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' ' Anderson College Anderson, South Carolina 10 11 ■ " , 12 13 14 16 17 18 «w? ' - ' mm ■ - " .- ■t - ' ' m ' y ' r-f -.V .-aT F A C U L T Y THE PRESIDENT Dr. J. E. Rouse observed his tenth anniversary as president of Anderson College this year, an achievement for which he can be justifiably proud. During his tenure since 1957, Anderson College has progressed rapidly as a Christian educational institution. In the last ten years, the enrollment in the day school program has more than tripled. Both night school and summer school programs have been instituted. The number of administrative and staff personnel has dou- bled and the number of faculty members has also dou- bled. A building program has resulted in at least one new building a year since 1960 being added to the cam- pus, culminating in the completion of the H. H. Watkins Academic Building in 1967. Many personal accomplishments can be added to the roster. He has served as both president and vice- president of the Southern Association of Junior Col- leges. He has been president of the S. C. Baptist Con- vention. For three years he was secretary of the S. C. Association of Colleges. Dr. Rouse has served on the Board of Directors of the Anderson Chamber of Com- merce and YMCA. Dr. and Mrs. Rouse return home after a stroll. 22 Dr. Rouse enjoys his family and his home at the end of a busy day. Dr. J. E. Rouse and his wife, Zana, pose with their three children. BACK ROW: (I. to r.) John, Mary and Robert. FT ' • m 4-- ti-if- ' ' fr i 23 THE VICE PRESIDENT Mr. Lawton as vice president is asked to share re- sponsibilities with Dr. Rouse in many areas of the college operations. His major duties vary from time to time ac- cording to particular areas of special need. He enjoys the opportunities that call for student and faculty coun- seling or discussions. Many of the needs for the physical facilities of the campus are presented to him for consid- eration. " Mrs. Rohrbach, I would like 100 copies of this letter by this afternoon. " J. K. Lawton, vice-president of Anderson College. As Anderson College continues to expand so do the needs for a larger administration. This year Anderson College added another office in its administration. The office of administrative associate was filled for the first time by Dr. John L. Slaughter of Spartanburg. Dr. Slaughter left the pulpit at the First Baptist Church of Spartanburg where he served 15 years. Dr. Slaughter ' s 40 years of experience in dealing with youth while in the ministry will be a valuable asset to them as he will be devoting much of his time to stu- dents at Anderson College who have volunteered for specific Christian service. As the opportunity presents itself, he expects to teach Bible and kindred subjects in the college ' s instructional field. Prior to his post in Spartanburg, Dr. Slaughter served as pastor of Leigh Street Baptist Church, Rich- mond, Virginia, for 13 years, also pastored the First Bap- tist Church, Birmingham, Alabama, for over 14 years. He received an honorarv doctor ' s degree from Howard College of Birmingham. He received a B.S. degree at Mississippi State Col- lege and his Doctor ' s Degree (Th. D. ) at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Slaughter is proving to be of great worth to the college in the area of public relations. He is in great demand as a speaker for manv occasions throughout the state which enables him to present Anderson College to these groups. Dr. John L Slaughter, admini- strative associate of Anderson College. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSOCIATE Before his office was ready, Dr. Slaughter spent many hours In the front parlor. ACADEMIC DEAN Dean Butler has been on the faculty of Anderson College for eight years. At first he was a part-time teacher and academic dean; but as the institution has grown, he has given up his classroom work. Dean Butler ' s greatest contribution to Anderson College has been his ability to work with students. A World War II veteran, who was disabled while holding the rank of Captain in the Air Corps, Dean Butler has his B.S. and M. Ed. Degrees from Clemson Univer- sity, and his B.D. Degree from Erskine College. C. E. Butler, academic dean " Louise, I want to see this boy. Please send him a letter to come by at once. " 26 TRUSTEES Each year new trustees are elected to serve in the place of others. This year the new trustees are Mrs. James A. Howard, Mr. J. R. Noble and Mr. R. L. Wynn. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. K. Lawton, vice-president; Max McGee Rice, chairman; Mrs. James A. Howard, Mr. Gerald C. Wallace, Jr., Mr. Kenneth N. Vickery, Rev. E. Frank Inman, Dr. J. E. Rouse, president. Rev. W. Horace Benjamin, Mr. R. L. Wynn, Mr. J. R. Noble, Mrs. Olin D. Johnston, Mr. William D. Brown, Dr. W. Broadus Southerlin. ABSENT: Mr. Roy C. McCall, Jr., Rev. Douglas N. Baker, Mrs. H. D. High, Mr. Roger M. Touchberry. 27 DEANS Mrs. Mildred Kirby is Dean of Women, and in this capacity she is responsible in a very specific sense for the conduct of Anderson College women students. She also serves in an advisory capacity for all female stu- dents. Mrs. Kirby uses her authority for the good of the student, and in the vast majority of students recognize this point. As well as being Dean of Women, she serves on various administrative committees and as advisor for the Women ' s Council. C. E. Butler serve s as the Dean of Men, a position of heavy responsibility. Dean Butler can, when forced, rule with an iron hand but normally he uses his authority both sparingly and leniently. Manv male students will at some time in their aca- demic careers be summoned to Dean Butler ' s office for an infraction of the college iiiles. Here, unless there has been a flagrant disabuse of school guidelines, the student will receive a lecture. But the Dean is not just preaching. Found in this lecture are the facts and a sometimes not expressed but obviously implied ultimatum. Most male students like the Dean; all respect him. 28 REGISTRAR Registrar Hughey confers with his secretary Mrs. Fowler, about applications for students. Registrar W. Glen Hughey is a familiar face to all students at Anderson College. His office is probably tlie first a student enters at the beginning of the year when he is trying to get classes arranged. Later on many find themselves dropping by to drop that class diat Mr. Hughey advised them not to take in the first place. The Registrar has many functions not readily dis- cernible to die average student. His office handles tran- scripts of college grades, is concerned with student appli- cations, handles class scheduling and registration and similar activities. Mr. Hughey also travels widely, visi- ting high schools and acquainting interested persons with the college. He can also be seen in the " Bird Cage " taking movies of basketball games. BUSINESS MANAGER Marvin L. Cash, business manager, for many years taught bookkeeping and accounting in tlie business de- partment at Anderson College before accepting his Mr. Cash, business manager. present position. An energetic and efficient adminis- trator, Mr. Cash handles dirough his office all financial matters concerning die college. Unlike some men who handle figures predominantly, Mr. Cash has many collegiate interests outside his office. He is an avid fan at most basketball games and is inter- ested in school affairs in general. Students with financial problems, who are most of them, find him a most helpful counselor. 29 Dr. J. R. Young, founder of LEAC ALUMNI LEAC We honor Dr. James R. Young of Anderson, South Carohna, who urged the adoption of a hving endowment program for Anderson College which he had formulated. During 1960 he, with the en- thusiastic assistance of Dr. J. E. Rouse, president of Anderson College, the trustees, and a group of the community ' s leading citizens organized the association of LEAC (pronounced Lee-ak formed by the initials of Living Endowment Anderson College). " I wish to suggest a method or plan for the benefit of our college, " said Dr. Young in his original appeal for LEAC. " Anderson College cer- tainly has many hundreds of former students and graduates who would be interested in annually supporting such a project. It is also to the sons and daughters of Anderson County, who are loyal citizens interested in the welfare of Anderson and particularly interested in the institution that con- tributes to the culture of our city and county, that this proposal is directed. " In order that the quality of service rendered our young people might progressively improve, it would seem wise that this additional income be used for the purpose of enlarging and strengthening the faculty. " If this project is skillfully and loyally carried out and the funds used wisely each year, I believe this living endowment fund would become a most valuable part of the income of Anderson College, because the fund represents only the ' interest ' and the corpus of the endowment is made up of that enlarging group of loyal citizens who are truly in- terested in the welfare of our youth. " The Alumni Association is composed of all graduates and former students of Anderson College. The Alumni Association for the first time has chosen nine persons who are known as the Anderson College Alumni Associ- ation ' s Board of Directors. The nine directors are: Mrs. Richard L. Baker of Newberry (Colie Blease, Class of ' 25), Baylis E. Anderson of Belton (Class of ' 35), Milton Dickson of Columbia (Class of ' 61), Mrs. J. Watt Kirkpatrick of Charlotte, N. C. (Hazel Meeks, ' 29), Mrs. John Livingstone of Avon- dale Estates, Ga. (Mildred Hall, Class of ' 32), Miss Nancy L. Watson of Florence (Class of ' 61 ), Dr. Carl D. English of Anderson (Class of ' 40), Miss Louise Kellett of Greenville (Class of ' 43), and Dr. William B. Hubbard of Spartanburg (Class of ' 43). The 1967-68 officers of the Anderson College Alumni Association are President, Mrs. Willard Bishop (Ethel- fred Blackman ' 39 ) Vice President, Mrs. Jerry T. Vickery (Jo Shirley ' 61 ) Immediate Past President, Ron Gilreath ' 61, Recording Secretary, Miss Nancy Leopard ' 66, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. D. Gordon Casey (Mar- jorie Leverette ' 29), Treasurer, R. Fred Fowler, Jr. ' 50, Executive Secretary, Mrs. Z. W. Meeks (Ada Powell ' 30. The 1967-68 officers of the Sororians (alumni of Anderson College for Women, senior college from 1911 to 1930) are President, Mrs. Cordes G. Seabrook (Ruth Brownlee ' 18), Vice President, Mrs. Roy A. Cheney (Katherine Burnett ' 18), Secretary, Miss Kathleen Burriss 18. HEIRS AND HEIRESSES Man is only happy so long as he can think of himself as a link in a chain, inheriting from his ancestors and planning to pass on to his descendants. Christopher Hollis IT ' S A FAMILY TRADITION This is a representative group of the more than 175 stu- dents who have relatives who have attended Anderson College from the immediate past unto the third genera- tion. We must not only repeat history but make new history — that is our heritage. Let us accept our inheritance, be a credit to our heritage, and add to our inheritance and progress. 31 ART Blanche Holcombe L Mrs. Blanche Holcombe is the leader and one and only mentor of the Anderson College art department. Mrs. Holcombe teaches art and art appreciation courses, a subject she knows well since she is herself an accom- plished local artist. Mrs. Holcombe has sold and distri- buted paintings all around the area, as well as receiving many prizes and awards. " Well, class, what does this make you think of? " Arington — " The grapes of wrath? " JOURNALISM rf. ' ' Jerome Wilson larietta McCown The journalism department at Anderson College underwent considerable change this year, with Jerome Wilson teaching the reporting class and Miss Marietta McCown leading the editing, or second semester, class. This is the first time with this type class for both. The journalism classes are linked closely with the Yodler, the school newspaper. Work on the Yodler provides practical lab work for the aspiring journalists. " It seems that Snoopy was about to shoot down the Red Baron just as Charley Brown slammed . . . " 32 BIBLE Dr. Robert E. Burks William E. Tisdale Fred C. Metts This year Mr. William Tisdale came back to the classroom after several years as business manager of Anderson College. Mr. Tisdale returned to teach in the Bible department along with Dr. Robert Burks and Mr. Fred Metts. Bible is a required course at A.C. if a student plans to receive a degree from the college. The two semesters that are required are Bible 11 (Old Testament) and Bible 12 (New Testament ). However if a student desires fm-ther courses in Bible while at A.C, he has a choice of three additional semesters. Bible 22 (Christian Doctrine) Bible 21 (Church Administration ) and Bible 23 (Old Testament Prophecy ) are offered for the student who wishes further knowledge of the Bible. " So you didn ' t like that joke, eh? " I ' m sorry, but we can ' t discuss that in Bible class. ' 33 HISTORY Liberal arts students at Anderson College will at some time in their academic career run afoul of our dynamic duo of the histoiy department, Henry von Hasseln and Mrs. Cecil Clifford. Mr. Von Hasseln is one of die best informed lectur- ers at Anderson College. His lectures have a marvelous continuity and his observations are intelligent and timely. A smart and fashionable dresser, he is also quite accomplished at the organ. Mrs. Clifford is a qUiet, ever-smiling professor who also displays a very good grasp of her chosen subject. Her lectures, while not as forceful as Mr. Von Hasseln ' s, show a content of facts that is simply awesome. A student who takes close and extensive notes will find himself all but exhausted after her class. Henry von Hasseln Mrs. Cecil Clifford " You ' d call yourself Lenin, too, if your real name was Vladimir llyich Ulyanov. " GOVERNMENT Government at Anderson College is taught by Mr. David Acker. Mr. Acker is one of the younger professors, and, being friendlv by natiue, he oftens seems just one of the boys. But not so in class. Even in the relaxed atmosphere of his classroom, he makes it known that the student is there to learn, and learn he does. " No class, the Secretary of Labor doesn ' t have anything to do with the population explosion. " David Acker 34 The English department at Anderson College is die largest and most varied, at least in the matter of pro- fessors. No two are alike, much to die chagrin of the English student that has to break in a new prof each semester. Miss Mildred Bearden, gives a fairly strait-laced course with a slight tendancy to dramatic readings from the text. Mr. Robert S. Moore has a method of deliv- ery, however, that is far from typical, much less strait- laced. He has a style and humor that is all Mr. Moore, and has endeared many students with these very attri- butes. Miss Marietta McCown is a genial, outgoing person with an excess of personal drive and spirit. Her class and lectures, although usually conservative, still retain this pleasant vigor. Mrs. Faye Cowan, whose name is often confused with Miss McCown ' s, is a soft-spoken, easy-going professor whose classes reflect this attitude, but not her tests. Mr. William West is an English professor by voca- tion and as an avocation he is an amateur photographer. In both realms he has proven himself top - notch. Dr. Edward Vandiver makes his ardent interest in English literature and especially Shakespeare contagious to his classes. Mr. Jerome D. Wilson is the youngest of the English professors and perhaps for this reason is more sympa- thetic with their view - points and problems. It is also probably for this reason that he expects more from his students, and gets it. ENGLISH " Not bad, not bad at all. But still, I think you should take notes in class instead of writing limericks. " Edward Vandiver Marietta McCown Robert S. Moore Faye Cowan William West Jerome D. Wilson Mildred Bearden 35 FRENCH French is the only foreign language course available at Anderson College and it is therefore taken, or at least attempted, bv the majority of liberal arts students. Far from being the easiest course in the curriculum, it is still guaranteed a full quota of sometimes not so avid French scholars because of the number of majors requir- ing a foreign language. Mrs. Shirle ' Jacks is representative of the new breed of voung, forward looking teachers found in today ' s schools. Mrs. Jacks approaches her subject with a good grasp of the material, but her most obvious merit is the enthusiasm that she manages to get across to her students. Miss Marion Crocker is the more experienced of the two French professors. Also having a more than adequate knowledge of her subject, she usuallv emphasizes more the written French than Mrs. Jacks, who sometimes goes an entire lecture period without using more than ten or tweh ' e words of English. Miss Crocker shows at all times a genuine interest in the individual student and his problems. " Kay, I see you were not here for our last class. ' Marion Crocker Shirley Jacks ' Today we will learn to conjugate ' etre ' . " Well here are the results of the last test. Janice you were the high scorer on this test with fifty! " 36 PHYSICAL EDUCATION James. L. Hil Annie Claire Tribble Max Grubbs All boarding students at Anderson College are re- quired to take four semesters of physical education. In these classes students keep in physical condition while at the same time have fiin playing basketball, learning how to bowl, play tennis and the proper way to swim. The boys ' P. E. classes compete among themselves in basketball to see which squad has the team. As for the girls they too enjoy learning how to bowl or how to swim in the newly formed swimming class. " I don ' t know what I am going to do with that third period P.E. class. " " Come on Annie, show us the right way to serve. " " Late again, Jim. Okay, up, down, up, down. 37 SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Dora Hancock Ruth Boyte Kathryn Axmann McGregor Mrs. Boyte prepares to give dictation to her shorthand class. ... ' i. ' .n ' inwiiiyii ii — Work hard Margaret, you know you can take at least one hundred words a minute. 38 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION King S. Puchard John K. Boyte Business Administration at Anderson College is de- signed for the students who plan to go into the field of business management. In the B.A. courses the students learn tlie fundamentals of keeping accurate books and learning how to balance a budget. In business administration a student has several dif- ferent courses to choose from. The courses at Anderson College are Accounting 11 and 12, Business Law 13, Principles of Economics 21, and Economic Problems 22. This is where it all begins. " Today we will see if we can get the books to balance? " 39 CHEMISTRY-PHYSICS jf 5 " Max Grubbs Odell Short " If you don ' t understand Avogadro, you can ' t possibly know how many moles of potassium chromate there are in this formula. " Chemistry has a well deserved reputation at Ander- son College as being perhaps the hardest course listed in the catalogue. This reputation is encouraged, rather than refuted, by our one and only chemistiy professor. Max Grubbs. Mr. Grubbs takes pride in knowing that no student ever passed his course without earning every quality point he received, if any. It has been said tliat by the time you finish this course you know Avogadro like he was your younger brother. Physics is a relatively new course at Anderson Col- lege, being introduced only two years ago. But in this short time it has built a name among students as one of the more interesting, but not easy, courses around. The central reason for this interest is tlie mentor of all these young physicists, Mr. Odell Short. Young, jocular Mr. Short leads class discussions that, although they are not always on the subject of physics, always prove very enlightening. f mm m " What d ' ya mean, I ' m working the problem wrong? " 40 Robin B. Kelley Shirley Hampton Betty Jo Pryor BIOLOGY This year the Biology Department of And- erson College added a new member to its ranks. Mrs. Betty Jo Pryor joined the other two biology professors in teaching Biology 11 and 12. The courses of biology that are offered are aimed primarily for the freshman students. Biol- ogy 11 (General Botany) is the first semestered taught. After a student has finished Biology 11 he may take Biology 12 (General Zoology ) which deals with the discretion of several different bi- ological specimens. Once a student completes Biology 11 and 12 he may take Biology 22, which is the ad- vanced course of Biology offered at A.C. In Bi- ology 22 (Anatomy and Physiology ) the students dissect the cat and use the stnictures of it to compare it to the human organism. This course is especially designed for students who plan to go into medicine or who plan to major in biol- ogy- Mrs. Pryor, the new addition to the Biology department, tries to focus in on a nasty bacteria. Betty Jo Pryor Mrs. Betty Jo Pryor has taken over the teaching of the health courses at Anderson College. A student who wishes to take health at Anderson College may take it either of three ways. He may take Health 11, Health 12 or a course which combines the two, Health 13. Health 11 is the one hour course of health dealing with the personal aspect of health. Health 12, the two hour course, deals with the health of the community. If a student desires three hours of health he may take Health 13, a combination of Health 11 and 12. These courses in health try to influence tlie health of the students. They try to let the students see where the health habits need improving and they try to let the student see how the community around him needs more knowledge of its health conditions. HEALTH ' Today we will look at the skin, nails, and hair. " 41 PSYCHOLOGY The psychology department at Anderson College is headed by Dr. Eugene Mandrell, who is in turn headed by Mrs. Marion Mandrell. Dr. and Mrs. Mandrell are husband and wife, but just who pulls the strings is still a matter of conjecture. Dr. Mandrell is a friendly, alert individual whose classes are a hotbed of good - natured controversy and debate. Mrs. Mandrell can be characterized by a warm smile and sincere interest. As to which Mandrell is the harder professor, that ' s easy. It ' s the one that you happen to have. " And this line, " says Dr. Mandrell, " is the one that separates the professor from the administrator. " " Mrs. Mandrell at once? " asked a student, " is an example of an emotional disturbance when a person absent-mindedly uses two pencils 42 SOCIOLOGY Dr. Carl English ' Today we will talk abo ut social institutions of the U.S. " Sociology and Dr. Carl English go hand in hand. Take a man interested in both the social and personal ills of our culture, give him personal insight and experi- ence in dealing with people in all walks of life through his years in the ministry, and with a little luck you ' d have Dr. English. Although at times his lectures become bogged down in the work-a-day facts and figures of the sociologist, his social critiques and commentaries always prove in- teresting, often enlightening, and sometimes verge on the profound. His personal anecdotes illustrating certain points usually prove more interesting than any textbook illustration ever could. He has a tendency to disagree, but if he does chase rabbits, they are usually important ones. " Really Richard, you knew better than to cut my class today. " 43 MUSIC A student at Anderson College has several choices in courses of music. He mav take several different courses in voice, organ or piano. A student who is interested in music, may participate in the College choir. While in the choir a student can look forward to the spring when the choir goes on its spring torn-. This is the time of vear when the choir visits several different churches around in our area and other areas in the state and the states nearby. If a student is interested in learning about the histo- ry of music and how best to appreciate it at its fullest, he. may take Music 11 (Music Appreciation). In this course the student learns about music from the time of the caveman until the present day electronic music. The student learns how different periods in the history of music has its own type of music and the composers of these periods their own special wavs of expressing them- selves. William M. Bridges Anita Bridges Mary Sullivan Winnie Newell " Eddie, don ' t you know when you are singing flat. " " What you got in the box Mr. B? How about passing it around. " MATH Once again the math department at Anderson Col- lege has undergone a change. This year two new courses have been added. The two courses are Math 21 and Math 22. Math 21 (Analytic Geometry) is a study of straight line, locus, equations, analytic proofs of geome- tric theorem and conic sections are just a few things learned in this course. As for Matli 22 (Calculus ), a stu- dent studies such things as differentiation of algebraic and transcendental frinctions: maxima, minima, and time rate problems; and many other things. Both of these courses are taught by Odell Short. Mike Buchanan thinks he knows what he is talking about, but don ' t let him fool you. R. Broadus Parker Odell Short Mr. Short is trying to explain the basics of trig to one of his classes. 45 HOME ECONOMICS If a student wonders why a girl taking home eco- nomics does not eat lunch, he should follow them up to the home ec lab and see what delicious meals they prepare. The courses in home economics are planned for young ladies who wish to know more about cooking and home management before thev begin a home of their own. Besides learning how to prepare and serve delight- ful meals the students learn how to manage a home. They learn how to prepare a budget and how to follow it. Second semester the home ec department moved in- to their new facilities. Now they enjoy a large living area, a large sewing area and four ultra modern kitch- ens. mm « ' i Mary Martin " Let ' s eat these nuts and tell Mrs. Martin we forgot to put them into the fudge. " Making pie shells sure is fun in home ec. SPEECH Through the guidance of Prof E. H. Vivian a stu- dent taking speech learns how to communicate better with the people around him. He learns the proper way to prepare and deliver material in a group discussion and how to make his remarks fit in with the remainder of his group. The debate team is a very important part of the speech department. A student on the debate team gains valuable knowledge in the field of persuading other people to see his views on some subject matter. 46 Everett H. Vivian A typical day in speech class. Emma Cunningham ' Richard, try to impress Janice. ' LIBRARY Dorothy Jackson Jane Hobbs " IVlacl , are you really reading? " ' That is the wrong place, Miss Cunningham. ' The library is now located on the West end of the front campus. In 1956 when the present library building was constnicted, only the first floor was used for classes. Now the complete building is being utilized for the ex- panding library program. The library collection now consists of approximately 11,000 books, 1,000 bound peri- odicals, 160 current periodicals, 9 daily newspapers, 2 weekly newspapers, college annuals, and college cata- logs. STAFF John Riley College Engineer Joan Craig Switchboard Operator Ada Powell Meeks Alumni Secretary Mary Jones IBM Operator i S% " " This is Communications Control; everything is go. " Agnes Raney News Service Director Joan Rohrbach President ' s Secretary Eunice Thorne Dean ' s Secretary Florence Thompson Book Store Director i f -« f 48 STAFF Mrs. Nancy Alewine Bookkeeper Mrs. Anna Hoover Pratt Hall Hostess Mrs. Clara Thompson Denmark Hall Hostess Mrs. Ruth Looper Men ' s Dorm Counselor Mrs. W. Murphy Bolt College Hostess Mrs. Ethel Hembree Receptionist Mrs. A. G. Kennedy College Nurse Mrs. Claudia Murdoch Cleaning Supervisor Miss Martha Mahaffey Bookkeeper " If this is right, we owe this student $400. " 49 UG OS ■ ' " ' ' J c L A S s E S SOPHOMORE CLASS Tim Stafford President Connie Dale Hair Vice-President Hubert Bisiiop Secretary The 1967-68 class of Anderson College will soon fade from memon ' as a separate entity. To professors and staff who remain behind, the class will blend with the hundreds of students who have come before and those who will follow. But even diough class indivi- duality is lost, die indixidual will not be. Many friendships fomied in college will last a life- time, but many will also slip away as students follow their separate paths. Di erse futures lie ahead: success, failure, happiness, grief; but for most life will bring some of all; to what degree no one knows. Sophomores graduate to alumni. Alumni have class reunions. But as time goes bv, fewer and fewer attend these reunions. For here you meet old classmates, only to say, " Mv, how much he ' s changed. " You no longer have anvtliing in common. This is sad, but tliis is life. The individual will li e, indi -idual friendships last, but the Class of ' 68 will li e onh ' in the memories of the 1968 graduates. 52 Donnie Adams Elizabeth Addis Donna Albertson Frankie Alexander Joyce Alexander Janice Alford Ken Anderson Michael Anderson Dennis Atkins Waddy Babb Kathy Bagwell Cheryl Bailes Sandra Bair Brenda Banks Dale Bamette Ray Baughman Mary Lou Bayne Bryan Beacham Betsy Beasley Lana Becknell 53 This is where it all happens. Gloria Bell Susan Benjamin Hal Bennett W. C. Bentley Hubert Bishop Joe Bishop Sandy Bishop Susan Bishop Norman Blore James Boleman Mary Bolen Billy Bond 1 lirft 54 This little piggy . . . Julian Bosworth Patricia Bosworth James Bowen Tommy Boyd Sarah Brigman Benny Brown Hilda Brucke Larry Bryant Grace Bullman Gayle Burley Ann Burriss Jud Bus bee 55 Marlene Busch Samuel Byrum Gail Callaway Paul Calvo Barbara Campbell Larry Campbell Don Chambers Sandie Clamp Leslie Clark Teresa Clarke Taylor Clarkson Margaret Coleman " But, Chris, you know I could love a boy shorter than I. " " Of course, I got number three right. 56 " You did what last night? " Annette Collins Franklin Cooper Laura Cooper Mike Corbin Betsey Cox Evelyn Cox Bruce Creamer Paula Crenshaw Chris Crowell Kent Daniels Teresa Davis Larry Day 57 ' It ' s right there in black and white. " " What are you so happy about? Jerry Dean Billy Dickson Gerald Donahue Charleen Downey Bill Dugan Travis Durham Fred Ellis Carey Ellison Claudene Elrod 58 Suzanne Estes Landis Evans Teresa Evans Elinda Fleminc David Ford Martha Ford Rebecca Fortner Eugenia Foster Jo Fovi ler Wayne Frady Linda Lee Frank Don Fricks Gene Garrick Deborah Gibson Sammy Green Jeffrey Greene Nikki Ground Perry Grubbs Connie Dale Hair Mike Hampton 59 Ken Hare Dexter Hawkins Charles Hayes Jean Hayes Wanda Hellams Don Hembree Arington Hendley Wayne Hendricks Linda Hightower Nancy Hill Dennis Hiott Louise Hodge Benny Holland Billy Holland Flo Holland Terry Hollifield Billy Hong Buddy Hooper Jimmy Hopkins Linda Horton 60 ' V-i V- Give a great big smile for an AC ring. m " jSJff 0j - Steve Houston Haskell Howard Donnie Hughes Ronnie Hughes Alfred Hunt Gene Hutchinson Sandra Hyatt Gayle Irick Susan Jemigan Harriet Johnson Tommie Anne Johnson Joyce Jolly fli i JM Gail Jones Gerard Jones Ronald Jones Drake Jordan 61 Nabil Kabbani Annie Kaiser Wayne King Pam Land Billy Lark Jean Laws on Barbara Lawton Beth Lay Curran League Sally Lever Gary Lewis Mary a McAbee Lynda McEachem Bonnie McGee Carolyn McKain Robert McKenzie " Can ' t wait ' till Saturday night! ' 1 62 " Run that through one more time. " AC Hippies? ? ? Myra McNair Patsy Mackie Louise Martin Franklin Masters John Mathis Fred Mattison Sandra Mauldin Lauren Maxie Joan Mayers Anthony Mayfield Shirley Merritt Rowland Milam 63 Brenda Miller Teresa Mills Louis Mims Phyllis Mims Ann Mitchell Mary Mitchell Danny Moore Joyce Moore Mary Moore Mike Moore Mike Nalley Mack Nance Dave Nelson Alfred Nix George Olbon Margaret Orr MhmMtMm 64 ' No, I can ' t date your friend this weel end. " All this work and for what . . ? " iih M John Outz Jenie Ovvings Javier Paredes James Pailer Richard Parson Tina Paschal Mark Patterson WilHam Pavne Elizabeth Pennington Jimmy Phillips Scarlet Phillips Aveiy Poplin 65 Genelle Porter Mary Potts Allan Pregnall Fran Purcell Iris Rampey Gloria Rankin Jane Rankin George Richards Phyllis Roberts Dawn Robinson Marcus Rogers Mary Rogers Gail Sanford Gail Saxon Mamie Segars Melanie Sharpe Accuracy is a must in Chemistry lab. That exciting moment in a girl ' s life. ' I ' m impressed! Judy Shaw Rita Shirley Alan Smitli Julian Smith Richard Snipes Ed Sokol Margaret Sosebee Tim Stafford John Stephens Denan Stone Ronnie Strickland Eleanor Swindler Frankie Taylor Martha Ann Taylor Molly Taylor Audrey Th acker 67 " And another thing Dr. Rouse . . . " Kathy Thomas Dianne Thomason Erskine Thomason David Timms Haward Traynham Rick Turner Richard Vanadore Larry Vickery Paul Walker Bill Wall L.ane Waters George Watson 68 Genie Webb Gwen Weisner Scottie Westerman Dale Wliite Glenn Wilbanks Carol Ann Williams Tim Williams Richard Wilson James Winn Marion Wood Walter Wood Gerald Wyatt Ronnie Yates Sudha Yennemadi Jonadian Youmans 69 MISS SOPHOMORE Miss Sandy Bishop with her dark brown hair and her hazel eyes is truly an outstanding beauty at Anderson College. She is the oldest of the two children of Mr. and Mrs. Max Bishop of Greer, South Carolina. While majoring in Liberal Arts at Anderson College, Sandy plans to further her studies in Elementary Education. Sandy ' s interests include popular music, swimming, and reading poetry. She also enjoys meeting and being with people. Her sparkling personality and winning smile are a delight to all. Miss Sandy Bishop 70 SOPHOMORE BEAUTIES Miss Tommie Anne Johnson is from Kingstree, South Carohna. After completing her hberal arts course, she plans to continue in the business field. Tommie Anne ' s neat appearance is only a portion of her poise and charm. liss Tommie Anne Johnson Miss Gwen Weisner Miss Gwen Weisner is from Greenville, South Car- olina. Gwen plans to become a social worker after com- pleting her education. In spite of her petite size, she can not be over looked by her friends. Her sincere smile and her congenial attitude are her biggest assets. 71 FRESHMAN CLASS y % Brent Collinson, Secretary Pat Butler, Vice-President Jimmy Greene, President Freshmen are perhaps too often characterized as naive, indecisive entrants into the collegiate scene, fresh from the sheltering arms of parents and a coddling high school environment. This picture does not quite ring true with today ' s average freshman. Exuberance is the freshman ' s trademark. He is as yet untouched by the cynicism that seems to taint his upperclass brothers. He still thinks about the problems of our society in a constructive way; still thinks answers can be found and that his generation is capable of find- ing them. If this is naivety, then it is refreshing. But it is hard to equate any of contemporary college students with the words " unsophisticated " or " innocent " . They grew up in the not-so-cold war, were nurtured on the ' Taomb " , and were welcomed to the adult world by Vietnam. They ' ve seen riots in Detroit, racial prejudice, crime, ghettos, and LSD. And these are the very things that they have to face as adults. But face them they will. And lick them they will, if they keep their youthful energy and idealism; if they channel these attributes toward constructive purposes and manage to avoid the escapism and negativism that has plagued so many of their older brothers. They are the hope of America; they know it and bear their burden well. 72 Edward Allbritton Robert Allen Joel Anderson Elise Ansley Ronald Arflin Eddie Arnold Bobby Ashley Jean Ashlev Miriam Ashley Roger Ashley Linda Axman Charles Ayers Farris Bailey Susan Bailey Donna Lynne Baker Esilda Barber Dottie Barrington Mike Bearden " You don ' t say. ' I T ' Ugh! " " What am I looking for? " Carol Bolding John Boozer Sandra Bosvvell Julian Bowen Kathryn Bowen Harriet Bradley Jane Bradley Kay Brandenburg Larry Brazell Melvin Brewton Sally Broadway Jimmy Broome June Brown Patsy Brown 74 " Two heads are better than one. ' Jigj.., f Sammy Brown Jeanne Bryant Joseph Bryant Richard Bryant Ken Burger Glenda Burgess Bobbie Burriss Bess Busby Nan Busby Pat Butler Gayle Byers Lee Carter Becky Calton Delia Casey Janet Causey " Next time they say something about higher education, I ' ll believe them. " 75 Linda Jean Chambers Jerry Chapman Connie Clieek Mary Cheshire Ricky Chiles Donna Clark Sarah Coleman Brent Collinson Nancy Coin Brenda Connell Maiy Connelly Wayne Connoly Jnne Copeland Mildred Copeland Richard Copeland It reeks of school spirit!! 76 judv Corbett Karen Couch Kathy Couch Jean Craig Charles Crane Randy Crawford Wilham Crawford Jan Crenshaw Mike Creswell Frankie Croley Gary Cummings Dennis Da enport Jean Dasidson Ann Davis Glen Davis Lynne Day Debbie Deavers Michael DeBerry Diane Dill Lam ' Dodd It takes two to play the game. 77 Billy adds the Oriental touch to the Art Department. Betsy DuBose Judy Eberhardt Bill Edgerton Tomniie Edwards Ronnie Ellis Nancy Enibler John Ervin Myra Evans Judy Ewing Randy Fagg Joanne Fife Cheryl Finley Barbara Fleming David Flowers Bart Ford Trudy Fowler Gene Fulmer Tommy Fulmer Karen Galway 78 Fred Gamble Nancy Gambrell Pegey Gambrell Linda Garrett Karen Gar in Peggy Gates Deborah Gatlin Rachel Geddings Larry Gentry Sandra Gentry Jimmv Gibson Marthv Gibson Fred Gillespie Ruth Gillespie Stan Gleason Harriet Goodwin Dunneah Gordon John Gordon Jimmy Greene Joe Gresham Paula Griffin Marjorie Haden Kenneth flail Paula Hall 79 William Hamilton Terry Hammett Tim Hammond Ron Hampton James Harelson Kathie Hargrove John Harris Cathy Harrison Sara Harvey Linda Hawkins Bill Haynie Judy Hedgepath Brenda Higginbotham • Anne Hill Stan Hinton ft, - f jm mm[ di ' ia iiHiik " Get it over, Jean. ' " Jean, you ' ve got to be kidding! You, studying? " ' VHHHLzflHI F H B , V S H HH pL HHI r f P v Ih I $mi Hl I H I oLi kH hHT • i |jH HHi| ra B kHM . ' H| H 1 u AikM Gayle Hipp Kathryn Hogan Jim Holland Jeriy Holliday Eddie Howard Barbara Hoover Mike Howell Wesley Hughes Kathy Huguenin Sue Hulme Linda Hunnioutt Cadiy Hunt Mary Lenen Jameson Edgar Johnson Butch Jones Ellen Jones Larue Jones Linda Jones Robert Jones Betty Jo Kaiser Donna Lynn Kelley Donna J. Kelly Doug Kelly James Kelly Patricia Kilgore Robert King Janice Kirby Joe Koochagian Robert Laney Diedra Lassiter 81 Betsy shows them how to play the game. Charles Ledford Ronnie Ledford Barbara Lee Mary Lee Peggy Lee James Leon Cindy Lesley Kay Lewis Bill Liberty Pat Lindsey Jimmy Long Robbie Lupo Betty Jean Lusk Billy Lusk Larry Lyons Mike McBrearty kvk ii A d 82 Ray McBride Philip McClain Gina McClellan Malinda McCoy James McCuUough Jean McDowell Linda McGaha Tommy Mclntyre Linda McLane Tommy McLean Cheryl Manning Roger Marcengill Our cheerleaders would do anything for school spirit. t..i Sam Marcengill Jack Marlar Barbara Martin Marcia Martin Cheiyl Miles Rosalind Mixon Sheila Moon Betty Moore Harriett Moore Patsy Moore Susan Morgan Rhett Mouchet Jane Mosteller Emily Murphy Sam Murphy Anne Neal Danette Needham Sue Nelson Linda Newton Nancy Nixon Mr. Short keeps this class busy. 84 Ronnie B. O ' Dell Ronnie O ' Dell Fumi Ohira Mike Osborne Vicki Outz Billy Owen James Owens Lewis Owens Sally Palmer Claudia Patience Jeanie Patrick Pat Patrick Maiy Peddicord Charlie Pepper Ronnie Pettit " Aw, come on, you know you want to take chemistry! " " So you have another book report due tomorrow? " 85 Elaine Phillips William Pollard Kay Pounds Sandra Prater Janice Preston Sarah Priester Stan Prince Charles Propes Dan Pruitt Robert Pruitt » Elise Putman Mike Ramminger Nancy Rampey John Rankin Jimmy Reed ' I think I ' ll give them a free cut today. " Gary Reese Willie Edward Rhoad Dale Richardson Robert Ricketts Lew Riley Molly Riley Kathy Robinson Judine Rochester Rudine Rochester Ann Rogers " i S f 1 ' 4i Ted Rowland Steve Rosser Shelia Rouda Mike Sargent Margaret Satterfield Cheryl Schofield Keith Scott Eleanor Scruggs Jean Shaver Danny Shaw " All right, you now have one more cut. " Give it the old college try. 87 Marsha Shumpert Stephanie ShuU Ann Skidmore Joyce Sloan Linda Slusher Brenda Sims Linda Sims Denny Smith Dorothy Smith 1 »?? i Jeannie Smith f Johnnie Smith 1 J- J f Kay Smith 1 i i W i " Trying to get up in tine world, Linda? " Jo Anne ' s favorite position. 88 n Martha Smith ' Pete Smoak Gary Snipes Agnes Sosebee Yvonne Spradlin Becky Stephens Linda Stephens Helen Stevens Sandra Stewart Camelia Stewart Ceceha Stewart Brenda Still m C3 ip Billy Stoddard Marilyn Stoddard Linda Stone Moving In at AC. 89 Connie Strack Russell Streetnian Marcus Strickland Mike Strickland Elizabeth Strong Joe Sullivan Annette Suttles Doug Taylor Janet Taylor Tom Taylor Myra Thomas Carl Thomason Ella Thompson Von Thompson Susan Thrasher Anne Toole The blondes compare notes. These freshmen try to decide on which Rat Hat fits best. Mnfk f. m - Jerry Trammell Jack Tripp John Tripp Nadine Tripp Margaret Trotter Bob Tucker Freddie Tumblin Roger Turner Donna Veio Sam Venturella Donna Waldrop Martha Wall Linda Walsh Dianne Wannamaker James Ward Donna Warnock Bill Washington Judy Watson Martha Wells Vivian Wells Patricia Wheler Sandi White Sharon Whitefield Marlene Whitten Janis Wilson Jim Wilson Susan Witt Robert Wood Jinimv Woodson Pat Zeigler 91 MISS FRESHMAN Miss Kay Smith is a 1967 graduate of Brookland- Cavce High School. She is the only child of Mrs. Mabel Smith of Columbia, South Carolina. Her major is Liberal Arts. In her freshman year at Anderson College, Kay was an alternate cheerleader. She enjoys eating good food, dancing, and popular music. With her lovely brown eyes and her long dark blonde hair, Kay is a striking beauty on the Anderson College Campus. Miss Kay Smith 92 FRESHMAN BEAUTIES Miss Dunneah Gordon is from Columbia, South Car- olina. She is studying in Liberal Arts. Dunneah ' s bub- bling personality is e.xhibited in her cheerful smile. Miss Dunneah Gordon Miss Donna Lynn Kelley Miss Donna Lynn Kelley is from Seneca, South Car- olina. She is majoring in Secretarial Science. Her viva- cious personality and enchanting smile are quickly rec- ognized by her fellow students. 93 XfM. t " - .. . «!- F E A T U R E S MISS ANDERSON COLLEGE MISS ANDERSON COLLEGE 1967-68 is Rita Shirley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Shirley of Columbia. Rita is a sophomore and an elementary education major. She plans to further her education at Newberry College. Rita sets as her ideals: living a Christian life, finish- ing her education, " making otliers happy which in turn would make me happy, " understanding little children and helping them receive a better education, setting an example for others to follow and always being of good character. " Life has a purpose, " is Rita ' s philosophy. " To achieve this purpose one must always keep pressing foi-ward for happiness, no matter how far or how hope- less, but strive for something. ' For a life without a pur- pose is a life without meaning. ' Tearfully, Rita stoops to accept the crown from Vicki Looper, ' 66-67 Miss Anderson College. After being selected Miss A. C, Rita gracefully descends the ramp. 96 yvi 9 4 Miss Anderson College contestants and escorts (I. to r.); Aring- ton Hendley, Rita Shirley, Harriet Moore, Tommie Anne John- son, Kathie Hargrove, Frankie Taylor, Jean Lawson, Gerald Dona- hue, Donna Kelly, Susan Thrasher, Kay Smith, Molly Riley, Gwen Weisner, Sandy Bishop, Eleanor Swindler, Benny Brown, Dun- neah Gordon, Tina Paschal, Sandi Clamp, Connie Dale Hair, Brenda Sims, Cathy Hunt, Cathy Couch, Taylor Clarkson. This year MISS ANDERSON COLLEGE was chosen from a field of twenty contestants. The contest- ants for the pageant were chosen by the student body and tlie queen and her court was selected by a panel of judges. MISS ANDERSON COLLEGE displays the qualities and character of a typical, Christian college girl. She is chosen for beauty, poise, and personality, as well as an abiding interest in learning and creative responsibility. Each young lady was escorted onto the stage and made her appearance before the audience to the sound of " The Shadow of Your Smile " , theme of the evening. Buddy Hooper, master of ceremonies, introduced each contestant and presented her philosophy of life and ideals. While the judges deliberated, the Anderson Col- lege Sextet entertained the audience with a medley of songs. Wanda Hellams, Chairman of the Women ' s Council was awarded a gift for her participation in making the pageant a success. The six finalists were announced and answered questions both of a humorous and serious nature. Dr. Rouse then came on stage to present the trophies. Sandy Bishop, chosen MISS CONGENIALITY by her fellow contestants, was tlie first to receive a trophy. Then the judges revealed their decision, Jean Lawson was named second runner-up, Sandi Clamp, first runner-up and while tlie audience remained in suspense Rita Shirley captured the title of MISS ANDERSON COLLEGE. She was crowned by last year ' s queen, Vicki Looper. In tears of joy Rita took her first walk down the ramp as the new MISS A. C. while Bruce Creamer sang " The Shadow of Your Smile " . MISS CONGENIALITY, Sandy Bishop. 98 i k--- J Many tedious but fun - filled hours go into a beauty pageant. Queen and her court — from left, Sandl Clamp, first runner - up; Rita Shirley, Miss A. C; Sandy Bishop, Miss Congeniality; Jean Lawson, second runner-up. 99 s y . ■■ ' ' ■S BSS! . ' : ' " " " .»VV- v-JS-W " FIRST ROW: Joe Bishop, Phyllis Roberts, Susan Bishop, Nancy Hill, Sharon Short, Ken Hare. SECOND ROW: Linda Lee Frank, Phyllis Mims, Connie Hair, Bruce Creamer, Beth Lay, Charlie Hayes. TOP ROW: Mack Nance, Allan Pregnall. 100 WHO ' S WHO Students are selected as members of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges who meet qualifications of scholarship, citizenship, participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activi- ties, and general promise of future usefulness to business and society. They are chosen by the Faculty members. 101 COMMUNITY CONCERT The Revelers performed various vocal ensembles which delighted the audience. IVIary Burgess, mezzo soprano, climaxed season with an impres- sive concert. The Communitv Concert Association is a community effort by which members buy tickets for a series of con- certs. Community Concert artists are secured from Co- lumbia Artists of New York. Anderson College students are encouraged to join. The 1967-68 season featured Nelson and Neal, internationally renowned duo-pianists, who performed the works of Chopin, Schubert, Brahms and Shostakovich. The Reverlers performed solo and quartet ensembles. Chicago Little Symphony, under the direction of Thor Johnson, performed such classics as Sinfornia in B Flat Major and Valse Triste Opus 44. The final concert brought a rare climax to this year ' s concerts. Mary Burgees from Anderson delighted her audience with solo selections from Mozart, Debussy, and Schumann. Chicago Little Symphony 102 President Rouse officially opens the Christmas season at A.C. with the lighting of the Yule Log. CHRISTMAS FIRST NIGHT After Thanksgiving holidays all the women boarding students at Anderson College came back with loads of Christmas decorations. They began decorating their rooms and hall for Christmas First Night which is held the first Saturday night in December each year. The girls worked very hard on the decorations. It took many hours of planning and hard work to produce a lovely room wortlry of competition. Each room was judged for originality. Christmas First Night 1967 featured a performance by the Anderson College Choir, directed by William Bridges, entitled Brahm ' s Love Song Waltzes, Opus .52. The Anderson College Se.xtet entertained with special music after which the audience was lead in singing Christmas carols. Afterwards Dr. J. E. Rouse followed tradition by lighting the Yule Log in the colonade of West Dorm. Following the lighting of the log, guests toured both dorms and viewed the lovely decorations. This year ' s winners were Phyllis Roberts and Avery Poplin from Denmark Hall (West Dorm ) and Donna Albertson and Florence Holland from Pratt Hall (East Dorm). Margret Orr presents West Dorm winners with prizes. East Dorm winners are presented prizes by Curran League. 103 CHAPEL Chapel is a very important part of life at Anderson College. Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week are set aside for Chapel programs. Tuesday is used for religious services. Widely known speakers and ministers from sur- rounding areas along with others interested in the wel- fare of Anderson College come to talk to the students on issues that concern the youth of today. Thursday is used for announcements and organizational meetings. Attendance is required for the services. The Anderson College choir takes an active part in chapel each week. They often sing specials and all singing done in chapel is under the direction of Mr. William Bridges, the head of the music department at Anderson College. Dr. Slaughter addressed the student body. During one of the chapel programs Dr. Rouse introduced to the student body the trustees of Anderson College. He told the students of their work for the school. 104 Mrs. Slaughter chats with Cathy Couch as Mr. Slaughter looks on. Mr. and Mrs. Riley greet students at the reception. PRESIDENTS RECEPTION Before the beginning of first semester each year, President Rouse holds a reception in his home at which time he meets all the new boarding students. This recep- tion shows Dr. Rouse ' s interest in the students at Ander- son College and his desire to know them better and help them in furthering their education. This year the reception had to be postponed because of bad weather and was held a week late. Because of the large number of students attending the reception this year, the girls from Pratt Hall went a half hour earlier than the girls in Denmark Hall. The boys were allowed to go at either time. This was a formal occasion and the girls made a lovely, colorful sight as they strolled down the Boulevard to the President ' s home. At the door the students were greeted by Mrs. Kirby, Dean of Women; Wanda Hel- lams, Chairman of the Women ' s Council; and Charles Hayes, President of the Student Body, who in turn intro- duced each guest to Dr. Rouse. As the students went through the receiving line they had a chance to meet the members of the faculty and staff, as well as their husbands and wives. In this way they became more ac- quainted with their professors. After meeting everyone, refreshments were served on the lawn in the rear of the President ' s home. Dr. Rouse meets new freshmen. 105 MAY QUEEN May Day is a very festive occasion at Anderson Col- lege and is looked forward to by everyone. People from Anderson and surrounding areas come to see the beauti- ful queen and the members of her court in their gowns displayed against the beauty of nature in the spring. This event makes the grounds of Anderson College a breath taking southern scene. Anderson College May Queen for 1968 is Miss Sandy Bishop, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Bishop of Greer, South Carolina. Sandy is a sophomore at Anderson College. She has a winning personality and pleasant smile that accent her beaut ' . A liberal arts major, Sandy plans to go into social work that involves pre-school children. She especially enjoys working with small children, swimming, basketball, the beach and spending time with other people. Sandy has received many honors during her two years at Anderson College. She was chosen to be a con- testant in the Miss Anderson College Pageant, a fresh- man May Day attendant and Miss Sophomore by her fellow students. This year she was selected Miss Con- geniality by the other contestants in the Miss Anderson College Pageant. Sandy is a member of the Baptist Stu- dent Union and Omicron Iota Kappa of which she is treasurer. In high school Sandy was a varsity cheerleader and a member of the school paper staff. Sandy ' s philosophy of life is " Everything works out for the best for those who love God. " May Queen is chosen by the student body on the basis of personality and beauty. Gwen Weisner, the runner-up for May Queen was automatically named Maid of Honor. Sandy and Gwen are roommates in Denmark Hall. When asked to comment on this rare coincidence they both replied, " Of all the honors Ander- son College offers we both feel we would rather be in May Day than anything else and we are very happ and proud that we can share this honor. " Sandy Bishop i- ' r X TPllt fl ' lll ;ii k MAID OF HONOR Maid of Honor for 1968 May Day is Miss Gwen Weisner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Weisner of Greenville, South Carolina. Gwen is a sophomore with a happy smile and genuine personality that makes her a friend to everyone who knows her. In June Gwen plans to marry Joey Crosland, a senior at Clemson University. They will live in Clemson. Gwen is a pre-social major and plans to go into social work after her marriage. Later she hopes to continue her education at a four year col- lege. Her favorite hobbies are cooking and skiing. Gwen has received many honors during her two years at Anderson College. She was a freshman May Day attendant, sophomore beauty, Circle K Sweetheart, and a contestant in the Miss Anderson College Pageant. During her freshman year she belonged to the Baptist Student Union and Church Related Vocations. While in high school Gwen was chosen Miss Hi Miss, a class beauty finalist and a senior superlative. Gwen ' s philosophy of life is " Everything .works out for the best. " This ear ' s Mav Day Court includes four sopho- mores and si. freshmen. Sophomore attendants are: Sandi Clamp from Miami, Florida; Tommie Ann John- son, Kingstree; Rita Shirley, Columbia and Frankie Tay- ' lor, Greenville. Freshmen attendants are: Pat Butler from Anderson; Dunneah Gordon, Columbia; Kathie Har- grove, Columbia; Donna Lynn Kelley, Seneca; Kay Smith, Columbia; Dianne Wannamaker, Orangeburg. Gwen Weisner 108 Rita Shirley Tommie Ann Johnson Frankie Taylor Donna Lynn Kelley 109 Diane Wannamaker Pat Butler Dunneah Gordon 110 Kathie Hargrove Sandi Clamp Kay Smith 111 l W s o R T S BASKETBALL The most exciting game of the basketball season occurred when the Rebels took on the Brevard Torna- does and defeated them 86-85. The first half was dominated by the Rebels adequate offense. Crowell was unable to play in this game much to the dissatisfaction of the spectators who felt that without him the team would have a tough time of it. But from the score at halftime the fans felt differently. Halftime score was 43-33 in favor of the Rebels. During the first half both teams had their poorest playing of the game. Yates could not connect with the basket while many of the other players experienced the same difficulties as Yates. Since Crowell was sick, Bob Turner was given the privilege of being in the starting five. Tucker proved himself as the game progressed to be deserving of this honor. Sammy Saxon was also allowed to play more than usual when the game got rough and tough. At the beginning of the game Brevard opened with a back court press on AC in hopes to shake the boys up. When this failed to bring the desired results, they went back to a zone defense. The fast break was not a factor in the first half for it was mostly the slow-break with the opportunity of the players to set up a desired scoring play. As the second half began it was obvious that the Tornadoes were prepared to do battle with the Rebels. They were determined to win this ball game. They showed the Rebels they were not the same team they had been in the first half. They began setting their plays up and giving the ball to the players on the team that could make the outside shots. They came from ten points behind to go ahead of the Rebels in the third quarter. But the Rebels did not give up. They stuck in the game and brought the score back up. With 2:47 remaining in the game Bill Wall made two free throws to bring the score to 72-all. From this point on one team would lead on one play and on the next the other team would take over the lead. As the end of the game grew near Brevard led 83-82 with 39 seconds to play. On the following play Yates added two more for the Rebels bringing the score to Saxon, Tucker, Boozer, Osborne, Bennett, Crowell, Wall, Nance, Yates, Smith; In center, Frady, manager, and Coach Hill. ■j««»W!W» ' » ' i ' ,- - -HEEl. 84-83 AG ' s favor. A few seconds later Sammy Saxon in- tercepted a pass from Brevard and brought it all the way back for die turning point of the game. Yates later added two more to insure victory for the Rebels. Yates was the game ' s high scorer with 24 points. Bill Wall had one of his best nights yet, adding 21 points for the Rebels. One of the big surprises of the night was the excel- lent playing of Sammy Saxon who made the decisive goal in the game and who played his best game of bas- ketball this season scoring 13 points. 115 MINUTES SECONDS •••• ••• - •• •••• w ••■ fiiii mm Ws ••«• •••« ITQi Anderson is victorious over Brevard. BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD 76 Gainesville 72 74 Gardner-Webb 87 98 Brewton-Webb 72 76 Brewton-Parker 88 76 North Greenville 72 95 Emmanuel 57 61 Wingate 71 86 Brevard 85 68 Lees-McRae 61 130 Emmanuel 83 74 Lees-McRae 89 85 North Greenville 86 84 89 Spartanburg Wingate 80 61 59 Gardner-Webb 92 72 79 Spai-tanburg Gainesville 63 73 52 Brevard 62 86 Furman 96 64 Gardner-Webb 89 80 Clemson Freshmen 116 " Rabbit E. Lee " 116 Saxson shows form Mack Nance Chris Crowell Bill Wall Mike Osborne Sammy Saxon Hal Bennett Ronnie Yates North Greenville player taps Bennett ' s shot. A. C. players receive a cheering welcome from students. 120 Bennett recovers play. A. C. gained four points within forty-two seconds giving them the lead against Brevard, 86-85. Coach Hill demonstrates shot skills. 121 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Basketball is probably the most popular indoor sport for girls and young women. It enables a girl to use the ability and skill that she has acquired through conscien-. tious work and practice. Anderson College sets a purpose to provide fun and wholesome recreation for the athletic-minded young ladies. By competing on an extramural level, the girls are able to meet and make many acquaintances from the nearby colleges. Sportsmanship is a very vital part of our program and is stressed at all times. One of the many games was Furman vs. Anderson. Stone and Taylor lead the team to a victorious game with the final score 43-37. In the game with Gainesville, Taylor and Hair proved to be successful when the team won 48-41. These girls have fought for a good season. Annie Tribble, coach Dee Dee Lassiter, Linda Stone, Molly Taylor, Shirley Merritt, Karen Garvin, Connie Dale Hair, Phyllis Mims, Charlene Downey, Margaret Orr, Joyce Moore, manager, and Coach Tribble Shirley Merritt, guard Susan Thrasher, guard Dee Dee Lasiter, forward 123 Phyllis Mims, guard Connie Dale Hair, roving guard Sara Coleman, guard Karen Garvin, guard 124 Charleen Downey, guard Margaret Orr, forward Linda Stone, forward Molly Taylor, roving forward 125 The 1967-68 cheerleaders are (l-r) Pat Butler, Molly Riley, Connie Dale Hair, Sandi Clamp, Dunneah Gordon, and (center) Cathy Hunt. Sandi Clamp CHEERLEADERS Connie Dale Hair 126 Dunneah Gordon Molly Riley Cathy Hunt fw ii»l m : - H I ■ J; " ;- - SHH I ' 1 m ™ 1 1 ■- i 1 Pat Butler vSX i3. - iJii. ' ju " !; t ■ , ♦i ' wj- ' jaa: BASEBALL Last year ' s baseball team had a good season even though the beginning was rough and slow. The pitchers were Howard, Thomason, and Bennett. One of the most outstanding players was Tony Beau- ford who, along with Tracy Carter, started the team in a series of successflil games. The team measured up to be a stronger defense than in 1966. The team ' s batting boosted a high average toward the end and won victories over North Greenville, 15-3, Spartanburg, 10-4, Wingate, 4-3, and Brevard 5-0. Also the team won an impressive victory over the Clemson Cubs 2-1. This was the only loss that the Cubs suffered during this season. -S i ifcfe. " JtS Coach Jim Hill FIRST ROW: Abercrombie, Buchannan. SECOND ROW: Carter, Gunnells, Bennett, Norton, Adkins, Saxon, Thomason, Hill, Kirk- land, Howard. THIRD ROW: Campbell, Smith, Beauford, Adams, Ward, Watson, Wall, Gray, and Coach Hill. 128 William Gunnells H Alan Smitii Hal Bennett 129 George Watson Robert Norton 130 n X. Wm U H HBJL " " l l K « U«flt H B kail . H Hy t i ' ' H 1 if ■r f ,... -.m ! Johnny Obercrombie Larry Campbell ill v - e..: ■■ ' ' ' Tracy Carter George Gray Erskine Thomason Frank Hill 131 James Buchanan Danny Atkins KiwHat- uii Kr. -O " . . " ft aK Haskell Howard Gary Adams 132 If Bill Wall f I ' % ■ ' Ken Kirkland Tony Beauford Sammy Saxon Gary Ward 133 TENNIS ■ -- The college tennis team made an excel- lent showing in national competition in Ocala, Fla., in June. From a total of 64 schools participating in the event, Ander- son tied with Black Hawk College for fourth place. The team, composed of Allan Pregnall, Mike Buchanan, Bob and Dick Kay, Mark Patterson and Tony Stone, is coached by Max Gmbbs. The Rebel netters had won the Western Carolinas regular season race without a loss and went on to win the conference tournament. (l-- ■» I Coach Grubbs KNEELING: Dick Kay, Tony Stone, Mike Buchanan. STANDING: Mark Patterson, Allan Pregnall, and Bob Kay. Looking on is Coach Grubbs. 134 Allan Pregnall Mark Patterson Mike Buchanan 135 TENNIS Dick Kay „mt ' ;: ' r--«%, « «-Jfc ■ S « w„ Bob Kay Tony Stone SWIMMING This is one of the P.E. classes that is taking swimming lessons at the Y.M.C.A. What will she learn next! No, Phyllis! At least put a swimming suit on. Mrs. Tribble instructing students how to float. 137 GOLF Golf is one sport that has perhaps less support in the over-all athletic program, but the 1966-67 Anderson Golf Team proved to play successfully without full sup- . port. Their home games were played at the Anderson Country Club. The season opened with defeat at Wingate and Gardner Webb but showed promise when they were victorious over Brevard twice, Lees-McRae, and North Greenville. They won all other games outside the con- ference such as Hanna High. This golf team had the second best won-lost record of all the athletic teams. " Go get ' em, Lujack! " Buddy Hooper Charles Jones 138 r Wayne Nix Robert Orr Stan King John Stephens 139 SOPH-FRESHMEN Victorious was the word for the sophomores on Thursday, September 21. Their football skills were shown ' in both the girls ' powder - puff and men ' s rag - tag games. Kent Daniels intercepted a pass for the sophomores leading to their first touchdown. After that there was no stopping them. Sammy Saxon proved himself as the player of the day with his strong defense. The freshmen ' s only touchdown was made by Doug Felder. A veiy exciting day ended with the final score, a victory for the sophomores, 31 - 7. Down with RATS! ! Sophomore Team: Michael Corbin, Kent Daniels, Jimmy Bole- man, Sammy Green, George Richards, Johnny Mathis, Taylor Clarkson, Rick Turner, Bill Dickson, Nathaniel Ellis, Gerald Wyatt, Dexter Hawkins, John Stephens, Bill Wall, Norman Blore, Daniel Rose, Sammy Saxon, Robert McKenzie, Larry Day, Bill Dugan, and Dean Murry. 140 Freshman Team: Freddie Tumblin, Billy Hamilton, Ronnie Led- ford, Jeff Byrson, Brantly Gasque, Mike Keetels, Brantley Gas- que, Douglas Felder, and Hank Richardson. The Freshmen proudly make their entrance on the field. 141 PHYSICAL EDUCATION " Go, C. D.! " What style, Linda! " Come on girls. We can win. 142 KARATE Billy Hong Martin, director, demonstrates his ability. These are some of the young men at A.C. that take Karate instructions. One of the Basic moves is demonstrated by two of the stu- dents. 143 i: . I mm . . o R G A N I Z A T I O N S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The Student GoNernment Association, known to the students at Anderson College as the SGA, is the student ' s plan of self-government. The association is made up of all the students attending Anderson College. The Coun cil or officers, elected by the Student Gov- ernment Association, administers the regulations or rules set and made by the students themselves. The officers elected for this school year are Charles Hayes, president; Phyllis Roberts, vice-president; and Bennv Brown, secre- tarv. In cooperation with the faculty and staff the associa- tion fosters standards of culture, honesty, and efficiency in the college life. Charlie Hayes, president Phyllis Roberts, vice-president LEADERSHIP FORUM Dean C. E. Butler Sponsor Presidents of clubs and organizations and editors of student publications of Anderson College constitute the membership of the Leadership Forum. Meeting with the Academic Dean, Dean C. E. Butler, this student leader- ship group seeks positive, constructive answers to ques- tions of interest to students. Because the members of the Leadership Forum are , the leaders of Anderson College campus, this organization seeks to hear and to solve the problems that arise among the students as seen by the campus leaders. Forum members work hard for betterment of A. C. FIRST ROW (L to R): Curran League, Phyllis Roberts, Avery Poplin, Nancy Hill, Wanda Hellams. SECOND ROW: Allen Pregnall, Ken Hare, Buddy Hooper, Vic Rampey, Jimmy Greene, Charles Hayes, Tim Stafford. 147 MEN ' S COUNCIL SEATED (left to right) Bruce Creamer, Perry Grubbs, Jimmy Piiiilips, Allan Pregnall. STANDING (left to right) Charlie Hayes, Erskine Thomason, Jimmy Boleman, Donnie Hughes, Larry Day. The Men ' s Council is an organization whose purpose is to enforce college rules for men students. Their duties include inspection of rooms, giving penalties for violation of college rules and keeping general order in tlie dorm- itories. The members take die responsibilities as a proc- tor for dorm and houses as well as full campus dut} ' . The 1967-68 Men ' s Council is headed b - Dean C. E. Butler. The officers are Allan Pregnall, chairman; Bruce Creamer, vice - chairman; and Jimmv Boleman, secretary. This year the council faced a semi - closed study hall as an addition to rules previously set by Anderson College. Council members work together to inforce the laws of the college. 148 WOMEN ' S COUNCIL Dean Kirby advises the girls on some of the rules of the college. The Women ' s Council is a campus organization consisting of a selected group of young women who help their fellow students to understand and enforce the rules of the college. The officers for this year are as follows : Wanda Hellams, chairman; Betsy Cox, vice-chairman; Tina Paschal, secretary; Susan Bishop, day representa- tive. Pratt Hall has six proctors and Denmark Hall has five. The president of Pratt Hall is Curran League. The president of Denmark Hall is Margaret Orr. The E.xecu- tive Council, made up of officers, meets every Wednes- day evening. The proctors meet with them on the fointh Wednesday of each month. SEATED (I. to r.): Margaret Orr, Wanda Hellams, Betsy Cox, Tina Paschal, Susan Bishop, and Curran League. STANDING: Gail Jones, Tommie Anne Johnson, Annette Collings, Phyllis Mims, Linda Hightower, Iris Rampey, Donna Albertson, Kathy Thomas, Annie Kaiser, DeNan Stone, and Phyllis Roberts. 149 YODLER THE YODLER, the student newspaper, is published under the direction of Anderson College students. Its primary goal is to reflect campus life without breaking any of the cardinal rules of good journalism. Students working on the paper are usually enrolled in the Journalism Classes. Many of these students are also planning to enter into journalistic careers and by working on this four page, bi-monthly publication, they receive practical experience which will be very useful to them in later life. The ' 67- ' 68 school year, in relationship with THE YODLER, has had its bad moments. For one thing, in the middle of the school year, the Editor-in-Chief trans- ferred to another school, leaving the incumbent Editor with numerous difiRculties to be ironed out. For the large part, these difRculties were alleviated, if not completely resolved. Also, thanks to the large competent staff of reporters, many of the usual frustra- tions were overcome. The name head of THE YODLER was changed to a variation of " Old English " , with a hint of European style, so as to implicate the origin of the name itself. All in all, ' 67- ' 68 was a good year for the newspaper, perhaps one of the best! Leslie Clark, fall semester editor Len Farmer, spring semester editor Mrs. Agnes Raney, advisor and Mr. Jerome D. Wilson, professor of journalism SEATED, (I. to r.): Carol Brown, Cheryl Manning, Margaret Sosebee, Debbie Hannon. STANDING: Doug LaMance, Janice Paine, Hubert Bishop, Gene Garrick, Mike Moore, Bill Berry, Mike Creswell. Lane Waters (right), business manager Doug LaMance, sports editor Doug LaMance, photographer 151 COLUMNS Ken Hare, co-editor, is surprised by the photographer as he checks the settings on the camera he is holding. Co-Editor Doug LalVlance looks over this years cover. Everett H. Vivian, advisor. 152 A yearbook is a reflection of the school that it rep- resents and the 1968 Columns is no exception. Anderson College is a fiilly accredited Baptist, Co-educational jun- ior college. Established in 1911, the college has through the years developed a rich heritage with many traditions which are kept alive and passed on from one student generation to another. To a certain degree the tone, style, and make-up of the yearbook reflects these aspects of Anderson College. There is an old adage, " there is nothing new under the sun, " and this, in a fashion, applies to the Columns. The traditions of the college, the opinions and beliefs of the staff, the administration, and die students dictate the final form the yearbook takes. This policy serves the purpose of assuring that each year ' s book exhibits a similarity of appearance and purpose. The 1968 Columns was a group project and to the entire staff goes the credit for a job well done — and for the few mistakes that will inevitably be found. Every effort has been made to present Anderson Colle ge in all its aspects, and to present it in such a way that it will provide pleasant memories each time the book is opened in the years that lie ahead. CLASS SECTION STAFF (top to bottom): Jean Craig; Joan Mayers; Betsy Beasley, section editor; Rita Shirley. Co-editors Doug LaMance and Ken Hare dis- cuss yearbook plans. 153 COLUMNS Feature staff (LEFT TO RIGHT): Kathie Hargrove, Brenda Miller, Barbara Fleming, editor; Karen Couch. Paula Hall, copy editor and Richard Copeland, lay-out editor. ORGANIZATIONS STAFF, (from left): Patsy Brown, section editor; Trudy Fowler; Cheryl Manning. Lane Waters, business manager. SPORTS STAFF, (from left): Martha Smith; Cindy Leslie, section editor; Kay Pounds. 155 IVY LEAVES IVY LEAVES is not tlie first publication of Ander- son College devoted entirely to creative writing. In the past there have been publications of both magazines and sections of die YODLER devoted to poetiy, short stories, and drama. This heritage has been an inspiration to IVY LEAVES since its beginning in 1964. There are two, fall and spring, issues of the mag- azine each year. Although it is an organ of tlie English Department officially, it is handled as a student publica- tion. Now in its fourtli year, IVY LEAVES has a voice on the Anderson College campus — the prophet, the poet, the artist, the novelist, the dramatist, the critic of the future speaks. The IVY LEAVES staff for 1967-68 are as follows: Nancy Hill, editor; Len Farmer, co-editor; Arington Hendley, art editor; Linda Lee Frank, business manager; Ruth Gillespie, Eddie Arnold, Eleanor Scruggs, Ras Peak, Mildred Copeland, Dale White, Mike Creswell, Jean Todd, and Katliy Thomas (typist ), staff. Nancy Hill, editor LEFT TO RIGHT: Eddie Arnold, Mildred Copeland, Kathy Thomas, and Dale White, staff members. 156 Arington Hendley, art editor Len Farmer, co-editor Miss Mildred Bearden, advisor Linda Lee Drank, business manager 157 CIRCLE K SEATED, (LEFT TO RIGHT) Gerald Wyatt, Joe Bishop, Robert McKenzie, Johnny Mathis, Larry Day, Bruce Creamer, Drake Jordan, Sammy Byrum, Perry Grubbs. STANDING: Jknmy Owens, Ken Burger, Ray McBride, Dale White, Paul Walker, Bill Dickson, Bart Ford, Jim Holland, Steve Rosser, Benny Holland, Billy Holland, Mr. Parker, advisor; Allan Pregnall, Tim Stafford, and Mike Buchanan. The Anderson College Circle K Club is sponsored by the Anderson Kiwanis Club and is the collegiate arm of the Kiwanis International. The Circle K Club was organized at Anderson College in 1960. Membership consists of male students of good character and scholastic standing. The members may be respected leaders of other campus organizations. The International Circle K motto is " We Build. " The purpose of the club is to render service to the college and community and to develop good citizens and leaders of the future. Each year the good sportsmanship trophy, given by the Anderson Kiwanis Club, is presented by the Circle K Club to a varsity athlete. The officers for this year are Allen Pregnall, presi- dent; Tim Stafford, vice-president; Benny Holland, sec- retary; and Charles D. Jones, treasurer. Mr. Broadus Parker is the advisor. Gwen Weisner, Circle K Sweetheart. 158 ART CLUB Among tlie many growing organizations on campus, the Anderson College Art Club has progressed consider- ably this year. Headed by Mrs. Blanche Holcomb, advisor, tlie 1967-68 club members chose Donnie Hughes, president; Scarlet Phillips, vice - president; and Arington Hendley, secretary - treasurer. Jeff Greene is publicity chainnan and Gayle Burley serves as exhibition chairman. The Art Club presented two exhibitions during tlie year on campus as well as a mid - semester showing at T. L. Hanna High School and in the downtown Ander- son area. Several members of the organizations offered their talents to the preparation of the stage for dre Miss And- erson College beauty pageant. Traveling to several exhibitions, tlie group studied varieties of painting and sculpture. FIRST ROW, (1. to r.): Margaret Trotter, Gayle Burley, Elizabeth Strong, Gail Ewing. SECOND ROW: Jeff Greene, Richard Cope- land, Mrs. Holcombe, advisor. THIRD ROW: Arington Hendley, Mike DeBerry, Ronnie Hughes. Finding the sundeck a pleasant location for creating, Margaret and Norman complete their assignment. 159 OMICRON IOTA KAPPA Omicron Iota Kappa is composed of all the students taking home economics. This home economics club aids in the development of initiative, leadership, and profes- sional pride for students interested in this field. The club, Omicron Iota Kappa, is affiliated widi the American Home Economics Association. Mrs. David Martin is ad- visor for the club. Officers elected for this year are: Debbie Gibson, president; Molly Fliley, vice-president; Susan Benjamin, secretary; Sandy Bishop, treasurer; Barbara Martin, reporter. Linda Lee Frank serves Barbara Martin at the tea given for the faculty by the Home Economics Department. FIRST ROW, (LEFT TO RIGHT): Molly Riley, Janice Wilson, Anne Shaw, Gail Callaway, Mary Lou Bayne Peggy Gates Marya McAbee. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mary Martin, advisor; Debbie Gibson, Sandy Bishop, Linda Lee Frank Susan Benjamin, Ann Skidmore, Delia Casey, Barbara Yon. 160 COMMERCIAL CLUB FIRST ROW, (I. to r.): Hellams, Kilgore, Barber, Jameson, Busby, Burgess, A. Kaiser, Copeland. SECOND ROW: Moore, Palmer, Watson, Sloan, Bair, B. Kaiser, Martin. FIRST ROW, (I. to r.): Fowler, Bolding, Hyatt, Boswell, Orr, Swindler, Hargrove, Hipp, Rogers. SECOND ROW: Wells, Stoddard, Waldrop, Mills, Harton, Shaver, Potts. The Anderson College Commercial Club is an or- ganization for majors in secretarial science. Its purpose, says Mrs. Katherine McGregor, advisor, is " to promote an interest in business. " Holding regidar monthly meet- ings, die club members present programs which help each student find a solution to the problems of the busi- ness world. Programs are planned b ' the club members under tlie direction of Maiy Potts, program chainnan. The officers are Sandra Hvatt, president; Maiy Helen Jameson, vice-president; Sandra Boswell, secre- taiy; and Margaret Orr, treasurer. The 37 member or- ganization enjo ' ed several social activities during the year. Social chairmen are Teresa Mills and Betts- Jo Kaiser. 161 DEBATE TEAM DEBATERS, (I. to r.); Don Fricks, Becky Fortner, Beth Lay, Susan Thrasher, and Walter Wood. The 1967-68 Debate Team proved to be most suc- cessful in competition. Prof. Everett H. Vivian, debate coach, heads a team that has debated in tournaments against such colleges as the University of Arkansas, Davidson College, University of North Carolina, Uni- versity of Georgia, and Appalachian State University. The Debate Team took first place in negative com- petition and third place in overall school competition at the University of Georgia, bowing only to William and Mary and Western Kentucky. At this tournament the negative team was the only team that remained un- defeated, having a record of six wins and no losses. The affirmative team is composed of Susan Thrasher and Beth Lay. The negative team is composed of Becky Fortner, Don Fricks, and Walter Wood. Second semester a new affirmative team, composed of Troy Hawkins and Hubert Bishop, was added. They, along with Walter Wood and Don Fricks, competed in tournaments at Florida State University, Lenoir Rhyne, College and Clemson University. At Lenoir Rliyne, the affirmative team tied for second place. The debate year was concluded with a debate with the Harvard Univer- sity Debate Team on the Anderson College campus. Three members of the debate team look up Information to use on their debate topic. 162 Prof. Everett H. Vivian Coach ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Athletic Association is one of the largest organ- izations on campus. It is made up of all those who have participated in the intramural activities and other ath- letic events such as the Freshman - Sophomore football game on Sept. 21, Field Day on Oct. 12, freshman soft- ball teams, and basketball. The officers elected for this year are Buddy Hooper, president; Margaret Orr, vice- president; Iris Rampey, secretary-treasurer. Advisors for this association are Mrs. Tribble, Coach Grubbs, and Coach Hill. Donna Baker receives congratulations from Jean Shaver after tiie freshmen girls defeated the sophomores in the Field Day tricycle race. Mary Lee and Martha Wells look on. i: 11 ■ IJfP f|a i J|fifg H ' •A H ii H L ■ H Hui m p rx . 1 W ' « - ,t?o • jiT , - X FIRST ROW (I. to r.): Laney, Jowens, Fagg, Mathis, Boleman, S. Green, Thomason, Saxon, Gresham, Jordan. SECOND ROW: Orr, Hellams, Coleman, Miller, Coleman, Buchanan, Stafford, Lassiter, Shirley, Mauldin, Bradley, Riley, Gordon, Rouda, Butler, Hunt, Hair, Clamp. THIRD ROW: Moorehead, Davenport, Taylor, Garvin, Merritt, Bryant, Lawson, Goodman, Baker, Lee. Priester, Wannamaker, Smith, Barrington, Wells, McLane, Mrs. Tribble, advisor. FOURTH ROW: Mclntyre, Parsons, Gordon, Rampey, Prater, Mims, Palmer, Robinson, Whitten, Moore, Ansley, Sco- field, Harris, L. Ow ens. FIFTH ROW: Carter, Clinkscales, Chiles, Outz, Turner, Clark, Richards, Winn, Boughman, Hayes, Wall, Crowell, H. Bennett, Pregnail, C. Bennett, Casque, Felder. MUSIC STUDY An organization composed of tliose students who are preparing tliemselves in voice, piano, and organ, tlie Music Study Club acquaints its members with tlie stage and the pubhc. The 67-68 officers are Gail Saxon, pres- ident; Landis Evans, vice-president; and Nancy Rogers, secretary - treasurer. Club sponsor is Mrs. William Bridges. During the year, the study club presented a student concert both semesters. The group traveled to several schools in this area to perform and also received music students for performances at Anderson College. Student concerts, according to president Gail Saxon, " teach one poise for both stage and social life. " Members of the Music Study Club join togetiier in singing a favorite tune. FIRST ROW, (I. to r.): Genie Webb, Gail Jones, Avery Poplin, Betsy Cox. SECOND ROW: Landis Evans, Kay Brandenburg, Susan Bishop, Nancy Rogers, Curran League. CHOIR The Anderson College Choiij under the direction of William M. Bridges, is a select group of musicalh ' talented young people. It pla)s a part in the religious, educational, and social activities of the Anderson com- munitv and state as well as the college life. This choral group rehearses every week at a designated time to pre- pare special music for various programs through the year. The choir presents special music at the chapel ser ices. The choir presented for Christmas First Night a concert of thirteen of Brahms ' " Love Song Waltzes. " Other choral groups are formed as available talent permits, guided bv the Music Department. The officers elected for this ear are Joe Bishop, president; Bets - Cox, vice-president; and A er - Poplin, secretary. An annual tour highlights tlie ear. Mr. William M. Bridges, choir director The Sextet sings at the Miss Anderson College pageant. 165 CHOIR FIRST ROW (L to R.): Nancy Rogers, Debbie Gibbson, Mary Moore, Louise Hodge, Connie Cheek, Louise Martin, Gail Jones, Joyce Jolly, Dottie Barington, Mary McAbee, Avery Poplin. SEC- OND ROW: Elaine Phillips, Linda Hawkins, Mildred Copeland, Genie Webb, Jean Hayes, Susan Bishop, Gail Saxon, Curran League, Debbie Deavers, Brenda Connell. LEFT STAIRCASE: Betsy Cox, Nan Busby, Linda Chambers, Cheryl Manning, Pat Butler. RIGHT STAIRCASE: Cindy Leslie, Rudine Rochester, Nancy Gambrell, Linda McGaha, Betty Jean Lusk, Ruth Gillespie, Ronnie Odell, Bruce Creamer, Joe Bishop. BACK ROW: Stan Hinton, Victor Rampey, Eddy Howard, Steve Rosser, Gene Hutchinson, Don Rampey, Ronnie Hughes, Donnie Hughes, Walter Wood, Jimmy Broone, Charles Hayes, Landis Evans. 166 Im V 167 BETA PHI GAMMA SEATED (L. to R.): Ken Hare, Cheryl Manning, Margaret Sosebee, Debbie Hannon, Doug LaMance. STANDING: Bill Berry, M ke Creswell, Len Farmer, Gene Garrick, Ken Burger. The AC division of the Beta Phi Gamma — a national co-educational journalistic fraternity — is more than just ' another club ' with its dull meetings and uninspiring elections, but instead, the Beta Phi Gamma is a symbol of academic excellence achieved in the Journalism de- part ment. In order to be acceptable to this organization, the student must have AT LEAST an average of " B " or higher in Journalism and must have participated actively on the ' Todler " and-or " Columns " . Even if a student should have the above recom- mendations, it still does not necessarily mean that he will become a member of this Fraternity because in order to join, a person must be invited to join by one of the current members. At the same time, the Beta Phi does not foster " snobbery " or " clannishness " as do so many other college Fraternities, but rather they welcome any person who is not only a commendable journalist but, also, a com- mendable individual as well. The Fraternity President is Len R. Farmer, who is also the Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper. Says Farmer of the organization — " Although we can ' t have as good a club as one might find at Berkely or Harvard, we do strive to have at least an acceptable remnant of the Big College Fraternity . . . " Journalism students help get the YODLER out. 168 ALPHA PI EPSILON Alpha Pi Epsilon is a national honorary secretarial society for students of secretarial subjects. Its chief pur- pose is to professionalize the status of the college trained secretary. The society stresses superior achievement in stenography and encourages its members to carr)- high ideals into business relations. The Sigma Chapter was organized at Anderson Col- lege in May 1941. Mrs. Kathryn McGregor is advisor to the club. Seated; Evelyn Cox. Standing; Genelle Porter and Carolyn McKaln. The group enjoys refreshments with the Commercial Club. 169 PHI THETA KAPPA Phi Theta Kappa is composed of interested students who have acquired an academic average of 2.2 or more. Beta Pi is the Anderson College chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. It is a Greek letter national honorary society for junior colleges limited to the liberal arts students. The Beta Pi chapter meets once a month and plans interesting meetings, inviting guest speakers to address the group. This year tlie chapter heard, among otliers. Dean Harlan McClure, Dean of Agriculture at Clemson UniversitV ' -. The chapter also has one or two social events during the year. Among these are a " Drop In " at Mr. Henry von Hasseln ' s home, held in tlie springtime. Officers elected for tlie 1967-68 chapter are as fol- lows: Joe Mac Bishop, president; Betsy Beasley, vice- president; and Susan Bishop, secretary - treasurer. Mr. Von Hassein is tlie chapter ' s faculty advisor. Being a member of this organization is trulv honor. These students should be applauded for tlieir fine work. An invitation to one of the speakers for a Phi Theta Kappa meeting is made ready by Betsy and Susan. FIRST ROW, (I. to r.): Jane Rankin, Joe Bishop, Iris Rampey. SECOND ROW: Linda Lee Frank, Betsy Beasley, Donnie Hughes, Betsy Cox, Kathy Thomas. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Hughes, Nancy Rogers, Buddy Hooper. 170 RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS 171 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union serves as a connecting link between the college student and the local church, providing a well-rounded spiritual program for the stu- dents while emphasizing the Baptist denomination and serving as a leadership training ground for the churches. On the Anderson College campus there are three unit organizations: the YWA, Church Related Vocations, and the Ministerial Association. The B.S.U. sponsors several events during the school year. At the beginning of the year they sponsored a Rodeo Roundup to familiarize the new students with our college. Its members took part in the State BSU convention in Columbia. The BSU at AC provides Christian fellowship which stimulates enduring friend- ship. The officers for this year are Phyllis Roberts, presi- dent; Susan Bishop, vice-president; Wanda Hellams, secretary and stewardship; Curran League, social and music; Charles Hayes, devotional; Charles Jones, enlist- ment; Walter Wood, Christian citizenship; Louise Hodge, missions chairman; Joe Bishop, publicity chair- man; Miss Mary McCown, faculty advisor; The Rev. Elwood Orr, pastor advisor; Avery Poplin, YWA repre- sentative; Gail Jones, church related representative. Members of the BSU enjoys refreshments while meeting. FIRST ROW (L. to R.): Hyatt, Brown, Holding, Webb, Chambers, Gatlin, Lay, Warnock, Norton, Bryant, Garrett, Connelly, Slusher, Shaver, Brandenburg, Wheeler. SECOND ROW: M. Moore, Poplin, Watson, Saxon, Mauldin, Jones, Hipp, Bullman, Whitten, Sose- bee, P. Moore, Lindsay, Morgan, Prater. THIRD ROW: Ansley, Gibson, Swindler, Hargrove, Pounds, Jolly, Bishop, Hogan, B. 172 Moore, Hellams, Murphy, Huguenin, M. Martin. FOURTH ROW: Roberts, League, Conneli, Johnson, Waldrop, Bagwell, Preston, Thrasher, Corbett, Manning, Bentley, Boleman,. FIFTH ROW: Deavers, Jameson, McLane, Hawkins, Putnam, Stevens, Brucke, L. Martin, Jernigan, Hayes, Rampey, Byrum. There was plenty of time for refreshments at the BSU Roundup. At the beginning of first semester Anderson College students received a " walking invitation " to the BSU Roundup from Nelson Mandrell, son of Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Mandrell. 173 CHURCH RELATED VOCATIONS The Church Related Vocations Ls a religious campus organization that was formed by the Baptist Student Union. It is a group of students who wish to do full time church work. The members are students who are preparing for the ministry of music, education, youth work, or other church staff positions, excluding the pastorate. The officers elected for this year are Curran League, president; Marcia Martin, vice-president; Joyce Jolly, secretary-treasurer; and Patricia Wheeler, publicity chairman. Prof. Fred C. Metts is the advisor. Janice entertains at the organ. FIRST ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Curran League; Sandra Hyatt; Gail Jones; Joyce Jolly; Avery Poplin; Mr. Metts, Advisor; Beth Lay. SECOND ROW: Patricia Wheeler; Marcia Martin; Janice Preston; Susan Thrasher; Mary Moore. 174 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Vic finds a passage of scripture which can be used as the de- votional at the next meeting. To maintain personal friendship with our Saviour; To cultivate the grace of prayer . . . ; To be diligent in our study of God ' s word . . . ; To walk wordiy of our calling before our fellow - stu- dents and die world; To cultivate mutual respect through brotherly love, Christian sympathy, and courtesv in speech; To share die compassion of Christ for the lost . . . ; To be honest and diligent in the use of our time and opportunities . . . ; To be faithful to the association by our attendance at its meetings, and by our services as we shall have op- portunity. The officers for 1967-68 are President, Victor Ranipey; Vice-President, Marshall Coates; Secretaiy - Treasurer, W. C. Bentley. Prof. Robert S. Moore is the advisor. FIRST ROW: Walter Wood, Jim Williams, W. C. Bentley, Marshall Coates. STANDING: Clarence Estes, Victor Rampey, Mr. Moore, advisor; Sammy Byrum, Don Fricks. 175 MISSION VOLUNTEERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Phyllis Roberts; Kay Lewis; Mr. Vivian, advisor; Emily Murphy; Misson Volunteers Linda Hawkins; Martha Gibson. Reorganized at Anderson College this year, the Mission Volunteers further their knowledge of mission fields. The volunteers have plans for vi ' orking in the var- ied missionary programs both abroad and in the United States. Officers for the 67-68 session are: Phyllis Roberts, president; Martha Gibson, vice-president; and Emily Murphy, secretary-treasurer. Informative programs are presented at each meeting, prepared by the program committee, Kay Lewis, Martha Gibson, Linda High- tower, and Janice Kirby. Prof Everett H. Vivian is the advisor. Mr. Vivian and several volunteers talk about the mission work and its importance abroad. YOUNG WOMAN ' S AUXILIARY FIRST ROW: Hyatt, A. Kaiser, B. Moore, Bair, Sosebee, Shaver, Palmer, P. Moore, Gatlin, Patrick, Lindsay, Waldrop, Prater, Johnson, Brandenburg, Chambers. SECOND ROW: B. Kaiser, Hawkins, Deavers, Ansley, Garrett, Bryant, Thrasher, Preston, Stevens, Morgan, Jernigan, Brucke, Bagwell, Poplin. THIRD ROW: League, McLane, M. Moore, Connell, Putnam, Bullman, Stoddard, Horton, Jolly, Jones, L. Martin, Albertson, Manning, Roberts. The Young Woman ' s Auxiliary was formed by the Baptist Student Union. This mission-minded organiza- tion studies both home and foreign missions. The Ander- son College YWA is named for the missionary, Ann Hasseltime. In keeping with its ideals, the Young Woman ' s Au.xiliary seeks " to bind together the young women of this college for world-wide services for Christ and unite them with young women of like interest in other colleges throughout the world. " The officers elected for this year are Avery Poplin, president; Hilda Brucke, vice-president; Donna Albert- son, secretary; Joyce Jolly, stewardship and mission study; Linda Hightower, prayer chairman (East); Jean Lawson, prayer chairman (West ); Annie Kaiser, program chairman; Harriett Johnson, community missions; Kathy Bagwell, publicity and publications; Mary Moore, music and social; Susan Jernigan, Sandy Blair, Linda Hawkins, Sandra Pratter, Susan Thrasher, and Pat Lindsey; circle chairmen. Avery presides over a meeting. 177 WESLEY FELLOWSHIP SEATED, (I. to r.): Richard Copeland, James Parler, Mary Mitchell, Mary Bolen. STANDING: Beth Busbee, Susan Priester, Clara Addis, Molly Riley, Larue Jones, Teresa Mills, Marilyn Stoddard, Barbara Hoover, Myra McNair. The Wesley Fellowship was organized to offer Methodist students an opportunity to maintain contact with churches of their denomination and to present in- creased opportunities for Christian service and fellow- ship. The religious organization chose Billy Traynham, president; Mary Mitchell, vice-president; and Mary Bolen, secretary-treasurer. Advisor for the group is Mrs. Henry Sullivan. At regular monthly meetings the group had several guest speakers from the Anderson area and colleges and universities near bv- Folk music is presented by Javier Parades and Dean Murray after a cookout at Mrs. Sullivan ' s home. 178 WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP A few members take time out for working a jigsaw puzzle. The Westminster Fellowship, the Anderson College organization for Presbyterian college students, is spon- sored bv the First Presbvterian and the Cental Pres- byterian churches. One of the many activities of this fellowship is its friendly set - togethers, such as tlie cookout held at the First Presbyterian Church and a social at Melanie Shai " pe ' s home. This chapter also likes to keep up widi the news of tlie otlier chapters throughout the state. They do tliis by sending delegates to the Westminster Fellowship Conference during die vear and also by cooperating with other religious organizations in the Interdenominational Council. The Westminster Fellowship shows interest in other Anderson College students by participating in die Campus Crusade for Christ. Officers elected for this year are as follows; Tim Stafford, moderator; Phyllis Mims, stated clerk and treasurer; Melanie Sharpe, program chairman; James Winn, publicity and corresponding secretaiy; and Mary Potts, social chaii-man. Mrs. Ada Meeks is faculty advisor for diis chapter and Rev. John B. Pridgen, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Anderson, is ministerial advisor. SEATED, (1. to r.): Madeline Sharp, Mary Potts, Tim Stafford, Phyllis Mims, Jeanne Patrick. STANDING: Rev. John B. Pridgen, advisor; Barbara Fleming; Sally Palmer; Ruth Gillespie; James Winn; Mrs. Meeks, advisor. 179 NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club, a Catholic campus organization, is a newly organized group. Officers for tliis year are as follows: Jimmy Owens, president; Cathy Harrison, vice-president; Jane Bradley, secretary - treasurer. Its meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month in die day student lounge located in the Post Office building. The religious advisor for this group is Father Timbin of St. Joseph ' s Catholic Church in Anderson. Members of the Newman Club enjoy a fellowship meeting by watching T.V. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jimmy Owens, Jane Bradley, Flossie Holland, Cathy Harrison, Doug LaMance. 180 twmn ii ioiim..— - 181 ftk. V 183 184 1 • i 185 186 Sophomore Directory Adams, Donnie Earl, Route 5, Seneca Addis, Clara Elizabeth, Route 2, Anderson Albertson, Donna Jean, Route 7, Box 252, Elberton, Ga. Alexander, Arthur Frank, 522 Creswell Ave., Anderson Alexander, Carolyn Joyce, 107 Rockingham Rd., Greenville Alford, Janice Medlin, N. Dorm., Anderson Memorial Hospital Anderson, Michael Gene, Route 1, Loris Anderson, Robert Randolph, Route 3, Box 112, Camden Anderson, William Kenneth, 291 Blair Mill Rd., Belton Autry, James Alton, Jr., Route 2, Sherdwood Dr., Belton Babb, Willie Alton, Jr., Route 3, Honea Path Bagwell, Kathryn Ann, 12 Dendy St., West Pelzer Bailes, Cheryl Elaine, 817 W. Main St., Laurens Bair, Sandra Elaine, P.O. Box 87, Elloree Banks, Brenda Gale, 134 Waddel Rd., Greenville Barnette, Charles Dale, Route 3, Anderson Baughman, Lindsey Ray, Route 1, Abbeville Bayne, Mary Lou, 2616 Lane Ave., Anderson Beacham, Bryan Wertz, 202 Wren St., Clemson Beasley, Maxine Elizabeth, 811 Wilson St., Anderson Becknell, Lana Dale, Route 2, Seneca Bell, Gloria Lee, 434 Marion St., Calho un Falls Benjamin, Frances Susan, 194 Lee St., Abbeville Bennett, Hal Irven, P.O. Box 325, Hardeeville Bentley, William Cleveland, Box 117, Lincolnton, Ga. Bishop, Jr., Hubert Eugene, 909 S. Fifth St., Easley Bishop, Joseph McCurry, Route 2, Pendleton Bishop, Sandra Loretta, Rt. 3, Wade Hampton Blvd, Taylors Bishop, Susan Frances, Rt. 2, Pendleton Blanton, Beverly Jane, 706 B. East Greenville St., Anderson Blore, Norman Leslie, 702 Church St., Laurens Boleman, Jr., James Max, Route 1, Townville Bolen, Mary Ruth, Rt. 3, Box 142, Greenville Bond, III, Claud William, 121 McGowan, Abbeville Bosworth, Patricia Lee (Mrs.), 516-B W. Fredericks, Anderson Bowen, James Leslie, Route 1, Williamston Bringman, Sarah Louise, 3023 Barnes Springs Rd., Columbia Brooks, Larry Neil, Mohawk, Tennessee Brown, Benny Pierce, Route 1, Starr Brown, Carol Anne, 700 North St., Anderson Brucke, Hilda Ernestine, Route 1, Seneca Bryant, Larry Thomas, 201 Eskew Circle, Anderson Buchanan, Michael Addis, 1508 Johanna Circle, Anderson Bullman, Grace Juliette, Route 1, Roebuck Burriss, Ann Etta, Route 7, Box 343, Anderson Burriss, Jr., Robert Marcus, 505 Jeb Stuart Ave., Anderson Busch, Sandra Marlene, Route 1, Walhalla Byrum, Samuel LeRoy, 201 " E " St., Anderson Callaway, Kathryn Gail 336 E. Shockley Ferry Rd., Anderson Calvo, Paul Alexander, 4524 Landgrave Rd., Columbia Campbell, Barbara Ashley (Mrs.) 7-A Louisiana St., Honea Path Campbell, Jr., Lawrence, Route 1, Abbeville Chambers, Charles Donald, 9 Alexander St., Liberty Christian, Thomas Jeffrey, 1009 Brock St., Anderson Cisson, Joel Scott, 407 Lady St., Greenville Clamp, Sandra J., 6888 S.W. 59th St., S. Miami, Fla. Clark, Leslie S., 4015 Beverly Dr., Columbia Clarke, Teresa Angela, 713 Whitehall Rd., Anderson Clarkson, Alfred Taylor, 4509 Winthrop Ave., Columbia Clinkscales, Horace Dean, 405 Simms St., Anderson Coleman, Margaret Ann, Rt. 5, Box 137, Saluda Collins, Annette, Route 1, Roebuck Cooper, Laura Laney, 423 Farley Ave., Laurens Cooper, 111, George Franklin, 375 N. Oliver St., Elberton, Ga. Corbin, Michael Ray, RED 5, State Park Rd., Greenville Cox, Betsey Lucille, 302 River St., Belton Cox, Evelyn Rosemary, Rt. 2, Westminster Creamer, Joseph Bruce, Rt. 4, Taylors Crenshaw, David Lee, Box 157, 311 Greenville St., Pendleton Crenshaw, Paula Bolt (Mrs.) 24081 2 N. Main St., Anderson -V -K» ' : sfMt - fi t»j» Crowell, Chris Oliver, 211 Queens Rd., Charlotte, N. C. Daniels, Thomas Kent, 120 Thomas St., Lake City Davis, Teresa Louise, 706 E. Market St., Anderson Day, James Lawrence, 815 Dunbarton Dr., N. Augusta Dean, Jerry Parker, 516 W. Shockley Ferry Rd., Anderson Derrick, Edward Wright, 32 Douglas Dr., Greenville DeVore, Jean Kaye, 312 Heyward Ave., Honea Path Dickerson, William Mack, 317 Walhalla Rd., Westminster Dilworth, Charles Edward, N. Pine St., Walhalla Donahue, Gerald Eugene, 6432 Oakfield Rd., Columbia Downey, Charleen Dale, Hammett Rd., Rt. 4, Greer Dugan, William Otis, 1509 Columbia Rd., Orangeburg Durham, Derrell Travis, Route 1, Pendleton Elgin, Steven A., 1013 Lafayette St., Anderson Ellis, Fred Dorman, 1110 Railroad St., Anderson Ellis, Nathaniel Taylor, 134 Duncan Chapel Rd., Greenville Ellison, Clarence Melvin, 910 Arbutus Dr., Columbia Ellison, James Milford, 59 Lewis St., Anderson Ellison, Paul Carey, 115 Haynie Parkway, Belton EIrod, Claudene Diane, Route 1, Anderson Estes, Jr., Clarence Nealy, 278 Pinckney St., Chester Estes, Mary Suzanne, 23 Hindman Dr., Greenville Evans, Don Corlyss, 109 Hampton Ave., Calhoun Falls Evans, Landis Kelley, 918 W. Whitner St., Anderson Evans, Teresa Eriene, 2322 S. McDuffie St., Anderson Farmer, Leonard Ray, 110 Calhoun St., Abbeville Fleming, Mollie Elinda, 246 Sanders St., Darlington Ford, David Richie, Ft. Rutledge Rd., Clemson Ford, Martha Anne, 6 Whilden Dr., Williamston Fortner, Rebecca Ann, 301 Timber Lane, Anderson Foster, Selma Eugenia, 208 Whitehall Rd., Anderson Fowler, Mary Jo, Rt. 1, Box 246, Liberty Frady, Wayne Parks, 406 S. College St., Walhalla Frank, Linda Lee, 12 Hope Rd., Eatontown, N. J. Fricks, Donald Dean, 12 Tasha Dr., West Palzer Fussell, Larry Willard, Box 22, Walhalla Garrick, Jr., Fulton Eugene, 2315-A Whitehall Ave., Anderson Gibson, Deborah Anne, 12 Davis St., LaFrance Green, Jr., Lloyd Samuel, 104 E. Butler Ave., Mauldin Greene, William Jeffrey, S. McDuffie Mobile Home Park, Anderson Ground, Nikki Renee, 206 Virginia Circle, Anderson Grubbs, Perry Walker, Route 1, Laurens Gwynn, Andrew Keen, Route 1, Townville Hair, Connie Dale, 2703 Main St., Barnewell Hampton, James Michael, Box 281 Easley Hare, Kenneth, M., 1603 E. Market St., Anderson Harrison, Nancy Forrest, 91 Hillside, Clemson Hawkins, Dexter Major, Route 5, Anderson 187 Hayes, Charles Wayne, Route 3, Iva Hayes, Ruby Jean, Route 1, Box 241, Liberty Hellams, Mary Wanda, Rt. 1, Box 56A, Gray Court Hembree, Donald Ray, 113 Overbrook Circle, Greenville Hendley, III, James Arington, 2 Monaghan Ave., Greenville Hendricks, Charles Wayne, Rt. 3, Box 115, Belton Hightower, Jane Abrams (Mrs.), 47 Eaton Circle, Clemson Hightower, Linda Faye, P.O. Box 546, Davis, North Carolina Hill, Nancy LaVerne, Route 1, Piedmont Hiott, Dennis Adger, 110 Montis Dr., Greenville Hodge, Glenda Louise, 238 N. Purdy St., Sumter Holland, Benny Lee, 208 Thackston St., Fountain Inn Holland, Florence Therese, Route 2, Batesburg Holland, James William, 208 Thackston St., Fountain Inn Hollifield, Jay Terry, 17 Holmes Dr., Greenville Hollingsworth, Barry Foster, Route 5, Greenwood Hooper, William Earl, Rt. 2, Box 35, Piedmont Hopkins, Jr., James William, 4 Reed St., Pelzer Horton, Jr. James Edward, West Rd., Belton Horton, Linda Diane, 305 Shand St., Clinton Houston, Steve Roger, 507 Blue Ridge Ave., Belton Howard, Haskell Mervin, 38 Sir Abbott St., Greenville Hughes, Jackie Ronald, 209 Ashley Ave., Anderson Hughes, Jimmie Donald, 209 Ashley Ave., Anderson Humbphries, Linda Carolyn, 211 Timber Lane, Anderson Hunt, Jr., Alfred Charles, Rt. 1, Townville Hutchinson, Alvin Eugene, Route 1, Starr Hyatt, Sandra Gayle, Star Route, Sunset Irick, Gayle Adeline. P.O. Box 37, Elloree Jameson, Elizabeth Diane, 304 S. 1st St., Easley Jernigan, Susan Marguerite, Ivey St., Clio Johnson, Harriett Kay, Rt. 3, Box 174-F, Sumter Johnson, Tommie Anne, 402 Williamsburg Dr., Kingstree Jolly, Joyce Carol, Rt. 5, Box 35-D. Gaffney Jones, Gerard Holloway, Route 1, Frogmore Jones, James Wilson, 1905 Edgewood Ave., Anderson Jones, Joyce Gail, 104 Howell St., Greer Jones, Ronald Wayne, Route 5, Seneca Jordan, Morris Drake, 61 S. Estate Dr., Greenville Kaiser, Annie K., Rt. 1, Box 484, Columbia Kaiser, William Edward, 1106 Greenacres, Anderson Kay, George Richard, 607 College Hts, Anderson Kay, Luther Robert, 607 College Hgts., Anderson Keaton, Linda Canup (Mrs.), Route 3, Abbeville King, Jerry Wayne, Tollison Tr. Cr., Tollison St., Belton King, Stanley Lyneer, 503 Woodland Way, Anderson LaMance, Douglas Carl, Box 192, Six Mile Land, Pamela Jane, 130 Ellison St., Belton Lark, Billy Joe, Central Ave. P.O. Box 602, Mauldin Lawson, Jean Elizabeth, 212 N. Church St., Union Lawton, Barbara Jean, 206 Brock Ave., Honea Path Lay, Frances Elizabeth, Route 2, Westminster League, Curran Elizabeth, 111 Hawthorne Lane, Greenville Lever, Sarah Felder, 254 Riggs Dr., Clemson Lewis, Charles Gary, 408 Lilac St., Anderson Lollis, Tony Mack, 111 Academy St., Williamston McAbee, Marya Ann, Route 4, Seneca McCall, III Roy Carl, 209 W. Dorchester, Greenville McCaskill, Jr., Lexie Lee, 108 Anderson Ave., Anderson McCoy, Jr., Kenneth Lafayette, 1908 Sheldon Dr., Anderson McEachern, Lynda Kaye, Box 74, Elloree McGee, Bonnie Carole, 202 O ' Neal Dr., Anderson McKain, Mary Caroly.i, 206 Meridian Ave., Taylors McKenzie, Robert Moore, 226 Ashton Ave., Kingstree McManus, William David, 202 Pressly St., Greenwood McNair, Myra Ann, 62 Ward Circle, Aiken Mackie, Patricia Ann, 2034 Ernest St., Jacksonville, Fla. Martin, Helen Louise, P.O. Box 615, Kershaw Martin, Wallace Brenton, 207 W. Shockley Ferry Rd., Anderson Masters, Franklin David, Route 1, Liberty Mathis, John Hughey, 603 Lake Ave., North Augusta Mattison, Jr., Fred Woodrow, Route 1, Ware Shoals Mauldin, Sandra Dale, Route 2, Seneca Maxie, Lauron Carol, 6 Main St., Seneca Mayers, Joan, Azalea Dr., Mullins Mayfield, Anthony Donald, 211 W. Shockley Ferry Rd., Anderson Merritt, Shirley, Route 1, Piedmont Metz, Dennis Ronald, P.O. Box 117, Iva Milam, Rowland Wade, Route 1, Mountville Miller, Brenda Antonia, Route 3, Batesburg Mills, Joan Teresa, 111 Henderson Lane, Laurens Mims, Jr., Louis Marion, 7 Don Dr., Greenville Mims, Phyllis Elaine, Route 3, Timmonsville Mitchell, Annetta S. (Mrs.) Rt. 1, Box 251-A, Williamston Mitchell, Mary Ella, P.O. Box 1213, Sumter Mole, John Henry, 1702 Patterson St., Barnwell Moore, Betty Gleaton (Mrs.), Rt. 3, Box 260, Anderson Moore, Daniel Truett, Route 1, Laurens Moore, Joyce Aileen, Route 2, Lynchburg Moore, Mary Louise, Route 1, Mountville Moore, Michael Kenneth, Route 1, Townville Moore, Timothy Dennis, 2012 Sheldon Dr., Anderson Moorhead, Danny Brooks, Route 2, Lavonia, Ga. Moorhead, William James, 2005 Millgate Rd., Anderson Mundy, Len Carroll, 126 McGowan Ave., Abbeville Murry, Dean Jarrell, 1463 Elmtree Rd., Columbia Nalley, Claude Richard, 404 Binewood Lane, Anderson Nalley, Michael Jerome, Route 3, Honea Path Nance, Mack Lester, 407 Simm St., Anderson Nelson, Carl David, 23 Sutton PL, Moorestown, N. J. Nix, Alfred Cleveland, Route 4, Seneca Olbon, George Arnold, Route 1, Williamston Orr, Margaret Louise, Rt. 4, Box 453, Easley Orr, Robert Wilson, 2203 W. North Ave., Anderson Outz, John Marrett, Route 2, Laurens Owings, Jerrie Lee, 503 Travis Ave., Saluda Paredes, Javier Edmundo, Lima, Peru Parler, Jr., James Avinger, 208 Elizabeth St., Walterboro Pai on, Richard Lee, Route 2, Westminster Partain, Terry Lynn, 2831 S. Main St., Anderson Paschal, Christina Elayne, 3506 Gilmore St., Jacksonville, Fla. Patterson, Mark Samuel, 310 Forest Lane, Belton Payne, William Henry, 217 W. Paris Rd., Greenville Pelfrey, David R., Route 8, Greenville Pennington, Mary Elizabeth, Box 56, Starr Phillips, James Abbott, Box 151, Converse Phillips, Scarlet Dale, Rt. R, Box 410, Greenwood Poplin, Avery Machree, 1502 Brantley Rd., Kannapolis, N. C. Porter, Genelle Frances, Route 1, Seneca Porter, Kenneth Ray, Route 1, Piedmont Potts, Mary Alyce, 316 Clemson St., Laurens Pregnall, Allan Fuller, 1602 E. Buchanan Dr., Columbia Purcell, Fran Elizabeth, Rt. 1, Concord Rd., Anderson Ramey, Wayne Donald, Route, Westminster Rampey, Jr., Victor Wilson, 408 Gossett St., Anderson Registration is a hectic job experienced by all students. 188 The display of student enthusiasm has been greatly multiplied this year. Rankin, Gloria Pruitt (Mrs.) Route 2, Iva Rankin, Martha Jane, 403 Harden Rd., Anderson Richard, George Thomas, Box 81, Lincolnton, Ga. Roberts, Phyllis Cheryl, 701 Sunnifield Dr., Williston Robinson, Neldra Dawn, 301 Myrtle Avenue, Belton Rogers, Mary Kathryn, 2803 Echo Trail, Anderson Rogers, Nancy C., 217 Mauldin Rd., Easley Rogers, Paul Marcus, Rt. 3, Edgewood Hgts., Seneca Rose, David Edward, 226 Randall St., Greenville Sanford, Gail Elizabeth, 2707 LeConte Rd., Anderson Saxon, Sammy Barron, 12 Smith St., Greenville Saxon, Teresa Gail, 6408 Goldbranch Rd., Columbia Segars, Mamie Lawton, Route 2, Hartsville Seymour, Susan Dyann, Route 4, Anderson Sharpe, Robert Sebastian, P.O. Box 518, Seneca Shaw, Charlotte Anne, P.O. Box 621, Iva Shaw, Judy Elaine, Box 276, Due West Sherard, William Watson, 1601 College Ave., Anderson Shirley, Rita Lane, 4831 Citadel Ave., Columbia Short, Erma Sharon (Mrs.), 614 Bonham Ct., Anderson Smith, Alan Wesley, 517 Brook St., Abbeville Smith, Jr., Julian Devoe, Betsy St., Iva Snipes, Richard Luther, 301-C Bahan St., Taylors Sokol, Jr., George E., Route 1, Starr Sosebee, Margaret Elaine, Rt. 5, Box 438, Seneca Spearman, Charles Francis, Broadway Lake, Anderson Stafford, Timothy Graham, Rt. 1, Meadow Lakes Rd., Rock Hill Stephens, John Huskey, 550 W. Main St., Laurens Stone, Charles Foster, Box 56, Donalds Stone, Hollis Anthony, 2009 Laure Ave., Anderson Stone, Mary DeNan, Route 3, Gray Court Strickland, James Ronald, 206 Broules Ave., Belton Stuart, Charles Barry, 2306 Lane Ave., Anderson Sullivan, Robert Michael, 36 Harris St., Anderson Swindler, Eleanor Loy, Rt. 1, Box 568, Columbia Taylor, Frankie Nell, 201 Rickwood Dr., Greenville Taylor, Margaret Elizabeth, P.O. Box 317, Westminster Taylor, Martha Ann, La France Thacker, Audrey Marie, 222 S. Boulevard, Anderson Thomas, Katherine Winifred, 204 Haviland Ave., Greenville Thomason, Judy Dianne, 701 N. Weston St., Fountain Inn Thomason, Melvin Erskine, Route 3, Laurens Thompson, Elizabeth Reynolds, (Mrs.), 107 Victoria Circle, Anderson Thruston, Jr., Joseph Johnson, Roper Mountain Rd., Greenville Timms, David Phillip, 106 Hiawathia Dr., Belton Townsend, Ronald Parker, Rt. 5, Anderson Traynham, Jr., Howard William, 106 Central Ave., Mauldin Trowbridge, Sara Patrick, 203 Roberts St., Anderson Turner, III, William Ervin, 301 Rosemary Lane, Greenville Vanadore, Richard Spearman, 212 Beaty Square, Anderson Vickery, Larry Cleo, 2911 Plain View Rd., Anderson Vickery, Larry Dale, Route 1, Seneca Vincent, Danny Reed, 2714 Lane Ave., Anderson Walker, Karen Ann (Mrs.), 37-L Eaton Circle, Clemson Walker, Jr., Paul Livingston, W. Main St., Ninety Six Wall, William Willson, 325 W. Main St., Moncks Corner Waters, Barry DeLane, 224 Foster St., Anderson Watson, George Truman, Rt. 4, Box 209, Easley Webb, Gloria Eugenia, Route 2, Belton •Weisner, Gwendolyn LeRay, 208 Cureton St., Greenville Westerman, Carol Scott, 5703 Dawes Ave., Alexandria, Va. White, Michael DeWayne, Transylvania St., Piedmont White, Sanford Dale, Elberton Rd., Wilbanks, Thomas Glenn, 1028 McKinney Rd., Anderson Williams, Carol Ann, 601 Singleton Ave., Kingstree Williams, Timothy Earl, 300-A Society St., Anderson Wilson, Richard Woodrow, 107 N. Church St., Abbeville Winn, James Hartnette, Beulah St., Due West Wood, Marion Wayne, Route 2, Pickens Wood, Jr., Walter Edwin, 1404 Hammond Ave., Williamston Worley, Larry J., Route 1, Seneca Wyatt, Gerald Baxter, 13 Henderson Dr., Travelers Rest Yates, James Ronald, 103 Kates St., Anderson Youmans, Jonathan McCallum, Rt., 3, Box 200, Westminster Freshman Directory Addison, Randal Jackson, 3206 New Pond Rd., Anderson Allbritton, Edward Leonard, Route 3, Honea Path Allen, Robert Clifton, Route 2, Pelzer Anderson, Joel Stephen, Route 2, Westminster Ansley, Norma Elise, 4237 Overlook Dr., Birmingham, Ala. Arflin, Ronald Joe, Box 67, Sandy Springs Arnold, Eddie Lee, Route 1, Starr Ashley, Bobby Myles, 303 Heyward Ave., Honea Path Ashley, Colie Jean 308 Shirley St., Honea Path Ashley, Miriam Anita, Route 1, Box 140, Honea Path Ashely, Roger Dale, 303 Kay St., Belton Atkins, Dennis Eugene, Route 2, Abbeville Axman, Linda Jeanette, Route 1, Anderson Ayers, Charles Theoff, 152 Scoville Rd., Orangeburg Bailey, Jr., Farris Owen, 909 Glenwood Ave., Anderson Bailey, Susan Jeptha, 304 W. Howell St., Hartwell, Ga. Baker, Donna Lynne, 113 Courtland Dr., Chester Baker, Terry Dean, 106 Baker St., Anderson Barber, Esilda Maria, 514 Calhoun St., Anderson Barrett, John William, Route 8, Anderson Barrington, Dorothy, 941 S. Shem Dr., Mt. Pleasant Bearden, Michael Wallace, 2903 Cambridge Rd., Anderson Bennett, Charles Michael, P.O. Box 325, Hardeeville Berry, Janice Kay, 413 Westview Ave., Anderson Berry, William Jesse, 413 Westview Ave., Anderson Bolding, Carol Lois, Route 2, Pickens Bond, Jr. William Carl, 600 Cox St., Abbeville Boozer, Jr., John Calhoun, 205 Lipscomb Ave., Ninety Six Boswell, Sandra Lynn, 522 Pinewood Rd. Sumter Bowen, Julian Wade, 808 Bleckley St., Anderson Bowen, Mary Kathryn, Rt. 1, Bowen Rd., Anderson Bradley, Harriet Campbell (Mrs.), Rt. 3, Box 191, Belton Bradley, Jane Parrott, 24 Warner St., Greenville Brandenburg, Provie Kay, State St., Holly Hill Brazell, Larry Thomas, Rt. 1, Box 13-A, Kingstree Brewton, Melvin Quinton, 106 Pine Cove St., Beaufort Broadway, Sally Kay, 107 Hasell St., Sumter Brown, Cecil Taylor, 2606 Kensington Court, Anderson Brown, June, 306 N. Church St., Walhalla Brown, Patsy Carol, 600 Fifth St., Jackson Brown, William Sammy, 504 Corning Ave., Anderson Bryant, Joseph Barton, Box 1081, Townville Bryant, Richard Daniel, Route 5, Anderson 189 Burger, Kenneth Nolan, Crescent Dr., Allendale Burgess, Glenda Kaye, 2308 Millgate Rd., Anderson Burley, Gayle M., 101 W. Erwin, Walhalla Burriss, Barbara Jane, 307 Dixie Dr., Anderson Busby, Mary Elizabeth, 318 Whitehall Rd., Anderson Busby, Rosiland Nan, 734 Parkside Dr., N. Charleston Butler, Patricia Alice, 609 Boulevard, Anderson Buzhardt, Elon Lagran, Route 3, Batesburg Byrum, Joseph Edwin, 510 Robinhood Dr., Seneca Cagle, Jr., Robert Elton, 312 Brookforest Dr., Anderson Carlton, Margaret Rebecca, 605 Westview Ave., Anderson Carter, II, Horace Lee, 8 Goodwin St., Greenville Casey, Delia Ruth, Route 2, Easley, S. C. Causey, Shirley Janet, 518 Rose Hill, Anderson Chambers, Linda Jean, 904 S. Rhett Ave., N. Charleston Chapman, Jerry Leon, Route 4, Seneca Chasteen, Gerald Milton, 12 Academy Dr., Williamston Cheek, Mary Seconnie, Route 2, Hartwell, Ga. Chesnut, Chyron, 309 Boulevard, Anderson Cheshire, Mary Blake, West Rd., Belton Chiles, Ricky Grady, 20 Arbutus Trail, Greenville Clancy, Gregory Kevin, 34 Robin Road, Barnwell Clark, Donna Theresa, 209 Fretwell Dr., Anderson Clemmons, Nancy Lynne, 1060 Nelson St., Jacksonville, Fla. Coates, James Marshall, 1703 S. McDuffie St., Anderson Coker, James Thomas, 108 Blair Mill Dr., Belton Coleman, Sarah Elizabeth, Rt. 5, Box 137, Saluda Collinson, Harry Brent, 305 Riverside Dr., Greenville Coin, Nancy Ellen, 121 Dupont Dr., Greenville Connell, Brenda Joyce, 112 E. Summit Ave., N. Augusta Connelly, Mary Eveline, Rt. 2, Box 60, North Connolly, Harold Wayne, Rt. 1, Burdine Springs, Easley Copeland, Fredda June, 106 Clinton Dr., Anderson Copeland, Mildred Frances, 410 N. Carlisle St., Bamberg Corbett, Judith Leigh, 600 Lexington Ave., Cayce Couch, Joyce Kathryn, 106 Cherry St., Abbeville Couch, Karen Ann, 105 GIzaner St., Easley Craig, Jean Elizabeth, 111 St. Lo Circle, Easley Crane, Charles Timothy, 23 Swanson Ct., Greenville Crawford, Randall Craig, Rt. 4, Seneca Crawford, William Edward, HI Calhoun St., Clemson Crenshaw, Janice Marie, 120 N. Depot St., Pendleton Creswell, Michael David, 18 Elizabeth Dr., Piedmont Crowley, Francis Denman, 7107 Stonehaven Dr., Columbia Crosson, Patricia Elaine, 1424 Avondale Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. Cummings, Gary Gaston, 401 Bridgewater Dr., Greenville Daniel, Tony Lynn, Route 5, Anderson Davenport, Dennis Harper, Route 3, Laurens Davidson, Jean Elizabeth, 315 Davidson St., Clinton Davis, Billie Ann, 1208 Pinehurst Dr., Camden David, Glen Andrew, 1208 Pinehurst Dr., Camden Day, Peggy Lynne, 3624 Keys St., Anderson Deavers, Deborah Lynn, 1057 Lakeshore Dr., N.Q. Gainesville DeBerry, Michael Todd, 813 Wilson St., Anderson Derrick, III, William Haskel, 2009 Millgate Rd., Anderson Dias, Brendan Lawrence, 215 Eskew Circle, Anderson Dill, Lynda Diane, 210 Crayton St., Anderson Dodd, Charles Larry, Rt. 1, Box 64, Liberty DeBose, Frances Elizabeth, Route 1, Batesburg Duncan, Tommy Addison, Rt. 4, Belton Eberhardt, Judith Marie, 8 Best Dr., Greenville Ebernickle, Harry Lewis, 2715 Whitehall Ave., Anderson Edgerton, William Taylor, 4374 Chicora St., Columbia Edwards, Marion Thomas, Ragin Lane, Rock Hill Ellis, Ronald Melvin, 1531 S. Main St., Anderson Ellison, James Donald, 37 Hammett St., Anderson Embler, Nancy Lee, 200 King St., Anderson Ervin, John Witherspoon, Route 1, Hemingway Evans, Myra Elaine, 111 Avondale Rd., Anderson Ewing, Judy Gail, 700 Windsor Ave., Anderson Fagg, Clarence Randolph, 216 Oak Dr., Belton Felder, Harry Douglas, Elloree, S. C. Fife, Joanne, 301 Fife Dr., Clemson Humi Omhri, one of our foreign students, shows the traditional dress of Japan. Finley, Leila Cheryl, Route 2, Abbeville Fleming, Barbara Alice, Route 1, Due West Flowers, David Floyd, Calhoun Motor Lodge, Anderson Folge, Jr., Alfred J., 214 Overbrook Rd., Greenville Ford, Theodosius Bartow, 512 Dellwood Dr., Greenville Fowler, Trudy Yvonne, P.O. Box 292, Cowpens Fulmer, Glen Ray, 3419 Richland Ave., Aiken Fulmer, Tommy Byrnes, Rt. 4, Box 111, Leesville Galloway, William David, 506 Allenby Rd., Anderson Galway, Karen Anne, 810 Wembley Rd., Greenville Gamble, Fred Hodge, 418 Academy St., Kingstree Gambrell, Nancy Elizabeth, Rt. 2, Box 310, Belton Gambrell, Peggy Ann, Rt. Edgebrook Dr., Anderson Garrett, Linda Marion, Route 1, Mountville Garvin, Karen Marlean, P.O. Box 42, Langley Gasque, George Brantley, 106 Mauldin St., Walhalla Gates, Peggy Ann, Rt. 2, Box 898, Sumter Gatlin, Deborah Ruth, Box 308, Fairfax Geddings, Rachel Mena, 208 Arbor Rd., Spartanburg Gentry, Larry Elize, Sample St., Box 548, Saluda Gentry, Sandra Anne, 102 Phillips St., Anderson Gibson, Jimmy Lloyd, 502 Southway St., Easley Gibson, Martha Rebecca, Route 1, Six Mile Gillespie, Ruth Hunter, 2505 Poplar Lane, Anderson Gillespie, William Fred, Route 2, Pickens Gleason, Charles Stanley, 911 E. River St., Anderson Goodwin, Harriett, Rt. 4, Patch Dr., Spartanburg Gordon, Dunneah Elizabeth, 1560 Cardinal Dr., West Columbia Gordon, John William, 1321 Alexander Rd., Rock Hill Gossett, Gary Lee, 512 Church St., Central Greene, Jr., James Monroe. Rt. 1, Box 209, Blackville Greer, Ruth Jane, Route 2, Westminster Gresham, Joe James, 106 McKinney Lane, Greenville Griffin, Paula Ruth, 710 Timber Lake Rd., Anderson Gwynn, Robert Blackwell, Route 1, Townville Haden, Margie Patrick, Box 268, Palmyra, Va. Hagan, Virginia Dale, Route 1, Williamston Hall, Kenneth Edward, Route 2, Iva Hall, Paula Lynn, 4621 Sandy Ridge Rd., Columbia Hamilton, William Cecil, P.O. Box 149, Walterboro Hammett, Terry Winford, Box 347, Honea Path Hammond, Eugene Timothy, Route 2, Nichols Hampton, Ronald Eugene, 822 Sharonwood Dr., Anderson Hannon, Deborah Selma, 2612 Quilman Dr., Columbia Harelson, James Richard, 723 Haynsworth St., Sumter Hargrove, Kathryn Elaine, 4618 Arlington St., Columbia Harris, John Robert, Route 2, Westminster Harrison, Mary Catherine, 1456 Edgewood Cir., Jacksonville, Fla. Harvey, Sara Ellen, 103 Virginia Ave., Honea Path Hawkins, Linda Diane, 117 Rice St., Greenville Haynie, William Herman, Route 7, Anderson 190 Higginbotham, Brenda Jouce, Rt. 4, Box 217, Anderson Hill, Devra Ann, 421 Reynolds Rd., Barnwell Hinton, Stanley Frank, Route 1, Six fVlile Hipp, Clara Gayle, Route 4, Saluda Hogan, Kathryn Dawn, 700 Hampton St., Walterboro Holland, Jr., James Harold, 25 Club Dr., Greenville Holliday, Jerry Wesley, 116 Maxwell Ave., Anderson Hoover, Barbara Jeanne, P.O. Box 297, Swansea Howard, Michael Floyd, Cedar Rock Rd., Easley Howard, Jr., William Eddie, 22 N. Florida Ave., Greenville Howell, Michael Lee, 9 Welch St., Greenville Hughes, John Wesley, 259 Perryclear St., Orangeburg Huguenin, Kathy Irene, 2511 Neville Way, Anderson Hulme, Sue Starr, 205 Crayton St., Anderson Hunnicutt, Linda Marie, Box 52, Seneca Hunt, Cathy Leigh, 804 Wilson St., Anderson Isom, Ronald Norman, 2800 Little Creek Dr., Anderson Jameson, Mary Helen, Route 1, Liberty Johnson, Edgar Bolt, Route 1. Easley Jones, Jr., Bernard Howard, 426 Seawright Circle, Pendleton Jones, Carolyn Larue, Route 1, Greer Jones, Ellen Cornelia, 336 New Market St., Greenwood Jones, Linda Dale, 619 W. Fredericks St., Anderson Jones, Robert Coleman, 221 Brown Rd., Anderson Kabbani, Nabil, Bagdad Station, Alleppo, Syria Kaiser, Betty Jo, Rt. 1, Box 484, Columbia Keeter, Michael Weaver, 103 Bunbarton Circle, Aiken Kelly, Bertha Ellenburg (Mrs.), 608-A College Hghts.. Anderson Kelly, Donna Jean, Rt. 5, Box 209, Anderson Kelley, Donna Lynn, Quincy Rd., Seneca Kelly, Doug Wayne, 14 Geer St., Belton Kelly, III, James Walter, 1104 Greenacres, Anderson Kidd, Noble Janeen, 2506 Bellview Rd., Anderson Kllgore, Patricia Ann, 411 E. Shockley Ferry Rd., Anderson King, Jr., Aubrey Robert, 702 Heyward Rd., Anderson KIrby, Janice Irine, 1007 Williamston Rd., Anderson Klosky, Richard Ford, 509 Boulevard, Anderson Knox, Joan Patricia, 416 N. Trenholm, Columbia Koochagian, Joseph Kirk, 3809 Hanson, Columbia Laney, Robert Allen, 420 W. Church St., Bishopville Langley, Edward Michael, 3 Pinehurst Dr., Greenville Lassiter, Deidra Ann, Rt. 1, Box 53, Hardeeville Lawson, David Clayton, 510 Marshall Ave., Anderson Ledford, Charles Homer, Route 1, Townville Ledford, Ronald Clinton, Route , Chesnee Lee, Barbara Ann, 604 W. Market St., Anderson Lee, Mary Virginia, 616 Chestnut St., Laurens Lee, Peggy Elaine, Rt. 3, Box 156, Westminster Leon, James Edward, 807 Crouch Dr., Pendleton LeRoy, Edith Jones, Box 202, Due West Lesley, Cynthia Ann, Box 604, Rt. 1, Easley Lewis, Andrea Kay, 1432 Crosland Dr., Aiken Liberty, William Spencer, 201 Augusta Rd., Clemson Lindley, Curtis Michael, Route 3, Piedmont Lindsey, Patricia Ann, Route 1, Box 1015, Townville Long, Jr., James Wilfred, 1217 Bolt Dr., Anderson Lupo, Robbie Lee, 2515 Lindale Rd., Anderson Lusk, Betty Jean, Route 1, Honea Path Lusk, William Henry, Route 2, Honea Path Lyons, Larry Clyde, Rt. 1, Box 109, Elloree McBrearty, Ernie Michael, Rt. 7, Stella Ave., Greenville McBride, Jr., Carl Ray, 209 W. Dorchester, Greenville McClain, Philip Lawrence, 3 Winthrop Circle, Williston McClellan, Claudia Eugenia, 502 Courtney Dr., Anderson McCoy, Malmda Diane, 736 George Albert Lake Rd., Anderson McCullough, James Allen, Apt. 11-3, Bailey Ct., Anderson McDowell, Barbara Jean, 3502 Chipwood Dr., Anderson McGaha, Linda Louise, P.O. Box 114, Drayton Mclntyre, Clyde Tommy, 529 Pimlico Rd., Greenville McLane, Linda Dale, Route 1, Hartwell, Ga. McLean, Thomas Suddreth, 4211 Trenholm Rd., Columbia Manning, Cheryl Joan, Box 327, Iva Marlar, Jack Elbert, Box 350, Greenpond Rd., Fountain Inn Marcengill,- Roger Elliot. Route 1, Westminster Marcengill, Samuel Earl, 504 Saco Ave., Greenwood Martin, Barbara Jean, 8030 S.W. 62 PL, Miami, Fla. Martin, Billy Hong, 2312 E. North Ave., Anderson Martin, June Elizabeth, 103 W. Windsor St., Westminster Martin, Kenneth Edsel, 104 Tolly St.. Anderson Martin, Marcia Faye, 303 Corning St., Anderson Milam, John Preston, Route 1, Pendleton Miles, Cheryl Ann, 113 Petteway Dr.. Lakeland, Fla. Mixon, Rosalind Elaine, Route 1, Olanta Moon, Sheila Gail, 2803 Beeleview Rd., Anderson Moore, Betty Louise, P.O. Box 277, Gray Court Moore, Edna Harriett, Route 2, Starr Moore, Patsy Dianne, Route 3, Hartwell, Ga. Morgan, Susan Annette, Box 206, Six Mile Moseley, Charles Ronald, Route 6, Anderson Mosteller, Donna Jean, 1001 Camfield Rd.. Anderson Mouchet, Douglas Rhett, Route 1, Anderson Murphy, Emily Lois, 418 Church St., Pendleton Murphy, Samuel Hawes, 0. 0. Box 235, Central Neal, Audrey Anne, 306 Harper St., Honea Path Needham, Danette Wickun (Mrs.), 49-L Morrison Rd., Clemson Nelson, Charlotte Susan, 23 Sutton PL, Moorestown, N. J. Newton, Linda Ann, 408 Skyview Dr.. Clemson Nixon, Nancy Carol, P.O. Box 42, Starr O ' Dell. Ronald Brent, Route 5, Union O ' Dell, Ronald Sherette, Route 1, Ware Shoals Ohira, Fumi, 670 Shimokosaka. Higashi-Osaka, Japan Osborne, Michael Ray, 236 Main St., Florence, Ky. Osteen, Albert Franklin, 2701 Jackson Sq.. Anderson Outz, Vicki Elaine, Route 1, Roebuck Owens , Billy Earl, Route 4, Greenville Owens, James Benedikt, 283 E. Bay St., Charleston Owens, Lewis Arthur, 2011 Patterson St., Barnwell Paltner, Sally Jean, Chas. Arms, Box 114, Charleston Patience, Claudia Ann, Route 2, Belton Patrick, Jr., Andrew Johnston, Route 2, Belton Patrick, Esther Jeanette, 4007 Live Oak Rd., Columbia Payne, Janice Marie 501 Walden Parkway, Anderson Peddicord, Mary Hill (Mrs.), 11 Stewart St., Williamston Peek, II, David Erastus, 408 Central Ave., Anderson Pepper, William Charlie, Rt. 4, Box 35, Belton Pettit, Ronnie Mark, 108 Chipley Lane, Greenville Phillips, Evelyn Elaine, Rt. 3, Box 273. Iva Pollard, William Robert, Route 4, Belton Pounds, Mary Kay. 4724 Lawrenceville Rd.. Tucker, Ga. Prater, Sandra. Route L, Townville Preston, Janice Kay, Route 6, Greenville Priester, Sarah Susan, 4032 Yale Ave., Columbia Prince, Stanley Talbot. Route 6, Anderson Propes, Charles Robert, Rear 210 O ' Neal Dr., Anderson Pruitt, Daniel Vaughn, Route 1, Starr Pruitt, Jr., Robert Evans, Box 247, Warley Circle, Pendleton Putman, Carol Elise, 7 Chelsea Circle, Greenville Ramminger, Jr., Edwin Mike, Rt. 6, Box 80, Greenville Rampey, Nancy Lucille, Rt. 1, Central Reed, Jimmy Ray, Route 2, Starr Reese, Gary Steven, 103 A Auld Ave., Elberton, Ga. Rhoad, Jr., Willie Edward, 238 E. Calhoun St., Denmark Richardson, Dale Ann, Route 2, Box 98, Salley Richardson, Henry Deas, 1260 Dantzler Ave.. Orangeburg Richey, Terry Dean, 103 Sears St., Anderson Ricketts, Robert Enoch, 603 Buena Vista Ave., Anderson Riley, Jr., Lewis Wells, 102 Hillcrest Ave., Clemson Riley, Molly Dukes, Butler St., St. Matthews Robinson, Kathy Eugenia, 20 Wealy St., Liberty Rochester, Judine, Route 6, Anderson Rochester, Rudine, Route 6, Anderson Rogers, Carol Ann, Route 1, Williamston Rosser, Stephen Wayne, 2602 Phillips Dr., Alexandria, Va. Rouda, Jr., John William, 406 Arcadia Dr., Anderson Rouda, Shelia Virginia, 211 S. Boulevard, Anderson Rowland, Ted Leasure, 924 Jackson Street, Anderson 191 Sargent, Michael Dale, 603 Anderson Dr., Liberty Satterfield, Margaret Diane, Route 1, Six Mile Sclnofield, Cheryl Lynn, 1835 Wilshire Dr., Charleston Scott, Judd Keith, 105 Frances St., Anderson Sharpe, Melanie Irene, Route 1, Cherokee Cir., Anderson Shaver, Barbara Jean, 25 Main St., Seneca Shav., Lee Danny, Route 1, Abbeville Shull, Stephanie, 4413 Winthrop Ave., Columbia Shumpert, Marsha Elizabeth, 903 " L " Ave., Cayce Sims, Brenda Gay, 700 Academy St., Williamston Sims, Linda Kay, 700 Academy St., Williamston Skidmore, Ann Elizabeth, 954 Custer St., Columbia Sloan, Joyce Marie, Rt. 1, Box 305, Easley Slusher, Linda Julia, 246 Fellows Ave., West Jefferson, Ohio Smith, David Benjamm, Rt. 1, Box 72, Liberty Smith, Donny Lester, 33 Lewis St., Anderson Smith, Dorothy Susan, 1306 Amity Rd., Anderson Smith, Jr., Johnnie, 115 Oar St., Bamberg Smith, Linda Kay, 908 " B " Ave., West Columbia Smith, Martha Ann, 306 Pine Lane, Anderson Smith, Nancy Jean, Rt. 5, Box 438, Seneca Spradlin, Esther Yvonne, 114 Riviera Dr., Greenville Stephens, Linda Lee, 25 Crystal Ave., Greenville Stephens, Rebecca Ann, 406 Lilac Street, Anderson Stevens, Helen Jean, 122 Clemson St., Clemson Stewart, Marian Cecelia, Route 5, Union Stewart, Martha Camelia, Route 5, Union Stewart, Sandra Jean, McGee St., Honea Path Still, Brenda Elizabeth, 1505 Hagood Ave., Barnwell Stoddard, Sara Marilyn, Route 3, Gray Court Stoddard, Jr., William Fred, 108 Wedgewood Dr., Laurens Stone, Linda Ann, Route 3, Abbeville Strack, Constance Annette, 23 Holmes Dr., Greenville Streetman, Otis Russell, Pine Street, Honea Path Strickland, Charles Michael, 206 Broyles Ave., Belton Strickland, Marcus Lee, 221 " I " St., Anderson Strong, Elizabeth Stewart, Box 415, Due West Suddeth, Joe Nicholas, 37 Wallace St., Greenville Sullivan, Joseph Hubert, Route 2, Donalds Suttles, Iris Annette, Route 5, Anderson Taylor, Janet Carol, 5 Frontus St., Greenville Taylor, Paul Douglas, 305 Heyward Ave., Honea Path Taylor, Jr., Tom Winston, Rt. 8, Box 5, Anderson Thomas, Myra Joyce, Rt. 5, Julian Dr., Seneca Thomason, Carl Eugene, Rt. 5, Broadway Lake, Anderson Thompson, Ella Lucille, Rt. 1, Box 98, ' Iva Thompson, Von Karen, Carolina Children ' s Home, Columbia Thrasher, Ottie Susan, 108 Glendale Dr., Hartwell, Ga. Todd, Jean H. (Mrs.), Rt. 8, Box 309, Anderson Tollison, John William, 318 Winchester Dr., Anderson Toole, Jean Anne, 502 E. Main St., Williston Trammell, Jerry Burton, 216 North St., Anderson Tripp, Anna Nadine, Rt. 2, Box 506, Piedmont Tripp, Jack Harris, Rt. 4, Box 180, Easley Tripp, John Robert, 2305 Bellview Dr., Anderson Trotter, Margaret Faye, Rt. 5, Box 309, Easley Tucker, Robert Wayne, 28 Sanders Dr., Florence, Ky. Tumblin, Freddie Charles, 506 W. Main St., Clinton Turner, Roger Eugene, 424 Brookforest Dr., Anderson Veio, Donna M., 507 Drayton Circle, Anderson Veio, Linda Lura, 507 Drayton Circle, Anderson Venturella, Samuel Busby, Route 5, Anderson Waldrop, Donna Lea, 905 N. Franklin Rd., Greenville Walsh, Linda Sharon, Box 116, Burton Wannamaker, Evelyn Dianne, 951 Carolina Ave., Orangeburg Ward, II, James Memminger, Rt. 2, Box 11, Lugoff Warnock, Donna Faye, 112 Meeks Dr., Belton Washington, Jr., William Marion, Box 74, Gray Court Watson, Judy Faye, Route 2, Pickens Welborn, James Melvin, 300 " J " St., Anderson Wells, Martha Dudley, 1059 Christopher Circle, Rock Hill Wells, Vivian Lynn, Route 1, Pelzar Wheeler, Patricia Ann, 502 Corning St., Anderson Whitfield, Sharon Elizabeth, Route 1, Westminster Whitten, Lily Marlene, 713 Main St., Williamston Williams, Donald Mathew, 103 " C " St., Williamston Wilson, James Bobby, Rt. 1, Box 347, Piedmont Wilson, Janis Clay, Route 4, Seneca Witt, Susan Dianne, 1248 Rutherford Rd., Greenville Wood, Robert Martin, Woodson, James Ray, Route 2, Anderson Yennemadi, Sudha D., 206 Cadell Road, Bombay 16, India Yon, Barbara Ann (Mrs.), Route 6, Box 186, Anderson Zeigler, Thomas Patrick, 1450 Sunset Dr., Orangeburg New Students for the Spring Semester Alexander, Angela Ann, Fairplay Rd., Seneca Anderson, Joseph Martin, 515 N. Main, Honea Path Angel, Jr., Ralph Vernon, 195 Forest Ave., Franklin, N. C. Bannister, Joan, Route 2, Taylors Blocker, Jr., John Russell, Dickerson St., Bamberg Boyd, John Thomas, Rt. 2, Iva Buddin, Janet Sue, 25 Twenty-fifth Ave., Isle of Palms Butler, Herman Lloyd, 109 Lanier Ave., Calhoun Falls Caldwell, Joan Kanning, 110 Wood St., Whitmire Campbell, John David, 512 E. Fredericks, Anderson Carlson, Randolph S., 2413 Edgewood Ave., Anderson Chason, William Irvin, RED 2, Sharon Cowan, Catherine Everett, Sheffield, Greenwood Crawford, Michael Dale, 506 Palmer St., Anderson Cutchin, Mary Josephme, Popefield Rd., Easley Dellinger, Carroll Jones, Box 233, Liberty Dunn, Wayne Stephen, 117 Prevost St., Anderson Dyar, Joe Michael, 120 Athens St., Hartwell, Ga. , Fant, Carolyn Brockman, Rt. 1, Edgebrook Dr., Anderson Fant, Marsha Anne, Rt. 1, Edgebrook Dr., Anderson Few, Lynn Parker, Rt. 5, Anderson Fullbright, Jr., William Eugene, 109 Maxwell Ave., Anderson Gilmer, Patricia Anne, 106 Norwood Rd., Warrenton, Ga. Glenn, Sandra Irene, 112 James, Anderson Madden, Larry Earle Hammett, Janet Laura, 116 Pinson Dr., Honea Path Hardee, Imogene, 1782 Huntington Dr., Charleston Hawkins, Troy Edward, Rt. 2, Seneca Hopkins, James Roger, Indian Hills, Seneca Hooper, Junius Stephen, 1029 S. McDuffie, Anderson Jenkins, Kathy Jo, Route 4, Piedmont Jones, Judith Drake (Mrs.), 416 A Moultrie Sq., Anderson Julian, Benjamin Harris, Holland Rd., Simpsonville Kay, Harold Rogers, 25B Earle Homes, Anderson King, Bennie C. 221 Forest Lane, Belton Lee, Carl Richard, 604 W. Market St., Anderson Lyies, Brenda Annette, Rt. 2, Royal Acres, Seneca Lyies, Linda Paulette, Rt. 2, Royal Acres, Seneca Monroe, Bobby Andrew, 322 Green St., Honea Path Mosteller, Linda Ann, 1001 Camfield Rd., Anderson Payne, William Henry, 217 W. Paris, Greenville Pressley, Francis Marion, 1007 E. Washington St., Greenville Prince, Jimmy Dale, 100 Garrett, Liberty Richey, Wyona Bowen (Mrs.), 3207 New Pond Road, Anderson Saylors, Bobby Ray, Rt. 1, Townville Shiflet, Sidney William, Benson St., Hartwell, Ga. Simpson, Monte Darryl, 802 Gordon St., Anderson Sparks, Deborah Gail, Clinton Highway, Whitmire Stone, Malcom Eugene, 14 Saluda St., Honea Path Taylor, John Clarence, Sunset Dr., Honea Path Taylor, Willie Albert, 451 Dogwood Dr., Sumter Terry, Betty Jean, Rt. 2, Iva Thompson, James Leroy, Rt. 2, Iva Ward, James Clary, Rt. 8, Box 185, Anderson Wilson, Ranald, Rt. 4, Abbeville Wright, Randall Neil, 504 Courtney Dr., Anderson 192

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