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Network 2 700 00381 Stuarts Draft High School Route 1 Box 206 Stuarts Draft, Virginia 24477 1980-81 Vol 11, $10.00 The year of our student life Clubs: Did you get involved? 80-81 Fost-poced action A collection of S.D.H.S. stars A look Qt local Legacy sponsors Editor ' s note Left: Senior, Ernest Mayo reviews rhe year in rhe 1981 ' ' People. ' ' Introduction 1 mUeUSTA COUNTY Li HARY Good rimes To rhe frie( ids, we ' ll never forger In rhe years rhor lie oheod To Sruorrs Drofr High where we mer rhem and rhe wonderful rimes we hod. The foorboll gomes, rhe donees, rhe serious romances rhor will olwoys linger in our minds The parries when we didn ' r ger home ril dawn 3oy, we ' ll miss rhem when we ' re gone Make o roosr ro rhe posr, o roosr ro rhe furure ond pleose ler rhere be no sorrow Jusr remember, when rhe sun goes down Ir rerurns wirh a brighr romorrow. Top: Supporrive fans gorher or rhe gomes ro show rheir school spirir. Right: Kennerh Dryonr hurriedly does his home¬ work for his nexr period class. 2 Inrroducrion Left: " You wouldn ' r be trying to cheat the fastest in the Draft, " osl s Susan Norman. Above: Two sror-crossed lovers, Vondo Almarode and Jason Hutchinson hove wonderful thoughts of the days that lie oheod. Introduction 3 Right: Key club holds a successful cor bosh enrirled " Massacre rhe Gionrs. Above: Ar rhree o ' clock, Ronnie Grove, Doug Drydge, and Jeff Sheaves rush our of Miss Anderson ' s English doss. Top right: Junior, Jeff Sondy is on rhe lookour for suspicious chorocrers. Top left: Tim Farley and Keirh Chirrum rhink about girls in rheir lives. 4 Introduction Highlighrs of rhe year The year 1981 promised ro be one of rhe besr years or Sruorrs Drofr High. The spirir and enrhusi- Qsm of rhe srudenrs soared high above mony of rhe recent years. The moin reason for such chonge was rhar rhe school went Double AA in rhe Valley District The community felt this wos o big step forword for our school. The school ' s oppeoronce hod also chonged drosricolly during rhe year. The baseball field had dug-outs built ond o new gross infield. The tennis courts were finolly build after numerous fun roising activities rook place ond plans were being mode ro hove rhe track field paved Some unknown persons went os for os pointing cougar paws on rhe sidewoll- s and on rhe field house. This was done ro remind everyone rhor Stuarts Draft High wos rhe Home of rhe Cougor. Top: Leading rhe crowd ro victory, Dorry Peeples shouts, " give me an S " Above: Freshmen Timmy Worren stores or o passing chick. Introduction 5 We shored many rimes rogerher dur¬ ing 1980-81: rhe rears, rhe loughs, rhe grades, rhe social lives, rhe vicrories, rhe defeors. Srudenr Life involved rhe enrire year os o SDHS srudenr experienced ir, os he remembered ir, however rhor may hove been. Though rhe days hove passed and connor be re-creored, rhey remoined a porr of us we connor erase,- our hisrory or Sruorrs Drofr High lives for¬ ever. Right: Doskerboll fans Jeff Thacker, Doug Argen- brighr, and Mike Armenrrour gaze reward rhe courr acrion Delow; Toga parry-goers Dilly Fyffe, Rusry Czerwinski, and Nick Cohron dish our rhe poker chips Below Middle: Srorry-eyed Penni Kel¬ ley quierly lisrens ro Chorone or rhe Homecoming Dance Middle Right: Senior Trocy Martin is dozed, os usual. For Below: Reading is o mojor port of high school educorion Page 7: Jill Cowherd exper¬ iences lunch. 6 Srudenr Life THE VEHR DF DUR LIVES Srudenr Life 7 Coming home During rhe week of Ocrober 6, 1980, 5DHS celebrored rheir renrh annual Homecoming by porridporing in various ocriviries sponsored by rhe 5CA. On Tues¬ day, ir was 1920-1930 Day. Srudenrs wore flappers, fish-ner srocking, and dork suits reflecring rhe days of rheir grondpor- enrs. Wednesdoy was everyone ' s favor¬ ite, Western Day. On Thursday, rhe girls wore football jerseys on Jersey-Tee Shirr Day before rhe onnuol Powder-Puff foor- boll gome. Six Senior boys, Chris Drown, Jim Chepolis, Philip Fitzgerald, Mike French, Keirh Furrow, and Scorr Towns, cheered rhe girls ro o 6-6 rie gome. Thor nighr, after rhe Lee-Drofr girl ' s boskerboll gome, srudenrs gathered around o bon¬ fire and song and cheered. The next doy wos Moroon-Whire Day. As rhe spirit mounted, rhe foorboll ream defeated Fort Defiance, 29-0, During holfrime, rhe Top Right: The 1930 Homecoming Superlorives include Alex Duff, school villion; Susan Norman, mosr sophiscared; n,hea McChesney, school sweer- heorr; Mr. Chip Gray, school flirr ond besr doncer, Lori Smirh. Above: Sophomores Deborah Moyer ond Shawn Armenrrour sell cornorlons or rhe Forr Defionce-Drofr gome ro moke money for rheir doss Middle Right: On Wesrern Doy, Chuck Groy, Ken Clark, Jeff Clemmons, ond Brian Brown gorher for o round-up. Right: The Senior girls dress for rhe Powder-Puff gome on Jersey Day. For Right: Jok¬ ing Q break from rhe donee floor is Freshmon Brian Harrison. 8 Homecoming Flappers, hors, jerseys, and spirir fans were enrerroined by rhe srudenr floor ond cor porode. The represenro- rives were: ninrh, Vondo Almorode and Joson Hurchinsoo; renrh, Jill Gorvey and Dill Tolborr; elevenrh, Tommy Domeron ond Scorr Wellborn; rwelfrh, Lyndo Good and Did-jy Diehl, Trish SnopKowski and Philip Firzgerold, ond Suzie Veney ond Chris Drown. Trish Snopkowski and Philip Firzgerold were crowned Queen and King while rhe renrh grade ' s " Urban Cougars " won rhe floor conresr. The week ended on o fine nore wirh Char- one from Winchesrer or rhe Sorurdoy nighr donee rirled " Floshbock " . The re- presenrorives donced ro o song in rheir honor under o blue and whire decor. The Homecoming week was considered enjoyed ond successful by SCA Presidenr, Dolf Alrou. Top Left: Senior Cioss P-epresenrorives Lynda Good ond Picky Diehl resr ofrer a few numbers on rhe dance floor Top Right: Homecoming King and Queen Philip Firzgerold ond Trish Snopkowski rwirl closely during rheir dedicorion donee Left: In rhe lunchroom saloon, Jomie Moore oslss Cowboy Joey Wood for o ploce ro sir. Above: Awainng rhe announcemenr of rhe 1980 Homecoming King ond Queen are Senior Pepresnro- rives Chris Drown ond Suzie Veney Homecoming 9 Decision ' 80 Mrs. Layman ' s and Mrs. Houser ' s blod English and Governmenr Hisrory dosses presenred a Mock Presidenrial Debate. Srudenrs chose rheir perries, mode com- poign signs end stickers ro boost morole, end learned the procedure of o presi- denriol debore. A selected panel of Ju¬ niors Sidney Huffman, Druce Loymon, and Chris Thorpe questioned the 1980 condidores Ponold Wilson Reagan, (Der- nie Lambert), and James Earl Carter, (Poul Edwards), on vorious orgumento- ble issues. The other srudenrs cheered their condidores ond osked questions ofter the floor was opened ro them. This leorning experience proved successful, ond the srudenrs hod fun while learning. Top Right: Dernie Lomberr P-eogon, wirh rhe help of Chuck Pence Bush, delivers o speech ro his followers Above Middle; Beogon is elected President in 1980 by o wide margin. Right Middle; A panel of Government and History srudenrs answer political ques¬ tions. Above: Poul Edwords Carter presents his issue views. Left: Republican fons Martin Fields, Bon Porker and Bobby McCobe opploud Mr Beogon ' s opinions ond focrs. 10 Mock Election Schoolhouse Rock The sounds of rhe early ' 80 ' s included Molly Marcher, DIondie, Waylon and Wil¬ lie, AC-DC, and rhe D-52 ' s. Srudenrs ar- rended rock concerrs and dances any¬ where Jusr ro hear rhe bear of rhe rime. Once in o while, o club or doss would sponsor a disco ofrer o foorboll or bosker- ball gome, Somerimes rhey were colled " Vicrory Dances " or lobeled " Derrer Luck Nexr Time " donees. During rhe course of rhe year, rhe 6AA, Junior Class, and Freshmon Closs sponsored discos as fund raisers. These donees provided a rime for srudenrs ro ger rogerher ond " ger-down " ro music provided by locol D-Js, The young men ond Indies porricipofed in conresrs ond speciolry donees. When rhe music slowed, rhe gym provided o quier, dark, romonne piece ro spur high school ro¬ mance To orhers, rhe discos provided o rime ro corch up on rhe loresr gossip or soap opero. Top Left: Linda Veney occeprs a porrner gracious¬ ly For Left: Susan Humphries and Dllly Fyffe snug¬ gle closely during o slow number Left: Lirrie Pere Srone holds his girl righrly Below: Disco fons PennI Kelley, Lorry Vllson, Gleno Surron, Mirchell Diehl, Lynda Good, and kicky Diehl snap wirh rhe beor Sound of Music " Presenring " The Top Left: Nonnberg Abbey nuns Undo Schorsch, Ann Vesr, Donna Willis, and Karen Schmidr pray for Mario, rhe posrulonr. Top Right: Morio (Lori Smirh) and Caprain Von Tropp (Dee Willis) roke rheir morroige vows. Above: The Von Trapp children Louisa (Penni Kelley), LiesI (Kris Corey), Kurr (Nick Cohron), and Friedrich (Rodney Holl) sing " The Sound of Music ' ' Right: Frou Schroeder (Pom Ammons) and Mox Derweiler (Larry Wilson) dance during " How Con Love Survive " . 12 " The Sound Of Music " On November 21 and 22, 46 srudenrs, insrrucred by Soro Tolborr and Derh De- sporres, presenred Rodgers and Hommer- srein ' s Sound of Music. The cosr song ond Qcred rhe srory of o young woman ' s life of decision and love. In rhe leading role wos Lori Smirh os Morio Rainer, rhe corefree, loving posrulonr. Morio fell in love wirh Cop- roin Von Tropp (Dee Willis) ofrer leaving Morher Abbess (Ann Vesr) ond rhe Abbey. Lorry Wilson (Mox Derweiler) and Pom Am¬ mons (Else Schroeder) odded humor and sophisricorion ro rhe ploy, while Kris Corey (LiesI) ond Paul Horouff (Rolf) porrroyed young love. Orher major chorocrers includ¬ ed Penni Kelley, Nick Cohron, Rodney Moll, Bruce Laymen, Donno Willis, Undo Schorsch, Keren Schmidr, and Donno Lilley. Tina Hollowoy was occomponisr, and Jeff Spooner was srudenr direcror. Noncy Roob roughr rhe srudenrs rhe " Loendler " ond Soro Tolborr ond Miss Kelly Word designed ond mode rhe cosrumes. For Left: Rolf (Paul Horouff) sings " Sixteen Going on Seventeen " to LiesI (Kris Corey). Above Left: Accom¬ panist Tina Hollov oy ploys the piano wirh poise. Left: Parry guests Jill Harper, Jenine Baldwin, Sam Harris and Jaime Moore enjoy Ca ' proin Von Trapp ' s hospiraliry. Delow: The musical ' s cast and crew. " The Sound Of Music " 13 Virh Q sprig of misrieroe and a " ho, ho, ho, " rhe renrh SCA Chrisrmos Assem¬ bly was upon 5DH5, The Concerr Choir song carols, foculry members Sharon Shif- flerr, Ron Doll, Judy Lemosrer, Virginia Loymen, Judy Houser, and Som Alex¬ ander presented on " Animal Christmas " skit, and Jackie Coffey and Cindy Cude awarded Patsy Spillman and Wes Lee tee-shirts, naming them Mother and Fa¬ ther Christmas Mr, Dill Harouff sang a few songs ond thor evening, rhe Fresh- mon doss sponsored o Christmas disco. The students or SDHS enjoyed o 16 doy vocotion, without rhe beauty and fun of snow. V s:- 1 - : ’ ' 4 Top Middle: Mr Dill Horouff sings Chrisrmos Carols during rhe SCA assembly. Top Right; Sophomore Derh Kiser sways ro rhe music of Shenandoah Dis¬ cos For Above: Everyone enjoys gerring rogerher or Chrisrmos Above.- Dorboro Cline ond Kevin Smirh rock ond roll Left: Foculry members spreod Chrisrmos cheer ond loughs or rhe onnuol SCA Assembly, 14 Chrisrmos Week Left: Mr Jesse Homilron is applying os Sonro Clous rhis year Delow: Lisa Poinrer and Cindy Mays show o lirrie Chrisrmos spirit os December 25 opprooches. Delow Left: The joy of Chrisrmos is o sporkling tree Delow Right: Sonro Clous (Mirchell Diehl) is visited by good lirrie boys ond girls like Voody Puckerr, Rheo McChesney, Dovid Pyon, Lori Smith ond Jukiso Mokinen before Chrisrmos, Foreign Relorions This year, Sruorrs Drofr hosred q home school, and communiry for 5 foreign ex- chonge srudenrs from many porrs of rhe world. They experienced rhe Americon culrures and ways of life for opproxi- morely 9 monrhs. Eoch one porricipored in exrro-curriculor ocriviries, moking friends os rhey hod fun. The 5 srudenrs lived in locol homes ond orrended church, perries, ond family ger-rogerhers os if rhey hod lived here oil of rheir lives. Four of rhe srudenrs were Seniors rhis year; Jukko Mokinen, 18, of Nokio, Fin- lond, Alex Porflir, 18, of Voldivio, Chille, Pierrerre Poullier, 18, of Monrevidio, Uru- guoy, ond Kozuko Nisido, 18, of Suiro, Japan. Porrick Doehler, 17, of Deru, Swir- zerlond was rhe only Junior Class mem¬ ber. These srudenrs spenr many hours in dosses and sporrs os ony orher American high school srudenrs spends his life or 5DH5. Exchange srudenrs ore o gifred, rolenr- ed ond forrunore group of people. The SDHS srudenrs welcomed rhe foreigners wirh smiles, quesrions, and good old USA hospiroliry. Top Middle: Senior Kozuko Nishido loughs wirh her Americon friends or lunch. Right: Junior Porrick Boehler porricipores in rhe Cougar Marching Bond, For Right: Senior Alex Porflir srrives for vicrory or rhe Regionol Cross-Counrry Meer Below: 1980 Ex- chonge Srudenrs ore Jukko Mokinen, Pierrierre Poullier, Alex Porflir, and Par Boehler, (Absenr is Kozuko Nishido), .4 Left: These popular shoes mode rhe halls of SDHS doily. Below: Garors sweep rhe chesrs and socks of high school srudenrs ocross America. Middle: Skool Brothers Timmy Warren, Scorr Towns, Brock Brody, Kip Deacon, Tracy Huffer, Jason Hutchinson, ond Dove Komienski roke a dip ofrer lunch. Below Left: Every girl tries ro collect o full strand of odd-o-beods. Below Right: Mony srudenrs spend hours trying ro solve a Rubik ' s cube. " Ir ' s Q hQlInnork " This year brought many new gomes, songs and dorhes ro rhe scene. Remember rhe olwoys present preppy-look? Izod swearers, shirrs, beirs, socks, jodsers, and slocks. Remember docksiders, Foxmoor ponrsuirs, cowboy hors and boors, robocco ond snuff, Rubik ' s cubes, punk rock, French borhing suits, Uno cords, Oxford blouses. Southern Rock, amulet charms, ribbons, add-a-beods, french braids, boggy slocks, monogrommed sweorers, baseball shirrs, duck shoes, ond Candie ' s? These items made 1980-81 special. 1980 ' s Trodirions 17 Lower left: The " Winners " , rhe champion volley¬ ball ream, was made up of first row: Rosemary Marrin, Cindy Cude, Leslie Pringle, and Donna Har¬ ris,- bock row: Roger Swerr, Yuka Makinenon, Kirk Knorr, and Neal Kerby. Right: Arrempring rhe per- fecr spike, Donald Diggs and Horry Vest jump for rhe balL Dorrom: Enjoying rheir eorly-morning bos- kerball gome, Joe Higgins, Mike French, Keirh Fur¬ row, Avery Dell, and Horry Vest are very involved in Inrromurols. 18 Inrromurols Gomes srudenrs ploy Inrromurols 1980-81 infromurols offered o voriery of gomes. During rhe foil, co-ed volley- boll w ' QS ployed. The winning ream was oppropriorely named " The Winners " . This ream was mode up of eighr mem¬ bers and only losr one gome. The winrer broughr boskerboll gomes ro rhe gym rhor were enjoyed by many reams. The champion reom was named " The Ri¬ fles " . and They were undefeored! Spring broughr chess, checkers and backgam¬ mon, allowing srudenrs eorly-morning challenges. Many srudenrs rook odvon- roge of oil rhese programs. Left: Conremploring his move, Brian Cole hesirores during his gome of checkers. Bottom: Enjoying o challenging gome of chess, Clyde Campbell and Terry Sporiss concenrrore inrenriy. :. ' -omurals 19 The big evenr for November of 1981 was 0 " Career Day, ' ' v hich was held or Expo Hall. The evenr v os sponsored by Augusro Counry schools and rhe Virginia Employmenr Commission. The communiry conrribured ro rhe success of rhe evenr. Wilson rrucking hod Q rrocror rroilor rhere. Nor only rhe soph¬ omores enjoyed ir. A renrh grode English reocher, Miss Mory Louise Leoke, climbed inro rhe rrocror-rroilor ro see whor ir was like " way up rhere.” The rescue squod hod on ambulance rhere ond Waynesboro Communiry Hospirol hod speciolisrs and docrors presenr ro on- swer ony quesrions rhor rhe sophomores hod. Hollisrer hod " hospirol brocelers” passed our which hod " Sruorrs Drofr Cou¬ gars” wrirren on rhem. One renrh grader enjoyed ir so much she decided ro go inro Drofring or rhe Volley Vocorionol Technical School. " I enjoyed rolking ro rhe differenr peo¬ ple obour differenr Jobs,” said onorher sophomore. Top right: Miss Leoke moonlights os o lody trucker or Career Doy Above: " Mirror, mirror in my hand who ' s rhe foiresr in rhe lond, " oslss Darrell Alex¬ ander. Lower right: Suson Norman gets o lirrie token off rhe ends. Coreer day 20 Coreer Day As Q parr of growing up, Sruorrs Drofr High School srudenrs rook on responsibil- iries. A big responsibiliry was o job. A lor of people hod ro decide wherher ro ploy Q sporr or ro work. Severol of rhe sru¬ denrs held Jobs oil over Waynesboro and Sruorrs Drofr. Peoples ' s Pharmacy, Kozy Kirchen, Big Tee, ond McDonald ' s were only 0 few places where rhe srudenrs were employed. A Job disciplined rhese srudenrs because rhey hod ro give up spore rime ond orher ocriviries. Bur rhere was no more bumming money from mom ond now rhey could fix up rheir cor Jusr like rhey always wonred. They olwoys hod exrro money ro do rhe rhings rhey wonred and hod experience roword gerring o Job in rhe furure. Left: Susan Wellborn fixes o drink for her nexr customer or Dig Tee. Bottom left: Kozy Kitchen ' s very own Dole Sprouse prepores rhe doy ' s special. Below: John Forbes fries ro work rhe cosh regisrer or People ' s Phormocy. Bottom: Tonyo Wrighr ond Teresa Wimer will serve you or rhe Droodmoor Razo rwin cinemos. 21 Love, Cougar Style Sweerheorr Donee The rheme of rhe 1981 Sweerheorrs donee, " Love You More Than I Con Soy " , suited the evening perfectly. The donee was held on Valentine ' s Day and love was in rhe oir. The colors were rhe rrodirionol red and white and there were orrroctive heorr wreathes and streamers honging from rhe ceiling. Couples danced to the music of " Wind wagon Smyth " . These rolented perform¬ ers ployed " Southern Rock " ond helped highlight rhe evening with many popular hit songs. After dancing, couples were refreshed by punch ond homemade cookies. The climax of rhe evening was rhe announcement of rhe Sweethearts ' Court. The Court consisted of members of rhe F.F.A. and F.H.A. who were hon¬ ored with Q special donee and flowers for rhe Queen and princesses. The King ond Queen were Glenn Davidson and Georgia Drown. The representatives were: twelfth grade: Philip Firzgerold and Sue Neil Coiner; eleventh grade: James Pringle ond Valerie Srroop; tenth grade: Brian Drown ond Tereso Coffey; ninth grade: Jimmy Gray and Bessie Duff. 22 Sweerheorr Donee Opposite page; top: Junior Class represenrorives, James Pringle and Valerie Srroop, enjay a dance in hanor of rhe Courr. Lower left: Excired with rhe prospect of rhe nighr oheod, Cori Foley ond Marry Armsrrong rhoraughly enjay rhe dance Lower right: Obllviaus of rheir surroundings, Saroh Forbes ond Bobby Smirh roke odvonroge of rheir momenr olone Top: Mr Baxter crowns Georgio Brown Queen of rhe Sweerhearrs dance wirh her escorr, Glenn Dovidson, honored as King. Left: Serried cozily or rheir roble, Vonda Almarode and Jason Hurchinson enjoy rhe announcemenrs of rhe Courr. Sweerheorr Donee 23 The Gome A 5DH5 special The one-Qcr ploy, " The Gome ' ' , was honored besr ploy in rhe disrricr fesrivol held here or SDHS. The ploy involved four chorocrers: rhree v ere porriciponrs in " rhe gome " ond rhe orher chorocrer porrroyed rhe docror. The ploy deolr wirh norionolism ond showed people ' s views on rerriroriol righrs. Lorry Wilson, ploying rhe role of Correr, won besr oc- ror in rhe disrricr comperirion. Right: The entire cast appears on stage as Edson (Heather Farmwald), Baker (Pam Ammons), ond Carter (Lorry A iison) listen to Dr. Henning ' s (Jeff Spooner) instructions on how to ploy the Gome. Below Right: The doctor (Jeff Spooner) points out the major items involved in the experiment, os Cortet (Lorry Wilson) looiss obour confusedly. Be¬ low Left: Following their instructions, the three porriciponrs in rhe gome corefully read their slips of " paper " oloud. 24 One Act Roy special events for special people On Mor-ch 01, srudenrs from oil schools gorhered or rhe 5DHS foorboll field for rhe Special Olympics. They were held every year excepr for losr year. This was rhe firsr yeor rhor 5DHS hosred and ir was o greor success. The srudenrs who porricipored pre¬ pared for rhe speciol evenrs by procricing in rhe gym wirh rhe P.E. reochers ond Miss Weems. The Olympics lasred for five evenrs oil rogerher. The fifry merer run, rhe srand- ing broad Jump, rhe sofrball rhrow and rhe rwo hundred merer run were some of rhe more populor ones. Whar mokes rhe Olympics special is rhor rhe srudenrs who porricipore are all winners and is somerhing rhor rhe kids can oil have suc¬ cess or. The owords were firsr rhrough fourrh piece ribbons. The psychology sru¬ denrs were volunreer buggers ond assis- renrs. When rhe winners received rheir ribbon rhey olwoys received o hug along wirh ir. The Speciol Olympics may be held again nexr year bur ir reolly depends on rhe Special Olympics Council. They moke rhe decisions on when, where, or if rhe Olympics are held. Ir olso depends on rhe Srore and Norionol meers ser up by rhe Kennedy Foundorion. The Olympics ore a greor experience for everyone involved, rhe psychology srudenrs olong wirh rhe srudenrs who porricipared in rhem. Above: Wirh omozemenr, ChucU Harris, Duck Har¬ ris, his forher, and Miss Weems warch rhe Olympic evenrs. Left: Donnie Czerwinski and Laura DIair presenr a ribbon ro o Special Olympic winner. Above: Philip Fitzgerald, who helped rime rhe 50 merer and 200 merer run, is amazed by o special event For left: When rhe evenrs ore over rhe srudenrs ploy field hockey. Left: Giving oil he ' s gor, Chuck Harris runs rhe 50 merer run. Special Olympics 25 Senior invasion of England For ren glorious days o group of nine srudenrs from SDHA chaperoned by Mrs. Virginio Layman begon rheir rrip ro Eng- lond ond Scorlond. They visired mony old bur exciring pieces. In Englond rheir fovorires were Sr. Paul ' s Corhedrol, where Prince Charles and Lady Dione were morried in July, Tower of London, Wesrminsrer Abbey, and York Minsrer. In Scorlond rhey sow rhe Scorrish highlands, Covenrry, Lake Disrricr, ond Srrorford, where rhey sow o ploy or rhe Poyol Shokespeore Theorre. The English people were very re¬ served bur friendly while rhe Scorrish people were very friendly, rolkorive, and anxious ro know oil obour rhe Americons. The young American people were praised everywhere rhey wenr. Ar o disco in Birmingham rhe Americans were greor represenrorives. When our kids srorred dancing ro rhe punk rock every¬ one in rhe disco sropped ro worch. The announcer even dedicored o song ro rhem. " I soy we ' re quire proud ro be bloody Americans. " PiSNHfaMmr - 1 I Top right: The group rakes o break on rhe fronr steps of Sr. Poul ' s Corhedrol. Middle: The changing of rhe guards or Duckinghom Paloce. Right: The group or rhe bus srorion in Chorlerrsville on rheir way home. Above: A double-decker bus near Piccodllly circus. 26 Englond And Scorlond Love Door The fonrosy come rrue for seven SDHS srudenrs ro cruise on rhe oceon for eighr days. They visired rhe French, Durch, Spanish, and English Isles, of rhe Wesr Indies. They enjoyed rhe luxuries of discos, every nighr, special shove ' s v irh dancing, Q casino, Q swimming pool, exercise dosses, Q cosrume boll, and o cinema. The losr day rhe group soiled oil doy or seo and rhe final nighr rhe whole crew enjoyed dinner wirh rhe coproin. Left: A wQirer in rhe Woikki Dining Room demon- srrores o Baked Alaskan. Middle left: The 55 Dri- ranis was rhe nome of rhe crew ship. Bottom left: The group gorhered in fronr of a horel in Morreni- que. Below: A Founroin locored or rhe copirol of Venezuela. Bottom middle: 5rudenrs from oreo high schools meer one losr rime before rerurning home. Bottom right: 5helly Lunsford rries her luck or rhe slor machines in rhe Cosino. Harper Valley MGA On April 1, 2, and 3, rwenry-six srudenrs Travelled ro Triniry Episcopal Church in Sraun- ran ro defend or supporr rheir bills in rhe sixrh annual Model General Assembly, spon¬ sored by rhe Srounron Kiwonis Club. The oreo srudenrs mer in rhe House ond Senore ro approve or vore ogoinsr bills sponsored by perrons from Riverheods, Wilson, Lee, Buffalo Gop, Waynesboro, Forr Defionce and Sruarrs Drafr. In small commirrees, rhe bills v ere alrered, quesrioned and vored upon. Then possed ro rhe House ond Sen- are. Yaurh Governor Rheo McChesney gave rhe final approval or vero ro o joinr meering in rhe church soncruory. The knovv ledge obroined was helpful and enrer- raining as rhey also leorned rhe funcrion of our lowmoking Governmenr. Top; 1981 Model General Assembly members: Row 1 Vickie Roberrson, Les Pringle, Cindy Cude, Diana Hew- lerr, Rhea McChesney, Lynda Good, Jill Cowherr, Paige Lucas, Debbie Horrer, Kozuko Nishida (FES), Mory Srump. Row 2 - Lori Smith, Alex Duff, Chuck Pence, Dob Harrison, Mirchell Diehl, John Forbes, Dorry Peeples, Dill Garvey, Joe Higgins, Philip Fitzgerald, Tim Collender, Dave Sitter. (Absent is Sidney Huffmon, Pom Ammons, ond Kirk Knott.) Above Right; After o day of voting, Cindy Cude, Diano Hewlett, Vickie Robertson, Perri Poullier, Lyndo Good, Pom Ammons, and Mitch Diehl mingle outside Triniry Espiscopal Church. Right; Youth Governor Rheo McChesney delivers her Inaugural Ad¬ dress ro her fellow classmates. For Right; Senator Dob Harrison owoirs rhe decision concerning his bill affecting car inspection. 28 Model Generol Assembly 5.D. or D.C. Ar 5:45 a m., on rhe 13rh of AAoy, 90 Seniors ond four choperones boarded o Quick Livick ond rode ro Woshingron D.C. on rheir onnuol Governmenr rrip. Ir wos o beouriful doy when rhe srudenrs visired Arlington Cemerory, J.F. Ken¬ nedy ' s grove, rhe Bureou of Printing ond Engraving, rhe FBI Building, rhe Smirhson- ion, rhe Supreme Court ond rhe Copirol. On rhe Copirol steps, Congressmon Cold- well Burler gave rhe sruoenrs o short speech and rook them ro rhe House of Bepresenrorives. They viewed rhe chonging of rhe guords or rhe Tomb of rhe Unknown Soldier and o gun exhibi¬ tion or rhe J. Edgar Hoover Building. Eyes popped when rhe Seniors worched bil¬ lions of dollors being printed below rheir very eyes. The doy also brought news of rhe orrempred murder of John Poul II. The sightseers arrived or SDHS or 10:10 rhor evening, rired bur hoppy. Top Left: Many soldiers died during borrles rhe U.S faced and ore buried or Arlington Cemerory. Top Right: The guards change every holf-hour or rhe Tomb of rhe Unknown Soldier Left Middle: Con¬ gressman Caldwell Durler delivers o short speech ro rhe Seniors on Copirol Hill, Above: Our notion ' s Copirol os seen from rhe Woshingron Moll. Left: Srudenrs from SDHS sir proudly on rhe Copirol steps owoiring rhe orrivol of Congressmon Durler. Senior Governmenr Trip 29 Top Lefr Awoiting the Senior Dedicotion, these participants stand patiently upstairs at Mary Bal¬ dwin College. Top Right Mark R. Campbell and Tammy Varner snuggle closely during o rest from the floor. Above Slow music provides a time for getting close together. Right Junior Mary Beth Deacon swings in silk to the sound of Wove ' Velcome ro rhe " Grand Illusion " On Q chilly Friday night in May, the Juniors presented " Grand Illu¬ sion " ot Mary Baldwin, the silver stors ond purple decor glimmered with excitement while ' the couples danced to the sounds of Wove. Jr. Closs President Nancy Norman an¬ nounced the Seniors ond their dotes in o final farewell dance. The court wos onnounced and once again, Irish Snopkowski ond Philip Fitzger¬ ald were named Queen and King. Other court members were Lynda Good, Ricky Diehl, Mark Campbell, Laura Johnston, Mike Sours, Helen Weaver, Chris Drown arid Rhea McChesney. At eleven o ' clock, cou¬ ples left, carrying memory booklets and silk flowers os keepsakes of the social event. Everyone went their woys, remembering their night ot the " Grand Illusion.”. Top These Prom goers enjoy looking through photographs of friends and themselves. Above Wove, featuring Brian Holsopple, ploys o variety of pop music. Lefr Kyle Bridge looks questioningly across the table while Donnie Bradfield, TG Fouber and Cindy Culien smile innocently. Prorti 31 " The way Time flows on and rhe rime comes once ogoin for rhe senior doss ro leove only rhe memories rhey hove given rhe school behind. The seniors showed rheir memories of good rimes, bod rimes, ond hard rimes rhrough rheir skirs in doss nighr, Keirh Furrow was rhe choirmon in charge of rhe producrion. He decided ro do everyrhing informolly os if rhey were jusr procricing ond ir was o greor success. The skirs included rwo bonds-one rock ond roll, rhe orher counrry-o skir on Shokespeore, ond imirorion of Mr. Boll, o we were " song by Jackie Coffey ond Cindy Cude, o solo by Lonerre Ezell o skir obour o crozy subsrirure reocher, and of course rhe sen¬ ior superlorives onnounced by Lynda Good and Mirchell Diehl. During rhe skirs rhere were o couple of inreruprions from Barry Peeples, Chris Brown, ond Jim Cepolis bur rhor wos norhing our of rhe ordinary. The show ended wirh rhe group sing¬ ing " Yesrerdoy " . Then everyone head¬ ed ro rhe cofererio for rhe rrodirionol ring rurning and finols donee. Right: Undo Veney gets down on some jom. Above left; Jeff Spooner corries ' ' crozy ' ' Lorry Wilson bock ro his cage. Above right: Dove Ko- mienski, Scorr Towns, Kip Deocon, ond Brock Brody chew robocco ond dip skool, one of rheir fovorire posr rimes Above: " I don ' r remember this skir in rhe progromi " , yells choirmon, Keirh Furrow. Right: Eddie Hong, Sruorr Srrickler, ond Eric Do- meron show rhe crowd whor rrue kocis ond Roll is. 32 ClossNighr And Finols I Left: Alex Duff, Lorry Wilson, and Mike French ploy rhor country music. For left: John Forbes shows his love wirh o kiss. Middle: P,omeo (Scorr Towns), Juliet (r heo McChesney), ond Flomler (Chuck Pence) visit Mocberh (Dorry Peeple) ond Lody Macbeth (Lorie Smith). Bot¬ tom: The Senior doss sing " Yesrerdoy” in mem¬ ory of their post school yeors. ' Looks like we mode ir ' " A New Beginning ' ' was rhe rhenne for Connmencemenr 1981 os 193 srudenrs were groduored from Sruorrs Drofr High School or 8:00 o ' clock on June 5rh in rhe school gym¬ nasium. Mr. Alberro Rou Coll delivered rhe com- mencemenr address which was based on Fronds Dray ' s poem " A New Beginning. " Mr. Coll reminded rhe groduores rhor Com- mencemenr ' ' is nor on ending bur o begin¬ ning " ond he chollenged eoch of rhe seniors ro show, " courage, generosiry and mog- noniriry " ro rheir fellow man. Mr. Coll em¬ phasized rhe need ro do rhings for " pur¬ poses greorer rhon yourself " ond he urged rhe groduores ro " serve rhis greor counrry and look beyond yourself so rhor you may help find greorness for your world. " Mr. William vonSeldeneck, Mr. Richard Doxrer, and Mr. C. Hompron Gray presenr- ed rhe diplomas and gove special recogni- rion ro rhe groduores who were in rhe rop 10% of rhe doss ond olso ro Voledicrorion David Norberr Sirrer and Co-Solurororions Ju- lionne Ford, Diono Anne Hewlerr ond Down Chrisrine Toyman. Wirhin less rhon rwo hours rwelve years of srudy hod come ro on end and for one losr rime rhe doss of 1981 shored rhe bonds of uniry. For rhe 193 seniors who groduored rhe furure looks brighr ond if rhey choose ro roke Mr. Coil ' s challenge ir looks like rhe doss of 1981 will moke ir. Above: The groduores lisren ro Mr. Alberro Coll who gove rhe Comnnencemenr Address. Above Left: Miss Cherie Denson proudly receives her diplo- mo from Mr. vonSeldeneck. Left: Some of rhe 1981 groduores woir porienriy os rhe resr of rheir doss receives rheir diplomos. For Left: Mr. Alberro r ou Coll delivers rhe Commencemenr Address. 34 Groduorion Top: Debbie Henderson helps o friend odjusr her cop before rhe groduorion ceremonies begin Above: The doss Voledicrorion, David Sirrer, congrorulores Co- Solurorians, Julionne Ford, Diana Hevv lerr and Dawn Tayman after rhe ceremony. Right: A proud Brack Brady receives his diploma from Mr. von Seldeneck. Groduorion 35 Besides having only dosses, nnony people Joined one or several dubs. There were many rypes of dubs ro suir everyone ' s inreresr. They ranged from rhe ogriculrurol FFA ro rhe homemaking FHA, from rhe spiriruol CYA ro rhe peppy cheerleaders ond from rhe feminine GAA ro rhe masculine Vorsiry Club. Anyone could find o club ro occenru- ore rheir own personoliries, rolenrs, ond inreresrs. Top: The Key Club shows rheir spirit by painting spirit signs. Delow: Getting in rune ore Leslie Hor- ouff, Tina Shirley, Jeff Pompeo, Michelle Hall, and Director James Taylor Center: Eric Domeron woriss skillfully In rhe Auto Body doss or VVTC. Middle right: Enrhusiosric obour rhe gome is cheerleader Laura Johnston Bottom: Senior James Toner rakes odvonroge of rhe Varsity Club ' s cor smosh-up For left: VVTC students Morris Henderson, Robert Vil- lioms, Doug Cox, and Clyde Campbell enjoy Hear¬ ing ond Air Conditioning. { I 36 Clubs CDUGHR CLUBHDUEE Clubs 37 Expanding horizons Delow: Presenring on award ro Sue Neil Coiner is Miss Drodley, home economics srudenr reocher, ond Shown Poberrson, Right: Enrerrainmenr for rhe fashion show was provided by Alex Duff, Lorry Wilson, Mike French, ond Frankie Dunlop. Bottom: Old ond new FHA officers: Tino Pomsey, Georgia Drown, Corhy Harris, Shown Poberrson, Cheryl Henderson, Tereso Coffey, ond Donna Shir¬ ley. b ' 1 38 FHA Top: 1980-81 Future Formers of Americo. Bottom: FFA officers ore Dorry Thomos, Joe Morcorre, Mike Rodriquez, Jomes Toner, Jim Morcorre, Wesley Yoder, ond Jomes Pringle FFA 39 Gerring The Girls ' Arhieric Associorion, (GAA), was open ro oil girls enrolled or 5DHS who rook on ocrive porr and who hod good school records. One purpose was ro give eoch srudenr rhe opporruniry ro roke porr in various ocriviries and ro pro- more school spirir. Poinrs were given re¬ words awards so rhor ir wos possible for srudenrs ro be occorded honors. Awards included o cerrificore for 50 ooinrs. and o high on Cougar Spirir GAA pin for 60 poinrs. Each grades rop winner for rhe year would also receive o rrophy. Thor year rhe GAA helped rhe Vorsiry club wirh rhe sock hop, sold con¬ cessions or Girls ' Doskerboll gomes, ond held Q skoring porry. The Vorsiry Club olso hod o successful year. The Vorsiry Club was open ro oil boys who rook on ocrive porr in vorsiry sporrs. 40 Vorsiry Club ond GAA Left: Girls’ Doskerboll Cheerleaders: Srorring or rop, Deneen Domeron, Left ro righr, Rheo McChesney, Shelley Lunsford, Louro Johnson, Debbie Smirh, Debbie Vorel, Molly Thacker, Susan Norman, Sondy Horsburgh, ond Sharon Holmes Center Left: P,heo McChesney and Debbie Smirh cheer for our Girls ' Doskerboll ream. Center right: The Doys ' Doskerboll Cheerleoders include clockwise Tonyo Foils, Susan Derrong, Glenno Surron, Tina Almor- ode, Soroh Forbes, Jill Gorvey, Kim Groome, An¬ nette Hutchens, Donno Corey, and Sandy Doyle, Bottom left: The foorboll Cheerleoders ore bock- row from left ro right Wendy Hurrr, Derh Smirh, Pom Ammons, Penny Kelley, Donnie Czerwinski, Terri Gowen, and Pom Drown. Fronr row kneeling: Corey Nichols, Cori Foley, ond Undo Schorsch. Bot¬ tom right: Rhea McChesney ' ' sticks rhe horner” while Susan Norman looiss on. Cheerleoders 41 Below: Auro Body doss Paul Harris, Mike Coffey, J D Carroll, Eddie Holmes, Mike Firzgerold, Doug Lowe, Roger Roberrson. Right: Lisa Bradley loves ro rype Bottom: Alvin Tidd ond Brian Honshaw work hard in Merol Trades, Opposite page top: Lewis Visemon proudly exomines one of his poin- serros. Opposite page left: Electronics requires much concentration for Jeff Morlss. Opposite Page right: Karen Moore, Kora Riley, Melisso Al¬ len, Tereso Braden, Mory Ann Cloytor, ond Donno Horris compote their hairstyles in Cosmetology doss. 42 Tech School VVTC: A rewording experience! As Q srudenr come closer ro groduor- ing, he began ro rhink of his future. Ca¬ reer plans become o rhree-woy ques¬ tion. Should I go to college? Should I go directly into o job without any education or experience? Or should I go to the Volley Vocational Technicol Center for expert troining? Many students chose the lorrer of the three options. The Tech School offered many coreer opportuni¬ ties which included Auto Body, Auto Me- chonics, Food Service, Secretoriol Skills, Carpentry, Doto Processing, Cosmetolo¬ gy, Horticulture, Metol Trades ond Mo- chine Shop. Eoch course offered greet obiliries ond aided in personol gools. Most courses were two yeors in length while o few were 3 yeors. These few dosses were known os post-graduate courses. Many people hod their own ideos, both good ond bad, obour the school. Mike Coffey, Junior, commented thot going to the Tech School was a very rewording experience. " You con leorn about something you like to do. " Jeff Sheoves, Junior, soid, " We do o lor of work ond they ore strict. " Doris Byrd, Junior, stored, " I don ' t like the Technical School or all! " Roger Swerr, Senior, said, " It con be o valuoble experience ro someone who ' s going Into a specific field. " Tech SchcxDl 43 1 I li Top left: Mrs Gloss, rhe yearbook odviser, posts rhe dare for each deadline. Top right: The Editor, Kim Worren, checiss every layout carefully. Below: The section heads. Front row Kim Warren and Sheila Worren, Dock row Jackie Coffey Lori Smith and Robb Rich- ordson. Bottom left: The phorogrophers ore Lori Smith, Robb Richordson ond Melanie Troxell, Bottom right: The Sroff, front row: Kim Worren, Jackie Coffey, Lori Smith, middle row: Beth Kelley, Melanie Troxell, Julie Richardson, Donnie Czer- winski, Abby Neuger, bock row, Rolf Alrou, Cin dy Cude, Morio Martinez ond Robb Richard¬ son Nor pictured is Sheila Warren, 44 Yeorbook Sroff Ir rakes o lor of planning! The Annuo! Sroff spenr many long ond hord hours worlsing ro mo!“;e o rerrific book. Miss Crirzer kepr oil rhe finondol records for rhe sroff. She ofren wos bod¬ ed down wirh money from rhe od com- poign ond rhe onnuol soles. Kim Worren, ediror, ofren helped wirh speciol prob¬ lems. Jockie Coffey, business ediror, Lori Smirh, phorogrophy ediror, ond Shelio Worren, loyour ediror, helped rhe ediror. The 5.C.A. olso hod o hecric schedule. Mr. Homilron, sponsor, ond lllu Alrou were olwoys plonning new projecrs, working our problems, ond gerring reody for onorher S.C.A. meering. New evenrs were rhe Morher Forher Chrisr- mos oword, Holloween dress-up, ond open S.C.A, meerings for rhe whole sru- denr body. Top: The S.C.A. officers: Fronr rQW; Cindy Cude, reporter; Cori Foley, secretory; Derh Fisher, second Vice President, bock row. lllu Alrou, President; Druce Loymon, first Vice President; and Nick Cohron, treasurer Dot- fom: Fronr row; Cori Foley, Nick Cohron, Tonya Foils, and Tommey Domeron. sec¬ ond row: Cindy Cude, Tommy Edwards, Druce Loymon, Jackie Coffey, Shown Ar- menrrout, and Terry Forbes. Dock row: Rolf Alrou, Barry Peeples, Kirk Knott, ond Korlo McCray. Above: President Alrou ond Mr Clifton Homilron, S.C.A advisor, finally de¬ cide on o new project. SCA 45 Top: Dond members - Row 1 Lorry Wilson, John Forbes, Nick Cohron, Troy Arnold, Row 2: Vondo Almorode, Nancy Nor man, Tonya Doyle, Melisso Block, Kim Peloso, June Cohron, Liso Poinrer, Parry Wolrers. Row 3: Poul Horouff, Rodney German, Lynda Good, Lesley Horouff, Bobby Wrighr, Tow- nyo Wrighr, Terry Forbes, Por Boehler, Susan Nor- mon, Phil Rufe, Row 4: Michelle Hall, Korlo McCray, Kelly Purdee, Cindy Moys, Joey Wood, Sam Harris, Par Srump, Tim Farley, Jeff Gurkin, Frank Dunlap, Robin Corbin. Row 5 Monica Humphries, Korhy Dovidson, Kevin Smirh, Sreve Hosrerrer, Alex Duff, Mike Willioms, Sreve Perl, John Heglond, Row 6 Mark Kerby, Ronnie Grove. Middle: Bond Council - Row 1: Troy Arnold, Sroge Monoger; John Forbes, Senior Represenrarive; Terry Forbes, 9rh Grode Re- presenrarive; Poul Horouff, Assisronr Drum Major. Row 2: Vondo Almorode, Secrerory-Treasurer; Karla McCroy, Vice-Presidenr; Melisso Block, 10rh Grode Represenrorive, Lyndo Good, Presidenr,- Mi¬ chelle Hall, Drum Major, Noncy Normon, 11rh Grode Represenrorive. Bottom: Flog Squod - Front row: Liz Ruehl, Jomie Moore. Bock row: Addie Wox- mon. Sherry Carr, Donna Henderson, Shoron Cal¬ lender. 46 Bond, Flog Squad One bear or o rime This year ' s bond worked hard under rhe direcrion of Mr. Taylor. They ployed or many foorboll gomes during half-rime. The bond performed o special show or our losr home foorboll gome wirh Wilson. Their performonce feorured rhe Tango by Michelle Hall ond our Cougar moscor. The pep bond ployed or holf-rime during many boskerboll gomes here ond or ord¬ er schools. The bond wos proud ro repre- senr our school by playing or many fesri- vols and in Srounron and Waynesboro porodes. Mrs. Tolborr worked hord rhis year ro moke our choir sound rheir besr. They song or o number of concerrs and some were oble ro represenr our school by going ro regionols. The choir gove on excellenr concerr or our school for Chrisr- mos and olso performed or mony churches rhroughour rhe yeor. i i 1 i - J f ; 1 1 ‘ . » ■ ‘ 1 iJ t ■ Top: Concert Choir Officers - Lonerre Ezell, Presidenr; Bobby Snyder, Vice- President; Donna Willis, Secretory, Jill Harper, Treosurer. Middle: Concerr Choir Members • Row 1: Debbie Hotter, Jill Harper, Georgonno Horrick, Corhy Frerwell, Foirh Grove, Soroh Forbes, Mary Beth Leory. Row 2: Susan Stevens, Kelly Choplin, Tino Zirkle, Ann Vest, Glenno Sutton, Sandy Hors- burgh, Rheo McChesney. Row 3: Lori Smith, Donno Willis, Nora Younger Row 4: Peter Stone, Dwoyne Miller, Trocy Martin, Bobby Snyder, Danny Stubbs, Dee Willis, Rodney Lunsford, Anthony Maddox, Sam Horris, Jeff Spooner, Alex Duff, Absent Penny Arehorr, Beth Fisher, Lonerre Ezell, Mike French, Fronk Dunlop, Tony Crowford, Mory Stump, Jockie Humphries, Mollie Thacker. Botfom: Regionol Choir - Front Row Debbie Hotter, Nora Younger, Lori Smith. Bock Row: Dee Willis, Donno Willis, Bobby Snyder, Trocy Morrin Choir 47 Channeling roword school pride rhe school year ro go ro rhe Lodd ond Sruorrs Drofr Elemenrory Schools for sroryrelling. A disco ofrer one of our foorboll gomes was one of rhe mony Qcriviries rhor rhey sponsored. The Key Club was very ocrive rhis yeor. They plonned o compour and hod o Togo Porry for rhe members of rhe club. Thor wos very successful. They also hod many fund raising pro- jeers ' A hich helped our communiry. The Cancer Sociery was rheir main fund raiser rhis year. Alrogerher rhis year wos very successful. Deco was very successful rhis yeor. One of rheir lorgesr ocriviries was com¬ pering in rhe Annual Disrricr VI Leader¬ ship Developmenr Conference. Many of our school members of Deco re¬ ceived cerrificores ond ploques for rheir excellenr work. Such evenrs included Food Morkering, Food Service, Generol Merchondising ond Apparel and Acces¬ sories. Placing 2nd for srudenr of rhe year was Vickie Roberrson. The Library Club wos on imporronr porr of our school rhis yeor. The club wos sponsored by our librarian, Mrs. Obough. They mer many rimes during Top Left: " Are you sure rhor ' s righr?” soys Abby Neuger ro Tommy Murray. Top Right; Key Ciub Officers • Mr, Cleovenger, Sponsor,- Donno Corey, Treosurer; Mario Morrinez, Secretory; fTusry Czer- winski, Vice-Presidenr, Chris Drown, President. Bottom: Key Club Members - Front RvOw. Lisa Welcher, Alon P,orchford, Chonnin Thomas, Lori Choplin, fTusry Czerwinski, Suson French, Tommy Snead Middle Dow: Pom Hoolser, Derh Smith, Mork Schorsh, Greg Tolbert, Steve Norford, Sherry Por- rick, Kelly Choplin, Annerre Hutchens, Jeff Lonier. Dods R,ow: Chris Drown, Kelly Purdee, Doug Proc¬ tor, Jeff Pompeo, Scott Towns, Jimmy Chepolis, Dorry Peeples, Tony Casio. -y’ 1 I i 48 Key Top: Deco mennbers - Dock Row; Soro McGriffin, Drendo Chandler, Sandy Lee, Cheryl Morrin, Corlo Doyle, Money Almorode. Front Row; Dridgirr Jod-son, Shelly Lunsford, Vidsie Robertson, Jill Cowherd, Mary Beth Deocon and Dee Ellis. Middle Left; Library dub members - Bods Row; Jimmy Dickinson, Lori Brooiss, Shirley Hutchinson, Mary Beth Leory, Liso Bradley, Sonyo Kiser ond Michelle HolL Front Row; Mory Stump, Debbie Hotter, Robin Ross, Vickie Robertson and Done Mockey. Middle Right: Library club officers - Mary Stump, Treasur¬ er; Debbie Hotter, Secretory; Dana Mackey, Reporter,- Vickie Robertson, Vice-president; Robin Ross, President. Bottom: Winners in the Annual Disrricr VI Leadership com¬ petition - Bock Row: Jill Cowherd, Soro Burkholder, Dee Ellis, Cheryl Martin, Sandy Lee ond Kim Johnston. Front Row: Vickie Robertson, Mary Beth Deocon, Carlo Doyle, Debbie Henderson ond Molly Thocker. Deco, Library 49 The Grammy Awards Forensics was on academic progrom rhor creored sporrsmanship ond comperi- rion. Forensic members compered for many awards based upon o poinr sys- rem. They were able ro ger cerrificores, pins ond lerrers, There were nine evenrs: Girls ond Doys Prose, Poerry, Public Speoking ond Spelling. Forensics promot¬ ed poise, self-confidence wirh lirerorure ond communicorion. The Norionol Honor Society was o non- Qcrive club, bur one rhor was very hon- oroble. Mrs. Richardson sponsored rhe club for Seniors rhor moinroined o 3.5 overage throughout rheir yeors or High School. The members were honored or groduorion by wearing o gold cord ond rossle. The Norionol Arr Honor Society was another honoroble club in our school. Ir was for students that maintained on " A " overage in Arr 1, 2, or 3. Sponsored by Mrs. Spilmon, rhe members used rheir obiliry for Arr in o very outstanding way. One woy rhe club used rheir obiliry and mode money was rhe personalized bur¬ ton sole, which wos very successful. The members also went ro rhe Lodd and Sruorrs Draft elementary schools ond roughr Arr ro rhe students. Some of rhe members even roughr Art ro rhe teach¬ ers up here or rhe High school. Top: A display of personalize burrons from rhe burron sole given by rhe Norionol Arr Honor Soci- ery. Middle: Norionol Arr Honor Sociery Members - Fronr Row: Lorraine Merchonr, Bobby McCobe, Angie Former, Lisa Tomlin, Tereso Coker, Diane Pvomognoli, n,andy Meadows ond Deneen Do- meron. Middle Row: Mrs. Spilmon, Foirh Grove Dorbro Wilr, Joy Burkholder, Dole Sprouse, Morsho Armenrrour, Billy Grooh, and Penny Desper Bock Row: Heorher Polsin, Kozuko Nishido, John Win- sron. Melody Simmons, Jeff Romsey and Tim Col- dender. Dottom: Norionol Honor Sociery Members - Borrom Row: Keirh Furrow, Tim Calender, Poul Horouff, Dovid Sirrer and Down Toymon. Middle Row: Diono Hewirr, Berh Fisher, Mory Srump and Debbie Horrer. Top: Julienne Ford Lori Smirh, Trish Snop- kowski, Debbie Vorel, Done Mackey, Vickie Rob- errson, Poige Lucos. 50 NAHS, NHS Top: Forensic ream members - Fronr row: David Sirrer, Bobby McCobe, Liz Buehl, Cindy Code, Karen Schmidr Middle row: Noro Younger, Sharon Collendor, Jeonine Baldwin, Cori Foley, Undo Schorsh, Sidney Huffman, Annesro Vincenr. Bock row: Bruce Loymon, Joy Cude, Bolf Alrou, Tim Collendor. Middle left: Forensic members rhor wenr ro District • David Sirrer, Cori Foley, Sidney Huffman, Bruce Loymon, Tim Collendor. Nor pictured: Rolf Alrou. Middle right: The winner of 1sr Ploce in store is Bruce Loymon. Dottom: Forensic members rhor placed in County Meet - Fronr row David Sirrer, Sidney Huffman, Bruce Loymon, Tim Collendor. Bock row: Bobby McCobe, Annesro Vincenr, Cindy Cude. 51 Ir Pokes dedicorion InrernorionQl Poliricol Assodorion, (IPA), was o group of srudenrs who were con¬ cerned odour crisis siruorions rhroughour rhe world. To undersrond rhe posirion of order counrries os well os rhe Unired Srores, rhe siruorion hod ro be srudied from many ospecrs. The group did rhis research and prepared ro debore rhis or Q Model General Assembly. They orrended Securiry Council or James Madison Universiry, VMI, Rock¬ bridge High School, Universiry of Virginia, and Norrh Iredelle High School in Norrh Carolina. Ar every debare some of our delegores were chosen among rhe besr delegores and ar JMU rhe Chinese dele- garion received rhe besr delegarion award. The Foreign Language Club was an- orher club which played an acrive parr ar Sruarrs Drafr High School. Some of rhe rhings done in rhis club during rhe year included selling carnarions ar Valenrine ' s Day ro raise money, ond earing foreign food or a resrouronr. Some rhings done during rheir meerings included heoring rhe foreign exchange srudenrs speak. They seemed ro hove hod on enjoyoble yeor. Anorher orgonizorion which rook o lor of orgonizorion ond dedicorion wos SODA. There were rhirry members who were chosen rhis year. Each member wos placed wirhin a cerroin reom. There were eighr groups which wenr ro rhe Middle School ro work wirh rhe srudenrs. Their visirs were rhe 2nd and 4rh Thurs¬ day of every monrh. Mr. Clifron Homilron wos rhe SODA sponsor. Center: Paul Horouff, Mike Furmonuek, Sidney Huffman, Leslee Horouff, Tim Collender, Porrick Doehler, and Sreve Hutchinson work feverishly for on upcoming IPA debore Dottom: The Foreign Longuoge Club Includes from left ro right: Mrs. Beverley Chopo, Lori Kimbrough, Lori Choplin, Vondo Almorode, Pom Ammons, Kelly Purdee, Soroh Forbes, Tonya Foils, Mitchell Diehl, Teh Gowen, Dono Dro A n, Stephanie Clopron, Derh Smith, Pom Hooker, Tommy Murroy, Anesro Vin¬ cent, Alisa Cosh, Tim Merrirr, Pichord Greene, Me¬ lanie Troxell, and Pusry Czerwinski. 52 IPA Foreign Longuoge Club .. Top left: Sandy Horsburgh ralte ro o group of orrenrive sixrh grade srudenrs ar rhe Middle School. Top right: Rheo McChesney, Suson Normon, Don- no Carey end Sandy Horsburgh rake a momenr from rheir SODA meering. Center left: The SODA group includes rop row from lefr ro righr; Korlo McCroy, Alex Duff, Sruorr Drooiss, Druce Loymon, Debbie Vorel, Mirchell Diehl, ond Sidney Huffman, Second row: Sandy Horsburgh, Rhea McChesney, Soroh Forbes, Cori Foley, Susan Normon, Kim Pe- loso, ond Donna Corey Fronr row: Lynda Good, Tammy Domeron, Donnie Czerwinski, Liz Ruehl, Rolf Alrou, Lorry Wilson, Susan Derrong, Jill Garvey ond Jackie Coffey. Nor picrured ore John Forbes, Sheilo Worren and Dovid Sirrer. Above: Sruorr Drools and his group of sixrh graders ger disrrocred. Left: Jockie Coffey, John Forbes, Sruorr Brooks and Dill Gorvey carefully plan a srroregy. SODA 53 Right: Vorching rhe gome, Horry Vesr woirs for his rurn ro ploy Below left: Returning rhe boll with on excellent bock-hond srroke, Derh Fisher hopes rhe boll mokes ir over rhe net. Below center: Harold Cook follows Through o ' ' perfect strike " pitch. Below right: Returning a serve Julionne Ford de¬ cides ro go under rhe net insteod of over ir. Bottom: Julionne Ford puts o little " umph " into o serious return. Opposite poge: Jerry Harris tries ro steel o base during rhe middle of o pitch. F A ..4 " ' ■? A’ ' .. - )’ ' ■ • • ' I 54 Sports ' 4 - " 5 -•Sv ii. ' C .‘sS, 9 | ' " ' f r —,.». , M . -if ' Jf . « ' -f-m n It. ' J, ■ ' • ? ' ? «( V ' ' ' . • ' ■ ' ' ■ ' r " " ' ■ ' 5DH5 lUIDE UJDRLD OF 5P0RT5 Sporrs 55 i SDHS girls romp ro vicrory The Lady Cougars hod o winning sea¬ son rhis posr yeor. Coach Wolr Cleo- venger, groduoring from years of Junior Vorsiry cooching soid rhor rhe girls gove ir oil rhey hod losr season. He remarked rhor ir was really rough ro keep up good spirir because of injuries and illness. The girls hod on exciring 12-8 season which gor rhem o rrip ro rhe play-offs. T he firsr round of rhe gomes was o greor success for rhe ladies. They defeored Madison 60-48, bur in o rhrilling second round ploy-off gome wirh Lee High rhe ladies were defeored 34-31. Coach Cleo- venger soys rhor his girls pur on os good Q show os ony orher school could hove. Righf Arriving or rhe bosker behind o visiting opponent, Renee Lovendor (20) prepares o blods that she hopes stops another " two points " . The dererminorion on her foce seems ro tell o story itself. Above: Defending on opponent closely, Tina Zirkle (42) tries ro move under rhe bosker ro get rhe rebound. 56 Girls Varsity Doslserball Upper left: The Sruorrs Drofr High Girls Vorsiry Doskerboll Team. Kneeling from left: Lonerre Ezell, Tonya Doyle, Trish SnopkowskI, Renoe Lovendor, and Derh Fisher, Standing from left: Cooch Wolr Cleovenger, Soro Sullendor, Cindy Code, Sidney Huffman, Linda Veney, Kim Caffey, Danna Harris, Nancy Norman, Tina Zirkle, and Manager, Cindy Harris. Upper middle: Driving an a fasr-break Trish Snopkov ski seems ro knew where she ' s going. Above: Coach Cleovenger is giving insrruchons for rhe next play. Almost everyone is listening intently. Righr ,Trish? Left: Purring rhe boll up to rhe hoop agoin, Kim Coffey tries ro ward off an opposing player or rhe some rime. 57 Ik 1 3 Top: Trying ro defend more rhon one opponent or Q rime, Kim Coffey (02) srrerches ro rhe player with rhe boll while ream more Donno Harris (34) comes from behind ro roke over rhe guard. Above: Junior, Renee Lovendor, one of rhe cop- roins for rhe ream glances or rhe coach for rhe next ploy. Right: Senior, Lonerre Ezell looiss up and woirs intensely for another rebound. 58 Girls Varsity Doskerboll Coaching ro perfecrion In on inrerview wirh Mr. Oeovenger, rhe new Vorsiry coach mode sonne re¬ marks obour rhe young Indies on rhe reom. The commenrs were nor hard for anyone ro undersrond rhe way he feels obour his girls. Ir is easy ro rell rhor Mr. Cleovenger loves working wirh rhe girls boskerboll program; " The seniors, Donno Harris, Irish Snopkowski, Linda Veney, Derh Fisher, ond Lonerre Ezell will be missed os rhey conrribured o lor ro rhe seoson. " replied Coach Cleovenger in o " good-bye " remork ro rhe seniors. Mr. Cleovenger looks forward ro more win¬ ning seosons in coming yeors. STUARTS DRAFT HIGH GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD SD 29 Luroy 28 SD 41 Duffoio Gap 47 SD 78 Riverheods 30 SD 70 Forr Defiance 53 SD 44 Page Counry 51 SD 56 Forr Defiance 51 SD 61 Luroy 40 SD 51 Waynesboro 49 SD 47 Wesrern Albermorle 42 SD 52 Madison Counry 35 SD 49 Buffalo Gop 56 SD 47 Wilson 50 SD 40 Lee High 39 SD 50 Woynesboro 49 SD 08 Lee High 65 SD 60 Modison Counry 40 SD 32 Wilson 44 SD 47 Wesrern Albermorle 60 SD 60 Madison Counry 49 SD 31 Lee High 04 Top: On rhe rip-off of rhe gome Kim Coffey (02) gives ir oil she ' s gor Lonerre Ezell (12) and Linda Veney (30) wQir porienrly for rhe boll. Above: Huddled rogerher for rheir pre-gome chonr, rhe girls psych rhemselves up for rhe gome. I J.V. ' s shoor ' em dead Sruorrs Drofr Junior Vorsiry Girls Dosker- boll ream did on oursronding job in rhe Shenandoah Valley Disrricr, winning oil bur one gome. The new ployers did on exceprionolly good job working wirh rhe resr of rhe reom, ollowing rhe record ro be 18-1. The vererons roughr rhe rookies oil rhe skills rhey could and enabled rhe SDHS Junior Vorsiry ream ro hove o win¬ ning season. The J.V. girls losr some valu¬ able players ro rhe Vorsiry reom bur gained some boskerboll enrhusiosrs. The J.V. ream ' s roughesr comperirion rhis yeor was rhe Wilson Horners. The Junior Vorsiry ' s seoson was o long and redious one. Dur wirh rhe derermi- norion and spirir of rhe young Indies rhey mode ir o success. Wirh rhe eighrh grade program rhe J.V. ream will goin some good players who will olreody hove rhe basic skills for boskerboll and be o greor help in rhe yeors ro come. Above: Ploying offense, Sharon Hupp goes up for Q lay-up. Right; Vairing ro rebound rhe ball, Mor- sha Armenrrour vi orches in asronishnnenr. 60 JV Girls Daskerball Above left: Carol Snopkowski grabs rhe ball for our ream. Left: Korhy Davis goes up for a surprise block. Delow: The 1980-81 J.V. girls’ reom includes Fronr R,o A -June Cohron, Tommy Srump, Vondo Almorode, Chonin Thomas, Sharon Hupp, ond Su- son French. Dock P,ow-Tracey Horig, Morsho Ar- menrrour, Corol Snopkowski, Korhy Dovis, Penny Desper, Koren Quick, Louro Arkins, ond Cooch Meg Donnelly. A ? GIRLS JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 5D 34 Luroy 13 5D 36 Buffalo Gap 25 SD 49 [Tiverheods 17 5D 43 Forr Defionce 25 SD 28 Page County 17 SD 39 Forr Defionce 19 SD 36 Luroy 11 SD 39 Woynesboro 28 SD 40 Western Albemarle 29 SD 48 Modison County 26 SD 30 Duffolo Gop 25 SD 44 Wilson Memoriol 34 SD 52 Lee High 30 SD 35 Waynesboro 25 SD 42 Lee High 35 SD 36 Modison County 27 SD 44 Wilson Memorial 40 SD 28 Western Albermorle 13 SD 18 Wilson Memoriol 21 . ' 31 I JV Girls Doslserboll 61 Crossing rhe channels The Cross-Counrry Team hod onorher successful season by Triggering o 5-2 re¬ cord for rheir firsr yeor in Double A Com- pennon. Cooch Powell comnnenred: " A irhour eoch individual or our procrice sessions or meers we could nor hove done much, ond nor accomplishing much does nor ger you onywhere in rhis comperirive league.” Senior Poul Edwords wos rhe mosr voluoble guy on rhe ream. In achieving rhis honor he feir rhor, ' jusr sricking ir our ond doing your besr,” is rhe success of o Cross-Counrry runner Diono Hewlerr wos rhe mosr voluoble girl. She feIr she " gor good experience in comperirive racing, ond found rhe rrue meaning of reom spirir.” Everyone liked ro win, bur losing did nor hurr rhe runners moral. They oil feir They hod done rheir besr. Being derer- mined ond never giving up gove rhem rhe final reword for reoching rhor Cross- Counrry finish line somewhere up in rhe sky. The cougor runners feir rhor sricking ro ir ond nor lerring ir ger rhem down wos worrh rhe poin. ' V. V T - . ' ‘C-.V ' Si Above: (rop lefr) Kennerh Locl-sridge, Jeff Soul, Grady Lomberr, Derh Gollodoy, Diono Hewlerr. (borrom lefr) Doug Procror, Aiex Porflir, Howord Deover, Milse Firzgerold, Paul Edwards. Top Left: Grady Lomberr rokes o well deserved resr. Top Right: Mike, Firzgerold orrives or rhe home srrerch Middle: Howard Deaver and Jeff Soul leod rhe woy Cross-Country SD 46 Lee High 16 SD 61 Duffolo Gop 49 Forr Defiance 24 SD 28 Porry McClure 29 SD 47 Wesrern Albemarle 16 SD 37 Wilson 18 SD 28 Riverheods 29 SD 78 Porry McClure 32 Wilson 23 62 Cross-Counrry 1 Top left: Paul Edwards channels rewards rhe finish line. Top right: No rrolls ore going ro carch Alex Porflir as he roces ocross rhe bridge. Bottom left: The race is on. Above: " Here we go again, " Derh Gollodoy ond Diano Hewlerr seem ro be soying ro rhemselves. Cross-Counrry 63 The change from single A ro double A IS always a sriff chollenge. Dur rhe Cou¬ gar vorsiry foorboll ream of 1980 mode rhe rronsirion wirh o very respecroble record of six and four. " The reom hod some heorbreoking loses and some excellenr wins,” said Arh- leric Director Chip Groy, " bur considering rhe ccliber of comperirion they hod ro face, this season wos outstanding.” The Cougars did ploy wirh inspirorion oil yeor and os Cougor fan Jackie Coffey pur ir, " I think rhe guys odjusred really well ro Coach Doll ' s brond of ploy. And I think rhor rhe whole ream did a really great job.” Right: The 1980 Vorsiry foorboll reom. Bottom Left: Co-Coproin Mork Compbell- Senior Fullbock Punrer Center: Co-Coproin Roger Swerr- Senior Offensive Tockle Defensive End. Bottom: Cooch Ron Doll Bottom Right: Co-Coproin Philip Firzgerold- Senior Quorerbock. 64 Vorsiry Foorboll Top Left: Senior Fullback Scorr Towns worches in- renrly from rhe bench while raking a resr during rhe Voynesboro Sruorrs Drofr Encounter. Top Right: The reom ' moscor ' , Cooch Chip Hill ' s boxer puppy, Sossy, rakes rime our for o worer break. Right Center: The Cougar offense gers some losr minure instruction from quarterback Philip Firzger- old Left: Team members, Chris Thorpe, Todd Den¬ son ond Lee Robbins hove serious looks on rheir foces os they worch rhe Western Albermorle Sru- orrs Draft game from rhe sidelines. Above: Cooch Ron Doll colls rhe ploys while listening inrenriy ro his sporrer rolk over rhe telephone. Varsity Football 65 Foorboll ' 81 sryle Leading rhis year ' s Varsiry foorboll reom were rhe ren Senior members Chris Drown, Mork Comp- bell, Jim Chepolis, Phillip Firzgerold, Mike French, Keirh Furrow, Eddie Harig, Roger Swerr, Scorr Towns, ond Horry Vesr For rhem rhe 1980 seoson wos, " Very rewording - The besr yeor of any yeor " os Chris Drown colled ir. Deing on rhe reom meonr rwo procrices during rhe summer and or leosr rwo hours ofrer school everyday. Smelly, sweory clorhes, o lor of physicol poin, lors of goals reoched, ond many menrol lerdowns os well os gams. They leorned ro roke rhe loses wirh rhe wins, no morrer how imporronr rhe gome, Mosr imporronr of oil, rhey leorned, in o physicol conresr os well os in life irself, nobody con win alone: Everyone hos ro be parr of rhe reom. This seoson wos special for every one of rhe 3! reom members Dur for rhe Seniors ir held some- rhing more - for rhem ir wos rheir yeor - rheir rurn ro be on rhe rop Right: Horry Vesr, ' senior reom member, urges his reommores on from rhe sidelines. Left: Chris Drown ond Jim Chepolis shore o smile after rhe Cougar victory over Wilson Memoriol - 33 ro 6, Bottom: The Senior reom: (from lefr-fronr row) Scorr Towns, Mike French, Keirh Furrow, and Roger Swerr, (from left- bock row) Mork Compbell, Horry Vesr, Jim Chepolis, Chris Drown, Phillip Firzgerold, (NOT Pictured: Eddie Horig), 66 Varsity Foorboll Scoreboard Cougar Varsity Football 1980 - 1981 Sruarrs Drafr 28 Riverheads 7 Sruorrs Drafr 14 Duffolo Gap 13 Sruarrs Drafr 20 Woynesboro 21 Sruarrs Drofr 16 Western Albemarle 17 Sruarrs Drofr 7 Lee High 35 Sruorrs Drofr 28 Forr Defionce 6 Sruarrs Drofr 33 Droodwoy 7 Sruarrs Drafr 0 Madison County 20 Sruarrs Drafr 13 Turner Ashby 0 Sruarrs Drofr 33 Wilson Memoriol Overall Record: 6 Wins 4 Loses 6 r 1 Above Left: The Cougar foorboll coaching sroff: Sreve Kyle, Chip Hill, Nick Wilk, Shannon Vinron, Horvey Almor- ode, and (kneeling) Heod-Cooch Ron Doll Center: The Cougor ream srorrs rhe S.D verses Wilson closh by ripping Through a pep sign held by rhe loyol cheerleaders and fans. Left: Number 44, Scorr Wellborn, gers up srill corrying rhe ball afrer being rackled during rhe S.D. verses Waynesboro hearr-sropper. Varsiry Foorboll 67 Up Coming: J.V. Foorboll 1981 The Junior Vorsiry Cougar foorboll ream come up ogoinsr greor odds during rheir 1980-1981 seoson. Consisring of only 17 players, rhe reom hod ro overcome o monpov er problem. They also foced rhe added misery of going double ' A ' . Wirh rhese obsrodes ro block rhe porh ro vicrory rhe ream managed ro come our of rhe season wirh o T5 record. AIrhough rhey did nor hove o ' winning season ro boosr obour, rhe 17 members hod reoson ro be proud of rhemselves. They kepr going Nwhen rhings gor rough and when rhere were many birrer disop- poinrmenrs ro be faced. Through oil rheir rribulorions rhey conrinued ro hold rheir heods up proudly. Teom member Jim Dickinson expressed rhe feelings of rhe players besr when he sold, " Winning and Losing - ir ' s parr of life ond porr of rhe gome. You ' ve gor ro excepr borh and always keep looking forward. " Top Right: The 1980-1981 Junior Vorsiry Cougar Foorboll Team: (bocM row) from lefr Jeff GurUin, Sreve Everidge, Scorr Corr, Brian Horrison, Scorr Ellinger, Joson Hurchinson and Trocy Dell, (middle row) from left: Jeff Clemmenrs, Dryon Smith, Srocy Lowhorne, Kevin Miller ond Bruce Ammons, (front row) from left; Jomie ' Vrighr, Jim Dickinson, Dennis Corroll, Charlie Drown Campbell and Jeff Cloyror. Top Left: Jomie ' ' Vrighr and reommore Kevin Miller shore rhe honors os rhey tackle one of rheir opponents from Biverheads High School. Above: Scorr Carr punrs rhe foorboll during rhe Sruorrs Draft verses Forr Defionce gome. The Lirrie Cougors ended rhe gome down by 21 points Right: Srocy Lowhorne looiss on from rhe sidelines os his reommores ploy another rough gome ogoinsr Forr Defionce Top: The enrire Cougar defensive ream looiss on afrer Q gong rockle during rhe gome ogoinsr Forr Defiance ' s Fighring Indians. Despire rheir efforrs rhe Indians skinned rhe Cougars by o score of 21-0. Left: Srocy Lowhorne, Orion Harrison, Charlie Drown Compbell and Jim Dickin¬ son warch rhe gome ogoinsr Wilson Memonol ' s Green Horners from rhe sidelines os rhey rake a resr j V Foorboll 69 The Young and rhe Resrless Moxweli ' s Men The 1980-81 Vorsiry Doskerboll squad was composed of Twelve derermined, dedicored, ond srour-heorred men, led by Mr. Dob Maxwell. During rhe course of rhe yeor, rhe AA reom rroveled near and for ro display rheir rocrics of boll- handling ond Teamwork. AIrhough rheir season wos nor o winning one, rhe Twelve ployers kepr rheir commirmenr ro rhe ream Through rhe enrire season. The ream consisred of six Seniors, five Juniors, and one Sophomore. Eoch member conrribured his rolenrs ro rhe squod rhroughour rhe seoson. Though nor oil of rhe players spenr much rime on rhe courr, rheir supporr was oppreciored by rhe fighring Cougars os rhey " hooped ir up " on rhe boskerboll courr. Manager Terry Sporks also boosred ream morole. Top Right: Senior Philip Firzgerold goes ogoinsr Buffalo Gop ' s Todd Ashby ond Denny Sheffer for o Cougor bosker. Above: Senior Chris Drown Is guarded heavily by rhe Forr Defiance defence. Right: Junior Doug Shiflerr grirs his reerh os he races roword rhe boskerboll courr rhrough rhe screaming fans. 70 Vorsiry Boys Boskerboll Left: With flying arms, Kirk Knorr and Jim Chepolis fighr wirh Buffalo Gap ' s defense. Below: During a rime our, Cooch Dob Maxwell gives his reom pointers ond encourogemenr. Left: Porienriy woiring for rhe rebound, Seniors Jim Chepolis ond Philip Fitzgerald srond omid the Fort Defiance Indian squod Above: The 1980-81 Vorsiry Boys Doskerball Squad; Front row; Assistonr Cooch Harvey Almorode, Bobby Smith, Gory Smith, Kirk Knorr, Philip Fitzgerald, Marry Armstrong, Monoger Terry Sporiss Second Row; Assistant Cooch Frank Wode, Jimmy Chepolis, Paul Snopkowski, Jukko Makinen, Doug Shiflerr, Kip Deocon, Grady Lambert, Chris Drown, Head Cooch, Dob Moxwell. Varsity Boys Doskerboll 71 As rhe boll rums The Vorsiry Doys Doskerboll ream finished rhe season wirh a 1-19-0 record. The A A raring proved ro be o rougher division for rhe fighring Cougors. The boys defeored Wilson or home one Fridoy nighr, 41- 39, and rhe locol fans wenr obsolurely crazy. Afrer rheir vicrory, rhe ream members cor- ried Cooch MoxvA ell ro rhe locker room on rheir shoulders and o reor came ro everyone ' s eye To celebrare rhe vicrory, rhe Juniors sponsored o disco after rhe gome in rhe gym. AIrhough rhe reom won only one gome rhis season, rhe Cougor fons rroveled neor and for ro shore rheir supporr ond spirir. Top Right: Defensive players Doug Shi- fler and Jim Chepolis rry ro sreol rhe boll from Duffolo Gap ' s Mork Wenger. Right: High above rhe floor, senior Philip Firzger- old orremprs ro block Forr ' s Keirh Curry ond rNA o poinrs. For Right: When rhe boll is up for grobs, 6 ' 4 " Kip Deacon is in conrenrion. Below: The Cougor bench cheers heorrily for rhe five ployers on rhe floor. SD 55 Pvoonoke Corholic 74 SD 47 Riverheods 48 SD 46 Eosrern Mennonire 48 SD 60 Duffolo Gap 72 SD 63 Forr Defionce 79 SD 41 Modison Counry 64 SD 50 Lee High 72 SD 41 Wilson Memoriol 39 SD 41 Woynesboro 50 SD 52 Duffolo Gop 53 SD 38 Forr Defiance 71 SD 47 Wesrern Aibemorle 58 SD 43 Modison Counry 62 SD 54 Lee High 83 SD 54 Wilson Memorial 61 SD 57 Waynesboro 65 SD 57 Roanoke Corholic 59 SD 69 Wesrern Aibemorle 79 SD 55 Waynesboro 69 Wins 1 Losses 19 Ties 0 72 Vorsiry Doys Doskerboll Left: Junior Gory Smirh Jumps up for rwo points during o regular season boskerboll gome Top Right: Chris Drown and Kirk Knorr break for on inbounds pass ogoinsr Buffalo Gop ' s Timmy Heirzel ond Alan Cromer. Above: With drive ond effort, Senior Jimmy Chepolis goes ogoinsr Gop ' s center, Alon Cromer, Varsiry Boys Boskerboll 73 rtlh The junior vorsiry boskerboll ream hod 0 very rewording season rhis posr rerm. Harvey Almorode, on exceprionol coach, used his experience ro lead rhe ream ro o 15-4 winning seoson. Due ro rhe good reomwork ond spirir, rhe ploy- ers enjoyed ploying. The foirhful fans of rhe boys wenr ro oil gomes ro show rheir supporr and cheered rhem oil rhe way ro rhe disrricr gomes or James Madison Universiry. However rhor was os for os rhe ream wenr, because unforrunorely rhey losr rhe gome. All in oil rhe boys hod o greor season. Right: The Junior vorsiry reom includes from lefr ro righr fronr row: Keirh Chirrum, Scorr Winfieid, James Robinson, Sreve Norford, Timmy Vorren. Dock row: Coach Harvey Almorode, Perry Hyde, Todd Wilson, Dill Tolborr, Del Agee, Dorrell Alexonder, ond Mark Swecker Delow: Todd Wilson soys, " Ir ' s Q bird, ir ' s o plane! No, ir ' s rwo poinrs. " Lower right: Dill Tolborr goes up for rhe rip off os Perry Hyde and Todd Wilson look oh. The hoop group Upper left: Sreve Smirh rrys ro break through rhe opponent ' s block. Upper right: Dill Talbott jumps and shoots for two points. Left: Dorrell Alexander fights to keep the boll os Keith Chittum trys to lend o bond. J V Dosketboll 75 Top right: Tonya Doyle worches Lonerre Ezell mol e Q skilled defensive shor. Right: " Don ' t mess with us cause we ' re bad, uh-uh " Above: Irish Snoplsowslsi guides the ball with perfection as Derh Fisher gets o well deserved breother I 76 Volleyball Volleyball Premieres t j ■ ' f » 1 BBT " ' 1 ..- .. . The girls volleyball ream mode irs pre¬ miere in Double A comperirion rhis year by posring o sensorionol 4-4 record. Coach Donnelly comnnenred; " The spirir sroyed ' up ' rhroughour rhe vv ' hole season, because rhe girls knevv ' rhar as a new ream rhey had something ro prove, ond rhey proved ir well, " Pvosemory Martin remarked: " This be¬ ing our first year, we did nor know a lor about rhe rules ond procedures of rhe gome, bur we all worked together ond hod a lor of fun in rhe meanrime. " Lanerre Ezell observed: " If you strive with dedicorion ond if you work hord, you will improve, ond rhor is whor rhe girls ore looking forward ro with o yeor under rheir belr. " Derh Fisher hod inspiring words ro say obour rhe gome: " A volleyboll reom must give o rorol ream effort, and nor jusr leave rhe job up ro one or two people. Every one is imporranr. " Pveflecring on rhe ream, Cooch Don¬ nelly said: " I think our record speaks for itself. There ore o lor of ralenred young Indies in rhe school and rhe future of women ' s volleyball looks bright or rhe Draft. " Volleyboll SD 5,6 Lee High 15,15 SD 8,15,15 Wilson 15,4,6 SD 2,15,15 Wesrern Albermorle 15,7,15 SD 9,6 Woynesboro 15,15 SD 12,8 Lee High 15,15 SD 15,15 Wilson 8,8 SD 13,7 Waynesboro 15,15 SD 15,3,15 Wesrern Albermorle 10,15,9 Top left: Tonya Doyio woirs for rhe ulrimore shor. Top right: Rosemary Morrin, Kim Coffey, and Cooch Donnelly cheer rheir ream on. Middle: Sharon Hupp, Tonya Doyle, ond Lanerre Ezell are ready ond eager for rhe kill Above: (top left) Rosemary Morrin, Abby Neuger, Shoron Hupp, Kim Coffey, Korhy Dovis, ond Lisa Welcher. (Borrom Lefr) Renee Lovender, Derh Fisher, Trish Snop- kowski, ond Lanerre Ezell. Absenr from picrure ore Tonya Doyle, Derh Snnnerr Volleyboll 77 Varsiry sporrs specroculor AIrhough rhe varsiry baseball ream didn ' r have a exrremely gaad seasan, rhar didn ' r dampen rhe ream ' s spirir. Even rhaugh rhe ream rried rheir besr during every inning of every gome, rheir record was rhree wins and eighreen losses. The ployers learned how ro funcrion berrer rogerher os a ream and learned ro play berrer from rhe misrokes rhey mode. The reom losr some imporranr ployers ro rhe greor gome of life, bur will goin some from rhe junior varsiry ro moke up for rhe loss. Right: Jerry Horns, Philip Flrzgerold, Mark Campbell, Morrln Fields, Pldsy Drogg, and Tony Gale meer in rhe middle ro discuss rh e srroregy for rhe coming inning. Delow; Mark Campbell, Morrln Fields, Marry Armstrong, Jerry Horris, Tony Gole, Gory Smith, Ricky Drogg, P onold Porker, Philip Flrzgerold and Coach Alexander moke up rhe varsiry boseboll ream. 78 « iS. ‘ - • “ •f " , ■’•■ • Above: Harold Cook stands in rhe ourfield and leorns o new dance srep Above left: Tony Gole prepares ro hir o homerun os Ricky Dragg looiss on. Middle: Corcher, Philip Firzgerald nnakes rhe rorger for rhe boll. Left: First bosemon, fTonald Porker rags on opponent os he slides into rhe base. t I Above left: Gory 5mirh crashes inro rhe corcher os rhe umpire colls him safe Above right: Ronald Porker srrerches ro reoch rhe boll ond keep his foot on rhe bog Right: Jerry Morris swings o few rimes ro worm up before going ro rhe plore. Above: Wirh Q wod in his cheek, Mork Campbell gers reody ro bong o homer. Nine is enough Nine was enough ro moke up rhe ream. The nine filled every space need¬ ed ro be filled while orhers sor in rhe new dugours rhor were builr rhis posr season. The ream shored o lor ond ore now more experienced wirh boseboll. Left: Tony Gale reaches ro rag o sliding opponent as Harold Cook rums ro lend o gand. Lower left: Mork Campbell chews spirs in preporarion ro sreol a bose Below: Jerry Horris whizzes a screwball ro strike rhe barter our. 81 JV ' s srril e again The Boy ' s Junior Vorsiry boseboll ream hod Q reolly good year. AIrhough rhey hod Q dose gome wirh Lee High, ond rhen losr ogoinsr Riverheods, Duffolo Gap, ond Wesrern Albermorle, rhey srill come bocK wirh o winning season. Their J. V. record wos 6-4. Throughour rhe yeor our leoding hir- rers were Sreve Smirh, Todd Denson, Tim Warren, Dorrel Alexander ond John Powers. The besr defensive players were Tim Worren, Sreve Smirh, Sreve Everidge, ond Chorles Campbell. " We hod o very good year, I was well pleased wirh rhe coliber of ploy " , commenred Coach Wode. This was rhe lost year for J.V. boseboll and everyone on rhis year ' s ream would hove rhe op- porruniry ro rry our for Vorsiry boseboll nexr year. The mosr reom spirir was giv¬ en by Charlie Campbell, Sreve Everidge, and Todd Densen. Our record should hove been 8-2. We losr our firsr gome ro Riverheods and we shouldn ' r hove. We were olso leoding Lee High by rhree runs in rhe borrom of rhe 7rh ond we srill losr ir, ' ' said Coach Wode . . " The our ro lunch award goes ro rhe whole ream! ' ' Top: Dorreli Alexander shows his pride. For right: Rodney Germon mokes o quick decision. Right: Dorreli Alexonder throws rhe boll for onorher our. 82 JV Boseboll Top: Todd Denson slugs o honnerun Bottom: The boy’s j.v. baseball ream rakes a break. ! I JV Baseball 83 Mosrers of golf Srudenrs of Sruorrs Drofr High were proud ro soy rhor rhey hod rheir own " Mosrers of Augusro. ' ' Ain ' r rhor righr, Arnie and Jod ! The Cougor Golf Teom gave on impressive showing in rheir firsr year in Double A comperirion by finishing rhird in o highly comperirive disrricr. Coach Shonnon Vinron praised rhe reom on how well rhey parched rhe divors ofrer eoch swing and nored rhor ploying on gross was berrer rhon dirr. The mosr improved player by for was Cooch Winron, bur senior Greg Dovis could hove rhoughr of someone berrer. Del-Agee shor rhe besr overage by hav¬ ing on 80 score. Mr. Winron loved cooch- ing rhe kids, since he needed rhe exrro money for his fomily, who were using food sromps! Even rhough Lon Hinkle and Tom Worson did nor moke ir ro Pvegionols, Dill Garvey and Greg Dovis sure did. Kirk Knorr and Dill Gorvey hoped rhe ream will pull rogerher os ream ployers for rhe nexr seoson ond hod foirh rhor rhey would again hove o winning yeor. Though four seniors were groduoring, Cooch Winron has confi¬ dence in rhe four rising freshmen. I 84 Golf Opposite page: Top Left: Danny Srubbs scopes up Q dandy Top right: Greg Dovis wonders if rhe 19rh hole will be ony easier rhon rhe 18rh. Bottom right: Team support alwoys counts. Bottom left: Dorrom: Dill Talbott, Kirk Knott, Doug Argenbrighr, Del Agee, Perry Hyde, Bobby Snyder, Dill Garvey. Top: Joey Tisdale, Mike Agee, Greg Dovis, Danny Srubbs, Drer Drown, Freddie Zeh, Steve Norford, Kevin Smith, Cooch Vinton. Top left: Del Agee figures our rhe best possible shot. Above: Dill Tol¬ bert strokes o winner. For Left: Dill Garvey shows his style before sinking in o purr. Left: Perry Hyde dreams of o hole in one Golf 85 •» We ' re oil in rhe family ' The 1981 girls Vorsiry rrock ream was more like one big happy family rhon o frock reom. The girls worked hard os o group and rhey hod much ro be proud of in rheir season. They hod o fine record of five wins and only rwo losses rhrough- our rheir regular season,- rhey placed fourrh in rhe disrricr and rhey come in sixrh in rhe regional comperirion. Consid¬ ering rhor rhere were rhe disodvonroges of being double ' A ' for rhe firsr rime and running in one of rhe roughesr double ' A ' disrricrs, ■ rhe reom showed rhem- selves ro be worrhy adversaries. Coach Dunny Heorn, " Momo " os her girls offecrionorely coll her, hod rhese commenrs ro moke obour rhe ream, ' " We ore family ' is rrue. The girls oil core for and obour rheir reommores. More rewarding rhon any win loss record is rhe opporruniry ro work wirh and ger ro really know rhese people. They ore SU¬ PER ... os orhleres, os srudenrs, os peo¬ ple and os friends. The girls reolly showed me whor rhey could do. Moving up ro double ' A ' broughr significonr changes in rhe level of comperirion and rhe girls mer rhe chol- lenge well. I would like ro rhonk my ream for every rhing rhey hove done. Wirhour rheir dedicorion, hard work, coring, spirir and pride rhere wouldn ' r be onyrhing in coaching for me " Above: The 1981 girls Vorsiry rrock reom mem¬ bers: Fronr: (from lefr); Korhy Dovis, Robin Evons, Wondo Vesr, Suzie Veney, Irish Snopkowski, Cooch Dunny Heorn, Lindo Veney, Corel Snop¬ kowski, Pom Hooker, Soro Sullender, (Row 2 from lefr:) Ann Vesr, Shoron Hupp, Jockie Coffey, Kelly Choplin, Sherri Porrick, Corhy Riley, Suson Wellborn, Susie French, (Row 3 from lefr:) Louro Arkins, Ko- zuko Nishido, Derh Durgener, Trocey Horig, Keren Quick, Cindy Cude, Pern Poullier, (Dock from lefr:) Connie Coffey, Volerie Srroop, Cheryl Henderson. Nor Picrured: Les Pringle Above Right: Mrs. Dunny Heorn worches os her reom unires irs efforrs ro defeor Wilson Memoriol Right: Cooch Heorn pre¬ pores ro rime rhe vereron Senior members of rhe reom. From lefr (bock row:) (Fronr row;) Ann Vesr, Iri sh Snopkowski, Undo Veney, (fronr row:) Cindy Cude, Suzie Veney ond Kelly Choplin, 86 Girls Vorsiry Trock i i ■ ' ■ y , 4 : • f ■ rT • ' • 1 ' ' ’ Girls Vorsiry Track 1981 Scoreboard Forr Defionce Lost Sruorrs Drofr Won Riverheods Lost Sruorrs Drofr Won Wesrern Albermorle Won Sruorrs Drofr Lost Woynesboro Lost Sruorrs DrofrqSruorrs Drofr Won Wilson Memorial Lost Sruorrs Drofr Won Modison County Lost Sruorrs Drofr Won Lee High Won Lost District; Sruorrs Drofr ploced fourth overoll Regionols; Sruorrs Drofr ploced sixrh overoll Overall Record: Won: 5 Lost: 2 Above Left: Ann Vest heaves rhe shot pur and wins rhe regional rirle. Above: Freshmon Carol Snopkowski goes up ond over rhe high jump bor. For Left: Senior Cindy Cude purs o lor of efforr inro hurdling during o meer ogoinsr Lee High, Left: Suson Wellborn ond Corhy Riley discuss rhe reom rorols during rhe disrricr rrock meer held or Wesrern Albermorle. Girls Vorsiry Track 87 The rrock pock The 1981 Boy ' s Vorsiry rrock ream hod Q very good firsr year in double A rrock. The ream finished rhe seoson wirh o winning record of 4-3 ond broke rhree previous school records, Neol Kirby ran high hurdles or 10,8 sec. Neol also broke rhe inrermediore hurdles or 40.3 sec. The mile relay ream broke rhe record or 3 minures and 33.8 seconds which consisr- ed of Scorr Wellborn, Jeff Soul, Neol Kirby, and Bobby Smirh. The mosr valu¬ able player for rhe 80-81 ream was Neol Kirby. He hod o rorol of 152 poinrs in scoring. The besr disronce runner was Dove Komienski. The besr field evenr was conquered by Roger Swerr. The besr sprinrer was Scorr Wellborn. A quore from Coach Boll was " Our morro wos: Ir ' s nor where you finish, bur if you im¬ prove " . 68 Doy ' s Vorsiry Track Opposite page: As Neol Kirby rakes o gionr srride over rhe hurdles, he fighrs his way ro o quick finish Left: CoQch Maxwell points our Jeff Soul ' s untied shoes or o rrock meet with Wilson, Bottom Left: Going over rhe hurdles with rhe greoresr of ease, Neol Kerby takes rhe heor. Below: Returning ler- rermen for rhe 80-81 seoson ore from left, Cooch Ron Doll, Brock Drody, Kip Deacon, Mike Sours, Eddie Horig, Scorr Welborn, Jeff Soul, Neol Kirby. Center; Roger Swerr. Doy ' s Varsity Track 89 Arhiere ' s feor The Doys Junior Vorsiry Track hod o " slow srorr ond o fosr finish,” soys Mr. Hill, rhe JV coach. They hod o 2-2 season, losing rhe firsr rwo ond winning rhe sec¬ ond rwo rrock meers. Everyone seemed ro improve greorly from srorr ro finish bur rwo members especially were recog¬ nized for rheir greor improvemenr: Dole Knorr ond David Ramsey. Dole Knorr ran rhe mile and 880 relay and d id very well by season ' s end. Also, Dovid Romsey did on excellenr job in rhe hurdles, gerring berrer each meer. Donald Dell, Chris Powell ond Joey Romognoli were high conrriburors ro rhe ream, olrhough every member conrribured oil rhey could and supporred rhe ream rhrough every meer, good or bod. All of rhe ninrh grod- ers moved up ro Vorsiry rhe nexr year. Mr. Hill commenred, " Afrer losing ro Ri- verheods in o close one, ond Wilson in o horly conresred meer, we bounced bock ro desrroy Forr ond Buffalo Gap ro end in fine fashion ond break even.” The girls on rhe orher hand hod o perfecr record. They won rhe JV Coun- ry Disrricr Tirle. Mrs. Powell, rheir coach, said no key person improved; everyone did. Gloria Wells was rhe highesr poinr winner in each meer. Everyone worked hard os o reom. As wirh rhe boys oil of rhe nin rh graders will move up ro Vorsiry nexr year. Mrs. Powell added rhese words: " Super Job! I did nor do any of rhe work or rhe meers-rhey pur inro procrice whor rhey wonred ro ond ir paid off. They worked hard ond I am very proud of rhem. A coach con only push on orhiere so for. The menrol porr is up ro rhe orhiere.” 90 JV Trocl ' A ■ - ivt- Opposite Page, Top.- Lori Chaplin srrerches ro win. Left: The JV Girls ' Track ream includes fronr row: Tammy Rogers, Cindy Mays, Jo Maxwell, Coach Sandy Powell, Dorboro Riley, ond Gloria Veils. Second row: Tommy Snead, Korhy Harris, Clara Morie Comar, Chris¬ tine Horouff, Missy Taymon, Kim Volrers, Suson Powell, Liso Durnerre, Tommy Durnerre. Third Row: Suson Drooiss, Addie Vaxmon, Mac Veems, Lynn Weaver, Kim Easr, Connie Lowery, Meg Veems, Cindy Veorh- erholrz. Marry Veems, Tereso Veorherholrz, Mary Grooh. Dock row: Loura Wellborn, Annerra Moddox, Vonda Morris, Horrier Melvin, Diann Morrinez, Lori Cha¬ plin, Tammy Edwards, Naomi Veney, Ann Hodge, Drendo Sprouse, Shoron Komienski, Lorroine Mossey. Right: Tammy Sneod, Lorraine Massey, Tracy Dell, ond Cindy Mays wair ro hear rhe rimes. This Page, top left: Chris Powell, Doug Cogor, and Dilly Grooh borrie ir our for firsr, second, and third ploce Top right: David Ramsey concentrates on jumping rhe hurdle Bottom Left: Donold Dell uses all his strength ro throw rhe shot pur. Bottom right: Fronr row: The JV Doys ' Trock reom includes Shawn Lennon, Jimmy Dickinson, Tim Reed, Dole Knorr Middle row: Alien Rarchford, Dovid Rom- sey, James Vrighr, and Doug Cogor Dock row: Joey Romognoli, Donold Dell, Dovid Rice, Trocy Dell, Chris Powell, Dilly Grooh, Cooch Chip Hill Doys JV Trock SD 47 Riverheods 62 SD 38 Wilson 71 SD 78 Forr Defionce 08 SD 66 Duffolo Gap 40 Girls JV Trock SD 71 Riverheods 04 SD 81 Wilson 24 SD 86 Forr Defionce 19 SD 72 Duffolo 00 Ploying wirh rhe oces The Sruorrs Drofr Tennis Teonn showed Q lor of spirit This yeor by olwoys cheering on Q fellow reommonre in need. Cooch Richard Doxrer feir rhor olrhough rhe ream went 1-9 for rhe season, rhe boys " always seemed eoger ro practice rhe next doy and be reody for rhe next march,” Senior lllu Airou gave rhe cougor ream pride after bearing Sreve Boggs of West¬ ern Albemarle 6-0, 6-0 for rhe individual district crown. Derrer yer, Alrau ond Mike Grebe upended Waynesboro ' s duo of Roberts ond Riggan 6-4, 5-7, 6-3 for rhe doubles rirle. Going Double A wos quire o change of poce, bur lllu feIr rhor " rhe comperirion was good for our gome.” Coach Doxrer ' s best hope for rhe future wos ro have more students roke on active inter¬ est in tennis so rhor we could hove some winning seosons within rhe neor future. Top left: Chris Thorpe shows dererminorion ofrer birring o forehand rerurn. Top right: Wirh o new Vilas rennis racquer, Barry Peeples knows he hos a winning bodshond. Flight: Wirh o 10-6 victory over visiting Tracy Roberts of Waynesboro, lllu Alrau believes a victory or Wimbledon is jusr around rhe corner. Above rop: Cooch Doxrer, Chris Thorpe, Barry Peeples, Dill Garvey, Eric Purdee, Mark Schle- gel. borrom: Rolf lllu Airou, Alex Porflir, Nick Co- horon, Mike Grebe, Par Doehler. 92 Tennis The Courgors hod o Girls Tennis Team for rhe firsr rime rhis year. Double A comperirion wos nor rhe eosiesr rhing ro do; bur for rhis girls ream; ond pride ond rhe enrhusiosm were rhere. Cooch Meg Donnelly commenred, " wirhour o doubr rhey were rhe besr group of rookies I could ' ve ever hoped for. All rhe orher cooches were omozed or rheir srrokes ond rheir knowledge of rhe gome. " The reom wenr 3-7 for rhe seoson, bur hod some noroble wins. They upended rhe 1981 Single A Chomps of Riverheods 7-2, ond olso beor rhe 1980 Double A Chomps of Lee High 5-4. There was friendship ond family feel¬ ing berween ream members, bur in rhe end, ir wos ream efforr rhor morrered. Senior Derh Fisher soid: " os players, we oil improved, because of rhe comperirion rhor confronred us. " AIrhough sricking rogerher was o key focror for rhe yeor, on occorionol ice borrie cooled rhings down ond eased rhe nervousness before rhe morches. Senior Diono Hewlerr felr rhor " rhe comrode- ship ofrer rhe marches helped build o cohesive ream. " The boys reom seemed ro greorly oppreciore rhis com- rodship because rhe girls ' rogerherness mode rhem easy rorgers for rhe boll- machine. Cooch Donnelly gave credir -ro rhe rhree morh ers who gove consronr ream supporr ond ro Mr. D for his srrong rennis program. Senior Julionne Ford hoped more girls will rry our nexr year " be¬ cause we always seem ro hove so much fun in whor we do. " Top: Nancy Nomnon, Kinn Coffey, Tonya Doyle, Kelly Purdee, Meg Donnelly, Dorrom: Derh Fisher, Dono Drown, Suson Mormon, Julionne Ford. Left: Mark Roberson of Waynesboro shows Dorry Pee¬ ples o new forehond volley grip, bur rhe man in whire hos orher ideas. Above: Coach Daxrer ond Nick Cohren ore coprivored by rheir reammares on rhe courr. Tennis 93 The new foil season opened wirh new chonges and new faces. The Sru- orrs Drafr srudenrs serried down ro rhe old rourine of rerurning ro dosses, srudy- ing for exoms ond concenrroring on groduorion. We Inrerrupr rhis school year ro bring o 5DHS news bullerin: Mr. Charles Huffmon ond Mr. Gory McQuoin moved ro Forr Defiance and Mr. Chip Groy rook Mr. Hoffmans ploce os ossisronr principal ond orhieric direcror. Mrs. Cynrhio Wine rook over for Mr. McQuoin os DEC A reocher. Mrs. Eloine Almorode and Mrs. Jon Gloss hod ro inrerrupr rheir reoching co- reer ro prepore for o new member in rheir family. Mrs. Gloss rerurned ofrer firsr semesrer, relieving Mrs. Porricio Phillips of her dury os English ond Phoro Journalism reocher. Mr. Wesley Lee rook Mr. Richord Chews ' ploce os rhe new Sruorrs Drofr chemisr and physicisr . . . Now bock ro our regulorly scheduled school yeor. This hos been o SDHS news brief. Opposite: The underecred police, Donny Srubbs, Jimmy Chepolis and Barry Peeples, moke rheir firsr school busr. Below: Pom Browne displays her en- rhusiasm ar rhe Reagan campaign. Top left: Nick Cohron impressed rhe females wirh his masculine physique. Top: right: Mark Schlegol rolks ro himself berween dosses. Above: Gory Cook rries ro crack o smile. Above: Sruorr Srrickler rokes his per bird for a wolk during srudy holl. Closs Divider 129 Channel ' 81 Seniors The Senior Ooss, being of sound mind and body, bequeorhed rhe following ro rhe underclassmen of Sruorrs Drofr High: Q QuorrerbocK of rhe Yeor, decenr year¬ book phorogrophers, o quier library, o srore-winning bond, superior leodership and knowledge, on oursronding JV- Show, Q serious SCA President, musicol rolenr, o monopoly on poinrer cops ond jewelry, greor Proms like 1980, Wuther- ing Heights, o POWDEP victory, sexy cheerleders, mole ond female, o bond between classmates, ond rhe obiliry ro survive the coming years or SDHS - to¬ gether. Top Right: Firsr, second, and rhird place winners in rhe Voice of Democracy Essay Conresr Cindy Code, Rheo McChesney, ond Tim Callender smile wirh rheir victory. Above: Senior Closs Officers P,heo McChesney, Secrerory, Jill Cowherd, Vice Presi- denr, John Forbes, President; Shelly Lunsford, Re¬ porter; ond Debbie Vorel, Treasurer, get together for Q meeting. Right: In deep thought, Shelio War¬ ren studies for upcoming exams. For Right: Mike Fitzgerold is caught throwing popcorn or rhe bas¬ ketball gome. 96 Seniors RonI Allen Nancy Almorode Rolf Altou Penny Arehort Wanda Arey Avery Dell Cherle Denson Liso Denson Kenny Deverley LIso Dradley Drack Drody Angel Drooks Judy Drooks Lorrie Drooks Chris Drown Georgia Drown Tim Callender Mark G. Campbell Mark R. Campbell Nancy Campbell Kris Carey Brenda Chandler Kelly Chaplin Jim Chepralis Randy Cline Jackie Coffey Sue Neil Coiner Jill Cowherd Tracy Crowford Wondo Critzer Cindy Cude Eric Domeron Greg Davis Kip Deacon Rhono Dedrick Greg Desper Horry DeVore Mitchell Diehl Ricky Diehl 98 Seniors I A new rrodirion During Homeconning, rhe Seniors wonred ro " srond our " by doing some¬ thing different. A few dedicated and hardworking Seniors got o greet idea for o floor. Rvichord T. Coffey, owner end operator of Coffey Trucking, denoted o rrocror and trailer for use os rhe floor. Prepororions included o full ofrernoon of woshing and waxing rhe big rig ond two days of working on rhe floor itself. A lor of rime and hord work wos spent, but for rhe enthusiastic seniors, every minute of it was pure fun. Even though they won no outstanding oword, they were well pleased or hav¬ ing o speciol floor and storting o new rrodirion. Right: Class Presidenr John Forbes remembers rhe joy of serving his doss Below: Togerherness is rhe l-sey for Seniors Sandy Doyle and Lynda Good. -• ' 7 ? Sondy Doyle Alex Duff Frankie Duniop Poui Edwords Seniors 99 Delow: As his dossmores look on, Jinn Morcorre rakes o swing or rhe Waynesboro Lirrie Gionr cor Right: Lunch provides a rime for recreorion and rogerherness. Jomes Ellinger Carl England Lonette Ezell Randy Fainter Heather Farmwald Martin Fields Deth Fisher Carolyn Fisher Lisa Fitzgerald Mike Fitzgerald Philip Fitzgerold Scott Fitzgerald 100 Seniors Yesrerdoy To rhe friends we ' ll never forger In rhe Years rhor lie ahead To Sruorrs Draft High where we met rhem and rhe wonderful rimes we had. The foorboll gomes, rhe dances, rhe serious romances rhor linger in our minds The parries when we didn ' t ger home ril down Doy, we’ll miss rhem when we ' re gone. Moke o roosr ro rhe post, o roosr ro rhe future and please ler rhere be no sorrow Jusr remember, when rhe sun goes down ir returns with a bright tomorrow. For Left: Martin Fields rokes o dip of Copenhagen after lunch. Left: Homecoming Represenrorive Ricky Diehl boogies ro rhe beor of Chorone. Brenda Floyd John Forbes Julianne Ford Terry Francis Mike French Cathy Fretwell Lillian Fretwell Keith Furrow Fred Garber Dill Garvey Seniors 101 More Gilbert Defh Gollodoy Lyndo Good Michelle Holl John Hanger Orion Honshow Eddie Harig Paul Horouff Georgonno Horrick Cindy Harris Donno Horris Jerry Horris Karen Horris Tino Horris Tommy Harris Dob Harrison Debbie Hatter Debbie Henderson Jeff Henderson Calvin Hewitt Shelly Hewitt Diono Hewlett Joe Higgins Tino Hollowoy Sondy Horsburgh Jackie Humphries Lyle Hunter Shirley Hutchinson Jimmy Jockson Amie Johnson Kim Johnson Loura Johnston 102 Seniors i And now, q message from your governmenr In April, several seniors porricipored in rhe Model Generol Assembly which rook ploce or rhe Triniry Episcopol Church in Srounron. Rheo McChesney presided os Youth Governor, Tim Collendor os Pres. Pro-remp Senoror, Charles Pence os House Dill Coordinoror and Cindy Cude os Commirree Choirmon for rhe Senore. The senorors were Mirchell Diehl, Philip Firz- gerold. Dob Morrison and Poige Lucos. The dele- gores were Jill Cowherd, Alex Duff, John Forbes, Dill Garvey, Lynda Good, Debro Horrer, Joe Higgins, Kirk Knorr, Dorry Peeples, Les Prin¬ gle, Vickie Doberrson, Dovid Sirrer ond Lori Smirh. Delow: Lorry Wilson and Frankie Dunlop enrerroin rheir friends. For Delow: Dill Gorvey rums ro srore. Seniors 103 104 Seniors Dove Komienski Neal Kirby Kirk Knott Dernie Lambert Dewey Layman Sandy Lee Mike Lilley Paige Lucas Shelly Lunsfard Dana Mackey Anthony Maddox Jukko Mokinen Jim Marcotte Jeff Marks Cheryl Martin Rosemary Martin I Tracy Martin Dinky Mayo Rheo McChesney Dennis McDonold Soro McGiffin Debbie Meodows Lorraine Merchonf Jeff Mitchell Kay Moore Robbie Morris Richie Newsome Kozuko Nisido Memories We raise our voices now ro proise rhee, Our school, our Sruorrs Drofr High. Mony rhoughs ore ever wirh rhee, To remoin and never die. Doys of value olwoys linger In memories long gone by; Our love for You grows ever deeper As we strive for goals so high. Once ogoin we srop ro praise rhee, March onward Sruorrs Drofr High. Ir is ro you we give rhe glory, Of oil rhe things we rry. We gained so mony wonderful moments. And os rhe years ro by. Your spirit will remoin within us. Our victorious Sruorrs Drofr High! Right: Chuck Pence gives o baby-faced grin. Seniors 105 On sole now During rhe course of rhe year, rhe Seniors mode money ro pay for rhe fin¬ als donee and groduorion diplomas. The doss sold onimol candles during Ocrober, and sruffed animals for rhe Chrisrmos season. The Class of ' 81 olso showed oppreciorion for rhe orhleric members of rheir doss by making spirir signs for rhe boy boskerboll ployers ond foirhfully cheering on rhe " Senior Pride” of SDHS, Approximorely 45 Seniors porricipored in sporrs ond 40 srudenrs disployed rheir rolenr in various music programs. Right: Lorry Wilson is osrounded by rhe Senior gossip For Right: Jimmy Chepolis goes incognito. Robin Ross Mory Shade Dewoyne Simmons David Sitter Loretta Smith Loti Smith Irish Snopkowski Bobby Snyder Kim Sorrells Mike Sours Terry Sparks Sibbie Spears Janet Raynor Robb Richardson Kora Ritey Vickie Robertson Mike Rodriguez Jeff Spooner Terry Stephens Marilyn Steppe Seniors 107 Wayne Steppe Susan Stevens Brian Stinespring Stuart Strickler Danny Stubbs Mary Stump Glena Sutton Roger Swett Dov n Toymon Chip Templeton Mollie Thacker Barry Thomos Alvin Tidd James Toner Scott Towns Cindy Truslow Tommy Vorner Linda Veney Susie Veney Ann Vest Harry Vest Robbie Via Debbie Vorel Lori Wade Kim Worren Shelio Warren Helen Weaver Larry Weover Yvondo White Donna Willis Larry Wilson Lewis Wisemon Debbie Wood 108 Seniors O.K., This is fak e two Remember rhe day rhe Seniors received rheir long-owoired porrroirs? Afrer rhe reroke session was mode, ond rhe Seniors srood in rhe Genrry ordering lines during lunch, rhe Gloss of ' 81 rroded rheir picrures wirh pride among ord¬ er srudenrs, despire rhe red-heoded phorogro- pher ' s obsession wirh rhe floor. The girls wore silky drapes over rheir shoulders ond rhe boys wore ruxedos wirh colorful rrim on rheir ruffles. Proofs arrived four weeks lorer. On December 17, 1980, rhe 184 Seniors buying picrures wel¬ comed Genrry Phorogrophers wirh cosh, checks, ond money orders. Left: Chuck Pence, Linda Veney, Ann Vesr and Kim John¬ son woir ro receive rheir porrroirs. Below: Eddie Horig belongs ro rhe highesr bidder. I Channel 82 Juniors Sruorrs Drofr High School solures rhe Junior doss for oil rhe exciring rimes rhey gove us-exciring nor only in doss spirir, bur in doss pride Being rhe only doss of ' 82 in rhe cenrury, rhe Juniors knew rhor rhey were in o doss by rhemselves-o doss rhor showed real spunk and derer- minorion in each and everyrhing rhey did. The Juniors cheered our reams on, nor only in rimes of vicrory, bur also in rimes of defeor. Wherher ir was o sporr- ing evenr or academics rhe Junior doss olways gave ir rheir all. Top; " Are you sure I ' ll like rhis? " Tonyo Foils seems ro be asking Mike Grebe. For righr: Before his English exam, Greg Tolberr insisrs on gerring in his losr lough. Bighr: Daydreaming obour her " ideal man " is Tina Almorode ' s fovorire posrime. Above: Trying ro experience rhe roaring ' 20 ' s, Pom Am¬ mons and Linda Schorsch ger quire o lough. 110 Junior Trocy Acosro Jeff Adkins Melissa Allen Tina Almorode Pom Ammons Marry Armstrong Ricky Arnold Mork Doles Greg Dosko I Mary Dosko I, Mike Deosly || Mike Derrong Louro Dloir Tereso Droden Donnie Drodfield Ricky Drogg Eugene Dreen Tommy Dreen Sruorr Drooks Tonyo Drooiss Juniors 111 I ! I Chris Drown Pom Drowne Doug Drydge Kyle Drydge Dryon Cole Dovid Coleman Doug Cox Sara Durkholder Doris Dyrd Jody Cox Denise Crowley Donnie Czerwinski Clyde Campbell Chris Campbell J D. Corrol Tony Cosclo Mory Ann Cloyror Tony Cloyror Connie Coffey Mike Coffey 112 Junior Gloss Pvings The rime has come A shiver of exciremenr wenr Through rhe Juniors when rhe rime ro receive informorion obour doss rings finolly or- rived. Afrer much discussion, comparing and Qsronishmenr or rhe prices of rhese rings rhe srudenrs mode rheir finol deci¬ sions. Many Juniors wenr ro orher jewel¬ ers looking for differenr sryles or oprions. These srudenrs received rheir orrrocrive and original rings wirhin weeks. The sru¬ denrs who opred for rings offered Through school eogerly onricipored rhe orrivol of rheir prized possessions. These rings also Turned our ro be very orrroc- rive ond were rhe pride ond Joy of rheir owners. The rrodirionol ring Turning was Then begun. Tommy Domeron Mary Derh Deacon Howard Deover Donold Diggs Carlo Doyle Tommy Edwords Dee Ellis Tonyo Foils T, G. Fouber Jennifer Fields Pvicky Fisher Mike Firzgerold Juniors 113 Ulrimore challenge The Junior doss come inro rhe new school year prepared ro face rhe Junior challenge. Those going on ro college knew rhor prepororion required difficult ocedemic courses and obove overage grades. Those going on ro V.V.T.C. were looking forward ro taking courses rhor deolr with rheir specified fields. In order ro prepore for rhe high ocedemics rhe colleges required, rhe students waded through long and exasperating assign¬ ments ond strenuous oprirude rests. Through oil this the Juniors hod confi¬ dence and will power ro moke It through rhe yeor. Righr: In on unnorurol store of silence Tonyo Foils intently studies her poper Donno Fix Kim Fix Kim Flick Soroh Forbes Tony Gole Cloude Gibson Teri Gowen Mike Grebe Lovonne Griffin Rolph Griffin Tony Grooh Pvonnie Grove s « - " ‘ ' V ♦ » « 11 • « ■ ■ « J Debbie Hoiley Gordon Holl Becky HonshoNxr Poul Morris 114 Junior PouIq Harris Sam Harris Sherry Harrer Morris Henderson Anrhony Hesrer Eddie Holmes Mike Hudlow Tracy Huffer Above left: Leaning forward, Mike Grebe en- rhusiosricolly supporrs his condidore in rhe mock convention. Left: Sruorrs Drooiss rums ro discuss rhe anato¬ my of o Dig Moc. Above: Trying ro soorh Greg Tolbert ' s love life blues, Sreve Rorchford orp orremps rhe role of “Dea r Abbey " . V liks Junior 115 Riding high wirh rhe Juniors The familiar chanr of " We ' re rhe besr in all we do ' cause we ' re rhe class of ' 82 ' ' could be heord from rhis wild bunch of Juniors. Charging up spirir during rhe sporrs evenrs was no hard rash because when srudenrs needed loudness ond lors of pep ro boosr rhe ream rhey jusr rurned ra rhe Juniors for yelling and cheering. The Juniars really gave all rhe rime and energy rhey had ar pep rallies and games, wirh lors of pep ond spirir. Righf: In her usual store of hysteria, Beth Stinnett finds rhe action or rhe lunch roble humorous. Declsy Hutchins Chuck Hutchinson Hilory Jeffers Tommie Jefferson Mike Johnson Deon Keesuciser Todd Keesecker Penny Kelly I Mike Kivilighon Grady Lomberr Renee Lavender Bruce Loyman 116 Junior Donno Lilley Pvonnie Lockridge Debbie Louderbock Doug Lowe Bobby McCabe Vince McCormick Korlo McCray Dwayne Miller Jeff Moore Pom Moyer Money Norman Tino Ocheirree Junior 117 Only one more year ro go. The Juniors Jusr could nor believe rhor They only hod one more year ro go befor college. Unbelievoble os ir may seem, rhe doss of ”82 ' ' was heoding ro ' A ' ord rhe home srrerch of groduorion. Thinking o lirrie more of rhe furure, rhe Juniors were deciding whor was besr for rhem. Some hod plans ro " hong around " or go ro work, while orhers hod plans ro hir rhe universiry rroil. For rhose gerring ready for college, rhe PSAT ond rhe SAT crossed rheir porhs. College prepororion wos ofren srrenuous bur suc¬ cessful. Lefr: For once ond for oil, Dill Schmidr ond Gordon Hall reolly seem ro be gerring involved in rheir studies. Scorr Podger Libby Pointer Donald Porker Kim Peloso Thonh Phom Ondy Polly Dorbro Powers James Pringle Joe Pucker J.D, Puffenborger Eric Purdee Steve Dorchford 118 Junior Corhy Riley Lee Robbins Roger Robertson Shown Robertson Dione Romognoli Mark Schlegol Undo Schorsch Dill Schmidt Jeff Sheaves Doug Shiflett Leon Shiplert Donna Shirley Ronnie Shirley Vincent Showolter Joey Simmons Bobby Smith Junior 119 Debbie Smirh Gory Smirh Bobby Snell Dole Sprouse Derh Srinnerr Valerie Srroop Sara Sullender David Sweer Chip Taylor Chris Thorpe Greg Tolberr Srocey Turrie Boberr VonFossen Junior Vesr Mike Walters Loyron Warble Scorr Wellborn Suson Wellborn Debbie Wells Brian Whiresell 120 Juniors Juniors gave if oil This year ' s Juniors- conrribured many hours, monrhs and, in some coses, yeors ro various ocriviries in school. These Ju¬ niors porricipored in foorboll, boskerboll, boseboll, rrocK, cheerleoding, bond, cho¬ rus, dromo ond vorious orher exrrocurri- culor ocriviries. Juniors also sold condy and srorionory, sponsored o disco and coordinored rhe rrodirionol Prom. These busy srudenrs worked well rogerher ond rried ro in¬ volve everyone in rhe Junior doss. The doss sponsors worked equally hord wirh rhe Juniors. A J.V. show wos nor on rhe ogendo for rhe yeor bur oirogerher rhe doss of ' 82 hod o super yeor! Lefr: The Junior Class officers for 1980- 81 ore: Nancy Mormon, Presidenr, Scorr Vellborn, Vice Presidenr, Linda Schorsch, Secrerory, Tina Almorode, Treasur¬ er, Debby Smirh, Reporter, Dorrom: Donno Lilley and Lovinio Winegor pose for rhe camera. PouIq Vhirlock Duone Willis Tereso Wimer Lovinio Vinegar Trocy Wood Townyo Wrighr Liso Yores Tino Zirkle Junior 121 V Channel 83 I Sophomores The sophomore doss officers for rhe 1980 ro 1981 school yeor were Susan Norman, presidenr; Melissa Block, vice presidenp; Deneen Domeron, secrerory; Penny Desper, rreosurer,- ond Tonyo Doyle, reporrer. The officers helped rhe doss decide whor ro do ro raise money for rhe soph¬ omores. Cornorions were sold or one of our vicrory foorboll gomes. Also shirrs were sold rhor said, " Goss of ' 83 ' ' on rhe fronr. The money rhor was received from rhese soles was soved and pur in rhe rreosury for lorer use. The lOrh grade donee was o real suc¬ cess. And so was rhe picnic. " I rhink we occomplished o lor rhis year, " said Den¬ een Domeron. Top: The sophomore doss officers express rheir feelings obour rheir doss. Above: Abby Neuger, Julie Richardson, and Morio Morrinez ore coughr cheering ogoin. For right: Drinliing his milk, Jeff Soul hopes ro grow inro o srrong, heoirhy boy. Right: " Hey dorlin ' , I ' m over here ' " soys Jeonine Doldwin wirh o big grin. 122 Sophomore Divider i 10rh grade blahs Since mosr of rhe renrh groders could nor drive, rhis prevenred rhem fronn go¬ ing cruising. Thor v osjusr rhe srorr of rhe renrh grade blohs. The ninrh groders were Jusr srorring our and were looking forward ro a greor year. The Juniors re¬ ceived rheir doss rings, so rhey hod on exciring year. The seniors, of course, were elored odour groduoring and ger- ring our inro rhe world, Dur rhe renrh graders hod lirrie ro look forword ro ex- cepr gerring rhrough rhe yeor. Teresa Coker observes os Donno Henderson pre¬ pares ro sign more ourogrophs Kenny Dickenson Gory Dodd Tonya Doyle Tereso Drumheller Timmy Duncan Donno Ellinger Shannon Ellinger Robyn Evens Tony Everirr Angie Farmer Kim Fields John Fisher Becky Firzgerold Kim Firzgerold Jeff Fix Con Foley Greg Fox Jeff Frerwell Tony Frerwell Mike Furmonuik Sopnomores 125 Dill Fyffe Jill Garvey Rodney Gemnon Cindy Gibson Liso Gibson Chuck Groy Richard Greene Roberr Griffin Kim Groome Denerro Hole Leslie Horouff Jill Harper Jon Horrer Cheryl Henderson Donno Henderson Shoron Holmes Pom Hooker Sreve Hosrerrer Ron Hudson Dovid Hughes Sharon Hupp Wendy Hurrr Annerre Hurchins Sreve Hurchinson Perry Hyde Jenny Komienski Derh Kelly Drion Kirby Derh Kiser Sonyo Kiser Jeff Lonier Liso Loyron Mory Derh Leary James Lipscomb 126 Sophomores Sophomores discuss network Television has effected our generation in many woys; some good, some bod. The mojoriry of Sruorrs Drofr students felt that watching too much television wos bad because they did nor get their homework done, ond hod o habit of eoting while worching. Other people felt rhot it wos good to wotch television be couse they learned new things and kept up to dote on the world news. Left: Dennerro Hole brightens everyone ' s day with Q big smile. Cecil Liprrop Jon Liprrop Mono Morrlnez Ricky McCobe Donny McGonn Orion Meadows Mary Merchant Tim Merrirr Eric Miller Ashleo Mitchell Jamie Moore Larry Moran Debbie Moyer Tommy Murroy Abby Neuger Por Nichols Suson Norman Dovid Norrhedge Tim Pointer Tonno Parmer Sophomores 127 Sherri Porrick David Pence Lorry Pennington Mory Perry Robin Perry Malcolm Plummer Trocy Puckerr Kelly Purdee Koren Quick Tino Ramsey Kim Reed Billy Reynolds Julie Richordson Liz Ruehl Jeff Soul John Schlegol Karen Schmidt Josh Sholes Tino Shirley Melody Simmons Pom Sitter Elizabeth Smith Steve Smith Poul Snopkowski Dovid Sours Tony Sprouse Guy Stetson Peter Stone Som Summers 128 Sophomore Everyone looked forward ro 10rh grade. Ir was very exdring rhor finally, offer wolfing for so long, fhey hod eorned rheir driver ' s license and were able fo drive oil by themselves! Their weekends were always filled wirh lors of fun. They gofhered rogerher o group of friends on Sofurdoy nighr ond heoded srroighr for McDonolds ond Main Srreef in exciring Waynesboro! They rolked ro rheir friends holf of rhe nighr ond rhen ir was rime ro go home. Ir was greor being o sophomore! Julie Wchordson waves ro o frieiid on her way ro cruise Main Srreer. Mark Swecker Dill Tolborr Wayne Taylor Jeff Thacker Melanie Troxell Lisa Tomlin Tereso VonGundy Anesra Vincenr Wondo Vesr Durhie Winsron John Winsron Dorboro Vilr Todd Wilson Guy Wilson Teresa Wilr Keirh Worrs Karen Welcher Liso Welcher Wesley Yoder Noro Younger Sophomore 129 Channel 84: Freshmen The freshmen doss brought many new faces ro 5.D.H.S. for rhe posr term. The doss come ready ro experience rhe great high school life and expand rhier knawledge. Everyone wos excited about becoming a high school studenr- finolly oble to be on older person. Right away they formed their own groups and set their boundories in rhe hallways and or rhe tobies in rhe cofere- rio. They learned how to cope with rhe fosr pace of high school including more homework, exoms ond rhe chollenge of moking new friends. A few also found new loves. Opposite page: Timmy Warren rakes o breok berween classes ra worch girls srroll by. Above right: Barbra Cline srares into space os Missy Polzin rhiniss of some more juicy gossip Above: Dorbro Riley ond Alice Fishbough ralk obour rhe days evenrs. For right: Dono Drown, Vondo Almorode, and Amy Hosrerrer ore rhe ninrh grode doss offi¬ cers. Immediate right: Timmie Grove looks dis¬ gusted with rhe day ' s ocriviries. 100 Freshmen Vondo Almorode Druce Ammons Morsho Armenrrour Troy Arnold Louro Arkins Greg Doiley Morrho Doird Susan Dozen Donald Dell Kennerh Drodley Elon Drand John Drooks Susan Drooks Done Drown Jeff Durderre Dob Durgener Tony Durnerr Tommy Durnerre Sharon Dyrd Gordon Compbell Scorr Carr Sherry Carr Sendee Casrie Lori Choplin Keirh Chirrum Ken Clork Jeff Clemmons Darboro Cline Dovid Coffey June Cohron Norma Jeon Comer Gory Cook Harold Cook Keirh Cox Kelly Croig Freshmen 131 Differenr strokes for lirrie folks The ninth grade doss began deciding for themselves whot they wanted to do in the future. The doss decided whether they wonted o college educotion, on education ot the Volley Vocotionol Tech- nicol Centet or neither. One of the activities plonned for the ninth grade doss was o terrific visit to the Tech Centet so thot they could get on ideo of whot goes on there. Most of the ninth groders enjoyed the opportunity to visit the center. " After seeing how rewording Tech School could be I hove considered ot- tending the centet, " o student replied ofter the very exciting trip to Fishersville. Above right: During homecoming week o fresh¬ man exhibits his " Tacky Day " costume, Kenny Lockridge seems ro enjoy doing rhis. Above left: Taking advantage of her free rime during lunch, Missy Polzin enjoys a good book. Right: Toking o break from her hectic schedule, Bessy Duff rakes o mamenr ro break up rhe mono- rany of her school work. Becky Crow Vade Daves Krisri Demasrus Jim Dickinson Bessie Duff Sruorr Dunlap Tammy Ed words Doug Ellinger Teresa Eppord Sreve Everidge Alice Fishbough Brer Fleishmon Terry Forbes Susan French 132 Freshmon Tim Farley Korhy Fishbough Dove Galloway Timmy Gores Dusry Golden Jimmie Groy Ofy Groah Timmy Grove Jeff Gurkin Rodney Fioll Tracey Harig Chuck Horris Dionno Harris Carhy Horris Drion Horrison Liso Horrer John Heglond Robbie Hewirr Amy Hosrerrer Monica Humphreys Aniro Hunrer Joson Hurchinson Doniel Hyden Frances Johnsron I Sharon Kamienski Carlo Kelly Mark Kerby Lori Kimbrough Crysral Lawhorne Tracey Lawhorne Seon Linen Kennerh Lockridge Randy Lockridge Liso Losh Ann Lorrs Kurr Lovekomp Russell Lowery Scorr Lunsford Lorraine Mossie Richard Moxwell Cyndy Moys Lori McCouley Rondy Meodows Eric Miller Roberr Moore Tina Moore Trocey Moran Dovid Morris t Freshman 133 Lirrie doss on rhe schoolyard The dedicored ninrh graders arrived an rhe new franrier af whar was called rhe " High School ' ' . They srruggled in rheir new environmenr ro mohe new friends and learn new direcrions. Afrer memorizing rheir new schedules and room numbers rhey concenrrored on school ocriviries and exhibiring school spir- ir. They begon spending weeks working on o floor for homecoming. They sold wrapping poper ro help moke money for rheir doss ond rhen sponsored rhe rrodirionol Chrisrmos donee. Finolly, having survived rheir firsr yeor os explorers in rreocherous new rerrirory, rhey hod gained enough confidence ro conrinue rheir Journey rowords grodu- orion. Above: Tommy Ed ' A ' ords connor seem ro understand whor is going on in her Algebro doss Righf: The ninrh graders concenrrore on winning rhe gome. Sreve Mullins Valerie Nohoy Corey Norford Sreve Norford Debbie Norrhedge Molly Podgerr Lisa Pointer Sreve Perl Jeff Pompeo Doug Procror Donna Puffenborger Dovid Pomsey Alan Porchford Lisa Peid Nicole Phodes Doniel PicUmon Dorboro Piley Jomes Pobinson Trocey Pohrbough Joey Pomognoli Phil Pufe Jeff Sandy Mark Schorsch Decky Sheaves Angie Shifflerr Edie Shifflerr Donnie Shiflerr Tom Shumore Leslie Simmons Jim Slack Byron Smith Kevin Smith Tommy Sneod Corol Snopkowski Donnie Stephens 134 Freshman I Debbie Srinnerr Glen Srinnerr Par Srump Tommy Srump Chonin Thomas Lurher Tingier Soro Tingier Charles Truslow Derry Truslow Debbie Vey Parry Wolrers Timmy Worren Addie A oxmon Teresa Vearherholrz Gloria Wells Nancy Wesr Srorr Whiresell Mike Williams Lodonno Winegor Scorr Winfield Cynrhio Wood Joey Wood Bobbie Wrighr Ideno Wrighr Jomes Wrighr Lovino Yoder Above: Tommy Shumare and Scorr Carr rhink obour rheir plans for rhe weekend. Above left: Alon Piorchford worns Srorr Whiresel obour reoding rhose dirry bool« Left: Tammy Srump osks, “Why do I hove ro go ro school onywoy? " Freshmen 135 Board of Directors Foculry Now Q word obour our direcrors: Wirh rhe srorr of each new yeor ir becomes increasingly difficuir ro find ond develop newer and more inreresring programs of insrrucrionol value ro pre- senr ro our varied and wide-ranging au¬ dience. Our hard-working executive di¬ recrors and rechnicol direcrors were very dedicated in rheir orrempr ro produce more intriguing educorionol programs for this year. They hod high hopes rhor rheir efforts would be well received ond rhor by rhe end of rhe 1980-1981 seoson rheir ratings would be extremely high. Top Right: Mrs. Sharon Shiffierr explains o difficuir morh problem. Above: Mr. Dill Horouff points ro o prospective buyer or rhe " slave " sole For Right: Miss Judy Lemosrer shows her bewitching charoc- rer, Dorrom: Mrs. Judy Houser helps our with a shir in her Advonced Composition doss. 136 Foculry Executive Directors Administration: Mr Richard Doxrer - Assisronr Principal Mr, Chip Gray - Assisronr Principal. Mr Villiom vonSeldeneck, Jr. - Principal Technical Directors Math Deportment: Mr Som Alexonder Mr Harvey Almorode Mr Cliff Homilron Mrs Kim Rarhburn Mrs. Sharon Shifflerr Mrs Undo Weaver Longuoge Arts Deportment: Mrs Virgie Anderson Miss Meg Donnelly Mrs, Ann Hanger Mrs. Judy Houser Mrs, Virginia Loymon Miss Mory Louise LeoUe Mrs, Koren O ' Dnen Mrs Porrido Phillips Music Department: Mrs. Soro Talborr Mr James Toylor Foculry 107 Foreign Language Department: Mrs. Vickie Desmond Mrs Elizoberh Desporre Miss Judy Lemosrer Mrs Dorboro Sheffield Nor Pictured Science Department: Mr Martin Cline Mr Wesley Lee Mr Ken Porrerson Nor Pictured Social Studies Department: Mr Ron Boll Mrs Billie Jeon Bonlss Mr Jessie Hamilton Mr Chip Hill Mr Nick Wilk Nor Pictured Industrial Arts Department: Mr Robert Christian Mr Wolr Cleovenger Mr F M ' ' Corron ' ' Richardson Mr. Rondol Waters Mr. Shannon Winron Business Department: Miss Doris Crirzer Mr Lorry Gochenour Mrs. Cynrhio Wine: Nor Pictured Physical Education Deportment: Mrs. Joan Brown Mr. Bill Horouff Mrs Bunny Heorn Mr, Dob Moxwell Special Educotion Department: Mrs. Lois Plera Miss Joonne Spizziri Miss Tino Weems Art Department: Mrs. Porsy Spilman 138 Faculty 1 Look - Ir ' s Superfoculry! Left: Mrs. Joan Drown enjoys iorromurol volleyball os much os rhe srudenrs do Bot¬ tom Left: Mr. Don Doll, with his rrusry cord- boord rube, carefully counts his nickles and dimes. Home Economics Deportment: Mrs Carolyn Dougher Secretaries: Miss Louise Diehl Mrs Dino Smirh Mrs. Derry West I Guidance Deportment: Miss Frances Cline Mrs, Frances Dichardson Librarians: Mrs. Vickie Demosrus Mrs, Susan Obough Look, There In rhe classroom - Ir ' s Q v hirlv indl Ir ' s Q fury! No, Ir ' s SUPERFACULTY! Come from onorher rime ro help edu- core rhe many srudenrs of Sruorrs Drofr High School rhese phenomenons of hu mon norure bravely suffer rhrough end¬ less hours of redious quesrions and face, unafraid, rhe mighry difficulries of educor- ing rhe rhrong of pupils. Foculry 139 In order for us ro hove o good year¬ book, odverrisemenrs hod ro be sold. This wQs o mojor porr of rhe annual funds. The Phorojournolism doss pur forrh special efforr ro sell nnore ods. As o resuir, Q few special oddirions were mode ro rhe yearbook. Full color and rinr was used several rimes os well os rhe oddirion of exrro pages. A lor of rime and efforr was pur inro making rhis yeor ' s yearbook rhe besr ever. Wirh rhe supporr of our local busin¬ esses, we were able ro odd many rhings ro rhe book rhor would never hove been possible orherwise. Top: This could be o future Prom corsage from o local florist Middle left: Magazines ore o helpful literary old Center: Many students listen ro rhe area AM FM rodio srorions. Dotfom left: These furry creotures would moke o great gift onyrime. Bottom right: Area grocery stores ore olwoys o great oid with our finances Opposite page: Whor else con quench our finonciol needs any better rhon money? 140 Ads LUe ULIkll Return Hfter These messages . . . Ads 141 THE GENERAL ELECTRIC PLANT OF WA YNESBORO Congrorulores 1980-1981 Groduores Of Sruorrs Drofr High School DATA COMMUNICATION PRODUCTS BUSINESS DEPARTMENT WAYNESBORO, VA. 142 Ads I Daw and Sharon Alexander Jefferson Bank of the Valley FLOWER GALLERY GIFT SHOPPE BROADMOOR PLAZA STUARTS DRAFT. VA. Member ' .D.I.C, FIVE CONVENIENT OFEICES TO SERVE YOU 337 670 94 3-7358 Night Number 942-5793 Sruorrs Drofr Main Srreer Roure 340 Fishersville Roure 250 JliL ( Roco) 703-337-2531 Waynesboro Corner of Moin ond Woyne New Hope Roure 608 Eover ' s Amoco Service High Performonce Classic Auro Soles Sruorrs Drofr, Vo. 24477 Home Of The " Chevy Twisrer” Perie Eovers Ads 143 QUALITY CLEANERS ir() U Quoliry Cleaners - Modern Cold Storage Vauir The Centre For Shopping New York Style PIZZA Waynesboro, Vo 942-4393 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK SUNDAY to THURSDAY 11 a.m. to 12 Midnite 90TD We st Brood Street (Centre for Shopping) Delux Shirr Service, Open 7:30 ann-9 pnn FRIDAY 3 SATURDAY 11 o.m. to 1:00 a.m. JEEP SALE AND SERVICE Waynesboro,Virginio 22980 (703) 942-5169 Compliments Of A Friend. . Lamer Motors Inc. DR. (j MRS. DAVID PARKER 404 Greenville Ave. Srounton, Vo. 24401 Gas Guns Gifts CHALET du JOHN Marsha and John Childress Sherando Lake Rd. Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 943-9294 Groceries Games a A 144 Ads Congrorulorions REYNOLDS METALS COMPANY Grorroes Plosric Plonr Grorroes, Virginia Goss Of 1981 COHRON’S HARDWARE FURNITURE INC. G.E. Appliances Hardware Furniture 220 Main St. Stuarts Draft, VA. 6j LMARODE ' S aB utomotive yjK ENTER Stuarts Draft, Virginia 24477 Phone: 337-4995 THE TREND SETTERS David E Coupon Phone 337 12A1 V oyne Avenue Sruorrs Drofr, VA. 24477 Debbie Drown 6 Pom Holl | | Ads 145 146 Ads P’ Mize Supply Co., Inc. Industrial Supplies and Machinery Waynesbaro, VA. Camplimenrs of JCPenney Srounron, VA. IQifUK Mvtigyf 949-8672 WAYNESBORO Broad Street 943 1139 Open Weekdays 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m -and- Saturdays 8 a m. to 12 Noon LAMBERT BUILDING SUPPLY, INC. SevetCjf TiaSCmatk Card Shop GREETING CARDS GIFTS LEXINGTON Rt 11 North 463 7393 Dill b Solly Miller Owners 500 Wesr Moin Srreer V aynesboro, VA. 22980 Crompron Co., Inc Shenandoah Plant Ads 147 Compliments of THE COUNTRY STORE LYNDHURST Sonny Robertson 943-5846 Restricted Parking 5,500 square ft. lots Ample playground and Recreation Area Laundry Facilities and Guest Rooms Quiet — Away From Main Highway CREEKSIDE MOBILE HOME PARK Lyndhurst, Virginia 22952 Phone 942-1544 6 Miles South of Waynesboro WJfEEEY rORPORATlON Sruorrs Draft And Srounron Peace And Securiry Thru Insurance Since 1885 The News-Virginian Your local daily newspaper . . . published Monday through Saturday afternoons for more than 50,000 readers in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. A The Flower Center 44 W, Brood Waynesboro, Vo. 949-0178 CORNER HARDWARE HARDWARE STORES It ' s Nor Jusr Our Nome It ' s Our Woy Of Doing Business 33 Moin Sr. Waynesboro, Vo. Freed Compony Inc. 305 E. Main 942-4161 Woynesboro, Vo. Compliments Of FREED CO. INC. Your Hondo Cycle Dealer Downtown Waynesboro 320 W. Moin 949- 8233 People ' s Pharmacy ' The Lirrie Peoples " Waynesboro Sruarrs Drafr M 1544 W Mam " Traffic Lighr " f 942-1137 942-2449 f Dill Combs Vern Greenowair 1 Tom Dorror Jr. Joe Yeager Mark Nafziger Ads 149 SHENANDOAH ACRES RESORT go jump in the lake camping cottages swimming in our sand bottom lake Fun tor the whole tamily near the Skyline Drive, For a tree color brochure write: Shenondooh Acr@s Rosort Dept, wp , stuarts Draft, va. 24477 Special Rales To Organized School Groups. Phone 337-1911 AJ F= Don ' s Harley Davidson Donald W. Selph, Owner C O N G P A T U L A T I O N S S E N O O P F C L A S S Sporrsmon ' s Club Officers from lefr ro righr: Helen Knorr, vice- pres.; Venecia Arbough, secrerory; Jim Wellborn, president, John Lomberr, Treasurer, Carroll Swecker, Board of Directors. Nor picrured ore Dill Gorvey and Dob Maxwell, both members of rhe Board of Directors 1 9 8 1 1980-1981 Officers Sruorrs Drofr High School Sporrsmon ' s Club " Supporring Sruorrs Drofr Ir ' s Srudenrs” 150 Ads A HARDWARE V ( e is the pldce aith ttie Mel[)fiil Hrirduare Man " •• TM ENGLEMAN ACE HARDWARE BEDG. SURREY Downtown Stuarts Draft, Va. Congrorulorions Sruorrs Drofr Cougars from DRAFT PLANT FOOD AND CHEMICAL INC. STUARTS DRAFT, VIRGINIA DIAL 337-2455 LIQUID FERTILIZER — PIONEER SEED CORN LIQUID PRO-LIX FEED SUPPLEMENT AUTO PRODUCTS, INC. 2319 W. Moin Sr. Waynesboro, Vo. 22980 Phone (703)-943-1141 Owned by: Ken Dickinson Home of Locomorion 4x4 Racing Teom G Aim) PARTS The hardworking auto parts store. V Ads 151 WESTERN AUTO Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE 7-ELEVEN 608 Main Street and Second Avenue STUARTS DRAFT, VA. CAMPING SUPPLIES OPEN 20 HOURS A DAY - 7 DAYS A WEEK In Broadmoor Plaza Stuarts Draft, Va. HOT SANDWICHES BEER HAND DIPPED ICE CREAM ICE 337-2236 Carmen and Ron Michael, Owners Broadmoor Plaza Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 337-4368 •iS - »TS- . ; COUNTY OUTLET Denim Headquorrers Levi ' s, Wrangler, Campus Nike, Dee-Cee Sruarrs Drafr Churchville Verona 007-2141 886-5081 885-8109 Mon.- Sor. 10AM rill 6PM Fridoy open rill 9 PM 152 Ads Ads 153 Gos-Oil-Groceries-A D C. Off D.N. Horman-Lyndhursr-VA 943-0614 AMATEUR AND PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT P.O. BOX 27 066 S. LINDEN AVENUE WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA 22980 700 942-2882 154 Ads 7 Everybot H be there after the game. Now serving you in three locations: Charlottesville Emmett Arlington Blvd. (804) 295-4196 Charlottesville Albemarle Square Shopping Center (804 ) 973-4309 Waynesboro, Va. (703) 943-6044 There ' s somethirtg good for everybody you love )ve et I gtonef Complimenrs of . WEAVER INSURANCE AGENCY McDOV FUNERAL HOME, INC. 1701 Wesr Main Srreer Waynesboro, Vo. 700-949 8133 Life-Auto-Home-Business Hamilton-Cook Colonade 520 West Broad St. Waynesboro, Va. Datsun 280-ZX 2-Seater GL Dial: 942-1184 Horner Wheels, Inc. Dorsun 510 Richmond Ave. Srounron, Vo 24401 700-886-3465 Ads 155 Km. A - REHAULT MVCaOT BROADMOOR PLAZA K-C Imporrs, LFD Highway 250 Wesr Fashion Ourlook 703-337- 3366 Woynesboro, VA 703- 943-9000 hesttsa lifetimm PBkM four ifetime bank We move the treasures of your world. Expert packing □ free estimates □ local and worldwide moving □ storage complete door-to-door service □ special equipment □ experienced people northAmerican VAN LINES AGENT WESTCOTT TRANSFER STORAGE, Inc. 715 NORTH BAYARD AVE., P. O. BOX 2485 f= We moved the treasures of a king. I 156 Ads HOLLISTER. INC. S jlol 1 IST K ... .-i-vr:. ■ " ' - -- - - - ., ' ,- • ' ' . ■ ' .. • . : ' .i-. -i.. . ‘ ■ ■ ■ ' ‘i ..2 ' .., Congrorulorions Class Of ' 81 157 Ads SENIORS STUARTS DRAFT HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1981 RONL ALLEN ♦NANCY ALMARODE ♦ROLF ALTAU ♦PENNY AREHART WANDA AREY AVERY DELL JIMMY DELL ♦CHERIE DENSON LISA DENSON KENNETH DEVERLEY ♦LISA DRADLEY DRACK DRADY ANGEL DROOKS ♦JUDY DROOKS ♦LORRIE DROOKS ♦CHRIS DROWN ♦GEORGIA DROWN ♦JOI DROWN SCOT DROWN ♦DEDDIE DRUMFIELD LARRY DRYANT ♦EDDIE DURNEH ♦TIM CALLENDER ♦MARK G. CAMPDELL MARK R. CAMPDELL NANCY CAMPDELL ♦KRIS CAREY DRENDA CHANDLER ♦KELLY CHAPLIN JIM CHEPALIS RANDY CLINE ♦JACKIE COFFEY ♦SUE NEIL COINER JILL COWHERD ♦TRACY CRAWFORD ♦WANDA CRITZER ♦CINDY CUDE ♦ERIC DAMERON MICKEY DAVIES KIP DEACON RHONDA DEDRICK ♦GREG DESPER ♦HARRY DEVORE ♦RICKY DIEHL ♦MITCHELL DIEHL ♦SANDY DOYLE ALEX DUFF ♦FRANKIE DUNLAP ♦PAUL EDWARDS ♦JAMES ELLINGER CARL ENGLAND ♦LANEHE EZELL ♦HEATHER FARMWALD MARTIN FIELDS ♦DETH FISHER ♦CAROLYN FISHER LISA FITZGERALD ♦MIKE FITZGERALD ♦PHILIP FITZGERALD ♦scon FITZGERALD ♦DRENDA FLOYD ♦JOHN FORDES ♦Senior Section Color Conrriburors ♦JULIANNE FORD ♦TERRY FRANCIS MIKE FRENCH CATHY FRETWELL ♦LILLIAN FRETWELL KEITH FURROW FRED GARDER DILL GARVEY ♦MARC GILDERT ♦DETH GOLLADAY ♦LYNDA GOOD DAVID GRIFFIN FAITH GROVE MICHELLE HALL JOHN HANGER ♦DRIAN HANSHAW EDDIE HARIG PAUL HAROUFF GEORGANNA HARRICK ♦CINDY HARRIS DONNA HARRIS ♦JERRY HARRIS KAREN HARRIS ♦TINA HARRIS TOMMY HARRIS ♦DOD HARRISON ♦DEDDIE HAHER DEDDIE HENDERSON JEFF HENDERSON ♦CALVIN HEWin DIANA HEWLEH ♦JOE HIGGINS KiniE Hin ♦TINA HOLLOWAY ♦SANDY HORSDURGH ♦JACKIE HUMPHRIES ♦LYLE HUNTER SHIRLEY HUTCHINSON JIMMY JACKSON ♦AMIE JOHNSON ♦KIM JOHNSON LAURA JOHNSTON ♦DAVE KAMIENSKI ♦NEAL KIRDY ♦KIRK KNOn ♦DERNIE LAMDERT ♦DEWEY LAYMAN ♦SANDY LEE ♦PAIGE LUCAS RODNEY LUNSFORD ♦SHELLY LUNSFORD ♦DANA MACKEY ANTHONY MADDOX ♦JUKKA MAKINEN ♦JIM MARCOHE JEFF MARKS CHERYL MARTIN ♦ROSEMARY MARTIN ♦ERNEST MAYO ♦RHEA MCCHESNEY ♦DENNIS MCDONALD ♦SARA MCGIFFIN DEDDIE MEADOWS ♦LORRAINE MERCHANT ♦JEFF MITCHELL ♦KAY MOORE RODDIE MORRIS RITCHIE NEWSOME KAZUKO NISIDA ♦PIERREHE PAULLIER ♦DARRY PEEPLES ♦CHUCK PENCE ALEX PORFLIT JOHN PRICE ♦LESLIE PRINGLE WOODY PUCKEH DARREL RAMSEY ♦JEFF RAMSEY ♦RODD RICHARDSON ♦KARA RILEY ♦VICKIE RODERTSON MIKE RODRIGUEZ RODIN ROSS MARY SHADE DEWAYNE SIMMONS ♦DAVID SIHER ♦LOREHA SMITH ♦LORI SMITH TRISH SNOPKOWSKI DODDY SNYDER ♦KIM SORRELLS MIKE SOURS TERRY SPARKS SIDDIE SPEARS ♦JEFF SPOONER TERRY STEPHENS MARILYN STEPPE WAYNE STEPPE SUSAN STEVENS DRIAN STINESPRING ♦STUART STRICKLER DANNY STUDDS MARY STUMP ♦GLENA SUnON ♦ROGER SWEH DAWN TAYMAN ♦CHIP TEMPLETON MOLLIE THACKER DARRY THOMAS ALVIN TODD JAMES TONER ♦scon TOWNS CINDY TRUSLOW ♦TAMMY VARNER ♦LINDA VENEY ♦SUZIE VENEY ANN VEST ♦HARRY VEST RODDIE VIA ♦ " DEDDIE VOREL LORI WADE ♦KIM WARREN ♦SHELIA WARREN ♦HELEN WEAVER LARRY WEAVER CHARLES WELLS DEDDIE YVONDA WHITE DEDDIE WHITE ♦DONNA WILLIS ♦LARRY WILSON LEWIS WISEMAN DEDDIE WOOD Senior Class 1981 159 LEGACY PATRONS 1980 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Dolsley Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Brand Mr. and Mrs. David D. Drydge European Auto Sport Fitz ' s Hallmark Mr. and Mrs. Walton Henkel Mr. ond Mrs. Henry Hopemon Mr. J. Kenneth Kramer Laura Ann Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Martinez, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mortinez, Jr. and Family Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Martinez, III The Edward Neuger Family P 6 M Office Specialty Co. Mr. ond Mrs. Robert T. Richardson, Sr. Dr. Eugene Sacks Mr. ond Mrs. Solminen ond Fomily Mr. ond Mrs. Ross Spalding Mr. and Mrs. Roger Stetson and Family Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Troxell Village Green Florist Woyne Music Center, Inc. Congrorulorions On A Fine Program CRAND ■PIANO TURN ITU fl£ CO. I lO WEfT BEVERLEY JT. (NlEx+To LejjeLt) Seven Locorions Serving Srounron, Woynesboro And Augusro Counry 160 Ads □ US. 337-3337 MOTORS, INC. Specialists in Clean Used Cars I ' Main St., Just Off U.S. 340 W. M. " BILL " ELMORE STUARTS DRAFT, VA. 24477 STUARTS DRAFT IGA, ( Broadmoor Plaza, Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 CLIFF’S GARAGE C. REED FORBES, JR. OFFIC IAL INSPECTION STATION COMPLETE SERVICE REPAIR STUARTS DRAFT, VA. 24477 PHONES; DAY 337-2041 NIGHT 337-1588 McClure Furniture Company Featuring Fine Furniture By TELL CITY - NULL - ROWE - AMERICAN DREW - BASSETT LA-Z-BOY - BROYHILL - ARMSTRONG CARPETS PHILCO TV’s ADMIRAL APPLIANCES Open: Mon. - Fri. till 8:30 p.m. Enterprise 0211 Stuarts Draft 337-2331 Ads 161 Recaps Df 77-fll RonI Steven Allen (RonI) FFA (9-10), JV Football (9). Nancy C. Almorode (Nancy) FFA (9), DECA (10-12). Rolf Umar Altau (lllu) Tennis (9-12), Inrromurals (9-12), Foreign Language Club (10-11), JV Shaw (11), SODA (11-12), SCA (President 12), Forensics (12), Ooss Night, Yearbook Sroff (12) Penny R. Areharf (Penny) FHA (9-12), Dromo Club (9), General Music I G II (9 10), Advonced Choir (11), Concert Choir (12), Mojorerres (10) Wonda Goll Arey (Wanda) DECA (10), FBLA (11-12) Avery F. Bell (Avery) JV Football (9), Vorsiry Foorboll (10-11), Indoor Frock (10- 11), Track (10-11) James Lee Dell (Jimmy) Cherle M. Benson (Cherie) Library Club (9-11), Foreign Languoge Club (9-12), Pow- derpuff Foorboll (9-12), DECA (10), FHA (9) Lisa Goll Benson (LIso) Powderpuff Foorboll (9-11), FHA (9-10), FDLA (11-12) Kenneth C. Beverley (Kenny). Joy Broxton Brody (Brock) Indoor Trock (10-11), Track (10-12), Vorsiry Foorboll (10), Cross Country (11-12), Key Club (11) LIso Koy Drodley (LIso) FHA (9-10—, FDLo (11-12), Librory CIb (11) Angel Swann Brooks (Angel) Science Club (9), FHA (9-10), Dromo Club (9), Pep Club (10), DECA (10), Prom Commirree, FDLA (11-12) Judith G. Brooks (Judy) FHA (9-11). Lorrie F. Brooks (Lottie) FHA (9), Model UN (9), Librory Club (9-12), Dromo Club (10-12), Foreign Longuoge Club (10-11). Georgio G. Brown (Georgia) FHA (9,10 Treasurer; 11 President, 12 r ,eporrer-Hisrorian), SAE (10 Vice-President), SCA (9 G 12), Cheerleading (11), FDLA (11-12), Prom Commirree, Goss Nighr Commirree Jol Elizabeth Drown (Joi). Scot Everette Drown (Scot). Vernon Christopher Drown (Chris) JV Foorboll (9), JV Doskerboll (9-10), SCA (9-11), Vorsiry Foorboll (10-12), Vorsiry Doskerboll (11-12), Vorsiry Dose- boll (12), French Club (9-10), Vorsiry Club (9), Key Club (11-12 President). Debro M. Brumfield (Debbie) FHA (10-11), JV Track (9), Dromo Club (9-10). Lorry Bryant (Larry) FFA (10-12). Edward L. Burnett (Edde) FFA (9-12), JV Foorboll (10). Timothy Andrew Callender (Tim) Science Club (9-11), Forensics (9-12), NAHS (11-12), NHS ( 12 ), Mark Gregory Compbell (Mork) JV Doskerboll (9), JV Foorboll (9), Vorsiry Doseboll (9-12), Vorsiry Foorboll (10-12), Vorsiry Club (12) Mark Regan Campbell (Mark) Vorsiry Trock (9-10), Librory Club (9), Dond (9 11), VICA ( 11 - 12 ) Noncy M. Campbell (Nancy) Sponish (9) Kristen Denise Carey (Kris) French Club (9), SAE (10 Deporrer), Pep Club (10) Dromo Club (1112), Key Club (1112), Concert Choir (11), Powder Puff (10 G 12), Finols Commirree, " The Sound of Music " ( 12 ) Brenda Ellen Chandler (Brenda) FHA (9 10), DECA (10-12) Kelly Mllllcent Chaplin (Kelly) FHA (9), Lorin Club (9), JV Trock (9), Science Club (9), JV Cheerleoding (10), Vorsiry Trock (10-12), Phorojournolism (10), Wrong Show (10), Vorsiry Doskerboll (11), Foreign Languoge Club (11), Prom Commirree (11), NAHS (11), JV Show, Key Club (12), GAA (12), Doccolourore, Concert Choir (12), Inrromurols, Class Nighr Jomes M. Chepolis (Jimmy) JV Doskerboll (9), JV Foorboll (9), Science Club (9), Vorsiry Doskerboll (10-12), Vorsiry Foorboll (10-12), For¬ eign Language Club (10-11), Vorsiry Club (10 G 12), Key Club (11-12), JV Show Rondall Lee Clle ( Randy) JV Doskerboll (9-10), JV Trock (9), Vorsiry Foorboll (11) Jacqueline Moe Coffey (Jackie) FHA (8, 9, 10, ll-Treosurer, 12), French Club (9, 10- Secrerory), SODA (10-12), Pep Club (10), Library Club (10), Legocy Sroff (11-12), J V Show, Foreign Languoge Club (11), Prom Commirree, Mock Convention (11), GAA (12), Girl ' s Vorsiry Trock (12), Commencement Commit¬ tee, Powder-Puff Foorboll, (12), SCA Depresenrorive (12), Ooss Nighr, Homecoming Floor Committee (12) Sue Nell Coiner (Sue Nell) FHA (9, 12), DECA (10), Vorsiry Trock (11), JV Show, Dromo Club (12) Koren Jill Cowherd (Jill) Cheerleoding (8-12), Goss Officer (9-secrerQry, 10-presi- denr, 12-Vice-Presidenr), JV Trock (9), FHA (0, Home¬ coming Pep. (9-10), Pep Club (10), SODA (10-11), Key (11), Prom Commirree, JV Show, Mock CSenerol Assembly, DECA 912 rreasurer), Finols Donee Commirree James Trocy Crowford (Trocy) Wando Foye Critzer (Wondo) FHA (9), Mojorerre (9), DECA (10), Powder-Puff Foorboll (10) , FDLA (11-12) Cynthia Diane Cude (Cindy) Forensics (9-12), Health Careers (9), Science Club (9-10), Newspaper Sroff (9-10), SAA (9-12), J V Doskerboll (9- 10), J V Trock (9), Dromo Club (9), SCA (10-12), Docker Club (9), Inrromurols (9-12), Librory Club (10-Vice-presi- denr). Pep Club (10), Vorsiry Trock (10-12), Cheerleoding (11) , Indoor Trock Srorlcion (11), Prom Commirree, JV Show, Concert Choir (11), Vorsiry Doskerboll (12), Yeor- berak Sroff (12), Debate Club (12), Model (General Assem¬ bly Eric Todd Dameron (Eric) Mickey L. Davies (Mickey) Gregory Eugene Davis (Greg) Lorin Club (9-11), Golf (10 12), Vorsiry Club (12) James Douglas Deocon, Jr. (Kip) J V Trock (9), Vorsiry Trock (10-12), J V. Doskerboll (9-10), Cross-Counrry (9-11), Vorsiry Doskerboll (11-12) Rhondo Jone Dedrick (Rhonda). Gregory P. Desper (Greg) J V Doseboll (9). Horry E. DeVore, Jr. (Horry) Indusrriol Arts Club (9), Science Club (9), Vorsiry Trock (12), VICA (12) Ricky Wood Diehl (Ricky) J.V Foorboll (9), J V Doseboll (10), VICA (11-12) William Mitchell Diehl (Mitchell) French Club (9-10), Dromo (9), SODA (10, 12), Foreign Languoge Club (12), Girl ' s Doskerboll Srorisrics (11-12) Sondra Koye Doyle (Sandy) Dond (9), Drmo (9), Lotion Club (9), Pep Club (10), Cheerleoder (11-12) Omer Alexander Duff (Alex) Pep Dond (9-12), Stonewall Jackson Drigode Dond (9-12), Sponish Club (9), Woynesboro Ployers Orchestra (9), All- Americon Holl of Fome for Dond Members (11), SODA ( 12 ) Frank Gary Dunlop. Jr. (Fronk) Dond (9-12) Poul Dorryl Edwards (Poul) J V Trock (9), Lorin Club (9), Cross-Counrry (10-12), Dro¬ mo Club (11), Key Club (12), Vorsiry Trock (12) Jomes Richard Ellinger (James). Carl E. Englond (Carl) J V Show (11) Mory Lonette Ezell (Lonette) J.V. Doskerboll (10), Concert Choir (10-12), Inrromurol Volleyboll (10-12), GAA (10), SODA (10), Pep Club (10), Vorsiry Doskerboll (11-12), Vorsiry Track (11), Vorsiry Vol¬ leyboll (12), Vorsiry G J V Doy ' s Doskerboll Sror Keeper ( 12 ) Lenord Randolph Pointer. Jr. (Randy) FFA (9-10), VICA (11-12) Heather Renee Fotmwold (Heother) J.V. Cheerleoding (9), Cost of " King and I " (10), Dromo Club (10-11), GAA (10-11), Vorsiry Trock (11), Doy ' s Dosker- boll Sror Keeper (11-12), J.V. Show, SODA (11), Key Club (11), Prom Commirree, Cost of one oa (12), Understudy of " The Sound of Music " (12), Final ' s Commirree DeWayne Martin Fields (Martin) J V Foorboll (9), J V Doseboll (9-10), Science Club (9), Lorin Club (9), Vorsiry Doseboll (11-12) Mary Elizabeth Fisher (Beht). Carolyn R. Fisher (Carolyn). FHA (9-10), FDLA (11-12). LIso A. Fitzgerald (Lisa) FHA (9), Pep Club (10), Chorus (11), Mojorerres (12), HOSA (12, President). Michael E. Fitzgerald (Mike) Cross-Counrry (9-12), J.V, Track (10), Indoor Track (11). 162 Senior Index Philip Arthur Fitzgerald (Philip). J.V. Daskerbvoll (9), J V, Foorboll (9), FFA (9), Class Officer (9-Presidenr, 10-Vice-Presidenr), 11-Vice-Presi- denr), SCA (9-11), Vorsiry Foorboll (10-12), Vorsiry Dosker- boll (10-12), Vorsiry Boseboll (10-12), SODA (10-11), Foreign Longuoge Club (10), Vorsiry Club (10, 12), Junior Flome- comig Rep., Flomecoming King (12). Scott David Fitzgerold (Scott) Drendo E. Floyd (Brenda) FFIA (9-10), Science Club (9), Annuol Sroff (10-11), Pep Club (10), FDLA (11-12), Prom Commirree. John McCorkle Forbes (John) Lorin Club (9-11), Bond (9-12), SODA (10-12), J.V Show, Senior Closs Presidenr, Mock (Senerol Assembly. Jullonne Ford (Julianne) J V Doskerboll (9), Lorin Club (9), J V. Trock (9), Library Club (9-10), TAG (9-12), GAA (9-12), Inrromurols (9-12), Vorsiry Track (10-11), Pep Club (10), JA (10-12), Powder- puff (10,12), Homecoming Floor Commirree (10-12), NHS (12), SODA (12), Girl ' s Tennis (12), Commencemenr Com- mirree. Terry Lynn Francis (Terry) DECA (10), VICA (11), Michael David French (Mike) Cathy Ann Fretwell (Cathy) Concert Choir (9-12), FHA (11) Lillian K. Fretwell (Lillian) FHA (9-11), DECA (10, 12) Keith Wilson Furrow (Keith) Science Club (9), J.V. Fooroll (9), Indoor Trock (10-11), IPA (11-12), Vorsiry Foorboll (11-12), JV Show, NHS (12) Frederick Leslie Gorber (Fred) J.V. Foorboll (9), SCA Rep. (9). William Bernard Garvey (Bill) J V, Doskerboll (9), J.V Boseboll (9), French Club (9), Vorsiry Doskerboll (10-11), Vosiry (Solf (10-12), SODA (10- 12), Inrromurol Doskerboll (12), Vorsiry Club (12), Tennis (12), Mock (Senerol Assembly (12). Marc Douglas Gilbert (Marc) Phorogrophy Club (9), VICA (11-12). Lynda Carol Good (Lynda) SCA (9-11), Bond (9-12), Heolrh Coreers (9-10), J V. Trock (9) , Pep Club (10), SODA (11-12), Jr. Class Represenrorive, Doccoloureore Commirree (Choirmon). David Griffin (David) Folth Lois Grove (Faith) Drama Club (9-10), Librory Club (10), CYA (11-12), NAHS (11-12), Flog Squad (11-12) Alecio Michelle Hall (Michelle) Bond (9, 10-12 Drum Mojor ), J V Trock (9), Pep Club (10) , Librory Club (10-12), Cross-Counrry (10), Announce¬ ment Commirree. John Edword Hanger II (John) J V Foorboll (9), Vorsiry Foorboll (10-11), Indoor Trock (9- 10 ) Brian John Honshow (Brian) FFA (9-10), J.V Boseboll (9-10), Science Club (9), Bond (9). Gilbert Eddie Horlg (Eddie) J.V. Trock (9), Indoor Trock (11), Vorsiry Trock (11-12), NAHS (11), Vorsiry Club (12), Vorsiry Foorboll (12) Poul Andrew Horouff (Poul) Science Club (9-12), Library Club (9-12), Drama Club (9- 12), CYA (9-10), SAE (9-10), Lorin Club (9-10), " King ond I " (10), NHS (11-12), IPA (11-12), " Sound of Music " (12). Georgonno I. Horrick (Georganna) FHA (9, 11). Cynthia Ann Harris (Cindy) Girl ' s Doskerboll (10). Donna Kay Harris (Donna) FHA (9-10), J V. Doskerboll (9-10), Vorsiry Doskerboll (11- 12 ). Ernest Leon Harris (Leo) J.V. Foorboll (9-10), J.V. Trock (9-10), Concerr Choir (10- 12), Vorsiry, Foorboll (11), Vorsiry Track (11). Jerry Robert Horris (Jerry) J.V Boseboll (9), Vorsiry Boseboll (10-12). Karen Leigh Harris (Karen) Vorsiry Track (9-10), DECA (10-12). Thomas Russell Harris (Rusty) J.V. Foorboll (9), J.V Boseboll (10), FFA (9-11). Tina Renee Harris (Tina) J.V. Trock (9-10), Powder Puff Foorboll (9-11), FHA (9-10). Robert Colvin Harrison, Jr. (Bob) Mock (Senerol Assembly (12 Senator). Deborah Jane Hatter (Deborah) FHA (9-10), CYA (9), Concerr Choir (10-12), Science Club (10), Librory Club (11-12), NHS (11-12), JV Show, Model CSenerol Assembly (12). Debro Ann Henderson (Debbie) Jeffrey Scott Henderson (Jeff) Dromo Club (10-12), JV Show. Colvin Daniel Hewitt (Colvin) FFA (10, 12) Diana Anne Hewitt (Diana) Tennis (9-12), Foreign Longuoge Club (9-12), Vorsiry Trock 912), Cross-Counrry (12). Joseph Willlom Higgins (Joe) Kitty Evon Hitt (Kitty) TIno Lynne Hollowoy (Tino) Pep Club (9-10), Cheerleoding (9), French Club (9-10), Yearbook (9-10), Powder Puff Foorboll (10,12), Concerr Choir (11-12), NHS (11-12), JV Show, Key Club (11-12), " Sound of Music " (12, Accomponisr). Sandro Lynn Horsburgh (Sandy) FHA (9), French Club (9-10), Annuol Sroff (10), Cheer¬ leoding (11-12), Dromo Club (11), NAHS (11), SODA (12), Concert Choir (12), Finols Committee Jacqueline Sarah Humphries (Jackie) Concerr Choir (10-12), DECA (12 Secretory), Prom Com¬ mirree, Class Nighr Commirree. Lyle Walter Hunter (Lyle) FFA (9-12) Shirley Ann Hutchinson (Shirley) FHA (9-10), Homecoming Floor Commirree (10), Prom Commirree, Science Club (9), Librory Club (12), FDLA (11- 12 ). Amie Leo Johnson (Amie). James Edward Jackson (Jimmy). Kimberly Lynn Johnson (Kim) J.V. Cheerleoding (9-10), Pep Club (10), Closs Officer (10- rreosurer), DECA (11-12) Laura Leoh Johnston (Laura) Vorsiry Cheerleoding (11-12), Yeorbook (11), DECA (12). David Frederick Komienski (Dove) Vorsiry Trock 911-12) Stuart Neal Kirby (Neal) Vorsiry Trock (9-12), Indoor Track (10-11). Kirk Blair Knott (Kirk) J.V. Doskerboll (9-10), Vorsiry Doskerboll (11-12), Golf (9- 12), Cross-Counrry (9), Vorsiry Club (12-Vice-Presidenr). Charles Benord Lambert (Bernie) Spanish Club (9-10), J.V. Show, Virginia Yourh Leader¬ ship Seminor (10), Doccoloureore Commirree, Closs Nighr. William Dewey Loymon (Dewey) J.V. Foorboll (9), J.V. Boseboll (9), J.V Doskerboll (9-10), Vorsiry Doskerboll (11). Sandra Mane Lee (Sandy) FHA (9-11), DECA (10-12) Michael Wayne Lilley (Mike) J V. Foorboll (9, J.V. Track (9), Indoor Trock (10), Cross- Counrry (10). Susan Paige Lucas (Paige). Lorin Club (9-10), Science Club (9-10), Heolrh Careers (9), Dromo Club (10-12), French Club (10-11), NHS (11-12), Mock (Senerol Assembly. Michelle Marie Lunsford (Shelly) J.V. Cheerleoding (10), Prom Commirree, Cheerleoding (12-co-caprQin), Class Officer 912), DECA (12-reporrer), Class Nighr Commirree. Rodney D. Lunsford (Rodney) CYA (9-12) Dana Jo Mockey (Dana) French Club (9-11), Pep Club (10), Homecoming Floor Commirree (10), Cheerleader (11), J.V. Show, DECA (12), Library Club (12), Finols Donee Commirree Willlom Anthony Maddox (Anthony) Mixed Chorus (9-11), J.V. Foorboll (9), J.V Show, Con¬ cerr Choir (12). Jukka A. Makinen (Mox) Vorsiry Doskerboll (12). James Robert Morcotte (Jim) Dromo Club (9 -10), French Club (9-10), FFA (10-11). Cheryl Annette Mortin (Cheryl) FHA (9-10), Sdence Club (9-10), DECA (10-12), Prom Com¬ mirree, Jeffery Woodrow Marks (JefO J.V. Foorboll (9-10), Weighrlifring (9-10), VICA (11-12). Rosemary Ann Martin (Rosemary) JV Trock (9), FHA (9), Lorin Club (9), Inrromurols (9-12), SAA (9), Powder-Puff Foorboll (9-12), JV Doskerboll (9), GAA (10-12), French Club (10), Pep Club (10), Foreign Longuoge Club (11), JA (11-12), Volleyball (12), Foorboll Sroricion (12). Tracy Daniel Martin (Trocy) JV Foorboll (9), Concerr Choir (9-12), Pep Club (10), Lorin Club (10), Wrong Show (10), Powder-Puff Cooch (10-11), Regionol ond Store Chorus (12). Ernest Huston Mayo (Ernest) Inrromurols (9-12). Florence Rhea McChesney (Rhea) FHA (9-Secrerary), Science Club (9), J V. Trock (9), Yourh Advisory Commiree (9), GAA (9-10,12), Pep Club (10), Vorsiry Trock (10), Yeorbook Sroff 910) Wrong Show (10), Cheerleoding (11-12), Who ' s Who Amog Americon High School Students (11-12), Model (Senerol Assembly (11-12), J V Show, NAHS (11), Closs Officer (12- Secrerory), SODA (12), Concerr Choir (12), Commence¬ menr Commirree (12). Senior Index 160 Dennis Arthur McDonald (Dennis) Dond (P-10) Sarah Jayne McGiffin (Sara). Deborah Carol Meodows (Debbie) FHA (9-11), Science Club (9-10), Dromo Club (9), FDLA ( 11 ). Lorraine Frencis Merchant (Lorraine) FHA (9, 11), FDLA (11-12), NAHS (12) Jeffrey Wilson Mitchell (Jeff). Koren Louise Moore (Kay). Robert Howord Morris (Robbie). Richard Glenn Newsome, Jr. (Richie) NAHS (11), J.V Doseboll (10). Kazuko NIshida (Kozuko) NAHS (12), Vorsiry Track (12). Plerette Paullier (Perri) FHA (12), GAA (12), Vorsiry Trocl-s (12), Powder-Puff Foorboll (12) Borry Augustus Peeples (Borry) J V Foorboll (9), Science Club (9), Journolism Sroff (10-11), Forensics (10-11), Dromo Club (11), Key Club (11-12), J V Show, Prom Commirree, Tennis Team (11-12), Vorsiry Club (12), Class Nighr Commirree Chorles Roy Pence (Chuck) Foreign Longuoge Club (11), Model CSenerol Assembly Alex V. Porflit (Alex) Cross-Counrry (12), Vorsiry Trock (12), Tennis Teom (12). Johnothon Roy Price (John). Leslie Faye Pringle (Leslie) Powder-Puff Foorboll (9-12), J.V. Doseboll Sroricion (10), Volleyboll (10), Inrromurols (10, 12), JA (10-12), Key Club (11) JV Show, Librory Club (9-11), Foorboll Srorisriclon (11- 12), Trock Monoger (11-12), GAA (12) Darrel Jeffery Ramsey (Dorrel) JV Foorboll (9), Weighrlifring (9-11), Vorsiry Foorboll (10- 12), VICA (11-12). Jeffrey Lowell Romsey (Jeff) Robert Thornton Richordson, Jr. (Robb) Science Club (9-10), Photography Club (9), Yearbook (Phorogropher 11-12), JV Show. Karo Marie Riley (Kora) Librory Club (9-10), Photography Club (9), VICA (11-12). Vickie Lynn Robertson (Vickie) FHA (9), Lorin Club (9-10), Forensics (9-11), Science Club (9-10), Trock Monoger (9-10), DECA (10-12), Debore Team (10), Librory Club (10, 12), Pep Club (10), NHS (11- 12), Dromo Club (11), JA (11), SCA (12), Model Generol Assembly (12). Anthony MIchoel Rodriguez (Mike) J V Foorboll (9), Science Club (9), FFA (P-senrinol, 10- rreosurer, 11, 12-presidenr), Vorsiry Foorboll (10-11). Robin Irene Ross (Robin) Library Club (9-12), SAE (9), Mory Elizabeth Shade (Mary) Library Club (12) Grant Dewayne Simmons (Dewoyne) FFA (8-12) David Norbert Sitter (David) Science Club (9-11), Indusrriol Arts Club (9-10), Dromo Club (10-12), NHS (11-12), Forensics (11-12), SODA (12), Closs Nighr Loretfo Koye Smith (Loretto) Concert Choir (10) Lori Lynne Smith (Lori) Class Officer (9-rreosurer, 11-presidenr), GAA (9-12), Pow¬ der-Puff Foorboll (9-12), Photographer (9-12), Inrromurols (9-10, 12), Dromo Club (9), Legocy Sroff (9-12), Sponish Club (9-10), Wrong Show (10), Tennis (10), JA (10), Key Club (11), Degionol Chorus (11-12), Vorsiry Doseboll Stars (11-12), Prom Commirree, NHS (11-12), JV Show, Foo d, The Spirol Staircase, Concert Choir (11-12), Sound of Music, Finols Commirree, Closs Nighr, Model Generol Assembly Patricio Marie Snopkowski (Trish) Vorsiry Trock (9-12), J V Cheerleoding (9), GAA (9-10, 12), Closs (Officer (9-11), SCA rep (9-11), French Club (9- 10) , J.V Doskerboll (10), Vorsiry Doskerboll (11-12), For¬ eign Longuoge Club (11), JV Show, Girl ' s Store (11), Vorsiry Volleyball 912), NHS (12) Jomes Robert Snyder (Bobby) (Solf (9-12), Concert Choir (9-10, 12), Powder Puff Cheer- leoding (9-10), SODA (10), Vorsiry Club (12) Kimberly Ann Sorrells (Kim) Dromo Club (9), Library Club (9-10, 12), FDLA (11) Michael Lee Sours (Mike) J V Foorboll (9), Indoor Trock (10-11), Outdoor Trock (11- 12 ) Terry Bently Sparks (Terry) Vorsiry Doseboll (9-manager), FFA 910-12), Vorsiry Trock (lO-ll-monoger), J V Doseboll (10), Vorsiry Doskerboll (11- 12-monoger), Vorsiry Doseboll (12) Sylvio H. Spears (SIbby). Jeffrey Williams Spooner (Jeff) Dromo Club (9-12), Treosurer Island, King and 1, Thes- pon Society (10-12), Spiral Staircase, One-Acr (12), Sound of Music. Terry Lee Stephens (Terry) J V Trock (9), CYA (11 hQplin, 12-presidenr) Marilyn Marie Steppe (Marilyn) FFA (9-12) Wayne Albert Steppe (Wayne) FFA (9-10), VICA (11-12) Susan Miriam Stevens (Susan) Gen Music I (9), GAA (9-11), J.V Trock (9), FHA (11-12), Advanced Choir (10-11), Concert Choir (12). Brion Keith Stinespring (Brian) J.V Doseboll (9), Science Club (9), Vorsiry Doskerboll 910- 11) , A A.U. (11), Vorsiry Club (12) Stuort Owen Strickler (Stuort) Wrong Show (10), JV Show, NAHS (12) Daniel Dasher Stubbs (Danny). Mory Margaret Stump (Mory) Librory Club (9-12), Dond (9-10), Concert Choir (11-12), NHS (12). Gleno Rebekah Suton (Glena) GAA (9), Health Coreers (9), J.V. Track (9), Powder-Puff Foorboll (9), Dromo Club (9), Foreign Longuoge Club (9- 10), Cheerleoding (9-12), Class Officer (10-reporrer, 11- secrerory). Advanced Choir (10), Pep Club (10), JV Show, Concert Choir (11-12), SODA (11), Closs Nighr Com¬ mirree Roger Alan Swett (Roger) Vorsiry Foorboll (9-12), Vorsiry Track (9-12), Indoor Trock (10-11), Powder-Puff Cheerleoder (10-12) Down Christine Toymon (Down) Key Club (10-12), Sponish Club 910-12), NHS (11-12). Scott Allen Templeton (Chip) DECA Club (11-12). Mollie Ann Thocker, (Molly) Science Club (9), GAA (9), Pep Club (10), French Club (9) , Annuo! Sroff (10-11), Cheerleoding (11-12-CQproin), Concert Choir (1112) Barry Kevin Thomos (Borry). Alvin Lee TIdd (Alvin). James Fronds Toner (James) FFA (9-12), Sponish Club (9-12), Indoor Trock (10), Vorsiry Foorboll (11). Anthony Scott Towns (Scott) Vorsiry Foorboll (11-12), JV Show, Key Club (12) Cynthio Down Truslow (Cindy). Tommy Sue Vorner (Tommy) Cheerleoding (9-11), Inrromurols (10), GAA (10-11), Pep Club (10), FHA (10), JV Show, DECA (12), Library Club ( 12 ). Belinda Rushon Veney (Linda) Vorsiry Trock (9-12), J V Doskerboll (9-10), GAA (9-12), Inrromurols (9-12), Vorsiry Doskerboll (11-12). Susan Benetto Veney (Suzie) J V Trock (9-10), Vorsiry Trock (11-12), Librory Club (11- presidenr). Goo (12-vice-presidenr), FHA (9-10) Ella Ann Vest (Ann) Vorsiry Trock (9-12), Concert Choir (11-12), Regional Choir (11-12), YARC, Sound of Music. Forensics Horry Leon Vest (Horry) J V Foorboll (9-10), Vorsiry Foorboll (11-12), Indoor Trock (11), Vorsiry Club (11-12) Robert Eorl Vio, Jr. (Robbie) Weighrlifring (10-11), Indoor Trock (11), Vorsiry Trock (11) Debra Jean Vorel (Debbie) French Club (9-10), Dromo Club (9), SAA (9), Pep Club (10) , Class Officer (10-12-rreosurer), Cheerleoding (10-12), SODA (10-12), Yeorbook (10), Prom Commirree, JV Show, NHS (11-12), Class Nighr, Doccoloureore Commir¬ ree Lori Ann Wade (Lori) FHA (9-11), Mqjorerres (9-10), JV Show, Choir (10-11) Kimberly Jeon Worren (Kim) Cheerleoding (8-11), GAA (9-12), J.V. Track (8-10), Dra¬ ma Club (9), Sponish Club (9-11), Class (Officer (9-reporT- er). Homecoming Floor Commirree (9-12), Annuol Sroff (10, 11-Sporrs Co-ediror, 12-Ediror), Inrromurols (10), Pep Club (10), Tennis (10), JV Show, Class Nighr, Finals Donee Commirree, Powder Puff Foorboll (8) Sheila Rebecco Warren (Sheila) Spanish Club (9-11), Pep Club (10), Annual Sroff (9-12), Wrong Show (10), JV Show, SODA (12) Lorry Lee Weover (Lorry) J.V Doseboll (9-10), FFA (11) Deborah Wood (Debbie). Donna Lynn Willis (Donna) French Club (9-11), Concert Choir (10-12), Choir (9), Dro- mo Club (10-12), Jr Regionol Choir (9), JV Show, Sr. Regional Choir (11-12), Inrromurols (9-12), Class Nighr, Vorsiry Trock (9-11). Lowrence Anthony Wilson, Jr. (Lorry) Science Club (9), Dond (9-12), Lorin Club (9), The King and I, SODA (10-12), The Spirol Staircose. Once-Aa Roy (11-12), Food, Dromo Club (11, 12-presidenr), JV Show, The Sound of Music, A Gome, Closs Nighr Commirree, Class Nighr, Powder-Puff Foorboll (12- cooch). Lewis Reid WIsemon (Lewis) VVTC FFA (11-senrinel, 12-presidenr). 164 Senior Index NEtuunrh-Guide " “ThE Alpha Ace Hardware 153 Acosro, Nikki (10) 123 Acosro, Tracy (11) 111 Adkins, Jeff (11) 111 Agee, Del (10) 123, 74 Alexander, Darrell (10) 64, 20, 123, 74, 75 Alexander, Mr. Sam (F) 137 Allen, Holly (10) 123 Allen, Kim (10) 123 Allen, Melissa (11) 111, 42 Allen, R,onl (12) 97 Almarode, Mr. Harvey (F) 64, 67, 71, 137, 74 Almorode, Nancy (12), 97, 49 Almorode, Tina (11) 110, 111, 121, 41 Almorode, Vondo (9) 3, 23, 46, 61, 130 Almarode ' s Aufomative 145 Alrou, Rolf (12) 44, 45, 97, 51, 92 Ammons, Bruce (9) 68, 131 Ammons, Pom (11) 12, 25, 110, 111, 24, 28, 41 Anderson, Mrs. Virgie (F) 137 Ann ' s 156 Arbough, Dickie (10) 64, 123 Arbough, Mrs. Venecia (F) 152 Archombeauir, Robin (10), 123 Arehorr, Penny (12), 47, 97, 171 Arey, Wondo (12) 97 Argenbrighr, Doug (10) 6, 123 Armenrrour, Marsha (9) 60, 61, 131 Armenrrour, Mike (10) 6, 64, 123 Armenrrour, Shawn (10) 8, 45, 123, 50 Armsrrong, Morry (11) 23, 71, 111 Arnold, Ricky (11) 111 Arnold, Troy (9) 46, 131 Athlete ' s Alley 153 Arkins, Laura (9) 61, 131 Arkins, Penny (10) 123 Atkinson, Morr (10) 123 Auto Products 151 Dero Doehler, Patrick (11) 16, 46, 92 Dailey, Greg (9) 131 Doird, Morrho (11) 131 Doldwin, Jeonine (10) 13, 122, 123, 51 Doles, Mark (11) 111 Doll, Mr. Ron (F) 64, 65, 67, 138, 139 Dalser, Roger (11) Donks, Mrs. Billie Jean (F) 138 Dosko, Greg (11) 111 Dosko, Mory (11 ) 111 Dougher, Mrs. Carolyn (F) 139 Doxrer, Mr. Richard (F) 23, 137, 92, 93 Dozen, John (10) 123 Boy on, Susie (9) 131 Deosley, Mike (11) 111 Dell, Avery (12) 97, 18 Dell, Donold (9) 131, 91 Dell, Jimmy (12) Dell, Mike (11) Denson, Cherie (12) 97 Denson, Liso (12) 97 Denson, Todd (10) 64, 65, 123 Derrang, Mike (11) 111 Derrong, Susan (10) 123, 41 Derry, Ricky (11) Beverley, Kenneth (12) 97 Beverley, Kim (10) 123 Beverley, Nevel (9) Beverly Hallmark 147 Black, Melisso (10) 46, 122, 123 DIocko, Drion (10) 123 Blair, Louro (11) 111, 25 Dossermon, Amonda (10) 123 Doyd, Vickie (10) 123 Drody, Drock (12) 97, 17 Droden, Tereso (11) 42, 111 Drodfield, Angie (9) Drodfield, Donnie (11) 111, 31 Bradley, Liso (12) 42, 97, 49 Bragg, Ricky (11) 64, 111 Brand, Asher (10) 123 Drond, Elon (9) 131 Dreen, Dutchie (11) 111 Dreen, Tommye (11) 111 Drooiss, Angel (12) 97 Brooks, John (9) 131 Brooks, Judy (12) 97 Brooks, Korhy (10) 123 Brooks, Liso (10) 123 Drooiss, Lorrie (12) 97, 49 Drooiss, Stefan (9) Brooks, Stuart (11) 3, 111, 115 Brooks, Susie (9) 131, 91 Brooks, Tonya (11) 111 Drown, Brian (10) 8, 123 Drown, Chris (11) 112 Drown, Done (9) 130, 131, 93 Drown, Georgio (12) 23, 97 Drown, Mrs. Joan (F) 138, 139 Drown, Joi (12) 97 Drown, Liso (10) 123 Drown, Ron (10) 123 Drown, Scot (12) 97 Drown, V. Chris (12) 3, 9, 64, 66, 70, 71, 73, 97, 48 Browne, Pom (11) 94, 112, 41 Brumfield, Debbie (12) 97 Dryont, Kennerh (10 2, 123 Dryanr, Lorry (11) Drydge, Doug (11) 4, 112 Drydge, Kyle (11) 112, 31 Durdetre, Jeff (9) 131 Durgener, Derh (10) 123 Durgener, Robert (9) 131 Burkholder, Jay (10) 123 Burkholder, Soro (11) 112, 49 Burnett, Eddie (12) 97 Burnett, John (10) 124 Burnett, Tony (9) 131 Burnette, Morie (10) 124 Burnette, Tammy (9) 131, 91 Byrd, Doris (11) 112 Byrd, Shoron (9) 131 Chi Callender, Sharon (10) 46, 124, 51 Callender, Tim (12) 96, 98, 51, 28, 50 Campbell, Cary (10) 124 Campbell, Chorlie Drown (9) 68, 69, 131 Campbell, Chris (11) 112 Compbell, Clyde (11) 112, 36, 19 Compbell, John (11) Campbell, Mork G. (12) 64, 66, 98 Campbell, Mork R. (12) 98, 30 Compbell, Nancy (12) 99 Compbell, Robert (10) 124 Campbell, Tony (10) 124 Corey, Dorren 910) 124 Carey, Donna (10) 124, 48, 41 Corey, Kris (12) 12, 13, 99 Corr, Scott (9) 68, 131, 135 Corr, Sherry (9) 46, 131 Corroll, JD (11) 42, 112 Coscio, Tony (11) 112, 48 Cash, Aliso (10) 124 Cash, Jeff (10) 124 Cosrie, Sondy (9) 131 Chalet Du John 144 Chondler, Drendo (12) 98, 49 Chopo, Mrs. Beverly (F) Choplin, Kelly (12) 47, 98, 48 Choplin, Lori (9) 131, 48, 91 Chose, Duone (10) 124 Chepolis, Jimmy (12) 3, 64, 66, 71, 72, 73, 94, 98, 106, 48 Chirtum, Keith (9) 4, 131, 74, 75 Christion, Mr. Robert (F) 138 Giro ' s Pizza 144 Clark, Ken (9) 8, 131 Clayror, Keren (10) 124 Cloytor, Mary Ann (11) 42, 112 Clayror, Tony (11) 112 Clemmons, Jeff (9) 8, 68, 131 Clevenger, Mr V oIr (F) 57, 138, 48 Cliff ' s Garoge 161 Cline, Darboro (9) 14, 130, 131 Cline, Miss Fronds (F) 139 Cline, Mr. Morrin (F) 138 Cline, Rondy (12) 99 Clopron, Srephonie (10) 124 Coffey, Connie (11) 112 Coffey, Dovid (9) 131 Coffey, Jockie (12) 44, 45, 99, 152 Coffey, Karen (10) 124 Coffey, Kim (10) 57, 58, 59, 77, 124, 93 Coffey, Mike (11) 42, 112 Coffey, Tereso (10) 124 Cohron, Bruce (10) 124 Cohron, June (9) 46, 61, 131 Cohron, Nick (10) 6, 12, 45, 46, 94, 124, 92, 93 Cohron ' s Hardware 145 Coiner, Sue Neil (12) 98 Coker, Teresa (10) 124, 50 Cole, Bryan (11) 113, 19 Cole, Robbie (10) 124 Coleman, Dovid (11) 113 Comer, Normo Jean (9) 131 Conner, Bruce (11) Conners, Jerry (10) Cook, Gory (9) 94, 131 Cook, Harold (9) 131 Corbin, Robin (10) 46, 124 Corner Hardware 149 Country Store 148 County Outlet 150 Cowherd, Jill (12) 7, 96, 98, 28, 49 Cox, Doug, (11) 113, 36 Cox, Keith (9) 131 Criog, Kelly (9) 131 Crawford, Tony (12) Crawford, Tracy (12) 98 Creekside Mobile Homes 146 Cnrzer, Miss Doris (F) 138 Crirzer, Wondo (12) 99 Student Index 165 Crompton 147 Crow, Becky (9) 132 Crowley, Denise (11) 113 Code, Cindy (12) 44, 45, 57, 96, 99, 51, 28, 18 Code, Joy (10) 124, 51 Cullen, Cindy (10) 124, 31 Czerwinski, Donnie (11) 44, 113, 25, 41, 171 Czerwinski, Busry (10) 6, 124, 48 Delro Domeron, Charles (10) Domeron, Deneen (10) 122, 124, 41, 50 Domeron, Eddie (10) 124 Domeron, Eric (12) 98, 36 Domeron, Tommy (11) 45, 113, 119 Danielson, Down (10) Doves, Wode (9) 132 Davidson, Korhy (10) 46, 124 Davies, Mickey (12) Davis, Korhy (10) 61, 77, 124 Dovis, Greg (12) 98 Deocon, Kip (12) 71, 72, 98, 17 Deacon, Mary Derh (11) 113, 39 Denver, Howord (11) 62, 113 Dedrick, Bhondo (12) 99 Degges, Liso (10) 24 Demosrus, Krisri (9) 132 Demosrus, Mrs. Vicki (F) 139 Desmond, Mrs, Vickei (F) 138 Desper, Greg (12) 99 Desper, Penny (10) 61, 122, 124, 50 Desporre, Ms. Derh (F) 138 DeVore, Horry (12) 98 Dickinson, Kenny (10) 64, 125 Dickinson, Jimmy (9) 68, 69, 132, 91, 49 Diehl, Miss Louise (F) 139 Diehl Mobile Homes 158 Diehl, Ricky (12) 9, 11, 98, 101 Diehl, W. Mirchell (12) 11, 15, 98, 28 Diggs, Donald (11) 64, 113, 18 Dixon, Kirk (10) Donnelly, Miss Meg (F) 61, 77, 137, 93 Don ' s Harley Davidson 152 Dooms, Susan (11) Doyle, Carlo (11) 113, 49 Doyle, Sandy (12) 99, 41 Doyle, Tonya (10) 46, 57, 76, 77, 122, 125, 93 Draft Plant Food 151 Drumheller, Teresa (10) 125 Duff, Dessie (9) 132 Duff, O Alex (12) 8, 46, 47, 99, 28 Duncon, Timmy (10) 125 Dunlop, Frankie (12) 46, 99, 103 Dunlop, Sruorr (9) 132 DuPont 146 Epsilon E ond W Motors 161 Eaver ' s Amoco 143 Edwards, Paul (12) 10, 62, 63, 99 Edwards, Tommy (9) 45, 132, 134, 91 Edwords, Tommy (11) 113 Ellinger, Donno (10) 125 Ellinger, J R. (12) 100 Elliger, Scorr (9) 68, 132 Ellinger, Shannon (10) 125 Ellis, Dee (11) 113, 49 Englond, Carl (12) 100 Engleman ' s Ace Hordwore 151 Eppord, Teresa (9) 132 Etter Funeral Home 153 Evans, Roin (10) 125 Everidge, Sreve (9) 68, 132 Everirr, Tony (10) 125 Ezell, Lonerre (12) 47, 57, 58, 59, 76, 77, 100 Phi Foinrer, Randy (12) 100 Foils, Tonya (11) 45, 110, 113, 114, 41 F ond M 156 Forley, Tim (9) 46, 133 Former, Angie (10) 50, 125 Formwold, Heorher (12) 24, 100 Fouber, T G. (11) 64, 113, 31 Fields, Morrin (12) 10, 100, 101 Fields, Jennifer (11) 113 Fields, Kim (10) 125 First Virginio Dank 160 Fishbough, Alice (9) Fishbough, Korhy (9) 133 Fisher, Carolyn (12) 100 Fisher, John (10) 125 Fisher, M Derh (12) 45, 47, 57, 76, 77, 100, 50, 93 Fisher, Ricky (11) 113 Firzgerold, Becky (10) 125 Firzgerold, Kim (10) 125 Firzgerold, Liso (12) 100 Firzgerold, Mike (12) 62, 96, 100 Firzgerold, Mike (11) 42, 113 Firzgerold, Philip (12) 9, 25, 64, 65, 66, 70, 71, 72, 100, 28, 31 Firzgerold, Scorr (12) 100 Fix, Donno (11) 114 Fix, Jeff (10) 125 Fix, Kim (11) 114 Fleishmonn, Drer (9) 132 Flick, Kim (11) 114 Flower Centre 149 Flower Gollery 143 Floyd, Drendo (12) 101 Foley, Cori (10) 23, 45, 51, 41, 125 Foley, Tim (9) 4 Forbes, John (12) 46, 96, 99, 101, 28, 21 Forbes, Soroh (11) 23, 47, 114, 117, 41 Forbes, Terry (9) 45, 46, 132 Ford, Julionne (12) 191, 50, 93 Fox, Greg (10) 125 Fronds, Terry (12) 101 Freed Compony 149 French, Mike (12) 47, 64, 66, 101, 18 French, Susie (9) 48, 61, 132 Frerwell, Corhy (12) 47, 101 Frerwell, Jeff (10) 125 Frerwell, Lillian (12) 191 Frerwell, Tony (10) 125 Furrow, Keirh (12) 3, 64, 66, 101, 18, 50 Fyffe, Dilly 910) 6, 11, 64, 126 Gommo Gale, Tony (11) 64, 114 Gollowoy, Dove (9) 133 Gorber, Fred (12) 101 Gardner, Willie (9) Gorvey, Dill (12) 101, 103, 28, 92 Garvey, Jill (10) 126, 41 Gores, Tim (9) 133 General Electric 142 German, Rodney (10) 46, 126 Gibson, Cindy (10) 126 Gibson, Claude (11) 64, 114 Gibson, Liso (10) 126 Gilberr, More (12) 102 Gloss, Mrs. Joner (F) 44 Gochenour, Mr Lorry (F) 138 Golden, Dusry (9) 133 Gollodoy, Derh (12) 62, 63, 102, 171 Good, Lyndo (12) 9, 11, 46, 102, 28 Gowen, Teri (11) 114, 41 Grand Piano (Stounton) 160 Gray, Mr, Chip (F) 8, 137 Gray, Chuck (10) 8 Gray, Jimmy (9) 133 Grebe, Mike (11) 110, 114, 115, 92 Greene, Richard (10) 64 Griffin, Donald (11) Griffin, LoVonne (11) 114 Griffin, Ralph (11) 114 Griffin, Robert (10) 126 Grooh, Dilly (9) 133, 50, 91 Grooh, Tony (11) 114 Groome, Kim (10) 126, 41 Grove, Foirh (12) 47, 50 Grove, Ronnie (11) 4, 46, 114 Grove, Timmy (9) 130, 133 Gunrer, Leonard (9) Gurkin, Jeff (9) 46, 68, 133 Era Hoiley, Debbie (11) 114 Hole, Denerro (10) 126, 127 Holl, A Michelle (12) 36, 46, 102, 49 Hall, Gordon (11) 114, 118 Hall, Rodney (9) 12, 133 Hamilton, Mr Clifron (F) 45, 137 Hamilton, Mr Jesse (F) 15, 138 Honey, Jeff (9) Hanger, Mrs Ann (F) 137 Hanger, John (12) 102 Honshow, Becky (11) 114 Honshow, Drion (12) 42, 102 Horig, Eddie (12) 64, 102, 109 Hong, Tracy (9) 61, 133 Harlow, Tommy (9) Harner Wheels 155 Horouff, Mr Dill (F) 14, 136, 138 Horouff, Leslie (10) 36, 46, 126 Horouff, Paul (12) 13, 6, 102, 50 Horper, Jill (10) 13, 47, 126 Horrick, Georgonno (12) 47, 103 Horris, Corhy (9) 133, 91 Harris, Chuck (9) 25, 133 Horris, Cynrhlo (12) 57, 103 Horris, Dlonno (9) 133 Harris, Donno (12) 42, 57, 58, 103, 18 Harris, E Leo (12) Harris, Jerry (12) 102 Horris, Karen 912) 102 Harris, Paul (11) 42, 114 Harris, Paulo (11) 115 Horris, Rusry (12) 102 Horris, Som (11) 13, 46, 47, 115 Harris, Tino (12) 102 Harrison, Dob (12) 28, 103 Harrison, Drion (9) 8, 68, 69, 133 Hotter, Debbie 912) 28, 47, 103, 50, 49 Hotter, Jon (10) Horrer, Liso (9) 133 Horrer, Sherry (11) 115 Heorn, Mrs. Bunny (F) 138 Heglond, John (9) 46, 133 Henderson, Cheryl (10) 166 Student Index Henderson, Debbie (12) 103, 49 Henderson, Donna (10) 46, 126 Henderson, Jeff (12) 102 Henderson, Morris (11) 36, 115 Hesrer, Anrhony (11) 115 Hewirr, Colvin (12) 102 Hewirr, Robbie (9) 133 Hevi irr, Shelly (11) 102 Hewlerr, Diana (12) 62, 63, 102, 28, Higgins, Joe (12) 103, 28, 18 Hill, Mr. Chip (F) 64, 67, 138, 91 Hirr, Kirry (12) Hollister 157 Hollowoy, Tina (12) 13, 103 Holmes, Orion (10) 126 Holmes, Eddie (11) 42, 115 Holmes, Sharon (10) 41 Hocker, Pam (10) 48, 126 Horsburgh, Sondy (12) 47, 103, 104, Hosrerrer, Amy (9) 130, 133 Hosrerrer, Sreve (10) 46, 126 Houser, Mrs. Judy (F) 136, 137 Howard, Rurh (10) Hudlow, Mike (11) 115 Hudson, Ronnie (10) 126 Huffer, Trocy (11) 115, 17 Huffmon, Sidney (11) 51, 57, 115 Hughes, Dovid (10) 126 Humphries, Jadsie (12) 47, 102 Humphries, Monica (9) 46, 133 Humphries, Suson (11) 11, 115 Hunrer, Anira (9) 133 Hunrer, Lyle (12) 102 Hupp, Shoron (10) 60, 61, 77, 126 Hurrr, Vendy (10) 126, 171 Hurchens, Annerre (10) 48, 126, 41 Hurchins, Becky (11) 116 Hurchinson, Chuck (11) 116 Hurchinson, Joson (9) 2, 23, 68, 133, Hurchinson, Shirley (12) 102, 49 Hurchinson, Sreve (10) 126 Hyde, Perry (10) 74, 126 Hyden, Danny (9) 133 loro IGA (Stuarts Draft) 161 Jocisson, Jimmy (12) 102 JC Penney 147 Jeep Sale and Service 144 Jeffers, Hilary (11) 116 Jeffersan Dank 143 Jefferson, Tommie (11) 116 Johnson, Amie (12) 103 Johnson, Kim )12) 103, 109, 49 Johnson, Mike (11) 116 Johnsron, Fronds (9) 133 Johnsron, Louro (12) 36, 103, 41 KoppQ Komienski, Dovid (12) 104, 17 Komienski, Jennifer (10) 126 Komienski, Sharon (9) 133, 91 KC Imports 156 Kesecker, Dean (11) 116 Keesecker, Todd (11) 116 Kelly, Derh (10) 44, 126 Kelly, Corlo (9) 133 Kelley, Penny 911) 6, 11, 12, 116, 41 50 17 Kerby, Mark (9) 46, 133 Kimbrough, Lori (9) 133 King Photo Supply 154 Kirby, Orion (10) 126 Kirby, S. Neol (12) 104, 18 Kiser, Berh (10) 14, 126 Kiser, Sonyo (10) 126, 49 Kivlighon, Mike (11) 116 Knott, Mrs. Helen (Sportsmon Club) 152 Knorr, Kirk (12) 45, 71, 73, 104, 18 Kyle, Mr. Sreve (F) 64, 67 Lambda Lodd Service Center 154 Lofferry, Bob (9) Lombert Duilding Supply 147 Lomberr, C. Bernie (12) 10, 104 Lomberr, Grody (10) 62, 71 Lambert Mr. John (Sportsman Club) 152 Lonier, Jeff (10) 48, 126 Lovender, Renee (11) 56, 57, 58, 77, 116 Lowhorne, Crysrol (9) 133 Lowhorne, Srocy (9) 68, 69, 133 Loymon, Bruce (11) 45, 51, 116 Loymon, Mrs. Virginia (F) 137 Loymon, W. Dewey (12) 104 Loyron, Liso (10) 126 Leoke, Miss Mory Louise (F) 20, 137 Leary, Mary Derh (10) 47, 126, 49 Lee, Sandy (12) 104, 49 Lee, Mr. V esley (F) 138 Legocy Potrons 160 Leggett 149 Lemasrer, Miss Judy (F) 136, 138 Lilley, Donna (11) 117, 121 Lilley, Mike (12) 104 Linen, Seon (9) 133 Lipscomb, Jomes (10) 126 LIprrap, Cecil (10) 127 Liprrop, Jon (10) 127 Liprrap, Mark (9) Lockridge, Kenny (9) 62, 132, 133 Lockridge, Rondy (9) 133 Lockridge, Ronnie (11) 117 Losh, Liso (9) 133 Lorrs, Ann (9) 133 Louderbock, Debbie (11) 117 Lovekomp, Kurr (9) 133 Lowe, Doug (11) 42, 117 Lowery, Russell (9) 133 Lucas, S, Paige (12) 28, 104, 50 Lunsford, Rodney (12) 47 Lunsford, Scorr (9) 133 Lunsford, Shelly (12) 96, 104, 41, 52, 49 Mu Mackey, Dona (12) 104, 50, 49 Maddox, Leo (9) Moddox, W. Anrhony (12) 47, 104 Modison, Tommy (10) Mokinen, Jukko (12) 15, 16, 71, 104, 18 Mocorre, Jim (12) 100, 104 Morks, Jeff (12) 42, 104 Martin, Cheryl (12) 104, 49 Morrin, Chuck (9) Morrin, Rosemary (12) 77, 104, 18 Morrin, Trocy (12) 6, 47, 105 Morrinez, Mario (10) 44, 48, 122, 127 Mossie, Lorroine (9) 133, 91 Maxwell, Mr. Dob (F) 71, 138 Moxwell, Richord (9) 133 Moyo, Dinky (12) 1, 105 Mays, Cindy (9) 15, 46, 133, 91 McAuley, Lori (9) 133 McCobe, Bobby (11) 10, 51, 117, 5 0 McCobe, Ricky (10) 127, 70 McChesney, F. Rheo (12) 8, 15, 28, 47, 96, 105, 41 McClure Furniture Company 161 McCormick, Vince (11) 117 McCray, Karla (11) 45, 46, 117 McDonold, Dennis (12) 105 McGonn, Donny (10) 127 McDow Funerol Home 155 McGiffin, Sara (12) 105, 49 Meodows, Brian (10) 127 Meodows, Debbie (12) 105 Meodows, Rondy (9) 133, 50 Merchant, Lorroine (12) 105, 50 Merchant, Mary (10) 127 Merrirr, Tim (10) 127 Miller, Dwoyen (11) 47, 64, 117 Miller, Eric (9) 64, 133 Mitchell, Ashleo (10) 127 Mitchell, Jeff 912) 105 Mize Supply Compony 147 Moore, Jomie (10) 9, 13, 46, 127 Moore, Jeff (11) 117 Moore, Koy (12) 47, 105 Moore, Robert (9) 133 Moore, Tino (9) 133 Moron, Lorry (10) 127 Moron, Tracey (9) 133 Morris, Robbie (12) 105 Morris, David (9) 133 Morris, Sheila (11) Moyer, Deboroh (10) 8, 127 Moyer, Pom (11) 117 Mullins, Sreve (9) 134 Murroy, Tommy (10) 48, 127 Nu Nohay, Valerie (9) 134 Neuger, Abby (10) 44, 48, 77, 122, 127 News-Virginian, The 148 Newsome, Richie (12 105 Nichols, Corey (9) 134, 41 Nichols, Par (10) 127 Nishido, Kozuko (12) 16, 28, 105, 50 Norford, Sreve (9) 48, 74, 134 Normon, Nancy (11) 46, 57, 117, 121, 93 Norman, Susan (10) 3, 8 , 20 , 46, 122, 127, 41, 93 North Americon Trucking 156 Norrhedge, Dovid (10) 127 Norrhedge, Deboroh (9) 134 Omega Obough, Mrs. Susan (F) 139 O ' Brien, Mrs. Koren (F) 137 Ocheirree, Tina (11) 117 Podgerr, Molly (9) 134 Padgerr, Scorr (11) 118 Painter, Libby (11) 118 Pointer, Liso (9) 15, 46, 134 Pointer, Timmy (10) 127 Porker, Dr. and Mrs. Gordon 158 Parker, Ronald (11) 10, 118 Pormer, Tonno (10) 127 167 Student Index Parsons, Freddie (9) Porrids, Sherri (10) 48, 128 Patrons 158 Porrerson, Mr Ken (F) Porrerson, Randy (10) Poullier, Pierrerre (12) 16, 106, 28 Peeples, Dorry (12) 3, 5, 45, 48, 94,106, 28, 92, 93 Peloso, Kim (11) 46, 117, 118 Pence, Chuck (12) 10, 105, 106, 109, 28, Pence, Dovid (10) 128 Penningron, Larry (10) 128 Peoples Phormocy 149 Perl, Sreve (9) 46, 134 Perry, Mory (10) 128 Perry, Robin (10) 128 Phom, Thonh (11) 118 Phillips, Mrs. Porry (F) 137 Piero, Mrs, Lois (F) 138 Plummer, Molcolm (10) 128 Polly, Cindy (11) 118 Polzin, Fleorher (11) 50 Polzin, Missy (9) 130, 132 Pompeo, Jeff (9) 36, 48, 134 Poflir, Alex (12) 16, 62, 63, 106, 92 Powers, Dorboro (11) 118 Price, Jon (12) Pringle, Jim (11) 23, 64, 118 Pringle, Leslie (12) 28, 106, 18 Procror, Doug (9) 48, 62, 134 Puckerr, Joe (11) 118 Puckerr, Tony (10) 128 Puckerr, Trocy (10) Puckerr, Woody (12) 15, 106 Puffenborger, Donno (9) 134 Puffenborger, J.D (11) 118 Purdee, Eric (11) 3, 118 Purdee, Kelly (10) 46, 48, 128, 92, 93 Q Quality Cleaners 144 Quick, Karen (10) 61, 128 Rho Ramsey, Darrel (12) 106 Ramsey, David (9) 91, 134, Ramsey, Jeff (12) 106, 50 Ramsey, Tino (10) 128 Rorchford, Alan (9) 48, 91, 134, 135 Rorchford, Sreve 911) 64, 115, 118 Rorhburn, Mrs, Kim (F) 137 Reed, Kim (10) 128 Reid, Liso (9) 134 Reynolds, Billy (10) 128 Reynolds Metol Company 145 Rhodes, Nicole (9) 134 Richardson, Mr Corron (F) 138 Richardson, Mrs. Fronds (F) 139 Richardson, Julie (10) 44, 122, 128, 129 Richordson, Robb (12) 44, 106 Richmon, Clouderre (9) Rickmon, Donny (9) 134 Riley, Dorboro (9) 130, 134, 91 Riley, Corhy (11) 119 Riley, Koro (12) 42, 106 Robbins, Lee (11) 65, 117, 119 Roberrson, Roger (11) 42, 119 Roberrson, Shown (11) 119 Roberrson, Vickie (12) 28, 106, 50, 49 Robmson, Jomes (9) 74, 134 Rodriguez, A Mike (12) 106 Rohrbough, Trocy (9) 134 Romognoli, Diane (11) 119, 50 Romognoli, Joey (9) 91, 134 Ross, Robin (12) 107, 49 Ruehl, Liz (10) 46, 51, 128 Rufe, Phil (9) 46, 134 Sigmo Sandy, Jeff (9) 4, 134 Soul, Jeff (10) 62, 63, 122, 128 Schlegel, John (10) 128 Schlegel, Mark (11) 94, 119, 92 Schmidr, Dill (11) 118, 119 Schmidr, Karen (10) 12, 51, 128 Schorsch, Undo (11) 12, 51, 110, 119, 121, 41 Schorsch, Mork (9) 48, 134 Seven-Eleven 150 Shode, Mary (12) 107 Sheaves, Becky (9) 134 Sheaves, Jeff (11) 4, 119 Sheers, Terry (9) Sheffield, Mrs Dorboro (F) Shenondooh Acres 152 Sherando Grocery 154 Shifflerr, Angie (9) 134 Shifflerr, Edie (9) 134 Shifflerr, Mrs Shoron (F) 136, 137 Shiflerr, Donnie (9) 134 Shiflerr, Doug (11) 70, 71, 72, 119 Shiplerr, Leon (11) 119 Shirley, Donno (11) 119 Shirley, Ronnie (11) 119 Shirley, Tina (10) 36, 128 Sholes, Josh (10) 128 Shoney ' s 155 Shop and Save 143 Showolrer, Vince (11) 119 Shumore, Tommy (9) 134, 135 Simmons, G Dewoyne (12) 107 Simmons, Joey (11) 119 Simmons, Leslie (9) 134 Simmons, Melody (10) 128, 50 Sirrer, Dovd (12) 28, 51, 107, 50 Sirrer, Pom (10) 128 Slock, Jimmy (9) 134 Smith, Derh (10) 48, 128, 41 Smith, Bobby (11) 23, 64, 71, 119 Smith, Dyron (9) 38, 134 Smith, Debbie (11) 120, 121, 41 Smith, Mrs. Dina (F) 139 Smith, Gory (11) 64, 71, 73, 120 Smith, Kevin (9) 14, 46, 134 Smith, Lorerro (12) 107 Smith, Lori (12) 8, 12, 15, 28, 42, 47, 107, 50 Smith, Millard (10) Smith, Srve (10) 64, 75, 128 Sneod, Tommy (9) 48, 90, 134, 91 Snell, Bobby (11) 120 SnopkowskI, Corol (9) 61, 134 Snopkowski, Paul (10) 71, 128 Snopkowski, Trish (12) 9, 57, 76, 77, 107, 50 Snyder, Bobby (12) 47, 107 Sorrells, Kim (12) 107 Sours, Dovid (10) 128 Sours, Mike (12) 107 Sporks, Terry (12) 64, 71, 107, 9 Spears, Sibbie (12) 107 Spilmon, Mrs. Patsy (F) 138, 50 Spizziri, Miss Joonne (F) 138 Spooner, Jeff (12) 24, 47, 107 Sprouse, Dole (11) 120, 21, 50 Sprouse, Jeonnie (10) Sprouse, Tony (10) 128 Stephens, Donnie (9) 134 Stephens, Terry (12) 107 Steppe, Morilyn (12) 107 Steppe, Wayne (12) 108 ' Stetson, Guy (10) 128 Stevens, Susan (12) 47, 108, 171 Srinespring, Brian (12) 108 Stinnett, Derh (11) 77, 116, 120 Stinnett, Debbie (9) 135 Stinnett, Glen (9) 135 Stone, Peter (10) 11, 47, 128 Srrickler, Stuart (12) 94, 107, 108 Srroop, Volerie (11) 23, 120 Stubbs, Donny (12) 47, 94, 108 Stump, Mory (12) 28, 47, 108, 50, 49 Stump, Pot (9) 46, 135 Stump, Tommy (9) 61, 135 Sfyle-n-Sfifch 150 Sullender, Soro (11) 57, 120 Summers, Som (10) 128 Sutton, Gleno (12) 11, 47, 108, 41 Swecker, Mrs. Corroll (Spartsmon ' s Club) 152 Swecker, Mark (10) 74, 129 Sweet, Dovid (11) 120 Swerr, Roger (12) 64, 66, 108, 18 Tqu Tolborr, Dill (10) 74, 75, 129 Tolborr, Mrs Soro (F) 137 Taylor, Chip (11) 120 Toylor, Mr James (F) 36, 137 Toylor, Wayne (10) 129 Toyman, Down (12) 108, 50 Templeton, Chip (12) 108 Thocker, Jeff (10) 6, 64, 129 Thocker, Mollie (12) 108, 41, 49 Thomas, Barry (12) 108 Thomos, Chonin (9) 48, 61, 135 Thorpe, Chris (11) 64, 65, 120, 92 Tidd, Alvin (12) 42, 109 Tingler, Soroh (9) 135 Tolbert, Greg (11) 48, 64, 110, 115, 120 Tomlin, Liso (10) 129, 50 Toner, James (12) 36, 109 Towns, A. Scott (12) 48, 64, 65, 66, 109, 17 Trend Setters 145 Troxell, Melanie (10) 44, 129 Truslow, Derry (9) 135 Truslow, Chorles (9) 135 Truslow, Cindy (12) 108 Turtle, Srocey (11) 120 V VonFossen, Robert (11) 120 VonGundy, Thereso (10) 129 Varner, Tommy (12) 108, 30 Veney, Lindo (12) 11, 57, 59, 108, 109 Veney, Susie (12) 9, 108 Vest, E Ann (12) 12, 47, 109 Vest, Florry (12) 64, 66, 109, 18 Vest, Junior (11) 120 Vest, Wondo (10) 129 Vey, Debbie (9) 135 Via, Robbie (12) 109 Vincent, Anesro (10) 51, 129 VonSeldeneck, Mr. William (F) 137 Vorel, Debbie (12) 96, 109, 41, 50 168 Student Index Wode, Lon (12) 109 Wolrers, Mike (11) 120 Wolrers, Parry (9) 46, 105 Warble, Loyron (11) 120 Warren, Kim (12) 44, 108 Worren, Shello (12) 44, 96, 108 Warren, Timmy (9) 5, 74, 100, 105, 17 Worers, Mr, Rondol (F) 108 Warrs, Keirh (10) 129 Woxmon, Addie (90) 46, 105, 91 Waynesboro Floriest 153 Waynesboro Jewelers 153 Woyne-Tex 154 Weorherholrz, Teresa (9) 105, 91 Weaver, Helen (12) 108 Weover Insurance 155 Weaver, Larry (12) 108 Weaver, Mrs. Lindo (F) 107 Weems, Miss Tina (F) 25, 108 Welcher, Karen (10) 129 Welcher, Liso (10) 48, 77, 129 Wellborn, Mr. Jim (Sportsman Club) 152 Wellborn, Scorr (11) 64, 67, 119, 120, 121 Wellborn, Suson (11) 120, 21, 91 Wells, Debbie (11) 120 Wells, Glorio (9) 105, 91 Wesr, Mrs, Derry (F) 109 Wesr, Noncy (9) 105 Western Auto 150 Whire, Larry (11) Whire, Teresa (11) Whire, Yvondo (12) 109 Whiresell, Drion (11) 120 Whiresell, Srarr (9) 105 Whirlods, Paula (11) 121 Wilk, Mr, Ntk (F) 64, 67 Willioms, Mike (9) 46, 105 Williamson, Rob (11) Willis, Dee (11) 12, 47, 121 Willis, Donno (12) 12, 47, 109, 170 Wilson, Guy (10) 129 Wilson, Lorry (12) 11, 12, 24, 46, 100, 106, 107 Wilson, Todd (10) 74, 129 Wilr, Darboro (10) 129, 50 Wilr, Tereso (10) 129 Wimer, Teresa 911) 121, 21 Wine, Ms, Cindy (F) Winegor, LoDonno (9) 105 Winegor, Lovinia (11) 121 Winfield, Scorr (9) 74, 105 Winsron, John (10) 129, 50 Winsron, Rurhie (10) 129 Winron, Mr, Shannon (F) 64, 67, 108 Wismon, Lewis (12) 42, 109 WJ Perry 14 Wood, Cynrhio (9) 105 Whire, Debbie (12) 109 Wood, Joey (9) 9, 46, 105 Wood, Trocy (11) 121 Wrighr, Dobby (9) 46, 105 Wrighr, Ideno (9) 105 Wrighr, Jomes (9) 68, 105 Wrighr, Tawnyo (11) 46, 121, 21 Y Yores, Liso (11) 121 Yoder, Lovino (9) 105 Yoder, Wesley (10) 129 Younger, Nora (10) 47, 51, 129 z Zirkle, Tina (11) 47, 56, 57, 121 Y I Top right: Cleaning our rheir locker be¬ comes o redious gome as Doug Argen- brighr, Drion Drown and John Dozon joking¬ ly begin rheir jobs Left: Waiting in line ro perform one of his many senior obligorions, Dovid Sirrer is surprised by rhe comero Above: Enjoying rheir Woshingron rrip, rhe seniors listen orrenrively. Student Index 169 Golden reflecrions Once more ir was rhor rime of year when everyone hod ro soy goodbye ril nexr year or soy goodbye forever. For some rhis was o joyous occasion bur for orders rhis was o rime for rears. The seniors faced rhor big srep inro rhe furure while rhe underclassmen woired for rheir rime ro arrive. The love for Sruorrs Drofr High grew deeper os everyone srrived for rheir goals in life. Even rhough many hod rheir ups and downs, Sruorrs Drofr received oil rhe credir for rhe wonderful momenrs we gained rhroughour rhe years- rhe mony friends we never forgor, rhe sporrs evenrs, rhe donees, and rhe romances. These collecrions of memories would al¬ ways linger in our minds forever. Right: Sophomore, r id " ;y McCobe is glad rhor school is olmosr our for rhe summer Above: Tired Donna Willis sleeps rhe remainder of her school days. 170 Conclusion 4 Left: Seniors Penny Arehorr and Susan Srevens srore off inro space as rhey rhink abaur pasr memo¬ ries, Delow: Donnie CzerwinskI ond Wendy Hurrr show rheir exciremenr of school lerring our. Conclusion 171 5.D.H.5. update editor ' s nore A yearbook is like o memory book rhor will losr o liferime. h years ro come, groduores will Ipok bock or rheir year¬ books in reference ro old friends ond clossmores. Also mony memoroble events ore coprured on every page and this was why it wos such an essential parr of high school years. I would like to rake this opportunity ro thank the members of the 1981 Yeor- book Sroff and our sponsors, Patricio Phil¬ lips ond Joner Glass for rheir cooperation throughout the school yeor. I would olso like ro extend many rhonks ro the 1981 Patrons ond business ' , and the yearbook buyers for rheir financial support. Also, I would like ro rhonk Gentry Photography and our Josrens representative. Chuck Lockord. I hope every yearbook buyer enjoys our 1981 volume, featuring for the first rime, sixteen pages of living color, which presents the rheme Network. Kim J. A orren, Editor 172 Editors Nore - 1 1 !• I I

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