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, i C922 JZZJQJXGIZIZII ffl Anderson Township High School Cincinnati 30, Ohio Published by SENIOR CLASS OF 'I953 Volume XXIII :ww .,... K. 4 H 3-M .... li 4-": Vfa'i'1 - and ' '1 'H , ,uf ,Q V K ' -'FM1' ,sM..1, k ,,f5w,L:w:vi:W'viv"' S2 - - W 1 -ffw . fill-. , , f- ix, .4 'K' 't ' ,W fm ,x, ."kf--.K .Q ' - '. .mm 'Q 'LM ' F, . :'u'l-' 1 . L Y 'L.:f':""w . ,P N, L '--- , A '-'-ff1R'fw- v Ff"x' V , -, +' --vm,-.V 'M 'M-. Q' ., N-1, ,, , UMA' Kyra: 1.:-my 4 gr-ff , Q- . K ' ' 0 - - - -, f f, W .. Kfyfxuff- Ah K 5-wg, .W A is . ,1 .., - '15 - ' -' H Y ' wfQ,Sf, . K A' 'fi-115'-:i'L' . 7 .. ?ofzewoui "To live content with small means, to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion, to be worthy, not respect- able, and wealthy, not rich, to listen to stars and winds, babes and sages with open heart, to study hard, to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never, in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and un- conscious, grow up through the common-this is my symphony." William Henry Channing 3 it -in-..,,,, MR. CHARLES L. BROWN We, the Class of l953, dedicate our Andersonian to Mr. Charles l.. Brown-one of the early members of Anderson Town- ship High School's faculty. He first served as coach and teacher of history, but later substituted the duties of Director of Athletics for those of coach. ln each role "Brownie" has been eminently successful, for he possesses that outstanding attribute of the suc- cessful teacher-the ability to gain the confidence of his pupils, to become their counselor and friend. Mr. Brown is a link with the glory of the past and a pillar of strength in the present, but it is not alone for these characteristics that he is honored with this dedication. He looks to the future and believes in the future. Because he is possessed of this last quality-more than for any other-we now acclaim him. 4 T t""l5 X , , YW + , Scene Sane X Page Pc eworcl 3 y . . n 4 Y -ff Wil? ff' 5TqQ, ffvwvw ' ' v 4fffG'f if X ,ag ,J 2...-f f Q :LEA .i:'Xrx?Ir"' FH: FX I, fly-Q 'ESQ kfffl an 1 'IJ 'F LJ sf A'-1. 1" ' -:...--'xsgywf wa -'-Q . ' s . 1 '.Y'r- '- s . 43 R Photographers. A. Albiez, S, Ludlow, J. Gomien. Circulafion Staff, ROW ONE: J. Ezell, M. Moore, F. Fischer, W. McNeesp ROW TWO: J. O'Banion, R. Wilfert, P. Ney, K. Turfon, S. Wigger, S. Ludlow, ROW THREE. R. Kendall, W. Hawkins. ...,-..m-.-- ,rg ' r ..... . Literary Edi1ors.C. Graham, E. Beck. Wuerdemon Sports EdlfOl'S K Uebel P Kay "'k..'?.." 5" '7',f"f2"?!"'-. , V, T""7'7"!"-.r:fr""f'T""':-'f'.f"T' ' r --.Q-V , f v William Judd Clarence Bell, Jr. Joseph Mqddux President Vice-President Membe, Zaaul " ,i X ' lj X X 1 NA X l, If X Andrew Withrow Edward Wright Whisnoml George E. Member Mambo' Business Manager ' 'r . Q ' A 1 7 Mr. Charles A. Taylor Executive Head Principal My first year at Anderson Township has been most enioyable. The willing cooperation of teachers, pupils and parents has been so com- plete that my change to a new position was made with a minimum of time and effort. It is my sincere pledge to add the benefits of my training 'and experience to those of all the others, who are interested in education here at Anderson, so that we may provide our young people the very best opportunities for successful citizenship. The challenge is great, but the educational facilities and the personnel are available in ample proportions to accomplish that purpose. Do you understand, Miss Silver? RALPH SILVER Clough Pike 81 8 Mile Rd Miss Vera M. Nash Ohio Wesleyan, B. A., University of Cincinnati, M. Ed., University of Kentucky, School of Library Science, Senior Adviser, Librarian, English IV. Mrs. Mary H. Struke Miami University, B. S., Junior Ad- viser, Spanish I, ll, English III. Mr. Roy Tucker Ohio State University, B. S., Junior Adviser, Chemistry, General Science, Physics. Miss Helen A. Merz Hanover College, B. A., Sophomore Adviser, English I, ll. Mr. Norval Humphrey Miami University, B. A. in Industrial Arts, Sophomore Adviser, industrial Arts. 32.--er, - -, ly. . 9 4 9 Mr. Charles L. Brown Miami University, B. A., B. S. in Education, Senior Adviser, World History, Modern History. Mr. Kenneth Christy Ohio University, B. A., Junior Ad- viser, Algebra I, ll, Plane and So- lid Geometry, Trigonometry. Mrs. Ruth Kershner University of Cincinnati, B. A., Soph- omore Adviser, General Business Training, Practical Mathematics. Mrs. Pauline Minder Ohio University, B. A., M. S., Soph- omore Adviser, Latin l, ll, Home Economics I, ll, lll, IV. Mrs. Marian Benhase Heidelberg College, B. A., Freshman Adviser, Girls' Physical Education, Health. Mrs. .lean H. Kerr Miami University, B. A., B. S., Fresh- man Adviser, French l, ll, English l, ll. Mr. Leonard E. Hartloff Miami University, B. S., Freshman Adviser, Typing I, ll, Shorthand I, ll, Bookkeeping. Mr. Virgil H. Wilson Westminster, University of Cincin- nati, B. S., College of Music, B. M., Junior and Senior Band. Mrs. Dorothy Mcl.ean Texas State College for Women, B S., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Violin Certificate, Vocal Music. 5015! ?"Q D 'F g X QU!- Mr. D. Gere Watkins University of Cincinnati, B. A., M. A., Freshman Adviser, American History, Civics. Mr. William A. Simcox Bluffton College, B. S., Biology, Gen- eral Science. Mr. Joseph R. Cruse University of Cincinnati, B. S. in Education, Boys' Physical Education. Miss Grace Hartzel University ot' Cincinnati, B. A. A., B. S., Cincinnati Art Academy, Art. Mrs. Thelma Morgan College of Nursing and Health, University of Cincinnati, R.N. 74emauzavmq4emz'7daw -f0ltQ4ff6'LCZ6044464f5d0t0!4t0'!f6,H Wordsworth 1 ALICE K. ALBIEZ LAWRENCE A. AYER Y-Teens I,2,3,4, Cabinet 45 G,A.A, lg Chorus lj Boys' Glee Club lg Class Volleyball Manager 25 Class Play 35 Play 35 Annual Staff 45 Scholarship Annual Staff 4. Team I,2,3. EDWIN R. BECK 3 Hi-Y 3,4, Vice-President 45 Chorus lg Boys' Glee Club Ig Class Play 35 wk Annual Staff 45 Lantern 3,4, Sports PATRICIA J' BUDD Editor 45 Scholarship Team I,2,35 Y-Teens 2,3,45 G,A.A. 2,3,45 Annual Key, Gold. Staff 4. JACQUELINE A. EZELI. CARL A- BUNTING Y-Teens i,2,4, GAA. i,2,4, chorus Varsity Club l,2,3,45 Football Man- l,2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club I,2,3,45 ager l,45 Basketball Manager I5 Volleyball 25 Track l,35 Class Play Baseball Manager l,2,3, 35 Annual Staff 45 Lantern I,2. FRANCES M. FISCHER Batavia 25 Y-Teens l,45 G.A.A. I, GLORIA M. FOUCH 3,45 Chorus 3,45 Girls' Glee Club 3,45 Class Play 35 Annual Staff 45 Jefferson Twp., Blue Creek l,25 An- Key, Silver. nual 4. CLAUDE V. FRANKLIN LESLIE J. GLENN Hughes I5 Varsity Club 4, Vice- President 45 Football 3,45 Baseball 3. Class Play 3. A JIMMY L. GOMIEN Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,4, Chorus 3, Girls' Glee Club l,2,3, Bond 3,4, Maiorette 4, Class Play 3, Annual Stall 4, Lantern 2, Key, Bronze. BETTY J. HANNAN CHARLOTTE S. GRAHAM Class Treasurer 3, Student Council 3,4, Y-Teens l, G.A.A, l,2, Chorus I,3,4, Girls' Glee Club 3, Girls' Triple Trio 4, Basketball 2, Volley- ball 3, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Scholarship team I,2,3, Key, Grand Gold and Guard, DARLENE E. HARRIS Y-Teens IQ, G.A.A. l,2, Chorus I, Amelia l,2,3, Y-Teens 4, G.A.A. 4, 3, Class Play 3. JOHN W. HAWKINS Hughes I, Varsity Club 3,4, Foot- Chorus 4. GEORGE E. HUDSON Holmes I, Varsity Club 2,3,4, Foot- bOIl 2.34: BGSIKGTEOII 2.3, Track ball 2,3 4, Basketball 2.3, Captain 2,3, Annual Staff 4, Key, Bronze. SHIRLEY A. HUNDLEY G.A.A. I, Chorus l,2,4, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Scholarship team I, Key, Bronze. PATRICIA L. JUSTICE Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. I,2,3,4 Chorus I,3, Glee Club I, Hockey 3 Track l,2, Class Play 3, Key, Bronze I3 2, Track 2,3 PATRICIA A. INLOW G,A.A. 3, Volleyball 3, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Key. Silver. ROBERT P. KAY Varsity Club 4, Football 2,3,4, Co- captoin 4, Basketball 2,3, Track 2, Annual 4, Key, Bronze, LORNA M. KEIL Withrow l,2, Class Treasurer 4, Y- Teens 3,4, Track 3, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Scholarship Team 2,3, Key, Grand Gold. ROBERT K. KING Bethel l, Student Council 4, Var- sity Club 3,4, President 4, Football 2,3,4, Class Play 3, Key, Gold. CONSTANCE D. LUERSEN Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Chorus l,3, Glee Club l, Basketball 2,3, Volleyball 2, Hockey l,2, Cheerleader l,2,3,4, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Co-Editor, Lantern 2,3,4, Feature Editor 4, Scholarship team 2, Key, Silver. HELEN G. MERGARD -Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Cab- inet 2,3, Chorus l,3, Glee Club l, Basketball l,2, Volleyball 2, Hockey 2,3, Class Play 3, Key, Bronze. ROBERT R. MILLER Class President l,2,3,4, Student Council 2,3,4, President 4, Varsity Club 4, Hi-Y 3,4, Football 2,4, Bas- ketball 2, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Scholarship team 2,3, Key, Gold. RALPH J. KENDALL Football 2,3, Basketball l,2, Annual 4, Key, Bronze. SHIRLEY M. LUDLOW Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Chorus l,3, Glee Club 3: Annual 4, Lantern 4, Key, Bronze. WANDA F. MCNEES Y-Teens 4, G.A.A. 4, Annual 4. JOYCE C. MERGARD Class Secretary I, Student Council l, Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Secretary 3, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, lceasuror 3, Presi- dent 4, Chorus l,2,3,4, Glee Club I, Basketball l,2,3, Volleyball l,2, Hockey l,2,3, Baseball l,2, Key, Bronze. ROGER G. MILLER Class Vice-President l,2,3,4, Student Council l,2,4, Vice-President 4, Hi-Y 3,4, Basketball l,2, Baseball l,2, Track l, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Key, Bronze. 14 MARLENE L. MOORE Y-Teens I,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4' Chorus l,2,3, Glee Club l,3, Girls' Triple Trio 4, Jr. Chorus I, Volley- ball 3, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Circulation Manager. JAMES B. NEAL Chorus 3, Annual 4, Advertising Manager. JANET O'BANION Student Council 3,4, Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 4, G.A.A. l, 2,3,4, Chorus I,3,4, Vice-President 4, Girls' Triple Trio 4, Basketball 2,3, Volleyball 2,3, Hockey l,2, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Lantern 4. JOAN ROUSH Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Chorus I,2,4, President 4, Glee Club l,2,3,4, Hockey 2,3, Co-Captain 3, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Lantern 2,3,4. JAMES E. SANGER Football 3, Basketball 2, Key, Bronze. 15 ALICE M. MOTZ Class Play 3, Annual 4, Scholarship team l,2, Key, Grand Gold and Guard. C. PATRICIA NEY Class Secretary 3,4, Student Council l,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Ring Girl 2, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Basketball I, Volleyball 2, Hockey I, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Lantern 2, 3,4, Editor 4, Key, Silver. MARILYN RICK Student Council l,2,3,4, Y-Teens l,2, 3,4, Program Chairman 3, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Recording Secretary 2, Cor- responding Secretary 3, Chorus 3, Glee Club l,3, Band 2,3,4, Head Maiorette 4, Basketball Manager 2, Hockey l, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Co-Editor, Lantern 2,3,4, Scholar- ship Team 2,3, Key, Silver. STEVEN E. RUTTKAY Chorus l,2,3, Glee Club l,2,3. SHIRLEY M. SCHOEMER Hughes l, Junior Chorus l, Glee Club 3, Class Play 3, Annual 4. GEORGE E. SHUTTS Varsity Football Manager I, Re- serve Basketball Manager 2, Var- sity Club l,2,3,4. RONALD K. TARVIN Student Council l,3,4, Varsity Club 4, Secretary 4, Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Presi- dent 4, Football 2,3,4, Annual 4, Scholarship Team 2,3, Key, Gold. WILLIAM C. TURNAU Hi-Y 4, Football 2,4. SHIRLEY C. UEBEL Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Vice- President 4, Junior Chorus I, Chorus l,4, Basketball 3, Volleyball 2,3, Track 3, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Sports Editor, Key, Bronze. R. LOUISE WHITE G.A.A. 3, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Key, Silver. DONALD D. SITLER Emerick Manual Training l,Q, Band 3,4, Class Play 3, Scholarship Team 3, Key, Gold. BARCLAY B. TAYLOR Wayzata i,2, Basketball 4, Hi-Y 4. ALICE C. TURTON Y-Teens l,2,3,4, Cabinet Member 3, Vice-President 4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Junior Chorus I, Chorus l,2,3, Glee Club I,3, Band 2,3,4, Color Guard, Basketball l,2,3, Hockey 2,3, Track l, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Key, Bronze. GERALD R. WALKER Varsity Club 3, Hi+Y l,2,3,4, Secre, tary 3, Football l,2, Annual 4, Lantern 3,4, Business Manager 4, Scholarship team 2. JOANNE WIDMER Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. I,2,3,4 Chorus l,4, Annual 4. 16 .XM SUZANNE H. WIGGER Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Chorus l, Volleyball 3, Annual 4. AUDREY C. WOLFF G.A.A. l,2, Junior Chorus l, Glee Club l,3,4, Girls' Triple Trio 4, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Scholarship Team 2,3, Key, Gold. WALTER C. WYDER Woodward I, Hi-Y 4, Football 3, Scholarship Team 3,4, Key, Silver. ROSE E. HILTON Knox Central High l,2,3, Y-Teens 4, G.A.A. 4, Chorus 4, Glee Club 4, Key, Silver. WW RUTH M. WI LFERT Y-Teens l,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Chorus l, Volleyball 3,4, Class Play 3, Annual 4, Key, bronze. JAMES A. WUERDEMAN Varsity Club 3, Football 3, Basker- ball 2, Baseball 2, Annual 4. ROY E. WYSNEWSKI Hi-Y 4, Band l,2,3,4, Basketball 2, Annual 4, Key, Silver. rf r mai mf ,f W 17 v 'iw ,..... .wk .. RN R i x Q ,N 5 5:5 K , M- X 4-I ,ia ,rf . o Q .4 we 4 K. X : , "2 fi Q' rw .. 5 ii y 5 Qi i f '- . ,f H- ,X , 1 , r . Q XV' X x" ' ik - ' . 'la 'wsu , N, QA U' -Qalfj I an x - L.. Da Ji sa. '72 17" --7-Q, -::-- "li ' ' ,uIl,'f.-2 ,. 4 QS ,US I ff. z is 'fx bf' 'W P+--Q-..,. ul X 1 4 xv K 4 ,Q ,. .v K . a 1 'X ii lx At. V. ' fz, 1' 4 av- o X' , ,af Ronnie Darlene Ruth Joanne Shirley Janet X X Y ' , ..,...,-w Q +" I y .8 K n u vw. :K . lb X 1- s 5, Nl, V , . kg L .WNW A A , . ,, K5 Rose Roy Q1 .TSX I 'T . ,hx gr? 3' 'N X 'Ia +1 ,,.,.4uKhiur" S!! , 'Y an ig.. 5 we t , s VW. 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V . g Rl? l' l Buschur Hodge 0 2 fig? if M Q1 E y ' C, , .. C 1 H k' ff' fe " W A C2232 icclleff 'if Q "' Y 2.33, " 'SF ,gf i..'2'.. ' ,ig 3 ., 3 A Chaney Jones B' W V H, - in h L - if V A Clary Kaiser X yaqxl , Conley Lainharf g Q5 W, Q ' g s Cox Losey 'U' R' V V Vzlgx A 4 f K Dhonau McCoy '5 Q' 6 Q J' A M fa 6' 5' Dieckmann McHugh - nf? '3 6' 4 S ffl A W . A VL Dye Maddux 515' ? 6. 4 Q A rg i A I h Q .yvkxi C . 5"' A 1 :IRA , s lil' 'Ax 'M . M ff' ,, Ellis Marshall ,, 4 .i lf S' 5'-' pg, Emmert Martin 9 il 0 21. ' England May A .gif 4 lx. 4 I fir g Fugin Meyer A K .L i, 'M' 2 8 Fifzpafrick A, Miller L .W Q 1, L ag Q - kj-he 'T' x 3,1 N. FOUCl'1 M. Miller f .,. -Q, 5 . Vw iw. 'rsr' -Q Ns, sg C f g , ,.., . .. LAL! A.. L 1 . A -A l Friedman P. Miller K A i 1' .fe ' -nr 8 ' Gallagher Masteller . '9 5' 'S dh . ...Q XF 1, Gilpin Mueller A-J? l '15 , ,Q fl W C . IX' in. 4 1 . -flat 1' K J I 4 I ' ' Glensmgn Mulholland El. :i , 5 . vii A . s. EF fi' ' K 3 6' V rj - . Q? 33 . li l ! 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Maddox Sims 'V - ll I . 4 Q ' 1 il? Y tr 'A . -if ' l 1' . ey Monz C. Spraker in 2 6 'g '22 ' 43, Mechlin P. Spraker .1 i 3,1 'K' -1 x ' . ' , A. if I . 5' if A 'X . 5 " M Sl lm ' v J s erz ee an 4 -3 R, , , Y S Q Q Motz G. Taylor .... 'l W an ar' he L1 AAAI ' Q 0 NSWFUGF1 W. Taylor , 3 s nc l 4:5 Owens Thompson 1- ' L-'r..' fi . ,NJ 1? X' .. h Q i Ester liegneyer xg," 1'-Ts 6 i EIL i e er rs aus ? .rw rx- ' D l 0 ' 9 w Y r s. so f . 0 ' Q Q Phillips Turion A ff- W fum . X 4? Renneckar Tvrdy "iff F, B 'Ali W il " ' " 3 Roberts Urton 13- A 3- fy 1-A, ' 9 .gf 'C' Rogers Van Camp gg ' l J . l wr '- I A A 4... I 6 NOT PICTURED - Y Y r ' - - re k Wd so 6 'Q "fi 3. Us W. Jackson mer - ' ,, 5' 1- .' xo. f .Z Sornrnons Wiles SL, fy , lx 9 N. Maddux ' 1 1 ld Ruff Steele h Wissmann ' ' j- .an sl Schneider Young Williams - , ,J - W -.ff .fgglq Schwiermann Wilson K L' "' ' A A L T Selbert S Wuerdemon , QQ. 4 A 1 4 I Wysnewski Iv, ' A lirsi' h FQ' 25 Q s a 'H M2 ii AA yi fi i f rs L' "': gf. A 3 I Q 4 I L if ' f , f- P Y Q L , Q . , K 53- , 'P L 2, J 'rj L ' P - 1' z Q 4 ' b A Agee Koch 9 'l A W Q Armleder Lawson l '---f fl Baker Lennon ' bg' g Q! 4 Balint Lieberman Q at ll 5 ge . '34 Q N Y , Be ymer Loesche Vw if g , ,. K ' L W- in Wg' ff Bennett D. Miller ' 4, J L Lv - .S f, X L A L . Q 6: 4 6 Beodcly L. Miller J A 6 fs, N ,ed Beyer VV. Miller A Q X M V 'Y L O Bridges Monter ' il 7 'GT ' .A I M-wa!! ' l A A 4 A K Al L L L C. Brown Morress Mi L L 8 , Qt VF. ' ,fs B. Browne Mueller ...i ,Pl :R I F: B g 'ff' Bunting Mulholland ff 'sd' Q 4 .X xl f L Carr Nolan V S F L Q- . D A , 3,36 Carter Palm ' H, ' Va 5 f ?'s by "I-"U Cicco Portner SQ? A 4 Q nl, 4 . L .,e X Clary Rising N 'N A T I' Dance Rusk 6 'K 3X i..."f.-31 I' 'af' A Dietrich Sattin ' i A 5 D D L D A Dorna Schneider g ,Q Q I' 6 M A Downs Schwegler 3 L ,S 'elm Dunaway Sinclair 'Q 'K . I fi fl. . I M H x, Eckerlin Slqy ll X T' I , Q England Smith 'GJD' 34 -1 r Ernsberger Snowden ' ' . 'c , X'-if N g ' 4V I , .L L EJL L 2 Fairbanks Taylor -:Q K 'K' Fillmore Troutman ' 9' 5- f Q 'TI' 1.55 Graf Wadsworth 5 9' t 1 - A M . lv I sl,, . is.l . A . Pl URED T by , 5, Greger N?3ErIeS:VT Walters Q ,B A Q A-:HJ ,vig Hodge Ward -.M 1 Q " f Daugherty g ' 1 L 4 L . Q B f 6 gt, Howell Wilfert Rl 6 5 .,. ' g L Jackson Wilson ff , ' Fr, W L Q A Judd Wuerdeman g . King Wykoff Xs ' I -1 ' x N 'P Q-z Q kk r 4,--'-Aj 4' Iii- 4 .gd 3. H I I I I de 0461 f'x -4 L iClockwisel Robert Miller, President, P. Ney, Secretoryetreasurerp Roger Miller, Vice-President, R. King, K. Scharringhausen, E. Arnold, L. Graf, G. Dornci, D. Smith, F. Tvrdy, J. O'Banion, R. Tarvin, M. Rick, W. Vontz, R, Burns, L, Zimmers, B. Carson, L. Be-hymer, R, Carter, V. Nash, Advisei, K. Christy, Adviser. f X Q Z' Student Council is an active organization composed ot student repre- sentatives from each class. Every year the council sponsors the football Homecoming, including the Pow Wow and the dance after the game, and football and basketball cheerleading tryouts, This year in addition to the regular activities, Student Council sponsored an intensive clean-up campaign, a campaign to build up school spirit, and a program ot assemblies every two weeks. :viva A Ni -A Lik"Q 5.12 5 BRONZE: ROW ONE, M. Garry N. Owens, B. Beoddy, A. Dance, J. Palm, D, Dietrich, B. Bennett, ROW TWO: J. Kelly, R. Burns, P. Turton, K. Uebel, J. Mergard, H. Mergard, S. Hundley, E, Bridges, J. Wilson, K, Schwegler, J. Gage, F. Tvrdy, ROW THREE: D. Thompson, K. Turton, J. Gomien, P. Justice, R. Ludlow, J. Ernsberger, J. Baker, R. Kendall, L. Ayer, ROW FOUR, W. Hawkins, E. Downs, R. Miller, P. Kay, R. Lieberman tnot pictured. an if . ff J A . L E GRAND GOLD: L. Keil, C. Graham, A, Motz, Grand Gold with Guard. 9 ' f4wdfzdd ' 1 1 'I Salou, Scholarship keys are earned through a point system l' " based on the report card grades. For a grade of B the ,' . is student receives one point, for a grade of A he receives 'V X , two points. The points are accumulated from year to year I is' lk and receive the following awards. ,' NN 36 - bronze 1' i ' 72 - silver ,' lx 108 - gold ,' xx l44 - grand gold ,' xxx 180 - grand gold and guard r," A ,p Gold: ROW ONE: E. Beck, G. Dorna, A. Troutnian, A. Wolff, ROW TVVO: R. Tarvin, L. Behyiner, R. Miller, W. Monter. Silver: ROW ONE: C, Luvrson, F. Fisrlie-r, ll. Portnwi, N. Howc-II, N. Roberts, S. Renneckar, B. Carson, ROW TWO M. Rick, J. Walters, C. Brown, C. King, D, Schneider, J. Ftggins, D. Millet, P. Ney. .Ui 'Y fi " I M 1 -on? 4138 fi". Pkilib I -wb. A iw' I 0 I ROW ONE: J, Ernsberger, R. Nolan, W. Monrer, N. Sellers, J. Figgins, R. Burns, ROW TWO. F. Tvrdy, A. Wolff, J. Gage, N. Maddux, S. Meehan, N. Roberts, L. Ayer, D. Siilerg ROW THREE: M. Rick, L. Keil, C. Graham, D. Partner, E. Beck, QAM ROW ONE. L, Braselton, J. Schneider, C. Yazell, P. Gallagher, l. Conley, J. Bennett, C. Buschur, ROW TWO: L. Daugherty, R, Saffin, J. Schilrin, L, Zimmers, R. Hclnnan, J, Marshall, K. Schar- 6401 R, Miller, R. Tarvin, W. Wyder, J. Carson, M. Bridges, N. And- erson, ROW FOUR: P. Hinson, E. Thompson, D, lvers, C. Brown, E. Downs, R. Carter, W. Smiih, A. Kron, D. Schneider, H. Pfizen- mayer, R. Frees, A. Troutman, G. Dorna, L. Behyrner. ringhausen, ROW THREE: K. Skoff, S. Rusk, R. Tarvin, R. Straub, B, Officer. x is N-...,,,,, rv W. Vantz N I ww-4' W. 'Me L' Anderson Township High School -------H ...... ..,....,,. - -..-.---...Pot Ney -- --..Mory Lee Hodge -- -----.-.-- .,,.,, Connie Luersen .- ..... -- ...... --.--Shirley Ludlow Gossip Co Editors--. - -.Janet O'Banion and Joan Roush ----- ---.-...-...--.-.-..-Ed Beck Assrsmnf Sporrs Editor-. ---Harmon Morress ,., ..- ..... Bill Saffin -- ........ ...,. - -.-- .... - ..... James Daugherty Business Manager- ---- -.-- ---. -- .-.-. -...---.-- ....- Jerry Walker ---Connie Luerson, Shirley Ludlow, Jane! O'Banion .Elaine Calhoun, Shirley Ludlow, Lorraine Heizer, Sue Renneckar, Darlene Thompson, Pat Turion, Frances Tvrdy, Brenda Browne, Donna Dietrich, Joyce Duna- way, Marilyn Eckerlin, Mary Lee Hodge, Kathleen Mc- Hugh, Kristine Schwegler, Doris Porfner, Ed Beck, Lorna Keil, Connie Luersen, Jonei O'Bonion, Marilyn Rick, Joan Roush, Anna Jean Trouiman. - v.-- .... .... ---- .--..- - - . . -- .-..- --Helen Merz 31 ur- -lul vu f I 'P ' ii 'F' e , I '-lf! 'T S x S 5,2 i i if ff' m Q x a 3 4 Qs-was-....,,,,,,,, Geometric designs suggest o difficult rhythm, Sow ond hammer provide The Tempo. W -.QX iv, his Km A QS I :iw 7 A 4 , 4 L- "-' ' wwf ,--f1""' I E E L K ROW ONE: M. Eckerlin, K. Schwegler, L. Graf, S. Ludlow, Calhoun, Treasurer, A. Albiez, J. Kerr, Adviser, ROW TWO: Daley, K. Brown, C, Alford, J. Jackson, D. Jackson, M. Garr, Dieckmann, A. Troutman, M. Rick, J. Gornien, ROW THREE: Browne, J. Dial, N. Owens, D. Thompson, R. Ludlow, B. Apple- gate, S. Dierker, E. Arnold, D. Conley, C. Spraker, P. Gallagher, ROW FOUR: G. Wysnewski, L. Cicco, M. Miller, P. Ney, F . Fischer, J. Ezell, B. Hannan, P. Budd, N. Howell, S. Wigger, A . Jackson, L. Keil, D. Rogers, M. Selbert, ROW FIVE: P. Carson , E. Martin, M. Wortman, J. Mosteller, C. Vetter, D. Dietrich, M Moore, R. Wilfert, C. Luersen, J. Schneider, A. Miller, M. Myres R. Hilton, W. McNees. Z-eau Past President Ruth Koester presents list of new Cabinet members to President Janet O'Banion. 34 Ni ROW ONE: J. O'Banion, President, K. Turton, Vice-President, G. Dorna, S. Renneclcar, B. Carson, D. Smith, ROW TWO: B. Bennett, J. Beyer, M. Mulholland, B. Boker, W. Lawson, A. Schroder, L. Hart, F. Snowden, S. Wuerdeman, B. England, E. Clary, ROW THREE: J. Newman, E. Bridges, L. Heizer, D. Portner, P. Turton, N. Mack, J. Tishaus, M. Underwood, J. Gage, A. Ivey, G. Rising, ROW FOUR: N. Roberts, D. Miller, M. Hodge, J. Dun away, B. Browne, J. Walters, J. Roush, B. Officer, M. Prince P. Miller, M. Wiggins, N. Wykoff, C. Yazell, ROW FIVE: K. Uebel J, Mergard, P. Justice, H. Mergard, C. Bunting, B. Parker, J. Ben sq f nett, B. Smith, K. McHugh, B. McHugh, O. Lainhart, E. Fitzpatrick, J. Bramlage. Officers and Cabinet. L. Graf, K Schwegler, D. Smith, K. Turton, Vice President, A. Albiez, J. O'Banion, Prese ident, S. Renneckar, M. Eckerlin, S. Lud low, E. Calhoun, Treasurer, B. Carson, G. Dorna, Secretary. z i 1 ROW ONE: Mr. N. Humphrey, Adviser, Mr. K. Christy, Adviser, E. Beck, Vice-President, R. Turvin, President, W. Wykoff, W. Judd, C. King, ROW TWO: R. Deck, W. Burlew, D. Moddux, J. Kelly, R. Miller, E. Downs, ROW THREE: R. Carter, Robert Miller, J. Walker, J. Ernsberger, J. Baker, L. Behymer. Q, Na . 5 :Ss xr if 'sq Is That clecr to you new members? gp 3 ' f 04... ,, fx 1 . . v ' ri AQ g ' 4 . ,Ihr ' ,Xu I .Sunfi- .L +-.a .1 .K Amr. I . A Ng", 36 iles L 3 - ,q C, Alford K. Brown J. Bennett L. Braselton B. Brooks C. Buschur P. Carson V. Chaney L. Cicco E. Clary S. Cox L. Dieckmann V. Fillmore F. Fischer E. Fitzpatrick J. Forrester J. Gage P. Gallagher C. Graham J. Greger R. Hilton A. Jackson O. Lainhort R. Ludlow K. McHugh Mack Maddux Martin Moore Mosteller O'Banion Roush Scharringhauser Schroder Snowden Striker Sutton Tishaus Troutman Urton Vetter Walters Widmer Wiggins Wildman Wolff Wortman Wuerdeman Wykoff Yazell SEATED C. Alford, Librarian, C. Graham, Secretary, K, Scharringhausen, Accompanist, A. Troutman, Librarian, STANDING J. Roush, President, J. O'Banion, Vice-Pres ident, B. Urton, Librarian, K. Uebel, Wardrobe Mistress. Triple Trio. J. Roush, C, Graham, P. Carson, A. Wollf, J O'Banion, M. Moore, K. Scharringhausen, F. Snowdon, D. McLean, Accompanist and Director. 7 4 " mfflinnautubfv- ,If . . u ' 1 'L 1 if 4. 1 Q, .if .,,f .,,f 1--.ff-ff I . .gvollillvvvfv . ara. 5.4 In vs . Y - x 'X . Jairzns s :rf -qw' N" ,.--. 3 wg 15" "'. N "f w F D ' KLM, -fp. . 'A ...K X " E ' ' 5' X? Q.. . W . w 1.1 Anderson's fifty piece marching band, second largest in Hamilton County. MAJORETTESAP-iead Maioreiie, M. Rick, P. Turion, P. Carson, J. Gomien. COLOR GUARDSvD. Dietrich, K. Turion, M. Eckerlin, 28 SEATED D, Schneider, Pres- ident, L. Berkmyer, Librar- ian, L. Graf, Secretary-Treas- urer, W. Judd, Vice-Pres- ident, STANDING N. Mad- dux, Librarian, R. Wysnew- ski, Squad Leader, D. Sitler, Squad Leader. Graf-Flute I Graf-Flute I Wysnewski-Flute II Owens-Flute Il McCoy-Flute III and Db Piccolo Berkmyer-Clarinet I ISoIoI SitIer-Clarinet I Schneider-CIarinet I Maddux-Clarinet II Loesche-Clarinet II Gage-Clarinet II Hausman-Clarinet III IsmaeI-Clarinet III Daily-Clarinet III BakerAEb Saxophone I McCoy-Eb Saxophone I ROW ONE: J. Kelly, N Maddux, L. Berkmyer, D. Schneider, ROW TWO: L. Graf, G. Wilfert, W. Judd, J. Figgins, W. Burlew, R Pfeffer, R. Wysnewski. VN I VV, .ll '7 Muhlin-Eb Saxophone II Wykoff-Bb Tenor Saxophone Kelly-Bb Trumpet I ISoIoJ Wilfert-Bb Trumpet I Pfeffer-Bb Trumpet I Judd-Bb Trumpet II Figgins-Bb Trumpet Il Graham-Bb Trumpet III Hartman-Bb Trumpet III Wysnewski-F French Horn I Carson-F French Horn II Maddux-F French III Carson-F French IV King-Trombone I Brenner-Trombone II Kirby-Trombone III s,N Carter-Baritone I Buschur-Baritone II Hornsby-Baritone II Burlew-Eb Sousaphone Spraker-BBIJ Sousaphone WaIters-Bass Drum Brown-Cymbals Slay-Snare Drum I Bardoff-Snare Drum II Walters-Snare Drum III Johnston-Bell Lyre Scharringhausen-BeII Lyre and Tympanl iii QQE 'Si' ,S-7inf""F -. g' L. wk A bf: A 'GN Becdufy, The Beef and friends. Curfoin coll-"Seventeenth Summer . 2 S, f K X' Q, Q' .Xi -. ' 1 1 1-fr "Mother, he's so wonderful!" Behind the scenes. All ploy ond no work? "Bur, Lester, you sl'1ouldn'T soy thot. Q X is .?.dg4S U -Q. 151311.31 D ff , 2 if I V iii.. I f ii 'xr -rri fa . g ' gi ,e u we I i . .-rg.. E , .W . Q Wendell Jackson Babe Ruth Award outstanding sportsmanship Outstanding Athlete Award Mr. Wright presents awards. N ff , st, .. -'iq F 7 'Iii i 5 1 i V Eleanor Bauer Gerald Hornsby Dorothy Burns Richard Freeg Salutatorian Josten Award Valedictorian Highest rank for greatest contribution Babe Ruth Award Hamilton County Schools to flte school Senior Scholarship Test wk LTP' I ' 'N ' s ft g t K, i P I A Q 1 lil X ks. l 1 A -s .21 X Commencement 1952 Class Day 1 .V s JS. X if I A President Bob Miller and the Class of '53 take over. 5 rm: 'x ge Y 41 BYUYY l 1 . v ' - ' ' . . N859 awvssme-wrap 7 ..-was-, - ..,- Q - fam.. ., .. ROW ONF: K, Schwegler, L. Heizer, D. Smith: ROW TWO: C. Luersen, M. Rick, F. Daily, M. Jaclcson, D. Jaclcson, M. Garr, L. Dieckmunn, A, Troutman, E. Calhoun, J. Gornien, ROW THREE G. Wysnewski, K, Brown, K, Browne, N. Owens, D. Thompson R. Ludlow, E. Arnold, I. Conley, C. Spraker, P. Gallagher, S Ludlow: ROW FOUR: L. Graf, M. Eckerlin, P. Ney, F. Fischer, -+A 5-11 1 l .WFT - J. Ezell, B. Hannon, P. Budd, N. Howell, S. Wigger, W. McNees M. Myres, D. Rogers, M. Selbert: ROW FIVE: P. Carson, F. Martin M. Wortman, J. Mosteller, C, Vetter, D. Dietrich, M. Moore, R Wilfert, J. Dial, J. Schneider, A. Miller, R. Hilton, J. O'Banion K. Turton. I l O I I K. Schwegler, Recording Secretary, D, Smith, Treasurer K. Uebel, Vice-President: J. Mergard, President: M Benhase, Adviser, L. Heizer, Outing Chairrncin, P Justice, Corresponding Secretary. i yrs-v sr AY' Qg-..-..- ROW ONE: J. Mcvgavd, P. Jusfwco, K. Ucbcl, M. Benlwase, ROW TWO: B. Bennett, J. BPyPr, M. Mulholland, B. Baker, W. Lawson A. Salvador, W. Lawson, F, Snowden, S. Wuerdeman, B England, E. Clary, K. Schurringhausen, ROW THREE: J, Newman E. Bridgvs, J. Dunoway, D, Partner, P. Turfon, N. Mack, J, Tis nous, M Underwood, J. Gage, B. Brooks, C. Harms, K. Skoff Martha Dyer and Dorotlny Burns, Ring Girls of l95l and 952. 1-tv' M .M ' ROW FOUR. G, Dorna, D Mrllr-r, M '-lodgfx B. Brownf-, J Walters, J. Roush, B. Officer, M. Prmce, P. Muller, J. Gregor, L BrasclTOn, C. Yuzull, B. Beoddyg ROW FlVE N. Roberts, B. Car son, S. Renneclcur, H. Mergard, C. Buntlng, B Parker, J. Bm-nnmt K. McHugh, O, Lainlnnrl, E Fwlipolruclm, N Wylxoll, J. Brrmnwlrlgv J. Speeg, C. Buschur. Sharon Jones, Pas? Pri-srdenl, Yuns over inc lvrmdr-rslnp to Joyce Mergard, President ol W5263, 1 A l i 1 I 0.- Mr. J. Cruse, Adviser, L. Behymer, H. Morress, C. Brown, J. Ernsberger, J. Slay, J. Mueller, W. Hawkins, P. Kay, J. Wuerdemon, W. Eng land, R. Tarvin, C. Bunting, E. Downs, Mr. W, Simcox, Adviser, lCenteri R. Carter, R. King, C. Franklin, Mr. J. Cruse, Adviser, R, Tarvin, Secretary, Mr. W. Simcox, Ad- viser, R. King, Presidenfg R. Carter, Treasurerg C, Franklin, Vice- President. T-A ' 1 44 x Q ,xy 'imp :A Q 5,35 A xv . xi: -. Lf X. k 1 . Q x ., eSQ..m ,Ms 1, 'Ha 4.41 ' , ' 4939 fc ' f ,Nl ,,,v-""'w ,au- --,,.r'u.'fjf, , -M..,-.. , f Vf"' A -,,,vv".., MvIf""..-vii-1 . .Z ,Km I Q 4, I 2 B E I 'Y fi .wilbriiffi .5,.a.,.,-, g lf..d'. 2--' Af sn ROW ONE: W. Soffin, D. Wiles, R. Jackson, ROW TWO. P. Kcy, R. King, L. Behymer, C Franklin, E. Downs, ROW THREE: J. Cruse, Line Coach, W. England, Manager, W. Vontz J. Forks, J. Word, W, Hawkins, J. Cox. Cheerleaders: ROW ONE: B, McHugh, A. Ivey, ROW TWO. M. Hodge, C. Luersen, B. Browne. 46 ,W . t Stix - ,fr N06 '.,: - ,asf 5 - 'Hr'-'Qu -1- .fs .un 1 . . 'Q ' 4:0-. Q of if if ROW ONE R Phlllups F Carr H Morress ROW TWO G Koch J Slay J Mueller R Tarvln R Carter ROW THREE R Muller W Turnau C Monz B Douglas C Bunfrng Manager R. Clark, W. Snmcox, Coach. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Harrison Withrow Res Sycamore Loveland Mt. Healthy Colerain Terrace Park Taylor 47 'Q s WI, FIRST ROW: D. Ivers, D. Burkey, D. Schneider, R. Grubb, C. Franklin, J. Richardson, SECOND ROW: J. Cruse, Coach, C. Brown, Coach, J. Forg, G. Hornsby, E. Thompson, C. Bunting, Manager, L. Hortloff, Coach, THIRD ROW: R, Phillips, J. Mueller, R. Carter, E. Downs, C. Brown. Southwest Ohio District Champions Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Practice Games 9 Withrow I 7 Madeira 3 League Games 4 MT. Healthy 0 5 Madeira 6 II Indian Hill 0 4 Sharonville 0 24 Loveland O District Tournament Games I5 Mariemont I 5 Amelia O I3 Oxford McGuffey 0 Regional Tournament Game O Beaver Creek I0 48 471' A x x V 4 SLQ-,S I ' 2 if sw. s- 4 at SJ- IQ QQ' -no- 8+ gn tt 'l . S 1? ROW ONEgJ Glaser, Manager, R Ltebertnan, R. Clark, F. Carr, W England ROW TWO: W S-rncox, Coach, R Greer, W. Jacks n C Auxtet' J Ernsbergor, N Humphrey, Coach ROW THREE1G McKee,F Hawlctns, G Hudson, H Morress Event Time or Distance Nome Htglw hurdles 153 lOO yd dash IO? Where Set County Meet County Meet wid Event Time or Distance Nome Mtle relay 3 37 Jackson, Shaw Where Set Stfxtv MNC! Mule 4.37 4 State Meet Shot put 48' lO'.:" John Sheppard Ohto We-sle an Y 880 yfl relay l 34 Q Dtstrict Mer-t Meet Dtscus 136' 6" lrv Leonard Mtmnt Mm-t 440 dash 5l l State Meet Hrgh rump 5' 9" ArtVVl1tte State Moet l8Olow hurdle 199 State Meet 880 run 2 Of P State Meet Broad rump QI' 6" Wendell Jackson State Moet Q20 dash 23 2 Mtamt Meet 48 Pole vault 9' 9" Harry Setbert Mtarnr Mer-t Marte-mont In County ttiel Dtstrict State Class B P Q1 Jug, t it' - it S Q Q... , , 's',, ' " - NSE . i1:"""f' -'Y'-:.:: '- I 1 'g , S . rs -2. f-3.2 . "- ' x ' , "- -r 5 U . A ' n ' . . - . y I , l l' ' ' 7 " ' ,V K1 X A ,ii ,A -: J , - ig'-1' ' Matti? S 4 ' qw STANDING: W. England, R. Taylor, P Kay, R. Miller, J. Cruse, Coach: J. Mueller, R. Carter, R, Wysnewski, R. Jackson. KNEELING: L. Wilson, C. Brown, J. Ward. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson ' Non-league CHEERLEADERS: Loveland Lockland-Wayne Sycamore Woodward Indian Hill Glendale Taylor Colerain New Richmond Amelia MT. Healthy Harrison Wifhraw Sharonville Amelia Terrace Pork Madeira B. Browne, A. Ivey, M. Hodge, C. Luersen, K. Schwegler, Muze ROW ONE: R, Phillups, H. Meyers, W. Toylor, T, Auxler, J. Cox, G. Tudor, R. Burns, H H Crr Conch. ROW TWO: J. Dougherty, R. Pfefler, K. Holllfleld, F. Wocner, Monoger. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Pot 28 Locklond-Woyne 38 Sycamore 24 Woodword 32 lndlon Hill 24 Glendale 33 Loveland 45 Toylor 35 Coleroln 47 New Rlcnmond 27 Arnello 46 Mr Healthy 47 Horrison 3l Wlthrow 46 Snoronville 45 Arnelio 3l Terrace Pork 47 Modeiro Becky 51 'x Kolhy STANDING: L. Miller, D, Harris, NN. Lawson, D. Dieirlch, D. Miller, J. Mergord, K. Turton, D. Smith, Monoger. KNEELING: M Benhose, Couch, R. Hilton, K. Schwegler, M. Eckerlin, K. Uebel. I Lorna cmd Joyce help 'ro chalk up another victory for Anderson. 52 STANDING: C Spruker, K Browne, G. Wysnewskn, P. Turton, B Applegofe, K, SROH, E, Colhoun, C Vetter, M Benhuse, Couch KNEELING: M Selbert, D. Rogers, V Cheney, L Heizer, B England Jump, Ginny, jump!! 53 s -Q 1 . .A I J 1 '56 Civ -ti.. 9? 'Q' 'T if NN C7 F' to . yi . X5 Y I xv ROW ONE: J. Ezell, K. Schwegler. ROW TWO: M, Benhase, coach, K. Uebel, S. Meehan, E, Calhoun, L. Keil, K. Hawkins. ROW THREE: B. Armleder, J. Wilson, L. Miller, D. Burns, J. Bradford. D. Burns, S. Meehan, K. Schwegler. 5 iii Q A kfikq, . Q :iv - My . Q . Q. NX ' jk! 1 my . ,-iris - ,Y -- llif' xv' til: ' ' ,Nw 3,5 f At' ,KUL if q.vO'1.. Qwzaf 1 ASV f I WW 1 . f' 0 ' X vi , 'A vg , BAND SWEETHEART Jimmy Leo ATTENDANT51 Koy, Connie, Joon, Morguerife HOMECOMING QUEEN Mc1ri!yn C40 nib AY' 5 Eff? 4 1 3 N QM wg gif J, 'e A-ii' ffm RQ, 'ff I ff W K PROM QUEEN Do? ond King Joy ,f X ue-X X X I X X x x X . -151' Z2 , , -,,h, l - r 9' . ' X x x x - X X 4 s ' dave do 57 Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr . and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs Sascha . C. O. Albiez Don Ayer Charles Beck Cecil A. Budd Thomas N. Bunting, . C. L. Buop Mrs. A. W. Cleveland Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Ezell Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Aaron R. Fouch Mrs. Grace Nell Franklin Mr. Leslie Glenn Mrs. Madalyn Walker Glenn Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Gomien Mr. and Mrs. Floyd A. Graham Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Harris Mrs. Elsie Hawkins Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. George F. Heil and Mrs. Elisha Hilton and Mrs. John Hundley and Mrs Mark lnlow and Mrs .and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs Stephen Justice, Jr. Robert Paul Kay Lauren Keil Frank Kendall John King O. Ludlovx H. J. Luersen John McNees cf 9 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs C. W. Massey Herman Mergard, Jr. Robert W. Miller Albert W. Moore Edmund S. Motz Robert R. Neal Mr. Otto L. Ney Mrs. Bryan O'Banion Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Frank Rick Emerson D. Roush . Steven Ruttkay Robert Sanger Ernest Shutts Rev. and Mrs. C. E. Sitler Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Tarvin Dean M. Taylor Walter H. Turnau Charles Turton Milton R. Uebel Robert B. Walker .Arthur J. White J. W. Widmer E. Howard Wigger Virgil H. Wilfert Carl A. Wolf? Howard Wuerdeman Charles Wyder Gus Wysnewski Q Mrs. June Osmond, Recording Secretory, Mrs. Hozel Mueller, Presidentg Mrs, Genevieve Vontz, Treasurer Mrs. Annette McCollum, Vice-President, Mrs. Helen Woertz, Corresponding Secretory. O 0 I I O 1 I 59 M' Ev' Uv Pe 52' How mcmy colories? Siftin' pretty HOf6'S fo YO wr - ,MALI Bewme Homeward bound Look' nfs O pony! Who sC1ys1here isra'T G Open house SONG QIGUSQ What ore you up To, boys? Wi WM Compliments of BOOSTERS CLUB President , .Mr. Fred Turion Vice-President . , . Mr. Oscar Vontz Recording Secretary Mrs. William Schneider Corresponding Secretary, .Mrs. Joseph Wallace Treasurer . , , , Mr. Howard Forg Complimenis of The G. A. B. MULLEIPS SHOES 81 SHOE REPAIRINC QUALITY MATERIAL AND EXPERT vvomc Poll Parrot , . . Boll Brand PRESCRIPTION AND CORRECTIVE WORK 2061 Beechmont Ave. Beechmont 9851 Compliments of Cyrus W. Emery and Company REALTORS 2135 Beechmont Ave. BE 6647 Mt. Washington Colonial Inn "Delicious Home Cooking" 2065 Beechmont BEechmont 9821 MT. WASHINGTON Compliments of Don Ed George Three Seniors Compliments of C. L. Buop Trucking Co. Compliments of The Edwards Company Realtors-2116 Beechmont Avenue BEechmont 8642 6 Wit. 70 Pecan! S444 6138 Plymouth St. BE. 6221 Popular-Classical-Jazz and Children's Records All Speeds PHONOGRAPHS 81 RADIOS Congratulations . . to the Blass of from your Telephone Company "A 6000 PLACE T0 WORK" '53 OFFICERS P TN y S I y R b MII P d T Compliments of Smdmzewml R K V gMII V P CIT IWCII 'ry MN I'1 Ad Ad Am 4 ?4 g A , Loududurb uf!lwL,luL1d5lwOw' Q i 'Q SWS W U HUW7 The "LiHNesT ANQQN' cmd Dom LS T? T1 N:vwLr1xw4Hq F7'f1Nr11 CHQ x f" S4557 W4 Juliet, nrt thou mimcf Hands 05, girk Jus? locxfiuf Rorm' To go Team bockers The Hrmlmwg much '1 2' 5 1'-f 'N I F" gm Hyde Psi, "For Those Who Dc'711a1m' Quality" NlElrose 130-l WilIiam's Dairy Bar and Delicatessen 7756 Beechmont Ave. BEechmon1 7234 H.W.S Compl1'ment.r of 'Wf 2261 BEECHMONT AVENUE Cincinnati 30, Ohio trief BEechmont 8488 Complimenls of WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION Alcohol Destroys Body-Mind-Soul SCHWARTZ CINCINNATI Arn-lmlc 81 WOMENS SHOPS Nationally Advertised Apparel Mt. Washington GOODS COMPANY BUDD PAINT 8: WALLPAPER CO. 2123 Beechmont l 10 West Fourth Street Bliechmont 8547 Cincinnati, Ohio BELL'S SHELL SERVICE Opposite Water Tower Bliechmont 9832 George Bell john Bell PHILLIPS GROCERY White Villa Frosted Foods Food Fresh Products Fruits and Vegetables Daily Delivery Service Choice Meats - Fish - Poultry "Friendly Service" "Guaranteed Quality" 7630 Beechmont Ave. BE. 6295 Forestville, Ohio RhdTy1VPdt T ,Ji yn- 1 P d t M! ah L Cf S try s f COMPLIMENTS OF THE JUNIOR CLASS EARL D.AR,0LD PRINTING COMPANY Telephone MAin 2893 139-141 East Third Street Cincinnati 2, Ohio w "mr Senior floor. Junior slcif. President Bob. Preparation. Queen Rickie ond offendonis. Ho X i I n qu, ' "1 i-itll' Clweerleoclers. Burnfurnwligerl Winning floot - Soplws. Line forms of the reor. pdl!! 70aw and 67 VVl'1ere's Tlie game? Will she squeol in second? Seniors copiure Tiger. Amelia, Ohio FRANCIS 81 SON Chrysler Sz Plymouth Batavia 2-1416 Compliments of T. P. WHITE 81 SONS Established 1870 Our Only Location Prompt Home BE. 994-4- Delivery Res. BE. 6835 SILVER OIL COMPANY 2050 BEECHMONT AVE. .IOBBER and DISTRIBUTOR Fuel Oil - Gasolines - Motor Oil CINCINNATI 30, OHIO BE- 7150 Cincinnati 30, Ohio MT. WASHINGTON BAKERY The Finest in Breads Cakes and Pastries BE. 6071 JOHN R. WHITE MARK E. CROXTON COWPERTHWAITE FLORIST Flowers for all Occasions BEechmont 7158 Cherry Grove f . . :4,f"'::1'1"' . 5 eeee eee, y .y,,...,...,.. ,QL 1. In Ujfg, ei 52 l e Wwe W. GAYLE OWENS INSURANCE 1161 Eight Mile Road Cincinnati 30, Ohio BE. 8228 Compliments BEECHMONT CLEANERS BE. 7947 We Deliver DODGE PLYMOUTH CAHALL SALES 81 SERVICE I' , 5 'ggi Mt. Washington E157 Cincinnati 30, Ohio l ' X gl Betty makes another sale. Shirley is typing a report while Faye answers the telephone, Nancy and Dot total the receipts for the day. Busy time in the Coleterla. life to T D... A A395 I Y Bobette, Barbara, and Margaret explore the file Charlotte sorts the day's mail. Cabinet. Pat visits the supply cabinet. 1,1 YT .B Ek bf l 4 JUDD MOTORS, INC. Chrysler Plymouth Good Used Cars 3151 LINWOOD RD. EA. 1566 Compliments of VARSITY CLUB EAGLE SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION Mt. Washington Branch MADDUX TEXACO SERVICE Beechmont and Salem BEechmont 9826 KLOPMEIER HARDWARE 2061 Beechmont Ave. Cincinnati 30, Ohio BE 74.84 "The Store of Friendly Service 'I J. Maddux, Presidentg J. Gage Secretaryg R. Burns, Vice-Presi dentg C. Manz, Treasurer. Sophomore Class Compliments of McDANIEL'S Food Market "Dot Quality F oods" GROCERIES - FRESH MEATS - PRODUCE FROZEN FOODS Cherry Grove BE. 9800 BOHRER BROS. F F L O RIS T S 6165 Salem Rd. BE. 7175 RENNER Mt. Washington Pharmacy Cor. Beechmont 81 Corbly RELIABLE PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE BE. 7170 - 7171 ree Parking - Free Delivery F. G. TARVIN 8: SCN PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS Supplief of All Kinda' KITCHEN GAS' OIL SINKS and and ELECTRIC BATHROOMS WATER INSTALLED HEATERS INSTALLED LICENSED SEWER TAPPERS REPAIRS AND REMODELING SEPTIC TANKS INSTALLED AND REPAIRED 3749 EASTERN AVENUE EAST 5726 BEECHMONT 7975 President William Vontz Vice-President Robert Budd Secretary Karen Scharringhausen Treasurer Patricia Miller de 61444 of 1956 HAMBURGER HEAVEN 2240 Beechmont Avenue Hamburgers . . . Strictly from Heaven 2 -WP You will hear the phrase time and time again 'Y 'fi 'l Coming from the patrons of Hamburger Heaven. A meal or a snack is ready in a liffy. 7740 Beechmont Ave It comes from our kitchen clean and spiffy. DOT FOODS FROZEN FOODS MT. WASHINGTON TEXACO SERVICE FRESH MEAT BEechmont 8546 Julius Sollberger Beechmont 8g Corbly CINCINNATI - 30 - OHIO df WALKER CLEANERS Compliments of PAUL'S BARBER SHOP 7730 Beechmont Avenue F ORESTVILLE BEECHMONT PHARMACY BOOSTERS CLUB President - Charles L. Brown Secreiary - Mrs. Charles L. Bro Correspon Vice-President - Fred Turton Treasurer - William Soffin ding Secrelary - Mrs. Joseph 2103 Beechmont Ave. Bliechmont 7278 WI1 W"""fe SALEM-PARKVIEW MARKET 6661 Salem Pike Qualify Meats - Produce And Groceries Phone BEechmon1 9883 BLOM AND DAUGHERTY PLUMBING - HEATING 211 Automatic Gas Water Heaters New and Remodeling Work 2124 Oxford Avenue BEechmont 8876 PW. .na 1' 6- 731 ' E. BECK - Vice-President Wm. JUDD - Secretary R. TARVIN - Presideni C. KING - Chaplain W. WYKOFF - Treasurer SRQSSSQ SALEM BARBER SHOP Corner Salem 81 Beacon IVAN FINEOUT, Proprietor P and J FRUIT MARKET FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES DIRECT FROM FARM TO YOU IN SEASON WHOLESALE AND RETAIL TELEPHONE: 7165 Beechmont Ave. Bfechmonf 9860 CINCINNATI 30, OHIO BENNETT MOTOR SALES 22 Years DESOTO PLYMOUTH DEALER 8185 Beechmont Ave. Telephone BE 7490 CINCINNATI 30, OHIO Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Albiez ULMER SOHIO SERVICE 6389 SALEM PIKE BEechmont 9858 CHESTER SHEATZLEY AND SON Complete Food Market 2063 Beechmont Ave. Blfiechmont 6125 We Deliver MT. WASHINGTON HARDWARE 2110 Beechmont Avenue Bliechmont 7766 Compliments of f4"'oauof7fK0nell 264144 Salon 6131 Corbly Road MT. Washington PHONE: BEechmonT 9923 Compliments of FORESTVILLE FUEL AND SUPPLY COMPANY Try Foresrfville First" Hardware-Builders' Supplies-Feed-Bottle Gas Hotpoint Electrical Appliances 7715 BEECHMONT AVE. BEechmont 7640 COMPLIMENTS OF "Will" Wolfer WOLFER'S F orestville Pharmacy Phone: BEechmont 6680 FORESTVILLE, OHIO Compliments of CLARK CLEANERS 'KA Good Cleaner in a Good Community" 7117 SALEM PIKE BEechmont 9077 STEPHEN'S GROCERY Complete Food Market DOT FOODS CHOICE MEATS Delivery Service Salem at Beacon BE 9875 General Contractor Remodeling MIKE UEBEL BUILDER FORESTVILLE BE 5858 GLASER-WILSON MOTOR CO. SALES - SERVICE Compliments WILLIAM C. ULRICH HERFF-JONES Class Rings 8. Pins 7636 Beechmonf Ave. CINCINNATI 30 EORESTVILLE Beechmom 7236 W0'5m"nS"'P quality service JANET'S COFFEE SHOP SALES SERVICE Harold Yazell, Prop. Serving Breakfast, Luncheon, Dinner H U D S O N The Car Open 7 A.M. to 8:45 P.M. ThGfCh0mPi0f1S Drive C. B. AYER SALES BEECHMONT BARBER SHOP Your Loco' Decker 4 Chairs For I9 Years - - - - FRIGIDAIRE h Scientific Barber Service APPLIANCES Proprietor: Telephone: H. J. GILBERT BE osss 7863-7867 Beechmont Ave. BE 7970 Compliments of ANDERSON TOWNSHIP SERVICE CENTER 7168 Beechmont Avenue BEechmont 9873 Pete Parian 6 Hf7nOT ig QU J J Love D" 0 fair Q V High Scl7o0"'i Rnd?-T5On 5 nfl gTqTld. Proudly we SMU' Evefphal Thee: Over GU Gnd. Rah. GH? how The L '5Q,'U'7E'E S' LU? PTM H :fargo mg -go'ffUU'xi QUHS L0-H9 n 77 Our LOVE Lug Qivg forever cxndq da Echo MQ, HW! 1 1156 W3 cgffk x 17225 J J Q1 Awww MIM Q I Q ' X QJX 3 ' . X www' vb L Vt 5, S ' Hyllfzm amy 5 3 Q , 4 S Huw ,,., 4 af' fx HN W

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