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i N? P X ArSDERSOrS COLLEGE 75 YEARS OF Southern Mo pitaUt { -Ta 1 U« « - ' ' columns 1986 volume 62 editor: roy howe associate: tracy alexander editors: patti L skelton advisor: bobby hanley anderson college anderson, s.c. 29621 . . . celebrating 75 years of southern hospitality .% ' -X ANDERSON COLLEGE 75 YEARS OF 3oatI)ern rio pitalit Table Of Contents TITLE PAGE 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 2-3 THEME DEVELOPMENT 4-5 DEDICATION 6-7 . C . A.C. A.C. A.C. A.C. A.C. A.C. A.C. 75 YEARS OF CHANGE 8 CAMPUS LIFE 18 CAMPUS MINISTRIES 50 CLUBS 64 FACULTY STAFF 106 STUDENTS 124 DIRECTOR Y 170 EPILOGUE 184 AC Progresses If we were to enter into a journey backward in time, over the past 75 years perhaps in a machine of some sort, imagine the things we ' d en- counter along our way. We ' d see a world torn by better than a dozen major military conflicts — including two world wars. We ' d see families and homes torn by the depression of the Hoover days, and more change in trends and times than we could ever attempt to comprehend. Just the mere thoughts of such a journey seem to send the human mind into a shudder — and yet through all those years Anderson College has endured, stood strong in stormy weather, and embraced thousands of students with a form of southern hospitality so overwhelm- ing and unique that it is of its own style, branded with nothing less than Christian love and concern. Although our time machine jour- ney is an impossibility when consid- ered in a literal sense, we can take a trip through snapshots — past and present on these pages. If we could point to the one factor that has maintained this status, it is without doubt the element of tradi- tion. Tradition is the active sense of pride and faithfulness and this is the we share here. Without apology kind we offer it to all, and without hesitation they accept, and thus the tradition continues. With Time In some ways the atmosphere is dreamy and magical, and yet much too real and warm to be referred to in such a manner. Realness. On- going. Strong. Call it what you may; the goodness of it is that it hasn ' t parted course and hopefully never will. Because without these things, Anderson College would be a cold series of buildings. With 75 years of past, the future can only hold more of the same. Again, we can note these elements are uniquely Ander- son College. Ci ' ■ ' ■ik . e Memories msm Live On " To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted. A time to kill, and a time to heal, A time to break d own, arid a time to build up; A time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance; A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; A time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; A time to get, and a time to lose, a time to keep, and a time to " cast away. A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. " Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 Sophomore Jill Goforth passed away on December 28 1985. Ms. Goforth was an active member of the Anderson College family being an active member of the A.C. Women ' s Soccer Club as well as also being active in the intra-mural program. Friends remember Ms. Goforth as one who always had the ability to lift low spirits. She was one who was able to note the good rather than bad in others. Perhaps the best tribute we could give Ms. Goforth was the fact that she did not have just one close friend but 5000. We all share in the grief which comes from the loss of a oung friend . . . She was a part of us . . . our Anderson College family and community. _ _ — . Ms. Jill Dunlap was called home to be with hefSavior on Jan 29 1986. Although only a freshman, Ms. Dunlap quickly got intothe swing of things at A.C. and was immediately loveS and admired by all who came to know her. Friends remember Ms. Dunlap as a vivacious girl who always had a smile on her face. Ms. Dunlap is also re- membered as a very dedicated girl with a pleasing per- sonality. While a student at T.L. Hanna High School was a cheerleader " with a tremendous spirit and a heart full of compassion for her fellow school-mates. While at A.C, Ms. Dunlap was a member of the A.C. Trojettes. We join in the grief that comes from the loss of a loving daughter, a caring friend and a dedicated student. " Fear not: for 1 have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. While thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; When thou walkest through the fire, thou shait not be burned; neither shall the flame kihdie upon thee. For I am the LORD thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Savior ... " Isaiah 43:1b-3. A Man For All Seasons Chaplain Sandy Kidd is truly a man for all seasons. In line with his duties at Anderson College, Chaplain Kidd, or Sandy, as he is better known to his stu- dents as we ll as fellow faculty and staff members, always avails himself to the needs of others. It would also be very fair to say that Sandy has this attitude, not only because it is demanded of him in his job but more so because he has made this a part of his life. Sandy does not make himself scarce; you can find him on the softball field, at the basket- ball game, at the soccer game. When- ever you need someone to talk to or just someone to listen to you, Sandy is always there. The Reverend Fred Metts is no unfa- miliar face on the A.C. Campus. He will have the privilege of having served in Anderson College for 24 years this year. The Rev. Metts has always been held in high esteem by his students and peers. He is always more than willing to help anyone who deserves to be helped. We commend these two gentlemen for all they have done to aid in the growth and development of this country ' s fu- ture generations. God Bless . . . 1. The Chaplain ' s door is always open. 2. " What is Sandy thinking about. ' 3. " What is the hurry, Sandy? " A Friend To All 1. " Now, what did you say your name was? " 2. Back to 1986, Mr. Metts takes time off grad- ing papers to smile. 3. " What seems to have caught Mr. Metts ' interest? " T 10 1. It had to be a Monday!! 2. Monday blues, 1986. " r ! .. ' illfi ' ft 11 ;L ■ ' BsH - «c--c ff 3. Dirty laundry — the college student ' s evil down through history. 4. Wonder what life was like without the Whyte Build- ing? 5. And the evil continues. 6. The beauty of architecture at its finest. If those walls could talk, what a story they could tell!! n 12 1. From the " swinging 60 ' s " , . . 2. To the " swinging 80 ' s " : a pleasure unchanged by time and trend 3. Hard work in construction. . . 4. pays off for spectators. 5. Reflection. ; ry ,| f . ' y AN ADDITION TO MtNS " DORMITORY ANDCRSON COLUGt OK J E HOUSE PKiSiOtMl tistSdi corn cTOR sob ccmiRACf HARPER FAKTSfANT h ' u cttcT»ic BUILDERS inc. flRCHlTtCTS JJ ' J,Vl«?l! r( ' iLitM%r jn ic tit cmemninie 1. The Rouse apartments taking shape 2. The North Rouse apartments on a foggy 1986 day. 3. They obviously find studying outside the library more productive than being inside. 4. The Johnston Memorial Library withstands the test of time. 13 1. Profile of a student in thougfit. Or is it confusion? 2. Got a problem? 3. Sound body, sound mind. 3. Friendbhip threatens every lonely hour. 4. Slumber is bliss, no matter where it is encoun- tered. 15 Anderson College: 50 Years Throughout the years, Anderson College has developed and grown into one of the finest education institutions in this region. The increase in the stu- dent body has resulted in an addition of faculty and staff members as well as housing facilities on campus. As we re- flect on the golden anniversary cele- bration of Anderson College, we rec- ognize the many changes that she has gone through and at the same time look forward to the new challenges we face as we enter our 75th year. 1; The three ladies seem reluctant to cut this beautiful piece of art. iriTi ' rkJ 2: A.C. post office, 25 years ago i hat a change! 16 Going On 75 1: A.C. swings have been a tradition for many years. 2: Whyte Gym taking shape! 3: Taking care of business in the Registrar ' s office. ■HI , , ; 1 :;_ 1 - — rE L ,-■ " - ' " £ " 17 I r ' . President ' s Reception In the middle of August, summer still has a firm grip on the land; the sun burns with a fierce intensity, the air hangs heavy, hot and balmy. In the flower garden the hollyhocks bow their tired heads. The bees in lazy aisles make their rounds among the roses. As the sun climbs in the sky people move slowly; their neatly starched collars dampen and wilt. In the aggressive heat of the afternoon, everyone thinks of evening and longs for the cool eastern breeze to freshen the air and the spirit, a breeze that reminds them of the cool days of fall ahead and whispers that school days are soon here again. For Anderson College, the middle of August marks the start of a new school year. Despite the heat stu- dents bustle about campus getting settled into dormitories and prepare for the beginning of classes. 1. JoVanna welcomes everyone with a warm smile. 2. " Oh, Sheila, you do serve fine punch. " 3. Pam checks to be sure she has the right name tag. 4. The Boykins and Franklins enjoy each other ' s company at the President ' s reception. 20 Making New Acquaintances 1. Amy seems to have the upperhand in the conversation. 2. Mr. Hanley humors Mrs. Brinson Vi ith a witty comment. 3. Mrs. Hanley thinks the refreshments are absolutely exquisite. 4. Pretty young women flock to meet Presi- dent Hopkins. 5. Amy and Allison charm everyone with their lovely voices. This evening, August 13, will bring them all together for the first time at the President ' s reception. Here they will make acquaintances with the people who will share with them some of the most important years of their life. They will learn first hand of the warmth and friendliness that has made Anderson College renowned for its Southern Hospi- tality for 75 years. 21 Hidden Talents Appear 1. A.C. ' s very own singing cowboys. 2. " Now, do you want to go first or should I go first? " 3. Country Bunipl ins . A.C. style. 22 ' 3 1 i- 4 1. " Hey, Time, what is the time now? " 2. Trying real hard to sing for her supper. 3. Not only can they teach and lead, they can entertain too. Talent show 1985 brought out all the potential Hollywood stars that Anderson College could muster. Students dressed in their own unique way and brought with that their own style of entertainment. Faculty and staff members also put everything aside and brought out their best to entertain all parents and students who were present. 23 Students Take Action The students at AC are indeed a unique bunch. Though they come from many different schools and backgrounds they unite to form a close family. Student days are filled with SGA meetings, Campus Minis- tries, Intramurals, studying, athletic practice, etc. AC ' s campus is always bustling with activities. There is nev- er a moment when someone is not up to something. Below are some examples of AC students in action around campus. At AC % - ' X 1. One of many study sessions on second floor Merritt. 2. AC girls take a break between classes. 3. Among other things, courtesy is a common practice on AC campus. 24 i I 1. " Don ' t leave me Shane. " 2. )ust hanging out. 3. Melinda and Jovanna working diligently on the SAA phone-a-thon. 4. Cheri takes time out to smile for the camera. 5. " Learn how to sing, Chris. " ■ 25 to True to the tradition of Anderson College, A.C. faculty and staff mem- bers more often than not, go the second mile to ensure that their stu- dents achieve the goal of experienc- ing a " complete education. " Here, we hav e tried to capture the many moods and expressions of a cross-section of A.C. faculty and staff members as they go about their tasks in a small Baptist junior college in the foothills of South Carolina, a junior college that can truly boast of having shared 75 years of Southern Hospi- tality. C 1. Dr. Hopkins extends a true Southern wel- come to Mr. Hino. 2. Mrs. McGregor likes to maintain a serious attitude in the classroom. 3. Dr. Franklin gives a " southern grin. " 4. C.J. does not believe in smiling while at work. 5. Bill Bridges seems very proud of his hand- bells. 6. Mr. Hughey concentrates on solving a math problem. iSSSie, 1. Photography instructor, linger Stuntz, finds herself on the wrong side of the camera. -« «eM f 27 1. " What has happened to all my clothes? " 2. " What are you staring at? " 3. " Who says A.C. doesn ' t have beach bums? " 4. " Oh no! I am late for my Friday night date! " A.C. Studen ts Caught Unaware 2. Just one of the many strange things which happened the day the roof caved in. 3. " 1 wonder what is Fred looking for? " 4. Last-minute cramming for a major Biology test. 5. What is the crowd gathering for? " 5. " It can ' t be time for my 8 am Religion class yet! " 29 Oneness Felt During 30 1. Hmm . . . Something interesting seems to be going on over there. 2. Now, now, what is John going to do with his pie. 3. " Diane, see that you catch this very care- fully! " Parents ' Weekend ». ..2:3£ ... 2. " Cheers to you too! ' 3. " What ' s so funny? " I i -I Now, what are these girls trying to do? 4. " Now, let ' s get ready to jam! ' 31 PARENTS GET A GLIMPSE OF COLLEGE LIFE 1. Sitting at the sidewalk, waiting patiently for their food. 2. " I am real proud of my son! " 3. These guys seem to enjoy being behind bars. " 32 1. " Are they trying to beautify their faces? ' 2. " Here, maybe this towel will help. " 3. " Mv, aren ' t thov carrying heavy loads? " 33 C.udents Show Creativity r V.V 1 1. The hunchback of Notre Dame comes to A.C. 2. " Come color with us. " 3. " What is she dressed up as? " 4. The circus comes to town! 5. " My, aren ' t they intimate? " 6. " Can anyone figure out who he is? " 35 Tra J! ° A » ' i ' L ' i ' iJ i y Continued y £ R S N 1lS3 a p e I Christmas First Night, one of An- derson College ' s long-standing tra- ditions was observed once again this year. For the second year running, First Night activities included the partak- ing of the Moravian Lovefeast served by members of the A.C. Choir, Cam- pus Ministries officers and S.G.A. leaders. Also providing music were the A.C. Handbell Choir, Radiance, con- cet harpist Carol Hahn and freshman Heather Hatton. The evening ' s festivities climaxed with the traditional lighting of the Christmas Yule-log by President Mark Hopkins and S.G.A. president Kenny Johns. Truly, Christmas First Night was an evening when two of Anderson Col- lege ' s most important traditions were observed. 1. Let the bells ring in the season! 2. " My, aren ' t they pretty! " 1. " Is the tiddler playing the right tune? " 2. " My, what a magniticient masterpiece. " 3. Passing the buck along. 38 A Different Perspective 1. " A penny for your thoughts, Dr. Tribble. " 2. Dr. Franklin and Dr. Whitlow have a jam session. Up, up, and 39 r I s t m a s F o r m a I 40 41 s _ , istmas Spirit Brought 42 1. Everyone is all ears as Heather plays. 2. Radiance sings in the season. 3. " What are Mr. Clark and Steve looking at? " 4. " Sing your hearts out, guys! " 5. " Now, choir, what are you supposed to do while Radiance sings? " To Biltmore House w h o ' s WHO ' S WHO Each Year, students, faculty, staff, and administration nominate and vote for fifteen sophomore students to be elected into the membership of " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Ju- nior Colleges " . These students have to be in good academic and social standing with the college as well as being able to hold the re- spect of their peers. We ammend the following stu- dents who were named to this honor during the 1985-86 school year. Mr. Milton T. Blakely, Ms. Betsy Dawn Blanchard, Mrs. Sherri Wil- son Cartee, Ms. Janice Marlene Cook, Ms. Tracy Leigh Dye, Ms. Quisha Chaunelle Hill, Mr. Roy Teong Khiam Howe, Mr. Kenneth Earl Johns Jr., Mr. Anthony Chwee Hin Khoo, Mr. Manning Nicholas Lomax Jr., Ms. Amelia Carol Mor- ris, Mr. Derrick Robinson, Ms. Katherine Leigh Stone, Mr. Rus- sell Lamont Todd, Ms. Cheri Ma- rie Townes. MR. MILTON T. BLAKELY GREENVILLE, S.C. ■ ' MRS. SHERRI WILSON CARTEE ANDERSON, S.C, MS. JANICE MARLENE COOK UNION, S.C. 44 MR, LENNETH EARL JOHNS JR. WALHALLA, SC MR. MANNING NICHOLAS LOMAX JR. CLEMSON, SC MS. AMELIA CAROL MORRIS LIBERITY, SC 45 MS. TRACIE LEIGH DYE ELBERTON, CA MS. QUISA CHAUNELLE HILL UNION, SC MR. ROY TEONC KHIAM HOWE SINGAPORE 46 MR. DERRICK ROBINSON DUNCAN, SC MS. KATHERINE LEIGH STONE CLEMSON, SC MR. RUSSELL LAMONT TODD IVA, SC MS. CHERI MARIE TOWNES IVA, SC 47 People Are People More often than not, the average student has the stereotyped view of the faculty or staff member as one who is behind the desk, someone who cannot be reached except for official business. In these two pages we try to prove otherwise — faculty and staff members are people too ... 1. when the coach speaks, everyone should listen. 2. " Photograph me if you can. " 3. " Boy, isn ' t she gorgeous. " 4. " What is so funny, Mr. President? " 48 » m) " ., i HHp m 11 ' I H ■ ' ■■ 1 iV 1 " t H HE t ' % . : | ' ' 1 H If aniPR H Q ' 1 . J J j I n i sa ■ : i- fi!-- % •■ ■!SA4 m ■4:. ' t.m- . !SV4 ' ' %,- «.„«.f.. ' ' i.f • ' . in « « ' v ' ; ■.! ; ■ IkC ll .i ¥? " ' ' ? ' SSf ' ' ' ? C?t!?w ' ' . imwwm: i Ministry to Aged Homeless Kelly Reeves, Mandy Burkett, Lana Grant, Kristy Keller, Michelle Adkins, Vickie Belk, Melody Martin, Robin Lee, Barbara Jolly. Standing — David Brady, David Peebles The Mission Social Action arm of campus ministries gives students a unique opportunity to minister to the needs of the aged and of home- less children. Students pay regular visits to the foster home as well as the nursing home. The students avail themselves to the inmates: letting them have someone to talk to, someone to play games with or just have someone to . listen to. This year, the group functioned , under the leadership of Robin Lee. 52 Girls Participate Through BYW Top - bottom: Tracie Dye, Amanda Burton, Michelle Adkins, Cheryl Timmons, Tina Bailey, Melissa Moore, Pamela Caldwell, Windy Frasier, Heather Hatton, Chris Whitfield, Joy Motes, Jan Blackwell. Contrary to what the name may suggest, the Baptist Young Women arm of campus ministries encourages participation from all females in the campus ministries program. The BYW group draws her support from the South Carolina Baptist Con- vention Women ' s Missionary Union Deprtment and as such her programs are structured in that manner. This year the BYW group functioned under the leadership of Amanda Burton. Through this toilsome world, alas Once and only once I pass If a kindness 1 may show If a good deed I may do To a suffering fellow man Let me do it while I can No delay for it is plain I shall not pass this way again Author Unknown 53 Agape Groups Encourage Front — Russel Rowland, Benji Langley, Dale Darley Back — Darryl Foshee, David Brady, Keith Tutterow, Desi GInn Discipleship So you can ' t a multitude feed — Take some food to some in need. So you can ' t a lame man heal Drive him to church in your automobile So you can ' t restore sight — read to the blind Share your eyes and heart and mind. So you can ' t raise the dead — comfort the living By sharing grief and of yourself giving So at soul-saving you ' re not a whiz — You can tell others of the One who is! Ruth M. Walsh 54 Bible Studies In Dorm Front (L-R): Bobbie Sue Wood, Kim Broadwater, Deborah Lamb, Betsy Blanehard, Stacey Badger, Windy Frasier, Kristy Keller, Jeannie Tuite. Back (L-R): Lisa Medlin, Vickie Belk, Dora Kimbrell. The Men ' s and Women ' s Agape Groups are a committed group of Christian students who make it part of their mission to lead bible study groups wherever they live. They are among a special group of people who believe and are willing to stand up for their faith. This year, Men ' s Agape func- tioned under the leadership of Daryl Foshee while Women ' s Ag ape func- tioned under the leadership of Betsy Blanehard. 55 Journey Team Ministers 56 Kneeling (l-r): Roy Howe, Joey Hughes, Chip Smith, Benji Langley Middle (l-r): Tracy Coolsby, Tony Putnam, Lan Quattlebaum, Cherie Whitehead, Lori Plyer Back (l-r): Jeannie Tuite, Bobbie Sue Wood, Kelly Jo Callaham, Kay Dickerson, Deborah Lamb, Tracie Dye, Amanda Burton, Desi Ginn Through the journey team, inter- ested students have the opportunity to journey to area churches to spread the good news. Students have the opportunity to preach the word, share their personal testimony and minister through music and dra- ma. Besides worship services, journey team members also conduct youth revivals, Sunday School and Training Union classes and youth fellowship activities like lock-ins and Valen- tines ' Day banquets. This year, the journey team func- tioned under the leadership of Kelly Jo Callaham. Sunshine Friends Bring Joy Front (l-r): Heather Hatton, Russell Rowland, Rebecca Barrett. Second (l-r); Marty Purdy, Kelly Jo Callaham, Tammy Dillon, Amy Karrlker, Beth McCarter. Third (l-r): Sandy Hall, Pamela Caldwell, Allison Reese, Lynn Padgett, Amy Morris. Fourth (l-r): Desi Cinn, Lori Maxwell, Sherry Ham, Michelle Adkins. Fifth (l-r): Jeff Craft, Renne Grasty, Kris Duncan, Tracy Dye. Sunshine Friends are a special group of people who make it part of their mission to bring happiness and joy to the retarded citizens of the city of Anderson. All it takes to be a part of this special group is a love and concern for fellow-beings who may be less privileged than yourself. Besides the regular meetings twice a month, Sunshine Friends also sponsors other special activities like Halloween and Christmas parties for the retarded children. This year, Sunshine Friends functioned under the leadership of Tracy Dye. 57 Service Through C.R.V. Front (1-r): )eannie luite. Amy Karriker, Ben|l Langley, John Rettew. Back (l-r): Desi Cinn, Tracie Dye, Kris Duncan, Deborah Lamb, Keith Tutterow. 58 The Church-Related-Vocations group is a collection of students who have committed their lives to full- time Christian ministry. Through the C.R.V., students have the opportuni- ty to work on staff positions in sever- al area churches. They can also benefit from C.R.V. conferences throughout the state. Students also have the opportunity to attend spe- cial student missions conferences conducted by the six Southern Bap- tist seminaries throughout the coun- try. C.R.V. also sponsors the annual World Hunger Rice Dinner to bene- fit the World Hunger Fund Drive. This year, C.R.V. functioned under the leadership of Benji Langley. Outreach And Fellowships L-R: Melissa McCarthy, Dale Darley, Stacy Badger, Daryl Foshee, Kim Broadwater, Tammie Dillon, Jeanie Tuitte, Lori Plyler, Kristy Keller, Chip Smith, Cliff Cribb, Kenny Price, David Crump, Roy Howe. The Outreach and Fellowships arm of Campus Ministries is respon- sible for providing refreshments at A.C. ' s home basketball games. The proceeds from this avenue goes to- wards the funding of the South Carolina Baptist Student Union Sum- mer Missions Program. Besides this, Outreach and Fellowships also spon- sors college-wide fellowships like the banana-split fellowship, pizza fellowship, concerts, movies and lock-ins. This year, the Outreach and Fel- lowships group functioned under the joint leadership of Dale Darley, Kenny Price and Melissa McCarthy. 59 CM. Activities Well Publicized • ' Front: Chip Smith. Back: Lana Grant, Mandy Burkett, Eliere Tolan, Kely Reeves, Chris Greer, Deborah Lamb, Jeannie Tuite. 60 Who is responsible for the attrac- tive posters on campus which publi- cize up-coming Campus Ministry functions and activities? The public- ity arm of Campus Ministry, of course. This dilligent group of stu- dents work behind the scenes to en- sure that everyone is aware of up- coming activities. This creative and artistic group of enthusiastic students functioned un- der the leadership of Chris Greer. Campus Ministries Officers Front — (L-R): Amanda Burton, Robin Lee, Betsy Blanchard, Benji Langley. Back (L-R): Dale Darley, Tracie Dye, Melissa McCarthy, Kelly Jo Callaham, Kenny Price, Amy Karriker, Darryl Foshee. The Campus Ministries officers worked hard this year to ensure the smooth running of the Campus Ministries program. Among other things, they sponsored the World Hunger Fund Drive to aid the underprivileged both at home and abroad. They also headed fund-raising efforts to support the South Carolina Baptist Student Union Summers Missions program. The CM. officers were led this year by Amy Karriker and also drew support from Chaplain Sandy Kidd and Jo Ellen Duke, campus ministries intern from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. 61 And tJjou haM call h sMim Jesus, -.§1 yX ndei k §ourisell0r, . LambmfG04 f n Lord Bo Alimi Lion Wf-tll - ' iMm M ' ' MBM -RpOt:OfS0mii ' ' Advoca ' 0Sk ' 0i0BaYi : Sli0herd ii : i , . ' ici|| Messiahs The TnMlh ' Sav! , Chief sCcfrn rstof Kii Righteous Judge, Light of thel Head of the Church, Morning Son of Righteousness, Lordf Jesus Christ Chief Shephei Resurrection and Life | Horn of Salvation, Goveri§ The Alpha and Omega :M 63 f rr- ' wm: ' ' 1 t •■■ Inspiration Choir Front (L-R) : Nita Macon, Sherry Ham, Priscilla Ellis, Gerlinda E. Witcher, Sheila Anderson, Sharon Dill, Rona Fant, Cassandra Ficklin, Teresa Roberson, Timilyn Dean, Malinda Ward. Back L-R) : Willie Mae Oglesby, Kim Grimes, Debra Coleman, Timmy Wallace, Mr. Leonard Johnson, Bobby Ward, Angela Bradley, Phyllis Thomson, Sharon Lawrence. 66 Brass Ensemble Entertains (Left-Right) : Joey Ramsey, Andy Westbrook, Levi Leverette, Dr. Perry Carroll, Devon Broom, Dennis Cohens, Brian Bridges, Mark Elliot. 67 Echoes Promotes Good Journalism 68 Front (L-R) : Terry Bryant, Tracie Dye, Eugene Joliey, Theresa Gilliard, Roy Howe. Back (L-R) : Amy Pearson, Sandi Upton, Dana Collins, Lorna Oglesby, Mr. Lawrence Webb. Not Pictured : Sherrie Cartee, Tracy Whitten, Steve Hamby. The A.C. Echoes, the student-pro- duced newspaper of Anderson Col- lege, took on a new look this year as it expanded and increased produc- tion by putting out 12 issues of Ech- oes each semester. Under the leadership of Co-Edi- tors Sherrie Cartee and Tracy Dye, the staff sought to represent fairly the views and interests of the stu- dent body. THE JOURNALIST ' S CREED I believe that the public journal is a public trust; that ail connected with it are, to the full measure of their responsibility, trustees for the public; that acceptance of a lesser service than the public service is a betrayal of this trust. I believe that clear thinking and clear statement, accuracy and fairness, are fundamental to good journalism. 1 believe that the journalist should write what he holds in his heart to be true. I believe that suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of the society, is indefensible. 1 believe that no one should write as a journalist what he would not say as a gentleman; that bribery by one ' s own pocketbook is as much to be avoided as bribery by the pocketbook of another; that individual responsibility may not be escaped by pleading another ' s instructions or another ' s dividends. 1 believe that advertising, news and editorial columns should alike serve the best interests of the readers; that a single standard of helpful truth and cleanness should prevail for all; that the supreme test of good journalism is the measure of its public service. 1 believe that the journalism that succeeds best — and best deserves success — fears God and honors Man; is stoutly independent, unmoved by pride of opinion or greed of power, constructive, tolerant but never careless, self-controlled, patient, always respectful of its readers but always unafraid, is quickly indignant at injustice; is unswayed by the appeal of privilege or the clamor of the mob; seeks to give every man a chance, and as far as law and honest wage and recognition of human brotherhood can make it so, an equal chance; is profoundly patriotic while sincerely promoting international goodwill and cementing world-comradeship; is a journalism of humanity, of and for today ' s world. Walter Williams Dean, School of Journalism, University of Missouri (1908-1935) Front (L-R) ; Len Jackson, Donna Sherriff, Allison Sides, Darlene O ' Brien, Vicky Anderson, Pamela Caldwell, Teresa Roberson, Dora Kimbrell. Middle (L-R) : Cheryl Timmons, Kim Cobb, Kay Dickerson, Angle Shirley, Sherry Ham, Janet Blow, Willie Mae Oglesby, Theresa Gilliard. Back (L-R) : Kenny Johns, Rhonda Wooten, Vickie Belk, Marsha Price, Patti Skelton, Sheila Burrell, Anthony Tutt. 70 S))ci vi 1st row (l-r) : Jane Lay, Joanne Wilson, Pam Evans, Dena Gerald, Janice Whitener, Kim Broadwater, Nancy Montague, 2nd row (Ir) : Pamela Caldwell, Cathy Corrigan, Anne Lay, Lisa Bryant, Sheila Burrell, Allyson Thurston, Renee Touchberry, Tracy Hartin, Lori Plyer, Susan Privitera. 3rd row (l-r) : Lana Grant, Mandy Berkett, Whitney Lockwood, Teresa Roberson. 4th row (l-r) : Dora Kimbrell, Vickie Belk, Janice Cook, Jean Rutledge, Kay Dickerson, Joy Motes, Melissa Moore, Tina Bailey. 5th row (l-r) : Terry Brady, David Crump, Jeff Branum, Devon Broome, Jackie Sanders, Kris Duncan. Not Pictured: ; Kensel Bennett, Brett Champion, Karen Rushing, Katherine Martin, Nikki Eberhart, Latonya Brooks, Lisa Hall. 71 Girls Entertain At Games The A.C. Pom Pon Squad, recently renamed the A.C. Trojettes are the elite synchronized dance ambassa- dors of Anderson College. The Tro- jettes have to go through a very strict selection process during the fall of each year. The Trojettes are responsible for providing entertainment at all of An- derson College ' s Home basketball games. This year, the Trojettes perform under the leadership of Co-Captains Amy Morris and Allison Hill and Uni- form Captain Nancy Montague and are under the sponsorship of ]o- Vanna Johnson. 1. " Now, let ' s see how long you can stay in that position. " 2. L-R: Deanie Smith, Chert Townes, Jill Dun- lap, Dell Brock, Libby Brown, Joni Mathis, Lee Satterfield, Adrian Huff, Kim Biggers, Allison Hill, Nancy Montague, Angle Shirley, Angela Banks, Sharon Drew, Shelley Willis, Dena Ger- ald, Amy Morris, Janice Whitener. 5 if , ..j-i 72 Where would we be without them? Although they ' re not on the court dribbling the basketball, it just wouldn ' t be a ballgame without them. We tend to think of a cheer- leader as being a popular girl who doesn ' t have a very hard job. Well, the fact is that the cheerleaders work very hard to remember all of the moves and words and to stay in shape. They give the team and the spectators enthusiasm through their hard work and dedication. The cheerleaders perform under the leadership of Angela Alifi and under the sponsorship of Susan Coleman. •V4I 0) ; f " ' 1: Looking tor potential cheerleaders at CO. RE. 2: Bottom Row (L-R): Tracey Cain, Inga Hamn, Wendi Wilson, Anna Rainey, Sheila Burrell, Julie Mitchell, Debra Bates Top Row (L-R): Tammy Redd, Joy Farmer, Sherry Ham, Angela Alifi, Pam Evans, Lisa Stamey, Tracy James. j: Wait a minute! Are these cheerleaders or athletes? 73 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS The OIK is the fashion merchan- dising, interior design fraternity of Anderson College. Membership in this club is open to all fashion mer- chandising interior design majors. The members partake in activities which service to further their inter- est like sponsoring fashion shows and cooking demonstrations. Mem- bers also have the opportunity to ap- ply for jobs and internships in their field of interest. This year the OIK functions under the leadership of Troy Williams and are sponsored by Mrs. Mary Martin. 1. OIK officers seated: Troy Williams standing: Allison Hill, Dawn Stack, Stacy Badger, Phillis Grubbs 2. One of OIK ' s activities is sponsoring fashion shows, such as this one. 3. OIK Members first row: Susan Peace, Julie Jordan, Pam Evans, Kristi Wilkes, Kim Idol, Vicky Anderson, Donna Sheriff, Malura Mulligan 2nd Row: Felicia King, Janice Robertson, Nancy Montague, Dena Gerald, Andra Johnson, Scottie Johnson, Missy Biesecker 3rd Row: Tina Bailey, Marsha Price, Tammy Forrester, Janet Blow, Kerri Jarrard, Kristin Cromer, Kathy Williams, Lisa Bryant, Jill Touklas, Beth Bennett, Kim Broadwater 4th Row: Chris Greer, Kim Flynn, Elizabeth Finger, Toni Peterson, Stacy Badger, Allison Hill, Dawn Stack, Phyl Grubbs, Troy Williams, Lynne Benevides, Cindy Evans, Windi Wilson, Deanie Smith, Julie Whetstone, Michelle Keefe 5th Row: Cindy Laag, Michael Kay, Mandy Baker, Todd Burriss, Martin Davis, Sheila Burell, Cheri Townes, Lynn Campbell, Jennifer Kowalczyk, Lisa Cox, Elizabeth Painter, Alice Smith, Mrs. Mary Martin. 74 Science Club Promotes Appreciation Of Nature Front (L-R): Barbara Jolly, Amy Morris, Wayne Moore, )ohnny McAbee, Joy Motes, Neal Dubose, Melissa Moore, Julia Carlos. Middle (L-R): Susan Baker, Mandy Morton, Wanda Tilson, Robert Moody, Scott Tharpe, Todd Hawkins, David Laffon, John Snow. Back (L-R); Dr. Alice Fay, Richard McClellan, Dr. Charles Earl, Robin Jackson, Laura Labbe, Susan Hayes, Tamala Childs, Pam Frick, Tina Bailey, Suzanne Grenmark, A.D. Plowden III, Walt McLeod, Mr. Robert Fries. The A.C. Science Club is only in its second year, but it is already drawing a good following from the students. Membership is open to all interested students, and members have the op- portunity to visit various places of scientific and biological interest. 75 p h I T h e t a Kneeling (L-R): Tammy Redd, Chris Greer, Sandra Brooks, Laurie Maxwell, Kelly Jo Callaliam. Standing (L-R): Dr. Shirley Jacks, Betty Crump, Jackie Nicholson, Suzanne Crenmark, Kelly Reeves, Donna Whiten, Lisa Medlin, Lisa Kratzer. K a P P Phi Theta Kappa of the national junior college honorary scholastic fraternity is a vital part of Anderson College. Members are required to maintain a 3.50 grade point average. This year the club sponsored the College Bowl Contest for area high schools as well as a similar contest for all A.C. clubs and organizations. When things to wrong as they some- times will, When the road you ' re trudging seems all uphill, When the funds are low and the debts are high. And you want to smile, but you have to sigh. When care is pressing you down a bit Rest if you must — but don ' t you quit. Often the goal is nearer than It seems to a faint and faltering man, Often the struggler has given up When he might have captured the victor ' s cup. And he learned too late, when the night slipped down. How close he was to the golden crown Success is failure turned inside out The silver tint of the clouds of doubt And you never can tell how close you are. It may be near when it seems afar: So stick to the fight when you are hardest. hit — It ' s when things seem worst that you mustn ' t quit. — Author Unknown — 76 1. Front (L-R): Betsy Blanchard, Lisa Hicks, Lisa Medlin, Neal DuBose, Joy Motes. Middle (L-R): Tammy Redd, Barbara Jolly, Robin Lee, Kim Idol, Kelly Reeves Back (L-R): Mr. John Boyte, Betty Crump, Lisa Kratzer, Jackie Nicholson, Malinda Harvell, Scott Tharpe, Mrs. Ruth Boyte. The Gamma Beta Phi Society ' s pur- pose is to encourage scholastic effort, to reward academic merit, and to im- prove education through appropriate service projects. To remain in good standing, students need to maintain a 3.0 grade point average while at Ander- son College. This year, the club functioned under the leadership of Betsy Blanchard and are sponsored by John and Ruth Boyte. Among the many service projects that they have undertaken, the club spon- sored 2 blood donation drives together with the Anderson Memorial Hospital. 2. " Now, please tell me what Gamma Beta Phi is all about. " 77 Business Fraternity Added 1. Front (L-R): Wayne Moore, Kenny Price, Chip Smith, Rob Jennings, David Ruediger, Angela Banks, Vicky Anderson. Center (L-R): Susan Whiteford, Laura Labbe, Kelly Snider, Diane Spake, Sheila Woodard, Susan Atkins, Yvette Walters, Mandy Burkett. Back (L-R); Betty Crump, Kris Duncan, Malinda Harvell, Mr. Robert P. Franks, Jeff A.Branum, Dan Broome, Laura Kraft, Lana Grant, Pete Klempka, Amanda Billings, David Peebles. Among the new clubs on campus is Phi Beta Lamba, the new business fraternity of Anderson College. This fraternity is open to all interested students with the emphasis on all business majors. This year the Phi Beta Lamba soci- ety functioned under the leadership of Malinda Harvell and Kris Duncan and sponsored by Mr. Robert P. Franks. National accreditation is cur- rently being sought by the society. o L2S; ' L te 2. " Won ' t you like to join me and my nevii fraternity? " 2 Pep Club Peps Up A.C. The A.C. Pep Club is the most en- thusiastic supporter of all the Trojan athletic teams. Composed of excited, spirit-filled students, the club members aid the cheerleaders and the Trojettes and kept the spirits high even in the low times. Whether it was on the soccer field, the basketball court, the soft- ball field or the tennis courts. Pep Club members were always there to cheer the players on. This year, the Pep Club welcomed Mrs. Sarah Sprague as their new ad- visor. 1. Pep Club members at CORE looking for new " peppers. " 2. Front (L-R); Beth Bennett, Lori Steele, )ana Copeland, Kim Broadwater, Susan Pruvtera, Renee Touchberry. 2nd Row (L-R): Len )ackson, Renee Brinson, Marsha Price, Sherry Ham, Alyson Thruston, Tracey Hartin. 3rd Row (L-R): Deborah Lamb, Tony Gamble, Willie Mae Oglesby. 4th Row (L-R): Kim Grimes, Anthony Tutt, Janet Blow, Crystal Isgett. 5th Row (L-R): Kim Cobb, Sharon Haynie, Mrs. Sarah Sprague 6th Row (L-R): Rob Moody, Todd Heebner. Not Pictured: Barry Abrams, Sheila Anderson, Vickie Belk, Debra Coleman, Tony Gamble, Kiva Greer, Patty Jenkins, Dora Kimbrell, Sharon Lawrence, Nita Macon, Lorna Oglesby, Teresa Roberson, Wilhelmina Smith 79 A.C. ' ' Zoo Keepers RESIDENCE HALL SUPERVISORS: F.on, Yoe. Back Row (L-R): Charles Raines, Grace Melton. Row (L-R): Christine Norris, Susan Yoe, Jimmy KtolL tlN I Abbib IAN I b. Front Row (L-R); Andrea Barnes, Laura Labbe, Allison Hill, Dora Kimball, Rhonda Mize, Angle Shirley, Sheila Wright, Jean Fowler, Dawn Stack. Back Row (L-R): Troy Williams, Benji Langley, Kris Duncan, Rob Jennings, Jeffrey Ford, Thierry Chiapello, Tommy Gilchrist, Greg Shealy, Todd Whisenant, Kenny Price, A.D. Plowden III, Steve Woodard. 80 S.G.A. Social Board SOCIAL BOARD — Front Row — Chris Greer, Andrea Barnes, Nancy Montague, Paula Roback, Rhonda Wooten, Sheila Burrell, Watts Huckabee. Second Row — Laina Basham, Betsy Blanchard, Kay Dickerson, Kim Biggers, Lori Plyer, Darlene O ' Brien, Allison Jones, Julia Carlos, Anna Rainey. Third Row — Toni Peterson, Patti Skelton, Jeannie Baker, Debbie Davis, Teresa Robertson, Matt Poore, Tim Farmer, Timmy Wallace, Jeannie Tuitte, Lan Quattlebaum, David Pitts, Eliere Tolan. Fourth Row — Kim Flynn, Cindy White, Leslie Bell, Marsha Price, Tracy Cain, Lana Lowe, Lane Wells, Theresa Arnold, Pam Evans, Dena Gerald, Susan Chandler, Lee Sattefield, Jill Dunlap. 81 FOOD SERVICE — Kay Dickerson, Susan Atkins, Rick Whatley, David PUBLICITY — Lana Lowe, Lori Plyer, Sheila Burrell, Jeannie Baker, Marsha Price. Pitts, Marty Purdy. MOVIE VIDEO — Teresa Robertson, Jill Dunlap, Lee Satterfield, Jeannie Tuitt, Debbie Davis, Cindy White, Watts Huckabee, David Pitts 82 TOURNAMENTS CONTESTS — Nancy Montague, Pam Evans, Dena Gerald, )ulia Carlos, Matt Poore, Kim Flynn, Patti Skelton. TRAFFIC APPEALS — Eliere Tolan, Angle Shirley, Lisa McNeer, Rusty DANCE CONCERT — Darlene O ' Brien, Andrea Barnes, Kay Dickerson, Allison o d Jones, Anna Rainey, Timmy Wallace, Tracy Cain, Lan Quattlebaum. 83 I TRAVEL SHORTCOURSE — Kelly Snyder, Tracy Hartin, Tim Farmer, Theresa Rhonda Wooten, There- sa Arnold, Susan Candler, Lane Wells. SOCIAL BOARD CHAIRPERSONS — Watts Huckabee, Nancy Montague, Paula Roback, Sheila Burrell, Rhonda Woo- ten, Andrea Barnes, Chris Greer. 84 DISCIPLINARY — Sandra Brooks, Cliff Cribb, Kathy Stone, Marsha Price Executive Branch Officers Freshmen Class Officers L to R: Kenny Johns — President; Cheri Townes — Vice-President; Kathy Stone — Secretary L to R: Rick Whatley, Troy Smith, Lori Plyer, Kay Dickerson, Jeff Craft, Mark Hooper, Dena Gerald Sophomore Class Officers Class Presidents L to R: Chris Greer, Len Jackson, Marty Purdy, David Pitts, Susan Atkins, Angie Shirley, Rusty Todd, Elierre Tolan L to R: Sophomore Class — David Pitts, Freshmen Class — Jeff Craft 85 A.C. Choir BACK ROW (L-R) Bryant Stewart, Philip Bryant, Chuck Auten, Joey Hughes, Wesley Bryant, Billy Ellison, Jeff Martin, Phillip Connell, Brian Bridges, Oscar Smith, Barry Duncan, Lan Quattlebaum, Martin Davis, Barry Abrams, David Crump, Steve Woodard, Tim Rhodes, Ken Gilliard 2nd Row (L-R) Suzanne Reeder, Karen Wilder, Teresa Butts, Tracy Woodall, Miriam Stome, Kim Maples, Angela Pruitt, Dora Kimbrell, Bimini Myers, Allison Jones, Jana Copeland. 3rd Row (L-R) Jan Barnes, Joanne Wilson, Cherie Whitehead, Tracy Bruce, Becky Hunter, Ram Caldwell, Tracy James, Sandy Alford, Becky Campbell, Stephani Baldwin. 4th Row (L-R) Angle Feltman, Crystal Yarbrough, Susan Peace, Lori Wilks, Dana Ison, Debbie Conner, Missy Biesecker, Heather Hatton, Bob Heritage (Director) 86 HENDERSON MEMORIAL CHAPEL Radiance Back (L-R): Lan Quattlebaum, Allison Jones, Joey Hughes, Tracey Woodall, Jeff Martin, Karen Wilder, Cherie Whitehead, Steve Woodard, Bimini Myers, Wesley Bryant, Miriam Stone, Brian Bridges Front: Travis Burroughs, Jana Copeland, Phillip Connell Bob Heritage celebrates another A.C. birthday. 87 The Pain . Agony . . . And Joy Of Front: Dana Collins, Theresa Arnold Middle: Tara McEntire, Patti Skelton (Associate Editor), Roy Howe (Editor), Kim Cooley Back: Ray Jackson, Bobby Hanley (Faculty Advisor), Steve Hamby. Not in picture: Vi Ellingsworth Work on Columns 1986 began this past summer with the recruiting of members during orientation exer- cises. We also welcomed Mr. Bobby Hanley as the new faculty advisor. The staff have stuck through thick and thin to put together a good yearbook. The following were on the staff. Editor: Roy Howe Associate Editor: Patti Skelton Copy Editor: Steve Hamby Asst. Copy Editor: Tara McEntire Asst. Editors: Theresa Arnold Ray Jackson Staff Photographers: Kim Cooley Vi Ellingsworth c o 1 u 1. Tara tries to decide where to begin. 2. " What is Patti pondering over? „ 3. " I wonder what has caught the editor ' s 1 9 8 6 89 % ' JlTf li ' ' - - «S W - - Supremacy Maintained w; «Ji ■ r w 92 TROJANS BASKETBALL 1985-86: Todd Hawkins (Manager), Ronnie James (Video Cameraman), Robert Kelley (Trainer), Milt Blakeley, Bill Henderson, Arthur Jones, Gene Thomas, Derrick Robinson, Sherwin Morrison, Vincent Wilson, Kensel Bennett, D.J. Harrison, Jeff Calloway, Keenan Carpenter, Greg Gill, Coach John Edwards, Asst. Coach Dan Edwards. 93 Athletic ability ... it involves skill agility and work. It can demand hours upon endless hours of ardent practice. It demands dedication, love for the sport and discipline; dis- cipline that comes in self-sacrifice. It demands, and yet it offers perhaps more returns than demands. Mo- ments of glory light up the soul and satisfy the mind. Moments of glory make the physical body shine. And although the outcome of the score may not indicate it, there is always a victory. For where there is genuine effort, there is always a reward. And for this there should always be a sense of pride, a sense of genuine accomplishments, for indeed there has been an accomplishment. In es- sence, a victory is always the out- come. And so the tradition contin- ues . . . 94 Trojans Shine The Lady Trojans basketball team had a very successful 1985-86 season, coming in as the top-ranked team in the conference. The 1985-86 team is a good blend of youth and experience. Experience came in the form of returning soph- omores Karen Oliver and Quisha Hill and Coach Frankie Porter who saw her 10th season of action as part of the A.C. athletic staff. This, coupled with excellent pre-season recruiting contributed in making the Lady Tro- jans a formindable force this year. Front (1-r): Lyvon Fant, Kim Link, Sylvia Wright, Carol Ann Bean, Dee Dee Hubbard, Mary Parten. Middle (l-r): Paula Houston, Quisha Hill, Karen Gibson, Karen Oliver, Larraine Frazier, Sandtric McDavid, Beverly Miller. Back (l-r): Coach Frankie Porter, Asst. Coach Pat Edwards, Tina Greenway (Manager Trainer), Angle Schofield (Asst. Manager). 95 Soccer Team Successful The 1985-86 Trojans Soccer team had a successful season finishing third in the Region X tournannent. The team started their season on a bright note losing only one game in the conference playoffs. This year, the team was ably led by co-captains Nick Shady and Darin Lewis and once again was coached by Ricky Wright. Having enjoyed good pre-season recruiting, the A.C. Trojans Soccer team shows promise of even better things in the years to come . . . : " ..-iissi isi L.-. :l l iJl j- .j: „ ,.y " " U.?iitfi - : .ri... .S..:X.i_. ;i 96 IMM J ' %i :-£) S » ! Z . ' tX -g ' .i ' - r: .i: ' A ronl (l-r): Gene Bishop, Zack Heard, Conlcy Skeen, David Jackson, Matt McGonegal, Bob Cox, Paul Cann, Andy Floyd Jimmy ack (l-r): Stove Lopez, Todd Penberthy, Darrin Lewis, Rob Moody, Todd Heebner, Nick Shady, Nick Plakas Mark Daurer Cliff icky Wright. y Brownlee. Simmons, Coach 97 Tennis Teams TROJANS TENNIS 1985-86: Royston Tedder, Todd White, Mike Griffith, Sergio Cervalho, Brian Elder, David Jenkins. Back (1-r): Coach Jim Boykin, Anthony Delise, Tawn Harden, Thierry Chiapello, Mauricio Aquino, Marvin McCracken, Rex Terwilliger. 98 ' JSiSSSKaS A . » 99 Aiming For The Si y RETURNING SOPHOMORES (BOTTOM-TOP): Kim Goodwin, Ellie Cassidy, Lisa Hart, Beth Greene, Dora Kimb rell, Amy Karriker, Angela Bradley. 100 f ' =» m ee-fe The sky ' s the limit 1985-86 Lady Trojans Softball Team: Lisa Hart, Dana Isom, Dixie Rayle, Karen Price, Amy Karriker, Dana Collins, Susan Davis, Kim Goodwin. Middle (l-r): Kim Campbell, Beth Greene, Ellie Cassidy, Angela Bradley, Angela Martin, Dora Kimbrell, Tab Sturkie, Robin Kidd, Susie Bolt. Back (l-r): Tina Greenway (Trainer), Coach Pam Bryant, Asst Coach Li! Tanner, Doris Price (Manager). 10T Volleyball Team Progresses In only the second year as part of the Anderson College athletic pro- gram, the Lady Trojans Volleyball team has seen great progress as they ended the year as champions in the conference and runners-up in the Region X tournament. This year, the volleyball team was ably led by re- turning sophomores Lisa Hart, Ellie Cassidy, Quisha Hill and Angle Scho- fieid. The team also has a deep pool of talent among freshman members and under the effective coaching of Frankie Porter and Pat Edwards, this team promises to progress even fur- ther in the years to come. The best is yet to be ... ■■% ' ■ t . i;- ' 102 -« Front (l-r): Kim Link, Susie Bolt, Lisa Hart, Kim MadI, Joyce issac. Back (l-r): Coach Fj nkie Porter Asst Coach Pal Edwards, Ellie Cassldy, Angela Martin, Quisha Hill, Angle Schofield, Larraine Frazier, Michelle Rice, Tina Greenway, Phyllis Deloach, Beth Greene. 103 Golf TROJANS GOLF TEAM 1985-86: David Bond, Dennis Schwab, Sean Bogle. Middle (1-r): Stephen Johnson, Robbie Nix, Mark Ceddens, Jerry Palmer, Vernon Ball. Back (l-r): Joey Robinson, Hartwell Baker, Joel Cooper, Coach Jim Owens, Jud Boggs. 104 Trojan Baseball 1. 1st row, L to R — Joe Miller, Jeff Bramblett, Scott Wes- singer. Jay Kemp, Greg Garner, Kyle Cullum, Van Benson, Chris Leach, Nick Lomax. 2nd row — Jeff Milliard, Tony Cuiffo, Tony Spires, Tim Williford, Mark Spence, Tim Hunt- er, Phillip Taylor, Greg Garrison, Shane Hester, Mike Pee- ples, Daniel Houston. 3rd row — Eric Kosan, Jeff Holcomb, Chuck Stevens, Mike Smith, Steve Ellis, Don Brock, Joey Tucker, Greg Rice, Chantz Fowler, Scott Clark. 2. Nick Lomax — Captain ' 85-86. v:« i.- % i ' ' oi ■■ ■ ' ■ - -, ».- iv—j ■ " r: ' " «(.»v,,.„ . i t - - 1 . ..-i!: ' : ' ' • %■ ,-!3 c, v ' ' ' ' - f H ' r- ' ffv ' ' » ■■ .,.4r : -■r i? 1JV ' s, m Trustees Provide Support (L-R): Charles Welborn Jr., Mickey Walker, Marc Westbrook, Stuart A. Kersey, Marie M. Collins, Juanita Garrison, Sen T. Ed Garrison, Mark Hopkins (President) T. Ree McCoy Jr (Chairman), Lewis C. Barker, G. Edward Welmaker, Hugh A. Cooper, Peggy C. Deane, E.P. Ellis Jr., Roy C. McCall Jr., Delores C. McAlister. Not Pictured: Patrick L. Baughman, John C. Shiflet Jr., Samuel Thrift, W.L. Williams, Lew T. Gray, Nellie G. Harvey 2. Trustees enjoy a serene stroll around the picturesque A.C. campus. y Dr. Mark L, Hopkins President 2. Dr. Hopkins gives the Hinos an A.C. welcome. 4 FRANK BONNER ASSOC. DEAN (SPECIAL PRO- SIDNEY KERR ASSOC. DEAN (STUDENT DEVELOP- GRAMS) 1 MENT) 2 DAVE LARSON ASSOC. DEAN (FINE ARTS) DR C. RICHARD ROBERTS ASSOC. DEAN (ENROLL- MENT) 112 Faculty Staff Strive For Excellence Dr. Samuel Arguez Chairman Spanish Dept. Mike Bellefeuil Manager ARA Slater Annie F. Biackman Head Librarian Butch Blume Co-ordinator Business and Industry and Foundation Support Claudia Boles Director of Publications Julie Bowers Math John K. Boyte Chairman Business Administration Ruth Boyte Business Education Bill Bridges Music Voice FHugh Brinson Co-ordinator of Facilities Orene Brinson Post Mistress Gail Bryant Secretary Music Dept. 113 Pam Bryant Admissions Counselor Softball Coach Dr. Robert E. Burks Chairman Religion Dept. Dr. E. Perry Carroll Music Frankie Childress Business Education William Childress Registrar James W. Clark Chairman Music, Piano Dr. Jerry A. Clonts Biology Susan Coleman Student Activities Director " We hope you ' re enjoying yourself, Jo Ellen " 114 Faye P. Cowan English Joni M. Cox Assistant Bookkeeper Linda S. Cox Secretary Athletic Dept. Douglas L. Davidson English Jacque Davison Math Brenda DuBose Assistant Librarian Jo Ellen Duke Campus Ministry Intern Charles Earl Chemistry Dan S. Edwards Physical Education Assistant Basketball Coach John Edwards, Jr. Director of Athletics Basketball Coach Dr. Carl D. English Chairman Sociology Dept. Dr. Alice Eay Chairman Chemistry Dept. 115 Robert P. Franks Business Administration Robert H. Fries Astronomy Physics Computer Science Carolyn Gabbard Secretary Director Special Programs Mary Beth Garrett Music Barbara Garrison Library Assistant Henry Gillespie Director of Security Frances Gilmer Nurse Lynda Graham Bookkeeper Faculty and Staff played a major role in helping meet our goal for the " A-Day " Campaign. 116 Carolyn Granchelli Admissions Steve Grant Music Ola Gray Receptionist Secretary Financial Aid Vicki Griffin Secretary Res. Living Dora Hancock Library Assistant Bobby Hanley English Nancy Hanley Reading Study Bob Heritage Music Choral Director Rick Hinshaw Director of Admissions Glen Hughey Math Gerri Ifkovits Secretary Vice President (Business Affairs) Dr. Shirley Jacks Chairman French Dept. 117 Dennis James Chairman English Dept. JoVanna Johnson Director Alumni Affairs Mary Jones Secretary President Robin Kelley Chairman Biology Dept. Faculty Chairman Kay Kent Secretary Counseling Center Sandy Kidd Chaplain Director Campus Ministries Ellen King Math " My! These ladies sure do have a sweet tooth! " Mae King Cashier 118 Dr John Kassiter History Dr N. Eugene Mandrell Chairman Psychology Dept. Marion Mandrell Psychology Anne Martin Home Economics Mary Martin Chairman Home Ec. Fashion Merchandising William McBride Math Dr Gregory A. McClanahan Chairman Math Dept. Elizabeth G. McClellan Director of Development Kathryn McGregor Chairman Bus. Ed. Dept. Tim Medlin Director of Recreation Asst. Baseball Coach Ada Meeks Social Secretary Grace Melton Evening Res. Hall Supervisor 119 Fred C. Metts Religion Cecil Mitchum Adm. Assistant Business Affairs Patrick P. Mulligan Chairman History Dept. Jon Myers Director of Public information Christine Norris Assistant to Director of Residential Living Lorraine Orcutt Bookstore Assistant Steven Ponder Music Richard takes a w ell- deserved break from his daily routine Frankie Porter Director Women ' s Athletics Women ' s Basketball Coach Volleyball Coach 120 Martha Powell Secretary Campus Ministries Betty Jo Pryor Biology Jean Ridley Reading Study Beth Roberts Admissions Counselor Lucy Rogers Secretary Vice Pres. (Development) Karilyn Slice Co-ordinator Music Academy C.J. Smith Asst. Director Financial Aid Sherry Smith Business Office Supervisor Bobbie Snipes Secretary Admissions Larry Southerland Chairman Health P.E. Dept. Sarah Sprague Writing Dr. Stuart Sprague Religion Philosophy 121 Wanda Staggers Computer Science Pat Stegall CPT Operator Development Denise Stevenson Chairman Speech Theatre Jinger Stuntz Photography Connie Styles Computer Operator Secretary Alumni Office Eunice Thorne Secretary Vice Pres. Student Development Ameldia Todd Printing and Mailing Tracey Waldrop Admissions Counselor Dr. Brenna Walker English Lawrence E. Webb English Journalism Hugh Weeks Director Residential Livin; Frances Weiborn Library Assistant 122 Betty West Manager Bookstore Dr. William F. West, Jr. English Sara Westmoreland Switchboard Rick Whiten Admissions Counselor Dr. Jim D. Whitlow Psychology Director Counseling Center Mitzi Winesett Co-ordinator Career Planning and Placement Joyce Wood History Margaret Wooten English Susan Wooten Art Ricky Wright Admissions Counselor Soccer Coach 123 W ' ' ' m m ,- ■ Sophomores Provide Effective Leadership Melissa Alewine Elizabeth Anderson Michael Todd Anderson Sheila Anderson Vicky Anderson John Armstrong Susan Atkins Rae Ayers M Stacy Badger ,-i ff M F f ■ ' : :-■■■■ 1 r ■ i Mary Ellen Bailey Tina Bailey Georgia Bargoil Tami Barnard Andrea Barnes Deborah Bates Angela Beard 126 Vickie Belk Janet Blow Lynn Benevides Al Bolt ' ' r». Kimberly Biggers Melinda Bowen Terry L. Brady Amanda Ann Blair Patti Bowick Jeff A. Branum ' Are these girls trying to hide from something? ' Dell Brock Don Brock 127 Donna Brown Lisa Bryant Amanda Burton Liz Cahn Kim Burgess Kelly Jo Callaham Sheila Burrell Donna L. Campbei Sherri W. Cartee Ellie Cassidy Thierry L. Chiapello Randy K. Clark 128 Jana G. Copeland Chuck Crawford Clifton Cribb Betty Crump k Dale Darlev Martin Davis ' Help! Martin, Allison is trying to kill me. " Michael Davis Tammy Dillon 129 Neal F. Dubose Jill Dudley Kris A. Duncan JoAnn Dutschke Jean Fowler Pam Frick Stan Frost Cindi Funderburk 130 LiesI Futick Tommy Gilchrist fe« Melinda Gaines Cynthia Ginn " Now, Tammie, let ' s try the stare test on each other. " Lisa J. Garrett Jill Goforth Tracy Goolsby Suzanne Grenmark Greg Garrison Julie Goodyear Chris Greer Susan Aiford 131 i .Lt.;!...,Lk,t,i.,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,-1 " ■— IWBIWHtglfBPW Julie Hale Lisa Hart Todd Heebner iiiilPiPiPPWIil " Todd Hallman Malinda Harvell Lisa Hicks Sherry Ham Quisha Hill Chris Hart Styleen Hasbrouck Sharon Haynie jane Holbrook Connie Holcombe Kelly Holland Brenda Horton Roy Howe 132 Watts Huckabee Felicia Hudgins Kim Idol Joyce Isaac Janice Huffman Len Jackson Kerru Ann jarrard Tracey Hughey Robin Jackson Rob Jennings Deanie takes time to smile for the camera Kenny Johns Barbara Jolly 133 Eugene Jolly Wendy Keefe Philip Knighton Allison Jones Tommy Kelley Laura Kraft Julia Jordan Fred Kerr Lisa Kratzer Amy Karriker Dora Kimbrell Laura Labbe Benji Langley Christopher Leach Anita Lee Robin Lee 134 " Home-run bound! " Jill McCoy 135 1 Lisa Medlin Rhonda Mize Nancy Montague Rob Moody Melissa Moore Wayne Moore Matt Morgan Amy Morris Joy Motes Andrea Murdock Bryan Neely Jackie Nicholson jff, -i. p! Crystal Isgett Cindy Jolly Ama Oberekor Darlene O ' Brien 136 Delson O ' Cain Willie Mae Oglesby Daniel Outz Melanie Owings Debra Pace Sherri Lynn Padgett Ronald Parrish Julie Patterson ' What are these girls waiting for? " Charles Phillips James David Pitts 137 ■ ' i lM Nick Plakas Allen Prevatte Stuart Rabb John Radford Tammy Redd Allison Reese Marty Purdy Cynthia Randall Kelly Reeves Lan Quattlebaum John Rankin Paula Roback Teresa Roberson Janice Robinson Jeff Rogers David Ruedige 138 Jim Sanstrum Greg Sellers Kim Scarborough Angela Jean Schofield Summer Schmeisk Nick Shady Michael Sharp Gregory A. Shealy s i Angela Shirley Donna Sheriff • - " Are they trying to find dates at the last minute? " Mike Sherman Allison Sides 139 cliff Simmons Kenny Smith Lisa Stamey Alice L. Smith Melinda Smith Charles Howard Stephens ill Chip Smith Deanna Smith Melissa Smith Mike Smith i» ' Wilhelmina Smith Kelly Renee Snider Dawn Stack Maria Staley Katherine Stone Layne Stone 140 iu-jm JMUJ.- ■- . -, - --. Miriam Stone Mark Stroud Philip Taylor Vanessa Taylor A Study of Expressions. Anthony Tutt Gloria Veita 141 Yvette Walters Susan Whiteford Tracy Woodall Scott Wessinger Donna Whiten Chip Wood Andrew Westbrook Todd Whisenant Karen Wilder Troy Williams 1 Steve Woodard Robin Woodson C isBvBii jBHi y Jj K ' V jV BI jmT Hi ' m Reggie Woods ivy Wooiey Rhonda Wooten Amy King 142 BE SA TISFIED Everyone longs to give themselves completely to someone. To have a deep soul relationship with another, To be loved thoroughly and exclusively. But God to a Christian says: ' ' No, not until you are satisfied, full filled and content With being loved by Me alone. With giving yourself totally and unreservedly to me. With having an intensely personal and unique relationship with Me alone. Discovering that only In Me is your satisfaction to be found will you be capable of the perfect human relationship that I have planned for you. You will never be with another until you can be united with me. Exclusively of anyone or anything else. Exclusively of any other desires or longings. I want you to stop planning, stop wishing, and allow me to give you the most thrilling plan existing. One that you cannot imagine. I want you to have the best. Please allow me to give it to you. You just keep watching me, expecting the greatest things. Keep experiencing the satisfaction that only I can give. Keep listening and learning the things that I tell you. You Just wait Don ' t be anxious, don ' t worry. Don ' t look at the things that you want or you ' ll miss what I want to show you. And then when you ' re ready, I ' ll surprise you with a love far more wonderful than any you ' ve ever dreamed of. You see, until you are ready and until the person I have for you is ready. Until you are both satisfied. Exclusively with me and the life I have prepared for you, you won ' t be able to experience the love that exemplifies your relationship with me. And this is the perfect Love, And dear one, I want you to have this most wonderful love, I want you to see in the flesh a picture of your relationship with me. And to enjoy materially and concretely the everlasting union of beauty, perfection and love that I offer you with myself. Know that I love you Utterly, I am God Believe in Me and Be Satisfied. " 143 AC Students Do It Better 5. My major is journalism, not philosophy, Dr Sprague. Many facets of interrelationships come together to make up Anderson College. This year has seen much scholastic and social changes in each of the minds and hearts of its students. 145 o v There is always something going on around Anderson College. With a campus full of unusual folk, there are bound to be a few with interesting personalities. Take a look around and see how unusual your friends can be. 1 Mail call!! 3 I can ' t believe I finally won! 2 A magical display of outlooks and attitudes. 4 The fact behind all the fiction: study. u 146 Life At AC ' ' fi i - ' Coile ge life busy . . . fast- pace . . different There ' s a " never a dull moment ' type at- mosph( 3re here at AC. Someone or som ething ten ds to threaten 1 May the force be with you! 2 Boogie with the " boo " gieman! Bares Many Faces every quiet hour that would come near to being routine. And we have the photos to prove it. Take a look; you ' ll surely agree with this theory. And who said unicorns weren ' t real? Freshmen Find Home Away From Home At A.C. Lisa Acker Mary Dalton Adden Alan Agnew Tanya Alexander Tracy Alexander Sandy Alford Christine Allen Mark Anderson Theresa Arnold Jane Avant John Avenali Alan Ayer Ronald Ayers Amanda Baker Stephanie Baldwin Angela Banks Benny Barfield Jan Barnes Rebecca Bennett Laina Basham Nancy Bass Michael Bassett Donna Baxley Carol Ann Bean 150 Yvonne Beatty Kelly Bell Leslie Bell B eth Bennett Melissa Lee Biesecker Frank Blackwell Jan Blackwell Brad Billingsley Paula Bobotes Eddie Boggs Angela Bradley David Brady Jeff Bramlett Renee Brinson Kim Broadwater Being in college means having to clean your own bathroom 151 Brenda Brockelbank Joy Brown Libby Brown Rita S. Brown Jimmy Brownlee Gary L. Bryant Philip Bryant Vinson Burdett Amanda Burkett Richard Burn Kim Burnett Todd Burriss Tracy Cain Pamela Caldwell Becky Campbell Kim Campbell Susan Candler Paul Cann Julia Carlos Tommy Carroll Melissa Lynn Carter Donna Casteleneto Rena Caudill Robby Chambers 152 Brett Champion Steven P. Chapman Tamela L. Childs E. William Chinners Anna Frances Christmas Lori Clark Monica Y. Cline Greta Clinkscales Tiffany Coe Robert Colcolough Rob Coleman Dana Collins Debbie Conner Kim Cooley Cathy Corrigan " I wonder what ' s tickling them. " 153 Patricia Cothran Tracy Cothran Lisa Cox Todd Cox Jeff Craft Kevin Crocker Nadja Croft Kristen Cromer David Crump Gary Cushion Jimmy Daley Mark Daurer Amanda Davis Deborah Davis Susan Davis Timilyn Dean Tonya Davis Alice DeBorde Gary L. Dickard Kay Dickerson Tracy L. Downs David Drake Sharon Drew Gina Driggers 154 Cindy Dukes Bryan Duncan Jill Dunlap Eric Edwards Vi Ellingsworth Terri Eirod Cindy Evans Pam Evans Joy Farmer Cassandra Ficklin Vicki Fields Elizabeth Finger Andrew Floyd Kim Flynn Tammy Forrester " Why is she looking so starry-eyed? " 155 Rhonda Frazier Brady Freeman Anthony Gamble Perry Gantt Jeff Gardner Greg Garner Dena Gerald Sonya Gerald Lisa Gillespie Desi Ginn Jennifer Givan Stacey Godbey MMjdkj Wendy Gooding 1 Kim Goodwin - ' i Lana Grant Renee Grasty 1, Lance Grey Teddy Green Robert Grenamrk James Hackett Sheila Hairston Triantafillia F4a!kias Steve Hamby Tony Hanley Mlkd 156 Angie Harmon April Harrison Tracy Hartin Heather Hatton Lysbeth C. Heiderman Denise Helton Shane Hester Tweela Hewitt Jeff Hillard Wendi Hoffman Jeff Holcombe Bucky Holling Mark Hooper Paula Houston Ken Hudson wonder what ' s going on over there. " 157 Joey Hughes Adrian Huff Rebecca Hunter Tim Hunter Ronald Hyatt Mimi Hyer Dana Isom Stacy Jackson Lisa Jacobs Eric James Patrice Jenkins Audra Johnson Jeff Johnson Jeff Johnson Sherry Johnson Scottie Johnson Janice Jones Kelly Jones Robin Jones Dan E. Justus Michael Kay Michelle Keefe Kristy Keller Robert Wayne Kelly 158 Jay Kemp Brad Keown Robin Kidd Jack Kimbrell Felicia King Kelly King Peter Klempka Gary Knight Jennifer Kowalczyk Helen Kythas Cindy Laag Deborah Lamb Cindy Latorre Anne Lay Jane Lay " What ' s catching your attention, ladies? " 159 Andrea Lecroy Chris Ledbetter Greg Lee Brian Lehr Tony Lesley Kim Link Whitney Lockwood Todd Lord Lynda Lyies Valerie LyIes Melissa Madden Kimberiy MadI Camille Martin Jeff Martin Katherine Martin Joni Mathis Gregg Mathews Beth McCarter Sandra McDavid Pam McDowell Tara McEntire Lisa McNeer Barry Meeks Betty Milford 160 Joe Miller Julie Mitchell Tina Mitchell Clayton Mood Alisa Morton Pamela Moss Gary Nease Ann Nealy Mark Neely Tony Neely Tracy Nealy Christine Obeck Carl O ' Neal David Ortinick Nicole Padget Marty and Cheri try their hand at co-ordination. 161 Mary Painter Stan Painter Patrick Panuccio Deborah Paris Angela Parnell Mary Parten Susan Peace Amy Pearson Michael Peeples Mary Elizabeth Perry Tammi Pickaron A.D. Plowden Lori Plyler Karen Price Kenny Price Angela Pruitt Susan Privitera Steve Putnam Tony Putman Anna Rainey Kim Ramey Mary Pruitt Dixie Rayle Karen Reece 162 Barbara Reid John Rettew Michelle Rice Linda Richey Susan Rinalducci Terri Roache Caria Roberts Joey Robinson Richard Robinson Bobbi Rogerson Deborah Roland Russell Roland Karen Rushing Jean Rutledge Beth Sanders Jackie tries to cram for an English test 163 Jackie Sanders Lee Satterfield David Sayer Marc Scarborogh Will Seabrook Michael Shealy Dina Shirley Gina M. Sheppard Clorissa Simmons Patti Skelton Oscar Smith Rachel Smith Russell Smith Scott Smith Steven Smith Troy Smith John Snow Carol Soles Kim Sox Diana Apake Lori Steele Mary Stegall Bryant Stewart Sharon Strickland 164 Kelli Thompson Alyson Thruston Cheryl Timmons Michael Todd Renee Touchberry Cam Treece David Shawn Turner Jena Turner Keith Tutterow Jeanne Tuite June Vickery Cheryl Waddill David Walker Ann Waiters Tammie Wardlaw Aiming for the sky 165 William Weathers Lane Wells Rick Whatley Julie Whetstone Cindy White Cheri Whitehead Christine Whitfield Janice Whitner Brenda Whitten Tal Wwiggins Karen Wiley Lori Wilks 166 " One, two, three, now let ' s sing! " Joanne Wilson Wendi Wilson Bobbie Sue Wood Pam Wood Sheila Woodard Libby Woolen Sylvia Wright Marty Yamshak " Try to smile, ladies 167 168 " What is Tonya looking so nervous about? " Slow Me Down Lord Slow me down Lord, Slow me down! Ease the pounding of my heart by the quieting of my mind. Steady my hurried pace with a vision of the eternal reach of time. Give me, amid the confusion of my day, the calmness of the everlasting hills Break the tension of my nerves and muscles with the soothing music of the singing streams that live in my memory. Help me to know the magical, restoring power of sleep. Teach me the art of taking minute vacations. Of slowing down to look at a flower, to chat with a friend, to pat a dog, to read a few lines from a good book. Remind me each day of the fable of the hare and the tortoise that I may know that the race is not always to the swift — that there is more to life than increasing its speed. Let me look upward into the branches of the towering oak and know that it grew great and strong because it grew slowly and well. Slow me down Lord and inspire me to send my roots deep into the soil of life ' s enduring values that I may grow toward the stars of my greater destiny Wilferd A. Paterson 169 I " m w. -: 4 Directory Abrams, Barry E. Rt. 2, Box 164 A Abbeville, SC 29620 Acker, Lisa D. Rt, 1, Box 1012 Starr SC 29684 Adams, David M. 22 Charlbury St. Greenville, SC 29607 Adams, Julie A. 113 Towhee Trail Anderson, SC 29621 Adams, Sean E. 339 Pelham Rd. Greenville, SC 29615 Adden, Mary D. 1830 Pinebrook Dr. Orangeburg, SC 29115 Adkins, Michelle D. 1622 W. Lakewood Rock Hill, SC 29730 Agnew, Charles Alan 106 Lee Street Hartwell, GA 30643 Ahmad, Ihab Mahmoud P.O. Box 4545 Rahid Hosp. Dubai U.A.E. Alewine, Melissa )oy Route 2, Box 547 Iva, SC 29655 Alexander, Joseph Irwin Route 2, Box 329-B Easley, SC 29640 Alexander, Tanya 109 Birens Street Pickens SC 29671 Alexander, Tracy M. Rt 2 Box 491 Salem, SC 29676 Alford, Casandra A. Rt. 1 Box 400 Wiiliamston, SC 29697 AHord, Susan Rebecca Route 1, Box 400 Wiiliamston, SC 29697 Aliffi, Angela Marie 1380 Railfence Drive Columbia, SC 29210 Allen, Christine L. 14 Pruitt Drive Greenville, SC 29607 Allen, Gary R. Rt. 3 Box 639 Easley, SC 29640 Ambrose, Michael T. Rt. 4 Box 24 A Anderson, SC 29624 Anderson, ). Elizabeth 506 Timber Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Anderson, Joseph Rt. 4 Pickens, SC 29671 Anderson, Michael Todd 3 Forest Hills Drive Canton, NC 28716 Anderson, Sheila Yvonne Route 1, Campbell Road Pelzer, SC 29669 Anderson, Vicky Lynn 110 Fernvalley Dr. Toccoa, GA 30577 Appleby, Lisa A. 410 E. Johnson St. Hartwell, GA 30643 Armstrong, John Verdin 411 Quillen Avenue Fountain Inn, SC 29644 Arnold, Theresa L. Box 680 Darlington, SC 29532 Artman, Steven P. 402 Woodfern Cr. Anderson, SC 29621 Ashley, Wanda Lynn Ashley Drive Wiiliamston, SC 29697 Athas, Georgia Paul 110 Sunderland Drive Greenville, SC 29611 Atkins, Michael 320 Beltline Blvd. Anderson, SC 29621 Atkins, Susan Elise P.O. Box 406 Greer, SC 29652 Auten, Charles Rt. 8, Box 273A Rock Hill, SC 29730 Avant, Jane E. 240 Oakwood Dr. Lexington, SC 29072 Avenall, John 104 Meadowbrook Drive Anderson, SC 29624 Ayer, Geo Alan 3002 Bellview Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Ayers, Rae Elizabeth Route 3 Hartwell, GA 30643 Ayers, Ronald C. 211 Ayers Cir. Summerville, SC 29483 Badger, Stacy Lorraine Route 3, Badger Drive Taylors, SC 29687 Bagwell, Verner Rt. 8, Box 91A Piedmont, SC 29673 Bailey, Jeffrey Scott 930 East Whitner Street Anderson, SC 29624 Bailey, Mary Ellen P.O. Box 618 Anderson, SC 29622 Bailey, Tina Ruth P.O. Box 103 Hartwell, GA 30643 Baker, Amanda 1207 Rhodella Pk. Hartwell, GA 30643 Baker, Eugene H. 1401 Hamlet Hwy. Bennettsville, SC 29512 Baker, Gordon Rt. 2, Sunset Blvd. Clinton, SC 29325 Baker, Jeannie L. 1465 Hartsville Pike Gallatin, TN 37066 Baker, Susan Robin Route 12, Dixon Road Anderson, SC 29621 Baldwin, Stephani 606 Heyward Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Ball, Vernon Dewitt 544 Forestbrook Drive Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Ballentine, Kelly E. 1019 Sundown Circle Taylors, SC 29687 Banks, Angela 240 Rosedale Toccoa, GA 30577 Bannister, Vickie Rt. 1, Box 425A Belton, SC 29627 Barfield, Benjamin 109 Hasel St. Sumter, SC 29150 Bargoil, Georgia M. 8 Dendy Street West Pelzer, SC 29669 Barnard, Tamala Elaine 309 Red Clilfe Road Greenville, SC 29615 Barnes, Andrea Nicole 105 Gilden Lane Simpsonville, SC 29681 Barnes, Jan Route 10 Box 97 Anderson, SC 29621 Barnett, Robert L. 1044 Dalebrook Dr. Alexandria, VA 22308 Barrett, Rebecca Lee 179 Westgate Drive Elgin, IL 60120 Bascue, William S. 505 Bleckley St. Anderson, SC 29621 Basham, Laina E. 103 W. Hooker St. Landrum, SC 29356 Bass, Nancy L. Rt. 8 Box 138 Greer, SC 29651 Bassett, John M. Rt. 5 lonesville Rd. Simpsonville, SC 29681 Bates, Deborah Lynne 38 Doverdale Road Greenville, SC 29615 Bates, Gregory Rt. 2, Box 208 Honea Path, SC 29654 Battson, Robin Michelle 211 Cater Street Anderson, SC 29621 Baxley, Donna Ruth 107 Towhee Trail Anderson, SC 29621 Bean, Carol-Ann D. Dundonald St. Hamilton, BM Beard, Angela Marece 1181 Huntmgton Drive Orangeburg, SC 29115 Beatty, Yvonne Marie 404 Lee Street Anderson, SC 29621 Bednar, Sherry Rt. 9, Davidson, Rd. Greenville, SC 29609 Belew, Nancy E. 918 Sassafras Sumter, SC 29150 Belk, Vickie Sue 908 South 301 Highway Dillon, SC 29536 Bel, Kelly A. 1905 Lynn Ave. Anderson, SC 29621 Bell, Leslie K. 115 Lakeshore Hartwell, GA 30643 Bell, Steve M. Box 249 Seneca, SC 29678 Benevides, Lynne D. 6 Inland Lane Pembrook, BM 5-47 Bennett, Elizabeth G. 120 Rock Springs Rd. Lancaster, SC 29720 Bennett, Kennsel |. Route, Box 177-A Millwood, GA 31552 Benson, Melissa Lynn P.O. Box 11 Ballentine, SC 29002 Benson, Van N. 702 S. 6th Avenue Dillon, SC 29536 Benevides, Bruce W. 6 Inland Lane Pembrooke, BM Biesecker, Melissa Lee 134 Doyle Dr. Greenville, SC 29615 Biggers, Kimberly A. Route 1, Box 32-T York, SC 29745 Billings, Amanda L. Rt. 2 Box 175 B Starr, SC 29684 Billingsley, Bradley 10 Clarendon Ave. Greenville, SC 29609 Bishop, Edward Eugene 204 Pryor Road Taylors, SC 29687 Blackwell, Frank W. 3 Fontaine Greenville, SC 29607 Blackwell, Jan M. 1308 Phyllis Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Blair, Amanda Ann 610 West Fredericks St. Anderson, SC 29621 Blakley, Milton Theodis 23 N. Georgia Ave. Greenville, SC 29611 Blanchard, Betsy Dawn 812 Kingsbridge Road Columbia, SC 29210 Blow, Jessie Janet P.O. Box 874 Hemingway, SC 29554 Bobotes, Paula A. 102 Fernridge Dr. Spartanburg, SC 29302 Boggs, James Douglas Route 3 Box 69 Seneca, SC 29678 Boggs, Judson Rt. 1, Box 344 Greenwood, SC 29646 Boggs, Julius E. Route 3, King St. Westminster, SC 29693 Bogle, Sean 2385 Keiser Ct. Titusville, FL 32780 Bolt, Clyde Allison P.O. Box 408 Anderson, SC 29622 Bolt, Jantzen S. Rt. 1, Ranch Circle Dr. Piedmont, SC 29673 Bolt, Sherri D. 208 Lloyd Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Bond, David F. 1620 Country Club Road Elberton, GA 30635 Boozer, Ryan S. 208 Berea Hgts Rd. Greenville, SC 29611 Bornstein, Beth R. 304 Lake Forest Dr. Spartanburg, SC 29302 Bostic, James M. 2011 Woodside Ave. Anderson, SC 29621 Bowen, Melinda D. Route 1, Box 1340 Starr, SC 29684 Bowick, Patricia Jane Serena Dr., P.O. Box 378 Anderson, SC 29621 Bradley, Angela Estella P.O. 544 Seneca, SC 29678 172 Bradley, Michael F. Rt. 2 Box 202 Harleyville, 5C 29448 Brady, David 4 Hutson St. Belize City Be Lize Brady, Terry L. Route 6, Box 347 Aiken, SC 29801 Bramblett, Jeffrey 330 Barmount Dr, Columbia, SC 29210 Branum, Jeffrey Allen 1029 Edgemont Drive Lancaster, SC 29720 Bray, Cordon V. 102 Brookhaven Cr. Elberton, CA 30635 Brickie, Michael Kevin Waverly Sq. Apt. H-85 Anderson, SC 29621 Bridgeman, Darin K. Rt 2 Box 136 Clinton, SC 29325 Bridges, Brian Stuart 602 Wildwood Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Bright, Karen 405 Brookmere Rd. Simpsonville, SC 29681 Brinson, Ida R. 104 Broad St. Anderson, SC 29621 Broadwater, Kimberly C. 204 Briarcreek Dr. Spartanburg, SC 29301 Brock, Adele Eliza. IB Howell Circle Greenville, SC 29615 Brock, Jayme Allyson 217 Clarke Stream Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Brock, Jerry Donovan 6 Wilson Avenue Liberty, SC 29657 Brock, Louie C. Route 8, Box 111-E Anderson, SC 29621 Brockelbank, Brenda D. 268 Riggs Drive Clemson, SC 29631 Brooks, Latanya M. 2084 Spitfire Drive Langley AFB, VA 23665 Brooks, Sandra Lynn Route 6, Box 467 Anderson, SC 29624 Broome, Devon Randall Route 3, Box 449 Westminster, SC 29693 Brown, Angela T. 1222 Crenshaw St. Pendleton, SC 29670 Brown, Ashley E. 501 Wesicliffe Way Greenville, SC 29611 Brown, Donna Sue Route 3, Box 33 Iva, SC 29655 Brown, Glenna Rt. 1, Champlain Dr. Greenville, SC 29611 Brown, Jimmy D. Rt. 1 Hartwell, GA 30643 Brown, Rita S. 11 Shirley Dr. Wilhamslon, SC 29697 Brownlee, James E. 2158 Church Creek Dr. Charleston, SC 29407 Bruce, Tracy L. Kt 4 Bclton, SC 29627 Bryant, Gary L. Rt. 4 Helton, SC 29627 Bryant, Lisa Suzanne Route 3, Blue Ridge Dr. Greer, SC 29651 Bryant, Philip C. 2009 Shirlane Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Bryant, Terry B. Route 2 Elberton, GA 30635 Bryant, Wesley Dewitt 2009 Shirlane Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Burbage, Lisa Ann 1235 Harrow Street Charleston, SC 29407 Burdette, Kelly Patricia 18 Roberta Drive Greenville, SC 29615 Burdette, Stanley Vinson Box 604 Iva, SC 29655 Burdette, William W. Route 3, Box 279-X Iva, SC 29655 Burgess, Kimberly Ann 805 Village Lane Columbia, SC 29210 Burkett, Amanda W. Rt. 3, Box 903 Westminster, SC 29693 Burn, Richard A. 1088 Kimbrell Road Fori Mill SC 29715 Burnett, Kimberly A. 6007 Scottsdale Drive Greenville, SC 29615 Burns, James W, 3312 Timbcrlane Dr. Orangeburg, SC 29115 Burns, John Byron 112 kingswood Terrace Anderson, SC 29621 Burrell, Mark Andrew 112 First Avenue Spartanburg, SC 29302 Burrell, Monica C. 105 Caldwell St. Greer, SC 29651 Burrell, Sheila Beth Route 2, Box 261 Landrum, SC 29356 Burriss, Blitz L. Rt. 1 Anderson, SC 29621 Burriss, Todd Ezekiel 205 River Drive Wilhamston, SC 29697 Burriss, Walter Mack Route 2, Box 67 Anderson, SC 29621 Burroughs, Travis Eugene P.O. Box 535 Anderson, SC 29622 Burton, Amanda Lee Route 1, Box 734 Iva, SC 29655 Busby, Sandy E. 1009 C N, Mam St. Anderson, SC 29621 Butts, Teresa Elaine Route 1 West Union, SC 29696 c Cahn, Elizabeth Ann 555 Esplanade, Apt. 620 Redondo Beach, CA 90277 Cain, Tracey 1006 Planters Curve Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 Caldwell, Pamela L. 3040 Sunset Forest Rd. Anderson, SC 29624 Caldwell, Timothy 215 Timber Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Callaham, Kelly Jo Route 5, Box 120-H Seneca, SC 29678 Calloway, Jeffrey D. 1539 May Ave. Atlanta, CA 30316 Campbell, Barry C. Route 5, Box 254 Piedmont, SC 29673 Campbell, Donna Lynn P.O. Box 901 Orangeburg, SC 29116 Campbell, Harold Lesesne 221 Bailer Drive Greenville, SC 29615 Campbell, Kimberly H. 542 Jackson St. Calhoun Falls, SC 29628 Campbell, Rebecca F. Rt. 4, Box 229 Pickens, SC 29671 Candler, Susan L. 220 Chateau Drive Greenville, SC 29615 Cann, Paul Faraway Cot. D Dunscombe Warwick, BM 7-10 Cantrell, Bryan 213 Greenmeadow Cr. Anderson, SC 29624 Carlos, Julia Laverne 201 Dicey Ford Road Camden, SC 29020 Carlson, Reese Parker 216 West Earle Street Greenville, SC 29609 Carpenter, Keenan L. Box 88 Ruthcrtord, NC 28139 Carr, Stephen Matt. 6318 Yorkshire Drive Columbia, SC 29209 Carroll, David Thomas Route 4, Box 116B1 York, SC 29745 Carson, Jennifer E. Route 5 Belton, SC 29627 Cartee, Sherri Wilson Route 2, Box 438 Anderson, SC 29621 Carter, James Eric P.O. Box 970 Simpsonville, SC 29681 Carter, Melissa Lynne 723 Otis Rd. Walterboro, SC 29488 Carter, William Blake Route 7, Box 170 Piedmont, SC 29673 Carvalho, Sergio Oprea Shis QL8 Conj 8 Casa 18 Brasilia, Brazil 71600 Cashion, Robert Rt. 5, Box 124 Simpsonville, SC 29681 Cassidy, Eleanor L. 340 Preston St. West Columbia, SC 29169 Casleleneto, Donna M. 411 Liberty Ct. Anderson, SC 29621 Caudill, Carolyn R. Rt. 2 Box 302 Camden, SC 29020 Chambers, Robert 9 Farmington Rd. Greenville, SC 29605 Champion, Brett Tally Route 8, Box 198 Lancaster, SC 29720 Chapman, Steven P. 214 Shelton Dr. Spartanburg, SC 29302 Cheshire, Paula Kerr Route 5 Box 51 Belton, SC 29627 Chiapello, Thierry Louis 5417 Gary Place 6 Alexandria, VA 22311 Childs, Tammy L. Route 4, Box 461 Seneca, SC 29678 Chinners, Ernest William Route 1, Box 399 Summerville, SC 29483 Christmas, Anna Frances 500 E. Fredericks St. Anderson, SC 29621 Christopher, Brian K. 525 Westcliffe Way Greenville, SC 29611 Cinelli, Joan E. 114 Henry Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Ciuffo, Anthony Eugene 1636 Falmouth St. Charleston, SC 29407 Clark, Johnny R. 14 Eastcliff Way Greenville, SC 29611 Clark, Lori Ruth Rt. 2, Box 557 Asheville, NC 28805 Clark, Randy Keith 725 Shadow Mist Lane Columbia, SC 29210 Clement, Bernadette E. 310 Blossom Drive Greenville, SC 29605 Cleveland, Judie P. 1614 Calhoun Street Ext. Anderson, SC 29621 Cleveland, Marc E. Box 527, 2500 E. River Anderson, SC 29622 Cline, Monica Y. 227 S. Thomas St. Elberton, GA 30635 Clinkscales, Greta Rt. 2, Box 408 iva, SC 29655 Clinton, James 1166 W. Chapel Rd. McConnells, SC 29726 Coats, Cathy Marie Route 7, Pinecrest Road Anderson, SC 29624 Cobb, Kim Lavoris 8 Kennedy Street Honea Path, SC 29654 Coe, Tiffany R. 103 Simmons St. Anderson, SC 29621 Cogdill, Christopher 9 New Haven Drive Greenville, SC 29615 Cogdill, Katherine Rene Route 2, Box 648 Pinewood, SC 29125 Cohens, Dennis Earl 213 Morningside Drive Greenville, SC 29605 Coker, Penny Eliza Route 2, Box 237 Lake City, SC 29560 Colcolough, Robert B. 124 Bagwell Farm Rd. Spartanburg, SC 29302 Coleman, Debra Yvonne 9 Sanders Road Ware Shoals, SC 29692 Coleman, Randall Vernon 208 Merrifield Drive Greenville, SC 29615 Coleman, Robert Bernard 120 Dyerwood Place Danville, VA 24541 Collier, Jeffrey C. 104 Olivarri Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 173 Collins, Dana R. Rt. 7 Box 418 Talladega, AL 35160 Conn, Penni Maria 708 Fernwood Drive Spartanburg, SC 29302 Connell, Phillip jeraid 206 Tyborne Cir Columbia, SC 29210 Connor, Debra Lynn 2020 Breazeale Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Cook, Janice Marlene Route 6, Box 165 Aiken, SC 29801 Cooley, Kimberiy M. Rt. 7 Box 570 Piedmont, SC 29673 Cooper, Joel 2969 Evans Woods Dr. Atlanta, GA 30340 Copeland, Jana Gail 217 Hammett Road Greer, SC 29651 Corrigan, Cathy Jane 1 Kingsridge Ct. Greenville, SC 29615 Cothran, Patricia 311 Law St. Hartsville, SC 29550 Cothran, Tracy E-2 Concord Apts. Anderson, SC 29621 Cox, Jeffrey T. Rt. 13 Box 298 Anderson, SC 29624 Cox, Lisa C. 107 Pine Forest Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Cox, Robert William 290 Henderson Road Greenville, SC 29607 Craft, Jeffrey E. Box 342 Iva, SC 29655 Crawford, John Littleton 203 Brook Street Clemson, SC 29631 Creamer, Karen Teresa 133 Hillcrest Circle Belton, SC 29627 Creamer, Sharon Melessa 133 Hillcrest Circle Belton, SC 29627 Cribb, Clifton Byron Route 3, Box 314-A Hemingway, SC 29554 Crisp, Lonnie Steven Route 2, Box 21 Iva, SC 29655 Crocker, Kevin W. 104 Woodhill Dr. Easley, SC 29640 Croft, Nadja A. 2891 Neeses Rd. Orangeburg, SC 29115 Cromer, Kristen A. 215 Surrey Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Crump, Betty A. 2002 Lynn Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Crump, David R. Rt. 1 Box 769 Iva, SC 29655 Crump, Mitchell W. Rt. 3 Hartwell, GA 30643 Cullum, Kyle 1209 Heather Drive W Columbia, SC 29169 Dale, Laurie Rt. 9, Box 1160 Asheville, NC 28803 Daley, James ]. Rt 1, Box 727 Pelzer, SC 29669 Daniels, Brenda Joyce 206 Moores Avenue Walhalla, SC 29691 Darley, Dale Alan 105 Oak Lane Cayce, SC 29033 Daurer, Mark D. P.O. Box 558 Stone Min., GA 30086 Davis, Amanda J. 230 W. Greer Street Honea Path, SC 29654 Davis, Candace 321 Stewart Sumter, SC 29150 Davis, Deborah L. Rt. 2 Box 262 Pendleton, SC 29670 Davis, Jerry Martin 237 Belton Drive Williamston, SC 29697 Davis, Michael Jerome Route 4, Box 48 Seneca, SC 29678 Davis, Russell Gerald 728 Marshall Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Davis, Susan M. Box 533 Iva, SC 29055 Davis, Tonya Renee Route 1 Box 369 Anderson, SC 29621 Davis, William C. Box 865 Ridgeland, SC 29936 Dean, Angela V. Route 5, Box 310 Piedmont, SC 29673 Dean, Timilyn Rt. 8 Box 547 Anderson, SC 29621 Dean, Vergie T. Route 1, Box 234-A Williamston, SC 29697 Deborde, Alice M. 6477 Bridgewood Rd. Columbia, SC 29206 Deese, Joseph D. 226 Irene St. N. Augusta, SC 29841 Delise, Anthony David 2792 Roxburgh Drive Roswell, GA 30076 Deloach, Phyllis P O. Box 114 Saluda, SC 29138 Dempsey, Lisa R. 104 Jason Dr. Seneca, SC 29678 Dennis, John A. 10-F Country Club Apt. Anderson, SC 29621 Dewberry, William Todd 116 Oak Dr Elberton, GA 30635 Dickard, Gary L. 204 Holder St. Pickens, SC 29671 Dickerson, Kay A. Box 97 Bowman, GA 30624 Dickson, Mary Elizabeth Route 2, 101 Surrey Lane Seneca, SC 29678 Dieboid, Kenneth C. 400 Woodtern Circle Anderson, SC 29621 Dill, Sharon 208 Greenland Rd. Anderson, SC 29624 Dillon, Tammy Jean 405 Annafrer St. Rock Hill, SC 29730 Dobbs, Gregg E. 5361 Warrmgton Place College Park, GA 30349 Dobson, Henry Aull Route 1, Box 567 Central, SC 29630 Doker, Joseph Randall Route 2 Box 244 Lavonia, GA 30553 Dotson, Kirk L. 343 Fleming St. Laurens, SC 29360 Dove, Jill Rt. 12, Box 353 Anderson, SC 29621 Downs, Tracy L. 119 Unncia Dr. Greenville, SC 29605 Drake, David Rt. ?1, Box 7A-1 Baiesburg, SC 29006 Drew, Sharon R. Rt. 1 Box 158 Denmark, SC 29042 Driggers, Gina 310 Pine St. Latta, SC 29565 Driskell, Suzanne 1700 Pelham Rd. Greenville, SC 29615 Dubose, Neal Franklin 102 Ramseur Drive Blacksburg, SC 29702 Dudley, Jill D. P.O. Box 927 (Rt. 39) Iva, SC 29655 Dukes, Cindy Rt. 5, Box 163 Leesville, SC 29070 Duncan, Barry T. 2010 Downey Street Rock Hill, SC 29730 Duncan, Kris Alan 21 Dolphin Street Greenville, SC 29605 Duncan, Ronald B. Rt, 1 Box 457 Six Mile, SC 29682 Dunlap, Jill E. 2400 Villa Ct Anderson, SC 29621 Dutschke, Jo-Ann 717 Loblolly Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Dye, Tracie Leigh Route 6, Box 117 Elberton, GA 30635 € Earley, Michael R. 2121 Ivy Rd Orangeburg, SC 29115 Eberhardt, Nikki Joy Route 1 Hartwell, GA 30643 Edwards, Eric S. 200 Linsbury Circle Columbia, SC 29210 Edwards, Susan Lynn 971 Sifly Drive Orangeburg, SC 29115 Elder, David Brian 335 Ridgewood Estates Cornelia, GA 30531 Ellingsworth, Viola 407 Sweeney Lane leffersontown, KY 40299 Elliott, Mark Rt. 14, Box 261 Anderson, SC 29621 Ellis, Avis Priscilla Route 5, Box 592 Seneca, SC 29678 Ellis, Stephen 885 Crestline Drive Orangeburg, SC 29115 Ellison, William David Route 8, Box 58 Seneca, SC 29678 Elrod, Terri L. Rt. 8, Lakeview Drive Greenville, SC 29611 Ervin, Isabel Hunter Route 3 Box 87 Iva, SC 29655 Evans, Carolyn Davis Route 12, Box 475 Anderson, SC 29621 Evans, Cynthia D. Rt. 2 Box 231 A Elberton, GA 30635 Evans, Pamela Rt. 1, Box 205 Sumter, SC 29150 Jf Fant, Cynthia Lyvorn Route 2, Box 327 Roebuck, SC 29376 Fant, Rona Delacy Route 1, Box 1021 Starr, SC 29684 Fant, Shirley B. Route 2, Box 468 Starr, SC 29684 Farmer, Joy Charlene 405 N. Buncombe Rd. Greer, SC 29651 Farmer, Timothy S. Rt. 12, Clearvicw Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Feltman, Angela Jean Route 1, Box 1220 Starr, SC 29684 Ferguson, Mark Pike Route 1, Box 495 Central, SC 29630 Ficklin, Cassandra 4312 Wentworth Columbia, SC 29203 Fields, Vicki L. Box 45 Lydia, SC 29079 Finger, Elizabeth A. Rt. 4 Greenville, SC 29605 Fink, James T. Rt 5 Box 491 Hartsville, SC 29550 Fisher, Jeb S. Rt 2 Honea Path, SC 29654 Fleming, Marvin Fitz. Route 1, Box 393 Camden, SC 29020 Fletcher, April Lee 701 Huntington Road Easlev, SC 29640 Floyd, Andrew Joseph 424 Owen St Charleston, SC 29407 Flynn, Kimberiy P. 708 Taylors Road Taylors, SC 29687 Flythe, John S. 116 Dundee Lane Greenville, SC 29609 Fogle, Karyn Michell P.O. Box 144 Wagener, SC 29164 Ford, Carl Spencer Route 1, Dyar Road Townville, SC 29689 Ford, Jeffrey Shawn 181 Farah Drive Elkton, MD 21921 174 Forrester, Tammy L. Route 3, Box 284 Landrum, SC 29356 Foshee, |. Darryl P.O. Box 535 Hemingway, SC 29554 Fowler, Christ! D. Route 5, Bentley Road Belton, SC 29627 Fowler, David 512 Lockner Rd. Columbia, SC 29210 Fowler, Deborah B. 112 Princess Ave. Anderson, SC 29621 Fowler, Jill Shirley Route 1 Belton, SC 29627 Fowler, Lydia Jean Route 2, Box 2-B Starr, SC 29684 Frasier, Windy A. Route 2, Box 162 Iva, SC 29655 Frazier, Larraine M. Route 2, Box 300-A Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 Frazier, Rhonda 150 Ligon Street Clemson, SC 29632 Freeman, Brady D. Traveller Trail Piedmont, SC 29673 Frick, Pamela Maria Route 2, Box 140 Ridge Springs, SC 29129 Frost, Donald Stanley P.O. Box 914 Anderson, SC 29622 Fulbrlght, Angela S. Rt. 4 Box 158 Easley, SC 29640 Funderburk, Cindi Lou 558 Rock Spring Road Lancaster, SC 29720 Furtick, Liesl Winona Route 1, Box 136 Salley, SC 29137 Fyans, Robert 708 Kenilworth Dr. Greenville, SC 29615 @ Gailey, Martha C. Route 10, Box 273 Anderson, SC 29621 Gaines, Melinda Eliza. Route 2 Elberton, GA 30635 Gamble, Anthony T. 209 West B Ave. Easley, SC 29640 Gambrell, Richard 2001 .North College Ave. Anderson, SC 29621 Cantt, R. Perry 213 Hickory Drive Easley, SC 29640 Gardner, Charles |. 114 North Second Seneca, SC 29678 Garner, Gregory M. Box 173 Lockhart, SC 29264 Garner, Thomas L. Ill S. Seventh Si. Easley, SC 29640 Garrett, Lisa Jeanne Rt. 7, North Rockvlew Dr. Greenville, SC 29609 Garrison, Barbara M. Route 2 Box 339 B Anderson, SC 29621 Garrison, Jelfery PO Box 521 Pendleton, SC 29670 Garrison, Phillip Greg. Route 2, Box 355 Anderson, SC 29621 Geddens, Mark Stephen P.O. Box 195 Williamston, SC 29697 Gerald, Dena E. 203 Ponderosa Dr. Athens, GA 30605 Gerald, Sonya 200 Victor St. Marion, SC 29571 Gerisch, Christian S. Route 4, Box 129 Easley, SC 29640 Gettys, James W. Lindsay Lane Due West, SC 29639 Gibson, Karen E. 426 W Thomas St. Salisbury, NC 28144 Gilchrist, Thomas D. 418 Harrow Drive Columbia, SC 29210 Gill, Gregory Leon 24 Green Street York, SC 29745 Gillard, Fran Theresa 2008 West Market Street Anderson, SC 29624 Gillespie, Lisa 3004 W. Standridge Road Anderson, SC 29621 Gilliard, Kenneth Arnold 4 Harbor Gate, Route 11 Anderson, SC 29621 Ginn, Cynthia C. P.O. Box 116, Middle St. Varnville, SC 29944 Ginn, Ronald D. Box 64 Furman, SC 29921 Givan, Jennifer 135 Takeda Way Athens, GA 30605 Godbey, Stacey L. Rt. 4, Box 520 Seneca, SC 29678 Godwin, Winifred Ruth Route 5, Box 928 Orangeburg, SC 29115 Goforth, Lona Jill 18 Butternut Drive Greenville, SC 29605 Good, Andrea L. 340 Weatherly Woods Dr. Wintcrville, GA 30683 Gooding, Wendy 108 Saylor Dr. Moncks Corner, SC 29461 Goodwin, Kimberly Faye 1917 Memorial Drive Cayce, SC 29033 Goodyear, Julia Floyd P.O. Box 537 Chester, SC 29706 Goolsby, Tracy Deane Route 1, Wood Creek Dr. Piedmont, SC 29673 Graham, Lynda L. Route 3, Box 129 Anderson, SC 29621 Gramling, Paul Franklin Rt 1, Box 51 Bowman, SC 29018 Granchelli, Carolyn M. 2000 Lynn Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Grant, Lana Douglas Rt. 1, Box 901 Townvllle, SC 29689 Grasty, Yvonne Renee 100 G. Street Williamston, SC 29697 Gray, Samuel L. Rt. 2 Box 66 Williamston, SC 29697 Graydon, Kirk James 208 Cooper Lake Road Simpsonvillc, SC 29681 Green, Mark Oliver Nothingham Rd. Clinton, SC 29325 Green, Teddy Lee Route 14, Fowler Circle Greenville, SC 29607 Greene, Elizabeth Kaye 1 Salem Court Greenville, SC 29611 Greenway, Tina Darlene 104 Wren Way Anderson, SC 29621 Greer, D. Christopher Route 5, Belton, SC 29627 Greer, Kiva M. 102 lohn Street Greer, SC 29651 Grenmark, Robert L. 1314 Northampton Road Anderson, SC 29621 Grenmark, Suzanne 1314 Northampton Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Griffin, Cathy Lynn 114 W. Moore St Anderson, SC 29621 Griffin, Teresa J. Rt. 8 Box 145 Anderson, SC 29621 Griffin, Timothy Durant 2517 Hoffmeyer Road Florence, SC 29501 Griffith, Michael Glenn 3040 Courtland Dr Gaslonia, NC 28054 Grimes, Kimberly Rt. 1, Box 304 Westminster, SC 29693 Grooms, Cynthia Marie 1102 Yeamans Hall Road Hahahan, SC 39406 Grove, Darin Thomas 5267 Hartford Circle No. Charleston, SC 29406 Grubbs, Phyllis C. 316 Memorial Drive Greer, SC 29651 Grumbos, Lena 118 Swindon Circle Greenville, SC 29615 Hackett, James O. 1371 Kruger Ave. Charleston, SC 29407 Hairston, Sheila L. Rt. 1, Box 354 Clinton, SC 29325 Hale, Julie E. Box 9 MInturn, SC 29573 Halkias, Triantafillia 222 Croft Street Greenville, SC 29609 Hall, Evelyn Denise 124 Hillcrest Circle Anderson, SC 29624 Hall, Faye S. Route 2 Starr, SC 29684 Hall, Sandy Rt. 4 Iva, SC 29655 Mailman, Richard Todd 332 Eastclilfe Way Greenville, SC 29611 Ham, Sherry Melissa 313 Gibson St. Hartwell, GA 30643 Hamby, Shirley Diane Route 2, Surfside Dr Anderson, SC 29621 Hamby, Steven D. Box 161 Lavonia, CA 30553 Hammond, Angela D. Rt. 9 Box 21 Anderson, SC 29624 Hamn, inga 404 Hill St. Moncks Corner, SC 29461 Hampton, Frank 403 Allenby Anderson, SC 29621 Hanley, Howard A. Rt, 1, Box 320 Honea Path, SC 29654 Hanna, Christopher E. Route 5, Box 293 Anderson, SC 29621 Hannah, Michael Rt. 2, Box 455 Pelzer, SC 29669 Haraway, Mark R. 253 Ingleslde Greenville, SC 29615 Harden, Tawn J. 3511 Asheville Hwy. Hendersonville, NC 28739 Harmon, Angela M. 7230 Fairmont Dr. Columbia, SC 29209 Harrison, April L. 148 Bridgewater Cr. Irmo, SC 29063 Harrison, Daron P.O. Box 262 Saluda, SC 29138 Hart, Christopher E. 112 Brookbend Court Mauldin, SC 29662 Hart, Jacqueline E. Route 2, Box 31 Piedmont, SC 29673 Hart, Vanessa Rt. 6, Box 96A Anderson, SC 29621 Hartin, Tracey A. 815 Rollingwood Trail Columbia, SC 29210 Harvell, Malinda Louise 105 Sears Street Anderson, SC 29621 Hasbrouck, Styleen S.A. 308 Benjamin Street Anderson, SC 29621 Hatton, Heather G. 3200 Lenox Rd NF Apt. D203 Atlanta, GA 30324 Hawkins, Elizabeth C. P.O. Box 1023 Hartsville, SC 29550 Hawkins, Jennifer J. Rt. 6 Box 520 Piedmont, SC 29671 Hawkins, Todd Alan Rt. 7, Box 677, lames Rd. Easley, SC 29640 Hayes, Susan Marie Route 1, Box 456-A Belton, SC 29627 Haynie, Sharon Melissa Route 5, Box 268 Belton, SC 29627 Haynie, Theo M. 116 Rice Circle Belton, SC 29627 Hays, Robert Bond Route 5, Box 288 Thomson, Ga 30824 Heard, Brian Zack Route 11 Box 42 Anderson, SC 29621 175 Heebner, Todd Patrick 682T Formosa Drive Columbia, SC 29206 Helderman, Lysbeth 2014 Concord Dr Camden, SC 29020 Hellams, R. Susann Route 3, Box 60 Pendleton, SC 29670 Helmly, Teresa Lynn Route 3, Box 53 Pendleton, SC 29670 Helms, Jerry W. 600 Banks St. Ft. Mill, SC 29715 Helton, Denise L. 11 Willis Ave. Greenville, SC 29611 Henderson, William E. 17 Eisenhower Dr. Creenville, SC 29607 Hendricks, Malanie R. 202 Arlington , ve. Easley, SC 29640 Hester, Donald Rt. 3, Box 624 Fasley, SC 29640 Hewitt, Tweela S. Route 3, Box 233 Central SC 29630 Hicks, Lisa C. 303 Brookhaven Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Hicks, Lisa Michelle Rt. 2, Box 39, 28 By-Pass Anderson, SC 29621 Hill, Jane Allison 2926 Northbrook Drive Atlanta, CA 30340 Hill, Quisha C. Sardis Drive, Route 2 Union, SC 29379 Hillard, Jeffrey 333 Belair Dr. W. Columbia, SC 29169 Hinton, Grady P. 304 Corning St. Anderson, SC 29621 Hipp, Anthony Neil Route 10, Box 1850 Anderson, SC 29621 Hoffman, Wendi Diane 123 Brailstord Summerville, SC 29483 Hogan, William Paul P.O. Box 865 Hartwell, GA 30643 Holbrook, Jane Elizabeth 1110 Green Acres Anderson, SC 29621 Holcomb, Connie Diane 568 Tommy Aaron Drive Gainsville, CA 30506 Holcombe, Jeffrey S. 2108 Powdersville Rd. Easley, SC 29640 Holland, Allison Kelly 2843 Forest Hills Rock Hill, SC 29730 Holland, Milton Reece 421 Lee Street Calhoun Falls, SC 29628 Holley, Denise B. P.O. Box 213 Iva, SC 29655 Holling, Archie B. 116 King Charles Cr. Summerville, SC 29483 Holt, Karen Address Unknown Anderson, SC Hooper, Mark T. 2502 Poplar Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Horton, Brenda Kaye P.O. Box 626 Ridgeland, SC 29936 Houston, Frances C. 314 Third St. Cheraw. SC 29520 Houston, Paula 1906 Elcamino Road Spartanburg, SC 29301 Howard, Laurie M. Route 7, Box 203 Anderson, SC 29624 Howe, Roy 145 Holland Rd. Singapore, SI 1027 Howell, David A. Route 1, 105 Beiaire Cr. Anderson, SC 29621 Hubbard, Denise 4932 McDonald Ave. W. Columbia, SC 29169 Huckabee, Ansel Walts 532 Aiken Avenue Rock Hill, SC 29730 Hudgins, Felicia Gail Route 12, Box 252-C Anderson, SC 29621 Hudson, Kenneth J. 2116 Durham Dr. W. Columbia, SC 29169 Huff, Adrian Rt. £2, Sandy Flat Rd. Taylors, SC 29687 Huffman, Janice Fay P.O. Box 181 Elloree, SC 29047 Huggins, Steve A. Route 1, Box 54 GGG Bluflton, SC 29910 Huggins, Tamarha Cean 16 Sagamore Lane Greenville, SC 29607 Hughes, Joe P. Rt. 3 Box 33 Abbeville, SC 29620 Hughey, Traci Ann 21 Sunrise Drive Taylors, SC 29687 Hunnicutt, Cole L. 16 Woodbury Cr. Taylors, SC 29687 Hunter, James Patrick P.O. Box 392 Pendleton, SC 29670 Hunter, Rebecca J. Rt 14 Box 319 Anderson, SC 29621 Hunter, Timothy Wayne P O. Box 161 Pineridge Bogart, GA 30622 Hutchinson, Allen B. 353 Kaha-Alda Tr. Hopkins, SC 29061 Hutto, Reginald A. Rt, 1 Box 222A Holly Hill, SC 29059 Hyatt, Ronald L. 103 Drewry Road Taylors, SC 29687 Hyder, Lee Champion 407 Long Forest circle Anderson, SC 29621 Hyer, Mildred P. 1901 Venture PI. Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 3f i Idol, Kimberly Beth P.O. Box 32 Mauldin, SC 29662 Isaac, Joyce Rasina 1530 Heron Avenue Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 Isgett, Crystal M. P.O. Box 60 Clinton, SC 29325 Ison, Dana D. 507 Arcadia Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Jackson, David William 122 Rollingreen Road Greenville, SC 29615 Jackson, Len Grady 106 Baker Court Easley, SC 29640 Jackson, Ray A. Rt. 3 Ninety Six, SC 29666 Jackson, Robin D. 415 West Pinedale Drive Anderson, SC 29624 Jackson, Stacy E. P O. Box 61 West Union, SC 29696 Jacobs, Donald O. 102 Creslwood Dr. Chester, SC 29706 Jacobs, Lisa Michele 3965 Brutus Pass West Columbia, SC 29169 James, Jon E. 207 Loving Dr. Hartsville, SC 29550 James, Ronald B. Route 8, Old Anderson Rd. Greenville, SC 29611 James, Tracy 118 Lions Gate Columbia, SC 29223 Jarrard, Kerri Ann 3100 Barefoot Tr. Anderson, SC 29621 Jenkins, Erich Sherrell 26 Kingston Court Greenville, SC 29601 Jenkins, Patrice 2008 Bolt Dr Anderson, SC 29621 Jenkins Jr., David Joseph 94 W Pleasantview Oswego, IL 60543 Jennings, Robert Lee 100 Oak Ridge Court Greer, SC 29651 Johns, Kenneth Earl P.O Box 153 Walhalla, SC 29691 Johnson, Audra L. 130 Cottage Path Columbia, SC 29210 Johnson, Charles H. Box 457 Clinton, SC 29325 Johnson, Jeffery R. 108 Lake Forest Dr. Elberton, GA 30635 Johnson, Jeffrey E. 105 Meadowview Drive Taylors, SC 29687 Johnson, Kevin L. Rt. 2, Box 111 Iva, SC 29655 Johnson, Malcolm C. 2118 Arrowood Rd. Camden, SC 29020 Johnson, Scottie 5208 Glenmount St. Columbia, SC 29210 Johnson, Sherry L. 545 Savannah St. Calhoun Falls, SC Johnson, Stephen 301 Sagramore Lane Simpsonvillc, SC 29681 Jolley, Dexter Eugene Route 1, Whiteoak Drive Easley, SC 29640 Jolly, Barbara Sue Route 2, Box 11 Edgefield, SC 29824 Jolly, Cindy Ann Route 3, Box 218 Union, SC 29379 Jones, Allison Maria 100 Whittlin Way Taylors, SC 29687 Jones, Arthur E. Route 1, Box 283 Iva, SC 29655 Jones, James Lee Route 1, Linmar Cir. Anderson, SC 29621 Jones, Janice 806 Geisburg Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Jones, Kelly P.O. Box 31V York, SC 29745 Jones, Pamela 43 Shadowmere Dr. Pelzer, SC 29669 Jones, Rhonda M. Rt. 1, Box 562 Townville, SC 29689 Jordan, Julia C. Route 10, Box 153 Anderson, SC 29621 Justus, Daniel E. Rt. 5, Box 262 Hendersonville, NC 28739 Karriker, Amy Susan Rt 10, 28 Peach Valley Spartanburg, SC 29303 Kay, Geoffrey Bryan 601 Sherwood Avenue Honea Path, SC 29654 Kay, Michael D. Rt. 3, Box 189 Central, SC 29630 Keasler, Debbie Rt. 12, Box 79 Anderson, SC 29621 Keefe, Michelle 283 Carolina Orangeburg, SC 29115 Keefe, Wendy Marie 283 Carolina Orangeburg, SC 29115 Keller, Kristy D. Rt. 2, Box 507 D Easley, SC 29640 Keller, Tony M. Box 694 Clayton, CA 30525 Kelley, Thomas E. 409-B West Fredricks Anderson, SC 29621 Kelly, Jeffrey Glenn 238 Stevenson Drive Belton, SC 29627 Kelly, Robert Wayne Route 1 West Union, SC 29696 Kemp, Jay 771 Hillside Drive Gainesville, CA 30501 Keown, Bradley P. Box 332 Belton, SC 29627 Kernells, Linda Rogers 110 Pine Forest Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Kerr, Fred R. Route 6, Airline Road Anderson, SC 29624 Khoo, Anthony 506 Allenby Road Anderson, SC 29621 Kidd, Kathleen J. 201 Eskew Circle Anderson, SC 29621 Kidd, Robin Rt. 1, Box 351 Dewy Rose, GA 30634 176 Kimbell, Jack W. 109 Ripple View Dr. Clemson, SC 29631 Kimbrell, Dora Ann 3561 Pleasant Road Fort Mill SC 29715 Kimsey, Billy M. Rt. 1 Box 210 Abbeville, SC 29620 King, Amy Ann Route 4, Box 151 Chapin, SC 29036 King, Felicia A. Rt. 2 Hartwell, GA 30643 King, Kelly L. Route 3 Hartwell, GA 30643 Kirkland, Donald ). 6 Velma Drive Taylors, SC 29687 Klaren, Charles 201 N. Poplar St. Walhalla, SC 29691 Klempka, Peter 2021 Cardinal Cr. Anderson, SC 29621 Knight, Gary L. Rt. 1, Box 374 Walhalla, SC 29691 Knighten, Philip C. Route 3, Box 82 Simpsonville, SC 29681 Knighton, Donna C. 117 Carter Hail Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Kolb, Cheryl Carlon 1505 East Calhoun St. Anderson, SC 29621 Kosan, Eric Stephen 13680 Harriet Dr N. Huntingdon, PA 15642 Kowalczyk, Jennifer E. Rt. 1 Box 203 McGee Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Krait, Laura Lynn 110 Oxford Street Greenville, SC 29607 Kralzer, Lisa Ann oute 14, 5 Holly Circle .reenville, SC 29607 ythas, Helen 1032 E. Perry Rd. " .reenville, SC 29609 n .aag, Cynthia E. 107 Soma Dr. V. Columbia, SC 29169 abbe, Laura Ann oute 3, Box 142 reer, SC 29651 .ffoon, David Carr 35 Yorktown Courl asley, SC 29640 amb, Deborah M. 255 W. Vagabond ■It Pleasant, SC 29464 ane, Barry Clifford toute 5, Box 262 arlsville, SC 29550 angley, Benjamin Dan. i511 Dare Circle Tolumbia, SC 29206 .atorre, Cynthia M. M20 Lantern St Charleston, SC 29407 Lawrence, Sharon HCR 65, Box 535 Huger, SC 29450 Lay, Anne C. 109 Rockmont Rd. Greenville, SC 29615 Lay, Jane B. 109 Rockmont Rd. Greenville, SC 29615 Leach, Christopher F. 309 Richardson Street Gaffney, SC 29340 Lecroy, Andrea Rt. 2 Lavonia, GA 30553 Ledbetter, Christopher W. Rt. 4 Holland Rd. Bclton, SC 29627 Lee, Anita Box 31, Colony Park Anderson, SC 29621 Lee, Gregory 3920 Columbia Rd. Orangeburg, SC 29115 Lee, Jennifer Ann Route 1, Box 440 Starr, SC 29684 Lee, Robin Annette Route 1, Box 282 Landrum, SC 29356 Lee, Timothy James 824 Winston Dr. Anderson, SC 29624 Lehr, Brian Keith 2006 Cardinal Park Anderson, SC 29621 Lesley, Anthony M. 326 Johnson Road Pelzer, SC 29669 Lesley, Caroline Lee 404 Breenbriar Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Lever, Margaret L. Route 1, Windward Trail Anderson, SC 29621 Leverette, Levi J. Box 1165 Anderson, SC 29622 Lewis, Darrin Vincent P.O. Box 632, Sousa Est. Devonshire, BM Lewis, Tonya Mechelle 30 Sedgeheld Villas Taylors, SC 29687 Liggett, Mark H. 102 Mulberry Ave. Anderson, SC 29621 Lindsay, Helen Eliza. Route 2, Box 251 St Matthews, SC 29135 Link, Kimberly A. Rt 2 Box 282 Asheville, NC 28805 Linn, Teresa Louise 116 East Circle Dr. Lexington, SC 29072 Lockwood, Whitney C. 18 Swanson Ct Greenville, SC 29609 Lomax, M. Nicholas 102 Strawberry Lane Clemson, SC 29631 Looney, Lisa Darlene 3005 Cambridge Road Anderson, SC 29621 Looper, Patricia Ann Route 2, Box 436 Marietta, SC 29661 Lopez, Steven Rt. 1, Woodland Lane Wilharnston, SC 29697 Lord, Kenneth T. P.O. Box 134 Commerce, GA 30529 Lowe, Lana Rt. 1, Box 432 Belton, SC 29627 Lukawecki, Laura Ann Route 2, Box 424 Seneca, SC 29678 Lyies, Lynda Box 3384 Anderson, SC 29624 LyIes, Valerie A. Rt. 2 Box 199 B. Honea Path, SC 29654 m Macon, Cornita 179 W. Morning Side St. Hartford, CT 06112 Madden, Melissa M. 309 F. St. Anderson, SC 29621 Madden, Sharon Leigh Route 2 Belton, SC 29627 MadI, Kimberly 42 Hillbrook Ave. Zephyrhills, FL 34248 Maiden, Virginia L. Rt. 7 Box 446 Piedmont, SC 29673 Maney, Charlie P.O. Box 168 La France, SC 29656 Manning, Rebecca Rt 1, Box 9360 Watcrbury, VT 05677 Mantekas, Pete Jimmy 223 Eastbourne Road Greenville, SC 29611 Maples, Kimberly Leigh 909 Bowden Road Anderson, SC 29624 Martin, Amy Eugenia 200 Skyland Drive Westminster, SC 29693 Martin, Angela Michell 103 Prince Street Abbeville, SC 29680 Martin, Cary Michael Route 3, White Horse Rd. Greenville, SC 29611 Martin, Gregory David 509 Laurel Road Easlcy, SC 29640 Martin, Hazel J. 3901 Allslon Street Anderson, SC 29624 Martin, Henry Calhoun Route 2, Box 280 Liberty, SC 29657 Martin, Jeffrey M. 1104 Edgemont Ave. Greenville, SC 29611 Martin, Jerri B. Rt. 2 Box 10 Honea Path, SC 29654 Martin, Joel A. Rt. 2 Honea Path, SC 29654 Martin, Katherine L. Rt. 13 Box 102 Anderson, SC 29624 Martin, Kimberly Jan P.O. Box 291 Clemson, SC 29633 Martin, Melissa C. 14 Huguenot Ave. Charleston, SC 29407 Martin, Melody Route 4, Box 190 Belton, SC 29697 Martin, Patricia Rt. 2, Austin Rd. Honea Path, SC 29654 Martini, Hilaire Fiore Route 3, Todds Creek Rd. Central, SC 29630 Martini, Joseph N. Todds Creek Rd., Rt. 3 Central, SC 29630 Mathis, Joni E. 103 S. Warwick Rd. Greenville, SC 29609 Matthews, Wyman G. 31 Edisto Drive Batesburg, SC 29006 Mattox, Ronald Rt. 6, Box 153 Seneca, SC 29678 Mauldin, Sherrie Melisa P.O. Box 111 Iva, SC 29655 Maxon, Christopher F. Rt. 3 Box 548 Laurens, SC 29360 Maxwell, Laurie M. 52 Dairy Street Ware Shoals, SC 29692 McAbee, John Robert 103 Riggs Drive Clemson, SC 29631 McAlister, Lisa Locke Route 5 Belton, SC 29627 McBride, April B. 4 E. Raintree Apis Anderson, SC 29621 McBride, William J. 17A-2 Bailey Court Apts. Anderson, SC 29621 McCarter, Mary E. Route 1, Box 408 Laurens, SC 29360 McCarthy, Melissa 16 Malcolm Street Waldwick, N| 07463 McClellan, Richard J. 414 Central Ave. Anderson, SC 29621 McClure, Suann M. P.O. Box 68 Anderson, SC 29622 McCord, Mary A. 122 Cherokee Cr. Anderson, SC 29621 McCoy, Anita 3200 Severn Rd. Anderson, SC 29624 McCoy, Russell M. 211 Bannister St. Belton, SC 29627 McCoy, Sonia Jill 228 Batesville Road Greer, SC 29651 McCracken, Marvin Howell 37 Spring Forest Cr. Asheville, NC 28803 McCraw, Page E. 2821-5 Shadblow Lane W. Columbia, SC 29169 McDavid, Sandtric F. Rt. 2 Cherokee Rd. Williamston, SC 29697 McDonald, Idalia E. 3 Deilrose Cr. Taylors, SC 29687 McDowell, Pamela D. 2005 Cardinal Park Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 McEntire, Tara Z. 107 Kingswood Dr. Greenville, SC 29611 McGaha, Steven R. Rt. 2 Box 136 Honea Path, SC 29654 McGill, Tracy Powell 2825 Burson Road Anderson, SC 29624 McGonegal, Matthew Thomas 1403 Stratfield Circle Atlanta, GA 30319 McGregor, Thomas Wm. 1217 Northampton Rd Anderson, SC 29621 McKee, Brenda Yates 112 Inman Drive Anderson, SC 29621 McLendon, Minerva D. 104 Hartford Ct. Anderson, SC 29621 McLeod, Steven Lawrence 107 Cinder Creek Road Spartanburg, SC 29302 McLeod, Walker White 177 Route 2, Box 214 Chapin, SC 29036 McMahon, Carl Newton 59 Stone Drive Greenville, SC 29609 McMillan, Ernest Lynwood P.O. Box 467 Salley, SC 29137 McMillan, Terrell Keith P.O. Box 467 Salley, SC 29137 McMullan, lohanna Smith Route 2, Box 2762 Hartweil, GA 30643 McNair, Ronald P. 517 Auburn Avenue Anderson, SC 29624 McNeer, Lisa D. Rt. 1, Box 211 Waihalla, SC 29691 McNeill, Brian 3123 Landing Way Orangeburg, SC 29115 McNeil, Michael K. 3123 Landing Way Orangeburg, SC 29115 Medlin, Lisa Diane 111 Green Street Williamston, SC 29697 Meeks, Barry D. Rt. 2 Box 520 Ridgeland, SC 29936 Merideth, Kenneth R. Rt. 1 Box 1075. Clinton, SC 29325 Messer, Isaac 1216 Brushy Creek Rd. Taylors, SC 29687 Mikell, Patrick M. 5 Dolmane Dr. Charleston, SC 29407 Milford, Betty A. Rt. 9, Box 758 Anderson, SC 29624 Miller, Beverly 376 Litchfield Apts. Barnwell, SC 29812 Miller, Helen Route 2, Box 296 Batesburg, SC 29006 Miller, Joseph C. 2631 Deloache Ave, Newberry, SC 29108 Miller, Thomas P.O. Box 1853 Anderson, SC 29622 Mims, Linda 122 Rutledge Way Anderson, SC 29621 Mitchell, lulie 821 Rollingwood Trail Columbia, SC 29210 Mitchell, Pamela McQueen P.O. Box 1041 William St. Iva, SC 29655 Mitchell, Thomas Michael 101 Wedgewood Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mitchell, Tina M. P.O. Box 244 Irmo, SC 29063 Mize, Rhonda Lou Route 3, Box 217 Seneca, SC 29678 Montague, Nancy Lynn 1 Lewis Circle Sumter, SC 29150 Mood, Clayton 2211 S. Dallerton Cr. Charleston, SC 29407 Moody, lames Robert 1123 Queen Elaine Rd. Casselberry, FL 32707 Moore, Melissa Lynn 106 Wilson Street Mauldin, SC 29662 Moore, Peggye Anne Route 5, Ramona Drive Belton, SC 29627 Moore, Wayne Harold 802 South Welcome Road Greenville, SC 29611 Moore, William Rt. 6, Box 489 Anderson, SC 29624 Morgan, Jon M. P.O. Box 94 Ft. Mill, SC 29715 Morgan, Samuel Matthew P.O. Box 94 Fort Mill, SC 29715 Morris, Amelia Carol Box 542, Sunset Drive Liberty, SC 29657 Morris, Mark R. Rt. 1 Box 79 BB Andrews, SC 29510 Morris, Sherwin S. Rt. 9, Bx 312, Lee Drive Anderson, SC 29624 Morrison, Mark Gleason 908 Bolt Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Morrison, Victoria 37-F Parkview Apts. Iva, SC 29655 Morton, Ailsa G. 402 Holly Tree Lane Simpsonvilie, SC 29681 Morton, Susan A. 3917 Liberty Hwy. Anderson, SC 29621 Moss, Pamela R. Rt. 1 Box 73 Salem, SC 29676 Motes, Joyce Lynn 802 North Forest Avenue Hartweil, GA 30643 Mullock, M. Patrick 4311 Woodside Haven Dr. Columbia, SC 29206 Murdock, Andrea Lynn 8 Old Mill Court Taylors, SC 29687 Murdock, Sandra Hawkins Route 1 Troy Murdock Rd. Belton, SC 29627 Myers, Bimini Claire Route 9, Box 501 Anderson, SC 29624 M Nease, Gary J. 4 Wardview Ave. Greenville, SC 29611 Neeley, Mark David Route 3, Box 317 Chapin, SC 29036 Neeley, Vince O ' Bryan P.O. Box 9622 Columbia, SC 29290 Neely, Ann T. 101 Old Mill Rd, Taylors, SC 29687 Neely, Tony M. Rt. 4 Cedar Pines Lake Lancaster, SC 29720 Neely, Tracy D. 1214 Dickens Williamston, SC 29697 Neshat, Yvette 28 Ashley Rd. Asheville, NC 28805 Neubner, Cara Margaret 117 Sheldon Ave. Greenwood, SC 29646 Newton, Joel Glen 508 Trinity Way Greenville, SC 29609 Nichols, Timothy D. Rt. 5 Hen Coop Crk. Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Nicholson, Jackie B. Route 7 Box 142 D. Anderson, SC 29621 Nicholson, Mary Frances Route 2, Box 325 Iva, SC 29655 Nicoletti, David M. 18 North Clemson Townhouse Clemson, SC 29631 Nix, Robert Keith 300 Elm Street Anderson, SC 29621 Norris, Deborah L. 409 Meadow Park Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Nubson, James Martin 135 Seven Oaks Dr. Greenville, SC 29605 B O ' Brien, Darlene Anne 78 Kingston Road Hilton Head, SC 29928 O ' Cain, Harold Adelson 159 3rd Street Estill, SC 29918 O ' Leary, Maura Ann 7 Norwich Drive Greenville, SC 29609 O ' Neal, Carl 2201 Bacon Bridge Rd. Summerville, SC 29483 Obeck, Christine A. 2725 NE 34th St. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33306 Oberekor, Amavwia Ama Oba Akran Ave Ikeja Brew Lagos, Nigeria NI Odom, Linda 1818 Turner St. Barnwell, SC 29812 Oglesby, Lorna Felicia P.O. Box 671 Central, SC 29630 Oglesby, Willie Mae Route 1, Box 100 Westminster, SC 29693 Oliver, Karen Evette 3865-B Lake Dr. Charleston, SC 29405 Orcutt, Lorraine Law 104 Rhodes Circle Anderson, SC 29621 Oriinik, David Michael 101 Pebble Creek Way Taylors, SC 29687 Orr, Barron Steve Route 1, Box 279-B Piedmont, SC 29673 Orr, Robert H. 212 S. Elm Street Pendleton, SC 29670 Outlaw, John Rt. 1, Box 81 Camden, SC 29020 Ouzts, Richard Daniel 1602 Country Club Rd Elberton, Ga 30635 Owings, Melanee Dawn 401 Beechwood Circle Greenwood, SC 29646 1 Pace, Debra Joyce Route 1, Box 250 Clinton, SC 29325 Pacelli, Michelle K. Rt. 10 Box 746 Valdosta, GA 31601 Padgett, Candace N. 1004 Gilreath Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Padgett, Sherri Lynn 900 Highland Street Varnville, SC 29944 Painter, Mary E. 1010 Laura St. Anderson, SC 29621 Painter, Stanley Eugene 605 Laurel Road Easley, SC 29640 Palmer, Jerald P.O. Box 252 Cornelia, GA 30531 Panuccio, Patrick F. Rt. 1 Seneca, SC 29678 Parham, Phillip David Route 9, Box 335 Easley, SC 29640 Paris, Deborah L. Rt. 1, Mark Ave. Easley, SC 29640 Parks, Zanetta Lee Route 13, Box 35 Anderson, SC 29624 Parnell, Angela D. Rt. 10, 107 Old Hickory Greenville, SC 29607 Parrish, Ronald Edward 18 Highgate South S. Augusta, GA 30909 Parten, Mary Rt. 1, Box 154 Royston, GA 30662 Patterson, Julie 691 Pinewood Ave. Pendleton, SC 29670 Patterson, Ricky M. 506 Crescent Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Peace, Susan Rt. 4, Griffin Oaks Pickens, SC 29671 Pearson, Amy A. Rt. 2 Jordan Rd. Greer, SC 29651 Peck, Jane F. 1548 Fort Hill Drive Seneca, SC 29678 Peebles, David Ronald Route 4, Box 64 Anderson, SC 29624 Peeples, Michael P. Rt. 1, Box 181A Hampton, SC 29924 Penberthy, William 2452 Lake Waumpi Dr. Maitland, FL 32751 Perry, Angela Rt. 11, Box 113 Anderson, SC 29621 Perry, Mary E. 1003 Canterbury Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Peters, Jeffrey Scott 6 Summit View, Clay Est. Bailey ' s Bay, BM 2-06 Peters, Polly Anne 6 Summit View Drive Bailey ' s Bay BM 2-06 Peterson, Tonya 715 Honeysuckle Rd. Gainesville, GA 30501 Phillips, Charles Darren 401 Chandler Drive Belton, SC 29627 Phillips, Christianne D. Box 95 Williamston, SC 29697 Phillips, Leigh A. 213 Robin Dr. Anderson, SC. 29621 Pickron, Kammi M. 3122 Laurel Grove S. lacksonvillc, FL 32217 Pittas, David B. Country Club Apt 23 I Anderson, SC 29621 Pitts, James David 178 Route 3, Box 842 Laurens, SC 29360 Plakas, Nick Sieve 2 Oriole Street Greenville, SC 29609 Plowden, A.D. 624 Mattison Sumter, SC 29150 Plyler, Lori L. Rt. 9, Box 467 Lancaster, SC 29720 Poore, Matthew 324 Dogwood St. Anderson, SC 29621 Prevatte, Rodney Allen 104 Wemberly Drive Simpsonville, SC 29681 Price, Jeffrey C. P.O. Box 153 Gilbert, SC 29054 Price, Karen 830 Williams Circle W. Columbia, SC 29169 Price, Kenneth Lucas 3739 Shallow Pond Road Columbia, SC 29206 Price, Marsha A. Rt. 2 Box 25L Leesville, SC 29070 Price, Stephen N. Rt. 8 Box 411 A. Easley, SC 29640 Privitera, Susan A. 1 Lampton Rd. Charleston, SC 29407 Proctor, Anthony K. 8 Calhoun Sq. Clemson, SC 29631 Pruitt, Angela 105 Warner Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Pruitt, Mary 24G Hampton Hall Apts. Taylors, SC 29687 Purdy, Marty Ragan Route 1, Box 570 Iva, SC 29655 Putnam, Anthony L. 116 Wooohill Drive Easley, SC 29640 Putnam, Steven 1604 Sansbury Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 (© Quattlebaum, Charles Landon 11 Port Royal Drive Greenville, SC 29615 aa Rabb, William Stuart Route 2, Box 394 Cameron, 5C 29030 Radford, John Eugene 2214 Elkridge Drive Camden, SC 29020 Rafferty, Russell 211 Carolina Ave. Greenville, SC 29607 Rainey, Anna F. Rt. 14 Box 148 Anderson, SC 29621 Ramey, Kimberly Rt. 2, Box 755 Iva, SC 29655 Ramsey, Joey Allen Route 3, Black Road Simpsonville, SC 29681 Randall, Cynthia Route 2, Roper Mtn. Road Greenville, SC 29607 Rankin, John Blair 601 Cherry Road Clemson, SC 29631 Rayle, Dixie L. Route 1 Elberton, GA 30635 Redo, Tamela Lynn Route 8, Fairhaven Drive Greer, SC 29651 Reeder, Suzanne Renee P.O. Box 163, Reeder St. Gilbert, SC 29054 Reese, Cyn. Allison 103-A Auld Avenue Elberton, GA 30635 Reese, Karen L. Rt. 3 Box 112 B. Sumter, SC 29150 Reeves, Kelly Denise 207 Hunts Bdg Rd. Greenville, SC 29611 Reid, Barbara M. 2002 Bolt Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Reid, Charles T. 206 N I St. Anderson, SC 29621 Reitenbach, Glenn J. 2106 Rush St. Anderson, SC 29621 Rettew, John E. 4 Parkins Lake Road Greenville, SC 29607 Reynolds, Martha E. 1210 Rutledge Way Anderson, SC 29621 Rhodes, Timothy C. Rt. 1 Box 207 Calhoun Falls, SC 29628 Rice, Gregory D. 106 Brentwood Circle Anderson, SC 29621 Rice, Michelle T. 1137 North Shadow Drive Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 Richey, Linda Rt. 2, Box 232 Williamston, SC 29697 Riddle, Thomas David 101 Horton Avenue Bclton, SC 29627 Rinalducci, Susan M. 2756 Riviera Ct. Decatur, GA 30033 Roache, Terri G. Rt. 1, Cherokee Rd. Williamston, SC 29697 Roback, Paula Ann 1004 Malibu Court Hanahan, SC 29406 Roberds, Catherine M. 108 Brookwood Lane Clemson, SC 29631 Roberson, Sonya Teresa 224 Morgan Street loanna, SC 29351 Roberts, Caria E. 2206 Pope Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Roberts, Theresa V. Rt. 4, Box 185 Stone Crk. Anderson, SC 29624 Robinson, Derrick Route 2, Rosewood Acres Duncan, SC 29304 Robinson, Janice Bernice 109 Morningside Drive Walhalla, SC 29691 Robinson, Joey W. Rt. 2 Box 12 Belton, SC 29627 Robinson, Richard L. 300 Londonberry Drive Spartanburg, SC 29301 Rochester, Julia Kay P.O. Box 1380 Seneca, SC 29678 Rogers, James Rt. 1, Box 419 Williamston, SC 29697 Rogers, Jeffrey Boyce 410 Laurel Road Easley, SC 29640 Rogerson, Roberta C. 25 Mayer Street Georgetown, SC 29440 Roland, Deborah K. 3014 Manchester Circle Anderson, SC 29621 Roper, Debra W. 307 McNeill Drive Anderson, SC 29624 Rossi, Anthony M. 104 Sycamore St. Anderson, SC 29621 Rowell, Mary B. 12 07 Briarwood Ave. Anderson, SC 29621 Rowland, W. Russell 105 Sun Meadow Road Greer, SC 29651 Rucker, Barry C. 436 Reynolds Hartwell, GA 30643 Ruediger, David Lawrence 3319 Stoneybrook Road No. Charleston, SC 29418 Rushing, Karen L. 201 Lakewood Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Rutledge, Jean 1001 Stratford Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Ryan, Freda Rt. 1 Box 133 Calhoun Falls, SC 29628 Samra, Marcela Sofia P.O. Box 182 Tegucigalpa, HN C.A. Sanders, Jackie L. Rt. 6 Box 336 Anderson, SC 29624 Sanders, Mary E. 101 Hedgewood Ct. Greer, SC 29651 Sanstrum, James Fergus Route 7, Box 295 Sartanburg, SC 29303 Satterfield, Lee A. 28 Engel Dr. Greenville, SC 29609 Sauls, Rebecca L. 8 Sheriff Ave. Honea Path, SC 29654 Sayer, David E. Rt. 3 Box 441 Elberton, GA 30635 Scarborough, Douglas Duane 1112 East Whitner Anderson, SC 29621 Scarborough, Kimberly Shaun P.O. Box 284 Belton, SC 29627 Scarborough, Marc L. Rt. 7 Box 341 Piedmont, SC 29673 Schaner, Dennis |on Route 7, Box 241 Anderson, SC 29624 Schmeiske, Sommer Eliz. Lot 47 Mimosa Park Anderson, SC 29621 Schmidt, Phillip J. 1912 Millgate Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Schofield, Angela Jean 173 Dunn Ln. Lexington, SC 29072 Schronce, Steve Ezell Route 2, Broadway School Belton, SC 29627 Schwab, Dennis 500 Blacks Dr. Greenville, SC 29615 Scott, J.E. 512 Valentine Street Anderson, SC 29624 Seabrook, William B, 2936 Grampion Drive Gastonia, NC 28054 Sellers, Gregory Rhett 83 Spruce Dr. Gettysburg, PA 17325 Shady, Nick Bill 3001 Woodside Drive Arlington, TX 76016 Sharp, Michael Walker Rt. 5, 404 Woodbluff Rd. Laurens, SC 29360 Shealy, Gregory Alan P.O. Box 184 Chapin, SC 29036 Shealy, Michael Rt. 3, Box 312 Gilbert, SC 29054 Sheppard, Gina M. 199 Mason Dr. Orangeburg, SC 29115 Sheriff, Donna Sue Route 5, Box 458 Seneca, SC 29678 Sherman, Wm. Michael Route 1, Box 301 Piedmont, SC 29673 Shirley, Angela Renee Route 1, Box 235 Seneca, SC 29678 Shirley, Dina Michelle Route 7 Box 440 Piedmont, SC 29673 Sides, Allison Leigh 8 Cross Pointe Greenville, SC 29607 Silva, Mauricio A. Sqs 115 Bloco E. Apt. 304 Brasilia, DF 70385 Silvey, Steven C. Rt. 12 Box 390 Anderson, SC 29621 Simmons, Clorissa C. Route 6 Box 141 Anderson, SC 29624 Simmons, Edward Elwado 24 Lockwood Freehold, N| 07728 Sinclair, Michael Rt. 5, Box 102 Columbia, SC 29203 Singleton, Shawn Kim Route 3 Elberton Road Hartwell, GA 30643 Sisk, Melvin Robert 4019-A Crescent Court Shaw A.F.B., SC 29152 Sisk, Tracy 206 Edwards Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Skeen, Connley B. 1305 Stonehurst Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Skelton, Patti I. 1440 Old 29 Hwy. Hartwell, GA 30643 Smith, Alice Laura Route 3, Box 481 C Easley, SC 29640 Smith, Deanna Lee 46 Lord Calvert Drive Charleston, SC 29407 Smith, Gregory Hampton St. Iva, SC 29655 Smith, James Earl 90 Running Fox Road Columbia, SC 29206 Smith, Joey Sanford 2339 Griffith Drive, NW. 179 Orangeburg, SC 29115 Smith, Kenneth Evans 302 Brookforest Drive Anderson, SC 2962T Smith, Louise A. Rt. 12, Altamont Rd. Greenville, SC 29609 Smith, Melinda Faye 122 Woodmont Circle Greenville, SC 29605 Smith, Melissa Kaye 122 Woodmont Circle Greenville, SC 29605 Smith, Michael Dean 7231 Holloway Dr. Columbia, SC 29209 Smith, Oscar L. Rt. 3 Box 612 Iva, SC 29655 Smith, Rachel Rt. 3 Box 481 Easley, SC 29640 Smith, Russell B. 370 Cox Ave. Calhoun Falls, SC 29628 Smith, Sheila P. 3309 B. Keys St. Anderson, SC 29624 Smith, Stephanie 900 Moorhead Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Smith, Steven E. 411 Mahaffey St. Belton, SC 29627 Smith, Troy D. 946 Anchor Drive Charleston, SC 29412 Smith, Wilhelmina D. Route 1, Lake Ridge Dr. Greenville, SC 29611 Smith, Wm. Bradley 7 Fairview Avenue Greenville, SC 29601 Snider, Kelly Renee 1101 Brookwood Circle W. Columbia, SC 29169 Snow, John Rt. 1, Box 192 FHemingway, SC 29554 Soles, Carol Anita 18 Granville Rd. Columbia, SC 29209 Southerland, Larry 503 Heyward Road Anderson SC 29621 Sox, Kimberly A. 400 Reed Ave. Lexington, SC 29072 Spake, Diana Lynn 402 East Fredericks St. Anderson, SC 29621 Spearman, David M. 122 Churchill Ave. Greer, SC 29651 Spence, Mark Gregory 308 Woodfield Road Belton, SC 29627 Spenny, Clara P. 2604 Jackson Sq Anderson, SC 29621 Spenny, Donald Keith 2604 Jackson Square Anderson, SC 29621 Spenny, lanis L. 2604 Jackson Square Anderson, SC 29621 Spires, Tony Route 2, Box 190 Pelion, SC 29123 Stack, Sonia Dawn 228 Balfer Drive Greenville, SC 29615 Staley, Rose Maria Route 1, Box 658 North, SC 29112 Stamey, Lisa Dawn Route 3, Box 146 Pendleton, SC 29670 Steele, Lori A. Rt. 5, Box 128-B Lancaster, SC 29720 Stegall, Mary F. 3903 Liberty Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Stegall, Stacy Michael Route 7, Box 424 Easley, SC 29640 Stephens, Charles Howard Route 1 Spartanburg, SC 29303 Stewart, Bryant Rt. 4, Box 183 Piedmont, SC 29673 Stiles, Charles K. 3505 Boundbrook Ln Columbia, SC 29206 Stokes, Vickie L. Rt. 1, Box 54 Bishopville, SC 29010 Stone, Jacquelyn S. Route 10 Quail FHollow Anderson, SC 29621 Stone, Katherine L. 240-A Pendleton Road Clemson, SC 29631 Stone, Miriam George Albert Lake Road Anderson, SC 29624 Stone, Nancy Rt. 1, Sam McGee Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Stowe, Delennon lames 1205 Centerville Road Anderson, SC 29621 Strickland, Sharon L. 104 Aycock Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Stroud, Mark Elliott Route 7, Traynham Blvd. Greenville, SC 29609 Stubblefield, Perry Brian 49 Robinhood Dr. Walhalla, SC 29691 Stuntz, Virginia S. 870 Greenville St. Pendleton, SC 29670 Sturkie, Tabatha Lee Box 1694 Conway, SC 29526 Tanner, Norton ). Rt. 3 Box 108 FHemingway, SC 29554 Taylor, Christopher B. Route 2, Lawrence Avenue Fountain Inn, SC 29644 Taylor, Edna M. Rt. 2 Box 125 Starr, SC 29684 Taylor, Julian T. 4531 Lantern Place Alexandria, VA 22306 Taylor, Julie 12 Jaynes St. Walhalla, SC 29691 Taylor, Kristen M. Route 2, Box 684-DD Williamston, SC 29697 Taylor, Margaret R. Rt. 2, Box 381 Greenville, SC 29607 Taylor, Philip Anthony 1213 Gardner Street Camden, SC 29020 Taylor, Vanessa Lynn 104 Eastbranch Road Columbia, SC 29204 Tedder, Catherine E. 300 Sterling Bridge Rd. Columbia SC 29210 Tedder, Wm. Royston 21 Marsh Point Drive Savannah, GA 31406 Terwilliger, Rex 3322 E. Lindsey Dr. Columbus, GA 31907 Tharpe, Scott Vincent 103 Sixon Drive Blacksburg, SC 29702 Thomas, Curtis E. 2060 Garden Rd. Gainesville, GA 30501 Thomas, John B. Route 4, Box 437 Columbia, SC 29209 Thomas, Stacey L. 2060 Garden Rd. Gainesville, GA 30501 Thompson, Kelli 114 Delmar Dr. Simpsonvillc, SC 29681 Thompson, Leslie M. Route 4, Box 450 Travelers Rest, SC 29690 Thrift, Amelia Ann Route 4 Box 223 Rock Hill, SC 29730 Thruston, Alyson K. 120 Duval Dr. Spartanburg, SC 29302 Tilson, Wanda Louise Route 1 Salem, SC 29676 Timmons, Cheryl J. Rt. 2, Box 141 Pinewood, SC 29125 Todd, Michael E. 410 Auburn Ave. Anderson, SC 29624 Todd, Russell Lamont Route 6, Pickens Circle Anderson, SC 29624 Tolan, Eliere B. 105 East Branch Road Columbia, SC 29204 Touchberry, Katherine R. 1051 E. Sherwood Dr. Sumter, SC 29150 Townes, Cheri Marie P.O. Box 364 Iva, SC 29655 Traynham, E. Jayne Route 7, Bald Rock Drive Greenville, SC 29609 Traynham, Vicki L. 6 Swinden Ct. Greenville, SC 29615 Treece, Cameron Y. 2809 Rambling Path Anderson, SC 29621 Tsukalas, Jill A. 110 Seven Oaks Lane Summerville, SC 29483 Tucker, Harrison Rt. 2 Box 228 A Williamston, SC 29697 Tucker, Joey O. 102 FHoney FHorn Drive Simpsonville, SC 29681 Tuite, Jeanne E. 9 Upper Pond Rd. Columbia, SC 29223 Turner, Christopher P. Route 3, Box 532 Chapin, Sc 29036 Turner, David S. 409 Huntington Rd. Easley, SC 29640 Turner, Jena D. 205 Timberlake Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Tutt, W.M. Anthony 123 Baker Court Easley, SC 29640 Tutterow, Claude K. Rt. 13, Box 146 Spartanburg, SC 29303 Tzouvelekas, Evan Jerry 701 Botany Road Greenville, SC 29615 m LJpton, Sandra L. 632 Arlington Rd. Greer, SC 29651 Utiey, John A. 4 Cunningham Cr. Taylors, SC 29687 V Vaughn, Nancy Carolyn P.O. Box 425 Williamston, SC 29697 Veitia, Gloria Louise 3808 N. Turnbull Drive Metairie, LA 70002 Vickery, June M, 504 Cheyenne St. Anderson, SC 29624 Von Harten, Steven Patrick 1411 Laudonniere St. Beaufort, SC 29902 Votta, Stephen A. 1604 Ingram Road Charleston, SC 29407 Waddill, Cheryl D. 204 Shareditch Rd. Columbia, SC 29210 Waldrep, Lisa A. HC 73, Box 266 Westminster, SC 29693 Waldrop, Tracy L. P.O. Box 937 Central, SC 29630 Walker, David K. Box 157 Starr, SC 29684 Walker, Melissa Renee 2567 Highway 160 Fort Mill, SC 29715 Wallace, Carman Leray 852-21st, N.E., 7 Washington, DC 20002 Walters, Anna C. 605 Sherry Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Walters, Yvelte Marie 105 Pinewood Drive Seneca, SC 29678 Ward, Wade F. (Chip) Route 4, Box 168 Chapin, SC 29036 Wardlaw, Tammie M. Rt. 2, Box 25, Issaq. Fr. Central, SC 29630 Ware, Vicky M. 1051 Huntington Orangeburg, SC 29115 Waters, Sherry Kelley Rt. 8, Box 218 Barbara D. Piedmont, SC 29673 Watson, Patricia M. Rt. 1 Box 54 D. Bishopville, SC 29010 Weathers, William L. 204 Huntington Rd. Easley, SC 29640 Webb, Russell Lawre. Route 14, Box 383 Anderson, SC 29621 Webster, Kelvin Kenneth Route 1, Box 981 Starr, SC 29684 Webster, Patrick C. 202 Shaftesbury Rd. Clemson, SC 29631 Wells, Marie L. 180 10 Terramont Dr. Greenville, SC 29615 Wessinger, George Scott P.O. Box 96 Chapin, SC 29036 West, Sandra Denise 101 Oak Forest Drive Greer, SC 29651 Westbrook, Andy Lee 508 Kirksey Drive Greenwood, SC 29646 Whalley, Reggie Simeon P-O. Box 1893 Anderson, SC 29622 Whetstone, Julie B. P.O. Box 5 Denmark, SC 29042 Whisenant, Todd Morgan 3400 Pleasant Road Fort Mill, SC 29715 Whitaker, Kathleen ). 1615 Rogers Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 White, Cindy E. 103 Emory Dr. Hartwell, Ca 30643 White, Thomas K. Box 796 Hemingway, SC 29554 White, Todd David P.O. Box 155 Demorest, GA 30535 Whitelord, Harriett Susan P.O. Box 764 Clinton, SC 29325 Whitehead, Cherie D. 200 Belinda Ct. Lexington, SC 29072 Whiten, Donna Call Route 1, Box 269 Fair Play, SC 29643 Whitener, Janice M. 112 Middlebrook Rd. Greer, SC 29651 Whitfield, Chritine Rt. 5, Mt. Creek Rd. Greenville, SC 29609 Whitten, Brenda C. 520 Masters Drive Anderson, SC 29624 Whitten, Tracy M. Route 2, Box 497 Townville, SC 29689 Wiggins, Bryant T. Rt. 4 Box 230 Bishopville, SC 29010 Wilder, Karen Suzanne 100 Grayson Street Beaufort, SC 29902 Wiles, Eddie Lewis Route 2, Box 684-W Williamston, SC 29697 Wiley, Karen 443 N. Mechanic St. Pendleton, SC 29670 Wilkes, Kristin Amber 217 Sumter Avenue Summerville, SC 29483 Wilks, Lori A. 2796 American Ave. West Columbia, SC 29169 Williams, Aretha 18-C Friendship Ct. Anderson, SC 29621 Williams, Kathryn Irene Route 12, Hiildale Road Anderson, SC 29621 Williams, Richard D. Rt. 4 Partridge Hill Lancaster, SC 29720 Williams, Sherry Marlene Route 1, Box 23A Allendale, SC 29810 Williams, Troy Warrick 1426 Westmont Rd. SW Atlanta, GA 30311 Williamson, Wilton Mark 204 Nelson Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Williford, Claude R. Rt. 5, Box 345 Belton, SC 29627 Williford, Timothy Rt. 3, Box 320 Chester, SC 29706 Willis, Claude E. P O Box 2061 Anderson, SC 29622 Willis, Shelly Suzanne 503 Fife Drive CIcmson, SC 29631 Wilson, Beatrice Rt, 1 Box 377 Anderson, SC 29621 Wilson, Joanne M. 314 kings Rd- Andcrson, SC 29621 Wilson, Philip R. Route 3 Hartwell, GA 30643 Wilson, Russell D. Rt. 2 Box 220 Honea Path, SC 29654 Wilson, Vincent L. 611 5 Harvin Sumter, SC 29150 Wilson, Wendi W. Rt. 2 Box 20 Greer, SC 29651 Wood, Bobbi Sue 29 Brabham Dr. Dalzell, SC 29040 Wood, Burt 219 Oakmont Dr. Inman, SC 29349 Wood, Joyce A. 17-C-1 Bailey Court Apts Anderson, SC 29621 Wood, Pamela 100 Matts Lake Rd. Greer, SC 29651 Woodall, Tracey Lyn 107 Devon Drive Mauldin, SC 29662 Woodard, Sheila Elaine Route 7, Box 483 A Anderson, SC 29624 Woodard, Wm. Stephen Route 10, Knollwood Acre Spartanburg, SC 29303 Woods, E. Reginald Route 4, Box 728 Waltorboro, SC 29488 Woodson, Robin Sherry Route 3, Box 433 Piedmont, SC 29673 Woody, James R. Rt. 1, Box 1571 Clinton, SC 29325 Wooten, Olivia N. 204 Brookforest Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Wooten, Rhonda M. 204 Brook Forest Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Worley, Ivy C. Route 1, Box 13 Elberton, CA 30635 Wright, Sylvia D. Rt 2 Box 481 B Barnwell SC 29812 Wright, Tyrone 1898 Dellwood Dr. Orangeburg, SC 29115 Young, Anthony P. Box 368 E. Phelps St. Gloversville, NY 12078 Young, Fred R. 221 Brookforest Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Young, Melissa L. 1995 Ashby Rd. Sumter, SC 29150 Young, Troy D. 221 Brookforest Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Zabriskie, Miguel David 10 Ashburn Place Fair Lawn, N) 07410 f Yamshak, Martin J. Rt. 13, Box 232 Easley, SC 29640 Yarbrough, Crystal P.O. Box 31 Honea Path, SC 29654 Faculty Staff Directory Dr. Samuel Arguez 204 Holly Creek Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Ms. Susan Baldwin 11 Kimberly Lane Taylors, SC 29687 Miss Janet Beacham New Dorm — Anderson College Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Mike Bellefeuil ARA — Anderson College Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Bobby Seville 504 Creswell Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Miss Annie Frances Blackman 2-B-4 Bailey Court Apts. Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Butch Blume 100 Dean Street Belton, SC 29627 Mrs. Claudia Boles 207 Centervillc Road Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. A. Frank Bonner 101 Buckingham Court Anderson, SC 29621 Miss Julie Bowers Route 1 Bowersvillc, GA 30576 Mr. James C. Boykin 1420 Hilltop Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Mrs. John Klenner Boyte 108 Partridge Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. William M. Bridges 602 Wildwood Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Mrs. Flugh Brinson 104 Broad Street Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Charles O. Bryant 2009 Shirlane Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Miss Pam Bryant 408 McGee Road Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Robert E. Burks 1117 Springdale Road Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Perry Carroll 106 McCee Court Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. James R. Childress 500 Concord Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Bill Childress Route 2, Box 714 Belton, SC 29621 Mr. Mrs. James W. Clark 500 Wildwood Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Jerry A. Clonts 2-A-2 Bailey Court Apts. Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Susan W. Coleman 133 Briar Lane Central, SC 29630 Mrs. Faye P. Cowan 1402 Old Ivy, Heritage Hills Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Joni Cox 2404 Norlhview Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Linda Cox 107 Pine Forest Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Dean Curry 413 Liberty Court Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Walter E. Dahlgren Anderson College Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Mrs. Douglas L. Davison Route 14, Box 185 Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Mrs. Randall T. Dill 1407 Pioneer Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Brenda DuBose Route 2, Century Hills Pendleton, SC 29670 Miss Jo Ellen Duke AC — P.O Box 14C Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Charles Earl 440 Harrell Drive Spartanburg, SC 29302 Mr. Dan S. Edwards P.O. Box 1982 Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. John Edwards, Jr. 2507 Saxony Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Miss Pat Edwards AC — Denmark Apt. Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Carl D. English 3005 LeConte Road Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Alice D.A. Fay 614 Marshall Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. R. Phil Franks 101 Parkridge Circle Belton, SC 29627 Mrs. Bobbie Fowler Route 1, Box 298 Belton, SC 29627 Mr. Richard H. Franklin 736 Marshall Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Robert H. Fries 402 Devon Wav Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs, Carolyn Gabbard 200 Pon ce de Leon Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Mary Beth Garrett 1601 N. Boulevard Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Barbara Garrison Route 2 Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Henry Gillespie 3004 Standridge Road Anderson, SC 29621 Ms. Frances Gilmer 303 Claudine Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Lynda Graham Apt. 4, Normandv Arms Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Carolyn Grandelli 2604 Belhavcn Road 181 Anderson, 5C 29621 Mr. Steve Grant 239 Pine Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Ola W. Gray 2403 Lane Avenue Anderson, 5C 29621 Mrs. Vicki Griffin 3517 Chipwood Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Barbara Hammond Route 9, Box 221 Anderson, SC 29621 Miss Dora L. Hancock 13-1 Bailey Court Apts. Anderson SC 29621 Mr. Mrs. Bobby Hanley 2703 Millgate Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Mrs. Robert A. Heritage 206 Forrest Hills Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Elizabeth T. Higgins 368 Pendleton Road Clemson, SC 29631 Mr. Richard Hinshaw 303 Old Colony Court Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Mark L. Hopkins 336 Kingsley Road Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. W. Glenn Hughey P.O. Box 228 Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Gerri Ifkovits 504 Timber Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Shirley Jacks 8 Stewart Street Williamston, SC 29622 Mr. Dennis W. James 403 Boulevard Anderson, SC 29621 Miss JoVanna Johnson 1647 E. Greenville St., Normandy Arms 9 Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Mary Jones 1810 Lindale Road Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Robin B. Kelley 402 Timber Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Kay Kent 2909 Birch Street Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Sanford Kidd 510 Drayton Circle Anderson, SC 29621 Ms. Ellen King Route 14, Box 425 Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Milton J. King 108 Carroll Lane Belton, SC 29627 Mr. Dave Larson 8-0 Country Club Apts. Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. John Lassiter 42-E Tanglewood Apts. Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Mrs. N. Eugene Mandrell 905 Pine Cone Trail Anderson, SC 29621 Miss Anne Martin 2001 Cardinal Pk. Towne House, Reed Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. David Martin Route 2, Box 222 Pendleton, SC 29670 Mr. William |. McBride 17A-2 Bailey Court Apts. Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Samuel McCarler 1224 Springdale Road Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Gregory Alan McClanahan 1002 Windwood Drive 310 Jeb Stuart Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Betty Jo Pryor 109 Partidge Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Candy Rains Rouse Apts. — Anderson College Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Jean P. Ridley 407 Cumberland Way Anderson, SC 29621 Miss Beth Roberts 742 Marshall Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Mrs. Charles R. Roberts 207 Kevstone Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Lucy R. Rogers 502 Sherrv Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Karilyn Slice 406 Long Forrest Circle Anderson, SC 29621 Miss Sherry Lynn Smith 216 Sumter Street Anderson, 5c 29621 Mrs. Bobby Snipes Route 1 Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Elizabeth C. McClellan 1505 Hilltop Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Rob Roy McGregor Route 9, Box 227 Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Timothy Medlin Apt. 23-G, Raintree Apts. Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Ada Meeks 307 Moultrie Square Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Grace W. Melton 2607 Lane Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Rev. Fred C. Metts, Jr. 100 Northgate Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Frances Mims 1212 Rutledge Way Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Linda Mitchell 101 Wedgewood Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Cecil Mitchum Route 6, Box 343 Piedmont, SC 29673 Mrs. Pat Mulligan 14-B Oak Square Apts. Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Sandra Murdock Route 1, Troy Murdock Rd. Belton, SC 29621 Mr. Jon Myers 107-A Heritage Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Karl Nolte Anderson College Fine Arts Center Anderson, SC 29621 Miss Christine Norris AC-Lawton Apts. Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Lorraine L. Orcutt 104 Rhodes Circle Anderson, SC 29673 Mr. Jim Owens 405 Wildwood Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Olin S. Padgett Route 1, Box 120 Iva, SC 29655 Mr. Steven Ponder 2304 E. North Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Miss Frankie Porter 418 North Street Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Martha Powell Pendleton, SC 29670 Mr. Larry Southerland 503 Heyward Road Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Mrs. Stuart Sprague 801 Camfield Road Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Wanda T. Staggers Route 3, Box 378A Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Patricia Stegall Route 1, Box 129 Pendleton, SC 29670 Miss Denise Stephenson 4-F Country Club Apts. Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Virginia Stuntz 401 Lawrence Road Clemson, SC 29631 Mrs. Connie W. Styles P.O. Box 3864 Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Paul A. Talmadge 506 Allenby Road Anderson, SC 29621 Ms. Lil Tanner AC — Girls Houses and Ballentine House Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. B.J. Taylor 2705 Bellview Road Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Eunice Thorne 1522 Old Williamston Road Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Ameldia Todd 410 Auburn Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Marshall Tribble Route 10, Lakewood Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Miss Tracey Waldrop P.O. Box 937 Central, SC 29630 Dr. Brena B. Walker 208 Hobson Road Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Lawrence E. Webb 2010 Boulevard Heights Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Hugh Weeks 215 North Street Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Frances Welborn Route 1 Pendleton, SC 29670 Mrs. Betty West Route 10, Box 135 Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. William F. West, Jr. 1114 Concord Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Sara Westmoreland 400 Fairhaven Drive Taylors, SC 29687 Mr. Richard Whiten 107-A Heritage Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Dr. Jimmy D. Whitlow 3005 Little Creek Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Miss Mitzie Wineselt 418 North Street Anderson, SC 29621 Miss Joyce A. Wood 17-C-1 Bailey Court Apts. Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Margaret Wooten Route 10, Box 25 Anderson, SC 29621 Mrs. Susan Wooten Box 357 Pendleton, SC 29670 Mr. William Ricky Wright 1406 Pioneer Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Mr. Mrs. James Yoe AC — Pratt Apt. Anderson, SC 29621 182 IN MEMORY OF DR. W. LEE PRINCE FRIEND, PASTOR AND MENTOR TO A.C. FACULTY, STAFF, STUDENTS AND ADMINISTRATION PAST AND PRESENT ' AND JILL GOFORTH NOV. 17 1965-DEC 28 1985 183

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