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I 4' P96 vi T4 YQ! BEECH f7ff if X f gn Eg r kd' NM f N x 425 'Na i 6LEGiND S A . U. 7' ., ...k i f , CMN K 0 gf .J ., 2 ' 3? 2 'N 5 YU 1 S, i 5- V 0 1 P A ,Q C A :I 5 O -va E Q ii- 5 ' , lU"0.m3 L pb 0 'A' I Cb 4 7 ' 15 Q r 1 IT! x v 4 'Q 'Mg 4 XS Q9 Q - 3 fm f W, -s,' mx is 'JQA 0 4:2 1,79 L 'Q ' 9' . E 'Ru 0 I .' 4 Y F 0LF N x 5- -o 600- RD Q' gps E ' 652. 1 I 1' IYHGEI- R" ff o X MILE HIAE A 'vokbvkfvgs Q u I r 3 cv, E 3 3 :EK 'U 1' fn 'll 0 " E R Jie M1 mxafzfkm of the Anderson Township High School Cincinnati 30, Ohio P bl lcd bw SENIOR CLASS OF 1951 Volume XXI "ini 2 , A' Anderson Township High School Enrollment 320 fx 'mm we we X yX0mqY0gg S. VXWAX Cidxsc 1 'im Log, 9. Yxcedoox 'beam 1, Y uv cw M6 XO. Hooxe Hoax A. Oedxc-moo XX. XQxuXe Ynoms S . SXQXQQXQQYDQQYA YL. Psciwkixes 6, The Cmvixo mis Xixs Ciew XB. Spams X T . Ylw ci V606 VX. 'Y ifahe X I " f 1 Z Z r,' 5 Z I K N I I' 5' 'X f Z , " 1 ' Z f f f- . l ' fa 4 .L A if 'Iiu.11fril'11! Ohio 111 llmrflfx nlqurifz I ,wc I IXIIIIIA' ffl -izfmwr fixed to Jw." iwwmff like small hours on quiet streams wc plx' our course in rhcsc lm wntcrs in p1'cpnmrim1 for thc day when wc wlmll launch out into swiftcl currents. S g Aa RESTORER C. AYER On Monday, April 8, 1896, Mr. R. C. Ayer was elected a member of the Eight Mile Board of Education. This date marks the beginning of Mr. Ayer's continuous serv- ice to Anderson Township, never once has he been denied any ofiice by the voters of his township. Mr. Ayer was among the first leaders to envision a centralized school replacing the nine small schools scattered over the township. As a result of an educational cam- paign in the autumn of 1926, he and other citizens of Anderson Township made the first great advance for the improvement of their children's education. Most men allow their communities to grow up about them, but Mr. Ayer has grown with his community. He has been instrumental in the creation of the enlarged plant which will provide for the ever increasing needs of the community. Mr. Ayer has rendered many services to the people of Anderson Township, but all will agree that his greatest service has been to their children. In appreciation for this unusual interest in and unselfish devotion to the advancement of education, we, the members of the Class of 195 1, hereby dedicate to Restorer C. Ayer this Andersoniafz. 6 5d44,4z?zg gaze!!! President MR. VVILLIAM JUDD Vice-President MR. JOSEPH MADDUX Member MR. RESTORER AYER Member MR. ANDREW WITHROW Member Knot picturedj MR. CLARENCE BELL, JR. The Board plans for nvzotber addition to the school plant. Clerk MR. BRYCE DETTOR 7 OUR CAPTA N DIRECTS THE FLEET 2 2 5 x Robert E. VVright We aghmm af am aa!! The southern boundary of Anderson Township is washed by a stream called the Ohio River and controlled by the State of Kentucky and the United States Government. This stream, generally calm and placid, can go on a rampage and spread destruction in its path. The craft which stays upon the surface of the river must be seaworthy and guided by one who is familiar with navigation. Charts, compasses, and pilots are not enough, just as parents, teachers, civil and religious authorities are not enough, alone, to guide the individual students. The lights along the shore, tended by residents familiar with the moods of the river, are indispensable, just as the lights of truth, honesty, and fair play are indispensable in the guidance of students in the waters of life. May the Class of 1951 with a steady hand on the tiller of honesty, guide their bark of truth to the Land of Fair Play ever mindful of the virtues which keep the shore lights trimmed and burning. The Morning Nefwr K nm an .4 V. CR.XNDlf,l.l. R. IIVRRON N. RICIQVY. N. CIIRISIAY. M. XVILSON J. KBSIIIQR, N. C.-XRTIQR XI. SII.YlfR W Office SCCI'Cffll'y X. RUISIE, Y. G:XI"I"NIfY XI, S'I'RIIQI"R ACTIVITIES IN THE OFFICE NEVER CEASE V, NASH - TfQQSufCf I.. .XIUIULXN -- YIIFSC BA THE RIVER PILOTS SHARE WITH US THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF THE SHOALS AND RAPIDS OF THE COURSE 'un -T. C vw., L y u Uv V v 9 v MR. RICHARD W. HERRON MiamiUniversity,B.A., University of Cincin- nati, M.A., Assistant High School Principal, Advanced Civics, American History, Coach-Track MISS VERA MAE NASH Ohio Wesleyan, B.A., University of Cincin- nati, M.Ed., Senior Girls' Adviser, English IV, French I, II, Latin I, II MRS. MARY H. STRUKE Miami University, B.S., Junior Girls' Adviser, English III, Spanish I, II MR. KENNETH CHRISTY Ohio University, B.A., junior Boys' Adviser, Algebra I, II, Plane and Solid Geometry, Trig- onometry MR. CHARLES L. BROWN MiamiUniversity,B.A., Senior Boys' Adviser, Commercial Geogra- phy, World History, Director of Athletics, Coach-Football, 'Base- ball MRS. PAULINE MINDER Ohio University, B.A., M.S., junior Girls'.Ad- viser, English I, Home Economics I, II, III, IV MR. ROY TUCKER Ohio State University, B.S., junior Boys' Ad- viser, Chemistry, Gen- eral Science, Physics MRS. RUTH KERSHNER University of Cincin- nati, B.A., Sophomore Girls' Adviser, Gener- al Business Training, Practical Mathematics, Typing I, II MR. NORVAL HUMPHREY Miami University, B.A. in Industrial Arts, Sophomore Boys' Ad- viser, Industrial Arts MISS HELEN A. MERZ Hanover College,B.A., Sophomore Girls' Ad viser, English I, II MR. JAMES CARMICHAEL Miami University, B.S., Sophomore Boys' Ad- viser, Physical Educa- tion, Coach-Football, Basketball MISS MARIAN A. LANGH OUT Heidelberg College B.A., Freshman Girls' Adviser, Girls' Physi- cal Education MR. EUGENE D. HENDREN University of Cincin- nati, B.S. in Ed., Fresh- man Boys' Adviser, Bookkeeping, Short- hand I, II, Typing I, II MISS ANN MARIE LINDSEY Cincinnati Conserva- tory of Music, Mus.B., University of Cincin- nati, B.S., New York University, M.A., Syr- acuse University, Music MRS. E. MAE SMELTZER Rio Grande College, B.A., Ohio State Uni- versit y, Freshman Girls' Adviser, Alge- bra I, Biology, General Science MR. VIRGIL H. WILSON College of Music, B.M., University of Cincinnati, Freshman Boys' Adviser, junior and Senior Band MR. FORD W. FIELDING Morehead State Col- lege, B.A., Art XT' vi 1, ix GL " Ill l Il lb 'Ww- ANDIQRSONIAN STAFF Editor - M. Dyer 1Il71f0I' Editor - B. Kline HIl.Vf1IL'S,V .L'JIlr1gCP' - J. Roos ' lfaclzlfy Ad1'i.vcr - V. Nash I.i1umry Staff: D. Otr iliditorn, j. Dcistcr, D. Dietrich j. Dunn, R. Pullon, D. Riddle, lf. Spencer, R. Young. Art Staff: Roos Hfditorj, C. Bccknmnn, XY. Mast J. Tvrdy, VI. jackson. Sporix Smjf: R. XVilson Qlfditorb, C. Bcckmann, V Marten. I'bo1og1'izpb-v Staff: Nancy Carter ilfditori. Abshcr R. Carr, li. Fobcs, J. Heritage, R. Mnddux, S. Rose J. Rucker, R. XVhitc. Typing Staff: N. Christy Olanagcrb, j. Carr, V. Gaff- ney, Kelly, N. Rickey. CiI't'H1i1fi07I Smffz Slay Olanagcri, B. Brooks, V Crnndcll, R. Dicckmann, G. Ilhardt, T. justice, R Nladrlux, V. Merton, j. Prickctt, XV. Prickctt, A. Robb R. SCi11ll'I'iIlg'i1Hl1SCI1, Stringer, M. XVilson. fiiiivrrisillg Staff: XY. Mast fklanngcrb. XY. Bchymcr R. Burlcw, R. Schmidt. j. XVul1acc. Q v v iff? y X mf, . A ,N - M xv X., X,-.12 . A' 1 . XNSXSIX-x XS:' Q 1 ww . L A Xi eX'X,,XX- X , X- X M. X wiwqw XXXQYMWW . X X- X . -if-1-Xu , v X' XXX Qgf L, , - x wr, - x kg. . . . .. -, X ggtbxgig y vw Q? - K V h K x f X :Z N ,,, .4 g R - X - V1 X . X Q W 4 Vi 'X- X - ,,.,:Q:,:-f- - , ww- ,wp ,,,..,f,?lWWf A QW-.J ' , . ,X , ,X A K x . px . I-I-XX X X 5 . ,xeswg I X X . . .mx X,z 5 gi 5 - -X .X ,A Xb -2- 1-"X X '- ,- ' lm' ' . . T WN. NNYWX ,Nw ,W My .X k . www ,f x .L -1, L. , . .A . . . .--mf. M 55 NNW.-ig MFMXS wwmmx wwnggwww X MS x N - ,,,, , X -. - 1 4. fy bf. x ' XXXXXX My W cliff' X ' iillf gfjv . 551 , X X W K, Xw -'X ,,.,. - af , Q KQXXXQQX-. X, .XA . . X .vw ,N f AX . XXX..-,XWXV X A 'www . Nh --5 K . M xww lk Md? ' . M M W Nm a 'Lk U53 ,sal 4 X H - .- W v ..f . 4 4 f rf V . 2 .4 f Xr' s z. vF',7,ff5lW -Q. .,,,,,,,w X Xyf-aw: .yy N, 'fi . L, QQ N ek vf .,A K" 5 4? 5' .2-: s is E1 ai inf Q waldlif' 'lllilaaw..,qgv- bcmox Clwss Ofhcus ohn Roos, P1c5111L11t, jmct Slxy T1 e115u111 Nita lxu Chrlstx V114 I11.x1dc11f, Nqngy Rll.lxCX Class Flovs ers Blue 111111 L.17lf6 1113 Class Colors Blm 111111 1.11116 Motto S0 uzqb 15 Qlfllldcifll to 0111 duat, S0 111111 IS God to 111101, II 11411 Duty .Jmpcu 101., 711011 must, The youth 1ep11e5, I can H7 IAIERSON lA Ktihnw 6LC1Lt1'11V T? Wi El' -IACQUELINE A. ABSHER Annual 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A,A. l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Softball 3, Track 1, 3, Band 1, 4 GLENN ALLEN BARBO Amelia and Blanchester 1 BETTY ELLEN BROOKS Annual 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 3, Basketball 3 Glee Club 1, Class Play 3 177 , lfipx X RAYM ONSVEQE BURLEVV CAROL MARIE BECKMANN Annual 4, Lantern 4, Student Coun- cil 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet Member 2, 3, Treasurer 4, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3, President 4, Hockey 3, 4, Capt. 4, Basketball 3, 4, Volleyball 3, Captain 3, Class Play 3, Scholarship Team 1, Key-Gold J XVARREN BEHYMER Annual 4, Class Vice-President 1, Hi- Y 3, 4, Chaplain 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, Key- Silver R IANET E. BOGGS Annual 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, G.A.A. Annual 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4,Varsity Club 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Senior Choir 3, 4, Class Play 3, Key-Bronze EAN CARR Annual 4, Volleyball 3, Glee Club 1, Class Play 3 OBERT CARR Annual 4, Student Council 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Track 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3 1, 2, Class Play 3 NANCY CAROLYN CARTER Annual 4, Lantern 2, 3,. 4, Student Council l, 2, Y-Teens 1,' 2,3 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, Vice-Pres- ident 4, G.A.A, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, Track 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 3, Scholarship team 1, 2, 3, Key-Silver NITA KAY CHRISTY Monroe 1,23 Annual 43 Chief Typist3 Student Council 3,43 Vice-President 43 Class Vice-President 43 Y-Teens 3,43 Ring Girl 33 G.A.A. 3,43 Volley- ball 3g Softball 33 Senior Choir 3,43 Glee Club 3,4. VALERIE CRANDELL Kalamazoo, Michigan l,2,33 Annual 4g Lantern 4g Y-Teens 43 G.A.A. 43 Senior Choir 43 Glee Club 4. MARY DIERKER G.A.A. 1.2. QW' DALE DIETRICH JOSEPH E. DEISTER Mariemont 1,23 Annual 43 Varsity Club 3,43 Football 3,43 Track 3,4. RICHARD DELONG Class Vice-President 33 Varsity Club 3,43 Football 3,43 Basketball 3,43 Track 233,43 junior Choir 33 Glee Annual 4g Hi-Y 3,43 Varsity Club 3,43 Football 1,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Band 132,33 Glee Club 3. JEANETTE DUNN Annual 4g Lantern 33 Student Coun- cil 33 Y-Teens 1,2,3,43 G.A.A. 13233343 Cabinet 43 Hockey 3,43 Basketball 3, 4, Co-Captain 33 Volleyball 33 Track 23 Senior Choir 3,43 Glee Club 3,4. Cl b 3, U MARTHA JEAN DYER Mfwfv Wg '76 ROBERT DIECKMANN Annual 4g Hi-Y 2,3,43 Basketball 1. Annual Editor 43 Y-Teens 1,2,3,4 Ring Girl 23 Squad Leader 23 Ca- binet 2,3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Basketball 3,4, Co-Captain 33 Softball 33 Volley- ball Manager 33 Track I,2,3,4Q Cheer- leader 23 Senior Choir 3,43 Glee Club 3,43 Class Play 33 Scholarship team 1,33 Key - Gold. W. RICHARD EASTON Annual 43 Hi-Y 4. '6 EJ: D551 l?'f1 HOWARD DONALD FIELD Varsity Club 3,45 Football 2,3,4g Basket 1 Mana er 2. ELMER FOBES Annual 49 Varsity Club 3,4g Foot- ball 2,3g Basketball Manager 3. JOSEPH HULL HELEN C. HUNDEMER VIOLET GAFFNEY Annual 45 Y-Teens l,2,3,4g G.A.A. l,2,3,4g Board Member 1,2,3g Outing Chairman 45 Basketball Manager 3g Cheerleader 2g Senior Choir 2,3,4g Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Class Play 3. G.A.A. 1. GENE ILH-ARDT DELORES GILPIN G.A.A. 1. JOYCE LEE JACKSON Annual 4g Y-Teens l,2,4g G.A.A. 1,29 Softball 3. WALTER HAIR Class Play 3. THOMAS JUSTICE ARTHUR EDWARD KAUFMANN Hi-Y 3545 Varsity Club 3,45 Football 3,45 Basketball 253,45 Baseball 25354. RICHARD MADDUX Annual 45 Varsity Club 3545 Foot- ball Manager 3. JANE KELLY Annual 45 Lantern 45 Y-Teens 152535 45 G.A.A. 152,3545 Hockey 45 Band 15253545 Class Play 35 Key-Bronze. WILLIAM MAST Annual 45 Advertising Manager5 Baseball 12 3 4- Glee Club 4- Class MERYLE JEAN KNIPPLING Annual 45 Lantern 45 Y-Teens 152535 45 Squad Leader 45 G.A.A. 15253545 Glee Club 1,45 Class Play 35 Key- Play 3, Key-Bronze. any Bronze' VIVIAN M TEN IRVIN GEORGE LEONARD Western Hills 15 Annual 45 Hi-Y 2, 3545 Varsity Club 3545 Vice-President 45 Football 2,3545 Basketball 3545 Base- ball 253545 Track 253545 Senior and junior Choir 35 Glee Crub 3. swiif 1617! PHILLIP C. MADDUX Annual 45 Varsity Club 3,45 Foot- ball Manager 253. Annual 45 Student Council 35 Y- Teens 1,253,45 G.A.A. 15253545 Vice- President 45 Cabinet Member 15253545 Board Member 15253545 Hockey 3,45 Basketball 253545 Co-Captain 35 Vol- leyball 3545 Softball 3545 Track 1,2535 45 Band 15253545 Key-Bronze. JO ANN MORETON Class Play 35 Key-Bronze. DIANE JOY OTT Annual 4, Literary Editor5 Lantern 15253545 Feature Editor 3545 Y-Teens 15253545 Ring Girl 25 Squad Leader 35 G.A.A. 15253545 Senior Choir 253545 Glee Club 15253545 Octet 45 Class Play 35 Scholarship team 15 Key-Gold. Qgefzw msafzaffl 25 Xxxll IxIsIIxI IIIIX I xIIIIIII xx III. II II.III.I-I- IxIIiI IIIIII I III-I I.IIIIIIII I I.. IIIIIIII..I xx IIIIIII-III IIIII,IIy IIIIIIII I IIIWI III IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII I' IIIIIIII- Ix II-IIIIII I: IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII I I III I'IIIII,.I IIIIIIII Il I'III I-IIIIIIIII IIIII x I'II-IIII xIIIIIIIIII.IIIg IIIIIIII x IIIIIIII I IIIIII.. ...IIIIII-I I I'I IIIIIIII IIIIIIIII,-...I IIIIIIII I III-IIIIII II.IIIII II IHIII IIIIQ 1.-IIII I. II I-...III IC IIIIII.IIII-I xxIIIIII. IIIIII.-I xx IxIIII.IIr XIIIIIIII II IIIIIIIII-II IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I IIIIIIII I II IgI.I IIIII II IIIII IIIIIIIIII .IIIIII II I IIIIII. xx III.-II IIIII II I'IcIII I'iIIII IIIIIII I IIIIIIII wII,I. IIIIIII IIIIII-I x t.,IIIIIIx IIIIII IIIIII Il IIIIIIIII xII.II .IIIIII gIII II II,IiI II IIII IIIIIIII'II IIIIIII IIIIII IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II IIIIIIIIIIII.-I IIIIII I-IIIIIIIIII.IIIIII I: IIIIIIIIII IIIIII IIIIIII IIII. I IIIIIIIIIIII xII.IIfIIII IIIII IIIIIIrI IIIIII, IIIIIIIII X' x IIIIIIIIIIIIIII XIIII gII.IrII ,I IQIIII x.IIIII-II IIIII. IIIIII XI I4III,IIIII-Ig II.IIII.II. I II-IIIIIIII NIIIIIIIIIIII I' IIIIIIIIIx I II IIIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIIII Il IIIIIIIIII I IQIII I..-III-IIIII xx xII.I I I.IIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII x xII-III-II xI..II IIIIIIIII IIIII IIIII-I-IIIII II .IIIIII II IFIIII IV III-I x II. IIIIIIIIII IIIIIII I .I .IIII IIIIIIII-I.IIII III-I.-III-II I IIIIII-.I II-II II IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII-I X IIII-III-x I'IIIIIII-xr FIIIIII ,IIIIIIIIII I3 RIIIIIII' XIIIIII IIIIIIIIII' RIIvx' IIIIII rIIII.IrIxII IIIII x II..I.II xIII,I ,IIIIII I RIIIII I.III IIIIIIIIIII I Rm. I'.IIII IIIIII in IIIII I IIIIII- III IIII. I Ilmkcx II.IIIIII I SI-IIIIII-IIIgII.III.IIII xIIII.I Il SI-IIIIIIIII I IIII-II III.. I SIIIIIIIII-III x.III- I sI.III xI..II III.II gIrI I HIIIIII-III I IIIIII. IIIII XI SIIILIII I .I ,IIII IIIIIIIIIIII I NrrIIIgrI I II-III I-xIIrIMIIIIII I I'xI'IIx NIIII-II I-II' I XYIIIIII NI IIII' III IIIIIIIIII I U III-IIIIII IIIII rIIIII II xx'IIIIII IIIIII III-,II I...I XI xx'IIIIIII IIIII IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII- II IIIIIIIII IIII. IIIIIIII' II x.IIIIIg IIIIII.. IIIIII ,- K x -ff .X I If VK .1 , - '. 4 . 'T f -mf - I fam' NX f I I I - V 'I .41 ' - XKA f' IIC, Xi- -X, f1-ffI ,L L-,,, .-- 3 f'XfN "Lx X-xfx.1 I9 XIIIIIIIIIX III IIIIIIIIII I II II IIIQIIIIII X IIIII IIIII IIIIIII I-III-IIIIIII III II IIIIIIII' IIII. IIIIII IIIII uIII I II-I .IIII III IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIII IIII'I'mII III II'I II IIIIII IIIIx IIIIIII-I.III IIIIII II II II II XIIIIIII III- III I'IIII I IIII III-I III IHII II NIIII' I I IIII I.IIIIII III III IIIg III I III NIIIIIIII III .I III.. IIII IIIII I IIIIIIIII III IIIIII IIIIIIII II XIIIII1 II-II XIIIXI III IIII XIIx I... III I II-IIII.I I'Ixxf IIIIIIIIIII IIII II IIIIII! IIIIIIII IIIII II IIIIII I'IIIIII II IIII. III III IIIIII1 IIIIII III IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII .IIII IIIIIIIIIIIgIII IIII I IIII. I IIII IxII'xIIL'r IIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIVI I'IIx III-IIIIxIIIIII.II I-,I-IIIIII III In .I IIIII'w IIIIII I IIII I...gI.. IIIIII I IIII IIIIII III.II'II IIIIIIII I IIIII-VIIII NIIIIIIIIIII I Y IIIII' I'IIx IIII XIIIII IIIIII III-IIII I I II II IIII' IIII II. IIIIII-II IIII. III I-II.IIg.- IIII III XIIIIIII III I XIIIIIII I-IIIII-I I IIII IIIIII IIII IIIIIIIII QIIIIIIIII III II IIII-I IIIII IIIIIII III. IIIgIIIII CIIIIIIII-I I I III IIII-IIIII IIIIIIII' IIII-IxIr NIIIIIII IIIIII-IIIII-III NIIIQIIIQ xx .IIIIII I III II IIIIII IIIIII II II.-I IIIIII IIII'.II III ILIIIIII II-.I II I I Ix.Ix I'.IIII II I IIIIIII II.IIIIII IIIII I III-II II I IIgIIIIIII I'IIIxIIIIIII III I I IIII III IIIIIIIIKIIIIIII II-IIII.-II I'IIx IIVII IVIIIIIIIIIIII I I-IIII III IIIIII IIIIIIII IIIIII Ix IIIIIII II.IxIIIIII,III IIIIIIIII-r III III ...IIIIII IIIIIIII II II I-III-I-II IIIII IIII-III-I III II IIIIII IIIIII- IIIIIIIIII I .IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIII IIIIIII IIII IIIIIIIIII II-IIII IIIIII III II x'.III.II xx... -...II III-II JOAN ANNE PALM Lantern 1, Y Teens 1,2, G.A.A. 1,2, Glee Club 13 Key - Bronze. AM DAVID EDVVARD RIDDLE Amelia lg Annual 4g Student Coun- cil 2,3g Football 3,4g Track 3.4. JAMES PRICKETT Annual 4g Hi-Y 14, Secretary 4g Band 23,43 Class ' - 3g cholar- ship team 1,3g ' old. 4 JAMES H. RILEY Senior Choir 3,4g Glee Club 3.4. XVAX Nl, Z. PRICKETT Annual 4g Lantern 4g Hi-Y 2,354-, President 4g Band 2.3,4g Class Play 3, Scholarship team 1,2,3, Key Grand Gold with Guard. ADA ROBB Annual 4g Lantern 3g Y-Teens 1,4g G.A.A. 4g Track 23 Key - Silver. RUTH MARX PULLON Annual 4g Linzrern 4g Y-Teens 1,2,3, 4, G.A.A. 2,s,4, junior Choir 2, Class Play 3g Scholarship team 33 key - Bronze. JOHN ROOS Annual Business Manager 4g Lantern 2,3,4g Student Council l,2,3,4q Class President 1,2,3,4g Varsity Club 3,4, President 4g Football 1,2,3,4g Senior Choir 2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4g Schol- qrship team 2,3g Key - Gold. Q35 Y LEE CKEY Mt. Healthy 1,2g Annual 4g Y-Teens 3,4, President 4g Class Secretary 4g G.A.A. 3,43 Senior Choir 3,4g Glee Club 3,4. JEAN CAROL ROSE G.A.A. l,2,3,4g Y-Teens 1,2,3,4gGlee Club 1,2,3g Junior Choir 35 Key - Bronze. STEXVART ROSE Annual 4 lfand 1 7 3 4 X ite Pres . 5 V-rv' 73- Q- ident 2g Class Play 3a SCl1lllRfSl1lI3 team 3- Kev Gold JUNE RU.CKER Annual 4g I,n17I7C'7'7l 3,-1-, Editor 4g Class Secretary 3g Y-Teens l,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1.2.3,-lg Basketball 3g Cheer- leader 2g Band 2,3,4, Head Major- ette 45 Glec Club 31 Key - Silver. gm , .21 ,459 JANET ELAINE SLAY Annual Circulation Manager 4g Class Treasurer 2,3,4g Student Coun- cil l,2,3,4g Y-Teens l,2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Hockey 3g Basketball 2,3,4' EUNICE PAULINE SPENCER Annual 4g Lmztcrvz 4g Y-Teens l,2,3, 4, Squad Leader 4g G.A.A. l,2,3,4g Glee Club lg Scholarship team 2,3g Key - Silver. RONALD SCHARRINGIIAUSEN Annual -lg Baseball 3,41 Senior Choir 3,43 Glee Club 3g Class Play 3g Schol- arship tean 1,2 . QM if C' 1971 MARJORIE STRIKER Y-Teens 1,4g G.A.A. 4g Senior Choir 33 Glec Club 2,39 Key - Silver. RAY S. SCHMIDT Annual 4g Football 49 Key - Bronze. MARGARET JANE STRINGER Annual 4g Y-Teens 1,3,4g G.A.A.. 1, 2,3,4g Hockey 3g Basketball 3g Senior Choir 39 Glee Club l,3p Class Play 3. .IOHN SHEPHERD Amelia Ig Annual 43 Varsity Club 3,4g Football 3,4g Track 3,4. JOHN TVRDY Annual 4g Varsity Club 3,4g Track 2,3,4. ' ls., fir X5 i t Y A Q , we? ,so Q am QQ I ,E Q jACK XVALLACL1 Annual 4g H' ' 3,4g Football 1,3,4g Class Play 3, a f Club 3,4. Mil JAMICS I.. XVHEATLEY Annual 4, Lantern 4, Advertising Manager 4g Glcc Club 23 Key - Bronze. RALPH VVHITE An al 4, Hi-Y 2,3,4 , MARION XVILSON Annual 4, I.n11rer11 4, Y-Teens l,2, 3, 4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Hockey 3,43 Bas- ketball 2,3g Softball 3g Clicerlcndcr 3,4. KMMLXWA, md wa, ERT L0 I XVILSON Annual 4, Sports Editor, Lantern 2 3,4, Student Council 4, Class Secre- tary 2g Varsity Club 3,4g Football 1 2,3,4, Captain 4, Basketball 3,4-g Base- ball l,2,3,4q Track 1,2,3,4, Senior Choir 2,39 Glee Club 2,3. ,Qfigugxf 1 4 Tk RUTH Ia. YOUNG inf ff XVitl1r0w l,2,3, Annual 4g Lanfern 4, Y-Teens 43 G.A.A. 4, Glee Club 4 !,m,Mw I LMER FOBES 2 gf Mp, kg .. 'A win , Spfsx j-XLQUELINE ABSHER BFTTY BROOKS W' V RICHARD DCLONG ROBLR1 DILCMIANNJ jxck u 1: 1- Y .Z axe Voc, Q! E '-1- ENROLL IN THE gr .ram 1 HELP LIFT THE L1 CRUSADE . . Mfg, up E 2 mem warm FOR FREEDOM 3 r EVERYWHERE ov A-" 'HJ'--"!: L 5: 4' X -A in H 1 u 1 n xv. l helieve in the Jarrednesr and dllgniq of the indi-vidual. I lrelieve that all men deri-ve the right to freedom equalb from God. l pledge to renlrt aggremon and gfrannj wherever they appear on earth. f i Q Q f I I um PYOHJ to enlixt tht CfKIddCf0f FYZKJHM. I am proud to help malge the Freedom Bell porsihle, to he a .rigner of rhif Deelaration of Freedom, to have my name included ax a permanent part of the Freedom .Shrine in Berlin, and to join with the millzonx of men and women throughout the world who hold the caure of freedom sacred. .W , ,,,,,, W , f X 'A- V Xtlll llI'l ' Flklvlkli 5 l'l'l'Y ' FIWVTZ? :'.- -A .W 414-nl LQJM-A .Sli . fnnazmedria .Qz.f.,.L.Ja.uL. J3f1LC3z4f.5.,, ' ' .LL 'f,W.4., C.N.,..J.g Qi... QM:5B'f.lh.LL CJYALZM, L.-.-...z LZ, 141141. ,LLZMQ11 .gm o,MJe.fL,, vlitff- ww .'g.,u....L aff., lie! ZLL,-teena., mmm LJ-1-a.lbt L'Lwwu1,Ql...- ,ff vb .,,,.,, 21 a..,,.....2,ao J,w59,fwf.,g,-- Gf1W.,1e,UA-.- Tclom: gyihfmfl .mow :gm Vw mzmam-. ee L1W.MoLfIc'PeLQ0.. w.vW..,. 3 e9., f LQMMQ, QJ41 oi!! L...,,.....4,:fJ2e Yhlvoafn llhiluz. f'l9"Jffff5.l3i10 , ,W .hyamf QeeQ...Liu-fu Rcwpwfi ir UMA-f 71zQ4QlQ L.Q44iWJ,f1""' ya..-. your ummm o "' j ' f -1. .JiAm.,...m rail www c4.............La' e,Lfta.e,oL.,.Q, a....o.mLm.1 p 2,24 1.7. MLW? ...we 4' M .moan fe... ff... ,efe L M gm ezzwe e mlefezfm ..M....MW V f Y ?fA W Y l X ee ee ee. - 2 ee-- ee ef- E. f N YY rr ee We-em Wlaen complete with signatures pleas: sencl this scroll to Gswsnu. Lucius D. Cuw, National Chairman. Crpsade For Freedom Nrrmwu, COMMITTEE Fon A rum: EUROPE, INC. aso Flm. Av. f. New Y ru 1 mv. N? 820530 rZ R A. if-1 woamhfll . .. 35,A Q -12: io " XX Q ENROLL IN THE E .Pike l HELP um' THE CRUSADE I , 2 IRON CURTAIN Fon FREEDOM , go 5 kujlgglllflll-IRE ad' U ' A 'F f f I helieve in the racrednerr and dignig' ofthe individual. 1 helieve that 411 men derive the right tn freedom equalbf from God. I pledge to renkt aggression and grrannj wherever thgf appear on earth. I am proud to enlzkt in the Crusade for Freedom. I am proud to help malqe the Freedom Bell parxilfle, to he a signer of this Dfflaration 0fFV8EJOM, to have ,nj name infludfd HI Apffnfllnfnt Pfff of the Freedom Shrine in Berlin, and to join with the million: of men and women throughout the world who hold the rauxe of freedom xarred, 7 NKYIH ll! l'l'l'H Nilllf, 4Il'l - u'l'kl'l-I yxlicfu 'f,' QrLC1,feI'd4.,.A "1' : .4 611-144-fwL,0fw ryiwteifzrbame cQ,...MfLe49,., QQ... caee: cW,.,..x.G!.. 4r,,e,e,g,mx4g.,i,.J,,f Q.1.s..x2.,gl-:gt - ,,cff.4do4zl Qqmq 5224442 Lita Raimi W 3LnLu.....a.L. ffl U mmf .zo-u,f1..l11 Q.,.M.ele,os::,. ,sfh.1..'f 61:11.14 me offmfmudf, .hiv mL1,34,.,,7,., ,,,.f uc. wQ+,..,fQ,Lfs...a 2-.f,......s,.m t , QQVIM. ee...-........xeQx... lim itll-4 , Q o,m.,.,,-.lo Lf.-1 fda Mazda 1037. J wwf Li mia ooo f fflggfw-, l QM lawn., e -X. .,,..,,.L,1.a , ,,, N Jil wr bla,-A bmw! 1 L. N ee lLn1.L.4a,l Qfua Q4M.N-A.v:L.r 414.-,,..A, , , Jf.e,..,.14 ,MQ aymlf, -slgaaxrslpv' C-f44'5""'4l,d A ' ,z........4e..z..:. qflrlat zu. A., , ,a.,e,.,.fL0x., .LLQZA 'f,2z.c4f r 'Y lfzrefnf-ffm. 7+ .tuL4..UL.1,1..., --J' Lguaammh Ji. Yxjacjl Kota CHL tlvvwfwnmis Clit ,lliizfpv .445-45' :beef-1--fc f.,a,,..,z-A. izwfff-.fffz...1-,1.,....f-we Mfr Aihwfe .CC ,Q a1l,,.M,li , dw.. ,ma.4..L'L1 2 7 I when complete with signatures please send this scroll tn GENIIAL LUCIU9 D. CLAY. National Chairman. Crusade For Freedom ""' "1t'llyu ,f X55 Q . x A ' , A as - O' I K -, 'A if ' We vu ' - -, Q-wr-l MANY OTHER BOATS COMPOSE THE HOME FLEET 25 - 4 Q L. li ' . -A 'L on . . v.l., it nrbt Ea-. iv-. , .gt on-SQ R - .sift K 5 . ig A Q . t ..... Q if? 2" . 4 , R. Y? .s . Q -...I .- N... Qi' 1 s. 3 'F s l llffn-I , x nl A ' 'X grail 0 M 'Nqr' ..,. We 'wk X, r 6 -R. 5: :Q-" 23,2 f in 'Z' V ' . 'JZ Rm" lr .L.. Qi ' "i:", ' i .Q ::,:': 'Y' New at ii- xx... Y Q.. if RW. L :E- Nwff 1 r 4' 1 Qi 'S+ 5 0 A X R. Andrews .-X. Kron C. Auxicr N. Kurtz li.Bauer J. Laing bl. Bchymer D. Latham L. Benner J. Lewis J. Birkley T. Libbee Xl. Bridges S. Luh D. Burkey C. nlnyhall D. Burns XV. Moreton LI. Carr M. Moore tl. Carson B. Oury G. Dal1CC R, Parign ll. Dumont liinspanicr j. Forg R. Frces S. Gilpin J. Glazer R. Greer R. Grubb j. Harris S. Hawkins j. Heritage P. Hinson R. Pauly R. Redmond B. Rinehart D. Schneider j. Schwegler S. Shrimpton R. Smith KV. Smith j. Spraker J. Steele L. Stinncttc j. Strosnidcr j. Hornsby C. Taylor P. llhnrdt J. Taylor Xl. Inlow R. 'IAOPP D. lvcrs , . , . R, XValter S. jones Nm ?IFmnd' T. YVhitakcr Ia Klausmg "' llf'g'1f if. Wfilliams ' XV. jackson ' G. McKee ll. lilinc l.. lVilliamS ll. Koch I.. XVortman R. Kocstcr B. Wykoff 'Hi . 'if g. "JZ", ' .fs A, .N ive, Q V' , .4 ..Z'Q.jT, .. - W f .xp 'Q at ... .M y, .::- I E- K if Y A 1 -0- W' Ml -.QQ , kv '03 i Qi wa- 1 N aw li YW. We lied 'Md Q f . f X N s . h s. S t . . W , M -ww .. ."" A -33 ' .W A if . Q . or e-K1 if 'I . l 1- 7 1 N 3 . rf.. a X K N -. A aw- . X : . 1' za 'Q' i 6 .,f- f ' , . Q mix S W , L '15 9 A L "'P' is . e o . . Q L F k 111 13 ... -or . Hi. R Q L . . ..fg F- .. ..M4' A. Albiez E. Beck J. Benton j. Birri J. Bottom Brodeen P. Budd C. Bunting D. Candy D. Carr D. Chaney T. Clark B. Dumont D. Ercel L. Glenn j. Gomien C. Graham L. Gregg B. I-lannan XV. Hawkins S. Hundley P. Inlow B. jermer G. Jestes P. Justice P. Kay R. Kendall B. King G. Koch H. Longo . Ludlow C Luerson 9512! bww' Noz pictured: R. Doyle C. Franklin E. Redmond R. XVysnewski XV. McNlees H. Nlcrgard J. Nlergard R. Miller R. Miller Nl. Moore .-X, Motz J. Neal P. Ney J. O'Banion B. Oberschlake j. Richardson XI. Rick j. Roush S. Ruttkay j. Sanger S. Schoemer G. Shurts S. Speaks R. Swathwood R. Tarvin XV. Turnau K. Turton K. Uebel G. XValker J. VValters L. VVhite j. XVidmer S. VViggcr R. XVilferr R. Willis A Wolff . ' ., 4- 5 if V S, L 1 K A L QQ, X V IAA . - . M . ex ...., an I RQ' -if Y, 2 fk - ' fi ,x Ewa' f iv L L 8 . - is Aww- 2 'TZ' ' . A . hi' A 'NJ .2 ""'M 9 I . 'L .gs L Masterson I Wuerdeman N5 N 3 'wr Sn.:- S " N 1 . , . 3 14, . .ap , f K , . at ' - , - r qhhu . - . , p . ,... k . R 2 . .M ' - ,af ' w A 1 gi ,- . K R . fi Wi ,Q x I .,.. z .am-A .mf I H. raw R. if R QQ.: 'fi W. Aflac xl. Kelly' n A in A ..... N. Anderson C. King l , A . . m.. ...Q '. ...zo 'L 1 ll. .-Xrmlcdcr R. Lninlmrt 'J'-2 'iq .if if 5. , 33 :fi , W S l.. Aver XV. Lawson ' ,jg A . ':"5' . il- W ,gr ' . Ji 15'- 1 - zbuu - " i - , A luq l if uv. A Nw- . j. Baker R. Lennon . ' .. ' 1 .... R. Bnllint R. Licbcrnlann b 'I b . M ' h gg 6. I Q I.. Bchymcr Xl. Marshall 55 g , .Q Q... . .,,. U K V 3 N x. .- .:., Vx.. Nu Bennett Alassey A. - K ggi? 61 ' if -.-g- fi' 121 W' ,Q fi-.EN ' V... . ' K "W , A : ..... :-' Ez' if 'i - l i, NR . :.:,: . lll- I 61.3 "' R ll 3 zzyil li. licolllly Xl. ?lCClUgl1Cl1 ,, V J. Beyer lx. Alcl-lugli 9 " "A.. -, O. Bishop .-X. Melton ' A N '. WF' if-R R- 'cf R. ls. Bridges o.A1lllcl- 'W rss, " 'W 3 'Q' if? if ' 'W A .,, ' . i A R .SQL 5 A s S Rf.. X -ff f R ...Q ,, 1 1 I li W R4 47 A vii, N 1 wx 5 Rf H If.. Bridges I.. .Nllllcr if. Y I ll 3' C. Brown XY. Xlillcr I ":::' B. Brownc XV. Montcr .I .Q W ..v . - .4 fx, I -. C. Bunting H. .Nlorrcss 3 r ,KW X, A .W . is- . - My .' R f gg x 4 - . -fa ' RH.: 'Zi' gg. fx' rss A - . " In 3 'qv I XY. Burlcw j. .Xlucllcr , .si .M - Ami. 3 1 lf. Carr K. Ncftzcr I ' 'fx an R. Carter. R.No1an , ' X if llluzlblqq . . . 3... I.. Cicco Dyordmcycf W , .Q N 'Q E ' T Q I 1 . -ff' M W Q Wi 'M Q x Mm v X QA V .x V xv , my ff Vg? .5, ' R Clancy xv. oflck W5 J. Cogswcll j. Palm ' gf B Algffwwovv ' ' 'Wil Ar .X. Dance Phillips Aqgil ku I ' I .. . .. . N . . ,ll lDL1llg'l1l'CI" G. Robb . Ng .. Q , : "': - 2" W M X fs, ' Mel . '37 I'. . A 5- 1' ' Q - g 'S' ' M - VM' .. -Qi: A A 'Q .. - E' gQ.:::..' 5 il . I I. Daunt IJ. Rod ers Wk W li . ... M . .... R iff? - D D. I G R5 ...... . l R. . if .5 , , K . IC IC 1 . sing A X - . . i""l ASR. G. Donna lf. Ruff an FJ 2 ' 'gh' W h " li. Down XV. Saflin A - . is an . M . X V . Q35 ' . R .Il lllllmway ll. Schneider If if" QL 7. Q? X W N Xl. lfokcrlin K, gchwcglcr "--. .E li ' 3 Y, ,l- l'lKlFldgC N. Shanks A 4. V t Y l.. lfllglflllcl R, Shgppgfd r A.. t V " Q l I L T f V m 1. it .r , he 5 . . R ...,. .. " '- XV. lfnglnnd Xl. Sinclair W nf .-W fll ' , Q51 . ,l. l'il'I1SlJCl'gCl' ,l. Slay Al ' WS? ,Q ig ' b"" 2 . .l. lfzcll ,Q D. iSrnith - j. Fairbanks lu Snowdcn il- . wx - I-1, Frank P, Sprakcr QL., as ,HR we . .,. M. .Qi . R. Fm la. Sullivan Q . ! - wh X 1. 3 .- Hy i H "' ..if Y 1 R .J ' if .'-rr' f g 2 , l.. Gocrlcc P. T21ylO1' 'i'. 3 Q -flr ff . .- An i Z X Y l.. Graf A. Troutman --'.. 'L' . 1 . 1 . - fl . 3, R. GYCQZCF XY. Turnau 1 . . I., qw li A " ' ' tg "1 . A... In - .- R- lllllm Xl. Underwood I J N ' its I K an 5 I Iugkcrt Xvadsxvorth juni ' "" . ..,., . f - .-.: G. llcgcl j. Xvaltcrs ..... Q., 'E W ... R 1 - 4 ... . if I 5. i 'lf llll'SCl15lllCI' - G. XVilfcrt -"' .Aw KS N 5"'- A-9 1 Q , xix Xl. lloqlgc N07 I,1f'fNl'U171' B. xxvllllilllh Q : . i I Y. lloxvcll B- BN11111111 l.. lVilson 3 YU A L X' il . , FQ 93 Effffif ri . S' llffwis Yvilson if l..' '.-fi K lii' ":' if B. Locscllc gm lb " ' R' ,l11CliS0ll ll. Porrncr .X. XVirl1row In - X . A . XV. jackson R. Randolph S. XXlllCl'LlCITl1lIl ,,. ,. ."',. , x lg'-Rf ' . ...Q ' l . ..1' f W. J ll R. W. -1 W. W 'lf if wk ..-' Vw ...: ' . 'Q I A llt 1 ii c N 0 bllbb K Q Q A..N' W . 41 lui. Q V- H E: . r , .:--. . . VIQ, . Q 6 , A Q ld... . . . ,.,p.wp' gf - . dm. -W wk S W NN W... . ,HN WWW f vfvgli-w as .,,- , M, -4 V , Q, K .A x LA AN . , x, wget I -Mm. . ,...,W M' ' W, M "' A I 'Y Qmsfwmwq QM A -' My A ar .Alia A .ww-L w .iv '- ' I mmf. ,M ?1'.R,, E- ,Rm M -N W' X' U., .- . -mv, .-.W N X AW ' 'N M., Q- W N31 K' N " M 'H'-M' 'WWNNN S ...I A .ww M A A Mm, Twipsmx N " N vmsgivkzf "?1,,f' M. wX,Sw3,m?ND IN THE QUIET WATERS ABOVE THE DAM ARE MOORED THE LITTLE BOATS. HMI S' if 1 1 ii 5255 af '55 fs, Q3 Q lPQLh . FIRST RON' fleft to rightbz XV. Lawson, N. Maddux, L. Berkmyer, B. Carson, R. Ludlow, Xl. Hubbell, K. Howlett, C. Bateman, J. Gage. SICCOND ROYV: A. Ivey, S. Renneckar, C. Moore, F. Tiemar, j. Light, C. Carpentar, B. Schneider, j. Figgins, M. jackson, N. Owens. THIRD ROVV: Kelly, T. XVidmer, N. Sellers, D. illaddux, L. Absher, J. Mcehlin, J. Maddux, D. XViles, D. .lleCoy, j. Daugherty. FIRST ROXV fleft to rightj: j. Forrester, N. Fulton, L. Daken, J. Newman, J. Dunham, A. Holwet, S. Dierker, G. Fox, M. Staub. SFCOND ROXV: H. lViggins, O. Needels, -I. Collet, NV. Longhauser, j. XVhitt, -I. Moreton, R. Zorens. THIRD ROYV: R. Crandell, R. Deck, R. Phillips, K. Hollifield, IQ. Phillips, Ii. Blankenship, D. Steele, R. Hair. FIRST ROW' Cleft to rightb: B. Parker, C. Spraker, D. Thompson, B. Applegate, V. Fancher, P. Stevens, N. Roberts, C. Shrum, Pj Turton. SLCOND ROYV: Goerke, R. Pfeffer, R. Sammons, R. Gilpin, C. Manz, Boyd, N. Shepard, R. Luh, M. Stevens. THIRD ROVV: XV. Brinkman, li. Gay, D. XVissman, R. Merz, F. I-lundemer, P. McLain, G. Taylor, R. Clark, T. NVilliams. GLRTRUDL ADDICOTT Principal limi HAROLD MADDUX JOHN DUMONT ,Q has af 15' B. Smith, J. Xladdux. SIQCOND ROXV: XV. Sutton, XI. Kliller, O. Lainhart, J. Speeg, FI FIRST RON' Qleft to rightlz C. Yazell, V. Chaney, J. Xlostellcr, XI. XViggins, F. Zeigcr Fitzpatrick, B. McHugh, A. Schroeder. THIRD ROXY: B. Riley, G. Stevens, C. Mueller B. Fagin, R. Ismael, G. XIeQuitty, R. XValton, D. XYolfangel, XI. .XIeCoy. FOURTH ROW: I.. Jones, R. Rinehart, B. Iillis, Ii. Robbe, S. Rusk, B. Vontz, C. Bennett, B. Knabb, J. Hegel. FIRST ROW' Qlcft to rightlz J. Hannan, C. Bishop, N. XVykoi'I, J. Branllage, D. Hartley, M. Phillips. SICCOND ROXV: P. Llrnsting, J. Fox, Ii. Shoff, B. Ollieer, I. Conley, A. Miller, V. Frey. THIRD ROXV: J. Bennett, A. Graham, J. Glensnmn, R. Straub, R. Budd, R. Sturgis, J. Parks, IS. Arnold. FOURTH ROXV: R. Hannan, R. Herdtner, G. Grubb, D. Burncs, D. Rusk, Xl. Jones. B. Hodge, R. Tarvin. HARRY F. RILEY II.-XRRIS VV. ICDMONDS FIRST RONV ilefr to rightJ: D. NVilson, M. Zimmer, D. May, M. Dunham, E. Clowers, li. Staub, SECOND ROYV: T. Eldridge, H.'Neftzer, C. Corcoran, D. Srropes, D. jay, C. johnson, D. VVilfert. THIRD ROVV: G. Glancy, B. Stropes, R. Moreton, R. Grimes, j. XVilliams, VV. Pollard, j. Field. FRONT ROXV Qleft to rightbz C. Busehur, H. Zieger, C. XVoodward, P. Carson, K. Browne, j. Schneider, K. Moore. SECOND ROVV: K. Seharringhausen, J. Agostine, C. Bowman, A. YValters, C. Holder, R. Agee, C. Hartman, M. Myres, P. Gallagher. THIRD RONV: L. Daugherty, J. Marshall, D. Graham, L. Zimmers, j. Schifrin, C. Ross, R. Saffin, L. Dixon. VIOLA H. GREGORY FERNE M. MCGINNIS flzss af '5' 6 v i 'JS H f , M 'gm-N. 4 , NN -1 a :AQes.5s,wQ.31w4 ,ww A. :L ' bt 11 A A :xg--A N N ,YI -Q, Af:gNwg,.Ng5s5x,g5 'X -Nxxf,-:ML W, nw-1-N-wxa - Sig JZ? 2A-Hiwarf ff: xr 5 .:i. mfg: O x,g'fQw,:-xgrfv., Aj my ,V,L,.g-in My 5 ffm In gm We M xgrgfgots U V- Q, W 1 1 L ------' xx - Q My q ,WN - WK V X , Ribs-vgwgxfi ".: m,iiQgsgFwW QQNYENYX J .X x ,, . ww Q.4f1-wp MQ, ? S2 x 'N' -- A L - 'M L X we . get Q X - A , 9' ' x f m A .ww .. A x, Y W, I ,V mgggfev. - H Q .W 'H iw , A , . W' '59 5 W M, -T 3 X-.. W . M, ir, ,ZA ,fKgm..w-www.: M. K .: , wwai .,.5. Q,- . - M M who My ,HW 'wginfV1.ek ffm, q 1 K' f q-fu? i t , nf-v f ff r' 3 z -wa. f 'A . A YQ-,QL -Q3 ,ww him, - ,:,. , ,. X M QA- f c 1 fffxifii . Y ' EJ .ai:5- A ' f' -' ,5,, ?,,:i :.' 2-.H .. ,.1. ... M ,, H ,, . A V' flag, A . SU' f Mwfasx ,miiwrx 4 J First row, Ich 10 right: D. Burns, SLLFLYIFX I rusunr R VV1Ison Slay I Whit 1I er I7 Ixus N. Christy, Viccljrcsicicnt.Second row D C lrr li Ixhm C, BLLRIIIIIIII M Rlgk S oncs C Durnn, N. Amlcrsnn. 'I'l.1ird row: VV Mast 'Nhss Nash Adviser R VVlIhs R Mlllcr R Irus DI. Rogns. President Gerald Hornsby presides mel 1 IIILCIIIIQ of the STUDICNI CUUNCI I ,, the gm Cl ning hodv of Anderson 5 Q u of 'Q Q nf 0557112171 Lgffzf Firxt row: j. Kelly, Chief Typist, D. Ott, Feature lidi- tor, Birlcley, Assistant Editor, Rucker, Editor, N. Carter, News Iiditorg Miss Merz, Adviser, j. Roos, Business Mgr., R. VVilson, Sports Editor. Sefmzd row: R. Young, M. Knippling, j. XVheatley, Advertising Mgr., R. DeLong, Circulation, C. Beekmann, Reporter, G. Hornsby, Circulation Mgr.g J. Heritage, XV. Behy- mer, Circulation, R. Pullon, V. Crandall, M. XVilson, Spencer, M. Smith, Senior Reporters. Fin! row: Sllfllllpflbll, Behyiuer. P. llhardt, Har- ris, S. Hawkins, j. Strosnider, l ",. Carr, ll. Burns. Sevonu' row: j. Roush, j. Goinien, P. Taylor, N. Anderson, IJ. Smith, B. Dumont, j. Breyer, M. Hodge, C. Luersen, M. Riek. 1 Q +e .- E k is ii W E Q. rn . ' 'X 9 'W ' X .. Ji X A Mnjorcrtcs: lf. Curr, P. 'l'urton, Almshcr, M. Rick, j. flllgiq Rucker. Color fILl2ll'dS li. Dumont lx. lurmn w-'vw u we vw mf s. LP BL It lm If tlu drums' , k Ln- 1' 'lf .W dsl. ifu Vw wi wsni X J Q15 gem! Flute: XY. Andrew. Clarivzctx: j. Sehcwgler, ll. Dictrieh, N. Mzuldnlx, A. Krun, l.. Graf, lfurg Lf. Downs, ll. Schneider, L. Berkn1ex'er, R. Loesclle, P. 'l'.1ylur, Xl. Melllllglmell, C. Manx, .I Gage. Sz1.T0pbO71C.f.' R. Carr, j. linker, Meehlin, D. Nleiloy, XY. XYylmif. 'l'r11n1pc1x.' lf. Brmleen bl. Kelly, G. lVilferr, XV. judd. Pricketr. S. Rose, R. Pfelfer, l.. .-Xlmsher, 'l'. linker. .llcloplwllc R. lVysnewski. Barironcx: N. Carter. R. Carter. '1l7'0HllHlllU.Y.' R. llurlew, Y. Xlerten, C. King j. Kelly, XV. Prickett. Sollmpbolze: P. Sprnlcer, XY. Burlew. Pcnfzzssioll: j. lfiggins, C. Brown, j Slay, YY. Agce. R. Grubb, R. jackson. Hell Lyrc: K. Selmrringlmuscn. .llajururtc.v.' Rucker E. Carr, j. Gage, j. Absher, P. lurton, M. Rick. Color Glmrdx: B. Dumont, K. Turtnn. , . .e,..Y.,-My Y. MW.. . Piesitlent Naney Rielqey lights the candle of Iieshinan Xlarilyn Ifelterlin in recognition of hu' Firrr row: M. Untlerwootl, K. Sehxyegler, nl. Ifelterlin, C. Sullivan, Ilunaway, Taylor, P. justice, XYiahner, B. Duinont, C. I.uersen, Il. nlergard, ID. Miller, N. Ilowell, nl. Iinippling, I. Kelly, If.. Spencer, R. Young. SIay.Surol1J row: Beyer, NI. Moore, K. Turton, S. Wagger, J. I.utIlow, If. Ilillianis, XI. Inloxy, S. IIILICIXICIIILIII, Cogswell, YY. Lawson, XI. Hodge, N. Rielqey, R. Pullon, DI. Ilarris, P. Ilhartlt, j. Birkley, Ii. Bridges. Third row: XI. Dyer, IJ. Ott, B. IYyIaotf, j. Iizell. j. Ahslier, j. Strosnider, S. I'lawItins, ID. Dumont, j. Behynier, M. Bridges. j. Benton, S. I.uh. j. Boggs, I.. Xlasterson, S. Shrinxpton, R. IYilfert, Y. Crandell, B. Browne, ID. Dietrich, B. Beothly, A. Iroutinan, G. Dorna, N. Anderson, j. XYalters, D. Portner, B. I Iannan, Stringer. Fllllffb ro-ir: N. Carter, S. Phillips, B. Kline, IJ. Smith, B. Rinehart, Lewis, P. I Iinson. I ",. Carr, R. Koester, B. Brooks, M. Striker, j. Rucker, J. Roush, B. Klausing, P. Budd, C. QIFLIIILIIII, CI. Rohh, I.. Miller, B. jcrnier, Il. Rogers, I.. Cieco, G. Rising, S. Wilson, Ifair- banks, M. iXIeClughen, P. Taylor. I.. Graf. atlniissi tiii IU x'-Timm. 1752 LW- 922,15 9 SILT THE NAVIGATION LIGHTS A-CILOVV 38 Ifirxt rn-zu: R. 'I'111'1'i11, XY. -Illklk 1011 S 115 A. Kllllflllilllll, IJ. Dicr1'icI1, 1 1111 1 L mlm S111irl1.C. 'l':11'l111', 'lf XYI1it11l Ll C Hulmlrx R IQLKI ll 1 XILI lfick. .-X. li1'1111, Hr. lllllllplllt rn 1 18 I. Lculmrd, R. Tupp. R. Dim I C 111 s 4741! ie ,HZ Ol"I"ICliRS tl. Prickctr, Scc1'ct:11'1' XV. Prickcrt. President R. l3111'lcw, Yicc-President XV. l3cl1y111c1', Cl111plni11 D. lvcrs. 'IqI'C2lSlll'CI' First row: R. XVidmer, D. Ott, M. Striker, D. Miller, N. Howell, IC. Bridges, D. Portner, V Crandcll, N. Anderson, G. Dorna. Second row: B. Bennett, C. Sullivan, M. Moore, K. Turton S. TViggcr, S. Ludlow, M. Eckcrlin, K. Schwegler, R. Young, M. XVilson, XV. Lawson, M Hodge, j. Kelly. Third row: j. Dunaway, B. XVykoff, L. WVortmun, V. Gaffney, K. Uebel, j Gomien, j. Beyer, J. Ezell, j. Carson, M. Moore, j. Strosnider, D. Dumont, S. Shrimpton, M Bridges, Boggs, R. Pullon, Harris, Benton, S. Luh, R. NVilfert, B. Dumont, D. Smith, D Dietrich, P. Ilhardt. Fourth row: R. Koester, Carr, A. Albiez, B. Brooks, j. Stringer, H. Mer- gard, P. justice, A. Robb, O'Bannion, Rucker, Roush, P. Budd, YValters, L. Masterson L. Graf, P. Taylor, B. Browne, M. MeClughen, S. Wilson. THL G.A.A. DIRECTS THE ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES OF THE GIRLS. A new sport for girls. KX easily fha' includes lettermen. School Sports arc represented by: Baseball - XV. Mast, D. Dietrich Football - R. XYilson, j. Roos Track - AI. Deister Basketball - I. Leonard Coaching Staff: Athletic Director - C. Brown Track - R. Herron Reserve Football -N. Humphrey Basketball - j. Carmichael Reserve Football - H. Riley First row: R. Burlew, D. Schneider, l. Leonard, J. Roos, G. Hornsby, D. lvers, J Shepherd, R. Wilson. Seroml' row: R. Herron CAdviscr7, R. Redmond, D. Fields, J Hellas, D. Dietrich, R. Curr, C. Auxicr, XV. Oberschlakc, R. Topp, R. Nladdux C. Brown CAdx'iserJ. Third row: li. Fobes, j. Tvrdy, j. Forg, A. Kaufmann, XV jackson, R. Greer, P. Maddux. ui 4 M M --1 'Q si . 41.3. '37 .. Cl lURl'S -l"ir.x'f rr11L'.' Cl, -l.1lllUI', U. l ll-gel. Rllcy, R. l'll'yc, R. Tnpp, R. Clnrrcr, R. SCl11ll'I'lllgllLllI5CIl. NY. liclmylncr, SUl'0lllf mix: QX. limlscy llli1'ccrur?, R. fXmlrcxx, Xl. L.'mlcrxx'oml. ll. Cfnmlv, l.. XYOITIIIQIII, R. U nlrcr, lm. ll lllI1lIIlS. N. lluwull, XX nlrur. il. licycr, Xl. M111'slmll, D. Xlillcr, Nl. llrillgus. U. Smillm, .X. lluncc. lf. llrimlgcs. um' JW!! 5141217715 llllf .-XXDIVRSON SINCIIQRS: Y. Crnmlcll l.'Xt'ClllIlP2llll5I'l, ll. Orr, lf. XYilli.1ms, CI. Hegel. C. 'l-zlxlur, R. lupp, NV. Smirlm. N. Carter. bl. BOYS' QUAR'lllC'l': A. Limlscy KIXCCOINPLIII ljllllll: istl. G, llcgcl, C. rlhzlylilf, R. Topp, XY. Smith 42 1 Q-.5 ....f' Dyer, BCCRIIILIHIX, Pullung Runs, HChf'II1L'I', Sclmrring- hnuscn, AI. Prickctt, Ruse. 4.1-9, as ' GOLD KIQY: Ott, C1ll'fUl', GRAN!! GOLD with SILVIQR Kl",Y: NI. Bridges, Burns, jones, l.uh XX ortn GU.-XRD: XV. Prickctt. Rucker, Spunccr, Xlcrtcng l71'ccs.'l'upp, XYhit1l1.r Stlmnm K ron, hers. BRONZE KICY: R. Carr, Strosnidur, Kline, Strikcr, IIimm1,,I.'I llylllf.l,iCfl'iL'l1L.IL'I'111CI',fiflllllllll, Klutz, AILISF, Wllllnlcc, llicclmmpn, Schncidcr. Nlnylmzlll, XYl1cq1lluy, Rirltlcy , .I. BCI1f'IllL'l'. S08 TOM' wb .Qi 'wt The sclmlnrslmip tcnm lcnvcs for Oxford at 6:00 AAI. The eighth grade ccrtihcate winners from thc WSU 43 State Test. I NGLISI I l'ROjl",CI'l Inl lmrlgf explains :1 rulmlm, G. Klclicc. Our l,lliR.AXRY is 11 pleasant place in which to study. rcpliczl uf 11 guild wagon to R. Amlrcws, S. jones, Cnrsun, U. lin M v""4 ff' Nwsu ksxjslqlzw 'ul .Y- I "IW" X A Q ' f'mf"1-up r cr' HW1 A...... 8-9- 4 191 M 955- '- . - A ' Q vf qi sw F f Z E 4 I ll? dv a U Q U' ,--df Ulllllc E I-2 .Nl fijag Q 'Q .S SSW ' ' x Kem r 3 e . S ON, NM x c ffl - . Q y 4 1, I SEQSW 4 Qs, N.. . 2 i - fi? 2 E u 'zu' s ,W .M The class srudiously at work. VVilli5 and Topp sccm lmrd nt xvorla while Ohcrscliliilicc looks on. INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND HOME ECONOMICS PROVIDE PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE. j. Roush, j. Rucker, and Phil- N. Christy, j. Boggs, j. Stringer, and Ada Robb co- lips use prcssurc cooker for ii opcratc on a child's clothing project. quicky meal. Z X, 1 ,X X . 3 ,L S 3 3 , sf x ,N M . if I X Q -A ' A 9' :gt . F, 'P r WM, xv Y Qxx xx NH xxx MW QXX 5 SS X A f ? 71: . . if-1 3, ' ,,.,,, x . " FSM-1. RW mind l i First row: J. Carmichael CCoach7, G. Eick, W. jackson, R. Burlew, Shepherd, R. VVilson, XV. Smith, A. Kaufmann, J. Roos, R. Redmond, I. Leonard, C. Brown CCoachJ. Second row: N. Humphrey CCoachD, C. Taylor, R. DeLong, D. Field, D. Dietrich, XVallacc, YV. Behyiuer, D. Schneider, G. lValker, R. Parian, XValters, R. Grubb, H. Riley CCOachJ. Third row: XV. England CManagerD, T. Yvhitaker, G. Hornsby, J. Forg, A. Kron, P. Kay, S. Speaks, R. Schmidt, R. Topp CManagerD. You tell 'em "Brownie"! Audewovz Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 99075577 Score Opponents Score . . 6 Harrison .. 7 . . . 20 Mt. Healthy . . 12 . . . 39 Sycamore . . . . 0 .., 13 Terrace Park ,..., ,.. 25 . . . 46 Colerain ...... , . . 12 . , 37 Loveland . . . , 0 7 Sharonville . , 0 ... 14 Madeira . , 0 . 7 Taylor .. 41 Deister runs again for 73 yards The backfield rests while the line is ready for action. against Sharonville! Cl1ccr1uadc1'sride t1'iu1nplmnrly nt Homecoming. C. Lucrscn, B, Kline, Xl. NVilsun, S. Hawkins, Xl. Hodge 49 lfiryr Row Cleft to rightl: lforg CXlgr.7, R. 'Greer, R. lVilson, G. McKee, R. DeLong, R. Grubb, l. Leonard, D. Field CMgr.l. Second Rofw: A. Kaufmann, VV. jackson, G. Hornsby, R. Redmond, T. XVhitakcr, C. Auxier, C. Taylor, j. Richardson, D. Schneider, 1. Carmichael Q Coach J . R. Grubb, G. Hornsby, R. Redmond, C. Auxier, R. DeLong, Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson ANDERS VARSITY SCORES 40 ........ New Ric hmond 55 40 ........ Glendale 47 37 ........ Lockland Wayne 66 27 ........ Woodward 50 62 ........ Terrace Park 71 42 ........ Colerain 37 42 ........ Sycamore 32 46 ........ Batavia 43 66 ........ Sharonville 56 38 ........ Amelia 50 55 ........ Mt. Healthy 64 45 ........ Mariemont 71 30 ........ Madeira 51 36 ........ Amelia 63 57 ........ Loveland 58 30 ........ Harrison 31 32 ........ New Richmond 57 48 ........ Sycamore 43 44 ........ Taylor 65 31 ........ Batavia 48 ON - 828 Points OPPONENTS - 1058 Points Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson l'iiP'A'f Rox ilefr ro rigliri: G. Bailey Hlgitn, G. Hudson. XY. llaxvlains, R lxenl 1 lxo -I. Xlilerdenmn, R. King l.Xlgr.J. Surlzlld Rout -I. Carmichael lCoacliJ. Sm i l Brow. R. Axilllklll,l1.AAvA'5IlCXYSlil, lf Redmond, P. Kay, R. Aliller, Walters, RICSIQRYICS SCORICS 23 ........ New Richmond I8 .,...... Glendale 23 ........ Lockland VVayne 24 ........ XYoodward 29 ........ Terrace Park 27 ........ Colerain 36 ........ Sliaronville 26 ........ Batavia 45 ........ Sliaronville 30 ........ Amelia 28, ....... fNlt.Healtl1y 37 ...,.... Nlariemont 32 ........ Madeira 35 ........ Amelia 32 ........ l.ovel1md 48 ........ Harrison 30 ........ New Richmond 38 ........ Sycamore 37 ........ Taylor 38 ........ Batavia ANDERSON - 636 Points OPPONENTS - 587 Points BASKETBALL IS THE CHIEF SPORT OF THE WINTER MONTHS. 5: Q- fr 4.., f xx? ' tn Q 1 I Y Yi 13 A in 113111 E-A Ally-iran 4 in ask. E235 if I fa4:,2?' I --1-- A- -aunt' i ' ,W I :ni '- 31, - I. V 7 'Q 'Y 1 43' ' is-1'4f?ilf: 2" ""A .-rn-.Fr an---' HI: '1 if ffngf L ' '11 'ii .,..,.vz- -my L gf' , A 'ma 1 I ' ' ii?" f-- ,N,::.::-,...- .5 ' ,l- "f,,,,a-, , A 1-4--. , - lr- '- A- Y j-3? g f' TY -3 LY. ,- SS 32 l .. .al Www M--k 3' ' V" ' X ,Wyman-eww' am1i9lN"' 3? 4 Xlllllllmvclw. lo llmc vicrms lmclwng rlmc spoils. XVcll s look nr mc! Football Casualties. Pruml-llulm? ,Xluru spuils. Xlcn urXlm1lccys? 52 YXRSIIN l III I RI I XIJIVRS 5,II.1 I Ii. Iilinc -I. Ihnm XI. II I RI SI RX I l III I RI I XIJIRH C I I XIII S XX I OUR SUN RISES WITH THE CHEERLEADERS 53 EMM! P 'K i I-'irsr Ro-w ileft ro rightbz XV, Mast, D. Ivers, K. Shaw, G. Hornsby, D. Dietrich, R. Guenther, R. VVilson, J. Richardson, I. Leonard. Second-Row: C. Brown fCoachI, D. Schneider, R. Burlew, R. Scharringhausen, T. XVhitaker, C. Auxier, A. Kaufmann, J. Forg, C. Bunting CAlgr.J, Anderson Anderson Anderson In Position. Ready for Action. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 54 BASEBALL SCORES 7 ........ Terrace Park 7 ........ Madeira 11 ........ Sharonville 3 ........ Colerain 9 ........ Loveland S ........ Sycamore 2 ........ Mt. Healthy 5 ........ Batavia 8 ........ New Richmond 1 ........ Taylor SOUTHWEST DISTRICT TRACK CHAMPIONS Q , - KK ..--MISANK 5 t ' - ww P A . C A 1 .Q N. .A 5 . lfirxr Ro-u' llcft to rightbz R. DeLong, K, Shaw, VV. jack- son, .-X. IYhitc, R. Guenther, D. Taylor, R. XVilson, R. Herron CCoacl17. Scwnd Row: R. Tnpp, I. Leonard, R. Carr, j. Riclmrtlson, J, Dcistcr, j. Tvrdy, C. Auxicr. Third Row: R. Sxmtliwood Olgrj, R. Greer, Shepherd, IV. Smith, C. Taylor, G. Hornsby, D. Riddle. K. Tarvin l.Xlgr.D. Forml Ifnrm? lDcisrcf-Suuind--H0-State Meet. District .Xlcct Auxicr-First high hurdles. XVhitc-First-half mile. Dcistcr-First-440. Inpp-Imlf mile Xndarson 1 Terrace Park 1 yfbviey Xnderson 1 Terrace Park 4 Anderson 0 Madeira Bully' GIRLS' Q.-Xccording to positionb: Miss M. Langhout Qcoachj, S. jones and bl. Roush Kcenter forwardsj, Mergard and j. 'lliylor Qleft innersl, L. Graf and M. VVilson fright innersb, ll. Burns and B. Dumont fleft wingsl, bl. Kelly and j. llnrris fright wingsl, V. Mcrten and l"ir.vr R0-is Llefr to righrlz Xl. Dyer LMgr.7, V. Merten, HQJCKEX' Instruction C. Luerson Cccntcr halfbacksl. B. Oury and J. O'Banion fright halfbacksl, K. Turton and M. Bridges lleft halfbacksh, C. Beckmann, Capt., fright fullbackj, H. Mergard and D. Smith Cleft fullbaclcsj, S. Phillips qgoaliel. Managers - Pat llhardt and Jeanette Dunn. N. Christy, P. llhnrdt, M. XVilson, B. Kline, D. Burns, M. Langhout Cflonehl. Second Row: C. Bcclunann, B. Oury, IL. XVilliams, Dunn, j, Carr, j. O'l3anion, B. jeriner, j. Mergard. j. VOLLICYBALL CHAMPIONS Varsity Scores Anderson 66 ........ Madeira Anderson 66 ........ Terrace Park Anderson 49 ........ Mariemont Anderson 47 ........ Milford Reserve Scores Anderson 41 ........ Madeira Anderson 36 ........ Terrace Park Anderson 38 ........ Mariemont Anderson 33 ........ Milford Absher, N. Cliristy, Al. NVilson, Nlergard, S. jones, C. Beekniann, V. Merten, P, Qfmszly gdffdffdff lCloekxx'iseP: Slay, S. jones, D, Burns, Birkley lAlgr.J, -I. Carr, P. llinson, S. Hawkins, Al, Dyer, B. jiline. bl. Dunn. C. Beeknmnn, Y. Alerten. SCORES Anderson 60 ---... ,-Sycamore 15 Anderson 53 ........ I,ovelnnd 30 Anderson 22 ........ Aladeira 28 Anderson 58 ........ Milford 19 Anderson 36 ........ Terrace Park 25 .Anderson 51 ........ Sycamore 22 2561212 fgzzsieflfzf IM I, SCORES Anderson 22 ........ Sycamore 3 Anderson 20 ........ Loveland 14 Anderson 26 ........ Madeira Z5 Anderson 26 ........ Milford 14 Anderson ZZ-- .... Terrace Park 29 Anderson I+ ........ Sycamore 14 lfiryr Rm: llefr ro riglitiz P. llliardt lseorerl, Xl. lfekerlin, XV. Lan son, B, jernier, C. Leursen, Al. Rick 1.Xlgr.J. j. Harris lIlIIlCl'J. Som R012 Kleft ro riglirr: Xl. Langlionr leonelif, I-. Aliller, N. llowell, lx Tnrron. j. O'Bnnion. j Alergard, IJ. Dietrich. K. Mlixyegler. egafffaf il-efr ro righrlz Nl. Dyer, D. Burns, j. llliardt C.Xlgr.l, Xl. Langhout lC0ach7. SCORE Anderson 5 ........ Milford 4 ii? 5423! wig gl 4 4 1 Z I E I 1 Q 1 wig 'R o Xii Us ' ggw 12 Qs' A fx -aft. Q 'xxx .A avian it Mr i o -1-fox, 1 A . Ov, ' .Bb 53 0623. A e 469. . I P mf Wei I. .Xlusie by Owens. 2. Service fur lfuur. 3. Prom Beauties. 4. Prom Queen, B. Fithcn, and Pres. j. Runs. S. Santa Claus - 1950 version. 6. Masquerade. 7. Down the chimney they came with a bound. 8. "l"was the night before Xmas." 9. "Mother is a Freshman." 10. Finale - .-Xndersun Showhonr. ll. "Case of Springtime." , . f 'ks' ,f sv T, Xl Nlr. All Xlr. Lgifllbl dldilff and Mrs. llnrry Absher August li. Beckmann Bennett A. Behymer Clarence L. Boggs George 0. Brooks Raymond Burlew lfrnest R. Carr Robert NV. Curr Oral T. Carter Kenneth Christy H. Leland Crandell C. C. DeLong Robert VV. Dieckmann Henry Dierker joseph Dietrich and Xlrs, Ufilliam F. Dyer and Xlrs. NVnlter linston jesse Preston Field Raymond F. Gilpin Riehnrd IC. Hair joseph O. Hull Frank XV. Hundemer Lnwrenee llhardt George H. jackson, jr. Stephen justice A. li. Kaufmann lr. rs. lilsie Rarbro r. and Mrs. r. and Xlrs. r. :md Xlrs. Xlr. and Xlrs. Xlr. and Xlrs. r. and Xlrs. and Hrs. r. and Hrs. Xlr. amd Mrs. r. and Alrs. r. and Mrs. Nlr. and Xlrs. r. :md Mrs. r. and Mrs. rs. L. Dunn r. r. r. and Hrs. rs. lfleanor Fobes rs. V. Gaffney r. amd Xlrs. r. and Mrs. r. and Nlrs. ', and Xlrs. :md Alrs. r. and Xlrs. r. amd Nlrs. Xlr. :md Xlrs. r. amd Mrs. john H. Kelly lilmer L. Knippling George Fllis Avlllltllll L. Maddux XVillinm F. Mast Henry J. Nlerten XVilliam O. Moreton j. XVilliam Ott Simon G. Palm XV. L. Priekett Burton R. Pullon T. R. Rickey Curtis R. Riddle nl. F. Riley .mtl Xlrs. Arlington Rose Howard S. Rose Smith R. Rueker Fred li. Selmrringlmusen and Xlrs. Ray Schmidt Alr. and Mrs. Xlr. :md Mrs. Hr. and Mrs. Xlr. and Mrs. Xlr. and Mrs. Xlr. and Xlrs. Nlr. :md Xlrs. Xlr. and Airs. Xlr. and Mrs. Xlr. and Alrs. Xlr. :md Alrs. Xlr. .md Alrs. Xlr. and Xlrs. Nlrs. Anna Robb Xlr. Fred Roos Xlr. Xlr. and Alrs. Xlr. and Xlrs. Xlr. .md Xlrs, Xlr. Xlr. :md Xlrs. X'lr. Carl Shepherd, Sr. :md Xlrs. Paul ll. Slay Xlr. and Nlrs. Paul Spencer Nlr. and Xlrs. Charles F. Striker Nlrs. Xl. Stringer Xlr. and Hrs. Frank Tvrdy .Xlr.:1ntl Mrs. Aloe NV.1llnee Xlr. :md Alrs. Leonard K. lVheatley Xlr. and Mrs. Arthur XVhite Xlr. and Klrs. Louis H. YVilson Xlr. :md Xlrs. Russell F. Young Open House Senior homeroom mothers 'Xlrs A. lf. Beekm in ind Urs Behymer, reeene plrents Jw, S . Y 'L Tx ., tg E5 A ,aw 'xg ,,. Q M M Q' A Y "' ON THE RIVER PASSES THE TRADE OF THE WORLD. 61 Compliments of THE ANDERSON TOWNSHIP Parent-Teachers Association CHORAL GROUP: Firxt Row Cleft to rightjz Mesdamcs Shrimpton, Ruttkay, Anderson, 'Albiez, Browne, Newman, Larrick, Stockslager, Scharringhausen. Second Row: Mesdames l-laskett, Tiemeyer, XViggers, Carter, O'Banion. Woertz, Forg, Crowthers, Brodeen. 62 P.T.A. OFFICERS Cleft to rightbz Mr. C. F. King CCor- responding Secretaryb, Mrs. B. Ulmer CTreasurerJ, Mrs. B. O'Banion CPresidentl, Mrs. C. Cowperthwaite CVice-Presi- dentb, Mrs. B. Behymer QRec- ording Secretary? . M rs. john McOwen Director 'll 7a 77Zemcmy 'of Dwaghf B. Phillips ALBIEZ MEAT MARKET ,630 Bccchmont IXYCIHIC Forestvillc, Ohio Bliechmont 6295 Convplimcnrs of Anderson Hi-Y CO.XlPl.lX1ENTS OF Y-TICENS l'ir,vr Rm: Llcfr rn rightbz B, Kline CSecrctary7, C. Xlcrgard, li. Spencer, S. Hlawkins, Xl. Knippling l3ucknmnn L IAl'CLlSllI'Cl'J, N. Rickey CPrcsidcntD, N. j. Dunn, Y. Merton, D. Burns, M. Rick, N. Christy Carter 4Yice-Presidentl, Nliss Langhout Q.-Xdviserb. S. jones, Slay, C. Luersen, P. Ney. SUUUIIJ Row: j. Birkley, j. Behymer, B. Oury, COKIPLIXIIQNTS OF GAA. Ifirxr Rm: Llefr ui riglirr: Xl. Rick 4Recording Secretaryb, S. jones CCor- rusponding Sccrctnryb, C. Becklnann ipresidentb, V. Klcrtcn CVicc-Presi- dcnrk. bl. Dunn L'l'rensurcrJ, Nliss Langliout QAdviser7. Second Row: D. Burns, P. Ney. H. Xlurgurd, j. O'Brmion, Xl. XVilson, V. Gaffney, B. Oury. SALES AND SERVICE JUDD MOTORS, INC. CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH SALES - SERVICE 3151 Linwood Rd. EA. 1566 7110 Wooster Pike BR. 4545 Cincinnati, Ohio COWPERTHWAITE I 0 F orist Compliments of FLOWERS for all OCCASIONS BEechmon1 7158 Cherry Grove . T. P. White 8. Sons Eiih'i A . 5Ri Q57 X SQ! H , ' ' A ' 1 '..Qg-ffiff -iL"" U 'H lixr.1!1li.vhmfi11 INTO ' i,AR.L1, 223:22 i'.: . E fflll' only iUL':Iflul1 fix 6 - if sy" 2050 Beechmont Avenue kiln X . 9 x i 2551 cancinnafsso, ohio se. 7150 1, ,bf 'LW I 'X Z K Zawya' 65 1 WN u IH" s l ex lil XX Nl SHECK UGHTS QP vX Q si Fil! 1- Spring Maidens 2. just Posctl 3. Tea or Gossip 4- This Clianging VVorld 5. Hamilton Tumblers 6. Safety First 7. Orfguurll 8- Where arc vuu, Mom, l calft sec you? 9- 'glt's a shame the way those high school roughics act! " IO. "VVho cares if wc'rc late to class?" "lake our picture." Murdcrcrs' Row Nlaior Operation Gone with the lYind "Slow down, Big BQy"' .mv MT. WASHINGTON HARDWARE 2110 Beechmont Avenue BEechmont 7766 Compliments of HARTLAUB'S GROCERY MYERS TEXACO SERVICE STATION Complete Auto Servicing Beechmont and Corbly BEechmont 9898 Mt. Washington Cincinnati 30, Ohio Compliments of "Will" Wolfer WOLFER 'S Forestville Pharmacy Phone: BEechmont 6680 Forestville, Ohio SCHWARTZ Nationally Advertised Apparel Men's Wear - Women's Wear Mt. Washington BEECHMONT BARBER SHOP 3 Chairs Scientific Barber Service BEechmont 9833 MOTZ POULTRY Wholesale . . . Retail Free Delivery Clough Pike BEechmont 9012 Compliments of CLARK CLEANERS "A Good Cleaner in a Good Community" 7I I7 Salem Pike BEechmont 9077 Compliments of Mc DANIEL'S FOOD MARKET Aus SH ELLA SERVICE Salem Rd. 81 Burney Lane Groceries - Fresh Meats Mt. Washington - Cincinnati 30, Ohio Produce BEechmont 9889 Cl"e""Y Grove BEeCl'm0n' 9800 I,11brientio11 84 Aecessoriei MUELLER'S SHOES AND SHOE REPAIRING Quality Material and Expert Work Poll Parrot ------- Ball Brand 2061 Beechmont Ave. BEechmont 9851 BEECHMONT PHARMACY 2103 Beechmont Ave. BEechmont 7278 F. G. TARVIN 8E SON I'l1l711bi11g and H eating C ontraerors Supplies 0fAIlKi1ld.v Liee11sed Sewer Tappers Repairs and Remodeling' 3749 Eastern Ave. EAst 5726 , I' .,.-.:. Jr- 0' 7 T 'A e ' 9 BUDD PAINT 81 WALLPAPER CO. BEechmont 7973 F BEecllmonl 8547 wif fllx B U R N E Y L A N E DODGE PLYMOUTH C L E A N E R S CAHALL SALES 8: SERVICE "Ther PC7'.V07h'lI Touch" X. BE. 9866 'EE ' ' WILLIAM ROOS SOHIO SERVICE STATION 7560 Beeclwmont Ave. BEechmont 9828 CHESTER SHEATZLEY AND SON Complete Food Marker 2063 Beechmont Ave. BEechmont 6125 We Deliver 68 Compliments of i' Forestville Fuel and Supply Company "'l'ry l"0I'c.I'r-villa' I"iI'.vt" HaI'dwzII'c -- liuildcrs' Supplies - Feed - l3ottlcCia5 Hotpoint Electrical Appliances Ohio Pike BEecl1mont 7640 SALES SERVICE H U D S O N The fm' Iwirln rbv "HII'Q' The Rflfld Ridvli Compliments of c. Ia. AYER , SALES WILLIAM I. Ulrich Television FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Hell ' Jones C,'la,I'x rilzlqx mid pim' 7863 - 7867 Beechmont 69 919 1- if-ibn! 'iwinu CL, Sr. classroom equipment. Nlr. Fielding and his littlc duubcrs. All ri rht, Vou Birds, scttlc down!" The cellar of Camo 'ic Hall. Photo chic. E- . ln S XVhcrc's my drcnm girl? "ln any way, shape, or form." The Thinker. VVishful thinking. in lg fi iii! .wxai Q.-v Ei SUCCESS STORY... AMERICAN STYLE Just seventy-five years ago the first spoken message was carried over a few feet of wire, connecting two crude telephones. ln the United States today, 173 million conversations daily speedxover 152 million miles of wire connecting 43 million telephones, First regarded as a mere toy, the telephone in the U. S. today is an 11 billion dollar busi- ness, owned by almost a million stockholders and provides iobs for three-quarters of a million persons, The industry is big because America is big and requires a huge communications system to keep the wheels of commerce, and society generally, running smoothly and swiftly -yet its cost is low, within the reach of most families. This is iust a typical American success story, possible only under our system of free enterprise which permits free me'h and women to exercise individual initiative. THE CINCINNATI AND SUBURBAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY BLOM AND DOUGHERTY Plumbing - Heating and Automatic Gas Water Heaters New and Remodeling Work 2124 Oxford Avenue BEechmont 8876 Compliments of N EWTOWN DAIRY BAR 106 Main Street lfnuntain Service - Hot Lunchcs lcc Cream to take out Snndwiclics of all kinds LOcust 9881 Charles N. Wykoff, Proprietor Srmzc flniugx mn bc prcscr1'cd in alcohol, - - - but not A7l7L'I'iCfl7l liberty Anderson Township WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION GLASER-WILSON MOTOR CO. SALES - SERVICE 7636 Beechmont Ave. Cincinnati 30 Forestville BEechmont 72 Compliments of SALEM PHARMACY 36 6665 Salem Pike Phone BEechmont 9072 We deliver SALEM-PARKVlEW MARKET 6661 Salem Pike Quality - Xlcnts - Produce - and Groceries Phone BEech mont 9883 WALKER'S DRY CLEANERS Forestville, Ohio We do our own cleaning BEechmonf 8426 72 HAMBURGER HEAVEN 2240 Beechmont Avenue Hamburgers. . . Strictly from Heaven Mm xx1II Iicau' this phrase tum' and TIIIIC again unnirig trom thc patrons ut I'I2lIIiIlllI'QCI' I'Icq1x' X m in 1 si Compliments of AI.LAN'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 2125 Beechrnont Avenue Mt. Washington BE. 8461 or BE. 8967 2 RELIABLE g Cn. , f ---l- cnl ' I :nick is rcndx' in at iitixx Ir Comics I 1 V ' from mn' lqirclwn clean and spirfv. I .. -. Closed Monday at 6 A. M. I PIIESCRIPTIONSI Open till I A. M. Tues., Wed., Thurs., f , r f Fri., 3A.M. sat., 4A, M. p I CINCINNATI ATHLETIC GOODS COMPANY I IO West Fourth Street Cincinnati, Ohio Clyde C. Ingra and Associates .-Xurn - Ifirc -'u Insurance BEecI1mont8827 77II Beechmont Avenue Cincinnati 30, Ohio ITI WILLIAMS DAIRY AND SNACK BAR FEELHT GET IN STEP . . . 7756 Beechmont Avenue DRINK MORE MILK... BEechmonI 9874 For cz place fo ea? to go far HAVE MORE PEP Just stop in the WiIIiclm's Dairy Bar I H epiff.-.., For Those Who Demand Qualify MEIrose 1304 COMPLIMENTS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL Compliments of PINKIES Beckie Eunie Nettie Kellie Martie Ottie Biddie Ruthie Knippie Gaffnie Compliments of Janet Betty l Jean Margie S was W' xiii WW' Jane Ruth TELEVISION STORES INC . Compliments of CARR AND CLIFTON BUILDERS 2116 Beechmont Avenue BEechmont 7474 Compliments of THE CLASS OF '54 Roger Carter . . . President Ernest Downs . . . Treasurer Melvin Eick . . . Vice-President Ronald Ward . . . Secretary DE SOTO O I Sales8.Service Parts Fo o cl Market Moron SALES ,cu Q R a . I S' ,- xt ia Direct Factory Dealer A 'ug Eiiwil ' Cherry Grove, Ohio BEechmont 7490 24-Hour Wrecker Service 7740 Beecl1m0ntAve. F0' Wrecker Service Cal' Dot Foods Frozen Foods Day - BE, 7490 Fresh Mean Night - BE. 6400 BEechmont 8546 Julius Sollberger PICKENS AUTO PARTS 7647 Beechmont Ave. SALEM BARBER SHOP Corner Salem 8. Beacon Ivan Fineout, Proprietor Compliments of PULLON'S CREAMY WHIP Good Luck Seniors STAN FISHER FISHER PAINT AND GLASS CO 2223 Beechmont Avenue BEechmont 8609 Compliments of P 81 J FRUIT MARKET PETE LIPPOLIS' GENERAL STORE Ashland Gasoline and products Pottery and novelties BEechmont 9860 Cherry Grove BEechmont 9870 MT. WASHINGTON HATCH ERY P""1P'H"C'm "I Pure Bred better Hntehed Baby Chicks Fryers 84 Fggs the year round 7168 Beechmont Avenue 2224 Suffolk Street BEechmont 7934 BEechmont 9873 Pete Parian 76 ULMER SOHIO SERVICE 6389 Salem Pike BEechmont 9858 Compliments of LEHMAN'S GROCER Salem 81 Sutton BEechmont 9831 Delivery Monday through Saturday Cexcept W Y ed.J EAGLE SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION Mt. Washington Branch BOH RER BROTHERS FLORIS 6165 Salem Road BEechmont 7175 T S , . C 0l7l,DflllZt'IlfJ' of Tlf' 2261 BP:1-JCHMONT AVPJNU Cincinnati 30, Ohio H. W. Strief BEechmont 8488 JAN ET'S COFFEE SHOP Harold Yazel, Prop. O en 7 A. M. to 8:45 P. M. Serving Breakfast, Luncheon, Dinner ' p MADDUX TEXACO SERVICE Beechmont and Salem BEechmont 9826 ISHEPARD'S RADIO 8. APPLIANCE SHOP 7616 Beechmont Avenue Radio, Television Sales 8. Service BEechmont 7713 PAUL'S BARBER SHOP 7730 Beechmont Avenue Forestville BELL'S SH ELL SERVICE oppoxitc warm' rofwcr BEechmont 9832 George Bell John Bell HARRY'S SHOE STORE 2121 BEechmont 77 Compliments of THE CLASS OF '52 Gerald Hornsby. . . President Richard Frees . . . Vice-President Dorothy Burns . . . Treasurer Sue Hawkins . . . Secretary Compliments of THE CLASS OF '53 Robert Miller . . . President Joyce Mergard . . . Secretary Richard Willis. , . Vice-President Barbara Dumont . . .Treasurer Ea sf! G ....,..s...., .. S 1 fi E B M "4" wid 15, 1- S ccdwnx' com mctitors. 2- fXmicrson's hot rods. P . I 4, SOll'lCIhil1g"S burning. 3, l tired. 6. Whiting for n prmnoticm. 5- Dinner is scrvcd. 7- My turn next. 8, Plilstcr surgery. 9- lnfnlliblc Dutchman. 79 YL. AUTOGRAPHS l50 Y ,,Joos16R W' Z au,-MARIEMONT I -' QQYN5 WL 7 N BEFCHMO 1-5 - LsVEE page ft? 7 Q- CLD !jf wlcmocfcivz. f T41 5 X ' L' .X Oi ri- Q , -M W 3 Q! E M5 5 il.EfEND I cl fgznjgnjqaolq O I Jehu! P I QW -72 Jjgwy ark, - 'SE i E , 1 W 'row .,41CAKM .' 1 H WC A E 5 5 +" nv! EY o . O9 GH 1, C RBLY 'RD. Ps 'Q' be 004904, F ' F 6 . 426 E wk 5 - v L W E 53' 3 Q9 cron osruvu + Q .1 Q-.15 f , 0 . QPFJ7- if Y E' ' Q RUFF np' 9 my Q rr u A ' K' 77' it I 4,51 lu M K? S N 54 ' Hofpetl Rl? " 2: 5 5' MILE MYERS H 5 ' GMES TLWN6' 4, N to HQGHVMY A I A+? New , - ' RICH, Q, , 552 2 - 5? f - ' 'viii' ffkb. nf.. -, 1 Aim

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