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COLUMNS ANDERSON COLLEGE ANDERSON, S.C, 29621 VOLUME 59 Editor — Mark Willis Assistant Editor — Chuck Lawrence jjfc Advisor — Lawrence Webb Title Page 1 Southern Hospitality Felt On Campus The names, faces, and classes change. The primary purpose of An- derson remains constant and un- changing: to provide the student with Christian higher education and Chris- tian love and concern. The Christian love and concern is found in the facul- ty, staff, and students. Concern not found on many Southern campuses can always be found at Anderson. True or false, are Libbie, Sharon, Lori, and An gie having fun? It is not a frog It is not a raindrop It is Russel 2 Theme Development Jan gives the Southern belle smile. Yello! — Yes! M-M-M- Bye! Study Break! Many internal changes take place along with external changes. Students are faced with internal changes of atti- tudes, values, and career decisions. Changes that mean transitions to a new phase of personal awareness. If one is fortunate, he begins to branch out in an effort to express himself. Although these changes are difficult, overcoming the frustrations and set- backs provides individuals with inner strengths and satisfaction of achieve- ment and accomplishment. Growth occurs as much in failure as in suc- cess. Steve hits the books and the books are winning. Theme Development 3 Southern Seasons Sensed At A.C. Changes occur as frequently as seasons. The Southern seasons truly find their home on the campus. Spring brings open house and a chance for interested high school stu- dents to visit Anderson ' s campus. Summer arrives and orientation allows upcoming freshmen an opportunity to meet faculty, administration, and staff. Freshmen be- come aquainted with the campus. Even amidst all the placement tests and lectures there is time to meet new people. Many of the friendships established continue throughout the year. Fall comes and stu- dents ' thoughts turn toward school. Sud- denly the day arrives and boxes are loaded and carried. Registration adds to the confu- sion. Winter brings thoughts of Christmas break and thoughts of spring which is just around the corner. The president ' s home is open to students. A true Southern scene The First Baptist Church is where many students worship on Sundays. ?: 5Jj 551 HI SAll 1 1 ' J P .rfjj Ill JL ■i n — -Ji. i People Helping People From season to season, Anderson changes. The students, however, benefit. Interpreting, understand- ing, and accepting the diverse peo- ple, ideas, and opportunities creates a sense of unity. Students learn to see people as individuals, not groups. Students learn to accept others ' ideas for their own growth. Lastly, students become aware of the many opportunities that An- derson offers. Anderson College suddenly be- comes a vibrant, new community of students, changing, growing, and working together toward the realization of goals, inner thoughts, and possibilities for the future. Sonya, Mark, and Lisa are found helping each other with their homework. Gina and Priscilla have a quick chat before class. Cathi and Susan are seen sharing a meal at Country Aire. Cathy needs help in carrying her laun.iiy Theme Development 5 Training is every- thing. The peach was once a bitter al- mond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college edu- cation. Mark Twain, Pudd ' nhead — Wilson ' s Calender C O tn r 1 m Another Year Begins The year began as many years do. Students from all over con- vened on the campus in late Au- gust. For returning sophomores this was a great reunion. Freshmen sought out familiar faces from home and friendly new ones. Par- ents helped unpack boxes, bags, and suitcases by the scores. This tiring day was followed by Moms and dads were a big help to students moving in. the most frustrating day of all. Registration meant long lines, classes closing at the last moment, and making out many possible schedules. Suddenly, you realize that all your classes meet at the same time. This makes the first few days of college life nearly impossi- ble. Moving in requires a lot of trips up and down the stairs. Robin just loves her ironing board. My baseball hat, my t.v., and thou. 8 Registration S MINISTRIES Ri | istration 9 Dorm Life — One Happy Family Life in the forms often involves bit- ter sweet moments. Moving away from home and learning to do your laundry for the first time is scary. The closeness and bond of friendship one makes with roommate enables one to get through the rough times. Al- though in the student ' s life, many ad- justments take place, dorm life and learning to get along and communi- cate become one of the most impor- tant. A typical dorm life. Commuters Commuters often find it hard to secure parking spaces for the day, but somehow they attend classes. They commute for various reasons from various cities and towns in the area. Clemson and Belton run a close second to the hometown of Anderson as homes for the commuters. Many commuters have friends on campus and are able to rest or study in their rooms. Many commuters become actively involved in organizations on campus. Bill and Sharon take a break in the commuter lounge. fc. 10 Campus Life Saturday Afternoon Barbecue C ' arla, Dana, Lori, and Joan say cheezee Andra, Gina, and Ashely pig out . Dr. Talmadge and Dean Franklin discuss the firsl week ' s activities Picnic 11 Southern Life Sensed At President ' s Reception Anderson College students were greet- ed by Dr. Mark Hopkins and his wife on August 27 as he welcomed them to the Presidents Reception. This year the re- ception was held on the front lawn. Ta- ble after table was filled with cakes, cookies, and ice cream. The reception served its purpose, allowing freshmen to meet their future teachers and sopho- mores to get reacquainted. This is one of the experiences in which students have felt true Southern hospitality. Paulette and Sarge greet Dr. and Mrs. Hopkins. President Hopkins tells Pat and Sharon to look at the birdie. The mens tennis team gives President Hopkins a winning smile. 12 President Reception idem s Re eption i I What ' s For Lunch? Another one of AC s famous meals. We want you in the AC. cafeteria!! Joan says, Gag me with a spoon! A R A food system brings meals to the students. Definitely not mom ' s homecooking, this provides students with another adjustment. Many changes have happened in the cafeteria this year. The salad bar has been enlarged and a vegetable bar has been added. All has been done to provide a greater assortment of food. 14 Cafeteria Studying, What Is That? Sarah, What do you think you are doing? Studying? It looks as if Myron and Sharon are giving up. Don ' t jump ' ! Dianne and Jim finally start their studying. Students soon learn that it is difficult to study in their rooms. But it is some- thing that has to be done. Finding a place to study is often hard. Many students are often forced to study in the library. Some find the front lawn swings the place, or even find solitude on the second and third floors of Merritt Administration Building. Take your pick. Studying IS Weekends — Where Does Everybody Go? Terric and Delia like going to see T L. Hanna play football. When summer comes many students enjoy Lake Hartwell. For those few brave students who stay on campus on the weekends, a variety of activities is offered. Many students choose to go to Clem- son. The hot spots include Bollwinkles and the Corporation. Some students, however, choose to study. Often a late night run to Hardee ' s or Pizza Hut aids the lonely weekender at AC. For students looking for a quiet week- end, AC becomes just that . . . quiet. 16 Weekends New Fine Arts Center Goes Under Construction Construction of the new Anderson College Fine Arts Center, due to be completed in the fall of 1983, is the realization of a dream. Phase I, the chapel-auditorium, will contain an 1100-seat auditorium, an art gallery, and a special conference room. Phase II will include a 250-seat recital hall, 10 classrooms, music prac- tice rooms, faculty studios, a choral practice room, an instrumental recital hall, a recording library and a piano laboratory. The Fine Arts Center will meet many needs of the students and the community as well. NE ARTS CENTER - ANDERSON FANT S FANT ARCHITECTS COLLEGE The completed Fine Arts Center will be a sight to see in November of 1983. President Hopkins addresses the crowd at the Fine Arts Center ground breaking ceremonies. All together now heave-ho!!! Fine Art ' s Building 17 18 T1 m G m 19 Ladies And Gents! Presenting Ladies and Gentlemen . . Presenting . . . The many talented students and teachers at A.C. The show was a wide range of acts from a comic monologue to a song and dance and an original composition. Lynn Holcombe, Shelia Beacham, Frances Anderson, Jeff Crisp, Janet Holcombe, Dennis Schaner, Dan Heaton, Pam Moore, Keith Grubber, Chris Blackston, George Hall, Ledonna Pruitt all sang for us. The songs included, On Rainy Afternoons, When He Shines, Whats Forever For, Maria, and It ' s My Turn. Hal Snuggs played a composition of his own. Keith Derrick, Matt Hardigree, and Beth Fallow played the guitar and sang Desper- ado, I Wanna Believe, Stepping Out, re- spectively. Amusing moments were a comic monologue by Fred Metts and a song-and-dance version of Splish, Splash by Jan Powers. Other high points were Bennie Robinson and Donna Kittrell and the Faculty Combo: Dr. Perry Car- roll, Mr. James Clark, and Dr. Vic Matthews. Dr Matthews, Dr. Carroll, And Mr. Clark are working their way to Broadway Don ' t forget to wash behind your ears, Jan. Matt sings his own song, I Wanna Believe. ' 20 Talent Show Liberace? No! Our own Hal. Fred Metts has everybody rolling in the floor with his wartime jokes. Ask Bennie what he will do when he gets married. It ' s My Turn sings LaDonna Mike hosts the second part of the talent show. Talent Show 21 President Hopkins Appears On National T.V. A new program was begun at the Col- lege this year which gave unemployed people college benefits. The program of College Education for the Unemployed (CEU) drew national attention. President Mark Hopkins and CEU student Camilla York appeared on the NBC Today show in New York to discuss the plan. They were interviewed by Jane Pawley, program co-host. CEU allows unemployed people to study now, pay later. The plan was the administration ' s response to unemploy- ment in the Anderson County unem- ployment area which reached a high of 14 percent. With 85 CEU students enrolled for the second semester, other colleges noticed and played follow the leader. Ronald Reagan noticed, too, Dr. Hopkins re- ceived a personal letter from the White House commending the College for the plan. 22 1 III. H IIITL HOUSE WASHINGTON January 24, 1983 Dear Dr. Hopkins: Thank you for your efforts to keep America on the road to economic recovery. This Administration is dedicated to encouraging local initiative and response to best meet the needs within our communities. I am gratified to find that many innovative responses, like Anderson College ' s offer of education to the unemployed, with arrangements for deferred payment of tuition. Anderson College is to be commended for this display of faith in our people. Yours is an investment in our Nation ' s future which can motivate educational institutions nationwide to effectively meet their own challenges. Once again, thank you and all best wishes for success. Sincerely, ] ( tf Dr. Mark Hopkins President Anderson College Anderson, South Carolina 29621 21 Yuletide Carols Being Sung By A Choir The first week-end in December is the start of the Christmas season for Ander- son College. Christmas First Night be- gan with a musical performance by the choir. The music included excerpts from Handel ' s Messiah. This was the last per- formance to be led by Anita Bridges. The drama department then gave a perfor- mance of Suzie and the Christmas Soup. Dr. Hopkins and Jim Dallery lit their first yule log. A reception was held after the yule log lighting by the resi- dence hall council. The dorms were opened so that the decorations of the halls could be viewed by the public. The AC. Choir sings out with Christmas spirit. »: , tin a ' n hhiu 24 Anderson College is given a little Christmas grandeur with a brightly decorated tree in Mer- ritt. Sharon aides in the lights. As people gather around the fireplace, Dr. Hop- kins leads some Christmas carols. Dr. Hopkins sparks Christmas spirit with the traditional lighting of the yule-log. 25 Anderson College Hymn » ' !r ee Pi n 8 trust HVII n triese halls how EaiJ;i|has qwn. Faith in God, Creator] lord, J f J Guided by His Holy l ord. f, . Serving man is pur tra3jtiorj W | Through the SpVi u j jDitiort.r isw$ot , otaLc Jar J- 26 Features Miss Anderson College — 1982-83 Rebecca Sue Craig Features 27 Miss Sophomore — Kelley Patrice Ozmint 28 Features Kelly Rene Haulbrook (Kelly) Catherine Elizabeth Beale (Cathey) Features 29 Teresa Ann Sparkman (Teresa) Kelly Diane Israel (Kelly) 30 Features Miss Freshman — Wendy Lynn Griffin Features 31 Ruth Ann Chandler (Ann) Rebecca Louise Fallaw (Becky) Linda Margaret Franks (Linda) 32 Features Ginger Dee Swaney (Ginger) Tracy Dawna Thompson (Tracy) Features 33 6 he 34 35 ' Winning ' Is AC ' s Name Of The Game Anderson College Men ' s Basketball Team: First row (left to right): John Spencer (11), Glenn Corbit (33), James Hildebrand (34), Steve Calhoun (44), Vince Mason (50), Pat Reilly (40). Second row (left to right): Greg Struthers, manager; Barry Oliver (14), Todd Sanders (12), Al Sheppard (320), Gordon Corbit (24), Elliott Johnson (22), John Goodale (30), My- ron Snypes (20), Sean Kelley, trainer; Allen Large, manager. Not pic- tured: Carter Infinger, video operator. 36 Sports Al Sheppard dodges a guard for a two- point lay-up. A guard barely misses as Barry Oliver passes the ball to another player. This ball belongs to the Trojans — Hands off! Sports 37 Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Black and White games prove to be good practice habits. 38 Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! 39 Lady Trojans Rank In The Top 12 In Nation Anderson College Women ' s Basketball Team: First row (left to right): Gayle Cantrell (12), Sandra Wallace (14), Paulette Powers (24), Sonja Smith (42), Cheryl Gilmore (10), Deedi Clinkscales (11). Second row (left to right): Lillie Young (15), Lisa Washington (20), Tonie Edwards (21), Brenda Miller (45), Diane Head (13), Patsy Johnson (23). Third row (left to right): Pat Edwards, manager trainer; Frankie Porter, head coach. Not pictured: Lisa Sarri, assistant manager. 40 Sports Nancy anxiously awaits for the Trojan ladies to score once more. 41 Trojan Ladies Brought Respect Wit h Victory 42 Sports Sports 43 Men ' s Soccer Team Exhibits Their Skills Kick that ball and run! This soccer game looks alittle like dancing Keep that ball out! i.Utf- . y j£ 44 Sports Anderson College was privileged to have a soccer team this year. Many new faces as well as old came out to enter the newly formed collegiate sport. These young men practiced and formed a very impressive team that represented Ander- son College very well. It has become an- other sport supported by Trojan fans. John displays his soccer skills. Anderson soccer team rushes down the field for another triumphant win. Sports 45 Many Long Hours Of Practice Paid Off (1 to r) Greg Panis, Rick Krass, Craig Brotman, Jay Swetenburg, Chris Capps, Simon Cole, Richard Bryant, Tony Fogarty, Coach Jim Boykin. The 1982-83 Men ' s Tennis team has accomplished a lot. During hard and steady practice the team worked to be the best ever and to prepare for the toughest schedules in the Junior College Conference. The players, although rather young, felt they were ca- pable of winning and qualifying for the nationals. Coach Boykin felt that All-American considerations were a pos- sibility among the players. There was a good feeling about the A.C. men ' s tennis. The team will be successful at other major four-year schools. The team worked with the goal of the Nationals and of the possibility of being ranked in the top 10 again. 46 Sports Gun prepares to take a bite off the bal Tony gets into the swing of things Sport- 1 Everyone Loves To Participate In Sports Todd Hadley races to steal the ball. Two more points. James Woodruff needs to hear the music while playing in a tennis match. 48 Sports Golf Team Goes Collegiate Anderson College was fortunate to have a collegiate golf team this year. It was coached by Jim Owens. The golf team con- sisted of ten members. Each of these mem- bers exhibited sportsmanship, loyalty, and the desire to play a good game of golf. Kneeling: (1 to r) Mike Beasley, Richey Bunch, We Seegar Standing: Joey Foster, Neel Boggs, Joey Nim- mer, John Davis, David Nichols, Tim Roper, Mike Howell iports 49 Women ' s Tennis Continues (L to R) First row: Kathryn Warren, Gayle Henderson, Tracy Langston, The Women ' s tennis team played the courts again this Stephanie Bessinger, Amy Holland Second row: Coach Tucker Burks, year. Coached by Tucker Burks, the team felt support and Beth Martin, Beth Gurley, Susan Moran, Laurie Dedes. encouragement and experienced many new challenges and ideas introduced by the new coach. 50 SporK Beth Martin prepares for a backhand. Tracy Langston returns the hall Kathryn Warren gets into the swing of tenni Sports 51 52 n CD m CD 53 Sophomores Face A New World, But Cherish The Old One Sophomores are at special crossroads, when we are no longer so frightened as freshmen, but not as confident as juniors or seniors. Decisions such as choosing a major and possibly a job and a mate are a few of the many decisions facing the sophomores. All paths lead to where we stand. Now these paths must stretch forward and outward to a hopeful future. We have watched and listened as our lives have been controlled by others. Now we search for a chance to improve. A sophomore, a new era, a new genera- tion, a new plan, and the possibilities of great success. As we depart for greener pastures may it be remembered that we went the extra mile for excellence and held nothing in reserve. Jim, Libby, and Tracy find the library an amusing place to be. Musa Adams Cindy Anderson Cynthia D. Anderson Marian Frances Anderson Ashley Asbill Todd Atkinson S4 Denise Azzarito Diane Marie Azzarito Martin Babb Janice K. Baker Tami Baker Tambra Leigh Balding Issac Scott Ball Carolyn Yvonne Bargoil Sonya Ann Barker Sheila Renee Beacham Catherine E. Beale Gwendolyn A. Beale 55 Charlene Beasley W. Mike Beasley Stephanie Jean Bessinger Kerry Frances Best Toni Sheree Bibb Chris Blackston Allyson Ann Blair Ken Blackwell Gary Boatwright Bunny Boggs Roger Bolt Tricia Boudoucies 56 Fred Braswell Whit Breazeale Lisa Robin Bridges Yolonda M. Brown Jacqueline Brownlee Marilyn Ann Burdette Athletics has played a major part in the life of Tonie Edwards. At Carolina High School she played four years of basketball as well as track and volley- ball. She chose to come and play at Ander- son College because A.C. had a lot to offer like a good coach. In fact, Tonie is a P.E. major and hopes to coach one day herself. 57 Tammy Doreen Burgess Paula Jean Bryant Terri B. Burkett Darleen Burns J. Anthony Burns Karen Burton Mary Bridge Busbin Gina R. Byers Kevin T. Byrd Andrea Bowick Bonnie Barnett Shay Cahaly 58 Carla D. Campbell Jan Carlisle Scott T. Carter Stacey Lynn Carter Tanya Renee Cater Louis Monroe Carver Susan L. Gaudy Dana Adair Clayton Ann Clemmer Tracy Dale Cook William Lawrence Collins Jr. Joan Marie Conner 59 Tammy Renay Cooley Allen Corbett Lisa Elaine Corley Becky Cox Sheila Cox Rebecca S. Craig Edie Craine Jeff Crisp Dana L Cromer Jeffrey Scott Cudd James Franklyn Dallery Lesley Patricia Dalton 60 Maria Davenport Debbie Lynn Davis John Davis Priscilla Davis Kevin Dylan Derrick Anne McLaurin Devenny Sonya Suzanne Dixon Betty Jo Dudash Ed Dukes James R. Dukes Myron David Duncan Vivian Dyer 61 Steven David Edmonds Donna Edwards Tonie Edwards Carol Ten Eick Chip Eleazer Betty Jean Ellis 4 As President of the Student Govern- ment Association, Jim represents the students in trustee meetings and staff and faculty meetings and in functions on campus. Asked about his favorite things at AC, Jim said he thought that the closeness of the students and the student faculty relationships were great. At 19, Jim has big plans for the future. He plans to enter the ministry. And how about 10 years from now? Jim says he would like to be working on a family by then. He hopes to have at least 3 chil- dren and would like all of them to be girls! When his life is over, Jim would like people to say, there was a man who loved God and loved people. The smiles and cheer he has brought here will be remembered for a long time to come. 62 Cathy Ellis Anna Marie Elrod Lesley E. Elrod Dorothy Marie Ethridge Alison Evans Janet Elaine Farr Kelli Fender Clarence Mitchell Floyd Janice Fortson R. Thorn Freeland Rohin Fricks William Furman 63 Lorie Garcia Kim Garrison Kimberly Dawn Gibson Dodie Gleaton John Franklin Goodale Robert Clayton Green Cathey Gressette Nancy Grover Todd Hadley Robin Ann Harbin Donna Anne Hart Kelly Rene Haulbrook 64 ■■n Phil Haynie Aprile Ann Heaton Charles Heatherly Greg Hellams Angie Henderson Gayle Elaine Henderson Nancy Joan Hendrix Laura Leigh Herring Sonya Herring Jackie M. Hilley Jeanette Hinson Susan Elise Hodge 65 Yvonne Hogg Virginia Renee Holcombe Penny Hill Teresa K. Hood ►Catherine F. Hoover Dusty Houk Jenny Hudson Koger Hunter Mark Robert Hydrick Kelli Diane Israel Nancy Jane Jacks Becky James 66 Cheryl Dawn James Pamela L. James V. Katrina Jameson Rosalind Jeffcoat Angie R. Johnson Lisa Charlene Johnson The personal attention and warm friend- ships at Anderson mean a lot to Rick Krass. The people at Anderson help me with my relationship with God, which has been benefi- cial in all areas of my life, adds Rick. Rick was referred to Anderson by a Clem- son University tennis coach. He wants to carry his tennis as far as possible. Rick started play- ing tennis when he was ten. He played all four years at his high school, Lakewood high in St. Petersburg, Florida. At AC last year, Rick played on the tennis team. He was Ned Harris in the play, Deadwood Dick. This year Rick is the number one player on the AC tennis team. It is the warm smiles and kind words that Rick has so freely given that the people at Anderson will remember about him. 67 Jennifer Jones Laura Lee Kay Karen Lee Kelley Jim (Charles) Kendrick Katleen Mary Kohlmayer Jane Lancaster Tracy Ann Langston Allen Large Kimberly Dawn Larsen Charles Ray Lawrence Jr. Katrina Diane Leary Tonja R. Lee 68 Sharon Lynn Lewis Sarah Kay Lindsey Mike Lollis Cindy Ann Long Lorie Long Todd Long Randy Looper Lesley Loper Donna R. Lynch Anne Madden Mark William Madison John A. Mangum 69 Ronald J. Marston Forrest Anderson Martin Judy Lynn Martin Jennifer Bond Matthews James M. McBride Jr. Andrea Leigh McCall Busy should be Kelley Ozmint ' s last name. Sometimes you wonder when she has a chance to study. Her secret is that she gives up her sleep a lot of nights. She is Campus Ministries president and Phi Theta Kappa honor society president. She is also an RA for second floor Pratt. Last year, Kelley was a women ' s Agape Bible study leader and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Kelley enjoys running and playing basketball. She played basketball at An- derson ' s T.L. Hanna High School. For graduation from AC, Kelley is get- ting an unusual gift from her parents: She is going wilderness backpacking in Wisconsin for two weeks. Next fall, Kelley plans to attend Fur- man University. 70 Jim McConnell Karen L. McConnell Kathy J. McGaha Toni McGee Julie McManus Michael J. McNamara Tammy Merck Cheri Miller Michele Miller Raquel G. Moody Susan Elizabeth Moran Angela Robin Morris 71 Peggi Jo Nabors Lora Neely Terrie R. Newell Greg D. Nichols Nick Nichols Steven Joseph Nimmer, Jr. Getting to know people is very important to Dana Swinford. She has taken every opportunity to become involved at Anderson College. Her fresh- man year, she was on the Senate and a cheerleader, the social committee chairperson and member of the pep club. By becoming so involved, Dana feels a close atmosphere of a family at Anderson College. She finds comfort in the friendliness of the students and in the understanding displayed by the faculty and staff. In York High School, she was on the student council, a co-captain of the cheerleading squad, and was a Senior Beauty. In the time away from her many activities, she can probably be found playing tennis, or bumming around at the beach. 72 Kim Nivens Anita Norris Tracey Outzs Kelley P. Ozmint Michael Painter Gay Palmer Melanie Parrott Rhonda Renee Patterson Stephanie Colette Payne Amanda Peebles LaDonna Perry Ira Kay Perry 73 Rose Mary Phillips Darryl A. Pierce Melissa Anita Pike Sabrina Pitts Frances Irene Poole Angie Powell Jan B. Powers Paulette T. Powers Rita Marie Presher Jennifer Pressley Tarra Price Sandra A. Powell 74 Greg Ragan Tami Gail Reed Paula Annette Reid Betsy Rhodes Regina Renee Rice April Richey Sandra Christine Richey Rena Kate Riddle Johnelle Ritter Becky Lynn Roache Jane Roberson Troy Roberts 75 Todd Robertson Jimmy Robnett B Scott Rogers Russell Singleton Rogers LA. Rothery Eldora D. Rucker Kelly Leigh Rumsey Elizabeth Anne Rush Amy L. Sanders Cathy Lynn Seawright Leslie Coby Segars Peggy Shealy 76 Deborah D. Sitton Carole Marie Slice Cathi Smith Dawn Celeste Smith Kimberly Ann Smith Linda Smith Sherry Anita Smith Suzanne Hunt Smoak Teresa Ann Sparkman Stacy Michelle Speraw Barbara Stephens Jill Stiles 77 Sherri Rhonda Stone Bonita Strickland John C. Stroud Lorie Lee Stroupe Greg Struthers Susan Styles Paula Gwyn Sullivan Dana Swinford Mary Helen Talmadge Eric W. Taylor Janna Taylor Chris Thackston 78 Denise Jerovene Thompson Angela Threatt Toni Lynn Tucker Thomas H. Vaughan, Jr. Elizabeth Lee Voyles Darrell Waits Hazel Walker James S. Walker Susan Anita Walters Pamela Wardlaw Teresa Kay Watson Chuck Watts 79 Donna Weaver Jennifer Lynne Weaver Sharon Webber Marie Welborn Libbie Ann West Diane B. White Wanda Darlene White Pam Wilhite Mark Nye Willis Michelle Wilson Sharon Denise Wooten Hilda D Wright 80 Janet Kay Wright Elizabeth Denise Wyatt Lesley Yancey Catherine Denise Young The word stranger is not in Mark Willis ' s vocabulary. Mark makes friends very easily. He is sensitive to the needs of others. Mark is a definite believer in getting in- volved. Last year he was on the social board, SGA, Senate, and the assistant editor of the Columns. This year Mark is continuing his work on the social board. He is a men ' s agape leader. He is on a journey team, a member of social and mission action. He is the editor of the Columns this year. Despite his busy schedule, Mark has time to study occasionally. 81 Being Oneself Is The Key To Freshman Success Freshman Cynthia Walker helps with the Campus Ministries sponsored Sun- shine Friends. Preparing to leave home, preparing to enter college, preparing to become a self reliant thinker — all blend to form a well rounded, completed personality. A year filled with special days, fears and frolic feelings and characterized by careful budding, until the final bloom burst forth yielding a purposeful young adult, describes the typical freshmen year. 82 Angela Lynne Abercrombie Rhonda Adams Rhonda Alexander Mark Alford Laura Michelle Allen Leslie Allen Teresa Ann Allen Mary Jane Armstrong Charles Ashley Rhonda Jo Avant Tammy Baird Stephen Baker Lori Baldwin Gregory Martin Barfield Kim Barnett Chan Barrett ' ' ftil 1 Kelly Jean Basham Lisa Batchelor Donna Batson Peggy Bauder Connie Ann Beebe George S. Begg Rebecca Bennett VaDonna Benson Aric Black Neel Boggs Lamar Bouknight Roger Barry Bradley Tracey K. Brock Barney Brown Deborah Brown Georgia Brown Lisa Brown Phil Bryan Karen L. Buchanan Gay Lynn Burke Julie Byerley Susan Elizabeth Campbel Alice Jody Cannon Gail Cantrell 8J Lori Carey Ann Chandler Delia Channell Saundra Chaplin Billy Chapman Eddie Chastain James Todd Cheek Gary Clark Gina Cleveland Debbie Cole Cindy Lynn Collins Caroline Compton Tammy A. Connor Patricia Anne Cothran Susan Leigh Couch Carter Cox Kevin L. Cox Dena L. Crain Stephanie Ann Cribb Michael Crump Melissa Ann Dalton David Daniel John Calvin Daniel Andy Daughtry 84 Candi Davis Deana Davis Denisc Davis Steve Davis Chiquita Tecora Dawson Laurie Ann Dedes John Dickerson Tammy Lynn Drawdy Susan Dupre Andrew Dutschke Angela Dyches Chris Elledge One popular freshman found that involvement was the key to success. Parrish Cannon of Berea quickly became a part of many activities on campus. He was elected to the Senate, chosen to be on ACORN and is also on the Columns staff and volleyball team and the traffic committee. Parrish found a lot of work for him- self in Campus Ministries as he became involved with the journey team, the social and mission action, and outreach programs. He also has a job with security and works at the Clemson games. Parrish loves the close and warm atmosphere found at Anderson College and plans to transfer to Gardner Webb or Carson-Newman. He intends to go into the ministry and to eventually attend Southeastern Semi- nary. 85 Nancy Elliott Lynn Ellison Rebecca Erwin Donna J. Emery Van Epps Mark Edward Evans Melinda Kay Evatt Becky Fallaw Beth Fallaw Mike Fast John Darnell Faust Brian Fields Amy S. Findley Deedi Finley Karen Anne Fisher Tracy Fleming Denise Fortner Robert C. Foster Linda Margaret Franks Melody Freeman Kathryn Bell FusseL Paul L. Gainey Carla Y. Galloway Rex C. Gambrell 86 Amy Findley has traveled to many parts of the world. Born in Florida, she and her family traveled with her father who was in the Air Force. They lived in England for a while. Now she lives in Wilmington, Delaware. While in High School, Amy played basketball one year and cheered for three years. She also ran track. Amy says she loves A.C. She is the Freshman Class President. After being elected, Amy said that it was a good race. She was glad it was over. Before the winner was finally announced, there were three runoffs. The election between Amy and her oppo- nent Beth Sachs lasted for weeks. Finally Amy was an- nounced the winner, When Beth congratulated me, that made the election, Amy commented sentimentally. Amy was also elected to ACORN. Amy admires her mother most and looks at her as a model to live by. Myra Lynn Gantt Dana Garris Cheryl Gilmore Jeanne Rose Glenza Patricia Goodwin Darline Graham Andy Grant Kristie Griffin Wendy Griffin Terri Grills Tim Griffin William Keith Grubbs Denise Hadden Cynthia Lorenia Hailstock Greg Hall Anne Hallman 87 Gary Hallman Jennifer Hammett Chris Hanley Matt Hardigree Diane Head Odessa Heard Dan Heaton Bitsy Hendrix Sharon Ann Hill Delores Hodge Janet Holcombe Sandra Lynne Holcombe Amy Holland Tracy Holliday Joette Holtslander Ruthie Hooper Gary L. Horton William Murray Hoskins Mary Lynne Howard Teresa Huffmaster Cean Huggins Lynn Hughes Mark Hughes James Hutto Carter Infinger Cindy Jacobsen Renee James Sue James Lisa Johnson Ashley Jones James Keith Jones Jeff Jones Keith J. Jones Mary Frances Jones Miriam Keown Sean Kelley Becky Kindley Mary Elizabeth King Peggy King Scott King Who says commuters don ' t get involved? Scott King is a big part of A.C. Every day Scott faces a twenty-five minute drive to Anderson from his home in Clemson. He is very involved in Campus Ministries, being in a Social and Mission Action Group, and on a journey team. He is also on the commuter committee, the Senate and helped with the phone-a-thons. Scott holds a job with ARA in Clemson and worked in the president ' s box at games there. Despite his busy schedule, Scott is often found in the swings on front campus trying to relax. Scott is also a very talented person. At Daniel High School he sang and acted in several plays. He received the recognition of being in All State Chorus for two years and Honors Chorus for one year. Majoring in church related vocations, he plans to transfer to a small Baptist college. 89 Joe Kirkpatrick Donna Kittrell Freddy Klopper Shemi Kumar Renee Lark Ginger Lawless Mary Beth Lawton Cindy League Daniel R. Lee Gretchen Levin Megan Lewis Pamela Light Venice Long Deana Lynch Jerry R. Manning Shannon Marshall Beth Martin David C. Martin Laura Martin Tim Martin Yvonne Martin Pam Molony Cindy Matheson Susan E. Mauldin 90 Becky Fallaw has lived a special life, one different from most of ours; she lived in Forteleza, Brazil for 12 years. I wouldn ' t trade the past; it was a rich experience, being exposed to two different cultures, says Becky. Becky ' s father is a Baptist missionary. She and her twin sister Beth, also here at A.C. enjoyed living with the Brazilian people and sharing their lives with them. Becky says she ' s been more of the torn boy of the twins. She won the most athletic award of her class. Beth won most Christian like. In Brazil the beach was the hang out. In Brazil they didn ' t have fast food restaurants and other forms of en- tertainment America has. Becky and Beth surfed, swam, rode bikes, and ran on the beach for entertainment. Out of all the people in the world Becky said without hesitation that she admires most her sister Beth. Chuck McAtee Sloane Nicolette McCollum Martha McConnel Bobbie McCurry Harry McLees Gina McMurray Henry L. McShane Julie Miller Kristy Miller Pam Morre Annette Moss Thom Moxley Stephen Walter Mueller Diane Mullinax Angelia Murray Connie E. Nease 91 92 Beth Sachs likes to walk on the beach with her dog Puddin. She has the opportunity to do that when she is home; she lives in Murrels Inlet. She describes her home- town as, unique with a special mood about it. Beth likes living at the beach because she has the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. She worked as a waitress during the summer of ' 82 and en- joyed being with the different people. Beth graduated from Winyah High School. Her senior year, she won the Drama award and Miss Congeniality in the Miss Winya Pageant. I was glad to be selected Miss Congeniality because my friends voted on that. The vote was unanimous, except one vote; that was Beth ' s vote. Beth is a devoted AC soccer fan. She enjoys meeting people and being with her friends. Beth ' s major is Political Science. She wants to be a paralegal. Pat Powell Karen Power Paige Prater Kathy Lynn Prevost Bryan Pruitt Jay Pruitt Robin Rabon Sharon Randall Carolyn Randolph Carol Rawls Dorie Rhea Doug Rhodes Lisa Rhode Allison Rhoden Mary Richardson Dcbra Ringstad 93 Michael Roach Missy Rodgers David Root Timothy Roper Virginia Rose Vance Rowland Diane Rozier Beth Sachs Dennis Schaner Debra Scott Monica Ann Sepeda Kimberly Sexton Karen Sharpe Douglas Shaw C.A. Shealy Donna Sheriff Dawn Shreckengast Andy Smith Hugh Boyd Smith Jan Smith Lisa Smith Suzanne Smith Harold H. Snuggs III Tony Southard mMHk 94 Bill Spears Jeff Spivack Lisa Stansell Stef Stasney Lona Stegall Deborah Lynn Story Sheila Stuckey Hester Summe rs Elizabeth A. Surratt Ginger Swaney Kevin Tapp Laura Tapp Krislyn Taylor Russell Taylor Sarah L Thompson Tracy D. Thompson Janis Lynn Tribble Tracy Leigh Tribble Kim Turpen Julie Ann Turner Timothy Warren Turner MaryKay Ulmer Madison Utsey Angie Vancil ; 1 { 95 Scott Vaughn Kimberly Ann Venturella Beverly Ann Wade Andra Walker Cynthia Anne Walker John Walker K.imberly Walter Kathryn Elizabeth Warren Cherie Watson Jim Watson Nancy White Jill Darlene Whitlock Randy Whitworth Lee Wiles Deneen Wiley Paul Willard Robin Lynn Williams April Willoughby Misty Wilson Cindy Woodyard 96 Franklin Dewitt Wyatt Jeff Wylie Susan Youmans Georgia Bee Young Caught By The Camera Could This Be Anderson College? 1960 Or 1983? rt UL c $L h 7m i ► 4 ij?M 98 99 100 o z N o en 101 SGA Executive Officers (R to L) Cheryl James, secretary; Jim Dallery, presi- dent; Jan Carlisle, vice president 102 Organizations Sophomore Senators Standing (L to R): Kelly Israel, Lori Garcia, Libbie West, Rebecca Craig, Denise Azzarito. Seated: Jan Farr, Laura Kay, Gayle Henderson. Freshman Senators Front row: Tracy Thompson and Cindy League. Middle row: Scott King, Amy Findley, Wendy Griffin. Back row: Linda Franks, Bev Wade, Deb Cole I Cannon. Ogranizations 103 Acorns Anderson College Organization For Recruiting New Students (L to R) First row: Becky Roache, Pam James, Peggi Nabors, Jennifer Jones, Dana Swinford, Mary Helen Talmadge. Second row: Pricilla Jameson, Gina Byars, James Woodruff, Cathey Gressette, Carol Henderson, Phil Nail. Third row: George Hall, David Estes, Carla Campbell, Darryl Pierce, Karen Kelley, Scott Cudd, Cathey Hoover, Chuck Lawrence, Bea Kimbell, Laura Kay. 104 Organizations Attorney General, Assistant General, Sophomore President (L to R) Gary Boatwright, Assistant Attorney General; Eric Taylor, Attorney General; Greg Ragan, Sophomore Class President. Disciplinary Committee (L to R) First row; Mr Lawrence Webb, Musa Adams, Annette Moss, Dean Richard Franklin, Dr. Frank Bonner, Bob King; second row: Jimbo Phillips, Suzanne Smoak. Not pictured; Mrs. Margret Wooten, Todd Robertson Organizations 105 Elections Committee (L to R) First row: Cheryl James; Second row: Paige Cantrell, Bobbie McCurrey, Jan Carlise, Libby West, Jane Roberson, Laura Kay. Not pictured: Ginger Swaney Social Board Chairpersons (L to R) Denise Azzarito, Peggi Nabors, Frances Anderson, Katrina Leary, Shay Cahaly Second row: Mike Painter, Alan Large 106 Organizations SGA Social Board (R to L) First row: Carol Anderson, Nancy Hendrix, Peggi Nabors, Donna Kittrell, Salley Nixon, Joy Duncan, Mary Helen Talmadge. Second row: Bea Henderson, Cindy League, Anne Chandler, Julie Turner, Tracy Thompson, Shay Cahaly, Denise Azzarito. Third row: Dawn Gray, Kathy Hughes, Diane Azzarito, Gwen Beale, Beth Fallow, Diane White, Rebecca Simms, Ann Page, Tra cy Cooke, Nancy Elliot, Laura Lay, Karen Fisher, Mary Jane Armstrong, Susan Coleman; Advisor. Fourth row. Aprile Heaton, Jan Powers, Susan Mauldin, Katrina Leary, Francis Anderson, Rebecca Craig, Dawn Smith. Fifth row: Mike Painter, Mark Willis, George Hall, Jim Watson, Alan Large, Dan Lee, Mark Alford, Todd Robertson, Paul Gainey, Jeff Dewinkler Organizations 107 Resident Advisors L to R: Dawn McKenzie, Grace (Grannie) Melton, Joy Bettem, Ed Bettem, Susan Coleman, Tonia Newton, Terry Tritt. Resident Assistants (L to R) First row: Mary Bridge Busbin, Andrea McCall, Jill Stiles, Paula Sullivan, Eric Taylor, Thorn Freeland, Darryl Pierce, Myron Duncan. Second row: Todd Hadley, Greg Ragan, Kelley Ozmint, Cathey Beale, Teresa Sparkman, Carla Campbell, Cathey Gressette, Billy Collins, Russell Rogers, Anthony Burns. 108 Organizations Residence Hall Council (L to R) Front row: Greg Hall, Sharon Lewis, Dusty Houk, James Taylor, Jennifer Page, Terrie Newell, Becky Cox. Second row: Fred Braswell, Kay Perry, Ann Chandler, Mark Willis, Jennifer Jones, Jill Stiles, Jim McConnell S.G.A. Chairpersons i J III Paula Sullivan, communications; Sharon Wooten, Commuter; Shay Cahaly, Social Board. Organizations 109 Campus Ministries Officers (L to R) First row: Kathey Gressette, Women? Agape Director; Sandy Ritchy, Sunshinr Friends Director; Dana Clayton, Mission and Social Action Director; Joan Conner, Chapel Music Coordinator. Second row: Cathi Smith, Breakthrough Coordinator; Darryl Pierce, Outreach; Jane Lancaster, Journey Team Director; Teresa Sparkman, Outreach. Third row: Whitt Breazeale, Church Related Vocations; Myron Duncan, Men ' s Agape Director; Kelley Ozmint, President; Rick Krass, Atheles for Christ; Suzanne Smoake; Publicity; Sandy Kidd, Chaplain. 110 Organizations Women ' s Agape (L to R) First row: Cindy Anderson, Peggi Nabors, Cathy Beale, Dorothy Ethridge. Second row: Amy Sanders, Kathy Gressette, Diane White, Gwen Beale, Kathy Mane. Third row: Anne Madden, Carla Campbell, Allison Evans, Jan Farr, Terrie Newell. Men ' s Agape (L to R) First row: Jim Kendrick, Mark Madison, Myron Duncan, Scott Cudd. Second row: Greg Hellams, Mark Willis, Parrish Cannon row: Jim Watson, Tim Griffin, Billy Collins, Lewis Carver Organizations 111 Journey Teams front row (L to R): Beth Fallaw, Lisa Johnson, Beverly Pack, Laura Tapps, Elizabeth Wyatt, Ginger Swaney, Lisa Batchelor. Row two: Libby West, Lorie Stroupe, Kim Sexton, Leslie Elrod, Sheila Beacham, Cindy Woodyard. Row three: Vance Rowland, Parrish Cannon, Tim Martin, Dusty Houk, Louis Carver, Mark Alford. First row (L-R): Terrie Newell, Miriam Keown. Second row: Scott King, Cathy Beale, Ja ne Robertson, Paige Pratt, Kim Nivens, Anne Madden, Jane Lancaster. Third row: Chuck Lawrence, Bryan Pruitt, Mark Willis, Greg Hellams, Denise Fortner, Kelley Ozmint. 112 Organizations Church Related Vocations Front Row Miriam Keown, Cathy Beale, Amy Sanders Row: Whitt Breazeale, Greg Hellams, Dana Cromer, Scott King, Dr. Stuart Sprague, Darryl Pierce -.» Organ izatioH l 13 r Anderson College Choir First Row: (L to R) Janis Tribble, Donna Sheriff, Debbie Duckworth, Lynn Bryant, Delia Channell, Caroline Carpenter, Lynn Holcombe, Dana Clayton, Joan Conner, Karen Kelley, Janet Holcombe, Megan Lewis. Second Row: Lisa Corley, Carol Anne McClimon, Rhonda Adams, Mary Beth Lawton, Cindy Owen, Dana Cromer, Donna Lynch, Kim Garrison, Debra Scott, Susan Mauldin, Jan Powers, Debbie Bannister, Cynthia Walker, Donna Kittrell Third Row: Myron Duncan, David Child, Donnie Nix, Scott Cudd, Lester Yancey, Anthony Burns, Steve Edmonds, Dan Lee. Fourth Row: Darryl Pierce, Harold Breazeale, Jim Watson, Denise Wood, James Woodruff, Phil Brown, Sammy Clinkscale, Thorn Freeland, Chuck Heatherly, Dan Heaton, Jerry Manning, Keith Grubbs. 114 Organizations Inner Action Choir (Front row (L to R): Jan Powers, Joan Conner, Dana Clayton, Carolyn Carpenter, Lynn Hol- combe, Janet Holcombe, Kim Garrison, Dana Cromer, Donna Lynch, Karen Kelley. Second row: Dr. Perry Carroll, Dennis Schaner, Anthony Burns, Thorn Freeland, Chuck Heatherly, Donnie Nix, Keith Grubbs, Jerry Manning. ( Organizations l LS Wind Ensemble Left row: Jimmy Robnett, Joe Barr, Ron Marston, Chuck Heatherly, Jeri McGuffin, Dr. Perry Carroll Second row: David Snider, Lester Yancey, Jerry Manning, Thorn Freeland, Dr. Victor Matthews, Bob King lib Organizations Sunshine Friends Front row (L to R) Sharon Randall, Pat Powell, Kay Perry, Chris Hanley, Rhonda Adams, Beverly Pack, Van Epps. Second row: Jody Dudash, Bobbie McCurry, Lisa Batchelor, Sandy Richey, Dee Dee Finley, Jan Farr. Third row: Dusty Houk, Cynthia Walker, Kim Venturella, Laura Kay. Fourth row: Jody Cannon, Toni Tucker, Dawn Smith, John Walker, Kim Sexton, Jennifer Pressley. • • » « . • V i Organizations 117 Mission And Social Action rVfifiir Pictured (L to R): Front row: Dana Clayton. Second Row: Deb Cole, Amy Sanders, Laura Lee Kay, Mary Helen Talmadge. Third row: Kim Smith, Donna Hart, Sharon Marshall, Diane Mullinax, Diane Rozier, Dena Craine, Bea Young, Donna Kittrell, Dana Garris, Fourth row: Robin Fricks, Dawn Shreckengast, Leslie Elrod, Jane Robertson, Joan Conner, Dana Cromer, Lisa Corley, Donna Sheriff, Angela Abercrombie, Jennifer Pressley. Fifth row: Dan Lee, Scott King, Chuck Lawrence, Jimbo Phillips, Andy Daughtry, Jim Watson, James Woodruff, Mark Willis. Sixth row: Bob King. 118 Organizations Student Development Advisory Committee (L to R) John Willis, Richard Franklin, Sandy Kidd, Glen Hughey. Organizations 119 Pageant Wagon Players Kneeling: Jack Bilbo, advisor. First row (L to R): Jody Dudash, Cindy League, Karen Fisher, Jan Farr, Mary Helen Talmadge, Second row: Kay Perry, Aprile Heaton, George Hall, Shay Cahaly, Debbie Davis, Rick Krass, Jan Carlisle. Third row: Kelly Israel, Greg Ragan, Susan Moran, Frances Anderson, Mark Willis, Mark Madison, Dan Heaton. 120 Organizations Gamma Beta Phi 1 Seated (L to R): Lisa Bridges, Jane Lancaster, Cathy Ellis, Sherry Smith, Janice Fortner, Susan Claudy, Marylin Bur- dette. Standing: Mrs. Ruth Boyte, Mr. John Boyte, Toni Tucker, Gayle Henderson, Jan Carlisle, Kelly Rumsey. Organizations 121 Circle K — Kiwanis Barbara Stephens, vice-president; Fran Poole, president; Leslie Loper, secretary; David Martin, treasurer. 122 Organizations Circle K — Members Front row (L to R): Lisa Smith, Darline Graham, Fran Poole, Barbara Stephens, Leslie Loper. Second row: Dennis Schaner, Dawn Smith, Greg Nichols, Lona Stegall, Third row: B.J Taylor, advisor; David Martin, Van Holbrooks. Organizations 123 ' These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things Raindrops keep falling on my head, Somebody is knocking at my door Who could it be remark Jack Bilbo and Paul Talmadge. now? A Chorus Line 124 The Sound Of Music ' 867-5309 — Maybe Not Is this a Valley Girl? 125 Columns Staff 19S3 YEARBOOK STAFF — Front row: Elizabeth Wyatt, Nancy Hendrix, Lisa Johnson Second row: Chuck Law- rence, Lorie Garcia, Peggi Nabors, Cathey Beaie, Laura Lee Kay Third row: Suzanne Smoak, Debbie Davis, Dan Hea- ton. Fourth row: Robert Green, Mark Willis, Delia Chan- nell, Scott Cudd, Lawrence Webb, advisor. 126 Organizations Is Editor Mark writing down a deadline or a social function? Organizations 127 Elizabeth Wyatt, copy editor, says wang-ga. Photography editor Laura Kay picks out a few pic- tures for the colums. Assistant editor Charles Ray Lawrence says Isn ' t this fun. 128 Organizations Ivy Leaves Staff LITERARY MAGAZINE STAFF - Bottom row: Elizabeth Wyatt. Seated: Mrs Susan Wooten, advisor; Standing: Mr. Doug Davison, advisor; Dennis Schaner, Aprile Heaton. Organizations 129 Echoes Staff Editor Dorothy Ethridge plans her next edition of the Echoes. 130 Echoes Staff Assistant Editor Barry Bradley decides how to use a picture in the Sharon Wooten is caught running away with the typewriter — Happy Echoes. Grams must have done something to her. HI Phi-Theta-Kappa Honor Society Honor Society Members: Front row (left to right) Janna Taylor, Cindy M. Anderson. Mid- dle row (left to right) Tracy Langston, Sonja Dixon, Gwen Beale, Yvonne Hogg, Gayle Henderson, Andrea McCall. Back row (left to right) Dorothy Ethridge, Louis Carver, Terrie Newell, Whit Beazeale, Kelley Ozmint, Jill Stiles, Dr. Victor Matthews. 132 Organ nations Celebration Members of Celebration (large group Bible study) listen attentively to their guest speaker. Kelly Oz- ment organizes this group. Beth conducts the group in a few songs such as It ' s a happy day and Jesus is a friend. m Cheerleader s - The Number One Fans! First row: Nancy Hendrix, Bitsy Hendrix, Cheryl James, Deb Cole, Ann Chandler. Second row: Terri Burkett, Tyree Todd, Ann Devenny, Kelly Haul- brook, Nancy Elliott. Sophomore Cheerleaders First row: Anne Devenny, Kelly Haul brook. Sec- ond row: Nancy Hendrix, Cheryl James, Terri Bur- kett Freshmen Cheerleaders First row: Ann Chandler, Bitsy Hendrix, Deb Cole. Second row: Tyree Todd, Nancy Elliott. 5 afl Jtf Organizations 135 A.C. Inspirational Choir Anderson College ' s Inspirational Choir Mem- bers: Front: James Woodruff, director; First row (L to R): Cynthia Hailstock, Deliah Clinkscales, LaDonna Perry, Betty Ellis (pres.), Chiquita Dawson, Alice Cannon. Second row (L to R): Angela Murray, Hazel Walker, Denise Thompson, Myra Smith, Denise Davis, Sheila Stuckey, Deneen Wiley. Photo not complete. 136 Organizations If My Friends Could See Me Now 137 Face Up To It 138 139 As The World Turns Guiding Light Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Search for Tomorrow 1 ' i %» 140 141 r 1 Artwork on cover and divider pages by Fran Poole. 43 President Mark Hopkins 144 Vice- President For Student Development Richard Franklin Vice-President And Academic Dean Paul Talmadge 145 Vice-President For Development Walter E. Dahlgren Assistant Academic Dean And Registrar Richard Roberts 146 Vice- President For Business Affairs B.J. Taylor Assistant Academic Dean And Director Of Special Programs Robert Lee Richardson 147 Samuel Arguez Spanish Mike Bellifeuil ARA Manager Annie Frances Blackman Librarian Frank Bonner English John Boyte Business Ruth Boyte Business Anita Bridges Music Gail Bryant Secretary — Music Department Robert Burks Religion What has Dr. Arguez found to study that seems so interesting? 148 Perry Carroll Music Frankie Childress Business Education Jerry Clonts Biology Susan Coleman Director — Student Activities Faye Cowan English Doug Davison English Jacque Davison Mathematics Brenda Dubose Assistant Librarian Rosie Earle Maid Dr McClanahan searches through some papers. 149 Dan Edwards Physical Training Assistant John Edwards Physical Education Carl English Sociology Karen Ethridge News Writer Alice Faye Chemistry Robert Phil Franks Business Administration Robert Fries Astronomy and Physics Barbra Garrison Library Assistant Lynda Graham Assistant Bookkeeper Ola Gray Financial Aid 150 Carolyn Gabbard Secretary — Counseling Dora Hancock Library Assistant Nancy Hanley Reading W. Glen Hughey Mathematics Cathy Hutchinson Book Store Shirley Jacks French Dennis James English Mary Jones President ' s Secretary 151 The Journalism class picked up first hand knowledge of the weather by visiting with Stowe Hoyle at Channel Four news. Lawrence Webb and members of his journalism class assemble in front of Merritt to go to Chan- nel Four. 152 With great anticipation. Dr. Richardson awaits his turn at bat. 153 Robin Kelley Biology Sandy Kidd Religion Chaplain Mae King Bookkeeper Ann King Secretary — Athletics Patricia Long Data Entry Clerk Martha Mahaffey Business Office Gail Malamphy Housekeeping William McBride Mathematics 154 Dennis James seems to be looking for the right catch. Softball seems to be a favorite of Samuel Arguez. 155 Richardson, Bonner, Sprague, Dill, and James keep the good old bench warm 156 Gregory McClanahan Mathematics Kathryn Mc Gregor Business Education Marion Mandrell Psychology Eugene Mandrell Psychology Anne Martin Home Economics Mary Martin Fashion Merchandising Victor Matthews History Betty McClellan Alumni Affairs Director Dawn McrCenzie Secretary to Chaplain Ada Meeks Social Secretary 157 Grace Melton Resident Advisor Fred Metts Religion Frances Mims English Cecil Mitchum Business Affairs Assistant Marguerite Mitchum Academic Records Clerk Karen Morgan Nurse Phillip Nail Director of Admissions Tonia Newton Post Mistress James Owens Director of Financial Aid Frankie Porter Physical Education 158 Martha Powell Printing — Mailing Lucy Rogers Secretary — Development Lynda Sayer Financial Aid Cindy Smith Alumni Sherry Smith Bookkeeper Ann Snipes Admissions Counselor Bobbie Snipes Secretary — Admissions Lawrence Southerland Health and P.E. Sarah Sprague English Stuart Sprague Religion 159 Betty Jo Pryor Biology Pat Stegall Printing — Mailing Eunice Thome Secretary of Student Development Marshall Tribble Sociology Brena Walker English Marilyn Walker Job Placement Lawrence Webb English — Journalism Hugh Weeks Residential Living 160 Frances Welborn Library Assistant Betty West Bookstore Manager William West English Sara Westmoreland Switchboard Jim Whitlow Psychology - - Director of Counseling Mitzi Winesett Coordinator of Career Planning and Placement Joyce Wood History Margaret Wooten English 161 A Winter Wonder Land The winter storm moved into the An- derson area late on a Thursday after- noon. College students, like small chil- dren, were filled with jittery excitement in hopes that Friday ' s classes would be cancelled. People began preparing. Campus Ministries sold old cafeteria trays to use as sleds. By the dinner hour the cold winter air began blowing snow about outside as news reports of a storm moving across Atlanta came over the radio. Students looked forward to a few days of white bliss. Night approached. For some this meant walking to the Hanger to hang out . For others it meant gathering around a fire to roast marshmallows and socialize. Most students managed to en- joy a little of both. A few students decided that football in the snow would be fun. Sledding down the hill next to the Softball field seemed to be a popular attraction. Look out, here 1 come! 162 Around the fire Beth Fallaw provided music with her guitar; everyone enjoyed singing along with her. Then Angie Henderson made a statement that she wished that our President Dr. Hopkins could be there. So . . . they took the mu- sic to Dr. Hopkins at home. About 35 students walked, slid, and fell to Dr. and Mrs. Hopkins ' s bedroom window. He welcomed the students very warmly. Friday morning the hill around the Softball field provided students with the perfect sled slope. Boys played football. There were fun snow ball, or, rather, ice- ball fights. Later in the day, many stu- dents walked to local fast food restau- rants. For others it was a day to make like bears and hibernate from the cold in their nice warm beds. Friday night the S.G.A. held a Snowed in Dance in the backroom. D.J. ' s Eric Taylor and Gary Boatright provided music. The snow gave an interesting twist to all sorts of games, including football Students crowded to the Softball field to sled while the snow was still fresh on Friday morning. 16) Snow Bound Students Entertain Themselves By Saturday the rain began to fall and melt the snow. With the roads clearing many students headed for home. But many decided to stay and hope for more snow. The Social Board held a Scavenger Hunt and the winners were to receive a free pizza from the Pizza Inn. Need- less to say, many groups were formed to participate in the hunt. Angie Hen- derson, Kay Perry, Becky Fallaw, Cathy Beale, Greg Ragan, and Libbie West won and headed straight for the Pizza Inn. By Sunday the snow had disap- peared, except in shaded places and things were back on the road to being normal again. It was truly a weekend to remember. Photo credit goes to Brad Hender- shot who walked throughout the snow capturing snow-filled pictures. Boogie On Down. Cathy and Lisa find the fire in the student cen- ter delightful. 164 Robert, Joey, and Jane look on to the dance floor. Libbie and Leslie take a wild sleigh ride. Gary, D.J. Eric, and George keep the turn table turning. 165 Bob and Tim seem to be procrastinating their awaited turn in soccer. A.C. Cheerleader ' s give support to our most be- loved Trojans. Anne finds time to do a little recreational reading. 166 Numerous Interests And Hobbies Help Pass Time Around the AC campus many stu- dents and staff members find numerous interests and hobbies to help pass the time. One famous gathering place is third floor Merritt where many students rendezvous for homework, conversa- tion, play, etc. Both non-athletes as well as athletes participate in physical activi- ties. The S.G.A. social board is constant- ly providing activities for students to participate in. Another way of passing time on campus is taking part in Cam- pus Ministries activities. Many activities such as Athletes for Christ, Break- through, Celebration, and Fellowships help keep A.C. students busy. Granny Grace finds participating in a pie-eating contest enjoyable. Many students find that working with Sunshine Friends can be a very rewarding experience. What ' s going on here? 167 We Had Joy, We Had Fun, We Had Seasons In The Sun Wherever We Go, Whatever We Do ... Looking Through the Windows of My Mind You Should Hear How She Talks About You I unu PRATT HALL 168 Do You Come From the Land Down Under? Rapture Funny Face Standing On the Edge of Time 169 Remember The Times Of Your Life! Don ' t Sit Under the Apple Tree With Any body Else But Me Go Away Little Girl Always On My Mind 170 He ' s So Fine Ebony and Ivory These Are The Best Of Times . He ' s Just an Outlaw 171 172 Oh, What A Beautiful Morning Oh, What A Beautiful Day 1 i ' ■•.••• LI»M Watch Out Boy, She ' ll Chew You Out Take Me Home ' We Are Family 173 Abercrombie, Angela Lynne, 311 North Tu- galoo Street, Walhalla, SC 29691 Adams, Musa, PO Box 338, Seneca, SC 29678 Adams, Patrick Glen, Route 1 Box 175, Cen- tral, SC 29630 Adams, Rhonda C, Route 4 Box 461, Lees- ville, SC 29070 Aiken, Broadus D, Route 9 Box 285, Ander- son, SC 29624 Alewine, Jody Crayton, 304 Brook Forest Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Alexander, Kenton Dendy, Box 603, Rich- land, S 29675 Alexander, Rhonda Diane, RT 10 LeBanon Estates, Anderson, SC 29621 Alford, Mark Edward, 2700 N Kings Hwy., Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Allen, Leslie Jane, 3341 Goodplace Road, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Allen, Laura Michelle, 1409 Creekview Drive, Columbia, SC 29210 Allen, Teresa Ann, Route 2 Box 111, Latta, SC 29565 Anderson, Cynthia Denise, Route 1 Box 203, Fair Play SC 29643 Anderson, Cynthia Marie, 310 Norwood Avenue, Ninety Six, SC 29666 Anderson, George Edward, PO Box 2504, Anderson, SC 29622 Anderson, Marian Frances, 122 Woodcliff CT, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Armstrong, Mary Jane, 411 Quillen Avenue, Fountain Inn, SC 29644 Asbill, Brunson Ashley, 105 Elm, Clinton, SC 29325 Ashley, Charles W, Central Street, Iva, SC 29655 Atkinson, Todd Andrew, 115 Ridge Avenue, Clover, SC 29710 August, Jon William, 1570 New London Road, Hamilton, OH 45013 Avant, Rhonda Jo, Route 2 Box 211, Bow- man, SC 29018 Azzarito, Denise Ann, 108 Stonehill Court, Greer, SC 29651 Azzarito, Diane Marie, 108 Stone-Hill Court, Greer, SC 29651 Babb, Martin Thomas, 341 Tram Road, Co- lumbia, SC 29210 Bailey, Sandra Terese, PO Box 618, Ander- son, SC 29622 Baillie, Virginia Nora, 901 Camfield Road, Anderson, SC 29621 B.iird, Tammy Renee, 113 Daniel Avenue, Greenville, SC 29611 Baker, Janice Kaye, 6 West Summit Drive, Ware Shoals, SC 29692 Baker, Stephen F, Box 222, Marietta, SC 29661 Baker, Tammy Darlene, 304 Jamestown Road, Easley, SC 29640 Balding, Tambra Leigh, 107 Laurel Lane, Seneca, SC 29678 Baldwin, Lori Leigh, 606 Heyward Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Ball, Issac Scott, PO Box 185, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Bannister, Deborah H. Route 4 Box 12, An- derson, SC 29624 Bannister, Gary Martin, 23 Bent Twig Drive, Greenville, SC 29611 Bargoil, Carolyn Yvonne, 8 Dendy Street, West Pelzer, SC 29669 Barker, Sonya Ann, 117 Russell Street, Spar- tanburg, SC 29302 Barner, Paul Edward, PO Box 5396, Athens, GA 30604 Barnett, Bonnie M, 123 Coralvine CT, Greenville, SC 29611 Barnett, Charles Scott, 135 Folger Street, Clemson, SC 29631 Barnett, Route 4 Box 14, Spartanburg, SC 29302 Barr, Joseph Kenneth, Route 7 Box 373 Pine Road, Easley, SC 29640 Barrett, Ernest Chan., 105 Eastview Drive, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Barrett, Melanie Ann, 312 Nelson Street, Anderson, SC 29621 Barrett, Pamela Jean, 312 Nelson Street, An- derson, SC 29621 Bartodej, Janet M Smith, 12 Shirley Drive, Williamston, SC 29697 Bartodej, Kelly Lee, 13 Shirley Drive, Wil- liamston, SC 29697 Barton, Sarah Margaret, 10 Timrod Way, Greenville, SC 29607 Basham, Kelly Jean, PO Box 112 Hannawa Falls, NY 13647 Batchelor, Lisa Dale, 209 W Batchelor Drive, Blacksburg, SC 29702 Bates, Artina Marie, 37 Surfsong, Kiawah Island, Johns Island, SC 29455 Bates, Christopher A, 37 Surfsong, Kiawah Island, SC 29455 Batson, Donna Rae, 907 Brentwood Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29302 Bauder, Peggy Anne, 2105 East River Street, Anderson, SC 29621 Beacham, Sheila Renee, Box 43, Taylors, SC 29687 Beale, Catherine Eliz , Route 1 Box 410 A, Woodruff, SC 29388 Beale, Gwendolyn A, Route 1 Box 410 A, Woodruff, SC 29388 Beasley, Karen Charlene, Route 9 Box 251, Anderson, SC 29624 Beasley, William M, 233 Tugaloo Street, Calhoun Falls, SC 29628 Beddingfield, Charles Robert, lie Belton Drive, Williamston, SC 29e97 Bedenbaugh, Jerry Mathias, 1607 Rogers Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Beebe, Connie Ann, Route 13 Box 232, An- derson, SC 29624 Begg, George S, 33 Queen Ann Road, Green- ville, SC 29615 Bennett, Rebecca Laleah, 1748 Huckleberry Drive, Aiken, SC 29801 Benson, Linda Ann, Box 412 Route 10, Eas- ley, SC 29640 Benson, Vadonna Jean, 702 South Sixth Avenue, Dillon, SC 29536 Bernauer, Andrea, 101 Williamsburg Way RT 7, Easley, SC 29640 Berry, William J, PO Box 514, Duncan, SC 29334 Bessinger, Stephanie Jean, 939 White Point Blvd , Charleston, SC 29412 Best, Kerry Frances, PO Box 1414, Clemson, SC 29631 Bibb, Toni Sheree, 148 Murdock Road, Bel- ton, SC 29627 Bice, Mark Anthony, 207 Brock Street, Cen- tral, SC 29630 Black, Aric Hugh, Route 10 Box 148, Ander- son, SC 29621 Blackmon, Brian Whitaker, 2930 Averett Drive, Columbus, GA 3190o Blackston, Carolyn Chris., 203 Whitmire Road, Easley, SC 29640 Blackwell, Kenneth Dean, 306 Haigler Street, Abbeville, SC 29620 Blackwell, Terry Joseph, Route 12 Box 145, Anderson, SC 29621 Blair, Allyson Ann, 610 West Fredericks Street, Anderson, SC 29621 Blanchard, Dale Gray, Route 2 Box 490, Chapin, SC 29036 Boatwright, Gary Wayne, Highway 23 Route 1, Monetta, SC 29105 Boggs, Mary Ann, 206 Sylvan Road, Green- wood, SC 29646 Boggs, William Neely, 1431 Wapoo Street, North Augusta, SC 29841 Bolt, Rogina D, Route 2 Roger Bolt Road, Belton, SC 29627 Bolt, Roger Dean, Route 2, Belton, SC 29627 Boudoucies, Julia Patricia, 33 Cunningham Circle, Taylors, SC 29687 Bouknight, Lamar Carl, Route 1 Box 6, Irmo, SC 29063 Boulware, James Andrew, PO Box le73, An- derson, SC 296222 Bowen, Deborah Kay, Route 12 Box 21, An- derson, SC 29621 Bowick, Andrea Raye, 3002 LeConte Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Boyte, John, 108 Partridge Lane, Anderson, SC 29621 Bradley, Roger Berry, PO Box 64, Bethune, SC 29009 Bradley, Samuel Dale, Route 2, Abbeville, SC 29620 Braswell, Anthony Eugene, Route 6 Box 102, Anderson, SC 29621 Braswell, Fred Brian, PO Box 18645, Char- lotte, NC 28218 Breazeale, Harold DeLois, Route 3, Pickens, SC 29671 Bridges, Lisa Robin, 137 Eastview Circle, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Brock Paul Vincent, Route 2 Box 570, Bel- ton, SC 29627 Brock, Tracey Kay, 114 Virginia Circle, An- derson, SC 29621 Brookshire, Ronald Dean, Chick Street, Clinton, SC 2932 5 Brotman, Craig M, 4289 Bright Bay Way, Ellicoti City, MD 21043 Brown, Barney, 3 Curtis Street, Anderson, SC 29624 Brown, Deborah Ann, Route 1 Box 1035, Starr, SC 29684 Brown, Georgia, Box 264, Pickens, SC 29671 Brown, Kathy Lynne, Box 127, Iva, SC 29655 Brown, Lisa Lynn, 100 Rugby Road, Lancas- ter, SC 29720 Brown, PhUip David, Route 1 Farmer Road, Starr, SC 29684 Brown, Yolonda Maria, 207 Moore Street, Simpsonville, SC 29e81 Brownlee, Jacqueline V, 302 Blossom Drive, 174 Directory Greenville, SC 29605 Bruce, Michael Gary, PO Box 93, Fair Play, SC 29643 Branson William Terry, 1 Lakeside Drive, Walhalla, SC 29691 Bryan, Phillip Earl, 209 Catherine Street, Union, SC 29379 Bryant, Derrell Alan, 501 Dorchester Blvd., Greenville, SC 29o05 Bryant, Lynn Carol, RT 2 15 Hembree Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Bryant, Paula Jean, 207 Keithwood Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Bryant, Richard Armour, 2211 Whitman Road, Raleigh, NC 27607 Bryant, Rhonda Jane, 205 Corning Avenue, Anderson, SC 29621 Buchanan, Karen Leigh, PO Box 501, Pend- leton, SC 29670 Buford, Karen Ann, 309 Townes Road, Co- lumbia, SC 29210 Bunch, Richard Lee, Box 208, La France, SC 29656 Burbage, Bruce Owens, Route 1 Box 110, Meggett, SC 29460 Burch, Jr., Leland Edward, 230 Brookwood Drive, Greer, SC 29o51 Burdette, Marilyn Ann, Route 1 Box 769, Iva, SC 29655 Burgess, Andrea Carolyn, 219 Sylvia Road, Easley, SC 29640 Burgess, Tammy Doreen. Route 1 Box 359, Liberty, SC 29657 Burke, Gay Lynn, Route 1 Box 683, Starr, SC 29684 Burkett, Terri Bernice, PO Box 437, Wa- gener, SC 29164 Burks, Robert Tucker, 705 Windsor Avenue, Anderson, SC 29621 Burns, Darlene, 242 East Cardline Street, Williamston, SC 29697 Burns, James Anthony, Route 3, Gray Court, SC 29645 Burriss, Joseph L, 210 Bleckley Street, An- derson, SC 29621 Burroughs, Sharon Elaine, 904 Bowden Road, Anderson, SC 29624 Burton, Karen Renee, llo Westwood Drive, Belton, SC 29627 Busbin, Mary Bridge, 122 Westmore Road, Rome, GA 30161 Byerlev, Julie Eliz., Route 3 Box 78, Central, SC 29630 Bvers, Gina Renee, 207 North John Street, Walhalla, SC 29691 Byrd, Kevin Thomas, 548 Wisteria Drive, Florence, SC 29501 Byrd, Sharon Louise, Route 1 Box 218, Pend- leton, SC 29670 Cahaly, Sharon Elise, 102 South Murray Avenue, Anderson, SC 29624 Calhoun, Stephen Lloyd, 3852 Campbell Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46226 Callaham, Bobby Ray, RT 4 Crawford Road, Belton, SC 29627 Calvert, Brett Barron, 715 Kingsbridge Road, Columbia, SC 29210 Campbell, Catherine B, 2310 Whitehall Ave- nue, Anderson, SC 29621 Campbell, Carla Denise, Route 4 Box 229, Belton, SC 29627 Campbell, Susan Eliz., 196 Ellington Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29301 Cannon, Alice J oan, PO Box 641, Clayton, GA 30525 Cannon, Christi M, 101 Rock Hampton Road, Irmo, SC 29063 Cannon, Parish Wayne, RT 9 106 Trafalgar Road, Greenville, SC 29 09 Cantrell, Cynthia Gail, Route 2, Salem, SC 29676 Capps, Christopher C, 4939 Pine Hill CT E, Stone Mountain, GA 30088 Carey, Lori Lee, Route 1 Box 972, Starr, SC 29684 Carlisle, Janice Marie, 5093 Mariana Court, Tega Cay, SC 29715 Carpenter, Carolyn Jean, Horseshoe Drive, Seneca, SC 2978 Carter, Route 7 Box 170, Piedmont, SC 29673 Carter, Stacey Lynn, 116 Sugar Cane Court, Greer, SC 29651 Carter, Scott Treiber, 1210 Brentwood Drive, Columbia, SC 29206 Carver, Louis Monroe, PO Box 84, West Union, SC 29696 Cash, Kimberly E, Route 2 Box 234, Pendle- ton, SC 29670 Cater, Tanya Renee, 103 Brookwood Drive, Seneca, SC 29678 Chambers, Henry Neal, PO Box 521, Willis- ton, SC 29853 Chandler, Ruth Ann, 26 Forest Hill Drive, Williamston, SC 29697 Channel!, Delia Jane, 2454 Vistavia Road, Charleston, SC 29405 Chaplin, Saundra Felker, Route 5 Box 1005, Orangeburg, SC 29115 Chapman, Robert Douglas, 1215 Anderson Drive, Williamston, SC 29697 Chapman, William Henry, 109 Poinsettia Drive, Simpsonvill, SC 29681 Chastain, Edward Alan, Star Route 1, Dil- lard, GA 30537 Cheek, John Brian, 208 North Street, Ander- son, SC 29621 Cheek, James Todd, 304 Heathwood Lane, Easley, SC 29640 Cheek, Kelley Montine, Route 1 Box 92, Bel- ton, SC 29627 Cheek, Teddy Junkins, Route 1 Box 92, Bel- ton, SC 29627 Childers, Basil Chris., Route 4 Box 19 A 1, York, SC 29745 Childs, Joyce West, 1105 Hanover Road, An- derson, SC 29e21 Childs, Virginia Rene, 211 O ' Neal Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Church, Corra Gunter, Route 1, Townville, SC 29689 Ciesla, Michael Jon, 705 Woodfield Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Clardy, Deborah Murphy, Route 1 Box 207 1, Williamston, SC 29697 Clark, Gary Alan, 1319 Stoney, Charleston, SC 29407 Claudy, Susan Lynn, 107 Pine Tree Lane, Anderson, SC 29621 Clayton, Dana Adair, Route 7 Brook-Dell Drive, Greer, SC 29651 Clemmer, Roberta Ann, 1210 Winding Way, Taylors, SC 29687 Cleveland, Gina Beth, Howland Drive, An- derson, SC 29624 Clinkscales, Deidre Lynn, 601 Booker Street, Anderson, SC 29624 Clinkscales, Delila Yvonne, Route 9 Box 414, Anderson, SC 29624 Cochran, Gregory Means, 110 Cameron Way, Anderson, SC 29621 Cody, Billy Eugene, PO Box 318, York, SC 29745 Coggins, Carole Kelle, 171 Heard Drive, El- berton, GA 30635 Coggins, Lisa Renae, 830 Heard Drive, El- berton, GA 30635 Cole, Debbie Gay, 101 Lakeview Drive, Summerville, SC 29483 Collins, Cynthia Lynn, White Oak Road, Central, SC 29630 Collins, William L, 6549 Litchfield Drive, Columbia, SC 29209 Comer, Julian Douglas, Route 1, Hickory Grove, SC 29717 Compton, Mary Caroline, RT 1 Old Green- ville Hwy, Anderson, SC 29621 Condon, Birgit Irmgard, Route 7 Box 110 A, Anderson, SC 29624 Conner, Joan Marie, Route 3 Box 672, Blacksburg, SC 29702 Connor, Tammy Annette, 2020 Breazeale Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Cook Tracy Dale, 3059 Wexford Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Cooke Dennis Boyd, RT 2 BX 55 Greenfor- est Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Cooley, Tammy Renay, 500 Phil Watson Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Corbett, Aubra Allen, 721 West Church Street, Bishopville, SC 29010 Corbit, Gordon Ronald, 1655 Swinton Street, Orangeburg, SC 29115 Corbit, Glenn Reginald, 1655 Swinton Street, Orangeburg, SC 29115 Cord, Kathleen L, 200 Harborough Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Corley, Lisa Elaine, Route 5 Box 786, Laur- ens, SC 29360 Cothran, Patricia Anne, 11 Whilden Drive, Williamston, SC 29697 Couch, Susan Leigh, 409 Trinity Way, Greenville, SC, 29609 Cox, Kevin Lloyd, 1203 13th Avenue, Con- way, SC 29526 Cox, Marilyn Carter, Route 7 Box 334, Pied- mont, SC 29673 Cox, Rebecca Daisy, Route 1 Box 864, Pelzer, SC 29669 Cox, Sheila Mae, 38 B Tanglewood Apts, Anderson, SC 29621 Craig, Rebecca Sue, Route 4 Box 128, Pick- ens, SC 29671 Crain, Dena Lynn, RT 5 Delvista Heights, Greenville, SC 29609 Craine, Edith Clair, Route 1 Box 350, Gray Court, SC 29645 Crawford, Timothy Lee, Route 1 Box 901 Depot Rd, Pelzer, SC 29669 Cribb, Stephanie Ann, Andrews Hwy, Georgetown, SC 29440 Crisp, Jeffrey Neal, Route 5 331, Pidmont, SC 29673 Cromer, Carolyn H, 1314 Northampton 175 Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Cromer, Dana Laurie, 214 Polaris Street, An- derson, SC 29621 Crowe, Gregory Steven, 201 Altamont CT, Anderson, SC 29621 C rump, Michael Edward, Route 3, Hartwell, GA 30643 Cudd, Jeffrey Scott, Route 1, Rutherfordton, NC 28139 Cull, Simon Mark, Daeger, Kimberly Ellen, 9614 Windsor Lake Blvd. Columbia, SC 29206 Dallery, James Franklin, 721 Cardinal Drive, Sumter, SC 29150 Dalton, Leslie P, 203 Leila Street, Seneca, SC 29678 Dalton, Melissa Ann, Box 361 Route 8, Eas- ley, SC 29640 Daniel, John Calvin, 611 Hemlock Drive, Thomson, GA 30824 Daniel, John Mark, 203 Brookgreen Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Daniel, William David, PO Box 431, Lamar, SC 29069 Daughtry, Donald Andrew, 13 Engel Drive, Greenville, SC 29609 Davenport, Maria Devon, 102 Kingswood Terrace, Anderson, SC 29621 Davis, Debbie Lynn, Route 5 Box 396, Pied- mont, SC 29673 Davis, Deana Michele, Route 4, Belton, SC 29627 Davis, John Feimster, Route 2 Box 21 J, San- tee, SC 29142 Davis, Priscilla, 231 Sanders Street, Honea Path, S C 29654 Davis, Rhoda Denise, 45 H Clark Street, Greenville, SC 29607 Davis, Randall Lynn, 2510 Pope Drive, An- derson, SC 29621 Davis, Susan Candace, PO Box 37, Campo- bello, SC 29322 Davis, Steven Earl, Sandringham, Green- ville, SC 29601 Davis, Stephen Louis, 230 Pelham, Green- ville, SC 29615 Davis, Theresa Lynn, 6 Kennedy Street, Honea Path, SC 29654 Dawson, Chiquita T, Trauvus Road, Ander- son, SC 29624 De Holcoumbe, III, Lawrence C, Rt 2 Box 286 Sharon Road, Liberty, SC 29657 Dedes, Laurie Ann, 204 Lakeview Drive, Summerville, SC 29483 DeDiego, Eduardo A, DeHaven, Bruce Kenneth, Route 4 Box 30, Anderson, SC 29624 DeHaven, Brian Lee, Route 4 Box 30, Ander- son, SC 29624 DeLoach, Kathryn Louise, 3 Oyster Catch- er Road, Beaufort, SC 29902 Dempsey, Michael Eugene, 308 Nelson Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Derrick, Barry Wingard, Church Street, Lit- tle Mountain, SC 29075 Derrick, Kevin Dylan, 144 Royal Curtis Drive, Columbia, SC 29210 DeWinkler, Jeffrey M, 770 Suffolk Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Deyarmond, Lisa Christine, 1201 Stonehurst Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Dickerson, John Lee, Box 264 Morgan Ave- nue, Iva, SC 29655 Dixon, April Lynn, 515 Hudgens Street, An- derson, SC 29621 Dixon, Sonya Suzanne, 414 Georgia Avenue, New Ellenton, SC 29809 Dodson, Joey Stanton, Route 11 Box 39, An- derson, SC 29621 Doolittle, Charles M, Route 2 Box 113, Po- maria, SC 29126 Doskocil, Frank Alan, 54 Old Still Road, Columbia, SC 29206 Drawdy, Tammy Lynn, PO Box 522, Wa- gener, SC 29164 Drummond, Terry Lison, 1305 Harvard, Grosse Pointe, MI 48230 Ducworth, Deborah S, Route 1 Bowen Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Ducworth, William R, Route 1 Box 126, Williamston, SC 29697 Dudash, Betty Jo, 3 Templewood Drive, Greenville, SC 29611 Dukes, Charles Edward, G 200 Lakeshore Drive, Columbia , SC 29206 Dukes, James Ross, 5917 Woodvine Road, Columbia, SC 29206 Duncan, Myron David, 21 Dolphin Street, Greenville, SC 29605 Dupre, Patricia, Route 3 Box el, Walhalla, SC 29691 Dulschke, Andrew Mark, 717 Loblolly Drive, Anderson, SC 29o21 Dyches, Angela Kay, 222 Ann Street, Pick- ens, SC 29671 Dyer, Vivian T, PO Box 55, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Easterling, Donald Lamar, 315 17th Avenue North, Surfside Beach, SC 29577 Edmonds, David Ellis, Route 1 Box 363, Wil- liamston, SC 29697 Edmonds, Steven David, 1404 Forest Lane, Anderson, SC 29621 Edwards, Donna Ruth, 111 Sedgefield Ct, Anderson, SC 29621 Edwards, Patricia Anne, 42 E Lodge West Apt, Columbia, SC 29210 Edwards, Tonie Desiree, 20 Blossom Drive, Greenville, SC 29605 Eleazer, Donaldjulian, 2402 Feather Run Trail, West Columbia, SC 29169 Elledge, John Chris., 114 Woodcliff Ct, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Elliot, Nancy Hadden, 208 Emory Ro ad, Spartanburg, SC 29302 Ellis, Betty Jean, Route 5 Box 592, Seneca, SC 29678 Ellis, Cathy Elaine, 115 Briarcliff Avenue, Abbeville, SC 29620 Ellison, Cynthia Lynn, Route 1 Box 428, Williamston, SC 29697 Ellison, Randall Lewis, Rt 1, A.M. Ellison Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Elrod, Anna Marie, Route 1 Box 115, Pendle- ton, SC 29670 Elrod, Lesley Eleanor, 211 Buckingham Road, Greenville, SC 29607 Emery, Donna Jean, Route 2, Landrum, SC 29356 English, John Steven, PO Box 128, Swansea, SC 29160 Epps, IV, Haynesworth V, 108 Cherokee Avenue, Union, SC 29379 Erwin, Nancy Rebecca, 16 Leacroft Drive, Greenville, SC 29615 Estes, David Alvin, 224 Stoney Creek Drive, Greenville, SC 29607 Ethridge, Dorothy Marie, PO Box 752, Starr, SC 29684 Evans, Deborah Alison, Route 2 Box 268, Abbeville, SC 29620 Evans, Kelly Hammond, 415 B Taylor Street, Anderson, SC 29621 Evans, Mark Edward, 512 Forest Lane, Bel- ton, SC 29627 Evatt, Melinda Kay, Route 7 Box 752, Easley, SC 29640 Fallaw, Elizabeth M, Fallaw, Rebecca Louise, Fan, Ellen Chi-Chun, 401 South First Street, Apt 7, Easley, SC 29640 Farr, Janet Elaine, 16 Hunts Bridge Road, Greenville, SC 29611 Fast, Michael Allen, 4235 Inwood Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Faust, John Danell, Route 1 Box 130 A, Rich- burg, SC 29729 Fender, Kelli Kaann, PO Box 902, St. George, SC 29477 Fields, Brian Monroe, 143 Shelton Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29302 Findley, Amy Suzanne, 2116 Anson Rd. Brandywood, Wilmington, DE 19810 Finley, Dierdre C, 200 Crestview Road, Eas- ley, SC 29640 Fisher, Karen Anne, 761 Janice Drive, Co- lumbia, SC 29210 Fleming, Tracy Eugene, 412 College Avenue, Abbeville, SC 29620 Floyd, Claence Mitch, PO Box 602, Ridge- land, SC 29936 Fogarty, Anthony M, 9 Beneta Ct, Savan- nah, GA 31406 Foote, William Antoni, 9811 Menden Road, Potomac, MD 20854 Ford, Susan Osborne, PO Box 2, Canon. GA, 30520 Fortner, Margaret D, Route 7 Box 133, Pied- mont, SC 29673 Fortson, Donna Janice, Route 1 Box 76 A, Salem, SC 29676 Foster, Joseph Donald, 113 Lee Ann Drive, Easley, SC 29640 Foster, Robert C, 40 Lanneau Drive, Green- ville, SC 29605 Fowler, Deborah Bryant, 112 Princess Ave- nue, Anderson, SC 29621 Frank, Richard, Route 10 Oakwood Estates, Anderson, SC 29621 Franks, Linda Margaret, 5 Oyster Landing, Hilton Head Is, SC 29928 Freeland, Robert Thomas, 301 Hillpine Drive, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Freeman, Melody lee. Route 1 Box 200 A, Williamston, SC 29697 Freeman, Robin Alane, 2422 S Island Road, Georgetown, SC 29440 Fricks, Robin Lynn, 7 Glenwood Avenue, Williamstown, SC 29697 Funchess, Sandra K, PO Box 404, Iva, SC 29655 Furman, William HG, 800 Fayetteville Ave- nue, Bennettsville, SC 29512 176 Directory Fussell, Kathryn Bell, 217 Bentway Lane, Spartanburg, SC 29302 Gainey, Paul Lavelle, 156 Westbridge, Co- lumbia, SC 29204 Calloway, Carla Yvette, 120 Leon Drive, An- derson, SC 29621 Gambrell, Jr., Rex Calvin, Route 1, Honea Path, SC 29654 Gantt, Myra Lynn, 2618 H Page Drive, An- derson, SC 29622 Garcia, Delores Ellen, 112 Calvary Street, Greer, SC 29651 Garrett, Martha Hollis, O Box 5241, Ander- son, SC 29623 Garrett, Nancy O ' Neal 1019 Lakeview Drive, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 Garris, Dana Leigh, Route 4 Box 277, Pied- mont, SC 29673 Garrison, Barbara M, Route 2 Box 339 B, Anderson, SC 29621 Garrison, Kimberly Dawn, Route 2 Box 464, Greenwood, SC 29646 Garrison, William Glenn, Route 2 Box 355, Anderson, SC 29621 Geiger, William, 1829 Senate Street, Colum- bia, SC 29201 Gibson, Kimberly Dawn, Route 5, Westmin- ster, SC 29693 Gilliard Michael Darnell, 419 Sims Street, Anderson, SC 29624 Gilmore, Cheryl Yvette, 101 Adams Ct, Sen- eca, SC 29678 Gleaton, Elizabeth Dorraine, 1187 Wood- bine SE, Orangeburg, SC 29115 Glenza, Jeanne Rose, 1724 West Market Street, Anderson, SC 29624 Goodale, John Franklin, Route 1 Box 579, Chapin, SC 29036 Goodwin, Patricia Ann, Route 2 Box 499, Walhalla, SC 29691 Graham, Darline Lettie, PO Box 436, Cen- tral, SC 29630 Grant, Barry Thomas, Route 9 Box 345, Ea- ley, SC 29640 Grant, Frederick W, 6525 Sandale Drive, Co- lumbia, SC 29210 Grant, William Andrew, 1005 Quaker Drive, Berkley, SC 29406 Gray, Dawn Michelle, 104 Camelback Road, Greenville, SC 29609 Gray, Jeannette A, Route 2 Box 1110, Belton, SC s9627 Gray, Timothy Keith, 104 Camelback Road, Greenville, SC 29609 Green, Robert Auda, Route 5, Anderson, SC 29621 Green, Robert Clayton, PO Box 175, Iva, SC 29655 Green, Tammy Ellen, Route 1 Box 424, Bel- ton, SC 29627 Greene, Gerald Randall, Route 7 Box 194, Anderson, SC 29624 Gressette, Alexandria Cathey, Route 2 Box 216, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Griffin, Kristie A, 134 Davis Drive, Chester, SC 29706 Griffin, Kristie A, 134 Davis Drive, Chester, SC 29706 Griffin, Timothy Andrew, 216 Smythe Ave- nue, Greenwood, SC 29646 Griffin, Wendy Lynn, Route 1 Box 525, Iron Station, NC 28080 Grills, Terri Lynn, Grogan, Gary John, 103 Lindsay Road, Sen- eca, SC 29678 Grover, Nancy Elizabeth, 309 Tamasee Drive, Clemson, SC 29631 Grubbs, William Keith, 323 Mountain View Street, Westminster, SC 29693 Gurley, Brian Lee, 205 Williamsburg Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Gurley, Madelyn Elizabeth, 418 Arcadia Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Hadden, Velma Denise, PO Box 407, Greensboro, GA 30642 Hadley, Todd Kinard, 5860 Woodvine Road, Columbia, SC 29206 Hafer, John Charles, Route 2 Stage-Coach Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Hailstock, ynthia L, 46 Baxter Street, Green- ville, SC 29607 Hall, George C, PO Box 2371, Anderson, SC 29622 Hall, James Gregory, RT 10, 301 Dove Tree Road, Greenville, SC 29607 Hallinan, Darcy Ann, 800 Kingsbridge Road, Columbia, SC 29210 Mailman, Gary Von, 332 Eastcliffe Way, Greenville, SC 29611 Mailman, Leeanne Grace, Q 191 Point Arca- dia, Columbia, SC 29206 Hammett, Jennifer Marie, 1726 Koulter Drive, Columbia, SC 29210 Hammett, Larry Leon, Route 3 Box 250, Gaf- ney, SC 29340 Hanley, Angela Chris, 120 Hazel Drive, Bel- ton, SC 29627 Harbert, Ronald Dean, 2702 LeConte Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Harbin, Robin Ann, 1312 Quail Valley West, Columbia, SC 29210 Hardigree, Matthew George, 3 Sylvan Ct, Spartanburg, SC 29302 Hardigree, Nancy Morris, 120 Athens Street, Hartwell, GA 30643 Harris, Susan Cynthia, Route 2, Pendleton, SC 29670 Harris, Stephen S, Route 6 Flat Rock Road, Anderson, SC 29624 Harris, Timothy Jesse RT 6 Flat Rock Road, Anderson, SC 29624 Harris, William Tucker, Route 2, Lavonia, GA 30553 Hart, Donna Anne, 4327 Conrad Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29301 Mailman, Joseph Craig, Route 1 Box 118, Williamston, SC 29697 Mailman, Jonathan E, Route 1 Box 118, Wil- liamston, SC 29697 Hatcher, Teresa Marie, 203 Sumter Street, Anderson, SC 29621 Haulbrook, Kelly Rene, 300 Hermitage Road, Greenville, SC 29615 Hawkins, Cynthia Ann, 2261 Wintercrest Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Hayes, Debbie Dorene, 408 High Valley Blvd, Greenville, SC 29605 Haynes, Garris Moore, 512 Smith Street, Timmonsville, SC 29161 Haynes, Mark Clayton, 409 Part Street, Timmonsville, SC 29161 Haynie, Reece Phillip, Route 1, Iva, SC 29655 Head, Diane, PO Box 101, Salem, SC 29676 Heard, Odessa Yolanda, 803 Druid Hills Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Heatherly, Charles C, Route 2 Box 163, Pelzer, SC 29669 Heaton, Aprile Ann, 10 I Country Club Ats, Anderson, SC 29621 Heaton, Daniel Weaver, H 2 Concord Apts, Anderson, SC 29621 Hedgepath, Robert Jan, RT 14 BX 6, Old Williamston Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Hellams, James Gregory, Route 1 Box 69, Gray Court, SC 29645 Henderson, Angela Louise, Route 2 Box 224, Wellford, SC 29385 Henderson, Gayle Elaine, 119 Pinewood Drive, Greer, SC 29651 Henderson, James Philip, 223 Kings Way, Clemson, SC 29621 Hendrix, Margaret E, 107 Sweetbriar Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Hendrix, Nancy Joan, 412 High Valley Blvc, Greenville, SC 29605 Henrique, Judi Ann L, 36 F Tanglewood Apts, Anderson, SC 29621 Herring, Laura Leigh, Route 1 Cobb ' s Glen, Anderson, SC 29621 Herring, Sonya Lynnette, PO Box 532, Hartwell, GA 30643 Hickey, Edgar Bradshaw, 2523 Lindale Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Hicks, III, William Austin, 2013 Arnett Drive, Camden, SC 29020 Hildebrand, James, 2320 Hampton Street, Columbia, SC 29204 Hill, Penelope G, Route 3, Iva, SC 29655 Hill, Sharon Ann, 105 Lullwater Parkway, Anderson, SC 29621 Hilley, Jacquelyn M, 101 Carson Road, Sen- eca, SC 29678 Hinson, Jeanette F, 104 Amy Lane, Taylors, SC 29687 Hodge, Margie Delores, Route 3 Box 84, Walhalla, SC 29691 Hodge, Susan Elise, 603 North Almond Drive, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Hogg, Mary Yvonne, 312 A South Main Street, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Holbrook, Jack Blake, Route 2, Iva, SC 29655 Holbrooks, Van Thomas, Route 2 Box 160, Liberty, SC 29657 Holcombe, Janet G, PO Box 177, Liberty, SC 29657 Holcombe, Sandra Lynne, PO Box 177, Li- berty, SC 29657 Holcombe, Virginia Renee, PO Box 508, Li- berty, SC 29657 Holland, Amy Claire, 840 Weir Street, Charleston, SC 29412 Holliday, Tracy Leigh, 102 Montgomery, Laurens, SC 29360 Hollingsworth, Annie Pruitt, Route 4 Gov. Square, Greer, SC 29651 Hooloman, Terri Lynn, 1490 Kevin Drive, Elberton, GA 30635 1 I. in, I. i Joettc Elizabeth, 194 Julia Ave- nue, Charleston, SC 29412 Hood, Teresa Karen, Route 3, Belton, SC 29627 Hook, Martin Reed, 2462 Liverpool Drive, Directory 177 Charleston, SC 29407 Hooper, Ella Ruth, 607 Rantowles Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Hoover, [Catherine Faye, PO Box 4465, Co- lumbia, SC 29250 Horton, Gary Lamar, PO Box 853, Ridge- land, SC 29936 Hoskins, William Murray, Route 2 Box 146, Bennettsville, SC 29512 Houk, David Lowes, 2511 Hyde Manor Drive, N.W., Atlanta, GA 30327 Howard, Mary Lynne, Route 2 Box 316, Lan- drum, SC 29356 Howell, Michael Joseph, 3523 Interlachen Drive, Augusta, GA 30907 Hudson, Jennifer E, 100 Westview Street, Pickens, SC 29671 Hudspeth, Jerry Webb, 202 Bent Bridge Road, Greenville, SC 29611 Huffmaster, Teresa Ann, 127 Lomond Land, Spartanburg, SC 29302 Huggins, John Wilson, 215 Christian Street, Cheraw, SC 29520 Huggins, Tamarha Cean, 16 Sagamore Lane, Greenville, SC 29607 Hughes, Harvey Cecil, 510 North Depot Street, Seneca, SC 29678 Hughes, Linda Ann, 8 Wallace Street, Laur- ens, SC 29360 Hughes, Richard Mark, Route 5, Belton, SC 29627 Huiet, Mark Alan, Route 7 Box 154, Ander- son, SC 29624 Hunter, Elke K, Route 1 Country Place, An- derson, SC 29621 Hunter, Koger, RT 3, Box 71, Pelzer, SC 29669 Hunter, Michael Loyd, b Clematis Court, Sumter, SC 29150 Hutto, James Allan, PO Box 612, Hawkins- ville, GA 30136 Hydrick, Mark Robert, 123 Cedar Rock Road, Easley, SC 29640 inf inger. Carter Guerry, 1300 Gilmore Road, Charleston, SC 29407 Israel, Kelly Diane, 3515 A White Horse Road, Greenville, SC 29611 Jacks, Nancy Jane, 8 Stewart Street, Wil- liamston, SC 29697 Jacks, Rita Harper, 101 Academy Street, Williamston, SC 29697 Jackson, Charles M, Route 14, Anderson, SC 29621 Jacobsen, Cynthia Marie, 1009 Hammond Drive, North Augusta, SC 29841 James, Cherly Dawn, RT 1 Saluda Lake Road, Greenville, SC 29611 James, Doris Renee, 101 Oak Drive, Green- ville, SC 29611 James, Pamela Lynn, Route 8 Lakeview Drive, Greenville, SC 29611 James, Rebecca Kay, Route 1, West Union, SC 29696 James, Sue Elaine, Route 2 Box 13, High- lands, NC 28741 Jameson, Valerie K, 203 Jordan Drive, Eas- ley, SC 29640 Jeffcoat, Mary Rosalind, 2015 Cardinal Cir- cle, Anderson, SC 29621 Jensen, Patricia Jill, Route 2 Box 104, Town- ville, SC 29689 Johnson, Angela Renee, 100 Richfield Ter- race, Greer, SC 29651 Johnson, Elliott L, Route 6 Box 98 B, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Johnson, Lisa Charlene, RT 6, 209 Ashwood Avenue, Greenville, SC 29607 Johnson, Lisa Renette, 1619 Boone Hall Road, Charleston, SC 29407 Johnson, Patsy Ann, 801 Willims Street, Seneca, SC 29678 Jones, Ashley Bibb, 202 Woodridge Ct, An- derson, SC 29621 Jones, James Bradley, 220 Arnold Drive, An- derson, SC 29621 Jones, Jeffrey C, 2362 Mary Drive, West Co- lumbia, C 29169 Jones, James Keith, Route 6 Box 225, Elber- ton, GA 30635 Jones, Jennifer Luann, 2362 Mary Drive, West Columbia, SC 291e9 Jones, Keith Joseph, 312 Brookforest Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Jones, Mary Frances, Route 2 Box 685, Eas- ley, SC 29640 Jones, Timothy Lamar, Route 2 Old Spring Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Kay, Laura Lee, Route 1 Box 6, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Kelley, Glen Stephen, 519 Quincy Road, Seneca, SC 29678 Kelley, Karen Lee, Route 1 Box 132, Central, SC 29630 Kelley, Sean Ansel, 23 Timrod Way, Green- ville, SC 29607 Kendrick, James Lewis, 545 Poplar Street, Spartanburg, SC 29302 Keown, Miriam Rebecca, PO Box 332, Bel- ton, SC 29627 Kindley, Linda Rebecca, Route 5 State Park Road, Greenville, SC 29609 King, Mary Elizabeth, 3803 Allston Road, Anderson, SC 29624 King, Peggy Lynn, 962 Quail Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730 King, Richard Scott, 116 Fabrica Drive, Clemson, SC 29631 King, Robert Roy, 101 Scottswood Drive, Greenville, SC 29615 Kirkpatrick, Joseph Bennett, 2128 James Ct, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Kittrell, Donna Renee, 1885 Pinebrook Drive, Orangeburg, SC 29115 Klopper, Frederick John, RT 5 Box 113, E George Road, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Klosky, Richard Ford, 509 Boulevard, An- derson, SC 29621 Koger, Michael Thomas, 112 Sunnifield Drive, Williston, SC 29853 Kohlmayer, Kathleen Mary, 2601 Wood- Ridge Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Kawalski, John Charles, Route 1 Oak Hill Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Krass, Richard B, 19068 West Parsley Drive, St. Petersburg, FL 33708 Kumar, Shemi Yamini, 260 Blacks Bluff Road, Rome, GA 30161 Labonge, Rosemary P, PO Box 1414, Clem- son, SC 29633 Lancaster, Jane Camille, 7 Peachtree Lane, Greer, SC 29651 Landrith, James Wayne, PO Box 78, Town- ville, SC 29689 Langston, Tracy Ann, Route 3 Hammond Road, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Larach, Deborah Y, Larach, Lorena Yiselle, Large, Troy Allen, Plantation Apts 22 B, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Lark, Shirley Renee, Route 7 199, Inman, SC 29349 Larsen, Kimberly Dawn, Route 4 Box 641, Easley, SC 29640 Lawless, Ginger Elizabeth, Route 7 Box 322, Piedmont, SC 29673 Lawrence, Charles Ray, 303 Poinsettia Drive, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Lawton, Mary Beth, PO Box 366, Cameron, SC 29030 League, Cynthia Maria, 144 Bradley Blvd. Greenville, SC 29609 Leary, Katrina Diane, 104 Acorn Drive, An- derson, SC 29621 Ledford, Melissa Dawn, Route 3, Seneca, SC 29678 Lee, Cheryl Yvonne, Lee, Daniel Richard, 122 Oakveiw Drive, Greenville, SC 29605 Lee, Tonja Rolann, 208 North Avenue, Westminster, SC 29693 Levin, Gretchin Drew, 57 Topsail Ct, Green- ville, SC 29611 Lewis, Margaret Ann, Lewis, Malcolm, Route 1 Box 158 A, St. Mat- thews, SC 29135 Lewis, Sharon Lynn, 202 Sellwood Circle, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Liebenrood, Joh Newell, 105 Ripple View Drive, Clemson, SC 29631 Light, Pamela, Route 9 Box 6187, Anderson, SC 29624 Lindley, Hilda Bratcher, Route 1, Belton, SC 29627 Lindsey, Sarah Kay, Route 3 Box 120 AA, Central, SC 29630 Lollis, Tommy Michael, 203 Shadecrest, Mauldin, SC 29662 Long, Angela Carol, 2504 Poplar Lane, An- derson, SC 29621 Long, Cynthia Ann, 89 South Greenwich Drive, Walhalla, SC 29691 Long, James Todd, 406 Loblolly Drive, An- derson, SC 29621 Long, Lorie Hannah, PO Box 754, Ridge- land, SC 29936 Long, Patricia Jane, PO Box 1981, Anderson, SC 29622 Long, Venice Hel ene, 770 Clearview Drive, Charleston, SC 29412 Looper, Thomas Randall, Route 2 Box 536, Marietta, SC 29661 Loper, Leslie, 112 West Calhoun St. 1, Sumter, SC 29150 Love, Barry Nelson, 601 Wotan Road, Co- lumbia, SC 29206 Lowie, Janice Edwina, Route 3 Box 438, Sen- eca, SC 29678 Lupoid, Hugh McCol, PO Box 396, Holly Hill, SC 29059 Lynch, Deana Gaines, 125 Fort Rutledge Road, Clemson, SC 29631 Lynch, Donna Rene, Route Box 584, Eas- ley, SC 29640 178 Directory Madden, Patsy Anne, Route 1 Box 147, Wa- terloo, SC 29384 Madison, Mark William, 134 Timmons Street, Columbia, SC 29209 Mangum, John Albert, 109 Mason Drive, Cheraw, SC 29520 Mann, Carol Lucille, 12 Rockingham Road, Greenville, SC 29607 Mann, Kathy Elaine, Route 1 Harris Street, Greenville, SC 29611 Manning, Jerry Richard, Route 1, Starr, SC 29684 Marshall, Mary Sha nnon, 829 Myrtle Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Marston, Ronald Jay, 733 Knollwood Court, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Martin, David Charles, Route 2 Box 222, Pendleton, SC 29670 Martin, Forrest A, 415 Patterson Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Martin, Frances Yvonne, RT 3 White Horse Road, Greenville, SC 29609 Martin, Judy Lynn, 501 North Street, An- derson, SC 29621 Martin, John Timothy, 104 Oak Knoll Ter- race, Anderson, SC 29621 Martin, Laura Ann, Route 2 Box 311, Liber- ty, SC 29657 Martin, Virginia Beth, 1915 Bethal Road, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Martini, Ceres K, RT 3 Todds Creek Road, Central, SC 29630 Mason, Vincent F, 2226 West 12th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46222 Massingill, Robin Lewis, 104 Pine Street, Easley, SC 29640 Matheson, Cynthia Leigh, 174 W Park Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29301 Matthews, Jennifer Bond, 145 Folger Street, Clemson, SC 29631 Mauldin, Joan Bowen, 104 Chandler, Hartwell, GA 30643 Mauldin, Susan Elaine, Route 7 Cater Drive, Easley, SC 29640 Maxwell, Christopher A, West Broad Ext., Iva, SC 29655 McAlister, Glenda S, Route 2 Box 233, Townville, SC 29689 McAfee, Jr., Charles Edward, RT 2 Box 195 D 3, Sherrills Ford, NC 28673 McBride, James Marvin, Route 1, Iva, SC 29655 McCall, Andrea Leigh, Route 1 Box 116, Ta- masee, SC 29686 McCardle, Stephen Edmund, 4401 Wood- leigh Road, Columbia, SC 29206 McClimon, Carole Ann, Route 1 Midway Road, Anderson, SC 29621 McCollum, Sloane N, 117 Carlton Drive, Mauldin, SC 29662 McConnell, James Andrew, Route 7 Bun- combe Road, Greenville, SC 29609 McConnell, Karen Louise, Route 4 Box 446, Seneca, SC 29678 McConnell, Martha Staggs, Route 6 Box 139, Anderson, SC 29624 McCormick, James Todd, 1212 Northamp- ton Road, Anderson, SC 29621 McCoy, Linda Diane, Route 12 Parkwood Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 McCrary, Joel Wesley, Route 1 Gabriel Drive, Greenville, SC 29611 McCurley, Donna Lynne, Route 12 Box 69, Anderson, SC 29621 McCurry, Bobbie Earline, Route 5, Ander- son, SC 29621 McCurry, Claude Irvin, Box 522, Holly Hill, SC 29059 McCurry, Gregory Scott, 609 Jackson Square, Anderson, SC 29621 McCutcheon, Charles Hilton, 1614 Marshall Road, Greenwood, SC 29646 McElhannon, Jr., Joel Mitchell, Rt. 14 Wac- camaw Trail, Anderson, SC 29621 McFalls, James Barry, 212 River Drive, Wil- liamston, SC 29697 McGaha, Kathy Jane, Rt. 2, Honea Path, SC 29654 McGee, Sheryl Dawn, Route 1 Box 45, Iva, SC 29655 McGee, Toni Linlei, 1405 Old Golf Courts Road, Elberton, Ga 30635 McGill, Joe Rodney, Route 10 Quail Run, Anderson, SC 29621 McGuffin, Jeri Parnell, Route 14 Box 369 B, Anderson, SC 29621 Mckenzie, Dawn Leanne, Box 172 Ander- son College, Anderson, SC 29621 McKinley, Kerri Lynette, 3207 Severn Street, Anderson, SC 29624 McLees, Harry Lee, 4120 North Main Street, Anderson, SC 29621 McManus, Julie Ann, PO Box 356, Lancas- ter, SC 29720 McMurray, Virginia Anne, Route 1 Great Falls Road, Chester, SC 29706 McNamara, Michael Joseph, 603 Pelham Road, Greenville, SC 29615 McCroy, Mark Carlson, 315 Lynwood Road, Walterboro, SC 29488 McShane, Henry Leo, 515 Chocksaw, An- derson, SC 29624 Meek, Brian Joel, 146 Timber Lane, Aurora, OH 44202 Mentis, George Peter, 403 Ponce Deleon Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Merck, Gary Charles, PO Box 235, Gray Court, SC 29645 Merck, Tammy Virginia, PO Box 144, West- minster, SC 29693 Merk, Karen Diane, Route 4 Box 363, An- derson, SC 29624 Miller, Brenda L., 1328 East North Street, Greenville, SC 29607 Miller, Cheri Lynn, 106 Poplar Drive, Greenwood, SC 29646 Miller, Julie Annette, Route 1 Box 364, Eas- ley, SC 29640 Miller, Kristy Lynne, PO Box 567, Walhalla, SC 29691 Miller, Paula Michele, 213 Camelot Road, Clemson, SC 29631 Mims, Paula Linda, 1212 Rutledge Way, An- derson, SC 29621 Mitchem, Jacqueline L , PO Box 637, Ridge- land, SC 29936 Moffett, Dustee L„ PO Box 412, Haines Port, NJ 08036 Molony, Pamela Frances, 1046 Fort Sumter Drive, Charleston, SC 29412 Moody, Ann Brogdon, Route 2, Honea Path, SC 29654 Moody, Raquel Glynis, PO Box 192, Wil- liamston, SC 29697 Moore, Marcus Randal, Route 5, Anderson, SC 29621 Moore, Phillip Earl, 105 Broad Street, Clem- son, SC 29631 Moore, Pamela Yvonne, Route 9 Long Creek Drive, Easley, SC 29640 Moore, Reba C, 1218 Bolt Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Moore, Stephen T., PO Box 476, Belton, SC 29627 Moran, Susan Elizabeth, 1275 South Barks- dale Road, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 Morris, Angela Robin, 113 Wilson Street, Greer, SC 29651 Moss, Donna Annette, Route 1 Box 40, Sa- lem, SC 29676 Moxley, Thomas Van, PO Box 51, Mountain Rest, SC 29664 Mueller, Stephen Walter, 116 Charleston Street, Summerville, SC 29483 Mulligan, Glen Alan, 1046 Woodland Drive, Williston, SC 29853 Mullinax, Teresa Diane, 219 Mary Street, Greenville, SC 29611 Murphy, Mitchell W., Route 2, Martin, GA 30557 Murray, Angelia Marie, 106 Vining Street, Sumter, SC 29150 Nabors, Peggi Jo, 5 Nix Circle, Greenville, SC 29611 Nail, Phillip A., 229 Rhodehaven Drive, An- derson, SC 29621 Nease, Connie Evelyn, 4 Wardview Avenue, Greenville SC 29611 Neely, Lora Francis, Route 3 Bismark Drive, Pelzer, SC 29669 Nelms, Michael Grover, Route 4 Box 201, Seneca, SC 29678 Neuse, Michael Rhett, 2703 Burson Road, Anderson, SC 29624 Newell, Patricia Lynn, Route 6 Box 433, Eas- ley, SC 26940 Newell, Patricia Lynn, Route 6 Box 433, Eas- ley, SC 29640 Newell, Terrie Reid, 28 — 2809 Wood Ridge Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Newman, Robbie Carl, PO Box 426, Beth- une, SC 29009 Nichols, Francis G, 701 Chestnut Street, Clinton, SC 29325 Nichols, Gregory Dale, 503 Sycamore Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Nichols, John David, 303 Stallings Road, Taylors, SC 29687 Nichols, Sheryl Ann, 305 Playground Road, Walhalla, SC 29691 Nimmer, Stephen Joseph, 311 Lancelot Drive, Clemson, SC 29631 Nivens, Kim Verona, Route 1, Moore, SC 29369 Nix, Donnie Ray, Route 6 Box 504, Seneca, SC 29678 Nixon, Sally Elizabeth, 1016 Glendalyn Cir- cle, Spartanburg, SC 29302 Norris, Anita, PO Box 22, Belton, SC 29627 Norris, Jr., Frank Anderson, Route 13 Box 71, Anderson, SC 29624 Norwood, John Wilkins, 711 Pelham Road, Greenville, SC 29615 Directory 179 Nuckolls, Alice E., 103 Aldridge Drive, Greenville, SC 29607 O ' Neal, Vivian Lynne, Box 1626, Easley, SC 29640 O ' Reilly, Kristen Elizabeth, 47 Angus Trail, Atlanta, GA 303288 Oakes, Matthew Allen, 148 Murdock Road, Belton, SC 29627 Oliver, Barry Kendall, 177 Windsor Street, Orangeburg, SC 29115 Orders, Lou Nell, 209 Hillbrook Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29302 Orr, John Timothy, Route 4 Box 454, Easley, SC 29640 Orr, Robert W., 1409 Hilltop, Anderson, SC 29621 Osbon, Susan Leigh, Route 3 Pennington Road, Greer, SC 29651 Ottosen, Susan Carol, Route 14 Box 394, An- derson, SC 29621 Ouzts, Tracey Lea, 213 Piedmont Avenue, Greenwood, SC 29646 Owen, Alison Louise, 613 College Heights, Anderson, SC 29621 Owen, Cynthia Elaine, PO Box 356, Pendle- ton, SC 29670 Owen, Christopher F., 2313 Poplar Lane, Anderson, SC 29621 Owen, John Lee, Route 2 Box 687, William- ston, SC 29697 Owens, Ronald Clifton, 4948 Ashby Ave- nue, North Charleston, SC 29406 Owings, Laura Lynn, 104 Foxtrail, Laurens, SC 29360 Ozmint, Kelley Patrice, 1300 Hanover Road, Anders on, SC 29621 Pack, Beverly S., Route 1 Box 25, William- ston, SC 29697 Padgett, David Glenn, Route 1 Box 480, Iva, SC 29655 Page, Judy Faye, Route 10 Harris Bridge Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Painter, James Michael, Route 8 Box 117, Inman, SC 29349 Palmer, Jacqueline Gay, PO Box 295, Wal- halla, SC 29691 Panis, Gregory P, 8019 Spartan Drive, Yountston, OH 44512 Parks, Sue Ann, Route 1 Country Place, An- derson, SC 29621 Parrott, Melanie, 207 Ravensworth Road, Taylors, SC 29687 Patterson, Nancy Leigh, 304 Meadow Park Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Patterson, Rhoda Renee, 1908 Bethal Road, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Payne, Patricia A, Route 2, Hartwell, GA 30643 Payne, Stephanie C, 105 Dalewood Drive, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Peebles, Mary Amanda, PO Box 484, Dun- can, SC 29334 Penland, Edward Baron, 114 Trafalgar Road, Greenville, SC 29609 Perry, Ira Kay, 4 River Oaks Drive, Green- ville, SC 29611 Perry, LaDonna M, 3301 Belhaven Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Petty, Paul D. PO Box 1291, Anderson, SC 29622 Phillips, James Fuller, 301 Galphin Drive, Greenville, SC 29t 09 Phillips, Rose Mary, 219 Polaris Street, An- derson, SC 29621 Pickens, Fred, 14 G Fairview Gardens, An- derson, SC 29621 Pickens, Jr., William Bayard, 106 Postelle Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Pierce, Darryl Andrew, Route 2 Box 445, Merietta, SC 29661 Pike, Melissa Anita, 203 Simpson Drive, Anderson, SC 29624 Pittman, Louis Burrell, Route 9 Queesbury Road, Greenville, SC 29609 Pitts, Sabrina Jean, 6 New Haven Drive, Greenville, SC 29615 Poole, Frances Irene, 7701 Glen Cannon Drive, Charlotte, SC 29215 Poore, Eleanor H, 602 Westview Avenue, Anderson, SC 29621 Porter, Donna Darnell, 45 Allen Street, Greenville, SC 29605 Potts, Selma Yvette, 109 McGee Street, Fort Mill, SC 29715 Powell, Angie Renee, PO Box 204, Pickens, SC 29671 Powell, Kimberly C, PO Box 204, Pickens, SC 29671 Powell, Katherine Elizabeth, 104 North Pre- vost Street, Anderson, SC 29621 Powell, Patricia Gail, 310 Jeb Stuart Avenue, Anderson, SC 29621 Powell, Sandra Alunda, 610 Marshall Ave- nue, Anderson, SC 29621 Power, Karen Lee, PO Box 207, Tigerville, SC 29688 Powers, Jan Brooks, 2221 Cherry Street, Georgetown, SC 29440 Powers, Paulette T, 11 Bainbridge Drive, Charleston, SC 29407 Prater, Nancy Paige, Route 2, Townville, SC 29689 Presher, Rita Marie, Route 12 Keith Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Pressley, Jennifer Elise, 220 Belton Drive, Williamston, SC 29697 Prevost, Kathy Lynn, 202 Augusta Street, Easley, SC 29640 Price, Kenneth Brian, 212 Ponce DeLeon Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Price, Tarra Deleta, 101 Eastover Drive, Greer, SC 29651 Pruitt, Bryan Douglas, PO Box 56, Willis- ton, SC 29853 Pruitt, James Burriss, 105 Nottingham Ct, Anderson, SC 29621 Pruitt, LaDonna Lee, Route 3 Cambridge Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29301 Rabon, Robin Renee, 404 Pineview Drive, Goose Creek, SC 29445 Ragan, Gregory Scott, 2 Juanita Ct, Green- ville, SC 29611 Ragsdale, Billy Lee, PO Box 544, Honea Path, SC 29654 Randall, Sharon Elaine, 2 Strand Ct. Tay- lors, SC 29687 Randolph, Carolyn C, Route 5 Box 336, Bel- ton, SC 29627 Rawls, Carol Ann, PO Box 11, Wagener, SC 29164 Reed, Tami Gail, PO Box 268, Pelzer, SC 29669 Reid, Paula Annette, Route 4 Del-Riso Drive, Easley, SC 29640 Reilly, William P, 71 Hillcrest Drive, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 Rhea, Dorie Patrice, 207 S Boulevard, An- derson, SC 29621 Rhode, Lisa Faye, 937 B Harbor View Road, Charleston, SC 29412 Rhoden, Allison June, 8 Bridgewater Drive, Greenville, SC 29615 Rhodes, Douglas Reid, Route 1, Pelzer, SC 29669 Rhodes, Margaret Elizabeth, 1545 Birthright Street, Charleston, SC 29407 Rice, Regina Renee, Route 1 Box 123, Bowersville, GA 30516 Richards, Gloria Jean, 514 Concord Avenue, Anderson, SC 29621 Richardson, Mary Elizabeth, PO Box 205, Conway, SC 29526 Richey, April Lynn, Route 1 Brock Circle, Honea Path, SC 29654 Richey, Sandra C, Bos 38 Third Street, La France, SC 29656 Rickenbaker, Deborah Layne, 122 Blair Road, Belton, SC 29627 Riddle, Rena Kate, Route 1 Box 110, Bow- man, SC 29018 Ringstad, Debra Lynn, Route 3 Charles Drive, Piedmont, SC 29673 Ritter, Johnelle, 1863 Maxwell Place, Oran- geburg, SC 29115 Rivers, Sandra Jean, 210 Clark Stream Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Roach, Michael Clay, 2410 Mosswood, Flor- ence, SC 29501 Roach, Pamela Jean, Route 3 Hodges Mill Road, Hartwell, GA 30643 Roache, Becky Lynn, Route 1 Box 394, Wil- liamston, SC 29697 Roberson, Jane Marie, 113 Nelson Circle, Manning, SC 29102 Roberts, John David, 104 Marion Street, An- derson, SC 29621 Roberts, Russell B, 2417 McKinley Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Roberts, Theresa V, RT 4 Box 185, Ander- son, SC 29624 Roberts, Troy Wagers, 15 Parish, Sumter, SC 29150 Roberts, William Keith, 2517 McKinley Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Robertson, Stanley Todd, Route 8 Box 115, Inman, SC 29349 Robnett, James Douglas, 7720 Dartmoore Lane, Columbia, SC 29206 Rodgers, Helen Melissa, PO Box 681, Sa- luda, SC 29138 Rogers, Benjamin Scott, Route 3 Box 577, Easley, SC 29640 Rogers, Russell Singleton, 602 Sherry Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Root, David Mellen, 11 Bachman Ct, Green- ville, SC 29605 Roper, Timothy Alan, 139 Kathryan Ct, Greenville, SC 29605 Rose, Virginia V, 822 Dills Bluff Road, Charleston, SC 29412 Rothery, Lorenzo A, Route 2 Box 604, Don- aleds, SC 29638 Rowland, Vance O ' Brian, PO Box 744, An- derson, SC 29622 180 Directory Rozier, Diane Tiverton, 58 240 Jamil Road, Columbia, SC 29210 Rucker, Eldora Dean, 411 Thomas Street, Anderson, SC 29624 Rumsey, Kelly Leigh, Route 2 Kelijon Farm, Hartwell, GA 30643 Rupp, Robert Paul, 317 Kingsway, Clemson, SC 29631 Rush, Elizabeth Anne, 727 Springlake, Road, Columbia, SC 29206 Saari, Lisa Ann, 1172 Winborn Drive, Charleston, SC 29412 Sachs, Beth Myrtle, 11 Inlet Oaks Village, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 Saltmarsh, Susan Mitchell, 309 A Brown Avenue, Belton, SC 29627 Sanders, Amy Letitia, Route 2 Box 145 A, Jefferson, SC 29718 Sanders, Willis Todd, 113 Henry Avenue, Anderson, SC 29621 Saxton, Souglas T, 1208 Hanover Road, An- derson, SC 29621 Sayer, Lynda Marlene, 602 Concord Avenue, Anderson, SC 29621 Schander, Dennis Jon, Route 7 Box 96 C, Anderson, SC 29624 Scott, Debra Carol, Route 2 Macedco Road, Woodruff, SC 29388 Scott, James Rabon, 316 Lipscomb Street, Marion, SC 29571 Sears, Patricia Joan, Route 2, Belton, SC 29627 Seawright, Cathy Lynn, Route 3, Hartwell, GA 30643 Seeger, Arthur Wesley, 1001 Canterbury Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Segars, Leslie Colleen, 7662 Lady Street, Charleston Hgt, SC 29405 Sepeda, Monica Ann, Box 114, Townville, SC 29689 Sexton, Kimberly Dawn, Route 2 Box 316, Blacksburg, SC 29702 Seymour, Matthew F, 502 Bennett Street, Greenville, SC 29609 Sharpe, Karen Sue, 1424 East Calhoun Street, Anderson, SC 29621 Sharpton, William Walter, 603 Parkview Drive, Laurens, SC 29360 Shaw, Douglas M, 3088 Octavia Place, Dora- ville, GA 30340 Shealy, Clarence A, 2200 Glenn Street, New- berry, SC 29108 Shealy, Margaret Lynn, 202 West Fernwood Road, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Shealy, Terri Louise, 1433 Franklin Street, Columbia, SC 29201 Sheppard, John Reese, 1036 Woodland Drive, Williston, SC 29853 Sheppard, Jr., Alphonso, 1102 N Willow Avenue, Tampa, FL 33607 Sheriff, Donna Lynn, Route 1, Bowersville, GA 30516 Sheriff, Stanley Earl, Route 5 Box 459, Sen- eca, SC 29678 Shirley, Angela Kay, Route 2 Box 66, Ander- son, SC 29621 Shreckengast, Dawn Renee, 320 Thyme Street, Satellite Beach, FL 32937 Sinclair, Nena Route 5 Box 102, Columbia, SC 29203 Singleton, Jeffrey W, 402 Dickinson Street, Bamberg, SC 29003 Skelnik, Sherri Denise, Route 1 Bonanza Circle, Piedmont, SC 29673 Slice, Carole Marie, 2518 McKinley Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Smith, Cathi Melissa, 706 Fairview Street, Fountain Inn, SC 29644 Smith, Dawn Celeste, Route 2 Box 729, Don- alds, SC 29638 Smith, Daniel Lang, 6315 Gill Creek Road, Columbia, SC 29206 Smith, Hugh Boyd, 1604 Parkview Ct, New- berry, SC 29108 Smith, James Andrew, Route 4 Box 37 A, York, SC 29745 Smith, Janet Marie, 312 Glenn Stovall, Thomson, GA 30824 Smith, James Michael, Route 3 Box 477, Pelzer, SC 29669 Smith, Kimberly Ann, 112 Pawnee Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29301 Smith, Lisa Dawn, 229 Elaine Avenue, Tay- lors, SC 29687 Smith, Linda Jean, Route 3 Box 40, Laurens, SC 29360 Smith, Suzanne, 106 High Street, Laurens, SC 29360 Smith, Sherry Anita, Route 2 Box 186 D, Salem, SC 29676 Smith, Stephen, 3 Box 173, Piedmont, SC 29673 Smith, Stacy Douglas, 401 Fairway Drive, Fort Mill, SC 29715 Smith, Susan Joan, 306 E Celestial Drive, Greer, SC 29651 Smith, Sonja Marie, 211 Bluff Drive, Green- ville, SC 29605 Smith, HI, Joseph Elihu, Route 3 Box 250, Ridgeland, SC 29936 Smoak, Lee Mendel, 1509 North Rhett, No. Charleston, SC 29406 Smoak, Suzanne Hunt, Route 9 N. Parker Road, Greenville, SC 29609 Snider, David Lerdy, 1911 Lynn Avenue, Anderson, SC 29621 Snuggs, III, Harold H, 996 Betsy Drive, Co- lumbia, SC 29210 Snype, Myron, 21 Hilda Street, Charleston, SC 29405 Sorrow, Jr., James Michael, 305 Clark Stream Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Southard, Anthony Alan, 305 Ferry Street, Abbeville, SC 29620 Southerland, Sara Anne, 503 Heyward, An- derson, SC 29621 Sox, Freddy Kyle, 711 Pine Springs Road, Columbia, SC 29210 Sparkman, Teresa Ann, 6502 White Horse Road, Greenville, SC 29611 Spears, William B, Route 2 Great Oaks Es- tates, Anderson, SC 29621 Spencer, John R, 161 W Windsor Street, Reading, PA 19601 Speraw, Stacy Michelle, 400 Tiffany Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Spivack, Jeff S, 161 Ripley Sta. Road, Co- lumbia, SC 29210 Spivey, James Currie, Route 2 Box 299, Pelzer, SC 29669 Stansell, Lisa Denise, 1722 Mat tin Avenue, Anderson, SC 29621 Stanton, Robert Allen, 200 Tyson Avenue, Bennettsville, SC 29512 Stansey, Stephanie Dawn, Route 14 Holly Circle, Greenville, SC 29607 Steadman, Vicki S, RT 7 Box 54, Anderson SC 29622 Stegall, Lona Elizbeth, 308 Rock Springs Road, Easley, SC 29640 Stephens, Barbara F, PO Box 237, West Union, SC 29696 Stewart, Gregory Lynne, PO Box 36, Six Mile, SC 29682 Stiles, Julie Ann, 312 Perry Avenue, Simp- sonville, SC 29681 Stone, Jacquelyn S, Route 10 Quail Hollow, Anderson, SC 29621 Stone, Sherri Rhoda, 7 Hindman Street, West Pelzer, SC 29669 Story, Deborah Lynn, 310 Clarke Stream Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Strickland, Bonita Elaine, 906 Nancy Drive Hartwell, GA 30643 Stroud, John Calvin, Route 3, Abbeville, SC 29620 Stroupe, Lorie Lee, 108 Connecticut Drive, Greenville, SC 29615 Struthers, Greg Alan, 224 Loch Road, Co- lumbia, SC 29210 Stuckey, Sheila Arnetta, 329 Sherman Drive, Anderson, SC 29624 Styles, Batsie Susan, 215 Farr ' s Bridge Road, Green ville, SC 29611 Suggs, Stark Watkins, 2212 Willow Springs Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Sullivan, Paula Gwyn, 307 North Meadow Drive, Manning, SC 29102 Summers, Donald Lavern, Route 2 Box 506, Seneca, SC 29678 Summers, Hester Clare, PO Box 325, Ca- meron, SC 29030 Summey, Johnny Morris, Hwy. 123 Indian Hills, Seneca, SC 29678 Surratt, Elizabeth Ann, 2308 Eden Terrace Ext., Rock Hill, SC 29730 Sutherland, Norris Randall, 116 Whitten Road, Pelzer, SC 29669 Sutherland, Paul Lamr, 106 Looper Road, Pelzer, SC 29669 Swaney, Ginger Dee, Route 6 Box 435, Sen- eca, SC 29678 Swetenburg, Julius A, 931 Nottingham Road, Clinton, SC 29325 Swinford, Dana Catherine, Route 2 Box 14, Bishopville, SC 29010 Talmadge, Mary Helen, 506 Allenby Road, Anderson, SC 29621 Tapp, Kevin Joe, 624 Sharondale Ct, Spar- tanburg, SC 29303 Tapp, Laure Edna, Route 1, Roebuck, SC 29376 Taylor, Eric Wayne, PO Box 1178, Green- wood, SC 29646 Taylor, James Everette, Route 2 Dogwood Drive, Duncan, SC 29334 Taylor, Janna Kay, 12 Jaynes Street, Wal- halla, SC 29691 Taylor, Kenneth Brian, 308 Winield Street, Anderson, SC 29624 Taylor, Krislyn June, 1 Mill Brooke Ct, Greenville, SC 29609 Taylor, Thomas Russell, 817 Kingsbridge Directory 181 Road, Columbia, SC 29210 Wallace, Sandra G, RT 7 Box 433 E Dodd Lane, Spartanburg, SC 29303 Walter, Kimberly F, 603 Bedford Drive, An- derson, SC 29621 Walters, Susan Anita, Box 66 Hwy 17, Mar- tin, GA 30557 Wardlaw, Pamela Delena, 12 D Friend-Ship Court Apt, Anderson, SC 29624 Warner, Lisa Ellen, 12 Charing Cross Road, Charleston, SC 29407 Warren, Katheryn Elizabeth, 1524 Plover Avenue, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 Washington, Lisa Yvette, 1903 Hackermann Avenue, Charleston Hgt, SC 29405 Watson, Cherie Ann, Route 1 Box 31, Easley, SC 29640 Watson, James Caddell, Route 3 Box 616, Piedmont, SC 29673 Watson, Jim Gray, 803 Camfield, Anderson, SC 29621 Watson, Teresa Kay, 410 High Valley Blvd, Greenville, SC 29605 Watts, Charles David, Anderson College Box 351C, Anderson, SC 29621 Weaver, Donna Lee, Route 2 Box 112, Kin- yards, SC 29355 Weaver, Jennifer Lynne, PO Box 717, Holly Hill, SC 29059 Weaver, William C, Box 2524, Anderson, SC 29621 Ten Eick, Carol Beth, 104 Botany Road, Greenville, SC 29615 Thackston, Jerome Christopher, 102 Bram- lett Street, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Thomas, James Earl, Route 1, Iva, SC 29655 Thomas, Timothy Ernest, 51 LaVista Apt, Greenville, SC 29609 Thompson, Denise J, 14 A Fairview Gardens Apt., Anderson, SC 29621 Thompson, Sarah Lee, 903 South Washing- ton Avenue, Greenville, SC 29611 Thompson, Tracy Davvna, Route 3 Box 776, Piedmont, SC 29673 Thomson, Scott Douglas, 509 Woodland Way, Anderson, SC 29621 Threatt, Angela , 1922 Harper Street, New- berry, SC 29108 Todd, Tyree Lee, Route 12 Woodhaven Drive, Greenville, SC 29609 Townsend, Jill Files, RT 7 Hathaway Circle, Greenville, SC 29609 Travis, James Daniel, 19 Saluda Lake Circle, Greenville, SC 29611 Tribble, Janis Lynn, 613 Holl Hill Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Tribble, Tracy Leigh, PO Box 486, Clio, SC 29525 Truluck, Peter Hearst, 426 Vanderbilt Road, Asheville, NC 28813 Tucker, Toni Lynn, 206 McDade Avenue, Greer, SC 29651 Turner, Julie Ann, 204 Chipley Lane, Green- ville, SC 29605 Turner, Timothy Warren, 16 Shaw Drive, Williamston, SC 29697 Turpen, Kimberly D, 209 Towhee Trail, An- derson, SC 29621 Ulmer, MaryKay, PO Box 6, Elloree, SC 29047 Utsey, Charles M. 208 Robert E Lee Blvd, Walterboro, SC 29488 Vancil, Angela Yvonne, Route 1 Box 579, Belton, SC 29627 Vaughan, Thomas Hough, 301 Williams- burg Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Vaughn, William Bryan, Route 1 Highway 81, North, Anderson, SC 29621 Vaughn, William Scott, RT 5 Box 26 Gaston Drive, Travelers Rest, SC 29690 Venturella, Kimberly Ann, Route 5, Ander- son, SC 29621 Vickery, Rhoda Leianne, RT 2 Green Forest Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Voyles, Elizabeth Lee, 403 East Street, Greensboro, GA 30642 Waddell, Robert Michael, 432 Brookshire Drive, Columbia, SC 29210 Wade, Beverly Ann, Route 5, Pickens, SC 29671 Waits, Darrell Ennis, Route 1, Abbeville, SC 29620 Walker, Andra Sue, 208 Hobson Road, An- derson, SC 29621 Walker, Cynthia Anne, 312 Hampton Ave- nue, Honea Path, SC 29654 Walker, Hazel Delaine, 107 Abbott Street, Seneca, SC 29678 Walker, John Paul, Box 157, Starr, SC 29684 Walker, James Strom, North Craft Street, Wellford, SC 29385 Webber, Sharon Kay, 333 Woodridge Road, Edgefield, SC 29824 Welborn, Barbara Marie, PO Box 706, Pick- ens, SC 29671 Welborn, James Robert, Route 1 Box 147, Pendleton, SC 29670 West, Elizabeth Ann, PO Box 183, Travelers Rest, SC 29690 Wheaton, Sherry Lynn, PO Box 455, Pendle- ton, SC 29670 White, Clay Johnson, 318 Corning Street, Anderson, SC 29624 White, Diane Bethany, Route 2 Box 326, Ai- ken, SC 29801 White, Nancy Jean, 511 Smith Street, An- derson, SC 29621 White, Wanda Darlene, Box 655, Hartwell, GA 30643 Whitefield, Hazel F, 200 Arnold Drive, An- derson, SC 29621 Whitefield, Mary Jo, Route 1 Edgebrook Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Whitlock, Jill Darlene, Route 1 Box 95, Trenton, SC 29847 Whitten, Bonnie Marie, Route 2, Belton, SC 29627 Whitworth, Randy Dean, Route 1, Pickens, SC 29671 Wilbanks, Anthony Earl, 307 O ' Neal Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Wiles, Tammie Anne, 208 Pine Lane, Ander- son, SC 29621 Wiles, III, Willie Lee, 106 Pine View Drive, Easley, SC 29640 Wil ey, Lula Deneen, Route 3, Anderson, SC 29621 Wilhelm, Randall Shawn, 102 Berry Street, Clemson, SC 29631 Wilhite, Pamela Susan, Route 3 Sardis Road, Hartwell, GA 30643 Willard, Paul Edward, Route 2 Box 369, N. Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 Williams, Christine R, Route 1 Box 320, Sa- luda, SC 29138 Williams, Lawrence Amin, PO Box 401, Ocracoke, NC 27960 Williams, Robin Lynn, 509 Elizabeth Street, Georgetown, SC 29440 Willis, Mark Nye, 203 Farrow Circle, Foun- tain Inn, 29644 Willoughby, April Lynn, RT 2 Horton Road, Pendleton, SC 29670 Wilson, Cynthia M, 400 Hillside Drive, An- derson, SC 29621 Wilson, Debra Ellen, 2087 Bolt Drive, An- derson, SC 29621 Wilson, George William, 2401 Greenfield Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Wilson, Misty Sue, 128 Bellview Drive, Tay- lors, SC 29687 Wilson, Steven Jordan, 2401 Greenfield Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Wingard, Vivian Celeste, Route 1 Country Place, Anderson, SC 29621 Winkler, Henry Wallace, 3 A 18 Wagner Circle, Walhalla, SC 29691 Woodruff, James Pernell, PO Box 204, Nor- ris, SC 29667 Woods, John Eric, PO Box 187, Ridgeland, SC 29936 Woodyard, Cynthia Dru, Apt C Old Creed Apt, Camden, SC 29020 Wooten, Sharon Denise, 204 Brook-Forest Drive, Anderson, SC 29621 Worley, Linda Joyce, Route 4 Box 334, El- berton, GA 30635 Wright, Hilda Deloris, 235 Bynum Street, St. Matthews, SC 29135 Wright, Janet Kay, Route 3 Box 592, Pied- mont, SC 29673 Wright, Patrick D, RT 8 Hammond Circle Apt 1, Anderson, SC 29621 Wyatt, Elizabeth Dennise, 101 Verdin Drive, Mauldin, SC 29662 Wyatt, Franklin D, Route 1 Box 393 A, Wil- liamston, SC 29697 Wyatt, Sheila Arlene, Route 1 Box 393 A, Williamston, SC 29697 Wylie, Jeffrey Scott, 616 Carolina Avenue, Greenville, SC 29607 Yancey, Jonathon L, 8 Deerwood Circle, Simpsonville, SC 29681 Youmans, Susan Vickery, 211 Jones Street, Laurens, SC 29360 Young, Catherine D, Route 7 Westwood Es- tates, Piedmont, SC 29673 Young, Georgia Bee, 105 East Calhoun Street, Clinton, SC 29325 Young, Keith Edward, 108 Middle Brook Road, Greer, SC 29651 Young, Lillie Ruth, 43 A Fieldcrest V., Greenville, SC 29607 Zamberlin, John Anthony, Route 11 Box 227, Anderson, SC 29621 Zehr, Rosa Waidelich, PO Bo 245, Sandy Springs, SC 29677 182 A Tribute Henry Von Hasseln The hands that played Bach ' s festal tunes are still. No more his pen will write class lecture note Of European war and king remote, Of treaty and of legislative bill. Two score less four years taught he in these halls, His father taught full forty before him. And, unashamed, with tears these eyes bedim As collegial years fond memory recalls. World travelled as befit his German name, His illness did his summer cruise abort To England and his favored Continent. A greater hand than his to Henry came And led him to the everlasting port Where Bach and Handel ' s airs are never spent. Lawrence E. Webb In Memory 1920-1982 Every school year has a begin- ning and an end, but the memories at Anderson College will carry on forever. When I was chosen as edi- tor for the 1983 Columns, I decided to try to make this yearbook very special. It is a tribute to each person involved with Anderson College. Producing an annual took on new dimensions through the edi- tor ' s eyes. It was trying to think of opinions of the student body and forgetting personal biases in deci- sions such as the cover and the de- velopment of the theme of South- ern Life. As deadlines approached and tensions mounted, the year- book staff often felt like just screaming, and many times we did! But with the help and patience of fellow staff members and the coo- peration of the faculy and students, the Columns became a reality. Many fads and cliches passed through this year. Preppies and Punkers were found. Barf out, Gag me with a spoon, How ' bout it? and Yo mama said ... are necessary words in a student ' s vocabulary. Can you remember your first roommate? Staying up all night be- fore that big test? That first failing grade, or those midnight trips to Country Aire? Times like these will mound together to form your own conclusion of your days at An- derson College. Anderson College has a very spe- cial meaning to me. It has given me the academic background to trans- fer to a senior college and much, much more. I have had the chance to become friends not only with fellow students but with adminis- trators, faculty, and staff. The col- lege has given me the spiritual guidance and support I needed dur- ing my time spent here. The love shown to me by Anderson College during the tragic death of my father has really made a lasting impres- sion on my life. The unity shown on this campus is like none other: We are a family. This year has been a year filled with achievements, disappoint- ments, love, hurt, change, and growth. Many diligent staff mem- bers have contributed their time and efforts to collect these happen- ings, and they deserve many thanks. Seasons come and seasons go, days come and go; but our love and memories of Anderson College will never go. Thank YOU — Anderson Col- lege! Mark N. Willis editor 184 : '

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