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,...f 93 ,z . I .5 xx-"XX ga ,i Y: .Z-'Pj F-Ji B hi K 'fi 'Q 5 ki '22, T Eb TQ " I S , -bi V 1 17.1-Ji-Qi V A -F R iifi X' f- - 2- ski' :Lf Aga- -' -3 'R 'EQ 'i' .. SS... - ' ki?- '42 'i ' - , ! ..- '- MA' f"'7? -I 2 N,-.ff - f V ..-...- limhk C5 M ,mdM4u?f1lg7M Z' I 9 .ML f14Wwf.f F 111 fm MT -A - -A YW: . . - H Lil 7,3 -E' .i 'ii Q-5 .-J ff fi 3' XE 'SQ R 22- 1 ' :N as .. -..... - X ,-, g i4fY Q if ' 'g ..,. -5' 1 :L -ii M?-f "' 72 ' ff-T 'T1A'i? - - jj 5 V RN, 5, -v ff' A4 ' -,442 - , A--1?f'-,if-f X A--af' fh- - il , f - 1.1,-. il 1- C- 1 K ,Y 2 . Wkvnxwlrlh WCM ' WW haw! H Y- I ll if ?.li.e, i M41 My W MW! M Af: WMM! ffffmflv ff 41 -ri if All X 0 MM V Aqiwgadamm 'Me Hwlmamdcm of the ANDERSON TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL clNclNNAn ao, ol-no Published by SENIOR CLASS OF 1952 Volume XXII 1 'wvv 4 I I VT liiii ,4aedeuan 7acaaa446,6 Sedan! ENRCLLMENT 316 afaewafwi "Home, home on the range, Where the deer and the antelope playg Where seldom is heard a discouraging word And the skies are not cloudy all day." 4 MR. KENNETH CHRISTY To Mr. Kenneth Christy, we, the Class of 1952, dedicate our yearbook. In this way we wish to express our appreciation and thanks for all the guidance and help he has so unselfishly given to our class. The quiet and unassuming manner in which he goes about accomplishing his tasks has served as an example that we may follow in solving the problems of life effectively and accurately. S A 'z X A 1 u u 1 ' Q x 3 . '- -L- 1 'ff f , 1 f I . mmxxxx NN xum x ' K x X z 'nggwggqgr-5 , ag:-sums: f ' Cgzggofggo I -QwA UQQEEI 6 k fl.:-. --'5"'1: 15 -, .4-Q.: ff x E711 'E' 0 Q 7 Q LC. w ,,,, N f: f" fd f N 'CQ D xx 'J-5-'Z U? . 25' 'E an --.1 fx -cn 2 2. N 5 0. 3 5 9 Q 3172335 S LPCNELVCZOLQ 9EK2'2512.:"'39 ,fEfa'QE'mcnE. bg N Pg p--bgV'1f'Dn- C'.U3Uj',' , 2.-U-cam ,qw DCO mg Uqfrpr 5 :RSM X 'V' FS c N :s :s S I ff k xx 'L X X Q ' K x N 1 , 9. r Lx milf' lm W 6 ,- NRQT JW M ,J Editor: B. Kline I'bmogr.1pby Staff: J. Lewis fl-fditorb. .Alrr Staff: XV. Obcrschlnkc ilidirurb llmior lffdimrx: C. I,nc1'scn, Xl. Rick. Ii. Rinehart, IC, xyilliilllli T, xVl1iI:lkCI', S. SIH'ilIlPI'Ull. gms?- Cir1'11lnti011 Staff: LI. Carson CClmirmanJ. J. 'l'ypi11g Sr.11I'.' S. lfinsppmicr CClmirnmn5, I Srrosnidcr. bl. BCIIYIIICF, I.. Srinncrtc, B. KVylmff, XVUITIIILIIX, j. Strosnidcr, B. Oury, B. XVykoH' li. Bauer, YV. jackson, C, Mnylmll, K. Hawkins, R. Wlxlrcr, S, Jones. IJ. Schneider, P. lllmrdt, J. Harris. l4 640 Staff I-ifUf11f.Y Sfdfff D- BUFIIS Klfdir0r5, ll BIl.YilIC.U' Staff: R. Frces tnlanngcrl, j, Sporrs Edimrs: S. jones, G. Ilornsby Cliff. M- B1'idgCS- Laing, D. lvcrs, L. XVi1linnxs, C. Auxier. 7 President MR. WILLIAM JUDD gdwldqg Vice-President MR. CLARENCE BELL, JR. Member MR. JOSEPH MADDUX MR. RESTORER AYER retires after fift Eve years of service. MR ANDREW WITHROW Y' Member Member MR. EDWARD WRIGHT .253 MRS. MARIAN BENHASE Heidelberg College, B..-X., Fresh- man Girls' Adviser, Girls' Physi- cal Education, Health. MR. XVILLIAM A. SIMCOX Bluffton College, BS., Fresh- man Boys' Adviser, Biology, General Science, Coach - Foot- ball, Track MR. VIRGIL H. XVILSON VVestminister, University. of Cincinnati, B.S., College of Music, B.M., junior and Senior Band. MR. FORD XV. FIELDNG Morehead State College, B.A., Art. MRS. JEAN H. KERR Miami University, B.A., B.S., Freshman Girls' Adviser, French I, English I, II. MR. LEONARD E. HARTLOFF Miami University, B.S., Fresh- man Boys' Adviser, Typing l, Shorthand I, ll, Bookkeeping. MR. JUHN C. SMTH Cincinnati College of Music, B.M., Sorbonne University and Ecole Normale dc Musique Paris, France, American Thea- tre VVing, New York, Vocal Music. MR.i HAROLD C. HOPPING University of Cincinnati, B.A., M.Ag B.E., American History, Advanced Civics. ll 0 W .-, ll- 4-s . S As- S I , 'r f X ,QVHW vo b ' ,i Hal 4 ' ' 1 'wifi K, ' yn. , ,f l'. ff , "N if' A 1 ' ' - ' ffff hr ,404 A I .. f ,...-.-. by 1' Ha x im L'lL'IllL'I1I.1I'f'SCIIUUI wr' -5. , kjzea wm , I lllflpill Cl. :Xddicurn 1llI1iU!'higl1 scluml principal L:-,,,,,.- rlrolv -.Au....-'lH.'I'llllIl clam M-.I -ver' 'Glu-a cnmry sclwul scwcuxry Xl. Sl 1 vers, high school 5CCI'CY.lI'y X X uh SthtltllIIL1l5LllL'I'1lINlIllH'LH'i1lIl il150I1.j.l,CNYlS, R. XYLIIFCFS. 1ll'fCI1d.lIlCC hulpcra X, B Z',,,,. W WI" -TN is ikwgayh "XXX a viwy a M xibm YM -- P., I Z E fa' fi an an . i'i"-fda ?2'fJ a F 5 Bur springtime comes at last and finds them glad and gay, They ride our 071 the round-up about the Inst of May. Swiaw X .-3 if , 6: .ff w,,,-,f Q ' X SL-nie rr Class Officers: Kathryn llnwkins, Scc'rcmry.' Robert Grubb, Vifcvprexi- dum: Dorothy Burns, Trcaxllrvrg Gerald Hornsby, l'l'L',ridUlIf. Class Colors: .llnroovl and llfbirc Class lflowcr: II'bire Rose Class Xlorro: lic nor merely goody Be good for .l'07lIt,'fbi7lIQ. l4 4 -aw L.. ROSEMARY I. ANDREVV Y-Teens 1, 23 Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 43 Jr. Chorus 23 Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 4. CLIFFORD R. AUXIER Annual 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Varsity Club Z, 3, 43 Class Play 33 Foot- ball 2, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 23 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 23 Jr. Chorus 23 Mixed Chorus 1. ELEANOR E. BAUER Annual 43 Y-Teens 13 Scholarship Team 33 Key, Grand Gold. JOYCE A. BEHYMER Annual 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Cab- inet 33 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3g Lantern 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club l, 23 Jr. Chorus 23 Mixed Chorus 1. LEWIS G. BENNER Annual 4. JOAN G. BIRKLEY Y-Tecns 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 33 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 33 Lantern 3, 4, Editor 4g Basket- ball 2, Manager 33 Volleyball 33 Glcc Club 13 Scholarship Team lg Key, Silver. JAMES E. BREVING Purcell 1, 2, 3. MAMAM J. BRIDGES Annual 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 33 Hockey 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 33 Key, Silver. DONALD E. BURKEY Annual 43 Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Varsity Club 3, 43 Lantern 4g Baseball 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 43 Jr, Chorus 23 Mixed Chorus 4. DOROTHY BURNS Annual 4, Literary Editor3 Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Ring Girl 23 G. A.A. 1, Board 2, 3, Vice President 43 Student Council 1, 2, Secre- tary-Treasurer 3, 4g Class Treas- urer 2, 3, 43 Lantern l, 2, 3g Base- ball, Hockey, Volleyball 2, 3, 4g Basketball, Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Schol- arship Team l, 2, 33 Key, Grand Gold and Guard. N., 'Q- .,F., 4t't'f 'C' . situ " 1? 1 5 . a 1 ELAINE CARR Annual 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Head Majorette 3, 4, Class Play 3, Cheerleading 1, 2, 4, Lantern 1, 3, Basketball 2, Hockey 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Key, Silver. JACQUELINE CARSON Dixie Heights 1, Annual 4, Cir- culation Manager, Y-Teens 3, 4, Lantern 4, Glee Club 4, Scholar- ship Team 3, Key, Silver. GAVIN A. DANCE Lantern 4, Scholarship Team 2, Key, Bronze. SHIRLEY A. EINSPANIER Annual 4, Typing Editor, Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Glee Club 1, 2. JOHN H. FORG f' - Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Lantern 2, 3, Foot- ball I, 3, 4, Manager 2, Basket- ball Manager 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4. RICHARD W. FREES YValnut Hills 1, Annual 4, Busi- ness Manager, Hi-Y 3, 4, Treas- urer 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Class Vice-Presi- dent 3, Class Play 3, Lantern 4, Basketball Manager 3, Scholar- ship Team 2, 3, 'Key, Grand Gold. SHIRLEY M. GILPIN Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2. JAMES W. GLAZER Annual 4, Lantern 1, 2. ROBERT E. GREER Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT L. GRUBB Hughes 1, 2, Hi-Y 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Student Council 4, Vice-President 4, Class Vice- President 4, Football 3, 4, Basket- ball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4. l 3, Yr , TH was li tgwatn . ,, rm, af , at f ' W V - '-.ft-af. -M. 7 . - 3 - 3 VY' it 3- 3 3 au 1 fqslvffdw "' .' 'My' 1, Mt A v'.ta.m 3 k k L, tw ' ie: at . W. W .,. . Qi tv? 11 ef?- aaa JO ANN HARRIS Annual 43 Y-Teens 1,2,3,43 G.A. A. l,2,3,43 Class Play 33 Lantern 1, 2,3,43 Basketball Manager 33 Hoc- key 33 Track 1,23 Glce Club 1- Key, Bronze. KATHRYN A. HAWKINS Annual 43 Y-Teens 1,2,3,43 Ring Girl 23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Board 43 Class Secretary 1,2,3,43 Class Play 33 Cheerleading 2,3,43 Lantern 1, 2,3,43 Baseball 33 Basketball 3,43 Hockey 2,45 Glee Club 1,43 Schol- arship Team 23 Key, Silver. JAMES HERITAGE PEGGY J. HINSON Y-Teens 1,23 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Hockey 23 Scholarship Team 2,33 Key, Gold. GERALD HORNSBY Annual 4, Boys' Sports Editor3 Hi-Y 2,33 Varsity Club 2,3,4, Sec- retary 33 Student Council 1,2,3,4, President 3,43 Class President 2,3, 43 Lantern 1,2,33 Football 1,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,4, Captain 1,33 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Track 1,23 Key, Bronze. PATSY A. ILHARDT Y-Teens 1,2,3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Lantern 1,2,3,43 Baseball Manager 23 Basketball 23 Hockey Manager 33 Volleyball 33 Glce Club l,23 Key, Bronze. MILDRED L. INLOYV Y-Teens l,2Q G.A.A. l,2,43 Key, Bronze. DEANE YV. IVERS Annual 4, Advertising Manager3 Hi-Y 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 43 Varsity Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 43 Student Council 2,3, 43 Class President 13 Class Play 33 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Scholarship Team 2,33 Key, Grand Gold and Guard. XVENDELL JACKSON Annual 43 Varsity Club 2,3,4, Sec- retary 43 Football 3,43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,43 Glce Club 2,43 Sr. Chorus 23 Mixed Chorus 43 Key, Bronze. SHARON L. JONES Annual 4, Girls' Sports Editor3 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Cabinet 33 G.A. A. 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2,3, President 43 Student Council 33 Class Play 33 Baseball 2,3,-13 Basketball 1,2,3, 43 Hockey 2,3,4, Captain 2,43 Track l,3,4, Manager 23 Volley- ball 3,43 Scholarship Team 1,23 Key, Grand Gold. 1?Qtf,5Qg 'tr 1 is X . T7 it K -4 ., ,Kilt .-,:" 53554 " ' ""!: f'?27i' A, it Big, I 1.33 f. f Bl-QVICRLY A. KLINE Annual 4, Editorg Y-Teens l,Z,3,4, Secretary 3, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Board lg Student Council 1,2,3,4, Class Play 3, Cheerleading l,2,3,4, Lan- 113771 2, Baseball 2, Basketball 1,2,3, -lg Volleyball l,Z,3,4g Glee Club l,2, jr. Chorus 2, Key, Gold. RUTH C. KOESTER Annual 4, Y-Tccns 1,2,3,4, Presi- dent -lg G.A.A. l,2,3,4g Student Council 3,45 Class 'Treasurer 1, Class Play 33 Lf17IfCT7l4g Glee Club l,2,4g jr. Chorus 29 Key, Gold. ALVIN G. KRON Hi-Y l,Z,3,4, Varsity Club 3,4, Student Council 4, Band 1,2,3, I.antcr11 4g Football 2,3,4g Basket- ball Manager lg Scholarship Team l,3, Key, Grand Gold. NORMAN H. KURTZ jOHN XV. LAING Annual 43 Class Play 35 Lantern l,2,3g Football 4, Track 3,4g Scholarship Team 3. JOYCE A. LEWIS Annual 4, Photography Editor, Y-Teens 1,2g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Key, Bronze. THOMAS E. LIBBEE Annual 4, Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Lantern 4, Football 2, Scholarship Team 25 Key, Gold. SHIRLEY LUH Y-Teens 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3, Class Play 3, Lantern 33 Hockey 29 Track 1,2,3g Glee Club 1,33 Mixed Chorus 3, Key, Silver. HENRY C. MAYHALL Annual 4, Track 33 Scholarship Team 1,2,3g Key Gold. GEORGE H. McKEE Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Varsity Club 3,45 Class Play 3g Football 4, Basket- ball 2,3, Track Manager 3. T55 is-I 'I' f'1L'wSTf3'f'iL"m.'M Tl ' 2 -' ' aif,,:::':3gf- 1. -. Qmwrwif? "' 2-' 521' ' ' pe 923' ,I X . if SHEILA MEEHAN Amelia l,2,33 Annual 43 Y-Teens 43 Cheerleading 4g Lantern 43 Glee Club 43 Key, Grand Gold and Guard. XVILLIAM O. MORETON XVILLIAM L. OBERSCHLAKE Annual 4, Art Editor3 Varsity Club 2,3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 Base- ball 334. BARBARA J. OURY Animal 43 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Vice- President 43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,23 Hockey 3,43 Track lg Volleyball 1,233 Glee Club l,2. ROBERT PARIAN Hi-Y 2,33 Varsity Club 3,43 Lan- tern l,2,33 Football 2,3,43 Track 1 ' 3,4. NJ l9 4 RAY PAULY Annual 4g Hi-Y 1,23 Lantern 2. HENRY L. PFIZENMAYIZR Sidney Lanier High 1,2,3. BETTY L. RINEHART Annual 43 Y-Teens l,2Q G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 1,23 Key, Bronze. DONALD H. SCHREIDER Annual 43 Hi-Y 1,2,3,43 Varsity Club 3,43 Student Council 23 Foot- ball 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 43 Basket- ball 1,2,3,43 Baseball l,2,3,43 Glee Club l,2g jr. Chorus 1,23 Mixed Chorus 23 Key, Silver. JOHN SCHWELGER Band I,2,3,4, President 43 Class Play 3. ffl . ,. 3 . La- 3 -cn ' 1 i -i. i in at ildh' s, ' Z5 L fs M - ,, 0 ' - 1 l it-rad SUE A. SHRIMPTON Annual 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4, Cabinet 45 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Lantern l,2,3,45 Hockey Manager 45 Glee Club 152. NVAYNE SMITH Hi-Y 1,2,35 Varsity Club 3,45 Football l,2,3,4, Co-captain 45 Track 1,2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Sr. Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Octet 35 Scholarship Team 15 Key, Silver. JANET S. STEELE Y-Teens 15 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Sr. Chrous 1. LOIS j. STINNETTE Annual 45 Y-Teens 1,45 Class Play 35 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Sr. Chorus 35 jr. Chorus 1,25 Mixed Chorus 45 Octet 3. JANET L. STROSNIDER Annual 45 Y-Teens 1,2,3,45 G.A. A. 1,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Lantern l,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2545 Mixed Chorus 45 Scholarship Team 25 Key, Gold. JEANETTE A. TAYLOR Y-Teens 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Hoc- key 35 Volleyball 35 Glee Club 1, 25 Key, Gold. ELMER E. THOMPSON Hughes 15 Scioto 2,3. ROBERT TOPP Annual 45 Hi-Y 35 Varsity Club 3,45 Student Council 35 Class Play 35 Football Manager 35 Track 2,3, 45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Senior Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Octet 35 Scholarship Team 1,25 Key, Grand Gold. RUTH J. WALTER Milford 1,25 Annual 45 G.A.A. 45 Hockey 45 Track 45 Glee Club 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,4. THOMAS R. WHITAKER Annual 45 Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Vice- President 45 Varsity Club 3,4, Vice-President 45 Lantern 45 Stu- dent Council 35 Class Vice-Presi- dcnt 25 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 25 Track 2,3545 Scholarship Team 15 Key Gold. gr, N--4 x 'fi fx - f if Bob Greer LITHEL A. XIVILLIAMS Annual 4g Y-Teens lg G.A.A. 3,45 Class Play 3g Volleyball 2,3,4g Glcc Club 1,2,3,4g Sr. Chorus 29 Mixcd Chorus l,2,3,4g Octet 3 Key, Bronze. LANE VVILLIAMS Annual 4. LOIS M. XVORTMAN Annual 4g Y-Teens 1,2,3,4g G.A. A. 23 Class Play 39 Glcc Club 2,3, 43 jr. Chorus 3,4g Scholarship Team 2,35 Key, Grand Gold. BILTTY j. XVYKOFF Annual 43 Y-Tccns l,2,3,4g G.A. A. l,2,3,"l'gI.d1IIt!7'7l 29 Glee Club 1, 2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 3,43 Key, Bronze. fact Zio fide! Suc Hawkins A f r lfrhcl Williams . EN l Y joan Birklcy X l is 853:54-1 jack Forg Don Burkcy 3' .M A . . A -1 .aug . N' Q X th N- ,isflt Shirley Gilpin JUYCC BCIUWUCT Wicca Of Zia! 4 4 ? '- ' . s I 2 A, M5 ' .7 A ff 7.,, M ns 't'i"i r, rf' N - xi. ' i l fu' f, A 'f . . ,Q bhlrlcy X X liinspanicr v ' , H joAnn Harris Dorothy Burns - av- 'W ,Si W 1 if ,ff Betty YVyk0ff j. Laing and C. Auxier IQUSCIIIRYY Andrew , R444 x E A if p- Joyce Lewis 5-. Q a y,-1 janet Strosnidcr 'X N-JL' Shirley Luh A Peggy Hinson 9 9 e nf ,, I Q Ruth XValter ' J Lois Stinnctte Mm, Iiron Marian Bridges jim Glazcf T jackie Carson 9,1 A Norman Kurtz g - m Lois May NVorrman Sharon Jones v L . " Bwfly Klme r Mx, i 1 .Xlildrcd Inlow if 3 - s s 4 I ii M 1 4 I t . ' L 'Q .. J, .V N 9 Y X Q- - ... 1 S" o Z E x 1 g , r n R fig ' L? : wa P- 'Wx' flmgfg, K wggfum F VJWQUIL1 5 lffmn It 'Q "gf-Hin' E ' J i7,C'f'V f ' ' " 7-'lp - X l f p. I' I Q V., N ' up Q -- AF f E X - A' f 1 " ' ' P X, 4 9 62'-I Qvmln B K Mfllw Z1 hx -'J J n- . 5 ,X K - - -L ,.-x A+' f ,.,.5 iff N -if "' 6 f of o f oo - ' K 2' o vvf i rl fvrf' o ' - o o f ,-- I E11 if 1 f - , . - --M.. f ,J"'5 Come all you :oft and tenderfeet, if you want fo have some fun, Come go among the cowboys and rbcy'll show you bow it's done. Zlodezakaaamw ov-. vw 14L""" Q55 lv sl ? f . 4 ..,. l ' 6 if H , n ' il 'F' i Eg A if , 4f 2, 5 S .Xloore E- Motz Al Q Albiez Ayer Beck Carr lizcll lfischcr lfranklin Glenn Gomicn Graham llannan Hawkins Hudson Hundley Inlow justice Kay Keil Kendall King Ludlow Luersen Mastcrson McNees I-1. Mcrgard j. Mcrgard R. Miller Neal Ney Y Qzj O'Banion 'V iff. ft l - I ,y, Richardson - Rick , Roush W t Rucrkay Sanger gf, ' -1 Schocmer Sl1UttS V V: Sider 'f gg . J Speaks Q X LG Steelman ,E - ' Tarvin .4 ,bds Y Taylor ' ' ' Turnau 5. Turton 1 Uebei Q .O Vestring , VValdo A J V WValker ff! E' " White 1, , A Widmer ,, , Wigger , -'5- Ns Wilfert VVolff J ' YVuerdeman fl if lxNg Not Pictured I Budd Bunting WYdCf I qi B. Miller V I I WVysnewski 1 24 3, 's- at h f '- Agce XY, jackson - gl 4. L: N- , Anderson jndd -- v -Q .L 5 Q b QV - Armledcr Kelly ' if 5 qq-AQ n l B. Baker ning F 'Y A J. Baker Koch 'S' .1 A by Balint Lawson D 9 "' X 4 "5 Behymer Lennon .qty 1 j4 K Bennett Lieberinan ' 1 C - 6 4 W 5 L Beoddy Locsche - ,Q Beyer Marshall 4 45' 1' 'F' 'D' B 'i D nu- f--B 'f X Q flt gCS . . l Ll' 4 'Q 455. it MM , C. Brown L. Miller Q. If I 5 A- W Browne XY. Miller , , 5 2: v unting Hunter L. A F 'to' rw A , Burlew Klorress -:if I X 3 - lf. Carr .Xlueller Q NQ I Q 4 , U Carter Neftzer gn , I u 5, X Cicco Nulan it E 13" B gf Cf'-ff Clark Palm k 'LY' 4 - Clary Pnrincr 7 A' 'fx 1. l L 4, Q , Cogswcll Rising ' Dance Ruff 'ii s. in S Daugherty Saffin 'qff' N. X B Daunt Schneider V Y f fr I - fizi. ' 1' ' . ...'. ff- . 4 A Davis Sehweglct Q I' - Q Dietrich Shannon A , Q l IQQJ' Dorna Slay J' , jf, A B, fm 4.1 Q 'bt Downs Smith A BE ' ' it fl J, Dunawny Snowdcn '- ' 9' W liekcrlin Sullivan , F- - lingland Troutman Y P , "' K - ' F lirnsberger Underwood V B 7 ,Jw n lf , t Fairbanks XVadsworth - V B Frank XValters I 5- -. .22 Graf XYilfert B.. :F .A , f A B x Gregor wine ' ' B Y' W QV? . ul Nut Pictured Boctger Rnndnlpll J llall l"I'UlllLlH XVhitson lvilwll - -' ,st llaskett XYitl1rmv 'R Hodge Sa damned . .g " l l 3- ly, -, j R. jnelasun XVylg0ff A A t 4 M Y' f'-. Imvel XVnt-rdenmn Q Ahsher Me Coy it Applegate Me Hugh Bateman .Xlechlin lierkniyer Melton Bishop Metz J 'JS N lllankenship Moore .Q Boyd Moreton ' Brenner Motz h llrinknmn Newman wx W Brown Nordineyer ' A ,' llurke Owens ' f, vm L I Burns Parker Calhoun Pfeffer Carpenter R. Phillips Carson Renneekar Clark Roberts Collett Rogers ' C Cox SQIIIHIIOIIS - Daugherty Schneider , X, I ' L Deck Schwiermann X Dierker Sellers 4 , Douglas N. Shepherd - l in " lfansher R. Shepherd k X su lfiggins Shruni Forrester Sims I Gage Sinclair ,-,.' Garr Snapp i' . Gilpin C. Spraker .A ' f 1 X Goerke P. Spraker 1 JF l lair Stankorb K4 llarrison Steele ' l leizer Steelman S I lollifield M. Stevens l luntlemer P. Stevens , ' lvey Stump Q4 M. jackson G. Taylor justice XV. Taylor , ' Kelly ilihompson 4- ' Q ' V Lainhart liemeyer 4, . , . A h- -- ' , K Lawson Tishaus A N ... ' W we t'-- I A K ' if Leonard Turton Q H h h Longhauser Tvrdy 54 Q 8 Losey Van Camp 5 - I K I Ludlow Whitt V I Mack Not Pictured P -1 D' Maddux Bradford ofick r J- Maddux Ilubbell ri. Phillips ' ,V ' A A g D. jackson NVissman h N. Maddux 1 . 3 Mm 7fze44men 5 Massey 55,4 6 ,i . as t t lu A 'S' ? ii . A' A A Y K fl " X, 9 kv .w L, x .5 fi-QI' It N' E 1 Widmer Wiggins -P Wiles -Q", . 5, E912 A, , A y VVilliams X , VVils0n .1 J 4 Wysnewski . '5 N ,f so Mt . M ff Wffyfxf ' 1 1 1 Q 4 ,Q ,- ' W' "iv ' C-ff, fx! ,i g Lx? f -, S ,WWW ' 'W ". N "' V' ' VW 1 ED! H5 'IKM QUAIMKK - A '4 5 1 I ,J w-MVA' MJ W 1 Q5 Q24 M f Cf ,ffft I .111 yo llycofwbaystlmt f if UWUV, I f 7'1"'LUO Aazaaezew . Swans ij -nl VA FIRST RUXV, lcfr to right: G. Hornsby, Prcsidentg R. Grubb, Vice- Prcsitlcntg D. Burns, Sccrcrziry-'IIrcasurcr. SILCOND ROXV: D. Ivcrs, R. lfrccs. R. liocstcr, B. Klinc, THIRD ROXV: A. Kron, L. Graf G. Dorna I". Iurton. l"OLTR'I'll RONV: j. O'l3anion, M. Rick, P. Nyc, S. Ren- ncclczir. C. Lucrscn, B. Carson. IflF'I4H RONV: R. Miller, D. YViIlis, R. Cnrrcr. 'l'hc faculty advisers arc Miss Nash and Mr. Christy. Student Council is an organization coniposcd of representatives from cach class and from thc fncultv. It strivcs to cncourngc stuclcnt participation and Coopera- tion in all school activities and to promote good citizenship. Xniong othcr activities SIAUIJICNI' COUNCIL sponsors: limlrcrlmll cliccrlcauling tryouts lloinccoining Pow NVow 1. A 43 fa. GRAND GOLD with GUARD Firsr Row: S. Meehan, D. Burns, D. Ivers. C RAND GOLD Second Row: R. Topp, li. Bauer, L. XVortinan, S. jones, R. Frees, A. Kron. GOLD C2 x v jf X, is B. Kline, T. Libbec, C. Graham, A hlotz, P. Hinson, Strosnider, C Mayhall. Sdfdzdfbdddf Key f-iwazala Scholarship keys are earned through a point system based on the report card grades. For any grade between 85-92 the student receives one point, for any grade of 93 or above he receives two points. The points are accumulated from year to year and receive the following awards: 36 bronze 72 silver l08 gold 144 grand gold 180 grand gold and guard SILN ER BRONZE First Row: Behymer, J. Birkley, M Bridges, li. Carr, Carson, K. Haw- kinsg Second Row: L. Behymer, VV. Monter, R. Miller, R, Tarvin, D. Schneider, E. Beck. - . . , ..,......W 5, First Row: C. Luersen, L. Graf, j. Walters, N. l-lowell, N. Anderson, G. Dorna, M. Hodge, R. Koester, M. Rick. Second Row: G. Dance, j. Harris, D. Miller, LI. Bridges, A. Wolff B. NVykotf, P. llhardt, j. Iforg, W. jackson. llllatvnll' L LA junior Class ' aaaafaang aa.. -.Wt .af s.-,aaa-naaara :ul N1 S-laaal-.-, alaaa-at aa of .l..a.aaaa ll.. l'l.lva., one laaatlaa ical oath tha aioa-sta-aaa, Ala thty lacxa- na' rar ...tara-, larry" aaanaaaa aa.- ran. a v-N-. an taaaaaaa wa-ae a-a la ag. l- tlaa- lllst, .and tlultfl a.'1 laa- aaaatal tlaa- 2Ttla '-lt T4t'1ll-Lv. thi' :alalc claal'ct1aa', ai aaa-- t-.a -' allaaosaaag wluaaa sho .:. -..a a-..- ,aan -caaalaapa-r a.y lla- laaaw aa .I lit--la, Illia-I'-Jarl 4-. aaaaa t-aaa aaaaaao- you ma .. We -a aaa.. Xanax aaa.. anaaaaaaa as a'a' ,aaaal rlclaglatlaal, amd llat' va. la.. aaaanoaaaag .mal impor- : aa a lan plat -.yas t.alu-aa from the a.. a .'..a.,1 nor.-a, car--up--a aa, ta. Ivana. lat l'a.oal4 ll tlallntth laaa- lain t.aalaa1tllt.ar1'5', lla :aa val- lahl .a ar-ogla to- .a,.,.. ang aa.. ...ta laaaciaaao- xx- al no a:..aaay Jaaraaoas ' ma' l-aa: llaa. a. ul' .a. . a.a. aa araanaa Xl tlallaaatla Nla llalr-za-ll lan- Ea' I . .l sy 'l'aa.asaaa1'a, Dot Burns For the Junior class. President. Blah Maller, Vice President, Roger Mallet. Sa-cretaay, Pat Ney, and Treasuanr. ChaialottA' Graham. The Saaphonmres elected Roger Caolea, Vai-sadent. Jam Slay, Vice- l'resatl1-nt, hennre Graf, Seerea taiay. and Exnae Downs, Treasur- l'f At the Freshnaan election. Ray- aaaaanrl Mn-rl was elected Presa- rla aat .Inaanav C--x. Vice President. INl.aaeanaata- t2.arr, Secretary. and Ann lacy was made Treasurer. fo "Illia-aper By The Dozen Bi ,, -an Mr. llerron To Terrace Everyone may have noticed by now the absence of Mr. Herron. our former assistant prancapal. Mr llcraon has taken the posi- tion of principal at Terrace Park School It as rumored that he wall also help with coaching. Mr llerron reeeavcd has B. A :lr-gr:-e from Miami University aaa 1936 and has M, A. from the I' iv:-rsaty of Cancannata an came to Anderson f lit-ltl llaJum' "' into 1' and If-ff ..'. Allah' . .la.v.aal. 4 l lst icipal in the has- im-son Townshap piancapul wall of the elernentzary E. Bevins has been to this position by the -n Board of Education an.i by the lfanaalton Coun- af Education. s attended Eastern hanond, Kentutky. --ft has Bachelor "r of Arts ig he x ,, f....ad7 ling Queen Crowned Park Game Ol' piarnzaajr aanpaaatance aluaang tha- hall' of tlac Tcaaaact' Park game was tlav crowning of the Horne- cnmang Queen The queen, Ruth Kfaester. whose adeaataty was not ivwzilf-ll untal she appeared lae- faare the spectators for coionataon was officially crowned hy the two co-captains of the l'ofatlJ.ill tc-.aaaa, Wayne Smith and Don Selina-ader. and presented with a beautiful bouquet of red roses. The coron- zatatan took plaee abmaartl the quot-n's float which was dccoaatcd by the lla-Y :and was featurt-tl among the other floats an tha- pre-game parade. Queen Raith rt-agncd tlaawauglaout the rvanzaander of the g.anu-, and---I hy her tourt of eight gaals rt-pref st-ntang the four classes an laagh school Both the queen and the 'veae chosen hy populiaa e student hotly an an "4 one wt-ek praor to ' ar court consisted 1 Roush. Bar- Howell, 'an and s.. naaaauaaag ian- iarst. toa'-the aan and tith grades, wall be held on October 25, whale the high school pupils will hold theirs October 27, Skals will be performed by some nf the pupils. Those who wish to come masked, may do so. They have been having 3 won- derful time but it's not tno late to Join. Classes are held at the Jr. O U, A. M. Hall, 8115 Corbly Rd, For full information, call BE 6174. Employee: May l present my wife to you, bcss? Boss- No thlnlu. I already have one. Tun.. Nov. S-Junior Clue Play Rahouial. fEloction Dlyl. Wed., Nov. 7-Junior Clan Play l p. xn. Fri., Nov. 9-Football Guns-Am danon lt I-hnilon, 8 p. In. Sat.. Nov. 10-Cl-lorry Guru E. U. B. Church Benefit. Mem.. Nov. 12-P. T. A. Minstrel Show Rohounl. Civic Club Mining. I p. m. Tuul.. Nov. 13-P. T. A. Minstrel Show Hohunll. Wed.. Nov. N-Amnicln Educ!- tlon Wool:-Open House I Din- ner. 6:30 p. m. Frees is the Business Manager. It has been decided that nie Luersen and Marilyn will be the co-editors of the 53 Annual. Congratulations. nie and Marilyn! You have Con- Rick 1952- Cons a big job before you, but we know that you are capable of handling it and will put out a lovely annual. Gob: Will you be using your por- table radio tonight? Slob: Yes. Gob: Good, Then you can loncl me ten bucks, since you wun't be going out. Wednesdays. The Art Museum as offering za choice of printing. painting and sketching. HAVE YOU HEARDTP? Anderson activities can new be resd an your favorite newspaper! The lncal newspapers are again featuring school news. which will appear in the Post on Tuesday and an the Times Star and En- quirer on Wednesday. If you have any news, please tell our report' ers. They are Jackie Carson, l'aat Ney and Marilyn Rack. Get ln-- hind your school. SEE ANDER- SON REl'Rl:JSl-JNTEDZ Fo- 4 1 .Ju-1. li, I IRSI' ROXV, lcfr ro right: XV. Snffin, 'II Libbcc, L. Bcliy- Advisor. '1'l IIRIJ RUXV: R. Ifiu-s, If. l"r:ink S. Dniint, XV. im-r, IC, licck, l7. Rurkcy, QX. Kiwi. SIQCOND ROXV: K. Imxvsmi, I". Cnllmiin, j. Srmsiiidcig j. Carson, G. Dance. iwlains, lliiiinwny, Xl, Hodge, j. Birklcy, lfditorg P. Ney, l"OUR'l'Il ROXY: S. Mccliiin, R, Kocsrcr, S. Sliriiiipton, xSSiSl1lllf lfdiiinix C, Lucrscn, j. Roush, Miss H. Mcrz, J. llnrris, II. lllmrdt, D. Dietrich, B. l31'uwiic, M. Rick. .fcmzfevzn Staff li ,wsw J,-. Iii! ' an fi iii 44!"" G01 N31 fr IIRSI ROXY. lcfr to right: R. Ifrccs, YV. Xlontcr, I.. Ayer, R. vIi2lI'K'Ill, IJ. Sclinciilcr, lf. Beck, hl. I-',i'nsImcrgci'. I"UL'R'l II I.. Iii-Iniiii-i'. SI COND ROXY: .-X. Klutz, A, lYnlff, C. RUXY: IJ. Ivcrs, C. Lucrscn. Xl. Rick, I., lYu1'tiiiiiii, Cii'.iIi.ini, I.. Iicil. P. Ilinsnn, lf. Biiucr. IIIIRD ROXY: N. llnriin, IJ. Burns, R. Nolan. .Xiiili-iswii. Al, ff.lI's1lIi, R. Cf.irtcr. A. liron, bl. Laing, R. Miller. wi ii IIRSI' ROXY, Ii-fr in riglii: R. Pfcffciy NY. llrinkiimn, Boyd. SECOND RUXX 1 Cl. Sliruni. N. Rulirris. -I. Kings. Cl. Biitciimn, Xl, jacksiiii, lg.. Gocrlcc. I IIIRID RUXY. IT. llcflwy. N. Xlziililux, I.. licrkiiiycr, R. l.iidImx', I3. Carson, 3. Rciiiiui'II.ii', Y. Uxwns, R. Xlcrx. I-'UURIII RUXY: N. Sullcrs, Xlnddiix, IJ IX ili-s. -I. Iwlly . .I. Iliiiigliiciy. I.. .Xlislicix .l. Ifiggins, gl. Klcclilin. 569454 Qfzcwle ,4wcvw!4 I iglirli gixulu ci-iiifiuiru winncrs :irc rliosc pupils who have ranked in thc Iiiglii-si Ii nt' tlic uiiiiiry in rlic Ohio Srnrc Iliglirli Grade I-lxaniination. 32 CI Widamri Sa4a64w4aQe 6408 The sclinlqirsliip renin is cimiposcd of two outstanding students in cnicli of thc acadcnii-: suliiccts nf rlic curricu- luni. 'lilicsc pupils rcprcscnt JXIIIICF- son in the Soutliwcstcrn Ohio District Scliolnrsliip -gninpcririoii which is Iicld at Miami University cacli Slay. Iligli rating in tlic- district or in thc state is indeed an honor. ' B .angn ug. Nl. I-ickcrlin, Ll. Cugswcll, and N. Mack work on their Fair entries. Cirtliiigc lfalir displays fm' IIUMIC ECONOMICS :md INDUSTRIAL .'XR'l4S. Q1 Q 'Nw 53, S , 3 -"--ww! H+.. I - I I wg .. , K A - I we I f ......-.i Qx- M32 A , I 'v w-NHC s 'YQ 'Xu 1- 5 o',' u 'Newx-6' ff if w ,, I - - m..I,.,..A ,.,,, 1 ,A l95I-52 nmrkcd the fornml opening of .-Xndcrson's ncw LIBRARY. SL'IlXYCgICl' wplnins rlw construction of Ll Slmkcspcnrcnn thczltcr. Student librg 7 5: ICA Q 1 I " Xl. I I au! iii i- X I 1 .s- '1 .I-..A, mans nnspnnu, n ow, lf. XYiIli1nns. XV. l.z1n'son, L. Cieeo, Gomien, l.. Kell. Xllilters, K HRSI ROXY, left to right, K. 'lini'ton, j. U'Banion, Sec- Schwcgler, lg.. Carr. l"UUR'I'll ROXY: l.. XYortnmn, B retnry, .X. Mhief, C. l,nersen. Nl. Rick, P. Ney, Mrs. VVVkoff, A. Melton, li. Friinla, j. lliliigiwiiv, Nl. .Xlnrshiill -I. Kerr. ,Xdxiserg ll. Kocsrcr. President, S. Shrinipton, B. B. Bennett, ll. Beyer, C. Bunting. S. XYnerdeni.1n. J. Cogswell Unrv. Yit'e-l'i'esidcnt, ll. .XlerQ.ird, N. .Xnderson, D. Diet- M. Hodge, K. Mel lugh, l.. Xlnsterson, B. Browne, D. Portncr rich, ul. Xlergnrd, 'lire.isurer. SECOND RUXX2 S. XViggcr, S. l.ndlon', P. lnrton, l. Lnilhoun, I". 'IK rdy, ll. 'liholnpson, L. Stincttc, N. llowell, G. Dorna, l.. lleixer. l"ll5'I'll RUXY. B. Lzirson. S. llenneclagil ', N. Roberts, N. Owens, B. Parker, S. Meehan, Strosnider, Roush, B. Dumont, j. XYidnier E. Sullivan, R. Wlilfert, K Uebel, C. Spralcer, P. justice, .Xl .-X. lxer. I. Cage, Ci. Rising. j. llnrris. -I. Behynier, j. Birlcley, Bridges, Carson, D. Smith, IJ. Xliller, l.. Graf. lf. Bridges P. llhnrilt. llllllll RUXV: Nl. Moore, M. lfclicrlin, G. XYysiien'sl4i, N. Xlzicli, ll-lSllllllS, R. l.ndloxx', I.. Berkniycr. A. 'l'routnmn, S, jones, K. llnwlcins. D. Burns. N. Nlqiddnx. Xl. Clairr, Nennmn, Xl. jackson, C. Bntcnmn, ' 6664 l'eens is ll lnxinch ol' the Young XYonmn's Christian Association. Its inelnlwership is open to any girl in thc high school who wishes to join. The org.iniz.ition strives to help the girl develop spriritunlly, mentally, and physi- cally. Recognition Serx ice L V,,,, - IIRSI' RUNY, lulir tu right: I.. l3chynici', CI. Xlclicc, D. lforg, CI. NY1illcci', Sucrcrnrig 'lf XVIiit11kci', Yicc-Pirsiiic im-iilcr, D. li cw. Prcsiilciitg R. l"1'ccs, ,liI'CfIhlI1'CI'Q 'lf lihhcc. Cf. .Xuxiuig X. K1'm1,lI. King,Cli.1pl1iiii: XY. -Iilnhl, R. Urulmh Sl COND RUXY: XIV, K. Christy. .Mhiscrg R. 'l'nrxin, j. 5.- W' II1-X is gi hrniicli ut thc X ming .Nluifs Clirisrinii Xswcintimx. Its lIlL'IllilL'I'- ship is hiiiircil tu gi sclcct gllbllp of buys in thc high schuul. 'lihcsc how must i1.lYL'4.'lL'.Il1l1.liliISLll1Li high idx-.als of Christian lifc. liiiliailimi Xcxx .Xlciiilmcre S rw xx 3 1 if +4 viii Cf: M1 A 5 ' :lr 1.7 sy Y , ' ,pm . . . 65 Q 1 +3 X' ,. X1 Xi' If 's ummm, Nl. Rick , lf. Curr, llcnd .Nlajorcrtcg j. Ga The Nlzxrclxing Band gc, P. Turtmm, K. Turru e"f'ff !"2"'qQ. A4 4 -f ...A .,.sz-p, 'ke 1-ni' ' J" - .th HW". ',,v,,v,r . - I - , I - ,, iw - . . 'Qy. z,, v. -. T7 --., Emu! I.. Graf-Flute I L. Hcizcr-Flute II M. McCoy-Flute III and Piccolo j. Schwcglcr-Bb Clarinc D. Sitler-Clarinet I L. Bcrkmycr-Clarinet I D. Schneider-Clarinet II N. Maddux-Clarinet II R. Locschc-Clarinet II j. Gage-Clarinet III C. Hausman-Clarinet III R. Ismael-Clarinet III j. Baker-Eb Alto Sax if - rl -M- riwqmp,-v'..n,.-,.,, - .. -1 .aa vw. .f-'S OFFICIQRS J. Schwcglcr, Prcxidclltq L. Graf, Secretary-'I'rcnx11n'r,' Il. Schneider, Vim'-I'rc.vidL'l1r,' Mr. V. XYiIson, C011- ductor. INSTRUMENTATION D. McCoy-Alto Sax 1. Mcchlin-Alto Sax YV. VVyk0fI-Bb Tenor J. Kelly-Trumpet I G. XViIfert-Trumpet I IV. Judd-Trumpet I R. Pfetfer-Trumpet II j. Figgins-Trumpet II L. Absher-Trumpet III L. VViIson-Trumpet III Sax R. IVysnewski-French Horn I D. Maddux-Eb Alto Horn II B. RiIcyMFrcnch Horn III C. King-Trombone I 5? A.- i ...- R. Agcc-Trombone II R. Carter-Baritone C. Hornsby-Baritone XV. Burlcw-lib Sousaphonc P. Sprakcr-BBb Sousaphonc XV. Agcc-Snare Drum 1. Slay-Snare Drum K. IXIoorc--Snare Drum C. Moore-Bass Drum K. Brown-Cymbals K. Schnrringhauscn -BcII Lyrr VV. Brenner-Band Manager CTrumpctD .. -........ ve- LA. CHORUS D U IIRSI RUXX. IL-tr In I'IS:1IIIl 5. Sclmm-nlcr. fl. Cil'.1I1.1l11, EI. R, I,mIImx', -I, XY.1Ircl's. -I. III-yu, R. Iuwxtcr. -I. bu-cIu, II Xlwgguufl. II- III"'I3'N- I' II 'III-HHN. S, Ih'um'cI4.1l', I., llkucu, .XICI'g.ll'QI. S. SICCIIIILIII, R. XY.1Ilc1', N, Oxxum. 'I IIIRI II. II.lIxL'l I. fwlnllmwll. -I, Ruuxll, Ci. IIINIIIEI, ,X. .XIL'Itun, RUXY: XY. .I:lL'Iq5m1. ID. I3l1I'Iicj,', S.'. UI, ff.1rm11. I I'.aIm. lx XII' Hugh. XI. XIw1n'Q, CQ, I.lICI'NCII, I", I7is,cI1c1', If. Srmsuimlw, IS. II.1mm11, gl. Chmlmliclm. S. I.uIIImx', I.. Stumcttc IIIIIIQQ , ID. XI1IIcr.l7.5m11I1, R. ,Xmlrcxn SILQUNIJ ROXY: S. .NIccIx.m, Ii. II.1xxIcIm. AI. U'I5.miem. IJ. -Iusricu, II, CQ.11'wu Ii, I LIVIHII VI. Ciagv, VI. Im'r'cstc1', CQ. Iiurlting, .-X. XYuIff, S. I.. I5cl'I4111yul',Cl.Sp1'nIQcr, N. ,XI.nInIux, R. Ycstrlxmg, XY, Iiuclt NI1l'1mIw1-In. S. ,Iwm-N. II. XX'yImI'f, I.. IXIUVIIIILIII, X. Iloxvcll, gcr, R. Iopp. I IRNI RI INN. Ivfr rw VIQIIII S. Sullrmulcr. CI. Clmlmzxlll, .-X. XIHIIIQIN, -I. SIIWISIIIQICII, R. IiwusIL'1'. I. Stculu, S. Srcclmzm. R XX NIH, II Iimlgw, I . II IIII.IIIIN. S. Rcnm'cI411r, I. RHIISII, IY.1Irur. I'l IIRIJ RUXY: .X. Iwy. IS. XYIIQUIAIA, S. SIIVIIIIIHIUII Ii. XII Illzgim, XI, Xlmmw. Ii. IIIIVIIIII, I". I7iwI1cl', If Bridges, I.. IYUVIIIIZIII, S, -lmww. Ii. Ilxmlmn. Y. Ilmu-II. II. ffnrwn. I IJ. XIIIII V. SI KONI? RIJXY1 kl. II.Il'NHlI. KI. cIlYIIlICII, S. I.uII- IIk'I'IxIIlyk'I', R. .XIItII'L'XX', -I. Ifurnwlur, AI. Clngc, X. Xlzuldux, C I -xx. I . 5III1l1x'lIn', S. XIL'L'II.III. Ii. II.1xx Lim, R, I.mIImx', yl. Sprnlwr, N. Owens. XIV, SIIIIIII, I,Il'L'L'I'UI'. SI".X'I'IQ'I' II f..x1'x-+11 I IIu1'IIx11yfr, Al, lmgc, I'.UI'I'L'5lL'l', N. .XIzuIaIux. flu L'IlN. Warm! 77faa6c Ofzgcmdycztcaaa f""' liI.IiI:f CI.L'Ii 57 cmd 5 l'rcninlcnt julm Runs V512 prcscnrs lacy of nutlwri- Claus uf '52 llL'CUIllL'5 Suniora. ' to Prcsidcnr Cicmld llnmslmy CSD. Prlncipnl Rulwcrr Wfiglmr prcscntsCl:1ssof '5l. l-'dirur xl:1I'l'l1.l liyur lux-wuts thc lvil .'ll1lfL'l'.VlllIil1ll to Hr. ILC. .Xf'L'l',lUXXl1Ulll il was xlcsliuzltcnl. w l Class ul' 'il Imlllx ll.ll1klllCf. ll 6 P. Mindcr makes up L. Glenn, li. Beck, and R. Miller for junior Class Play-1951. Scene from "Cheaper by the Dozen", Junior Class Play -1951. Deanna Rehearsal scene from 'lOur Miss Brooks", Senior Class Play-1951. june Smith as our Miss Brooks shows the members of her cast how to produce a snowstorm. 1 Xl-M I, -X , ,I f I I 'l'. 1 1 ff ' 6 l M , 0' I 1 1 PM Wk: .1 4 J l fx ,A Wlmlim I " -. L r'-,,,. C .,- ....,-,, 76 " -7?-5' O 4-4qlNVUV' f -J A . ' - X. A . Wvviq-, V N ,- lylllffl. . ,l . X N V 0 I ff: ,1 ' ', ' O ' , K . 51141 ' A AX A w w ff X Em' ,-ifzddezfm 'Y if 4151 LQ, V: 3, Q3 Y w.,,,, HRS l' ROXXQ lttll ru right, VI, lfmg, Cl. XlL'IgL'C, D. lvcrs. XY.Sn1irh, XIV. DI. Cruwc, Adxiwr. THIRD ROXY: Xl: XX I xx-mlrvml, IJ. limxrlwy. li, Gruhh, D. Scl1m'hh'1'. SVCIUNIJ Silm-wx, .Mh'isc1'g R. l7rccs. Xxv..I1lChSUl1. Sccrctnryg R, lnlmp lil MX' XIV, I . Hum 11. Mlx N-rg .I. XY11ll4cr. R. cil'k'L'I', VIQYCLISA R. Pnrizm, XY.OhcI'scl1l11kc.j. Ricl111rdw11, .X. Krun. un-up li. Ilw1'mhy, il. Xuxivr, VIA. XYhir.1Iiur, Yifc- l'l1'sidcl1tg Wczzcdtg 60:5 The .-Xmicrwn Varsity Club is Il vcrv active orgnl1ilntim1 xvlww I1lll'l1llxL' isl'uIH'ulI1uIclrcltcl' spu1'ts11m11sl1ip and higher itiL'lll51lIIlUl1gIllL' 11rI1h-rcs. KUXCQIIIS Nh, XX, Suumrx, 1-wllmll .lml IIZICIQ mulclx, Hr. Cl. lirmvn, Xrhhlu lim-uwxzm-lh.1wl1.mH uvzwlxg Ur, AI. flrxlw, hnskcrlmll 1 wh, IVIRSI' RUXY, lufr tu right: il. Illlnlson, C. lslillllillll, Alnclmm, fl, llurnslmy, -I. Ifurg, XY. Olmcrsclmlzlkc. 'l'lllRIJ xxvllL'I'klk'Ill2lll. R. lzxrxin, XY, Il.1xx'l4im, R. Clrccr, CI. Mclicc. RUNYQ NY. SllIll'UY, lluul Clmlclxg R. Rcmlnll, R. Ring, l.. Slffji JXI7 ROXYp R. l'411'i.m, R. Klrulvlm, .-X. Krun, 'l'. NYl1it- liclmylm-11 -I. lning, R. Cfnrrcr, ff. .XllXlL'l', bl. Sanger, P. Kay, nlcvr, IJ. Sulmculcr, flu-flplpfzllllg NY. Smith. Cu-Cnptnilug XY. .l.Sl.1y. XY. Ujxlcr, UI, Crusc, l.inu Conlclm. "AI" 5, x W ,. 0 JF 01, Q WJ 4 K 7aaZ5czlZ .-Xmlcrson --- --- 32 VVitl11'mx' --- --- U .'XllLlCl'5UI1 --- --- I9 Nlzulcim ---- - 25 :XI1LlCI'SOIl --- - 32 Mt. Healthy - -- I9 fXmlc1'son --- -- 25 Sycmnorc ----- - O A-Xmlcrscm --- --- 6 Tcrrncc Park -- 13 A-Xmlcrson --- --- 13 Colerain ---- -- I3 A-Xndcrson --- --- 6 Lovclnml ----- --- I3 .'xl1klCl'S0l1 --- - 38 VVcstL-rn Hills --- - 6 Amlcrson --- --- I3 Harrison ---- -- 56 "XYl1it" "Olney" H-llllll0I'U ucllllllin ,M 6 I A . ,qw q' -'9 mimi Y. nb ' fa fvf, 'Qi 'ff' 4 0' f R l 'U' ' Rf A .' P " 1 .P ialgi. Q - , ' ' Y I 'W t- A m.s1"tf'-H 4.1 W' - 110' a ,J , ,W . . x- ' ,f fi .. f- -f .,.,.. fpr- . 1. A. Ivey, M. Hodge, K. Hawkins, B. Kline, C. Luersen ' . 9 We Qoatlall I? if flu ll ,W SUCH The football cheerleaders are elected by stu dent and faculty representatives after a cheer- h leading competition in the presence of the """-1' entire student body. U. 9,2 9 'T7 HBH., ,z id U: "Connie" l Y Ll' nur I, L I I as 25- ., -... . -D I I Sue lflainc Sheila Bcv , -rd' .ffwbw M. . M4 .ff fe' fM.w .gs 2 Y C. Lucrscn, S. Mcclmn, K. llnwkins, B. Kline, and lf. CnrrAVnrsiry M. Hodge, B. Browne, and A. Ivey lnur included in picturcl-Rcscrvc fa-B N! vi ' l J' .J ,fp MP X vlllfl J! ., 4:4 . "" W2 46'-Q -0 'Bb A N4 S Y' I FIRST ROXY, ll-fr to right: R. Nolan, NV. Ifnglnml, R. liclrcrnmn, XY. Judd, l.. XYilsun. SVCUNID ROXY: R. Jackson, XY. Agcu, R. Carter, lf. IJUXYHS, C. B1'uwl1. HXVYZIVIICN "Rug" "Bob" ,ff N Zeeefwe I! Zawetlczfl "Ron" "Bill" 1:- 7 -.-r ...xt xy 7 Sf wr 5' f l ,- V,,, XV. jackson Cshooringhg l.efr to right: G. Hudson, XY. Hawkins, B. Grubb, B. Greer, j. Richardson, T. XVhir- aker, G. Hornsby, P. Kay. j. XYuerdeman, D. Schneider. lf. Thompson. H v 8 may 'Don Anderson 91 0.Kl.l. 30 Anderson 5-1 Amelia 39 Anderson 48 Glendale 61 Anderson 51 Mr. Healthy 55 Anderson 28 Anderson 53 Mariemonr 55 Loekland-U'ayne 66 Anderson 41 Madeira 46 Anderson -16 Colerain 57 Anderson 68 l.ox'eland 70 Anderson 54 XVoodward 61 Anderson 10-1 llarrison 47 Anderson 5-+ Terrace Park 45 Anderson -18 Amelia S1 Anderson 6-1 Anderson -12 XYithroxx' 60 New Richmond 61 Anderson 38 Sycamore 69 Anderson 61 Sycamore 70 Anderson 38 Tavlor 56 Anderson 67 Sharonxille 38 v 4 ,A "jim" " "jay "Bob" FAA' Q 1. A W'kJj 9 ' in ' 'Su Ill 1,5 -1 nb- -si A.: 'T jr 1 X I 'fa V s .1 -1 .X K. I RP' K w--'rr Xi Qin, Zcwedall I'lrxr rms. left tu rlglmrz D. SCIIIICIKIUT. Al. lwrrg, D. Ixcrs, IJ. liurkcy. j. XYucnlcl1mn. SCUUIIJ' rms: CQ. Hunting, Xlllllilgtll R. Grubb, XY. c,lNJl'SL'lllllkC. R. SeImrringlmusen, fi. Ilurns- hy, .X. Knufnmnn. j. Riclmzxrdsun. XY. Xlnsr. Xlr. Clmrles Brmxn. Cunvll. During the successful spring season of 1951, the Anderson team won six games and lost three. !z 3 ,, 1 X' N ,, lg X -5, 1 -35 Mfg my if Y X ,i 1 e m! 0 1 I fix f lf, ' I -7' If f P 2 , I Q "1 ' :Q .. K f y k . ! .irq I ., ,A , Soathaeat Dalziel 71446 Zdampdaae I-'irxr rms, lcft to right: C. .Xnxicig R. Grccr, T. XYhirakcr R. Carr. XY, -Iaclason, R. Tomi. Sammi' rms: bl. -lurgcnscn .Xlanagcrg R. XYilson, bl. Shepherd, R. XYhitc. Il. Priclcctt I. Leonard. G. lludson. R. Dclamg, Klr. R. llcrron, Coach '1'bim' rms: G. Nlclicc, .Xlanagcrg R. Parinn. bl. Laing. XY Smith, Il. XYaltcrs. bl. 'l'x'rdy, C. Xlayhall, IJ. Riddle. Our outstanding track team had one of the hest seasons in the history of the school. Among its victories it included third place in the Ohio XVesleyan Relays and tirst place in the Haniilton County. the Miami Invitational, and the Southwest District meets. Rich and lYhir" "Roh" "XYcndy" l'Clill"' wi' Cr'L1sc'sl1m's Spccd? Driving Inv up lforin Rclmund Reserves is I Seafzzkz 'I img- Um Deciding point 52 9 Aw if f my ff K , 'Q-1-5 Mesh "1... Y' I IIA Bl pi , gem Adam Ifirxr Rum. loft ru right: bl. O'Il1miun, CI. l,llCl'SL'Il. 'l'1'c.1s- Curr. B. l'nrl:cr, XY. l,gmmm. li. Sclmuglcr, B. lirmxnc. N urcr. P. Nuy. Xl. Rick. flUl'I'L'NPllI1kllllg Scc1'ctg11'y. Hrs. Nl. llmxcll, .-X. lrmltllmlm. li. licmllly. P. llinsun. l.cuis. I" llcnlnlsc. .Mlxiwrg S. hluncs. Prcsinlcnt. D. Burns. Yicc-P1'csi- Curr. l"0ln'rf.' Noir: -I. SII'll5lllLlCI', IS. XYylqutf. tl. Rumh, ll llcm. li. ll.lXXlilI1s. DI. .XlL'l'gLll'kl. Rcccwmling Sucrcrnryg ll. lllllnnnt, l ".. l"I'1lllli. l,LlIlLlXX1ly, vl. Buyer, l,. Nl.1stursm1 Xlurgnrll. Surn11.I Ruiz: S. XYiggcr. S. l.u1llmx'. P. 'l'llI'IUl1. C. Sprnllicr. S. xx'LlCI'klUlll1lI1, D. Dictriclm. Xl. llmlgc, .I lf. Clnllmun. lf, l'XI'klf'. ll. llwrnpwn. ll. cl1ll'HllI'l, S. Rcn- XYnltcrs. ll. Purtncr. U. ljllfllil, l,. llcizcr. N. .Xmlcrmn mm-la.1l'. N. Rulvcrts. CQ. lialrcnlqln. VI. Kings. li. Uury. AI. IlLIl'I'l5. EI. lforcstcr. lf. lfisclmcr. lfifltli Ruiz: Xl. lnlmv, lf. Xllllinxm -I. llclxymcr. DI. liirlilcy, P. lllmrllt. 5. Sllfllllpflbll, R. lim-Stcr. S. l'l.ll1SI,7Lll1lCl', xylkllllkff, lf. Sullixum, R. NYilfcrt, li. L'clmcl 'I'l.'ir.l Rn1:: li. lurrmm. Xl. .Xlnuxxg Xl. l"clQc1'lln.G. XX'y5- P. Dlusricc. Nl. Bridges. D. Smith. D. Xlillcr, l.. Graf. If ncxxslqi. N. Xlnclc. bl. 'l'isImus. R. l,udl1m', l.. lgCI'lilllf'Ul'. Xl. Bridges, Palm, D. Rogers, R. XYz1ltcr. P. lnlow. I I I "Hy, tl111t's good! " "Dot nndSl1crry" "l'I1c Hike" hiv! Kms, Iufr ru right: I.. IIuifu1'.S.blfmw. mmf Ie1IIL'f.XII'N. XI. Iicuwlmw K muh Ix lun Qnpming Xlurgglnl. IS. Uury, ID, Xllllur, II. run, Ii. Sclmuglur, DI. Ruuxlm XI Iiml u I Xlcrgnrxi, Il. Smith, IJ. l3umx. I . CQ.11'1', Sur! -lusricc. I'.I1l'inIsu ,I O'l3,mnu1 lx llml Ill Waakeq Action Left, kneeling: K. Uebel, S. Joncsg left, standing: S llawlcins. Nlechang M. Benhasc icoachlg shooting: B. Kline. Right, kneeling: P. Hinson, j. Mergard, j O'B:1nion, K. Turrong right, standing: R. YValter, C Luersen. First Roux left to right: B. Baker, li. Calhoun, K. Schwegler, P. Turton, M. Iflckerlin, D. Smith. Second Row: B. Browne. M. Hodge, D. Miller, XV. Lawson, ll Dietrich, G. Rising. I.. Miller. Wolleefdall mei lfiryr Row, left to right: S. jones, j. O'Banion, J. Mer- gard. S. XViggcr, G, Rising, Nl. Hodge, K. Schwcglcr, XV. Lawson. Scrond Row, left to right: A. Albicz Glan- agcrh, H. Mergard, P. Ney, C. Lucrscn, B. Klinc, K. Ucbcl, I-f. xx7iiiikll1lS. M. Moore. J. Roush. Left to right: M. Underwood, K. Ucbcl, M. Bridges S. jones, L. Miller, Xl. lickcrlin, K. Schwcglcr, G. Rising 57 I mnxUmu1 Xl mln Dui Hmml 5xx , " .' 1 . .' L-L-rlu-ur.1mi.Xru-mln llgljlla-L-11 limi: Km-srcr BandSxvcQtl1cg11'r- lf ' I lnm C 111 58 1 + 1 , 2"""' , f 14' 1 ' 1, , ff NW" ffl' ,f - P f ii M f , ff g 24. , f , X ' If "" ,g g - , Q 1 Q 5 :ggfg ' IK I ' Q - M, , wx - V kg L 1 N '-QW ff ,. X 5- M l l' f X I -.WF , ? SJ A ,' M19 :fl 33 use-v -f . X f ,, M ff ,f ,df wif mu f K , V 55' , 1, gig, f . fi X Q W ' 219 4' 3 f - Ek B ' E 3 f M 0 llqle ' ' Q 1 - A '1 11d y ' 1, V .-5 Wis,A:,-f ,2 Il gig as 11 . 4 - -f"'4?f-"mi 4551-f ? 'C ":5 ?53'r 2.2, f -'fir Lv ,ini it-423 -gy i X Xu A 'Pi - , df Q M A- '.1::'-L.,.5..2 Foot in the stirrnp, the other on thc ground 'l'!.1c cofwboy ix xmiling ,cause l.w's going to town. daezdadng Seam: ?mm1!4 Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Andrew Mr. and Mrs G. G. Auxier Mr and Mrs H. Bauer Mr. and Mrs B. A. Behymer Mr and Mrs L. B. Benner Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Birkley Mr. and Mrs. J. Breving Mr. and Mrs H. A. Bridges Mr. and Mrs D. E. Burkey Mr. and Mrs C. E. Burns Mr. and Mrs R. W. Carr Mr. and Mrs W. VV. Carson Mr. and Mrs A. Dance Mr and Mrs R. 1. Einspanier Mr and Mrs H. Forg Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Gilpin Mr and Mrs. H. S. Glazer Mr and Mrs E. H. Greer Mr and Mrs. B. H. Harris Mr and Mrs. V. E. Hawkins Mr and Mrs B. P. Hinson Mr and Mrs C. Hornsby Mr and Mrs. M. A. lnlow Mr and Mrs W. j. Ivers Mr. and Mrs M. jackson Mr and Mrs R. M. jones Mr and Mrs P. K. Kline Mr. and Mrs D. D. Koester Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. A. W. S Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. R. Kron H. W. Kurtz W. B. Laing C. F. Lewis J. E. Libbee D. M. Luh H. C. Mayhall M. M. Meehan S. S. Oury O. W. Pauly E. C. Petty P. E. Rinehart H. Schneider H. G. Schwegler W. W. Shrimpton mith D. S. Steele R. E. Stinnette E. B. Strosnider A. S. Taylor G. Topp H. W. Underwood G. Walter R. E. Whitaker Mrs. G. S. Williams Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Williams Mr. and Mrs. C. Wortman Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Wykoif Compliments of ANDERSON TOXVNSHIP PARENT-'I'liA CH IQRS ASSOCIATION New Oflicers for 1951-52 Mrs. Clmrles XV. Osmond, Recording Seeretaryg Xlrs. Bryan O'Bunion, Presidentg Mrs. Clarence Cuwpcrtlmxvnire. Vice-Presb dentg Mrs. Bruce Ulmer, Treasurcrg Mrs. Charles lf. King, Cor- responding Secretary Knot piehlredl. 6 l W XII M XJNII mtl hu' lwxx U m'I1uug1I1ug.1rm Nfl' I'1'u11u 45 - . 1 A lx.1x .mul PM f2l!CL'I'lL'LlllL'I'S I 411-lung um ,uxl uvllg-gc lp. P51113 'Y Pj- , Aluxr xnrmg Lvllifbll help fffll'llNU 62 Want To Be A "Key Person"? For n ioh thnt's important and interesting. where you can make n real contribution in one of our nntion's most vital lines of defense, be sure to see your Telephone Company. Good starting' rates. with pity while lenrningg frequent and regular pay incrensesg pleasant surroundingsg and friendly asso- ciates are just fl few of the advantages, for hoth young men and young women. Lihernl sickness benefits, security, and opportu- nities for zidvzincelnent are other important assets of 11 telephone job. Visit our employment oflice and let us tell you more about them. THE CINCINNATI AND SUBURBAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY cowPERrHwAlrE FLORIST lfl.OXVl-fRS for all OCCASIONS BIQCCIIIIIIJHI 7 l S8 Cherry Grove GLASER-WILSON MOTOR CO. ,.,. ,... ...,, . V ,- 3:2 - U Sales Service ,ifw I gy, Q X, ZbifgggigQf1QEQ5Zj5:5gf2f:,5fQ' 7636 Beeehmont Ave. Cincinnati . Y " ' LL-Q., , , fi Forestvillc BEeehmont 7236 I 7 tl I' 'Q-4' 7 ' if -l XFN A V' 'ry 1 xx... Y K' gl ml dl - "' F ew V4 LE xxx! I N ffl if X WWW 63 DF SOTO PLYMOUTH Sales 8: Service Parts BENNETT MOTOR SALES Direct Factory Dealer Cherry Grove, Ohio BEechmont 7490 2+-Hour VVrecker Service For VVrecker Service Call Day-BIC. T-490 Night-BIC. 6400 Compliments of Al Tilley SALEM PHARMACY 6665 Salem Pike Phone BEechmont 9072 We deliver VARSITY CLUB Compliments of NEWTOWN DAIRY BAR 106 Main Street Fountain Service -Hot Lunches Ice Cream to take out Sandwiches of all kinds LOcust 9881 Charles N. Wykoff, Proprietor Compliments of Mc DANNIEUS FOOD MARKET "Dot Quality Foods" Groceries - Fresh Meats - Produce Frozen Foods Cherry Grove BF. 9800 BEECHMONT BARBER SHOP 4 Chairs Scientific Barber Service Proprietor: Telephone: H. J. GILBERT BE 9833 MADDUX TEXACO SERVICE Beechmont and Salem BEechmont 9826 Compliments of CLARK CLEANERS COMPLIMENTS OF Hj,Y "A Good Cleaner in a Good Community" 7117 SALEM PIKE BEechmont 9077 Deane lvcrs, Presidentg Thomas Whitaker, Vice-Pres- identg Gerald NValker, Secretaryg Richard Frees, MULLER'S SHOES Sl SHOE REPAIRING Trcasurerg Charles King, Chaplain. Quality Material and Expert Work Poll Parrot .............. Ball Brand 2061 BEECHMONT AVE. BEechmont 9851 Compliments of i' FORESTVILLE FUEL AND SUPPLY COMPANY "Try Forestfville First" Hardware -- Builders' Supplies -- Feed -- Bottle Gas Hotpoint Electrical Appliances 7715 BEECHMONT AVE. BEechmont 7640 65 - ,ffl .ou .sl I vw I D t SL'llll'1lI'S? ,nf ua I lumc from thc salt mincs lhmxuws YYCHUII Three srmugcs Xlinmi "Q 1" lJ.ury lmr ,lt W, .N 1 , M -K 'I N 1 - fv , L Q ,,N,,...ww 2 -vm "XY:1lI" Soakinguplc11mx'lL-dgc 66 Hyde P:i1'., 'Tor Tboxc Who Ilvwmlm' Qzmlity' Mlilrose 1 30-1 SALEM-PARKVIEW MARKET 6661 Salem Pike Qualitynleats - Produce and Groceries Phone BEcchmont 9883 JANET'S COFFEE SHOP Harold Yazcll, Prop. Serving Breakfast, Luncheon, Dinner Open 7 A.M. to 8:45 P.M. EAGLE SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION Mr. XVasIiington Branch BEECHMON T PHARMACY 2103 Beeclimont Avc. Bbfechmont 7278 RUSSELL L. REEDS 81 SON XVillys Uverland Sales 84 Service A complete line of iccp parts Blf. 8331 8549 Beechmont Avc. bllb V m NR D ,. fr! 'JA ' 4' lkhlsf Stix lgz ...ff . 7 ' . I sr J bs 5 Q Ne I 1 A Q " f , K. 09 'P WI, l f f I ' ' ve W w 1 Q 1 '.'7, " .4 ' H. T 1 ' , 7- 9 5' 5 . f f 9 Q' W eg? - Compliments of THE CLASS OF '53 Robert Miller . . . Presidentg Roger Miller . . . Vice-President Patricia Ney . . . Secretaryg Charlotte Graham . . . Treasurer. F. G. TARVIN at soN BOHRER BROS. F L O R I S T S 6165 Salem Rd. BE. 7175 Plumbing and Heating Conmzctors Supplies of All Kinds BUDD PAINT SL Licensed Sewer Tappers Repairs and Remodeling ln., 3749 liasrcrn Ave 33911.10 liast 5726 f Blicchmont 7973 gig' Q G .I el 5 ' ' VN gig: . WALLPAPER CO. 2123 Beechmont BEechmont 8547 MOTZ POULTRY Wholesal e--- Retail Free Delivery CLOUGH PIKE BEechmont 9012 PAUL'S BARBER SHOP SALES SERVICE 7730 Beechmont Avenue FORESTVILLE HUDSON BELL'S SHELL SERVICE The mr with the Opposite IVarer Tower BEechmont 9832 "Hug The Road RW George Bell John Bell C. B. AYER S A L E S HARRY'S SHOE Television Frigidaire Appliances 2121 Beechmont 7863 - 7867 Beechmont Compliments of G. A. A. First Row: j. Mergard, fCorresponding Secretaryb, D. Burns, CVice-Presi- denrb, S. Jones, CPresidentJ, C, Luersen, CTreasurerJ, Miss Langhout, CAd- viscrh. Second Row: M. Rick, iRecording Secretaryb, P. Ney, H. Mergard, J. O'Bani0n, K. Hawkins. 69 Com liments of P CINCINNATI ATHLETIC HOUSE OF MERRELL GOODS COMPANY BEAUTY SALON 6131 Corbh' Road Xlt. Washington I 10 VVCST Ffnlffh SFFCCI Phone: BEcchmont 9923 Cincinnati, Ohio J Ii.-I' fa N!! if WN mx 1 .-gf 4 Ml. -' -' , C I X ,WF U W Q , K 4 '55 Hx 'I A 2:17 I .. E x 1 Y j - X fi M A n T' W ' 5:1 W n H Q , - f I x-W fm WN W N VVZXD' I flA"" ll' K. Compliments of THE CLASS OF '54 Rogcr Carter Prcsinlcnrg Lcnorc Graf Secretary lirncst Downs Trcnsurcrg james Slay Vice-President 70 WILLIAMS DAIRY AND SNACK BAR Compliments of HARTLAUB'S GROCERY 7756 Beechmont Avenue Illfechmont 987-I For 11 place to ent to go far just stop in the XViIIi1m1'sDni1'v Bar SALEM SHELL SERVICE Salem Rd. 84 Burney Lane Mt. Washington - Cincinnati 30, Ohio Blfechmont 9889 Lubrication 8: .Accessories C 07llp1I71lC'lIf.I' of 'Vi' 5 If-SIIIIII 2261 Beechmont Avenue Cincinnati 30, 0hio H. VV. Strief Bliechmont 8488 g'i'.lu,.1- Lf ,. I MN am my X .IUDD MOTORS, INC. Chrysler - Plymouth Sales - Service 3151 Linwood Rd. 7I I0 LAIOOSYCI' Pike Cincinnati, Ohio IQX. 1566 ISR. +5-I5 I 7I ll '.QQ." I ' T '55 - In-.. i Compliments of Y - TEENS FIRST ROW: S. Shrimpton, H. Mergard. j. Mergard CTreas- urcrj, B. Oury fVicc-Presidentj, Mrs. Kerr CAdviserj, R. Koes- ter CPresidentj, j. O'BaniOn CSecretaryj, M. Rick, P. Ney, A. Alhicz. SECOND ROW: CStandingj N. Anderson, D. Dietrich, K. Turton, C. Luersen, NIT. WASHINGTON I-IATCI-IERY Compliments of Pure Bred Better Hatched Baby Chicks T. P. WHITE Sl SGNS Fryers 8: Eggs thc year 'round 2224 Suffolk Street BEechmont 7934 ULMER SOHIO SERVICE Established 1870 6389 Salem Pike BEechmont 9858 Our Only Location PETE LIPPOLIS' GENERAL STORE Ashland Gasoline and Products 2050 Beechmont Ave. Pottery and Novelties V M CHERRY GROVE BEechmont 9870 CINCITNNAII 30, OHIO BE. 7150 DODGE PLYMOUTH ,it CAHALL SALES 8: SERVICE . Mt. Washington john R. NVhItc Mark E. Croxton 5:5 6.11 CINCINNATI so, OHIO 72 COMPLIMENTS OF "Will" Wolfer WALKER'S DRY CLEANERS F orestville, Ohio We Do Our Own Cleaning BEechmont 8426 W O L F E R ' S F orestville Pharmacy C I. omp lments of O. M. C. Sue joyce Phone: BEechmont 6680 gxh 101322 FORESTVILLE, oH1o Eff Sh PM 31116 CITY Janet Lois Betty D. B. PHILLIPS C. O. ALBIEZ White Villa Partridge Brand Food Pork Products Products Meyer's Frosted Foods Fruits and Vegetables We Deliver Daily 7630 BEECHMONT AVE. - BEechmont 6295 - FORESTVILLE, CHIO 73 V Q U f ,1 ,gi I illIl1L'XY1lI'd lmuml Pulsed Sucker , . AWE 'l'l1c mn f S mnsurx IIAIIFCL' lmmm 2 P Xp.H'rX" .XII Alum- Stull alum- 74 C 07lI'Dlf7IIL'711'.Y WILLIAM C. ULRICH HERFF - JONES C lass Rings and Pins Workmanship Quality Service Compliments of BOOSTERS CLUB Paul Tarvin-President Charles L. Brown-Vice-President Mrs. Howard Forg-Secretary William Saflin-Treasurer WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION "First the man takes a drink, Then the drink takes a drink, Then the drink takes the man." Japanese Proverb Anderson Township P AND J FOOD MARKET Telephone: 7165 Beechmont Avenue Bfiechmont 9860 Cincinnati 30, Ohio Compliments of ANDERSON TOWNSHIP SERVICE CENTER 7168 Beechmont Avenue Bliechmont 9873 Pete Pnrian CLYDE C. INGRAM and Associates Auto - Fire - Life 111slH'a11ce Bliechmont 8827 771 1 Beechmont Avenue Cincinnati 30, Ohio Compliments of STUDENT COUNCIL Mr. Christy QAdviserj, B. Grubb CVice-Presidentj, G. Hornsby CPresidentj, D. Burns QSecretary-Treasurer, Miss Nash CAdviserj SCHWARTZ Nationally Advertised Apparel Men's IVear -- VVomen's Wear MT. WASHINGTON Mt. Washington Texaco Service Station COMPLETE AUTO SERVICING Bcechmont 81. Corbly Bllechmont 9898 MT. VVASHINGTON CINCINNATI 30, OHIO Compliments of LEHMAN'S GROCERY SALEM and SUTTON - BEechmont 9831 Delivery Monday through Saturday Cexcept Wed.J HAMBURGER HEAVEN 2240 Beechmont Avenue Hamburgers . . . Strictly from Heaven You will hear this phrase time and time again coming from the patrons of Hamburger Hear' en. A meal or a snack is ready in a iiffy. It comes from our kitchen clean and spiffy. Closed Monday at 3 P.M. Open Till 1 A. M. Tues., Wed., Thursg Fri., 3 A.M.g Sat., 4 A.M. BLOM AND DAUGHERTY PLUMBING - HEATING ZH Automatic Gas Water Heaters New and Remodeling Work 2124 Oxford Avenue BEechmont 8876 MT. WASHINGTON HARDWARE FOOD MARKET 7740 Beechmont Ave. DOT FOODS FROZEN FOODS FRESH MEAT BEechmont 8546 Julius Sollberger 2110 Bcechmonr Avenue BEechmont 7766 CHESTER SHEATZLEY AND SON Complete Food Market 2063 Beechmont Ave. BEechmont 6125 IVe Deliver SALEM BARBER SHOP Corner Salem SL Beacon IVAN FINEOUT, Proprietor 77 Ywwirc ixO11r.iI0rr0 AUXIER CHEVROLET SALES Main Strcct Ph. 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