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1974 Columns Anderson College 316 Boulevard Anderson, SC 29621 Volume 50 Title Page 1 " ■ ■w 2 Table of Contents Opening 4 Student Life 16 Administration 50 Organizations 100 Features 136 Sports 158 Students 196 Closing 264 Contents 3 4 Opening " I am of old and young, of the fool- ish as much as the wise . . . Maternal as well as paternal, a child as well as a man . . . Opening 5 6 Opening One of the Nation of many nations, the smallest the same and the largest the same . . . Opening 7 A learner with the simplest, a teacher of the thoughtfullest, 8 Opening Opening 9 10 Opening A novice beginning yet experient of myriads of seasons. Opening 11 12 Opening Of every hue and caste am I, of every rank and religion. . . Opening 13 (. . . The bright suns I see and the dark suns I can- not see are in their place, The palpable is in its place and the impalpable is in its place.) " — Walt Whitman I from — " Song I of Myself " I i 14 Opening Opening 15 ft .AH 16 Student Life 4W STUDENT LIFE I I Student Life 17 Spring 73 brings mixed emotions 18 Student Life Student Life 19 20 Student Life Summer brought ' bares ' beds, backs, feet, rooms IfUEUUIUl Student Life £1 Record enrollment poses problems — lack of space ilflY 22 Student Lite Student Life 23 It wasn ' t easy setting up a home away from home 24 Student Life Student Life 25 Varied activities filled the void as school began 26 Student Life Student Life 27 Outings, bands launch new year 28 Student Life Registration moves smoothly with computerization Student Life 29 Life at AC is what the student makes it si. 30 Student Life Student Life 31 ■ 32 Student Life Halloween is a frightful affair Student Life 33 Men, women enjoy yule festivities 34 Student Life Wooten leaves AC to counsel preps Vr 4 ? Student Lite 35 AC steps up its building plans; slackens rules 36 Student Life Bust of Rouse presented on Founders ' Day R1 Dr. Cordell Maddox, Dr. J. E. Rouse, Mrs. Olin D. Johnston are shown with bust. R2 Dr. Rouse is Founders ' Day speaker. R3 Tim Goodson and Carol Schwarting assist Dr. Maddox during unveiling ceremony. Founders ' Day 37 yr " College life is people; places 38 Student Life Student Life 39 40 Student Life AC school spirit thrives in 1973-74 Student Life 41 42 Student Life Go down the long corridor of life Student Life 43 44 Student Life Student Life 45 AC: A study in black and white ifiiif 46 Student Life Student Life 47 48 Student Life Anderson College: the agony and the ecstasy of it all here . . . Student Life 49 nms - 0 ' ' ■ ' Jfli 4 1 llllllillSf! Sllli 50 Administration ADMINISTRATION Administration 51 Maddox assumes command at AC The man is President Cordell Mad- dox, where the proverbial passed buck stops at Anderson College. He is a Furman graduate, former South Caro- lina RA director, Furman administra- tor, and now Anderson College Presi- dent. Youthful, exuberant, he lends an air of vigor to the college and epito- mizes Anderson College ' s " new look. " The two-year denominational school is not a dying institution in the eyes of Dr. Maddox. He has his sights set to- ward the future, and looks to it with op- timism. The Christian ethic and faith and a rich Southern Baptist heritage make up Anderson College ' s frame- work, and he sees a vision of how flexi- ble and venturesome this framework can be, as he molds the college ' s fu- ture through it. In the words of Mad- dox himself, " Anderson College has a rich heritage and a strong foundation that will enable us to build an even greater college. ' ' The " student " is not only an impor- tant concept to the president; he is an important individual. Dr. Maddoxisnot bastioned in some ivory tower on cam- pus, but is easily accessible to the stu- dent because that is what he is here for. Dr. Maddox believes in the Ander- son College student and that he will somehow strive to make the world a better place. Cordell Maddox believes that And- erson College has a mission, basically being to teach both by instruction and by example, and that is having an ex- citing story to tell. In fact, it is hard to get Dr. Maddox to stop talking about Anderson College. Dr. Maddox is assisted in his office by Mrs. Mary Jones, an efficient and personable secretary. Dr. J. Cordell Maddox President 52 President Maddox R3 Being president of a college requires a lot of hard work as Dr. Maddox shows. R4 Mrs. Mary Jones, president ' s secretary, takes dictation from the " Big Boss. " President Maddox 53 Cordell Maddox fa is inaugurated - Rain drops failed to dampen inaugu- ration ceremonies for Mr. Cordell Mad- dox, Anderson College ' s eighth presi- dent, on April 17, 1973. More than 1 ,000 people attended de- spite intermittent showers and brisk wind. Mr. Norman J. Collins of Columbia, charged the youthful chief executive with his responsibilities and presen- ted him the gold presidential medallion which is symbolic of authority. President Maddox pledged his best " to lead Anderson College to the ac- complishments of its great and noble mission . . .The future of Anderson Col- lege is bright with promise if we fierce- ly believe in our mission, diligently work to accomplish it and aggressively tell our story, " Maddox said. Delivering the inaugural address was Dr. Gordon W. Blackwell, presi- dent of Furman University, who praised Maddox as being a " vigorous leader who has all the required credentialsfor the presidency. " President Maddox, a graduate of Furman and the Southern Baptist The- ological Seminary, served in a number of leadership capacities at Furman beforecoming to AC as vice-president. He became president at Anderson on January 8, 1973. L1 The president ' s family beams with admi- ration. L2 The crowd remained despite the weather. 54 Inauguration R1 Collins presents presidential medallion. R2 In a moment of privacy, Maddox meditates. R3 Maddox checks on the elements once again. R4 Blackwell delivers inaugural address. R5 Both presidents are in step all the way. Inauguration 55 Officers named, budget adopted Amid optimism created by the larg- est enrollment in the history of the col- lege and increased applications for next year, the Anderson College Board of Trustees elected officers and approved the 1974-75 budget when they met in January. Plans for the expansion of the physical education plant and con- struction of a chapel auditorium were discussed. The two-day meeting also high- lighted an orientation for five new trustees. The trustees also established a development committee to work with the president in developing programs to insure the necessary financial re- sources to enable Anderson College to reach its objective. Eight students attended the meet- ing of the Student Affairs committee to report on campus life. Members of the faculty were present at the Academic Affairs committee session. Trustees: 1st row — (l-r) David Vandiver, Gerald Wallace, Mrs. Edward Byrd, Dr. Thomas Gaines, Norman Collins, President Cordell Maddox, Reese Fant, Robert Wynn, Mrs. Olin D. Johnston. 2nd row — Dr. Marshall Gaillard, Kenneth Vickery, Dr. Vernon Jeffords, Rev. Frank Zedick, Rev. T. E. Dougherty, Robert Brock. 56 Trustees L1 President Cordell Maddox talks with Chairman of the Board Norman Collins. R1 Drenner Tinsley, men ' s council chairman, emphasizes a point concerning students. R2 New trustees and officers are Dr. Thomas Gaines, David Vandiver, Mrs. Edward Byrd, Kenneth Vickery, secretary; Robert W ynn, vice-chairman. R3 Trustees Byrd, Dougherty, Jeffords talk with B. J. Taylor during a break. Trustees 57 Day of dedication, awards, fellowship Dedication of the J. E. Rouse Dormi- tory highlighted Alumni Day events May 5. Mrs. Rouse unveiled the plaque named to honor President-Emeritus Rouse. Special guests were members of the Class of 1923 who received Golden Anniversary diplomas. During the alumni convocation guest speaker was Mrs. Olin D. John- ston. Mrs. Ruth Howard, an alumna and former trustee, was presented the Alumni Association Service Award. L1 Key figures at dedication were Dr. Cordell Maddox, Dr. J. E. Rouse, Mrs. Rouse, Trustee Chairman Norman J. Collins. L2 Friendships were renewed at Alumni Day. L3 Mrs. Baker presents award to Mrs. How- ard. L4 Satterwhite accepts gavel from Mrs. Baker. 58 Alumni Day Fellowship is key objective of AC3 group The Anderson College Campus Club (AC3) used variety effectively to hold the interest of members. A bus load of ladies went on a shop- ping spree to Rich ' s in Atlanta in Sep- tember where they were guests at a luncheon and a fashion show. In November the Christmas bazaar was held with proceeds from the sales being used for a campus project. They also met and made Christmas wreaths to decorate the doorways of buildings on campus. Other activities were a Valentine luncheon, a picnic and an Easter egg hunt for the children of AC3 members. R1 Mrs. Robin Kelley serves members. R2 Officers: Mrs. Doris Taylor, social chair- man; Mrs. Shirley Jacks, president; Mrs. Mar- garet Wooten, courtesy; Mrs. Sarah Greer, program; Mrs. Vivian Fite, secretary. R3 Mrs. Shirley Jacks and Mrs. Sarah Greer enjoy bazaar items. AC3 59 Talmadge has charisma and winning ways Dr. Paul A. Talmadge has made only one mistake in his life, and that was that he thought he was wrong about something when he was really right. Dr. Talmadge is the Academic Dean of Anderson College, and if a student is fortunate enough to find him in his office, he will be sure to find a ready and sympathetic ear for his problems, both academic and otherwise. Dr. Talmadge blends sophistica- tion, intelligence, and a witty manner to form an unbeatable combination. He is a vital cog in the operation of Anderson College ' s " student orien- ted " machine. Aiding in the Office of Academic Affairs is efficient and ever-smiling Mrs. Ann Hayes, secretary. Students see Dr. Talmadge as an individual who is not in the game for position or prestige, but rather to help the student, the first on his list. L1 Dr. Paul Talmadge, Academic Dean L2 Mrs. Ann Hayes, Secretary to Academic Dean 60 Academic Dean He ' s a fella you can rap to It seems that Deans of Students always get mumbled about behind their backs, sometimes even to their faces, by a few. In the case of Charles Wooten, Dean of Student Affairs at Anderson College, this may be true to an extent; there are always malcon- tents, but if one wants a lowdown on the job he ' s doing, just ask the average AC student. Mr. Wooten believes in meeting the student right on his stomping-ground. Communication is an important word to the dean, and any student who will go to talk with him finds him frank, real- istic, understanding, and sometimes even " hip. ' ' He does not set himself up to judge but rather is willing to go the second mile with a student unless forced to take sterner measures. He is not shocked. The Dean of Student Affairs has a job to do, obligations to meet, and princi- ples to uphold at Anderson College, but he is not one to hold the Bible in one hand, the rulebook in the other, and send ' em down the laundry chute. Counseling with students must employ give and take, on the part of both stu- dent and dean. Mr. Wooten tries to educate, encour- age, and entertain AC ' s students. He is the principal figure to thank for all concerts, carnivals and other recrea- tion activities that are provided on campus. ■M R1 Mr. and Mrs. Wooten take a few minutes to discuss the events of a busy day. R2 Dean Wooten enjoys an AC picnic. R3 Dean Wooten displays his versatility on the drum. R4 Mr Charles Wooten, Dean of Student Affairs, ponders one of the many problems his job entails. R5 Mrs. Eunice Thorne. Student Affairs Secre- tary, hurriedly finishes the chapel announce- ments. Dean of Student Affairs 61 Lawson keeps aw and order To keep a tab on the brigands that inhabit the men ' s dorm is a gigantic job; but Mr. Charles Lawson is not war- den orwhipcracker — he is Counselor of Men at Anderson College. He is per- sonable yet firm, friendly in manner, and somehow manages to bring a sem- blance of civility among AC ' S male boarding students. Mr. Lawson ' s other duties include traffic control, and chapel attendance. Many other jobs on campus come un- der his jurisdiction. Mr. Lawson ' s position is not always appreciated, but students who be- come involved with him find him to be fair in his approach. Male students find him to be accommodating and understanding. L1 Mr. Charles Lawson, Counselor of Men L2 Mr. Lawson and son supervise picnic. L3 Mrs. Eunice Thorne, Secretary to Coun- selor of Men 62 Counselor of Men Dean of women brings a modern and new approach After three years as a women ' s dorm counselor, Mrs. Mary H. Shooter has assumed the responsibility as AC ' S Dean of Women. With 285 board- ing women, this adds up to a tremen- dous job, but Mrs. Shooter accepts it cheerfully. The new dean sees dorm life as a cooperative effort involving consid- eration between students in such a situation. It involves a great deal of " give and take " and is in itself an educational experience. Replacing the recently retired Dean Mildred Kirby, Mrs. Shooter says she believes in changing with the times. Dorm life, as any collective venture, must be structured, but not to excess. Women will find in Mrs. Shooter a congenial and up-to-date person. R2 Mrs. Ellen Richard, Secretary to Dean of Women, receives instructions from Mrs. Shooter. R2 Mrs. Mary H. Shooter, Dean of Women Dean of Women 63 Business office must keep cool Mr. B. J. Taylor is a smooth operator in a hot business world. Anderson College may have a pastoral setting and a relatively small enrollment, but as is true with any rapidly growing and expanding enterprise, carrying on the business affairs of Anderson College is a full-time and demanding job. Mr. Taylor handles the AC budget, requisi- tions, and, quite frankly, the hiring and firing, among other things. Mrs. Vivian Fite is his secretary. Mrs. Nancy Alewine is manager of the business office — the woman be- hind the scenes — while the book- keepers, Miss Martha Mahaffey and Mrs. Edith Charping cash checks for students and then take the money back after registration. L1 Mrs. Nancy Alewine, Office Manager L2 Mrs. Edith Charping and Miss Martha Ma- haffey, Bookkeepers L3 Mrs. Vivian Fite, Business Administrator ' s Secretary L4 Mr. B. J. Taylor. Business Administrator 64 Business Office I I w. PR gets news The programs at Anderson College are the raw materials that the Public Relations office has to work with. AC ' s job is to provide a Christian educa- tional and growth experience for stu- dents, while PR ' s job is to present this to the public in a favorable light to gain support for the institution without paint- ing a too rosy picture. Mr. Don Kirkland is aided by an able staff which helps tell AC ' S story. The job of making a name for Anderson College is truly enough to keep these women busy. One of the more formidable achieve- ments of the PR department has been the Anderson College promotional film. Mr. Kirkland has been traveling to different schools and churches for months for the purpose of recruiting support and students for the college. R1 Mr. Donald Kirkland. Director of Public Relations R2 Mrs. Julie White, Public Relations Secre- tary; Mrs. Agnes Grigg. News Service R3 Mrs. Edith Jones, Printing, and Mailing; Mrs. Linda Clark, IBM Secretary R4 Mrs. Ada Meeks, Social Secretary Public Relations Office 65 AC Tabulates record number With 1 156 students attending Ander- son College this fall, the largest enroll- ment ever, it was evident that the Ad- missions Office was carrying their share of the work load among AC ad- ministrators. With hundreds of col- leges bidding for the top students from high schools, recruiting for a small Baptist junior college is no small task. Mrs. Jean Alewine, director of ad- missions, along with other office per- sonnel, Mr. Lanny Taylor and Miss Jackie Wemple, counselors, and Mrs. Bobbie Snipes, secretary, tell the An- derson College story through recruit- ment, various programs for prospec- tive students, showing of the new AC movie, and by the mailing of printed material. An aggressive recruitment program will continue to help AC grow. L1 Mrs. Jean N. Alewine, Director of Admis- sions L2 Mr. Lanny D. Taylor, Admissions Coun- selor L3 Mrs. Bobbie R. Snipes, Admissions Sec- retary L4 Miss Jacquelyn Wemple. Admissions Counselor 66 Admissions Office Computer aids the registrar Mr. Richard Roberts is a man of seemingly inexhaustible energy. Along with his job as registrar, he has now taken the post as Assistant Academic Dean of Anderson College. The Registrar ' s office has received a great boon by the presence of the de- partment ' s computer. This machine, programmed by secretaries Mrs. Mar- guerite Mitchum and Mrs. Judy Spear- man, creates grade profiles which enable the student to see exactly where he stands gradewise, both pres- ent and cumulative. Assisting in the registrar ' s office is Miss Dora Hancock, a newly appointed academic advisor. ■IH R2 Mrs. Marguerite Mitchum. Registrar ' s Secretary R3 Mrs. Judy Spearman, Secretary R4 Mr. Richard Roberts, Registrar Registrar ' s Office 67 They make you feel at home L1 Mrs. Sallie Lea. Assistant Nurse and Mrs. Nell Strickland, Nurse L2 Mrs. Virginia Scott, Pratt Dormitory Coun- selor; Mrs. Evelyn Stephenson, Denmark Dormitory Counselor; Mrs. Ruth Powell, Col- lege Hostess; Mrs. Ruth Stewart, Whyte Dor- mitory Counselor L3 Mr. Gregory Richard and Mr. Samue guez, Men ' s Dormitory Counselors 68 Staff R1 Mrs. Ellen Richard, Mail Room Super- visor Staff 69 L1 Mrs. Ruby Hewell and Mrs. Shirley Strick- land; Housekeepers L2 Mr. Marvin Martin and Mr. Ralph Rogers; Maintenance L3 Mrs. Carrie Lou Freeman, Mrs. Josephine McCullough, Mrs. Katherine Crosby, Mrs. Elizabeth McDavid, Mrs. Rosezella Johnson; Housekeepers L4 Mrs. Louise Barnett, Mrs. Betty Mollett, Mrs. Pamela Mobley; Canteen Operators 70 Staff They keep the plant together R3 Mr. Danny Kimball, Maintenance R4 Mr. Wilbur Loskos ki; Maintenance Fore- man Staff 71 Art has risen above frivolity Boticelli, Breugel, and Bosch; if they could see us now. Even these venerable old masters would agree that there is more to art than land- scapes, bowls of fruit, and nude women. Today ' s art may be a mood, an expression, or even a bit of phi- losophy. Our art students might not be so philosophical; they simply create. " Art is the painting of soul, " says Bradford, and whether art for art ' s sake, or for whatever reasons, the soul is constant and art will remain. So much for the art appreciation course. Mrs. Blanche Holcombe, department head, realizes that for the advanced student there is a technical side to refine the raw talent of an art novice. He must learn techniques, modes of expression, tone, and tex- ture. Mrs. Holcombe ably comprises the art department at Anderson Col- lege. L1 Mrs. Blanche K. Holcombe, Department Head L2 David Ross, Rocky Price, and Mike Bailes display art projects. 72 Art Department Biology shows one ' s ' nature ' Biology is the study of the make up of living organisms, how they function, and not of least importance, how they got here. It shows us the intricate balance in nature and how living things respond to themselves, each other, and the many natural elements ' affect upon them. Mr. Robin Kelley, department head, keeps his students laughing, mostly at themselves. Mr. Stephen Burns and Mrs. Betty Jo Pryor also instruct stu- dents in botany and zoology, the two biology courses at AC. The divisions and specializations of biology are so numerous that the would-be biologist may venture into any number of research fields. Like all sciences, biology and its masters seem to be leaving the rest of us be- hind in a cloud of intellectual dust. R1 Mrs. Betty Jo Pryor R2 Mr. Stephen Burns R3 Mr. Robin Kelley. Department Head Biology Department 73 Business students keep the cogs of our nation turning Business, as we know it, began with a simple barter exchange and blos- somed into maturity in Italy in the 15th century. Since then, business seems to have been getting bigger and big- ger, and new businessmen are in constant demand to replace the old and to build empires of their own. It is the job of Mr. King Pushard, head of the Business Administration Department, and Mr. John Boyte to in- crease their students ' business know- ledge and skills, to develop the busi- ness savvy they already have, and to prepa re them for the workaday world. Even if the business administration student does not plan to enter busi- ness, the BA faculty hopes to teach him a sense of citizenship and know- ledge of our commercial society. They are emphasizing such concepts as inflation, the American dollar, and banking. L1 Mr. King Pushard, Department Head L2 Mr. John Boyte L3 Accounting students concentrate on debits and credits. 74 Business Administration Department Grubbs leaves PE for science Mr. Max Grubbs, tennis coach and former physical education instructor, has forsworn his PE responsibilities to tackle the entire curriculum for AC ' s expanding chemistry depart- ment. The department offers Basic Principles of Chemistry plus a more advanced course in Organic Chemis- try. How can sodium, fatal if swallowed, and chlorine, a toxic gas, combine to form harmless table salt? This ques- tion is one among many others which Professor Grubbs attempts to explain. A lab is required for each chemistry course. Students going into fields of medi- cine are encouraged to take chemis- try, but any student desiring a solid background in the natural sciences should find this field rewarding. R1 Students await their lethal concoction. R2 Mr. Max Grubbs. Department Head R3 Diligent students enjoy laboratory. » i f. Chemistry Department 75 Play production is new course Drama has been a powerful influ- ence on human civilization for over 2500 years and Anderson College is striving to teach the arts and science of the theatre. A new course in play production was added to the curriculum this year under the direction of Mr. E. H. Vivian. The academic year was dotted with impressive performances by Vivian ' s troupes. Highlights of the year included classroom appearances by Susan Snider, professional actress from New York; Mary Kay of the dinner theatre circuit, Minneapolis, Minn., and Milton Dickson of the S. C. Theatre Company. A special feature of the department was the After-Dinner-Theatre at An- derson College. " Barefoot in the Park, " and " Arsenic and Old Lace, " were two productions put on by the AC students of drama. L1 Set-building, included in the new play production course, meant hard work for Andy Omundson, Jimmy Orr and Gregg Loskoski (above). L2 Mr. Everett Vivian, Department Head L3 The Brewster sisters in " Arsenic and Old Lace " are Deanna Yarbrough (left) and Karen Hammett. 76 Drama Department Training helps future instructors Students at Anderson College who have teaching ambitions now have a chance to do some in-field training. The Education Orientation class goes to different schools in the Anderson area each week, and they each provide various forms of teacher aid, while in turn they learn methods of elementary and secondary education from the real pros. Marshall K. Tribble, a full-time Soci- ology instructor, doubles as head of the Education Department. He com- mutes from Georgia each day and will readily ham it up for his students. The education course is a " can ' t miss " deal, and as AC continues to expand, the Education Department will grow with it. R3 Elementary student learns alphabet with aid of AC Student Education Department 77 From Chaucer into Faulkner When e. e. cummings styled a question mark in the middle of the page and called it a poem, a new dawn broke forth in English Litera- ture. Our widely diverse English fac- ulty here at AC calls ' em the way they see em, however. Some may call it art; some may call it rubbish; we call it a joke, although certainly not a play on words. Along with composition and litera- ture comes the often tedious and tasteless (for student and teacher alike), but certainly necessary study of English grammar. Two courses in grammar and composition plus two literature courses are required for graduation at AC. Mr. Dennis James is the youthful and vigorous head of the department. Mr. Bill West, Mrs. Sarah Greer, and Mr. Charles Horner add maturity to the staff and Mrs. Judy Neuwirth, Mrs. Margaret Wooten, Mrs. Jane Tombes, and Mrs. Faye Cowan provide a needed feminine flavor. Mrs. Brena Walker, a part-time in- structor, is the newest member of the English faculty. As long as man gives himself lei- sure to read, man will write. The Eng- lish Department has taught us " what we didn ' t know we knew. " L1 Mr. Dennis James, Department Head L2 Mrs. Sarah Greer L3 Mrs. Faye Cowan 78 English Department R1 Mrs. Brena Walker R2 Mr. William West R3 Mrs. Jane Tombes R4 Mr. Charles Horner R5 Mrs. Judith Neuwirth R6 Mrs. Margaret Wooten English Department 79 French culture given a study If you want to find out all about M. et Mme. Thibaut, their lifestyle, their country, and primarily their language, a French course at AC should be on your class agenda. Mrs. Shirley Jacks, head of the French Depart- ment, offers a stimulating introduction to the language of lovers. If you want to study continental lit- erature in its native tongue, a more advanced course at AC offers a bit of everything from Chanson du Ro- land to Jean-Paul Sartre. The evolu- tion of French culture is a fascinating st udy, and what better way to tap French resources than to learn their speech. French is labs, tapes, and film- strips; but little can match the satis- faction to be derived from gaining a mastery into a foreign language and thereby gaining a foothold into an- other world. L1 Mrs. Jacks demands attention and partic- ipation in class. L2 Lab is serious business for French stu- dents. L3 Mrs. Shirley Jacks, Department Head 80 French Department j There ' s a lot of 1 ' heart ' in Health AC ' S Health Department, under the auspices of Mr. Larry Southerland, is engaged in teaching young people the functions of their most important possesions: their bodies. Health students learn ways in which to better care for themselves through the use of films, charts, and models as well as an up-to-date text. The emphasis on physiology interests those studying pre-medical and nurs- ing courses. Life in the Twentieth Century has swept many of us up into a never-end- ing chaos where without such guid- ance as is offered in this course, we may neglect our most fundamental assets. R1 Southerland shows first aid techniques. R2 Mr. Larry Southerland, Department Head Health Department 81 We can learn from our past History is not merely a crusty pro- fessor reflecting and musing on the defeats and victories of the ancient Egyptian culture, for history is happen- ing all around us. History has estab- lished precedents which we some- times see with disdain, other times hold on to fiercely, but always act out in our daily lives. Mr. Henry von Hasseln, History Department head, brings the past back to life with an air of Teutonic aristocra- cy. Mrs. Pat Mulligan and Mrs. Cecil Clifford, both well-informed and eru- dite, comprise the rest of the History Department. Courses in Western Civi- lization and American History are offered. History is a serious study — a study of man struggling to get along with man in a malevolent world. Man can learn more than one lesson from the past. L1 Mr. Henry von Hasseln, Department Head L2 Mrs. Cecil Clifford L3 Mrs. Patrick Mulligan 82 History Department ( I 1 KKHtKUmi L ' Women prepare for a career There was a time when home eco- nomics provided background for the future housewife and mother only, complying with the old maxim: " Woman ' s place is in the home! " Mrs. Mary Martin, head of the de- partment, fills the role of career wo- man as well as housewife. This year the Home Economics Department is coupled with a Fashion Merchandising curriculum of study which includes such courses as jour- nalism, advertising, accounting, art and textile apparel. It is possible for a student to obtain a two-year degree in the field or to transfer to a senior college. Mrs. Martin defines the purpose of her department as being to prepare the student either for personal or pro- fessional home economics. R1 Mrs. Martin instructs student as to the proper selection in Fashion Merchandising. R2 Mrs. Mary Martin. Department Head R3 Sewing is a major interest in Home Eco- nomics. Home Economics; Fashion Merchandising Department 83 Broadcasting is begun by WFBC for AC students Anderson College students inter- ested in the fast-paced world of pro- fessional journalism are schooled in its fundamentals by Mr s. Sarah Greer, a Furman University graduate. Mrs. Greer emphasizes the role of truth in reportage. This year ' s young newswriters gained insight both in and out of the classroom. As a learning aid, the students visited the Journal and Constitution offices and United Press International ' s regional headquarters in Atlanta. In January, WFBC News initiated an internship program in Broadcast Journalism for seven AC sophomores, who worked in the Greenville studio for 14 weeks. fcV L1 Partridge instructs AC students at WFBC. L2 Mrs. Sarah Greer. Department Head L3 Partridge meets with group to make plans for Broadcast Journalism internships. 84 Journalism Department The most exact science of all For many less discriminating stu- dents, math is a course simply to be tolerated for a graduation require- ment, but for the serious-minded, it will remain the most exact of sci- ences. As Mr. Odell Short, head of the de- partment, defines the objective of the math department: " To provide the student an opportunity to progress to the level he desires in mathematics regardless of his prior experience in mathematics. " Along with the standard courses, a new course for elementary school teachers is being taught by Mr. Glenn Hughey. Complimenting Mr. Short, Mr. Hughey and Miss Marietta McCown, is Dr. Don Campbell, a graduate of the University of Alabama. The Math Department has acquired two calculators which receive the laud of many students. Mathematics Department 85 Military Science begins at AC — Girls participate The United States Military invaded the Anderson College campus this school year. That is not as bad as it sounds; in fact it is very good. The MS Department at AC offers both academic programs and in-field train- ing in two fields: Army ROTC and Aerospace studies. The army program offers courses in History and Military Science on the AC campus, and also such courses as weaponry and tactics. The Air Force ROTC meets at Clemson University offers courses in Purposes of Air De- fense and Principles of Leadership. Both areas offer field training. Col. Duncan Rabey heads the Air Force division, and Lt. Col. Claude Simpson is in charge of the Army in- struction. The military programs have gone co-ed at Anderson College. L1 Counterguerrillas: Joey Brown, Ed More- head, Phil Gosnell, Peter Gitto, with Col. Maertens. L2 Dean Gleason, Col. Rabey, Jane Moseley visit Arnold Engineering Development Center (AF) L3 Instructors: Col. Duncan Rabey, Col. Thomas Maertens. 2nd row — Capt. Hershell Hubbard, Maj. Alton Brock, Lt. Col. Claude Simpson. L4 Jim Dobson instructs Susan Register and Kathy Jones in handling weapons. 86 Military Science Department ' Do Re Mi ' is basis of music One of Anderson College ' s most ex- panding areas of study is the Music Department. With the inception this year of the new music lab, the depart- ment is able to draw in more students in applied music study or piano per- formance. Mr. Bill Bridges, Music Department head, teaches voice and leads the choir in hisown unmistakable way. Mr. James Clark teaches piano and mans the music lab, while Mrs. Anita Bridges gives organ instruction. The department sponsored and pre- sented a musical drama in the fall. " The Medium, ' ' penned by the notori- ous Gian-Carlo Menotti, was presen- ted in October and was acclaimed a smashing success. Performers in- cluded Mrs. Bridges from the faculty and other Anderson area talents. The cast also included a quartet of Ander- son College students. R1 Mrs. Anita Bridges R2 Mr. James Clark R3 Mr William Bridges. Department Head Music Department 87 Whip those muscles into shape! The proper combination of atten- tion, study, and buttering up teachers may net a student the grades needed for graduation. Brainwork is not the only activity one must be proficient in, however; the student who finds him- self falling down stairs often, being bowled over by tennis balls, and straining to manipulate his pen had better look into a course in Physical Education. The P.E. enrollee takes a one se- mester introductory course to firm up that misused musculature, after which he may choose one of the sports of- fered and specialize in it. Coaches Annie Tribble, Cliff Satterwhite and Larry Southerland tutor the student well in his chosen activity, with em- phasis placed on improvement shown by the pupil. The Physical Education course is a popular one at Anderson College because it combines fulfillment of basic bodily needs with a lot of en- joyment, AC is meeting its obligation to help its students maintain strong physical states. 88 Physical Education Department L1 Doll Eadon takes a spill on skates. L2 Tommy Greenway uses correct technique. L3 Cliff Satterwhite R1 Muscle tone is emphasized in P. E. R2 Larry Southerland, Department Head R3 Mrs. Annie Tribble Physical Education Department 89 Psychology is study of soul The field of psychology is engaged in a race; a race to catch up with the fu- ture shock that is descending upon society like a cloud and is filling our hospital beds with mental patients. It is difficult to tell whether it is a winning or a losing battle, but at least we have merged beyond Hippocrates ' four " body-fluid " temperaments and are beginning to make some headway in understanding how the mind works. Dr. Eugene Mandrell, head of the department, is assisted by Mrs Mar- ion Mandrell and Dr. James Spearman. Psychology students are assisting Dr. Lewis Ashley, former AC profes- sor, at the Crisis Intervention Center. Psychology is an apt field of study for the aspiring minister, counselor, or social worker, but it is available to all who would learn more of themselves and others. L1 Mrs. Marion Mandrell L2 Dr. James B. Spearman L3 Dr. Lewis Ashley, third from right, dis cusses plans for crisis intervention center. L4 Dr. Eugene Mandrell, Department Head 90 Psychology Department Physics delves into dynamics Whether atomic energy will prove a boon or an anathema to mankind is a question which physics does not attempt to answer. Physics is con- cerned, however, with atomic struc- ture, lanes of motion, types of energy, and the way light behaves, among other things. Mr. Odell Short, with a mind like a computer, is head of the Physics De- partment. He sees his main purpose as physics instructor being to equip the student, usually a math or science major, with the basic and fundamental principles of physics at a college level and at a college depth. Physics is a booming field, and necessarily so, if the current energy crisis is to be remedied. Perhaps an enterprising physics student would team up with Mr. Short, they could figure out a plan for an automobile engine powered by atmospheric static electricity. R1 Ronnie Riley and Bill Maxwell experiment in friction and the principle ot work. R2 Mr Odell Short, Department Head R3 Students illustrate the study of latent heat evaporation Physics Department 91 Pupils refine study skills TO i Many of today ' s college professors could vouch for the fact that reading is one of the unfortunately neglected areas of study in America ' s secondary school system. Reading the written word, however, has probably had the most singularly beneficial effect on mankind than any other scope of en- deavor in modern times. Mrs. Ruby Hicks, formerly associ- ated with the University of Vermont, is head of the Anderson College Reading Center. The center is composed of a series of reading labs and an empha- sis is placed on dictionary use and textbook study. She is assisted by several Clemson University students. Mrs. Hicks believes that there is presently a revival of interest in read- ing skills. She believes that with the decline in space activity in the U.S., and the fact-finding scholarship of the sixties, people are now turning back to a more classical technique of inquiry through reading. L1 Mrs. Hicks aids student in reading com- prehension. L2 Mrs. Ruby Hicks, Department Head L3 Reading student checks her vocabulary. 92 Reading Department Religion is one of basic needs It is appropriate that an accredited college should devote so much time to the study of the world ' s best-selling book, but it is even more appropriate that a Christian school should set apart an entire department for the study of the Bible. Not only do AC students study the scriptures them- selves, but they study how and why the Bible was written and various theories in historical and literary crit- icism of the book. This, according to Dr. Robert Burks, department head, gives the student a " deeper meaning of life... " Other Bible faculty members are Mr. Fred Metts and Mr. William Tis- dale, two seasoned and competent Bible scholars. Along with the standard Bible courses this year, a new course has been added: a study of the Letter to the Colossians. This is in preparation for a Southern Baptist Bible study in January. R1 Dr. Robert Burks, Department Head R2 Mr. William Tisdale R3 Mr. Fred Metts Religion Department 93 Accuracy is an important goal A new course, offered for the first time at AC, is medical office practice which is designed to offer specialized training to aspiring medical secretar- ies and medical receptionists. In addition to opportunities offered by the course, students learn the techniques of filing, typing, short- hand, the department aims at teach- ing women basic and social values which will aid them throughout their secretarial careers. Mrs. Kathryn McGregor, head of the department, is assisted by former Campus Ministries Director Dora Hancock and Mrs. Ruth Boyte. The main objective of the Secretarial Sci- ence Department is to train young women to fill positions as secretaries. J CV i s. L1 Mrs. Ruth Boyte L2 Miss Dora Hancock L3 Mrs. Kathryn McGregor, Department Head 94 Secretarial Science Department Sociology now coming of age Sociology is a young science. It is as young as social consciousness, and it is unfortunate that such a field should just now be emerging from the pains of birth to confront such an enigmatic and problem-riddled soci- ety as ours. It is a credit to the disci- pline itself that it has emerged from a class of do-gooders, sign-carriers and clerical malcontents to a true scientific field of inquiry. According to Dr. Carl English, head of the department, the field is basi- cally a question of order versus dis- order in society. Perhaps with enlight- enment, which comes by studying sociology, we can help the stable elements in our society to negate or at least dilute the radical tendencies, for Dr. English says that sociologists are beginning to re-emphasize " values " in our culture — the value of survival itself being paramount. Along with Dr. English, a new member has joined the department in the person of Mr. Marshall Tribble of Elberton, Georgia. Working on his doctorate, Mr. Tribble is handling the introduction courses, while Dr. Eng- lish is teaching the advanced classes which include Marriage and Family, and Social Problems. R1 Mr. Tribble outlines steps in social inter- action for students. R2 Dr. Carl English. Department Head R3 Mr. Marshall Tribble Sociology Department 95 Communication is stressed by Spanish Department The world is getting smaller and our Spanish-speaking neighbors are getting closer and closer. We are necessarily and vitally concerned with the peoples of the " other Americas " and language is the best way of communicating ideas which may be translated into actions. The new Spanish Department pro- vides a much needed second lang- uage curriculum for Anderson Col- lege students. Dr. Samuel Arguez, the head and sole member of the depart- ment, comes from the University of Missouri. Dr. Arguez believes that the pre- dominant objective of a foreign lang- uage should be to teach the student a facility for oral communication in the language, and also to give him in- sights into the cultural and intellectual aspects of the Spanish-speaking world. I L1 Mr. Samuel Arguez, Department Head L2 Mr. Arguez helps students adjust head- phones. L3 Students participate in Spanish lab. 96 Spanish Department A useful idea can be spoken The power of the spoken word can- not be denied. The spoken word may be used for good or evil; it may be used to deliver an inspiring sermon or to incite an angry mob to violence, but in the hands of the expert it be- comes an influential instrument. Mr. Everett Vivian, head of the Speech Department, emphasizes correct grammar usage, preciseness of language, word power, and vocal intonation as keys to speechmaking. Each student is required to deliver seven to nine speeches in a semester and may acquire a critical approach to public speaking. R1 Mr. Vivian approves of James Orr ' s per- formance. R2 Mr. Everett Vivian, Department Head R3 Mr. Donald G. McLeese, SC Narcotics commissioner, discusses drugs with Mr. Vi- vian before speaking to the class. Speech Department 97 Library facility to be campus asset Students seeking to further their in- tellectual demesne by using Anderson College ' s library facility may have been bothered somewhat by the sound of steam-shovel and sawblade. It is only temporary though, for the new 01 in D. Johnston Memorial Library complex is now on its way. Students may be able to find information in the library that they could never find before. The more serious student and professor will be able to make more extensive use of research material at AC than they ever thought possible. The new library is doubling its size and expanding its microfilm collection. Provisions are also being made for electronic information retrieval, audio visual and other sophisticated equip- ment. This operation will be provided by a trust fund from Mrs. Olin D. John- ston, for whose late husband the li- brary will be named. Miss Annie F. Blackman is head librarian, being assisted by Mrs. Bren- da DuBose, Mrs. Betty McClellan and Mrs. Elizabeth Bolt. At A L1 " Hardhats " are all busy at work on AC ' s new facility. L2 Mrs. Brenda DuBose, Assistant Librarian Mrs. Elizabeth Bolt, and Mrs. Betty McClellan Library Assistants. L3 Miss Annie Frances Blackman, Librarian 98 Library R4 Student assistant Debbie Sherriff helps Chip Derrick find the right book. Library 99 m ■sslsBSSSS 100 Organizations ORGANIZATIONS Organizations 101 Student voices are heard here Serving as a Mason to attempt to bridge the generation gap was the job of the Student Government Associa- tion. The Student Body officers pro- vided a platform for student requests, complaints, etc. In this age of stratifi- cation, the average student needs someone who not only can talk to the higher ups, but also someone who will listen to him. The SGA, headed by Tim Goodson, President, and under the advisorship of Dean Charles Wooten, was respon- sible for the many concerts, intramural programs, and other activities that highlighted the school year. Composed of a combination of ad- ministration and faculty members as well as student representatives, the Student-Faculty Committee had the power of thumbs up or down over the violators of the campus rules. Not a mean lot, they take all things into con- sideration as they hear cases, and jus- tice prevails. President Maddox has the final verdict by the power of over- rule. 102 Student Government Association II Wl m m N W| ■ ( 7 A V I ' • I IS m 1 If— 1 ™ ' . ■ Lij. H « " . B ▼ k B L1 Tim Goodson, President L2 Carol Schwarting, Vice-President L3 Ben Griffin, Secretary L4 Esther Still, Social Chairman R1 Student faculty members: Carol Schwart- ing, Drenner Tinsley, Dean Wooten, Mr. Metts R2 Student faculty members: Mrs. Martin, Mr. Hughey, Mary Springfield, Tim Goodson R3 SGA members assisted administration during opening week. R4 SGA members assisted in fall registration. Student Government Association 103 They help to keep things under control ■ Members: (l-r) Jeff Deal. Nelson Crosby. Steve Brown, Tim Ellenburg, Ben Griffin, Tim Goodson, Fred Cooley, Harry Craft, Lynn Martin, Cleve Touchberry, Drenner Tinsley, Mr. Lawson, advisor. The Mens Council for the 1973-1974 school year aided Charles Lawson in keeping the men ' s dormitories a place at least somewhat conducive for study and other academic activities. They braved storms of water bombs, shav- ing cream, and firecrackers, but were able to keep a semblance of civility in the men ' s habitation. The AC handbook was the code that the Council went by. The standards set forth by the handbook were tough, and many strayed from its principles, but not without being set aright by the Council. Drenner Tinsley served as Chair- man of the Men ' s Council. Officers: (l-r) Brian Hodges, secretary; Fred Cooley, vice-chairman; Drenner Tinsley, chair- man 104 Men ' s Council I I R1 Harry Baum checks rooms in his dorm. R2 Drenner Tinsley lays down law to occu- pant. R3 Mr. Charles Lawson, men ' s counselor, takes his work seriously. Men ' s Council 105 Ideals of school are first with WC In order to function smoothly, any organization must have regulations. The unique facet of AC ' s restriction policy is that a good deal of the enforce- ment is left to the students themselves via the Councils. The Women ' s Council meets once each week to discuss more effective ways of upholding AC ' S ideals and regulations. The members do their best to adequately represent their fel- low students ' concerns and strive for more pleasant conditions without too much dangerous laxity in rulings. The Women ' s Council, under the guidance of Mrs. Mary Shooter, spon- sors the annual Miss Anderson Col- lege Pageant as well as a luncheon for contestants and judges. The work done by the Women ' s Council at AC attests to the conscien- tious natures of all the school ' s stu- dents. Members: 1st row — (l-r) Mary Springfield, Mitzi Zimmerman, Marilyn Long, Suzanne Simpson, Joanne Woods 2nd row — Juhe Mays, Susan Frazier, Judy Hendrix, Karen Hampton, Karen Murphy, Teresa Campbell. 3rd row - Ann Drennon Ginger T.ndal, V.o let : Cnder. B. J Shell, Jan Copeland, Martha Perry, Dee Smith. 4th row - Janice Woodson, Talula Weathers, Martha Kelly, Lou Anne Greenway, Carol Schwarting, Cathy Southerland, Joy Rish. 5th row — Jacque White, Beth Traber. 106 Women ' s Council L1 Mrs. Mary Shooter, Advisor L2 Marilyn Long and Suzanne Simpson pre- pare to distribute violation slips. R1 Council members Mary Springfield and Martha Perry talk over plans for the annual Miss A. C. Pageant with Mrs. Shooter. R2 Dorm presidents: Julie Mays, Denmark; Martha Perry, Pratt; Suzanne Simpson, Whyte. R3 Executive Council; Mary Springfield, chair- man; Judy Hendrix, vice chairman; Marilyn Long, secretary; Carol Schwarting, vice presi- dent of S.G.A. Women ' s Council 107 Yearbook holds fond memories You are now holding the 1974 Col- umns in your hand. We hope you en- joy it. If you are around twenty years of age and this is the first time you have seen this book, we hope you appre- ciate the hours spent on it by your fel- low classmates, freshmen and soph- omores alike, who made it from scratch. We hope you like the touch of the art major whose creation com- poses the cover. We hope you like the photography, the copy, the theme . . . As you put the book on the shelf, we hope that it will not become too webbed or blanketed with dust, for it is truly a book of old friends and memories. If you are forty, we hope you re- member how you felt at that concert, that chapel program or that basket- ball game. You may even remember how much that favorite English or re- ligion teacher meant to you, or even your first thought the first time you saw your " special one. " If you are sixty, we hope you will not look at those youthful faces and feel that life is slipping away. We hope to convey two things: that youth is perpetual for those who cling to it, and that life ' s memories are some of its sweetest features. This is your 1974 Columns. We hope you enjoyed it. L1 Julie Mays, Editor L2 Larry Simun, Associate Editor and Photog- rapher 108 Columns Staff R1 Mrs. Agnes Grigg, Advisor R2 Jane Murphy, Stephaney Boykin, and Mary Jo Carroll; Editorial Assistants R3 Brett Boggs, Assistant; Dave Horner, Copy Editor R4 Tommy Layton, Sports Editor; Lance Mc- Kinney, Photographer Columns Staff 109 L1 Janet Thomas, Class Editor; Kathy Jones, Jennie Lynne Rhodes, Assistants L2 Sara Jane Gillespie and Susan Gray, Typ- ists L3 Martha Kelly, Features Editor L4 Ramona Williams and Judy Hendrix, Or- ganizations 110 Columns Staff Talent blooms in literature The literary magazine of Anderson College, Ivy Leaves, is " a medium of self-expression, " quips Mr. Charles Horner, the publication ' s faculty ad- visor. As those few fortunate souls know, it is a thrill to see your own words in print. Ivy Leaves offers the student a chance to realize this experience. Poetry, short stories, and essays are considered as well as ink drawings and photographs. Mr. Horner is handling the faculty end of the reins himself, while Jacque White is the student editor. The staff it- self was composed of any students in- terested in helping or contributing. Maybe you are a young Walt Whit- man or Emily Dickinson; (if so, what are you doing at Anderson College?); but at any rate, anyone interested should take a stab at submitting a liter- ary gem to the Ivy Leaves. Pick up a copy — you may get a smile. R1 Mr. Charles Horner, advisor R2 Jacque Lynn White, editor-in-chief Members: Front row — (l-r) Mr. Horner. Susan Kiger, Jacque White. Peggy McNab 2nd row bell. Janice Woodson. David Ross. Carol Schwarting, Randy Mills, Hugh Welborn. Kay Nimmons, Pam Matthews, Teresa Camp- Ivy Leaves Staff 1 1 1 Changes — name, attitude and look The name of the Anderson College student newspaper had been The Yod- ler since 1930. In recent years many had felt an up-date in the bi-monthly journal ' s title was needed to reflect the changing attitudes on the campus; time had come for the yodel to resound into an echo. The name chosen was AC Echoes. With a new name came other reno- vations. The paper was independent of the journalism class for the first time; finding volunteer contributions submitted with more genuine interest. The technique of off-set printing was used for the first time, introducing a new line of tools, such as the x-acto knife and light board. The initial prob- lems were quickly overcome and the staff continued in their effort to better inform the Anderson College campus. L1 Jettie Ann Nelson, Editor L2 Tommy Layton, Sports Editor L3 Melody McCurley, Associate Editor 112 Echoes Staff R5 Staff: Ann Snipes, Typist; Cathy Thrift. Reporter; Brian Hodges, Sports Assistant; Dave Horner, Editorial Assistant Echoes Staff 113 Artists exhibit creative work For students seeking to soak up the many pleasures that affords, the Art Club gives them a chance to unabash- edly appreciate this interest in art. By a combination of touring art galleries in the area and putting on exhibitions themselves, members were able to satiate their own artistic propensities as well as develop their talents and skills as artists. Mrs. Blanche Holcombe, an accom- plished artist, and head of AC ' s art department, advises the club. Officers: Larry Simun, exhibition; David Ross, president; Carol Schwarting, vice president; Becky Rentz, secretary-treasurer. J i m Members: 1st row — (l-r) David Ross, Zibbie Moon, Cynthia Jewell, Randy Childress, Joe Penson. 2nd row — Carol Schwarting, Mrs. Mary Shooter, Mrs. Blanche Holcombe. Rocky Price, Larry Hudson. 3rd row — Scott Broeker, Helen Daniels, Becky Rentz. Cynthia Patton, Lynn Martin, June Infinger. 114 Art Club Campus Ministry means worship Campus Ministries at Anderson College, through transformation in in- dividuals and in the entire structure, sums up a newness in the spiritual life on campus this year. The two basic thrusts are fellowship (ministry to the group), and outreach (ministry through the group). Fellow- ship activities included Bible studies, " Action, " a group which invades the parlor each Sunday night with differ- ent speakers, concerts, sharing, and a prayer breakfast once a week. Other fellowship-oriented organi- zations were the Ministerial Associa- tion for students planning to go into the ministry; and the Church Related Vocations Club for those planning toward any type of church ministry. Two other groups working against limitations of small numbers but mak- ing their impact on a " Baptist Cam- pus " were Wesley Fellowship for Methodists, and Westminster Fellow- ship for Presbyterians. The Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes not only of- fered fellowship within their group but to athletes at other colleges and high schools. The Baptist division of CM spon- sored activities at the state meeting in Gaffney and Columbia. Another BCM project was the chocolate sale to raise money for student summer missions. Within the Baptist Young Women several mission-directed programs were held. Under the leadership of newcomer Cliff Satterwhite, Campus Ministries engaged in such diverse outreach opportunities as deputation teams to various churches and organizations throughout the state, " retreats " to the mountains for training and uplifting, " advances " to the city for sharing and evangelism, basketball games for various benefits, Black Culture Day, working with mentally retarded chil- dren, concerts from religious folk singers Erv Lewis and Gene Cotton, and hospital and rest home visitation. Campus Ministries 115 CM allows time for the Creator Those who have made the winding trip up the rocky road to Canaan land must know one thing-Canaan land is a retreat. It is a place of rest where one may take a break from the hectic melisma of the academic world and maybe grow to know his Creator a lit- tle better. So was the case with some 75 stu- dents, counselors and leaders who took the trek to Canaan. It was devo- tional, contemplative, sharing; a snatch of life. " I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately . . . " The words of Thoreau might have well been pondered by the student as he attempted to bring Canaan land back down to the Anderson College cam- pus. L1 Campers blaze the trail to Canaan land. L2 Mountain serenity lends to meditation. L3 The Canaanland Christian Retreat. 116 Campus Ministries Reaching out in Christian love One of the most awaited times each week was Thursday afternoon from 3- 5 when the Sunshine Friends came on campus. CM sponsored the program for 41 mentally-retarded children. These children experienced one-to- one love and care which they lacked from all others except their families. Games were played, songs sung, and stories told in a special way so that " our friends " could enjoy them. Some highlights of the year were the Halloween and Christmas parties. One of the most treasured times each week was the weekly walks around the Anderson College campus. About 50 Anderson College stu- dents shared their love as counselors in the Campus Ministries program. R1 " Sunshine Friends " brought sunshine to those involved with Campus Ministries. R2 Esther Still shows Patsy around AC cam- pus. R3 Youngster listens to Dottie Whitfield as she tells about Jesus and His love. Campus Ministries 117 CM is sharing by giving self Anderson College Campus Mini- stries reached out a helping hand to try to give some of the Anderson area underprivileged children an oppor- tunity to experience some of life ' s joys and happenings that they might miss. Various activities were planned during the year for these youngsters. Another outreach program included de linquent teenagers. This work was a big brother type of relationship. Students relayed love to the young- sters. L1 Ramona Williams gives a treat-not a trick. L2 Youngster participates at Halloween Party. L3 Angel Jackson shares her love with Nancy. 118 Campus Ministries CM group shows faith in action CM also sponsored a tutoring pro- gram for elementary students who needed special assistance in math and reading. Students also spent many week- ends visiting local nursing homes and convalescent centers trying to bright- en up the life of some elderly or shut-in person. Another CM project was visitation to the pediatric and X-ray depart- ments at the hospital. These oppor- tunities were presented as needs and fulfilled by dedicated Anderson Col- lege students. R1 Dennis thanks Santa ' s Elf Jane Moseley for an enjoyable Christmas party. R2 Harry Baum gives Susan a lift on campus. R3 Larry Thompson reads first Christmas story. Campus Ministries 119 CM groups learn as they prepare For Anderson College students planning to go into the ministry within the church, the school offers two organizations. The Church-Re- lated Vocations group serves stu- dents who are planning a career in religious work. Inspiration, infor- mation, and fellowship are the club ' s objectives, according to the advisor, Mr. Fred Metts. Preachers-to-be have another club, the Ministerial Association. This group listens to speakers from various churches plus learning from each other about effective ways of presenting the Gospel. Sponsors for the group are Mr. William Tisdale and Mr. B. J. Tay- lor. CRV: 1st row — (l-r) Phil Gamer, Boyd Ritchie, Sam Cook, Bill Becker, Mike Davis. 2nd row — Mike Trainer, Wade Hampton, Jacque White, Marilyn Mudge, Mary Crowther, Mr. Fred Metts, advisor; Lee Cromer, Terry Smith, Dale Ellenburg, Bonnie Beeny. MA members: 1st row— (l-r) David Collins, Harry Johnson, Ryan Hammett, Tim Simmons, Bryan Hunter, Bill Becker, Jerry Grant. 2nd row wade Houston Randy Wadford, Terry Mitchell, Boyd Ritchie, Al Lindler, Greg Loskoski, Steve Black, Larry Thompson. 3rd row— Mr. William Tisdale, advisor; Jerry Parnell, Sam Cook, Ed Stephens, Lamar Hudgens, J. D. Shitlet, Anthony Fulghum, William B. James, Ralph Loony, Mr. Cliff Satterwhite, and Mr. B. J. Taylor, advisors. 120 Campus Ministries All groups work toward one aim R1 Students are attentive during CM pro- grams. R2 BYW officers: 1st row (l-r) Gwen Busbee. president; Luci Richardson, program; Janice Nelms, social; Angel Jackson, missions. 2nd row Shirley Ann Knight, secretary; Gwen Cooper, missions; Lynn Martin, publicity; Bonnie Beeny, missions. R3 Vonda Snipes takes youth on fishing trip. Campus Ministries 121 L1 William Bridges, AC ' S Music Director. L2 The Handbell Choir performed beautifully at the Christmas concert. Members: 1st row — (l-r) Bobbie Jean Wiley, Janice Ogburn, Dale Garrett, Martha Perry, Carol Clark, Karen Hampton, Susan Stephens, Sherry Patterson, Patty Herring, Kay Ellis, Ann Yarbrough, Dorothy Moone, Vinda Young, Margaret Hicks. 2nd row — Kris Seel, Claire Hall, Feryl Rush, Linda Cannon, Linda Bruce, Cheryl Gibson, Susan Anderson, Beth Garrett, Angel Jackson, Elaine McKinney, Jennie Rhodes, Jessie Bowen, Anja Battice, Joanne Woods, Vonda Snipes. 3rd row — Wayne Slaton, Steve Butler, Steve Garrett, Steve King, Bill Thomason, Jim Miller. Mike Davis. 4th row — Roy Frierson, Bill Becker, Ronnie Adams, Steve Wentsky, Steve Campbell. Ottis Crosby, Woody Thrasher, Steve Brown, Harry Parnell, Jerry Young, Doug Hayes, Jim Brooks, Andy Omundson. 5th row — Carolyn Teasley, Susan Register, Joy Neill, Kitty Cromer, Bookie Smith, Trudy Talley, Diane Alexander, Donna Dilworth, Julia Young, Cindy Brown Not pictured — Jimmy Rogers, Karen Holliday, Ed Watkins, Eddie Parker and Ted Taylor. 122 Choir and Music Study Club Sound brings delight to ear Most everyone loves music in one form or another, whether country or classical. The Music Study Club and the Choir at Anderson College provid- ed the interested student an opportu- nity to delve deeper into this most eso- teric of arts. The choir represented AC well this year. A blend of raw talent and hard work made for good harmony as the choir performed during chapel serv- ices and at special programs through- out the year. The Music Study Club naturally stud- ied music, but they did not confine themselves merely to the rigors of classical study — they went into popu- lar fields too. Members were encour- aged to attend the many concert per- formances sprinkled through the school year. The Bridges family — Bill and Anita — sponsored these organizations in 1973-74. R1 The " Medium " proved itself a success. R2 Trudy Talley, accompanist Members: 1st row — (l-r) Susan Anderson. Margaret Hicks. Ann Yarbrough. Joanne Woods. Cheryl Gibson. 2nd row — Diana Alexander Bobbie Wiley. Linda Bruce. Susan Stephens. Karen Hampton. Karen Holliday. Cindy Brown, Joy Neill. 3rd row — Trudy Talley Vinda Young. Andy Omundson. Jimmy Rodgers, Pattie Herring Choir and Music Study Club 123 L1 K-Ette gets a face full. L2 Lou Anne Greenway, Circle K Sweetheart. L3 Mary Crowther enjoys Halloween Party. r 124 Circle K and K-ettes Club Helping hand given by K ' s For today ' s college student, the days are filled with numerous activi- ties that should be done. But members of Circle K and K-ettes, a college level Kiwanis Club organization, never find themselves too busy to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate. Along with regular service activities, a Halloween party for underprivileged children was among their many activities. Only dedicated and sincere stu- dents were able to meet the organiza- tion ' s high standards. Members are encouraged to become members of service organizations after gradua- tion. Harry Baum was this year ' s Circle K president. Officers: (l-r) Karen Sanders, second vice- president; Lou Ann Greenway, first vice-presi- dent, Harry Baum, president. Hugh Vincent, secretary. Members: 1st row — (l-r) Mendel West. Beth Propst. Randi Lynch, Harry Baum, Mrs. Mandrell. Dr. Mandrell, Mrs. Wooten. 2nd row — Karen Sanders, Robbie Geiger, Debbie Looney, Greer Dosser, Randy Mills, Dink Yarborough. Carol Sigman. Judy Sandel, Mike Smith, Mary Crowther, Hugh Vincent. Hugh Welborn. Terry Butler. Rad Pate, Joel Barnes, Phil Elliot, Mr. Wooten. Circle K and K-ettes Club 125 CC is channel for able girls Today ' s woman is rapidly closing the gap between careers open to her and those of her male counterpart. Consequently, many new channels have been opened tor the purpose of educating young women in business processes they have previously had little opportunity to study. One such channel is AC ' S Commercial Club. Mrs. Kathryn McGregor directs monthly meetings of the club, keeping members up to date on subjects re- lating to modern business practices. In addition, the club provides opportu- nity for fellowship, interaction, and co- operation among its members. As women wake up to their own ca- pabilities and seek their rights to exer- cise them, we should see more organi- zations with aims like those of the Commercial Club. Officers: (l-r) Beth Garrett, social chairman; Beverly Huiet, vice president; Deronda Har- relson, president; Jane Broadway, secretary; Susan Gray, treasurer. Members; 1st row — (l-r) Connie Hayes, Ann Barker, Cynthia Powell, Shirley Knight, Beverly Huiet, Pat Bull, Nancy Harbin. 2nd row Beth Garrett, Jane Broadway, Lena Dickson, Debbie Patterson, Jayne Burts, Sandra Howard, Deronda Harrelson, Barbara Mitchell, Donna Pettigrew. Susan Gray, and Mrs. Kathryn McGregor, advisor. 126 Commercial Club Members: (l-r) Libby Mullinnix. Grace Lyle, B. J. Shell, Jeff Deal, David Barrett, Laura Lawton, Ernie Wansley. Tony Evans, Kathy Jones, Marilyn Felkel, Owen Newman and Michael Toner. Christian athletes channel influence In a world where sports is one of the largest and fastest growing in- dustries, today ' s stellar athlete wields a powerful influence. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes attempts to channel this influence toward a Christian cause. The FCA is a few years old now, but is still as dynamic as ever. The FCA sponsored deputation teams to speak and present programs in churches, showing that many athletes do much more than eat, sleep and play ball. This spring the club invited a num- ber of local sportsters from area high schools to interest them in Anderson College and the FCA chapter. Cliff Satterwhite is the club ' s sponsor. R3 Cliff Satterwhite, director of campus Min- istries, talks about athletic program for high schools to be held at AC with Sherry Caldwell and Marty Knight. 1st row: (l-r) Donna Kay, Lance McKinney, Vic Greene. 2nd row — Janie Lee, Susan Neal, Chuck Nichols. 3rd row — Jackie Newton, Bob Thomason, Lynn Martin. Fellowship of Christian Athletes 127 Theatrical interest revived on campus Art, literature, drama, music — all of these beaux arts have found their way into the theatrical medium. Delta Psi Omega is a national Thespian fra- ternity, and the Anderson College chapter thereof presented two very fine productions during the year. The AC dinner theatre, a new feature for the college ' s productions, played " Barefoot in the Park " by Neil Simon, a play about a young married couple with mother-in-law troubles. " Arsenic and Old Lace " by Joseph Kesselring was put on by Delta Psi Omega players in February and fea- tured the Brewster sisters who favor their guests literally to death, and Teddy, who spends his leisure charg- ing up San Juan Hill. Professor Everett Vivian sponsored the fraternity. L1 Talula Weathers and Bruce Evans play the lead roles in " Barefoot in the Park. " L2 Deanna Yarbrough and Andy Omundson seek " companionship " on a blind date. L3 DPO officers are Donna Robison, secre- tary; Andy Omundson, vice-president; Talula Weathers, president. 128 Delta Psi Omega T ' Vv.l ■ wm R1 Rev. Harper (Gene Reed) has a serious discussion with Miss Brewster (Karen Ham- mett). R2 Miss Brewster contemplates next poision- ing. R3 Dr. Eugene Mandrell, playing the role of " Teddy, " lives in a dream world. R4 Talula Weathers studies her lines as a liberal-minded preacher ' s daughter. Delta Psi Omega 129 Inspiration is key to success It does not take an inordinate a- mount of intellect to qualify for the Gamma Beta Phi chapter of Anderson College, but it does require a certain constancy in scholastic endeavors. Characteristically, the dean ' s list at college means you have made it, but these students have gone a step fur- ther, as they are concerned with extra activities and the world surrounding them. Mr. John K. Boyte, a keen person in his own right, is club sponsor. The club is basically concerned with re- warding the top-notch student and spurring him to greater achievement in the classroom. Monthly meetings are to decide on activities and functions for the club. Officers: Joanne Woods, president; Marilyn Long, secretary; Lucy Richardson, vice pres- ident; Jennie Rhodes, treasurer. Members: 1st row (l-r) Debbie Casey, Becky Moore, Deronda Harrelson, Beth Ann Traber. June McDaniel, Lu Anne Stone, Mary Foster, Lena Dickson, Terry Campbell, Lucy Richardson, Sabrina Webb, Karen Boggs, Jennie Rhodes, Marian Lay, Suzanne Simpson, Janet Davis. 2nd row — Laura Lawton, Joan Black, Margaret Hicks, Joanne Woods, Wade Houston, Jr., Marilyn Long, Phillip Gardner, Grace Lyles, Sandy Cervera, Mr. John Boyte, advisor. 130 Gamma Beta Phi Hikers breathe the fresh air We don ' t have a Black Forest to wander through around Anderson College, but we do have woods, lakes, streams, and mountains. For the would-be nature buff or trailblazer, AC ' s newest club facilitates new ho- rizons in this field. It is called the Hik- ing Club. Led by sponsor, English professor, and veteran adventurer Dennis James, the Hiking Club held many group hikes this year. It was a chance for the students and faculty to " pack up their trou- bles " , breathe some clean air, and to possibly get to know each other in. a more relaxed atmosphere. L1 The hiking club visits Ellicott ' s Rock, the focal point of three states. L2 Hikers Steve Flounders, Claire Hall, Doug Hall, Pam White. Karen Hammett, Kenn y Lyons, Patricia Phillips, Neil Fuller, Jane Cook, and Laura Jacks took a break from the trail. L3 Pam gets a drink of water the hard way. Hiking Club 131 Club Espagnole debuts in 1974 The school year 1973-74 was the first year not only for Spanish courses at Anderson College but was the premier year for Los Conquistadores, the school ' s Spanish club. Dr. Samuel Arguez was the club sponsor. The club was open to Spanish stu- dents and any interested persons. The year ' s main attraction was a Spanish party in February, with Spanish food and games. Members enjoyed the pihata, the most famous of Spanish party pastimes. L1 Officers: Sandy Cevera, co-chairman of program committee; Susan Butler, chairman of program committee; Susan Phillips, presi- dent; Dr. Arguez, advisor; Janie Ruth Lee, vice-president. Members: 1st row — (l-r) Allean Rhome, Pearl Hall, Sandy Cevera, Yvonne Vernon, Dr. Arguez. 2nd row — Janie Ruth Lee, Susan Butler, Beth Traber, Cheryl Battice. 3rd row — Susan Phillips, Steve Garrett, Phyllis Mitchell, Nancy McCoy. 132 Spanish Club Club for career girls, homemakers A better knowledge of the vari- ances in home economics as a ca- reer or in the profession of home- making is the aim of Omicron lota Kappa. Courses offered in foods, basic clothing and design, interior de- sign, and management and budget- ing give the home ec major a strong background as a career girl or homemaker. Interest in the department was stimulated by field trips, cook-outs, food demonstrations, an eventful day at Rich ' s in Atlanta, Ga., and other events. Club members assisted with the state wool contest held at AC in November with Mrs. Martin as state director. R1 Mrs. Mary Martin, Advisor R2 Officers: (l-r) Martha Kelly, president; Nicole Dalton, vice-president; Stephaney Boykin, social; Lee Alley, secretary. Members: 1st row — (l-r) Martha Kelly, Nicole Dalton, Rachel Wilson, Sara Martin, Hope Hester, Susan Frazier, Diana Glazener, Margaret Jefferson, Mrs. Mary Martin. 2nd row — Vickie Long, Lee Alley, Kay Ellis, Judi Miles, Karen Murphy, Sallie Ruff, Claire Hall, Kathy Moore, Carol Jackson and Ann Tinsley. Omicron lota Kappa 133 School spirit is alive at AC While boosting the highly-ranked Trojan basketball team, it is easy to see why the Pep Club yelled so loud and the Band blew so hard. Certainly, the athlete needs all the backing he can get and the Pep Club and Band enthusiastically provided this support. The Pep Club encouraged Trojan fans to get up out of their seats and to give their vocal chords a workout at games. The band specialized in stir- ring performances of the fight song, alma mater, and national anthem. These groups helped the cheerleaders rally behind one of the nation ' s finest junior college basketball teams. Miss Jackie Wemple directed the exuberant group. Members: 1st row — (l-r) Steve Campbell, Karen Casey, Pam White, Bonnie Bennie. 2nd row — Robert Free, Steve King, Steve Wentzky, 3rd row — Doug Hayes, Roy Frierson, Dave Safstrom, Harry Johnson and Ryan Hammett. L1 Student directors Steve Wentzky, Harry Johnson and Pam White L2 Miss Jackie Wemple leads the lively group. 134 Pep Club and Pep Band Intelligence plus effort spells Phi Theta Kappa Man is, by nature, an inquisitive creature with an enormous desire to learn and discover new ideas. He also has a great c apability to fulfill this desire and needs to have his learning experiences channeled constructive- ly. AC students with very high learning abilities can receive such guidance from the Phi Theta Kappa organiza- tion. PTK advisor Henry von Hasseln states that the club ' s aim is " To pro- mote a spirit of devotion to study and scholarly ideals among the mem- bers. " The AC chapter, which was char- tered in 1932, plans several activities during the year. This year PTK spon- sored several filmshowings, provided a tutoring service, and held a dinner for new inductees. Faculty officials were present at the dinner, which was followed by a formal initiation. Students who work well and dili- gently are justly rewarded for their efforts. R1 Susan Frazier, secretary; and Mary Spring- field, president; install Becky Tollison. Henry von Hasseln, advisor, looks on. Members: 1st row — (l-r) Mary Springfield, Ellen King, Kathy Patterson, Elizabeth Taylor, Karen Murphy, Sharon Bowen, Janet Cantrell, Joy Rish, Susan Frazier, Linda Harris. 2nd row — Trudy Talley. Mary Foster. Joann Woods, Beth Ann Traber, Becky Tollison, William McBride, Jacque White, Carl Cole, Sheila Petty, Martha Garber, Gregg Richard, Bob Bodle, Larry Thompson, Benny Smith, Beth Johnson and Julie Mays. Phi Theta Kappa 135 136 Features FEATURES J Features 137 Reception held on front campus The president ' s reception varied from the traditional occasion this year. A new president and his wife greet- ed more than 500 new students in a new setting. Soft music and gaily decorated Japanese lanterns complimented the first social affair of the year which was held on front campus instead of inside the president ' s home. Heading the receiving line was President Cordell Maddox, who with other administrators, welcomed guests. Music by a string ensemble, con- genial conversation and delicious re- freshments made the evening a gala affair. L1 Freshmen line up to meet their president. L2 String ensemble presents music at re- ception. L3 President and Mrs. Maddox, Mary Spring- field, women ' s council president; and Tim Goodson, SGA president, greet freshmen L4 Mrs. Sara Greer serves punch to guests. 138 President ' s Reception Traditional Christmas observance open to public A concert by the college choir high- lighted Anderson College ' s traditional observance of Christmas First Night December 4. Selections by the bell choir, a brass quartet, a flute solo with a harpiscord accompanist were special features of the final concert of the semester. The lighting of the yule log by Pres- ident Cordell Maddox and Open House in the three women ' s dormi- tories followed the concert. Prizes were given for the best decorated room in each dorm. R1 President Maddox lights the traditional yule log which begins the Christmas activities at AC. R2 An original Christmas mural wins top honor in Whyte Hall for Sabrina Webb, Vinda Young. R3 Jane Murphy and Kathy Meredith are first place winners in Pratt Hall. R4 Diane Buchanan, Debbie Shaw and Robin Lambert win first place in Denmark Hall. Christmas First Night 139 Trojan Night is big success Trojan Appreciation Night was held on January 30 in the AC gym. Miss Carol Schwarting was crowned Trojan Queen by President Maddox. Miss Schwarting was sponsoring the AC Art Club. Runners-up were Jackie Brady of St. Matthews and Martha Perry of Easley. This year the AC campus organiza- tions selected candidates. Sponsor- ing the Campus Ministries was Martha Perry; Home Economics, Nancy Con- don; Commercial Club, Lena Dickson; Basketball team, Jackie Brady; The Athletic Association, Violet Crider; Circle K and K-Ettes, Lou Anne Green- way; Gamma Beta Phi, Joanne Woods; and Phi Theta Kappa, Mary Spring- field. During half-time, refreshments were served by the Trojan Club for its members. After a rest, the Trojan team went on to victory over Brevard 87 to 73. This proved to be an exciting night for all. L1 Coach Grubbs quenches his thirst as Paulette Tewkesbury pours the punch. L2 President Maddox presents roses to Carol. 140 Trojan Appreciation and Trojan Queen Sponsors — escorts: (l-r) Joanne Woods, Johnny Woods; Mary Springfield, Ron Riley; Carol Schwarting, David Ross- Martha Perry Dale Lynch; Lou Anne Greenway, Brian Hodges; Lena Dickson, Rajiv Kapur; V iolet Crider, Chip Derrick; Nancy Condon, Ricky Rice! Jackie Brady, Billy Warren. R2 Carol smiles with surprise as President Maddox congratulates her for the honor. Trojan Appreciation and Trojan Queen 141 Carol Schwarting named ' Miss Sophomore ' 142 Sophomore Class Beauties Rita Chastain selected ' Miss Freshman ' 144 Freshman Class Beauties R1 Ronda Eledge. First Runner-up R2 Angel Jackson. Second Runner-up Freshman Class Beauties 145 Deborah Looper Wins AC honor Happiness, sincerity and humility were expressed by Deborah Looper when the judges announced the " Miss Anderson College " winner on No- vember 29. In order to be selected as the ideal Anderson College woman, contes- tants must possess many important characteristics. Deborah qualified and walked away with the honors. Her appreciation was evident, her per- sonality was striking and her radiance was genuine. Deborah, a sophomore from Easley, plans to continue her education and major in math. She serves as a math lab assistant at AC where she is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and was first runner-up in the " Miss Sopho- more " competition. Her philosophy of life is to be " op- en-minded in all things, not to pre- judge others and to avoid jealousy. Deborah lives her philosophy daily. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Looper of Easley. Miss Anderson College Deborah Looper 146 Miss Anderson College R1 A new queen is crowned by Mrs. Richard Waldrep (Becky Clark), the 73 winner. R2 Tears of surprise overwhelm Deborah as the announcement of a new queen is made. R3 Moments of joy and sincerity are reflected in " Miss AC ' S " expression. R4 Her radiant glow is apparent as she begins her reign. Old South ' is theme of pageant " The Old South was the theme of the annual Miss Anderson College pageant held November 29. The set- ting was one of tradition — a spa- cious plantation home surrounded by magnolia trees, shrubbery blooming profusely and large trees hanging heavily with Spanish moss. Sixteen " Southern Belles " ap- peared before a captive audience to model casual and evening apparel. Their beauty, personality and knowl- edge had given them the opportunity to vie for the coveted title. Bill Wheless, director of Public Af- fairs at WFBC-TV, was master of cer- emonies. Deborah Looper from Easley, the ideal Miss Anderson College, was crowned by Becky Clark Waldrep, last year ' s queen. Dr. Cordell Maddox presented awards to top winners including Mary Springfield, " Miss Congeniality. " Top pageant winners are (l-r) Jane Moseley, Greenville, third runner-up; Ronda Eledge, Greer, first runner-up; Deborah Looper, Easley, Miss AC; Betsy Rheney, Orangeburg, second runner-up; and Mary Springfield, Greenville, " Miss Congeniality. " 148 Miss Anderson College Pageant R1 Contestants enjoy refreshments prior to the luncheon with the judges. R2 President Cordell Maddox makes presen- tations to Deborah. Miss Anderson College Pageant 149 30 recognized for leadership Each year outstanding sophomore students are recognized for their leadership abilities, academic achievement and college involve- ment. These students excelled in va- rious fields — sports, music, publica- tions, government, student affairs or a combination of such. This year 30 outstanding persons were named to " Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Junior Colleges " . These students have worked hard and have enjoyed growing with this college. Chosen by the faculty, these stu- dents formed a foundation for other students at AC to follow. L1 Mitzi Zimmerman; L2 Deborah Looper; L3 Mary Springfield; L4 Harry Baum; L5 Ric Burner 150 Who ' s Who R1 Gail Norville; R2 Julie Mays; R3 Jeff Deal; R4 Carol Schwarting; R5 Jettie Ann Nelson; R6 Bobby Estes Who ' s Who 151 — 7 L1 Tim Goodson; L2 Ann Drennon; L3 C. Verner Landreth; L4 Dave Horner, L5 Linda C. Harris; L6 Martha Perry; L7 Greg Richard 152 Who ' s Who aci: R1 Joy Rish; R2 Susan Frazier; R3 Larry Thompson; R4 Brenda Paulk; R5 Talula Weathers; R6 Jacque White Who ' s Who 153 L1 Ben Griffin; L2 Tim Ellenburg; L3 Lou Anne Greenway; L4 Jane Moseley; L5 Trudy Talley; L6 William McBride 154 Who ' s Who President Maddox congratulates top students. Ann Welborn and Doug Davison. Davison was also named the American Legion winner. Society honors select group Being named to the Denmark Soci- ety is one of the highest honors to be received at Anderson College. The Society is named for Dr. Annie Dove Denmark, president emeritus, who served Anderson College from 1928- 53. Each year at graduation, sopho- mores who have maintained a high standard of Christian character, a maximum degree of individual schol- arship, and a constructive quality of service and leadership are elected by faculty members to membership in the organization. The Denmark Society was organ- ized in 1945 with seven members. In 1973, membership had increased to eighteen, all of whom received spe- cial recognition at commencement. Members: First row (l-r) Doug Davison, Joy Craft. Anne Martin, Sandra Maney. Ann Welborn. Jane Washington. Second row: Debbie Barnwell, Susan Gruber. Susan Rice, Dean Woods. Barbara White. Third row: Bill Taylor, Nina Ruth Oliver. Back row: Ted Coleman, Carla English. Rudy Gray. Walter Durst. Lenny Farmer. Denmark Society 155 Variety of performing artists play at college The campus concerts for 1973-74 got off to a great start on August 23 when the band " South " greeted fresh- men to the AC campus. The versatile group played hard rock, folk, pop and soul music. On October 23, " August " performed before a capacity crowd in the auditorium. Five of the nine members attended AC, making their perform- ance extra special. " August " special- izes in impressions of other groups. These concerts were sponsored by the SGA. AC students were fortunate to have a prominent pianist from Greenville, Mr. Richard Cass, on November 18. He displayed the power to convey his ability and excitement to the audi- ence. His concert was well-attended by students. Due to popular demand, the band " South " reappeared in February. They gave a second great perform- ance. L1 The rock group " South " produced vibrant sounds when performing at AC. L2 Pianist Richard Cass gives concert. 156 Campus Concerts R1 " August " added extra hair to their concert. Former AC students help comprise the group. They are (l-r) Mike Shirley, Steve Hopper, Greg Cheek (seated), Larry Wilson, Ann Jones, Richard Manly, Carey Jones (seated), Butch Bowen and Bill Jones. Campus Concerts 157 158 Sports SPORTS Sports 159 Trojans discover wealth of victories Hampered by the presence of only four veterans from the cage wars of a year ago, the 1973-74 Trojan boys ' basketball team was nevertheless successful in duplication of the fame achieved by various AC teams of the past. After Anderson and Coach Jim Wiles had captured its third straight Western Carolinas Junior College Conference to climax the previous season, the Trojans fell victim to the defection of a trio of promising guards and were victimized by inex- perience in the early games. The leadership of sophomore co- captains Ric Butner, Barry Isom, Jeff Deal and Bobby Estes enabled the men of Troy to overcome periodic spells of inexperience and inconsist- ency and achieve an 11-1 record be- fore the holidays. CO-CAPTAINS (l-r) Front Row — Bobby Estes, Coach Jim Wiles. Back Row — Jeff Deal, Ric Butner, Barry Isom. f fj TEAM (l-r) Front Row — Mike McCauley, Bobby Estes, Steve Whittington, Chip Derrick, Dan McCarthy. Back Row Coach Jim Wiles, Ed Gholson, Tom Leitnaker, Ric Butner, Ernest Wansley, Barry Isom, Jeff Deal, Buddy Woods, manager Mike Roberts. 160 Boys ' Basketball November 14-15 Greenville Tip-Off Tournament There 700 20 Gainesville Here 7 30 23-24 Louisburg Doubleheader There 7:00 December 3 Wingate The re 7:30 6 Montreat-Anderson Here 730 8 Brevard " There 7 ; 30 15 Clemson Junior Varsity There 545 18 Mitchell . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . Here 7 30 20-21 Electric City Classic Here 7:00 January 5 DeKalb Here 7:30 10 Belmont Abbey Junior Varsity There 5:30 12 Spartanburg Here 730 14 Wingate Here 7:30 1 7 Gainesville There 800 19 Mitchell There 8:00 22 North Greenville Here 7:30 24 Lees McRae There 7:30 26 Montreat-Anderson There 7:30 29 Spartanburg There 730 31 Brevard Here 7:30 February 2 Tennessee Junior Varsity There 5:45 5 North Greenville There 7:30 14 Lees McRae Here 7:30 16 Clemson Junior Varsity There 3:30 18 DeKalb There 8:00 22-24 Western Carolinas Junior College Conference Tournament Boys ' Basketball 161 Trojans take tourney title Wansley evidenced his potential in the season ' s opener as his 26-point effort against Spartanburg paced AC to a 78-77 win. The next night Isom struck for 31 points and captured the most valuable player award in the Greenville Tip-Off Tournament as Anderson notched a 92-69 victory over Brevard. After riding a 25-point effort by Butner to a 75-62 victory over Gaines- ville, the Trojans took a trip to the north to participate in the Louisburg doubleheader. AC ' S first round op- ponent, Southeastern, was the team that eliminated the Trojans from fur- ther playoff competition last year. But Isom put on a one-man show with 32 points and 18 rebounds to avenge that loss 85-75. Weakened by illness and injury the following night, the Trojans found the host Louisburg team too much to handle and fell from the ranks of the unbeaten by a close 64-59 decision. The Trojans opened their league slate with three easy wins as they traversed the 100 point barrier for the first time. L1 Mounties discover that they are not well liked by Anderson students. L2 Steve Whittington launches a jump shot. 162 R1, R2, R3 Rugged rebounding was the key to many Anderson victories. R4 Deal launches shot over Montreat-Ander- son defender. R5 Isom ' s jumper foils the foe ' s aspirations for victory. Boys ' Basketball 163 L1 Only the rules prevent a dunk shot by Butner. L2 Deal struggles for a shot in tournament action. L3 Victorious Trojans hoist aloft the Electric City Classic Trophy. 164 Boys ' Basketball . • " ' : .0---- AC constructs a WCJCC crown The Trojans began their conference schedule with a 70-54 triumph at Wingate before returning home to thrash hapless Montreat-Anderson by a count of 105-73. The Anderson front line posted an outstanding perform- ance in Brevard as they overcame the Tornadoes 81-59. The always-tough Clemson junior varsity loomed as the next obstacle to the Trojan winning streak, but Anderson braved the dangers of the Tiger ' s den and extracted a 95-80 triumph. Freshman guard Steve Whittington attained his fine hour in the inaugural Electric City Classic as his excep- tional long-range shooting led AC to victory over a field which included three of the nation ' s most prominent junior college basketball powers. The sharp shooting rookie aided a 28 point effort by Isom with 18 of his own as the Trojans rolled to an easy 87-69 first round romp over Walker, and came back with a 23 point per- formance in the championship game when Anderson clipped Truett- McConnell 74-68. Whittington was voted the recipient of the Most Valuable Player laurels in the tourney, while Estes, already well on his way towards severing the school record for both assists and recoveries, was also named to the All- Tournament team. R1 Jeff Deal and Ed Gholson struggle for re- bounding position against Wingate. R2 Ric Butner launches a shot over a Clem- son defender. R3 Ernest Wansley nets an easy bucket. Boys ' Basketball 165 Cagers clinch conference crown while marching towards 31-4 finish The Trojans went on to become the first undefeated team in the history of the league, finishing with a 14-0 regu- lar season worksheet and wrapping up the championship when they romped over North Greenville 82-70 on the Mounties ' home floor. AC extended its winning streak to 21 games with an 84-77 victory over the Lees-McRae Bobcats before the Clemson junior varsity finally halted the Trojans 80-79 in an overtime bat- tle. Anderson then primed itself for the conference tourney as it closed the regular season with a 56-53 win over South DeKalb. Tournament time was not as kind to the Trojans, however. AC rolled over Montreat-Anderson in the con- ference lidlifter 82-33 and then used a last second shot by Bobby Estes to overcome Spartanburg 63-62 in the semi-finals, but faltered before North Greenville 61-55 in the championship game. Anderson then voyaged to Ferrum, Va., and went on to record the school ' s first Region Ten champion- ship ever. The Trojans raced past Surrey in the opening round 82-74 and rallied over host Ferrum 59-50 to advance to the finals, where they avenged their earlier loss to Louis- burg by whipping the Hurricanes 73- 61 Coach Wiles then took his Trojans to Baltimore, Md., for an inter-region- al playoff game with Mercer Com- munity College of Trenton, N. J. The defending national titleholders made AC their 20th consecutive victim, however, as they won 57-42 and terminated the Trojans ' year with a 31-4 showing. L1 Coach Wiles directs the Trojans to one of their 31 wins. L2 Butner gains two points against Mercer. L3 Wansley corrals rebound in playoff game. 166 Boys ' Basketball R1 Ric Butner connects over Wingate de- fenders. Boys ' Basketball 167 Trotters travel triumph trail Confronted with the difficulties of upstaging the number two national ranking achieved by the 1972-73 girls ' basketball team, the Trojanettes were able to not only meet, but also to overcome, all obstacles as they went on to post their best record in the his- tory of women ' s play at Anderson College. Coach Annie Tribble and her cagers, who survived their twenty game regular season schedule with only an upset loss to Baptist College, traveled the road to riches on the strength of steady performances by sophomore co-captains Janie Ruth Lee, Brenda Paulk, and B. J. Shell, supplemented by strong efforts from a rapidly maturing group of freshmen recruits. CO-CAPTAINS (l-r) B. J. Shell, Janie Ruth Lee, Brenda Paulk. TEAM (front row, l-r) Donna Kay, manager, Sherry Caldwell, Marilyn Felkel, Vickie Burton, Brenda Paulk, B. J. Shell, Dale Campbell, (back row, l-r) Andy Tribble, mascot, Annie Tribble, head coach, Libby Mullinix, Doll Eadon, Janie Ruth Lee, Susan Neal, Laura Lawton, Grace Lyle, Pam Watkins, manager. 168 Girls ' Basketball DATE Dec. 5 Dec. 7 Dec. 8 Jan. 11 Jan. 16 Jan. 19 Jan. 24 Jan. 28 Jan. 30 Jan. 31 WOMENS ' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE OPPONENT Baptist College Claflin College Brevard Junior College Sandhills Comm. College Coker College Hiwassee College Baptist College Winthrop College Lander College Brevard Junior College Hiwassee College Furman University Benedict College Coker College Francis Marion Winthrop Collge Lander College Francis Marion LOCATION TIME Anderson 7:00 Anderson 7:00 Brevard 7:00 Southern Pines, N.C. 7:00 Hartsville 5 : 3o Anderson 2:00 Charleston 7 : oo Anderson 6:00 Greenwood 7 : 3o Anderson 530 Madisonville, Tenn. 5:45 Greenville 5:45 Columbia 6:00 Anderson 6:30 Florence 6:00 Rock Hill 6:00 Anderson 7 : 3o Anderson 7 : Q0 R1 Susan Neal leaps for a layup. R2 Doll Eadon regains possession from floored defender. R3 Gracie Lyle caps the fast break. Girls ' Basketball 169 Trojanettes roll on to tournament The Trojanettes tipped off their year by whipping Baptist College 67- 53 and then came back to clip Claflin 90-39. " Tribble ' s Trotters " proceeded to bombard Brevard 47-33, stop Sandhills 49-47, and crush Coker 65- 46 on a three game road trip before returning to the friendly confines of the Anderson gym and stunning South Carolina 57-47, and halting Hiwassee 53-36. The AC girls fell to a hot-shooting corps of Baptist College girls 58-52, but managed to right themselves and enter the state tournament with only one loss and an excellent shot at another trip to the national playoffs. L1 Doll Eadon successfully challenges foe underneath the basket L2 Height advantage pays off for Janie Ruth Lee. 170 Girls ' Basketball " % ■s. • R1 Doll Eadon struggles with Coker player for a rebound. R2 Laura Lawton hits two points against Winthrop. R3 Janie Ruth Lee helps topple Carolina with strong inside play. Girls ' Basketball 171 Desire for revenge keys team towards victories Following their narrow loss to Baptist College, the Trojanettes re- bounded to win their next nine games. After a forfeit win over Claflin, AC beat Winthrop 62-31, overpowered Lander 92-38, bombarded Brevard 55-43, pounded Carolina 61-40, and handled Hiwassee 57-44. The Trotters continued to roll as they slipped past Furman 61-57, stag- gered Benedict 61-27, and coasted past Coker. However, cold shooting and defeat came back to hound the Anderson lassies in their next two outings, when they fell to Francis Marion 48-44 and to Winthrop 67-48. R1 Doll Eadon tallies against apathetic Caro- lina player. R2 Libby Mullinix struggles for a loose ball in Winthrop game. R3 Vickie Burton finds the range on a short jumper. 172 Girls ' Basketball R1 Grade Lyle drives past Gamecock op- ponent. R2 Janie Ruth Lee puts two more on the board. R3 Brenda Paulk gains an assist over Hiwassee opponent. Girls ' Basketball 173 Trojanettes Crowned As National Basketball Queens The Trojanettes made the best of their chance for revenge when it finally came, dumping reigning champions Gulf Coast 59-58 in the final round of the national crown and justifying their position atop the women ' s junior college cage world. In its first showing in the national tournament, which was held at Delta College in University Center, Michigan, AC combined a 68.8 percent shooting performance with a pair of free throws by Vickie Bur- ton in the final 10 seconds to es- cape Temple 63-61. The next night AC won its semifinal bracket by rolling over Bergen 61-39. A recurrence of events of one year before, when GC won the na- tionals on a shot in the closing seconds, seemed imminent the Perks took a one-point lead with 20 seconds to go. The Trojan- ettes rallied on a layup by Janie Lee in the last seconds as they turned the tables on the titleholders and established themselves as queens of the women ' s basketball world. L1 Janie Lee tallies against Temple. L2 Victorious Trojanettes celebrate return. L3 New champs are swept up in home- coming celebration. 174 Girls ' Basketball bound in tournament action. R2 Libby Mullinix flips in a basket. R3 Vickie Burton tallies on a fast break. R4 Sherry Caldwell takes aim from corner. Girls ' Basketball 175 L1 Cheerleaders: 1st row — (l-r) Jackie Gambrell, Yvonne Vernon, Sandy Cervera. 2nd row — Kathy Roper, Debbie Black, Gail Norville, Jane Moseley, Mitzi Zimmerman. L2 Mitzi Zimmerman L3 Yvonne Vernon L4 Jackie Gambrell R1 Trojan Harry Parnell R2 Gail Norville R3 Kathy Roper R4 Debbie Black R5 Sandy Cervera R6 Jane Moseley 176 Cheerleaders Cheerleaders spur school spirit Cheerleaders 177 Baseball team finds success Searching near and farfortop-quali- ty talent, Anderson College Baseball coach Bob Hughes assembled what he called his strongest team ever for the 1974 campaign. Under the astute direction of Hughes, a motley congregation of freshmen and sophomores was trans- formed into a powerful team which up- held the traditions of Trojan athletics and proved to be a difficult opponent for all area schools. The Anderson year was highlighted by such outstanding sophomores as first baseman Kenny Waters, second baseman Owen Newman, shortstop Bobby Estes, and outfielders Michael Toner and Jerry Stoker. Third baseman Russ Brown, flyhawk Tony Evans, and catcher George Alex- ander added freshman talent to the squad. 178 Baseball L1 Coach Bob Hughes gives the Trojans experienced leadership. Team: 1st row — (l-r) Bruce Webber, Jerry Stoker, Ron Cassel, Russ Brown. George Alexander. 2nd row — Rick Leon, manager; Dave Southerland, David Barrett. Mike Toner. Owen Newman, Tony Evans. Leon Brown, Mendell West, Ron Riley. 3rd row — Coach Bob Hughes, Aaron Crowe. David Marut. Kenny Waters. Dale Hughes, Ricky Rice, Bobby Estes, Andy Perry. Chuck Nichols, Johnny Huckaby. manager. Absent was Ric Butner. Baseball 179 L1 Mike Toner swings a powerful bat. L2 Bruce Webber chases afoul pop-up. L3 Ron Cassel rifles a pitch. L4 David Barrett pivots on the double play. R1 Jerry Stoker awaits the pitch. R2 Bobby Estes makes the force-out. R3 George Alexander searches for a pop fly. R4 Chuck Nichols charges a ground ball. R5 Kenny Waters concentrates on the hitter. 182 Baseball L1 David Southerland chases a fly ball. L2 Andy Perry stabs a liner. L3 David Marut kicks high in his delivery. L4 Ricky Rice scoops up a grounder. L5 Russ Brown ably handles the " hot corner. ' R1 Ron Riley checks the runner. R2 Aaron Crowe offers a good target. R3 Owen Newman demonstrates bat control. R4 Leon Brown starts the double play. Baseball 183 Student interest, involvement key to increased intramural activity The fastest growing athletic field at AC, and certainly the one that in- volves the most student participation, is intramurals. With Cliff Satter- white heading the department, the overall program grew to encompass 11 sports and even spur the begin- ning of an AC athletic team in a prev- iously untouched field. The child of the 1973-74 intramural year was the first track and field team in the school ' s history. Coached by Satterwhite, the team competed in several area relays and participated in the conference meet. Regular intramural play involving all dormitory as well as commutting students, was held in flag football, basketball, pocket billiards, table tennis, bicycle riding, volleyball, cross country, swimming, tennis, soccer and softball. The sophomores were victorious in both their gridiron games with the freshmen, winning the boys ' game 20- 6 and triumphing in the girls ' en- counter 7-2. 184 Intramurals SP L1 A margin of inches separates victory from defeat. L2 A delicately plucked flag halts even the strongest runner. R1 Only the sprint precedes six points. R2 The no-contact rule escapes unenforced. R3 The soaring spheroid refuses to descend. Intramurals 185 Intramural play emphasizes ' self L1 Two players struggle for a rebound. L2 A basket from the baseline increases the lead. L3 The lead is expanded with the aid of an accurate set shot. L4 Girls await a plunging rebound. r 186 Intramurals I Intramurals 187 Golf team enjoys 5-H outstanding year 5§H «■■■■■■ Striving to uphold a precedent estab- lished a year earlier when the Trojans were fourth in the nation, the 1974 An- derson College golf team again en- joyed a successful season. Coach Jim Wiles ' s linksters, return- ing only two sophomores from the talent-laden 1973 team, nevertheless found renewed strength in a healthy crop of freshmen recruits that enabled AC to maintain its premier national status. Bill Lewis, an honorable mention Ail-American as a freshman, and Wal- ter Odiorne were the only returnees present to yield a stabilizing influence when the Trojans opened their fall campaign. But rookies such as hometown prod- uct Mike Teasley, Art Hightower, John Cubelic, David Poe, Sonny Holcombe, Gerald Weathers, Phil Martin, and Mitch Gault rendered to the team a new dimension of power and poise that en- abled the Trojans to maintain their position at the top of the conference. The Anderson year was highlighted by a Trojan victory in the Anderson Invitational Tournament. 188 Golf — ■ . .£ L1 Bill Lewis shows driving stance. L2 Walter Odiorne poses with his favorite club. L3 Coach Jim Wiles instructs five Trojans on driving technique. R1 Coach Wiles sinks a birdie putt. R2 Art Hightower belts a long drive. R3 John Cubelic blasts out of a trap. R4 Gerald Weathers chips onto the green. Golf 189 Team: (l-r) Bill Lewis. Sonny Holcombe, John Cubelic, Mike Teasley, Phil Martin, Gerald Weathers, David Poe, Walter Odiorne, Coach Jim Wiles. Absent from picture were Art Hightower, Mitch Gault. 190 Golf L1 Mike Teasley prepares to tee off. L2 Concentration is a key for David Poe. R1 Phil Martin watches ball roll towards cup. R2 Mitch Gault chips from the fringe. R3 Sonny Holcombe exhibits driving tech- nique. Golf 191 Tennis team finds path to perfection It ' s an old cliche about the tennis team making a racket, but the Trojans of coach Max Grubbs did just that throughout both the fall and spring campaigns of the 1973-74 season. The Anderson netters posted a per- fect 5-0 ledger with a pair of tourna- ment titles in a brief autumn slate and continued their excellent performance with an equally fine effort in the regular spring schedule. The AC attack was spearheaded by the Indian duo of Rajiv Kapur and Elango Ranganathan, each recording unbeaten records in fall competition. Depth was a key factor as AC rolled to easy victories in its own invitationa tourney and in an indoor meet in North Carolina to highlight autumn play. L1 Coach Max Grubbs ably guides the Tro- jans. L2 Drenner Tinsley returns a serve. L3 Rajiv Kapur shows his powerful backhand. w 192 Tennis R1 Elango Ranganathan backhands a shot. R2 Laura Lawton becomes the first girl to play tennis for AC since AC became coed. TEAM: (l-r) Charlie Hendrix. Steve Anderson. Elango Ranganathan, Randy Mills. Johnny Stewart. Drenner Tinsley. Coach Max Grubbs. Absent were Rajiv Kapur. John Tribble. Laura Lawton. Tennis 193 Three little Indians help spur success The season ' s prospectus was further enlightened when Grubbs an- nounced the signing of another talen- ted Indian, Naresh Baba, to join the duo already present on campus. Kapur, committed to play for Clem- son at Christmas, cancelled his plans to transfer as he decided to return to Anderson and play the number one position for the Trojan net squad as it rolled through another successful spring. The spring also found rejuvenation in the play of seasoned stars Randy Mills, Johnny Stewart, Steve Anderson and Drenner Tinsley. An intriguing sidelight to the season was the debut of AC ' S first female net- ter in Laura Lawton. L1 Charlie Hendrix returns a serve. L2 John Tribble stretches for a forehand. L3 John Stewart smashes one from the base- line. 194 Tennis R2 Steve Anderson follows through on a forehand. R3 Randy Mills volleys during practice. Tennis 195 1 9 P K 4h f w mi£ .. - ' fc.. HHHHil HH Bk wn 196 Students -.1 STUDENTS f ll x T« u . I Students 197 A sophomore is. . . A sophomore is . . . well, nothing ex- traordinary, except that he survived the rigors of the freshman year. He is a person who is engaged in his second year of college, and if he manages to keep it together for that long, he may come out of it with an Associate of Arts degree from Anderson College; and then, just possibly, he will look forward to trying to keep it together for another two years at a senior college. We might say that there are moun- tains to climb and rivers to cross and that the world is waiting, but we may not be sure that the world could really care less and whatever mountains and rivers there are probably either have a tunnel running through them or are pol- luted. So why don ' t we do something about it? Every person who has a degree of education has a responsibility, both to himself and to his fellow creature. It is not such a weighty encumbrance as cannot be borne with a reasonable amount of patience, diligence, disci- pline, and even some deep thought. The job of the scholar is to make the world a better place. So, if Mr. Sophomore can do his two bits worth, maybe he can save Planet Earth before she withers up and blows away like a leaf caught in a late Novem- ber wind storm. L1 Ricky Heckle, president L2 B. J. Shell, vice-president L3 Bobby Brock, secretary-treasurer 198 Sophomore Class Officers Julie Ann Adams Joyce Ann Albertson Diane Alexander Pamela Alexander Thomas Reese Alexander Mary Aretus Altman Ann Elizabeth Ashmore Allan Henderson Ayer Dona Lee Barker Cheryl Ruth Battice Harry Maurice Baum Melanie Ann Beiers Sophomore Class 199 Thomas Judson Bell Deborah Ann Black Catherine Camille Billiter Robert William Bodle Kevin Ernest Boiter William David Bolt Sharon Catherine Bowen Kathy Diane Bradberry Paul Rice Bradey Timothy Fred Bradley Charles Alvin Bradshaw Jacqueline V. Brady 200 Sophomore Class Robert Vance Brawner Robert Eugene Brock Scot Kolbe Broeker Vereta Ann Brooks Lacy Emmett Browder Cindy Amelia Brown George Sidney Brown, Jr. Neal Franklin Brown Sophomore Class 201 Margaret Jayne Burts William Harry Busbee William Douglas Busby, Jr. David Hall Byars 202 Sophomore Class June Charlene Byars Phil Lewis Byrd Sherry Lynnette Caldwell Margaret Anne Callaham Ray Giles Callaham Clair Mark Campbell Teresa Lynn Campbell Thomas F. Campbell, Jr. Janet Elizabeth Cantrell Mary Jo Carroll Emily Frances Cheek Harold S. Clinkscales Sophomore Class 203 David Elwyn Collins Charles Lamar Cooley Janice Lynn Copeland Marilyn Faye Copeland M. Caldwell Costa, Jr. Susan Elaine Couch Rachel Cowan Rachel Robertson Cox Sandra Louise Cox Susan Lynn Cox Harry Allen Cratt Linda Dianne Creel 204 Sophomore Class Sophs must decide on future Violet Lynnette Crider Otis Nelson Crosby Catherine Deborah Cundiff Nicole Ann Dalton Horace Grady Daniel Helen Margaret Daniels Henrietta Daniels Charles William Davis Sophomore Class 205 Jeffrey Lee Deal Candace Ann Deberry Alva Eugene Derrick, Jr. Emily Smith Dobson : xK Candance Elizabeth Ellenburg Timothy Eugene Ellenburg Frances Louise Epps 206 Sophomore Class Mary Diane Eskew Robert Earl Estes Elizabeth Joan Evans Betty Elaine Fleming Douglas Edward Ford Mary Elizabeth Foster Susan Dianne Frazier Leon Roy Frierson Betty Ada Galloway Linda Alice Galloway Richard Henry Gambrell Martha Huffman Garber Sophomore Class 207 Donnie Ray Garrett Emily Hope Garrett Richard Cecil Garrett Henry Stewart Glenn Susan Malinda Gray Royce Alton Green Lou Anne Greenway Ben Ceborn Griffin, Jr. 208 Sophomore Class Claire Jeanelte Hall Kathy Lynn Hall Nancy Ann Hall Karen Lee Hammett Karen Joyce Hampton Cecil Harding Hanna, Jr. Deronda Lynn Harrelson Linda Corley Harris Drexel Eugene Harrison Sophomore Class 209 Brian Dickson Hodges Milton Benjamin Holcombe 210 Sophomore Class Karen Holliday Johnny Fay Huckaby F 9V Robert Boykin Hollis Davis Warren Horner Josep h Robert Huggins Dale Lee Hughes Sandra Kay Howard Merrianna Hunter Carol Hendricks Jackson James Oscar Jackson Edward Verner Jenkins Ann Stansell Johnson Sophomore Class 211 IS »i p ■ i , H h flv - ' - l fw Lditffl . " Charles E. Johnson Martha Elizabeth Johnston George LeGrande Jones Julia Katherin Jones Donna Lee Kay Gregory Alan Kelly 212 Sophomore Class Martha Ann Kelly Ellen Stewart King Janie Ruth Lee Thomas Henry Leeke. Jr. Wanda Ann Lewis Marilyn Faye Long Vickie Lynne Long Anna Maria Looper Deborah Kate Looper Mary Elizabeth Looper Regina Dianne Looper Gregory Ennis Loskoski Sophomore Class 213 Sophomores will diffuse Sarah Ann Martin Sara Louise Mattison Julie Elane Mays Deborah Meeks McAlister William J. McBride Nancy Lucretia McCoy 214 Sophomore Class into a waiting world Deborah Elaine Mclnlyre Elizabeth Kay McLeod m Margaret Ruth McNab David Clark Meek James Leonard Miller Judith Elaine Miles Sophomore Class 215 Elizabeth Ann Moon Jane Elizabeth Morgan 216 Sophomore Class Jane Trammell Moseley Sally Elizabeth Murdock Karen Ann Murphy Robbie Dale Murphy Melanie Joy Neill Janet Marie Nelson Jettie Ann Nelson John Owen Newman Linda Tutt Newman Janice McAlister Nimmons Patricia Gail Norville James Paul Orr Sophomore Class 217 Sophs continue with more advanced studies Debra Ann Owens Edmund Whitfield Parker, Jr. William Berry Parks Harry B. Parnell Debra Ellen Patterson Rhonda Katherine Patterson Roger Lee Patterson Brenda Karen Paulk 218 Sophomore Class Martha Adelaide Perry Sheila Ruth Petty Patricia Jeanne Phillips Stephen Eugene Phillips Vera Elaine Porter Warren Floyd Powell, Jr. Paul Correll Pressley Elizabeth Wilson Propst Cynthia Pruitt Cassie Lynn Reeves Sarah Rebecca Rentz Elizabeth Ann Reynolds Sophomore Class 219 Richard Allen Rice i • ' Hffl ' M . f 1 « km | ti Gregory Blanchard Richard Donna Marie Richardson Ronald Eugene Riley Joy Manila Rish 220 Sophomore Class James Jackson Rogers, Jr. Janet Sue Roper Charles David Ross Feryl Lynn Rush Theresa Ann Sarvis David Paul Savageau Caroline Kay Schwarting Patricia Ann Scott Janice Kay Seawright Jimmy Steve Senter Rebecca Lynn Sewell Eleanor Elizabeth Shealy Sophomore Class 221 Stephen Michael Sherard Deborah Elizabeth Sheriff Mary Hodge Shooter Mary Olga Simmons Michael Dean Simpson Suzanne Marie Simpson Larry William Simun Elizabeth Donna Sitton Audrey Lee Smith Benjamin Taylor Smith Christa Yvonne Smith 222 Sophomore Class Isaac Kennedy Smith Melody Diane Smith Richard Breland Smith Cathy Jean Southerland Mary Elizabeth Springfield Lonnie Edward Stevenson John Calvin Stewart Esther Nelle Still Sophomore Class 223 James Alan Stoddard Thomas Michael Stroud Ella Marie Sullivan George Russell Sutton, Jr. J John Muldrow Sutton, Jr. Trudy Jean Talley Helen Maria Taylor James Theodore Taylor Mary Elizabeth Taylor Angelia Lee Thackslon Larry Bruce Thompson Elizabeth Ann Thrailkill 224 Sophomore Class More college or a career? Mary Virginia Tindal Drenner McNeal Tinsley Rebecca Anne Tollison John Cleve Touchberry Beth Ann Traber Lisa Trammell Billy Wayne Turner Sophomore Class 225 Arthur Van Verner Hugh Edward Vincent Janetta Kay Walker Edward Keith Walters Kenneth Don Waters Clifton Edward Watkins 226 Sophomore Class Roger Allen Williams Sophomore Class 227 Janice Elaine Woodson Betty Sue Wyatt 228 Sophomore Class Challenge of the future awaits Sophomore Class 229 L1 David Southerland, president L2 Gordon Hammond, secretary-treasurer L3 Ronda Eledge, vice-president Freshmen hike AC enrollment From the rather confining high school curriculum, the freshman steps on the Anderson College scene. To be a freshman may well be a traumatism, but the transition may be a rather gentle one at AC. The freshman is thrown into a new world of sensation and stimuli, but Anderson College ' s freshman is, in general, not overwhelmed. The fresh- man year is a sort of proving ground, a " where do we go from here? " You can boom or bust in your premier col- lege year. The freshmen may at once astound with his profundity and at the next in- stant swallow his foot to the ankle. Not to explode an old collegiate myth, but today ' s freshman is not naive, except in the most extraordinary ways. Most importantly, though, the fresh- man is an individual — no prototype spewing out formulated phrases. Ev- ery one is unique, and there is a place for him somewhere, and there must be a place for the class of 75 in the world today — somewhere. 230 Freshman Class Officers Julie Abbott Ronnie Adams Susan Alewine George Alexander Sandra Allen Lee Alley Steve Anderson Susan Anderson John Ashley Steve Ashley Woody Ashley Eddie Bailey Eleanor Baker James Ballew Ann Barker Joel Barnes David Barrett Dollie Barron David Bates Mary Batson Bill Becker Bonnie Beeny William Bell Harrianne Berry Joan Black Steve Black Gary Blackburn Jewel Bland Julia Bland Brett Boggs Karen Boggs Darlene Bostick Janet Bowen Jessie Bowen Phillip Bowen Freshman Class 231 Stephaney Boykin Pam Bozanek Al Bracken Patty Brandt David Brady Jane Broadway Cheryl Brock Dwyne Brock Joey Brown Ray Brown Ronald Brown Linda Bruce Sherrie Bryant Kathy Bryson Christi Buchanan Pat Bull Mary Beth Burbage James Burdette Janet Burdette Pat Burriss Wanda Burriss Greg Burroughs Vickie Burton Gwen Busbee Steve Butler Susan Butler Terry Butler June Cagle Dale Campbell James Campbell Steve Campbell rf: - A Tommy Campbell Judy Cann Ci Linda Cannon 4 JAw Ronnie Cantrell % - ' v ri m 232 Freshman Class Struggling to find self in the seventies David Capps Sammy Carey Keith Carpenter Claude Cartee Jane Cartee Debbie Casey Karen Casey Ron Cassel Donna Cathey Sandy Cervera Rita Chastain Garrison Childress Tommy Childress Dawn Church Revelyn Cisson Freshman Class 233 Dale Coleman Nancy Condon Marcia Cook Sam Cook Gwen Cooper Tim Cousins Debbie Crabtree Jeff Craig Stephen Crain Carl Crane Lee Cromer Lita Cromer Robin Cromer Shirley Cromer Wanda Crooke Aaron Crowe Mary Crowther Trinese Crowther Margie Crumpton Gray Curry 234 Freshman Class Mary Davis Michael Davis Perry Davis Wayne Dickard Lena Dickson David Dillingham Tom Dimmock Dave Donaghay Greer Dosser Jimmy Dowis Sandra Duncan Randy Dunn Melanie Edmunds Ronda Eledge Bill Ellen Dale Ellenburg Phil Elliott Jan Ellis Kay Ellis Lynn Ellison Roy Ethridge Cindy Etters Bob Eudy Bruce Evans Emily Evans Tony Evans Dianne Fann Marilyn Felkel Janet Fendley Sandra Floyd Mary Fortson Brad Franklin Robert Free Libby Frye Anthony Fulghum Freshman Class 235 Diversification distinguishes Class of ' 75 Billy Glasby Diane Glazener Stephen Godfrey Marsha Gore Bo Gossett Terry Graham Susan Green Victor Greene Tommy Greenway Chuck Gregory 236 Freshman Class Joey Grooms Johnny Grumbles Ronnie Guida Mary Earle Halford Hattie Pearl Hall Bernie Hamby Billie Joe Hamby Ryan Hammett Gordon Hammond Billy Hanks Pam Hanks Bruce Harbin Nancy Harbin Loitton Hardison Claude Harris James Harris Ruth Harvey Luan Hawkins Paula Hawthorne Doug Hayes Freshman Class 237 Experience molds the individual for future Jan Head Raleigh Heard Charles Hendrix John herring Patti Herring Hope Hester Jill Hicks Margaret Hicks Terry Hiers Arthur Hightower 238 Freshman Class Johnny Holladay Phil Holliday Lamar Hudgens Wade Houston Bonnie Hughes George Hughes Beverly Huiet Dick Humphries Anne Hungerford Jan Hunt Kay Hunt Bryan Hunter Ronald Huskey David Hyatt June Infinger Bill Irvin Angel Jackson Bill James Denise James Cynthia Jewell Harris J. Johnson Mike Jones Cindy Jordan Rajiv Kapur Steve Karelitz Susan Kiger Pam Killian Donnie King Paula King Roger King Steve King Pace Kneece Rene Knight Marty Knight Shirley Knight Freshman Class 239 Beverly Knott William Koger Robin Lambert Jan Land Samuel Lathem Laura Lawton Marian Lay Jon Layman Tommy Layton Tom Leitnaker Rick Leon Ronnie Leslie Debra Lewis Betty Litchfield Tommy Little Walter Logan Debbie Looney Mike Lother Charles Lyle Grace Lyle Randi Lynch Brad Mace Trudy Mahaffey Lynn Martin Phil Martin Dave Marut Sabrina Mason John Mathis Pam Matthews Stephen Mattison 240 Freshman Class Mac Mauldin Maria Mayes Nancy McCarrell Dan McCarthy David McClellan Irine McClinton John McCown Ron McDaniel Douglas McFaddin Janet McGill Freshman Class 241 Frosh conform to patterns, precedents, rules Tom Miller Danny Mitchell Phyllis Mitchell Johnny Mize Julie Mize Ruby Mize Jean Moone Becky Moore Bill Moore Butch Moore Ty Moore Lynne Morris Marilyn Mudge Libby Mullinnix Jane Murphy 242 Freshman Class 5 i Susan Neal Janice Nelms Charles Newton Chuck Nichols Kenneth Norwood Johnny Odom Janice Ogburn Andy Omundson Alan Owenby Greg Owens Donna Parks John Parnell Rad Pate Sherry Patterson Cindy Patton Joel Penson Donna Pettigrew Dianne Phillips Rick Phillips Susie Phillips Robert Plaxico David Poe Jim Poe Cynthia Powell Margaret Powell Freddy Powers Freshman Class 243 Debbie Pruitt Cindy Ragsdale Elangovan Ranganathan Pat Raper Bruce Ray Nancy Register Susan Register Nancy Reid Nancy Rentz Betsy Rheney Luci Richardson Boyd Ritchie Stanley Roberson Mike Roberts Ricky Robinson Steve Robinson Donna Robison Susan Rodgers Dexter Rodgers Joe Rogers 244 Freshman Class Sallie Ruff Phil Rumsey Mike Runion Jeff Rush David Safstrom Judy Sandel Karen Sanders Richard Sanders Karen Scott Glenda Seawright Kristine Seel Jean Shabkie Sandra Sharpe Debbie Shaw Tim Sheriff Michael Shiell J. D. Shiflet Gary Shull Myra Sightler Carol Sigman Tim Simmons Russell Simons Eddie Simpson Richard Simpson Wayne Slaton Freshman Class 245 Participation strengthens freshman ties Mary Anne Smith Mike Smith Terry Smith Walter Smith Owen Snider 246 Freshman Class Ann Snipes Vonda Snipes David Southerland Peggy Sparr Francis Anne Spigner Beth Stephens Ed Stephens Susan Stephens Brad Still Carol Stokes Lu Ann Stone Bob Strauss Steve Strickland Margaret Stukes Tom Sudderth Randall Sutherland Shann Tanner Jimmy Tate Buz Tatum Debbie Taylor Mary Beth Taylor Carolyn Teasley Paulette Tewkesbury Janet Thomas Bill Thomason Harriett Thomson Faron Timms Carol Ann Tinsley Michael Toner Carroll Toohey Mike Trainor Liz Traxler John Tribble George Trusler Michael Upton Freshman Class 247 Freshmen enjoy a new freedom Bobby Vanadore Barbara Vause Yvonne Vernon Diane Vladeff Randy Wadford Teresa Wamack Ernest Wansley Billy Warren Brian Watkins Gerald Weathers Sabrina Webb Bruce Webber Hugh Welborn Jerri Wemple Steve Wentzky Jacqueline West Kenney West Mendel West Barbara Wheeler Pam White 248 Freshman Class Dottie Whitfield Bobbie Jean Wiley Sara Wilkinson Mark Williams Mary Jo Williams Paul Williams Ramona Williams Joyce Williamson Rachel Wilson Susan Wise Buddy Woods Dean Wyatt Anne Yarbrough Deanna Yarbrough Jerry Young Freshman Class 249 Sophomore Directory Adams. Julie Ann — 303 Earle St., Lyman Intramural Football. Albertson, Joyce Ann — Rt. 4. Tanglewood Dr . Seneca. Home Economics Club. Alexander, Diane Ullie — Lusk Road, Six Mile Music Study Club. Baptist Campus Ministries. Altman. Mary Aretus — P.O. Box 14, Lane. Westminster Fellowship, Campus Ministries. Anders. III. Otto Arthur — Rt 8. Box 4292. Greenville Ashmore. Ann Elizabeth — Rt. 2. Huntington Court. Greenville. Atkinson. Oleda Glenn — 1110 Greenacres. Anderson Ayer. Allan H — Rt. 1, Box 7, St. George Bailes. Charles Mike — 2029 Moultrie Square, Anderson Art Club. Intramural Basketball. Barker Dona Lee — Shadowbrook Farm, Rt 1. Simp- son vi He. Intramural Football. Intramural Volley- ball Baum. Harry Maurice — 1503 Lyttleton St., Camden Men ' s Council. SGA Senate, Social Committee. Dmmg Room Committee, Pep Band. Circie K. Cir- cle K President. Intramurals, Circle K 2nd Vice President. Who ' s Who. Beiers. Melanie Anne — Box 233. Duncan. Bell. Thomas Judson — Rt, 2. Honea Path. Billiter. Catherine C. — 1224 Highview Ave , North Augusta. Black. Deborah Ann — 405 Comet Drive, Hendersonville. N C Cheerleader, College Day Representative, Drama Club, K-Ettes Bodle. Robert William — 211 Sussex St.. Harrison, N J Dean ' s List. Phi Theta Kappa. Intramural Football. Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Basketball Boggs, William F — 318 Brook Forest Dr . Anderson Boiter, Kevm Ernest — Rt 1. Gray Court Bolt, William David — 203 Beecher St., Anderson. Bowen, Sharon C — Rt 2. Easley Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Phi Episilon Bowman, Clifford H — 702A Westview Ave . Anderson Veteran ' s Club Boyette. Sue Sweatt — Le Chateau Apt 9C, Anderson, Bradberry. Kathy Diane — Rt 1, Box 189, Wilhamston Bradey. Paul Rice — 4435 Pinelake Dr., Charlotte, N.C. Bradley. Timothy Fred — 17 Smythe St., Pelzer Bradshaw, Charles Alvin — 106 N Church St , Walhalla. Intramural Football. Brady. Jacqueline Vernee — 120 Herlong Ave , St Mat- thews Academic award in basketball. 1st runner-up to Miss Fres ' iman, 2nd runner-up to Miss Sopho- more. Contestant in Miss AC pageant. Captain for Intramural Football Brawner, Robert Vance — 402 N Main St., Anderson Brock. Robert Eugene — 1166 Gunter Circle. West Columbia. Intramural Football. Intramural Softball. Intramural Volleyball. In tram iral Basketball. Sec - Treas. of Soph. Class. Broeker, Scot Kolbe — 1406 Kimberly Road, Anderson Art Club, Trojan Singer, Art Editor ot ECHOES Brooks, Ronald Vinson — Rt 4, Anderson Brooks, Vereta Ann — Rt 2. Belton Browder. Lacy Emmett — 506 Summitt Ave , Anderson Brown, Cynthia Amelia — Rt 1. Starr Music Study Club- Brown, Jr., George Sidney — Rt 1 Starr Intramural Football. Intramural Coach Brown, Michael Gner — Rt. 3, Box 329. Iva Brown. Neal Franklin, Rt. 2, Westminster Brown. Steven William — Rt 2, Box 147 A, Clinton AC Choir, Pep Club. Intramural Football. Intra- mural Basketball, Men ' s Council, Business Manager of YODLER Browning, Ray David — - 2112 Woodside Ave . Anderson Buchanan. Dianne Brenda — Box 338. Sandy Springs Intramural Basketball Bunch, Allen Cardell — 525 South Beltline, Columbia Burton, Randy Dale — Rt, 1. Pelzer Burts Margaret Jayne — Rt 4. Box 234, Laurens Commercial Club Busbee, William Harry — Box 68. Springfield Busby, Jr., William Douglas — Rt. 1, Belton Butner, Ricky Lee — 2133 Roanoak Dr,, Winston-Salem. N.C. Who ' s Who. Byars, David Hall — 401 Southway St.. Easley Byars, June Charlene — P.O Box 504. Pickens Baptist Young Women Byers, Jr., Lloyd Charles — Rt 2, Box 1 1 1 A, Iva Byrd, Phihp Lewis — Rt 1. St. George Intramural Basketball. Intramural Softball Caldwell, Sherry Lynette — Rt 1 Box 99. Ware Shoals, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Secretary FCA. Basketball Team Callaham. Margaret Anne — Rt 4, Belton Callaham, Ray Giles — Rt 4, Belton. Campbell, Beverly E — 508B Visage Dr.. Anderson Campbell. Clair Mark — Rt 4, Box 531, Piedmo nt Hiking Club. Secretary Hiking Club, Baptist Young Women. Campbell, David Clifton — 403 Thames. Manning, Campbell, Teresa Lynn — Rt. 1, Box 238, Abbeville Women ' s Council, Gamma Beta Phi. IVY LAVES Campbell. Jr.. Thomas F — 509 Fairview Rd . Laurens Cantrell, Janet Elizabeth — P.O. Box 362 — Easley Dean ' s L-st. Phi Theta Kappa Carroll, Mary Jo — Box 10, Townville Baptist Young Women. Campus Ministries, COLUMNS Staff, In- tramural Basketball. Intramural Volleyball, Intra- mural Softball. Chapman, Diane Gable — 802 Blair St., Anderson Cheek, Emily Frances — 2108 Boulevard Heights, An- derson Cleveland. Susan Jane — 3401 Howland Dr.. Anderson Clinkscales. Harold S — Rt 2, Starr. Coen, Robert Lay ton — 149 S. Church St., Bowling Green. OH Intramural Baseball, Intramural Foot- ball Cole. Carl Adam — 2031 Moultrie Square. Anderson Cole, Thomas S — Box 247. Canon. Ga Codings, David Elwyn — Rt 1, Mountain Rest. Spanish Club, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Pmg-Pong Collins, Johnny Bruce — Rt 7, Box 90, Anderson Cooley, Lamar Charles — Rt 1. Box 141. Pelzer Phi Theta Kappa. Drama Club. Intramural Football, Intramural Basketball. Intramural Softball Copeland, Janice Lynn — Box 773. Estill. Women ' s Council, SGA Senate. Copeland, Marilyn Faye — Rt 6, Anderson Couch. Roger Dale — 206 North Ave . Westminster Couch. Susan Elaine — Route 1, Box 396. Williamston Pep Club Cowan, Rachel — Sheffield, Greenwood. Pep Club, In- tramural Volleyball, Intramural Football. Cox. Rachel R — Stubhngs Trl Park, Clemson Cox. Sandra Louise — 304 W Fredericks St , Anderson Cox, Susan Lynn — 304 W Fredericks St., Anderson Craft, Annie F, — 616 Martha Dr., Anderson Spanish Club Craft, Harry Allen — 402 Jeb Stuart Ave, Anderson Ministerial Association, Vice-President of Church Related Vocations. Campus Ministries Creel. Linda Dianne — Rt, 2. Box 79A, St George Campus Ministries, Commercial Club, intramural Volleyball 250 Sophomore Directory Cnder. Violel L — Rt 2 Box 243. St Matthews Basketball Manager. Women ' s Council. SGA Sen- ate, Miss Troian Contestant Crosby. Otis Nelson — Rt 8 Bolt Dr . Anderson Men ' s Council. Choir Cundift. Catherine Deborah — Rt 3. Hartwell. Ga Dalton. Nicole Ann — 718 S. Oak St.. Seneca. Art Club Home Ec Club. Vice-President ot Home Ec Club Daniel. Horace Grady — Rt 1Box2B iva Daniels. Helen Margaret — 3 Phoenix Ave . Greenville Art Club Pep Club. Intramural Football. Daniels, Henrietta — P O Box 584, Georgetown. Miss AC Pageant, Intramural Football, Intramural Vol- leyball, Intramural Basketball Davis. Charles W. — 1000 Bolt Dr., Anderson Intra- mural Football. Intramural Basketball. Men ' s Council. Davis. Steven Van — Box 11, Town vi lie. Deal. Jeff Lee — Box 127. Eastanollee. Ga. Who ' s Who. DeBerry. Candace Ann — 813 Wilson St.. Anderson Delta, Carlos Pardo — Manstas San Isidro. Lima. Peru. Derrick, Alva Eugene — P.O. Box 376, West Columbia. Dixon. Calvin Joey — 209 Mayfield Dr , Anderson. Dobson. Emily Anne — 1 1B Le Chateau Apts., Ander- Dobson, James Robert — 1 1B Le Chateau Apts., Ander- son. Dolly. Don Carlos — 2406 Lindale Rd , Anderson. Drennon, Doris Ann — 1301 East River St., Anderson. Dean ' s List. Phi Theta Kappa. Women ' s Council. SGA Senate. Who ' s Who. Dunn, William Roger — Box 336. Iva. Ellenburg, Candace E. — Rt. 1, Six Mile. Alpha Pi Epsilon, Phi Theta Kappa, Gamma Beta Phi, Commercial Club. Ellenburg, Timothy Eugene — Rt, 8, Box 5, Easley. Circle K, Freshman Class President. Men ' s Council, Intramural Football, Intramural Volleyball. Intra- mural Basketball, Intramural Softball. Who ' s Who. Ellington, Charles M — 13 Williams St.. La France Ellis. Edwin Michael — 104 S Piney Circle. Simpson- vi I le. Epps. Frances L. — 205 Railroad Ave . St. George. Eskew. Mary Diane — 14 Sewanee Ave . Greenville. Estes. Robert Carl — 1551 Wade Hampton Blvd., Greenville. Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Who ' s Who. Evans. Libby — P O Box 133. Six Mile. Baptist Young Women Fleming. Betty Elaine — Rt 7. Pine Dr., Greer Flounders, Stephen Scott — 404 Concord Rd , Anderson. Hiking Club. Vice-President Hiking Club Ford, Douglas E. — Rt. 4. Belton Foster. Mary E. — 420 McElrath Rd., Greer. Dean ' s List. Phi Theta Kappa. Gamma Beta Phi. Baptist Young Women, Baptist Student Union. K-ettes. Fowler, Sandra Elaine — Rl 1, Dixon Rd.. Anderson. Frady. James Everett — P.O Box 217. Walhalla Frazier. Susan Dianne — 209 Homestead Dr , Taylors, Dean ' s List, Graduation Marshal, Phi Theta Kappa. Gamma Beta Phi. Women ' s Council. Intramural Football. Who ' s Who Freeman, John Ernest — 104 Powell Rd.. Anderson. Freeman. Michael A — 1113 Mynck. Barnwell. Frierson. IV. Edward Cecil — Box 38. Bella Vista. Easley Frierson. Roy Leon — Rt 2, Box 107. Bamberg Minis- terial Association. Pep Band. Choir Galloway. Betty Ada — Rt 1. Box 39. Salem Galloway, Linda Alice — Rt. 1. Box 39. Salem. Gambrell, Richard Henry — Rt. 2, Westminster, Garber, Martha Huffman — 211 Warwich St., Anderson Phi Theta Kappa, Home Ec. Club. Dean ' s List Garrett. Donnie Ray — Rt LPelzer. Garrett, Richard C — Rt. 2. Box 25. Laurens. Garrett, Thomas A. — Rt. 2. Box 171 E. Seneca Geiger. Harmolyn — P.O. Box 694. Anderson. Gilstrap. Leah Ann — 37 E. 8th St., Greenville Gleason. Edward Dean — 504 Boulevard. Anderson. Gleason, Robin Elaine — 1732 Danbury Lane. Anderson. Glenn, Henry Stewart — Rt. 7, Box 176. Anderson. Goodson. Timothy H. — 504 Whitehall Rd . Anderson. SGA President. Circle-K, Cheerleader. Intramural Football, Intramural Softball. Intramural Basket- ball. Dining Room Committee. Who ' s Who Gosnell. Phillip Neal — 34 Smythe Str.. Pelzer. Graham, James Wesley — Rt. 3, Anderson. Grant. Jerry J N. — Rt 5, Seneca. Grantland. Doris Wallene — 905 Spnngdale Rd . An- derson Gray. Beverly Ann — 600 Hillcrest Dr.. Clemson. Gray. Carol E. — S. " E " St., Easley Greenway, LouAnne — Rt. 2 — Elberton, Ga. Circle K Sweetheart, BCM. Circle K K-ettes. Intramural Football, Intramural Volleyball, Women ' s Council. SGA Senate. YODLER Staff. Who ' s Who. Griffin, Ben — Rt. 5. Easley. Circle K, Intramural Foot- ball. Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, Secretary-Treasurer of SGA, Men ' s Council. Hall Counselor. Who ' s Who. Griffin. Horace Lee — 701 Winston Dr., Anderson. Hall, Claire Jeanette — Rt 2. Landrum Home Ec Club. Hall. Nancy Ann — Rt 1, Walhalla Hammett. Karen Lee — 1726 Koulter Dr. Columbia Baptist Young Women. Social Chm BYW. Hiking Club, President ot Hiking Club Hampton. Karen Joyce — 403 Allenby Rd., Anderson Dean s List, Music Study Club. Phi Theta Kappa. Sec of Choir, Women ' s Council Hanna, Jr., Cecil Harding — 424 Marion St.. Kingstree. Hardy, Larry Dean — 2505 Brenda Dr.. Anderson. Harrelson. Deronda Lynn — Rt. 2. Box 201. Tabor City, N.C Dean ' s List, Commercial Club. Gamma Beta Phi. Baptist Young Women. Intramural Foot- ball. Pres. of Commercial Club. Harris, Linda Corley — 412 Forest Lane. Belton Phi Theta Kappa. Who ' s Who Harrison. Drexel Eugene — Rt. 2. Box 117A. Central Hayes. Connie Lee — 2157 Mimosa Dr.. Abilene. TX Heckle, Grover Richard — 1184 Sawyer St., Orangeburg. Intramural Football, Baseball. Track. Pres of Sophomore Class, Men ' s Council, Hembree. Janelle B — 105 Comet St.. Anderson Hendnx, Judy Wadella — Laurel Rd.. Easley. Intramural Football. Vice Chairman of Women ' s Council, COLUMNS Staff. Hodges. Brian Dickson — 23 Gilmer Dr.. Anderson Phi Theta Kappa. Intramural Football, Intramural Basketball, Sec. ot Men ' s Council, Holliday, Karen Marvene — Rt. 1, Six Mile Hollis, Robert Boykin — 816 Dunbarlon Dr.. N Augusta. IVY LEAVES. Horner, Davis Warren — 406 College Ave.. Anderson Dean ' s List. Campus Ministries. Hiking Club, Phi Theta Kappa. Copy Editor of COLUMNS. Editorial Assistant of ECHOES, Who ' s Who. Howard. Sandra Kay — 240 Stucawa Dr.. Columbia Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Pi Epsilon. Baptist Young Women. Commercial Club. Intramural Football. Sec. ol Commercial Club, Sec of BYW Hozey. Donna Marie — 3706 S. Main St.. Anderson. Huckaby, Johnny Fay — 345 W. Peachtree St.. Wood- rufl Hudson, Larry Dean — 118A E Franklin St., Anderson. Huggins. Joseph Robert — Box 487. Johnsonville, WACE Stall. Intramural Football, Intramural Softball. In- tramural Volleyball. Intramural Basketball. Men B Council Hughes. Dale — 408 W Ouincy Rd.. Seneca. FCA. Baseball Team. Intramural Football. Intramural Basketball Hunter, Memanna — P.O. Box 23, Mountain Rest Isom, Barry Hillord — 107 James St.. Anderson Sophomore Directory 251 Sophomore Directory Jackson. Carol Hendricks — Mitchell St., Batesburg. Home Ec. Club. Commercial Club. Jenkins. Edward Verner — Rt. 2. Piedmont. Intramural Football Johnson. Ann Stansell — 143B White Circle, Greenville. Johnson, Charles — 1005 McRae Rd.. Camden- Johnson. Thelma Ann — 143 White Circle, Greenville Johnston, Martha Elizabeth — 108 Yorkshire Dr.. Greenville Deans List. Phi Theta Kappa . Jonas. B. Ray — 219 Beaty Sq.. Anderson. Jones. George L — 1 14 Memorial St., Manning Jones, Julia Kathenn — Rt 1, Linmar Circle. Anderson FCA. Intramural Basketball. COLUMNS Staff. Jones, Shuler Mack — Rt. 1 , Piedmont Jones, Valesa Stone — Rt 2. McAlister Dr.. Anderson. Kaiser. Helen Martin — 203 Wren Way. Anderson. Kammska, Ernest M. — 1506 E. North St., Greenville. Kay, Donna Lee — Rt. 1. Pelzer. Women ' s Council. FCA. SGA, Basketball Team, Manager Basketball Team. Kelley. Gregory Alan — P O Drawer R. Six Mile. Kelly. Martha Ann — 24446 Two Oaks Dr., Charleston. Miss AC Pageant. Home Ec. Club. Presidentof Home Ec. Club. Westminster Fellowship, Intra- mural Football, Women ' s Council, Class and Fea- ture Editor of COLUMNS. Kimball, George Danny — 208 Williamston Rd.. Ander- son. Kirby. William F. — Rt. 2. Box 44. Greeleyville Knox, William Kenneth — Rt. 1. Belton. Landreth, Charles V. Who. Rt. 1. Box 129. Iva. Who ' s Lee, Janie Ruth — Rt. 1, Box 429, Eutawville. FCA. Basketball Team, Intramural Football, Intramural Tennis, Intramural Softball. Leeke, III. Thomas Henry — Jones Ave., Simpsonville Lewis, Wanda Ann — Rt. 2. Anderson Dr., Williamston Intramural Volleyball. Drama Club. Lmdler. Jr., Alvin L — 532 Byron Rd.. Columbia. Long. Marilyn — 3712 Bankston Place, Charlotte, N.C. Phi Theta Kappa, Gamma Beta Phi, Commercial Club, Sec. to Women ' s Council Long, Richard Lamar — Rt. 3, Seneca. Long, Vickie Lynn — 116 Crosby Circle. Greenville Intramural Football. Looney, Jennifer E. — 325 Moultrie Sq., Anderson. Looper, Anna Maria — 300 E. Washington Ave., Easley. Looper. Deborah Kate — Box 20B. Rt 7. Easley. Dean ' s List. Miss Anderson College. Phi Theta Kacpa. Who ' s Who Looper, Mary Elizabeth — Rt. 6, Box 969G. Seneca. Looper. Stanley M. — Rt. 2. Box 123. Pickens %:,:■■■ Loskoski, Gregory E. — 615 Duncan St., Anderson. Ministerial Association. Westminister Fellowship, Intramural Football. Delta Psi Omega. Lupo. Trent E. — Rt. 4, Nichols Marchi, Carl Norman — 104 Clemson St.. Clemson. Martin, Douglas Ardis — 2800 Pope Dr , Anderson. Art Club. Martin, Carroll Lynn — PO Box 986, Anderson, Art Club. Intramural Football. Basketball. Volleyball. Softball. Track, Men ' s Council. Martin, Sarah Ann 405 South Main, Belton IVY LEAVES. Home Ec. Club. Maxwell. William A. — 1614 E. Calhoun St., Anderson. Mayfield. Anthony D. — 103 Beaver Creek Rd.. Ander- son. Mays, Julie Elane — Box 98, Fair Play. Phi Theta Kappa, Dean ' s List. COLUMNS. Editor. Organi- zations Editor, COLUMNS. Dorm President, SGA, Women ' s Council. K-ettes, Who ' s Who McAlister, Debbie — 6 Gilmer Dr . Honea Path. r,i : . McBride. William J. Who ' s Who Rt Iva Phi Theta Kappa. McClellan. Elizabeth G — 1505 Hilltop Dr., Anderson. McCoy. Nancy L. — 2601 Millgate Rd , Anderson. McCurley, Melody — 206 Roberts St.. Anderson. McGaha. Ivanell L — Rt 3. Anderson Mclntyre. Deborah E — 5 Wren SI . Greenville McLeod. Elizabeth Kay Home Ed Club Rt 2. Box 16. Pinewood. McNab, Margaret Ruth 772 Woodward Road. Charleston IVY LEAVES Stall Meek. C David — 3 Fairlawn Dr . Greenville Intra- mural Football. Basketball, Softball Merritt. Richard A — Rt 7 Box 379 Easley Miles, Judith Elaine — Rt . 1, Cades Miller, James L — 20 Sir Abbott Si , Greenville. Music Club Intramural Football. Volleyball. Basketball. Choir Manager Miller, William M 7916 Pinelake Rd . Columbia Mills, Randall Steven — 2834 Sheffield Rd . Cola. Span- ish Club, IVY LEAVES Staff. Circle K. Tennis Team, Captain. Intramural Basketball Mitchell. Barbara — 100 Gilsirap Dr. Greenville. Commercial Club Mize. Terrie Ginn — 13 Foster St., Pelzer. Monck. James Myron — 325 Brook Forest Dr., Anderson. Moody. Pamela Ann. 255 Forest Hills Dr., N E Atlanta. Ga Moon. Elizabeth Ann — 2802 Bellview Rd , Anderson. Moore, Grace Katherine — 404 Church St.. Belton. Morgan. Jane Elizabeth — Rt 4. Easley Mosely. Jane Trammell — 120 Vannoy St., Greenville- Freshman Beauties, Miss AC Pageant, Cheerleader, Campus Ministry, Intramural Football. Volleyball, Basketball. Dining Room Committee, Handbook Committee, Who ' s Who. Mullinax. Charles G. — 2415 Berkley Dr . Anderson. Murdock, Sally E. — Rl 5. Anderson. Murphy. Karen — 3111 Oakdale Road. West Columbia. Dean ' s List. Baptist Campus Ministries, Phi Theta Kappa. Intramural Football. Women ' s Council 252 Sophomore Directory Neill, Melanie Joy — 3203 Howland Dr. Anderson Music Study Club, Music Scholarship. Nelson. Janet Marie — 206 Edgewood, Dr. Belton AC Choir. Nelson. Jettie Ann — Rt. 6, Anderson. Reporter. Editor- ial assistant (or the YODLER. Editor YODLER, ECHOES. Who ' s Who. Newman. Owen — Rt. 2. Box 117. Greenwood Minis- terial Assoc . Intramural baseball, football, basket- ball. Nimmons. Janice M — Rt 2. Box 32, Seneca. Norville. Patricia Gail — 423 Willow Springs Dr.. Greenville Intramural Football. Volleyball. Head Cheerleader. Who ' s Who. Odiorne. Walter Hugh — 1357 Ellison Rd . Columbia Intramural Football. Basketball Golf Team. Orr. James Paul — Rt. 4, Easley. Delta Psi Omega Orr. Wayne Henry — Rt. 2. Walhalla. Owens, Debra Ann — 8 McAllister Circle. Vicksburg, Miss. Parker. Edmund W., Jr.. — Box 208. Lane. Parks. William B. — 106 Newman St.. Greenville. Parnell. Jerry Lamar — Rt. 6, Hickory Lane. Anderson Patterson, Debra Ellen — 60 College Acres Dr., Aiken. Gamma Beta Phi, Commercial Club, K-ettes, BYW Patterson, Rhonda Kathenne Belton 116 Hillcrest Circle, Patterson, Roger Lee — 510 Jefferson. Anderson ACVA Paulk, Brenda Karen — Box 516. Barnwell. Basketball Team. Captain, Intramural Football. Who ' s Who Perry. Martha Adelaide — Rt 3. Atlanta Highway, Rockmart, Ga Troian Singers, Dorm President Who ' s Who, Petty. Sheila Ruth — 103 Oak Drive. Greenville Phi Theta Kappa. Deans List. BYW. BSU Phillips. Patricia J. — 404 South Parker Rd.. Greenville Dean ' s List. Honors English, Westminster Fellow- ship. Hiking Club. Home Ec Club. Phillips. Stephen E. Greenville 1611 Wade Hampton Blvd. Porter. Vera Elaine — Rt. 2. Salem. Powell. Warren Floyd, Jr. — 324 Clay St., N. Augusta Honors American History, Pep Club Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball. Volleyball Pressley. Paul Correll — Rt. 3. Piedmont. Price. Cynthia Ann — Englewood Or.. Starr Price. Candace R. — 501 Allenby Rd . Anderson. Propst. Elizabeth W. — 20 Buford St.. Sumter. Circle K, Westminster Fellowship, Intramural Football, Volleyball. Pruitt, Cynthia — 613 S. Pine St.. Seneca. 10 Finalists of Miss Freshman. Music Study. Intramural Foot- ball 1 Reeves. Cassie Lynn — Rt. 1. Kershaw. Rentz. Sarah Rebecca — Rt. 2. Box 740. Williamston Dean ' s List, fall 1972-73. Art Club, Sec -Treas. Art Club 2 Reynolds, Elizabeth Ann — 1620 Sewanee Dr., West Columbia. Intramural Football. SGA Social Com- mittee. Rhome. Allean M — 801 S. Tower St.. Anderson Rice. David R. — P O Box 191. Simpsonville Rice. Richard Allen — 11 Meadow Crest. Greenville Baseball Richard. Gregory 8 — PO Box 81. Lmcolnton. Ga. Who s Who Richardson. Donna Marie — Rt. 1. Box 329. Chapin BYW Commercial Club. Intramural Football Richey. Samuel J — 129 E Whitner St . Anderson Riley, Ronald Eugene — 309 Keith Dr., Greenville Fellowship Christian Athletes, Vice President Fel- lowship Christian Athletes. Rish. Joy M. — 103 Richburg Dr., Greenville. BYW 1. 2; BSU 1. 2; CRV 1; K-ettes 1; Gamma Beta Phi 1, 2; Phi Theta Kappa 1. 2; IVY LEAVES Staff 1. BYW Mission Support Chairman; Women ' s Council 2. Who ' s Who. Roberts. Mark Allen, 106 Trinity Way. Greenville. Robertson, Harvey Dale — 2004 N Main St., Anderson Rogers, Deborah Lynn — 1516 Rosemary Cr . Anderson Rogers, Debra Martin — Rt. 2, Box 431 A, Gray Court, Rogers. James Jackson. Jr — 904 Morehead Dr.. Ander- son. Roper, Janet Sue — Box 132, Six Mile Ross. Charles David — Rt. 8. Box 311. Easley. Art Club. IVY LEAVES Staff, President Art Club 2. Ross. John Michael — 508 Palmer St.. Anderson. Rush. Feryl Lynn — 1515 Lakeview Ave.. Camden BCM. Choir, Intramurals, BCM Vice President. Starvis. Theresa Ann. Rt. 3. Box 41. Lons. BCM. BCM Secretary, Intramural Football. Intramural Volley- ball. Savageau. David Paul. 410 Ben Hilda Dr., Seneca Schwarting. Caroline Kay — 401 S. Carlisle St., Bam- burg. SGA Vice President, Vice President Art Club, Miss Sophomore. Co-Ed of The Week. BYW, Gamma Beta Phi. Art Club. IVY LEAVES Stall. Women ' s Council. Who ' s Who. Scott, Gray Staton — 4725 Forest Ridge Ln., Columbia. Seawnght. Janice Kay — 24 Butternut Dr . Greenville Sewell. Rebecca Lynn — 1112 S. Big A Rd.. Toccoa. Ga. IVY LEAVES Editorial Committee. Intramural Football, Volleyball. Shapiro. Rozlynn Ann. Rt. 1. Evelyn Dr . Seneca. Shealy. Eleanor E. — 811 N. Adair St.. Clinton Shell. Betty Jan — Route 3. Piedmont. Hustle Award (Basketball), Circle K Sweetheart 1, Association Christian Athletes. FCA. SGA. Women ' s Council, Basketball, Intramural Football, Captain Basket- ball, Vice President Sophomore Class Sherard, Stephen M — Box 605. Calhoun Falls. Sheriff. Deborah Elizabeth — 730 Prather Bridge Rd.. Toccoa. Ga. IVY LEAVES 1. Intramural Football. Volleyball. Shirley. Margaret Nell — Rt. 2. Honea Path Shooter, Mary Hodges. Box 371. Rowland. N C Simmons. Mary Olga — Box 125, Mountville. Intramural Football 1. 2; Volleyball. Softball Simpson, Michael Dean — 103 Yarkshire Dr.. Greenville. Pep Band. Intramural Softball Simpson, Suzanne Marie — Rt. 5. Box 22A, Pickens Dean ' s List. BCM. BYW, Gamma Beta Phi. Presi- dent Whyte House. Missions Support Chairman. Intramural Football, Volleyball. Ping Pong. Simun, Larry William — Rt. 3. Box 427, River Rd,, Piedmont. Art Club 1. 2: Exhibition Chairman. Art Club 2; Delta Psi Omega 2; YODLER Reporter Stall 1. COLUMNS Photographer 1. 2; Associate Editor COLUMNS 2; Broadcast Journalism Intern- ship 2; Intramural Basketball 2; Intramural Softball 2; Bowling Team 2. Sitton. Elizabeth D — Rt 3. Hollings Dr . Easley Sitton, James CM — 203 Andrew Dr.. Easley. Smith Audrey Lee — 101 N Laurel St, Walhalla, BYW. Mission Action Chairman. BSU, Music Club Intramural Football Smith, Beniamin T — 216 Sumter St.. Anderson. Phi Beta Kappa. Dean s List, Phi Beta Kappa Smith, Christa Y — 1720 Central Parkway, Orangeburg. Smith. Gregory Bryan — Rt. 2. Apt. 3. Seneca. Dean ' s List, Intramural Football. Basketball, volleyball. Smith. Issac Kennedy — 1015 W. Main St.. Laurens. Smith. Linda Ann — Rt 10. Box 205. Anderson Sophomore Directory 253 Sophomore Directory Smith. Melody Diane — The Highlands, 38 Pine Creek Ct., Greenville. Intramural Football. Volleyball. Smith. Richard B. — Rt 2, Box 317, Walterboro. Intra- mural Football. Southerland. Cathy Jean — 202 Meridian Ave.. Taylors. Springfield. Mary Elizabeth — 212 Pine Knol Dr.. Greenville. Graduation Marshal; Miss Congeniality, Miss AC Pageant 2, Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Theta Kappa; Chairwomen, Women ' s Council; President, Phi Theta Kappa. Who ' s Who Stephens, David C. — 213 Augusta Rd.. Clemson. Stevenson. L Edward — Rt. 1. Winnsboro. Stewart. John Calvin — Box 231. Beaufort. Dean ' s List. Phi Theta Kappa. Tennis. Still, Esther Nelle — 1709 Saluda River Dr., West Columbia. Intramural Football. 2; SGA Executive Council. SGA Senate Freshman Class Secretary. SGA Social Chairwoman 2. Stoddard. James Allen — 219 Hillcrest Dr.. Union Stoker, Jerry Wayne — 1781 E. Sprague St., Winston Salem. N.C. Sullivan, Ella Mane — Rt. 2. Starr. Commercial Club Sutton. George R.. Jr., 567 Henderson Rd . Greenville Intrreamural Basketball Rep. Talley. Trudy Jean — Rt. 6, Owens Rd.. Greer. Deans List. Gamma Beta Phi. Phi Theta Kappa, Music Study Club. Church Related Vocations, BYW. BCM, Choir Accompanist, Vice President Choir. Music Chairwomen BCM, Who ' s Who. Tate. Stanley Ray — P.O Box 216. Sandy Springs. Taylor, Helen Maria, Rt 4, Box 218. Laurens. Taylor, James T. Hiking Club. 2705 Belleview Rd.. Anderson. Taylor. Kathy Elaine — Rt. 1, Box 103, Alcolu Taylor. Mary Elizabeth — Box 115, Cross Anchor. Honor Marshal. Dean ' s List, Phi Theta Kappa, BCM. BCM Publicity Chairwoman. Thompson, Larry Bruce — 105 North way Dr., Easley Who ' s Who. Thrailkill. Elizabeth Ann — Greenville. Intramurals Rt. 2. Shannon Lake Cr , Tindal. Mary Virginia. Rt. 2. Box 78. Pinewood. Miss Anderson College Pageant 1, 2, Soph Representa- tive. Fellowship Christian Athletes, Intramural Football, Basketball (Tribble ' s Trotter) SGA Representative Women ' s Council. Tinsley. Drenner M — 1816 Sharonwood Ln.. Rock Hill. Tennis Team. Chairman Men ' s Council, Student Faculty Committee. Tollison. Charles David — 705 East A Ave , Easley. Tollison. Rebecca Ann. 303 Myrtle Ave , Belton Phi Beta Kappa Tollison. Ralph C — Rt 1. Anderson. Tooley. William H. — 104 Blue Ridge Dr.. Greer Touchberry, John C. — Box 367, Summerton. Intramural Basketball, Football, Softball, Volleyball. Traber, Beth Ann — 1913 Millgate Rd . Anderson Dean ' s List, Gamma Beta Phi. Phi Theta Kappa, Women ' s Council Trammell, Lisa Carrell ■ Truesdale, Gloria Gail - ■ Rt 1, Box 345. Clinton. Rt. 1. Kershaw 6 % Turner. Billy Wayne — 501 Buena Vista Ave . Anderson. Turner. Cynthia Jane — 8 Ramblewood Ln., Greenville. Pep Club, Intramural Football, Volleyball Turner. Janice C. — Rt 6. Airline Rd., Anderson Turner, Johnnie Lee — 1301 Wendover Way, Anderson Verner, Arthur Van — Rt. 5, 1576 Oak Island Dr , Charleston Fellowship Christian Athletes. West- minster Fellowship, Baseball Team. Vincent. Hugh E. — 1100 Shratford Dr. Anderson Circle-K. Secretary Treasurer Circle-K. Walker, Janetta Kay — Rt 4, Elberton, Ga Walters, Edward Keith. Box 216, St. George. Waters, Kenneth Don — 464 Falls Rd.. Anderson. Fel- lowship Christian Athletes, Baseball Team Watkms, Cynthia D. — 511 W Church St.. Bishopville Watkins, Clifton E — Box 156, Westminster. Watkms. Pamela Jean. Rt, 5. Ware Shoals. Watkins, Robert Wayne — Rt. 3, Anderson. Watson, Judy Darlene, 807 Stone Creek Dr., Anderson. Watson, Mary Jane — 429 Hillside Dr , Anderson. Watson, Douglas B. — 100 Woodvale Ave., Fountain Inn Weathers. Talula Ray — Rt 2, Box 17. Bowman. Co-ed of the Week, Wesley Fellowship, Drama Club, SGA, Intramural Football, Volleyball, President Delta Psi Omega, Who ' s Who Weathers. Virginia Ann — Rt. 1. Fountain Inn. Student of the Week, 3rd Runner up Miss AC. BSU, K-ettes. Welborn. Anne L — 2015 Edgewood Ave., Anderson Wells. Charles M — Box 33, Calhoun Fall Whisnant, Joseph Edward — 904 O ' Neal St.. Belton Art Club White, Carl Clyde — Rt. 2, Box 42X. Iva White. Freeman Earl — Rt 4. Seneca- White. Jacque Lynn — Rt 2. Pendleton. Dean ' s List. Phi Theta Kappa. Honor English. BCM, BYW. IVY LEAVES. Women ' s Council. President BYW, Edi- tor IVY LEAVES, Social Committee CRV, Who ' s Who. William, James H — PO Box 7. Piedmont Williams. Martha Ann — 2706 Pope Dr , Anderson Williamson, Joyce Ann — 203 Millgate Rd., Anderson Willis. Georgia Ruth — Rt 1, Box 193. Liberty Wills. Harry Howard. Jr. — 2932 Pruitt Dr , Columbia Wilson. Rita Yvonne — Rt. 2. Box 336. Belton Wilson, Teresa Ann — Rt 1, Walhalla BCM. Intramural Football Woods. Joanne — Rt. 3. Gray Court. Dean ' s List, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Theta Kappa. SGA Senate. Women ' s Council. Music Club, K-ettes. BCM, Intramural Football, Gamma Beta Phi President Woodson. Janice Elaine — Box 131. La France Art Club. Home Ec. Club. IVY LEAVES. BYW, SGA. Wyatt, Betty Sue — Rt. 1, Williamston. Yarbrough, William D — Rt 3. Belton. Zimmerman. Milzi Lyn — 409 Sprmgwood Dr., Spar- tanburg Cheerleader, Women ' s Council. Who ' s Who Abbott. Julianne. 4 Stonehaven Dr., Greenville Adams, Ronald Watson. Rt. 1. Starr Albertson. Joyce Ann, Rt. 4. Tanglewood Dr., Seneca Alewine, Susan Marie, 623 Plantation Rd.. Anderson Alexander, Pamela C. Rt. 3. Iva Alexander, George Harold. 5201 Grinnell St.. Fairfax, Va. Allen. Pamela Lee. 135 Hammett Acres. Ander- son Allen, Steve Richard, 6 Lewis St., Anderson Allen. Sandra V.. Rt. 2. Box 108. Edgefield Allen, Vickie Sue, 1 16 Biggs St., Anderson Alley. Virginia Lee, Rt. 1, Box 1, Spartanburg Anderson, Susan Elaine, 117 Edgewood Dr., Williamston Anderson, Steve Harold, 1104 Stratford Dr., Anderson Arnold, Troy Leslie, 1540 Oak Island Dr., Charleston Aronson, John L.. 500 Brown Rd., Anderson Ashley, Terry Woods, Rt 2. Box 356, Honea Path Ashley, John Thomas. 1723 Pinewood Dr.. Columbia Ashley. Marjorie Fields. P.O.Box 334, Honea Path Ashley. Steven Joe. 506 East Frederick St., Anderson Atkinson, Stephen Wade, Elliott Bailey. Eddie Lee, Rt. 10. Box 88. Anderson Baker, Eleanor C, Box 68. Estill Ballew, Claude Kirby, Jr., P.O. Box 264. Simpsonville Ballew, James C, 647 Glenthorne Rd.. Columbia Barker. Ann Marie, 213 Arnold Dr., Anderson Barker. Charles Edward. Jr.. 503 Meredith St.. Central Barnes, Joel Lambert, 2000 Tickle Hill Rd.. Camden Barnes, Jean Marie, Tanglewood Apts.. Anderson Barr. Peggy Lee, Rt. 1. Box 269, Irmo Barrett, John David. 6221 Yorkshire Dr., Columbia Barron, Dollie V.. Rt. 3. Clarksville. Ga. Bates. David E.. 2508 McGaha Dr., Anderson Batson. Mary Lynn, 31 1 Oliver St.. Marion Battice. Cheryl Ruth. 221 Richardson St., Hartwell, Ga. Becker, William, 9333 W. Congress Ave.. Wausatose, Wis Beeny, Bonnie Lynn, 1312 North St., Daytona Beach, Fla Bell. Steven Roy. 86 Fernwood Lane. Green- ville Bell. William P., Rt. 2. Ward Bennett. Victoria V . Box 94, Canon. Ga. Bendy, Ralphanne, 202 Hampshire Dr.. Taylors Berry. Essie Lee. Rt 5. Anderson Berry. Harnanne, 315 Adden St., Orangeburg Black. Joan Melinda. 510 B r i arc I if f Dr.. Woodruff Black. Steve Danny. Rt 1. Westminister Blackburn, William Gary, 104 Judy St., Williston Blackwell, Patricia Bell. 808 McDuffie St., Anderson Bland, Betty Jewell. 209 Lee St., Johnston Bland. Julia Coe. 415 Springwood Dr.. Spar- tanburg Blankenship, Brenda Ann, P.O. Box 181. Beech Island Freshman Directory Boggs, Karen Elaine, Rt. 6, Box 114C Webb Rd., Anderson Boggs. Walter Brett, P.O. Box 1717. Anderson Booth, Henry David, Rt. 2, Pendleton Boseman. Timothy. Rt. 5. Anderson Bostick, Susan D., 111 Lakeview Dr.. Ander- son Bowen, Janet Anne, 103 Fontaine Rd., Green- ville Bowen, Jessie Mae, 808 Bleckley St.. Ander- son Bowen, Phillip O, Rt. 7. Box 350A, Anderson Boykin, Stephaney, 3 Brennon St., Westwood Charleston Bozanek, Pamela Faye, 753 Mattison Ave., Sumter Bracken, Alvin Tinsley. Rt. 7, Easley Brady, David Wayne, 7 Rockingham Rd., Greenville Brandt, Patricia Lynn, 213 Hawthorne Dr., Simpsonville Broadway, Alice Jane, 4001 Bayboro St., Loris Brock, Cheryl Lynn, 2802 Leconte Rd., Anderson Brock, Kenneth Dwayne, Rt. 8. Box 111 E, Anderson Brooks, Timothy R., 109 Woodfield Dr., Wil- liamston Brown. James Robert. Westminister Dr.. Pen- dleton Brown, Joseph Willie, Rt. 9, Box 124. Ander- son Brown, Leon Russell, Jr., Rt. 3. Box 534. Piedmont Brown. Ronald Edward, 116 Glenwood Ave., Anderson Brown, Wilson Ray, Rt. 7, Box 423, Green- wood Brown, William R.. P.O. Box 43, Calhoun Falls Bruce. Linda Joyce, P.O. Box 641, Westmin- ister Bryant, Sherrie R., Rt. 1, Box 231, Liberty Bryson, Kathryn Lynn, 120 Aldridge Rd., Greenville Buchanan, Christi Lynn, Rt. 6. Rock Creek Estates. Canton, Ga. Bull, Patricia Ann, 11 Camelback Rd., Green- ville Bunch, Allen Cardell, 5255 Beltline Blvd., Columbia Burbage, Mary Beth, Rt.1, Box 237, Cross Hill Burdette, James Allen, Rt. 1, Iva Burdette, Janet Carol, Rt. 2, Starr Burriss, Mary K., 612 College Heights, Ander- son Burriss. Patricia Ann, 3352 Covenant Rd., Columbia Burriss, Wanda Marlene, 2116 Woodside Ave., Anderson Burroughs, George G., Rt. 8, Box 317, Easley Burry, James Roy, Rt. 2, Fountain Inn Burton, Vickie Lynn, 118 Anderson St., Westminister Busbee, Gwenis Mae, P. O. Box 367, Wagener Butler, Lewis Steve. 205 Carling Dr., Anderson Butler, Susan Dianne. 114 Avondale Rd., Anderson Butler, Terry Wilson, 204 Bent Bridge Rd„ Greenville Cagle. JuneVerdin, Rt. 1, Duncan Campbell, Barbara Dale, Rt. 3, Box 40. Iva Campbell. James Clayton, 2507 Winslow Dr., Anderson Campbell, Larry W., Rt. 7, 223 Rhodenhaven Dr., Anderson Campbell, Robin Keith, 41 Main St., West Pelzer Campbell, Stephen D., Rt. 1. Old Salem Hwy., Seneca Campbell, Jones Thomas, Jr., Rt. 2, Garrison Rd., Anderson Cann, Judy Marie, 8B, Le Chateau Apts., Anderson Cannon, Linda Ann, Rt. 1 , Box 67 A, Clinton Cantrell, Gary Wayne, 507 East North Ave., Westminister Cantrell. Jack Paul. 11 Lakeside Dr., Walhalla Cantrell, Ronald Eugene. Rt. 6, Laurens Rd.. Greenville Freshman Directory 255 Capps, David Allen. 18 Hamilton St.. William- ston Carey, James Samuel, Jr., Rt. 9, Box 375, Anderson Carpenter, Keith Hammond, Rt. 4, Anderson Carpenter, Larry David, Rt. 4. Lazy Acres. Anderson Cartee, Alan Eugene, 141 Mechanic St., Pendleton Cartee, Claude B.. Rt. 1, Townville Cartee, Charles H., 215 Pine Lane, Ander- son Cartee, Mary Jane, 5 Blue Ridge Dr.. Liberty Casey, Deborah E„ Rt. 1, Box 312, Piedmont Casey. Karen Thelma. Rt. 1, Box 324. Wil- liamston Cassel. Ronald Dean, 2409 Sugar Mill Rd., Charlotte, N.C. Cathey, Donna Gail, 601 Boulevard, Anderson Cato, Steven Hayden, 102 Cherokee Rd., Clemson Cervera. Sandy Helen, P.O. Box 3722, Green- ville Chastain, Rita Kathryn, Rt. 4. Piedmont Childress, Randy G., 106 Redwood Dr.. Greenville Childress, Olin Thomas, Jr., 410 E.S. 3rd St., Seneca Church, Beverly Dawn, Rt. 2, Joan Dr., Taylors Cisson, Revelyn Joy, 407 Lady St.. Greenville Clark. Betty Carol, 180 Cliftwood Dr., N.E.. Atlanta Cleapor, Janice Elaine. 336 Howard Aden Apts., Spartanburg Coakley, Paul Brooks, 305 Woodland Way, Clemson Coen, Robert Layton, 149 S. Church St., Bowling Green, Oh. Cole, Timothy Lynn, 87 Main St.. West Pelzer Coleman, Morris Dale, Rt. 6. Vinehill Rd., Greenville Collins, Perry Eugene, 104 Broad St., West- minister Condon, Nancy G.. 738 Jim Island Dr., Charleston Coogler, Steven Harry. 5 Waccamaw Circle. Greenville Cook, Marcia Leigh, 514 E. Fredericks St., Anderson Cook, Samuel Gene, C8 Concord Apts., Anderson Cooper. Gwendolyn M., Lane Costa, Mars Caldwell, Jr., 1642 McClain St., Charleston Cousins, Timothy Paul, 612 Planters Dr.. Columbia Crabtree, Debbie Lynn, Rt. 2, Box 5620, Den- ver, N.C. Craft, Judy Lynn T., Rt. 2, Box 245, Honea Path Craig, Thomas J., Jr., 4200 Woodleigh Rd., Columbia Crain, George S., 51 1 Winfield St., Anderson Crane, William Carl, III, McAlister Rd., Easley Crenshaw, Chevis A., Rt. 1, Seneca Crews. Charles F., Jr., 3103 Loneleaf Rd., Columbia Cromer, Francis Lee. 1779 Colony Rd., Rock Hill Cromer, Karen Lita, 797 Wilson St., Anderson Cromer, Robin Jean, 2513 Standridge Rd., Anderson Cromer, Shirley D., Rt. 5, Union Crooke, Wanda Jean, Rt. 3. Woodruff Crowe, William Aaron, Rt. 2, Belton Crowther, Ann T., 943 Pineapple Rd., S. Day- tona, Fla. Crowther, Mary Elizabeth, P.O. Box 63, Pickens Crumpton, Lina M., Box 54, Ridgeway Cubelic, John C. 6705 Brookfield Rd., Columbia Curry, Gray Rapley, Rt. 1, Box 16, Gray Court Davis, Charles Perry, Rt. 4, Box 51 , Anderson Davis, Janet Elease, Rt. 9, Box 263, Anderson Davis, Michael S., Rt. 1, Box 154 G7, Gilbert Davis, Mary Virginia, 2455 Old Knox Rd., Spartanburg Dickard, Wayne David, Rt. 4, Easley Dickey, Deborah Kay. Rt. 1, Laynewood Dr., Roebuck Dickson. Lena Rose, Rt. 4, Abbeville Dillingham, David M.. P.O. Box 1473. Ander- son Dillon, Walter Downey, P. O. Box 587, Clear- water Dilworth, Donna Rene, 803 Stone Creek Dr., Anderson Dimmock, Thomas James, 409 Shorecrest Dr., Clemson Doka, Charlotte H., 122 Cherokee Rd.. Ander- son Donaghay, David Wayne, 83 S. Main St., Cedarville, N.J. Dosser, Greer Eliz, 21 Cahu Dr., Taylors Dove, Stephen F., 118 McDowell St., Green- wood Dowis, James Walter, Rt. 1, Belton Duncan, Sandra Dale, Rt. 9, Box 73, Anderson Dunn. George Randall, 305 Boulevard, Anderson Eadon, Leila Oliver, P.O. Box 282. Manning Eakes, Edward Adair, P.O. Box 116, Pendleton Eaves, Randy Lewis, Box 141, Iva Edmunds, Melanie A., Rt. 1, Box 325 A, Mc- Cormick Eledge, Ronda Loralee, 103 Blue Ridge Dr., Greer Ellen, William Munroe, 220 Davis St., Bishop- ville Ellenburg, Bennett Dale, Rt. 7, Box 493, Eas- ley Elliott, Charles P., 407 Ridgecrest Dr., Camden Ellis, Janice Ann, 415 Leyswood Dr., Green- ville Ellis, Kay Francis, 412 Whitehall Rd., Ander- son Ellison, Susan Lynn, 109 Hillcrest Dr., Greenwood Embler, Jo Faith, 306 8 St., Anderson Ethridge, Roy Arthur, Jr., 2019 Sheldon Dr., Anderson Etters, Cynthia Marti, 1 Alabama St., Honea Path Euriy, Robert A., 201 Greenbrier Dr., Simp- sonville SfeT „ • Lamar, 2304 Poplar Lane. 1031 Rocky Ridge Rd., 2808 Barnard E. Bee Ander- Rd., Evans, Anthony Anderson Evans, Bruce Roy, Charlotte, N.C. Evans, Emalee Ellen, St., Anderson Evatt, Roberta Chris, 808 East Orr St., son Fann, Norma Dianne, 235 Shareditch Columbia Felkel, Marilyn, P.O. Box 224. Elloree Fendley, Janet Lee, Rt. 2, Westminister Ferguson, Donald Genar, Rt. 1, Six Mile Floyd, Sandra N., 127 Smyth St., Lake City Forrester, Jackson Ward, Rt. 1, Williamston Fortson, Mary Frances, 324 Church St., Elber- ton, Ga. Foster, James O, 103 Woodland Circle, Easley Franklin, Donald B., 930 E. Whitner St., Anderson Free, Robert Clayton, 118 Sunnifield Dr., Williston Frye, Lizabeth Ann, 26 Wilshire Dr., Greenville Fulghum, Anthony, Rt. 1, Anderson Fulton, Sharon Leigh, Rt. 1, Harris Bridge Rd., Anderson Gaffney, Bryan Cody, Rt. 4, Box 105, Orange- burg Gaillard, Watson Lee, 2004 Blvd. Heights, Anderson Gambrell, Jacqueline P., 106 Taylor St., Belton ' Gantt, Christy Lynn. Rt. 2, Box 315, Liberty Garner, Roy Phillip, 4 Leacroft Dr., Greenville Garrett, Elizabeth F., 161 Riverland Dr., Charleston Garrett, Emily Hope, Rt. 8, Old Anderson Greenville Garrett, Linda Dale, Box 115, Six Mile Garrett, Steven H., 11 Riverview Greenville Garrison, Michael M., P.O. Box 8, Seneca Gates, David Thomas, 101 Whispering Pines Cir., Columbia Gault, George M., 212 Quillen Ave., Fountain Inn Geiger, Robert L., Jr., Rt. 1, Box 76, Lugoff Gholson, Edward Lee, 2211 Berry St., Hope- well, Va. Gibbs, Debra Lynn, 116 Anderson Ave., Anderson Gibson, Cheryl Kay, 413 Watkins Dr.. Pendleton Gibson, John Greer, Rt. 1, Six Mile Gibson, Laura Leigh, 100 Wood Ave., Giles, Vickie Lee, 3211 McCurley Dr., Gillespie, Sara Jane, 501 South B St., Rd. Dr., Greer , Anderson Easley r - -? . ' M X It ♦V 1 Wi, i k g T K " ■ 256 Freshman Directory Gillison. William H., Box 16, Richland Gitto, Peter James, 538 Ewing Ave., Franklin Lake. N.J. Glasby, William R., 111 Edgewood Dr., Williamston Glazener, Cynthia Diane, 204 Arnold Dr., Anderson Godfrey, Stephen M., 50 Nottingham Rd., Greenville Goldberg, Scott I.. 51 Chadwick Dr., Charles- ton Goodner, Jacqueline R., Rt. 1, Anderson Gore, Marsha C. Box 144, Seneca Gossett, Albert C. Ill, 300 Yorkshire Dr., Greenville Graham, Emma Annette, Rt. 3, Seneca Graham, Ronald Burton, 414 Thames St., Manning Graham, Sylvia M.. 50th TFW. Box 3011. APO, New York Graham, Terry Carl, Rose Lane, Toccoa. Ga. Green, Mary Susan, 122 Moreland, Laurens Green, Royce Alton, III, 1 West Alder St., Andrews Greene, Victor Dale, Rt. 3, Central Greenway, Thomas Grady, 2003 Sheldon Dr., Anderson Gregg, Frederick E., 51 Ramoth Rd., Asheville, N.C. Gregory, Charles Dennis. 930 Augusta St., Laurens Griswold, Gail Ann. Rt. 4, Box 277, Anderson Grooms, Joe Cary, Jr., 1609 C Ave.. West Columbia Grumbles, John Berry, 607 Fairmont Rd., Anderson Guida, James Ronald, 1415 Hilltop Dr., Anderson Halford. Mary Earle, Rt. 10, Box 183, Anderson Hall, Hattie Pearl, Rt. 9, Box 406. Anderson Hamby, Billie Jo, 400 Eastcliffe Way, Green- ville Hamby, Bernard L., Box 251. Johnston Hammett. Norman Edward, 12 Pinson Dr.. Honea Path Hammett, Ryan Woody, 1726 Koulter Dr., Columbia Hammond, Robert Gordon. 113 Brannon Rd., Greer Hanks, Billy F., Rt. 1, Iva Hanks, Pamela Odelia. 316 Concord Ave, Anderson Harbin, Nancy Ann, 2105 Northview Ave., Anderson Harbin, William Bruce. 2006 College Ave., Anderson Hardison. Loitton Owens, 1710 Sunset Dr., Orangeburg Harris. Claude Eldon, 411 E. Shockley Ferry Rd.. Anderson Harris, James Robert, Jr., Rt. 2, Woodland Ave., Anderson Harvey. Ruth Lee. Rua Gaspar de Correio No. 31, Sommerschield, Lourenco Margues, Mozambique, Portuguese. East Africa Hawkins, Susan Luan, 426 Farnsworth Rd., Spartanburg Hawthorne, Paula Marie. P.O. Box 218, Abbe- ville Hayes. Harry Douglas. 302 Oak Dr., Anderson Haynes. William T. 417 Tanglewood. Ander- son Haynie, Donald H., Rt 2. Hartwell Lake, Anderson Head. Janet E., Rt 4, Seneca Heard, Osbey Raleigh, Rt. 8. Bolt Dr.. Ander- son Hendrix. Charles S.. Rt. 28, Box 75 B, Pelzer Herring, John Ashley. 316 Oliver St.. Marion Herring, Patricia T . 6 Pine St., Ware Shoals Hester, Donna Hope. 118 Twin Lake Dr.. Anderson Hester, Harriett Ann. 304 Brookman Dr., Eas- ley Hicks, Jill C, 307 W. North Ave., Anderson Hicks, Margaret Watt. P.O. Box 104, Iva Hiers, Terry Anne, Box 733, Walterboro Hightower, Arthur Wayne, Box 628 Pimplico. Moncks Corner Hill, Gary Stephen, 8 Tyler St., Greenville Hinson, Randal Glenn, 70 L, Wantoot Rd.. Charleston Hiott, Allen Drew, 2310 Hanna Rd., Anderson Hipp, Julie V., 369 Fairlane Sr., Spartanburg Holcombe, Milton B.. Continental Apts. 107. Greenville Holicky, Douglas F„ Jr., 331 Perimeter Rd., Greenville Holaday, John Clarence, Rt. 1. Box 263. Summerton Holland, David Lee, 212 Caughlin, Anderson Holliday, Chaf Phillip, Rt. 1, Six Mile Houston, Wade Howard, Jr., 4112 Herschell Rd„ College Park, Ga. Hudgens, Lucius Lamar, Rt. 8, Greenville Huff, Steven L., Arlington P.O., Greer Huges, Bonnie Lynn, 461 Wedgewood Dr., Woodruff Hughes, George T., Rt. 2, Fountain Inn Huiet, Beverly Anne, P.O. Box 164, Trenton Humphries, Richard E., 208 Blue St., Marion Hungerford, Anne Phillips, 1 Fairway Rd., Acton, Ma. Hunt, Gregory Mill, Rt. 2, Hembree Rd., Anderson Hunt, Susan Kay, 205 Rockingham Rd., Greenville Hunt, Vickie Jan, Rt. 1, Townville Hunter. Hubert Bryan, Rt. 3, Box 71, Pelzer Hunter, Maria Diane, 813 Kennedy St., Anderson Huskey, Ronald George, Jr., Sunny Lane Rd.. Piedmont Hyatt, David Armond, Star Rt., Sunset Infinger, Eliz June, 536 Braxton Ave., Charleston Irmiter, Kurt Richard, 136 Wigington St., Clemson Irvin, William Howard, Jr.. Rt. 4, Box 174, Piedmont Jackson, James Oscar, Rt. 2, Box 126, Trenton Jackson, Lonna Sybil, Rt. 2, Box 151 A. Holly Hill James, DeniseH., 1911 S. McDuffie, Anderson James, William Boyd, Rt. 1, Oswego Jameson, Ronald Bird, 107 Crestwood Dr., Clemson Jameson, Susan Faye, 304 S. First St., Easley Jewell, Cynthia Lynn, 28 Vanderbilt Dr., Aiken Johnson, Harry James, 232 Daniels St., Anderson Jones, Michael R., 1507 Broad St., Camden Jordan, Cynthia Jean, 413 Kershaw St., Tim- monsville Junkins, Michael Dean, 2417 Pope Dr., Anderson Kapur. Rajiv, 30 Jeypore Najar. Madras- Tamilnabu, India Karelitz, Steve Allen, 105 Green Ave., Fountain Inn Kay. Donna Lee, Rt. 1, Pelzer Kelley, Julia Marie, Rt. 1, Box 163. Liberty Kiger. Susan Jane. 384 Barnard Ave., Aiken Killian, Pamela Ann. 3 Wonderwood Dr.. Greenville King, Donnie Ray, Rt. 2. Box 61. Pelzer King, Ellen Stewart. 414 B Moultrie Sq.. Anderson King. Paula Ann, Box 27, Townville King, Roger Lee. Rt. 1. Box 336. Easley King, St ephen R., 2814 LeConte Rd., Anderson Kneece, Jilian, Rt. 1. Box 80. Batesburg Knight. Robert Marty, 215 Brown St.. Belton Knight, Shirley Ann. Rt. 1, Honea Path Knight, Sylvia Rene, 201 Eastlan Dr.. Green- ville Knott, Beverly Wild, 331 Tribble St., Anderson Koger, William R., Jr., 112 Sunnifield Dr., Wil- liston Lambert, Robin Arland, 1349 Finlay Ave., W. Columbia Land, Martha Jeanette, 130 Ellison St.. Belton Lasater. Nancy Johnson, 804 Shamrock Lane, Anderson Latham, Samuel E., Jr., Box 37, Iva Lawton, Laura Dianne, 1560 E. Temple Ave., College Park, Ga. Lay, Marian Joyce, 511 Whitehall Rd., Ander- son Layman, Jonathan K., Steinmont, Hamilton, In. Layton, Robert Thomas, 519 Smithmore St., Anderson Leitnaker, Thomas N., Rt. 1, Baltimore, Oh. Leon, Edward R., 1501 Donald St., Winston Salem, N.C. Leslie. Ronald A.. 320 Forest Lane, Belton Lewis, Debra Ann, Rt. 3, Hartwell, Ga. Lewis, Daryl Eugene, P.O. Box 65. Fair Play Lewis, William Albert, 715 North Grove Park Dr., Florence Litchfield, Betty Laverne, Rt. 4, Box 173, Wal- terboro Little, Henry Thomas, Jr., 20 Balentine Dr.. Greenville Long, Kenneth L., 2507 Meadow Lane. West Columbia Logan, Walter, 6 A Friendship Court, Anderson Looney, Debra Gail. 118 Woodbury Circle, Taylors Looney, Ralph Lee, Rt. 3, Seneca Looper, Regina Dianne. 202 Spring Dr., Easley Lother, Michael Ray, 515 Cheyenne St., Anderson Lyle, Grace Reid, 7 Brookside Dr., Travelers Rest Lyle. Charles W., Jr., 24 Westchester Rd., Easley Lynch, Sharon R., Box 250, Coward Mace. Bradley D., Rt. 1, Country Club Rd., Johnsonville Mac Kinnon, Kym Yellenti, 2214 Bellview Rd., Anderson Magaha, Patricia Lee. 603 Summitt Ave.. Anderson Mahaffey, Trudy Carol. 98 Ridge Rd., Lyman Malone, Mae Joyce, 123 Dogwood Dr., Belton Marcengill, David Eugene, P.O. Box 83, Westminister Martin, Carroll Lynn, P.O. Box 986, Anderson Martin, Kimberly W., Rt. 2, Rollingreen Cir., Greenville Martin, Mary Louise, 407 Sherwood Ave., Honea Path Martin, Philip Gary, 1008 Sunny Hill Dr.. Camden Martin. Rebecca Lynn, Rt. 2, Box 42, Gray Court Marut, David S., 4306 Oak Hill Dr., Anna- dale, Va. Mason, Sabrina, Rt. 1, Madison Massiongale, John Thomas, 3904 N. Main St.. Anderson Mathis. John William, III, 111 Smith St.. Box 246, Timmonsville Matthews. Pamela Diane. 502 Minus St., St. George Mattison, Stephen. 19 F Fairview Gardens. Anderson Mattison, Sara Louise, 2507 Pope Dr., Ander- son Mauldin, Bryant M.. Jr.. 206 Pine Oak Rd.. Anderson Freshman Directory 257 Mayes, Maria C. Box 190, Mayesville McAlister, Deborah E. 6 Gilmer St.. Honea Path McAlister. Marcia Rayne, 602 Brown Ave., Belton McCarrell, Nancy Anne. 111 State Park Rd„ Travelers Rest M cCarthy, Dan William, 9514 Clairmont. Chi- cago, III. McCauley, Damon Michael, Box 100, Piedmont McClellan, William David, 1505 Hilltop Dr., Anderson McClinton, Irine T., 1411 Newell St., Anderson McCown, John Allan, 2608 E. North Ave., Anderson McCoy, Audrey Elaine, Rt. 2, Box 515, Pied- mont McCurley, Melinda Faye. 206 Roberts St.. Anderson McCurry, Jackie Cornelia, Rt. 5, Anderson McDaniel, June Marlene. Box 4815, Parksville McDaniel, Ronald C. 24 Fox Hall Rd., Green- ville McFaddin, Douglas Hugh, P.O. Box 416. Manning McGee, Thomas Michael, Jr., 4 Graham St., Honea Path McGhee, Cleveland R., 6312 Grosse Point Dr., Columbia McGill, Janet D., 1507 Bennett Dr., Anderson McKinley, Connie Elaine, 1301 Bolt Dr., Anderson McKinney. Lance Pennell, 421 Central Ave., Anderson McLees, Gary Civira. 1104 Bolt Dr., Anderson McMillan, Ged Timothy, 114 Folger St., Clemson McMinn, Charles B., Jr., 2849 Sunset Forest Rd., Anderson McNamara, Katherine Ann, 603 Pelham Rd., Greenville Meredi th, Kathy Diane,, Rt. 1, Townville Merritt, William A., 314 Belmont Ave., Greenville Milford, Kathy Kelley, 209 Arnold Dr., Ander- son Milford, Marri Diahnn, 2803 Edgewood Ave.. Anderson Miller, Donald Paul, 3424 Broadmoore PI., Charleston Hgts. Miller, James Leonard, 133 Nature Trail. Greenville Miller, Thomas Nelson, 107 Pleasant Dr., Clemson Mitchell, Daniel Wesley, P.O. Box 156, Hickory Grove Mitchell, Phyllis, Rt. 4, Saluda Mitchell, William T., 104 Oak Dr., Anderson Mize, Julie P., 1 Stewart St., Williamston Mize, Johnny Ray, 13 Lucas St., Walhalla Mize. Ruby Nell, Rt. 2, Belton Moody. Tony Rawlins, Rt. 1, Donalds Moone, Dorothy J.. 234 S. Livingston St., Clinton Moore, Anita S., Box 34, Sandy Springs Moore, George W., 4323 Old Hill Rd., Ander- son Moore. Rebecca E., Rt. 1, Box 199, Piedmont Moore, Fred T., II, Brook St., Box 505, Honea Path Moore, Machen T., 8 Inglewood Dr., Greenville Morehead, Edwin Cecil, Rt. 3, Box 42 A, Westminster Morris, Kathy Anne, 509 W. Frederick St., Anderson Morris, Virginia L.. 2808 Woodridge Dr., Anderson Morris, Robert W., Jr., 2402 Berkley Dr., Anderson Mudge, Marilyn Joy, 1233 Kilgore St., Holly Hill, Fla. Mullinnix. Mary E., 117 Trafalgar Rd.. Green- ville Munnerlyn, Royal Wilson, Rt. 3. Box 177, Georgetown Murphy, Lois Jane, Rt. 1, Townville Neal, Mary Susan, P.O. Box 1561, Clemson Nelms, Janice Fay, Rt. 1, Box 121, Laurens Newman, Linda Tutt. Rt. 2, Box 117, Green- wood Newton, Charles J., 206 Woodbine Cir., Anderson Newton, Leonard L.. Rt. 1, Box 211, Younges Is. Nichols. Charlie R., Jr., Rt. 5, Box 23N, Orangeburg Nimmons, Kay Hammond, 811 Ploma Dr., Seneca Norwood, Kenneth Dan, Rt. 1, Box 186 B, Iva Odom, John Milton, Jr., P.O. Box 184, Man- ning Ogburn, Janice Faith, Rt. 2. Bethune Omundson, James Andrew, 2618 Duncan St., Anderson Oneal, Dan Cogburn, 706 Woodfield Dr.. Anderson Osborne, Ronald Howard, Apt. 4 South 4th St., Seneca Owenby. James Alan, 311 2 Bragg PI COM 4614, Ft. Riley, Ka. Owens, Alphonso L., 61 St. Peters Dr., Brent- wood, N.Y. Owens, Gregory Allan, 105 Dates St., Easley Parks, Donna Jeanne, Box 4848, Parksville Parnell, Harry B., Rt. 1, Box 91 B, Kingstree Parnell, John Bolt, 102 Wren Rd., Anderson Partridge, Samuel Curtis, II, 861 Savannah St., Calhoun Falls Pate, Harold R., 1315 Monument Sq.. Camden Patterson, Gary Coker, 145 Mt. View Lane, Clemson Patterson, Rhonda K., 116 Hillcrest Cir., Bel- ton Patterson, Sherry Susan, 2813 LeConte Rd., Anderson Patton, Cynthia Alice, 661 S. Main St., Wood- ruff Penson, Joel Lee, 102 Sequdia Dr., Greenville Perry, Leonard A., 421 Marion St., Calhoun Falls Perry, William Andrew, 624 South Pine, Sen- eca Pettigrew, Donna Alice, Rt. 1, Box 76, Iva Phillips, Carolyn D., 17 CI Bailey Court Apts., Anderson Phillips, Patricia J., 404 South Parker Rd., Greenville Phillips, Richard A., 505 Whitehall Rd.. Anderson Phillips, Susan Elaine, Box 56, Anderson Philyaw, Dennis Doyle, 505 Winfield St., Anderson Plaxico, Robert Irby, 202 Calvert Ave., Clinton Poe, Kyle David, 2400 Tuxedo Dr., S.E. Mari- etta, Ga. Poe, James Koonce, 15 Pecan St., Manning Powell, Cynthia Ann, 310 Jeb Stuart Ave., Anderson Powell, Margaret R., 104 N. Prevost St., Anderson Powers, Fred Anthony, Jr., 104 Lyle St., Mauldin Price, Cynthia Ann, Englewood Cr., Starr Pruitt, Debbie Jean, Rt. 4, Box 120, Anderson Ragsdale, Cindy Doreene, 9 Timberlake Dr., Greenville Ranganathan, Elangovan, 14 Uppilipalayam, Po, Coimbatore, Madras 641015. India Raper, Patricia D., 219 Lowndes Ave., Green- ville Ray, Walter L., Rt. 3, Box 434, Hemmingway Reames. Edward Spann, 312 N. Main St., Bishopville M. 1317 Berkley Ave., Regan, Joseph Florence Register, Nancy V., Rt. 7, Box 405. Anderson Register, Susan Darlene, Rt. 7, Box 405, Anderson Reid, George Thomas, Rt. 3, Box 194, Pied- mont Reid, Nancy E., 300 Shannon Dr., Greenville Rentz, Nancy Elaine, 225 Walton Dr., Wil- liamston Rheney, Elizabeth Joy, 279 Livingston Ter- race, Orangeburg Rhodes, Jennie Lynne, Rt. 1, Box 607, Greenwood Rhodes. Nancy Ann, 525 Drayton Cr., Ander- son Rhome. Allean M., 208 Anderson Dr., Liberty Richardson, Lucille Ellen, Rt.2 Coachwood Acres, Simpsonville Riser, Karen Elrod, 804 Blair St., Anderson Ritchie, Boyd Alton, 3217 Downes Grove Rd., Columbia Roberson, Stanley F., 135 Mapleton Dr., Greenville Roberts, Christopher Michael, 902 Kings- bridge Rd.. Columbia Robinson, John Stephen. 184 Highland Dr., Greenwood Robinson, David Arnold. II, Rt. 1, Box 332 B, Piedmont Robinson, Paul Richard, Jr., 213 Ivy Dr., Simpsonville Robison, Donna Lynn, 3207 New Pond Rd., Anderson Rodgers, Martha Susan, Scranton Rogers, Henry Edward, Box 155, Gray Court Rogers, Robert Julian, Rt. 6, Box 672, Seneca Rogers. Thomas Dexter, Rt. 1, Box 427, Wil- liamston Rogers, Joel Bernard, Jr.. Rt. 6, Mapleton Dr.. Greenville Roper, Kathy E„ 218 Balsam Rd., Henderson- ville, N. C. Ruff, Sallie Rae, 1330 L Ave., Cayce Rumsey, Phillip O, Rt. 1, Greer Runion, Jerry Michael, Rt. 3, Pink Mill Rd., Greer Rush, Jeffrey Wade, 1506 Cronelia Rd., Anderson Safstrom, David Wayne, 4436 Stronington Cir., Chamblee, Ga. Sammons. David Stanley, 522 Anderson St., Calhoun Falls Sams, Robert W., 2701 LeConte Rd., Anderson 258 Freshman Directory Sandel, Judy Lucile, Rt. 4, Box 920, Orange- burg Sanders. Karen Marie, Rt. 3, Box 45, Andrews Sanders. Richard P., 13 Roberta Dr., Green- ville Sarratt, Madison P., 334 Parkway Dr., Easley Schrimp, Rita Ann, 3208 S. Main St., Lot 29. Anderson Scott, Karen Sue. 2500 Poplar Lane, Anderson Scott, Patricia Ann, Rt. 4, Box 96 B, Anderson Seawright, Glenda Sue, 120 W. Moore St., Anderson Seel, Kristine Anne, 1207 Hanover Rd.. Anderson Segars, Edward Kent, Segars Mill, Rt. 5. Hartsville Seifert. Harry E.. 2817 Bellview, Anderson Senter, Jimmy Steve, Rt. 5. Sandra St.. Pied- mont Shabkie, Jean Marie, 133 Stonehave Dr.. Greenville Sharpe, Sandra Lee, P.O. Box 3391, Anderson Shaw, Deborah F., 1209 Rutland Dr., West Columbia Sheriff, Tim Ray, Rt. 5, Seneca Shiell. Ernest M., 1318 E. 51st St., Savannah, Ga. Shiflet, John David, 306 Winfield St., Ander- son Shintaku, Shiro, 90 Katsura, Nachi Katsuura- cho, Higashimuro-gum, Wakayama, Japan Shirley, Thomas Robert, 104 Clarenoon Dr.. Clemson Shull. Gary Arthur, 722 Bareclay Lane, Columbia Sightler, Myra O, 306 Hillcrest Dr., Pendleton Sigman, Carol Ann, Rt. 7, Conyers, Ga. Simmons. Timothy Eric, 283 Carolina St.. N.W. Orangeburg Simons, Charles R., 200 Roberts St.. Ander- son Simpson, Edgar Randall, Rt. 1, Enoree Simpson, Michael Dean, 103 Yorkshire Dr., Greenville Simpson, Richard G., Box 22, Iva Sitton, Joe Lee, Rockingham Rd., Greenville Slaton, Wayne Ashley, 511 Loblolly Dr., Anderson Smith, Christa Y., 1720 Central Parkway. Orangeburg Smith. Debra Lynn, Rt. 1, Box 145. Williamston Smith. Gregory Bryan, Rt. 2. Apt. 3, Seneca Smith. Joy Dorice, 3212 New Pond Rd., Anderson Smith, Mary Anne, 2309 Poplar Lane, Ander- son Smith, Malcom Bruce, 104 Valley St., Walter- bo ro Smith, Michael G., 305 Brushy Creek Rd., Easley Smith, Scott Moore, 301 Boggs St.. Pendleton Smith, Tommy, 117 E. Shockley Ferry Rd., Anderson Smith, Terry Lee, 106 Pineview Dr., Easley Smith. Walter C. Ill, 1415 K Ave., Cayce Smith, James Harlan, Jr.. 29 Square St.. Pelzer Smith, Samuel Boyd, Jr., Box 3, Williamston Snider, Phillip Owen, Jr., 6510 Whispering Lane, Atlanta, Ga. Snipes. Nancy Ann, Rt. 1, Pendleton Snipes, Vonda Bona, Garden Springs Rd., Columbia Southerland. David Monroe, 503 Heyward Rd., Anderson Spigner, Frances Anne, Rt 3, Box 14 P. Man- ning Stalvey. Robert Milton, 1417 Edgewood Ave.. Conway Starnes. Roy Hilton, W Bond St., Batesburg Steele. Bradley B.. 318 Crest Dr.. Boone. NO Stephens. Barbara Susan. Rt. 6. Seneca Stephens. Edward Mennen. Rt. 6. Greenville Stephens, Sallie E., 621 Pelham Rd., Greenville Stokes. Carol Ann, Rt. 1, Box 104. Columbia Stone. Lu Ann, Rt. 2. Jones Mill Rd . Fountain Inn Strauss, Bob McConnell. P O Box 824, Anderson Strickland. David John, 3031 Sunset Forest Rd ., Anderson Strickland, Steven Curtis, P.O. Box 144, Myrtle Beach Stroud, Thomas M., Rt. 6. Greer Stukes, Margaret W., Rt. 2, Box 28, Manning Sudderth, Thomas K., 100 Meadow Rd., Box 757, Laurens Sutherland, Randall B.. Rt.9. Box 325, Ander- son Sutton, John Muldrow. 103 Burns Dr.. Sumter Swygert, Deborah Ann. Rt. 1, Ashley Rd.. Anderson Taft, Robert Burton, 364 Dakland St., Morgan- town, W.V. Tanner, Shann Derrick, Rt. 3. Box 121, Hem- ingway Tate, James Alvin, Rt. 9, Box 31. Anderson Tate, John Malcolm, Rt. 9, Anderson Tatum, Odes Dillard, III. 40 Southland Ave.. Greenville Taylor, Deborah Lynn, P.O. Box 216, Donalds Taylor, Kathy Elaine, Rt. 1, Box 103, Alcolu Taylor, Mary E., P.O. Box 397, Iva Teasley. Carolyn Mary, 3100 W. Whitner St., Anderson Teasley. Michael Clark, 501 Timberlake Rd., Anderson Tewkesbury, Paulette, 525 Barnwell Ave., Aiken Thackston, Angela Lee, 1 Leacroft Dr , Greenville Thomas, Gregory Alan, 518 Overbrook Dr., Seneca Thomas, Janet Elizabeth, Rt. 2, Griffin Rd., Belton Thomason, Bobby Lane, W72, Highland Ct., Westminster Thomason, William M.. 512 Drayton Circle. Anderson Thompson, Harry R.. 1111 Southwood St.. Anderson Thompson, Syble Marie. 105 Sunset Dr.. Maul- din Thompson, Tommy Stanley, 227 Bannister St., Belton Thomson, Harriett E.. Rt. 1, Sharon Thrasher, Steve Woodrow, 512 Spring St.. Anderson Thrift, Catherine A., 813 Kennedy St., Ander- son Tilley. Patricia Ann, 204 Juniper Ave., Anderson Timms, James Faron. Rt. 2, Box 38. Hodges Tinsley, Carol Ann, Rt. 10. McClellan Rd.. Anderson Tippett, William M., Rt. 6, Box 910, Seneca Toner, Michael F.. 3909 Cambridge PL, Hopewell, Va. Toohey, Carrol B., 130 Sunset Dr., Greenville Trainor, Richard M , 1409 Valley Rd., Garner. N.C. Traxler, Gloria E., Box 119, Cope Traynham. James Larry, 2313 A Whitehall Ave . Anderson Tribble. John Allen. 4001 Liberty Rd.. Ander- son Trusler, George James, III. 137 New Castle Ave . Belvedere Upton, Michael S., Rt. 1, Box 180. Piedmont Vanadore, Joe Robert, Rt. 1, Starr Vause. Barbara Lynne, Rt 4. Timmonsville Vernon. Connie Yvonne, Rt 3. Montague Rd., Greenville Vickery, Deborah Jean, P O Box 440, Ander- son Vladeff, Diane Helen, 1002 Gordon St., Anderson Wadford, Jim Randall, Rt. 1, Box 169 A, St. Stephen Walters, Robert S., Rt. 4, Anderson Wamack, Teresa Jean, Rt. 3, Gray Court Wansley, Ernest Samuel, Rt. 6, Box 172. Anderson Warren, Donna Sue, 117 Aldridge Dr., Green- ville Warren, William L.. 163 Hammond Ave., West Columbia Watkins, William Brian, 808 Concord Ave., Anderson Weathers, Gerald Lee, Rt. 1, Putnam Rd., Fountain Inn Webb, Sabrina Ann, Rt. 3, Elberton, Ga. Webber. Donald Bruce, 1104 Church St.. Simpsonville Welborn, Hugh Wingo, 2015 Edgewood Ave., Anderson Wemple, Jerri Lugene, 304 Timberlake Rd., Anderson Wentworth, Charles L, Rt. 9, Box 222, Ander- son Wentzky, Steven M., 502 Creswell Ave., Anderson West, Jacqueline D., 712 Cleveland Ave., Anderson West, William Kenney, Rt. 8, Box 509, Ander- son West, Mendel, Jr., 904 Pineview St., Camden Wheeler, Barbara Gail, Rt. 1, Madison White, Pamela Gail, P.O. Box 704, Holly Hill White, Warren Calvin, 508 W. Market St., Anderson Whitfield, Donna Ruth, 3203 Severn St., Anderson Whitfield, Dorothy Wayne. 5 Scotland Cir., Greenville Whitfield, John R. 1332 Bleckley St., Anderson Whittington, Steve Vernon, P.O. Box 451, N. Wilkesboro, N.C. Wilbanks, Douglas Lane, Rt. 2, Seneca Wiles, Harold E., Box 97. Springfield Wiley. Bobbie Jean, 321 Keese St., Pendleton Wilkinson, Sara Lee, 1131 Rutland Ave., West Columbia Williams, Mark Allen. 2600 Mitigate Rd.. Anderson Williams, Mary Jo, Rt. 1. Gray Court Williams, Paul Leverne. 104 Leonar d Cir.. Camden Williams, Roger Allen. Rt. 3, Seneca Williams. Ramona Eileen, Rt. 1, Box 77, Piedmont Williamson, Joyce Ann, 2803 Millgate Rd., Anderson Willingham. Fred M., Jr., Rt. 2, Wintergreen Ct„ Anderson Wilson, Nancy Louise, Rt. 1, Box 125, Wil- liamston Wilson, Rachel Dianne, Rt. 1, Box 397, Wil- liamston Wise, Susan Frances, 14 Forestdale Dr., Asheville, N. C. Woods. John William, Rt. 3, Gray Court Woods, William Earl. Jr.. Morrell Spgs. Rd., Newport, Te. Wooten. Tommy Grant. 1040 Evergreen St.. Anderson Wyatt. Dean Austin, Rt. 1. Seneca Yarborough. Anne Estelle. 404 Bluff Ave., N. Augusta Yarborough, Deanna Carole. Rt. 1, Duncan Yarborough. William D., Rt. 3, Belton Young, Julia E., 2207 Rush St., Anderson Young. Jerry Wayne. P.O. Box 356. Conway Young. Vinda Jean. P.O. Box 126. Iva Youngblood. Cheryl Ann. 303 Haverhill Cir., Easley Freshman Directory 259 First Semester Acker, Fredda T., Rt. 8, Box 380, Anderson Adams, Barbara A., 520 N. 3rd St., Seneca Alexander, Alfred T., 3301 Keys St., Anderson Andrews, Anita M., 606 Choctaw St., Anderson Applewhite, Curtis Milton, 213 Brook Forest Dr., Anderson Arflin, Clara Lou, Rt. 3, Anderson Ashley. Eunice M., 208 River St.. Belton Bannister, Wendell Ray. 8 Pine Tree Dr., Honea Path Barr, Albert Allen, Rt. 4. Abbeville Bellew, Bobby J., Rt. 2, Starr Blume. Wanda Maxine, 205 Sunset Dr., Anderson Brazeal, Bertha G., 61 Hamilton, Williamston Breed, M. Dolline, 2804 Clarossie, Anderson Broughton, Vickie Raye, Rt. 2. Box 110, Honea Path Brown, Lionel Wilton, 322 E. Roosevelt Dr., Anderson Brown, Mary G., 804 Greenville Dr., Williams- ton Brown, William T., Rt. 2, Romona Dr.. Belton Bryant, Nancy W., Rt. 5, Anderson Burgess. Howard Taft, Rt. 4, Belton Byers, Mary Alewine, Rt. 2. Box 111 A. Iva Byers, Philip Lewis, Jr., Rt. 2, Box 111 A, Iva Chapman. Allie Mae, 28 Ellis Ave., Williamston Chastain, Horace D., Rt. 2, Pendleton Cole, Lonnie Jack, Rt. 9, Box 13, Anderson Copeland, Rebecca Smith, 421 Watkins Dr., Pendleton Corley, Betty Duncan, Rt. 2, Box 277A. Anderson Cox, Homer Marion, Rt. 4, Sadler Creek, Anderson Crocker, Harold Allen, Rt. 1, Linmar Circle, Anderson Crocker. Roy Archie, Rt. 1, Hartwell, Ga. Daniel, Margaret D., 107 River Dr.. Williamston Davis, James R., 10 Calhoun, Williamston Davis. Nickie Mae, 502 E. Franklin, Anderson Dobson, Emily Anne, 11-B LeChateau, Ander- son Dove, Jackie Donald, Rt. 2. Pendleton Dunlap, Olin Parker, 702 North St., Anderson Dunn, Terrell C, Rt. 9, Box 199, Anderson Eaton, Montine G., 14 Pine Lane. Williamston Emory, Jackie Ray, Rt. 3, Belton Farrow, Virginia T., 1601 Bolt Dr., Anderson Finley, Alton Lloyd. 119 Depot St., Pendleton Fisher, Mary Jane, Rt. 8 Box 326A, Anderson Fite, Donald J.. Rt. 4, Belton Freeman, John Ernest, 104 Powell Rd., Anderson Frierson, Edward Cecil IV, Rt. 2, Beela Vista, Easley Gambrell, Charles, 111 Paterson Dr., Ander- son Garrett. Thomas, Rt. 2, Box 177E, Seneca Gilmer, Gary Dan, P.O. Box 4163, Anderson Gilmer, Marilyn F., P.O. Box 4163, Anderson Girtman, Emory Lee, Rt. 4, W Calhoun Rd., Belton Gossett, Donnie Harris. 435 Forest Lane, Bel- ton Hanley. Charles M., 704 Cypress Lane. Anderson Hart, James Glenn, 10 Goddard Ave., Seneca Hawkins, Harold Wayne. P.O. Box 1042. Anderson Hershberger, James Lee. Star Route, Due West Evening School Hicks, Max Luther, Rt. 9, Box 74. Anderson Higginbotham, Jimmy Ray, Rt. 9, Hazlewood Dr., Anderson Hiott. Nora K., Rt. 2, Belton Hooper, Debra Elaine, 826 Burts Court, Anderson Howard, Michele S., 400 McGee Rd., Ander- son James, Flora Louise, 410 College Ave., Anderson Jarrett, Rhetta June, 12-D LeChateau Apts., Anderson Kay, Charles William, Rt. 2, Donalds King, Joseph M., 1706 S. Murray Ave., Ander- son Klutz, Mae Griffin, 102 River Dr.. Williamston Ladd, R. Harland, Rt. 1, Madison Lark, Annie, 301 East Cormela, Williamston Lea, Sallie Milam, 502 Walden Parkway, Anderson Lebert, Steve Allen, Rt. 7, Box 12, Anderson Leroy, Stanley, E., Rt. 6, Box 453, Seneca Leverette. Thomas Lee P.O. Box 702, Hartwell. Ga. Limbaugh, Columbus A., Rt. 4, Easley Lowe, James William, Jr. Rt. 2, Belton Mangrum. Lloyd Richard, P.O. Box 982, Sen- eca Manley, Winfield H., Rt. 2, Seneca Matthews, Norma Jean, Rt. 2, Box 144B, Lib- erty Mattison, Lona, 302 Market St., Williamston McBride, Maxie Alvin, 2904 Elm St., Anderson McBride, Mary M., 2904 Elm St., Anderson McCown, Claire C, Rt. 2, Box 228, William- ston McGill, Evelyn West, 2209 A Boulevard Hgts., Anderson McMahan, Kenneth T., 628 Fairmont Rd., Anderson Merrill, Barry Warren, LeChateau Apts., Anderson Miller, David W., 416 Woodcrest Dr., Anderson Mitchell, Marion Foster, Rt. 1, Anderson Morgan, Margaret L., Box 442, Williamston Mulligan, Kenneth Paul, 309 Myrtle Ave, Bel- ton Padgett, Martha W., 2012 College Ave., Anderson Parnell, Evoone S., 803 Druid Hills Dr., Anderson Payne, William Charles, Rt. 3. Portman Rd.. Anderson Peebles, Wallace B., 23 Goddard Ave., Seneca Perez, Marta Iraeta, 602 Rantowles Rd., Anderson Pollard, Larue B., 14V Bailey Court, Ander- son Reed. Alton C, Rt. 9, Box 229, Anderson Reeves, James C, P.O. Box 384, Pelzer Richey, Samuel J., 129 E. Whitner St., Ander- son Rogers, Deborah Lynn, 1516 Rosemary Circle, Anderson Rogers, Lucille R., 602 Sherry Dr., Anderson Sams, Levis Eugene, 2701 Leconte, Anderson Sarvis. Larry Laru, Rt. 1, Pendleton Satterfield, Vickie D., P.O. Box 4142 Sta. B. Anderson Shaw. Adger Carl, Rt. 2. Belton Shiflet, Clifford T., 511 Marshall Ave., Ander- son Smith. Mattie M.. 320 Caroline. Williamston Smith. Sandra E., 1306 Amity Rd., Anderson Solesbee, Melody B., 1014 Ella St.. Anderson Spellman, David E., P.O. Box 565, Belton Standridge, Jerry Alan, 104 Duffie St.. West- minister Stokes, Albert B., 307 Meadow Park Rd., Anderson Teasley. Georgi Faye, 216 Timberlane, Anderson Thomas, Margaret Ann, 205 Robin Dr., Anderson Thompson, Eva M., Rt. 1, Box 467, Williamston Thompson, Mary Sue, 203 Nort Ave., Anderson Thompson Jr., James C, P.O. Box 1074, Anderson Thornton, Frances E.. 4007 N. Main St., Anderson Tippett, William M., Rt. 6, Box 910, Seneca Tollison, Ralph O. Rt. 1, Anderson Tollison, Troyce P., 2231 Ridgewood. Ander- son Tripp, Mary Belle, 102 Academy, Williamston Tucker. Sue B., Rt. 2, Box 229, Williamston Tucker Jr., Emmett J., 317 Hillcrest Circle, Anderson Turner. Janice O, Rt. 6, Airline Rd., Anderson Turner, Johniie Lee, 1301 Wendover Way, Anderson Underwood, Nancy L., 104 E. Ervin St., Walhalla Vickery, Billy Thomas, Rt. 8, Box 274A, Anderson Walker, Jerry M., 501 Chestnut Blvd., Ander- son Walters, Martha M., Rt. 4, McGill Rd„ Ander- son Ward. 303 E. St., Anderson Watson, Betty Jean, Rt. 10, Lakewood Dr., Anderson Watson, Mary Jane, 429 Hillside Dr., Anderson Watt, M. Ruth, 405 Duckett Circle, Anderson White, Carl Clyde. Rt. 2. Box42X, Iva White, Freeman Earl, Rt. 4, Seneca Willingham Jr., Fred M., Rt. 2, Wintergreen Ct., Anderson Wilson, Carolyn T., 2306 Lane Ave., Anderson Wilson, Edward M., 1446 F. Dover Rd., Spar- tanburg Winstead, Susan Perry, 219 A Pine Lane, Anderson Wood, Fred Warren, Rt. 2, Stagecoach Dr., Anderson Woodson, Mary Ann, 70 Mail St., West Pelzer Yeargin, Sara V., 605 Ashwood Dr., Anderson Yon, Phillip Lewis, 101 Fretwell St., Anderson Second Semester Bryant, Terry Malcolm, 204 Arlington Ave., Anderson Byers, Jr., Thomas F., 509 Fairview Rd., Laurens Coleman, III, William Ted, Rt. 1. Midway Rd., Anderson Collins, Linda, 516 Crescent Dr., Anderson Cromer, Carolyn H., 221 Rhodehaven Dr., Anderson Cromer, Gary Boyce, 2224 Belview Rd., Ander- son Cunningham, Sharon D., Rt. 4, Box 13 Ander- son Davenport, Maggie, 104 Anderson St., Wil- liamston Davis, Iris S., Rt. 9, Box 263, Anderson Day, Jr., Ralph Eugene, F. O. Box 1551, Anderson 260 Night School Directory Ellis. Barbara Jean, 213 S. Boulevard, Ander- son Garrett, Emily Hope, Rt. 8, Old Anderson Rd„ Anderson Geddings, Diane Latham, Rt. 9, Box 215C, Anderson Grant, David Ray, Rt. 1, Fair Play Griffith, Roy F., 2020 Sheldon Dr., Anderson Gulley, Robert Eugene, 212 Brook Forest, Anderson Hammond, Betty C, 2300 N. Mail St., Anderson Harper, Frances G., P. O. Box 1345, Anderson Harper, Mozelle D., Box 357, Williamston Hayes, Charles Wayne, P. O. Box 34, Iva Hill, Larry Ernest, Rt. 6, Anderson Holcombe, Elsie Turner, 2418 Pope Drive, Anderson Jones, Mary S., 110 Virginia Circle, Anderson Ketchie, Sandra G., 106 N. Prevost St., Ander- son King, Ann Smith, 114 Tanglewood, Anderson Knight, Malcolm K.. 516 Glenwood Ave., Anderson Lindler, Alvin L., 532 Byton Rd., Columbia Lisenby, Mary Glenda, 408 Brook Forest Dr., Anderson Martin, James Bell, 119 Materson Dr., Wil- liamston Mattison, Mary Elizabeth, 2507 Pope Dr., Anderson Mattos, Joyce C, 415 A Clarke Lane, Anderson McGaha, Fraya Janine, 205 M St.. Anderson McGill, Joe Rodney, 2822 Le Conte Rd., Ander- son son (Jollegc VE OFFICES: ATION NT PFAIRS 3? 2- 3- 3- 3 s 3- 2- 00R 00R 00R 00R 00R QOK 00R 00 0$ Moseley, Charles Ronald, Rt. 1, Box 227, Anderson Moss, Ruth W., 736 Marshall Ave., Anderson Newton, Winoma B., 108 Virginia Circle, Anderson Norris, Fred Pickens, Rt. 4, Belton Norris, Jessie T., 2001 Boulevard Heights, Anderson Osborne, Ronald Howard, Apt. 4, South 4th St., Seneca Owen, Geneva G., Rt. 1, Williamston Owens, Wilton Walter, Rt. 7, Box 116, Ander- son Padgett, Olin Selvin, Rt. 1, Box 120, Iva Powell, William Robert. 310 Jeb Stuart, Ander- son Randall, George Vernon, Rt. 10, Box 144, Anderson Seifert, Harry E., 2817 Bellview, Anderson Shiflet, Clifford T., 511 Marshall Ave., Ander- son Smith, Sandra Kay, P. O. Box 643, Belton Snipes, Blair Horace, Rt. 1, Pendleton Spake, Jimmy Lynn, 134 Hammett Acres, Anderson Spearman, Judy Elrod, Rt. 10, Anderson Taylor, Larry Dean, 903 E. Calhoun St., Ander- son Walters, Norman McGill, Rt. 1, Box 182E, Liberty Wiley. Jr., Walter, 1310 Revere St., Anderson r, Spring Semester 1974 Aldridge, Mary Margaret, 250 Balfer Dr., Greenville Baba, Naresh, Box 17, Anderson College Bagwell, Robert Henry, Jr., 9 Gray Dr., Wil- liamston Bishop, Marcus Ray, Rt. 1, Ware Shoals Boles, Claudia Ann, 207 Centerville Rd., Anderson Bolt, Fred Felton, Rt. 7, Anderson Bond, Anthony Lebon, 207 Wellington Ct., Anderson Cabra, Lynne Marie, 10 Springdale Dr., Wil- liamston Campbell, David Malcolm, 2199 Blvd. Heights, Anderson Campbell, Laura Ann, Rt. 9, Box 253, Anderson Carron, Michael A., 22 Lake Fairfield, Green- ville Cleveland, Susan Gail, 514 Ottawa Cr., Ander- son Connell, Cynthia M., 1206 Melbourne, Ander- son Cook, Daun Lee, 535 Forest Lane, Belton Craft, David Robert, Rt. 1, Canon, Ga. Curl, Ethel Lynne, 201 East Johnson St., Pickens Dodson, Charles Eric, 307 Hillcrest, Anderson Durell, Randy Scott, Rt. 2, Woodlawn Ave., Anderson Durham, Deanna, Rt. 4, Oconee Estates, Seneca Fendley, John Wesley, Jr., 1207 Tribble St., Anderson Fleming, Ronald York, Rt. 1, Pendleton Ginn, Gary Lee, 2703 Chestnut Dr., Anderson Grant, Sheila Jane, Rt. 1, Ashley Rd., Ander- son Haggerty, Edward M., Box 162, Sandy Springs Hall, Danie K., P. O. Box 91. Donalds Holston, James Arnold, 309 E. Church St., Saluda Humphrey, W. Earnestine, Box 307, Due West Hunt, Roy Franklin, 118 Rockingham Rd., Greenville Hunter, Willie Alvin, Rt. 1, Box 322 D, Starr Jordan, Haskell Eric, 612 N. 3rd St., Seneca Kelly, Everett Lew, 123 Abbotsford Dr., Simp- sonville Lawrence, Michael Jes, P. O. Box 484, Liberty Malone, Steve Michael, Rt. 1, Pendleton Martin, Mary Elizabeth, 606 Concord Ave., Anderson Martin, Calvin Leroy, Jr., 106 Berry St., Clem- son Miller, Marsha J., Box 447, Duncan Mitchell, Lloyd S., Rt. 2, Academy Acres, Walterboro Perry, Randall Keith, Rt. 5, Seneca Powell, James Shaffer, 3509 S. Main. Ander- son Robinson, Bobby Lee, 106 Hawthorne, Newark, N.J. Roper, Ronald Eugene, 910 Ferry St., Ander- son Scott, Mary Harmon, Box 129, Clemson Seeger, Molly McCombs. 1001 Canterbury Rd., Anderson Smith, Jeffrey Leon, 2 Tulane Ave., Green- ville Stone, Steven Guyton, 712 Academy. Williams- ton Suttle, Elizabeth Cox, Rt. 5, Box 75C, Anderson Timms, Janet O. 116 Tanglewood Dr., Ander- son Tollison, Ruth Ann, 318 Winchester Dr., Ander- son Williams, Leonard Allen, 2602 Jackson Sq., Anderson Spring Semester Directory 261 Faculty Directory ARGUEZ. SAMUEL: Spanish B.A., Wayland Baptist College; MA. Texas Tech University. (1973) Men ' s Dorm Apt.. Anderson College, Anderson BERRY. GERALD J. (CAPT.); Military Science B.A., University of Maryland. (1973) 1 Northhampton Road. Normandy Shores. Seneca BLACKMAN, ANNIE F. (MISS); Librarian A. A., Anderson College; A.B.. Winthrop Col- lege; M.S., Florida State University. (1969) 2 — B-4 Bailey Court Apts., Anderson BOYTE. JOHN K.; Business Administration B.S., M.A., Appalachian State University. (1966) 108 Partridge Lane. Anderson BOYTE, RUTH P. (MRS); Secretarial Science B.S.. M.A., Applachian State University. (1966) 108 Partridge Lane, Anderson BRIDGES, ANITA H. (MRS); Music B.M., Samford University; M.S.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. (1964) 602 Wildwood Drive, Anderson BRIDGES, WILLIAM M.; Music B.A., Furman University; B.D.. M.S.M.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. (1964) 602 Wildwood Drive, Anderson BROCK, ALTON C. (MAJ); Aerospace Studies B.S., Piedmont College; M.S.. Air Force Insti- tute of Technology. (1973) 206 Kingsway, Clemson BURKS, ROBERT E. (DR.); Bible B.A., Mercer University; B.D., M.S.M., South- ern Baptist Theological Seminary. (1965) 705 Windsor Avenue, Anderson BURNS, STEPHEN R.; Biology B.S., Wake Forest University; M.S., Clemson University. (1972) 12 — B-3 Bailey Court Apts., Anderson CAMPBELL, DONALD A. (DR.); Mathematics B.S., University of Montevallo; M.A., University of Alabama; Ph.D., University of Alabama. (1973) 201-B Adm. Bldg.. Clemson CLARK. JAMES W.; Music B.M., Mississippi College; MM Methodist University. (1970) 500 Wildwood Drive. Anderson Southern CLIFFORD, CECIL (MRS); History B.A., University of North Carolina at Greens- boro; M.A., Furman University. (1962) 18 Ware Street, Ware Shoals COWAN, FAYEP. (MRS.); English B.A.. Erskine College; M.A.. Clemson Univer- sity. (1962) 412 Moultrie Square, Anderson DOUGHTY, ARTHUR R.. JR.; Adjunct Instruc- tor in Music B.S., University of South Carolina; M.A., East Carolina University. Route 7, Box G-53, Anderson DUBOSE, BRENDA N (MRS); Assistant Librarian B.A., Tift College; M.A., Appalachian State University. (1969) 13-3 Bailey Courts, Anderson ENGLISH, CARL D. (DR.); Sociology A. A., Anderson College; B.A., Erskine College; Th.M, Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. (1967) 3005 LeConte Road, Anderson FRIES, ROBERT H.; Math A.B., Middlebury College; M.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. (1973) 705 Druid Hill Drive, Anderson GREER, SARAH B. (MRS); English, Journalism B.A., M.A., Furman University. (1971) 103 W. Greer, Honea Path GRUBBS, MAX W.; Chemistry B.S., Furman University; M.Ed.. Clemson Uni- versity. (1958) 422 Tanglewood Drive, Anderson HANCOCK, DORA L. (MISS); Secretarial Sci- ence A.A., Anderson College; B.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (1954) 13-1 Bailey Court Apts., Anderson HICKS, RUBY S. (MRS,); Reading B.S., East Tennessee State University; MS., Clemson University. (1973) 15-C-2 Bailey Court Apts., Anderson HOLCOMBE. BLANCHE K. (MRS); Art A. A., Anderson College; B.A., Furman Univer- sity. (1956) 2602 Bellview Road. Anderson HORNER, CHARLES W.; English A.B., Georgetown College; M.A., University of Kentucky (1972) 406 College Avenue, Anderson HOUSE, RANDOLPH W. (CAPT); Military Science B.S., Texas A M. (1973) 115 Allee Street, Clemson HUBBARD, HERSHELL R. (CAPT); Aerospace Studies B.S., University of Arizona; M.S., University of Oklahoma. ( 1973) 214 Holly Avenue, Clemson HUGHEY, W. GLEN; Mathematics A. A., North Greenville Junior College; B.A.. Cumberland University; M.Ed., Furman University. (1964) 208 Jeb Stuart Avenue, Anderson JACKS, SHIRLEY R. (MRS); French A.A., Mars Hill College; B.A., Carson-Newman College; M.A., University of North Carolina. (1972) 8 Stewart Street. Williamston JAMES, DENNIS W.; English B.A.. Clemson University; M.A., Clemson- University. (1970) 57 Sherwood Drive, Box 423, Seneca KELLEY, ROBIN B.; Biology B.S., Wofford College; M.Ed., versity. (1962) 402 Timberlane. Anderson Clemson Uni- 262 Faculty Directory MAERTENS, THOMAS B. (COL.); Military Science B.S., United States Military Academy; M.S., University of Alabama. (1973) 24 White Oak Cliff. Route 6, Seneca MANDRELL, EUGENE (DR.); Psychology B.A., Oklahoma Baptist University; B.D.. Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Semi- nary. (1965) 905 Pine Cone Trail, Anderson MANDRELL, MARION D. (MRS.); Psychology A.A., North Greenville Junior College; B.A., Carson-Newman College; M.R.E., Carver School. (1965) 905 Pine Cone Trail, Anderson MARTIN, MARY E. (MRS); Home Economics B.S., Winthrop College; M.S., Clemson Uni- versity. (1958) Route 2, Pendleton MCGREGOR, KATHRYN A. (MRS.); Secre- tarial Science B.S., Winthrop College; M.A., Clemson Uni- versity. (1961) Route 9, Box 227, Anderson METTS, FREDC; Bible B.S., Texas Wesleyan College; M.A., Texas Christian University; Th. M., South- western Baptist Theological Seminary; M.Ed., University of Georgia. (1962) 18-A-1 Bailey Court Apts., Anderson MULLIGAN, PAT. P. (MRS); History A. A., Anderson College; B.A.. Erskine College; M.Ed., University of Georgia. (1971) 309 Myrtle Avenue, Belton NEUWIRTH. JUDITH BABB (MRS.); English B.A., Furman University; MED., Clemson University. (1972) Box 2488, Clemson Univ., Clemson PRYOR, BETTY JO (MRS): Biology B.A., Tift College; M.S. Ed., University of Georgia. (1967) 109 Partridge Lane. Anderson PUSHARD, KING S .; Business Administration A B.. Tufts University; M.Ed.. Boston Univer- sity; MB. A.. University of Houston. (1963) 404 Myrtle Avenue. Belton RABEY, DUNCAN W. JR (COL); Aerospace Studies B.S.. M.E., Clemson University. (1973) 123 Tamassee Drive. Clemson SHORT, ODELL; Mathematics, Physics B.S., Oklahoma Northeastern State College; MM. University of South Carolina. (1966) Route 1. Town Creek Road, Anderson SIMPSON, CLAUDE S (LT. COL); Military Science B.S., Clemson University; M.Ed., Clemson University. (1973) 3 Northhampton Road. Normandy Shores. Seneca SOUTHERLAND, LAWRENCE; Physical Education B.A., Erskine College; B.D.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (1970) 503 Heyward Road. Anderson SPEARMAN, JAMES B. (DR.); Psychology A A., Anderson College; B.A., Carson-Newman College; Th.M., M. Ed.. D.Ed., New Orleans Baptist Seminary. (1972) Route 1, Piedmont TISDALE, WILLIAM E.; Bible B.S., University of South Carolina; M.A., Columbia Bible College; Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. (1960) 808 Wilson Street, Anderson TOMBES, JANE G. (MRS.); English B.A., University of Richmond; M.A., Clemson University. (1972) 257 Riggs Drive, Clemson TRIBBLE. ANNIE CLAIRE (MRS.); Physical Education A.A., Anderson College; B.A., M.Ed., Clemson University. (1965) 4001 Liberty Road, Anderson TRIBBLE, MARSHALL K.; Sociology A.B., Mercer University; B.D., Southeast Bap- tist Theological Seminary; M.Ed., University of Georgia. (1973) Route 5, Elberton, Ga. 30365 VIVAN, EVERETT H.; Speech, Drama B.A., Texas Wesleyan College; Th.M., South- western Baptist Theological Seminary. (1959) 407 Brook Forest Drive, Anderson VON HASSELN, HENRY; History B.A., Furman University; M.A.. University of Virginia. (1964) 1102 West Whitner Street, Anderson WEST, WILLIAM F., JR.; English A.A., Mars Hill; B.A., Wake Forest College; Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Semi- nary; M.A., University of Georgia. (1963) 421 Fairview Avenue, Hartwell, Ga 30643 WOOTEN, MARGARET E. (MRS); English B.A., Wake Forest College; M.A., Appalachian State University. (1969) 406 Kingsley Road, Anderson jsE •(Year denotes date of employment) Administrators MADDOX, J. CORDELL (DR.); President B.A., Furman University; B.D., Southern Bap- tist Theological Seminary; D.D., Baptist College of Charleston. (1971) 336 Kingsley Road, Anderson ROUSE, JOHN EDWARD (DR.); President Emeritus B.S., Furman University; B.D., Andover Newton Theological School; D.D.. Furman Univer- sity. (1957) 600 Boulevard, Anderson TALMADGE, PAUL ANDERSON (DR.); Aca- demic Dean B.A.. Samford University; M.R.E., D.R.E.. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (1969) 506 Allenby Road, Anderson TAYLOR, B.J.; Business Administrator A A . Anderson College; B.A.. Furman Univer- sity. (1972) 2705 Bellview Road. Anderson WOOTEN, CHARLES ARTHUR; Dean of Stu- dent Affairs A. A.. Anderson College; B.A.. Carson-Newman College; M.Ed., Clemson University. (1972) 406 Kingsley Road, Anderson KIRKLAND. DONALD M ; Director of Public Relations and Communications A. A., Anderson College; 8. A .. University of South Carolina. (1971) Route 1, Twin Oaks Drive, Anderson ROBERTS, CHARLES RICHARD; Assistant Academic Dean and Registrar A.A.. Anderson College; B.A., Furman Univer- sity; B.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. (1971) 315 Boulevard, Anderson Faculty Directory 263 ALEWINE, JEAN N. (MRS.): Director of Admissions Route 1, Box 409. Starr ALEWINE, NANCY M. (MRS.); Business Office Supervisor and Student Financial Aid Officer Route 2, Belton BOLT, ELIZABETH M. (MRS.); Library Assis- tant 706 Windsor Avenue, Anderson CHARPING. EDITH B. (MRS); Bookkeeper 2824 South Main Street, Anderson CLARK, LINDA (MRS); IBM Secretary 500 Wildwood Drive, Anderson CROSBY, KATHERINE (MRS.); Housekeeper 1403 South Benjamin Street, Anderson DAVIS, ROY; Maintenance Route 9, Rucker Road, Anderson DUTTON, CLIFF; Maintenance 306 Hugh Street, Anderson EVANS, HAZEL K. (MRS); Bookstore Assis- tant 8-2 Bailey Court Apts., Anderson FITE, VIVIAN S. (MRS.); Business Adminis- trator ' s Secretary Route 4, Mahaffey Street Ext., Belton FLEMING, JOHNNY L; Maintenance 1004 O ' Neal Street, Belton FLEMING, RUSSELL; Maintenance Route 2, Belton FREEMAN, CARRIE LOU (MRS); House- keeper Route 1, Belton GRAY, OLA W. (MRS); PBX Operator 2403 Lane Avenue, Anderson GRIGG, AGNES R. (MRS.); News Service and Public Information 222 South Boulevard, Anderson GRUBBS, MAX W.; Tennis Coach 422 Tanglewood Drive, Anderson HANCOCK, DORA L. (MISS); Academic Advi- sor 13-1 Bailey Court Apts.. Anderson HAYES, ANN M. (MRS); Academic Dean ' s Secretary Route 1, Belton HEWELL, RUBY R. (MRS); Housekeeper Route 10, Hobson Road, Anderson HUGHES, ROBERT LEE, JR.; Baseball Coach 408 W. Quincy Road. Seneca JOHNSON, ROSEZELLA (MRS); Housekeeper 307 Newport Court, Anderson JONES. EDITH J. (MRS); Printing-Mailing 2601 Bellview Road, Anderson JONES. MARY S. (MRS); President ' s Secre- tary 1810 Lindale Road. Anderson LAWSON, CHARLES F.; Men ' s Counselor 408 Kingsley Road, Anderson Staff Directory LEA, SALLIE M. (MRS); Assistant Nurse 502 Walden Parkway, Anderson LOSKOSKI, WILBUR G.; Maintenance Fore- man 2615 Duncan Street, Anderson MAHAFFEY, MARTHA (MISS); Bookkeeper 1004 Power Street, Anderson MARTIN, MARVIN; Maintenance Route 3, Belton MCCLELLAN, ELIZABETH G. (MRS.); Library Assistant 1505 Hilltop Drive, Anderson MCCULLOUGH, JOSEPHINE (MRS); House- keeper 505 Cathcart Drive, Anderson MCDAVID, ELIZABETH (MRS.); Housekeeper Route 2, Belton MCKINNEY, CALVIN T.; Superintendent of Maintenance 503 Concord Avenue, Anderson MEEKS, ADA P. (MRS.); Social Secretary 307 Moultrie Square, Anderson MITCHUM, MARGUERITE (MRS.); Registar ' s Secretary Route 5, Anderson MOON, ELLA (MRS.); Housekeeper 416 Thomas Street, Anderson POWELL, RUTH G. (MRS); Receptionist 231-A South Boulevard; Anderson RICHARD. ELLEN (MRS); Dean of Women ' s Secretary and Mail Room Supervisor New Men ' s Dorm Apt., Anderson College, Anderson RICHARD, GREGORY; Student Counselor New Men ' s Dorm Apt.. Anderson College, Anderson ROGERS, RALPH G.; Men ' s Dormitories and Maintenance Route 1, Williamston SATTERWHITE. CLIFTON; Director of Campus Ministries Route 9, Box 190. Anderson SCOTT, VIRGINIA W. (MRS.); Dorm Counselor Pratt Hall, Anderson College, Anderson SHOOTER, MARY H. (MRS.); Dean of Women Box 371, Rowland, NC 28383 SNIPES, BOBBIE R. (MRS.); Admission ' s Sec- retary Route 1, Pendleton SPEARMAN, JUDY E. (MRS); Registrar ' s Office Secretary Route 1, Piedmont STEPHENSON, EVELYN D. (MRS); Dorm Counselor 1009-D North Main Street, Anderson STEWART, RUTH (MRS.); Dorm Counselor Route 1, Pendleton STRICKLAND, NELLT. (MRS.) Nurse 510 Walden Parkway, Anderson STRICKLAND, SHIRLEY (MRS.); Housekeeper 1528 Whitehall Road, Anderson TAYLOR, LANNY DEAN; Admissions Counse- lor Campus Apt.. Anderson College, Anderson THOMPSON, FLORENCE B. (MRS.); Book- store Manager 618 Summit Avenue, Anderson THORNE, EUNICE M. (MRS.); Dean of Student Affairs ' Secretary Route 10, Box 309, Anderson WEMPLE, JACQUELYN JO (MISS); Admis- sions Counselor 304 Timberlake Road, Anderson WHITE, JULIE O. (MRS); Public Relations Secretary 101 Bannister Street, Anderson WILES, JAMES R.; Athletic Director and Basketball and Golf Coach 407 Woodfern Circle. Anderson 264 Staff Directory Index Academic Dean 60 AC3 59 Admissions Office 66 Alumn i 58 Anderson College Pageant 148-149 Art Club 114 Art Department 72 Baseball 178-183 Basketball, Boys 160-167 Basketball, Girls 168-175 Biology Department 73 Business Administration Department 74 Business Office 64 Campus Concerts 156-157 Campus Ministries 115-121 Cheerleaders 1 76-1 77 Chemistry Department 75 Choir 122 Christmas First Night 139 Circle K-K-Ettes 124-125 Closing Section 266-271 COLUMNS 266-271 Commercial Club 126 Counselor of Men .62 Dean of Student Affairs 61 Dean of Women 63 Delta Psi Omega 128-129 Denmark Society 155 Drama Department 76 ECHOES 112-113 Editor ' s Acknowledgements 272 Education Department 77 English Department 78-79 Faculty Directory 262-263 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 127 Founders ' Day 37 French Department 80 Freshman Beauties 144-145 Freshman Class 230-249 Freshman Directory 255-259 Gamma Beta Phi 1 30 Golf 188-191 Health Department 81 Hiking Club 131 History Department 82 Home Economics, Fashion Merchandising Department. 83 Index 265 Inauguration .- 54-55 Intramurals 184-187 IVY LEAVES 111 Journalism Department 84 Library 98-99 Math Department 85 Men ' s Council 104-105 Military Science 86 Miss Anderson College 146-147 Music Department 87 Music Study Club 123 Night School Directory 260 Omicron lota Kappa 133 Opening 4-15 Pep Club and Band 134 Phi Theta Kappa 135 Physical Education Department 88-89 Physics Department 91 President ' s Reception 138 President Maddox 52-53 Psychology Department 90 Public Relations 65 Reading Department 92 Registrar ' s Office 67 Religion Department 93 Secretarial Science Department 94 Sociology Department 95 Sophomore Beauties 142-143 Sophomore Class 198-229 Sophomore Directory 250-254 Spanish Club 132 Spanish Department 96 Speech Department 97 Spring Semester Directory 261 Staff 68-71 Staff Directory 264 Student-Faculty 103 Student Government Association 102-103 Student Life 16-49 Table of Contents 3 Tennis 102-195 Trojan Appreciation Night and Trojan Queen 140-141 Trustees 56-57 Who ' s Who 150-154 Women ' s Council 106-107 Index 265 I celebrate myself and sing my- self, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as well belongs to you. 266 Closing I loafe and invite my soul, I lean and loafe at my ease observing a spear of summer grass Closing 267 This is the grass that grows wherever the land and water is, This is the common air that bathes the globe. 268 Closing It will not be too much- it will not be too much— If love is found at stays in the road and light and peace at the journey ' s end. Closing 269 The body is not bruised to pleasure soul, Nor beauty born out of its own despair, Nor blear-eyed wisdom out of midnight oil. ? r m l 270 Closing would that I were simpler — so greater — I be — to you. Closing 271 Thank You . . . When I began my job as editor of the COLUMNS last spring, I was deter- mined that there would be changes made in the 1974 edition. I felt that the yearbook had not changed to fit our generation. I wanted to rid the school of the " old " look in her yearbook and design a " young " look. I feel that our staff has accomplished this goal, but the change will not be successful un- less you. the students, are pleased. The year has been hectic and frus- trating, but at the same time rewarding. Many long hours were spent to place this book in your hands. The challenge of meeting deadlines was difficult, but we did it because of our determination to please you. Special appreciation belongs to Mr. Morris Kenig of Keys Printing Com- pany for his assistance to us; to Mr. Gerald Shore who so willingly printed pictures in order for us to meet dead- lines; and to Terry Dickson for his pic- torial contributions. All of the administration and staff were instrumental in our work this year. I am grateful to each one who helped us, and I am especially grateful to Mrs. Thorne, Dean Wooten, and Mr. Lawson for their assistance and their understanding of our problems. To Dr. Maddox, thank you very much for your allowing us the special favors and for your supporting us throughout the year. The faculty of AC is so very kind, and I thank each of you who made our task lighter. I am indebted to three special members of the faculty. Mr. William West for his beautiful color additions to the annual; Mrs. Judy Neuwirth for her guidance and encouragement to me; and Mr. Dennis James for his pic- tures that pulled us out of a bind and his help to me as I prepared the book. I thank each staff member who did his part, and an extra thank you goes to those members who did more than their job required. I am grateful to Dave Horner who has so well presented the year in his copy and who has been a tremendous asset to the staff. Larry Simun is the person responsible for most of the pictures you see in this yearbook. I know it was a pain, but thank you for everything, Larry. My deepest appreciation goes to one particular person who has become very dear to me — Mrs. Agnes Grigg. I am grateful to you, Mrs. Grigg, for all the " pushing " as well as " pulling " that you did during the year. A school year has ended for all of us. We regret leaving the old friends and memories behind, but yet we have newer and younger dreams of which to hope. I, too, am leaving many mem- ories, frustrations, and experiences behind me, but I sincerely thank each member of the Anderson College fami- ly for the privilege of being the editor of your 1974 COLUMNS. Julie Mays 272 Editor ' s Acknowledgements

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