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.S f W 4 r V ! P x , x 'ff ,, 25 4 4 1? ? 2 if fl v 1. as . 1 1? 3 Y J 2 i 1 5 T 5' 3 5 -. r 'J -A a 5. 1 '. 'T . .JA Y ,..., ,, t. , , Qi- ' .px y X. M7 wi . , wit' Q2 -: nb" H, Mfr. .B-1: My gi EE . - x 1 v w l V ' 1 x V 1 'I -iz- X 1. 5 Y n - X, A 1 ,: ' F i L E: f' : I " ,QUIIQZD U 193 6 '97 Sefwf PP ES EN TED fhff F ANDEDSO N S HIGH ENIOQ ANDERSON INDIANA T A o 5 kg-qi 'Q ' IVf?T'?f"93f 1 - SE A 64531 L " " A L ji- - Q, X- S ,wa I . V b - -,,-f " 1 1 - s VV VV : ,'!.1wf1 K - - , .A.A. 1 f 1 1 ' 0 - - - 1 3 ' 1 , w, -? M- 1 , i!Qi,i im XG QMWK11 ' 3 'flih K , , agil, .X MJQH- mw- .fw X ,- - 'N a M H Ji W - f'L' U 'S 911- S 1 'Fifi K' 1 ff . 1 F E 1- M eww ,--i fmlmszzg ,fy , wffvawaidi g . will as Members of the staff include Tom Hughel, editor-in-chiefg George Huser, ass't , J l editor-in-chiefg Betty Holland literary editorg Ellen ane Balfour, asst literary eclitorg Ella Marie Hoppes, organization editorg Lois Barner, asst organization editorg Betty Hittle, senior editorg Martha Ellen Carey, ass't senior editorg Bob Myers, art eclitorg Robert Lee Jackson, ass't art eclitorg Louise Leach, snap editorg Harry Zwikel, ass't snap editorg Jim Bodey, cartoon editorg Bob Williams, ass't cartoon editorg Bonnell Roberts, ass't cartoon eclitorg Martha Jean Harmeson, jokes eclitorg Carolyn Campbell, ass't jokes editorg Irving Glazer, athletic eclitorg Rex Wisehart, ass't athletic editorg Gerald Buxton, business managerg Jim Brock, ass't business managerg Jack Vanneman, advertising managerj John Ballard, ass't advertising managerg Newell Gadclis, circulation managerg Bill Munro, ass't -.1-zvvpf-.lg-,, . J-"':-'21, ff-W3-'-.,' X' - 'far V- -Q.-Q., ,.,x:t. ,-.,- V qs, W i , , ,Q -.Wg "-Shy... 'QQ-in wqzgsggg' ffeiff F?r"fw v.-.wiv fix NT 'H . :QF -'eq ..l,w'4S"f :.fL,'f1fi"'-"li",-' "L5.ftf'.1ff9+.':a '1+-w.. P- rf.. ,,,-'fa"+" + -ref?--'S' " me X ,1 'ia . ii 'm "1'?i-XE-T'-'1-'3'f':?'f,. ,poi ' 7-f'-ls,g,', "1A. . - I' 'zfifieiibmfl-.35 Q'-'ML 'ki 7LQ'f'?" , - ,gilgvlii 'x U. i 2 ei xx " -"wx-Te eff P Annual Staff of 1937 "Our time is your timen--good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is the Annual Staff of 1937 coming to you over Station A. H. S., Indian Yearbook. For our program this year, we have an all-star revue. Now for a bit of information about our guests. The studio staff, working and cooperating since last October, have spent much time in preparing the program. They have also experienced many vexatious delays: The art design, being very original, requires more thought and originality than common. The style of the book is in accord with the art design. We now take great pleasure in presenting to you the staff, including the Seniors and their Junior understudies. X, Y A' .,.,Q,-1 ,Uw.,,,,,3 , , gig. T, -A Ei rl l " V 4'-'-."-1 q . - Q. -5 ,, f rf P 'f'- N. 5 4 ,- P vi Mr gg- , ,G px f QV f, f A 1 A 10 w. , 1 ,K W L . L ,Q Xz- 1-..,-:. q, .,,4 t -' -x 6 .L . -, .4 4255 ' K Q' ' sf . L , - , 1 . K 3 ,ul .Tr ,, . , , 1 9 ,, 5. I' V ' Cu' I I ,A . 1 A Y A ll., H . 4 1 Y Q ' 4, Q . X ' 1.5 , V ,wr ?"-' -.- , qs 'Y . " ' ' ff!! r 1 , 1 ' 4. 1 J. ' .,, A - ' ga . , . - .4 - 4' f. ,-f.f-ffv'r '2ff5?fT'..-.",-:gg-M. A ' ' - A , .-if--H g:,::,-aptqfu . ' T ,Jai Q .M,,q.......w--a.....?W',s4.g,,p3jf7L.?:q,, ' V m ,, I w -5 ff-""' 1 o . ' F 'I fig, ' , :N-,L g,'f" . "4 Q U - ' Q, ,.. ff! ':LL": - ,a?.--ALJ" 2 5:5 ' 5 , ' ,.,5.e11-if Alf 4957 n . -g,,:.-l-- - A 5 "1,.'35Q,. , ' iiggvr' .' H 'EQFQ , , ' 'fi ' ' .' ' 47 Q , . A H. - 9 f 1 if - ' ff' .fs A fzfffgwia - ' 2 "'5f?'iY?1f'.. ' ,sw-'f I Yi:-.4-. . - 21'-by A V 'SQL-.A ,- . ' gy- i' W?-f - if A 5 V wa ' . ' 53 - ., . - my ' A 'Fi . . , ' lyke' , ' V . A 7A Q . ' -xv Mqfxq. . - .. ' ,"' ,lf V A , 'My W . p . fl ' A 1 Q . I 'T i v., qv- 5, , 4 . 4' " Q ' ' "' il x . H . ' . 4 , 5 . , . I , . X l 1 iff! .Ci ' . I- 3, 5 . ,il ' J Tia , if? - 5' wr if V . . 'T '11 .i if , .4 43? l .I . HE, .A 4 0 A . - . fi A- , . . . A it g . -5, Q- 47-,.,' -., f. Q .f M4 . , . V X ff , , , ,..., ,, ., , , - , -U, w.',,,, 4 , , 4 . .1 , f ' ,, 1 L., .. . -V ,ig xx. v. v ,-qv Q ww 2 .' aw .v H ' ,.---s.-,J - - , . , w 9 f A .4-4 M 1 '3 4 A .1 . r V A AA ' h V , Y :k ,i fA N ,W , xi., , , , v., f-,N , 5.13 ,,. ,-. . gm! I ., . 'IL -l s . Presenting to our newsreel audience, Mr. Stoler in one of his more informal moods as he greets a group clustered about one of the main entrances to our building. This "still" is typical of his friendly attitude toward his proteges, which has resulted. in a proposal for the inauguration of a Student Council in Anderson Senior High School, which organization will probably be given the "go sign" in September, 1937, and will greatly extend the sphere of student influence in management of school affairs. ' , An ,.... JR. ..,,. .. Mr. Critcllfirld Mr. M Our school board has had one of the busiest years it has ever known, One of the biggest problems facing it was that of planning an annex to our now over-crowded high school building. President Robert M. Critchfield has proven himself very capable as executive head of the board. He is employed as Chief Engineer at Delco Remy and is also active in civic affairs of the community. Mr. Frederick L. Ray has served to capacity as Vice-President. He is Superintendent of the Ind- iana Railroad Power Plant. Mr. Ray has been very earnest in fulfilling his duties as a member of the board. 1-w ,w-i---..- Mr. E. H. Downey, one of the new members'o the board, has served the past yearas Secretari of the body, and he has already proven hirnsel very able. Mr. Downey is employed as a banl cashier. Mr. C. Kuch has had charge of the finance of the school city for the year and has done hi work, which was very diH7icult, with great diligence Mr. Kuch is retired from business. Miss Juliet Crittenberger is the other new mem ber of our school board. Though she has not bee: with us very long, she has shown herself to be wel chosen. Miss Crittenberger is a journalist. Mr. Downey Mr. Kuch l Miss Crittenherger 1 ...I . aa. .... . . h WY.,,,,,,, 7' mf' - 1- 1 - v V. mi, 1 g, 4 ge' ip' is 1 f at S . .i . f' 2 . ie- 555 . e , aff' me ,. 74 1' 1 'H .fx 5 nf 5 rf i 'Q F' A '? ,lt :W 4 w IQQIQN ,fx A k fi fikfxg W A' A ' 'i f - J 2 I if if During the four years that Mr. Campbell has rendered service to the Anderson School System we have come to know him as a genial and understand- ing personality. He has won a place of genuine respect and friendship in the hearts of all the teachers and students in the Anderson Public School System. 11 1- ff fw z i ,. - :Af-if.f5.,:,tf 'gflffg -,,, tg:Eii ,gLj ,3,.f gi, .. ,L . ,.V,,. 3- 1 Q 3 9 if - g.5,gj r, e:,gf, E.4y im, . ir it as it , fi A - 5 Y , .211 Si l. i U f-aiil I ,Q it? bf Mr. Fred W. Stoler has been with us as principal of Anderson High School for four years. In these years because of Mr. Stoler's efficient direction and the many improvements in educational meth, ods, we have seen our high schools of the statefthe School of Champions. ... . ..K.. A W Y Y PM Miss Adams Miss Arlmogast Mr. Amick Mr. Bailey Mr. Baker History In-an oi' Girls History History English Miss Balyeat Head of Art Dept. Mr, Barner Printing Mr. Bonge Voc. English M1'.- Brinson Head of Math. Dept. , 4 Miss Bowen Mr. Bowen Mr. Boyd Miss Brown Mr. Burns Math, Commercial English Head of Commercial Voc. English Miss Campbell Miss Carson Mr, Chudd Mr. Chambers Mr, Coffin Phys. Ed. Cloihing Dir. ui' Allllviics Phys. Ed. History Miss Critchlvy Mrs, Crutchfield English English I I I l I-lfll lfll-l'l I lil I I I I I I I I I I I as Miss Day English I an , V ' , x P ' C. lsll f Mr. Culliphvr Mr. Davis Drafiing History Mr. Foland Mr. France Mrs.. Goss Conunercial Sup. of Inst. IIlSl0l'y 4? . Mr, Goss He-and of Hist. Dept. ---.--.Y..7,.- V l ,V L' L Y' Mrs. Hale Mr. Hale Mrs- Henry Miss Hill Miss Hirsch English Paitern Making Latin Dir. of Voc. Music Art Mr. Horton Mr. Hosier Head of Science Math. Miss Hoskins Mr. Huntzinger English Voc. Math. , . I Miss HUDP Mr. G, Julius Mr. R. W. Julius Miss Kendall Mr, Kolb C01Tlm8I'0i81 Woodwork Auto Mechanics English Voc, Agriculiuru .sa L ,T- v J3J5.,v'.f H '-f'jnY - iq---f-'Y' -V , ' 4 f , W - , Mrs Leachmau Mr. Lindsey Mr.. Mather Mr. McClintock Mr, Machu-C ' Biology Head of For. Lang. Hgad of Eng. Dept. Hehd nf H. H. Arts Voc. History N W Miss Merker Miss Miller ' E l' h English ng IS . H 1 Mr. Miller Miss Mullendore Math. Biology 1 l 1 L' p w Miss Nagle Miss Perce Mr. Pershing Mrs, Preston MI-5. Repetto Latin English Physics English Math. , O - A . Mr. Ronccnhvrgei' Mr. Hutruck Mr, Sanders Mrs. Sayre Mr. Sharpe Dir. of Band H1-:ld 01' Voc, Dept. Pllysiology Foods Machine Shop Mr. Sherman Mr. Shields Voc. Math. Comnmrcial Qh-llllllllIllllillllll1l'lvli'lil"il'l Mr. Shircy Mr. Springer, History History 1 1 V Mr. Siqwart Mrs. Stricklur Mr. Slutsman Miss Thumum Mrs. Todd PhYSlc's Spanish II:-ad oi' liiuiopiy English History 1 J Math. Mr. Todd Mr. XVBHVCI' Mrs. Nvhitson Hrs. Hook:-r Nl1ss P4-tht Maih. French Clerk Stmogx lDh6'1 l l l l l lu lr l l l I ,I u n- D. n 9 ,. . Ji, Ib'-f,-rf" . 'af ' . -wg . '..,.: -' ,f ' ,ii U ,T ' fif? A1,,.j.,Eg.v' fsiffikzf 31:33- ,, ,. . 5.5.1. ww 1 1. , :rl 'ta-1 -w, .ef XX A A ..f-:lv '. - 4 21' ,,-1, L 9 IS? 1, 1 XJ gms J s, 5' if ,NJ A XX , .E 1 Q' "' G., N A Q 'Y i-xx 1 ! 1- 'Q N g E .1 1 A ii. 1 '-4, , afjif 1 ,, X fx: ..m.1- Ati! " . ,. uf' 1- 2- J' - .5 ,, . J' :gh J 1 f X, f - , , K , u 4. v Y 5' v -, , . .N ga, AE? -14:-' ' AC, - C ay JY' ' - " Wulf" ff .5 if ff, , h if ' fy fa? if 1 Q?" 4 1 sq s 25 f- : WW-'rx' Rini Af?-si R , ,., ,.k, ,- Jian 5-?f -. Aziiiiw. """'l13ff1"?,.fYL. 'A ff' g '-qgfzeb. i 1 '-?,:6r1,. 4? 2325, air! I ' Www, fsgs- ' ' .P 4 53 - , ' ... , ,-. v .,, .x -,,. - -.4-,Q-2 V, 1 . 4 5 1 'f rg a V. g f. as . f- . ' v 4- V ' .VV 1X ' A .M i..,...a.4 L ...M ga.-- ,53i.m.2.a f2...'1'Vi115if'3.Q.mmai' ' .1b,L'1f..L"" 'Q 3.15 sm' . 1 ' QT - Y 7,3- tg' 'W' .ig ' I af , - ,fi Miss Hill Nlr lllllllllllf-SOI' Orchids to the highest class in high school for successfully having passed through their final year of slaving. The class emerged with flying colors, brown and white, and will go down in the minds of many of the underclassmen as a group that stuck together and stood up for its constitutional rights. The class chose as its leadersi President, Gene Odell, Vice President, Bill Baker, Secretary, Virginia Fadelyg Treasurer, Miriani Clapp. The "Senior Swing" was the first dance of the season to be spon- sored by the Seniors. The class play, "Lady Windermere's Fan,', was given in April and was well received. From a group of approx- imately twenty-five, four students were chosen to act as Commence- ment spealcers. They were: Anne Brinduse, Jane O'Roarlc, George Rinlcer, and Wesley Matziglceit. The class was very generous. It gave money for lights to be used as stage equipment, donated money for the Y. M. C. A., for the Red Cross Flood Relief Fund, and also for one of the custodians of the school whose home and all belongings were burned. To the sponsors, Miss Hill and Mr. Huntzinger, also go many fond praises and thanks. Not only did they work continually and faithfully, but also, always with a smile, they listened to the wants of the class. Gene Odell, President Bill Baker, Vice-President Virginia Fadely, Secretary Miriam ClaPP, Treasurer ,kd m , Q -gl. fu.-, 75 zu LW , Sky , K-ff,-Y, ,4:f,:.g Zinn 191' me. "Lg 11,55 I- A . 4 14-f Ms' "Fi ' SL : :4f'3?f' ,i " il ' 1:-gd T wid .4511 - : . 31' T' 3553':'Z?" EN. - 3 Au '55i,1? ?'5 -'Ji ADAMS, MARTHA MAE ANDERSON, VIRGINIA JEAN Jvllll. AliNIS'I'Ii0NG, MARY-Skip. AUSTIN. DON AYERS. GIZIIALIJ DARYVIN .1..,'.:qg-P -5 lslxiifia, 1aluu5An.x ADELYN. Girl In-serves 15 G. A. A. 1, 2, 2 BACH, II'ALBllIl'I'l' LUELLEN-II11r1'y Luv. Girl Rvservcs 1. BACIU. ELIZAISICTH. Bible Club Zi, 45 Secretary of Biblv Clu' 3.-145, Drmnatics Club 43 G. A. A. 25 Senate -lg History Clu' it 45 Sr.SIex1kiPQQt.L'tI1 1. giM6F,B,iB1rQffiast-if-m-1--Nmth 2 :sg ui-Y 3, 4g Treasurer of Hi-' H.-9,45 Vicg P'fQ'I?S?i1-Ill uf Clasg. 'tg Senior Dance Committee 4 1Il1fmig15iC'I1iIZf455if. ys Glce Club lt. .Jeb IiAKIiR,X1jE'1"l'Y. Girl Hr-serves 1, 2, 3, 4g Service Chairman 0 Girl Rejserves Il, 'lg Sc-nate -13 Suizcucc-Math lt. 4. , f N 3 l BALUNVIN, CHARLES. Svlmlv fl. BALES, CLIFFORD--Clilfiv. lli-Y 2, Il, lg Gym Circus. IKALINGALI., llOlllEll'l'4HoI1. lli-Y 2, Ii, 43 Svlmh- 2, Zi, 113 X-ll: Siufl' 4. ly BASSETT, ELLEN, Girl Rvsc-rves 1, 2, 413 Honorary Souiciy Zi, -1, Latin Club 33 Secrf-lury of Latin Club fig Scnule 33 lf, A. A. 2. BATES R0Y4Rubinolf. Clmrul Club 3. 43 "Trial by Jury" 3g Naiionzil Music Educators CoIiI'vrvl1v0, New York City Zig Stu tv Ferle-ration of Music Clubs Contest, Indianapolis Cl: Ops-rn-lin "Briar Rose-" -lg Orvlu-stra 2, 3, -lg liunrl 3, 45 Hi Y -1. lili.-XLI.. MADONNA t1lllllS'l'1Nli limzniv. History Club Zi, -l: Ilouornry Socivly 43 Girl Reserves 2, ZX, llg French Club 45 Art Llub I. l1liAl'KIONIJ, MARION, Sl. fxla1'y's Acad:-uly, Iudizuiapolis 1, 2g G. A. A. Zig Girl lh-sc-rw-'s 3, 4. liliI.ANlilili, XICYA MAY, Ilouorury Socivly 3, 4. lSliI.ANHliE. DORA RONVHNA lilCNNl'l'l"l', ICNIIJ. Girls lilvn Club 2g Senate 2, 3, Alg G, A. A. 1, 2, IK, I1 Girl llc-sm-rvc-s l, 2, Ii, 'lg Op:-re-ita 2: .Iuuinr Sweater f1UlIlIlllll0I' 33 X-lluy Stall' 4. 'TWH wx' .I . ....Q.L.' iq- 4 l l w QW BLAGG, NANCY. G. A. A. 2. MELVA. Girl Reserves 2, 3. BLOCKSON, LILLARD BRAD ai-'P , J. D. Senate 1, 3, 45 Science-Math 25 Band 1, 2, 3 Orches Q ' 5 Choral Club 2, 3, 4g Operetta "The Count 8zCoed" 3 . n I 'Hi 0perettayf , an of the Nancy Leei' 2g Operetta "Trial by Jury" 3 BODEY, JAMES-Jim. Art Association 4 ,Annual Staff 4. rettafff iar Rose" 4, National Music Educators Conferenm xil l ny ity 3, State Federation of Music Contest, Indiana BOLDS, JAMES BOYD. Golf Team 1, 2, 3, 4. J f, , .. Wife? gk 'Li' "R 3 . "Y"'if f'f,.' E. G. A. A. 2, H S 't 3, 45 Bibl BOSVVELL, JOHN. 1-Ii-Y 3, 43 Choral Club 4g Science-Math 3.' ' ia"-xvr3"95s5, ' f ent of Bible Club o3I:o4?rXAu?19Lg?"y4g Drama"c Boys Booster Club 3, Opcretta "Briar Rose" 43 X-Ray Staff 2. 'r ,Q . of D,-amatics Club 43 Radio plays, BROSH RQQ ' ALD ROBERT 'Zi BROQTEIQ-E JANET-Pinkie. Choral Club 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Girl4s'.'GllEe Club 1, 2, 3, 4g National Music Educators Conferenc Newjlork City 33 State Federation Music Contest, Indianapol: ,373f,.QS9i'1ior Candy Sales 4. 1"rfgfrlvE3biH4 9?i I W' 4 .1 , 'JN . A, f ,w.'1',ff , -ii.,-inrqff-"l ,' xfiliii' if 1. N IU S u 9Sld4lli ol 0 n X u XX NIXIRX 1 1 3, -l, President -lg hilll g Girl Reserves 'lg History Club 3, 4g 3. 43 Treasurer of President of Senate 3, 4g Secretary of Club 23 Armistice Dramutics Club 4g k City 3g Senate 35 Staif 4g State Fed- nal Contest, Minne- .1-aa" MH me ff., v . , ' 1 v 1 ' -- I --' -- N . . . - . -.- v' mf 1,-m x. , yew - .:.i-21-11 ...,,.l . , "xx: 'zzz' -5. 1' U .J 5 g V ,..,.,..- ,.-,. 1- S., i - 'U ' ' , ' . ,- g. - - - - bf,-.f - .f,..-,, .,.,,,. .vw 4 -t I . , ' . -. . - 11- 4 .sw .- 2 ' 'ff' ' sv 'ln -:QP L, , . ' f . , ,.. . Af - , f .4 4,4 w ' '11 .:f'f, ,AQ I-,: . '- - . 1, - .,-me-f-...::A5s?, v,,,,,, -in X .Ja 1 'wg ,. - . . -Y . . . ,Q ,, ,--,T ., . Y.. 1-V. f. V- 31... y i i i Z c F i I ' n if i i P i E, V gX .11 i. i E 1. Hi" 'I Q 5 , .wif X ' fi CARVER, BETTY JEAN Honorary Society -13 Latin Club ft-QL CLAPP, vi,i'lAM.lli1Ige Honorary Society 3, 4, Girl Reserves G. A. A, 1, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 1, ig X-Ray Staff 2 Vice-l'1'vsil'f?:!3Q of Honorary Society 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 41 . tx. Secretary Tife. Siurer of G. A. A. 45 Choral Club 2, 3, 4g Operett Q, 3, 49 N:1iiotial"Blusical Educators Conference, New York City CASTOH, PAULINE VIRGINIA 'li E 'l'r.ezi'11-rep .oaffflglass 4 is " 4 CHAPPELL, DOROTHY LOUISE--Hallie Lau "Rt, 1 K," I ,V V' Q H CHRIST, HELEN Girls Glee Club 4 4 CL555fX,"ii . ' 3 IE.-Sally. G. A. A. 2g Girl Reserves 1 ' Histc1I'yi.,Qrl:Na L C-.:,5" ' CLANIN, FRANCES Choral Club 43 Opewitais 3, 45 X-Ray Stuff 43 Girls Glee Club 2, Zig National Music l2llllL'Zll0I'S Conference, New CLEM, ALYA . . York City 35 F. M. C. State Contest, Indianapolis 33 Christmas h ff Play 4, Al'lIllSlli'i' l'i'ogi'am 1g Girls Roosters Club 4 .1 3' CLOSSF,H,,',.lflIl3lN. Boys Boosters Club 49 X-Ray Staff 4 .4743-J' . .. it ,i .iff .31 1' pu.'1fjIki 122543 -' ' 'I I sn A K. .,g,,p. - QQ if Q? i 'iii , A '. . f . . .,4'9,'-1,361 F, J .K"'Cif.:fJ11" 7'1" HN. A, H.. . flf . -f' I ., wi- if-f"s-14, ,.."' " 4 " 'in s 1 CLOUSIEIK, GERALDIXE-Jv1'1'11. CORYYIN, ESTHER. COOKNIAN, JLTAXITA. Latin Club -lg ll0ll01'ill'y Socieiy 3, -L SOON. SARAH. CUOPICR, XYIIAIA. Girls Glu- Club lg Girl l-lL's1'1'vvs lg O1ll'l'Pfl21 IJramulics Club lg Armislicz- Pl'0f2',l'lllll 1g Homo lic. Club 3, COXYGILL, FHANIiglfiglif-bull, Boys Boosters Club CRIM, XVILBUR. Choral Club 3, 45 Opcrettas 2, 3, 4g Boys Glee Club Il, 'lg National Music Educators Conference, New York City 33 State' Music Cont:-St 3. ' CROSLIEY, HAP-RY. Lapel High School 1, 2, 3g tl-Ive Club 1, 2, 3, -5 cu-sim l, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 25 Class Play 1 0 l CORNXVIELL, MANY ELLICN. SClI"llt'l'-blillll 3, 43 Senate 1, 2g Arl 1, 2, Opgrettgl 4, Associzliicm Zi, 'lg llonorury Sociviy Il, ,lg Girls Reserves 1, 3. ' I CROSLEY, RALPH. Buys Glve Club 15 Agriculture Basketball 1. Ll, ,M r, .,,, ,A U . . C C A ,H, , CUMMINS, BETTIIZ MARIE Girls Glen- Club 23 Operetta 23 Gi f, Reserves 2, 3, -I3 Secreiairy of Girl llc-selwi-s 13 X-Ray Stall' -i. G' Mx f ..,1g, M A 1 sill 1 ' Q Wi, CURRY, EILEEN X-Ray Staff 43 Opera-Ita 2, 3, 'lg Choral Club U iff' Q in Zi. -lg Girls Glee Club 2, 33 Girl Reserves I. 23 Armistice Program fi, 11'-lv I -, 'v 5 , ' if R, K 1 'yi 9 s 93 f , 'NI is in U iq , ' it A r 'A vb , I 13 National Music Conference, New York City 33 State Contest 3. DANIELSON, RICHARD E.ADick Yell Leader 1, 2, 3, 4g Boy: Boosters Club 1, 2. Zi, 43 Treasurer ol' Boys Boosters Club 3' Vice-President ol' Class 23 X-Ray Slufl' iQ Opcretta 43 Choral Club 43 Science-Math 23 Arluistice Pageamt lg Pl'0l11 Committee 33 Class Jewelry Committee 33 Sweater Cillllllliilii' 253 Senate 13 Hi-Y 2 '41 4 DAVIS, JAYNI2 "i. w DEFFNlJL 'R DOR0'l'HYfIIvz' Honorary Society 33 Girl Re- se-'vcs Il. V' A A g FRANCES in ifiW,, 3 -l' Q "i' EYE Music . muusox, i f 2 u .Lxulzs DONNEI qinflllililh' Hi-Y ll, ,lg I , Stuff 13 Dance , 52175 gf DIC BOLT, VIRGINIA Girls Boosters Club -13 Girl Reserves 4. r,,:v,,i'g-rpg! ' faw1f1vQ9WgiQ4'f5ihf3v" f lf : CG' 494 qw -ff ,I !V5,l 6:i..' . A 'ii "2 15,1 " " ff! '55, id: W, ., ,L u Wie, ' -Susie G. A. A. 23 History Club 33 Girl Reserves 23 "Joan of the Nancy lcv Club 2, 33 Choral Club lg National ce, New York City 33 Federation of 43 Radio Club 3, 'lj Stage- Manager 23, Decorating Committees 2, 3, -1. 9 1 g Qskvllmzlll lg Inh'z1-uulrul EZU3', MARY I'IOIl0l'ilI'y Sm-ia-ly 15. lg SL'ic'm'1'-Mulli 2. Si. ICIJENS, .lliSS XV1l,l.AIlIJ luullsxll 1 liz lll'NlIAM, MARTHA DUNCAN. liA'l'I-IIEHINE IZACIIKS, ll0llIZli'I' LEYVIS-H011 IiCKl'1R'l', ISAHISAHA IiI,I,l2N-liohlly G, A. A, 2, 3. liuslu-tlmll 3, 4g Boys Glu- illuh lg Opvrviln l. lil.liI0'l"l', ALLAN li. Mural Towusllip High Svhool 1, 2g Bzuul 'lg llounrury Society -I. l'Il,l.SXVOIl'I'H, JACK lllmrul Club 'lg Glu- Club 35 Oper:-ttu Zig Nutiullul Music Iiducuinrs COIlfE'Y't'IIl'K'., Nvw York City Zig Slulz' Music' Cmlivst, Inrliunzlpnlis 3. ICRYIN. ALMA Girls Gll-P Club 2. FAIDICLY, VIRGINIA G. A, A. lg Svcrl-t:u'y-'l'reasurer nl' G. A. A. lg Honorary Socil-ly 15 Sc-nate 45 Sc-vrvtury of Class 1. ,Wm il FARMER, MARY. Home EC. Club 35 Vice-President of Homefgiq, FORKNEREKBICHARD SAMUEL. Senate 3, 43 Honorary Society 3 Club 3. Y, Q., 4, Latin 3, 4. 1.3 Mt' fwrg-..9,,H f ' . ., ti .,v an s-L.. 2 FEEZEI., VIOLABEL. Home Ee. Club 4g "Joan of the Nancgrs 3.455 ' "',Ifl'H-IC. Radio Club Lee" 33 Girl Reserves 3g Glec Club 25 Music Festival 3. "5 .9 ' .Q. K LYS. Solsherry High School 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1 FIERS, MARGARET B.-Peggy. G. A. A. 2g Art Club 3, 4. Q A? Q tlqall Team 1, 2, 35 School Editorial Staff 2, 3. TM., ly FLEEMAN, KATHERINE-Kulic. History Club 45 Science-Math 4, FRANK," M ack. Frankton High School 1, 25 Clasg Presi Spanish Club 4. dent lg lias al 1, 23 Basketball 25 Band and Orchestra 1, 2. FORD, FLORENCE ifulclmlpizvlc-ii, MILDRED. ...ev 1121 1 143325551 D' .fff5Q,1ifL5v'1"3- 1 L L Q .4 Q Q. 14 ' f. 'af 1- X 1' wh' 4, .f :W -mf'-ny,,.V- -fi . ..,L ,..,.f .11 L, L GliN'l'!iY, DALE. Sl'llZlll' I. 2, 3, 4, 'I'r0usur0r of Senate 35 Pres- ident 01' Si-mute 4, SLTlt'IlCl'-Nlillll 4. GIHSON, ELOISE. CILLMOIIFI. Slfl'II.I.A. flllOt'1ll Club 3, lg "Count and Coed" 33 "Briar Hose" -lg Svnutc- l. 2, 3, 43 Girl lic'sv1'vvs 1, 2, 3, 4, X-Bay Stull' 2, G. A. A. 25 Girls Gln-0 Club 2g Stulnr Music Contest 3, National Music C011I'z-N-ltr:-, Now York City 3. GIYICNS, DOROTHY LOYIC. llolne Ee. Club -tg Girl Reserves 1. GLAZICR, IRYING. Si'L'l'l'l2lI'y ol' Class lg History Club 2, 33 Boys Iioostt-rs Club 1, 2g Ili-Y 2, 3, 45 A-Club 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, 45 liuskc-tball 1, 2g Fuotl.mll 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys Glu- Club 1, 23 Armis tice Day Pageant Ig Sw:-ate-r Conuuittote li, Senior Cord Committee 4. .- QW'-,1g?L'w " iii, ,vii "x,..,'x ,'-' .arf .- rv .F -- ,QL M... ,.. af., .W ,WWW 'gl' li Ulf! l, ..i. l ,!Q l, ll- l. l l , ,,,,4-KJ: ,. . V. ,. J' if HEI. GOBIN, GLADYS Armistice Pageant 13 Pendleton High Schoo .99 A l n 2 ms. GREGORQEX- AOMI French Club 35 Art Club 45 G. A. A. '. !.."l GORMAN, PERRY Latin Club 3, 4, Senate 45 "Briar Rose"'g2l"i?w, fs iffil' R l -7l,il?LIAN ' Glee Club 3. 153-ie, gg, A 152' fzffhz . f23," f'1 . v 'G' T71 l 1 7 ,Bible Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary of Bible Club 2, 3 GOIJL, BERT 'T 'iff- g r Lg, l ,. ,. 'Y'4wY,- . . G Eh . V1 .: 'i' 53, , LOUISE Art Association 2, 3, 4, Girl H0 GOYER, JEAN G. A. A, 25 Home Ec. Club 4. serve -ti: Club 3, 45 X-Ray Stuff 2, 3, G. A. A. 23 Operetta i '3f2:f2v'-' lub 3, 4g Senate 4. 1 sv X GRAH XM, CLIFFORD H' I HALE,','2LfI-?ARI.ES ,-Qlfp'-,f lla' . 3 'W I W' i In 'R I 'QSM , 5 we A. ' V". 1 , wA,3,vmgLJ'f "-:iii-'iswf Nw' 'mwwwiixw' l lI.XNl'li, DONNA lilAHVEY..liS'l'lllili lil.lZAl1lC'I'll Girls Glvv lilulm 23 llfm Lluh :lg B.blm- Llub 4. 1'I,XlIl?.UIlili, VIVIAX 1 V 1 4 N H H HAR1, HOXKARIJ Boys Glvv Llulx 13 Brlar Rosv I. HARIIHN. Iili'l"I'Y MAIHIC G. A. A. 1, 2, Ii, 43 HENSLIEY, IQVICLYN IIAHMICSUX, DORIS liund. 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2. HERT, MAXlNl'lfTiIly G. A. A. 2. HAIUIIZSOX, MARTHA JEAN Jlnrly Girl Rvsvrves 1, 25 Girls I lioosta-rs Club 25, 45 Annual Staff 3, -lg Dramuiics 35 X-Ray Staff Ii. HENVI'l"l'. GLENIJ0l.AiGIvnl1iv Ari Club 3, 45 SDSHHSU Clllb 4 i 5 5 4 ...wa ,if fa. iQ Mig, HILES, TOM. XVr0stling 3, Football 3, Buys Glen' Club 4. l'l0l.l.E1Fii,, lSli'I"I'Y. Arinisticf- Pageant lg x'lliil0 1, Girl Ri-- :vrvcs 1512, X-Hay Stall' 4, Latin Cluh -lg nnual Stall' 3, 3 "I5',x'1, l'.lOIl0I'Z!liS" . ici:-ty 3, -'lg Science-Math 2. IIILL, DONALD-DON. Football 2, Track, Adv. Baskethallg ,f3q::.535.,K .g.-I Give Club. WS 531, ig ' 3'Y..if'5f-if-5 1 MAME. X-Ray sum' :ig Annual Staff 3, 45 G. A. Yes' iff" -1 li 1, 2, :s 4. HI'l'Tl.lii, BETTY. some 3, 45 Girl Bpsprws 1, zz, 4, fuse l1lul1"'f,,:55 "l' 'Simi i 45 Annual Staff 3, 4g X-llay Statl' 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, Operetta i'2x',3N 'V t 4, Jewelry Committee 3, Sweater Committee 3. WsHflL" i1ZiE, JEAN. "Briar Rose" 4, Art Club 3, 4g Girls C 1114335 Hl'l'l'I, AUGUSTA. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4g Art Club 2, 4, Senate " f Y- lg G, A. A. 1. 2, 3, -1, X-Ray Stait' 2. l'1lJilHi??If, .ilxlilllillli-lizlfl. llaskvthall lg Football 13 Choral Club 2, li, -14 "Joan oi' the Nancy Lev" 25 "Count and Coed" 33 "Trial 1 Y by .iui'y? 33 "Briar Hose" -lg Boys Glec Club 2, XV. L. YV. 25 H0l750N, BUIH. Natignal, Music Con1'c1'e-nee, New York City 3, State Federation Mllrsfiiil,!,fo11i'v12nue, Indianapolis 2. ,-f'i':l "F -my-,,,5 J .'fi'.f.iliE'i2l1lZl., TOM, Band lg X-Ray l'roLluvtion 1. 2, Il, 4, Annual ,, 1. A ., . , eq5g,fflg,56f,fg,-fjg ,f.-"'fjI'ULlllL'iillll 1, 2, 3, 45 Honorary Society 3, lg S1-nate 3, 4gSe2F1or .'?'l','1 " ' Day ilflllnlllllitiii lg PllOll7gl'2l1Jllf'I' for Annual lg Assistant li itor ui' Animal Ilg liclitoi' in Chicl' ol' Annual. ! , f ig..-N., '-J' l'!'iVni',5-H .md iQfL, Y. ..-.-1' H 1"'.r,v , ...h . Mfmffig 7Tf?'H""?f-'ff-'T' -'ff vw-ff , IETUGIIIES, .IINI-XliVAII.l. llaslu'1bull 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, lll"l'CllINSUN, OPAL Ul'li Girl Rvsc-l'vm-s 25 Sa-nzxfu Il. 5 'Frraclr 2. ll, I5 XvlCl"l'l'Q'Slill'lll ol' Class 35 liousirrs Club 2, 3, 45 A-Club 2, Ii, 1. JACKSON, IELIZAISICTII. Lzxlin Club Il: Ilistmgv Club 35 Q-krl R4-sz-rvvs 45 Oper:-itzl 35 Clm- Club 3. IHULL, RICHARD LYLE---Di1'1:. Basketball 3, 45 Foollxzxll 3. JACKSON, XYANDA. Cirl llt'Sl'l'Vf'S 1, 2. HUNTIQH, JIM. v w .llilkli XXI, DON. Boys Clos- Club 1, 2. 55. ll-IIIQETZINCICII, GICRALIJ. Radio Club 3, 45 l'l'l'Slllt'lll of Radio Cu 21. JOHNSON, ROIHZIVI' lJONAl.llfDOX. llmmslvrs Club 1 .2. 35 v Class Basketball 1, 2, Il, Sci:-ncc'-Mail! Club I, 15 H519-lligl1" 2. HLRST, l.0L'ISli. HUl10l'2lI'y Society 3, 45 Art Club 3, 4. l l Ns 2 2. "FfT9?f'TFWW5' V, h ,. ff -,fjnuf , - ' ' 1 ' - - - f 2 -, .- , . .. 3-- :ara M fa, 2--1. ' -L ,' -5 I-M-,,,.,., I ,-,f-,H 5 . - - I " L,Elf':s.,1-T 1 , ff , , Y f - X5 - 'Y - : 1-T :-.52 2.45 ii " W HW 1 Lf: ,F V . ' 2 'YM ' JONES, YVANIJA Laiiu Club Ilg Senate 3, -1g Girl Reserves 2 L KEY K -A Bible Club 2, fig I'IOIlOYlll'y So Ply 4 KARST, LETHA LOUISE lloilovary Society 3, 4. KELLER, MARY IJORO l'HY IIUIHL' EC. Club 3. KELLER, VIRGINIA Honorary Sovicly 3, -lg Girl Reserves 2, 1 Q X Ray Stall' 35 Senate- 2, Lig Holm- Eu. Club 4. KENDALL, ELOISE--Kay 1, Am seg. 33. 1 ' ' .vt - Fin QW HY Bible Club 2, 3, 49 Honornx Qorlctx 4 - I .v 15, 2 1 . M R Honorary Society 3, 4. 'A Luv, 4 'War 2' 4351..- I W- :1 -fix 1, 4 - n r , - 'VL -. 'bf 1" -, KNOXV V': g '3:E"'7'iL IJZIFIHIOIIIII Iligh School IJdl'l.ll10l1lh M iw.-1 chuiett A 2 33 Girl 1IOSl'l'Vl'S 3, lg ISHS tblll llbri lil ArtACl iggi. ' if 1, , ziblxr, . . 1' 'A' ff-.V 19731 .rrffrz .2 I, m1,ii.?'32,jJ.'ig3-:C Q ,. Y ' ..ff-q2fi9+""' L Mn J s af, . ' 'E ' . .earn '33 """ V .M Q ,- i n 1.. '71 ", .U ,I ..q- ' . '9i5?7"f.- . ...M- 'L x F?l,A?7f,r.s S ...Ag , -,-. ,-,,.4 M, , wi" -Kama! - , ,,,... KlEl'Gl.lill, M.-XRYICI. MVXXIN!-I "Grunt :xml lined" 35 Girls lil:-0 fluli Ii. I: Shih- Music lfi-slixtal ii. LACY, iililllllili L.-XNTZ. 'I'lIAD Il. Hi-X' fi, lg Fonatv fl, lg 'l'l':-asurer oi' Svlmtv 'lg QlIil'llL'K'-Biiliil 4. LA MONT, ALICE Girls llousivrs Club 2. IC., -lg Girl Re-sz-rw-s 2, I S, 43 X-llzly Slail' Il, -lg vlt'K'-I1'i'SidFlli ol' Girls lionsirrs 3. LA RUE, ARICLIA lllil.l.l'l. Girls Glu- llluh Zig Siaic? Music Fvsli- val Zig Ilullorary Award in Aliruszi Essay llontvst -1. .q.. I,.XXYI,lili, l'HARl.l'f" -fflzflrliv li-im' Club 2. l.l'lAi1ll, l.0L'lSli Sc-uutv Zig Art Snvim-ty 3, ig Amulzll Stull' 3, 4g X lluy Shui' 4. l 1 JCXYIS, llI2l.l3lZR'l' Ili-Y lg XYz:sl1ingit1u1 Trip -ig Mmlol Aii'plzmm- ,lub .L LIQNVIS, IQIQNNETH NUIIIIH Hi-X' lg SL'lt'IlCl'-Nllliil 43 Spzmislx G'uh -lg XY2lSilillQillll 'l'x'ip Il, 4g llslwr Il, l. LOXVIG, NIZIEL, Foolbull 1, 2. 1 1 ' - 71- 1 uf. 'A5V?4'-' Vfffi' -11521-' 1'-.1-'fifi ZQI1-wi-,-Inf.: c '-:kr-:v ' vi-,iw-1-25.15 --H A- ..-.....,A, ,f-.,. 1 r -...4:+...- ,......-.,-. flvpuf... -. , '- T:.'.' -12 viz. '52 T-'Z 222, Wg qi- Gif: fl 'iris' EJ'-fl 'Ui 'Qi' 5255 M'25?:' h'-Fi-3" 435 ""..5'i"5' i:"Q:""'f:'A' . . l 1 . Ez? N NIvtII.1N'l'0CK, HEX. fl-6 3lC'l'l.xl' END, LOUISE. Chorus ol "lS1'iz11' Roso' 1. gl : H agan MlcCI,URIi, 1iI2XNli'l'H, ll0llUl'Zll'y Sul-ivty ii, lg Scif-11cc--MNH QIULA1fQ'1ltl33'QJSEPIaBE.3"iIoa1LQf the N:112C3'llgll'l':i12w: i"l'Qz1l-I C 1 4. 1. S, ,Auyy.',',Lg.I1ora Zu ., 5' 1'1z11' csc" 'g 11-c ..uo g .3101 ui li S. 121 l slBk1Educat01's Conference, Nvw York Cily 43 F0dCl'!lllUll 1 -A ,.' M Q 3 State Contest 4. 111-co1:11, PAU1.. mx lg 111111.- 1:11111 1. 14, F, ,V-.jk - .3 .., . b A W, Mo- Girls Glvv Club 'lg Cll0l'Zll Club Zig Clwistlllz Mumlolm, THUHBIAX. Ili-Y 3, 4. 1114- 1 it -Rusew 4: "Trial by -l11l'y" 2: N:1lifs1::1l Mus IE: ' 013911' Pl llce, New York City 45 Fcmli-1':1Hf11x of Alllb Clubs, + test-1. RICCUNIC, ALICE. 31fg1x'1'fflI13fAo111. G11-1 Rvsvrvns 1, 24 G. A. 11. 1, 2. 1f1-911611 cm -, 11. lf- ' .-' 7'-fr M1j.NJlE!Xyfrl'Alfl1 IEDVVARD. Ili-Y 11. .,-1 1 ,1 Q! vi""' va, ' -5,1 Q. v-. .v ,,,, , .4 s 5-H " , an , ' sf fi 141. - Alai-I'HliARSON, RACHIQL. liivl Ros Ilub Il. SIAIN. MANY IZVELYN. G. A. A. 2. NIANN, RANION. Opvre-ilu lg Radio SAuuly" lg Boys Glov Club 3. -lg KIARIANOS, HAZEL MA Ill i L'liliI'l'E. Hifi:- s-rvvs Zlg Op:-nw-U21 lg llisinry NlAll'I'X'N. DAVID .l. Svuulc- lg Fre-uvlx Club I, fl, lg l'l't'Slill'l1f ul' vnch Club lg Hislovy Club lg llI'2llllllilL'g Club l. NIA'l"l'lNGI.Y, CICCII.. Ari Assiciuiiou l, Plays lg llrulxriti Q Club -lg M.-X'l"l'0X, DORIS XYILNIA . Girl Hi-s1'i'vn-s ,lg him-0 Club l, Z, llg Glu- Club lg ill z z 'cs Club l. fiirl llK'Sl'l'VOS -lg Houu- lic. Club lg llrluull ucra-tial 2g m'4'lll'Sll'li 1, 2. Nl.X'l'Ll1ilil2I'l', XYIQSLICY. ll0IlU1'iiI'y Sncim-ly 3, 'lg ll:-lxutv ill4'1illl IS, J' lhml ll, ,lg Hamlin Club Zig Rotary 0x'u!o1'icul Q-nm-:at Zi. , - GAIJOH, 0'l'TXYlCl.l. llllifllllllfl. 'l'l'uvk I, 2, ZS. lg lfuollmll 1g NIABSIIAIL, RORl4ZR'l'. Hi-Y 2, 3, lg Scivm-4--NI.1al1 fig X Huy Shell' Ml 131 lg Class Color Comlnitli-0 ll. zucl 1, 2. Jig A-Club 1, 2, Ii. ,. "Q555?p,, 1 - " EWS Blli'l'GXI.lf. XlAliGAP1Ii'I"l' Girl Izl'S1'l'Yl"i I, 2, ll, lg 'I'ru:1surc 5 I' BIILLE 1' EANOR Girls Boosters Club 1, 2, 3, 'lg Girl Reserve Girl lloswvvs 15. "9 1, Ii, -lgg iiziiv 2, Nm-wswriling fig Senior Coats Cruulilith-e -I R", ' l'I0I1fJI'BI'QQS . iety 3, 4 ME'I'ZGIilK, mmm' AGNES Girl lh-svrvf-s 49 Home Ee. Club 4 A pm., ifi h. 1 3 - - - 'NIC F. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Radio Club 215 lf. F. A, 2 ,f ."'1f, f' ' ' MIlJlll,l'L'l'0N, IJOROTHY JIQAN--1101111 G, A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Mifgf .gms -'Q lic. Club Ii ' exilxg- 1j, ' G Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Choral Club 'lg Boys Glvx- Clu H ' ,,, 23 Opvrt-lla Ii MILIIOX, liA'l'HlillINE HlJll1!Vlil'j' Sncivly 2, 3, X-Ray Staff 4 " - ..j1f J " ,1L'i ".1,,j9,.fQf1llYw,g Svuxilv 3, Ilebute- Te-um -ig X-Ray Slziili' 3 , H , v , , Lzxiin ClllQ' E",'-'1 HSIIFPI' of Luiin Club 39 Nvwswriiiup: ZS XlIl.l.l2ll, l1lIAlil,liS fihllfiil Linh ig ill X Club lg "Briar R054-" -ig 'ff Buys Glu' Club 4 - gf f.'illIfllil,Q.g4S,N'1'H.-X G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 1:32-lr 'ffff' ,, " , M. r-.- .- - 1 1 ,J 1 4- fg'f'i'??i1," - . 'I 9l"f"35pfzL1'i'-bf' 'fwmizi ' -.:' -ff Q fimmgf 7:' sr i'- 'A ' ga A - iii 'Sf , .fy CQ J ..-,, . .,3, ,,, H 1 , :auf ,M M ff -Yiiifa -'?i':s- ' , NELSON, ICYICLYN. Glow Club lg Upvrvlta 1. NOLANIJ, ALICE, Girl llQ'S4'1'Vl'S 33 lliblm- Club 2, 35 Choral Club J, lg Glu' Club Zlg Home lic. Club -'ig 0pm-rcttas 3, -lg AY'llllSl,llfE' l'ag,:c-ani 2g llramaiics Club 43 Pianisl of Boys Glu- Club 43 Nalional Music Educators Confervnce-, Nr-w York Ciiy Zig Fvmlflr- ation Music Club, Sluts- Contest 43 Nalional Contest, Minneapolis-1 0'lilllliN. ETHYLIE Pnl. Annual Slall' 45 llI'2llllHlll'g Clulm -lg Svivliuc--Nlatlm -lg History Club 1. 0lllil.l.. lCKl0l'mH E.lI. 0l1l'Il.l,, GENE. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Vivo-l'l':-sifln-lit of Hi Y 33 Honorary Socie-ly 3. lg Junior-Senior Prom C0lIllllllll'6' 39 Presidc-nl ol' Class -lg lloys Boosters Club 2, 3. f M I I Q I I I I ' I H l H I 'i'il'l'Vl'5'l""l+l H mf -H21 eIfjf1..'1.-I -WV. "K -Fri 'V .fi-: iv: 'H .M " L 4,171.5-Nfv.141-5sk:igj::F,vi1gg,,4:5s::kz.,'-g1f,'fAgg:.,,.-lrig,:4,f,,fi3,:,fm-.gshi.-,sf:gffj.i,'.m '1-ig. fv. fi' 0'ROARK. JANE ANNIQ. 'LK1-vpil1g'KiHy's Dates", 'flllother Knn l'li'l"l'IGl'Q6 L l, VON--Patty. XYrnsling 'l'1-:un 2, 3, 49 Hi-Y 3, 4. B4-st" 1, Operctta 1g X-Ray Stull .lg llono1'zu'y Soclety 3, 45 G ,Vx Club ff? l'l2'l"l'l'l', N Fra-11cl1 Club 1g Honorary Society 3, 4, Science X 4 Sw PARKER, DOROTHY. PARSONS, KARL. ERXSCHAL, JUNITA ANN. Glvv Club 1, 25 Operetta 23 Bible Club R fix. K A "W 4Yf5?1f,fi15 , nl I -1. v'-xl Fl Mt Club 43 Home Ee. Club 4, Vice-Presidenl ick. Class President 1, 25 A-Club 1, 2, 3s Hi Pg SPL'1'Cl2l1'Y and 'llI'l!ilSlll'0l' of A-Club 2, 3 N' , -. ,. qi, ,L I . vL,NS' . I LL, ,-gil PIN Pr ' .a 3, Y Z.glio' :- L 1-w 1 1 oth -I , rollylll ,,! Y l'lC'l"l'IGRliYV, wlmun, 'nw-1..-k 1, 2, ::, 45 XVre-sling 2, 3, Head H 1 L'slu-r Jig Hi-Y 2, Il, 45 A-Club 45 Cross Country Track 2, 3. POLLS, HA. ,-i f Vg." --Jr ,V f?f7A,ll,lU"j .J all 1, 2, 3, Baschzlll 1, 2, 3. 1 0 RIELPH, MILDRFID. REEL, ISSTHER. Clmral Club 3, -lg Honorary Society 3, 43 Treasurer ot" Honorary Society 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4g Opt-retta 1, 2, 43 "Trial by Jury" 35 "XVinny and the XVise Young Mzuf' 25 De-hate 43 Christmas Play 3g Armistice Day Papreant 'lg Music Educatogs National Conference 35 State Contest 33 Senior Girl's Jacket Committee 4. RELFORD, OTHA. Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Usher 4. REVIEAL, ROBERT. "Trial by Jury" 3, Choral Club 3, 43 "Count fSzCoed" 35 'iBriar Rose" 4g National Music Educators Conference, New York City, 3, Federation of Music State Contest 3: Science- glallt 3, 4g Honorary Society 3, 4Q'Clll'lSfIl'l8S Play 35 Hi-Y Club RICHXYINE, CARL. I I I I I I I I I I"'I I 'I' Ii' I'I" In I tI"'I ll- J Ziufiilf- 'I '43fif.Z'. lu1:Iu4:'1'S, IHELIEN. ram- Club: Om-1-1-im. l101iliR'l'S DYNlil,l Hmmnu. 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Dance Clllllllllll01' .lg l'rrvl 0:1-'e-11 fag 'llmral Soci:-ly Ii, 'lg l'1'csi4l1-nl nf Hollomry Society lg Junior l'l'Ul'Il Club -lg llf ii u'y Society -lg Svuim' Swing Dum-' llflllllillllvl' fl. flomulitlve 4. ll, RUIDIJIEI ' OHS. liasvball 2, Il, lg IIi'siorv Llub l. ll0l3liI'.'l'S. DON-Ifvrl. " X RU ',',- VIRGINIA JIQXIC. ,IQ spl' . ,fr-U ,r'-:1:-xy Q. . .J , ,I .3 Q.1.-b.- Az Q-551' fffwf-ff V ' ?:'ESS.l:Y1f5f' RUH, MARIE. Girl R4-sf-1'vvS 1, 2. Il: S1'll2li" 2j ilflllUl'lll'Y Suvie-iy Zi SCIIOGIEH, DANIICI. li. Oiwlu-sli'a 1, 2, 3, lg Svimtv il. RUH, STIQPIIAN. lhmsh-rs Club 25 lizlskvllmll Il, Football 33 SCO'l"l', INA. Sciviicc'-Bluili lg I-lisiory Club -I. liaise-halll, 2, Ii, -lg XVr1'siliug 'I'4-um 2. SliAlil,l'1, JIM.-Hi-Y 2, 3, -lg SPIIEIU' 1g Boys lluoslvl' Club 2, 3, lg SALAIJIN, NIAURICIE. Sci:-lice--Matll 2, Zig "'l'r'i"l by Jury" lg "l3ri:n' llusi-" -Ig lmup Your Ihiicc- Comnlitiee -15 Cliorzll Club 2, 3, 4, Seuiui' Swing llzulrc' Couuuitteeg Swvuh-r C0lllllllHt'l'Q Secretary Buys Iioush-1's Club J., SANIl', IIlil.lCN. X-Huy Stull' lg Ilouu- lic, Club l. Nzilionzil Music lirlllcators CUllll4'l'6'IlL'l'. New York City I, lfvderznl- iuu ul' Music Clubs, Stall- Crlutest 43 XYLXV -1. SCHROPIC, IJANIICI. C. Hi-Y 3, 'lg S4-cl'i-lury ul' Ili-Y 4, Sciefiicv Nlalh ll, -lg Xllluy Stz1ll'4. SEARS, ROBERT liub. 01'cl1s-stun 1, 2, 3, ,lg Luliu Club Il, -it Si-llute 3, 45 Clmral Club l, llzuul I, 2, 3. l SIELLS, DALLAS XV. Hi-Y 2, Ii, ,lg Svnior Sales 'lg liiblv Club 3. -In 1545: . ' ' -in -'-'Q:ff'f+s-iJ':2E'- 1 ., 7 gp j ,. ,V 1,4 ff,-H1-.C-5' -1- ' - "'i1-i- I I I I' "I-' 'I' TI lI'f"I" l li' I"I' 'I mmwiwmwwwiwemmsaliiwiumvzxwieifiimwmwmmmwmQmayfwimvwvgwiii-ymwwii. W,,.,,..-.,,,. .i..,.-W vf.W ,. wfA-f--fA-f ff Wmww.'.m1...-.W-w www--Wim...-f.n.,i.MW..m.-www-' f-,. wzpfw .-w. 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'iss s l, fx wcfglfl, H1!Q'Wein' iciiicx .mn I, 3 SHEETS, CHARLES, I'I0l10l'1lI'y Socieiy 3, 4 Nw -7 ' 1f5,'m'5j Y F5 SHIQ, ' ' if. 11. A. 3, 1 1 'B , SHIQIQTS, EYELYN. Honorary Society 3, 4 SILER, AXNA.'5liA'l'IlllYN- -Kulv. Ups-i'n'lt:i 1, 2, lg Girls Glew Club 2, -lg Cl1oifulNf'Il1llJ Il. lg Girl liz-si-i'vi's 1, 2, Zig F1'K'llL'll Club l, 2, li, 1'1'1-simli-lil,-pl' Fr:-ilcll Club 2, Zig Aiuxiisticnf Day l'l'Ugl'lll1iS 1, 2, 253 NilllllIl2lPfBljfSlL' limluculors fl0Ilfl'l'01lL'l', New York City -lg lf:-rim- uiiun 5,Yl"Sjhtv Clubs, Slzllv Music Cmltl-si il 4,1 'I' 'jr' v Lf . ,UQ J . -.vii -:vw ,i4S1fiLf,v2'+1-s'.','v-' urging., , M 4 'tx gf ,,,Q .f N. ,,w,1 - ,. , .. , ' 91' Hitt:-i:tff'7 . ... , ii SLINKARD, l3E'1"1'Y JO---Slinlxlf Qllltf' 1 ml IIN Senate 45 Honorary Socieiy 45 lrlrl Rescrus l SMELSER, XVALTEP1. SMITH, RUTH. SNODGRASS, VERA-Snodzly Hx-scrvr-s 19 S:-Hale 35 Science Dance Comnlittev 43 Senior C01I1l1littCC 4g X-Hay Staff QS SPHAGGON, RAMONA LEE. 11111 Rebcrxci I SPUHS11 Llub 4 Girls Glee Club 35 f,DPI'f?ttl-l 4 ,,, ,, .,,. , . N, . 'L iaiillil llllllllllllllllllnlllwi 'e ,g ',.,',,f .LL .. ,A, -.,,,.,, ' -1 .-,13-V-..',Z1w,5.,,,,,.,jM,fg-.',33,,,5,.. , ,VLMV-,,,,1-.45c,g 5-.hi-,I 3313:-.fgv--Aff-liA-4,-5y.2w:.: ,q,4.m.1e,-255, :I',g,.Hf" -"',.' , , "gQ',-"iff:-:iii V ,,,.., .V , 1 H , MM., , ,k -1 -- .- ' "gg, -'f.y1L.- '4,,,.5- - ,l - H ' V- - -, - lg - ', up M 4- -,. b . -f- ,, ., ,Q V- , .. Q ef T. V fm. V. A - f-,. ..,.- nr if-3 .-, , , ,V - -, ,,,f,q W , ., .S z ww -leaf. 5 yr' my- , -qw 1-fg fe: :ig 5' .4 1.-s-. fin mf! 'ff' .. ' f. ' -T. 4+-x., jffm Wag, 5, A ln, .51-. . rf- ..,:' 724-S :H ure", , .ffi ., :va ,. 5 ' ff' H -v U- -N 'farm-, -2- Sw--11 Eff-4: " . 1 '. V S , ' -. ,fgm -- , ,.,1.,',l,,',.: ,,,,A,,-.,2..f34f.,--.-Y ,L fflvn-,iqg1,,qgf::,.l:l- ,N 4, V . - 2 A. 9 -M .. . M . . .. . , . . 4 '51-if ""H52jsf U S'l'AllH, VERA. S'li0l"l'.Q"gFKfl,Iilil.X. llllurul lilulr ig Slull- Music Conll-si 4g Senaf ffl. lg Ilisllrxfyxfigillllll Il, lg Lulin Club lg S4-crvtu1'y ui' Latin Club 4 iii, yn IIUIl0l'2ll'y'li-51k'il'i5 Zi, lg Nuliunul Nlusil' l?llucatu1's C1ml':-rvllce. S'l'lil.l.Ii, PHlillli-lflvrllwilv. Girls Hoosiers Club 3, -lg Girl Reserx sy N9.w,H1vlll'ii Qlfgr lg ufifllllli und lim-mi"g Hliriur Rosl-J' ' lg Slililip 1, 2, Zig "'liriar Hose" 45 Leap Ycar Dance Colnmillvt' 'gi 'gm - wsfjwqv S4-nim' Swing Cillllllliiiti' lg Junior Class .lvwlry Connniilee 1125!-gX.,V W '-lg? Cllorul Club -lg Xflluy Stall' lg Nc-wswritillg Convenlion 4. his .YQ 1251 1Lxll'. Nl.'.l-I lil-krlcgy, Girl llc-sl-1'v0s l. rl .lx "Q i' 'fx was gy' Q 'fax STINSUN, JUNE, Honorary Socivly 3, -19 Annual Stall' -Lg Scimlcv- MAIL Glu- lllulm lg "liri:n' liuscf' Math lg lmmm-y Club P1. vida .ifafryglfig , way, ' "J silx',xNm ,4m1:x'1Nr1lc. STINSUN, MARY MARTHA. Girl RPSQIAVDS 1, 2, 3. ' ,Y V f.'rl,x'l-:s1'1c12', ITIAJYIJ fsyl. 5L'l'0'l"l'l.liMYlili, liVlillli'l"l' Dov. Frmlball 2g XYreslling Ts-:nn l. , - f -.f ,,.,,3,l.3, L I TE? 'ff'.'9'7' Vffzvm-"' A, M517 HC 122115411 - ng -f 7' N4 . 1' V l 'Al'l'AN, NORMAN 'l'." Tu1111i1'. 'l'lll?.ASlllCll, NYl!.l.l.XXl lll.lYlCll -Billy. 'AYLOIL t1l.ARNli AI ICXANDIEH. Hi-Y 2, 3, ,lg Scif-url--Math 4g 'l'lllHASHliR. .IANIICS li, .rt ASS0l'l1lllUll -lg F. F. A. 3, -1g 'l'lCl'f, Vlllli-lNl.X l.0l'lSli -liillyyvr. Cl!lll'2ll Club 3, -lg Girls Glee 'EAl5lfE, HUGH XV- Club 2g "fi:-uni :und Owl!" lg Xutiuunl Xlusiu Iicluvuiors Cmlfvr- l'Ill'l', Nvw York ilily lg l"m-dwznlimx ol' Music, Slain- lloutl-sl -lg G A. X. 2. 'HARP, OTHO-Refi. I , V TINSLIZY. IfI.ORiiNlZii Ifln. Nunn- Iir. liluh l. 'HONI1'SON, RAYNIUNIJ, 'l'0l,lCS, XXNCY. .V - ' V - -, ,fr ,1 l - , -igffjf., ,Q , A g1'jp,qfMy,a?:f33lg-gan,-fl'.,'-"-w,g, x3,3YQg.g 'Q ' -' 3 ' wa-mmwwmsvwmvmmwsmxmm,mm-rg:,amv,wg,M,my- ,.-,vfwm-mg H WMMM, LMA MM .L fl, V f -1-MM sz ,lv W A , , V . V , V .- , , 1- :Q-gl ffff,-, -21,5-'5,j,4.3 ' 'V' 'X :gfuqfumsagsaqq fa,'g,p . "gf Qu. J"-fgsqfggh :Q L7-., .. gag.. A n .- . ,- V 1 -- . .qiilra ' ,Q 2. ffSf!?5-:Fail-fs. I , J.,-, . -' v , - , fy j 'Y ' 1 1 .- . . 'Lf 1 ,V .f +15 ...Ji-,' , Ill , evra- ,155 sir, ,Emff , f:'1'i.,,fS-4 . . . , , ,, V , ,V ,- , 4 f 1 4- .,.,.q .,., ,.:'1,f:q-W-,...f.,-,1 ,Ah .,,- -1, . .. an-,af H.,--,L,,.yv.,-,,.r.,-V1 ,. 444252 ' fl N .i x' ,455 X298 f 'iiisix TOOMISS, MAX XY. 3,-,j.,, ULMI-IIQQZHYLAIICiARli'l'vJla1'g. SL-nail' 2g Girl lim-si-rves 1, 2, 3, 4 Hilllllfiilyfl-SOl'lPiQ' 35 Newswriting 3g Girls Hoosiers Club 3, -I if: 'ir ITV . I 'l'0Yli, VIRGINIA Taye' Tr:111'. O1'c'lli'si!':i lg film- Club 2 MQ, ,:.'I Q W 'ii'-, "?'f5'32 Z 2 H i Q U I H 2544:-1., "L, 1. ICR, MARGAllE'1'-Jlclrge. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4 lnlllzbl. f.ll.XlEl.l4.5, ll:-1 2, IL ig iluyfa liuusli-1's Club 2: l'ruuIn5 - , gg-I.rQQ ' -1-Nof Girl R4-scrvvs 3, l,l'0SidK'Ill of Girl Reserves 4 fAUllllllliil'U li 'bw Pi t , ,'- - 3,5-4, Senate- 2, 3, -'lg Sm-cretary of Sf-nate 3g PI'K'Sldf'IlI 2 4,5 flu Club fig Scif-ncu-Matll 3, 4g Honorary Society , . 451 ' 1' .-fff"aH 'z ' " .ij 43 X-liz ' Si: ll 3 'l'll0GlJI.liX, Cl1I.Xlll.iiS 5111111-lf. W., ,.wfL ,,5f,3-pg mm' 'H bmwl 'l ' , ,,v,, VANDlEXfil , MABYLIN--Jl111'y. Girl Reserve-S 1, 2, 3, 4 ll5i'l"'- IIAXHUIAI7- 'lll'i'llSlll'G1',Uii Girl llcservvs 43 Senatu 3, 43 G, A. A, 1, 2, 3, 4 Scif-i1ceJNIiafl1 3, 4g Sc-crctary ol' Sl'ik'Ill'0-Bllllll 49 llouu- lic. Club 4 I'1'4-sidxgfutlriii' llunw lic. Club 4 I, A' , .fur . N3uSZfMlff1'r:H, VIULA. Art Assm-imiim 2 f-f ' J' ,qi ,1Ij15?P???3,I?'23ilfQl'Ef"'i'iA,fQlV1fNNlilNlAN, JACK. Debate lg Se-naio 3, 4g Hi-Y 3, -ig Honorary ,"ff-f1'1"'l5:l:f'f1 Society 3, 43 Boys lloosivrs Club 3, 45 X'lC4'-Pl'l'SiilF?I1l of Class 1 "H Pl'l'SldPIli of Class 33 Opx-ra-Na -lg Boys Glu- Club 3g Choral Club -lg Hli00lJlIlg liitty's Dah-S", D4-coratinn Day l,l'Ugl'2illl 35 Dram- , ww, aiics 23 Svnior Dance- COIlllIlllll't' 1, 2 r,. L-:Q akf J -bu Q:-'f v. .-...v W , ,G .r imffgitxidz'-9" I'l I7 XHli'l'H-lielly. Ari Association Il ZYQMEEJ FUN. NIARY l.lI,l.l.XN --.lukmm Girl Rvsurvvs 1, 2, 3, 43 XVEBB, z . .1 -Y Girl lll'2S1'l'Yl'S Play lg Iiuok NYM-k Play lg Scnale 1, 2, 3, llzry S':1Il'g Girls licmstn-1's Club 1, 2, 3, 4. H NVEHRS, LOUISE. Sfillllf' 4, Curl Rosa-rvvs 1 Vilf, !3'i""VY. l7l'4'lll'll Club l, 25 Scif-Ilcc--Muill 23 Treasurer of 18451 Zig fi-lialy Stull' 4 XVENCE, DOIKOTHY. . Z.. 52. Xl Xll'l'll.X lZNllil,lXIi. Girl llescrvc-s l XVIKLE, ICDXYARD EARL. Truck, Assistant Mallzlgc-r A'i'SllN, l5fAIilil,LI24Issg1. llomc Eu, Club -13 Glee Club 3g XVESTERMAN, HILL. Student Nlzumgm-r of Fl'l'Sl1Ill1'll Basketball ' ' ' ' ' ' Tvamg Hi-Y 2, Il, 43 lloys Boostorg Club 2, 3, 4 wrmfilzn lg hzrl liz-svlv-s 1 iiA'l'lllClll"0llll. DAVID. lluys Glrve Club 2, Opvrctla 33 Usher 4 ,I I- I 'I I I I rl I I-.I . I ..I' Iff'fIH f I2EI'1f1I.1f'I'1I ..lIx"iIs..'LI.aefiI,2fl:'a.I'f11Ie:,:I2ff'-I ii? 5. 5 1 Lure-ng:w:,'r.1bwmL' igesfif ..-fqhii32,i..'f',warg'iwl-gif .ina "cr-., Y--. .- , ., ,, . , ,. . 4 1--.,..,.,,..,. -I . - , , N. , -, P 1 .S If VL 7 .4. XVESTON, CLIFFOHIJ-Casvy. Shop liuskeiball 45 Uslwi' -"Hg VVIIAI- , IIONALIJ---lJn:1. 25 5, Bible Club 25 Airplane Club 4. rg, e 'fri' g, D V.'ll.SON1,J,i 'SRX' BIAXINIQ-.lIri.1'ie'. l'lc:11'c- lflr. Q lub 43 llzrl llc-114-rvu XVHETSEL, ARTHUR I.EI2fPc1e. 3:53.54 ' -Pa: YVHISNER, DORIS. Gii-I Reserves 1, 2, Qs, 45 Latin Club 3. 'MP l g1pQRGUElil'I'E IfI.I.IcNf1w-ggy. Girl RI-SI-rves 1, 2, is f : 3OV6l', Ohio. YVILLIAMSON, KA'I'HRx'N Kfmf. ciii-is Gu-If Club 25 Home mf. l 'R' T , - A. Club 43 G. A. A. 3, lg Girl Reserves 2. " JM ' V io Club 35 SC.t'llL'L-fllilll Zig PC0111 11nII11IIL'clrc 3 iiyii ze, 'Ig Roy.. a..,0iii-ry :ig isiiys Give ziiiiii 2 Stage A f" 3, 4. XYILLIAMSON, FHliDfDOC. i iff! 'WBIGHQP' FRANCES Slmrly. lilrl livse-:WI-s 2. 3. -lg Homme lx: tlllillyfg-.AQ f ,-J?-W" . -'iL'fi5"'Aii:-3' ,Ly . I 5.21 ,, .A X,. - 1, ,115 , -IP' ' ii :r :Rf W4 1 ,'-I , :.A,,,--,gn ' 'wp-fS'gG-W is "-tum.: E "w . xv-- OUNG, 'l'03l-I-'Iu.vli. Nulimml Yum-:nl lillSl'llllbll' Jig Nlusiv limlu- HIIJAY. DONALD llnn. Applo .llltlglllg Toum l, 2g Poultry zuul . , , , J . . 'llUl'S' 11oni'c-rs-xiui-, N1-xx' York lilly Zig H1-X .L lg State Xuvul Fig .lmlginu 'lv1'illll Il: lf. lf. A. lll0llllJf'l' L, Il. lg RQ-porter lm' l'. ontvsl: lllmrzil llluh 2. Zi. .lg S"l'l'izil liy Jury" 241 "Joan ul' tlu- F, A. Il, -lg Fifth in Dist. Corn lluskiug Sig S1-cond in Dist. Corn um-y In-0" Zig "lirizir R054-" lg XYLXY Zig XYEAF 2g Stale' 'l's-uulwrs Husking.: 2g First in Ilisl, Corn lluskiug lg Sc-cuiul in State Corn ontvst 3. Huskiug 1g Agr. liuskl-llmll -1. KOOIJXYAIRIJ, lilllllli, l.l4IlCMAS'l'lZR, Flilill---lfill. F.F.A. 2, il, 43 'l'l'vusli1'1-r ol' Voc. Agar. Class lg Slate l.iv4-stock .ludaiing 'l'n-aiu 3g Stalv Champion Vvgv- lulmle- .lucldiufr 'II-:nu lg Nzitirmal Cluuupiim V1-gvlable Jlulllingr IZCKNICR, liA'l'Hlill1Nl2. Girl H4-sv1'x'vs 1, 2. Il, -'lg Girls Gln-0 Club 'l'4':im lg Stale Clmuipion She-vp .Iuclging Tc-zuu Zig Voc. Agr. Bals- ,-lg Opt-rn-lla 43 Clmrul Club 4. kvtlmll 2, Il. -lg Stull- Champion Apple JlldfllllU 'lk-am 'lg XVQI1 luczil Crvrli Iluskinsi lloutvst Zig Svvs-ntli in llist. Corn Husking Cmilf-sl Zig Second lim-st Apple- .lucluv in State 4g Third Bc-sl Yvgv- AHU3. ICVIUAYN "" 'E!I!Il1'- Gil'lS 'HW' Clllll 31 UlN'V4'll1l 33 Svllilli' 2. Tulili- .luclgv in Slam- 'lg Sf'VOIltll lim-sl xYl'U'f't2lllll' .ludgv in lf. S. -lg . -15 1iil'l l'11'Sf'1'Vt'5 l, 2. 3. lg Fr:-ucli Club 3, il. XVou County IIllllVl1lll2il Livi-stock Judging Zig USIIPI' 3, 4. 1f.un41l,Y, WANlm.x. um: Club 1. 2: fllwral Club 3. 4: 0Dv1'f-U21 1. 2g X-Ray Staff Zig Girl Rc-svlvcs Zig Nuliunal l':IlllL'ilt0l'S Conl'r'i'1-iicr Zig Slate- Nlusic Cont:-sl Il. OlJlilI.Xl', ISHN- .l4l1'lc. lil'I'l'.XNlIOL'R'l', IFILXNCICSCA L. KL. lift lllll'l"l'lili, Gli0lHlli. QWQFXJ5, l I .r 5 -4 f' 'gn ' Q.: V Yvr' VRQIY' 1'J:v73kfg'-f'x, P- Ill ,--figdff' V23 1 Q ',-4 'fl -"'v- '1 -X 1 .'..s. H- .I , - ' V- . Y, -. , w. A, . M., , - ' -. Vg: q.?.m1-'.g..':1ff'.gv J.--4 ' -: 5 . lf, A .1 yi., . .g g . g . g g niki a gzggf ff:-Zigvcif-,gig QZEQEQH ,Y gg. - - 13- la h --5-Ai.. 51... gd ,. f. 4 V Q ,, - V- - -A - - 4 1 f-1,-Q Q.. Haw- - qgv V L ' " ' '5 ' Y -'fs-'fe' '- -' .wi ,.,. 1. 1 .1 . W- - -,- .,-...Y .. BATES, MAX. Radio Club 3 BERRY, JACK. 1 .cy ..y. BREAKS MDNEY-SNL ff C. CHAPLIN, JAMES-Jimmie. State Vegetable fl ij! .Judging Team 3, 4s State Apple Judging Team 4, 3rd in County Dairy Judging Contest 33 YVOll 4-H County Livestock Judging Contest 43 F. F. A. 4,517 2,3,4 ggi if COALE, VERNON. time DAVIS, ROY EMANUEL. ,iflf DUDLEY, XVILFRED-Dud. . I. ,A FISHER, VVOODRONV VVILSON. 313, . fi? FLOWERS THOMAS-Tmn if 13 5 FORD,XYHJJAM JOHN QQ. iii FRIEND, RAYMONDARay iii? FRISCHKORN, XVALTER. , 23145 GERMAN, EDWARD-Ed. F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 'JL-it 515 ?'5 GIBSON, EDXVIN-Red. Student Manager of Bas- Klutz kethall 2, 3, 43 Student Manager of Football gl, 31. 43 Student Manager of Track 2, 3, 4g A-Club il' uODDAllD, JOHN. Basketball 1 ,nl FOI DSBFRRY ZFLA 1 . . . , 4 . stag .,. 'til GOSS, BILL-Joe. Basketball 2, 3, 43 Football 4g A-Club 2, 3, 43 Boys Boosters Club 33 Baseball 4 963.5 1 V - Za GRANT, HENRY EMANUEL-Jlzlnnie. iffff GRAVES, CECIL. HARTMAN,ROBERT LEE-Bok LQ 'Q Y HIGGINBOTHAM, RUSSEL-Higgy. Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 A-Club 2, 3, 4 :gif I HOXVARD, CHARLES MERRYMAN. i .IARRE'l"l', MAURICE-Zilllsll. JOHNSTON, DON K. Aviation Club 23 Radio Club 4g Vice-President of Radio Club 4 . 45 ,ffi RNOPP. CHARLES. Intra-mural basketball 1 ,.W,5f,'x-" LAVEN DER, ALF RED-Baldy. A V. W 3.0.13 zqvqml M: l MCVCORD, AARON THURMAN-Red. MC KINLEY, MARY. MATCHETT, IVAN XVILLIAM-Red. Radio Club MOORE, ROBERT. Usher 3 MOORE, YVILBUR. NEFF, BENJAMIN ERANKLIN-B. F. Art Ass- ociation 2, 3, 43 Dramatics Club 43 Radio Club It OMELER, PAUL. PENDRY, REBA. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43' Latin Club 1, 2,'3, 4g at Colfax High Schoolg Girl Rei serves 4 'I PHILLIPS, EARL C.-Speevok. Freshman, Dep- uty Senior High 13 Basketball 13 Junior Rifle Team 13 "Doctor Speck" 1g C. M. T. C. Basis Course 33 C. M. T. C. Red Course 43 Rod and Reel Club 1 PICKETT, MARGARET. Girl Reserves '1, 2, 3 REED, JOE. RICHARDSON, CHARLES-Lefty. Varsity Bas- ketball 3, 43 Varsity Football 3, 43 A-Club 3, 4 RUSSELL, EILEEN. Glee Club 43 Bible Club Girl Reserves 1g G. A. A. 2 RUTHERORD, CHARLES. Golf Team 1, 2, Zi, .13 Orchestra 1, 2 SANDERS, GRACE. Dramatics Club 1, 2. It, 43 G. A. A. 2, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 at Mitltllr- town High School SEXVELL, ARNOLD. SIPE, MAX. SLICK, GEORGE, STAGE. CLAUDE-Podge. Art Associatioug lllet- Club STEVES, NORMAN. STONE, RICHARD. SYLVESTER, IONE. TUTTLE, JACK. Boys Glee Club 2, 33 Cllrlstulas Play 1, 23 Dramatics Club 4g President Ol' .DI'1llll- atics Club 4g Debate 2 NVHISLER, HARRY-Ed. XVATSON, LELAND. VAN DYKE. JACK LARRY. ., LMJAZYAALLL.. . Il..- .AA 3 li-, ... V. vi' af. .FN 'i 9 Mr. Davis Nllss NlllllQlld0I'1" 3 9 e .1 I Itis Jello again, ladies and gentlemen! What is your preferred flavor? Ah, strawberry again, or maybe the color is dubonnet! Al- though they have been a lost tribe for the first two years of their high school education, the Juniors did not let this discourage them, and during their Junior year they began to have a tang all their own. They started' the year well by electing as their officers: President, Charles Beckman, Vice-President, Rex Wisehartg Secretary, Mary Jane Cleaver, and Treasurer, John Ballard. The class sponsors, Miss Mullendore and Mr. Davis, worked with the students the entire year and certainly had a large part in making their work successful. The class sponsored the "Tourney Trot" the last week of Feb- ruary, and it was a huge success. After the Sectional Tournament they took possession of the candy stand, and this started the money rolling into the treasury. Their final and largest event was the Junior- Senior Prom, May 28. Class colors chosen by the group were dubonnet and white. The highly-anticipated class sweaters were being sported before the end of the first semester and following closely were the class rings and pins. Every loyal Junior had at least one of the forementioned, and some, believing in the proverb "You're only a Junior once," had all three. harles Beckman, President Rex Wlsehart, Vice-Pres. Mary Jane Cleaver, Sec. John Ballard, Treasuiu 1 I Y. ..I., V -T ,.. f -..- .-, .W ,W-----V--H-V www, , . ,. f Juniors . 'ROW' ONE ---Lloyd CUIIIDS. Nlury iflilillixlf, ii:-V:-1'ly tizwaxwzny, PQUYV FOUR iiurbara Ann Adkins, BiiiI'Q'iiI'0t De-vkvi' ,Mar Dorothy Click, Alicl- Cuwg-y via Fl'1'0Illllli., Richard 130114-i'ir'l, Maxine Forrvi' ROXY TXYO --Luis Mae- Cillyillll, i,nu's Smith, liivli-xrd Land, ROV: l"lVl'3fllUbf'I't F0Wll'l'. -l0llll Ballard, l1'iS.i4'2ill Liillfl David iiiH'lliliZl'I'. llarol Gaulgvl LH XPVIN' llilllll. ll0lJl'l'l S2iV2iL!0 Row T'-'illili IMHQ- mmm, i,L'XYiS1liSii, mini-yn xxmkf-1-. ROW SIX Hurry schpgf-r, Billy Huuscr, Harold Ifiulwy flharle-5 R0iJ0l'tS0ll, Grii'!'c:r1l liuuyoxx, Fr:-ml Hurst Dfilhfwl 54'ilY'lf'S, S3111 Gill . ' ,ge . .J f 1 lu,- , ' '15 If 44' , , , ,K 5' ,,Af3'f fifw! IZ' A LJ 'Il . if ff 5, 4. in , if 'rl ,1' n V' w 4, 'J H 7 3.621 Q45 fs 71'- f, tu, it , xy '1. 5.1,-E Katt 1-lf' 2 2' tl tx ,L M V w 1. Ei? R 2-s iii aff! ,i I: E1 QL 1. I fi fs iff Q, , n if f ,S-QE' fgfi! Swv' '15-fi hifi QE VIA 4. iii. , Y 54,1 Q Pi DW ONI Helen Smith Jdlnes lxeehllng Bob llsher .xnk Adfnns Ixennu XN1dxne5er thorn Robert Blown Franus XXoolu'd OXX IXXO Nlarw l-Ilan YICCUIH Glmnn Stltt Leona Ioucks , th tummy P ukmr llmothy Ann I ostvr OW IHRIE Raymond Llst hemglena Bmnth Ann BOXV SIX Bettv lung Betty Huston John McCo1d Sophocles P.-1111.01 Pdtrlcla Sukol 1 J, 4, V, J X ONI dl X A u- 1 tl ll X 1 .alma lu 01,4 IRUXX I OLR H ah IL huh 18011 Lx eh ll ISI mgg, Fran R X IXX 0 I k I4 ll ntt R I1 I I hl XX and Iolsou IIOXX I-IX I I-vang: lm: Pxpu I aum 111911 xrdsou, A ROXX IHRI I Nfdlthd Rcnttl rm Robut I ee I ukson IIOXX SIX XI adelxn hlllilllf Xfclrb Jonns, I rmda Stew: e V swf, I. wi .4 - F-' , J i f . XV ONE-Juanita XVhelchel, Alberta Robinson, Dorothy rman, Culla Frances Shaw, Dorothy Nvright VV TXVO-Reina YValton, Harold Thornburg, Norman Xeber, Cecelia Marie Ricketts, VVayne Roberts DXV THREE'-Lillie Ashby, Mary Curry, Gordon Hunter, brman Sharpe, Vance Smith .. ,,,,..P' rm ffiaj s ROK FOURgRodney Schumacher, Paul Zerkel, Maxine XVoolard, Martha Ellen Carey, Jean Bair ROW' FIVEfBarliana Bassett, Jack Funkhouser, James Fortune, John Bcnriett, Ida Ellen Stout ROXV SIX--Martha Patterson, Mary McFalI, Rosalyn Carter, Ralph Friche, Mary Jane Jerrznu Juniors wfw- :-1-Q ,.,. .iw A, - .a,,,o,, ,AA - - , V A K Ms ld 'W' " 'T'1Hfi"i '..:-,ii t V -9. -A i ': ' -,am QQAA Junzors i HOXV ONE-Paul Sanders, Jack Powell, Anna Belle Schude- ROXV F0ljlif'e.lohn Livingston, Edward Kincaid, J4 man, Bob McCord, NVilliam Raymer Ewald. G11-mloru Layion, Raymond Carr KOXV 'l'XVO-Bok XVlllli'lIllS, Rex XYisehart, Roberta XViIdvl', ROW' FIYIZ llzwoiliy Zook, Vivian Loer, Mary Kaye Sm Hs-len XViddf-field, Geneva XVcston Doris I4u1lZiT1'b', U01'iS I"Sill14'l' IIUXX' THREE-Maxine Clouse, Le Roy Hines, Bob Sanders, ROXV SIX-liutherine Dilts, Vivian 0L'k0ll12.lIl, Bill Dieii liclwin COOILIIHIII, John Lewis Myrl Lccml .nx, llarry Byflllll Q 1,6512 'mfs- '4 29? We sjlv' A ' ,figs f if H.rYf- v ,if I gl? K V,-jf C, j if asm , 'f 3 .4-:ef ,, ,K M ,AH '1'-n. ...V T " , , VT,--,Y-H YT, ,fm l Kr 55:31 X' .iii ' ra' iw 1' 5,135 "fig, J ' Q55 f ' .-Six? 21915 I fo f, if L1 Z 1 Jr Q. f. l 1 4 1 vi' 5 e re, af lu I gl? iw ff - if-Q ' 4 OXY UNE-Kr-ith IH-ttigrvw, Mui'g.2:nl'ct Otto, .luck FQ-try, RUXY l"0UH-Murgu1'c-t Mulaglu-l'l'u, Rulli Colle, Elle-n Bal- uby XVull, Alice Simpson four. Norma Pratliz-r, Mary .Inna Cl:-uvel' OXV 'IWVO-l40UiSl' USIIOVH, D011 l3UI'lll'H. Janie-s l'lPXiiUlf'!', HOXV FIYligNlui'ipEl'ace Sally:-11, Frances xVl'1lVl'I', Je-un ,0l'llll' Hawk, Maxim- Holler Cnckrs-ll, Hznrrim-t Rvr-d, Mary Cook LOXV 'l'HIil2E4BIzn'y lmuisc Grillvy, llomihy Gwynn, IQOXV Moore, Bill Sandi-rs, Gram- Allen, Donald ,erbr-rl Klonlos, Virginia Stunt, Mary .Huw Bli'l71ll'l2lllil Collins. Paul Ilulvonlhe Juniors 4 ln, Juniors Ralph Pc-tc-rson, Laura Jane Puvr-y, Floyd Perkins, Ralph XvC1'klllH. Ilayinond Lysi ROXV TXVO -Emily Pugslcy, .lov Yun Sickle, Mary L. Smith, Cllarlvs Samuel, Jim Brock ROXV THRIZE-Mildred Hoya-r, Mary .lane Griffin, Martin VVrigl1t, Mary Ii. Biltcr, Doris Cult R 0 XY ford, ROW' lilsie R 0 NV well, if v' fff il' ' 1 f 1 4' . Jr, f as gk, r "1 1 1' FOUR-Joanne Rollins, Donna Bceman, Bettie Crawl Jam- Davis, Agnes Carrico FIVE- Luis B2ll'll0l', Mary Jane Childers, Bill Munr Nlilfllll, Hcl'hc-rl Mills SIX-Alicv Bll'lldCllh21l1, Esther Newmzm, Victor Mai liill Morris, Harriet Moor? 22 , ,,,,,,,,,: , A 'T .H i v ' ' 4 I . Q gf ' pg 6 .,,,, .f - 'JE ' 1 f I 1"-Y , ,bis 4 . vs I'i:v'f 1 fikf iw 18.7, gs? : 56 :bf VE 21 ' Bla id V. 252112. 'Mi ,v- it fi, 151 15 :L Wits., X221 M M Salk ., 9, 1335! : fly ff? WF 5:35 I? Q! ffl' me T Qt' 1 3? 455 l as l ROXV ONE-Mildred Maynard, John Maynard, Elizabeth Hutton, Raymond Lysl, Catharine Dunham BOXV TXYO-Doris Nichols, Betty Jackson, Pauline Roach, Orville Simmonds, Donald Manis ROXV THREE-Alice McCarty, Betty Mclilwain, Hazel Blas- saras, Lowell Sumnm' . X 5 4... ,- ,.v.,,w,.v-v 7 Mr. Sandi-rs Miss Hupp Introducing to our listeners, 1939-in other words the Sophomore Class, sometimes called the 'Qquietv phase of oneis high school life. It is during this year that these industrious students struggle with Latin and Geometry and try to develop new poise and dignity. They also develop a more emergent personality and the self-confidence for which the upper classmen are noted. They are past the stage of being razzed and considered "just freshmen," but are not old enough to be considered on the same level with the Juniors. Without delay, this 1939 graduating class gathered to elect their officers. They very wisely chose Richard Brown as Presidentg Ben- jamin Early, Vice-Presiclentg Eleanor McDonald, Secretaryg and Nancy Badgley, Treasurer. They have thus far been safely guided and advised by Miss Hupp and Mr. Sanders. Orchids to these 'fquietn students who beyond doubt will have an uextraordinaryn career, by the time they take over the spotlight two years hence, when they will have grown up to be great big seniors. "7 Richard Brown 1res1dent Benjamin Early, Vice-Pres. Eleanor McDonald, Sec. Nancy Badgley, Treasurer 1. Sophomores lllllelllllllllllllllllll'llll Robert Clauve Robert Breek Betty Bacon Tom XValker Marleston YVright June Spiegal Leon Heagy Juanita Streets lda May Utt Virginia Parsons Martha Goerz Annabelle Oberlies Jack Roberts Rosemary Ronsheim Fred Hurst Bob Kilburn Marie Ashley Betty Broyles Virginia Benzenbower Olivia Brinduse Julia Ann Arthur Doris Allllfik .loan Critchfield Mary Alice Dilkey Rosemary Cox xvlllllilll Davis Floyd Colvin Maurice Bales, Jr. Donnabelle Cortner Mary Margaret Dixon Betty Farrer Doris Conner Harry Hudson Jack Hoppes Mary Helen James Barbara Miller John Finney Phil Campbell Robert Shoemaker Joe Rick Jim Phillips John Nevin Marion Shields Dorothy Shockley Grace Bagley Cathryn Cooper Lxaynelle Cox Jeanne Balingall Marjorie Barnes Harry Boettinger Minnie Ellen Maniooth Bob VVhite XValter Jones James Childers Clifford lfleeharty Harold Nichols C. NV. Benhow Ellen Boughman Helen Kem Lowell Jarrett John Piout Billie Schuyler Margaret .lane Evans Louise Edgelllall Glena Davenport Dick DeBolt Katherine King Mary Frances Stuart Mary Jane VVebb Betty Vest David Eckel Betty Hupp J ,,, i., , , , ,-, , '-'-: ' 4 31 , "P 4 . ' 'Sophomores Wayne Thompson John Harnish 'Martha Summers Paul Cunningham Madonna Darr Harold Surface Anna Belle Ewing Thelma Beach Nadine Alt Frances Anderson Helen Brown Christina Allen Roberta Hopkins Constance Holloway Edward Hughel Charles Shreffler Freda Kessler Mary Margraret Shroyer Leona Mae Scott Bonnie Smith Howard Scott Janet Ebel Norma Brown Mary Louise Sipe Harriett Eekel Betty Joyce Townsley Marifranceg Braner Gene Stanley 'I'o1n Brown Evelyn Collins Doris Busby John Bender Ruth Bennett Harriett Chappell Fred Biddle Orville Baten Gene Ewald George Donaldson Mary Ellen Jones Josephine Broekman Andrew Polus Horace Nichols Robert Stapps Garland 'l'00ll1.bS Doris XYikle Phyllis Shaw Charles Hurst John Van Meter Jack XYeaver Lee Dill Helen Mae Morris John Moore Joe Trent Helen Yollaw Betty Harold Keith Bond Calvin Childers Oscar Cole Twyla Hutton Johnette Sloan Thelina Rittenhouse Mary Jane Smith Jeanne Canning Richard Brown Helen Phillips Frances Vanderluit NVard Canady NVarren Dew Josephine Davidson Mae Campbell ' NYillia1n Shafer I Robert McCarty .L-.S,.,Q.L,4., ,A n, , A H Sophomores I I I I I I I .loe Gadrlis Eugene Little Charles Mohler Marv Mills Tdith Lewis Marpzaret Thomas Al Loicll Martha .lean Lewis Norman Kleet Eloise McDonald Kenneth Levy Doris Melson Eleanore Sheets Geraldine Matthews Harold Morgan Robert C. Mauck John Miner Marjorie Young Jack Mitchell Eledick Lloyd Alyee XVhelehel Edna Mae Poore XVanda Niccum Ellen lthoades Kathryn Rider Herbert Danner Harriett Keesling Martha Summers Marjorie Smith Kathryn Lyst Beverly .lanney Bertha Shepherd Jeanne XYisehart Gladys Ruth Gray Madelyn High Rosemary Bondurant VValter Burt James Dodd Patty Deere Martha Dowman XVinifred Davis Martha Caylor Lee Pursley Donald lVright Rosemary Fisher Forest Hutton Marie Sylvester Mary Humfleet Emile Goldberg Jim Phillips Geraldine Lawler Dorothy Riley Sheila XVorley Marci:-l Smith Alice Jayne Hooker Frances Holzer Hilda Schoger Hayward XVright Dorothy Lutz Betty Bacon Helen Henry Burldene Rominc Carolyn Dennis Ruth Folger Davis Fisher John Swaze Phillis Heiney Mary Maxwell Ferns-va Laudenback Juanita Gahimer Louis Priddv Betty Ftomine 12:-IQ' M W'f'l!f2'sx5fs : Sophoim Virginia Smith jlair Stout Jeorgiena Branch .florence Madison .jarl Hovermale ,vlary Mills iene McVVilliams Fred McCabe Iharlotte Miller vlildred Hartman vlan McCarel Raymond Foust Ereorge Donaldson 'eanette Lipschitz Maxine Morris Eloise Mathews Maurice- Delay Robert Carlisle Josephine Brockm is , ,ii g . .'l OVQS all B I Q ww, ff-1-P 'f -f vu f""M 'fi Efffff I ,A 'H' ' " ""' . v ""' i"" W' ' 'wmv' r 'J' ! jf t il Mr. Shirey Nlrs Coss Every September the population of A. H. S. is increased by the admittance of certain timid little souls, who in spite of their timid- ity, add a colorful change to the halls of our ancestral educational home. Some of these meek little rascals seem to harbor a constant fear that some terrible monster was lurking in our labyrinth of passageways ready to pounce upon them. This feeling was soon for- gotten, because outside of the customary "razzing," which always accompanies the new arrivals, not much attention was paid to them. It is quite a blow to the pride and sophistication of the upperclass- men to admit such a number of insignificant pigmies once a year, but the bitter must be taken with the sweet. A number of the "freshies" started the school year off with a "grand slam" by making the honor roll. This in itself is no small task, but when entering a totally new environment and achieving this goal, it seems that the future leaders in Anderson High are even now showing their true colors. These young prodigies met early in April and elected as their leaders, Bonnie Weaver, President, Eugene Yates, Vice-President, Phyllis Wills, Secretary, and Mike Martin, Treasurer. To direct their footsteps until they graduate as conservative seniors, this group chose Mrs. Goss and Mr. Shirey. All in all the Freshmen made a favorable impression upon the student body and faculty, and we hope that they become great big seniors in the future. Bonnie Weaver, Presldent Eugene Yates, Vice-Pres. Phyllis XVi1ls, Secretary Mike Martin, Treasurer ROXV ONE-Nora Mclntyre. Belly Carrie Reynolds. Flora Gray, Riclmrd Gross. .lf-an Sission, Ruth Honnola, Judith XValkel XYilli'im Szllzltin, Gloria XYyatt. Jack Condon, Alice Gilmore, Mflry Ellen Honnolk, RONV TXVO-Marjorie Miller, Betty Case, XVurren Rider, Helen Scott, Robert Hallenhcrger, Patty Guthrie, Ila Malaguerra, Phyllis XVill: Norniu .lane Vorhees. .loan Major. Mary liutner, Max Hoke. ROXV 'I'HRlEli.-Mzn'garet lillen Ellis, Betty Colip, Velma Iihrhart, liuwcne Smith, Nila Mae Fouse, Alice Rickard, Verdene Robinson Dclore Stoops, Mary Howard, Harriet Mantooth, Betty Rose llndgley, Henritta Clark. ROM' FOLIH-li:-tty liixxter, Norma Caylor, Christine 'I'roxel,Forresi Frz'em:en, Craig Fl'l"9lll2ll'l, Betty Dobicll, .lunita McCurry, Betf June Martin, Joan Gardner, Martha .lean Bryant, Edgar Dilts, Louis Clemons. - ' ' f P i-" - i " V ' fu- ."- 75' - A WV- 1 ff. -'-' '11-14-12:--,Ji-, -1-' 2:3 'p':j.,':v Freshmen BOYS' UNH -Virginia Seipel, Virginia Baugher, Doris Ballard, Clifford Hull, Robert Morris, B Meflnrdy, liarl Gibbons, llilly Renforth. RONY TXYO-Forest Crum, Don Marsh, Ted Rains, .lim La Mont, Anna Belle Carpenter, LEHG Adams, Betty Gregory, Dick Hines. RONY 'l'llltl-LE-Norman Beck, XVillia1n Huntly, Mildred Heuclmn, Letha Pletchcr, Joyce Mill- llill Murtz, Betty Belle Foley, Mary Anne Hunley. ROXY FOUR-Anna Gioumpakes, Lillian Cunningham, Betty Cooney, Farrell McFadden, Margal Ann Hancock, Margaret Miller, Marjory Hesler, Darrel Reel. 1 Fresh men ver - i ROXV 0Nli4Eddie Adams, XVilliam Griifin, Bruce Thrasher, Martha Stuart, Mary Land, Carrol Drugler, Thelma XYalker, Toni Stroud. TXVO-Alvadeane L4-dbetter, Donna VValker, Joe Stewart, Jeanne Jones, Dick Hines, Junior T! ROYV Groff, Dorothy XVilliams, Betty Van Ausdal. ROXV THllliE-Lucille Ashburn, Marcella Poore, Roberta Ash, XVilme1' Thomas, Janet Hughel, Verna June Davis, Eloise Randall, Moletia Belangee. ROXV FOUR-Anna Thomas, Doris Marsh, Janes Hale, Jimmy Steves, Joan Martin, Carl Funk- houser, Edwin Stewart, Betty Jean Parsons. It I IrI I I I I I I In I I I ITI I-I'liffl"l 'lfi'll'l--l1l'lyl Patricia Lee, Ruth Ann Harrison, Ruth Allen, Mary Featherston, Goldie Moessinger, Beatrice Smith, BOXV ONe-VVayne Chandler, Harold Gale, Mary Goss, Jim Dietzen. Hazel Benefiel, Ernest Bruce, kman, John Fields, Mildred Brown, Mildred Keller, Dean Hoppes, Catherine Maxwell, Eleanor Bec ROXV 'l'VVO-Eugene Shields, Phyllis Raper, Elizabeth Hale, Herbert Mac Gillan. Leona liaciu, Dorothy Currey, Glenna Tharp, Louise Marionos, Rex Toombs, Edgar Timmons, Rosemary Mears, Annabelle McClint- RONV THREE-Nina Temple, Jo Linville, Betty Mathews, Rosemary Modlin, Bette Ruth James. ock, Marjorie Thomas, Betty RONV FOUR-Maxine Roach, Alice Stanley, Joan Ridley, Mary A. Sczeslny, Lois XVorley, Kenneth Farmer, Norma Shroyer, Tom Marshall, Phillisann Faussett, Doris Tulnulty, Doris Bushong, Bob Sisson. i- Form F13 J 9 ROXV'ONE-Tom Taylor, Don Kincaid, Jane Metcalf, Jo Ann Jones, Jim Mendenhall. Ri-x Mcliarry, Norma Je-an Meredith, Thelma Clousen, Robert Murphy, Don Childs, Jack Forcum, Patricia Hewitt. ROYV TVVOiVirorinia Cornelius, Shirley Loughbridge, Kathryn XValker, Xvllufllllfl 'l'llOIllD51f'!l, Phillip Ritchey, Mary XVo0d, Betty Jean Lawler, Carolyn Lambert, Dolas Foist, Virginia Polus, Jeanne Partington, lleity Huh. lgi0VNg1'IixHREEiJacqueline Brondcl, Robert Cochran, David Gauni. Arthur Atwell, Hobs-rt Priddy, Fern Hunyan, Evelyn Reed, Edna 't . ' Y, '.. . . ' ' Y- ' ' ml , Iarilyn YN alker, Piances Saladin, Dorothy Stinson, Maxine Smith. ROXV FOURfEvangeline Moore, Maude Gustin, Betty Simons, Nelda Showalter, Dorothy ,h!0X1llldCI', Bonnie Lou Saylor, Ted Rains David Jones, Lenora Adams, Betty Mae Sharp, Madonna Ashley, Virgil Pryor. I Ruth McCarty, Tom Marshall, Ruley Unger, Bonnie XVeaver Freshmen ,ie 3 15, ,Q ff .Q 3 ,Wan in " 9 3 2 . W ' 5-+12 - .SL 4 V , nf ' ff ,ff s K' v ' 1 :if . , M 2 f , Q ,y ,Q V V fn f x 'W A 2,5 'Q f Q w ww., V421 my A V 1. Q-A an .,. 1 1155? ,mgghf , QL A 4, QW -ggi Si A Z 1 Y fl W5 2 K 3' 'n ZH! 2' 49:5-is 4' 'Q Z ..,,, V 'ff' ,554 43,5355 f 1 V ,LJ M m figfl, jp rw- in M, JV' 1-YU A ',.,2'.. -ffl ft. ,H gg 4 1, r Q ' ' f. H ,. x A ,V -P ' 'fx' f ' f f gf X Wgff ? rf M i, gl , f' f' ,-5 4 'U 1' 35: 1 V1 I va: '4 ff 'ia J:Qeii'?l., .fgiif A 7 1' 1 '25, , Q. . E wa'-",,,. 5 T -A.- -t' -s f., -a 5 H rv-5... 5 4 ,i 1 l HONORARY SOCIETY Scoop- And boop-a-cloop! The Honorary Society finally clivulges something that is very worth while. The hard working Honorarians successfully worked out the Student Council problem in A. H. S. For a successful year we offer our felicitations toi George Rinlcer, Presidentg Miriam Clapp, Vice-Presiclentg Mary Vanclevencler, Sec- retaryg and Esther Reel, Treasurer. This correspondent also congrat- ulates the faculty martyrs who ventured into the unknown by taking the sponsorship of the Society. They are Miss Hirsch and Mr. Shirey. With all their scholarship excellence, these members are pretty swell guys and gals. May the Honorary Society thrive long and lustily. .. ,J - i I L 4- . ,',..f'i .3 Vw gi-'Suez' ' if . ' DRAMATICS CLUB Gentlemen, be seated. We have our soclcs and buskins on. I am about to cell you of the good old Dramatics Club of this school. The Dramatics Club was discontinued for two years, but this year it was re-organized and the old 'Constitution revised. The purpose of this club is to promote Dramatics in the High School and through- out Anderson. The high spot of this year's presentation was the Open House meeting at which three-'onegact plays were given. 1 With these honorable guys and gals officiating the club was bound A to function. President, Ramon Mann, Vice President, David Martin, Secretary, Culla Frances Shawg Treasurer, Martha Ann Miller, Program Chairman, John Van Meter. . ' I I I I I I .I I Isl lille' 'W' I-'I I . I . I A DEBATE No, Junior, those arenit surrealist paintings!-those are the intel- ligent "phizzes" of the honorable members of the debate team. But, no fooling, the team really worked hard this year. They gave a series of six non-decision debates over W. H. B. U., and many practice de- bates with other towns. The fourth annual tournament was held in Anderson, January the ninth and it was the largest to date. These people realize how important public speaking is and are getting the most training they possibly can. Mr. Boyd coaches the debaters. The subject for the year's debate was: "Resolved5 that all public utilities should be governmentally owned and operated." ?....h.l ,ev wwf' "W" N 'M - .v 4 A . ff? i""+', "a""P"""""'f""'.,.,.f .. .. -' -r THE GIRLS BOOSTER CLUB During the past nine months whenever there was anything to boost, the Girls Booster Club was always "ready, willing, and able" to help in every way possible. At Christmas and during the flood they carried on a campaign for contributions to help the refugees and the poor. Last spring thel girls did much to further the spirit to buy articles from the band in order that they might obtain new uni- forms. Mary Lou Brown was the very good president, Mary Jane Cleaver, secretary-treasurer, and Joan Rollins, sergeant4at-arms. The girls also entertained several times during the year. "il ,F N 3. ' 4' r i l f,-I' ' -. -1 i I . 1 e,t.' j-gl-li . -B ,b I .-Ml. I I . . HI-Y ORGANIZATION Peeping through Swinchell's keyhole we see the Hi-Y lads carrying out their purpose, "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian living," and living up to their motto "clean athletics, clean speech, clean scholar- ship, and clean living." The "yowsah" man who "swang" the gavel was George Rinker and the clean-up man was Gerald Buxton. Daniel Schrope was chief scribe, and Bill Baker, willingly and capably minded the finances. Chief overseers were Mr. Bailey, Mr. Sanders, and Y. M. C. A.'s Jimmy Gibbons. The club closed its curtains for che fourteenth time since 1923 with a bit of toodle-loo, cheerio, and a fond farewell until next year. -X .41.T.-., ,, Aiw mn . AL-A 1 P -rs THE GIRLS GLEE CLUB No, listeners of the radio audience, those are not young night- ingales you hear singing every afternoon during the eighth period, but members of the Girls Glee Club warbling beautiful melodies under the direction of Miss Ruth B. Hill, who also has charge of the Boys Glee Club and the Choral Club. These fair damsels have learned several songs during the past two semesters, and have proved themselves not only excellent singers but very good in the taking of rhythm and sense tests on the victrola. During the absence of Miss Hill while the Choral Club was in Minneapolis, the group was enter- tained by different individuals who gave specialty numbers. , . H, --- BOYS' GLEE CLUB They're the mosta of the besta! Yowsahl And they're finer than the restal And how. The Boys' Glee Club have had their lights hid under a bushel more or less this year on account of because their fellow organization, the Choral Club, splashed the firmament with glory and sent the smaller fry into temporary eclipse, begging your pardon for the mixed metaphor. However, the boys took important parts in the opperetta, "Briar Rose,', and sawed wood in the classroom in seeking to improve them- selves tonally, expressionally, and otherwise. They participated also in the May Festival of Music held in the new gymnasium this year, and presented a Minstrel entitled "Southland Daze." vw.-v-w.rm-.-WW -,YU Y , - ,V wfw- -V --Y I ' ' ,Q ' ni 5 v p 1, 'f 1 ,A L , , ...vnn .... ,V.,.. .W , .-v,, . Y -a.,.,.-,.-.-Y.--.. , nc., ,... W. Y -T W-7 1 -.--Y vvn- pf-ef.-V-rff , - - ,Y V . 'W 445 'Q' A . CHORAL CLUB Y'know, folks, I used to belong to a singin' bunch that was called The Choral Club where I come from an' and we was so good that we went an, Won first place in the state and national contests. Well, when we come back home our heads was all in a buzz. An' fer might, nigh two months after that we couldn' hardly turn around without some church or clu,b askin' us to sing for 'em. I guess folks never had heard kids do such warblin' before, but we give most of the credit to the woman who waves at us up in front, Miss Ruth B. Hill. THE ANDERSON HIGH SCHOOL ART ASSOCIATION Broadcasting to you the activities of the Anderson High School Art Association under the sponsorship of Misses Hirsch and Balyeat have been numerous this year. During the past two semesters besides having their regular meeting every other Thursday they have pro- moted an exhibit of prints from paintings! by French postimpression- ists from Indiana University, an exhibit of students work from John Herron Art School, and a collection of miniatures of Greek Sculp- ture by Lorado Taft. The activities have been in charge of Jean Roberts. Other officers are John Ronsheim, Presidentg Augusta Hite, Vice-Presidentg Nancy Toles, Secretary-Treasurerg and Harry Zwickel, membership chairman. af. eau, 4, Ku..." T' ORCHESTRA Yes, Bobbie, thatls the Anderson High School Orchestra, but wait, Mr. Rencenberger, the director, is saying, 'Now, all together, boys.' Well anyhow, the kids have to put in a lot of practice and then too, they make a good showing. We have only heard these music masters at the most outstanding auditoriums, the operetta, the class play, and the style show. It is true that music hath charms to soothe the savage beast, but when we hear this symphony play the "Blue Danube" or any of those dreamy Waltzes we wish we were on a dance floor. Well so long, your A. H. S. correspondent signs off wishing you heaps of harmony. ' THE BAND Ta-da-ra-da-boom-de-ay! This cacophony we hear coming from the annex the fifth period gives us reason to believe the High School Band is practicing. The Greeks may have had a word for it, but we doubt it, as such blare defies definition. Many notables, such as Bob Walker, Hubert Edwards, Pierre Gephart, Clair Stout, John Ewald, Merrill Hudson, Delbert Searles, and Roy Bates have really worked hard this year to furnish music for you guys and gals at the games. Mr. Rencenberger has done much to increase the effectiveness of the band. New uniforms are hoped for by all the members. Probably they will get them by next year. . ,, tag' 1 ,ll A F A w Q -mn .f-sg-.W V fi SCIENCE-MATH CLUB Ladies and Gentlemen ..,,..,................ we wish to present to you through the courtesy of the Anderson Senior High School the Science-Math Club, composed of some L25 or 30 members who enjoy delving into the realms of science and mathematics. Besides having their weekly meeting every Monday at which their programs consist of experi- ments and reports given by its members they entertained several times throughout the past two seasons fthe main event being the picnic held in the spring, and have upheld the traditions and high standing which the club has always maintained as one of the oldest organizations in Anderson High School. THE SENATE No, Junior,-that wasn't the mob scene from Q'Fury" that you heard coming frou behind the closed doors of the school library every Tuesday night'-only the A. H. S. Senators, arguing on some worthy resolution. The club, sponsored by Mr. Davis and Miss Critchley, the first semester elected the following officers: President, Dale Gentry, Vlice-president, Margaret Vandevenderg Secretary, Betty Jo Slinkard: Assistant, Delbert Searlesg Treasurer, Thad Lantzg Reading Clerk, Charles Beclcmang Assistant, Mary Vandevender. At midterm there was the customary change in officers, the new leaders being President, Thad Lantzg Vice-president, Keith Pettigrew, Treas- urer, Mary Vandevenderg Secretary, Margaret Vandevenderg Assistant, Betty Jo Slinlcardg Reading Clerk, Donald Collins, Assistant, Charles Beckman. 7 K-. U, I E sfgqqs gui' 'sf f1,-wif-'G-5 'A 7 JUNIOR-SENIOR GIRL RESERVES Good evening, everybody. With the melodious strains of "Follow the Gleamf' it is our pleasure to present once again the Wednesday evening broadcast of the Girl Reserves, featuring Margaret Van- devender, president, Mary Cook, vice-president, Bettie Cummins, secretary, and Mary Vanclevender, treasurer. Let us remind you once again this program is brought to you through the courtesy, cooper- ation, and conscionableness of Miss Thumma and Miss Hirsch, those two able sponsors who make possible this program. Incidentally, this program winds up another series of parties, dances after home basketball games, and banquets. We'll be back again in September when our new series begins. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE GIRL RESERVES Flash!! Flash!! It is reported that the Freshman-Sophomore Girl Reserves have had a year filled with fun and gaiety which will be remembered for many a day. Ar the first of the season these girls elected as their officers: President, Burldene Romineg Vice-President, Helen Henry, Sec- retary, Jean Partingtong Treasurer, Elizabeth Hale, and Program Chairman, Emile Goldberg. The sponsors, Mrs. Hale, Miss Hoffman of Anderson College, and Mrs. Bolinger 'of the Y. W. C. A., were a great help to the girls. Some of the things the club sponsored were: basketball-football supper, open-house after basketball games, and a cookie sale. 1 D ,. 'W' """ ' Q-fifvfrvf 1"T "TCF 51- Tfrfax . V ' ' " ' X'f,"W:A'gT':f"f' , ,X , . VF 1,1 , fu , F w fear, .. 1 x FA, ,5Lv,,?gmTYf3?M A 33.344 An M 4 .s.. ' v' . - -" 7'T'Q'?"f'f11 Nvnrfa-7':'ff ' .- K, ix, ., 1"ETT' - ,""' '. ! ! -Q E iWi'?',"F4' 7 ' ' k NEWSWRITING This, my fine, befuddled friends, is a joint picture of the two News- writing classes, this semester's and lastis, whose duty it was to bring you every Friday the latest flashes from on and about the campus. They perform this little duty with the greatest of pleasure, glad to have the power of the press behind them with which to threaten their errant friends. The X-Ray, if not a model of perfect journalism, is certainly the envy of the surroundings schools and we like it pretty well our- selves. Under the able direction of Editorial Advisors, McClure and Barnet, the paper backs school drives and does many other useful thingsfno fuelin'l -R PRINT SHOP BOYS These are the noblest Romans of them all, unseen, unheralded, un' sung! These do the dirty work, while the others get the glory. Were it not for the fact that printing is an art which is the basis of civil- ization and a vocation which pays well and will never die while man remains above the brute, these boys might well complain of their lot, but they do not. In an inadequately equipped and staffed print shop these boys and their mentor, Mr. C. P. Barnet, struggle with difficulties and com- plexities of which our readers our blissfully ignorant. Assisting Mr. Barrier are the following boys: Tom Hughel, David Forlcner, Ralph Werking, C. W. Benbow, and William Pulos. 'wg' ' 't-211-v'f-' f 'H ' v-wry-f -.5 y. , , Qn, - W-irwfsw ' N SODALITAS LATINA The Sodalitas Latina has been very active in its work this past year. The club held a Christmas party and a Spring party with appropriate contests and music. Talks on Roman dress, Roman amusements, Latin cross word puzzles and games, Latin riddles and Latin songs were also enjoyed by the club. To be eligible for membership students must be taking third or fourth year Latin. The officers for the year were: President, Bill Nelson, Vice-Pres- iclent, Betty Huppg Secretary, Irene Weir for the fall term, Mary Jo Creason for the spring termg and Treasurer, June Moreland. Miss Nagle is sponsor of the club. BIBLE CLUB Friends, I bring to you this day a message of importance concern ing the Bible Club which, you all know, is sponsored by our most honored and respected Mr. Huntzinger and Mr. Baker. This club meets each Wednesday after school 132351 in Room 105 for the ex- press purpose of stimulating and creating interest in the reading and studying of the Bible. This organization includes thirteen of our students in its enrollment. The officers of' the Bible Club are: Pres- ident, Dallas Sellsg Vice-Presidents, James Carr and Elizabeth Baciug and Secretary-Treasurer, Melva Curtis. The Bible Club extends sin- cere invitations for all to join. Reel Four - 1 The Champs This is your commentator in newsreel bringing you high-lights about the World of Events in the School of Champs. In the world of sports basketball naturally has been outstanding in A. H. S. this season. Among the seven hundred and eighteen teams that entered in the tourna- ments, the Indians had the power and ability to come out on top and to win a second State Championship. The players on this team, as you know, sacrificed many pleasures for the hard drills that they were put through, so that they would be physically and mentally able when the test came. I do believe that the players have all been amply rewarded for their splendid work. This makes the second time in three years our basketball team has brought to Anderson the Crown of State Champion. We are proud of this team and wish plenty of luck to the oncoming team. In the newsreel we also see the Anderson High School Choral Club, who made a trip to Minneapolis this April and returned to Anderson with the National Championship title. The A. H. S. Choral Club triumph was based on the following points: Inter- pretation and Artistic effect, Phrasing, Intonation, Accuracy, Rhythm, Tone, Diction, Naturalness, Purity of Vowels, Uniform vowel quality, Constant Present- ation, Convincing, Faces Reflect Spirit of Song, Posture, Stage Deportment. Appearance, and Accompaniment. The Choral Club having all these nine points returned to Anderson victorious. Eighteen choirs from twelve states were represented. Four high schools were placed in superior groups but our Choral Club placed ten points ahead of their nearest competitor, which gives the Club the title to represent Anderson next year. The next flash will show our Anderson Aggies bringing home the bacon in the Agricultural field. There were seven different teams. The State Sheep judging Contest team was composed of Arthur Darlington, Fred Leemaster, and Joe Cooper. Arthur Darlington received a gold medal. State Champion Egg Judging Team: Wilson Bronnenberg, Donald Hiday, John Hannaford and Wilbur Wood. State Apple Judging Champion: Fred Leemaster, George Pugsley, James Chaplin, and William Pugsley. In this contest Fred Leemaster received a silver medal and 'lhe National Vegetable champion was Fred Leemaster. The State Reserve Corn Husking Champion in the State was Donald Hiday. The Hoosier Farmer Awards in the State were made to Arthur Darlington, Wilson Bronnenberg, and Edwin Rodecap. The three boys out of fourteen were elected to this degree. This is the end of this thrilling reel of Champions for 1936-37 but hoping to have more in "37" and "38." George Pugsley a bronze medal. The county Livestock Champion! James Chaplin. ' ' 'fwi -L f1m?W Wevii ,511-' Q-a ,W .W . , I ,Wi - ww- I f f . C an l I Q if COACH Arles-us Cs-moo STATE CHAMPIONSHIP SHIELD AND COACH CHADD Hello, world! Doggone it! It's too bad not everyone who wants to can be basket- ball cmampions of Indiana, but Anderson's Indians took the stars down out of the sky on March 27, 1937, dusted them off, and put them back again when they de- feated I-Iuntingburg in the final game of the twenty-sixth annual state basketball tournament in the Butler Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. It was the second time that the glory of capturing the state shield had come to A d n Hi h School, the shining example having been set by the less powerful n erso g but more agile Indian Five of 1935. ' h d n, Davis, Higginbotham, Hughes, and Goss The names of Clemons, Ric ar so must now be enshrined in our memories along with those of Baker, Ruh, Clutch Ulmicliuii-ml on next page.J v- --ii--f-rf . .fs : me -wi - 'izgprv-5.'f:Hf.?f1'-bazvil lnl' :3i'3Agf'.,:5'3:a2j-1f'1.1 - 5+ L A 'A 'EQ -. I I I I I I Morgan, Jackson, and Lambert. We can never forget the thrills and chills of sus- pense that gripped our hearts as we followed the games through those four week- ends of March, 1937, as the team marched on from victory to victory sweeping everything before it. The graven images embossed on the state shield suggest now a noble Roman, and now a philosophic Buddha to those who look at them intently. They symbolize stamina, courage, perseverance, intelligence, generalshipfthe moral byproducts of athletics. And what shall we say of Coach Archie Chadd, the gentleman and mentor par excellence, who confounded his early critics and set the wiseacres at naught? "Those who came to scoff remained to pray." In four years Chadcl has done more for sports in this high school than all predecessors put together. I-Ie is a Butler graduate, a Tony I-Iinkle protege. going to Canton, Illinois, High School as coach for four years, twice taking his team to the Illinois state finals and twice coming within an ace of winning. The school board,s decision to award him a five-year contract to begin with the fall of 1937 was unanimously approved by public senti- ment, and is concrete evidence of the high regard in which he is held locally. , EE., J 2 , . , I, Q , Q Bofwvfu. h0lVNYu Rossnrs U U Q Q Q Q EYQAQ AQ Q- Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Z I I I ' ' 'Q''M1fA7'-A-A-'---A'-A-'wwf ' II ' I- ,H 1 ,. QALL Il Mn. STOLER DONT LOW N0 PENNY PITCHIN HERE. Q Q Z Q DAIANBACK GI-QITTER STRIKES? IL I OIL. J- W q 6 Q 5 11 ' 3 ... 'A A I S' F3 5:1 'ff 3' 4 ao I Cl 'Q If I II 4 . GIQ1eQfMf I 1 ' . H T I Q ii I I Q O .,. .w ...fl+. Qgi444i.,Qlr 1, ,g,h v , v, v,,,, Q : -,Q jf ru ig 4 5 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q WJ ' ' v2- - '2 A2-2222 122-2 3 Q -f 3 - 5 Q' 5 Z Q Q W Q Q Q Q 2 I Q I Hen " Q Ei 5 9 E Q MRS 2VMGOLF VMMMMQQQQQQQQQQQ FLAEEZLES X ' A K ' CLIF . ,S XI , I j f'-. 1, Z I' E3 f X, H 'X ' ' Im-ff' I " 50 THEY N, 5 . 51: Lg X 'PE Ei WEEKS VACAT'O QQ ND' 9 I' m 'I' I li 12 LJ " w Z I I . ' f f I I v I Q 6 J' If X I C3 X- E law' YJ! , ml , , IW ly I I Q I V m "5-3' ' I 'Vila ,J A ,N ,- D -- 52 I ' , N, ' ' P 'QQ f Q 532 GQL Y, Mma iseazff QQSQQQQQEWMEI . ZWQQQE my B QQQQWWM X 2 22 sv Qasyfoqesm 22222253 QQQQ QQQQ K! X ,V VE SEAT ' 2 Q I 2 NI-IILE TEACHER I If Q f - "5 9 T sw N:-'AcIq 3S72ZgAIraIv,5 cfm ops IS digg?-Yp7Z-LEYKIDS 3553 To y EQ: 1 - I A ' 0 f I X ,I II YI Ik' E wig? Wg .I i QQQMQQ, QQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q,,Q ,QQQQQQQ, QQ, QQQQ I . I I f g Q9 I, Q jr , ,,,f,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,f,,,,,Q,,,,,,,,,,,,. I ,, ,,, an 5 XQLAOFA i E I 113 X I A I If 4 ee I Qwggfgs I - - Q- Q 5 f jc! Q 1 f K' I f .wb - , - I if - .K I I - f - '1 O Q Z Z Z 7I5AcK .ag 1 - I - 2222223222 22' 222 22 222U E 2 2E 5Z52225'4 s,,, ei 9 U M Zof2ggZ,,,,,m6 GQAND5,-AM. Z RAIL- :X 7l:lE Muoaoxrr HOLD. NOTE TH: NUDBOAT HOLD AND THE Rou- eoA'r HOLD Ana sous All-IAT SIMILAR. THE QONBOAT How IS APPLIED IN I THE RING M1145 THE MUDBOAT How IS PFRFORNED IN A NICE Muoov Fino INS o Lamb B'if?' A I TY PONBOAT R Il' M ig! X! in ' Q V Kb I 7 W, X 'o I ,iw I " "' 'Q' Y, 4 s. f 4:15 SKIING j l u ' 1 4 ' ' r I ,ZZ W :I -ff , A , I ' Z2 ew ' ,I" Q. -I A I Q 1 Z I Q I f 2 f I L n I 7 , 1 II- ,-' . W -- - Z 'V--.-' I iz ' . , Z QQ , I f ' F- X f"" . 'W ' . 4 ' ff 5' . 1 Z X KL' 'gr' Q Z ff 24, II I ,I , Z , -ffw Y ' Z 5, ff- If Z ,Z-I I ' ' EZ QZW ,J 1 Z E: .,.,,..,,., R m f" J""' ' E 'f'If""W .i . I , , vpqliiw- .- -' il Q2 'Zz C3 'wal ' ' ' 1 1' Q Z ' . 1 Q ' W- II1""I .I Z j N J 1 ..., . 22 W . Q m 3-F 'ig f I IIIIIYIWZZ' I I I W .I Z, r J 5 I ' " gs, .17 m -I , f ' .L w ' " ' ""' V V ' ' E3 Z 1 vfmnlfn A I I I I I I - , I I I I - -Z. 2 E 22 22 2E an Q-C-5ff533""WQ4ff'f"1957 . ,-.. V ,--q-4' w Q-f -f lf f T., ,L L, . s if 'X 5 KACOMDLETE INFODMATION DEGUADDING THE FOLLOWING DRAIN- SH ! INGS MAY BE HAD BV SUBMITTXAIG THE coQQEcT SOLUTION A I -V TO ANV THHELTOGETHEA-Q MTH TfN CENTS XN GOOD LLS. MONEYANO THE covet? FQOM ANY ANDEQSON HIGH SCHOOL XL W 7 ANNuAL.THf CONTEST QLOSES MIDNXGHT DECEMBER I3 TH. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,m, 11999. ALL ALIVE AT Tl-IA7' Tnwf Apg 4.19650 TO EAITEP. E22 JDHNME my A MCKL6' WNY CAN? H5 I-!4Vf,4 Hoo P Z 0, "xl , . M ,513-Ev If lr 1 ' , - 'T l V L, if X f A U I -I I Y G? A - I 'N 5' RTT SW 0 A' 4 XLS gg R85 . , N Xv 5 T ,MP L ' 'TJ , XA v Ib 1 ,523 , 'TT' Q A A T if - T T V 5 ,4 4 M Q T' af glffff- -f ,Af ' " f- T gi . -v ...- -4 1 79' it ,ni ' ' ' Tig J My Huw Tgurgis gl-lf4IZ7IiI1?i3g7'ALjvS5D Mfmf WE swamp STAHT HEARING 1 L T A T PAQACHUTE5. v - , Tp :gf Tgueav AND Young EIDL Q A A T LQET FRIEND- NDN 1T5HA A-.-A Q,HTH r f N X IFURD-F ! If! if E K 5 HL THE FTAUNT5 , JT Q, T T A L STATIUN UP Q T . . fx T 2 T L - Lf f Tf T H - U AL A A A f . X 3 A3 TT- 'AX AA, K X A A I x -A K f- Tf ' .Q N T T A T L Q ff -'A L. ,A . N LN if T zz "J A V N L- XX - XJ XJ K ff X X IQ ' f . A X T A 2 1 Q , TQ 74 'T EQOA ff 'ToA.LA5 ma f Q 9 'Ti A -,.4A4L,c, LJ nm - A A A - W ii Q LTTTTQ 2555: 1 L 7- l - WITH ALL THESE "BREAKFAST or GHAMDIUNSUDEIZEALS lfwvii af: , UN THE MARKET-PUACTIGALLY 6,f71'7' '13 'LM A A WL, Huw WDULD YUU WE EVERY ONES A .DEMQSEYN W f!7.L. M TD SEE nun SCHUUL f T I j NPSA 9 L L AJJIH - IN THIS cmomnN f S X 'Z if NT We N 3FTA55?ZU!??Hl'ED ' --- 1 ', ', ,L T I' "ig """Z Y ' A ' N442 V' Kffdf WX 'UN ,I IT PROBABLY ' P T 'R O9 D N WF iw 1 N NuuLo E N fxg if T .TH in F HL , Y S i5 I SUCH L A Lv ANA A L A THAT- EDEN- A A 7, - ,475 91,5 ZW L A .A Z Lf, . L. HEN N. EUULDNT N V ff'9 A -,f,7Lj5ll, jgzT , EU TU S.fHnuL. 52 Q T 'T 2i ' ' ge-Lg 5 A f - ,f,' ,- -N .,, X f Q ' x A! V ,f 351 JEBABKX ly Q ,A 1 LL11 g gt Q L4 c L- , f 4 ' L Z r Tr- if iff' J C5 T- 52241 ' Ef f, gl A wi 9' ScHooL C Losfo .-- SX" ' U0 A iss. A SHN S 12 MORAL.- fn ' giggirigiggiaqlp STARS, XF you DONT DICK J, , fig 1 "Huey 'fum If ff I TW? " I 5 ME DU i 5 2 255 .Z3?ZLgTMlf121lATNiol Tgfcz A . H ---iii. Now 1 LAY vm A AN TEAM AT ALL. , TQ' A , 'iii SLLLH AT THE M' L , f ' , WW., 55 :I-,QQRNHQ ur l4TH., am L LJ Q? . , ANDSLEJSESN STES 3-e E v 5, LF: H , - Q, QVLL I gig!! BEFORE L,AwALcE,YUuLL V 5 Q E555 Sggwwgssgnfgecuggm S Q Qfa ' s ' WM ' ' A ' 1 7 V 'A ' Nh Z Pgff in i-L VM K9 W, ' 1- say, --,lil -w A Yxjvou CANT EXPECT TU mnosc YUUQ - A 11gg'g:",f:iii!!f -ff-23 GRAND CHILDREN UN vmun KNEE IF You flngiijll - R , mg 1 PLAY GAMES- Luce THIS. T 411- ' TT' ' ff? T v-., MINNEAPOLIS TRIP This IS station C O C broadcasting from the City of Champions Ar this time The club left Anderson Sunday morning April 4 and arrived in Minneapolis late that night Monday mornlng the group took part in the audition wlth Dr Hollls Dann acting as adjudicator Monday evening the choir attended a concert given by the Minneapolis Symphony At this time there will be a brief interruption This program IS brought to you by the No Shell Nut Company No Shell Nuts were discovered by Lemual P Nut They are grown ready to eat in the nuthouse See Mr Wally Nut and book an order for these marvelous dainties The program continues On Tuesday morning the pupils rehearsed with 1000 other students for a concert Qiven in the Northrup Auditorium Tuesday evening. Wednesday morning the group participated in Dr. Danns music clinic. Thursday morning found the chil- dren in Chicago where they broadcast over WMAQ and WLS. Miss Ruth B. Hill was the capable leader of this group and brought them safely home that evening. X I I I I I I I I I I I I I lil I - I I I we bring to you, secbnd hand, a brief newsreel of the Choral Club Minneapolis trip. 0 Mme SQQDW JQQHWEM New t2 karma! p ,Y Y A Vt, - , W Z K W 1 GN I f 2 if W s: 2 , g f DRODUCE 51- JI pq D BY E- B00 BODE f 'Ama ' 'f':jQf?'Q,f'g, A X? k f fl V! '5yxxXS9xY ' Q i ,.. WAQ ' ,Q ., X l"I'I'I'l'f'Fl'I'l'l'l'i"I"Ill'f4I"VEs f'!'l'f'l'f'I"I'f'f'!'f'l'l'f'ffl" l'I"l" Y -- . Y 7""'?'fFf'-Y Am i 7 ":4U?'iff'?" ' r r r -L Kwai gym YS fggmg 6 v ffm Hswn xm ggggff mm C9 YN - gif 3 55 Q EQEX' ' X '92,-z,:1ff1 ?Q ' Q Aff- 2 ,A . , 5 -1 f. QOYW FE N , ' Y I f z new Q4 KV J ' ' ' 'J f Q X X 550.3031 K. X X fi., Q X W X., I X is K3 S .Q "' E! k :rr fgxf, A A 7 f I1 annnmn Peel, ' r rrl'FVrrrrUrrrrrrH'r l'rrrrrrrrrrrrTrrr rrfrrrrrrrrrrrT rrFrlfrrrrrfr.rrrs'rrrrr r rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrr rrrrrrrrnf' WHHYIHVEHTS omnmna comsfoaz HELD V 'U ONLY MHWY WH IHS SEARS ' 1 5 EAQTHQUQ QQK, Cenorsucn ma rs 3-' '2 I E' A ia bf: -h X X? I' N 'V I ' 46 77 47 'AP Qfg If sf ,B fy wx Q , aft-ff s 1g jg -' v ' -'l-T H-'F-C-3, '-'X --' Qs 6 ' - "" , -Y V I -.--' A k 'rf-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrr r rrr r r r r rrrrrr r r r r qvrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr r r r r r rf-rr-gr r r r r r r rrr rrrr rr r L' ' Y 'Y - . Aff 5 1 QHFXT DAY f K X N ff fcsssss an : I f f fy A : 0 ' 1- E B I do E ' Q A " 'Tc - E J .ff , - A -Z : V X96 vggsf ,J Y b " nf' f' A f We - 'IIIIIIWW 'w1.0'1fA'sz12z2:S?llllI1 IIHIW J Y' q xfrrrrrrrrrrrrrrVrrrrjrrrrrrrrrrrfrrrrrrrrrrrrr F - -,- . 03? si, ' if Emi XZ f f " . ccomwwcm l'Ul'l'l'I'l'l'I'l'l'Fl'fI'Ll. Y ffl'rd!-Irrrrrrrrrrrlgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrf rr' gg' Q . ' TSN. N 7 Zgggky-XPQX XSQ 90o:,.,r,e' XX dp vvvgf. x vs" aim x ,I 6 QCD VJ Yovsdg' x-YOQ' 09 fs: ooq' ' ' 59 - - H .. f Q f 9 I X f i ,, x. 7" ' sm A21 ' QI? 'F '06 mm X rl XX all if f' 7 4 X If A Xl f, I .4 .-Z-It 5 ' 1 OPERF-Inf: A Foo' BALL CAL N KESALL CALL A rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrfrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrff' girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrfrl'l'Fl'rt'r'T'Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfrfr,-,-r Zygffgf ,AV TOURNEY TIME ff? S91 Q X X fx! Xf WV - 1- 7 JV M J -M so ,f :f4 A X fl V ,X X" 1 X " y 5 X 'ms' f f fx , 1, f y ! , X X, Deja 1' l , J , 'f . K j Z' 1 Q 7 , ff xxx , W mx NYM, "' - ff X JXQ ' ' 71 NX 25 26 www f f 4 X X ff " - " ' 'L 2 kf 'A , i lq f H 1-il" f X"'Qri AA f f L J .Lrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfrrrf rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrxrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Xafkmt I wo 'rrurr Sun: us X ' Y C TE My EY rl X 'T A gg-5. 51 D U - E, 4 g'::.g1f., SA Q5-Maw! X A ffjl 4Mz..:Uz":..':F::?. 1 H' , Wf A +0 X2 ,,, N0 BKIT l'n-qxsc Q3 H 1, 7 ' D' Arnmolwnu X7 SW , W H X A A'5JfEff'D f f i ' f ' 'Q' 7 l ' Z K j ' - A 4 rrrrrfrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrf' Tl' I'l'l'Ifl'l'ffl'I'l'l'l'fl'fI'fgfffl'l'l'Tl'fl'l'I'l'Tl'l'l'l'I'I'l'I'l'l"l'l'l'l'l'l'I'l'I'l'l'l'l'l'l'I'I'Tl'l'l'fI'I'l- fx .2 0,5409 xg' ' Y DQPLQMAS To you Q- vlys. 1' U51-p H 9 0 gf My FRA:-QQNNQQJ 'ii gt: G o - X1 :f1?::.1:g VV qx I "" iff , 9 Va n' k "" ff 1.1. K V V5 i X 'T' 24-f' fgfiwf' Y Q if f-152, ? gov' 111- "" " "' iii Q e:'iJ,v an V 1 1 2 F f , X 41 Ill IA ll Q Q? , X Q X Q K Q ' R Af! f ff :L fy!! I X A aus-r new A sE'B'1g,N,gf5E- , J , A 4, rr rrrrrrrr i' ri if I' f'f 2' E f! ,Q 51' zfrrrr, J rr If-Ff424rQ, ' Q'fA'Bf l Ifjf lfI' rr rrrrr rrrr r rr r rr I:f11Iff"I"eI'fI I I Ii' I I I I I -' ff f Q ,,,-, V Y ,,,, , ft- '.':-tix-5.321-,za " - - - ' ' WASHINGTON TRIP This is station B. flashing to you the news of? the world. Some of the students of Anderson High School had a little "escapade" March 30 to April 3 in Washington, D. C. They were chaperoned by a Mr. Joy Julian Bailey and a Miss Rebecca Arbogast. The train arrived in Washington Wednesday morning where they Went directly to the Printing and Engraving Bureau to see how our money is made. From there to the Washington Monument, where some of them were dumb enough to wall: the 898 steps to the top. The Pan-American Building was next and was very interesting. By this time everyone was tired and hungry so they went tok the Lee House Hotel, where they were assigned rooms. After lunch they went to the Capital Building and the new Supreme Court Building. The next day they went to the Smithsonian Institute where the boys were inter- ested in the Q'Spirit of St. Louis" and the girls in the First Ladies' Dresses. Ar night they visited the Library of Congress and the Lincoln Memorial which was beautiful all lighted up. The last day of their visit they visited Alexandria, Virginia, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetary, and then Mt. Vernon, the home of George Washington. From there they Went on a sight-seeing tour of the city of Washington and then started for the train and home. We are now signing off until the spring of 1938. ,,,, "" :PM f , , ..,. ., -.1-L " , - Q ,2-i-ah-- ,1 V : .,,,. 1, QQ In . il- 4 I . ? , ,.,, ff , Q X W, Qi Ti! ffigyf 2 if an ff, W 4+ ,f L L. .. ,w,, , I H , . W MZ' 5 14 K i Aff-v :N s. : " fi 51' f 1 :V ., L A , '11, E A 5' 51 ga V. u 5, .1 4: fm. W, -wil! -- ,V ,A fm, i i 5 1 1 E 4 1 5 5 1 , H., 1 'fn r WW 5 L 3 V- 1 .-. E! 'vi 3 ,-sf i.-if 4 1, 'I 1 wi' F' 'figs , I P 'f"fc:f Svmme Nl au. Oct if'i.s,,,,,kQ 31st SPRING MILL PARK TRIP Calling all cars, calling all cars! On October 31, 1936, two school hacks contain- ing fifty-three students of Anderson High School under the guardianship of lVlessrs. Bailey, and Arthur Shirey, instructors in social studies, made an ex- cursion on that beautiful autumnal Saturday down to Spring Mill State Park, in Lawrence County. The town of Spring Mill is a ghost town with a curious history. It started with a small settlement surrounded by limestone precipices and with a giant water-wheel turned by the old mill stream. A few miles away, in the second or third decade of the nineteenth century, the B. and O. Railroad came through, and soon after the Monon Railroad intersected it at that point. Spring Mill's population moved over and helped to form the town of Mitchell, Indiana, leaving Spring Mill only as a relic for future sightseers, a convenient place to picnic and study geology. However, the beautiful state forest forming its background should be visited by every student of Indiana history. Aa-. ,QZLYLL ,,.,, ,,,.....: I l e. ' .- ' ff-V-1 Q' t H ya- '.,.g.,,.f,na . .l .,.,f.t ,-, w?FH 'UNDEFEATED VEIGHING Pr Fl E LD TRI P '4. QIYXSQ' 0, 47' 8. wi yeh fe 8 TEAM .STATE CONTEST FEA. AT BiG BARBEE l l l l la l l- l I l 'l-l lffl , Y ,, , . .. . .v VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE The Voice of Van Buren, between numbers on the bazoolca, says? Vocationai agriculture offers in its course of stuidy an opportunity for the farm boy to get a more complete picture of the possibilities within the field of agriculture as well as to qualify him with all the necessary academic work pertinent to college entrance, and at the same' time broadens his field of learning by his opportunities to engage in agricultural competition. The snapshots on this page give some idea of the varied activity of all students enrolled, however many hours of farm labor and planning are engaged in to make possible these achievements within the school as well as outside. The Ander- son Aggies engaged in eighteen contests last year and won five county champion- ships, two district, four state, one reserve in state and one national. An explanation of these championships follows: Shortly before school was out last year, the livestock judging team made up of Arthur Darlington, Fred Leemaster, and Joe Cooper won the county championship as well as the state championship in sheep jujdging. Arthur Darlington Won a gold medal for being high point man in the state. The poultry and egg judging team consisting of Wilson Bronnenberg, John Hannaford, Donald Hiday, and Wilbur Wood alos won the county and state championships in egg judging. The dairy judging team made up of William Pugsley Donald Shell, and Edward Hallowell won the county championship and placed Qthird in the state. The corn judging team composed of George Pugsley, Edwin Rodecap, and Virgil Hancock also' won the county championship and placed fifth in the state. All of the contests inclukled fifty or more teams. During July a dairy team made up of William Pugsley, Arthur Darlington, and Joe Cooper placed sixth against 300 boys in the state Guernsey cattle contest held at Muncie. During the County 4-H fair Anderson again won the county championship in live stock judging and placed ninth at the state fair against 68 teams, the team being made up of William Pugsley, Arthur Darlington, Edwin Rodecap, and lklill .4 ' - 1 f f ' ' 11::1-::-- ' 1,,u - I f . , , ' - . f l - . gil ,iii Hit: :ini 5 Aix: in i 1 - V - - I - " - - A I I I 1 - - - James Chaplin. James was awarded the district trophy for being the highest scoring judge. Dugring the state fair Fred Leemaster won a place on the state vegetable judging team that advanced to Cleveland to win the national champion- ship in vegetable judging. Other members on the Indiana team were Frederick Reichert of Dayton and Edward Klinker of Klondike high schools, The Anderson F. F. A. chapter during early November were hosts to the state vocational agriculture corn husking contest in which seventeen boys competed for the highest honor on the Russell Bailey farm. I-lusking at the rate of one ear of corn each 1 1-2 seconds, Donald Hiday placed second, just .28 lb., or less than one-third of an ear behind the winner, to be crowned junior reserve corn husking champion, in Indiana. During the preliminaries, Donald won a gold medal as district champion and Raymond Gordon a bronze medal for third place. After the contest a banquet was served to 200 guests and prizes were awarded by the Muncie Evening Press, sponsors of the state contest. Another state championship was won when the apple judging team won the title at Purdue in November. The team was composed of Fred Leemaster, George Pugsley, james Chaplin, and William Pugsley. Fred won a silver medal and George a bronze one for second and third places in individual honors. At the same event the vegetable judging team ranked fifth with the above team members and Raymond Gordon included. In January during the state convention of F. F. A. held at Purdue fourteen boys in Indiana who were outstanding as students of vocational agriculture were awarded the degree and key of "Hoosier Farmerv, It iis interesting to note that three of the boys elected were from Anderson, namely Wilson Bronnenberg, Arthur Darlington, and Edwin Rodecap. In addition to the above activities the Aggies were undefeated in basketball, held a one weeks camp at Big .Barbee Lake and held a parent and son banquet as well as to win many other blue ribbons in county fair and corn show awards, thus justifying an agricultural department established only three years ago. V,- H4 V , ,aim-v'l'0f W.. -.M Af. Q ,. , ,gf 1 SENIOR CLASS PLAY Flash! Sensational crowds attend Senior Class Play, "Lady Windermere's Fan' presented with "daring and dash and lots' of flash", April 22, and 23. The cast includes: Lord Windermere ....,............,,,,.....,,,....,.... .,.......,,,..,,......., .....,.... ,,......,..............,.....,......, G e o Rinker Lord Darlington .,.,.....,,,.......... ........,... R amon Mann Lord Augustus Lorton ,..... ,..,.,. ,,........t.. . , ,Jack Tuttle Mr. Cecil Graham ..... ,,....... ..,,........ R o bert Reveal Nlr. Dumby ..,...,........ ..,,, ...,..................... B i ll Baker Mr. Hopper ............,. . ,........ Jack Vanneman Parker, butler .....,.,,.......,. .,........., ,.,...,,, D a llas Sells ..Anne Brinduse Lady Windermere t...... Duchess of Berwick ,........,,. ,......,.,.. R amona Spraggon Lady Agatha Carlisle ..,,... .............,.., . .Thelma Pike Lady Olmdale .........,,...... . ,.,,..,., t.i..,,i.,.......,. B etty Holland Lady Jedburg .,......,,..ii.., , ,........,......,.,....... Mary Lou Brown Lady Stutfield .,...,.....,......,....... ...,...., M artha Jean Harmeson Mrs. Cowper-Cowper .,...,.. ,.... ....,,,,..,,.......,.,........... .... E s t her Reel Mrs. Erlynne .........,i ...., ....,...,...,....,.................. .... .,..,...,. ,,.,..................., J a n e O ,Roark Roasile, maid ......, ,, ........,.................,.................,,,,..,...................,......... ............,,........,,.....,..... O pal Hutchinson Other guests of Lady Windermere were: Elizabeth Baciu, Valeria Stout, Gene O,Dell, Mariellen Ralston, John Boswell, Jim Searle, Tom Young, Dick Danielson, Alyce Marie McCune, Maverne Groff, Eileen Curry, and Gerald Buxton. The play is centered around Lord and Lady Windermere, who have been married for two years. Through the Duchess of Berwick Lady Windermere finds that her husband is keeping an apartment for a mysterious Mrs. Erlynne. She objects to this womanls being invited to her birthday ball. Mrs. Erlynne comes. Lord Darlington, who is very much in love with Lady Windermere, induces her to go to his apartment. Lord Windermere arrives with Lord Darlington and in her excitement to go leaves her fan. ' Mrs. Erlynne, who has been hiding behind a screen, claims the fan. Mrs. Erlynne, unknown to Lady Windermere, is her mother. Both Lord and Lady Windermere are grateful to Mrs. Erlynne. Lord Windermere is grateful because she does not disclose her identity, Lady Windermere because she saved her marriage. , , 1, , . .. an 4451 lwf' ni: 5' xl. .laid ,lu , ...ffm .IVY .Fi 'il' if-ff iii of 'itil , w 1 1375 lil? ,iw H57 fps? .J Av'-,A wav' 'iff 4Q'3v.a?'-ii -' 5" "' A Zi' fi. 1 .Life 3 fa ' 'Q if-f -3 .5-V wx .113 V il Q QT lt -ha. V45 3352? :fha . p.,, fre i I I ' gl' 5 .J fe-4' n jf VM y ,af 2 is 5.1, fa :vi fill? Fi! Ziff xr lg M' s S A " lr , ,j' .wa , 113, -f' F- -Q in ,Fx . r . ,5-A , :fvf--.f.., Mn 4 1 Q,,:L"x'n. ,tin if. K 553' 4 tif Qty-" ' I, rl, .fi ,lf . f 3, Ax! "YLfJF,Q3LN my' ai? xp? 'gif'-'i Jw ff' ,-1- ,ff Sf-A 0 Xa IU xzff- V M' defffflf fs ij.r E !J 5 av 4 ig . fl H4?4'1' , ' 32?-K A -ff' ' A- L-42" '-r : rg Q l-x- - Ig 'Zell ' ' - " ... A'-:V , " - ' -,' ' f:-.Z 5593-.v,,5ZEy. ' ' .V ,"-,Lg 'QEQ gi:L.e,1"'.-i' fi' .. 5 - - '- 1 6- ' -',:1f'- 1473-' F 'H' ' f.-We-,ri wtf . ' ' . mf! ' HG, 'lffv , , 'xgi-r?" ' ' ' ' :.,,4.r:f- - i:.:.yQf'..N--- X , ,,s,,,-1-ta gf 'fax qx.-,i,,g:'fi5rf,5kk ' ' P511 Sit: -R . f.""i4' r rr: ' trans?-we N gm .,t,.,.7- - 'sa Q -V1 1554" iff, ,ss-LQQ?-fr .ral ' 'Wife 25' ,..:::Ewf-':i,,- 'Mew .n - .L WA-4, 4, .. ,.. YELL LEADERS With a hi-de-hi, and a ho-de-ho! Cab Calloway has nothing on our stentorian yell-leaders with lungs of leather and mouths of brass. John Swayzee, Charles Schegler, and Jim Phillips, all sophomores, are our new chosen cheer captains, with Senior Dick Danielson graduating this year. His veteran services will be missed, but meanwhile he has broken in the newcomers to their duties. This squad rendered yeoman service during the critical weeks of March, 1937, when the state championship hung in the balance and we all felt like Napoleoll during the "l"IundreCl Daysf, intaining pep at a level all Their valiant efforts at ma tless contributed materially to our winning season doub the state championship. '-Q... . '. ini. Mr. Ronge Mr. Chambers Nh 131 NI.l.uI1ln NI! I U ,. 'f x fi ,L L .af g 1 r -9. 1 l. 3 - ti ,fi .ki-.nt 4' e . qi 'fiat .iff WA. PM ff-ff fig ive ag 5.51: af-32 Ek V' llibyfi "iii, v I, T5 xi' '51 sh ., V" V ,jp .A 51 Q lfflz 'L il Wifi, Em. Wfls iz. :Q :yi iffy f' ' 1 U sf' if-LF 9 jf 5' 17 . ' 1 , li sir if 1? iffff fi gf HB x f 'fix v Y ' YA 3 R 4 'Q' I .l jr. 451 V. -.f ,Q-' . .1 ff" A ASSISTANTS TO MR. CHADD CARL M. BONGEfMr. Bonge is head track coach and assistant basketball coach. He is also coach of the freshmen basketball team which didn't lose a game this year, and besides this gives valuable assistance to Coach Chacld in forming the varsity. His track teams are also among the best in this part of the state. MERLE CHAMBERSfMr. Chambers assists Mr. Chadcl in football and baseball. He serves as backfield coach of the football team. It is his pep and fire that give the teams all of their fight. Coach of the golf team is included among his duties. CLARENCE E. BURNSfMr. Burns is assistant football coach and also freshman football coach. I-Ie is valuable as a developer of line- men, and it is his job to develop the promising material from the freshman team. J. M. COFFINf-Mr, Coffin is one of the main men in the athletic setup of Anderson, although he is not known so well. Among his duties are those of being in charge of ticket sales and all equipment. He also acts as a doctor in case of injury to the athletes. WALTER KOLB-Mr. Kolb is the statistician and scout for Coach Chadd. He keeps a record of all points that are of value. He finds out all about the opposing teams and in this way assists the team very much. It would be practically impossible to do without the services of this man. ED GIBSON+Ed was the senior manager this year. He was called Red by all who knew him. Managing the football and basketball teams were his chief duties. GENE STANLEY+Gene was the assistant manager to Red. He was the assistant in football, basketball, and track. Ed Gibson Gene Stanley FOOTBALL SUMMARY With a brilliant victory over the previously undefeated Technical team, Ander- son,s fighting eleven terminated its football season, a season which records proved to be the most successful since the season of Kaz." This was the first Anderson team which played four years under the careful tutelage of that great little coach, Archie Chadd, and in winning six and losing four, the team set a precedent by finishing fourth in the North Central Conference, one of the toughest leagues in the state. Not overly supplied with material, Coach Chadd was forced to utilize every ounce of material available. The team was comparatively light and depended upon a fast and hard charging line and an extremely deceptive backfield, one which specialized in fake reverses, spinners, and the always dangerous lateral. The team got oHi to a slow start in losing to Newcastle, their first conference foe, 7-0. Slightly dazed, they came back to edge out a mediocre Elwood crew 12-7. Early season in- juries and uncontrollable difficulties had been an important factor in the tempor- ary delay of this determined bunch of warriors. Continuing in a slump, they lost close contests to Muncie and Noblesville before gaining their stride and severely trouncing Connersville 18-0. After losing a hotly contested game to the Marion Giants, the team revamped in spirit as well as personel, irresistibly began their famous stretch drive, a characteristic of all Chadd'coached teams. Frankfort was whipped in the rain 6-0, and a highly favored Richmond team, sporting an all-- state performer in Lundy, a flashy bit of ebony, was thoroughly thumped 7-0, as an unstoppable Buxton scored that victory determining touchdown. In the final game, as we have already mentioned, Technical of Indianapolis was defeated 13-12 in a never'to-be forgotten epoch of gridiron greatness. Coaches Chadd, Chambers, and Burns, and the boys fought hard and paid dearly for the victories they won for the honor and glory of "old A. H. S.", and too much credit and praise cannot be heaped upon these staunch representatives of Anderson High School. X A New f sw . A. . I v ' ' ' :'.v"k1.. QHARLES RICHARDSON-"Chuck" was the rugged and burly lineman who always tackled high, but with such vic- iousness that he was a marked and dreaded man throughout the state. Oftentimes he was solely responsible for re- placements in the opposing team. He has ended his athletic career in A. H. S. RUSSEL HIGGINBOTHAM-Captain "Higgy" was a fullback who could have been the backbone oi' any team. He pass- ed and kicked with equal adeptness, and was indeed a shining star defensively. lfnfortunately, his pigskin days for A. II. S. are over, ag he passes on to bigger fields in June. BOB FISHER-AI'ter three years, Boh's persistence finally won him a position on the football team. He played tackle and was as stubborn on defense as he was aggressive on offense. Bob will be back again next year. XVALTIER DAVISi"XVally," playing his second year on the team was given All-State rating by several of the State's leading coaches. Playing halfback, he called signals and did most of the ball-carrying while not passing and kicking. Having another year to play, "XVally" is this departmenfs nomination for captain. ARTHUR McMAHONf"Brains" was one of the determined guards on Anderson's great fighting machine. His chatter and hearteningr encouragement was always welcomed in the heat ol' the battle and was indeed a deciding factor in every victory. X'Ve hate to see this splendid boy leave our camp. GERALD BUXTON -"Old Reliable" was the boy who started at the barking position and as the time necessitated gradually worked himself to every post in the hackfield. He finished his fourth year on the Anderson team. ,rf-vrfy!5v--- . '- " 'V-"3!f'1' Y 1-.135 . ----4' W-1,7-in--S-,--f, ,I , h 1 A ' 2.34 W' ' - ' a ggi 1 BARNEY BARNHIZER- -"String Bt-ani' was the "Thin Man', of the Anderson team. He was a reliable substitute 1 played exceedingly gotzd hall when called upon to replace a first team member. XYe are expecting him to make first team next year as he is only a Junior. MARSHALL GRI'l"I'Elt ul'ee XV:-e." ihe smallest man on the squad, was in all probability the mightiest. He bloc and tackled with the ln-sl ol' theln and was seldom outdone if everg his militant orders on the field were never ligl heeded. Ht- has another year to lead the Indian team. REX XYISEILXRT-"Red's" jovial disposition was always an enlightening element in the ha1'd and gruesome prac sessions of the Anderson team. He played tackle and was an important member of the ilnpregnablc forward wall this fighting slang. XXV: are fortunate in having him back aIl0tll0!' Y1'2ll'- ALIEIZHT LOIIJLA-Al was a new arrival in the Indian camp this year and we hope that his stay will not be shi lived. He was on the second team, but advantageously served his Capacity as a driving force behind "Brai xll'xl2lll0Il. lla- has two more years. lJll.'l'Z-Tliis was the first year that Diltzy had ever played in organized football and in the eyes ol' most every his sueeess was surprisingly phentnnenal. He played end and was partienlarly gifted in the art of snagging fliIl'i passes. Graduation won't elailn lliln until next year. w -- - ---- fW ----H 5 ' - . 1 ,V .1 I I I l ', if? . BASKETBALL SUMMARY With several veterans of the preceding year's team, Coach Chadcl started build- ing a winning combination, assisted by Mr. Bonge, which eventually won the Indiana State basketball championship for the second time in three years. After a slow start the team started winning their share of the games. At the end of the season, the Indians had won fourteen and lost six of the regularly scheduled games. The team made slow but sure progress till the Newcastle game, and then they found themselves. From then on they were unbeatable. In the sectional the Indians beat Franlcton, Elwood, and Alexandria. Fortville and Plainfield were put out of the running in the regional. In the semi-finals, Crawfordsville gave the Indians a scare, but were not tough enough to win after a close battle. The Indians defeated North Vernon in the next game, after a shaky start to advance to the fieldhouse for the State Finals. Andersonis first opponent in the finals was Rochester, but this team was too small and was easily defeated by the Indians. Anderson then had to meet Hunting' burg, conquerors of Central of Ft. Wayne, in the championship game. Hunting- burg was no match for the bigger and smarter Anderson team. The Indians gradually pulled away from Huntingburg and ended the game by easily defeating them 33 to 23. The Anderson team had no individual stars, but was a big, smart, well'balanced team, with several of the team being chosen on one All-State five or another. JIM HUGHES Probably one of the greatest centers who ever played on an Anderson team. He has been All-State center for the past two years and in his final game he held Memke, the Gimbel win- ner, to five points, a brilliant performance indeed. Jim is lost by graduation. CHARLES RICHARDSON- Charles, the old-left-hander was rug- ged, fast, clever, and had all the other requirements of a good ball player. This was his second Year in the fieldhous and his persistence finally won him positions on several All-State teams. This was his last year. DICK HULL -The team,s seventh position couldnlt have claimed .1 better man. Dick has been plugging along for a long time and we are particularly glad that the harvest he reaped was one that couldn,t be excelled. He leaves in June. MORRIS WOOD Although the smallest man on the squad, he was probably the toughest pound for pound. His scrap and agileness was a decided influence on the other members of the team. He is only a junior. RUSSELL I-lIGGINBOTl'lAlVlfDoxie Moore, a famous Purdue ath- lete said that Higginbotham was by far the most outstanding player in the tournament. We heartily agree with Mr. Moore and go so far as to say, he was one of the greatest who ever played in the Butler fieldhouse. FRANKIE CLEMONS- Frank seems to have been born playing basketball. His nonchalance and naturalness on the playing floor is a spectacle worth marveling about. During the tournaments he was the team's high scorer, Frankie has another year. WALTER DAVIS- A fighting mechanism who started on the sec- ond team and ended up in the Butler fieldhouse, scoring six goals against the great Huntingburg team. I-le is a hard worker and We are lucky to have him back another year. BILL GOSSf Bill was half of the Richardson-Goss position. They played alternately, and were exceptionally effective when a spark was needed to set off the blast. Bill was a dangerous man under the basket and could hit with deadly accuracy from the field. I-le is one of the five Seniors graduating. ORA DAVIS-A large strapping youth who proved his adroitness by delivering in the pinch against those big boys from the south. Ora is only a sophomore and big things are expected from him in the next two years. HENRY PATEeA promising sophomore whose combined speed and versatility made him a feared performer on every basketball court. The next two years should hold no bounds for this progressive young man. FRANK CALDWELLfAnother second-team boy who couldn't be kept down. Frank didn't make the first team until the tournaments rolled around. Although he was a sub, he was a package of assurance sitting on the bench ready to deliver. L W F -'11 "V "":f.T"""' "' 'i'n' 'TS' ' ' ' FFT' W 'T' ' P9 7' K A! 1, 'kt .7 ir .- I -- if , W E ff z 1 1 mi rw ll 6 'ul 'df' " f G K t 4 t i 'j,f+fQf5ff'Q1QfH'xMaw+-"M53wj M,hQm,,,,, my gm K td, V .?LLLg L ,L ,A ,, L , L, ,, t. t A , t. W , A in , i A '19, . 1 H - A A N, , t f - -f ' l W 6214 if ff+i1t,,'2+,4', X Q Qrsi-,QQ I . , . GOLF SUMMARY For the first time in several years, Anderson High School carried on an active golfing season. Merle Chambers assumed the coaching responsibilities and with the cooperation of the athletic department, a comparatively successful season resulted. Approximately twenty-five boys answered the initial call and after a few weeks practice all were eliminated but those six that carried the Indian colors in the eleven matches scheduled by the department. The team, composed of Bolds, Hughes, Glazer, Coates, Donaldson, and Jones, defeated and tied Elwood and Muncie in four contestsg halved two matches with Newcastle and tied and lost in matches with Marion. In the Big Ten meet at Marion, Anderson's club-swinging athletes emerged sixth in a surprisingly tough field. Home and home matches with Shortridge and participation in the state meet at the Speedway course in Indianapolis concluded the season. Only Bolds, Hughes, and Glazer are lost by graduation out of the entire group that originally reported, leaving an extremely potent and capable nucleus in Coates, Donaldson, and Jones. Many factors were responsible for the success enjoyed by the team this year and we sincerely hope that even more facilities will be present in the future for the betterment of our golf team. be -Mmm Y , , ,mats 5- nr? '-ff 'F-53 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Activities of the Girls' Athletic Association fthe uIron Women"l are organized to comply with the Indiana League of which they are a member. During the fall season, soccer and baseball were their major sports, during late fall and winter, volley-ring, basketball, tap dancing, hit'pin-baseball, and swimming were offered. Since spring is here, they again play baseball plus track and field. The annual Play Day was held at Frankfort May 8. Six of our girlsi Enid Bennett, Leona Loucks, Betty McCoy, Betty McElwain, Mary Vanclevender, and Margaret Vandevender were awarded the highest award in physical education-wall plaques given by the Indiana League. Local awards of the school monogram and letter will be given to approximately twenty girls. The officers for this year are: Betty McElwain, president, Mildred Martman, vice president, Betty McCoy, secretary, Miriam Clapp, treasurer, sports chairmenfMary Griffey, Iantha Moore, Madelyn Knight, Enid Bennett, Dorothy Middleton, Ruth Ann Harrison, and Jean Cockrell. G. A. A. BASKETBALL Hello, folks. Here we are shootin' it at you from the Old Gym of A. H. S. This is Joe Blow who is about to give you a flashback of what has been happening down there. We saw, a few weeks ago, the G. A. A. Juniors beat the Seniors and made history in the finals of the Intra-Mural Basketball Tournament. Now they have just com- pleted their baseball schedule. These gals sure have wicked curves on them. I mean wicked curve balls. Next year the G. A. A. will participate in all sports and each sport will be given the same length of time. I see that my time is up and I switch you back to station I. O. U. for an electrical transcription, fu " ? fi I 'W' TRACK SUMMARY FOR THE SEASON 1937 Performing under serious handicaps throughout the season, Anderson's gallant track team finally Uaccumulatedn themselves sufficiently to give a noteworthy account of themselves as the season reached its halfway mark. The team started a month late and also lacked the presence of several star athletes who were lost through ineligibgility and withdrawal. In consideration of the conditions under which the team and their coach, C. M. Bonge, operated, I think it is only fair that they should be classed right along side of the other great Indian crews. Their first meet was at Muncie, where, after but a week' practice, the team was fortunate in scoring 14 points in a triangular affair which was dominated by the Bearcats and Marion. Eight of the team's points were scored by underclassmen in the field events. Two meets with Pendleton followed, with Anderson winning both by lopsided margins. The Muncie Relays, a sporting event of rapidly growing popularity, was held on "just one of those daysug nothing went off as planned and a few points gained in the relays left them not too far down the line. Gradually reaching their peak, A. H. Sfs thinly-clads were barely nosed out by a strong Richmond team. Newcastle was third. In the Big 10 meet, Bonge's boys tied for eighth place, Hexamer, Pettigrew, and the relay teams accounted for the points. The crowning highlight of the season was at Kokomo in the sectional, where Anderson qualified five men for the finals at Indianapolis. This performance par- ticularly stood out because several of the boys who were expected to qualify were unable to participate because of illness. In other words the dark horses came through. . - "f-1f- 'H .-fy mama :M 2 , , S , x S 16, ,K Q' Yi .CMAHON-Art is a hard working fellow who made rapid progress, Hi- puts the shot and ce this is his last year he will be sorely missed. JGE-Don is the dash man on the ie-am. One can almost always count on him for soma poinis ery meek. He also runs 011 a relay team. This is his last year and he will he a real loss to the ni.. EEAFrank is one oi' the four rc-turning letter mi-n of last ym-ar's squad. H0 runs the mile- and only a sophomore. hRGAN-Morgan is another sophomore who shown-d unusual promise as a fri-shnian and is now king good. He is a high Jumper and pole vaultur. 'XHQNS-Frankie is a very handy man to havi- on a track tc-am, Ho high jumps, broad jumps, sgfl3g,l1llx'ciles, and also runs on a relay team. Hi- is a junior and has one more year of service the icam. ,NIS-Manis is a sophomore who has a promising future on ilu- train. Hv is a dash man and 0 runs 011 the relay teams. AV Y f 1 " " ' -sv'-f .-9: , -r . i ,I7 - Mfg - ' X v l P P r i i i Q ....l.,.4.4mL.4 V'fF',f1q.?'fv'm5r 1ay4 , , A ,, 13 7' ' ' ' 'F' .fs . HEXAMER-Jim runs the 440 and is on the rvlzx y team. This is his last yn-ar of service team and ho will bv missed on future trams. li:-cznusv of his speed and ability he was counted on to win. , YATES-Yates is za vc-ry promising freshman and gre-at things url- exp:-ch-fl ul' l1i111 in the H0 runs the half mill- and is a mvnibc-r of ilu- ri-luy tram. PETTIGHEVV-XVilbur is a senior who works and tries very hard when hr- is running. He me half mile and is an member ol' za relay team, Brvzuisu ol' his ability hc will ln- a marked loss e 1-am. PHILLIPS-Ji111 is El S0ph0lll0l'L' with two lll01'C yi-urs of service on the team. He is a nliler and very good at it. SCHARNONVSKI-Sclmrllowski is il sophomore who runs ilu- fllIilI'll'1' mile, During his next Years fm U10 Squad he- should clvve-lop very much. if-'xx 1 I ,- .- 'Hd 5 WHO K' Lnen ' moans: ?C0CK 1' 7 ,1 90 QQ Q I0 0 6 K K , x Q xx" A X S.,-1 ,g , x ,s . , 9 4 ku 493 Q - ',.,:.Qk O ,I ,.g,g.. .xg ' 5 A' 0499 ' 0' "ease Q ' 'Q N' 9 ' '20 .-50' 45' -vs" v .,v.- , x - v, Q ,, . ,Q 9 'atzjgwf "J 9 N ' 'ov " ,ff Z 5 'riff QS- w, X Q J,-1 N s,n, s 3-J ' W' 6' 90 v x vw N 53 W6 f 'I 'I14'is'."- . far. z ff 4 ,vytt 1,9 vp, , jg' o ' 'X 4 'Z wir .'o'4"Q ' , 7 1 ' .Q 1 x U' 1 Q 9 x A Ax 'x."'5'4 s's":GsX Q " ' 05 Q 0 0 -'Inv . . l 5' s v Q! ,X V . , Q ,ga . xg' , .jx wb, 0,o:Q' ba Q g O: N". I '. ' - x , 053 ' . if.: 4 -" 'Q "-,,"' fy 9" x' 7' .QQ o' 'rf ' Y- 9 I w .. ,,o v.-,M s '- V ' .. syx Ei' Y 'ff' Vsvxgg s "5-f , ? '51 'Vg sf 3 as 'isa ' - Zgf. v.-g,sQ'N v"v'3'-"vs '96 45. 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For she wasn't any kind of a person That he could take on a date Not for a Mach Instructor "Shen was the Figure 8- Wife: "Wonder what happened to that booklet on 'I-Iow to live to be 100, that came the other day'?', Hubby: "Oh, that thing. After read- ing it I decided to burn it before your mother got hold of it." Godis country is any region where the natives think you are no different from them. ,5..-....-,...-....-..,.-........,,-,.,.-w.-.,.,-..,.-,.,.-,.,.-,. 'ff l . YOU SUIT US! l E W e Hope We Can Always CCSUITD7 l Q YOU! Clothes That Are Right I Prices That Are Righter I i URBER FINE TAILORING Q Over McCrory,s 3..- .,i, .. i.i, ...-.- .,,i - .. i.i. - i.i. -.- - -,-... 1 im.. mi- un1nl.1nu-lm1nn1mf,mi-.1I.-nu-m--nii1nw I PREPARE THE GRADUATE 1 Two Practical Gifts from Two Practical Stores 2 PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Fl FOUNTAIN PENS Parker Vacumatic . Scheaffer Feathertouch I l P I .A I IL"ff'l ' ffm the - - I lil Ehgeii-'i -:I WW ' IEEE-We-fzii ! , Q 'iliii k store of -M. I' ' an ,K ff' : "-tm", "X: j' kk PV' I I '1 ,Q i I f' OFFICE NEcEss1T1Es I... C. SMITH CORONA l OFFICE SUPPLIES REMINGTON UNDERWOOD . QFFICE FURNITURE Sales :: Service :g Supplies i CASH REGISTER I and TYPEWRITER CO. M. Huggins E 31 E, llth St. Phone 31 lEverything for Every Office . HUGGINS BUSINESS EQUIPMENT I -23 W. 12th Sr. Phone 2668 fl -im..fm1-m-im-.,.....i-4-lm..m,-u..-mi-ui--.m-m....u.,...:.,,-...4..H..-H.,-,.u-.m-mi- -mi-un-im-lu.-u.i1.m u-m.-minitim1nu...m.1.m1un,nn-.m-nn-un- 1,,,,1,,,,1 1.i.y--i. 1. 111, 1, 1, -..,,..,i..1,,,.1, ,..- 1,,,.... 1, 1 11m1.,,,....,M.-M1,,...,,,,1,,,,1,.1 I- 1Hil-ml-,m-iw-W1im-mi- -lu-iw-'gc He: UI Caught the straining the coffee through one of my socksf' COMPLIMENTS She: 'KP11 fire herf, I I-Ie: "Oh, never mind, she Wasn,t usin' of E I a clean onef' ff : : : Marge: "Did Clarice enjoy her date . . 5 last nightfw "ji if 'gif-1' 2f-' Gerry: "She was never so humiliated Cathedral Fashion in her life. When he started to eat his 2 soup, five couples got up and began ,.,,,,..,,,,- ,,,, .. ,,,, - ,,,, - ,,,, -,,,,-,.,,-,,,,.. .,,, ....,.-,..I1 dancing." 1--1 iri. - ivil -nu-lwnvurwi wwrw -HH1 wvi- -N111 lili -w- "" - Iili - '1'1 1 11'1 -Hi- I111 -wi fi" - iii' -1'1-- ---"'- '-' 1--"il lcaulinan ' I HARDWARE h ELECTRICAL Sf WU l SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS I Anderson 7th and Meridian m...im1u.i.-.1,111n1m1im1im1uu1.vw..uu..u,v1m-1W1W1W1W1W1.m1W-w-m--wi-n,i- -1, i- , i- 1-ii ,- I E I 4 i s i 3 I a 1 CONSTANTLY IMPROVED DIETIQEIWS 1 1 1 -- -1- -I... 1 1,1 -.,'1,i1 1 1 ... 1 1 1.1,1.H1,... 1.1 1,1 ', . nm '21 ,T By Jqmes Bovey V . im- Q 1WA "2 "1 , 4- 4 - U moo vX W f' ?5' x x ,V ,, X 'Ez' A 'J hxV, 5 lr X A s X 'A A f X X XI WX Xgk is vw-:ix Tqykxxgx Q, X X X , x N , X E , - W K' X f f- ' X ff ,X J Z M: ' ii X , X 7 4 N Z 11 A-8 m y M .A A 5 xx , I I4 1 JN X 52 " , - 4 97 'J ,N Ly ' 21. 1 l :n-- 43 A f M. K K Qxxjg X f X , '-"ly g if xr -X A' X D75 - f X ff W if x If ,...- ,. ,' H we X zgff ' , I ,4 g ,SI 5 bbw. I ,fxfg gl to 2 ,P Q eff V 611 V , O 1 -Lx , - I L I f-0.2 z 2 ' 5 Vlzgy F. an fjg,-fl:-1 in-2' 'mfr , fi fy ..,,, ' A, 'NY 'iw-fx -f-M 4 -22+ 1' ' 4 3 st? X 53 X ,f p - , ,,,, I ' swf? ang ' 9 5: F .2 I! .,2 if J4A4 ESL in Hzonbciisngy I ggi K I - 4 qc if . ,W , , 53, M4 7 X ff! 3 ff , N W' W We fa Q' il new Z -fm V Q"A 44, 'X x,hf5 H X' js, 'Q Q50 f t 4 'ff' S, Q? gy zggg xo .n . gi 'jf Mani. '5s'f',f fx! f' ff Q -"i' N159 QW, , WWWM QS3M??2 s TO UQLT g X h Y X 'f X 7' gy ,, ax- R 'L Er x W giifgxx 25 x -"' 'lg zu, :O 1 55 MMm MMTH HDOLDGIE8 DwmtYN "" " ' 'i'f'T',T'-'1"T"5f""Wf?'v'i" ' W' " BEAUTY She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies, She's captured everybody's eyes- When suddenly, oh, She stubs her toe. "Hey, Zeke, yth got ya shoes on wrong, ya got the right one on the left foot." "My gash, they been thataway fer twenty year: I thawt I was club footedf' ,q.u-....-....- -..,.-.,.,-,..,-..........-....-....-,.,.-..,....,..-4. ' i Z I Compliments of RAPPS l DEPENDABLE Q WEARING APPAREL M For the Entire Family N. S. Square l 1 Old Lady: "I wouldn't cry like that, my little man." Boy: Q'Cry as you please: this is my way." Customer: "I-Iave you any wild duck?" Waiter: "No, sirg but we can take a tame one and irritate himf' Adam and Eve were naming the ani- mals of the earth when along came a rhinoceros. Adam: "What shall we call this one?', Eve: "Let's call it a rhinocerosf' Adam: "But why a rhinoceros? Eve: 'iWell, because it looks like a rhinoceros than anything named yet." 7, more welve He: floyallyj "Now that you're in my arms, Iim going to kiss you until the Cows come home." Her father: fin the next room, .iv -vll - - - "-' - lvll - llll - illl -lm ----- ..,. - "Moo-oo-oo." sw- --lv -- -1-' - -l-' - ---- - 1-l- - --'- - -lwf - '-" - -IKI - -lfl - 1-1- - -1-- --g21Tu- -1-. - ---- - ---. -I -------- i..- - 4-,- - .gs THERE's A TREAT I FOR YOU HERE T COMPLIMENTS i Q KAY-BEE 5 of FLOWER SHOP 5 - 2309 Columbus Ave. E g Telephone 191 B. 82 W. CO. T Member Florists' Telegraph I Delivery Association I 4 1- iiii --- .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... -..iii Q- iiii - iiii ---------- i - iii. -H+. cw- '--- --I ----- ------ Y -"- ---l --- ------------ --i- - -3. I l T L COMPLIMENTS i ll 1 5 E : ' T 5 Madison County Lumber Co. i 1 4- -- -"' ------- ------- -'l- -------------- I I wi J Hg' I E And a lot of things he cloesn't want come to the man who is impatientf, "Conscience," said Uncle Eben, "is only a still small voice, an' half de time when it tries to spealc up it finds dat de line is busy." "Well, the days are getting longerf' "When did you get married?" Is the Woman a cat who congratulates another on another birthday? The very wise are too wise to be wise all the time. They are wise who can relax. Here lies the body of Susan Jones, Resting beneath these polished stones. Her name was Brown instead of -www v-,A-F -.,.. 7... V .- u1nu1un1uu1un1un1uu1uninnlluf-nn1nn1luv "Made To Measure" "And Well Made, Sir" We are justly proud of our made to measure clothes, with which we turn out the best dressed men, and no ufigurev is turned down. Our motto isfEvery Man a Fashion Plate. . PM T UMP WYE pw! . A uvm .img 0' E umuonm fF'u'-5511, Jones, But Brown won't rhyme with polished H' HEAD stones, 12 East 10th Street And she won't know if it's Brown or Jones. - "'- - "l' -- "" - "" - l"' - "1' - "" - "" - "" ---' sfh- '1-1 ------- "-' - '-'- - l-1- - ---- - -'-- - ---- - 1-1' - --1- - '-'- - -1-f - ---l - ---1 - -'-, - --ll ------ - sc---HAMBURGERS---sc i Buy 'em by the sack : , 1 HILL S SNAPPY SERVICE 14th. and Meridian 20 East llth. You'll like 'em the way we fry 'em fn- "" --"'- "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" '- "" - "" -' "" " "" -' "" - "" - "" - "" - 1"1 - "" - "2' - "" - "" - "" -""-"- l i Indiana Business College l SCHGOLS LOCATED AT ANDERSON, KOKOM0, MARION, l RICHMOND, MUNCIE, LOGANSPORT, INDIANAPOLTS, l COLUMBUS, I.AFAYliTTE, Llllfl VINCENNES I For full particulars, write or call l Anderson Buslness College 1233 Meridian Street Telephone 78 4,ulnuiml-nm1.l.1-un1uu...un-.l.....uu11m1 1 1... -,-.- mn.. .... .. 1 1,,...,,,,,.l..m.-,,,,1 ,1 1,..,1.m.1,i.,14.i,1w,1 1 1 1 1 1 .. ,... .1 1 1 1. 1 1,,,,1,,,, .. -gx ly. Q. DRINK-- IN BOTTLES Delicious and Refreshing , L mms Q 050 , iii W! 'r' ,L L i ji ,.1ii.,1.,w...,i,1.,.,1 1.,,1.1 1,,..-i1m1 1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1U 1.1111111411.1111111.-111111,,,,1.... MEADOW GOLD "Sn00zie Bars H Sherbet fees Ice Cream PHONE 228 1819 COLUMBUS Music Prof: "What do you think of Kreisler?" E Freshman: 'QGreat- Splendid- Swell pick up, a lot of pep, and twenty miles on a gallon." of She: "Henry, clear, we've been going together now for more than ten years. Don't you think we ought to get mar- tiedyf THE CLEANER He: "You,re right-but who'll have us?" rg.- ,,., - ..., - .. .,.. - ..., - ,.,. .. ..,. - ..,: -....- ..,. -... .q.......,..... - - - ... ....................-....-..........-.........,.,......-...,....,....--. - -.i- - -. ... 1- - l WE APPRECIATE ' ' ' YOUR PAST PATRONAGE S WE WELCOME ' ' ' I YOUR FUTURE CONSIDERATION i Decker Bros. Inc. 9 Q ANDERSON ,L,1nn1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,.1,...1.,..1i,,1....1,.1,.,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -. 5.n1nn14 1 .1 11 1 1 1 ..-nu1nn1uu1nu1:.u1w..1uu..m.1nH-,m1ml1,.411my1 1 4 ROYAL STAR Q OATS --- COFFEE --- CANNED GOODS Remember the Brand l ROYAL STAR SOLD EVERYWHERE I Anderson KL CO. Marion Home of Unusual Foods s 4, .1,m1 1m.1.m11.-...m.1....1...1.11.1ni.1iw.1m.1.m.-m.......1..n1.m1....1...y1.....-.,..1....1....1....1. 1 1-1nn1nn.1m.-..nn1nn1uu1un1.nn.-nu1l.u1 f 7 , .. X' - ' .2 2- Mzx-145151221614 . .,. -' um..,.. ., .V . , ,fbwmrmsl , 1 --my i-J-fff"i-W5 iv A f Z.:, , Q A , , " K , f- 4i::f133Ef'Zj' ,w f , , -:A A' , L, f L , i ,- ,ww f -gd . .. Q-M , My f ,ff M . ,, Aw. 1 ' L, , 'sy '.- J ff' I 4, , gd '12 A W " , V , 9 K IM I+.. W F www x 11'-. Qu. Avy .V 5 1 gkyi f , , 'lljfflli , ,y I . ' 1, ff F fx ffl .4 5 - ' 'rv ff If. f iff k fy: T K fa J- J, M' Wi? '-aff? -5 1. If ' X X f, K I . ,nk e f , ',kV ., 6-A.- W. , -' f A ff 2- ' f, fish 'fna -1 'N' ' X 2 is ik TI1ere's music in the air battery makes sure you'Ifi get 1t The increasing popularity of radio offers Delco bat- teries another opportunity to demonstrate how thor- oughly and dependably they serve the modern motor car. The ample flow of power delivered by Delco more than meets the demands of radio, starter, lights, and every other electrical unit in the car. Designed by en- gineers with a background of more than a quarter of a century of autonnotifse electrical expericnceg built throughout at the Enrico- Remy plants by siilled Workmeng careful, 7 in- spected at every slugs of manufacture--it is logical that Delco batteries should be standard eiuip- ment ln many leading motor cars -- including all General Motors care. MANUFACTURER OF DIzI.C0-RIIMY DELCO-RFN11 PRODUCTS AND GENU STARTING, LIGHTING, ANU IGNITION INE PARTS ARI: AVAILABLE AT UNITED KLAXON IIORNS 1 DELCO BATTERIES MOTORS SI-RNICE BTATIONS EVERX AUTOMATIC CARBURETUR CUNI'ROI.S. WHERE. .WMI-.RI1NI'R IOUSPE IIIISSIGN leo Q- em Worlds Largest Manufacturer of Automotive Electnccxl Equzpment fr , AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS A

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