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f Au ,1 V- ' 1 I K -fig "ff, '-:rw A '51 J, I l ix -51.4 .F , 6,1 J 8' 1 3 1 , -W K . A. -w .ir P' 1 :FL e z f - , I . , .Li .N , Q1 5 1 Q. 461 'u ", h r w . q 1, . 'l ' .I .W ' -Q , 1. - k . , ,Q 4 . ,, 5 ,,, - ' s 'ff f 4 M ' fsF5'x1 A 19591 , A . .5 . 4 4 ' '4- n A . jx- I, J 1 , f I 1 F .,, hp, N-,. Vg' . .47 A ,. ., uv-' I " 1 " 'B wr ' W MW f. I' . 1, -v, ,A ., ap -1 W- 7' .. , J mv., , 4 ' ' -S Y V ' . " '-Nr'-" f,m.,'zrL,...-'- Y . ..x..L..u.hf- .X ,. ' . ffnde Published by 756 senden 65444 059 ,4wlefz4an 'famaaiw 7694 Seine! ForestfvilleQ Ohio, 1945-46 Volume 17 ,4 Sain! Sang Oh Anderson, for thee our hearts shall yearn To thee our hearts aml minds will ever turn, Thy fame of former days, thy time so free, Call us totlay to ehant clue praise to thee Thy hoys, thy girls, thy folks of great renown To them the nohlest people in our town. Respect and love to them is always there To them do we our grateful homage hear. Chorus: Love and honor to our high school Anderson so fair and grand Proudly we shall ever hail thee, Over all the land. A. T. H. S. now we praise thee, Sing joyfully this day Anderson our love we give you, Forever and a day. 7a Time will mellow these pages as they serve as a lasting memorial of four years of our lives spent at Anderson. They were four happy, joyous, fruitful years which will furnish a background for future usefulness. As men and women, we leave our alma mater to enter a new world of hope for peace and good will. The responsibility of shaping the destiny of generations to come will rest on us. In accepting this responsibility, may we always remember our motto, "There must be a way." May we carry the high ideals of Anderson and of our class with us as we leave here to fashion the world of tomorrow. Deddcafdcwz 7a Like a star Whose light, transcending All the brilliance of the skies, Lencls a noble inspiration To the truth it glorifies: Like the breath of spring unending In its strength, sincere and fair, She has given great donation To the future we prepare. EGM aj gamma, Williznnm N. Judd Fred WEiSS 2 A Q VA , P 5 1 2 K Lcftcr G. Wykamff Resmfef C- Ayer joseph W. Maddux OFFICERS President A Willizxm Judd Clerk Rcstorcr C. Ayer 6 - i 'VL QOH GmA5".,f'1f"2 Q' wish to express Uvei - Q warmest appreciation ' - rar our guiclancqdear - D eaiers, through our H Silkool :leaf - -- ass of '46 -5 if - - - If , -rf f- ff, ,H .F - Fncuu' Y Igdmdkfdfidfidd V l This senior yearfhook marks the seventeenth year of Anderson Township High School. For the first year since nineteen hundred fortyfone, we have turned our faces and minds toward peace. To he an American today in all that the name implies is a greater challenge and a greater responsibility than that of our war years. Victory not only crowns our efforts for the common safety degenerate. The readjustment period must recapture the enthusiasm and unselhsh devotion to our country in a great common plan for the welfare of all. In peace as in war, we must he Americans first and demand of ourselves and our civil representatives that the welfare of the citizens he uppermost in action, work, and deed. It was the American home that triumphed over the statefplanned and statefowned family of Continental Europe and japan. The sanctity and security of the American home must continue to come first and enjoy priority over the demands of professions, husiness, and trade guilds. Seniors of the class of nineteen hundred fortyfsix: Build American homes like those of your forefathers, and like those same forefathers put your trust for the future in Almighty Cod. ROB'T E. WRlG11T 8 First Rim'-Edwin Ludwig, Harold Maiddux. Robert E, Wriglit. Charles Brown. Roy Tuckcr. Second Row--Betty Maitliis, Ann Dziiscy, Eleanor Graihurn, Gertrude Addicutt, lliwwrluy Vzindci writ, Mary Strukc. Ednzi Sinicnx, Alice Marten, Vcrzi Nash. Pziulinc Mairtin. M1ir'jni',c Hcclui 7675 MR. ROBERT E. VURIGHT Principal MISS VERA M. NASH Scniur Girls' :Xdviscr English II, IV Lzitin MR. CHARLES L. BROVVN Scnior Buys' Adviser Civics Vv'orld History Buys' Physical Educaitiun Cuiich MRS, MARY H. STRUKE junior Girls' Adviser Spanish English 1,111 Economic Ucugrziphy Business English MR. ROY S. TUCKER .Iuninr Buys' Adviscr Science Chcmistry Physics MRS. NELL STEEN Instruincntzil Music ciao! df MR. EDVVIN LUDVUIG Supliuincwc Girls' fMlx'iscr Buokkccpiiig Typing Shorthand General Business MISS BETTY MATHIS Siwphuniurc Buys' Aclviscr' Anicriczin History Biulogy English I MISS PAULINE MARTIN Freshman Girls' Anlvisci' Home Economics MISS ELEANOR GRAHAM Frcshmzin Boys' Anlviscr Muthciimtics MISS MARJORIE I-IECKER Girls' Physical Educutiun MRS. ANN DAISEY Art MISS DOROTHY VANDER Girls' Cliorus amine 7694 Sedan! Muay Miss c:EizTRuDE L. ADDICOTT xx rvms. ELECTTA ADAMS 7X Mia. ii.-xizmn Nmnnux sr MRS. EDNA simctox vi' 9 VORT lux! Kun' Num Luu Lculx. Emma C, wh I' 'nv :nfs . IQ 'N mmm. RUIWN E. wyfllflll. Bcssw Ayer. Alice Ixumln f vrsmw. Emnccs T. Shrew. Mary M. Lauxglx. Lulu -X I I L SI III Rn ll Irv. IS I QILI Im CIxLIx Knd Im IXII M rl Iuum Pun Eu Il Uma MIII up -N.. .lx 1.1 I ' ' - MRS. ISESSIE AYER GX MRS, GEORGIA AYER 6Y MRSA MILIJREIB HALI. 4X MRS. EMMA -IOHNSON SY MRS, IRENE IKROIJERSON 4X MISS NINA IIOII LEEIDS 4Y MISS MARY I.Al'CiH -IZ mm , 'a 1 N. 'L red K. HIIII, Uvm'gm Ayur, Emmn I rx ?awZz'g MISS GLADYS ANDERSON RX MISS LOU ANNA KNUCKLES BN MRS. EMMA D. LIVAAS ZX MISS ALICE KAISERMAN ZY MISS MARTHA LURENE PERRY MRS, MAE SMELTZER IX MRS. FRANCES T. SHREVE IY Jade ea MRS NEVA KELLY. R. N. MISS EMMA FRY MRS. THELMA L. SHARP. R. N, III Ly NW ?4-f 9X ? 'Y' w N WN W N N L' 1. asses ELEANOR AYER "Eleanor" Annual 4: Class Play 4: G. A.A. l:G. R. 1,2, 3,41 I, 2, 3, 4: Lantern 4: Glee Club I, 2. 3: Pep Club 3. ROBERT AURICH "Arch" Annual 4: Band 1, 2: Def bate I, 2: Lantern 4: Pep Club 3: Army, Second Semester. PHILENA BAUER "Phil" Hughes l: Annual 4: Class Ofllcer 2: Class Play 4: Cheerleading Squad 2. WILLIAM BAUER "Willie" Withrniw 1, 'lg Baseball 3: Class Play 4: Football 3. WW? MILDRED BROOKS "Millie" Amelia l, 2, 3: Annual 4: Class Play 4: Lantern 4. 'IN afmlwh ROBERT COBB "Bob" Howe Qlndianaj 1. 2. 3: Annual 4: Class Play 4. JOANNE ELFERS "joe" Annual 4: Band 1: Class Play 4: Cheerleader 3. 4: Cheerleading Squad 1, 2: Debate 2, 3: G. A. A. Board 1, 2, 4, Vice Presif dent 3: G. R. l. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2: Lantern 1, 2, 3, 4: Masque and Gavel 2. 3, Treasurer 4: Pep Club 3: Track 2. ROBERT ERNSTING "Bob" Annual 4: Football 2, 4: Track 4: Baseball 4: Class Play 4: Pep Club 3: Lan' tern 4: Scholarship 4. ELIZABETH FARRENKOPF "Elsie" Terrace Park 1. 2, 3: An' nual 4: Class Play 4: G. A. A. 4: G. R. 4: Scholar' ship 3, 4: Lantern 4: Key- Bronze. RICHARD GASKINS "Dick" Annual 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Class Play 4: Debate 1: Hi-Y I, 2. 3, 4: Pep Club 3: Scholarship 2, 3, 4: Key--Gold. STANLEY GASKINS Hsffffy' Annual 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Class Ofhcer 1, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Debate 1, 2: Football 43 Hi'Y 1, 2, Secretary 3, 4: Pep Club 3: Scholarship 2, 3, 4: Lantern 4: Key- Grand Gold and Guard. JEANNE GIBSON "Jeannie" Amelia 1: Annual 4: Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Class Play 4: G. A. A. 3, 4: G. R. 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Lantern 4: Pep Club 3: Key- Bronze. JAMES GILLARD "Jim" Glendale 1, 2: Withrow 3: Annual 4: Cheerleading Squad 4: Class Play 4. MARTIN GOSHORN "Gus" Allen Undianaj 1, 2, 3: Class Play 4. HARRY GRUNEWALD "Harry" Annual 41 Basketball 4: Band 1, Z: All County Band 3: Class Play 4: Foot' ball 2, 3. 4: HifY 4: Lan' tern 4: Pep Club 3: Track 2, 4. ll MARJORIE GUYNN npmxy.. Band 1, 2: Annual 4: Class Play 4: Cheerleading Squad 1, 2, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2.3, 4: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Lantern 4: Pep Club 3. JO ANN HANKE "Jo" Withirow 1, 2: Annual 4: Class Play 4: G. A. A. 4: G. R. 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Lantern 3. 4: Pep Club 3: Key-Bronze. 7'17a'vz244Z BETTY J. HASKETT "Jeanne" Annual 4: Class Play 3, 4: G. A, A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G. R. 1, 2, Secretary 3, 4: Glee Club 1. 3: Lantern 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3: Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 4: Key-Grand Gold and Guard. EILEEN ILHARDT "Eileen" Annual 4: Class Play 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G. R. 1, 2. 4, Treasurer 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Lantern 4: Pep Club 3: Scholarship 2, 3, 4: Key-Gold. MILTON JACKSON "Milt" Annual 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4: Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4: Class Play 4: Football 1, 2. 3, 4: Pep Club 3: Track 1, 4. endow MARTHA KNIPPLING "Mart" Annual 4: Class Officer 4: Class Play 3, 4: G. A. A. I, 2. 3. 4: G. R. I, 2. 3, Treasurer 4: Lantern 2. 3. 4: Pep Club 3: Scholarship I, 2, 3, 4: Key2Grand Gold and Guard. KENDALL KUNTZ 'AKe11uy" Annual 4: Class Play 4: Football Z: HifY Z, 3, Sec' retary 4: Lantern 3, 4: Pcp Club 3: KcyfBronzC. IAMES LEWIS "Im" Animal 4: Class Play 3. 4: Pep Club 3: Schularsh p Z. 3, 4: Key-Gold. NORMAN LUCAS "Buzz" Annual 4: Class Play 4: Hi-Y I. 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3. VIRGINIA MARTIN "Ginny' Animal 4: Class Play 4: G. A. A. 1, 2. 4: G. R. I, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 1.2, 4: Lantern 3. 4: Pep Club 3 I r PATRICIA MEIER "Pam" Annual 4: Band 1, 2, 3: Class Play 3, 4: G. A. A. l, 2. 3, 4: G. R. 1. 2. 3, 4: Lantern I, 2, 3. 4: Glce Club I, 2: Masque and Gavel 1, 2, 3. 4: Pep Club 3: Key-Bronze, DOLORES MEYER "Dee" Annual 4: Class Play 4: G. A. A. l. 4: G, R. I. 2. 3. 4: Glec Club I, Z, 3: Masque and Gavel 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3. I MARY MILLER "Maury" C Vv'ithrnw l: Annual 4: Class Play 4: G. R. 4: Glee Club 2: Laniern 3. 41 Key -f 'Bronze wwf ERTRUDE MILLS "Carl" Annual 4: Class Play 4: G. A. A. l. 2, 3. 4: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Glce Club I, 2. 3, 4: Lantern 4: Pep Club 3 Scholarshi 7 Ke -1 - P -1 YP Bronze. HILDA MULLEN "Hilda" Annual 4: Band I. 2, 3, 4: Class Play 2. 3: G. A, A. I. Z, Board 3, Secretary 4: G. R. l. 2. 3, President 4: Glec Club 1. 2: Lantern 4: Pep Club 3: Scholarship 2. 4: Key-Silver. I endow LEWIS OSTERHOLZ "Bud" Annual 4: Class President 4: Class Play 4: HifY 1, 2. 3. President 4: Pep Club 3: Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 4: Lantern 4: Key-Gold. ff! ,wg JEAN PELK "im" Annual 4: Class President 2: Class Play 3, 4: G. A. A. I. 2, 3, 4: G. R. 1, 2, 32 Glee Club 1: Pep Club 3: Scholarship 2, 4: Key- Silver. LICE PETSCH "PeLsclz" Annual 4: Class Ofhcer 2, 3: Class Play 3. 4: G. A. A. 1, 4: G. R. I, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 2. Pianist 4: Lan' tern 2, Assistant Editor 3. Editor 4: M a s q u e and Gavel 2. Treasurer 3. Presif dent 4: Pep Club 3: Scholf arship 1, 2, 3. 4: Key- Gold. RUTH QUINLAN -Ag2,lt1'llld1!H Annual 4: Class Play 4: G. R. 1, Z. 3. 4: Glec Club 1, 2: Lantern 4: Pep Club 3. DONNA REDMAN "Donna" Annual 4: Class Play 4: G. A. A. I. 2: G. R. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1. 2: Lantern 4: Scholarship 1. 2, 3, 4: Key-Grand Gold. M .. GLENN RICHARDSON "Doc" Annual 4: Class Play 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Class President 3: Debate 1: Football 2, 3, 4: Lantern 1. 2, 3: Pep Club 3. HENRIETTA RIDGE "Babe" Class Play 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: R. I, 2, 3. 42 Glce Club 1. idvuvufeof BETTY LOU SPENCER "Spence" Annual 4: Class Play 3, 4: Chcering Squad 1. 2: Cheer- leader 3. 4: G, A. A. 1, 2, Board 3. 4: G. R. 1, 2.3. 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 4: Lan' tern 4: Masque and Gavel 4: Pep Club 3: Track 1, DONALD SARGENT "Sarge" Annual 4: Class Play 3, 4: Pep Club 3: KeyfSilver. FRED SPICKER Hspickl' Annual 4: Class President 1: Class Play 3, 4: HifY 2. 3, 4: Pep Club 3. 774 ' emkvza WILLIAM STANGE "Willir"' Annual 4: Basketball l. Z. 3, 4: Band l, 2: Baseball I1 Class Play 3, 4: Foot' ball 3. 4: HifY Z, 3, 4: Lan' tern 1.2. 3. 4: Pep Club 3: Scholarship 3: Key- Bronzec RUTH STEFFEN "Stuff" Annual 4: Class Play 4: G.A.A,1, 2. 3. 4: G. R. l, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 1. 2, 3. 4: Lantern 4: Pep Club 3. ANNA STELZER "Scelz" Annual 4: Class Ollicer l. 3: Class Play 4: Cheerleadf ing Squad l, 2, Cheer' leader 3, 4: G. A. A. I, 2, 4, 'Treasurer 3: G, R. I, Z, 3. Vice President 4: Clee Club l, 2. 41 Lantern 4: Masque and Cvavel 3, 4: Pep Club 3: Track l. CORNELIUS VAN SAUN "Neil" Annual 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Band 1. 2. 3, 4: Base' ball l: Class Play 4: Foot- ball 3: HifY 2, 3. 4: Pep Club 3. JACK WEISS "Wea.Scl" Annual 4: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball l. 2. 3, 4: Class Ofbcer 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4: HifY 1. 2. 3, 4: Pep Club 3: Scholar' ship 1, 2, 3, 4: Lantern 4: Key--Cold. ANNE WRIGHT "Bebe" Annual 4: Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Class Play 4: Cheerleading Squad 4: G. A. A. I, 2, Board 3, President 4: C. R. 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4: Glee Club l. 2, 3, 4: Lantern 4: Pep Club 3: Track 2: Key -Bronze, f ' ANNE STRAUSS USITIIIINNICU Annual 4' Class Play 3 4' G. A, A. 4. C. R. 4, Clee Club I. 2. 4: Lantern 4: .. ,. Pep Club 3: Scholarship IEQN HILL Jean l 3 4 ,., . RUBY THACKER "Chick" Annual 4: Class Play 4: C. A. A. Z. 3, 4: G, R. 2, 3. 4: Glue Club l, 2, 3: Pep Club 3. 0 M Nlasque and Gavel 1, 2, 4 Navy 2 Years, lil months, and nine Clays: Class Play 4, asketball 2: Football 2' Manual Om efwdce Www!! 5 K Bill Gray Carl Wliitc Donald Stcflcii Sendai: 61444 Ufficew President A ,, .. A ,. . Lewis Ostcrliulz Vice President Mllftlill Knippling Secretary ,. ., .. , .. Stanley Gziskins 'Treasiwev . , , -luck Weiss FLOWERS COLORS Red :md Wliitc Carnations Maroon amd Wliitc MOTTO Tlicrc Must Bc ai Wziy 17 ' eww of ' ?azen1.'4 Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Ayer Mr. and Mrs. A. il. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. john Cobb Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Dillon Mr. and Mrs. E. Elfers Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Ernsting Mr. and Mrs. Alfrcd Farrenlcopf Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Gaskins Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Gaslcins Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Goshorn Mr. and Mrs. H. Grunewald Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Guynn Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Hankc Mr. and Mrs. L. Voscoe Haskett Mr. and Mrs. L. A. llhardt Mr. and Mrs. M. il. jackson Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Knippling Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kuho Mrs. Irma Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Mcicr Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. jasper Miller Mr. and Mrs. G. Mills Mr. and Mrs. David Mullen Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Osterholz Mr. and Mrs. H. Pelk Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Pctsch Mr. and Mrs. joseph Quinlan Mrs. Susan Redman Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Richardson Mrs. Henrietta Ridge Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Sargent Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Shook Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Spicker Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Stange Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Steffen Mr. and Mrs. Percy C. Strauss Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Thacker Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Van Saun Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilfert Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wright l8 Home W' 1934: Dear Diary: We're sixty bewildf ered first graders and we're going on a searching party together. Yes, we are: be' cause Teacher said so. We're starting on a twelve year hunt in search of knowledge. Will it be fun? And where will we find this knowledge? Oh well, right now we're too busy coloring pictures, pasting cutfouts, and playing to worry about a twelve year knowledge hunt. Now if it were a treasure hunt .... 1936: We're third graders and pretty im' portant people this year. We're learning the multiplication tables and that's some' thing, because the teacher said there are kids older than we who still do not know the multiplication tables. And we have lots of books to carry home every night. It's fun taking books home whether we have homework or not. All the big kids laugh at us and say, "Just wait until you're in high school!" Now what do they mean by that? And what's a high school? Do they call it that because it's upstairs? 1938: Whoopee! We're on the top floor now! And what fun! Besides that we have four teachers now. But there's one thing wrong with this set up: and that's the extra work involved. We're expected to spend more time studying and then, too, it's going to be pretty hard behaving for four teachers instead of one. If they'll just give us time to get used to this change-say a year or two . . . 1941: As eighth graders we have just sponsored a show at the Elstun Theater to earn money for our educational tour. We are going to Taft Museum and the Coca' Cola plant, and we're going to take a train ride. For some it will be our first train ride. And, oh yes, we're going to visit the work' house, which should be very interesting. 1942: We're "Freshies," "mute inglorious Freshiesf' and this business of being a freshman can be very confusing at times. Half our time is spent in wandering around the halls in search of everfreceding class' rooms and in collecting demerits and ND. T's" on the way. There seems to be very little time for the demands of English I and ancient history. Insignificant as we are, we're nevertheless continually harassed by haugh upperfclassmen. Things look very dreary for us now, and if we survive inf itiation day, we are not going to be mean to the poor "Freshies" next year. 1943: We are now very busy looking over the new batch of Freshmen, with a fiendish gleam in our collective eye. Whazt a chance to display our originality! Bib, bottles, rattles, baby buggies . . . no, that might be carrying it too far. But initiation isn't the only thing on our minds. Latin and algebra have begun a vigorous battle against us and we are pretty busy trying to master Caesar, the Romans, Euclid, and algebraic terms and still keep our sanity. 1946: Now after the years of mingled work and play we are about to graduate. Anderson has offered to us all she has and we have accepted what we wanted and needed. Hem Fw Madame Hubba Hubba looks into the crystal ball, and predicts the following for the graduating class of '46: ELEANOR AYER has finally become a great success as a comptometer operator counting beer bottle caps for the Burger Brewing Co. PHILENA BAUER is now a big hit as standfin in Hollywood for Virginia O'Brien. She says she owes her great success to her deadfpan expression. WILLIAM BAUER is the first big business man to own a harem. ' MILDRED BROOKS keeps books and accounts for the Stanley Gaskin's Garbage and Junk Company. ROBERT COBB is the owner of R. Cobb Sheep farm and is still pulling the wool over people's eyes. JOANNE ELFERS is now the nation's leading farmerette. ROBERT ERNSTING is the leading explorer in the United States. ELIZABETH FARRENKOPF is a nurse's aid at the U. S. Veterans' Hospital cheering up some 30,000 G. I's. RICHARD GASKINS has finally gotten wise and turned Republican. STANLEY GASKINS is the president of Local 231 Garbage Ei? Junk Collectors Association. JEANNE GIBSON is a hostess on Doc Richardson's Diaper Delivery Airlines. JIM GILLARD is still driving that indescribably wrecked 34 Chev. MARTIN GOSHORN Hnally got to the Z's in the Encyclopedia. HARRY GRUNEWALD is the Professor of Instrumental Flutes at the College of Musical Knowledge. MARJORIE GUYNN has earned a fortune as advertiser for "The Bald Head Peroxide Company." JO ANN HANKE is the happy wife of Gary Jolley. The pair are making a fortune on their Ohio rabbit farm. JEANNE HASKETT is a great pianist and is now playing at Salem Gardens. MILTON JACKSON is an allfstar basketball champ at Vassar College. EILEEN ILHARDT has just been elected "Miss Nob Hill" of 1956. MARTHA KNIPPLING is the State's foremost psychiatrist now established at Longview in the alcoholic ward. KENNY KUNZ is the owner of the Buzzfding Electric Company. 20 1 7914 JAMES LEWIS is playing center on the Pygmy Basketball team. NORMAN LUCAS runs a fleet of taxies for Mt. Washington kids. VIRGINIA MARTIN is keeping house for Bill Lehman. PATTI MEIER is married to a millionaire and has spent two years in thc fedcral penitentiary for tax evasion. DOLORES MEYER has become a traveling saleswoman for Baby Buggies, Inc. MARY MILLER is now private secretary to Gene Kelly. GERTRUDE MILLS is still hitch-hiking to Fairmount. HILDA MULLEN has become the w0rld's greatest dog trainer. LEWIS OSTERHOLZ is the chief spittoon maintenance man at Anderson under Brownie. JEAN PELK is the Professor of Animal Husbandry at Ohio State. ALICE PETSCH is playing the piano for Grunewa1d's Hot Licks at the Cat and Fiddle. RUTH QUINLAN has just been made cook on a Navy L. S. T. DONNA REDMAN is cofowner of Leslie's Service Stations, Inc. GLENN RICHARDSON is owner of a drugstore next to Shein's. HENRIETTA RIDGE is a dress designer at Max Schwartz. DONALD SARGENT is now known as Pvt. Sargent of the Horse Marines. BETTY SPENCER is head sodafjerk at Doc Richardson's drugstore. FRED SPICKER manufactures ca nnon s for South American Revolutions. WILLIAM STANGE was just appointed junior junior partner in the O'Brien, O'Toole, O'Leary, O'Zilch, Es? Stange law firm. RUTH STEFEEN is hitched to Bill Ott E99 Co. ANNA STELZER is trying to make a living as a typist but isn't doing such a good job. NEIL VAN SAUN is the 1956 Man of Bulging Biceps. JACK WEISS is the new subfjanitor of Mabley Es? Carew. ANNE WRIGHT is now the owner of the BfB Wright Buckshot Co. Madame Hubba Hubba says the crystal ball is now clouding over and any further information concerning the class of '46 will have to wait for the revelation of time. 21 .fowl 7065 and ectumeat ELEANOR AYER wills her curly black hair to Georgeann Glasgow. WILLIAM BAUER wills his speeding tickets to Albert Kline. PHILENA BAUER wills her fast game of basketball to Alice Merten. MILDRED BROOKS wills her speed in typing to Shirley Heliferich. ROBERT COBB wills his ability to argue to Shirley Miller. JOANNE ELFERS wills her sweet disposition to Miss Graham. ROBERT ERNSTING wills his silly sense of humor to Mr. Tucker. ELIZABETH FARRENKOPF wills her nickname "Clarabell" to Norman Kaufman. RICHARD GASKINS wills his size eleven shoes to janet Koppman. STANLEY GASKINS wills his numerous nicknames to Ray Askew. .IEANNE GIBSON wills her ability to outfrun Wilson to Joyce Knippling. JIM GILLARD wills his nifty rear fenders to Mr. Ludwig. MARTIN GOSHORN wills his quietness to Walt Klose. HARRY GRUNEWALD wills his bigfhead to Dick McKinniss. MARJORIE GUYNN wills her twoftone hair to anyone who will take it. JO ANN HANKE wills her pagefboy hairfdo to jackie Kuhn. JEANNE HASKETT wills her glasses fthat stay onj to Miss Hecker. JEAN HILL wills his sailor suit and address book to Bill Ott. EILEEN ILHARDT wills her place in the next chorus line to Shirley Greer. MILTON JACKSON wills his love for sports to Glenn Kendall. MARTHA KNIPPLING wills her "art" of sleeping with her eyes open to Mr. Brown. KENDALL KUNTZ wills his old Esquire calendars to Ted Brown. JAMES LEWIS wills his high position at Albers to "Pete" Gaskins. NORMAN LUCAS wills his big, blue limousine to whoever will take it. Please take it! VIRGINIA MARTIN wills her record of going steady for four years to Carolyn Koch. PATRICIA MEIER wills her Model "A" Ford horn to Martha Van Saung may she have as much fun scaring people with it as Patti did. DOLORES MEYER wills her safe driving technique to Paul Strosnider. ' MARY MILLER wills her adorable blush to Evelyn Richardson. GERTRUDE MILLS wills her pictures of her dog "Don" to Donald Boggs. He reminds her of said dog. 22 0,4 75a 4,4 '46 HILDA MULLEN wills her good grades in math to -Ioan Maddux. LEWIS OSTERHOLZ wills his pinfball technique to Ronnie Weisbrodt, the future pinfball champion. JEAN PELK wills her ability to get along with his sister to Frank Bauer. ALICE PETSCH wills her eyefbrow pencil to Dorothy Gray. RUTH QUINLAN wills her height to jack Kuhn. DONNA REDMAN wills her ability to talk fast to Yance Halcomb. GLENN RICHARDSON wills his ability to stay awake in Miss Graham's class to Walt "Sleepy" Hoffman. HENRIETTA RIDGE wills her ability to keep her dates straight to Dolores Lauer. DONALD SARGENT wills his shiny new car to Miss Mathis. BETTY LOU SPENCER wills her dislike for snoofing to Bob Moore. FRED SPICKER wills his gun collection to Miss Nash, who hates guns. WILLIAM STANGE wills his shyness around girls to Art Leslie. RUTH STEFFEN wills her twofpiece bathing suit to Ray Lind. ANNA STELZER wills her deep, clear voice to Gloria Snodgrass. ANNE STRAUSS wills her fourteen votes for Eisenhower to the next senior delegate from New Jersey. May he use them for Anne never got to. RUBY THACKER wills her red hair to Maria Lehman, NEIL VAN SAUN wills his four years of FREEDOM to Ted Haller. JACK WEISS wills his driving ability to Don Mergard. ANNE WRIGHT wills her bangs, curlers, and comb to Charles McKinniss. To the Juniors, the SENIOR CLASS wills the key to the school-which doesn't Ht any of the doors-and their seats in assemhlyg providing, they can beat the under' classmen to them. To the Sophomores, the SENIOR CLASS wills its perfect plan for class cooperation. To the Freshmen, the SENIOR CLASS wills three more years of hard work. This last will and testimony of the class of '46 has been duly witnessed and signed by: R. U. NUTS I. M. NUTS II B. O. PLENTY FRANK LEE Auditor 23 Name Eleanor Ayer Philena Bauer Mildred Brooks joanne Elfers Elizabeth Farrenkopf Jeanne Gibson Marjorie Guynn Jeanne Haskett Eileen Ilhardt JoAnn Hanke Martha Knippling Virginia Martin Patty Meier Dolores Meyer Mary Miller Gertrude Mills Hilda Mullen .lean Pclk Alice Petscli Ruth Quinlan Donna Redman Henrietta Ridge Betty Lou Spencer Ruth Steffen Ann Stelzer Anne Strauss Ruby Thacker Anne Wright William Bauer Robert Cobb Robert Ernsting Richard Gaskins Stanley Gaskins ,lames Gillard Martin Goshorn Harry Grunewald Milton jackson Kendall Kuntz James Lewis Norman Lucas Lewis Osterholz Glenn Richardson Donald Sargent Fred Spicker William Stange Cornelius Van Saun jack Weiss ' Zaeuamltdea Favorite Expression "Oh Golly!" "Who Me?" "Gee Whiz!" "Hi Ya!" "My Gosh!" "Oh, Garfield!" "Yea, I do!" ..Huh,.. "oh, yes!" "Natch!" "Holy Cow!" "Really?" "Hellfo!" "Piffel!" "I mean but def!" "That's what I mean!" fGigglej "Oh, nuts!" of this!" "For Corn's sake!" "Shut up!" "Gee Whiz!" "That's tuff!" "Hubba! Hubba!" "Oh, shirtftail!" "Oh, crumb!" "Oh, shoot!" "Aw, cut it out!" "More or less!" "Weflfl!" Bwang!" N Girls, come ret me! lv ss .. "Yes, Brownie!" "What d'ya say, kid!" Nofofo! "A joke that is!" Any corny joke "Hal Ha!" "Dios miolll ssU h!u ss E Du-u-hfhfh!" "Aw Gee!" "Fred-!" "I don't understand!" CYawnj "Well, I mightwln CCensoredj 24 You'll get a big charge out Ambition Comptometer Operator join this man's Navy Typist Phys. Ed. teacher at Harvard Nurse Airfline hostess To be a real blonde Concert pianist Establish parking mcterson Nob Hill Air stewardess Psychiatrist Housewife Write a book that will top Forever Amber To travel To be Gene Kelly's private secretary To be a nurse Teach everyone to play "dog" Receptionist at horse hospital Be a good pianist Be Dana Andrew's third wife To go to Hollywood and see Van johnson Dress designer Get out of D. T. someday Secretary Sit on my boss's knee The "Met" Meet Dana Andrews Put pinfball machines next to Eileen's parking meters Own a harem Take Mr. Anthony's place Explore Africa Find a whole school of Democrats President of U. S. Get a flivver that runs See what the rest of the world looks like Own a band like T. Dorsey's Join the program "Can You Top This?" Scientific ditchfdigger Dignified hobo Play rightfend on Stange's team Go to allfgirl college and stay single till 90. Pilot Invent a farm that operates itself Invent a gun that fires and an' swers questions at the same time. Professional bum Secretary of Agriculture Chemical engineer eadaz ID tied Weakness W. P. A. The Navy Everything Tall men and bracelets Tall, lanky boys Sophomore boys The Navy Politics Bud's poetry UQ Gary Jolley That boy from Bacon Bill Sailors Cowboys Food "Doc" ..DOg., Cigars Harrys band! Boys' names starting w ssDeess Conductors Airplanes and pilots Late hours Dudley Tenors Convertibles Lipstick ith -l. Vlomen, wine, and women School hooks Wcimen Canteen Nob Hill Flivvers Einstein Red hair Long shots Rose -lO'.lO Ma rg Wine, women, and pin hall machines Coolidge Ave. Class of '49 Mt. Washingtcin girls Boots! Laurie Girls Identifying Feature Dark curly hair Size 41f2 shoes Bright blue eyes Best mimic Dimples Girl with prettiest eyes Twoftoned hair Best classical pianist Prettiest complexion Pagefboy hair-do Girl most likely to succeed Same boy friend through 4 years of high school Ford Vf8 horn Best female dancer Legs! Good figure Girl who gets things done Spanish pronunciation Best "jive" pianist Naturally curly hair "T" shirts "Dark eyes!" Good humorist Pretty teeth "The Voice!" Singing voice Red, curly hair Long, brown hair Hhangoveristu appearance Boy with nicest manners Battered up hatchery truck Height Walk Zoot suits Indiana drawl Jive band Corny joke repertory Cute little nose Alternate soprano and bass voice Blue vehicle Identification bracelet Allfround athlete Red, curly hair "Casanova" Most likely to succeed at chosen occupation Best physique Eyes 25 limi Rim' Clnrnlyn Epping, Bcity Ridge, Mzirgic Hill. Shirley Miller, Patsy Vv'ilcy. Mzirjmwc Ross. Mzii'gui'i'l Phillips. Aliiydi Dufkctt, lima Brown, Sliirlcy Greer. .lean Ann Huppcr, PiltI'lCl21 Fislwr. Suumnl limi' Slnrlcy Knippling. Mrs. Slrukc. zidyiscr, 'lain-:t Bmuks, Virginia Mczinlnws. Betty Si-Inillz. Stcllu Hundlcy. Sliirlcy Hclllicriclw. Alice Morten, Kzitlilccn Ungc. jnycc Agncr. Mairiainnc Vfillaird, Virginia fllnyd, -Iuzinn Muddux. Tlnril Run' llulwrl Hawkins, Riulmi-il Mcliinniss. Hin-nld Uzlslcins, Dain lustict. Gary lnllcy. flirl l'mc.lp4cr, Llnycl Bridgcs. Allwrt Kline, xlulin Lcslic, Bill Vv'illinnis. Ray Askew. I'-UNl'llI Ron' Vv'llli.ini Oli. Nurinzin Kziulnmn. Clizirlcs EIllSl1Ul'lA.RLJIllllLl Vv'cislwi'ndi, Pinil Stmsninlcr. Tcnl Haillur. Mr. 'TlICliVl', ndviscr. Aliur lwu lung yusirs nf wailing in lic cullud uppcrclzxssmcn, tliis yu:1r's class of .li1nim'sli.msfinally.icliicvcnl its gmail. Tlk' Ilmllllll ,lll11iUl' Pl4ly. "A Mind nt' Her Own," was unc uf Llic grcaltcst succcsscs cvcr prmlliccd lwy Anglcrsun. Tlw Aluniurs, lmtli lvmys :ind girls, wcrc uutstzinding in tlic iii-ld of sports. Tlicy also p.1i'LicipantuLl in .ill vligilwlu imigaiiiizsitiiviis. sucli als C, A. A.. U. R., l'lifY. :ind tlic l.qxntc1'n Stull. Fnlluwing tradition, tlic .luninrs lmlc fan-cwull tn tlic Seniors lwy giving tlicm tliu .llllllllI"Sk'lll4ll' Prinn. Luinling tlic .luniurs tlnmugli ilicir succcssful ycair :ls :nlviscrs wcrc Mrs. Strulu' and Mr. 'lnllCliL'I'. 26 Kneeling -Richard Sperlo. Lawrence Ilhardt. Donald Ayer. First Row Helen Lippohs. JoAnn McCarthy. Lucille Miller. Lois Gorhami Virginia Urrgrr. Betty Gaskins. Georgeann Glasgow. Gloria Vann. jean Dietz. Virginia Staggenhorg. lvliriam Stockslager. janet Vifilson. Virginia Behymer. Second Rou'fEugene Shepard, jerry Lantern. Charles Lawson. jack Speaks. Marilyn Dumont. lvfargaret Mills. Eileen Taylor. Betty Beyer. Lorraine Young, -Iudy Fry. Dorothy Taylor. Shirley Ahling. Ruth Panchot, LaVerne Bridges. Mrs. Seaman. adviser. Richard Zimniers. Vvfilliani Erhold. Charles Wliitzikei'. Third Row--Charles Mcliinniss. Frank Vv'alters. Rohert Weiss. Rohert Muchmore. james Palm. Donald Oury. Richard Keyes. -lack Hawkins. Robert Wriglit. Donald Vxfest. Arthur Pullon. Howard -lones. Ray Lind. Donald Kyle. Miss Mzithis, adviser. Michael Linsey, Rlehard Sirau-s. Fourth Row Donald Boggs. Frank Bauer. Eugene Taylor, Charles Raine, Ted Brown. Veilham Martin. joe Slagge. 07254 M444 The Sophomores returned to school feeling very proud to shed the name of "Freshies" and hegan immediately to demand of the Freshmen the respect due to sophomores. On the 16th day of Oetoher they initiated the Freshmen in the proper manner. There were several scholastic memhers in the class who made very good grades on the spring scholarship tests. The future years promise to he very good for them. The highlight of the Sophomore year was the danee held on Novemher 22. 1945. which is sponsored annually hy the Sophomore class for the Freshman class. They worked very hard on decorations, food. etc.. and the dance proved to he a hig sueeess. The upperelassmen were conspicious hy their ahsenee. For the first time in the history of Anderson the danee was held for Freshmen and Sophomores only. President Bob Wgigg Vice President jack Hawkins Secretary . , Howard jones TTCUSICTETV Frank Bauer 27 First Row Rohert Beckman, Harold Taylor, Edward Arnold, Wilsmmii Brondhaver, Clifford Mellord, Carl Bridges. Second Row Lawrence Merten, Stanley Vrfilliams, Carl Maddux, Williziiii lvlarshall. Don Goepper, john Burns, Edwin Paseell. julie Florence, Elaine Ayer, Gloria Snodgrass, joyce Clilton, Ruth Brock, Betty Shannon, Dorothy Bridges. Betty Sehlcicher, Eleanor Corcoran, Agatha Peters, Carolyn Koch, Norma DeVault, jeanne Wliezitley, Louise Saner. Tlnrd Row Dorothy Grey, jean Vkfolliangel, Dorothy Hill, Dolly Durhin, Alma juills, Ann Vv'ykoll, Madeline Heine. Maria Lehman, jackie Kuhn, Martha Van Satin, Peggy Laudeman, liay jackson, lda Messmer, Miss Martin. adviser, Allred Moats. Eugene Wilde, Riehard Maddux, Donald Phillips, jay Van Hook, Donald Spraker, Williziiii Behymer, Donald Steghauer, Howard Everhart. liourtli Row jack Buchanan, Vv'illiam Krummel. Ruth Stagge, Miss Graham, adviser, Ruth Hannon. Dan Uoepper. Dorothy Sehadle. joan Bowman, joyee Knippling, janet Koppnian, Ramona Elliot, Betty Uehl, Nancy Carr, john Sieele, Paul Naegel, Peggy Leslie, Doris Epping, Betty Smzth, jean Fairhanks, Rohert Nahh. liijtli Row Frank Meadows, Yanee Halcomh, Vwfilliam Hannon, Rohert Moore, Paul Buchanan. Vernon Hawkins, mea efcwa This fear again the Freshmen have come under the ea aahle leadershiw of Miss 5 s l Pauline Martin and Miss Eleanor Graham. As usual they are trying to act sophisticated, hut haven't hcen ahle to deceive anyone, especially the sophomores, as was evident Freshmen day, when the entire class was .i motley group running at the heck and call of the upper classmen. Highlighting the social events of the year was the Freshman dance, sponsored hy the sophomores. The gymnasium was heautifully decorated, Good music and refresh' ments were enjoyed hy all. 28 RQ H: Tl VI rlss ffli . K!!! ,- .........g f R3 8 Q 1 Iiuw! Run' Lcwis Ostcrlmlz. ,luannc Elfcrs, -lark W'ciss, Robust Cnhb, Martha Knippling. Stanlry Haskins. Eilcun llliardt. Dunna Redman, Ncil Van Saun, Glcnn Ricliardsun. Hilda M1illt'n,Clt'ilrudc Mills. Sawmill Knit' -Icannc Uilwsun, Elizalvctli lia:'rt-nkupii, Ruby Thacker, Hcniictta Ridge. -lnAnn Hankc. ,Ivaunv Haskctt, Anime Strauss, Bvtty Spcnfcr. Patricia Meier. Annu Vwfriglit, Mildred Brooks, Mary Miller. Virginia Martin, Dulurcs Mcycr. Eleanor Aycr, Ruth Stcllcn. Third Run' Edwin Ludwig. advvscr. Harry Uruncwald. Kenny Kuntz, M2H'1Ul'iC Ullyun. Annu Slvlzvr. Martin Cu-liniai, XX'illian1 Baucr, Fred Spickcr, Rivlwcrl Ernslingg, Norman Lucas. Alaiutw Clillard. xlanics Lewis. Dnnald Sargent, Rutli Quinlan. Alicc Pctsfli. Riclia"tl Chislxiiis. Millun Qlackwii. 0 Hadmwman lltiI14P7' Stanlcy Haskins fxaxixltltil Editur liiasiiicxs Nitimigcr Axxlxltlill Bitsiilcss Mtiiitigci' Martha Knippling Eilccn llliardt Donna Rcdnian Atlvcrlzsnig Alack Wt'iss, Mgr, juan Iilfcrs, Hilda lviullun, Ricliard Gaskins. Bill Stangc. Lcwis Ostcrlinlz, Glcnn Ricliardsnn, .lanics Uillard Cfmiiltiliuii Bula Culwlm Mgr.. Mary lvfillcr, .lamcs Lcwis. Rulay Tliacktw, Ruth Stctlcn. Iviargiu Uuynn, Norman Lucas, Alcan Polk, Virginia lv1artin.,InAnn Hanlit' liuutitrux Alicc Pctscli, ,lcannc Haskctt. Anno Strauss Spurix Cornelius Van Satin, Clcnn Richardson, Anne Wi-iglit Siitipxlints Patti Muicr, lvigr., Fred Spickcr. Ann Stclzcr, Bctty Swcnccr, Ruth Uuinlan. lcannc Gilssnn, Dulnrcs Mc 'cr X . 5 A ri Kcnny Kuntl Tyjusls Gsrtrudt' Mills. Eleanor Aycr. Elizalwctli Farrcnkupf, Ruth Stcffcn Ship! Lunk! LiSIL'I1l Tilt' l94fD Cklitillll ul' tlw "Andursonian" lias just gnnc tu prcss and tlit' illustrious nicxnlwrs uf tlic stall liavt' lisavud tliat last wimndcrful sigli of i'ulirl'. Tliis ycar, as in years grunt' lay. tlic pub' lisliing uf tliu lwuult was in dnulat until tht- industriuus advcrtising cnmmittcu put tli-:ir mist-s tn tlit' grindstunr and larnuglit fnrtli llw iiuctlctl ads and tlit' cliccks wliicli ac' t'uinpaiiit'd tlicln. Tlic stall' lust its cflicicnt and muclif nccdcd adviscr, Mi's. Bunnic Scaman. at tlic cnd of thc Hrst scmcstcr, lwut after many trials and trilaulatiuns, managcd tu strugglc tlirnugli tn success. Wt' of tht' Andcrsnnian wisli to tliank all of our sulascrilaws, llic dcar students ul wld Andcrsun Higli, and all tlic patrons wliu madc nur 1946 Andcrsnnian a rcality. First RowfRuth Steffen, Eleanor Ayer, Patricia Meier, Mary Miller, Harry Grunewald. Anna Stelzer, Alice Petsch, Marianne W'illard, Jack Vv'eiss, Anne Wright, Kenny Kuntz. Ruth Quinlan. Second Row --Gertrude Addicott, adviser, Eileen llhardt, Gertrude Mills, Mildred Brooks, Madeline Heine, Rohert Ernsting, Stanley Gaskins, Williziiii Stange, Lewis Osterholz, Donna Redman. Anne Strauss, Virginia Martin, Ruhy Thacker, Ann Vs7ykotl, Jo Ann Hanke. Third Row -Helen Lippolis, Joyce Clifton, Jeanne Gihson, Jackie Kuhn, Elizalaeth Farrenkopli, Dolores Meyer, Martha Knippling, Jeanne Hasltett, Margie Guynn, Joan Bowman, Joyce Rnippling. Janet Koppinan, Julia Florence. Editor Assistant Editor Sports Editor Arts Editor Feature Editor Business Muntzger News Reporters Pt Alice Petsch Marianne Willzird , Harry Grunewald Kenny Kuntz Mary Miller , Anna Stelzcr Shirley Miller, Jeanne Haskctt, Mzirtlizi Knippling, Anne Strauss. Margie Guynn, Betty Spencer, Jeanne Gihson, Joanne Elfers, Madeline Heine, Stella l-lundly, Bill Ott, Jeanne Hopper, Anne Vsfright, Virginia Cloyd, Gertrude Mills, Janet Koppman, Patty Meier, Dorothy Gray, Betty Shannon, Joyce Knippline. June Jackson, Eleanor Ayer, Ann Wykmiif, Joyce Clifton, Helen Lippolis, Elsie Farrankopf Tyjnsts Ruth Quinlan, Eileen llhardt. Donna Redman, Ruth Stetfcns. Ruhy Thacker, Mildred Brooks, Dolores Meyer Circulation and Production . Lewis Osterholz, Jack YVeiss, Stanley Gaskins, Virginia Martin, Norman Lucas, Rohert Ernsting, Joanne Hanke, Julia Florence, Jackie Kuhn, Joan Bowman, Willizini Stange This year, as in the past three years, the Lantern was typed, mimeographed, and sold hy the students. Under the helpful guidance of Miss Gerf trude Addicott, adviser, Mrs. Bonnie Sea' man. commercial teaeher first semester. and Mr. Edwin Ludwig, commercial teacher sec- ond semester, the Lantern was puhlished and placed on sale every month. The Lantern staff would like to extend its sincere appreciation and gratitude to Miss Martha Silvers, the faculty, and the students who helped to support it. fin! Run- Kcmwtli Tnrvin, Lliiyd Bridgcx Clmrlcs mv111lQlkC1'. Kcimclli Slmw. Dam Uimcppcr. 171ri1.i1n1 Kylix Eiigcm' Ellix. Numxil Run' 11u11-ii Idippulix, l..ivvirm'c Nlcitrn, Clcimrgc I"IL'1'1llJl11, -Iaukir Kuhn, Aiiiir Vfriglit. fV1.iit1i.u Van S.lll11, IXIVIL1 13.u'1i. Alice 1V1CI'lCll, Tlimf Ron- -li-:ry lim, 191111 Chwppcr. '11-11 1'1ii11L-ig Ni-11 Vim Slllll1.-1011111111ci11WY11ll. 1lw1wi'l NVi'ig1i1. l1lx'11illAkl 13.1l'11IXX', XVIYLIII Murlcii. Thi- Higli 851111111 l5.im1. uiiiisisliiig uf iiiwty liiviiilwis. isum1ui'l1ic sp1cmliL1 L1ii'cctiuii 1' Mrs. Null Rccsc Stcuii, .1 rusiduiit 411' Augusta, Kentucky. This is M1's. Stccifs third 111' ti-gifliiiig All Aiiilcmiii. .mal it 11115 limi Qigrcud 111411 5110 has lvccii gluing xi imc iiilw, S110A1501UllC11L'S111l1S1t.'LIIS11.l1'l111X'111L1 High Sqlifiiil. Tliu liquid 111111 svctiiiii111 I'C11L'Q1l'S.l1S gm' 1iu1i1 uvcry Tuusglany .mil Wiigliii-siliiyi. T110 V.l1'iUklSllll1S1.l11L11Ilg.lCl1V111L'Sl71-111C yu.1r1i.ivf1wcn :is 1-o11imws: Huly Niimc 1'.ii'4m1c Uctiwlwui' 14. f1111'1S1I11.1S 1'. T, A. I7ccu1ii1wi' IS,'im-i's' liistitutu ilxlmiiiry 16 Aimu.i1 Spring Cfmmccrl Maiy' 5. a 1 1945 1945 1946 19-16 First Row-julia Florence, Dolly Durbin, Eileen Ilhardt, Gertrude Mills. Anne Wright, Ruth Stetlen. Anna Stelzer. Virginia Martin. Jeanne Gihson. jo Ann Hanke. Anne Strauss. Dolores Brodeen. Betty Sweeney. Alice Petsch. pianist. Second Row-joan Bowman. Dorothy Grey, Shirley Ahling. Marilyn Dumont. Doris Epping, Madeline Heine. Nancy Carr, Ruth Stagge. 'Io Ann McCarthy, Alma juilfs. Lucille Miller. Dorothy Schadle. Ann Vxfykotf. Dorothy Vandervort. adviser. Third Row--Dorothy Bridges. Joyce Knippling. jackie Kuhn. Gloria Vann. Evelyn Richardson, Norma De Vault. Peggy Leslie, Louise Saner. La Verne Bridges. janet Vv'ilson. joyce Clifton. janet Koppman. lda Messmer. Helen Lippolis. Fourth Rowf-leanne Vsfheatley, Betty Schleicher. Faye jackson, Betty Shannon. Carolyn Koch. Gloria Snodgrass. Eleanor Corcoran. Aggie Peters. Elaine Ayer. 6 4' imma This year the Girls' Chorus was once more under the very capahle direction of Miss Dorothy Vandervort. The Chorus consisted of ahout sixty girls. Any girl in high school who wished to join thc chorus could do so. It met twice a week. Tuesday and Thursday. The girls took part in the P. T. A. Christmas Program. the Farmers' Institute. and the Baccalaureate Services. 33 Firxr Run- Miss Mathis, adviser, Ruth Quinlan, Alice Petsch. Marianne Willztrd. Anne Vv'right, Anna Stelzer, Hilda Mullen, Martha Kneppling. lrma Bruwn, Virginia Clwyd, Jeanne Gihsnn, Miss Uraliain, adviser. Setmnl Rule Virginia Marlin, liulures Meyer. Patti Meier, Ruhy Thacker. Eileen llhardt, Patty l:I4l1Cl'. Betty Schultz. Alilllfl llwfwlv. Shirley Heltlerich. Betty Spencer, Donna Redman. Alice Merten, Carolyn Epping, ,loan Maddux. Mildred Brcmks, Anne Strauss, .Iuanne Elfers. .lean Ann Hupper, Shirley Greer. Third Run- Betty Ridge. Margie Uuynn, Gertrude Mills, Mary Miller, Virginia Meadows, 'loyee Agner, Shirley Knippling. Betty Hasltett. Margie Buherg, Henrietta Ridge. l"nitr!li Row Shirley Miller, Eleannr Ayer, -luAnn Hanlte, Elizaheth lfarrenknpli, Ruth Stellen, Marjiirie lines, Margaret Phillips. Kathleen Gage, juyee Duekett. dz! awww l'rexidc1it Hilda Mullen Vive Prcxidciit Anna Stelzer Secretary Anne Wi'iglit Treasurer Martha Knippling The thrce sidcs uf the Girl Reserves' triangle stand fur hotly, mind. and spirit of the girl, and the circle symhulizes the world in which she lives. The cluh hegan the year with a welcoming party for the new girls. The activities ul' the organization were cxplained tu them. ln Nuveinher the annual Turkey Supper was held. lt is given hy the Mothers' Ctiuneil tu send girls tu camp. 3-1 First Row4Betty Gaskins. Gloria Vann. Alice Petseh, Marianne Willard. Anne VVright. Anna Stelzer. Hilda Mullen. Martha Knippling, Irma Brown, Virginia Cloyd, Julia Florence, Fay Jackson. Second Row7Miss Mathis, adviser, Shirley Ahling, Martha Van Saun. Virginia Greger. Betty Gaffney. Marilyn Dumont, Doris Epping, Madeline Heine, Eileen Taylor. lvlaria Lehman, Miriam Stockslager, Judy Fry. Peggy Leslie. Dorothy Taylor, Miss Graham. adviser. Third Row--AHelen Lippolis, Carolyn Koch, Joyce Clifton. Ruth Stagge. Ann YVykol'l'. Joan Bow' man. Lorraine Young. Betty Sweeney, Evelyn Richardson, Dolly Durhin, Georgianne Glasgow, Dolores Brodeeri, Margaret Mills, Nancy Carr, Ruth Ponchot, Virginia Staggenhorg, JoAnn McCarthy. Fourth Row--Q-Eleanor Corcoran, Ida Messmer. Betty Shannon. Betty Schleicher. Janet Vvfilson, Dorothy Hill. Janet Koppman. Dorothy Grey, Jackie Kuhn, LaVerne Bridges. Dorothy Schadle. Lucille Miller. Joyce Knippling. Norma De Vault. Dorothy Bridges, Betty Gehl. Ramona Elliot. Jean Fairbanks, Louise Saner, Elaine Ayer, Aggie Peters, Gloria Snodgrass, ef 64026464 The Christmas Formal was held on Dccemher 15, 1945. The orchestra provided good music. Witli the cofoperation of the HifY, the Girl Reserves collected food for the Salvation Army and the girls made stuffed animals for the Childrens' Convalescent Home. The first of the year the Girl Reserves had a Skating Party. The proceeds will he a donation to the Wzlr Chest. This year the Girl Reserve Cluh joined the Central Y, W. C. A. All the schools that helong to the Central "Y" unite to form an lnter-Cluh Council. All ring work is transacted through this council. The purpose of this council is to have a good time and to meet other girls. ln Fehruary a Valentine Dance was held. The last dance of the year was in March. The year ended with a Recognition Service and a MotherfDaughter Banquet. 35 FIFA! Run' Alnck Vv'ciw. Richard Gziskins, Stanley Cuskins. Kenny Kuntz. Lewis Ostcrhfmlz. Nci Van Stuun, Tftl Hzrllcr. Vs'iili1tin Stalngc, HilI'fy'C:I'llI1CWSlId, Nurrnzm Lucas. Scimxtl Kun' Hziruld Mucldux. .KIVIRCIQ Dmmznld Buggy. Robert Munro, Hziruld Gatskins, Wliiliillll Kruiniiwl, Hwwurd Nlmitw, Clmrlve Einsliutf. Rubcrt Muchinurc. Riclmrd Strauss, Cliurlcs Rztinc Tlnrti liltll' fflmrltw Mx'K'IXIllNi. -luck Bufliunznn, Ray Askcw, Dun Uucppcr. Lztwrcncc Mcrtcn Ruin-rt Vv'viw. Rifliznrd McKinniw, -luck Hawkins, Vsfilligun Martin. I'.HHV'fll Run' Rrvl'wI't Bcckiiizmii. Vw'il-un Bmmlh:1vcr'. Vxfilliziin Milllgllilli. Ibtmitld Ctmcppcr, Donald XYQXI, HarulclT.tyl11r',Cilvi1i1 Kfmisil. ' I l'ru.w1c1if l,t'wis Ustciiiwlz Yin l'ru.sitlum Ncil Van Saiun St't'i't'lm'y' Kenny Kuntz Tr'cu.x1n'ur Tt-tl Hsllici' Mr, H. Z. Matltltix, tlic hlunim' High tc.iciici'. has lwcn clinscn its tlic ncw HifY .itlvistm In .utltlitimi to Mi: Mutldllx. tlit- clulv has clcvcn now incinlvcrs. Thu ncw idczi ul' lmving .n tlisctlssiwii on topics uf iizntiwiiul :ind intcrnattiunail ilnportztncc wus limtigiit lmuk twin Cltilunilwus Ivy nur i'cpi'csu1ita1tivcs to tlic HifY mcctings nt Ma1dci1'4i and att Amit' rs: un. In :ntltlitum to tlicsc alctivitius, thu l1lL'l11iWL'l'S took part in swiinniing pgirtics and lwi'li.ips tlic biggest uvcnt tit' thc your, thu HifY dance. 36 l S555 PVQ' m X-if I ggi, WAN 0- 1 F0 " - QD -0 'Qi AX ' C 3' - 1: 7 -- im f . f-sb :25513"?: . ' A x .LW E X pl' Q ,F r . '-.2 4 f TIILETIEE lim! Run' Iwlm Su-cle, Rwlwrl M1-mu. lllfh-lI'Li Mcliinnisf, Rohcxi S.uusA Harry CIIAKIHCVVRIILI rY'1lll4Pl1 AI-lx'k5U N mmf Rum' fflmrlw liwwn, umclw, XXVIINUII Bmmilmx'c1', nsfxstzmt Illilll-121011 VN'illiam1 Erlwld lflvlm Klrlmrcli mm, Ruhurl EIHNIIHQ. Shmlcy Gzlskim, .Iulm Lcslic. Clmrlo MCKil1I1i5N. Ncl X .Ill 5.llll1.1l'NlNl.lI1l III-lIl'l"Cl' . 5 , :mf Run' Xxvlllllllll Mlllllll. Rlclmxulmi SUYIIINN, Clary ulully, TMI Hallcr, lIlilI1ilg.IUl'. Xxvlllllllll KIIIIIIIIIUI, Dun fvirrggxxcl. R.ay Axkvxv. Amlk-1-fu mn Amlcm H1 Amlc V94 111 Amlvrsf un Al1LlL'I'S1lI1 A mlcrsn vu SEASON R IiSl ILTS s 14 Mt. HL'2lltl1y' I4 IS M.uLlUi1'z1 S IU Ulcndallc ll l I Tvrmcr Park 27 41 Lwvclamd IS nb Ml. Hcanlthy 31 38 The Redskins opened their football season with Mt. Healthy on their own field. This was a very tight, exciting game, ending at 14 to 14. Our boys then showed what they could do in the rain by defeating Madeira 18 to 8. The Redskins then traveled to Glendale and again showed what they could do on a muddy field by defeating Glendale 20 to 12. The only night game was played with Terrace Park to determine whether Anderson or Terrace Park was to be first in their league. Anderson showed the true spirit but couldn't seem to do much against Terrace Park. Terrace Park won 27 to 12. Anderson then traveled to Loveland and had an easy victory winning 41 to 18. The final game, and a game which everyone looked forward to, was the consolaf tion game at Madeira with Mt. Healthy. It was the game to determine whether Anderson was third or fourth in the county. Mt. Healthy put up a hard fight but the Redskins were able to come through with a 36 to 32 score. 39 lxrsl Kun' Ti-d H.ilh'1'. Milt-vu AI.nckwr1,'la1ck Kuhni Wvllllillll Slaxnpgc. Stgmlcy Unskinx, luck Vfcise . s 1 . . iuml Kun' Ray Axkcxx, Ill.lI1.lQt'I, lilflllllll McK1l1n1w, Hurry c:l'llI1k'XK'QllLl. HM-nhl Clmkin filcim linh ml mi f'h ulcx l31uxx'i1.c4u1clx. Wanda' gaaketdad This xms il lmimvi' yum' lm' our lmskctlvzlll tcxlm. Using tu giiml llklVIlI1f.lQC rh Q L ixpcrlclm' thuy QJIIIULI .ls .lllI1lUI'S, thcy Wim l'UlII'ICL'I1 out uf txyunty gmuus. Thu N11 mm! thu C1l'Cll.lIl1IWlUIlSlliP ul' thi' hxnguc with Cllcmlalc. than tczun humg thc imly lklllll 111 thum in lmguu pl.nv. As pmt ul .n ilulllililiumdcl' planyml .ll Xamyicr for thu lwuclil uf thc Tiiwnsuml lvlvmuiml. lhcy Llcluitml Mt. Hmlthy hy txyim points in .in uvcrtiluu g.11nc. S In nhl IUIIIILIIIILIWI they pllyml TL'l'l'.lk'L' Park ns thuii' first rival. Thcy wsu' Llc' li llkxkl hy twim 'mints in Ll chwsc ggumi .lncksini im' thc third civnsccutivu ycnr pxnccnl his tcximk sawing with .1 lutgil ul 'l'ip41ints. HllllL'lxQll1Ll Kuhn lullevxxxml with lil? .xml 105 puiiits rcspcctiyuly. fi' 'J 1 yf' f f nj' . A Q A 'if 5 fl? A ' y l l NE M I . . Spf , B. f 1' f V i . , Q". J Y 'A ,fi . f 1 - ' ..,.. 4 y f 5 E 3 SS A. Q I ,Ag First Row Dan Gucppcr, 111:111z1gc1'. Clmrlus MCKII1lliSS, -Iulm B111'11cN. RUPVLII 1 url .IUI111 Steele. Vv'1ls1111 B11m11dh11x'c1'. IDQIIHIQDF. bKCU7ld R1111'- klugk H2lXK'klI1S, LilVx'I'CNCC Ivfcrtcn. Ruhrrt MlICl1lI14lIk 1 IX N 1 1 K1'11111111cl. R1cl1111'd 'Z,1111111c1'f, lack B11cl11111z111, Clumrlcs B1-11w11. 0111511 Thml Ruu' Edwalrd I'.1sul1z1l, Hamid 'T11ylu1'. Robert BCCkIl1Lll1I1. thc tcum. eamae 2440654166 The rcscrvcs of this yczxr won 7 out of 19 gurncs. Altl1llllKVl t1 BX L11 11 t xx111 many gnmcs. tlmcy slmmwd thc t1'11c A11dc1'so11 spirit by ulwu 5 x flkxil' z1lw1l1ty. Bulw M111w1'c, A101111 Bumcs 411111 B011 VV'c1ss wcrc t1 11 N AIldkxI'SlWI1 19 M:1Llc11'a1 Al1L1L'I'Sllll 22 TCI'I'ilCC Park A11Ll-3151111 27 L11vcl:111d A11dc1's1111 20 Sycumorc AIlLlCf5lHl1 24 Glcmlulc """5m W x f 1, 1 1 1 X X 5 f ! 9' , ,11f 1 111 QA xi , -ll A 4 ' 111.1 1 N' Firm! Rim' jnhn Steele, Ted Hailler, 'luck Weiss, Stanley G2lSl'CfI'lS. Milton -lzieksun, Richard ML'KlI1Ill4i. St-twirl Run' Ray Askew, lnzinzlger, Ruhert Vv'eis4, Lloyd Bridges, Nurnizin Kziufnizm, Richard Straw-, john Leslie. fllialrlee Brown, emieh, Z We exin well he proud of our 1945 lmsehalll team, We finished first in the Eastern County League hy defeating Terrnee Park, three to une, in 21 plaiyfnff game. We then Inst tu Ureenhills, Westrii League elmmpiun, to finish :is county runnersfup. We won our first game in the regiunail tournament from St. Bernard, hut were declared nut heeainse of the ineligihility of il player. Milt liieksmi, Donald Steffen, and Bill Bauer composed xi firstfelziss pitehing stuff. The infield was made up of Wliite' :it first, Bauer sit second, Halller :it slmrtstnp, Kline :it third, with MeKinniss haieking up the plate. The outfield ennsisted of Steffen, left: Wt'iss, eenter, :ind Uauskins, right. 42 Anna Stclzer. W'1lliam Ott. Betty Spencer. Ronald Vwfeishrodt, Joanne Elfers. The chccrlcaldcrs arc important! Thu playcrs play hard, and thc spectators ycll loudly only hcczausc thc chccrlcndurs lzlhor to pull those checrs from thc crowds to hack the tcnm. We all hope that thc future chccrlcuclcrs will have thc tczlm and crowds that the chccrlcaldcrs of 1945 :md '46 had. Cn the squad were Betty Spencer, -IOJIHDC Elfcrs, Annu Stclzcr, Bill Ott, and Ronnie Wcishrodt. 43 Fm! Row -jean Ann Hopper. Anna Stelzer. Virginia Martin, Virginia Staggenhorg. Shirley Greer. Anne Vv'right. Marianne Vv'illard. Hilda Mullen, Gertrude Mills. Virginia Cloyd. Sutmid Row Betty Ridge. Eileen llhardt. Patricia Fisher. Aliee Merten. Shirley Hellferieh. Patrieia Meier, Donna Redman. Ann Strauss. joan Maddox, Carolyn Epping, Mildred Brooks. Marjorie Heeker. adviser. Tliml Kon' Ahee Petseh, Martha Knipphng. Elizabeth liarrenkopli, Henrietta Ridge. Jeanne Haskelt, Dolores Meyer. -lo Ann Hanlce, Marjorie Uuynn, Jeanne Gibson. Ruth Quinlan. Iiniirtli Row Marjorie Ross, Margaret Phillips. Eleanor Ayer. Shirley Knippling. Ruhy Thacker. Kathleen Cage. Shirley Miller, Ruth Stellen, Prcsiderlt Anne Wriglit Vice President Shirley Greer Secretary Virginia Staggenhorg Treasurer Marianne Willzird The Anderson U. A. A. has heen organized on the following principles: I. To create a wider interest in girls' sports hy offering a wide variety of activities. 2. To develop good sportsmanship and to estahlish leadership. 3, To encourage desiralile health attitudes. 4. And to help insure a wiser ehoiee of leisureftime activities. The G. A. A.. under the supervision of Miss Marjorie Heeker. got off to a flying start with some very vigorous games of hoekey. During the year they went on swimming, howling. horsehaek riding. skating. and pienie outings. -14 First Rowfjanet Koppman, LaVerne Bridges. Helen Lippolis, Virginia Staggenhorg. Shirley Greer, Anne Wright. Marianne Willard. Hilda Mullerw. Gloria Vann. Dolly Durhin. Second Row-Dorothy Gray, Maria Lehman. Martha Van Saun. Marilyn Dumont. Betty Gaffney, Eileen Taylor, Dorothy Taylor, Judy Fry, JoAnn McCarthy. Peggy Leslie. Evelyn Richardson, ,loan Bowman. Miss Heeker, adviser. Third Row-Betty Gaskins. janet Wilsm,in, Lucille Miller, Anne Wykcvtf. Loraine Young. Margaret Mills, Dolores Brodeen. Betty Sweeney, Shirley Ahling. Joyce Knippling. Jacqueline Kuhn. Fourth Row--julia Florence. Betty Shannon. Eleanor Corcoran. Dorothy Hill. Dorothy Bridges. Joyce Clifton, Carolyn Koch, Louise Saner, Elaine Ayer. Aggie Peters. Gloria Snodgrass. Betty Schleicher, Faye jackson. 9.14 Every Ivlonday and Friday the girls stayed after school for volley hall, hockey, and haskcthall. Each class chose its haskcthall captain as follows: Seniors, Virginia Martin, juniors, Shirley Knipplingg Sophomores, Virginia Staggcnhorgg Freshmen, Aggie Peters. The varsity haskcthall team was chosen hy Miss Hecker, the G. A. A. hoard, and the class captains. The team consists of the hcst players from all four classes. The erptain was -lean Pelk. During the year they played games with 0. L. A., Hughes, Alumni, and the varsity boys' team. The highlight of the year was the G. A. A. dance on January 19. It was an old clothes dance and everyone came clad in jeans and plaid shirts. The entertainment committee planned a floor show and refreshments were served. The dance was successful, hoth socially and financially. 45' 4 7 14 24 26 28 29 5 12 16 19 25 26 2 SEPTEMBER School finally opened after a wonderful summer. Everyone was glad to get back and see his friends. There were many new faces and two new teachers. Swimming party at Jack Weiss's. Did that water feel good after a hot day in school! Carthage Fair. Holiday already. Assembly. Walter Hundley gave a very interesting talk on his adventures overseas. Had our pictures taken today. Look at the birdie! First football game of the season. Played Mt. Healthy here. Score was tied 14f14. Pretty exciting game. P. T. A. Carnival today. Dancing in the evening with music supplied by Don Faggin's ork. All reet. OCTOBER Football game with Madeira here. We won 20-8. Yea, Redskins! Senior hayride. Boys didn't show up but the girls had a good time without them. Today was the end of the first six weeks. P. T. A. meeting. School dismissed at 2:45. Hurrah! Football game at Glendale. We had a chartered bus to take us there and back. Some fun. We won 20f12. Report cards came out. Not so much fun. Freshman initiation. How cute they looked! Football game with Terrace Park. Night game and we lost 28f12. Darn! Teachers' meeting. Another holiday for us. Whoopee! NOVEMBER Had movie entitled "Swiss Family Rob' insonf' Football game at Loveland. We won 41f18. afeadm 9 10 12 13 16 20 21 22 23 27 1 4 7 11 14 15 17 18 Football tournament at St. Xavier Stadf ium. Played Mt. Healthy and won 36f32. Girl Reserve Turkey Supper. Umm good! No school. Celebration of Armistice Day. junior Class Play, "A Mind of Her Own." Very cute. Basketball game at Terrace Park. We started season out right by winning 46-25. Seniors dismissed for halffday to get annual pics taken. Lucky us. Can you think of a better way of getting out of school? Another movie, "Hearts in Bondage." Freshman dance. Only Freshmen and Sophomores were allowed. School dismissed for Thanksgiving vacation. Basketball game at Colerain. We won 33-11. Basketball game at Amelia. We won 33f29. Boy, are we good. DECEMBER Basketball game with Milford. Lost 69129. We're slippin'. Basketball game with Batavia. We won 46'36. That's more like it. Basketball game at Plainville. Lost 39f31. Oh, oh. Basketball game with Sycamore. Won 49f26. Very exciting game. Another assembly. A woman from Australia spoke. Very good. Girl Reserve Xmas Formal. A swell dance and a good time was had by all. Had Xmas movies today. Time's draw- ing near. P. T. A. meeting. School dismissed early. Xmas parties all day. No classes. What a wonderful day. School dismissed till next year. Basketball game with Ma- deria. We won 4380. JANUARY School opened after a glorious vacation. Everyone's rarin' to go. Basketball game with Terrace Park. Very close but we won 4340. Basketball game with Alumni. We won 5643. Semester exams. Were they hard! More semester exams, still harder. Bas' ketball game at Sycamore. Team was really in the groove. Won 4866. G. A. A. Old Clothes Dance. Everyone was donned in overalls, plaid shirts, etc., and all had a swell time. There was a very super floor show consisting of ten chorus girls. Hubba! Basketball game with Sharonville. We really beat them 48f27. Some game. Farmers' Institute. Didn't have many classes. Basketball game at Glendale. We lost 36f3O. Basketball game with Loveland. We won 52f19. FEBRUARY Basketball game with Plainville. We lost 36'31. Basketball game with Amelia. We lost again 33-31. Basketball game with Mt. Healthy. We won 34-29. G. R. Dance. Had an orchestra. Was a big success. P. T. A. Meeting. School dismissed early. Love these meetings. Senior Class Party. Lots of fun. Washington's Birthday. Hip, hooray! No school. There's more than one way of getting out of school. MARCH School dismissed early for P. T. A. Meeting. Girl Reserve Dance. Another swell dance for the season. Everyone and his brother was there. APRIL HifY Dance. Really quite an affair. Once again there was a big attendance. School dismissed for Good Friday and Easter vacation. Boat ride sponsored by Seniors. Had lots of fun. Nearly half the high school was there. Athletic Banquet. Outstanding athlete of season was chosen. MAY juniorfSenior Banquet. Juniors really gave Seniors a swell party. A good time was had by all. Senior Class Play Dress Rehearsal. Everyone knew his lines so play is bound to be a success. Senior Class Play. Turned out swell. We gave it before a huge audience. Senior Chapel. Few tears were shed by the weaker sex when they thought of leaving dear old Anderson Hi. High School Baccalaureate. Final Examinations. Most of the Seniors were exempt. Aren't they the lucky ones! More final exams. High School Commencement. A sad night for the Seniors who hate to leave. Last day of school. This has been a wonderful year. The Seniors say "Goodf bye" to good old Anderson and they hope all the future classes will be as happy and have as much fun as they have had. R ,1' 4 l,11x'1' 111 l1l1111111 Hulk! UQ' 1 1'11111111' Act y111l N11l1 H11 Vw' l111lN.1 II! 11111' 111115 1111 11111111 11111ll1'1' .' 1 NS 1 1 1 X I ' 1+ im n f 45111059 NN .,,..,....--1.,,...,.--f P11111 -I1 her men x'Spe111'c" Reform Sch1111l---M11ri1111nc linsctfj Sc11i111's Sc1111rs 1111d scn111'i111s Cl1Rll'lCS Atlas Q71 High 1112111 1111 Il t11tc111 pole A1111 hwc jll'iH1d l'111Ll1l1cs F11t111'c Vv'PA XK'Ul'kCl'N N11 111c11 11111011 Class 111' 'S11 48 Q a 1 Quai X' X ' Q P ' 3, a. . , 4 :-IIB Hu vs ns: G -I' -- ---- --------------- - - ----- ---- -'I' Ill Made permanent in portrait photography that is accurate, living and artistic Achieved by constant workmanship and experience of years For discriminating people who admire fine photography For the finest of portraiture, for portraits of character see YQUNG AND CARL STUDIO TIFFANYTONE PORTRAITS Seventh and Vine Cincinnati 2, Ohio Parkway 2277 REPUTABLE REASONABLE RELIABLE 50 C pliments of The Anderson Township Parent Teachers Association -1- -------- ----- - -1- 4- Compliments of "WILL" WOLFER WOLFER'S Forestville Pharmacy Sutton 6680 Forestville, Ohio Robert E. 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L .... - .... -... --.----.... ...-...-.-. 58 Eighth grade pemwiiailitics Baseball cheesecake Basketball Mr. Ludwig Miss Hecker E? jr, Hi team Baseball team Hockey clothes 'n pose Judy! Help! Chuck finsctj Please doift hit her! S64 question : "W ho?" Atlas Maiden-Swcmn The big baby Mart finsetl Watch the birdie S9 f QQ' 'Y ?""'f1 Hcildin' up the wzill? Whcmcrpsl Ginny Mirage Men? Take it easy Guess who lt's a convertible Dependable .... EARL D. ARNOLD PRINTING COMPANY Telephone Main ?89f1 139-141 E. Third Street Cincinnati, Ohio I I -1- - '-i- - Qviv - i-i- - '1" -- '111 -W-"----"'- "1' -"- '-A- -H---H--A-A - - --'-"-- - - - - - - -'- --- + 60 Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Weiss and Family 1,1 1lm1nn1nn.-nn.-u1.n...m1un1nn1 .-nn.1un n1nn1 1 1 1'u--nu-1-..1uu1 1 1 lq1uu-1.11 1nn-110 +q1nn1n 1111111111 - -un-lvv1In-'T THE FABRIC SHOP 606 Race Street Dress Goods by the Yard Maln 2853 1n111111111111nvu1wn1nn P. I.IPPOI.IS Cherry Grove, Ohlo Sutton 6050M Smoked 8- Fresh Meats Vegetables-Noveltles Compllments of VIRGINIA MARTIN and BILL I.EI'IMAN Compliments of A FRIEND .....-....- - .....................................-.....- - -..........q. MT. WASHINGTON PAINT HEADQUARTERS Sherwin-Williams-Dupont Points Wallpaper--Painters' Supplies 2223 Beechmont Ave. Be. 8069 nn1m1un1un1:-I1nn1un1l-n..-an1nu1uu1nu1na1up-nn-up-u u1u-1 n1.n1 1 1 1 1nn.-nu..-nn1un1nn1un1 1 1 1m.1nu 1-.1un1un1up1l.1.n1u1 1 1 1m u1qp1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 --un-11-nu-n 1nn1un1nu1uu1nu1un1n1un1.n1 1u --W---I -1--M--H-' ------------ H-------r I Compliments I of I I MR. AND MRS. E. F. KURZYNSKI I I 'I' M, .............. .... - .MT I Compliments of I I BEECHMONT PHARMACY 2103 Beechmont Ave. I I 'I' 1qg1nu-nu-un1nu1un41un-uw--uu1 n1u1u-m-qu.1uu1u.-1. Day Servlce Night "let Us Help You" ' Heavy Duty Wrecker I vlcron SALES co. 3756 Beechmont nm1un1m 1 In11m1uu1u1uu1nn1un1uu1nn 1mq1 --nu1u.l1. .I 1 Compliments of I GASKINS, KUNTZ AND GASKINS .,....l.. .... -..,-,,-,..- ,... -...-,,-..-.,.....-..-..-.t-..-..-..I. 'I I I Compllments of Hl-Y I I I 11..i111-.111y1mI1nu HAROLD'S GRILL Delicious Meals 2201 V2 Beechmont Ave. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of RENNER'S PHARMACY Compliments of SOLAR HILLS RANGERS -1- -.g.........-.- ......-.,..-....-,...- -....-..-..-,.,- I I -I I--- -'-- ---- - I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I' -I-' I I I I m1uu1 1 -. -rm-. 1 1.u1uu1uui 1 QUALITY and SERVICE DRY CLEANING One Day Service TUSCLUM CLEANERS 3712 Eastern Phone Ea. l602 Compliments 'of SALEM GARDENS Lunch 81 Sandwiches Corner Salem and Beacon Sts Sutton 6667 I I 4. .i....-.... .... .... .... ....I......-....-. - - .. ...--!- .gn-M-.. -.---.-.. - - I I I I I I I I I I -1- -i'-' -'I' 'P' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -1- 4---I 63 LEHMAN'S GROCERY Three Mile 8- Salem Su. 6507-Be. 720i-R m..m..-..111.-11111.- 1nn1.11111.-11111 Compliments of THE JUSTICE POULTRY FARM State Road Sutton 63091 1- ---------- - - .... - .... .-5. 4...-..,.-.... -.....--..-.. ....- 5. Compliments of G. A. A. Compliments of JO ANN HANKE VIRGINIA MARTIN DOLORES MEYER MARY MILLER BETTY LOU SPENCER RUBY THACKER 1 1....14,..1. uu1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 101 1111111111-......-fini Compliments of SUTTON AUTO SERVICE 1906 Sutton Ave. Be. 8114 u1,4q1ul4.-I-tt.-M1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1.lu1.m.-I...-. sALEs SERVICE HUDSON America's Sofest Cor Smart Styling Economicol Riding Comfort Vibrotionless Endurance C. B. AYER SALES Be. 7970 Forestville, O. 4... ......... 4. 4.. .... ......- - .... ........, -.- .. -..- -.......,.- -H..-M 4. uu1 1,4141-111.-11..11..-lui.. 4. -..I-. ............- Qs Compliments of KLOPMEIER HARDWARE STORE -..-.I-.I .......-.... M-.I.-p THE GREEN TREES I I I I I I I Q I Q I I I I I I I I I I -E +- - 'If I I I I I I I I Good Things to Eat Route 125 Amelia, Ohio I I I I -.. ...........-. .-...-..i. ,g,-.... 1nn-nn1nn1nn1nn1uu- - 1n1nn1un1un-nn-ur-1un1vm gg. ego Amelia, ohio Batavia 5421 LAKEviEw I I Southern Ohio's Chosen Playhouse Decide Now To Enioy Your Saturday Nights At Lakeview, on U. S. Route 125, at Amelia, Ohio Make Reservations Early L. S. WALKER, Owner ,i,- -- titt - - --u- .-.- -M-ml-.N---I-M-. I... - - 4,-.... .....- - - - - I... .-I.-.II-....-..-. ---- .n-......g. nie I I Compliments I I of I I MT. WASHINGTON MEAT MARKET I I 2119 Beechmont Ave. FRANK ROBINSON, Prop. I I .-....- -....-n.-..-......-..-...-...-.,.-..- ....-.......3. .pm 65 .1mq1ml.-.un1u.r--n.l1r-11111111rrlrirrtlirllt-141.1nu..-....1un1vlu1 For Quality Foods-Choice Meats Sandwiches and Cold Drinks Stop at HALL'S DELICATESSEN Gas and Oil Service Station End of Bus Line Beechmont 7493 lWe Deliver! I-n1r...1 1 1 1uu11lu1ml..-url-.,,,,1.m.-. 1 1 -. 1 n1nn11111..1...1.-11-1.11 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. A. P. BAUER, JR ..-m4111..11111111--.. u1nn11-.1-..111...1..111-.1 MUELLER'S Shoes 8. Shoe Repairing Famous Massagic Shoes for Men 2061 Beechmont Ave. Su. 6687 11,1 1 .-.,.,..uu-rmirm1,.,,1un1 1nr..nu1lw1nn-. 1111.411-1..1.-11.-1111.-111 Compliments of ROOS' GAS STATION 4' """ ""i ' " ' 'QQ1 " 1 1 1 111111-lla :Inns-nn1nu 11-1111111111 mq1r Complete Line of Gas Appliances Shellane Distributor Locker and Home Freezer Supplies Complete Line of CROSLEY and KELVINATOR PRODUCTS ED AYER 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.m......1 1 1w. 114141 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1u.1nu..nu1uu-nu1nu1un TWIN MILLS W. lBunnyl Brondhaver Chicken Dinners Steak Dinners Home-Made Pies Route 125, Ohio Plke Forestville L. G. BALFOUR CCMPANY Attleboro, Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas-Personal Cards Represented by Willis D. Bachman 6127 Bramble Ave. Cincinnati 27, Ohio .....r1lrt.1 1'-11.1-I1 1 1 1 1 1H1m.....nn1vm1rm1uu1 uQ.nu1uu-uu1u.1um1un1 1 1 1 -nu-.01-m1nn.-m1u MAX SCHWARTZ 8. SCN Style Headquarters Apparel for Men and Women Mt. Washington OPEN--Mon., Fri., Sat. Evenings -...Q .g.-.... ............... ,.,- 4. Snu' fun Garbage men Up ll trcc Mink? Freshic Glulnfm ILII' ,V mm Babe in arms Peanut heaven Super woman Vv'ith an "A" More glanmfour 67 -lust plain B111 Vv'indy1' Girl Scuuts Ono ut an uma. girlx Swimmin' at Vv'mw1 h Qu ton Compliments of GIRL RESERVES 'I' 'I' I8 Compliments of Girl Reserves Mothers' Council A White Villa Store White Villa Meyers'-Partridge Food Brand Products Pork Products Frosted Foods Fruits and Vegetables D. B. PHILLIP C. O. ALBIEZ We Deliver-SUtton 6295 BILL OTT, Manager 4- ----- ------- - - --------- -------- -1- 69 T i Compllments of BOB MOORE T'-"-" ---- "-"-"'-"""' "" ---- ' """""I' Compliments of LULA'S BEAUTY SHOP li ..., .. ... -..- -...- .......- - - ... - .....-. T,-,...,.,-...-...-,.- .... -..-,.-..-.... ..., - .... -...-...-...-... ' From three dignified Seniors ll Joanne Elfers, Hilda Mullen and ll Jean Pelk -1- 4..-.1-..- - - .-...-..-.....-........-..-..... - -..-....- Compliments of MARJORIE HECKER -1- 1 l Compliments of I MAX D. FIGHTMASTER l Barber I Cherry Grove .'..n-... ---- ....-....-....- l,.. -n-...1- -.-. - -- - -It---1 g?.1u,,1,,.1 1 1 .1l.u1uu1u.1ul11llu1nlil- 1 1 11114-nu L HAMLET INN Chicken Dinners 2 Amelia, Ohio -I- ,!.....,..,.......-....-................-...... .... .............................-....-....-....--g. l BLUE BELL TAVERN Sandwiches-Chlll wnfhqmsvnule, ohio .gg-.........- .. .-..-..-..-..-........-..-...-.,.- - .-..-. .I...-...-..- ... -,...-......,...-l...-....-n.--t--.---- - -1---M I u Compliments of I A FRIEND l l 4- -1up1nu1 1 1 1441111111-11.1111-11. 111111 1 1 111111011- -im1uu1 1 1 11m...m11ml1lm11.14-11111111111 nu1uu1 1 1 1 --nl-1uu1un1u-uu1 1 1 1nu1uu1u u1nn1m1- 1 1 1411.111I-1.111.111-11111111111 141:-11111 l.-....- - t-....-..-...-...-..........-..-.... -..- ..--4. n1ul.1nn1 1 1 n1un1nn1.n1nn1...1--1.11 1 1 1.m1m1-. u1mr1uu1m...uu1.l..1..n...m111.111M1lm1m.1m.1m1.m- n1nn...u 1 -nu ...un 1 11.11 -lm 1u.l1.... 114.11-In --in -nu --nu 1.111 1 1111111111114 uu1uu1- 1-m 11m 1.111 11...-11.1.-lm 11m 11m 11411111.11 u1uu-un uni-1111.1 11m-un 1uu 11.141 n nu-nu-1 n-.u 1 1 1,1-un1uu1nu1ln1 1 1 1u1uu-u nn1n1 1 1 1 r1rln.-ern-:nn--nn1nu1 1 1 1 111-uu1nu1 1 1111111111111:11nnvn1-uri-1111111111 1 1 111111 Congratulations from two moldy Juniors RON and BILL u1lm1m1 1 1 1 1 1uu1 Compliments of ZEISLER'S GROCERY -un...m1 1 1 -u-11 111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,1 u1un1u 11411111111-I-11.11-11.1111 nn1.nu1-m1-m1...1.m1. 11.1.1 HEMSATH'S QUALITY FOOD MARKET Where the Best of Meat is No Luxur Tusculum and Columbia Aves. Y nu 111.1141.11m...un14-n...tu114111111411-I-11-rf11m1.1u-lm 1.111111 HARTLAUB'S Groceries Fruits Meats Vegetables 1963 Mears Ave., Cor. Beechmont un -.uu...un1mr.-un1un1un1nu1...,1.,., 1,,.,1u-r1....1,...1.,.1u Chrysler Plymouth FRANCIS 81 SON Phone Batavia 5422 .lohn Francis F. F. Francis Amelia, Ohio -nnt1nrnr11r-1111111 .-.lm1uu1vm1nn1ml1m.1.m-IHI1 111111: Compliments of HARRY'S SHOE STORE 2121 Beechmont Ave. Hornschemeier's Complete Food Market Conway and Beacon Street Sutton 6673 1 1.1-111111111111lm1uu1ml1nil--41111 1 1uu 111:11un1uu-uu1uu-mn1uu1un1un1nu1nu-un1n u1 141 u1un1.u1 1 1 H1rm..nui1unu1r-I-11-1.11-I-1 1 1 1nn1 Best Wishes from SCHATZ PHARMACY Amelia Compliments of DR. ancl MRS. A. A. LEVIN and FAMILY Kern's Drive ln Snack In A Sack 470i Columbia Parkway ,.,,,,,1,,..111-.-.1111-11u.,1,, -.Wil ,P -,,,-- ,..-. - - .-.m- .--- -aio nfou-mr ------------ 4- -ml- Compliments of Amelia Feed 8. Hardware Co and Wilson Implement Co. Everett E. Wilson 8. Son Amelia uu1rm111111..1...-.-1..1 ...u.1111111111......-.1....1 Compliments of Coney lslanol Compliments of MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR L. BOWMAN, JR. AND FAMILY 1-..1nu..nnn1uu11111111111111 1.-1...-1....1.m1u1..q1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 MR. AND MRS. P. K. KLINE AND FAMILY 72 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. S. J. OSTERFIELD AND FAMILY Feel Fit Get In Step Drink Milk Have More Pep HYDE PARK DAIRY CO For Those Who Demand Quality Melrose 1304 I 4. -11-------- n--uu- - -vm--nu -----111 1 1 1 in 73 4- ---- ----- ---------...------ . . ........-......-....- 4. GILLESPIE DELICATESSEN "Good Things To Eat" 2111 Beechmont Mt. Washington Sutton 6017 BETTER SERVICE FOR ALL Good telephone service requires more than instruments, wires, and central oftice equipment-more even than operators, Iinemen, engineers and installers . . . it also requires the thoughtful cooperation ofthe men, women and young people who use it. Short conversations, courteous sharing of party lines, being sure of your number before calling, and similar practices are essential to good telephone service. We in the telephone industry are constantly striving to provide ci high quality system to serve the needs of our community, but the degree of satisfaction the service ottords depends much on how it is used. The Gineinnati 81 Suburban Bell Telephone Company f"'m""' 9 E '- g l 'gr ,ff ! Al 74 1m1un....nn1uu1uu-UU1 1 1 .. 1lut1un.-u1mv..nn- B. 8. B. SUPER MARKET White Villa Products Quality Meats, Fruits 81 Vegetables Be. 8198 6619 Beechmont Ave. -2- . l I l I l l i s ! l u1 1 lnlu 1 lflt 1 1m1uu1uu1uu1 uutn 1un1nu1uu-uu1Iw1lofs 3 -H ------------- -'-- - '-'- - 1- 2 l L L l L l Compliments of l E l l MR. J. K. MCELFRESH Q Q L I -1 1,1 111111111111 uu1-nf. .P-uu1-m 4...-....-... .---- ---- -5. BEST WISHES and SUCCESS 11.111..1.....-....-.-1-11i,.,.-..,.,...,.,1.-1111111-1 Compliments of A FRIEND 75 ' 4 . ' ..'- 1. ' 1 . ,if lv W , M ,. " ' JV 1 n A 'e4."f'5 i?'?"' "?'j'i' , 'ff' ' I 5.5 . , ijt' gn-.gtg - ,I 'K ,. U t ' 1 , - 1 - . x , -A , Y' , V H -I V . - . - .. .., -lb' 11 .,,:, 1 "' , PQ4 -,T Av -,vw ' . ,. , .1 . , ' I Q' 'rw . 3 , M , 3 , . ,tilt 7 ,As 4 -N., ph" : .--fr .ir ug, A S L' f . Jil. ' . A I' 1 n f .1 it , f Y I 1 .e - r 1 A gym:- ' in . ni ,.,4 X"'H' ' 1 . , . H., X , Q i 1 .r 5 .. x r . 1,1i f - .lj . . X . s ' ' 4 I . I A. 1 1 K1 ' 7 , l. f ,J-gt? 1 -1. , - I ' , Q 1 41,2 .za -: ' --"' 1: -f'.Q,, I gf fi. f . j- .,, .Hu ,Q-Qt-,f ' vi- -up . wg. bk ' ' 'ivy' ' ,, -I, 4 . , '-K ' -aff .. a 1 .Q -1 , . f iq 1 1' 3 1 ' ' ' -1. eg , I h R v ' " , 1 . M a, , , hz.-.13 , . gy ak fl? , 1 .. A I- ' I ,, r 1 . L-ff.: . , . - - v V fr ' ' -N . , . a , 1 77 . , V 3 ,-1' - 4' 4' L-ui r-1-'-1 " 1- H 1 ' Y v ' ,,,,,1. 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Anderson High School - Andersonian Yearbook (Cincinnati, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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