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mm m coti£« uBwrei " mm W%$ffifflffiiS ffifc ANDERSON COLLEGE 1987 COLUMNS WERE GOIMG PLACES . . . I T|RA McEHTIRE e|itor christopher parker associate EDITOR BOBBY HANLEY ADVISOR VOLUME 63 ANDERSON COLLEGE LIBRARY- DH flaOB OPENING 4 STUDENT LIFE 10 SPORTS 24 FEATURES 44 CLUBS 64 FACULTY STAFF 98 CLASSES 116 DIRECTORY 168 WE ' RE GOING PLACES ANDERSON COLLEGE IS . . GOING PLACES Where ' s all the money going? You wouldn ' t dare. Psyche! We are moving down the pathway towards the fu- ture driven by specific goals. Whether these goals are academic, social, spiritual, or a combination of the three, each individual has a guideline for ac- complishing these goals. Academically, we are seeking out areas of interest in order to gain further knowledge for future occu- pations, self-improvement or self-satisfaction. Through academics, we aim to use self-improve- ment as a stepping stone to a desired place in the job market, and attain self-satisfaction. Socially, we are headed towards new heights in friendship, caring, and understanding. Learning to build new relationships today enables us to pre- pare for additional relationships in the future. By building new relationships, we ' re going to main- tain a prominent place in society and also use our knowledge to contribute to society. Spiritually, we are looking for a better understand- ing of ourselves and the things we truly believe in our hearts. When we make sincere efforts to use academics to the best of our abilities, increase our spiritual and social awareness, and to achieve our individual goals, we can truthfully state . . . we ' re going places. STEPPIN ' OUT Business is booming! Sometimes you just want to be Going to answer nature ' s call, alone. How long have we been here? What time is it? First lady? no, she is the freshmen class president. How, that ' s a clean white towel According to my records, your department is overdrawn. Would the real " Shannon Smith " please stand up? Everyone needs a friend. Gosh! Look at all of these parking tickets. I m WERE GOING PLACES • • • 10 STUDENT LIFE ANIMAL HOUSE On August 20, 1986, a flood of freshman males poured into Lawton north Rouse, South Rouse, Whyte, and Oak Square dormitories. Filled with excitement and enthusi- asm, the guys moved into their new domiciles and deco- rated them to their hearts ' content. A day later, the re- turning sophomore men drudged back into the rooms, some in the same room as last year, others residing in new rooms. Together, both freshman and sophomore alike, adjusted to the " culture shock " which confronts each student, especially the freshmen. After a couple of weeks, the dorm inhabitants had adjust- a week. The student came back to find that a slip of pa- per was lying on his desk stat- ing that his room was in a con- dition that was not even described on the paper, a con- dition that is somewhat lower than poor but better than that of a nuclear bomb site after the bomb went off. All in all, dorm life for Rouse, Lawton, Whyte, and Oak Square was an enjoyable and enriching experience for all male students, especially dur- ing Sunday between two and six when the opposite sex was allowed into the mens ' dorms. Every now and then, the Resi- dential Assistant on that hall had to remind some guys to open their doors. " One September morn- ing, a loud buzzing sound woke me up. In- stinctively, I reached for my towel, soap, and shampoo bottle. I walked into the shower and five minutes later walked out. Unexpectantly the group in my section came into my room and laughed. Puzzled, I looked at my clock: 1:21 a.m. A fire drill at 1:21 a.m. in the morning? " — Christopher Parker 12 This reader takes a break to look at the camera. " Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream ed to their everyday environ- ments. Water fights, riding skateboards in the hall, even bicycles in the halls, and prac- ticing soccer and baseball in the hallways became an ev- eryday occurrence. Putting up posters, paintings, arranging a high school diploma, setting pictures on the desk, and ar- ranging the beds are what an Anderson College student does within the first twenty- four hours. The mens ' dorms were animal cages. Add to that the pranks; such as panty raids, that hap- pened, and the excitement never ended. Another aspect of dorm life is the dreaded room inspection: the scourge of Anderson College that at- tacked the mens ' dorms once BUSCH At the sound of the buzzer, please leave your name and number BEEP! " This is the room that rocks Anderson College! 13 ' Now, isn t that cute. i This young lady listens attentively to her friends. EEEYAAHH! 14 The four stooges? ' • . Reruns, reruns, nothing but reruns! TRANQUILITY ' " It was all my fault. I nev- er knew that popping popcorn could be so dis- turbing. It was 10:00 at night and 1 was studying for a math test and my stomach started craving some buttered popcorn. That ' s right, it was all my fault. As soon as I plugged in the popcorn machine, the heat caused the fire alarm to go off. " — Tara McEntire Unlike the boy ' s dorms, the girl ' s dorms were a bit more calm and peaceful this year. It almost seemed as if the wom- en displayed more maturity than that of the men. Howev- er, there was an occasional outbreak of hilarity and crazi- ness that erupted from within the halls of Denmark, Pratt, new Dorm, and Kingsley. The life of a girl in a dorm like Denmark consisted of visiting suitemates, talking on the phone, and having a male visi- tor during R.S.V.P. Nothing dastardly happened, except for carelessness on the part of some student who set off the alarms after 11:30 p.m. and the fact that quiet hours were more frequently respected by the girls than the boys. Perhaps the most exciting and special thing that occurred in the girl ' s dorms this year is the close friendships that sprouted between room- mates, nothing could com- pare to what originated be- tween the girls who roomed together. This is the stuff life- time friendships are made of. If nothing else came out of their college experience, they did indeed meet new friends and people. With a much quieter atmo- sphere, the girls in Denmark, Pratt, new Dorm, and Kingsle had better opportunities to meet new friends. 15 STUDENT CENTER The Student Center saw many various activities which took place within its walls, activities such as ping pong, playing video games, ordering food at the canteen, watching the big screen T.V., and so- cializing in and around the canteen. This place was the center of attraction at Anderson College, pro- viding a place where a student could rest and en- joy him or herself without having to worry too much about classes. Also, the Student Center was a place of movies; movies such as Teen Wolf and The Flamingo Kid were shown in the Backroom. Also there were contests and meetings held there. All in all, the Student Center remained the central point of interest at Anderson College. Jeff Craft smiles as he prepares to smash the ball. Bryan Simmons smiles as he scores. Watching a big screen T.V. is one of the great attractions of Ander- son College. 16 iome people just can ' t wait to pen their mail in their room. • ' Mail! I got mail! ' Each day, every Anderson College student checked his or her post office box at least once. The feeling that consumed a student as he or she opened the box to find mail in it is unexplainable, especially for those who never received much mail in the first place. However, the post office is more than just a few hundred mailboxes. It consists of several hard workers who daily put mail in hundreds of boxes. This year the post office workers handled not only the resident ' s mail, but commuters mail as well. Not only was mail from a person ' s hometown placed in the post office box, but college flyers and information pertaining to certain individuals also filled the boxes. These mailboxes were the lifeline for many students. 17 FREE PLAY GYM IMTRAMURALS 2. Tom Gamer displays his strength. 1. " Are you going to hang around all day or are you going to play some bas- ketball? " 3. President Mark Hopkins goes for the point. 4. " Sit-ups? For Tennis? " 18 1. To go in or not to go in, that is the question! Over the past nine months, there have been several ways for Anderson College students to unwind and to relax from the nerve-wracking pressures of each school day. Students chose either to sign up for intramurals or play in Whyte Gym, sometimes both. With both choices, Anderson College students had a great deal of exercise either way. The free gym was designed for the student who, at just any time, wanted to go .and shoot basketball, play racquetball, or lift weights. Several times a day, there would be two or three games going on at the same time. 2. " Hey, umpire! Where did you get your glasses, Family Dollar!?! " 3. Bottom of the ninth, down by three, bases loaded, two outs, two strikes and three balls . 4. " This dude thinks he ' s Larry Byrd, " says Thad Franklin. 19 1. The mark of a commuter. 2. Eating while someone is taking your picture is not an easy task. . : ' ' . " ' ■.■■■ •-.. ..• ■.■J..J. :■■■ .:....-. . ■ ANDERSON COLLEGE A® C1164 STUDENT 1986- COMMUTERS COMMUTERS MAINTAINED A VITAL FART OF THE EVERYDAY LIFE AT ANDERSON COLLEGE. One of the most vital parts of Anderson College are the commuters. Collectively, they constituted one-third of AC ' S student population this year. The commuters took an active part in An- derson College this year, proving their work as equal to the resident students. Sometimes, a commuter may feel left out of the activ- ities at AC, never really feel- ing accepted in the college family. However, this was not the case this year for the activities that took place. Dances such as the Halloween Dance and Christmas Formal provided such opportunities for com- muters to feel more at " home. " Concerts and cha- pel also became social points to an extent, giving commuters the chance to meet the residential stu- dents and make new friends. Through the years, the SQA has provided such conve- niences for the commuters like a commuter lounge and special parking to make access to classes eas- ier. It was not hard to find freshman commuters such as Kevin and Rosemary Morris talking in the com- muter lounge, preparing for classes. The basic need for this year ' s commuter was a feel- ing of acceptance and self- worth. And that need was accomplished. 20 ENDURING RISING GASOLINE PRICES 2. The Young and the Restless really gets my heart pounding! " 3. " Who Cares? ' 1. Only a commuter would sit in a chair like this y g ' 4. " Is this Wide Enough for you? ' 5. Catching a thief in the act. 21 2. This student is caught unaware by the photographer. 3. " Are they studying drama or sing- ing? " J 22 " LET ' S ORDER PIZZA! As a student at An- derson College, we can improve our aca- demic standing through the numer- ous opportunities for organized study pro- vided by the college. The study sessions in Merritt and the li- brary allow the stu- dent time and in- struction on how to study better. — Valerie Vaigneur Just about every night in ei- ther the library or Merritt building, there were several people or groups preparing for a test or final exam. The library, with its many tables and three study rooms, pro- vided ample space for stu- dents to study. Often times, groups would form in the lounge of the library in order to study. Merritt study sessions took place in a multitude of places, including the parlor, stair well, stairs, second floor, and the colonade adjoining Merritt with Denmark. The perfect time to eat a Little Caesar ' s Pizza was when studying with friends around eleven or twelve o ' clock at night. Aside from students working in Merritt, several organiza- tions had meetings in this building. Every Wednesday night, Campus Ministries sponsored Celebration, a weekly Bible study group. Re- cipients of Leadership Schol- arships met in Merritt parlor to go over information for activi- ties. Photographs for the yearbook and newspaper were also tak- en in the Merritt Building. Mm 1. Kim Broadwater and Desi Qinn di- rect a group in Merritt Parlor. 2. " Tickling the ivories. ' ' 23 WE ' RE QOinQ PLACES . . . (L to R) Judd Boggs (Golf), Bobby MacPherson (Tennis), Joe Miller (Baseball), Derek May (Table Tennis), Devrae Noelsimmons (Soccer), Keenan Carpenter (Basketball), Santric McDavid (Basketball), Kim Link (Volleyball), Page McCraw (Tennis), Karen Price (Softball). 24 A.C. LADY TROJANS Front (L to R) Karen Gibson, Denise Galloway, Mandy Bryant, Sandy Calhoun, Kim Link, Dee Dee Hubbard, Alesia Tate. Back (L to R) Head Coach Frankie Porter, Kim Pace, Mary Parten, Kim Poder, Michelle Rice, Santric McDavid, Brenda Walter, Carol Ann Bean, Angela Bradley, Susie Bolt, Asst. Coach Diane Lowry, Julia Carlos. 26 TROJAN BASKETBALL Front (L to R) Joey Horton (Manager), Arthur Jones, Jimmy Dupree, Keenan Carpenter, Vincent Wilson, Chris Johnson, Alexander Guilford, Scott Farmer (Man- ager). Back (L to R) Mead Coach Steve Lytton, Todd Graham, Mike Craigo, Blease Young, Bill Henderson, Yancey Johnson, Kenny Dixon, Jeff Calloway, Joel flaskins, Asst. Coach, Robert Kelly Trainer. 27 LADY TROJANS TENNIS (L to R) Hyae-Yeon Churchill (Coach), Mimi Hyer, Patricia Rod, Page McCraw, Janene Britton, Susan Lenning, Wendy Webster, Kim Madl, Amy Adams. First year coach Hyae-Yeon Churchill predicts a challenging and exciting year for the Trojans ' tennis team. With a solid combination of sophomores and freshmen, she hopes to build a good foundation for the future. Her primary goal is to see improvement each day in the girls. With steady progress, the victories will take care of themselves. 2 ' 6 1986 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS (L to R) David Jenkins, Mat Malmberg, Robert Woods, Pat Pfuhl, Rex Terwilliger, Tawn Harden, Bobby MacPherson, Owen Ca- sey, Juan Balbontin Coach Jim Boykin. not Pictured: Mikael Stadling. Coach Jim Boykin realized a dream-come-true last season as his team won the national Junior College Championship. Un- fortunately, the second championship does not come any easi- er. Still with a group of sophomores and some excellent fresh- men the Trojans hope to repeat their performance of a year ago and claim their second straight national crown. 29 ANDERSON COLLEGE TABLE TENNIS (L to R) Jim Doney, Debbie Moya, Derek May, Scott Butler. The newest sport to come to Anderson College, the Table Tennis club, led by Coach Jim Doney, competes now on the club level. Long range goals for the team include developing Olympic calaber players as well as developing table tennis as a conference-wide sport. 30 MEN ' S CROSS- COUNTRY (L to R): Coach Tim Medlin, Tommy Parker, Tim Sumner, Bill Ringle, Barry Rucker, Don Blanchard Anderson College sports a new team in men ' s cross-country. Coach Tim Medlin leads a group of promising runners into the 1987 season. To be competitive in cross-country requires tal- ent, stamina, and strong determination. Coach Medlin believes his team possesses these needed qualities and anticipates much progress this year. 31 LADY TROJANS SOFTBALL f! (L to R) Tabitha Sturkie, Kim Campbell, Angela Martin, Dana Collins, Robin Kidd, Karen Price, Teresa riichlos, Melinda Chavis, Fam Bryant Coach, Keaf Schieffer, Kel- ley Kirkland, Denise Singleton, Libby Dubose, Windy Ware, Sandy Small, Coach Greene, Cynthia Allen. . R % JLw s, Sophomores: Front: Teresa Nichols, Dana Collins Middle: Kim Campbell, Karen Price Back: Robin Kidd, Angela Martin, Tabitha Sturkie 32 1987 TROJAN BASEBALL Front (1 to r) Todd Miller, Tony Spires, Shane Hester, Greg Garner, Jay Kamp, Joe Miller, Jeff Bramblett, David Rhoades, Joey Fulmer, Tim Hunter, Tyler Crooker, Alan Martin Middle (I to r) Sandy Kidd (Chaplin), Pam Garick (Manager), Britt Jor- don, Jamie Childress, Chantz Fowler, Kelly Delk, Lee Bramlett, Freddy Marchant, Andy Bolin, Benny Barfield, Jeff Kruchkowski, John Seibert, Chuck Wiliams, Sharon Black (Manager) Back (1 to r) Coach Tim Medlin, Jimmy Whelchel, Darren Hughes, Steve Ellis, Will Harbin, Chris Biggs, Derrick Mack, Mark Spence, Steve Spigner, Jeff O ' Dell, Daniel Houston, Barry McKinney, Carey Killian, Coach Bobby Beville 33 OCCER: CONFERENCE CHAMPS -»L rr: " ' -■■ ' ■■!• ««•. -. ' ■ :-.-.: ' •• v- . ., Back (L to R): Arturo Suarez (Asst. Coach), Safet Mrkulic, Alan Bishop, Bryan Stamper, Jeff Puckett, Jimmy Brownlee, Mark Daurer, Gene Bishop, Ray- mond Dill, Rick Wright (Coach) Middle (L to R): Robert Hendricks (Trainer), Gabriel Sykes, Conniey Skeen, Zack Heard, David Christiansen (Captain), Paul Cann (Captain), Germano Betelho, Albert Steede, Andy Floyd, David Jackson (Team Coordinator) Front (L to R): Wayne Berry, Derae Moelsimmons, Tim Howard not Pictured: Mark Ray, Tom Clark The Trojan Soccer team claimed the conference crown last season. This year they hope to repeat this feat and continue on to the national Tourna- ment. With a combination of proven veterans and talented freshmen, the team looks in good shape to accomplish these goals. 34 ANDERSON COLLEGE GOLF Front (L to R) Mark Hopkins, Matt Echols, Hartwell Baker, Dennis Schwab, Gene Sellers. Second (L to R) Coach Clint Wright, Scott Glenn, Sean Bogle, Dale Smith, Brad Howard, Jim Crump, Todd Cox, Joel Love, Ronald Hyatt. Plot Pictured: Reed Baker, Judd Boggs. The Anderson College Golf team begins the 1987 season under new coach Clint Wright. The Trojans have their sights set on the conference championship and hopefully playing their way to the nationals. 3S LADY TROJAN VOLLEYBALL 36 Seated (L to R): Kim Madl, Susie Bolt, Keath Schleifer, Teresa Nichols, Karen Gibson (Captain), Michelle Rice, Alesia Tate, Denise Galloway, Carol Ann Bean, Kim Link, Renae Williams, Kelley Kirkland Standing (L to R): Coach Frankie Porter, Mary Parten (Mead Manager), Kim Pace (Trainer), Angela Martin (Statistician), Scott Cothran (Manag- er), Diane Lowry (Asst. Coach) The volleyball team, under the leadership of Coach Frankie Porter has made great strides in the 1986-87 year. Since beginning only a few years ago, the team has made rapid progress to the top of the confer- ence. This year ' s goals include a conference title and a shot at the nationals. Coach Porter hopes to blend the experience of the sopho- mores with the talents of the freshmen to produce a winning combina- tion. With hard work and determination this team will go far. WHO WHO ' S Each year Anderson College students, faculty, and staff select 16 sophomore students to represent A.C. in " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Ju- nior Colleges ' To be considered, these students must be in good academic and social standing with the college as well as commanding the respect of their peers. In 1987 we honor the following students as members of " Who ' s Who " : Ms. Jane Evelyn Avant, Ms. Ida Renee Brinson, Ms. Kimberly Gale Broadwater, Mr. Jef- frey, Eric Craft, Ms. Kay Annette Dicker- son, Ms. Elizabeth Anne Finger, Mr. Thomas Lee Garner, IV, Mr. Ronald Des- mond Ginn, Ms. Heather Gayl Hatton, Mr. Brian Zack Heard, Mr. Mark Thomas Hooper, Ms. Deborah Marie Lamb, Ms. Lori Leigh Plyler, Ms. Marsha Ann Price, Ms. Cherie Diane Whitehead, and Ms. Bobbie Sue Wood. Jane Evelyn Avant Lexington, S.C. Ida Renee Brinson Anderson, S.C. Jeffrey Eric Craft Iva, S.C. ©RJ M t ' - ' fr ;,; .•.■ x i ■ Kay Annette Dickerson Bowman, OA Elizabeth Anne ringer. Greenville. 5.C. Thomas Lee Gamer, IV Easley, S.C. Ronald Desmond Ginn Furman, S.C. H Heather Qayl Hatton Chamblee, GA. Brian Zack Heard Anderson, S.C. Mark Thomas Hooper Anderson, S.C. Deborah Marie Lamb Mount Pleasant, S.C. Lori Leigh Plyler Lancaster, S.C. Marsha Ann Price Leesville, S.C. Cherie Diane Whitehead Lexington, S.C. Bobbie Sue Wood Dalzell, S.C. ECHOES Front (L to R): David Christiansen, Jimmy Stewart, Wayne Berry Middle (L to R): Audrey Hall, Lawrence Webb, Jeannie Fretwell Back (L to R): Kathy Sears, Leigh Ellen Mar- tin, Sandra Satterfield Front (L to R): EDITORS Wayne Berry, Jim- my Stewart, David Christiansen Back: Adviser — Lawrence Webb 45 STUDENT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SAA: Front (L to R): Jeff nix, Kim Broadwater, Stacey Godbey, Jo Ann Wilson, Carla Reagan, Lynn Macomson, Susan Davis, Pamella Caldwell, Lana Grant Back (L to R):j Susan Privitera, Letitia Williams, Kellee Callaham, Jeannie Cantrell, Christine Allen, Mary Rollin, Laurie Bortz, Keisha Johnson, Teresa Trimmier Not Pictured: Maria Williams, Lecia Kilby, Jolee Waddell, Michael Kay, Sandy Biggers, Kay Dickerson, Angela Banks, Mora Plecker, Lori Plyler, Regina Tate, Rhonda Fleming, Suzanne Beck, Betsy Stack, Leslie Whatley, Anna Rainey, Karen Price, Mary Rowland, Jean Rutledge, Marsha Price, Camella Hunter, Audra Hayes, Carla Wilson, Holly Harmon, Brett Champion, Adviser — Jovanna King 46 R A D I A C E Front (L to R): Missy Beasley, Jill Hughes, Cheri Whitehead, Alison Hudson, Melissa Hrbek, Kim Addis, Debbie Conner Back (L to R): Philip Evatt, John Hibish, Joey Hughes, Jeff Martin, Chuck Auten, Philip Bryant, David Wright Heather Hatton, Deb- bie Conner, Chuck Au- ten, Joey Hughes lead the Anderson College Choir as they begin the 1987 concert sea- son. The choir per- forms music of all types. The group, Ra- diance, sings at spe- cial events throughout the year. 4 ANDERSON COLLEGE CHOIR First Row (L to R): Crystal Yarborough, Missy Beasley, Jill Hughes, Cheri Whitehead, Alison Hudson, Melissa Hrbek, Kim Addis, Debbie Conner, Heather Hatton, Bob Heritage (Director) Second Row (L to R): Donna Campbell, Tonya Standi, Missy Biesecker, Jane Bames, Dana Johnson, Tammy Griffith, Tammy Dupree, Stephanie Baldwin, Elizabeth Anderson Third Row (L to R): Hyae-Yeon Churchill, Lori Wilkes, Valerie Vaigneur, Pamela Caldwell, Dee Huen, Breka Qunn, Kelly Kirkpatrick, Bobbie Sue Wood, Barb Trotter, Tracy Hartin, Andrea Forrest, Becky Campbell Fourth Row (L to R): Phil Evatt, John Hilbish, Joey Hughes, Jeff Martin, Chuck Auten, Phillip Bryant, David Wright Fifth Row (L to R): Bryant Stewart, Greg Sears, Donald Campbell, Don Blanchard, Oscar Smith, Barry Duncan, James Rogers, Patrick Hurd 48 Each fall Anderson College begins the year with the President ' s Reception. Held on the lawn of the President ' s home (wheather permitting), this event gives students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to get acquainted. Ev- eryone enjoys good food, live enter- tainment, and stimulating con- versation. Boy, these are good! I sure hate linesl 49 1 — I sure am lonely! 2 — The good stuff is over there! 3 — Just hangin around! 4 — That was a good one, Dee-Dee! 5 — YUM! YUM! 50 Do I need a shave? I knew I should not have eaten that dessert! We have got to stop meeting like this. Walk like an Egyptian! The devil made me do it. 52 Henri, you dance divinely! Happens every full moon. Only my hairdresser knows for sure. I ' m advertising swimsuits. OLD TRADITIONS . . . 54 NEVER END 1 — A very nice ending! 2 — The Moravian Star. 3 — Don ' t drop it! ■ ■ 1 fH| ■ ■ 1 55 CHRISTMAS FORMAL 58 IT- t i WE ' RE GOING PLACES 1. Almost to the top! 2. Going up in the world! 3. Rush — but don ' t be late! I ' ll visit you when 1 have my Christmas break at Anderson College. CLUBS The next plane to Tahiti leaves in one hour. mmmmmmm Yes, I ' d love to go to Switzerland S.Q.A. SOCIAL BOARD First Row: (L to R) Sharon Hudson, Jane Avant, Marsha Price, Patti Skelton, Barry Rucker Second Row: Ron Hyatt, Keisha Johnson, Cindy White, Mary Parker, Julie Masneri, Susan Edwards Third Row: Tony Neely, Suzanne Saxon, Missy Hergner, Audrey Hall, Richard Coulter, Matalie Galloway, Buffie Bell, Holly Harmon, Candice Hall Fourth Row: Jim Rhoad, Chris Parker, Melissa Ford, Sandy Small, Kim Hanchey, Kristi Skelton, Missy Hrbek, Kellee Callaham, Greg Williams, Brad Billingsley 64 FOOD SERVICE — Renee Brinson, Wendy Qooding, Tonja Day, John Rettew, Richard Robinson. PUBLICITY — Chris Parker, Bob Busby, Kristi Skelton, Greg Williams, Holly Harmon, Audrey Hall, Cheryl Burns. TRAFFIC APPEALS — Jeannie Tuite, Debbie Connor, Bryant Stewart, Barry Duncan, Chuck Auten. TRAVEL SMORTCOURSE — Richard Coulter, Susan Edwards, Keisha Johnson, Jane Avant, Mary Parker, Julie Masneri, Cindy White. 66 COMMUNICATIONS — Dena Saylors, Leslie Whatley, Betsy Stack, Stacey Qodbey, Carla Reagan, Tom Gamer, David Adams, Gary Dickard, Cindy White. DANCE — Melissa Ford, Suzanne Saxon, Brad Billingsley, Barry Rucker, Jerone Jenkins, Beth Foust, T.J. Taylor. 67 PERFORMING ARTISTS — Sharon Hudson, Kelly Callaham, Melissa Hrbek, Jim Rhoad. ELECTIONS — Leslie Hammett, Monic Creech, Renee Brinson, Lori Steele, Clay Mood. 68 SOCIAL BOARD CHAIRPERSONS — Barry Rucker, Sharon Hudson, Fatti Skelton, Marsha Price, Jane Avant, Ron Hyatt. DISCIPLINARY — Darren Bridgeman, David Walker, Marsha Price, David Adams, Brian Simmons. 69 S.Q.A. Sophomores Jeannie Tuite, Bryant Stewart. First Row: Kay Dickerson, Lori Plyler, Jeff Craft, Marsha Price. Deborah Third Row: Barry Rucker, Sharon Hudson, Jane Avant, Patti Skelton, Angi Lamb. Harmon, Cindy White, David Walker. Second Row: Mark Hooper, Joanne Wilson, Dena Gerald, Renee Brinson, 70 CLASS PRESIDENTS Sophomore Class — Deborah Lamb, Freshmen Class — Shannon Smith. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS David Peebles, Tracy James, Mark Hooper, Renee Brinson, Deborah Lamb, Jeannie Tuite, Barry Duncan. (L to R): Shannon Smith, Bo Harrison, Buffie Bell, Jodie Huffman, Laurie Gates, Nora Flecker, Sandy Small, Jim Rhoad, Susan Lenning. 71 MISSIOn AND SOCIAL ACTION First: (L to R) Heather Hatton, Barry Duncan, Pamela Caldwell, Tammy Third: Cathy Jureck, Vince Wilson, Deborah Lamb, Melissa Ford. Griffith. Third: Lora Champman, Stephanie Balwin, Cheryl Timmons, Jan Second: Danette Sheriff, Chuck Alton, Kim Broadwater, Mora Plecker, Barnes, Chris Whitfield. Kelly Reynolds. The mission social action arm of campus ministries gives students a unique opportunity to minister to the needs of the aged and of homeless children. Students visit the foster home as well as the nursing home. While visiting, they play games, chat with inmates, and bring in an affectionate atmosphere. 72 This year, the group leaders were Heather Hatton and Pamela Caldwell. CAMPUS MINISTRIES OFFICERS First: (L to R) Heather Hatton, Kim Broadwater, Desi Qinn, Russ Rowland, Bobbi Wood, Lori Plyler. Second: Michelle Adkins, Kay Dickerson, Tony Putnam, Deborah Lamb, Pamela Caldwell, Jeannie Tuite, Lana Grant. 73 JOURNEY TEAMS First: (L to R) Tony Putnam, Phillip Evatt, Barry Duncan, Lori Gates, Mark Hooper, Jeannie Tuite. Second: Stacey Qodbey, Tammy Qriffith, Deborah Lamb, Chuck Alton, Kay Dickerson, Robin Suggs, Brett Champion. Third: Lori Wilkes, Karen Tanner, De De Fletcher, Tim Rhodes, Debbie Davis, Jeff nix. Missy Beisecker. Fourth: Susan Lenning, Sandra Satterfield, Cherri Whitehead, Lori Plyler, Mora Plecker. Fifth: Chris Whitfield, Jan Barnes, Jeff Martin, Desi Qinn. Sixth: Kim Broadwater, Don Blanchard. 74 CAMPUS MINISTRIES OUTREACH Tirst: (L to R) Jolee Wadell, Lori Wilkes, Robin Suggs, Cherri Whitehead, Second: Kelly Reynolds, Gale Waddell, Jeannie Tuite, Kay Dickerson, Julie Qinn, Kim Broadwater, Missy Beisecker. Third: Barb Trotter, Kelly Kirkpatrick, Mora Plecker, Marsha Price, Susan Davis, Bobbi Sue Woods. " 5 AGAPE GROUPS ENCOURAGE OTHERS (L to R): Mora Plecker, Kim Broadwater, Jan Barnes, Kim Hanchey, Susan Lenning, Dee Dee Fletcher, Lori Plyler, Deborah Lamb. (L to R): Russell Rowland, John Rettew, Tim Rhodes, Tony Putnam, Mark Daurer. 76 CAMPUS MINISTRIES PUBLICITY COMMITTEE First: (L to R) Missy Beisecker, Lana Grant, Suzanne Beck, Second: Laura Campbell, Phil Evatt, Jeff Mix. 77 SUNSHINE FRIENDS 1st Row: Cara Bizzell, Laurie Gates, Kim Broadwater, 2nd Row: John Hilbish, Michelle Atkins. Sunshine Friends work with children to provide learning experiences for them. In addition, the group takes the children on outings and pleasure trips. It is a rewarding experience for all involved 78 STUDENTS COMMITTED TO C.R.V. First: (L to R) Desi Ginn, Tim Rhodes, Deborah Lamb, Kim Hanchey, Richard Coulter, Don Blanchard. Second: Russell Rowland, Stacey Qodbey, Michelle Atkins, Dee Dee Fletcher, Kim Broadwater, Dan- nette Sheriff, Tony Putnam. 79 CLOTHES WITH DISTINCTION flEBSDN ANDERSON COLLEGE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE 81 ACORNS: First Row (L to R): Tracey Kulesh, Robin Suggs, Lori Wilks, Pamela Caldwell, Tracy Orr, Dana Johnson, Elizabeth Anderson. Second Row: Angela March, Audra Hayes, Michelle Sutherland, Fredda Cole, Kim Broadwater, Carla Reagan, Kelly Reynolds. Third Row: Tammy Griffith, Robin Fox, Jolee Waddell, Laurie Bortz, Karen Van Brunt, Cindy White, Cindy Benson, Laura Chapman, Sue Webb, Audrey Hall. Mot Pictured: Leslie Whatley, Patti Eidson. 82 SAA Front Row: Camellia Hunter, Marian Williams, Pamela Caldwell, Keisha Johnson, Lana Grant, Susan Davis. Second Row: Lesley Whately, Mary Parker, Julie Masaneri, Kim Broadwater, Kay Dickerson, Laura Bortz, Carla Reagan, Suzanne Beck, Stacey Qodbey, Jovanna King. Third Row: Robin Suggs, Lori Plyler, Marsha Price, Jolee Wadell, Michael Kay, Audra Hayes, Kellee Callaham, Susan Privitera, Karen Tanner. 8 LEADING 1st Row: Missy Cromer, Maria Williams, Donna Shelton, Kelly Quesenberry, Aline McCathem, Joy f ramer. 2nd Row: Tracy James, Inga Hamn, Sandra Satterfield, Windi Wilson, Shannon Hicks, Rhonda Wall, Jody Huffman. (Mot Pictured: Dena Saylors) CHEERLEADERS 84 WITH STYLE (L to R): Kristi Meely, Leslie Hammett, Angela Banks, Elizabeth Finger, Leslie Whatley, Shelly Willis, Kami Sellers, Melissa Booth, Julie Masneri. TROJETTES 85 TREND SETTERS OF THE FUTURE 86 Members: Allison Pierce, Deanne Gibson, Lisa Fobert, Missy Beisecker, Kathy Williams, Michael Kay, Elizabeth Finger, Shelly Willis, Dena Gerald, Tracey Kulesh, Cindy Evans, Siga Hawkins, Shaye Blanton, Mary Parker, Tonya Day, Kistian Tomsic, Karen Van Brunt, Pam Risinger, Sharon Hutson, Beth Taylor, Coleene Coyle, Amanda Nance, Sonya Young, Kristie Cromer, Kim Broadwater, Robin Fox, Sue Webb, Missy Tweedle, Rhonda Wall, Letita Williams, Mary Kay Rowe, Stefanie Hlatky, Lynn Williams, Paige Mills, Susan Peace, Kelly Schrie r, Carla Reagan, Paige Charpin, Candice Hall, Julie Masneri, Suzzane Saxon, Tracy Wilson, Jennifer Edwarss, Cindy Lagg, Wendy Wilson, Glynnis Pyles, Angela Thompson, Tonya Patterson, Kim Pace, Timilyn Dean, Cathy Jureck, Rhonda Richardson, Kristie Skelton. OIK, sponsored by Mary Martin, is a group of Fashion Merchan- dizing Interior Design majors. The group sponsors and partici- pates in events related to their majors. The club also provides the opportunity for members to apply for jobs and or intern- ships in their area of specialization. Each year the members of OIK makes an annual trip to New York to visit the fashion shops and look for the coming trends. They also go to Charlotte and Atlanta to view the markets. The OIK sponsors a Fashion Show and a Fashion Fair for high school students each year. They have speakers from the fashion field to provide a little more information. Mary Martin, sponsor of the club, says the goal of the OIK is to provide extra curricular activities for students that will broaden their horizons and open their eyes to the world of fashion. SCIENCE CLUB (Back) Dr. Alice Fay, Dr. Robert Frieze (Front) Cindy White, Lisa Cox, Susan Davis 1st Row: Juanita Wood, Karen Tanner 2nd Row: Andy Floyd, Robert Coucloo 3rd Row: Mark Daurer, Patricia Feaster, Fredda Cole 4th Row: Lisa Cox, Kelly King, Sherri Johnson 5th Row. Cindy White, Jean Rutledge, Jack Price, Chuck Styles, Becky McMurtry, Angela Pruitt 6th Row: Jantje Crows, Paul Cann, Wes Price, Barry Rucker 7th Row: Michael Peeples, Steven Smith, Jimmy Brown, Jeff Adams, Michael Orcutt. 8 " GAMMA Members: Cheryl Timmons, Jan Blackwell, Rita Brown, Eliabeth finger, Kathryn Williams, Kristen Cromer, Mary Painter, Lori Wilkes, Cindy LaTorre, Mr. Lassiter, June Vickery, Pamela Caldwell, Lana Grant, Terri Roache, Harrison Tucker, Steven Smith, David Peebles. Gamma Beta Phi is an honor society which encourages service, scholar- ships and character. Under the leadership of David Peebles and the spon- sorship of Mr. Lassiter, the organization participates in service projects such as the annual blood drive, in connection with Anderson Memorial liospita- Iand the Academic Olympics for high school students sponsored by Ander- son College. The letters Gamma, Beta, and Phi signify education, life, and friendship. The Society attempts to make members aware that education and friendship constitute the basis for a full and happy life. B E T A P H I irst: (L to R) Renee Brinson, Betty Milford, Kristin Cromer, Cathy Williams, Jan Blackwell. iecond: Sherri Johnsoln, Dr. Shirley Jacks, June Vickery, Christine Allen, Jeff Craft, Tony Putnam, Lori Plyler, Heather Hatton, Lysbeth lelderman, Lisa Cox, Stephen Smith, Cindy White, Jean Rutledge. Phi Theta Kappa is a national honorary scholastic fra- ternity. The organization is recognized for it ' s sponsor- ship of the College Bowl. The College Bowl is a scholas- tic competion at Anderson College. Members of Phi Theta Kappa are required to maintain a 3.50 grade point average. The club functions this year are under the leadership of Tony Putnam and the sponsorship of Dr. Shirley Jacks. P H I T H E T A K A P P A B9 AC PEP CLUB 1st Row: Sharon Hutson, Jean Rutledge 2nd Row: Mrs. Sprague, Angela Thompson, Dana Johnson, David Cooper, Rugenia Tate, Aretha Carter Though small in number, the pep club is large in spirit. The pep club members aid the cheerleaders and Trqjettes during the games. They are avid supporters of all AC sports teams. Whether in the bleachers, by the basketball court or the soccer field Pep Club members are there to support our players. The pep club invites all students to get involved with sports. Come to the games, show your school spirit, and discover the fun of Anderson College Athletics. 90 THE ENFORCERS Womens RA ' s: Michelle Atkins, Angela Banks, Sharon Mutson, Christine Allen, Pamela Caldwell, Jeannie Tuite, Betsy Stack. Mens RA ' s: Tom Garner, Gary Allen, Desi Ginn, Damn Bridgeman, Russel Roland. 91 EDUCATION CLUB Members: Stephanie Baldwin, Janice Whitner, Laura Wise, Jackie Nelson, Ginger Apsey, Morgan Nolte. Rhonda Hughes, Dr. Tribble, Shawn Michaels, Patricia Cothran, Leslie Whatley. 92 CHRISTMAS AT THE BILTMORE HOUSE 1 — Sounds of Christmas. 1 — Bringing in Christmas Biltmore style! 3 — Mow, that ' s a crowd! 4 — Get ready, guys! 5 — Heather holds the attention of the crowd 94 1. Mrs. Brinson and the post office are two favorites on campus. PLACES TO GO on THE COLLEGE CAMPUS 2. For recreation, visit the tennis courts or the softball field. 3. The Back Room provides a place to go for fun and relaxation. 95 ANDERSON COLLEGE THE PLACE TO GO 96 GOLDS GYM? MO, THE AC WEIGHT CLUB. The weight club takes time out to pose for the camera. 97 WE ' RE GOING PLACES . . . 98 FACULTY AND STAFF A TIME TO GO PLACES US Dr. Walker and Dr. Jacks discuss their tour to Europe for the summer of 1987. 100 ht -: • • iW Dr. Hopkins discusses the expectations of the new year. DR. MARK L. HOPKINS PRESIDENT Mr. Webb and these students seem interested in Dr. Hopkins ' conversation. ANDERSON mi LEGE LIBRARY 101 DR. PAUL A. TALMADQE VICE PRESIDENT ACADEMIC DEAN DR. RICHARD H. FRANKLIN VICE PRESIDENT DEAN OF STUDENT DEVELOPMENT in: B.J. TAYLOR VICE PRESIDENT FOR BUSINESS AFFAIRS WALTER E. DAHLGREN VICE PRESIDENT FOR DEVELOPMENT FRANK BONNER ASSOC. DEAN (SPECIAL PROGRAMS) SIDNEY KERR ASSOC. DEAN (STUDENT DEVELOPMENT) 104 DAVE LARSON ASSOC. DEAN (FINE ARTS) DR. C. RICHARD ROBERTS ASSOC. DEAN (ENROLLMENT) Kelly Addis Financial Aid Office Rhonda Anthony Campus Ministry Intern Dr. Samuel Arguez Chairman Spanish Dept. Annie F. Blackman Head Librarian Claudia Boles Director of Publications Julie Bowers Math John K. Boyte Chairman Business Administration Ruth Boyte Business Education Bill Bridges Music Voice Hugh Brinson Co-ordinator of Facilities Orene Brinson Post Office Supervisor Velma Brown Secretary Athletic Dept. 105 Mr. Kaniaris makes sure Wendy captures the apple ' s best side. Susan Coleman ponders about the day ' s hectic schedule. Gail Bryant Secretary Music Dept. Pam Bryant Admissions Counselor Softball Coach Dr. Robert E. Burks Chairman Religion Dept. Dr. E. Perry Carroll Music rrankie Childress Business Education William Childress Registrar 106 ■-: : Hyae-Yeon Churchill Tennis Coach James W.Clark Chairman Music, Piano Dr. Jerry A. Clonts Biology Susan Coleman Student Activity Director Faye P. Cowan English Douglas L. Davison English Jacque Davison Math Randall Dill Computer Science Jim Doney Tennis Coach Brenda DuBose Assistant Librarian Charles Earl Chemistry Dr. Carl D. English Chairman Sociology Dept. 107 Dr. Alice Fay Chairman Chemistry Dept. Robert P. Franks Business Administration Robert H. Fries Astronomy Physics Computer Science Carolyn Qabbard Secretary Director Special Programs Mary Beth Garrett Music Barbara Garrison Library Assistant Steve Grant Music Ola Gray Receptionist Secretary Financial Aid Vicki Griffin Secretary Res. Living Dora Hancock Library Assistant Bobby Hanley English nancy Hanley Reading Study Skills 108 Rick Hinshaw Director of Admissions Glen Hughey Math Dr. Shirley Jacks Chairman French Dept. Dennis James Chairman English Dept. JoVanna Johnson Director Alumni Affairs Mary Jones Secretary President 109 Peter Kaniaris Art Robin Kelley Chairman Biology Dept. Faculty Chairman Kay Kent Secretary Counseling Dept. Sandy Kidd Chaplin Director Campus Ministries Ellen Kin g Math Mae King Cashier The AC faculty march to Opening Convocation. A student observes the " Hughey " method of solving problems. no Wayne Landrith Financial Aid Office Dr. John Lassiter History Steve Lytton Director of Athletics Basketball Coach Dr. N. Eugene Mandrell Chairman Psychology Dept. Marion Mandrell Psychology Anne Martin Home Economics Mary Martin Chairman Home Ec. Fashion Merchandising Dr. Gregory A. McClanahan Chairman Math Dept. Elizabeth G. McClellan Director of Development Kathryn McGregor Chairman Bus. Ed. Dept. Lisa Medlin Secretary Alumni Office Tim Medlin Director of Recreation Asst. Baseball Coach 111 Sandy Kidd is always available for a friendly chat. Mr. Kelly plots another little quizzy " for lab students. Grace Melton Evening Res. Hall Supervisor Fred C. Metts Religion Cecil Mitchum Adm. Assistant Business Affairs Patrick P. Mulligan Chairman History Dept. Lorraine Orcutt Bookstore Assistant Steven Ponder Music 112 .:. ' : ■:?;.. Frankie Porter Director Woman ' s Athletics Women ' s Basketball Coach Volleyball Coach Martha Powell Secretary Campus Ministries Kimberly Pruitt Supervisor of Work Study Betty Jo Pryor Biology Jean Ridley Reading Study Skills Joy Rish Math Beth Roberts Admissions Counselor Lucy Rogers Secretary Vice Pres. (Development) Karilyn Slice Co- ordinator Music Academy Sherry Smith Business Office Supervisor Bobbie Snipes Secretary Admissions Larry Southerland Chairman Health P.E. Dept. 113 Sarah Sprague English Dr. Staurt Sprague Religion Philosophy Wanda Staggers Computer Science Pat Stegall CPT Operator Development Denise Stevenson Chairman Speech Theatre Jinger Stuntz Photography Eunice Thome Secretary Vice Pres. Student Development Ameldia Todd Printing Mailing Marshall Tribble Sociology Education Orientation Dr. Brenna Walker English Thomas Watson Lawrence E. Webb English Journalism 114 Hugh Weeks Director Residential Living Frances Welborn Library Assistant Betty West Manager Bookstore Dr. William F. West, Jr. English Sara Westmoreland Switchboard Rick Whiten Admissions Counselor Dr. Jim D. Whitlow Psychology Director Counseling Center Mitzi Winesett Co-ordinator Career Planning Placement Joyce Wood History Margaret Wooten English Susan Wooten Art Rick Wright Admissions Counselor Soccer Coach 115 WE ' RE GOING PLACES . . . 116 CLASSES Laura Abbott Amy Adams Anthony Montez Adams Valerie Adams Datton Adden Kimberly Addis John Ahearn Lisa Albertson Thomas Alexander Cynthia Allen Kirby Amick Mary Anders Elizabeth Anderson William Anderson dinger Apsey u 118 Ronald Ayers Lisa Bagwell Cynthia Bailey Leisa Bailey Kevin Baker Thomas Baker Johnny Bannister Richard Bannister Jeanne Barnard (A CO U £ S E OS One more Chapel Credit! 119 Cynthia Benson Julie Berrang Wayne Berry 120 Sandra Biggers Alan Bishop nina Biggell Margaret Black Brian Blackstock Deana Blanchard Donald Blanchard Jacqueline Blanton Shaye Blanton Andy Bolin Melissa Booth Laurie Bortz Qermano Botello Leibeth Boyles Loretta Brannon 121 Janene Britton Angela Brown Karin Brown Kelly Wrkland Kristian Tonsi Melinda Brownlee Mandy Bryant Cheryl Burns Patrick Burton Bob Busby Joan Butler Scott Butler Joan Cadwallader Sandy Calhoun Kellee Callaham 122 Jeannie Cantrell David Adams Thad Carpenter Aretha Carter Missy Carter Brett Champion Deborah Champion Laura Chapman Paige Charping Mr. Hanley ponders The Ponder Heart. 123 ' A native cokeoiogist " Jeff Chastain Melinda Chavis Jamie Childress Mark Childress David Christiansen Jenny Clark Scott Clark David Clary Ed Coker 124 Fredda Cole Sharon Cooley Bonnie Cooper Angela Corbin Bobby Cornwell Richard Coulter Connie Craig Billy Crain Mitichell Crawford Monique Creech Paige Creswell Missy Cormer Jill Crowe Lisa Cutts Harriet Darby 125 Gina Davis Todd Davis Vonda Davis Tonja Day William Dean Alice DeBorde Kelly Delk Phyllis Deloach Todd Dewberry Raymond Dill Bryan Duncan Tammy Dupree Denise Dyer Gina Easier Matt Echols Jennifer Edwards Susan Edwards Lisa Emery Scott Evans Phil Evatt Andrew Fant Lori Faulk Patti Feaster Sharon Fenty H HI ■ jpz mfl PJHi I K . ; jf ■■ j ■ : 2 r w w w% Celebrating friends T -■ ' , jgfc |p -i tlM i ■ - ' j Y»— y 4 127 u Angela flarity Rhonda Fleming Lisa Fobert Melissa Ford Beth Foust Kim Fowler Robin Fox Renea Franklin Ronda Frazier Gloria Freeman Jeannie Fretwell Joseph Fulmer Holly Funderburk Tina Gallman Denise Galloway 128 Natalie Qalloway Pamela Qarick Laurie Gates William German Deanne Gibson Julie Ginn Pam Goodman Wendy Goodwin Whitney Gower no cash all trash! 129 We didn ' t do it! Jennifer Graham Carolyn Qrancheili Brian Gray Tammy Griffith Darin Grove Breka Gunn Kerry fiaygood Audrey Hall Candice Hall 130 Rodriquce Hall Leslie Hammett Kim Hanchy Wendy Harrison Scott Hatcher Sonja Hawkins Audra Hayes Robert Hendricks Missy Hergner Tina Hester Deanna Heun Shannon Hicks John Hilbish Robert Hillman John Holland 131 The camera steals Zack ' s attention dur ing a Campus Ministries gathering. Daniel Houston Brad Howard Tim Howard Melissa Hrbeck Dorothy Hrysikos Allison Hudson Lynn Huey Jodi Huffman Catherine Hughes 132 Camilla Hunter Patrick Hurd Qerri Huskins Troy Jacobs Jackie Johns Dana Johnson Keisha Johnson Cathy Jureck Tony Keller Lecia Kilby Carey Killiam Kelly Kirkpatrick Sheila Kneece Debbie Kolb Tracy Kulesh 1J3 Jeff Littlefield Joel Love Lynn Macomson 134 Rob Malphrus Angela March Alan Martin Angela Martin Leigh Ellen Martin Julie Masneri Derek May Marcia McBride Mark McCall Tammy McCall Craig McCarthy Mark McClellan Becky McFall Beth McQee David McJunkin 135 Natalie Moore Travis Moore Julie Motes 136 Safet Mrkulic Amanda Nance Jeffrey Nix Devrae Noelsimmons Tracy Nordeen Dave Orfinik Tracy Orr Tracy Osbolt Scott Outz Kimberly Pace Kim Pace Vince Pack Rhonda Palm Linda Palmer Joan Parham 137 Marie Piatt Nora Plecker Carol Ramey 1)8 Carla Reagan Susan Reece Kelly Reynolds Jim Rhoad David Rhodes Tim Rhodes Rhonda Richardson Pam Risinger Tommy Rogers Tammy Rollison Kippy Rowe Scott Rupert Sandra Satterfield Suzanne Saxon Dena Saylors 139 John Seibert Furman Self Kami Sellars 140 Gene Sellers Mark Sexton Mandy Shamel Keith Shanklin Eva Sharpe Donna Shelton Dannette SherrifF Marie Shirley Chris Siminski Brenda Simmons Bryan Simmons Lisa Simmons Denise Singleton Kristy Skelton Sandy Small 141 Danny Smith Shannon Smith Spring Smith Stephen Smith Suzanne Smith Carol Soles Lee Southard Steve Spigner Bryan Stamper Tonya Stancill Albert Steede Robert Stokes Michael Sullivan Michelle Sutherland Susan Tafta 142 Karen Tanner Regina Tate Beth Taylor Timothy Taylor Ginger Teasley Doug Thackston Angie Thompson Angela Thompson Kathy Tribble Just " chillin " out in the student center. 143 Hypnotist Gil Eagles mesmerizes the AC audience. Barbara Trotter Missy Tweedell Valerie Vaigneur Karen Van Brunt Susan Vamadore David Verdell Jolie Waddell Rhonda Wall Brenda Walter 144 Wendy Ware Sue Webb Nancy Welbom Julianne Westberry Leslie Whatley Linda Whitmire Rhonda Whitten Kenneth Wilbanks Karen Wiley Charles Williams Greg Williams Tish Williams Nikki Williams Carla Wilson 145 Tim Hunter and Marsha Price converse about Chaucer. Steve Wilson Laura Wise Qina Woodson Kim Woodson Sonya Young Laurie Youngblood Tim Williamson Libby Wooten Teresa Trimmier 146 Michael Carithers Michelle D. Adkins Tanya Alexander Casandra A. Alford Susan Rebecca Alford Christine L. Allen Joseph M. Anderson Vicky Lynn Anderson Charles Auten CO CO 3 u o E o E B- CD Ka Earth to Shelly Willis! 1 don ' t know about him, but " I ' m holding out for a hero! " Jane E. Avant George Alan Ayer Amanda Baker Eugene H. Baker Stephani Baldwin Kelly E. Ballentine Angela Banks Jan Barnes Mancy L. Boss 148 Carol Ann Bean Lynn D. Benevices Elizabeth Q. Bennett Melissa Biesecker Bradley Billingsley Jan Blackwell Sean Bogle Jantzen S. Bolt Angela Bradley Jeffery Bramblett Ida Renee Brinson Kimberly Broadwater Angela T. Brown Qlenna Joz Brown Rita Brown 149 Gary L. Bryant, Jr. Phillip C. Bryant Rim Burnett Pamela Caldwell Kim Campbell Rebecca Campbell Paul Cann Julia Carlos Sherri Cartee Rena Caudell Robert Chambers Steve Chapman Monica Cline Dana Collins Debbie Conner 150 Kim Cooley Cathy Corrigan Tricia Cothran Lisa Cox Todd Cox Jeff Craft Kevin Crocker Jantje Croes Kristen Cromer Three ' s never a crowd among friends. 151 [ just called to say ... 1 Love You! Mark Daurer Mandy Davis Susan Davis Timilyn Dean Gary Dickard Kay Dickerson Jill Dove Sharon Drew Barry Duncan 152 Terri El rod Cindy Evans Joy Farmer Elizabeth Fingers Dede Fletcher Andy Floyd Kim Flynn Tammy Forrester Laura Forshee Chantz Fowler Debbie Fowler Windy Frasier Caroline Qailey Parry Qant Greg Garner 153 Thomas Gamer Dena Gerald Karen Gibson Desi Ginn Jennifer Givan Stacey Godbey Wendy Gooding Lana Grant Renee Grasty Lance Gray Cathy Griffin James O. Hackett Inga Hamn Angie Harmon Tracy liartin 154 Heather Hatton Elizabeth Hawkins Lisbeth Helderman Shane Hester Lisa Hicks Mark Hooper Ken Hudson Joey Hughes Rebecca Hunter John Rettew takes a pose between classes. 155 Jeff Johnson Sherry Johnson Kelly Jones 156 Michael Kay Michelle Keefe Robert Kelly Jay Kemp Kelly King Phillip Knighton Helen Kythos Cindy Laag Deborah Lamb Cindy Latorre Sharon Lawrence Andrea LeCroy Greg Lee Kim Link Claudia Lovell 157 Camille Martin Jeff Martin Joni Mathis Kay McCoy Page McCraw Trie McDavid Tara McEntire Brian McNeil Betty Milford Melissa Madden Joe Miller Clayton Mood Jon Morgan Mark Morris Victoria Morrison 158 AUsa Morton Tony Meeley Christine Obeck Elizabeth Painter Angela Parnell Mary Parten 159 Dena Gerald and Deborah Lamb flash their pearly ' s. Leigh Phillips Lori Plyler Matt Poore Karen Price Marsha Price Susan Privitera Angela Pruitt Tony Putnam Anna Rainey 160 Kim Ramey Barbara Reid John Rettew Michelle Rice Susan Rinalducci Terri Roache Richard Robinson James Rogers Deborah Rowland Russ Rowland Barry Rucker Jean Rutledge Will Seabrook Qina Sheppard Clarissa Simmons 161 n U Patti Skelton Deannie Smith Oscar Smith Rachel Smith Scott Smith Shan Smith Steven Smith John Snow Joy Southerland Kim Sox Betsy Stack Lori Steele Bryant Stewart Chuck Stiles Lagne Stone 162 163 Vicki Traynham Harrison Tucker Jeannie Tuitte June Vickery Cheryl Waddill David Walker Anna Walters Chip Ward Tami Wardlaw 164 William Weathers Lane Wells Julie Whetstone Cindy White Cherie Whitehead Janice Whitener Christine Whitfield Tal Wiggins Lori Wilkes Kathy Williams Shelley Willis Joanne Wilson Wendy Wilson Bobbie Sue Woods Sheila Woodard 165 IW MEMORIAM . . . In loving memory of Mrs. Ada Pow- ell Meeks for her twenty-six years of faithful service and her life-long commitment to Anderson College. A lady of grace, elegance, love, and generosity, Mrs. Meeks personified the Christian spirit through her kindness and dedication. In loving memory of the Head of Security of Anderson College Henry Gillespie for his dedication and ser- vice. He worked tirelessly for the safety and welfare of the Anderson College family. Loved and respect- ed, he inspired excellence in others because he expected no less from himself. WE ' RE GOING PLACES . . . 168 Addis. Kelley Admission Counselor Admissions Office 708 B Marshall Avenue Altman, Gene Mgr. ARA Slater Dining Room Anthony, Rhonda Campus Ministry Intern Religious Activity Center AC P.O. Box 14C Arguez, Dr. Samuel Chm.. Spanish. Fac Ofc. Bldg. 8 204 Molly Creek Drive Baldwin. Susan Music 11 Kimberly Lane. Taylors, SC 29687 Bausch, Eugene Maintenance — Back Campus Rt. 1. Box 37A. Monea Path. SC 29654 Beville, Robert Q. Financial Aid Counselor. Baseball Coach Financial Aid — Rice Building 504 Creswell Avenue Blackman, Annie Frances Head Librarian Library 2-B-4 Bailey Court Apts. Blume, Roy Media Specialist Adm. Bldg., 3rd floor 100 Dean Street, Belton, SC 29627 Boles, Claudia Director of Public Relations Adm. Bldg., 3rd Floor 207 Centerville Road Bonner, Dr. A. Frank Director of Special Programs Adm. Bldg., 2nd Floor 101 Buckingham Court Bowers. Julie Math Faculty Office Bldg. «13 Route 1. Bowersville, GA 30576 Boykin, James C. Intramurals Tennis Whyte Gym — Bottom Floor 1127 Springdale Road Boyte, John K. Chairman. Bus. Adm. Watkins 115 108 Partridge Lane Boyte, Ruth P. Business Education Watkins 117 108 Partridge Lane Bridges. William M. Music voice Music Building 1st Floor 602 Wildwood Drive Brinson, Hugh Coordinator of Facilities Audio Visual Center 104 Broad Street Brinson, Orene Supervisor of Post Office 104 Broad Street Brown, Velma P. Secretary, Athletic Director Abney Athletic Center, 1st Floor 2802 Echo Trail Bryant, Gail T. Secretary, Music Music Bldg.. 2nd Floor 2009 Shirlane Drive Bryant. Pam Admissions Counselor Women s Softball Coach Admissions Office 408 McGee Road Burks. Dr. Robert E. Chairman, Religion Watkins 103 1117 Springdale Road Carroll, Dr. E. Perry Music Music Bldg., 1st floor 106 McGee Court Childress. Frankie I. Business Education Watkins 07 500 Concord Avenue Childress, William Registrar Registrar ' s Office Route 2, Box 714, Bdton. SC 29627 Churchill, Hyae-yeon Ladies Tennis Coach 2006 Marchbanks Clark, James W. Chairman, Music Piano Music Bldg., 2nd Floor 500 Wildwood Drive Clark. Linda Secretary, Vice President and Academic Dean Adm. Bldg., 2nd Floor 500 Wildwood Drive Clonts, Dr. Jerry A. Biology Watkins 203 2-A-2 Bailey Courts Apts Coleman, Susan W. Student Activities Director Student Center 133 Briar Land, Central, S.C, 29630 Cowan, Faye P. English Watkins 005 1402 Old Ivy, Heritage Mills Crosby, Katherine Housekeeper Maintenance 1403 S. Benjamin Street Curry, Dean Music 413 Liberty Court Dahlgren, Walter E. Vice President for Development Adm. Bldg.. 1st Floor Rt. 1, Box 114, Williarnston, SC 29697 Davis, Barry Maintenance Back Campus Route 12, Box 186 Davison, Douglas L. English Faculty Ofc. Bldg. 9 Route 14, Box 185 Davison, Jacque W. Math Faculty Ofc. Bldg. 10 Route 14, Box 185 Dean, Jr., Jess Maintenance Back Campus Rt. 1, Box 34A, Williarnston. SC 29697 Dill. Randall T. Chairman, Computer Science Computer Center 1407 Pioneer Drive Dill, Freda Data Clerk Registrar ' s Office 1407 Pioneer Drive Doney, James Athletic Coach DuBose, Brenda N. Assistant Librarian Library Rt. 2, Century Hills Pendleton, SC 29670 Earl. Charles Chemistry Watkins 218 440 Harrell Dr. Spartanburg. SC 29302 Earle, Rosa Lee Housekeeping Maintenance 853 Dora Drive Ellis. Kathleen Housekeeping Maintenance 1512 S. McDuffie Street English, Dr. Carl D. Chairman, Sociology Watkins 113 3005 LeConte Road Erb, Dale Maintenance Back Campus 503 Highway 28 By-Pass Fay, Dr. Alice DA. Chairman, Chemistry Watkins 217 614 Marshall Avenue Fleming, John L. Foreman, Buildings Grounds Back Campus 1004 ONeal St., Belton, SC 29627 Franks. Robert Phil Business Administration Watkins 209 101 Parkridge Cr.. Belton, 5C 29627 Fowler, Bobbie Faculty Secretary Watkins Building 104 Maria Drive Franklin. Dr. Richard H. Vice President for Student Development Adm. Bldg. 1st Floor 736 Marshall Avenue Fries, Robert H. Astronomy Physics Computer Science Watkins 207 402 Devon Way Gabbard, Carolyn Secretary, Director Special Programs Adm. Bldg. 2nd Floor 200 Ponce de Leon Drive Gaines. Mamie Housekeeper Maintenance 715 E. Whitner Street Garett, Mary Beth Music Music Building 1601 rt. Boulevard Garrison, Barbara M. Library Assistant Library Route 2 Gilmer, Frances M. nurse Infirmary. New Dorm 303 Claudine Drive Gordan, James H. Maintenance Back Campus 105 Daniel Street Granchelli, Carolyn Admission Computer Operator Admissions Office 2604 Belhaven Road Grant, Steve Music Music Building 239 Fine Lane Gray, Ola W. Receptionist Secretary, Financial Aid Rice Building 2403 Lane Avenue Griffin, Vicki Secretary Residential Living Lawton-2nd Floor 3517 Chipwood Drive Hancock, Dora Library Assistant Library 13-A Bailey Court Apts Hanley, Bobby English Adm. Bldg, 3rd Floor 222 Terrance Drive Hanley, Nancy Reading Study Library Bldg. 2nd Floor 222 Terrance Drive Heritage, Robert A. Dr. Music Chorat Director Music Bldg 206 Forest Hill Drive Heun. E. Henry Maintenance Back Campus 2607 Duncan Street Hewell, Janet Housekeeping Maintenance 620 Elm Avenue Hinshaw, Rick Director of Admission Admissions Rice Building 303 Old Colony Court Hodges, Judy R. Music 600 Hillcrest Dr., Clemson, SC 29631 Hopkins, Dr. Mark L. President Adm. Bldg. 2nd Floor 336 Kingsley Road Hughey. W. Glen Math Faculty Ofc. Bldg. 12 P.O. Box 228 IfKovits. Gerri Secretary. Vice President Business Affairs Adm. Bldg. 2nd Floor 504 Timber Lane Jacks, Dr. Shirley Chairman, French Faculty Ofc. Bldg. 2 8 Stewart St., Williarnston, SC 29697 James, Dennis W. Chairman, English Faculty Ofc. Bldg. 1 403 Boulevard Jones, Mary S. Secretary. President Adm. Bldg. 2nd Floor 1810 Lindale Road Kaniaris, Peter Art Instructor Art Building 319 Boulevard Kelley, Robin B. Chairman, Biology Watkins 202-A 402 Timber Lane Kent. Kay W. Secretary. Counseling Center Student Center Bldg 220 Windemere Way Kerr, Sidney Associate Dean of Student Development Adm. Bldg 1st Floor 404 Autumn Oaks Kidd, Sanford Chaplain Director of Campus Ministries Religious Activities Center 170 510 Drayton Circle King, Ellen Math Watkins 001 Route 14, Box 425 King, JoVanna Johnson Director of Alumni Affairs Adm. Building 1st Floor Route 1, Ashley Road King, Mae Cashier Business Office 108 Caroll Lane. Belton, SC 29627 Landreth, Wayne Assistant Financial Aid Director Rice Building P.O. Box 78, Shirley Cr. Townville, SC Larson, Dave Associate Dean Fine Arts Center 1416 Hilltop Drive Lassiter, Dr. John C. history Watkins 219 42-E Tanglewood Apts Litman, Willie Housekeeping Maintenance 508 S. Jefferson Avenue Lytton, Steve Director of Athletics and Basketball Coach Abney Athletic Center, 1st Floor 1402 Pioneer Drive Mandrell, Dr. M. Eugene Chairman, Psychology Faculty Ofc. Bldg. »1 905 Pine Cone Trail Mandrell, Marion D. Psychology Faculty Ofc. Bldg. 6 905 Pine Cone Trail Martin, Anne Home Economics Watkins 005 Normandy Arms Apartments Marin, Mary R. Chairman, Home Economics Fashion Merch. Watkins 109 Rt. 2, Box 222, Pendleton, SC 29670 McClanahan, Dr. Gregory A. Chairman Math Facul ty Ofc. Bldg. 11 1002 Windwood Drive McClellan, Elizabeth Q. Director of Development Adm. Bldg. Is Floor 1505 Hilltop Drive McCullough, Stanley Maintenance Back Campus 505 Cathcart Drive McGregor, Kathryn A. Chairman, Business Education Watkins 119 1009 Bern Circle Medlin, Lisa Secretary and Computer Operator Alumni Office Adm. Bldg., 1st Floor 111 Green Street, Wiltiamston, SC Medlin, Timothy Director Recreation Religious Activity Center 1007-A north Main Street Melton, Grace Evening Residence Hall Supervisor Denmark Denmark Apartment 2607 Lane Avenue Metts. Reverend Fred Religion Watkins 107 100 riorthgate Drive Minis, Dr. Frances English Faculty Ofc. Bldg. 4 1212 Rutledge Way Mitchum, Cecil G. Adm. Assistant Business Affairs Student Center Bldg Rt. 6, Box 343, Piedmont, SC 29673 Morris, Joe Maintenance Back Campus 518 Reed Court Mulligan, Patrick P. Chairman, History 8e Res. Supervisor Oak Square Watkins 211 14-B Oak Sq. Apt., Anderson, SC 29621 309 Myrtle Ave., Belton, SC 29627 Murdock, Sandra Secretary, Registrar Registrar ' s OfTtce Rt. 1, Troy Murdock Rd., Belton, SC 29627 Murr, Richard Maintenance Back Campus 1104 Elizabeth Street nelson, Daniel Maintenance Back Campus P.O. Box 755, Easley, SC 29640 nolte, Karl Technical Director Merritt Theater 209 Cater Street Orcutt, Lorraine Bookstore Assistant Student Center Building 104 Rhodes Circle Owens, James L. Director Financial Aid Golf Coach Financial Aid-Rice Building 405 Wildwood Drive Fadgett. Olin S. Director Physical Plant Student Center Bldg. Rt. 1, Box 480, Iva, SC 29655 Ponder, Steve Music 2304 E. north Avenue Porter. Frankie Director Womens Athletics 6f BB Coach Abney Athletic Center. 1st Floor 418 north 5treet Powell. Martha G. Secretay. Campus Ministry Religious Activities Center 310 Jeb Stuart Avenue Pruitt, Kim Work Study Coordinator Financial Aid Office P.O. Box 704, Boscobel Rd. Sandy Springs, SC Pryor, Betty Jo Biology Watkins 201 109 Partridge Lane Rada, Marvin Maintenance Back Campus 203 Beauregard Avenue Rains. Charles Residence Hall Supervisor north South Rouse Rouse Apt. Redding. Joni Assistant Bookkeeper Business Office 2404 northview Avenue Ridley, Jean P. Reading Study Library Bldg. 2nd Floor 407 Cumberland Way Rish, Joy M. Math Faculty Office 14 706 Springbrook Drive Roberts. Beth Admissions Counselor Rice Building 742 Marshall Avenue Roberts, Dr. C. Richard Associate Dean Registrar ' s Office 207 Keystone Drive Rogers, Lucy Secretary, Vice President for Development Adm. Bldg. 1st Floor 602 Sherry Drive Slice, Karilyn Coordinator Music Academy Music Bldg. 406 Long Forrest Circle Smith, Sherry Business Office 216 Sumter Street Snipes, Bobbie Secretary, Admissions Rice Building Rt. 1, Pendleton, SC 29670 Southerland. Lawrence M. Chairman, Div. of Health P.E. Whyte Gym, Bottom Floor 503 Heyward Road Sprague, Dr. Stuart Religion Faculty Ofc. Bldg. " 102-A 801 Camfield Road Sprague, Sarah Writing Library Bldg. 2nd Floor 801 Camfield Road Staggers, Wanda T. Instructor Watkins Teaching Center Route 3, Box 378A Stegall, Patricia S. CPT Operator-Development Adm. Bldg. 3rd Floor Rt. 1, Box 129, Pendleton, SC 29631 Stevenson, n. Denise Chairman, Speech Theatre Merritt Theatre Country Club Apts. 4-F Strickland, Shirley Housekeeper Maintenance Route 13 Stuntz, Virginia Photography Art Building 401 Lawrence Rd., Clemson. SC. 29631 Talmadge, Dr. Paul A. Vice President Academic Dean Adm. Bldg. 2nd Floor 506 Atlenby Road Taylor, B.J. Vice President for Business Affairs Adm. Bldg. 2nd Floor 2705 Bellview Road Thorne. Eunice Secretary, Vice President for Student Development Adm. Bldg. 1st Floor 1522 Old Williamston Road Todd, Ameldia Printing Mailing Adm. Bldg. 3rd Floor 410 Auburn Avenue Tribble, Dr. Marshall K. Sociology Watkins 213 Route 10, Lakewood Drive Turner. Robert S, Coordinator of Residential Living Rouse Apartment 900-G-2950 E. north Street, Gnvl, SC Vaughn, Carolyn Secretary Maintenance Back Campus P.O. Box 425. Williamston, SC Vickery, Gary Maintenance Back Campus Route 7, Grace Lane Walker, Dr. Brena B. English Faculty Ofc. Bldg. 3 208 Hobson Road Webb, Lawrence E. English, Journalism Student Center Building 2010 Boulevard Hgts. Weeks, Hugh A. Coordinator Business and Industry and Foundation Support-Development Adm. Bldg., 1st Floor 215 north Street Weir, Jill Bookkeeper Business Office 13 Harbor Gate Welborn, Frances T. Library Assistant Library Route 1, Pendleton, SC 29670 West, Betty L. Manager, Bookstore Student Center Bldg. Route 10, Box 135 West, Jr., Dr. William F. English Faculty Ofc. Bldg. 5 1114 Concord Road Westmoreland, Sara Switchboard Adm. Bldg. 1st Floor 400 Fairhaven Dr.. Taylors, SC 29687 Whiten. Richard M. Admissions Counselor Rice Building 107-A Heritage Drive Whitlow, Dr. Jimmy D. Director of Counseling Center and the Psychology Instructor Student Center Bldg 3005 Little Creek Drive Winesett, Mitzi Counselor Student Center Bldg 418 north Street Wood. Joyce A. History Watkins 215 17-C-l Bailey Court Apts. Wooten, Margaret English Watkins 111 Route 10, Box 25 Wooten, Susan B. Chairman Art Department Art Building P.O. Box 732, Clemson, SC Wright, Clint Golf Coach Wright, William Ricky Soccer Coach, Admissions Counselor Rice Building 1406 Pioneer Drive 7 Abbott, Laura E. 4 Stonehaven Dr. Greenville, SC 29607 Adams, Audrey L. 1601 S McDuffie Anderson, SC 29624 Adams, Amy L. 5149 Morrowick Charlotte, NC 28226 Adams, Anthony Montez Rt 3 Box 92 Saluda, SC 29138 Adams, Jeff H. 303 Claudine Dr. Anderson, SC 29624 Adams, Valerie L. 2 Clear Creek Ct. Simpsonville, SC 29681 Adden, Mary D. 1830 Finebrook Dr. Orangeburg, SC 29115 Addis, Kimberly D. Rte 1 Farrs Bridge Rd. Oreenville, SC 29611 Adkins, Michelle D. 1622 W. Lakewood Rock Hill, SC 29730 Aheam, John M. 1770 Finebrook Drive Orangeburg, SC 29115 Albertson, Lisa L. 705 Summ itt Ave. Anderson, SC 29621 Alexander, Joseph Irwin Route 11, Box 229 Easley, SC 29640 Alexander, Jennifer L. 413 n. Fant St. Anderson, SC 29621 Alexander, Michelle 614 Booker St. Anderson, SC 29624 Alexander. Tanya 109 Bivens Street Pickens, SC 29671 Alexander, Thomas S. 106 Indian Spring Drive Greenville, SC 29615 Alford, Casandra A. 4-A Raintree Apts. Anderson, SC 29601 Alford, Susan Rebecca 4-A Raintree Apts. Anderson. SC 29621 Allen, Christine L. 14 Fruitt Drive Greenville, SC 29607 Allen, Cynthia T. Rt. 1 Box 179 Dewy Rose, GA 30634 Allen, Gary R. 316 Antioch Road Easley, SC 29640 Amick, Kirby n. Rt. 2 Box 16 A-4 Newberry. SC 29108 Anders, Mary C. Merk Rd. norris, SC 29667 Anderson, Elizabeth S. 407 3rd St. Cheraw. SC 29520 Anderson, Joseph Rt. 4 Pickens, SC 29671 Anderson, William D. 310 Norwood Ave ninety S ix, SC 29666 Appleby, Lisa A. 410 E. Johnson St. Hartwell, GA 30643 Apsey. Ginger K. 2089 Sunset Drive Seneca, SC 29678 Arnold, Patsy B. 3 Miggins Drive Ware Shoals, SC 29692 Artman, Steven F. 402 Woodfem Cr. Anderson. SC 29621 Ashley, Cheryl L. Rt. 1 Box 132 Anderson, SC 29621 Auten, Charles Rt. 8. Box 273A Rock Hill, SC 29730 Avant, Jane E. 240 Oakwood Drive Lexington, SC 29072 Ayer, Geo Alan 3002 Bellview Rd. Anderson. SC 29621 Ayers, Ronald C. 211 Ayers Cir. Summerville. SC 29483 Bagwell, Lisa M. Route 13, Box 276 Easley, SC 29640 Bailey, Cynthia A. Rt. 4 Box 4326 Hartwell, GA 30643 Bailey, Leisa L. Rt. 5, Box 264-A Union, SC 29379 Baker, Amanda P.O. Box 1425 Anderson, SC 29622 Baker, Eugene H. 1401 Hamlet Hwy. Bennettsville, SC 29512 Baker, Kevin C. 6542 Courtwood Drive Columbia, SC 29206 Baker, Rebecca P. Rt. 5 Belton, Sc 29627 Baker, Thomas R. 411 Third St. Cheraw, SC 29520 Baldwin, Franklin J. 4 Bristol Circle Charleston, SC 29407 Baldwin, Stephani 606 Heyward Rd. Anderson. SC 29621 Ballentine, Kelly E. 1019 Sundown Circle Taylors, SC 29687 Ballew, Christopher L. Route 5. Box 64 Simpsonville, SC 29681 Banks, Angela Route 2, Box 2001 Clayton, GA 30525 Bannister, Johnny S. P.O. Box 972 Iva. SC 29655 Bannister, Richard P. 23 Bent Twig Dr. Greenville. SC 29605 Barfield. Benjamin A. 109 Hasel St. Sumter, SC 29150 Barnard, Jeanne M. 120 Chesterfield St. Aiken, SC 29801 Barnes, Christopher L. 401 Brushy Creek Road Easley, SC 29640 Barnes, Jan Route 10 Box 97 Anderson, SC 29621 Barnhart. Dawn Rt. 3, Box 173 Anderson. SC 29621 Barr. Melissa B. Route 8. Barr Circle Greenville. SC 29611 Bascue, Shannon L. 200 West Point Dr.l Anderson, SC 29624 Bass, nancy L. Rt 8 Box 138 Greer, SC 29651 Bates, Gregory Rt. 2, Box 208 Honea Path, SC 29654 Baxley, Donna Ruth 107 Towhee Trail Anderson, SC 29621 Bean, Carol-Ann D. Dundonald St. Hamilton, BM Beasley, Kimberly R. 1066 Morton Cr Hartsville. SC 29550 Beasley. Melissa F. 9638 Trendle Lane Jacksonville. FL 32217 Beck, M. Suzanne 2000 Linda Drive Anderson, SC 29624 Beerman, Shawn P. 30 Partridge Rd. Flemington. nj 08822 Bell. Carolyn E. 512 San Salvador Dr. north Augusta, SC 29841 Bell, Leslie K. 115 Lakeshore Hartwell, GA 30643 Benevides. Lynne D. 6 Inland Lane Pembroke, BM 5-47 Benjamin, J. Douglas Route 2, Box 36 Greenwood, SC 29646 Bennefield, Mark A. 104 Autumn Hill Rd. Greer. SC 29651 Bennett. Elizabeth G. 120 Rock Springs Rd. Lancaster, SC 29720 Bennett, James D. 40 County Cork Dr. Greenville, SC 29611 Benson, Cynthia L. 175 Riley nE Orangeburg, SC 29115 Benson, Van n. 702 S. 6th Avenue Dillon, SC 29536 Berrang, Juli A. Rt. 2 Box 474 Waynesboro, VA 22980 Berry. Charles A. Rt. 5 Box 2 Belton, SC 29627 Berry, Wayne M. 106 Bristow Dr. Summerville, SC 29483 Betchman. Anne Dennis 752 Fawn Circle Sumter, SC 29150 Biesecker, Melissa Lee 134 Doyle Dr. Greenville, SC 29615 Biggers, Sandra L. Route 1, Box 32-T York, SC 29745 Biggs, Thomas Chris 701 north Royal Tower Irmo, SC 29063 Bishop, Alan J. 4529 Frisco Cr. Orlando. FL 32808 Bishop. Edward Eugene 204 Fryor Road Taylors. SC 29687 Bizzell, nina Carolyn 6 Pilgrims PL Greenville, SC 29615 Black, Margaret S. P.O. Box 602 Cameron. SC 29030 Blackstock. Brian E. Rt. 6 Millbrook Cr. Taylors, SC 29687 Blackwell, Jan M. 1308 Phyllis Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Blanchard. Deana Gayle Rt 2 Box 195 Roebuck, SC 29376 Blanchard, Donald S. Route 5, Box 195 Chapin, SC 29036 172 Blanton. Jacqueline R. Rt 7 Forest Glen Dr. Piedmont, SC 29673 Blanton, Shaye L. 209 W 4th north St. Summerville, SC 29483 Boggs, Judson Rt. 1, Box 219 ninety Six. SC 29666 Boggs. James Douglas Route 3 Box 69 Seneca, SC 29678 Bogle, Sean 2385 Keiser Ct. Titusville, FL 32780 Bolin, Charles Andrew P.O. Box 313 Orangeburg, SC 29115 Bolt, Jantzen S. Rt. 1, Ranch Circle Dr. Piedmont, SC 29673 Booth, Melissa A. Rt. 2 Abbeville, SC 29620 Bortz, Laurie E. 28 Tradd Street Charleston, SC 29401 Botelho, Qermano Poinciana Annex Apt 3 Devonshire, BM 70000 Boyles, Leibeth R. Route 8, Pinecrest Anderson, SC 29621 Bradley, Angela Estella P.O. Box 544 Seneca, SC 29678 Bramblett, Jeffrey 330 Barmount Dr. Columbia, SC 29210 Bramlett, Thomas L. Route 14. Oconee Est. Seneca, 5C 29678 Brannon, Loretta D. Rt 3 Sunset Dr. Taylors. SC 29687 Bridgeman, Darin K. Rt 2 Box 136 Clinton, SC 29325 Bright, Karen 405 Brookmere Rd. Simpsonville, SC 29681 Brinson, Ida R. 104 Broad St. Anderson, SC 29621 Britton, Janene Hyatt 129 Sunset Drive Chester. SC 29706 Broadwater, Kimberly Q. 204 Briarcreek Dr. Spartanburg, SC 29301 Brockelbank, Brenda D. 268 Riggs Drive Clemson, SC 29631 Brogdon. Stephen B. Rt. 1 Merry Oak Tr Piedmont, SC 29673 Broome, Ernest P. 212 Palmetto Pkwy Belton, SC 29627 Brown, Angela T. 1222 Crenshaw St. Pendleton, SC 29670 Brown, Qlenna Rt. 1, Champlain Dr. Greenville. SC 29611 Brown, Jimmy D. Rt. 1 Hartwell.GA 30643 Brown, Karin L. 5818 Lakeview Drive Hanahan, SC 29406 Brown, Lisa S. 2802 Echo Trail Anderson, SC 29621 Brown, Mary A. 123 Lake Forest Dr. Elberton, GA 30605 Brown, Melanie C. 323 Brookforest Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Brown, Rita S. 11 Shirley Dr. Williamston, SC 29697 Brownlee, James E. 2158 Church Creek Dr. Charleston, SC 29407 Brownlee. Melinda 2158 Church Creek Dr. Charleston, SC 29407 Bryant, Amanda Gay Rt. 2 Elberton, GA 30635 Bryant, Gary L. Box 825, Belton Highway Williamston, SC 29697 Bryant, Philip C. 2009 Shirlane Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Buchanan, Bryan M. 304 north St. Anderson, SC 29621 Burnett, Kimberly A. 6007 Scottsdale Drive Greenville. SC 29615 Burns, Cheryl E. Rt 4 Belton, SC 29627 Bumside, Donna L. Route 12 Bryson Road Anderson, SC 29621 Burriss, Blitz L. Rt 1 Anderson. SC 29621 Burton, David P. 14 Polly St. Honea Path, SC 29654 Burton, John P. 4111 Devereaux Rd. Columbia, SC 29205 Busby, Robert K. Route 7, Box 595 Anderson, SC 29624 Butler, Joan L. 227 Williamston Road Anderson, SC 29621 Butle, Joseph S. Rt. 2 Box 375 B Irmo, SC 29063 Butler, L. Rhett 947 Orange Grove Road Charleston, SC 29407 Byers. James E. P.O. Box 1014 Cowpens. SC 29330 Cadwallader, Joan A. 638 Jenkins Br Rd. Simpsonville, SC 29681 Cadwallader, Lewis W. 638 Jenkins Br Rd. Simpsonville, SC 29681 Cain, Barry D. Rte. 2 Stringer Rd. Belton. SC 29627 Caldwell, Pamela L. 3040 Sunset Forest Rd. Anderson. SC 29624 Caldwell, Timothy 215 Timber Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Calhoun, Sandy E. P.O. Box 25 Calhoun Falls. SC 29628 Callaham, Kellee J. 304 Middle Brook Ct. Greer, SC 29651 Calloway, Jeffrey D. 1539 May Ave. Atlanta, GA 30316 Campbell. Angela L. 710 E. Whitner Anderson, SC 29621 Campbell, Donna K. 116 Davenport St. Belton. SC 29627 Campbell, Kimberly H. 542 Jackson St. Calhoun Falls, SC 29628 Campbell, Rebecca F. Rt. 4, Box 229 Pickens, SC 29671 Campos, Susan G. Batallon Callao Lima, Peru Cann, Paul Faraway Cot. D Dunscombe Warwick, BM 7-10 Cantrell, Betty J. 1549 Browns Avenue Charlotte, nc 28208 Carithers, Michael B. 100 Vine Street Anderson, SC 29621 Carlos, Julia Laverne 201 Dicey Ford Road Camden. SC 29020 Carman, Brian K. Route 5 Bob 415-L Travelers Rest. SC 29678 Carpenter, Keenan L. Box 88 Rutherford, nc 28139 Carpenter, Thad P. 1004 Hobby Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Cartee, Sherri Wilson 603 Fountainbleu Blvd. Anderson, SC 29621 Carter, Aretha 402 Mims Street Edgeneld.SC 29824 Carter, Brenda W. 1512 S. McDuffie St. Anderson, SC 29624 Carter, Melissa Lynne 723 Otis Rd. Walterboro, SC 29488 Casey, Owen M. 103 Willow Pk Ave Dublin, IR Land Cashion, Robert Rt. 5, Box 124 Simpsonville, SC 29681 Cathey, Robert C. 1741 Harris Bridge Road Anderson, SC 29621 Caudill, Carolyn R. Rt. 2 Box 302 Camden, SC 29020 Caughman, Wade T. 3334 Hollydale Dr. West Cola, SC 29169 Cawthorn, Todd E. Route 3. Box 3615 Hartwell, GA 30643 Cerquiera, Melinda Route 7, Edgewater Dr. Anderson, SC 29624 Chambers, Robert 9 Farmington Rd. Greenville. SC 29605 Chamblee, Lawrence C. 2815 Le Conte Anderson, SC 29621 Champion, Brett Tally Route 8, Box 198 Lancaster, SC 29720 Champion, Deborah Leigh 607 Old Friars Rd Columbia, SC 29210 Chapman, Laura K. Rt 1 Box 230 C Little Mtn, SC 29075 Chapman, Steven P. 214 Shelton Dr. Spartanburg, SC 29302 Charping, Hilda P. 615 Jasmin Dr. Anderson, SC 29624 Charping, Julia Paige P.O. Box 493 Iva, SC 29655 Chastain, Jeffrey C. 202 Haverhill Cir Easley, SC 29640 Chavis. Melinda E. Box 123 north, SC 29112 173 Cheshire. Paula Kerr Route 5 Box 51 Belton, SC 29627 Childress, Furman J. 220 Lee St. Laurens. SC 29360 Childress, Theron M. Rte 1, Box 317 Timmonsville, SC 29161 Christiansen, David W. 1314 Qolfview Orlando, FL 32804 Churchill, Hyae-Yeon 2006 Marchbanks Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Cinelli, Joan E. 114 Henry Avenue Anderson. SC 29621 Clamp. Christopher O. Rt 3 River Bend Rd. Qreenville, SC 29611 Clamp, William M. 34 Club Dr. Qreenville, SC 29605 Clark. Jenny R. 100 Finehurst Clinton, SC 29325 Clark, Jimmy S. Rt 2 Shelton Rd. Travelers Rest. SC 2969C Clark. Tom R. Rt. 6 Travelers Rst, SC 29690 Clary, David L. 810 Anthony St. Qaffney. SC 29340 Cleveland. Marc E. Box 527, 2500 E. River Anderson. SC 29622 Cline, Monica Y. 227 S. Thomas St. Elberton, QA 30635 Clinkscales, Donnye M. 409 Sims St. Anderson, SC 29624 Clinkscales, William 805 Cherry Rd. Clemson, SC 29631 Coats. Cathy Marie Route 7, Finecrest Road Anderson, SC 29624 Cobb, Martha M. 303 Cater St. Anderson. SC 29621 Coffer, Billie J. 426 Hampton Trace Ln Columbia, SC 29209 Coker, Edward T. 1000 Home Avenue Hartsville. SC 29550 Colcolough, Robert B. 10 Green Fointe Condos Greenwood. SC 29646 Cole. Fredda I. Route 6, Box 444 Seneca. SC 29678 Collins, Dana R. Rt. 7 Box 418 Talladega, AL 35160 Connell, Phillip Jerald 206 Tyborne Cir. Columbia. SC 29210 Connor. Debra Lynn 2020 Breazeale Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Cook, Christopher S. 7619 Glenwood Dr. Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Cooley, Kimberly M. Rt. 7 Box 570 Piedmont, SC 29673 Cooley, Sharon R. Rt. 4 Box 357 Belton, SC 29627 Cooper, Angela M. Rt. 9, Box 310A Piedmont, SC 29673 Cooper, Bonnie L. 2004 Galilee Rd. Barnwell. SC 29812 Cooper, John D. 1355 Wingate Orangeburg, SC 29115 Cooper, Jon Kevin 762 E. Fairview Avenue Annapolis. MD 21403 Cope. Cynthia M. 105 Emily Drive Anderson. SC 29621 Copeland, Anthony K. 335 Crosby Cr Greenville. SC 29605 Cordell, Keith D. Rt. 1 Box 1407 Hartwell. GA 30643 Cornett, Gregory C. Rt. 1 Bowersville. GA 30516 Corrigan, Cathy Jane 1 Kingsridge Ct. Greenville, SC 29615 Cothran, Patricia 311 Law St. Hartsville, SC 29550 Cothran, Scott B. Rt. 15 Hwy 14 Greenville. SC 29607 Coulter. Richad M. 205 Wood Duck Rd. Columbia, SC 29223 Cox, Jeffrey T. Rt. 13 Box 298 Anderson, SC 29624 Cox, Lisa C. 107 Pine Forest Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Coyne, Colleen M. 264 Alameda Ave. Youngstown, OH 44504 Craft. Jeffrey E. Box 342 Iva, SC 29655 Craft, Sharon M. Route 3 Box 3501 Hartwell. GA 30643 Craig, Connie L. P.O. Box 7523 Greenville, SC 29610 Craigo, Tony M. Rt. 1 Box 201-B Ware Shoals, SC 29692 Crain, Roger W. Rt. 1 Victoria Way Piedmont. SC 29673 Crain. Sandra T. 20 Center Street Anderson, SC 29697 Crawford, David B. 302 Edgewood Ave. Clemson. SC 29631 Crawford, Mitchell R. Route 1, Box 607 Bonneau. SC 29431 Creech, Monique D. 90th P A Battalion APO new York, NY 09227 Creswell, Marjorie P. P.O. Box 518 McCormick, SC 29835 Crocker, Kevin W. 104 Woodhill Dr. Easley, SC 29640 Croes, Jan H. Santa Cruz 74-B Aruba-Meth, Antil Cromer. Kristen A. 215 Surrey Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Cromer, Lauren M. 215 Surrey Lane Anderson. SC 29621 Crook, Jack L. 230 St. Andrews Orangeburg. SC 29115 Crump, James E. Route 1 Canon, GA 30520 Culler, John C. 370 Nansbrook NE Orangeburg, SC 29115 Culpepper, Gerald M. Rt. 6 McDuffie St. Anderson, SC 29624 Cutts, Lisa Ann Rt. 1 Box 515 Central. SC 29630 Darby. Harriet W. Rt. 4 Chester, SC 29706 Darby, Reide M. Rt. 5 Box 442 Belton. SC 29627 Darnell, Darren D. Rt. 13 Box 273 Easley. SC 29640 Darnell, Gregory K. Rt. 13 Box 273 Easley, SC 29640 Dash, Charles L. Rt. 3 Box 531 St. Matthews, SC 29135 Daurer, Mark D. 20 Hickory Hill Drive Oxford. GA 30267 Davis, Amanda J. 230 W. Greer Street Honea Path, SC 29654 Davis, Gina L. 1302 Maple Ave. Denmark, SC 29042 Davis, Henry M. 25 Meadow Lark Lane Fountain Inn. SC 29644 Davis, Susan M. Box 533 Iva. SC 29655 Davis. Vonda K. 208 Vista Cr. Clemson, SC 29631 Day, Tonja Jo 214 Courtney Circle Greenville, SC 29609 Dean, Timilyn Rt. 8 Box 547 Anderson, SC 29621 Dean, William M. Rt. 1 Box 1775 Hartwell, GA 30643 Deborde, Alice M. 6477 Bridgewood Rd. Columbia, SC 29206 Delk, Kelly 111 Lacey St. Bamberg, SC 29003 Dewberry, William Todd 116 Oak Dr. Elberton, GA 30635 Dickard, Gary L. 204 Holder St. Pickens, SC 29671 Dickerson, James M. 10 Wayne Drive Taylors, SC 29687 Dickerson, Kay A. Box 97 Bowman, GA 30624 Dill, Raymond R. Sousa Estate Devonshire, BM Dixon, Kenneth K. 11-B Long Meadow Apt. Cheraw, SC 29520 Dohrendorf. Carmen 109 Coachman Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Dorn, James M. P.O. Box 5311 Anderson, SC 29623 Dorn, Richard B. Box 275 Anderson, SC 29622 Dove. Jill Rt. 12, Box 353 Anderson, SC 29621 Drew, Sharon R. Rt. 1 Box 158 Denmark, SC 29042 174 Drummond, Michael Alan 307 Strawberry Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Dubose, Phyllis L. 106 Parker St. Abbeville. SC 29620 Duncan. Barry T. 2010 Downey Street Rock Hill, SC 29730 Duncan, Erin L. 701 Springbrook Dr. Anderson, SC Duncan, Ronald B. Rt. 1 Box 457 Six Mile, SC 29682 Dupre, James Spann Route 3, Box 61 Walhalla, SC 29691 Dupree, Tammy J. 325 Qulleldge St. Moncks Corner, SC 29461 Dyer, Dorma D. 206 S Almond St. Simpsonville, SC 29681 Earle. Sallie Lee 853 Dora Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Easier, Qina M. 118 Central Ave. Greenville. SC 29601 Echols, Charles M. 819 Hillcrest Drive Thomson, QA 30824 Edwards, Eric S. 200 Linsbury Circle Columbia, SC 29210 Edwards, Jennifer R. 148 South Oliver S. Elberton. QA 30635 Edwards, Susan Leigh P.O. Box 334 Elberton, QA 30635 Eidson, Patti C. 2623 Regal Circle Lawrenceville, QA 30245 Ellis, Stephen C. 885 Crestline Drive Orangeburg, SC 29115 Ellison, William David Route 8, Box 58 Seneca, SC 29678 Elrod, Terri L. Rt. 8, Lakeview Drive Greenville, SC 29611 Emery, Lisa L Rt. 2 Box 239 Landrum, SC 29356 Epps, Toppa K. Rt. 3, Box 406 Honea Path, SC 29654 Ervin, Isabel Hunter Route 3 Box 87 Iva, SC 29655 Evans, Cynthia D. Rt 2 Box 231 A Elberton, QA 30635 Evans, Jason R. 1357 Moss Ave. Orangeburg. SC 29115 Evans, Jeffrey S. Rt. 2 Box 268 Rolling Hills Abbeville. SC 29620 Evans, Marshall K. Route 8 Box 137 A Piedmont, SC 29673 Evatt, Philip A. 6 Williams St. Taylors. SC 29687 Fant, Andrew B. 6220 Dublin Rd. Columbia, SC 29209 Eant, Shirley B. Route 2. Box 468 Starr, SC 29684 farmer. Joy Charlene 405 N. Buncombe Rd. Qreer, SC 29651 Farmer, Jeffrey S. 161 Dover Rd. Spartanburg.SC 29301 Farmer, Timothy S. Rt. 12, Clearview Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Faulk, Lori A. 1109 Belevedere Dr. Hanahan, SC 29406 Feaster, Patricia A. 83 Lk Wales Estates Lake Wales, FL 33853 Fendley, Russell J. 303 nelson Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Fenty, Sharon R. Constant 72, Box 9114 St. Thomas VI VI 00801 Finger, Elizabeth A. Rt. 4 Greenville, SC 29605 Finley, James A. 114 Warrior St. Belton, SC 29627 Fisher, J. Marshall Route 2 Box 15 Honea Path, SC 29654 Fitzpatrick, James A. 7 Ibis St. Hilton Head, SC 29928 Flannery. Sheryl Ann 310 Marmac Rd. Anderson, SC 29624 Flarity. Angela Q. 9 North Haven Drive Greenville, SC 29609 Flavell, Andrew S. Rt. 2 Box 402 A Piedmont, SC 29673 Fleming, Rhonda K. Rt. 5 Anderson, SC 29621 Floyd, Andrew Joseph 424 Owen St. Charleston, SC 29407 Floyd, Jeffrey T. Rt. 12, Box 306 Anderson, SC 29621 Flury, Jerry W. 210 Berry Road Pelzer, SC 29669 Flynn, Kimberly P. 708 Taylors Road Taylors, SC 29687 Fobert, Lisa G. 218 Lady Slipper Lane Greenville, SC 29651 Ford, Mary M. 1020 Reed Ct. Lexington. SC 29072 Fore, Darryl B. General Delivery Minturn. SC 29573 Forest, Andrea L. 106 Julian Ct. Easley, SC 29640 Forrester, Tammy L. Route 3, Box 284 Landrum, SC 29356 Forshee, Laura Ann 2004 High Bluff Road Hilton Head, SC 29928 Foster, Sebastian Rt 4 Box 99 Travelers Rst. SC 29690 Foust. Elizabeth M. 308 Burning Tree Ln Anderson, SC 29621 Fowler, David 512 Lockner Rd. Columbia, SC 29210 Fowler, Deborah B. 112 Princess Ave. Anderson, SC 29621 Fowler, Jon C. 104 Maria Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Fowler, Jill Shirley Route 1 Belton, SC 29627 Fowler, Kimberly C. Rt. 7 Box 281 Qaffney, SC 29340 Fowler , Michael T. Rt. 1 Box 74 Townville, SC 29689 Fox, Robin D. Rt 4 Box 585 Marion, nc 28752 Franklin, Stacey R, P.O. Box 382 McCormick, SC 29835 Frasier, Windy A. Route «2, Box 162 Iva, SC 29655 Frazier. Ronda Route 12, Box 10 Central, SC 29630 Freeman, Brady D. Traveller Trail Piedmont, SC 29673 Freeman, Gloria F. 310 Woodland St. Seneca, SC 29678 Fretwell, Jean L. 5 Camelia Drive Williamston, SC 29697 Fulmer. Joseph P. 108 Greenbriar Rd. Greenwood. SC 29646 Funderburk, Holly C. 511 Izlar Blackville, SC 29817 Qailey. Martha C. Route 10, Box 273 Anderson, SC 29621 Gaines, Lisa A. 715 E. Whitner St. Anderson, SC 29621 Gallman, Linda C. Route 13, Box 26 Easley, SC 29640 Qallo, Karen C. 10 Bracken Ct Liberty, SC 29657 Galloway, natalie Ann 104 Knollwood n Augusta, SC 29841 Galloway, Ruth Denise 413 Gray St. Anderson. SC 29621 Gantt. R. Perry 213 Hickory Drive Easley, SC 29640 Qarick, Pamela A. 291 Hampton Drive Orangeburg, SC 29115 Garner, Gregory M. Box 173 Lockhart, SC 29364 Garner, Thomas L. 106 Florida Circle Easley, SC 29640 Garrison, Barbara M. Route 2 Box 339 B Anderson, SC 29621 Garrison, Jeffery P.O. Box 521 Pendleton. SC 29670 Gary, Jacky B. Rt. 6 Janice Dr. Anderson, SC 29624 Gates, nina L. 152 Dickert Dr. Lexington, SC 29072 Gentry, Britton W. 321 n. Trenholm Rd. Columbia. SC 29206 Gerald. Dena E. 203 Ponderosa Dr. Athens, GA 30605 German, William p. 209 Grove St. Somerville. nj 08876 Gettys, James W. Lindsay Lane Due West, SC 29639 Gibson. Jill Deanne Rt. 2 n. Forest Street Pendleton, SC 29670 175 Qibson, Karen E. 426 W Thomas St. Salisbury, HC 28144 Giles. Brenda C. Rt. 11 Box 13 Anderson. SC 29621 Gilreath. Troy M. 333 Olivarri Dr. Anderson. SC 29621 Ginn. Julie M. P.O. Box 64 Furman, SC 29921 Ginn. Ronald D. Box 64 Furman, SC 29921 Givan, Jennifer 135 Takeda Way Athens, GA 30605 Glenn. Scott E. Rt. 1 Box 520 Anderson. SC 29621 Godbey, Stacey L. Rt. 4, Box 520 Seneca, SC 29678 Goff, George W. 37 Palmer Dr. Sumter, SC 29150 Good. Andrea L. 215 Biscayne Drive Athens, GA 30606 Gooding, Wendy 1207 Saylors Avenue Moncks Corner, SC 29461 Goodman, Pamela M. 823 Worley Cr Pendleton. SC 29670 Goodwin, Wendy Y. P.O. Box 387 Belton. SC 29627 Gore, Barbara J. 415 Chatham Place Florence, SC 29501 Goss. Charles T. 165 Oliver St. Elberton. GA 30635 Gower, Whitney R. 4262 Smithsonia Ct Tucker, GA 30084 Graham, Jennifer L. 129 Green Lakes Dr. Myrtle Beach. SC 29577 Graham, Todd G. 2140 Ross Ave. College Park. GA 30337 Granchelli. Carolyn M. 2604 Belhaven Road Anderson, SC 29624 Grant, Lana Douglas Rt. 1, Box 901 Townville, SC 29689 Grasty, Yvonne Renne 100 G. Street Williamston. SC 29697 Gray, Brian L. 1288 Glen Gloria Orangeburg, SC 29115 Gray, Samuel L. Rt 2 Box 66 Williamston, SC 29697 Green, Mark Oliver Mothingham Rd. Clinton, SC 29325 Griffith, Tammy M. 120 Elmora Ave. Goose Creek, SC 29445 Grimes, Kimberly Rt. 1, Box 304 Westminister. SC 29693 Grove. Darin Thomas 5267 Hartford Circle n. Charleston, SC 29406 Gruber. Clement B. P.O. Box 125 Reevesville. SC 29471 Guest, Jeffrey L. Rt. 6 Box 294 Inman, SC 29349 Guilford. Alexander G. 2002 Riverview Albany, GA 31705 Gullette. Kevin M. 3421 Huckaby Cr. Raleigh, MC 27612 Gunn, Breka E. 405 S. Congress Winnsboro, SC 29180 Gunter, Carolee Route 1, Box 1311 Starr, SC 29684 Hackett. James O. 1371 Kruger Ave. Charleston. SC 29407 flagood, Kerry A. Rt. 5 Box 79 Toccoa. GA 30577 flailstock, James L. Apt A 5-139 Villa Rd. Greenville, SC 29615 Hairston, Sheila L. Rt. 1. Box 354 Clinton, SC 29325 Haley, Tracy R. Rt. 1 Bowen Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Hall, Audrey M. 205 Kenneth Court Inman. SC 29349 Hall. Candice M. 1251 Robinwood Lane Elberton, SGA 30635 Hall. Rodriquce A. P.O. Box 2371 Anderson, SC 29622 Hammett, Leslie J. 245 Cart Drive Spartanburg, SC 29302 Hammond, Angela D. Rt. 9 Box 21 Anderson. SC 29624 Hamn, Inga 404 Hill St. Moncks Corner, SC 29461 Hanchey, Kimberly M. 208 Julia Lane Toccoa, GA 30577 Hanna, Judy M. Rt. 5 Box 139 Belton, SC 29627 Harbin, William M. Rt. 5 Box 620 Travelers Res., SC 29690 Harden, Tawn J. 3511 Asheville Hwy Hendersonville. NC 28739 Hardy, Michael S. 304 Benson St. Hartwell, GA 30643 Hare, John K. Rt. 3 Box 233 Dillon, SC 29536 Harmon, Angela M. 7230 Fairmont Dr. Columbia. SC 29209 Harmon, Mary H. 303 Cleveland Ave. Hartwell. GA 30643 Harris, Stephen 1170 Berkeley Avenue Florence. SC 29501 Harrison. Bonita G. Rt. 1, Box 297 Pendleton, SC 29670 Harrison, Gwendolyn E. 5205 Willow Creek Overlo Woodstock, GA 30188 Hartin. Tracey A. 815 Rollingwood Trail Columbia. SC 29210 Hatcher, James S. Horseshoe Rd. Rt. 1 Honea Path, SC 29654 Hatton, Heather G. 3257 Alton Road Chamblee. GA 30341 Hawkins. Elizabeth C. P.O. Box 1023 Hartsville, SC 29550 Hawkins. Martha Erskine Rout 1, Box 123 Belton, SC 29627 Hawkins, Sonja L. Rt. 3 Box 268 Piedmont, SC 29673 Hayes, Audra S. 917 Beverly Drive Spartanburg, SC 29303 Haynie, Theo M. 116 Rice Circle Belton, SC 29627 Heard, Brian Zack Route 11 Box 42 Anderson, SC 29621 Helderman, Lysbeth 2014 Concord Dr. Camden, SC 29020 Hellams. R. Susann Route 3, Box 60 Pendleton, SC 29670 Henderson, William E. 17 Eisenhower Dr. Greenville, SC 29607 Hendricks, Paul Arthur Apt 4-B Raintree Apt Anderson, SC 29621 Hendricks, Robert K. 1322 Fairmont Avek Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 Hendrix, William L. 107 Sweetbriar Road Anderson. SC 29621 Hergner, Melissa B. 6 GlenwayeDr. Greenville. SC 29615 Hester, Donald Rt, 3, Box 624 Easley. SC 29640 Hester, Tina M. Rt. 7 Kensington Rd. Greenville, SC 29609 Heun, Deanna Lynn 2607 Duncan Street Anderson. SC 29621 Heun, Emil H. 701 College Ave. Anderson, SC 29621 Hicks, Lisa C. 303 Brookhaven Dr. Anderson. SC 29621 Hicks. Shannan C. Rt. 1, Box 350 Pendleton, SC 29670 Hilbish. John P. 25 Reynolds Rd. Sumter, SC 29150 Hill, Erick G. Rte. 7 Box 82 C Greer. SC 29651 Hillman. Robert E. 229 W. Springs Rd. Columbia. SC 29223 Hines, Emily R. 26 Smith Hines Road Greenville, SC 29607 Hlatky. Stefanie C. 205 Valley Road Harrisburg, PA 17104 Hoffman, Melinda A. 215 Cumberland Way Anderson, SC 29621 Holder, Amy C. 104 Jewell St. Pickens, SC 29671 Holland, John E. Rt. 5 Box 261 Pickens, SC 29671 Holley, Denise B. P.O. Box 213 Iva, SC 29655 Hooper, Mark T. 2502 Poplar Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Hopkins, Mark S. 140 Mechanic St. Pendleton, SC 29670 Horton, Joel C. 419 E. Richardson Cr. Hartsville, SC 29550 176 Houston, Daniel D. Box 84 Clarks Hill, SC 29821 Howard, Edward T. 5019 Dorian Ave. Orlando, FL 32812 Howard, Thomas Bradley 6142 Rutledge Hill Rd. Columbia, SC 29209 Hrbek, Melissa K. 103 Briarcreek Rd. Greer, SC 29651 Hrysikos. Dorothy D. 5033 Coach Hill Dr. Greenville, SC 29615 Hubbard, Denise 4932 McDonald Ave. W. Columbia, SC 29169 Hudson, Allison A. 1125 Blakely Court West Columbia, SC 29169 Hudson, Kenneth J. 2116 Durham Dr. W. Columbia, SC 29169 Huey, Elizabeth L. 1669 Woodridge PI Cairo, GA 31728 Huffman, Jodi Anne 101 Eastcliffe Way Greenville, SC 29611 Hughes, Catherine D. 2512 Warren Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Hughes, Jill C. 102 Brookwood Ln Greenwood, SC 29646 Hughes, James D. Route 5, noble Estates Abbeville, SC 29620 Hughes, Joe F. Rt. 3 Box 33 Abbeville, SC 29620 Humphries, Shannon Lee 16-C Raintree Apts Anderson, SC 29621 Hunter, Camilla S. Rt, 4 Box 284 Easley, SC 29640 Hunter, Rebecca J. Rt. 14 Box 319 Anderson, SC 29621 Hunter, Timothy Wayne P.O. Box 161 Fineridge Bogart. GA 30622 Hurd, Patrick M. 1009 Thurmond Street N. Augusta, SC 29841 Huskins, Gerri L. Rt. 7 Box 679 Easley, SC 29640 Hutson, Sharon E. 222 Church St. Elberton, GA 30643 Hutto, Reginald A. Rt. 1 Box 222A Holly Hill, SC 29059 Hyatt, Ronald L. 103 Drewry Road Taylors, SC 29687 Hyer, Mildred F. 1901 Venture PI. Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 Isom, Belinda C. 402 Dunhill Ct. Anderson. SC 29621 Jackson, David William 122 Rollingreen Road Greenville, SC 29615 Jackson, Robin D. 415 West Pinedale Drive Anderson. SC 29624 Jackson, Tilman H. 226A Livingston Asheville, HC 28807 Jacobs, Troy L. 25 Trail Hollow Dr. Charleston. SC 29407 James. David G. Rt. 8 Old Anderson Rd. Greenville, SC 29611 James, Tracy 118 Lions Gate Columbia, SC 29223 Jenkins, J. Donald 402 Robinall Dr. Easley, SC 29640 Jenkins, Jonathan D. 402 Robinall Dr. Easley, SC 29640 Jenkins, Jerone L. 2906 Cathedral Lan e Charleston, SC 29407 Jenkins, Patrice 2008 Bolt Dr. Anderson. SC 29621 Jenkins, David Joseph Jr. 94 W. Pleasantview Oswego, 1L 60543 Johns, Jackie G. 1611 Tryon Rd. Atlanta, GA 30319 Johnson, Chris R. 1001 Sullivan St. Anderson, SC 29624 Johnson, Dana M. 9010 Liberty Hill Rd, Camden, SC 29020 Johnson, Jeffery R. 108 Lake Forest Dr. Elberton, GA 30635 Johnson, Reisha L. P.O. Box 103 Batesburg, SC 29006 Johnson, Sherry L. 545 Savannah St. Calhoun Falls, SC Johnson, Wes A. 320 W. Morris St. Anderson, SC 29621 Johnson, Yancey M. 105 E. Kenilworth Dr. Greenville, SC 29615 Johnston, Christopher P. Rt. 1 Box 127 B Hodges, SC 29653 Jones, Arthur E. Route 1, Box 283 Iva, SC 29655 Jones, Dorothy M. 1015 Sullivan St. Anderson, SC 29621 Jones, Franklin S. 902 Brown Ave Ext Belton, SC 29627 Jones, Gregory Alan 106 Hollyridge Rd., Rt. 3 Spartanburg, SC 29301 Jones, Kelly P.O. Box 31V York, SC 29745 Jones, Kevin Allen Rt. 1 Box 1214 Starr, SC 29684 Jordan, Brittian V. 536 Arrowood Columbia, SC 29210 Jumper, Robert L. 201 Skyland Dr. Belton. SC 29627 Jurecek, Catherine E. 202 Glamorgan Drive Seneca, SC 29678 Kay, Michael D. Rt. 3, Box 189 Central, SC 29630 Keasler, Debbie Rt. 12, Box 79 Anderson, SC 29621 Keasler, Kenneth B. Rt. 2 Westminister, SC 29693 Keefe, Michelle 283 Carolina Orangeburg, SC 29115 Keller, Tony M. Box 694 Clayton, GA 30525 Kelley, Freda H. Route 8, Broadway Lake Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Kelly. Melanie Lynne 23 Owens Rd. Taylors, SC 29687 Kelly, Robert Wayne Route 1 West Union, SC 29696 Kemp, Jay Route 6, 625 Gainesville, GA 30506 Kent, Kay W. 220 Windemere Way Anderson, SC 29621 Kidd, Robin Rt. »1, Box 351 Dewy Rose, GA 30634 Kilby, Felicia M. Rt. 1 Box 1220 Clayton. GA 30525 Kilby, Lisa J. 600 Kenilworth Dr. Greenville, SC 29615 Killian, Carey D. 4910 McDonald Ave. West Cola, SC 29169 Kimsey, Billy M. Rt. 1 Box 210 Abbeville, SC 29620 King. Kelly L. Route 3 Hartwell, GA 30643 King, Marty E. Rt. 7 Box 59 Anderson, SC 29624 Kirk, Stacey S. 6 E. Anderson Village Andersonn, SC 29621 Kirkland, Kelley L. 120 Pecan Lane Cayce, SC 29033 Kirkpatrick. Kelly L. 1240XFORD Rd. Greenwood, SC 29646 Kiser, Denise M. Rt. 7 Box 426 Anderson, SC 29624 Klempka, Peter 2021 Cardinal Cr. Anderson, SC 29621 Kneece. Sheila D. 1002 Sightler Dr. West Columbia, SC 29169 Kolb, Deborah Lynn 10 Snowden St. Sumter, SC 29150 Kowalczyk, Jennifer E. Rt. 1 Box 203 McGee Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Kruchkowski, Jeffrey P. Rt. 2 505 Hillcrest Dr. hesphanic Sta, MJ 08853 Kukulski, Patricia Ann 2021 Cardinal Cr. Anderson, SC 29621 Kulesh, Tracey S. 201 Brookgreen Dr. Anderson. SC 29621 Kythas, Helen 1032 E. Perry Rd. Greenville, SC 29609 Laag, Cynthia E. 107 Sonia Dr. W. Columbia, SC 29169 Lamb, Deborah M. 1255 W. Vagabond Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 Lane. Barry Clifford Route 5. Box 262 Hartsville. SC 29550 Lanford, Mora C. 132 Buist Avenue Greenville. SC 29609 Larubbio, Christina M. 2215 Goleta Ave. Youngstown, OH 44504 Latorre. Cynthia M. 2420 Lantern St. Charleston, SC 29407 177 Laughter, Charles K. P.O. Box 475 Green Street Iva, SC 29655 Lawrence. Sharon HCR 65, Box 555 Huger. SC 29450 Lay, Anne C. 109 Rockmont Rd. Greenville, SC 29615 Lecroy, Andrea Rt. 2 Lavonia, GA 30553 Lee, Anita Box 31, Colony Park Anderson, SC 29621 Lee, Gregory 3920 Columbia Rd. Orangeburg, SC 29115 Lee, Michelle S. 1266 Plymouth Lilbum.GA 30247 Leeson. Lindsey M. 22 Lakecrest Drive Greenville. SC 29609 Leeson, Lora M. 22 Lakecrest Dr. Greenville, SC 29609 Lehr, Brian Keith 2006 Cardinal Park Anderson, SC 29621 Lenning. Susan M. Rt. 7 Mt Brook Tr Greenville.SC 29609 Lesley. Reginald B. 135 Riley St. Anderson. SC 29621 Lever, Margaret L. Route 1, Windward Trail Anderson, SC 29621 Lindsay, Joseph H. P.O. Box 62 Jonesville, SC 29353 Link. Kimberly A. Rt. 2 Box 282 Asheville, NC 28805 Li ttlefield, Jeffrey H. 107 Warner Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Love, Joel C. 4109 Barrett Dr. Archdale. NC 27263 Lunsford, Paul L. 2806 Bettys Lane Columbia, SC 29210 Mack, Derrick L. 69 Wilder Street Sumter, SC 29150 Macomson. Jackie L. Rt. 11 Box 244 Anderson, SC 29621 MacPherson, Robert T. P.O. Box 1944 Hilton Head, SC 29925 Madden, Melissa M. 309 F St. Anderson, SC 29621 Madl, Kimberly 42 Hillbrook Ave. Zephyrhills, FL 34248 Maiden, Virginia L. Rt. 7 Box 446 Piedmont. SC 29673 Mallard. Patrick J. 1300 Lenevar Drive Charleston. SC 29407 Malmburg, Mats A. Sodra Vagen 45 Gothenburg. Sweden Malphrus. Robert M. Rt. 1 Box 75 Ridgeland, SC 29936 Marcengill, Melinda D. H C 73 Box 247 Westminister. SC 29693 March. Angela F. 122 Coralvine Ct. Greenville. SC 29611 Marchant. Fred Lawrence Rte 13 Box 115 Anderson. SC 29624 Marsh, Christopher A. 404 B Carolina Blvd Isle Of Palms, SC 29451 Martin, Angela Route 1. Box 556 Iva. SC 29655 Martin. Angela Michell 103 Prince Street Abbeville, SC 29680 Martin, Burchell 208 Emory Dr. Hartwell, GA 30643 Martin, Joel A. Rt. 2 Honea Path, SC 29654 Martin, Joe B. Rt. 1 Box 340 Iva. SC 29655 Martin. Jeffrey M. 1104 Edgemont Ave. Greenville, SC 29611 Martin. Leigh Ellen Rt. 10 Box 294 A Anderson, SC 29621 Martin, Melissa C. 14 Huguenot Ave. Charleston. SC 29407 Martin, Patricia Rt. 2, Austin Rd. Honea Path. SC 29654 Martin, Richard A. Rt. 3 Box 446 Easley. SC 29640 Martin. Sloan P. Rt. 7 Box 432 Easley, SC 29640 Martini, Honore Route 3, Todd ' s Creek Rd. Central, SC 29630 Mashburn. Ria A. 560 Rogers Road Pelzer. SC 29669 Masneri, Julie E. 410 Rolling Ridge Rock Hill, SC 29730 Mathis, Joni E. 103 S. Warwick Rd. Greenville, SC 29609 Matthews. Steven Edward 704 Ridgecrest Anderson. SC 29621 Mattox, Ronald Rt. 6, Box 153 Seneca.SC 29678 May. Derek J. 203 Piesmith Way - Statesboro, GA 30458 Mayfield. Brian W. 2830 Burson Rd. Anderson, SC 29624 McBride, Maricia L. 3511 Shawnee Dr. Anderson, SC 29624 McCall, Mark A. Rt. 1 Box 367 D. Walhalla, SC 29691 McCall, Tammara J. Rt. 3 Box 69 Walhalla, SC 29691 McCarthy, Stephen C. 210 Frances Street Greenwood. SC 29646 McCathern. Aline M. P.O. Box 2055 Sumter, SC 29150 McClellan, Mark K. 610 Shands Street Clinton. SC 29325 McCollum, Amanda Rt. 2 Riggins Rd. Pickens, SC 29671 McCollum, James W. 409 Haverhill Cr. Easley. SC 29640 McCord. Mary A. 122 Cherokee Cr. Anderson. SC 29621 McCoy. Anita 3200 Severn Rd. Anderson, SC 29624 McCraw, Page E. Rt. 4, Box 310 St. Matthews, SC 29135 McDavid, Sandtric F. Rt. 2 Cherokee Rd. Williamston, SC 29697 McDonell, Lori A. 18W. Truman Drive Holiday. FL 33590 McEntire. Tara Z. 107 Kingswood Dr. Greenville, SC 29611 McFall. Rebecca L. 1003 Meadow Ln. Anderson, SC 29621 McGaha, Steven R. Rt. 2 Box 136 Honea Path, SC 29654 McGee, Elizabeth K. Route 5, Box 307 Anderson, SC 29621 McJunkin, Boyce D. 302 Shirley Avenue Honea Path. SC 29654 McKinney, Brian A. Rt. 7 Box 606 Easley, SC 29640 McKinney, Barry A.E. Box 191 Mayo, SC 29368 McLeod, Steven Lawrence 107 Cinder Creek Road Spartanburg, SC 29302 McMurtrey, Rebecca P. Rt. 1 Box 322 Pendleton. SC 29670 McNeill. Brian 3123 Landing Way Orangeburg, SC 29115 McMeill. Michael K. 3123 Landing Way Orangeburg, SC 29115 Meeks, Kimberly Ann P.O. Box 189 Belton, SC 29627 Merck, Karen L. P.O. Box 464 Central, SC 29630 Messer, Isaac 1216 Brushy Creek Rd. Taylors. SC 29687 Michael. Sean P. P.O. Box 159 Carlton, GA 30627 Milam. Chesley L. P.O. Box 218 Sandy Springs. SC 29677 Milford. Betty A. Rt. 9. Box 758 Anderson, SC 29624 Miller, Joseph C. 2631 Deloache Ave. Newberry. SC 29108 Miller, Leigh 318 Oakwood Est Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Miller, Todd A. P.O. Box 413 Gaston. SC 29053 Miller. Todd M. Rt. 12 Pennwood Ln Greenville. SC 29609 Mills. Kathryn P. P.O. Box 9182 Columbia. SC 29290 Mitchell, Brian M. 7 River Bottom Rd. Irmo, SC 29063 Mitchell. Terry Michael P.O. Box 963 Anderson. SC 29621 Mitchell, Thomas Michael 101 Wedgewood Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mole, Scott C. 194 Mason Orangeburg. SC 29115 178 Mood, Clayton 2211 S. Dallerton Cr. Charleston. SC 29407 Moore, Natalie L. 4 West Seven Oaks Drive Greenville, SC 29605 Moore, Peggye Anne Route 5, Ramona Drive Belton, SC 29627 Moore, Travis W. 113 Stratford Rd. Greenwood, SC 29646 Morgan, Jon M. P.O. Box 94 Ft. Mill, SC 29715 Morris, Charles Kevin 41 Prince Street Anderson, SC 29624 Morris, Mark R. Rt. 1 Box 79 BB Andrews. SC 29510 Morris, Rosemary 41 Prince St. Anderson, SC 29621 Morris, Thomas F. Rte 4 Box 48 Andrews, SC 29510 Morrison, Victoria 37-F Parkview Apts Iva.SC 29655 Morton, Ailsa G. 402 Holly Tree Lane Simpsonville, SC 29681 Motes, Julie K. 107 Green St. Willimston. SC 29697 Moya. Debra Sue 3669 Overton Colorado Sprg, CO 80910 Mrkulic, Safet 302 High St. Apt. E-6 Fairlawn, NJ 07410 Mulligan, Patrick Parker 309 Myrtle Avenue Belton, SC 29627 Mulligan, Patrick Van 309 A, Myrtle Avenue Belton, SC 29627 Myers, Donald Wesley 508 Boundary St. Anderson, SC 29621 Michael, Sean P. nance, Amanda L. 9-E Piedmont Manor Greenville, SC 29605 neely. Kristy S. 108 Woodland Drive Fountain Inn, SC 29644 neely, Tony M. Rt. 4 Cedar Pines Lake Lancaster, SC 29720 nelson, Jacquelyn P. 611 Regency Cr. Anderson, SC 29621 riichols, Timothy D. Rt. 5 Hen Coop Crk Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 hichols, Teresa L. 651 Annafrel Rock Hill, SC 29730 Hicholson, Lavinia R. 2-H Raintree Apts. Anderson, SC 29621 nix, Jeffrey D. Route 4, Box 477 Seneca, SC 29678 noelsimmons. Devrae P.O. Box 281 Devonshire Bermuda, BM nolte, Morgan H. 209 Cater Street Anderson, SC 29621 nordeen, Tracy J. 430 Edisto Dr. Belvedere, SC 29841 norwood, Kenneth D. Box 721 Iva, SC 29684 Oaks, Robert L. 738 Richbourg Rd. Greenville.SC 29615 Obeck, Christine A. 2725 ME 34th St. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33306 Orcutt. Michael D. 104 Rhodes Cr. Anderson. SC 29621 Orfinik, David Michael 101 Pebble Creek Way Taylors, SC 29687 Orr, Robert H. 212 S. Elm Street Pendleton. SC 29670 Orr, Tracy M. 110 James Road Simpsonville, SC 29681 Osbolt, Tracy L. 195 Skyline Way Athens, GA 30606 Ouzts, Everette S, Rt. 2, Box 510 Saluda. SC 29138 Pace, Kimberly Dawn 12 Pearl St. Asheville, MC 28806 Pace. Kimberly Lynne 113 Allee St. Clemson. SC 29631qlx Pack. Elbert V. 101 Whippoorwill Dr. Seneca, SC 29678 Painter, Mary E. 1010 Laura St. Anderson. SC 29621 Palm. Rhonda M. 6 Timber Lane Greenville. SC 29609 Palmer, Linda J. 205 Collingwood Dr. Anderson, Sc 29621 Parham, Joan A. Route 9. Box 335 Easley. SC 29640 Parker, Christophe L. Rt. 3 Box 336 Woodruff, SC 29388 Parker, Mary D. 412 East Beaufort. SC 29902 Parker, William P.O. Box 3774 Anderson, SC 29622 Pamell, Angela D. Rt. 10. 107 Old Hickory Greenville, SC 29607 Partain, Curtis E. Rt. 1 Box 239 P. Dewy Pose. GA 30634 Parten. Mary Rt. 1, Box 154 Royston, GA 30662 Patterson, Edward R. Rt. 1, Box 322 A2 Belton, SC 29627 Patterson, Julie 691 Pinewood Ave. Pendleton, SC 29670 Patterson, James A. 108 Comet St. Anderson. SC 29621 Patterson, Tonya C. 2609 McKinley Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Paul, Joe L. Route 9 Box 848 Anderson. Sc 29624 Peace, Susan Rt. 4, Griffin Oaks Pickens, SC 29671 Peden, Robby Rt 1 West Union SC 29696 Peebles. David Ronald Route 4, Box 64 Anderson. SC 29624 Peeples, Michael P. Rt. 1, Box 181A Hampton. SC 29924 Perritano, Darcy A. P.O. Box 3865 Anderson. SC 29621 Perry, Angela Rt. 11, Box 113 Anderson, SC 29621 Peterson, Tonya 715 Honeysuckle Rd. Gainesville, GA 30501 Pfuhl, Patrick 4112 Beresford Rd. Charlotte, nc 28211 Phillips. Jody J. 306 Moultrie Square Anderson, SC 29621 Phillips, Leigh A. 213 Robin Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Phillips, Robert T. 211 north Ridge Drive Anderson. SC 29621 Phillips, Tracy Y. 110 Pope Drive Belton, SC 29627 Pierce, Allison G. Rte. 7 Box 75 Anderson, SC 29624 Pinard, Michael A. 1435 Sunset Lane Casselberry, FL 32707 Pinkerton, Lisa M. 14 Pebblecreek Way Taylors. SC 29687 Piatt, Marie E. 110 Clarendon Dr. Anderson. SC 29621 Plecker. nora G. Route 1. Box 86 Millboro, VA 24460 Plyler, Lori L. Rt. 9, Box 467 Lancaster. SC 29720 Pooler, Kimberly Rt. 2 Box 124 Darlington, SC 29532 Poore, Matthew 324 Dogwood St. Anderson, SC 29621 Porter, James C. Rt 3 Box 217 Williamston, SC 29697 Powell. Tracy Lynn P.O. Box 705 Anderson, SC 29622 Price. John Wesner 141 Lisa Ln Dalton, GA 30720 Price, John L. 1110 Claremont Avenue Florence, SC 29501 Price. Karen 830 Williams Circle W. Columbia. SC 29169 Price, Marsha A. Rt. 2 Box 251 Leesville. SC 29070 Privitera. Susan A. 1 Lampton Rd. Charleston, SC 29407 Pruitt, Angela 105 Warner Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Puckett, Jeffrey M. 1705 Bellemeade St. Raleigh. nC 27607 Putnam, Anthony L. 116 Woodhill Drive Easley, SC 29640 Putnam, Steven 1604 Sansbury Dr. Anderson. SC 29621 Pyles. Glynis Y. 211 Havendale Fountain Inn. SC 29644 Queslenberry, Kelly M. Rt. 5 Box 459 Spartanburg, SC 29301 Rafferty, Russell 211 Carolina Ave. 179 Greenville. SC 29607 Rainey, Anna F. Route 8, Ivy Circle Anderson. SC 29621 Ramey, Carol L. 207 nelson St. Anderson. SC 29621 Ramey. James Scott 2003 Linda Drive Anderson, SC 29624 Ramey, Kimberly Route 4, Box 20-A Anderson, SC 29624 Ray, Mark S. Sousa Est. Devonshire, BM 70000 Reagan, Carta A. Rt. 4 Box 265 Greenwood, SC 29646 Reece, Susan D. 202 White Dr. Mauldin, SC 29662 Reid, Barbara M. 2002 Bolt Drive Anderson. SC 29621 Reitenbach, Glenn J. 2106 Rush St. Anderson. SC 29621 Rettew. John E. 4 Parkins Lake Road Greenville. SC 29607 Reynolds, John A. 613 Carey Street Anderson, SC 29624 Reynolds, Kelly M. 1822 Mollis Ave. M Augusta, SC 29841 Rhoades, David Route 1 Sacramento, KY 42372 Rhodes, Timothy C. Rt. 1 Box 207 Calhoun Falls. SC 29628 Rice, Gregory D. 106 Brentwood Circle Anderson, SC 29621 Rice, Michelle T. 1137 north Shadow Drive Mt. Pleasant. SC 29464 Richardson, Ginger L. Route 2 Box 991 Belton, SC 29627 Richardson, Rhonda L. Rt. 1 Canon. GA 30520 Rinalducci. Susan M. 8538 Amber Oak Drive Orlando. FL 32817 Ringle, George William 319 1 2 Heath Drive Augusta, GA 30909 Risinger, Pamela M. 109 Roman Circle Greenwood, SC 29646 Roache, Terri G. Rt. 1, Cherokee Rd. Williamston, " •: 29697 Roberts, Carl E. 2206 Pope Lirive Anderson, SC 29621 Roberts, Charles T. 2517 McKinley Anderson, SC 29621 Robinson, Richard L. 300 Londonberry Drive Spartanburg. SC 29301 Rodriguez. Patricia M. SHIS Ql Conj. L. Casa Lag Brasilia Braze Rogers, Aubrey Keith 3 W. Red Fox Tr. Greenville, SC 29615 Rogers, James Rt. »1, Box 419 Williamston, SC 29697 Rogers, Tommy R. Rt 8 Old Easley Br Rd. Greenville, SC 29611 Roland, Deborah K. 3014 Manchester Circle Anderson, SC 29621 Rowe, Mary K. 105 South Palmetto Summerville. SC 29483 Rowland. Mary M. 7 Polly Street Honea Path. SC 29654 Rowland. W. Russell 105 Sun Meadow Road Greer. SC 29651 Rucker, Barry C. 436 Reynolds Hartwell. GA 30643 Rupert, David Scott 2020 Blue Ridge Blvd. Seneca, SC 29678 Rupp, Robert P. 106 Freedm Dr. Trl 1 Bx4 Clemson. SC 29631 Rutledge, Jean 1001 Stratford Dr. Anderson. SC 29621 Sadler, Robert T. 10 King George Rd. Greenville, SC 29615 Sammons. Kimberly R. P.O. Box 2812 Anderson, SC 29621 Sanders, Ian B. P.O. Box 5764 Anderson, SC 29623 Satterfield. Sandra J. 410 Greenville St. Abbeville, SC 29620 Saxon, Sara S. Rt. 1 Box 226 Elberton. GA 30635 Saylors, Dena M. Route 5, Box 65 Abbeville. SC 29620 Saylors, Gwendolyn B. Rt. 5. Box 65 Abbeville, SC 29620 Schaner, Dennis Jon Rt 1 Bx 370 Shackelburg Rd. Anderson. SC 29621 Schleifer. Heidi Ann 4990 Old Spartanburg Rd. Greenville.SC 29687 Schmidt, Vincent R. 9 Setfair Greenville. SC 29615 Schreier, Keley S. 122 Carlton Greenwood, SC 29646 Schrimpf, James 837 Patriots Way Orangeburg, SC 29115 Schronce, Ruth E. Route 5 Box 464 B Belton, SC 29627 Schwab, Dennis 500 Blacks Dr. Greenville. SC 29615 Scott, Melissa S. 23 Ridgecrest Dr. Greenville, SC 29609 Scott. Tina L. 301 Flamingo Rd. Greenville, SC 29609 Scruggs, Timothy A. Rt. 2 Box 260 Travelers Res. SC 29690 Seabrook, William B. 2936 Grampion Drive Gastonia. nc 28054 Sears. Kathryn D. Rt. 12 Box 530 Anderson, SC 29621 Sears. Mark G. 302 Jasmin Anderson. SC 29624 Sears. Phillip W. 113 Woodland Way Abbeville. SC 29620 Seibert, John R. 140 South Branch Rd. Somerville. nj 08876 Self, Furman C. P.O. Box 1017 Greenwood, SC 29646 Sellers, Donald E. Rt. 2. Box 341 Blythewood. SC 29016 Sellers, Kami Lee Rt. 8, Old Dunham Bridge Greenville, SC 29611 Seward, Margaret H. 105 Chateau Dr. Greenville, SC 29615 Sexton, Marcus G. 2402 Lindale Rd Anderson, SC 29621 Shamel, Amanda J. Route 14, 115 Craft Rd. Anderson. SC 29621 Shanklin. Tyrone K. 2448 Shiland Dr. Rock Hill, SC 29730 Sharpe, Eva Delle P.O. Box 141 Swansea, SC 29160 Sharpe, John F. 211 Marmac Anderson. SC 29624 Shelton, Donna L. Rt. 5, Box 106 Easley. SC 29640 Sheppard, Gina M. 199 Mason Dr. Orangeburg. SC 29115 Sheriff. Danette D. Route 1 Bowersville. GA 30516 Sherwood, Ellen R. 205 Devon Way Anderson, SC 29621 Shirley, A. Marie 412 Ponce De Leon Drive Anderson, Sc 29621 Siminski. Christopher N. 8 Stratton PI Greenville, SC 29615 Simmons, Alberta P. 14 E. Fairview Gardens Anderson, SC 29621 Simmons, Bryan H. 1450 Gordon Rd. Rock Hill. SC 29730 Simmons, Clorissa C. Route 6 Box 141 Anderson. SC 29624 Simmons, Kimberly A. 207 McClure Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Simmons, Lisa M. 114 n. Hickory Summerville. SC 29483 Singleton, Christian E. Rt. 1 Box 244 Walhalla. SC 29691 Singleton. S. Denise Rt. 8 Ivy Cr. Anderson, SC 29621 Skeen. Connley, B. 1305 Stonehurst Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Skelton. Kristi V. Box 922 Hartwell. GA 30643 Skelton, Patti L. 1440 Old 29 Hwy Hartwell. GA 30643 Small, Sandra P. Rt. 1 Box 305 Fort Lawn, SC 29714 Smith, Dale B. Rt. 3, Box 25 Pendleton, SC 29670 Smith, Daniel J. 416 Fleming St. Laurens. SC 29360 Smith, Deanna Lee 739 Lawton Charleston, SC 29412 Smith, David P. 5438 Oakland Dr. 180 Sumter. SC 29154 Smith, Gregory Hampton St. Iva, SC 29655 Smith, Jack Stephen 209 Montclaire Rd. Greer, SC 29651 Smith, Oscar L. Rt. 3 Box 612 Iva, SC 29655 Smith, Rachel Rt. 3, Box 481 Easley, SC 29640 Smith, Ronald M. 3969 Spaulding Dr. Dunwoody, QA 30338 Smith. Steven E. 411 Mahaffey St. Belton, SC 29627 Smith, Shannon Harris 2606 Lane Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Smith, Spring M. Rt. 6 Box 146 Anderson, SC 29624 Smith, Syrana J. 144 B. Greenfield Rd. Columbia, SC 29203 Smith, Sonja Lee Rt 8 Box 99 Piedmont, SC 29673 Smith, Shannon M. 2656 Elissa Dr. Charleston, SC 29407 Smith, Suzanne M. 879 Artwood Rd. Atlanta, GA 30307 Smith, Thomas F. P.O. Box 562 Honea path, SC 29654 Snow, John Rt. 1, Box 192 Hemingway, SC 29554 Sokol, Sandra M. 48 Hillsborough Dr. Greenville, SC 29615 Soles, Carol Anita 18 Granville Rd. Columbia, SC 29209 Southard, Edward L. 1226 Edward Dr. Moncks Corner, SC 29461 Southerland, Amelia J. 503 Heyward Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Sox, Kimberly A. 400 Reed Ave. Lexington, SC 29072 Spaulding, Marie 130 Wood Lake Hartwell, GA 30643 Spearman, David M. Raintree Apt. " 14-C Anderson, SC 29621 Spease, Craig W. 43 B Tanglewood Apts. Anderson, SC 29621 Speer, Stacey M. P.O. Box 176 Stillwater, riJ 07875 Spence, Mark Gregory 308 Woodfield Road Belton, SC 29627 Spigner, Stephen D. 255 Whitefalls Drive Columbia, SC 29210 Spires, Tony Route 2, Box 190 Pelion, SC 29123 Stack, Elizabeth A. 345 Rucker Dr. St. Matthews, SC 29135 Stadling.Mikael J. Batsmonsv 32 Sundsvall Sweden Stamper. Bryan C. 5518 Westbury Dr. Orlando, FL 32808 Stancil, Tonya D. Rt. 12 Box 495 Anderson, SC 29621 Steede, Albert S. Cove Valley Dr. St. Davids, BM Steele, Lori A. Rt. 5, Box 128-B Lancaster, SC 29720 Stewart, Bryant Rt. " 4, Box 183 Piedmont, SC 29673 Stewart, James S. 525 Isaqueena Trail Clemson, SC 29631 Stiles, Charles K. 3505 Boundbrook l.n Columbia, SC 29206 Stokes, Robert L. 2002 Camphor Drive Lakeland, FL 33803 Stone, nancy Rt. 1, Sam McGee Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Stone, Stephanie A. P.O. Box 652 Ridgeland, SC 29936 Strickland, Sharon L. 104 Aycock Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Stugg, Heiko K.H. 410 Ashley Downs Anderson, SC 29621 Stuntz, Virginia S. 401 Lawrence Road Clemson, SC 29631 Sturdivant, Harriet C. 3108 Mabry Atlanta, GA 30319 Sturkie, Tabatha Lee Box 1694 Conway, SC 29526 Suggs, Robin D. Rt. 3 Box 412 Loris, SC 29569 Sullivan, Michael R. 219 Brittany Rd. Gaffney, SC 29340 Sumner, Timothy W, 941 Law Lane Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 Sutherland, Susan M. 410 Horseshoe Drive Seneca, SC 29678 Sykes, Gabriel L. 3924 Country Club Dr. Orlando, FL 32808 Tafta, Susan L. Rt. 5 Box 163 Abbeville, SC 29620 Tanner, Karen C. P.O. Box 4739 Pinopolis, SC 29469 Tate. Alesia V. 106 A. Brown St. Anderson, SC 29621 Tate. Rugenia L. 293 Driver Ave. Greenville. SC 29605 Taylor, Edna M. Rt, 2 Box 125 Starr, SC 29684 Taylor, Julian T. 6381 Dockser Terrace Falls Church, VA 22041 Taylor, Margaret R. 5636 Roper Mtn. Road Greenville, SC 29615 Taylor, Sharon E. P.O. Box 402 Winnsboro, SC 29180 Taylor. Timothy J. P.O. Box 235 Beech Island, SC 29842 Teasley, Ginger A. Rt. 3 Hartwell, GA 30643 Teasley, Lori M. 422 Adams Mill Rd. Mauldin, SC 29662 Tedder, Catherine E. 300 Sterling Bridge Rd. Columbia, SC 29210 Teitloff, Timothy C. 212 Woodland Dr. Belton. SC 29627 Terwilliger, Rex 3322 E. Lindsey Dr. Columbus, GA 31907 Tesner, Ricky D. Rt, 12, Penwood Lane Greeville, SC 29609 Thackston, Douglas L. P.O. Box 864 Simpsonville, SC 29681 Thomas, Janet C. Midway Manor Apt. C3 Mill St. West Pelzer, SC 29669 Thompson, Angela D. 206 Vista Circle Clemson, SC 29631 Thompson, Jeffrey D. 102 Kingshill Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Thompson, Kelli 114 Delmar Dr. Simpsonville, SC 29681 Thrift, Amelia Ann Route 4 Box 223 Rock Hill, SC 29730 Thruston, Alyson K. 120 Duval Dr. Spartanburg. SC 29302 Tillman. Timothy T. 1342 hew Castle St. Charleston, SC 29407 Timmons, Cheryl J. Rt. 2, Box 141 Pinewood, SC 29125 Todd, Deborah C. Star Rt. Pickens, SC 29671 Tomsic, Kristian A. 303 Woodlake Colony Dr. Summerville. SC 29483 Traynham, Vicki L. 6 Swinden Ct. Greenville, SC 29615 Treece. Cameron Y. 2809 Rambling Path Anderson, SC 29621 Tribble, Kathryn J. 313 Lakewood Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Trimmier, Teresa Route 5, Box 587 Seneca, SC 29678 Trotter, Barbara Ann Rt. 2 Boscobel Manor Pendleton, SC 29670 Tucker, Harrison Rt. 2 Box 228 A Williamston. SC 29697 Tuite. Jeanne E. 9 Upper Pond Rd. Columbia, SC 29223 Turner, William M. 1301 Wendover Way Anderson, SC 29621 Tweedell, Melissa L. 135 Westwood Dr. Athens. GA 30606 Vaigneur, Valerie A. Rt. 1 Box 162 Pineland, SC 29934 Van Brunt, Karen D. 5815 Lakeview Drive Hananan, SC 29406 Van Lear. Carolyn 203 Shannon Dr. Pendleton, SC 29670 Varnadore, Susan K. Rt. 1 Box 48-E Blackstock, SC 29014 Vaughn, nancy Carolyn P.O. Box 425 Williamston, SC 29697 Verdell, Michaeal D. Rt. 7 Bx 202 B 181 Inman. SC 29349 Vickery. June M. 504 Cheyenne St. Anderson. SC 29624 Visintainer, Darren E. Route 13 Box 191 Anderson. SC 29624 Waddeli. Elizabeth J. 313 Sunset Dr. Abbeville. SC 29210 Waddill. Cheryl D. 204 Shareditch Rd. Columbia. SC 29210 Walker, David K. Box 157 Starr, SC 29684 Wall. Rhonda Y. 123 Andover Road Greenville. SC 29615 Walter. Brenda A. 8098 new England Dr. n. Charleston, SC 29418 Ward, Wade E. (Chip) Route 4, Box 168 Chapin. SC 29036 Wardlaw, Tammie M. Rt. 2. Box 25. issaq. Fr. Central. SC 29630 Ware. Wendy L. 3 Jean Ave. Greenville. SC 29611 Warner, Laurie A. Route 2 Keo Key-F22Safeh Salem, SC 29676 Weathers. William L. 204 Huntington Rd. Easley. SC 29640 Webb. Marian Sue 415 Lucky St. Marion. nC 28752 Webster, Kelvin Kenneth Route 1. Box 981 Starr, SC 29684 Webster. Wendy D. 3151 Sierra Drive W. Columbia, SC 29169 Weed, John D. 3 Barnacle Row Isle Of Palms, SC 29451 Weir, Melissa A. 118 Sunset Dr. Mauldin, SC 29662 Welborn, nancy D. P.O. Box 343 Pickens, SC 29671 Wells, Marie L. 10 Terramont Dr. Greenville, SC 29615 Westberry, Julianne Rt. 9. Box 864 Anderson. SC 29615 Wharton. Kathryn M. Rt. 8 Ramsey Dr. Anderson. SC 29621 Whatley, Leslie A. 205 Evergreen Dr. Greenwood, SC 29646 Whatley, Reggie Simeon P.O. Box 1893 Anderson, SC 29622 Whelchel, Walter J. 2080 Garden Boulevard Gainesville, GA 30506 Whetstone. Julie b. P.O. Box 5 Denmark, SC 29042 White, Cindy E. 103 Emory Rd. Martwell. GA 30643 Whitehead, Cherie D. 200 Belinda Ct. Lexington, SC 29072 Whitener, Janice M. 112 Middlebrook Rd. Greer, SC 29651 Whitfield, Chritine Rt. 5, Mt. Creek Rd. Greenville. SC 29609 Whitman. Vickie B. 2509 Fleming Dr. Anderson. SC 29621 Whitmire. Linda A. 12 Ravensworth Road Taylors. SC 29687 Wiggins. Bryant T. Rt. 4 Box 230 Bishopville. SC 29010 Wilbanks, Kenneth rt Rt. 3 Box 739 Westminster, SC 29693 Wiley, Artis L. Route 3 Anderson. SC 29621 Wiley. Karen 443 h. Mechanic St. Pendleton. SC 29670 Wilkie. G. Alan 1211 Echo Mallow Anderson, SC 29621 Wilks, Lori A. 2796 American Ave. West Columbia, SC 29169 Williams, Ardith n. Rt. 1 Pendleton. SC 29670 Williams. Angela R. Waverley Square Apt B-9 Anderson. SC 29621 Williams. Charles R. 504 Marshall Ave. Abbeville, SC 29620 Williams, Letitia A. 1304 Yvonne Ave. Greenwood, SC 29646 Williams. Lynn D. Route 2 Box 189 Springfield. SC 29146 Williams. Maria D. 42 S. Allen Drive Charleston, SC 29405 Williams, nickie K. 200 Meadow Drive Seneca, SC 29678 Williams. Philip G. Rt. 8 Box 364 Anderson, SC 29621 Williamson. Tim L. Rt. 1 Belton, SC 29627 Williamson, Wilton Mark 204 nelson Drive Anderson. SC 29621 Willis, Krista C. Rt. 12 Parkwood Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Willis. Shelly Suzanne 503 Fife Drive Clemson, SC 29631 Wilson, Carla R. Rt 1 Belton. SC 29627 Wilson, David A. Rt. 10, !03 Burning Bush Greenville, SC 29607 Wilson, Joanne M. 314 Kings Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Wilson, James S. 110 Sheffield Rd. Greenwood, SC 29646 Wilson, Lori E. Rt. 1 Box 60 Williamston. SC 29697 Wilson, Michael G. 350 Shurley St. Rock Mill. SC 29730 Wilson. Philip Ray Route 3, Box 3324 Martwell, GA 30643 Wilson, Tracy E. 209 Tupperway Summerville. SC 29483 Wilson, Vincent L. 611 S. Marvin Sumter, SC 29150 Wilson, Wendi W. Rt. 2 Box 20 Greer, SC 29651 Winesett, Mitzi 418 north St. Anderson, SC 29621 Wise, Laura L. 120 Partridge Rd. Greenwood, SC 29646 Wohlford. Anna B. 406 Woodfem Cr. Anderson. SC 29621 Wood. Bobbi Sue 29 Brabham Dr. Dalzell, SC 29040 Wood. Laura S. 105 Stonehedge Dr. Greenville. SC 29615 Woodard, Sheila Elaine Route 7. Box 483 A Anderson. SC 29624 Woods, F. Reginald Route 4, Box 728 Walterboro, SC 29488 Woods, Juanita L. 2120 northfield Ct. Marietta, GA 30066 Woods, Robert 29 Coulson Ave. Sault Ste Marie Ontario. Ca Canad Woods. Steven P. 1054 Yeamans Hall Road Hanahan. SC 29406 Woodson. F. Kimberly 70 Main St. Pelzer. SC 29669 Woodson, Kerry Gina Route 3 Box 433 Piedmont, SC 29673 Woolbright, Betty S. 1515 Ridge Rd. Martwell, GA 30643 Wooten, Clyde Blake 204 Brookforest Drive Anderson. SC 29621 Wooten, Olivia n. 204 Brookforest Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Wright, David J. 1101 Legion St. Myrtle Beach, SC 29578 Yamshak. Martin J. Rt. 13, Box 232 Easley, SC 29640 Yarbrough. Crystal P.O. Box 31 Monea Path. SC 29654 Yohn, Terri L. 24th St. East Mew Port Rich. FL 33552 Young, Blease E. 1032 Young St. Spindale. nC 28160 Young, Sonya Y. 2 Cotswold Terrace Taylors. SC 29687 Youngblood, Laurie L. 303 Haverhill Cr. Easley, SC 29640 Zissis, Efthimios. G. 4525 S Galvez new Orleans. LA 70125 182 1987 COLUMNS GOING ON . . . Stepping Up in the World The 1987 Columns ' Staff (top to bottom) — Christopher Parker, Kim Fowler, Robert Stokes, Rosemary Morris, Kevin Morris, Keisha John- son, Michael Sullivan, Wayne Berry, Bob Manley (advisor). (Absent when picture was made, Tara Mclntyre) 183 I COLLEGE UBRtfN -

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