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[TRACES [Of Memories STA COUNTY UB«ARY Faculty- 5 Classes 17 Activities 74 Sports 109 Ads 152 TRACES... Faded photograph - covered now with lines and creases- Tickets torn in half, memories in bits and pieces. Traces of love long ago that didn ' t work out right; Traces of love with me tonight. I close my eyes and say a prayer that in her heart she ' ll find A trace of love still there-Somewhere. Ribbons from her hair-souvenirs of days together; The ring she used to wear, pages from an old love letter. Traces of love long ago that didn ' t work out right; Traces of love with me tonight. Traces of hope in the night That she ' ll come back and dry-these traces of tears from my eyes. l Ei c J . r U ) G) Mrs. J.J. Brown Phys, Ed. 9 10. H) Miss Coleman Biology I) Edward Coleman Phys, Ed. 9 10. A) Sam Alexander Al. Trigj College Math, Math 9. B) Harvey Almarode Algebra I, Math 9, Geometry. C) Mrs. Anderson English 11, RIRW. D) Mrs. D. Ballew English 9. E) Mrs. Banks U. S, History 11, Economics. F) Mr, Bateman Wood I, World of Con¬ struction, Graphic Arts, O, T Shop, 8 A) Harry Coyne r Geometry, Matib 12, B) Miss Crit3®r Math 12, Gen. Bus, Typing I, Bookkeeping, C) James Ellis P.E. 8,9. D)Mi Evers Home Ec, I, IV, 1) Miss Ferree Frendh I,IT,III, Engliii 9. F)Mr, Gochenour G) Mr. C. Hale III PE 8,9, U.S. History 11. H) Mr. C. Hamilton Algebra I, Math 9. I) Mr, J, Hamilton World History 10, U.S- Gov¬ ernment 12, Sociology, A) Mrs. Hanger English 8, 10, B) Mrs. Harouff Math 8 C) Mr. Harouff Driver Education D) Mr, W.A. HiE Band I, II E) Mr. Holsopple English 8, General Music I, II, Adv. Choral. F) Mrs. Houser English 11, 12. r G) Mr. Roy Kelly, Jr, D.E. i,ii,ni. H) Miss D. Kiger Math 8,9, Science 8. I) Mrs, V. Layman U. S. Government 12, English 12. 10 11 D) Mrs. Severs P.E. 8,9, Science 8 E) Mrs. Sheffield Latin I, II F) Mrs. Spilman Art I, II, III, IV, V, Yearbook Advisor G) Mr. Trumbo World Geography H) Mr, N. Wilk World Geography, Social Studies 8, World History 10 I) Mr. Winton World of Construction, Wood I, Mech. Drawing 12 Custodians never die; they just fade away. (Above L To R) Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Sweet, Mrs. Kimble, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Kanagy, Mrs. Steele. Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Kimble working hard in the kitchen. (Below L To R) Top Row: Walt Cleavenger, Kirk Good, Andy Brooks, Charles Vicars, Mike Rankin, Mike Mar¬ shall, Orvin Stinnet, Brent Houff. Second Row: Ronnie Wright, Monty Hall, Butch Thompson, Robbie Koogler, Tina Ramsey, Kim Green. First Row: Marvin Cook, Blair Arbogast, Dwight Clark, David Wingfield and Tony Harris. Orvin Stinnet seems to be thinking about cancell¬ ations as he finishes chain¬ ing the tire. Mrs. Bridge and Mrs. Harris wipe the counters until they can see themselves! The line of buses await the sudden msh of students trig¬ gered by the 3:00 bell. 13 ENDLESS SEARCHES IN LOCKERS AND ENTHUSIASTIC CHEERLEADERS. 15 It beats riding the bus! S. D. H. S. not only has awards in the showcase, but this cute little couple appears there also. CCUCAtS TAM in ii Cross Winds makes it happen at the Homecoming Dance A familiar sign at S. D. H. S. It was one of " those " days! 16 JEFFERY SCOTT ALEXANDER Jeff Spanish 10, Band 8-12, Forensics 8- 11, J.V. Show, Sr. Play, SC A 11. DARLENE CASH ALLEN Darlene Pep 8-9, D.E. 10-12. r PAULA JEANNE ALLEN Jeanne FHA 8, SAE8-12, SODA 11, Latin 9- 12, Pep 8-11, Annual 11-12, Track 10- 11, J.V. Show, Sr. Play. DIANNA IVlAE ALLTOP Diane FHA 8-10, Spanish 11-12. Choral 8- 12, Pep 8-9, Drama 11, SCA 11, 10th Pres., J.V. Show, Sr. Play. ERNEST MICHAEL ALMARODE Mike Cross-Country 8, Football 8-11, Track 8-11, Varsity 10-12, FFA 12. MAURICE HENRY APPL Maurice FFA 9-12, Key Club 12, Band 8-9, Pep 9-10, Varsity 10-12, Basketball 8-12, Football 8-10, Track 8-10, Baseball 8-9, J. V. Show. DEBRA ANN BAILEY Debbie Sr. Rep. 12. JUDY LYNN BALSLEY Judy SODA 11-12, NHS 11-12, Latin 9-11, Annual 11-12, Pep 8-11, Choral 8-9, Forensics 10, SCA 9, Cheerleading 8, SAE 9, J. V. Show, Sr. Play. DOUGLAS EUGENE BARNES Doug Transferred 10, Basketball 10-12, Key 12, Varsity 10-12, French 10-12, Baseball 10-12, Football 10-12 SANDRA KAY BEATTY Sandra SAE 12, NHS 11-12, Choral 8-12. 19 LINDA FAYE BENAVITCH Linda FHA 8-9, NHS 11-12, SODA 11, Pep 8-11, Track 10-11, J. V. Show, Sr. Play. PAULA MARIE BERRANG Paula Pep 8, SAE 8-12, Latin 9-10, Class Officer 10, Track 10-11, Spanish 11- 12, J.V. Show. JOAN CLEMMER BREUER Joan NHS 11-12, Pep 8-11, Latin 9-11, Cheerleading 8-12, J.V. Show. JACQUELINE LOU BROOKS Jackie FHA 8-11, NHS 11-12, Spanish 10, Library 8. LARRY ROSS BROWN Larry SUE ELLEN BRYAN Sue NHS 11-12, French 10-11, Track 8- 10, Pep 10, FHA 8-9. 20 DOUGLAS ANDREW BURFORD ELLEN MARIE BYRD Doug Ellen Baseball 8-9, 11-12, Basketball 8-12, French 10, Key 12, Varsity 11-12, SODA 12, Cross Country 8-9, J. V. Show, Homecoming King 12. GAIL LIPES CAMPBELL Gail LUKE MATTHEW CAMPBELL Luke FFA 10-12, Football 10-12, Varsity 12, Track 12, Senior Play. DWIGHT STEVEN CLARK Dwight Choral 8-10, Science 11-12, Library 10-12, J.V. Show. DAVID WAYNE CARPER David D.E. 10-12. 21 SHARON ELIZABETH CLARKE Sharon FHA8-10, J. V. Show, STEVE RANDALL COFFEY Steve FFA 11-12, Sr. Play. DEBORAH ANN COHRON Debbie NHS 11-12, Latin 9-10, Pep 9-10, Sr. Play. MARVIN BLAINE COOK Marvin Track 10-12, Football 11-12, Cross- Country 10. JANE ANNETTE COYNER Jane FHA 8-10, Band 8-9, Pep 8-11, Cheerleading 8, 10-12, Basketball 12, Track 9-12, J. V. Show, Senior Play, 9th, 10th Reporter, 11th Treasurer. CATHY DEBRA CROW Cathy Transferred 10, SODA 11-12, NHS 11-12, French 11-12, Annual 11-12, Choral 10-11, Pep 10-11, Ba sketball 12, Track 11, Senior Play, J.V. Show, Homecoming Rep. 12. 22 SONSERIA ESTALITA DAMERON Sonia FHA 8-9, SAE 11-12, SCA 8-10, NHS 11-12. Latin 9-12, Annual 12, Pep 8-11, Majorette 8-12, 8, 9 Sec¬ retary, Drama 11, J. V. Show, Home¬ coming Rep. 9, Senior Play. JAMES HARKINS DAY, JR. Jim Football 9-12, Golf 10, Basketball 10, Senior Play. ANDREA EDDINS Andrea SODA 11-12, FHA 9, NHS 11-12, SAE 12, Latin 10-11, Annual 12, Sr. Play, J. V. Show, Class Officer 12, Pep 8-9. JANET MARIE ESH Janet FHA 8-12. GARNETT REGINALD FALLS G. R. Football 8-9. 23 TILDA MAE FARRIS Tilda Transferred 10, Pep 10-11, SODA 11, SAE 12, J. V. Show, Senior Play. DAVID WILLARD FITZGERALD David FFA 8-12, NHS 11-12. JAMES CLARK FITZGERALD Jimmy D.E. 11-12. RICHARD LEWIS FITZGERALD Richard FFA 8-12, SCA 10-11, NHS 11-12, Latin 9, Basketball 8, Sr. Play. RUSSELL FRANKLIN FLESHER Rusty NHS 11-12, Varsity 11, Scorekeeper 11 . 24 SARA ELLEN FLINTOM Sara NHS 11-12, Track 8-10, Pep 8-11, lOth Sect ' y, Spanish 11, Latin 9-10. PAUL DOUGLAS FLOYD Paul JOHN BYRON FORD III John Transferred 11, NHS 11, Senior Play, Golf 11-12, Key 12, Varsity 11-12, Annual 12, Choral 11. 25 SCOTT WENDALL GERMAN Scott French 10, Cross-Country 9, Football 8, Basketball 9-10, J. V. Show. KIRK EUGENE GOOD Kirk SODA 11-12, Latin 10-12, Band 8-10, Drum Major 11-12, Science 8, Foren¬ sics 8, Basketball 8-10, Football 10, J.V. Show, Sr. Play. LAWRENCE TEMPLETON HAILEY Larry 26 LARRY STEVEN HARRIS Steve Football 8-12, J. V. Show, Sr. Play. ELIZABETH ADAIR HENKTL Elizabeth SARAH DALE HENKEL Sarah Track 11, NHS 11-12, J. V. Show. 27 CHERYL PAMELA HEWITT Cheryl SAE8-12, French 10-12, NHS 11-12, Choral 8-9, Pep 9-11, Annual 11-12, Track 9-11, J.V. Show, Senior Play, 8th, 9th Treasurer, 11th, I2th President. CATHERINE MARY HEWLETT Cathy Transferred 10, SODA 12, Spanish 11, Band 11, Choral 10, NHS 11-12, J.V. Show, Senior Play, SCA 12. MARTHA ANNETTE HOCKMAN Martha Latin 9-10, Pep 8-11, J.V. Show, Senior Play, Choral 8-9, SAE 8. BARRY LEE HORNING Barry SODA 11, NHS 11-12, Spanish 11, Varsity 11-12, Forensics 8-12, Foot¬ ball 10-12, Track 11-12, J.V. Show, Senior Play, KVG 10-12, SCA Presi¬ dent 12. KAREN IRENE HORSBURGH Karen Transferred 12, French 12, Senior Play. DARREL JAY HUMPREYS D.J. 28 BETTY JANE HUNTER B.J. SCA 8, FEiA 8-9, 12, J. V. Show, Science 12. PATRICIA MARIE JONES Patti NHS 11-12, J. V. Show. DONALD WAYNE JOHNSON Donnie Football 9-10, Baseball 9. KAREN HEPNER KENT Karen Cheerleading 8-10, 12, SCA 8-9, 12; SODA 11-12, NHS 11-12, French 11- 12, Pep 8-11, Annual 12, J. V. Show, Homecoming Rep 12. BRADLEY CARLTON JONES Bradley SODA 10-12, Latin 11-12, Key 12, Varsity 12, Forensics 9-11, Football 9, Track 8-10, Cross-Country 10-12, J. V. Show, Basketball Mgr. ROBERT GLENN KILLINGS WORTH Bobby Football 8-12, Basketball 8-12, Track 9-11, Varsity 11-12, Baseball 9-12. 29 DEBBIE LEE KISER Debbie NHS 11-12, Latinll, Choral 8-12, J. V. Show, Senior Play, One act play festival 12. STEVEN THOMAS LAMP Steve NHS 11-12, Track 11-12, Cross- Country ' 11-12, SODA 12, Annual 12, Varsity 12. NANCEY MARIE LAWRENCE Nancey FHA 8-12, Library 10, Senior Play. WILLIAM DARELL LEACH Darell Baseball 8-12, Football 9-12, Basket¬ ball 9-10, ]. V. Show, Senior Play, Varsity 11-12. 30 CONSTANCE DIANE LOHR Connie SAE 12, French 10, 11, Pep 10, 11, Cheerleading 8, 10-12, J. V. Show, GINGER LEIGH LOSH Ginger FHA 9, NHS 11, 12, Latin 10, 11, J. V. Show, Pep 10. MARK EDWARD LOTTS Mark NHS 11,12. JILL ANN LOVING RUSSELL DEAN LOWERY Jill D.E. 11. FHA 11, 12, Annual 11, 12, Pep 8-11, J.V. Show. CIMBERLY ANN LUNSFORD Cim Cheerleading 8, SCA 8, Pep 8, 10-11, Latin 9, Majorette 9-12, Class Offi¬ cer 11, NHS 11-12, J.V. Show. 31 DONNA MARIE MAZZEO Donna Transferred 11, SODA 12, NHS 12, French 11-12, Choral 11, J. V. Show, Sr. Play, Class Officer 12. KENNETH CARL MILLHOFF Ken Transferred 11, Newspaper 12, Sr. Play 12. 32 SHEREE LEIGH MONROE Sheree Latin 9-12, Choral 8-9, Pep 8-11, Cheerleading 8-12, J.V. show. Homecoming 8, 10, 11, Home¬ coming Queen 12, SCA 8, 11. CYNTHIA WENDELL PICKUS Cindy Pep 8-11, French 10, 11, SODA 11, Forensics 8, 9, Basketball 12, J.V. Show, Class Officer 12, Sr. Play. JESS ALLEN NEUGER Jess Football 8, Spanish 11. LINDY KATHERYN OTTINGER Lindy FHA 10, FFA 11,12, Science 12, Se¬ nior Play, One act play festival 12. DORIS MARIE PLUMMER Doris FHA 8-9, Choral 10-12. BENJAMIN FRANK PRINGLE Benny Football 9, Choral 11. 33 PAMELA JEAN PROCTOR Pam ERA 11, J.V. Show, Choral 11-12. LARRY WILLIAM ROMAINE Larry Football 9-12, S.C.A. , FFA 10-12, Track 11-12, Varsity 10-12, Sr. Play. SANDRA SUE SANCHEZ Sandy Transferred 9, SCA 8, 12, Pep 10, Track 10, Annual 10, Spanish 10, J.V. Show, Drama 12, Forensics 12, Sr. Play, Newspaper. CHRISTA ANN SCHAGES Christa DIANA FAYTHE SHIRLEY Diana FHA 9-12, NHS 11-12, Spanish 11, Choral 8-9, Library 11-12, J.V. Show, SCA 12, Homecoming Rep. GARY CLARK SHORT Gary NHS 11-12, Band 8-10, Football 10, J. V. Show. 34 LEROY DENNIS SMITH Leroy Key 12 , Football 9, 12, Basketball 8- 10, J. V. Show, Varsity 12. KAREN CELESTE SNOPKOWSKI Karen SODA 11, FHA 8, SAE 10, NHS 11- 12, French 10-12, Annual 12, Choral 9-12, Pep 8, 10, Cheerleading 8, 10, 12, J.V. Show, Sr. Play, SCA 11-12, 9th Pres. EDWARD LEE STAUDT Eddie SODA 10-12, NHS 11-12, Key 12, Forensics 9, Football 10, Baseball 8- 12, J.V. Show, V. Pres. 8,10. WILLIAM LYNN STEELE Lynn Football 8-12, Track 8-12, FFA 11- 12, J.V. Show, Varsity 11-12. 35 ORVIN KEITH STINNETT Orvin J. V. Show, Track 9-10, Varsity 11- 12 . ElATHY CLINEDINST VANFOSSEN Kathy FHA 8. JAMES DAVID TERRY James CHARLES REAVES VICARS Charlie Basketball 9-10. DARLENE HAMILTON UNDERWOOD Darlene FHA 8-12, NHS 11-12, Spanish 11, Forensics 8, 9, 11, J. V. Show, Track 8 . TERESA FAYE WARBLE Teresa FHA 8-12, NHS 11-12. 36 DAVID MICHAEL WINGFIELD David Basketball 8-10, 12, SCA8-11, Pep 8-11, NHS 11-12, Latin 8-11, Key 12, Varsity 9-12, Football 8-12, Baseball 8-12, Track 8, J. V. Show, Sr. Play. BARBARA ELLEN WISEMAN Barbara Majorettes 10,12, J. V. Show. RONALD LEE WRIGHT Ronald FFA 12, NHS 11-12, St. Play Spanish 11, Annual 12, Choral 8-12, Forensics 9-10, SCA 12, J. V. Show. 37 SHEILA BELL Sheila J.V. Show, Library. DAVID CARL BRUBAKER David FFA 8-10, Basketball 8. ELLEN MARIE BYRD Ellen BARBARA ELLEN COFF EY Barbara Choral 12. ELLIS WILSON FAUBER Ellie Varsity 12, Basketball 8-12, Football 8-12, Baseball 12, J.V. Show. JAMES DOUGLAS FRETWELL Doug JOHNNY RAY GAYHART Johnny LESLEY HANGER Lesley SAE 10-12, French 10-12, Annual 12, Choral 9-12, J.V. show. TIMOTHY ARTHUR HUPP Tim NHS 11-12, Latin 11, Band 8-11, J.V. Show, Sr. Play. LARRY EDWARD KENNEDY Larry Football 9,11-12, Key 12, Deca 12. STEPHANIE ANNE LIPSKY Stephanie Science 11. DORIS LEE LIPTRAP Doris JACKIE RAY LOWERY Jackie AUDREY DARLENE MAYS Darlene JAY BRYAN MERRITT Jay Golf 12, Track 9. RICHARD DORMAN MUTHERSPAW Richard DAVID FRANKLIN SANDY David DEBRA ANN TICKNOR Debbie Sr. Play. CHARLES EUGENE WARREN Chuck Cross-Country 9-10, Track 9-10. MARGARET ANN WASIK Margaret 39 Jeff Alexander Rt, 2-Box 191, Wbo. Darlene Allen Box F 411, Wbo. Jeanne Allen 129 Sunset E)r., S. D. DiAnna Alltop Rt. 2-Box 510, S. D. Mike Almarode Rt. 1, S. D. Maurice Appl Rt. 2-Box 343, Wbo. Debbie Bailey Rt. 1-Box 315, Lynd. Judy Balsley P. O. Box 162, S. D. Doug Barnes Rt. 1, S. D. Sandra Beatty Rt. 1 Bgx 134, Lynd. Sheila Bell Lynd. Linda benavitch Rt. 2, Box 98, S. D. Paula Berrang Rt. 2 Box 180, Wbo. Joan Breuer Rt. 2-Box 260, Wbo. Jackie Brooks Rt. 1-Box 273, S. D. Larry Brown P. O. Box 533, S. D. David Brubaker Rt. 2 Box 530-A, S. D. Sue Bryan 1613 Park Rd., Wbo. Doug Burford Dundee Court, S. D. Ellen Byrd Rt. 2, S. D. Gail Campbell Highland Hills Apts., S. D. Luke Campbell Rt. 1-Box 376, Lynd. David Carper Rt. 2 Box 279, Wbo. Dwight Clark P. O. Box 80, Lynd. Sharon Clark Box 135, S. D. Barbara Coffey Rt. 1, Box 443, S. D. Steve Coffey Rt 1-Box 388, S. D. Debbie Cohron 449 Cambridge Dr., S. D. Marvin Cook Rt. 2-Box 8, Afton. Jane Coyner Rt. 1-Box 733, S.D. Cathy Crow 819 Gwynne Ave., Wbo. Sonia Dameron Rt. 2-Box 169, S.D. Jim Day Rto 1, S.D. Andrea Eddins 624 Woodside Lane, Wbo. Janet Esh Rt. 1-Box 274, Lynd. G.R. Falls Rt. 2-Box 427, Wbo. Tilda Farris 609 Shore Rd., Wbo. niie Fauber 2038 Lyndhrrrst Rd., Wbo. David Fitzgerald Box 248-A, S. D. Jimmy Fitzgerald Box 875, Wbo. Richard Fitzgerald Box 248-A, S.D. Rusty Flesher Rt. 1-Box F-88, Lynd. Sara Flintom Rt. 2, Staunton Paul Floyd P. O. Box B, Lynd. John Ford 117 Colony Lane, Wbo. Debbie Fretwell Rt. 2 Box A8-23, Wbo. Jimmy Fretwell RFD 2 Box 261, S. D. Johnny Gayhart Rt. 340, S.D. Scott German Rt. 1 Box 194, S. D. Kirk Good 316 Stuart Ave., S.D. Larry Hailey Rt. 2, S. D. Leo Hailey Rt. Box 249, S. D. Jeff Hall Rt. 2 248 Dodge St., S. D. Lesley Hanger Rt. 2 Box 413, Wbo. Steve Harris Rt. 2 Box 153, S. D. Elizabeth Henkel 124 High St., S.D. Sarah Henkel 124 High St., S. D. Cheryl Hewitt Rt. 1, S.D. Cathy Plewlett 920 Northgate Ave., Wbo. Martha Hockman Box 206, S. D. Barry Homing 841 Kent Rd., Wbo. Karen Horsburgh P.O. Box 507, S.D. D. J. Humphreys x Al-15, Augusta Farms, Wbo Betty Jane Hunter Box 338 Rt. 2, S. D. Tim Hupp Rt. 1 Box 223, Lynd. Donald Johnson P.O. Box 191, S.D. Bradley Jones 806 Kent Rd., Wbo. Patti Jones Rt. 2 Box 227, Wbo. Larry Kennedy 1719 Rosser Ave., Wbo. Karen Kent 1842 Lyndhurst Rd., Wbo. Bobby Killingsworth Rt. 1, S.D. Debbie Kiser Rt. 2 Box 331, Wbo. Steve Lamp Box 52, Afton Nancey Lawrence Rt. 1 Box F 146, Lynd. Darell Leach Rt. 1 Box L-46, Lynd, Stephanie Lipsky 891 Kent Rd., Wbo. Doris Liptrap Rt. 2 Box 301, S.D. Connie Lohr Rt. 2 Box 218, Wbo. Ginger Losh Rt. 2 Box 29, S. D. Mark Lotts Rt. 2 Box 207, Wbo. Jill Loving P.O. Box 44, Lynd. Jackie Lowery Rt. 1 Box 721, S. D. Russell Lowery Rt. 1, S.D. Cim Lunsford 351 Main St., S. D. Darlene Mays Rt. 2 Box 270, S. D. Mike Mays Rt. 2 Box 276, S. D. Sue Mays Rt. 1 Box 758 Dl, S. D. Donna Mazzeo 800 Gwynne Ave., Wbo. Jay Merritt 1000 Fairway E)r., Wbo. Ken Millhoff P. O. Box 71, S. D. Sheree Monroe Rt. 1 Box 290, Lynd. Richard Mutherspaw P.O. Box 34, Lynd. Jess Neuger 126 Sunset Lane, Wbo. Lindy Ottinger P.O, Box 703, Wbo. Cindy Pickus 840 Fairway E)r., Wbo. Doris Plummer Rt. 2 Box 499, S. D. Benny Pringle Rt. IBox 55, Lynd. Pam Proctor P.O. Box 1081, Wbo. Larry Romaine Rt. 1, Lynd. Sandy Sanchez 429 Stuart Ave., S. D. David Sandy Rt. 1, Lynd Christa Schages Rt. 2 Box 479, S. D. Diana Shirley Rt. 2 Box 406, S. D. Gary Short 888 Shawnee Rd., Wbo. Leroy Smith Box 157, Lynd. Karen Snopkowski Rt. 2, Wbo. Eddie Staudt 1270 Sunset Ln., Wbo. Lynn Steele Rt. 2 Box 112, S.D. Orvin Stinnett Rt, 2 Box 187, S, D, James Terry P.O. Box 152, Lynd. Debbie Ticknor Rt. 2, Wbo. Darlene Underwood Rt. 2-Box 448, Wbo. Kathy VanFossen Rt. 2 Box F-101, Wbo. Charlie Vicars P. O. Box 8, Lynd. Teresa Warble F-23 Featherstone Manor, Lynd, Chuck Warren Stuart Ave. , S. D. Margaret Wasik Rt. 3 Box 92, Wbo. David Wingfield Rt. 2 Box 210, Wbo. Barbara Wiseman Rt. 2 Box 172-B, S. D. Ronald Wright Rt. 2, S.D. Judd Wymer Three Oaks, S. D. Anita Younger 918 Fairway Dr., Wbo. Scott Almarode Blair Arbogast Ricky Armstrong Jeff Baska Betty Brooks Andy Brooks Ann Brown Kevin Brunner 42 Wendy Buehler Dale Burford Cindy Campbell Sue Chepalis Where are the Bodies???? Tommy Clinedinst Jimmy Coffey Mike Coffey Rebecca Coffey Larry Carter Walt Clevenger Darrel Coffey Susan Coffey 43 Chris Cohron Debbie Coker Kathy Crotty Bonnie Cox David Cull Billy Daugherty Ricky Davis Jerry ' Driver Gail Duff Jackie Ehrnaway Joy Eddins Steve Ehart Susan Englert Gloria Eubank Chuck Eutsler Cathy Fickes 44 Margaret Glenn Susan Gibson Anne Good Bridgett Grable Kim Green Gail Grove Kirk Grove Monty Hall Terri Hamrick Debbie Hanger Tony Harmon 45 Walter Harper Jimmy Higgins Tammy Harris Tony Henderson Cathy Henderson Terry Holmes Scott Holste Stephanie Hooker Jennifer Hoy Brent Houff To eat or not to eat, that ' s the question. . . David Howard W. R. Hudlow 46 Mrs. Bank ' s class brightens up their room for Christmas. Pam Inserra Laurie Ironside Moletha Johnson Scott Johnson Ellen Kelso Kathy Kennedy Ron Kiser Mark Layman Shelby Layman 47 Dawn Legg Susan Liebal Gay Losh Terrie Lotts Tammy Malcolm Winky Lucas Bob Lunney Sharon Manley Kathy McCann Bill Marcotte Bruce Monroe Cindy Morris Rutli Morris James Mullins Valerie Naletko Debbie Smith Rodney Stinnett Terry Swecker Dennis Sweet 49 Steve Via Wesley Wampler Kitty Warble Debbie Warren Jeff Warren Debbie Waugh Betsy Weaver Brenda Weaver Doug Weaver Jay Weaver Annette Wheeler Andy Willis 50 bsent Charlene Bell Joyce Bell Jo Beverly Christine Brooks Debbie Brooks Tim Brooks Vayland Bowers Cathy Conner Jeff Fitzgerald Angela Gilbert Carlton Griffin Joyce Griffin Jewel Grove Paula Hanshaw Curtis Harper Jerry Lowery Tony Lowery Larry Mabry Juniors Vivian Morris James Mullins Debbie Neal Karen Robertson Willie Stark Terry Stevens Mary Ann Strickler David Vines Scott Whitesell ' V k ) » ? 1 - !•+ , l,l 1 e r+i C ' J . ef) . I ll -««-= Gloria Aizcorbe Phillip Almarode Debbie Anderson Amy Atkins Diane Bell Karen Berrang Glenn Burkholder Judy Byrd Eddie Campbell Paul Carter Paul Claytor Gary Coffey Richard Cohom Ann Coles Tina Collins Carolyn Comer Lowell Comer Brenda Conner Jenny Mae Cox Brett Crable Robyn Cromer Brenda Davis Drema Davis Donna Dedrick 54 Miss Marshall ' s sixth period English class shows only one example of the student apathy at SDHS. Gail Haris and Becky Hatter try a little sweet talk in¬ nocence to get by with those minor problems. Amy East Jeff Ellinger Patti Faini Linda Falls Rodney Ferguson Mike Fisher Darlene Fix Tony Floyd Natalie Ford Ceclia Freeman Beth Gilbert Debbie Green Brenda Greene Carl Groah Ricky Hall Marie Hamilton Dea Hamerick Cecelia Hanger 55 Bonnie Hanshaw David Harris Gail Harris Cathy Harrison Dwight Hatter Rebecca Hatter Galen Heatwole Garland Heatwole Judy Henderson Phyllis Henderson Sandra Henderson Kathy Hewitt Denise Hunt Gary Hyde Julie Johnson Judy Jones Robbie Koogler Steve Knous Interupting Alyson McKechnie ' s train of thought while taking a test could cause trouble. " Just go away and leave me alone, " demands Doug Rob¬ ertson. " Can ' t you see I ' m trying to look busy??! " " I don ' t believe you ' re talking about me, " says Doug Fitzgerald. " But keep on, 1 love it! " Jimmy Lucas Mike Lyons Joanne Manley Laura Martinez Jody Mathias Nancy Mazzeo Charles Moran Thomas Moreman Debbie Moses Marianne Mike Marshall Robert Martin Marcotte The Soph ' s wonder if the studying will ever end. 57 David Mowen Gladys Mullins Tony Musick Becky Myers Jay McClure Laurie McKay " You ' ve got to be kidding, " exclaims Jenny Mae Cox Judy Henderson as they watch the girls play basketball in the gym. Anita Nichols The title of " Bean Queen " is awarded to Sue Wright by Marianne Marcotte and Tammy Smith. Alyson McKechnie " You wouldn ' t dare? " says Tim Wilson to Mike Marshall " would you? " 1 J Ip Joy excitement from just the thought of having English with Miss Leake is expressed by Joanne Manley. Tony Neal Barbara Pullin Charles Purcell Betty Raines Debbie Ralston Susan Riley Doug Robertson 58 Linda Robertson Sharon Robertson Roy Shifflet Jeff Shipe Jon Short Stephanie Shull Rhonda Sorrells Phillip Spalding Butch Spilman Linda Strickler Marcia Tolley Ricky Truslow John Truslow Bill Vance Steven Vincent Jeff Wamsley Robert Warren Ken Wasik Donnie Weaver Tim Wilson Sue Wright John Wymer Karl Yoder John Young 59 Absent Sophomores Donnie Allman Andy Baber Hilda Bell Teddy Brown Lewis Bryant Brenda Campbell David Campbell Tony Campbell Diane Chandler Steve Clark Teddy Coakley Bobby Duke Billy Farris James Fanis Roger Farris Barry Fee Doug Fitzgerald Greg Freitag Cora Harris Willie Harris Preston Hailey Rusty Kivett Donnie Leach Mazie Liptrap Terry Lowery Gary Miller Dennis Neuger Tom Painter Tim Patterson Homer Rankin Debbie Rickman Stuart Stinnett Shari Wilson 60 Melody Abshire Elstela Aizcorbe Wesley Allman James Almarode Karl Altau Howell Anderson Deborah Angus Cynthia Avers Donna Baber Susan Baker Tom Baldwin Tina Baska Cheryl Benavitch Tracy Beg lau Sherry Black Cynthia Blacka Tina Bosserman Michele Branch Lloyd Bradley Kathy Brooks Mack Brooks Ronald Bragg Terrie Brydge Deborah Buchanan Martin Buehler Norma Bunch David Burford Donna C ampbell Samuel Campbell Thomas Campbell Carolyn Carter Kathy Clark Regina Chepalis Diana Cole T imothy Critzer David Crosby 62 Terry Crow Dana Cull James Davis Bonnie Duff Robert East Robert Everidge T imothy Farmer Kenneth Floyd Lynne Forbes Susan Foster Earl Fox Thomas Fishery Cathy Fitzgerald Julia Fretwell Eddie Furrow Lucian Gibson Robert Gill Rickey Glenn Gregg Hamrick Tom Hanger Randy Harris Tony Harris Angela Henkel Steve Hewitt Raymond Hite Anthony Hodge James Holmes Ned Horning DiAnn Hovatter John Huffer 63 Patty Inserra Sally Ironside Jerry Jenkins Jeff Johnson Lesa Johnston David Kanagy Sherry Kenyon Teresa Kiser Laurene Kivdighan Marsha Koogler Lori Lanbert Gail Lanier Patricia Lantis Bobby Lawhorne Beverly Lavender James Layton Janet Leavel David Liebal Mary Lineweaver Kathy Lutisford Alex Marcotte Leeza Marvin Richard Mater Timmy Meadows Janie Melendez Greg Merritt Marsha Mitchell Bren Moore Neil Morris Huey Mullins 64 Patricia Musick Kathren Myers Alex Naletko Wilma Neal Gary Norcross Albert Ottinger Karen Pannell Wayne Pannell James Parker Doug Ramsey Paul Ramsey Steve Rexrode Terry Ross Linda Sandy Michael Saul Jean Sepulveda Carol Shaffer Becky Shaner Scott Shelton Joyce Shifflett Patti Shifflett Keith Shiflett Todd Showalter Brenda Simmons Mark Sitter Curtis Snyder Myra Snyder Kim Spanglar Jeff Spieker Kathryn Spraker Ramona Stinnett Regina Stinnett Bruce Swartz Craig Swecker Connie Taylor T am my Thacker 65 Freshmen Not Pictured Daniel Baker John Bell Larry ' Bell Sunny Besendonfer James Blair James Brooks Robin Brooks Karen Brydge Earl Coffey Charles Crummett Virgil Diggs Nancy Ettinger Bruce Fainter Sharon Fitzgerald Wayne Fox Hildy Freeman Richard Freeman Allen Fretwell Donald Flailey Vernard Hoge Robert Florsburgh Jerry Hyden Robert Kinby Cathy Lindholm Louie Liptrap Jasper McCormick Robert Monroe Mike Nelson Mike Painter Paul Painter Glenn Privigy Mike Rankin Joan Schages Kevin Snopkowski Gordon Statler Craig Swecker Thomas Tibb Gregory Tomlin Terry Troxell Cathy Vicars Crystal Whitesell Jerry Williams Paul Wiseman Carol Yirsa Ellen Thompson Teresa Truslow Carol Yirsa James Young Steve Wallace Robin Warble Lisa Warren Charles Watkins Rebecca Weaver Pam Wells Timothy Whitlock Robin Williams Winfred Willis Danny Wimer Jeff Worley Donna Wright 66 Charles Allen Freda Allen June Allen Eric Almarode Dwayne Arehart Keith Bailey Pamela Balsley Colleen Beglau Jerry Bell Paul Bell Mary Beth Berrang Kimberlee Beyeler Peter Blum Teresa Boppe Rene Bowles Donna Braden Curtis Bradley Sammy Brookman Russell Brooks Tamara Brooks Janet Brown Cheryl Browne Kimberly Bmmfield Michael Bryan Donna Byrd Faye Campbell George Campbell Steve Campbell T ammy C ampbell Trent Carey Fonda Carter Bill Claytor Gregory Cline Gary Coffey Wendell Coffey Rebecca Cohron 68 Penny Coiner Eddie Cool Clyde Conner Cynthia Comelison Penny Dameron Pamela Dedrick Sandra Dedrick Vicky Drumheller Julie East Amy Edwards Tammie Falls Gail Ferguson Bryan Fitzgerald Donna Fitzgerald Debra Fix Ann Foster Teresa Fretwell David Gibson Cheryl Gilbert Mike Gilbert Nanette Goodrich Betty Goodwin Donna Grove Dee Anne Hall Jeff Hewitt Laura Hanshaw Michael Hewitt Ricky Hall Jennifer Hewitt Chris Harman Clay Harris Shanda Harris Tim Harris Benjamin Hatter Mike Hearn Marvin Henderson 69 Ricky Hewitt Andrew Hill Jeff Hiner Amy Hodge Ricky Hogsett Tammy Holloway Russell Holste David Horning Scott Horsburg Christopher Hoy Dawn Hughes Jeff Humphreys Greg Hurst Elizabeth Hutchins Jimmy Johnston Kyle Johnson Thelma Jones Patricia Katz Kirk Kimble Angel Knous Elizabeth Lawhome James Lawrence Dawn Leach Jeff Layman Bonnie Liebal Karen Lineweaver Martin Lovecamp David Lowery Margarett Lucas Nancy Lyttle 70 Frances MacKey Stacy Marshall Michael Martin David Mater Teresa Mayo Debra McCormick Douglas McKay Douglas Miller Charles Mullins Tony Mutherspaw Jacqueline Mays Ray Myers Arlena Nichols Elizabeth Norman Brian Parker Jay Pence Sally Pennington Dale Pleasants Kimberly Powell Nancy Quillen Elbert Ramsey James Robinette Maria Sachlis Lisa Saul Donna Short Faye Showalter Martha Shumate Deborah Simmons Louie Simmons Andrew Sitter 71 Gary Smith Richard Smith James Smoots Kathryn Snopkowski Russell Sours Tom Spooner Kenneth Staudt Kenneth Stevens Mike Surratt Teresa Surratt Bruce Sutton Penny Swisher Becky Sykes Penny Terry Robert Thacker Billie Ticknor Joel Tutt Alyson Vance Michael Vance Faye Walker Cynthia Warren Dennis Warren Lee Wasik Debbie Weaver Donna Weaver Thomas West Kenneth Whitesell Mike Wigfall Kim Willis Lori Yirsa Sara Yoder Bill Younger 8th Graders Not Pictured Lorrie Brown Richard Carr Marjorie Coffey Danny Fitzgerald Linwood Fitzgerald James Griffin Diago Harris Steve Harris Jeff Layman Alice Loan James Lowery Dennis McGhee Sammy McGhee Chris McNamara Vickie Mullins David Pannell Tina Patzsch Michael Rhodes David Sloope Charles Talbott Miles Truslow Cheryl Vorel Jeff Wallace Barbara Winston 72 AJSL o3eo MO Leave it! uosujBH IFF BE Ctt em J99H M ! ' Hunsoas i o 8 m m m m , ! Im 0 - aj ' - ' A y . Ti -Jif itfaL %(utjL% . If. k 1 1 y — I Sweetheart Dance 1975 Kitty Warble C Bill Marcotte nth grade Kathy Hewitt Doug Flobertson 10th grade Remember When? BEAT THE BAS PRICE RISE ' Indians Edge Cougars Nixon i ‘ft. .epBESS ' ON a gloomy ti O o M P9 O o O) 1 p CT) 76 ' ' GET A HAIRCUT! " May be the EVEMWSS nniest movie of the 10 SAL SUN. MA rageous I iverent.” AYBOY 3AZINE Phone Hike 2 5 Franlt W. Nolen 03 PLUS GEORGECSCOrr WE ARE CLOSED ON SUNDAYS acMBW 77 Jocko Cason Presents David Cull, portraying Jocko Cason, introduces his special guests, Mark Layman as the God Father and his two henchmen. " God gave you the green grass, but guess Harvey becomes a star??? who taught you to smoke it? " 78 “The Entertainers” Susan Gibson and Scott Holste show their talent singing and playing " Love Is Blue " . 79 Above; Ready to roll is the thought of Kirk Good as he waits on that last straggler. Preparing for one of those night prac¬ tices are Majorettes Barb Wiseman and Bonnie Hanshaw. Majorettes Tina Ramsey, Cim Lunsford and Sonia Dameron pose for that last minute shot before leaving for the Tobacco Festival Parade held in Rich¬ mond in October, Banner Carriers Diana Beverage and Cindy Morris let everyone know just what ' s to follow . . , That GREAT Cougar Band ! Along with the fun the band has throughout the year, there is still alot of hard work and practice invol¬ ved. Early in the year the band members rack their brains to learn the commands the Drum Major picked up while at camp during the summer. Then, there ' s the thing of keeping in step and keeping your rank together. Meeting at school at 7 for practice on the football field, when you are allowed to turn only ONE set of lights on. Which is almost like practicing in the dark, but the band pulled through! Spending the afternoon getting fitted in a uniform, and 99% of the time, having it still not fit. Then there was the Band Day held at the University of Virginia, when the base drum strap was not loaded on the bus. There was a panic at first, then the bus was ransacked. And to think Blair Arbogast would attempt to carry that base drum onto the field and play at the same time . . . then the belts started coming . . . Band members pulled their belts and with a little help the drum was securely on Blair. Though there were a few baggy seats the Cougar Band was well represented on the field with a base drum. This was the year the band didn ' t go to the Staunton R. M. A. Christmas Parade, because of snow and Mr. Hill not wanting to get uniforms wet. Turning down the invitation to attend the Interna¬ tional Lions Club Parade in Dallas, Texas because of the economic situation. Planning to attend the Armed Forces Day Parade in Virginia Beach in May. Which was really great and so was the year!!! Get It Together Proudly representing Stuarts Draft, are the majorettes doing their latest thing in strut at the Falls Foliage Festival Parade held in Waynesboro.- Drum Major Kirk Good leads the band, in the Waynesboro Christmas Parade, with pride ! 1 Under the direction of Brian Hol- sopple, the Advanced Choir rouses Christmas spirit. Girls from the advanced choir sing Christmas carols. General Music students perform for the student body at their an¬ nual Christmas Concert. 81 EIGHTH GRADE: Kenny Staudt Lisa Lawhorne Homecoming King And Queen . . . FRESHMEN: Steve Wallace Tammy Thacker SOPHOMORES: Doug Robertson Sue Wright Doug Burford And Sheree Monroe JUNIORS: Dale Burford Susan Quillen SENIORS: Doug Bames Karen Kent Homecoming Court 82 " X ' oluptuous " male cl eerleaders lead the stands during tlie Powder Puff football game. Varsity cheerleaders prepare for the car parade on October 10, 1974, Substitutes anxiously await their turn to challenge " Puff " — Off and running. . . " Puff. " " Crosswinds " entertaining at the Homecoming Dance on October 12, 1974. The pace slows down as Homecoming comes to an end. Momecoming ' 74 83 Snow Queen and King (Selected by the Seniors): Sheree Monroe and Richard Fitzgerald .. .with their court Winter 84 Wonderland Time stands still... 85 " Rebel Without A Cause " Presented by the Senior Class STUARTS DRAFT HIGH SCHOOL December 16th 18th, 7:30 p.m. Stuarts Draft High School Auditorium ADULT $2.00 NS 68 Rg.beI Without A Cause ciJdLy 7s5 A Man.Ronnie Wright Buzz Gunderson.John Ford Jim Stark.Barry Homing Officer Mullen.Richard Fitzgerald Judy Brown.Judy Balsley Plato.Bradley Jones Mrs. Davis.Lindy Ottinger Rachel .Linda Benavitch Mr. Stark.Jim Day Mrs. Stark.Karen Snopkowski Grandma.Diaima Alltop Belle Brown.Cathy Crow Miss Hannington.Cheryl Hewitt Cmnch.David Wingfield Goon.Ken Millhoff Moose.Luke Campbell Helen.Sonia Dameron Millie.Sandy Sanchez Lecturer.Donna Mazzeo Mr. Brown.Steve Coffey Mrs. Brown.Kathy Hewlett Officer One.Tim Hupp Officer Two.David Fitzgerald Gang Members.Jane Coyner, Martha Hockman, Tilda Farris, Jeanne Allen, Nancey Lawrence. 87 January November September 2 Mon 3 Tues 5 Thurs 6 Fri 7 Sat 4 Wed Holiday Under Class Pics Pep Rally 9 10 Jr- Ring Orders 12 13 14 16 17 18 Cross 19 20 21 October December m 4 March Moa Tuta Wad Tliiai Pri Hat s 4 5 6 BUek Cultuf Shm 7 8 10 11 12 Couaty SpalUav B«« 13 14 SCA Taloat Show 15 FHA To Rlch- ttioad 17 18 19 H. Show 21 Track Meat: W ' Boio 22 ArtG Scianca Fair 31 25 26 Tnck Meat: McCluar 27 g 29 Mon Tues Wed 1 Thurs 2 Fri 13 Sat , J.V. Baseball Fort District Track Meet 5 8 9 10 H J.V. Baseball R ' Heads Prom 12 13 . 14 15 16 17 S. C. A. Carnival 19 20 21 22 Choral And Band Concert 23 24 26 27 28 29 30 Ring Dance And , Class Night 31 89 Mon 2 Wed Track Meet: Lex. 3i Thurs Track Meet: Gap River 5 Sat 7 10 FHA Banquet 11 12 Beauty ' Contest 14 15 16 Track Meet; J. River 17 18 Baseball Game: James River 19 21 22 23 Track Meet: R ' Heads 24 25 Baseball Game: Wilson 26 Track Meet: SMA 28 29 30 Track Meet: Wilson 2 Mob 3 Tuab 4 Wed 5 Thun y 0 7 Sat 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 23 24 25 26 27 28 1 30 February April June 1 ■ V A V k ' [ 1 Bp ' JKk ’ 1 : yB I 1 W -■ ' HeIk ' ' •• i% k . t f : ‘ ■‘■ ' • ' ' f! 1 . kfk I ' i ll National Honor Society Front Row: Ging er Losh, Debbie Kiser, Diana Shirley. Second Row: Steve Lamp, Sue Bryan, Cathy Crow, Gary Short, Joan Breuer, Tim Hupp, David Fitzgerald. Third Row: Patti Jones, Anita Young¬ er, Judy Balsley, Cheryl Hewitt, Linda Benavitch, David Wing¬ field, Richard Fitzgerald. Fourth Row: Debbie Cohron, Andrea Eddins, Sonia Dameron, Eddie Staudt, Karen Kent, Cim Lunsford, Cathy Hewlett, Sarah Henkel, Teresa Warble. Fifth Row: Sandra Beatty, Rusty Flesher, Jackie Brooks, Ron Wright, Mark Lotts, Barry Horning. Not pictured: Karen Snopkowski. Front Row: Wendy Buehler, Donna Mazzeo, John Ford, Kirk Grove, Margaret Glenn, Tommy Clinedinst, Ricky Armstrong, Curtis Harper, Tam Malcolm, Ann Good. Second Row: Valerie Naletko, Debbie Hanger, Terry Swecker, Bill Marcotte, Susan Quillen, Walt Cleavenger, Mark Layman, Susan Gibson, Joy Eddins, Angela Gilbert. Third Row: Scott Holste, Jewel Grove, Jennifer Hoy, Carol Ryder, Pam Inserra, Bridgett Crable, Debbie Blum. 92 Front Row: Marianne Marcotte, Lauren Kivlighan, Karen Kent, Cathy Crow, Teri Kiser, Randy Huffer, Patty Inserra, Faye Campbell. Second Row: JayAlmarode, Cecelia Hanger, Diana Shirley, Sandy Sanchez, Natalie Ford, Cathy Hewlett, Stephanie Hooker. Third Row: Tammy Thacker, Kathy Clark, Sue Wright, Susan Riley, Drema Davis, Patty Faini. Fourth Row: Cathi Lineweaver, Jeff Johnson, Kathy Snopkowski, Kim Green, Wendy Buehler. Fifth Row: Sally Pennington, Dawn Hughes, Nancy Quillen, Laurie Ironside. Sixth Row: Chris Hoy, Mark Layman, Sue ChepaHs, Scott HoIste. Seventh Row: David Dulaney, Kenneth Whitese 11, Tony Forbes. Top: Barry Homing Front Row: Margaret Glenn, Cathy Fickes, David Wingfield, Andrea Eddins, Becky Shaner, Kathy Lunsford, Sandra Beatty. Second Row: Thelma Jones, Jay McClure, Donna Dedrick, Sandra Henderson, Bonnie Liebal, Tilda Farris, Jane Coyner, Sonia Dameron, Cheryl Hewitt, Jeanne Allen, Lesley Hanger. Third Row: Jon Short, Barbara Pullin, Sherrie Kenyon, Lynn Forbes, Connie Lohr, Paula Berrang, Dea Hamrick. 93 SCA SAE FHA " F " Fonda Carter, Pam Balsley, Donna Weaver, Carolyn Showalter, Nancy Jo Lyttle, Amy Hodge, Betty Hun¬ ter, Jill Loving, Judy Byrd, Cecil Freeman, Donna Braden, Stephanie Shull, Sharon Robertson, Teresa Warble, Sara Yoder, Becky Sykes, Dawn Leach, Pat Katz, Sandy Dedrick, Karen Lineweaver, Dana Cull " H " Teresa Truslow, Barbara Winston, Colleen Beglaw, Brenda Greene, lindy Ayers, Terry Brydge, Sherry Black, Vickie Drumheller, Shanda Harris, Lori Yirsa, Linda Strickler, Debbie Fix, Phyllis Henderson, Becky Hatter, Susan Riley, Debbie McCormick, Penny Terry, Tammy Campbell, Pam Dedrick, Billie Ticknor, Donna Byrd, Deb¬ bie Angus, Cherry Brown, Stacy Marshall, Diane Horatter, Janet Leffel, Kathy Clark, Lori Lambert, Lisa Warren, Gail Harris " A " Sally Pennington, Becky Weaver, Tammy Brooks, Donna Campbell, Faye Walker, Lisa Saul, Nancy Quillen, Kim Brumfield, Sherry Kenyon, Donna Dedrick, Donna Wright, Myra Snyder, Con¬ nie Taylor, Kathy Lunsford, Miss Evers, Mrs. Ramsey, Leeza Marvin, Susan Englert, Janet Esh, Tina Baska, Kitty Warble, Tina Bosserman, Robin Williams, Kathy Brooks, Carol Shaffer, Karen Pannell, Patty Shifflet, Jackie Mays. This year, the FHA (Future Homemakers of America) theme was Project H-E-L-P, Homemakers Everywhere Love People. Emphasis was placed on conserv¬ ing our resources, health practices, pressures and prejudices, bridging the genera¬ tion gap, and searching for ways to make the community a better place in which to live. Various programs were presented at their monthly meetings to carry out the above emphasises. Some of the girls ' activities for the year were: a program pres¬ ented to patients at Liberty House, a collection of money for UNICEF and Muscular Dystrophy, a collection of a box of food for a needy family, a clean up day in the community, a trip to the State Fair, and a play at the Virginia Museum Theater. 94 First Row: Karl Yoder, Paul Carter, James Mullins, Richard Fitzgerald, Tommy Clinedinst, David Fitzgerald, Tony Musick, Glen Burkholder. Second Row: Richard Cohron, Tommy Fisher, Charles Mullins, Benny Hatter, Bill Brooks, Hal Anderson, Randy Harris, Danny Wimer, Stephanie Shull, Eddie Cool, Ray Myers. Third Row: Kim Beyeler, Kirk Kimble, Keith Shiflett, David Crosby, Sam Brookman, Doug Miller, Junior Henderson, Bobby Lawhorne, Stewart Stinnett, C.F. Conners, Steve Knous, Mike Rankin. Fourth Row: Maurice Appl, Robert War¬ ren, Ken Floyd, Gary Campbell, Curtis Bradly, Jeff Layman, Mike Surratt, Huey Mullins, Steve Coffey, Chuck Talbott, Greg Allen, Wesley Allman. Fifth Row: Lynn Steele, Larry Romaine, John Almarode, Gary Goffey, David Gibson, David Kanagy, Cookie Williams, David Hatter, Ronnie Wright, Doug Ramsey, Mike Almarode, Todd Showalter. Sixth Row: Ricky Hall, Ken Stevens, Tony Harris, Robbie Koogler, Tom Morman, Mike Mar¬ shall, Sam Campbell, Wendell Coffey, Chuck Watkins. Seventh Row: Roy Shifflett, Greg Hurst, Steve Vincent, David Mater, Jerry Bell, Barry Fee, David Campbell, Donnie Almond, Mike Painter. Eighth Row: Kim Willis, Tina Patzach, Terry Stevens, Donald Bunch, Billy Farris, Eddie Campbell, Carlton Griffin, Tim Patterson, Sam¬ my McGee, Louie Liptrap. The FFA, Future Farmers of America, is one of the most active clubs in our school. The membership totals approximately one hundred members, including seven girls. The club stresses leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. The members participate in public speaking, where a member is chosen from the chapter to com¬ pete. The winner then competes in area, and then state competition. The chapter also has livestock judging teams that compete with other schools. This club has many mem¬ bers that will be here in the following years to carry on the activities, and uphold the good name of Future Farmers of America. 95 FFA Spanish Club French Club Front Row: Kathy McCann, Ellen Kelso, Karen Almarode, Debbie Hanger, Tony Forbes, Second Row: Chip Buehler, Kevin Snopkowski, Margaret Clenn, Angie Edwards, Stephanie Hooker, Kay Simmons, Alyson East, Kevin Bmnner, Mark Sitter. Third Row: Tom Hanger, Jeff Johnson, Ricky Clenn, Ricky Hall, Jon Short, Debbie Smith, Doug Robertson, Dennis Neuger, Terry Ross, Marsha Mitchell, Stella Aizcorbe. Fourth Row: Randy Huffer, Donna Dedrick, Call Harris, Brenda Conner, Debbie Warren, Todd Showalter, Cathi Lineweaver, Tammy Thacker, Steve Wallace, Fifth Row: Tim Wilson, Chuck Eustler, Laurie Ironside, Laura Martinez, Debbie Creen, Paula Berrang, Hildy Freeman, David Cull, Patty Faini, Craig Dovel, Susan Chepalis, Jackie Dunaway, Cail Crove. Sixth Row: Regina Stinnett, Cindy Blacka, Karen Brydge, Sally Ironside, Dana Cull, Becky Shaner, Rodney Ferguson, Robbie Snop¬ kowski. Seventh Row: Tam Malcolm, Doug Blum, Jay Smith, Steve Eheart. Front Row: Kathy McCann, Ellen Kelso, Karen Almarode, Debbie Hanger, Tony Forbes. Second Row: Chip Buehler, Kevin Snopkowski, Margaret Clenn, Angie Edwards, Stephanie Hooker, Kay Simmons, Alyson East, Kevin Brunner, Mark Sitter. Third Row: Tom Hanger, Jeff Johnson, Ricky Clenn, Ricky Hall, Jon Short, Debbie Smith, Doug Robertson, Dennis Neuger, Terry Ross, Marsha Mitchell, Stella Aizcorbe. Fourth Row: Randy Huffer, Donna Dedrick, Cail Harris, Brenda Conner, Debbie Warren, Todd Showalter, Cathi Lineweaver, Tammy Thacker, Steve Wallace. Fifth Row: Tim Wilson, Chuck Eustler, Laurie Ironside, Laura Martinez, Debbie Creen, Paula Berrang, Hildy Freeman, David Cull, Patty Faini, Craig Dovel, Susan Chepalis, Jackie Dunaway, Cail Crove. Sixth Row: Regina Stinnett, Cindy Blacka, Karen Brydge, Sally Ironside, Dana Cull, Becky Shaner, Rodney Ferguson, Robbie Snopkowski. Seventh Row: Tam Malcolm, Doug Blum, Jay Smith, Steve Eheart. 96 First Row: Larry Kennedy, Doug Barnes, Walt Harper. Second Row: Maurice Appl, Jimmy Higgins, Tony Forbes, Kirk Grove, Eddie Staudt, Bradley Jones. Third Row: Chris Berrang, David Winfield, Bill Mar- cotte, Doug Burford, Doug Blum. Back Row: Mark Layman, John Ford, Scott Johnson, Ricky Baska. MEMBERS PICTURED: Lisa Freitag, Valerie Naletko, Anita Younger, Tony Forbes, Cathy Crow, Donna Mazzeo, Andrea Eddins, Patti Faini, Diana Beverage, Terry Swecker, Judy Balsley, Bradley Jones, Craig Dovel, Blair Arbogast, Scott Holste, Greg Freitag, David Cull, Jon Short, Kim Green, Susan Quillen, Phillip Spalding, Kay Simmons, Wendy Buehler, Angie Edwards, Chris Berrang, Curtis Harper, Pam Hiner, Mark Layman, Bob Lunney, Bill Marcotte, Doug Blum, Rod Ferguson, Sue Wright, Cecilia Hanger, Shel¬ by Layman, Debbie Blum, Steve Lamp, Jody Mathias, Pam Inserra, Debbie Green, Jay McClure, David Wingfield, Tina Collins, Nancy Mazzeo, Dea Hamrick, Kathy McCann, Marianne Marcotte, Becky Myers, Bret Crable, Jeff Shipe, Doug Robertson, Ricky Baska, Kevin Brunner, Natalie Ford, Debbie Hanger, Cathy Henderson, Eddie Staudt, Monty Hall, Doug Burford, Kirk Good, Jim Higgins, Dale Burford, Cathy Hewlett, Karen Kent. 97 Key Club Soda General Music II General Music I First Row: Leeza Marvin, Don Bunch, Donna Wright. Second Row: Vivian Morris, Thelma Jones, Phyllis Henderson, Laura Martinez, Pam Dedrick, Laura Hanshaw, Marsha Koogler, Janie Melendez, Faye Walker. Third Row: Teresa Boppe, Libby Norman, Cindy Comeilson, Cheryl Benavitch, Cathy Vicars, Darlene Fix, Cindy Warren, Sue Mays, Gail Duff. Fourth Row: Amy Edwards, Bonnie Liebal, James Parker, Benny Hatter, Ray Myers, Gary Camp¬ bell, Stacy Marshall, Kathy Snopkowski, Gail Ferguson, Debbie Simmons, Donna Weaver, Una Bolls, Donna Fitzgerald. Fifth Row: Christine Brooks, Sharlene Bell, Cookie Williams, Chris Bell, Paul Wiseman, Tom Spooner, Robin Williams, Arlene Nichols, Dawn Leach, DiAnn Hovatter, Angel Knous, Joyce Shifflett. First Row: Kathy Harrison, Karen Pannell, Melody Abshire, Patti Shifflett. Second Row: Pam ftoctor, Violet Hudlow, Hilda Bell, Joyce Bell, Donna Baber. Third Row: Gail Lanier, Carol Yirsa, Billy Lowe, Teresa Truslow, Cheryl Neal, Carol Shaffer. Fourth Row: Joann Schages, Mary Ann Strickler, Virgil Diggs, Tracy Wallace, Cheri Ransom, Jimmy Holmes. 98 First Row: Angela Gilbert, Mr. Holsopple, Debbie Kiser. Second Row: Rita Diehl, Amy East, Jody Mathias, Cecelia Hanger. Third Row: Beth Gilbert, Cathy Henderson, Betsy Weaver, Doris Plummer, Jewel Grove, Susan Coffey, Debbie Hanger. Fourth Row: Dianna Alltop, Gloria Eubank, Kim Green, Ruth Morris, Anita Younger, Karen Snopkowski, Lesley Hanger, Garland Heatwole. Fifth Row: JoAnn Holmes, Sandra Beatty, Kay Simmons, Susan Liebal, Debbie Fretwell, Jay Weaver, Andy Brooks, Dennis Neuger. First Row: Drema Davis, Violet Hudlow, Karen Pannell, Melody Abshire, Amy East, Beth Gilbert, Sandra Beatty, Teresa Truslow. Second Row: DiAnn Hovatter, Carol Shaf¬ fer, Patty Shifflett, Anita Younger, Kim Green, Joanne Manley, Brenda Green, Kathy Harrison, Teri McKay, Cheryl Neil, Carol Yirsa. Third Row: Cathy Fickes, Angela Gil¬ bert, Jody Mathias, Laura Martinez, Sue Wright, Susan Riley, Debbie Kiser, Rigina Stin- net, l eza Marvin, Alyson East. Fourth Row: Jay Weaver, Jay McClure, Ricky Truslow, Jimmy Holmes, Bobby Lawhorn. 99 Advanced Choir Chorale Band Front to Back: First Row: Mr. Hill, Kirk Good, Steve Clark, Diana Beverage, Second Row: Mark Layman, Ricky Hall, Jeff Alexander, Jon Short, Jennifer Hoy, Cathi Lineweaver, Neil Morris, Blair Arbogast. Third Row: Bruce Sutton, Lee Willis, Tim Wilson, Kim Willis, Karen Lineweaver, Natalie Ford, Maria SachUs, Sue Mays. Fourth Row: Christopher Hoy, Jeff Hiner, Dea Hamrick, Monty Hall, Cynthia Ayers, Pam Hiner, Terry Brydge, Kim Brumfield. Fifth Row: David Horning, Ned Horning, Bonnie Duff, Michael Gilbert, Cheryl Vorel, Patty Katz, Sherry Black, Debbie Green. Sixth Row: Phillip Spalding, Alex Marcotte, Ricky Davis, Robbie Everage, Cheryl Mr, Hill, Kirk Good Berry, Becky Shaner, Jean Sepulveda, Gail Duff. First Row: Maria Sachlis, Cathi Lineweaver, Jean Sepulveda, Becky Shaner, Sherry Black, Jennifer Hoy, Debbie Green. Second Row: Cynthia Ayers, Terry Brydge, Natalie Ford, Karen Lineweaver, Patty Katz, Cheryl Berry, Cheryl Vorel. Third Row: Tim Wilson, Jeff Alexander, Bonnie Duff, Ricky Davis, Jon Short, Pam Hiner. First Row: Kirk Good, Mark Layman, Phillip Spalding, Christopher Hoy, David Horning, Jeff Hiner, Lee Willis. Second Row: Alex Marcotte, Dea Hamrick, Bruce Sutton, Kim Willis, Gail Duff, Ricky Hall. Third Row: Steve Clark, Monty Hall, Robbie Everage, Ned Horning. First Row: Dare 1 Leach, Jim Day, Bill Marcotte. Second Row: Larry Romaine, Wesley Wam¬ pler, Mike Coffey, Tony Forbes, David Cull. Third Row: David Wingfield, Lynn Steele, Cheryl Hewitt, Jeanne Allen, Jane Coyner, Doug Burford, Carol Ryder, Kathy Crotty. Fourth Row: Barry Homing, Ellie Fauber, Doug Barnes, John Ford, Maurice Appl, Bobby Killings- worth. Sue Wright, Curtis Harper, Butch Thompson. Fifth Row: Susan Liebal, Ruth Ryder, Ron Kiser, Bradley Jones, Scott Johnson, Jimmy Higgins, Mike Mays, Steve Harris, Ricky Baska, Doug Robertson, Billy Daugherty. Sixth Row: Chris Cohron, Dale Burford, Doug Weaver, Garry Gale, Mike Rankin, Mike Almarode, Steve Lamp. Seventh Row: Chris Berrang, Steve Norcross. Front Row: Patty Faini, Pam Inserra, Margaret Glenn, Cathy Henderson, Cathy Fickes, Bob Lunney. Second Row: Angela Gilbert, Brenda Simmons, Jon Short. Third Row: Alyson East, Connie Taylor. Fourth Row: Laurie McKay, Becky Haney, Laura Martinez. Fifth Row: Becky Myers, Wendy Buehler. 101 Varsity Club Newspaper Staff Science Club MEMBEIRS: Barbara Winston, Patty Inserra, Todd Showalter, Jay Almarode, Alex Marcotte, Mike Fox, Gaye Stirmett, Jody Mathias, Joy Eddins, Susan Gibson, lisa Warren, Sunny Beysendofer, Jim Davis, Steve Wallace, Donna Campbell, Greg Merritt, Chip Buehler, Ellen Thompson, Melody Abshire, Terri Brydge, Steve Vincent, Lynn Forbes, Linda Sandy, Greg Tomlin, Mike Saul, Carol Musick, Sherry Black, Tammy Thacker, Brenda Conner, Becky Myers, Ned Homing, Ricky Hall, Jeff Spieker, Janet Leavell, Sam Campbell, Lori Lambert, Gary Norcross, Danny Wimer, Roy Sliifflett, Eiica Simmons, Greg Cline, Scott Holste, Terry Swecker, Becky Cohron, Donna Short, Donnie Weaver, Eddie Furrow, Michael Martin, Alyson East, Laurie McKay, David Horning, Tony Hodge, Lynne Grove, Nancy Quillen, Teresa Surratt, Cindy Warren, Russell Sours, Kirk Kimble, Dee Ann Hall, B.J. Hunter, Bonnie Liebal, Cathie Lucas, David Dulaney, Tim Wilson, Kathy Lunsford, Pat Hewitt, Carolyn Carter, Kim Willis, Cindy Ayers, Kathy Myers, Tracy Beglaw, Joel Tutt, Tim Meadows, Gary Smith, Jeff Hewitt, Jay Pence, Russell Holste, Brenda Conner, Becky Myers, Cheryl Berry, Clay Harris, David Mater, Mary Beth Berrang, Lee Willis, Gladys Lipscomb, Shelby Layman, Jeff Layman, Susan Chepalis, Doug Miller, Peter Blum, Sandra Hen¬ derson, Ronnie Bragg, Chuck Watkins, Debbie Warren, Jon Short, Regina Chepalis, Mark Sit¬ ter, Kim Spangler, Beverly Lavender, Kay Mackey, Bruce Swartz, Jeff Johnson, Ricky Hall, Kev¬ in Snopkowski,Craig Dovel, Miss Rader and Mr. Patterson. During 1974-75, the SDHS Science Club had two major trips. They went to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., and to the Cars Scenic Railroad in Cars, West Virginia. They also toured the National Radio Astronomical Observatory (N. R. A. O.) in Greenbank, West Virginia. Two projects the club carried out were: a Science Fair during March, and an aluminum recycling drive during March and April in support of project B. O. S, S. , (Beautify Our School Scenery). Some of the club members trav¬ elled to V.l.M. S. in Glouschester, Virginia in the spring. This club bene¬ fits the members who express an interest in science or are scientifically inclined. 102 Bill Marcotte Dawn Legg Jackie Dunaway Nancy Mazzeo Mark Layman Tony Forbes Steven Vincent Terry Swecker GIRLS ORIGINAL ORATORY BOYS ORIGINAL ORATORY BOYS POETRY READING Barry Horning BOYS PROSE Jay McClure David Fox BOYS EXT EM PORA NEOU S SPEAKING GIRLS POETRY READING Cathy Henderson Gloria Aizcorbe Cathy Fickes SPELLING GIRLS PROSE Barbara Pullin Marianne Marcotte Jackie Mays Susan Gibson Jennifer Hoy Julie Johnson Brenda Simmons Kathy Hewitt GIRLS EXTEMP¬ ORANEOUS SPEAKING Susan Foster Sandy Sanchez Forensics Drama Club MEMBERS PICTURED: Cathy Henderson, Susan Gibson, Jay McClure, Kathy Myers, Tammy Halloway, Lisa Saul, Bill Marcotte, Dana Cull, Laurie McKay, Butch Spilman, Scott Holste, Connie Taylor, Maria Sachlis, Donna Wright, Sandy Sanchez. MEMBERS PICTURED: Cathy Henderson, Dana Cull, Bill Marcotte, Brenda Simmons, Laurie McKay, Connie Taylor, Lisa Saul, Janet Brown, Tammy Halloway, Susan Gibson, Maria Sachlis, Kathy Myers, Scott Holste, Jay McClure, Sandy Sanchez, Donna Wright, Butch Spilman. 104 First Row: Doug Blum, Bob Lurmey, Tam Malcolm, Patty Faini, Tony Forbes. Second Row: Debbie Blum, Pam Inserra, Jon Short, Terry Swecker, Curtis Harper. First Row: Mr. Kelly, Doris Plummer, Mary Strickler, Drema Davis, Becky Coffey, Elizabeth Henkel. Second Row: Tony Harmon, Darell Coffey, Bob¬ by Dij e, Terry Holmes, Darlene Allen, Debbie Rickman. Third Row: Leo Hailey, Homer Rankin, W.R. Hudlow, Webster Shaffer, Rusty Kivitt, Ric¬ ky Doyle, Robbie Quick, Danny Painter, Scott Whitsell. Fourth Row: Ellen Byrd, Benny Pringle, Darlene Mays. 105 Chess Club D.E. Annual Staff Front Row: Jill Loving, Tina Ramsey, Andrea Eddins, Sonia Dameron, Tilda Farris. Second Row: JoIm Ford, Karen Kent, Karen Snopkowski, Cathy Crow, Judy Balsley. Third Row: Cheryl Hewitt, Kim Green, Cathy Crotty, Ellen Kelso, Cindy Morris. Fourth Row: Chuck Eustler, Anita Younger, Lesley Hanger, Jeanne Allen. We Gotcha! Faculty Advisors: Co-editors: Mrs. Spilman Mrs. Roller Business Manager: Cathy Crow Cheryl Hewitt John Ford 106 FHA FFA SCA SCIENCE IVS AllSNVA AIX I I I I 1 LIBRARY CHESS BAND SPANISH N Members of Spanish club prepare V to sample Spanish delicacies. I I I C)Til Delange was a Waynesboro High School Foreign Exchange stu¬ dent from France. While he was here, he talked to our NHS and viewed Miss Feree ' s French classes. Kirk Good, drum major, leads the Cougar band in the United Fund Par¬ ade . bJD o tS3 CC C 2 G o Q S a biD O A monthly meeting of SODA to discuss progress made in elementary classrooms. Members of the annual staff worked hard to sell annuals for tire year ' 74- ' 75. Susan Quillen displays her talent in the one- act play, " The Vain Woman. " WELCOME ' TO COUGAR COUNTRY 108 n 1 1st Row- Doug Barnes, Larry Romaine, Bobby Killingsworth, Darrell Leach, David Wingfield, Steve Harris, Lynn Steele, Larry Kennedy. 2nd Row- Leroy Smith, Barry Horning, Chris Cohron, Bill Marcotte, John Young, Luke Cam¬ pbell, Mike Mays. 3rd Row- Chris Berrang, Steve Norcross, Rick Armstrong, Jim Higgins, Butch Thompson, Ron Kiser, Marvin Cook, Billy Daughtry. 4th Row- Mike Lyons, Doug Robertson, Scott Almarode, Garry Gale, Kevin Brunner, Ricky Hall, Garland Heatwole. 5th Row- David Campbell, Wayland Bowers, Gayland Heatwole, Cooky Williams, Ricky Baska, Dale Burford, Paul Claytor. 6th Row- Tony Forbes, Nick Wilk, Hank Coyner, Bill Hale, Donnie Leach. no The beginning of a long hard game. Young enthusiasts get interested in the game. Ricky awaits his turn on the grid¬ iron. uuuunn Returning Lettermen for Stuarts Draft High School. m Team Statistics Stuarts Draft 91 Total Points Opponents 253 13 Touchdowns 37 8 Conversions, Kicking 15 1 Field Goals 0 55 First Downs, Rushing 93 16 First Downs, Passing 18 15 First Downs, Penalties 5 86 Total First Downs 116 1,612 Total Offense 2,682 1,032 Yards Rushing (net) 2,055 349 Rushing Plays 443 137 Passes Attempted 89 53 Passes Completed 41 580 Yards Gained Passing 627 8 Interceptions By 41 112 Yds. Interceptions Returned 251 486 Total Rush-Pass Plays 532 44 Number of Punts 26 1,088 Yards Punted 809 24.7 Punting Average 31.1 24 Yds. Punts Returned 136 14 Fumbles Lost 11 61 Number of Penalties 68 593 Yards Penalized 753 42-663 No. Yds. Kickoffs Returned 22-447 1 Two Point Conversions 8 The Headmen discuss tactics. 113 (Left) a convincing talk with the referee always helps. (Right) patty cake, patty cake Bu¬ ford ' s man. Hit him as hard and as fast as you can. (Above) the second striving effort always counts. (Left) Chris Berrang prepares to kick another 25 yard field goal. 114 1st Row- Mike Fox, Jim Davis, Wayne Pannell, Bob East, Tony Hodge, Ricky Glenn, Tom Hanger. 2nd Row- Jim Barron, Jon Almarode, Mike Saul, Ricky Hogsett, Jeff Worley, Kevin Snopkowski, Chip Buehler. 3rd Row- Mr. Coleman, Craig Swecker, Randy Huffer, Mike Bragg, Samuel Campbell. 4th Row- Tim Meadows, Marvin Hender¬ son, Coleman Gibson, Danny Wymer, David Liebal. not pictured- Virgil Diggs, Ned Homing, Alex Naletko, Steve Wallace, James Lawrence, Raymond Hite. .. . practice makes perfect. . . 115 tt ti 116 Row 1: Tony Floyd, Becky Neal, Alex Marcotte, Betty Raines, Bill Brooks, Bonnie Hanshaw. Row 2: Jeff Baska, Steve Lamp, Jay Smith, Mike Rankin, Bradley Jones, Row 3: Mr. Almarode, Robbie Koogler, Robbie Snopkowski, Roy Shiff¬ lett, Tony Neal, Bill Vance. Senior Bradley Jones Cross Country District Meet Soph. Bill Vance 117 Row 1: Dale Burford, Bobby Killingsworth, David Wingfield, Walt Clevenger. Row 2; David Dulaney, Doug Burford, Maurice Appl, Scott Humphries. Row 3: Robbie Snopkowski, Doug Weaver, Doug Barnes, Ellis Fauber, Walt Harper. 118 STATISTICS GAMES POINTS AVERAGE Ellis Fauber 23 432 18. 8 Doug Barnes 23 309 13.4 Maurice Appl 23 109 4.7 Doug Burford 23 318 13. 8 Bobby Killingsworth 22 55 2. 5 David Wingfield 10 16 1. 6 Walt Harper 21 63 3.0 Doug Weaver 23 133 5. 8 Dale Burford 22 54 2. 5 (Left) up, over and on its way. (Below) moving on through the Little Giants. OVERALL RECORD (15-8) 3rd in District 119 120 1st Row: Donnie Leach, Brett Crable, Kevin Almarode, Alex Marcotte, 2nd Row: David Burford, Doug Robertson, David Mowen, Jeff Shipe. 3rd Row: Kevin Snopkowski, Cooky Williams, Gary Hyde, Rodney Ferguson, Roy Shifflett. (Below) anxious anticipation for tlie final seconds to elapse. 121 Spirit and teamwork led our J.V. ' s to a very fine season. STATISTICS GAMES POINTS AVERAGE Gary Hyde 18 204 11. 3 Roy Shifflett 18 209 11. 5 Doug Robertson 18 120 6. 6 Brett Crable 18 73 4. 1 David Burford 18 58 3.2 Alex Marcotte 17 47 2. 8 Donnie Leach 12 29 2.4 Bill Vance 8 19 2.3 Kevin Snopkowski 18 42 2.3 Overall Record (8-10) District (6-6) 122 Row 1: Randy Huffer, Jamie Layton, Jay Almarode, Jeff Johnson, Alex Naletko. Row 2: Coach Mr. Almarode, Tony Harris, Bruce Swartz, Tim Critzer, Tom Hanger. Row 3: Craig Swecker, Tom Baldwin, Karl Altau, Ricky Mater, Ricky Glenn. 123 EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL Row 1: Marty Lovecap, Dennis Warren, Kenny Staudt, Jeff Layman, Chris Hoy. Row 2: Chuck Talbott, Gary Smith, Dwayne Arehart, Kenneth Whitesell, Steve Campbell. Row 3: C. F. Connor, Doug Miller, Jay Pence, Richard Smith, Jerry Bell, Mike Surratt, Coach: Mr. Coleman. Left: Tedious practices produce well skilled players. 124 Row 1; Donnie Weaver, David Wingfield, Eddie Staudt, Bobby Killingsworth, Garry Gale. Row 2: Mr. Alexander, Doug Burford, Ron Kiser, Darrell Leach, Ricky Baska, Doug Barnes, Mark Carter, Doug Weaver, Mr. Trumbo. The over-all record of the baseball team was 14 wins and 2 losses. They finished sec¬ ond in the district and went to regionals. This was the best team our school has ever pro¬ duced by many aspects. 125 NAME I lOMERUNS RBI BATTING AVERAGE Dale Bur ford 1 13 .353 Doug Barnes 0 4 .250 Garry Gale 4 14 .353 Darell Leach 0 8 .314 Ricky Baska 0 6 .318 Doug Burford 1 9 .260 David Wingfield 0 7 .267 Ron Kiser 0 2 . 235 Bob Killingsworth 1 7 .171 Eddie Staudt 0 0 .000 Doug Robertson 0 0 .000 David Howard 0 0 .000 Mark Carter 0 0 .000 Ellis Fauber 0 3 .276 Doug Weaver 0 7 .357 Donny Weaver 0 0 . 143 Swiftly runxiing towards home plate, Ellis Fauber takes time to stop by tliird base. 126 RETURNING PLAYERS WITH COACH Back Row-E)oug Burford, Garry Gale, Ricky Baska, Darrell Leach. Front Row-David Wingfield, E)oug Weaver, Mr. Alexander, Doug Barnes, Dale Burford. SCORES OF GAMES WAYNESBORO 2 SD 3 WAYNESBORO 2 SD 0 LEE HIGH 4 SD 8 BATH CO. 1 SD 10 LEXINGTO N 7 SD 8 RIVE RHE ADS 2 SD 6 LEXINGTON 4 SD 8 NEW CASTLE 1 SD 4 JAMES RIVER 0 SD 7 FT. DEFIANCE 2 SD 1 ROCKBRIDGE 4 SD 5 PARRY McCLURE 0 SD 9 NATURAL BRIDGE 0 SD 12 BUFFALO GAP 0 SD 8 WILSON 3 SD 6 J, V. BASEBALL Back Row-klr. Shefield, Robert Martin, Steve C river, Craig Swecker, Jon Short, Front Row-Kevin Almarode, Alex Marcotte, Jay Almarode, Curtis Snyder. SCORES OF GAMES WAYNESBORO 9 SD 8 WAYNESBORO 15 SD 10 WILSON 21 SD 8 BUFFALO GAP 18 SD 9 FT. DEFIANCE 7 SD 2 ROCKBRIDGE 15 SD 14 RIVE RHE ADS 9 SD 0 WILSON 10 1 WIN-10 LOSSES SD 8 BUFFALO GAP 11 SD 9 FT. DEFIANCE 3 SD 2 RIVE RHE ADS 1 SD 12 First Row: Kirk Good, Lynn Steele, Larry Romaine, Mike Mays, Barry Homing, Second Row: Steve Korcross, Scott Almarode, Jeff Baska, Rick Armstrong, Bill Marcotte, Chris Berrang, Third Row: Ronnie Bragg, klike Lyons, Ricky Hall, John Wymer, Jay Smith, Doug Robertson, Willie Harris, Bill Vance, Fourth Row: David Liebal, Chip Buehler, Coach Coyner, Tom Manger, Cooky Williams, Ricky Glenn, Todd Showalter, Alike Saul. Left: Todd goes up and over for an easy ride. 129 Coach Coyner and SDKS returning lettermen Bill with the help of his pole clears the bar. Larry puts his muscle behind one. 130 TRACK STATISTICS 1975 New Records Set Discus Jim Higgins 116 ' -1 " Old Record 109 ' -3 " Fble Vault Bill Marcotte ll ' -O” 10 ' -0” 440 yd. Mike Mays 53.0 sec. 55.0 sec. 880 yd. Mike Mays 2:11. 5 sec. 2:12.2 sec. 880 yd. relay Steve Wallace 1:36. 6 sec. 1:38. 6 sec. Alile Relay Jay Smith Mike Saul Willie Harris Jerry Williams 3:45. 0 sec. 3:48. 5 sec. Kirk Good Mike Saul Mike Mays Most Valuable Player for 1975 Track Team Mike Mays OVERALL TEAM RECORD (7-3) Doug goes up and over the bar. Raymond prepares himself for his throw of the shot. 131 Row 1-Randy Huffer, Doug McKay, Chris Hoy, Jeff Layman, James Lawrence. Row 2-Mike Fox, Wago Harris, Virgil Diggs, Ned Horn¬ ing, John Higgins, and Tony Hodge. 132 Top Picture: David Mowen, Kirk Grove, Greg Merritt, Gary Hyde, Walt Harper, Scott Johnson, John Ford. Middle: Craig Dovel, David Cull, Terry Swecker, Curtis Harper, Jeff Shipe, Tony Forbes. Left: Coach Bill Hale. 133 Curtis and Ms gramte staff meet another ball. David gives his shot a little body english. 134 Jeff exhibits his unique putting style. David watches the end result of his shot from the sand. GOLF TEAM STATISTICS 1975 Record (5-3) Second District Tournament Third in Regionals Won Stuarts Draft 353- Bath County 412 at Waynesboro C. C. Won Stuarts Draft 358- P. M. 364 at Lexington C. C. Lost Stuarts Draft 345- Fort Defiance 329 at Waynesboro C. C. Lost Stuarts Draft 352- Fort Defiance 342 at Augusta C. C. Won Stuarts Draft 325- Buffalo Gap 376 at Gypsy Hill C. C. Won Stuarts Draft 343- Wilson 378 at Augusta C. C. Won Stuarts Draft 343- P. M. 382 at Augusta C. C. Lost Stuarts Draft 375- Buffalo Gap 373 at Waynesboro C. C. hidividual Averages John Ford 87.62 includes District and Regionals Curtis Harper 87.00 includes District and Regionals David Cull 88.66 includes District and Regionals Scott Johnson 87. 62 includes District and Regionals David Mowen 94. 60 includes District Jeff Shipe 94.66 includes District 135 Romaine goes up for a crucial shot. (Right) calming the donkeys down was the hardest task of the night. 137 Cougarettes Front: Cathy Crow, Co-Captain Miss Rader, Coach Jane Coyner, Co-Captain. Back: Ellen Thompson, Manager, Pam Wells, Terry Crow, Cindy Pickus, Regina Chepalis, Tammy Harris, Valerie Naletko, Su san Foster, Sue Wright, Susan Liebal, Natalie Ford, Myra Snyder, Sherry Kenyon, Stella Aizcorbe. 138 An afternoon workout for the Cougarettes! 139 First: Katliy Snopkowski, Bonnie Liebal, Cheryl Vorel, Amy Hodge, Sally Pennington, Teresa Surratt, Lisa Saul, Gail Ferguson. Second: Diane Bell, Pam Wells, Ruth Ryder, Tina Collins, Carol Ryder, Valerie Naletko, Susan Liebal, Kay Simmons , Alyson McKechnie. Third: Regina Chepalis, Angie Flenkel, Teri Kiser, Susan Foster, Sue Wright, Natalie Ford, Tammy Smith, Jean Sepulveda. Fourth: Jane Coyner, Brenda Simmons, Janie Melendez, Ellen Thompson, Etorma Campbell, Teresa Truslow, Stella Aizcorbe. Girls Track Watching their teammtes! Msplaying one of her many talents. Bertlia prepares to let one fly. The 1975 girl ' s track team had a new coach this year, Mrs. Severs. Under her direction and the teams hard work, they had a very suc¬ cessful year. . . including second place in state meet in the 880 relay. Members of the relay team are Jane Coyner, Valerie Naletko, Regina Chepalis, and Pam Wells. Congratulations! 141 Barbara Wiseman Gail Duff Cim Lunsford Sonia Dameron Bonnie Hanshaw Not pictured- Tina Ramsey Majorettes SMILE ! Captain- Cim Lunsford 142 Cheerleaders — Varsity Vi. Eg). X f c ♦ Karen Kent Susan Quillen Joy Eddins Wendy Buehler Connie Lohr Jane Coyner Karen Snopkowski Sheree Monroe Joan Breuer Valerie Naletko Fire Up MIGHTY COUGARS ! 143 Junior Varsity Front: Karen Berrang, Beverly Lavender, Pam Wells. Back: Debbie Green, Teri Get it Together! Kiser, Marianne Marcotte, Tammy Smith, Tina Collins, Sue Wright. Front: Tammie Falls, Lisa Lawhorne. Middle: Julie East, Lynn Grove, Alison Alison Vance, Co-Captain Vance. Back: Beth Hutchins, Donna Short, Kathy Snopkowski. 144 Graduation June 6 145 Karen and Larry make their final walk down halls of SDHS. Hey Judy! Is that a tear or a smile. . ?! Last minute details. Our class spokesmen. 146 In they go ! Jeff Alexander receives the Hull, Ware, Black Scholars. Ellie says, " I got my diploma, now let ' s get out of here ! " . Holsopple bids farewell in song. Cheryl, Mr, Baxter, Linda and Dr. G.P. Whitely stand as the recessional begins. 147 Look Out College!! 4 Here Comes The Class Of ’75 148 In Dedication to HARRY T. COYNER 1972- 73 Assistant Football Coach Head Track Coach TEACHING Math 9-A Math 12 1973- 74 Head Football Coach Head Track Coach TEACHING Math 9-A Geom etry Math 12 1974- 75 Head Football Coach Head Track Coach TEACHING Math 12 Geometry Faculty Advisor of SODA Just to let you know, " WE THINK YOU ' RE THE GREATEST. " Harry T. Coyner In Memory OF Stuart Haywood Stinnett who died 16 February, 1975 15 years Farewell, dear Haywood, thou art gone. Thy sufferings here are o ' er; Thy friends who knew and love d thee, Will know thee here no more. An angel came, we ask not why. And took your Ha wood dear, God saw he was too frail for earth, He could not leave him here. When God gave Haywood to you, Twas only for a while. He did not mean that flower should bloom. For Satan to beguile. And bereaved sad mother, you would Not wonder while you weep, If you could see what Haywood saw, A sight so grand and sweet. His treasures here are laid away, He ' ll never need them more. You ' ll treasure up the last " Good-bye " , He uttered at the door. We cannot tell who next may fall. Beneath God ' s chast ' ning rod. One must be first, oh, may we all Prepare to meet our God. Farewell dear brothers, and sisters, too A very short while 1 could stay with you. But oh, how sweet it is to know. It was God ' s will to make it so. And though a lifeless, helpless form. Is all was left to view. See yonder with the cherub ' s hand. Your Haywood waits for you. Poem selected and read by Ruel W, Driver at the funeral of Haywood. 149 3 R KinxQi CfaM 1 ua tL tcqticAt tlic pfcaAiitc o| c mpom al tRe Jutiioa-SetUQt Ptom on §at utdai , tRc tcntR o |91I„ 9Xtnetcen und-icd, cmd at ei Rt o ’c£o.£ §cR of (Ea te-a ' lUl Setting the pace at tlie Junior-Senior Prom to " A Midsummer Night ' s Dream, " is Mark Layman and Rita Diehl. Expressing an enjoyable time, couples dance to the sounds of " Roxie! " 4yV COLOR TV AKQTA RAOlO 5 TV ID 6 TV •BARBER SHOP OTOBOLA ! ■H . m h Z1 " " £n7| T • 1 ROMAINE GLASS MIRROR COMPANY King Plaza East Waynesboro, Va. Our stall has a total of over 65 years experience. We sell all types of glass for auto, home, and industrial uses. We stock mirrors of all styles, tabletops, ther¬ mopane, plexiglas, and aluminum framing. We also carry PP(j windshields for all makes of cars and trucks. We offer fast and dependable service. 153 CLIFF’S GARAGE OFFICIAI. INSPECTION Station Complete Ser ' iee and Repair Stuarts Oraft, Virginia 24477 Phones; Day 337-2041 C. Reed Forbes, Jr. Owner Night 337-1588 S. JAMES SHOWALTER III C.I.U. NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE Nine conseeutive years of qualifying for the Million Dollar Round Table has earned Jim Showalter reeognition as one of the top agents for New York Life. His years of e.xperienee with people, along with teehnieal knowledge of eom- prehensive business and personal insuranee planning enable him to do an out¬ standing job with qualified retirement plans, buy-sell agreements, stoek retire¬ ments, group life and group health eoverage. He gives eaeh elient the wide range of his knowledge on tax shelters, eorpo- rate benefits and the latest estate planning coneepts. When you think Life Insuranee think JIM SHOW ALTER. He ean save you money. That’s what he does for a living. .And he does it very well. 154 1 IRl SlONi: SIOKI s IIOWI EE’S I ASI 1 1 -I Rl 1 20S . Broad Street AND a n es bo r 0 , V i rg i n i a WASIIINCi GE N El R Phone: 942-41 16 Congratulations Class of 1975. E. L. RAMSEY PELIMBING AND HEATING Oil Burner Service Compliments of MOOR E ' S Rt. 1, Box 51 Lyndhurst, Virginia 22952 TAYLOR’S SUREWAY SUPERMARKET " (irowing Bigger by Serving Better” " Home of Quality Stamps” Box 476 Stuarts Draft, Virginia Phone 337-1021 155 ' YNESBORO URSERIES HIGH HATTER RESTAURANT 1461 East Main Street V aynesboro, Virginia 1 yndhurst Road VN ' aynesboro, Va. 22980 Open 8 A.M.-2 P.M. Monday thru Sat. Sunday 10 A.M.-6 P.M. Fruit Trees, Nut Trees, Berry F lants, Grape Vines, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Landscape Plant Material. Dancing— Private Parties Good Food ABC ON and OFF. FRLL 48-page Planting Guide Catalog on request. Phone 942-4141 MERRITT REALTY COMPANY ANNIE ' S BEAUTY SALON " Complete Real Estate Service” Lyndhurst, Va. 22957 Telephone 942-9432 1330 West Main Street P.O. Box 1001 aynesboro, Virginia 22980 Phone 942-5435 Go to Annie ' s for Complete Beauty Ser ice. Compliments of THE VARIETY STORE Wayne Avenue Stuarts Draft, Virginia 24477 TAM LEE FARMS Stuarts Draft, V ' irginia Phone 337-2900 Brown Sugar Cured Ham 156 THE COUNTRY PLACE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1975 VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. Staunton, Virginia Staunton Plaza Staunton, Va. (iO COUGARS!!! Compliments of Compliments of TUNING’S FURNITURE YOUNG TRUE VALUE HARDWARE, INC. Staunton, Va. 340 N. Central Avenue Staunton, Va. 157 158 STAUNTON AUGUSTA NEW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION 1. Barton Motors, Inc. 2. Carey International Truck Sales 3. Harner Wheels 4. Lamond Oldsmobile-Cad. Inc. 5. Hay’s Chevrolet, Inc. 6. Lamer Motors 7. Obaugh Ford, Inc. 8. Ozzie Porter Pontiac and Buick 9. Rule Volkswagen, Inc. 10. Sandy ' s Toyota, Inc. 11. Staunton Chrysler and Ply mouth 12. Valley Motor Sales, Inc. WRIGHT’S DAIRY RITE The House Quality Built “COUGARS WELCOMF” P.O. Box 622 Staunton, Virginia 24401 WAYNEAMOCO CREEKSIDE MOBILE HOME PARK Atlas products: Tires, Batteries, Accessories, Amoco Gasoline, Oil and Tune-ups. Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. O. Martin Wheeler Phone 942-1531 Rt. 1 Lyndhurst, Virginia Dial 942-1544 159 “piolJmg loluers FLOWIRS S. N. LOVING P.O. Box 4.4. pfi LYNDHURST. VIRGINIA ZaSSa 160 COME VISIT US, COUGARS! STUARTS DRAFT DAIRY QUEEN WORTHINGTON HARDWARE Staunton, Virginia Open Daily 9-11 Sunday 12-11 Route 340, Near the Blinker light Phone 337-1331 Let’s all go to the Dairy Queen . . . Read THE STAUNTON NEWS LEADER and THE STAUNTON LEADER for full coverage of area news. Associated Press reports of state, national and world news, informed editorials discussions of the significance of the news, clean comics and advertising which makes shopping easier and cheaper. i: " THE PUBLIC INTEREST FIRST” Corner Beverly Augusta Sts. Staunton, Va. Phone 885-0349 161 Visit MT. VIEW AUTO PARK for dean used cars 185 East Broad Street WAYNESBORO, VI r RGIN lA Florsheim Shoes Lord Jeff Stanley Blacker Johnny Carson Manhattan Shirts 942-8292 “Service Beyond The Contract” Congratulations from WEAVER INSURANCE DRIVER HEATING AGENCY INC. OIL, INC. Life — Auto — Home Business Route 2, Hamilton — Cook Colonnade Waynesboro, Va. 22980 ' 520 West Broad Street Phone 942-7 HI Waynesboro, Virginia An oil fired hydronic heating system in new or remodeled homes makes for comfortable living. Dial 942-1184 FIRST MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK Staunton, Va. Our F M bankers went to school, too. 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Compliments of WAYNESBORO FURNITURE DEALERS; Augusta Furniture Co., Barkdale’s, Grand Piano and Furniture Co., McCoy’s Furniture Staunton Plaza Staunton, Va. 170 1 hank ' ou Stuarts Draft High School For Letting Lis Be A Ciood Neighbor Since 1973, Stuarts Draft students Have Participated in Waynesboro DuPont Company’s Annual Science Fair Last Year Gary Short, Susan Quillen, Robert Lunney, Darlene Hamilton and Susan Bryant Learned about The World of Chemistry In the 3-Day P rogram. Thank You S.D.H.S. For Letting Us Be A Good Neighbor. 171 T O O (O c (D C O i j 0) Z -D Q. (b (D D -O O O 1 z m i z 0 § z z 0 (£ Compliments of WAYNE LANES 211 N. Charlotte Ave. Waynesboro, Va. 172 BEST OF LUCK TO THE 1975 SDHS GRADUATES!! FIBERS DIVISION Main offices and plant P.O. Box 460. Waynesboro. Virginia 22980 William L. Pfost, Jr. DIRECTOR INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS A DIVISION OF THIOKOL CORPORATION 703 942-1 tOl COUGARS ARE THE BEST!! 173 174 Come visit us Cougars, at the: HOBBY SHOP NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 32 North Augusta Street Across for the YMCA Staunton, Virginia (703) 337-2211 Stuarts Draft, Va. “A Full Service Bank” COMPLIMENTSOF: Visit: WAYNESBORO JEWELERS HAY’S CHEVROLET, INC. Hodges Jewelers The Jewel Box 1 100 (ireenville Avenue Staunton, Va. 24401 Rhames Jewelers America Loves Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Fie, and CHF VROLFJ . 175 PLAZA BARBER SHOP Plaza Style Shop and Barber Shop Men and Women’s Hairstyiing Crown Toupes and Aeeessories Headquarters 6 Hairstylists Appointments tor styles only Open daily 8:00 a.m. Phone 886-9556 t ' AARODE ' S ITOIAOTIVE ENTER Official Inspection Station Front End Alignment Spin Balancing EXXON P.O. Box 296 Stuarts Draft, Virginia 24477 UNIROYAL Tires Tires Tires Self Service Car W ash Tire Trying 1 . . —■ GO ALLTHE WAY BIGTEAM! J. BALLEW AND SONS DRUMHEELER’S WAYNESBORO EXXON West Main and Rosser Avenue R.C. Drumheller Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 Phone 942-4313 Stuarts Draft, Virginia UNITED VIRGINIA BANK NATIONAE VAEEEY Main Office — 214 West Beverly Street Branches: 1111 Greenville Avenue 1410 Churchville Avenue North Coalter Shopping Center 176 The “Oasis for Hungry Virginians” invites YOU, Cougars! Compliments of LADD EXXON SERVICE CENTER Rt. 2 Waynesboro, Virginia Minor and Major Repairs Wrecker Service Automobile Accessories 177 CAN YOU BEAT THIS? A TRUE TEST OF YOUR INSURANCE IS [PROMPT EOCAE SERVICE. W E ARE EICENSED AND AUTHORIZED TO PAY OR HEEP ARRANGE REPAIRS PROMPTLY. PALMER INSURANCE AGENCY 220 S. W AYNE W AYNESBOkO, VIRGINIA 22980 GO ALL THE W ' AY COUGARS! COUNTY OUTLET ARVIS RESTAURANT STUARTS DRAFT, VIRGINIA 408 E. Main St. Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 178 C )iigratulalions Class of C)75! i I NCil IM AN ' S 11 AKI)V ARi; Stuarts Draft, Va. Maroon and Whio ' s (iRE A I !!! ' ! “Even Our Priee Sounds Better” Compliments of f at WHITESEL MUSIC THE VILLAGE HAIRDRESSER (J Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Harrisonburg, Va. (703)434-1376 J 0BAUGH LORD d in Staunton on (jreenville Avenue “the little ear People” GO COUGARS!!! CRAWEORD BARBER SHOP 1 106 Stoeker Street Staunton, Va. 24401 J- 179 Your Happy Shopping Store BARNWELL AND JONES, INC Real Estate and Insurance P.O. Box 466 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 320 Main Street Way nesboro. Va. 180 TOMMY LLOYD’S FURNITURE Distinctive Furniture For Less P.O. Box 95, Fishersville, Virginia 22939 Phone 942-1083 200 E. MAIN STREET WAYNESBORO. VIRGINIA-22980 200 E. Main Street JOHNC. MOWEN MOWEN OPTICIANS Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 I 13 South Wayne Avenue Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 Phone 942-8697 VAN’S GULF SERVICE CENTER Tires Tubes Accessories Rustic Split Rail Fencing See your COUGARS go all the way! Phone 337-9794 Stuarts Draft, Virginia 24477 181 COMPLIMENTS OF HOLIDAY INN Alton Mountain 942-5201 183 Patrons Clifton F-’orgc Waynesboro T c 1 e p li o n e C o m p a n I hc Country Store McClung Bros., Ine, Vanity Box Hairstyling (ioodyear, Staunton hitesell’s Exxon Houser ' s News .Auto (jlass Service Ine. Waynesboro Landscape and (iarden Center aynesboro Florist Riverside Pi a Shop Purcell Daughtry Mr. and Mrs. Walton Henkel Major and Mrs. Richard E. Crottx Mr. and Mrs. Spalding Mr. and Mrs. 1.. Victor Dickinson Mr. and Mrs. C. Lawrence Talbott, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Malcolm “Nick ' s” Sportsman Southern Dept. Store Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Southern Electric Corp. Carl Mize Lipholstery Cheveront ' s Supply, Inc. Clifton Forge Waynesboro Telephone Company Hamilton Decorating Center The Only Fabric Shop County Outlet John Lynn and Drug Fair Ideal Shoe Repair Ethel M. Worth Family Sonny McLain Richardson, Myers and Donofrio, Inc. 184 Bi . i ■j - .’-.-I - For Reference Not to be taken from this room AUGUSTA COUNTY LIBRARY 3 3 20 50688 0167 v vK ' For Reference Not to be taken from this room r :h Y-r- ' . ' I ' ' 1 ' , ,;• ' , .■! ' ■ ri ' i ' iZ y ' ' IS w

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