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Stuarts Draft High School - Legacy Yearbook (Stuarts Draft, VA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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1 TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON Ik A TIME TO BE BORN A TIME TO DIE A TIME TO REAP A TIME TO PLANT 2 A TIME TO KILL A TIME TO A TIME TO LAUGH WEEP 3 A TIME TO GAIN A TIME TO LOSE A TIME TO REND A TIME TO SEW r A TIME TO LOVE I SWEAR rrS NOT TOO LATE A TIME TO HATE A TIME FOR PEACE 1 ' DEDICATED TO Mrs. Patricia Spilman This dedication is to express our deep appreciation to our advisor, Mrs. Patricia Spilman, whose originality, interest, and above all, patience, have inspired us throughout the year. Annual Staff ’74 1 Ji Helping One Another The one who reads, is the one who achieves The social gang Compliments of Mrs. Shultz Homeroom, “And we will always be on top of others, L »MAIt«lAOI — Aileen Ellen Addison 817 Hawthorne Lane Waynesboro, Va. 22980 SENIORS Amy Elison Addison 817 Hawthorne Lane Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Andrew Edward Addison Andy 817 Hawthorne Lane Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Senior Class officers for the ’73-’74 term are: Sandy Pettit, treasurer; Lynn Buehler, reporter; Ann Wright, president; Sherry Hockman, vice- president and Spring Johnson, secretary. 14 L David Lewis Allen Percy 129 Sunset Drive Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Wilma Lee Arey Rt. 2Box 217E Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 James Michael Baker Jimmy Rt. 2 Box 563-F Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 15 Charles Ward Beverage, Jr. Smokey Rt. 1 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Kathy Ann Billhimer Rt. 2 Box F-311 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Steven Hamilton Black Steve Rt. 1 Box 197 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 George Russell Bell Butch Box 22 Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 Leland Lee Bell Keg Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 Steven Earl Ballew Steve P.O. Box 47 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 16 Curtis Dale Blair Rt. 1 Box 101 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Jeffrey Clay Bradley Jeff 851 Kent Road Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Roberta Dianne Brooks Rt. 2 Box 447 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Crystal Cecilia Bryant Rt. 2 Box 390 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Paula Mae Brydge Patty Rt. 1 Box 126 Lyndburst, Va. 22952 Lynnsay Anne Buehler Lynn 836 Kent Road Waynesboro, Va. 22980 17 " T Robert Samuel Burkholder Bobby 347 Main Street Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Annette Chaussy Anut 881 Hawthorne Lane Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Debra Sue Coffey Debbie Rt. 2 Box 195 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Michael Earl Coyner Mike Rt. 1 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Robert Daniel Clinedinst Danny Rt. 1 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Woodrow Allen Davis Alan Rt. 1 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 I Jacqueline Roberta Eaves Jackie P.O. Box 126 Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 Polina Catherine Duff Kitty Rt. 2 Box 232 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Harry Wilford East, Jr. Rt. 2 Box 197 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 “Hang Ten!” Pamela Kay Edwards Pam 113 High Street Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Shanna Jane Fainter Rt. 1 Box 6 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Donald Leslie Fox Donnie Rt. 1 Box F-123 Lyndhurst, Va. 27952 Mindy Sue Freeman 1221 Sunset Lane Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Pearl Elizabeth Freeman Box 74 Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 20 Norman Jackson Fretwell Rt. 2 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 John Ray Gayhart Johnny 113 Greenville Rd. Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 John William Greco Punkey 1030 Glenwood Blvd. Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Teresa Lavonne Griffin Rt. 2 Box 242 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Michael Thompson Groah Mike Lyndhurst, Va. 24477 William Weeks Grove, Jr. Billy 401 Stuart Ave. Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 21 Marcia Gail Hall Rt. 2 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Sally Joann Hanshaw 105 High Street Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Timothy Wayne Harris Tim Rt. 2 Box 299 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Daniel Edward Hatter Danny Rt. 1 Box 344 Lvndhurst, Va. 22952 Ernest Gene Hewitt Rt. 1 Box 37 Lvndhurst, Va. 22952 Julie Rae Howard Highland Hills Apt. 21-B Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 f Lewis Hansford Huffman P.O. Box 3 Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 Ronald Douglas Hunt Ronnie 124 Sunset Drive Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Betty Price Johnson P.O. Box 191 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 1 Glenn Lee Johnson Rt. 2Box 253 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Janet Campbell Johnson Rt. 2 Box 294 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Spring Lynn Johnson P.O. Box 18 Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 Julia Ann Kindig Rt. 2 Box 343B Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Lucy Katherine Kindig Rt. 2 Box 380 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 David Gerald Knous 667 Hodge St. Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 24 Syrena Diane Liptrap Diane Rt. 2 Box 301 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Darlene Marie Lotts Rt. 2 Box 142 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Wanda Lee Lowery Rt. 1 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Thomas Lee Mackey Tommy Rt. 1 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Ramona Rene Lunsford Binky Rt. 1 Box 88 Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 Carla Arlean Malcolm P.O. Box 502 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 25 Sara Ann Marcotte Sally 923 Northgate Ave. Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Jerry Lynn Marshall Rt. 2 Box 364B Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Gloria Roxanna Mays Roxie Rt. 6 Harrisonburg, Va. 22801 Randall Keith McGann Randy P.O. Box 123 Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 Teresa Kim McKay Terri Rt. 2 Box 144 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Patricia Miller Knous Pat 667 Hodge St. Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 26 Donna Lynn Moore Rt. 1 Box 751 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Joan Elori Deloris Mullins Rt. 2 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Judy Anne Neal Box 98B Hodge Street Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 William Eugene Nelson Bill Box L-66 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Jane Elizabeth Norcross Rt. 2 Box 251 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Carter Ann Pence York Avenue Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 27 Sandra Kay Pettit Sandy Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 Linda Lee Porter Rt. 2 Box 94 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Barbara Lorraine Rhodes Rt. 2 Box 141 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Melvin Dale Riddle Dale Rt. 2 Box 324 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 David Wayne Quillen Dave Rt. 2 Box 381 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Karen Lou Robertson Rt. 1 Box L-20 Lyndburst, Va. 22952 Randall Irvin Sandy Randy Highland Hills Apt. 12-D Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Douglas Raymond Simmors Doug Rt. 2 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Guy Ashby Shifflett, Jr. Box 131 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Nancey Elizabeth Smith 761 Gwynne Avenue Waynesboro, Va. 22980 James McDonald Short Jim 888 Shawnee Road Waynesboro, Va. 22980 John Harold Robinson 144 Poland Street Waynesboro, Va. 22980 29 Tina Marie Snider 302 ' j York Drive Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Paul Micheal Spink 860 Hawthorne Lane Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Mary Tate Swecker Tate Rt. 1 Box 115 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Jerrylane Brooks Swisher P.O. Box 821 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Randy Huston Swisher P.O. Box 821 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Ricky Timothy Tolley Rt. 2 Box 417 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 i i 30 1 Cynthia Dawn Truslow Cindy 352 Main Street Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Linda Diane Truslow 352 Main Street Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Leonard Alan Vincent 201 Crestview Drive Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 31 Beverly Lee Warren Rt. 2, Box 338 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Teddy Dale Warren Rt. 2, Box 325 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 John Tazeweld Waugh Rt. 1, Box F-90 Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 Miriam Emma Weaver Rt. 2, Box212-C Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Diane Elizabeth Williams Rt. 2, Box 325 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Russell Daniel Williams Rt. 2, Box 325 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 T Diana Leigh Varner P.O. Box 91 Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 i 33 ABSENT SENIORS Sherry Lynn Hockman P.O. Box 206 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Jeffrey Lynn Campbell Jeff Rt. 1 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Samuel Arthur Johnson Rt. 2 Box 451 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Bruce Edward Johnson Rt. 1 Box 730 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Wesley Trent Crable Trent 1001 Fairway Drive Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Gloria Teresa Johnson Rt. 1 Box 18 Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 Shelby Ward Hailey P.O. Box 454 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Robert Glenn Brown Rt. 1 Box 310 Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477 Fred Wilson Hyden 611 Oak Lane Waynesboro, Va. 22980 George Edward Layman 2208 David Road Waynesboro, Va. 22980 James W. Bryant Jimmy Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 Ronald Earl Painter Ronnie Rt. 2 Box 381 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 Daniel Stuart Sweet Danny Rt. 2Box 441 Staunton, Va. 24401 Sharon Patterson Waugh Rt. 1 Box F-90 Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 Doris Marie Wells P.O. Box 26 Lyndhurst, Va. 22952 34 r JUNIORS Junior Class officers: Cheryl Hewitt; President Richard Fitzgerald; Vice President Linda Benavitch; Secretary Jane Coyner; Reporter Cim Lunsford; Treasurer Jeff Alexander Debbie Allen Jeanne Allen DiAnna Alltop Michael Almarode Maurice Appl 35 Judy Balsley Doug Barnes Sandra Beatty Linda Benavitch Paula Berrang Joan Breuer “Class, come to order” Aaron Atkins Debbie Bailey 36 f Jelf Brown Jackie Brooks Larry Brown David Brubaker Sue Bryan Doug Burford Ellen Byrd Luke Campbell Darlene Cash Dwight Clark Sharon Clarke Debbie Cohorn 37 38 Marvin Cook Jane Coyner Cathy Crow Sonia Dameron Andrea Eddins G.R. Falls Tilda Farris Ellis Fauber David Fitzgerald Dwight Fitzgerald Jimmy Fitzgerald Richard Fitzgerald t L f Russell Klesher Sara Flintom Paul P ' loyd David Fox Debbie Fretwell Doug Fretwell Scott German Kirk Good Larry Hailey Leo Hailey Jeff Hall Becky Haney i! 39 Lesley Hanger Steve Harris William Hatter Elizabeth Henkel Sarah Henkel Cheryl Hewitt “This is the start of something Big” 40 1 D.J. Humphreys Betty Hunter Tim Hupp Donald Johnson Bradley Jones Patricia Jones Larry Kennedy Karen Kent Debbie Kiser 41 Steven Lamp Darell Leach Stephanie Lipsky Connie Lohr Ginger Losh Mark Lotts Jill Loving Russell Lowery Cim Lunsford Darlene Mays Mike Mays Sue Mays 42 i r Sheree Monroe Richard Mut herspaw Linda Ottinger Cindy Pickus Doris Plummer Pam Proctor Larry Romaine Sandy Sanchez David Sandy Christa Schages Gary Short Leroy Smith 43 David Snelson Karen Snopkowski Willie Stark Eddie Staudt Lynn Steele Brenda Stinnett Orvin Stinnett 44 L -lames " Ferry (iary I’ibbs Charlie Vicars Teresa Warble Chuck Warren David Wingfield Barbara Wiseman Ronald Wright Judd Wimer Anita Younger “Only 179 more days to go!” 45 1 ABSENT JUNIORS Philip Burkholder Virgil Heatwole Shelia Bell Nancy Lawrence Steve Coffey Doris Liptrap Janet Esh Jackie Lowery John Ford James Miller Darlene Hamilton Ken Millhoff Curtis Harper Donna Mazzeo Jess Neuger 46 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Sophomore officers for the year 1973-74 were; Tammy Harris, Treasurer; Bob Lunney, President; Cindy Morris, Reporter; Debbie Hanger, Secretary; Margaret Glenn, Vice President. Clarence Alexander Barbara Allen Jeff Almarode Karen Almarode Blair Arbogast Ricky Armstrong Ann Atkins JeffBaska Ricky Baska 47 Sharlene Bell Chris Berrang Jo Beverley Debbie Blum Douglas Blum Shirley Bosserman Byron Brenneman Debbie Brooks Kevin Brunner Wendy Buehler Walter Clevenger Thomas Clinedinst Dale Burford Cindy Campbell Susan Chepalis { Becky Coffey Darrell Coffey Jimmy Coffey Susan Coffey Mike Coffey Debbie Coker Carolyn Comer Bonnie Cox Chris Cohron 48 Ricky Davis Kathy Crottv Eddie Dixon Jerrv Driver Gail Duff Jackie Dunaway Jov Eddins Angie Edwards Steve Eheart Susan Englert Gloria Eubank Chuck Eutsler 49 Susan Gibson Angela Gilbert Sharon Gleason Margret Glenn Gary Gale Anne Good Jewel Grove Kim Green Carlton Griffin Gail Grove I, Kirk Grove Monty Hall Terri Hamrick Debbie Hanger Paula Hanshaw Tony Henderson Jimmv Higgins Scott Holste Brent Houff Stephanie Hooker 50 Another Exciting Class Meeting David Howard Jennifer Hoy W.A. Hudlow Crystal Humphreys Pamela Inserra Melethia Johnson Scott Johnson Ellen Kelso Kathy Kennedy Dawn Eegg Ron Kiser Mark Layman Shelby Layman Bobby Killingsworth Susan Liebal Gay Losh Billy Lowe Sharon Lucas Robert Lunney 51 Tamara Malcolm Sharon Manley Kathy McGann Bruce Monroe Bill Marcotte Cindy Morris Ruth Morris Vivian Morris James Mullins Valerie Naletko Steve Norcross Danny Painter Judy Patterson Benny Pringle Debbie Neal 52 f Howard Rickman Carol Ryder Ruth Ryder Joe Sansone Webster Shaffer Greg Sholes Phyllis Simmons “In Desperation We’ll Do Almost Anything” 53 Susie Smoots Dennis Sweet Steve Via Wesley Wampler Jeffrey Swartz Wanda Tisdale Ferrv Holmes " Xifi Rodney Stinnet Butch Thompson Kitty Warble Mary Ann Strickler Teresa Tibbs David Vines Terry Swecker Timothy Troxell Kathy VanFossen 54 Douglas Weaver Donna Webb Annette Wheeler Mike Worely Jay Weaver ABSENT SOPHOMORES Joyce Bell Kathy Conner Tony Lowery Farrell Bowers Roger Davis Steve Mays Andy Brooks Jeff Fitzgerald Mike Miller Christine Brooks Ken Fitzgerald Jerry Parsons Timmy Brooks Bridgett Grable Sharon Ponds Debbie Buchanan Joy Griffin Debbie Ralston Philip Burkholder Curtis Harper Karen Robertson Jeff Burnett Terry Holmes Terry Stevens Blain Campbell Betty Jane Hunter Scott Whitsell Larry Carter Jerry Lowery Herbert Willis 55 FRESHMAN Freshman Class Officers for the ’73-’74 Term are: Pam Hiner, Secretary: Cecelia Hanger, President; Tina Collin, Treasurer; Bonnie Hanshaw, Vice President; Betty Raines, Reporter. Gloria Aizcorbe Diana Beverage Karen Berrang Chervl Berrv 56 V; 1 ' Gordon Boppe Darryl Branch Bill Brooks Teddy Brown Gladys Brooks Eddie Campbell Darlene Byrd Donnie Bunch Glenn Burkholder David Campbell Paul Carter Steve Clarke Paul Clavtor Gary Coffey Richard Cohron Tina Collins Brenda Conner Lowell Comer Jenny Cox Robyn Cromer Brenda Davis Drema Davis Donna Dedrick Rita Diehl Craig Dovel 57 Ricky Doyle Steve Driver David Dulaney Alyson East Amy East Jeff Ellinger Patty Faini James Farris Rodger Farris Linda Falls Tonv Flovd Barry Fee Michael Fisher Doug Fitzgerald Darlene Fix Ricky Glenn Debbie Fox Ceclia Freeman Beth Gilbert Marion Gleason Debbie Green Brenda Green Dawn Griffin Carl Groah Preston Hailey 58 r Richard Hall Marie Hamilton Dea Hamrick Cecelia Hanger Bonnie Hanshaw Cora Harris David Harris Gail Harris 1 1 Willie Harris Kathy Harrison Dwight Hatter Rebecca Hatter Garland Heatwole Gaylen Heatwole Judy Henderson Phyllis Henderson 59 Sandra Henderson Kathy Hewitt Patrick Hewitt John Higgins Pam Hiner Violet Hudlow Scott Humphries Denise Hunt Gary Hvde JoAnn Holmes Robert Koogler Julie Johnson Rusty Kivett I Alycia Kivlighan i Judy Jones Jerry Lambert Donnie Leach Gladys Lipscomb Mazie Liptrap 60 Mike Logan Jimmy Lucas Joanne Manly Marianne Marcotte Michael Lyons Laura Martinez Michael Marshall Robert Martin Judy Mathias Marcia Martin Jay McClure Laurie McKay Alyson McKechnie Charles Moran Thomas Moreman Anita Nichols Dennis Neuger Paul Painter Barbara Pullin Charles Purcell 61 Betty Raines Susan Riley Doug Robertson Linda Robertson Jon Short Roy Shifflett Stephanie Shull Dennis Simmons Erica Simmons Ronda Sorrells Philip Spalding Linda Strickler Marcia Tolley Ricky Truslow Jacinda Taylor 62 If If Bill N ance Steven Vincent Jeffrey Wamsley Robert Warren Donnie Weaver Tim Wilson Sue Wright John Wymer John Young Bret Crable I ABSENT FRESHMEN Andy Hal)er l)ann Baker Edward Breck Anthony Campbell Debbie Campbell Diane Chandler Harry Chandler Debbie Dedrick Nancy Ettinger Natalie Ford Berry Fret we 11 Vernard Hodge Ronnie Kluck Steve Knous Perry Lohr Terrv Eowerv J ' ina h’ainter Lowery Nancy Mazeo Garry Miller Becky Myers Tom Painter Timmy Paterson Ralph Ritchie Jeff Shipe Bruce Shirley Terry Shirley Stuart Stinnett John Truslow Keith N ' arney Carl Yoder 63 8th GRADERS Eighth grade class officers for the ’73-’74 term are: Gary Norcross, Reporter; Stella Aizcorbe, treasurer; Tammy Thacker, secretary; Raymond Hite, vice president; Lauren Kivilighan, president. Melody Abshire Donald Acker Stella Aizcorbe Keith Atkins Howard Anderson Debbie Angus David Almarode Jay Almarode Cindy Ayers Tom Baldwin 64 Lloyd Bradley Tina Baska Cheryl Benavitch Cindy Blacka Terri Brydge Karen Brydge William Brooks Ronnie Brag Michele Branch Chip Buehler Rusty Buchanan David Burford Sam Campbell Debbie Buchanan Tommy Campbell Carolyn Carter Regina Chepalis Donna Clark Kathy Clark Patrick Copper Timmy Critzer David Crosby Terry Crow Charles Crummett Dana Cull Jimmy Davis Virgil Diggs Dennis Drumheller Bonnie Duff Bob East Robbie Everidge Bruce Fainter Tim Farmer John Flintom Ken Floyd Tammy Fisher Cathy Fitzgerald Paul Fitzgerald Lynn Forbes Scot Hailey Mike Fox Hildy Freeman Greg Hamrick Tom Hanger Bob Gill Fannie Goodwin Randy Harris Tony Harris Craig Heatwole 66 Pattv Inserra Jerry Jenkins Jimmy Holmes Jeff Johnson David Kanagy ( Marsha Koogler Lori Lambert Andrew Kivistik Laurene Kivlighan Terri Kiser TrishLantis Beverly Lavender Bobby Lawhorn Jamie Layton David Liebal 67 Louie Liptrap Cathi Lineweaver Owen McCormick Timmy Meadows Alex Marcotte Timmy Marshall Ricky Mater Janie Melendez Gref: Merritt Kathy Meyers Butch Monroe Bren Moore Vikie Mullins Wavne Mullins Carol Musick Kathy Myers Alex Naletko Cheryl Neal Gary Norcross Albert Ottinger 68 Mike Rhodes Mike Saul Joann Schages Carol Shaffer Scott Shelton Patti Shifflett Becky Shaner Todd Showalter Joyce Shifflett Kevin Shifflett 69 Bruce Swartz Craig Swecker ConnieTaylor TonyThacker Ellen Thompson Robin Warble Lisa Warren Chuck Watkins Becky Weaver Crystal Whitsell Lee Willis Danny Wimer Barbara Winston Jeff Worley Donna Wright Jimmy Young 70 ABSENT 8th GRADERS Wesley Allman Karl Altai! Karen Atkins Donna Baber Tracy Beglaw John Bell Larry Bell James Blair Sherry Black James Brooks Robin Brooks Norma Bunch Donna Campbell Earl Coffey Diana Cole Kevin Cook David Diggs Danny Fitzgerald Susan Foster Debbie Fox Wayne Fox Richard Freeman Eddie Furrow Frances Gleason Ricky Glenn James Griffin Diago Harris Debbie Heatwole Gene Heatwole Angie Henkle Lisa Johnson Sherry Kenyon Donna Lanier Janet Leavel Cathrine Lindholm Kathrine Lunsford Lesza Marvin Marsha Mitchell Neil Morris Sandra Morris Dennis McGee Sandra Nunn Terry Ross Linda Sandy Jean Sepulveda Brenda Simmons Ricky Smith Ramona Stinnett Regina Stinnett Tammy Thacker Tommy Tidd Kathy Vicars Diane Welcher Pam Wells Timmy Whitlock Michael Wigfall Jerry Williams Robin Williams Paul Wiseman Carol Yirsa Mr. Rudolph Hull — Principal ADMINISTRATION THE BRICKS OF OUR FOUNDATION Mr. D. Mason Ware — Assistant Principal Mr. Charles Huffman — Assistant Principal 73 74 GO -C bt C o -C O 03 CD O. o ; c i rr: o X X J CQ c ' M C 3 .-H O ' t? W u J= (Tj — II W t ' (Ti k- • — Q § ■ X X o ' Oi o O vi o bx 55 c , W -p c cb E , 03 hJ 2 ' E bx c w Xii 03 a hJ . ■ S s s s s s s o o o C 4 03 II £ ‘5 J o bX O 3 03 03 Xi O C 03 ( j O O) 03 § 11 " S “s o U , , Im bi, 4; £ 2 TS ir o 4; " O 03 s i £ 6 E- M IS m X bj: • E ' E k- 03 C _o TO o a, •- ' D TO u y a O -a c i —. ;i: $ TO bX ► ,£ o C c 2 W , . ' c ca Ph B c 4 C D -o w TO S bx C ' a 1; , 4 I " o £ o p CQ O ' O o O c : D TO TO CD TO IE ' C a Qj -O Q 9 Cd . . Kr -C bX S .2 c nn « . e 4 Qj .£ O r- C I-, TO IS ' 5 w P 05 QQ ■£ d TO 4 • - ■■ »- ' a N t j o £ c c .2 o -k- o TO M 4. B W o — X 2 Oj c . o CJ -n S s TO -N o .2 c —I . W " o k- C TO •5 o c 03.2 -C TO ( 3 Cj :3 bx " o c M w z: r- ' -C CJ c [JL. Qu E d, f c a [Jh C TO c 5 X CO c _c - £ § PJ X TO ' . Jr bx P O TO k-( 0 bx CO CO -C c 5 .23 ■ .2 k I g ryi 45 O 4 O " to ,x kH TO •- kJ CQ Zf C o £ TO X c n: O -C TO c 5 I " bij 5 c W o , o kH t-l 05 TO bX T ' 03 C c 5 tiH 75 I This page sponsored by DR. DAVID W. BISHOP 77 i FOOTBALL STATISTICS , After Ten Games Leland Bell Bobby Burkholder Larry Romaine Bill Marcotte Doug Barnes Billy Grove Russ Williams David Wingfield Chris Berrang Leland Bell Billy Grove Bobby Killingsworth Bobby Burkholder Larry Romaine Bill Walsh Jerry Marshall Steve Harris Doug Barnes David Wingfield Darrell Leach TD EP 2-PT. Conv. Tot. 4 0 0 24 3 0 1 20 2 0 0 12 1 0 1 8 1 0 0 6 1 0 0 6 1 0 0 6 1 0 0 6 0 5 0 5 RUSHING gained 274 yds. in 71 carries gained 212 yds. in 71 carries gained 178 yds. in 56 carries gained 174 yds. in 33 carries gained 57 yds. in 18 carries gained 46 yds. in 3 carries gained 1 yd. in 1 carry lost 1 yd. in 5 carries lost 2 yds. in 1 carry lost 27 yds. in 23 carries lost 30 yds. in 56 carries PASSING Darrell Leach att. David Wingfield att. Bobby Burkholder att. Bill Walsh att. Doug Barnes att. Billy Grove att. 113, completed 35 for 441 yds. 52, completed 14 for 168 yds. 6, completed 4 for 41 yds. 2, completed 1 for 13 yds. 1, completed 0 for 0 yds. 1, completed 0 for 0 yds. PASS RECEIVING Bobby Burkholder received 15 for 328 yds. Doug Barnes received 14 for 107 yds. Billy Grove received 7 for 72 yds. Bobby Killingsworth received Bill Marcotte Leland Bell Larry Romaine Jerry Marshall 6 for 4 for 4 for 3 for 1 for 63 yds. 55 yds. 14 yds. 13 yds. 11 yds. Bobby Burkholder Russ Williams Jerry Marshall Ron Kiser Marvin Cook Jim Short Bobby Killingsworth Leland Bell David Wingfield received received received received INTERCEPTIONS BY intercepted 3, returned for 47 yds. intercepted 2, returned for 50 yds. intercepted 1, returned for 25 yds. intercepted 1, returned for 12 yds. intercepted 1, returned for 2 yds. intercepted 1, returned for 0 yds. intercepted 1, returned for 0 yds. intercepted 1, returned for 0 yds. intercepted 1, returned for 0 yds. 80 PUNTING Bill Walsh 53 punts for 1772 yds. and 33.4 average David Wingfield 3 punts for 92 yds. and 30.7 average PUNT RETURNS Bobby Burkholder returned ] 15 for 164 yds. Ricky Baska returned 1 for 7 yds. Bobby Killingsworth returned 1 for 1 yd. Russ Williams returned 1 for 0 yds. David Wingfield returned 1 for 0 yds. OPPONENT’S FUMBLES RECOVERED Larry Romaine recovered 4 Jim Short recovered 3 Rick Mutherspaw recovered 2 Bill Walsh recovered 2 Steve Ballew recovered 1 Ricky Baska recovered 1 Bill Daugherty recovered 1 Tim Harris recovered 1 Ron Kiser recovered 1 KICKOFF RETURNS Bobby Burkholder returned 22 for 345 yds. Jerry Marshall returned 11 for 163 yds. Leland Bell returned 5 for 92 yds. Billy Grove returned 3 for 38 yds. Bobby Killingsworth returned 2 for 21 yds. Bill Marcotte returned 1 for 6 yds. Doug Barnes returned 1 for 0 yds. FINAL TEAM STATISTICS (After 10 Games) Draft Opponent 93 Total Points 253 14 Touchdowns 36 5 Conversions, Kicking 26 2 Two-Point Conversions 3 0 Field Goals 2 38 First Downs, Rushing 90 21 First Downs, Passing 20 15 First Downs, Penalties 4 74 Total First Downs 114 1545 Total Offense 2642 882 Yards Rushing (net) 2009 338 Rushing Plays 432 175 Passes Attempted 108 54 Passes Completed 40 663 Yards Gained Passing 633 12 Interceptions By 15 136 Yards Interceptions Returned 207 513 Total Rush-Pass Plays 540 56 Number of Punts 39 1864 Punting Yardage 1234 33.3 Punting Average 31.7 172 Yards Punts Returned 293 17 Fumbles Lost 16 41 Number of Penalties 57 450 Yards Penalized 573 45-665 Yards Kickoffs Returned 23-406 81 ■ -b " ■ Bobby Burkholder loses the pigskin in clash with favored Hurricanes Billy “Wolfman” Grove slips through the tacklers Cougars hussle to gang tackle all ball carriers This page is sponsored by WRIGHT’S DAIRY RITE, 340 Greenville Ave. “The Place Quality Built.” 82 This page sponsored by DRAFT AUTO PARTS, Stuarts Draft 83 All players agree that before game warmups are essential to teamwork A coach’s role includes everything from barber adviser to dentistry. Coach Hale demonstrates this on Jim Short as he readies him¬ self for a tooth extraction. This page sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. James S. Fowler. 84 Larry Kennedy stands ready to kill in case the Wilson pass is completed. Ron Kiser attempts to rip the Wilson defense to shreds. This page sponsored by W.D. Wheeler Family. 85 SENIOR 86 lA NIGHT Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Short and son Jim Mr. and Mrs. Filmore Bell and son Leland Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Bradley and son Jeff Mrs. Louis L. Marshall and son Jerry Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Harris and son Timmy This page sponsored by Romaine Glass Mirror Co. Glass For Every Need 87 HOMECOMING ?• ANN WRIGHT: HOMECOMING QUEEN Charles Beverage escorting Arm Wright, Mr. Hull escorting previous Home¬ coming Queen Lydia Sheaffer, and Mike Coyner escorting Sherry Hockman are backed by the Cougar Band 1973 Beautiful legs and “The Real Thing” all go together to make a Homecoming complete. 91 92 98 Coach Ellis confers with the mighty Cougar squad during a time out. I Cheerleaders lead the team in spirit. Compliments of MONTGOMERY WARD — “Your Complete Department Store.” 99 100 102 John Robinson pumps in two points against Riverheads. Mike Coyner tips in two points. This page sponsored by J. Ballew Sons, Inc. 103 Bobby and Mike try to stop a Harrisonburg Blue Streak attempt. This page sponsored by People’s Pharmacy, Waynesboro and Stuarts Draft. “The Little People’s” 104 In basketball, enthusiasm . . . or the lack of it, is the name of the game. Compliments of Waynesboro Jewelers Jewel Box — Hodges — Rhames 105 This page sponsored by Tam Lee Farms, Stuarts Draft, Va. “Old Fashioned Sugar-Cured Hams” 106 Junior Varsity Team makes a stand for the 73-74 term. This page sponsored by Plaza Barber Shop, Staunton Plaza “If your hair is becoming to you, you should be coming to us.” 107 i Compliments of Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Greenville Avenue, Staunton, Va. 108 h i The long, long wait, and then . . . the moment of truth. i Compliments of Waynesboro Nurseries Phone 942-9191 “A Tree For Every Need” 109 110 Another day, Another HEADACHE! Stuarts Draft has its usual run of normal people; but then there are those that are rather questionable! “What does it look like I’m doing, playing Leap Frog?!!” This page sponsored by Village Green Florist. Stuarts Draft, Va. Ill Snow can bring on hardships, for people, but the students at Stuarts Draft enjoyed four extra days for Christmas vacation. 112 I Compliments of Harner Wheels, Inc 510 Richmond Avenue “DHve A Datson Then Decide’ 113 1 5L.. ii L tA iu4 A£, THE GIRLS TRACK TEAM Paula Berrang displays some great form. A thoughtful moment before the race. Left; What do you mean I’m going the wrong way? Right: I’ p and over is the name of the game. 116 Take it Alyson, it’s all yours! Spectators boost Cougar Girls! Martha goes high to win 1st place. Diane flys through the air! Right: Alter a meet, why not ham it up. This page sponsored by Etter I’uneral Home, Inc. I 117 BOYS TRACK Track Team Members: Larry Romaine, Lynn Steele, Bobby Burkholder, Tim Harris, Bobby Killingsworth, Jimmy Higgins, Steve Lamp, Marvin Cook. Mike Mays, Barry Horning. Chris Berrang, Mike Almarode, Scott Almarode, Bill Marcotte, Ron Kiser, B Ton Brenneman, Jeff Swartz, Leland Bell, William Brooks. Robert Warren, Doug Robinson, Jay Smith, and Bill Vance. 118 m Barnwell and Jones, Inc., Realtors and Independent Insurance Agents Congratulations to the Class of 1974 119 i zovi: — 03O:33Zio zcc irmz 120 ! T SHANNON’S r I HACKERS 121 BASEBALL Rockbridge 3 S.D. 0 Fort Defiance 12 S.D. 6 Buffalo Gap 6 S.D. 5 Fort Defiance 7 . S.D. 3 Waynesboro 7 S.D. 1 Lexington 1 S.D. 2 Riverheads 10 S.D. 6 Harrisonburg 8 S.D. 0 Turner Ashby 8 S.D. 0 Broadway 3 S.D. 4 WUson 5 S.D. 4 123 And after losing 49 to 7 . . . Compliments of “the Country Store”, Lyndhurst, Va. “The One and Only Store for the Class of ’74” 124 i Mr. Ellis looks bored with his team What a cute toss, Jim Looks like a free for all! Compliments of “The Village Hairdressers”, Stuarts Draft, Va. A 125 I A 128 STARR Y NIGHT” I 129 i REELING IN THE YEARS! 131 - ■ ! THE CLASS OF ’74 PRESENTS CARNIVAL CLASS NIGHT AND 134 r I MAY 31,1974 RING DANCE.. 135 k GRADUATION ’74 Jf --7 _» W ' 1? ’ V ' ' fl| II p Ar s 9 { r K ' PS ' ' • ' i fg; HbiHI Byy iSiSa Agcgg pBSwtSHI r SCHOOL IS NOT ALL SITTING AND TAKING NOTES ... AND STUDYING ... AND LISTENING ... iT THERE ARE ACTIVITIES r PHYS. ED ... 139 PEP CLUB Officers For The 73-74 Term; Linda Porter — President; Cim Lunsford — Vice President: Cathy Crow — Treasurer; Karen Robert¬ son — Secretary. The Pep club of Stuarts Draft High stands behind the school in all activities. Our membership is so great it would be impossible to give everyone the credit they deserve for their support throughout this year, so we would like to say thank you and don ' t ever give up the fight to stay No. 1! 1 J Ii 140 SCIENCE CLUB Science Club officers include from left: Marion Gleason; treas. and sec., Cheryl Berry; rep., Mindy Freeman; pres., and Diana Beverage; vice pres. Awards for the Science Fair were presented to; David Liebal, Tina Collins, Scott Holste, and L. E. Dixon. Science Club members: Melody Abshire, Don Acker, Stella Aizcorbe, David Allen, Debbie Anderson, Hal Anderson, Blair Arbogast, Amy Atkins, Cindy Ayres, Karen Berrang, Cheryl Berry, Charles Beverage, Diana Beverage, Shirley Bosserman, Ronnie Bragg, Daryl Branch, Mickey Branch, Terrie Brydge, Debbie Buchanan, Rusty Buchanan, Wendy Buehler, Judy Byrd, Sam Campbell, Carol Carke, Paul Carter, Donna Clarke, Dwight Clarke, Cathy Clark, Tommy Clinedenst, Susan Coffey, Tina Collins, Brenda Conner, Pat Copper, Tim Critzer, Robyn Cromer, David Crosby, Drema Davis, Donna Dedrick, Rita Diehl, L. E. Dixon, Craig Dovel, Jerry Driver, Steve Driver, Bonnie Duff, David Dulaney, Alyson East, Amy East, Joy Eddins, Gloria Eubank, Chuck Eutsler, Robbie Everidge, Patti Faini, Linda Falls, Tim Farmer, Doug Fitz¬ gerald, Kenny Fitzgerald, Sharon Fitzgerald, Darlene Fix, John Flintom, Tony Floyd, Natalie Ford, Hildy Freeman, Mindy Freeman, Eddie Furrow, Susan Gibson, Beth Gilbert, Marion Gleason, Ricky Glenn, Brenda Green, Carl (froah, Kirk Grove, Preston Haily, Ricky Hall, Marie Hamilton, Dea Hamrick, Greg Hamrick, Cecelia Hanger, Bonnie Hanshaw, Gail Harris, Randy Harris, Kathy Harrison, Walt Harper, David Hatter, Rebecca Hatter, Greg Heatwole, Sandy Henderson, Kathy Hewitt, Pat Hewitt, Steven Hewitt, Jim Higgins, John Higgins, Raymond Hite, Tony Hodge, JoAnn Holmes, Scott Holste, Nea Horning, Randy Huffer, Crystal Humphries, Pam Inserra, Patty Inserra, Judy Jones, Ellen Kelso, Sherry Kenyon, Ron Kiser, Terei Kiser, Rusty Kivett, Alycia Kivilighan, Lauren Kivilighan, Marsha Koogler, Mike Lambert, Trish Lantis, Beve Lavender, Mark Letter, Catrina Lindholm, Cathi Lineweaver, Gladys Lipscomb, Louie Liptrap, Perry Lohr, James Lucas, Kathy Lunsford, Alex Marcotte, Bill Marcotte, Marianne Marcotte, Sally Marcotte, Michael Marshall, Tim Marshall, Robert Martin, Laura Martinez, Jody Mathais, Jay McClure, Laurie McKay, Alyson McKechnie, Janie Melendez, Gary Miller, Marsha Mitchell, Bren Moore, Thomas Moreman, Gladys Mullins, Huey Mullins, Tony Musick, Becky Myers, Cheryl Neal, Carol Nera, Gary Norcross, Sandy Nunn, Paul Painter, Tom Painter, Wayne Pannell, James Parker, Barbara Pullen, Robbie Quick, Susan Quillen, Betty Raines, Susan Riley, Doug Robertson, Linda Sandy, Mike Saul, Carol Shaffer, Scott Shelton, Guy Shiftlett, Roy Shifflett, Jon Short, Douglas Simmer, Denny Simmon, Flrica Simmons, Pam Sims, Tammy Smith, Myra Snyder, Phillip Spalding, Kim Spangler, Jeff Spieker, Cathy Spraker, Gaye Stinnett, Regina Stinnett, Linda Strickler, Terry Swecker, Connie Taylor, Jacinda Taylor, Tammy Thacker, Tony Thacker, Greg Tomlin, Ricky ' Fruslow, Teresa Truslow, Bill Vance, Steve Wallace, Jeff Wamsley, Kitty Warble, Beverly Warren, Chuck Watkins, Annette Wheeler, Lee Willis, Danny Wimer, David Wimer, Jeff Worley, Donna Wright, Jimmy Young, and John Young. Club members attracted crowds of as they displayed their many talents at the Science Fair. 141 Hi I VARSITY Mike fl arode Stev e Doug Barne ,» ‘ Scott|whitesell ' avid Wingfield Jerry Marshall Tony Fprbes Mik i Coffey JeffBridley mussel! Williams Steve Harris I Chri Berrang I Mik| Coyner lj «t ffl!eatwole feduy urford - Rajp Sandy Maurice Appl Gary Tibbs Ellis Fauber [ . John Robinsob Guy Shifflett Wesley Wampler Terry Swecker Greg Heatwole Rusty Flesher rju- Lelabd Bell Curtis Blair ‘ Bobby B urkholder Chi-ill Cohren B ly Grove ; Ttm Harris ; | ; Lari Kennedy Bobby Killingsworth Ron Kiser Byron Brennaman Danffl Leach William Marcotte Steve Norcross Larry Romaine Jeff S wa zj Lynn St le Butch Tn pson ‘i 142 Sonia Dameron Cim Lunsford Tina Ramsey Pam Hiner Paula Hanshaw Gail Duff Sonia Dameron — Captain 2nd Place Winners in the Dogwood Parade. 143 BAND Band officers: Sherry Hockman, President; Kitty Duff, Vice- President; Jennifer Hoy, Librarian; Tim Wilson and Blair Arbo- gast. Stage Managers; Jackie Dunaway, Librarian; and Debbie Green, Reporter. Kirk Good proudly leads the Cougar Marching Band during the Staunton Christmas Parade. Compliments of James Taylor Studio 144 CHORAL Advaiici ' d ( ' hoir 1 bcinna Alllop 1 )awn 1 ,egg Sandra Beatty Susan Liebal Roberta Brooks Ifoxie Mays Susan Coffey Karen Snopkowsk Debra (’oker Cindy ' Truslow Shanna Painter Linda ' Truslow Tilda Farris Diane Varner Debbie Fretwell Kitty Warble Kim (ireen Brenda Weaver Jewel Grove Diane Williams Debbie Hanger Anita Younger Ignacio Aizcorbe Leland Bell Jeff Bradley Andy Brooks Benny Pringle Rodney Stinnett Jeff Swartz Russ Williams Tammy Harris John Ford General Choir Diane Bell Joanna Manley Debbie Brooks Ruth Morris Rita Dielh Judy Patterson Alyson East Kay Simmons Amy East Betsy Weaver Gloria Eubank Dennis Neugar Cecelia Hanger John Young Galen Heatwole Doris Plummer JoAnn Holmes Angela Gilbert Directed by Brian Holsopple General Choir Melody Abshire Debbie Angus Karen Atkins Donna Baber Hilda Bell Kathy Harrison Angela Henkel Violet Hudlow Lori Lambart Gail Lanier Marcia Martin Jody Mathias Karen Panned Pam Proctor Susan Riley Joann Schages Carol Shaffer Patti Shifflett Kathy Spraker Mary Strickler Teresa Truslow Robin Warble Sue Wright Cheryl Neal Tim Brooks William Brooks Rusty Buchanan Virgil Diggs James Holmes Louie Liptrap Billie Lowe Greg Tomlin Ricky Truslow Tracy Wallace Carol Yirsa Crystal Whitesell 145 FTA: Future Teachers Of America Members include: Jeanne Allen, Paula Berrang, Lynn Buehler, Sonia Dameron, Donna Dedrick, Dea Hamrick, Lesley Hanger, Cheryl Hewitt, Julia Ann Kindig, Dawn Legg, Carla Malcolm, Marcia Martin, Jay McClure, Erica Simmons, Ann Wright, Anita Younger, Karen Snopkowski, Barbera Pullen, Tina Collins. Our sponsor; Mrs. Black. FTA Officers, Left to Right: Sonia Dameron, secretary-reporter; Lynn Buehler, vice-president; and Ann Wright, president. Members of FTA discuss their future plans. Donna Dedrick and Anita Younger were the delegates represented by our school at the state convention in Roanoke, Virginia. Compliments of the News-Virginian 146 FHA FIITUKK HOMKMAKKRS OK AMKHICA MKMHKRS ARK: Melody Abshire, Debbie Anderson, Debbie Angus, Ann Atkins, ( ' indy Ayers, d’ina Baska, Sherry Black, Tina Bosserrnan, Micky Branch, -lackie Brooks, ' Ferry Brydge, Sue C hepalis, Diana ( ' ole, Dana Cull, Donna Dedrick, Susan Englert, Kathy Fitzgerald, Martha Fitzgerald, Lynn Forbes, Pearl Freeman, Brenda Oreene, Darlene Hamilton, (Jail Harris, Becky Hatter, Phyliss Henderson, Sandra Henderson, Kathy Hewitt, Denise Hunt, Patty Inserra, ' Ferry Kiser, Sherry Kenyon, Marsha Koogler, Lori Lambert, (jail Lanier, Shelby Layman, Nancy Lawrence, (lladys Lipscomb, Jill Loving, Kathy Lunsford, Ramona Lunsford, Lisa Marvin, Jody Mathias, Roxie Mays, Bren Moore, Cladys Mullins, Carol Musick, Kathy Myers, Sandy Nunn, Karen Pannell, Pam Proctor, Susan Riley, Sharon Robertson, Patti Shiftlet, Diana Shirley, Brenda Simmons, Myra Snyder, Tina Snider, Kim Spangler, Kathy Speaker, Connie Taylor, Teresa Tibbs, Kathy Vicars, Kitty Warble, Teresa Warble, Pam Wells, Donna Wright. OFFICERS President: Darlene Hamilton Secretary: Jackie Brooks Chaplain: Roxie Mays Typist: Tina Snider Vice President: Teresa Warble Treasurer: Susan Riley Historian: Jody Mathias 8th Grade Representative: Kim Spangler “Love Is . . Going To The “Fashion Hits The Road” Sweetheart Dance Compliments of Jewel Box, Staunton, Virginia and Waynesboro Garden Center, Waynesboro, Virginia 147 FFA Future Farmers of America Scott Almarode, Howell Anderson, Maurice Appl, Jett ' Baska, Gordon Boppe, Jeffery Bradley, Daryl Branch, Mack Brooks, Larry Brown, James Bryant, David Burford, Glenn Burkholder, Roland Burnette, Eddie Campbell, Luke Campbell, Samuel Campbell, Paul Carter, Paul Claytor, Thomas Clinedinst, Steve Coffey, Richard Cohron, Kevin Cook, David Crosby, Billy Farris, Barry Fee, David Fitzgerald, Richard Fitzgerald, Ken Floyd, Carlton Griffin, Randy Harris, Tony Harris, Daniel Hatter, Dwight Hatter, William Hatter, Anthony Henderson, Scott Humphries, Samuel Johnson, David Kanagy, Steven Knous, George Layman, Louie Liptrap, Michael Lyons, Michael Marshall, Steven Mays, Charles Moran, Huey Mullins, James Mullins, Anthony Musick, Albert Ottinger, Daniel Painter, Michael Wayne Painter, Charles Purcell, David Quillen, Douglas Ramsey, Michael Rankin, Ralph Thomas Ritchie, Larry Romaine, George Shaffer, Keith Shifflett, James Short, Stephanie Shull, David Snelson, Willie Starke, William Steele, Terry Stevens, Stuart Stinnett, Dennis Sweet, Clyde Thompson, Ellen Thompson, Ricky Tolley, Russell Varney, David Vines, Robert Warren, Charles Watkins, Deborah W ' augh, John Waugh, Douglas Weaver, Jerry Williams, Danny Wimer, and Karl David Yoder. FFA Officers, Left to Right: Danny Hatter, Vice-Presi¬ dent: Richard Fitzgerald. President; Doug Weaver. Sen¬ tinel; David Fitzgerald, Secretary; Tommy Cline¬ dinst, Reporter. Compliments of the Hobby Shop, Staunton, Virginia and Alwood Studios, Waynesboro, Virginia 148 CHEERLEADING vARsrrv Connie Lohr, Jane Coyner, Sheree Monroe, Linda Truslow, Susie Smoots, Sherry Hockman, Joan Breuer, Amy Addison (captain). vmm Junior Varsity Sue Wright, Alycia Kivlighan, Susan Quil¬ len, Tina Collins, Gloria Aizorbe, Valerie Naletko, Joy Eddins, and Wendy Buehler. Eighth Grade Kim Spangler, J ' eri Kiser, Sandy Nunn, Kathy Clark, Regina Chepalis, Hildy Free¬ man, Becky Weaver, Teresa Truslow. 149 CERCLE DE FRANCAIS Tour de Stuarts Draft Les Vainqueurs 16-up speed 16-up non-speed 10-15 speed The winner’s circle. The above are the winners of Tour de Stuarts Draft, a five mile bicycle race, sponsored by the French Club. Compliments of Fishburnes Drug Store, Waynesboro and Bells’ Men Wear, Staunton Plaza. 150 I PORRA DE ESPANOL El Presidenta Charles Beverage joins his subjects in their effort to raise money. Left: Lean on me! Below: That’s the Life! This page sponsored by The Spanish Club. 151 The Latin Club has had a busy but fun year. Latin I students and others were initiated into the club in the Fall. Initiated were “servi” (slaves) for a day and looked most impressive in their laurel wreaths. On two occasions the members and guests met at the Pizza Hut for a Roman meal. To celebrate the Ides of March, members held a feast in the cafe¬ teria with some interesting “Roman” dancing. So, as you can see, Latin can be FUN. Andrea Eddins Ginger Losh Linda Porter Susan Liebal Ruth Ryder Carol Ryder Jewel Grove Debbie Kiser Guy Shifflett Bradley Jones Joy Eddins Susan Gibson Ron Kiser Mike Saul Gregg Hamrick Kirk Good Latin Club members were: Marianne Marcotte Tammy Smith Alyson McKechnie Becky Myers Karen Berrang Dea Hamrick Laurie McKay Susan Foster Carolyn Carter Sonia Dameron Judy Balsley Joan Breuer Sheree Monroe Blair Arbogast Bob Lunney Terry Swecker Tim Troxell David Wingfield Charles Beverage Cecelia Hanger Beverly Warren Alycia Kiviligan 152 i. SCA SCA officers for the 1973-74 year were: (from left) Karen Snopkowski, Secretary; David Wingfield, First Vice-President; Tina Snider. President; Dianna Alltop, Second Vice-President, and Wendy Buehler, Treasurer. A great SCA meeting! SCA homeroom representatives were: Richard Fitzgerald, Tony Hodge, Tony Floyd, Kim Spangler, Larry Romaine, Margaret Glenn, Valerie Naletko, Julia Kindig, Howell Anderson, John Flintom, Patty Inserri, Ellen Kelso, Joy Eddins, F amela Smith, Lynn Buehler, Sue Wright, Steven Via, Susan Quillen, Debbie Green, Kitty Duff, Joanne Manley, Gloria Aizcorbe, Byron Brenneman, Beverly Lavender, Raymond Hite, Mike Almarode, Jeff Alexander, Diane Williams, Sheree Monroe, Mike Coyner, Doug Robertson, Phillip Spalding, and Kathy Clark. Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. D. H. Parker and Wayne Oxygen and Welding Supply Co., Inc. 153 ANNUAL STAFF Carter Pence Co-Editors Linda Porter Tate Swecker Business Manager Jeanne Allen Judy Balsley Annetee Chausey Cathy Crow Mike Coyner Cheryl Hewitt Julie Howard Lewis Huffman Lucy Kindig Jill Loving David Quillen Randy Sandy 154 155 II Bus Drivers of SDHS Compliments of Arnold’s Inc. Distinctive Women’s Apparel 156 Please girls. No time for that now! Compliments of East Augusta F ' ire Insurance Inc. Best Wishes to the Class of ’74 We deserve a break today—F.F.A. Mr. “Photogenic” Burk! The Creative Class of Graphic Arts. 157 When you’re first and others follow, that’s called leadership Inaeccir ’r thf N ' icf riysidi ' iic) was consietcd (H tax fs Hnow I ' act-s tlic virtual curtain liarmcut, Aiincw shows couskI cut for tuniintJ the hitter tiuit into pink chainpaiine. Died. Jim Croce. 30. folk-rock sing¬ er who had just hit the big time with hi million-selling single. Bad, Bad, Le¬ roy Brown: in a chartered-plane accident in Natchittx ' hes. La Week OPING WITH : ASTI More G ' asiJ Is SoUght|;- For Countv TFNNLS, ANYONE? This statue in front of the Brani Apartments seemed to inspire creativity in someone 1: either a resident of the comple.x or a mischievous Whether the artwork is a tribute to Billy Jean King Riggs might be a little difficult to say, however i " David " sports both an apronaj||||ri ' -r t his feet. .. BvN-V Staff Writer STAUNTON - Augusta County officials were to make a return trip to Richmond today in .—■ an effort to obtain supplemental Premiur gasoline allocations for county .... service stations, hoping to stave fflBMKfLoff another shortage. Regulor UTOF patience Business 158 iSliiartH Draft swan . ' (‘riiors iSclieduIe Play isTUAHTS DRAFT (Special)’ f senior class of Stuarts rnraft High School will present the musical ‘Carnivar’ at 7:30 p m. Monday and Tuesday in theLj - school auditorium TO BE BOUGHT by the Augusta County School Board possible site for a future elementary school and a ' school is enclosed approximately in the dotted lines above aerial view. Part of the 27.5 acres is out of the A tradition n ..,.Aer the afte .....— oinpteit- nemiosioi dow, or tower 2n4 WEEK Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry . Hasnum FWONt W IIHfttOO .t..nV e 3 ' XA Cine " ? J 159 Stuarts Draft High School Presents The Three One Act Play Festivals Casting for “Two Fools” Brenda Simmons, Laurie McKay, Becky Myers, Sandy Sanchez, Dana Cull, Scott Holste Casting for “A Dollar” Jeff Worley, Mark Layman, Vanessa Diggs, Becky Myers, Jay McClure, Kathy Myers This page sponsored by Waynesboro Florist 512 West Main St. 162 ny ( astiiifi; tor “Ix)ng And Short Division” Kitty Duff, Diane Varner, Jim Short, Linda Porter, Sherry Hockman, Amy Addison, Sonya Dameron, Diane Alltop, Lynn Buehler, Guy Shifflett, and George Bell. This page sponsored by The Slack Shack, 143 N, Wayne Ave. Waynesboro and Glassner Jewelers, West Beverly St. Staunton 163 Knitting Anyone? “Hey, Hank! Catch!” Hack and Jack “Foosball Freaks” This page is sponsored by CARAV ' AN CORP. “Caravan Welcomes the Cougars to our Oasis, 250 W. Way. I Sing It John Fi()[)l)y Hiirkfiolder All Around At hlete Best Defensive Basket¬ ball player Best Offensive Football player Fills Fauber Best Offensive Basket¬ ball player Byron Brenneman Most Outstanding Cross Country Sport’s Awards Leland Bell Diane Williams Most Valuable Most Valuable Player—Track Player—Girl’s Track Bill Nelson Most Valuable Player—Golf Starting from left: Byron Brenneman—Most Outstanding Runner—Cross Country; Leland Bell—Most Valuable Player—Track; Diane Williams—Most Valuable Player—Girl’s Track; Bill Nelson—Most Valuable Player—Golf; Martha Fitzgerald—Most Valuable Player—Girl’s Track. Tim Harris Sportmanship Award Mike Coyner Most Valuable Player, Basketball Bill Walsh Best Defensive Football player i I Mrs. Ballew presents Jay Almarode the “Outstanding Youth Award”, spon¬ sored by the Beta Theta Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha Sorority for his essay. Ann Wright wins a $100 scholarship from Delta Kappa Gamma Educa¬ tional Society for Women in Educa¬ tion. I Compliments of the “Varsity Club”, Stuarts Draft High School i I COMPLIMENTS OF Stuart’s Draft Hub Roy’s Kastside Florist, Waynesboro Fishburnes Drufj Store and Mustain riewelers, Waynesboro Mrs. Layman’s Homeroom Quality Cleaners, Centre for Shopping, Waynesboro Leggett " Your happy shopping store, Downtown Waynesboro” Worthington Hardware Company Inc., Staunton La Hacienda Restaurant " Charlottesville’s and Staunton’s First and Only Mexican-American Restaurant” Dairy Queen in Staunton, Greenville Avenue The News-Virginian McClure Furniture Co., Stuarts Draft Superior Piping Fabricators and Erectors, Charlotte, N.C. “General and Mechanical Contractors King’s Tune-up Spot “Scientific Tuning” 942-2289 Southern Department Store Perkins Pancake House, Waynesboro, Va. Almarodes’s Automotive Center, Stuarts Draft 337-2656 Howell’s Tastee Freeze and Washing Center, Rt. 340 Haden’s Furniture, Elkton and Staunton The Staunton Leader and The Staunton News-Leader Valley Trophy and Specialty Shop, Staunton 885-2042 Stuarts Draft Dairy Queen 337-1331 Driver Heating Oil, Inc., Waynesboro 942-7111 D.M. Conner, Sand Company Ladd Service Center Newberry’s Downtown Waynesboro The French Club Cliff s Garage, Stuarts Draft Eavers American Service, Stuarts Draft 337-2531 Bestway Food Stores, Staunton, Waynesboro, Weyers Cave, Fairfield Engleman’s Hardware Store, Stuarts Draft Grant City, Centre for Shopping, Waynesboro, Va. Stuarts Draft Hub X For Reference Not to be taken from this room

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