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.,1,, .,::g.?,,,.'..--',Y 1-M, ,, , ,, M, -.1 ' D'-Jzffixg. , ,- A-sf "Hr,-'..J?fg, If . .A J-,- -.,5 t 0 5 93? ' ,,1, -v .2 +1 .E 'i ' Q-G 1 21 ' 3 L. 1, if ': ibm: fha , ,yy '- V2.3 4. ., , . L4 f ' "1 - 1 T23 .72 .ff ,xi 1.1 ,,,,.,.x . '4f , v 45 I ,. . -f . ...s,.i, 'jug .al ,,.. , .Y , ..?.7"' J 4 1 sm aa W""".g,':'...Z,,'.'Q '- "T" 3l. if? Sb' 4-y 4- I. yi'-gi' Q.. rw Sw . VV V -V V .V V . , L 1 A. :T 14' AM. V 'A k - b' I I . 1 V D rf' '. ' 'Zn . V L. ' V 5--223i .4 ' ' , , , 6 W F' .5i'g"'4"" -1- ' - - V, -I-p ' Q - . ' -' ZW' 'nf 1.4.3 V' V . A f 4L'V"w'1 'f ' :"Vf:5"' ' , . ' L 1' "ff-l.. f:'5"w B 5.-f""l ' v v "' ' ur F ' L"v,.n4- Vi .ri 2, 5. l: ' Y :., ' ,ir E V.. I A Q u . VV VV VV. V V Vff -. .V M - -ih,,.5 . A y ' v I 11.15 ni- ' Q5 9' Y 'xg ' ' ' '-'- Q lr '- Y . V L . , Q, .. .. 1 '-su. . 4 . 'f'sJ, e .T ' E 'K ' -in " 1 Y . , 'gm 'fp-L A ,.,, ' l -il s .zaggi ha 1.1 s' . .lv . - " 1 -:' 'il 1.1 Lie' '13 , A ' i I ' p . U-' - I , ' 5 fp A' Z., " I A FQ' l A- 6.5: jfs 3 f y- . , , V , .V . ,, V n S 1 - . - M , 5 V..-1 , V . .,. , f W , : .v..z,j' 9 I ' T, 'A 'g12:I?'.+--v-' ' ' vi.. UL- 3 . .1 ll , .X F- . . , .Y 5g,?..L M ' Q. 7 F- I ' 4--.T-' ' I ' 3' ' .7 ' - 'I .Lt 1 r ,r-K' :I-1. ,M A I. l 'Jia J . 1 :fg " if .f fdF'M ' 'H ag Y . -I -I . J .P -v L ,. uv-if X Qi Q I in . '. -'VVt.'V .fs V -if-, I V V . ' ' . " il- V V-V VV ' . F1 'V . V7 .. . . ': . - 'ni---n 1-. .' ' -.V ' --J 'Q " - I VI -I ,- E L 1 'Q' - . A .- X- "U i .JVLFZ 1 IJ., ': V T -1' " -ff? gsv. xr f , in Am ,V h- V- . I A 31 2' r X 7' 12: . 31'f". " - f ' ', . Q I ' :EL '. " V V WV. . 5 ' ' PCI ', ' ' L- V , V W Jax' .' 'a "L"-H ' g VV ' 'I Ff""' "TP ax' X' ff: 1' " V 'J ' J W A 2" my . 9 X ' 1 -5,-xl " V? . "V ,Hn-L lil vm 1 I-: I .5 'L ' ' 4 r fx. 'Wu' Vg .5 V f'1VIk L " W3 --1 ,N :Q 6 .I img V . . . I V ' " - . . , ' . - ' ' 1. r V NV... "V A'- .' f '4 v ..- 2, -U .- 1-.u I 'V . V. .'V,"1 ...V .gs ' -. .1-' 1. L . wal- , V fV,n4,5Qmli 5A - F5LW-?, .fir W 5 231 Aft , ' - ' 1' ' ' 'V iw YA Q 4. ,. . "" ' 1 i . w , 4 X V WW.. E4 .X 1- mfg . :V fr - Fw' 'V ,, KJ ue,-L .L V. . ,ilu -- -VL ,L ..,-1 I. rr 5' ji: 1 kg,-1, ,. ' .VM .1 :V,q,' V.' M ' 4- If l'i HQ.-V. .-V . .V. V V ... .. VF- .. L . d In L Q, A.. L -. . ' ,.VV 1,:..-m Q- V V. '- 5 HY' A 'fx Eiiwrf ' - :api 1- A ,g' 1 I . .- .gfb .,,1f z, .mmi+Uiii1..h: '3f?. h5Migf'e V' gglla H W,.1.. ,Q-"f" fi' 711'-" f' QFWVIL- 5' ' H44 .api .ll-,V '--.-1 . 1 ' ,ffgqff "iii-Ffa! 'Q 7955 . . +s'f.f'-' E' Y fg'1Q.7-.,1,'."'i5 ."4:'h'9 U" fzfr3A.5,,'g ' H....?'4L M lj- -Egg D " V . 1. - V? gas in Aj. 1 ffvini-I L. I , f?sJt.'l K.-V .'if.x.-,,.?i5-if ml ,.,. J ,- ,,,, -I . - V' .-.N -1- 'Q .V . -V ' VV 4 V P+- -f' 1 1 W2-Q , tg A Ig, L 1 ,Q ,air I I xx .. - -' ,, . 1 Y VF' V' 4 ' ' 'F . ' "Q" 3 5, . . V Znlf, . ' .- - , . V V .V ,4i..'f ' - ,LZ . 1 .fn .A .4 5. V, ' V: pc- A, ' 3 -,C 52,411 -wt l vit. 1 'f" ' E --" ..5?V ?7-1 9 A 7 1 J 'Q . 5. -.5 L: .Qf,i7f A SVI' I I : 1 ' f--.J---.,,.j.-...b :lgJ',:.g ....U:,. KA 6 j...I4'LQf.' I Q.. V4 +.- :V A K -,J 4... r, Q ,Q ., his I .. Y. ll Lg - H ... E' , ,,,?i1f P V' -' ' ,arf ,sri I A " rg 'F V: r V if-.. g 4 .. ,... .. 4 +u'iiq,,'u...Vw.. . -'-11 . . 1 :'. ' NJ'--.' ' .. . , V--...fy .: A - -4 . . V.-5, U. ..V ' W1 'j1"vjR' . - .1r?'1V .W t,1',2'1i"f:'.mf, . 151- V ,iefmbr , gif V -:qi-V! Q , I- A., 'lil ual in V, V ng.. 1 Vg- Eg-,,YV1A -V L ,. iii. V... , V - VVf+V.el1iif- W -V. 1' . PV 'f' " .4 '-Qn'r3!pgM'1i 'ii V.: " ' 'tk -ff - 1' H"-'f-z 1' gu f.. 25-.. Q "1-'I 1-L, . 5' , 15.41 1 jf, - 1: Vis V ' .I :-,--.- A '.g.45if'Q 1' 5+ R A .. V". L -1 QW. x!gl'!J.','5 1 'Jmsf' ai "' V R1 ' V, 5, ' ' , ' I'f - , , , , .' ' ' 1 ??? PNG' . f M' ' '13 kE wif .iff ., V. ' .. I, -V ' .1 ' A .gg-1 .'. ',.. ,mr 'W x 4 A V MDM. Q-'wif . " ' F ' . "7 'Y' "7 ' "5'-5":x - I .1 . ', 1 .V 'EQ . - I'-K-idxj ,ki 2 Ll. r I . 4 QT- X ' ' !.., .. ' . - .gg 4 rf ' . '3 - . 1 ' fi L-' 'Q . 1-HV. r ,.. " X- . ,, V V, .V , . V v!"'.L' - . n .' 'ff ' ' '-slip ' N V 45'-"4-1 ff , '. L. "ir?x5J13-as-Ll. ' "TT 1.. ...LV . ,- Wg-'kgfp -.V 1: .FVGTWH QEQHEEHEH5 1 5 E F i I I 5 E ANIIDIIEBJIRSGDIINII GIIFGDMVNSHIIUIID HIIHIRH SNBIIHIHDGIDIIIQ FQRESTVILLE, OI-IIC Volume I3 l 2 . xghi you U0 way wxlh 5 593 ANIIDIIESIIRSGDNIIIAN THE EDITORS Ruth Henry, Assistant: Helen Bondick, Co-Editor: Kathryn Glasbrenner, Co-Editor: Martha Fehl, Assistant. 5 fIDllllllR Alllallllllfk .........- S4l3lIElIl1D4DlIl9 SGDNGIQT Oh Anderson, tor thee our hearts shall yearn- To thee, our hearts and minds will ever turn, Thy tame, of former days, thy time so tree, Call us today, to chant due praise to thee. Thy boys, thy girls, thy folks ot great renown, To them, the noblest people in our town, Respect and love to them is always there, To them do we our grateful homage hear. llMIlA6llllIE5lIR S4EllHll4D4Dlll9 SUNG CHORUS: Love and honor to our High School Anderson so fair and grand Proudly we shall ever hail thee, Over all ihe land. A. T. H. S. now we praise thee, Sing joyfully this lay- Anderson our love we give you, Forever and a day. 7 lllDlll3llDlllfIt'3AGlllflllftDlItlIl MR. GORDON DUVALI. To Mr. Melvin Gordon Duvall we dedicate the l942 Andersonian. Mr. Duvall, who has so successfully guided us through our high school, deserves to be called an excellent teacher and a grand friend. Mr. Duvall graduated from Miami with a B. S. degree and then he came to Anderson to bestow upon the students some of his excellent knowledge of science and chemistry. Not only did he help us with our studies, but he also helped us with our problems outside of school. More than anything else he deserves the credit of being the annual advisor for 4 years. Without him our annual would have been an impossibility, so we the class of '42 leave thanks to Mr. Duvall for being a grand friend as well as a successful teacher. MR. RICHARD HERRON To Mr. Richard W. Herron, our Senior advisor, who has endeared himself in the hearts of all of us, who through his loving guidance has safely launched our ship upon the sea of life, we the Seniors of '42, as a token of appreci- ation gratefully dedicate this twelfth volume of the Andersonian. Although with us for only two years, through his sincerity, sympathy, integ- rity, courage, sense of humor, and friendliness, he has instilled deep in us, a fighting and winning spirit which has inspired in us respect and honor for him. May his guidance remain with us, and be an inspiration to us as we sail along on the sea of life. May his en- thusiastic spirit safely guide the coming Seniors on this same sea. llFfIDlIRllE5M74DlIRlllD MR. ROBERT E. WRIGHT Thirteen years ot growth and progress is reflected in this "Andersonian" ot 1942. May you find in it memories to remind you of friendships made, achievements accomplished, and pleasant events experi- enced under the shadows of Anderson's sheltering Walls. When these pages have been mellowed with the years, may they serve as a lasting memorial of your happy high school days. lIHlIlII4I?fllHlI SIIEIIFIIIIIDIIDIIQ llFAfll3llIllIl55llI6Qtf FIRST ROWfMiss Graham, Miss Addicott, Miss Nash, Mr. Wright, Mrs. Bath, Mrs. Struke, Miss Perin SECOND ROW-Miss Martin, Mr. Brown, Mr. Mattox, Mr. Smalley, Mr. Herron, Mr. Greenberg, Mr. Duvall MR. ROBERT E. WRIGHT Superintendent MRS. FLORENCE W. BATH Senior Girls' Adviser English IV Mathematics MR. RICHARD W. HERRON Senior Boys' Adviser American History World History Civics MRS. MARY H. STRUKE lunior Girls' Adviser English III Spanish MR. CHARLES L. BROWN Iunior Boys' Adviser World History Ancient History Boys' Physical Education MISS VERA M. NASH Sophomore Girls' Adviser English II Latin MR. M. GORDON DUVALL Sophomore Boys' Adviser Chemistry General Science MISS RUTH L. PERIN Freshman Girls' Adviser Typing Shorthand General Business MR. CHARLES B. KARY Freshman Boys' Adviser Industrial Arts MISS PAULINE MARTIN Home Economics QIIIIIR. lltillllltlgflllill S4I3llHIItfDtDllI9 lllflifsdllgllllllloclllicy MISS GERTRUDE L. ADDICOTT 8X MISS ELEANOR GRAHAM 7X French MR. STEPHEN B. SMALLEY 8Y MR. CLYDE MATTOX 7Y Dehate 1l?fllR74MlDllEB Sfll3llHllfIDfIDlIl9 lllT2Ml3lllllIl9GlllW FIRST ROW-Mrs. B. Ayer, Miss Kinney, Miss Chandler, Miss G. Ayer, Miss Danenhauer, Miss Kaisorman, Miss Hovius SECOND I-IOWA-Miss Schick, Miss Wagner, Miss Headley, Miss Mathis, Miss Noble, Miss Laugh MRS. GEORGIA AYER GX MRS. BESSIE B. AYER 6Y MISS GERTRUDE CHANDLER 5X MISS BETTY ELLEN MATHIS SY MISS VIRGINIA NOBLE 4Y MISS ELINOR WAGNER 4X MISS LUCILLE SCHICK BY MISS MARY LAUGH 3X MISS MILDRED HEADLEY ZY MISS ALCE KAISERMAN ZX MISS IVIS HOVIUS IY MISS IEANETTE XINNEY IX lIlifllllIlXlIllllDiIEBlIlifll?.f14MlRCllllIlf5lllXlll GIIFIIESAIIBIIHIIIIEBIIR MISS IOYCE DANENHAUER 11 Fred Weiss William N. Iudd Restore: C. Ayer Edwin I. Hawkins Edward E. Meyer SfIElIHlf4D4Dllf9 lIi5fIDAlIRlID William ludd .... Fred Weiss Restorer Ayer Edwin Hawkins Edward E. Meyer ..,.. , We, the graduating class of l942, would like to express our thanks and appreciation to the Board of Education for their helpful guidance throughout our school life. They have made our many years at Anderson more pleasant and have helped to guide us on to greater goals. We sincerely regret the loss of Mr. Sutter as a member of our school board. Mr. Sutter has been a member since the ....,.,,,,.. President ., Vice-President Member Member Member beginning of Anderson and has given much helpful advice to our student body to prepare them for the future. ln his place We Welcome Mr. Fred Weiss as Vice-President. In his short term of office he has helped us in many Ways in the bettering of our school. It is with deepest admiration that the Senior Class recalls the unselfish and tireless efforts of the Board of Education in behalf of Anderson High School. fH3TIU1lRllRllDlETlUIlbTUHMlI OSIIESIINIHIHDIIRS OUNIIIDIIEIIRGEIIIQASSWQBS Gllllliililllfb GEHEQASS One evening while driving home from school Mrs. Bath and Mr. Herron stopped to get the newspaper as usual. The newspaper was the Cincinnati Herald edited by Miss Patricia Emshofi. They chanced to look at the head lines and were shocked to see that Captain Al Wolfer had crashed while testing the new flying mosquito. Lieutenant Harry Hack, the gunner, escaped injury but Captain Wolfer suffered serious injuries and was taken to the City Hospital where his life was saved by the skilled surgery of Doctor Ruth Lawson and by the capable nursing of Miss Iean Merz. Glancing down the page they read from a confirmed statement by the President's Secretary, Miss Letty Beyer that President Albert Steffen would not take his usual vacation this year but stay at home to have a special meeting with the Secretary of Labor Susie Wil- liams, and the W. P. A. Supervisor Wil- liam Layman to settle labor disputes. Still farther down the page they read that the chemists Glasbrenner and Schatz had discovered a serum that gives eternal youth. This was indeed wonderful news. Turning to the second page they glancing through the ads and noticed 4DllE that Harold Biggs, Manager of Krogers, was announcing a sale to get rid of all old stock in order that the two well known interior decorators, Miss Ruth Henry and Miss Martha Fehl, might remodel his store. The success of this store has been due largely to the won- derful salesmanship of Mr. Walter Hundley. On this page too was adver- tising of a spring sale at the Fashion Dress Shoppe, owned and operated by Miss Betty F ithen. On the travel page they read that Mr. Iohn Hilberg, owner of the Trans Oceanic Air Lines was renting one of his planes to Miss Helen Hubbard in order to take her French class on a tour through France. Earl Kaetzel is to be their guide. Chief Pilot William Pauly and Co-pilot Violet Dunn will fly the plane, and the stewardess will be Miss Helen Bondick. The main attraction on the Society Page was the leaving of Miss Mary Williams, heiress to the Goldberg Mil- lions, on a cruise of the South Sea Islands. She is accompained by her private Secretary Mary Aubke. Another item of interest on this page is the tea given at the Ritz Hotel under the leader- ship of Miss Lucille Rusk. The speaker lIIDlIR4DlIl9llHllllli54E"lf 42 at this tea will be Miss Lois Ionas, the well known authority on foods. She will talk on foods and how to prepare them. On this page also was an an- nouncement of an organ recital given by Miss Mary Alta Richardson at Car- negie Hall in New York. Tuming to the Radio section Mrs. Bath and Mr. Herron were pleased to note that Miss Mary Seiber's best seller, "The Private Life of Helen Hayes," would be reviewed on the radio by Miss Pauline Newell. There was also an article by the famed music critic, Ellenor Whitaker on the first preform- ance of LaVeme Wolfangel's all girl orchestra and the featured singer Cath- erine Richardson. Mr. Herron, taking particular interest in the amusement page. noticed that Robert Silver, famed trombone player, was to appear soon at the Blue Room where Margie Parks is now the fea- tured vocalist. Mrs. Bath looking at the coming attractions at the neighborhood theater discovered that Dorothy Staley and Arthur Merten were appearing in their latest movie together. She decided at once to go and see it. What really took Mr. Herron's eye was the article on the Sports Page written by Don Fairbanks. It was about the exciting football game between Army and Navy. This game caused exceptional interest because of the friendship of the two coaches Iim Owens CArmyl and Larry Elfers tNavyl. The game however ended in a tie. Some really marvellous pictures of the game were taken by Robert Fralich, the paper's photographer. On the same page appeared a picture of the present heavy weight champion, Bill Cutsinger who is going to defend his title against the ex-champ, Ioe Louis, Friday night at Madison Square Gardens. In the base- ball section of the page it was said that Tony Sheanshang again hopes to win the pennant for the Reds this year. Turning at last to the funny sheet Mrs. Bath and Mr. Herron both read their favorite comic strip, "Louie the Louse," drawn and written by Herman Brooks. Putting aside the paper they smiled and congratulated each other on the fine success of their former pupils of the class of '42. --EW lllllblll lIMIllIE3llMIl4DllRlIlAlIllIl MRS. FLORENCE W. BATH She was a Mother to hundreds ol "her childrenny a sweet and gentle soul whose kindliness and consideration for others earned for her the sincere devotion and respect of all. Her passing is an irreparable loss to students, faculty, and community, for if there was ever a "Mrs Chips", Anderson possessed her. Nay, do not say her work. is clone For it has only just begun. Some time she will wake, we know not where, We only know God will be there And he will give to her a place And she will share his love and grace Relievecl of all that hinders here She will ill a nobler, broader sphere, Nay do not weep, but wear a smile She has just lain down to rest awhile. 16 Sllli3lINIllllfIlDllRS UMASS 4DllFllFlll4l2lll5llRS Susie lane Williams .. . .. .. .. .Treasurer William Cutsinqer . Arthur Merten Ellenor Whitaker KATHRYN GLASBRENNER "Kate" Annual Editor 4, Lantern 3, Feat. Ed. 4, G. A. A. 3, 4, Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, -'lr Scholarship Team 3, 4, 4-I-l 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 4: Masque and Gavel 47 lntra- murals l, 2, 3, 45 Class Play 4, Sr. Gov. 45 Dramatic Club Z, Senior Scholarship 4, Lalin Club 3 . President . Vice-President Secretary HELEN BONDICK "Bom-iie' Annual 4, Editor: Lantern 3 4, Bus. Mqr. 45 Sr. Scholar ship 4: Masque and Gavel 45 Class Play 3, Dramatic Club 25 Girl Reserves l, 2 3, 4, G. A. A. 3, 41 Glee Club l, 45 4-H 2, 3, 4, lnlra murals l, Z, 3, 4, Sr. Gov 4, Scholarship Team 3 ROBERT FRALICH "Bob" Scholarship Team l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 4, Annual 4: Sr. Scholarship 4, Intramur- als 3, 4: Latin Club 3: Sr Gov. 4 RUTH HENRY "Blondie" G. A. A. 3, 4: Lantern 47 Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 41 4-H l, 2, 3, 4, Annual 47 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Masque and Gavel 45 Intra- murals l. Z, Sr. Gov. 4 WILLIAM CUTSIN GER "Willie" Class Pres. l, 2, 3, 47 An- nual 4g Intramurals 3, Sr. Gov. 4 RUTH LAWSON "Ruth" St. Ioseph Academy l, Z, 3 FRANK SCHATZ Amelia I-liqh School 1, 2, 35 Band 47 Glee Club 4: Masque and Gavel 4: All County Band 4, Class Play 4 WILLIAM PAULY "Bill" Lantern 2, 4: Scholarship Team l, 2, 3, 45 Sr. Scholar- ship 4: 4-I-I l, 2, 3, 4, An- nual Bus. Mgr. 4: Class Play 3, 47 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2: Basketball 4, Baseball 3, 47 Football 47 Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4: Chemistry Club 3 MARTHA FEHL "Marty" Annual 45 Lantern 4: G. A. A. 3, 4, Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4, 4-H l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Masque and Gavel 47 Intramurals 3, 4: Sr. Gov. 4 ARTHUR MERTEN "Art" Annual 45 Lantern 4, Base- ball l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, Capt. 4, Football 3, Capt. 4, Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Pres. 45 Band I, 2, 3, 47 All County Band l, 2, 4-H l, Z, Pres. 3: Chemistry Club 35 Intramurals l, 3, 4: Track 4, Sr. Scholarship 4, Sr. Gov. 4 MARY E. SIEBER "Sibi" Girl Reserves l, 2, 4-H 27 Latin Club 37 Lantern 47 Masque and Gavel, Pres. 4: Annual 4, Sr. Gov. 45 Class Play 3, 4 WALTER HUNDLEY "Walt" Lantern 1, 2, 3, Adv. Mgr. 4: Class Play 45 Sr. Gov. 4: Annual 3, Adv. Mgr. 4, Intramurals l, 27 Basket- ball 4 IEAN MERZ "Marais" G. A. A. 45 Lantern 45 An- nual 45 Girl Reserves 45 Glee Club l, 2, 45 lntra- murals 45 Sr. Gov. 4 ALBERT STEFFEN "Al" Baseball l, Z, 3, 45 lntra- murals l, 2, 3, 45 Scholar- ship Team 45 Sr. Scholarship 45 Annual 45 Hi-Y 45 Chem- istry Club 35 Sr. Gov., Pres. 4 PATRICIA EMSHOFF "Patty" Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Lantern l, Editor 45 Debate 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 35 Class Play 3, 45 G. A. A. 3, 4: 4-H l, Z5 Annual 4, Feat. Ed.5 Scholarship Team 45 Sr. Scholarship 45 Intramur- als l, Z, 3, 45 Masque and Gavel 45 Sr. Gov. 45 Glee Club l, 3, 4 WILLIAM LAYMAN "Bill" Latin Club 35 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Sr, Scholar- ship 45 Annual 45 Masque and Gavel 45 Class Play 35 Chemistry Club 35 Sr. Gov. 4 BETTY FITHEN "Sunny" Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Masque and Gavel 4: Lantern 45 Annual 45 G. A. A. 3, 45 Latin 35 Intramurals 35 Sr. Gov. 45 4-H 1, 2, 4 LETTY BEYER "Lette" Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, Z, 45 Lantern 45 Annual 45 G. A. A. 3, 45 Class Play 35 Sr. Scholar- ship 45 Sr. Gov. 4 ALFRED WOLFER "Dude" Scholarship Team l, 25 4-H 3, 45 Annual 45 Glee Club 45 Class Play 3, 45 lntra- murals l, 2, 3, 45 Chemistry Club 3: Hi-Y l, Z, 3, 4 ELLENOR WHITAKER "Sis" Basketball 1, 25 Lantern 45 Masque and Gavel 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 3, Pres. 45 Glee Club l, 45 4-H l5 Sr. Scholarship 45 Intramurals l, 25 Annual 45 Class Sec'y 45 Scholarship Team 2 EARL KAETZEL "Slick" Glee Club 45 4-H l, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 2 VIOLE1' DUNN Sr. Scholarship 45 Scholar- ship Team 3, 45 Lantern 45 Annual 45 G. A. A. 45 Glee Club 1, 45 Intramurals 15 Dramatic Club 25 Sr. Gov. 4 ROBERT SILVER "Bob" 4-I-I 1: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: All County Band l, Z, 3, 4: Chemistry Club 3: Glee Club 4: Hi-Y 4: Class Play 3: Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Scholarship 4: Latin Club 3: Lantern l: Annual 4: Track 4: Sr. Gov. 4 LUCILLE RUSK "Lucy" Girl Reserves l, Z, 3: Glee Club 1, 2: G. A. A. 3: 4-1-I 1, 2: Lantern 4: Annual 4: Intramurals 1: Class Play 4 ANTHONY SI-IEANSHANG ...ronyu Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 3: Hi-Y l, 2, 3: Annual 4: Sr. Gov. 4 MARGARET PARKS "Margo" G. A. A. 3, 4: Lantern 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual 4: Glee Club 1, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Intra: mural l, 2: Sr. Gov. 4: 4-H 1 HAROLD BIGGS "Hal" Class Play 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Football 4: Basketball Mgr. 4: Lantern 3, 4: Annual 4: Scholarship 1, Z, 4: Intra- murals l, 3, 4: 4-I-I 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: School Band 1, Z, 3, 4: All County Band 3: Glee Club 4: Sr. Scholars ship 4: Sr. Gov. 4 IAMES OWENS "Iim" Intramurals 1, Z, 3, 4: Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Baseball 1, Z, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Lan- tern 4: Annual 4: Glee Club 4: Sr. Gov. 4 PAULINE NEWELL "Pol1y" G. A. A. 4: Annual 4: Glee Club 1, 4: Sr. Gov. 4 LARRY EL!-'ERS "lark" Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3: Track 3, 4: Lantern l, 2: 4-H 3, 4: I-Ii-Y 4: Intramurals 1, 3, 4: Sr. Gov. 4 SUSIE IANE WILLIAMS Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 3, 4: Glee Club 4: 4-H 1, 2: Class Play 3: Latin Club 3: Sr. Gov. 4: Sr. Scholarship 4: Masque and Gavel 4: Annual 4: Class Treas. 4: Lantern 4 IOHN HILBERG "Bud" Walnut Hills High School 3: Masque and Gavel 4: Foot- ball Mgr. 4: Track Mgr. 4: Lantern 4: Annual 4: Sr. Gov. 4 LAVERNE WOLI-'ANGEL MARY ALTA RICHARDSON "Vemie" Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4g G. A. A. 3, 45 Lantern 4, Latin Club 37 Sr. Scholar- ship 4g 4-H 1, Pres. 2: An- nual 4, Glee Club 45 Masque and Gavel 45 Class Play 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 41 Scholarship lg All County Band HERMAN BROOKS "Brooklin" Lantern 2, 3, Annual 45 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Baseball 3, 47 4-I-I l, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 47 An- nual 4g Sr. Gov. 4 winch.. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Scholarship Team 3: Sr. Scholarship 4, Annual 4g Glee Club 4, Band 4: Lantern 4 DONOVAN FAIRBAN KS ubonn Hi-Y 3, 45 Lantern 45 An- nual 4g Football 3, 47 Base- ball 2: Class Play 37 Track 4: Chemistry Club 3, Band 41 All County Band 45 Intra- murals 3, 4 MARY WILLIAMS Willie CATHERINE RICHARDSON Girl Reserves 1, 2, 4, Latin Club 35 Intramurals l, 27 Glee Club 4: Sr. Gov. 4 "'I'rInky" G. A. A. 3, 4, Lantern l, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reesrves 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual 4: Glee Club l, 2, 4: Class Play 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4: All County Band 45 Sr. Gov. 4 LOIS ION AS Lois HELEN HUBBARD Hub Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 3, 4: Annual 47 Class Play 35 Intramurals 3, 47 Sr. Gov. 4 Taylor High School 1, 2, 3, Masque and Gavel 4, Glee Club 4, G. A. A. 45 Sr. Scholarship 4: Sr. Gov. 4, Class Play 4 Donor:-IY s'rAr.EY "sms" MARY AUBKE "Deb" Basketball 1, Z5 Cheerleader Girl Reserves 1. 2, 3, 4: In- 2, 3, 4, Lantern I, 2, 45 G. A. A. 3, 41 Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 45 Scholarship Team lg Annual 47 Glee Club 1, 2, Class Play 3, 47 Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 47 4-H l tramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 27 G. A. A. 3, 4, Basketball lg Lantern 4, Annual 4: Masque and Gavel 45 Cheerleader 41 Sr. Gov. 4 Y UMASS llHlllIlS6lIf4DlIRGM The Class of '42, who have just fin- ished their work here at Anderson, started in 1929 as first graders. Our new surroundings were very strange to us for the first few days, but soon we began our life with new vigor. We were led successfully through the year by Miss Davis. In the second grade we began to feel a little more grown up and pursued our studies with en- thusiasm under the guidance of Miss Srnythe. Our teacher in the third grade was S. Catherine Smythe. In the fourth grade our class became separated, one room being downstairs under the guid- ance of Miss Harmon and one room be- ing upstairs under the guidance of Miss Hovius. As fifth graders, Mrs. Bessie Ayer and Miss Powers took us in hand and then passed us on to Mrs. Georgia Ayer and Miss Sturm in the sixth grade. In the seventh grade we had Mr. F. L. Obee and Miss Foster. Our eighth grade advisers were Mr. Ellis and Miss Addicot. At the end of this year we passed an important phase of our school career, this being our commencement. We entered school the next year as a group of Freshmen. And we found that the upper classmen were not too gentle where Freshmen were con- cerned. Miss Perin and Mr. Drake guided us over in our Sophomore year. Being rated as upper classmen We per- formed the ritual of initiating the Fresh- men. As Iuniors we had a successful class play, "Growing Pains." With the help of Mrs. Struke and Mr. Brown, we had a banquet for the departing Seniors. This brings us up to the present. As Seniors, our year has been a successful one under the guidance of Mr. Herron, Mrs. Bath, and Mrs. Horton who took Mrs. Bath's place during her illness. Under Mrs. Horton's direction, with the help of Mr. Herron and Mrs. Struke, our class play, "Hobgoblin House," was a big success. -Bl-IL Sil3lIllIl4Dlll9AlIRSlIElIllIllIl9 IKIIEBGMS Robert Fralich ,......,.,, William Pauly ....W....... Helen Bondicl: A........ Patricia Emshoit ....,,,,..... .,,...,Guard .,......,..,,..Guard Grand Gold Grand Gold William Layman ...,,,. ...,....A......., Grand Gold Mary A. Richardson ,y.................. Grand Gold Frank Schatz ....,.....l...rr.rAA,,....r............., Grand Gold LaVerne Woltanqel ...........,.,... ..,, . Grand Gold Letty Beyer ....rr,.....,....,......., ..,,...... .......... G o ld Harold Biqqs .......,,.. ...,444...,..,. G old Violet Dunn .,.............,,,..... ...,,.....,4... G old Kathryn Glasbrenner i,.......,,, ....,.,,....... G old Helen Hubbard ,,.,..,.,....... ,........rrA,,, G old Ruth Lawson .....,.....,..... .r..,,.....,... old Elinor Whitaker 4.......,.,.. ,........,...., G old Susie I. Williams ..,,... .,,,,.. .l...,..,...... G o ld Mary Aubke 4.....,......... ...........,. S ilver Arthur Merten .,,,,....,.., .......,,.... S ilver Robert Silver ....,.........,, ....4.,..-... S ilver Albert Steffen .......l..,. .. l........ Silver Martha Fehl ,..,.......,, 4.............,, B ronze Betty Fithen ..,.,.,,.... .,..,.,.......,. B ronze lean Merz ......................,, r..,............ B ronze Pauline Newell .,.,,...,...... ............... B ronze Iames Owens .......,,......l..,.......,.. ..r.........,.. B ronze Catherine Richardson ,......,,.......,.....,,,...., Bronze Mary E. Sieber ......r..,,.....,,,,.....,, ............... B ronze Dorothy Staley .....,,........ ,............... B ronze Alfred Wolfer ,..,,......., .,.....,.......,Bror1ze Lela Lois Iean lack Fausz ....r.,......,...,. I. Nielson .....,.. C. Owens ..,,... Dumont ...........,...... Kenneth Merten .,.......,.,. 'N Delphine Sarqsnt .....,.,... Winifred Williams Robert Burns .,....,...,... Paul Connell ............,., Donald Kurzynski.. Iames Truitt ...........,...... Betty I. Roth ........,...... '44 Harold Barkhau ,...,... Wanda Doan ,.,. I ,,..., Mary E. Fitzpatric.. Audrey Guynn ..,....,. Wade Hartman ,.,.,,... Grand Gold ....... Gold ,.........Gold , ,...... Silver Silver Silver Silver ,..... ,,., B ronze ............. Bronze ..,.........,.Bronze ............. Bronze Bronze ,..,.,..,.... Bronze .....,.. Bronze .,,.,........Bronze ....,......... Bronze Bronze Robertine Heilman ,...,......., ..... ....... B r onze Ioyce Ionas ,.................... .........,... B ronze Martha Larsen ............... ..,., ....... B r onze Ioseph Leuser .....,.............. .,,,,,..,,.., B ronze Thelma Newberry ,....,....... ,.,.,. ..... B r onze Lois O'Bannion ..,,.... lack Owens .........,........ Winifred Stanqe ..... '45 Virginia Iudd ........,,... .......,,.,,. Bronze ....... .,.,. B ronze Bronze o Bronze EIILQASS WILL I, Mary Aubke, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to iitterbug to Paul Potter twill herlever learnl. I, Letty Beyer, do hereby will and be- queath my dislike for snooting to Rich- ard Koppman. X I, Harold Biggs, do hereby will and bequeath my "nasty .isposition" to Virginia Truitt. I, Helen Bondick, do hereby will and bequeath by green sweater, skirt, and sox to that Irishman Mr. Michael Herron. I I, I-Ierrnilirg Brooks, do hereby will and bequeathimy ability to be at the wrong place at the right time sto Maurie Iackson. A . I, William Cutsinger, do hereby will and bequeath my high pitched laugh to James Truitt. Clfieaven knows he could use iii. ' I, Violet Dunn, do hereby will and bequeath my love for aviators to Winnie Williams. I, .LarrygEifers, do hereby will and bequeath way with women to Iack Dumont. ,, I, Patricia Emshof-f, do hereby will and bequeath my first Democratic vote for U. S. President to Richard2"Wallace Michael Herron. W" I, Don Fairbanks, dohereby will and bequeath my eating ability-to Richard Koppman. , I, Martha Fehl, do hereby will and bequeath all my stale chewing gum to Miss Perink May she chew it. She wouldrftletfme. , V J .i"'. . I I, Betty Fitheti,jdo'hereby will and bequeath my love for piano Concertos to that jitterbuq, Iackie Ott' Robert Fralicklll Cfeihereby will and bequeath my ability to keep out of troublq to Iasper Sams. I, Kathryn Glasbrenner, do hereby will and bequeath my many skirts to Dick Kmetko. 8' I, Harry I-lack, do hereby will and bequeath my love for women to Ed Metzger. fx I, Ruth Henry, do hereby will and bequeath my speed in typing ,Opal Fannin 3 -99 I, Iohn Hilberq, do hereby will and bequeath my love tor milk to Bill Master. I, Walter Hundley, do hereby will and bequeath my late hours at night to Elinor Albert. I, Helen Hubbard, do hereby will and bequeath my love for bows and chew- ing gum technique to Carolyn Angus. I, Lois Ionas, do hereby will and be- queath the last booth in the Sweet Shoppe. CBrother can you use it?7 I, Earl Kaetzel, do hereby will and bequeath my five years in high school to Bill Roller. ' I, Ruth Lawson, do hereby will and bequeath my straight A's to Robert Iolly. I, William Layman, do hereby will and bequeath my orange and black sweater to Mr. Brown. q Sf' l' K. 24 yi.. 4131, A s s W lll isis Ju qi' I I :Ax ., 2513. , ,y ,. - I, Arthur Mdreenlr T hereby will and bequeath my t6 ft." in. eyes of bluel technique to lack' Berwanqer. L ,gg I, lean Mezzgqofhereby will an, ' queath my love qi tall, dark, and h ,dl somehmen to Miss Perin, 14. I, Pauline Newell, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to getimy Spanish lesson to Amor Kapp. I, his Owens, do hereby will and bequeath my hairy chest to Harold Barkhan. ,A fy K. I, Margie Parksfi A ihereby will and be eath my modesty in gym clothes to. --Albert. D If illlam Pauly, do hereby'will and bequeath the fwave in my hair to Earl Arnold. I, Cathrine Richardson, do hereby will and bequeath my 3 by 1 inch purse to Miss Nash. I, Mary Alta Richardson, do hereby will and bequeath my love for devils- food cake to lim Pelk. Lucille Rusk, do hereby will and bequeath my height to Margaret Lathrop. I, Frank Schatz, do hereby will and bequeath my little car to Don Kerzenski. I, Mary Elizabeth Sieber, do hereby will and bequeath my rapid tire speech and fast walk to Bill Roller the needs itl. I, Anthony Sheanshanq, do hereby will and bequeath my dimples to Bob . Burns. gl I, Robert Silver, do hereby will and -ffl' bequeath my music ability to Robert Brooks. .. V : F 'I'. I, Dorothy Staley, dohereby will and bequeath my little-fill feet to Kenny Merten. l ,-H.. I, Albert Steffen, do hereby will and bequeath my knowledge of contempor- ary aiiairs to Martha Larson. I, Ellinor Whitaker, do hereby will and bequea my quiet moods to Mary Io Taylor. 4 I, Mary Williams, do hereby: will and bequeath my little yellow sweater to Sarah Owens. I, Susiqlthne Williams, dqghereby will and bequeath my knee sticks to Miss 'Chandlen I .it I, LaVemg Wolfangel, do hereby will and bequeath my pig-tail to Robert Knippling. I, Al Wolfer, do hereby will and be- queath my farming ability to Henry Hilberg. 5 We, the Seniors of '42 will and be- queath to ,' . x., .,,. Mr. Herron-A model Cfivics class in the future, we know you'll appreciate it. r ut, The, Facultyeq-gA1l the chewing they wouldgiit let usfl' chew. I The Iuniors-f-All our old waste paper, rubber baridsind worn out Civics notes. The Sofrhqmores-Our ability to skip classes and not get away with it. The Freshmen-All of our old pencil eraiers because of the ,priority on , 4. r . I . - -x . :.. ,, ' ' Q1 ,r,ff,. G K-if FIRST BOW-D. Sargent, E. Wealing, M. Sullivan, R. Sipe, W. Williams, B. Roth, I. Lippolis, W. Iohnson, D. Uhl, I. Owens. SECOND ROW-D. Weichhand, B. Tonnes, I. Phillips, M. Wegner, M. Lathrop, I. Bruce, Mrs. Struke, Advisor, L. Nielson, D. Hill, L. Fausz, E. Taylor, E. Albert, Mr. Brown, Advisor. THIRD ROW-P. Connell, B. Marsh, E. Metzger, H. Cottrall, L. Meyer, E. Motz, S. Rusk, A. Messmer, K. Merten, D. Kurznski, W. Maxstadt, R. Burns, F. Kiel. FOURTH ROW-D. Shellabarqer, M. Iackson, P. Potter, H. Wittrneyer, I. Truitt, M. Klose. dllllllllINlllIt4DlIR BRASS On September 8, three years ago, seventy-three Freshmen launched into the portal halls of Anderson. Out of the seventy-three students who started as Freshmen at Anderson, forty were "Anderson Babies". After a very trying year, the pupils were promoted to Sophornores, and after another year, not so trying, they advanced to the rank of luniors. The big event of the lunior year ap- proached, the Iunior Class Play. The play, "Miss Collegiate", turned out to be one of Anderson's outstanding per- formances. Shortly after the play, the Iuniors picked out their rings and now really thought they were getting some- place in the world. We certainly couldn't overlook the luniors' athletic ability, for they had quite a number of outstanding fellows in their class, namely, Sheldon Rusk, Maurice Iackson, and Kenneth Merten. These athletes were near the top of the list in basketball and football, and next year as Seniors will carry on the "fight to Win". The extra big day arrived, the Iunior- Senior Prom. This also, through the hard Work of the class, turned out suc- cessful. 'pn Friday, May 22, Paul Pot- ter, as class president, accepted the symbolic key at the Senior Chapel. Because the annual is edited by the Seniors, it is up to us to thank Mrs. Struke and Mr. Brown, the lunior ad- visors, for the grand job they have done in helping the Iuniors just a little further on their way. -KMG StDlllOlIHlItDlllilltDlIRilli5 IBIIBASS FIRST ROV!--H. Barkhau, I. Angus, R. Burns, I. Dalhemer, E. Lukemeier, D. Morris, R. Koppman R. Staggenborg. SECOND ROW-AM. Willis, D. Smith, B. We-gner, I. Ionas, R. I'Ieilman, I. VViley, B. Lane, M. Larsen W. Doan, VJ. Stange, L. O'Bannion. THIRD ROW--Mr. Duvall, Advisor, L, Mefford, M. Iolley, I. Denton, P. Hill, 'I'. Newberry, M Fitzpatric, A. Seibert, G. Pauly, D. Patterson, A. Guynn, I. Martin, E. Higgenbotliem, 'NN Fryman, D. Kiel, M. Taylor, Miss Martin, Advisor. FOURTH ROW-C. Metzger, I. Lenser, VV. Roller, E. Etienne, R. Iolley, W. Spencer, E. Moak T. Newell, T. Evans, D. Miller, B. Iackson, H. Fannin, M. Parker, G. Sneider, C. Boberq. FIFTH ROW!-A. Kapp, W. Spencer, W. I-Iartmann, G. Hill, H. Fille. The Sophomores of '42 came back to Anderson in September of '4l, with the determination of doing and getting what they wanted: and succeeded. After passing through a trying year of being nothing but Freshmen, the Sophomores came back to Anderson and found themselves a place in the world. We are very proud of the Sophomore boys, who formed the first team of the Reserve Basketball Team. To these boys we take off our hats. Why? Because they never lost one game in league and also came through the Tournament with flying colors. Nice going Champs. We are looking forward to a champion Varsity team next year. Not only are the Sophomore boys ex- cellent in basketball, but they have also proven their skill in football, track, and baseball. The Sophomore boys, however, area n't the only ones in the class who stand out. The girls have added their skill to make it a better classg they won the final game of hockey, thus taking cham- pionship away from the Seniors. The Seniors, however, came back and won the final game of basketball, leaving the Sophomores "Runners Up." This class has other talent than just sports. They have with them several great musicians. They should feel very proud to have Harold Barkhau as a member of the class, who not only brings honors back to Anderson, but to the Sophomore class as well. In this class, aside from the ordinary talent, you will find the knowledge which brings even greater honors to Anderson. In all probability, the rnost outstanding member of the class in this field is Martha Larsen, who placed first in the Ancient Medieval History, taken at Greenhills. Y CHR FIRST ROW-l. Roll, M. Kelley, I. Staggenborg, D. Bridges, A. Barnes, D. Kmetko, T. Rittenhouse, I. Berwanger, C. Ludlow, E. Mette. R. Schmidt, H. Kuehner, N. Fairbanks, I. Sams. SECOND ROWeR. Hopper, G. Faske, H. Hilberg, E. Kopf, M. Whittington, C. Angus, G. Deavers P. England, S. Owens, l. Ott, M. Needles, M. 'Wykof'f, I. Hall, D. Riley, l. Thornton, V. Schom- berg, K. Doran, B. Willis, A. Messmer. THIRD ROW-I. Stegbauer, H. Motz, E. Lamm, S. Gallenstein, V. ludd, A. Straud, R. Betscher, l Bateman, V. Beavers, G. Wachs, M. Bishop, F. Bachrnura, F. Lippolis, P. Muchmore, M. Ep- ping, B. Kmetko, B. Duvall, L. Mefford, E. Larnm, l. Kauffman, D. Fisher, Miss R. Perin, Ad- visor, E. Taylor. FOURTH ROW-V. Glaser, H. Hornschenieier, F. Crummel, H. 'Walken D. Harrington, M. Iustice V. Gellespi, N. Pride, V. Truitt, C, Reckman, M. Hauke, E. Vxfoltangel, M. Evans, VV. Murphy I. Clark, I. Mullen 1 1 FIFTH ROW--C. Fralich, W. Miller, VJ. Layman, R. Brooks, P. McArthur, I. Pelk, E. Howard. The officers of the Freshmen class this year were Virginia Truitt, President, Edward Kopf, Vice-President, Eloise Taylor, Secretary: and Eugene Lamm, Treasurer. The Freshman class of forty-two is the largest Freshman class. This is said every year, but it is still true. After eight long years of slaving away they finally reached high school. And much to their surprise they were still considered rather young by their upper classmen. But the Freshies pulled through and are ready to get revenge by treating next year's class the same way. The long talked of day finally arrived, Freshman Dayfbetter known as initia- tion day. And while the punishment was not too drastic, it was amusing to see them with their shirts on backwards, hair in curlers, baby bonnets and the usual line of things. But all their suffering was rewarded by the Freshmen Party, given by the Sophomores, that night. The Freshies finally settled down and began to look at life more seriously t?l. They became very studious and many of them made the scholarship team in April. They also took part in the sports of Anderson and they weren't bad. ln fact, they might be called good. Not only did they take part in the intramural games, but several of those hefty boys helped to make up our foot- ball and basketball teams. The Freshman class knows what they want and what belongs to them, and they are going after it and getting it. We wish them all the luck in the world and we know they will continue to keep on the right track to success. -LFB QLXGEGIIFHINVHIQHIFHIHESS 0llMIUUSlIHl3 OGIBHLQWLIHIBS EDITORS Kathryn Glasbrenner Helen Bondick EDITORIAL CIRCULATION Editors Kathryn Glasbreriner, Helen Bondick Business Manager . . .. ,, William Pauly Assistants - Robert Fmhchf Ruth Hem?" Circulation Editors . ., ,Iames Owens Martha Feld Anthony Sheanshanq, Robert Silver, Art Editors Helen Wolfe, Don Fairbanks Margie Parks, 'Williani Cutsinger Sports Editors Dorothy Staley, Mary Aubke, Advgmsinq Mdmdqgr Walter Hundiey Arthur Merteri Assistant . lohn Hilberg Feature Editors Patricia Emshoit, Alfred Wolfer, Walter Colt, Catherine Richardson, Letty Beyer, Susie Williams, Betty Fitlien Literary Editors , , , Eleanor Whitaker, William Laymen, LaVerne Vtlolfangle, Mary Elizabeth Sieber Typists Mary Alta Richardson, Pauline Newell, Lucille Rusk, lean Merz, Violet Dunn, Mary Williams Photographers Harold Biggs, Herman Brooks, Albert Steffen AlItXlIllllDllE5llRSfIDlINlllIlAlINIl There is said to be a story behind every book publishede-this is the story behind the '42 Andersonian. When the Seniors announced that they planned to have an annual, mem- bers of the faculty shook their heads in concern. Surely the Seniors didn't think they could raise enough money to finance the annual this year. Why the struggle ot torerunning classes would be nothing in comparison with that which the Seniors would now tace, be- cause ot the war emergencyiudrop it" was their advice. Now they didn't take into consider- ation the enthusiasm and determination of youth. The Seniors wanted an annual and they wanted it to be positively the "best ever." They were confident that they could raise the money if given the chance. So well did they plead their cause that permission was granted. When the "go-ahead" signal was given they began a series ot bake sales, skating parties, and card parties. A com- munity wide paper drive was organized under the capable direction ot Mr. Herron. Meanwhile a very able staff was ap- pointed and with the advice ot Mr. Gordon Duvall A. A. D. tDoctor of An- nual Anatomyl prepared the dummy. At last the Andersonian rolled oft the press. A 'financial and literary success! truly a "victory ot endurance born." -MES EDITOR Patricia Emshoff EDITORIAL Editor Patricia Emshoff Assistant Editor Lois lean Nielson News Editor Harold Biggs Assistant News Editor lean Claire Owens Ecrture Editor Kathryn Glasbrenner Assistant Feature Editor Martha Larsen Boys' Sports Editors, Ianies Truitt, Kenneth Merten Girls' Sports Editors Dorothy Staley, Wanda Doan News Reporters Mary Seiber, Eleanor Albert, Ida Mae Lippolis, LaVerne Mefford, Betty Lane, Donna Miller, ltobertine Heilman, Winifred Stange, Virginia ludd, lacqueling Ott, Carolyn Angus, Sara Owens, Virginia Truitt lltofklltllifllf The Lantern again got under way with Miss Addicott as its advisor. Sev- eral new features were added to the paper this year in the way of a girls' sports column, boys "Sportivities," questionnaires, and others. News of in- terest headlined the front page, with features to interest the students, edi- torials of interest to the school as a whole, and, of course, the well-liked scandal column, to mention but a few things about it. The paper was written for the students by the students. Due to the tireless efforts of the ad- vertising manager, this year was a very great sold, successful year financially. A number of subscriptions were which helped a great deal in this way. CIRCULATION Business Manager Helen Bondick Assistant Business Manager , Lela Fausz Advertising Manager , Walter Hunciley Assistants to Advertising Manager lohn Hilberg, lim Owens, Harry Wittrneyer Circulation Manager . Catherine Richardson Chief Typist Susie lane Vifillianrs Assistant Typists, Laverne Wolfangel, Violet Dunn, lean Merz, Pauline Newell, Lucille Rusk, Betty Eithen Ellenor Whitaker, Mary Alta Richardson, Mary Aubke Photographers William Pauly, Don Fairbanks llliblllvtlltlli With a large staff of students willing to cooperate to please the majority of the student body, the Lantern prog- ressed nicely in putting out the seven issues of this year. Not only to the editorial and adver- tising staff, but also the circulation staff, business manager, and typists a great deal of praise and gratitude should be given. The talent and enduring efforts of the underclassmen promise a great future for the Lantern in years to come. May the future staff see the Lantern grow as the class of '42 has seen it grow as a newspaper. With the hard work of the students and able-guidance of their advisor this goal may be reached. ---PTE LEFT TO RIGHTAM. Guynn, A. Wright, P. Meyer, H. Mullen, D. Hill, P. Hill, T. Rittenhouse, L. Wolfangel, C. Richardson, W. Fryman, A. Merten, lvl. Larsen, D. Staley, Majorette, H. Biggs, H. Barkhau, D. Silver, K. Merten, T. Haller, L. Bridges, A. Merten, R. Silver, F. Schatz, C. Van Sauen, R. Werner, S. lnam, P. Marsh, Mr. Dockweiler, Director. llbAlINIllID Under the capable direction of Mr. Dockweiler, Anderson's Band of 1942 passed through another year. This year, as other years, Anderson was highly represented in the all- County Band. After several concerts were held in different schools, there was a final concert held at Music Hall. Also, in l942, Anderson was repre- sented in the district contest, held at Oxford, by Kenneth Merten, who re- ceived superior rating No. l and Harold Barlclou, who received alternate-superior rating. To Mr. Dockweiler We wish many more successive years at Anderson, and we extend our thanks to him for the many fine musicians he has produced in the past and Wish him many more in the future. To the Band of Anderson we extend our wishes for a "bigger and better" champion Band. -eCER DIRECTOR Mr. Dochweiler DIRECTOR N Miss Vandervort 4 GLEE CLUB MEMBERS SOPRANOS E. Lamm, E. Taylor, B. Willis, C. Boberg, I. Owens, S. Williams, l. Hall, M. Epping, W. lohnson, P. Newell, B. Wegner, B. lackson, I. Lippolis, G. Wachs, H. Belcher, l. Shomberg, C. Bateman, M. Wykoti, V. Truitt, H. Wolfe, V. ludd, P. Erns- hott, I. Merz, P. Munrhrnore, D. Hill, M. Williams, V. Dunn, L. Mettord, M. Taylor, P. Hill, M. Hauke, N. Pride, B. Kmetko, F. Bachmura, D. Weichhand, M. Unqer, B. Fithen, L. Beyer, D. Kiel, M. Lippolis, H. Doran, B, Duvall, B. Betiord, D. Harrington, fllgflllbllliglllib We are exceptionally proud of our Glee Club this year, as it is the largest in the History of Anderson. There are altogether 80 in the chorus. Although there are only a iew male voices in the chorus, when it comes to their part in the music, they give an excellent periormance. Considering that we spend only forty-tive minutes a week on learning new pieces, the Glee Club has done it- self proud on three occasions this year. Those occasions being at the Farmer's D. Riley, I. Thornton, L. O'Bannion, M. Iustive, M. Sullivan, B. Roth, C, Richardson, G. Sneider. ALTOS L. Wolianqel, A. Messnrer, M. Lathrop, E. Whitaker, M. Richardson, R, Henry, M. Felil, K. Glasbrenner, L. Nielson, H. Bondick, H. Hub- laard, D. Hill, I. Owens. BASES D. Fairbanks, A. Wolter, W, Colt, I. Owens, F. Schatz, l. Truilt, H. Biggs, R. Silver. fIl3lll9lllllll2v Institute, the Annual Spring Concert at Memorial Hall and at the Baccalureate Service. Also on these occasions dit- terent groups were chosen to sing special numbers. Our Glee Club is still under the cap- able leadership ot Miss Vandervort. As Miss Vandervort wanted to spend more time in direction of the Glee Club this year, she called upon Mary Alta Rich- ardson, who very willingly and success- tully consented to accompany the Glee Club on the piano. WSIW 3 SEATED-M. Aubke, R. Henry, M. Fehl, l. Ott, B. Layman, K. Glasbrenner, H. Bondick, I. Hilberg, B. Fithen, S. Williams, E. Whitaker, L. Wolfangel. STANDING-V. Iudd, M, E. Sieber, P. Emshoif, H. Hubbard, Mrs. Bath, Advisor, F. Schatz. llMllAS4lQllllllEB AlINlllID GBA llE9llf9 The first step in the organization of our club was to elect the following officers: President .. ..,, , . .....,,., . .... . ...... Mary Elizabeth Sieber Vice President, .......,, ......... . . Recording Secretary. .. .... Corresponding Secretary. ..... , Treasurer ......,.,,. , ...,.,. ...... . ..... , . Business Manager .. . Masque and Gavel is a new-comer among the clubs of Anderson. Organ- ized under the able direction of Mrs. Bath, the students responded and there were eighteen charter members to start a branch of this organization at Ander- son. Masque and Gavel is a national organization for better speech. lt orig- inated at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. The club has done things throughout the year to better speech and drama. For several Saturday mornings during the year, Masque and Gavel members attended lectures on the importance of the hero and the villan in Literature. Patricia Emshoff , .. .Susie lane Williams .. .,.,, Kathryn Glasbrenner . .. ,.,,,,. . Helen Bondick .. . lohn Hilberg Original plays were presented before the high school in assemblies, and members took part in the Prince of Peace speech contest. New members, to keep up the club for next year, have been taken into the club. High school students are urged to join this as an inducement to better speech. When a person joins, he be- comes a life member. Much benefit, as well as pleasure, has been gained by all who belonged to Masque and Gavel as it took root at Anderson. May the club go on for many years. -PTF ADVISOR Mr Smalley MEMBERS Negative Patricia Emshoff Affirmative Virginia Iudd Winifred Stange Advisor Martha Larson Mr. Smalley L. Meftord llD llfo llb A Gllf lib "Resolved: That every able-bodied male citizen in the United States should have one year of full-time military training before attaining the present draft age." This was the question for debate in the Ohio Speech League for l94l-1942. Although this step has not yet been taken in our country, good arguments were put up by both the affirmative and negative teams of schools throughout the state. Anderson's teams were very well coached by Mr. Smalley. Although this is Mr. Smalley's first year as debate coach, he very ably aided the team in getting and upholding the points for dis- cussion. The teams consisted ot Martha Larsen and Winnie Stange affirmative, and Patricia Emshoff and Virginia Iudd, negative. In December, the teams went to Co- lumbus to participate in inter-high- school practice debates with other schools of the speech league. Students from Ohio State and illinois Universities participated in an exhibition on this question. The tournament to end the debate season was held at Anderson on March 21. The schools participating in this debate were Mariemont, Hamilton Cath- olic, and Anderson. Of the two rounds held, Hamilton Catholic won all their debates, Anderson won two of their debates, with Mariemont losing all. The debaters owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Smalley and the school for the wealth of experience they have gained. -PTE PRESIDENT LaVerne 'Wolfangle VICE PRESIDENT Catherine Richardson SECRETARY Lela Fa u sz TREASURER Winnie Williams FIRST ROW-B. Fitheri, S. Williams, I. Owens, P. Emshoff, L. Wolfanqel, Miss Perin, Advisor, C. Richardson, M. Larsen, D. Weichhand, H. Bondick. SECOND ROVV--I. Lippolis, L. Beyer, E. Whitaker, M. Lathrop, M. Parks, M. Aubke, R. Henry, M. Fehl, I. Merz, D. I-till, B. Martin, I. Phillips. THIRD ROW-M. Wegner, M. Williams, L, Nielson, B. Thornton, D. Staley, M. Taylor, L. lonas, B. Roth, I. Bruce, E. Albert, K. Glasbrenner, L. Rusk. SlIE9lINlllIliDlR fll?fllllRlll9 llRlllTpSll'E5llRVlli5S OFFICERS President . . , ..., . .. .. LaVerne Wolfangel Vice-President . Catherine Richardson Secretary . . ,, .Lela Fausz Treasurer.. .. Winnie Williams The Girl Reserves began this year by welcoming the Freshies into the club. An afternoon party was given for them at which they became the most beautiful little banies you would ever want to see. Dances were held each month as usual. The different squads decorated for these dances. All of the dances proved to be very successful and loads of fun. The Girl Reserves were invited to a dance at Terrace Park, and quite a few attended. ln December the girls dressed dolls for the Salvation Army. Also, they and the Hi-Y -boys, together filled white gift baskets for the needy families in the community. ADVISOR Miss Ruth Peiin FIRST ROW-I. Ionas, M. Taylor, T. Newberry, V. Glazer, M. Epping, M. lustice, C. Needles I. Thornton, A. Messmer. SECOND BOW-P. Hill, V. Beavers, A. Guynn, V. Shomberq, M. Iolley, G. Wauhs, A. Stroudes I. Hall, C. Bateman, I. Clark, M. Wykoii, S. Owens. THIRD ROW-D. Wiley, N. Pride, I. Denton, M. Bishoii, B. O'Bannion, l. Kaufilnan, ll. I.ainvn V. Truitt, P. Muchmore, D. Riley, C. Reckman, B. Kmetko, l. Ott. FOURTH ROW--G. Pauly, S. Gallinstein, L. Mefiord, W. Doan, D. Miller, M. liauke, I. Mullen V. ludd, M. Evans, B. Heilman, B. Wegner, L. Meflord, E. Clemens, B. Duvall. FOURTH ROW-M. Fitzpatric, B. Lane, D. Fisher, D. Patterson, E. Taylor, B. Willis, C. Doran P. Enqland, G. Unger, W. Stanqe, F. Lippolis, A. Seibert, H. Fannin. QllIllllllNllllI4DllR fllgfllllllillta IIRIBSIBIIRVIBS In lanuary the girls made scrap books in May, when so many things ara takg for the Childrens Hospital. ing place, the Recognition Service was hld' Fb tth,F t'll This year ring work was started again e m 9 mary G 9 Ores V1 9 with Patricia Emshoii as leader. Ap- Methodist Church' Many Of the new , , members and several old members proximately seventeen girls worked tor th H' ' ll ' d. rings. In February they took over the were en O Ima Y recognize mOUil1lY protect Gfld WSHI TO the HOTT19 The regular Hi-Y Girl Reserve joint for the Aged to present 6 program' meeting was held, with the I-Ii-Y boys To avoid all the last minute mix-ups acting as hosts. - LFB 37 FIRST ROW-D. Fairbanks, A. Wolier, B. Pauly, Mr. Herron, Advisor, A. Merten, S. Rusk, M. Klose. SECOND ROW-D, Shellabarger, M. Iackson, I, Truitt, H. Wittmeyer, VV. Colt, I. Dumont, I. Owens. Tl-HRD ROWfK. Merten, P, Connell, L, Meyer, I-I. Brooks, D. Kurzynski. Alll5llf3lltillA lllililllw, The Alpha l-li-Y with the skillful guidance of Mr. R. Herron, their advisor, enthusiastically undertook and enjoyed many activities the past year. Among them were swimming, recreation in the gym, joint meeting with speakers on various subjects, and a Weiner roast or outdoor picnic to close the year. These were in accordance with the Hi-Y pledge, in which the members are to try to improve themselves both physic- ally and mentally. Probably the most outstanding event this year was the loint l-li-Y-G. R. meet- ing, in which both Hi-Y clubs enter- tained. lt consisted of a minstrel show and a pony chorus, under the direction of the advisors. The show was followed by dancing and refreshments. A very enjoyable time was had by all. This year the club had an enrollment of 22 members. The many Seniors leaving school sin- cerely hope that they have contributed as much to the club as they have re- ceived from it. eeAIW PRESIDENT Arthur Merten VICE PRESIDENT Alfred Wolfe-r SEC'Y-TREAS William Pauley PRESIDENT Tom Evans VICE PRESIDENT Harold Barkhau SEC'Y-TREAS. Earl Arnold FIRST ROW-R. Knippling, H. Barkhau, T. Evans, Mr. Duvall, Advisor, E. Arnold, E. Mette. SECOND HOW-I. Angus, R. Staggenborg, I. Richey, W. Hartmann, R. Brooks, R. Kauppman. ETA llljltlllw This year the Beta Hi-Y club enrolled l2 members. Ten were Sophomores and only 2 were Freshmen. This made a very active and efficient club. They proved this with extensive activities. They aided the Alpha club in enter- taining the G. R. at the annual joint Hi-Y-G. R. meeting. The "Pony Chorus" that "rolled 'em in the aisle" was made up entirely of Beta members, who seemed to enjoy performing for the girls. Among the other activities enjoyed by the club were: swimming, bowling, recreation in the gym and assorted sub- jects were taken up by speakers at joint meetings. The Hi-Y clubs stand on and for the platforms of clean speech, clean sports- manship, clean scholarship and clean living. The members of the Hi'Y clubs have tried to live up to these standards and sincerely hope that they have succeeded. The Hi-Y clubs were glad to aid the G. Rfs in collecting and distributing the whte Gifts this past Christmas.--eAIW 'Agf lllilllg lIDllRlllVllE5lIRS Arthur Taylor Daniel Koester Milton Maddux lames C. Dacis W. Arthur Bartels Thomas Crotty George Wittmeyer William Weil William Maddux Otto Dauqherty . Edward Schroder Edward Merz Clarence Wiltert A Glllf H llb 1155 Gllf HI G13 S UIEGDQDCIIK IIPQAIIMILQ oll15AS1lK1IE5GlII llBAllTpIlb fIt?fllRlIlllDlllllR The Anderson sextette won 50 per cent of their games this yeary losing a preseason game to Taylor and dropping two league games, which made them "Runners-up" in the eastern league. Our boys evened up a few of the defeats, suffered last year, by defeating Loveland, Maderia, and Plainvilleg the latter being a thrilling night game on Plainvilles field. Mr. Brown believed that a couple more of last year's defeats would have been evened up had it not been for the injuries received by a couple of the boys, which weakened the team's power. Anderson should be especially proud of lim Qwens and Maury lackson, who were unanimously chosen by the 'FlBST ROW-M. lackson, K. Merten, I. Owens A. Merten, L. Elfers, I. Truitt, E. Metzger. SECOND ROWeCoacl1 Brown, I. Hilberg, H Biggs, H. l-lack, S. Rusk, B. Roller, B. Pauly Mr. Herron, Assistant Coach, Tl-HRD ROW-E. Etienne, H. Brooks, E. Lamm I. Pe-lk, D. Fairbanks. GDN coaches of the county as all star half- back and end respectively, on the first all star team of the county: and of Larry Elfers who was chosen end on the sec- ond all star team. These three fellows played an important part in the winning of our games this year. Mr, Brown attributed much of the team's success this year to the ad- vanced information on our opponents, supplied by Mr. Herron, who scouted every team and brought back to us both their weak and strong points. We all believe that Mr. Brown has done a wonderful job in developing this foot- ball team, and we Wish him all the success possible toward developing a championship team next seasonf-AEM 6lllfllRAtt3lllQ ln the last two years Anderson has risen to a prominent position in county track competition. Due to wholehearted co-operation, hard work, and ability on the part of the boys, Mr. Herron has been able to send out a team that scraps for the last half point. Nor has their fighting spirit been without reward. County and district championships for various individuals, as well as out- standing performances in team competi- tion have brought ribbons and medals into the Redskin wigwams. In the first meet of the year, our scantily-clad warriors, led by Hack, Owens, Elfers, Iackson, Metzger, Rusk and A. Merten, finished second to Plain- ville by a margin of three points. Six teams participated, and four, including Terrace Park, saw the track infants of the county sweep in ahead of them. Although losses through graduation left this year's team weakened, new material is expected to develop to take the places of such performers as Earl Bloomfield, county and district mile champion of last year and fifth-ranking rniler in State Class "B" competition. Mr. Herron is quite optimistic. H HACK IACK OWENS R. SILVER A. MERTEN L. ELFERS t IIM OWENS H. HACK M. IACKSON S. RUSK TEAM K. Merton Richey Rusk Jackson RESERVE BASKETBALL COACH Charles Brown FIRST ROW-E. Howard, T. Rittenhouse, I. Owens, E. Arnold, B. Burns, SECOND ROWfCoach Brown, F. Krummel, R, Koppman, R. Staggenborg, I. Pelk, T. Evan l-l. Biggs, Mgr., Mr. Herron, Assistant Coach. 1l15A.S1IlQ1IE961ll 1lR11E5S.lIE51IRVlIlEBS This year our Reserve Team not only won the Eastern League Championship but also were the victors in the Tournament. The boys marked up a total of 476 points to their oppon- ents 318. They played 18 games and won 15. The three games they lost were not league games so they did no damage to the morale ot the team. The high point men were Dick Koppman with 153 points and lack Owens with 121 points. lack Owens, being captain ot the team, received the beautitu1 cup, which they so just1y deserved, at Green- hi11s, and presented it to Mr. Wright to put in our Trophy Case. ln this team we can see our future Varsity "Champs" in the years to come. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 44 County Toumament . .17 .. 21 . 22 .. . .. 20 Sycamore Taylor .. . ........ Deer Park Maderia . 7 .. .. -.-13 . ..... -HMAA l ASSISTANT Richard Herron VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW-K. Merten, l. Richey, L. Elfeis, A. Merten, l. Owens. SECOND ROWW P. Connell, W. Hundley, M. lackson, S. Rusk. THIRD ROW-Coach Brown, B. Pauly, Mr. l-lerron, Assistant Coach, l-l. Biqqs, Mgr. lllbafhlliallia VARSITY Coach Brown has among his notable achievements this year, the piloting of this Varsity Basketball Team, who in playing 20 games lost only 3. They met teams of all sizes and classes, but in victory or defeat they lived up to their name as a sporting basketball team and proved very successful. ln the Eastern League, the Andys were runners-up be- cause of one league game lost to Terrace Park, the only league game defeat of the season, but later in the season the Andys reached their goal and defeated Terrace Park 53-26. ln the county tournament the Andys won their first game, but lost in the second round to Colerain by one point. Although the Andys didn't win the county cham- pionship, they are still "Champs" in all of our hearts. This year the orchids go to A. Merten, L. Elfers, I. Owens, and K. Merten, who proved themselves thorns in the flesh of their opponent. Arthur Merten and Larry Elfers received the valuable player awards. To the Varsity team of next year, who did this year what the Varsity slipped up on, we wish all the luck in the world and hope that next year in defending their title as "county champs," they live up to the motto, "We Did lt Before And We Can Do It Again." The County Tournament scores were: Anderson 34, Loveland l4: Anderson 23, Colerain 24. fDAS 45 Owens Elfers A. Merten N A CHAMPION BASKETBALL FIRST ROW-I. Merz, M. Richardson, P. Emshott, M. Aubke, M. Fehl. SECOND ROW-D. Staley, C. Richardson, L. Woltangel, K. Glasbrenner, L. Beyer, L. Ionas. THIRD ROW--Mr. Herron, Coach, Ellinor Whitaker, Mgr. ET. A., A . Purpose -To oiter an activity program in which each and every girl may participate. The G. A. A. this year began its work under the capable leadership oi Miss Gertrude Chandler. This club oliers a variety of sports, so that every girl may participate. An honor team is chosen for each sport from all classes. These Honor Teams are chosen on the basis of sportsmanship, cooperation, ability and active participation. Girls chosen on lIbASlIlQllli5GlIllIl2nAlIl9lIla Basketball this year has proved a very exciting sport, with the Seniors and Soph- omores continually battling it out for the "Championship" The championship game was played after school and the Seniors emerged vic- torious. Their coach, Mr. Herron, did a very good job in coaching this champion team. The class captains Were: Seniors-Dot Staley: Iuniors'fLois Nielson, Sopho- mores-eRobertine l-leilmang FreshmanfMargie Evans. Managerf -Vtfanda Doan. The girls on the Honor Basketball Team were: SeniorsefD. Staley, I. Merz, L. Wol- tangel, P. Emshorl, and M. A. Richardson, Iuniors-el.. Nielson, I. Owens, I. Bruce and B, Roth: Sophomoresf'-A. Seibert, G. Pauly, D. Patterson, L. O'Banion, R. Heilman, and W. Doan: FreshmeneeV. Truitt and M. Evans. -DAS HONOR BASKETBALL FIRST ROW-L. Nielson. SECOND ROW-A. Seibert, L. O'Bannion, VV. Doan, G. Pauly, D. Patterson, V. Truitt. THIRD ROW-I. Bruce, B. Roth, I. Merz, P. Emshoff, L. Woltanqel, D. Staley, I. Owens. 46 HONOR HOCKEY TEAM FIRST ROW4I. Clark, L. Ionas, L. Beyer, D. Staley, P. Enisliott, ll. Bonclivk, K. Glasbrenrior C. Richardson. SECOND ROW-I, IONAS, D. Hill, L. Nielson, L. O'Bannion, V. Truilt. THIRD ROWfM. Iolley, I. Owens, S. Owens, B. Lane, A. Siehert, I. Bruce GB . A ., A . an Honor Team receive additional points. After members receive a specified number of points they receive a letter. Officers for 1941-42 were: President-Ellenor Whitaker: Vice President Iean Claire Owens: Recording SecretaryfLois Nielsonz Corresponding Secretary fSusie Iane Williams: Treasurer4Lela Fausz, Social Ciairman eMary Aubkeg Play Day Chairman llHll4D4l3lll4fllEiCtf As this was the second year for Hockey a great deal was accomplished. New goal posts were acquired and a great many more girls participated. The Sophomores were out there fighting to keep their title as "Champs" and in a very close game, with the Seniors, brought home the "bacon" tor the second consecutive year. The following were class captains: Seniors Kathryn Glasbrennerg Iuniorsf - Lois Nielson, Sophomores-Ioyce Ionasp Freshmen- Eloise Taylor. Managerw Audrey Seibert. The girls on the Honor Hockey Team were: Seniors -Letty Beyer, H. Bondick, P. Emshoit, K. Glasbrenner, C. Richardson, D. Staley, L. Ionasg Iuniors- I. Bruce, D. Hill, L. Nielson, and I. Owens: Sophomoreselvl. Iolley, I. Ionas, B. Lane, L. O'Banion, and A. Siebertg Freshmen-e--I. Clark, M. Evans, S. Owens, and V. Truitt. A DAS f---Lois Ionas. CHEERLEADERS Staley, Aubke, Nielson, Thornton 1 ...J Ho! fooi Wbrkinq? Commercial teacher Layin' down ihe law We won Senior-itas 'VVhat"S Cookiif? 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Your government needs you nowl Review, brush-up or beginners' courses. Begin any Monday. Mt. Washington Pharmacy Beechmont 6. Corbly Th D q St th C LITTLEFORD-NELSON SCHOOL OF COMMERCE Th ' D " B 'I 'h sq Neavo Bldg., Cincinnati 4th at Race HAROLD'S GRILL Fon FINE Foons OPEN TILL 2:30 A. M. Compliments ot Cincinnati Mosaic Tile Co. 1713 Vine Street Ph - PA kway 3013 Compliments ol SOLAR HILLS RANGERS Compliments of HAPPY LANDING CAFE HARNESS, SADDLES, COLLARS For Every Purpose Sheets and Blankets Repairing a Specialty Dog Harness, Collars, Leads Foot ol Mt. Washington KURZYNSKI MFG. CO. Hill MAin 4193 1608 Central Ave. Cincinnati. Ohio A White Villa Store White Villa Meyers'-Partridge Food Brand Products Pork Products I-'RUITS AND VEGETABLES D. B. PHILLIPS C. O. ALBIEZ We Deliver - SUtton 6295 THE ECONOMICS OF PLENTY . . THE COOPERATIVE WAY User-Cooperation has amply demonstrated its effectiveness in lowering price levels. Thus, the money you save can be used to buy other needs and services you want, your purchasing power increases, more men are put to work making the things you need, and the cycle begins again. Thus, we can create the plenty we all seek. loin hands with more than 350,000 policy holders who have demonstrated their ability to lower insurance costs the cooperative way with Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile, Lite, and Fire Insurance. CLYDE INGRAM R. No. 8. Mt. Washington Office Phone: MAin 2687 Res. Phone: BE. 8088 REPRESENTING Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Companies Home Oflice - Columbus, Ohio 64 Feel Fit . . . Get In Step Drink Milk . . . Have More Pep Hyde Park Dairy Company "F or those who demand quality" MElxose 1304 For White Villa Foods. Choice Moa Compliments oi STOP AT H A L L ' S Cincinnati Winkler DEI-ICATESSEN Stoker Co' End 016:23 Lge Oil Service Statiol: 7 WE DELIVER Congratulations .... To The Class of '42 THE BROWN PUBLISHING CG. BLANCI-IESTER, OHIO Printers of Andersonian IQ42 ' fl 65 DON 'T BE A I ERK Bring Her To The E L S T U N and sit in those SUPER - SUPER - SEATS I! x-.Sb . ,.-f Chcorlnmdirm sqrmd Irmior Class play lmrds Irmior Class play "Irish" "Mrrsquo 5. Grmvr-l Sogvhmrrorn ff-ditiorxs Tusi Freshies Ym-m-m Senior Xmas party 'I'hiukiuq? Bully! Paper drive Squmwin' Courmly Champs Our CCWmli'll Mr. Eizel Our Bus. Mfgr. 67 DEAD STOCK REMOVED Horses - Cows - Small Stock ELMWOOD RENDERING COMPANY LOCKLAND, OHIO Phone VAlley 0887 Clleverse Chargesl COMPLIMEN TS OF Mr. 8a Mrs. Charles F. Williams 68 Said the Electrical Mouth to the Electrical Ear . . . "Jon . . took . . father's . . shoe . . bench . . out. She . . was . . waiting . . at . . my . . lawn." Passing through the Bell Telephone Laboratories in New York City, you might hear these strange sentences being repeated by an electrical mouth into the transmitter of a telephone. These sentences contain all the fundamental sounds in the English language that have anything to do with the intensity of sound in speech. By listening to them, by measuring the accuracy with which each sound is carried over the wire, engineers test the quality of the transmitter. This is only a small example of the work at Bell Labora- tories. There, research is carried on constantly in the in- terest of the telephone user . . . experimenting, testing, figuring out ways to create new equipment or to improve present methods. THE CINCINNATI 81 SUBURBAN BELL TELEPHONE CO. annum, 5' is 5 'i E s U - ,S I "Mtn " Our INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION pre- pares you in a short time for a position with the Government or Business Firms. DoRi71AN Automotive Parts Co. Parts for all Cars and Trucks Complete Machine Shop Service Court 6 Sycamore, Cincinnati 3815 Main St., Norwood Day G Night Sessions MAin 1606 Campbell Commercial School Chester Sheatzley 6. Son Groceries and Meats 2963 Beechmont Ave. SUtton 6125-6126 Compliments Compliments oi ot Mr. 6. Mrs. Iames Fithem and Daughter Mr. 6. Mrs. Albert R. Hundley 69 g'11-- 1. 1 1 - :1 12311' ff .. 1,76 1' 1' , 1 , 1 1 1 i . 1 - r 1 , 13. i. ' 7.1" .1 Y , 1 , XJ 'X 1 I " ' 1-1 .1 . , 1. , , . . . 1 1 . - ,. 1. . 1 , , . h 1 t 1 - 1,71 1? f v ..e' 1. u 1 5 N.. V -1 it ,I A . - D 1 . 1' 1 1 1' ' . fi y 1511 -.1 1 1,-: H - 1. 1 1 , " .. 1-1 .sag , 111 .14 11" 11 ' . 5 1 1 1 3 11 N1 '1'?1 " Q 1 1', X15 , fb- . ' 11 11? -1 . . ',.. 'A '- L, ' 1 1 -, 1 , 1 - W 11: .1 1, ,123 1:11 2 5 if .,'-. ,.-- Z 1 A 1 f VJ, 1 .,,. gf, NH,-, 1 .1 V 1. . A g 1 ' . pf-215551 1, ' 1 1- 1 ' ' ' i 1 I , "f91Q3,J75'j , I " .', '11 .1 11 1:1'fr:'.1. Q, 1- 41 '11' 1 1 nf -I' 1 1? 1 , 1 , 1 . 2, Q, 1 1 1 A' , 1' 11' A W I V 1, .6121 , ' as ,. 1 . 1 r ' 1 , 1 1 ' . I , . It , .V 11, 1 . - 1 N ,. X 1 . , A , ... 1 . 1 .F V 1 . lr 1 M 1 1 . S I .11 ' . ' v A 1 1 I lu' 1. 1 . 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