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352 Q ff iiiiffgfi ,iMQKgY JgwWff 235521 5352 QQTQAQQHVMWQ NSR gf sf wg W Q 17' 65: 91 66 44,24 'ff D . Q ,jig 149 ff iii QS QM 5135 635566 1 Andersonian 196 Anderson Senior High School Cincinnati, Ohio Volume XXXVIII ir A 'Z 4 Si k . s -lu. 1g 3 Anderson Senior High School is more than just a huilding or institution - it is a whirl- ing mass of personalities, events, aspirations, ideas and goals. It has a thousand facets, each interpreted differently hy a thousand stu- dents. its multitude of activities mark the changes in the seasons with each season re- volving in its own colored kaleidcscope of games, meetings, dates, dances and fun, mixed with long quiet hours of hard work and study. 'Xl gd: . ,i W I .1 ' V W ff- . .?,Fg :., Y I RW-.4 , Qi--A Q 5, 5' 1.3 , .wg .. . 'ii 'Q- E55 K .IS 435:05 rg- ,Q . ,M W, 4 3 73 v'H 1' X Q E4 .. , .R 'W ,pw X i i f H5 3 fs' ff L '54 if f . N X Y. Q I A i QV 55125: to -Y ,ST I? V . '-5 E3 ' Z 5 f x . fu AW, , .xg V -:QS-al .wg ik 55 'nn 'P ww xxx? ,., X, Q i 1: September 6 - School Begins Q. i p, We-. U. . , seems shels scheduled for boys' gymlu U Pearl, get back in your seat! Conversation and confusion return. The wide glass doors swing open, and once more the newly waxed halls of Anderson teem with students. Conversations about summer vacations, fall clothes, and new subjects re- sound throughout the school. Teachers hand out books and make assignments. Experienced upperclassmcn and awes- truck newcomers are a part of the chaos and confusion of that first day. Later they will he faced with great goals of learningg today, it is a triumph to read schedules, find rooms, and open lockers. Yet the routine of homework and studying soon emerges from the pandemonium. By the end of the first week, each student has adjusted himself to the pattern of school. All look forward to the first foothall game of the season - the Anderson Redskins vs. the NlcNicholas Rockets. That Friday in 1967 was a scene of enthusiasm and spirit, yet ultimate sorrow prevailed, A rousing outdoor pep rally put Anderson into a winning mood, hut the Redskins couldnt quite stop the Rockets who topped them 8 to 0, This was perhaps an inauspicious heginning to the foothall Season, but the team was determined to do hetter. Their Confidence was rewarded hy the total school effort which thrust Anderson to victory over Mariemont the following week. J . . . New Teachers , , . Old Hahits September 8 - Redskins vs. Rockets Go Redskins, Beat Rockets? as-:wr e Nc N F C K iwsiiiix f O'C0nnor takes Black's handoff - but McNich0las' defense was impenetrable 8 The faces tell the score Please Fred, we have to win. h x -ni A'Hit 'em hard! YN Cross Country Andersonis Cross Country team placed fifth in the Hamil- ton County Suburban League and won a fourth place spot in the district meet. junior Dunn's many hours of hard Work and practice paid off when he became the first Anderson athlete to Win the Hamilton County Suburban League indi- vidual championship. In the three county races, junior fin- ished first, second, and first to capture the overall county championship. Anderson sprinters compete in the district meet, ll etober 6 - Homecoming One of the biggest events ofthe fall season was Homecom- ing. NVQ-elts of preparation led up to this day - the halls buzzed xx ith heated discussions of skit plans, lioat meetings, dates, dresses and Queen candidates. And everyone was anticipating an important victory over the Nlt. Healthy Owls. Anderson displayed its spirit and enthusiasm at a noisy, vo- eiferous pep rally on Friday afternoon. After speeches by Redskin eo-captains O,Connor and Pottschmidt, the class skits were presentedg the Seniors, disguised as Scrambled Owl Eggs, won first place. l av M ff 1514 I, if A y Aw ' 3 9, -my W V- wi, ' if W 545' f '4 ' - 519 :A ,V 1, .,Q'5fV'f 5Pf? L ' 5 V W wi :ef vm MSAQF6 1,9 ' ' wwf f. ff 1. 3 wig ,,,,,-. ,, X ,J W , ,Q af ,lf al A W ,fu A M V ff: , , , ..,.. .,f, :-- , A 4 ,K I f 7 i Y 2 x K ,gg K f 196 H0 e 0 ming Queen :Barb Hall Winning Girl Winning Float Winning Skit Later that evening came the events that had kept Anderson in suspense for weeks. First came the fioat paradeg sopho- more spirit and effort paid off when their Hoat 'Beat ,Em Till They Donut Give A Hootw won first place. Then the most exciting moment ofthe evening arrived M the crown- ing of the Homecoming Queen for 1967. Nancy Armstrong, last yearis queen, crowned Barb HallAnderson's196T Homecoming Queen. Andersonis victory over Kit. Healthy and the annual Homecoming Dance brought the evening to a perfect conclusion. sk . -' fr A U iiwWFw,w.,,j M ,. ,ga P fx '1 sg .3 r fb T I . ' 4 f ... .,,'l,,','!- ii ' Fil? E l ,. K . ll ji 2 ' l 4 Sl i 3 ill V rel? .l Ai' 2 ,f ul 3 . , f .4 A! J v 1 5 ll The 1967 Homecoming Queen and her Court: Roberta Lashlee, Patty Adams, Patti Riley, Barb Hall, In Monsey, Peggi' Haynes, Cindy Shinkle. Nancy returns to crown the new queen. I5 October 19 The Roger Wagner Chorale Andersonis unique Performing Arts Series sponsored the first Cincinnati appearance of the world famous Roger Wagner Chorale. The Chorale, perhaps the top touring choral group in the United States today, pre- sented a program featuring many of the worldls great choral masterpieces. Adept in presenting any style of music, the Chorale breathed life into everything it sang - from the moving Ave Marian to the lively sea chantey MA Rovinifl The capacity audience expressed its approval with thunderous applause and a standing ovation, and was rewarded with four encores. The success of the con- cert is perhaps hest illustrated in Dr. Wagnerls final comment - 'A Donit you people have any homes? a true genius in the choral music field F Us 'V ., v K -fr 2 k f KA! Av f , QE' , i A. 5 3 tk' - A ' 1 ,, M L i . fd 3 , f 'f 'A f LA' Y. ff g Q .,.f i an ,ma .km K . Q ' ' W K' , dw V 'Q x N . QQ H5 3 .fw f , gw ,Ps gr us- v. Q WN iff gm ish ' :wa f . Sym. if f? 196 Band Weetheart: jill Melvin , L gl f Jn 'fs new P H if x k 'st W 15,3 ir ,y if I vhs l l l 'vm fs 1 lf ..1,- I l u fl.. L ,,,. ,,, .,z,.L wi ovember 10 - Band Sweetheart Y, 4411443 The football season ends each year with Band Nightg during halftime the Senior memhers ofthe Band are honored for their years of hard work and service. The highlight of the evening is the crowning of a Senior girl to reign as Band Sweetheart. Andersonls Sweetheart of 1967 was jill Niel- ying jillls Court included Beth Gerwe, Kris Hanni, Gail johnson, Barb Kirehen, Sally Meyers, Patti Riley and Anita Vogely. 19 The an ho ame to Dinner Gilchrist to Wiggeringloh: M l'm in love, Sherry. M vm ' Q 41 Eiyv e 5AQEff 275 20 Y I 1. s E E t uGome here, my lady nausea The Man Who Came to Dinner by Moss Hart and George S, Kaufman Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley Nancy Meyer Miss Preen Holly Schueneman Richard Stanley Ken Scott june Stanley Sue Woth john Sarah Mrs. Dexter M rs. McCutcheon Mr. Stanley Maggie Cutler Dr. Bradley Sheridan Whiteside Harriet Stanley Bert jefferson Professor Metz Michaelson Henderson Expressman Lorraine Sheldon Sandy Noel Carlton Miss Wescott Banjo Carl Schmitt janet Goodrich Kathy Harris Kris Hanni Anita Vogely Lyn Stoepel Brian Terlescki Andy Gilchrist Pearl Varney jeff VViggeringloh Sue Parkins Paul Spitzer Charles Burton Gerry Oaks jerry Froehlich Roger Bumgarner Pat Keifer Don Bcppert Pete Struthers Diane Daughetee Karen Kirby Paul White Today my class . , . tomorrow, the Olympics Imax 95-05 3 i Can this be Seniors Studying?!! mms iww, ai :iz g if? f . ,,.. Collopy hurries to meet a deadline. junior Dunn ranked sixth in the district race and ninth in the regional to qualify for the state cross country meet. V 24 ovember 22 We Give Thanks It is important that at one time of the year we think of the blessings we enjoy as Americans. Thanksgiving is the time set aside to remember those who have gone before us to preserve freedom. It is the time to remember the hardships and struggles of the first Americans and to think of those who are now making sacrifices. It is the time to thank God for our bounteous gifts - gifts that manifest themselves in the way we speak freely, attend school, and worship. Thanksgiving is as rich a tradition at Anderson as it is in every part of the United States. The assembly was a solemn one, but one that expressed the joy of Thanksgiving. The many voices of Andersonls choirs united, singing poignant words of thanks. The music reveals to each person the foun- dation of his hopes, plans, and dreams -our American her- itage of freedom. The voices of Thanksgiving rm M We '- ,. r W ,W 1 The brilliant gold and orange of autumn soon fades into the ice-blue silence of winter. The hush of fallen snow is soon broken, however, by cheering crowds at basketball games, by Christmas carolers, and eventually by stu- dents moaning about exams. Thus Winter arrives, bringing with it an excit- ing variety of activities. Basketball seasong the Christmas Formal and concerts, sledding and skatingg and exams - all are a part of winter at Anderson. December 9 - Anderson vs. Withrow The Redskins lell vietim to W'ithrow's Tigers in one of the most hard fought games of the entire season Although the Redskins had been in command throughout the first half of the game, the Tigers Closed in on Anderson early in the third quarter. The game was closely contested until the Final buzzer sound- ed. At the end of regulation play, the seore stood 61-61. Anderson scored Hrst in the overtime period, hut VVithrow edged in front by one point as time was run- ning out. The final score - VVithrow 65, Anderson 64. Rivals in Grange and Black 29 The Sights and Sounds ll f3N!3HWKz Tiufixzxf- 'm4 'iaLWiT1ZQb W..-'-fa 'Six .W '3 f S SWQ NEQ?.:?3FQ:Q1iQ 1,:1gi.:z-ggfmq of Christmas Anderson moves into the Christmas season in many waysg by mid-December the school is filled with the sights of Christmas. Decorations for the outside of the building are Hrst to go up. As students enter school each morning, big wreaths, decorated trees, and Christmas lights shine a Yule- tide greeting to everyone. The sounds of Christmas are as varied as the many glitter- ing sights of the season. One of the most joyous parts ot Christmas is the sound of carols ringing through the air. In the weeks preceding the holidays, many such traditional songs are heard at both instrumental and vocal concerts. One may hear the merry refrain of ujingle Bellsf, sung by the Ensemble Singersg or the stately religious notes of 'iAd- este Fidelisf' sung during Mixed Chorus, candle-light pro- cessional. Or perhaps one may hear the moving Christmas melodies which are played by Andersonls Band and Or- chestra. These traditional and popular carols echo through the corridors of Anderson throughout the Christmas season. l I w i I .a n Q' mms! 5 X, ii Qi .55 ws as 'wi Y' Q 1 -5' ,, I. W., -f 7 ygzwaff Suflaf 5 Q xl S 0' 5 in 1 m - ,,.., 'f W I ' i A ' .1 rw .34 nk rw-,.. A, Xin A 4 Qftfii, 1 Q r ., 053 A v.., I ,fini 3 ' X525 ,igglxia ,f ff- f:1fi'L?. . T 'W 1 ,cf fy fx . 1 'Q A i N' iff, A l wit .9 v K iff 'f' g gps bf ' E ff L, 5 eff ., X J Q E ? s ,, X Q ii f G34 f 5 fx .3 Lk gi December 21 - The Chri tmas Formal Mi , . - lie? A ffhristnias is also a tiine lor eelehration, gaiety' antl parties: Christmas lformal, On this evening the school is trans- forrnetl into a Christmas wonclerlanclg the rnunclane eorri- dors lneeonie eancllelit aisles garlanclecl with greeneryg the Cafeteria. once a tlisinal study' hall. turns into a soltly lit roorn cleeliecl with a CIhristinas tree ancl mistletoe. rtncler- sonls stuclents are transtorniecl hy the Christmas spirit: girls heeorne elegant in lovely lormalsg lioys look hanclsoine in unaeeustomed suits and ties. lfverything seems more lmeau- tiful and more rornantie he-cause Cfhristnias is a joyous sea- son - a time for young eouples to he together and happy. +,mt 'i , , ' -Ms ' I ef ,lv .,,,, iv' The romantic glow of candle light Christmas joy' illuminates ey ery' lace 35 the eulrnination ol the holiclay' festivities at .Xntlerson is The Exam ram . Sleeping wonlt help, Stan. After all the fun, excitement and festivities of the Christmas season, students are suddenly faced with the awful prospect of exams. Reading, reviewing, and memorizing from long forgotten text hooks all are a part of the frantic cramming which occurs just before exams. An entire semesteris work must be digested and testedg however, after two days of sometimes grueling and exhausting exams, the student body throws itself into the varied, exciting activities of the second semester. Routine Resumes , ff WWW 'tux is r 1 :gk l'l10 niiruclv A Doctor Kate Captain Koller Helen Nlartlia Percy Aunt Ev james Anaguncls Annie Sullivan Yiney Blind Girls Thr- Miracle Xrlforlwr liy Wlillium Clilmson Nic Mille jim Dc' Salvo Terri Smith Dun Cfurtiss Patti Clillvspic Sally Clilclirist Tccl Sliuklcy Bonnici lluglics Gary Grainger 'ICH Nl0llSlill-21 Krislia liiirc-liilcl licverly Sclixmrlut-rg Dclulaic Siclcntopi, Pam Zingu Susan Unclvrliill, Susan Iloovcr Susan Slcclc Voice ol' jimmy Sullivan ClurySl1Qll MoNiok - Anderson Rivalry Retested Spirit week built up Andersonls hopes for the big game, but the Redskins were unable to withstand the attack of the MeNicholas Rockets. Anderson held an early lead, but lost it as the Rockets controlled most of the game. A Redskin ral- ly at the very end of the game Cut the Roclcetls Winning margin from 20 to ll points, Feb. 16 - Anderson vs. MCNiCh0las 41 , M .MQ,A,7w1Xf,1cWw:zffw The swim team in action The swimming team, under new head coach Edward Beck, had one of its most successful seasons, winning ll of13 meets. Anderson finished second in the Hamilton County Suburban League meet and second out often schools in the district meet. Because of their showing in the district meet, four Redslcin swimmers went on to the state meet in Co- lumbus. They were Don Chambers in diving, joe Mayer in the 400 yard free style, Walt Pottschmidt in the 100 yard free style, and Ron Schilling in the individual medley. Wrestling Dale Richards competes in the district meet. Andersonls prowess on the wrestling mats reached new heights during the 1967-68 season. The Redskins won I3 matches while losing only two, and earned Anderson's first wrestling trophy by winning the Hamilton County Subur- han League championship. In the district tournament, the team placed seventh among 30 opponents. For the first time, the Redskins sent a wrestler to the state tournament. Two ot' Andersonls hest wrestlers hattle each other.XYayne Darnell, on the right, won 23 matches while losing only four, Cary Scotty defeated 26 straight opponents - then lost two times in the state tournament to finish fourth. w 4 irls, Sports 1 I Q E 4 S Q 3 fi' Mobyys mealy-mouths movin, out. - kgxffiizlssgggx. K sg A , 5, 5., K,. . ..W5,, .:7f.m:,ggmf. - Q5 ,Aw . wffim 1 , .. . ,A mn: . -. Q ..E5 S, aa :.f- S.. -:V -Q ffzi i iii A:W iS 5 3 4 , Q : H v a fwf- Q S . . ., W M L .,-5 -, f fm ,. ,1 - Q '- . . 1-.elsif V if .. .... - f. 3' -Mfgzf-.',,13g1g.ggig5gy.f-iii eiiiyissfa f Hg M3242,i:m1.--Tiffgfffsi fe At Anderson, physical fitness is considered as important as mental fitness, and for girls as well boys, Girls on the swimming team experience the exhilaration of competition. The coordination of teamwork is learned in sports ranging from volleyball and hockey to tennis, gymnastics, and la- Crosse. J l 1 , 1 If looking out the window was a temptation before, in spring it is practically compulsory, Seniors are even more restlessg they know theres only a few weeks and then - free- dom, The juniors are worrying about their treasury - Prom time is here. Sophomores hand out candy with gleeg theyill need that money when theyire juniors. Spring hursts forth with activities. The musical, water hal- let, hanquets and the Prom fill the list, The final activity of the year, and for Seniors, of their highschool life, is Commencement. V Still daydreaming? Y March 29 - The Senior Banquet The Senior Banquet begins the many special events which are plannccl for each graduating class. It is one of the few occasions when all the memhers of the Senior Class can get together in a festive, informal atmosphere. The evening is a time for reminiscing about past years at Anderson and a time for discussing future hopes and plans, A sign of the times. fit' - m w, f- Reiman and Scotty check out the program. Mr. Brown remembers past banquets Fl lliw A .V,.. A ' ww e , A ' Ww ig L ..,,, p M -QMQQW A fl iw MI S W? Q U F' W msm 32 Q MW 55.3, ,I is 41 Q 0 fl . X if 'WWW' iww? UM 49 fu, 2 we Xi 5 if ,ww-W .Mg-My 5 5 .sw K' A 1, ?!A.,QfE ,: fs? .V , figii Qi. I' A? ff? N x 3 QW.. , ..,, ..f. R K 51, . , ' ---- f am. .M + gf R 'V z ., Q f 1. ' L ..z 1. 5 gg v. ,. i .9 , .. 2 M A' W- I. ' eg A 3 WL , 5 fb flung , lv. L gy ,, if an 'fm 5' , .1 ': .A - ' . . -v,,-k L . -' ' V , zizg 15' I . M i . M 2, ,Ag S xA .5 ,. J? dy YK' Q5 .14 1 S figfsfggiiiai X 31 f ' , , h Q ' r . ig , I S Ig, f. . an 'egg I Q A H -,.:. 9? .1 Q ,I I 3 x wins 5 Q a s 4 J ,P-1 Q , ,Q . .egg 'N . if i 'WI if W MQ f gi 3 X 2' S L-X fic! Q ,Q x 515, f 4 q X I K f 6' is ., W J , x sa , .Q ,3..f-7.1 ,Q-Q-ig QJY.It,. ,M I, a- . ff! Qu 'Tm X ., , Q 5 ,--.,1 if . -' . . .. gs? - .,.., . ffgz 35' 'W ,,, ,ng J ,W if PM Frank Lfiurfissj sings to Annie LSchuenemanD - They Say Itvs Wonderful Produccr Nlusical Director Stage Dircctor Choreogrupher Conductor PRODL'CITION S'l'gXI'1F KCIIIICHI J, Furricr Richurcl XY, XYcsp Rcvgvr CI. Crowns jams Xlilcs Dale Swishvr vb.-as. . i ' ', R, f- ,Q gy ,, l.1l!lejulw Lllurrls P to Dolly QI5rc-y4-rJ- I N clorft kmm xx hy rmlmocly likvs BULL.. N u.'AXIlythiIlg you can do I can do better April 11 - Easter Assembly Each year the Y-Teens sponsor ihiclcrsuiixs Easter prugriini. The usscmhly Consists of ii choral prcsciitutioli and in mes- sage hy ll guest minister, This year Rc-xcreud Preston. who is irivrmlxcd in youth activities at tha- Xlt, XYi1shingtmi Pres- byterian Church. spcmkc. April 15 - A Day At Frisclfs 56 Baseball The varsity baseball team, under head coach Edward Hof- fer, compiled an enviable record by winning ll out of 17 games. The Redskins finished third in the Hamilton County Suburban League, and reached the quarter finals ofthe dis- trict tournament by defeating both Princeton and Courter Tech. A loss to McNicholas in the tournament brought the season to a close. O'Connor displays the pitching form that resulted in no hit games against St. Bernard and Amelia May 2 - The Wonderful orld of olor .W .Mm - - f ..P: 1'i.L, .' ., .- -me .. ,.-:W ' K ,,,l,Qj-fg,,girgw,: N.. 'qi' K , -- X 1 4-,g4 gMM-',fl-3 4 ' wwwffffk W W K MMM ,dlwiw 'NV' W-MW, gms-vw-f 4' ,ga-.aqmgw A152-Q .Q my ww., , I.. .,,,.,..M-uni lkvv l W f5i+mf km m 'Y' - ' Q mm.' i Q H ff .- Al'-ZSEXHK ' .. ,W . ,mfggvm l Fourth Annual ater Ballet lf- '3nv'F ,M ..-f -V -1. ' 'mm im, S , MM l L 4? .ar 9 M 2 , A , '-'f 4+ . 7 Q im l N ' - .lf' 7- ' ' aw HW il ' 53 3 M-'fav-w-5 -'sm,m, A - 3 : . . ,A, ' , ,: fy ' . 4 W w -., , wawm ., . ., , - 4+ my N, sf f W nv irq? AL 4 H Q 43 uf Q, if wi Q . 1 5' ff4NF 'mf AE, ,- ,mff var 'fm m 'W-m- VAKV . in 4, . - J fi 'f f L' l if i X M ls ' 'HM 'L ,. . ...- ' 'is , 1 li, xx. li-ug Me, , 4 4 1. Ks .S ?i1:5 -'If NIR ,. 13 el i -s X , 'Q WW 9 if M M M, Wai 4, lx, 2 QM If 5'5- sf ' tggiif' .. W5 W , egg E 'N Q I N K , rs' 2 xx . ggzisliik. igg 7 fx fs :Q Elgin: R ' 1, 15 - S 5, .fa L,.L ff' Q E, 4 S E v B: 2 3 I , 3- X sf Y QA xx ,bk- HU kia Eff G31lJOhHSO ohm? emln A Fountain of Dreams . . An Evening of Memories Tile junior-Senior Prom is iillt goal of all the Clillliy. turna- tion and Ciiristnnis card sales of the preceding years, The evening of fillt prom is one wilicii is anticipated for months and rerneinlmereci forever. For the 1968 Prorn, Antiersrnlis junior Class recreated all the spieilcioiwmi' ancient Rome. Sparkling fonntgiins . .. marble C0illIIlllS . . . lovely ciresses . . . beautiful IllllSiC . , , These xx ere time elements of L1 woncierfni encinnlteci night. ay 11 - Junior-Senior Prom Fountain of Dreams Couples greet each other at the entrance. Some manage to escape the crowd. N 63 sf -.Qww,wz:.., . . f , Q-Q2 Aa X W Wa M. ,sg 'it ,A ' ,,LL A H g i . 3 MWA . ...A KV aff' it 2' S l 4, L, .. Vx If 1... . ,pp A A' Q' Q H I . I as Q ,. ,, . , Y .t , qi ,, t Q 4 ,Q ,, g 'Q i, 1 A f y ,Q ., tg, ., s ' 4 , ,L , I 1 I ., ff, 1 .. - .W-l fy X 4 A' . X In Y , 'W Y f B K- ' ix I Xu. rl B S 'tl 'V 2 4 'r , Mx 3 ' ' Y ' L .1 1 Q K, 2 .. l 5 I L W V Q 1 lltig-5 33 N A YNIQ w i k Q 8 is .K N Xu M f- V- f- ,gl --- .:-:. fr- f f- A- . mums -:':' , ' 'R 9 Vs , i.s - In V4 ,QS -J f N V U A J V Lkw ,2XT Q world premiere uf Hams Hf3IlZC.S .'fXIor11litiesf' Q W Q 2 Nlax Rudolf, conductor of the Cincinnati Sy niphony Orchestra and Xlnsit' Director of the Xlay Festival, leads one of the many rehearsals of Henzels iikloralitiesfl -v--Q-..a..,,,,,-, On Saturday evening, Nlay 18, 1968 the Cincinnati Xlay Festival presented the world premiere of Hans Werner Henze's Cantata uMoralities. Henze, a renouned contem- porary German composer, used a text by the noted British poet, NY. H. A-Xuden to illustrate the folly of man in various guises and moods. In reviewing the performance, Eleanor Bell of The Cincin- nati Post and Time Star stated that the high school choir Uhad no trouble stealing the show. They handled Henzes most complex harmonies and rhythms with the ease of vet- erans, Over 270 ofthe 500 high school students who participated in this yearls May Festival were from A nderson. National Merit Finalists McCann, Nut-tzcl and Townsley. The 1968 Scholarship Team 'hIld6l'SOIliS winning It's Academic team: Nuctzcl, Townsley, Wliggeririgloh and Adv. Harris. The Scholastic Honors Banquet NROTC Scholarship recipients Scott and Darnell are congratulated by Allread. ay 27-Scholastic Honors Banquet Mr. Titus awards john Nuetzel and Andy Gilchrist the Faculty Scholarship, jill Haller receives a Tuition Scholarship to Miami University. lf' i i x ,E I if ,L Li Harris and Gilchrist sing of high school huddies. Pottschmidt presents the key to Miller Macbeth - Modified? 68 May 31- Class ay F? Ei Ine says goodbye to Anderson and the United States. Reppert and the Bookstore .Wx Spitzer and his editorial. 69 Iune 4 - 38th Annual Commencement n- ' Bill Cox receives his diploma from Board Pre. 1 - 'J Chip Townsley welcomes parents and friends. Andy Gilchrist remembers the past. The Senior Ensemble. Diane Daughetee views the challenge ahead. l Kassy Io Beers Class of 1967 Margaret Boyd Kiwanis Dave Brafford Kiwanis Vocational Randal Curtis PTA Vocational Diane Daughetee Y-Teens Arthur Dunn Boosters Club Douglas Elslager Miami Grant Andrea Gilchrist 2nd Anderson Scholar Deborah Gradolf FBLA Stanley Gray Student Council Jill Haller Miami Grant Kristine Hanni Anonymous The Class of 196 i Seniors Earn Local Scholarships Karl Kern FTA Barbara Kitchen PTA Vocational Elizabeth Murphy French Club john Nuetzel lst Anderson Scholar jeffrey Paddock Latin Club Daniel Russ Class of 1966 Sharon Stevens Judd Scholarship Anita Vogely GAA Susan Worth PTO Lisa Yerino Student Council The Class 1968 Commencement - 1968 CLASS OFFICERS: Dunn, Trcas.g Gray, V. Pres.g Pottschmidt, Pres.g Riley, Sec 73 Q Michael L. Beitenhaus Lawrence P. Benedict Ronald Linden Berry Judith Ann Betz Barbara Anne Bevington Paul E. Birkman Carl john Bockhorst Sharon Gail Bolton Samuel Edward Ables Barbara Louise Adams Karen Lee Aicholtz Iulia S. Alexander Williarn I. Baehner Carl Richard Baeuerlin David Iarnes Baker Peter Andrew Bally Robert L. Barbery, Ir. David Lee Barnes Diane Rae Beer Kassy Io Beers Big businessmen Cray, Riley, Malaney and Nuetzel show off their first place Venture game trophy. Deborah Kaye Bowers Margaret Marie Boyd David Lee Brafford Larry Kent Brallier Thomas Dayton Brim Dennis Allan Brock Donald Charles Brown Kathleen Ann Brown l 7 5 Daniel Perry Brunn Roger W. Bumgarner Bruce Lee Bunch Gary Wade Burhage Sheryl Ann Burbage Janice Arlene Burger Charles Michael Burton Peggy Ann Burton The 1968 Prom Queen and Court: Neena Wallace, Kris Hanni, Gail johnson, Patti Riley, Pat Keifer. 'r c ll 'Shr- 5 1 E 'Af 3 I 8 wg! 35,1 3 1 1 2 uf ik 5 'S ei' i ii a 4 Deborah S. Collopy Frank Lloyd Combs David Eugene Cook Steven Ray Cooke Jeffrey Steven Corken Judith Kay Cornelison Terri Ann Cornuelle William Oscar Cox Charles Houston Cox Sandra Key Craycraft Thomas Cumby Jennifer Lynn Cummins Carol Jane Carter Daniel Edward Carroll John Michael Caruso Barbara L. Chandler James E. Churchill, Jr. Kenneth Lee Claxton Debbie Jeanne Clift Carol Marianne Close Cary W. Cunningham Randal Brian Curtis Kathryn R. Dahlheimer Calvin Wayne Darnell Diane Marie Daughetee Glenn Brian Davis john Murray Deming William Ronald Dierks Cina Marie DiMario Gerald Lee Dorna Arthur Lee Dunn Charlene Edmisten jim Cook and Mr, Slaven admire the trophy won in the Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contest. 78 'f.7 Anders0n's AFS student lne Moers entertains at the AFS T Robert Craig Edwards Karen Louise Eldredge Douglas H. Elslager Janice Carol Emmert judith Lea England Larry Luther Evans Gail Frances Ewing john B. Fennessy, Ir. 79 Three talented members ofthe Class of 1968 White Schueneman and Wiggeringloh. Robert Wilson Firth Betty Lou Foster Richard Eugene Foster Dinah jean Fox Edward Allen Fraley jerorne Lee Froehlich Donna J. Gerhardstein Elizabeth Anne Gerwe Andrea Lynn Gilchrist Carol jean Goins Cary Samuel Collahon janet Ellen Goodrich Deborah Lynn Gradolf Richard F. Gramann Audley Curtis Grant Stanley Howard Cray Lynne Russell Greer Gary Lewis Grossheim Richard Lee Guth Rebecca Kaye Hageman Q. wwf Anita displays enthusiasm. Barbara jean Hall Stephanie jill Haller Peter W. Hamilton Sharon Lee Hamm Judy Ann Hannan Kristine Lynne Hanni james Andrew Harris Kathy jean Harris Karen Marie Hayes Thomas M. Hatterick Barbara Mary Hepfinger Deborah Ann Herald Diana Sue Herald Lana jean Hicks Robert Markley Hight james Harrington Hill Ronald W. Hirschauer Dennis M. Hoffrogge Randall Allen Holmes Darlene Marie Hons Kevin james Hopper james Cameron Horney Steven Hale Houchen Harold Douglas Hughes Linda Mary Hurst Robert Thomas Hurst Bonny Lee jackson Daryl jay Jansen Gail Ann johnson Susan Margaret johnson Adele Maril jones jacalyn Cheryl jones David Lee Kattelman Kay Ann Kattenhorn Mark jeffrey Keating Patricia Sue Keifer .. J.. M1 .. waaaia f -- - W Fzzfezsxr ' :::.Pz:m1sPsns,ia fi ,ii ,fi.,,i . W .i,.3, . i,.,Mt Kvfmsv ' .E . .f-12 was rims W i,fiQ., i ,.1,.., W-ia .- - if 11-:gg 5, , . ,. ' ' fri .- -srlrfzlfsllsvfixg Harold Karl Kern Mary Etta King Karen Kathleen Kirby Barbara Anne Kirchen Craig D. Kleinfeldt David Lee Kleinfelter Ronald Timothy Kline William Charles Knorr Deborah Lee Koger Steven Eugene Koller Richard Lewis Kuhl Howard Douglas Latimer Henri Robert LeClaire Donna jane Lester Evelyn Rose Lion Deborrah Susan Loclcard Michael Loescher Frederick Timothy Long Kenneth Paul Ludlow Wayne Robert Malaney Chip escorts Patti on the big night. Adele and Karen rehea se f r Homecoming Jeffrey Wayne Marshall Barbara Lee Ann Martin Donna Jean Martin Gary Ray Martin Ruth Ann Matthews joseph Paul Mayer Georgia McCann Deborah K. MCClanahan skew K -1 Patricia May Mclflhaney jill Ann Melvin Richard Menefee, jr. Brian Randall Mette Roxanne Metzger Nancy Ann Meyer Norman D, Milford, jr. Sharon Elaine Miles jo Carol Mitchell Ine Jeannette Moers jo Ann Monsey Arny Morrissette Whats the tiger doing out of the tankiv f jet Plan Lawrence Steven Moss Deborah jean Muller Elizabeth Marie Murphy Peggy Ann Murphy Richard Alan Murphy Sally Sue Myers Michael Iohn Naro Janice Carole Nash 6. Fred pulls a Cary Scotty! 5,-aw. A 41411 jacquelyn M. Neligan james Richard Nelson Douglas john Nilsen Kathleen Marie Noble Charles H. Norton, jr. John Martin Nuetzel Gerald Eben Oaks Michael P. O,Connor Linda Susan Oliver Timothy P. Oppenheimer Preston Paul Ornella Jeffrey Baxter Paddock Diana Lynn Price William Thomas Pryor Donna Sue Pummill Robert joseph Ramundo Ronald Brock Randall Bruce Roger Reed Roberta E. Reiman Donald Lee Reppert Sue M. Parkins Gerald Patterson, jr. Douglas C. Patton, Ir. Arthur Pedersen, Ir. Brent Lindsay Peebles Harold Jerome Peeno Fredric Lee Pennington Susan jane Phipps William Alan Pierce Robert Stephen Potter Fred C. Pottschmidt Walter A. Pottschmidt 90 N uS0ck it to'eml', Dale Lee Richards Dianne Lynn Richards Sondra Lee Rieke Patricia Susan Riley eww.. MW William Robert Riley Sara jane Rishel james M. Robertson Lynn Maria Rollins 91 Robert R. RllIY1lJlC,JI'. Daniel joseph Russ James Steven Russell Deborah Lynn Ryan Celeste Marie Salmtina Geoffrey V. Sunclkcr Robert Ambrose Schall Cathleen A. Scllleicller 9 2 l Gregory L. Seihert Brenda Ann Shamblin Robert Edwin Shimler jack Rutherford Silz Dalene Edith Simmelink Gail Ann Simmonds Ralph M. Sinclair, jr. Mary Ann Smythe Mary Cindie Speaks Peggy jo Specht Paul Edward Spitzer Derenda Gayle Stacy Galvin Eric Schmid Carl Edward Schmitt Douglas F. Schmitt Bonnie Mae Schneider Holly I. Schueneman Harold Allan Schultz Kenneth Bruce Scott Garrett Lynn Scotty Mary Anne Stambaugh Charles Tracy Stevens Iudy Ann Stevens Sharon Sue Stevens Steven Doyle Stewart Lyn Katherine Stoepel Peter Oliver Struthers john F. Stump William M. Sullivan Sweethearts Beth and Sally Alan Charles Swan john Brian Terlescki john Warren Thumann Daniel Colby Tostevin justin L. Townsley, Ir, Brenda Sue Uebel Linda M. Vandergrifl Gregory Allen VanNess Pearl Elster Varney Anita Vogely Robert john Wahlke Virginia Mae Wallace fl S: M in , Q H. X W Thomas M. VValv00rd Hubert Earl VVarf0rd james R. Watkins, jr. Peggy Loc VVcil Sue Ai1ncWcttstein Paul Micl1aclVVhite jeffrey VViggcringloh Christy Loc Williams gmsumsnr iw' Pete plays Liberace. ,, ...J S 96 e give top value stamps. David Ernest Williams Karen Beth Williams Peggy Lynn Williams Margaret K. Wilson Edward F. Wittmeyer Stephen joseph Wolfer Susan Evans Worth Susan Genevieve Wright Lisa Dawn Yerino Sheila Diane Yuhasz jane Ann Zemanelc Barbara Marie Zingg nderson in Action: Seniors P6 SAMUEL EDWARD ABLES-College Prep. Course-Safety Council 3,4. KAREN LEE AICHOLTZ - Business Course - Andersonian 45 COE 45 FBLA 45 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Water Ballet 35 Y-Teens 3, JULIA SUSAN ALEXANDER-College Prep. Course-FTA 25 Girls, Chorus 2,3,45 Pep Club 35 Student Council 45 Water Ballet 3,45 Y-Teens 3, 4, ROBERT HARRY ANDERSON-Industrial Arts Course. WILLIAM JOSEPH BAEHNER-General Course. CARL RICHARD BAEUERLIN-College Prep. Course-Boys, Chorus 25 Safety Council 4. DAVID JAMES BAKER-College Prep. Course-Chieftain 45 Latin Club 25 Safety Council 4. PETER ANDREW BALLY-College Prep, Course-Ashland High School 25 Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 25 Musical 2. ROBERT LYLE BARBERY-College Prep. Course-Cross Country 25 Track 2. DAVID LEE BARNES-College Prep. Course-Key Club 2,35 Projection Club 25 Safety Council 3,45 Stage Crew 2, CHARLES FREDERICK BECKER-College Prep Course-Northern Valley Regional High School 2,35 Class OlIicer 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Musical 2,3,45 Senior Band 2,3,45 Senior Orchestra 2,3,45 Tennis 2,3. DIANE RAE BEER-College Prep. Course-FTA 3,45 Girls, Chorus 25 Latin Club 2,35 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Bronze Scholarship Key 25 Silver Scholarship Key 35 Y-Teens 2,3,4. KASSY JO BEERS-College Prep Course-Chieftain 45 French Club 3,4, Treasurer 3, President 45 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Mixed Chorus 45 Musical 35 Bronze Scholarship Key 25 Silver Scholarship Key 35 Student Council 2,35 Water Ballet 3,45 Y-Teens, 3,4, Secretary 4, MICHAEL LAWRENCE BEITENHAUS-Industrial Arts CIOUTS6- Projection Club 4. LAWRENCE P. BEN EDICT-Industrial Arts Course. RONALD LINDEN BERRY-College Prep, Course-Withrow High School 2,35 Mixed Chorus 45 Stage Crew 4. JUDITH ANN BETZ-College Prep. Course-Girls, Chorus 2,3,45 Pep Club 35 Water Ballet 3,4. BARBARA ANN BEVINGTON-College Prep. Course-GAA 25 Latin Club 35 Red Cross 45 Y-Teens 3,4. PAUL E. BIRKMAN - Industrial Arts Course A Key Club 2,45 Pep Club 45 Safety Council 4. CARL JOHN BOCKHORST-College Prep. Course-Boys! Chorus 2,35 Chieftain 2,35 Key Club 2,35 Safety Council 45 Stage Crew 2,3. SHARON GAIL BOLTON-Business Course-Health Careers 2. DEBORAH KAYE BOWERS-College Prep. Course-Chieftain 45 French Club 25 GAA 25 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Musical 2, 35 Pep Club 25 Spectrum 25 Y-Teens 2,3,4. MARGARET MARIE BOYD-College Prep. Course-French Club 45 Musical 2,3,45 Red Cross 25 Bronze Scholarship Key 25 Silver Scholarship Key 35 Senior Orchestra 2,3,4, Historian 2,3,45 Y-Teens 3. DAVID LEE BRAFFORD-Industrial Arts Course. LARRY KENT BRALLIER-College Prep, Course-Basketball 2,3,45 Key Club 45 Pep Club 3,45 Safety Council 45 Varsity Club 3,4. THOMAS DAYTON BRIM-College Prep. Course-Boys, Chorus 2,35 Football 2,3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Safety Council 45 Swim- ming Team 2,35 Track 35 Varsity Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 35 President 4, DENNIS ALLAN BROCK-College Prep. Course--Boys' Chorus 45 Class Play 35 Cross Country 25 Key Club 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Vice- President 45 Pep Club 25 Safety Council 35 Track 2. DAVID ALAN BROWN-College Prep. Course. DONALD CHARLES BROWN-College Prep. Course. KATHLEEN ANN BROWN - Business Course - COE 45 FBLA 45 GAA 25 Water Ballet 25 Y-Teens DANIEL PERRY BRUNN-College Prep, Course-Basketball 25 Key Club 45 Projection Club 2,3,45 Stage Crew 4. ROGER WARREN BUMGARNER-College Prep. Course-Basketball 25 Boys, Chorus 25 Class Play 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,4, Treasurer 45 Stage Crew 3,45 Track 2,35 Varsity Club 3. BRUCE LEE BUNCH-College Prep. Course-Class Play 3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Musical 2,3,45 Stage Crew 2,3,4. GARY WADE BURBAGE-Industrial Arts Course. SHERYL ANN BURBAGE-Home Economics Course-Health Careers 45 Home Economics Co-Op 4, Secretary 45 Library Aid 45 Pep Club 4. JANICE ARLENE BURGER-Business Course-Oflice Aid 3,4. CHARLES MICHAEL BURTON-College Prep. Course-Chieftain 45 Class Play 4. PEGGY ANN BURTON-College Prep. Course-Office Aid 45 Red Cross 3. CAROL JANE CARTER-College Prep. Course-French Club 2,45 GAA 25 Office Aid 45 Bonze Scholarship Key 25 Silver Scholarship Key 35 Stu- dent Council 2,3. DANIEL EDWARD CARROLL-college Prep, Course-American Field Service 3,4. HAROLD STEPHEN CARROLL-College Prep. Course-Huntington High School 2,3. JOHN MICHAEL CARUSO-College Prep. Course-Key Club 35 Latin Club 2,3,45 Track 25 Varsity Club 3,45 Wrestling 3. BARBARA LYNNE CHANDLER-College Prep. Course-American Field Service 25 COE 45 GAA 2,35 Girls' Chorus 25 Bronze Scholarship Key 3. COBINA K. CHILDERS - General Course - McNapier High School 25 Home Economics C0-Op 4. JAMES EDWARD CHURCHILL-College Prep. Course-Basketball 25 Safety Council 4. KENNETH LEE CLAXTON - College Prep. Course - Basketball 35 Boys, Chorus 2,3,45 Key Club 2. MICHAEL WAYNE CLEVELAND-College Prep. Course-Boys, Cho- rus 2. DEBBIEJEANNE CLIFT--College Prep. Course-American Field Service 25 French Club 25 GAA 25 Girls, Chorus 2,35 Pep Club 2,3,45 Red Cross 2,3,45 Safety Council 4. CAROL MARIANNE CLOSE-College Prep. Course-Andersonian 2, 35 Chieftain 45 FBLA 3,45 FTA 2,3,45 GAA 2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Red Cross 2,3,45 Safety Council 4. DEBORAH SUZANNE COLLOPY-College Prep, Course-American Field Service 213141 Chieftain 3,41 GAA 31 Girls' Chorus 213,41 Majorette 3141 Pep Club FRANK LLOYD COMBS-College Prep. Course-Class Play 314, DAVID EUGENE COOK-Industrial Arts Course. JAMES MONROE COOK-Industrial Arts Course. STEVEN RAY COOKE-College Prep. Course-Boys' Chorus 21 Projcc- tion Club 21314, President 31 Swimming Team 213. JEFFREY STEVEN CORKEN-College Prep, Course-Baseball 2,31 Basketball 21 Bronze Scholarship Key 31 Student Council 213,-1, JUDITH KAY CORNELISON-Business Course-Withrow High School 2, TERRI ANN CORNUELLE-College Prep. Courseh-American Field Service 21 French Club 2131 GAA 2,3141 Girls' Chorus 2,31 Mixed Chorus 3, 41 Musical 3,41 Pep Club 3,41 Bronze Scholarship Key 21 Y-Teens 314. GILES THOMAS CORUM-College Prep. Course-Boys' Chorus 2,31 Key Club 213,41 Projection Club 41 Safety Council 41 Stage Crew 213,41 Track 2. CHARLES HOUSTON COX-Industrial Arts Course-Key Club 2131 Safety Council 213,41 President 4. WILLIAM OSCAR COX-College Prep. Course-Baseball 21 Latin Club 21 Bronze Scholarship Key 21 Varsity Club 3141 Wrestling 3, SANDRA KAY CRAYCRAFT-College Prep. Course-American Field Service 21 FTA 3,41 GAA 2,3141 Secretary 3, Vice-President 41 Pep Club 3, 41 Senior Band 213,41 Water Ballet 213,41 Y-Teens 21314. THOMAS CUMBY-Business Course. JENNIFER LYNN CUMMINS-Business Course-GAA 2. GARY WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM -Industrial Arts Course-Boys' Chorus 31 Key Club 31 Safety Council 4. RANDAL BRIAN CURTIS-College Prep. Course-Basketball 41 Safety Council 4. KATHRYN R. DAHLHEIMER-College Prep, Course-Bronze Scholar- ship Key 2. CALVIN WAYNE DARNELL-College Prep. Course-Football 2,31 National Honor Society 3141 Bronze Sch'olarship Key 21 Silver Scholarship Key 31 Wrestling 214, DIANE MARIE DAUGHETEE-College Prep. Course-American Field Service 21 Chieftain 2,3141 Class Play 3,41 GAA 2,3141 President 41 Girls' Chorus 2131 Mixed Chorus 3,41 Historian 3,41 Musical 213,41 National Thespians Society 41 Pep Club 213,41 Treasurer 41 Student Council 213,41 Water Ballet 213,41 Y-Teens 21314. FREDERICK EARL DAVIDSON-Business Course. GLENN BRIAN DAVIS-College Prep. Course-Basketball 31 Key Club 213,41 Pep Club 31 Safety Council 41 Varsity Club 3. JOHN MURRAY DEMING-College Prep. Course-Baseball 31 Foot- ball 41 Key Club 314. WILLIAM RONALD DIERKS-College Prep. Course-Key Club 2,3,41 Pep Club 2,31 Safety Council 4. GINA MARIE DI MARIO-College Prep. Course-St. Ursula Academy 2,31 Chieftain 41 Pep Club 4. GERALD LEE DORNA-College Prep. Course-Basketball 21 Football 213,41 Key Club 21 Pep Club 213,41 Track 41 Varsity Club 21314. JAMES JEROME DUGGAN-General Course-McNicholas High School 21 Football 41 Key Club 4. ARTHUR LEE DUNN-College Prep. Course-Baseball 21 Basketball 21 Class Oflicer 41 Cross Country 3141 Key Club 2,3,4, Secretary 41 Bronze Scholarship Key 21 Senior Band 2,3141 Student Council 3,41 Track 3,41 Wrestling 3,4 CHARLENE EDMISTEN-College Prep. Course-M adison Senior High School, 213. ROBERT CRAIG EDWARDS-College Prep. Course-German Club 2, 3. KAREN LOUISE ELDREDGE-College Prep. Course-Libertyville High School 21 Chieftain 41 FTA 3,41 Musical 3,41 Pep Club 3,41 Red Cross 3,41 Senior Band 3,41 Senior Orchestra 314. DOUGLAS HOOVER ELSLAGER-College Prep. Course-Bronze Scholarship Key 2. JANICE CAROL EMMERT-College Prep. Course-German Club 2,31 4, President 2, Vice-President 41 Bronze Scholarship Key 21 Silver Scholar- ship Key 31 Spectrum 4, JUDITH LEA ENGLAND-College Prep, Course-FTA 2,31 Girlsl Cho- rus 213141OfIice Aid 21 Water Ballet 2. DONNAJUN E ESTES- Business Course-Courter Technical High School 21 FBLA 3. LARRY LUTHER EVANS-Industrial Arts Course. GAIL FRANCES EYVING-College Prep. Course-Belleville High School 2,31 Latin Club 41 Mixed Chorus 41 Musical 41 National Honor So- ciety 3,41 Senior Orchestra 4, JOHN BU RNS FENNESSY-General Course-McNicholas High School 2. ROBERT WILSON FIRTH-Industrial Arts Course-Cross Country 2, 31 Track 2. DENNIS KEVIN FITZGERALD-General Course-McNicholas High School 31 Safety Council 4. BETTY LOU FOSTER-General Course. RICHARD EUGENE FOSTER-College Prep. Course. DINAH JEAN FOX-Business Course. EDWARD ALLEN FRALEY-Industrial Arts Course-Safety Council 3, 4 JEROME LEE FROEHLICH-General Course-Blackford High School 2,31 Class Play 41 Musical 41 Swimming Team 4, ROBERT THOMAS GAUCHE-Industrial Arts Course-Purcell High School 213. DONNA JEAN GERHARDSTEIN-General Course-Hughes High School 21 Home Economics Co-Op 4, Vice- President 4. ELIZABETH ANN GERNVE-College Prep. Course-Andersonian 41 Chieftain 213141 Girls' Chorus 2131 Pep Club 213,41 Red Cross 41 Senior Band 41 Y-Teens 21314, ANDREA LYNN GILCHRIST-College Prep. Course--American Field Service 314, President 41 Andersonian 21 Class Play 3,41 French Club 2,31 FTA 21 Mixed Chorus 213141 Musical 213141 National Honor Society 3141 Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Silver Scholarship Key 31 Senior Orchestra 2,31 41 Spectrum 3,41 Editor 4, CAROL JEAN GOINS-Business Course-FBLA 4. GARY SAMUEL GOLLAHON-Business Course- Football 2, Key Club 2,3141 Projection Club 21 Safety Council 3141 Swimming Team 3: Track 4. JANET ELLEN GOODRICH-College Prep Course-Chieftain 41 Class Play 3,41 FTA 2,31 GAA 213,41 Girls' Chorus 213,41 Latin Club 2,3141 Mixed Chorus 3,41 Musical 2,3141 Ofiice Aid 41 Water Ballet 213,41 Y- Teens 314. DEBORAH LYNN GRADOLF-Business Course-Chieftain 3: COE 4: French Club 21 FBLA 4, Secretary 41 Girls' Chorus 21 Pep Club 41 Red Cross 41 Water Ballet 3. RICHARD FREDERICK GRAMANN-Industrial Arts Course. AUDLEY CURTIS GRANT-Industrial Arts Course. STANLEY HOWARD GRAY-College Prep. Course-Andersonian 43 Baseball 2,3,43 Basketball 23 Chieftain 43 Class Officer 43 Musical 43 Na- tional Honor Society 3,43 Bronze Scholarship Key 23 Silver Scholarship Key 33 Student Council 4. LYNNE RUSSELL GREER-College Prep. Course-GAA 2,3,43 Girls, Chorus 2,43 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Musical 234. GARY LEWIS GROSSHEIM-Industrial Arts Course-Key Club 2,33 Safety Council 4, Vice President 4. RICHARD LEE GUTH-College Prep. Course-Baseball 2,3,43 Basket- ball 23 Boys, Chorus 2,33 Football 2,3,43 Key Club 43 Varsity Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4. REBECCA KAYE HAGEMAN-College Prep. Course-Smith Cotton High School 23 Chieftain 33 Girls' Chorus 3,4 BARBARA JEAN HALL-Business Course-COE 4, President 43 FBLA 43 GAA 2,33 Girls, Chorus 2,3, President 33 Pep Club 2,3,43 Student Coun- cil 2,3,43 Water Ballet 2,3. ROBIN DEE HALL-College Prep. Course-Boys' Chorus 2,3,43 Senior Band 2. STEPHANIE JILL HALLER-College Prep. Course-Chieftain 43 GAA 23 Majorette 2,3,43 Pep Club 43 Red Cross 2,33 Bronze Scholarship Key 23 Y-Teens 2,3,4. PETER W. HAMILTON-College Prep. Course-Boys' Chorus 23 Class Play 3,43 French Club 2,31 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Musical 2,3,43 National Thespians Society 43 Stage Crew 334, Manager 43 Tennis 2. SHARON LEE HAMM-College Prep. Course-Andersonian 43 Chief- tain 2,3,4L Girls, Chorus 2,33 Latin Club 2,3, Treasurer 33 Office Aid 33 Pep Club 2,3,43 Y-Teens 3,4. JUDY ANN HANNAN-Business Course-COE 4. KRISTINE LYNNE HANNI-College Prep. Course-American Field Service 43 Andersonian 43 Cheerleader 3,43 Class Play 3,43 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Musical 2,3,43 Office Aid 43 Pep Club 2,3,43 Bronze Scholarship Key 23 Silver Scholarship Key 33 Spectrum 3,43 Water Ballet 2,3,43 Y-Teens 2, 3,4 CHARLES N. HARRIS-General Course. JAMES ANDREW HARRIS-College Prep. Course-Andersonian 43 Chess Club 2,3,4, Vice President 43 Football 23 It's Academic 43 Bronze Scholarship Key 23 Silver Scholarship Key 33 Stage Crew 4. KATHY JEAN HARRIS-College Prep. Course-New Richmond High School 23 American Field Service 3,4Q Class Play 43 French Club 33 It's Academic 43 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Musical 3,43 National Thespians Society 43 Bronze Scholarship Key 33 Senior Band 3,43 Senior Orchestra 3,4, Presi- dent 43 Spectrum 3,4, Editor 4. THOMAS MARTIN HATTERICK-College Prep. Course-German Club 23 Key Club 334. KAREN MARIE HAYES-College Prep. Course-GAA 43 Majorette 3,43 Bronze Scholarship Key 23 Spectrum 43 Water Ballet 2,3,43 Y-Teens 2,3,4. BARBARA MARY HEPFINGER-Business Course-Andersonian 2,33 COE 43 FBLA 43 Pep Club 43 Y-Teens 4. DEBORAH ANN HERALD-General Course-GAA 2,33 Health Careers Club 4g Office Aid 43 Pep Club 2. DIANA SUE HERALD-College Prep. Course-Chieftain 3,43 French Club 43 Quill and Scroll 3,4. LANA JEAN HICKS-College Prep. Course-Cheerleader 2,43 FTA 2,33 43 GAA 2g Girls' Chorus 2,3,43 Musical 2,3,43 Office Aid 43 Pep Club 2,3,43 Senior Band 23 Student Council 43 Y-Teens 2,3,4. 100 ROBERT MARKLEY HIGHT-College Prep. Course-Boys' Chorus 23 Key Club 2,3343 Mixed Chorus 3.43 Pep Club 43 Safety Council 43 Senior Band 23 Swimming Team 2,33 Varsity Club 4. JANICE CAROL HILL-Business Course-Home Economics Co-Op 4. JAMES HARRINGTON HILL-College Prep. Course-Senior Band 233, 43 Senior Orchestra 33 Swimming Team 4. RONALD WILLIAM HIRSCHAUER-Industrial Arts Course-Safety Council 2,3,4. ROBERT WALTER HOFFMAN-College Prep Course-Oak Park High School 2,33 Chess Club 3,43 German Club 33 Tennis 33 Wrestling 3. DENNIS MICHAEL HOFFROGGE- College Prep. Course-Football 2,83 Tennis 23 Track 3. RANDALL ALLEN HOLMES--Industrial Arts Course. DARLENE MARIE HONS-College Prep. Course-Cheerleader 2,3,43 Class Play 33 FTA 43 GAA 2,33 Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Musical 3,43 Pep Club 2,3,43 Student Council 2,3,43 Y-Teens 2,3,4. KEVIN JAMES HOPPER-College Prep. Course-Key Club 2,3,43 Lat- in Club 2, Vice-President 23 Safety Council 2,33 Senior Band 2,3,43 Stage Crew 3,4 JAMES CAMERON HORNEY-College Prep. Course-W.F. Dykes High School 23 Senior Band 3,4 STEVEN HALE HOUCHEN-College Prep. Course-Miami Palmetto High School 33 Baseball 23 Football 2,3,43 Key Club 3,43 Pep Club 3,4Q Safety Council 43 Varsity Club 3,4. HAROLD DOUGLAS HUGHES-College Prep. Course-German Club 2,33 Stage Crew 2,3,4. ROME LOUIS HUGHES-College Prep. Course-Hughes High School 2,3. LINDA MARY HURST-Home Economics Course-GAA 23 Health Careers Club 43 Home Economics Co-Op 4, President 43 Safety Council 43 Y-Teens 2,3 ROBERT THOMAS HURST-Industrial Arts Course-Roosevelt Mili- tary Academy 23 Football 3,43 Key Club 33 Pep Club 3,43 Safety Council 4. LEE JACKSON-Industrial Arts Course. WILLIAM RICHARD JACOBY-College Prep. Course-Wirt High School 2,33 Football 43 Track 4. BARBARA LOUISE JAFFE-College Prep. Course-Mt. Vernon High School 2,33 Chieftain 43 Class Play 43 FTA 43 Musical 4. SUSAN ANN JAMES-Home Economics Course. DARYLE JAY JANSEN-College Prep. Course-American Field Service 33 Boys' Chorus 2,33 Key Club 3,43 Pep Club 3,43 Safety Council 3,43 Se- nior Band 2,3,43 Stage Crew 2. GAIL ANN JOHNSON-College Prep. Course-FTA 2,3,4, Treasurer 33 GAA 2,3,43 Latin Club 23 Majorette 2,3,43 Pep Club 2,3,43 Bronze Scholar- ship Key 23 Student Council 2,3,43 Water Ballet 2,3,43 Y-Teens 2,3,4, Pres- ident 4. LAWRENCE MAX JOHNSON-College Prep. Course-Key Club 3,43 Safety Council 4. SHERILYN R. JOHNSON-General Course-Palo Alto High School 233, 4. SUSAN MARGARET JOHNSON-College Prep. Course-French Club 43 Health Careers Club 2,43 Safety Council 4. ADELE MARIL JONES-College Prep. Course-American Field Serv- ice 3,43 Chieftain 43 FTA 2,3,4, Vice-President 43 GAA 23 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Musical 43 Office Aid 33 Pep Club 3,43 Red Cross 33 Senior Band 2,3,43 KABD College Prep Course-Red Cross 4, Senior Qrclqestl-3 27374, Student Council 4, Treasurer 4, Water Ballet 2,3, DEBORRAH SUSAN LOC -- , Q 4, Y-Teens 3. Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Silver Scholarship Key 3' Spectrum 4- Yffeens 3. 7 l lACALYN CHERYL ION ES'-Business Course-Andersonian 4, COE 4, FBLA 4, CAA 2, rreeiis B. MICHAEL sEwELL LOESCHER-College Prep, Course-American Field Sewlce 2,39 Class OIHCSY 33 Class Plav 3, Football 2 3- French Club DAVID LEE KATTELMAN-'College Prep. Course-Baseball 2, Basket- 2,3, Its Academic 4, Key Club 2,3, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Musical 2 3' Pe ball 2, Football 2,3,4, Key Club 2. Club 2,39 Bronze 5Cll0larShip Key 3, Student Council 2 3 4 Vicg-pres? dent 4. I 3 i ' KAY ANN KATTENHORN'Genral Course-Latin Club 2,3. FREDERICK TIMOTHY LONG-College Prep Course-Football 2 3' ViCTORIA ANN KOWOSKI-Business Course. Key Club 4, Projection Club 4, Varsity Club 2 4? Wrestling 2 i i MARK IEFFREY KEATING'College Prep, Course'-Baseball 2,3,4, KENNETH PAUL LUDLOW-Industrial Arts Course--Football 2 3 4, Football 2,3,4, Key Club 3,4, Projection Club 2,3,4, Safety Council 4, Var- Key Club 2, Track 2, Varsity Club 2,3 4- Wreslllyig 2 I S 7 sity Club 4. l I ' WAYNE ROBERT MALANEY-Coll P . C -R h' - PATRICIA SUE KEIFER-College Prep. Course'Andersonian 4, School 2, American Field Service 4, CPE? Pll:vp4, KelllSClubB 4n?l'Cl-Iealjtlilgl Chieftain 2,3,4, Editor 4, Class Play 3,4, FTA 2, German Club 2, GAA 2, 4, Bronze Scholarship Key 3, Stage C,-ew 4. Siudem Council gwimm. Girls' Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Spectrum 4, Stu- Team 4, Tennis 3,4, Varsity Club 4. I I mg dent Council 4, louis: RICHARD MARLAND-College P . C LL ri - . HAROLD KARL KERN-College Prep. Course-Cross Country 3, FTA ty High School 2,3. rep Ourse ou mm Colm 2,3,4, President 4, German Club 2,3,4, Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Student Council 4, Track 2,3g Varsity Club 3,4, Wrestling 3,4 IEFFREY WAYNE MARSHALL-College Prep, Course-Class Plav 3' Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Musical 2,3, National Horier Sgcletv 3 4. Brgmg, PAUL IOSEPH KlEl.PlNslclfCrilleg,e Prep, Criiirsefchrrrr Crib 23, Scholarship Key 2, Silver Scholarship Key 3, ' ' 3 Football 2, Track 2,3,4. BARBARA LEE MARTIN-C II P C L , . . MARY ETTA KING-Business Couse-American Field Service 3, FBLA rus 2,3,4, Oitice Aid 4, Studentzffsciligg- VS:trSiPBaIl3!2 cTrfnS2lm- 3,4 I l i ' F ' DONNA IEAN MARTIN--H E ' C ,., - KAREN KATHLEEN KIRBY-College Prep. Course-American Field Co-Op 4, Library Aid 4. ome Conmmcs Ourse Home Economics Service 2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Andersonian 2, Cheerleader 3, Chieftain 2,3,4, Class Play 3,4, French Cub 2,3, FTA 2,3,4, Secretary 4, GAA 2,3, GARY RAY M -1 - . l Girls? Chorus 2,3, Mixed Chorus 4, Musical 2,3,4, Pep Cub 2,3,4, Vice- Crews ARTIN General Course'-'prolectmn Club 2,3143 Slage President 4, Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Student Council 2,4, Water Ballet ' 4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, U R hTl'i ANN MATTHEWS-College Prep Course-McNicholas High BARBARA ANNE KIRCHEN-College Prep, Course'American Field SC 00 21C'AA3i42Wafef BaI1et3.4. Service 3, Chiettain 4, FTA 3,4, German Club 2,3,4, Secretary 4, GAA 2, Safety Council 3,4, Secretary 3, Senior Band 2,3,4, Y-Teens 3,4, Historian IOSEPH PAUL MAYER-College Prep. Course-Midpark Hi h School 4. 2.3, Swimming Team 4. g CRAIG D. KLEINFELDT-College Prep, Course-Football 2,3,4, Key GEORGEIA MC CANN-Colleg P , C ,S ' B . - i Club 2,3,4, Library Aid 3, Pep Club 3,4, Red Cross 3,4, Safety Council 4, Orchestra 2. e rep Ourse emo! and 2, bemm Track 2, Varsity Club 3,4 DEBORAH KAY MC CLANAHANfB ' C ,P - - - DAVID LEE KLEINFELTER f- College Prep. Course - Baseball 2, lin High School 2, Andersonian 4, COEuj1lrPBL1:ZrSPresicl:elKt4'llxliyllrlrlfd Latin Club 2, Wrestling 4. Chorus 3, Student Council 4, I 7 A RONALD TIMOTHY KLINE--College Prep Course. PATRICIA MAE MC ELHANEY-College Prep. Course--French Club 2, Senior Band 2,3,4. ' WILLIAM CHARLES KNORRf-College Prep. Course-Baseball 2, Basketball 2, Boys, Chorus 2,3,4, Football 2, Key Club 2, Red Cr0SS 33 IILL ANN MELVIN-College Prep, C0ur5e...Ande1-Srmian 4. Chien ' Stage Crew 2,3,4. 4: French Club 2,3, FBLA 4, GAA Z, Girls? Chorus 3, Pep Club 2 3 4' Illeld Cross 4, Satety Council 4, Student Council 2,3,4. I 7 y DEBORAH LEE KOGERf-College Prep, Course'Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Silver Scholarship Key 3. RICHARD R. MEN EFEE--College Prep. Course-Woodson High School 2. STEVEN EUGENE KOLLER-e-College Prep. Course-FTA 3,4g Stage Crew 4,Tennis 2, Track 4,Wrestling 3. BRIAN RANDALL METTE--College Prep Course-Andersonian 4' Chess Club 2,3,4, President 4, Latin Club 2,3,4. i RICHARD LEWIS KUHLf-College Prep. Course'Football 2,3,4, Key Club 2,3,4, Pep Club 2,3,4, Projection Club 2,3,4, Safety Council 4. ROXANNE METZGER-General Course-Glen Este High School 2 3' Home Economics Co-Op 4, 7 I DANIEL HU GH LADD-Industrial Arts Course, NANCY ANN MEYER-College Prep. C --A d ' 4- Ch' . HOWARD DOUGLAS LATIMER-College Prep, Course-Basketball tain 4, Class Play 3,4, Latin Club 2,3,4, Sgcldsleary Sr? ljlljggglilnili- iatlrliil 3, Cross Country 3, FBLA 3, Latin Club 2. Honor Society 3,4, Bronze Scholarship Key 23 Silver Scholarshipkev 3' HENRI ROBERT LE CLAIRE!-College Prep, Course-Boys, Chorus 2, SHARON ELAINE MILES-Business Course-Andersonian 4' COE 4' 3,4, Chess Club 2, Latin Club 23 Stage Crew 2,34 Nlanagef 3- FBLA 3,4, Senior Orchestra 2,3, Water Ballet 2,3. 7 l DONNA lANE l,ESTEPi,College Prep. Course-FTA 2,3,4, GAA 2,3, NORMAN DENNIS MILFORD-College Prep. Course-Island Trees Girls' Chorus 2, Major-ette 2,3,4, Pep Club 3,4, Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Senior High School 2,3 Student Council 3,4, Y-Teens 3,4. IO CAROL MITCHELL-General Course-GAA 2, Girls' Chorus 2,3,4, -Senior Band 3,4 Musical 4, Red Cross 4, President 4, EVELYN ROSE LION -College Prep. Course lOl mg JEANNETTE MoERs-crri lege Prep. Course-American Field Service 44 French Club 4' FTA 44 German Club 4 'VI' l W A 4 4. 4 i ixec Chorus 44 Musi- cal 44 Pep Club 44 Student Council 4. IQ ANN MONSEY-College Prep. Course-St. Clare Acad Class Play 44 Latin Club 243,44 Office Aid 44 Spectrum 4. DONALD GENE PARKSXCollege Prep. Course. emy 24 Latin GERALD LEE PATTERSON-College Prep. Course-Basketball 2 Club 4, Vice-President 44 Pep Club 44 Red Cross 4. CFOSS ffflllfllfy 2,3-41 Track 2,344- MORRISSETTE-College prep Course-Stonewall jackson High DOUGLAS CARLETON PATTON-College Prep. Course-Glen Este AMY bar, Red C-H4554 High School 24 Chess Club 34 Golf 3,44 Projection Club 44 Swimming school Zl Pep CA U l A I team 3: Varsity Club 344. LAWRENCE STEVEN MOSS-College Prep, Course-Key Club 3,45 Latin Club 2. ARTHUR KENNETH PEDERSEN-College Prep. CourseNFootball 2 v Y A 3,44 Key Club 44 Varsity Club 44 Wrestling 2. DEBORAH JEAN MULLER-College Prep.rCourse-Burncoat Senior High School 24 Chieftain 3,44 German Club 34 S l . ' ' i ver Scholarship Key 3. BRENT LINDSAY PEEBLES-College Prep. Course-Swimming team 2,3 JERRY VVILLIAN1 MULLINS-Genral Course-Greenwood High School 2, HAROLDIEROME PEENO-College Prep. Course. ELIZABETH MARIE MURPHY-College Prev fljiufsffi Chf0l'lal'1,243r FREDRIC LEE PENN'iNG'roN4crrllege Prep, crrrrrre. 4. French Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 44 GAA 243,44 Girls Chorus 24 Mixed Chorus 3,44 Musical 31 PGP Club 2341 lied UOSS 24 Bmfm 5f'hf'lHfSl1'P sUsrxN JANE PuiPPs-crrllege Prep. c:rrrrrS.ssAnderS0nran 24 rieairh Key 24 Silver Scholarship Key 35 Wafer Ballsf 2314 Careers Club 44 President 44 Office Aid 44 Red Cross 44 Y-Teens 24344. PEGGY ANN MURPHY-Business Course-FBLA 4. WILLIAM ALAN PIERCE-College Prep. Course-Baseball 44 Boys I N rr Wh ' Chorus 243,44 Treasurer 243,44 Football 2434 Key Club 2,32 Musical 3 RICHARD ALAN M URPHY- Industrial Arts Course-Mixed C, orus Zr Bronze Scholarship Key 24 Student Council 3: Varsity Club 243, 3,4 N r V Y ROBERT STEPHEN POTTER-College Prep. Course-Cross Country SALLY SUE MYERS-College Preps Couric -gXmerican3F5eld Seryirie 34 Latin Chiba Musical 3: Senior Band 2334. 3,44 Secretary 44 Class Play 4: FTA 24 CAA 2-- 14, HTG' af? 4 Vffflfulef 5 Girls' Clmrng 24 Mixed Chorus 3,42 Mllslcal 3445 PCP CUP 345 Student FRED CHARLES POTTSCHMIDT-College Prep. Course-Class Council 24 Water Ballet 2.3.4, Oflicer 243444 Football 2,3444 Key Club 243,44 National Honor Society 3,4 V C K C1 b 4 Pep Club 44 Bronze Scholarship Key 24 Silver Scholarship Key 34 Student MICHAEL JOHN NARO-Business rourse- ey 1 ll - Council 2,3444 Varsity Club-3,44 Wrestling 24344. JANICE CAROLE Nasir-Brrsirress CIuursefCIQE it FBNLA 4I1'lfff?'l yvrxi.TER ALAN POTTSCfHMIDTsCollege Prep. Crrursr-N Errrribrrll 2 Girls' cihorus 2,31 PGP Club 2,3149 Red Cross 24 Slut ent flow' 2' ' P 3.44 Key Club 243444 Projection Club 44 Student Council 44 Swimming Teens 344. team 2,3444 Varsity Club 3,44 Secretary 344. -IACQUELYN MARIE NELIGAN-College Prep, CoUF5C Ande'50nian DIANA LYNN PRICE-Business Course, 3 4, Health Careers Club 44 Quill and Scroll 3.44 I -I eens 3.4. I v WILLIAM THOMAS PRYOR-Industrial Arts Course. ll-'FFREY MICHAEL NELSON-Industrial Arts Course. DONNA SUE PUMMILL-Business CoursexAndersonian 44 COE 44 jAMES RICHARD NELSON-Industrial Arts Course. 1131143 45 Red fjmss 4, DOUGLAS IOHN NILSEN-College Prep. Course-Boys' ChorUS 2,33 ROBERT lOSEPH RAMUNDOXCollege Prep. Course-Key Cub 24 French Club 24 Key Club 2434 Mixed Chorus 44 Musical 3: PCP Clllb 293- Varsity Club 243,44 Wrestling 2.3.4. KATHLEEN MARIE NOBLE-Business Course-COE 44 FBLA 3,43 RONALD BROCK RANDALL-College Prep. Course-German Club 24 Library Aid 34 Red Cross 344. 34 Golf24 Key Club 2,34 Musical 24 Senior Band 2,3444 Senior Orchestra 24 34 Stage Crew44 Wrestling 3. CHARLES HUBBARD NORTON-College Prep. COlII'SC+BHSKCfl7l1ll34 Chess Club 2,3444 Cross Country 2434 German Club 2,34 Musical 243.44 BRUCE ROGER HEED,Br,SmeS5 Course,Mr.NrChr,laS fiigh School 25 Senior Band 243,44 Senior Orchestra 3,44 Track 2. Baseball 3,44 lOHN MARTIN N UETZEL-College Prep- COUfSGfAHflf'fS0HfHH 44 RORERTA ELIZABETH REIMAN-College Prep. Course Andersrrrrr- Itls Acadcmli' 45 N3ll0U8l HUHOT Sofflety 3,44 Broom 5Cll0l9T5lllP Kei' 25 an 44 French Club 44 Pep Club 34 Bronze Scholarship Key 24 Silver Schol- gjlyer Scholarship Key 34 Student Council 2. arghlp Key 3, GERALD EBEN OAKS-College Prep. C0UFS95Cl?l55 Play' 45 F0Oll1Hll 3r DONALD LEE REPPERTsCollege Prep. Course-Class Play 44 Golf44 44 FTA 2,44 Key Club 24 lslllfafyf Ald 2: Track 2,4 Key Club 243,44 Mixed Chorus 2,3444 Musical 2,3444 Projection Club 3,44 Tennis 2. MICHAEL PATRICK OICONNOR-College Prep. Course-Baseball 24 3.45 Chieffain 4: Football 243.44 Pep Club 344, PrCSill0Hl 49 VarSlfYClUl1 3r DALE LEE RICHARDS-College Prep. Course-Football 2,3444 Key 4, Club 44 Track 44 Varsity Club 3,44 Wrestling 4. LINDA SUSAN OLIVER-College Prep. Course-FTA 2,34 GlrlS, Cho- DIANNE LYNN RICHARDS-College Prep. CourseQFrench Club 2. rug 24 Latin Club 2434 Mixed Chorus 3,44 Bronze Scholarship Key 2. SONDRA LEE RIEKE-Home Economics Course-American Field TIMOTHY PHELPS OPPENHEIMER-College Prep. Course. Service 34 FBLA 3,44 Health Careers Club 24 Home Economics Co-Op 4, Treasurer 44 Oflice Aid 44 Senior Orchestra 2. PRESTON PAUL ORNELLA-Industrial Arts Course-Baseball 2434 Football 233, Wrestling 2' PATRICIA SUSAN RILEY - College Prep. Course - American Field Service 3,44 Andersonian 4, Editor 44 Chieftain 2,3444 Class Ollicer 243,44 JFFFREY BAXTER PADDOCK-College Prep. Course-Latin Club 2, French Club 2,3,4, Secretary 24 Latin Club 34 Musical 34 National Honor 3215 Bronze Scholarship Key 24 Senior Band 3,4 Society 3444 Pep Club 3,44 Quill and Scroll 3,44 Bronze Scholarship Key 24 A Silver Scholarship Key 34 Student Council 24344, Secretary 44 Water Ballet SUE M. PARKINS-College Prep. CourseQAndersonian 44 Chieftain 4: 3: Y-TOSHS 2,3,4- 102 WILLIAM ROBERT RILEY - College Prep. Course - German Club 2, 3,4, Stage Crew 3,4. SARA JANE RISHEL-College Prep. Course-French Club 2, Girls' Chorus 3,4, Musical 3, Pep Club 2,3,4, Red Cross 2,4, Student Council 2, 3,4, Y-Teens 2,3,4. JAMES MELVILLE ROBERTSON - College Prep, Course - Basket- ball 2, Cross Country 2, Key Club 2,4, Bronze Scholarship Key 3, Senior Band 2,3,4, Varsity Club 2, LYNN MARIA ROLLINS - College Prep. Course - Andersonian 4, COE 4, FBLA 4, Vice-President 4, Girls' Chorus 2,3, Musical 3, Pep Club 3. ROBERT RANDOLPH RUMBLE-College Prep. Course-Boys' Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3,4 DANIEL JOSEPH RUSS-College Prep. Course. JAMES STEVEN RUSSELL - College Prep. Course -German Club 2, 3,4, Stage Crew 2,3. DEBORAH LYNN RYAN-Business Course-French Club 2, FBLA 4, Treasurer 4, Girls, Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Pep Club 2, Y-Teens 3,4. CELESTE MARIE SABATINA-Business Course-Amelia Senior High School 2, Andersonian 4, COE 4, Secretary 4, FBLA 4, Historian 4. GEOFFREY V, SANDKER-General Course. ROBERT AMBROSE SCHALL-Industrial Arts Course. CATHLEEN ANN SCHLEICHER-College Prep. Course-McNicholas High School 2, GAA 3,4, CALVIN ERIC SCHMID-College Prep. Course-Football 3, Latin Club2,3,4, CARL EDWARD SCHMITT-College Prep, Course-Chieftain 2, Class Play 3,4, Musical 2,3, Red Cross 2,3. DOUGLAS FREDERICK SCHMITT-College Prep. Course-Cross Country 3, Key Club 2, Library Aid 2, Musical 3,4, Safety Council 3,4, Treasurer 4, Student Council 2, Track 2,3, BONNIE MAE SCHNEIDER-Business Course-Safety Council 4, Y- Teens 2,3,4, HOLLY JEANNE SCHUENEMAN-College Prep. Course- Cheerleader 2,3,4, Class Play 3,4, GAA 2,3,4, Girls' Chorus 2, Mixed Cho- rus 3, 4, Musical 3,4, Office Aid 4, Pep Club 2,3,4, Secretary 4, Senior Band 2,3, Senior Orchestra 2,3, Student Council 4, Water Ballet 2,3,4. HAROLD ALLAN SCHULTZ-College Prep, Course-Cross Country 3, 4, Senior Band 2,3,4, Track 2,3. KENNETH BRUCE SCOTT-College Prep. Course-Chieftain 2, Class Play 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Musical 2,3,4, Safety Council 3, Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Silver Scholarship Key 3, Senior Band 2,3,4, President 4, Senior Orchestra 2,3,4, Stage Crew 3,-4, Student Council 2,4. GARRETT LYNN SCOTTY-College Prep. Course-Norwood High School 2,3, Chieftain 4, Wrestling 4, LEWIS DEAN SCRUGGS-College Prep. Course-Beavercreek High School 2,3. GREGORY LAWRENCE SEIBERT-College Prep. Course-Basketball 2,3, Key Club 2,4, Track 2,3,4. BRENDA ANN SHAMBLIN-General Course-Amelia Senior High School 2, CAA 3,4, Girls' Chorus 4, Home Economics Co-Op 4, Library Aid 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Red Cross 3. ROBERT EDWIN SHIMLER-College Prep. Course-Basketball 2,3,4, SUSAN LOUISE SHOTT-College Prep Course-Loveland High School 2,3, Chieftain 4, FTA 4, Water Ballet 4. JACK R. SILZ-Industrial Arts Course-Baseball 3, Boys' Chorus 2,3, German Club 2, Key Club 2, Mixed Chorus 4, Pep Club 2, Projection Club 2,3,4, Track 4. DALENE EDITH SIMMELINK - College Prep, Course - Chieftain 3, FTA 4, GAA 2,3,4, Girls' Chorus 2,3,4, 'Treasurer 2, Secretary 4, Office Aid 4, Pep Club 2, Bronze Scholarship Key 2, GAIL ANN SIMMONDS - General Course - Andersonian 4, Cheer- leader 2, Pep Club 2,3, Water Ballet 3, RALPH MASON SINCLAIR - College Prep. Course - Western Hills High School 2,3, MARY ANN SMYTHE - Business Course - FBLA 4, Health Careers Club 2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 2.3,4, Musical 2,3,4. RICHARD STEPHEN SOMBORETZ - College Prep. Course - St. Xav- ier High School 2, McNicholas High School 3. RALPH RUSSELL SPARROW - General Course. MARY CINDIE SPEAKS - Home Economics Course - GAA 2, Girls' Chorus 4, Mixed Chorus 2,3, Office Aid 4, Pep Club 2: Water Ballet 4. PEGGY JO SPECHT - College Prep, Course - Palo Verde High School 2,3, Andersonian 4, Editor 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Office Aid 4, Silver Scholarship Key 3, Student Council 4. PAUL EDVVARD SPITZER - College Prep. Course - Boys' Chorus 2, Class Play 4, Football 2, Mixed Chorus 3,-I, Musical 3.4, Safety Council 4, DERENDA GAYLE STACY - College Prep, Course - French Club 2, GAA 2,3, Girls' Chorus 2,3, Health Careers Club 2, Latin Club 3, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Pep Club 2,3, Bronze Scholarship Key 3. MARY ANNE STAMBAUGH - College Prep, Course - FTA 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Pep Club 3. CHARLES TRACY STEVENS - College Prep. Course - Amelia Senior High School 2, Basketball 2,3 JUDY ANN STEVENS - Business Course - Home Economics Co-Op 4, Office Aid 4, Pep Club 2, Red Cross 4, SHARON SUE STEVENS - Business Course - Felicity Franklin High School 2, COE 4, Vice President 4, FBLA 4, Office Aid 4, Pep Club 3, Red Cross 4, Vice President 4, Silver Scholarship Key 3. STEVEN DOYLE STEWART - College Prep. Course - Baseball 2, Key Club 3, LYN KATHERINE STOEPEL - College Prep. Course - Chieftain 3,4, Class Play 4, FBLA 4, German Club 2,3,4, Girls' Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Musical 3, Red Cross 2,3,4, Safety Council 2,3,4, Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Senior Band 2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Student Council 4, Water Ballet 2. CLARKE ALVIN STRUNK - General Course. PETER OLIVER STRUTH ERS - College Prep. Course - Triway High School 2, Chess Club 4, Class Play 3,4, Latin Club 3, Musical 3,4, Projec- tion Club 2, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Silver Scholarship Key 3, Spectrum 3,4. JOHN F. STU MP- Industrial Arts Course. WILLIAM MICHAEL SULLIVAN - College Prep, Course - Cross Country 2,3,4, Key Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4, Latin Club 2,3, Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Silver Scholarship Key 3. ALAN CHARLES SWAN - College Prep. Course - Key Club 2,3,4, Student Council 4, Track 3,4 JOHN BRIAN TERLESCKI - College Prep. Course - Class Play 3,4, Football 2,3, French Club 2,4, Key Club 2,3, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Presi- dent 4, Musical 2,3,4, Pep Club 2,3, Student Council 4, Swimming Team 2, Varsity Club 3. JOHN WARREN THUMANN - College Prep, Course - McNicholas High School 2, Boys' Chorus 4, Swimming Team 3,4. DANIEL COLBY TOSTEVIN - College Prep. Course - Key Club 2,3, Latin Club 2,3,4, Safety Council 2,3, Track 2,3. JUSTIN LEROY TOWNSLEY - College Prep. Course - Class Ofticer 2, 3, Class Play 3, Football 2,3, It's Academic 4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Musi- cal 2,3,4, Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Silver Scholarship Key 3, Stage Crew 4, Student Council 4, President 4. BRENDA SUE UEBEL - Home Economics Course - FBLA 3, Home Economics Co-Op 4, Library Aid 3. LINDA MARIE VANDERGRIFF - Business Course. GREGORY ALLEN VAN NESS - College Prep. Course - Chess Club 2, 3,4, Safety Council 2,3, President 3, Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Silver Scholarship Key 3. PEARL E. VARNEY - College Prep. Course - Basketball 2, Class Play 3,4, Key Club 2,3,4, President 4, Musical 3, Pep Club 3,4, Senior Band 2, 3,4, Student Council 3,4, Track 2. CONNIE SUE VENTURA - Home Economics Course - Home Eco- nomics Co-Op 4, Library Aid 3,4, Water Ballet 2. ANITA VOGELY - College Prep. Course - American Field Service 2,3, 4, Vice President 3, Treasurer 4, Andersonian 2, Cheerleader 2,3,4, Class Play 4, FTA 2, German Club 4, GAA 2,3,4, Latin Club 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Musical 2,3,4, Pep Club 2,3,4, Safety Council 2, Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Senior Band 2,3, Senior Orchestra 2,3,4, Spectrum 4, Student Council 4, Water Ballet 2,3,4. DAVID MARK WADE - Industrial Arts Course - Boys' Chorus 2. ROBERT JOHN WAHLKE - College Prep. Course - Oak Hills High School 2, Golf 3,4, Safety Council 4, Varsity Club 3,4. VIRGINIA MAE WALLACE - College Prep. Course - Andersonian 4, COE 4, FBLA 4, Girls' Chorus 2,3, Pep Club 2,3,4, Y-Teens 2,3,4. THOMAS MARTIN WALVOORD - College Prep. Course - Baseball 3, Swimming Team 3. HUBERT EARL WARFORD - College Prep. Course - Latin Club 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Track 3. JAMES RANDALL WATKINS - College Prep. course - Football 23, Pep Club 2,3,4. PEGGY LEE WEIL - Business Course - COE 4, Treasurer 4, Red Cross 3, Y-Teens 2,4. SUE ANNE WETTSTEIN - College Prep. Course - FTA 2, German Club 2,3,4, GAA 2,3,4, Musical 3,4, Ol'Iice Aid 4, Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Student Council 4, Water Ballet 3,4, Y-Teens 3,4. PAUL MICHAEL WHITE - College Prep. Course - Boys' Chorus 4, President 4, Class Play 3,4, French Club 3,4, Musical 4, Tennis 2,3,4. JEFFREY JOHNSTONE WIGGERINGLOH - College Prep. Course - Andersonian 2,3, Chieftain 2,3, Class Play 3,4, Football 2, It's Academic 4, Key Club 2,3,4, Latin Club 2, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Musical 2,3,4, Spec- trum 4, Student Council 2. ESTHER WILCE - Business Course - Home Economics Co-op 4, Li- brary Aid 3, Red Cross 4. CHRISTY LEE WILLIAMS - College Prep. Course - GAA 2, Pep Club 3,4, Y-Teens 3,4. DAVID ERNEST WILLIAMS - College Prep. Course - Track. KAREN BETH WILLIAMS - College Prep. Course - American Field Service 4, Chieftain 3,4, German Club 2,3,4, Girls, Chorus 3, Mixed Cho- rus 4, Musical 3, Pep Club 2,3,4, Senior Band 2,3,4, Secretary 4, Senior Orchestra 2,3, Student Council 3,4, Historian 4. PEGGY LYNN WILLIAMS -College Prep. Course - Girls, Chorus 2,3, Health Careers Club 4, President 4, Latin Club 2,3, Mixed Chorus 3,4. MARGARET KATHLEEN WILSON - College Prep. Course - Girls, Chorus 3,4, YaTeens 3,4. EDWARD FREDERICK WITTMEYER - College Prep. Course - Baseball 2, Boys Chorus 2,3. STEPHEN JOSEPH WOLFER - Industrial Arts Course. WILLIAM RAY WILSON - Industrial Arts Course. SUSAN EVANS WORTH - College Prep. Course - Cheerleader 2,3,4, Class Play 4, French Club 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Secretary 3,4, Musical 2,3, Pep Club 2,3,4, Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Silver Scholarship Key 3, Senior Band 2, Student Council 2,3,4, Secretary 4. SUSAN GENEVIEVE WRIGHT - College Prep. Course -- FTA 2, Red Cross 4, Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Silver Scholarship Key 3, Y-Teens 2,3. LISA DAWN YERINO - College Prep. Course - Neshaminy High School 2, American Field Service 3, Andersonian 4, Chieftain 3, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Bronze Scholarship Key 3, Spectrum 4, Water Ballet 4. EILEEN SUE YODER - College Prep. Course - Sturgis High School 2, 3, Chieftain 4, French Club 3, FTA 3, GAA 3. SHEILA DIANA YUHASZ - College Prep. Course - Pep Club 2,3. JANE ANN ZEMANEK - College Prep. Course - Girls' Chorus 3, Pep Club 4. BARBARA MARIE ZINGG - College Prep. Course - FTA 3, German Club 3, GAA 4, Girls' Chorus 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Health Careers Club 3, Latin Club 2,4, Musical 2,3,4, Bronze Scholarship Key 2, Senior Band 3,4, Student Council 4, Water Ballet 2,3,4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, Secretary 3. 'iWhat do I do now'PI' Senior Parents Mr. and Mrs. Warren Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Baeucrlin Mr. and Mrs. james Baker Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bally Mr. and Mrs. Charles Becker Mr. and Mrs. Donald Beer Mr. and Mrs. NV. Douglas Beers Mr. and Mrs. joseph E. Bet! Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Bolton Mr. and Mrs. jack Braiford Mr. and Mrs. Argel Brallier ln Memory of- Mrs. Eleanora F. Brim Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. jack A. Brunn Rev. and Mrs. VVarren Rurngarner M r. and Mrs. WVayne F. Burbagc Mr. and Mrs. Roger Butke Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Carey Mr. and Mrs. William Carrier Mr. and Mrs. XValter F. Carroll Elizabeth Chandler Mr. and Mrs. E. Churchill Mr. and Mrs. Louis Claxton Mr. and Mrs. George Clift Marian H. Close Mrs. janet Collopy Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Cornuelle Mr. and Mrs. William O. Cox, jr. Mrs. Audrey B. Craycraft Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow W. Cumby, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. john L. Dahlheimer Mr. and Mrs. Paul Darnell Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Daughetee Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Gino DiMario Mrs. Lillian M. Dorna Mr. Arthur Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Richard XV. Hldrcdge Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Emmert Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Ewing Mr. and Mrs. Leon R. Froehlich Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gauche Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Gollahon Mr. and Mrs. George XY. Goodrich Mrs. janet Gradolf Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Grant Mr. and Mrs. G.. S. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Robert VV. Greer Mr. and Mrs. Charles Guth Mr. and Mrs. john R. Hall and Mrs. Royal A. Hall. jr. Mrs. Ruth A. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mrs. Charles Mrs. Mary H Mr. Mr. and Mrs M r. and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Hannan Curtis L. Hanni i Charles Harris . H. L. Hatterick E. Hayes epfinger Herbert Hicks james Hight Karl VV. llirschauer Harryj. Hottrogge Robert j. Hons . George Hopper .j. D. Horney . .V 1 .. YH... ., .. MMV . it 105 Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and M rs. M rs. M rs. M rs. Harold O. Hughes Robert W. Hurst Eugene Hutchinson Donald jansen Mrs. Bruce W. jones Mrs. Virginia jones Mr. and Mrs. Byron T. johnson Mr. and Mrs, VVarren R. johnson Mrs. june R. Keifer Mrs. Hilda K. King Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Kleinfelter Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knorr Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Koller Mr. and Mrs. XValter Kuhl Mr. and Mrs. VVilliam E. Ladd Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Latimer Dr. and Mrs. Mrs. Bessie I Henri LeClaire ,CUIOH R. E. Lester VVilliam Ludlow Robert and Deborah Malaney George W. Marshall j. Fred Matthews Robert MeElhaney Richard I. Melvin Earl H. Mette Robert S. Meyer Frederick R. Miles David G. Muller .john P. Murphy Robert A. Noble Charles Owens and Suzanne Patton Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Arthur K. Pedersen Lee Wm. Pennington Fred C. Pottschmidt Harry E. Pryor . R. D. Reiman . john Richards Henry B. and Marian Rieke Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mary P. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . Robert Riley .james B. Rishel . james R. Robertson Eldon H. Rollins Russ . joseph Ryan Milton L. Schmitt Robert Schneider jean Schueneman K. T. Scott Harry Seibert E. G. Shimler Harold W. Simmelink Allen K. Smythe john W. and Mary L. Speaks Mrs. joseph E. Spitzer Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Wil Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. lflva Stambaugh Ralph Eugene Stevens .William L. Sullivan . William H. Swan, jr. Donald C. Tostevin justin L. Townsley Robert L. Vandergriff Rupert VanNess Elstcr Varney, jr. Mrs. joseph V. Ventura M rs. Emil H. Vogely Mrs. james D. Wallace Mrs. Harry T. VVarford Mrs. Albert Wettstein Mrs. Wm. R. Wiggeringloh Mrs. Arnold Williams Mrs. Don Williams Mrs. Robert WVilliams Mrs. john VV. VVilson Iiam R. Worth Mrs. Harold W. Wright Mrs. Lario V. Yerino Mrs. Robert Zingg W WW---WE l S s a lg SMLVFO f ! EHR '- N Mi' f . ii In A W fu ffyk , ,,-- is , 55 A . , ., ..,,- dl I N ,V V 5' Fug ? ' V 1 2 N L' .. in 0 if is 5 - .M W. i : 7 'A ' ' 3 LQ,.. A E 'M k3lA's 'W 1 , '- 2 f'Pf:.:5vN : :- L LL ', ii A . -if Y 'r 'N 5 'f F F :,r: F l f 1, , - r 'ff 'f '1- 0. 551. ' sf: sw, - V 1 IA, ,,', A . I.. , Al , fr 11-fx :ff ,f .. 4-H V - ig' ' ' ROW' ONE: 'XllL1ITlS..'XClOH'lltlS.AI1d6l'SOIl,rxflfllllllj ROW' TYYO: ,xpplr-gmc. Ashley. Ayer. Balwr. ROW' 'l'IlFnlilC: Burhour. Bartmcss. Bates, Banc-r. ROW' FOUR, Buumgurt Behmumn Bellamy Benn OFFICERS: Wolf, Treas.: Borman, Sec.: McDaniel, Vice Pres.: Miller. Pres. ..... - , r G' : , P-1 wan . 4.1 .-Vk , - hi. L L A 'QQQ1 L I L' L I'f'5..'i2e ,sf 'MK sie as .. if L -ur X n . , , V , ggmal .L sm. 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ROVV FOUR: Haynes, Heller, Helvey, Hensley, Hibner, . , X ---l-1 W . . . ., Z ll' ' - RL ' ' ' 7' . 'J J . 7 - A E ' I' it V Y .. 5 , -' ., N ' -. sq iw -Q FH r- z . Q. , , . F'-f . A . W -. M . fw i - H . . .-f. i o l- ..' 4211. ' We ' ' i K -: - ' I , we M l AM '.: E V Q 'V V . .QYVV ' ' V: i a. .gy f..r V 1 .'. , V - V . 4 ' . V -- W , 'f'1. :Q 1 :1. '1'. . 1+ to ' :'Q A. it i Vi JV V ff.: . Q 2 l U E. . Vg , . ' 'ft- 2. , 1 V, Vi i r A R - g E f ' 'T A . F 4 K 1' . r is it . Nw AL in 'W L - L. A I ' x 1 .. 3 X 'f + E , V-':':' ' is . ee - E K R E, E R O K 71 V zz . .. . M . wg? V V V VV V , . M gs, VSV um? .. ,NV VN V i if -9.1 ..-- ' z ' ' .QE R ' Xi h -1 H, ' L Gsm. , I-,. -if at-wah. I 3 Eifwlfigs Tl'Il?g'3ifi-l ,, ' lll V V 'wwf' - ,, W - , 'O ' ' ' I ' , !l..v I ' . , .... i , is . E , gr is H is E+ . R R , K 1 f . es 4 r . ee er r E .ff -R rr ff ., ' 1: or : , 'K N 1 r' 4 322. . . ' z ::. K - ' Y - - V -I ... ,V 'r' ' . A xl' ':'l ' - ' ?:ffff'ff?2-. 7 , 5 iiil ll A . afr . r l . l ' . W ' ri ' 4 1 W . 1 - 'X , ' J .. 7 Pi V . ' M 'V V ,VV ,,f, . ,, in . g, W2 v. if 5, .V i. ' ' 1+ ' i 'K 1 -V '-is ':-. 4 -Y: .H ': ' ,,,'. . 5 2 f l f . ' A f r- Il Qi f ff... 1: mf, we . 'f f.. 'W' W' VR .,VVVV ,- ,.,, 11 , ,V VV mi., - K sa ,V V-s, ,i m il Vw Q ' ' ' 'll ' ' ' l ' ll rl R Kim A 9. 4 if? K iv. V. lt: X QA A ROW ONE: P. Hilmar, D. Hill, E, Hill, Hofmcier, Holder, Holle, Holloway, Hons, Hoover, Hoohler, B. Hughes, ROW TVVO: R. Hughes, S. Hughes Huglictt, Hurst, Hylton, jennemann, C. johnson, K, jolinson, S. johnson, Jolley, jones. ROW THREE: Delmlwic jorclan, Doug jordan, justice, F, justice, T justice, Kaps, Kantz, G. Kaufmann, K, Kaufmann, Keck, Keil. ROW FOUR: Kelly, K6Illll'll'l4, Ki-yes, Kinney, Kneicll, Korernun, Dale Kroner, Dave Kroner Lainliart, Lurnmers, Latham. ROW FIVE: lraycock, Luyinan, Lvvver, Lewis, Locliarcl, lvlacluy, Nflgulclvn, D. Nlurtin, K. Martin, lXlattliews, Muttingly. 108 1 . , i W3-, 'ff S. ' 5 I ,. .. , . ,A,V 7 ,iw 7 154- , i f Qi ' -::f::k:n kk i . . .hw - . ah w il' . 5 -1 eg . se p A,,, . ' R l . 11 Q lo 2 ' r. . - . X V. .- LQ. 4 ii. A7 I It g , . -if -, IKM . lQ?A54f' A ' 7 ' . 3 ii . -- Q. W ROW ONE: McAllister, McBee, McCann, Mcclanahan, McCourt. ROW TWO: McDaniel, McCeary, McR0herts, Merritt, Merz. ROW THREE: Mignerey, B. Miller, D. Miller, Mitchell, Moermond. ROW FOUR: Montgomery, L. Moore, D. Morgan, K. Morgan, L. Morgan. ROW FIVE: Moustafa, D. Mueller, W. Mueller, Muhlberger, Mulvaney. , 1 ': ' Q Q A 4, 5 5 in i f lnnlnrrrnrr . -1Q'- in -- - A E. if ,. L . .Q f--,.. f-.I-5. Q. ' -4'-A - A P inf f IL. lgl L .. M -1 ,rrr nrll R Ennnl . l V hh ,x i, . .3 .. f , -1 M-..s..'.. f .- misss Q f'- f- sf- .. v-'.f'.--if 21 9' .f w 4 9' -ws H H ,me 19. is s r A T K it jf JL ,gg i -am. mesa X p . lllll . . . A ROW ONE: L. Mulvaney, Murphy, Nachbuuer, j. Nelson, M. Nelson, Nichols. ROW TWO: Nose-hang, Obermeyer, Olmstead, C. Owens, L. Owens, Parham. ROW THREE: Parsons, Pedersen, Pennington, Peters, Phelps, Philhower. ROW FOUR: Phillips, Pickel, Pickens, Pierce, Prewcitt, Procter. ROW FIVE: Proske, Pusack, Pyles, Ramundo, Rank, Read. 109 . s R . R fl'-Q .Q M R : ,. . 2 . is . I Q h Wm -. l l iri 'H : 2 : : V e 'i f . S S2551 if A 'M' 'R ' in 1 'f- K K . .: . . . A : , . , ,1. Q . ' H if ' S: 1 f-. A5 . Q W E, i J 5' li ii m. R m g .JFQZW if - Zlv f 5 m' R K I K.-5 'AJAX 'f ,.--s R :fha Ah ROW ONE: Reagh, Reed, Register, Rice. ROW TXVO: G. Richardson, Y. Richardson, Richey, Rickard, ROW' THREE: Ridgely, Ross, Rowe, C. Russell. ROW FOUR: H. Russell, Saraceno, Sargent, Sauls. I W sisisisl s'ss I ' A' : ks. . 'kv' . 1 ffkgi 5 S ' ff ? -- S W . g l fr : - xg. issii ,HQA ' , ,q j 'M ,351 in L.. E- 5 .. f e- A. . ' 'i , . R is :-Q . I, 1: N, .b ,zb as ' 3 . il in 2 . -fl i'iLii 2:9 3. 3 i x. 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'- 1. f--- --fp . ,K 4 ,.. F . tg O.:-,lg I 4 3' I V . 'fx . nh.. A ar Q L -w fv:o'z , - 1' . ,few . , ' .V 4 ' , . V .i5? 7? gf . ,f f . J i J' ' ' . .., - . U 153: 5- lg ,. . V , ' -'J A x , ,. : ' -1. V A - .V . :V i --f. M ' '. .f g wig f,-I gg: . . 1 ,. I M. N , ' f f ' Q ' : '- -9- fe:--f . Q - ROW ONE: Strief, Stromdahl, Sullivan, C, Thomas, j. Thomas. ROW TWO: P. Thomas, Y. Thomas, Thumann, Tiettmeyer, Timmons. ROW THREE: Tims, Tingley, Tonnies, Totty, Troutman. ROW FOUR: Turner, Ulmer, Underhill, Valle, Vanderbilt. ROW FIVE: Vann, Vetterhoelfer, Vogely, M. Vontsolos, S, Vontsolos. i . 'R ' - li 2 . A Y . ' i i - 11 . , -...., T - J .,.x,IQE:' -E i-' i- 'i f .T , ' 'i E' . f . :H all: ' ' A gg V A+-. , 5' Q . .W ff' is fn A , V 4 ir- . f l ' ':. . ff 5- V ' . X. 'ti . I. A R ,,f A ,Q L ' iailiill' it : 5 'A iff ' J . , . - L as , ff ,i H I I V. Q Sw E f , jg-ig f . .9 : 5 E: :: ' . W Er - Wii I N 'L ' -' ' I 'J::: -niEr'i '.iV'w 1 W-Q,,q,QWi vhtl5 as : -i-, rm.: , , fl 'W7' V. .-... ::4:..,y. wezam -- .. V ,. ,. .. 1 f 1 ' . Q , n g , if-tzf,-'M ROW ONE: Walker, Walters, Ward, Watson, Webber, Weber. ROW TWO: Weth- liams, N, Williams, Willis, Wittmeyer, A. Wolf, B. Wolf. ROW FOUR: Wolfer Wolven, Worsham, C, Wright, M, Wright, Wyatt. ROW FIVE: Yoder, R. Young, T Young, Zeter, Zinga, Kopp. lll ington, Wilburn, Whisner, C. White, M. White, Whitesides. ROW THREE: j. Wil- 41 EJ .san E .sl - MH ' F' f .... ' Q' B ' c Ef: a lm 'sl E wg' 9 lkff 2 . J 3' ' 74: A I S. . 'cl 1 tra A. .W M M Vt, . Q K , x W 42 ff' F K Q :mv A ROW ONE: Abbott, Ables, 1. Adams, M. Adams, ROW TWO: ll' Adams AlflfedseaAlfisfi,Af1dCfSf'11-ROW OFFICERS: Pfitzenmaier, Pres., Ron Schilling, Vice Pres., Brallier, Sec., Rick Schilling THREE: Angus, .-Xshbridge, Atkinson, Auckcr. ROW Treas. FOUR: Aulick, Baird, Baitz, Baker. 4 , I , A . ..5Q,,4 ' - f E2 is V ,fi- Q 'W --. . . ,, , ,L T ' f We e. Q lg' M512 2- i A ' fl ' 'rr - in L it WN' , T 5 M S cc , si, 5 ti,, N -- W 1 'W' f gs ' N35 1 il u f- I ff' RR' N WV,. , f 'fi nninnn -rf -Q 2 f e E S sf ' s 'W' 'K ' , I if ' f ' ei' ,... I -- fa . .F 'ff ft a n at 'Q 'E at 'fl K L af: tg ' 15 I KT' , Zslf, , are A 2 i. .I Mi? I xr A my ,V i n A,:- - Z .I li k L , -, V, uc. Z' 3 . f 3 'K' , ,A f WH' ' - W lxf' Q 'Wi' S Q ci . . r L 1 , WL . ,.. - ,. , L fi 'M' 'X' ' 8 'ft' if A VVEV , xl ,aw-2 5 ,g:E :f5-51 ,tw KMLIL ROW ONE: Ball, Balmos, Barlow, Barnes, Barrett, Bassett. ROW TWO: Bauer, Bayerle, Beatty, Becker, Beer, Bellamy. ROW THREE: Belshaw, Benza, Bcrlxerich, Bcrry, Betts, Biclcel. ROVV FOUR: Birlirnan, Bissinger, Block, Bolce, Bulcs, Bolgcr. ROW FIVE: Buthwell, Braclcman, Brady, Brallicr, Breidenbacli, Breycr. 112 3. I li,-yi .: ,,,,,, r-235,71 ,'5,, 4: B Q-., , 3 I . .-.-:- Q M2 2 J,-Q S is . M r .W,,, .s K ,hh K g - 5,333 bg: 4 5 . aa K ,L ir 4 aw we , 1 , 1 .fe i I YL. I ROW TWO: Clark, Collin W 3 , it I ,,'. 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ROW ONE: Cook, Cosgrove, B. Cox, P. Cox, Crawford, Crea. ROW TWO: Creek Culliney, Cumby, Curran, R. Davidson, S, Davidson. ROW THREE: Davis Deerwester, Deller, Demasters, Dietrich, Dilwlario. ROVV FOUR: Dopp, Dorna Duckett, Duff, Eberle, Edwards. ROW FIVE: Ellis, England, Erwin, Evans, Eyles Feck, 113 -K if 5 K - it . I 5 ..: ' 'A a -M in ,. Lf.,-.L-fraagiggimgagyrli qw - - 'hs iw . xi ,, i .. .2- i . , -1 . if M' ef- f V- F 1 'ally ' - IC. ' E -LL ' - Q f - A ' i L . as . J Vk . 'V ' : - - , 1 fi ff.:..1, Q . .1 ' . , ., -1 . K I rl A ,Q ,ff . W, K Qi ,R-I n 77 K , 'w5'f !l -, ,--. V, X A X ' .. N' ROVV ONE: Ferguson. Figart, Fleischer. Fosset. Frazier. ROW' TVVO Freeland, French, Fronlx. Fuller. S. Funk. ROW' THREE: 'lf Funk, Calloway. Catton. Ccbauer. D. Gibson. ROW' FOUR: C. Cilxson, Cillm, Gillis-rt, Cillwrsmi, Gill. , -ff' : - ' H- . . .1-is P . - .... X HA faffiaig V W M , -::f: i1.a- ' -u H :. - ' , ' ' Xrfh ff ' ' 'F . . ' l 4 A i , , -A , V is . A i s L.. wk. .W . , ' f 1 . 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ROW THREE: Hayden, Head, Heberly, Heflin, Heiss, Hen sliawxliiglmec, Ililtenlieitcl, Hinncrs, Hively, Hoffman. ROW FOUR: Hoithaus, Horstrnann, Hortcr, Howard, Hubbell, Hultquist, Hunter, Hutchinson llgCIllI'ilZ,jLlIlIlCl'lQ,fi.j0l'lHSOI1.Rf,Vv FIVE: j. johnson, -I. jonvs, M. jones, jucly, D. Justice, N. justice, justus, Kattenhorn, Kawoski, Kcil, Kclch. 114 SV- - , - ,, - : ,i,f5hVfV7+,5. , V - -52. VV , . Ex: fr,,.,w , . S ' Y ,L , K l' l an f a if .. ,. ., .. VV I ,, I V- .. F' V. V , A 5 - VM: V V1 4- V P P . , . ff .- ' af ' ' in -L EL:-':' m m ,,i?ff:1:S..i2' '- i:-M ' . :,'::.?HS,- :?f : ':? ' -f '--' rf, Vg Vw . . K' , ,: r ' - -V -ri misss, .f x Mieiie- 211 i ,Q -' ,MV-: .. , ,, , fuer iiefwiz - -V SEQ'-1 . ', 1.1. .L gag.:-'Vi . V V, ,' -, f, ,Vl., I V V- 'W , as we 'F . ' , X 5 62,9 fi:-V : ,a,V,,kk , 4251 .. a n Q V H -' ' -551: 'ENN ' X 1. L- t 5515. x , '. V.. .. I :f i 'VT ' 4, 31 2 gg, 'Eff .7 ., ,ft ' . 'ggi if 'V 'V -- V52 Q - ' ' V- . Vg - fs 1 . -A - px : gf. X, ROW ONE: Kelley, Kemplin, Ketchum, Ketter, King, ROW TWO: Kirby, Knabb, F. Koch, L. Koch, Koop. ROVV THREE: Koszo, Kuehn, Kuhn, Lainhart, Lammers. ROVV FOUR: Lang, Lashlee, Lav- in, Leamy, LeClaire. RONV FIVE: field. Lewis, Liggctt, Lion, Lipe, Litch- -L1 N ,, I ,Pm - 5 V ... -,,.V,,,,w VV,,,V ,,- -.VW Vi- -is-1 V. -...---,..::.f: V, ...M 1.f..iH if -:- -f - 7. V . K A . 7. -6, ... V Q V. , '? 'r:- wwf M' ,.!'Vf-1 V SVV., . A-VV -' 'Eff'-if . .ss fi .- V, ' -, 4.1, . ' ' , , . 'f ' ' gijsf 9, A Y. f' sf W H I , .QV , fi F if V 3 ' VV VV R - V ,s 5 - - Q I-V VV K K . . . ' ' -V - - T M , -57. V H , -Vt: - . . .'::::' V ,, - - . - . . -V .V 2' :V. in in I LV- , A Q4 - M. N w -. Q V QV L I L rf, V A f - ,V . V- - M,--, ragga, .. . V. ,iw-S V ..., V, ,VV ,VV 1,V. ,mvwgis . V ,.V , , .-, :::,:::f1V L . V :ian ., 1- , V, :fV :r i ,v , - ., Vx . in ,, , T' V . gg . V ,rag QV'- rif ' L t AV In Q ,if-V, MN, , - wt .. V R z ,V 1-pq Q , , .ll ,,s,, . , A 7 R. , :I my ,,,. I ., . 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Luginbuhl, Lyon, Macomber, Mallin, Marsh, B, Martin, Dave Martin, Diane Martin. ROW TWO R Matzek, Mayer, McCann, Meinhausen, Melvin, Mcrckle, Merriss. ROW THREE: Merz, M idrlleton, Miller M Moriconi, Morris, Morsch. ROVV FOUR: Mullen, Muller, P. Murphy, T, Murphy, Murrish, Murray, Myers, Nash Nauer, Neal, Neihert. ROW FIVE: C. Newman, P. Newman, Nichols, Niehous, Norris, O'Connor, Oeters, Orick, Osterman, Paddock, Padgett, ll5 esees if . , - ,,. S If V 7 l 9? , . it , -cj ' ' iw 215' I 1 W -, W , , R t 1' , K . l x f: , -- Q M - - 1-1 x swf V , V :L ,V . , .jg .- , M ,ZS , it r r, f : 1 H .ig,w- m5,,:,fif,-Hi , , lZ.AZ , vi. Q f i' E ,,,, c p at -, , i , i ff, w c .J at 'hi E rss? .:.Y , 1 l ,. r , ,,i,.7,.t : , ' wes7r:f:-:- itz,-:ti 'wifi ' '- 'EQ-j'f.lI Yi' . f gif , , , ' 'ig ' , sy, 1 . , :g.'--wg ' ,M i .f A x , ' If-IH! 1 r, 'Q'-X , .J , ,, E , ' gi 5 an J, ' ROW ONE: Patterson, Pederson, Pelk. ROW TWO: Pence, Penn, Pennington. ROW THREE: Peppers, Peters, Pfeiffer. ROW FOUR: Pfitzenmaier, Pigman, Pin- son. ' T' - W ,- '- Pys- f- i : A, , . 'Cf In 1 - I Y i 5 it A S if W sens 1 - R i I , , at ' A . A W . 4 ' 'Q' 'IP' t is A 5 ,'qE?hp , Sgwewo , ,Q R, aim: 5, 'We , gs, . R gf ses ' , f' i f r 5 ' R , S ' l 4.5 it i G. Q, -1, fi 2-sv. , E - t A if l ' ..-.. R T 'sth - - r I -' Y T Ha- l +o :fww f'fl1t if we w?wf Q5 ia 'J- 5 i it p .,:.: A V, b , H 4, 7 p .,.. A . X . ML I L f ,, L fl l :fm R L l P P ' :P-' -, .A . I K k , fx Eg' 1 Q 5, , f R A- lb L lk A Q im., i w, Na +: . :- f ,,, . J . q fwinfewmwaf lls' we was we meg F'E,fuWY nens nsnn 3 . -A - T c ., V. -H 5 ' . OZL, so wt 3: , Sie , r I i A '- , T? f A :'A- mv W' K R S is it F S fft L 'ii R ' A if .1 Ai. Aim ' , if' is a f e A, 2 S tr, .,, Q S eesw fi to P - -' i A- ::': ' .. cc V. ev , s es- I t o W r f S - -. s -. f ::::,e i H f S - Mit ' ff , if-1 :::s :I - ' 'oi' M fe,-f' 1 F K 'mi ff . , ,.,, f Q L , ROW ONE: Pitman, Poag, Pollitt, Potter, Rader, Rankin, Rath Ratliff, Ray, Requardt, Rice. ROW TWO: Richardson, Ritter, Roach, Roberts, Robertson, Rogers, Rollins, Rosenblum, Russ, Ryall, Sabo. ROW THREE: Scott, R. Scott, Scrugham, ROW FOUR: Seibel, Seibert, Sellers, FIVE: j. Smith, M. Smith, T, Smith, Snider, Snoulier, Snyder, S Sams, Santoro, Rick Schilling, Ron Schilling, Schmid, Schneider, Schroeder, Schwab, M. Shamblin, Sherer, Shinkle, Siegroth, Simmonds, Skidmore, Debbie Smith, D, Smith. ROW Snyder, Sotir, Spear, Stambaugh, Stark. ll6 Dedication The 1968 Andersonian staff would lik fl to dexdi- cate this year S an1i11a1toMrs. Strukv in ac'- kiiowled Y A ' L ,guncnt of the 39 years of sflrvic-G she has given to the siiiclcirits fJf. xIldC'T'SIJl1, v-...NN Administration Principalys Message to Seniors An Ancient Philosopher admonished his followers to i Know Thyself' - NVhat better advise than this could be given to students who for the past 12 years have been preparing themselves for what in American secondary schools is the final culmination of effort commonly known as graduation. The extent to which one might truly know himself is de- pendent upon the amount and sincerity of effort put forth in the process of acquiring an education. Those to whom success has come can be proud of time and energy well spent, particularly if the effort involved was a dedicated one. Those who were satisfied in doing not much more than enough to just get by will undoubtedly reap a reward com- mensurate with the effort expended. That you shall be known by the fruits of your labor is just as true in school as it shall be in later life. A good man is al- ways worthy of his hire. Whatever your past, it is sincerely hoped that your future will cast a worthy reflection upon Anderson Senior High School, your Alma Mater. May good luck and good fortune follow you wherever you go. CHRIS STEFAN - Assistant Principal E. WAYNE TITUS Principal KENNETH J, FURRIER - Assistant Principal Facult MRS. NIERI.-XM FOX - Miami Uni- versity, B.S. Home Economics, CHE Coordinator. MISS jL'DIE I-'RAKES - University of Cincinnati, BS Business. MR. ROGER CROOMS - Wilming- ton College, B.S. Speech, Drama, His- tory. MR. CARLOS HAMILTON - Mi- ami University, M. Ed. History. MR. PAUL HAMILTON - Universi- ty of Cincinnati, M. Ed. Business. MRS. JEAN SAWYER HARRIS - Columbia University, M.A. English, Humanities. MR. WILLIAM HARRIS - Marshall University, M.A. History, Driver Edu- cation, MISS MYRTLE HEID - Milligan College, R.A. English. MR, DUANE ALLREAD - Miami University, M. Ed. College Counselor. MRS. IEAN AM MAN -Illinois VVeS- leyan University, BA. English. MR. JOHN BAGOT - University of Cincinnati, M. Ed. History. MR. EDWARD BECK - University of Cincinnati, M, Ed. Swimming. MR. CHARLES L. BROWN - Mi- ami University, B.S. Athletic Director, History. MRS. LAURA CALDWELL - Lan- der College, B.A. Science. MR. THOMAS CALLAHAN - Uni- versity of Cincinnati, B.S. Physical Education, MR. MARVIN COLLINS - George- town College, B.S. Science. MISS JANE COX - University of Cincinnati, B.F.A. Art. MR. GARY CUMMINS - Miami University, B.S. Science. MR. DENNIS DEVINE - University of Cincinnati, M. Ed. Business, COE Coordinator. MRS. DOROTHY ESSEX-Wash- ington State University, BS. Art, Humanities. .A MISS JUDY HINCHMAN - Han- over College, B..-X. English, journal- ism. MISS ANABETH HODSON - Ball Stute Lniversity, BA. French, Span- ish. NI II. I':DVY,'XIID IIOFISER + XLIYIEI' Lniversity, BA. English. MII. DONALD HOCLAE - Xavier L'nix'ersity. NI. Ed. Graphic Arts. NIISS SANDRA LINDSAY - Bowl- ing Green State Lnixersity. BS. Eng- lish. MRS. BEYEIILY LYON - Bowling Green State University. B.S. Mathe- matics. NIR. MICHAEL MANNERINO - Xavier Lniversity. XI. ECI, Instrumen- tal Music. MRS. SHARON MCDERMOTT - Ohio State University, BS. Business. NIR, JOSEPH MILLER - I,IniVCrSity of Cincinnati, NI. Ed. Physical Educa- tion. MRS. PAULINE MINDER - Ohio University, M. Ed, Home Economics. M ISS DORIS MITCHELL - OIIIO State University, M. Ed. Mathematics. MR. JOSEPH MOLER - VVilming- ton College, BS. Drawing. fdlgyx 'Glyn-.4 Whnw M R. ROBERT MOORE - University of Cincinnati, BS Mathematics. MRS. THELMA MORGAN W Col- lege of Nursing and Health, University of Cincinnati, R.N. School Nurse. MRS. JANET MORRISSEY - Uni- versity of Cincinnati, M. Ed. Counse- lor. MISS CAROL MYERS - Eastern Kentucky State University, BA. Eng- lish and Latin. MISS VERA M. NASH - University of Cincinnati. M, Ed.: University of Kentucky, School of Library Science. Librarian. MRS. CAROLYN O'BRYAN - Indi- ana State University, B.S. History and Home Economics. MR. PAUL O'NEIL - Indiana State University, B.S. VVood. MR. DONALD PARKS - Morehead College, B.S. History. 5? , tv , its M it I f--W M Qi, riljlils t MISS NIARY .IO RUGGIERI - Kent State University, B.S. Physical Educa- tion. MRS. DOROTHY SCOTT - Miami University, B.S. Physical Education. MR. CARL SEYMOUR - University of Cincinnati, M. Ed. Mathematics. MR. JOSEPH SHAFER - Ohio State University, M. Ed. Science. MR, PARKER SLAYEN - Xavier University, M. Ed. Power Mechanics. MISS KAREN SMITH - Hanover College, BA. English. MR. VVAYNE SOMMER - Ohio Northern University, B.S. Science. MR. DONALD STEVENS - Miami University, BA. Mathematics. MR. CHESTER R. STORER - Xav- ier University, M. Ed. Industrial Arts. MRS. MARY STRUKI-I - Miami University, BS. Spanish. MR. DALE SWISHER - Ohio State University, BS Instrumental Music. MR. RICHARD TOBIN - Xavier University, M.A. English. SI'ICRIC'I'AIiIIiS MRS. MILDIIED I,I-INVIS MRS. 10.-XNN RICIII-XRD MISS MARTIIA SILVER MRS. MARC.-XHICT SPENCER MRS. ROSALYN CIAMPBICLI, MRS. CAIIOI, PRICLI, NIR, JOHN YANCORDI-IN - IIilIs- dale College, BA. Business MII. JAM ES VVALKICH - Cincinnati Bible Seminary. B..-X. Special Iicluca- tion. NIR. RICH.-XRD NV.fXI,'I'I'IRS - Miami Ifliivcrsity. M. Iici. Counselor MR, jIfIIIIOI,D WARD - Gvorge- tmvn Uriivcrsity, I5.S,F.S. .Xrncricun Government. MR. RICHARD VVESP - Urliversity' of Cincinnati, B.S.g College Conserva- tory of Music, Vocal Nlusic. MR, BIEIINAIID W'III'I'I':IIOlISIf - Indiana University, NI. I-Id. .'XIlIK'I'ICI1fI Covernnicnt. MR. WAYNE XVII,I,I.-XMS - Ohio University, BS. Cerrnun. NIR, YIIICII, NYILSUN i Xinivr University. M. Eci, Frvnch. K joined Faculty Second Svinestcr: MRS. jLfDI'I'H ICVANS - Miami -'Q, W University, AB. Swim-lice' and NIMI16- W matics. MRS. VIRGINIA VVII.I IY - Ohio University, BS. Business, Q -as ,,,,g.-anvil' 123 MW Forest Hills School District 1 if ROBERT Nl. COFORTH ROYAL A, HALL, IR. CERTRUDE L. ADDICOTT Superintendent Assistant Superintendent Director of Curriculum FOREST HILLS BOARD OF EDUCATION: VV. Kenneth Menke, Vice Presidentg Donald F, Papner, Robert A. VValker, Presidentg Cornell Secosan, VVil- liam C, Sanner, Paul V, Palmisano, Clerk. 124 Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics , ,, 1 ,. Swimming Cross Country Football VARSITY BASKETBALL: ROW' ONE: Boles, Mgr., Coach P, Hamilton, Curtis Mgr. ROW' TWO: Matthews, McDaniel, Stevens, Brallier, Miller. Lainhart. Condo, Bracliman, I-Ions, Shimler, jones. VARSITY VVRESTLINC: ROW' ONE: Foster, Kern, Vogely, Dunn. Dar- nell. ROW' TW'O: Strief, Pottschmidt, Richards, Scotty. Deming. Coach Harris. RESERVE BASKETBALL: ROW ONE: Peppers, Wolfangel, llively. Whitehead, Sotir. ROW TIVO: Coach C. Hamilton, Tunt, liorstman. Hutchinson, Marsh, Utter. Ashbridge, Young, Close, RESERVE TRACK: ROW ONE: Close, DiMaria, Tims, Baker, Berry. ROW TWO: Boatman, Sherer, Budai, Miller, Edwards, Venn, Brooks. Nauer, Betts, RESERVE WRESTLING: ROW ONE: VVilbur, Corcoran, Riclcarcl. Tims, Martin, Philips, ROW TWO: Mcriss, Davis, Kleinfelder, Wittmey- er, Becker, Adams, Colenda, Stromdahl, Betts, Fronk, Morris. Reserve Track in 1 tt..-. Q Q V is 1 . .Wx -wi Reserve Wrestling Golf Tennis Baseball .. gf w vang If 'I A :A M f --nr-M fs is if ,ffaf I aff if : 1.10515 ,N.3,iM35,:Qfg gg,-:XE az g - mf-2 J' k 'I '-::. -L, 4 Igjaififgiif' gin I K t - -JM , ' is B gg ,B SWVIMMINC: ROW ONE: Coach Beck, VVest, Bartmess, Morgan, Pottschmiclt, AdomitiS,H21ll, May er, Proctor, Ron Schilling, ROW TWVO: Lammers, Nlalaney, VVCclCS, Tllllfflilllll, Nlitlclleton, Clarke, Goodrich, Chambers, Wolfer, Neihert, Rick Schilling. CROSS COUNTRY: ROW' ONE: Patterson, Sullivan, Dunn, Byles, ROW' TWVO: Horter, Bueg, Schultz, Thumann, Coach P, Hamrilton, VARSITY FOOTBALL: ROVV ONE: Braley, Register, Kantz, McCann, justice, McDaniel, Hall, Foster, Curfiss, Strief, Black, Pedersen, I-Ions. ROW' TVVO: Coach llarris. Callahan, Xliller, Darnell, Deming. O'Connor, Duggan, Pedersen, Kattlenian. Ludlow, VV. Pottschmiclt. F. Pottschmiclt, Kleinfelclt, Hurst, Cuth, Dorna, Brini, Kuhl, Coach Scy- mour, RESERVE FOOTBALL: ROW' ONE: Kirby, NVittrneycr. West, Mayer Pfitzenmuier, Koszo, Melvin, Simmonds, Luginhuhl, Bolce. Clatzmayer, Sotir. ROVV TW'O: Coach Callahan, Miller, O'Connor, justice, Kelch, Condo, Lainhart, Yan Lear, Deller, Hutchinson, Boles, Colenda, Peppers, Mayer congratulates Pottschmidt in setting a new pool record for the 50 yard freestyle. Varsity Basketball Varsity Wrestling Reserve Basketball GOLF: Reppcrt, Black, VVl1iteliead, Wahllce, Patton, Coach Miller. TENNIS: ROW ONE: Berger, Schilling. ROW TVVO: Becker, West, Cilcs, VVl1ite, Leamy, Merris. VARSITY BASEBALL: ROVV ONE: Deming, Gray, Curee, l-lively, DC- Salvo, Cuth. ROVV TVVO: Wlalker, Mgrg jones, McDaniel, Braley, Siegel, Vllatson, Bully, McCann, O'Connor, Horler, Coach. RESERVE BASEBALL: ROW ONE: Bolce, VVare, S. l,l1glI1lJl1l'll, Rob- ertson, Cosgrove. ROW' TWVO: Bnlow. Mgr., Sotir, Peppers, Deller, BraClcman,Asl1briClge, T. Luginbulil, Callahan, Coach. Reserve Baseball 1, A V , V V ,V , V V ,.,, , ,,V , ,V , MA V .i ,,,,,, . .V VV: ., ,I ,V ,V ,V . . rlrlfl K X X X l . ,V V' V V 1 ' rkrkr , V .. EV f . '-.wi IVV ' V' ,VH ,V ., i A R L R . . ,::, ee Y M 0. 2 ' . ' a , . F V.. i , ' Q. T it . w 1 - tm. V. VJZSSVL VVVVS VV V . , V I V V K wg. VVV.V -:ig ,V V K V V V :l: V VVVVV5 VVV,Vk?m ,, A V 1 V ks. ,VVV VVV V, .Vo .V V VV! R A A A w A -. Y , Q wt WP.. ' I , , I - : K 2' .,,,3gf X ft- 1 F ' 1 X ' 1 . .'. . , V f 3 -: V.jV : R R A A 1 ' 2 ft -. H S R R L it V R VV.. - A , ' , V A a - r , V , . . - A -Q L :AW i A l R' ' 3 .1 W ' '13 .Q ' , ' , V : .'-- :A 1 .2 , A R R , , 'B srl if . .EV V - ,, VVVV , , V X V V - , V ,kV,VV,VV, Vi V VVV :g1VV,V. 3' Varsity Track 9 ,5SQ? 6 131 RESICRVIC BASKlf'l'BAI,I, CHEER- LEADERS: VVolf, Knoll. llunlw, Ridley, Ciiuuplncll, Bissiugor. Cheerleaders VARSITY FUO'l'BAI,L CHEICRLEADERS: Worth 5l'hlH'IlL'INl1Il. Ilona. BUFIIILIII. Hicks. HLiIlIli.XVOg1:'lj. VARSITY BASKE'1'BAI.I. CIIEERLEADICRS: Bor- lIli1Il,xx'l7l'tll. Hillllli. Hicks, SL'lllll'Ilt'ITlLlIl. Hens. Organizaiions Organizaiions Organizaiions Urgaliizaiions Organizafions Orgaliizaiions Qrganizaiiolis Orga1iiza'5ior.s Orgaliizaiions Organiza ions Urganizaions Organiza ions Urganizafions Organizaions Organizzfions Organizaions Organiza ions Organiza ions Organiza ions vi' ,M W, 9 fa UD f-e- C quop unog U9 F E Wolfer informs his homeroom of the latest project. ROW ONE: Kirby, Rishel Wettstein. ROW THREE: Ifleisclier, Aldredgc, Smith , Hons, Schucneman, Mims, Tcrlescki, Daughetee. ROW TWO: Sieclentopf, Campbell, Hurst, Zinga, Keifer, Dunn, Lainhart, Pfitzenmaier, Specht, Pottschmidt, Swan, Hicks, Alexander. ROVV FOUR: Clurfiss, Richey, , Judy, Dorna, Vogcly, Miller. ROVV FIVE: Hall, Nlrrffluiiahurl, VVolfer, Tims, Hivcly, Peppers, Colenda, Voge- ly, Moors, Cray. ROVV SIX: Olmstcacl, Scott, Yarncy, Melvin, johnson, Davis. 134 i i 4.4 gi il fl l 5 fi f '----1... Communications Committee investigates a problem. Terri and Susi work at A-Day, 4 l Fairchild and Cillespie admire the State Drama contest trophy, Student Council is the voice of Andersonis student body, it is the link between the students and the administration. Besides fulfilling this important role, Student Council is responsible for much of the hard work and most of the fun which is a part of Andersonis activities. Stu- dent Council projects range from Homecoming to the schoolis musical. OFFICERS: Williams, Histg jones, Trcasq Loescher, Y. Presg Townsley, Presg Riley, Rec. Sec.: VVorth, Corr. Sec. MH gy M. , 3 i 22 ,swf x ,icsqfwl .Y A tg? 4,'Q'a'.k' 3 Seniors show off the new activity calendar. 135 Z ii I BUO uoHi .IO OS TD A19 Quill and Scroll . R, ROW ONE: Riley Keifer, Neligan, Herald, ROW TWO: Haller, Hamm Baker. ROVV THREE: Melvin Cerwe, Meyer. ROW FOUR: Shalcley Yerino, Collopy, ROW' FIVE: Harris, Gilchrist, Mueller. ROW SIXi Lockard, Reiman, Neutzel. ROW SEVEN: Hayes, Mette, Specht, Struth- BFS. ROW ONE: Boyd, Carter, Emmert, Hanni, jalfe, Koger, Lockard, Russ. ROW TWO: Scott, Stevens, Townsley, Van Ness, Wright, Yeri no, Boesherz, Corbly, Drake, ROW THREE: Funke, Hayes, Lainhart, Miller, Shakley, Steele, Underhill, Zinga. ROW FOUR: Mr, Titus Neutzel, Gilchrist, Marshall, Darnell, Ewing, Specht, Riley, Cray, Mr. Grooms, Meyer, Pottschmiclt, Mrs. Strulce. 136 12uoi112N I US I0 A19 ueidsoql ROW ONE: Jaffe, Gilchrist, Harris, Worth, Grooms, Adv.: Schueneman. Davis, Gillespie, Meyer, Timmons. ROW TWO: Keifcr, Smith, Fairchild, Goodrich, Curfiss, Terlcscki. Hamilton, Wiggeringloh, Valle, Struthers, Bunch, White. Kinney, Schueneman as Annie Oakley in this years musical. Stage manager Hamilton and crew at work - 7 .sm Stage Grew v ROW ONE: Corcoran, Neal, S. Harris, Barnes. ROW TVVO: florum, Berry, Schroeder, Riley,Asst. Mgr.. Bunch,SetDesgn.,Parham,Asst. Mgr,Hamilton,N1gr.ROWV THREE: Knorr, Galian, Bumgarner, Kirby, Barlow, Koller, Malaney, Townsley, Tinis, Laycock, Harris. 137 French Club ROW ONE: Wilson, Adv., Whitesides, Sec, Murphy, V, Pres., Behrmann, Treas., Siedentopf, Borman. ROW TWO: Judy, Dorna, Fenstermacher, Underhill, Gilchrist, Lammers, Ratliff. ROW THREE: Benza, Worth, Zinga, Hughes, Sutton, Strobl. ROW FOUR: Hurst, Bissinger, Scott, Calenotl, Boyd, Morgan, Potter. ROW FIVE: Kaps, Koreman, Kneidl, Moers, Shakley, johnson, Rice, David, ROW SIX: Shaw, Gregory, Fleischer, Elliott, Funke, johnson, Dibble, Corbley, Ltishlec. ROW SEVEN: LeClaire, Skidmore, Stevens, Bothwell, Aclier, Hultiquist, Wilson, Rollins, Grab, Wolfer. ROW EIGHT: Chester, Mims, Brallier, Spears, Scrugham, Hetlin, Head, Hofmeier, Berry. ROW NINE: Edwards, Wahlke, Kopp, Clarke, Peppers, White, Teece, Brooks, Keil, Lziinhart. Not Pictured: Beers, Pres. ROW ONE: Aldredge, Judy, Gilchrist, Vogely, Moers, Ferguson, Sutton, Drake. ROW TWO: Stagg, Timmons, Potter, Shakley, jones, Riley, Koreman, Davis, Chester, Whitesides. ROW THREE: Schoettle, Monstafu, Huglmcrg, Shaw, Pusaclc, Lainhart, Ablcs, Gill, Mala- ney, Varney. 138 111 ROW' ONE: XVQ-ttstein, Niurrish, McDaniel. Pres.g Kirchcn. Scc.. Williams, Adv.: Emma-rt. Y, Prcsg Bm-shcrz. hugely. Gillespie. ROW' TYVU: Pprciclciilnacli. Holthuus. Schneider. Nlcwrs. Nluhllwcrgcr. Koch, Ilivcly. Vidal. Mueller. ROW' 'l'IlRl'fE: .-Xtkinscri. Schmid. Smith Kcrii. Williuiiis, Nliclcllcton. B. Vblfcr. Yugcly, Zia-iwll. Sim-pci. ROW' FOUR: Belshaw. Aslilmrimlgc. li. Wi-st. P. XYcst. Cchuuc-r. Puclgult Nlucluy. Lauiiiiicrs. Vllilfcr. Snyder. ROW' FIVE: Sclicriii, iillllili. Bcclccr. Riley, Pruslxe. Nilscii. Bciixu. Stuiikus. Stricf. Chilton, Nloustufii Matthcws, Culusku. , ' 1 ' Latin Club I Q Wm '-.. if A if . Q AFSers Yogely. Mixers and Gilchrist, '. M54-zff i ff XYright. Betts. Nlettc. PL1llCl0L'l4,'l'HIlIllt'S. Xlillcr, 139 A ,.+4 Ii ,.J an Cl ITU Ce ROVV ONE: Block. Ziiigu. Hull. Moiiscy. Y. Pres.: Myers, Adxlg Drukc. Pros Bu ton. Sec-rg Tostc-viii. Ilccrucslcr. lfcrgusoii, Xicycr. ROW' TYVO: Tiiriicr. Plcllimr Di Sulxo. Bauer. Schmid, Euiiig. lhilli. jucly. Stu-Ii-. Shuklf-y. Hawkins. lilllllxl I THREE: Bissiiigcr. Niiillcr. justus. Shi-Il, Hill. Pzidcloclx. Cicmriuly. D. 'lhstcxiri lm Cluuclrich. Clrirhly' RON' FUIQK: Yiiiilciir. R. Schmid. Hclvcy. llcis. Pmssctl llor Sl-A U9 S Gail crowns Walt 1968's Sadie Hawkins Day Beau. ROVV ONE: Gilchrist, Campbell, Kirchen, Hist., Daughetee, Prog. Chr., johnson, Pres., Yogely, V. Pres., Richey, Tre-as., Miss Mitchell, fXclv,, Mrs. Lyons. Adv., BOTTIIEIII, Keck. ROW' TWVO: Judy, Gox, Myers, Hoover, BQ-vingtoii, Siccleritopf, Gillcspirv, NYolf, Zinga, Fenster- machcr, VVettst0in, Duma. ROW' THREE: Guynn, Haller, Bowers, Alexarider, Scihert, Strohl, Scott, Hall, Hamm, Gerwe, Oluerrrieyer. ROVV FOUR: Hall, Hfilthaus, Hcflin, Wolf, Rishel, Speaks, Harmi, NVorth, Mocrs, Kirhy, Alclrvdge, Graln. ROW' FIVE: l.ashlQc', Grvgory, ML-Allister, Potter, Bellamy, Shinklo, -Iohriscm, jones, Fisher, Gregory, Dihhlc, Hultquist, Matthews. ROWV SIX: lfurikc, Kaps, Rice, Thcimas, Bellamy, Stamhaugh, SlIHI'I10llIllC, Beer, Hurst, VV0lfer, Reagh, Davis, Behrmami, Ernvry. ROVV SEVEN: Adarris, Viallacc, Mets Spear, Lester, Hicks, NICBL-e, McElliarie5, Carroll. Grosliy, Murphy, Mims, Scrugham, Mullcr. Scliiivrwriiari. ki0OQlTlL'll. ROW' NINE: vin, Cook, Craycraft, lflclrvclgcf, Morgan, Schneiclcr, VVilsoI1. Garcia, DiMario. Nash, Picrcv, Shaw. ROVV EIGIIT: Brallicr, Haglicrg. 'l'cecc, Drake, llcms, Kiscr, Stacy, Smith, VVhitesiclCs, Hayes. Spvclit, Kopp. 140 T11 -A P ROW' ONE: Cropper. Richardson. jonvs. Y. Prcsg lilclrcclgc, Arnrnun, .-Xclvg Korn, Prcsg Kirin. Sec.: Hull. Pinson. ROW' TW'O: Thor- nuglnnun, Stamluaugli. Holla-. Kuufniunn, Kirvlivn. Sutton, Fislicr, llvvr. Sininin-link, Buclui. ROW' THREE: Barrett, .-Xlclrcclgc, Cfruycriiit, Hicks, Bauer. Burck. Lcstvr. Lainliurt. .Xluli-5. Nlcrriss. ROW' FOUR: Clic-niviits, Drulw, Koller. j. Corlily, Y. ilorlaly, Atkiiisoii, juli!-, Sto- vcns,W'ilso11,j0lii1sui1.Cooper. Key Club 5 P15 in 'X ' 41 gxwj Holding the ropes - a Key Club service. ROW ONE: Swan, Sullivan, Varney, Prcs.g Nlalaney, Treasg Dunn, Scc.g Willis. ROW W'. Pottschiilicll, Sivgul, Klvinlclclt, Davis, lirullier, llnuclicii, Seilmeri, Huvcrliurnp. 141 'eg' t , TW'O: Brim, DQ-ming, l.ucoclx, Yoga-ly. Stuiilmrlm, Klllll, Bnatinun. ROW' THREE: L'l- nivr. Keating, Nlurtin, junscn, Buvslierz, De:Sulvu. Proctor, Lung. ROW' FOUR: Birk- inun, Rcppvrt, CUTIIIII, Dugguii, Dierks. Huttcriclc, Brunn. ROW' FIVE: F. Pottsclmiiclt, 'TJ '-1 C 0. O 21 O D Q C-' U' . Office Aids ROW' ONE: Phipps, Merritt. Mayer, Bmington, Scliciincnian, VVhitc ROW' TW'O: Lutliuin. Siniinelink, W1-ttstcin. Burton, Kiiehn. Yogoly Hanni. ROW THREE: Goodrich, Spccht, Stevens, Burger, Speaks, Hicks Library Aids ROW' ONE: Carr, Cooper, Kncidl, Hylton, Cole. ROW' TVVO: Richardson, Burck, Wilson, johnson. ROW' ONE: Klurfiss, Kulil, Topo, Barticry, Corcoran, Tiins, Funk, Martin. ROW! TW'O: Bcitciiliulls, Kifdlll, N3l'lll9l1l1Cf, Pallgvtt, Kneidl liyon, Lung, Xlurtin. ROW' THRl'2li: Dollar, Patton, Striof, Mcliziiiiel, Berry, Patterson, Hall, Long. ROW' FOUR: Pottsclimidt, Braehiier Stark, Ilaverkzirrip, Briinn, Wlitson, Rcppert, Cooke. 142 ROVV ONE: Ziebell, See.: C, COX, PWS.: Hllllllltllll. :XtlY.: Schmitt, Treasg Clrosshciin, Y. Pres., Farrel. ROW' TVVO: jucly. P, Cox. Holle Hively, Breyer, Barrett, Breidenhuch, Koch, lfeton, Close, Prewitt. ROVV THREE: Selinc-icler, Snider. Nost-liiiiig, Zia-gt-liiieyer, llueger Cilhcrt, Spear, Abit-s, Melxin, Alclreclgc-. ROW' FOUR: Simmonclb, Siegrotli, Liillimty, Frazier, Tims, Dierks. Doniiiig, Cfurhss, Clift ROW' FIVE: Kuhl, llirsehauer, liuriws, lliigeriitxii, Num, Churchill, Biisliiiuiii, Blucli, Striel, McDaniel. ROW' SIX: Clolliihon, Haver- lcamp, llouehen, Peebles, Kleinfcltlt, Boekliorsl, liirkmun, Brunn, Hrallier. eil UH O C P: -5-9 CD Q-4 CES CD Red Cross Health Careers f , Cooley, Smith, Phipps, Cuynn, Neligun, johnson, Williams, Y Stone. Adv., llouelicn, Kleinfelclt, McDaniel.johnsoi1. lliglit. ROW ONE: Morrissette, Corbly, Stevens, V. Pros., Mitchell, Pres., ROW TWO l lliott Davis, Monssvy, Kneicll, jordan, Lockartl, Melvin. ROW THREE: Vkfilliams, lclmistc n Pummill, Seilmert, lflclreclge, Noble, SCI'llgll2lII1, Picliel, Corhly. ROW' FOUR lltitl s.,,NN i In Home Economics girls learn fundamentals of sewing. Home EC C0-op ROW ONE: Burbage, Seo, Gerhardstein, V. Pres.g Hurst, Pres., Rieke Treasg Uebel, ROW TWO: Martin, Shamblin, Ventura, Wilce, Stevens Moermond, Childers, ROW ONE: Frazier, Close, Rollins, V. Pres., Gradolf, Sec., Mcclanahan, Pres., Ryan, Treas., Sabatina, Hist., Smythe. ROW TWO: Wal- lace, Nash, Miles, Pummill, Thomas, Hall, Murphy, Aicholtz, Melvin, ROW THREE: Coins, Stevens, Hepfinger, King, Pennington Kneidl, Nohle, Frazier, Schoettle, Rieke, 144 i i hi Q U SEATED: jones, Noble, Miles, Aicholtz, Cradolf, Purnmili, STANDING: Sabatina, Sec., VVeil, Treas., Nash, Hepfinger, Mcfilanahan, Chandler, Brown, VVallace, Rollins, Devine, Adv., Harman, Stevens, V. Pres., Hall, Pres. FBLA members take inventory. wwmwvfwi ,QQsm+afmm:1s1fI.wxmsn-ff. -f zfsfsffs,f Q J55s25?W?SE733J Chess Club SEATED: Coiuska, Underhill, Shaw, Funk. STANDING: Nuetzel, Hoffman, Struthers Harris, VanNess, Decker, Mette, Brooks, Belishaw. 145 Pep Club ROW ONE: Brim, Sgt. at Arms, Kirby, V, Pres., Daughetee, Sec., O,Connor, Pres, ROW TWO: Hoover, Stone, Tostevin, Keuhn, Bevington, Ryall, Seibert. ROW THREE: Pottschmidt, Koch, Holthaus, Aldredge, judy, Koch, Hall, Houchen. ROW FOUR: Crosby, Hammond, Shakley, Watkins, Corcoran, Koszo. ROW FIVE: Deming, jennemann, Behrmann, Davis, Reigh, WVhite- sides, Bissinger, Thomas, Kaps. ROW SIX: Wittmeyer, Hanke, Stambaugh, Bauer, Schoettle, johnson, Bellamy, Rollins, johnson. ROW SEVEN: Pierce, Emery, Craycraft, Ables, Skidmore, Hagberg, jones, Morgan, Rice. ROW EIGHT: Varney, Kuhl, Horstman, Penno, Kopp, Smith, Vedderhoffer, Chilton, Kuhn, Birkman, Hurst. ROW ONE: Thomas, McAllister, Sec., Myers, Treasg Craycraft, V, Pres., Daughetee, Pres, Schueneman, Wettstein, Richardson, Sec.: Fisher. ROW TWO: Obermeyer, Fenstermacher, Cooper, Lammers, Cooley, Strobl, Sec., Clements, Kuehn. ROW THREE: Scott, Judy, Calloway, Vogely, Lipe, Moers, Carr, Wolf, Gregory. ROW FOUR: Scrugham, Breidenbach, Holle, Greer, Matthews, Stambaugh, Sim- melink, Thoroughman, Crawford. ROW FIVE: Beatty, Smith, Wolfer, Cregory, Heflin, Snider, Cook, Tappe, Schmid. ROW SIX: johnson, Murphy, Fleischer, McBce, Muller, Crab, Mims, Spear. ROW SEVEN: McCann, Rath, Mallin, Hoffman, Mayer, Goodrich, Ste- vens, VVilson, Crosby, Halcomb, Kopp. 146 m K N E -1, I ng, B . xl? if fi: ii: .C F-1 -J '11 fw MJ rslty Va ROW ONE: Reed, Hight. Malalley, Kcrn, Foster, Yogi-ly, Cox. HOW' TWVO: Bueg, joncs, Duma, Ihmllllldcv, llursl, Dcming, Long. ROW' THREE: Burtmess, Black, Hull, Smitll, Mc-Daniel, Klciufcldt, Patton. ROVV FOUR: O'Ccmnor, Lllclluw, I . Pottschrllidt, Richurcls, Houchen, Pcdcrsen, Caruso. ROW' FIVE: Brim, Prcssg XY. Pottschmiclt, S4-cg c1lltl'l,'lqI'L'Ll5.1 Brullicr. WWW Varsity Club members checked coats at games. 4 W x w Girls, 'Swim Team fisgiraszs s 5, . H MEQEQE EE3 ROW' ONE: Zinga, Greer, Lipc. Matthews. Cluolcy. ROW' TYVO: Ruggieri, .X!lV.1Jlldf', Wulf, Crab. ffruycmft, XYCft5t6'iIl. Cooper. ROW' THREE: Ryull. Lammcrs. johzlsurl. Kuttn-nhorn, I.uir1hurl, Fcrxstcrrlmcllcr, Nlllhllwrgvr, ROW' l Ul'R: Snider, Dznis, Cre- gory, Mullin. Hath, N1Cf:l'i1I'y, Ilcllcr, JCIIIIOIIILIIIH, ROW' FIVIQ: Davis, ilfmmlrich Schucncrnan, Nluycr. Kopp, Hcis, Huffrnun, Ijllllgllllqlxf. BChl'IIlLlllIl, Clrcgory. 147 'iwxlmk' M'-wxwvgasswmwmmxwpmmmmg L, rw :M-wwr.f,,4 G r at P-rw f-+- SD il I3 Editor Keifer and Miss Hinchman proofread a story. MM- 'M M. waxy ROW ONE: Keifer, Collopy, Shakely, Bowers, Meyer, Riley, Gerwe, Hamm, Muller, jaffee. ROW TWO: Melvin, Burton, Gina, Williams Valle, Herald, Kirby, Kirchen, Gray, Walker, Daughetee, Shott, Murphy, Stoepel, Haller, Baker, Gillespie, Rcigh, Cropper, Breidcnbach. 148 new-wtf 13 SEQ, rerry rey I A sy j iiii Q ea at 7 H' ..,. 5 , Y V ,,.r-- . ,,. 4 s , ,...' I A . my fiiiii' eles gfijjiiiiipi f 'I f 'M' I ' l ee if E , if S 4' ' -E' H' 1 , , S. 4 I , me .A in sie Isl Vg- f- l vw 4 ,wa ' L I, , L H I 3 v'Q fff:Qj 1 it ,, 'Z ' , 7 , Y ft 1 'We ' 'ez I A , X nm, S A .f ,, seg ?S,:ffr'? .. '5 ' 'li ffm 1 .L 'fs I l.,.i . .',, .,,,-'A Chieftain editors plan for the next deadline. Gal Friday Hamm at the varityper. EDITORS lTopl: Hayes, Harris, Struthers, Mrs. Harris, Adv,g Gilchrist. SELECTION STAFF lAb0veJ: SEATED: Emmert, Wolven, Yerino, Sllalcley, Hayes, Wiggeringloh, Hanni, Heller, STANDING: VValhlce, Struthers, Gilchrist, Harris. Spectrum Snyder, Bates, Bauer, Harris, Lockarcl, Coluska, Koreman, Jaffe, jennemann, Underhill Keifer. 149 Andersonian Editors Patti Riley, PeggySpeCl1t Copy Editors Nancy Meyer, Robin Reimun Sports Copy Editor Stan Gray Production Editor john Nuetzel Underclass Editor Jacque Neligan Business Editor jill Melvin Adviser Kenneth j, Furrier Riley and Specht study layouts and pictures, ROW UNI' W .illire Broun onu Nici lrndlini Xlelyin ROW IWW 0: Harris, Frazier. Specllt, Nleyer, Keifer, Nuetzvl, Reiman, Riley, Sipes, Rollins ROW IHRPE Lray xlLll0llZ Heller Sdlhilllld XSFIUO Hooycr Nlette Nliles, Pummill, Pusack,Notule,Ha1l, Kneidl, Gelmauer, Pennington, Neligan. vuinwwfswh' YS, HMM' ' v lfftf-vg, azz' , ., ,, 'Q 9'-U Q fa g Nl ' 4? as My - 'Ze' yr 'S Stinggfgsafa ' 4 Q . Af W4 fx lL ?'?ef?P '?, Q ' 5 T X L im : I 7 in 95 4 Boys, Chorus Cirls, Chorus Mixed Chorus GIRLS' CHORUS OFFICERS CTopJ: Richey, Pros.: Lashlee, Y. Pres :XdLtINS, 'I'rcus,g SiIIlIIl1.'liIllK, Svc. BUYS' CHORUS OFFICICRS 1NIiddl0J: l,i1f'L'0Ck, Y. PFCS.1VVhitC, PFCS ciilllfllflll. S042 MIXED CIIORYS OFFICICRS lBottomJ: Brock, Y, Pres.: Harris. Hist BllIIlLfLlI'Ill'T. 'I'n-us.. lhrlngllm-In-, Ilist.1'l'r-rln-sq-ki, Prcs.1XYorth. Sec, 'Q K v f K .. Q, wi ' in 21 'fgffg if Q -Q' ii Q' 3 ' S a X Y? I E' WRX? im63fn3fl6?i ?f 'W Q . se- ' 4 W V X W, , 'SE E' W N if ff f if K f ' ' Z ' .-4 ' ez 0 H Q W, M ,T 4 AN A ' ,gy ,I A 75 5 '5' E as wx 8, 3' 'F - ' Wa y an! , I- , 1 ' ' 1 L ,- ff QM f , H . , :-, V 1 1 -:,g. q ' 1 GIRLS' CHORUS 'l'RlPI,E TRIO lT0p Righilz XYil5or1, Halcomlv, Spear, Zingg ' Xlims, Hicks, jurws, cl0l'Illlt'lll', flLlI'llUIll'. BOYS' CIIORYS OCTICT lliuttom Righll: Knorr, Vlillllllllillll. Schilling. Bamvs Xlilvllcll.CIul011clg1,Xullr'. Burlrm, 154 NIIXED CHORUS' BOYS' UCTET: Wiggcringloh. Terlcscki, Shurp.'I'mx'l1slvy. Clrungor, V1-st, Luginhuhl. Bruck. MIXED CHORUS, MIXED ENSENIBLE: Tvrlescki, Hamilton, Schueneman, I'I21IlIlI,xh'UI'th, Harris, Timmons. Scott, Shakley. MIXED CHORUS' TRIPLE TRIO: Murphy, jones, Ewing, Pusack, Hanni, Bowers, Gilchrist, Kirby. Bissinger. Hughes. 155 Symphonic Band OFFICERS: Williams, Sec.: Norton, Stage Set up Mgr., Scott, Pres, Potter, V. Pres., Stoepel, Treas. Pusack, Calloway, Martin, Schneider, Aldreclge, Justus, Adams, W'erner, Harris Steele, Rick Schilling, Stoepel, Potter, Becker, Hurst, Bissingcr, Holle, Kirchen NlcElhancy, Crawford, VVootlrul't, Cook, Paddock, justice, Stankorh, Bukvic, Lewis VVard, Craycraft, Ohcrmcyer, VVilliams, Miller, Boesherz, VVest, Spear, Cuynn, Mid- clleton, Streii, Norton, Vtfalters, Leamy, Jansen, Ncibert, Oeters, Venn, Martin, Hor- ncy, Becker, Adams, Eldredge, Sharp, Gilchrist, lleis, Clarke, Kiehl, Scott, Ayer Plitzenmaier, Bulow, Schultz, Ulmer, Dull, Proske, Ellis, Rankin, Catton, Hill, Boat- man, Ron Schilling, Cchaucr, Halcomh, Randall, Dunn, Robertson, Uhl, Crea Kelly. 156 1 ..i , WVOODVVIND ENSEMBLE: ROVV ONE: Stuepel, Steele, Pusack, Calloway, Martin. XVo0druff, Paddock, justice. ROW' TVVO: Potter. Becker. Bissinger Hwlle, Kircheri, Nlckilhariey, Obermey er, Cray craft, N1iller.VYilliams, Schilling, BRASS ENSEMBLE: ROVV ONE: Sharp, Heis, Gilchrist, Eldredge, Xeihcrt, lieu- PERCUSSION ICNSEMBIE: Chl. Dunn, Randall, Rolucrtsmi, my, Norton. ROW' TVVO: Cehauer, Pmskc, Duff, Ayer, Bulow. ANDERSON REDSKIN MARCHING BAND l57 1 ,fu f V' '.g1 H Q5 L, 4. .sf COLOR GUARD tAb0vcJ: Zingg, Cerwe, Cfollopy, XVettst0in, Lion. MAJORETTICS tT0p Rightjz Hatter, Lester, johnson, Hayes, Yctterhovffvr. Skorod, Thomas. PICP BAND tliottom Rightjz Scott, Stu. Comtg ROW' ONE: Middleton, Hoc-sherz, Pottvr. ROW' TWVO: Norton, VYuItcrs. l.uurI15, Ncilwrt. ROW' THREE: Boutman. Ayer, Bulou, Duff NotPict11rcct: Uhl. 153 Senior rchestra WM-V-mm-,.,,...,, f A-AMW. qwmi., -.f . ., .,..,, ,,,,M,wMM - M-m..... ...,,.....,mMQ Wm.- M 'MN :rf it .. -w-vm... -wwf... ff .,.,,,,,,-.wvnmw U-...,n,,, M' w 'M 'v-H-Mi -4--1-m.....,f M--w....,,,,W 1 A--...,..g:g i STRING ENSEMBLE: G. Ewing, Boyd. Dibhle. Keil,Yoge1y.T. Ewing. E m-f, A w--Q-.2 ---.-.....,,w,' --MW.: OFFICERS: jones, Libr., Anthony, Y. Pres.. Harris, Pres., Ewing, Trcusg Yogely, Gail Ewing - Concert rniatrcss and violin wloist. Sec.: Boyd. Hist. ROW' ONE: G. Ewing, Boyd. lfiivcrxugt, Anthony, T. Ewing. Yogcly. ROW' TWVO: Dihhlc, Kc-il, Becker, Piisuck, Harris, jones, B. Schilling. lluluoinb, B. Schilling. ROW' THREE: Kelly, Nir. Swisher. Cond., Lcuiny, Norton, Ilcis, Eldredgc. Ayers. Scott, Gilchrist. ,,i , , I 159 Salute to Seniors 'l'h XlU'll'l'O Yllllt'XYlSt'IIllIlKll1OlllSllli'lQl'y lOll1CllllllIAO 6 foolish miml still scarchw lor tlw key to thc- past. CIIASS CIULUHS CLASS l'll,ONYlfR Royal Blue and Cold Rose 56100 Q 'X SBP' HQ: 95 955 Q.bQWmfiW 'EW' 632, if ty, . if 160 L-L Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising A . . Congratulations Class of1968 STUDENT COUNCIL BODKSTORE j 1 HEIMERDINGER 81 CO. Fresh Dressed Poultry Home Dressed Quality Meats Cinoy's Best Ground Beet Frozen Foods 1216 Vine Street Cincinnati 10, 0hio Phone: 241-3008 'IB 3 EQ' fs 01112, 1 J 'ei 'Eiga' STU things 'f-137 wr T S1 go better with Coke after Coke after Colge. 1 X f' If I The Coc Bottled under authority of Th C ca-Cola Company by: Cola Bottling Work C p y, Cinc' nati TThWdfIGdtgCI f1968 O tth k f y y t bt t C th F tHII S h ID t t T 7 O rm t r g t It y g d r W4 O rmestbestwishesforasuccessful d dmgfuture. THE FOREST HILLS EDUCATORS' ASSOCIATION Fred Whitey meer Compliments of ANDERSON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINTS Compliments of BILL REED'S SUNOCO Compliments of THE FORESTVILLE FUEL 8. SUPPLY C0. Compliments of FIGARO'S PIZZA 7203 Beechmonr 232-0232 COMPLIMENTS OF TFC' I 5-f-iii 231-8488 Cincinnati 30, Ohio 2107 Beechmont Ave. Compliments of T. P. WHITE Funeral Home 2050 Beechmont Avenue Mt. Washington 231-7150 Mark Croxton John Croxton KUNKEL APOTHECARY Prescriptions-Cosmetics Hospital Supplies 7187 Beechmont Avenue 231-1943 PE P 8. J OAIRN FRUIT MARKET ALBIEZ MEATS PARTRIDGE PORK PRODUCTS Beechmont Avenue Next to Central Trust Bank 231-9860 With thanks to all those who helped, ANDERSCN BOOSTERS CLUB linnsiller 43? -WS ll lIill'lllll' lll SllI'lllllll When you ve completed your edu- cation consider a career with Your Telephone Company. lt s a career which offers challeng- ing opportunities, pleasant asso- ciates attractive surroundings, good salaries numerous benefits and an exciting future. Congratulations, graduates, from YOUR TELEPHONE COMPANY a good place to work gl Bell Telephone Company 225 EAST FCJLI F-'lTl-l An equal opportunity employer The Cincinnati and Suburban Selling 81 Servicing Cherry Grove 8l85 Beechmonf Avenue the only cors with o 5-ye CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH FIAT SIMCA or ond 50,000-mile worronfy. 23l-OlOl PRESTON'S COIFFURE'S 7600 Beech mont Aven ue 231-1905 Compliments of: E 8: S FURNITURE 81 APPLIANCE CO. 7867 Beechmont Avenue Compliments ot: GLASER-WILSON FORD Sales Department Johnny Mason -jaCkBUggl'1el' Leigh Whitaker 311139011 Ben Sabato Park Howard You can trust us - your bank does. 7636 Beechmont Cincinnati 30 Forestville 231-7236 WILLIAMS' GROCERY Groceries Fresh Meats Open daily 8 30 to 10 30 231-7234 FRANK'S BARBER SHOP lln Forestvillel -Across from Wolfangel Fld.- For Complete Barbering Service -We out your hair to please vou- l-lours - 8-6 Sat. 8-5 Tel 231-9815 HAIR LOFT STYLING SALON 7770 Beechmont Avenue 231-4115 COWPERTHWAITE FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions 231-7158 Cherry Grove Compliments of DAIRY CORNER CREAMY WHIP Newtown TOM AUXIER CONSTRUCTION CO. Trucking and Excavating Top Soil - F1IlDirt Sand and Gravel 231-2514 . CHILI'S BEECHMONT PHARMACY MULLER SHOES 2103 Beechrnont Ave Cincinnati 30. Ohio 2061 Beechmont Phone: BE 'l-7278 MT. WASHINGTON HARDWARE L- MAUORY WEBB C0- GARDEN STORE 2210 Beechmont Avenue NURSERY 81 LANDSCAPING 2317756 231-7700 SKYLINE CHILI JACK'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 7189 Beechmom Complete Auto Repair Foieswille Vvrecker, Automatic Transmission 84 Eat In or Carry out Collision Services BGSI Ch'l'lf1 Town 8501 Beechmont Ave 231-0857 2100 Beechmont Avenue Best Wishes to the Class of V It Hgbmgm I M I MT' WASHINGTON '68 from yourfriendly N.A.P.A. Jobber -', ,, , vs I '-1. w ig . ,Is I 031.0000 THE NORWOOD AUTOMOTIVE PARTS I I W . co. run, .I,. Arg, STORE HOURS Monday thru Friday 'Til 9 P.M. 231-4995 Saturday 'Til 6 P.M. Salem 8tBeechmont COMPLIMENTS OF BURNEY LANE CLEANERS BENEDICT INSURANCE ASSOCIATES, INC. I223 Burney Lane at Salem Insurance Consultants 231-5050 Telephone 321-3221 P. O. Box 9004 Cincinnati, Ohio 45209 Compliments of GRAFF'S TV LEHMAN'S Gkocfizv COmQQ,! emS 6089 SALEM RD. 23I-983I QUALITY MEATS, PRODUCE AND GROCERIES We Deliver Every Day Except Wednesday SUTTON MOWER CO. Largest selection of Mowing A FRIEND and Lawn Grooming Equipment in Southwestern Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio 45230 231-5232 cpl If ANDERSON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION Best Wishes From: ANDERSON ELEMENTARY PARENT - TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Good Luck Class 466877 1 1. fs E Ali' if if 3 KING PIN LANES Forestville, Ohio Compliments of: The Community's First Newspaper Beechmontand Witt M30 years 231-9895 231-8104 C0mDlim9 1fS OTS Compliments of: THE DRESS RACK SALEM FOOD MARKET 2221 Beechmont 231-2818 6661 Salem Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45230 231-9883 Compliments of: CONVENIENT FOOD MART CHERRY GROVE PLAZA CENTER MUSIC Clough and Eight Mile Congratulations to the Cincinnati O - 8800 Beechmont Ave Class of 68 752-3240 ULMER'S SOHIO CLERMONT SPRINGS DAIRY DBA Joseph R. Ryan Free Pick-up 84 Delivery Cherrywove Complete Brake Work81Wheel Complete Carry Out 638g22g?:qnSOad HANDY PANTRY MT. WASHINGTON BARBER sHoP Beverages ofall Kinds Fourgarbers 6135 corbiy Rd. 7164 Beechmont Avenue 231-5671 231-9890 INSURANCE AccouNT sPEciAi.isTs Compnmems Of: John H. Richards LA DECOR Arms Hotel Lobby Cinti., Ohio 5308 Clough pike 281-4431 45206 Congratulations Class Of 1968 1968 ANDERSONIAN STAFF Patti Riley Peggy Specht Jill Melvin Nancy Meyer Jacquelyn Neligan John Nuetzel Robin Reiman W Student Council The fastest cmd The mosfesf of the bestest GOLDEN POINT 7825 BEECHMONT Forestvi I Ie 231-2490 , ff , THE MELVIN DECORATING CENTER Complete Line of Dutch Boy Paints and Wallpaper 7181 Beecnmont Ave. Cincinnati, O. 45230 232-0405 THE EATIN' TREAT THAT CAN'T BE BEAT FRISCH'S BIG BOY 7706 Beechmonl Avenue 231-6500 People Like to Shop at CENTRAL TRUST Anderson Township Office Assistant Cashier-Manager Rodger Williams Telephone 231-3333 Autographs 1 x

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