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rod mckuen g .one crowded hour is worth an age without a name m- jr -n " " ? " -V o Ji- . fall... 8 winter . 28 W| spring... 48 students " 68 ' activities ... 132 ' the 1971-72 school year begins »£ jia new students and eighth graders are reassured by the welcome sign as they enter stuarts draft high school for the first time. gossip, gossip, gossip! the senior girls gather during lunch period on the first day of school to tell each other the fun they had last summer. SIOPSfA P JB after several days of school the usual routine begins, students running to the bus is a very common scene. ' h- ' ft i .■ ■ -’r ' V.-, % ■1 10 assemblies spark student life among the features this fall at stuarts draft were several assemblies, we were fortunate to host the army field band in a delightful con¬ cert and have craven williams speak at our thanksgiving assembly, we also had a demon¬ stration of new gym equipment, in which students participated. s.c.a. officers elected inialT a (above) this year, the s.c.a. was under the leadership of Christine appl. here, Christine is campaigning for the important office of president. (below) ilene freeman, newly elected s.c.a. secretary reads the minutes of the first s.c.a. meeting. rr, - (above) mike crace campaigns for s.c.a. trea surer with the aid of amy addison in. the ground m (below) paula Johnson, ronnie almarodc, mike crace and Esthers listen attentively W the plans for the q 1971-72school term. football season begins ... fTX •CT " ' ' y.w -. ' .‘. « . Jfl; m ' ■: r ' -rr ' U A- ' ■■ - ' ' ■ ' ' • ' left to right, seated — ricky morris, ft rest hammer, david wingfield, leland bell, billy grove, gory webb, curtis blair, andy John¬ son. kneeling — george wisetnan, tony houff, ronnie cam bell, neil ownby, ronald bruening, brad bosserman, doug alexander, Jim short, lester blair, ronnie Johnson, gary killingsworth, Jim bames. bending — david coyner, benny Conner, bobby burkholder. frank almarode, mike coyner, Jimmy terrell, george layman, donnie fox, chris woodson. standing dee terrell, James kindig. melvin hamilton, ronnie massie, ronald horning, mike crace, gary radford, Jeff brad ley, bill walah, david correll. • sept. 3 page county 0- 6 sept. 10 fort defiance 15-20 sept. 17 Waynesboro 6-23 sept. 24 lexington ' 0 -46 oct. 1 riverheads 22- 8 act. 8 harrisonburg 0-68 oct. 15 broadway 0-27 oct. 22 turner ashby 0-26 oct. 29 wilson memorial 14-33 nov. 5 buffalo gap 6- 0 ■■ spirited cougar fans and cheerleaders t 1 ■ ' ■ iW.;; ■% lead team onward an 1 ’Itft) fang crowd in everywhere to cheer their team on. rfouw left) brenda bell smilea while she pins a boutonniere on our mascot icoffey. (upper right) after saying thank you tu the page county chei’rlcaders, our cheerleaders run across the field with enthusiasm. dower right) Joyce matheny grins at the camera and shakes her pom pons threateningly. ■ ' f. 15 r - (top left) tony houff leaps over obstacles to fight his way to the goal, (top right) houff has a clear field to make his way. (bottom left) jimmy terrell struggles against amazing odd.H. (bottom right) ronnie massie reaches high to be sure he gets the ball. mighty cougars march onward 17 more scenes from football action 18 19 get on out and sock it to ’em cross country: kneeling —john greco, danny hatter, chuck warren, doug burford. standing — benny Conner, tarry huber, rich- ard mutherspaw, russet! witliams, coach sam atexander. j.v. football: kneeling — tynn steete, tarry romaine, bradleyJones, gary gate, eddie staudt, jerry parsons, dennis sweet, bitty marcotte, bobby kiltingsworth, gary short, bending — scott atmarode, don- nie Johnson, ross ftesher, steue Harris, g. r. falts, u ittiam hatter, dauid via. mike atmarode, butch thompson. standing — richard mutherspaw. kirk good. Jim day. teory smith, doug barnes, tarry kennedy, steue norcross, davtd crace, ricky basha, maurice appt, eltis fauber, darrett teach, Jeff warren. 20 j.v.’s out to win the world 21 1st homecoming leaves happy memories the 1972 homecoming court: 8th: wendy buhler. clarence alexander: 9th: soma dam- eron. david wingfield: lOth: sherry hock man, mike coyner; llth: lydia sheaffer. tom sheaf- fer: 12th: janice spalding. dale coffey; queen: faye arbogast: king: dai ' id coyner. senior and freshman girls: junior and sopho¬ more girls (8th grade girls divided) battle for the powder puff title. brenda bell sells pins to stick in the hornet. dale coffey and frankie almarode are crowned powder puff queens. 22 1st homecoming king and queen. fall festival queen and king of 1970. marti mcclure and jeff williams watch as the new queen and king are crowned. faye arbogast displays a pretty smile while being crowned 1971 homecoming queen, king, david coyner can hardly wait to be crowned. Stuarts draft hosts miss red feather beth bradley. miss red feather 1970. listens as the new queen is announced. chris gatzek is crowned on the s.d.h.s. field. 23 24 activities spark student life dai ' id corner prepares to solicit money fur " operation big kick anne lunney and tern fickes paint the new press box in preparation for the 1971 football season. Stuarts draft recognizes the sportsman ' s club for their effort in raising money for the football field, we are really grateful for all their support. band major, gary neugar and majorettes, soma dameron, janice spalding. and cindy schade prepare to perform. 25 26 the majesty of fall when the leaves turn brown first they flutter then drift to the ground the death of the leaf upon the now cooling earth aids in many different ways for nature to give new birth keni ii 27 general choir I and 11 performing at the annual Christmas concert under the able direction of miss rhonda reames uJ t i? ' r-T 1 ’ Stuarts draft ' s own advanced choir entertains the crowd on december 19th at our Christmas concert. 30 Stuarts draft winter highlighted by Christmas activities top left: a present for “coach ” ware from santa. top right: jill harrison offers a reluctant mike crace a little of her Christmas spirit. right: rudolph with his nose so bright, waves it to the crowd with delight. 31 ,s V.J. is TcV)ruAr ' j N OvJC Si A ' TTi rAft- AaJA ' ' -. f )ov •pA ' VK ba A ' )o jr fvrsT fA ' iineMT ii Tbf j! ‘ 4 .CiV I 32 tA ;w(mh»« » above: bill betlej and sieve chaussy working hard on the set. across: everyone cramming hard to memorize the lines of the senior play. above: wormwood, played by roger weaver, trying to corrupt the innocent mind of mike. 33 s.d.h.s. varsity basketball front row: (left to right) manager randy sandy, mike coyner. meluin Hamilton, david coyner, bennie connor, tony houff. top row: jim harnes. frank almarode, roger weaver, tom sheaffer, ronnie massie, dee terrell, jim terrell, doug rosario. Steve snyder, coac h jim ellis. goldilocks Hamilton streaks down the sideline against lexington. 34 Stuarts draft 44 harrisonburg Stuarts draft 61 lexington Stuarts draft 69 riverheads Stuarts draft 57 buffalo gap Stuarts draft 56 turner ashby Stuarts draft 64 wilson Stuarts draft 55 Waynesboro Stuarts draft 80 broadway Stuarts draft 67 fort defiance Stuarts draft 69 harrisonburg Stuarts draft 44 lexington tournament Stuarts draft 72 lexington Stuarts draft 51 turner ash by buffalo fiap riverhaads turner ash by Waynesboro unison broadway fort defiance Stuarts draft Stuarts draft Stuarts draft Stuarts draft Stuarts draft Stuarts draft Stuarts draft 35 bottom right: frank almarode takes a breather. left: Stuarts draft ' s mighty cougars leap against the hi sons. bottom right: meluin hamilton attempts a shot against lexington. bottom left: cool coyner slides through t.a. defenses. 38 lop loll: (I, Ilia nisdrii} sliiiivs his DU tsliindIjumpirif ability on an 80-57 defeat Ilf hroadway. bottom left: smooth maneuver by giant ' s Harris. bottom right: hennie connor shoots over outstretched hand of t. a. defender. 39 j.v. basketball improves during second year at stuarts draft RTekmII F h ?,[)(lr M l THoufi BCc) £f B.M issk DG ' JV£A RidQAhio kneeling left to right; darrell leach, lewis Huffman, leland bell, doug hurford, leroy smith, david crace, david wingfield. standing: Jim day, randy sandy (managers), robert burkholder, guy shifflett, ellis fauber, John robinson, kirk good, mike crace, doug barnes, maurice appl, scott german, coach bill hale. left: bobby burkholder goes up for a shot against rwerheads. right: mike crace ' s bid for two IS hampered by an opponent. 40 Stuarts draft 35 Stuarts draft 46 Stuarts draft 55 Stuarts draft 57 Stuarts draft 43 Stuarts draft 47 Stuarts draft 70 buffalo gap 27 riverheads 29 fort defiance 46 lexington 49 buffalo gap 35 Wilson 38 broadway 45 Stuarts draft 37 turner ashby 51 Stuarts draft 32 Waynesboro 56 Stuarts draft 41 wilson 26 Stuarts draft 55 broadway 57 Stuarts draft 4I Harrisonburg 45 Stuarts draft 32 riverheads 38 Stuarts draft 24 turner ashby 67 Stuarts draft 45 Waynesboro 64 Stuarts draft 51 fort defiance 61 Stuarts draft 38 Harrisonburg 59 Stuarts draft 30 lexington 43 Jir ' - iiKfc 41 above left: bobby burkholdergoes up fora tough shot against riuerheads. above right: john robinson looks on as Charlie parish of riuerheads cuts the ball loose. left: simon says. 42 above: a tough pick-up. Ficht H Rt cows Jv the pre-game conference of captains 43 inr left: the great blizzard of ' 72. 44 top left: old peg-leg rides again! top right: stuarts draft knows of many feet except defeat! middle right and bottom: stuarts draft’s own art exhibit. 45 our thanks to the s.d. rescue squad, without their help our football team may not have had the lack of serious injuries they did. hum ? i wonder what they ' re talking about. “you ' uegot to be kidding! " 46 47 look to this day for yes¬ terday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision. 50 i am a part of all that i have met... tennyson 51 y • A ’72 diamond squad impressive first row: ronnie Johnson, jim barnes, tom scheaffer, ricky morris, doug rosario, david Wingfield, benny Conner, andy Johnson, second row: tony houff, jimmy terrell, bill betlej, melvin hamilton, dee terrell, david coyner, roger weaver, and coach sam alexander. scores broadway 2-1 natural bridge 12-2 rock bridge 8-5 fort defiance 2-1 buffalo gap 7-2 turner ash by 5-4 Waynesboro 12-1 Harrisonburg 5-2 lexington 11-0 rock bridge 7-6 riverheads 6-3 wilson 2-1 memories make the heart grow fonder. varsity baseball the varsity baseball team really came on strong in the first 7 opening games, but then cooled down a bit as the season drew toan end and lost their last 4 games. Coached by sam alexander. they finished with a 7 5 overall league record for 6th place in the valley district, roger weaver received the most valuable pitching award while dee terrell finished as the teams leading hitter, with a .3515 batting average. 53 j.v.’s have rewarding season j.v. baseball team includes doug barnes, sieve ballew, chris berrang, doug weaver, morris appl, eddie staudt. Steve karris, jim day. brent houff, ricky baska, bobby killingsworth. mike crace, dale burford, george bell, dale leach, doug burford, guy skiff let. lee bell, sieve norcross, and chris cohron. scores s.d. 7 wilson 1 S.d. 10 riverheads 4 s.d. 0 wilson 6 s. d. 10 riverheads 0 s.d. 14 b.g. 5 s.d. 8 rock bridge 10 s.d. 4 bg- 0 s.d. 3 fort defiance 2 54 s.d.h.s. thinclads the junior varsity track team, under the coaching of mr. huffman, displayed a lot of depth and ability for ' 72. they competed in three track meets and won two of these, the j.v. track team includes from left to right, first row; david greenwalt, mike almarode, ron kiser, ken showalter, doug weaver and byron brenneman; second row: leland bell, david alien and george bell; third row: mike mays, tony henderson, steve norcross, mike coyner and coach huffman. mrs. brown and her bunch of enthusiastic girls made a fine showing this year in area track meets, they participated in the district ' s regionals, whe re brenda bell and Irene spieker qualified for the Virginia girl ' s state track meet. Irene took first place in the 880 yard run. the girls are. from left to right, first row: brenda bell, diane williams, jane coyner, irene spieker, sue bryan, mindy freeman and sherry hockman. second row; cheryl hewitt (manager), coach, mrs. brown, martha fitzgerald, annette chaussy, Christine appl, lynn buehler, ann wright, diane varnerand sarah flintom. athletes cited for their accomplishments right: coach gibson shakes hands with dee terrell, winner of the sportsmanship trophy. david coyner chats with hill gibson. head basketball coach at the university of Virginia, after being named the most out¬ standing athlete at stuarts draft high school during the second annual sports banquet, coyner also received the best defensive player award in basketball. left: b enny Conner is congratulated by bill spilman of the Waynesboro news-virginian for winning the highest scorer award in basketball in the valley district. He was also awarded the best offensive player of the year in basketball. 1 i t I i i “be the best in whatever you do” billgihson, u.v.a. coach above: junior, jimmy terrell. best defensive football player, left : junior, tony houff, best offensive football player, below: seniors, brenda bell and Christine appl, outstanding girls track award. awards assembly program d.a.r. citizenship . janice spalding voice of democracy . pau la Johnson neil own by debbie crace readers digest award . david cox national merit scholarship . david cox top academic award . debbie crace david cox danforth foundation . Jill harrison bill betlej who’s who among h.s. students . wanda angus brenda bell terry fickes keith Phillips carol spink soroptomist club . Christine appl debbie crace paula Johnson debbie Jones ilene freeman outstanding teen-agers . Christine appl bill betlej ■ debbie crace debbie clinedinst Staunton rotary code of ethics . paula Johnson roger weaver scholarships . margaretduff david cox debbie monroe Christine appl debbie crace band award . Christine appl f.h.a. awards . becky alien ann hunter m aggie duff girls state . connie stump kathy staudt boys state . ronnie almarode tony houff du pont summer science program . mindy freeman gary neuger sandra pettit sally marcotte tom shaeffer alternates . ronnie almarode doug rosario perfect attendance .. m argare t duff (1-12) linda ryder (8-12) athletic awards . football — James terrell basketball — benny Conner girls track — Irene spieker boys track — dee terrell choral awards . sharon black deborah monroe elroy brooks chris Woodson lester blair forensic participants . varsity original oratory . roger weaver James kindig keith Phillips (dist.) deborah legg (dist.) kathy staudt lucy kindig Connie stump ann wrigh t extemporaneous speaking . bill Hamilton neil ownby (dist.) tate swecker (dist.) debbie crace diane varner tina snyder poetry ... elroy brooks mike warren bill betlej (dist.) terri fickes (dist.) Jill harrison faye arbogast maggie duff kitty duff prose ... mike crace ken showalter dale Coffey gary neuger (dist.) Christine appl (dist.) linda grove lynn buehler tami falls diane cox spelling . sally marcotte (dist.) louise younger marionwebb martha fitzgerald david cox one-act play . bill betlej lynn buehler randy sandy « debbie crace district forensic winners . Christine appl neil ownby s.c.a. awards . Christine appl (president) connie stump (1st vice-president) ronnie almarode (2nd vice-president) ilene freeman (secretary) mike crace (treasurer) paula Johnson (reporter) tate swecker (chaplain) 59 left: ood ole mr. ware poses for his self portrait during the s.c.a. spring carnival. above: dale coffey displays his great acting ability as he portrays a bull¬ frog in humanities class. s.d.h.s. black students sing a selection of spirituals during our cultural assembly. sang mi chun. “ginny appl " . tells the student body of her homeland in korea. 60 members of the “teen challenge” program answer questions about drug addiction and teenage problems. above: janice spalding receives the d.a.r. award from mrs. g. w. Poindexter, jr. top right: mr. hull congratulates david cox as he receives a scholarship from reid stores, inc. right: s.c.a. president-elect doug rosario admires the painting of the school mascot which mrs. John flintom donated. f9 ‘ ' mm jr.- £ir. prom map 13,1072 —r • ; 1 V ' - ' 1 ? r.: r h If r ' the year continues to unfold a great deal of hard work, concentration, and barrels of laughter and fun. 65 T ' -BV ' r l ' 66 baccalaureate sermon ... final examinations ... caps, gowns, diplomas ... commencement exercises ... mixed emotions ... graduation culminates four years of hard work, an end and a beginning. through difficulty a star has been reached and with it’s attainment comes reflections and goodbyes. class of 1972 kenneth dean almarode capricorn karen rebecca alien capricorn david layne coyner capricorn sandra laverne Howard capricorn roger dale weaver capricorn william albert betlej aquarius ronald ray Campbell aquarius paul mark grove aquarius Catherine elizabeth hanvey aquarius jill ann Harrison aquarius a ring . . . that means the end . . . and beginning. 70 debbie rae thompson pisces wanda leigh angus aries gary Samuel beaver aries benton meelwee Conner pisces Cynthia louise crummett pisces roxy laine dameron pisces alice faye lawerence pisces 71 cede elizabeth bell aries dale roy coffey aries margaret elizabeth duff aries Joyce ann hunter aries gary lee mcgann aries richard max quillen aries diana faye rankin aries beth narriman bradley taurus ronald lee bruening taurus genevieve coffey taurus easy five minute break 72 deborah leigh crace taurus jane elizabeth weaver taurus paula annJohnson taurus david eldridge monroe taurus put on a happy face — smile! karen elaine weaver taurus glenn edward dean gem ini woodrow harding davis gemini robin louise fraser gemini sharon gayle black gemini James keith phillips gemini 73 James edward rhodes gem ini suzan kay cox cancer ladonna may coker cancer doris ann groah cancer sharon ann grove cancer debbie suzanne alltop leo antony tony baber leo teresa gaye fickes leo debra leigh jones leo mary delphine bell virgo football heroines take a break. 74 sandra elaine bell virgo jerry edgar boyd virgo x O ' ] sandra kay brydge virgo linda ann grove virgo david and bill thinking who’s going to win! ilene Stephanie freeman virgo Sylvia leigh kluttz virgo elizabeth anne lunney virgo ronnie lee massie Virgo rose mary quick Virgo carl thomas rhodes virgo 75 dee lynn terrell Virgo James lee kindig libra kathleen frances romaine libra wanda kay weaver virgo deborah page monroe libra June marie simmers libra deborah arm clinedinst libra marie dale painter libra william david Hamilton libra emory dale plummer libra genny thinking of a far-away world. 76 janice lynn spalding libra carol boggs spink libra viola tidd libra brenda elaine bell Scorpio sang michun Scorpio martha diana cox Scorpio mary lee goodwin Scorpio Joyce ann matheny Scorpio doris elaine thompson Scorpio Charles neil ownby Scorpio 77 Cynthia kay schade Scorpio earnest brilhert showalter Scorpio malinda ann turner Scorpio joan elizabeth wells Scorpio belle louise younger Scorpio Carolyn jean alexander Sagittarius faye alt a abogast Sagittarius Christine apple Sagittarius william edward ayers Sagittarius david baxter cox Sagittarius dale puzzled, “easy mama”. 78 sandra faye hanger Sagittarius vernon lee walker Sagittarius . senior class of s.d.h.s. seem full of life while touring Washington. juniors make plans for a busy year wanda brooks capricorn charlotte Campbell capricorn scott Childress capricorn clayton coffey capricorn tammy falls capricorn brace fitzgerald capricorn brenda fox capricorn jo hayes capricorn 80 doug rosario capricorn Steve snyder capricorn danny sweet capricorn jimmy terrell capricorn gary wehh capricorn sammy argenhright aquarius becky Campbell aquarius jeff hanger aquarius william kibble aquarius donald hughes aquarius debbie lowe aquarius bam bi mustard aquarius chris proves to be in his always gloriou. mood. John patterson aquarius rohert patterson aquarius Connie rhodes aquarius linda ryder aquarius sandy tisdale aquarius dale coffey pisces forrest hammer pisces doris lucas pisces Charles thomas pisces donnie truslow pisces robert burkholder aries frances fickes aries V juniors make themselves known. ricky Henderson aries robin kivit aries gary radford aries terristein aries James bunch aries david correll taurus william duff taurus ronald horning taurus dehhie legg taurus gary neugar taurus danny pleasants taurus Undo sims taurus Irene spieker taurus deb hie earner taurus mike warren taurus Jessie wiseman taurus John kelso cancer meluin hamilton leo susan ayers cancer kathy loan cancer eddie hunter leo gordon hunter cancer Janet curry leo andy Johnson leo gary’ killingsworth leo Stacy baker virgo jim barnes Virgo roger beaver virgo debbie Conner Virgo william cox Virgo william critzer Virgo becky green virgo cathy hewitt Virgo david Huffman virgo diane liebal virgo hilly moore virgo ronnie Johnson uirgo tom sheaffer Virgo dary l willis virgo darlene baber libra Connie ramsey Virgo kenton showalter Virgo karen wingfield Virgo darlene byrd libra lydia sheaf fer Virgo melody weaver virgo chris Woodson virgo harry crummett libra teddy falls libra doug alexander Scorpio mart ha liptrap libra ronnie almarode Scorpio susan mcc ' lure libra debbie bauserman Scorpio brad bosserman Scorpio margaret Campbell Scorpio Cindy mahry Scorpio Connie stump Scorpio frankie almarode Sagittarius lester blair Sagittarius david brown Sagittarius janie groah Sagittarius micki hamnck Sagittarius beverly hockman Sagittarius tony houff Sagittarius page lohr Sagittarius waiter sexton Sagittarius kathy staudt Sagittarius linda Steele Sagittarius soph’s “smack” in the middle of cougar life Charles beceraiic roberta brooks robert brown sharon dedrick tim hams kathy huff capricorn capricorn capricorn capricorn capricorn capricorn bruceJohnson george layman sally marcott donna moore capricorn capricorn capricorn capricorn linda porter karen rohertson capricorn capricorn John robertson capricorn wilmaarey Janet Campbell shanna fainter martha fitzgerald marcia hall aquarius aquarius aquariiis aquarius aquarius lewis Huffman aquarius teri mckay aquarius jane norcross aquarius guy Shifflett kenneth showalter tate swicker aquarius aquarius Sagittarius billy walsh andy addison terri coffey harry east ernest hewett rodger hyden aquarius pisces pisces pisces pisces pisces barbara Johnson gloria Johnson spring Johnson pisces pisces pisces lucy kindig pisces randy mcgann pisces dale riddle pisces Jim short pisces nancy smith pisces Johnwaugh pisces Steven ballew aries Jerry bosserman aries crystal bryant aries 90 bcatrice comer aries kirk dedrick ones dwight fitzgerald aries pearle freeman ones jeff gray aries phylis griffin aries randy sandy aries tina snider aries doris wells aries fames baker taurus jeff bradley taurus lynn buehler taurus annette chaussy taurus kenneth gray taurus ronnie hunt taurus dai’id knous taurus dianne liptrap taurus barbara rhodes taurus shelby ward taurus dauid alien gemtni Vanessa diggs gem ini mindy freeman gem ini julie Howard gem ini fred hyden gem ini 91 david quillen gem ini cookie snelson gemini teresa hanger cancer ivanda lowery cancer patricia miller cancer donna strickler cancer Cindy trusloic cancer Undo trusloic cancer ann wright cancer kathy bower leo James hryant leo kitty duff leo Jackie eaves leo larry huber leo tommy mackey leo carter pence leo sandy pettit leo doug simmers leo Soph ' s prove leadership ability jerrylane brooks virgo dehbie coffey virgo pam edwards virgo John greco virgo willis griffin virgo billy grove virgo ricky tolley virgo marien weaver virgo beverly bell libra James bryant libra jeff Campbell libra mike crace libra darlene lotts libra david siburkis libra mitzy Stidham libra teddy warren libra diana williams libra robert hurkholder Scorpio 93 lorraine tidd Scorpio diana varner Scorpio russell williams Scorpio John gay hart Scorpio glen Johnson Scorpio Julia kindig Scorpio dale brown mike coyner donnie fox daniel hatter sherry hockman dennie lawrence Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius beverly warren Sagittarius left: linda truslow — i needed that! right: beverly warren — it’s just one of these mornings! jeff brown lorry brown janet esh kirk good mike groah dm lunsford capricorn capricorn capricorn capricorn capricorn capricorn larry romaine christa schages James terry capricorn capricorn capricorn morris appl Judy balsley aquarius aquarius david fitzgerald aquarius dadd brubaker richard fitzgerald aquarius aquarius sarah flintom aquarius patricia fox aquarius deb by fretwell aquarius scott glinicok aquarius below: “but i always walk backwards! " ' A 95 janet esh capricorn kirt good capricorn mike groah capricorn Christ a schage capricorn jeff hall aquarius rebecca haney aquarius jay merrit aquarius Charles uickers aquarius lenord vincent aquarius barbara wiseman aquarius linda benavicth pisces doug burford pisces jeann alien doug barnes sharon clarke Steve coffey donnie Johnson pat Jones virgo virgo virgo uirgo virgo virgo Jill loving virgo Undo panned virgo leroy smith virgo sandra heatty libra Jackie brooks libra debbie cohron libra 97 garland coffey Joyce coffey jane coyner James fitzgerald Jimmy fitzgerald scott german pisces pisces pisces pisces pisces pisces mike mays pisces sue mays pisces gary short pisces sherrie truslow pisces david Wingfield pisces James day aries leslie hanger aries diane lucas aries debhie martin aries Jess neugar aries Connie staples aries diane alltop taurus marthaivebb anita younger jeff alexander brian besecker joanhreuer lurry hailey taurus taurus gemini gemini gemini gemini elizabeth henkle darrell Humphries Joyce grant gemini gemini gemini nancy lawerence gemini benny pringle gemini debble bailey cancer sheila bell cancer diane bunch cancer dauid crace cancer sarah henkle martha hockman doris liptrap cancer cancer cancer lynn steele cancer ronald wright cancer mike almarode johnny burdette leo leo ellen byrd leo paul floyd leo daryle leach taurus karen snopkowski taurus terri warble taurus chuck warren taurus garnett falls scorpin ellis fauher Scorpio cheryl hewitt Scorpio harry horning Scorpio ester kanagy Scorpio Connie lohr Scorpio sheree monroe Scorpio cindy pickus Scorpio melinda stubbs Scorpio sue bryan Sagittarius luke Campbell steue karris Sagittarius Sagittarius larry kennedy karenkent deborah kiser ginger losh darlene mays dorisplummer Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius waiter Clevenger capricorn suxan gibson capricorn waiter harper capricorn moletha Johnson kathy kennedy capricorn capricorn valeric naletko capricorn f ' .na ramsey carol ryder ruth ryder wesley wampler scott whitesell ricky woodson capricorn capricorn capricorn capricorn capricorn capricorn Jim coffey aquarius mike coffey gail duff gary gale aquarius aquarius aquarius jimmy higgins aquarius ellen kelso aquarius eighth graders make their place at s.d.h.s. we’ve only just begun 8th grade spirit goes past sports! cindy morris aquarius vivian morris aquarius ruth morris aquarius jav u ' eauer scott almarode blair arbogast aquarius pisces pisces joy bell cry Stine brooks tim brooks brian brennerman roger davis Charles flintom pisces pisces pisces pisces pisces pisces kimberly green kathy henderson davidhoward w.r.hudlow gay losh kathy strickler pisces pisces pisces pisces pisces pisces 102 chns hcrrtirifi dries darrell coffey dries douM fretwell ones jewel grove dries Jennifer hoy dries bobby killingsworth dries shelby Idymdn dries ddwn legg dries bill mdrcotte dries 103 Clyde martin aries pam balser taurus wendy buehler tauras sue chepalis taunts cathy clindinst taurus debbie coker taurus argie edwards taurus chuck eutsler taurus kirk grove brent houff taurus taurus michael kivistik taurus tony lowery taurus sharon lucas taurus jerry parsons taurus happy birthday! friends + excitement = fun. t karen green tries to convince everyone of her ability. karen robertson tauru.s jeff warren tauras karen almarode gemini jeff baska gemini andy brooks gemini margaret glenn mike graham patricia graham carlton griffin gail grove tony henderson gemini gemini gemini gemini gemini gemini mark herzing susan liebal larry mabry jerry mulling susan quillen jerry stevens gemini gemini gemini gemini gemini gemini 106 joy eddins i emini Steve via gem ini david vines gem ini sharon warble gem ini annette wheller clarence alexander gemini cancer Jeff almarode cancer frank brown cancer lisa Campbell cancer cougars spellout!!! joy eddim, karen almarode, kim green, kathy Henderson, wendy buehler, debbie warren, susan gibson. 107 larn,’ carter cancer arlene claytor cancer rebecca coffey cancer susan coffey cancer william daughtery cancer joyce dedrick cancer jeff fitzgerald cancer tammy karris cancer crystal Humphries cancer 108 I—f WWn 1 BnPMDMii pm sv Shirley bosserman carolyn brayant leo leo phillip burkholder leo Steve Campbell leo 109 Steven ehart tony forbes douglas fretwell anne good Joyce griffin bob lunney virgo virgo virgo virgo virgo virgo ronnie stinett virgo cheryl stubbs virgo Jeffrey swartz virgo william swecker virgo bruce thompson virgo wanda tisdale Virgo debbie waugh virgo betsey weaver virgo m donna wehb kevin bruener diana fitzgerald Steve norcross doug weaver ricky baska virgo Virgo virgo Virgo virgo Sagittarius Carolyn comer kenneth fitzgerald davidgreenwalt terri Hamrick ronald kiser bill lowe Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius danny painter debbie rains mary ann strickler darlene via brenda weaver Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius Sagittarius ready for excitment! eighth graders begin high school years left: eifihth grade officers: clarence alexander. president; windy huhler. eice president; kathy megann. secretary; hyran brenneman, treasurer; and bonnie cox, reporter. the eighth grade class learned what it means to be a cougar fan this year, this spirited class was always present at pep rallies and other school activities, the lucky class of ' 76 has four more years at s.d.h.s. above: eighth grade cheerleaders cheer their team on to victory. below: billy lowe displays an innocent look as an upperclassman pa.sses him in the hall. 113 freshman class shows spirit X A u ;; U S T A C 0 l Nl -.— ■ — — —- — freshman class officers: karen snopkowski. president; nchard fitzgerald. vice president; soma dameron. secretary; cheryl hewitt. treasurer; and jane coyner, reporter. these officers led the class of 75 to a year filled with school spirit, during the 1971-72 school term, they participated actively in all junior varsity sports and other school events. above: the freshman class has their first experience using the voting machine during the s.c.a. elections. above: larry carter looks surprised as the camera catches him in a busy moment of study. 114 sophomores set the pace sophomore class officers: from left, tina snider, president; sherry hockman, secretary; lynn buehler, reporter; mindy freeman, vice president; and ann wright, treasurer. the sophomore class is right in the middle . . . two years down and two to go. the class of ' 74 was a well-rounded, active class during the 1971- ' 72 school term, members participated in both varsity and junior varsity sports. students get revenge at teachers and classmates at the sophomore sponsored sponge throw at the s.c.a. carnival. linda truslow, mindy freeman, and randy sandy serve at the junior-senior prom, they look forward to their prom next year. 115 the juniors have a busy year junior class officers: seated, susan mcclure, reporter; karen wingfield, secretary; lydia sheaffer, vice-president, standing, melvin hamilton, president and tom sheaffer, treasurer. the junior class worked very hard all year towards the prom and junior variety show, the j.v. show, " you” was a successful money-making project resulting in " an old fashioned love song, " a wonderful prom. forrest hammer tries to show that juniors are stronger than seniors. susan mcclure and debbie uarner practice for the j.v. show. 116 the senior class swings into action the senior class officers: from left, carolyn alexander, treasurer; fill harrison, president; carol spink, secretary; and alice lawrence, reporter. under the leadership of these able officers, the class of ' 12 completed many successful projects, among them were the play, dear wormwood, a “rent-a-senior " day, and monthly bake sales. the senior class is one of many talents, above, diane cox models a knitted bathing suit. ginny appl, above with american sister Christine appl, has been an inspiration and an asset to the class of ' 72. the class enjoyed their korean classmate this year. 117 pisces you have a warm, sympathetic nature, you should attract powerful friends in high places and you will achieve positions of wealth. mr. hull, principal mrs. lodoen, chemistry and science 8 gemini you get more pleasure out of doing for others rather than achieving for yourself. 118 muss eavers. home ec. ii, rivdw and ot lab mrs. leake, english aquarius essentially you are a luirnanitarian, and loyalty is one of your strongest traits. miss easier, mathematics. cancer being a cancer, you ought to win fame and fortune. 119 mr. kelly, distributive education mrs. garrett, Spanish, french aries is at the head of the zodiac, you should be a great leader. aries mrs. hanger, english. , you always overcome obstacles by O persistence, endurance and L CX Jl iCUl 11 am bition. miss dine, guidance, science. miss reames, english, advanced choral, gen. music. 120 Scorpio you turn your a rcssivc force into energy, initiative, enthusiasm, and courage, rather than arguments. mr. Huffman, civics, history, geography. mrs. Haas, biology, science raurus “an honest man, close buttoned to the chin, broadcloth without and a warm heart within. ” libra “poetic justice with one’s lifted scale, where in nice balance truth with gold one weighs. ” mr. c. hamilton. algebra, math. mrs. r. layman, homeec. 123 you are invariably generous, untiring worker, you possess rare executive ability and are naturally high-minded. mr. Coleman, p.e., a.v. material. mrs. mr. valentine, r.i.v.o.w., r.i.v.w 124 ' ■uiiti virgo mr. ellis, driver edu ' hale, u.s. history, p.e. mr. lotts, earth science. 125 has flashes of inspiration, s will be the greatest mr. ware, assistant principal. 126 Scorpio you need never ivorry about your a tidily to master others, you were horn for it mr. winton. record keeping, gen. shop, mechanical drawing, graphic arts mrs. V. layman, english mr. marks, agriculture mrs. mahry, english 127 miss diehl, (taurus), office mrs. black, (Sagittarius), guidance coordinator mr. alexander, (aquarius), alg,-trig,, geometry, adv, sr, math miss critzer, (pisces), gen. math, gen. business, bookkeeping 128 people we appreciate mrs. kanagy, mrs. weaver, mrs. sweet, mrs. kimhle, mrs. nicely, mrs. bridge mr. h. frazier, mr.j. fisher, mr. a. fisher mrs. smith, office 129 thanks for your help! upper left: max ward — delmar studios photographer: upper right, gary ratcliff, dave cohan — w.a.n.v.; Clifford hamilton — scorekeeper and richard scheaffer — announcer. above, harry Campbell — concessions: middle left, bill spilman — Waynesboro news — Virginian: bottom left, bob sandell — jostens. 130 131 v;rSft 132 A C T I V I I E S the annual staff gets it together! first row: ilene freeman, jackie eaves, pearl freeman, shirley mustard, kathy romaine, sandy brydge, debbie jones. second row: diane williams, heth bradley, linda grove, Joyce matheny, rosemary quick, elaine thompsnn, wanda weaver, third row: James kindig, frankie almarode, steve snyder, bill betlej, Steve chaussey, david cox, paul grove. beth bradley, editor, and debbie Jones, business manager discuss annual plans with mrs. spilman. 134 the cougar band salutes the maroon and white!! 1 clarence alexander—bass drum jeff alexander—alto saxophone Christine appl—oboe maurice apple—baritone blair arbogast—alto saxophone roger beaver—tympane jane coyner—cym bols billy duff—trumpet kitty duff—clarinet maggie duff—clarinet Jackie dunaway—baritone sax sharon fainter—clarinet brenda fox—clarinet donnie fox—tenor saxophone kirk good—trombone becky green—clarinet sally hanshaw—clarinet sherry hockman—flute piccolo Jennifer hoy—bass clarinet tim hupp—trumpet Julia kindig—baritone lucy kindig—bells robert lunny—drums Cindy mabry—french horn bill marcotte—clarinet gary neuger—trumpet tom sheaffer—drums gary short—trumpet dave siburkis—drums janice spalding—flute Connie stump—alto clarinet debbie warren—flute mike warren—bass trumpet gary webb—trumpet mart ha webb—flute Sidney weaver—trombone 135 the majorettes salute s.d.h.s. front row, left to right: sonia dameron, cynthia crummett and faye arbogast. second row, left to right: cindy schade, janice spalding and kirn lunsford. janice spalding is proud to be head majorette. 136 advanced choir and general music sing out! advanced choir; first row: roberta brooks, mary bell, susan mcclure, curtis blair, mike graham, david cull, jeff swartz. second row: roxie mays, lynne buehler, june simmers, Howard rickman, andy brooks, jerry driver, leland bell, rodney .Stinnett, third row: debbie monroe, carter pence, ann wright, sharon black, charles winston, terry steuens, philip karris, benny pringle, chris woodson. fourth row: hambi mustard, tern stein, diana liebal, kathy bowers, tami falls, debbie varner, russell williams, bill betlej, lester blair. general music i and ii: first row: su.san englert, cathy henderson, .susan gibson, kirn green, anita younger, luendy buehler, su.san lie- bal, karen snopkowski, lesley hanger, valeric naletko. second row: hecky coffey, brenda weaver, .sandra heatty. sherree monroe, Campbell, martha hockman, judy balsley, shelby layman, crystal humphries, kathy rncgann, susan coffey. third row: shanna fainter, wanda brooks, judy patterson, darlene via, cheryl hewitt, sharon gleason, debbie coker, karen rohertson, ciridy Iruslow, patricia fox. debbie kiser. fourth row: kitty warble, diane fitzgerald, arlene claytor, dawn legg. betsy weaver, .sue chepalis, ellen byrd. debbie fretwell. 137 varsity cheerleaders C0V6ARS ARE THI kneeling (left co right): debbie crace and karen wingfield. standing: beth bradley. Undo truslow, brenda bell, robin fraser, and carolyn alexander. in air: heverly hockman. Joyce matheny. and lydia shaffer. 138 cheerleaders say “cougars great!” left to right: melinda stubbs, karen kent, amy addison, martha fitzgerald. joan breuer, spring Johnson, ann wright. sheree monroe. sherry hockman. Bth grade cheerleaders form a “v” for victory left to right: donna webb, susan gibson, debbie warren, him green, karen almarode, wendy buehler, cindy Campbell, cathy henderson, joy eddins. 139 the varsity club promotes athletics first row; curtis blair, ronnie Campbell, forrest hammer, jim short, doug alexander, neil ownby, jim barnes, John greco. second row: ronnie breuning, Steve snyder, ricky morris, bill walsh, tony houff, frankie almarode, jim terrell. third row; mike coyner, gary radford, mike crace, jimmy rhodes, doug rossario, roger weaver, gordon hunter, fourth row: benny Conner, david coyner, dee terrell, james kindig, melvin hamilton, ronnie massie, andy johnson, william critzer, ronnie johnson. the varsity club officers left to right: sergeant of arms, ricky morris: president, david coyner: chris Woodson (not an officer): and secretary-treasurer, dee terrell. not pictured is tony houff, vice- president. 140 the pep club has lots of spirit! these enthusiastic pep club members are behind the cougars all the way. they show their spirit everywhere they go. where there is a game, there is a pep club member cheering our mighty cougars on to victory, a special thanks goes out to those who took the time and effort to make signs for the school. pep club officers left to right; reporter, beth bradley; treasurer, sandy brydge; secre¬ tary, terri fickes; vice-president, cindy crummett: and president, dale coffey. 141 the f.t.a. of today makes the teachers of tomorrow first row: (left to right) anita younger, melodie weaver, dawn legg. and jill harrison. second row: linda porter, debbie legg, marion webb, sue mcclure and brenda fox. third row: jeanne alien, cheryl hewitt, kathy staudt, Christine appl, and faye arbogast. fourth row: amy addison, tate swecker, samuel Johnson, beverly hockman, and larry mabry. fifth row: paula berrang, lynn buelher, ann wright, and carter pence. the f.t.a. officers: jill harrison. sue mcclure, tate swecker, brenda fox, and melodie weaver. 142 f.h.a. and f.f.a. build better citizens the mam purpose of the f. h. a. is to make ideal homemakers, during f. h. a. week the girls entertained the entire school by telling morTabout the future homemakers and exactly what their club does, they also sponsored a group from the teen challenge center who gave a program on drugs, the f. h. a. sponsor is mrs. ruth layman. the future farmers do a lot of interesting things through out the year, they learn more about farming and forestry, the f. f. a. sponsor is mr. Charles marks. 143 the s.c.a. is confronted with school problems first row: (left to right) betty jane hunter, marion webb, tina snider, sharon gleason, Jackie dunaway, brenda bell, kirn greene, mindy freeman, ann aright, and lynn buehler. second row; judy patterson, ilene freeman, dm lundsford, sonia dameron, judy balsley, Chris¬ tine appl, Connie stump, paula Johnson, Jill harrison, debbie fones, beverly baker, third row; martha hockman, karen snopkowski, bill walsh, donnie fox, sherry hockman, tate swecker, wait cleavenger, debbie crace, and pat grahm. fourth row: david coyner, gary mcgann, dale lowe, mike crace, keith phillips, clarance alexander, mike coyner, meluin hamilton, gary webb, ronnie almarode, and margaret duff. the s.c.a. discusses school policies. 144 national honor society builds a brighter tomorrow seated left to right: Christine appl, dauid cox, paula Johnson, wanda angus, bill betlej, sharon black, Joan wells, debbie Jones, louise younger, debbie crace. standing left to right: connie stump, maggie duff, karen weaver, debbie clinedinst, ran almarode, kenton show- alter, melvin hamilton, tom sheaffer, Jo hayes, linda ryder, melody weaver, kathy staudt, and marian webb. susan marcum and marti mcclure welcome new members into the national honor .society, while mrs. black, sponsor, stands by. 145 happiness is a library book ... first row (left to right) wanda brooks, cede hell, susan mcclure, eddie dickson, Charlie flintom, Jennifer hoy, and mrs. obaiigh. second row: joan wells, sharon black, debhie monroe, mary bell, faye arhogast, and alice lawerence. latin club makes latin come alive kneeling: bill marcotte, david huffman, guy shifflett, mark herzing, Charles beverage, gordon hunter, sitting at table: dehbie monroe, sara flintom. brenda fox, faye arbogast, keith phillips, mrs. english. standing: linda porter, sherree monroe. kim lunsford. david wingfield, Judy halsley, beverly warren, joan breuer, ginger losh, marion webh, diane earner, martha hockman, roxie mays, paula herrang, carter pence, andrea eddins, lucy kindig, Jeanne alien, sonia dameron, terry hamrick. d.e. students work hard! first row: sandy tisdale, dehbie Conner, dehhie thompson, susan ayers, connie rhodes, marie painter, second row: ronnie Campbell, johnny gayhart, janet curry, terry coffey, geraldine hell, third row: layne dedrick, carl rhodes, dee terrell, gary killing.sworth, jane weaver, dehhie kennedy, mr. kelley. fourth row: carson holmes, cecil hailey, ken- neth almarode, glenn dean, jimmy doyle. fifth row: dale brown, sammy argenbright, mike noe, bucky fitzgerald, hruce fitzgerald, lewis lowery, dale coffey. safety club members drive carefully first row: vernon walker, iimmy rhodes. ronnie bruening, brad bosserman, neil ownbv, ronnie Campbell, sitting: harry east, william critzer, clayton coffey. faye arbogast, david coyner. standing: jimmy hryan, pete davis, richard quillen, ernest showalter, mike noe. 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Main St. Waynesboro, Va. 22980 CLIFF’S GARAGE C. Reed Forbes, Jr. Official Inspection Station Complete Servi ce Repair Week Days 9:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. Sunday 12 Noon — 11:00 p.m. DAIRY QUEEN Stuarts Draft, Virginia Serving the Finest . . . in Food, Drinks, and Ice Cream Call in Orders Dial 337-1331 Rt. 340 Near the Blinker Light ENGLEMAN HARDWARE Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1972 From FAIRFAX HALL Waynesboro Staunton DAIRY QUEEN 708 Greenville Ave. 886-2039 Lumber — Storm Doors Windows Jewel Coal Services in Cutting Keys, Pipe and Glass Dial 337-2941 THE VILLAGE HAIRDRESSER Wig Service: Latest in Color Processing Equipment U. S. 340 South Tele. 337-1765 Stuarts Draft, Va. Designed for Your Pleasure and Comfort PEOPLES PHARMACY “The Little Peoples” Waynesboro 1544 W. Main St. Phone: 942-1137 PlOPlr ' ® M PH: Stuarts Draft 201 Main St. Phone: 337-1411 or Enterprise 090 BILL COMBS VERN GREENAWALT TOM RORRER, JR. the 1972 “signs of the times” gives special thanks to: mrs. patricia spilman . faculty advisor debbie Jones . business manager Joyce matheny . cover design and art production davidcox .. .photography bill betlej ..... photography and the rest of the staff frank ie aim arode fames k indig sandy brydge shirley mustard Steve chaussey rose mary quick Jackie eaves cathy romaine robin fraser sieve snyder ilene freeman elaine thompson pearl freeman wanda weaver Undo grove diane williams editor — beth bradley to the students of Stuarts draft high school “when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with mars, then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars; this is the dawning of the age of aquarius, the age of aquarius, aquarius harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding, no more falsehoods or derisions, golden living dreams of visions, mystic crystal revelation, and the minds true liberation, aquarius, aquarius. ” 168 AUGUSTA COUNTY LIBRARY For Reference Not to be taken from this room

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