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ilmfza 1 Z-goat' AiQwJ V 4?!' f,f,q,.f0'.-44.1 Q31-lf!!!-44fAf ff fa, XX t My X 251748 Q f E H 2 in r, x 5 '1 2 L f e 5 V 4 - 1 i A nl :2 SE f 32 '54 3 9 5 Y 55 ai .. if Si 'B wi 2 Qi v " W' ' " KW ' "1NmxnAuwfmw1vwm5zmluuw'w'1vwrm2,,1xSMw' Jwu1 . . ' ' .nlxaggsaxzvamifnawa:.'mw5s1xx4.fx:+:xmWQ'7ri,,-26:43 I FOREWORD ln tllis year ol 1948 anotlier senior class will gracluate from Anderson. We pause to look loaclq over the last twelve years. We have liacl many disappointments ancl failures, but We have also liaol a great many pleasures and successes. We will long be grateful to Anclerson and lier stall of teachers for the lxnowleclge they have lielpecl us to acquire., Qur aim for tlie future is uto loe ratlier tlian to seem to lyef, Tlie worlcl toclay is searcliing for trutlu anol for genuine personalities. We seniors are encleavoring to put away false pretenses and loe our true selves, not copies of someone else. Vvitlx tliis aim and tlie lcinclly spirit oi Anderson lneliind us, We hope to become wortliy citizens of the United States and of tlle Worlcl. I ,fl X .1 X i 4 XJ eg N 'X X jf.7 fin 09 QT? RGY S. TUCKER DEDICATION To Mr. Roy S. Tucker, our year book actviser, who has set an example by his quiet Way of getting things clone, We dedicate this eighteenth Anclersonian. May t1iS ability to tt'lr0W tight upon tife's problems, Without resulting heat, be copied by att of his pupils. Page 5 SCHOOL BOARD Vvilliam M. Judd Clarence VV. Bell, Jr. ..-. , A J ,pl VV. VI dl ' Andrew H. XfVitIlf0XX' Rc-storcr C. Ay OFFICERS President ...... ......... VV ILLIAM JUDD Vice-President .... ..,.... J OSEPH MADDUX Clerk ....... ,.... R ESTORER AYER Pg6 .A Confidence, faith, ciieerfuiness, and optimism are the symbols for the equation of the atomic age. The relationship and position of each in the scheme of life is our part in balancing this equation. To you of the class of 1948 we Wisii enough confi- dence to aiiow you to attack successfully the difficult adjustments to be made in modern living. May you have faith that shall bring out the best in your associates. ciieerfulness that is spontaneous and conceals time sordid part of life, and optimism that smoothes tile path for your fellow man and believes that the Ioest of and for the race is yet to come. Page 7 L' Svzrfz-rl: Nlru. Emily Bwwnetl fsulmslilntc- for lvlrs. Alice Franlci, Mrs. Eva Fay Cress, lvlrs. Lurene Omer Nlrs. Emma Baircl, lvlrs. .lane Rcecler, Mrs. Eleanor Bauer, Miss Nina Lou Leeds, Miss Girtrucle Aclclifoti: Stancling, Row One: Nlrs. Besse Ayer, lvlrs. Frances Slwreve. Mrs. Elecfa Adams, lvlrs. lvlae SIIlC'llICl' Vlrs lxlarllm Baker, Blrs. ylildrecl Hull, lvliss Lou Anna Knuckles: Row Two: Nlrs. Emma Jolmson. Nlrs. Georgia Ayer, lVliss Mary Laugh, Mrs. Virginia Ricketts, Mr Harold lxlaclclux. Nlrs. Edna Simcox. JUNIGR HIGH AND GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY SY-lVliss Gertrude Aclclicott SX-Mr. Harold Z. Maddux 7Y-Mrs. Eclna Simcox 7X-Nlrs. Electa Adams 6Y-lxflrs. Georgia Ayer 6X-lVlrs. Bessie B. Ayer 5Y-lVlrs. Nlilclrecl Hull 5X-Mrs. Emma C. Johnson 4X-lvliss Nina Lou Leecls -Mrs. Eva Faye Cress 4Z- 3Y-Miss Lou Anna Knuckles Mrs. Virginia Ricketts -Miss Mary Laugh -Mrs. Alice Franlc -Mrs. Lurene Omer IY-Mrs. Frances Shreve IX-Mrs. Mae Smeltzer Mrs. Martha Baker Miss Eleanor Bauer'-Religious Education KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Emma Baird NIFS. tlilflff RCCCICT lligl- 8 NIR. RICHARD VV. HERRON iviiami University, A.B. Univorsity of Cincinnati, iVl.A. Assistant Higli Sciiool Principai Amcrifan History Aolvanccci Civics Physical Education and Hvaltir Traclc Coacii Assistant Football Coaclw MR. ROY S. TUCKER Qiiio Slate University. Freslnman Boys Aclvisor Cilcmislry Piiysics General Science MISS MILDRED ZIELINSKI University of Cincinnati, BS. in Bus. Ecl. Sopiiomorc Girls Azlvisor Typing i ancl ll Slmrtllancl Boolcla-1-ping Salcsmunslnip QQM MISS VERA MAE NASH FIR. CHARLES L. BROXVN MRS. MARY STRUKE Oilio Vveslcyan, ixliami University, ivliami University, University of Cincinnati. iVl.Ecl. Senior Boys Aclvisor Junior Boys Acivisor Senior Cvirls Aclvisor Vvorlcl History English ll, lll Engiisii ll, lV Consumer Goods Spanish l. ll Latin l. ll Piiysical Eclucation ancl Hcaltil Frcncll l Coacii-Footlaall, Basicctlnall. and Baseball MISS ELEANOR GRAHAM MRS. ANN DAISEY Univ:-rsity oi Cincinnati, A.B., Pennsylvania Art Coll:-gc oi Dv- sign ior Vvomcn .lunior Girls Advisor Art D:-partnicnt N Algebra l, ll Plane ancl Soiicl Geometry iliri gonpm ctry Miss Lois J. NIELSEN N155 BETTY SQATHIS Miami Univ:-rsity, BS. in Educ. Mlgnll Umversliyf ' '. GEIVS Hcahh and PINS' University ofC1nrrnnat1, ' Sopiiomorv Boys Amlvisor Biology Engiisil l Page 9 MRS. PAULINE MINDER Ollio University, NLS. lin-simian Cvirls Advisor Home Economics l, ll, lll. IV Gr-nc-rai Science MR. JACK VVELLBAUM University of Cincinnati, BS. in Mus. Ed. .lunior ancl Senior Band instrumental Nlusic COMPLIMENTS OF SENIOR PARENTS Mr. and lvlrs. F. VV. Bauer Mr. ancl lVlrs. F. E. Beyer Mr. and Nlrs. C. L. Boggs Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Brocleen lwlr. ancl lvlrs. T. l'l. Brown Mr. and Mrs. L. Burnes lVlrs. H. Cline lxlr. and Mrs. J. H. Dumont lVlrs. L. Klose QBill Erllolcll lxlr. ancl Mrs. rl. L. Frey lVlrs. V. L. Galllney Mr. ancl Mrs. L. D. Gaslcins lvlr. and lxlrs. G. W. Glasgow lVlr. and lVlrs. C. A. Hawlcins Mr. and lVlrs. A. R. l-lundley lVl.r. ancl Mrs. L. A. lllaarclt Mr. ancl Mrs. M. .laclcson Mrs. C. Kendall lxflr. and lvlrs. L. H. Keyes lylr. ancl lvlrs. R. Koenig Mr. and Mrs. E. Kyle lVlr. C. Lanier Mr. ancl Mrs. C. Lawson Mr. P. Lippolis lVlr. ancl Wlrs. lwl. Mccarlluy Mr. ancl lvlrs. C. E. Mcliinniss Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Mills Mr. ancl lxflrs. R. VV. Muclamore lN'lr. and Mrs. S. S. Cury lVlr. ancl Mrs. S. Palm Mr. and lxflrs. B. R. Pullon lVlr. and Mrs. F. Raine lVlr. and lvlrs. S. E. Sheppard lvlr. ancl Mrs. J. Slagge Mr. ancl Mrs. H. Staggenlaorg lylr. and lVlrs. E. Stoclcslager lVlrs. T. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. A. Taylor Nlr. and Mrs. Vvilson Mr. R. E. Wright Mr. ancl Mrs. N. Young Mr. ancl lwlrs. L. Zimmers Page 10 wi 337' SENICJR CLASS OFFICERS President .,.................... CHARLES RAINE Vicefpresiclent . . . ....... JAMES PALIV1 Secretary ..... ........... B ETTY LEE BEYER Treasurer . . ....... MIRIAM STOCKSLAGER Colors: Maroon and White s Motto: BTO be rnlher than to seem to bef, Page 12 FIOLUGFI Red Rose SHIRLEY RAJ EAN ABLING fPunkyl Annual 4: Class Play 3. 4: G. A A I, 2. 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: MHSQUC Hfld GHVCI ll Glee lf 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2: Key- BFOIIZC. DOLORES JUANITA BRODEEN fDeel Cambridge Higl: l: Annual Eclitor 4: Lantern 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: G, A. A. 2, 3. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: C-lee Club 2, 3, 4. CLARENCE DONALD BOGGS f Country l Annual 4: Class Play 3, 4: Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4: Football 4: Baseball 4: Pep Club l. BETTY LEE BEYER fLiZl -Lg" Class Secretary 4: Annual Asst. Feature Writer 4: Lantern 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: G. A. A. l, 2, 3: Y-Teens l, 2, 3. 4: Masque and Gavel I: Glee Club l, 3: Pep Club l, 21 Scllolarslmip l, 2, 3, 4: Key- Grand Golcl and Guarcl. FRANK H. BAUER ISliml Class Treasurer 2: Annual Business Manager 4: Lantern 3. Business lvlanager 4: Class Play 3. 4: Hi-Y l, 2. 3: Pep Club l, 2: Scholarship 3, 4. 'Ili :gc 13 THEODORE H. BROWN fllecll Annual Pliotograplmr 4: Class Play 3, -'l: Pep Club l, MARILYN DOROTHY BURNES fMinl Annual 4: Class Play 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club l: Pep Club l: Sclmlar- sluip l, 2, 3: Key-Silver. MARILYN LORAINE DUMONT IDM Annual 4: Class Play 3, 4: G, A. A. 1.2. 3. 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Cvlee Club l, 2. 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2: Clicerleaclcr 4: Key-Silver. CHARLES EVAN RAINE fCharliel , V. Presiclent 3: Presiclent 4: Annual Advertising Manager 4: Lantern l. 2. 3: Eclitor 4: Class Play 3, 4: Stu- clent Council 3: Hi-Y l, 2, 3: Secre- tary 4: Football Manager 3: Traclc Manager 3: Pep Club l: Masque ancl Gavel l: Scllolarsbip 2, 3, 4: Key - Silver, JUDITH ANN FREY Uurlyl Annual 4: Class Play 4: Cv. A. A. 4: Y-Teens 4: C-lee Club 1: Pep Club l, 2. M BETTY ANN GAFFNEY IBQIII Annual 4: Class Play 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 1. 2. 3, 4: Glee Club 1,34 Pep Club 1, 2: Key -Silver. BETTY MARIE GASKINS fBeity Reel Annual 4: Class Play 3, 4: Cv. A. A. 1.2.3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2. 3, Pres- ident 4: lvlasque ancl Cvavel l: Cvlee Club 1. 3: Pep Club 1. 2: Cheer- leader 3, Co-Captain 4: Key-Silver. HELEN GEORGEANN GLASGOW 'Georgel Annual 4: Lantem 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Cv. A. A. 4: Y-Teens l. 2. 4: Glee Club 1: Pep Club 1: Scbolar- sbip 2, 4: Key-Silver. JACK ALLEN HAWKINS lhlawkl Class Presiclent l: V. Pres. 2: An- nual 4: Class Play 3, 4: Hi'Y l, 2. 3, V. Presiclent 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. STELLA MAE HUNDLEY fsisl Annual 4: Lantern 2. 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Y-Teen l, 2, 3. 4: Glec Club l: Pep Club 2: Key-Bronze. LAWRENCE WM. ILHARDT fLarryI Annual 4: Football 4: Baseball 4. SHIRLEY JUNE JACKSON U- I-I Annual Art Editor 4: Lantern l: Class Play 3, 4: Cv. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teen l, 2. 3, 4: Glce Club l. 2. 3, 4: Pep Club l: Key-Bronze. GLENN IRVIN KENDALL fCocol Annual 4: Lantern 3. 4: Class Play 4' Hi-Y l, 2: Pep Club l: Key- Silver. RICHARD LEE KEYES fDiclel Annual Pllotogrznplwr 4: Class Play 3. -l: Pup Club l. CHARLES KYLE fCl1arliel Annual 4: Class Play 3, 4: Hi-Y l, 2. 4: Football 4: Pep Club l. Page 14 -4. . 4, .24 CHARLES LAWSON ICl1uckl Annual 4: Class Play 3: Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Baslivt- bull 1, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 3, 4, Truuk 3, 4, Pep Club 1. HELEN ROSE LIPPOLIS fRee Petel Annual 4: Lantern l, 2, 3: Class Play 3. 4, G. A. A. I, 2. 3,Y-Teens I. 2.3, 4, Glee Club 1.2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club l. JOANIQIE MCCARTHY U01 Annual Asst. Editor 4: Class Play 3, G. A, A. l,2,3,Y-Teeus1,2, 3, Glee Club l. 2, Pep Club I, Scholarship l, 2, 3, 4: Key-Graml Gold. CHARLES R. MCKINNISS fclnarliel Class Treasurer l: Class President 3: Annual 4: Lantern l, 2: Class Play 3. 4: Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4: Footllall 2, 3, 4: Baslcetlaall l. 2: Baselnall 2: Traclc 2, 3, 4: Pep Clulu 1: Key- Silver. MARGARET D. MILLS flwargel AIIIIUHI 42 l-ilIll.Cl"l'l 32 ClilSS 3. 4: G. A. A. l, 2. 3. 4: Y-Teens I, 2. 3: Glee Club l. 2. 3: Pep Club l: Cheerleader 3. CO-Captain 4. Page ROBERT WILLIAM MUCHMORE, JR. IRedl Class Secretary 3: Annual 4: Lan- tern 2, 3: Class Play 3. 4: Hi-Y Q, 3. 4: Football 3, 4: Baslcetloall 2, 3, 4: Bnselaall 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3: Pep Club l. DONALD SIDNEY OURY fDonl Annual 4: Baseluall 2. 3, 4: U.S.N.R. 3, 4: Pep Club l. JAMES EDGAR PALM fDeaconl V. President 4: Annual 4: Lantern 4: Class Play 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Pep Clula l: Scllolarsllip 2, 3, 4: Key- Silver. ARTHUR EUGENE PULLON IArtl Amelia l: Annual 4: Class Play 3. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4. EUGENE SHEPPARD lGenel Annual 4: Class Play 3, 4: Pep Club 1: Glee Club 4. 15 .9 .W JOSEPH H. STAGGE Uoel Annual 4: Class Play 4: Pep Club l : Sftllolarsllip VIRGINIA LEE STAGGENILORG lGinnyl Class Treasurer 3: Annual Sports Editor 4: Lantern l: Class Play 3, 4: Student Council Secretary 3: G. A. A. l, Secretary 2, V. Prefi- dent 3, president 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3. 4: Masque ancl Gavel lc Glen- Club l: Pep Club l: Scbolarsbip l. 2, 3, 4: Key-Gold. MIRIAM IDELLE STOCKSLAGER fMurl Class Treasurer 4: Annual Feature Eclitor 4: Class Play 3. 4: Y-Teen l. 2, 3. V. President 4: Cvlee Club l: Sclmlarsllip l, 2, 3, 4: Key-Grancl Gu . BETTY JANE SWEENEY fBetl Annual Asst. Business lvlanagf-r 4: Class Play 3, 4: G. A. A. l, 2. 3. 41 Y-TCCUF l, 3, 41 MHSQUC? flllil Gavel 1: Glas Club 1. 2, 3, fl: Pep Club l: Key--Bronze. EILEEN JUNE TAYYLOR lsisl Annual 4: Class lilay 3. 4: fl. A. A. I, 2. 3, 4: Yflrcns I, 2, 3, 11: Glen Club I, 3, 4: Pep Club I. GLORIA HELEN VANN fbittle Iodine, Annual 4: Class Play 3. 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club l : Pep Club l. JANET SUE WILSON Uanl Annual 4: Class Play 3: G. A. A. l. 2. 3. 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 4: Glec Club l, 2, 3. 4: Pep Club l. ROBERT ELWOOD WRIGHT fgudl ' Annual 4: Class Play 3, 4: Hi-Y l, 2. 3. President 4: Bancl l, 2, 3, 4: Football 3. 4: Baslcetball Manager 3, 4: Pep Club l. LORAINE RUTH YOUNG fsnoolesl 3 Annual Circulation Man cr v4: Class Play 3, 4: G. A. 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens l. 2, 3, Secretary 4: Glue Club l, 3: Pep Club l: Scllolarsliip l. 2. 3, 4: Key-Grand Cvolcl aficl Guarcl. RICHARD RUDOLPH ZIMMECS fDiclel Class Play 3, 4: Basketball 2: Bascf ball 4: Pep Club l. Q- Pugc 16 in ix, Forestviiie, Ohio May 17, 1948 Dear Mr. Vvright, Today the senior class of 1948 had their annuai reunion. We did a tot of reminiscing about our schoot days and We thought that maybe you would like to remember those years with us. We ati remembered that as we started to schooi, we were curious and yet doubtful about that new procedure in,our, tives. Vve marveled at the patience Miss Thompson and Miss Hovius must have hadiin trying to teach us to read and count. it was weii remembered that most of our second grade was spent in iearning to write. By the way, some ot us stiii canst write iegibiy enough for others to read it. But we can,t blame Miss Kaiserman and Miss Headley because they did their part. Thereis one thing we learned in the third grade that none of us has ever forgotten. That is the multiplication tables. By the time we had said! Ugoodbyen to Miss Laugh and Miss Brothers, we were starting to count the number of years untii We would be through with school. Vve began the study oi geography in the fourth grade. Miss Nobie and Niiss Harmon taught us a tot about the countries of the world. The fifth and sixth grades brought a great deal of change. Instead of two teachers we now had four. Our homework increased by leaps and bounds. Miss Powers and Miss McCord, fifth grade home room teachers, and hfirs. Besse Ayer and Mrs. Georgia Ayer, sixth grade home room teachers, had their share in giving the homeworic. One of our male classmates reminded us that the boys began wearing iong pants in the fifth grade which was a red-ietter day for them. Our seventh and eight grades were preparations for high school. Vvith the heip of hfiiss Murphy, Wir. Maddux, Nliss Addicott, and Mr. Smalley, we prepared for the eight grade state test. After our eight grade graduation, high school was the next step. We became fuii-Hedged freshmen after a stiff initiation. Right then we can remember how we started to pian a ubettern initiation for the uniucicy freshmen the next year. In the ninth and tenth grades we had stiii more teachers, new schedules. detentions, etc. Vve are indebted to Miss ixflartin, Mr. Myers, Mrs. Seaman, and Miss Graham for their advice and counsel during these years as our home room teachers. A We remembered ati the hard woric and ioads of fun we had in producing our Junior Ciass piay, HA Little Honeyf! With the help of Mrs. Struite and Mrs. Ziegler we said Ugoodbyeu to the seniors with a ioveiy banquet and dance. iwtany memories made up our senior year. Remember, Wir. Wright, how many times you had to taiit to us about our annual so that we,d put more work on it? That annual meant a tot to us once it was compieted. After our ciass play was over, Miss Nash and Mr. Brown turned our thoughts to a ciass day program and graduation. Our Aima Mater has come to mean more to us since our graduation and we shaii never forget her. Sincerely, The Senior Class of 1948 Page 18 New York City Dear Mr. Vvright, l thought you might he interested to hear news ol the class of '48 and how the informa- tion came to my attention. I had just finished giving a private lesson in dramaticswhen there was a knock on my door. To my surprise, it was James Edgar Palm, the great inventor, who had been a former classmate of mine at Anderson School. He hurried to tell me of his latest invention. which, he said, worked somewhat on the principle of that wonderful old thing. television. except that with his invention no cameras, etc., were needed, that it had an automatic viewer. Upon his invitation l grahhed coat and hat and left with him. ln his new Buick. Jim introduced his friend and colleague, the co-inventor of the viewer. lt was then l realized this suave and self-assured gentleman was the Charles Raine l had known in high school. After a few minutes drive we arrived at a giant huilding in the heart of the city and took, the elevator to the fourteenth lloor where we entered a door of an enormous show room. ln a corner there were a large screen and two small black hoxes. Jim turned a knola on one of these and asked whom I would like to check up on. We thought hard and finally ucame up withy' the names of the Senior Class of 718. The following list, I am sure will he of much inreresir SHIRLEY ABLING now hos an enormously large dress salon in New York. BETTY BEYER is the Chief Laboratory Technician at General Hospiiol. DOLORES BRODEEN is rnnrrieol nnrl is husily rearing her family. MARILYN BURNES has made herself famous hy writing a hest seller, which hroke the sales record of all other hooks. MARILYN DUMONT now operates her own laundry in New York City. JUDY FREY owns the worlds largest dog kennel, located in Loveland, Ohio. BETTY GAFFNEY owns and manages uBetty,s Cleanersf, BETTY GASKINS has acquired six inches in stature and is now a tall and stately model. STELLA HUNDLEY is a star reporter on The New York Daily Times. Page 19 JUNE JACKSON is an Art instructor at tile Art Academy in Eclen Park. HELEN LIPPOLIS is time owner and floor walker in a Lippolis chain store. JU ANNE MCCARTHY is time Supl of Nurses at tile Good Samaritan Hospital. VIRGINIA STAGGENBORG, now Mrs. Sloggelluarnmer, has been made famous by her reciiieaclecl quints, who are now Five years old. MIRIAM STOCKSLAGER is a missionary and is doing great work. BETTY SWEENEY is still teaching little ones to dance. EILEEN TAYLOR is now the owner of HTayior's Insurance Company." OLORIA VANN is the piano player in Betty Sweeney's Dancing Academy. JANET WILSON just won the National Typewriting contest with 136 words a minute. LORAINE YOUNG shows her usual efficiency in the jolo of Certified Public Accountant. DOROTHY TAYLOR has been made famous by time growing of blue claiilias in lwer modern florist shop. FRANK BAUER now owns a drugstore equipped with articles that used to be Shein's. DONALD BOGGS is now a chief of a triloe of Indians. TED BRONVN is the owner of a chain of dress shops. JACK HAWKINS is now the manager of Phillips, Grocery store. LARRY ILHARDT owns one of the most modern grocery stores in Mt. Washington. CHARLES KYLE is the co-owner of a very modern and efficient garage. JERRY LANTER finally got a new care-a 1937 model. CHARLES LAVVSON owns a very successful Horist shop. Page 20 CHARLES lVIeKlNNlSS has made a million and has gotten married. BOB MUCHMORE has heroine a eoaeh at Anderson as you know. DON OURY is now a rich holoo. ART PULLON is the owner of a ehain of super markets. GENE SHEPPARD, after pleading these past ten years has been rehired at Gillespie's. JOE STAGGE is now a mechanic in Charlie KyIe,s garage. BOB WRIGHT as you know, has become enormously wealthy and has already retired from his chosen profession. DICK ZllVllVlER is now the manager of Krogers. DICK KEYES has been married three times,-lst time for money: 2nd time for prestige: 3rd time for love. GLENN KENDALL owns a dishwashing plant. Very sincerely, THE SENIOR CLASS Page 21 CLASS WILL Shirley Abting, do will and bequeath my ability to sew on buttons to Mr. H erro n. Frank Bauer, do will and bequeath my tall. slim figure to Tom Bunting. Betty Becker, do will and bequeath the red hair that I wish l had to Mrs. Struke. Betty Beyer, do will and bequeath my good grades in geometry to Stanley Williams. Don Boggs, do will and bequeath my love for Indians to Mr. Brown. 1 Dolores Brocteen, do Witt and bequeatb my ability to tceep a steacty boytrienct to Zona Gosttorn. Ted Brown, do will and bequeattt my tatt, slim figure to Ktayer Kline. Marilyn Burnes, do Witt and bequeatb my quiet disposition to Fred Kocb. Marilyn Dumont, do Witt and bequeatb my ability to sew to Mrs. Minder. Judy Frey, do will and bequeath my natural curty bair to Janet Koppman. May state use it white cheering. Betty Gaffney, do Witt and bequeath my ability to talk fast to Jacque Kubn. Betty Gastcins, do wilt anct bequeatb my Uabitity to arguen to Miss Zietinstci. Georganne Glasgow, cto will and bequeatb my tattcativeness and ability to get into trouble to any one who Witt tatce it. Jack Hawkins, do will and bequeath my looks to Arthur Davis. Stella Hundtey, do will and bequeath my Lantern troubles to Y anee Hatcomb. Larry llhardt, do will and bequeath my sbyness to Clifford Mefford. June Jackson, do will and bequeath my love for art to Mrs. Daisy. Glenn Kendall, do will and bequeath my physique to John Steele. Dick Keyes, do Witt anct bequeatb my ability to keep my motor bilce running to George Henry. Cbartes Kyte, clo will and bequeatb my ability to get hllft in football to Clifford Metford. Jerry Lanter, do will and bequeatb my brigbt remarks to tbe Janitors. Page 22 CLASS WILL Charles Lawson, do will and hequeath my football tactics to Joyce Knippling. Helen Lippoiis. do will and Liequeath my cymhals to Violet Gaffney. JoAnne McCarthy, do will and hequeath my ahiiity to get a sun tan without hurning to Norma Jean Egner. Margaret Mills, do will and hequeath my iilceness for brown eyes to Louise VVitie. Boh Niuchmore, do will and hequeath my red hair to Mr. Tuclcer. Charles McKinniss, clo will and bequeath the hiond hair on my sweater to John Burnes. Ruth Lociclear. do will and bequeath my tom-a-hawk to Don Brown. May he use it to iceep the girls away. Don Oury, do will and bequeath my troubles in school to my brother Bob. Jim Palm, do will and bequeath my extra knowledge to any Junior who needs it. Art Pnllen. do will enel hequeath my quiet disposition re Madeleine Heine. Charles Raine, do will and bequeath my knowledge of Latin to Steve Miller. Eugene Sheppard, do will and bequeath my tickets for reelrless driving to Ed. Arnold. Joe Stagge, do will and bequeath my matured ways to the Freshman girls. Virginia Staggenborg, do will and bequeath my neat, trim hairdo to Miss Nash. Miriam Stoclcslager, do will and bequeath my ability to get Physics to Mr. Tueker. Betty Sweeney, do will and bequeath my ability to blow blue bubbles to Miss Graham. Eileen Taylor, do will and bequeath my quielr temper to Pat Martin. Gloria Vann, do will and bequeath my nielrname, "Little Iodine," to Laverne Bridges. Janet Wilson, do will and bequeath my ability to do Skyroelret to Pat Gehl. Bob Wright, do will and bequeath my ambition to he a baehelor to Kenny Bauman. Loraine Young, do will and bequeath my seat in study hall to Norma Egner. Dick Zimmers, do will and hequeath my ahiiity to he a hermit to Boh Moore. V Page 23 Name SHIRLEY ABLING FRANK BAUER BETTY BEYER DON BOGGS DOLORES BRODEEN THEODORE BROWN MARILYN BURNES MARILYN DUMONT J UDITH FREY BETTY GAFFNEY BETTY GASKINS GEORGEANNE GLASGOW JACK HAWKINS STELLA HUNDLEY LAWRENCE ILHARDT JUNE JACKSON GLENN KENDALL RICHARD KEYES CHARLES KYLE JERRY LANTER CHARLES LAWSON HELEN LIPPOLIS JOANN MCCARTHY CHARLES MCKINNISS MARGARET MILLS ROBERT MUCHMORE DONALD OURY JAMES PALM ARTHUR PULLON CHARLES RAINE EUGENE SHEPPARD JOSEPH STAGGE VIRGINIA STAGGENBORG MIRIAM STOCKSLAGER BETTY SWEENEY EILEEN TAYLOR GLORIA VANN JANET WILSON ROBERT WRIGHT LORAINE YOUNG RICHARD ZIMMERS SENIOR PERSONALITIES Favorite Expression Gosh! Oht you're stupid I donit care Hooic your tip Shut upi Hi-Lo You wanna het? My heavens You old goat Huh ?? I don't understand Yee Gadsii Oh. i don't icnow W-E-L-L Oh, not again Aw, shootii Gook-Ball I donyt know Boys! Boys! Let's tight! Uh, my goshii You dope W-O-W I mean nowii Shut up, confound youi Come on, Chev.'s go. Oh joy Oh no Hey, Ding! Shut up Sure Y-E-S Letys do something rowdyi I'lI be! Hi, huddy I don't icnow How could you, Pullout Oh, goodness Depends on where you sit Page 24 Ambition To he an artist Own a drug store Medical technologist To have a mittion doiiars To get the annuat out on time To own a dress shop To have hangs To taice in washings To get married To talk stowty To he a gang maui? To he an actress Own a tavern To he a reporter Own a grocery store To paint and draw-and paint To he chief dish washer at Linder's Pharmacist To own a cigarette tighter that works To own a Cadillac To he a teacher at an ati-girl coiiege Manufacture Buick convertiioies To he a nurse To make a million and get married Marry a genteman To he a hum To he a rich hobo To own a gas station To he a marine Qperate a gas station in Bermuda Be a traveling satesman Get married Teach religious education To teach tittie ones to dance To he a private secretary To he an X-ray technician To improve my iooics To steep ati day To iron Mariiynis washings VVaity's joh at Krogefs SENIOR PERSONALITIES makn9SS Blue eyes Hot 903's Boys Convertihie Cadillac Brown curiy hair Short skirts Dark, silent type men Kern's steak sandwiches "Bohn Fudge sundaes Curiosity Curly, red hair 13th and Vine Dark hair, hrown eyes uBoh's,' Peppermint sticks Ice cream Girls Chesterfietds 36 Plymouth Blonde bathing heauty uEivieu Dark, curly hair Certain blonde Brown eyes Coolidge Avenue Bermuda Beach Spreading joy Sleeping in class Music Girls Strawberry sodas Otlerhein Cashmere sweaters Blue eyes. hionde hair Boys Cherry pie Buttermilk Niiami Beach Page 25 Distinction Best seamstress Best mate dancer Most brains Most personality Prettiest smite Taiiest hoy Quietest girl Most personality Prettiest hair Prettiest hiue eyes Most vivacity Nicest manners Prettiest hair Best girl typist Quietest hoy Prettiest eyes Best hoy typist Most pep Best physique Broadest shoulders Best an-around athlete Shortest girl Cutest dimples Nicest voice Niost poise Best disposition Nicest manners Most brains Cutest smite Most iiiceiy to succeed Prettiest eyes Heartiest eater Best sense of humor prettiest hands Best female dancer prettiest complexion Smallest feet Best wardroioe Cutest dimples Sweetest Nicest complexion First Row: Xxyiiiiam Burke, Roincrt Luse. Ruin:-rt Beckman, Ciiiiord Nieiliord, Xviiiiam yiarsiiaii, Edward Bciiymer, Staniey Yviiiiams, iViadeicine Heine, yiaria Lcimlan, Ida ix'ICSSlll0I', Carolyn Kocii, Betty Sriiiciciier, Rutti Brock: Second Rum: Jeanne Vvixcatiey, Laverne Bridges, Dan Gocppcr, Dorotiiy Gray, Aima Juiiis. Betty Gr-ini. Rutil Staggc. Vernon Hawkins, VN7iiiiam Krummei, Laurvnrr' Morten, Yam-ft Hiliromio, Harold Taylor, Don Goepper, Elaine Ayer, Ramona Eiiiott. .loyfe Ciiiton, Janet Koppman: Third Row: Jim Eiiiman, John Burns, .iacii Buriuanan, Bota ixiourc, Robert Stringer, Joim Siceiv. Ann Xvyiioti, Rutii Rotix. Peggy Laudeman, Edward Amoid. Cari Bridges. Jacque Kuim, Biartixa Vim Snun, Joyce Knippiing. Louise Sancr, ixiariiyn DeLong. Joan BOXW'lllill1. Nancy' Carr. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President. .... ., . .DONALD GOEPPER Vice-President . . . . .WILLIAM BURKE Secretary ..... . . .RANIONA ELLIOTT Treasurer . . . . . .HAROLD TAYLOR The prospective memioers of time Ciass of '49 are iooicing iaacic over tile ciosing sciiooi year with enjoyment and to time coming year witii anxiety. The traditionai Junior-Senior Banquet was again iieid at Anderson. For tile second succeeding year, tile Junior-Senior Prom was made open, with eacti Junior and Senior aiiowed one guest. Students and guests were amazed at tiie transformation which iiad ioeen made in time appearance of the gymnasium for time occasion. Time Junior Ciass piay, HA Date Xvitti Judy," was iieid in time sciiooi on November 19, 1947 tmeiore a capacity audience. Page 26 First Row: Joyce Jackson, Rohert Mitchell, Jerry Rucker, Donald Kyle. Tom Bunting, Rudolph Skott, Vvil- liam Oriclc. Frank Hittel, Paul Marion, Eugene Ellis, Arthur Vvhite, Harold Speaks, Donald Hinson. lrvin Kron, Miriam Lihhec, Marjorie Shrum: Second Row: Virginia Young, Dolores Lohstroh, Joyce Gibson, Grace Gilhert, Jean Busch, Zona Goshorn. Dan Taylor, Arlen Leslie, Robert Knahh, Jerry Maddux, Ruth Holltield. Barlnara Willard, Pat Martin. Romilda Metz, Kenneth Shaw. Kenneth Tarvin, Ronnie Guenther, Ted Harris, Betsy Schott, Patty Gehl. Donald Brown, Laura Miller. Virginia Sheppard. Frances Allen, Georgia Kay, Jo Ann Gallagher, Corrine Behymer. Faye Hiige, Patricia Miller: Third Row: Juanita Phillips, Anne Bolton, Bonnie Fithen, Elaine Vvitschger. Franlc Ellerhorst, Diclc Boettger, Don Bruestlc, Marilyn rlayior, Nancy Holbrook. Claudia Buchanan, Lois Greer, Norma Jean Egner, Joyce Vvhitalcer, Peggy Leslie. Etta Mae Taylor, Arthur Davis, Klayer Kline, Fred Koch, Richard lvladdux, Robert Oury, Diclc Burnes. Charles Hicks, Eugene llhardt, Lorne Loring. Lois Jean Ein- spanier, Harriette Alosher, Jeanne Fairbanks, Margaret Eyles. Jewell Merritt, and Ethel Jolley. SOPHOMORE CLASS QFFICERS President .... .... R QBERT MITCHELL Vice-President . . . .... DICK BOETTGER Secretary .... .... V IRGINIA YOUNG Treasurer . . . . . .KENNETH SHAVV The class of 1950 returned in the fall prepared to follow in the steps of the upper- classmen. The total enrollment was seventy-three. They toolc advantage of their privilege to initiate the Freshmen, lout were unahie to sponsor the usual Freshman Dance. The class was well represented in all school activities and clubs. Many girls participated in Y-Teens and G.A.A. and the boys in Hi-Y. Both participated in glee club and Band. The class was very proud of their reserve team, which was composed of sophomores. Vve. as a class, hope to hold and iceep the honor that the previous classes have held. Page 27 First Row: Harvey Koch. Neil Carter, Steve Miller, Joe Hun, Walter Hair, Joan Thacker, Dorothy Chaney Mary Jo Smith, Ruth Boettger, Joan Palm, Edward Bass, David Eggers, James Riley: Second Row: James Vvheattey. Betty Brooks, June Stringer, Phillip Maddux, Tom Justice. Stuart Rose Ralph Vvhite, Jim Heritage, Ronald Scliarringtiausen, Don Fields, Niarttna VVOH-angel, ixiary Dierks-r Patriria Eldridge, Charles Shanks, Robert Dieckmann: Third Row: Dianne Ott, Ivlilflllil Dyer, Jane Kelly. Eileen Dietrich. Garnet Xvells, Janet Spitzmitler, Erniline Vvrigllt, Euniee Speneer, Janet Slay. Jean Rose. Violet Gaffney, Lavinia Giilwert, Ginny Rirtlardson .loan Burns, .lo Ann Ntorton. and Bernire Ferrell. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President .... . . . .KENNETH BAUMAN Vice-President . . . . .WARREN BEHYMER Secretary ..... .... VV ILLIAM MAST Treasurer . . . .... JERRY SCOTT Page 28 - if an First Row: Ricluarcl DeLong. Kenneth Bauman, Arthur Scihert. Earl Cramer, Robert Carr, Richard Nix Cnrlile, Bill lVlast, Hcrhr-rt lVlcDinc, John Turcly. Dale Dietrich. Ray Berlcu, Vvayne Priclcett: Seconcl Row: Clyfle Kelcli, George Henry, Elmer Folios, Ray Dyer. Arthur Kauffman, Ray Schmidt, James Cyer, Carrol VX'arcl, lacli XN'allace, Rohcrt Daisy. Jack Steffen, Jerry Scott: Tliircl Row: Juanita laclcson. .laclcie Ahslicr. Carol Beckman, lVlc-ryle Knippling, Vivian Merten, lxflarjorie Svtrilior, Louise Xvityc. ,lune Rucker. Jeanette Dunn. Jean lvleyers. Jean Carr, Nancy Carter, .loan Duncan, .lancl Boggs, Ruth Pullon. .lo Ann Epping, Helen Hunclcmer, Dolores Gilpin. and Shirley Fohes. FRESHMAN CLASS The class ol 1951 enterecl the halls of Anderson as lull lleclged Freshmen. ln a very short time our class provecl to he a valuable aclclition to the High School. Vvirh the patient ancl unclerstancling guidance of Mrs. Minder and lVlr. Tuclcer, Antler- son soon lelt the influence of such a large class. ln fact. it is the largest class in the history ol Anderson consisting ol one hundred-two memhers. Vvith many male students playing lootloall, haslcetloall, ancl laasehall, girls entering Y-Teens and learning haslcetloall, cleclc tennis, and hoclcey in G.A.A., our class provecl itself to he all-around, in sports, as well as in scholastic aloility. Page EE Q E 5 F i E Seutml: Wir. Tucker-Advisor, Frank Bauer, Bfrlifiiilll Stoclcslager, Loraine Young. Virginia Staggenhorg. Dolores Bred:-cn. .lo Anne Nlrcarthy, .lune Jackson, lvliss Zielinslci-Advisor. Gloria Vann, Betty .lane Sweeney, .lam-t Xvilsong Standing, Row One: Stella Hundley, Helen Lippolis, VX'illiani Erhold, Ted Brown, Eugene Sheppard, Charles Nlclfinniss, hiarilyn Dumont, Betty Gallney, Charles Raine, Eileen Taylor, .ludy Frey: Row Two: Donald Uury. Rohert Vvright, Glenn Kendall, Arthur Pullon, Richard Zinnners, Charles Lawson, .loc Stagge, Rohr-rt Nluchrnure, hllnrgixret Mills, Betty Beyer, Betty Gashins. .lim Palm. AN DERSON IAN Editor--Dolores Brodeen Sports'--Virginia Staggenhorg, Rohert Much- Assistant Editor,-,JoAnne Mccarths, more. Rohert Vvright, Eileen Taylor, Ch I L Business Nlanager,-Frank Bauer PI t hm ei, dagson D, Ii K 1 o ra -d e rown. ic e es Advertising Nlanuger.-Charles Raine 0 g p y Y Assistant Adv. Managers-James Palm. aid Qury Shirley Abling Charles McKinniss T , v ' I ypzsts-Stella Hundley, Glenn Kendall, Circulation Nlanager'-'Loraine Young Gloria Vann, Betty Beyer, George- Literary Editor-lvliriam Stoclcslager ann Glasgow Few realize that there is so much work in puhlishing an annual. Each year the same prololems lace the Senior Class-high prices and the low funds of the Senior Class. As usual though, the Senior Class decided that they would have an annual. and set ahout the taslc of raising the money. Refreshments at the football and the hashethall games hecame a source of funds. Dances alter the games and ads were another source for raising funds. Under the leadership of an energetic and capahle stall, the annual was composed and sent to press. And what encouraging news to lcnow that the annual was finally completedl Vik hope you enjoy reading our annual as much as we enjoyed malcing it. Page 22 Art Editors'-June Jaclcson, Judy Frey, Don- Seated: Stciia Hunziicy, Eiaine Vvitsciiger. Joanne Gaiiagher, Patty Gehi, James Palm, Charies Raine, Frank Bauer, Betty Scixieicher. Betty Beyer, June .iacicsonq Standing: .ioan Paint. Diane Ott, Doiores Lohstroh, Niiss Biathis-Advisor, .ioan Bowman, Robert Nlurh- more, .ioycc Knippiing, Joyce Vvhitaiccr, Gcorgcann Glasgow, Frank Hittei, Glenn Kenniaii, Arien Lesiic, Freci Koch, Ann Vvykott, Madeleine Heine, Doiores Brodeen, Dan Goepper. LANTERN STAFF Editor-Charles Raine Editorial Staff- .io Ann Gaiiagher. Dan Goepper, Betty Beyer, Betty Schieicher. Elaine Vvitschger, Diane Gtt, Joyce Knip- Cimulation Manager-Ann Wykoff piing, Dolores Brodeen, Gienn Kendaii, Joan Palm, Madeline Heine, Steiia Hund- iey, Martha Van Saun, James Palm. Business Manager-Robert Muchmore Sports Editor-Joan Bowman Copy Eciitor-Georgeann Giasgow Printers,-Patty Gehi, Joyce Vvhitaicer, Do- Tygiggygiziagfsgggiytfifiiilifiulrjliiiilgjetty iores Loiastroh, Fred Koch, Arlen Leslie and Franic Hittei. Artists-June Jackson, Frank Hittei. This year, uncier the guidance ot Niiss ixfiathis, the staff has tried to maice the Lantern a hetter organized puhiication. Charies Raine anci Georgann Giasgow gave much time and effort to co-orciinating the woric of the typesetting and printing departments. with that of the writing staff. There were five reguiar issues and one Christmas huiietin puhiisheci this year. The stait had a ceieiimration as a tinai parting gesture to aii those memiaers of the staff who would not return. Page 33 Seated: Neil Carter. Vviiiiam Judd, Helen Lippolis, Dorothy Chaney, Eileen Dietrich, Martina Van Saun. Vviliiam Baker, Lynn Voth, James Slay: Standing, Row One: .iarii Forge, Joyce Gibson, Vivian Meden, .lane Kelley. Jacqueline Ahsher, Dale Dietrifh, Alvin Kron, Raymond Buriew, Charles wX'Yl1itE.ll'iCI', Charles King, Sir, Vvciibaum-Director: Standing, Row Two: Don Goepper. Robert Carr, Lawrence Merton, Donald Brown, Robert Vvright, Donald Kyle. Dan Goepper. BAND OFFICERS President .................... DONALD BROVVN Vice-President . . . . .CHARLES VVHITAKER Weasurer .... .... M ARTHA VAN SAUN Librarian. . . .... RAYMOND BURLEW The Anderson Township Band of twenty-five members had an active year under the capaioie leadership of Wir. Jacic Vvelihaum. They played for two football games, the Home- coming with Madeira, and again when our team met Colerain. The P.T.A. was entertained on November 18th and January 20th, and the hand again played for Community Institute January 30th. The band had two very successful Band Concerts April 9th and 10th. Page 34 Seated: .txyge Clitton, Janet Koppman, Madeleine Heine, Etta Mae Taylor, Georgia Kay, Alma Juitts, Ann Wy o 3 Stanfling: Miss Vanctervort-Director, Dorotliy Gray, Marilyn DeLong, Rutti Stagge, Ramona Elliott, lcla Ntcssmcr, Nancy Carr. ancl Laverne Briclges. GLEE CLUB Our ctiorus is once more honored to loe uncler ttie skillful direction of Miss Dorottiy Vanctervort. Vve would like to give our thanks and appreciation for tier guidance tlirouglmout ltle year. Plilllf girls sang at tlie Clirislmas Program and the Farmeris institute. Vve also actieu lo llne Seniors :luring Baccalaureate Services. Page ,35 First Row: Betty Sctileictner, Laverne Bridges, Louise Saner, Ramona Elliott, Ruth Rotli, Carolyn Koch. ,lanel Vvilson, Betty Gaskins, Jeanne Vvtmeatley, Helen Lippolis, Ruth Brock: Second Row: Miss Gralnain-Advisor, Ruth Loctklear. Nlarilyn DeLong. Joyce Clifton, Janet Koppman, Rnlfu Stagge, Virginia Staggenborg, Gloria Vann, Alma Juilfs, Eileen Taylor, Madeleine Heine. Shirley Abling, Dorothy Yleylor. Marilyn Burnes, Nliriain Storkslager, Betty Beyer, Judy Frey, Dorothy Gray, Elaine Ayer, Ntiss Nlatlmis-Advisor: Third Row: Nlaria Lehman, Betty Gem, June Jackson, Stella Hundley. Nlarilyn Dunmnt, Belly Gaffney, Dolores Brocleen, Nlartlla Vann Saun. Peggy Laucleman, Loraine Young, Betty Sweeney, Georgearrlli- Glasgow, .Iarqueline Kuhn, Joyce Knippling, Ann Yvylcoff, Joan Bowman. Y-TEENS OFFICERS President ......... ........... B ETTY GASKINS Vice-President . . . .... IWIRIAIVI STOCKSLAGER Secretary ..... ........ L ORAINE YOUNG 'Heasurer ......... . . .LOUISE SANER Program Chairman. . . ......... BETTY GEHL ' Worship , , , ,,,,,, , , ,MADELEINE HEINE Page 36 First Row: Eileen Dietrich, Ruth Boettger, Miriarir Lihhee, Corrine Behymer, Betty Brooks, Joan Tucker. Itytargarcatiilytes, Joyce Gihson, Grace Githert, Jean Busch, Ethel Joitey, Zona Goshorn, Juanita Phillips, avinia i ert: Second Row: Miss Mathis-Advisor, Martha Dwyer, Jane Kelty, Janet Spitzmitter. Carol Beckman, Ntcryi Knippting, Jean Rose, Violet Gaffney, Eunice Spencer, Shirley Fohes. Elaine Vvitschger, Anne Bolton, Bonnie Fithen, Etta Mae Taylor, Virginia Young, Faye Hitge, Pat Miller, Jacqueline Ahsher. June Ructier, Diane Ott. Joan Merz, Miss Graham--Advisor: Thirrt Row: Garnet Vvetts, Pat Martin, Barbara Vvittarct, Betsy Schott, Patty Geht, Marilyn Taytor, Laura Mitter, Lois Einspanier. Harriette Absher. Lois Greer, Joyce Vvhitatcer, Frances Allen, Claudia Buchanan, Virginia Richardson, Jean Meyers, Jeanette Dunn, Ruth Putton. Vivian Merten, Joan Duncan, Janet Boggs, Nancy Carter. Y-TEENS The ctuh hegan the year with a Mother Daughter Tea. The purpose and ideats of Y-Teens were explained to the new girls and visiting mothers. An otct fashioned hayricte was given with a very nice turnout. Trucks took the girts and their ctates from schoot to Wit. Airy Forest. Refreshments and music for dancing were furnished. The annual Turkey Supper was held in November with the usual aches and pains at the end of the meat. The Christmas Format was held at the Central Y.VV.C.A. This was the first time the Y-Teens Ciuh hact a dance away from school. It was a twig success. The girls sotct Christmas cards through the Y.VV.C.A. For the service project the girls gave Christmas gifts to two orphans at the ChitcIren,s Hospital. The pI'0gI'aI'I't FOI' the YCEII' iI1CILIdCd Iflafly welt ICHOWVH speakers. Several CI'lUI'CI'l S6fVtCCS NVCTC in the Y-Teens 11011012 The year ctosect with usuat hanquet for the girls and their mothers. Page 37 First Row: Ciittorci Metiord, Cari Bridges, Dan Goepper, Don Goepper, Bob Moore, Rotmert Becicmann, Jerry Rucker, Robert Miiciieii, Donald Brown: Second Row: Jack Buciianan. Ted Harris, Kenneth Straw, Harold Taylor, Lawrence Merten, Biii Krummei, Jotm Burncs, Jotln Stacie, Dick Boettger, Donaici Kyie. Ctiaries Vvilitaiccr, Mr. Haroici Maddux- Advisor. HI-Y JUNIOR GROUP OFFICERS President ...... . . .,........ ROBERT MOORE Vice-President . . . ..,. DON GOEPPER Treasurer ..... ......... J ERRY RUCKER Secretary . . . .... ROBERT BECKMANN Chaplain . . . ....... DAN GOEPPER Advisor . . . .... MR. MADDUX The Junior Hi-Y began its fait activities try sponsoring two hayricies. A dance given at the Legion Hail in Gctotner was foiioweci with a tyowiing party at Mt. Lookout ianes. A program of swimming and recreation presenteci by tide Vvittirow Hi-Y at time Vviiiiams Y.M.C.A. was attenctect by ttie members of time Anderson Township group. Page 38 QL 5 A ' W if M my gf MY' ? Q mn a ff .M ,X X, if 2 Z g 5 lr 3 4 A 2 V,- '3 fi ggi: fi N, ,x 8,4 ygwmfs- M Q W-wb-wawwm W new Wm N4-A ,Q ,swwwm M ww-fm ww-ww-vW.v NMMMVWW W wma J.. nf 5 S 5 e 1 ik 5 2 ,N S e W E E .Kr M -www ,M ,, 1 ,, ., w,,.f...,..,.,, .. .,.h. ..... ..........,, A QEWZELV f aw up FOOTBALL Gur First year in eleven-man foothall was very successful. The Redskins scored a total of 138 points to their opponents 62. The hoys were continually accompanied hy a winning spirit. They were coached hy Charles Brown, who was assisted hy Richard Herron and James Truitt. The football season was opened at Mt. Healthy. The game was very close and exciting, ending with the score 0 to 0. The Redskins then traveled to Taylor. This game was the Redskins first defeat. Taylor won 19 to 6. The third game was played at home, where the Redskins played host to Terrace Park. Both teams played hard, hut our hoys pulled through with a 6 to 0 victory. The next game was played at Loveland. The Redskins were victorious, 27 to 6. The homecoming game was played with Madeira to determine whether Ander- son or Medeira was to he first in the Eastern League. Although the game was played on a muddy field, our hoys showed the true spirit hy defeating the Mustangs 19 to 7. The only afternoon game was played at Country Day. The score was tied, 18 to 18. Sycamore played here and Anderson had an easy victory with a score of 19 to 0. The following game was played at home, too. Anderson downed the Colerain Cardinals 25 to 6. , The final game was the championship game at Lockland with Mt. Healthy. This game was to determine whether Anderson was to he first or second in the county. The Redskins put up a good fight, hut we were defeated 18 to 6. ISE x Page 40 First Row: Bill Krumrncl, Rolmcrt Blurlnnore, Xvilliam Erlmlcl, Cliarlr-s Kyle. Harulcl Taylor, Jolm Burns, Cliarlcs lVlcKinniss, llolin Steele. Co-riaptain-Rulaert lxloure, Co-raplain-Clxarles Lawsong Svconcl Row: lVlr. llcrron-Assistant CCJQICII, Tom Bunting, Vernon Hawlcins. .lorry Ruclcer. Larry lllnarrll, lulm Roos, Yancc Halcomlm. Clifford lvlellorrl, Arlen Leslie, Dan Taylor. Rolneri Vvriglit, ylr. Brown- Coach: Tlrircl Row: Laurenrr- lVlerh-n-lxlanagvr, Jaclc Burzlxanan, .lim Elrlman, Don Bristlc. Don Henson, Ray Burlcw. Klaycr Kline, Kr-nny Tarvin. .laclc Hawlcins, Don Boggs. Carl Briclgcs-lvlanagrsr. Anderson Opponent Q lVlt. Healiliy .... . 0 0 Taylor ....... 6 19 Terrace Parlc . . . 6 0 Lovelancl . . . . 27 6 Nlacleira ..... . 19 7 Country Day . . . . 18 I8 Sycamore .... . 19 0 Colerain ...,. . 25 6 Mt. Healthy .... 6 I8 Page 41 Kneeling: Vernon Hawkins, James El1lman, Ronald Perian, .lolrn Burns, Jack Hawkins: Standing: Mr. Brown-Coacll. Robert lwoorc. Cliarles Lawson, Vvilliam Krummel, Lawrcnre Nlerten, :xml Tlwmas Bunting-Managz-r. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Coach Brown liacl a lmarcl way to go during the 1947-48 basketball season as lie had only Bob Moore, .lolin Steele, and John Burns from the previous year,s team. The team won three games while losing fourteen cluring the regular season. The team lost by one to two points in a few close games. The tournament started February 26, in the 1Vlen's gymnasium at University of Cincinnati. The tlrree leacling scorers for time Redskins were Charlie Lawson, 141 points: 13019 Nloore, 1255 and Lawrence Merten. 103 points. A county star game was played. There were three players piclcecl from tlre seven sclrools ix the eastern side of tlme county. Tile tliree players representing Anderson were Bolo lxloore. Lawrence Merton, and Charles Lawson. Page 42 Kneeling: Robert Cury. Ronnie Guenther, Arlen Leslie, Klayer Kline, Arthur Vvhite. Dan Taylor: Stanfling: Nlr. Brown-Coach, .lcrry Ruvlcer, Kenneth Shaw, Donald Kyle, Harold Speaks, and Kenneth Tarvin-lvlnnager. RESERVE BASKETBALL The Anderson Reserves ended their season with eleven wins and seven clefeats. For the year they scored a total of five hunclreel and twenty-two points compared to tour hun- drecl and four for the opponents. They have won eight out of their last nine games playecl. This years reserves squad shows promise of being one of the best varsities we have had in years at our school. The teams play and spirit have stood out as fine factors in malcing this squael a winner. The lnoys who rnalce up this squad are: Don Kyle-Forward Eugene Ellis-Center Ronnie Guenther-'Forward Arlen Leslie'-Guard Klayer Kline-Forward Kenny Shaw-Guard Don Oury-Forward Don Taylor-Guard Art Vvhite--Center Harold Speaks-Guarrl Their efficient manager is Kenny Tarvin who has performed his cluities in a worthy manner. Page 43 .lanct Koppman, Carolyn Korli, Nlarilyn Dumont, Patty Gphl, Nlargaret lxlills ancl Belly Rec Casliins-Ctr VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders are just as much of the game as the team. The team needs someone to cheer them on when the going gets tough. The varsity cheerleaders this year have done a very good joh to help the team lceep conliclence. worlc hard toward their victory and to light Hlilce they have never fought before." Captains. Vve regret the parting of our Senior Cheerleaders. Nlargaret lxflills, Betty Gaslqins, and Marilyn Dumont, who graduate this year. Anne Bolton, Bonnie Fitllen, and Ethel Jolley. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS The Anclerson Reserve Baslcetlmall Team had very good lnaclcing this year in the way ol Reserve Cheerleaders. The Sophomore girls who led our school in cheering the team on to 7 wins out ol I3 games were: Anne Bolton. Bonnie Fithen, and Ethel Jolley. Vve are look- ing lorwarcl to their cheering on the Varsity squacl next year. Page elfl Kneeling: Jerry Rucker, Donald Brown, John Steele. Jerry Lanier, John Burns, Charles NIcKinniss: Stomling: Charles Raine-ivianagcr, Arthur Xvhilc, Charles Lawson, Ruhcrt Nloore, Rohert Nluchmorc Vernon Hawkins, Vvilliunl Krummci, Wir, Herron-Advisor. TRACK The 1947 edition of Anderson,s track team showed great improvement over the previous year. Composed largely of Sophomores and Juniors who had received valuable experience. the Redskins proved capable of offering excellent competition to any opponent. Highlighting the season was a victory over class A Norwood, the runner-up position in the County meet: third place in the Piainviiie invitational ivieet among fifteen competing teams, and con- sistent scoring in the ixfiajor Meets at Miami and Vvithrow. The rise of the Redskins to fifth place in the District Meet was very satisfying. after their twelfth place finish of 1946. In recognition of Boh Moore,s ahiiity, he was selected for a District high hurdiing champion place on the all-Ohio track team: Bch Muchmore tied for District high jump championshipg John Leslie and John Steele turned in outstanding performances in discus events and dashes respectiveiyg and Coach Herron was honored by placement on the HOHO1' Roll of Ohio Firaclc Coaches. Page 45 Kll0l?liYlgI KCHIICIII Shaw, CilafiCS Lawson, Robert MUffilIIl0fe, Donald Ollfy, AFICII LCSIC Jllilfl qteeic Standing: Mr. Brown-Coach, Rohert Oury, Rohert Bccicmann, Donald Kyie, Fred Koch, Ronnie Gu the and Clifford Nicfford-Mzunagcr. BASEBALL Last season the high schooi hasehaii team iyroice about even. Gut ime up was as foiiows: lst base. . . 2nd base. . . 3rd base .... Shortsiop. . . Left Field .... Center Field. . . Right Field .... Pitchers .... Catchers . . . . .Donald Niergard . . .Charles Lawson ............Aii:JertKiine . . . .Ted Haiier, John Lesiie ...........John Steele .............Norman Kaufman . . . . . .Robert Muchmore, Fred Koch . . . .Ted Haiier, John and Arlen Leslie . . . . .Richard McKinniss, Donald Oury This season we wiii have five ietter men hacic on the iieid. They are Charles Lawson Donald Qury, John Steele, Arlen Leslie, and Fred Koch. Page 46 Row One: Jack Richman, Dale Dietrich, Jute Nash, Donald Schneider, Dean ivers: Row Two: Fir. Niactdux-Coach, Donald Luse, Arthur Kaufman, Wviliiam Ohcrsiaice, Robert Rcdmand, Gerald Hornsby, Raymoncl Burlew, Vviiiiam Mast. JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL-1947 Here are our undefeated Champions. Champions of the Eastern League and of Hamil- ton County. Winning the trophy was not easy. It took eleven innings to defeat Sharonviiie, and Finneytown was taken only after a thrilling rally in the seventh. The Champs met Bridgetown Champions of the Vvestern League at Hartwell and defeated them 10 to 5. The road to victory began in 1946 when the Eastern League trophy was won. Page 47 First Row: Diane Ott, Jane Stringer, .Ioan Viiiiariier, Jeanne Xviieatiey, Betty Scilieiciler, IVIary Dieriier, Jean Buscix, Grace Giiiuert, Doiores Brocieen. Juanita Pixiiiips, EtI1eI JoIIey. Ann Xfvyicoff, Faye Hiigc, IVIargaret EyIes: Second Row: .Ioan Palm, Dorotiiy Cixaney, .Io Ann Cvaiiagiler, Joyce Gibson. Zona Gosilorn, Juanita Jaeicson, B1-tty Brooks, Garnet Vv'eIIs, Caroiyn Kor'i1, Eiaine Ayers, Etta Mae Taylor, Virginia Young, Pat Miller, Frances Aiien, Rutii Lociciear, GIoria Vann, Virginia Richardson, Rutir Puiion, Mary .Io Smilii: Tixirri Row: IVIiss Neilson-Acivisor, .Io Ann Epping, Doiores Giipin, Rulix Stagge. Virginia Stagg:-niaorg. Betty Sweeney, Dorutiiy Tayior. .Iune Jaricson, Laura Iwiiier, Lois Greer, Joyce Vviiitaiccr, Louise Xvitje, Iviariiyn Flayior, Patty Geiii, Janet Boggs. Jeannette Dunn, Nancy Carter, Eileen Tayior, and Peggy Imsiie. G. A. A. CJFFICERS President ....... . . .VIRGINIA STAGGENBORG Vice-President ........... MARTHA VANN SAUN Recording President .... ......... A NNE BOLTON Corresponding Secretary. . . . . .CAROLYN KQCIAI 'lieasurer ............. .... R UTH STAGGE Page 48 First Row: Jane Kelty, Ruth Boettger, Eileen Dietrich, Betty Gasicins, Miriam Lihioee, Eunice Spencer, Mari- iyn Burncs, Janet Vviison, Betty Becker, Joyce Clifton, Janet Koppman, Ramona Eiiiott, Peggy Laucte- man, Dolores Lohstrohg Second Row: Martha Dyer, Elaine Vvitschger, Janet Stay, Lavinia Giihert, Meryl Knippiing. Violet Gaffney, .lean Rose, Jacqueline Ahsher, Cami Beckman, .Ioan Burnes, .tune Rucker, Bonnie Fithen. Mary Striker, Shirley Fohes, Vivian Mertcrn, Martha Van Saun, Judy Frey, Maria Lehman, Jacque Kuhn: Third Row: Helen Hunciermcr. Barhara Vviiiard, Betsy Schott, Pat Martin, Ruth Hoiiifieid, Shirley Ahiing. Margaret Mitts, Marilyn Dumont, Betty Gaffney, Lorraine Young, Georgeanne Glasgow, Jean Meyers. Joyce Knippiing, Dorothy Gray, Joan Bowman, Louise Sauer, Anne Bolton, and Miss Nielson-Advisor. G. A. A. This year the Girls, Athletic Association was under the leadership of Miss Lois Jean Neiisen. This year For the First time they had Champ and honor teams in Deck Tennis. The giris took part in howling, swimming, hasicetioaii, and tracic events during the past year. G.A.A. had the winning Float at the home coming foothaii game piayeci with Madeira. Page 49 DECK TENNIS HONOR TEAM l:l'GS,llll0H Vivian Nierten June Rucker Vioiet Gaffney Iuniors Joan Bowman Joyce Clifton Martha Van Saun SOPIIOHIOFUS Betsy Schott Ethel Jolley Barbara Vviiiard Seniors Betty Gasicins Betty Gaffney Dorothy Taylor The Honor Decic Tennis Team was a very ciiiizicuit team to choose. The girls that make this team have every right to he prouci. in orcier to be eiigihie for the honor team, the giris must he present for aii the games and aii the practices. The giris that are eiigihie are then jucigeci according to sportsmanship, siciii, and teamworic hy the acivisor and the captain of the team. Paige 50 Rulii Lociiiear. Betty Gaffney, Doiores Brocieen, Dorotily Taylor, yiariiyn Dumont, Judy Frey, Eileen Taylor, Loraine Young, Niargaret Niiiis, Betty Gasicins, and Virginia Staggenhorg. DECK TENNIS CHAMPICNSHIP TEAM Tile G.A.A. began this year witin a Deck Tennis Tournament. This was a new sport for the ciuio so the giris had to have a few practice games. it ciicin't take long to catch on to the game and soon games between classes were ioeing played. Some of the giris became quite skilled at tiirowing the rings and iaeiieve you me tiie games were quite close but the Senior girls came out as Champs and the Junior girls were runner ups. Page 51 1 ki W f H, -qs, - :-- 5 1555: A A- .- Y! if 'W Dependable . . . EARL D. ARNOLD PRINTING COMPANY Telephone MAin 2893 139-141 E. THIRD STREET CINCINNATI, OHIO Sheparcl's RADIO AND APPLIANCE SHOP Quality Sales and Service 7616 CIN.-WEST UNION RD. FORESTVILLE BE. 7713 2061 Muller's SHOES AND SHOE REPAIRING Quality Materials-Experl Work W. L. Douglas Shoes BEECHMONT BE. 7687 Quality Shoes for the Entire Family Grosso Shoes 2121112 BEECHMONT AVE. Compliments of Sweet Shoppe ICE CREAM CANDY GOOD FOOD Page 54 COMPLIMENTS OF Anderson Township Parent-Teachers Assoc. 1947-48 OFFICERS President ................... MRS. OTTO LIEBERMAN Vice-President .......,....... MRS. JOSEPH DIETRICH Corresponding Secretory ..... MRS. HARMON MORRESS Recording Secretary ..... ...... M RS. B. O'BANION Treasurer . . . ..... .... M RS. HAROLD TAYLOR Page 53 Harry the Paint Man PAINTS-WALLPAPER-GLASS BEECHMONT AVE. CINCINNATI 30, OHIO 2123 PHONE BE. 8547 Help Us Celebrate Our 30th Anniversary Getz Jewelry Store BEECHMONT AND PLYMOUTH BE. 8417 MT. WASHINGTON Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Buchanan Compliments of H. C. C. BETTY JANE swEENEY DOLORES BRODEEN SHIRLEY ABLING DOROTHY TAYLOR JANET WILSON JUDY FREY Compliments ot Glen Rose Dry Cleaners PHONE BATAVIA 5849 PauI's Barber Shop 7730 WEST UNION RD. FORESTVILLE Mt. Washington Bakery FINE PASTRIES AND COURTEOUS SERVICE open stoo AM. to 6.00 P.M. SUtton 6071 "From a Booster for Clean Sports" FOR YOUR ENTIRE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING NEEDS CALL BR 2000 The Mariemont Ldy. 8. Dry Cleaners Green Trees FOOD AND FUN AMELIA, OHIO BATAVIA 7065 Fred Roos CUSTOM TAILOR Clothes Hand Cut and Tailored to Your Individual Measure BE. area 6135 CORBLY sr. Compliments of A Friend Page 56 Your Education Is Not Complete Until You Have Had a Post-Graduate Course in Fun at Coney Island America's Finest Amusement Park Compliments of W. Gayle Owens Personalized Insurance "Since 1928" EIGHT MILE RD., CHERRY GROVE BEechmont 8228 As Near as Your Phone Compliments of Fruit Hill Meat Market Anne Wykoff FINE MEATS-FROZEN Fooos sumn 6314-J BE. 7834-M 7164 BEECHMONT AVE- Compliments of Roy,S Meats Compliments of 2119 BEEcHMoNT Ave. P- 3: J- Fruit NICIFICGI' Roy Marxen, Prop. Andres Supply Co. Beechmont Barber R.F.D. 8 clNclNNAri ao, ot-no sclsmiric BARBER senvlce PHONE BATAVIA 5843 as 7534 June's Beauty Shop FORESTVILLE, OHIO PHONE SUtton 6710 B. 8. B. Super Market PARKVIEW MARKET 6619 BEECHMONT AVE. BE. 8198 Page 57 Compliments of "WILL" WOLFER WoIfer's Forestvilie Pharmacy SUtton 6680 FORESTVILLE, OHIO LincIer's Diner Bos AND DAN "Nothing Could be Finer than Dinner in the Diner" 7204 CIN'TI-WEST UNION RD. Macldux Service Station 7'I50 SALEM PIKE Metzgers Texaco Service BEECHMONT AVE. AND BURNEY LANE Ed Minson Shoes Expertly Fitted by X-Ray 3502-04 COLUMBIA PARKWAY EAS! 9788 Wm. Roos Sohio Service Station 7599 CINCINNATI-WEST UNION RD. Twin Lakes GOOD FOOD-FINE FISHING cioueu me as 7129 Withamsville Supply Co. AMELIA, OHIO PHONE BATAVIA 6261 H. 8. S. Paint Shop OHIO PIKE WITHAMSVILLE Lehman's Grocery BE. 7507 THREE MILE AND SA LEM Page 58 Glaser-Wilson Sales Service FORESTVILLE Phone BE. 7236 R.R. No. 8 MT. WASHINGTON, OHIO Max Schwartz 8. Son QUALITY MEN'S WEAR SHOES MT. WASHINGTON DeSOTO PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Parts Bennett Motors Sales Direct Factory Dealer CHERRY GROVE, OHIO PHONE BE. 7490 Kern's Drive In Meeting Place of Old Friends Meet New Friends While Trying Deluxe Hamburger 4701 COLUMBIA PKWY. EAst 9739 Page 59 Mr. cmcl Mrs. P. K. Kline cmd Family We Deliver KEYES Dry Cleaners CERTIFIED CLEANING AND TAILORING Qualify Rules BE. 7947 2109 BEECHMONT AVE. CINCINNATI 30, OHIO Compliments of T. P. White 8. Son Established 1870 IOur Only Locotionl 2050 BEECHMONT AVE CINCINNATI 30, OHIO PHONE BE. 7150 Page 60 COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Bowman, Jr. ancl Family Compl' t f 'men S 0 Dunl:ar's Pharmacy The Snap Shop for Snapshots Prescription Service Our Specialty 2261 BEECHMONT AVE. Also a Complete Line of CINCINNATI 30, OHIO Revelon, Yardley, Dubarry, Tussy, Sportsman Lentheric, Old Spice, Breck Cosmetics H. W. STRIEF BE. 8488 Twin Mills W. "Bunny" Brondhaver Compllmenls of CHICKEN-STEAK Solar Hills DINNERS ROUTE 'I25 OHIO PIKE Rangers FORESTVILLE, OHIO Page 61 COMPLIMENTS OF RENNER'S PHARMACY Complimenis of Dr. and Mrs. A. A. Levin and Family Cowperthwaife Fl.oRlsT FLOWERS AND PLANTS for All Occasions Visit Our Greenhouse and Flower Shop Anytime You Are Always Welcome CHERRY GROVE, OHIO BE. 7158 ye 07 FEEL FIT GET IN STEP DRINK MORE MILK HAVE MORE PEP HYDE PARK DAIRY CO. FOR THOSE WHO DEMAND QUALITY MEIrose 'I304 D. Is. PHILLIPS c. o. ALBIEZ A White Villa Store WHITE VILLA MEYERS' FOOD PARTRIDGE BRAND PRODUCTS PORK PRODUCTS FROSTED FOODS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES We Deliver- SUHon 6295 Page 63 Planning For The Future In the final analysis, good telephone service depends largely on men and women who are trained and skilled on their iobs. Plan now to become a part of the telephone organi- zation when you graduate from high school. You will find that telephone people like their iobs-and that e-fix iob is important. The pay is good. The work is steady. The Company's Benefit and Pension Plan helps employ- ees and their families in times of sickness, accident, old age, and death. And the opportunity for advancement is open to all. The Cincinnati and Suburban Bell Telephone Company Page 64 Established I 889 H. W. MONTER 8: CO. PRINTERS 230-232 EAST THIRD ST. CINCINNATI 2, OHIO Phone MAin 1949 This ANDERSONIAN Was Prinfecl in Our Plcmf Page 65 i Brokamp 8. Bressler, Inc. Phone SUHon 6001 R.F.D. No. 13 MT. WASHINGTON, OHIO SEMET SOLVAY COKE ALL SIZES POCAHONTAS COALS TREATED DELUXE STOKER COAL Personalized Truck To Bin Service Lei Usa5JV5Y6Ur FUeI Problems JUDD MOTORS, INC. CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH SALES SERVICE A COMPLETE SERVICE FOR ALL MAKES OF CARS 3151 LINWOOD AVE. EAsf 1566 Pugc 66 Eagle Savings 8: I.OCIh Compliments of BEECHMONT AND CORBLY SheriIT's Rabbitry BE. 8108 FORESTVILLE BE. 7189-R Compliments of Mt. Washington Plumbing Co. R. L. HILL BE. 7788 Mrs. HencIer's A Wonderful Place to Eat HOME COOKED MEALS AND HOME MADE PIES 2065 BEECHMONT AVE. Compliments of Fithen Construction Co. Compliments of WoIfangeI's FRUITS AND VEGETABLES "From Truck to You" Barrere 8. Schaeffer FUNERAL HOME WicIdIe's Tavern CHOICE STEAK AND CHICKEN DINNERS Jack Salmon-Home Made Pies PHONE SUtIon 6537 2205 BEECHMONT AVE. 4000 BEECHMONT LEVEE . Hambur er Heaven Mt. Washington Motors 9 FINEST IN HAMBURGERS AND CHILI 2249 BEECHMONT AVE. Food to Take Out PHONE BE 8700 2240 BEECHMONT AVE. Ester's Shell Service Bros. Garage TIRES, BATTERIES AND LUBRICATION A. 8. P. HIGHWAY AND ASBURY RD. CHERRY GROVE, OHIO BE 7877 page 67 l Compliments of Salem Gardens LUNCHES AND sANDwlcHEs CORNER SALEM AND BEACON sr. Hanna Cleaners 2114 BEECHMONT AVE. SU. 6172 Compliments of Coney Island Service KELLOGG AND THREE MILE Compliments -of Bohrer Brothers FLoRlsTs SALEM PIKE BE. 7175 ZiesIer's Grocery GRCCERY, MEATS AND VEGETABLES su 6325 Ernst Furniture 8E Appliance Co. 2222 BEECHMONT AVE. se nas 371 QUALITY AND SERVICE DRY CLEANING One Day Service Tusculum Cleaners 2 EASTERN AVE. EA 1602 Kathman Goodyear Shoe Repair 2105 BEECHMONT AVE. BE 8472 Eastern Hills Cab Co. BURNEY LANE AND BEECHMONT AVE. BE 8489 Compliments of Klopmier Hardware 2061 BEECHMONT AVE. Harry's Shoe Store 2121 BEECHMONT AVE. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Carl P. Haller and Ted page Janet's Coffee Shop Cole's Garage SANDWICHES, LUNCHES STUDEBAKER DINNERS Sales and Service FORESTVILLE, OHIO SUtton 6721 CLOUGH PIKE SUtton 6686 Compliments of R. L. IBuckl Buchanan White Horse Inn Russell Reed JEEPS AND WILLYS TRUCKS NORGE APPLIANCES CHERRY GROVE, OHIO Compliments of Ed Witschger For Quick Results List Your Property with Me Robert W. Carr REAL ESTATE BROKER AND BUILDER BEechmont 8523 Mt. Washington Hardware 2110 BEECHMONT AVE. Bell's Shell Service Opposite Water Tower BE. 7766 MT. WASHINGTON BE. 7526 Page 69 Compliments of Wilson Implement Co. FARMALL TRACTORS-FARM MACHINERY MEYER'S AND FAIRBANKS MORSE WATER PUMPS The Headquarters 'For Farm Machinery AMELIA, OHIO BATAVIA 5615 Hyde Park Lumber Company Francis 8. Son EA t 0787 S CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales and Service NORTH END BURCH AVE. AMELIA, OHIO BATAVIA 5615 ECKERT'S Massengale Motors KAISER-FRAZER BEECHMONT AND SALEM General Repair BE. 7256 Department Stores 2100-2106 BEECHMONT AVE. MT. WASHINGTON 307-311 E. PEARL ST. Between Broadway and Sycamore Compliments of Miami Brikcrete Co. CAMP DENISON, OHIO MILFORD 5514 Frozen Food Center and Locker Plant RETAIL MEATS-ICE CREAM-FROZEN FOODS HOME FREEZERS We Supply and Process Meat for Your Home Freezers C. S. Burnette, Owner SU. 6655-W Page 70 Picken's Auto Paris Sunoco Dynafuel 7647 CIN'TI-WEST UNION RD. FORESTVILLE, OHIO F. G. Tarvin 8. Son PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS Supplies of All Kinds 3749 EASTERN AVE. CINCINNATI 26, OHIO BE. 7610 Phones: EAS! 5726 and BEecI1monf 7973 Ed Ayer Compliments of REFRIGERATORS Bob Walker Sales and Service of HOME FREEZER and Wcilker's Dry Cleaners LOCKER SUPPLIES FORESTVILLE COMPLETE LINE OF CROSLEY PRODUCTS "We Deliver" OHIO PIKE AT EIGHT MILE CHERRY GROVE, OHIO BE. 8426 age 71 Renee's Ranch House FINE FOOD AND BEVERAGES Evans Beauty Shop 6131 CORBLY ST. Merrell Zeter, Prop. A. s. P. HIGHWAY B . 3 E 7 35 su. 6716 Harold's Grill Compliments of DELICIOUS MEALS Beechmont Pharmacy 2001 V2 BEECHMONT AVE. 2103 BEECHMONT AVE. Forestville Food Market J. Sollberger, Prop. COMPLIMEN-rs OF A Complete Line of MEA1s FROSTED FOODS THE DOT cROcFR1Fs SOPHOMORE CLASS FoREsrv1LLE, O1-110 BE. 8546 Page 72 Pullon's Grocery TOBASCO A Complete Line of GROCERIES-MEATS and CREAMY WHIP BATAVIA 204 Compliments of C. B. Ayer Scales HUDSON Sales and Service FORESTVILLE BE. 7970 Sohio Products Ulmer Service Station Horn Realty Co. 6302 VINE ST. BATTERIES CINCINNATI I6, OHIO TIRES LUBRICATION VAlley 7803 Compliments of A. R. Hund ey 8. Son GENERAL MAINTENANCE REPAIR SERVICE PHONE SUtton 6043 R R 8, NAGEL RD., MT. WASHINGTON CINCINNATI 30, OHIO PHONE BE e391-R OR BE ests-R Howard Sheatzley's The what Nol COMPLETE rooo MARKET zoes aEEcHMoNr AVE. 1902 surron AvE. RENTAL LIBRARY, carts AND CARDS Open Sunday 9 AM' 'll' l PM Page 73 "Just for Fun" lI"s the ELSTUN Compliments of William C. Ulrich Herff-Jones CLASS RINGS AND PINS Compliments of Edwards 8. Co. REALTORS BE. 8642 Cincinnati Athletic Goods Company 110 W. FOURTH STREET CINCINNATI, OHIO Page 74 P. LIPPOLIS NOVELTIES SMOKED AND FRESH MEATS VEGETABLES CHERRY GROVE, OHIO SUHon 6050-M McCollum Electric Co. LIGHT AND POWER WIRING Residential-Industrial-Commercial 8 Mile Road, Cherry Grove, MI, Washingion Phone BE. 8623 Page 75 D93 W -Ng MW? SM' 'J Aj ff' xfbfgvi , j if-.J WY Qgplffff gil fi! ik ws NMDA Q52 ! L W ' Dil 2 E 1 UN i S A SWIQJ K A J if yi X W lggiif? fx 2 Qi 2 YW1- WWW 5 Nb fig HW 3 6 Ska g 15 ' GS Qi 'QE , 25 X 5 5 2 ZQMMMZZJS- 'ffjmw . V It W I Q la W, ,. - - ' fx Lwwjxf W fy V if V A ' , J' I ' , V 1 VI fa ,. I SJ X5 5 ' WJ Ly UM ,, Xa? Q? MX!! , 4 41' OX!! ? -63 J 6 Lg! b J ' +- l Q WW If j fp gf," , ,XM7 A X' U9 .L fa '5 ' HW QP , 0 W! JA, , f pq: ' nkf , Q C ij' fdafcrifgig F , X . f If i Wh ggi' an 3 , SD! Q Y fr X 7141 xiii ' f jg 1 A A! My f A ' F A WV!! gtk J! A zfvwyq , ,771 Q7 F ' X JJ' i J X if we fx Q? , 'E K, Ek 7 N fx Q 2 ky Xin X QZL21 XD qi? Q QQ g 1 X62 X , W Q 4721? ,S Qi J gf .- ' 4 u ,, l, .Ip , E. U tus r - 0 MM W!! W JZ! if Q Mf W M'-4 N iff M 1 www? QW W E 'QWQ Aw, 'fb ,MPQMJ N fx Q 944 j S QW f Q f 2 QQW' Z wif! 12211 IULILUEA , 1 gif 'ff Q JY , X 'JZV 'myxy U ? 3 Qxgwwsi ,7wL m y m Qywgv Mew I , 'Qs Ciiiff 4 XLLJUfk I V .. ff3,Lp1biu"U KN 3 V lf Q U QJ 5 M M fy QWLZ7 - WJ 7 945 if . 1 f YQ? Www 4 Fx ' Y-1 ' J Cjcwzgf f 713 ff "pew ' GW bk 4 N W Z Q1 xp E ' ia, f f Mmyfj Am N A ' l If ' ML W X Q ' f ' 1 Li ' Wm xg QQYPWWQ 35? Www ff Q 5 ' gg 77 XT C M i V 1 V 2 3 2 V V .,,,..,.. , V .,, ., V. ,V-V: , ,V -Vw. . . ...H V -- V QV. V. .L .V x.. VV, 4. 1 M gf- ,V,.,, ,, ,. . ,VN-,,V..V,V: -. H, V., , V-.V,.-V .VVS .,. . ,T,.,,V V .,,.V,,.,V, "1

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