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’ ! L The Legacy 1977 Volume 7 Stuarts Draft High School Stuarts Draft, Virginia 24477 Never again to move on, this partly demolished train sits with no hope of ever riding the rail again. TOP LEFT--The prospective class of 1983 will be the first to venture the halls of the new middle school. BOT¬ TOM LEFT — Coach Duncan inspects the new field house which his future football and track players will use. TOP RIGF1T--The community of Sturarts Draft experienced the wonder of nature ' s beauty and the bitterness of Jack Frost, which has proven to be the coldest win¬ ter of the century. BOTTOM RIGHT — Worn with age this old fence looks over the mountain road which offered valu¬ able experiences to many students. 2 Moving On With u brand new middle school building, our new field house, and a brand new plant on the way, all have proven that the little community of Stuarts Draft was moving on to bigger and better things. With a total number six hundred sixty-four graduates from S. D. H. S. since 1971, many have moved on to new places, new jobs, and to form new families. 3 Beginning . . . End As the gray hairs began to appear on the once new cougar and names of previ¬ ous students faded on the backs of desks, we realized time was moving on. When the school started seven years ago everything was brand new and the cougar was a spry kitten, time was just beginning. Now years later the school, worn with age and students never again to sit in the desks, we see that time has cherished its memories forever in our hearts. TOP LEFT--The buses ready to move on, carry the students home early one Monday morning due to a natural gas crisis. BOTTOM LEFT--The library provides a short way for many stu¬ dents, which will be cut off when shelves are put up to form walls. TOP RIGHT--The school has passed on its generation of students to build their own future lives. MIDDLE-- Students hurry and wait in long lines to get a nourishing meal! BOTTOM RIGHT--At this time students are rushing to their lockers, out to the buses, and to their cars, to get away from a hard day at school. 4 5 mM Some students always com¬ plained because there wasn ' t anything to do. Some kids in¬ volved in school life moved on with the varied activities such as Homecoming, mock elections, a Shakespearean play, " Freedom Jam, " " Nutz n Boltz, " and all other activities. I lowever, the complainers also attended the assemblies causing disturb¬ ances to lessen the enjoyment of others. Solutions for this prob¬ lem were sought by faculty and students together. Although per¬ fect behavior was not attained, the activities continued to move on the year. LEFT --Eighth grade boys dress out as Powder Puff cheerleaders for the game played on the football field during school. TOP—Students and teachers maintain joking relation¬ ships as shown by Nick Wilk and Chuck Watkins, BOTTOM— Homecoming prov ides special meaning to Sue Wright as she is crowned Queen with Philip Spaul¬ ding as King. Kathy McCann, last year ' s Queen, and Mr. von Selde- neck add to the occasion their special wishes. Homecoming Was Out Of Space Injured player, Raymond Hite, watches the foot¬ ball team play to Stuarts Draft ' s first Homecom¬ ing victory. ABOVE — Crowning the Homecoming Queen, Sue Wright, is Mr. von Seldeneck. 8 AIM October 8 and 9 will go down in the memories of Stuarts Draft as a very special Homecoming. It was the first Homecoming victory in the school ' s history. The theme of Homecoming 1976 was " Out of Space " and the activites were out of space. Each class constructed a float for competition. The floats were brought in front of the grandstand during halftime and the tenth grade class was judged the best. Chosen as Homecoming Queen was Sue Wright. Homecoming King was Phillip Spalding, and the King and the Queen danced together to the band, Ma¬ gic Touch. The cafeteria was decorated with alumi¬ num foil and stars to give an out of sight effect. Even though rain domi¬ nated the events, every¬ one had a fantastic time. LEFT--Pointing out Jon Short ' s better qualities are powder- puff cheerleaders Jeff Shipe, Phillip Spalding and Tony Musick. BELOW--Taking a rest from the sounds of Magic Touch are Janet Brown, Patti Faini, Laura Martinez and their dates during the Home¬ coming dance. 9 ■ i A Heated Election And A Cold Winter Affects The People Of Stuarts Draft The year 1976 was jam packed full of im¬ portant events. The event that captivated the world ' s attention was the presi¬ dential election. According to the Stuarts Draft High School polls. President Ford was elected by a landslide over Jimmy Carter. Presi¬ dent Ford was accurately portrayed by Bill Vance and Mr. Carter was played by Dennis Neuger. David Mowen acted as Eugene McCarthy, a third party candidate. The three candidates campaigned actively and participated in a debate sponsored by the SCA. Expert analysists re¬ viewed the debates and concluded that the con¬ test was a draw. In a narrow victory, Mr. Carter defeated President Ford in the national election. Mr. Carter had come, in three years, from a relatively unknown politician to our nation ' s president. 10 . ★ AMbRIC AN Al BRI for TOP LEFT--Downtown Waynesboro is desolate after a snowfall. BOTTOM LEFT — Icicles form on the roof of the house in pro¬ test to the cold weather. TOP RIGHT--Voters wait in line at the polls to vote for the person of their choice. LEFT—Area res¬ idents become involved in the state elections. ABOVE --Avid President Ford fans cheer him on during the Ford-Carter debates. c 11 Everyone began to feel the Christmas mood when the Senior Class turned the SDHS cafeteria into " A Charlie Brown Christ¬ mas” on Saturday, Decem¬ ber 11, 1976. The decora¬ tions centered around Peanut characters. The teachers ' lounge window featured Lucy, Linus, and Snoopy in action. The scene depicted a snowball fight. " The stockings were hung by the chimney with care " was the mes¬ sage the Peanuts gang shared in a bulletin board drawing. All the gangs united to dance to the mu¬ sic of " Zonker. " Later in the week, the SCA spon¬ sored Christmas Assembly would have gotten Scrooge himself in the Christmas mood. Entertaining music from the Band and Choral Dept, set the atmosphere. A delightful performance of the play " The Night Be¬ fore Christmas " lightened the aura, especially with Mr. von Seldeneck acting out the lead role. ■ ' ' m Christmas Means Fun For Everyone I— j -iiciicujLers onoopy, Lucv. Linus and Charlie Brown portray the Christmas dance theme " A Charlie Brown Christmas. " BOTTOM LEFT-Rhonda Sorrells joins Lucy and Snoopy at the ice rink to dance with Charlie Brown. TOP RIGHT--Cleverly disguised as Santa Claus, 1 ' . Lotts points out his lips to Mr. Von Seldeneck in " The Night Before Christmas. " BOTTOM RIGHT-The Concert Choir directed by Brian Holsopple entertains the school during the assembly by singing " Carol of the Bells. " ABOVE--The rein- pran “ into the 13 Outstanding Students Earn Recognition In Various Fields 14 Abundance is the only word that properly describes the number of outstanding students at Stuarts Draft High School. These students stay in the background most of the year until they receive the honors they deserve. Students were recognized for science, talent and beauty, general scho¬ lastic excellence and the desire to embark on new learning experiences. TOP RIGHT--Six outstanding Stuarts Draft seniors, (L TO R), Pat Hewitt, Laura Martinez, Patti Fa ini, Howard Lee, Cecil¬ ia Hanger, and Nancy Mazzeo are elected to the Society of Distinguished High School Stu¬ dents. RIGHT--Embarking on a learning experience, ten en¬ ergetic county high school stu¬ dents leave for the Hague from Stuarts Draft. rnH UMiX)ik 4i TOP LEFT — Signing a fan ' s cast is Kay Simmons, first runner-up in the 1976-1977 Miss Expo beauty pageant. ABOVE--Aspiring college students attend the annual College Night held at Stuarts Draft High School, to learn more about the college of their choice. LEFT-- Super science students, Eddie Furrow, Mark Sitter, Hildy Freeman and Carolyn Carter are chosen for the Junior Science Humanities Symposium. 15 Community Happenings Despite the unusually cold winter which caused the shut down of many area plants, schools and businesses of the Stuarts Draft area continued to move on nonstop. Land was rezoned for the build¬ ing of a new manufacturing plant, FMC, and building was halted for a short time of the new middle school because of snow. Asa precautionary mea¬ sure flu shots were dis¬ pensed locally and nation¬ ally, but were later halted as new evidence concerning the deaths of several elder¬ ly persons in the country became known. ib OPPOSITE PAGE: BOTTOM LEFT: Stuarts Draft area residents came out in full force to receive their swine flu shots which were given with the new injection guns. Stu¬ dents were called on to help regis¬ ter the people. TOP LEFT: An elementary school teacher and his advisor discuss teaching techniques during a " Qualifying " session which they must take in order to teach at the new Middle School. THIS PAGE: TOP: " The Railroad Station is worth saving, " states Larry Cohron as he asks for help in saving the old building at a concerned citizens ' meeting. MIDDLE: The FMC plant manager displays a sketch of die soon-to-be-built FMC plant. 18 Strange Things At S.D.H.S. BELOW LEFT: A new game, unnamed as yet, is played here by its creators, Gary Hyde and Jeff Johnson. TOP RIGHT: Even the teachers at Stuarts Draft do strange things as seen by Miss Rader display¬ ing the Dr. Jekyll side of her character. BOTTOM RIGHT: Everyone in Mrs. Lodoen ' s Physics class is intent upon the outcome of the race, in¬ cluding Doug Robertson. OP¬ POSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT: Taking time off from play practice is Jeff Shipe incogni¬ to. TOP RIGHT: " Care to shake hands on that? " asks Neil Morris. BOTTOM RIGHT: Fred Stone also has a strange habit, he is the Cougar ' s mascot. I 20 Students’ Favorites Stuarts Draft students had some very definite favorites in 1977 which ranged from certain al¬ bums to special jeans in¬ cluding everything in be¬ tween. Some of the " most " favorite things are pre¬ sented here in original artwork drawn and donated by a patron of the Stuarts Draft Yearbook Staff, Ginger Carter. li uJhere coo happen »nd usuafjtj does P CAE W ASH 21 coa.oaiKc« Godspell! If I didn ' t know that I was sitting in S. D. ' s aud¬ itorium, I could have sworn I was in a Broadway theater being captivated by ten delightful young people, performing the modern day version of the Gospel according to Saint Matthew. The performance of the entire cast was beyond excellence, which was proven when all were given the " Outstanding Drama Award " at the spring Honors Assembly. The cast included Jay McClure as Jesus with his disciples Terry Crow, Gail Fergu¬ son, Steve Ferguson, Nancy Quillen, Jon Short, Kay Simmons, Phillip Spalding, Kim Spangler, John Young, and understudy Charmaine Huff. Ms. Gail Lake direct¬ ed these fine performers with Brian Holsopple con¬ ducting the music, and with Ms. Ruth Ferree in charge of the lights. TOP LEFT--One of the finest drama students at S. D. H. S., Jay McClure portrays Jesus in the musical, GODSPELL. BOTTOM LEFT--The entire cast joins in with Terry Crow to sing " Jesus Loves Me. " TOP RIGHT--Kim Spangler captivates the audience with her singing of " Learn Your Lessons Well. " FAR RIGHT-- Listening intently to Jesus ' teachings is Gail Ferguson. BOTTOM RIGHT--The entire cast joins in with Jay McClure to perform one of the many parables. 23 i® Prom ’77 Pieces Of April With the Best of RAZZ¬ MATAZZ the Junior Class presented this year ' s prom, Pieces of April. Students and their dates, along with members of the fac¬ ulty, lined the banquet room of Ingle side for the second dinner dance in a row. A s the night drew to a close, the Senior Class greatly appreciated the hardwork and efforts of the Junior Class for a prom that will be long remembered. TOP LEFT--Two seniors, Rhonda Sorrells and Rusty Kivett enjoy the prom with their dates Judy Hoover and Tony Harmen. BOTTOM LEFT--Judy Henderson gets into the beat of the music by RAZZMATAZZ. TOP RIGHT--Students seemed enthused by the good music. FAR RIGHT--The faculty seemed to enjoy this year ' s prom as much as the students did. BOT¬ TOM RIGHT--As the night wore on so did the fun and excitement. 25 Class Night — Yesterdays Tomorrows Through the hassles and arguments, the Senior Class Night, " Yesterdays and Tomorrows " finally got underway. The Show took place on May 27, 1977. Some of the skits were of the previous year’s J. V. Show which came under " Yesterdays " and others were showing times of the future for " Tomor¬ rows. ” Altogether the Senior class put on a show that will not be easily forgotten. TOP LEFT--John Wymer, Tina Collins and Nancy Mazzeo were the " M.C, ’s " for the senior survival test. FAR LEFT--Pat Hewitt posing as Mr. Baxter, checks on the parking lot confusion. BOTTOM LEFT--The talent¬ ed twins of the Senior Class, Galen and Garland, once again played their popular duet for the audience. TOP RIGHT--Philip Spaulding, one of the many senior class beauties, shows his side profile to the many on-lookers of the beauty contest. BOTTOM RIGHT--Diana Beverage and Erica Sim¬ mons look on as Kay Simmons stomps on her lunch because it moved during a skit in the Senior Survival Test. Sports moved on this year with many changes in its structure. The Varsity Footbal 1 team had its best record in the history of the school. The Girls Basketball team bat¬ tled for a second place in the district while the Cross County Runners battled against the cold to earn their achievements. The Boys Basketball team with their new coach. Bill Hale, worked hard to learn and to improve their skills. All athletes recovered from their defeats and moved on to achieve higher goals. TOP LEFT—All three Varsity Foot¬ ball coaches worked together sup¬ porting their team members in all incidents. TOP RIGHT--Cougars Varsity Basketball team is hopeful for good season under new coach, Bill Hale. BOTTOM — Cross Country runners work hard for honors of a non-spectator sport. o Varsity Cougar Football The Cougar Varsity football team of 1976 broke virtually all individual records as they clawed their way to respectability and a 4-5-1 record, the best in the school ' s history. Led by a host of sen¬ iors, the Cougars were on one of the best defensive teams in the area. The prospects for next year are better than ever with 20 juniors returning to the fold. 30 I LEFT: Mike Saul scrambles to get loose. RIGHT: Catch¬ ing the kick-off, Ricky Glenn runs for yardage. Cougars Break Record In School’s History : John Young and Doug Robertson run to the locker room after a hard practice. the ground, Mike : football. Saul Falling to the hold to on •v Sr ' Chip Buehler (14) passes the football to a Cougar receiver. licky Glenn is tackled by he opposing defensive team. A Cougar offensive player is blocked by the challenging team Jfo ' frr y TOP LEFT: Mr. Snopkowski announces the varsity Cougar ' s plays. TOP RIGHT: Three Cougar players rim down the field to gain yardage. TOP: Coaches Wilks, Hale, and Dun¬ can send in Doug Robertson for the next play. MIDDLE: Chuck Watkins and Wayne Pannell pose for a picture after practice. BOTTOM: Ricky Glen runs for a Cougar touchdown. Ll «au Due to their outstand¬ ing playing, the following people received post-sea- son recognition: Mike Lyons-1st team all district and 1st team all city-coun¬ ty; John Young--1st team all district and 1st team city-county; Mike Saul-- 1st team all district; Ricky Glen--1st team all district; Wayne Pannell-- 1st team all district. Cougars In Action Elkton Riverheads Wilson Fort Defiance Waynesboro James River Parry McCluer Bath County Buffalo Gap Page County 35 Junior Varsity Football The Junior Varsity Cougar team, this year rebounded from last year ' s disasterous 0-7-1 season to register a very respect¬ ful 4-3-1 record with the help of Coaches Almarode and Duncan. The outstanding high¬ light of the season was the defeat of the highly touted Kate Collins Jr. High. The Junior Varsity team had cause to be proud of their fine per¬ formance of this football season. •C The Junior Varsity offensive line gets ready for a hike. a X ■».. 36 SD 0 Riverheads 24 SD 8 Ft. Defiance 6 SD 6 James River 6 SD 15 John Lewis 6 SD 6 Buffalo Gap 8 SD 8 Kate Collins 6 SD 24 Lexington 6 SD 14 Wilson 19 37 ! a A Girls’ Varsity Basketball Terry Kiser puts the ball up for two points for the Cougars. Regina Chepalis shoots for a basket Fighting for the ball, Pam Wells at tempts to recover it. 38 it The 1976 Girl ' s Varsity Basketball team came through tliis season with an out stand¬ ing record of 12-2. The Lady Cougars were led by Coach Diann " Crace " Rader and tri-captains Regina Chepalis, Teri Kiser, and Pam Wells. Outstanding players who made 1st all-district and all city-county were Regina Chepalis and Pam Wells. Making 2nd all-district and 2nd all city-county team were Beth Cleavenger and Teri Kiser. Regina was 2nd high¬ est scorer in the Shenandoah District averaging 19 points a game for a total of 304 points. Pam Wells was named Best Defensive Player in the Shenandoah District. Girls get instructions from Coach Rader. € ’ - I - Terry Crow attempts to get the ball from the Riverheads team. 39 Cougar Girls Display Talent Beth Cleavenger dribbles the ball down the court. ■ ' •a m r 1 I S £ .4 Terry Crow goes up for a rebound. Regina Chepalis adds two to the scoreboard. SD 48 Ft. Defiance 49 SD 40 Bath County 34 1 SD 55 Wilson 51 SD 55 Riverheads 44 SD 62 VSD 30 SD 52 Buffalo Gap 44 SD 55 Highland County 43 SD 60 Ft. Defiance 59 SD 53 Bath County 30 SD 62 Wilson 49 SD 48 Riverheads 73 SD 62 VSD 35 SD 59 Buffalo Gap 38 SD 53 Highland County 39 41 A " pesky " Gladiator tries for a steal but Michelle MacWelch won ' t let her have it. Girls’ Junior Varsity Basketball The Girl ' s junior Varsity basketball team finished the season with a 6-7 record, not a winning record, but a respectable one. The girls worked hard and look forward to improving their record next year. The girls were coached by Ruth Ferree. s Boys’ Varsity Basketball The Varsity Boys Bas¬ ketball Team worked hard for their new coach, Bill Hale. It was quite a disap¬ pointment when they ended up with a 5-15 record. Next year ' s team will have lost five seniors, includ¬ ing Gary Hyde, Rob Snop- kowski, Roy Shifflett, David Dulaney, and Doug Robertson. With some of the team players return¬ ing next year, the team hopes for a better and stronger season. TOP LEFT--Rob Snopkowski goes in for a re¬ bound. FAR LEFT—Fifty-fifty chance, no odds. BOTTOM LEFT--Kevin Snopkowski goes up for a Cougar basket. TOP RIGHT--Preparing for a layup, Gary Hyde puts the ball up behind two of his opponents. BOTTOM RIGHT--the ball is up for grabs. ■I Hale’s First Year As Varsity Coach TOP LEFT--Under new leadership, the team listens intently to Coach Hale. FAR LEFT-- Jeff Johnson in hesitation studies where to throw the ball next. FAR BOTTOM LEFT-- Roy Shifflett tips in two points. BOTTOM LEIHM-Riverheads and Cougars clash for a jump ball. TOP RIGHT--Gary blocks his opponent ' s shot. BOTTOM RIGHT--Kevin strides to make two points for his team. i t I 48 A Year For Rebuilding SD 57 Lexington 69 SD 35 E. Mennonite 59 SD 70 Broadway 62 SD 48 Parry McCluer 55 SD 37 Waynesboro 64 SD 69 Ft. Defiance 86 SD 42 Waynesboro 75 SD 62 Broadway 61 SD 42 Buffalo Gap 81 SD 49 Wilson 69 SD 76 Ft. Defiance 82 SD 63 Riverheads 78 SD 58 Bath County 56 SD 71 Highland 61 SD 71 Highland 51 SD 46 Buffalo Gap 52 SD 61 Wilson 76 SD 67 E. Mennonite 83 SD 57 Bath County 61 SD 72 Riverheads 77 SD 43 Buffalo Gap 63 TOP MIDDLE—Displaying his talent, Gary goes up for two points. BOTTOM MIDDLE--Surrounded by Riverheads, Roy goes up for two. FAR LEFT--Rob makes a foul shot. TOP RIGHT--Kevin in for the catch. BOTTOM RIGHT--Alex Marcotte shoots past his opponents. i 49 50 Junior Varsity Basketball With the appointment of a new coach and with only four returning play¬ ers, this season was one of rebuilding for the J. V. Cougars. Although the team was young and rela¬ tively inexperienced, prac¬ tice and determination paid off as this year ' s team ended the season with a well-earned 9-11 overall record and a 5-7 record in district play. The fine ef¬ forts displayed by the J. V. team and Coach Harvey Almarode were greatly appreciated by their fans. FAR LEFT--Gary Smith shoots for two while teammate Tim Zirkle looks on. MIDDLE LEFT --Brent Showalter jumps high while trying to gain another basket in the game with E. M. H. S. Cougar Kenny Staudt waits in the background. TOP RIGHT--Fred Martin fires a jump shot as Gary Smith positions for a possible rebound. BOTTOM RIGHT--Cougar ' s Jay Pence and Rod¬ ney Cullen wait for the outcome of the oppos¬ ing Giant ' s shot. FAR BOTTOM RIGHT--Look¬ ing for assistance from his teammates is Cou¬ gar Rodney Cullen. 51 1 TOP LEFT—Fred Martin jumps above three defending In¬ dians in this scoring attempt. FAR LEFT —Rodney Cullen scores a basket in a victorious effort against the Waynes¬ boro Giants. Final score: SD 50 and Waynesboro 46. TOP RIGHT—Junior Varsity Basketball Team: KNEELING —Gary Smith, Coach I Iarvey Almarode, Kenny Staudt. ST AND - ING—Stevie Staudt, Mike Mazzeo, Gary Sweet, Buddy Neal, Tim Zirkle, Fred Martin, Jeff Stinespring, Gary Coffey, Jay Pence, Rodney Cullen, David Leach, Paul Fitzgerald and Brent Showalter. Absent from picture Chuck Talbott. November 22, 1962—March 17, 1977 The untimely death of Stevie Staudt saddened all who knew him, Stevie was a remarkable young man who ex¬ celled in athletics and in scholarship. To keep Stevie ' s exuberance for life alive, numerous awards and honors have been established in his mem¬ ory throughout the community and in our school. No words have been or our over Indoor Track The Indoor Track Team worked hard and put forth much effort this season for a fine record. The team had alot of determin¬ ation and hope to get stronger in the coming years at S. D. H. S. 54 FAR LEFT--Willie Harris pushes for the Cougar team. TOP LEFT--Cookie Wil¬ liams is up and over. BOTTOM LEFT-- Cougar teammate puts forth his best in the broad-jump. TOP RIGHT--A little too short. BOTTOM RIGHT--Cookie passes baton to a Cougar teammate in the hopes of victory. 55 1 TOP LEFT--Cross Country Team receives instruc¬ tions from Coach Bill Harouff. MIDDLE LEFT-- Bill " ace " Vance puts forth working effort. FAR LEFT--Pushing on to be number one. TOP RIGHT --Cougar Cross Country Team. BOTTOM RIGHT --What a race ! FAR RIGHT--Running hard to win. 56 “Spectator-Less” Cross Country Has Great Season In the 1977 Cross Country Track Team, Wil¬ liam Harouff coached the all male team. They had a very good, but tough season. Bill Vance, the only senior, gave outstand¬ ing performances in his long-distance running. The underclassmen also con¬ tributed outward achieve¬ ments. 57 Students developed their extra-curricular ed¬ ucation by joining clubs that dealt with their inter¬ est s. Areas of interest ran from rocketry to journalism, photography to forensics, agriculture to home economics. As the student population had grown so did the variety of clubs a student could join. w f Ml ' jTTisr, rj COUCH I ■ V ■ ffflilTSIllW TORTS at COUGAtf COUGM ■ ' ft ' ,’ 1 pun bu:i ' COUGAR | err W etr pursuirW ircnnj ' COUGAtiT COUG I rr H err f .run MW Bin i COUGMW ' OUG. pun nur,, ' OUGABS rr V err my? W etl irsjur ' ' nun iu. ' «pun jutW snur.l OARS fOUGAtVOOGARif COUO! lunsun ' Sugars I etr ’ ' ■nun ai ( OUGA 1 .nun surl fOUGABS’ TOP LEFT--A11 interested students work hard and play hard. TOP RIGHT--Groups of students work together for common goals. BOT- TOM--Cheerleaders are always a vital part of the school ' s organiza¬ tions. i ' r. ' i. CONCERT CHOIR MEN " - . :; " " ; . . ■ a—i SaMM rnm Mutt WKmmmm wmBKmKmSSM merit, tne groups participat public ' concerts- ' - - formal Christmas M sprit cert in-May,... v.h ' ' .The;C’qhcert approximated eciatio Music at Stuarts Dr High, both instrumental and vocal, soared to new heights as new classes were added, and a new band dircetor grippe ’ plpl 6S3I £5 1 i. Career Clubs Extend Themselves Three of the Draft ' s many career clubs extend¬ ed their arms this year to learn more of their respec¬ tive job interests. Students for Action in Education (SAE) was in¬ volved in many projects and experiences through¬ out the year. Asa Christ¬ mas project, the SAE made and stuffed Christ¬ mas stockings for resi¬ dents of the District Home. First hand experiences and guest speakers helped the organizations ' s mem¬ bers to see what the edu¬ cation field could be like. Other year plans included a sock hop and attending a play at Madison College. The DECA Chapter at SDHS has attended Re¬ gional and State Leader¬ ship Conferences, as well as completing the follow¬ ing activities: a candy sale which raised $700, the giving of a food basket to a needy family, the holding of officer installa¬ tion, a field trip to Tangle- wood Shopping Mall in Roanoke to learn new merchandising trends and employment possibilities in marketing, a parent- teacher tea, an employer- employee banquet, and a Marketing Careers Week. Stuarts Draft ' s Health Careers club extended themselves with new learn¬ ing experiences this year, as they scheduled speakers from the community en¬ gaged in the health field, and planned a field trip to Children ' s Rehabilitation Center in Charlottesville. 62 Students spend a great deal time working on club acti¬ vities, SAE Club. 63 •• . ' its ifitS f M FHA Improving Education Future farmers and future homemakers to¬ gether added much life to the Stuarts Draft High scene, as well as improv¬ ing their own education. Lead by two new agri¬ culture teachers, Mr. S. Saufley, and Mr. K. Mil¬ ler, the Future Farmers of America participated in numerous shows and con¬ tests throughout the year. The organization inducted thirty new greenhands in the fall, sponsored a crop and hobby show, sold 1047 cases of citrus fruit, won first place in the Augusta County FFA For¬ estry Contest, and placed second in the area contest. The organization also con¬ ducted special community improvement projects, dis¬ tributing Christmas toys to needy families, and sponsoring a safety poster contest for sixth and seventh graders at Ladd and Stuarts Draft Elemen¬ tary. The FFA helped improve the school by adding shrubbery to the grounds and pouring concrete into a small section of sidewalk. The Future Homemakers of America was involved in many activities this school year, nearly all of which were centered a- round the theme of " A Helping Hand. " Starting September with a trip to the State Fair, the fall ' s activities were rounded out with craft demonstrations, new mem- initiation, Parent- member banquet, needy family support, and a Christmas tea for teachers. The rest of the year featured work on various FHA degrees, planning of the annual SweetHeart Dance, a talent show, a skating party, election of officers, a fashion show, and a Helping Hand Day. FHA As a FFA member, Stephanie Shull wins an honor in sheep competition. 64 FFA FFA Officers FFA District Officers with S.D. ' s David Kanagy serving as reporter. 65 Science, Safety Clubs Look Ahead Looking ahead to pos¬ sible future careers in science, members of the SDHS Science Club this year sponsored a trip to the Smithsonian Institution this fall and also sponsored a special film for science classes in the spring. Speakers and rocket re¬ lated activities have been heard and carried out at meeting times and after school. Made up of student bus drivers, the Safety Club held periodic meetings to discuss problems that a- rose in connection with different aspects of school transportation. Both regu¬ lar and substitute drivers participated. Science Club sponsors Space Program assembly All club members reach for knowledge, b6 SATEY CLUB INDUSTRIAL ARTS 4 . • SCIENCE CLUB 67 Exploring Journalism, Photo- graphy Journalism and photo¬ graphy were more of the many career angles that SDHS students explored. Many experiences from these three clubs will be remembered for a long time to come. Photography Club was organized last year in order to help students who were interested in photography to gain knowledge and ex¬ perience. During the year, 20 members participated in the club ' s activities, which included monthly meetings where students can show their work and gain helpful suggestions to improve their skill. Several special pro¬ grams were presented through the year. A permanent school newspaper became a reality at the high school this year, as more than 20 per¬ sons endeavored to put forth THE INFORMER. Founded and funded by the SCA, the newspaper got its start. Advertisements and features graced the pages of the Informer as it grew in size and strength. The staff of The Legacy, Stuarts Draft ' s yearbook, gained helpful knowledge for possible future careers as they made ready for publication the second an¬ nual done according to yearbook standard rules. " Movin ' On, " the theme of the publication, helped spur the staff on to reach new goals and make an evan better yearbook than before. 68 69 Le Cercle Franca is sc reunit le deuxieme jeudi de chaque mais pendant 1, hcure doactivite. Pen¬ dant l ' annee il y avait aus- si plusieurs activities apres l ' ecole. D ' abord, il y avait une reunion spe- ciale pour feter les nou- veaux membres. Tout le monde a goute des fro- mages. Le 17 decembre plusierus membres sont alles chanter avec Le Cercle EspagnoL EL y ayait beaucoup de choses a manger, Au printemps, il y avait un banquet in¬ ter nationale. Tout le monde adore la cuisine francaise. Like the French Club, the Latin Club was very active this year. Members held a bake sale in October and plans were being made to hold a " legs” contest for basketball players in February, to attend the Virginia Players ' Produc¬ tion of " The Bacchae " by Euripedes in February, and a volleyball tournament with other foreign languages. TOP—Students wait to enter a room for their weekly club meeting. BOTTOM--Hildy Freeman and Dana Cull bring their " friends " to club meetings. Volleyball was another ' morfti sponsored by the SAA. This year the " Stuarts Draft High School Players " , I while under the new spon¬ sorship of Ms. Gail Lake, grew to include about sev¬ enty-five members. The Players presented in De¬ cember their first Shake¬ spearean production of " A Midsummer Night ' s Dream " and in February, they pre¬ sented their one act play i to the festival under the | directorship of Ms. Ruth Ferree. In April, by col¬ laborating with the music department, the Players sponsored a production of the musical, " Godspell " . Several students were, in November, accepted as new members of the Inter¬ national Thespian Society, the Honor Society for Ac¬ tors and Actresses who ' ve worked many hours in the Theatre. Stuarts Draft ' s Foren¬ sics team had a winning I Practice Season. The first victory, over Fort De¬ fiance, was 46-35. Stuarts Stuarts Draft ' s victory over Buffalo Gap was won with a score of 44-36. The County Meet was held in January and the District, Regional, and State Mee ts followed in early Spring. j Stuarts Draft High Sch School’s Debate Club pre¬ pared this year for some Spring meets before going to the District Meet some¬ time in March, or April. Plans were to arrange two or three meets with the County Schools for some actual practice in debating. Both of above pictures are scenes from the one-act play " A Midsummer Night ' s Dream. " 75 mmm S5E 76 Cheer¬ leaders Provide Spirit Prior to the beginning of the school year J. V. cheerleaders attended camp. The squad cheered enthusiastically at both Girl ' s and Boy ' s J. V. bas¬ ketball games and J. V. football games, too. Their many activities included cheering for- the " Pack-A- Pinto " contest, prompting our school to a commen¬ dable second place, and Christmas caroling followed by a taco dinner. In an attempt to boost the morale of the J. V. bas¬ ketball team, the cheer¬ leaders gave them a party. Along with the Varsity squad the J. V. cheerleaders previously gave a party for the football team. Despite the constant problems involved, this year was a successful year for the J. V. cheerleading squad. For the most part, practices weren ' t unbear¬ ably long or strenuous. Certainly, this year will be one always remembered by the cheerleaders on the J. V. squad. Cheerleaders have many friends and are involved in many activities. T Cheerleaders add great style and spirit to all athletic activities. .. . TV g .,y £ i ■ 4 - . 4 - -i p X TOP TWO--Varsity cheerleaders in action and re¬ laxing. MIDDLE--Junior Varsity cheerleaders with a friend. BOTTOM--The S.D.H.S. Majorettes. 77 SCA And Key Club Are Involved The Student Council once again excelled in pro¬ viding the school with out¬ standing leadership, many varied activities, and ac¬ complishments, such as all the Homecoming activi¬ ties, new books for history and government classes, constitution revisions and contributions to the IN¬ FORMER. The SCA is well on the way to being the most highly valued organi¬ zation at S, D. H. S. SCA SCA ; : 4iMatti£Kii TOP LEFT--SCA ' s President Sue Wright was crowned Homecom¬ ing Queen, an honor well de¬ served for all her hard work. BOTTOM LEFT-- " Freedom Jam " was one of many SCA sponsored activities. RIGHT — The Mock Debate and Elections were also SCA sponsored activi¬ ties as shown here with David Mowen portraying Eugene Mc¬ Carthy. SCA Officers Key Club I i ■ 79 Ail classes worked as an unified body this year to obtain goals that would benefit the entire student body. The Seniors led the masses with the mock election, the magazine campaign, and the Christ¬ mas dance. All classes sponsored various pro¬ jects, social and service, to promote the well-being of the school. The eighth grade class stood out as the largest class in the school ' s history, with 256 members. ' ..tMOmtiQ TOP LEFT--Eighth and ninth graders gather in the media center to catch up on the latest news. TOP RIGHT--Members of the Sophomore class discuss the megaphone sales during their free time before school. BOTTOM—The media center provides an excellent gathering place, especially for the Seniors. I fc I New things began and old things ended as Stuarts Draft ' s Class of ' ll soon found out. When the year ended each Senior member went their own way. Some planned to go to college; others found jobs. During the year the Senior Class sponsored the Mock Election in which only Senior Class members partici¬ pated. Seniors also sponsored the Christmas dance. With a full year behind them the Class of ' ll well deserved their diplomas. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS--Tina Collins, Reporter; Natalie Ford, President; Rhonda Sorrells, Treasurer; Cecilia Hanger, Secre¬ tary; Pam Hiner, Vice President. Donnie Allman Kevin Almarode JoAxm Holmes Bacon Kim Barker Diane Bell Hilda Bell Karen Berrang DONNIE ALLMAN--VICA, Bassmasters Club, FFA, Hunters Safety. JOANN HOLMES BACON—Science Club, FHA, GAA, FBLA, Powderpuff, Jr. Class Reporter, Music II, Adv. Choir, Inter- Class Volleyball. KIM BARKER—French Club 11,12, Latin Club 12, S.C.A. Representative. KAREN BERRANG—Cheerleading 10,11, Latin Club 9, 10, 11,12, French Club 11, 12, Health Careers 11, 12, S.C.A. Rep. 11, Science Club 10,11, J.V. Show, S.O.D.A. 12. 83 Teddy Brown Glenn Burkholder David Campbell Eddie Campbell Paul Carter Steve Clark Gary Coffey Richard Cohron Donna Bowman 84 Tina Collins Lowell Comer Brenda Conner Virginia Cox CHERYL BERRY--Science Club 8,9; Band 8-12; Spanish Coub 10; J.V. Show; SAA 11, 12. DIANA BEVERAGE—Pep Club 8; Intermural Basketball 9; French Club 9-11 (10, Vice President); Science Club 9-11 (9, Vice President); SODA 10-12; Powderpuff 9; J.V. Show; Yearbook Staff 11-12 (12 co-editor); SAE 11-12; Health Career Club 12; Intermural Volleyball 12. TED BROWN—Science Club 9. GLENN BURKHOLDER—FFA 8-12. DAVID CAMPBELL—8th Grade Basketball; J.V. Football; J. V. Baseball; Varsity Football 10-11; Varsity Club 10-11; Key Club 11; VVTC; VIC A Club; FFA 9-11. EDDIE CAMPBELL—FFA 10,11; DECA 10-12. PAUL CARTER—J.V. Baseball 8; 8th Grade Basketball; Inter¬ class Basketball; FFA - 8 12, (Sentinel, Treasurer); J.V. Track and Field. GARY COFFEY—J.V. Football 8-12; J.V. Baseball 8-12; VIC A. RICHARD COHRON—FFA 9-11. TINA COLLINS—Cheerleader 8; J.V. Cheerleading 9,(10, Captain) Varsity Cheerleading 11 (12, Captain); GAA, 11, 12; SCA Homeroom Representative 8,9, 11, SCA Reporter, 12; Class Treasurer 9; Class Vice President 10; Class Reporter 12; Science Club 10, 11; Pep Club 8; Photography Club 11; SAE 8; Latin Club 9, 10, 11; French Club 11, 12; Health Careers Club 10, 11; Varsity Track 9, 10; Powder - Puff Foot¬ ball 8,9; SODA 10, 11, 12; J.V. Show 11. BRENDA CONNER—FHA 8, 12; Science Club 9, 10; Spanish Club 9,10, 11; Health Careers Club 10, 11, 12; Photograghy Club 10; GAA 11, 12; Powder Puff 12. ROBYN CROMER—FHA 8; Science 9; FHA 11; GAA 11; J.V. Show; FBLA 12; SDAA 12. 85 T Donna Marie Dedrick Rita Diehl Craig Dovel DONNA MARIE DEDRICK--FHA 8-12, (Pres. 12), Science Club 9-11, SAE 9-11, Spanish Club 9-11, Safety Club 11-12, Soda 12, J.V. Show, SCA Homecoming Refreshment Chairman 12. RITA DIEHL--Drama Club 8-9, Sae 9, Science Club 11, J.V. Show, D.E. V. Pres. 11. CRAIG L. DOVEL- -Soda 10-12, Science Club 8-10, Pep Club 8, Spanish Club 10, 11, SCA 11, Varisty Football 11, Varisty Golf 10-12, Health Careers 11-12, J.V. Show. STEVE DRIVER—Basketball 9, J.V. Baseball. ALYSON EAST--Music 8,9, Science Club 9,10, DECA 12, Powderpuff 10-12, Spanish Club 10, 11, Safety Club 11, 12, J.V. Show, Drama 9, Interclass Basketball 9, GAA 11- 12, Band banner carrier 10-12. AMY LOUISE EAST--Choir 8-12, Powderpuff 10-12, Drama Club 11, 12, J.V. Show, GAA, 11, Camelot Play 11, 1 Act Play, Science Club 10, Junior Regionals 9, Regionals tryouts 10-12, Combined Area Chorus 11. JEFF ELLINGER—VICA. PATTI FAINI—Track 9, SODA 10-12, SCA homeroom representative 10, SCA Vice Pres., Spanish Club 9-12 (Pres. ), Science Club 9, 10,11, Annual Staff 12, Drama Club 12, Chess Club 10, Health Careers Club 11, 12, J.V. Show, Powderpuff 9-12. RODNEYS. FERGUSON--FFA 8, J.V. Show, J.V. Basketball 9, SODA 10-12, Spanish Club 10, Varsity football 12, Varsity Club 12, Varsity Basketball 12. MICHAEL A. FISHER—J.V. Baseball. Ricky Doyle Steve Driver David E ulany Although advits think adolescent relationships don ' t last long, David Dulaney and Lori Lambert are an exception to the rule. Alyson East Amy Louise East Jeff Ellinger Patti Faini Rodney S. Ferguson Michael A. Fisher Tony Floyd Natalie Justine Ford Beth Gilbert Debbie Green Brenda Greene Carl Grove TONY FLOYD--Basketball 8, SCA 8, J.V. football 8,9, Cross Country 10, Varsity foot¬ ball 11,12, J.V. Show, Frnch Club 10, Science Club 8,9, Interclass Basketball 10, Basketball Statistician 10-12. NATALIE FORD—Band 10, Basketball 10, Science Club 10,11, GAA 11, SCA 10,12, Forensics 11,12, French Club 10-12, SODA 10-12, Class Secretary 10,12, Concert Choir 12, Track, 10, Band reporter 10, SCA Vice Pres. 11, J.V. Show, Class Pres. 12, Annual Staff 12. BRENDA GREENE--FHA 9-12, Interclass Volleyball 10, 11, Science Club 9, 10, GAA 11, 12, DECA 12, J.V. Show, Choral 10. IRA PRESTON HAILEY--Science Club 8,9, WCT RICKY HALL--J. V. football 9, 10, Varsity football 11, Band 8- 12, Indoor track, Outdoor track, SCA, Varsity Club, Science Club, Photography Club, SpanishClub 9, 10, Weightlifting. MARIE ANNETTE HAMILTON--FHA 8-12, Science Club 9- 11, GAA 10-12, Powder Puff 8-12, French Club 10-12, J.V. Show. BONNIE LOUISE H ANSH AW - -French Club 8-10, Pep Club 8, Powderpuff 8-12, Science Club, 8, Cheerleader 8, Majorette 10-12 (12-Capt.), FHA-12, Class Vice pres. 8,9. DAVID HARRIS--VICA, J.V. football, Safety Club. GAIL HARRIS--Science Club 9-11, Spanish Club 9-11, FHA 8-12 (Vice pres. 11, typist 10), SAE Reporter 11, J.V. Show WILLIE HARRIS--J.V. football 8-9, J.V. track 8, 9, Basket¬ ball 8,9 Varsity football 11, 12, Varsity track 11, 12, Varsity Club. Mrs. Lodoen looks on as Howard Lee takes over her Physics class. KATHRYN HARRISON—French Club 9-12, Science Club 9- 11, Drama Club 12, SAE 12, J.V. Show, Music 9-12 re¬ gional choir 10), Forensics 12. DAVID HATTER—FFA 8-10,12, J.V. football 8,9, Science Club 8, Interclass Basketball 8-10, 12. BECKY HATTER—FBLA 11, 12, FHA 8-10, Science Club 8, Powderpuff 12, Interclass Basketball 8. JUDY HENDERSEN--Majorettes 11,12, VICA, Powderpuff, Science Club. PHYLLIS HENDERSON—FHA, 9-12, Choir 10-12. SANDRA LYNN HENDERSON--FHA 8,9,11,12, ScienceClub 9, SAE 10, FBLA 11, 12. Preston Hailey Ricky Hall Marie Hamilton Dea Hamrick Cecilia Hanger Bonnie Hanshaw 88 $ 0 m David Harris Gail Harris Willie Harris Kathryn Harrison David Hatter Becky Hatter Judy Henderson Phyllis Henderson Sandra Henderson GARLAND GEIL HEATWOLE--Talent Show 8, J.V. football 9, Varsity football 10-12, J.V. Show, Concert Choir 11, 12, Varsity Club 12. BRIAN HESTON-—FFA 9-11, VICA 11, Senior Float Commit¬ tee 12. PAT HEWITT —Science Club 9-11, J.V. ' football 9, J.V. Varsity Basketball Manager 10, Photography Club 11, 12, Annual Staff Photographer 12, Health Carrers Club 11. JOHNH. HIGGINS—Science Club 9, J.V. football 9, Track 11, Golf 12. PAM HINER—Powderpuff football 8-12, SODA 10-12, Con¬ cert Choir 12, French Club 11, Majorettes 10, 11, Pep Club 8,9, Class Secetary 9, Vice President 12, SCA Second Vice President 11, Homecoming Representative 10, Homecoming Chairman 11, Forsensics 11, Band Vice President 11, Band President 12. SCOTT HUMPHRIES—Science Club 9, 10, French Club 9, 10, Eighth Grade Bask etball, J.V. Basketball 9, Varsity Basketball 10-12, Varsity Club 12. DENISE G. HUNT--FBLA 11, FHA 8-12, DECA 12. JULIE JOHNSON--Pep Club 8, Powderpuff football 8-11, Intermural Basketball 8, Intermural Volleyball 12, GAA 11, J.V. Show, Health Careers 11-12, Yearbook Staff (co- editor 12). JUDY JONES—FHA 8, Powderpuff football 8-12, Science Club 9, Interclass basketball 9-12, J.V. Show, FBLA 11, SDAA 11, Intermural Volleyball 11-12. ROBERT KOOGLER--J.V. Football 8, FFA 9-10, Cross Country 9, 10. DIANE MARIE LANE--VICA 11,12, DECA 10. DONALD C. LEACH--Spanish Club, DECA, DE 11, 111, J. V. Basketball 10, Eighth Grade Basketball. Galen Heatwole Garland Heatwole Brian Heston Kathy Hewitt Patrick Hewitt John Higgins Pam Hiner Scott Humphries 90 Robert Koogler Mike Lambert Diane Marie Lane Donald C. Leach 91 V Joanne Lynn Manley Michael Dale Marshall Jody Ann Mathias Nancy Mazzeo Howard Lee Jay McClure Laurie McKay Robert S. Martin Michael L. Lyons Laura Martinez In a pondering position, Robert Martin finds English a challenge. Alyson McKechnie Gladys Mullins Rebecca L. Myers Debbie Moses David Mowen Charles Moran Tony Musick HOWARD LEE—Tennis, Debate Team, JROTC Drill Team, Chess Club. MICHAEL L. LYONS--FFA 8,9,10, J.V. Football 8,9, Var¬ sity Football Team 10,11, 12, Indoor Outdoor Track 11, 12, Varsity Club 11,12, VIC A 12, WTC. JOANNE LYNN MANLEY—Choir 8-12, SCA Rep., FHA 8, French Club 10, GAA 11, 12, SODA 12, Annual Staff 12, Vice Pres. Concert Choir 12, Powderpuff 9-12, Intramural Basketball 9, Camelot Play 11, Jr. Regionals 9, Regional Tryouts 10. MICHAEL DALE MARSHALL--FFA 8-12, Science Club 9, Cross Country, Safety Club, Key Club 10, Bus Driver, V1CA, WTC 11, 12. ROBERT S. MARTIN—J.V. Baseball, Indoor Outdoor Track, Varsity Football, French Club, Science Club, Varsity- Club. Faith Ann Nelson JODY ANN MATHIAS —FHA 8,9, Nurse ' s Interest Group 8,9, Intramural Sports 8,9, Interclass Basketball 8, Science Club 9-11, Choir 9-12, SODA 10-12, J.V. Show, Yearbook Staff 12, Forensics 11 12. NANCY MAZZEO--Cheerleader 11,12, SODA 10-12, French Club 10-12, GAA 11,12, Class Officer 10, SCA Rep. 10 11. JAY McCLURE—Band 8,9, Concert Choir 11, 12, (Pres. 12), SDHS Players 9-12 (Pres. 11,12), Forenics 10-12, SCA 11, 12, Health Careers 11, 12, One Act Play 9-12, Latin Club9- 11, French Club 10, 11, Science Club 9, 10, Governor ' s School 12, SODA 10-12, Regional Chours 11, Broadway Revue 11. ALYSON McKECHNIE—Intramural Volleyball, Varsity Track 9-12, Drama Club, French Club 11, 12, Latin Club 9-12, Powderpuff8-11, J.V. Show, SCA 11, Cheerleading 12, SODA, GAA 10-12. GLADYS ANN MULLINS--FHA 8-12, VICA 10-12, Science Club 9-11. TONY MUSICK—FFA 10-12, (Rep. 10, Sec. 11, Pres. 12). REBECCA L. MYERS (BECKI)--Science Club 9-10, Health Careers 11, 12, J.V. Show, SODA 10-12, Latin Club 9-12, Girl ' s Track 10,12, School Newspaper 9, Drama 9, FHA 8. FAITH ANN NELSON --GAA, FBLA 11, 12. 93 mit Anita Nichols Tim Patterson Barbara Pullin Charles Purcell Betty Ann Raines Doug Robertson Linda Robertson Roy Shifflett 94 Ercia Marie Simmons Elizabeth Kay Simmons Robbie Snopkowski Rhonda Kay Sorrells TonyMusick and Jon Short get a " big squeeze " out of being powder- puff cheerleaders as Jeff Shipe and Phillip Spalding look on. Jay Smith Pamela Jean Smith BARBARA PULLIN--Annual Staff 11-12 (Business Manager 12), SAE 9-11, French Club 9-10, Science Club 9-11, Fha 8, Girls State. BETTY RAINES—Powderpuff 8-12, Class Rep. 9, Class V.P. 11, SCA Rep. 11, Cosmetology Pari., Sr. Cosmetology Pres, Interclass Basketball 8, Intermural Volleyball, J.V. Show, FHA, GAA, Science Club, Freneh Club. DOUG ROBERTSON--J.V. Football9, Varsity Football 10-12, Basketball 8-12, Track 8-10, Baseball 9-12, SODA 10-12, Varsity Club 10-12, Key Club 11-12, Spanish Club 9-12, Science Club 10. LINDA ROBERTSON—Choral 8-9, DECA 12. ROY SHIFFLETT--FFA 10-12, J.V. Basketball 8-10, Var¬ sity Basketball 11-12, J.V. Show, J.V. Baseball 8-10, Var¬ sity Club 11-12, Key Club 11-12, Health Careers 11-12, Pres. 12). JON SHORT—Band 8-12, Pep Club 8, J.V. Show, J.V. Football 10, J.V. Track 8-9, SODA 10-12, Science 10, Class Treasurer 10, Spanish 8-9. SUSAN RILEY SIMMERS—FHA 8-12, (Tresurer 9), V.P. 10, Pres. 11, Student Adviser 12), Science Club 9, SCA Rep. 10, FBLA 11-12, Choir 9, J.V. Show, Interclass Basketball 8-9, Interclass Volleyball 10. ERICA MARIE SIMMONS—Powderpuff 12, SAE 9-12, French Club 9-12, Science 8-10, Interclass Basketball 10, J.V. Show, Concert Choir 12. ELIZABETH KAY SIMMONS—Cheerleading 8, 11, 12, Powder¬ puff Football 8-12, Health Careers 11-12 (V.P. 12), Choir 8-12, Drama 11-12, J.V. Show, Track 9-10, SODA 10-12, Intermural Basketball 8-9, Spanish Club 10-11, FHA 8-9, Interclass Basketball 8-10. JAY SMITH--Basketball 8, Varsity Track 9-12, IndoorTrack, Pres. Varsity Club, Spanish Club, Varsity Club 11-12. PAMELA JEAN SMITH (TAMMY)--Cheerleading 8, 10-12, Pep Club 8-9, SCA Rep. 9, Latin Club 9-12, Girls Track 9- 10, Powderpuff 9-12, French Club 11-12 (Pres. 12), Science Club (Tres. 11), GAA 11-12, J.V. Show, Health Careers 11- 12, Drama 11-12. RHONDA KAY SORRELLS-GAA 11-12, J.V. Show, Spanish Club 10, SCA REP. 11, Class Tres. 12. 95 Phillip Spalding Butch Spillman Debbie Stinnet Linda Strickler PHILLIP SPALDING—SODA 10-12, Band 8-12, Class Pres. 8, Golf Team 11, Science Club 9, Tennis Team 12, Homeroom Rep. 12. BUTCH SPILMAN--Concert Choir, Drama Club. LINDA STRICKLER--Track 9, Science Club 9, FHA 11, DECA 12. HOWELL DALE TRUSLOW (RICKY)--Key Club 10, Baseball 8, J.V. Show. BILL VANCE—J.V. Track 8, Varsity Track 9-12, SODA 12, J.V. Basketball 10, Cross Country Track 10-12, Indoor Track 11-12, SCA 12, French 10-11, Varsity Club 11-12, Varsity Basketball 12. DONNA LYNN VIA R--FHA, DEI, II, J.V. Show. STEVE WALLACE--J.V. football 8-9, J.V. Track 8, Science Club 8-10, Varsity Track 9, Indoor Track 9, Outdoor Track 9, Spanish Club 9-12, SCA Rep. 9-10, Varsity Club 12, Homecoming Rep. 9, Powderpuff cheerleader 9, Interclass Basketball 8-9, Interclass Volleyball 10. TIM WILLSON--Band 8-12 (Stage Manager 10-12), Basketball Statistician 10- 12, Science Club 8-9, Interclass Basketball 10, Spanish Club 11, J.V. Show. JOHN YOUNG--Key Club (Pres. 12), Varsity Football (capt. 12), Choir 8-12, (manager 12), Varsity Track, Varsity Club, Science Club, J.V. Show, Span¬ ish Club. KARL YODER--FFA 9-12. Marcia Tolley Anna Maria Trent mm Howell Dale Truslow Bill Vance Donna Lynn Viar Steve Wallace Jeff Wamsley Alice Warren Donnie Weaver Tim Wilson 97 Leading the Juniors for the ' 76- ' 77 school year are (left to right), Kim Spangler, Secretary; Teri Kiser, Treasurer; Lauren Kivlighan, Pres¬ ident; Trish Lantis, Reporter; and Dana Cull, Vice President. I Melody Adshire Wesley Allman David Almarode Jay Almarode Karl Altau Hal Anderson Debbie Angus Cindy Ayers Tom Baldwin Tina Baska Lisa Beazley Tracy Beglau Cheryl Benevitch Vickie Beverlin Sherry Black Cindi Blacka James Blair Tina Bosserman Lloyd Bradley Ronnie Bragg Karen Brydge Terrie Brydge Debbie Buchanan Chip Buehler David Burford Donna Campbell Sam Campbell Tommy Campbell Carolyn Carter Regina Chepalis 99 ■ ME Morning Means Pre¬ cious Time " Life is a collection of happenings " and never is there more happening than in the Junior year. With eyes clear and wide open. Juniors began a typical school day running through tne halls, standing in the Media Center, and sharing gossip. For some Juniors free time in the morning was the high spot of the school day. This precious time. Regina Chepalis gazes with awe upon the bear chest of Senior Jeff Shipe as he assists his team in returning a volley. Kathy Clark Margie Coffey Timmy Critzer David Crosby Terry Crow Charles Crummett Dana Cull Jim Davis Paula Dixon Bonnie Duff Robbie Everidge Bruce Fainter Tim Farmer Tommy Fisher Cathy Fitzgerald 100 HP Sharon Fitzgerald Ken Floyd Lynne Forbes Mike Fox Hildy Freeman Julie Fretwell Eddie Furrow Coleman Gibson Bob Gill Ricky Glenn Tom Hanger Randy Harris Tony Harris Angie Henkel Steve Hewitt LEFT: Sure to be the last off their bus Chip Buehler and Jeff Johnson secure the back seat. TOP: What? Lauren Kivlighan caught the bus! Senior Tammy Smith is astonished at the occurrence of such a rare event. -- Raymond Hite Tony Hodge James Holmes Ned Homing Scott Horsburgh Charmaine Huff Randy Huffer Jerry Jenkins Jeff Johnson Johnny Johnson David Kanagy Rick Jones LETT: As head scientist Raymond Hite pours the deadly chemical mad scientists Greg Merritt and Chip Buehler chuckle wickedly. BELOW: The Junior class felt very fortunate to acquire Elisabeth Klaver as a classmate. Moving here from Holland was a difficult step, but she fell right in stride with the class of ' 78. Look! We Get Out Of Third Period One of the highlights of going to class is getting- out of class. But when one has to stay in class with no passes available one is stuffed with facts from every possible angle. From English to Math to Science, a Junior lives a very clois¬ tered life, until the week¬ end . . . 102 Sherry Kenyon Teri Kiser Lauren Kivlighan Elisabeth Klaver Marsna Koogler Lori Lambert Jeannie Lane Gail Lanier Trish Lantis Beverly Lavender Robert Lawhome Jamie Layton Janet Leavell David Liebal Catrina Lindholm Cathy Lineweaver Kathy Lunsford Alex Marcotte Leeza Marvin Ricky Mater Unlike the other sutdents who are pretending to ig¬ nore the photographer, Chip Buehler prefers to pose 103 A -.1 Larry Mays Timothy Meadows Greg Merritt Marsha Mitchell Robert Monroe Neil Morris Wayne Mullins Carol Musick Kathy Myers Alex Naletko Becky Neal Cheryl Neal Steve Nelson Gary Norcross Clay Ottinger Karen Pannell Wayne Pannell James Parker Lisa Pieta Doug Ramsey Paul Ramsey Mike Rankin Steve Rexrode Terry Ross Maria Sachlis Linda Sandy Mike Saul Jean Sepulveda Carol Shaffer Becky Shaner a 104 RIGHT: It might have taken second place from the judges, but it took first place efforts from the Junior class. Clint Al- marode and Sean Lavender accompany Raymond Hite and Kim Spangler on the Homecoming float by throwing candy to the anxious crowd. BELOW: Who is winning the football game? Lauren Ki- vlighan, Terry Crow, and Trish Lantis don ' t know, they are too busy having their picture taken. Scott Shelton Joyce Shifflett Keith Shiflett Patti Shiflett Brenda Simmons Mark Sitter Nancy Slack Mark Small Nancy Smith Kevin Snopkowski Curtis Snider Myra Snyder Kim Spangler Jeff Spieker Kathy Spraker 105 Teresa Stephens Tammy Thacker Regina Stinett Ellen Thompson Bruce Sutton Greg Tomlin Craig Swecker Randy Troxell John Swett Teresa Truslow Connie Taylor Tracy Wallace Being A Junior Is . . . Driver ' s license, driving to school, owning Varsity jack¬ ets, making new friends, plan¬ ning and working towards a J. V. Show, mid-term exams, college boards, applying to colleges, watching Harry and his friend do nothing, cruising, going to dances, planning a prom, summer workshops, getting a summer job ... so much more . . . and love. ABOVE:—Proud Juniors display their newly re¬ ceived Varsity Jackets. LEFT—Receiving a class ring is a special high-light of a student ' s Junior year. jHjBiM Mm Lisa Warren Lee Willis Chuck Watkins Danny Wimer Pam Wells Jeff Worley Michael Wigfall James Young Sophomores capture a feeling of independence as they climb the heights of the lockers. Enthusiasm and the growing spirit of the Sophomore class was clearly displayed in various ways throughout this year. The tenth-graders co-spon- sored a " 50 ' s Dance " with the eighth grade class which proved entertaining for all attending. In addition, the Sophomores prepared a float for the Homecoming week which took a great deal of hard work and effort. This work was not in vain as the Sopho¬ mores ' " Hawaiian Float” won first place in the judging of all floats en¬ tered. Many other activities were sponsored and supported by the Soph¬ omore class, such as bake sales, selling megaphones and many other school wide activities. The Sopho¬ more class truly is Moving On great¬ ly looking foward to their next two years at S. D. H. S. TENTH GRADE OFFICERS—SITTING TO STANDING, Gail Fer¬ guson, President; Donna Fitzgerald, Secretary; Debbie Simmons, Vice President; Stacy Marshall, Treasurer. - 5 Greg Allen June Allen Jon Almarode Dwayne A rehart Keith Bailey Pam Balsley Colleen Beglau Chip Bell Jerry Bell Mary Beth Berrang Jaime Beverlin Kim Beyeler Peter Blum Teresa Boppe Una Bowles Donna Braden Curtis Bradley Sammy Brookman T ammy Brooks Janet Brown Cheri Browne Kim Brumfield Donna Byrd Faye Campbell Steve Campbell Tammy Campbell Trent Carey Ricky Carr Fonda Carter Bill Claytor 109 no Greg Cline Gary Coffey Wendall Coffey Becky Cohron Penny Coiner Susan Combs S.F. Conner Eddie Cool Penny Dameron Pam Dedrick Sandra Dedrick Bob Dixey Vicki Drumheller Julie East Susan Evans Tammie Falls Gail Ferguson Bryan Fitzgerald Donna Fitzgerald Teresa Fretwell Spirit and enthusiasm was proudly displayed throughout the year by Sophomore J.V. cheerleaders and " Cougar " , alias, Fred Stone. Lisa Galloway David Gibson Michael Gilbert Renee Gilbert Robert Grant Lynne Grove Robert Gutshall Dee Anne Hall Ricky Hall Laura Hanshaw Chris Harman Clay Harris Diago Harris Shanda Harris Tim Harris Benny Hatter Mike Hearn Marvin Henderson Larry Hendricks Jeff Hewitt Jenny Hewitt Mike Hewitt Jeff Hiner Amy Hodge Tammy Holloway Chris Hoy Dawn Hughes Beth Hutchins Kyle Johnson Jimmy Johnston Pat Katz Donald Kellogg Kirk Kimble Angel Knous Lisa Lawhome Terry Lee Bonnie Liebal Karen Lineweaver Doug Love Marty Lovekamp Cathie Lucas Nancy Jo Lyttle Kaye Mackey Dale Marshall Stacy Marshall David Mater Teresa Mayo Jackie Mays Debbie McCormick Doug McKay 4V We asked how many Sophomores wanted to have their pictures taken and these are the people who came. 112 ■ Chris McNamara Doug Miller Charles Mullins Mark Nelson Arlena Nichols Lizabeth Norman Brian Parker Tina Patzch Jay Pence Sally Pennington Dale Pleasant Kim Powell Nancy Quillen Elbert Ramsey Jennifer Reede Lisa Saul Donna Short Carolyn Showalter Martha Shumate Debbie Simmons Andrew Sitter Tina Slack David Sloope Linda Slusher Gary Smith 113 nnmiiMiM ' mutuum! mm in i Richard Smith Kathy Snopkowski Bobby Snyder Russell Sours Ginger Spruce Kenny Staudt Kenny Stevens Fred Stone Mike Surratt Teresa Surratt Penny Swisher Chuck Talbott Penny Terry Mike Thacker Sara Tiffany Teamwork and coorporation is prominent amoung the J.V. basketball players both on and off the court. i Robin Toms Miles Truslow Joel Tutt Brian Tuttle Alison Vance Mike Vance Cheryl Vorel Faye Walker Cindy Warren Dennis Warren Edward West Kenneth Whitesell KimWillis Joi Woods Cathy Wray Sara Yoder Bill Younger This year proved to be filled with great expectations as sopho¬ mores underwent Driver ' s Edu¬ cation in their Phys. Ed. classes. Sophomores impatiently waited for that magic moment when Driver ' s Education classes were through and their tests taken. Be- hind-the-Wheel proved challeng¬ ing as the students went out ner¬ vously driving driving with Be- hind-the-Wheel instructor, Mr. Harouff. The students loved being- able to drive on their own after completing Behind-the-Wheel successfully. 115 Excitedly peering out of a school window, ninth grade students hope for an early school dismissal as snowflakes whiten the ground. Enjoying the wintry setting are Kitty Talbott, Judy Crow, Peter Buehler, Kim Cash, and Susan Hupp. Ninth Grade officers for 1976-77: (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): David Leach, Vice president; Gail Moyer, Treasurer; Tammy Hanger, president; Barbie Smith, secretary; and Scott Musick, re¬ porter. Kathy Aistrop Treva Allen Angie Almarode Patricia Angus Steve Ayers Doris Back Laurie Barnes Benny Beaghan Anthony Bell Wendy Blake Sherrie Bradfield Karen Brooks Mark Brown Richard Brown Kenny Browne Teresa Buchanan Sharon Burkholder Chris Campbell Greg Campbell Kenneth Campbell Phyllis Campbell Kim Cash Tina Caulder Page Clark Sandy Clark Teresa Clark Beth Cleavenger Sandra Clemmons Sadonna Coffey Cindy Corell Lynn Cromer Warren Crotty Judy Crow Rodney Cullen Melynda Dale Paul Dean John Dedrick Nancy Diggs Raquel Diggs Scott Drumheller Ronnie Duncan Gary Eavers 117 The world of Helen Keller comes alive through the voice and gestures of Col. Frank J. Stone In a special assembly for Mrs. Ann Roller ' s ninth grade English students, the retired Army officer described the times he had known her. iWk. Belinda Ellis Melvena Esh Nancy Everidge Pam Faini Diane Fainter Wayne Fisher Paul Fitzgerald Bobby Flick Lori Folks Diana Fretwell Greg Galloway Aaron Gilland Erica Gray Steve Grimm James Hall Doris Hamilton Sue Hamilton Lynn Harris Tammy Harris Treasa Harris Christine Henderson Mary Hewitt Shelly Hewitt Peggy Higgins Bill Hoffman Judy Holms Cindy Hull Barry Hunt Susan Hupp 118 I John Jeffers Kim Keesecker Curtis Kenyon John Kindig Lisa Lawhome Mike Lawhome Jewell Lawrence David Leach Mike Liebal Tracy Lohr Mike Losh Debbie Lowe James Lunney Kenton Mackey Michele MacWelch Brad Malcolm Joe Marcotte Fred Martin Ramon Martinez Peter Mattejat Micahel Mazzeo Martha Meadows Tim Miller Dondi Mohler Eric Mongold Kim Monroe Gail Moyer Christine Mullins Scott Musick Buddy Neal 119 Mike Nelson Tho Nguyen Tom Ochletree Linda Painter Jerry Painter Robin Painter Peggy Patterson Elizabeth Petry Tim Puckett Hunter Pugh Mark Raines Marshall Raines Cindy Ramsey Anna Ratcliff Billy Richards Paul Riddle Janine Riley Janet Rogers Cynthia Rohr Gina Rohrbaugh Sherry Rowe Cathy Sharretts Connie Shirley Brent Show alter Lisa Simmons Donald Sims Barbie Smith Kevin Smith Allen Speight Jeff Stinespring Carolyn Stinnett Bonnie Stump Laura Stump Gary Sweet Teri Tait Kitty Talbott Melissa Tidd Jon Tolbert Kathy Trice Tina Trice Howe Truslow Sharon Tutt 120 I Pausing for a moment, Kitty Talbott takes a breather in the middle of her fast- I paced school schedule. New elective classes and more advanced required courses found ninth graders working harder than ever. 1W JACK KEVIN BLACKA March 25, 1962— October 28, 1976 It saddens us all, but yet we know That life must end, the further we go. Kevin was a dear friend to all who knew him; His love and kindness suddenly gone, Made our hearts grow dim. With a cheery smile, and a wave of tire hand, He has wandered into an unknown land. Nature is a great demand Which Kevin loved and could understand. So as we look on, think of him and say He is not dead— He is just away. — Cindy Morris Freshmen Get More Involved Fervently grasping hold of the Class of 1980, a newfound wisp of school spirit found the freshmen more involved in school and extracurricular life than before. Seeming to enjoy their second year at high school, the ninth graders got involved in in¬ terscholastic and intra¬ mural sports, numerous clubs, and other organiza¬ tions and activities. They found themselves looking more toward a career, as special guidance programs and interesting classes spurred them on to possible future plans. For Stuarts Draft High School ' s Class of ' 80, this year was a time for recol¬ lection and speculation, as 1976 turned out to be a very good year. Deana Waggy Patty Warble Bob West David W est Donna Wigfall Karen Wilson Anthony Winegar Tammy Van Fossen Roberta Veney Rose Veringo Joe Yates Tim Zirkle 121 I Eighth grade boys dress out as PowderPuff cheerleaders for the game played on the football field during school ifttSX - v- .... jfU™ Jfe p.t. c EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS: Darryl Ram¬ sey, Treasurer; Phillip Fitzgerald, President, Steve Ferguson, Vice President; Trish Snopkowski, Secretary. I ML Glenda Absher Jay Abshire Ronl Allen Nancy Almarode Rolf Altau Tina Anes Penny Arehart Wanda Arey Randolf Arthur Tommy Barker Gregory Baum Matt Beazley Angela Bell Avery Bell Jimmy Bell Cherie Benson Lisa Benson Mark Betts Tim Bower Lisa Bradley Eugene Breen Angel Brooks Georgia Brown Joi Brown Scott Brown Debra Brumfield David Bryan Larry Bryant Gary Buchanan Cindy Burkholder Eddie Burnett Colleen Burnette Tim Calender Marie Campbell Mark G. Campbell Mark R. Campbell Kris Carey Brenda Chandler Kelly Chaplin James Chepalis Tommy Clark Scot Clemmons Randy Cline Jackie Coffey Pam Coffey Robert Coffey Sue Coiner Jill Cowherd 123 I ' t M Wanda Critzer John Crain Tracy Crawford Cindy Cude Jim Cunningham Eric Dameron Marty Davies Mickey Davies Greg Davis Timothy Davis James Deacon Dale Dedrick Rhonda Dedrick Greg Desper Harry De Vore Mitchell Diehl Ricky Diehl Jeff Dovel Sandy Doyle Alex Duff Frank Dunlap Paul Edwards Randy Fainter Heather Farmwald Steve Ferguson Martin Fields Beth Fisher Carolyn Fisher Lisa Fitzgerald Michael Fitzgerald Phillip Fitzgerald Scott Fitzgerald Brenda Floyd John Forbes Julianne Ford Terry Francis Mike French Lynn Fretwell Otis Fugate Keith Furrow Fred Garber William Garvey Marc Gilbert Lynda Godd Dwayne Graves Diane Griffin John Griffin Faith Grove 124 Michelle Hall John Hanger Brian Hanshaw Deborah Hatter Eddie Harig Paul Harouff Georganna Harrick Cindy Harris Donna Harris Jerry Harris Karen Harris Leon Harris Sylvia Harris Tina Harris Thomas Harris William Harris Calvin Hewitt Mark Hewitt Deana Hewlett Joseph Higgins Kittie Hitt Debra Hodoe Tina Holloway Sandra Horsburgh Nancy Howard Brian Huff Dina Huml Jackie Humphries Lyle Hunter Shirley Hutchinson Kim Johnson Rita Johnson Russell Johnson Susan Jones George Kate Deborah Kisling Neal Kirby Karen Knapp Kirk Kncjtt Bernard ambert Mike Leavell Sandra Lee Michael Lilley Neal Lobban Debra Lotts Lisa Lotts Joe Love Dwayne Loyd 125 Rodney Lunsford Shelly Lunsford Paige Lucas Dana Mackey Anthony Maddox Jim Marcotte Jeffery Marks Cheryl Martin Tracy Martin Rodney Martin Rosemary Martin Karen Mattejat Earnest Mayo Tricia Mazzeo Rhea McChesney Paul McNamara Dana Meadows Debbie Meadows Lorraine Merchant Cynthia Miller Jeff Mitchell Julie Moore Karen Moore Robbie Morris Jimmy Mutispaugh Richard Newsome Connie Pannell Barry Peeples Karen Phillips Lori Phillips Leslie Pringle Woody Puckett Michael Puffenbarger Darryl Ramsey Jeffery Ramsey Rhonda Rhodes Robert Richardson Kara Riley Robin Robertson Vickie Robertson Mike Rodriguez Greg Rogers Robin Ross Sandy Rowe Gary Schneekloth Pam Show alter David Sitter Jack Smith ■ ■ 126 Lori Smith Trish Snopkowski Kim Sorrells Michael Sours Jeff Spooner Steve Staudt Terry Stephens Marilyn Steppe Wayne Steppe Susan Stephens Brian Stinespring Stuart Strickler Danny Stubbs Mary Stump Glenna Sutton Rodger Swett Scott Templeton Mollie Thacker Alvin Tidd James Toner Cindy Truslow Roy Utt Tammy Vamer Belinda Veney Susan Veney Ann Vest Harry Vest Robert Via Debbie Vorel Lori Wade David Walker Kim Warren Shelia Warren Helen Weaver Larry Weaver Charles Wells Alan White Yvonda White Donna Willis Larry Wilson Linda Wilson Lewis Wiseman Deborah Wood Kevin Wray Phyllis Wright Pennie Young l 127 Watching the congestion in the hall, Mr. Cole¬ man wonders where his driver ' s ed. students went wrong. Mr. W.W. vonSeldeneck Mr. C.II. Huffman Mr. R.W. Baxter Miss F. Cline Mr. M. Cline Mrs. F.M. Richardson Mrs. S.B. Obaugh Miss L. Diehl Mrs. D. Smith Mrs. B. West Mrs. V. DeMastus Mr. W. Harrouff Administrators, Counselors, Specialists, Secretaries W. W. von SELDENECK--Bridgewater College, B.A. English; U.Va. M.Ed. School Administration. CHARLES H. HUFFMAN--Morris Henry College, B.A. Geography and History; Marshall University, Geography and Sociol¬ ogy- RICHARD W. BA XTER--Middlebury College, B.A. Political Science; Madison College, M.A. Education. M. FRANCES CLINE--Mary Baldwin College, B.A. Chemistry; U.Va., M. S. Science Education; Madison College, M.S. Guidance and Counseling. FRANCES M RICHARDSON--Furman University, B.A. Sociology; Furman University, M.A. Education. . SUSAN B. OBAUGH--Madison College, B.A. Library Science. ■v H. WILLIAM HAROUFF--Virginia Commonwealth University, B.F.A. Speech and Drama. MISS LOUISE DIEHL--ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY. MRS. D. SMITH--OFFICE SECRETARY. MRS. B. WEST--OFFICE AND GUIDANCE SECRETARY MRS. V. DeMASTUS--LIBRARY ASSISTANT 129 Mrs. A.C.Knopp Mrs. F. Lodoen Mr. F. Lotts Mr. K.S. Patterson Miss L. D. Rader Mr. J.S. Alexander Mr. L.F1. Almarode Mr. C. L. Hamilton Mrs. F.J. Harouff Mrs. P. S. Moore Mrs. S.B. Shifflett Miss D. E. Critzer Mr. L. V. Gochenour Mr. G. D. McQuain Science, Math, Business ANNE C. KNOPP--Mary Baldwin College, B. A. Biology FINLEY FI. LOTTS--Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, B. S. Agricultural Education; U.Va., M. Ed. Secondary Guidance and Counseling. KENNETHS. PATTERSON—University of Virginia, B. A. Biology; U.Va., M. Ed. Science Education and School Administration. i L. DIANN RADER--Roanoke College, B. S. Biology. J. SAM ALEXANDER--Randolph—Macon College, B.S. Mathematics. L. HARVEY ALMARODE—Madison College, B. A. Mathematics. CLIFTON L. HAMILTON—Madison College, B.S. Mathematics; Madison College, M. S.Ed. Mathematics. FRANCES J. HAROUFF-- Longwood College, B.S. Mathematics. I PAMELAS. MOORE—Radford College, B.S. Mathematics. SHARON B. SHIFFLETT—Madison College, B. A. Mathematics. DORIS E. CRITZER—Madison College, B.S. Business Administration; Madison College, M. S. Business Education. LARRY V. GOCHENOUR—Madison College, B.S. Business Administration; Madison College, M. S. Business Education. GARY D. McQUAIN—Virginia Commonwealth University, B.S. Distributive Education. Social Studies, Vocational, Special Education BILLIE JEAN BANKS—Madison College, B.S. Education and History; Indiana University, M.S. Recreation. JOE DUNCAN—Glenville State College, A. B. Social Studies and Physical Education; Madison College, M.S. Education. JESSIE B. HAMILTON—Richmond Professional Institute, B.S. Social Sciences. MARION F. TRUMBO—Bridgewater College, B. A. History and Political Science. SHANNON E. WINTON—Northern Michigan University, B.S. Tndustrial Education. KEVIN W. MILLER—Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, B.S. Agricultural Education. SAMUEL P. SAUFLEY—Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, B.S. Agricultural Education. CAROLYN EVERS--Bridgewater College, B.S. Home Economics. NAOMI G. RAMSEY—Radford College, B.S. Home Economics. ELMA L. RAWLINGS—Emory University, B. A. English; M. Ed. Special Education. MARIANNE TUDOR—Carson-Newman College, B. A. English, Spanish; Univ. ofVa., M. Ed. Reading Education, A. G. S. Reading Education and Early Childhood Education. Mr. R. Bateman Mr. S.E. Winton Mr. K.W. Miller Mr. S.P. Saufley Miss C. Evers Mrs. N.G. Ramsey Mrs. E. L. Rawlings Miss M. Tudor Mrs. B. J. Banks Mr. J. Duncan Mr. J. B. Hamilton Mr. M. F.Trumbo Mr. N. Wilk 131 1 Mr. B. D. Holsopple Mr. K. D. Smith Mrs. D. D. Houff Mrs. P. B. Spilman Mrs. J.J. Brown Mr. E. R. Coleman Mr. J.F. Ellis Mr. C.W. Hale Mrs. E. M. Hearn Music, Art, Physical Education BRIAN HOLSOPPLE--Bridgewater College, B. S. Music Education. DAVID SMITH—Bridgewater College, B. A. Music. DONNA HOUFF—Radford College, B. S. Art Education. PATRICIA B. SPILMAN—»Madison College, B.A. Art; Madison College, M. A. Education. JOAN J. BROWN—Shepherd College, B. S. Health and Physical Education. EDWARD COLEMAN—Bluefield State College, B.S. Physical Education. JAMES F. ELLIS—Bridgewater College, B.A. Physical Education; Madison College, M. A. Education. CHARLES HALE—Emory and Henry College, B. A. Physical Education and History. ELIZABETH HEARN—Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, B.S. Health and Physical Education. r English And Foreign Languages VIRGIEP. ANDERSON--Madison College, B. A. English. ANN P. HANGER--Berry College--B. A. English; U. Va. , M.Ed. Education. JUDYH. HOUSER--Madison College, B.A. English and History. GAIL D. LAKE--Madison College, B.A. English. VIRGINIA R. LAYMAN--Radford College, B.S. English and Social Studies. MARY LOUISE LEAKE--Ferrum College, A.S. Liberal Arts; Radford College, B.S. English. JUDY ANN LEMA ST ER--Emory and Henry College, B.A. French. ANN W. ROLLER--Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, B.A. English. RUTH M. FERREE--Bridgewater College, B.A. French and English. ALICE PRESSON--Westhampton College, B.A. Spanish. BARBARA SHEFFIELD--Madison College, B.A. Latin. Almarode Anderson Hanger Houser Lake 133 GENERAL WAYNE MOTOR INN Saturday Night Smorgasbord Banquets, Wedding Receptions For Reservations Call 942-8117 WAYNESBORO FURNITURE DEALERS Augusta Furniture Co. Barksdale’s Grand Piano Furniture Co. McCoy’s Furniture All In Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 Good Luck To The Class Of! 1977!! RHAMES QUALITY JEWELERS Waynesboro, Serving Stuarts Draft For Over 25 Years Congratulations And Best Wishes To SDHS Class Of ’77 bARNWElUjoNES “Serving The Area Since 1944’’ Real Estate 942- 5101 Insurance 943- 1121 901-R W. Broad Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 -or MLS % T » Mndep e h your independent ] insurance j agent a SERVES YOU FIRST Located at THN RSTR A. for Shopping Flowers Of Distinction Dial 942-8125 WAYNESBORO FLORIST 51 W. Main St. Waynesboro, Va. SOUTHERN DEPARTMENT STORE “Centre For Shopping” 901 G. West Broad St. Phone 942-8301 Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 CIRO’S New York Style Pi izza Open 7 Days A Week Sunday To Thursday 11 A.M. To 12 Midnite Friday Saturday 11 A.M. To 1:00 A.M. 901-B West Broad Street (Centre For Shopping) Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 (703) 942-5169 WAYNESBORO NEW CAR DEALERS; Terry Martin Pontiac, Cadillac Oldsmobile, GMC Trucks Paul Freed, Inc. Ford Cars And Trucks Drivers Sales And Service, Inc. Dodge Cars And Trucks Brannock Sales And Services B B Buick-Opel, Inc. Baugher Chevrolet, Inc. Waynesboro Chrysler-Plymouth mmaammmmma u (703) 942-8672 BEVERLY HALLMARK CARD SHOP Greeting Cards Gifts Bill Sally Miller Owners 500 W. Main St. Waynesboro, Va. XXfSlF= DON’S HARLEY-DAVIDSON Broadmoor Shopping Center Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Owner: Donald W. Selph Phone: (703) 337-3125 WAYNE MUSIC NEWS CENTER Your “Blue Grass’’ Headquarters Instuments—Accessories—Books Records—Tapes—Instructions 319 W. Main St. Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Phone: 943-3760 SANDI STYLE Hair Designs For Today’s Man And Woman 320 Federal Waynesboro, Va. Sandi Rodgers Compliments Of i i m aari n me The Fashion Store With The Personal Touch WAMPLERS TEXACO Route 340 1-64 Waynesboro, Va. Phone: 942-7927 We Sale Texaco Products Firestone Tires Featuring Ladies Fashions The Centre For Shopping Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 111V ■■ HI NEWBERRY’S Waynesboro, Va. Compliments Of McDOW FUNERAL HOME, INC. 1701 West Main Street Waynesboro, Virginia Dial: 703-942-8133 Electronically Speaking Who Knows Better Than IB Lafayette Member FDIC NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY (703) 337-2211 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 National by name . . personal by nature Radio Electronic Shopping Centers 317 West Main St. Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Richard Knott 942-8521 MODERN SHOE STORE Shoe Repair Headquarters For Western Wear Dress And Casual Shoes For Entire Family FISHBURNE’S Your Service DRUG STORE Sine© 1878 DIAL 2-8211 WAYNESBORO, VA. BEING GOOD NEIGHBORS . . . Congratulations . . . Stuarts Draft Seniors! Stuarts Draft High School students Nancy Mazzeo and Marianne Marcotte prepare for lab experiment during the Waynesboro DuPont Company’s annual Science Workshop. 1976 was the third year that Stuarts Draft sent five delegates to the event. There ' s A World Of Things We’re Doing Something About J ff Compliments Of ffiygett AUTO GLASS PLATE GLASS STORE FRONTS MIRRORS GLASS FOR EVERY NEED Your Headquarters For Adidas Shoes 12oMaine C fad6 £. Oflizzoz Co. 250 N POPLAR AVE. WAYNESBORO. VIRGINIA Auto Glass Manager RICK HOMES PHONE 942-5231 BUS. 942-0304 HOME 885 6617 AUGUSTA CLEANERS WAYNESBORO’S HOME OF VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION a — w ? ofma GO, COUGARS, GO monofilaments inc Sv 703 942-5987 0ndu±tti£± PRECISION MACHINE AND FABRICATING MACHINE ERECTORS K.A. “Buddy " Hall Rf 250 West Waynesboro, Va. GENERAL ELECTRIC Compliments Of Field Underwriter S. JAMES SHOWALTER III, CLU Qualifying And Life Member, Million Dollar Round Table New York Life Insurance Company P.O. Drawer 38 ... . Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 Bus: 942-718 8—Res: 942-2789 Life, Health, Group Insurance, Annuities, Pension Plans 320 Federal Building Suits 14 15 STUARTS DRAFT SEVEN-ELEVEN A - V. Phone 9426393 Eolmtg lolucrs FLOWERS Ftr ill Ocas ions S. N. LOVING P.O. BOX 44 LYNDHURST, VIRGINIA 22952 SHENANDOAH ACRES RESORT Jump In The Lake go jump in the lake camping cottages swimming h « lr in our sand bottom lake Fun for the whole family near the Skyline Drive, For a tree color brochure write Shenandoah Acres Resort Dept wp. Stuarts Draft, v a . 24477 Special Rates To Organized School Groups. Phone 337-1911 THE GINGER HOUSE Route 2, Box 150 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Phone: 703-337-1779 Smile You’re On Long Distance One Of Life ' s Happier Feelings Is To Hear A Loved One’s Voice On Long Distance. Dial 942-7131 CLIFTON FORGE—WAYNESBORO TELEPHONE CO. PEOPLES PHARMACY “The Little Peoples’’ Waynesboro 1154 W. Main St. Phone: 942-1137 Stuarts Draft Phone: 337-1411 Or Enterprise 090 Bill Combs—Vern Greenawalt—Tom Rorrer Jr. WYSE ELECTRONICS THE COUNTRY STORE Amoco Gas—Meats—Groceries Produce—Hunting Fishing License—ABCOff—TV Stamps Best Wishes To The Graduating Class! WAYB Action Radio Waynesboro, Va. SHERANDO GROCERY WEAVER INSURANCE AGENCY Life—Auto—Home—Business Hamilton-Cook Colonade 520 West Broad St. Waynesboro, Va. Dial 942-1184 ANNIE’S BEAUTY SALON Specializing In; Permenant Waves, Tinting— Blow Wave—Cuts Styles Tues.-Fri.-—By Appointment— 942-5435 The News ' Virginian Stuarts Draft Hub THE GARDEN CENTER THE FREE SPIRIT CLOTHING COMPANY PATRONS Frankie C. Coyner Joe The Motors Friend Shenandoah Valley Electric Coop. Tire Discount Corp. The Man’s Shop Slack Shack Dr. David H. Parker Mr. And Mrs. Lloyd G. Holloway And Family Sath Book Shop, Inc. Dr. David W. Bishop D.D.S. Kentucky Fried Chicken Of Waynesboro Charles W. Beverage—Sears In Staunton 885-1221 Quality Cleaners . jiv- Activities began to boom after the cold winter turned into a beautiful spring. The Girls ' Track team fought Riverheads all through the season, and they were victorious in becoming State Champions which was very rewarding to first year coach Bunni Hearn. The Golf team also had a rewarding season even though they did not win the State title. Finally all the sports events and activities came to an end and once again another class was graduated from S. D. H. S. TOP LEFT—Regina Chepalis ex¬ cels in several events on the Girls 1 Track team. TOP—Seniors line up for their graduation pro¬ cession, BOTTOM--Jeff Shipe shows is great form as a valued member of the Golf team. State Champions Girls’ Varsity Track Iii 1977 the Lady Cou¬ gars Track Team captured the State Division A Cham¬ pionship Title. The team did not lose anyone with the graduating class, so with the same girls re¬ turning, the Lady Cougars promise to be just as strong or stronger. TOP LEFT—Pam Wells puts forth great effort. BOTTOM LEFT-- Regina Chepalis is ready to go. MIDDLE--Coach Bunni Hearn talks to her state champions. TOP RIGHT--In the relay race, Amy Hodge displays her talent. FAR RIGHT--Bonnie Liebal and Pam Wells run to be number one. BOTTOM RIGHT—Lady Cougar runs with great strength. fjfel • ' ■ ' A- -j r ' ■ 161 . v - ' •• ■ Tennis And Baseball The Tennis Team was in full swing this year. Coached by Mr. Bob Bate¬ man, the team showed much success in its second year. The Varsity Baseball Team had a very trying year with nine out of fifteen players gone. Coach " Bo " Trumbo and his team dis¬ played fine efforts in this challening year. TOP--SDHS TENNIS TEAM. BOTTOM-- TOP RIGHT--Running with baton, Chris VARSITY COUGAR BASEBALL TEAM. Hoy pushes forth. BOTTOM RIGHT — Mike Saul is running hard for Cougar vcitory. FAR RIGHT--VARSITY BOYS TRACK TEAM. BOTTOM FAR RIGHT — Two Cougar teammates in stride. 162 r The Boys ' Varsity Track Team coached by Nick Wilk, had an excellent rec¬ ord this year. The team consisted of twenty-seven boys, fourteen of whom were returning lettermen. Outstanding participants were Bill Vance, Ricky Hall, Robert Martin, Willie Harris, Jerry Williams, and Mike Saul. 163 1 ' Great Golfers } T$ f i V 4 • X ' " rrfr w| Despite losing the dis¬ trict by five strokes, the ' 77 Golf Team, coached by Bill Hale, had a fine sea¬ son. Leadership was held by Jeff Shipe and David Mowen; both were lost to the graduating class. With returning lettermen, the Golf team holds much prom¬ ise in coming years. 164 SD 352 Lexington 317 SD 349 Wilson 399 SD 342 Buena Vista 369 SD 332 Ft. Defiance 377 SD 354 Buffalo Gap 400 SD 372 Lexington 325 SD 345 Lee High 305 SD 339 Ft. Defiance 395 SD 337 Lee High 324 SD 367 Bath County 368 TOP LEFT--Philip Spalding ready to putt it in. FAR LEFT-- Jeff Shipe studies the course for his next shot. BOTTOM LEFT-- VARSITY GOLF TEAM. TOP RIGHT--Getting into the swing of things. BOTTOM RIGHT--Displaying great form, Philip hopes for a hole in one. i mm- i Graduation Beginning Of Tomorrow As the year came to an end, the whole Senior class went crazy! Exams were important for many college bound students, but for others it was just another test. Last minute fines were paid off and goodbyes were given to teachers that had experienced the Senior class. As graduation became closer so did the rain which spoiled the plans for an outside ceremony. The night of graduation was full of excitement, tear-stained faces, and well wishes from the speaker, Lynda John¬ son Robb. As Seniors went to homerooms to receive their last belongings, a sad at¬ mosphere filled the halls of the school. As the parking lost emptied, the future lives of the Class of 77 be¬ gan for tomorrow. TOP LEFT--Sue Wright delivers a final speech to the class of 77 as they sit as a group for the last time. TOP RIGHT — Mr. von Seldeneck shakes hands with Cecilia Hanger and the rest of the Senior class as they receive their di¬ plomas. BOTTOM--A final farewell to the Seniors as they face the walk toward their future. 167 AUGUSTA COUNTY LIBRARY 3 20 50688 0100 For Reference

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