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M5 '61 fx 5 - 1 Q q . f'v 5 I! ' .Q ff Q I 4 I ax Za. 'S K :fall 'mis ggi QMQ, P ' in diy,-gig' Q J 'eg gm' f ' Qffvyf -Q "MW Jfwgn' WX , ,Q A ' x S F 9 IIN X' I1 ks fi. Y 'J 'Q 250 - ! !1 xwf J s , ,4 Y? X 2 " K 'Fifi k x P "By special permission the theme of this yearbook has been based upon, and several illustrations herein have been adapted from WALT DISNEYIS CIRCUS, copyright, 1944, by Walt Disney Productions." olewouf A circus is much like a school. lust as there is a variety of people in a circus, so there is a variety of pupils in a school. There are practice, work, study, and thrills, excitement, and performances in the school and circus. They are miniature worlds in themselves. The performers enter as novices with no extensive knowledge of the show in which they are taking part, but through years of work, study, and practice, they succeed in reaching the top of the circus program. As the performers of these two shows are observed, one can detect the similarity between them. A glimpse of the performers going from class to class reveals clowns who enjoy making others laugh, the trainers who exhibit their skill in education, the talented who are thrilled by the opportunity to enter- tain, and many side show performers who find that a defect can be used as a talent. Iust as the people of this world choose an occupation to fit their desires and talents, the people of the circus have their particular places in the circus life. In both we find the joys and disappointments, the successes and failures and the final satisfaction of a finished performance. Iust as the Performer reaches the pinnacle of success, so the Senior realizes the successful completion of preparation for the many other shows along his road of life. 7 1 ff a4nc1e'z.4on Zowndlzip High School ENROLLMENT 289 X X4 K x X Gtcua auofzite To Mrs. Mary Struke, we, the Class of 1950, dedicate our yearbook in the hope that we can express to her our appreciation for all the help she has given us. It is a steep, steep climb up the narrow ladder that goes to the very highest pinnacle ofthe "Big Top" of life, but she was always there showing us the way. Across the straight and narrow tightrope to our goal she was the balancing stick that kept us always straight and on the right way. Through her superior knowledge, experience, and understanding, we glimpsed a new world. She gave us the greatest gifts of all-the desire for knowledge and the ability to appreciate the fine things of the world. She taught us the meaning of, and helped us to live by our mottof"Non vivere sed valere in vita"-"Not merely to exist, but to amount to something in life." glue gi ly - give ,'bi'zecto'z.4 1 Y 4 ? ' . ' N 'l EQA 1 W WR 3 LL-.. E Z WM. M. IUDD IOSEPH W. MADDUX Praridenf Vice-Pre.rz'denz' 'i L G Q Q2 f 'Y W 49 XQ Q! N! CLARENCE W. BELL, IR. R. C. AYER .fllember llember BRYCE H. DETTOR ANDREW H. WITHROW Clerk llember N1 Y X E E 1 1 W C2'zcu4 Ringmastefz This senior yearbook marks the twenty-first year of Anderson Township School. Anderson becomes of age this year. For the first time since 1952 the school plant will be adequate to house the rapidly growing school population. One emergency in housing has fol- lowed another until we have all felt we were in a three ring circus. Since the school population has grown from 562 in September, 1929, to 1104 in Ianuary, 1950, Anderson has experienced the same "growing pains" that the Nation has known in its rapid growth. Much like the circus, each performance has been fraught with pageantry, rapid movements, shift of scenery, and endless change. The only thing that has remained unchanged is the spirit of the troupers, which is expressed by "the show must go on." The thought that we build today for the future is our recompense as the approval of the crowd is a reward for the performer. The spirit of Anderson is like the spirit of the showmang the character of the performance must not vary in quality regardless of the size of the audience. q SN I F WWI 16' 'I k j 1 ,X e 5 J 02 ' 1 l 1 111111111391 1 ME 1- v WW Wm S L03 Z Vt W WRM1 4110 X Z 9 5 Qi MVC-5 ff Q fpwogwam Ciwcub Foreword "Umar me Bag Top" J Deoicahon , 6 rrec org f ' Th D' s Yfmgrvaster I Yrograw A Workers X 'irarrrers M A Mako Pxttractkorx Second, Thkro, and Fourth Yfmgs + X N w "Under the Lame Top" X k saaesxrows, Added Psttractkorxs Psdvertksemerx 1 I jx Xi biz , X -A -i Qi R 1? X qMf'f .d, 1.-1 : + CT?g' fl gf.- iT ---9 ..,,,l.. Q-i ,lf TN X B ,..., ,ew , W, ,.,.i ,V .1 ,., ou lzeu Edflar Bl.lJ'liIl6J'J' Jlanayer Plzofagraplzyflrvin Kron, Cvllllliflllllll El ' yV't h R b t Vyt h 'll Anne Bolton . Louise Prather Barbara Vvillard me lsc ger . O er 1 'C 6 lean Busch Patricia Gehl Ethel louey S owl? Fd-I Bonnie Fithen Virginia Sheppard Faye Hilge 'D ' J I or Charles Taylor Kenneth Shaw Ieralcl Rucker ' fIduerf1'.rz'ng fllanagenv Ari Edllam' Klayer Kline Kenneth Tarvin Richard Boettger Zona Goshorn C1'1'vulaz'1'o11 fflanagere-Virginia Young A , 1I.l'JL.J'ft1llllJ J'H'Nlanl'r Frances Allen Harold Speaks Romilda Motz Ioyce Gibson Dan Taylor Georgia Kay Etta Nlae Taylor Patricia Gehl Tom Bunting IoAnn Gallagher Marlyn Taylor Paul Marien Patricia Miller f' Laura Miller Nancy Holbrook Donald Hinson Edllor-Patti Martin Ted Harms . I1ypi.rz'.r A'f'HJlanbi Claudia Buchanan Corrine Behymer Lois Einspanier L01 eer eth Shaw Donald Brown , ,, , . D es Lohstroh ald Rucker Barbara WVillard JWUU' hdlfof' U fldW'fe" IC ard Boettger Martha Dyer Miss Vera M. Nash Bg bis' f ' ' ' L. '. N ' A ..f!f -W 4 'f Q." in 'zaineu IK 'XV' Q WW "Q, 'Nw Q lv' ,Lax kvijhyi fl' , 'rx iipifssfffazagfiiipejjlj S-.492 17 ,H 552 45 at A MR. RICHARD W. HERRON Miami University, B.A. University of Cincinnati, M.A. Assistant High School Principal American History Advanced Civics Track Coach Miss VERA MAE NASH Ohio Yvesleyan, B.A. University of Cincinnati, M.Ed. Senior Girls' Adviser English IV Latin I, II French I, II MR. CHARLES L. BROWN Miami University, B.A. Senior Boys' Adviser Xvorld History Physical Education Coach-Football, Basketball, Baseball MR. KENNETH CHRISTY Ohio University, B.A. Iunior Boys' Adviser Algebra I, II Plane and Solid Geometry Trigonometry MRS. MARX' H. STRUKE Miami University, B.S. Junior Girls' Adviser English II, HI Spanish I, II MR. NORVAL HUNXPHREY Miami University, B.S. in Ind. Arts Sophomore Boys' Adviser Drivers' Education Mechanical Drawing Manual Arts Miss HELEN A. NXERZ Hanover College, B.A. Sophomore Girls' Adviser English I, II XVorld History MRS. RUTH KERSHNER University of Cincinnati, B.A. Sophomore Boys' Adviser Practical Mathematics Typing General Business Economic Geography MR. JACK XNELLBAUM University of Cincinnati, B.S. in Music Ed. Iunior and Senior Band Instrumental Music 'Wi I adding Staff MRS. PAULINE MINDER Ohio University, B.A., M.S. Home Economics, I, II, HI, IV General Science Miss MILDRED ZIELINSKI University of Cincinnati, B.S. in Bus. Ed. MR. ROY TUCKER Ohio State University, BS. General Science Chemistry Physics MRS. CAROLYN TRUITT Oberlin College, B. Mus. Ed. Boys' Glee Club TYPW Girls' Glee Club Shoggsanq Iunior Chorus B00 eepmg Senior Chorus Q ' y fl .4 Q G FA Q Q xm MRS. E. MAE SM '..: Rio Grande Co I ' H : . FIELDING Ohio Stale Univ ' V," State College, .M'S' XX-Q General Science Algebra Miss MARIAN A. LANGHOUT Heidelberg College, B.A. MR. GEORGE E. PHILLIPS Freshman Girls' Adviser West Virginia Wesleyan Girls' Physical Education College, BS- Ed' Librarian English I MRS. TIIELNXA MORGAN, R.N. College of Nursing and Health, University of Cincinnati AM Main alihaclion J, 1 52, eg-5' tLT ,x - f' 'X X 7 22 XSQX 5 N x' , I Q" '7-N73 X L., x ff W1 Ky " Xi ' I4 1. 1 If -QN- 'di , wx I xy X X W ,,, Q 4 my f cj 1 wjf U 444 f Q - Q "' g A " Q3 IA Al 59 I A ,, Rf 49 6 k. , 'J' hSh d h d A Wh Q YSOSQ 52006 9 O 9 V N C ASS d OTTO Q O Q Q 6 S-PASS CZ ORS EL SISNII OC ERS:0nS Q EVELYN FRANCES ALLEN Annual 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1 Class Play 5, 4 Key, Gold EMMA CORRINE BEHYMER CLAUDIA MAE BUCHANAN Annual4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4, Business Manager4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4 Junior Chorus 4 Class Play 4 Key, Bronze TOM NUBBY BUNTING, IR. Class Play 5 A l 'mua 4 Football 2, 5, 4 Y-Teens 1, 5, 4 Glee Club 1 Basketball Manager 2, 5, 4 Kev Bronze Baseball Manager 2, 5, 4 ' ' Q ' ' Club 4 'X A ,f ifix . :- RICHARD . ff. Ter- 6' Annual 4, 1 . f r. AN Q s? Hi-Y2,51 H GleeCl o. fb ,4 Class 'Lv S Studen un l Secre tary- l a . , Track 5 1 Band 1 x Class Vice- - l Q Lanlern 5, 4 Key, Silver V ANNE EMILIE BOLTON Annual 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 Program Chairman 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4, Secretary 5 Social Chairman 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4 Senior Chorus 5, 4 Class Play 5 Scholarship 1, 2 Track 1, 2, 5 Cheerleading 1, 2, 5, 4 Key, Silver DONALD LAWRENCE BROXVN Annual 4 Hi-Y 2, 5, 4 Class Play 5 Music Scholarship 5, 4 Student Council 2, 5, 4, Presi- dent 4 Track 1, 5 Band 1, 2, 5, 4 Class Vice-President 5 Key, Gold es125 e Clu SCIIIOI' T 'fr , e G. y 7 IANET DAVIDSON Bethel High 1, 2, 5 O. A. A. 4 Y-Teens 4 NORMA EGNE R Annual 4 Y-Teens 1 G. A. A. 1 Lanlern 5, 4 Glee Club 1 Scholarship 5 Key, Silver LoIs IEAN EINSIJANIER Annual 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 Class Play 4 BONNIE LEE FITHEN Annual 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4, Secretary 5 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Senior Chorus 4 Class Play 5 Basketball Track 1 2 Key Silver ap IOANNGA A ' 4 Y Teens G A A fanler Glee C Schola Studen N 11 Key Go Q ZONA RAE GOSHORN Annual 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5 Class Play 5 Glee Club 1, 2 Hockey 4 LOIs GREER Annual 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1 Class Play 5 Lanfern 4 -5 ONAQ li NTI-IER fu e Clu 4 h r a aseba Bas ars fd x ff ir A f-I Xi!!! HELEN PATRICIA GEHL Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Lanlern 2, 5 Glee Club 1, 2, 4 Senior Chorus 4 Track 1, 2, 5 Cheerleading 1, 2, 5, 4 IOYCE GIBSON Annual 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4, President 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 5, 4 Senior Chorus 5, 4 Class Play 5 Student Council 5, 4 ROBERT CLYDE HANKE Yvithrow 1, 2, 5 Track 4 Key, Silver THEODORE K. HARRIS Annual 4 Hi-Y 1, 2, 5, 4, Vice-President 4 Scholarship 2, 5 Student Council 5, 4 Class Play 5, 4 Key, Gold FAYE LEON HILGE Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4 Senior Chorus 5, 4 Basketball 5 Track 5 DONALD E. HINSON Scholarship 1, 5 Football 2, 5, 4 Varsity Club 4 I IUDY FRANCINE IAMES Colorado 1 Burgen 2, 5 Y-Teens 4 G. A. A. 4 Glee Club 4 Senior Chorus 4 ETHEL LEOLA IOLLEY Annual 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5 Class Play 5 Basketball 5 4 Hockey 4 Cheerlea g 2 5 Key BQ n K n TTH 3 CD Ameli ithm NANCY ANN HoLBRooK Annual 4 Y-Teens 1 G. A. A. 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4 Senior Chorus 5, 4 Class Play 5 Key, Silver A j ra - g i me H G A .5 A 1? x I A . , GEORGIA MAE KAY Annual 4 Y-Teens 1 G. A. A. 1 Glee Club 1 Key, Bronze RUTH WILMA HOLLIFIELD Annual 4 Y-Teens 1 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Lanlern 4 Glee Club 1 DONALD KLAYER KLINE Annual 4 Advertising Maiiager Lanlern 1, 2 Class Play 5 Scholarship 5 Football 2 Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4 Baseball 2, 5, 4 Varsity Club 4 Key, Gold Be' f, X R LLEN. .. CORRINE BEHYMER. RICHARD BOETTGER ANNE BOLTON ..... DONALD BROWN. . . CLAUDIA BUCHANAN. . . . . . . . TOM BUNTING ..... IEAN BUSCH ...... IANET DAVIDSON .... ..... NORMA EGNER .... LOIs EINSPANIER .... ..... BONNIE FITHEN ..... ..... Io ANN GALLAGHER PATTY GEHL ...... IOYCE GIBSON ..... ZONA GOSHORN ..,. LOIS GREER ....... RONALD GUENTHER ROBERT HANKE. . . THEODORE HARRIS. FAYE HILGE ...... DONALD HINSON. . . BETTY HIX .,..... NANCY HOLBROOR. RUTH HOLLIFIELD. . IUDY IAMES ....... ETHEL IOLLEY .... IACK IURGENSEN. . GEORGIA KAY ..... KLAYER KLINE .... IRVON KRON ....., DONALD KYLE ...... ..... DOLORES LOHSTROH IERRY lVlADDUX ..... ..... PAUL MARIEN ..... PAT MARTIN .... LAURA MILLER .... PAT MILLER ...... ROBERT MITCHELL. ROMILDA MOTZ .... BILL ORICK ....... IUANITA PHILLIPS. . LOUISE PRATHER. . JERRY RUCKER .... KENNY SHAW ..... VIRGINIA SHEPPARD MARJORIE SHRUM. . HAROLD SPEAKS. . . KENNY TARVIN .... DAN TAYLOR ...... ETTA MAE TAYLOR MARLXN ' IOYCE W I ARTHUR 4 ELAINE ' HG R VIRGIN Q R A ..'.'f.'.1ffffff , EAIi15.'.'f.'.'f.'Q.1 fi E ........., . . ' wi JI ' ............. . W N A - O . . ' I. V Favoriie Expre.f.rL'on Ieepers! .......... Oh, Go 'way .... Well 'ah ........ . . Eeee Gads! ............ So to speak .,............ That's beside the point .... Cheese and Crackers .... I don't think so ...... Oh, brother ..... Buddie! .......... . . Minor details! ............ Hi, Babe ................. .... That'll learn ya, dern ya! . . . . . . . I knowed it! ....,........ "Oh, no!" ...,......... Who said that? .... That's a killer ............. .... I don't know ,............... .... That's a crock and a half ..... .... Horse feathers ............ .... Oh, Yea! ............... Oh, fine! ...... How quaint! ....... Down yonder ........... Oh, my achin' back! ......... .... That reminds me of a joke .... . . . Everybody does that ............. I thought maybe it would be ..... Oh, you dumb thing ......... Censored ................. .... T win Not necessarily so .... Ahhhh no! ......... Oh, My heavensl. . . Yvhat ya say ......... Here's the deal ......... "lt's all in the mind". . . "Let me tell you". . . . Are you real sure? .... Hi, Stuff! .......... O' Dern! ......... What the hey! .... ..,. Who-what? ..... .... "Horse feathers" Hiya! ............ Oh! Sure ,........ Watch that stuH'!. . Oh, my ...,...... For crying Out loud . . . Greetings! ....,... Shift! ............. .. Dern ........ Come again. . . Oh, no ..... Let,s see ..... No live! ........ That's for shur .... You're nuts! .... Clfzcua Weakn ew "Charlie" Lebanon Hi Women Don Iuan Short girls . . . .Friendly people VVine, women and Songs Clothes Basketball Teddy bears Heath Bars Food Red Hair Cheerleading Amelia boys Chili and Cheeseburgers Wrestling matches! Ianet Max Zax Good eggs! Curly hair and chewing gum Cars Don 250 lbs ame Malts lnstigator Chili and Hamburgers .Active Sports Sessions after Hi-Y Buicks Nashes Girls Christy, crunchy, breakfast food Bonnie lassies Fords and Kaisers Linder's Hamburgers College boys Blue Cars ' Dark Hair The color red Baseball and a glass feuonalitiea 14 mb ifion Be able to take shorthand .... To be a photographer ...... Insurance Salesman. . , .... . . , To go to Miami ...,......... ..... To play in Annapolis band .......... To act my age ..,................ Play college football without going To travel ton cyclesj ......... To be a nurse .......... To learn to drive ...., To be a nurse ...... G0 to college Get lost on a To be a florist. . To graduate To have a To have hair To be C8I'Ol1fla ......... . it Springs Dairy ..... Cllglfleel' . a doctor ....................,,.. To stay on a school team a complete year .... .... To hold her man .........,.,.......... To stay awake on New Year's Eve ...... To own a classy convertible ....... To have red hair .......... . . . To be a nurse ,........... Airline Stewardess ....... To be an engineer ......... To do turn waltz on skates. . , To get married ........... To find a man ............ To get out of school ........... To be a million dollar financier. To be a Bio-Chemist ........ To join the Waves ........ To be a singer ..... Electrical engineer ........ To live in Florida ........... To own a Buick Convertible .... Secretary .................. To gain 20 pounds ........ To go to Ohio State .... To go to college ........ To be a success ......... To knit a pair of argyles. . . To have bangs ..,....... singer .... l. . . . gr. . , gpg ,.. . "Strawberry Blond" Rosy Complexion That collegiate look Vitality Best female dancer Friendliness False Tooth Preppy! , Burr hair cuts Careful driving Smoking pipe Laugh Walk Quietness Posture Dark Curly Hair BBretj:y teeth W, H Red Hair Convertible Figure Black Hair Little Green Lord Blond Hair Reserved Being in Court more Green Hudson Eyebrows Northern Accent Eyes Curly Hair Smile Hands Hands Long fingernails Personality Scholastic standing Blond bangs Singer Black Buick Politeness Best male dancer Dimples Slim Pretty Clothes Shyness Well Groomed Blue eyes 'Q HQETHEQFFQE 9 s: 5 fn fb C nw 2:4 O R Dm: 5052 B CTD 'D Ei. S' Qi QE YU if" :T vs rx E' ff ' ":5-5'-7 'F- 5 ' Q -ws .SE n Nidxxxgmxinmnvxx xx X Q we Y i x ' li s VH xii! 'l E -." 4 5 '. k'W fx i +: -3 5 25 v .X N- x . u RxXXXXYNXxQyyXxms than Iudge ew 17 H 0 .I 4 Shiny Hair QIQ lRVIN XVAYNE KRON Annual 4, Photography Editor Hi-Y 5, 4 Class Play 5 Scholarship l Student Council 2, 5 Class Treasurer 1 Class Secretary 4 Key, Gold DONALD LEE KYLE Hi-Y 1, 2, 4 PATTI ANN MARTIN Annual 4, Literary Editor Y-Teens I, 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 LL1I1fL'l'IZ 5, 4, Editor 4 Glee Club 1 Class Play 4 Scholarship 1, 2, 5 Student Council 4 Key, Grand Gold O LAURA IEAN MILLER Lanlcrn 5 Hudson 1 Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4 Annual 4 Baseball 1, 2 4 Y'T'fenS Zf 5' 4 Varsity CI ., G. A. A. 2, 5, 4 Class Play 4 ' 'der 4 Key, Silver Class ay 5 Key, Br ze A 'F J ' F 'Q-1-:QB fiisff DOLOREs t ' E O A Annual 4 X G Q Q Y-Tee e G. A. 4 A ICIA A .Am ER Lan! pf ' 'E dsc Glee ,al Annu ' y Iuni . f Y, . , . Class ' - Q I ,A . L Schola . 1 I, gb, I Key, sn 4 Q i ' ' f V IERRY OWEN MADDUX Hi-Y 2, 4 Class Play 5 Key, Bronze IOHN PAUL MARIEN Annual 4 ROBERT MARION MITCHELL Annual 4, Business Manager 4 Hi-Y 1, 2, 5, 4 Class Play 5, 4 Scholarship 1, 5 Student Council 2, 5, 4 Class Vice-President 1, 4 Key, Grand Gold Class President 2 Class Treasurer 5 ROMILDA MARGARET MOTZ St. Ioseph Academy 1 Annual 4 G. A. A. 5, 4 Class Play 5 Scholarship 2 Key, Gold WILLIAM TERAY ORICK IUANITA PHILLIPS Annual 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, Secretary 5, Vice- President 4 VIRGINIA IRENE SHEPPARD Y-Teens 1, 4 G. A. A. 1, 4 MARIORIE LOUISE SHRUM Glee Club 1, " Class Play 5 4 Hockey 4 A 'x , -Tv KS '65 wifi" ":' -in Gr LOUISE 'We A LD S W m Norwoo I A 4 i NewR Il.. . f efba I Annual I 1 Footba f g- Class .1 H V 'Y ' U 4 5 Lanlern e K I X j I 'Q V TERM-D TUAN RUCKER KENNETH LEE TARVIN A l 4 l H?-IVHI, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 2, Ag, 4 Se?l'etaY.Y 4 Varsity Club 4, Vice-President 4 Varsity Club 4, Secretary 4 Class Pla 4 Glee lub 5, 4 Student Council Class Pla 4 Glee Club 4 Student Cyouncil 1 Football 1, 2, 5, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Baseball 1, 2, 5 Track 1, 2, 5 Class President 1 Key, Bronze KENNETH CLARK SHAW Annual 4, Sports Editor Hi-Y 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 4 Varsity Club 4 Class Play 5 Scholarship 1, 2, 5 Student Council 5, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 5, 4 Track 4 Class Treasurer 2 Class President 5, 4 Key, Grand Gold and Guard Iunior Chorus 4 Football 1, 2, 5, 4 Basketball Manager 2, 5 Track Manager 5, 4 Key, Bronze DAN HANK TAYLOR Annual 4 Glee Club 5, 4 Scholarship 2 Football 2, 5, 4 Basketball 2, 5, 4 Baseball 4 Track 2, 5, 4 Hi-Y 4 Varsity Club 4 Class Play 4 Key, Bronze ETTA MAE IEAN TAYLOR Annual 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Class Play 5 Key, Bronze GLADYS MARLYN TAYLOR Annual 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Laniern 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1 Class Play 5, 4 Key, Bronze JOYCE HELEN WHITAKER Annual 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Lantern 2, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Scholarship 2 ARTHUR I. WHITE, IR. Hi-Y 5, 4 Varsity Club 4, President 4 Glee Club 5, 4 Football 1, 2, 5, 4 Track 1, 2, 5, 4 Class Treasurer 4 Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4 U 4 We X -I IF' Elcagze BARBARA WILLARD Annual 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4, Cabinet 5, Ring Chairman 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4, President 4 Lanfern 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 4 Class Play 5 Basketball 1, 2, 5 Track 1, 2, 5 Cheerleading 4 Key, Gold ELAINE WITSCHGER Annual 4, Editor Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4, Cabinet 2, 5, 4, Vice-President 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 5 Laniern 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4 Senior Chorus 5, 4 Class Play 5, 4 Scholarshi 2, 5 Student Gouncil 4, Secretary- Treasurer 4 Basketball 5, 4 Hocke 4 Key, Grand Gold VIRGINIA LAVoN YOUNG Annual 4, Circulation Manager Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1 Class Play 5 Scholarship 1, 2 Class Secretary 1, 2, 5 Key, Grand Gold Qaeda: ,QD QLBQGEQL0 ,P'fQ,2,fK 'f .1 J Q2 R5 O EQPMQMMD ,xv C?-ZQWJ E36 1, Jffmy J Q? h Q ,M i . F 2' P Al r n O , R HMVQDWQEQ 'X Wi id Q H .ww Q "W 2 ' WMM hwy? Slofzy of flue Gzcud On a bright day in the year 1946, eager boys and girls entered the "Big Top" of the Anderson Four Ring Circus, not as spectators, but as a part of the act. We were initiated into the Redskin ranks by the group who had joined the circus a year before us. A whole day was spent in clowning, but then the real work began. Before the glitter and fun and excitement of a circus can be enjoyed, a novice must work hard to become a top notch performer. Our trainers showed us what we must do as a part of the circus, and we did so well that one year later we moved on to new trainers and the study of new acts. The second year in the circus was a bit harder, but our trainers and the Ringmaster had taught us that the show must go on, and we did our best. In our third year as a part of the circus, we gave our first performance before an audience. It was entitled "A Credit to the Family". The troupe, under the guidance of Trainer Struke, worked hard on our first production. All helped with the show, some of us were stars, others, ushers, and some of us took over the prop and make-up departments. The spectators applauded loudly and seemed to enjoy our show immensely. The next year we became star performers in the circus. VVe worked harder than ever, for we were soon to leave the "Big Top" for an even bigger show. For four years we had prepared for that day when the grand parade of 1950 would march to the stage to the strains of Pump and Circumxfance and we would all make our exit as performers in one of the greatest shows on earth, the Anderson "Big Top". The time has passed quickly, and though we dislike saying goodbye to our trainers, our Ringmaster, and our other friends, we are eagerly looking forward to showing the world what we can do. Our show must go on. x1 -O J4 7 4, 14 5 ,Q 0 I 1, y N V kvAvAvAv,V I gummy Mhmgnv Z f f I ' sf Li X w r w nik 6QfMVDE R C L ASSNXEN Vffi-"g'+ .IE if-'ff Nc' jlL'l'4Q!'!:I , ff'-T if N Ni x 1: Q X1 C32-f'lfDHfd: Q vw f wffbf 951 11- ,T 2 ,- 4-Kr 61" 3, .. ' ' ' M1 ' 7 m'l.1 la: f f j w ww 35? if 5 f A V f Y Q f 1 f ' if "fl ' 5 gf f ,1 g M MQ ff' ' ?"'X'X YNQST-2 Y J f lglx .A Lg 1 P' X- , ,X , f 25 xy-X + W C k 1'-PM 44, 4,14 , 1-l,'TW1.lg?Q'L-., ls' N- 3 I f:: 4 K A 1 Figs 5-. W N HQ- -fl Q- wa ,Eff ' 59 'Q 4- f SeconaL Zlziul and gouzllz Ririgl QQ Iacqueline Absher Glenn Barbro Carol Beckmann lVarren Behymer Ianet Boggs Betty Brooks Raymond Burlew Gene Burress lean Carr Robert Carr Nancy Carter Nita Kay Christy Richard DeLong Phillip ilfladdux Richard Nlaclclux VVilliam Hlast Vivian Plerten Stephen Nliller lo Ann Nloreton Diane Ott loan Palm lames Prickett lVayne Priclcett Ruth Pullon Nancy Rickey David Riddle Ioseph Deister Ada Robb Robert Dieclcmann lohn Roos Mary Dierker lean Rose Dale Dietrich . 4 Stewart Rose leanette Dunn Q u e Rucker Nlartha Dyer K Q G K al Scharrmghausen Donald Fiel Q ' 1- '? Schmidt Elmer Fobe 5 Phard X Q aj Shirley Fobes ' ' t Slay Violet Gaffney Delores Gilpin lvalter Hair George Henry lames Heritage Helen Hundemer Gene llhardt loyce Iaclcson Thomas lustice Arthur Kaufman lane Kelly lllary Io Smith Eunice Spencer Ianet Spitzmiller lllarjorie Striker lane Stringer Iohn Tvrdy lohn Wlallace lames Vllheatley Ralph lllhite Ruth lvilley lllarion Wlilson Not in Picture: ilflartha Wvolfangel econ ing Louise lvilye Emiline lfvright r x ,Vila t i H . 3' , . Rosemary Andrew Ruth Koester H' Pqluu M ig! . Clifford Auxier Alvin Kron K- .EQ .,.: . RQ -"" G S.. in Ioyce Behymer Norman Kurtz ...E 3 .,., ggi . I ...' ,"' . -'.' . ,,., . A, ::.- it D 7 Lewis Benner Io Ann Kyle in P . J y y Q Ioan Benton Iohn Laing i ":' F 55 - A Ioan Birkley Robert Lennon 4 5 ",: gt , L B' " "" V"' eee .. . :,: .H ,, ,. . A . . i in Mm Bridges Joyce Lewis i . an o D. uluu . .P i I Eg Donald Burliey Thomas Libbee .. L . I x S Dorothy Burns Shirley Luh ' ' 'qbuu i-' i i Z ,ull -..'-Qlgilifz' 54-. qqlz. . , ,,E.?fE in .t .:,.. . Q: E .. ., ig H Elaine Carr Clay Mayhall 2 If Auvu '.'b'i'.. 5 Gavin Dance Nancy McDade if . t .--3 4 Dorothy Dumont George McKee ., Q , F' - ' Y H r ' ,iiQ1'2.Jj,j,.jZ.'- 1 ,:.'- Q . We Q gi Q 1 "3" g S.. , V I l.o,.s . .4 i V E Richard Easton Yvilliam Moreton N .,1... M 3 . ' -H "'i'i'-- 1. -5 E, Shirley Einspanier Marilyn Moore do P ... ' . A 35 ,rg .----,': : -' :,. '- EEL- fi ' .. i' gl 25i::- , .. J Delores Ertel Yvilliam Oberschlalie b ...,: L . ""- . . ' a . I . Rx, . if 1 A .. .:-- :e . A W 1 5 in i Q my Iohn Forg Barbara Oury V. ,L in , E 2.51-E14 .... E :.g..'h.. -,.... Richard Frees 4 ! , ymond Pauly V QAII A -1 b b .7....,. ., , . ,. Q .. . . . i D . . . M . ,HL ...Ez .". , Shlrley Gllpm 4 flba -Q Redmond , 1. Q. . E ,:.V. .Q ' . ' ..-..5E5 , '- .:,:' . -r"' in tar 41307, i i A ...H . "1 '.,' . , A 5.35 ig .ff t o 1:-: -.1t'w2 1 Y-:fr 3' .,,.: , ':: lames GilPin K Cb Q Q " iley in... :.-:-t .,,... P l .f I P .132 . S ai' , - ff" :.. i , D ff.. f . :,,v . Robert Greer C ' " hart ..--. . s 2 2 t - "': . "'-:: l if .Qi H ' Rudolph Han hneider E H u I .M - .- .... ' X Q K4 f -"-r't-' ' f' K l ' . ' , , 'Q fr' ' . E Q Q J Q A ,..,. , : Clifford Harris o n Schwegler ,... A 5. ,X iiv. 5... Iii' ffirawfi Katherine Hawkins Susan Shrimpton ii.,,., " "'. ' f."'.. ' ' 1 I 9 211 ..s 2 31. ... , ' E. ..-'L Q .. Sw. quuu 3 E 4 w Io Ann Harris Lucy Smalley fi ' ' Qu i I' ' Q .,,. ji ,.., : ""' " ..3, --:,' ' i ...:,..,.:.., : 5 3 ? ia -K A. zt' L f f . M ,.,.. : ::- Q Peggy Hinson Robert .... V- -- Gerald Hornsby Wayne Smith A I . 'T . IOSGPI1 Hull Joyce Spfakef ..... ... i" . X. 'A A .-.':Q 1, fl 'zf 4? A.. ,rwwi - . .. 1 " I . .--, ' -T ......,, :E ,. In t Iohu Ignatius Ianet Steele ',,. :yv lttll . ',., V- A ..,.. Z El. : ., .AEA i Patricia Ilhardt Lois Stinette. Ay.,Q j i B , 5 b 3 5 - V Mildred Inlow Ianet Strosnider flg i ' T W V Y -.xv .ff i ' :2.:5 1 jj:'.- ' 1 if -'-:-'.. .... fl ' F ' 1 . .... . Q I I A P " V Dean Ivers Charles Taylor ,J - . ' 5 Iuanita Iaclison Ieanette Taylor 1 .a -1355l54...3.12l. D .... oe . a . ivendeii Jackson Robert Top., . R o..ote ..y... . a tcyi M i eei 1' --:::,.3 ...,, -. . - vig, . A-5 i-l--v . n h '..,.,.,.: ...-. . N 55: ig- tx A so . .... , .Q .....a.,,.. .M sv 1 R W N . W 1 as N- L-M .. I z 5 . f in 5 .- -. .Z ' In Sharon Iones Ioan Whitlatch . I . I 55. it .4-Iii? E. X14 Barbara Klausing Ethel Yvilliams df . iiii ..' .. --:':: -' "':'-' " . . .. "":-- ' ' or i V ""--. . .V'," Beverly Kline Lois May Vtlortman , X ., X 3 .,.,- Q35 , ,:,A J , . . -! " L Not in Picture: Eleanor Bauer, Dorothy Chaney N" "4' T Thomas Yvhitaker l W W 3... 7 W 'V Harvey Koch . . Betty Xvyl-:off .wr f i . ,wal mg ... .-. .qouuflz Ring Alice Albiez Lawrence Ayer George Bailey Gerald Barnes Edwin Beck lohn Birri Betty lane Bridges Ernest Brodeen Carl Bunting Phinas l'Vlay XVanda McNees Helen Mergard Ioyce Mergard Robert Miller Roger Miller Mal'lene Moore Alice Marie Motz Iames Neal 'S Sgfol ati X . ,X , is K Q s... ' X is O I Q 5 QQQ QQ Iohn Carpentel. Patricia Ney I ' i E- Donna Carr Janet O'Banion fi Q Q QQ-. .e : :,. . .N W .-.::,- xx ...,. . l 1: .,., .. :,: - -- l 2 ' Thomas Clark Iames Orick Qfi Q l :fz:Q Q. L A .,.- K . .,:.:,. 2 : Wil ,.... ,. Q . QQ uu l Q Q , ' Q Q. i,., ' Q l,., A E g Q Barbara Dumont Shirley Phillips Q A .,:. l .gf l-'- 4 'R 4 ' QQ22' James Eldridge Joh-1 Richardson 1 l .- . "'l l 3 Lee Englllml Marilyn Rick QQ f . 'z"' f,cgfg,xall , l gl ll '.--V l I - H QQ Q Y' Q Iacqueline Ezell Ioan Rousch ' Q ,',. c ' Q niiiini , Q , Q Frances Fisher . 4 phen Ruttkay ' -: 1 Q Q Leslie Glenn 5 n e Sanger A .:--" Q ----- ., " l . L 9 Q z .. A . s' 1 -in limmie Lea G Q ' ePPard .1- X Q . . ,:-' Charlotte . s fe - QL Q Q "1"' Lawrence -Eg, f i lg Cer . 51. L ' .- as -',,' 1 Q Z ' ' f . -231-i f N. ,W . M . .cl... . X X l v " l if f Q l,l M' ' Y L h L e r . allac , l l Robert Hahn Shirley Sfeelman so lg it L - '. 5 Q 'Q' Q 'QQQ' L Betty lean Hannan Ronald Tarvin f - L Q f Q l 2 Thaw Fwd Thiemf , ,,,- lrc' e K ' , -l .Q .. -"' :.:L . '-gn -5 rf l ,.-, 1 :Q Q Q , ., ' K ' Q sf., 1, -...,.,, llw' ' ,, . U1 A Q Q ,- . Q QQ ' R Diary Lou Hopper Yvilliam Turnau ' I Q E Q R E 'Q QQ -' ,, Shirley Hundley Kay Turton X Til Patricia Inlow Kay Uebel ' QQQ' I I "" - ' I Xvinifred Iacobs Gerald Yvalker Q Q i l V. VPHQ Q gg it Betty Iermer Ronald YVard Q 'll' Q l -1 Robert Iones Louise Yvhite ' E 'jiri A " " ' t "' . R V if "-rw" A Q. ""' F' - - L ii Patricia Iustice lo Ann Yvidmer . Q Q QQ Q QQ XQ Q Paul Kay Susan Xvigger QQQQQQQ l . Q Q l Q QQ FQ Ralph Kendall Ruth XVilfert 5 Q ' Q ' Q Q. l Q Q Q Q:.QQ Q l .,,' -' it A K, .l,' l 1- - Q, f ii .'.., . 'lj 'Mg Q M ' QQQQ George Koch Lane W llllams K Q A ' Edward Longhauser Nlary Xvilliams it R' R l Q, ."' QQQ,Q Q QQ., , Harry Longo Richard Willis . Q t l Z: "5 "'- " l '."! Q Shirley Ludlow Audrey Xvolff ff' QQQ Q Q5 . Constance Luersen James Nvuerdeman X :Q QM Q V' X, . ' Q QQQQQQ Linda MaStCI'SOIl Raymond Wysnewski ' QQ QQ QQQ QQ Q Q Q Q Q QQ QQQ Q Q Q ..,- - ll Not ln Plcturez Iames Bottom, Patricia Budd, QQQ .lQ-Q 4 Q,Qf.,Qg QQ Q.QQ Q Q ' " Dale Iestes, Robert Parian, Edwin Redmond " - 2 Q fQiQ Q lg-,fi Q Q1 Kenneth Shannon, Robert Swathwood l , l." A A ii f .t:.: . Q . QQ --- QQ-Q- , Q- QQ 1 Q ' '- RQQSQQ undef: the ,Gttle Zyop ,Q D 173 I'll'l'J'f Row flef! fa l'l1lIhfD.' Nliss Gertrude Addicott fAdviserQ, Richard Hair, Robert Balint, Martha Staulm, NVilliam Saffin, Nancy Anderson, Donna Smith, Ronald Lieberman, Harmon Hlorress, Lillian Goerke, Faye Snowden, Margaret Mcclughan, Evangeline Bridges. Second Row: Brenda Browne, Shirley Wlilson, Andrew Withrow, Iohn lVlcOwen, Barbara Bennett, Lenore Graf, Alice Melton, Patty Taylor, Marlene Underwood, Carl Carpenter, Frank Carr, Charles Brown, Ronald Luh, lean Beyer, Nancy Howell. Third Row: Thomas Back, Xvalter Turnau, Phillip Spraker, Donald Fox, William Agee, Orville Bishop, Wlalter Orick, Vernon Sheppard, Marilyn Eckerlin, Romilda Trotta, Gayle Dorna, Nlary Lee Hodge, Dorothy Miller, Shirley Wuerdeman, Lois Keel, Iune Wlalters. 1"1'r,rl Raw flqft fo rzlqhlj: Nlr. Harold Maddux QAdviserD, Iudy Palm, loyce Dunaway, Kristine Schwegler, Barbara Beoddy. Iacqueline Reeves, Anna lean Troutman, Roger Carter, Glen Wilfert, Marlene Kelly, Vtlayne England, Charles Eagle, Alison Dance, Iohn Baker, Wayne Wykolf. Second Row Q,rlandIngD: William Monter, Barbara Armleder, Ioanne Fairbanks, Nellie Shanks, Doris Rogers, Larry Wilson, Robert Shepard, Mehrn Mihalovich, Bonnie Wlilliams, Wlilliam Iudd, Charles King, Warren Burlew, Lind Voth, Iames Slay, Ernest Downs. Third Row: Sherry Strauss, Donna Dietrich, Doris Portner, Lynn Behymer, Richard Lennon, David Schneider, Mary Sinclair, Lorna Miller, Shirley Daunt, William Miller, Grace Robb, Wanda Lawson, Paul Haskell, Thomas Miller, Rex Lainhart. Not present in picture: Ray O'Banion. Clan of '54 . Q V Miss GERTIILTDE ADDICOTT U MR. HAROI.1J Z. MAUUUX The performe this tro pe have spent two years under the ff" To ple are ready to join . 6 051,35 A uf-:Z the "Big Top"5j4j?lB:QI 3 ukaiw gih two years they have had vario ggi- snr . and recreations that will help i .a- ears, and they have been i -a by their very Capable train Q ' ' . o : J 1"z'r.ff Row Uefl lo rzyhlj: Mrs. Electa Adams fAdviserD, Io Anna Golde, Esta Goerke, Marlene Kabel, Iames Maddux, lack Kelly, Paul McLain, Samuel Sharp, Wilma Lawson, Teddy Williams, Iohn Daugherty, Thomas Widmer, Richard Godfrey. Second Row: Margaret lackson, Louis Absher, Frank Hunclemer, Earl Phillips, Sue Renneckar, Ianet Newman, Louise Nichols, Caroline Bateman, Shirley Dierker, Katherine Howlett, Carol Spraker. Third Row: Iohn Mechlin, Dennis Maddux, Oscar Needles, YVilliam Schneider, Rosemary Heflin, Lois Berkmeyer, Ruth Ludlow, Vicki Fansher, Charles Moore, Darrington lay, Iames Moreton, Charles Manz, Iames Boyd, Charles Carpenter. Firm! Row Cleft fo rzzghlb: Mrs. Edna Simcox fAdviserQ, Warren Brinkman, Marjorie Stevens, Nancy Owens, Amie Acklin, Carolyn Shrum, Bettv Turton, Nlaxine Buder, Nancy Nladdux, Richard Deck, George Ta lor, Ioan Forrester, Raymond Merz. Second Row: Nancy Roberts, Bobette Parker, Ada May Howlett, Deilmert Steele, Ralph Gilpin, Robert Phillips, Neal Sellers, Kenneth Hollifield, Iames Figgins, Ioyce Dunham, Ianice Gage. Third Row: Nancy Fulton, Ronald Pfeffer, Darlene Thompson, Irene Stevens, Betty Uhrig, Ioyce Clark, Yvilliam Longhauser, Fred Tiemeyer, Iames Collett, Ernest Blankenship, Dwight Yviles, Ronald Clark, Richard Wissman, Ronald Behymer. Clan of '5 5 This troupe has spent one year under the "Little Top" and has decided to continue for another year. Nlany of the various activitiep common to the HLittle "3 "1 :gg ing to this young gr Lis' - - nf ' they were -If , . . , . greatly if tmsikyntgze Ei 1-S an I. ers. Their trainers 'A' e A rs. lgdta u Mrs. Edna Simcox. 'l 06 YOU R553 0 if ..,.-..l....---- ! 'J -vow after Jufxe 1.1955 " 3 Mus. ELECTA ADAMS Mas. EDNA Smcox 4 K 5 52 5 5 , 5 , Q 3 ' fb O ,, K X ,," lx I 1 V21 W X4 K f, Q aj X! X Sialealwwa 7 Fflzrl Row flcfl I0 rzzqlzfl: Arthur Xvhite, Dan Taylor, Irvin Leonard, Robert W ilson, Ionathan Roos, Iohn Shephard, Elmer Fohes, Kenneth Tarvin, Ierald Rucker, Raymond Burlew, Robert Redmond. Second Row: Nlr. Charles Brown fcoachl, Ronald Guenther, Iohn Yvallace, Thomas Wlhitaker, Arthur Kaufman, Wlayne Smith, Thomas Bunting, XVilliam Oberschlake, Donald Hinson, Richard DeLong, Dale Dietrich, Charles Taylor. Third Row: George Bailey, Phillip Maddux and Richard Dladdux fManagersD, Yvarren Behymer, Robert Greer, Clifford Auxier, Samuel Speaks, Ierald Walker, Thomas Libbee, Donald Schneider, Ronald Vtlard, Alvin Kron, David Riddle, Iohn Forg and Carl Bunting CManagersj. goolball .dndfnron Srorc Upponcnlm Scorc Anderson .... 25 Alt. Healthy ....... 0 Anderson ..., 18 Sycamore. . . . . 0 Anderson ,... '20 Terrace Park ...... 22 Anderson .,.. 7 Colerain .... .... 5 5 Anderson .... 57 Loveland. . . , . . 0 Anderson .... 54 Sharonville. . . . 0 Anderson .... 46 Aladeira. . . .25 Anderson .... 18 Taylor ......,...., 19 Anderson v:l'larriso6O:CDR.i . 60 is .Q QQ Cl 5 ' ' A . '47 fl N4 .555 - la. f ' Offenuue Ueam Z ,X QLF-fl around Io fllllllfbf Arthur Wvhite, Irvin Leonard, Robert Yvilson, ' X- " A Dan Taylor, Ronald Guenther, Ionathan Roos, Iohn Shephard, Kenneth X K " 5 N Tarvin, Ierald Rucker, Raymond Burlew, Robert Redmond. 1- A E , a Q.. , X Q1 Old and New Captainsflerry Ruckeruncl Bob Yvilson. Their last year for Anderson: Elmer Fobes, Tom Our tossing fullback-Irvin Leonard. Bunting, Art xvhife, Don Hinson, Ierry Rucker, They go on Your feet Bob - Ken Tarvin, Dun Taylor, Ronnie Guenther. "Four Blocks of Granitenz lohn Roos, Iohn Shephard. Defensive Yvall. Tom Bunting, Elmer Folmes. oofball fazkeu M2045 QXQX iv swf ffe-ff I0 rzzghij: Patricia Gehl, Bonnie Fithen, Beverly Kline, Anne Bolton, Barbara Yvillard, . 4 x 0-N -x it ll 1 I'll.l'0'f Row Ucfl lo flzflllfjf Irvin Leonard, Arthur Kaufman, Klayer Kline, Ronald Guenther fcaptainl, Arthur Nvhite. Second Row: Carl Bunting Clwanagerj, Dan Taylor, Kenneth Shaw, Robert Redmond, Gerald Hornsby, Elmer Fobes ClVlanagerD, Mr. Charles Brown fcoachj. 'Uauify Jiamefball J n Lfl'l'J'0l1 Sivan' Opponcnhr Svorc Anderson .... T7 Nloscow .,,,..,.... 28 Anderson ,... 59 Loveland. ..,.,,... 51 Anderson .... 24 Loclcland Wlayne. . .50 Anderson . .46 YV0odward ,......, 41 Anderson . .54 New Richmond .... 34 Anderson .... 44 Nladeira .......... 56 Anderson .... 29 Amelia ............ 45 Anderson . . 54 Terrace Pai-lf. ..,... 56 Anderson ,.,. 61 Terrace Parlc .... .55 Anderson .... 39 Sycamore ..... . .56 Anderson .... 46 Batavia ..,..., . .56 Anderson ..,. 40 Glendale .......... 70 Anderson .... 59 New Richmond .... 45 Anderson .... 54 Alt. Healthy ....... 55 Anderson ..., 70 Amel"1. ...,.,.,,.. 40 Anderson .... 69 Sh ville. . , , . .40 Anderson .... 5 -XE ta 'ia ..... ,... 4 8 T4 ' 1 QQ "e g: vfffc r ' X' 1fll!i0l'.f'UI1 .S 4 anenhr 'S-iii-1 Anderson .,., 51 l e. . . -9 Anderson .... 34 X rl . . 58 2, 1 v-fl 4.4. flicfi nrounri fo r11ql1z'D : Captain Ronald Guenther, Gerald Hornshy, X Arthur Yvhite, Dan Taylor, Kenneth Shaw, Klayer Kline, Robert Redmond 9 '-.,, N Coach Charles L. Brown. Find Row! flef! fo fllghfnf Donald Schneider Vs endell ackson Thomas VN hllalier Lharles Taxlor Robert Greer. Second Row: Nlr. Norval Humphrey Coach George Koch Vlanager Ronald Yvard Clifford Auxler Robert Swathwood, Ernest Brodeen Hari ev Koch Managerj Rerrerve Score Anderson ,,.. 40 Anderson .... 15 Anderson ..,. 11 Anderson .... 27 Anderson ..,. 28 Anderson .... 27 Anderson .,.. 54 Anderson .... 20 Anderson .... 12 Anderson ..,. 17 Anderson .... 22 Anderson .... 51 Anderson .,.. 25 Anderson .... 26 Anderson ,... 18 Anderson .... 40 Anderson .... 24 Anderson .,.. 29 Anderson, . . .25 Jfeaewe Jfaafzetbaff 0p,f10nen!.l' Score lloscow. ,. .... . .18 Loveland .......... 55 Locliland Yvayne. . .55 Yvoodward ........ 55 New Richmond. . . .26 Dfladeira .......... 34 Amelia ..,..,.,.... 29 Terrace Park .,.... 28 Terrace Park ...... 27 Sycamore ......,.. 26 Batavia ..,.... . . .25 Glendale .......... 17 New Richmond .... 21 Mi. Healthy ....,.. 28 Amelia ,........... 15 Sharonville. , .... 21 Batavia .... . . .27 Glendale. . . . .25 Taylor.. . . .26 Firm! Row flcff lo rzlghlj: Dale Dietrich. Arthur Kaufman, Klayer Kline, Ronald Guenther, Kenneth Shaw, Robert Wilson. Second Row: Tom Bunting CManagerl, Ierald Rucker, Irvin Leonard, Robert Redmond, Gerald Horsnby, William Mast, Donald Schneider, Dean Ivers, Mr. Charles Brown fCoachH. Kaaelmll ferry Rucker, Dale Dietrich. . . . . . .Catcher Arthur Kaufman, Irvin Leonard, Vlvm. Nlast ..... Robert Redmond, Donald Kyle ...i, ......,.. Robert VVilson, Dean Ivers ...... Kenneth Shaw ........... Ronald Guenther. . . Klayer Kline ...... Ierald Hornsby .... Donald Schneider, . . Tom Bunting ..... Charles L. Brown, . , X , , 6 'fo ki FX i A +R to ...1 ,, n if f A X? X, ef A ,V f ZZQVL-1 . 'Zan 12 gf i - f 9 ii! Snow 1fl'ldCI'.f0I1 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 11l'ldl?l'.FOI'l . . . .Pitcher First Base Second Base . . . .Third Base . Short Stop . , . . .Outfield . . . .Outfield . . . .Outfield . . . Manager Score 5 ......,19 5 . . 8 Score Anderson ....... 8 Anderson ....... 5 . A . .Coach Opponcnl Loveland. . . Madeira ,,... Terrace Park. . Score . . 2 . . 2 ..11 Batavia .... . . . 8 Sycamore ....., . . , 8 Glendale .,....... . . . 0 New Richmond .... . . . 5 Loveland .....,.. . . . 5 Amelia ........ . . . 2 Batavia, . . .10 Madeira. . . . 1 Tourney Opponenf Score Fayetteville. . . Oxford Stewart Firm! Row Qlefl 10 l'l1Qh0.' Richard DeLong, YVendell jackson, Irvin Leonard, Robert YVilson, Arthur White, Dan Taylor, Gerald Hornsby, Ieralcl Rucker. Second Row: Kenneth Tarvin and Harvey Koch fManagersj, Clilliord Auxier, Robert Greer, Yvayne Smith, john Tvrdy, Richard Boettger, Mr. Richard Herron Ccoachj. male Anderson's track warriors of 1949 enjoyed a highly successful season. Although blasted by injury and ineligibility the inexperienced Redskins improved steadily throughout the season and surprised everyone by winning the County Championship. Trips were made to the Ohio Wlesleyan Relays at Delaware, to the Miami meet at Oxford and to the Ohio State meet at Columbus. In local circles, the Orange and Black was among the leaders as Anderson came within two points of the Southwestern District Championship. Outstanding individual performances were turned in by Vernon Hawkins, who placed second in the state in the mileg Art VVhite, who won district championships in the half mile and high jump, and johnny Burns and lrv Leonard, who scored consistently in every meet. Others, whose steady improvement made the season a winning one, were Dan Taylor and Larry Alerten in the hurdles, Bob Vtlilson, Vtlendell jackson, and Dick De Long in the sprints, and Ron Parian in the pole-vault. Future ability was clearly shown by jay Hornsby, V i- Auxier, and Bob Greer, who contributed to the county championship in the junior Divi As a result of the team's great showing Coach Dick Herron was honored by being select one of the "Top Ten Ohio Track Coaches." ff' 1, fi girlf 'varsity faskelbalf Pi!-l'.I'f Row Cleft la rizglzlj: Betty Brooks, Aflartha Dyer, Bonnie Fithen, Ethel Iolley, lane Stringer, Iune Rucker, Nliss Marian Langhout fcoachl, Shirley Fohes, lanet Slay, Vivian Merten, Ieanette Dunn, Carol Beckmann, Elaine Xvitschger, Violet Gaffney fManagerl. Iftlllfliiky Bawfcelball Upponcnf Score Amicryon Score Terrace Park. . . ...., 28 Anderson ......... 26 Nladeira ..... . . .29 Anderson... . . , .20 Mariemont .... . , .52 Anderson. .. . . . .50 Loveland ,.... . . .24 Anderson. . . . . . .16 Milford ...... . . .56 Anderson, . . . .54 Terrace Park. . . , . .17 Anderson. . . . . . .40 Madeira.. .. ...54 Anderson. .,...... 57 Qirlf Reserve lgadeetball FL'l'J'f Row Clefl lo fllqlllfpi loan Birkley, Elaine Carr, Peggy Hinson, Dorothy Burns, Beverly Kline, loyce Mergard, Miss Marian Langhout Qcoachj, Patricia llhardt, Helen Nlergard, Sharon Iones, Delores Ertel, Charlotte Graham, Kay Turton, Patricia Ney, Barbara Oury, Ianet O'Banion fManagerD. Remcruc Baxfcelfrall Opponent Score illzdemalz Score Madeira ....... ..... 3 l Anderson ,,....... 20 Mariemont ..... ...,. 2 5 Anderson ,........ 17 Terrace Park ......... 54 Loveland ........,.... 25 Anderson ......... 14 Anderson ......... 28 Milford ............., 2 IA . rson ......... 25 Madeira .,........., . Quai' .,...... Sl Terrace Park ..,..... -5 Gerson. . ...... .26 K Qu e Qizlj 5iJe4lww4 Girls' hockey and basketball are side shows of the circus. Miss Marian Langhout coached the teams to many victories. Qirla' Hockey' Cilccordfng Io p0.rz'I1'anD.' Miss Aflarian Langhout Cdirectorj, Carol Beckmann and Ianet Slay Qgoaliesj, Elaine VVitschger and lean Busch Qfullbacksb, Betty Brooks, lane Stringer, Constance Luersen, Vivian Merten, Ianet O'Banion and Patricia Ney Chalfbacksj, Iudy Iames and Dorothy Burns fright wingsl, Ethel Iolley and Shirley Luh fright innersj, Sharon lones and Peggy Hinson fbulliesj, Ieanette Dunn and Katherine Hawkins fleft innersj, Ioyce Mergard and Nlarilyn Rick Qleft wingsj. Hockey Opponenl Score dndenron Score Madeira. . . . .... 1 Anderson.. . ,.1 Xvyoming .... .... 0 Anderson ..... 2 Terrace Park ...,... 2 Anderson... . .0 Anderson also had a very active group of Re- Iserve Barkers this year These Barkers were Carr, Sue Hflxv' lxins, and Connie Luersen. Their spirit in cheering their team on to many victories was outstand- ng. Katherine Hawkins, Elaine Carr, Constance Luersen. The Varsity Barkers gave out with plenty of pep and enthusiasm this year. Mem- bers of the squad were Bonnie Fithen, Patty Gehl, Beverly Kline, and Nlarion VVilson. Under their guidance, the cheering section under 'fThe Big Top" "raised the roof." Bonnie Fithen, Patricia Gehl, Nlarion Xvilson, Beverly Kline. 'Uau ily Kalkeu 7 nnrn Jfeaewe Kazkew 2 EN 1: 5 1 1 F i 1 2 ! E E 1 N 4 .dx , E-7' ,f F-fin! 'X X ' X M! K YGQFX Z XX f 'fl P f CL w f X1 flag! , 'Q' ,fx E, fx f 7 by I 1 Q H f Amid M Ei C.. '-S-- gc: E - ' - gf X Q-Q 1 ahlclecl a4it'zacfion.4 X , , X 2' '4' Student Councif Ffrsri Row fryealea' lcfl lo rzzglzlli Kenneth Shaw fVice-Presidentb, Donald Brown fPresidentj, Elaine Yvitschger fsecretary-Treasurerj. Second Row: Io Ann Gallagher, loyce Gibson, Patti Martin, Iohn Roos, Ianet Slay, Ieanette Dunn, Yvilliam Mast, Richard Boettger, Ted Harris, Robert Mitchell. Thfrd Row: Charles Taylor, Elaine Carr, Robert Carr, Donald Schneider, Vivian Merten, David Riddle, Nita Kay Christy, Gerald Hornsby, Beverly Kline, Dean Ivers. Fourlh Row: Mr. lack Yvellhaum flhdviserj, Robert Miller, Patricia Ney, Marilyri Rick, Dick Yvillis, Miss Vera Nl. Nash QAdviserD. One of the "main attractions" of the '50 Circus was the Student Council. With high ideas of promoting school citizen- ship and student cooperation in school functions, the council X r fostered such projects as the Freshman Hep, the Homecoming Football Game, the Therrhsgrvmg program, the selection of cheerleaders, the March of Dimes Assembly, the Talent Show, emi the dedication of the new high school building. By de- student body organization and to encourage a better school A C la I veloping such a program, the council hopes to create a stronger Q, V spirit and morale, a necessity for our expanding school system. and Trumpehr: Donald Brown, Stewart Rose, Iames Prickett, Ernest Brodeen, W'illiam Iudd, Glenn XVilfert, Lawrence Wilson, lack Kelly. Trombonem' Raymond Burlew, Vivian Merten, Wayne Prickett, lane Kelly, Charles King, Roger Carter. CfHFI'HKfJ.' Dale Dietrich, Alvin Kron, Iohn Schwegler, lack Forg, Lind Voth, Ernest Downs, David Schneider, Lenore Graff, Patti Taylor, Lois Berkmeyer, Nancy Maddux. Saxoplzonar: Robert Carr, Iohn Baker. Drumw: Steve Miller, James Slay, William Agee. Ba.r.r Drum: Charles Brown. Sozuaphone: Phillip Spraker. French Horn: Tom Wlidmer. Barflone: Nancy Carter. Tuba: XVarren Burlew. Syml1ol.r: lim Figgins. 11111-jarcI1e.r: Iune Rucker, Elaine Carr. One of the tinest "Added Attractions" of the '50 Circus was the great Anderson Band. This group, under the direction of their maestro, lack Wellbaum, did more than their share in furthering a great yearly program. At the beginning of the term, they were fully equipped with new uniforms. They accompanied the football team to all their performances and made an excellent showing as the finest Anderson marching band ever seen on the field. But the activity of the band did not cease at the close of the football season. The P.T.A. carnival, the Orange and Black Minstrels, the Christmas program, meetings of various scho e gan izations, and assemblies kept the band moving at a rapid pace. With the first hints of sp QQ , the band made ready and presented the finest concert in Anderson s hist ry Sf W' 4 x of Pomp and Clrcumwfance were heard echoing through the halls of Anderson as the ' 0 passed on to a larger scene of activity ai" '4 X 5 f fn V drew to a close, the activities of the band began to cease. Once again, e ey. ra rg, ' cj K 1 I p ty QI - Ueena 1'il'l'J'f Row Uefl la Flzllllfjf Martha Dyer and Bonnie Fithen. Second Row: Iuanita Phillips, Faye Hilge, Dfliss Nlarian Langhout Clhlviserj, Vivian Merten, Carol Beckmann, Dorothy Burns CTreasurerD, Elaine Yvitschger, - Ioyce Gibson fpresiilentj, Nancy Carter fSecretaryj, Barbara Yvillard QRing Leaclerj, Claudia Buchanan, Mrs. Carolyn Truitt fAdviserD, Iucly Iames, Grace Gilbert. Third Row: Ethel Iolley, lean Busch, Patricia Miller, Iune Rucker, Violet Gaffney, Shirley Fobes, Marjorie Striker, lean Rose, Ianet Slay, lane Kelly, Ianet Davidson, Nlarion Yvilson, Betty Brooks, Corrine Behymer, Ianet Spitzmiller, Nlary Io Smith, Diane Ott, Patricia Haines. Fourllz Row: Patti Ma1'tin, Marlyn Taylor, Ruth Pullon, Patty Gehl, Iacqueline Absher, Nancy Rickey, Ieanette Dunn, Meryle Knippling, Virginia Sheppard, Frances Allen, Etta Mae Taylor, Virginia Young, Ioyce 'Whitaker, Eunice Spencer, Dolores Lohstroh, lane Stringer. bvlillfl Raw Uef! fo rzlqhfj: Martha Dyer, Bonnie Fithen. Second Row: Ioan Benton, Ioyce Spraker, Shirley Einspanier, Nancy McDade, Miss Marian Langhout tAclviserD, Vivian Merten, Carol Beckmann, Dorothy Burns trfreasurerj, Elaine Xvitschger fVice-Presidentj, Ioyce Gibson fPresiclentD, Nancy Carter Csecretaryj, Barbara Y 7' lard, Claudia Buchanan, Anne Bolton, Mrs. Carolyn Truitt Czhiviserl, Ruth Koester, Patricia Ilharclt. leanette :Q T ' Rinehart. Thz'1'dRow.' Yvinnie Iacobs, Shirley Luh, Kay Turton, Ioanne Yviclmer, Linda Masterson, -Z5 Bet Helen Mergard IoAnn Kyle, Shirley Phillips, Ioyce Mergarcl, Beverly Kline, Elaine Carr, Marilyn sqm' hum Sinallev Peggy Hinson, Nlarlene Nloore, Shirley Hundley, Iacqueline Ezell, lean Spencer, Q ce Leursen Rosemary Andrew Ioan Birkley, Ianet Steele, Betty Yvykotf, Barbara Oury. 1"01u'!lz Raw: 5 wis IoAnn Harris Donna Cari, Sue Yviggers, Ianet O'Banion, Ruth Xviltert, lanet Strosnider, Dorothy low immie Lea Gomien own Roush Susan Shrimpton Iovce Behy mer Charlotte Graham Barbara ru 5 V " 1 . K IB X , V, limi Barbara Klaiusinig, Katherine Hawkins Marilyn Vloore Lois Yvoitman Lois Stinette Kay Uebel ' , I' ' ' . I . :V aron Iones, Patricia lustice. Mm allplma .Hi - H Flnr! Row: Stephen Miller, Stewart Rose, fTreasurerQ, Theodore Harris fVice-Presidentj, Richard Boettger fPresidentj, Ierald Rucker tSecretaryD, Arthur YVhite tSergeant-at-Armsj, Ralph VVhite, Robert Mitchell. Second Row: Mr. Kenneth Christy fAdviserj, Irvin Leonard, Yvarren Behymer, Dan Taylor, Donald Kyle, Raymond Burlew, NVayne Prickett, Kenneth Tarvin. Thl'l'LlI Row: Gerald Maddux, Iames Prickett, Robert Carr, Irvin Kron, Dale Dietrich, Robert Dieckmann, Iohn Yvallace, Arthur Kaufman, Eugene Burress. feta .Hi - y Firirl Row Cleft fo rzighfj: Dean lvers, Donald Brown fchaplainj, Kenneth Shaw fTreasurerl, Theodore Harris QVice-Presidentj, Richard Boettger fPresidentD, Ierald Rucker fSecre- taryj, Arthur White fsergeant-at-Armsj, Ronald Tarvin. Second Row: Mr. Kenneth Christy QAdviserJ, George McKee, Donald Burkey, lack Forg, Donald Schneider, Iohn Ignatius, Clayton Niayhall, Thomas Libbee, Raymond Pauly. Third Row: Gerald Hornsby, Thomas Whitaker, Charles Taylor, Wayne Smith, Alvin Kron, Robert Greer, Gerald Vtlalker. Jay While the circus is here, let us not forget to mention one of its greatest attractions, the Hi-Y. This group found fellowship, entertainment, and encouragement from the Hi-Y's ideals during their regular meetings and activities. This year's program was made more enjoyable through discussions, lectures by guest speakers, athletic events, parties, and moving pictures. The club consists of members from the four high school classes. 3377, S, 5 l 5 N I P' xg, . IK x.f Donald Brown fchaplainj, Kenneth Shaw W 1'll.l'J'f Row flefi lo rzlzyhll: Violet Gaffney, Katherine Hawkins, Nlarion Yvilson, Patricia Gehl, Nlarilyn Rick Second Row: Nlartha Dyer, Patricia Haines, Anne Bolton, Vivian Plerten, Dorothy Burns CTreasurerj, Carol Beckmann, luanita Phillips CVice-Presidentl, Barbara Yvillard CPresiclentj, Beverly Kline, Sharon Iones fsecre- taryj, Bonnie Fithen, Nliss Nlarian Langhout CAClviserj, Faye Hilge, Ianet Spitzmiller. Tlzfrd Row: Virginia Young, Ioyce Wvhitaker, Dolores Lohstroh, Ethel Iolley, lean Busch, Ioyce Gibson, Patricia Miller, lane Stringer, Betty Brooks, lane Kelly, Diane Ott, Grace Gilbert, Iucly Iames, Elaine Yvitschger, lanet Davidson. Fourlfz 'x Rut I ollifield, Patricia Nlartin, Romilrla Dlotz, Ruth Pullon, Nancy Carter, Nlarlyn Taylor, Nancy 4, X T J . . ', Iac: eline Absher, Eunice Spencer, Dleryle Knippling, Ieanette Dunn, Yirginia Sheppard, lune Rucker, s All Etta Nlae Taylor. Q v' f nb ahlzlelzc aldaoczahon rl Ron le I I0 ugh! Wiolet Gaffney Katherine Hawkins 'Wlarion V ilson Patricia Gehl 'Wlarllxn Rick eanette Tray lor oy ce Levsis Shirley Einspanler Alice Alhiea Anne Bolton Vixian Merten Dorothy ur Tre isurer Carol Beckmann uan1t'i Phillips Vice Preslclent Barbara Yvillard President Beverly K Ig 'o J o o o ' 1 . C i lf' ' ' 'l. : If '. li' '. f .3' ' 'IJ' lm 41, aron Iones tsecretaryj, Bonnie Fithen, Miss Marian Langhout fAdv1serD, Frances Fisher, Nancy ,'. t '. , ,. I ' , r ' Z, L ,I, ' c i"n lo Ann H irris Dolores Ertel Thzld Ron log ce Mer5ard Iacqueline ELell Lind 1 'Vlasterson oanne Kyle, Kay Turton, Betty Iermer, Lucy Smalley, Peggy Hinson, Betty Rinehart, Audrey Wlolff, Constance Luersen, Mzirlene Nloore, Barbara Oury, Betty Yvykoff, Ioan Birkley, Patricia llhardt, Ruth Koester, Patricia Ney, Elaine Carr. Fourth Row: Susan Shrimpton, Joyce Behymer, Ianet Strosnider, Barbara Dumont, Dorothy Dumont, Barbara Klausing, Iimmie Gomien, Ioan Roush, Ioanne Yvidmer, Sue Vligger, Ianet OJBanion, Shirley Ludlow, Charlotte Graham, Xvinnie Iacobs, Patricia Iustice, Nlarilyn lloore, Lois YVortman, Shirley Luh, Ruth Yvilfert, Helen Mergard, Shirley Phillips. llfauzfy bfulg F1'r.rI Row Uefl lo rzlgfillr Nlr. Charles Brown CDirectorQ, Iohn Shephard, Donald Kyle, Ierald " L s Q ecre- taryl, Kenneth Tarvin CVice-Presidentl, Arthur Yvhite Presidentj, Klayer Kline, Thomas :1l'ltl , erald Hornsby, Richard Nladdux, Mr. Richard Herron Director . Second Row: Ronald Guenthe ndell ison Dan Taylor, Robert Redmond, Xvilliam Oberschlalce, Willizim Mast, Richard Delfong, Irvin Le in d CT - e lohn VV allace, George Bailey. Tfurd Raw: Dean lvers, Donald Hmson, Dale Dietrich, Arth Fohes, lonathan Roos, Iohn Forg, Carl Bunting, Phillip Nladdux, Kenneth Shaw, Raym d 3 - . ' - VVilson, oac mg Staff and 'mme , . ,- 1 4 tb 22 x ' ' ' .rl 1 v 751 fi Q' lil X li xal Hu mphrey is e , the reserxe and 7 h e sketb teams. H i 0 Um rsi x e ' for t 3,5 1. ea a s r a laml an ame sx visor ovs and arts and ld. J if .H W th ' VW i - a Pg u W 'flw ' ' . , Q. X X V to lip .ow Nl' .ng p .fi . t li 1 ' L dr - : .. ' DH. , , if .rl A Mr. Richard Herron is the track coach for Anderson. He received his B.A. Degree from Miami University and his Nlasters from the Uni- versity of Cincinnati. He started teaching here in 1940 and after the war he came back to become assistant high school principal. Nlr. Charles Brown has been our head coach for twenty years. He graduated from Miami University. Be- sides coaching the basket- hall, football, and baseball teams, he teaches world history and boys' physical education and is the senior boys' adviser. Nlr. Iamie Truitt is a trainer. Because of his love for his Alma Dflater and his interest in football, he gave his services to the team. 1'll'I'J'f Row flcfl lo rzzqlzlj: M. Rick, E. Yvitschger, Iames, N. McDade, S. Hundley, M. Moore, Steele, B. Wlykoff, Birkley, B. Oury, R. Koester, P. Ilhardt, D. Ott, Nl. Dyer, P. Haines, S. Einspanier. Second Row: Nl. Bridges, Gibson, Busch, B. Fithen, A. Bolton, Stringer, V. Gaffney, Rucker, Iackson, Mrs. Carolyn Truitt fDirectorJ, M. Striker, Rose, Slay, D. Gilpin, R. Andrews, D. Lohstroh, P. Ney, E. Carr, C. Luersen. Zllllifd Row: L. Dlasterson, B. Rinehart, M. Moore, L. Vtlortman, Wlidmer, B. Kline, D. Burns, I. Behymer, S. Shrimpton, XV. Iacobs, P. Justice, C. Graham, B. Iermer, H. Mergard, S. Phillips, Mergardf I. Ezell, B. Hannon. Ifourlfz Row: N. Carter, N. Holbrook, Dunn, E. Xvilliams, L. Stinette, K. Uebel, C, Buchanan, D. Dumont, Strosnider, B. Dumont, B. Klausing, B. NVillard, P. Gehl, Kyle, Gomien, Roush, N. Rickey, K. Hawkins, Taylor, Harris, D. Ertel, D. Carr, O,Banion, K. Turton. glee Club, lflillff Row ffroni I0 rcarb: Lawrence Ayer, Stephen Rutt- ltay, Edwin Beck, Kenneth Tarvin, Jerry Rucker, Raymond Burlew, Rohert Sheppard. Semnrzl Row: Donald Schneider, Robert Yvilson, Dale Dietrich, Arthur White. Tfzfrd Row: Iames Riley, Richard De Long, Iohn Roos, Clifford Auxier. 1"0urllz Raw: VVarren Behymer, Donald Burkey, Rudolph Hanke, Irvin Leonard, Charles Taylor. Fffllz Row: Ronald Guenther, Roger Aliller, Vtlen- dell Iackson, Robert Topp. Sfxlll Row: Richard Boettger, Eugene Burress, Xvayne Smith, Dan Taylor, Izimes Oriclc, Nlrs. Carolyn Truitt fDirectorD. x 1 V- , ., Q , QE " diva' if My Q fig gk .mf ' ,- . vw wi Q 3 S Xf V of ig Q Q l'f TKAQ? , E mi nt t Q i t 16 Q39 A r l , i swf? ' ' W X M ffissy 'cw as I 3 , , is ,q -,. W? k f A , ? ,, ww G ff 'fa N 5 Ilan mum! ,Af A 1 T . if f 4 5 -mm.. ii! has W 21251,-'15 iffy Geena arfanlezn U Editor .................,.........,. Patti Martin Assistant Feature Editor ......,,........ Diane Ott Assistant Editor- - - .-.-,- 111116 Rucker Sports Editor,... ..,, R oben Yvilson News Editor ......... ......,,.. 1 0 Arm Gallagher Business Managerp E .4V.v'.. ,Ohm Roos Asslstant News Editors' ' '1i,ES2?lKcigi-jiflgng CA1umniy Adviser ........... .... M iss Helen Merz Feature Editor .... ............ B arbara Willard Circulation Manager. . . ..... Gerald Hornsby C 1'1- c nlalion Siajf: lack Laing, Robert Parian, Iames Glazer. Reporlef-.rf Elaine Nvitschger, Marlyn Taylor, leanette Dunn, Laura Mille1', Richard Boettger, Mary lo Smith, Dorothy Burns, Sue Hawkins, Patricia Ilhardt, Betty Yvykoff, Io Ann Harris. Typ1',rl.r.' Norma Egner, Lois Greer, Ruth Hollifield, loyce lvhitalier, Dolores Lohstroli. The publicity and programs for the circus were provided by the Lanfern, an important 5? , If X "added attraction" at the Anderson "Big Top". iff! 1 Ex" 4 INT, Hl VI ' th cl" ' dPtt' X f WEE' ,4--Q uisstin ein gheeizllvas fteha viii ap a 1 r ww Q1 l g ar w s ecl or o is pu ICH ion. r ff - ff fr i E I A X X xx f alaluefz tiaeu 4. ,X x-.AN 1-eff' fbf'-""" I C.....F"-W I if X I A H . gtifffianfb' 91 el rl i V ,.... DE SON f n1ar:rn .fda haf 5XQ1ff"'- 7 gif 5 T- .:-gsfprru . X . as ag ' ,... firvbfpg' f I Xgfiixfif WDIEECIIUS' DIN 5' " ' ER ' , I ll A ll W gash- m H ,H a N 3 a 5 J! if ff Q N Q5 L K-ffgvfv I Q 1 I ?:A-Tm?-vmlib' Lg-M 1. Q IQ ' , inf-ff? ' 7 jkuxfx 'Ev W R : x L ' f X 3 X X 1 I I XX X M., Q A ' -' Af.,-gwggp .l-Q 'NNW' ,fXM-'- L,, A -- .4 - , .Yi , . 11? T2 '21 ,J -1-,,,,...l2 .kill-Sh -,,.- -..Q .C ,, -..- , : ' '---4' -4..,,?hmY Y, V f Zi - 4'4" ' 'ff1"""""""""-M1 --ww--44 -ww---. .-1-uuudu'v1n-qc.----nge..-oqq.v-11 os.-vwv.q.-,Hg. Q- , f----' 4hx :fx-F ,-1 q , '5 - " N iii lVlr. Nlr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr. Mr Mr. Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Alr Mr Mr. Mr Mr. Mr Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr Mr and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Una feat Cu! tome'z.4 B. F. Allen Alr. and Nlrs. Paul Kay Oscar L. Behymer Mr. and Nlrs. P. K. Kline Carl W. Boettger Mr. and Mrs. R. Kron Iohn K. Bolton Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kyle Lawrence H. Brown Mr. and Mrs. William Lohstroh A. R. Buchanan Dlr. Ioseph W. Maddux T. N. Bunting Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Marien Louis H. Bus n Mrs. Mary Martin Carl G. Davidso 1- ,N Mr. and Mrs. Robert YV. Nliller Robert Egner A i2f',.l . .g- 'lr ' . L. Mitchell Robert Einspanier it 'ff' rsf'Eklmund S. Nlotz Iames Fithen ,- 6 5,7 avid Orick H. R. Gallagher l k i K ga-.-rkeiwlrs. Andrew Phillips Pete Gehl 'N X-1 ."'Mr. ancmidgar Prather Charles A. GiQc1ib Mr. and Mrs. smith B. Rucker Robert R. Goshorn Iulian C. Shaw E. H. Greer E. Sheppard Earl Guenther Alrxfandlgmrthur B. Shrum Rudolph VV. Hanke Dir. and Mrs Iohn Speaks B. H. Harris Mr. and Mrs Paul A. Tarvin L. Ray Hilge Mr. and Mrs H. M. Taylor B. P. Hinson Mr. and Mrs Arthur Taylor Webster Hix Mr. and Mrs George VV. Taylor VVm. E. Holbrook Nlr. and Mrs R. E. Whitaker Cread Hollifielcl Alr. and Mrs. Arthur White Iimmy Iames Nlr. and Mrs Carl Willard Justin R. Iolley Mr. and Mrs Edgar L. Wyitschger Iohn R. Iurgensen lxlr. and Airs Norman Young Com,0lz'menz'.r of I1 efson Owns arent - eac ers ssoc1at1on OFFICERS FOR 1949-1950 Prwidenf .... . . . . .MRs. IOSEPH DIETRIC1i Vice-Pre.rZdenf ......... ....... M RS. B. O,BANION Correfpondlng Secreiafy .... ...... M RS. W. H. CROWTHERS Recording Secreiary .... .... M RS. FRANCIS B. BUCHANAN Treafurer. . ...... ....... M RS. ROBERT KOORS Compllmenzir cyf MR. and MRS. P. K. KLINE CONEY ISLAND SERVICE COMPLETE AUTO REPAIRS and WRECKER SERVICE BEECHMQNT 9824 Mount Washington Bowling Lanes BEECHMONT 9879 Complimenfm of WILLIAM T. IILRIGII I IIEIIFF - JOIES CLASS RINGS AND PINS SCHWHRTZ Naiionally zidverfifed Apparel MEN'S WEAR NNOIWENS WEAR MT. VVASHXNGTON SALES SERVICE IIIIIISUII 0. B. AYER SALES FORESTVILLE BEECHMONT 7970 F. G. TARVIN 8: SON PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS Supplfelr of All Kinda' KITCHEN GAS' OIL SINKS and ELECTRIC ana' BATHROOMS WATER INSTALLED HEATERS INSTALLED LICENSED SEWER TAPPERS REPAIRS AND REMODELING SEPTIC TANKS INSTALLED AND REPAIRED 5749 EASTERN AVENUE EAST 5726 BEECHMONT 7975 Complimentf of SALEM PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 6665 SALEM PIKE BEec11mOnt 9072 Complimenff of 1V1cDanie1's Food Market GROCERIES - FRESH MEATS PRODUCE CHERRY GROVE BEechmont 9800 HIUST FOR FUN" IFJ Zhe ELSTUN Bohrer Brothers Florists 6165 SALEM ROAD BECChIHODt 7175 C0l7Z,l.7!l.l7'lEllfJ' of CLARK CLEANERS "Af Good Cleaner in a Good Communifyn 7117 SALEM PIKE BEec11mont 9077 Complimelzbf of WALKER'S DRY CLEANERS FORESTVILLE, OHIO We do our own c1eaning. BEechmont 8426 Complz'menf.n' of ESTER' S SHELL SERVICE CHERRY GROVE BEechmont 7240 Complimenix of HARTLA UB'S GROCERY C1'nclnnall'.r 011 11 fluilzorfzed SCHOOL SHORT INTERESTING TRAINING Day School-6-10 weeks Night School-6-8 months Life Time Free Employment Service by A11 Our 125 Schools to Graduates INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION Call for Informalfon ana' Llieraiure C. B. IVIOORE, Jlanager MAin 5224 Room 400 519 MAIN STREET Compllmen Lf of ALLAN'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 2125 BEECHMONT AVENUE MT. WASHINGTON BEechmOnt 8461 or BEechmont 8967 GDWPERTIIWAITE FLORIST Flowerwfor all Occawlon r BEechmont 7158 CHERRY GROVE DESOTO PLYMOUTH Sale.r and Service Parir BENNETT Dirac! Faclory Dealer CHERRY GROVE, OHIO BEechmont 7490 24-Hour Wrecker Service For Wrecker Service Call Day-BEechmont 7490 Night-BEec1ImOnt 6400 B' MGCMKG in 'Wie WMM 1t's so easy to make a telephone ca11I A five-year-old can do it. Yet, when you use your telephone you have at your command the biggest, most complex machine ever made by man-ready to whisk your voice across the street or across the country, as you wish. It's BIG to serve the people of the community, of the nation, but its operation is geared to your individual need. THE CINCINNATI AND SUBURBAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY PICKEN'S AUTO PARTS Colrzplfmenbr of LEHMAN'S GROCERY SALEM AND SUTTON BEechmont 9851 Delivery fflonday lhrough Salurday excepl IVedne.r1iay BURNEY LANE MARKET 1221 BURNEY LANE NEAR SALEM Choice Grocerief, llealx and Vegefablem BEechmont 9089 Budd Paint 81 Wallpaper Co. 2123 BEECHMONT AVENUE BEechmont 8547 WILLIAM ROOS soH1o SERVICE STATION 7560 BEECHMONT AVENUE BEechmont 9828 HAINES SUPER MARKET A PARKVIEW MARKET 6619 BEECHMONT AVE. AT BURNEY LANE BEechmont 8198 Hornschemeier Grocery A DOT FOOD STORE Delivery Service P. H. STEPHENS, Prop. Compiimentr of Anderson Township Service Center 7168 BEECHMONT AVENUE BEechmont 8957 1548 BEACON STREET BEechmont 9875 RONNIE PARIAN JOIlII II. JIIIIGEIISEN GENERAL CONTRACTORS Paving - Mafm Grading NEWTOWN, OHIO LOcust 7758 Complimenif of T. P. White 8: Sons Established in 1870 Our Only Location 2050 BEECHMONT AVENUE Cincinnati 50, Ohio BEechmont 7150 Clyde C. Ingram and Plssociates AUTO - FIRE - LIFE INSURANCE BEechmon1: 8827 7711 BEECHMONT AVENUE CINCINNATI 50, OHIO Complimentr of "7Udl" Wolfm W O L F E R ' S Fore.rlvz'lle Pharmacy Phone: BEechmont 6680 FORESTVILLE, OHIO Complimentr of EDGAR L. WITSCHGER GLASER -WILSON MOTOR CO. FORD SALES - SERVICE 7656 BEECHMONT AVENUE CINCINNATI 50, OHIO FORESTVILLE BEechmont 7256 Complinzenitr of R. L. CBUCKJ BUCHANAN WHITE HORSE INN 2127 BEECHMONT AVENUE Complimentf of TIF 5 lv-SHUI' 2261 BEECHMONT AVENUE CINCINNATI 50, OHIO H. W. STRIEF BEeChmont 8488 DANSZBOB I.IlIDER'S IIINER "No1l11'ng could beffner fhan Dinner In fhe Diner" Cincinnati Athletic Goods Company 110 WEST FOURTH STREET CINCINNATI, OHIO MT. WASHINGTON PRESS PUBLICATION ana' PRINTING Total Abstinence is the Safety Zone on the Highway of Life for Your Self and Others. Anderson Women's Christian Temperance Union C0mpiimem'.r of NEWTOWN DAIRY BAR 101 MAIN STREET Fountain Service - Hof Lunclzw Ice Cream to Take Out Sandwichew of All Kinda' LOcust 9881 'CHARLES N. WYKOFF, Proprieior Complimenif of SOLAR HILL RANGERS POLICE Mt. Washington Hardware 2110 BEECHMONT AVENUE BEechmont 7766 Eagle Savings and Loan Association MT. WASHINGTON BRANCH BURNEY LANE CLEANERS "THAT PERSONAL TOUCH" Altering Repairing - Relining Tailored to Measure Clothes Call and Delivery BEechmont 9866 KIVERDH AND "VIRGU PHYSIOC Complimenfr of SALEM Choice Chicken and Steak Dinnenr CoR. or SALEM AND BEACON STREETS BEechmont 9844 Complimenbr of MT. WASHINGTUN MOTORS CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE 2549 BEECHMONT AVENUE BEECHMONT 8700 Blom amf ibm PLUMBING - HEATING and 11 ufomaiic Gam Wafer H eafefnr N ew and Remodeling Work 2124 OXFORD AVENUE BEECHMONT 8876 Complimznlx of BEECHMONT PHARMACY 2105 BEECHMONT AVENUE BEechmorIt 7278 HAMB URGER HEAVEN 2240 BEECIIMONT "Finest In Hamburgers and Chili" Open weekdays till 1 A.M., Fri. 5 A.M., Sat. 4 A.M. BELL' S SHELL SERVICE 0ppo.rI'le W'aler Tower BEechmont 9852 Shepard's Radio and Appliance Shop 7616 BEECIIMONT AVENUE RADIO, TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE GEORGE BELL IOI-IN BELL Bliechmont 7715 Complfmenhr of BARBARA FAYE ULMER SOHIO SERVICE 6589 SALEM PIKE IUANITA LOUISE ETHEL IO- ANN BEechm0nt 9858 JAMES FITHEN CARPENTER WORK Conzmercfal Remodeling Specialzlrf PETE LIPPOLIS' General Store ASHLAND GASOLINE AND PRODUCTS 55 Years POTTERY AND NOVELTIES 1525 VICTOR AVENUE BEechmont 8520 CHERRY GROVE BEechmont 9870 Mue1ler's Shoe 81 Shoe TOWNSEND-WEST DAIRY Repalfmg Qualzfzf Malaria! and Experf Wvork QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS W. L. DOUGLAS BALL BRAND 2061 BEECHMONT AVE. BEechmont 9851 Beechmont Barber Shop 5 CHAIRS Scienfyic Barber Shop BEechmont 9855 Complimenhr of IANET'S COFFEE SHOP 7702 BEECHMONT AVENUE BEechmont 9855 ComplI'men!.r of VARSITY CHEERLEADERS PATTY - BONNIE - ANNE BARBARA - BEVERLY MADDUX TEXACO SERVICE 7150 SALEM PIKE BEechmont 7454 Greamfng U"'a.rhz'ng Complimenlf of STAN FISHER FISHER PAINT AND GLASS co. 2225 BEECHMONT AVE. BEechmont 8609 SALEM BARBER SHOP CORNER SALEM AND BEACON IVAN FINEOUT, Proprlelor M ,mg Q 5 x A+ -:f . ,:' 4- 1 55 .. W ,Q 4 six f ' 6 W , im? ig:-1 Compllmenhr Qf Medlwllle "T1jy Forwiville FL'1'Jz',' HARDWARE - BUILDERS SUPPLIES - FEED - BOTTLE GAS HOTPOINT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES OHIO PIKE . BEechmont 7640 FEEL F IT! GET IN STEP DRINK MORE MILK HAVE MORE PEP HYDE PPIRK DHIRY COIVIPHNY "For Thwe Who Demand Qualify" MEIrose 1504 HARRY'S SHOE STORE 2121 BEECIIMONT AVENUE Chester Sheatzley and Son COMPLETE FOOD MARKET 2065 BEECIIBIONT AVENUE BEechmont 6125 Kathman Goodyear Shoe Repair 2105 BEECHNIONT AVENUE BEechmont 8472 HANNA DRY CLEANERS "Friendly and Qualify Service" 2114 BEECHMONT AVENUE MT. XVASHINGTON BEechmont 7172 M O T Z P O U L T R Y VVHOLESALE - RETAIL Free Delivery CLOUGH PIKE BEechmont 9012 Henderson' s Restaurant HOME COOKING W e Cafer lo all Pariiee' and Claim 7 Private Dining Room 2065 BEECIIMONT AVENUE PAUL' S BARBER SHOP 7750 BEECH MONT AVENUE Complz'menl.f of RENNERS PHARMACY "Service lo Ihe Sick" CORNER BEECIIMONT AND CORBLY BEechmont 7171 Mt. Washington Hatchery Pure Brea' Beffer Ilalehed Baby Chick.,- Fryerlr and 12111-Iy.f llze Year Round 2224 SUFFOLK STREET BEechmont 7954 C0mplI'nzenz'.r of TW I N M I L L S Sleak ana' Chirken DI'1zner.r BEechmont 9801 Compllnzenhr of P 81 I FRUIT MARKET BEechmont 9860 Complffnerzlrr of Williams Dairy and Snack Bar 7756 BEECHIVIONT AVENUE BEechmont 9874 CamplI'menf,f of PULLON'S CREAMY WHIP Compfflizenia' of DON BROWN "His TRUMPET AND HIS FORESTVILLE ORCHESTRA" Myers Texaco Service Station VAN'S ELECTRIC Complete Aufo Servicing HOUSE WIRING POWER WORK BEECHMONT AND CORBLY AVENUE APPHHHCC RCPai1'if1S MT. WNASHINGTON CINCINNATI 50, OHIO LYNN R- VAN NESS BEeChm0nf 9061 BEechmont 9898 2712 REDFIELD DRIVE CINCINNATI 50, O. Complfmenif of HNDERSCDN HI-Y CLUB SENIORS Richard Boettger, Prewidenf Donald Brown, Chaplain Theodore Harris, Vice-Pre.rL'denf Irvin Kron Donald Kyle Ierry Maddux Robert Mitchell Ierald Rucker, Secretary Kenneth Shaw, Tremrurer Kenneth Tarvin Dan Taylor Arthur White SOPHOMORES Donald Burkey Iack Forg Robert Forg Gerald Hornsby John Ignatius Dean Ivers Alvin Kron Thomas Libbee Clay Mayhall George McKee Robert Parian Raymond Pauly Donald Schneider Wayne Smith Charles Taylor Thomas Whitaker IUNIORS Warren Behymer Raymond Burlew Robert Carr Robert Dieclxmann Dale Dietrich Arthur Kaufman lrvin Leonard Steve Miller Iames Prickett Wayne Prickett Stewart Rose lack Wallace Ralph White FRESHMEN Ronald Tarvin Jerald Walker Sf- . .A v ., . '- 522.251, -x '. Ah ,R CTop lo Bollomj: a Y and com ian Not all the monke s are in the zoo 5 l .Y .Y Sophs Qh,'y?U lucky girlsl Ius'. sittin' l june and her-b ton Sllltlfl pretty Iumor Llate-bait a Nice school building, huh? Music makers Our loyce See no evil! Hear no evill Speak no Poise plus P. I.'s evil! Tobasco kids Compliments of PRESHMAN CLASS OF 1949-1950 Complinzenzir of CLASS CDF u5l" Pl'CJl.L2,EHf ..... ..,..... I OHN Roos Vice-PreJz'denf .... ..... R ICHARD DE LONG Secrefary ..... .... I UNE RUCKER T1-ea.,-Lire,-. . .... JANET SLAY Conzplfmentr of QPHO ORE CLASS Complimenilr of GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSUGIITIUN "ff Glrlfof' Every Spar! and a Sporlfor Evefy Girl" 1949-1950 OFFICERS IJl'EJ'l-d6l'Lf ........ .........4..4........... B ARBARA XNILLAPD V!.l.'6'1Jl'6Jl'ff6l1! ....... ................4.... I UANLTA PHILLIPS Secrefafjy ...... ..... S HARON JONES AND CAROL BECKMANN T1-ea,nu'er. ...,........... ..,.. B EVERLY KLINE Y-TEENS O To V THE CLASS QF '50 From H QW :N A ERS 5 1" P 5 ""L"-5395 'W , f Y Rfb 'Q ff Clif A725033 iii I i E s P

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