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--sun'-un VY... , 715.1 1- x V . t iii' ,,,..-4 Lf, cf'- V ' 'Y'-1,811 Lfll 1 fif wld W kff, 11, , f Sf ' -' 4 fp ' 6 f,A"l?iv'f4f,m wpjw, a 1 Q, P 3lQA........' L? "-- "MQ--f Wim. 5 E THE ANDERSGNIAN of the ANDERSON TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL CINCINNATI 30, OHIO Published by VOLUME XXV SENIOR CLASS OF 'I955 ANNIVERSARY EDITION ,.....--" ..1 IP" Pk. 'i 'E We live in deeds, not in years, in thoughts, noi breaths, In feelings, not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heart-fhrobs. He most lives Who Thinks most-feels The noblest-acts The best. Philip James Bailey 2 i LM ff s A X '-TN K . gf ':"""Jv - Z ix. s xx. ,V Xu.-Y' f il "Rn r. 'u 7 +V 5'-'a 1 , , - K . 0 H 0 In Q I I1 I . . ...... - - - --- -- 3 li ll 11 I! L ii Q!!! ! E! !! L g g r 553, 5 5 5 5 gg gg I E nl 1 I F - - s I if 1 ffi n v- nm: I I It -Q hu 3 , -5 ' ll I! I ET, l V' 1- V Z sz . FU f I l I H di U 4,3 :fha mm M54 k.,,i na 62:72 2: Q X In x..- ,.....,, I u . K Jn K W ' .:- .gf ,J :" N"'-- -s - .l..,,,f ,,' . g,-.',,.-f .f-'V nf!-,,,,,.-.ncaa v-A-""""'M Editors: ,,,..-"',,-,,,,.v- 1 Mary Suzanne Renneckar Mary Frances Tvrdy Adviser: Vera Mae Nash 3 MR. WILLIAM MCKINLEY JUDD Throughout the twenty-five years of its existence, its expansion, ond its growth, Anders-on has been more than usually fortunate in having Mr. William McKinley Judd as a member of its Board of Education, twenty-two years as its president. During all these years he has given unstintingly of his time and of himself and has provided us an example of integrity, devotion, and service to our school and community that we shall not find easy to follow. lt is, then, with genuine gratitude and affection that the members of the Class of 1955 dedicate this twenty-fifth anniversary Ander- sonian to our good neighbor and friend, Mr. Judd. K -' f 5 V L f , f .x - pf- Q., X KL I f 1 N ' -..Rx I X O MVK A ff X K A AQ W J x 'f N I . , G, f B ,Z fl 'K wif' ,gi 5 U jf! fx Zi N qw QQMAQ 'WGY7 ji ' , ' w i f i!!! X!! . X Q7 2 , MK X x X NN xx X ff 2 Rf'51S3mV , 4 Q1 X JL g ,f. LQ TABLE or comems L ,,,v WWW . AA,, WWW WW,W ,+v v 5 v L LLLL P3 Lf W f W ?ZSJ .fC Qggiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii b'M4'1'+1'1+ 4 C :T B d fEd -S E N -Yn'-------- 2 ' X 52 fl' Z k W ,+ iv as f A J J Ad 65 X W ff W5 x'5:'."' X X M J X x KX ,JI M X ff aw' ff f X 1 l ady X M' m f XXX Nj IK ! my ii1 i53 .. . fi .f,, f.,ve.2cf+-M.. ..,,,,,.,,M 7. v..f . ,f,k - .,. .,,,1.-fef..,f,.,.,,3,.a,,. , ei,-we X, I .Q :,V,,k,WEig.f,.. 5,,M.,,e1e.v::3gi? 3 S. ,fr 1 4. . M, .ei fs E . aft, Sf: WE ,A mf -fx is-rmzivw..-.r,. . 1,.f:?f 35? ?h3g,,5J.glif'7' 'K-" fasts ,,.,, ,M .... , .,.. ,..iM...,....Q.i..i. i 4 1. gf . . it 'yh.' ' i . ,LL- . . , 'EfT.:'rfELisilS,l1,-,'.g 'f'lfz',,' ..'-ffiii''Qg:'.5.j".f2g':isiifiiw5f55.:i'5:f:s-ff..l izfffi fiifiriaffriifir 5 1 ,,.. . . I-'H' . Q:f3a.i: . r Q li :+ - L'k . 1 ""' - George E. Whisnant Louis W. Graf, Jr. Joseph W. Maddux Edward B. Wright Clerk Member Member Member William M. Judd Clarence W. Bell, Jr. President Vice-President Herschel D. West BOARD OF EDUCATION EXECUTIVE HEAD Anderson High takes great pride in graduating this twenty-fifth class. So in 195.5 we view in retrospect our progress during the past quarter of a century. Ander- son's first graduating class boasted seventeen members. The total enrollment of our school was less than 562. Our twenty-fifth graduating class numbers now more than sixty-five, and the total enrollment exceeds one thousand six hundred. I Progress is not measured solely in numerical progression. However, we can boast many advancements in the field of education. We can- not point to the traditions of ivy towers, but we can present a record in education that has kept in cadence with a changing society. Boys and girls have found here at Anderson the opportunities for physical, intellectual, and moral growth necessary to equip them to assume their responsibilities in an adult society. Although our school might be characterized as having recently emerged from the age of adolescence into a mature standing, many fine ideals have been converted to the state of tradition. Scholarship, sportsmanship, and friendship with one another are traditional at Anderson. Our past overwhelms us with pride as we remember the many outstanding people who share responsibility for our advance- ment. Our past fills us with humility as we remember our responsibility to those who have preceded us as students and faculty. Our gaze turns now to the future. We know full well we cannot stand in one spot and rely upon our past. We move forward con- fidently, relentlessly, or weffail. Our only reliance upon our school's past will be the challenge it gives for our future. H. D. West Executive Head 6 E. Wayne Titus Principal To the Students: For the past several years, you have been engaged in the process of becoming educated. During this time you have been subjected to three great institu- tions: the home, the church, and the school. The inroads which these institutions have made upon your lives depend upon the extent to which their teachings have influenced your behavior and become a part of your philosophy of living. The tools you have acquired, as measured by your skills and attitudes, will be reflected in your future accomplishments. "Knowledge is power" only in so far as it is put to work. Man is paid not for what he knows but rather for the contributions he makes. Society is- benefited by the extent to which you im- prove the lot of your fellow men. The greatest element in success is the determination to succeed. Regardless of your choice of occupation, do the best iob of which you are capable and your reward will be assured. You will never walk alone as long as you have an abiding faith in the teachings of your church, a deep love and respect for your home and the American way of life, and the ability to provide the fruits of happiness. May you receive divine guidance and protection 52.1 f7xLz.., E. Wayne Titus Principal along life's way. 7 Martha E. Silver High School Secretary Q ----1w..f-Rs. 1... .. .. iii Effbi' if? 41' 55. -. -,tssmw - Q.. .1-1. sw,...... . if QM filf:5i.1f11 5-S2 A iii'lfkM .'f2?7ef?1i2f,5W?5Es'i. f .,Wfe....r - , .2 3. cms.-..-V.. .L M... ......,... MR. ROY TUCKER Ohio State University, B. S. MRS. MARGUERITE WERNER Thiel College, B. S. MR. CHARLES L. BROWN FACULTY Miami University, B. S. MISS VERA M. NASH Ohio Wesleyan University, B. A., University of Cincinnati, M. Ed., University of Ken- tucky, School of Library Science MR. KENNETH CHRISTY Ohio University, B. A. MRS. MARY H. STRUKE Miami University, B. S. MR. ROBERT SLADE University of Cincinnati, B. A., B. MRS. RUTH KERSHNER University of Cincinnati, B. A. MISS HELEN A. MERZ Hanover College, B. A. S., M. Ed. MR. GLENN FUGATE University of Cincinnati, B. S MRS. JEANNE E. NOREN Purdue University, B. S. MR. RICHARD C. GOUKER Ohio State University, B. S. MISS BONNIE R. LEWIS University of Kentucky, B. A. MRS. PAULINE MINDER Ohio University, B. A., M. S. MISS FLORENCE WINKLE Ohio State University, B. S., M. A. MR. ROBERT KEPLINGER University of Dayton, B. S., Xavier Univer- sity, M. A. MRS THELMA MORGAN MISS GRACE HARTZEL College of Nursing 8. Health, University of Cincinnati, B. A. A. University ofClnclnnat1 R. N. B. S., Cincinnati Art Academy. v MR. RICHARD WESP MR. VIRGIL H. WILSON University of Cincinnati, B. S., College of University of Cincinnati, B. S., Music. College of Music, B. M. Andersonian Slaff of 1931. ROW ONE: D. Vickroy, S. Smyfhe, R. E. Wright, Superintendent, F. Bath, Principal, L. Merz, W. Richey, ROW TWO: V. Moore, J. Wiftmeyer, C. Norton, E. Sparrow, G. Doyle, V. Knippling, C. Staub, M. Hawkins, ROW THREE: C. Ingram, R. Sfaub, R. Maddux, M. Combs, H. Massey, F. Buchanan, L. Witschger. Twenty-five years of service on Anderson's faculty: Charles L. Brown, Georgia Ayer, Besse Ayer, Mary H. Struke, Gertrude Addicott lnot picturedl. f l 5 i Af QP X I W- , M Q. . . - new ' lv, q V 1 5gViA.1j ,xl 'VS "" X K ' ' Ll p E35 1 2' 'if Y' ,J-' . s ! A J ar ,...,. Q 5. R KKK 1 w ' XX . ' E- a W f .I F K I! s- A' ' , .X 1 a A H . X , .U 5, ' fm! V .. . Mika '::5,fff1. - ixxxk " Sw m 4 ' xx , ' 2 fsaaw A ' 1f'fAQ 'Sf 00' CLEO PATRICIA ALFORD Y-Teens 3, Chorus l, G.A.A. 2. JAMES OLIVER BANKS LOIS JEAN BERKMYER Y-Teens l,3,4, G.A.A. i,3,4, Volley Ball 4, Chorus I,2,4, Sextet I, 4, Glee Club I,2,4, Band l,2,3,4, Squad Leader 4, Lantern 4, Class Play 3, Annual 4. WALTER CHARLES BRENNER, JR. Band l,2,3, Vice-President 4. KAREN LUCILE BROWN Y-Teens 2,3,4, Vice-President 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Chorus 3,4, Band l,2, Lantern 3,4, Co-Editor 4, Scholarship Team 2, Prince of Peace 4, Key, Silver. 12 BARBARA ANN APPLEGATE Y-Teens 2,3, G.A.A. 2,3, Lantern 3,4, Annual 4, Basketball 2. CAROLINE JEAN BATEMAN Y-Teens i,4, G.A.A. l,3,4, Chorus 4, Sexfet 4, Glee Club 4, Annual 4, Scholarship Team 3, Key, Gold. PATRICIA JOAN BIBBINS Y-Teens 3,4, G.A.A. 3,4, Volley Ball 3,4, Chorus 4, Lantern 3,4, Annual 4. WARREN HOWARD BRINKMAN Hi-Y 3,4, Football 3,4, Track 4. JOSEPH VAUGHN BURKE, JR. Football 3, Key, Silver. RICHARD HAROLD BURNS Student Council 2,3,4, President 4, Class Vice-President 2, President 3, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Key Club 4, Trustee 4, Varsity Club 2,3,4, Pres- ident 4, Football 4, Basketball l,2.3, 4, Baseball 2,3,4, Scholarship Team l,2,3, Key, Grand Gold. BARBARA LU CARSON Student Council l,2,3,4, Y-Teens l, 2,3,4, Officer 2,3, Squad Leader 4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Chorus l,4, Officer 4, Glee Club l,4, Sextet l,4, Band l,2,3,4, Trio 4, Maiorette 3,4, Squad Leader 4, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Scholarship Team 2, Prince of Peace 4, Key, Grand Gold. EMILY BRUCE DAILY Y-Teens 2,4, G.A.A. 2,4, Chorus 3,4, Glee Club 4, Band 2,3,4, Annual 4, Key, Bronze. RICHARD HERMAN DECK Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Secretary 4, Key Club 3,4, Class Play 3, Lantern 4, Annual 4, Key, Bronze. DORIS CHRISTINE DOGGETTE Student Council 2, Y-Teens 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Corresponding Secre- tary 4, Lantern 2,3,4, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Scholarship Team 2,3, Key, Grand Gold. ELAINE ANNE CALHOUN Student Council 4, Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Chorus 4, Triple Trio 4, Lantern l,2,3,4, Co-Editor 4, Class Play 3, Basket- ball l,2,3,4, Track l, Prince of Peace 4, Key, Silver. RONALD THOMAS CLARK Key Club 4, Varsity Club 2,3,4, Sec- retary 4, Football 2,4, Track l,2,3,4. .IOHN EDGAR DAUGHERTY Hi-Y I,2,3,4, Key Club 3,4, Annual 4, Varsity Club 4, Football l,2,3,4, Scholarship Team 3, Key, Bronze. SHIRLEY LOUISE DIERKER Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. I,2,3,4, Chorus 3, Annual 4. BRUCE LE DOUGLAS Student Council 2,3,4, Class Vice- President 4, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice-Pres- ident 3, President 4, Key Club 4, Annual 4, Varsity Club 2,3,4, Treas- urer 4, rootball i,2,3,4. , 13 VICKERY BELLE FANSHER Y-Teens 4, Chorus 4, Annual 4, Key, Silver. JANICE EMILY GAGE Class Secretary 2, Y-Teens I,2,3,4, Squad Leader 4, G.A.A. I,2,3,4, Chorus l,2,3,4, Officer 4, Glee Club i,2,3,4, Triple Trio 3, Sextet I,4, Band I,2,3,4, Malorette I,3,4, Quar- tet 4, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Scholarship Team I,2, Key, Silver. RICHARD EDWIN HAIR, JR. Football 4. PATRICIA MAY HATFIELD Y-Teens 3,4, G.A.A. 3,4, Annual 4, Prince of Peace 4. FRANK WILLIAM HUNDEMER 14 JAMES ELBURN FIGGINS Student Council I, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Key Club 3,4, Treasurer 4, Band l,2, Annual 4, Baseball 2, Scholarship Team I, Key, Gold. MARGUERITE ELIZABETH GARR Class Secretary I, Color Guard 3,4, Y-Teens l,2,3,4yG.A.A. l,2,3, Chorus I, Lantern 2,3,3, Annual 4, Scholar- ship Team 2,3, Class Play 3, Key, Silver. PAUL VOSCOE HASKETT Student Council 4, Key Club 4, President 4, Chorus 4, Varsity Club 3,4, Football 2,4, Baseball 3,4. LORRAINE RUTH HEIZER Student Council I,4, Y-Teens I,2,3, 4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, President 4, Lantern 2,3,4, Volley Ball I,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Baseball 3,4, Hockey I. DOLORES LORRAINE JACKSON Class Secretary 4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, Officer 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Chorus 3, 4, Lantern 3, Annual 4, Volley Ball 3,4, MARGARET JOAN JACKSON Y-Teens, l,2,4g G.A.A. 2,3,4, Chorus 3,4, Triple Trio 3, Lantern 3, An- nual 4, Scholarship Team 2, Key, Silver. JACK MARION KELLY Student Council 4, Hi-Y l,2,3,4p Key Club 3,4, Band l,2,3,4, President 4, Squad Leader 4, Annual 4, Key, Gold. RUTH CAROL LUDLOW Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Chorus l,2,4, Annual 4, Key, Silver. JAMES EDWARD MADDUX Student Council 3,4, Class President 2, Vice-President 3, Hi-Y 2,35 Key Club 4, Class Play 3, Basketball lf Key, Bronze. DAVID ODELL McCOY Band l,2,3,41 Scholarship Team l,2. JOAN MARTHA KELLER Y-Teens 4, G.A.A. 4, Annual 4. WILMA JEAN LAWSON Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4. DENNIS WAYNE MADDUX Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Band l,2,3, Class Play 3, Basketball l,2,3,4, Football 4, Varstiy Club 4. NANCY ELLEN MADDUX Y-Teens l,2,4g Chorus l,2,3,4, Glee Club l,2,3,4, President 3, Band l,2, 3,4, Librarian l,2,3, Annual 4, Scholarship Team 'lf Key, Silver. JON ROSS MECHLIN Hi-Y 2,31 Key Club 3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Squad Leader 44 Annual 4, Scholarship Team 3, Class Play 3, Key, Silver. 15 "" . f, W.. .if -S, Q 5 I te L 1 1, ii! I Ld Qs 6 is in NNI. 291 5 'V S . A"- " , 2, 1. . we L 'rx ax. . RAYMOND ALBERT MERZ Class President l, Key Club 4, Lantern 3,4, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Prince of Peace 4, Key, Silver. NANCY CAROLE OWENS Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Squad Leader 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4: Chorus l,4, Band 2.3, 4, Maiorette 4, Lantern 4, Annual 3, 4, Scholarship Team 2,3, Class Play 3, Key, Grand Gold. RONALD LEE PFEFFER Band l,2,3, Annual 4, Basketball 2. MARY SUZANNE RENNECKAR Student -Council l,2,3,4, Class Trea- surer 3, Y-Teens i,2,3,4, Officer 2, Squad Leader 3, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Chorus l, Glee Club I, Lantern 2,3,4, Annual 4, Co-Editor, Prince of Peace 4, Class Play 3, Key, Grand Gold. WILLIAM JOSEPH SCHNEIDER Hi-Y 3,4, Key Club 3,4, Varsity Club 4, Annual 4, Football 2,4, Key, Bronze. 16 JANET MAE NEWMAN G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Basketball 2. NANCY BOBETTE PARKER Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Annual 4, Basketball 3, Key, Silver. ROBERT ANDREW PHILLIPS Hi-Y 3,4, Vice-President 4, Key Club 3, Varsity Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Football 3,4, Basketball 2, Base- ball 2,3,4. NANCY ANN ROBERTS Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Recording Secretary 3, Squad Leader 3, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Lantern l,3,4, Annual 4, Scholar- ship Team l,2,3, Key, Grand Gold. ANN ALFRIEDA SCHWIERMANN Y-Teens 4, G.A.A. 4, Volley Ball 4. CAROLYN RUTH SHRUM Annual 4, Key, Grand Gold. CAROL ANN SPRAKER Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Annual 4, Chorus l,2,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Basketball Manager 2,3,4, Baseball Manager 3, Valley Ball Manager 3,4, CHARLES ROBERT STEELMAN Baseball 2. WILLIAM JOHN TAYLOR Hi-Y 3,4, Treasurer 4, Key Club 3,4, Annual 4, Varsity 3,4, Basketball I, 2,3,4, Class Play 3. JOAN MARY TISHAUS Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,4p Chor- us 2g Lantern 45 Key, Silver. JAMES THOMAS SIMONITSCH Key Club 3,4, Secretary 4, Band 4, Annual 4. U DELBERT GENE STEELE GEORGE TAYLOR Key Club 3,4, Class Play 3. FRED TIEMEYER MARY PATRICIA TURTON Student Council lg Class Officer I, 35 Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Malorette l,2, Head Maiorette 3,45 Lantern l,2,4, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Cheerleader l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4g, Key, Gold. 17 -Is: 'Ulf ml-ws 5' MARY FRANCES TVRDY Student Council 2,4, Y-Teens l,2,3, 4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Recording Secre- tary 4, Chorus 3,4, Lantern l,3, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Co-Editor, Scholarship Team l,2,3, Prince of Peace 4, Key, Grand Gold. DAVID LEE VAN CAMP Key Club 4, Annual 4, Key, Bronze. THOMAS WESLEY WIDMER Key Club 3,4, Annual 4, Varsity Club 3,4, Track 2,3,4. TED GLENN WILLIAMS Key Club 3,4, Annual 4. GAIL ANN WYSNEWSKI Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Glee Club l, Band 2,3, Lantern 4, Annual 4, Basketball 2, Volley Ball l,3,4, Key, Bronze. 18 BARBARA ANN URTON Student Council 3,4, Secretary- Treasurer 4, Class Secretary 4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, President 4, G.A.A. 4, Chorus 2,3,4, President 4, An- nual 4. KENNETH BARRY WESSEL Hi-Y 3,4, Sergeant at Arms 4, Key Club 4, Annual 4, Varsity Club 3,4, Football 3,4, Track 3,4. DWIGHT ROGERS WILES Student Council 4, Class President 4, Key Club 3,4, Vice-President 3,4, Annual 4, Varsity Club 2,3,4, Ser- geant at Arms 4, Football l,2,3,4, Track 3,4, Scholarship Team 2,3, Key, Gold. RICHARD ALFRED WISSMANN Key Club 4, Baseball 2,3. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Bruce Douglas ................ Vice-President Barbara Urton --- Dolores Jackson -, Dwight Wiles ,.,, Class Moho The only reward of virtue is virtue, the only way to have a friend is to be one. Class Flower Forget-me-not Class Colors V Blue and Silver Emerson Secreta ry Treasurer President Awaiting the Great Day! i 1 css , f 1 2 - L, V ' -,N ll V Nl arf ' t Q3 ,., ? .R were H rv?" he A Fx -we, F . -. E f 7 1 mm A Qifi, i :.,, ,. H 4 -fs. 'I 5. 'V' gif i.. ' i C A fa . '.,v Y fi L f he x,.X , il , K ,,J-mira? V 5' W ,L 1 I A- -Q, ' A 1 ez 5 'FR' fm' , ,, it ,-, 65 fx 1 Eg 1 Qs Xl W, i Andrew Arnold Auxier Boker C. Bennett J. Bennett Broniluge Broselton Browne Budd Burnes Buschur Canter Co rson Chaney Clary Conley Curnoyn Dougherty Doy Dieckmunn Eldridge For the Juniors the selection of the closs ring is the biggest thrill of the yeor 20 Ellis Emmert England Gallagher Garvey Glensman R. Hannan Harris Hartley Helton Hodges Holder Knabb Lainhart Lawson M. Miller P. Miller Mosteller Osborn Parks Rascov Schifrin Schneider Schoenharl Striker Sutton Ta rvin Walton Wiggins Wildman Not pictured: Straub 'e RT 3, ,. luis l S l www ' f" .M , - " Q L i Ll .. , 'La X l L Fifzpolflck will L l H 'o.. , , M 2' 'MP V H HL., H Q. , I ' W ew fl' 'ill -' Fouch 5 ., 7 ' L ' W. b A H Friedman K l A L L. L' V L A Graham H ' L If ' L i V' " Greger f .. Y 23' .4 vll H ln:-3 Ai ,gg xr . im A. - Handley ' - , 1 l Q l Y it 'J J. Hannon il 5:3 L"f?f il V ' 'WUV WWA LL l 'MQ . g A l we , wsu ' , r 2 Hartman , . LL'A S ' ' . .b Hawkins 'T L . '22 if F' f ' 'wi' .N ,aw l Heinzelman . ,ijt ' rl, ' V, 25" gg , ... K V 'Mg V K l. it H , ,t,h J 4 . ,n i G Hopkins , I- 5 2 .il y Howe M H I 5 ., 'gn ' x i L Jackson , x 1 '7" V. N L L 4, L 'fy LA Q 'as Justice H 'L " VI' 'M . V :,v I L, A ' 5 A1 'Li f H H all . M Mo, y y S or H r,r HHgg M or H Maddux f 55 1 1 I F K ,yfwxg Vymkix in A Marshall " L 1 N43 .l emi ' A , V H I x M H Meyer N lA 7 wtf H 7 LX' if? 'L ,f L M f. A Q, L. 1 M jing Mulholland ' - lg? M ' it --1 ' Mullins cal l f in 2' L ,1 ll ,. Q : , H A. .. L2 fl MY"95 ' L L ' L' A ' f Je 3 Officer , ' 4 AQC-Wi Y -ff' - A' ' ff! x H ,H H, l, Ri ey L Robbe , ' L Saffin . I i 2 Scharringhausen EHH 2 1 Short Skoff K.. Smith L it fl Q Speeg -pez w , " , "5 Tudor Vetter . Vontz Z Waddell Wocher , H Wortman . - Wright Woifangel 'L by W' Wykoff Yazell Young Q M at A l f 1 L L -Hll l ,, 'if N K I L 2 My .4 . M ELL Q J llgH 3 H'lH H 'Q MQ F B J lil L W' XD . Ar -JP F la f Y I '1- S ,qi ll Ml ig l M J Nfl? f we I !, N we ! '1 M , ,frr ' L1 L ,, E L L5 LLVV L L LL, , L , l will wh l 1 Si N 1 if ' l :SH Hill- 1' in K! of lgaj lt A- , 2. I. .1 Sophomores become more wise than fools. null f.. A iiee , er l? F I X li B M A ll in B B A 5 V ' ' 'S ' V fs, -',. .qk L . Z5 'il A W .Q i M ' - if " 3 D1 :ia i x - - ,g ,N , .X i,. 1, ?i,hZ Z b , 4 lzzz E my ' l L f e x B B ff 1 rig? I " ,.., . 15 3 .' 1 rl: l 5 fm, ,B 4 . .si iile 1 . qL, Q 'i W7 4 :VI H A ig k QLQK- gi il: V i l l ie KA B- '1', eleie , A' in . .-,, 151 1 E'f ' .K ,F t V' D e B if A N ii B Agosiini E. Anderson J. Anderson Bearse Bellew Berger Brown Burns Curr Daily Day Deck SOPHOMORES Bock Ba rd off Bateman Blessing Bolger Brennan Clements Cole Crcpsey Dixon Dye Eyles Fa rmer Field Gaffney Greer Hausman Hayes Iannelli Jackson Johnson Kinney Kirby Kleife Lugar McFerron Mains Pa rkins Peek Pefry Ruff Schieszler Shanks Steingrube Sliller Thierauf Van Fossen Wagers Walters Weftengel Wie bking Wilfert Not pictured: Ellerhorsl Ismael Lawson Miller Phillips Gerlaugh A C. Gilpin + 1 5 . MR 55 ll. Gilpin Hodge xo- ,ss ,K ,,,. Hornsby Hundley l fzwlglk -' -35, Johnsfon Juilfs Kafka .V 'V,- Korb -f," ' Kuntz Q Lloyd A rl., ' Meyer if l. Norris Q1,,,. S. Norris , o,,.1' ",V Phillips 4 l Rine iilzxll M236 H ,ll -- -- I .2 l If Els X gl Sollberger in 1 s. l Sparks ' V , Sluub 1: Xa K H. Underwood I S. Underwood Van Camp - ' Wa rd . Wo rford "" Watls l is 27' 'Q ,y,f5 Williams H V Wilson by yyll Q Wireman is . V Y if Wiftmeyer Wolff Wood ., V. in , l Q . Y H- -x 4 7 sll W l 2 yr, I F sl il l .ll l f if if "l"' A 1., as l - ' , .. ' V f so l ' l lll 1 l 2 3 ll llll 1-2 . l lll' ll fs" i ' v"" A ' 1 1 . slss K ' ll l" "-- . " ' .s 'l"l,'f l 9, :lm . V sl 5 ' :wil-f'iif'11Vi?T" f ,"- fl12-W:i1uffEE?fsi5lY5ilL22 s-"l x Tlx X ,Will in F in I 55 . fi ' L . K .. . y , ylz V , . i e K gl' H .l . '-. . w --Z K L H T K lssl l H "" -- i lxg, I sllsl - ,ll ,ll K - 4 ll zlly R f f y P . ly l m f if W l W ' l H .- 1.5 Z vvl x H ilk ,. 'W . 4 ,V.l L' .,.',' ' ' X .l -A ll ., . llls .l . V . slsls . lsll l ll sll' is , L. .1 , , y i rj, , . i K '.- Y 1 l g .llls or . K ...-... H H . l l l f is .. I ,.,, t . . I l gy V i"' , , -I Q A wi' T r' an , , 4 V . ,krkkk xl H 5 i ll 1 .l W .sl . I I ..l,:- gin: rlvlz ., fx I Q, , .55 ,qlv l sr ' K -if V . ..::' .,. A I 2 ix flis l f gy I y , A QL .l.. l l W. -l mm, A lszifz . .1-'-5... Q , . " f' fr V7 it V r 2. l U.. gi wk, W , .bi 3' F dial -",k7, A if - i p! .--,.' f. 'wif - . , 5. .. .,.i , ,H wifi W i ei, ,.. N was kwa. 5 " . 'limli' 1-...4 41" , . A ' A . .Wk A f- 3 W - -r , Z .K . f -r ' 3 We K R . sz.: .ni e 2 1 ,, . r . is .. R 'R 7 S . gale' 4. is 'W ' 'fh, hh ., H we - Wih. ' M , k M s x , 'jg as J. 'Z' 9, yi N . .., I Ji: . 1 I f ' ' no Q. .M 1 M A L fe is we ,., l T 17 in ,Jw K .2 J , , , fi C , M R , - -1 -P, x f A f ,gy . if I L ' Ni 1 ' 3 , ,. .krkr M 2 his ek ,, 3 46 A h .4 "', S kqi , ka R2 A K F -. I I WMA ' . . wwf! J, .,A'v, -J ' 2 'sf , J of if Y ff2P:f?f ' V V' f 15 xg' Q A, 1 avi. I fi w 1 s 3 3 . We , ,sa r...s , as V Q , Q' ..- if ll 'Y , M f Q A 'A 1, , '33, ,-f 'Q "M gi, 1 I .J QA ML, R ff f. " u,: H f K-of-,ff A , .Ny . 4' in 'W A . - 'sg it V 0- s he -A V . ,p--Q 5 js z -QQ - . ,.. I .Qi L of ,Ar - Q wi, e -1 y ge I i A ' wg ggi? f me W. 1 f-ai ,Q 4 , . K 2 ,kyh 1 Gr fi,M'Mfz X .Jr ,- Wk i 'Q f ,A s ,Q 'll , S C Q. Z' A f 5 V, . . .r , J or ,A A' A. 'Q , irq -vi -e T Q y ,y 4 D y y My T 3 .ff 4-P 'vw' 1 mb. of r 2 ...,. me ,W """i' ,ii A 4, . VE 4? f le Q H will . L . , 4? l H ' A' C C V ' 'YR- fy -.JP 1 Anderson Baker Bell Benneh N. Brown Burion Buschur Calhoun Crawford Curran Downs Elliott Fisher Glnncy Goerke Good Harris Hatfield Helton Hollerman Huber! Hudson Iannelli Jackson Kaetzel King Kleinfeldf Langefeld McDaniel Mack McKechnie Mag ness Mason Massey Masle rson Mayhall Myres O'Dell Parkins Payne Reeves Richardson Rusk Sanborn Beftinger Bowling J. Brown Chapman Cole Combs England Ernsberger Fariello Graf Hadley Hall Honaker Hook Hopkins Johnke Jay Justes La rick Lieberman lyman Ma rcum Marksberry Martin Meyer Mulholland Mullins Paul Pumpelly Rascov Schneider Sch ricker Schweitzer FRESHMEN To ci Freshman high school can be so overwhelming. , "L""'-.-.,,,NM4? s K 1 fx -2 iz Shrimpton Simoniisch Simpson Sifler Sollberger Speeg Steele Stephens Sterling Sirasburger Straub Striker Symmes Theler Topmiller Toren Vance Waddell Whiflach Williams Williams Wissmann Witfmeyer Wocher Wo rm us Workman Wyder J. Young R. Young Zeisler Not Pictu red: Ellerhorsf Payne Stroup , ,Q ff? radii in 'Q sk 1 Mi es. 7 ""' Q "'-: N4 i'ri" Q flgv A 1 W. . - 2 ' C is . , , .,,. V F gm ' , . .,AU,.- V, ll 5:,..,. l,- QQ Z 'W V , Si fi' i b :-- : r Q55 4, M .5 isiiii V- 'W jk, as -pr K- 'ff , VA L , W A Q Amjki V ky K kk 'Kg 43817 '. -3. K r-A 7 5. 'H My ff" l ..i2 ' ' i a A M. if F. ei' KA if X x ' i N i X - - 4. :ff .sa-iw--+. , - K - V. - 3 , , if MQ , . ' . V V. iv 'mr A 3? ws 4 W ' 5 s 1 - in , '55 V L, .yriglsz ., I an :Q f ' k V - ' ' 1 ""' ' E5 " e g , W la Throughout the years Anderson's faculty and students have served their country in war and in peace. ln commemoration who maide the supreme sacrifice for their country in World War ll. Edgar B. Akin Gordon W. Beyer Charles M. Haller Charles N. Jonas Paul H. Kabel Alfred E. Layman Edgar Louis E. Merz Albert F. Messmer Ralph A. Miller David Richardson Charles A. Smith William C. Steele F. Wolfangel Prince of Peace Contest 1954 LEFT S Renneckar E Calhoun K Brown Lawrence Ayer died in the service of his P Hatfield RIGHT B Carson F Tvrdy R Merz CLocal winnerj country, France, 1955. argl 'Q-if-f,-,A-14 if . . V E275 I . VI American Museum of NUIUFGI History New York ACTIVITIES STUDENT COUNCIL mg... ... CENTER: K. Brown, E. Anderson, B. Myres, SEATED: C. Sanborn, W. R. Clark, L. Heizer, J. Burns, F. Wocher, R. Burns, B. Urton, L. R. Hannan, J. Schneider, E. Calhoun, STANDING: E. W. Titus, Kelly, B. Douglas, J. M-addux, D. Wiles, F. Tvrdy, S. Renneckar, Adviser. 28 McKechnie, Da ugherty, Adviser, J K. Christy Officers. Richard Burns, President: Barbara Urron, Secretary-Treasurer, Frank Wocher, Vice-Presideni. ,Mgr Editors. SEATED: B. Applegate, E. Arnold, P. Hopkins, C. Harris, E. Calhoun K. Brown, M. Garr, P. Turfon, J. Bibbins, C. Doggeffeg STANDING: E. Wright H. Merz, Adviser. LANTERN Co-Editors. Karen Brown, Elaine Calhoun. Reporters. ROW ONE: J. Johnson, B. England, N. Owens, ROW Heizer, ROW THREE: M. Daily, D. Wolff, F. Brown,. R. Deck, TWO: J. Tishaus, L. Berkmyer, J. Lawson, B. Officer, P. Miller, L. Braselfon, R. Merz, S. Mullins, J. Burns, P. Kinney, L. C. Vetter, J. Kirby, G. Wysnewski, M. Worfman, N. Roberts, L. Renneckar, P. Handley, J. Mosteller. Adviser. Vera M. Nash Ecliiors. Sue Renneckar Frances Tvrdy Business Manager. Nancy Maddux Literary Staff. SEATED: T. Williams, C. Dog- gette, Editor, C. Batemani STANDING: G. Wysnewskl, R. Merz, R. Ludlow Knot pic- turedl. ANDERSONIAN STAFF Adveriising Siaff. .l. Kelly, B. Urfon, M, Garr, Manager: J. Figgins, J, Mechlin. W . 'fi Typists. B. Carson, J. Gage, L. Berkmyer. Circulation Staff. SEATED: N. Mack, J. Bibbins, C. Alford, D. Jackson, P. Hatfield, J. Keller, STANDING: D. Wiles, D. Van Camp, R. Deck, C. Spraker, N. Roberts, Chairman, B. Douglas, J. Simonitsch, R. Pfeffer. Artists. B. Applegate, E. Daily, V. Fansher, C. Photographers. N. Owens, B. Parker. Shrum. Sports Editors. T. Widmer, L. Heizer, W. Taylor, P. Turton. Junior Editors. SEATED: B. Officer, K. Scharringhausen, C. Buschur, STANDiNG: E. Anderson, J. Anderson. 31 '1 gf , 6 2" 4 - 1 Q gg, L 'X f ,g X :M-gf? -L H ,JW u V ' .Az ' Z if Xl 'iw X T ff fi! as ,. W-sig . S 354,571 QQ In x ?T'N x ,. ,...i A M...-tH vf3f :.:' 7 W--A-aj ' V.. ' will J A-V nf I ,, . ... W A, iq-Ws""""'---5. Upon a basic knowledge of mathematics and science is built an understanding of the atomic age. Miami Scholarship Team. ROW ONE: C. Buschur, M. Garr, C Korb, J. Mosteller, N. Owens. ROW TNNO: B. Myres, C. Richard son, J. Anderson, P, Kinney, M. Mullins, N. Mason, P. Hatfield J. Schieszler. ROW THREE: R. Sollberger, D. Schricker, D. Wiles, V. Carr, J. Young, R. Emmert, W. Mcliechnie. ROW FOUR: J. Schifrin, J. Burns, R. Burns, J. Figgins, J. Simonitsch, D. Wolff, D. Graham. www .... iiifii R lf? AMA r ff, i A X f ' J W. '2i fw .f aQ45m I M as -- 'rrii f snr 1 Grand Gold Key. ROW ONE: S. Renneckar, N. Owens, N. Roberts, F. Tvrdy. ROW TWO: B. Carson, R. Burns, C. Doggette, J. Figgins, C. Shrum. Gold Key. ROW ONE: J. Schitrin, C. Bateman, D. Wiles. ROW TWO: R, Merz, D. Graham. Silver Key. ROW ONE: L. Zimmers, J. Gage, J. Lawson, J. Schneider, C. Yazell, C. Hartman. ROW TWO: C. Buschur, M. Garr, M. Wortman, J. Kelly, N. Maddux, P, Turton, J. Schieszler, B. Parker. ROW THREE: B. Officer, J. Burns, D. Wolff, E. Calhoun, V. Fansher, R. Ludlow, L. Braselton, J. Tishaus. SCHOLARSHIP KEYS Scholarship keys give students a goal toward which to work from freshman days on through Their high school career. These keys represent the number ot A's and B's earned each six weeks' period, A's count two points and B's, one point each. ta i 1 j 1 N2 and ,l t Points Keys 36 ------ e----- ----e ----.s - C B ronze 72 -e--e- --e----f ------ -f-.. L S i Iver '08 e--e-- -:--- -e-s- --... ..... G 0 I d T44 -e---------e---new Grand Gold l80 -e---e ---.s G rand Gold with Guard Bronze Key. ROW ONE: J. Staub, E. Arnold, C. Vetter, C Harris, P. Kinney. ROW TWO: l. Conley, J. Kirby, F. Brown V. Steingrube, C. Korb, J. Galllney. ROW THREE: E. Daily, V Carr, J. Maddux, K. SkoH, P. Carson. Kiln 1 i -"nn, E W 'if Q . . ANDERSON BAND MAJORETTES. B. Carson, N. Owens, P. Turton, Head Maiorefte, J. Gage, M Carson COLOR GUARDS Omcer, M. Ga rr, I 1. : - .sf 37 P. Miller. sew wi Q :.e J .N W- - . J.. K. ' ..,.. M K 3. Izszxiv-'., :P- W . ae., .. 1, .... , ' Piccolos Medford McCoy, I Charme Graf Flutes 91 Nancy Owens, I Charme Graf Susan Ernsberger, II Sue Norris Kay Lieberman Oboe Barbara Elliot Clarinets if if if 'k Bass Lois Berlcmyer, Solo Nancy Maddux, I Janet Tucker Janice Gage, II Ted Borgel Lucille Sharp Joyce Simpson Emily Daily, III Diane Topmiller Nancy Mason Shirley Hannan Robert Young Bruce Ulmer Clarinet Henry Crovvthers SENIOR BAND Alto Saxophones David McCoy, I Clittord Hausman Jerry Chapman, II Charles Richardson sk Tenor Saxophones 9' Jon Mechlin, I William Wocher Baritone Saxophone Tyrone Downs Trumpets T Jack Kelly, Solo David Graham, I Robert Parlcins, II Richard Holmes Carl Hartman, III Richard Casper French Horns Roger Stiller, I Barbara Carson, II Jeannette Gerlaugh, III Dorothy Buschur, IV James Simonitsch uk if Trombones Joyce Kirby, I W Walter Brenner William Nolan, II 36 E Carl Crovvthers Jerry Todd, III Richard Berkmyer Baritone Horns Carol Buschur, I Colin Hornsby Jerry Silver Sousaphones Mary Daily, I James Schitrin Mark Simonitsch Bass Drum Charlotte Gragg Cymbals Marianne King Snare Drums Emma Justes Jack Chapman M Andrew Walters Timpani Karen Scharringhausen Glockenspiel Janet Johnston T - Seniors M - Hospital Nancy Owens, Flute Solo- ist Contest Winner-ist Place. The Anderson Band has helped tremen- dously in fostering school spirit and in develop- ing a greater love for and knowledge ot music among the students. lt has made a spectacular growth, considering the tact that it was organ- ized in i934 with a membership of twenty-two musicians which has now increased to sixty-six. The credit for this growth goes to the hard- working Band Association, organized in l95O, and to a succession of talented directors: Joseph A. Justin, Milton H. Dockweiler, Josef Rudolph, Mrs. Nell Steen, Jack Wellbaum, and Virgil Wilson. Carol Buschur, Baritone Soloist Contest Winner- lst Place. Susan Ernsberger, Flute Soloist Contest Winner- lst Place. 37 - Aw I Band Officers. J. Kelly, President, W. Brenner, Vice President, J. Mechiin, Secretary-Treasurerg J. Johnston Librarian. CONTEST WINNERS Trumpet Ensemble. J. Kelly, R. Parlcins, D. Graham. Fute Ensemble. S. Ernsberger, G. Graf, N. Owens. Brass Ensemble. J. Kelly, R. Stiller, J. Kirby, C. Buschur. Saxophone Ensemble. D. McCoy, C. Hausman, J. Mechlin, T. Downs. 'hir "I 'J 'Rr s Q 'J 5 .5 5' I MW 5 . ' , y S I 1- ,.:. Q vp J A " 5' ..,.,, ..- , V ' r X Q lu., M in 'J' fi. V' " A . s . ,A fy . p, ,jg , .. A J A 1 l , Chorus. ROW ONE: J. Gage, B. Pumpelly, G. Witschger, J. Williams, L. Dieckmann, C. Bateman, M. Miller, C. O'Dell, C. Hollerman, P. Bellew, R. Kafka, M. Bearse, M. Crapsey, N.- Sproker, W. Sutton, C. McDaniel, V. Chaney, J. Bibbins. ROW Owens, C. Sitler, D. Wissmann, D. Jackson, B. Cole. ROW TWO: FOUR: L. Berkmyer, C. Sanborn, V. Fansher, K. Brown, E, M. Wiggins, P. Gallagher, F. Tvrdy, I. Conley, L. Agostini, S. Calhoun, E. Daily, R. Ludlow, B. Carson, B. Waddell, J. Brown, Eyles, N. Moddux, O. Lainhart, E. Fitzpatrick, K. Browne, J. B- Urton. Anderson, R. Wesp, Director. ROW THREE: L. Braselton, J. VOCAL MUSIC Triple Trio. E. Calhoun, L. Braselton, P. Gallagher, L. Berkmyer, W. Officers. B. Carson, Librarian, B. Urton, President, J. Gage Sutton, V. Chaney, E. Fitzpatrick, C. O'Dell, C. Sitler, D. Wissmann,. Secretary, M. Wiggins, Vice-President, D. Jackson, Treasurer R. Wesp, Director. Boys' Glee Club. ROW ONE: R. Buschur, L. Hubert, L. Langfeld, D. Sextet. D. Jackson, C. Bateman, L. Berkmyer, B. Urfon, B Burton. ROW TWO: W. Wocher, R. Parkins, R. Hadley, F. Hopkins. Carson, J. Gage. ROW THREE: T. Downs, C. Hornsby, J. Young, R. Young. E ,.., . ..., l "You call this stuff art!" A LUCKY PENNY 11 Pret-ty smooth!" "Penny would consider this pattern tar too conventional." Penny Pringle Lydia Pringle Caleb Pringle Joanna ,..,... Kerry e.., Greg ..., Gram .,,,., Miss Haskins Mr. Daily --- OShane --- Flash ...,. Cast Karen Scharringhausen Charlotte Harris ---- Dudley Howe --- Carol Buschur --- James Schitrin ---- Carl Hartman ---- Judith Mosteller ---- Margaret Carson --- Medford McCoy ---------- John Young --- Lawrence Daugherty Georgina --- .,,e,.. Patricia Miller Vera .e,,.. Susette ,.., Hulda --- ---- Elizabeth Wiggins --- Patricia Handley ----- Carol Vetter "Hit's water she 9its!" "WhGr'S PGPPYW Mol' plluse' mem dont me mel HERE COMES CHARLIE Cast Nora Malone ,,....,,,.,....., Sue Renneckar Otificer Tim McGrill -W Mrs. Fanny Farnham V- Larry Elliott ...aa,. Ted Hartley .,...,.,.. Vivian Smythe-Kersey W- Uncle Aleck Twiggs ...a,A Charlie Hopps ...,a..... ----- Jack Kelly U- Patricia Turton ---CWC Jon Mechlin William Schneider -ku Nancy Owens - --, George Taylor --- Frances Tvrdy Mrs. Caroline Smythe-Kersey , Christine Doggette Mortimer Smythe-Kersey .,...,C. Ronald Ptetter "lt's such a beastly bore Reading their lines. ,,f ROW ONE: B. Urton, G. Wysnewski, L. Dieckmann, M. Striker, B. England, C. Harris, L. Agostini, B. Brennan, M. Wortman, C. Mulholland, W. Stephens. ROW TWO: K. Scharringhausen, N Owens, J. Gage, R. Ludlow, E. Daily, N. Maddux, F. Brown, N Brown, M. Miller, P. Day, B. Elliott. ROW THREE: C. Doggette, L l-leizer, J. Bibbins, V. Chaney, C. Spraker, C. Korb, P. Kinney, N. Mason, C. McDaniel, B. Lugar, S. Bennett. ROW FOUR: J Kirby, S. Underwood, J. Gaffney, J, Johnson, V. Jackson, L Wiggins, W. Sutton, B. Steele, P. Parkins, S. Straub, P. Miller ROW FIVE: M. Daily, M. Bearse, M. Crapsey, B. Carson, B Parker, J. Newman, C. O'Dell, J. Anderson, J. Hudson, D, Craw- ford, M. Magness. ROW SIX: B. Wormus, R. Kafka, W. Vance J. Williams, S. Meyer, J. Eoriello, P. Reeves, S. Dierker, M. Garr P. Turton, R. lannelli, L. Braselton. Y-TEENS Officers. SEATED: K. Brown, Vice-President, C. Sproker, Squad Chairman, B. Urton, President, C. Yazell, Secretary. STANDING, M. Daily, Program Chairman, C. Korb, E Anderson, Inter-Club Council Representatives, E. Arnold, Social Chairman, B. Officer, Treasurer, D. Jackson, Worship Chairman Knot picturedj. ?"'-fm' N +R. 7 .L 1.1 ROW ONE: C. Vefter, J. Lawson, M. Myres, P. Carson, N Wykoff, C. Yclzell, J. Schneider, B. Officer, E. Arnold, J. Maddux B. Smith. ROW TWO: S. Renneckar, F. Tvrdy, L. Berkmyer, P. Hatfield, K. Skofi, B. Pumpelly, J. Hollerman, M. Mack, G. Jay, J. Hannan. ROW THREE: P. Gallagher, K, Browne, A. Schwier- mann, E. Anderson, J. Williams, N. Sfrausberger, B. Garvey, M. Wortman, J. Anderson, G. Wildman, E. Calhoun. ROW FOUR J. Gerlaugh, J. Mosieller, W. Larson, S. Norris, A. Lloyd, J Wyder, J. Back, S. Eyles, C. Sanborn, G. Marcum, B. Waddell ROW FIVE: I Conley, D. Curnayn, C. Bateman, D. Jackson, J Tishaus, V. Fansher, P. Handley, K. Brown, R. Gilpin, K. Quinlan J. Simpson, B. Cole. ROW SIX: L. Norris, B. Sparks, N. Mack J. Keller, J. Brown, S. Ernsberger, C. Graf, C. Siiler, N. Mayhall D. Topmiller, D. Wissmann, D. Wilson. A lamp unto my feet and a light unto my pathway. Q . ROW ONE W Taylor R Deck D Woltt R Phillips K Wessel D Wolfongel, J. Kelly, W. McKechnie. ROW FOUR: W. Wocher, R Gouker Adviser B Myres ROW TWO R King D Bowling J Parks, D. Burns, C. Hartman, D. Graham, W. Shrimpton, V. S Calhoun T Justice R Symmes B Douglas W Weftengel Stelngrube. ROW FIVE: L. Dixon, F. Theler, D. Schricker, D. ROW THREE R Kleinfeldt W Schneider J Flggins D Waddell Moddux, R. Tarvin, J. Speeg, F. Rusk. The Hi-Y, affiliated with the Young Men's Christian Association, was one of the first clubs organized at Anderson. For twenty-five years it has encouraged its members in developing and maintaining Christian standards of char- acter: clean speech, clean sportsmanship, con- scientious scholarship, and clean living. ROW ONE: P. Haskett, V. Steingrube, D. Wiles, D. Graham, J. Deck. ROW THREE: K. Wessel, W. 5Chr1elClSr, J. MeCl'!l'n -l Simonitsch, J. Figgins, R. Burns, G. Fugate, Adviser. ROW TWO: Maddux, D. Wolfangel, J. Kelly. ROW FOUR: W. Taylor J R. Merz, J. Burns, R. Hannan, D. Woli, E. Wright, C. Cole, R. Parks, C. Hartman, C. Hornsby, D. Hookom, R. Ward, R Parklns ,l"s to nas. QP-4 I f f j 'X N T . X x lin! of V KEY ........ RJ... il , ,,. B J lla The newest club at Anderson was established in the spring ot T954 under the sponsorship of the Kiwanis Club of Anderson Hills. ' Lg . I Officers Paul Haskett .,,.a,ss.,, ,, ' James Simonitsch James Figgins E-- ----a--a--,- President ---a-a----,----a--, Secretary aU-,,---,---,-,-, Treasurer Richard Burns .a..,.aa...a.,,.a -.- Senior Trustee DClVlCl Graham aY.aa.a.,.Ea.,..,. Junior Trustee Vincent Steingrube .a..,.,.a.. Sophomore Trustee Glenn Fugate , ,.,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,E,-, Adviser figs bf' an-Q.. : 1 Q 1 r .... ., ,mw""" 593515 27722 f . sew . .M . - Jw' A' N r ROW ONE: B. Lewis, Adviser, L. Heizer, C. Doggehe, B. England, E. Anderson, B. Parker, P. Turton, F. Tvrdy, M. Wortman. ROW TWO: G. Wysnewski, N. Owens, R. Ludlow, J. Gage, E. Daily, B. Brennan, F. Brown, S. Bennett, N. Fouch. ROW THREE: R. Iannelli, M. Magness, J. Bibbins, V. Chaney, C. Spraker, C. Korb, P. Kinney, C. McDaniel, L. Hodges, R. Kafka. ROW FOUR: it J. Kirby, S. Underwood, J. Gaffney, V. Jackson, N. Mason, B. Steele, P. Parkins, S. Straub, D. Hartley. ROW FIVE: M. Daily, M. Becirse, M. Crapsey, B. Carson, J. Newman, C. O'DeII, J. Anderson, J. Hudson, D. Crawford, B. Wormus. ROW SIX: W. Vonce, J. Williams, S. Meyer, J. Fariello, P. Reeves, S. Dierker, L. Braseltdn, C. Harris, L. Agostini. Z ,f fi I ssl ff W 2 I 1 S , 91:3 N N . Y A ,V . X Ili I In X xl I 'I I y . ' 1 it ,I II ' I -.I - ' - I -Q. . K 1 N A.. X - I I ll fa. -' ' 46 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Officers. ROW ONE: B. Lewis, Adviser: L. Heizer, Presi- dent, P. Turton, Vice-President. ROW TWO: E. Anderson Program Chairman: B. Parker, Treasurer, B. England, Outing Chairman. ROW THREE: C. Doggefte, Correspond- ing Secretary, F. Tvrdy, Recording Secretary. ROW ONE: M. Myres, J. Mosteller, P. Carson, M. Wykoi, K. Skoff, C. Yazell, J. Schneider, B. Officer, P. Miller, E. Arnold. ROW TWO: J. Lawson, C. Vetter, K. Browne, P. Hatfield, B. Pumpelly, J. Hollerman, M. Mack, G. Jay, M. VVortman, J. Hannon. ROW THREE: B. Lugar, P. Gerlaugh, B. Sparks, W. Lawson, A. Schwiermann, L. Berkmyer, J. Tishaus, J. Anderson, E. Calhoun. ROW J .gn Z Ml ff! ll .. -J 1 Z FOUR: C. Mulholland, L. Norris, N. Mack, J. Keller, J Wyder, J. Back, S. Eyles, C. Sanborn, G. Marcum, K Quinlan. ROW FIVE: P. Gallagher, M. Jackson, D. Jack- son, C. Bateman, P. Handley, K. Brown, R. Gilpin, B Elliott, K. Lieberman, B. Cole. ROW SIX: S. Renneckar I, Conley, P. Curnayn, J. Brown, S. Ernsberger, C. Graf C. Sifler, D. Wissmann, D. Wilson, M. Bateman. . :iw qszlsnsiall. f ' on I 1 El Dick Brinkie ROW ONE: R. King, R. Symmes, T, Baker, W. Brinkman. ROW TWO: G. Fugate, coach, R McFerron, R. Schneider, H. Hundley. ROW THREE: B. Douglas, W. Shrimpfon, W, Baker, R Hannon. ROW FOUR: R. Tarvin, D, Wiles, W. Vontz, G. Tudor. ROW FIVE: A. Bolger, F England, R. Burns, T. Auxier, D. Maddux. Clarkie FooTBAu. L' E Ki Darts V IVIQQ Coaches Keplinger and Fugafe Cgpfgin Bob . R K .3 ' f"TX ,,f,i, X, U1 Bruce R T i i i YHA .li ia 48 ROW ONE: R. Hair, D. Osborne, B. Myers. ROW TWO: R. Kleinfeldf, D. Shricker, J. Speeg, R. Keplinger, Coach. ROW THREE: J. Daugherty, R. Ward, L. Curnayn, R. Clark, R. Bardoff. ROW FOUR: F. Wocher, W. Schneider, J. Burns, D. Graham, J. Parks. ROW FIVE: K. Wessel, R. Short, R. Phillips. Varsity Cheerleaders. J. Lawson, N. Brown, E. Arnold, V. Chaney, K. Browne, J. England. 49 Dic is R 'N 2 wg i x M Denny Bill Ken h hmm? ll J sii i f Rhombus w 4 X.-wwf Q e, 44, -. 11, 'W QK SAQRPAWRN3' ?W - WTSYMTJ' A - - TP- f Q as , Am JT' f-MM 2 ,fi X. NX K 3 ,ff XM my 6 '-,.,.-M ' 5 Xu. x Q 14 fl 'f r f xg wg 4-ffiff xXx ' Ns v ' - B - ':-2, m xx . 3 X N 7 'I' , ' X f f X X R WAN :rx 6 X A +4,3Hs7Y I X BASKETBALL SCORES Anderson Sycamore Anderson Indian Hill Anderson Glendale Anderson Amelia Anderson Taylor Anderson Milford Anderson Colerain Anderson Mt. Healthy Anderson Amelia Anderson Withrow Anderson Madeira Anderson Harrison Anderson Sharonville Anderson Terrace Park Anderson Loveland Anderson McNicl'1olas Anderson Hughes Varsity Team. ROW ONE: B. Meyer, Manager, R. Burns, G. C. Cole, W. Rine, W. Taylor, J. Cruse, Coach, D. Berger T Tudor, J. Burns, R. Hannon, J. Young, Manager, ROW TWO: Auxler, E. Rebbe. "N, ff --. ,-...JMS BASKETBALL Reserve Team. ROW ONE: B. Myres, R. Kleinfeldt, R, Word, R, Couch: R, Wolters, W. Helton Clemenfsy ROW TWO: H. Underwood, S. Calhoun, J. Cruse, 'Q' , , 4 W ,, 1 . ,S 8 5 " 1' WT Y i , is ,, 74,-K. .22 X cg 5 Q H T- Q4-ff' Q 1. T H 4- 6 k , d 1wi:..1-nf ' 'is K vf ' f ses- 7. , . , .. 'wee :. 'K ,.:-Q...-Q. -a .ft .. V WE 5. ,za ,,,: . . . .,.: . ,:., ,,,, .VLD, . ,. .. , - X E F. . - x ' 155 ' f y 1 gif' Q. . Y i -"nf 21. 'L x x .. k , ,,., .., -r iUiLSf'x1s. , 'L - s, . uk.: : K . , . - 55 .. fffSQf55EQ:7,: . W, v - V r " FJ: 'MX . 'c-"5f""N?1i' Q f- -1. . i. sz 1.1 ff 1 .,. -1 ez.. '.w,,nf:' N ,Ai is -Lgmxfzx . - 15131-' , Ns 1 , s sr l , .g A ,. ,, ..,,. ,Q Q .WN H.. I ff252'eifgifis:WiL i xg :'f2'eEagY'2 f .. ' 7 ' , 2 .. , .. .. K . 1 , 15. -. ski ex E 3 :se - sa I s ei. , . g i sr - ' 3 ,. .2 . 1 M., 5 ye X ' 5, 5 U . K .3 1, ,i 1 r ' ff .xi w , 2 Q , T , 1 4 . 1 , W . . . . C if . ' 14 9' , 5 fi:- , L 5 1 ma N . Q ..:: A ,V I K , K" i l 5 . . g . .ff K 3 'ij 'F , Q ,f X ff f fm A .. .,,. . , ,. , --'- mf-V ' .. Varsity Cheerleaders: E. Arnold, K. Browne, P. Turion, J. Lawson. Reserve Cheerleaders: P, Miller, J. Mosfeller, D. Wissmcnn, N. Brown. Lust minute instructions. l M K , gg, .fm 3 :K,. , A. , 4 Q.. E, lf J .ALA r N X . sg an S Alesis' Sl lf- be Q - ROW ONE: R. Walters, C. Cole, C. Hornsby, R. Pfeffer, D. Wright, Manager, ROW THREE, D. Graham, F. Wocher, G. Berger, C. Brown, Coach, ROW TWO: J. Schweitzer, Manager, Tudor, J. Burns, R. Ward, J. Parks. D. Osborne, R. Sollberger, R. Burns, R. Fagin, W. Mckechnie, E. BASEBALL SPRING SPORTS Hamilton Counfy Runners-up. ROW ONE: K. Wessel, D. Waddell, Manager, W. Shrimpfon, B. Douglas, W. Harris, W. Rine, J. Daugherty, F. Hopkins, Manager, R. Clancy, Manager, ROW TWO: S. Calhoun, G. Deck, R. Rannan, D. Wiles, R. Kleinfeldt, P. D. T. TRACK Hopkins, W. Helton, W. Schneider, G. Heinzelman, A. Meyer Howe, T. Auxier, G. Fugale, Coach, ROW THREE: R. Clark, Eldridge. W, Meyer, W. Brinkman, L. Hubert, D. Schricker ' , ' Env f LS-i ,M5,.,U:,L.lmgylmy...,..:i,.!cY .Sei . .... . E .1 g5g..5g,iga,ae:sfe's-- '- f ...em fmsc. ivrssiifis? " ffi?L:iTE:fl 7" . Dt- QQ. 51 45.1. el-Tr' lei, Q1 J sa 0' ,pw UQG Ip vi -:effigy , I u Varsity Team. ROW ONE: B. Officer, C. Buschur, C. Veffer .QP "BI ' va? ,.: 7 ,Ins-"VL 'mark . k . f Q,.. . -.K N Q -A Q-9 A Syria ,Z .,.. . M, ,. K A FE ' ,SLT fm .fx . ff.- . , My em. . ,..,.5,,h , K. Coach, B. Urion, Score-keeper, L. Heizer, P. Gallagher J Skoff, V. Chaney, J. Newman, P. Turion, ROW TWO: B. Lewis, Schneider, C. Harris, K. Browne, E. Arnold, Manager. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Reserve Team. ROW ONE: D. Crawford, D. Wissmann, P. Reeves, F. Brown, J. Williams, S. Meyer, J. Fariello, B. Cole, ROW TWO - 1 ',f- . 5 . ..-M ' 4- . K .fx . .. .. 1 -. .vw 'f ' - .-H11 . 'Hit Q. . T A me F- ei. 1' 1' 2. 5 ' rf x if il 1 :fy ,,,. Xi .1 J T9 ' va A. K7 - .2 S ' B 2.64.5 E' 4' 1 Yi T ff. Nb ' lg f Q N x C. Korb, C. O'Dell, J. Kirby, E. Anderson, R. Gilpin, J Ancler Christmas Formal PARTIES Junior-Senior Prom 1955 ! ,fi ' 5321? .MF l ff K. Z. :Q .6 1. X X, ,ll iii? 2 2.12.53-'f' K, A vs X 2 l .SQ 3"'Wsaisf's1 1 1- ilggff g if ,fi - "ggi 1. mil ' f - 3' F35 'f'?f" I A V , is x . - , l ..,., . , up " J' e Q gs adsl? 1 K Q 'Q ,N 2.3 x 9 X O .K . 1- ' 11:51. X' i. 11 , fM'W'ffU3'4sfi rf X6 ' , - - 'xfflifiglm ' ' ' V iv f . ,f X' , " -' -. . . ,..,.., Q mi, I . . M- - ns' .4,Mww. . ,gs .:,-wfsxffziixfw 'sfltzii-E :5'3l'1'..l "Viz .. sif'i5ilflss,,- isa . N L Q. ' ' gig - ' . :W Piwissifeir' . . 11,37 .s ag:-GZQSYQQP' Y ., ., I ...mi ,.:' mm. x.eff'f5f sfl"'f37ff5f-ii:-f7gjN' S ii, '9iffi?i?iii9' -sfrfwifa L 1 J ,- Flfffsigrlff - M "wi 'f if ,wfszgifsgisisf 'guy -.k,,.. , sf, I z-WT Homecoming Queen Dolores Jackson Homecoming Queen and Attendants: J. Williams, G. Marcum, A. Lloyd, P. Miller, J. Kirby, B. Urron, P. Handley, D. Jackson, Queen. X334 - W- ,ss X V i s W , gig 'fear M ... , ffm - as?--S, -xs- V mga if? fs. .fmfilszgr W , em. my Junior-Senior Prom Queen Patricia Turion 58 ROYALTY ROYALTY 4.9 Q A , 'sf .1 if ,X 3' ff ' "' I , j ,efxx if Y ' iff! A ,A L Q we iff' r nf K , .fifffgxiliixg Y Junior-Senior Prom King Dwight Wiles vez- 59 J , .- f sw . L ,,,. fig W3 - li, ywkmmiy sf 1 ,f waz, Sf? --nw 'Tess Band Sweeihe Barbara Cars arf on Band Sweetheart and Aifendanrs V Chaney P Miller, C. Doggette, B Urron P Turton B Car son, Sweetheart, A WF:-F rf A Q, fx Q ,uW,,, WA Mmm X WMM , A. ,,., U .J., ,,..,. , ,L V wfwxsmwmmlmgwszregssrmrkafrggyw-H+-2--JH ' f--laws--Ti!if'fW',Q'iV5 fil'iLff.Qfl'u " K ' riff 'isis .ln Q M Presenfation of Class Gift. CLASS Senior Class. Piano Quarter. President Wiles presents key to President Wocher. Twenty-five Year Teacher Recognition-Mrs. Mary Sfruke and Mr. Charles Brown. Looking Back through Twenty-five Years. . WV, 'Q ,J 74 2f""":1 1 ,E 61 wr, - Vicki and Friends. : 1 -' V I moan, . L Sk cu?-M51 , .L , -i . g ,Q ,gfpey iw., i .. ' X f- ' - "- ' ' x X 13,3 ' 1? i i M. , v fist? er m ' J J '4 A . , -i.Q553g3,:e,... , k QW , LJ fha Dear John. . .3 11252 is 5 . -Li fi iii gl :E yiqi ISK, if 5 X ff id f , , giv L, N A V .gn ,. . me -, if. e -- ' , ,ilf P, Qyy 1 K , 1.1 K, QPF' iff? :QQL ., , ,, , . I-ffl. A A . . ' :' ,-Lk - - ,U . . V 5 K E ' w - -mix f-f- i - -f 7- jf- .W V. .. 7 V ff, ,. , X 1 X 5 can '5 1 xx 'X Q 5 233 Y H 3 Q Y NX s' A ,sp 1- 1 . nik, iw m X 4 E 1 ,555 4 'qi 5 N 2 E Q, 1' rx f Q f ' fi ff X ,-f A Qu.:-, 4 ,- d ' k . Af iiii ig . A A Riff ,,... , 4 Charleston Line. f Hg f g gzzwfg gflyi ii? 11 L I ia ' 7 'i ii Fi iig , , , , 5. . ., Qu i i X -- -' ' L1 in 215 'l.i?'f.5!fL. " 7 - 2 ' -f fl , . A 7? iii' , x W- '?' ii if V' f"X?f.'fii fi-l il? ,X-if iff M , 2 ' ' 'i .Ns ., QQ g - 2 f 1 , ' - 815 s . Iii , Y i ii f " ,i ' ,- X E SQ. -J ' J- A f Q A "-- -, P' diy, 5, fwi. . L C H , ,TFL ". X42 i AX wa 4,4 ff . , .s. , W-v.N , ff -. F- - , in M FU ax 'V' 51- ..- ' xA f Q, .. , -will - -- i i :T ., A - liz! 9 1955 tg, H- it ' K ANDERSON'S 25th COMMENCEMENT Richard Burns Nancy Owens Sue Renneckar Raymond Merz Valedictorian Salutatorian Faculty Outstanding Student Student Council Scholarship Outstanding Athlete Award Award 'I A l' ttn i f ttltl IQ? affla .. : , dl lgi ,V l ' Rev. A. B. Shrum, Dr. Clyde Hissong, H. D. West, Wm. M. Judd, E. W. Titus. H. D. West, Superintendent. ' Y J. Maddux, assisted by E. W. Titus, presents diplomas. Caroline Bateman Lorraine Heizer Lois Berlcmyer .lack Kelly Y-Teen Scholarship G.A.A. Award Band Service Medal Bond 56I'ViC6 Medal 1?"'4 .e,1 f.?i-Q. Q L ' QW-xg . . 5 1' , , Ol . - na .W A K- t.. , - ,mf 1 'ft' , " . 1 117,,n an ts G 15 :M A W x tv 'iw Q vga , .13 xx' L X f Q Q ' .4-at Q K 1 x, ., 7 ' ski, Wittiest, ROW TWO: Raymond Merz, Best Monnered, Bar- bara Carson, Best Dressed, James Figgins, Best Looking. SENIOR POPULARITY POLL ROW ONE Sue Renneckar Frnendlnest Best Mannered Lorraine Wittiest, Richard Burns, Most Popular, Most Athletic, Brainiest, Heizer Most Athletic Dolores Jackson and Ronald Pfetfer Patricia Turton, Most Popular, Best Dancer. M . -. S A - xx L U lg, American Museum of Natural History New York ADVERTISING and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. SENIOR PARENTS Orie W. Alford Earl W. Applegate H. A. Peeno Richard Bateman Charles G. Berkmyer Carl L. Bibbins Walter C. Brenner Elmer R. Brinkman James L. Brown J. D. Burke H. L. Burns D. E. Calhoun Wellman W. Carson Cecil V. Clark C. Franklin Daily John E. Daugherty Walter C. Deck Henry Dierker Louis E. Doggette L. E. Douglas R. W. Fansher Elburn Figgins Stanley W. Gage Jack T. Garr Richard E. Hair Loring V. Haskett Delmer T. Heizer Frank Hundemer Frank Jackson George Jackson, Jr. Horace G. Keller John H. Kelly Edgar Lawson, Sr. William E. Ludlow Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Rev. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. M. O. McCoy and Mrs. William Mack and Mrs. Joseph W. Maddux and Mrs. Russell Maddux and Mrs. H. Z. Maddux and Mrs. John F. Mechlin Albert Merz Jeanette Newman and Mrs. Gayle Owens and Mrs. Robert J. Parker and Mrs. Fred Pfeffer and Mrs. Andrew Phillips and Mrs. Bernard Renneckar and Mrs. William Beard and Mrs. William J. Schneider and Mrs. Joseph Schwiermann and Mrs. A. B. Schrum and Mrs. F. J. Simonitsch and Mrs. John W. Sprakar and Mrs. Delbert Steele and Mrs. Melvin Steelman and Mrs. George W. Taylor and Mrs. William Howard Taylor and Mrs. John Tishaus and Mrs. Fred Turton and Mrs. Frank Tvrdy and Mrs. Fred Holbrook and Mrs. John Van Camp and Mrs. C. Wessel and Mrs. J. W. Widmer and Mrs. George E. Wiles and Mrs. Max Williams and Mrs. Alfred Wissmann and Mrs. Gus Wysnewski Dorothea lVickroyJ Maddux, Class '31, James Maddux, Class of '55 OFFICERS Mrs. Charles Osmond ,,,,, W ,,,,,,,, .......... P resident Mrs. Walter Woertz ,W c-- Recording Secretary Mrs. Adolf Meier W. .......... Vice-President Mr. Richard Gouker -. -.,---,. .,.,,,,,,., Treasurer Mrs. Thelma Wegelin s sn, Corresponding Secretary Since its organization in October, l929, the Anderson Township Parent-Teachers Association has granted material aid to our school. The goal of P.T.A. is to bring about better understanding and co-operation among parents and teachers and to promote the welfare of the boys and girls ot Anderson Township School. Monthly meetings are held the third Tuesday of each school month, at which time an interesting pro-gram, as well as the regular business meeting, is pro- vided tor all who attend. 67 BLOM AND DAUGHERTY PLUMBING - HEATING 211 Automatic Gas Water Heaters New and Remodeling Work 2124 Oxford Avenue Bliechmont 8876 CLERMONT SPRINGS DAIRY 8425 Beechmont Ave. Phone BE 8854 Home Delivery Service Wm: we Dm- 5,44 CLYDE C. INGRAM and Associates AUTO - FIRE - LIFE INSURANCE BEechmonf 8827 7711 Beechmont Ave. Cincinnati 30, Ohio SALEM-PARKVIEW MARKET 6661 Salem Pike Quality Mears - Produce And Groceries Phone BEechmonf 9883 BEechmonT 8546 -'Th ' FORESTVILLE FOOD MARKET 7740 Beech mont Avenue Forestville, Ohio JULIUS SOLLBERGER COWPERTHWAITE FLORIST Flowers for all Occasions BEechmont 7158 Cherry Grove if Q v 7 I I x , 5 'mm ,gags W Compliments of WOLFEB'S Forestville Pharmacy rnsscmrnons "Dedicated to the Practice of Pharmacy" Phone: BEechmont 6680 Forestville, Ohio 'af WALKER CLEANERS WILLSON DAIRY PRODUCTS MAKERS OF HOLIDAY ICE CREAM PA. 6550 FRED ZELLER 81 SONS Builders' Supplies - Hardware - Pittsburgh Paints 2075 Mr. Carmel - tobqm Rd. 81 P 8 J Batavia 2344I BE. 839I Meats Fruit Market FANSHER REALTY Realtor BE' 5596 SALEM 81 BEECHMONT BE. 4469 Choice Meats Home Grown Fish Fruits 81 Vegetabies -I-HE BRASS SHOP - GIFTS Poultry Canning Specialties 2227 Beechmont Ave. BE. 4I90 Phone BE 9860 Congratulations and Good Luck to the Graduates MT. WASHINGTON RECORD SHOP 2223 Beechmont Ave. g. 4" . , -ng-A wwf Jmryhwwlwis-,Q we -:ai W JUDD MOTORS, INC. y Chrysler Plymouth Good Used Cars 3151 LINWOOD RD. EA. 1566 Compliments of W. GAYLE OWENS THE VILLAGE MARKET INSURANCE A Better Food Store H61 Eight Mile Road Withomsville, Ohio 8228 Bo. 2-3125 Phone BA 23931 25 years of friendly service KLOPMEIER HARDWARE 206i Beechmoni Mt. Washington Compliments of CLARK CLEANERS Compliments of WITHAMSVILLE SUPPLY COMPANY 953 W. Ohio Pike Amelio 3, Ohio Phone Bofovio 3-6261 BOB'S beauty 8g heolfh center 6665 SALEM PIKE BEeChmonT 9072 BE. 9890 HAN DY PANTRY FOODS B h t t S I CINCINNATI ATHLETIC eec mon G G em Ccxrm Bill Ange Fariello Brim Fariello GOODS COMPANY BUDD PAINT 110 West Fourth Street WALL:::llER CO Cincifmatiiohio 2123 Beechmont BEechmonT 8547 MADDUX TEXACO SERVICE Beechmonf and Salem BEechmont 9826 Compliments of THE FORESTVILLE FUEL 8: SUPPLY CO. "Try Forestville First" Hardware - Builders' Supplies - Feed FORGAS Gas - Oil- Electrical Appliances 7715 Beechmoni Ave. BE. 7640 Compliments of SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS J B P d FyB VPd Ed Ad 5 Y C ICI T C0111pli11ze11ts of TPI' 5 If-SHIP BE 8488 Cincinnati 30, Ohio 2242 Beechmont Ave. MULLER'S SHOES 81 SHOE REPAIRING QUALITY MATERIAL AND EXPERT WORK Poll Parrot .........................,,.,. Ball Brand PRESCRIPTION AND CORRECTIVE WORK 2061 Beechmont Ave. Beechmont 9851 ULMER SOHIO SERVICE 6389 SALEM PIKE BEechmont 9858 GLASER-WI LSON MOTOR CO. SALES - SERVICE 7636 Beechmont Ave. CINCINNATI 30 FORESTVILLE BEechmont 7236 BOHRER BROS. FLORISTS 6165 Salem Rd. BE. 7175 Compliments of McDANIEL,S Food Market "Dot Quality F oods" CROCERIES - FRESH MEATS - PRODUCE FROZEN FOODS Cherry Grove BE. 9800 SALEM BARBER SHOP Corner Salem 81 Beacon IVAN FINEOUT, Proprietor Compliments of 7"oa4eofWZefndl geaatq Salon 6131 Corbly Road MT. Washington PHONE: BEechmonI 9923 'Sf '13, 41 W, Q ? 4 in . A K x X- - 1 Dx'--c "N--..-..,, Q. J.:-...K ui North Central Association Member - 1954. Senior President, Dwight Wiles, and Executive Head, H. D. West, admire membership certificate. High School Library - 1951. Student librarians work busily. Kindergarten. Vocational Guidance. Future teachers, Carolyn Schrum and Emily Daily, observe kindergar- ten story hour. ADDED THROUGH THE YEARS . . . High School Principal, E. Wayne Titus. Phone PA. 2725 Stanley W. Gage Compliments of STANI.EY'S BRAKE, WHEEL 81 AXLE ANDERSON CO. KEY CLUB axles straightened - knee action wheel alinement complete brake service - safety lane corrections wheels balanced 1413-15 Republic St. Cincinnati 10, Ohio The Richest Child is poor without MUSIC training Thanks and Good Luck MT. WASHINGTON RAY LAMMERS Music House, :Nc TEXACO SERVICE 534 Walnut si. Cincinnati 2, Ohio Beechmont 81 Corbly CINCINNATI - 30 - OHIO UNIVERSAL TV SALES SERVICE 8010 Beechmont Avenue BE-5597 OFFICERS Frank Wocher President Ronald Hannon Vice-President Patricia Miller Secretary Margaret Ca rsbn Treasurer Compliments of JUNIOR CLASS MT. WASHINGTON HARDWARE 21 I 0 Beechmont Avenue BEechmont 7766 SCHWARTZ Men's 81 Women's Shops Nationally Advertised Apparel Mt. Washington CHILI'S BEECHMONT PHARMACY 2103 Beechmont Ave. BEechmont 7278 Compliments of the ANNA K. DAVIS WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION CHESTER SHEATZLEY AND SON Complete Food Market 2063 Beechmont Ave. BEechmont 612 5 We Deliver "There is no evidence that alcohol stimulates creative thinking." R. R. Spencer, M.D. U. S. Public Health Service Compliments of VARSITY CLUB Richard Burns - President Robert Phillips - Vice-President Ronald Clark - Treasurer Bruce Douglas - Secretary Dwight Wiles - Sergeant at Arms L A N G 'S Service Station Between Withamsville 81 Amelia, Ba. 3-8546 ANDRES SUPPLY COMPANY Best Wishes 2411-Mt. Carmel and Tabasco Rd. Cincinnati 30, Ohio LUMBER, BUILDERS SUPPLIES FEED, COAL, ROOFING, FERTILIZER Withamsville, Ohio LIGHT CONSTRUCTION CO. Excavation,Black Top Drives,Crushed Stone,Road Building Trucking, Sand 81 Gravel 8997 Ohio Pike Cincinnati 30, Ohio Phones: Batavia 3-3311 BEe-chmont 6203 Ba 2-3125 or 2-1692 FROZEN FOOD CENTER 8532 Beechmont Avenue Cincinnati 30, Ohio "Complete" Locker Plant Services Food-Freezer Plan Cangratulations . . . to the Class of '55 from your Telephone Company "A 6000 PLACE T0 WORK" Hyde Pdfk l Custodians. John Powell, Reed Little, Adrian Nichols, Harold Browne. Cooks. ROW ONE. Nora Richards, Sylvia Metre, Helen Mueschler, Jesse Albanese, Gladys Askew. ROW TWO: Mildred Leuser, Vergie Borgel, Maud Clifton, Agnes Ballow, Ruth Burck, Rosemary Keller. Lunch time. -m1n11uunmq-samsung-uuuumfwffulmfrf :,efmf:,nrmmMm,.s.wuwM. .... My Prompt Home BE. 9944 Delivery Res. BE. 6835 Compliments of SILVER OIL COMPANY Jabber and Distributor FUEL OIL - GASOLINES - MOTOR OIL RALPH SILVER Clough Pike 81 B Mile Rd. Cincinnati 30, Ohio Compliments of AYERS 8. GRAF, CIVIL ENGINEERS AND SURVEYORS WILLIAMS GROCERY AND Sales Service HUDSON MEAT MARKET Hornets 7756 Beechmont Ave. BE 7234 Wasps R bl I' I am ers Chris Comp 'ments O Marguerite Gail Nancy Fran Elaine Barb Caroline C. B. Sue Dolores .Ianice Vicki BENNETT MOTOR SALES 7863 BEECHMONT AVE. BE. 7970 ENV IIIIE I I JIM. I Hill' oil -:sto IN I , 25 Years DeSOTO PLYMOUTH Dealer 8185 BEECHMONT AVE. TELEPHONE BE. 7490 CINCINNATI 30, OHIO Bus Drivers. ROW ONE: C. Wolfangel, R. Walker, J. Justice, E. Taylor, E Hauke, J. Wallace. ROW TVVO. A. Arthur Taylor our only Twenty-five year driver. Taylor, C. Wllferf, B. Ulmer, D. Koesfer C. Wiffmeyer, J. Davis. DEPENDABLE . . . EARL D. ARNOLD PRINTING COMPANY HOT ROD FLEET Dwighf Bruce Tom Telephone MAin 1-2893 Ken Dick Ronnie Bi" John Geofge 139-143 Eesf Third sf. cineinnen 2, Ohio Jim Brink Bill R -..-f' Ky Proiedion Club. ROW ONE: J. Kirby, C. Korb. ROW TWO: T. Mczrksberry, R, Bell, R. Emmerr, D. Wolfungel, L. Hubert, ROW THREE: M. McCoy, J. Young, P. Hopkins, V. Good, G. Paul. HERE AND THERE CBD sux 4. r' Accidents will happen, Trophies collected through the yeors. is '1 ag f f E 5, 1 .Q 4 A V Ya 5 .i ' 9, - . .if A 1 !,.5.. N . ,1 'if b P x ,, ,. 3. 2-v,,,,5f-,. , , .15'.Q,,,AL,,g,-,u .,, . i I , Ah J , . .Aw . K, . , , 5 X r 4 --r: -'L 'N' " L 1 ,- z , ii. , "KL,-','1 QE'-, ' xL:L.: wx ,V rf ,f in - ,- K - 1 ' ,gggffp in 'LT ' xtfuf s, ,hh .A .. A - .- 1555 W Piazza'--A. -Lwsg c aiyl .-,Q ' 'Q iii? ' ibn 1' AY , A ., ,, . ..., ..q..Q,,., , . . .,- ,A,,,1-gg. ,J I I, . . . ,,,,,,,w.i,,,E 3 x 4:5

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