chairman of the various activities. These girls are upperclassmen who are well versed in, parliamentary procedure necessary to the governing of such a large group of girls. 'llhe highest honor that can be bestowed upon any member of the Girls' Athletic Association is to be chosen as the one Whose name is engraved on the Senior Cup. A 'faculty com- mittee this year chose Betty McElwain because of her skill in sports, her ability as a leader, her cooperation, reliability and her loyalty. Betty has been a member of G- A. A. since her Freshhnan year, has been president of the organization for the past two years and has been assistant instructor in swimming. During l her Junior year, she was granted the State award by the A Indiana League of Girls' Athletic Associations for her excel- lence in physical education. It is hoped that her successors will be as outstanding in all phases of physical education as she has been. Science Every year scientists discover new cures for diseases, new formulas, and new substances. To be a scientist is to have one of the most intensely interest- ing professions of all, one which can be prepared for by taking advantage of the courses in science, mathematics, and Latin which are offered in high school. These subjects are also of great use for the noblest of all professions, medicine or nursing. E 2 1 1, mfg .iff gg ,M d I S J---- 1 STUDENT CCOIUNCCHIL The Anderson High School Studenrt Council was or- ganized in May 1937. The following September it began operating under the constitution which was written by a committee of the Honorary Society composed of George Huser, Juanita Cookman, Richard Forkner, and assisted by Mr- Arthur Shirey, and later approved and adopted by a vote of the student body. The student council consists of two bodies, the Executive Council and the Assembly. The Assembly is made up of a rep- resentative elected from each home room, and the Executive Council of six seniors, four junio-rs, two sophomores, who are elected by the assembly together with the president of each class. The objectives of this organization are: 1. To educate students in civic responsibilities. 2- To offer students experiences in leadership. 3. To give the students opportunities to take part in the administration of school affairs which concern the student body. 4. To set the correct proportion for social and scholastic phases of school life. 5- To promote among the students a co-operative spirit, and feeling that they are responsible for the school as a whole. This organization is just a year old and is a movement toward greater student participation in school government. This is a movement that, because of the vast reforms it brings with it, must come slowly. The student council has accomplished a great deal in its first year of existence. The following are some of the projects and accomplishments of the Council during the past year. 1. Operated a used book exchange, the profits of which were turned over to the charity fund- 2. Had charge of Christmas convocation. fcontinued on next pageb STKUDIENT COUNCIL ff Executive Council -3. Appointed three student members to program committee which was formerly composed entirely of teachers. 4. Sponsored ticket sales for operetta and school cafeteria. 5. Had charge of subscription campaign and the distribution of the X-RAY. 6. Chartered three new clubs- CRifle club, Fenc- ing club, and Conservation c1ub.J 7. Created a social activities committee of stu- dents which sponsored and made rules governing dan- ces. It was through the work of this committee that dances were held after many of the home basketball games. 8. Made tentative plans for creating recreational room in the auditorium. 9- Made possible the use of some of the base- ment rooms for eating lunches, thus relieving the con- gested conditions in the balcony of the old gym. 10. Assisted the deans in selecting monitors. 11. Suggested to Junior and Senior class a plan of competitive sports events as a substitute for their yearly brawl. This suggested plan was adopted and worked successfully. 12. Helped to improve auditorium behavior by home room discussions on this subject. 13. Co-operated with the Parent-Teacher Association in the establishment of a school cafeteria. 14- Held home room discussions on courtesy during Courtesy Week. 15. Worked on a school handbook to be ready for distribution at the begin- ning of the next school year. 16. Sponsored the first state convention of Student Council organizations in Indiana. This meeting was attended by approximately sixty students and teach- llixeicrumiive Council ers representing Frankfort, Newcastle, Riley of South Bend, Burris of Muncie, Michigan City, Bloomington, Laporte and Anderson High Schools. These accomplishments were made possible by the splendid co-operation of the student body together with the able assistance of Principal Stoler and the spon- sors Arthur Shirey and J- J. Bailey. The student council 'has great plans for the future and with the co-operation of the student body and faculty, alike there are many improvements in our high school that can be brought about by this organization. The officers of the Executive Council for the past year Were: Dick Brown, pres- identg Keitli Pettigrew, vice-presidentg Eleanor McDonald, secretary. Its member- ship consisted of: George Huser Martha Dowman Rex Wiseheart Eleanor McDonald Ellen Jane Balfour Dick Brown Keith Pettigrew Nancy Badgley Mary Cook Betty Badgley Charles Beckman Bill Martz John Ballard Bonnie' Weaver Ben Early Dick Jones The officers of the assembly were: president, Rex Wiseheartg and secretary, Marge Young. Asseniblly Members of the Student Assembly Seniors-Delbert Searles, Martha Kinley, Jack Elliott, Martha Renfro, Beverly Carraway, Rex Wiseheart, George Metcalf, John Ewald. Juniors-Nadine Alt, Crist Blassaras, Ben Early, Juanita Gahlimer, Frances Holzer, Dona Iles, Jeannette Lipschitz, Bill Moroney, Jean, Roberts, Charles Shreffler. Betty Vest, Gene Stanley, William Davis, David Fisher, Majorie Johnston, Marjorie Young, Maxine Crist. Sophomores-Barbara Marine, Betty Badgley, Gareth' Coates, Tom Dorste, Dorothy Kiphart, Patricia Hewitt, Bill Pettit, Warren Rider, Joan, Sisson, Ruby Unger, Tom Thornburg, Patricia Lee, Bernard Dent, Warren Stultz, Charles Gaus. FreshlmenfEvelyn Anton, Burton. Canaday, Ilene Fortner, Wilma Hardacre, Nancy Hill, Harold Lunsford, Lejehn Nelson, Marietta Metcalf, Ralph Rotruck, Mabel Zerkel, Don Childes, Don McArt, William Schlegelmilch, Harold Snow- Ben. Cook, Caroline Pickering, Joel Kohn, Norma Gill, Charles Bailey, Richard Stewart. Social activities run like a silver thread throughout our high school career and among these, school dances are easily the most popular. This year for the first time in the hlistory of A. H. St, we have had a social activities committee to plan dances and school affairs. The group met with suc- cess and placed thirteen dances on the school calendar. Unlike the past, almost half of them were held after school for the benefit of various organizations. The administration fully realizes the importance of social activity in. a Well-balanced education. Throught our lives, when math and history are hazy memories, the recollec- tion of good times we've had together will appear again as a silver thread. New Aclolzitifon Each year Anderson High School has had an increasingly large number of students. The high school, which was originally built to accommodate from eight hundred to a thousand students, has in recent years been forced to hold over two thousand. The situation was finally brought to the attention of the Parent-Teachers' Association, and to the various clubs and organizations thoughout Anderson. They began sponsoring a drive to raise enough money to build a new building to re- lieve the congestion. Work was started last spring. The new addition, on the south-west side of the high school, was finished last December. It is modern in all its equipmenlt and consists of two study halls which accommodate two hundred and forty students. The auditorium, which was formerly used as study hall, can now be used for other purposes. There are sixteen classrooms and four laboratories in the building. The biology, chemistry, and physics classes have been greatly aided by the new work tables, which are equipped with electric, gas, and water outlets. The new addition has proved its worth in the few months it has been used, satisfying the need for extra room. The high school faculty and students are dee-ply appreciative of this building. , Ei 4- ' W V gy I O gg Z Z f 0 if A f g X X f, f 0 0 y gff Z f 4 i 1 w 1, W-'11 vis ,,.,., ,. .,,,, ,WW . ' Q 7 -, , T '- - f ll H' U' Ill A 1895. - f -Ji '-A 1,1 A? J 1 Z , 07 1 F VAVJFQR ? ii 5 X' QYEWL ' - Q ,. : .3 'E 3 Y X535 ga'.laa3i214ni h""'i" .JM N.. , H' g S Qlfff' R 7' soo TO 305 5 E5 ESL 4 , 0. ,nfl g f wg , ' f 7 Q ' 7 69, 1, rf '-'v ff: L' f" A! x 2 -'?++ si g" N 1 """' Zi 1452 Tlx ' nf I . . if 5- A 3 ji? f 'V - v 1 wr v. 1 . 'K SENIOR 'LA K 1 if , il Z! , f M Agiki-f"" gf' 5 ,ff A ' ,, ' ' fZ5i5Ti f f' M' I '+I' f ' 1Re 4 ' "" ' ' af 1 ' f A 'V ' M332 X.-mmrffix 5' ' Y ! wx! 6 A A " R h W ' ' '- ff un'-ff ' X Nm, , - M, 1 1 4 f N 1 '. ' ? N , ff: , X 2 ' J 411 I fW17,Y'9i'l,"' JE? Mull Z : mmmxmxvmmmwwlnmlnllllnlllmlm " ' if-' Y .T, W . . I .... V - ,J f Q A i .1-,T xx 1 f , limuwillif mllllllm. .Mum : ,hip Q i5L'i'ff7nM1iIlIBnifM! l1W5!FIiEhli?lTh1aEW1 ' ' W 3 05 3 -T R, ,A., . ..J f'- W A X Z 1? X gm i ' ' ' V fi li 'A' E' 2 f W Q -H H' I1 " Tw af l' . ,g E r Q 6 x-'if A , QL 3 ml f it i lmrw, ' - 2 5 F .Emu ,, A S- Y I 4 kxxl IM Z 4 1,- ......... l 'T ' in-Eg . MQ I ,L 1 p AIIIIIIIIIIII -- -- - . ---- J 1 siaiiiwisg' ? e 'A " ' fi:4Ji12: : f gg f ,a .iff -. 23. .ix A -5 i , F' il -- - Y? Choral Club Washington Trip Our Minister to England may not allow the American girls to curtsy before the King and Queen, but for members of the Choral Club the honor of singing at the National D. A. R. Congress and being presented to Mrs. Roosevelt was far more thrilling. Boarded on. three special coaches Miss Hill and the group of seventy one students left April 18 for Washington, D. C. After their arrival on Tuesday they attended a tea at the White House. Each one was personally greeted by Mrs. Roosevelt. Wednesday they sang before the D. A. R. Congress over an NBC hookup, and at the Washington Chapel. Thursday was spent sight-seeing at the Smithsonian Institute, Bureau of Fed- eral Investigation, Mt. Vernon, Christ Church, Lincoln Memorial, and Congres- sional Library. Friday the group visited Annapolis, Ford's Thieater, the Peterson Home, Supreme Court, and Senate Building. That evening before boarding the train for home, the club gave an impromptu program in thie lobby of the Lee House. Miss Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Coffin., and Mr. Bailey accompanied the group as chaperones. Washington Trip This year, thfose who Went on the Washington, trip had an extra thrill. Not only did they see all places of national and international interest irn our cap- itol--the White House, the Capitol Building, the F. B. I. building, the Supreme Court in session, Arlington and Mt. Vernon4but they also took a Historyland trip. The group left Washington on an over-night boat trip down the Potomac and disembarked at Old Point Comfort, the home of the Coast Artillery. The main points of interest were Fort Monroe and examining thze big coastal defense guns. From Old Point Comfort, the group motored to the partially restored, historic village of Williamsburg, Virginia. After spending several hurs visit- ing the Capitol, the old Chfurch, and the Governor's Mansion. the travelers con- tinued their trip to Yorktown, there visiting the famous battlefield where Corn- wallis surrendered to Washington. Jamestown, with its beautiful, historic ruins, was next on the schedule. From Jamestown, the party went to Richlmond, Vir- ginia, where, tired but happy, they boarded the train for home. The train ride both coming and going was greatly enjoyed by allg anld many look forward to another suchi fine trip in the near future. 'gjofffv H1660 4f74f7?4!ZY' 4:-'dfroas ' ANNUAL V, .fJf7'00f-XXV' ffffff' WW? f'9'f0ff . Qbpakfzffzhrfmfz 'ww mwap affair 'M . .,A A , fffff Wfarrf . 'E ,,-IQ . if ffwfdw H gifffm' - W A16 AND ,4 ff Erfc - ' ' HIUKIWJIHAMAGEAJS 7 -4 N L STATIF l The studious-looking students on the opposite page represent the various editors by whom the material for this Annual was prepared, They are: Editor-in-Chief .............................................i........ Assistant Editor-in-Chief ..... Literary Editor .,......,............ Assistant Literary Editor ......... Organization Editor .................. Assistant Organization Editor Business Manager .....................,. Assistant Business Manager .... .. Advertising Manager ................ Assistant Advertising Manager Senior Editor ......,........................ Assistant Senior Editor ..... Joke Editor .......................... Assistant Joke Editor ..... Art Editor ....................... Assistant Art Editor ...........,..... Circulation Manager ..........,........ Assistant Circulation Manager Athletic Manager ........................ Cartoon Editor ...,........,,........... ASSlSt3,1'1tf C3.I'tO01'l ECIHZOI' ....... Snap Editor .......................... Assistant Snap Editors ....... Photographer ....................... Assistant Photographers ........... Typists .................................................................... George Huser John Swayze Ellen Jane Balfour Julia Ann Arthur Lois Barner June Spiegal Jim Brock Walter Jones Delbert Searles Robert Shoemaker Martha Ellen Carey Margaret Jane Evans Marcia Freeman Jeanne Goss Robert Lee Jackson George Donaldson Bill Munroe Harry Hudson Rex Wisehleart Robert Critchley William Daus Harry Zwickel Lois Emmons, Ralph Peterson Frank Witry Paul Mains, Billy Morris Catherine Hosek, Martha Patterson Assignments to the Annual Staff were made last Spring, to give the Staff Mem- bers a chance to think of ideas to be used for the theme. Choosing the theme is an important part of annual Work. This year the lad who had the brightest idea was Robert Lee Jackson. Robert suggested that the theme be "Present Training for Future Vocations." The swift passing of time during four years of high school, with visions of thie future, is symbolized by a Winged hour-glass which has been used as the motif of the decoration. Many thanks are due to thlese clever students, and to the faculty heads: Miss Adams, Miss Balyeat, Miss Hirsch, Mr. Barner, Mr. Brinson and Mr. Baker. Agriculture Vocational Agriculture offers to the farm boy an opportunity to improve him- self within. his own highly specialized field and broaden his vision likewise with its associated industries. In picking up the threads of our previous year's account of agricultural activities we find thje aggie group competing in state contests held at Purdue University in Mid-June. The corn judging team composed of Donald Hiday, Edwin Rodecap, Warren Fuller and Wilson Bronnenberg placed twelfth in state only 18 points behind the winner. Donald Hiday ranked as fourth best corn judge in state and received a certificate of proficiency. The poultry and egg judging team made up of George Pugsley, Jr., Wilber Wood, Arthur Darlington, and Robert McCarty placed fourth with George Pugsley ranking as second high point judge in state. The dairy judging team made up of William Pugsley, James Chlaplin, Joe Cooper, and Glen Shuman' were 39 points behind in competition with 57 teams. During the summer the aggie groups were very busy with their farm projects and 4-H work but not too busy to win the state championship in judging Jersey cattle at Decatur, Indiana. This team was composed of William Pugsley, who was highest scoring judgeg his team mates were Arthur Darlington, Joe Cooper and Raymond Gordon. The team received a plaque and Mr. Kolb a pen and pencil set for being the winning coach. This same team placed third at Connersville- fifth at Huntington, seventh at Franklin, and eighth at Muncie. Raymond Gor- don ranked third best judge at Muncie and fifth at Connersville, while Warren Fuller ranked second high at Connersville. During August the Future Farmer Chapter published 2000 leaflets on Vocational Agriculture for distribution at th,e 4-H Fair. The F. F. A. boys also attended a five day camp at Big Barbee lake. The livestock judging team made up of Joe Cooper, Arthur Darlington, William Pugsley, and Glen Shuman won the Madison County livestock judging championship and eventually placed third at the State Fair in competition with '72 teams. Joe Cooper continued his local high point honors by placing first in judging dairy cattle and ranking fourth in judging all ALL SET FOR CAMP UNDEFEATED TWC UVESTOCK JUDGING CHAMP CHAMD ADDLE AND VEGETABLE WINNERS STATE HUSKING CONTEST STATE DAIRY A STADT Lava AT MANILLA T Juoonvc CHAMPS IN eusnmass UD ON Agriculture classes of livestock. These honors won for him a silver trophy and a S75 scholar- ship to Purdue University. In addition to these honors his outstanding work as a 4-H beef calf member won an additional S250 scholarship to Purdue University where Ire is enrolled now. Arthur Darlington, another member of the team, at- tended the winter course in agriculture at Purdue and was one of thirteen in a class of 189 to receive distinguished rating scholastically. The vegetable judging team made up of George Pugsley, J r., Raymond Gordon, James Chaplin, and Ralph Imel ranked fifth at State Fair, while Ralph! Imel placed fourth high. as individual judge to act as alternate on the Indiana team to national contest held at New York City. In tomato work Wilson Bronnenberg Won a gold medal in state competition for growing largest percent of number one tomatoes. ' Champion corn huskers selected by trial in the class were Raymond Gordon and George Pugsley, Jr. In the district contest George set a new record by husk- ing a winning total of 508.02 pounds in 30 minutes. Raymond ranked sixth. In the state contest held at Manilla George injured his hand in the first five minutes yet placed eleventh with 570.75 pounds in 40 minutes. In November the apple and vegetable judging teams made up of Russell Bailey, William West and Ralph Imel placed fourth in apple and eighth in vegetable judging at Purdue. Russell received a silver medal by placing second high in state as apple judge and was formally awarded his medal by State Horticultural Society at Purdue in January. The other team made up of Lawrence Pugsley, Raymond Gordon. and Frank Adams placed sixth in apples and vegetables. The Aggie basketball team steam-rollered all of its eight opponents to go through the second season unde- feated. Edwin Rodecap received a gold medal as county winner in the 4-H meat animal project sponsored by the Wilson Packing Company of Chicago. Glen Shuman won first in County Corn Show and Fred Leemaster was first in potatoes. Fred's record book was first in state show for second consecutive year. The choral classes under the direction of Miss Hill presented the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta "All at Sea" on November 18 and 19. A great number of students attended both performances, and the operetta was greatly enjoyed. The main characters were: Dick Deadeye ..............................l...........,..... ................... ....... .......,........ J 0 h n Lewis Midshiprnate ............................ Second Mate ..,,... Little Buttercup .. Captain Corcoran Patience ..... , .............. Grosnevor ............ Fairy Queen ...,.... Edgar Hawk Bill Munroe Carol Gaugle Delbert Searles Ruth Colle John Ballard Betty Bacon Ralph Rackstraw ...,... ............... D on McCoy Sir Joseph Porter Josephine ............. Mable ..................... Police Sergeant Lord Chancellor ..... ......... Phyllis ............... Strephon ..,... Edith ................ Pirate King ...... Frederick ....... PO0h-bah ...,... Yum-Yum ....... Pitti-Sing ............. Peep-Bo ....,............................ .................................,....................,...... Bill Thornburg Betty Huston Norma Brown Richard Brown Tom Thornburg Laura Richiardson Clair Stout Esther Jane Newman . ............ .... S am Sobel Bill Cassell James Carr . ............. Betty Dowc Martha Kinley Alice Mendenhall Japanese Court Maidens ....,,,,.... Betty J. Brown, Cathryn Cooper, Betty Vanneman Mikado ..........................,............................................................ .......... ....... H u bert Edwards Koko ...............,..... ............... ........................................................................ .... ........ J a c k Arnold The cast also included many choruses from the glee and choral clubs. The operetta is composed of songs and choruses from H. M, S. Pinafore, The Pirates of Penzance, Patience, The Mikado, and Iolanthe. 'N ww ,Mx ' I saw A 5592573 'T Ms Y I 9 M, 7 ff' . A ie? if g:.13 E X s 5 5 4 ' . -1"j1 13f,g"f2 g:: ,I I ...... . ., .,., ll -. . .v1v::'g3:5,.?5i5EEE2 552: Q . ..,.. .. . .. 7 V -1:17-5, : ,3M.w. f ' fwnzfggf Wf,,,,.,n4QVW 'mmzwh ' '4...:vv4s amp t b ffmhr Q Jw, .ka Q W X 3 X 'AW' f A XM:-1-www. . H 1.Sm?2'iVi W6 ' "" Q BY Cfgfes M XTJHIGJPILETOBEUBZY Q WE ONLY LACKED FouR SCALPS rms YEHR J w a X ti Q54 Og 'I an .A A ,L ' NIIHIIIIWIIIL' -J AH ms Vaccum N N 4 YOURE Nor some -non HHSNT OWN rr anew TO TRKE 005750 673 ouR me My T P Q I l Z A X - . W NTA syolv nh, f 2 GATE H vw , Q K1 6 'Lv-2 fliruea , I.,' I U ,, , K Q , ,I , N 'Q con IN SMALLER rvsnv Yrnkf A ' Q THEY E - snmou ,. .. - - Seen 'ro .: G U "' ' .. V: nrossggy " I 1 W ggw vmfis ip r 1 F- B 1 ' - 5' M t' q . mf , Wiiiihifik SGH ' ,-NHllUUIlHlfI ' I ' L.. n. CH' il 'WB ' 'fc , Q Q C I mi. JR- S"'pR0y-1, l' x I .M ' ja ' -Q if I ' u.h..x W . U' 1 V 1't A a at ,,f, 4 :gifs ll 1 imp: Q at -L f gn! - ? Y Sabi:-5 simon JUNIOR SONIUHORE GUESS wuo, N X xx 4" h K. -P' 3 ., ,. -0 f 'I' s-- A 5 V' Y' oy jg .H o f f' H o o Shy A . A Ein X 'V A I- 4 . X 1 I f al 2 -- . '- ' X fgisizzs xg, A V f - - . ,111 T:XK 0 b U ' I 5 x ' A A K I I 1 2 , D Q X if" T ' .X . f ' . 41 4 ' A 1 ' 1 Q . 5 I ,I ,Za X M, f xx D A N 0 0 cl- D .- . 'L fn Z ,, XX - -s Q Q ,U au. 0 ' Q1 Q 1 k A 5' B909 2 .' I 2 gg Wi ' , W , 'l ' h I M ,IV , v ' af f 1 I . rf - , 1 2 Il 1 4 ng 9 5 0 V f L . 5-9' 5- , .sf Q.",?n,1:,-if Wig! 'jrf .0 4 , .4 1"-znhfglslflf Nik WI' wav ,,' XM' 43" lg If a ,HIV fl I 8 W u 0 4 'lvl' Il. J -vs I l M , ' Q, u U N ' ' I ,. Q F 3 ' N C I T fy ly 1 . . ' M " 4 0 B uf ' ' ' A S2 1 v 2 E, . 7 F ' 1 1' e 6 N 'UQ 1 6 ' 500 F 1 0 JN School Jlumior Pfollice llnfdhumsmtary Industry is a great thing. Business is formed by the classes of people who day by day work at their jobs producing the necessities of life. In shops and many classes, boys and girls are taught the in- triging processes of machines, the Way they work, the use of such, and the worth and need of these Wonders. This period of apprenticeship has undoubtedly .led many engineers, carpenters, machinists, and others, in choosing their respective occupations- ' Zf E My ff' 1 ,O W X ff ff fm 7-P-Q -' 'us 'T Cl ff K5 M x y gif 'IVAN N D :IN , rslcnca Nix i I in y U - "" N42 . P1019 CHARLES SHREFFLER-1-fe JOHN SWAYZE- fJohn is a Jun- BURTON CANADAY-Burton is Charles, like John, also was a ior and, since he was also a yell a sophiomore and has done well yell leader last year. His rhyth- leader last year, has quite a bit in his firstyear as cheer leader. mical motions and gestures are of eX1OG1'i6HC9- l i easy to follow. p , A '1 l FRED DUNBAR4Fred is also a sophomore and his duties, like Sidts, are helping Gene and the track squad. GENE STANLEY--Gene is a jun- ior and is head manager of bas- ketball and football. SID ALBERTS4Sid is a sopho- more and has been a student both here and in junior high. There are always plenty of cheers for the boys in the game, but how often the fine Work of tlftese Student managers is completely overlooked. To them should go the credit for making the physical set-up for the players as ideal as possible. They are the ones who Work long hours taking' care of the multitude of equip- ment necessary for a complete sports' program. Certainly these boys really know what it means to have true school spirit. Football With a thrilling last minute victory over Muncie, thle first ever won by an Anderson High School football team, the fighting Indians had the most success- ful season of any recent Anderson football eleven. Winning four and losing one North! Central Conference' games, the Anderson team finished second and missed first place by a very small margin. This is the highest that Anderson has ever fin- ished in this league. After a poor start in thie Newcastle game, in which the team cou1dn't seem to get started, the eleven came came back only to be edged out by Elwood in the closing minutes of the game. Then came that memorable game with Muncie when Anderson came from beltind in the final seconds to win for the first time over Muncie. After this game the team hit its stride and bowled over Noblesville, Richmond, Frankfort, and Tech in succession without being scored upon. This streak, without a doubt, is the best performance ever turned in by any Anderson football team. The final game, which was against Tech, was the largest attended of any of the games with the crowd flowing on the playing field. The team turned in one of its finest performances of the season for the crowd by defeating Tech 12-U, for the second straight victory over them. Although the team had a brilliant season, it lacked enough suitable reserves and was fairly light. Mixing its running plays with clever passes, the team developed a deceptive offenseg coupled with a strong defense depending upon, its hard charging line. The credit and praises for the Indians successful season should go to coaches Chadd and Dischinger along with the boys who represented Anderson High School, SCHEDULE Anderson 7 .... Newcastle 27 Anderson 12 .... Elwood 13 Anderson 7 ........ Muncie 6 Anderson 22 .... Noblesville 0 Anderson vs. Westfield Cancelled Football we 11 e Oi oil' - e 09 50 Qty X145 500 . Ps 'qslyge 5160, PQGAGYQ X236 Xe 161 ,Q660 KNO tow A ,OOKIG 9 ,696 65509 age G we Zia? cixcb B25 we xx wow we W 5,109 ,Gang Qiwxx 90 WY SYXOXNW Football E SCHEDUL 0 . ond .. Rlqhm derson 1I3..Mar1OHnce11ed Qgderson v . Cgkfol-tg a d rson 14 "" Tech e 2 ,... Qgdefson 1 ieffit' f 'Block It' Shown is an almost successf by Fishfer to block Which Was n 13 ul attempt a Richmond pass eeded because Anderson Won NU. Several of the other player snown in action. S EIS FOOT DICK HOWE-'iDixie" did most of the kicking for the team al- though he played end. Besides doing all the punting and place kicking, he was always catching passes and bearing down of de- fense. After four years of foot- ball, his shloes will be hard to re- place. FRANK CALDWELL,f'Ike", al- though not a regular, was a very valuable man to put into the line up when needed the most. He played the half-back position and did some of the passing. As a Senior his ability will be miss- ed very much. LESTER FREEMAN - "Rabblt'l was a hard driving fullback who never quit. He was not so big but made up for that in speed and drive. Being a. Senior, he will be missed although he was not a regular. BOB FISHER-"Fish', is one of the Seniors who is going to be hard to replace in his tackle po- sition, althoughi it was his first season as a regular. He was a hard charger, always fighting, never gave up, and kept the mo- rale of the team at a high pitch. DAVID BARNHIZER-"Barney', played guard for the Indians and was one of the hardest blockers on the ball club. He was also recognized as a good defensive man. He always hit hard and was never found lacking. Since he is a Senior, his position will be hard to replace. IBAHJL MARSHALL GRITTER-"Marty" had the distinction of being one of the smallest men on the team. After being shifted from blocking back to guard he made a great showing. His spirit and fight will be missed dearly next year. REX WISEHEART - 'iWiscy" ably filled his position at tackle this year and his line play was outstanding. He has played many great games for A. H. S. and, as lvJe is a Senior, he will pass on to greater fields in June. DAVID NEVIN-"Dave" was an end who starred on the defense. He was always in there plugging away and very few were the gains around his end. On the of- fense he was a good pass re- ceiver and will be missed next year. JACK GARDNER-J ack was one of those boys who waited till his Senior year before coming out for the football team. Although not a regular he was of great assistance at the end position. FRANK KLIBBEE - "Cannon- ball" was one who kept the team in good spirits by his humor and good nature. He played at the blocking back position with great fire an,d zeal. He ,is a Senior who will be missed Very much. ,W-Y - 1' V - -n Y - -----1' -- -Y- -Y E BALL WALTER DAVIS-"Wally," who was captain of the team along with being a triple-threat man, was the sparkplug and it was his fire and spirit that kept the team moving. It was very unfortunate that he was unable to play at the start of the season, because of an appendicitis operation. Wally played halfback and is a Senior. ORA DAVIS - This Was "Fuzzy's" first year in foot- ball. He played end and his fine pass receiving hzelped to make him outstanding. AL LOIDL - This hard driving guard was mein- tioned for all-state this year. A1 never gave up and his defense work was out- standing. RAY STANESU-"Wop," al- though one of the smallest men on the team, was a great fighter and never gave up. His lively chatter also gave much inspiration to the team. EUGENE DILTZ-'iDiltzy" has played two years on the team and has one more to go. He has played his end position well, and will be depended upon next year. BOB HAM-Bob was our regular center this year and he displayed great ability. He has another year in which we know he will come through again. DICK BROWN-Dick was changed from the backfield to guard and then from guard to tackle. A13 this position he made a fine showing and will be very useful next season. one gene feat iso 1 HQ QQEO 'rag , . , 3 v IBAILIL FIRST ROW WALTER JONES-"Jonesy" played center. With his chatter and determination, he Was a great asset to the team. We will also see him back again next year. BOB HOLLENBERGER,-"Holly" probably was the hardest hitting back on the team this year. He is also a triple-threat man. We will see more of him next year. , C. W. BENBOW-C. W. Was our quarterback and on certain plays, our pass re- ceiver. He also played a great defensive game. SECOND ROW EUGENE YATES-"Jeep" was one of our reliable halibacks. His outstanding runs and fine defensive Work earned him the respect of all of us. HENRY PATE-"Hank," although not a regular, saw action in several games. He was a triple-threat man and always gave his best. MARK BENBOW-Mark earned his letter this year at half-back. His drive and speed were outstanding. As he is only a Junior we Will see much more of him next year. ' DON SHEETS-Don, althfough one of the heaviest men on the team, surprises everyone with his speed and light-footedness. Don also played his defensive position Well. one il ofoao .aan g page ,gm 959 ' ' AFX A f ' 1 I E E N, J E. 5 5 'Q rf-1. " rr Q. J!! .2020 1 I, 5 A my ,671 4 -- 1' T F 'Il "k"l-s N ,I X X QD ' S f ' ' J ' ' X xx 0 ai W O ,X B U 8 ,., ' X OX 'xv IC uf on "W I 'ly' nv , 1 I r, M I' fjfl' .3 Q nh 'nf ll 1' X f , I W Z I 0 4 . , K: ,, , . f' 1 X . . 1 K Q. - C ., 0 X ' ' 1 X - ,f IuJ.mJ?.f.f my-Q, X , , ,. Iv-5 ra, " , J , ig l e in ' , X . f X 0 ll I , 2 e u- 'Twill' A..-' 5 'I u 1 X .. ul 71 ,,,f X' ff,- W F . f ff -f m- x U U X ,- Q 'Q - S 4 D K X A I U I 4 Ann 4- h 3 H Y ,n w H Q X , Divo! lUYJN I 'I f si ' , -Jle nge C ye ff ,I f 7 'f J R151 ll ' . Q A 0 N. " I 9 A IX ff Jgih I I lk N ' 'Q M 1 'Wy W , 4' 0 1' f 1 'V :,, ., 0 ,Hy lf' I, IA IQ' ,I 157 Q 112 X,-I gm, r' ,Q X x Q l x."', . nf 1, r x B ll f 5 M' I 0' 53 L04 .toupoof 5 u , F c af NC! A'f'2a--- -s4- 9 K oUH,a me only -Hmkronai 5, W . . f 1 , 0Z"Zf' .:l,. Av: ! L X . ' ' ID 7 ' 4 HH0 LY If fe J Q ., 4 , 5 :51 buff ,qu ,Q X . 4--ggi: ,-Nfl 'N-Q gl m Q 5, H -. N xi Y 41.+ f..+t,, "0 5 , l , 6 bblh X' I ' Q f h f 1211861 A V"H Jr 8-X dse I I, Q s Y 'I U x 1 ,O 5 , K 1 5 " 1, pf 1 ,- Wi 1 f Z5 f ' I El- Y if ,fi-4' f' ,, If an l lv a I ! I 41 Q X I fffff f A A v' N 1 586 . I N ' 3 .1 -x JIT A f 1 -S S. .tx I 4 f 4 Li? , " ' " 12- 1 A Aw ' , X 'I' 1 , ,..... 4 ,M -A , N 0 I 'I 1 W, .' I '3 'T A' " 4 ' f f W -45 . I G P ob .lf Af, 1 ,31 , ""b"J i+2 'N G dv gf , , ' 4 ' Y lv H Q W 'Isl' .,f Ju . ' -. ' ,V X r S V l Q f a A A I. fl 1 9 rv , F ' ' gl C" ++.e5m.1 Q 'Z-.f f' x Howe ., M W - 'X ' Q' Mn M QI ' M ff' ,. X f X Xxx MY X U ge EEC? u p A iffy f X' Lo I 1 ++ n. f Q5 A'ex-'K fl U 3 R Q 'Pg + .aaa 1' X Mr: 52 ? n4fbMEf'AKHLt?,,f4'l,Q,l4..g2i ASKETUALL lr V I ir I K K f,,V , . Vi , ll 42, Wi' BASKET FRANK CALDWELL-Whenever a man was needed to settle the team down or smooth the pass work, Ike was the one called. He was a very brainy player Who never Went haywire. A very good defensive player and a brilliant passer on offense, he Will be ri loss to the team next year. HENRY PATEiPater Was one of the fastest men on the squad. He played the guard position and was always fighting on defense and offense. His long shots from the center often came in handy and hle has one more year to drop them in. WALTER DAVIS-Wally Was a member of the State Champion- ship team of "37" and made "all- statef' This year he did not get to play the first half of the season. He Was a. very good de- fensive man and specialized in making long shots from the side. He has performed in his last game for Anderson High. JOHN NEVIN-John Was a guard tluat developed fast toward the end of the season. He was noted for his defensive play and ability to hit long shots. He will be avail- able next year as he is only a junior. ORA DAVIS-Fuzzy Was the tall- est man on the team, and his great rebound and tip-in work Was a great asset. He was a clever pivot man and one of the best defens,ive1.pla3Aers on the ball club. He has one more year to perform. BAILIL FRANK CLEMONS-Frankie was one of the greatest basketball players to ever perform for An- derson High School. His offen- sive play was a thing to marvel. He was smooth deceptive, fast, and clever. On defense he was always fighting and never gave FRANK KLEE-Frank is a jun- ior who made the team his first year out. He played ian out- standing game at guard and al- ways seemed to be in there on the rebounds. He should be very useful next year. JACK GARDNER-Although he never made the starting five, Jack was a very dependable man to put in to get the team fight- ing. After four years of trying, he made the first teng and was valuable to the team because of his spirit. up. He has played his last year and this all-state player will be missed greatly. EUGENE YATES-Jeep was only a sophomore and made the first ten. His specialty was tip-in shots. He should really go places in his remaining two years. EARL GIBBONS-Gibby was one of the two sophomores to make the team. His left hand and long shots should be very valuable his two remaining years. Basketball This year, as usual, basketball again reigned as 'King of Sportst' in Indiana. Because of the weakened condition of many of last ycar's leaders, caused by graduation, there were no' outstanding teams at the first of this year's season. As the season developed, some outstanding teams were acclaimed. A few of these were Muncie, Kokomo, Frankfort, and Huntingsburg. Although Anderson did not rate very high during the season, the Indians were couted on to "scale the heights" as tournament time rolled around. The reason for this opinion is not hard to find. Ever since Coach Chadd Has coached here, Anderson hfas been known as a tournament team because of his ability to bring them to their peak just before the "big pay-off." During the season, Anderson lost to such notables as Muncie, Technical of Ind- ianapolis, Frankfort, and Marion. They also won from some of the teams in re- turn games and made a fine showing. It probably was because of their unsteady playing that they were not given a high rating by some of the experts. True to predictions, Anderson bolstered up just before the Sectional and hit a winning streak which carried them through to the Semi-Finals. It was here that they went down fighting and lost to Columbus by the narrow margin of two points. Graduation will claim four outstanding basketball players from our ranks These boys are Frank Clemons, Frank Caldwell, Wally Davis, and Jack Gardner. To them we say, "We will miss you greatly but we sincerely hope that you will go as far in the "Big Game" as you have in athletics here. We'l1 be on the side- lines pulling for you all the way." Although it will be hard to fill the position left Vacant by tliese Seniors, we feel that we will have another outstanding team on the floor next year. I 1 '73 3 ,f K ' ..w.,,. y'-124:35 L kfgm'-9 I S135-'W I Q ' X 7 fum XX' I 1 31 'I r w -.613 X p - 'x Q M3 Q-TPS ' i Qt' X + 3 ff 1 of X' W I W- "mlm .f cb , K Q X xxlivw C56 Illl,,I'ln A 5 J 4: Q I! X ff QW 0007 as 7 3 -M A ww A wx G. QL3' E ef Fx ' WN Q1 O SBQQWN Q A A 3 5 vjaH A K5 N X XX 1 v N -, - x e,-X, 'ff' f-L4 - 7 H S., it X Y Qp, .'2 1 N K . N' xqeff 'K lag f ffm x m u. If 'f + ,I sf - : X Q rr- I A X 1 jd-N 'L I I f ix Vx-3.9 1 4 E , AMW J Q4 'w 1 fl X G!-I If if I oy? Q 0 c u ' 'W Q ' In M QP Q 4 LW WW , , f I Winn' W ' E' 1.7 Y V I, JIU i W in 'fx - V . , 2 Km 6 W6 - . . UV. - A ii A 5, V , -' ' if EQ "N A Q iq' Y , I , l R Q f Q ii A 1 Q M1 I ,X X X Q 1 Aj U , 1 -fp V123 2 r ' bf ff 'V ef L 1 'JM . A , .I Q 7 A' , 5 ' "" I Ja! .,L 4. I my .f""' 2 2 3 ff QU x Wy' ff ' I i- 4? ' . -7 + -- 1 P 1 ---ii Y V ,QM Nil W Z:-J f 'H M f ,mm it f I - f ' Wm W fx ,Mew M .. fx , K be A6 xj 'X xx i Q Qawe f A f 0 D 1 Q p w uf' 5 : 1 E 2 1 W E 1 F I 2 x 1 P 5 Z 1 1 5 ? s Q I Track After a slow and late start, the Anderson High School track team gradually improved and at the end qualified the greatest number of boys for the state meet and ranked the highest of any Anderson team before it. The track team was entered in four dual meets, three of which were with North Central Conference teams, the Big Ten. meet, two relays, and the Sectional and State meets. The dual meets were with Marion, which Anderson won 77 to 49, de- feating Marionr for the first time in years, Muncie, which was Won by Muncie 66 1-2 to 50 1-23 Warren Central, Won by Anderson! 68 1-2 to 48 1-2, and Riclh- mond, won by Anderson by a large score. At the Big 'Tent meet the Indians fin- ished fourth. The relays were at Muncie and Kokomo where the medley and middle distance teams made great showings by winning. In the Sectional the team made a wonderful showing by pushing Kokomo, the defending state champions, to the utmost before they could gain a 54 to 51 vic- tory. Out of this Anderson qualified ten boys for thce state meet. At the state the Anderson boys really turned on, and finished sixth out of a field of ninety-six schools. Two of the boys, Yates Cin the half-mile for the sec- ond timel, and Mitchell ing the mile, won first places.. A large share of the credit for the great showing of the team goes to its coach, Mr. Bonge, who really worked hard to put the track team out in front, and credit should also be given the team captain, Frankie Clemons. Track Fl17sf'RovsilFrankie Clemons, Gene Morgan, Dick McClintock, Melvin Boyd Second Row-Henry Pate, Eugene Yates, Earl Mitchell, Earl Gibbons. Third Row-Everett Orebaugh, Arthur Richardson, Carl Hovermale Tennis Kneeling, left to right-Ray Morrisg Ben Howe, Bob Dunham. Standing, left to right-Mr. Arthur Shirey, Coachg Frank He-rrong Hob Trentg Dick Howe. Proposed Tennis Schedule Elwood, Muncie, Tech, Connersville, Shortridge, Muncie and the Invitational Tournament. Because of bad weather, the tennis team found it difficult to play the matches scheduled. Thle only match played at the time of publication was one with Elwood, which Anderson won: 4 to 3. Francis Ratchford, number one man and one co-captain., was not present at the time the picture was taken. He made the best showing, winning the singles title in the Muncie tourney where twelve teams were.ente,red and teaming with Dick Howe, the other co-captain, to win the doubles assignment during the reg- ular season. His showing at Muncie stamped him as one of the outstanding players in the state. Dick Howe, better known as "Dixie" and number two man, established a com- mendable record. He teamed with Ratchford in doubles play during the season, and together they were undefeated in matches played. In the tourney hc teamed with Bob Dunham and went to the semi-finals before being eliminated. Morris, Herron, B. Howe, and Trent were the remaining members in the order of their ranking number. All of these boys are under-classmen to be watched on our future tennis teams. 53552 by 'Swami bBb ? cfkuhxg Cgjd M L, 552522- ntva! by b powered qv!!! Qwfb QXQ ' 'X 'N sg? ..ff ' 1 . 'X lst I 1' mph . Q50 K 'y RQ Y was ,Q- 1, X X M. L , P 1 ' -' x .-'- ff 'QF 'wen b 5 O , SVAY' W' lf!! ffl, T Wdllw Commercial While many courses in the high school curriculum bear a. more or less indirect relationship to the large field of possible life occupations, no more direct vocation- al application for high school Work can be found than the study of typing, book- keeping, shorthand and allied subjects. 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I IJ I I Ill I I I I Illll IIIIIHIllIllllllllIIlIHIIIIHIllllllllllllllla HOYT WRIGHT O. 911 Meridian Street The Wright Store for Men and Boys II!IIllIlIIlIIIIIlIIlIIHIIIIIIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIIHIHIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIHIHIIIIVIIVIIlllllll Illlllllllllllllllllllllll IIIIKIIllIllllllllllllllllIIHIHIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHH I. W.. W. 4 -VlIIlIIllIlIIlIIlIIlIIlIIIIIlIHIlIIlllllllllllIIlIIlIIlIllllllllllllllllllllll Attendant: Cat a. filling stationJ: "Here 5 THEREIS A TREAT comes another I W. W. customer." FOR YOU HERE Loafer: "What's that?l' Attendant: 'KA motorist who wants In- 5 ,- formation, Wind, and Water!" FLOWER SHOP lst Italian FlierHWhat do you think of 5 2309 Columbus AVG- Il Duce's son-in-law, Galeazzo Ciano? ' Telephone 191 2nd DittogOh, he's a good fellow to E bomb around With. Member Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association 'IlIIlIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllillll II 'nun lllllllllilll a I n l She was sweet and simple. He I I Illllllllllllll Illlllllilllllll lllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllll divorced her because she was simple. W - Q' ' Corsages Lam'en.t A 7 - Dash off a rime that the students likeg 3 Cleverly phrase it and mildly scent it: 13, Bouquet Offer it up With. a joyous heart- 5 1 And never a censor will leg you print it. Dash off a rime thatthe censors likeg I , Muffle it, soften it, tame it-bleed it, Qut Flowers Offer it up with a Weeping soul- ' For nary a student will ever read it. 2 31 W. 12th. Phone Q9 nu 1lllllllllllllllllHIllllllllllfllllllllllI'lIIl!IlIlIIHIllIllIllII.lIl-lllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllIlIlllllllllllllllllIllIIlIIlIllI!lIlIIIlIHIHIHIIlI ,lnflianpa Business College SCHOQLS"L0'CATED. AT ANDERSON, KOKOMO, MARION, Rl'CHMOND,1 MUNQlE,., LOOANSPORT, INDIANAPOLIS ' COLUMBUS, LAFAYETTE, and VINCENNES' Anderson Business College 1233 Meridian Stfsgt fun partlculars, wuts OP Call Telephone 78 9 -IHIIIIllIlIIIiIHIllIlIIHIIlI1lIllIIlIl!IllIllIllIllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllll HI'IIflI!lIHIlIIlIIVIIHIIIIHIIIIillIIVDHI'lI'lI'lIIlII1IflIflIIlIilIIlIII I I KIHU :Illl ll lIl Illll I I I. I'lIIlI.lI.!I .IIJIITI VIJIIJIJI Ill I ll I II I I 'MM X A . 'N XS MM lo . 0' X oo ex o dukes f N ixr f 'ff f X I -IllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllKIHIllIlllllliillllllllllllllIlllllllllllll. ' l XX X -nl '-Y . if? 2 X f-J CA? 5 N CQ 1 QI 'Z A , -5 i If Its New l k 2' i ' 'llIllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllVllllllllllllllIlllllllllllilill llrlg-ngnlmlqr U E 4 Y' Speaking of telephone numbers a llll . , y Q . few , good number for a cigar dealer would 3 QI V Q gg be 2-4-5, and a cheap suburban sport 0 U LA S' might as well be 4-Flushing as any- . 006, I Q' Q tlrlng else. An, Irishman wishing to dine Q99 Al , f. I 5.. would naturally call up a place 2-8, but ... S l g D. M a Hinglishman 'aving to call up a blar- I t K X '- Ivfvx sted, bloomin' creditor regarding a bill bb '. . - 5" 1 would '8-2. '. ,. , ln' Fil-,V A lover ordering a chair would want ' ' ' I- Q 1-4-2, and a newly-wed couple wishing W . ' , - I I a nan would want 1-4-2-2. sw -' 1 7 Q X K . . ' .llllllllllIllllllllllllllPIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 'N Z- x , - 7 . - l NN r E - ww NW P QR 1 " l 5 COMPLIMENTS g I - 0 I X Y x A W 0 S5 of f 2 eeawshoeooz if I i 2 ' ' F x 1 5 Q i I U-'IIIIIIlIIIIIIIlIIIlIIIHIHIIIIIIIIIIHIHllllllllllllllllllllll IINIHIHIIIIII. W XA i ' , Q l I lllllllllllllllllll Pllllllllll lululnrlnlnllmuululullwlul. yn? 'ij ' X7 E KX T J 5 E wx R J 23' f,, lim x V Q Q I 9 - vw' G 806 u 'J e M 2 ' , , if ' 1 5 . . Xgoehlbfg mf 7 , ' Quallty First-- f,l'fA?-O X ' N X N X. then Style---and S ,Xi Go l X Low Price f- "' ,K Y J V 5 -llfllllllllIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIHIHlllll I llllllllllllllllllllllll llllll- . N X vf , "wr A 5 Y N 5? I E i ' 0 , X ? COMPLIMENTS ' of 1 Madison County Lumber Co. 2 ' I I lllllllllllill llbl I I ' IilIllIIlIlll4lIllIllHlllllllllllNlllllilllllllllllllllll I I- : COMPLIMENTS OF E Jerabek's Grocery Q 140 W- 14th. sn. Phone 1165 5 First Class Meats and Groceries E X 'L JE xiii Q ii F' , Wi 91 e X xs :X 7 Qs gi Q Q X Q? C f QW fax Q3 X 'P ff 5 . pp f G moe: x 1, ' O ff ' 1 I X :Ex p kb 4 ' Z2 X 112: i ' Xu - QW gg rg, A T' I 15? K -4 V , N ' f y 1 1 1 f ,Env Q 'K' 5' x S . E 1 ' 0 xx ' 1 .P E i 5 Open Evenings and Sundays E X ' 1 2 .-is. : E :IIIIVllillillillNIllIllIllllllllllllllVIHIHllllllllllllllllHIIIIHIHINIIN I I- I 11:15. : 2 , ws- - L 3 Jim Brock: "How do you keep a horse Y .M from drooling?" 0 ' 1.71 Walter Jones: "Teach him how to Q ' S5 -f spit." Q 9 1.n.o. ' l K 1 'O ,r gs' ' U Wally Davis: "Dont spit on the -i X N vm, 9 Q ii-43" floor!" Q .us W Q9 X Frank Caldwell: "W'hat's the matter? 'J fl'-r' ,Q Y':o'5 QQ Does in have a leak in it?" K 1 1 QV XX Only a, convict likes to be stopped in Q X is 2 A 'X W the middle of a sentence. .QQ Xi ' 4, ' Q 9' 1 ' .,., -WillililliIININIHIHIHIIIIHIHI1NllllllliVllilllllillilllllllllll I - ' Q A Axnm--- "" X . 4 COMPLIMENTS .+" " , f-f""'s"' My fi I ' LG- .vw v 1' of S , Q Jig. ti , A Q X ' ":- oe " ' - s .9 Ooyk-2,430 Q Q Q I-" 9 datum 1521530 E E Y '5sL9j Ola 0,005 ' X E Cathedral of Fashions 2 X 'Y' N S3 .. ' I1IIHIIllllllVI4IlHINllNIIHIIllHINllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIIHlilli ,'- 5 ' f X WM M, 'W' ' 4414: on 1, as wi E, 6, -jqxxo Q E lk E "Iv" ffrff ?1b'1,,11-if, kf!GNLEK1' 3mWN1'?EGSWWi'F1"1?:'1f'.'19YQi!Y'?BTS5!?Lbfii1?295'MZ ' , U ,

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