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COLUMNS ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON, SC 29621 VOLUME 60 EDITOR: Donna Kittrell ASSISTANT EDITOR: Parrish Cannon ADVISOR: Lawrence Webb Title Poge 1 Friends Are Friends . . . Friends 2 Friends Are Friends, It ' s True Friends 3 The Presidents Reception Opens Doors To New Friends Dr and Mrs. Hopkins welcomed all rhe new and returning srudenrs ro rheir home for rhe annual President ' s Receprion. The re ceprion was held on rhe fronr lawn of rhe Presidenr ' s home on Augusr 25. The fresh- men had rhe opporruniry ro meer rheir reachers and make new friends wirh rhe sophomores. There was plenry of food and fellowship for everyone. Presidenr and Mrs Hopkins were gracious hosrs, exrending warmrh and invirarions for everyone ro visir rheir home again Presidenr Hopkins extends o worm handshake ro Susan Smirh ond Len Solesbee Dr. and Mrs Hopkins share o lough wirh Donno Kirrrell, Louro Topp. and Cynrhia Walker Amy Hopkins ossisrs srudenrs wirh rheir namerogs Presidenr ' s Receprion 4 Can Teachers Really Be Fun People? Cooch Deville, Dean Franklin and Presidenr Hopkins find rime ro tod around before rhe srudenrs arrive. Srudenrs began ro make rheir way ro rhe President ' s home around 7 00 p m Welcome To Anderson College 7 " 1 | ■ — y— j« » The Picnic on rhe fronr campus was held on August 27. Mike Dellifeuil pro- vided hamburgers and fresh watermel- on for rhe occasion. This was another of rhe friendly gatherings sponsored by rhe SGA during rhe firsr week of school. This was one of rhe many ways AC wel- comed her new friends for rhe year. Down, Derh, Kelley, ond Catherine Ann rook rime ro pose for rhe camera Sreve, JoAnne, and Cynrhio were caughr clowning around Caferena food served ourside? Veil, ir ' s something different. I Picnic 6 Annual Picnic On The Front Lawn Jerry, Lischer, Shemi and Scorr shore some fun Terri helps herself ro rhe solod. I rhink I need o break! Picnic 7 The Embers Visit Anderson College The Embers played all rheir Beach Music hirs. Srudenrs made rheir way ro Abney Gym on rhe evening of Seprember 8 ro hear rhe Em- bers perform live. For Deoch Music lovers rhe nighr did nor lasr long enough. The Embers played pracrically every " Deoch " song ever wrirren, including some of rheir own from rheir album. For rhe ones less parrial ro rhis kind of music rhey also provided versions of popular songs. The Embers provided personal music for rhe shag conresr brer in rhe evening Ten couples enrered, rhen rhe field was narrowed ro five. The winning couple received coupons for o free meol, and rhe couple in second place received complimenrary albums The evening proved ro be successful, in enrerraining and providing on opporruniry ro meer new friends A crowd gorhered in Abney Gym ro lisren ro rhe concerr ond brush-up on rheir shagging 8 Embers Doesn ' t Anybody Know How To Shag? ifr..-± 19 jHv y f A pfHHl ft JJI wB ill si i m " Summernme is cotlin ' me " Tracy, I don ' r rhink rhis is rhe Prerzel " Cynrhio League ond Dusry Houk show rheir winning sryle. Embers 9 £$$ WW $$$ ■ ISF. President Mark Hopkins 12 Paul Tolmodge Vice-Presidenr For Srudenr Development Vice-Presidenr And Academic Dean Richard FranKIm Walrer E Dohlgren Vice-Presidenr For Development Vice-Presidenr For Business Affairs D J Taylor 14 Assistant Academic Dean And Registrar Richard Roberrs Assistant Academic Dean And Director Of Special Programs n,oberr L Richardson 15 Dr Samuel Arguez Chairman Spanish Deporrmenr Mike Qellefeuil Manager ARA Slorer Annie Frances Blackman Head Librarian Dr Frank Donner English Deporrmenr John K Boyre Chairman Business Adminisrranon R,urh P Boyre Business Educonon Gail T Bryanr Secrerory Music Deporrmenr Dr Roberr Burks Chairman Religion Deporrmenr Dr Perry Corroll Music Department Frankie I Childress Business Education 16 Jomes W. Clark Chairman Music Piano Dr Jerry Clonrs Biology Joni Cox CPT, Admissions Douglas L Davison English Susan V Coleman Srudenr Acrivines Direcror Foye P Cowan English 17 Jocque W Davison Morh Randall T Dill Chairman Compurer Science Drenda N. DuDose Assisranr Librarian Rosa Lee Earle Housekeeping Dan S Edwards P T Assisranr Arhleric Depr Dr Carl D English Chairman Sociology Karen E Erhridge News Wnrer Dr Alice D A Fay Chairman Chemisrry Phil P, Franlis Dusiness Adminisrrorion Poberr H Fries Asrronomy Physics Compurer Science Carolyn Gabbard Secrerory, Special Programs Theresa Gobbard Residence Holl Superviser, Houses Phil Garner Wresrling Coach (P T.) Darbaro M Garrison Library Assisronr Nancy Gores Residence Hall Supervisor And Admissions Lynda Graham Assisronr Bookkeeper Ola W Gray P.ecepriomsr Secretary Finonool Aid Doro L Honcock Library Assisronr Derry Honley Srudenr Secretory (P T ) Noncy G Honley Readmg Siudy 19 Lee E Harris Admissions Counselor Glenn W. Hughey Morh Corhy Hutchison Dool srore Assisronr Dr. Shirley R. Joclis French Dennis W Jomes Choirmon English Mary Jones Presidenr ' s Secrerory 1 Robin Kelly Chairman Biology Sanford Kidd Chaplom 6 Direcror of Campus Minisrnes Mae King DooKeeper 20 Goil Molomphy Housekeeper Dr. N, Eugene Mondrell Chairman Psychology Marion D Mondrell Psychology Anne Morrin Home Economics Mary R Morrin Chairman Home Economics ond Fashion Merchandising Dr Vicror H Marrhews Hisrory 21 William J McDnde Morh Dr Gregory Alon McClanahon Chairman Marh Elilzoberh G McClellan Direcror Annual Giving G Alumni Affairs Karhryn A McGregor Chairman, Secreranal Science Qusmess Educarion Dawn McKenzie Residence Hall Supervisor, Secrerary, Campus Ministries Ada P. Meeks Social Secrerary Grace W Melron Evening Residence Hall Superviser Fred C Merrs, Jr Religion Dr Frances Mims English Cecil G Mirchum Administrative Assisranr, Business Affairs Marguenre Mirchum Secrerary, Registrar Karen Morgan Nurse Parrick P Mulligan Chairman History Phillip A Nail Admissions Direcror James L Owens Direcror Financial Aid Golf Coach 22 Judy D Parrerson Secretory Arhleric Deporrmenr Frankie Porrer Direcror Womens ' Arhlerics Dasketboll Cooch Morrha Powell Prinring Moiling Derry Jo Pryor Diology Sondro Rirchey Posr Misrress Lucy PiOgers Secretary. Vice-Presidenr For Developmenr James C Soxon Admissions Counselor Lindo M Soyer Assisronr Direcror, Financial Aid Sherry Smirh Dusmess Office Supervisor Dobbie Snipes Secrerory Admissions 23 Lawrence M Sourherland Chairman Division of Healrh. P E Sarah Sprague Writing, English Dr Sruarr P, Sprague Religion Par Sregoll Secrerary, C.P.T. Operoror Eunice Thorne Secrerary, V.P. Srudenr Developmenr Dr Marshall K Triable Sociology Dr Orena D Walker English Marilyn I Walker CWSP Job Coordinaror Lawrence E Webb English, Journalism Hugh A Weel s Assisranr Direcror, R,esidenrial Frances T VVelborn Library Assisranr 24 Berry L West Monoger Dooksrore Wm F West, Jr English Sara C Westmoreland PDX Operaror Dr Jimmy D Whitlow Psychology Direcror Of Counseling Cenrer Carol Willis Assisranr V P Srudenr Developmenr Dir IXesidennoi Living John M Willis. Ill Direcror Communicarions Linda Wilson Dora Entry Clerk (P T ) Mirzi Wineserr Coordinaror Career Planning 6 Placemenr Joyce A Wood History Margarer Wooren English Susan D. Wooren Arr Gayle Dryanr Secretary Of Music Deparrmenr 25 Wski m® ISHQIHSftS MM H •;- ' Familiar Names, Friendly Faces Sophomores Augusr rolls around and onorher school year begins. Sophomores rerurn wirh high expecrorions for rhe year, bur rhey house o hinr of disoppoinrmenr rhar rhis will be rheir final year as a srudenr or AC. All rhe rhings we were raughr when we were growing up suddenly become realiry. Now comes rhe rime when we musr srand on our own rwo feer and handle life by ourselves. Friends pass in and our of our lives and we face some serious decisions Some go on ro obrain a degree from a senior college, some find jobs and serrle down ro work, orhers ger married and be- gin a new life — bur rhey all have a good educarion and fond memories from AC ro carry wirh rhem. Jody Crayron Alewine IXhondo Diane Alexander Leslie Jane Allen Teresa Ann Allen Mary Jane Armsrrong Sandra Terese Dailey 28 Tommy R,enee Doird Srephen F Baker Lori Leigh Doldwin Deborah H Oonnisrer Bonnie M Bornerr Kim lleen Bornerr Ernesr Chan Barrerr Pomelo Jeon Barrerr Sarah Margarer Barron Lisa Dale Borchelor Arrina Marie Bares Roger Dorrell Baucom 29 Peggy Anne Douder George S Degg P ebecco Loleoh Bennerr VoDonno Jean Denson Lomor Corl Bouknighr Roger Darry Bradley Tracey Kay Brock Deborah Ann Brown Georgia Brown Rigoberro Mack Bruce Phillip Eorl Bryan Koren Leigh Buchanan 30 Leland Edward Durch, Jr. Chnsri M Connon Parnsh Voyne Connon Cynrhia Goil Conrrell Lori Lee Corey Louis Monroe Corver Rurh Ann Chandler Delia Jane Channell Sandra Felker Chaplin Edward Alan Chasrain Gina Derh Cleveland Lisa Renae Coggins 31 Debbie Gay Cole Susan Leighron Coleman Julian Douglas Comer Mary Caroline Compron Parnoa Anne Corhran Susan Leigh Couch Dena Lynne Crain Srephame Ann Cribb Michael Edword Crump Deana Michelle Dovis Rhoda Denise Davis Sreven Earl Davis 32 Theresa Lynn Davs Chiquira T. Dawson 3rian Lee Dehaven Tammy Lynn Drawdy Andrew Mark Durschke Angela Kay Dyches Donna Rurh Edwards Nancy Hadden Bliorr 33 Cynrhio Lynn Ellison ftandall Lewis Ellison Donno Jeon Emery John Sreven English Elizoberh M Follow Rebecco Louise Follow Norhon Paul Former John Dornell Fousr Amy Suzanne Findley Diedre C Fmley Robin Alone Freemon Korhryn Dell Fussell 34 Richard M Gambrell Myro Lynn Gonrr Dona Leigh Gorris Shoron Elaine Glenn Parricia Ann Goodwin Darline Lerne Graham Darry Thomos Granr Carhenne Elizaberh Granr Lischer Carol Granr Tammy Ellen Green Krisrie A Griffin Wendy Lynn Griffin 35 Gray John Grogan Velmo Denise Hodden George C Holl Cynrhio L Hoilsrock Gary Von Hollmon James Kennerh Homilron Johnna Lynn Hamilron Larry Leon Hammerr Marrhew George Hordigree Diane Head Odessa Yolanda Heard Daniel Weaver Heoron 36 NmwrTKTiMnnrinnnMra i Morgorer E Hendrix Joner G Holcombe Joerre Elizoberh Holrslonder Ella Rurh Hooper Gory Lomor Horron Teresa Ann Huffmosrer Tamarha Cean Huggms Richord Mark Hughes Linda Ann Hughes Angela Deise Hunrer Dovid Joey Hunrer Carter Guerry Infmger 37 Charles Marion Jackson Cynrhia Mane Jacobsen Doris P.enee James Ashley Dibb Jones Jomes Keirh Jones Keirh Joseph Jones Mary Frances Jones Sean Ansel Kelley 38 Miriam Rebecco Keown Peggy Lynn King Richard Scorr King Joseph Dennerr Kirkparrick Donna Renee Kirrrell Shemi Yamini Kumar James Wayne Landrirh Ginger Elizabeth Lowless Mary Derh Lowron Cynrhio Moria League Melisso Down Ledford Daniel Richard Lee 39 Angelo Corol Long Lone Honnoh Long Deono Gomes Lynch Jerry Richard Manning Mory Shannon Marshall Drenr Timorhy Marrin David Charles Marrin Frances Yvonne Marrin Laura Ann Marrin Charles Edward McAree, Jr. Sloane N McCollum Dobbie Carline McCurry 40 Horold Donald McKinley Horry Lee McLees Mark Carlson McRoy Dnan Joel Meek Julie Annerre Miller Krisry Lynne Miller Thomas Van Moxley Srephen Wolrer Mueller Connie Evelyn Neose Michael P-herr Neuse Gregory Dale Nichols Donnie Coy Nix 41 Solly Elizoberh Nixon Frank Anderson Norris, Jr Alice E Nuckolls Lou Nell Orders Krisren Elizoberh O ' Reilly John Timorhy Orr Timorhy Allen Osmenr Louro Lynn Owings Deverly S Pock Jomes Kennerh Polmer Noncy Leigh Porrerson Pomcio A Poyne 42 Roxanno Poige Peocher Edword Daron Pendlond Jomes Fuller Phillips Korhenne Elizaberh Powell Koren Lee Power Nancy Poige Prorer Bryan Douglas Pruirr Robin Renee Robon Carol Ann Rawls Dorie Porrice Rheo Lisa Foye Rhode Mary Elizaberh Richardson 43 Theresa V Roberrs Virginia V Rose Vonce O ' Drian Rowland Dennis Jon Schaner Debra Carol Scorr Kimberly Down Sexron Karen Sue Sharpe Clorence A Shealy 44 Donno Lynn Sheriff Down Renee Shreckengosr Deboroh Denise Sirron Hugh Boyd Smirh Jomes Andrew Smirh Liso Mane Smirh Mosheilo Nell Smirh Susan Joon Smirh Joseph Elihu Smirh, Jr. Srephonie Dawn Srasney Deboroh Lynn Srory Hesrer Clore Summers 45 Elizoberh Ann Surrorr Louro Edno Topp Thomas Russell Taylor 5oroh Lee Thompson Tyree Lee Todd Jonis Lynn Tribble Perer Hearsr Truluck Julie Ann Turner Kimberly D Turner Mary Kay Ulmer Phillip Scorr Vaughan William Scorr Vaughn 46 Beverly Ann Wade Andra Sue Walker Cynrhio Anne Walker John Paul Walker James Caddell Warson Kelly Wesley Noncy Jean Whire R,andy Dean Whirworrh Lula Deneen Wiley Paul Edward Willard April Lynn Willoughby Michelle Willson 47 Misry Sue Wilson Sharon Louise Vims Cynrhio Dru Woodyord Linda Joyce Worley Harry Dernard Wnghr Jeffrey Scorr Wylie Georgia Dee Young Lillie Rurh Young Linda Margarer Franks Gams Moore Haynes 48 Freshmen Find A Friendly Home Ar AC Leaving home and entering a new realm of discovery. Freshmen pack all rheir be- longings and begin ro break rhe strings rhar bind rhem ro home They face a challeng- ing world where rhey will be shaped and molded inro men and women. The freshmen face a year filled wirh laughrer, rears, and a lor of growing exper- iences. AC provides a challenging environ- ment in which ro grow mentally, emotional- ly, and spiritually. The friendly atmosphere yields a comforting home-away-from- home. Wilt Richard Vorren Abborr Norma Lee Adams lhab Mahmoud Ahmad David Lang Alderman Krisri Allyson Alewine Drenda Lou Alexander William J Alexander Riley Mane Amspacher Chrisropher Scorr Andrews Wyarr Lane Ashley Ted Kirron Ausnn Martha Robyn Axmonn 49 Miriam Eleanor Baker Hiram Jerry Dalding Rebecca Ann Daldwin Jan Marie Bankhead Pamela Ann Bannisrer Georgia M Bargoil Berry Jo Barrlerr IXoberr Housren Bell Karen Elaine Bennerr Norhalie I. Berrrand Sobra Hearh Boorh Lula Faye Boseman Karl Emanuel Braswell Charles Dean Bridges Jill Mane Briggs Boyd William Brock Sheila Lynn Brock Sharonda K Brockman Kelly Lorraine Brown Susan Rochoel Brown Thomas Lee Brown Wendy Gay Brown April Parrice Bryanr Wesley DeWirr Bryanr 50 Elizoberh Lynn Bunron Carol Ann Burton Robin Ann Colverr Susan Elizoberh Campbell Lorry Duane Canrrell Russell Allen Canrrell Brerr Lloyd Cornes George Fersner Corson Mark Bryon Corhey Andreo Suzerre Chappell Jerry Lee Cobb Richard 5 Cocchio Melissa A Coker John Mark Collins Karen Leigh Collins Lourie Ann Conder James Scorr Condrey Fronklin David Cooper 51 TcWWIIfl.OTifiP Donna Renee Corley Susan Leann Corley Kimberly Renee Cosby Mory Alison Crawford Thomas Lane Crowe Timmy Woyne Crowe Cynrhio Marie Crump Michelle Renee Danrzler Jerry Marrin Davis Kennerh Lomor Dicfeon Jessie C Dirchfield Melissa Lynne Dorson Karen Frances Dowdle Adnenne M Drake David McDride Drake John McDow Duncan Chorles Cloyron Earle Jomes Wallace Edwards Tani Chrysnno Ellenburg Marrhew Perer Elliman Avis Pnscillo Ellis Parnoa L Ellison Derek Vicror Elrod Kimberly Ann Enrrekin 52 Dyron Bernard Epps Amonda Devon Ernesr Joy Timorhy Eskew Sreven Lee Farmer Laura Leigh Ferguson James Mirchell Fleming Marvin Firzgerold Fleming Suzanne Denise Foisrer Gregory Drian Foskey Mamie L. Frailey Sandra Diane Frazier Mory Derh Friddle Louis Gilland Frierson Krisrina Ann Fry Ronald Lee Gambrell Thomas Marrhew Ganrr Jomes Ferrell Gardner Donno Ann Garrerr Parri Gay Garrison Kimberly Ann Gerold Frances Theresa Gilland Sandra Joy Gilliland Timorhy O ' Neal Glenn Thomas Ray Golden 53 Lisa Gail Graham Sranley Clayron Graham Connie Drady Gray Tanya Elaine Gray Cheryl Lynn Greene Tina Darlene Greenway William Jeffrey Greer Parri Lynn Griffin Timorhy Duranr Griffin Nicole Griz Cynrhio Marie Grooms Timorhy Wade Guin Sheila Diane Gadden Scorr Franklin Hall Donold Chrisropher Honna Korhy Calvena Harrell Carol Moyes Hoynesworrh 54 Richard Allen Hazelwood Lisa Rene Hendrix Jonarhon T. Herring Michael Joel Herring Parte Alan Hill Perry Darlene Hill Williams D Hiorr Angela May Hogsed Jay Kevin Holcombe Sandra Anita Holland Kelly Lynn Holrzdow Amy Rurh Hopkins Cynrhia Jean Howard William Vernor Howard David A. Howell 55 lAHVlfllJiWfUVH Mil T ' ;VT Margarer Dee Howell Kimberly S Hubbord Rhonda Gene Hudson 5rephen William Huff Lynne Ann Huirr Laurie Ann Huirr Valerie L. Irby Richard E Jabbour David William Jackson Sreven Dale Jarvis Phylis Gaye Jeffcoor Carole Ann Johnson Shera Ann Johnson Samuel Lee Johnson Trocie Laverne Johnson Suson Arlanda Jones Wendy Joanne Jones Lynn M Julian Carhenne D Kelly Gregory Mark Kelly Joel Wesley Keown Tongelo Evelee Kinsey Kimberly Derh Kincaid Gina Gay King 56 dm J Billy Dorneil Kirby Kevin Legore Kizer Perer Eugene Krenek Mark Allen LoHoy John Joseph Lammonds Kimberly Lynn Landrirh Anno Lonell Layne Cheryl Yvonne Lee William Doniel Leirner Pomelo Dense Lollis Colvin Timorhy Looper Michoel Shown Lowry 57 Carol Alexonde Loyless Harold Jeffrey Lunsford Cynrhio Down Macey Cecil Dan Morerr Elizaberh Lorraine Marrin Kimberly Jan Marnn Angela IV Moson William Russell Massengale Carolyn Mane Mayes Andrea Melissa McCroskey I i William W Brian McKee Carl Newron McMahon 58 Lorry Wayne McMahan Terrell Keirh McMillan Mary Druallo McMillon Philip K McNoir Charlene L Medlin Sracey Ann Medlin Deverly Rene Melvin Manann Merrirr David Mark Milam Sammy Joe Miller. Jr. David Stephen Mirchell Hume Lucas Mirchell Roberr Edel Mobley James Edword Mock Roberr Alon Moore Sandra C Moorhead Cynrhia Leigh Morris Moluro Leigh Mulligon Angela Helen Nicholson Nancy Ann Noyes John Mark Obeck Carlos Orriz Marrho Cara Owens 59 Pomelo Eugeno Owens Paulo Kay Owens Rhonda E Poge Rabon Arrhur Parker Ann Elizaberh Porker Timorhy Wade Porrerson Jusrine Veronica Porron Andrew Timorhy Perry Daniel Fowler Phillips Scorr Alon Pirrmon Dovid Larry Pirrs Julie Rebecca Poole Nancy Mane Poore Rebecca Ann Posey Jock Swain Powers Goyle Marrin Pruirr Thomas Clay Rainey Dennis Gregory Romey Robin Ashley Raymond Karen Ann Reece Kerry Lewis Reece Sheryl Yverre Reeves Krisry Goil Rhodes Angela Renee Richards 60 Williom Keirh Richordson James Srephen Riley Alvin PorricK Roberson Joner Lynn Roberrs Evo Louise Robinson Micheol Scorr Robinson Denjonnin G Rogers Elboniro Pondono Rosier Williom Crews Russell Kimberly Reno Sorrerfield Sydney Hilron Sorrerfield Rodrick Dowen Souls LoDonno C Schuh Laurie Dole Scorr Virginia E Scorr Hannah J Seegor Barbara Ann Sears John Kevin Sexron Kevin Eugene Shorrerr Charles Vernon Shuler I Darlene E Simmons Sharon Lynn Sims Quown Dense Smgleron Sidney Ross Skinner 61 Oyrd Eric Smirh Claris Perry Gregory Don Smirh Kennerh Evons Smirh Lisa Morie Smirh Robin Michelle Smirh Susan Jeonerre Smirh Thomas Oyron Smirh Terri Lee Smirh Leonard Lane Solesby Audrey Tnno Speed Duane Eddie Spencer Naralie Grace Sronley Tincie M Srephens Toro Lan Srevenson Robin Ann Srone Julie Ann Srncklond Chrlsropher A Srurgeon Laura Leigh Suber Darry Joe Sullens Maria Jane Surherland Lori Denise Swmson Laura Diane Tennyson Sracey Jone Thomas 62 Eric Shown Thompson Toni Ann Thompson Gwendolyn D Tmsley Melisso Lone Turner Elizoberh H. Ulmer Tommy Chorlene Voughn Glorio Louise Veirio Susan Juoniro Vermillion Cynrhio Lynn Walker Gregory Wolker Cormon Leroy Wallace Kevin Dan Walrers Teresa Corrodi Wolrers Drad Carlson Warers James David Warers Deonna Joyce Warson Tandi Roye Warson Rodney Carrer Weaver Pomelo Dawn Wells Jo Ann Wesrmorelond Lourie Leigh Whorley Susan Michelle Whirroker Melanie Morie Williams John Joe Wilson 63 Karhy Mane Wilson Kyle Marrin Wilson Mory Elizoberh Wimmer Emilio Grace Wingard David Srephen Wolff Karen Leigh Wynn Hoyr Kennerh Yares Ronald Keirh Young Thomasena P Young Eugene Poole Zeigler Alison Cole Zwicky 64 Friends Of Friends Annual Christmas First Night December 2 marked rhe annual Chrisrmas Firsr Nighr The Music Deparrmenr provided versions of familiar car ols. Chaplain Sandy Kidd read rhe Lirurgy for Children. Randy Herirage sang a very rradirional version of " Away in a Manger " accompanied on rhe guirar. The nighr was closed wirh rhe lighring of rhe yule log ro carry on rradirion Following was a drop-in in Merrirr Parlour. 68 69 Talent Show Held Ar AC The annual ralenr show ar AC was held on September 10. There was a fairly large crowd, and rhe ralenr was good. There was a wide variery of ralenr, ranging from sing- ing, ro dancing, ro playing rhe guirar. George Hall was rhe winner of rhe ralenr compenrion, wirh Melissa McKrosky placing second. The audience was charmed by Melissa ' s sign-language along wirh her song A duer was sung by Dennis Schaner ond his accompa- nist Melissa 70 The audience was fascinated with George ' s dancing abiliry. A new song was introduced ro rhe campus by Arnold, who was occomponied by Danny ond V ebb 71 Dedication Of The New Fine Arts Building The Anderson College Fine Arrs Cenrer was dedicored on January 15, 1984. The service rook place in rhe Henderson Memo- rial Chapel. A concert of dedication was presented in rhe afrernoon by rhe Ander- son College Music Deparrmenr A service foii H rhe evening wirh special music and many guesr speakers, including former Presidents Cordell Maddox and Ray Rust. The final dedication was a " Dream Come True " . Margarer Weel« performs on rhe Schlicker Organ James Clork performs on rhe Bosendorfer Concerr Grand Piano 72 Dob Henraqe ond Perry Carroll song o duer or the Concerr. A rrombone ensomble opened rhe Concerr. 73 New Fine Arts Center 74 - " T 7 ?™T mi MUbll 75 The Inauguration Of Pres. Mark Lee Hopkins The inaugurarion of Dr. Mark Lee Hopkins rook place on Monday, January 16 ar 11:00 A.M. The service was held in rhe Henderson Memorial Chapel of rhe Fine Arrs Cenrer Dr Hopkins was elecred as rhe renrh presidenr of Anderson College on May 25, 1982, and he assumed office on Augusr 1, 1982 Par Daughman, Chairman of rhe Board of Trusr- ees, welcomed Dr Hopkins and guesrs ro rhe ceremony Greerings were broughr by Scorr King, Srudenrs; Parrick Parker Mulligan, Faculry; Mayor Darwin Henry Wrighr, Gry of Anderson; Lewis Darker, Alumni; Arrhur L Walker, Sourh- ern Daprisr Education Commission; Ray P. Rusr, S.C. Daprisr Convenrion, Governor Richard C. Riley, Srare of Sourh Carolina. Chairperson of rhe Faculry Por Mulligan broughr greerings ro Dr. Hopkins Chief Marshal Mary Marrin led rhe procession. Scorr King, Presidenr of rhe S.G.A broughr greerings on behalf of rhe srudenrs. 76 Defore making his presentation. Gov Dick Riley jokes wirh Dean Talmadge The Invesnture of rhe Presidenc was done by Par Doughman, trustee chairman 77 College Choir Hosts Haunred House The music building once more come alive wirh oil sorrs of inreresring crearures and roles on Ocrober 31. The concerr choir spon- sored irs annual " haunred house " ro help raise funds for choir rour. Overall rhe pro- ducrion was successful Many wenr home ro find rhar sleeping was now a lirrle more difficulr 78 79 In The Trodirion Of Anderson College A Light Continuously Shines Challenging Us To Know Our Beauty, To Explore Our Knowledge And To Reach Our Potential. 80 THE AC BEAUTY COURT OF 1983-84 MISS ANDERSON COLLEGE — 1983-84 EMILIA GRACE WINGARD 81 Miss Sophomore ■II 1 1 MH H I JLUWJUa Wendy Lynn Griffin Miss Freshman Kimberly Reno Sarrerfield 83 Sophomore Beauty Court Rebecca Louise Fallow Elizabeth M. Fallow 84 Undo Margaret Franks 85 Cynthia Anne Walker 86 The Freshman Beauty Court Mariann Merritt 87 Laurie Dale Scorr Catherine Anne Rogers 88 Emilia Grace Wingard Karen Leigh Wynn 89 i HP ;;;•:.-:.;:•;. SKS m The Men ' s Basketball Team Comes Out Fighting The Basketball season srarred off wirh a bang. The firsr games were in rhe Tip-Off Tournament, wirh rhe Trojans coming our vicrors Coach Edwards had high hopes for rhe season, and rhe ream appeared ro be ready ro fulfill his expecrarions. Coach Edwards gives insrnjcrion during pracrice Team Members Kneeling (L ro I ) Myron Snype, Willis Holiday, John Gillis, Kevin Hoffman, Vincenr Webb, Elliorr Holmes Sronding: Seon Kelley (Trainer), Larry Hammerr (Srarisrician), Correr Infinger (Gnemarographer), Greg Gill, Donnie Mazyck, Kennsell Dennerr, Ron Gairer, Par Surrle, Vincenr Mason, Emmerr Drowning, Cooch Don Edwards, Mark Jaclcon (Srudenr Assisranr), Cooch John Edwards. 92 93 The Trojans Really Know How To Jam 94 The Trqjerres hove reported ro rhe dance floor. Ellior Holmes ond Myron Snype specrore while Por Surrle shors o freerhrow Vince Mason is up for possession of rhe ball. Let ' s Hear It For Trojan Spirir P.on Goiror, up for rhe bosker AC cheerleaders conrinue ro cheer rhe Trojans ro vicrory. The Trojans work berrer under pressure. 95 Those AC Trojans Hove lr All AC fans are nor number two bur number one 1 You don ' r wonr ro mess wirh Vince Mason, now do ya ? R.on Goiror moves rhe Trojans up by rwo more poinrs » 96 We ' re Behind You, Trojans Jump Jump Jump ro ir Willis Holiday up rhe middle for o Trojon bosker We ' ve gor rhe bear, We ' ve gor rhe bear, We ' ve gor rhe bear. 97 rrunn™ Women ' s Basketball Fronr Row (L ro M- Cheryl Gilmore. Gail Conrrell. Deed! Clinkscales. Dororhy Simmons, Joyce Godden Dock tow Dnon Druirr (Cinemorogro pher). Denise Hodden (monoger). Dione Head (Srorisnoon), Missy Hollowoy, Lillie Young, Lisa Washingron. Patsy Johnson. Nickie Lynch, Cooch Frankie Porrer 98 99 We Can Defense We Will Defense Is The Slogan Thar Has Drought The AC Girls Along Way. Missy is our for onorher one of her famous ourside shors AC fans ore oil worchmg carefully os rheir ream pulls off anorher vicrory 100 ■VDMnDnamtn Go For It. Girls mm, } 111 Those Pom-Pon girls ore or ir ogoin Lisa, uses her skills ro pur in rwo more poinrs for the Lody Trojons- 101 Winning Is An Attitude Lisa Washingron up for two of her twenty points ogoinst Chowan Life Young throws the ball for o bosket While Parsy Johnson mokes sure ir goes in The Pom Pom girls enrerrain t he audience wirh PYT That AC Girls Hove Got A Lot Of 102 103 Men ' s Tennis Fronr Row (L ro K). Denis Donovan, Bruce Erskine, Greg Sloone, Sreve Pace, Simon Cull, Mark Gibbons, Joy Swerenburg, Todd Hicks, Coach Jim Boy kin. 104 Coach Jim Doykm confers wirh rhe players during o workour Denis Donovan shows off his backhand Sreve Pace practices his rerurn. 105 Women ' s Tennis Fronr P,ow (L ro W) Sandra Corroll, Carhy Morrin, Paige Peocher, Amy Holland, Mandy Ernesr, R.obm Srone, Coach Par Edwards Back Row Sharon Sullivan, Sandra Wallace 106 SOCCER FALL SCHEDULE SOCCER FALL SCHEDULE 9-13 Mors Hill 5-1 9-16 USC-Lancaster 3-1 9-20 Monrrear-Anderson 0-4 9-23 Brevard College 0-1 9-26 Spartanburg Methodist 1-4 9-30 Oxford College 0-4 10-1 DeKalb Central 1-2 10-4 Brevard College 0-1 10-7 Spartanburg Methodist 1-3 10-13 USC-Lancaster 7-0 10-15 Montreat-Anderson 1-3 10-28 DeKalb-Central 1-1 10-29 Limestone College 1-1 11-4 Region X Tournament 1-3 11-5 Region X Tournament 11-12 Gold White Game RECORD: 3-9-2 107 Baseball Fronr Row (L to R) Don Phillips. Timmy Crowe, Scorr Hall. Timmy Ulmer, Scorr Pirrman, Ronnie Way, Dloke Arnerr, Chris Srurgeon. Tommy Crowe. Dello Chonnell (Scorekeeper) Second Row: Trocy Fleming. Scorr Andrews. Todd Sanders. John Koy. Kenny Dixon. Morvin Fleming, Sreve Former, Sidney Rucker, Assisronr Coach Bobby Youngblood, Dock Row: Scorr Coleman, Scorr Condrey, Deon Bridges, Charlie Jocl«on, David Howell, Jerry Cob. Phillip Voughon, Greg Ramey, Greg Pendorvis, Coach Bobby Beville Co-Caprain Kenny Dixon, Coprain John Koy, Co-Coproin Todd Sanders, Coach Bobby Beville 108 John Kay sers himself as corcher Charlie Jacltton slides inro o split os he mokes o corch. Men ' s Basketball Schedule 11-10 Trojan Gassic-Sparranburg Merhodisr, 11-10 Brunswick, Go., Lake Ciry, Flo., AC 11-17 Louisburg 11-22 Emmanuel 11-29 Sourh DeKalb 12-5 USGLancasrer 12-10 Sourh DeKalb 12-16 Paducah Tournamenr 12-17 (Pensacola, Moberly, 12-18 Hiawassee, Panola, AC 1-6 Coca-Cola Classic 1-7 (Paducah, Walker, USGLancasrer, AC) 1-10 Ferrum 1-13 Louisburg 1-19 Brevard 1-24 Emmanuel 1-28 Lees-McRae 2-2 Norrh Greenville 2-4 Sparrangurg Merhodisr 2-9 Brevard 2-11 Lees-McRae 2-16 USGLancasrer 2-18 Norrh Greenville 2-23 Sparranburg Merhodisr 2-25 Ferrum (Homecoming and Parenrs Nighr) 2-29 Wesrern Carolina ' s Conference Tournamenr 3-1 Wesrern Carolina ' s 3-2 Conference Tournamenr 3-7 Region X Tournamenr 110 Women ' s Basketball Schedule 11-11 Gainesville Jr. College 11-12 Tournamenr 11-18 South Georgia 11-19 Thanksgiving Tournamenr 11-22 Emanuel College 11-29 Brevard College 12-2 Peace College 12-3 Louisburg College 12-10 Ferrum College 1-17 Sparranburg Merhodisr 1-20 Chowan College 1-24 Emanuel College 1-26 Brevard College 1-28 Sparranburg Merhodisr 1-31 Norrh Greenville 2-2 Louisburg College 2-4 Peace College 2-6 Lees McRae College 2-9 Truerr McConnell 2-11 Lees McRae College 2-13 Gainesville College 2-17 Chowan College 2-18 Mount Olive College 2-23 Norrh Greenville College 2-25 Mount Olive College (Homecoming and Parents Night) 2-28 WESTERN DIVISION 2-29 TOURNAMENT 3-1 3-7 NJCAA Region X 3-8 Tournament 3-9 3-19-24 NJCAA National Tournament 111 nMmn»ltIl«IVin7miVjEiHir Wrestling Schedule 11-5 Take-down Tournament (Barber-Scoria College) 11-15 Carson-Newman 12-1 Barber-Scoria 12-10 S.C State, Georgia Tech, Hampton Institute 1-10 UT-Chattanooga 1-27 Chowan-Duals 1-28 Tournament 1-30 S.C. State 2-6 Barber-Scoria 2-11 Invitational (UT-Chattanooga, Chowan, 2-11 Clemson, University JV) 2-18 Eastern Regional 112 Golf Team Fronr Row (L ro R) Roberr Dollery, Mort Horbin, David Turrle, Chandler Masrers, Scorr Hawkins, John Ournerre, P.inl-;en Surdiffe Dock Row (L ro R) Sreve Hopkins, Neel Doggs, Chris Roland, Chuck Thompson, Melvin Sisk, Joey Fosrer 113 Soccer Season Fronr Row (L ro R): Sara Darron (Ball-Girl), Pedro Omugun, Scorr Drown, Richard Abborr, Mike Purnam, David Jackson, Miguel Zabriskie, Steve Huff, Joe Labo Second Row Coach Ricky Wrighr, Carlos Morales, Mark Nasim, Nick Plakas, Druce Sruarr, Gregg Dobbs, lhab Amad, Clay Ramey, Rigo Druce, Wyarr Lewis, Cecil Merrirr (Trainer), Cindy League (Dall-Girl) The soccer ream showed much potential for o good ream. Alrhough rheir record was nor rhe besr, rhe sea- son was good experience for oil rhe fall ream members. There is much ralenr on rhe field, however, and rhe future looks promising. 114 Mark Nasim raises onorher KicK for rhe goal Carlos Morales makes a defensive play as sweeper Where IS rhe bolP 115 Wrestling Team Kneeling (L ro FO: Marry Joiner, Scorr Bailey, Srephen Wrighr, Gil Dares, Rusry Galr, Dill Alexander, Fton Cook Sronding Jerry Davis, Glen Padgerr, Mark Abborr, Clegg Taylor, Danny Pearson, Nare Farmer, Nare Day, Arnold Farr, Coach Phil Garner 116 Cooch Gorner gives insrrucrion ro improve rhese wresrlers Norhon and Arnold show greor rolenr even during procrice. Procrice makes perfecr! 117 1983-84 Cheerleaders Fronr row (L ro P ): Lynn Laurie Hewirr, Kim Inrnkin, Dirsy Hendrix, Second row: Greer Galloway, Ann Chandler, Marrha Alexander, Solly Nixon, Lee Adams, Third row Noncy Ellior, Knsrie Drock, Carherine Ann Rogers, Robin Calverr 118 AC. cheerleoders orousing spirir during o rime-our. Vhar a berrer way ro srorr off Baskerball season, rhon wirh o pep roily! w m 119 Pep Club Front Row (L ro R) Lorie Swonson, Denise Hodden, Sydney Sorrerfield, Second Row LoDonno Schuh, Corol Durron, Carole Johnson, Lorie Conder Third Row Leslie Allen, Dione Tennyson, Angie Hogsed, Tern Grills Fourrh Row : Norholie Derrrond, Becky Fallow, Korhy Horrell, Koren Erhridge (sponsor) 120 Pom Pon Squad . J 5S ' - — v ' - ¥ i ! — . ■ » •■ ' 4 ■ 1 % ilf %f mm 1£m$L v S Kneeling (L ro R) Trocy Thompson, Summers Hesrer, Derh Fnddle, Cindy Groomes, Toni Ellenburg, Koren Wynn, Mia Wingard, Honno Segars Sronding: Denine Vylie, Shomi Kumar, Caroline Compron, Wendy Griffin, Elizaberh Dunron, April Dryanr, Kim Cosby, Julie Turner. 121 " m vs Campus Ministries Campus Ministries Officers Fronr row (L ro PO: Berh Follow, Fellowships, Liso Dorchelor, Doprisr Young Women; Cynrhia Walker, Sunshine Friends, Donno Sheriff, Mission ond Social Acrion,- Loura Topp, Journey Team Coordmaror, Second row (L ro K) Poige Prorer, Publiciry Chairperson; Miriam Keown, Church-Related Vocarions, Amy Findley, Women ' s Agape, John Walker, Men ' s Agape, Debra Scorr, Campus Ministries President Cindy Woodyord, Fellowships, Sanford Kidd, Choplin and Campus Ministries Direcror 124 Journey Team: Fronr row (L ro R)- Donno Sheriff, Melissa McKrosky. Jan Roberrs. Angle Hogsed. Laura Topp (Coordinaror), Debro Scorr Second Row: Joel Keown, Lisa Darchelor, Donna Kirrrell (Leader), Jerry Dalding Third Row Joe Phillips, Wayne Landnrh, Jim Warson (Leader), Mark Hughes, John Lammonds, John Collins Fellowships Fronr Row (L ro R) Dee Young, Karen Collins. Derh Follow (Leader) Cindy Woodyward (Leader), Angie Hogsed Second Row Dono Gams, Kelly Holrsclow, Parsy Ellison, Third Row Dill Richordson. Dill Hiorr, Jerry Dalding 125 Advernsir 3: Seared Paige Prarer (Leader) Sranding (L ro P.) Len Solesbee, Susan Smirh, Andy Perry. April Dryanr 126 Mission And Social Acnon Fronr Row (L ro R): Dorry Bradley, Andy Perry. Jim NVarson. Dill Richardson Along Rail Teresa Huffmosrer, Kory Fussell. Por Corhron, Oerh Ulmer. Dawn Shreckengasr. Cindy Crump, Mary Wimmer, Srocey Thomas, VoDonna Benson, Donna Sheriff (Leader) 127 Sunshine Friends Sunshine Friends — Fronr Row Donny Second Row (L ro R) Horry, Tommy, Nellie, Pom, Koy, Mory Ann, Vicrorio, Suson Third Row Sheila Drock (worker), Joe Phillips (worker), Julie Poole (worker), Henry, Dor, Jomes, Dovid, Angle Nicholson (worker), Darry Drodley (worker), Kim Sexron (worker) 128 Women ' s And Men ' s Agape Seared (L ro R) Mia Wmgard, Angle Ho ' gsed, Kelly Holrzclaw Srandmg Amy Findley, Kim Kincaid, Karen Dennerr Arnold Farr. Gill Dares, Joel Keown. Jim War son, John Walker, Andy Perry. John Collins. John Kay. 129 " fc.V ■ mm Executive Branch Officers Shannon Marshall, Secrerory, Scorr King, President, Dev Wade, Vice-President Class Presidents Derh Sachs, Sophomore Class Presidenr, Roy Golden, Freshman Class President 132 Disciplinary Committee Parnsh Cannon, Assisronr Arrorn ey General Phil Dryon, Arrorney General Commirree: Fronr Row (L ro K) Wayne Landrirh, Deborah Sirron, Connie Neose, Korhy Harrell, Drad Warers. Dadi Row: Phil Dryan, Parrish Cannon. 133 Sophomore Senorors Fronr Row (L ro R): Kim Sexron, Susan Couch, Derh Sachs. Dirsy Hendrix Dock Row Steve Mueller, Wendy Griffin, Lindo Fronl«, Delia Channell, Joey Hunrer 134 Freshmen Senators Fronr Row CL ro R): April Bryanr, Kelly Holrzdaw, Dorline Hill, Robyn Axmonn. Back Row: Cloy Roiney, Clegg Toylor, Roy Golden, Sron Grohom, Brerr Carries 135 Communications L to P. Marion Mochum, Cynrhia Hailsrock. Pam Bannister, Odessa Heard Food Service Commirree L ro (X Manann Merrirr, Vendy Griffin, Shemi Kumar, 5reve Jarvis, Gary Horron, Q J Taylo r, Mike Bellifeul, Scorr King, Bill Richardson 136 Social Board Kneeling Solly Nixon, Social Qoard Chairperson Seored (L ro R) Down Shreckegasr, Donee Commir- ree Chairperson, Allison Rhoden, Concerr Commir- ree Chairperson, Mory Jane Armstrong, Publiciry Commirree Chairperson Standing Mork Hughes, Movie Vidio Commirree Chairperson, Stephen Do- ker. Special Evenrs — Performing Arrisrs, Jim War- son, Special Evenrs — Tournamenrs ond Concerrs. Fronr row (L ro R) Parte Hill, Carolyn Moyes, Allison Rhoden, Dobby McCurry, Mory Jane Armsrrong, Cindy Jacobson, Jerry Balding, Second row Dan Hearon. Noncy Poore, Joanne Wesrmorelond, Tracy Thompson, Derh Friddle, Cynrhio Grooms, Dill Young, Karen Duchanon, Third row: Srephen Baker, Dawn Shreckengasr, Chorlene Medlin, Ann Chandler. Kory Russell, Berh Follow, Randy Nass Forth row: Jerry Manning, Adnenne Drake, Julie Poole, Cindy League, Par Corhron, Robyn Axmon, Teresa Huffmasrer, Sally Nix on Fifrh row George Hall, Andrew Durschke, Jim Watson, Danny Pearson, Keirh Jones, Bryan Vaughn, Monk Hughes, Joey Hunter, Scott Voughn, John Obeck 137 ' BSPGStK .-.■•■ ' X • A . - ' , ' .. . -■ ■.■■. ' ■■••■■ ' •■•.■.■.• , ml Columns Staff Seared (L ro R) Donno Kirrrell, Editor, Carhy Gronr, Down Wells, Korhy Harrell, Sharondo Drockmon Sronding Brad Warers, Mr Lawrence Webb, Advisor 140 Echoes Staff Seared (L ro l ) Dense Davis, Linda Denson Sranding Mr Lawrence Webb, Advisor, Mike Howell, Sporrs Ediror, Darry Dradley. Ediror, Compus Newspaper 141 Commercial Club beared (L ro R) Qrenda Alexonder, Deborah Drown, Tereso Allen. Robin Rabon Sronding: Porn Sears, Sheila Hodden, Loura Topp, Connie Neose 142 Omicron bra Kappa Fronr Row (L ro IX) Bonnie Oornerr, Ginger Lawless — Secrerory, Peggy King. Karen Collins, Dee Young, Joerre Holrzlander, Paige Peacher — Treasurer, Linda Franks — President, Yvonne Morrm — Vice President Second Row Lori Long, Melissa Turner, Kim Darnerr, Dorie Rhae, Cindy League, Suson Smirh Third Row Lou Orders, Charlene Medlin, Lisa Graham Fourrh Row: Parri Griffin, LoDonno Schuh. Georgia Dargoil, JoAnne Vesrmoreland, Kim Cosby Fifrh Row Karen Dennerr, Donna Emery, Dawn Schreckengasr. Sharon Glenn, Emalme Gronr, Mrs Mary Marnn — Sponsor, Karhy Horrell 143 Resident Assistants Kneeling (L ro P ) Deth Sachs. Donna Kirrrell. Cynrhio Wolker Seored Dona Gams, Delia Channell, Tammy Drawdy. Sondy Richey Dock Row Clay Rainey. Vonc e Rowland, Steve Mueller, Barry Grant, Gary Horron, John Walker, Chon Barrett. Phil Bryan, Thorn Moxley 144 Residential Living 145 A.CORN.S. Anderson College Orgonizonon For Recruirmg New Srudenrs — Fronr row (I ro r) Lindo Fronks, Mory Kay Ulmer, Donno Kirrrell, Connie Nease, 5uson Couch Second row Debro Scorr, Cynrhio Walker, Dev Wade, Donna Emory. Deb Cole Third row Tereso Allen, Miriam Keown, Cynrhia Hailsrock, Cindy Woodyword, Lynn Dovis Forrh row: Scorr King, Jim Worson, Darry Dradley 146 Inspirational Choir Firsr row: Maurice Roberrs, Pom Rosier, Virginia Scorr, Shorondo Brockman, Deborah Sirron, Cynrhio Hoilsrock. Karhy Horrell, Becky Posey Second row Lynn Dovis, Jusrine Porron, Alexandria Rice, Sheila Hodden, Denise Dovis, Cynrhia Walrer, Renee Melvin, Valerie Irby, Carolyn Mayes, Delindo Isom (Di reaor). 147 Anderson College Concert Choir Front Row (L ro R): Donno Kirrrell, Jon Holcombe, Cynrhio Walker, Kory Powell, Johnna Homilron, Michelle Smirh, Derh Ulmer, Sharonda Drockman, Jon Roberrs, Donno Sherrif, Karen Collins Second Row: Michelle Osborne, Debbie Dannisrer, Cindy Crump, Amy Hopkins, Debro Scorr, Moshello Smirh, Kim Sarrerfield, Delia Channell, Melissa McKrosky, Robin Calverr Third Tow Tracy Skelron, Lynerre Tnbble, Larry Canrrell. Don Hearon, Wes Dryanr. Sron Groham, Donnie Nix, Dill Richardson, Porsy Ellison Dock Row: Dob Henrage, Direcror, William Howard, George Hall, Marrin Davis, Rondy Noss, David Child, Jim Warson, Jerry Manning, Tim Vaughn, Jams Tribble, Accompanist 148 Radiance HENDERSON MEMORIAL CH Seared (L ro R): Kim Sorrerfield, Johnno Homilron. Sronding: Jan Holcombe, Jerry Manning, Sreve Riley, George Hall, David Child, Dan Hearon, Donnie Nix, Tim Vaughn, Amy Hopkins. Jazz Bond Fronr Row (L ro R): Tim Vaughn, Roland Dry, Craig Lafew, Scorr Second Row. Lorry Conrrell, Jimmy Nicholson, Jerry Manning. Back Row: Jan Holcombe, Perry Carroll, Direcror, Amy Hopkins, Virginia Scorr. 149 Srudenr Alumini Association Fronr row (L ro K) Jovanna Johnson — Coordinator, Dono Garris, Lourie Whorley, Sarah Thompson, Sydney Sorrerfield, Dea Young, Suzanne Foisrer, Dawn Wells Second row: Darry Bradley, Sracey Thomas, Jeff Lunsford, Robin Axmonn, Scorr Queen, Lisa Hendrix, P,ay Golden, Berry Jo Barrier, Corman Wallace. Third row: Meg Howell (Ex V P.), Kim Mornn (Publicarion Comm. Choirmon), Lyles Casrles (V.P ), Parri Garrison (Sec-Treas), LaDonno Benson (Presidenr) 150 Phi Thero Kappa Honorary Academic Sociery — Fronr row (L ro PO: Debra Scorr, Yvonne Marrin, Ginger Lawless, Angie Dyches Second row: Tim Ozmenr, Louis Carver, Oarry Dradley, Scorr King. Third row: Dr Victor Morrhews (Advisor), April Willoughby, Pam Roach, Dev Vade 151 ■ HA s ■IB 1R n II Jm 38 ■ ante 1 A Bnfem 1 -i ■ What Really Goes On Ar This College? There is always something going on around Anderson College With a campus full of unusual folk, rhere are bound ro be a few wirh inreresring personalities. Take a look around and see how unusual your friends can be 154 155 156 157 158 lam 159 Sunshine Friends 160 Sunshine Friends 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 nmsvuwrwraa Who ' s Who The 1983-84 candidores for Who ' s Who were chosen by rhe srudenr body during Ocrober. The fifreen srudenrs cho- sen were selecred because of rheir lead- ership obiiiries and rheir involvemenr on campus. They will be recognized in rhe 1983-84 edition of Who ' s Who Among Junior Colleges. Srephen F Baker Monerro, SC Lisa Dole Qarchelor Dlactaburg, SC 168 Delia Jone Chonnell Charleston, SC Elizaberh M. Fallav Columbia, SC L Rebecca Louise Fallow Columbia, SC 169 Amy Suzanne Fmdley Lexingron, MS Linda Margorer Franks Hilron Head. SC Vendy Lynn Griffin Townville, SC 170 Richard Mori-; Hughes Belron, SC Richard Scorr King Clemson, SC James Wayne Landrirh Townville, SC 171 Solly Elizaberh Nixon Sparronburg, SC Vance O ' Brien Rowland Anderson, SC Derh Myrrle Sachs Murrells Inler, SC 172 Debra Carol Scorr Woodruff. 5C Cynrhio Anne Walker Honea Path, SC 173 nnnimania jaAMHn Ki mtd Inrimore Grief We read rhe papers every day . . . and come upon rhe page . . . rhar simply gives a person ' s name . . . followed by rhe age Ve nore wirh small emorion . . . rhose who daily reach rhe end . . . Dur, oh, how hard ir hirs rhe hearr . . . ro come across a friend In memonam: Karl Droswell, Alan Hammond, Paul Perry 174 Abborr, Marcus Phillip 2011 Boy Srreer Cayce, SC 29033 Abborr, Richard Warren 206 Charer House Road Columbia, SC 29210 Abies, Virginia 5 3310 Keys Srreer Anderson SC 29624 Adams, Norma Lee 1606 Whirehall Rood Anderson, SC 29621 Adams, Parrick Glen Roure 1 Box 175 Cenrrol, SC 29630 Adams, Scorr McGowan 5149 Morrowick Road Charlorre, NC 28211 Ahmad, lhab Mahmoud 53 Hampron Townhomes Taylors, SC 29687 Aiken, Terry Joe 3, Third Sr , Anal Easley, SC 29640 Airchison, Scorr Andrew 16 Barkers Poinr Road Sands Poinr, NY 11030 Alderman, David Lang 511 Norrh Puroy Srreer Sumrer, SC 29150 Alewme, Jody Crayron 304 Drook Foresr Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Alewme, Krisri Allyson 2607 Lefrwich Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Alewme, Wm Derrall Roure 3, Cooley Dridge Delron, SC 29627 Alexander, Drenda Lou Roure 2 Solem, SC 29676 Alexonder, Kenron Dendy Dox 603 Richlond, SC 29675 Alexander, Morrha Wilson 201 Harris Srreer Dishopville, SC 29010 Alexander, Rurh Ann 21 F Counrry Club Aprs Anderson, SC 29621 Alexander, Rhondo Cianc Roure 10 Lebanon Esrares Anderson, SC 29621 Alexonder, William J 71 Aiken Srreer, Unir Ml Allen, Leslie Jone 3341 Goodplace Rood Rock Hill, SC 29730 Allen, Suson Dailey 1101 Rhodella Pork Harrwell, GA 30643 Allen, Teresa Ann Roure 2 Dox 111 Larro, SC 29565 Amspacher, Riley Morie 323 Fronr Srreer Liberry. SC 29657 Anderson, JR John Samuel Roure 1 Dox 118 Williomsron. SC 29629 Andrews, Chris Scorr Roure 4 Dox 253 Inman. SC 29349 Armsrrong, Mary Jane 411 Quillen Avenue Founrain Inn, SC 29644 Arnerr, Roberr Dlake 7 Rockmounr Road Greenville, SC 29615 Ashley, Wyarr Lane 208 River Srreer Delron, SC 29627 Ashley, Wanda Lynn Ashley Drive Williomsron, SC 29697 Ausrm, Ted Kirron 6203 Old Poinr Rood Hanahan, SC 29406 Axmann, Marrha Robyn 501 Timber Lone Anderson, SC 29621 Ayers, Janer Elizaberh 104 Regency Circle Anderson, SC 29621 - Dailey, Jeffrey Eugene Skylond Drive Clinr on, SC 29325 Dailey, Jeffrey Scorr 930 Eadr Whirner Srreer Anderson, S C 29624 Doiley, Sandro Terese P O Dox 618 Anderson. SC 29622 Dailey, Tracey Suzanne 612 Easr River Srreer Anderson, SC 29621 Doird, Yammy Renee 113 Daniel Road Greenville, SC 29611 Doker, Miriam Eleanor 330 Henderson Rood Greenville, SC 29607 Doker, Srephen F Dox 222 Morierra, SC 29661 Daker, Tammy Darlene 304 Jomesrown Rood Easlery, SC 29640 Doldmg, Miram Jerry 107 Lourel Lane Seneca, SC 29678 Daldwm, Lon Leigh 606 Heyward Road Anderson. SC 29621 Doldwm, Rebecca Ann 242 Shefield Rood Greer. SC 29651 Bankhead, Jan Mane Roure 1, Dox 1104 Greor Falls, SC 29055 Dannisrer, Deborah H Roure 4 Dox 12 Anderson, SC 29624 Dannisrer. Pamela 418 Church Srreer Pendleron, SC 29670 Bargoil, Georgia M 8 Dendy Srreer Wesr Pelrzer, SC 29669 Barnerr, Donnie M 123 Corolvme Circle Greenville, SC 29611 Darnerr, Kim lleen Roure 4 Dox 14 Sporranburg. SC 29302 Dorrerr, Ernesr Chan 105 Eosrview Drive Directory Simpsonville, SC 29681 Darrerr, Pomelo Jeon 312 Nelson Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Darnneau, Charles Kerry Roure 1, Dox 318 Lake Ciry, SC 29560 Darrlerr, Derry Jo 1146 Draddock Srreer No Chorlesron, SC 29406 Darron, Sarah Morgorer 10 Tmrod Way Greenville, SC 29607 Doss, Thomas Srephen 213 Holden Drive Clemson, SC 29631 Borchelor, Lisa Dole 209 W Borchelor Drive Blaclcburg, SC 29702 Bores, Arrina Mane 509 Ruddy Turnsrone Johns Island, SC 29455 Bares, Chnsropher A 37 Surfsong Kiawah Isle, SC 29455 Bores, William Gilvin Roure 2 Honeo Parh, SC 29654 Baucom, Roger Darrell PO Dox 90 York, SC 29745 Dauder, Peggy Anne H 2105 Easr River Srreer Anderson, SC 29621 Daughman, Dole Bosler 211 Camson Road Anderson, SC 29621 Begg, George S 33 Queen Ann Road Greenville, SC 29615 Bell, Roberr Housron 515 Tonager Rood Norrh Augusra. SC 29841 Bennerr. Karen Elaine Roure 2 Compobello, SC 29322 Dennerr. Kennsel J. Roure, Dox 177-A Millwood, GA 31552 Bennerr. Rebecca Laleoh 1748 Huckleberry Drive Aiken SC 29801 Benson, Lindo Ann Box 412 Roure 10 Eosley, SC 29640 Denson, Vodonna Jean 702 Sourh Sixrh Avenue Dion, SC 29536 Berry, Barry Irvm Roure 1, Box 204 A Bowman, SC 29018 Berrhelerre, Louis William PO Box 141 Camden, SC 29020 Berrrand. Narhalie I. 3284 Johan Avenue John ' s Island, SC Dioncordi. Anrhony Eugene Roure 13, Box 156 Anderson, SC 29624 Bishop, Charrles Edward 750 Academy Rood Walrerboro, SC 29488 Blackwell, Kennerh Dean 306 Haigler Srreer Abbeville, SC 29620 Blackwell, Lisa Lynn Roure 12, Box 395 Anderson, SC 29621 Blonchard Dale Gray Roure 2 Box 490 Chopin, SC 29036 Blume, Joseph Jeffrey Roure 2, Box 121-K Ridgeville, SC 29472 Boorwnghr, Garry Wayne Highway 23 Roure 1 Monerro. SC 29615 Boboris, Dana Mono 1 Guyron Srreer Greenville, SC 29615 Boggs, William Neely 1431 Wopoo Srreer Norrh Augusro, SC 29841 Boggs, William Randolph 206 Sylvan Rood Greenwood, SC 29646 Bolor, Diane K Frirch Roure 2 Norrh Major Rood Belron, SC 29627 Bolr, Judy Coral Roure 9, Box 469 Anderson, SC 29624 Bolr, Rogma D Roure 2 Roger Bolr Rood Belron, SC 29627 Boorh, Sabra Heorh 437 Chuchill Circle Greenville, SC 29605 Borghan, Karl N J 206 Lark Circle Clemson, SC 29631 Doseman, Lulo Faye 334 Wesr Reed Srreer Anderson, SC 29621 Dosemon, Tony L Roure 5, Dox 49 I Anderson, SC 29621 Dosric, Josephine M 2011 Woodside Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Douknighr. Lomar Corl Roure 1 Dox 6 Irmo, SC 29063 Dowen, Cindy Mane PO Dox 147 Anderson, SC 29622 Bowen, Deborah Koy Roure 12 Dox 21 Anderson, SC 29621 Dowick, John Micheol 3002 Leconre Road Anderson, SC 29621 Bradley, Roger Borry P O Box 64 Berhune, SC 29009 Bradley, Vincenr Kim 16 E. Rainrree Aparrmenrs Anderson, SC 29621 Broshear, Carolyn Elaine P O Box 2184 Anderson, SC 29662 Braswell. Karl Emanuel 205 Shadow Lane Cayce, SC 20933 Breed. Darryl Glenn 2605 Colrossie Rood Anderson, SC 29621 Brennan. John Parrid 11 Drake Avenue Wesr Pelzer, SC 29669 Bridges, Charles Dean Roure 6 Box 412 Inmon, SC 29349 Bridges, Susan Eloine 533 Lorell Terronce Arlanro. GA 30328 Briggs, Jill Mone 32 Inler Lake Murrells Inler, SC 29576 Drock. Boyd William 2901 Colonial Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Drock, Lono McMillion 217 Clarke Srreom Drive Anderson. SC 29621 Drock, Richard Earle 114 Virginia Circle Anderson, SC 29621 Drock, Sheilo Lynn Rr 3, Dox 208 Pendleron, SC 29670 Drock, Tracey Koy 114 Virginia Cirde Anderson, SC 29621 Drockman, Sharondo K. Rr 2 Dox 408 Dublin Rd Greenville, SC 29607 Drown, Deborah Ann Roure 1 Box 1035 Srorr. SC 28684 Drown, Georgia Dox 264 Pickens, SC 29671 Drown, Kelly Lorraine 4001 Wesr Srandndge Rd Anderson, SC 29621 Drown, Susan Rachel P O Dox 5318 Florence, SC 29502 Brown, Thomos Lee 1504 Bolr Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Brown. Wendy Gay Roure 3 Harrwell, Go 30643 Brown, William Scorr 218 Leonard Cirde Camden. SC 29020 Browning, Emmerr Emanuel 721 Carolina Ave Rock Hill. SC 29730 Bruce. Micheal Gary P.O. Box 93 Fair Play, SC 29643 Bruce, Rigoberro Mock 206 Foresr Hill Dr, Anderson. SC 29621 Brushwood, Daniel H, Roure 7 Dobbins Bridge Rd Anderson, SC 29624 Bryan, Phillip Eorl 209 Carherine Srreer Union. SC 29379 Bryanr, April Parnce 222 Overcreek Rd, Roure 10 Greenville. SC 29607 Bryanr, Lynn Carol Rr 2 Box 15 Hembree Rd. Anderson, SC 29621 Bryanr, Richard Armour 2211 Whirman Road Direcrory 175 Roleigh. NC 27607 Dryonr. Wesley DeWitr 2009 Shirlone Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Duchonon. Judy Lynn Route 7, Dox 546 Anderson. SC 29624 Duchonon, Karen Leigh P O Dox 501 Pendleron, SC 29670 Duffingron, Ashley Joon Route 2. Dox 494 Eosley, SC 29640 Dunch. Richard Lee Dox 208 La France. SC 29656 Dunron, Elizaberh Lynn Roure 1 Pelzer. SC 29669 Durch, Randall 802 Wesr Main Srreer Chesrerfield. SC 29709 Durch, Leland Edward 230 Drookwood Drive Greer. SC 29651 Durkorr, Greg Durler P.O Dox 2733 Anderson, SC 29621 Durke, Goy Lynn Roure 1 Dox 683 Srarr, SC 29684 Durnetr, John Vogler Roure 2. Dox 374 Anderson. SC 29621 Durnss, Joeseph L 210 Dleckley Srreer Anderson, SC 29621 Durron, Carol Ann Roure 4, Dox 9 Seneco, SC 29678 Dyrd. Dororhy Jean Roure 1 Dox 218 Pendleron. SC 29670 Cahn, Elizaberh Ann 28727 King Aurhur Courr R Pales Verde, CA 90274 Colverr, Robin Ann 245 Genrry Drive Arhens, GA 30605 Campbell. David Earl Roure 1 Abbeville. SC 29620 Campbell. Lyndo P O Dox 28 Anderson. SC 29662 Campbell, Mary Charlene W Drood Srreer, PO Dox 222 Iva. SC 29655 Campbell. Susan Elizaberh 196 Ellmgron Drive Sporranburg, SC 29301 Cannon, Chrisri M 101 Rock Hampron Rd Irmo, SC 29063 Cannon, Parnsh Woyne Rr 9, 106 Trafalgar Rood Greenville. SC 29609 Canrrell, Cynrhia Gail Roure 2 Saiem, SC 29676 Canrrell, Larry Dwayne Roure 3, Dox 378 Abbeville, SC 29655 Canrrell, Russell Allen 104 Foresr Hill Drive Anderson. SC 29621 Carowan, Sandro Louise 1306 Norrhampron Direcrory 176 Anderson, SC 29621 Corey, Lori Lee Roure 1 Dox 972 Srarr, SC 29684 Cornes. Drerr Lloyd 1703 Millgare Road Anderson, SC 29621 Carson, George Fersner 1220 Droughron Orangeburg. SC 29115 Carson. Jennifer E Roure 5 Delron. SC 29627 Carree. Sherri Wilson 1101 Pmecrofr Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Carrer, David Denrley 209 Harrell Drive Sporranburg, SC 29302 Correr, Leonard Criag Roure 7 Dox 170 Piemonr, SC 29673 Corver, Louis Monroe P O Dox 84 West Union, SC 29696 Cash, Jimmie Glenn 321 Rhodehaven Anderson. SC 29621 Cosrles. Daniel Lyles 111 Cameron Way Anderson, SC 29621 Corhey, Mark Dryan Roure 10, Horrid Dridge Road Anderson. SC 29621 Choiken, Glenn William 406 Rovenel Road Anderson. SC 29621 Chandler, James Roberr Roure 2 Pelzer. SC 29662 Chandler, Rurh Ann 26 Foresr Hill Drive Williamsron, SC 29697 Channell, Delia Jane 2452 Visrovia Rood Chorlesron. SC 29405 Chaplin, Soundro Felker Roure 5 Dox 1005 Orangeburg, SC 29115 Chapman. Michael Eorle P O Dox 253. Watkms Rd Sandy Springs. SC 29681 Chapman. William Henry 109 Poinserra Drive Simpsonville, SC 29681 Choppell. Andrea Suzerre 842 Pendleron Srreer Pendleron. SC 29670 Chasram, Edward Alan Sror Roure 1 Dillord. GA 30537 Cheek, Kelley Monroine Roure 1 Dox 192 Delron, SC 29627 Child. David Parrick 106 Pleosanrburg Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Childs, Joyce Wesr 1105 Honover Road Anderson, SC 29621 Chisman, Elaine Cromer P O Dox 111 Clemson. SC 29632 Chiu. Edwin Ko Kam Dox 3586 Universiry Sro Clemson, SC 29632 Church, Corro Gunrer Roure 1 Townville. SC 29689 Clark, Gary Alan 1319 Sroney Charlesron. SC 29407 Clark, Sheila 512 Dooker Anderson, SC 29621 Cleveland. Gma Derh 3401 Howlond Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Cleveland, Judie P 1614 Calhoun Srreer Exr Anderson. SC 29621 Clincl-scales, Deidre Lynn 601 Dooker Srreer Anderson, SC 29624 Clinl-scales, Timorhy Ernesr Roure 2 Honea Parh, SC 29654 Cobb, G Alexander 3057 Appleby Lane Columbia, SC 29206 Cobb. Jerry Lee Roure 14. Tar Doulevord Greenville. SC 29607 Cocchio, Richard 204 Harborough Road Anderson, SC 29621 Cochran, Gregory Heons 110 Cameron Wgy Anderson, SC 29621 Coggins. Lisa Renoe 830 Heard Drive Elberron, GA 30635 Coker. Melissa A 208 Skylond Drive Delron. SC 29627 Cole, Debi Gay 101 Lakeview Drive Summerville. SC 29483 Coleman, John Scorr Roure 1 Dox 164 Honeo Porh, SC 29654 Colemon, Susan Leighron Roure 1 Dox 345 Catlerr, VA 22019 Collins, John Mark 6549 Litchfield Drive Columbia. SC 29209 Comen, Julian Douglass Roure 1 Hickory Grove. SC 29717 Compron, Mary Caroline Rr 1 Old Greenville Highway Anderson, SC 29621 Conder, Laurie Ann 6427 Pencode Lane Charlorre. NC 28215 Condrey, James Scorr Roure 4, Dox 421 Inmon, SC 29036 Cook. Ronald Doyd Roure 3. Dox 646 Chopin. SC 29036 Cook. Ronald William 112 Sheolrh Drive Columbia, SC 29210 Cooper, Franklin Daivid 108 Rockwood Drive Seneca. SC 29678 Cord. Karhleen L. 200 Harsborough Rood Anderson. SC 29621 Corley. Donna Renee 941 Sighrler Drive Wesr Columbia. SC 29169 Corley. Suson Leonn 3122 Pine Nook Circle W Columbia. SC 29619 Cosby. Kimberly Renee 1608 Wildleof Courr Columbia. SC 29210 Corhron, Parnoa Anne 11 Wilden Drive Williamsron. SC 29697 Couch, Suson Leigh 409 Tnniry Woy Greenville, SC 29609 Covingron, Rose Ann 917 Quarry Srreer Anderson. SC 29621 Cox, Darbara Joon 2404 Norrhview Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Cox. Elisa Joo 10 Sylvia Kane Wesr Pelrzer. SC 29669 Cox, Kevin Lloyd 1203 13rh Avenue Conwoy. SC 29526 Cox. Russell Alver 6105 Firzgibbons Drive Columbia, SC 29209 Croin. Dena Lynn Rr 5 Delvisro Heighrs Greenville, SC 29609 Crane. Poul Anthony 44 Adger Srreer Pelzer. SC 29669 Crawford. Mory Allison Roure 10. Dox 330 Anderson, SC 29621 Cnbb, Srephanie Ann PO Dox 1032 Georgetown, SC 29442 Crowe. Thomas Lone Roure 5 Dox 316 Delton. SC 29627 Crowe, Timothy Woyne Roure 2 Dox 316 Delron, S C 29627 Crump, Detry A 2002 Lynn Avenue Anderson, SC 29621 Crump, Cynrhia Marie Roure 1. Dox 769 Ivo, SC 29655 Crump, Micheol Edward Roure 3 Horrwell, Go 30643 Cull, Simon. Mark 21 Hazelbank. Kings Norr Dirmingham. 38 England Culler. Elizaberh Ann 1586 Marshall Avenue Orangeburg. SC 29115 Dollery. Robert Laird 721 Cordmol Drive Sumrer, SC 29150 Dalron, Melissa Ann Dox 361 Roure 8 Easley. SC 29640 Daniel. John Calvin 611 Hemlock Drive Thomson. GA 30824 Danrzler. Michelle Route 4 Delton. SC 29627 Daughtry, Donald Andrew 13 Engel Drive Greenville. SC 29609 Dovis. Deano Michelle Roure 4 Delton. SC 29627 Davis. Gary Cleveland PO Dox 1915 Easley. SC 29640 Davis. Jerry Marrin 237 Delron Drive Williamsron. SC 29697 Dovis. Rhondo Dense 45 H Clark Srreer Greenville, S C 29607 Dovis. Russell Gerald Seneca Place Aprs Seneco. SC 29678 Dovis, Sherry Eloine Roure 1 Highway 81 No. Anderson. S C 19621 Davis, Sreven Earl 16 Sandringham Taylors, S C. 29687 Davis. Sharon Sims 506 Rose Hill Anderson, S C 29621 Dovis. Tereso Lynn 6 Kennedy Srreer Honea Porh. S C 29654 Davis, Vicki Elaine 133 Maulden Streer Sparranbutg, S C 29302 Dawson, Chiguitta T. Route 13. Ttouvus Rood Anderson. S C 29624 Day, Mark Narhan 325 Amy Drive Goose Creek. SC 29445 Day, Thomos Wilborn 826 McDuffie Srreer Anderson. S C 29621 Dehaven, Druce Kennerh Roure 4 Dox 30 Anderson. SC 29624 Dehoven. Drian Lee Roure 4 Dox 30 Anderson. S C 29624 Dehoven. Trovea Michele Roure 4 Dox 34 Anderson. SC 29624 Demmg. Todd M 109 Russell Road. Apr 102 Cayce, SC 29033 Dickson, Kennerh Lomar 15 Evergreen Srreet Anderson, S C 29621 Dirchfield, Jessie C 108 Quaker Courr Mouldin. SC 29662 Dobbins, Carolyn Friers 36 D Tanglewood Apts Anderson, S C 29621 Dobbins, Roberr Gregory 109 Elmhursr Drive Greenville, 5 C 29611 Dobbs, Gregg E 5361 Warrington Place College Pork, GA 30349 Dobson. Timorhy Drion Route 1 Dox 567 D Central, SC 29630 Dodgens, Donno Mane 522 Visage Drive Anderson. SC 29624 Doker, Joseph Randall Roure 2 Dox 244 Lavonio, GA 30553 Donovan. Denis David 24 Chearsley. Deacon Woj London, EG Doolirrle, Chorles M Route 2 Dox 113 Pomona. S C 29126 Dotson. Melissa Lynne 299 Tate Streer Elberron, GA 30635 ; ' - Dove, Christopher T. 140 Maria Drive Anderson. 5.C. 29621 Dover, Chrisropher F Roure 5 Easley, SC 29640 Dowdle, Karen Frances ' 00 Young Drive .:nron, SC 29025 rake, Adrienne M Randy Drive, Box 753 aylors, SC 29667 Drake, David McDnde 4 Pinerree Drive Honea Parh, S C 29654 Drake, Richard Douve 44 Sr Julian Shores lurawville, S C 29048 awdy, Tammy Lynn j O Dox 522 rVagener, SC 29164 ! y, Jr , Roland Lee toure 1 Dox 238 C ' ickens, SC 29671 Juncon, John McDow :40 McDaniel Avenue .reenville, SC 29671 urschke, Andrew Mark 17 Loblolly Drive nderson. SC 29621 vches. Angela Kay } ' 2 Ann Srreer :kens, S C 29671 irle, Charles Clayron )7 Pocoler Drive ]ffney, SC 29340 •words, Donna Rurh Sedgefield Cr iderson, S C 29621 wards, James Walloce Woodfield Drive derson, SC 29621 wards, Lynn Hommerr I J Anderson Village Apr derson, SC 29621 " ihorn, Jiomjir jre 2 Dox 490 ipin, S C 29036 dge, John Chrisropher :Woodcliff Cr osonville, S.C. 29681 nburg, Tani Chrysrino . Dox 563 Mae Srreer fry. S C 29657 )an, Marrhew Perer Roundhill ?nville, S C 29609 r, Karhy Lynn Meodowbrook Drive ?co, S C 29678 Nancy Hadden Emory Rood •onburg, S C 29302 Avis Priscilla e 5 Dox 592 ca, S C 29678 Cynrhia Lynn 9 1 Dox 428 msrom, S C 29697 i, James Gaillard Shiland Drive Hill, S C 29730 i, Parncia L " aldwell Srreer I S C 29325 , Randall Lewis ■1AM Ellison Rood ' son, SC 29621 ■■■ Elrod, Derek Vicror 213 Rhodehaven Drive Anderson, S.C 29621 Emery, Donno Jean Roure 2 Landrum, S C 29356 English, John Sreven P O Dox 128 Swansea, S.C 29160 Enrrekin, Kimberly Ann P O Dox 4054 Anderson, SC 29622 Epps, Dyron Dernord 125 Correr Srreer Greenville, SC 29607 Ernesr, Amanda Devon Roure 5 Francis Srreer Easley, SC 29640 Erskine, Druce G 10335 Amberside Courr Roswell, GA 30076 Ervin, Isabel Hunrer Roure 3 Dox 87 Iva, SC 29655 Eskew, Jay Timorhy 14 Yeoman) Srreer Greenville, SC 29605 Evons, Harry Edward 181 Easr Queen Srreer Pendleron, SC 29670 Evans, Rachel Jean 2808 Darnard E Dee Ave Anderson, SC 29621 Evorr, Melinda Kay Roure 7 Dox 752 Eosley, SC 29640 Every, Elizaberh Kay 200 Pleasant Drive Greer, SC 29651 Fallow, Elizaberh M 1111 Wildwood Ave Columbia, SC 29201 Follow, Rebecca Louise 1111 Wildwood Ave Columbia, SC 29201 Fonr, David Haynie 114 Carter Oak Anderson, SC 29621 Farmer, Narhan Paul Route 12 Clearview Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Former, Sreven Lee Route 12 Clearview Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Farr, Arnold Lorenzo P O Dox 516 Union, SC 29379 Foust, John Darnell Roure 1 Dox 130 A Richburg, SC 29729 Ferguson. Louro Leigh Roure 5 Abbeville, SC 29620 Fields. Dtian Monroe 143 Shelron Drive Spartanburg. SC 29302 Findley. Amy Suzanne 1 Seaborn Drive Lexingron. MS Finley, Diedre C 200 Cresrview Road Eosley, SC 29640 Finley, William Calvin 1900 Robin Drive Camden, SC 29020 Fleming, James Mitchell Route 2 Dox 160 Manning, SC 29102 Fleming, Morvin Fitzgerald Roure 1 Dox 393 Camden, SC 29020 Fleming, Tracy Eugene 412 College Ave Abbeville, SC 29620 Foisrer, Suzonne Denise Roure 4 Dox 467 Travelers Resr, SC 29690 Ford, Donald Lane P O Dox 2 Canon, GA 30520 Ford, Susan Osborne P O Dox 2 Canon, GA 30520 Ford, William Hurson 330 Concord Srreer Charlesron, SC 29401 Fosberry, Kevin M. 789 Gills Dluff Road Charlesron, SC 29412 Foskey, Gregory Drian 248 Doulrers Lock Road Irmo, SC 29063 Fosrer, Joseph Donald 113 Lee Ann Drive Easley, SC 29640 Fosrer, Roger Floyd Roure 1 Iva, SC 29655 Frailey, Marnie L 1274 Pinectest Rock Hill, SC 29730 Franklin, Porno S 736 Marshall Ave Anderson, SC 29621 Franks, Linda Margarer 5 Oyster Landing Hilron Head, SC 29928 Frazier, Sandra Dione 224 Clarke Stream Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Freeman, Robin Alone 2422 S Island Rood Georgerown, SC 29440 Fnddle, Mary Derh 808 Dotony Road Greenville, SC 29615 Frierson, Louis Gillard 15 Mood Drive Summerron, SC 29148 Fry, Kristino Ann 174 Pauline Drive Elgin, SC 60120 Fulmer, Derty June Route 6 Dox 184 Aiken, SC 29601 Fussell, Kathtyn Dell 217 Dentway Lane Spartanburg, SC 29302 Goiter, Ronold Edward 246 Shamrock Lone Logan, WV 25601 Galloway, Carlo Yverre 120 Leon Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Galloway, Michael Edward Roure 4 Dox 92 Central, SC 29630 Gallowoy, Melinda Greer Roure 8 Dox 156 A Easley. SC 29640 Galr, Vm Russell 142 Hillbrook Drive Spartanburg, SC 29302 Gombrell, Ronald Lee P O Dox 633 Seneco, SC 29678 Gambrell, Richard M 2001 Norrh College Ave. Anderson, SC 29621 Gambrell, Jr., Rex Calvin Roure 1 Honea Path, SC 29654 Gondy, Mark Craver 221 Molasses Lane Mr Pleasonr, SC 29464 Ganrr, Myro Lynn 2618 H Page Drive Anderson, SC 29622 Ganrr, Thomas Matthew 101 Conebroke Lane Simpsonville, SC 29681 Gardner, James Ferrell Roure 1 Dox 335 Alcolu, SC 29001 Gorrert, Donna Ann Roure 2 Liberty, SC 29657 Gatris, Dona Leigh Roure 4 Dox 277 Piedmonr, SC 29673 Garrison, Darbara M Roure 2 Dox 339 D Anderson, SC 29621 Garrison, Parti Gay Roure 2 Dox 464 Greenwood, SC 29646 Gerald, Kimberly Ann Dox 22 Morion, SC 29571 Gibson, Sreve Everett P O Dox 304 Anderson, SC 29621 Gibson, Timorhy Scott Route 1 Soluda Lake Rood Greenville, SC 29611 Gill, Gtegoty Leon 24 Green Srreer York, SC 29745 Gillard. Frances Theresa 2008 West Marker Street Anderson, SC 29624 Gillespie, Douglas Clark 1207 Jactaon Drive Puloskie, TN 38478 Gilliland, Sandra Joy Roure 4 Woodruff, SC 29388 Gillis, John Correr Roure 1 Millwood, GA 31552 Gilmore, Cheryl Yverre 101 Adams Cr Seneco, SC 29678 Gilsrrap, Judy Coenshaw 301 Pine Forest Drive Delron. SC 29627 Gilsrrap, Robert Anthony 301 Pine Forest Drive Delron. S.C. 29627 Gladden. Joyce Lorraine Roure 2, Dox 936 Donalds. SC 29638 Glenn, John Drian Route 1. Dox 14 Foit Ploy, S C 29643 Glenn, Sharon Elaine 6 D Westview Heights Apt Anderson, SC 29624 Glenn, Timorhy O ' Neal Dox 162 A Woodruff, SC 29388 Glenza, Jeanne Rose 1724 Wesr Marker Streer Anderson. SC 29624 Golden, Thomas Ray 818 Dlue Ridge Avenue Delron, S C 29627 Goodwin, Patricia Ann Route 2, Dox 499 Walhallo, S.C. 29691 Goulet, Kathy Sylvia 1621 Parkins Mill Road Greenville, S.C. 29607 Graham, Darline Lerrie P.O Dox 436 Central, S.C. 29630 Graham, Karhy A. 115 Qualla Delton, S.C 29627 Graham, Lisa Gail 141 Half Moon Drive Wesr Columbia, S.C. 29169 Graham, Sranley Clayron 5730 Sourh 50rh Srreer Lincoln, ND 68516 Granchelli, Carolyn M. 2000 Lynn Avenue Anderson, S.C. 29621 Gronr, DArry Thomas Roure 9 Dox 345 Eosley, S.C 29640 Granr, Carherine Elizaberh 2335 Sussex Cr Snellville, GA 30278 Granr, Lischer Carol 123 Kismer Srreer Columbia, S.C. 29210 Granr, Mary Emaline Roure 1 Townville, SC 29689 Gronr, William Andrew 1005 Quaker Drive Derkeley, SC 29406 Gray, Connie Drody Roure 3, Dox 674 Iva, S.C 29655 Gray. Tanya Elaine Roure 2, Dox 411 Williamsron, S.C. 29697 Green, Tammy Ellen Roure 1 Dox 424 Delron, S.C 29627 Greene, Cheryl Lynn P.O Dox 53 Delron, S C 29627 Greene. Gerald Mandall Roure 7 Dox 194 Anderson, S.C 29624 Greene, Tamila O Roure 7 Dox 194 Anderson, S C 29621 Greenwoy, Tina Darlene Roure 2 Norrh Major Road Delron, S.C 29627 Greer, Mark Anrhony 190 Fairview Gardens Anderson, SC 29621 Greer, William Jeff. 625 Green Valley Drive Winder. GA 30680 Griffin. Cynrhia Gail P O Oox 313 Horrwell, GA 30643 Griffin. Knsrie A 134 Davis Drive Chester. SC 29706 Griffin, Parti Lynn 102 Donadventure Drive Greenville. SC 29615 Griffin. Roberr C Route 2 Dox 475 Anderson. SC 29621 Directory 177 Griffin, Timorhy Duranr 2517 Hoffmeyer Road Florence, 5.C. 29501 Griffin, Terry Lee Roure 2 Roger Dolr Rood Delron, 5.C. 29627 Griffin, Wendy Lynn Roure 1 Dox 269A Townville, S.C 29689 Griz, Nicole 206 Doublebrook Drive Laurens, S.C. 29360 Grogon, Gory John 100 Lindsay Rd Seneco, S.C. 29678 Grooms, Allyson Par 29 Selwyn Dr Greenville, S C 29615 Grooms, Cynrhio Morie 1102 Yeamans Holl Rd Hohoron, S.C 29406 Groves, Berry M Roure 5 Groves Rd. Anderson, S.C 29621 Grubbs, Phyllis C 316 Memorial Dr Greer, S.C 29651 Guin, Timorhy Wade 207 Blue Ridge Dr Greenville, S C 29609 Gurley, Madelyn Elizaberh 418 Arcadia Dr Anderson, S C. 29621 Hadden, Sheilo Dianne 920 Quorry Sr Anderson, S C 29624 Hodden, Velma Denise P O. Dox 407 Greensboro, S.C 30642 Hoilsrock, Cynrhia L. 46 Daxrer Sr Greenville, S.C 29607 Hall, George C P O Box 2371 Anderson, S C 29622 Hall, Scorr Franklin P O Box 636 Due West, S C 29639 Hallman, Gary Von 332 Easrdiff Way Greenville, SC 29611 Ham, Rebecca Karen Roure 4, Box 351 Forr Mill, S.C. 29715 Hamilron, Chnsrine M Roure 1, Box 289 Gray Courr, S C 29645 Hamilron, Jomes Kennerh Roure 1, Box 289 Gray Courr, S C 29645 Hamilron, Johnna Lynn Roure 1, Box 289 Gray Courr, S C 29645 Hammerr, Larry Leon Roure 3 Box 250 Gaffney, S C 29340 Hammond, Alan Websrer 302 Danrzler Sr Sr Marrhews, SC 29135 Hammond, Scorr Wilson 110 Lomond Lone Sporranburg, S C 29302 Hompron, Susanne Denise 500 Perrm Drive Sporranburg, SC 29302 Hanley, Berry Tallenr Roure 1, Box 320 Honea Parh. S C 29654 Hanna, Donold Chrisropher Roure 7, Karen Lane Anderson, S.C 29621 Honvey, Sreven George 10 Lakeside Dr Walhalla. SC 29691 Horbin, Marrhew C. 1905 Millgare Rd Anderson, 5.C. 29621 Hordigree, Marrhew George 3 Sylvan Cr Sporranburg, S.C 29302 Hardigree, Nancy Morris 120 Arhens Sr Harrwell, GA 30643 Harper, Kennerh Jason ROure 2, Fillery Dr Greenville, S C 29607 Horrell, Karhy Calvena P O Box 128 Timmonsville, S.C 29161 Harry, Franklin Scorr 1232 Brookwood Dr Shelby, N.C. 28150 Hawkins, Dana Scorr Roure 1. Box 391 Deary, GA 30808 Hayes, Roberr Jerry 409 Bypass 29, Norrh Anderson, SC 29621 Hoynes. Gam% Moore 512 Smirh Sr Timmonsville, S C 29161 Hoynes, Mark Clayron 409 Park Sr Timmonsville, S.C 29161 Haynesworrh. Carol Mayes 214 Easr Augusro Place Greenville, SC 29605 Haynie, David Patrick 116 Rice Circle Belron, S C 29627 Hozelwood, Richard Allen Roure 2, Box 190 Iva, S C 29655 Heod, Diane P O Box 101 Salem, SC 29676 Heard, Odessa Yolanda 803 Druid Hills Dr Anderson. S C 29621 Heoron, Daniel Weaver H2 Concord Aprs Anderson, SC 29621 Heinz, Margarer Lynn 4605 Arcadia Rd Columbia. S C 29206 Henderson. Holly 113 Ronwocd Ave Simpsonville, SC 29681 Hendrix, Lisa Rene Roure 4, Box 484 B Travelers Resr, S C 29690 Hendrix, Margarer E 107 Sweerbnar Rd Anderson, S C 29621 Hernandez. Bobby Abraham 104 Siegfried Lane Columbia, SC 29206 Herring, Jonarhan T Roure 14, Box 28 Anderson, S C 29621 Herring, Michael Joel 2007 Linda Drive Anderson, S C 29621 Hicks. Jill Cromer 2007 Edgewood Ave Anderson, S C 29621 Hicks, William Ausrin III 2013 Arnerr Dr Camden. S C 29020 Hill, Parks Alan 8 Tyler Sr Greenville, SC 29605 Hill, Parry Dorlene Roure 3 Ivo, S C 29655 Hiorr, Williams B 24 Jones Ave Greenville, S C 29601 Ho, Luanda Y 601 Woldwood Dr Anderson, S.C. 29621 Hoffman, Richard Kevin 66 Offshore Hilron Head, S C 29928 Hogsed, Angela May Roure 9, Box 360 Easley, S C 29640 Holbroota, Van Thomos Roure 2, Box 160 Liberry. SC 29657 Holcombe, Janer G. P O Box 177 Liberry, S.C 29657 Holcombe, Jay Kevin Roure 2, Box 649 Williamsron, S C 29697 Holland, Amy Claire 840 Weir Sr Charleston, S C 29412 Holland, Sandra Aniro Roure 1, Dox 6 A Founroin Inn, S.C. Holliday, Willis Lee 518 Knighr Bridge Rd Sumrer, SC 29150 Holloway, Melissa F 9-A Woodland Aprs Sporranburg, S C 29301 Holmes. Ellior J Roure 6, Box 98 B Myrrle Beach, S C 29577 Holrslander, Joerre Elizaberh 914 Julia Ave Charlesron, S C 29412 Holrzclaw, Kelly Lynn 108 Lee Circle Greer. S C 29651 Hooper, Ella Ruth 607 Rantowles Rd Anderson, SC 29621 Hopkins, Amy Rurh 336 Kingsley Rd Anderson, SC 29621 Hopkins, Brendo Ann 2436 Merrywood Rd Columbia, S C 29210 Hopkins, Fannie Delle 108 D Henrage Dr Anderson, S C 29621 Hopkins. M Srephem 140 Mechanic Sr Pendleron, S C 29670 Hopkins. Raymond Lee 107 Henry Ave Anderson. 5 C 29622 Horron, Gary Lamar P O Dox 853 Ridgeland. S C 29936 House, Linda Anne Recoure 2, Dox 26 Carlton, GA 30627 Houser, E Susan Roure 2, 67 Ponderosa Simpsonville, SC 29681 Housron, Sue E. James Roure 4, Box 134 Delron, S.C 29627 Howord, Cynrhio Jean 116 G Srreer Williamsron, SC 29697 Howard, Linda Kaye Roure 10, Dox 262 Anderson, S C 29621 Howord, William Vernor P.O Box 2371 Sumrer, S C 29150 Howell, David A Roure 1, 105 Deloire Cr Anderson, SC 29621 Howell, Margarer Dee 600 Old Friars Rd Columbia, SC 29210 Howell, Michael Joseph 3523 Inrerlochen Dr Augusra, GA 30907 Hubbard, Kimberly S 14 Wesr Monrclair Greenville, SC 29609 Hudson, Rhondo Gene 1125 Blakely Cr Wesr Columbia, S C 29169 Hudspeth, Jerry Webb 202 Bear Bridge Rd Greenville, S.C 29611 Huff, Srephen William 603 Dorany Rd Greenville, S C 29615 Huffmasrer, Teresa Ann 127 Lomond Lane Sporranburg, S.C 29302 Huggins, John Wilson 215 Christian St Cheraw, SC 29520 Huggins, Tamarho Ceon 16 Sagamore Lane Greenville, S.C 29607 Hughes, Linda Ann D Wallace Sr Laurens, S C 29360 Hughes, Richard Mark Roure 5 Delron, S.C 29627 Huirt, Lynne Ann Route 7, Box 459 Anderson, S C 29624 Huirr, Laurie Ann Roure 7, Dox 459 Anderson, SC 29624 Hunrer, Angela Denise Roure 3, Dox 289 Anderson, SC 29621 Hunrer, David Joey 115 Copers Sr Greenville. S C 29605 Hurchins. Mark Duone 1 C Crayron Manor Anderson, SC 29621 Infinger, Carrer Guerry 1300 Gilmore Rd Charlesron, SC 29407 Irby, Valerie L 516 Crescenr Dr Anderson, S C 29621 Isom. Marry Hamilron Route 14, Dox 348 D Anderson. SC 29621 Jabbour, Richard E 116 Fernbrook Cir Sporranburg. S C 29302 Jackson, Charles Marion Roure 145 Anderson. SC 29621 Jackson, David William 122 Rollingreen Rd Greenville, S.C. 29615 Jad-son, Evelyn 15 8 Earle Homes Aprs Anderson, S.C 29624 Jackson, Mark Emerson 411 Jordon Sr Hendersonville, N C 28739 Jackson, Todd Leslie 216 York Sr Clmron, S C 29325 Jacobsen, Cynrhia Marie 1009 Hammond Dr. Norrh Augusra, S.C 25841 Jomes, Gregory Edmond P O Dox 267 Hemingway, S C 29554 James, Doris Renee 101 Oak Dr Greenville. SC 29611 Jamison, Sondra Marrin 604 Heyward Rd Anderson, S.C 29621 Jarvis, Sreven Dole Roure 2 Meece Dridge Rd Taylors. SC 29687 Jeffcoar, Phylis Gaye 2015 Cardinal Circle Anderson, SC 29621 Jefferies. Phyllis Hechr 200 Tiffany Drive Anderson. SC 29621 Jenkins. Erich Sherrell 26 Kingsron Courr Greenville. SC 29601 Johnson, Carole Ann Roure 3 Dox 62 Elberron, GA 30635 Johnson. Jacqueline E 16 Barwood Circle Greenville. SC 29611 Johnson. Parsy Ann 801 Williams Srreer Seneca, SC 29678 Johnson. Roberr Dominic 7 Forks Rood Roure 2 Morrin, GA 30557 Johnson. Shero Ann 207 Brookhaven Drive Anderson. SC 29624 Johnson, Samuel Lee 409 June Srreer Seneca. SC 29678 Johnson, Traoe Laverne 411 Sims Srreer Andetson, SC 29624 Johnson. Viola Box 285. Roure 3 Andetson. SC 29621 Joiner, Julian Marrm 286 Sandhurst Rood Columbia. SC 29210 Jones. Ashley Dibb P O Dox 1886 Anderson, SC 29622 Jones, Drerr Roure 2 Salem Road Anderson, SC 29621 Jones, Cheryl Alewme 212 Oak Drive Delron, SC 29627 Jones, Jeffrey C 2362 Mary Drive Wesr Columbia. SC 29169 Jones. James Keirh Roure 6 Dox 225 Elberron. GA 30635 Direaory 178 Jones, Jimmy Lamar 2912 Elm Srreer Anderson, SC 29621 Jones, Keirh Joseph 312 Drookforesr Drive Anderson, 5C 29621 Jones, Leslie Paul 1404 Warerhill Drive Columbia, SC 29210 Jones, Mary Frances Roure 2 Dox 685 Easley, SC 29640 Jones, Ruby Lee Roure 5 Dox 305 Anderson. SC 29621 Jones, Suson Arlando Roure 5 Milbrook Circle Taylors, SC 29687 Jones, Wendy Joanne 13 Indian Springs Drive Greenville, SC 29615 Jones, Warren Morriso Roure 4 Dox 949 Laurens, SC 29360 Jordan, Joy Rose 130 Sporrow Drive Isle Of Palms, SC 29451 Julian, Lynne M 107 Live Oak Way Taylors, SC 29687 Jusrus, Don Gary Roure 5 Dox 262 Hendersonville, NC 28739 Kay, John Michael 111 Carroll Courr Summerville, SC 29483 Kelley, Julia Smirh 1306 Amiry Rd Anderson, SC 29621 Kelley, Sean Ansel 23 Timrod Way Greenville, SC 29607 Kelly, Carherine D. 3506 Woodcone Trail Anderson. SC 29624 Kelly, Gregory Mark 751 Sanddollar Dr Sanibel Island, Flo. 33957 Kelly, Wade Alon- 3506 Woodcone Trail Anderson, SC 29624 Keown, Dororhy M 1116 Green Acres Anderson, SC 29621 Keown, Joel Wesley P.O Dox 332 Delron, SC 29627 Keown, Miriom Rebecca P O Dox 332 Delron, SC 29627 Kernels, Linda Rogers 110 Pine Foresr Dr Anderson, SC 29621 Kinsey, Tangela Evelee Roure 1 Dox 2104 Abbeville, SC 29620 Kincaid, Kimberly Derh 418 Norrh Main Sr Sumrer, SC 29150 King, Ann S 114 Tonglewood Anderson, SC 29621 King, Emil Mark Roure 8 Ivy Or Anderson, SC 29621 King, Gino Gay Ncrringham Rd Clinron, SC 29325 King, Laurie Jo 108 Carroll Ln Delron, SC 29627 King, Peggy Lynn 962 Quail Dr Rock Hill, SC 29730 King, Roberr Roy 101 Scirrswood Dr. Greenville, SC 29613 King, Richard Scorr 116 Fabrica Dr. Clemson, SC 29631 Kirby, Billy Dorneil S Droad Sr., Thorn well Clinron, SC 29325 Kirkparr ick, Joseph Dennerr 2126 Jomes Cr Rock Hill, SC 29730 Kirrrell, Donna Renee 1885 Pinebrook Dr Orangeburg, SC 29115 Kizer, Kevin Legare 119 McGowan Ave Abbeville, SC 29620 Klopper, Frederick John Roure 5 Dox 113 E Georgia Rd Simpsonville, SC 29681 Klosky, Richard Ford 509 Doulevard Anderson, SC 29621 Kowalski, John Chorles Roure 1 Oak Hill Dr Anderson, SC 29621 Krenek, Perer Eugene 102 Buckingham Courr Easley, SC 29640 Kumar, Shemi Yamini 260 Dlack Dluff Rd Rome, GA. 30161 Lobo, Joseph 3565 Keswick Dr Chamblee, Ga 30341 Labonge, Rosemary P P.O Dox 1414 Clemson, SC 29633 Lohoy, Mark Allen P.O. Dox 60, Thornwell Clinron, SC 29325 Lommonds, John Joseph Roure 4 Simpsonville, SC 29681 Landnrh, James Wayne P O Dox 78 Townville, SC 29669 Landnrh, Kimberly Lynn P O Dox 78 Townville, SC 29669 Lawless, Ginger Elizoberh Roure 7 Dox 322 Piedmonr, SC 29631 Lawson, Julie Allison 105 Ashley Rd Clemson, SC 29631 Lawron, Mary Derh P.O. Dox 366 Cameron, SC 29673 Layne, Anna Lanell Roure 7 Dox 389 Piedmonr, SC 29673 League, Cynrhio Maria 144 Drodley Dlvd Greenville, SC 29609 Ledford, Melissa Dawn Roure 3 Seneca, SC 29678 Lee, Cheryl Yvonne 609 Doulevard Anderson, S.C 29621 Lee, Daniel Richard 122 Gokview Dr Greenville, S.C. 29605 Leffew, Craig Parrick 202 Joon Drive Easley, S.C 29640 Lerrner, William Daniel 1600 Rockland Rd Columbia, S.C. 29210 Lepinr, Claire M. 1 Covingron Courr Anderson, S.C 29621 Lewis, Wyarr 7 Dogwood, Shaw A.F.D Sumrer, S.C. 29152 Lighr, Pamela Ann Roure 9, Dox 187 Anderson, SC 29624 Lingerfelr, David Scorr RT10 Norrh Severn Or. Easley, S.C. 29640 Logan, Jomes Wallace Roure 2, Dox 435 Curowville, S.C 29048 Lollis, Joel C Roure 1 Delron, S.C. 29627 Lollis, Pamela Denise Roure 1 Honea Porh, SC 29654 Long, Angela Carol 2504 Poplor Lone Anderson, S C 29621 Long, David Sims Roure 4, Dox 629 Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Long, Gregory Neal 2504 Poplar Lone Anderson, SO 29621 Long, Lorrie Hannah P O Dox 754 Ridgeland, S.C 29936 Looper, Calvin Timorhy Roure 2, Dox 432 Morierro, GA 29661 Lorr, John Henry Roure 2, Dox 1090 Lourens, S.C. 29360 Lowry, Michoel Shown Roure 14, Lowry Rd Anderson, S.C. 29621 Loyless, Carol Alexander 421 Henderson Rd Greenville. S C 29607 Lunsford, Horold Jeffrey 614 Easr Durler Ave. Mauldin, S.C 29662 Lupoid, Hugh McColl P O Dox 396 Holly Hill, S.C 29059 Lynch, Deana Gaines 125 Forr Rurledge Rd Clemson, S C 29631 Lynch, Paula Monique Roure 1, Dox 219 Union Mills, NC 28167 Lyons, Richard Edword P.O. Dox 307 Easley, S C 29640 Macey, Cynrhia Down 2408-F 7rh Place, N.W Dirmingham, AL 35215 Madden, Ronold Lamarr Roure 1, Dox 973 Srarr. S.C 29684 Molone, Wendy 24 Sparta Ave Ware Shoals, S C 29692 Manning, Jerrry Richard Roure 1 Srorr, SC 29684 Marerr, Cecil Dan Roure 10, Norringhom Way Anderson, S.C 29621 Maroney, Srocy Colerre 318 E Srreer Anderson, S.C 29621 Marshall, Mary Shannon 829 Myrrle Dr. Rock Hill, S.C 29730 Mornn, Amy Eugenio 507-D Courrney Dr Anderson, S.C. 29631 Marrin, Drenr Timorhy Roure 7, Dox 208 Anderson, SC 29624 Marrin, Carhy Lynn 207 Magnolia Terrace Pendleron, S.C 29670 Mornn, David Charles Roure 2, Dox 222 Pendleron, S.fc 29670 Marrin, Elizaberh Lorraine Roure 2, Cherokee Williomsron, S.C, 29697 Mornn, Frances Yvonne Rr 3, Whire Horse Rd Greenville, S.C 29611 Morrin, Henry Calhoun Roure 2, Dox 280 Liberry, SO 29657 Marrin, John Timorhy 104 Oak Knoll Terrace Anderson, S.C 29621 Marrin, Kimberly Jan Roure 5, Dox 173-S Toccoo, GA 30577 Marrin, Louro Ann Roure 2, Dox 311 Liberry, S.C 29657 Moson, Angela R. 249 Rushingwind Rd Irmo, SC 29063 Mason, Vincenr F. 2226 Wesr 12rh Sr Indionopolis, IN 46222 Mossengale, William Russell 124 Hyde Circle Mauldin, S C 29662 Masrers, Chandler Woyne 2114 Easrside Cr Augusra. GA 30906 Morrison, Erskme Todd 412 Gurhrie Ave Delron, S.C 29627 Mouldin, Joan Dowen 104 Chandler Harrwell, GA 30643 Mauldin, Sherrie Melissa P O Dox 111 Ivo, SC 29655 Maxwell, Chrisropher A Wesr Droad Exr Iva. S C 29655 Mayes, Corolyn Morie 9 Ausrm Sr. Greenville, SO. 29607 Mayfield, Walrer A. 1419 Hillrop Dr. Anderson, S.C 29621 Mazyck. Donnie 403 King Sr. Mr. Pleosonr, S.C 29464 McArec, Charles Edward Jr Rr 1 Dox 269 A Hopkins Or. Townville, S.C 29689 McDride, April D 4-E Rainrree Aprs, Anderson, S.C 29621 McCarrer, Judy Foye Page Rr 6, Dox 370 Piedmonr, S.C 29673 McCollum, Sloone N. Apr. N-7, Cedarwood Aprs Anderson, SC 29621 McConnell, Williom Ross Sror Roure Due Wesr, S.C 29639 McCormick, John Todd 1212 Norrhampron Rd. Anderson, S.C 29621 McCroskey, Andrea Melisso Rr 7, Dox 267 Easley, S.C 29640 McCullough, Lynn Turner 204 Polaris Sr Anderson, S.C 29621 McCurry, Dorboro Dryanr Rr 3, Dox 344 Iva, S.C 29655 McCurry, Dobbie Earline Roure 5 Anderson, S C 29621 McCurry, Gregory Scorr 609 Jad-son Square Anderson, S.C 29621 McDoniel, Robin Leia 216-D Calhoun Rd Clemson, SC 29631 McDowell, Kimberly D. Roure 1 Harrwell. GA 30643 McGaho, Minnie Lou H 2006 Sheldon Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 McGohey, Sreven Clark Roure 4 Dox 32 Anderson, SC 29624 McGee, Sheryl Down Roure 1 Dox 45 Iva, SC 29655 McKee, Drendo Yores 112 Inman Dr. Anderson. SC 29621 McKee. Williom W Drion 112 Inman Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 McKenzie. Da wn Leanne Dox 172 AC. Anderson. SC 29621 McKinley, Horold Donald P.O. Dox 1615 Anderson. SC 29622 McLees, Horry Lee 4120 N Main Sr. Anderson, SC 29621 McLees, Tammi Gibson Roure 1 Whire Oak Anderson, SC 29621 McMohan, Lorry Wayne Roure 4 Foresr Cove Rd Anderson, SC 29624 McMahon, Corl Newron 59 Srono Dr Greenville, SC 29609 McMillan, Terrell Keirh P.O. Dox 467 Solley. SC 29137 McMillon. Mary Drudllo 105 Woody Creek Rd. Greer. SC 29651 McMurray, Virginia Anne Roure 1 Greor Foils Rd Chesrer, SC 29706 Direcrory 179 McNoir. Philip K 107 Eckerr Wolrerboro, SC 29488 McNoir, Roberr Lynne Roure 1 Dox 108 Goble. SC 29051 McRoy, Mark Carlson 315 Lynwood Rd Wolrerboro, SC 29488 Medlin, Charlene L. 206 Cricker Courr Coyce, SC 29033 Medlin, Srocey Ann Roure 7 Dox 113 C Anderson. SC 29624 Meek, Drion Joel 146 Timber Lane Aurora, OH 44202 Melvin, Deverly Rene 4353 Cheveor Dr Charlesron. SC 29405 Merrirr, Mariann Cox 622 Wesrminsrer, SC 29693 Milan, David Mark 301 Hermirage Rd Greenville, SC 29615 Miller, Julie Annerre Roure 1 Dox 372 Easley, SC 29640 Miller, Krisry Lynne P.O. Dox 567 Valhalla, SC 29691 Miller, Marion Kyle 1715 Marshall Rd Greenwood, SC 29646 Miller, Jr , Sammy Joe 554 Drootahire Dr. Columbia, SC 29210 Minrer, Gregg Howard 300 Pelham Rd Greenville, SC 29615 Mirchell, David Srephen 5120 Rainrree Lane Greenville, SC 29615 Mirchell, Gary Dennis Roure 1, Ferry Rd. Townville, SC 29689 Mirchell, Hume Lucos 15 Merimac Cr. Greenville, SC 29609 Mirchell, Lindo Speares 101 Wedgewood Dr Anderson, S C 29621 Mirchell, Thomas Michael 101 Wedgewood Dr Anderson, SC 29621 Mirchell, Terry Michael P O Dox 963 Esr Drive Anderson, S C 29624 Mizzell, Robin Joy Roure 3, Dox 4384 Sr, George, SC 29477 Mobley. Roberr Edel 896 Middleron Orangeburg, S C. 29115 Mock, James Edward Roure 3, Dox 104-Q Ridgelond, SC 29936 Monreirh, Porricia M 115 Dlue Ridge Ave. Delron, SC 29627 Moody, Ann Drogdon Roure 2, Dox 267 Honea Parh. S.C. 29654 Moore. Evelyn Coward 107 Davenporr Sr. Delron, SC 29627 Moore, Marcus Randol Roure 5 Anderson, S.C 29621 Moore, Roberr Alan 122 Dailey Sr. Anderson, SC 29621 Moore, Solly Jo Roure 12, Dox 81 J Anderson, SC 29621 Moore, Srephen T P.O. Dox 476 Delron, 5.C. 29627 Moorhead, Jeanerre M 609 Ronrowles Rd Anderson, S.C 29621 Moorhead, John Phillip Roure 2, Shady Lane Anderson, S.C. 29621 Moorhead, James R 609 Rounrowles Rd Anderson. S.C 29621 Moorhead, Sandra C. 200 Peachrree Sr Anderson. S.C 29621 Morales, Carlos Alberro 279 Oak Sr Perrh Amboy, N J 08861 Moron, Leslie Carol Rr 10 Drookhollow Rd Anderson, SC 29621 Morelond, Reno G. P O. Dox 245 Sondy Springs, S.C 29677 Morgan, Karen Smirh 1815 N. Doulevord Anderson, S.C. 29621 Morris, Catherine D. Roure 4, Dox 127 Horrwell, GA 30643 Morris. Cynrhia Leigh Roure 3 Harrwell, GA 30643 Moxley, Thomas Von P O Dox 51 Mounrain Resr. SC 19664 Mueller, Srephen Walter 116 Charlesron Sr Summerville, SC 29483 Mulligan, Halura Leigh 309 Myrrle Ave Delron. S.C. 29627 Murdock, Milford Donnie Roure 1, Troy Murdock Rd Delron, S.C 29627 Murdock, Sandra Hawkins Roure 1, Troy Murdock Rd Delron, S C. 29627 Murphy. Dovid Samuel 305 Hembree Rd Anderson, S.C 29621 Murphy, Herry Herring 305 Hembree Rd Anderson, S C 29621 Murphy, Mirchell W Roure 2 Morrin, GA 30557 Hall, Lisa Groover 500 Norrh Sr Anderson, S C 29621 Nasim. Mark Rioz 235 Dalfer Dr Greenville, S C 29615 Nass, Randy Joe 231 Sourh Doulevard Anderson, S C 29621 Neose, Connie Evelyn 4 Wardview Ave Greenville, S.C 29611 Nelson, Meredith Wood 2230 Glen Cove Lane Brookfield. VI 53005 Neuse, Michael Rherr 2703 Durson Rd Anderson, S C 29624 Nichols, Donie Dox 17, Lancosrer Rd Chesrer, S.C 29706 Nichols, Gregory Dole 503 Sycamore Dr Anderson, S C 29621 Nichols, John David 303 Srallings Rd Taylors, S.C 29687 Nicholson, Angelo Helen Roure 2, Dox 61 Wesrmmsr, SC 29693 Nicholson, James Roberr 206 Sr Andrews Rd Columbia, S C 29210 Nix, Donnie Ray Roure 6, Dox 504 Seneca, S.C 29678 Nixon. Sally Elizaberh 1016 Glendalyn Or Sparranburg, SC. 29302 Nodine, Paul Jeffrey 33 H Tanglewood Aprs. Anderson, SC 29621 Norris, Frank Anderson Jr. Roure 13. Dox 71 Anderson, S.C 29624 Noyes, Nancy Ann 604 Holly Hill Anderson. SC 29621 Nuckolls, Alice E 103 Aldridge Dr Greenville, S C. 29607 O ' Drien, Kevin David 402 Tiffany Dr Anderson, S.C 29621 O ' Donnell, Jonice L. 400 Holly Creek Dr Anderson, S C 29621 O ' Reilly. Knsren Elizaberh 47 Angus Troil Arlonra, GA 30328 Obeck, John Mark 2725 N E 34rh Sr Fr Louderdole. FL 33060 Oliver, William Keirh 2125 Hayes Dr Rock Hill, S C 29730 Omogun, Pedro 12 C Foirview Gardens Anderson. S.C 29621 Orders, Lou Nell 209 Hillbrook Dr Sparranburg, S.C 29302 Orr, John Timorhy Roure 4, Dox 454 Easley. S C 29640 Orirz. Carlos 118 Parkdale Dr Greenville. S C 29611 Osborne. Michele Ann 101 Locusr Sr Harrwell, GA 30643 Osborne. Michael Lee 101 Locusr Sr, Harrwell, GA 30643 Osmenr. Timorhy Allen 706 Thompson Sr Gaffney. S C 29340 Owens, Marrha Cara Roure 8, Cherry Lane Greer, S C 29651 Owens, Porrick Alfred Roure 2, Dox 471 Darnwell, S C 29812 Owens, Pomelo Eugenio 118 Drenrwood Or Anderson, SC 29621 Owens, Paula Kay Roure 2, McMahan Rd Piedmonr, S C 29673 Owings, Laura Lynn 104 Foxrrail Laurens, S.C. 29360 Pack, Deverly S Roure 1, Dox 25 Williamsron. S.C 29697 Padgerr, David Glenn Roure 1, Dox 480 Iva, S C 29655 Padgerr, Gina Anne P O Dox 246 Johnsron, S C 29632 Page, Rhonda E 108 Gail Dr Mouldin, S.C. 29662 Palmer, James Kennerh Roure 12, Dox 102 Anderson, S C 29621 Parker, Rabon Arrhur Roure 1, Dox 254 Cades, S C. 29618 Porler, Ann Elizaberh P O Dox 306 Elloree. S.C 29047 Parnell, Ann J Roure 2. Dox 111 Iva, S C 29655 Parsick, Joy Scorr 135 Holly Gr Lyman, SC 29365 Pare, Wanda Diane 2305 So McDuffie St 8-4 Anderson, S.C 29624 Parrerson, Nancy Leigh 304 Meadow Park Dr Anderson, SC 29621 Parrerson, Timorhy Wade 2704 Lane Avenue Anderson, S C 29621 Parron, Jusrine V Roure 2, Secession Abbeville, S C 29620 Payne, Parncia A Roure 2 Harrwell. GA 30643 Peocher, Roxonna Poige 27 Kingsron Rd Hilron Head, S C 29928 Pearson, Daniel Lynn 2444 Elmwood Or. Smyrna. GA 30060 Peebles. Debro M. P O Dox 277 Sandy Springs, S C 29677 Pender, Presron Porron 407 Smnh Marker Rd Columbia. S C 29210 Penland. Edword Daron 114 Trafalgar Rd Greenville. SC 29609 Penninger. Parnaa S 122 Twin Lakes Anderson. S C 29621 Perry, Andrew Timorhy 9 Devon Springs Rd 8220 Devonshire, Dermudo Perry, Paul D P.O Dox 1291 Anderson, SC 29622 Phillips, Conrod Kennerh 110 Pope Dr Delron, S C 29627 Phillips. Daniel Fowler 1611 Wade Hampron Dlvd Greenville, S.C 29609 Phillips, Joseph Darry 9 Merchonr Sr Greeenville, S.C 29611 Phillips, James Fuller 301 Galphin Dr Greenville, S.C 29809 Phillips, Jerry Rondoll P O Dox 202 Pelzer, SC 29669 Pirr, Dono Corherine 604 Concord Ave Anderson, S .C. 29621 Pirrman, Lisa Roure 2 Harrwell. GA 30643 Pirrman, Scorr Alan 310 Farmingron Rd. Greenville, S.C 29605 Pirrs, David Larry P O Dox 353 Due Wesr, S C. 29639 Plokas. Nick Sreve 2 Oriole Sr Greenville. S.C 29609 Poe, John C 1607 Dorrerr Sr Camden, S C 29020 Poole. Julie Rebecco 206 Phillips Lane Greenville. SC 29605 Poole. Morrha G 2101 Doulevard Heighrs Anderson. S.C 29621 Poore. Nancy Marie 218 Edgewood Dr Mauldin. S.C. 29662 Posey. Rebecco Ann Roure 3. Dox 62 Gaffney, S C. 29340 Porrs, Selmo Yverre 109 McGee Sr Forr Mill. S C 29715 Powell. Kimberly C P O Dox 204 Pickens. S C. 29671 Powell. Karherine Elizoberh 104 Norrh Prevosr Sr Anderson. SC 29621 Power, Karen Lee P O Dox 207 Tigerville, S.C 29688 Powers. Jack Swain 2221 Cherry Sr Georgerown, S C 29440 Prarer. Nancy Paige Roure 2 Townville, S C 29689 Price, Rebecco C Roure 2, Dox 189 A Quincy. FL 32351 Prince. Ann Rogers 103 Concord Gr Anderson. SC 29621 Pruirr. Dryan Douglas PO Dox 56 Willisron. S C 29853 Pruirr, Gayle Morrin Rr 4, Dox 231 Delron, S.C 29627 Pruirr, .Liso Annerre Roure 13. Allison Park Anderson, S.C 29624 Direcrory 180 Purmon, James M 6 Easr Chaucer Rd Greenville. S C 29609 Quarles. Hazell 316 Hillcresr Ave Anderson, S C 29621 Quesenberry, Toni Carol Roure 5, Box 066 A Sporranburg, SC 29301 Rabon, Robin Renee 404 Ptneview Dr Goose Creek, 5 C 29445 Rafrokis, Joanne 2520 Lindale Rd P O Box 903 Anderson, SC 29622 Roiney. Thomas Clay Roure 1 Harnerr Circle Anderson, SC 29621 Ramey, Dennis Gregory Roure 14, Box 371R Anderson, S C 29621 Rawls, Carol Ann PO Box 11 Wegener, S C 29164 Raymond. Robin Ashley 2102 McDowell Sr Augusra, GA 30904 Reece, Charlie Ernesr Roure 3, Box 502 Easley, SC 29640 Reece, Karen Ann 21 Carolina Ave Greenville. SC 29607 Reece, Kerry Lewis 21 Carolina Ave Greenville, S C 29607 Reeves, Sheryl Yverre 108 Avery Sr Greenville, S C 29611 Reid. Roberr Edward PO Box 1115 Piedmonr, S C 29673 Rhea, Dorie Porrice 1170 Norrh Boulevard N Charlesron, S C 29406 Rhode, Lisa Faye 937 B Harbor View Rd Charlesron. S C 29412 Rhoden, Allison June 8 Bridgewarer Dr Greenville, S C 29615 Rhodes, April Michele 14 Durham Dr Williamsron, S C 29697 Rhodes, Krisry Goil P O Box 323 Walhalla, SC 29691 Richards, Angela Renee 106 Bndgeworer Easley, SC 29640 Richardson. Mary Elizaberh P O Box 205 Conway. S C 29526 Richordson, Pomelo Denise PO Box 15 Iva, S C 29655 Richordson, Sylvia 501 Ronrowles Rd. Anderson, S C 29621 Richordson, Sheryl J 501 Ranrowles Rd. Anderson, S C 29621 Richordson, William Keirh Skylond Dr Clinron. S C 29325 Richburg. Rodney Ray P O Box 133 Alcolu, S C 29001 Riddle. Jonorhon Reed Roure 1. Box 92 Williomsron. S C 29697 Ridgewoy, Bobby Ray P O Box 286 Donalds. S C 29638 Riley, James Srephen Roure 2, Box 322 A Clinron. S C 29325 Ripley, Sylvia Sharpe 111 Pine Foresr Dr Anderson, S C 29621 Roach, Michael Clay 2410 Mosswood Florence, S C 29501 Rooch, Pamela Jean Roure 3 Hodges Mill Rd Horrwell, GA 30643 Roberson, Alvm Porrick 113 Nelson Or Manning, S C 29102 Roberrs, Janer Lynn Roure 14 Keysrone Dr Anderson, S C 29621 Roberrs. Terry Lee A 1942 Decker Boulevard ColumbiGH-SC 29206 Roberrs. Theresa V. Rr 4, Box 165 Anderso.n, S C 29624 Roberrs. William Keirh 2517 McKmley Dr Anderson, SC 29621 Robinson, Evo Louise 202 Blossom Dr Greenville, S C 29605 Robinson, Jerry L 419 C Easr Howell Sr Harrwell. GA 30643 Robinson, Ken Brown 1510 Ridge Rd Horrwell, GA 30643 Robinson, Michael Scorr 301 Myrrle Ave Belron. S C 29627 Rogers, Benjamin G 108 Cresrview Or Greer, S C 29651 Rogers, Carhenne Anne 602 Sherry Dr Anderson, SC 29621 Rogers, Roberr Earl 102 Pickens Sr Easley, S C 29640 Roland, Christopher S 1715 Deerwood Rd. Augusra, GA 30906 Rose, Virginia V 822 Dill ' s Bluff Rd Charlesron, S C 29412 Rosier, E Pandoria 19 Monroe Sr Greenville. S C 29601 Rossi. Roberr John 2212 Edgefield Rd Sparranburgs, SC 29302 Rowland. Vance O ' Brien P O Box 744 Anderson, SC 29622 Rucker, Jason Edward Roure 2 Box 1400 Belron, SO 29627 Russell, William Crews 519 Wembley Rd Greenville. S C 29607 Soari, Lisa Ann 1172 Winborn Dr Charlesron, SO 29412 Sachs, Berh Myrrle 11 Inler Oaks Village Murrells Inler, SC 29576 Sakoi. Shunichi 5 Venus Sr., Melrose Johannesburg, RSA Sams, Jeffrey Thomos 2701 Leconre Rd Anderson, SC 29621 Sams. Jeffrey Thomas 2701 Leconre Rd Anderson, SC 29621 Sonders, Patricia Harp Roure 14, Box 45 Anderson, S C 29621 Sanders, Willis Todd 113 Henry Ave Anderson, SC 29621 Sonders, John Wesley Jr 102 Hillcresr Cir Anderson, SC 29621 Sands, Andrew Hunrer 226 Moulme Sguare Anderson, S C 29621 Sarrerfield, Kimberly Reno Highway 14 Pelham, SC 29651 Sarrerfield, Sydney Hilron 28 Engel Dr Greenville. SC 29609 Souls, Roderick Bowen 8 Shernff Ave Honea Porh, 5 C 29654 Soyer, Colin 602 Concord Ave Anderson, S C 29621 Sayer, Lynda Marlene 602 Concord Ave Anderson, S C 29621 Soylors, Tracy Suzonne Roure 7, Box 243 Anderson, S C 29624 Saylors, Tracy Suzanne Roure 7, Box 243 Anderson, S C 29624 Schaner, Dennis Jon Roure 7, Box 96 C Anderson. S C 29624 Schuh, Ladonna C 1032 62nd Cr . N E Solem, OR 97301 Scorr, Debro Carol Roure 2, Macedco Rd Woodruff, S C 29388 Scorr, Joe Norhon Roure 13. Box 155 B Anderson, S C 29624 Scorr, Laurie Dale 206 Wisewood Or Greenwood, SO 29646 Scorr, Virginia E 1610 Meadowbrook Cir. Anderson, SO 29621 Seors. Barbara Ann Roure 5, Box 312 Anderson. S C 29621 Sears. Michael Ray 302 Jasmin Dr Anderson, SC 29624 Seors, Pornoa Joon Roure 2 Belron. SO 29627 Seegor, Hannah J 1001 Canterbury Rd Anderson. SO 29621 Sellars, Mornn William 212 Cresrview Dr Goffney. SO 29340 Sexron, John Kevin Roure 4. Box 605 Easley, S C 29640 Sexron, Kimberly Dawn Roure 2. Box 316 Blacksburg, SC 29702 Shofr, Charles Ervin 2 Freeman Dr Piedmonr, S C 29673 Shorpe, Karen Sue 1324 Eosr Calhoun Sr Anderson, SC 29621 Sharrerr, Kevin Eugene 111 Poinrer Dr Summerville, S C 29483 Show, Darrell Hiorr Roure 1, Box 200-F Williamsron. SC 29697 Show, Douglas M 3088 Ocravia Place Doraville, GA 30340 Shaw, Laura Jo Roure 2 Srarr, S C 29684 Show, Ronald Roy 50 Lyons Sr Anderson, SC 29624 Sheoly, Clarence A. 2200 Glenn Sr Newberry. SC 29108 Sheriff, Donno Lynn Roure 1 Bowersville, GA 30516 Shieh. Yun Sharon 30 Lirrle John Aprs Clemson, S C 29631 Shreckengasr, Down Renee 320 Thyme Sr Sarellire Oeoch, FL 32937 Schuler, Charles Vernon P O Box 1107 Holly Hill, S C 19059 Simmons, Cynrhia D PO Box 1081 Anderson, S C 29621 Simmons, Dororhy E 211 Bedford Foresr Anderson, S C 29621 Simmons, Worren L. 2105 Lynn Ave Anderson, SC 29621 Sims, Shoron Lynn Roure 1 Pelzer, SC 29669 Smgleron, Quawn Denise 137 Glenn Road Greenville. SC 29607 Sisk. Derrick Andrew 22 Sreeplechase Dolzell, SC 29040 Sisk, Melvin Roberr 4019 A Crescenr Courr Shaw A F B, SC 29152 Sirron, Deborah Denise 7 Courr Plazo Aprs Greenville, SC 29601 Skelron, Cynrhio Ann 1706 Whirehall Road Anderson, SC 29621 Skelron, Tracy Elaine Roure 4 Harrwell. GA 30643 Skinner. Sidney Ross 217 Hamilron Srreer Williamsron. SC 29697 Sloan, Gregory Poyne 121 Rollingwood Drive Lexingron. SC 29072 Smirh, Alice Laura Roure 3 Box 481 C Eosley, SC 29640 Smirh, Byrd Eric 101 Byrd Ln Anderson. SC 29621 Smirh, Clark Perry 1263 Forr Dr Honahan, SC 29406 Smirh, Down Celesre Le Choreau Aprs , 2 H Anderson, SC 29621 Smirh, Don Harvey Roure 1. Concord Rd Anderson, SC 29621 Smirh, Eric Scorr 100 Enchonred Circle Greenville. SC 29611 Smirh. F Gregory Roure 1, Box 258 Elloree. SC 29047 Smirh, Gregory Don 825 Sharonwood Dr Anderson. SC 29621 Smirh, Hugh Boyd 1604 Parkview Cr Newberry. SC 29108 Smirh. James Andrew Roure 4 Box 37 A York. SC 29745 Smirh, Kennirh Evans 302 BrooWoresr Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 Smirh. Louise C 900 Moorheod Dr Anderson, SC 29621 Smirh, Liso Dawn 229 Elaine Ave Toylors. SC 29687 Smirh, Liso Marie 2494 Visrovia Rd Charlesron. SC 29405 Smirh, Melinda Kelli 131 Vivion Dr. Aiken. SC 29801 Smirh. Mosheilo Nell Srar Roure Wesrminsrer, SC 29693 Smrih. Robin Michelle P O Box 6 Perry. SC 29124 Smirh. Srephen Claude Roure 3 Box 173 Piedmonr. SC 29673 Smirh, Suson Jeanerre 2 Carriage Dr Greer. SC 29651 Smirh, Suson Joon 306 E Celesriol Dr Greer, SC 29651 Smirh, Thomos Byron 101 Byrd Ln Anderson, SC 29621 Smirh, III Joseph Elihu Roure 3 Box 250 Ridgelond. SC 29936 Snipes, Terri Lee Roure 5, Box 203 Anderson, SC 29621 Snype. Myron 21 Hilda Sr Chorlesron, SC 29405 Solesbee, Leonard Lane 101 Isaqueena Drive Greer, SC 29651 Sorrow. Jr.. James Michael 305 Clark Srreom Drive Anderson. SC 29621 Direcrory 181 Sourhard, Anrhony Alan 305 Perry Srreer Abbeville, SC 29620 Spearman, Rochel Elizaberh 122 Churchill Avenue Greer. SC 29651 Speed, Audrey Karrina Roure 1 Dox 150 D Abbeville, SC 29620 Spellmon, David E Roure 11 Dox 444 Anderson, SC 19621 Spencer, Duane Eddie P.O Dox 457 Foresr Drive Williamsron. SC 29697 Srondeffer, Mary Hill 2010 Millgore Rd Anderson. SC 29621 Sronley, Noralie Grace 224 Hearher Dr Cenrral SC 29630 Sranron, Roberr Allen 200 Tyson Avenue Dennerrsville, SC 29512 Srosney, Srephanie Down Roure 14 Holly Gr Greenville, SC 29607 Srephens. Thomas C Horseshoe Ln Clinron. SC 29325 Srephens, Tincie M. Roure 2. Dox 107 Timmonsville, SC 29161 Srevens, Liso Heller 1804 Chandler Ave Timmonsville, SC 29161 Srevenson, Tara Lan Roure 14, Dox 305 Anderson, SC 29621 Srewarr, Druce Rogers 2067 Pomserr Drive Rock Hill. SC 29730 Srezin, Amy Jo Roure 2. Dox 817 Iva, SC 29655 Srone, Miriam George Alberr Lake Road Anderson, SC 29624 Srone, Robin Ann P O Dox 155 Hemingway, SC 29554 Story, Deborah Lynn 310 Clarke Srream Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Srowe, Delennon James 100 Lullwarer Parkway Anderson, SC 29621 Srricklond, Julie Ann Roure 14 D ox 406 Anderson, SC 29621 Sruarr, Doris W 2302 Lone Ave Anderson, SC 29621 Srurgeon, Chrisropher A Roure 3 Dox 211 Dorlingron, SC 29332 Suber, Laura Leigh 1202 Dunvegon Road Florence: SC 29501 Suirer, Dovid Mthael 306 Drown Road Anderson. SC 29621 Sullens, Dorry Joe Roure 2 Dox 225 Williamsron, SC 29697 ' ' Summers, Donold Lovern Roure 2 Dox 506 Seneca, SC 29678 Summers, Hester Clare P O Dox 325 Cameron. SC 29030 Surrorr, Elizabeth Ann 2306 Eden Terrace Exr Rock Hill, SC 29730 Surcliffe, Lorinzo W 535 Shadowbrook Drive Columbia. SC 29210 Surherlond, Maria Jane 116 Whirren Rd Pelzer. SC 29669 Surrle. Patrick Firz 510 Culberson Ave Lofoyetre, GA 30728 Swerenburg. Julius A 931 Nornngham Rd Clinron, SC 29325 Swinson, Lon Denise 4651 Sovage Hills Dr Macon, GA 31210 Tolberr, Edgar Lelond 205 Robin Dr Anderson. SC 29621 Tonner, Carhetine F 1127 Arrhur Dr Charlesron, SC 29412 Tapp, Kevin Joe 624 Shorondale Cr Sparranburg, SC 29303 Tapp. Laura Edna Roure 1 Roebuck. SC 29376 Toylor, Clegg Frank 204 Swansea Rd Sparronbutg. SC 29302 Taylor, Charles T P.O Dox 2761 Anderson, SC 29622 Toylor, Thomas Russell 817 Kingsbridge Rd. Columbia. SC 29210 Tennyson, Louro Diane 1225 Twin Lakes Rd Rock Hill, SC 29730 Thomas, Debro Smrih 1809 D Edgewood Ave Anderson, SC 29621 Thomas, Sracey Jayne Roure 5 Dox 622 Easley, SC 29640 Thompson, Eric Shawn Roure 4 Delron, SC 29627 Thompson, Sotoh Lee 903 S oufh Washington Ave Greenville, SC 29611 Thompson, Toni Ann , 14-1 Foirview Gardens Anderson, SC 29621 Thompson, Tracy Dawna Roure 3 Dox 776 Piedmont, SC 29673 Thompson, Virgil C 305 Eunice Drive Greenville, SC 29611 Thorne, Melanie Roure 14, Dox 482 Anderson, SC 29621 Thieort, Kevin Moxie 1433 Cardinal Drive West Columbia, SC 29169 Tinsley, Gwendolyn D 1002 Pinectofr Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Tinsley, Rebecco Lynn Dox 181 C Roure 7 Anderson, SC 29624 Todd, Tyree Lee Roure 12 Woodhaven Drive Greenville, SC 29609 Townsend, Jill Files Rr 7 Horhawoy Circle Greenville, SC 29609 Trovis, James Daniel 19 Saluda Lake Circle Greenville, SC 29611 Tnbble, Glynerre Roure 3, Dox 314 Seneco, SC 29678 Tnbble, Jons Lynn 613 Holly Hill Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Tnbble, Lynerre Route 3. Dox 314 Seneca. SC 29678 Trulock. Perer Heorsr 426 Vonderbilr Road Asheville, NC 28813 Turner, Julie Ann 204 Chipley Lone Greenville, SC 29605 Turner, Jeffrey Wayne P O Dox 561 Pickens, SC 29671 Turner, Melissa Lane Roure 2, Dox 378 Wesrminisrer. SC 29693 Turpen, Kimberly D 209 Towhee Trail Anderson, SC 29621 Turrle, Charles David 242 Rodborough Rood Columbia, SC 29210 Ulmer, Elizabeth H P O Dox 484 Varnville, SC 29944 Ulmer, MoryKay P O Dox 6 Elloree, SC 29047 Ulmer, Timorhy Worren Roure 2, Dox 845 Orangeburg. SC 29115 Vassor, Peggy Ann 127 Norrh Srreer Anderson, SC 29621 Voughan, Jeffrey Glenn 301 Williamsburg Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Voughon, Philip Scorr 321 Ponce De Leon Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Voughon, Tommy Chorlene Roure 2, Dox 344 Srarr, SC 29684 Vaughon, Timorhy M Roure 1, Dox 675 Srorr, SC 29684 Vaughan, William Dryan Roure 1, Highway 81 Norrh Anderson, SC 29621 Vaughan, William Scorr RT 5 DX 26 Gasron Drive Travelers Resr, SC 29690 Veirio, Gloria Louise 509 Transconrmenrol M3 Metoine. LA 70001 Vermillion, Susan Juanira Roure 1, Dox 971 Srarr, SC 29684 Vickery, Deverly Dione 903 Nancy Drive Harrwell, GA 30643 Wade, Deverly Ann Roure 5 Pickens, SC 29671 Walker, Andra Sue 208 Hobson Road Anderson. SC 29621 Walker, Cynrhio Anne 312 Hampron Avenue Honeo Porh, SC 29654 Walker, Cynrhia Lynn Roure 1, Dox 373 Wesrminister. SC 29693 Walker, Gregory Ken Roure 7, Dox 517 Anderson, SC 29624 Walker. Jomes Gregory 108 Wildwood Drive Walrerboto. SC 29588 Walker. John Paul Dox 157 Srarr. SC 29684 Walker, Kimberly Sue Roure 7. Dox 517 Anderson, SC 29624 Walker, Marilyn L RT 7 Dox 181 C Anderson, SC 29624 Wallace, Carman Leray 852-21ST, N E . 7 Washingron DC 20002 Wollenius. Susan Rae Roure 2. Dox 423 Seneca, SC 29678 Walls, Suson Renee 211 Fallstaff Srreer Anderson, SC 29621 Walrers, Kevin Dan 306 Meadow Park Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Walrers, Teresa Corradi 306 Meadow Park Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Woshmgron, Lisa Yverre 1903 Hackermann Avenue Charlesron Hgt, SC 29405 Waters. Drad Carlson 2167 Columbia Road Orangeburg, SC 29115 Warers, Jomes Dovid Roure 2 Delron, SC 29627 Workins, Lyle Kelley 201 Cedar Lone Clemson, SC 29631 Watson, Deanna Joyce Roure 2, Amberwood Road Pickens, SC 29671 Warson, James Caddell Roure 3, Dox 616 Piedmonr, SC 29673 Warson, Tandi Raye 529 Gary Srreer Clinron, SC 29325 Way, Ronold MC P O Dox 304 Summerron. SC 29148 Weaver, Rodney Carrer P O Dox O Georgerown, SC 29440 Webb, Pansy H Roure 14, Dox 383 Anderson, SC 29621 Webb, Russell Lawrence Roure 14, Dox 383 Anderson, SC 29621 Webb, Vincenr F 213 Johnson Srreet Anderson, SC 28621 Welborn, Frances T. Route 1 Pickens Drive Pendleron, SC 29670 Welborn, Gregory Curtis 9 Sunderland Court Greenville, SC 29611 ■ Wells, Pamela Dawn 10 Terramonr Drive Greenville, SC 29615 Welsh, Wolrer Jenning Roure 1 Dox 438 Iva, SC 29655 Wesley, Kelly 307 Tanglewood Drive Anderson, SC 29621 West, Dilly Ray Route 10, Dox 127 Anderson, SC 29621 Westmoreland, Jo Anne 400 Foirhaven Drive Toylor, SC 29687 Wharley, Laurie Leigh Terrace Dr , PO Dox 1893 Anderson, SC 29621 Wheeler, Genene Roure 1, Dox 126 Olonra, SC 29114 Whiraker, Susan Michelle 1008 Ashley Road Savannah. GA 31410 Whire, Cloy Johnson 318 Corning Srreer Anderson. SC 29624 Whire. Dovid C PO Dox 5153 Hilton Head Island. SC 29928 Whire, Nancy Jean 511 Smirh Srreet Anderson, SC 29621 Whire, Srephen D 10253 Seville Drive Richmond, VA 23235 Whire, Valerie Down Costoror Creek Road Sunser, SC 29685 Whirraker, Korhenne Ann 118 Fairfield Drive Mauldin, SC 29662 Whirworrh, Randy Dean Roure 1 Pickens, SC 29671 Wiley, Lulo Deneen Roure 3 Anderson. SC 29621 Wilkinson. Sholey Diol Roure 2, Wesrmmisrer Dr Pendleron. SC 29670 Willord, Paul Edward Roure 2 Dox 369 N Myrrle Deach, SC 29582 Williams. Annie Faye RT D, 641 A Lone Oak Rd Anderson, SC 29621 Williams, Jeannie L Roure 9, Dox 83 Lancaster, SC 29720 Williams, Jeanne V Roure 10. Drookhollow Rd Anderson. SC 29621 Williams. Millard Roure 3. Dox 543 Stotesboro. GA 30458 Williams, Melanie Mane 325 Mealing Rood Norrh Augusra. SC 29841 Willis. Richord Kevin 1167 Arbor Circle Orange Park. FL 32073 Willoughby. April Lynn RT 2 Horron Road Pendleron. SC 29670 Directory 182 Wilson, Cindy Deno Roure 1, Dox 093 Delron, SC 29627 Wilson, Cynrhio M 400 Hillside Drive Anderson, SC 29621 Wilson, John Joe 320 Old Georgetown Rood Manning, SC 29102 Wilson, Karhy Mane Roure 1. Dox 498 Cenrral. S.C 29630 Wilson, Kyle Morrin Roure 1 Williamsron, SC 29697 Wilson, Linda Roberrs PO Dox 164 Williamsron, SC 29697 Wilson, Mark Kendal Roure 1 Delron. S C 29627 Wilson, Misry Sue 128 Dellview Dr Taylors, S C 29687 Wilson, Philip Ray Roure 3 Horrwell, GA 30643 Wilson, Sandra Ann 1004 Sourh McDuffie Sr Anderson, SC 29621 Wilson, Stephen Jordan 2401 Greenfield Dr Anderson, S C 29621 Wilson, Teresa Marlene Roure 14, Dox 436 Anderson, S C 29621 Wilson, William Black IV 1838 Carriage Gr Arlington, TX 76011 Wimmer, Mary Elizabeth 46 Ptnecresr Ave Great Falls, S C 29055 Wims. Shaton Louise Route 2, Box 325 Abbeville, SC 29620 Winesett, Patiroa Jo 1011 Evans Rd Marion, SC 29571 Wingard, Emilia Grace Roure 3, Dox 160 Fort Mill, SC 29715 Wohlford. Randall Clayron 406 Woodfern Gr Anderson. S C 29621 Wolff, Dovid Stephen Route 6, Box 186 Gaffney, SC 29340 Woodyord, Cynrhio Dru Apr C Old Creed Aprs Camden, SC 29020 Worley. Lindo Joyce Roure 4, Box 304 Elberron, GA 30635 Wright, Horry Bernard Rr 11, Box 129 Anderson, S C 29621 Wright, J Steven Route 7, Box 208 Gainesville, GA 30506 Wyatt, James R 200 Kings Rd Anderson, SC 29621 Wyhe, Jeffrey Scott 616 Carolina Ave Greenville. SC 29607 Wynn, Karen Leigh 54 Bndgeview Condos Greenville. S C 29611 Yares, Hoyr Kenneth Roure 1, Dox 474 Turbeville, S C 29162 Yeoger. Michael Joseph Roure 2, Dox 306 Townville, S C 29689 York, Camilla Andrew 806 S McDuffie Sr Anderson, SC 29621 Young. Georgia Dee 105 E, Calhoun Sr Clinton, S C 29325 Young, Lillie Ruth 43 A Fieldcresr V Greenville, SC 29607 Yeung, Ronald Keirh 602 Sherwood Ave Honea Parh, S C 29654 Young, Thomasena P. Roure 9, Dox 254 Anderson, S C 29624 Zobriskie, Miguel Dovid 10 Ashburn Place Foir Lawn, N J 07410 Zeigler, Eugene Poole 570 Wells Dr Orangeburg, S.C 29115 ' Zimmerman, Tara Dawn 1313 Murraywood Courr Columbia, SC 29210 Zwicky, Alison Cole 102 Pine Tree Lane Anderson, SC 29621 Direcrory 183 tBMHfsft Each school year presenrs o challenge ro every srudenr This year was especlall challenging ro me I was presenred wirh rhe offer ro be rhe Columns ediror lasr sprinc and I saw ir as an opporruniry of preserving rhe memories of AC — nor for my benef alone, bur for everyone. Purring rogerher an annual is no easy rask There are always lasr minure problerr rhor hide unril rhe day before rhe deadline As a marrer of facr, we seemed ro alwo run inro rrouble wirh rhis yearbook For a while rhe book hod been cur our of rh budger Ar rhe lasr minure, a way was found ro save our yearbook. I hope you ' ll fin rhar ir was worrh ir. Anderson College has been a very imporronr parr of my life When I came here, was very nervous abour srarring ro school away from home. As I became adjusred r rhe campus and rhe people, I found rhar I had rruly found a home-away-from-home The friends I have made in rhe rwo years rhar I have been here will be friends forevei They will always have a very special place in my hearr. My life was changed here grew up spinrually, emorionally, and physically Well, I rake rhor back. I don ' r rhink I ever reach any higher rhan 5 ' 1 I wanr ro rhank each of you for being a parr of my life while here ar AC; and rhroug rhis annual I hope rhor I can give each of you a parr of my love and enjoymenr of AC Everyone ' s memories connor be caprured in one book, bur I rruly hope rhar some where in rhis book you can find somerhing rhar brings back fond memories of AC. Go ' bless each of you wirh love and kindness 1 Wirh love ro my friends ar AC, Donna Kirrrell Columns Ediror Wm BBm w 1 I! ;,; " ' -- " " i Uul - - yL SasfiHE Ml » N saas JRBKi Lv tm

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