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I Lf I N Q5 A Rig? NL x, 'A' iblxtb S . f fa ms gf S f E 5 6 IIA he 49 Qu OUR LONG YEARS AGO, a caravan of some eighty young' and hopeful prospectors began theirlcolorful journey forward in thel' search of treasure, gold. Theirljourney west- ward was not al boring one. The days were filled with eventful incidents, many of which they will never forget. During this journey, they discovered the rare richness of life in nature and man. They learned sportsmanship and fair play in their deal- ings with fellow travelers along the way. They learned to pan out the residue and make use of the good gold left. They now possess many nuggets of gold which they obtained as a result of their hard work. These will enable them to acquire new equipment, higher inspirations, and additional gold nuggets for years long after their momentous four year trek is com- pleted. Q if XUT ' I x I 5 J- MX -X 1 A . I ii X X I 5 ' . N 5 I A Nix we nl 1 ,P T AN 5 ffIf I I mxf X, H 5 E H ' ff: M I I I N ,fig 'Lf I 7X xr . if A H JMS X Ix I gwx ' 3 LI 1 I 5 XI NJN X X. .XV ,ggi I T if I ff ffyh, CIM, 'I u,I,,,,,D .-.....---2 ,,,,...... afncfeuon Zownalzip .High School in Q CINCINNATI 50, OHIO I ENRGLLMENT, 294 Y - ?+ cZ""""'h- X 4.5 X X lY "3.. Tj.- 7531-1. -1--L X ...J X I X wk '51 lx E W Q.- .11-'1' xii Q. + T X ,,,,,, X 5-ii" ,.,.-L ' , X 73 41 rRfLff 6 WA 559 QJW1 Hi 'ff' Y Si w5fQi9J'+ij1'fW W U 1X Al 4 nfw 'V C rms w, MQQTNQ 1 ,. ,. L? Q " C.. me gold - Om M144 aah 1 V ,D The trails were rough and lpwinding, and the skies were often over-clouded. The climb lwas steep, and the juttingl rocks of life often placedxobstacles before us. Many timesnlxwe faltered and many timesiwve might have given up 'ii'. 3 and gonekin search of easier goals, if our constant scout and guide had not urged us onward with her never-tiring patience and zeal. Her zest for life was a constant inspiration for us when the going got rough. We found the gold, but only because her knowledge of the trials and tribulations of the journey and her resourceful ideas for overcoming them kept in us that spark of aspiration and remembrance of our motto-"Ad astra per asperan-"To the stars through difficulties." Page 4 -131439 f- LEX 49' ' 975 N, Ji2fV,,5lAg - Z .'.c 'riff ffzomoteu IOSEPH VN MADDIA Vzce Prefzdenf CLARENCE W. BELL, IR. Clerk Page 5 ANDREW H. WITHROW Jlenzber WILLIAM M. IUDD Prwidenf R. C. AYER Jlember E W5 49 'eu ' mil lazea 5 W' 535 lf .?t".w1, E, , Q cc- Through the ages, excitement, thrill, and high adventure have followed men in their search for gold. In America restless and hardy prospectors at Sutter's Mill and Cripple Creek sought the yellow metal an even century ago. Little did they know or realize what a heritage of hope, courage, and dauntless spirit they would bring to the great western part of our country. Hardships, blasted hopes, and adversity of all kinds were taken without whimpering and no quarter asked. Outof the refining process of rugged living came a new sense of justice, equality, and freedom that was not based upon the gold they dug from the hills, but rather upon the true measure of human greatness, that was and is today fairness, honesty, truthfulness, and neighborly love. May the members of this class of FORTY NINERS, more than any other before them, dedicate themselves to the task of a true evaluation of the sterling qualities of American manhood and womanhood based not upon material wealth, but upon service to mankind. ROBERT E. WRIGHT Page 6 Page 7 glue 49 21.4 , .fog Foreword ....... Sketch of School .,.. Dodroofioo .... School Board ......... Mr. Robert E. Wright, . Table of Contents. . . Andersonian Staff. . . . , Faculty. . . Graduates. . . Underclassmen .o.. Iunior High sohool. . . . Sports. . . Activities ..... Advertisements. . . Page 1 2 5 4 .. ....6 7 8 9 ....11 ....25 ....29 H55 ....45 ....55 l a4nzleuonian esta 1fIfIiIl0l' Junior lfdffor Ioan Bowman Elaine Yvitschger Spar! lfdffol-,r Xvilliam Krummel Nlartha Van Saun ,lrl l?Iilifl7l'lJilCli Buchanan ,'IJJf.rlanl.r Betty Becker Betty Gelil Alma Iuilfs 1"eai111'r Fzfffnr-Blacleleine Heine 1l,m'l.rlz1n1.r Dan Geopper Ianet Koppman Betty Schleiclier Cfulw Ijdflnl'-Joyce Knippling I flmlo-11mpf1y7Louise Saner, Chafrnzan Robert Beck an Nlarilyn DeLong Robert Holmes Ioycgsjalft Vernon Hawkins Ronalcl Parian X51-ffafi if 4 lfiverlfh-1'ng JI a rmgc rf D Ecl Arnold Iames Denges Ha Fold Ta-y'li3r CI'l'C'll!Hfl.0H 11fana.1jc1'ffWaria Lehman Nancy Carr leanne Xvheatley Elaine Ayer Robert Stringer Icla Nlessmer Peggy Laucleman ,l,r.1'1'.v'l11 I1 If Iolin Burns la mes Denges Plll?lliI'I.LU Bu,rf11e.f.v- Jlana ,1,r.r1'.v'la11l.r Merry Vlleeks Anne Xvylioff Bill Burke Ruth Stagge Yiyp 1',rIlr Carolyn Koch lacq ue Kuhn on Goepper Robert Nloore Lawrence Nlerten Stanley Yvilliams Ramona Elliott Robert Luse Clifford Mefford Dorothy Bridges Dorothy Gray XVilliam Marsldall ,,.f,, ox lpn., .oy Uiizz, .5-f as-'L' Pa e 67 .L . Owe guuled 'gg A - X xc ' if' f Hx 4:15 Q' Q Page 9 MR. RICHARD W. HERRON Miami University, B.A. University of Cincinnati, M.A. Assistant High School Principal American History Advanced Civics Ph vsical Education and Health Track Coach Assistant Football Coach Miss VERA NASH Ohio Wesleyan, B.A. University of Cincinnati, M.Ed. Senior Girls' Adviser English I, II Latin I, II French I, H 52 MR. CHARLES L. BROXVN Miami University, B.A. Senior Boys' Adviser World History Physical Education Coach-Football, Basketball, Baseball MRS. MARY STRUKE Miami University, B.S. Iunior Girls' Adviser English II, III Spanish I, II Miss ELEANOR GRAHAM University of Cincinnati, B.A., B.Ed. Junior Boys' Adviser Algebra I, II Plane and Solid Geometry Trigonometry MR. IACK WELLBAUM University of Cincinnati, B.S. in Mus.Ed. Iunior and Senior Band Instrumental Music MRS. DAISY TERHAR University of Cincinnati, B.A. Biology Sophomore Girls' Adviser MRS. Lois I. CARMICHAEL Miami University, B.S. in Ed. Girls' Physical Education Freshman Girls' Adviser English II MR. NORVAL HUMPHREY Miami University, B.S. Ind. Arts Drivers' Education Mechanical Drawing- Manual Arts Freshman Boys' Adviser Miss MILDRED ZIELINSKI University of Cincinnati. B.S. in Bus. Ed. Typing I, II Shorthand Bookkeeping MR. RoY TUCKER Ohio State University, B.S. Chemistry Physics General Science MRS. PAULINE IVIINDER Ohio University, B.A., M.S. Home Economics, I, II, III, IV General Science MRS. RUTH KERSHNER University of Cincinnati, B.A. Practical Mathematics Typing I lVorld History General Business MRS. CAROLYN TRUITT Oberlin, B. Mus. Ed. Boys' Glee Club Girls' Glee Club Chorus MRS. ANN DAISEY Pennsylvania Art College of Design for VVomen Art Department Page I0 7 iff...--any f S ussnsrgr l K ,, ,pm il-.XXX Y ' f 'Q' 221 .... sznmns f g f ' ' A' 'T X' sim? P old Nuggeia of the 4921.4 s 1 L X Z f 1. ,,,,, 'X X , L Q x ef 4 ir" ' 'L-1 2 .. 'QQ 3 6 J A , t x X A uk A 4 'e Ax .i L Y 2! 1 , IAA-SES DENGES, Preffdenl DONALD GOEPPER, 111.65-PFEJI-dd!!! MARY BETTY GEHL, Secretary ROBERT Mooma, Treamurer CLASS MOTTO-"Ad astra per asperau-"To the stars through difficulties" CLASS COLORS-Crimson and white CLASS FLOWER-Red and white American Beauty roses Page 12 DOROTHY ANN BRIDGES EDWARD LEO ARNOLD ADOH, lf ,f I I 4 Student Council 4 gain egg b 1 - 4 Cvlee Club 4 ee u i 0' Y-T l, 2, Y, 4 Special Chorus 4 G. iff, 2 Z1 4 Quartet "The lVlOOn lVlen" 4 Cvirls' Baslcerball 4 Annual 4 Annual 4 FRANCES ELAINE AYER Cvlee Club l 2 4 Special Chorus 4 NAOM1 RUTH BROCK Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 C. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1,2 Annual 4 Class Play 3, 4 7 ,., 'TZ wig ' ig., 2 BETTY CAR T E E Q4 Betts G Yvithrow H2 X ng Y Teens A' GAA 4-X HY1254 Annual 0 - ' H U Ng F' sua 2 2.4 D - A - 4 EES , u 2, ' Lanie :wQS""' 4 -'1'-""i'4- ' X CI M I , H A ' J' gk I I A ' S Q f , QP, ug -f I. 'K C We - A l"M6w L71 -3QtfmMTDxw'ARD BURKE R E UGUS KMANN ABNF, IIB I I ec -Y Annual 4 H1-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary o Amelia 1 Basketball 1 Class Vice-President 5 Annual 4 Scholarship 2, 5 Baseball 1, 2, 5, 4, Nlanager 1 Key, Gold IOAN BOWMAN Annual 4, Editor 4 A Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4, Cabinet 2, 5 JOHN CHARLES BURNS President 4 ! "Bucky, SS' A' 'A' 132'-5' 4 Football 2, 5, 4, Captain 4 """'f"Y 1' -f 0, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Hi-Y 2 5 4 Class Play 5 , Class President l Class Vice-President 2 Lanfern 4 Scholarship 1, 2, 5 Annual 4 Student Council 5, 4, Vice- President4 Key, Grand Gold and Guard I NANCY IOANN CARR Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 5, 4 Special Glee Club 5, 4 Annual 4 Class Play 5 Key, Gold JOYCE ROXANNA CLIFTON G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4, Board Menibei' 5, President 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5 Basketball 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 5 , RANKONA IEAN ELLIOTT l'MOnie,, Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 5, 4, Vice-President 4 Class Play 5 Class Secretary 5 Annual 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4 Special Chorus 5, 4 Basketball 4 Scholarship 1 Key, Gold MARY BETTY GEHL flBettyll Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4, Cabinet 5, 4 Annual 4 Scholarship 1, 2, 5 Class Secret 4 ll 5, 4 Lanfern 1, 2 K3 CO Cl Key, Silver A .YI 4 Eff .71 - ' Q' 475 I I :I ll gcx GOEPPER MARILYN H A - av ' 11Deen 5-1 J' 2 4 l 4 1 'Aj ' L. d , , ,4 gflytan bi? 5 " Student Council 5, 4 ee -f -9 -Ak .4 A. . 2 Speci ,SF1 4 V , ,l I eg - F-31-givilfip Pi, we 1 , 1,4 1 iff' ' y - Y ey,B1'On ,,5 . R '. 'Te Womb H 4' Zwifs- ksfgh Sw ea 1 I 0 . 2 E Q Do iPPER 'T' ea 5 CP a azgifn 1, 2, 5 ,FEE TJAM Annual 4 S Hi-Y 1, 2, 5, 4, vice-President Y-Teens 2, 5, 4 Withrow 1, 2 Lanlern 5, 4 Annual 4 Scholarship 5 Class President 4 IAMES HARRY EHLMAN If 77 Pete Mt. Healthy 1, 2 Football 5, 4, Manager 4 Basketball 5 2, 5, Secretary 4 Class President 5, Vice-Presi- dent 4 Class Play 5, Lanlern 4 Band 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 5, 4 Pep Club 1 Key, Gold DOROTHY ELIZABETH GRAY uD0tu Annual 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 G. A, A. I, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4 Class Play 5 Lrznlern 1 Key, Bronze Page I4 CAROLHYN KATHERINE KOCH G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4, Board 5, 4 VERNON EDWARD HAXX'KINS "Cookie" "Hawk" Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 F tb ll ', 4 Bigkeibai 2 Cheerleader 5 , 5, 4 Track 1, 2, 5, 4 Hi-Y 4 Annual 4 MADELEINE M. HEINE HSmol1ey" G. A. A. 4 Glee Club l, 2, 5 Annual 4 Class Play 5 Class Secretary 1 Pep Club 1 JANET LOU KOPPMAN "Lou Lou" Y-Teens l, 2, 5, 4, Cabinet 5 G. A. A. l, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4, Cabinet 5 Cabinet 4 Annual 4, Feature Editor Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4 Lgnfgrn 1, 2, 5, 4 Cheerleader 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4 A arsit Basketball 4 Class Play 5 Lanier , 5, 4 Scholarship 2, 5 SS A 5 7 Ann ,. '52 l K4- x WJ? 'QF 1 E R MMEL X, X ., ff ' LN S-'Sf ,Z , , ROBERT 5 . L aslcet a 1, 2, 5, 4 Norw cl 1, 2 CfaCk 1' 2' 4 1 Am J'w,,. 4 Q - a s r . U rer 1' 1 1 ' 1 . , , ' 7 , f Q2 X A le 4 " ,if f Vx J 925' Db"'a6 bl Lf?-it i sl l QU if cl- -A ' D EIINE ANNE KUHN lflacquefl ALMA GRACE IUILFS Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5 Class Play 5 IOYCE LORRAINE KNIPPLING ffKI-lip!! Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4, Cabinet 5 Vice-President 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 5, 4 Class Play 5 Laniern 1, 2, 5, 4, Editor 4 Annual 4 Key, Silver Page I5 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 4 Band 1 Lanfern 1, 4 Annual 4 Class Play 5 Key, Silver MARGARET A. LAUDEMAN f'Pegsy" Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 Pep Club l G. A. A. l, 5, 4 Annual 4 Glee Club 1 Class Play 5 Key, Silver Name EDWARD ARNOLD ..,. .... ELAINE AYER ..... BETTY BECKER .... ROBERT BECKMAN. . IOAN BOWMAN .....,...... DOROTHY BRIDGES. RUTH BROCK ...... IACK BUCHANAN. . . WILLIAM BURKE. . . IOHN BURNS ...., NANCY CARR ...... IOYCE CLIFTON .,.. MARILYN DELONG. TIM DENGES ....... .... IIM EHLMAN ...... RAMONA ELLIOTT. . BETTY GEHL ..... DAN GOEPPER .... DON GOEPPER ..... DOROTHY GRAY .,.. .... VERNON HAWKINS. . . . . . .. MADELEINE HEINE. ALMA IUILFS ...... ROBERT HOLMES. . . IOYCE KNIPPLING. . CAROLYN KOCH .... IANET KOPPMAN. . . WILLIAM KRUMMEIJ' .....,.. IACQUE KUHN ...I. PEGGY LAUDEMAN. . MARIA LEHMAN .... .... ROBERT LUSE ..... WILLIAM MARSHALL ....... CLIFFORD MEFFORD LAWRENCE MERTEN IDA MESSMER ..... ROBERT MOORE. . . ALBERT MOTZ .... RONALD PARIAN. . . LOUISE SANER ..... BETTH' SCHLEICHER. RUTH STAGGE ..... IOHN STEELE ...... ROBERT STRINGER. . HAROLD TAYLOR. . . MARTHA VAN SAUN . ...... . MARY WEEKS ..... JEAN WHEATLEY. . . STANLEY WILLIAMS. ANN WYKOFF ..... Favoriie lfxpretrhon My Achin' Back. . . Oh, for goodness sakes. . . Oh, how terrible. . . That's it .......... Everyday and twice on Sunday .... That's just a minor detail .,....... Drop dead ........ HOW should I knoW?. . . What of it? ....,.. How nice! ......... VVonderful, . . Sam "Hill", . . . Gee Whiz ....... It's for-the hoids. . . Ughl ............. Oh, Butter Beans. . Oh, nuts ........., Go soak your head . Really ..........,. Oh, heck ..... Phooey ,... ..., No joke? .......... I say doooo . . . she. I dOn't know ...... I don't understand, explain ..,..... Oh, shoot ......... Oh, you .... ..... Shuckin' .......... Look what I went and did. ...... . . Ieepers .,......... Who me? ....... Who says so? .... Hit the roadl ..,. Horse feathers ..... I second the motion. . . Are you kidding?. . Ccensoredj ......... By crackyl ........ Hmmmmmmmmm . Oh, no ....,....... I don't know ...... Ieepers .,......... Snakes ............ You know it, Pruitt, Oh, Dot .......... No kidding ........ You know it, kiddo. Dernl ..........,.. Too bad, Harry .... Oh, my gosh .... let's do it ..... lyeakneau' Ioan Dry Cleaning "John" Girls Miami Buicks Olives Small Chiiai-en C.fC5V'- Whizzer "The Tavern" Black wavey hair Withrow Clough Lane "Booties" People Sweaters A blond Good hooks Long hair "Hat" Track Food, eccentric people and dance bands Frankie Girls Dill pickles New Fords Cheerleading Model A's Mike Florida Horses I Short C5'4"j brunettes Clothes King Hall School Eating Wine, women, and cows To stay awake Fox hounds Milky Wvay Sleeping Uniforms Wells ' The normal things Dot 55 c", Music and musician The Diner Purcell Ramona Chop Suey Aveuonaliiied ffmbiifon To own a tool factory ...... To get married ............... To own a car like Krummel's. . . To be a ball player .........., To own a Studebaker agency ..... To work in an office ........... To be a buyer ...... ...... To be an architect .... To be a florist ......... To be a girl scout leader. . To get a sun tan ....... To be a nurse .... . . To be a housewife ...i. To own Boots' ............ To be a handcraft teacher. . To learn shorthand ............. .............. .... To be a drawer .................................. To be an elevator operator in a one story building .... To get to Texas ............................. To be an air stewardess .,..,....... . . . . . . . To get under 4" 40 sec. in the mile. . . To be a night club singer ........ To be a hill-billy singer. . . . . . . To be a bum ..... - ................ . To be editor ofthe "Snoofer Scout". . . . To be a model ..................... To marry Harry ......... . . . . To be a coach at OSU .... To go to college. . . ,:. .. To be a pianist ....... To own a ranch .... To own Albers .... To own Linder's. . . To own a horse .......... To be a football coach ....... To be a private secretary ........ To be an aeronautical engineer. . . To gain a lot of money ........ To be a veterinarian ....... To learn to play boogie .,... To travel ................. . . To be a nurse ................... To be a professional baseball player. . To become a mechanic ........... To play college football ............. To be a secretary to Mr. Wellbaum .... To join the Navy .................. To go to Broadway .... To join the F.B.I.. . .. To get enough sleep .... Page 17 V I Dz'.riz'ncii0n Model T Pretty teeth Smile , Ears Brown eyes Slim figure igl 4'9" " ' 'X Art talentq Quietness Ability to sneak out of class Curly hair Ability to argue Beautiful hands Red hair Woman hater Eyes Red hair Sense of humor Walk Complexion Height Blonde hair Yodeling Complexion Dimples Laugh Personality Red and gray jalopy Photogenic Sun tan 'E Dependability Wavy hair Best dressed Curly hair Asking questions Nicest voice Spontaneous smile Farming Big feet Neatness Carefree nature N4 15" E, -, 5 ligushfng usc es 1 Motor-scooter Well groo QQVHQ gig? r S 9 Dimpled smi Exuberance Talking eyes Always laughing Amiable disposition N1ARIA LUISE LEHMAN Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4, Board 1 Lanlern 4 Annual 4 ,R Student Councill4 Class Secretary 2 Class Play 5 Key, Grand Gold LUSE ORVILLE ROBERT ffSpeedl7 Rothenberg 1, 2 Annual 4 IDA KATHERINE lV1ESSMER "Idee" Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4 Class Play 5 Annual 4 Lanfcrn, 4 Scholarship 5 Pep Club 1 Key, Gold ROBERT MOORE 4rB0bH Football 1, 2, 5, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4 Track 1, 2, 5 Glee Club 5, 4 Stgdint Council 5, 4, President Pep Club 1 Class Treasur 4 I- 5 4, President 2, 5, Treas al ,- -Rf Lanier 4 AJ -L fn,- H. aff W I 5 j rf ' U J B g-,X X o A A 5 I ' ' E 1,2, : 'v A ff A l ' Scholars n - , A Lanfern , 2, 5, 4 ' nnual 4 jfnnv' K Pep ' ' I G! I 7 X , I . A bv ' ' w - X xg ' ,D K YR X ff I 4.5! 0 Ml 1 "ll-Q kx.f'h 5 A A 0 l aff 5' -4' A H., v '-2 :'j 'i 7 K '-: . V1 ' R' C 3 I FF RONALD PETER PARIAN "Feet" Football 2, 5, 4 A 1, 1 2 H., me Ia , 1 Y 5' 4 Basketball 5, 4 Annual 4 T k 4 I l'aC C ass Play 5 Student Council 4 Key, Bronze LAWRENCE DIAL lN1ERTEN "Putt" LOUISE ANN SANER Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4 Baseball 5, 4 Track 1, 2, 5, 4 Football 2, 4 Class Play 5 Hi-Y l, 2, 5, 4 Band 1, 2, 5 Annual 4 Pep Club 1 Key, Bronze G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 5, Cabinet 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4 Lanlern 1, 2, 4 Annual 4 Class Play 5 Scholarship 5 Key, Gold Page I8 ELIZABETH SCHLEICHER flBetty7l Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4, Business Manager 5 G. A. A. 2, 5, 4 Lanfern 2, 5, 4, Feature Editor 4 Glee Club l Scholarship 1 Class Play 5 Key, Gold RUTH ELSIE STAGGE "Elsie" Cv. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasuxei .J Board 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4 Band 5, 4 Librarian 4 Girls' Varsity Basketball Team 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 5 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 5 Key, Silver MARTHA LAVERNE VAN SAUN KlMartyll Y-Teens l, 2, 5, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4, Board 2, 4. Vice-President 5 Band 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 5 Annual 4 Lanicrn 5 Basketball 4 Key, Bronze ROSE MARY wVEEKS "SqueekSU Y-Teens 4 G. A. A. 4 Girls' Basketball Team 4 lianiern 4 al 4 Glee 7 ,. T1 ls! QL CQFWHEATLEY IOHNR ESRESTAEL .kg Footba 1' - ' ' Basket alflix w Glee Club 1 Baseb ll 1 2 a5 Tr ,.v1J'1"1' f 4 X .' ' I , V x , 6 K, -- , U I "StanuslOuse" Scholarship 1, 2, 5 Laniern Staff 2, 4 Q.'E.ill"' iii, 'sz-,dxf I . lf vs U ' R-eff S L.. gl bil 0 4 4 3 v"7 STANL LOYD XVILLIAMS CHAR ROBERT STRINGER Amelia 1 Class Play 5 Annual4 Class Play 5 HAROLD A. TAYLOR lfI-Iatll Hi-Y 1, 2, 5, 4, Treasurer 2 Class Play 5 Football 5, 4 Baseball 5 Basketball 1 Cvlee Club 5, Annual 4 Class Treasu , 2 4 rer 5 Page I9 Boys' Glee Club 5, 4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 1 Key, Grand Gold ANN LOUISE WYKOFF "Anniebelle" Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4, Cabinet 5, 4 , 5, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2 Scholarship 5 Lantern 1, 5, Annual 4 Class Play 5 Pep Club 1 Key, Silver 4 + Wim W www SW M A we wfwfzfff- HJWWW Q My fm W Www 49 . 673: 2 f-L Q O2 16 3 2 AlD?f15WWWM2w fQW'W is LWQMYZXXWWM Z 755 7Z W8 Pae20 ga gif j 0Z'2xwf,aEQ M 221 WQWWW aww 5 fwffff QM 5 5 glze 4921.4 ' .fbiafzy Modern .Xian was taking his afternoon snooze out underneath the big cactus. The hot sun beat overhead. He yawned, rolled over, and squinted out over the desert. As he looked, he saw the figure of a man coming over the horizon. Stretching out his legs, he rose and bellowed out his greeting-"Howdy, howdy there, stranger. Come over and chat awhile." Dragging his pots and picks and jugs, Qld-timer ambled up. He dropped his equipment to the ground with a clattering crash as he sputtered, "Strangerl l VVhy son, I was here years before you ever heard about this place." "VVell, I guess you're right, but we always refer to anyone we don't know as 'Stranger'." Old-timer chuckled and replied, "Yes, we used to call you 'Stranger', too, but now you all took over the land and old fellows like me just roam around the desert, taking up lodgings where we may. No hard feelings, though." Nlodern iW'Ian's interest in the old-fellow began to grow, and he found himself asking questions. "Say, you must really know a lot about the land around here. How about some stories?" "I'm not a walking history book, but I do have some recollection of them days when folks first started out this way. They called it the Gold Rush. Them was the good old days. VVe had our times all right." lxlodern DIan's curiosity prompted him to go on. "Nobody else had heard about the gold yet, and I figured I had plenty of time. I got up a party of about eighty and an advance guard of Redskins. Our guards were few in number, but strong in force. They fought bravely that first year in many battles and were seldom defeated. "That's quite a record in any man's language," replied Modern Man. "Yes, it was, and we were very grateful to them. The first town we came to was Freshman Valley. Yve decided to stay awhile before we traveled onward. Many things happened there. One thing I recall was the old fellow that me met on the corner of Cross-Bone Gulch and Dryskull Ridge. That fellow proved so helpful that when we packed up, he went along with us to furnish supplies for us. VVe traveled for three long months to a nice little spot called Sophomore Ridge. By this time our party numbered seventy-five, and our guards had increased in order to protect us through this totally new country. Their campaign was very successful that year." "You took a long time looking over the lands and towns on your way, didn't you, Uld- timer?" "YVell, son, the way we figured, no one else knew about the gold secret, so we thought we might as well take our time and enjoy the scenery as we went along. Well, to get on with the story, we stayed in Sophomore Ridge for nine months and finally decided to move on. By this time, because of sickness and certain hostile tribes, our party numbered about fifty-five. We set our sights on Iunior Gulch, and arrived there with a great deal of eagerness. But our old restlessness kept us constantly on the go, and it wasn't long before we packed up again to search for our destination, gold. Of course, by this time, the secret was out, and it became quite a race to get there first. Modern man chuckled and asked, "I'1l bet you really were enthusiastic right about that time. Did you End the gold, Old-timer?" "Now don't get impatient, young feller. lust let me take my time. We had a lot of difficulties to overcome on the wayhstray animals, lack of food, hot weather-but we pulled through and at last we struck our gold." "Well, don't you think it was well worth the effort?" "Yes, young feller. In those days you worked hard for anything you wanted to accomplish. Too many folks now days just let things slide. I feel sorry for you modern folk, nothing exciting ever happens to you. Well, now that I've rested my bones, I guess I'd better get on my way. Thanks for your company, young feller." "So-long, Old-timer, thank you for the story." Modern lVIan watched Old-timer until his figure disappeared over the horizon, and then he chuckled to himself as he rolled over to finish his nap. . Page 22 7 5215! ft!!! Glass . Q x Class of '51 X XML XEQ' N X Q llnderclassmen A class at so , 1 1 , fi f- ll Ya 2.2: W: A ji A., , P 23 Z..IWl I'll.l'.l'f Row tlefz' la flzlllllbf loyce Iaclcson, Zona Goshorn, lean Busch, Iuanita Phillips, Grace Gilbert, Patricia Mille1', Dolores Lohstroh, Margaret Eyles, Eileen Dietrich, Corrine Behymer, Nlarjorie Shrum, lo Ann Gallagher, Nliriam Libhee, Ruth Vt'illey. Second Row: Elaine Vllitschger, Ethel Iolley, Lois Einspanier, Louise Prather, Faye Hilge, Bonnie Fithen, Anne Bolton, Joyce Gibson, Etta Mae Taylor, Georgia Kay, Virginia Young, Iewell lVlerritt,'fLois Greer. Third Row: Patricia Martin, Ruth Hollifield, Nancy Holbrook, Marlyn Taylor, Laura Millerg,Virginia Sheppard, Frances Allen, Norma Egner, Claudia Buchanan, Patricia Gehl, loyce Yvhitalxer. I 1"1'1'.rf Row fleff io rzlqfiljr Ronald Guenther, Richard Burns, Fred Koch, Kenneth Tarvin, Klayer Kline, Edward Behymer, Carl Bridges, Robert Mitchell. Second Row: John Iurgensen, Thomas Bunting, Richard Boegtger, . . . U U h Harold Speaks, jerry Rucker, Ted Harris, Donald Kyle, Donald Hinson, Donald Brown. Thur! Rau Ru o p Slioff, Donald Bruestle, Nvilliam Oricli, Ierry Nladdux, Kenneth Shaw, Dan Taylor, Arthur Vtlhite, Irvin Kron, Paul Nlarien. Claw of '50 This caravan has now passed their last milestone. Another year of hard work will earn them the treasure. Because they had had no time for enter- tainment before, they gave a play to enlighten the journey. As a tribute to the Senior caravan they if held a dance and banquet in their honor. The help and understanding of old-timers, Airs. Struke and Miss Graham, have helped them to overcome the , obstacles they encountered on the trip. KENNET11 SHAW, Pre.-'idcnz' DONALD BROXVN, Vice-P1'eJfdc1zl V1RG1Nm YOUNG, Secrclafy ROBERT .NlITCHEI.L, Z1l'L'l1J'l.lf'BI' Page 24 l 4 1 1 F1'1'.rl Row Uefl Io rzlqfiij: Martha Woltangle, lVlarion Wilson, Emiline Yvright, Dorothy Chaney, Ioan Palm, lane Kellv, Ianet Spitzmiller, Ioan Thacker, Betty Brooks, Nlartha Dyer, Diane Ott, Ruth Boettger, Mary' Io Smith. Serond Row: Ioan Burns, hleryle Knippling, Juanita Jackson, Violet Gaffney, Iune Rucker, Mary Dierlzer, Io Ann Nloreton, Shirley Nlccudden, lane Stringer, lean Rose, janet Slay, Carol Beclxmann, Eunice Spencer, Virginia Richardson. Third Row: Vivian Merten, Nancy Carter, Ioan Albers, Ada Robb, Ruth Nlary Pullon, lanet Boggs, leannette Dunn, Cecelia Nleyers, Louise Witye, lean Carr, Helen Hundemer, Dolores Gilpin, Shirley Fobes. F1'1'.r1 Row flcfl fo rzzqflllf David Riddle, Richard De Long, Phillip Nladdux, Ralph Wlhite, Thomas lustice, lames Yvheatley, Vtlalter Hair, lames Heritage, Robert Xvhite, Stewart Rose, Stephen Nliller, Harvey Koch. Second Row: Arthur Kaufman, Raymond Burlew, lrvin Leonard, Vtlarren Behymer, Vtlayne Pricliett, Donald Field, Ronald Scharringhausen, lames Riley, John Tvrdy, Roger Doyle, Arthur Seilmert. Tlzfrd Row: George Henry, Raymond Schmidt, Howard Sanderfer, lames Priclcett, Robert Daisey, Iaclc Yvallace, Elmer Folmes, Robert Carr, Dale Dietrich, Robert Dielcman, Richard Nlccorlcle, lonathon Roos. Clan of '51 Two years have gone by, and this caravan is ready to advance another step in searching for the treasure they hope to find. Nlany of them have contributed to various activities to make them one of the out- standing groups of their time. Helping them in their travels were scouts, Nlrs. Terhar and lVlr. Yvellhaum. IoNA'r1ioN Roos, Pmridenl Page 25 W1 LLIAM MAST, T!l.L'E'Pl'6l?'l.dEI1I ROBERT XVILSON, Serrelaljy IANET SLAY, TreaJu1'cr F1'l'.r2' Row tlefl 10 rfglzll: Barbara Klausing, Ioan Birkley, Rosemary Andrew, Shirley Gilpin, Barbara Oury, .Janet Steele, Beittv XV-vkoff, Nancv fVlcDade, Barbara Browning, Patsy Ilhardt, Ruth Koester, Margaret Yvainwright, Milnlred lnlow, Shirley Einspanier, Ieanette Taylor. Scrond Row: luanita Uhrig, Beverly Kline, Dorothy Burns, Susan Shrimpton, Ianet Tillotson, Ioyce Behymer, Patricia Boberg, Norma Young, Marion Bridges, Io Ann Harris, Sharon Iones, Elaine Carr, Joyce Lewis, Betty Rhinehart, Lucy Smalley, Peggy Hinson. Third Row: Ioyce Spraker, loan Duncan, Lois lean Stinnette, Ianet Bruestle, Flarilyn hloore, Dolores Ertle. Ethel Xvilliams, Sue Hawkins, Eleanor Bauer, Dorothy Dumont, lanet Strosnider, leanine Hawkins, Carol Sauerbrunn, Lois May VVortman, Ioan lvhitlatch, Shirley Luh, lo Ann Kyle. Ill.I'J'1 Row Ueff fo rzzzjhij: Wlilliam Nloreton, Robert Smith, Iohn Schwegler, Robert Parian, Thomas Libbee, Jule Nash, Arthur Bowman, Norman Kurtz, Iames Glazer, Deane Ivers, George 5lcKee, Raymond Pauly, Lane Yvilliams. Second Row: Yvilliam Oberschlalie, Iohn Laing, Edwin Mccorcl, Alvin Kron, Robert Greer, Robert Germer, Lewis Venner, lack Forg, Donald Schneider, Iohn Ignatius, Donald Burkey, Clay Nlayhall, Robert Berwanger, Gavin Dance. Third Row: Robert Redmond, Iames Orick, Thomas Xvhitaker, Gerald Hornsby, Clifford Auxier, Robert Lennon. Ierry Marshall, George Gauselmann, Robert Inlow, Robert Topp, Wendell Iackson, Xvayne Smith, Charles Taylor, Iohn Richardson. Clan of '52 Starting out with a promising future, these young prospectors have successfully covered the first trek of their journey. In this new adventure they have found that co-operation and hard work will enable them to carry out their hopes of reaching their goal. They were faithfully guided over the difficult places by scouts, illrs. Carmichael and Nlr. Humphrey. DEANE Ivisizs, Prc.r1'dcnt ARTHUR BKHXVIVKAN, V1'rc-Prmidefzl KATHERINE HAXX'IiINS, Sefrefaqy Page 26 RUTH KOESTER, Treamurer W Peckin' away. tt's not easy. Artists. fvizilcing something. Splitting the atom. Hmxfct you do it? Knippie. 100 words a minute Xyatch your tingers. Hupetticyclrwiftmziliccxplosivcs. Vvtlzxt you doing, Spitz? Botfs working hzuit Page 27 Joyce. Fun isn't it, Mr. YVrigl1L'l Freshman huclclle. Iuniorettes. Added attraction. Look outl Patt and Dick. Future Sophomores. Picturesque place. Three little Freshies. Flay it wave forever. So big. Page 28 rjgiql r Y I r ""11I.:---""" -jr'-L. 7lx?L-:L.. I ,-- 'T' ,-H.L- 'T--I '-5,..L. 'IC -2 .1. ...IT .--L li ,- .J- ,'1-!4',-,,-il JZ-- xg Q X. X K ,f-Z f"fI alnvleuon Zownalzip funiofc High Selma! Page 29 CINCINNATI 50, OHIO ENROLLMENT 161 Fl'I'iP'f Row flefl I0 flzgllfbf Yvanda McNees Csgt. at Armsl, Larry Ayer frfreasurerj, Ernest Brodeen QVice- Presidentj, Dflarilyn Rick Cpresidentl, Marlene Moore fsecretaryj, Harry Longo Csgt. at Armsj. Second Row: Xvilliam Turnau, loyce Nlergard, Wlilliam Goerlce, Richard Yvillis, Edward Longhauser, lames Eldrige, Phinas Blay, Nlartha Nlay. Third Row: loanne Xvidmer, Larry Gregg, Iohn Birre, Iackie Ezell, Naomi Kelsh, Louise XVhite, Connie Luersen, lean Spencer, Patricia lnlow, Alice Albiez. Fourlh Row: Robert Hahn, Floyd Theirauf, Bvilliam Needles, loan Roush, Robert Swathwood, lanet O'Banion, Suzane Vt7igger, Betty Hannan, Barbara umont. 1'll.I'.l'f Row Urfl fo rzzgfzil: Glenn Daisey fsgt. at Armsl, Shirley Hundley fTreasurerl, Ronny Tarvin fVice' Presidentl, Robert Nliller fPresidentl, Roger Nliller fsecretaryl, Pat Ney fsgt. at Armsj. Scconzi' Row: Vernon Shepard, Calvin Kroeger, Mary Flay, Betty lermer, Barbara Tracy, Charlotte Graham, limmie Gomien, Kay Turton. Tfzfrd Row: Helen Blergard, Lee England, Linda Nlasterson, Betty Bridges, George Bailey, Steven Ruttliay, Ray Young, Edwin Beclc, Audrey Yvolff, George Koch, Diary Xvilliams. Fourlfz Row: Samuel Speaks, Howard Glancy, lames Vtluerdeman, Vtlilliam Boetger, Ierry Xvallier, Donna Carr, Clifford Corcoran, Shirley Phillips, Robert Sheppard. Clan of '5 This advanced group of junior prospectors have completed their preparation for their four year journey yet to come. During these two pre-caravan years, their advisers, lVliss Gertrude Addicott and lllr. Harold Z. Maddux, have introduced them to the activities, sports, and curriculum which they will be expected to take part in during their trek toward the treasure, gold. Miss GERTRUDE Auoicorr H,xuoi,D Z. Mixnnux MRS. ELECTA ADAMS l w I Finn-I Row Clefl lo rzzahll: Lorna Miller fSgt. at Armsj, Lind Voth fTreasurerD, Charles King fVice-Presidentl, Marlene Kelly fsecretaryl, VVayne England fsgt. at Armsf. Second Row: Paul Haskett, Richard Lennon, Shirley Daunt, Bonnie Vtlilliams, Lynn Behymer, Charles Manz, Doris Ann Portner, Larry Xvilson, Barbara Armleder, Nellie Shanks, loan Fairbanks, Warren Burlew. Third Row: Willizim Nlonter, lohn Baker Vtlilliam Iudd, Iacquellne Reeves, Ioyce Dunaway, Glenn Yvilliert, Charles Eagle, Yvayne Xvykoff, Doris Anh Rogers, Betty Grome, Alli D cl P l . F I R 1' 7 ' ' ' son ance, lu y a m aurlz ou. Grace Robb, VS anda Lawson, Tommy Miller, Ernest Downs, lim Slay, Rew Lainllart, Bill Aliller, David Schneider, Anna lean Troutman, Rose Alorris, Nlary Sinclair, Donna Dietrich. 1'llil'J'f Row flefl lo rzzqfzljf Gayle Dorna fsgt. at Armsj, Iames Nlueller flireasurerl, Nancy Anderson Qvice- Presidentb, Charles Brown CPresidentj, Nancy Howell fsecretaryj, Yvilliam Agee tsgt. at Armsl. Second Row: Iames Nloreton, Dorothv Miller, Romilda Trotta Shirlev Yvilson Iames Collett YValter Orick Alice M lt , r , 1 - i on, Kenneth Hollitield, Frank Carr, Xvilliam Safifin. Barbara Bennett. Tfifrd Row: Ronald Luh, Phillip Spfaker B l' B ' XI ll 1' ' ' renca roune, 1 e '1 er, Eyangeline Bridges, Iohn lVlcOwen, Andrew Xvithrow, Robert Young, Robert Balint, Ronald Lieberman, Richard Hair, Martha Staub. I"0llI'IlZ Row: Yvalter Turnau, lune lvalters, Harmon llflorress, lean Beyer, Lois Keel, Shirley Yvuercleman, Donna Smith, Lillian Hafer, Nlarlene Underwood, Nlary Lee Hodge, lWilliam Iacksou, Donald Fox. Clan of '54 A long journey, such as this caravan is going to undertake, needs preparation and plans. The class of '54 won't be able to start for another year, but this time will be spent learning how to carry on for the years to follow. As they have their own individual activities, such as basketball and baseball teams, cheerleaders, etc., they will be prepared to step into the tracks of their predecessors. Their able advisers are Nlrs. Edna Simcox and Mrs. Electa Adams. Mus. Enzxm Smcox in .Qi im www-w.M..N, Wwwx NSA-Q 7 f Y... ftbalgl X ' "' N -.Six XX WT:-2, 7 X, V srnnrs if X L ,dz ' -.sf '- J 41' 'E 5' U Z, W ' Za vii jj c"'Z-1.1" -T 4 ...fff'1f4"Wf X...lWf P 5' AA 5 1"1'r.rl Row Qlcff lo rziglzll: Arthur Xvhite, Donald Kyle, Ronald Parian, Lawrence Merten, Robert Moore. Second Row: Thomas Bunting flxflanagerl, Kenneth Shaw, Klayer Kline, Dan Taylor, Yvilliam Krummel, Vernon Hawkins, lohn Burns, Charles L. Brown Ccoachj. rlfafwilg Jgaakefba The caravan moved on to conquer other wagon trains in the field of sports. In the winter of "48" and "-19" the VVarriors had a fairly successful season. They won the Eastern League Championship, which was won for the first time in the history of the caravan. The Warriors also won the New Richmond 1nvita- tional Tournament. The Warriors finished the season with a record of 10 wins and 10 losses. The scoring honors were taken by Ron Parian with 191 points, Lawrence Nlerten with 187 points, and Don Kyle with 184 points. Ron Parian was elected captain of this year's team. .ffndenron Score Oppolzenl Srore Anderson ..... 55 Colerain ........... 32 Anderson .,... 54 New Richmond ..... 52 Anderson ..... 46 Amelia ............ 54 Anderson ..... 49 Terrace Park ....... 56 Anderson ..... 57 Batavia ..... . . ,42 Anderson .,... 59 Loveland .... . . .29 Anderson ..... 46 Madeira ...... . . .51 Anderson ..... 29 St. Bernard ........ 45 Anderson ..... 59 Amelia ..........., 49 Anderson ..... 51 New Richmond ..... 45 Anderson ..... 50 Terrace Park ....... 46 Anderson ..... 60 Sycamore ..... . . .47 Anderson ..... 29 Batavia. . . . , .42 Anderson ..... 56 Glendale .....,..... 52 Anderson ..... 40 Amelia .... ........ 4 9 Anderson ..... 54 New Richmond ..... 49 Anderson ..... 59 Mt. Healthy. ....... 51 Anderson ..... 56 St. Bernard. . . . . .48 Anderson ..... 50 Sharonville. . .... 61 Anderson ..... 25 Sharonville. . .... 55 Cf01'kw1'.rc.' Ronald Parian tcaptainj, Robert lxloore, Arthur Xvhite, Lawrence Alerten, Donald Kyle. ,,,w""'f Pay 6 Fl.l'-1'f Row Uefl io Flighfjf Alvin Kron QManagerD, Charles Taylor, Richard DeLong, Irvin Leonard, Arthur Kaufman, Donald Schneider, Robert Greer, Donald Fields. Second Raw: Roger Doyle, Clifford Auxier, Thomas Wvhital-zer, Robert Redman, Gerald Hornsby, Wvendell Iaclcson, Norval Humphrey fcoaclij. Jeeaeufe Kaaleetball The Reserve Redskins started the year in excellent condition. They were determined to tie the record of their football team which went undefeated. Under the able leadership of Coach Humphrey they played outstanding ball all season, finishing in the consolation spot in the county. 1iI'ld6l'J'0I'l Srorr Anderson ..... ..... 2 0 Ariderson ..... ..... 2 1 Anderson ..... . . .55 Anderson. . . ,. .51 Anderson ..... .,... 2 7 Anderson ..... . , .3 Anderson. , . . - Anderson . ..... 2 Anderson... .....2 Anderson . ..... 4 Anderson ..... Anderson ..... 5 Anderson. .,... 26 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 5 Anderson lt fy Anderson Anderson Page 55 ...H29 ....,21 . ...57 3 32 .. ..... 57 4 7. Opponenl Score Colerain ......... .,.. I 8 New Richmond .... ,... 2 9 Kxmelia .......... ..., 5 1 lflerrace Park .,... .... 2 S Batavia ...... ..., 2 8 oveland .... .,.. 2 4 ladeira ..... . .55 t. Bernard .,,. .,,. 2 5 errace Park. . . .... 55 S 'camore .... .,.. 5 4 tavia .,., .... 5 4 endale ....... .... 2 4 elia .........., . . .22 w Richmond ,,.. . . .14 . Healthy. . . . . .28 t. Bernard .... , . .10 isharonville. . . , . .21 I gsharonville. . . . . .11 Aladeira .... . , .55 Greenhills .... . .55 lf A A o I gala lgaake tba!! To show that the girls of the '49 caravan could also play basketball they formed two teams, the varsity and the reserves. It was also planned so the girls could become acquainted with prospectors of other caravans. Opponeni Snare Terrace Park. . . . . .15 Nladeira ...... . . . 19 Nlilford .... . . .21 Upponemf Score Terrace Park. , . . . .35 Nladeira ...... . . .15 Nlilford .... . . .56 Rewervef Score Anderson .... . . . 9 Anderson .... . . .20 Anderson .... . . .25 Vanrffy Score Anderson .... . . .10 Anderson .,.. . . .14 Anderson .... . . .10 Finr! Row Qlcff lo rzlghfb : Martha Van Saun, Ioyce Clifton, Ramona Elliott, Dorothy Bridges, Ianet Koppman, Ruth Stagge, Mary Weeks. Second Row: Ieannie Wheatley Cllflanagerj, Bonnie Fithen, Ethel Jolley, Barbara Willard, Elaine VVitschger, Lois N. Carmichael Ccoachj. I"ir.ri Row Cleft lo rflqlztjr Peggy Hinson, Sharon lones, Marion Wilson, Barbara Oury, Beverly Kline, Dorothy Iones. Second Row: Jeannie YVheatley Cllflanagerj, Janet Slay, Ioan Burns, Vivian Merten, Ieannette Dunn, Iacqueline Absher, Lois N. Carmichael Ccoachj. 1: 1 'X A I Ci X ' BIB Page 55 Siandfng Ur'-fl Io l'l10!1fD.' Elaine Carr, Beverly Kline, Ianet Tillotson. Reaewe Chem eacleu The athletic teams of the caravan founfl that the cheerleaders were a great help to them. Not only clid they huilcl up the morale of the caravan, but by their lusty voices they frightened away all danger of defeat, and cleared the trail for many victories. Page 57 Ifncelfng: Dlartha Dyer. Sfandffigi Violet Gaffney, lune Rucker fig' J 351 . Q., x.,J'Al:f'1 T"'N',1'-1 M, N Lis X QQ Q Le- -J Finrl Row Uefi io rzlqlzljx Charles Brown fcoach Roos, Robert Nloore, Iohn Burns fcaptainl, Iohn Harold Taylor. Second Row: Iames Truitt fLine Arthur Vllhite, Kenneth Tarvin, Fred Koch, Donald Vernon Hawkins. Third Row: Richard Herron CManagersQg Yvayne Smith, Donald Fields, lack Gerlad Hornsbyg Harold Speaks, Iames Ehlman mia! ,exile f' 283414 -, XL , Q.: 3' Sandefer, Daniel Taylor, Ierry Rucker, Ionathan Leonard, Lawrence Merten, VVilliam Krummel, Fobes. Raymond Burlew, Robert Redmond, Nlefford, Robert VVilson, Thomas Bunting, rtnur Bowman, Phillip Nlacldux, Robert Greer chneider, Thomas Whitaker, William Oberschlake, 1 57' ...'1 2 x i f ,fi i,,, ,W .J U V' gooiball The '49'ers' football team had, the most successful season in the school's ' as they went through nine encounters and came out with an unblemished cord. Using the Alissouri "T" formation, Coach Charlie Brown's Redskins piled up 551 points to their opponents' 45, as they captured the Hamilton County Championship. From the opening play of the season to the final gun the Redskins proved themselves the better team by their outstanding teamwork. lt would be impossible to name any boy as the outstanding player because the team worked unit at all times and if someone crossed the goal with the ball, it was a t Q down for the team as a whole and not for one player. E' n the opening game of the season the Orange and Black eleven defeated Mt. Healthy, one of the two teams that had set back the Redskins in the previous year. The Redskins core nce in Q Hrst half and twice in the final stanza, thus beating J eal ll t eftifne of 19 to 0. e only other team that had beaten eai efore. The Redskins took out their ets 54 to 15. The second game was wi the Orange and Black eleven vengeance by trouncing the Yellovs eam in Hamilton County, the Redskins re team which made the over-confident 19 to 6 decision. After beating two of the best came up against an underrated Syc -Xndeison eleven fight hard to win The homecoming game was vw e fashion, as the Anderson football machine rolled over Loveland 51 -o 0 y ' "I O1.'!'. A' ' i 1 1 Anderson then traveled to Ter -' e rk, where they ran roughshod over the Bulldogs to the tune of 50 to 7 Once again on the road, Cha lie Bro 1 n took his boys over to Madeira, where they went to work on the i ustangs to trounce them, 59 to O. To make up for the 18 totgztpie han,-dgbd to them by Country Day, the Anderson warriors banged out 59 to 7 victor over the boys from Indian Hill. On a rainy Friday nigh e Redskins wen' lover to Colerain for their last game away from home, crushe -any olerain boy had of stopping the Orange and Black, and cinched the county title by downing Colerain, 27 to 6. To prove that the Hamilton County teams weren't just pushovers, the Redskins played a Millcreek Valley team, St. Bernard by name, and although the score was 6 to 6 at the half, the Orange and Black eleven scored 47 points 'ffl X92 in the last 24 minutes to defeat St. Bernard, 55 to 6 and end the season best form. Of course, no team would be complete without cheerleaders, and no e can say Anderson was lacking spirit and cheers, directed by an able vars h 1 cl' . d. c eer ea mg squa Q 49 Lefl fo l'l:lIhll.' Bonnie Fithen, Ethel Iolley, Patty Gehl, lanet Koppman, Anne Bolton, lames Denges. P age Fira! Row Uefl fa l'l:flhfJ.' Tom Bunting CManagerD, Ierry Rucker, Donald Kyle, Kenneth Shaw, Lawrence Merten, Robert Yvilson. Second Row: Klayer Kline, John Burns, Iohn Steele, Robert Beckman, Harold Taylor, Ronald Parian, Dale Dietrich, Charles L. Brown fcoachl. Page 41 Jfaaeball The Caravan's 1949 edition ofa baseball team was a great improve- ment over last year's team. The '49'ers' team was composed entirely of veterans from the previous year's battles. The 11 to 2 victory over Loveland in the opening game was an excellent indication of the successes to come. Lineup Poirfizbn Ierry Rucker, Dale Dietrich ..............,........,.,.,., Catcher Irvin Leonard, VVm. Mast, Gerald Hornsby, Clifford Mefford. .Pitcher Kenny Shaw .......,.................,......,........ Third Base Robert Yvilson, Dean lvers .......... . Don Kyle, Robert Redmond ..,....,.,... Ronald Parian Ccaptainj, Donald Schneider. . . , Ronald Guenther ......................,. . . Robert Beckman .... Lawrence Nlerten . . . Tom Bunting ...... C. L. Brown. . . Second Base . .First Base . .Short Stop . .Left Field Center Field .Right Field . . .ixlanager , . . .Coach "W 1 Find Row Clefi io rzyhij: lack Buchanan, Robert Yvilson, Ierry Rucker, Robert Moore, Iohn Steele, lohn Burns. Secana' Row: Arthur White, VVilliam Krummel, Dan Taylor, Vernon Hawkins, Lawrence Nlerten, Richard Herron Ccoachj. Uwcle The '49'ers' track team enjoyed considerable success and maintained their position as one of the most outstanding caravan teams from the Southwestern District. The crowning event was a victory in the Greenhills Night Relays, in which the surefooted Warriors tied up a resounding 68 to 54 decision over Class A Norwood, and a third place ranking in the district meet. The '49'ers struck pay dirt and added eight trophies to their trophy case. The top-star scouts in these performances were Robert Moore, Iohn Burns, hurdles- Iohn Steele, 100-, 220-, 440-yard dashes and broad jump-fvernon Hawkins, mile run and Arthur White in the half-mile run. g ' ' E 'I ' " v Five caravan members placed high enough in the district meets to enable them to go to the State meet at Columbus, Ohio. Again the star performers, Moore, Steele, Hawkins, and White, proved their ability and brought glory to their caravan. Page 42 , ,- Q U IIIKY I X 1 G. A. A. 1 L , 5 A X - -S nn ' Xifxzzu, igt-5- 5'A1-L EEN WN I f XQGTIIIITIES C XX J if 23,25 1 ""-21'-S-" .- 4 wliivte - 8211.4 1"z'r,rf Row Uefl lo rzzrjlzfj: Violet Gaffney, Ianet Qruestle, Vivian Merten, Nlartha Dyer. Second Row: Virginia Richardson, Meryle Knippling, Elaine Yvitschger tBusiness Nlanagerj, Anne Yvykofti tprogram Chairmanj, Nancy Carter tffreasurerj, Ioyce Knippling tVice-Presiclentj, Nliss Eleanor Graham tAclviserD, Ioan Bowman tPresiclentj, Bonnie Fithen tsecretaryl, Ioyce Gibson tRing Chairmanj, Virginia Young Ovorship Chairmanl, Shirley Luh, Carol Beckman. Third Row: Joyce Spralser, Beverly Kline, Lucy Smalley, Ianet Tillotson, Ioyce Behymer, Io Ann Harris, Sharon Iones, Ianet Slay, lean Rowe, Eunice Spencer, Elaine Carr, loyce Lewis, Rosemary Andrews, Nlarilyn Moore, Nlarion Wlilson, Ianet Spitzmiller, Dorothy Burns. Fourth Row: Lois YVortman, Ioan Birkley, lanet Steele, Barbara Oury, Patricia llharclt, Ruth Koester, Betty Vtlylcoff, Betty Brooks, Ioan Thacker. lane Kelly, Diane Ott, Nlariorie Vvainwright, Nlilclred lnlow, Wlary Io Smith, Shirley Einspanier, Dolores Ertel. Fzfilz Row: Ioan Burns, Dorothy Dumont, Eleanor Bauer, Jeanette Taylor, Ethel Vlalters, Ioann Kyle, Ianet Strosnicler, Shirley Fobes, Lois Stinnette, Kathryn Hawkins, Ieanette Dunn, Ianet Boggs, Ruth Pullon, Ioan Duncan, Barbara Klausing. I'lL'f'J'f Row tfefl lo rziglzfjf Nlarlyn Taylor tseatedj, Barbara W'illard, Elaine Nvitschger tliusiness Nlanagerj, Anne Yvyliotf tljrogram Chairmanl, Nancy Carter trfreasurerj, Ioyce Knippling tVice-Presidentl, Nliss Eleanor Graham tAclviserJ, Ioan Bowman tpresimlentj, Bonnie Fithen tSecretaryJ, Ioyce Gibson tRing Chairmanj, Virginia Young tvtlorship Chairmanl, Iuanita Phillips, Anne Bolton tseaterll. Second Rnwt Betty Gehl, Louise Saner, Dorothy Bridges, Nlartha Van Saun, Etta Nlae Taylor, Alma Iuilts, Zona Goshorn, Nlarilyn De Long, Ethel Iolley, Janet Koppman, Ioyce Clifton, Iacque Kuhn, lean Busch. Tl1!'l'l'l Row: Peggy Laudeman, Faye Hilge, Ramona Elliott, Icla Messmer, Elaine Ayer, Carolyn Koch, Betty Becker, Corrine Behymer, Pat Nliller, Grace Gilbert, lean Yvheatley, Betty Schleicher. 1'l0lll'f!I Row: Nlarleleine Heine, Patty Gehl, Nlary Xveelisi Dorothy Gray, Laura Nliller, Nancy Carr, Frances Allen, Claudia Buchanan, Nlaria Lehman, Ruth Stagge. Page if Friar! Row Ucfl io nzglzlj: H. Z. Niaddux fAdviserD, Daniel Goepper, Richard Boettger, Donald Brown, Donald Goepper, Robert Moore. Second Row: Lawrence Merteiz, Robert Mitchell, lack Buchanan, Kenneth Tarvin, Clifford Nlefford, Robert Beckman, Terry Rucker, Arthur Yvhite. Third Row: VVilliam Krummel, Harold Taylor, Vernon Hawkins, Iohn Burns, Ted Harris, Terry Macldux, Kenneth Shaw, Irvin Kron. Eweaegra di If . ,J Page 45 I"1'rrrl Row Ucfl fo rzlzjlzlj: Robert Carr, Burlew, Ralph VVhite, Robert Dieckman, Donald Schneider, Thomas Libbee. tif f? .,,'., , i-Z! The fellows of the caravan made their trip more enjoyable by forming a Hi-Y Club. Following the standards of the Hi-Y, they enjoyed many evenings of good fellowship., Various programs were set up and entertainment in the form of movies and talks on interesting subjects made the year a most helpful one. The junior members of the caravan formed their own club, but participated in most of the Alpha Club's activities. ' 1 Wayne Prickett, Stewart Rose, Raymond Robert Daisey. Secana' Row: H. Z. Madduz: CAdviserj, Thomas Whitaker, Charles Taylor, Iohn Ignatius, Robert Greer, Alvin Kron, VVayne Smith. Third Row: Donald Burke, Clay Mayhall, Ray Pauly, George McKee, g,4.04. Fl.I'Jf Row Uefl Zo rliqhfj: Martha Van Saun, lean Busch, Ruth Stagge, Anne Bolton, Vivian Merten, luanita Phillips tRecording Secretaryl, Elaine YVitschger Cfreasurerj, Ramona Elliott CVice-Presidentl, Mrs. Lois Carmichael tAdviserl, Ioyce Clifton fPresiclentj, Ianet Koppman fcorresponding Secretaryl, Carolyn Koch, Barbara YVillard, Bonnie Fithen, Violet Gaffney. Second Row: Sharon Iones, Ioyce Behymer, Susan Shrimpton, lanet Slay, Shirley McCudclen, Virginia Richardson, Mariam Bridges, Carol Beckman, Barbara Oury, Ioan Birkley, Betty YV-ylioff, lane Kelly, Marion VVilson, Beverly Kline. Tlzlrd Row: Peggy Hinson, Ianet Spitzmiller, Elaine Carr, Ioyce Lewis, Dorothy Chaney, Ioan Palm, Patricia Ilharclt, Ruth Koester, Eunice Spencer, Martha Dyer, Diane Ott, Marjorie Vtlainwright, Mildred Inlow, Ruth Boetger, Mary lo Smith, Shirley Einspanier, Shirley Luh, Iune Rucker. Fourlh Row: Patricia Boberg, Dorothy Burns, Io Ann Harris, Io Anne Kyle, Iuanita Iackson, lanet Strosnirler, Dorothy Dumont, Ianet Bruestle, lean Nleyers, Ieanette Taylor, Ioan Duncan leanette Dunn, Meryle Knippling, Kathryn Hawkins, Ruth Pullon, Barbara Klausing, Nancy Carter, lean Rose FL'l'.1'l Row Uefl fo rzlqfzljt Cabinet Members-Martha Van Saun, lean Busch, Ruth Stagge, Anne Bolton, Vivian Dlerten, Iuanita Phillips fRecording Secretaryj, Elaine YVitschger Cfreasurerj, Ramona Elliott fVice-Presidentj, Nlrs. Lois Carmichael CAdviserQ, Ioyce Clifton tPresidentD, Ianet Koppman tCorresponding Secretaryl, Carolyn Koch, Barbara VVillarcl, Beverly Kline, Bonnie Fithen, Violet Gaffney. Second Row: Louise Saner, Frances Allen, Joyce Knippling, Ioyce Yvhitaker, Ioyce Gibson, Etta Mae Taylor, Zona Goshorn, Lois Greer, Ethel lolley, Ann YVykoff, Virginia Young. Tfzfrd Row: Patricia Miller, Margaret Laudeman, lacqueline Kuhn, Elaine Ayer, Ida Nlessmer, Nlargaret Eyles, Dolores Lohstroh, lo Ann Gallagher, Grace Gilbert, Betty Becker, Miriam Libbee, Ieanne Yvheatley, Betty Schleicher. Fourilz Row: Patricia Martin, Ruth Hollifield, Romilcla Motz, Marlyn Taylor, Macleleine Heine, Patty Gehl, Diary lveelxs, Maria Lehman, loan Bowman, Dorothy Gray, Dorothy Bridges. Page 46 Ld! fo Rzlafzls Eclwarcl Arnolcl, Stanley Xvilliams, Clihforcl Nlefiforcl, Eclwarcl Behymer, lonathon Roos, Geralcl Rucker, Daniel Taylor, Daniel Goepper, Robert Yvilson, Richard Boettger, lames Denges, Donald Goepper, XVarren Behymer, alrs. Carolyn Truitt fDirectorD. Friar! Row Cliqfl lo rlzafzllf Nancy lVlcDacle, Ieanne Xvheatley, Betty Beclcer, Nlartha Dyer, Diane Ott, Mary' Io Smith, Shirley Einspanier, RuthKoester, Bonnie Fithen. Dorothy Gray. Second Row: Mrs, CarolynTruittfDirectorJ, Anne Bolton, Rosemary Andrews, Peggy Hinson, Elaine Carr, Grace Gilbert, Marion Xvilson, Barbara Oury, Betty Yvylioff, lean Rose. Tfifrd Row: lanet Bruestle, lean Busch, Elaine Wlitschger, Susan Shrimpton, Ramona Elliott, lnla iwessmer, Shirley Nlc- Cudclen, Patricia Bolwerg, Eileen Dietrich, Ianet Steele, Ethel Wlalters. Fourffi Row: Lois lean Stinette, Norma Young, loanne Harris, Nlarian Bridges, Shirley Luh, loyce Spralier, Louise Saner, lanet Koppman, lacqueline Kuhn, Elaine Ayer, Violet Gaffney. Ivljllll Row: Nancy Hollmroolx, Dorothy Bridges, Zona Goshorn, Dorothy Burns, lEthel lolley, Ioyce Knippling, Ann Yvyliofli, Ianet Tillotson, loyce Behyiner, Wlarilyn llfloore, Carol Sauerhrunn, Dolores Ertel. Szivlli Row: Ruth Hollifield, .Wlacleleine Heine, Barbara Vlillarcl, loyce Gibson, Nancy Carter, leannette faylor, lanet Strosnicler, Katherine Hawkins, Nancy Carr, Ruth Stagge, .Vlarilyn Dellong, Barbara Klausing. ,J,E5f:H'2l? I L 21 ee u 'l " ' To lencl a more festive air to the traveling of the Caravan, some ofthe musical memhers hanflecl together to form a Glee Club. They entertained .- -- the other mem hers of the caravan by singing for important occasions during the year, at Christmas, at the annual Spring Concert and at Easter. HW .:.' ' 1Q55z'?lQ:jI:,nG.Rf-' "--, . .f- ..5 1 ,U ,.. aj.. ., , , ,J 4.1 1, f, 1-- 1 '- They chose as their leader Mrs. Carolyn Truitt, a new memher of Page 47 the caravan. he .fantezn Staff lfdifor ....,,....,.....,.....,.., loyce Knippling 1"ral1u'c Edifor .....,... .... I ietty Scheicher 11 ,v', rzfrianzf Edflof' .1'. . . .Patti Nlartin, Ioanne Gallagher J .o'.v ' fmlanl 1"eafm'e lfdflor. , . .,,. Elaine Yvitschger 1Vcw.r Edt-flll' .............. . . .... Don Goepper Bu,rz'ne.r.r fllana-gel' ...., .... I ames Denges J.r.1'1',rfanl ,7Vew.r lfdflor ....... . . .... Norma Egner c7l.l't'llfl1li0I'l J1am1.1jc1'. . , . . .Ann Wylcoff Clil'L'lllz1f1'0II Slaff: Iacliie Laing, Bob Parian, Bob Smith, lack Forbes, Gerald Hornsby, limmy Glazer. Repo1'fer.r.' Ioan Bowman, Dorothy Bridges, Nlacleleine Heine, Diary Yveeks, Elaine Carr, Beverly Kline, Nancy Carter, Arthur Bowman, Diane Ott, Barbara Yvillard, Dorothy Dumont, Nlarilyn Taylor, Ieanne Yvheatley. Junior lizigh Reporler. n'.' Robert Miller, George Bailey, Barbara Dumont, Connie Luerson, Charles Brown, Williani Iackson, Lind Voth, Charles King. Sporim Rcp0l'lcl'.r.' Girls4Ianet Koppman, Pat Gehl, Dorothy Burns, Sharon Ionesg Boys4Iohn Roos, Bob iwoore, Iohn Burns. 1illllJl.vf'fJ'.' Ida Piessmer, Iacque Kuhn, iWaria Lehman, Xvilliam gsjleiimll. ,Lf Q if hQf44efsffif1 , 'M-515. ,qw ' 'N Qi'-Q " J Page 464 Ouler Row Uefl Io rllqhll: Iune Rucker flwajorettel, Jack Kelly, Glen Wvilfert, Stewart Rose fVice-Presidentb, Ernest Downs, Lind Voth, David Schneider, John Schwegler, Martha Van Saun, Dale Dietrich, Steve Miller, Ruth Stagge flgibrarianl, Daniel Goepper, Wayne Prickett, James Slay, Alvin Kron, lack Forg, Ioan Burns Dorothy Chaney, Nancy Maddux, lames Prickett, Robert Carr, Donald Brown fpresidentj, David Eggers, William Iudd, Thomas Widmer, Elaine Carr fMajoretteJ. Cram Bar: Raymond Burlew, lane Kelly, Larry Wilson, Roger Carter, Vivian Merten fTreasurerD. i Jiang! The musically inclined members of all four wagon trains combined their talents and furnished all the music on the long trip Westward. They followed their Redskins to every battlefield and spurred them on to victory. They are known as the first marching band in Anderson history. The band also played for some of the basketball games, as well as for many of the assemblies and P.T.A. meetings during the trip. The caravan stopped early in December for the Orange and Black Minstrels, and the band took their part in them. Again they furnished the music r X e Christmas celebration. The band had played for nearly everything, and now they tt have their own program. One evening in May, when the caravan stopped for the F xusicians ave a big concert. It wasn't long after this that the destination of the ca w-ai. 'e T . he strains of Pomp and C7!.l'ClLl7ZJ'fllIlCB could be heard as the band honored t H 'gg' o X 'ers. 1 'N A Ti ...- Qetet: Page 49 i Sfafed Clqfl lo rfigfill: Bliss Eleanor Graham tAdviserD, Richard Boettger tsecretary-Treasurerl, Robert Nloore tpresidentj, Ioan Bowman tVice-Presidentj, Mr. lack Xvellbaum QAdviserD. Sl1zndz'1zg.' Donald Brown, Donald Goepper ames Denges Q-Student Counczl Our scouts and most able prospectors formed a council 1' was N 1 a n Gerald Hornsby, Kenneth Shaw, Yvilliam Mast, Dorothy Burns, Iohn Roos, Daniel Goepper, Robert Mite ell, . , k U C3 R29 ,, . X twill X, 'ffl ac' the purpose of promoting more student interest in the activit s and citizenship of the school. They were successful in all their projects, especially the Good Posture Campaign Contest, the management of the Homecoming Football game, and the Talent Show. They brought about a better spirit of organiP zation and co-operation among students through new rules and regulations which bettered the morale of our whole school. lllu Page 50 3 Kai K 2 1 L 5 z.:,, ., ,W t fjggr, Twig .. gqwf W 94521 fzwwgxg. A 13232555 ' was may ik ffzfifmgwk wg, ,sgiimgzw W N . ,...,. S H Q5 4: 5 W I , if , g . we 5 ' rw 3 f . SW ww em X m is yn . TS, was Dfw 4. fri 3 .. The lolley Boys. Trip to Xvushington '48. Hotel Sheraton, XVashington. Arlington Cemetery. Freshies. Friends. Share Freshmen. In reform school. These convertibles. Pardon my sarong. Page 52 7 M44 fcf ,Q Z-di aff"--x ,Q an C A Advertisers 5 QSQZ: - n i 'fs M1 i X W9 GSI! f A., V A, , xx f x ff Patromze A 'L 1 J I' V --,-n 'ff A at V g. f v , A' f' -T P , , j M r M r M r M r M r M I. M r M r M r M I. M I. M r M I. M r M r M r. M 1. M I. M r M I. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and .Nl rs Wlrs Nlrs Dlrs AXIXFS Dirs Airs Blrs Dlrs fvlrs Airs Dlrs. Plrs Blrs Airs Airs Airs Airs Dlrs Mlrs. lWrs. Dlrs. Dlrs. INXFS. 0lIR PATRUIS Earl D. Arnold Donald Ayer A. E. Eoolrnnan Arrlnrr L. Bowman, Harold Bridges Bryan Eroolr Robert L. Buchanan J. V. Burke C. Edward Burns Ernest Carr Charles Clifton C. C. DoLong Gilbert Dangoa, sr. Daniel Elrlrnan Chester A. Davis Peter Golrl, Jr. Edwin L. Goepper William H. Gray Vernon Hawkins, Sr George Heine R. D. Waring Albert G. Iuilfs Elndor L. Knippling Harvey Koch Mr. and Nlrs. Fred E. Krummel Mrs. Kathryn W. Kopprnan Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Kuhn Mrs. Helen Laudeman Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Nlr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Hhs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Xvilliam Lehman, Sr. David Lindsey Ernest VVarner ClitTord Nleiford, Sr. Ruth Nlarshall and Mrs. Henry Dierten and Mrs. Ioseph Biessrner, Sr. and fwrs. C. B. Nloore and Mrs. Edmund S. Motz and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Peter Parian Frank Saner Martin Schleicher Ioseph Stagge, Sr. Mary Steele and Airs and Nlrs and Mrs and Mrs and Nlrs and Nlrs. Mr. and Mrs. Lester G. Vvykoff Clarence Stringer Harold A. Taylor, sr. 1. Garret van Saun C. L. Pfeiffer Leonard K. Wheatley E. lvl. VVilliams Page 54 B O B A N D D A N "ZVo1fhing could be finer' fhan dinner in zfhe Diner' 1 LINDER S DINER Qualify Sfzoex For the Eniire P01711-All PETRIE' S SHOES ZIZIM BEECHMONT AVE. BEechInonl' 8600 Complimeniw of NEWTOWN DAIRY BAR Fountain Service Hot Lunches Ice Cream to Take Out Sandwiches of All Kinds LOcusf 9881 CHAS. N. WYKOFF, Propriefor PULLON' S GROCERY TOBASCO A GROCERIES MEATS CREAIVIY-YVHIP BAtavia 204 Cofnpllmenfw of SOLAR HILLS RANGERS Page 55 The Home-Owners' Department Store ROSE BROTHERS COMPANY 1400 HARRISON AVENUE Phone: WAbaSh 1010 "f6'verj1ffl1z'ng for Building, Foundaffon I0 Roof" Conzplfmenziv of EDWARDS ABU? COMPANY 'lr REALTOR S Mt. Washington Hardware 2110 BEECHMONT AVE. BEecITmOnt 7766 CONEY ISLAND SERVICE I COMPLETE AUTO REPAIRS fllld YVRECKER SERVICE BEechmOnt 7454 C0l71f7ll.l716l7llJ' qf flze JUSTICE FAMILY C0l71,Df1.l716Hf1I' qf RENNER'S PHARMACY NIANAGER IVIIKE LACINAR "SERVICE TO THE SICK" CORNER BEECHMONT AND CORBLY MT. NVASHINGTON SUftOn 6051 BEec1TmOnt 7171 Fred's Service and Delicatessen BATAVIA PIKE NEWTOWN, O. BEec1TmOnt 8990 Page 5 6 C01npf1'men1f.f of BEECHMONT PHARMACY 2105 BEECHMONT AVE. BEechmont 7278 Com,0l1'meni.r of R. L. CBUCKD BUCHANAN WHITE HORSE INN C0mplimenz'.r of "WILL" VVOLFER ir WOLFER'S FORESTVILLE PHARMACY SUtton 6680 FORESTVILLE, OHIO MT. WASHINGTON BAKERY 1 Fine and Courleoum Service Best buy in its field. Compare the Indian CZ Telescopic Forks 5 Speed Foot Cincinnati Athletic Goods Company 110 W. FOURTH STREET CINCINNATI, OHIO 01,zLrlandz'11-0 In Slylc 1J6l.f0l'lIlI1llCti' and Va CZ125 INDIAN LIGHT NVEIGI-IT with any other cycle. Dual Exhaust Nlagneto Ignition 4 Horsepower Niot r 90 Miles Per Gallon 1'br only 3575.00 ltls easy to ride. Come in and try it. INDIAN MOTOR SALES 30 XVEST 12TH STREET HARRY'S SHOE STORE 2121 BEECHMONT AVE. MT. WASHINGTON PRESS PUBLICATIONS AND PRINTING D RIN K TOWNSEND-WEST MILK Page 57 125 Sh ft Complimenir Qf C. B. AYER SALES H U D S O N SALES AND SERVICE FORESTVILLE, O. BEeChmont 7970 WE DELIVER K E Y E S DRY CLEANERS Cerfyied Cleaning and Tailoring -.ii QUALITY RULES BEeChmOnt 7947 2109 BEECHMONT AVE. CINCINNATI 50, OHIO Compiimenif of WALKER'S DRY CLEANERS FORESTVILLE, O. We do our own Cleaning BEeChmOnt 8426 Conzplifnenif of EIR-ESHHF 2261 BEECHMONT AVE. CINCINNATI 50, OHIO H. NV. STRIEF BEeChmont 8488 Complimenirr of HAROLD BRIDGES Auxier Electrical Appliances BAtavia 6201 BATAVIA, OHIO Philco - Norge - Crosley - Bottle Gas Service - Bendix Xvashers - Coleman Oil Heaters AUXIER CHEVROLET SALES BAtavia 4411 Batavia, O. GENERAL REPAIR WORK 011 all fllakea' Complimenlw qf Mc COLL UM ELECTRIC CO. 3917 OAK STREET MARIEMONT BRarnble 3400 Page 56 1 Nice work, Seniors, Chums on a stump. Sober looking, arenyl they? Homecoming Float Trophy Any profits? ixlaria, janet, Betty. How's the weather down there? Girlie in a tree. Inst plain Bill. lust Dot. XVhat a shape. Pals. Page 59 MT. WASHINGTON BOWLING ALLEYS GLASER-WILSOII MOTOR 00. V FORD SALES SERVICE v L 7656 BEECHMONT AVE. CINCINNATI 50, OHIO FORESTVILLE BEeChmOnt 7256 Eagle Savings and Loan Association MT. WASHINGTON BRANCH S. W. COR. CORBLY AND BEECHMONT Hornschemeier Grocery A DOT FOOD STORE lylldfl' New 0wne1xI'l11Ap Free Delivery P. H. STEPHENS, 1Jl'0,Dl'l.6f0I' SUttou 6675 1348 Beacon St. C AVENUES Complhnentf of CINCINNATI, O. BEechmont 8108 A FRIEND C00Zf?ll.D16HlIl' of HARRY THE PAINT MAN Kathman Goodyear Shoe Repair 2105 BEECHMONT AVE. Blfechmont 8472 Complfmenflr of SALEM GARDENS CHOICE CHICKEN AND STEAK DINNERS CORNER OF SALEM AND BEACON STS. Page 60 Dependable .... EARL D. ARNCDLD PRINTING CGMPANY TELEPHGNE: MAin 289 E THIRD ST CINCINNATI OHIO Study Bells To Tefephone Bells A salute and best wishes to graduates of I9-19. Xve hope some of you will join the telephone organization, become imbued with its traditional spirit of service, and remain to help provide fast, reliable communications through the years. It is a good place to work, with good pay, excellent working conditions, 'vaca tions, thrift plans, medical service, Company-paid pensions and sickness- . ' accident-death benefits. There is a great opportunity for young men and women in helping to build telephone communications of the future. THE CINCINNATI AND SUBURBAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY I Coznplilvzenir of Complfmenim of MCDANIELI S FOOD MARKET GROCERIES - FRESH MEATS 9 PRCDUCE A L L S CHERRY GROVE BEechmont 7000 PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 2125 BEECHMONT AVE. BEECHMONT BARBERS SCIENTIFIC BARBER SERVICE f1pp0z'n.fmenz'.r Dexired BEechmont 7554 MT. WASHINGTON Complz'menf.r of Blfechmont 8461 Saffin's Beechnut Gardens 6775 BEECHMONT AVE. Page 62 C0l72fJfl.l7Z6l7fJ qf Fir. and Mrs. Robert A. Craig MOTZ POULTRY WHOLESALE - RETAIL Free Deffvery C1oug1i Road BEec11'mor1t 9012 PI CKEN'S AUTO PARTS THE ELSTUN Your f1l1l'0l'l.fE 171 ouie Enzporfunz U76 Hopef HOUSE OF MERRELL BEAUTY SALON 6I51 Corh1y Road DH. VVas11ington SUtton 6716 C01npfz'1nenz'.r of VA RSITY CHEERLEADERS Ianet - Patty - Bonnie - Ann - ' Ethel CINCINNATVS ONLY AUTHORIZED SCHOOL Shor'ciInteresting Training DA Y SCHOOL-6-10 weeks NIGHT SCHOOLAS-10 weeks Lifetime Free Employment Service by all our 125 schools to graduates INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION Callfor I l'Zf0l'l7Zdfl.0l'I and Llierafurc C. B. MOORE, Jlanager MAin 5224 Room 400 519 Main St. Chester Sheatzley and Son COMPLETE FOOD MARKET 2065 BEECHMONT AVE. SUtton 6125 - 6126 VONDY'S GRILL CINCINNATVS FINEST FISH DINNERS LunCh,65cfDiriners, 85C and Up Home Aiade Pies and Chili Short Orciers Mu11er's Shoes and Shoe Repairing Qufzfzfy i7Iafer1'af.r Fxperz' I1!0l'k W. L. DOUGLAS SHOES 2061 BEECHMONT AVE. BEec1vmont 7687 ULMER SOHIO SERVICE 6367 SALEM PIKE BEeChmont 7781 Page 6 5 FEEL FIT! GET IN STEP DRINK MORE MILK HAVE MORE PEP HYDE PARK DAIRY CO. "For Thaw lflzo Demand Qualzfzf' MELROSE 1504 C0mpf1'meni,r of BERT GOMIEN C0l71jJ!l.l7'l6IZfJ Qjf C R Mt. Washington Plumbing CO. A I E I B E c K M A N N 2155 BEECHMONT AVE. A BEeChmOnt 7788 A T I Complimenbr of BRICK CONTRACTOR 1 STAN FISHER I BEechmOnt 8069 1 V Fisher Paint and Glass Co. 2225 BEECHMONT AVE. SALEM ROAO RUSSELL REED IEEPS AND WILLYS TRUCKS REO TRUCKS T CHERRY GROVE, O. BEechmont 8551 1 Page 64 Areu't they cute? Good-by Betty Grimble. L' i '-tk ang 1 e. ' Comfortable Xvuvers. Hat anal Dot. Tree Lovers. Bet it's wet. '49'ers. Ioauie. Food. Inf ured. Page 65 COMPLIMENTS OF FCDRESTVILLE FUEL AND SUPPLY CG. "TRY FORESTVILLE FIRST" C-0'-7 Hardware - Builder s Supphes Feed Bottled Gas Hot Point Electmcal Apphances CO9 QHIO PH E BEECIMONT 16-10 P110 66 Complfmenff Qi' CUmpZl.mmiJ of TWIN MILLS I ESTER'S SHELL SERVICE STEAKS - CHICKEN Q BEGCDIHOHL 703-1 CHERRY GROVE Complfnzenif qf Com,0Zz'menz'J of P AND I FRUIT MARKET BETTY AND PATTY GEHL MADDUX TEXACO SERVICE PAUL'S BARBER SHOP 7150 SALEM AVE. BEechmont 7-154 7750 XVEST UNION ROAD GREASING - WASHING A FORESTWLLE Complimenh 0 1, SALEM BARBER SHOP ' I CORNER OF SALEM AND BEACON TWIN LAKES IVAN FINEOUT, Proprfeior D. B. PHILLIPS C. O. ALBIEZ A White Villa Store WHITE VILLA MEYER'S FOOD PARTRIDGE BRAND PRODUCTS PORK PRODUCTS FROSTED FOODS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Wye Deliver 7650 BEECHMONT AVE. SUTTON 6295 FORESTX ILLE, OHIO Page 67 c 0 w P E R T H w A E DESOTO PLYMOUTH Salem and nS6f'K'l-CC ELQRIST Pm' B e n n e t t -2':"i Mo t o rf S cz Ze s Dfrecf fxI1l'f0l:1f Dealer' IJZUWEIHI' For fl!! Uccaxfom' CEIERRH' GIZOXVE, OHIO BEeChmont 7158 CHERRY GROVE BEeChm0nt 7490 KERNS MCTOR LUNCH You Have Your. C0!71f?f!.l7lEl1f1F of XVILLIAIW C. ULRICH r N O Colne Here, ffl Gel Jlfne X THANKS HERFF-IQNES CQ. Claim' Ifl.l'l.f1J' and PIIHJ' -1790 EASTERN AVE. EAst 9759 Page 6167 gs-42.2-,ff MQ? Q 9? 3 ff 15 5 fs Q C0mplz'n1enzf.f ' Conzpl1'nzenz'Iv Q15 Qf LEHMAN'S GROCERY SALEM AND SUTTON Aionday Q BEeChmont 7507 Q Delfvepu Through Saturday XVednesday Excepting T. 2050 P. WHITE E4 SONS Established 1870 . Our On ly Locaifon BEECHMONT AVENUE CINCINNATI 30, OHIO BEechmont 7150 SOPI-IOMORE CLASS CLASS OFFICERS Preddenz' .... .... B ILL NKAST Secreiaqzf .,.. ,... B OB WILSON Treawurer .... IANET SLAY Page 70 UM T DAN FRED ROOS BILL K DOB CUSTOM TA1LoR WILLIE . BOB Clothes hancl cut and tailored to your individual HAROLD B- ED measure, STANLEY BEechmont 8768 6155 comm sf. C0l7l,U!l-l7lEIIfil' of FLAMINGO INN C0l7lP!l'l716l1f.I' of Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Buchanan and Family William Roos Sohio Service Station 7560 BEECIIMONT AVENUE Complffzzenir of HARTLAUB' S GROCERY C0mpl1'n1en1f.r of JAMES D. EITHEN BUILDING CONTRACTOR 1525 VICTOR AVE. BEechmont 8520 Crowther' s Appliance Shop SALEM AND BEACON STS. BEechmont 90-15 W'haf mofl women wan! mow! General Electric Appliances - Television Magic Chef Ranges - R.C.A. Raclios WIDDLE'S TAVERN CHOICE STEAKS AND CHICKEN DINNERS lack Salmon - Home Made Pies Pete Lippolis' General Store ASHLAND GASOLINE AND PRODUCTS Pollefjy and .7VovelIz'e.v' 4000 BEECHMONT LEVEE CHERRY GROVE SUtton 6050-M Shepard's Radio and Appliance HANNA DRY CLEANERS Shop "Friendly and Quality Service" 7516 BEECHMONT AVE, FORESTVILLE, 0, 2114 BEECHBIONT AVE, MT. XVASIIINGTON Qualify Service SUtton 6172 Conzpl1'nzen!.v' of BOHRER BROTHERS FLORISTS SALEM PIKE BEechmont 7175 "live Live Up To Our .7VameH The Guarantee Painting and Decorating Co. Interior and Exterior - Churches and Theaters Bliechmont 8462 BRADFORD'S BEVERAGES A Fine Selection For Every Occasion lfve Deliver 1850 SUTTON AVE, BEechmout 7270 Page 71 SCHWARTZ , NATIONALLY ADVERTISED APPAREI Q A 1EN'S YVEAR Q FRIEND X XVASH K Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Kline and Family Page 7 5 Fierce looking. Holding the door. On your mark. Dick. YVatCh the birdie. 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