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- fg " gn: 1-3-E Ez.: -i fag? E gf i 5 , A e i .L . T C2323 'JLH QZUS NAME 9f sig. E ii, W C ' 1t :ze "PW"-S' W 1926 by Chas. Preston IH editor-in-Cbief Selllillard Baker ,W BusinzsSj'1aha9er ll 3552 PC 33,25 , .! 55 E 3 3 E 'E E - "' E E 5 i1 E i Z E E E' - 5 2 3 E: if Buff 'ggi' 2q'ai'fEF'a E 1 5 l 1 1 -S E E 5 . S.-F giZ'5Q,g'? ig 1-if ' 52 2 - ,- E E E E- , A 225255: HN SEEN Q i 5 ,928 fy gig ppvlumuoususvccroy Q2 slime sxzmum QZUQFJSS SIM, q g ggsg Q, mwrmczmgscmm mmm scmmocmuo f P E1 3 mnncmscmm nmnnumiyix f n W AI H 'EH' ,E:..:x.g:. - , X 535.-.cas-:ss .EEE-:Si H: Ei sang 1: E .ef 5-2 5 f EE gg: E-..- EEE.. E if . vig ESQ? E QQ aaa. :- 14 f-E .71 2224 ' FQQQE QQD 'Q 1 WW ,pil I I gg"5E5i'E 2: lil :S in Q "" U J n Him Q Uv 5 Q H12 Q Q L i f ,A Q fv lw wa xii l Q V' Z-::.g,-. KZQ QQHQMWQHQ Um nQmHi1zi1Ui1 mfu Qi? mln? misss and aims, MQ, Um mass QF H928 wish UQ mfvnaw Kms mmzurw LEVLEIWHS WNW UMW mzccmurfm fum milf HHIQQO fu U7 41. I- V-4 . G1 if Y' G' . i.'fJ'.I,n.I.Jf . I 91195 + 'Wa 1 ' 'vw A+ W 'QW n W In hlllllmiu I I 1, 21:i:!z:i!5m i!Ea5:Ei225252522252giiiEi:2s:g:'Eg:.EE!E S is 232-22 :El - 251.2 Z g: S i' - .E .fi . 2 i 'E . 5-if t- -.TE 14-all-53.5 is T glnseakl E 3 Eszgie l g-3-: E. .2 : al: E E1- 55 E F 2,1 E E 5-guzsgsias :ss-seg iisigig : Eagisag'-E55 'aiiii iz 'E'- 2 E.. .3 -S j 6 1 .mfgm J My ,f 1 I J memHc3H1ClQN CQ c3Qmmmm-Qmwmm Ulm Gm Hvlulmmmcu md WFEHQUUW zlmmivefselm QF Um 62-QWQQ RQQwQ sCHz11rH2 -SXQQQQHUHHQW may Tm SQUTJHQUQ mass cuwluczzlimz UHMS Hmmm Fmmllfnll W1 0 H QE 3:55- filer " 3 .T E E E a1s!afgSs:2:EEE:E22E::'gig5as-55555: 555 5252: i Q EE- 'sie'- , 3:32 : :g.S.E.. -.i 1 .E'-!'.S'5-5' Z :-..'-.?.-'E' isa-a .i.- -1.,:- i i 3322- ..: EZ,Irar:-nggEJ,..w.f.:5Egfsgs-is :-:: 5.5.5 5 E2 Y I' ?, :Y r, E A L r F 1 i L, Q i E A V F r f a 5. , , - A GEORGE ROGERS CLARK PIONEER-'SOLDIER-PATRIOT CONQUEROR OF THE NORTHWEST TERRITORY WHO XVITH DAUNTLESS HEROISM DURING THE REVO- LUTIONARY WAR INVADED THE ENEMY TERRITORY, CAP- TURED THE POSTS OF KASKASKIA, CAHOKIA, AND VINCEN- NES, AND VVON FOR THE UNITED STATES THE EMPIRE NORTHVVEST OF THE OHIO RIVER. gf' Cnfvelvle ff! Qsorge Qogers Cami Gxpedwion QLHNNSSWME FIdminisIraTion X F a c v Hy Qnacgpmgail CHQN 5 1 Soziomgues m 'Tvnn o urs . fi Fi TQ X IDD C Q N Fl I bl r h ' I W V Q qi ' e 1 c s ,J n REFQIEIIOZEIICUGN cf'-M U I I1 Y A , .Iw i M Wngg :. uv X753 5 K 7'3 3,djW Im ., C a rl oo n s H mm! nun, f k lllx 5 n a p P 2 S M 1 'iifgji' 'I W 5? Flolvertisemenis "M .I ,f E i ::fE1',2,Sg-'ggi-,E E. gf E E 2 E 2 - - - - - ' 1 un! 5' E I 1 2 3 I E: fauna!!! E! Ei 5252: a Q :'s s':'i's::'::E"i5i'i:2:E!::5:!E': i 5'2 -ni,- - ! - .: 2 iz- Q, .E EJ, 5-1 i smgii 2 5 !' E' E :Ig 1 genv "' is EE? -i..-.k:..s Egg' azz" E-E-E-'E' N December IU, l777, George Rogers Clark laid his ambitious plans before the great governor of Virginia, Patrick Henry. The governor did not encourage Clark. I-le knew the impos- sibility of procuring enough men and supplies when all the man power and wealth of the colonies were absorbed in the armies of Washington. Young Clark persisted. Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, and George Wythe, who were called into council, evolved a plan which Gov- ernor l-lenry submitted to the Virginia Assembly. It was approved, and Clark was commissioned Lieutenant Colonel of the Virginia militia, with authority to draw twelve hundred pounds from the public treasury and to enlist seven companies of fifty men each. ARLY in 1900 the educational heads of Anderson saw the necessity of providing better educational facilities for the boys and girls of this city. In 1910 the present An- derson Senior High School building was dedi- cated. Today there are sixty-two teachers in the building, who have been employed by the ad- ministration to give instructions to one thou- sand three hundred and sixty-five students who seek knowledge and learning in order that they may have a firmer foundation on which to build their careers-their future. lil! 'UI HH MII! 1775 7 III II I I MH HL 9 ln all E jill! H51 ilrhn W311: ' 1 Rin -II' 1 ll -ng-1 1, mm mul wus: mr 'mm nlunl uf W W ml lil 'F F 1 :hull nn , 9 5351776 QEINDIANZQIQZE 3265 Administration Mn. W. A. DENNY Superintendent DR. WEIB M. MILEX' School Board Mus. AUGUSTA M1l.Ls1u.UGH NgR'hJ0fIg HYQJH School Board C OO Oan 11 3531776 2eEINDlANiQ192.86E4E MR D. E. WEIDLER Principal VIISS REBA ARBOI AST D ff' 1 1 S3EG17'Z6eEEINDIANiQ192,8iE4E Mr. J. D. Millor Mathematics Mr. Brinson Asst. Prin. Mr. H. Miller Mr. Frey Miss Hartman 13 Mr. Mather 2531776 6EEINDlANiQ192,8?E6E Social Science Mr. Goss Mr. Black Miss Niemann Mrs. Goss Miss Sloan Mr. Peck 14 Mr. Amick 2531776 QEZINDIANZQIQZB ?ESE Household Arts Mrs. Lcachman Millincry Mrs. Sayre MET YIIUHEIH Foods Ot mlb Commerce Mr. Roggy Miss Bailey Miss Parrish 15 Mr. Shields L EQEIYY6 eeEiND1ANie19,2,aeZeeE English Miss Swim dell Miss Adams Miss Millvl' , 1 L , Mrs. Henry Miss Hoskins Miss I-0WiS Miss Day n I X . Miss Merker Mrs. Preston Miss Wilson Miss Perce 16 5531776 Q31 N DIANZQIBZB 3245 Mr. Culliphvi' Drafting Mr. Halc Pattern Making Mr. Harnul' Printing A l Vocational Mr. Rotruck Diijgctor Mr. Lindsvy Social Studies Mr. Julius Mr. Staggs Mr. Sharpe Bench XVo1'k English vM2lChiH6 Shop Mr. Sherman Mr. BQHQ0 Mathematics 1311311511 17 2231776 eeE1Nn1ANie192,aeEeE Foreign Language Mr. McClintock Miss Nagle Miss Graham Miss Potter Latin Latin Spanish SPHIUSI1 Miss Mechtle French Science ' - 4 i 4 . , . . f ' ' , , r 1 Mr. Stutsman Mr. Stolcr Mr. Cook Mr. Horton BOUHIY Physics Botany Chemistry ' X 1 8 3331776 QEEI N DIANZQIQZ8 QZSSE Art Music Miss Bulyczlt I Mrs. Julius Mr. licllccliliwgul' Miss Kifcl' Com. Ari .Xpplicll Design lnstrumcntal Vocal Physical Education Miss Tyklg- Mr. Nims Girls! Boys Clerical . 4 , v , , ,, V, Miss Hilligoss Miss Ponu-roy Miss Wl1elCh6l MlE'0gEgfllz:FM l4llJl'ill'i21Il Attcn. Clerk Stcnographcr 19 LARK began to recruit his army January 2, l 778, but before the middle of May he could muster only about one hundred and fifty men. l-le embarked at Pittsburgh and made his way down the Ohio until he landed his company on Corn Island. Here Clark organized his forces, and here, also, Simon Ken- ton joined him. Kenton was an expert rilleman of the Western frontier, past master in the art of Woodcraft, and thoroughly skilled in Indian warfare. Clark's entire force on Corn Island consisted of four companies of about one hundred and eighty men, all told. They were loyal men, tried and true, with implicit confidence in their leader. OMETIME in, September, 1924, a group of students left the grade school and bc- eame Freshmevt in Senior High School. The preparatiorzs for four gears of work and play had begun. In 1925 this some group became knou'-n as Soplrornores. It was in September, 1926, when the Sophomores changed their rlairne to Juniors, that they realized they were nearing the goal-grarduation. With mitch erzthusiasm the .students began organizing their class and jtnrishirlg the preparatrkms for the activities which would rise in their Senior year. --S2--22?-.':..'E.1:E-':."'-.:-'Z-1 li 1- jean: lg li... 5 ?: IM gg J, .L E FII! mmf" I, Q Z 1: X 9 , X f f?? Z f KK, yn? I xv? B 55x 4, X rw? A .86 Q01 .I w'f'3 :I ,f r 7 I 4 ag Q ZA: 4,54 wg If I go Q Qs fl: , 4 , gs A "yi ao. sang' f-ww U A4 :Ll -.we-4 F Iflgpn :burnout ' aN9s'b.6':-' an 'V 'f I: Q 0 ' 4'fQ!??njo'wa I F 5 , A , , ,f-. kv A 53 I H gxum A "ur gb 5 I N -7 1.00.9-:'7 '90-lggvv 6 v 4 Xqv. s 4. , -3.4.04 obs we Simiw W:,.ve mgglg. If , W 'V S .Q ' if: Eff i""'2t6W -nip I H? 4 V Q Q Vik 5 A 59 N., Msg-i fall' A :,,,.1,o4Q!v gf ex AA vw P.-2, MQQAI-uv. 5 5 ' AA ,0A:01 ?l'vbQMba3:":Ui HW NQWQ XX ' .M . r ea: BQKIVXAPK vm' YX Ivkiklvxfvvv Q' W ww KNQQ-:P +'-'+P' yWNv.:1M Q .Q - , .. '1 ,I anna v -v w Iva -v-vs-p-uv-1 AC! Q. AAAAACO A0 AQ: ? U ILO LRGQFILQEI CHQN 1 -5 1.1 -T94 .24-I -,,T.... ,.,-:-...----i- T ?':f -sl 2.2-:-'E Q: ---L-MH l: 1.-. EEIIQQELQ 55' -: iz l 5 5- 1 2 'Q -:i::. iTi- I E' S55-gg -1 -.-..-1 -- - 3 --.iz s 'J 11 1: 2,11 if -E es. -- mm ml if-E5 m ' -f' ,. - -1: --- uuwwkmll lIlIll"nl 'WU' 4- E? YQ? fffiwfe' HI lm A im WI! . f wa N M ,,.v.6M,- .9 llll f Q'-"ew 195 ml WI MII W' 5 hi Ill In ul ,v 111 H' HU un nun fill fIex"'!5:12f ..,. . .x....0.' A' ----- f M-..,.., ,I arsaacsz: . W 1 1-'ff-fiiwwzu-9,-.-2 ,viglfb 'Hn W' 'H' W" I1 ' III RQ-!1:f2.4TQv...fmYf A A -' vw 15 ' "-, .- 1 -If "-swf. lk! HI Ill P':t':'r-'ff"'-' "i:':"4' m'eWil' ' ' cf.-"var ww v p""' llll ,II ...W A .. IIII Hmm ' Vii' . 9 1 Wa' nun H' H n IH x - -A """'1w - A num ul, A , viywgzeg 'EL'?:e, vga iI!.":ii':. 'v "gg mlm M i::. -35531-Aligjfsz 641, 455. - ,7a1g'Qv.?555 Im IIII I . , .122 -W:"f5 , ,F "'A' , .'5i 'l:3 WIN Wim 'M f6 "'w' ml IIN HIM my 'A" "" 2:L!"" ' f""AG"W' H 'Him F91 nu I f1 mml Wm ""111u,,,,,m""-1-- , H'inmn3IHI mm I' mlm! ' 'ml nu lm., 1lII Nl Him . . in 5 "In IN - S E 'E u :LW Ill! 1111 IL., 51 xe5'J Ewa' Wi' :H -gg: 5: 2 III! :S anim Iill mill! li!! nm' um 'ill Llnun. X 1 ,-52:2-.:B.-xiii-ii?-L:2,s,5:-2ggE.H5, 'E-'g:"'g'g4:.-:4i.-: 3 r. Z 4 .- Z .3 3. 2 5: fncsnn Z Bl The largest Freshman class in the History of An- derson High School entered in September, 1927. Very soon after the opening of the term a class meeting was held. Miss Mildred Lewis and Mr. Her- bert Miller were chosen sponsors. The class elected Jean Poland and George Mitchell as its representatives for the popularity contest. Sponsors Miss Lewis Mr. Miller 22 ' flex ff!! ll CVRAAJ 5-if X ,ff A , ' X if 3 t Officers PRESIDIQNT .... ......... . .. Robert Bailey VICE-Pmas1DEN'1' .. .. Dick Preston SEc1m'1'.x1u' . . . . . Ralph Crislez' TREASURER . . . . . Helen Campbell Robert Bailey Ralph Crisler Helen Campbell Dick Preston 23 FRESHMAN CLASS+-A to K 24 FRESHMAN CLASS-L to Z 25 ...---,:-- --------,- ns. E- -5-.-'ssz EZ if 1. -C? ?? ? 5 54 21:2 4 . -:-- -1-E- iu .E is 1:11 55 XX Sopno ones x 30 Miss Pauline Day and Mr. H. P. Cook arc- the spon- sors of the Sophomore class. The class colors are green and white. Mary Williams and Eddie NVoods were chosen as the representatives of thc Sophomore class in thc- popularity contest. Sponsors Mr. Cook Miss Day '90 X --1 -.:.-.,-E.-L- :D Sopno ones 30 Officers PRESIDENT .... ............. . ., Eddie Woods VICE-PRESIDENT .. ..... James Bennet! SECRETARY .. Julia Ellen Kennedy TREASURER .... Farrell Winship Julia E. Kennedy Eddie Woods K James Bennett 27 SOPHOMORE CLASS-A to K 28 SOPHOMOHE CLASS-L to Z 29 EEEEE. EE-LEE:-?:.E EEEEA :-..-.:-.-:Ez - J ln. E.. --. ,es : -.,1..?, - . - ' '- .-i,.g-.-.:.:. :f- 'il-:"E,E .iii :E E .Ei 5 E: ar: E .32 'famous 29 A The Class of 1929 proved its merit by the real suc- cess with which it met the unusual activities attend- ing the Junior year. Miss Merker and Mr. Peck were the sponsors. The selection of sweaters, rings, and pins was made quickly, smoothly, and to the complete satisfaction of everyone. After Christmas, when Miss Merker resigned, Miss Niemann was chosen sponsor. Later, the perplexing problem of finances was solved with the "Dixieland Follies", given under the direction of Mr. Palmer at the Riviera. The crowning social event was the Junior-Senior Reception. Snonsors Mr. Peck Miss Nlfklllilllll 30 PRESIDENT . . . VICE-PnEs1uxeN'r SEcRE'm1zY . . . TREASURER . . . .KN Oiificers Ben Cleveland Merval Crisler Robert Dorste .. Mary Pelfil Bon Cleveland Mcrval Crislcr Robert Dorstc Mau Pcitlt 31 JUNIOR' CLASS-A to J 32 JUNIOR CLASS-4K to Z 33 6 l s E P l r ,,,, , N June 24, I778, the enterprise was launched. They made the jour- ney, four days and four nights, down the Ohio, and then north one hundred and twenty miles by land. Clark then crossed the Kaskaskia River in the darkness, fell on Kaskaskia july 4, and without firing a gun took the town and captured Fort Gage. Clark's next most important task was to come to an understanding with the Creoles of Kaskaskia. Here he used a bold stroke of diplomacy. He under- stood the lndiansg soon they were smoking the peace pipe. During this time the British were planning a great Indian campaign. But when Hamilton took Fort Sackville in December, and then Vincennes, Clark prepared to defend Kaskaskia. N September 26, 1991, the Senior Class elected its Officers for the year. On September 29 the Annual Stay' was selected. Each week the Seniors held a class meeting on Wednesday. In order to make more money for the class, pencils, supplied by the Dieteen Bakery Com- pany, and leather pillows were sold. On February 3 the Seniors gave a theatre party at the Riviera. On March 20 a play, "Bab," was chosen by the committee, to be given by members of the class in May. 2 Z S ,E .2 : ...1:.:.-:-1.:.- 5:2277-:--:ig-. g: nl -1.-5. 1.1 -...zz 11- .: sz.:-iglh' 2-, 5- :, --I .......-i- ... 'IIPEE 5 55 .iff 3 5...--1? II ,fi , III I I IIII -- In II fm l nm- lsl I II"""' , nhxbat ' 091 ' QRS-. o 1 x 1' I I -Wu 5 JI' 3.10, hib- zjd' " ' 13' 32' S Illim Im Z: T? E IIIII I'.I"'II ..... 4 lv I 0 'xx Q K: K v x 5 'Q . "MM at "ne 354 Zafigf-if ,, Q, :Q ., Q 5,'0 .42 v mx 'ww HP., QNWW., wy, X yi' f J-94 I A sk Jw ff' fad! gaxxigfjgsgp' ' xf ' I lg Q81 f' ' 9 4 0 Q WN 1 f 532.gif , u xylhfi, 4- I ti 1 iw'-1 4 A . vb., wi 11 ' iff.l",,f,4W' + z 5 " 4. 4 4 'rt 6 '.'i4 32' , 01 X "'J f Q 4 is 557554 'if MS: .wfiv 1 5 Nv.'7'M' W" mme," X! '02?'5?:51:Z?kf. , -: , fiz'2:-P' fylfzoti, 9: 04. tg... pig' Q ww .2 if-zz' 'f pvjfqfnigigugnf Junk mwf ,'n 4 by ' " 0. 'Jw rg . ' I ' G. 0 ' u 0: M Q4 .' ' ?" W' 'Q ' ,mum I 7 Im' lIIIIm ig.-??T:f 'I F II, I ' IIINI Im IIILIIII ml C ? 'lr 'I I 1 - if 1:1-wg .-, ., . 0 , 'la 4 no . :,,'4. :,,4 Q, 1 Q, I1 4' , 'Qin , 0 '12 0 In 1. . 9,94 .gf u :ff :kr ..' fr I . rl' fhno ' '. A ,y.'f.,, hy, 7 ' ,,,l .,,, ,,, f wav., 'Q Q, ' Q, ,, 0,73 2, f, Q ' 1, ' . 7037-"07'-f J' gl. s,,",g Q 'Q f :fm nw, 1 v 0, , I 'H 0'-5' 4 a is 1 I 4 'viz :wg 1X'.Qvw,' iw' ,, W-wa, my 70.1 3,10 ,I W, egg-gg 1. In Q I I , 4' 6"oQ offs vs x '3'3w"?"Zf' MMI QA ,Q X, ff f III I' IIII I III , I 3- x99 4' 8 4, ' X ds Q X x Y sg xxxvimvgv It 2 Q-KN XSQWQ I x Q pw '. KFC WW W K K X X N X 'MZ' 'm,k"x'o X www x X I 0, -. Q- if 7 'HW "W:4"05xQx v 0 10 fn, v 1 , Q , f ,,,M5,,, , W, 4 .M -I X I ' 4 'I 005 '01 x 0 'gifk Ive! I VV" 9 ,i fngxx-, fa mv ' "ea V , A 'v I " ' "wif 'W I .95-I f, Q F 2 -A ,, J jifd-5?f'fL.:"?jg if g- .r 5 l Jil V I f -w 4 'QQXXNS 7f' ' N . . 1,:u :gs ' .I K W, .. ' .fa .. , .I Fm , 'ul II,' .III 'If III' "Wm III W 1. 64 4' v-,Sr , by :M 4 ., ,fn . M ':, M 4. . ' 455 " III I I III II . f c.. .., ,IA II I -f il' 23 If. , A 421i-l4 ,QQ ., j s 1 .v,s'I""'5' if ,VMLI rm 5, X 2 7i'? Aff ,wg X?"-r 7, 1' II' MII ,.IIIV'-W -ii E 5 i' Cixrr-DQSIDICHQ ILIIIIII I 5 II ml II II I I III I N , :La-1. .e l. :- ..-- .. , , T- ... ,-.i' -T' l use "Lu 1, 'fel-:: -fli,-'l' 5 H -5 gig fish, -is 11 E22-H 5 I , 37172204 .15 I ,Z 0 " 1 2524, 'mn Q22 r 52 4" W II 'f"' 52" W IW 4 fs'- 3224 fy' 2:25 4,415 'I' fig . 3 A ak-array' "J " -Img. 2f'11f' 'I 3:A,ii'.1','Af,.:g , .. A142 y RN. III ll H am: 4 Iw:g:g,,,'-'..,.-of ' I -'.--w. , Q. I .. I, '. I- ff, v . I- ' 525712133 .V 'U If "f74722i: Vx :GNN M-FR! . ...-,.. ,.,A ,I ,Im J' Ax ,.w ... - vw. fx-5 - 5,12 A Q' 'Mm Q, X - I x-M W xx 'I I fi!! ' I Ili-wal .-I "-i,eQk'xMgWfw: Ax I H.: 1 ., H xxhl s x ,Qu 3, NI W IH" '?,':"""' 'xr xmlw. Q' L," 1. 'uf-A' 'f" ' "X9x4v w-Q figgx '-YH" I Hx- Wx - 421111: I III FK ' 'W a95'ii".-, 31' '3'Qfi.7k pcllzwifff-' IH 'I' ll -wwipf 1'f,':fnnjI-.:,,f1:T'i:fz Qi II I II" , I 1' lm I 1,19-' 4 Vlufv- ,f,f-wimin-'...I f.. .- nw," -I wa.--.-,-ru ..-,Q III In llll 'I II' II Il fx- ,-.. flaff-55','fIf:f9-if-If Eff gQ'fe'H5ff"5i1gi' " si III III I' "' I wr ws:382:4f-gwff'.::e-.33-:fn-3gf' III Ill 5 Y " 'QI 1:4125 II 2. E" 4 "Y f Ffligf III 'II - - Tf IIII HIM i -,, Y, Y, 5 m , , ,T 1.1 I III III II N HIIII L., 1-5293? IIIUI II 4425- II 5- ' .Arias - P' . uw , IIII III I - Q3 - 7 my 5 - I I , , ,Aflizf - - 7..-- if VI.. l! . 'II I Q Q L I' IIII mm I II mm 'IIIIHI HIIIII H I RIIIIIIII II In' IIIIIIIII mn H' IIIIIIQ ,II III . , I ml IHII 2 3' .' 3' fm: .g nv In ' I MII II II Less -l.'i ill :Ia -: 352352 1 ,..-.1121 ??, i?l2-1 31352255-:.5gT.:sll'gt,i"-5 In II MII III II III III FICCIVICICS nusucflclon scrum prmufn. scgrr Y.-DRY scarf PIHNUFIL scarf puma snap noywnfnw SOCICCY scuncpc COUNCIL mfv Gllll. ncscnvcs SCNFIUC SCIENCE cum noncnn IJINGUFIGQ Lpcm cms mme ILCDNDMICS cms lmfmflclc cum cormcncc cum news SLCC cmun mums cncc cum umm OIICISCSCRH mlcunc scuny popunpnxcv coyzccsc c Q., 551776 QEINDIANEIBZB Miss Balyeat Mr. Burner Miss 3111191- I l .H - Mr. Miller Publication Board The publication board is a new organization this year. It takes the place of the X-Ray and Annual boards of last year and has charge of all the school publications, Mr. Barner, Miss Balyeat, Mr. J. D. Miller and Miss Mary Miller are members of the standing board. The principal of the sehool, the senior class sponsors, the faculty sponsors of the X-Ray and Manual, and the editor-in-chief and business manager of the Annual are the ex-ofiicio members of the board. Each class also sends a representive to meet with the board. The X-Ray staff published twenty-two successful issues this year and the Manual will be distributed at the opening of school next September. 37 A -,pq 1 l I 5' EEEIYY6 aaE1NnlANig192.aeeigg The Editor's Easy Chair Not a bit of air came through the window to relieve the oppressive heat which did its best to make life in the room intolerable. A hot April sun tfor thus was our Indiana weatherl beat mercilessly down upon the two youths seated at the dilapidated desk. - "We gotta do somethin' about this, Bakerff Jfhis from the Editor. "Yeh, we gotta do somethin' about this." For a time all was quiet. The boys worked busily at one task or another. The room was really the partially walled-off section of a class room. At one end, by the window, was the desk mentioned before. Its front bore a sign originally intended for "MB, PRESTON, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF." But the sign-paint er had made a mistake and someone else had completed his work, so that it now reads: "MKS PRESTON, EDITOR-AND-CHIEF." V Now the room began to take on more life. Several students with appar- ently no impending business sauntered in and seated themselves. A girl, whom several greeted as "Eleanor" or "E, Bingf' managed to reach a chair and re- quested that the place be made more liveable. VVith a sigh the rough-haired boy at the desk climbed out the window and lowered it from the top. The sleek- haired boy pulled the blind down until a sufficient amount of shade was ob- tained. The girl laid her books aside and began 'to write. The Business Manager turned to the Editor: "Here's the list, ready for you to check over. l stayed out of all my classes yesterday to write it. And. oh yes, Barney Grossnickle wants you to see Blank about his ad. Blank thinks we gave him a dirty deal." "All right, l'll get to itf' At this point an amiable, sandy-haired gentleman stuck his head in the door. "Another plate from Jahn and 0llier," he announced. He came to the desk and unwrapped an engraving cut and several proofs. "Say, isn't that swell? VVho made it?" "Ed Brinson. He certainly worked hard on that." Mr. Barner was leaving with the package. He turned at the doorway. "Willard, we must have that section tomorrow. And that feature, also. Do you know there's only four more weeks?" The Business Manager turned to the Editor. "There's the man that does the work on this Annual. He and Miss Balyeatf' "And Mary .lean Striker, too. She does a lot of work .... It'd certainly be a mess if they left it to us two." The afternoon droned on. Many persons came into the office, talked. and left. Bob Shoemaker and Horace Keltner wanted to know the exact number ot' pages allotted to cartoons, Bob Wagoner asked the sa111e question about snaps, Gertrude Bryant brought some typewritten pages. Harold Genda, Mary Sibbach, Caroline Cox, Louise Gustin, Bonnie Shillingford, Marguerite Friel, "Skeet Moneyhun, Duane Martin, Kathryn Thornburg, and Don Hancock-all very etli- cient, very competent. Everyone seemed to be doing his work well hut'the Editor and Business Manager. VVhen the room had cleared again, the Bus- iness Manager heaved a sigh and leaned back in his chair. The Editor felt a sudden sympathy for his friend. They seemed to be fellow incompetents. He thought of the lines-A "If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too-" The bell cut short his meditations. 38 EQEITIE: 6EEINDIANiQ1,92.8iE6E HW, ,5CHfi1 39 E?E17'Z6 SEEINDIANZQISZ8 552655 The X-Rav Staff The X-Ray was first published in Anderson Senior High School in 1903, in magazine form. ln 1921 it was changed to newspaper form. Under the present plan it is published weekly. The X-Ray this year was in charge of a staff of twenty-one students, the personnel of which changed in a few departments at mid-year because several reporters finished their school work at the end of the Fall semester. Emily Henry and Owen Wilson were the chief editors this year. The stu- dents who served as reporters on the staff were as follows: News-Thelma Dunbeck, Edward Bingaman, Frances Cartwright, Louise Badgley, Philip Kelt- nerg Editorials-Bonnie Shillingfordg Athletics-Fred Brooks, Don Hancock, Robert Martz, Clubs and Organizations4Caroline Cox and Ray Dawsong Ex- changes-Marie Wetzel and Clara Justiceg Features-Ruth Hughesg Vocational- Mark Swinfordg Jokes-Sarah Smithg Society-Helen Pikeg Personals-Martha Guest. The Business Staff consisted of Otto Behrens, Business Managerg Keith lipply, Jack VVeer, Advertising Managersg Bernard Grossnickle, Circulation Manager. During the Fall semester VVilliam Kleeberger assisted in the make-up of the paper. The weekly publication of the paper was under Faculty supervision with this arrangement: The make-up and printing was done under the direction of C. P. Barncr, of the Printing departmentg Miss Blanche Swindell, head of the English department, was general adviser on the gathering of the material and preparation of copy, assisted by Miss Margaret Merker and Mrs. Mae Henryg J. D. Miller was Faculty adviser to the Business Staff. 40 5331776 QEZI N DlAN 1,92.8 ?EaE The Manual Staff The Anderson Senior High School Manual is a formal record of the high school, and is published under the direction of the Student Council. It contains the History of Anderson High School, its customs- and traditionsg its constitu- tion and rulesg an account of its organizations and student activitiesg and a large fund of general information. The Manual will be given to the members of Anderson Senior High School when school opens next fall. The material is compiled by the various members of the Student Council, other students in the school, and the faculty. The Council is able to give this Manual to the student body through the co-operation of the merchants of Anderson, twenty of whom have consented to put in full page advertisements, thereby paying for the expenses of printing and publishing. It is printed and bound in the A. H. S. print shop. This will be the second time a Manual has been published in the history of the school. The first Manual was published in 1922-23. Gordon Sapp was editor. At the beginning of the 1927 fall term the Student Council voted to give a Manual to each member of the school at the opening of the 1928 fall semester. The Manual is published in order that Freshmen may have in concise form information on Anderson High School. lt is a worth-while memento of A. H. S. and will be treasured highly in later years. Several other schools in Indiana have published Manuals. Among the best of these are the Kokomo and Techni- cal High School books. Our Manual will be known as the "Little Indian." It will contain, among other things, our songs and yells. , The Staff consists of Charles Becker, editor, Sigel Roush, associate editorg Sharpe Alexander, business manager, .lohn Harris, advertising managerg and .loan Faust and Marie Wantland, typists. 41 7' Y' 7 ' in vm- H Eiglffea QEEINDIANZQIQZ8 33552 The Print Shop This year has been the busiest and most successful one in the print shop's history. Tickets, programs, posters, etc., have been printed for the various en- tertainments. The daily school bulletin, schedules of various kinds, and the X-Ray have also been printed. Not only is printing accomplished, but also a regular course of study is followed. This course is the one used by the United Typothetae of America in their school at Pittsburgh, which is the largest printing school in the world. This course is for the beginning classes. The advanced classes are taking the Typographical Union course. This course is required before any one can be considered a journeyman printer. The ,print shop has its own co-operative course. Four boys are taking ad- vantage of the 'course this year. 'These boys attend school part time and work in some local printing establishments part of the time. As is true in every organization, there are a few who deserve special men- tion for their splendid work. We want to acknowledge our appreciation of the following students for their support and loyalty in producing the Indian: Lino- type Composition, James Beard and Paul Bedfordg Cylinder Press, Kenneth But- ler and Don Schuylerg Ad Composition, and Make-Up, Arthur Collier, Donald Johnson, Herbert Bronnenberg, and Harold Mitchell. Very few people realize the tremendous task of producing a high class book like the Indian. These boys have produced it in record-breaking time. Mr. Barner has workedg faithfully and long for the development of Printing in Anderson Senior High School and he is deserving of much praise for the evident success of his efforts. 42 E?E17'Z6 QEEINDIANZQIQZB 3265 F. -M me l The Honorary Society OFFICERS PRESIDENT ......... Mary Ellen Davis SECY.-TREAS. ....... .Paul Schrope VICE-PRESIDENT ........ Alma Conklin SPONSORS .. Miss Mez-Aer and Mr. Peel: The Honorary Society was organized in 1921 as the result of a long-felt need for giving due recognition to those students who attain exceptionally high record in scholarship. The aims of the founders of the Honorary Society were these: To create a desire for higher standards of scholarshipg T'o develop leader- shipg To confer honor upon students whose scholarship and character is exceptionally high. To be a member of the Honorary, Society a student must have sixteen credits. One-half of his semester average grades must be A, and not more than one- fourth B. The student must also be approved by the faculty and the society in regard to general mental attitude and morals. The members of this society are entitled to wear gold hexagon-shaped pins set with six pearls and engraved with the official emblem Can open book and a torchb and the Latin phrase, "Summa Cum Laude." This phrase is the motto of the Society. The initiation into the Honorary Society is in the form of a dramatic allegory, and is usually kept a secret from new members. There are at present seventeen members as compared with nine of last year. The new members are the following: Otto Behrens, Mary Louise Ed- munds, Tom VVilson, Alta Vollmer, and Evelyn Dawson. The students whose scholarship has permitted them to be members of this society have almost without exception, made splendid records for themselves in college. Many examples of the college records of Anderson High School graduates have proved' that the graduate members of the Honorary Society have shown the same ability in college which they have displayed in high school. 43 5231776 S921 NDIANZQIQZB 3265 1 The Student Council OFFICERS PRESIDENT ........... Jerry Mahoney VICE-PRESIDENT ......... Pete Hartley SECRETARY ................ La Vaughn Rabourn The Student Council is a body of students composed of one representative from each advisory group. These students meet once a week for the purpose of considering school problems. lt is a group which discusses the suggestions and plans of students ion any subjects of interest and benefit to the school. One of the most useful projects of the Council this year is the publication of a high school Manual. This Manual will serve as a guide to Freshmen and will probably be ready for use by the beginning of the Fall Semester. The Student Council endeavors to serve the students of Anderson High School by passing measures which will benefit the school. Aside from this, the members of the Council receive much valuable training and experience in Par- lamentary Law, under the guidance of Mr. J. C. Black, who has been the sponsor of the club since its organization in 1920. Most of the credit for its success is due him. The members of this organization are as follows: Margaret Dixon, Franklin Clauve, Eileen Robson, Jerry Mahoney, Clifford McClintock, Glen Bunyan, Eleanor Bing, Mildred Bondurant, David Birch, Keith Van Winkle, Mary Mills, Edgel Carr, Alfred West, Ruth Cunningham, Elmay Brown, Dorothea Bright, Floyd White, Elhura Ireland, Lenora Shypley, Cliiford Ehle, Fred Cook, Marie VVetzel, Dan Cookman, Hellen Satford, Lucille Cookman, Helen Dilmau, Sigel Roush, Helen McGugin, Martha Winklemeyer, Lucille Shell, Harold Fosnol, Violet Roach, Raymond King, Phyllis Hockenberry, Pete Hartley, John Gorman, Vitra Shively, Gaunelle Faussett, La Vaughn Rabourn, and Faye Daniels. 44 5331776 SEINDIANEIQZB The Hi-Y A OFFICERS ' PRESIDENT ..... . . .James Masters SECRETARY . . . ........ Willard Baker VICE-PRESIDENT ......... Keith Epply TREASURER ..... Frederick Schminke SERGEANT-AT-ARMs .......................... Victor Huston The Hi-Y was first organized in Anderson High School seven years ago by the Y. M. C. A. and the high school principal. l'n 1923 the present constitution was adopted and a new charter secured. The purpose of the organization is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and the community high standards of christian characterg and to raise the standard of the physical, moral, and mental attainments of the high school student. Meetings are held every Thursday night at the Y. M. C. A. with a speaker or Bible study as the main feature. Other features of this year's program in- cluded a Hallowe'en party, Old-Members' banquet, Mothers' and Fathers' banquet, Stunt Night, and a final party with outside talent furnishing entertainment. A ten-weeks membership contest was also conducted by the club. This year's program is considered to be one of the best ever put on by the Anderson Hi-Y. Under the leadership of James Masters the club has grown to be the biggest in local Hi-Y history. Officers for next year have already been selected by the club. Ray Dawson was chosen president, Philip Keltner, vice-presidentg Merval Crisler, secre- taryg George Hartzell, treasurerg and William McNabney, sergeantt-at-arms. Sponsors of the club include Mr. W. L. Peck, Mr. H. P. Cook, Mr. D. E. Weidler, and Mr. Karl Stoll, boys' work secretary at the Y. M. C. A. , The Hi-Y club is an organization which is of constantly increasing worth to the boys of Anderson. The Hi-Y entertains the esteem and support of all forward-looking citizens. -I5 5331176 INDIA 1 szaegee The Girl Reserves OFFICERS PRESIDENT ..u .. Aileen DeLawter SECRETARY .............. Sarah Smith VICE-PRES. ., ........ Marguerite Friel TREASURER ...... Martha Cherrington SPONSORS .... Miss Hartman, Miss Mechtle, and Miss Parrish The Girl Reserves this year have planned and carried out projects developing the four-square life along the lines of VVork, Vllorship, Recreation, and Knowledge. Aileen DeLawter and Marguerite Friel were the representatives to the CaIIIp Gray Conference at Sangatuck, Michigan. They brought back many practical ideas to the club which have been used successfully by the Girl Reserves in other cities. The members of the club were divided into four hobby groups, each girl being in the group of her own choice. The groups were Handicraft, Sports, Know-Your-City, and Scribes. The Sports group had charge of the parties and athletic affairs. The Scribes published a club paper at regular intervals during the year. The Know-Your-City group planned the social service work. The Handicraft group made Christmas gifts and took charge of all decorations. The music for the club was well taken care of this year by the organiza- tion of the Girl Reserve Vocal Sextette and the Girl Reserve Instrumental Trio. The members of the Sextette are Jane Ann Gardner, Jane Webb, Julia Ellen Kennedy, Marguerite Friel, Sarah Smith, and Ruth Longanecker. Martha Cherr- ington is the accompanist. The members of the trio are Ruth Fath, piano, Marian Eckel, fluteg and Ruth Richardson, cello. These two musical groups were in great demand by the different clubs of the city. The Girl Reserves presented three one-act plays, "Hearts to Mend", "Red Carnations", and "The Minuet", this year. 46 Z , Y' 5 v aeE177e 1NDxAr-1 192.6 The Senate ' OFFICERS. FALL TERM PRESIDENT .... . .. . Charles Preston SECRETARY . .. . . Robert Shoemaker VICE-PRESIDIENT . . . . . Floyd McClure TREASURER . . . . . Charlotte Simpson OFFICERS, SPRING TERM PRESIDENT ........... Floyd McClure SECRETARY . . . .. . Velda Lankford VICE-PRESIDENT .. William Hovermalc TREASURER .......... Eulalia McClure The Senate was organized twenty-three years ago, by Oswald Ryan, and has been a very active and important feature of our 'school life. It is the purpose of the Senate to train its members in the art of oratory and in parliamentary law. The training increases self-confidence and gives valuable experience in public speaking. The Senate convenes every Tuesday night, and debates on national, state, and local questions occur at these sessions. The meetings are conducted, in so far as is possible, after the manner of procedure in the national Senate. These meetings are open to any student Who has a passing grade in at least three subjects. An English critic from the faculty is elected by the Senate and is present at all meetings. Mrs. Helen' Preston was critic this year, and gave very efficient service to the Senate. The Senate enjoyed a Hallowc'en party and a Valentine party this year. A banquet at the Stilwell hotel closed this year's social activities. The social contacts made through the Senate are a large part of its value. To Mr. J. C. Black, head of the History Department, we ex-press much ap- preciation, and give honor. His faithful work as a sponsor for twenty-three years bears rich fruit in the lives of the students who worked with him in the Senate. In all this time he has missed fewer than half a dozen meetings. 47 331776 EINDIAN 1,9Z89E4E The Science Club OFFICERS PRESIDENT ..... . . . Charles Becker SECY-Tmzss. . . Louise G-ustin VICE-PRESIDENT .... Catherine Combs SPONSOR ............ Mr. B. B. Horton The Science and Mathematics club was organized ten years ago for the purpose of studying the various branches of science not included in the reg- ular school curriculum, and since then has been one of the most active organ- izations of the school. In spite of the fact that the membership was smaller this year than it has 'been in the preceding years, many interesting programs have been enjoyed, due to the efforts of Mr. Horton, and Joseph Larmore, chairman of the Pro- gram committee. c The programs consisted of talks and experiments. Some of the interesting. as well as "shocking" experiments, have been those on electricity, x-ray, and static machines. The club meets every Tuesday evening at seven-thirty, in Room 209. Active members receive one credit at the end of every year they retain membership. Mr. Horton, who has always been sponsor of the club, is present at every meet- ing and lends his help in all the projects of the group. The officers for the first semester were as follows: President, Robert Wag- oner, Vice-President, Charles Preston, Secretary-Treasurer, Louise Gustin, The present roll of Science club members is as follows: Charles Becker, Catherine Combs, Louise Gustin, Ruth Huddleston, Joseph Larmore, Owen Wilson, John Deis, Robert Hawkins, Jane Miller, Alfred Nutgrass, and Martha Winklemeyer. 48 ggEe177eaeEiNn1ANie19,2.aeEag The Modern Language Club OFFICERS PRESIDENT .................. Joe Dye SECRETARY .. ...... Helen Helpling VICE-PRESIDENT ......... Mae Ricketts TREASURER ...... , ...... Dorothy Gray CHAIRMAN OF PROGRAM COMMITTEE ........ James Davis SPONSORS . ......... Miss Graham, Miss Mechtle, Miss Potter The Spanish and French Clubs united in the fall of 1924 and formed what is now called the Modern Foreign Language Club. It is composed of twenty- eight members. The purpose of the club is to create deeper interest among the students of these two modern languages and to help them understand the people and customs of the several countries whose languages are studied in this high school. The club met once a month, and at the meetings many interesting reports were given about the legends of the French and the Spanish people. The mem- bers of the club played games of these two countries. In the club when ten new members were admitted to the club, an initia- tion was held. The new members were blindfolded and put through severe lests to demonstrate their fitness to belong to this organization. The members of the club enjoyed a party during the Christmas season. They played games and exchanged gifts, after which refreshments were served. Un June 1, the club held a picnic at Shadyside Park. The members of tl1is club are fthe following: Maribellc Alexander, Eleanor Bing, Doris Blizzard, Irene Bone, Vivian Browning, Margaret Foland, Eugene Friedman, Pauline Clark, Catherine Combs, Robert George, Robert Goff, Jennie Harrod, Ruth Hempleman, Sarah Jane Humphrey ,John Hunt, Bill Hyatt, Martha Kimes, Robert Martz, Helen McGugin, Jane Miller, Bill Moore, Alfred Nutgrass, Ray Phillips, Margaret Rinker, Earl Sandifer, Mary Smith, Mary Evelyn Wilson, Mary Young, Clara Zwickel, and Elizabeth Zwiekel. .49 .qv 3 BMW M 5531776 QEINDIANZQISZS 3245 The Latin Club OFFICERS PRESIDENT ............. Paul Schrope SECRETARY .. .... Virgina Bromzenberg VICE-PRESIDENT . ....... Louise Luther TREASURER .......... Marguerite Friel The Sodalitas Latina was organized in 1922, by Miss Fannie Nagle, who is now the sponsor of theaclub. The purpose of the club is to create interest in, the life and customs of the Roman people. At the meetings the members gave many talks on Roman life: for example, on Roman homes, meals, roads, theatres, and games. Latin games and crossword puzzles were forms of entertainment at various meetings. Membership in the club is confined to third and fourth year Latin students. At present there are thirty-eight members. Eight of these are honorary members who have taken all the Latin offered in our school. These eight students comprise the first Ovid class ever taught here. The social life of the club has not beenioverlooked, for during the Christ- mas season the club enjoyed a delightful party. The club members exchanged gifts and each wrote a little poem about the gift he received. Members of the organization are as follows: Etta Soales, Mary McCleary, Virginia Bronnenberg, Paul Schrope, Louise Luther, Marguerite Friel, Frederick schminke, Ray Dawson, Nondas Beall, Ruth Barrett, Helen Safford, Hulda An- derson, Eloise Rinker, Mildred Keesling, Vernon Rozelle, Roger Reed, Mary Baughman, Norma Gustin, Mary Katherine Drake, Mildred Hartzell, Evalyjn Dawson, Alice Lovin, Hazel Mae Pettit, Martha Cherrington, Ruth Richardson, Edgel Carr, Frances Cartwright, Mary Carpenter, Louise Badgley, Martha Anne Bailey, Marian Eckel, Eugene Birch, John Hunt, Julia Ellen Kennedy, 'George Marshal, Marifrances Norviel, Josephine Ayres, and Miss Nagle, sponsor. 50 5331776 aaEiND1ANZe192.aeEeE The Home Economics Club ' OFFICERS, FALL TERM PRESIDENT ...... Bonnie Shillingford SECRETARY .. Mildred Nessler VICE-PRESIDENT .... .... V iolet Roach TREASURER . . . . . . Gertrude Bryant OFFICERS, SPRING TERM PRESIDENT ...... Marie Pierce SECRETARY . .. .. Mildred Nessler VICE-PRESIDENT ...... ..., D oris May TREASURER ......... Gertrude Bryant The Home Economics Club is the youngest organization in the school, and one of the most progressive. - The purpose of the club'is to acquaint members with all phases of Home Economics and to increase the interest of the students in this work. The meet- ings of the club are held every two weeks, on Thursday night. The program includes a lecture or a talk on subjects of interest to the club. Mrs. Margaret Leachman, head of the Home Economics Department, gave a series or lnterest- ing talks on her trip to Europe this past summer A Hallowe'en party was given on October 31. A Christmas party was an outstanding event of the year. A constitution for the Home Economics Club was drawn up this year and accepted by the members. The committee in change of this consisted of Doris May, Virgina Hill, Mary Evalyn Wilson, and Miss Tilman. C The Home Economics Club is an organization which in itself is quite unique. Its members get together in an informal way. Its meetings bring mem- bers into close personal relation With each other and with the teachers of the Household Arts department. The club has had a very successful year, and plans have been made for enlarged activity during the coming year. O 51 mv 1 x 1' 552317 '26 6321 NDIANZQIQZB Sega? The Dramatic Club ' The Dramatic Club was organized in 1912, with a membership of 109. The purpose of its organization was to promote interest in the drama and the Little Theater movement, and to study dramatic art from an educational standpoint. This year the Dramatic Club has given several one-act plays, in which a large number of members had opportunity to take part. One of the special pro- grams presented during the year was given for the benefit of the Scholarship Fund of the Local Women's University Club. A one-act play,"'The Lost Silk Hat," Was done by four boys. Song and dance numbers were also included. In December the club entered the Little Theatre of Indiana contest, present- ing "The Trysting Place." Twelve schools contested for place, and the exper- ience was a very valuable one for all persons privileged to take part. Donna Brown, chairman of the Program Committee, arranged several music- al programs during the year. As a whole the year has been a pleasant and prof- itable one. An even more ambitious program is planned for next year. The club owes much of its success to Miss Mary VVilson, sponsor of the club, and hereby expresses its appreciation of her work. Members: Irene Bone, Jeannette Badgley, Virginia Bronnenberg, Mary K. Bradford, Vivian Browning, Eleanor Bing, Martha Ann Bailey, Evelyn DeBolt,Ji1n Davis, Bessie Dumbris, Mary L. Edmunds, Genevieve Ellison, Marguerite Friel, Bob Goff, Martha Guest, Jane Anne Gardner, Bernard Grossnickle, Gertrude Gehrke, Genevieve Hedrick, Emily Henry, Mary E. Hull, Sarah Jane Humphrey. Julia Ellen Kennedy, Sybil Lytle, George Marshall, Bruce Osborne, Ruby Pasho. Pettit, Alice Shot, Sarah Smith, Andrew Schoger, Catherine Souder, Aileen Stanley, Rheta Timmons, Kathryn Thornburg, Jane Webb, Nelda Walker, Mary XValton, Donna Brown, Eleanor McDaniels, Robert McGranahan, Martha Cher- rington, Vitra Shively, Alma Conklin, Louise Badgley, Willard Baker, and Marifrances Norviel. 52 5eEa177eaaZlNDlANie192,aeEeE The Commercial Club OFFICERS PRESIDEN1' ...... Mary Louise EdI1lI1IldS Secnwranx' . . . . .Donna Mae Rush VICE-PRESIDENT ......... Artlnzr Berry Tnussuinsn ............... John Harris SPONSORS ......................... Miss Bailey, Mr. Shields Six years ago the Commercial club was organized by the students of the Commercial department, sponsored by Mrs. Williams, head of the Commercial department at that time. The only requirement 'for membership is one credit made in the Commercial department. - The purpose of the club is to promote interest in problems concerning business, and to increase the interest of Commercial students in their Work in the high school. During the year many special events were enjoyed by the members. This year several typewriting contests were given which were sponsored by Miss Bailey. 1 The club holds regular meetings the second Thursday of each month. The sponsors have co-operated with the students in making this club one of the most active organizations of the school. Members: Donna Mae Rush, Mary Louise Edmunds, Arthur Berry, John Harris, Martha Zion, Agnes Rodecap, Ruth l-Iuddleston, Faye Daniels, Marie Wantland, Raymond King, Margaret Dixon, Earl VVoolam, Sharp Alexander, Gertrude Bryant, Mary Young, James Hartley, Everett Carrol, Elizabeth Em- minger, Leslie Roberts, .luanita Hightchew, and Helen Dilman. F I L+, E?E1776 SEE! N DIANZQIBZB igag The Girls' Glee Club OFFICERS, FALL TERM PIIIzsIDENT ...... M Ruth Longanecker SECY-TREAS. ........, : Helen Helpling VICE-PRRS. Beulah Mae McGranahan AccoMPANIsT .... U. . Mildred Meeker PROGRAM AND SOCIAL CHAIRMAN ........ Julia Ellen Kennedy LIBRARIANS ........ Emaline Morrow and Mary C. McConnell OFFICERS, SPRING TERM PmzsID12N'r ...... Julia Ellen Kennedy SECY-TREAS. .... U Jane Ann Gardner VICE-PRESIDENT .......... Joan Faust ACCOMPANIST .... U.. Mildred Meeker PROGRAM AND SOCIAL CHAIRMAN ............ Marguerite Friel LIBRARIANS ..,,.. Emaline Morrow and Martha Cherrington "O magic of a song! here loveliness May sleep unhindered of life's mortal toll, And noble things stand towering o'er the tideg Here mid the years, untouched by time or stress, Shall sweep on every wind that stirs the soul The music of a voice that never died!" The Girls' Glee Club has been very active this year, under the direction of Miss Goldie Lowman the first semester and Miss Louise Kifer the second half of the year. The girls have sung frequently at the Tuesday morning assemblies. They sang at the Japanese Doll Tea, the 'IVisiting Nurse Tea, the Lion's Club Dinner, and at the county Oratorical Contest. On "high school nightn they broadcasted several songs over station WHBU. The girls have sung many beautiful songs this year, but the most popular are these: "My Creedf' "Bridal Chorus," and "Gypsy Love Songf' The 'Girl's and Boy's Glee Clubs presented the operetta, "Pickles" which was one of the best ever produced in the school. Two performances were given, and both nights the auditorium was filled to capacity. 54 23317 '26 QE! NDIANZQISZ8 5265 The Boys' Glee Club OFFICERS, FALL suM1ss'r1zn ' l'n1as1m2NT ......... Charles Kennedy Sncv-TmzAs. .... Robert Wagoner VICE-PRESIDENT .. .. Maurice Bot! l.1Bn.xn1AN ...... .. Wilbur Hoover OFFICERS, SPRING SEMESTER P1u2s1nnN'r ,,........ Simon Schuster Slacx'-'1'uEAs ..... Robert Wagoner VICE-P1uesmnN'r ..... Charles Kennedll LIBRARIAN ' - - ' ---- RUbl'I'f Golf' ' Accompanist, Dorothy Kurtz "VVhen-niusic sounds, all that l was I 8111. Ere to this haven of brooding dust I come: break into distant song as I hasten along." A11d from TIll1l',S woods The swift-winged hours, The Boys? 'Glee Club has been sung in the auditorium gatherings Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs, Visiting County Oratorical contest, On 0110 very successful this year. The boys have several times and have appeared on the Nurse Shower. Japanese Doll Tea. and the occasion they broadcasted from the radio station VVHBI7. The' will also sing at the Baccalaureate and Commence- 3 IIICIII 0X6I'ClSE'S. The climax of the year's activities was reached in the presentation of the musical comedy, "Pickles.l' The cast was highly praised. It was said that this was one of the best musical productions ever given by the high scl1ool. On Octobel' 22 a double quartet represented the Glee Clubs in an all-state chorus of six hundred mixed voices, in Indianapolis. Miss Kifer has given the boys instruction in music appreciation each Fri- day morning during their regular Glee Club period. She played for them many famous and beautiful pieces on the victrolagorchestraI numbers, opera, and solos o11 many kinds of instruments. Miss Kifcr told the boys many interesting things about the selections played and their composers. 55 I 5331776 NDI 19Z8 The Band Anderson Senior High School Band was organized in 1923 by Director Avlll. F. Wise, then of the Music Department. It has become a very important part of our school life. No basketball game is quite complete without the band. ln fact, a platform was lately erected for the band in the section directly above the north entrance to the gymnasium floor. The band has marched in all our pep processions during athletic season, and on several occasions was present to play at convocation. On January 6 of,this year the Band made its first appearance in the new uniforms of which the school and school officials have longed dreamed. The school was assembled in the new Gymnasium, and when the band, newly attired, entered the west door and marched 'across the floor, a great thrill of pride swept the audience. The cape of the uniform is of green satin lined with scarlet. An Indian head, symbol of Anderson High School, appears on the left breast. A cap of bright red felt, with a visor of green and a strap of scarlet leather under the chin, completes the outfit. Mr. Richard Rencenberger, director of the band, has been very successful in his leadership. The band consists now of about fifty pieces. The group studies both classical and popular music. The personnel is: Edith Anderson, Milerd Anderson, Arthur Berry, David Birch, Claudius Brown, Laurel Carr, Ben Cleveland, Phil Cook, Robert Cridge, Johnny Dick, Marian Eckel, Howard Erhart, John Farren, Max Fraze, Thomas Griffith, Elmer Hampton, Everett Hull, Bill Hyatt, John Jackson, Kenneth James, VVillian1 Jones, Harry Keepers, Homer Kimball, Richard Kirkman, Kenneth Lewis, Fern Ludwig, Carl Mason, Edward Reynolds, Elsworth Rittenhouse, Elizabeth Rodecap, Boehler Smith, John Taylor, Keith Van Vllinkle, VVilbur Sadler, Kenneth Fadely, and Claire Martz, Drum Major. , 5 6 2331776 aeiaINDI 192L8 1 The Orchestra The Orchestra, under the direction of Richard Rencenberger, is much larg- er than it has been in recent years. The Orchestra has played at many events of the school 'throughout the year, a few of these being the Operetta, Oratorical contest, and Senior Class Play, "Bah", The instrumentation is as follows: FIRST VIoL1Ns Paul Flory Clement Cronk Caroline Cox Virgil Olsen Ralph Mills Virginia Harrison Kenneth Hughes Leo Seybert Charles Beachler Charles Titus Clifford Ehle Elmay Brown Howard Hull Margaret 'Greer Elizabeth Doctor Martha Cochifa Cathryn Deeds Ruth Dunn Loveaugh Hancock Norma Tippen Helen Grant Robert Penisten Ina Mars Spencer Paul Walker Louis VVoyche Virginia Anderson Martha Sharpe SECOND VIOLINS CELI-OS ' M b 11 W lff d lst-Ruth Richardson Scchmitteor 2nd-Mary sibbach Elberte Johnson CLARINETS Vivian Rittenhouse lst-James Daily Esther Jenkins 2nd-John Jackson 57 FLUTES 1st-Marian Eckel 2nd-Marie Dingwerth CORNETS lst-Ben Cleveland 2nd-Laurel Carr FRENCH HORN lst-Elsworth Rittenhouse 2nd-Edwin Brinson TROMBONES 1st+Everett Hull 2nd-John Farren PIANO Ruth Fath Bass Kenneth Fadely ' l SEEING QEEINDIANZQISZS ?EaE The Nature Study Club OFFICERS Piilzsiburvl' . ...... .. 1,011 Shllllllllll VICE-l,RliSllJliN'1' ..... Mildred Hartzell Slicniemln' ........... Norzna Guslin 'l'n1a.xsUnr:n ......... Evalyn Dawson Si-oxsons ..................... Jlr. Cool: and .lIr. Slutsmmz The Nature Study Club was organized this year and has been very success- ful in the first period of its existence. During the fall semester there was much discussion about the making of the constitution and the election of ofti- cers. After a short time the business matters were satisfactorily" settled. The spring semester started with the appointment of committees to take charge of the meetings. A social committee consisting of Doris Hartzell, Marie Cline, Ruth Richardson, Keith Van VVinkle, and Ted McClintock took charge of the social life of the club. A program committee including Wilbur Hopkins, Mildred l-lartzell, and Robert Goff dispatched the business of the organization very satis- factorily. The club is divided into sections which have these various interests: the study of birds, Wild flowers, fossils, land-scaping, minerals, and astronomy. The members joined the section in which they were most interested. Meetings were held once a month, and many excellent reports were given on subjects inter- esting to the members. The members of the club took part in the city Arbor Day exercises on April 20. The members of the club are the following: Virginia Anderson, Max Brid- enthal, Laurel Carr, Edgel Carr, Marie Cline, Merval Crisler, Evalyn Dawson, Marian Eckel, Robert Goff, Norma Gustin, Doris Hartzell, Mildred Hartzell, Wil- bur Hopkins, Clifford McClintock, Marvin Olney, Virgil Olsen, VValter O'Connor, Bruce Osborne, Richard Reeder, Ruth Richardson, Earl Sandifer, D011 Shannon, Elizabeth Thornburg, Ross Thimm, and Keith Van VVinkle. 2331221776 QEEINDIAI-129192.63252 Donn LAQ :TY CONTEST I Q csEm"muD E ,,gL i , , A , BRYQH 3531716 NDIANiQ19Z8 E CDLCCICS sou' roocnpu. c sylsnecnllla. canon A. R. STAGGS Director of Athletics and Basketball Coach 7 76 6521 N DIANZQ19 2.8 iii? l M W. L. Peck . X C. D. Rotruck V. G. Nims Football, Track Athletic Managcl Physivnl Director . Track vig' Charles Kennedy YellsLeaclc1' 3, 4 61 5331776 QEZINDIANZQIQZ8 3255 Bright Parker l.. Parker I-litz Staggs Golf - The year 1927 introduced a new sport in the realm of Anderson High School athletics,wgolf. The Golf team participated in four matches, three in the spring and one in the fall of 1927. The spring matches were with Newcastle twice and with Frankfort once. In the fall the team journeyed to Logansport and copped the Big Ten Conference championship. The spring team of 1927 was composed of Leslie Parker, WVayne Gilmore, George Hitz, .Ir., and Edward Parker. Edward Parker was acting captain. The scores of the various meets were Anderson 10, Newcastle 1, Anderson 10, Frankfort 0, Anderson 5, Newcastle 0. The last match with Newcastle was called at the end of the first round on account of rain. Robert Langford saw action with Anderson in the last match with Newcastle. The members of the fall team of 1927 were Leslie Parker, Edward Parker, George Hitz, .Ir., and Don Hunter. Edward Parker was again acting captain. The Big Ten Conference tournament was held at Logansport, with seven teams competing in a 36 hole match. Coach Staggs' proteges won the tourney by a margin of 14 strokes. The other teams finished in the following order: Frankfort, Logansport, Tech, of Indianapolis, Kokomo, Newcastle, and Roches- ter. Edward Parker was declared the most valuable player to his team in the tournament, winning the trophy for low medalist. The Anderson team won the shield emblematic of a Big Ten Conference championship. The next Big Ten Tourney will be held at Anderson in October 1928. Results this spring: at Andersonf-Anderson 348, Newcastle 384. At Newcastle-Anderson 352, Newcastle 358. l 62 5531776 6521 NDIANZQISZB iii? Football V Lower row-left to right: M. Donnelly, Dean, Stevenson, Wilson, King, Parker, Farren, Bunyan, Jarrett, McClintock, Rariden, Holtzclaw, Martz. Middle row-left to right: Hawkins, Armington, Martin, Mahoney, Cade, Hosek, Myers, Hopkins, Davis, Masters, O'Brien, Clem, M. George. Top row-left to right: Coach Peck, R. Moore, Dye, Epply, J. Moore, Fisher lt. George, McCal1ister, Ricker. Coach W. L. Peck, assisted by V. G. Nims, succeeded in building one of Anderson's best football teams around a nucleus of six men. However, some of the men had been on the scrubs last year. Weather conditions were more favorable than usual for practice and the games were enthusiastically support- ed by the students. Large parades were staged before each home game and unusual enthusiasm was worked up. A post season banquet was given at the end of the season at lhe Y. W. C. A. and Bob Martz was elected honorary Captain of the year. The following men will be lost by graduation: Martz, Rariden, Runyan, Parker, Wilson, O'Brien, Stevenson, Mahoney, Masters, George, McCallister, and Epply. Last year's schedules and scores are as follows: Lebanon 0, Anderson 0. Portland 0, Anderson 7. Boys' Prep tlndianapolisb 0, Anderson 6. Carmel 0, Anderson 12. Newcastle 33, Anderson 0. Connersville 0, Anderson 57. Elwood 45, Anderson 6. 63 V L' L.. ,, Martz fCapt.D MoCallister Holtzclaw Backiield Guard Quarterback Football September 1,6-Here. Anderson 0, Lebanon 0. Peck's Bad Boys opened their 1928 gridiron season by holding the classy Lebanon team to a scoreless tie. The Indians did not seriously threaten the Lebanon goal and likewise Lebanon was never menacing to Anderson. Although outweighed by the heavy Lebanon line, Peck's forward wall battled the visitors to a standstill. September 23--Here. Anderson 7, Portland 0. The combination Ricker-Holtzclaw aerial attack machine, combined with the great playing of the rest of the team, enabled the local hoilermakers to boost their chances for an undefeated 1927 team by humbling Portland High 7 to 0 before a crowd of 2,000 fans. Myers . Moore Masters 0'Brien Guard Guard C4 Tackle Tackle ' 1 egar - , " .,4"'ff N Clem King Bunyan Rariden Backfield Center Backfield Baekfield ' Football September 30-Here. Anderson 6, Boys' Prep. Clndianapolisl 0. Encouraged by a rally and parade, the fighting Indians defeated the Prep millionaires 6 to 0. The game was fast and evenly fought. Bariden ran over the goal line for Anderson's touchdown in the first quarter. Massy, former Tech star, was the leader of the Prep outfit. October 7-There. Anderson 12, Carmel 0. The 60 yard end run of Rariden in the second quarter, for a touchdown. was the outstanding feature of the game. Bunyan plunged through the line for the other six points. Carmel had a fast and heavy team and played a stellar brand of football. George Wilson Parker McClintock End Guard Bac-kfield End 65 d ,, 3531776 SEE! NDIANZQIQZ8 QESE Football Oelober 14-Jl'here. Neweaslle 33, Anderson 0. Newcastle celebrated h0lllL'-CO1lllllQ by handing Anderson lheir lirst defeat. Tully, fleet Trojan quarterback, led Newcastle by scoring four of their five touchdowns. The Indians threatened to score in the second quarter. October 21vl-lere. Connersville 0, Anderson 57. More than 2000 saw the Indians force the Connersville team to take the short endl of a 57 to 0. Bunyan, Martz, Holtelaw, and Rariden made a number ox neat end runs. ' October 28-There. Elwood 45, Anderson 6. Elwood employed a neat forward passing game that completely bewildered the Anderson eleven. Led by the fleetfooted half back, Baxter, the Panters scor- ed six touchdowns. The Indian's only seore came for Anderson's lone touch- down. A' 66 5531776 QEEINDIANZQIBZBQEQE Dodd Oekoman Rariden Basketball ' Gerald Dodd was chosen honorary captain by his team-mates at the Annual Morsches banquet. Dodd played centerg and he graduates. Dick Ockomon was the only fourth year man on the varsity this year. Be- sides being an all state forward, Dick received the Morschcs Cup for displaying the best sportmanship. Ockomon graduates. "Curley" Rariden, diminutive forward, received the American Legions medal for sportsmanship. "Curley" graduates with the '28 class. Oren Atkinson was hampered most of the season with a bad knee. He has been on the varsity two years. Oren graduates. Bill O'Brien played on the varsity last year at substitute center. William is lost by graduation. Marion George was considered as the best back guard in the state. George played two years. He also graduates. ' Atkinson O'Brien George t?67 1776 QEEINDIANZQIQZB 5265 Basketball FIRST TEAM The 1927-28 basketball team experienced one of the most successful seasons in the history of A. H. S. Coach Staggs declared it to be one of the best teams he has ever coached. ,Seven letter men were left over from last season and around lhese the "YVonder Coacht' built a scrappy team. The outstanding feature of the team was that they never gave up. Several games were won in the last few min- utes, due to the determination and reserve strength of the players. Only three defeats out of twenty-seven games were suffered by the team. As to the number of games won,--this season was most successful in theyhistory of the school. The team was famed this year for its fighting spirit and its come- back. It was these qualities that brought the team through the season with so enviable a record,-enviable in the highest sense of the word. Anderson High School is proud of her basket ball team. Too much credit can not be given to Coach Staggs for his efforts to produce a winning team for our school. Not only did he coach to win, but also to instill the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. The Indians won the honor of being the best sportsmen at the state tournament, and received that recognition over the radio. At a post season banquet, given by Wm. Morsches of this city, Gerald Dodd, red haired forward and center, was elected honorary captain for the year. Rich- ard Ockomon, a three year regular, was chosen to have his name engraved on the Morsches Cup, as a tribute to the sportsmanship he has shown throughout the year. Ockomon was acting captain the entire season. 68 1776 ND IBZB 3245 L , l Basketball SECOND TEAM The squad this year was cut down somewhat and in this way the caliber of the second team was raised. Much praise is due these boys who worked ceaselessly to provide opposition for our Hrst team during practice sessions. This year, for the first time in the basketball history of our school, the entire squad were taken to games played on foreign floors, regardless of whether or not the second team was scheduled to play. Much promising materal is assur- ed Coach Staggs next year, as the members of this team will he back next year. The first team schedule was as follows: , BASKET BALL SCORES 1927-28 1 Anderson 72 Arcadia 18 A1ldLl1'S0l1 Ngvvpgpty Ky, 22 A11d0l'S0U 53 Ffallkmll 31 Anderson Richmond 29 Andersen 41 LHP01 20 Anderson Delphi 27 Anderson 49 Newcastle 25 Anderson Technical 31 Anderson 32 Kokomo 20 Anderson Marion 34 Andmlson 38 Frankfort 39 Xnderson Moutmorenei 1 Anderson 28 Muncie 35 I Anderson Lapel 19 Anderson 42 Frankfort 38 Anderson Frankton 17 Anderson 64 Kokomo 24 1 Anderson 54 Newcastle 33 Anderson hlwood 17 Anderson 35 Marion 24 Anderson Tipton 18 Anderson 47 Rochester 20 AIIWSOH Brom' Ripple 20 Anderson lil Lebanon 29 AUd0l'S0l1 DCIDIU 19 Anderson 37 Logansport 34 Anderson Muncie 38 69 V--W-W V 4-1 1-.5 .. -. aegwjeeeE1Nn1ANie192.aeEeE l Z ' Woods Stickler V Ricker Basketball Eddie Woods was known everywhere by his curly red hair and great guarding. Eddie played floor guard for two years and he has two more. Henry Stickler came- to us from Spiceland and was ineligible the first semes- ter until the Logansport game. "Stick" has one more year. I Garland Ricker, forward, earned the name pinch-hitter. Babe was exceed- ingly good under the basket. Much is expected of him next year. 'fChet" Stewart was one of theuoutstanding second team forwards and play- ed some on 'the varsity. Chet has one more year. Emmit Jarrett played on the squad last year a11d is only a Sopohomore. "Jerry" plays guard and much is expected of him in his next two years. . Farrel Winship has been a member of the squad for two years and has one more. Looking toward this year, we prophesy that he will prove valuable. Stewart ' Jarrett Winship 70 J " 'ru' A A4, ..' 4. ..-N . -, saga, , 5331776 QEINDIANZQIQZB QESE G . . . , e Crocker Nevin Hitz, Jr. Basketball Paul Crocker Won a berth on the tournament team in his lirst attempt. Paul plays backguard, and has another year of service. Bill Nevin, a reserve substitute player, displayed the qualities of a coming player and will probably be a regular next year. George Hitz, Jr., strawberry blonde, rushed the pill bag. George made zz good student manager. He has one more year. Charles Kennedy, Yell Leader George M211'Sh2lll, Yell Leaflltl' 71 3531776 QEINDIAN IQZB ii ' N ' - K. , .1 . Brooks George Harmon , 0 Track 4 Fred Brooks, local speed flash, succeeded in copping second at the State Meet in the 220 yard dash by reeling off the distance in 22.5. Besides this Fred holds the county 100 and 220 dash records. Fred graduated at mid term. Marion George was selected captain of the 1928 track team by his fellow- mates. George tied for tirst last year at the State meet in the high jump with Scully of Noblesville, at 5 ft. 10 3-4 in. George was high point man this year. He cleared the bar at 6 ft. 3-4 inches in Chicago last spring in an indoor meet. Don Harmon, dash man, was elected captain of the relay teams for this season. Don is running George a hard race for high school point honors this year. The mile relay team this year was exceptionally good. A mile relay team was sent to the Northwestern Indoor Relays. Marion George was entered in the indoor high jumping event. The men who qualified for the state meet were Harmon, in the 100 and 440 yd. dashes, Hill in the half-mile, Epply, mile, George, high hurdles, high jump, and broad jump, Rariden, low hurdles, McClintock, pole vault. Mile relay men to represent Anderson at the State will be Harmon, Stephens, Shoemaker, and Jones. This year school records have fallen in the mile, low hurdles, high jump, and mile relay. "Skeet,' Epply has run the mile in 4 minutes 44.8 seconds, displacing Stotllemyer's record of last year. Marion 'George cleared 6 ft. 3-4 inches in the Northwestern Interscholastie Indoor Meet in March and also jumped 5 ft. 10 3-4 inches for a new school record this spring. By running the low hurdles in 27.3 seconds, "Curly" Rariden displaced the old record of 27.6 seconds held by "Tick" Beatty. The old mile relay record of 3:42.3 which has stood since the days of Jackson, Bowers, Anderson, and Mahan, was lowered to 3:42 by the winged feet of Stephens, Jones, Shoemaker, and Harmon. 72 Q 1776 QEINDIAN IQZ8 Track Front Row-Left to right: Bob Martz fshot putb, Marshal McKowen 1440 yd. dashj, Marcus Stephens CdashesJ, Garland Ricker Cbroad jumpb, Keith Epply fmilelv. Second Row-Left to right: Don Hancock Cpole vaultingi, Ray Cleveuger tdashesl, Wm. McNabney Cdashesl, Lorn Rariden flow hurdlesb, Everett George ldashesb, Paul Schrope fdashesb, Chesteen Craig fmileb, Ernest Phillips Cmilei, Don Harmon fdashesi. Third Row-Left to right: A. R. Staggs and V. G. Nims, Coaches, Mare Swinford Cmileb, Fred Cook fquarter mileb, Bob Kappeler Cdashesb, WVm. Blake- more thigh jumpj, Oren Atkinson, student manager. Back Row-Left to right: Conrad Hill Chalf mileb. Wm. Nevin flow hur- dlesb, Robert Terrel fshot puti, Walter Steves fmilei, Don' Fuller fmilej, Marion 'George thigh jump, high hurdlesl, Rex Jones fquarter mileb, He11ry Stickler thigh hurdlesl. A Fourteen athletes are lost by graduation in June. These are Captain George, Jones, R. McKowen, M. McKowen, King, Cook, Hancock, Rariden. Harmon, Schrope, Martz, Stephens, Epply and Atkinson. The Red and Green Athletes made an enviable record this year. The record for this season is as follews: Dual Meets: Anderson 67 2-3, Morton Hi fRichmondJ 31 2-3. County Meet: Anderson 66 1-2, Alexandria 29 1-2, Elwood 14, Summitville 0. Athenian Relays: Anderson 48, VViley CTerre Haute? 21, Covington 14, Alexandria 13, Lebanon 7, Elwood 3, Crawfordsville 0, Attica 0. Kokomo Relays: Kokomo 35 1-3, Tech Clndianapolisl 27, Anderson 18 1-2, Marion 14, Burlington 5, Peru 4, Russiaville 1 1-3, Elwood 1, VVindfall 1, Sharps- ville 5-6. Results of Big Ten Conference: Kokomo 38, Tech. Clndianapolisb 38, And- erson 30 1-2, Muncie 28, Rochester 12 5-6, Richmond 7, Logansport 5 1-3, New- castle 5 1-3, Frankfort 0, Lebanon 0. District Meet at Elwood: Anderson 38, Muncie 25, Alexandria 15, Newcastle 14, Elwood 4, Lynn 2, Spieeland 1, Carmel 0, VVayne 0, Westfield 0, Winchester U, Noblesville 0. i' 73 M W, .,,, 7 5531716 QEEINDI ANZ 1 92.8 E5 -VVAI ' ' A. , ' g." 29511 7 ,- ff5fZi g. X 'ffifu si- ' ' ,-EW 7 A ff: '24 fg,Hi?,dqg21YZf: ,--L iefggikigg F gli.. 1 1: ff. " A' ' fy .H .YQ ,1'ARs,,,g'f!l'kE: . 5ii'1.fYH 1' JWW T ,H . 'E',,::Wfw-'Iv .wzyyjj ' FXS! ! ' ' K 3 KK.. ,,., . 712 'ixfziiffw ,7 21 - s A s V ' I K, . 1 ",' . J X V ,m.L . ' , V .mf ' , A.. .5 wvf. . . i - ,N .,,. w ,. ' h'g." f -- ' g..'.- : ff -izge2:fgi,1ff '-ie. " "', V -', ? ,M f -am-2-f,mf--may -'ww-vim?" - L W -:s.:szfs5s:,:jf-S", ' 2:5-i5gZ'E'Eg.j::'v -p 55,5 7 - Qcfilxw 5 .Q 3, . ? QU K if . 4 . A L mg L . , g4 i ff- 1-gil J w tiwygf, k.-- ,'-k . , W -' I . ',,. E ,,:.. ,gmlzl yy ,m,, ..., :,. k ' I Wh'L ' ' 5 . A V -, ,.f.- , aiiiyg' 71,25 - , K. f .W k jggik .gf-Q .i ' f -ggfjfffjwgwfffx , , ' -5 , 1,1 . . . S , A , , i V. 5? L 4 , J. I S K 47 S TRACK INDlVI'DlfAI,S. From left to right: Raridcn, Epply, Mc-Clintock, Stephens, Martz, Nevm, Lalvm, Hlll, Jones, Shoemaker. . 4 A., ' 332617 76 5321 NDlAN 1,92.8 3255 . 75 n D LARK made detailed plans for a midwinter march against Vincennes, with a band of about onef hundred and seventy men. l-le set sail in the Willing on the Mississippi River, February 4, and on February 5 the land expedition started. The goal was reached Febru- ary 23, and that evening Clark fired on the town of Vincennes and on Fort Sackville. l-le demanded immediate surrender, but it was not until early in the morning of February 25, I 779, that he lined up his band before the gate of Fort Sackville and received the uncon- ditional surrender of Governor Hamil- ton. This conquest-unquestionably the deed of George Rogers Clark-gave us possession of the Old Northwest. HE lust ireel' of the spring smnfstfr, bf'- ginning Juno 3, is Senior Week. This time is given over to the final activities of the Seniors. On Sunday afternoon, June 3, the Seniors attended the Baccalaureate Service held in the gyinilarsimn. 011 Monday they cn- joyed ri motor party, and on Tuesrhfiy they took charge of the iveehly airditorizmz and had II theatre party. Wednesday, June 6, the class yarn a breakfast mid buffet dfivmcr, and on Thursday a picnic and Jinrior-Serzior reveption. Thru mme the event ivhich closed the gate of their high .wrhool 0ll7'6l?7' and 011911011 the pail: -into ihe future-Ganz-nzmzrmzzmiI, Friday err- iling, June S. TT3ww:i..n-TIE?-QW?15 , 5--ii ?fi"'ln? HU' W1 E , ieiigggiinl ML., 'Wm llll U g f un ::i"' lmlmu 'Hmm WJ! ,1 llln Z? .,," num' :mm mini nn"' Iuunllm X! AY un? kz ,f 4' , E , K, y ,ff ,f , ,, , rf, f mu 4' 'iii "Q UH f f nu 5 f L N Q f ,f ff I .H 4' 'f , i . ' L A ,f x f3gfy.Eg5u, 5 nlnlll f f X 21 'XV W 45 f f 'S 4' h ,, ox M -Q - ...n..,,, M., -- , v., .. ,,,,. v, M. vo-5 W "x"1" X ,"'3f"?"i'f' 45 '1' 1' .. 'Wad Ag, -..'---vu Xf?'1C'fiadgx 'Rafi U-,-, V1-A -uv.-0 8 .. ....e A ,-.w.-...V-. -,-v . H X Np,Q1:gf'mg:' ,gvryr-N, . Nfl U ' IW , IH ll "lm .M??5"5T' ' Nl "U Mies 505533 Qav5rw.:Q'.i-gig' G"-.AV-GSQIT-"nm 'AA' A 4 Q11SE:21:1f:141,.iS'A2: uf.- H if H -:qw rerrsbafeaaw fi nw-:I In : I I 1 : rzilffii Y-'AI I zlgfff In NIH mill M Q ,gf ,C ,fx , ' A - . N IH! 151 Q. , ., A 1 3 A nn 2. .4 . 6 A - 5 W' HU N 5 . 5 tu pg A ' 4 v Q Him mi ' ' .' V ' . . IW lluv Ilm ill muh' 1"2I1W' 'H' l"" 4 f V Qi wr" f K, ml mm f X X Y xvq Qqqo 5 f - K Y v s X 1 f fy u 'Wm gl , ,. v, . 1 ul ll, ml K s 4 44-"vw-'f,w.x. Q,-. pun X W 1 Ji' 8 1 m,wf,. ,-, ,., n yf aw-ww '1r:p:w::.wx'- 1 , sm ' Y' -'1 e v 1 u m'5'm.au36 v s -my 0' X6 'Wk ZW.. ' f N, H 9 ' w':'.f-:mv 'MAJ . .ww aww Y 'XMXME :sew Mas: ::w,v.." ' V- 1 Qhgtx pw 4,wxxv,,:x QQQ , 'vu-v ga 1 2' ', -1 -U my , .. 'vwkp-M , WW 3 IWC!" .:.2'Jk"3a?Ic: X 3 w Q-H Q'g.I-:WWW N "Taft fi., 1 ?!.K'C'A'2Q'i'3?k1?E?w U ,G XM,-g-Q-v M69 x Xuw ax .-W , qu . nvwuuw X, W smwwm X 9 .ww-':-X N xv" 'gs "seg: ll . qamww XxXpv XX ' 1 .0 .-vvvvds -,fx ,Xa g .IQQ QE f v . - . I uv' 1 'Xmxqxx - 44 Q. X A ,, we ., s,,-gm 1 Soy 4 - AMW M, xx ,a ' 1 n 1 J YI? 'Wx GM 4 og A vq is 1' - - --w. -. ww.-pomy., gg., A I ll MI " ' LQQQ5' ,. yvs' um., .ffq 'M' W wg.-gf w wviczax. .H 5 .1-., 0,1 Ev ' ' "oocv49'x 'U' , YXCQSV' vi bg 'F' ' x ofxwuuxvtoo 'Q gf .S: ww ,. A-mvw w -ww lljw , so ,U H nav v 9 .cm I 5 ygqvg .S pt, 5.,,.,, in lx- -t M, oo X..-,M ,,.-soooeu w vw Mun WH X, X , .mam , L - K, uwanay v.usvs'.v1 , xv x, 944430 - 1. 5 ,,. , ooo4a- ,, neva. un 1 5, A vow. . .- mamma 0 :L b.s0.v.vv.t. I, , . . M . . .X , ., m - x 'K -wwe? - Ill HI nf ' '- w , . Anus. m.iB.2-214.1 H H W In f A f ...-rw . . azeza-:azz-ss 11 . t I5 rv Q Agdikumvgqzga ., K, V ,gv,gy,v,'v,q A. - 61 h -.aim fm K -.rams-:-xv.-ze: lil L ..1 m .vamp f ' 'W .arwrxxzmf H' HI -411' WW VW 069 AQQQQK ""x"'f, QA A v v 'N' -A O95? ' 3 .V43:.A.xvx6d2'.wg .xQ!,!: IH ' 'WY Mmm- V A-es l ' " Hllilm m,,,66 ., ,A34e!gQA,5, - 6 .. v v veavggqgae 64:a:v, Ill! :ww :-:sy S 7 , 'ia-4 ,M . . - ri .. " fd? AMN-. 1, 4.4 . A .v.v,:.Ae ,o,gg,g..,..4 4443. .1 M N -'vs-v - ' f ' "W-"9AQV40'aY0W?A9'A I Y 2 ma' Sblnwzotorvmn N IR vwyaxw HH 1 num SHIILHZHICUQN new V Mhlllml' Im i - -T -E ' 'umlllfy X , -'-- f i 'I HJ 5:-E5 H., , 5-2-iii - - . I Il f :'fi1 E-Ll ---'-2 E f"a Ei ea ll I E if 5 5 5, tj- -.2 Egnli Es E ,lu W n E ana ik:E' :5T? 3 5 ,55'5- mm : "' 1 1 'E-. '- , I 1- 1 gl 1 Egiiiiigizii 2 E '31 -E 2 3-525-'E-.:'?.??.i'-Z.-5.2.5-5.3 E' 2. a- im '-'---fr:-'-.-1-.i5af"g5 QQ E 2 --Mg gig - ....... :as- ' Ea I ultmlumfll u ll it llllxlldillllll li.: I' 'ill X X -Z '2Ff1'nliuI1liiiUft9i"'45'7 ll U t - , IIN ,tb pt 'V' ll-if A If Lvl- Al' vm of-- if 3 1 JU: I ' I lil '. tt it at .f'1t1tt ,'- t,..,--.i..f1l:..,wl.-,ml,-Lf, tl Qu Q LEW .1 ll! Mlm .1-.I l. Mg: lil' , l W 11 t..1l,1l5tatwlltH1il: ,f ! ill lm If Elllgllwn. lr W QI ll ll cmd: .W u-"Ml," I l1'lli:f!1'II .JHi!:ti":l1E.' lwailtzxll L IiEmi:I:ill:m",!!!EIgN:i.I'f1:im: 15225 li? 1 I' 1 is at 'XA Ml' I'-L41-J ' seNIoRs 2 Acknowledgment The success which wc, the Senior Class of 1998 hflw attained, we attribute to the Wise guidance 'md in spiring words of our sponsors, Miss NVilson and N11 Brinson. , . Miss VVilson Mr. Brinson 78 . id? SS QR 2 Officers 1 President: ROBERT MCGRANAHAN-Robert was our able Class President 3, 4. He belonged to the Colnlnercial Club 2, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2. 3: X-Ray Staff 2, 3, 'Glee Club 2, Class Play 2, 3, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3. Vice-President: BERNARD GROSSNICKLE-BCl'llZ1I'4l was a prominent figure in our class, serving as Vice-President, and Assistant Business Manager of the Anmml lns last year. He belonged to the H1-Y 4, Senate 1, 2, 3, 4, Drainatlo Club 2., 3, 4. Secretary: KATHRYN THORNBURG-Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Dra- matic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Booster Club 3, Secretary of Class 4, X-Ray Staff 3, .-1111111111 Staff 4, Girls, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Rec. Corn. 3, G. li. Play 3, Operetta Treasurer: FREDERICK SCHMINKE-VVC owe 1HllCll to Frederick for his efficiency as Treasurer of the Senior Class. He was a member of the Hi-Y 3, 4, Treasurer of Class 4, Latin Club 3, 4, .lunior Reception Connnittee 3, and Operetta 3. Robt. Mcllranahan Bernard Crossniekle Kathryn Thornburg Fred. SClllllll1kl Ns fff- X f lf 1" 3 CTX ll X YI if 5 vm , A Tv 1 , N 4, ,E7 f ,E 79 in f -,, , x , -f-f'1"'x"'X' RQJP affix E, is 5331776 egg! N,DIANiQ1,92.8 ?EaE BENNETT, RUSSELL-After all, high school is not such a dull and dreary place as we have always imagined, Russell deserves credit for his part in keeping us cheerful. He was a member of our Football Team 4. BING, ELEANOR-Eleanor has belonged to Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 Student Council 45 Modern Language Club 3, 45 Girls' Booster Club 35 X-Ray Stall' 2, 35 Annual Stalf, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, 45 Junior Reception Committee 35 and winner of Oratorical Contest 4. BONDUBANT, MILDRED-One look into Mildred's black eyes tells you that hers is a strong, fine personality. She belonged to Latin Club 3, and Student Council 4. And she found time always to make good grades. BOYLE, XVILMA-WllHl3, because of illness, was not able to complete her course,-but will be back in school next year. While with us she was in Student Council 35 Girls' Glee Club 25 and Operetta 2. BECKER, CHARlfS-CllRl'lCS entered high school at mid-term, but has sue- ue d d . . . . . . . e e in gra uating with us. Charles greatest lnterest was in science and mathematics. He belonged to the Science Club 3, 4, President 45 and to the Student Council 4. ALEXANDER, SHARP-Sharp was present at all the social activities of his class as well as those ofthe organizations to which he belonged. He was active in the Commercial Club 45 Senate 15 Science Club 35 Band 2, 3. ATKINSON, ORENKEVCFY basketball fan knows our backguard, "Atkin- son." He also held his rank in school activities. Oren was active in the Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 2, 35 Track 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Operetta Junior Reception Committee 3. BAKER, WILLARD-Willard's services to his class were indispensible. He was our Vice-President two years, and our Annual Business Manager. He belonged to the Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 45 Dramaticl Club 45 Boosters' Club 2, 3, 45 Athletic Association 15 X-Ray Staff 35 Reception Committee 3. 3: RoNE, IRENE-Irene has been active in her school career. Shg was ai mem- , ber of Girl Reserves 1, 45 Modern Language Club 45 Dramatic Club 45 Girls' Booster Club 35 'Girls' Glee Club 2, 35 Operetta 3, 415 Spanish Club 3. BROWN, DONNAZIJOHHZI came here from Shortridge High School, India- napolis. Since she became a member of our class, as a Junior, she has , been active in the Dramatic Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4. BoGAN, M was a member of the Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Secretary of Class 25 Jun- ior Reception Committee 35 Girl Reservel Play 25 and French Club 2. BERTRAM, GENEVA-GGHOVII was a popular member of Alexandria High School during her Freshiman and Sophomore years. She has indeed be- come one of us since she' joined our class. She belonged to Girl Reserves 3, 45 and the Commercial Club 3, 4. AXINE---C'M3C,, has been a very popular person in our class She B1NGxMxN FDNVARD. l'dwarl l . , , , --, ' 1 was awayqactive and loyal to the class. He belonged to the Senate 1, 25 Science Club 1, 2, 35 X-Ray Stall' 45 Stu- dent Council 25 Latin Club 2. BENZENRAUIER, LILLIAN-Lillian has made an exceptionally fine scholastic I J record and has been a member of the Honorary Society 3, 4. She has X ,Qi it also belonged to the Home Economics Club 35 and the Spanish Club 3. l ' .mafia BOTT, ltiljonmsii-Morris sock much interest in the Blioys' flee Club and vi-as 5 "- C a mem er o it for tiree years, acting as ice- resi ent one year. e , ,i was in the Operetta 3, 4. Morris unay boast many friends in his class. l 5 -llllhlhl. BEHRENS, O'r'ro tJR.JvOtto is a "real,' boy and an excellent student. He llluulilllln Nlldll participated in the Oratorical Contest, 45 Hi-Y 45 Nature Study Club 45 ,itlll,l,l,il'l'llllilll1-111,55-ijllllIlm, X-Ray Staff 45 Senate 35 Science Club 2, 3. I ' "I' 1 ' 5 5 ,lmll,lg.:,g ,llllllflll ll, "' Illlwllllllll' 'l',ll,llI2n"'Illlll1 ,.l'll1.,lIll1l l.ll.1-'pill 11, ,' I ' Pl 5 Ulffllllllllll .,. . ll llllllll ll so ' 'll' 1 l1I'Il11'lli-r lllt f f "ill I' 5 , llll""ll:t -eii .- 'fl-llllll ML-X lMIl12!ll1ll,l.ll!Illlilill-E . I , ,V ' xlllll l'l I- wllirilul '.lllllIul'l. ,:mllll:glii,1.l,, n A A,iW'Hll!lHEIN'IE:1iihi:,mElllE'IllHj,!Il lhl.Il :Eg l'll.'Jgx7 !,-1 'x A ,,LUnM'iL L-lt., 5 'Sas qlrlsl. E?E?17Y6 QEINDIANZ 19283255 i A . XM VJ . 'X K ,l ' Y N if N X i X N .., x bl . . , ss f Mil -., 4 V . , - ' .J ' E 4-ff" . f N Bennett, Russell Elrlanm' Tinnzlurant. Mildw-cl Boyle, Xvillllil 5 Buckor. fllmrles Alexanuler, Sharp Atkinson, fTl'0ll Baker, XVill:1rd Z--X Bum-, Irvin- liruwn, Ummm lirown. 1iZlXlllt' livrtralrli, f'f8lll'VR fi N 14 Bingxaunan, lfldwzuvi H0llZ0llbILllL'!', Lillian Butt, Mmwis Behrens, Otto If? I x , i si - - N .-1, -f N -n,,,.f-g4fN5"'v W X 5 H....,,.,-f- x N fx,-,,-A,-I U , N t 5 1776 INDIANEIQZS BRINSON, EDNVIN C.-Edwin is a source of pride to our class. lle was interested in sciences, mathematics,,and art. He was a member of the Annua! Staff 4, H1-Y 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Band .ig Orchestra 4. CHERRINGTON, MARTHA-Martha lived, according to the theory, "Who would have friends must be one." She belonged to the G. li, 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Girls' 'Glee Club 3, 4, Operetta 3. B1toWN, VERA-Vera has been a member of our class only during her Senlor year. She formerly attended the Huntington County .Sc-hools. Ve have enjoyed her presence as a member of our class. BnoNNENBEnG, MATHEW-Mathew has been quite active in the Hi-Y Club during his last three years. He was also a member of the Commercial Club his last year. And he could summon quite an army of friends. BURTAN, Don.xN-Doran completed her course last semester. She has a wmsome personality and a lovely disposition, She had anany loyal friends and was very active and popular in the Home Economics Club. i BRYANT, GERTRUDE-Gertrude is a "good scout," and enjoys the affection E and esteem, of her class. She was a popular member of the Home Econ- t dmics Club 4, Treasurer 4, X-Ray Staff 4, Annual Staff, T pist 4. F , y f BnowNE, NIAXINE-MHXTHG was on the Girls' Basketball Team when she was a Sophomore. She also belonged to Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Spanish 5 Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 3, Reception Committee 3. t ' CAMPBELL, H.XROLD--H2lFO1d was interested in athletics and participated t in various sports. He took gym and played on his Advisory Basketball 5 team 2. Harold was a Co-o . student during his Junior and Senior years. I P X CAR'rwnmH'1', FRANcEsYFrances is graduating in three and one-half years, 9 but she has found time to acquire a host of friends. She was a member ot G. H. 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Home Economics Club 4, X-Ray ,Staff 4. CLEM, LEE--L6C,S high school activities were mostly in athletics. He was especially interested in wrestling. Lee was a member of our Football Team during his last two years, and of the Track Team his last yea1'.' CANNON, Eva MAE-Eva Mae made a splendid record with us during her Senior year. As a Freshman and as a Sophomore she attended Short- ridge High School, and as a Junior, the Miami, Florida, high school.. CLAPP, HERBERT-HCPb6Ft has always been a loyal and active member ot' ' our class. Although Herbert did not say much, he was always a good "doer." He belonged to the Latin Club in his third year. CLEM, FLORENCE-Fl0l'0llCC is a very quiet, industrious, likable girl. She has been very much interested in domestic science and took everything offered in that course. She was a Home Economics Club member 2, 3. CARPENTER, MARY-Mary did not have a great deal to say, but she acquir- ed a goodly number ot' prime ffriends. She belonged to the Home Econ- Mjw omics Club 2, 35 Science Club 3, Latin Club 4. 1' r . . qtgliim' l'l'H CEARK, .loHN-John was a general favorite and an enthusiastic and "In- 't" X dlilll spirited" rooter. He attended our athletic contests abroad well .INN as at home. John was interested in music and playled in the band 1,2, 3. ll lim 'i'iilll1llt35 COMES, CATHERINE-dCatherine is quiet and reserved, but has made her ,R lillItt,lt1,1igu,.,,,.mil"L place in the class. She was a member of the Honorary Society. She also It' s"q1tl,Plj2,t2g,ttgl'!'fI,ill-Ill-i. A belonged to French Club 2 3, Modern Language Club 4, Science Club 4. t 'vt f.tltll:it i X vl'll"l1". .1" NIM. w A ,.l.,ltW-. zgglllltlltlwll l- , hi I-5 'alexa' I M-,,...1,tlg..,IItt1l QmllytH3il'1 1.l1..l1",ql"'lt'N1, . il ' , Rgillil- l'tial1ilhnltillii L ill' ,-E". It 'Ht ,il rf! Pl'lilimagtulxi.llhxlll-W W N 82 V 'alllil khhlllhtl.llilflhillltllm'min' 1 ,V 'V I n ' lt J- r,ififfQlqn Ilaililillljillqn l:,tI!irlliglxun,ll,l, n l, 1.tgppt5l..,...!i!:l1a1::i'l a.:a:t'ltt2 mltt'11' t "' U? n vTg. V q A,-K as . ' V . 17769211191 1915 I 1 Sf! NN mx Brinson. Edwin C1191-rington, Martha Brown, Vern Bronnenberg, Matthews Bui't0n.Do1':1n Bryant. Ci9l'i1'lldt-' Bogan, Maxine Clfllllliillhil, Harold - I Calrtwright, Fl'3Ht'tlS Civni, LPG Cannon. 1':Yil Mn? Clamp, Herbert ff- R Clom, Flor:-nee Carpenter, Mary Clark, John Cmnbs, Catherine ,ff qv 1 Nfe U if 1' f " i -X tix. tv, N My N K i 'uf xx ,pg Q' l , J if X 'E 83 - X if - N , X! ' I 5 X , , - Mm , K Q -Ti ,,i, , ' It " 'CL - of 3331776 QEEINDIANZQISZB 3255 COOKMAN, D.ANIEL-D3Ul6l displayed real ability in the Oratorical Con- tests 1, 3, 4. Daniel took advanced work. He is especially interested in Sciences. He was a member of the Student Council 3, 4, and Track 1, 2, 3. CAnnoI.I., VERA1VCl'tl has dong some very line work in the Home Econom- ics Department and has also been interested in Commercial work. She was a member of the Connnercial Club 1, 2, and the Home Iucon. Club 4. CONKLIN, ALMA--'Allllil,S friends would justly ascribe to her"charm, per- sonality, and brains." She belonged to the Dramatic Club 4, Honorary Society 4, Vice-President 4, and Spanish Club 1, 2. CooK, FREDERICK-Fred offered his services to our school as a member of the Track Team. Fred found time to be friendly, and to belong to the Hi-Y 4, Student Council 4, Commercial Club 4, and 'the Track Team 3,4. GRAFTON, ARLINE-Afllllft has completed her course in three and one-half years and made a good scholastic record. She has been a member of Girl Reserves 1, 2, Dramatic. Club 1, 2, 3, Girls, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Operetta 1, 2. CUMBERLAND, ESTHER-Esther never has much to say, but she is always studying hard. Industry has its own reward and she was Dermitted to carry a light program the last semester. We are glad to call her friend. Cox, CAROLINE-Caroline is very much interested in music and has been almember of the orchestra during her Senior year. She also belongs to 'Girl Reserves 1, 4, X-Ray Staff 1, Girls' Glee Club 1, French Club 1, 2. COTTINGHAM, VIRGINIA-Virginia and her Maxwell sedan have become a familiar sight around school this year. Virginia is a very good Student. She was a member of 'Girl Reserves 4, and the Home Economies Club 4. DENNIS, EDWARD-"Edu makes a fine classmate as well as a star forward. He had great interest iI1 basketball and participated in that sport often. He belonged to- the Hi-Y 3, 4, Senate l, 2, and Modern Language Club 3. DANIELS, FAY-Fay has been very much interested in her work, particu- larly Commercial studies, in which she made good grades. She was a popular member of the Commercial Club 3, 4, and Annual Staff Typist. 4. DERMOND, LAWRENCE-LZIVVTCHCC was quite active in our general class activities, but he was prominent on the Football Team. He served his school faithfully through his Sophomore and Junior years on this team. DAVIS, MARY ELLEN:-Mary was not the talkative sort, but very attractive. She was a member of the Honorary Society 3. 4, Pres. 4, Home Econom- ics Club 3, Dramatic Club 3, Booster Club 3, X-Ray Staff 3, Spanish Club 3. CUNEO, PAUL--Pillll entered high school in the middle of the year before the rest of our class appeared. Because of this he dropped out of school one semester. He was a very active and popular :member of his class. DUN!-IAM, JESSIE-.l0SSl0 does not talk IllllCh, but she is the finest kind of friend when one comes to know her. She has worked hard and has Suc- -4 ceeded In making a very good record in all her studies. DENNIS LULA BELLE-LlllilB6llC is a very studious Iuember of our class. I W1 that .i11.lit'!" "tit , 'lv' She was a steady patron of the library. She has made a very good ree- ,I ord while In School, and we claI1n her proudly. Dfxvls, .IAIVIES-'JZIHICS enrolled here last year, having attended St. Mary's his first three years. He was popularl at St, Mary's, and here. He belong- ed to our Modern Language, Dramatic, and Boys' Glee Clubs. I in 'llviiiiifi-. !, -gt 'A' till 'ihilitlltlitttftlltl 't.,j..:''tr:',-ft-gff!i1ll--ev .t.ii1.xfiii:lttftqzittavt5 git x t " I I M 'lull 1 lt? all tl l Il -lt, dv--tit .l-.. 'I' 'll'lt'l'i.11lil'f "ill W-tlulr. 'Iii 'mliii ki' NX mi t',:flimlillgli ,ll I " "' l' , -lt' -f It lv' wwf S-1 il' thi ,ffl illilllhlll- ,Hu-I' iiilill N114-X iiliiiiF11ii'.ii1liaiQE!ltLltti-'W I Vffy .l"'i "Ili"1'l1I 'lllilt I Q If. Y ltllrlgltl 'ln'!lIiIl'lI,t:,In 'mlltli llml. x. -I ailing, t.i5u:g:i1l"i.....ll!it1i::'l Itnarlllzlf-1'tw "'l i 1 I 'iii-,Eb fi 'R A M llftavn i iv-L Aix 23261776 ei C f':j,vN 1 192.8 32665 Cnulmuui, lhinif-l Carroll, 'Vera Conklin, Alma Cook, Frederick Vmftnn. .Xrlino Cuinberland, Esther Cox. Caroline Cottingham. Virginia D1-nnis, lfldwarcl Daniels, Faye Dermond. Lawrence Davis, Mary Ellen Cuneo, Paul Dunham, Jessie Dennis, Lula. Belle Davis, James 85 .nv iff ff-B MN 'iii J , 1 , Ni NX V Sf, is-I i iw Nj 1 Nl W1 'Q QQ " X ,Nl i , W .,i.-.:- - . ,Jigga-..,, 5 1776 INDIANXQIBZB DYE, JOE-Joe was a loyal member of our class, and a faithful worker in school organizations. He was a member of the H1-Y 3, 4, Modern Lang- uage Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4, ,Science Club 4, Reception Committee 3. Dunmznan, XV.-XNDATVVEIIIIHI is a quiet little miss, but.very active and popular member of both social and school organizations. She was a member of Girl Reserves 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4, Nature Study Club 4. DE1..xw'rnn, AILEEN-Aileen and Jimmy are popular members of our class. She has belonged to the Girl Reserves 1. 2, 3, 4, President 4, Home Econ- omics Club 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Class Secretary 1, A-Ray Staff 3. EPPLY, Knrroe--Keith fought hard for the honor of our school as a mem- ber of the Track Team 2, 3, 4, and the Football Team 2. 3. 4, He was active in the Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Student Council 1, 2, X-Ray Staff 4. DUDDERAR, DEIRUTHAR--'IJ6l'Oiil3l' took the co-operative course and conse- quently was with us only half of the time, nevertheless he became popu- lar among' the members of our class. He was interested in science. DILLMAN, HliI.liN---HCIEII is a favorite member of our class. She was es- pecially interested in Commercial subjects. She has been a member of the Commercial Club 4, Student Council 3, 4, and Spanish Club 1. Ecxnl., iw.-XIEIAN-A'1'iZ1l'i0ll was the only Senior girl in the band. She also belonged to Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43' Girl Reserve Trio 43 Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Nature Study Club 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, G. R. Play 2, Orchestra 3, 4. FRIEDMAN, Eum-txt-1-Aftei' roaming .the world over Eugene has selected old A. H. S., his,"Alma Mater." Durin f 'his wears here Eu ene became . 5 s . a member of the H1-Y, Senate, Modern Language Club, and Science Club. FAUST, .lo,xN-"Jo" has a certain fine dignity. She was a popular member of our class, belonging to Girl lleserve 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Booster Club 3, Treas. of Class 3, Sec. 'Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4,'G. R. Play 4. liLL1soN, GENlivinvlzer-".li11x", the friendly, belonged to the Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Xlice-Pres. 2, Pres, 3, Student Council. 2, Pres. of Girls' Booster Club 3, A-Ray 'Staff 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, Girls' Glee Club ., Rec. Com. 3. EDIVIUNDS, ltlanv Louisa-Mary Louise is the quiet sort who somehow ac- quire many frienels. She was a very good student and has been a member of the Commercial Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Dramatic Club 4, X-Ray Staff 4, Annual Statfffypistt 4, and the French Club 2. Fnosr, BYRON-Byronls four years have been a success. He was interested in voice culture. He took part in the Operettas during his last three years and was a member of the Boys' Glee Club 3, 4. FARHEN, JOHN-J0i'lIl supported our school as a member of the band and ' the orchestra. He belonged to both all four years, John was also a mem- ber of the Hi-Y one term of his last year. VVe think highly of John. 1'ltIEL lthnrulnlii Vlflrgueiite belonged to the Girl Reserves 1. 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3 4 Latin Club 3 4 Treas 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Annual Staff 4 Guls Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Operetta 3,143 G. R. Sextette 4. ' Gusinx lousl- louise entered high school at mid term, but has sue- ceeded in gradutting with our cliss She is a good student. She was Secletary 'lreasuler of the Science Club dining her Freshman year. GltII'I'1'IH Jnus James was interested in track and offered his services l to that team during his Ju111or year He was also an active and popular 1,11 llhiqu in member of the Senate 1 4 Hes the right sort in every way. I 1 A1 l hi ql 1 I ll in l I tl Ill W' lllllf ' ' 1 1 , I un ll I ,, A HMM ' in Y, b A Y, S I-g QA. is I' .1 E a 1 . is' V l ' 'WUI '1 1- ' . . K ,' I 1 i i, i :Hi Ill. Q i V i ' ' . . i lat. Mila I -A 1'T ' 3 " li. tilli,,xEl1,W.,liifggitlttwjlu m A ., I E , . 3 . i taint.. till? ii.. i-'U vbiliflmir iiiin , ' D i .I 1 ' 'l'iqliI'i'd5iii!1!'jiinih' . -.',..tlit1.,-:lull 1 tlii4JhHil"1 iiiililiiljx, - P I' ' 1' tl 'tl' .N liilll lliiieiiiiiiuilttlia, ' 'Jil ' lift.: .1 hh- "' P I D l - Vlffifglv' I,,.",'ii"I'Ifg. wtiilhtil ,I It - I 'Ii!:l:i:mIi:'IIIlIlfiiswllliiiM,Ii1EI12?.:Hgh ,Ivlllu L4 . , V .L A-fy - 1776 INDIAN ISZS 'r 0 Q XX! -1 -'X X I , if x lx NX f si X ' x . -T, N .J if Dye. Joseph I5l1LldE'l'2l1'. XYanda DeLuwter. Aileen Eprply. Keith 5 ,Q DllCll1t'1'Hl'. Iloroiher Hillman, Helen Egkel, Marian! Frledman, Eugene , 'L Faust, Joan Ellison, Genevieve 'Edmnnds, Mary Louise Frqsp, Byron ff XX 'J Farrell, John Friel, Marguerite Gustin, Louise Grlfflth, James X7 f 2 X 87 fx- , Ye f ,lg x W -fifanx fzxxbx X' 1 f-ffJA'J W q ,--9 35M-fx L .uni W. ... VV.. --.M--J-ww-Aw-5------A 4,..,, grip-m - f- 1 EQZQIY '16 5321 NDIANZQIBZ8 ?EaE GuAY, Doao'rHv4Dorothy was active in athletics. She was on the Girls' Basketball Team 1, 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Student Council 3, French Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 3, Treas. Mod. Lang. Club 4, ,Reception Com. 3. ' l.: much inter- CFNDA I'I-XROID-l'l2ll'0ld is a popular member of oul c ass, ' which he held membership. He ' 3. 'u .i' . V . . ested in the various organizations m . belongedjto the Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, X-Ray Staff 2, 3, Reception Com.1n1ttee HARTLEY, JAINIES--uPCl0,, took a special, interest in boosting our school. b l nfcd to the Student Council 2, 3. 4, Mod. Lang. Club 2:Dramat1c 'l b 3, Track team 3, Operetta 3. She He e o gl Club 3, 4, Boosters' Club 1, 2, 3, Glee C u GIZHRKIE, GEBTllUDE-'GQl'lI'llll0 has a modest, winning way about her. was in the Operetta 3, 'Girl Reserve Play 1, 2, Dramatic Club 2. 3. 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Glee Club 3, 4. b '1 valuable member H.XRMON, DON-T'l'll'0I.lgh four years Don has een . D of our track team. establishing records and at the same 111110 gaining a victory for A. H. S. He belonged to the Hi-Y 4. HLTDDLESTON, RUTH-Ruth is faithful and sincere. She was very much in- terested in Cocmmercial work and has made good grades in those subjects. She was a member of the Commercial Club 14, and Science Club -4. H.-XNCOCIK, DONALD-D0l12llil has always shown special interest in ath- letics and was selected as Athletic Editor o'-f the Annual and X-Ray staffs. He was a member of our trac-k team 3, 4, and Hi-Y 4, ne of our "little,' girls. She has a good C' l ' Glee HoTcHKIss, HELEN-HClC11 is o voice and is a popular singer. She was a member of the urs X Club 1, 2, Commercial Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, and Operetta 2. ll.xn1.aN, Camuic ,E'r.'r.x-fCarrie Etta spends much of her time at the Pub- lic Library and intends to follow this line of work. She has been a mein- ber of Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, COIl1lll6I'C12ll Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3. HUNT, JQHN-.lOl1l1 attended Lake Forest Academy two years of his high school life. He belonged to our Modern Language Club, Boosters' Club, and Latin Club. His Sophomore class elected hi111 presldent. Hlsnnlcii, GENEVIEVE-G0llCVl0VQ has been interested in Home Economics and has been very successful in that line of work. She has been a pop- ular member of the Home Economics Club 3, 4, and' the Dramatic Club 4. ' ' " l t work this last se- HA1t'l'ZEI.I,, Donis-Doris has been doing post gi at ua e ' H tme Grades. She has been an active and d Club 4. mestcr and has been making D popular member of the HOIIIC Econ. Club 3, 4, andthe Nature Stu y VV llllll VVillia.m was particularly interested in the Senate ' ' -Pres 4 He graduated llovizRM.x1.ia, f 1 . . . -- . and served as assistant reading clerk 2, and Vice- . , in three and one-half years. He was popular socially, and a good student. GUEST, ll1AIi'l'HA-lV.lilI'lh2l has been popular in Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Econ. Club 3, Dramatic Club 4, X-Ray Staff 4, Girls' Glee Club 2': .J . W1 my Girl Reserve Play 1, Operetta 2, French Club 1, 2, and on G. R, Team 2, B. I-'l lu' , 'QIEIF 'll HENllX', EMILY--"Anne" has been a very active worker on the X-Ray Stall while she was a Junior and a Senior. She was also an member of Girl I I Reserves 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, Latin Club 2, 3, and Dramatic Club 4. I, mu HUSTON, VICTOR--wylCl0F was especially interested in his science and It ,IILI,lllltgmiiwzjjil,II' mathematics classes. He was a member of the Chorus 2, 3, and Special IWW''IMG'QW'I1I'1III.IWlllIiI1q Chorus 2. Victor also belonged to the Hi-Y 3, 4, and Mod Lang. Club 1, 4. .I I"',' Ifl l II, , I . .IIIIII IIIIIII':IiII I-1,..1IIl "I II I' '.IlI.I':llEImmIIi. I I I ' ' III IIIIIIII' I' IIIIIIIIII' 38 I , I'llI . ll IN' V "'llllI"I'IL "" r' I ---' "'.u,II fl-X gI'IIIII1I,IIIIIIe.I1!llIIIIIIIte' if! I 1, I ull an , I ' '1'lII'I", ."II'IIl"iIl"I' III""l'II'1l'+l'l - I4 J I.i5:IIIIi"I-....fII!II1:1Ii'I Iilliilultlllllll'Illlll "I" ' IIE I' . ff aww-ItgtQIl.I"ii. 1 4.,- ZMQLQ' J EQZQI 7 6 QEINDIANZ 1.92.8 3352 Gra y, Doro thy Harmon, Don ff I I f' X ' I' -, ll- 1 X X f I X I N ,J Y Genda, Harold Hartley, James Gehrke, Gertrude -R Huddleston, Ruth Hancock, Donald Hotchkiss. Helen ,-K x ': Harlan, Carrie Etta Hunt, John Hedrick, Genevivvr- Hartzell, Doris I7 f 3 Hovermalc, WVilliam Guest, Martha Henry, Emily Huston, Victor I X I ' abr ' K .N , N 2 ,f--N.,.,x - JAH is Q , 'J W MQ aage177eeeE1Nn1ANZe192.aegag HUGHES, KENNETHZNXVC know that Ke1111eth will make good wherever he is. His major interest is the violi11. He belonged to our high school or- chestra during his Junior and Senior years, a valuable member, too. KIIYK, NONIl.XS-NIJIIHHS is a popular girl with a wide .circle of. friends. Her winsome smile is part of the secret. Her 11211110 IS a filllllllal' one on the high school Honor Roll, and she does 1t without confuslon. HULI., M.x1+:Y-Mary l1as a charm of manner peculiarly her own, She was popular ini the Girl Reserve Plays 1, 2, 3. She was a member. of Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Econ. Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 4, Spanish Club 1, 2. JoNEs, FRANKLIN-FI'HIlkllll,S words are few buthreliable. He was a pop- ular and loyal member of our class and was quite act1ve 111 .H1-Y during his last three years. Franklin belonged to the Commercial Club 4. JONES, REX-REX served his school well as a member of the Track Team during his Junior and Senior years. He was also a lll0Il1h61'.0f the H1-X 2, 3, 4, and the Com. Club 4, We are glad to include him 1n our class. HELPLING, HELEN-Helen attended St. Mary's when she was a Freshman and Sophomore, and is a popular member of our class. She belonged to our Latin Club 35 Secy Mod. Lang. Club. 4g Glee 'Club 3, 4, Operetta 4. HART, EL1zABE'rH--Elizabeth is a very good student and a fine friend. She has done especially good work in the Home Economics Department. . She was a very popular member of the Home Economics Club 3, 4. KENNEDY, CHARLES--Charles, graduation means the loss of a good cheer, leader. As well as serving as our cheer leader 3, 4, Charles was active 1n the H1-Y 33 Boosters' Club 3g Rec. Colm, 33 Glee Club, and Operetta 3, 4. KEssLEn, BllililtllNIAN---RlCl'l'llllilll was particularly interested in music zand was a member of the Boys' Glee Club during his llast two years. He was also i11 the Operetta 2, 3. Merriman belonged to thc Science Club 4. .loHNs, EDITH-Editli has done fine work throughout her high schoolfca- reer, She has many friends among the fstudents. She was a popular mem- ber of the Home Economics Club 4. She was also Advisory President 4. Hannon, JEN1v1E-"Jay11e" has been very successful i11 both social and school activities. She was a member of the Girl Reserves 1, 2, 33 Stu- dent Council 1, 25 Modern Language Club 43' Glee Club 4, and Operetta 4. JONES, RALPH-Ralph has been prominent ill class activities through his four years. He was interested i11 athletics, playing on various high school basketball teams and on the track team during his last two years. KAREL, Rom-:R'r-Robert was a well-known.me1nber of the class of 19285 He was especially active ln our social activities. Robert belonged to the' vlodern Language Club during his Freshman and Sophomore years. ' lxl EEBERCIR K-KTHRYlN Katy of the auburn curls IS very popular in the ut department and has made a sple11d1d record 1n that line. She has been a member of Girl Reserves 2 3 'Vlod Lang Club 1 2 H. E. Club 3, 4. l Hxxs JOHN John Joined us during h1s Senior ycar having attended Frankton High School his first three lyears Whllt 1n H. S. John took advanced work in mathematics his special interest He IS very likeable. Kuxc JOE Joe graduated 1n three and one half years. He belonged to I J the Senate 1 2 Latin Club 1 Science Club 1 Dramatic Club 1, 2, Boys' E pn I Boostci Club 1 2 3 He IS 'one of the frlendhest souls in the world. 1 1 1 ,. all ll Il 1 1 All 'P ,lr , , . , ulluu, x - - I lu" li?- ili Iii' I 1 I ' K D 1 9 1 '. I I Y 3 , rihtiifl Ti, r , , 1 T? - - ' . . . A y . ' C . 1 . , . . ' . I I ' . ' ! 1' li- . 'Filli'liiiln.1'liiIiiilim: Q . '- - . - 1 - '. ' 1 HgmsillllliIilrulgmitll-llwhllwIIIIT i I' 1 9 , 9 . 9 ' "il ' ' ' ' l,f:,, ,.fllil,Elir" ,:qllilpslll " H4 1"'l ' fl' "i'l':1E,ui11lIIlil: '11 1, l LJ lllll ll' I I 1 Ill 'Ill' -f 1 lf it Mum ililll' ff ' 'lln:fl,!iu1I::1i'wMw' ' 4' IIly'Hiiifl"y Ilfllitilllllifilm lt,'ll':l5l, ll lr' J lIEWI:IllL,I,,!!!W:'ll ::iM,iIhllI?, 'Ili lvl ll I L i -731- ": , ,ez 'xA Ui.: . I-Fig.. 'dl-lfrlhldimlhlis Q E?E177eeeE1Nn1ANi 192.83265 Hughes. Kenneth Junes. Rex Kessler, lllerrinnni Karel, Robert Kirk, Nondas Hvlpling, Hvlen Johns. Edith Klvehergvr, Katlwryn XXX X llull. Mary Eliznbvtli Jones. Franklin - Hurt. Elizabeth Kennedy, Charles .f F Hzlrrod, Jennie Jruws, Railph ff Hays. John King, .lof- 91 M W .Z X' I' "N xx' ij' xx X N :J l X ,l gf ' J" f N J 1, ff I If , ix T. N jf W in limi JR 2?ZQ17'2'6 aeElNDlAN 1,92.8 3255 KELTNEB, Homer: JOSEPH-W0 owe lllllch to Horace for his work as Annual cartoonist, a task which he has successfully accomplished. He took an active part in the Operetta 3, 43 and belonged to the Senate 1. LOVIN, ALICE-Alice is a very quiet girl, but a prime ,favorite with those who know her. She has made a fine schol'astic record, and was a pop- ' ' ' Club 2, 3, 4, and Girl Reserves 1. ular and active membei of the Latin LYTLE, SYBIL-"Syb" has made a place of her own since she came here last year. She attended Warsaw High School 1, 2, and Tech. High as a Junior. She was a member of Girl Reserves 4, and Dramatic Club 4. KING, RAYMOND-Raymond was one of our active Seniors. He held mem- bership in the Commercial Club 1, 2, 35 Student Council 4, Modern Lang- uage Club 1, 2. Raymond gave his services to the Track Team 3, 4. DIASTERS, JAMES-James was a willing worker and proved this in the Hi-Y and the football team. James belonged to the Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4g Student Council 25 Reception Committee 3, and was in the G. R. Play 2. ' b t when LEEVER, Runvi-Ruby has not attended school this last semester u a member of the school she was popular. She is known to many by her curls. She was interested in the Home Economics Department. Lownv, DONNAZDOIIIIEI finished her work in mid-year. She is the ki of girl one remembers with pleasure. She was a member of Girl Re- ' ' l b 1 2, 3, 4, Pres, 4g French Club 1, 2, 3. nd serves 1, 2, 3, Home Economics C u , LONGANECKER, RUTH-Ruth was popular everywhere, but particularly in musical organizations. She belonged to Girls' Glee Club 1. 2. 3,43 Oper- etta 2, 3, 4, G. R. Sextette 43 G. R. 2, 3, 4, G. R. Play 3,Junior Rec. 3. LANANE, GEORGE-GC01'g0 was a most cheerful and friendly classmate. Ile has made many friends, in school a11d social life. George is sure to make a success in any thing that he might be inclined to undertake. LYTLE, VELMA-Velma has a quiet, charming way. In Home Economics work she has done excellent work. She has been a popular member of the Student Council 2, 35 Modern Language Club 1, 2g Home Ec. Club 3, 4. MAHONEY, JERRY-Jerry attended St. Mary's school during his first two years. He has just the little bit of Irish we needed. He was popular in class activities. Jerry was elected President of the Student Council 4. LAUGHLIN, JESSIE-Jessie became a member of our class when she was a Junior. She attended St, Mary's during her Freshman and Sophomore years. Since coming here, she has been very popular and active. BICKONVEN, MARSHALL-Marshall was usually quiet and serious, but always friendly. He was interested in athletics and was devoted to the Track Team during his Soph., Junior, and Senior years. He's a good Indian. I l d f the happy dependable girl like Den- ,il LomsNz, DENZLIZ-X30 are ga or , zle. She has a smile and a kindly word for everyone. She was a member fi! of Girl Reserves 43 Home Economics Club 4g Girls' Glee Club 2. 3. vu 'I ..:5.gi5M' gil, LITTLE, MAUDE-Maude has been very much interested in Commercial 'ik-' work, in which she has made a good record. She was an active member of the Commercial Club when a Junior and a Senior. We all like her. I ii I l 'lllwl' MCKOWEN, ROBERT-Robert's friendly manner was one of his most out- , Hwljhlli standing characteristics and this won him many friends. He was inter- nlLT:lw,IQ,Wlmltl:'t':q:'lAq1:m,r ested in track and offered his services to this team his last three years. I"v'll wi" llll I ..11,1.vf ... 1'lp.t,if'q , . 1 H lttalltv 'ULHIIIWI ill' .J"., I 1 WM" lla 'nl Hill' llfin lb 'Ml ' t ""'1-'t'11IllIIl'l: W itll' "itil lily I JW' 'JJlIlll,:'1IU Q9 . Url vi, 1 f at '- ' i """f ---' it .... "'.h!I' V ffl-X IghtfEi:eilfnliii.J1!liU.+tl'HHHh I 1 . UA' y nl'jIilffqry 1hillili:l'u,IIl l 1hmflilngwurfffgiimillMmmrllliliwml with 1 lti fe d 'Ki ,Milt W F Jsgg 5 "Ll.llw,Lx EQEIYYSQEEINDIANQ zazaeeiee? 1 N l 1 1 A 1 I I I, .. Q X ' I' X 2 " xl 1 7 ffl' 7 N ji Q Q N x V NX A , ' WS. ,V N . N Q V 1" N Y ly v Keltner, Horace Lovin, Alice Lytle, Sibyl King. Raymond ' Q 5 Masters, James Leaver, Ruby Lowry, Donna, Longalm-cker, Ruth f- XX Q: Lmlane, Gnnrge llytle, Velma Malmney. Jerry Laughlin, Jessie ff! i M1-Koweu, 1IEl'l'Sllilll Lorenzv, Denzle Little, Maude McK0wen, Robert if ,f , X . 93 V ' 1 1., IQ X ,J-I--xffx-N'-'X' ililc i .u 3321776 5921 NDIANZQIQZ8 3265 MOORE, Vi7II.LIAM-vvlllliifll was a real booster of his class as well as his school. He was a member of the Hi-Y 3, 4g'Modern Language Club 3, 4, Boosters' Club 3, .lunior Reception Committee 3, Oratorical Contest 4. Mlzo, MADELINE-lvladeline was a favorite among members of our class. She finished her school work last semester and now has a home of her own. We wish her and her husband much happiness in the future. NIILLER, JANE-JLIHC is a quiet and reserved girl, but is popular with both teachers and students. She has been an active member of the Mod- ern Language Club 4, Science Club 4, and the French Club 2, 3. MAY, HOYVARD-HOW3Fd never blustered about very much, but one could ' always count on him. He was active in the Hi-Y, to which he belonged his last two years. He, was also a member of the Operetta cast 3. NICCONNELL, NIARY CHARLOTTE-"'l'o know her is to love her." Charlotte was out last semester because of illness, but will graduate with us, we are glad to record. She belonged to G. R. 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 4g Operetta 3. IVIANNING, GEORGE-George was interested in the school in general, but particularly in history and mathematics. He was a member of the Senate 1, 2, serving as secretary 2. George was also on the Football 'Beam 3. NICCALLISTER, OTTO--0110 many a time struggled for his school through the mud and water of the gridiron. His faithfulness to the Football Team, on which he played during his third and fourth years, is commendable. McL.xUGHLxN, NIARY CATHERINE-Mary Catherine has many fine interests, but her specialty is mathematics. She is a "real,' high school girl. She was a member of Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, and the Student Council 3. NIARTZ, ROBERT-Robert was a valuable member of our Football and Track Teams 1, 2, 3. He belonged to the Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Mod- ern Language Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Boosters' Club 1, X-Ray Staff 4g Band 1, 2. NICCLEARY, l..ILLIANv1f there is magic in a smile, Lillian possesses that power. She has not said so much around school, but she has somehow acquired a large group of friends, in both her class and in the school. Nl.-XY, Doms-Doris, is one of those "little but mighty" people. She was a valued member of the Girl Reserves during her second and fourth yfears, and of the Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4, serving as Vice-President 4. MONEYHUN, MYRON-Myron deserves credit for the lettering he did for the Annual. He very willingly contributed his time and skill. Myron was a member of the Boosters' Club 1, 2, and of the Student Council 1. MEEKER, CLIF'roN-Clifton was a popular member of the co-operative '1- , class. He was much interested in the vocational courses and his activities were mostly confined to this department. He was always dependable. f MURDOCK, MARTHA-Martha entered high school at mid-year, and is grad- uating in three and one-half years. We are very glad to own her as one it of the members of our class. True worth-that fits -Martha perfectly. ...,..flilf lite, Mitts, MARY-Mary attended the Middletown High School during her first lil! two years. As a student of this school she has belonged to the Student l Council 4. She is an all-round girl and friend and we are proud of her. I 5 niilwllil. MCCLEAD, FoRnEs'r-Quiet though he is, Forrest is a faithful friend and a I luulmllltn n,'.l,lll,lll good student. He was a real Sportsman who could take defeat without ,!L1ll,t,lm -l-lmllll'l't.n-all'him' offering an alibi. He belonged to the Hi-Y 3, 4, and T rack Team 2, 3, 4. l 1 "'llll"'lI' "ll'ilillifillliiE , 4" I, 'w ' ,I :lull ' lip ll l'illlll'l11Ellli k lllllillllilglllmw 1 gm ' H I , tl , I ll' 'l .lilIl'll.rlgl illll l ill:al'lltal 94 , a ,l'l.h "vA F rw -lllll ML! l,llfltl1lt51i.,:lllm I , I llllll l'. "W .'Ii"""l- nlll"l'i'llI" lr - 1.-mm ,.ig,:plll"l.....fl5Ell1:n'l l:i,elullllll 'lIlu-in "" ' HL? like gi A. -,Hti4---1 ga . I ' L, f--' 1 - -.--M -v -V -v-., i 23231776 QE INDIANQ 1928 SEZQQE l 1 l ix ,f ,M NU fly XX xiii fig, NX ' Q ,gf N ,xl FQ H Nb, 5 s V1 A V-VJ I. .,, f?f7 2' 5 ' N- , ,J i Y Jf Moore, XVilliam 'Meo, Madeline Miller, June May, Howard ,k McConnell, Mary C. Manning, George MoCallistcr, Otto Mczliaiughliu, Mary U. ff 'N Martz, Robert Mcflreary, Lillian May. Doris Mnneyhun. Myron ,ff N, XX Meeker, Clifton Murdock, Martha Mills, Mary Mcfjlead, Forrest, ff H X X i VX f ii i f fzrz,-:J y, X VW? i WX4 -ifffxfvwwyfqg J 'ik ,lfflx Qi 'X-:4',T,5lf:2 klyx' l i wif bf do r7-,f,f1 WN ri V 32546, E?Zae1'7'Ic?.: QEEINDIANZQIQZS 3255 N , FR MILDRED-Mildred has been very much interested in work done ESSL , in the Home Economics Department and has spent much of her time there. She was a member of -that Club 2, 3, 4. She is a winsome little lady. PARKER, LESLIE-vLeslie was quite popular as a member of our class and he served as its secretary through his senior year. Leslie playged on the Football T'eam and Golf Team during his Junior and Senior years. MARSHALL, NORMA-Norma with the pretty auburn hair, became a mem- ber of our class in her Sophomore year, havingl attended Muncie High 1. She belonged to our Student Council 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Operetta 4. OCKOMAN, RICHARD-XNB boast of Dick for many reasons, but especially as a basketball star. He made the team during his Freshman year and has played regularly these four years. He was also on the Track Team 3, 4. PRESTON, CHARLES-Senate 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Science Club 1, 3, 4, Honorary Society 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Boosters' Club 3, Class Vice-Pres. 1, Pres. 2, X-Ray Staff 3, Annual Staff 4, Football 3, Oratorical Contest 3, 4. PEARCY, DEAN-DEED is a very conscientious and dependable worker. She became a member of our class in her Junior year. She has. made many friends and an excellent record since casting her lot with us. OREBAUGH, ENID-Enid has a power to win and hold friends. She is an excellent student, particularly in Commercial work. She was an active member of the Commercial Club 3, and belonged to the Dramatic Club 2. O,BRIEN, CHARLES-Charles enrolled here during his third year, coming H member of our Basketball Team 3, 4, from St. Marys School. e was a and Track Team 4. Charles was Class Sergeant-at-Arms 4. VVe're for him! RICHESON, JACK-Jack joined the Hi-Y during his Junior year and was ' ' lar and faithful quite active there 1n his Senior year. He was a popu booster of our class, and a most companionable and friendly chap. 0 ular girl in both school PLESSINGER, MAXINE--'iM3C,, has been a very p p and social activities. She was an active member of the G. R. 1, 2, Span- ish Club 1, 2, Secretary 2, Dramatic Club 3, 4, and Reception Committee 3. b of the Dramatic Club Sec- PASHO, RUBY-Ruby was a prominent mem er , retary 4, and in the Play 3. She belonged to Girl Reserves 1, 2, Student Councillg Boosters' Club 3, X-Ray Staff 3, Rec. Com.3, Spanish Club 1, 2. RICKETTS, MALI'-M28 has been very popular both in social and class ac- tivities. She has been a member of Girl Reserves 3, 4, Mod. Language ' l ' ' ' C 'ttcc 3. Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Home hcon. Club 1, Reception omnu HUNYAN, GLEN-Glen left his. name on the football records, having played half-back on our Football Team during his Senior year. 'Glen was also a most valuable member of the Student Council during his fourth year. PIKE, HELEN-HSl6H is one of the members of the school who have made the X-Ray a success this year. She belonged to Girl Reserves 1, 2, Com- ' ' ' ' - T ' ff 4. mercial Club 3, Student Council 2, 3, Girls Booster Club 3, X Ray Sta I I. mliill ifiigm PIIQRCE, MARIE---Marie is a very good student and has made a fine schol- 'gmt' " aStlC record. She has been an active member of the Girl Reserves 1, 2, the Spanish Club 1, 2, and the Home Economtcs Club 1, 3, 4, President! 4 lil 1 ,dllllllll RFCTOR, MAURICE:-Maurice was an outstanding member of Markleville ,X lug Hlgh School during his Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years. He en- IIL ll it,mil:Wwlgllllhlm tered our school last year and became an esteemed member of our class. !' lh fq Rl ' lp' lx +lluilwlhlllllssffl lu . Qu. l --1, .,glii,-WE" ""lmlif1,.t ,Ill " IH U if llllmluvlnlllv l in IW A ,.IM.1lilu1. llxusl ll" 'il'llu.ll. qt, Mali 1 'lf'r'l"1lf,,.. ' lllllllllallllli. 'lllQt1:flll5ll:t:2:i1faHwif f ,yxf I .1'Ill", ,Iirl'lllil'l"l I,m,Ml'lii'lsu,1l.lly E L ,I Iszwgiiiif,'gllilfa-.,i:Ii'i5Qqi.,,.,1ll1iEwq1lu:.i2, ."I"" I. LJ N 1 Af- mf -- Vw' Z 177fi-leegxlxinllfxrfxi 192.52555 4 T l f f l A 1 , 4 ,5 I - 6 fu V 1.5 . 3- Q sew '1 Yah 5 - Q J ll 1" -. Nl! X X L . KOA - N l ' N bf l X1 X rj I . UW Nessler, Mildred Parker, Leslie Marshall, Norma Ockomon, Richard Preston, Charles Pearey, Dean . Orebaugh, Enid 0'Brien, Charles -fag X Richeson, Jack Plessinger, Maxine Pnsho, Ruby Ricketts, Mae ,ff N X l Runyan, Glen Pike, Helen Pierce, Marie Rector, Maurice 11 X I PX H ,lm i - 2431776 aaEiND1ANie192.aeEag RAY, Fnunf-Fred served his class faithfully as a, member and supported all of its activities. He played on the Basketball Squad during his third year and was a prominent member of the Hi-Y, 3, and the Latin Club 3. SHAMA, GmeTcH1-:N--Gretchen completed her course in mid-year, but is graduating with us. She has been an active member of the 'Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Girl Reserve Play 2, and Operetta 2. SHIVELY, VITRA-Vitra has been with us only during her Junior and Sen- ior years. She has belonged to Girl Reserves 3, Student Council 4, Dram- atic Club 3, 4,4 Hon. Soc. 4, Booster Club 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4. RARIDEN, LoRN-"Curly's" interest was in athletics. He played on our Basketball and Football Teamsl 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Mgr. of the Basketball Team 1, 2. He belonged to Student Council 2, Athletic Assn. RUSH, DONNA MAE-Donna Mae is another member of our class graduat- ing in three and one-half years. She has belonged to Girl Reserves 4, Sec- 1'etary of Com. Club 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3. STEELMAN, LAVONNE-Lavonne is known to many of us as either "Brick' or "Von", She works well and has proved this by graduating in three and one-half years. She is esteemed by both the faculty and student body. ROACH, V1oL1a'r-Violet is the girl with the friendly smile and is well known in the school. She has been a popular member of Girl Reserves 2, Student Council 4, and Home Economics Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4. Roor, Romim'-Robert was a member of the Track Team 3. He had con- siderable musieal talent and was in the Band 1, 2. Robert also belonged to the Student Council 1, and Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, serving as sergeant-at-arms 3. STRIKER, MARY JEAN-Mary has spent much time up in the art room, doing some fine work there. She has belonged to Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 3, Science Club 2, 3, Annual Art Editor 4. She is a good student. SHILLINGFORD, BONNIE-TI'llC merit and attraction combine in her. Bonnie was a member of Student Council 1, Home Economics Club 4, Secretary Iirst semester and president second, A-Ray Staff 4, Annual Staff 4. SIBBACH, MARY-Her works and her friends do praise her name. Mary belonged. to Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Honorary Society 2, 3, Latin Club 3, Annual Staff 4, 'Girls' Glee Club 3, and played 'cello in the Orchestra 1, 3, 4. SUMMA, FLOYD-Floyd hails from Hill Springs, lll., where he attended school one year before entering here. He served as an Annual sales- man during his fourth year. Floyd was known for his pleasant manner. ROUSH, SIGEL-Sigel was an active member of the Commercial Club 4, Senate 1, 2, Student Council 4, Latin Club 2, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Boos- ters' Club 2, 3, Reception Committee 3, Operetta 2, 3, Class Treasurer 2. SHIPLEY, LENORA-LCHOFZI is an excellent student and has been an active ,, worker in all class activities. She has also been a popular member of ,iupf QM the Student Council 4, and Latin Club 2, 3, Secretary her third year. ml ,lrjnf nu' I l ' "ilgi!i' ll' RODECAP, HERBERT'-HCFiJOYt was enrolled in the co-operative class, work- ing at the Remy Electric Company half time. He played basketball on the P I ' I ,Mm high school teams and was a member of the Student Council 2. I 'ill' wil'- SHOCKNEY, EUGENE-Eugene was interested in music and was a member :Llm'1!.,l,,mIg,g,5i11e,1:1A1i2tfi1t-,M of the Band 1, 2, 3. He served his class in helping with the candy sales 4. He belonged to the Science Club 2, 3, and the Boys' Glee Club 1. ,i'lH' 'llI1If'11-"twill ft' l II' -l lllmlmlinulillllllin l .ell will -ll-'t'lifl1', . X 'nil' till ll 98 its li lllvl l"' Q? DSL ,Mit 1 in tlgatDllg,, vin It A lIt,lll-lily' V illllli I6 I gq:Ilm':wiIiIl W , I I,,.,,4g4g,.IIl l,,.:',jg:iIg,gt.I ,ggitnw I., AM.. still?tif"i.,.triifl1i'iii' lililiiilalr it ' f- Sf 51 "XA ...Qxu:ILAhLN W a5Ees177eeeE1Nn1ANiQ19zae Z , ' 'ax N 'K x ' f X XX' f X f if H n X BJ . X. E N. Y ff, ,, X eg . B . ,. . x N ' Ray, bred SI 1 Xltra Rarlden. Larn ,Q J g' Rush, Donna Mae R I X ole! Roof, Robe-rt .. I L Striker Marv Jean SH I M Qumma Floyd ff R I X RulSgl hi 1111: Slk 1-:nge f Q X! X 99 ' A .,, N 7, .,,,.,-f-x4'N""-x.. 9 ' fzi'-f""'J U ,z -.', ,J EEZQITICJ QEINDIANZQIQZ8 3252 STARR, WALTER-Walter was one of our true Indian rooters. He was present at our athletic contests, and "stood by" in victory and defeat alike. Walter was also a popular student in our school and class. SCHROPE, PAUL-Paul's name is at the head in scholarship. He also won honors on our Track Team 2, 4. Paul belonged to the Hi-Y 43 Latin Club 3, 4, President 43 X-Ray Staff 33 Secretary-Treasurer Honorary Society 4. SMITH, ITIERBER1'-Alth0Ugh Herbert was not so active in school, he was very actively interested in the Scouts. Through this organization Her- bert truly served his school and community. SIBEBT, MATTHEW-Matthew was interested in the Citizens' Military Train- ing Camp, where he has spent three summers. He belonged to the Senate 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 23 Modern Language Club 1, 2, Treas. and Pres. STEPHANS, MARCUS-Marcus' interest was in athletics particularly. He ' his last three years, and the Football was on the Track Team during mher of the Student Council 3. - Team 3. Marcus was also a me T1MMoNs, RHETA-Rheta has been very much interested in Girl Reserve work. She has also belonged to the French Club 1, 2g Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Rec. Committee 33 G. R. Play 2g and Jr. Vaudevilld 2. VOGEL, ROSE-R058 has been a very popular member of the Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3g Student Council 3g Modern Language Club 43 Dramatic Club 33 Booster Club 33 Annual Staff 4g Rec. Committee 33 and G. R. Play 1, 2. TAYLOR, EDNA--Edna is a quiet and reserved girl, and also very depen- dable. She is very serious in her studies and was a member of the Home Economics Club during her Senior year. She is of sterling worth. lv VVEER, CRYSTAL-Chrystal was a member of our class until this last semes- 1 ter when she moved to Dayton, Ohio. She belonged to the Girl Reservesg Booster Club 33 Nature Study Club 43 Girls' Glee Club 3, 43'0peretta 3. S'r1NsoN' FORREST-FOI'I'6St graduated at the end of the fall semester in our Senior year. He finished the school year as an employee of the Remy. Forrest was a co-operative student. He has many friends. VONDERHIDE, MARIAN-Marian has been especially interested in work done in the Home Economics Department. She has been an active mem- ber of the Spanish Club 1, 23 Home Econ. Club 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 4. VOLMEP., ALTA--Alta has been a very good student and has worked hard in all her courses all through high school. She became a member of the Honorary Society when she was a Senior. lar and active Seniors. Ile NVEER, JACK-J3Ck was one of our most popu . was a member of the Hi-Y 1, 23 Modern Language Club 1, 2, 33 X-Ray Staff 3, 43 Football Team 1, 23 Reception Committee 3. WANTLAND, MARIE-Marie is jolly and well liked by fher many friends. She is very much interested in Commercial work and has done fine j.I work. She was a member of Girl Reserves 4, and Commercial Club 3, 4. Miiwl iiifak VVHELCHEL, Manx' HELEN-Mary Helen is a quiet girl, but her fine qual- lilif ities speak for her. She is much interested in music and in art. Her 1 scholastic record is high, and her place in our 'esteem secure. .IL ' "'i""i" XVALKER, NELDA-Nelda took part in all features of the Dramatic Club ' l.o took an active role in the Boostel ' ' . it. 2 She was a member 2, 3, 4, and a s Club 33X-Ray Staff 23 Glee Club 1, 23 Rec. Committee 3, Opere fi U1 'u'N1v'4 I J li 'T U' xy i ll 1 l A W, 1 ilu-2 tm ilia ,i hggitiw, vl3lv'i:Eiwi'w Vu 1. .ESM-1' 'gh 1' Muir , it it '.I3'iW:tefg113E11Q M ix 'E 1 ily Iliwliiliiiiw 1 lflu lL i it il'I'vii"l ' .i"fr "i1i'111.'9'H1't I It hm, H u W t,W.lvm'fH, V um gx liiglmliilgltxummm,M-5 1 lj' . f ,'l. IJ, I Mlilifgalxl ':.:iriliiiiiIii't. vahiiiiiglilu, it Q u5:p1i'Flu"5,,.fi'ili1s:i1iiili1gtl"li1'i?a1hiil'u "' 1 LRJJ x -E Ak A pm QI li' ,., M Ui S' I 1 ,xv lr , ., w , n 3 limi?-ir ,H NLR I A J L ,I -s M' Q 3 f ww ' li T l'1ll fifg2. E fl Emi? Ei. A? , iii .fH,,,4'l' Www 'Z' "' Starr, WValter Schrope, Paul Smith, Herbert Sibert, Matthew Stephens, Marcus Timmons, Rheta Vogel, Rose Taylor, Edna XVECT, Crystal Stinson, Forrest Vonderhide, Marian Volmer, Alta lVeer, Jack XVantland, Marie NVhelchel, Mary Helen XValker. Nelda. 101 -xl. A X.,,h 532257 '26 6521 NDIANZQIQZS 3262 VVAGONIZR, ROBE1l'l'+RObCl't was "on the job" in all school organizations, especially the Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Tfreasurer 4. He also belonged to the Science Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Modern Language Club 1, 2, 3, Senate 1, 2, Animal Staff 4, Reception Committee 3, Operetta 3, 4. XY.-XLTON, RIAIIYQNIZIYY leaves a splendid record and a host of friends when she graduates. She belonged to Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, French Club 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Booster Club 3, Winner Oratorical Contest 3, Girl Reserve Play 2, 3. WINKELMEYER, MARTHA-Martha is well liked by all who know her. She is very studious and has made good grades during her entire four years. She has been an active member of the Student Council 4, and the Science' Club 4. Snvnisnr, MYRON-wMyron was a faithful member of our class. He was especially interested and popular in our social activities. Myron was a member of the Modern Language Club 1, and Boys' Glee Club 2. VVILSON, OVVEN-OWBH contributed his services to the Football Team and Track Team during his last year. He was a very eflicient member of the X-Ray Staff 2 and 4. Owen was also an active member of the Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. vVHlE'l'STONE, HEI.EN-HCICII has been out of school a great deal because of illness, but is able to graduate with our class. We have been very glad to have her as a member of our class. 'P KLEEBERGEB, YVILLIAMZXVC, as a school, are greatly dependent on the print shop, and through this shop Williaili has been of great service to us. He was a member of the Modern Language Club 1, and X-Ray Staff 4. Bnowiv, EARL+E1ll'l graduated one term before the rest of his class lin- ished. During that semester he was an employee at one of the Remy Electric plants. He was a member of the co-operative class, and is a worthy member of the class of '28, XVILLIAMSON, PAUI.+Paul was an interested and serious science student. His work in this department as well as in others is most commendable. He made many honor grades. He was also quite active in his class, in general. He has made many friends. Donn, 'GERALD-G0l'3ld has been a popular member of our class, especially during his Junior and Senior years when he was a prominent member of our Basketball Team. His services were given unselhshly and cer- tainly appreciated by the school. ' FQWLEB, HARRY, Jn.-Harry graduated in three and one-half years. For this reason much of his t11ne was devoted to his studies with the reward J of a good record. He was a member of-the Senate 4, abd X-Ray Staff 33. SCHUMACHER, Denis-Doris is one of the prettiest and most popular bru- ' I netts in our class. She ha,s been an active member of the Girl Reserves mf 1, 23 Modern Language,Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, Reception Com. 1v'0'- 1 . . . ulliiii' ' ZVVICKIEJL, tilkaizg-glalraqlsaa chalrming little classmate. She has also been a 1ne1n er o t e ir csefves , 2, 3, 4, Modern Language Club 4, Latin it I I Club 2, French Club 3, Girl Reserve Play 2. D . ,X .I ., 'i, YATES, APBERT--Albert came fi'bIn,Green Forks, Ind., high school at the I ,l.,!,,ltig,1L1!'q,'!J2lll end of his Fresheman year. He wadlnterested in mathematics and sciences 4 ,pu 1.1nl1Iu. 1, lmwllil-'itiill'QilM!Wf11M and took advanced work in each. Albert was popular and active. .. ' IIIIIH 'gEI" . ',-"1 lu all Qi I ...'l11.."ih1L -'i'!lx'ii'l!' !1iil1f?'1liilf'1m. ...f al. . l v I.. Q yillw' will , ' VW" 102 will ' 1 liwtl. u iliilhlkg fy'-X HIMltixuiiiiiiliizirlhtattW , l e I luhl 'I'- 'wt--. f!f"v:f1 .'w"':'f-z-- lm- - t ti,p:g.fff...uwiv5wa il 'll li? i-'J' 1 'Ki ,mimi Mr' MA jy kisg' ,ting Utii.,Aii'- H 5?E177e,eEExNnlANi 192532552 I 5 r E I IZ, 7 J- T 1 'P L, 4,1 ,,,.-M, 79 O Q If X XX' J Z xxx s ww A My K 5, f x ' U fi 'I X A ' N A by rr..::2'f" WA NYag0n0r. Rub:-rt Walton, Mary XViukL-lnlvyer. Martha Seybvrt. Myron XVilsmm. Owen XVl1e-tstrmc. Helen Klveberger, Nviuiillll Bl'liXX'll. lim-I Williaznsou, Paul Dodd, Gerald ff! Fuwler, Harry Svhlnuavher, Doris Zwickel, Clara! Yates, Albert 103 -,V 1 u 'J W 'FE F X L..-. EezeerzyeeeExND1ANie192.aeEee .JI l M 'ILT law.. ulm' I "4 ngmlir I It I I, I I-III'!+.. I -I1 I'IIIII' III It IHIII v'I'IIII' I lIwIl,I1IMIH,I I w uIIm:I.i. 'Ili Iilliullttli :l,,If:III,IIIII1i1i IIIIIXII It ,uw TNQ II1 II I last semester. She has a very friends while in school. She of her school Work. BICCLINTOCK, RUTH-Ruth completed her course quiet disposition, and she has made a host of was an lndustrious student and made a-success great interest to Cecil. Never- the top. He was much inter- ested in mathematics and sciences. He belonged to the Science Club 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, and X-Ray Staff 3. ALEXANDER, CECIL-Traveling and sports were of theless, he held his record for scholarship near GEORGE, NIARION-MHI'l0ll was extremely active in our sports. He played back- guard on our Basketball Team 3, 4g and was an important member of our Track Team 1, 2, 3, 49 Football Team 43 and he belonged to the band 3, '4. contact with him. , of the Delco-Remy plants half of his time. ' ' . RAPER, HAROLD-Harold was a friend of all who came in He was a member of'the co-operative class, working at o11e STEPHEBLSON, RQBEBT---Robert was enrolled in the vocational course and during the lattbl' part of his high school life ' member of the co-operative class. Robert played on our Basketball Team-,, ear. I M Q ' . 1 , A ". I UQ , -i is 1 I V E 2 ., ' , 77 , as f Y ' I- a limi, 5 f I vs, f ', S . fg-rex 15' lim I 4 :L 4323? I 5 -In-If II 4 1' I I f I I1 Wi" 1 "-'-un.. ' 1-. ,is X I ' . , A nl u", Q' A I- ,H I U, I"',,',I.,h'lM1j1, 'ilu' II ' nI1llz,uI1 II I -"III'-f.1IlI 'IIIIIIIII I 'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII' I Il' I' , II!Ilu.uIl II' I ,f IIIIIIMWV I III, I ,fa 'I'I'IIbi.,. 104 IIIIIIII I I In IIIII.I'.I:Ilinigzmwwef l f -' ,,,q':I:n.,I l,..i.:!III"1El I,I,1.IeIa.w,,. I, I IIWII1.i.I1W 'ini .Il I ILLIE' In H I: I ee, III? an ,MIJIII4 E??17'Z6 6521 N DIANZQIBZS ?E5E LHB DCIIIOI' plily CUIIIIIIIIUJL' SCIUUICLI U18 llfillltilllflftl 'Ul Jllllj IIUIJUILB D 4 Q 1 Re-iuehart's "Babu for their 'class presentation. ' 'gy 'I in . . . . . .. - ,, . . ' Bab IS a very impulsive, energetic, vivacious Q1 Q Gonstantly restrain- ed by her older sister and mother, but who has a s a etic, and understand- ing father. The play combined love, interest, and humor. lt was better and it was different. The play scored a huge success for two nights. Thursday night there was a record audience of students, and Friday night the auditorium was iilled to capacity. The financial proceeds from the play have not been surpassed by any class or by any dramatic production in our school. The play took on the nature of a professional production. The parts were very well cast. Special explanation should be made-that Charles Preston, who was originally east for the part of James Archibald, was taken ill the day before the play and his part was very eapably filled by Charles Henry, a former A. H. S. student. THE CAST BARBARA AllCHIli.XI.ll ............. .. Donna Brown LEILA ARcHIHAI,n . . Ruby Pasho Mas. ARCHIBALD .. .... Joan Faust I I ,I JANE RALEIGH .. Mary Walton ' l'TANNAH ....... Helen Hotehkzss CARTER Bnooiis John Hunt JAMES ARCHIBALD . Lhay-les Henry EDDIE PE1zKINs Fred Rau -' Loan BEnEs1fonn .. GUY Gnosvizxon . . . . . ........... . . . .... ......... S igel Roush NVILLIAIVI ....... .............. ................... B e rnard Grossniclcl Coached by Miss Mary Wilson 105 -FX -n W Frfflsfl " 'H ' . .... I . NX V! . . . . . . N 4, . . Y .' . N 5 , Robert Wagoner xhb ,- lx h' "fn SW 1, N gf! f' E. .qv I X N 1-f""Nfvx"x' r-.:ti..f-"'ZC' 44" v,v 1 SEEING QEZI NDIANZQIBZ8 S3255 F1 'I I 'lift I n hh III! ll In if Iwi, .i In all The Class History Four years ago the graduating class of nineteen hundred twenty-eight en'- iered this school. VVere we frightened? Yes. Four ypars stretched before us-- far into a future of which we knew nothing. WVe set out, as did Columbus, with brave hearts, toward a new world. Following the example of the classes before us, we held a class meeting and elected Louis Scott as our sponsors and advisers busy adapting ourselves to first year. Our Sophomore Preston our president and our president, and Miss VVilson and Mr. Brinson as through the turbulent days to come. We were too the new life to have time for social gatherings the year was somewhat quiet also. We elected Charles ,chose our colors, blue and white. During our Junior year we began to prepare for the honorable estate of Seniors. NVe elected Robert McGranahan president, committees were chosen, and the year' began. VVe realized quite suddenly that the time for the Junior- Senior Reception was drawing near, and so proceeded to pay our dues to swell our somewhat depleted treasury. This did not make it rise more than two-thirds of the way toward the necessary amount, so we gave a theater party. The Re- ception was a great success, and' everyone enjoyed himself immensely. Then came a day when we realized our longingsf-we were Seniors. How important and indispensable we were to the world in general and the school in particular! On September 28 we re-elected Robert McGranahan president. On September 29 the' Annual Staff was chosen. Sixteen candy salesgirls and ushers were selected, and appeared at the first game on October 28h We lived in per- petual doubt for several weeks in November until all our pictures were taken and approvedjwe feared the photographer might not catch that deep and thoughtful expression on our countenances. Mr. Dietzen, of the Dietzen Bakery Company, gave our class five hundred pencils to sell, the 1928 basketball schedule was printed on them. In January the class presented the school with a VVestern Union clock which was placed over the front entrance of the auditorium, This proved to be a great help in re- ducing the number of tardy folk. We had a theater party in this monthg and since it was Leap Year, the girls had the privilege of escorting some particular boy friends to the theatre. The class sponsored a popularity contest during the Annual sales campaign. VVillard Baker and Gertrude Bryant, both Seniors, were winners. The committee for the class play was chosen, the play selected, try-outs held, and then began six long weeks of practicing. The play, "Bah", was given on the evenings of May third and fourth, and was a success in every, way. After the play, there were only five more weeks of school left, so we de- cided to make them the happiest of our school life. On June 3 the Baccalaureate Service was held in the new Gym. On the fol- lowing Monday the Seniors enjoyed a Motor Party and on Tuesday moining they took charge of the auditorium Wednesday the Seniors enjoyed a Buffet Dinner and on Thursday evening the lunioi Senior Reception was held Then the eve of our greatest triumph eame at last Commencement VS had worked four yeaxs thiough many happy hours and a few that were sorrow ful and won It was difficult to understand thit vse must bid farewell to our dear old High How we sang our school song and yelled foi the Red and Green' indeed we may travel fir and wide but the memories of Anderson High School xx ill ever remain in our hearts ff? H lllli'llll.l"' F ff Illll 'I IH! Ir ll :PHI 1 -Trl 'ii .. . . . , - . . 2 , gl, - -' , I . l ! ,, im . . . g . ' Illlrlllimljl . I , . t. 2 ,, i A . 'littill-1'-ll'""':'J:l'1il'1m'm'r ' e ' f , eiislfi-i:,li '.f iliiilfiiill .'w" ' 'Ju ll'-mill' ' ' i,'l'liih'I 'l1is.!i'.f4llm1n51,, .106 HW, 'fill' I l'gll1lI1!II::il in I i lllllll ui. . f 'ilgi:lg,I . 1',I,!l If dig., '!,q,,liL,gtv'v ,.2': X,-Ya' yflfilffll I'r:ylr!lllh'lluE. Ihilllili ,K Ill l lm, i .,55:1:gill"f..,,.,!l3l'1n::" 'gf'lif,,,,.il-11:9 ill "' "1 ' - ii - 4. s 'xA in 4, . ' it ml, - ,K ,dui I 1.1 4 s U FW 107 W HE storminess of George Rogers Clark's life was exceeded only hy its loneliness. It is known, however, through intimate family tradition that his lonely life was lightened hy one golden glow of romance. At the high tide of his accomplish- ments he met Terese de Leyba, sister of Don Fernando de Leyba, the lieu- tenant governor of Upper Louisiana. Clark and Terese spent many happy hours together during the summer and autumn of l778, and it was rumored that they were betrothed. When Clark's financial misfortunes fell upon him and he found himself bankrupt, he restored her plighted troth. Through all his life unto the end, Clark clung to this-his one romance -as "life's tenderest string." EMOHIES of high srhool dans me not all fmsovifllcrl ulth uorl fo: homanfc flitted throuqh hulls and elassfooms frosting Il rosy glou on dull routine There was hero-ufor shlp u hleh gum up mound 1he boys who pflrlirlpatcfl 'LIL the' alhlette eoenfs of the school. A fasclnalzng an of mysteru always hung-for Il tune about the new boy or girl. There fzteoe many frlenclshcps whloh lasted through the foul years of hugh school life, and even after thai, othezs new made mul then forgotten. Wherever one finds youlh homanrz can :ol help being near. And so lt ulll be unttl the end of time. Fx: ,.-if 1 -1 1-t wk E mu Q Mwmulnm-. - '-" -"'--1' -'1-'-. E Et-:'-ET:- .E , ,, ., rL:5 11? 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Q X Q21 ig! Jw, rj'-F5 i 116 ,5 i W Y , A .Q 1 6 INDlANZ 1 28? 555 SENIOR CLA-QQ PLAV 'BAE' JUNIOR SENIOR CLAQQ BACCALAUREATE GIVEN AT Trgiivl-735: SCHOOL RECEPTLON MAY 25 12Ev. MCQEAEVSSPEAKER ' ' 'Nr O U 0 'ev' d . y . 3 5, 3 ll x I, xflg Q vm 'lwlllllrdx ,- -. 5 tg S HW' " ' gs. 5 1 X K' 2 . CQJQUYK E f 11. A 'Ui Y , A BUST OF crws. QERNEEESSMEE 'N ,170 BYTHEQENIOR Q " CLASS JUNE 6 Gi fNrER AT , I J -A W u f 6 --.- 32:1 . lx - N 5 QENIORG HAVE 1-'LRE' ,W AISI W PARTY JUNEW N iq f -A 4-9' - SENLQQQ HAVE BUFFET DINNER F-1 :HA-M w w JUNE U 'D l 1. Q9 9 E 7 ' EATEL2 EET , ' v cslrifz X W JUNE5 L. 11' S- init- - K 4 ri-" -' X of....g:u , 2: U ,ll.'H'. X ' 2 SENLOQQ TAKE ' EL W WM , f if 4 .4 E N Q9 6 7 "f lf If 6 l . K ,f 1 ' I A 6 R 3 A 4 X f f' .9 6' ' 4943512 'ZLESSQT BIG PLCNLC Q 0,4 Am' JUNE7 3 4. 6 0 Q Z - Q. ' ,A vs: Emp if Q N ' . ' A A E COMMENCEMENT JUDGE FLORENCE ALLEN SPEAKER JUNE6 ini . Q MAN X 1 I5 LEE 117 3331776 QZlND1ANg192.aQ2eeE S573 E33 0 M053 215 z 118 3331776 QEEINDIANZ 192.8 3265 if-Q if M: M MSU ' 1 . .. ,ff K' Q L' ' Q E , A A , If gi 'gpg 7 " . . fi? .. . X K -:Sw -SSE? , 8, L. - - ,Zz V: 3 A ,gvfff ARNST9 AQTIST ,Ms ig ' - Too n ' 5: if Q x D5 RH OUR DUH MAJOR 1 'Nw z: V1-. Lou X505 v 4 A - 5 com: ora UPL! f 1 ' ' 'X Qs Q -A ,V Q Koi ' 55 ,5 Q7 P L 039 V Aa' 4: HC V 495-0016 Q M' 1 Q Si L,h.,,,4 , , , L " W 4 1 Tv lf " ag Q r ' rl ,V 3,5 11553, -fax - I , ,kk , :y--gg "' .,,-X 5 A' K - . W b , giif -. C-0 C , ' 7 Wo ff 1 DO:-0 wan' MY PITCHERTOOK - K-MARY LJHO 'P ' ' Goorv iz i , M, 'Y f at k A V if V Q 'QM' fa if Y : F I N Lum QQSL- I concu 00? . A Q. as '-aff 1 ' Pk L' L . 2' V Q35 Q 4' ., , ' - E C96 -Q 5 4, 1 I , f X J' it -in V3 , ia Q Q. 06? 7 . E Pi V , , ' . L ' 7 E QL ,P , osgnrm , C gy-F mm - y .X ,Q EEL? 3665 Q? I M QRDTHERM g 5 F, .iq X 5 ' 1 'SPEED' - , 'A ff ' V kagpgnr. uz "'-.- A " 'J ' A ' ' 1, oa ' M155 ANDERSON M B , f mm I Bw I bww I one - swam - 119 5531776 ee21ND1ANZe192.aeEeE Our Advertisers O the following business men- of this city who, by their generous support of the advertising section to follow, have helped us to finance our yearbook, we, the members of the 1928 Indian Staff, express our gratitude. Further, we urge that the students of this high school reciprocate bv giving their patronage to these men whenever it is possible. F ELL PAGE Delco Remy Corporation Purnell-Graham Co. Auto Hotel McMahan SL Leib Co. Hoyt Wright Kreusch Co. HALF PAGE Banner Store Stein-Canaday Co. VVeslows Hughel Buick Co. Fair Store Decker Bros. Superior VVoolen Co. Central Indiana Gas Co. Winters, Mercer CSL Brannum Vnion Traction Co. Hartzell and Jackson Garage Forkner's Studio Dietzen's Bakery FOURTH PAGE Cosmo olitan Book Store P Spurgeon Baum Furniture Co. Retz Sporting 'Goods Store Reeds Drug Store Grand Hotel Delawters Jewelry Strorc Bennetts Drug Store Rapps Louie Shoppe Goss-Walters Motor Co. VVarner Furniture Co. Riviera-Starland-Granada Acme Cleaners and Dyers Bings Kaufman Hardware Greyer Jewelry Store Timmons Grocery J. W. Bailey Co. Schuster Bros. Auto Electric Service Co. Harrison and Clapp llg Motor Co. Hayes Drug Store B3kGl',S Delicatessen Seramur Furniture Co. Kay-BeeTheatre and Cafe Graydon Collier EIGHTH PAGE Club Sandwich Shop Gardners Boot Shop Hudson Printing Co. Fraleys Grocery Red Spot Paint Co. L. A. Lamont Tire Co. Gates Williams Shoe Store Anderson News Co. Hirsch Shoe Store D. SL J. Rosenbaum Gails Cafe Busy Bee Shoe Co. Berkebile and Pilger Cecil Jewelry Store Post Office Cafe Valet Service Shop Favorite Flower Shop Brown Electric 120 5331776 SEE! NDIANZQISZ8 ?Z5SE ff:1lllllHIlllIlIIlIIlIl1IPIIirlIlIllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I ll lIIlllilllllllvllilllllilf ll'll lllIi'llIllllllI1lII'IllIlllllll!lllllllHI4llllllllllllillllilllllllllilllllll I : Congratulations to the members ofthe Senior Class and our best wishes for your continued success in every undertaking Delco-Remy Corporation ANDERSON MANUFACTURERS OF Delco-Remy Starting, Lighting and Ignition Klaxon Horns . . Lovejoy Hydraulic Shock Absorbers ' Blossom Automobile Locks. v-V 11 3?E1776 6521 NDIANZQIQZB 3252 pill llllllllilIllillllllllllllllllllllllllillll lll I llllll ll llllllllllllllllllll lllli li I lll Il I lll lllllllllllilllll I lilllllllllllllllllllll IHIV lllllllllll ll Illllll FORK ER'S STUDIO The Group Pictures and manv of the Senior pictures in this Annual were made by Otis Forkner VVe specialize in Commercial Photography, and do work for many firms in many states I am a Graduate of Anderson Senior High School IlllllllllillIllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllll lllll llllill il ll lllll lll'llllllIllIllllllilllllllI1llillllllllllllllllIliIllllllllllllllIlIIlilillllllllllllllllllllllW" IlllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIVlllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllg class- And for his "sheba" has chosen at ' Freshman lass. We Clean 'Bill' Moore has quit his class-mates, We Press wo, Give Us the Clothes And decided for him-a Junior will V l . , We Do the Rest 'O , , , Don Hancock has stayed rlght in his class And has chosen Kathryn, a fair Sen- ior lass. I saw a loving couple, 2 Hy the moonlight shadows sereenedg -E I could not keep from noticing E How singular they seemed. - Maxine Bogan: "Did you ever take E chloroform?" XYES1' EIGI-YI-'fi STREET ' Maxine Brown: "No, who teaches it." Freshie: "When do the leaves begin 5 to turn?" lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillillllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllillllllllllzsi igrlwhc 122 0242 5 1776 QEINDIANZQIBZB I llllllllllllll IllllllllllllllllllllllllllI llIlllllllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ll ll ll I ll ll ll lllllllllllllllll l llllllillll llllfll lllll I WILLYSIQTS IGHT VZRIREE? The most Valuable Cars ever offered for so little money Quality Cars at the Lowest Prices in Our History Hartzell Sz Jackson, Inc. 2 6th and jackson Sts. lllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllillllllIIIIlIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll I I lllll "The Conference Hour" CVVith apologies to Henry VVadsworth Longfellowl Between the dark and the daylight, VVhen the night is beginning to lower, Comes a pause in the day,s occupation, That is known as the Conference Hour I' hear in the halls all about me The clatter of monstrous feet, The sound of lockers reopened, And voices--sour and sweet. From my seat I can see in the sunlight Descending the broad i?J hall stair, 'Grave Alice, and laughting Allegra, And Edith with golden hair. A whisper, and then a silenceg Yet I know by their gloomy eyes They are plotting and planning together To take me by surprise. A suden rush from the stairway, A sudden race thru the hall! Ccontinued on page 1245 9 Phone 285 0 lllll Ill ll I Illlllll ll I llllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllll Illlllll ll IIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllll KAY-BEE , ARABIAN THEATRE BEST OF PICTURES AND ADDED ATTRACTIONS with Real Orchestra Music This is just a beautiful cozy, 3 new neighborhood Amuse- 2 ment House. Our one aim is E to have you appreciate our 5 courtesey and effort to please. E NO PLACE EXCEPT HOME 2 IS AS GOOD A PLACE TO EAT ' AS our. E KAY-BEE CAFE 5 and Soda Grill llllllllllllll IllIlIIlIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllillllllllllllll lllll Illll lllllll 2 3 aeierrge aeElNn1ANie1 92.5 ease Hlltlllll I ll I II I II II ll I I Ii Il I I I I I lll I I Il I It It II It Illllllllllll IIHIHIINIHIIIIHII IHIHIHIHINIIIIIlIIllllllllllllllllllllllllHIHIHI Higher Education Higher education and spec- ialization in particular fields will enable the A. H. S. Graduates of 1928 to meet life's problems with equanimity. Industry constantly de- mands more highly skilled and trained men. I't re- quires better educated em- ployees to increase its ef- ficicncy. Union Traction Company of Ind. Arthur VV. Brady, Receiver Anderson, Indiana l lllll Illlllllllllllllllllllll I ll llllllllllllilllllll lllllllllllllllll llllllllllltl Illl Illllll1IllllIlllItlllllllllllllIIllllIilllllltIllllIllllllllllllllllllllll llltllllllllllll Illllllllllllllllllllll IlllllltlIllltlllllllllilllltlllllHlllllll an SERAMUR NEW FURNITURE E STORE E Will furnish your home E complete. Be it a single E piece or a complete outfit. 5 1216 MERIDIAN ST. E 5 E - E 1 E I 2 EIllIK'llllllltlllllllllllllllllllllll IIlIIlilllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllll It I I "THE CONFERENCE HOURH tcontinued from page 1235 By the front door left ungarded They are leaving my castle Wall! Do you think, O blue-eyed banditti, Because you are leaving the wall, Such an old mustache as I am Is not a match for you all? I remember I gave you a conference For cutting my class today, And do you think I'Il forget it Because you are sneaking away? For I have espied you running. I am chasing you down the stairs. I have caught you. Back to the library! Every maiden to her prayers! I have you fast in my fortress, And will not let you depart, Hut will send you across to the office. And now we shall see who is smart! And there I will keep you forever, Yes, forever and today, Till the walls shall crumble in ruin, And moulder in dust away. 124 EEEIYY6 QEEINDIANZQIQZ8 5245 Oldsmobile HAYES - The Fine Car oi-' Low Cost ILG MOTOR CO 2 25 west Sth Phone 166 IrllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllIIlI!ll'llIllillllIIli:: "The Teachers" tNVith apologies to Rudyard Kiplingl live l've l've An 5 One O ne One And Now For, You taken my work where Fve CI'81Ill1lQd and I've bluffed in 'ad my pickin' o' teachers, four o' the lot was prime. was a soft-hearted Latiner was as hard as they come. taught me math as a freshman, one made me feel-oh, so dumb! I are-n't no 'and with the teachers, takin' ,ein all along, never can say till you've tried 'e1n, found it. my time An' then you are like to be wrong. There's times when you think you are flunkinlg Thereis times when you know you have passedg But freshman ol' soph Theylll 'elp you a lot the things you will learn as a s at the last. fcontinued 011 page 1285 -12 1 Till!! 5 HIH YO UR COMMUNITY DRUG STORE ANDERSON, IND. 23rd and Columbus Phone 354 IllllIllIllllilllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll lilll Illll IVII llllllllll lll lllll ll lllllll llll ll lllllllllllll BAKER'S . DELICATESSEN 'OPPOSITE posrorricnu 31 WEST HTH ST PHONE 4-331 llllll lllllll Ili Iillllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllll Illllllllll llllllllllllll-l EE?EIf7 YE: 5921 N D lAN 19 2,6 ' C E .. . 1 'WD ,V 1-I, 9 - . .3 -v 1 Q f 3 X HE 'I v 4 9 'f , T xx QQTRLLNQ 6 xx T E ' ' TTTTTQWR 2 WEYEUTA X N Q2 www FRESH X ' 'N " ' f - f f XO I T ,Z Z F9 F X Z X x'LKEiV5Rf w r-io'Qm: u 4-on X , I! HAT OFE MELDENNY? 'T ' not lk? A TT E Q QX IE qb W 11: 1 L V V V T! T 'T' -X Xa'-:fx 5- I , , T T I l Q ' ' N 0 SENATE! fi T ,L iq' ' ' - we avomsnse cuL wg Know NOTE TO GLEEQLUB MEMBERS :HE ADMKT THNS ooE5N'T You CULDN'T oo moons? Eoorf LIKE vou - BUT I gJN'T mvow How TO orzaw THAN THE REAL ONE ANY LOORSEIR YET . LOVE l-l1J'K- My . V . Agil- , Pnokxib Q5 wigs g8gS?oN f N Wg? ZTFLLOUQ ,T 2 . N-ig' fi ' I' - X XLT, if fy? :Q T T T ' 5 E J, ' Q Q 'y STUDY G' DEDMATIC ff! IQ 7 ll CLUB.. X Q - Eg ..-1.15 U., ,E GADAAQAHAAO X.RAy 1 Tix --- t THEQES No ju HONODALN Q 'Q Hay WWE 4 DTZMEST Pw- A ,NTSOC ETV if W IXN H 00 ' A 'W 6 2 C1 f' W 2 Ig? .fic , A on V 3 I H x ,Im5jJfj.72dy!'1 A C, W ,Q H0 QJBY "Wi , if " - f'T J 3 M ' Tv' OJ 9' T ' MV' l ' 1 ' rl Qi E -.1 T - T A E 'X OJ lj TT- Hp AUQA aTT,4Q1qA0,A F. ' .N Nix. Homes Jw. Hcuwcok 126 33231776 SEEINDIAATK IQZS gilHllllllllIllFII!IHllVIINllNIHIIIIIlII1IIlIWIll!lNllHllElIWIINlINIIll?ll!'ll'li,liIl1'l!IIKZIVZILIVIIIIQ INIIN Il'lVll li IINII lE,ll'l1lI' IVI. IE'I',IIwl!Il!iIliIIlliullnlix E i . 1 : . . : Royal Star Oats---Coffee---Canned Goods Remember the Brand Home of Unusual Foods MoMahan Sz Leilo Co. ' - X 52317 76 QE! NDIANZQIQZS 9245 E GRADUATION MEANS NEW CLOTHES AND THIS STORE MEANS VVIDE SELECTION 5 Ilart Schaffnel' 8: Marx Means Best Style and Extra Value 5 Knowing how to dress is merely E knowing where to buy. This 2 is evidenced particularly hy men 5 and young men who come here. 5 They have placed before them 5 not only the widest assortment r- of suits, but topcoats, hats, haber- E dashery and footwear to com- 5 plete' the most harmonious and 2 smart looking ensembles. Schuster Bros., O. P. O. 8'rH AND MAIN sfrs. THE QUALITY CORNER Z The Store of Greater Values 5 llllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllillllllllllIIIIIIIIIIll'iIIIlIIIIIIIII AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE CO. James D. Hopper THE EXCLUSIVE Auto Parts and Service Station Official Speedometer Service 710 Jackson Street -Phone '809 llllllllllllli lllllllllllllllll ll IllllllllIIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ViKlllllllllllllllllllllll IlIlIlllllllIIIlIllllllllllilllllllllllll Ill llllllllllillg ": IHIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllillll75 HARRISON Sz CLAPP Complete Line of Staple and Fancy Groceries "Not How Cheap How Good" 2102 Phone 1827 5 2 S. Main Street We Deliver E n IIIIIllllllllllllllIlllllllIIIIllIIIIllllllllllillllllllllllIlllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIEJ "THE TEACHERS" tcontinued from page 1253 I was a young 'un at Latin, Green as a jake to beging An' Zip McClintock he made me, An' Zip he was easy as sin. Got him to talk o' the Romansg Then he was so full of vimg An' I bluffed all the year with a pony so dear, An' I learned about teachers from 'im. Then I progressed into Virgil. My pony, I learned, was no useg An' I practised declensions and pronouns Till Ithought that my brains would come loose. The teacher was workin' for action. As knowin' as Webster she were. I desisted to play an' I worked all day- An' I learned about teachers from 'er. As a freshman I signed up for Algebrag But I learned more than figures an' signsg For I found that a man loves his city Tho its people be counted by nines. tcontinued on page 1295 128 E531 716 5521 N DIANZQ19 2,8 3265 Andersorfs BIGGEST LITTLE .11awE1z1.Y STORE DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Expert Repairing 12th Street Opposite Y. M. C. A. EIHIHIIII I IIIIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllfllllllllllllllllllll Illllllllllllllgzl gllllll "THE TEACHERS" Ccontinued from page 1283 The instructor had come from a hamlet Where the street-lights V25 are ever so dim. I said, "We'll beat Lapel." He replied, "Yes, like-" well, I learned about teachers from 'im. At length I enlisted in civics, An' I learned how to swallow my gum, An' the whys and wherefores of Congress An' the whether of light wines an' rumg An' I flunked every test with a forty Till my hopes grew exceedingly dimg But the captain got hot an' he taught me a lot, An' I learned about teachers from 'im. Pve taken my fun where I've found it, An' now I must pay for my fung For the :more you 'ave known 0' the others, The less will you learn from the oneg An' the end of it comes at commence- ment, Ccontinued on page 1305 129 STOP and SHOP AT IMMON S A CLEAN COMPLETE GROCERY Illlll Illlllllllillllll Illl lllllllllll 1IlIIIlIlII Illllll Illllllllllll l llll I Il Illll l ll III Illl I ll ll I I I I IIIIIIIIIIlII ll I IIlIIiIII COMPLIMENTS OF j. W. BAILEY CO. Coal and Builders' Supplies "Another BA ILEY" 5 IIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I I I I Illllllllllllllll IIII I IIIIIIIIIHIHIHI L 5 1776 QEEINDIANZQI 915 Q LJIIIIllllIlllllllllllllllllllilhllllllll II Illlllll llllllll Illl Illll I llillllllllllIllllllllllllill Illllllllll Illllllllll IlllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfl g2,,LlllyQ':':e ilif up I, 5 5 lm ' ' ,EggE?.nEm!' I 1' ' Choose a "Reliable" Gas Range When you make out your shopping list for the new kitcheng includea memo to see the line of Reliable Gas Ranges with Lorain Self-reg- ulating Ovens. We have a variety of sizes and styles at prices in keeping with carefully planned budgets. We'll When you make out your shopping Central Indiana Gas Companv MAIN AT STH PHONE 104 Illl VllllllllllIlllllllllllllll IIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illllllllll IVIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIllIIllllllllllIIIIllIIIIllIllIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIHIIIIIIET llllllllllllllllllllIlIllllllllllllllllllllllilIlIl1IIIIIlIlIIIIIIIIIlIl llllllllllg 54THE VALET SERVICE SHOP Cleaners and Dyers PHONE 1313 Meridian at Fourteenth IIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIllIllllllIIlllIllIIlllllIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllll IlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIlIIlIlllllllllllllllllllllll POST OFFICE CAFE "A Good Place to Eat" Home Cooking 16 NVest 11th St. E When you think o' the things that might tcontinued from page 1295 be. P So be warned by my lot fWhich I know - you will notl- 5 An' learn about teachers from me. E VVhat did Principal Weidler think, Q Nobody ever knew. 3 Somebody asked the janitor, E An' he told 'em true! IlIIlE:l When you get to the facts in a ease, 'l'hey're like as a row 0' pins: mi For the powers that be and Mr. Frazee 5 Are brothers under their skins. Miss Niemann: t'Who is John Fiske?" Jack VVeer: "Oh, he wrote 'Time To 2 Retire., " Jerry M: "What's good for 'my girl's 5 fallen arches ?" Q Bill O: "Rubber heels? 5 Jerry M: "What shall I rub them llllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllr:1l XNith?,, 130 3 1776 Q9EINDIAN 1,92.8?EaE MBER FOR YOUR MANUAL REQUIREMENT See Us Winters, Mercer 85 Brannum Lumber Cornpan - llllllllllllllllllllilllllllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll IHlllllllllllllllllllllllillll ll ll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlIIiIIIIIlIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll:xl LlIf!7 Ill ll lIIlIItIHllllllllllllllllllllllIlIIlIIlIIlIllllIllIIllllilllllllllllllllllll CWith apologies to Rudyard Kiplingl n Cecil E jewelry Store lf you can keep your book when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on YOU? Or keep your head when studies seein to rout you, But make allowance that they're hard to do lf you can skipfand not be caught at skipping Or being caught can skip your punish- mentg Or if you can elude your freshman dip- ping And then remember how unharined you went: If you can dream-and still can seein to study - lf you can sleepfaud still can seein to readg fcontinued on page 1347 131 "OFFERS MORE" 17 West llth Street Anderson, Ind E n lllllllltlllllllllll IllllllllllIllllilllllllllllIlIllIllllll!llllllllllltlllllllllllzfl llllllllll IlllllllllIIIllllllllllllllllillllIlIIlllilllllllIlllllllllllllllllllll Berkebile 81 Pilger QUALITY FOOTWEAR ONYX POINTEX HOSIERY New Bank Building 6 W. 10th Sl. lllllllilIIlllllllllllllIlIllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllilll 5531776 QE1NnlANiQ192.aegeE nriquvg U Q f " Q .h., - f-Cin iified. UU! X .,..,. X Jr.: 5.5 if , 4 2 WD W9 +112 W 'im "L g Chair- KQ A.-v--af' ANTIQUE: EXHIBIT of.. J N gzlzxoljm- ,III A Lowe HAIRED Gscz1.s - X -X swf K 7 Ht has ,ggcggi I TQiM ' 3?WiIJ1nn1jWg 'S chair ami i- ' 5 ,C-. U gzinrl 'remain - -1 , Ji FRAZE E A the sam-e .. 1 '- ,L ', -' Eff' as 'ms ' " ya gf! MOUNTED A- "'f if Iliff: Milfs "N ' :r 51" hx 9 ' ""'k orbs' I . X v ' ,W CM 'V f h a ' iq. bh'H39l' M WM, Wg , f- mf BISIZLEQ - WW, V -2 Q - f Wg' Soma EMS STRQKERE xl. nl Wffml 4 0 4 OU0 'DPS' ...CADDLEQAQK WMWW ki , S 1 H' 'V 1, ' Eyaz Lfrfofv Vfwgimu vfy X Qf'f.9lf H 1.921 V' My 'WMM Shoe wofry by 'Dqmv Emmy Mfg ww N ' mfg Cwuuzm UM ' ,Nou ms 1 amimaew 1 1 iuvrt , Q - ' : 'us H v . - ' 5 :93 F' 'T . 'L ug, 5" I .Wlgg 1, .K :'l BS-895 Xxx' x 1-I DS Yi 3224 Riff Wy: WW QW ' - gi ' mf we f ri .',' ,' ,i"Z,'f.5-'Eil-3 l'67Z7'ZiI2'i-Z EV' l. pr ' vi I 1 f g dlsofS1i. Iam HM ov ul 1 ' I W M V . "' . :'i'::::::'l- Lf ' . I 'Eng ng ESQ " ff J fr A nga' " 'f " ' 5942 53 X ' r f '::"'l:'n:l. V' W y W' W, W, 'Wy M , Am-l ugfj - Wd! V- U l :i m Maru.. .i.::i , ffrff ANTIQUQ GAG or me sogmew. W me , .HW My doth: m thz XKQXY... MCQUQ. 132 5531716 6521 NDIANZQISZS 3245 iniNIIIIHIINIIIIHIYIIHIWIllNIHIINIINIIIIHINIIHIXIIHINNI1NIMIHIHIHIHIIIIHINIMININIHIINIHIHIIIIHININIHIHIHI1NIINIINIIiIINIIIIHIIIIVIIINIVIINIIINIIIIHIHIHIT: ,- n L.: 1 E E S E - PURNELUS Quality Iee Cream Always Good Nmeeifi if Xl T ec 4hVERAGE ff' l!4'lIIliAWCu'm M2 - fa lli...U J V A Exclusive Bottlers of NEHI Beverages Purnell-Graham Co. 1unxl1wIuwl1:I1Iusnluuluulwulnlwulwnlw:lman1ml.1lnlulmr1wmlmulwxnuluIHIuIuI1IIxxIxllxxlululnlnlwlullxlulun 1 S 1776 QEINDIANZQIBZS 9345 upIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIlIIIIIIIIamIIlIIlIIl4IlIIlIIlIInIIlIIl Illtllllllllllllllllllli lflIlllIllllIlIIlIIlIIIlllIlIlllIIlllllllllIlllIIlIIlIIllllIIlIlllllllllllllillllllllllP1 as ,I M Clothmg for Men for Who Care HARDWARE 'IHHIHIiinInI'HIiIUMIHIHMMHWI4 TIRES ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES ' PAINTS 4 , Q FACTORY SUPPLIES E V5 We Q 1""""""' """"""""""' " """"""""""" """""""' 'H"'i1!i Slillilllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllilllllllllltlllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITIL-I inltllllllllllIlIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllll E' IKIFH F EAT? AT GAlL'S CAFE Just can't be better 422 Meridian Street - Phone 914 EllllllIlllllllllllllIllllllllllillllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll IIlIIlIll!llllIIlllE'f VT VlllllIlllllllllllllllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll 2 Shoe Re-building ' The Kind that Pays Wear-U-Well Shoes BUSY BEE SHOE CO. Z 315 East 23rd St. M ,FI F1llllllllllllllllllllllllIlIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll tcontinued from page 1313 li' you can claim the guilt when 'twas your buddy That did the awful punishable deed: If you can meet with Failure and Pro- motion, And treat those two imposters just the same: Or write a theme upon another's notion And yet be sure that you elude the blame: lf you can match your brothers hoard- ed coppers, And win, and make a heap of all you've won, And risk it on one throw of "ivory hop- persf' And lose, and take them back as "just in fun." If you can force your auto and your money To serve your turn long after they're gone Ccontinuod on page 1353 134 ? 1776 iNn1ANge192,aeZeeE HOME ACME HAPPINESS CLEANERS begins with AND BEAUTIFUL DYERS FURNITURE E -Joe Bevny and Newton Hilbolt Phone 345 Comfort and Style Make the Home Pay us il visit Warner Furniture Co. igllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHII IIIIHIIIII Illlllltllllll Il I I ru- Elllllllllll IIIIHIIII llllllll Illllll Illllllllll IPIIIIIllltlllllllllllllllllll ggIF,, VllilIlllIIIIllllIlllllllllllIIIlllHIHIIllllllll!llIlllIIlllllllllillllllllllllllgg ' ' f - 134 5 fcoutinued Q-I11 page J 2 And so can rush your own peculiar honey And date her up from dusk till "come the dawn." If you can talk with frosh and your virtue, Or walk with profs-nor lose the com- mon touch, if you can make one friend who'll ne'er desert you, If all girls count with you-but too much: keep DOHC lf you can fill the unforgiving minute VVith sixty seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the school and everything that's in it. And-which is more-you'll be a Seu- 'illl I' I I IllIlllltlllIIIIHI!lllllIlIlllllllllIlllllllllllllllll ll I llllll ,HI SCHOOL SUPPLIES, MAGA- quarters for everything you need in SCHOOL SUPPLIES, MAGA- ZINES, PENS, P'ENC1'LS, AND ' ALL KINDS OF ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT. Meridian and Ninth E l, IIIIIIIHIHIIIIlllllllllIlIllllIlllllllllllllllllllltllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllll f FOR GRADUATION PRESENTS E See your ' High Class Jeweler D. Sz J. Rosenbaum 905 Meridian St. Anderson, Indiana Be Sure of the Place ior son. . . ' Look for the Big Sign N if , SAM:-: PLACE, SAME - Helen Campbell: Teachers pet." LocA'r10N 36 YEARS 5 " I' , , rc Q91 3 loin XX llbon ' NO' do they- lllllllll llllll llllnlllilllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllllll III I lllllllllixl 135 S 3?E1776 6921 NDIANZQIBZS 3262 ul IHIHIHINNIHIHIW It Il It IHIUINININI It Ii Itili Ii IMI tl il! I I Il II I I MI Illlltliiliillillil llttliillili IHIIWIHIHIUINtlllllllHINNIHIHIHIHIW IMI LET US BE YOUR TAILORS 2 Trouser Suits Tailored to Your Measure AIGWPD FII AND WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED C Ju s - 407 0 'F 5 L5 P' 'aj 3 E 1 I X sql' . P """'Me.fs s e . m fwpw0W'M" - e 'IT11' Corner 10th 81 Meridian Sts. H. J. Head, Mgr. lvwlnlnl I IHIHIHIHIHI tlttlttlttlttl tl tl lllil QIHIHIHIHIHINtlttlttlilI tl VI il xlultwlsrl tlltlltlilltllitllil'NIHlfililIMI!!IUIHIHI-NIltlitltilillltlttlil IWIllIHIilll'llllilllllliliillllliliillllliliililll IMIHIHIiiIIiIIlI!'IHIliIllI I --goes a long way Io make friends 548 GEN ERAL TIRE 'l'i'RE SERVICE COMPLETE VULCANIZING 2 L. A. LAMONT E Meridian at 14th Phone 200 IfllilitllllllINIIVIIlIINIIilllllillillillllltllliIHIINIiVliillllllltllltlHIHIHIH VIIUIMINIiVIiIIllll!IlWIIlItlIW!llIIilIxIIHINNIliIIiIHIllIllIIiIHIHI4iIIiII1I 2 Custom Made Shoes assure you a A perfect fit as well as comfort 12 C1 GQS RVQ Q SHOE Q "KgEpe THF FOOT WELL" HIRSCH 1 907 Meridian St. "Freddie lalmostj Passes" tWith apologies to Robert Browning? The year's at the spring. First bell ringsg the second. Time is eight-thirty. The flag flies unfurled. Front hall--not a thingg lieserteil, I reckoned. Hut--Zip--ah, life's dirtyg All's wrong with the world. Mrs. Burrows, tin 207 fourth periodb: "XVeIl, where is Manley Mitchell today?', Bob Martz: "He got an "AU in Phy- sics and quit school." Evalyn DeBolt's Mother: Young man the lights in the house go out at 10:15." "Dick" Ockoman: "That suits nie? Iris Horton: "My face is my fortune. sir." Y Robert Dorste: "My gosh, girl, you're , 9 , as Pgllll lllll I il IIHIHINIiilltllilltlHItillllilltllltlwllilltiIill IIHIHIHIN El 5321776 6321 NDIANZQIQZ8 3245 DEOKER BRO . BOOK SELLERS-STATIONERS4 OFFICE OUTFITTERS CATHERING TO THE VVANTS AND NEEDS OF THE STUDENTS OF ANDERSON HIGH SCHOOL YOUR BUSINESS IS APPRECIATED Remember the Place 1027 Meridian Street E IIlIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIIlllIlllllllllllillillllllllllltllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllI l Mr. Horton: "If anything goes wrong with this experiment, the lot and all Of us will go sky-high. Come closer DUODIK' so you may be able to follow me better." Now I lay me down to rest For to1norrow's awful testg I'f I die before I wake, I'll have no History test to take. .Iohn Hunt used to say" GiVe'me ll Blonde, N0 others, need apply." But now he has changed to a brunette. Can you tell us the reason why? Miss Nieman: "What a broad mind you have. It ought to be on a man's shouldersf' Hose Vogel: "It often is. as Little spots of knowledge, Little puffs of wit, Make the simple Freshman Think the Seniors "I't." - 137 "rlIllIIIllllllllllllIllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllll IlIlllllllllllllllllllllllI I Everything for Every Woman and Exclusive too lllllllllllllll lllllllIlIllllllllllllllllIIIllllIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllI llllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllll Compliments of Red Spot Paint and Glass Co. 1221 Meridian Anderson Illllllll lllllllllllllllllllll IllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllll i 5 1776 QEINDIANQ 1928 3252 A UQ Z E Ill A.i'I.,!. as FOR ANNUAL wen: vkovu f'6 Skov! f Ama W !l.9l Q62 JJ' ' S' -RXX I5 FOKSBASKHT BML ovR TEAMS f Nor snow! I5 FOR Evmy DA ! 1 id: ' ' C LA-5,3 is FOR DEAN HAS HER own IS F-'OR . was 1 no Pmy Lgvgz If V .- "Fc "'. 33 In 'ri 7' .. 1 J - . E RHIST ALL WOYK ANU I 11 gi YM? H2aAiiHD'QlgHJxlIi2f!XgEG3Pli 'BPQQWAEQUEH ' . y X , ' , 'Q Q 5 X if rn mv ,miss - .. WHERE WE Go f, x C: 1 you 1: HT THE IS FoR SYKRNS 'S WR HARMONY Nl I5 Folk ISTQBLE ns Faq Juuiong I7.g2,m Q Quo, Ggnvnrux. THEY I1-N Tuned M .org some an-Inq ...who GRADUATE EAM A 5:13 sae?-fy F 4 FRUN5 xy 1 Q! Soon! IQ 56' WS E 3 41 5 2 0 : ' ,A AM X 1 ID 2 f - , ,I '. N V7 f 2 V Y Y 'M M 2 f xt f xr Yi:-X ,I j"i I J- H.- f.' V V , X ,fo 'ff 15 F-UR KNOCKERS as FOR Legions IS FOR MONEY QS FOR NUTS IS FOQ WE wlgu-may R ovm-was nrwe uw -se oF Hwuo mm Gu 'rue Y.""w 'F' W 'W wwf " A" Ad MH! ' o -3- T- 'x -, Duff all I ' T M 1 , Q.: 1 ,:. '1 E 1 x, ' i 2 M -f ,quo uso D 926: h?f x - f v 'N' .:-A A - .,., N r af-M. - ooo P as req onus ws as soq ugfreqs WS YOR R:5'rAuRANTs IS FOR 51-may 'I' IS FOR THRILLS VE SEN' HNE'YN05Ej ws mv IN THE WHERE wE EAT AND SAPNEADS GET 0NLy A Few! wr :pw - N055 1 S EV, V THAI' no, , . 'I 1 Dlfow . -Q - , 5-H-gy X 1 . .- .W , , ., 2 M, , .1 wr ' eh. -' "5 f , N A V , - gg G f dxf .i ' 'ff ax. 6, 'A vw .115 FOR UNIFPRVVS-vgg FORVAMPS Y 155:05 Mlofilfx I5 FOR XHYAY IS Faq YE.-LS THKY H515 :H LET,-5 SWE 2,1 owe THHNG,-QOIE. WE REAU THAT' we WAHI- you 1-HE 55140 W. A ygg.,-wry PM Dry cifffl Tm!! . ro LEARN! , f WEB ? 'W Q 1 M -. W ..4gg,:j L - ' - 1 me f' 1 - PN . JA ww - - +4 1 , 5. Q Q Q 5 W gc 29 ' 1 Q - , , : 'v f at E Q ' Q, as - ' fl ..,, f 1 A 1 H, , x mx it FOR -ggqo IAT THE EINXD O F 1 ofwfx-ri TERM! wx V , . 1 , C 31332 'Q 0K5 , " 4, ' ' Q - Q - Q A sf Q LAUG D V 5 ,Hx HERE' 13 8 53291776 QEEINDIANZQISZS E EnHINllHINllNNIIVIINllWIINIINIHIHIi4I!'lHl'VlNiIHIHlNlNIUIUIIQIN'li-ILIMIUIHIHIHWNIHIHIHIHININIUIUIHIINIINIINIHIHINIHIHIHIIIIKIIHINIIIIIHIHIHIHIIIIE . : E E E E The Kind of Car You DFIVO Doesnnu Matter as Much as The Kind of Motor Fuels You Use . Stick to Wildcat and You Can 'Z G0 Wrong A HAN DY PLACE TO PARK YOUR CAR OUT OF HARM'S WAY 3 HOURS, 256 Washing-nGreasing---Polishing Q A A uro rlorfl .+ . Uaygaaazffzffmwfafymczw' 'L 5' I Il,ll!ilHl11lWlllrIlllllllNIHINIUIWIIMIMIMIHIHIHIHINI'ilHI!!ININIUIUIINIHINIIHINIUIIIINIINlZNlHl!!l:llHlHlV 2531776 2921 NDIANZQIQZB ?EaE COMPLIMENTS B THE FAIR Department Store ii FASHION SHOPPES Timm: mu ll llilll llllllllll uw llllllllllllllillll ll ll Illllllllllllllll llllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllll Ill llllllllllllllll :ll I IVII Illlllll llll llUllllillfli:i --UnlvxIHIHII1IHIulxxlxllxinxIIxIHllinllIxInIHIIxIullllulululnlnlnlulQ 'ulrllllllllllllIllIIlIIlIlllIllIllHIllIllIlIllllllIIlllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllll' 'L ' I 41 : i 5 2 BROWN ELECTRIC E 5 coMrL1MEN'rs or I J. W. Brown 5 F l ' AUToMoB1I.E ELECTI-HCIANS F3 ey S PREST-0-LITE BATTERIES GHOCERIES and MEATS GABR1E1. SNUBBEHS SPEEDOMETER SERVICE ffvvhef-e Qualify Rulesff Phone 4805 2 15 West 14th Street 5 I 5 Corner 23rd and Pearl 5 EIVIIHIHIllIHllllllllllIIIHI!NIHIHIHIHIHIHllllllIHIIIIllllvlIllIlIlIIlIllllZ7' glIHlu'HmmgliyllmilxgllxlnlulululwllnlnllxlnluIulnllllulululululifl IlllllllllllllllllllKIHIHIHIlllI1lllllllllllllllllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllW A SNP in the 1'iShfdifCCfi0H 2 Prettiest Girl .......... Donna Brown ,f Y V Sh i 2 Best Looking Boy ...... Dick Ockomon 1 you Wear OU OLS E Most Popular Girl 'Gertrude Bryant E Most Popular Boy ...... "Bill" Baker - - 1 E Best-All-Round Girl ........ Mary Hull Wllllam S Shoe Store Best-All-Round Boy ..... Robert Martz West Side Square E Cutest Girl ........ Doris Sehumacker E Cutest Boy ............. Don Harmon 2 VVittiest Girl ........... Emily Henry W fcontinued on page 1413 lllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllll lllllllll lllllllllllllllll ll lllllllllll 'l- 140 E?E17Y6 6521 NDIANZQIBZ6 6265 I Il Illlllllllllllll ll lIIlIllIIlIllIIlIllIlIIl Il Il I llllllll I I I I Il Illll ll I Illl II I I'IlI I IlIllIl'I I I I'I I'llllllllIl'I'lIllIIlIIlIl:llIIIlI'I WHAT COULD BE MORE ACCEPTABLE than a UICKMQ s lt will last for thousands of miles HUGHEL BUT K CO. IlIIlIIlII Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I I I I lI I Il lIllIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIII Favorite Flower Shop FLOXVERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 4 VVest Tenth Street !IllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I SENIOR MIRROR REFLECTIONS Ceontinued from page 1405 Wittiest Boy ....... Best Athlete Class Vamp Class Sheik Class Tease Class Class Most fcontinued on Bluffer ..... . . Brains ......... Studious Girl Charles Kennedy . Marion George Vitra Shively . . . . Sigel Roush .. Harold Gencla . . . . . Jack Weer Charles Preston .. Mary Sibhaeh page 1425 141 I I I I Illl I Illllllllll I Illll I Illll I Ill Illlllllllll I Illllllfl IIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllwllllllllff Illlll To the Class of 1928 the best wishes from the Anderson Tlzeatricfzl Enterprises RIVIERA-STARLAND GRANADA THEATRES Harry M. Palmer Mgr. IllI ll ll lllll Illllll ll I lI ll I I Ill I I I Il I ll Illllllll Eeegerifie eeE1NniANQ192.a lffllllllllllllll Illll IHIlllllllllllllllllllll llllIllIllllllllllllllllllllillllllllll IHIHI llllll Illlllll Il Il Illlllllll lll llllllllll llllllll Illlll Illllllllllllll IIII1 I Do1'1't Say Bread Say-- 7 Corn-Top ---"There's a Difference in Bread". IllIllIllI llll Il I II II I ll ll llllllllll Ill I II ll Illll Ill llllllll Ill I lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllll! llllllllllllll IIllIHIllIHIHIIIllllllllllllllllllle 1 llllllllll I Illll I Il ll I I Illllll ll ll Il ll ll I Illllll Illllllllllllg tgllllltllllll lllllllllllltllhllllllllllHll!l1llillHl4kl1lI Illlllllllllllllll Al I L CLUB 1 SANDWICH SHOP Toast 3-layer Sandwiches Salads, Malted Milks and Ice Cream A Peace Thafs Different T0 all New Bank Bldg. E IllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllgs Louie Shoppe "Where Style Prevails" E 12th at Jackson Ellllllllllllllll ll ll II Illllll ll IHI ll I tl in I ll Illllll llllllllllll 142 SENIOR MIRROR BEFLECTIONS ' Ccontinued from page 1415 Most Studious Boy.F'rederick Schminke Best Natured Girl Best Natured Boy . . . . Aileen DeLaWter . . . . . . James Masters Most Modest Girl ....... Alma Conklin Most Modest Boy Vtloman-hater ......... Charles O'Brien Man-hater ........ ...... B ose Vogel . . . . . . Harry Fowler 1 . . Joe King on page 1431 P r1end11est ................. Ccontinuned 53261776 QEEINDIANZQISZS 3255 PjllIIIIIIIIIIHIIlllIllllllIlllllllllIlllllllllllllllll Illlllllllllllllllll IHIHIQ! lffllllllllllllll I llllllllllllll I Illll I lllll I Illl Il Illl ll lIlIIl Illl I : - DELAWTERS Good Eats and Drinks J at Our Fountain E W MARTHA E XVASHINGTON CANDIES L R Y BENNETT'S , Service plus Cguftegy 520 XN'est Sth Phone 116 5 8 Nvgst 11511 Street EillIlllIlIllllllIllllllllIIlIIIIllllllllIllIlIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllIllllll IllIllI I IlIllIllI ll Illll I IllIllIlIIll A ltgllllllllllll IIlllIllVllllllllllllllllllllllHlllllwllllllllllllllll Ill llllllll lllllllll IIII IlIlIllIllI llllllll llllll I Illllll lllllllllll lll 5 VALET SERVICE SHOP THE RAPP co. Cleaners and Dyers CUT PRICE STORES 1313 Clothing I Madison at Fourteenth Q Furishmgs 2 I H Shoes nw ullllll IlllllIlIIllIIlIlIIIIIllllillIIlIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll21' SENIOR Ml'R ROR REFLE CTIONS Ccontinuned from page 1425 Best Dressed Girl .... Rheta Tinunons Best Dressed Boy ..... John Hunt Best Girl Dancer Ruby Pasho Best Boy Dancer .. John Clark Jolliest ......... ..... ' 'Jinxv Ellison Class Actress ............ Mary Walton Clas s Actor ....... Robert McGranahan Most Obliging Girl ...... Eleanor Bing Most Obliging Boy ..... Victor Huston Ladies' Wear THE STORE OF GREATER VALUE Buy Here and Bank the Difference North Side Square lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlI1llll"ll'llIIlIlIll Illll lllllll llll 1 5331776 QEEINDIANZ 19285245 dfgrjgsggfyi I lab Driso m I l I ENGQAVED BY rfoumcri -OS. KELTNEQ 7 ffffvaci de Vins. fan Qgfywr 'J ancheL oar Smeg 'zqh 13 I VM ZQ fbrecson vql z-z I vpufol :jf 755 fh'e Q Ia! ffunkfp dew 4 'ar-rmz uv cle preehczpole, D I G enlcjlf' dar? 1? be I wi IH 0 7:0 .. . .I -- - J: .. .. vofk' gwl-any Inf-5 def' I 1 e Z9 A renfence? N, .- jJ.H.....,,a,..-q,.. f eff-fi, Lf I . -,- X L L -v N5 452.59 PM I COLUN BUG gf AMICI4 Jo:-1N Brin.: Duscovam CIVICS , I BODY D G 1+:':':1 CUM vm Q CQO-SLEY 15? ,UIR JWAKEGDEDQE UD HEQE .SET QOOMO HEQE czu 10.9 CELLS - no - nf - l!2 - CELL IIB NAR .s-:Auf -o-.., ,tj 6 I WN Q- Qezfwszgaassu ,. ro HT: L1 ouvzv Jams-vs! I 'grouusd I ...LQ 8 , DOV QWING 'iw-'A5H- Am L ,QA DATE RSILQQSEQ HV5' 9 H ' Dos 'Pm I TEDI A 3- ' Q63 1 '- Y, gDDINKING 59525132550 3 rnesnm 6 ' ' I wo-' ' BE A V , is .UP 2 CHAUEEQS ff - M Q JFHEJEEL PTROU LE 6 reason-,N RE f 9 X READ IQ 9 - 01 I A, X87 AL - 4, Q9 G LUKE L5 gg to J' H 332 E Qoxnrcrzn vw susoswozm. qi . Q 'E BY 'nf' I? SCM-U Q S N MISS I J X: 3, I -GV gg? PRIMD-Z 3' WWON fm by 3 wifi' ' SK E f, I Af: WR 2 mm - T -2eum.7. - FILM N I . 'WNG i .- ' 1 ' PCQMI . I J-I Jn 'f AP6LLO , X ! DMN' venus vaesscv M!! ll I In wwovv Lo-rs Up' Cm UL' T 'ff Dm ,' ii ALL D:DLg'T'lglFIglO?0?ggTIZIElN M CHEM 6 - - fy". Om-UQE LOAF' HIRING A0""TTANC5"P'Y ONE' U FFR 1 EMA, HQVl5fR ING AND wwmwwszmg DAWUEH - -M fm LAT E 1 ?ssmf,zam4s,fCLAeH'+ff12142f EMM - BZEEWSEBENS I SLAEEEJQENJZSSEZ ' I LQQA5.. 6060. ,.,. CONVIC v ' cacxwms ' Q - 2 2 Q I 2 BE, Q l i l - 144 ' 2331776 QeE1NDIANiQ19za?EeE kjNIlllllllHlHllNIH!HIHIHIHIHINIHIHIHINl!IIHIINIHIIIIHIHIHIXIIHIHININIHIHIHIHINIUIMIUIHINlHIHI'!II!lI'lI!lHlHlNwllllIL.lwrlwilHIUIMIHIHIHIHIuf - .. - nn The WRIGHT Clothes for young men and boys 911 915 EMERIDIAN s 'if - S l 'Z76 S E NEHANZQIQZB Q jg'Illlllillllllllllllllllllillll -I MIIIIHIHIHIYIIIIIHIIIIHIIIII Illl Il I fmIIIHIPillIIIIIHIHIHIHIIPIHI u EliIlI!llIlI1l IlIlll1IlHIHlllllIHIIIIHIHIIIIIIIHIHIHIUIIIllll I IHI I Ill I II Il II Illl WESLOXXWS THE WHITE HOUSE Biggest-Busiest-Best 27 COMP ROOF, VVHE LETE DEPARTMENTS UNDER ONE RE YOU CAN FIND EVERY- THING FOR EVERYBODY Our Chief Attractions are Quality-Value-Service GOSS-WALTERS MOTOR CO. Oakland-Pontiac SALES and SERVICE Always the Best 1219 Main Street Phone 673 E I ll III IIII I IHIVIII I IIIIHI ll IIHI IIIII Illll I ll lllll II VIHI IIVIIV IHIV IIllIHlIiIIlIlKIHIIlIHIHIHITIIHIIIIII EIN IIIHII I IlilllIIIIIHIHIINIIIIKIIHI lllll II I L IIIIIIHI IIlIIHIHIIIIIIIHIHIIIIVIII IHIHI lIIlIIllIlIIlIKIIHlIIIHIH HIHIHI IIHIUI IV IHIIII IIHINIIIIV I llllllllllllill Illl E E E E E I 114 .il ' 146 Ilfllllg HUDSON I PRINTING COMPANY 2 EIGHTH AT JACKSON I Printing and Engraving E Phone 299 Anderson 2 - J IMI!!IHlllllllIIIHIHIHIIIIIIIHI IIII4VIllIIIIIIIVIIIIIIIIHIHIIIIIIIHIIIIIII Bud Jones: "I't's all over the house." Manley M: "What?,' Bud: K'The roof." Mrs. S taining Starchf' Virginia I: t'Two cuffs and Sl collar." ayre: "Name three articles con- Dorothy Kurtz is a sweet little lass, She can never find her way to class, M " orIIs Bott escorts her each day- He says she has such a winning way. Hlllllllllll Illlllll Il II llllllll IHIHIIIIHIIIINIL 3331726 QEEINDIANZQIQZ8 3262 Il Illll IlII ll I lllllllllllllllllllll IlllllllllIlIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllll Illll I lllllllll Illlllllll Illlllll Illllllllllllllllll llllll Il lllll I ll Y Your Grandmother knew Stein-Canaday Company. Your Mother bought furniture of us. Yourself r may find satisfaction at our store when your next great event occurs. W'e are always glad to see you. 1 1 It fl flour or Btrrrp fumvnm: . Meridian at 12th llll Ill lllllllllllllllllllllll llll ll llllllllll ll ill I lllll Illl-Hltlllll Il llllllllllillllllllIIIIIIllllIllIlllllllllllllllIllIllIIIIIIIlllllllillllllllllllllllllllll llgil I Illl IlllllllllllllllIVIIlIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllll Illlllll lllllllllllllgi glllllllllllll I Illlllll Illllll lllllllll IlllllllllllllllllIlIIIlIlIIllllllllllll YOUNG LADIES' E NOVELTY FOOTWEAH " EAT GARDNER'S Boot Shop AT THE 18 East 10th Street E Grand Hotel IllllllllIllllllilllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllel Senior: "Do you know what a test 5 is?" ' Frcshie: "A test is a period of rest E Itvs Grand for the teacher." Charles Kennedy is fickle, as you can 5 see, , S VVe always wonder who his girl can 5 beg First 'tis a blonde, and then a brunette, I We haven't found out who his steady 2 : ls Y IlllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllHllllllllll Illlllllll Illllllllllllllllllllgjl 147 Y 4-r .. . 5321776 QEINDIAN 1.92.8 GZQE 55 gffif f 'T E FALL. TTEDI 66311 HIE N 50d Q1yss'fQSOHC.Q3bMR,S. f dey- GN I O0-nl. 'IQACHGRQ 1-ji fxcx QQ ,, M RW' A GOWN !X5Q-fb!!! l r G I xg:-Ja-,IUJ W 55 Pf 'A--- 0 - a fiffw' 2 5 2-ffffwf , -B-AN. K H SEQ- Q f + m y p M , W f EL Y . Q? I0 -'KLA X, Ojlfb 1 DOZZ rig E X X MH! QQK, f EEHQXK! Q , I , I6 I P , x I Q Qiaiwgyf X X Lil jf I 16 AZALAWU ,w i L W . 1 ,,1N,,A sa, I ' W 5 6 wi f .Ps fi QQ-Q-EQ -1 f, ! ff- ' , , We 4 AQ-f . V IQ 1v4CfLu f A-' I lox X f Q 2 ' - 1 We f 1 X vom 23 J 23 Ksconsnd GOLF1, H X Q W 6567 Vhigcwd 0, ml SOR Aw -li! , H +wOOLPS gm ? K i X 0 Y. fwlfp LM. ,.. i KE'-T 148 5531776 S9EINDlANiQ192.8 ages Hi'l!llMlHI!'IMl'wl"lNIHIINllllrwlI:lHl1NIIIIHINIIVIIJRIHIXIHIHIUIHIHIN'IINIVNIHIINIINIHIWTIW1IHINIMINIHIHIHIHIHIINIHIHIHINlNIHIHIHININIHIHII , 1 9 W ESKIMO SHERBET 5 PIES ICES E af!! V Iylh mia!! ! V A f m 1:19 N Lx, 'W f Y Thatis' 5 1 ' Q Pure E LM , 1 K Sure I x y ik mf! RQ N M EU SCH F 100 Cream di Bewmqos - Phone 228 HIHIHINI II ' ' 1111 -p ' ' ' ------ F a li. 'G' ' S 1776 INDlAN?3192.8 E IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII llllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIII IIIIIII , O Anderson s Foremost Bargain Store Complele Lines of BOYS, CLOTHING. MENS' AND BOYS, FURNISHINGS, WOMENS' AND MISSES' READY-TO-WEAR, HOSIERY, IINDERWEAR, ACCESSORIES, SILKS, INFANTSH WEAR, SHOES, RIIGS, DRAPERIES, GROCERIES, TOI- l LET ARTICLES, HOUSEWARES, CHILDRENS' WEAR. DOMESTICS, and CHINAWARE. BEAUTY SHOP OPTICAL DEPARTMENT l I A LOW vmcfs ou I THE RcmEfATTRAcnoN WHERE BEST PLACE YOU CAN IN ALWAYS BUY p 927-QQQMERIDIAN sr ANDERsoN IND. FOR LESS ilIIIlIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII IIIIIIIII IIIlIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllll y 'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIllIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII UD6 Flor" That there were 2604 compacts drop- - H , , , ,, - ped in assemblies this year, which is an E Bfiffkei Blljlcs' Pmllqnerll' Knits' I average of three and one-half to every loys, Novelties, DQHIIISOIIS girl in School? Supplies, Party Favors, .I . . prius Qmcg Equip- That lt an inexperienced person had mom , and Groot- to write as many tardy permits as Mr. ing Cards for Iirinson, that, that person would have I ,Ill Ocmgiom writers cramp for the rest of his natur- N 'HA ' al for unnaturall life? I That if all the words Wasted in some L. , TENNIS, GOLF, AND BASEBALL SUPPLIES COSIVIOPOLITAN BOOK STORE C. Fisher Co. ovvisrrn THE Posr OFFICE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I IIIIIIII II IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII--I of our essays and book reports were compiled into volumes they would fill 16 College Humors, 60 Vtfhiz Bangs, 175 Advisory Bulletins, and 198 Conferenee Cards? That if all the rouge and lipstick used by the girls were placed in one contain- er, one would have enough to paint the town of Chesterfield red? That While reading this you were Wasting a lot of your time and that all of this is not true. ' 53217 '26 I NDIAN IQZB QZQQE Illllll Illll Il IllIHllllilllklllllllllllllIlllll III IUII IllII1IllIHIIlIIlIllI INIHIHIN Ilill lllllll1llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I Ill Illll I Spurgeon-Baum Company Quality Furniture ".llE.f1NS .4 SQUARE DEA 11, 21 West 11th Street Anderson, Ind. "Everything for Sportsmenn We have the most complete line of sporting goods you will find anywhere RETZ SPORTING GGODS STORE 21 XVest 12th Street . Y.1M.C.A. 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Mrs. Brinson: "From me, his father still has all of hisf' Caesar conquered nations, A mighty man was heg And in the second chapter, Pjllllilllll Illllll ll lllllllllllllll I lllllllll Illll llllllllllllllllll EXCLUSIVE AGENTS Fon Elizabeth Arden Toilet Goods Imported and Domestic Per- fumes and Bath Luxuries REED DRUG CO. onnosrriz THE rosr OFFICE Prescription Specialists HC nearlyv Concllleretl nllllllllllllllllllllll 151 1 , lllllllllllll lllllllllllll llllllilllllVllllllllllllllillllll i 3?E17'I6 QEEINDIANZQIQZ8 QESE I Q W 'fad EL 1 X J x K 'K f J j I fix 'X Q is x Zi 6 A Y., 4 W In -fm ,AA ma y , 77"9L0:2 If I 'THE DROP KlC K! -iv zz I9 XF X 554+ .f-N-,A 1"'r 1,. 2' M O DUN-vl.,yTEsyADsDgjv JA-'T A We '40-YMROS-Duwr-If if A X4?.5E fc! fx Q, 15 . if M G X X vigfxg M .. T Xf' W3 ,- 4 4 ' W ' 3 wgm v4L1,,MmW,R .-1A I-pqxsilzo n-nm , 4 :aa f, -9-2 A A ... f .f ? , NUVQ pf 4 :V . X X if R Q 'Hx "" 'EliJ?'i'C4j'g?li" . M Nl if mv: 5 DEAR oocToRl Q, 152 "QI-re ,.. 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Suggestions in the Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) collection:

Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Anderson High School - Indian Yearbook (Anderson, IN) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


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