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gif ,Q , A Y J .1 ll-wgfgf x M mf --A 4' 'zfwjw gm AE' K" M 1 ...,...-ua-. THE ANDERSONIAN of the ANDERSON TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL CINCINNATI 30, OHIO P bl hed by voLuME xxvn SENIOR CLASS OF 1956 Editors: Adviser: Borbcro Jecm Officer Kcuren Lee Schorringhcfusen Vero Mme Nash GREAT DAKS FROM LITTLE ACORNS GROW , ww MIJV' , H Vxxr 1M,m.iQm,MmN:g?Qig2 lmxx Qin Vwwy 1 I f I I VV F if l ,J f'X E wj l f. '39 2 E 1 MQ-Ng C , VV I '- p , YS . wg , uw, R ,i , - , W' " n . " 1 - ' , :S ' ,fi - ' . --N., , -Q 1 P? ' f ' 1 -ai 1' 1 f I n 41.51, ' -, . 21 , 1 ,L it ' . 3 i il AK. -wi WY vim , Lx L.V 2 f fi g f V , i- Yf1A ff ? a s l , s izzy. s lQ 4 1 ivi i by ,1,Ai. g,, i, ,L . DEDICATION Growing is a part of our American heritage. From the founding of our first colony our country began to develop. Each individual began to realize his rights as a citizen and the responsibility of each to use his potentialities in the right way. As the colonists grew in understanding, they began to de- velop concepts of honor, loyalty, brotherhood, de- pendability, integrity, and sportsmanship-the basic principles upon which successful lives are built. These qualities have grown with the passing of the years. Today, in this era of progress, we lcnow we must strengthen these concepts and put them into active practice in our everyday lives. We, the graduating class of l956, through the years have shared with others the advantages of having associated with conscientious students and with an understanding faculty who together have given us the opportunity of growing in wisdom and stature. Therefore, to those who have already shared these experiences and to those who are yet to enjoy them, the members of the Class of 1956 dedicate this Andersonian. TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication .. Administration Faculty ..... Underclassmen Seniors .... Activities . . Advertising . BOARD OF EDUCATION HERSCHEL D. WEST Executive Head WILLIAM M. JUDD CLARENCE W. BELL, JR. EDWARD B. WRIGHT President MILDRED FIGGINS Secretary Vice-President Member EDUCATION FOR DEMOCRACY IN A FREE SOCIETY Democracy will be saved in America by the in- fluence of the free public schools. The importance of free public education has been recognized since the founding of our nation. As our society becomes more complex, the education of the individual as- sumes greater responsibility, not only to himself, but to society as a whole. As society becomes more com- plex, and as education assumes greater responsibil- ities, the process of education encompasses the activ- ities of a more competitive, complex life. Today a fair mastery of the three R's is not sufficient, that and will a lot more compose the minimum essentials that enable an individual to make any significant contribution for himself and his fellowmen. The public schools of America are our only effective laboratory for training in the American way of life. The good school is lust that, a laboratory for demo- cratic training. There was a time when our schools prepared for democracy. Today our schools are democracy in action. ln addition to the three l2's, today's schools accept the responsibility to develop the understanding, attitude and the behavior needed for effective participation in the various communities of men. The student's first experience in group living is the family. Next is the school. The good teacher will constantly make use of home training and will provide the opportunities for participation in the more complex community, the school, and at the same time, help pupils interpret their school experi- ences in the light of the larger communities of which their school is a part. Teaching the academic will maintain its important role, but we should remember there are academic areas of learning today that were considered extra- curricular a short time ago. We, therefore, must be alert to keep our training in democratic living abreast of the current educational needs of young people. These things we do at Anderson. K DAVID PUSACK LOUIS W. GRAF, JR. MADELINE LIEBERMAN Member Member Clerk To the Seniors: One ot the memorable occasions in your lifetime is novv at hand. You are about to reap the harvest vvhich you have sown over a period ot the last Twelve years, This is indeed a time for sober reflection. Education is a never-endingprocess. Ivlan prog- resses because he is constantly struggling to improve his lot. Self-satisfaction stitles progress. In the Hnal analysis, your success in lite will be measured by your ability to reap enjoyment and satisfaction in what you do. Gracious living comes from the peace ot mind that results in the knowledge of a job well done. Would that you might adopt the philosophy of a noted educator who said, "Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory tor humanity." E. Wayne Titus Q LJ 4354, E. WAYNE TITUS Principal MARTHA E. SILVER Secretary MR. CHARLES L. BROWN Miami University, B.S. MISS VERA M. NASH O h io Wesleyan University, University of Cincinnati, M. B.A., Ed., University of Kentucky, School of Library Science. MR. ROBERT KEPLINGER University of Dayton, B.S., X University, M.A. MRS. MARY H. STRUKE Miami University, B.S. MR. FRANCIS R. GILMORE avier Wilmington College, B.A., B.S., Miami University, M.A. MRS. MARGUERITE WERNER Thiel College, B.S. MISS HELEN MERZ MR. KENNETH CHRISTY MRS. PAULINE MINDER Hanover College, B.A. Ohio University, B.A, f fig, 5- .. fit, 2, Ohio University, B.A., M.S, MR. GLENN FUGATE University ot Cincinnati, B.S MRS. CONSTANCE ADES College of Wooster, B.A, University of Cincinnati, M.A. MR. RICHARD C. GOUKER Ohio State University, B.S. MISS JEAN SHOPE Wilmington College, B.S. MR. ROY TUCKER Ohio State University, B.S. MRS. RUTH KERSHNER University ot Cincinnati, B.A. MRS. MARIAN WRIGHT Ohio University, B.S. MISS GRACE HARTZEL h, University of Cincinnati, B.A.A., B.S., Cincinnati Art Academy MR. RICHARD WESP University of Cincinnati, lege of Music. MR. VIRGIL H. WILSON University of Cincinnati, lege of Music, B.M. ONE MINUTE 'TIL 8:00 A. M. LATE AGAIN! FURTHER DELAY ANTICIPATING THE CALORIES STUDENT LIBRARIANS STUDYING HARD WHAT NEXT? GOING HOME SO GROWS THE DAY. . 10 INDERCLASSMEN Absher Alsip Bauman Behymer S. Boyd Bridges Brno Brockschmidf Bybee Cardone Chaney Chapman Crapsey Crowthers Cunningham Curnoyn Draper Dudley Elder Eubanks Forg Fouch Gear Gerhard? ' Good Gragg Greer Hampton Havelin Hen ke Herget Hodge Jay Johnson Johnsfon Jones M. Keller P. Keller Kendall Kirby Lawson Loafing Ludlow McClure Benneif Borgel F. Boyd Bromer Burns Buschur Clark Coleman Corken Davidson Denges Doggeite Fahrlender Fitzpatrick Foley Gilkerson Gollahon Gomien J. Hannon S. Hannon Harf Hoffman Hornsby lnlow Judge Jusfes Justice Klein Kokoefer Kroeger Mclilhaney McGill Meeker r R . A eier on gomer .' ' Mme' M0f9'Gf' - gf. Milliken Obermeyer s- . " ' ' --L , . 9 if 2 A + f: 'gas A , , as A." ". , . rfe'f.f'JQ.Q V ' ,z-1 f'-mpzfg f' . . f , I , ..,, , ii-ii.. , K E 6, , ,.. - - Orick Pinkvoss ' ,L I ,V Osborn Pirmon V L, 'ff- . i fevf l z- :rw - R f Owen Poffnef . s' - L I 1 f ' 2? . H i "" JW' A z Hs. L K -1: my -A W. we --W .is .eff-rewlwm were Team. w wf v, ,- -f-' sf 1, 5" hY"- 'HE-Q25 " " "W V Redmond Ross , H V- ,,,, L ,..,gm,,gu ,, L.-, r ,,-L, - , - M - ' , D. Richards Russell ff A 1 fr 1 " M 7 1. Q if v ' - , r i 'P S. Richards Ryoll I ,, LM ' EST? X "' , if ""- fi ffl V f v--,- x.. " 1 iggepfi' ' - ' ,,,. ' ' ' ' , '51, 1 F 'f - " L a. L5 . H ' :, R on Scar ent .. ., .,.. . Sulfers Swrborough 1 1 . L e gwfifsis isiii L .. A ., H. r..7 25.- I W, It r ue: , ..,, I k.V Sondlin Sfhfeszler Q . r i J ' . 1 - . , ' a,. .1 ' , Z , L' ' ' 5 . 'X ,z u 1 ffqraflmia w i..:,, +l15igSiiEWs? 5l3f?"igW Eswrgsgimziif i U sw womwil ww we-V rf ws- W gfwlfggef e m 'fsfzggriff " ' 3 1 w f- f .1 ,,'. 1 iff- so Schifrin Schmiff W -. lf: K. Schmid? Schwab - 13 A f 4 Schmid' 5ChWU"fZ L 4-"" 13" ? e i 'ii-f 7 122, " 191525 ' ' -- ' Q 'E w e We " .. ' M -' T V"' J . fi',fs,. 927- fl,-fi f .z . .. K ',-fh W f , .,,. . K 4 I-Q L i f' T7 .1 H .. 113 ' 1' -5 ' 'ifi aa -".:Q je, -"- Us -vi'-'il u ,:..isf,ara a2e3?9 'fE V efe1:t?V 1fS. g:e1S7f 'kw1iY S Sh r St k b rr + A -",- ' ' . H U P GH Of - of .- , ,. .1 --.. ,, .fs siww-f ,X 5l1ePG"d 5l0Ub ' -. " ". W i SLI r s"' Stevens Thomas i ' -V-- - 1 ' -, 1 Smeg Todd Theurer J. Tucker r . H. "" , , ','. ml- 1:31 1 Emiwe S ., f1ff9 9.i,,Q -M V " n u ..... K -- . A V. Tucker Von Comp -' "' "" - f i 4 1-1 . e f., V ,. , rr-ff-ef-.. '.,, .m ve . -- frm: -- -mv ' M-21 :A-1: seal...-11:51 Turner Wogers , 1 Underwood E- Wofford . .. ' 5 sr ' , "' fi i'fQ:?5i 1 Vf e.1r2f""n - Q, wi ue. W1 ne g, -ff' ei fi , . ,. 1' 'fffzgr ie gf ,'., 1 if . K 'L"k ',ffT5f:3w I "" i -. L ' ' 22 -I K' Woffofd Wes' ' f - r Weaver White I 5 -.1.e ' e' 'ggms ' i ' i W' f " r- ,, ww .,., FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED: Dance Deavers Draper Glcizer Howe I3 Wilhoit Wilmink Winkelboch Wolfongel Worth Wykoff Yczzell York K' .im w w ew,- V- T F' , - V--2, 2 .. , .Q , ,r ,gsm if 'meg Ag My fm ,, Yu. w w" - 'fe in 'ff' V f , r. H., .D HF Q JE 5 W., Q Z X H 'Glas Q I -4' l -H an A5 ir E 5 r' , Q fi Q, ' E2 4 f 2 f' we 'Q 'P ff T ,M , Q in 3 . 1 1 ef Q ff, N , si M Alia f ii K sw W My Ii x ' he ' E A Q F 1 'is ,y fn 1. if 2 Q' wk N ,L sf af f 2 38 ,S Q. er l is LM .5 , 1 ., D, ,,, 2,5 2. , ei 1 if 14 f e ,cg ,G A gg, , , ,, s V 6, ,B re , 1 ,. 5 A fi P ,ll sg 'fl' ' X Y l if S 2 we is 4' ' X -if ia" ' J W g, f AL. - num. ' I . if-S L if in ,, . pq.. . .I-,,. QW, M1 15 if ,f ,,:-le ,,, , if s 1 ,-4 ,. iwr5?'ei,'i" .- :Wig in , f L2 ' ' 3fVf,i Mi L. Effie ' i f r-- sr asf. 7 aw, fins e..g,.i ff +4 ,Q ,g E My 'ifzw' Q 'Q ,, ,iegrj qw: f JE J, Di fsg iw.-Q1 --f ,gr 'Qjn 2 5 ago W 7 gg Yi' r' A 3 3:3 f L fe w' 1 A, rw gli -- -'awe N WW 1fjgii's..ixe, .-f,. - '-"2'fn. Eli" W N35 5: Ml, le ld. W. 5 s Be f.f1gvws'g , M v s! flew rliwiiii if W' L l SOPHOMORES . . 1 D m' 2 ' 'ta M: V ,::.' ,g. , 5fEx ..,.. ,3 is I feQ55siffg f,' , 'fx' ,riff ,, H H 8'?s?fAf2:sz,f3:'1.., in '11 1:-:1:f:1azsH'J14 '--. .N , - 'FY f :Q : s' ff, :Z -- " Q V s -gp? if 5 " Y" H iamfgmfww fw ,fails .. ...W . , V ,mas ' x,.. A 1?-rix.,-yiiviili1l15,l?L:, U mt 2 .. 'su Z: 'M 3252 fi"'5i? f:'::3" - er 5? 4.- aaig wx lx, 322 K 5 S 3 W , fs 3 if . s Q fig 9 S1 PM 5253? 1252? vf -11. fs- f,,,'f.z,,Qez ' ,Q , , . ,.., aw, --f, .www ss? in fi E, .JN K 1 X 6 Q. '11 , 25 ,i-35,4 K K, 4 L DQ sig + 1 :gf .mf - . ,Z ,S wwf, 3 I V: My '51 E lla, ,zen ,- K -1 e ff 2 ,xi in-,.. ,. YM? , 1 1 V. .. ,, of it fr in , I I Q, sl , g , JUN, ff f f 1 , -as . , R .. k U- . ifflfaz, .3 L i - H fzffgl flfaiw 5 1 5 ' Q. K -gas C -'Q :i , I Yisvfkw- I V-x ' - r' ."f:Y, ' s i'57EiiifQa ' T ' 5E,f'51,'l5- ze as- A' Q C .. ,,L., A ..WV,A ,M .,A,W .M . W, Officers: Jean Anderson, Secretciryp Mark Simonitsch, Treasurer, Tyrone Downs, Vice-President, William McKechnie, President, If "1 5' '15 1 X 'Q N 'f"'Mflf K - s--.f 1:MmWsf-,f:- N ea i is Y .1 ,,- if: 15533 fy i fglfi ,551 -hi 5 F awf 5 ' V Lei Q tiff' . A w e 3, " 3' .asks wil-1 ,. ,.., if fl " 5 M. .gggijki E- sf 5 R sl is tg 4 - 'S ,gig ,'f11ii15f5iE f if? 3 srr ss f has ,G ' r I ,,.,,.. , ,,L- .. BBW r 119 ww M-in E 252 rf 'tq1,. : g,L.fQ.g',':5t.' :ljjjf ,559 9- ': ji: ,f ': '-:fi z,.::',.- ' .t V .: , ill ' .- 1 V Q. 1 ' ' 7- C s as ..... r " C I S ' ' -' 512,51 f T3 Q. H 'L KL '-'12 . v- ,ai 5? Anderson Bell Bennett J. Brown N. Brown Burton Cole Combs Cox Ellerhorst Elliott England Glancy Good Graf Bettinger Blust Bowling Buschur Calhoun Chapman Curran Davis Downs Ernsberger Fansher Fisher Harris Hartmann Hatfield 3.-.-.-- Helton Hollerman Honaker Hudson lannelli Jackson .lustes King Kleinfeldt Maddux Mag ness Marcum Masterson Moyhall C. McDaniel Mullins Myres O'Dell Rusk Sanborn Schneider Simpson Sitler Sollberger Straub Stroup Symmes Waddell Whitlotch Williams NOT PICTURED: Hall Radeke Toren Hook Hopkins Howlett Hubert Jahnke Jay Johnson Johnson Langefeld Larick Lieberman Lyman Marksberry Martin Mason Massey F. McDaniel McKechnie Meyer Mulholland Parkins Rascov Reeves Richardson Schricker Schweitzer Shrimpton Simonitsch Speeg Steele Stephens Sterling Theler Topmiller Traurig Vance Williams Wissman Wittmeyer Wocher Wormus Wortman Wyder Young Zeisler ' r' , , ,X WM, W, .1 ?iZ???5f?r? ?5 WWi2?i? 2?'3??iQi?ff?3i5i?3E??fFf"f'?A 5"3f -Q ff ff- . w ,SWL ' " f, f- ---g :, - .zz in fe' - S X - is ini? ' " - ' 2-P2 ' z . 3525 .-" A . -' . r VJ ' ,,,E:,,, -T2 -: is - "- . ,. - ,r , -' kim' H .,, 1 --.V A 5,-V . I t . ... V . Q ,S 22: M6 kr S .s Z " ' " K X Q S , r bm! ,xv 3, 'NI' A Er 2 ef S '55 ' -warren v eggies fm,-if ' H fi ' - xg, - Eaegm ,igw -: . aww Y 19 gee S - -: if . w e - Li15525meixiws W' '-1 29: 155 ' S , ' . ' ' Q' ww -we ex 8:51 W as .. P 1 . sm :fs if k gs' fs 'f . 16" H - . szgw- - ,ge-gg-JL. -5- : J A A ff . :- X A .. 'S ' ' . , E Laing- -fgs:ggw3f ggiixs ' N.-3" -WT'-'I .. ,. 'Zak s I'.P,':1" I 'Sf -fi5ETz',?'i1sr. ., 155285 M ,,L an M , 53,56 l 1,-L -fi L A 1-if 'F 'L Ziff 1 rr 7 ' ki ' 'Q " ' fe' Qi? :S ' if 'lffr as ., ' mf: - .. ' .. sax? A ' I Za ' n ' waz Z, H . is sam - 'fisfg i-L1 ',: : g.?mV 2 fvmbsesr-2.,,--2i": vw' 2 51 52-" fr ,-fx 1 if-' -,': 'Ef,,:::::, df - --ns , ' ' ,su is rv few uffsvisf -. - 1' Er ' Sw 2' ' .nriifr . , - - Q. is iw -. was I .. V- rg J ' .7 .-,L-L. V , .fl H-'A -wif" 1' 122532 , 'I '15 L' L" ef Ms ' - 212' i g 'WH ' if' M H s i f' . '- ,-1 - -Sf 5 - .. ' ': . 7iffL: , fs -,f.A-:L ..,. L, . - . ' f - xlib ' A 'JW .. ' JUNIORS Colin Hornsby - Vice-President James Burns - President Carolyn Korb - Treasurer Agosrini E. Anderson J. Anderson Bateman Bellew Berger Brown Bullis Burnett Back Bardoff Blessing Brennan Burns Carr Officers: Eden Anderson - Secrefary 16 Clements Cole Crapsey L, Dixon Farmer Field Greer l-lausman Hayes lannelli Jackson Johnsfon Korb Kunfz Lloyd Miller Moore Mullen Quinlan Rine Ruff Sfeingrube Theirauf H. Underwood M. Word R. Ward Warford Wilson Wireman Wiftmeyer Wolff Daily Day Deck D. Dixon Foley Gaffney Gerlough Gilpin Hodge Hodges Hornsby Hundley Juilfs Kafka Kinney Kirby Lugar McFerron Mains Meyer L. Norris S. Norris Porkins Phillips Schieszler Sollberger Sparks Sfaub S. Underwood Wagers A. Walters R. Walfers Waffs Weffengel Wiebking Wilferf NOT PICTURED Kleffe McDonald Freshman Officers: Kay Yazell ...... William Worrh . Orson Hornsby . John Kirby . . . . . Secrefary - . . . . President . ..... Treasurer Vice-Presiclenf - -Y wwf" l 8 Senior Officers: Frank Wocher Carol Yazell . Mary Wiggins Ronald Hannon . . Presidenf -- .... Treasurer - - - . .... Secrefary Vice-Presidenf V I S' f J 'h . L , :Q A fit A 4 A Q if ' A ,f gina -, , ma... , SENIORS DONALD E. BURNES M. CAROLYN BUSCHUR ELIZABETH A. ARNOLD THOMAS J. AUXIER THOMAS D. BAKER JOAN E. BENNETT LOIS I. BRASELTON KATHLEEN J. BROWNE WILLIAM J. CANTER MARGARET A. CARSON IRIS A. CONLEY DOROTHY L. CURNAYN LAWRENCE L. DAUGHERTY ROBERT N. DICKSON LORNA J. DIECKMANN TED E. ELDRIDGE VIRGINIA L. CHANEY EUNICE E. CLARY ROBERT R. FAGIN RICHARD C. FAHRLENDER RICHARD K. FRIEDMAN MYRNA J. FROEHLICH BARBARA H. GARVEY JACK W. GLENSMAN DAVID A. GRAHAM L. JEAN GREGER PATRICIA D. HANDLEY .IANICE L. HANNAN RONALD E. HANNAN CHARLOTTE A. HARRIS DOROTHY L. HARTLEY CARL G. HARTMAN W 3 K gy . f 2. im: k .up A 3 J 1 . gf gp 5... ,w xii 2 'N 1 in JANET R. LAWSON JANICE A. MADDUX CHARLES A. HOLDER PHILIP V. HOPKINS E. DUDLEY HOWE ALICE M. JACKSON ROBERT P. JUSTICE WILLIAM R. KNABB JACK L. MARSHALL MEDFORD P. McCOY JUDITH E. MOSTELLER ALBERT W. MULHOLLAND SAMMIE JO MULLINS MYRNA R. MYRES BARBARA J. OFFICER DONALD W. OSBORN HENRY W. MEYER PATRICIA A. MILLER JACK W. PARKS GEORGIANNA RASCOV ELMER J. ROBBE NORMA J. RUSSELL ROBERT R. SAFFIN KAREN L. SCHARRINGHAUSEN JAMES J. SCHIFRIN JOAN C. SCHNEIDER PAUL G. SCHOENHARL , ,, 5 NOT PICTURED: RONALD STRAUB WANDA E. SUTTON ROBERT C. SHORT ELIZABETH K. SKOFF BEVERLY G. SMITH MARILYN A. STRIKER RICHARD M. TARVIN GLENN D. TUDOR CAROLE D. VETTER WILLIAM O. VONTZ DELBERT J. WADDELL NANCY M. WYKOFF CAROL L. YAZELL JOYCE L. WADDELL MARY E. WIGGINS FRANK W. WOCHER DANIEL F. WOLFANGEL MARILYN R. WORTMAN EDWARD B. WRIGHT JOHN D. YOUNG LOUIS E. ZIMMERS F w 5545 M, s I f S I f , 5 ins-.1 fs :iii Qi? ' ACTIVITIES STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the center of extracurricular activities, the coordinator of clubs and organizations. Through its representatives it seeks to improve student morale and to make Anderson one of the outstanding schools of Ohio. Activities sponsored by the Student Council include the Homecoming festivities, the lnterclub Christmas Dance, a volleyball game between the students and faculty, and ai series of special assembly programs. In order to encourage scholar- ship and to recognize qualities of leadership, the Council presents a one hundred dollar scholarship to an outstanding senior of the year. Membership on the Student Council affords an opportunity for exper- iencing the privileges and responsibilities of government through democratic processes. J Burns Vice President D Graham, President, K, Schorringhausen, Wright, C. Hornsby, L. Daugherty, W. McKechnie Q Warford W Secretary R Hannon Treasurer, B. Officer, C. Harris, K. Skoff, D. Worth, D. Clements, S. Calhoun. STANDING Plrman Van Camp J Kirby C Crowthers, A. Walters, D. Wolfangel, E. Schneider, G. Langefelal, F. Wocher, D. Howe E W Titus Adviser Division Ediiors. ROW ONE: J. Mosfeiler, L. Broselton, M. Wortmon. ROW TWO: B. Myres, P. Hondley, P. Hop- 'X 'EF' kins, D. Howe. 5 f .X W iw' 1 . fm., 'Q17 -.4 V ,.. my ' K 1, if , ..,f 5. 2.1 I , . gr- , ' .KKK Jw' -. .ff ,. 2 mm Lggx ,X rm mum uma x xuui Co-Ediiors. Edward Wright Chorlofie Harris LANTERN STAFF Reporfers. ROW ONE: J. Lowson, B. VVormus, P. Miller, B, England, Wolff, J. Burns, B. Cole, Q. Woi'for'd, C. O'DeIl, B. Officer C. Veifer, S, Underwood, J. Johnsion, J. Schneider. ROW TWO: J. Honncln, H. Merz, Adviser. Johnston, F. Brown, C. Korb, M. Doily, P. Kinney, J. Anderson, D. Co-Editors. Karen Scharringhausen Barbara Officer Adviser. Vera Mae Nash ANDERSONIAN STAFF Circulation Manager. Margaret Carson. Circulation Staff. ROW ONE: D. Howe, L. Zimmers R. Tarvin. ROW TWO: N. Wykoff, M. Myres, D. Curayn, J. England. ROW THREE: C. Vetter B. Smith, P. Miller, I. Conley, L. Braselton, J. Lawson. 32 s-x Ari Edifor. Philip Hopkins Business Manager. Judith Mosfeller .4 Division Editors. Somrnie Jo Mullins Corol Buschur Sports Editor. Joon Schneider Junior Editors. Carolyn Korb, Mory Dolly, Pcrtricio Kinney, AdVer'fiSing Monuger. Elizobeih Arnold. Eden Anderson. Advertising Stuff. David Grohom, Katherine Skoii, Joyce Waddell, Richard Torvin, Ronald Honnon, Borboro Garvey. 33 R ,f 4 mguf , fm, .-W V,,, ,, K , , , uu ,,.. '- ' mv- f. , f f Wi , ir I , Mk X ,, K ' -" v --n' : i' ::"' hM,Qf3i?F'?55'Z' ' V... , ,,5fgi,5,, W. .A ,f. W ' K z nf ,, 1 if ,,-. J? -. A R ff .1 is ev , M Y a Si ,law 1 1 E gf. .. it ,wfwww .. , wpffasz?-:rs .rv -Vx ,,JL,?,,a,m,,LJa 353' Taz, Liisfvwfez A Kai V ff -1 f.mww:f- 'L 2 Al. iw 2 55 61525 fi. '-.Mx N H . . 5, , 3 . V ,yIg ? ,,: 1-1: - -:fz1,327zgF1w fm gr, AF 95' ili- it -rm---rm-est s ""4"f-of-.,,,,f'i Y , "Has Mom gone yet?" ek 1' ,jgyv "Oh, Mother, look ot Dcxddyfs feet l " "l'll tell you whcnt iT's cnloout, Mr. Mc1yor!" ll "Hove some I " Junior Class Play CLEMENTINE Cost Clementine ... ... Mrs. Kelly .... Mr. Kelly . Kothy .... l-loink . . . Pete .... Tubby .... Jone Ann ., Abe ..... Bertho ........... Ann McNeil .....,... Miss Prunelloi Pringle ... Director . .......... . . . . Corolyn Korb . Eden Anderson Joseph Schieszler . . . .. Joyce Kirby ... Burnhom Foley . Lyndon Former Richard Wolters ....... Joyce Miller Quentin Wortord Joyce Anderson ... Arlene Lloyd .... Mory Doily . Mcxry H. Stroke Ifxs-' "You're all under suspicion. "We'll make tinal arrangements tor the pageant." Senior Class Pl'-'JY EE' EEI l 2 ll S 2 2 . ' PHANTOM OF THE HIGH SCHOOL " me J' i i J-is is 1 . ,, . i-'i 5 'gf Mindy Carol Buschur 5 il W 'zxi Rick .... .... J ohn Young I is f P Julie ... .,... Patricia Miller ' f 3, Alan .... ... Daniel Woltangel X X Randolph .. .. Medford McCoy Betty .... . . . Lorna Dieckmann l Nina ... .. Elizabeth Wiggins Sue ..... . . Elizabeth Arnold Chuck ..... ..... R obert Sattin Miss Harker . . . . . . Margaret Carson Miss Winslow . . . .... Janet Lawson Mr. Gibney .... David Graham Miss Benson .. Joan Schneider Evelyn Cole ... ... Judith Mosteller Lanny ......... ..... D udley Howe Marty Redmond .. ....... Richard Tarvin Norma Jcmewgy ' . I ' . Josephine Englcmd "Time in the public stocks for being clean shaven without a shaving permit." Sgt. Madrigan .. ..... Carl Hartman Director ...... ....... . . . Vera M. Nash HJUS1 like On Television I " l lla.. , eZL?li2id25idi?iSf5i5f'iii?'ii:359-.,.'l'k'5 W''ew.i.l gf 5522 lsiitllif 1252311 Thi? M8'iHIVfiiiQiK?"W4iL1P12EMiialESQ??fiQESwiEiE K if "lt I'm bad, will you keep me after school?" 5 Piccolo Medford McCoy' Flutes Susan Ernsberg Charme Graf Sue Norris II Kay Lieberman Oboes Barbara Elliott Nancy Mason Bassoon Donald Perry Clarinets Ted Borgel I Joyce Simpson er! Bass Alto Janet Tucker Diane Topmiller II Lucille Sharp Richard Wykoff Robert Young Carol Schlotterbeck III Joan Wolfangel Sandra Nichols Karen Van Gorkom Pauline Keller Clorinets Henry Crowthers Shirley Hannon Saxophones Clifford Hausman I Jerry Chapman Charles Richardson II Shirley Kunz Director. Virgil H. Wilson Tenor Saxophone William Wocher Baritone Saxophone Tyrone Downs Trumpets David Grahamf I Robert Parkins Richard Holmes II Carl Hartman' Gerald Salters III Keith Pape Peter Wettstein French Horns Jeanette Gerlaugh I Dorothy Buschur II Peggy Carsoni III Richard Stevens IV Trombones Joyce Kirby I Jerry Todd William Nolan II Cari Crowthers Richard Berkmyer I Il Robert Kelly Baritones Carol Buschur' I Jerry Silver CoIin Hornsby Sousaphones Mary Daily I Mark Simonitsch Edward Proske Officers. K. Scharringhausen, President, C. Buschur, Secretary-Treasurery J. Kirby, Vice-President: J. Johnston, Librarian. Bass Drum Charlotte Gragg Cymbals Janet Johnston Snare Drums Jack Chapman l Emma Justes Barry Schmitt Andrew Walters Tympani Karen Scharringhausen' BAND Squad Leaders. M. McCoy, B. Schmitt, K. Scharringhausen, J. John Glockenspriel ston, M. Carson. Donna Borgel fkyseniors Drum Maior, B. Schmitt, Maicrettes, J. Johnston, M. Carson, Head, J. Wolf angel, S. Kunz. Color Guards. P. Miller, B. Officer, Norris. L. '35 39 Saxophone Ensemble. C. Housmon, C, Richardson, T. Downs, W. Woclwer. CONTEST WINNERS O.M.E.A. CONTEST March 10, 1956 Chcwrme Graf Drum Ensemble. K, Schcxrringlmousen, B. Schmitt, J. Chapman, E. Jusfes, C. Gregg. l Carol Buschul Trombone Quorfef. R. Berkmyer, J. Todd, W. Nolan, J, Kirby. Suson Ernsbergcr 'lll Diane Topmiller Karen Scharringhausen Murimba Soloist Barbara Elliott Clarinet Quartet. T. Borgel, L. Sharp, J. Simpson, D. Topmiller. Trumpet Trio. D. Graham, R. Parkins, D. Holmes. Brass Ensemble. D. Graham, R. Parkins, J. Gerlaugh, J. Kirby, C. Buschur, M. Daily. -ll ROW ONE: D. Weaver, J. Johnston, M. Wiggins, C. Brock- M. Carson, N. Mason, L. Staub, J. Miller, D. Topmiller, D. Orick schmidt, P. Bellew, M. West, C. Sitler, K. Browne, l. Conley, R. Schmitt, W. Wocher, R. Stiles, M. Schwab, T. Meier, R. Han W. Sutton, V. Chaney, ROW TWO: B. Garvey, J. Johnston, nan, D. Howe, ROW FOUR: L. Dieckmann, J. Kirby, P. Miller L- AQOSTNWF, M- BGTSYUUH- N- BVOWIM VV- VVOVTIM R- BU5Cl'1U", R. Parlcins, R. Hoffman, O. Hornsby, F. Partner F, Wocher J, Kroeger, l.. Curran, F. Hopkins, B, Winkelbach, ROW THREE: C, Hornsby, J, Young, D, Good, R, Cardane, Director. Richard W. Wesp Chorus Assembly Program 42 ROW ONE: M. Daily, B. Cole, N. Mayhall? ROW TWO: K. Scharringhausen, D. Wissman, C. Buschur: ROW THREE: K. Yazell, V. Milli- kin, F. Brown, ROW FOUR: C. Graf, S. John- son,, C. O'Dell, J. Williams. s The school ecard? 5-5, saw the Anderson chorus oppearin iii' Qf1ir1'i3ifi?l1O1'y outstanding per- formance z Cohen the s oogvvas honored by the vo i grqftiiifafsigiifiipeior-riilnc ot the South- western Ohi i rs! meeting. Both at Thanksgivin -- rgoniza- tion pertor i ed on telgisionfn in obistancling combined profit om high- i ted the Christ sgg son. n the ear 'Qi' ...... . .......... , 'Y spring S. M. E. A. Contest 6- V AV., and received E li.: ., M '-V- . C T an yew? gzz Ing oncer in Apiglal another " and band ro i completed P H . . ci yigfilled to capac. -i-2ti ork, fun, and .- 7. 9 'N-. Chorus Officers. P. Miller, Vice-President, D. Howe, President, C. Hornsby Treasurerf J. Miller, Librarianp M. Wiggins, Secretary. VOCAL MUSIC Accompanists. M. Daily, K. Scharringhausen. 43 1 I ' Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. OUR SHELTERING LEAVES Earl D. Arnold G. G. Auxier Nelson Bennett Wilbur R. Braselton J. E. Browne Ray Burnes, Richard G. Buschur Clarence P. Canter Wellman Carson J. O. Clary James V. Conley Francis L. Cooper Emmet Curnayn James Daugherty Robert Dieckmann Polk J. Eldridge Walter A. Emmert Mrs. Esther England Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Fagin Richard E. Fahrlender J. Friedman H. C. Garvey J. F. Glensman James T. Golden, Jr. Floyd A. Graham Richard G. Greger Raymond M. Handley Edward M. Hannan Robert J. Hannan Homer F. Harris Carl W. Hartman George Joseph Heinzelman Charles Holder William F. Holle Oscar V. Hopkins Edward Hosmer Edward V. Howe Senior Banquet March 14, 1956 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie C. Jackson Stephen Justice William Knabb James A. Lawson Russell Maddux H. Meyer, Sr. L. Miller Clarence J. Mosteller Albert Mulholland Clyde B. Mullins J. C. Myres Ollie M. Officer Wilbur Osborn J. W. Parks Anthony J. Rascov William C. Sattin Fred Scharringhausen Harry Schneider George Schoenharl Harold C. Short Rudolph Skott Robert George Smith Charles Striker Mrs. Vina Sutton Mrs. Ruth Vetter Mr. and Mrs Oscar Vontz Mr. and Mrs: Carl Waddell Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Waddell Frank Wocher Francis G. Woltangel Mrs. Corine Wood Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wortman Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Wykoff Mr. and Mrs. Harold Yazell Mr and Mrs. William L. Young Mr. ancl Mrs. Louis S. Zimmers Second Childhood Steady Boy! Merry me Devel . ,,. .fsmi . meme ffM--www. . .ff-f we few- Y, , SCHOLARSHIP KEYS POil'1TS Keys 36 . . . . . Bronze 72 . . . . Silver 108 , . ...... Gold 144 .. ........... Grand Gold l8O .. .... Grand Gold with Guard 1 9 , s lf 'iw':L' l5m?l Grand Gold Key. ROW ONE: J. Schneider, R. Emmerf, Grand Gold 38 with Guard, K. Scharringhausen, ROW TWO: S. Mullins, L. Zimmers, .I B. Officer, L. Broselfonp ROW THREE: J. Schifrin, D. Graham, J. Burns, A D. Wolff. Silver Key. ROW ONE: M. Corson, L. Dieckmun, C. Yazell Gold Key. ROW ONE: J. Lawson, M. Worfman, C. Buschur, ROW K. Skoff, ROW TWO: P. Kinney, P. Hopkins, J. Glensman, N TWO: C. Hartman, C. Cole, E. Anderson: ROW THREE: J. Scheisz- Mason, C O'Dell: ROW THREE: E. Arnold, J. Hannon, C. Korb ler, C. Harris, J. Kirby. C. Massey. Bronze Key. ROW ONE: I. Conley, C. Veffer, J. Gaffney, B. Cole, ROW TWO: B. Wormus, J. Anderson, D. Topmiller, C. McDoniel, J. Sfaub, M. Mullins, R. Gilpin, B. Elliotff ROW THREE: R. lannelli, J. Johnsfon, D. Wolfangel, S. Norris, V. Carr, G, Rascov, W. McKechnie, J. Anderson, V. Sfeingrube. 46 ROW ONE: S. Ryall, English I, C., Korb, English Ill, J. Anderson, Latin II, C, McDaniel, World History, E. Anderson, Algebra II, P Kinney, American History, C. O'DeII, Plane Geometry, N. Coleman, Spanish I, C. Buschur, English IV, ROW TWO: J. Schneider, English IV, D. Topmiller, English ll, W. Worth, Spanish I, F. Curnayn, Algebra l, J. Schieszler, American History, R. Jahnke, Biology, J. MIAMI SCHOLARSHIP TEAM Sancllin, Latin l, K. Ross, Latin I, J. Waddell, Latin ll, ROW THREE G. Elder, General Science, W. McKechnie, English ll, R. Cardone English I, Q. Warlord, English lll, J. Burns, Algebra ll, J. Schifrin Bookkeeping, B. Foley, Chemistry, R. Sollberger, Biology, R. Emmert Physics, G. Salters, General Science. ROW ONE: B. Burnett, C. McDaniel, Secretary, C. Korb, President, M. Myres, Vice-President C. Ades, Adviser, ROW TWO: P. Reeves, C. Combs, B. Hartmann, J. Waddell, N. Russell, M. Daily, K. Scharringhausen, E. Anderson, J. Lawson, J. Hollerman, ROW THREE: E. Arnold, A. Lloyd, D. Howlett, Q. Warlord, P. Kinney, M. Mullins. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA 1 1 Changing class. W if fi i ' i f i f ,- L i. : . 1, fewwgiwff , i i .WP GNU QQMEMRQQQT , ,:g, ei W W5 i Q mi iisifiii in 'Q --Q' I 3 , W ':'x if?i'A'f'w'-'N-fi-QffQ.,..,,.i., J fifiiijiiifg ii i 5 S Wxvmxv' , , 5 1 X X, Km uf Wi 532 32 2' is iii 5 W A . , 3 ma, if 5' M we x Y K: iw e W 4 55? A . 'Hr' 2 iii 1 f B if if ,. mm ,L KHWQ PUT the line here. Hove Rcisfus cmcl Kingfish lost weight? iv- Diophrcxgm movement Best period of the doy. HGHOW-'2'ef1 i -an es 5 J Row One: W. Stevens, P. Parkins, S. Norris, J. Gerlaugh, M. Magness, P. Miller, L. Braselton, C. Harris, L. Dieckmann, J Shope, Adviser, Row Two: J. Bennett, B. Smith, D. Dixon, P. Bellew, C. Sanborn, J. Hudson, M. Wortman, J. Miller, B. Gar- vey, J. Lawson, J. England, Row Three: C. Combs, N. Stroup J. Brown, K. Lieberman, G. Jay, R. lannelli, J. Anderson, C. Graf, C. Sitler, D. Topmiller, C. McDaniel, Row N. Russell, L. Norris, K. Quinlan, P. Kinney, B. Waddell, B Cole, D. Wissman, V. Jackson, P. Handley, Wiggins, V. Chaney, Row Five: B. Brennan, J. Wyder, J. Back D. Wilson, J. Anderson, R. Gilpin, C. Wortman, M. Blust, B. Y-TEENS Our Song V If we can grow as simply As common blades of grass, ' Both tall and straight as trees grow to the sky, Then we can learn to know, To know and understand Ourselves and others-what we do and why. Four: J. Maddux, J. Hannan, M. 1 K... 4 ... .. Wormus, P. Reeves, J. Simpson, C. Mulholland, B. Steele, S. Straub, Row Six: N. Mason, S. Ernsberger, B. Elliott, N. Brown, L. Agostini, F. Brown, J. Williams, S. Meyer, W. Vance, J. Williams, B. Sparks, D. Curnoyn, l. Conley, P. Carson, Row Seven: B. Burnett, M. Crapsey, J. Johnston, R. Fansher, S. Ben- nett, E. Phillips, M. Froehlich, R. Kafka, S. Johnfon, G. Marcum, J. wgddeii, J. Mosfeller, c. Y.-11611, M. Mullinq Row Eight: J. Gaffney, S. Underwood, B. Officer, K, Scharringhausen, K. Skoff, M. Myres, C. Vetter, M. Bateman, B. Lugar, N. Wykoff, K. Browne, J. Hollerman, M. Striker. A Are striving now to build a better world. Peace and unity, Freedom and brotherhood, Those we have set to be our goal. lf we can grow in thinking As broad as all the earth, Make tasks at home enlarge our worldwide goal: Grow out of little dreams, Take all into our plans - Our country will loe loved from pole to pole. Chorus We, the younger generation, Officers Mullins . .. Treasurer Buschur .. Secretary Arnold ... ...... President Schneider .. ... Vice-President Shope ... .. ........ Adviser Klette . .. .. Worship Chairman Daily .. ... Music Chairman Kirby .. ....... Proiect Chairman Korb . . . . .. Inter-club Representative Anderson .. .. Inter-club Representative s 4 Mwsiwff' 4 ' -rig. 1' fri? ROW ONE: C, Harfman, J. Young, R. Tarvin, D. Wolfangel, D. Waddell, R. Dickson, A. Walters. ROW TWO: S. Calhoun, D. Wolff, W. Shrimpton, J. Speeg, V.Steingrube, W. Wetfengel, R. Fogin. ROW THREE: R. Buschur, R. Simms, R. Kleinfeldl, F. Theler, W. Mc- Kechnie, J. Parks, L. Daugherty, F. Gilmore, Adviser. HI-Y BIBLE CLUB was-f 50 Richard Kleinfeldl .... Sergeant-at-Arms Daniel Wolfangel--- ........ President Delbert Waddell--- -.---. Secretary William McKechnie ------ Vice-President Donald Schricker--- ------ Treasurer lnof picturedl Warren Wettengel--- ------ Chaplain lnof picfuredl SEATED: J. Hollerman, B. Harlman, M. Froehlich. STANDING: Q. Warford, C. Combs, C. Massey, M. Honacker, M. Mullins. PROJECTION CLUB SEATED: J. Young, M. Mogness, J. Kirby, C. Korb. STANDING: G. Fugole, Adviser, T. Morksberry, R. Emmerl, R. Good, M. McCoy, D. Wolfongel, R. Bell, J. Holfield, D. Waddell, KEY CLUB P. Hopkins, L. Hulaerl, F. Hopkins, D. Burton. ROW ONE: J. Cruse, Adviser, D. Howe, R. Sollberger, M. Simonilscl'1,J.Scl1ieszler, F. Hop kins, E. Wright. ROW TWO: R. Honnon, D. Graham, A. Wolters, M. McCoy, D. Mullen ROW THREE: D. Berger, J. Burns, R. Perkins, C. Cole, C. Hornsby, F. Wocher. ROW ONE: M. Wright, Adviser: P. Keller, S. Johnson, J. Wolfangel L. Braselton, C. Harris, L. Dieckmann, P. Alsip, P. Inlow, G. Good C. Buschur, ROW TWO: S. Hannan, D. Weaver, B. Winkelbach, R Schmidt, V. Milliken, C. Brockschmidt, J, Hollerman, J. Lawson, B England, J. Theurer, J. Gerhart, J. Weil, J. Jones, ROW THREE: J Simpson, C. Lawson, J. Gomein, D. Orick, S. Richards, C. Graf, D Topmiller, C. McDaniel, C. O'Dell, N. Mayhall, F. Hook, P. Loaring ROW FOUR: B. Wormus, C. Yazell, P. Carson, I. Conley, D. Curnayn B. Sparks, P. Handley, J, Hannan, J. Mosteller, J. Waddell, J. John ston, J. Crapsey, P. Absher, ROW FIVE: G. Marcum, V. Chaney, J Williams, N. Wykoff, K. Browne, S. Johnson, R. Kafka, P. Reeves C. Korb, B. Herget, M. Underwood. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION I V' .. 535 Officers. ROW ONE: Dorothy Wissman, Outing Chairman, Joan Schneider, Vice-President, Barbara Officer, Treasurer, ROW TWO: Fay Brown, Program Chairman, Kay Skoff, President, CNot Pictured? Elizabeth Arnold, Recording nyyk 1 .,,,, V Secretary: Eden Anderson, Corresponding Secretary. I K .-- .2 MM i-i.. I af 1: ... Wa.. . X . l 3 iff s g fley vvlff We - Fa, F ff' ..,.. W7 Sms,'?FQ .HZSKSSH r Q.. di JA- -... ROW ONE: R. Fansher, S. Benneii, J. Maddux, B. Smith, M. Froeh- lich, J. Benneir, M. Daily, J. Gerlaugh, M. Magness, P. Miller: ROW TWO: E. Jusies, L. Sharp, J. Osborn, J. Ludlow, J. Kirby, V. Jack- son, S. Underwood, M. Crapsey, B. Burnett, M. Worfman, B. Garvey: ROW THREE: C. Gragg, S. Pirman, C. Wilmink, K. Ross, D. Hartley, L, Hodge, M. Myres, C. Vetter, G. Jay, C. Mulholland, R. lanelli, J, Anderson, ROW FOUR: C. Davidson, S. Corlcen, W. Vance, S Meyer, K. Lieberman, L. Agosfini, B. Brennan, J, Sfaub, L. Norris K. Quinlan, P. Kinney, B. Waddell, B. Cole: ROW FIVE: J. Judge M. Bateman, B. Lugor, B. Ellioii, J. Brown, S, Ernsberger, N. Mason J. Wyder, J. Back, D. Wilson, J. Anderson, R. Gilpin, C. Woriman M. Blusf. ..V: 1 ,xjsfy J . if Jump!! Watch oui below 1 Spike ll l -, , W' ' - s22s'f21w 1 1 VARSITY CLUB ROW ONE: J. Cruse, G. Fugoie, C. Brown, R Keplinger, Advisers. ROW TWO: R. Kleinfeldf, W. McKechnie, F. Wocher, J. Parks, W, Vontz, R Hannon, T. Boker, D. Osborn. ROW THREE: R 54 Torvin, J. Burns, C. Cole, R. Wclfers. ROW FOUR. D. Howe, J. Young, D. Graham, G. Tudor. ROW FIVE: P. Hopkins, E. Wright, C. Hornsby, R. Word. ROW SIX: D. Berger, R. Sollberger, T. Auxier. Brownie flips the switch. OUR DREAMS GROW BRIGHT On September 23, l955, the big lights on Anderson's athletic field were dedicated for community use. Thus "Brownie's" dream of many years was realized. The successful completion of the project was due to the combined efforts of the Anderson Township Boosters' Club, alumni of the school, and citizens of the community who generously contributed both financial assistance and technical skill that Ander- son's might be the best lighted high school athletic field in the state. We can see them now! 55 an .f fi' i " X. Coach Fug are Glenn Tudor Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson FOOTBALL Purcell Reserves Sycamore Harrison Terrace Park Loveland Indian Hill MT. Healthy Colerain Taylor Mchlicholos Ronald Hannan Cheerleaders. J. England D. Wissman V. Chaney J. Johnston E. Arnold lnof picluredl 6 25 26 13 13 l8 7 20 32 20 Couch Keplinger David Graham 56 nam. , I 1 1 , .F -9 in 'r 'T - l xr, eff l , . -3 Cl . . gre L? .. 49 38 ROW ONE: R. Justice, Halfback, R. Tarvin, Center, T. Auxier, End, Ward, Guard, R. Short, Tackle, R. Good, Manager ROW THREE R. Hannon, Quarterback, T. Eldridge, Guard, D. Graham, End, J. T. Scarborough, Halfback, D. Lyman, Guard, R. Schneider Guard Young, Quarterback, D. Osborn, Halfback, E. Phillips, Manager, R. King, Tackle, C. Hornsby, Tackle, T. Borgel, Center R Jackson ROW TWO: R. Symmes, Halfback, J. Greer, End, R. Bardoff, Tackle, End, R. Sollberger, Guard, J. Burns, Fullback, G. Tudor End J. Day, Tackle, R. Kleinfeldt, Halfback, H. Underwood, End, R. Ted Eldridge Thomas Auxier Richard Tarvin li 57 at in Reserve Team. ROW ONE: P. Bromer, J. Chapman, W. Henke, R. Wykoff, G. Miller, J. Sandlin, J. Bauman. ROW TWO: W, Bridges, F. Curnayn, R. Pinkvoss, J. Doggette, T. Borgel, D. Forg, R. Stiles, P. Elder. ROW THREE: T. Scarborough, Hey, quit shoving! A. Hart, J. Eubanks, C. Crowthers, B. Schmitt, T. Fouch, J. Kirby, M. Schwab. Pile up. Donald Osborn Robert Short Robert Justice John Young 5 8 u r Junior Class-Flrsl Place Freshman Class Touchdown! Senior Class HOMECOMING-1955 ANDERSON vs. COLERAIN Queen Pal and Courf: J. Judge, S. Underwood, J. Hannan, D. Wissman, K. Ross, E. Anderson, C. Mulholland. ff:-F! Captain Ron and Queen Pal High Chorus G.A.A. X 'S-. KNS' E-.. MMG, H ASWKE ' 1 E' S Li Varsity Club 'X' . V 1 mg . H i-Y Y-Teens ' H L, i is Varsity Cheerleaders J England D Wussmon V Chaney E Arnold J Johnston Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson CQCqpfqm5, Reserve Cheerleaders J Judge J Lawson N Brown James Burns Carl Cole Burns 0101 PCTUf9dl J. Cruse, COACH. ROW ONE: J. Schweitzer, Manager, C. Hornsby, Forward, D. Clements, Guard, R. Walters, Guard, W. Helton, Center, R. Ward, Guard, J. Burns, Guard, D. Schriclcer, Manager. ROW TWO: VV. Rine, Center, C. Cole, Forward, S. Calhoun, Forward, G. Tudor, Forward, D. Berger, Forward, E. Robbe, Guard. VARSITY BASKETBALL Southwest District Class A Tournament Anderson IO5 Mt. Healthy 58 Anderson 92 Norwood 7I Anderson 75 St. Xavier 78 Jim, Elmer, Don, Carl, and Bill HAMILTON COUNTY LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP 1956 Yfissilsf' f 'Y.5lf . W. 1 : NE: 'Eg sszwizf -Q 'Lf lf - ' Q21 A -,,::f' 1 . 4.75.3 . ggylzi' gwgshgg The final word. Q 5 RESERVE BASKETBALL COACH, A. F. Gilvin. ROW ONE: J. Chapman, W. Mcliechnie, R. Masterson, F, Partner, W. Worth, T. Thomas, R. Jackson, R. Kleinfeldt. ROW TWO: R, Stiles, C. York, W. Shepard, M. Keller, O. Hornsby, J. Kirby, C. Crowthers, R. Cardone, F. England. MTBE' J 1 ,E ,X Q 5, Ym ff, 1 '31 ERB 1 R J T r . ,M ROW ONE D Osborn R Masrerson D Graham J Burns C Cole doff R Bell J Kirby R. Ward L Jusfes Manager ROW THREE R Walfers J Parks C Brown Coach ROW TWO J Schweitzer R Sollberger R Young F. Wocher C Hornsby R Cardone W BASEBALL R if x..g,. J W we -J R W ONE P Hapkms G Hemzelman R R T Aux R ner R Befhnger J Greer, D Forg G Mller M Wllhonf Parklns ROW TWO VV Kokoefer D Berger G Deck T Eldrldge Emmerf Manager G Fugofe, Coach ROW FOUR R Buschur D R Hannan R Klelnfeldf R Short J Jushce ROW THREE D ge L H bert R Stevens D B wlmg J S dl T a r 'U' ii..-'if My 7.33 I ' I W , ,Ig X, . V V X ze ,, E? YHGLQK? 531 H .1 51- 53? -4 H' 3 'Y' slam BAND SWEETHEART MARY ELIZABETH WIGGINS wav ,gffgyv .f GX M 'M ,aw . f", . v X ' ,g . Y x HOMECOMING QUEEN PATRICIA MILLER '49 :M 1 HQ, ' ' SENIOR AWARDS SAMMIE JO MULLINS Valedictorian RICHARD EMMERT Salutatorian University of Cincinnati Scholarship D. A. G. KAREN Faculty Outstanding Arian Award Cincinnati College of Music Schol RONALD HANNAN Ohio University Scholarship GLENN TUDOR Outstanding Athlete Award CAROL BUSCHUR Band Service Medal Ohio University Scholarship Sammie Jo Mullins, Best Mannered, Brainiest, Most Likely to Succeed, Dudley Howe, Best Mannerecl, David Graham, Friendliest, Most Likely to Succeeed, Becky England, Friendliest, Richard Emmert, Brainiest lnot picturedl. Glenn Tudor, Kay Skoff, Most Athletic. Myrna Myres, Robert Sattin, Wittiest. SENIOR POPULARITY POLL L ' Az, 3, Virginia Chaney, Frank Wocher, Neatest Couple, Best Dancers. Louis Zimmers, Best Dressed, Janice Hannan, Best Looking, Patricia Miller, Best Dressed, Most Popular, Elmer Robbe, Most Popular, Best Looking. 69 The Senior Class. . . "Donny Boy" Class History and Prophecy "Poor People of Paris" "Down in Bermuda" Presenfofion of The class giff CLASS MAY 18, ARQUND THE "Putty, Putty" if ' 70 Hungarian Fencing Mofch lin,-: a, lVi.t,ff f.N7mw1i11g1.1lni +V M -1 .sy , . 1, Y f, ls, - fawll' . . .their day. T 5 5 Presenfoiion of the Key DAY 1956 WIDE, WIDE WORLD "Neried Arcbnon Dance "The Creafion, Q Negro Sermon" fffwolcguenoff ,I "Blue Tango" Blue Moon' 71 1 Final instructions, "Pomp and Circumsi'clnce" Senior Girls' Triple Trio Judge Otis Hess i 4 i i i i .lm l"'h"""'m"'!'M""d1hiw,,swex ,inseam Qa ir:f ANDERSON'S TWENTY-SIXTH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT MAY 24, 1956 MOTTO: NIL SINE NUMINE COLORS: BLUE AND WHITE NOTHING WITHOUT GOD FLOWERS: BLUE AND WHITE CARNATIONS H. D. Wesf, Superinfendenf C. Sifler, O. Hess, H. D. West, W. Judd, E. W. Tifus Karen Scharringhczusen E. Wrignf, assisted by E. W. Titus, presents diplomas. 73 Final prepgrqfiong, Woman driver. Cenler of cztfrocfion ! ! ! Affer you! Surprise! Ain'l love grand '? Big load little girl? Tired dogs l I ! I Just gcibbing. Twelve year students. F EQ ' gin' fi in 2 ff' 'W' f Kim' Ay 33 ' . igmx 'S . f , ' , . 1 , Tw V .V . - , , . f ? ag. .3 V 3 ' , ' x 5 YZ .zfff' "f ' M , iwkwggiw . K M fi K in ig Efxgy 7 1 A .-f, als' Q3 W f 4? ? 2 1 Q wi mg, it K. ., kfi ,.:V ii' QM 22 h A.y, E :.V E, H , 3 3 ,. wif' ADVERTISING F. G. TARVIN 8: SON PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS Supplier of All Kinda' KITCHEN GAS' GIL SINKS and ELECTRIC and BATHROOMS WATER INSTALLED HEATERS INSTALLED LICENSED SEWER TAPPERS REPAIRS AND REMODELING SEPTIC TANKS INSTALLED AND REPAIRED 3749 Eastern Avenue EA 1-5726 ,Q A PX' v,'E.'g-1 T 1- R Walker R Wecver E Taylor A Toylor B Ulmer J Ellsberry C Wllferf W Weil, J. Borfel,E Broxfer L Pollcrd .J Wlnebrenner F Frcnz H Browne A. Nichols, Chief Engineer Cafeteria Staff ROW ONE S Merle E Parsons E Rune A Bcllow K Krauss, deceased G Askew Burck, T. Short f :aa 2 f P Iva ' ,F ,A 4 , M "V 15,114 S CREATIVE PRINTING . . 0 EARL D. ARNOLD PRINTING CO. 0 307 East 12th Street ' Telephone MAin 'I-2893 ' Cincinnati IO, Ohio "Govt Graded Fresh Eggsv THRIFTWAY SUPER MARKETS Co' 0 7978 Beechmont Ave. MA 1-2636 Cincinnati, Ohio 0 Cincinnati 30, Ohio BEAHN'S NURSERY NOOK IBeCChm0m1 Children's and Infants' Wear SPORT 81 MUSIC CENTER Infants thru 6x 8022 Beechmont BE 1-8681 2122 Beechmont BE 1-6042 TOWN and COUNTRY Interiors Drapery and'SIip Cover Shop 1 Compliments of 2115 Beeohmont Avenue Egzb Luadnly Joan Kathy Peg Patty Liz Carol Congratulations . . . 1 to the Class of'56 from your Telephone Company "A 600D PLACE T0 WORK" Compliments of: KATHMAN GOODYEAR SHOE D 81 N FOOD SHOP REPAIR . Phone Burney Lane 2105 Beechmont Cincinnati, ohio BE 1-9961 Compliments of: Compliments of MCCOLLUM ELECTRIC JoHNNY,S MEATS 7216 Beechmont Avenue Soles Semce DIME 'N' DOLLAR SHOP HUDSON 71,33-x.! Ixmets School Supplies - Games - Gifts J la USPS xx Ramblers 8018 Beechmont Ave. BE 1-9868 l Hiuwo'1j1sl01N X 1 ALERING 8: FLAKE C' B' Linoleum SzCarpet 7863 BEECHMONT AVE. BE. 1-7970 8006 Beechmont Ave. BE 1-6683 Compliments of WOLFEB'S Forestvllle Pharmacy rnsscmmous "Dedicated to the Practice of Pharmacy" Phone: BEechmont 1-6680 Forestville, Ohio GLASER-WILSON MOTOR CO. SALES - SERVICE fx -, 115 U 0 'tif-:ix ' , 7636 Beechmont Ave. CINCINNATI 30 FORESTVILLE BEechmont 1-7236 MuIIer's Shoes 8. Shoe Repairing Quality Material and Expert Work Poll Parrott-Rand-Polly Debs-Ball Brand Prescription and Corrective Work 2061 Beechmont Ave. Beechmont 1-9851 Compliments of THE MT. WASHINGTON SAVINGS 8. LOAN CO. 2112Beechmont Ave. Cinti., Ohio U N I V E R S A L T V SALES SERVICE 8010 Beechmont Avenue BE 1-5597 SALEM-PARKVIEW MARKET 6661 Salem Pike Quality Meats - Produce And Groceries Phone BEechrnont 1-9883 ELIZABETH A. ARNOLD Student Council I,47 Y-Teens I,2, 3,4, President 47 G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Secretary 47 Cheerleader 3,47 Base- ball l,2,37 Volleyball 2,37 F.T.A. 47 Chorus 4, Triple Trio 47 Annual 4, Lantern I,2,3,47 Key, Silver. THOMAS J. AUXIER Varsity Club 3,47 Football 2,3,4 Basketball l,2,37 Track 2,3. THOMAS D. BAKER Varsity Club 3,47 Football I,2,3,4 Basketball I7 Track 2. JOAN E. BENNETT Y-Teens l,2,3,47 G.A.A. l,2,3,47 Chorus I7 Annual 47 Lantern I. LOIS I. BRASELTON Y-Teens l,2,3,47 G.A.A. I,2,3,47 Chorus I,2,3, Triple Trio 2,37 An 7 nual 47 Lantern 2,3,47 Scholarship Team I,27 Key, Gold. KATHLEEN J. BROWNE Class Treasurer 27 Y-Teens I,2,3,47 G.A.A. I,2,3,47 Chorus .I,2,3,4j Girls' Glee Club 2, Triple Trio 47 Annual 27 Lantern I,27 Cheerleader I,2,37 Basketball I,2,3. DONALD E. BURNES Football I. M. CAROLYN BUSCHUR Y-Teens 4, Secretary 47 G.A.A. I,2, 3,47 Chorus I,2,4, Girls' Glee Club I,2, Triple Trio 2,47 Band l,2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 47 Brass En- semble 3,47 Class Play 37 Annual 3,47 Scholarship Team I,2,37 Key, Gold. ' JOHN W. CANTER "What's the excuse this time?" 81 MARGARET A. CARSON Student Council 47 Class Treasurer 37 Y-Teens I,2,3,4, Squad Leader 47 G.A.A. I,2,3,47 Chorus l,2,3,4, Girls' Glee Club I,2, Triple Trio 3,42 Band l,2,3,4, Squad Leader 4, Maiorette I,2,3,47 Class Play 37 Annual 47 Lantern I7 Scholarship Team I7 Key, Silver. VIRGINIA L. CHANEY Y-Teens I,2,3,4, Squad Leader 37 G.A.A. I,2,3,4, Basketball I,2,37 Cheerleader 2,3,47 Chorus I,2,3,4. R. EUNICE CLARY Y-Teens I,27 G.A.A. I,27 Chorus I. IRIS A. CONLEY Y-Teens l,2,3,47 G.A.A. I,2,3,47 Chorus 2,3,4, Glee Club 2, Triple Trio 47 Key, Bronze. , DOROTHY L. CURNAYN Hughes High School I,27 Y-Teens 3,47 G.A.A. 3,47 Annual 4: Office Worker 4. LAWRENCE L. DAUGHERTY Student Council 3,47 Hi-Y 2,3,47 Proiection Club I7 Key Club 2,37 Class Play 37 Lantern 2,37 Scholar- ship Team 27 Key, Silver. ROBERT N. DICKSON Amelia High School l,2,3. LORNA J. DIECKMANN Y-Teens l,2,3,47 G.A.A. l,2,3,47 Bible Club 37 Chorus I,2,3,4, Triple Trio 47 Key, Silver. TED E. ELDRIDGE Samuel Ach High School I7 With- row 27 Varsity Club 47 Football 3,47 Track 3,4. Compliments of THE FORESTVILLE FUEL 8. SUPPLY CO. "Try Forestville First" Hardware - Builders' Supplies - Feed FORGAS Gas - Oil- Electrical Appliances 77l5 Beechmont Ave. BE I-7640 CLERMONT SPRINGS DAIRY 8425 Beechmonr Ave. Phone BE I-8854 Home Delivery Service BENNETT MOTOR SALES Waam Dm:-5,44 25 Years DeSOTO PLYMOUTH Dealer Compliments of MCDANIEIJS Food Market 8185 BEECHMONT AVE. TELEPHONE BE l-7490 ..DOt Quality Foodsv CINCINNATI 30, OHIO CROCERIES - FRESH MEATS - PRODUCE FROZEN FOODS Cherry Grove BE 1-9800 'I WALKER CLEANERS Compliments EAGLE SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASS'N. Beechmonf 81 Corbly BE 1-8108 Compliments of 7faa4eaf7fZcMdl 364144 Salon 6131 Corbly Rood Mt. Washington PHONE: BEechmonf1-7373 CHESTER SHEATZLEY AND SON Complete Food Market 2063 Beechmont Ave. BEechmont BEechmont 1-6125 We Deliver CHlLI'S BEECHMONT PHARMACY 2103 Beechmonf Ave. BEechmonf 1-7278 MT. WASHINGTON HARDWARE 2210 Beechmonf Avenue BEechmont 1-7766 RICHARD W. EMMERT Key Club 2, Proiection Club I,2,3, 4, Class Play 3, Scholarship Team I,2,3, Key, Grand Gold with Guard. JOSEPHINE S. ENGLAND Y-Teens I,2,3,4, Squad Leader 2, G.A.A. I,2,3,4, Outing Chairman 3, Basketball I,2,3, Cheerleader l,2,3,4, Annual 4, Lantern I,2,3,4. P. ROBERT FAGIN Hi-Y 2,3,4, Varsity Club 4, Foot- ball 2, Basketball 2, Baseball 3. RICHARD C. FAHRLENDER Batavia High School I,2,3. RICHARD K. FRIEDMAN Hi-Y I,2,3, Baseball 4. MYRNA J. FROEHLICH Newport Public High School I,2, Withrow High School 3, Y-Teens 4, G.A.A. 4, Bible Club 4. BARBARA H. GARVEY Holmes High School I,2, Y-Teens 3,4, G.A.A. 3,4, Chorus 3,4, Girls' Ensemble 3, Triple Trio 4. JACK W. GLENSMAN Key Club 2,4, Football 2, Key, Silver. DAVID A. GRAHAM Student Council 2,4, President4, Hi-Y 2,3, Key Club 3,4, Varsity Club 3,4, Football 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Brass Ensemble 2,3,4, Annual 4, Scholarship Team I,2,3, Key, Grand Gold. L. JEAN GREGER Y-Teens I, G.A.A. I, Chorus I. PATRICIA D. HANDLEY Withrow I, Y-Teens 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Class Play 3, Lantern 2,3,4. JANICE L. HANNAN Y-Teens I,2,3,4, G.A.A. I,2,3, Lan- tern 4, Key, Silver. RONALD E. HANNAN Student Council 3,4, Treasurer 4, Class Olticer 4, Varsity Club 2,3,4, Secretary 4, Football l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4, Basketball 3, Key Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Annual 4, Key, Silver. CHARLOTTE A. HARRIS Student Council 4, Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Joans vs. Bob and Jack. G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Class Play 3, Lan- tern I,2,3,4, Co-editor 4, Key, Gold. DOROTHY L. HARTLEY G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Chorus 2,3. CARL G. HARTMAN Hi-Y I,2,3,4, Key Club 2,3, Chorus I, Band I,2,3,4, Class Play 3, Scholarship Team 2,3, Key, Gold. EDWIN G. HAWKINS GEORGE J. HEINZELMAN Varsity Club 4, Football 2, Track 2,3, Chorus 2. CHARLES A. HOLDER PHILIP V. HOPKINS Varsity Club 4, Track 3,4, Proiec- tion Club 2,3,4, Annual 4, Lantern 3,4, Key, Silver. E. DUDLEY HOWE Onondaga Valley Academy I, Marple-Newtown High School 2, Student Council 4, Varsity Club 4, Track 3,4, Key Club 4, Senior Trustee 4, Chorus 4, President 4, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Lantern 4. JUDD MCTORS, INC. Good Used Cars 3151 LINWOOD RD. EA 1-1566 Compliments of SCHWARTZ CLARK CLEANERS Men's 84 Women's Shops Nationally Advertised Apparel BUDD PAINT MT. Washington AND WALLPAPER CO. 2123 Beechmont BEechmoni I-8547 Compliments of the BE 1-9890 ANNA K. DAVIS WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN HAN DY PANTRY FOODS TEMPERANCE UNION Beechmont at Salem "Alcohol does not make people do things betterg it makes them less FCSZR Fijiiio ashamed of doing them badly." Sir William Osler Compliments of the CLASS OF 1958 COWPERTHWAITE FLORIST Flowers for all Occasions BEechmont 1-7158 Cherry Grove ig. .g:,. WAI, .Q - N U 1 4- W FAN S H E R Realtor BE 1-5596 Telephone-Blfechmont 1-4-975 AN - LE Smart WOIHCH,S Apparel Accessories 2204- Beechmont Ave. Cincinnati 30, Ohio Compliments. of FORESTVILLE CARRY OUT 7736 Beechmont BROSE FURNITURE CO., INC. Norge Appliances Zenith Television BE 1-5609 7000 Beechmont Ave. ALICE M. JACKSON Y-Teens l,27 Chorus l,2,3. ROBERT P. JUSTICE Hi-Y 3,47 Football 4. WILLIAM R. KNABB JANET R. LAWSON Madeira High School I7 Y-Teens 2,3,4, Squad Leader 37 G.A.A. l,2, 3,47 Baseball 2,37 Cheerleader 2,3, 47 F.T.A. 4j Chorus 27 Annual 47 Lantern 2,3,47 Key, Gold. JANICE A. MADDUX Y-Teens I,2,3,47 G.A.A. I,2,3,47 Lantern 2. JACK L. MARSHALL Key'Club 3,4. MEDFORD P. McCOY Key Club 47 Band l,2,3,4, Squad Leader 47 Proiection Club 3,47 Class Play 3. HENRY W. MEYER Varsity Club 3,47 Basketball l,2, Manager 37 Track 2,37 Football 4. PATRICIA A. MILLER Class Treasurer I7 Secretary 37 Y- l'eens I,2,3,47 Cheerleader 37 G.A.A. 'I,2,3,47 Chorus 2,4, Vice- President 47 Color Guard 3,47 Class Play 37 Annual 3,47 Lantern l,2,3,4. JUDITH E. MOSTELLER Y-Teens .I,2,3,4j G.A.A. I,2,3,47 Baseball 27 Cheerleader 2,3,47 Chorus I Class Play 37 Annual 47 Lantern I,2,3,47 Scholarship Team 37 Key, Bronze. ALBERT W. MULHOLLAND Hi-Y 2,3. SAMMIE JO MULLINS Jenkins High School I7 Y-Teens 4, Treasurer 47 Annual 47 Lantern 37 Class Play 37 Scholarship Team 2. MYRNA R. MYRES Y-Teens I,2,3,47 G.A.A. I,2,3,47 Baseball 37 F.T.A. 4, Vice-President 4. BARBARA J. OFFICER Student Council I,47 Y-Teens l,2,3, 4, Squad Leader 3,4, Treasurer 37 G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Treasurer 47 Basket- ball 2,37 Baseball l,2,37 Color Guard 2,37 Class Play 3j Annual 'l, 2,3,4, Co-editor 47 Lantern 2,3,47 Key, Grand Gold. DONALD W. OSBORN Hi-Y 2,37 Varsity Club 2,3,47 Base- ball l,2,3,47 Football 2,3,4. JACK W. PARKS Hi-Y 2,3,47 Varsity Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 47 Football l,2,37 Base- ball 3,47 Key Club 3. GEORGIA A. RASCOV Bible Club 3,47 Key, Bronze. Becky and Dick cut winter capers. Executive Meeting Lunchroom Monitors COMPLIMENTS OF STUDENT COUNCIL I'IARRY'S SHOE STORE 2206 Beechmont Ave. Cinti 30, Ohio KOLLMAN'S RESTAURANT Plate Lunches Short Orders 2113 Beechmont Ave. lt is what you get-not what You spend that determines Dry-cleaning value HANNA CLEANERS Compliments of as-'lr The Richest Child is poor without lVlUSlC training Thanks and Good Luck RAY LAMMERS MUSIC HOUSE, INC King Band lnstruments Cincinnati 30, Ohio 224-2 Beechmont Ave. 610 Walnut SL Cincinnati 2, Ohio Compliments of NHARSHW' CLUB Frank Wocher - President William Vonfz - Vice-President Jack Parks - Treasurer Ronald Hannon - Secretary Prompt Home BE. I-9944 Delivery Res. BE. P6835 Compliments of SILVER OIL COMPANY Jabber and Disfrib utor FUEL OIL - GASOLINES - MOTOR OIL RALPH SILVER Clough Pike 81 8 Mile Rd. Cincinnati 30, Ohio Best Wishes COLONEL'S PHARMACY Wilhamsville, Ohio LANG'S Service Station Between Wifhamsville 8K Amelia, Ba. 3-8546 ULMER SOHIO SERVICE 6389 SALEM PIKE BEechmon1I- 9858 SALEM BARBER SHOP Corner Salem 8L Beacon IVAN FINEOUT, Proprietor ELMER J. ROBBE Varsity Club 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,4, NORMA J. RUSSELL Batavia High School I,2,35 Y-Teens 45 F.T.A. 4. KAREN L. SCHARRINGHAUSEN Student Council l,4, Secretary 45 Class Secretary I5 Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Squad Leader 45 G.A.A. I,2,35 Bas- ketball 25 F.T.A. 45 Chorus l,2,4, Trio I, Triple Trio 2,4, Girls' Glee Club I,25 Band l,2,3,4, President 4, Squad Leader 45 Class Play 35 An- nual 3,4, Co-Editor 45 Scholarship Team I,2,35 Key, Gold. JAMES S. SCHIFRIN Band 35 Class Play 35 Scholarship Team I,2,35 Key, Gold. JOAN C. SCHNEIDER Student Council 3,45 Y-Teens l,2,3, 4, Squad Leader 4, Vice-President 45 G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Vice-President 45 Annual 45 Lantern 45 Scholarship Team I,25 Basketball I,2,35 Base- ball l,2,35 Key, Gold. PAUL G. SCHOENHARL ROBERT L. SHORT Varsity Club 3,45 Football 3,45 Track 3,4. ELIZABETH K. SKOFF Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Student Council 45 G.A.A. l,2,3,4, President 4, Outing Chairman 25 Basketball I,2,35 Base- ball I,2,35 Volleyball I,2,35 Key, Silver. BEVERLY G. SMITH Y-Teens l,2,3,45 G.A.A. 'l,2,3,45 Annual 45 Lantern I. MARILYN A. STRIKER Y-Teens l,2,3,45 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Chorus I. ROBERT R. SAFFIN Football I. RONALD H. STRAUB Football I,25 Track Manager I. WANDA E. SUTTON Y-Teens 2,35 Chorus l,2,3,4, Triple Trio 3,4. RICHARD M. TARVIN Hi-Y l,2,3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Baseball Man- ager I,25 Key Club 2,35 Annual 4. GLENN D. TUDOR Student Council 25 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Football 3,45 Basketball I,2, 3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Annual 3. CAROLE D. VETTER Y-Teens l,2,3,45 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Basketball I,2,35 Baseball 2,35 Vol- leyball 2,35 Chorus 'I,25 Class Play 35 Annual 45 Lantern l,2,3,45 Key, Bronze. WILLIAM O. VONTZ Student Council I,25 Class Presi- dent I5 Class Vice-President 25 Varsity Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 45 Hi-Y 2,35 Football I,2,35 Key Club 3. DELBERT J. WADDELL Hi-Y l,2,3,45 Track Manager 3. JOYCE R. WADDELL Withrow I,2,35 Y-Teens 4, Squad Leader 45 G.A.A. 45 F.T.A. 45 An- nual 45 Lantern 4. 90 MARY E. WIGGINS Student Council I5 Class Secretary 2,45 Y-Teens l,2,3,45 Chorus I,2, 3,4, Glee Club I, Triple Trio 4, Mixed Ensemble 45 Class Play 3. FRANK W. WOCHER Student Council 2,3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 35 Class President 2,3,45 Hi-Y 25 Varsity Club l,2,3,4, President 45 Key Club 2,45 Chorus 3,4. DANIEL F. WOLFANGEL Student Council 45 Hi-Y 2,3,4, Pres- ident 45 Key Club'2,35 Class Play 3. MARILYN R. WORTMAN Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Squad Leader 45 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Chorus I5 Lantern 3,45 Baseball 2,35 Volleyball 35 Key, Gold. EDWARD B. WRIGHT Student Council 45 Varsity Club 3,45 Football 25 Baseball Manager 2,35 Key Club 2,3,4, President 45 Lantern 2,3,45 Co-Editor 4. NANCY M. WYKOFF Y-Teens l,2,3,45 G.A.A. 'l,2,3,45 Chorus I5 Annual 4. CAROL L. YAZELL Class Treasurer 45 Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Squad Leader 2,45 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Chorus I,25 Key, Silver. JOHN D. YOUNG Hi-Y 2,3,45 Varsity Club 45 Football 45 Basketball Manager 35 Chorus l,3,4, Boys' Octet 45 Projection Club 3,45 Class Play 3. LOUIS E. ZIMMERS Student Council I5 Key, Grand Gold. MT. wAsHlNGToN BOB'S TExAco SERVICE beauty 84 heolfh center Beechmont 8. Corbly CINCINNATI - 30 - OHIO 6665 SALEM PIKE BEechmonI 'I-9072 BLOM AND DAUGHERTY PLUMBING - HEATING and Automatic Gas Water Heaters New and Remodeling Work 2124 Oxford Avenue BEechmont 1-8876 A. J. BAUMAN 81 CO. COMPLETE REALTY SERVICE AND BUILDERS "We Sell Your Property-Not Just List lt" Phone BEechmont 1-9031 Home-Investments Property Management Loans Arranged 104-7 Asbury Road BE 1-854-6 Mt. Washington JULIUS SOLLBERCER Cincinnati 30, Ohio ALBIEZ 81 P 8t J Meats Fruit Market SALEM 81 BEECHMONT Choice Meats Home Grown Fish Fruits Sl Vegetables Poultry Canning Specialties Compliments of MT. WASHINGTON MUSIC SHOP 2223 Beechmont Ave. COLONIAL INN Mt. Washington's Family Restaurant 2065 Beechmont Ave.-Phone BE 1-9821 Phone BE 1-4.4-63 Cincinnati 30, Ohio Paul Ross Joe Tenge GIFT 8 CARD SHOP 2109 Beechmont Ave. "Gifts of Distinction" Road Service BEechmont 1-9889 Cook Bros. Salem Shell Service We specialize in BRAKE SERVICE 6690 Salem Rd. Mt. Washington THE COLONIAL CO. "Old Reliable" Builders Realty Investors 164-5 Marlou Ln. Cin. 30, Ohio Phone: BEechmont 1-7882 FRANK PALMISANO BEECHMONT HARDWARE 8020 Beechmont Avenue Cincinnati 30, Ohio WILLSON DAIRY PRODUCTS MAKERS OF HOLIDAY ICE CREAM PA. I-6550 Free decorating in your home PORTER PAINTS Compliments of 7198 Beechmont Ave. BE 1-8832 AYERS 8. GRAF, CIVIL ENGINEERS AND SURVEYORS BEECHMONT FOOD SHOP Your Independent Grocer 2111 Beechmont Ave. BE L7017 BUD'S SERVICE STATION 8 Mile 81 Beechmont Cinti. 30, Ohio Sinclair Products BE 1-9857 Compliments of BURNEY LANE CLEANERS Burney Lane at Salem "Chef" Brownie Headwaiter Babbs selves o representative family. Compliments of Anderson Township PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Jane Osmond, P.T.A, president, adds the woman's touch. The P.T.A. fosters a good relationship among parents, teachers, and pupils. The annual spaghetti supper is typical of its activities which provide good fellowship for all mem- bers ofthe school and community. Mrs. C. William Osmond .......... President Mrs. Adolf Meier ............. Vice-President Mrs. Walter Woertz ..... Recording Secretary Mrs. Dorothy Wittmeyer ................ -----------------Corresponding Secretary Mr. Richard Gouker ............... Treasurer Compliments of T. P. WHITE 81 SONS FUNERAL HOME ' N Established 1870 Our Only Location 2050 Beechmont Ave. Cincinnati 30, Ohio BE 1-7150 Iohn R. White-John W. Croxton-Mark E. Croxton Edward Wright - President Joseph Schieszler - Secretory Colin Hornsby-Treasurer Ronald Hannon - Vice-President M IYX A 1 -Q - Ai' Compliments oi AN DE RSON Key Club Compliments of W. GAYLE OWENS INSURANCE 1161 Eight Mile Rood BE 'I-8228 Bo. 2-312 BOHRER BROS. Greenhouse Fresh FLOWERS 6165 Salem Rd. BE 1-7175 l 5 has Elementary. The old industrial arts room will become a chorus room and teachers' lounge. The new band room. Junior High completed. THE OLD AND THE NEW As we close the pages of this ANDERSONIAN, we look to the future with confi- dence. May the ideals and aspirations of Anderson grow ever brighter as she guides young Americans in democratic living. Exterior of the new band and industrial arts section. Elementary.

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